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The Championships are organised by Amiga Format and all the other magazines at Future Publishing, and will start in the two weeks commencing 19th October (during school half terms) when Amiga fans will gather at Virgin Gamcstores in their lock areas to compete in the Regional Qualifiers, playing on Gremlin’s Zool. Sega Megadrives and Nintendo Super NESs will also be available for competitors. Those with the « highest score will Manchester. Newcastle and Glasgow. Finalists will have to play on all three machines and only one player from each format will go through to the London finals, though the two highest-scoring runners-up in the country will join them. All eight will win an Amiga, a SNES and a Sega Megadrive as well as all the software to be used in the finals. The finals will consist of quarters and semis on the Saturday of the Show, followed by the big two-way showdown on the Sunday, when we’ll know who is the best player in the country! Don’t sit back and think ’I’m not good enough.’ or some idiot who's half as good as you will win. Get down now to a Gamestore or check out any Future magazine to find your entry form! Uiure PUBLISHING Rumours of the 'original games’ that are to appear in the crucial A600 promotional pack this Christmas suggest that some of the titles could be rather weak ones, while one is likely to be outstanding. Commodore have decided to conccntrateon original Amiga games this year, rather than the big-name licences (such as Baintan and Bart Simpson) which have given the packs identity in the past. Suggestions are that the pack will include System 3’s Myth, Ocean's Epic and Gremlin's Zool. An alternative rumour proposes that Epic was due to be in the pack, but has been withdrawn at the last moment because of the unfavourable reviews it has received in the computer games magazines. Clearly the outstanding title is Zool. And this Sonic the Hedgehog-beater, reviewed this month (see page 74). Is tailor-made to lead an Amiga push into new.

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Document sans nom 024EBDC 024EBE0 Fabulous!
Complete £40 package FORMAT 78 0004 The AMKmACoI lection FORMAT ¦¦¦ET 2 Ms Eeimieti COMPLETE PROGRAMMING PACKAGE!
Take some lips from Populous II creators Bullfrog as they luior you lo games-writing prowess witn :his fully-featured machine code package Go on.
Beat the softies at iheir own games!
• A 500 Plus Compatible • 1Mb Recommended • v '6»y«wsS Caesar
Playable demo of impressions' new Romanesque city management
Quicksilver f". »-¦ '«* Pinball__ Playable dcenseware k .. demo from ¦ 51313 Amiganuts. Simple ' but highly addictive T T'' ; fV jjj Plus Dog Anlmbruih Real Things animation brush for use in your own animations.
Mode Switch Resident program for switching between PAL and NTSC modes The best PLUS: who are the top programming teams in the UK?
OFFICE WORK: the very best WP, database and spreadsheet NO COVERDISKS?
9 7709 486011 Inspired by James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis, Sim Earth looks at the world as one interrelated living organism olfering you the ultimate experience in planet management. Design and nurture planets from their creation through the evolution of life to the development of intelligence and technology that can reach for the stars.
IMS 1990 Mails and Will Wiighl.
All rights reserved.
AVAILABLE FOR: Macintosh, IBM PC, Windows and Amiga.
AVAILABLE FOR: Macintosh, Windows and Amiga.
Armed with bombs, bullets, missiles, grenades and more, you control teams ol Robots that compete in five different sports: Survival, Treasure Hunt, Capture the Flag, Hostage and Baseball. By combining the tactical challenge of chess with the intensity ol guerrilla warfare, RoboSporl provokes total strategic mayhem, ih s 1991 Ma.» and !m nan. «ii rigtn marred.
‘Simulated 3-D graphics provide map and satellite views.
"Choose from 19 dilferenl train engines.
"Pick any 24 OTC stocks to reap extra profits. "Build apartments, offices, factories, ski resorts, amusement parks and more.
"Gel all of the professional advice you need from the many on-screen experts in A-Train.
Trains... but there's a lot more to it than making tracks. This new simulation gives triple AVAILABLE FOR: IBM PC.
Macintosh and Amiga.
Can borrow and dabble in the slock market as well. Six scenarios will take all the organisational talent, planning skills and fiscal genius you've got.
Maybe more, im s = i»t mm «a him. Hi rights renma.
2 5MS. TEL: 061 832 6633. FAX: 061 834 0650 11 IN NEWS As the A600 drops to £299, we ask why Commodore have decided on a price change now and what difference H will make to the Amiga's soles.
Dinlan Noonan Karl Fortar Nall Jackson Tins Smith Pat McDonald Gary Lord Andrew Nuttall Aiam Ahmad YES, IT’S YOUR TURN NOW!
In this amazkig special issue, we begin the series in which the makers of Populous teoch you how to create your own games in assembler) Marcus Dyson Frank Bartucca Sua Whlta The lop presentation program is back - and this time it can control all sorts of devices and gadgetry, plus some other amazing features... REVIEWED Video Studio 3 As seen in many of the video magazines, this is the ideal thing for the home-video enthusiast, with titling, test screens and lots more... inrtMilm Yl.Uovl t trU ~ «*•* UkH-wbni REVIEWED Professional Draw 3 The top illustration package on the Amiga, best used
for line art and full- colour illustrations.
It's the business!
Pat McDonald finds a whole collection of games that ore destined to keep him hooked for hours, yet cost only a quid or two... IN PUBLIC DOMAIN There's not too many music demos around this month, but there's some pretty high-quality animation, though!
SUBSCRIPTIONS, BACK ISSUES and MAIL ORDER Future Publishing, Somerton, SOMERSET, TA11 6TB Telephone 0458 74011 Facsimile 0225 446019 Best jokes of this ish: find 'em!
"Texas chainstore massacre" "To the north is a text adventure creator..." Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation 160,256 Jan - July 1992 AMIGA FORMAT 39 OCTOBER 1992 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT EDITOR DEPUTY EDITOR REVIEWS EDITOR FEATURES EDITOR TECHNICAL EDITOR PRODUCTION EDITOR STAFF WRITER STAFF WRITER EDITORIAL ASSISTANT ART DIRECTION DESIGN DESIGN ART DEPARTMENT ABC Jonathan Bint Clai Du ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT Screenplay The top coders in the country? 68 A brief look at the people who create the classics Beat them at their own game! 63 Part one of the series that'll teach you how to programl Cheap 'n' Cheerful 115 The pick of the cheapies and some classic rereleases.
Gamebusters 121-27 With how to beat the second half of Monkey Island 2... Reviews Coming Contraptions 137 See what goodies are on the way in the nongames scene SCALA MM200 154 The latest version of one of the Amiga's finest programsi Video Studio 3 159 A suite of programs to make your Amiga a video star Helios Forth 163 One for programmers who are seeking a new language Audio Gallery 166 Learn to speak Russian - or any other foreign language... Brush Mouse 167 Could this mouse alternative improve your art exploits?
CrossDOS 4 167 The excellent utility that lets you read PC disks is back!
Professional Draw 3 174 The top structured drawing package, for serious illustration Mini Office 182 Spreadsheet. WP. Database and disk utility in a bargain set PD Update 189 Which new tree software is worth getting hold of?
Workbench 213 Readers ask for advice and offer some useful tips Workbench Answerfile 220 Your problems solved, your questions answered Letters 225 Find out what's making waves with Amiga owners Special offers 202-5 Some veiy special offers: good stuff at bargain prices Subscriptions 209 Make it easy on yourself: get your mag deliveredl A600 drops in price to £299! 11 Plus: news of how the dealers have reacted on Page 22 A3000 down from £2999 to £1200 14 Value with 25MHz. 50 Mb hard drive and 2Mb of RAM Is this the new Amiga? 12 Details from rumours of the A4000 that sound on target Regulars
News 61 Beat them at their own game!
Now it's your turn. You know what makes a good game, all you need is the know-how and the tools to produce your own classic. We've provided top Amiga programming language Devpac 2 and a tutorial series written by the Bullfrog team, creators of Populous. So get on with creating your own games... PAGE 63 If you're thinking of buying a printer, here’s the information you need. Ten pages of tests, advice and explanations which will tell you everything you need to know about printers, and a bit more besides PAGE 138 COVERDISK over the page... Quicksilver Pinball Quicksilver Pinball Playable
licenseware demo from Amiganuts. Simple but highly addictive.
Caesar Playable demo of Impressions' new Romanesque city management game.
Plus Dog Animbrush Real Things animation brush for use in your own animations.
ModeSwitch C'* Resident program for switching between PAL and NTSC modes. The best.
A5JO CO Amiga Good office Demo of a fabulous new game all the way from the States with all the fun of those little pinging balls in one of the best pinball games you'll ever see!
The A570 CDTV interface is here, so read our We pick the best word processor, complete in-depth hands-on review. But to spreadsheet, database program know if you'll want to buy one, you'll also and disk utility that you could need reviews of every CD to date... PAGE 32 wish to buy... PAGE 184 Bug Bomber .....110 Game reviews in ScreenPlay Erik .115 Espan* the Games ..104 Falcon .115 Falcon Mission Op
Counterstrike 115 Falcon Mission Op Firefllght .115 Fascination ..90 Kwik Snax ......114 Liverpool ..95 Narco Police .....115 Operation Combat ..114 Paper Boy 2 94 Welcome to Amiga Format!
Good morning, good evening, good night... whatever time of day you pick up this magazine for the first time. I'd Just like to say a cheery Hello!' And hope that you really enjoy the read ahead of you.
This is far and away the best-selling Amiga magazine In the world, but hopefully there’s a good reason for that. We do our best to bring you the articles you want to read, and we try to maintain a carefully judged balance between all the disparate topics and activities that make Amiga owning such a popular and growing hobby.
For example, we've gone to great lengths to organise this month's Amiga Format Collection complete program - the assembler programming language, Devpac 2
- and the accompanying article on how to program games. The
reason we've taken all this time and trouble is simply because
there was an overwhelming demand for this feature. So we've
gone right ahead and done it, and we only hope you enjoy it!
Plan 9 from Outer Space 78 Popeye 2 ....115 Premiere . 88 Shoot 'em up Construction Kit ....114 Sim Earth ...100 Sooty and Sweep 114 Striker Manager 95 Sword of Honour 107 Traders ...84 Touchdown 85 Utopia
New Worlds ...85 Zool ..74 There's plenty of changes afoot In the Amiga market at the moment, which should bring more Amiga owners into the fold. A number of these Interesting developments are discussed in News, which I don't believe has ever been so packed with major events.
But perhaps the most Important thing to happen this month is that the A570 CD drive has finally appeared. It has severe limits, because it needs 1 Mb of chip RAM and a fat Agnus. But on the other hand. It has a serious part to play in the future of the Amiga.
If you read the interview with the MD of Commodore UK last month, you'll realise that the CD Is the medium of the future. No argument. So what you need to know is, is this the right time to buy Into the Amiga CD concept? Read on, and find out!
Caesar First Impressions of this amazing new god-like strategy game in a partly playable demo.
It only works on Amlgas with 1 Mb of chip RAM, though!
Real Things Animals demo A complete animbrush for you to test from the series that makes Deluxe Paint animation easy for even the most Inexperienced novice!
ModeSwitch The very best utility for switching between American NTSC and European PAL screen modes, which is useful for running programs you could otherwise not use!
And on p63... Devpac 2!
The seventh in The Amiga Format Collection series of COMPLETE, FULL-PRICE PACKAGES: so you can learn to program your own games!
Coverd sic OK, we don't give away sachets of shampoo or the latest diet plan on the cover of our magazine, but we do give you some invaluable utilities and some corking demos. Artists, megalomaniacs and pinball wizards will find this disk is a must. And here to guide you through is Pat McDonald... . Modes. The best.
Real Things Dogs PAL NTSC ROB STUDIOS OCTOBER 1992 TURN LIVE ACTION ANIMATION LINE CARTOON just one o( the features of the new ReaTThings ’DOGS’ The animation is really just on advert for the Real Things Dogs pock - but there is something more useful on the disk RGB have been producing their Real Things art packs tor some years now. What they supply is a series of anim brushes and stills on a particular theme - for instance birds, humans, wildlife and now dogs. This is a little taster which might come in handy for artists and should give you a good idea of what you get in the full product.
I know what you’re thinking - professionals don’t use Real Things'. Surely they hand draw everything? Wrong! You quite often see the works of RGB studios included in game intros, PD demos and other similar places. The professionals know how to save time, you see.
This is the way that RGB actually put Real Things packs together. They take a video sequence, and digitise It painstakingly. They then go over the resultant pictures, touching up any minute bits of video noise and bad dithering. They do however YOU CAN DO IT leave in realistic effects like motion blur, where movement happens faster than the camera.
To have a quick look at the sort of results you can get, double click on the Real Things anim icon on the Coverdisk. A very short (but pretty) looped animation will load and display.
Put the Coverdisk into your disk drive, ond dick on the DFO button on the file requester. The anim brush is called 2.BIG-LINEPUP 9.abr. Click on that name, then on the Lood button.
USING THE ANIMBRUSH Click the left button to pause it, and the right button to quit. Not bad eh? Real Things packs contain lots of different styles for you to play with - the puppy at the bottom of the screen is a digitised Image (with slight retouching), while the dog outline at the top is more basic, without any colouration.
Now dick the brush down on the page - keep the mouse still. Press the 1 key to advance, dkk, press I, dkk until you come back to the beginning. Press the 4 key to see the puppy running along.
GETTING STARTED It’s very easy to get a Coverdisk going, if you follow these simple instructions. Just insert it into any Amiga computer, and either turn it on or (If It Is on) reset it by pressing Ctrl and the two A’ keys either side of the spacebar. A cut-down version of Workbench will load.
You should now see an icon called ’Coverdisk39b’. Move the mouse pointer to it and double click with the left mouse button. A window showing the contents of the disk will appear - again, move to and double click on the item you * want to see. This applies to programs, documentation files and the Real Things anim.
You should find that, while examining a document, you can print it out by clicking on the Print file option. Obviously we can’t test this on every different make of printer (by turning to Page 138 you will realise what a task that would be) - but it should work on the vast majority. This is not a standard feature of Coverdisks - some will print, some will not.
To quit out of a document, either press the Esc key or click In the box at the top left-hand side. There is no quit option out of either Caesar or Pinball; you will have to reset or turn off to get rid of them.
Ml Ml riBkill 1 CmMIAM It couldn't be simpler to use this Coverdisk. Just pop it into any Amiga, and wait for Workbench to load. Then double dick on whatever you want.
Impressions In the past have tended to produce solid but not particularly Inspired games. This, their next release, could be the best game they have done yet though. Caesar is about becoming a political figure in ancient Roman politics - you have to impress the emperor with your management skills, cunning and your war winning generalship.
Starling the game going is simply a matter of clicking on the Icon. After displaying a simple title screen and generating the playing area, you will be left at the front end of the game. Caesar is played entirely with a mouse. The left mouse button is used to select Icons, clear areas and erect buildings; the right mouse button aborts the current selection.
Caesar IMPRESSIONS PAL NTSC First, a quick word about what you won’t find In the demo. One of the ideas behind Caesar is that, when war is threatened, you can take the pressure and pent up stress out of Caesar by playing with Impressions’ war-game, Cohort. There is no war- game element on the demo though! I’m afraid you’ll just have to go out and buy the game!
What you have got Is a reasonable game in Its own right, sort of like Sim City 13BC. You can’t win in the demo. Eventually you’re city will be destroyed - this is because what kept the old Roman Empire ticking over was a plentiful supply of slaves, and the slave allocation screens are not Included. So there’s no one around to look after your wonderful city.
THOSE MENU ICONS IN ALL THEIR GLORY R IS m IT q |g Build Road Bufld House OCTOBER 1992 CAESAR CITY BUILDING FIND A GOOD SPOT You don’t need lots of roads linking everything up.
(OK they were dead famous for them but that doesn’t mean you have to go mad).
Do try and decide where the residents are going to live, though, and where the governor (that's you!)
Will live in your forum, plus where your industry is going to go. Houses should have a temple nearby too. (They liked their gods did the Romans.)
You will have to build an industrial zone in order to give your people some Jobs. Start off with a couple of Workshops, then build up a heavy Industrial zone and a market. Make sure there’s a road link between the zone and the houses - otherwise people can’t walk to work!
COVERDISK KT- w Quicksilver Pinball AMIGANUTS PAL NTSC This is a one-level demo of a most excellent little liccnsewarc game. Liccnsewarc is a bit like budget software, in that it’s very cheap as games go; the difference is that it is usually only available from one mail order source, in the case of Quicksilver Pinball it’s Amiganuts United.
It’s very easy to load - just double click on the icon after the Coverdisk has loaded. Press the Return key until you get to the main menu - this can be controlled cither through the cursor keys or with a joystick. Most people find the game a lot easier when the keyboard is used to control the game.
If you’ve been holdidaying on Mars for the past 50 years, you might not have heard of pinball, so here’s the rough idea. You have to keep the ball on the table - if it disappears off the bottom of the table, then you lose it. You only have so many balls per game, so don’t waste any!
You get points for bouncing the ball off different pans of the table. For instance 5,000 points arc awarded for landing the ball in one of the two holes at the top of the table. Points depend on where the ball hits. If you manage to light up all the ’Quicksilver' tokens at the top of the table, then the table will lock for a few seconds - you can’t lose the ball during this time, so hit it for all it's worth.
Controlling the game with a joystick consists of pulling back and letting go to fire your ball, and waggling left and right to activate the flippers. The trouble with this is that you can’t move both flippers at the same time (it's hard to move a joystick left and right at the same time).
OCTOBER 1992 When using the keyboard controls, press the relevant shift key to waggle each flipper. The cursor up and down keys arc used to fire the ball into the game.
The Esc key will abort the current game and take you back to the menu.
You may find the game a bit slow when played on PAL systems. This is because the game was written in the USA, where the screens are updated faster. To overcome this, you can use the Mode Switch program described below. This is a common complaint of USA games (like Wings of Fury) they are not fast enough.
To see them as they were meant to be seen, you need to use a display-switcher program.
The full version has four different tables in all. And is only available from Amiganuts United. 169 Dale Valley Road. Hollybrook, Southampton SOI 6QX.
Australian readers can get it from AU Australia. 199 Taylor St. Toowoomba. QLD. Australia 4350.
I bbobbbb | 7-Isik mil S| !?????? | 8.|e|H ¦ESI mg ?EBBBBB WINNING WAYS
I) Lcam how ihc ball moves. Ever)1 pinball table is different,
and ii takes a few games to sec when the ball is safe, and
when it’s very likely to go down the hold. This one does have
a Tilt feature - sec if you can find it.
2 Keep your flippers up! Nine limes out of ten. If a ball hits a down flipper it will disappear before your eyes. Most of the lime your flippers should be raised - hammer away on the shift keys!
3) Don't go too fast or too slow. When the ball is leaping around
at speed, it’s very hard to predict just where it’s going.
When it's going slow, the ball has a nasty tendency to roll
down to the bottom of the table.
4) Try for Quicksilver'. By lighting up all the tokens at the top
of the screen, bars will appear which prevent the ball
falling. This means you can hammer the ball around at speed
without worn1.
5) Find the high scores. In general, you get more points while
the ball is at the lower end of the table
- but playing like this is dangerous, because you can lose the
ball while blinking.
MODE SWITCH P Sharpe PaiyiSfTSC This is a handy little utility for switching your Amiga between PAL (the TV system used through most of Europe. Australia and New Zealand) and NTSC (which is used in the USA, Japan and Korea).
Software written for NTSC looks slow and compressed on PAL systems. PAL software looks too fast and too big on NTSC systems.
So it’s very useful to be able to switch to the other TV system, so that you see software as It was meant to be seen. In order to do this, the TV or monitor you use must have a vertical hold knob. It will almost certainly need a slight adjustment after you have run this program - but you usually only have to do this once, as screens will lock to either mode if vertical hold is set halfway between them.
First, the limitations. You can’t switch TV systems on all Amigas. But most A500s and A2000s and later models can do this. It’s all down to the Agnus chip fitted in your machine - 8372A or later is fine. Similarly, not all software likes being switched to different modes, although the majority won't kick up a fuss.
Now the good bits. Mode_Switch is a resident program. That means that, after you have run it once, it will stay inside your Amiga, ready to switch mode at the press of a few keys. When you reset the machine by pressing the two keys either side of the spacebar, the program will survive (you will see some on-screen corruption - don’t worry about it).
Of course, when you turn your machine off, the program Is forgotten.
When you first run the program, it will switch to the different mode - so NTSC machines go to PAL, and PALs go to NTSC. Your screen will probably start rolling - don’t worry, just twist the vertical hold control a little and it will stabilise. Notice how the screen is a different height.
When you want to control Mode_Switch, press Left Alt, Ctrl and 1 simultaneously to select PAL mode, and Left Alt, Ctrl and 2 to select NTSC.
Pressing Left Alt, Ctrl and 3 will turn off the program, although your machine will be left in the currently selected screen mode.
Using Your Coverdislf
1. Always write-protect your disk. Move the tab so a hole is
2. Copy the Coverdisk and use the copy, not the original. This
may sound like a complicated task, suitable only for techno
buffs, but it's surprisingly simple to do, just follow the
simple instructions for copying the disk which are given
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
Backing up your Disk There are two ways of making a copy of your disk, and this is the easy one. Don’t be daunted by the fact that you need to use the Shell or CLI: it's actually a lot easier than you might think.
Just follow these simple steps... as* _SL* hi .
3. The Amiga will now ask you fo insert the 'source' disk.
It means the disk you want to copy, so put the Coverdisk in the drive and press the Return key.
4. Wait for a while and it wiN read all the information off the
CoverAsk, telling you how far it has got. Then it will ask you
to insert the "Destination" disk. Put the disk you want to
copy your Coverifisk onto in the drive and press the Return
key. Note that the disk does not need to be formatted already.
If you have a problem with the disk - and you're sure the disk is in full working order - then you may need a little help. If you ring us on any Tuesday, and ask to speak to Pat McDonald, he will do his best to help you. Please understand, giving this sort of advice is time-consuming and we are very busy people, so only call if you really have to and do be considerate if we can't talk to you just then. If the problem is particularly complex it is better to send it to us in written detail. It will then be dealt with in the Workbench pages of the magazine.
We have done our best to check that all of the programs on the AMIGA FORMAT Coverdisk are simple to use and have no viruses.
We cannot usually answer complex telephone queries on the software (see the Disk Problems? Box) and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the numerous programs that are on the disk.
COPYRIGHT Unless it is specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisks are not in the Public Domain and the copyright remains with the author of the program.
Because some of the programs on the Coverdisks are not PD, selling or distributing them without the author's specific permission is against the laws of copyright.
Disk not working?
We duplicate nearly 500,000 disks every month. Out of all those, obviously a few will be faulty. If the disk or any of the programs will not load or run property, there may be a problem. Don’t panic!
First try using the DiskDoctor utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. In-full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user’s manual that came with your machine.
However, if your Coverdisk is in fact faulty, you should send it back INCLUDING A STAMF D, ADDRESSED ENVELOPE for a free replacement within one month of the cover date to: Amiga Format October Disk Disk Copy Labs Unit A, Westmarch London Road Daventry Northants NN11 4SA Remember to Include that stamped, addressed envelope!
An LTD account is something you won’t be able to open on your 18th birthday. That's because it’s been specially designed for 11-17 year olds.
A cashcard gives you 24 hour access to your money and you’ll get a higher rate of interest than you could if you were 18 or over. All for a minimum investment of £10.
So make the most of your money by picking up a leaflet from any Britannia branch.
But don't leave it too late.
First ever drop in price of an entry-level Amiga stuns the computer industry A600 £299 price cut shocker MONDAY AUGUST Ioth saw the official retail price of the Amiga 600 slashed by £100 to £299. The Amiga 600HD, with its 20Mb internal hard drive, will, however, stay at £499.
Though Commodore intend to justify this price with a "bundle" of software that will mark it out as "more serious" than the plain A600.
This is the first time an entry-level Amiga model has seen a price cut in Great Britain. Commodore have suggested that the effects of the recession on UK high street sales have prompted the move. The lower cost of manufacture by comparison with the A500. And the increased reliability of the new machine are factors which have made the price cut feasible.
"We tried the price cut for a limited period in Ireland." Explained Commodore UK’s Marketing Manager Andrew Ball, “and it doubled sales of the machine". One dealer we spoke to.
However, was skeptical of this claim.
"How can you try a price cut for a limited period? If it doesn't work, arc you Steve Franklin (right) the man who refused to cut the prke of the A500, and Kelly Sumner (left) the new Commodore UK MD who hos now cut the price of the A600.
Going to pul the price back up? And anyway, who would do a trial in a backwater like Ireland?"
Whether or not Commodore have backed the decision up with research, it will inevitably lead to an increase in sales over the crucial Christmas period.
Certainly it will be welcomed by potential Amiga owners and Amiga Formal feels it is definitely the right move since it will encourage more people to join the Amiga community, but the dealers who sell the machines are not necessarily convinced, since their profit margins will be smaller.
DECISION MAKERS The decision was taken by new Commodore UK MD Kelly Sumner, who took over in July. His predecessor.
Steve Franklin, had for the last three years resisted a cut in the price of the A500. This was despite pressure from computer dealers who believed they could sell more machines if the list price was lower.
Indeed. Franklin's fixed-price policy has often been credited with the A500*s success; the argument being that having the highest price of any product in the market sustained the Amiga's image as far and away the highcst-quality home computer, distancing it from its 8-bit and 16-bit rivals. In many ways this argument is invalid now that competition from the Atari ST has faded, and 8-bit machines, including Commodore's own C64. Have been killed off.
Although the A500 stayed at £399 for five years, the deal that you got for your money was enhanced considerably: first by the policy of 'bundling' three or four pieces of software, and later by the expansion to I Mb of RAM.
Initially with the addition of a 512K RAM expansion and later, as with the 500 Plus, with the memory built in.
The Amiga 600, now down to £299: the first ever pri e- ut for the entry-level Amiga. Is it a panic move, or a smart one?
In recent months, the actual price at which it was possible to buy an Amiga 500 Cartoon Classics pack dropped con- ftThere has been considerable pressure from many directions, including this magazine, for Commodore to make this price cut as soon as possible, siderably lower than the official list price, often as low as £329. Even large high street chains had begun to discount the packs. It seems likely that the list price will be closely adhered to. And it is possible that the new software-inclusive bundle for the A600 this Christmas cost more than the £299 RRP.
Reasons for the cut at a glance Ithe A600, with surface-mounted chips and a smaller case, is cheaper to make and leads to fewer returns.
2 The A600 is also more reliable, which cuts Commodore’s costs from rejects and from after-sales care.
3 The recession is having an effect on all high-street sales but a 25 percent cut should help the Amiga fight this.
4 Commodore are hoping to gain sales at the expense of PC and games console rivals.
5 The new price is psychologically more acceptable to the customer because it seems close to £200 and remote from £400, and because the compact A600 looks less like a serious computer and more like a kind of computing console.
TIMING Amiga FormaI knew that a price cut was under consideration, but the timing came as something of a surprise.
Particularly since during the course of last month's interview with Kelly Sumner. Amiga Formal had gained the impression that a cut would not happen until the beginning of October.
The evidence is that the decision was already made when we spoke to him. For example. Dixons actually had the A600 advertised at £299 on the Saturday before the new price-point was supposed to come into force.
Before the cut happened. Sumner also gave reasons why Commodore would make a price-cut. "If we altered the price we may gain more sales, knocking some out of the consoles, some out of the PC area." Clearly Commodore now believe that this is possible.
He also points out now that the new price has definite psychological advantages. "Rather than feeling like they're paying four hundred quid, people will feel as if they arc paying two-hundred odd. It’s a big difference."
There has been considerable pressure from many directions, including this magazine, for Commodore to make this price cut as soon as possible.
The surface-mounted chips in the A600 and the reduced size of the case make it a much cheaper machine to produce. On top of this, the machine is much more reliable, which cuts down the cost to Commodore of 'dead on arrival’ machines - those that don't work when they come out of the box - as well as reducing burden of warranty repair costs.
Wc have to say that we arc extremely pleased with the decision. It now makes the entry-level Amiga more affordable, which will bring more people into the Amiga community.
One factor remains to be seen: next month, the new A600 bundle for Christmas will be announced. The price could be higher than the plain A600 because of the extra games and Commodore arc to break from tradition by including original Amiga software in preference to film or character licences.
OCTOBER 1992 The A600HD will also feature a bundle, described by Commodore as "More serious - but still games”.
The correct choices here will be important, but even if Commodore get it horribly wrong and include some real turkeys, the price drop will still make the Amiga a real bargain buy for any one interested in some decent computing hardware this Christmas.
Future Entertainment Show, with Amiga Format backing, is set to be the biggest of its kind ever seen in the UK... i IJ ii1!'1' £1.05 reduction to £5.95 and £3.95 is available if you book in advance on the FES Hotline. 051-356 5085.
Amiga hardware and software manufacturers so far confirmed to exhibit include GVP. Supra. Citizen Printers, and Progressive Peripherals and Software. Commodore will have one of the largest stands at the Show and may possibly unveil the new midrange super Amiga.
Games publishers strutting their funky stuff at FES include Ocean, Electronic Arts. Psygnosis. Domark, MicroProse, Gremlin, and also Virgin Retail, the branch of the firm behind the famous Megastores.
The Show will also be televised as part of Yorkshire TV’s new computer games show. Bad Influence!, which will air lots of live footage from the Show including all the action from the National Computer Games Championships.
The Finals of the Championships will take place at the FES. With qualifying heats on the Saturday and then the big shoot-out on the Sunday.
LAST YEAR'S HIGHLY successful World of Commodore Show has been superceded by a new. Bigger event.
The new show, called the Future Entertainment Show, shares much of the appeal of the WoC despite the fact that it is no longer Amiga-only. It is again being presented in association with Amiga Format and will feature just as many exhibitors and events for Amiga owners.
The FES starts at Earls Court in London on Thursday November 5th and carries on until Sunday November 8th. Admission is £7 for the whole day for adults and £5 for under-14s. But a A600 bundle - ' rumours suggest mixed ability pa k Notional Games Championships put up £10,000 prize for best player OCTOBER 1992 through to a Regional Final held at Virgin Megastorcs in London.
Cardiff. Birmingham.
The National Computer Games Championships is to offer a £10.000 first prize in a bid to find the best gamcs-player in the country. Entry is unrestricted and contestants will need to master a number of different games on differemt computer formats.
The Championships are organised by Amiga Format and all the other magazines at Future Publishing, and will start in the two weeks commencing 19th October (during school half terms) when Amiga fans will gather at Virgin Gamcstores in their lock areas to compete in the Regional Qualifiers, playing on Gremlin’s Zool. Sega Megadrives and Nintendo Super NESs will also be available for competitors.
Those with the « highest score will Manchester. Newcastle and Glasgow. Finalists will have to play on all three machines and only one player from each format will go through to the London finals, though the two highest-scoring runners-up in the country will join them. All eight will win an Amiga, a SNES and a Sega Megadrive as well as all the software to be used in the finals.
The finals will consist of quarters and semis on the Saturday of the Show, followed by the big two-way showdown on the Sunday, when we’ll know who is the best player in the country!
Don’t sit back and think ’I’m not good enough.’ or some idiot who's half as good as you will win. Get down now to a Gamestore or check out any Future magazine to find your entry form!
Uiure PUBLISHING Rumours of the 'original games’ that are to appear in the crucial A600 promotional pack this Christmas suggest that some of the titles could be rather weak ones, while one is likely to be outstanding.
Commodore have decided to conccntrateon original Amiga games this year, rather than the big-name licences (such as Baintan and Bart Simpson) which have given the packs identity in the past.
Suggestions are that the pack will include System 3’s Myth, Ocean's Epic and Gremlin's Zool. An alternative rumour proposes that Epic was due to be in the pack, but has been withdrawn at the last moment because of the unfavourable reviews it has received in the computer games magazines.
Clearly the outstanding title is Zool. And this Sonic the Hedgehog-beater, reviewed this month (see page 74). Is tailor-made to lead an Amiga push into new.
Console-dominated areas of the market. When we spoke to Gremlin's boss lan Stewart he gave the impression that ZooI would not be in the pack, seeming rather regretful at its non-inclusion. It might just be. However, that he was being cagey: the content of the annual Amiga pack is traditionally a closely-guarded secret until it is officially announced.
If the rumours of the line-up for the pack are to be believed, then two of the games are disappointing choices; but the inclusion of Zool would more than make up for that. What could be crucial is the price: though Commodore generally pay next to nothing for the software they include in a pack, the small margin on the A600 at its new £299 price-point could mean that the pack goes out at £329 or similar.
Notable absentee, if the rumours were correct, would be Deluxe Paint, which has been included with every Amiga for three years. This may well form part of the separate A600HD pack which will include more ’serious' games to justify the pricing of the 20Mb hard drive-equipped machine at a static £499.
New Amiga certain to be A2000 replacement Commodore are working towards ensuring that all software will work on the new Amiga they have lined up for a pre-Christmas release. But some doubts have already been voiced as to whether sufficient numbers of software developers are taking any interest.
In August, Commodore UK held two developers' conferences at their Maidenhead headquarters at which they introduced their new machines to software developers and provided facilities for the developers to test their latest software for compatibility.
This excellent Initiative is aimed at preventing a reoccurence of the problems that cropped up with the A500 Plus release. Many new releases did not work on the Plus even some months after the new machine went on sale.
SPECULATION IS RIFE about the specification for the Commodore's latest Amiga. It is set to be launched before Christmas, but its identity as an Amiga 2000 replacement has been given added weight by a rumour that the 2000 has already ceased production.
Commodore have officially stated that “details of availability" of a new machine will be released by December, that it will be based around a new custom chip set and that it will be followed by further developments next year.
They have also said that the first new machine will be called something along the lines of A2200 or 24(H) and will cost, “somewhere between the price of an A1500 and a thousand pounds", which is right where you would expect the 20(H) replacement to sit. This would seem to counter rumours of an A800 or A1000 Classic, which had been mooted as a possible mid-level machine.
Specifications for the new Amiga are expected to include a 68020 accelerated processor and possibly the new high-density floppy disk drive, with increased RAM expansion capacity and new. More colourful graphics modes also likely to be on offer.
Mn OCTOBER 1992 The new machine has already been shown to developers in the UK and Developers warned to ad now for compatibility Mev Dine, of programming team Vivid Image, attended the first of the two developer conferences, “The thing that concerns me is that there wasn't a slgnle face there I recognised," he comments. “I’m Just hoping that everyone else from the UK teams went on the second day.” Mr Dine is hoping that all software developers will contact Commodore to make sure their software works.
"They tested our latest game,” he points out, “ and it didn't work, but it was a very easy thing to fix It."
Commodore are encouraging any and all software developers to contact them as soon as possible about having releases checked for compatibility: If you want to get involved, get In touch with Sharon McGuffey at their Maidenhead HQ on 0628 770088.
Commodore arc known to be making efforts to ensure that software developers are aware of potential compatibility problems. They are offering to check software to see if it runs on the new machine and give advice on correcting it if it doesn’t. Problems are likely to be caused by new Agnus and Denise graphics chips and screen modes, and new memory allocation.
A letter purporting to be from a developer in Holland who is in possession of two new models has recently stirred up debate, even though the letter has already been discredited. It refers to two machines, one of which is a 6X040- equipped A3000-bascd machine referred to as the A4000. And the other is a new mid-range model in a smaller, three-inch high 'pizza box’ case.
Rumours mill Both machines are allegedly equipped with what has become known as the
* AA’ chip set and Kickstart 2.1 ROMs.
RAM expansion capacity is claimed to be massive, with a top end of 16Mb of chip and 64Mb of fast on the larger machine and 4Mb chip, 16Mb fast on the smaller one.
The chip set is said to include new, custom Denise, Agnus and Paula chips as well as two new- chips, one named Lisa. Graphics capacity is supposed to have been enhanced to give more high- res modes, a VGA 256-colour emulation, a SupcrHAM mode for pseudo-24-bit colour and a full 24-bit palette. Audio capacity is supposed to be four-channel 16-bit sound at sampling rates of up to 56KHz.
How large the pinch of salt you use to take all this rumour and counter- rumour with is entirely up to you.
One thing's for sure, though: much of what we have heard has the ring of truth to it. And if all the pieces of the jigsaw are not quite in palce, it will certainly not be too long in happening.
Commodore reject fears on warranty repair firm It you keep up with the financial news, you may have heard it reported that Wang, the company who were taken on by Commodore to repair Amigas under warranty are In financial trouble.
Commodore have been swift to point out that this will not affect Amiga owners. Wang got the job after the National Repair Centre went bust.
Considerable concern was created several months ago when the company that ran the National Repair Centre, FMG, ran into trading difficulties and eventually closed down. Amiga owners whose machines were in for repair under warranty at FMG had to wait while Commodore attempted to extricate them from the tangled financial web that inevitably follows such a situation.
Commodore were able to handle the situation well, but if the same problem reoccured it would cause the company serious credibility problems, and news of Wang's US-based troubles has led to some fears.
Wang have 'filed for Chapter 11* in the US, which basically mean the US firm Is In financial hot water. However, it seems that this is not going to affect the activities or financial health of the UK branch that handles on-site repairs for the A600.
"All the news and excitement about Wang relates solely to the American parent company," points out Commodore UK MD Kelly Sumner.
And, reasuringly, he asserts that, "Our position In the UK is totally unaffected. I'm completely comfortable with the situation, particularly the at-home support for the A600 • which has exceeded all my expectations in terms of reliability."
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Digital Integration Digital Integration arc soon to release two new games by French software house Coktel Vision. The first is Ween, a medieval fantasy which features plenty of digitised video animations. Ween is a film-like quest to rescue a doomed kingdom from an evil power. DI’s other title is Gohliiins 2: The Prince Buffoon.
It’s the sequel to the recent Gobliiins. It features two more goblins on a mission to free an imprisoned prince.
20 OCTOBER 1992 Impressions Recently the company, led by David Lester, have been re-evaluating their games. The result is Caesar, (which you can partially examine on this month's Coverdisk). A strategy game that combines Sim City and Civilization in one package. They arc also about to release another strategy game. Paladin 2. It comes with its own construction kit.
Alternative - 0977 797777 Postman Pat 3 £7.99 Thomas the Tank Engine 1 £7.99 Count Duckula 2 £7.99 Double Dare £7.99 Dalek Attack £14.99 Alvin & The Chipmunks £7.99 Booster the Kitten £7.99 Codemasters - 0926 814132 Soccer Pinball £7.99 Bignose the Caveman £7.99 Dizzy Prince ot Yolk Folk £7.99 Spellbound Dizzy £7.99 Budget News As the recession biles even more deeply, budget games look more and more appealing. Historically, budget games have been regarded as being either naff or old (and sometimes both), but it’s not always the way.
Here’s a few newcomers that might satiate your desire to play more than you pay: Piracy- a role-playing adventure set on the seven seas. ICE promise to bring the words 'scurvy, grog, plunder and pillage’ back Into common useage (hold on, hasn’t Monkey Island already done this?).
Gnome Alone-A cutesy-arcade game centred on a heroic garden gnome called Grobble, who’s imprisoned In a garden where he’s responsible for lawn-order.
Your job is to help him escape using your arcade skills.
¦ Fatal Strokes- a bizarre arcade game featuring the work of Heironymus Bosch, Georges Seurat and Nicolas Poussin.
Some of their most famous paintings act as backgrounds for a collection of games.
Access Denied- a virtual reality environment where you are able to fly around the entire Earth. Two warring computers control the data-space you’re flying in; one is evil and one (you’ll never guess) is good. The computers can help you hack your way into corporations and steal money from databases, but you have to decide which computer is the right one to trust. Your life could depend on making the right decision.
The most interesting of the six is Abandoned Places Two, sequel to the role-playing adventure which appeared last Christmas, just before Electronic Zoo’s demise. ICE seem pretty confident that Abandoned Places Two is something special - they’re touting It as the biggest advancement In role-playing games In the past few years. The game will feature colourful half-bright mode graphics, a larger play-window than any other role-player and an impressive new control system. ICE expect that Abandoned Places Two should be ready for early
1993. The remainder of ICE’s stash of games consists of: ICE PICK
THEIR MOMENT A new publishing company, International
Computer Entertainment, led by ex-Electronlc Zoo boss,
Stewart Bell, Is about to release its first crop of games
for the Amiga. The firm, which Is now handling a range of
products from many ex- Electronlc Zoo developers and
programmers, hopes to have six games ready in time for
Games News Amiga Format's games correspondent. Neil Jackson, writes from the leisure front line on all the the lastest releases.
Games that are so new that most haven't even thought about being released yet, and some on the second time around.
Core Design Core Design announced recently that they're working on their first animated role-playing adventure: Curse of Enchantia. An icon-controlled interactive story with a fantasy clement.
A coven of evil witches opened a ponal Earth which gave them power to steal a child.
You play the nipper. Brad, who’s been transported to Enchantia to form part of a recipe for eternal life. Needless to say. Your escape is not an easy affair, but. Hell! The world's at stake.
HeroQuest 2: better than No.) We trust.
Gremlin Gremlin announce the imminent release of two games they’ve been quietly putting together: HeroQuest 2 - The Legend ofSorasil (the follow-up to the paper-to-Amiga RPG) and Pandemonium (a frantic cutesy-beat-em-up with Lemmings-style strategy). Expect to see HeroQuest 2 in the shops in November, while Pandemonium is due for an early 1993 release.
GBH-0742 753423 Switchblade 2 £9.99 Supercars 2 £9.99 Jahangir Khans Squash £7.99 World Championship Boxing Manager £7.99 (GBH) Hi Tec - 0742 587555 Stop Press! As we go to press news reaches us that Hi Tec have gone into in admin- strative recievership. And the whole business is up for sale.
They’re still selling The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, and GAME NEWS Ragnarob your chance to be on ancient viking.
Mirage Ragnarok is nearly finished, and the first demos are reaching us now. This computer adaptation of an ancient viking game is undergoing it's final tweaking and testing and should be with us for the November issue.
OCTOBER 1992 US Gold Capcom’s arcade hit. Streetflghter 2. Gets the US Gold conversion-treatment. This all-action bcat-cm-up featured a combination of complex fighting moves and spectacular graphics in the arcades, and US Gold hope to bring the full flavour across to the Amiga by Christmas.
Cartoon Collection. However, they did have a load of new titles ready to hit the streets, inlcuding a Daffy Duck game.
Sadly, we may not see these unless someone takes over the company soon. So if you suddenly feel the desire to buy a budget label, you should contact David Palmer on the number above.
Hit Squad-061-832 6633 FunSchool 2 £7.99 Test Drive 2 £7.99 Pictionary £7.99 TRONIX-081-960 2255 At long, long last (and for the Nth time of announcing) we might finally get to see Motorhead (featuring that loveable cutie. Lemmy) £TBA Zeppelin-091-385 7755 They haven’t confirmed all these, but they’re hoping to release: International 5-A-Side. Tag team Wrestling and Arcade Fruit Machine, tor £7.99 each.
UBI-Soft The French publishers prove that they’ve got more front than Margate (or more balls than Wembley depending on how you look at it), by asking ace England and Nottingham Forest captain and full-back Stuart Pearce to endorse their forthcoming football compilation.
It was ’Psycho’ Stuart Pearce who was mercilessly head-butted in the face by French (so-called) player Basilc Boli during the European Championships. Pearce’s compilation (which is to be launched this month under the title Psycho's Soccer Selection) features Kick Off 2, World Championship Soccer, International Soccer Challenge and Manchester United for £30.99. Thalamus Thalamus are working on three games for release in the next month or so. Arsenal FC is a full-screen football sim that offers arcade action and team management for £25.99. Nobby the Aardvark is a platform game with a cuddly
ant-eater who’s searching for paradise (Antopia). Finally. Beastmaster is a new 300- screen arcade adventure which features a host of creatures to interact and fight with. Priced at £25.99 we hope to bring you a full review in next month’s Amiga Format.
Klxx-021-625 3366 Carrier Command £9.99 Flimbo's Quest £9.99 Super Monaco GP £9.99 3D Pool £9.99 Strider 2 £9.99 Savage £9.99 Touchdown - 0268 541126 Seven titles currently undecided - waiting for contractual things to be sorted out. It’s possible we may see Volfied, Pipemania. Paradroid. Gazza 1, Gazza 2. Better Dead Than Alien and Stormtrooper soon.
Humans. Mirage's long awaited contender for the LemmingsAookaYike of 1992. Just missed its review in this issue of Amiga Format. Of the 80 levels which are to be included, nearly 50 have already been completed. Only a few minor adjustments to control systems need doing before its release.
Streetflghter 2: arcade conversion- time from US Gold as this smasher begins its journey to a date with the Amiga this Crimble.
MU ¦ Sensible Soccer Renegade Mndscape SensiWe Software Ffl 1 % *H New Ispani The Games Ocean 48%
• 114) A Civilisation MicroProse FG94% ?1*1 T Monkey Island 2 US
GokJ lucasWm FG95%
• (•1 ¦ Fire and Ice Reoegade Mindscape
• *%
• (*» ¦ Formula One Grand Prlx MicroProse FG92%
* (?1 ? Lure of the Temptress Virgin Revoiution FG92% 8(1) T Epic
Ocean 84%
• (*) ¦ Graham Taylor's Soccer Challenge Knsalis 82% 10(21) A
Project X Team 17 71% 1M») ? Striker Rage Software FG9S% 1*(11)
? Jaguar XJ220 Core Design 79% 1*H New Crasy Cars 8 Thus FG9S%
!4|*0| A Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker Virgin FG9i% f*d*l ?
Dune Virgin 79% 18(10) A PGA Tour* Electronic Arts Compilation
17(8) Domart 41% 18(18) ? The Manager US Gold Software 2000 79%
19(18) Electronic Arts FG94% 20(28) A Hook Ocean 88% 21()
Re-entry FI 8 Strike Eagle 2 M roProse FG90% 22(17) T Eye of
the Beholder 2 US GoW SSI FG91% 28(28) ¦ Allen Breed Team 17
* ?(*?)
¦ World Series Cricket Soondware International 81% 2S|10) ? The Addams Family Ocean 78% 280 Re-entry Rasy AMOS Eurogress Software 92
* *(*•) Code Masters Compilation
* 80 Re-entry Dyne Blester UbiSoft 87%
* *o New Carl Lewis Challenge Psygnosis Review next Issue 80(80)
¦ Space Crusade Gremlin Graphics 82% Top 30 Amiga Full Price
Games Chart A3000 sees massive price slash Editor's opinion The
price of ihe A3000 has been eul substantially, so much that
Commodore are able to claim that a typical set-up is now
"nearly two thirds less than its original price".
The cuts, effective simultaneously with the price-drop of 25% on the A600. Sec an Amiga 3000 25 50. A 25MHz machine with a 50Mb hard drive and 2Mb of RAM. Down to Big bonus for musk funs Future Music is a new magazine for anyone who's incter- ested in how technology and music combine. It comes from Future Publishing, the makers of Amiga Format, and in actual fact it’s even edited by ex-Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper editor Bob Wade.
The first issue comes complete with a compendious reference work, the Future Music Black Book. Entirely free. This unique book has been created by the Future Music team to help you in almost cvcy area of music-making, from choosing studio to playing live, from sussing out MIDI codes to 22 MUSIC OCTOBER 1992 reaction to A600 price cut consoles has to be good news."
But will the much-reduced margins cause problems? "I think it causes everybody problems," says Giles, "When we first started selling Amlgas, we used to get around 35 percent. Now it's under half of that.
This makes it more difficult for us to add value; we prefer to give a little extra in the way of software and so on. As long as the customer understands that we won't be able to do that to quite the same extent."
Graham Kelly of Trilogic is also positive, but raises another concern.
"We're all pleased there's a price cut on the A600, but people still don't want to buy it. We re getting about ten calls wanting 500 Pluses to one wanting the 600. We've still got the
1. 3s in stock and they're outselling the 600s."
And profit margins? "The margins are atrocious", says Graham.
Trilogic are selling the A600 at £289 and it seems very unlikely that anyReaction to the £100 reduction in RRP of the A600 has been mixed among Amiga dealers.
While most welcome it as a way of selling more machines, many also feel that reduced margins for profit will have a negative effect on both dealers and customers. There is also evidence that sales of the new A600 are still very sluggish.
"It’s great news. At this new price the Amiga market will grow considerably," comments Andy Leaning, spokesperson Silica. "It'll be Interesting to see what other manufacturers, particularly those producing high- specification games consoles like the NEC and NeoGeo, do. I'd expect a lot of the more serious console buyers will look at the Amiga 600, given its better specification."
Giles Harwood of Harwoods agrees, "We view it positively, because anything that helps the Amiga to sell in volume against lower-priced machines such as the Dealers' mixed only £1,299 list price from £2.999. This could bring the on- salc price down to little over £1.000. This compares favourably with prices of 386-based Pcs running at a similar clock speed. A similar specification of PC could weigh in at anything from £899 for a 'non-name' machine, to around £1.600 for a well-known brand, with the Amiga generally coming out on top when expandability is taken into account.
Commodore suggest that the cuts arc. “To make this powerful machine even more attractive in the corporate sector", which it undoubtedly will be. The area of business on which it is likely to have most impact, however, is with complementary software that enables it to be seen as an all-in-one multimedia solution'. Multimedia presentations arc now beginning to take off in the business world, and the A3000 could be well placed to take advantage.
Inevitably, though, there’s some reading between the lines to be done. Too. The price of the faster chips, the hard drives and RAM that make the A3000 such an attractive proposition arc falling, so prices have to come down. And Commodore will soon be releasing an Amiga 4000 with an even higher specification, so a repositioning of the A3000 to make room for it was bound to happen.
All ihe same, for home and hobbyist users, particularly graphics and video fiends, the 3000 now represents an affordable step up to a genuinely powerful system.
Choosing the right music software.
Future Music will cover all aspects of music technology, from electronic instruments to Amiga music software, with a familiar mix of news, reviews and tips. The first issue will be in the shops, all warm and ready to buy. On October 15th.
And will cost £1.95. one will be able to do it cheaper without cutting suffering financially.
There are other teething problems for the A600. Currently, third-party peripherals for the new machine are extremely rare, so customers are deterred by the lack of RAM expansion beyond 2Mb and the scarcity of hard drives. Developers, even registered ones, are finding that no information has been made available to get them started on expansions for the PCMCIA slot or the internal IDE hard drive adaptor.
Another minor irritation for dealers is the policy on ‘dead on arrival' (DOA) A600s - machines that don't work when they arrive. Rather than being able to send them back for a replacement, dealers have to get them fixed on-site by Commodore’s warranty repair firm Wang. Being visiyed on-site may seem like common sense to most home users, but it's an unusual system for a retail organisation to handle.
FUTURE All modesty aside... We're pleased to be able to announce that the official monthly circulation of Amiga Format for ihe first six months of this year has reached the new record figure of 160.256. This figure, approved by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), confirms Amiga Format as the best-selling computer magazine in Britain, the best-selling Amiga magazine in the world and probably also the bestselling magazine for computer games in the whole of Europe.
, Bizarre fact follows: furthermore, the circulation of this magazine is fractionally higher than that of music magazine ?. Which makes Amiga Format the bestselling 'male interest’ magazine in Britain, with the exception of the rude, naked women-type titles.
We’re not indulging in this fine piece of own-trumpet blowing for the sake of our healt. Though. It makes a serious point too. Amiga owning as a hobby is now something to be taken very seriously. By Christmas, there should be over one and a half million Amiga owners in the UK.
If you think that magazines catering for fishing, cars, popular music and the cinema arc all less popular than this particular Amiga magazine, you realise just what an active and involved bunch of people all you Amiga fans are.
Incidentally. Amiga Format was once again voted as number one ‘magazine which most aids stocking decisions' by retailers in the survey conducted by computer trade magazine CTW. This is the third year running that the dealers and shops have stated that they trust Amiga Format's reviews more than anyone else’s.
As ever, the point of the whole story is this - if Amiga Format is a success, it’s because we consistently try to bring you ihe things you want to read about.
Don’t let us rest on our laurels: tell us what else you think we could and should be doing. Make this magazine into the magazine you want to read - after all. It costs enough!
Ijf! -• I ; Nadjote dense asteroid fields!
The award S rou aV °n' Combat »for tbe ¦ winning p' va ab e _l" - 'V, PC screens shown. Amiga screens may vary The 3-D Space Combat Simulator Distributed by For more information please contact: Mindscape International, Priority House, Charles Avenue. Burgess Hill, Sussex RH15 9PQ. Tel: 0444 246333 On final approach to the United States Developed in corporation with © Lufthansa and Deutsche Airbus A r«al Stor: yet another company give* up to the undeniable attraction of the Amiga. Good news for everyone.
Star-registered dealers have been supplied with masters of the drivers, but If you have a problem getting hold of them they can always contact our free technical hotline for assistance." Star's hotline number is 0494 471111 and operates Mon-Fri 9.30-5. OCTOBER 1992 Soon lo be released by Virgin Games is KGB, a graphical adventure from French software house Cryo. The production team, previously responsible for titles such as NEWS ROUND Laying in ambush for all ihe latest hardware and software releases... DPAINT BEATER?
Exciting news for all you Amiga graphics freaks; Digitial Creations, the people who make the DCTV pseudo-true-colour graphics adaptor, are working on a potentially groundbreaking, stand-alone paint package by the name of Brilliance.
If, as we believe is more than likely, this is a version of the paint program that comes with the DCTV, this could be a remarkable prospect.
Described by Amiga Formal Art Editor, Marcus, as “truly superb," for its extensive features, including excellent rub-throughs (a facility by which pictures can be merged and blended).
This news comes at a quiet time for new graphics releases. There's very little in the way of new graphics software around at the moment. The previously hyperactive 24-bit colour card market has gone pretty quiet, waiting to see how the specifications of the new Amigas compare to the real thing, true colour. So the release of Brilliance is good news for the Amiga market.
SHARPEN YOUR IMAGE The other interesting snippet that is doing the rounds is that GVP (Great Valley Products) are working on an Image-processing program to accompany their IV24 true colour system. This program has already been known by several different names during its short life, so we won't even attempt to predict what it will be called. It's expected to be finished by late Autumn.
The IV24 system includes a true-colour framebuffer card with a digitiser and a picture-in-picture mode built in and comes with a selection of software Including a version of titling presentation program SCALA and 3D modelling system Caligari. The drawback is that the system has never overcome teething troubles, to the extent that Amiga Format has never felt that it is ready for review.
The image processing program could give the system a new lease of life. Image processing, particularly when used for combining and mixing scanned images, is probably the main tool of high-end graphics applications. Clever-clever 3D modelling is dying out by comparison.
One important aspect that will determine the future of the 24-bit market is that NewTek are working on a brand-new version of their Video Toaster system that will work in European PAL format. This graphics-generation and editing system has caused a storm in the States, but has previously only been available in NTSC format.
GVP PRICE CUTS Real Stop Press stuff, this. We've just heard that GVP are about to make substantial price cuts across their entire range of hardware.
American firm GVP (Great Valley Products), for anyone who has spent the last three years in the Sahara desert, are the world's leading third party manufacturer of Amiga hardware and make what we consider to be the finest range of hard disk drives for the A500, including the fabulous A530 drive equipped with a 68030 accelerator, reviewed last month.
Both GVP's UK distributor Silica and GVP Captain Blood and Dune, have spent 17 months developing the game which takes an inside look at the operations of the KGB, around the time of the attempted coup against Mikhail Gorbachev a couple of years ago.
Designers Philippe Ulrich and programmer Yves Lamourcux, commissioned a 300-page novel by Irish author Johan Robson on which they based the game.
KGB contains over 100 characters with a huge number of locations. Previews also suggest that it employs an interesting method of control which is slightly different from that used by other adventures of this sort.
As well as KGB the firm have their fingers in a number of other pies: Eden. A 3D adventure on CD-only that continues the dinosaur race until mankind arrives on the scene; Star Watcher, a game based on the upcoming film from Ridley Scott which is the first to be created solely using computer graphics; and several French film companies arc interested in producing a film from a short story which Philippe penned himself! Phew!
Quelle qualifications... MANSELL MAKES A NEW NAME Gremlin’s forthcoming race-driving game, Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Challenge, Is to get a name change as a direct result of Our Nlge claiming the World Championship. The high-speed, arcade-style racer is now going to be known simply as Nigel Mansell's World Championship, reflecting that it's now no longer such a challenge for the 1993 Formula One World Champion.
Gremlin are understandably very happy at the news of Mansell’s effective victory, following his second place at the Hungarian Grand Prix (there are still several races left In the championship, but Mansell is far enough ahead of the rest to be unbeatable).
The Sheffield-based software house are even happier that they had the foresight to buy the exclusive world rights to carry the Mansell endorsement - In the same year as his victory.
Although Nigel can’t expect to relax and play the game for a few weeks yet, you can buy Ihe game ol his lame later this Gremlin strike It lucky (or eitetely depending on how yea look at h) month, price is stll to be announced. Wltk the Nigel - Otrl Nlge - Mansell rodng licence.
Star are the latest printer manufacturers to announce that they are creating printer drivers especially for Amiga owners. This follows initiatives from Citizen, whose Amiga Print Manager is a driver and more besides, and Canon, who have drivers for their bubblejet range.
One of the major hassles for Amiga owners has always been finding a driver that gets quality results out of their printer. Most printers are designed for the PC market and the specific needs of Amiga owners have tended to be ignored. This means most Amiga owners use the Epson printer driver and have to run their printers under Epson emulation.
Fortunately, many printer manufacturers are now realising how important the Amiga is and are making sure to supply Amiga drivers with their printers. Citizen showed the way, Canon also cater well for Amiga owners, and now Star, whose LC-10 dot matrix was for several years the most popular printer with Amiga owners, have joined in.
Even better news is that the disk with the drivers is available free of charge. Malcolm Brown, technical Director for Star, told Amiga Format, “All Printer makers continue drive for Amiga owners Comrades in arms Chop-so lcy cheers!
T - I s } 7 , ? ~~ v'-. C. %¦ 'i, sv--' f* V*r- (¦ i-
* **-&«. C, %, ¦ 4 v. 4 v , | 'V- ..... Setond Samurai
in progress. He's got legs, arms, heads and torsoes and we hope
he knows how to use them.
As we reported last month, Vivid Image (of First Samurai fame) are busy working on their new game, Second Samurai, even though they have yet to secure a publishing deal. However, the lack of a publisher seems not to worry Vivid Image - after all, they managed to survive when their previous publisher, Amiga alien attack line Based in Hackney. East London, a creative force that goes by the name of Alien Heart create art and music using their humble Amiga 500, a 20Mb disk drive and 3Mb of memory. Thom, one half of the two-person team, loves it, but. "it would be nice to have the luxury of
having an accelerator, but even without anything too elaborate I can still create art work and music that's commercially viable.” 26 There are literally hundreds of disks cluttering his studio, cum living room, cum bedroom, cum kitchen.
The disks contain thousands of images that he and partner Jane have created on screen. Many of the images have also been printed out in one form or another, the most striking of which is the record cover for Eon's Basket Case. First mentioned In Issue 37 in the discography of Urban Shakedown who remixed of the track.
OCTOBER 1992 "The cover is actually Ian B from Eon. We scanned his image into the Amiga and then manipulated it. His Mirrorsoft, folded and almost took First Samurai with It. “When you've been through that, you want to take your time to pick the right publisher and the right deal," explains Mev Dine, Second Samurafs older and wiser chief designer.
Unlike its predecessor, Second Samurai comes with a two-player mode.The new system is expected to be an ideal way of helping newcomers to play. An experienced player can guide a beginner through the game, and if the beginner lags too far behind he's simply re-positioned at the leader's spot Instead of scrolling off screen.
Programmer Raf Cecco believes Second Samurai is a vast improvement on the widely- acclaimed First Samurai. "We're starting again right from scratch," he said. "We're all working on the design, and we're not using anything from First Samurai, other than for inspiration. The code is all new." With a redesigned main character, better par- allaxing and sprite-movement, and a wealth of hidden humour, Second Samurai looks likely to be even better than its predecessor. Vivid Image are certain they’ll have the game completed In time for Christmas, and Mev is confident that they’ll be approached by a
respectable publisher before then.
It’s a case of "no more fat Czechs, but we'd like some money".
Hand eventually looked quite menacing as it resmebled a hand gun. Some of the manipulations, though, just ended up looking quite ridiculous, but the final artwork we were very pleased with."
Alien Heart are very much aware that computers are an inseparable part of our lives, but they want to take advantage of them and use them for their own creative means. Thom first bought his Amiga in 1987 and chose it because it was "...far more capable than everything else that was on the market. I was looking to use the Amiga for both graphics and music so it was the most viable option." Alien heart have produced there own music on the Amiga, then created the record cover artwork with the Amiga and even used the Amiga to produce their animation to promote their distinctive industrial-techno
sound in New Zealand and Japan. So if you've a wealth of talent and the desire to express yourself then, according to the experts, the Amiga is the machine to use.
Retailer Power Computing have contacted us to tell us of the Impending cuts, though no exact pricing details are yet available. GVP hardware is generally acknowledged to be of the highest quality, but has also always been the most expensive. If it offers value as well as quality, that can only be welcome.
Silica 081-309 1111 Power Computing 0234 843388 GOING TO PRESS The Disc Company, whose KindWords 3 word processor has just gone on sale, have branched out with two heavyweight DTP-related packages.
The first is The Publisher, a high-resolution mono-only DTP package that will retail for £49.99. The second Is The Publisher Colorpro, a professional-standard version of the software that includes full separated 24-bit colour support and will sell for £149.99. It’s a good time for a new low-end DTP package, with the area of Amiga use that lets you create your own newsletters, fanzines and posters seeing a burst of popularity at the moment. But the professional version will face strong competition, with the recent release of PageStream 3 and Professional Page 3 proving that the two old
heavyweights of this market are still reigning champions.
A wide-ranging upgrade system means that owners of Home Office Kit, KindWords, MaxIPIan, Publisher's Choice and other The Disc Company products will be able to upgrade for £19.99 to The Publisher and owners of The Publisher can then take a £100 upgrade to the Colorpro version.
Will anyone want to? One feature of The Publisher could make it a hit: it has PostScript support and can use Type 1 fonts. It can also rotate and mirror text and graphics, which is extraordinary power for a program at this price.
Another firm has joined the list of companies providing libraries of fonts for DTP and video.
Fontshop of Lincoln have just released 350 Adobe Type 1 fonts for Page Stream and Professional Page, available in seven volumes packed with 50 fonts per volume. They have also released 3 volumes of Compugraphics fonts, as used by Workbench 2. Contact Fontshop on 0526 398403, or send an SAE to Fontshop, 22 Sincll Street, Lincoln LN5 7ET if you would like a free typeface sample sheet.
PUBLISHING WISDOM A new book on DTP claims to be the first that will teach you the principles in detail while assuming no prior knowledge, and is targeted at the normal home user, not the professional.
The Complete Desktop Publisher is a 200- page guide to DTP the practical way, showing techniques for good design and aimed at the sort of applications most of us might have a use for: leaflets, posters, club newsletters and so on.
The book might seem expensive at £21.99, but this does tend to be the going rate in this sort of field. From what we've seen it looks good, but we will bring you a full review.
Purdie Publishing 0784 465428 ZEN AND THE ART OF VIDEO Manchester-based ZEN have a couple of handy bits of software up their sleeves for anyone involved in Amiga video. The AntiA Superpack combines a font enhancement program that smooths out fonts with the Agfa Video Unlimited collection of 25 scaleable fonts, supplied in the Workbench 2 Bullet format. The whole kit and AMIGA CDTV.
The plastic in question being your trusty Amiga 500, of course. Because if you take it along to your local stockist trade it in, we'll exchange it for a new generation Amiga CDTV multi-media pack for only £399.99." That's £200 less than the normal retail price, nd remember, that includes an Amiga CDTV player with keyboard, mouse, floppy lisc drive and a 12 month warranty - the whole shooting match. This A l fj ntastic offer to our Amiga customers closes at the end of September, hurry, as they say, while stocks last. And don't forget the plastic. W I W AMIGA FORMAT Annual ’93 Any questions?
Write in and win Now's your chance to make your voice heard and win a share in more than £1,500 worth of games software. We’re putting together the Amiga Format Annual 1993 and want to know what you think about life, the Amiga and everything. It's going to be your annual and a platform for you to make your views known, and to have a crack at winning six superb Amiga games if you do so.
First off, ask a question. Go on. Any question you've ever wanted to ask about the Amiga, about software, hardware, the companies and personalities that make up the world of the Amiga. We'll take your questions to the people in the know and get the answers for you.
Anything from Jeff Minter’s llama fixation to Commodore's plans for the next model of Amiga, write in, we'll get the answers and publish them in a special Annual readers' panel feaure.
In return, we've a few questions for you. What's your favourite game, the best piece of graphics software, the best accelerator, graphics card, memory expansion or other upgrade you've ever used? And what's the best peripheral - be it a printer, floppy or hard drive, scanner, mouse, joystick or whatever - you've ever come across? Write in and vote so we can reveal your preferences in our Amiga Format Annual Readers' Poll, and so that you have the chance to win a prize.
Ten entries will be pulled out of the hat and, if your name's on one of them, you'll win a superb games seven-pack featuring MicroProse's Sid Meier classic Civilization, Virgin's Archer Maclean s Pool, Gremlin's allaction Zool and Lotus 3, Renegade's footie frenzy Sensible Soccer, Millennium s latest James Pond adventure The Aquatic Games, plus the one you've all been waiting tor, Psygnosis’ Lemmings 2.
But you’d better hurry. The closing date is September 30,1992, so get those questions and votes coming. Send your polling form to Amiga Format Annual 1993. 29 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2DL.
The winners will be announced at the Future Entertainment Show at Earls Court on November 5-8 and, if you can’t make tha, we will also be publishing them in the December issue of Amiga Format.
Now cast your votes.
What's your favourite game? Which graphics package do you think is the best?
Business software includes word processors. Spreadsheets, databases and integrated packages - which is the most useful? Other software could include music, pools prediction, programming, comms. Anything you like. And what's the handiest utility you’ve come across?
On the hardware side, have you been impressed by an upgraded Amiga? Name that upgrade. Arc you bowled over by your mouse, joystick, printer or other peripheral? Tell us. Let's find out once and for all what everybody raves about.
Thef 28 The AMIGA FORMAT Annual 1993 The Amiga Formal Annual Is on sale soon and will bring you all the big stories from a turbulent year In the Amiga’s history, a look ahead to what's coming up in ’93 and all the behind-the-scenes info on the world of the Amiga.
Along with your votes on top Amiga products and the answers to incisive reader questions, we’ll be making our own recommendations on all the top-performing hardware and software - products destined for the ultimate accolade, the Amiga Format Hall of Fame.
There'll also be in-depth coverage on the Amiga’s makers Commodore, Informed opinion from leading software and hardware manufacturers, a look at how Amiga Format itself comes to you every month... The question is, how are we going to fit it all in?
Find out when the Annual '93 hits the newsagents on October
22. At only £3.95, it’s an absolute must buy!
OCTOBER 1992 PRIZE DRAW - THE RULES 1 Employees of Future Publishing and software houses donating prizes may not enter the draw.
2 Multiple entries are not allowed.
3 The editor's decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into.
AMIGA FORMAT ANNUAL 1993 Reader Awards Best game:_ Best graphics software:_ Best business software:_ Best leisure software:_ Best utility:_ Name:_ Address Best hardware upgrade: _ Best peripheral: _ Telephone no:_ Send this coupon to Amiga Format Annual IV93, 29 Monmouth Street. Buth BA I 2DL The question I've always wanted to ask is:_ caboodle costs only £70. Smoothtalker is a teleprompting package that scrolls text written in a word processor across the screen under control of a remote control box that lets you speed up, slow or stop the motion. It can also display mirror image text with a
reversed font, and ZEN can supply the RevFont program to convert a font to mirrored text. Using this facility, you can reflect the screen display on gless and read as you look into the camera. The Smoothtalker program costs £120 plus VAT and a demo video showing Smoothtalker in use is available for £3.00. ZEN Computer Services 061 793 1931 LIGHTS, SOUND, ACTION!
Here's a unique innovation in the Amiga market.
Phoenix Micrographics, based in Australia, have come up with the Aladdin Lighting Control System, a complete lighting and design control console on a card to slot inside an Amiga.
Capable of controlling full professional lighting rigs, this sytem would also be eminently suited to smaller-scale theatre and hall uses, such as in schools. The features of the system are far too numerous to mention here: full details from Phoenix at 18 Hampton Rd, Keswick, South Australia 5035: tel 08 293 8752, fax 08 293 8814.
KIDS WOT CAN’T SPEL Illiteracy and bad spelling are huge problems in modern society - you should see our freelancers' copy! Europress Software, makers of the top-selling Fun School educational series, are bringing out a new educational package called Spelling Fair which they believe can help teach correct spelling. Designed by the Fun School team, It follows the tried and tested method of using fun little games to make its point and is aimed at the 7-13 age group. It includes a 3,000-word dictionary that ensures problem words' identified by teachers are tested. Out this month, it costs
£25.99. Europress Software 0625 859333 MOLE IN A HOLE The classic children’s book Wind in the Willows has been adapted into an educational game for the Amiga by School Software. It’s designed to teach basic English in a fun way, hiding the learning in the disguise of a simple educational adventure game in which the child plays the part of Mole. The player must collect relevant passwords, choose the correct route and interact with the various characters. The aim of the game is to improve reading and creative writing skills, as well as introducing children to computers. It will cost £22.95.
FASHION DESIGNER Ever wanted to turn one of your own Amiga-generated images into a full-colour T shirt? Studio 101 have been doing this sort of thing for a year now and are celebrating their birthday with some special prices. From any IFF or HAM image, including 24-bit, they can produce you a T shirt In medium, large or extra large for £10.99. They also do prints on paper at A4 or A3 size and prints as OHP (overhead projector) slides.
Studio 101 0827 280884 SMART STICK ADAPTOR Meedmore’s Roboshift joystick mouse adaptor that switches automatically between stick and rodent has been updated with a couple of clever new features.
It now includes mouse emulation by the joystick, which can be handy, or a rapid auto-fire: either can be engaged simply by pressing the stick in an appropriate direction when you start off play. The gadget costs a mere £15.99. Meedmore 051-521 2202 PRETTY CLEVER AND PRETTY COLOURFUL, BUT WE’RE KEEPING IT VERY QUIET.
Even the loudest colours are far from deafening when they come from the new Swift 2 AMIGA COMPATIBLE Series. These new 24 pin printers are so quiet, you can keep talking while they keep working. Yet they can produce stunning colour graphics and fast, accurate, scalable type in sizes from 8 to 40pt.
Ail of this from a series of printers at prices that are really worth shouting about.
COLOUR OUTPUT SCALABLE FONTS To find out which Swift 2 Series printer is right for you, contact your nearest Citizen dealer. For details call 0800 52 51 05.
CITIZEN COMPUTER PRINTERS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA .¦fin sr Citizen Europe Limited, Citizen House, 1 1 Waterside Drive, Langley Business Park, Langley, Berkshire SL3 6EZ.
* All prices include VAT and Standard Delivery
* All hardware computers are genuine UK spec.
* Free Fast Standard 4 to 7 day Delivery 8 Guaranteed 2 to 3 day
Delivery only £2.00 8 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery only £4.50 8
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welcome HOWTO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card
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CHOICE. In any correspondance please quote a contact phone
number and post code. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance
Technical & Sales 6 LINES 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER SERVICE!!
® AMIGA 600 I Commodore's new AMIGA. Compact in size the A600 will take 'Smart Cards'. Ultra reliable with the latest surface mount technology. 12 month n site warranty, workbench 2.05 and mouse.
Now only £279.99 or £324.99 for 2 Mb version AMIGA 600HD vwh a buk in intewa) hard dsk. 2 Mb RAH only £45.00 extra 20 Mb HD only £449.99
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maintenance. The larger versions are covered by afull 12 month
AMIGA 600 Deluxe Ithe Deluxe combines the normal Amiga 600 plus a fitted ROM sharer with 1.3 and 2.0S ROM s fitted making incompatibility a thing of the past.
A600 Deluxe only £339.99 or £379.99 tori«,Mn A600HD Deluxe only £509.99 or £549.99 umux AMIGA 1500 Plus now complete with the latest 2.04 Kkkstart chip and Workbench 2.04 If The 2000 Base pack H the ideal upgrade machine for those wanting to upgrade from their present SCO 12 month on site maintenance.
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Now only £549.99 AMIGA 1500 Deluxe incorporating our own Phoenoc ROM sharer and 1.3 Kkkstart ROM chip enabling you to switch between | the oid and new operating systems only £559.99 CDXV Complete with Hutchinsons Encyclopedia.
Lemmings and Welcome CD disk. CDTV «s a powerful media for both entertainment and education.
Capable of handling up to 540 Mb of dau. Whole encyclopedias can be stored on just one compact disc.
The CD TV is also a high quality audio CD player Large range of COTV discs all at discount prices only £399.99 UK Spec. Trade in your old A500 for £200.00 & take away a CDTV, Keyboard, Disc drive and Mouse for only £399.99 CD Rom Amiga A570 The add-on that every one has been waiting for!!
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Only £29.99 We recommend all ROMBO products IHARD DRIVES & ACCELERATORS AMIGA AS9i ¦iih 2 Mb of unpopula only £ I 9‘ GVP HARD & ACCELER AMIGA A500 HARI GVP Series 11HD8* S2Mb.__ .. GVP Series 11HD8* 120Mb- ... GVP Series II HD8‘240Mb___________ A500 GVP Combo*!
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Now only £3 1.99 Quarterback Tools now only £36.991 Xcopy Pro inc. hardware .£33.991 BUSINESS Home Accounts 2__________________________237.99 | INTERSPREAD Features include graphics presentatio advanced macros. RECOMMENDED only £24.99 Supcrbasc Personal £I9.99| MISCELLANEOUS Distant Suns new version!! .£34.991 GB Route Plus ..£54.991 CD-ROM DRIVE AT LONG LAST, ihe widget we've all been waiting for has arrived! The A570 CD-ROM drive is a plug-in unit which fits into the Amiga 500's
left-hand expansion slot. It comes with its own power supply (exactly the same as the one you use with an A500). An audio cable for connecting to your A500's audio outputs, a disc caddy for holding Cds while they're in the drive, and a reasonably well put together manual.
It's here, you can buy it, and it really works! The A570 CD-ROM turns your Amiga into a CDTV and then some, Neil Jackson examines Commodore's new box of tricks.
Commodore's A570 CD-ROM drive is here ot Inst. The pri e looks right, the manual is readable and reasonable, and there's loads of software due to appear soon. Can anything go wrong?
Commodore have obviously taken care to make sure that the case makes some attempt to follow the A500's styling, but because the CD drive inside is fairly blocky. It can't really match it. The front panel contains two LEDs, one for the power supply and one which shows accesses being made to the CD (just like your A500’s drive light).
The only problem is their location: they’re just below the drive-slot. Under a protruding edge which obscures the LEDs when you're sat at your normal typing position. To sec them, you need to lean back a fair distance in your seat, or type with your arms outstretched.
It’s a stupid oversight, but it doesn’t really matter - you can't damage a CD by ejecting it mid-access, like you can with a floppy.
On the same panel is the headphone socket and switch which enables you to listen to the CD in private. It uses the quarter-inch jack standard, like the ones found on household hi- fi equipment. Personal stereo headphones will need a special 3.5mm to quarter-inch adaptor.
The switch controls two functions - and this is bound to lead to some confusion in the first few uses if you're not paying attention.
The main function is to control the headphone volume level, hut if you turn the knob all the way down, it goes click and turns off the A570 unit itself. This function is included to stop you from having to unplug the A570 whenever you want to run your Amiga in normal (non- Compact Disc, CD-ROM) mode. The really dumb thing here is that there is no (obvious at least) indication on the switch. Nine limes out CDTV DISCS The A570 CD Interface runs CDTV (which is Commodore's own Dynamic Total Vision system) applications. Running CDTV programs Is the A570's prime function, so you would expect this
to be easy, and It is!
You simply put the CDTV disc into a caddy (a disc holder which is supplied with the A570) and slide that Into the A570. After a moment's whirring, the CDTV program is up and running; it's as if your Amiga was a CDTV player. The only major difference is the lack of a CDTV infra-red controller interface in the drive. However, with a little practice on your part, the keyboard and mouse can usually be made to mimic the controller.
The movement of the mouse usually corresponds to the CDTV's joypad movement (though this is often scaled up and very fast), and the mouse left and right buttons equal button A and button B on the CDTV.
With a few of the earliest CDTV discs (which were designed purely for the original CDTV player only), you may experience problems. Some key-combinations may be a bit awkward at first, or the arrow keys won't work properly, but there are ways around all of these problems.
Often, the Amiga’s perennial drive-clicking problem can make things look worse than they actually are: the drive-click somehow causes the mouse pointer to move very slightly (you may have noticed this before).
This in turn is interpreted by the CDTV application as a movement of the controller Joypad, causing the screen to change before you're ready. This problem, once spotted, is easily cured: pop a disk in your Amiga’s disk drive(s) and the drive-click (and mouse- movement) stops.
Many newer CDTV applications detect the fact that they're running on A570s and CD-ROM DRIVE 33 OCTOBER 1992 And this is what you g 600 Mb of Amiga Publ of ten. You’ll probably never need to turn the volume down to zero anyway, so it doesn't really matter - it’s just that Commodore seem to have set themselves up for a Technical- Support headache - some people are bound to complain that their A570s are not working when in reality they're just not switched on!
At the rear of the A570 there's a block of four RCA phono sockets where the audio leads ine CDPD Public Domain Collection for CDTV taCwding Fred Fnh c.»R» I lo (AiO (An much (veto... Alniathera a svsrr.vs i.rn provide simple keyboard alternatives which are reliable and quick - presumably future releases will be able to positively exploit the fact that they’re running on a real Amiga by providing more options than you would find on a CDTV.
Free with the A570. Over Domain softwore for you.
Sex The A570 ploys ordinary audio Cds (the kind you'd buy in your average high-street record shop). It uses a typical CD-player front-panel display, incorporating all the standard features common on most hifi systems and ghetto-blasters: random play, repeat tracks, play any selected list of tracks, show the time elapsed, time left to play, and so on. There's really nothing missing - the CD-ROM functions just like the real thing. You don't have to put up with TV-quallty sound though: you can plug the stereo outputs directly into a household amplifier and have stereo CD-quality sound pouring
out of your normal record-player speakers.
CDS WITH GRAPHICS The A570 plays CD+Gs (the new type of Cds which have a graphics track: you can buy these from record stores too). You play these discs like normal audio Cds, but you have the option to turn on the graphics track and watch it while the music plays. The graphics aren't usually stunning, but often they display the lyrics of the song you're listening to. This can be a giggle, as any closet air-guitarist will tell you.
Occasionally you'll see the odd digitised photo of an artiste, or a scenic backdrop here and there - but it's nowhere near the same standard as music videos - well not quite yet.
CDS WITH MIDI The A570 plays CD+MIDIs. These are similar to CD+Gs but instead of a graphics track they have an MIDI data track.
This data can be sent to a MIDI keyboard (or some other MIDI sound- source) and the music is played through it, in synch with the CD audio track. Nice, if you've got some MIDI equipment and a MIDI adaptor for your Amiga already.
CD-ROM DISCS The A570 can access ISO (International Standards Organisation) -9660 CD-ROM discs. One of the great buzzwords of the moment, CD-ROM is a computer industry standard for data storage on Cds. That's it - It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be able to use all CD-ROM-based data (which could be pictures, sounds, programs, or anything really) on your Amiga.
Currently much of the data stored in CD-ROM format is for the IBM PC, but there are a few things currently available for the Amiga. For example The CDPD collection contains more than 600 Mb of Public Domain software. This data can be copied, or run from the A570 using Workbench or Shell, as If it was on floppy. Even CD-ROMs designed for the PC can be interesting to play with. You can use the Shell to examine the CD's directory and often you'll find files stored as ASCII or Dpalnt ILBM or IFF format. You can glean heaps of information from your average PC CD- ROM - you fust won't be able to
run the handler program that manages the data and helps you to search through it.
Plug in. A power supply socket and a curious blanking-plate held down by a single screw.
The audio leads are simple to set up - you just route your A500 output to the A570 audio inputs using the lead supplied, and then plug your normal audio leads into the A570 outputs. The A570 audio outputs arc then mixed on to the Amiga’s output before being sent to the TV or monitor speaker. Under the curious blanking-plate is a 30-pin slot intended for use with hard drives (though there’s no way you can use the A570 with a GVP IMPACT drive because the A570 has no Amiga-stylc expansion slot itself).
Inside the A570. There’s a second 40-pin connector where you can fit up to 2Mb of fast RAM. This is currently of little use because most CDTV programs expect no fast RAM at all - but it may become useful if future CDTV titles arc written exploit it. Fast RAM aside, the A570 requires a full megabyte of chip RAM to be inside your Amiga. The original CDTV came with this amount, so most CDTV programs assume that this amount is always fitted. However, chip RAM trapdoor expansions are widespread and reasonably cheap - and A500 Plus Amigas come with a full megabyte of chip RAM as standard.
It’s easy to look at the A570 and think ’well, there’s really not much call for it at the moment - but it’s a nice idea’. While this is partially true (it is a nice idea), the A570 has a lot to offer, and hopefully very soon. Now that it’s in production. CDTV publishers will incorporate the A570’s features and exploit its different input modes.
Soon, we should see a new age of far more spectacular CDTV software, and that's when the fun will begin. For now. There arc lots of uses you can already put your A570 to. But the best is still to come. White elephant? We don’t think so: CDTV already has a head start over Philips’ CD-I. And it’s just beginning to look like a capable format. For £350, the A570 is a neat (and not terribly expensive) method by which to increase the enjoyment you get from your Amiga. And. If people move toward it now. Then software houses will be forced to develop even more programs for it. 5 SPEED__66666 Fast
loading times as you’d expect, but the quick and easy installation Is a nice bonus.
DOCUMENTATION 6 6 6 6 6 The manual is surprisingly clear and easy to follow. It explains everything you need to know.
ACCESSIBILITY 6 6 6 6 6 It couldn’t be much simpler - most of the time It’s just plug-in and go.
FEATURES 6 6 6 6 Very versatile, capable of playing a number of different CD types. The casing design is poor.
VALUE _ 6 6 6 6 6 At £349, including the CD-PD disc, it’s not bad.
Howevor, expect price cuts before too long.
Mu 92% Commodore A570 CD Interface Magnetism Prepare to be lured into temptation as airline ... Captain Doralice May accepts a mission that will lead her through the mysteries and I intrigue of Miami City. I MKIRmSk AMIGA - £29.99 ATARI ST STE - £29.99 CD ROM - £54.99 IBM PC-£35.99 256 VGA - Hard disk only Available from leading retail outlets. In case ot difficulty phone: 0276 684959 ©1992 Coktel Vision PC Screen Shots Recommended for ages over 16 Distributed under licence by Digital Integration Limited Digital Integration ltd, Watctimoor Trade Centre, Watctimoor Road, Camberley, Surrey. GU15
3AJ THERE IS NOW absolutely no doubt that compact discs will take over as the main, possibly the only, format 011 which you will be able to buy games. It may well happen inside three years.
Floppy disks, with their limits on how much data can be stored, their delicacy as a storage medium and the high incidence of piracy, are quite definitely on the way out.
You may find that hard to accept, but you might as well get used to it.
The cartridges used by Sega and Nintendo, which use a ROM (read only memory) chip to store the games, arc not an alternative, despite the ’credit card' slot on the A600 which many people originally believed Commodore had included to encourage cart software for the Amiga. It's almost certain that Sega and Nintendo themselves will be forced to abandon cartridges.
When we interviewed Commodore UK's new MD. Kelly Sumner, in last month's issue, it became quite evident that Commodore were putting their efforts behind making CD the sole format. Since then, we have spoken to leading people at many of the UK's top software houses, and they agree that CD is the way to go.
Cartridges are expensive and also very slow- to make. The high initial cost means that games cost the consumer a lot to buy. But they also mean that software houses have to be very careful about how many copies of a game they print'. If they do too many and the game doesn't sell as well as they predicted, the leftovers can easily wipe out the profit. If they do too few. On the other hand, it takes too long to get any more made, so they might as well forget it.
When buying an A570 CD interface for your A500, the important thing to consider is the quality of software available. To help you out, here's what we think of every CDTV disc released, along with sage words by Damien Noonan on why Amiga CD is so important to you.
Compact discs. 011 the other hand, cost comparatively little to produce and can he run off very, very quickly indeed. This takes a lot of the risk out of the equation for the software publishers, so they will more easily make a profit, and it also means the retail price of games will come down. There is a wide commitment in the software industry to reduce the price of new games to £20 - half the price of many cartridge games.
Compact disc will be important in other ways too. The massive amount of storage space - around 650 Megabytes - makes amazing things possible, not only in games but also in book-like ‘reference’ works, ‘multimedia' projects and the ‘edutainment’ type of disc which will inevitably become increasingly important to the development of the computer as a family entertainment machine.
In just under two years' time, the effect of the MPEG (Motion Picture Expert Group) chip-set will begin to be seen in all kinds of computer software, games included. This industry-standard system makes it possible for computers to use what's known as FMV: fullscreen. Full-motion video.
In other words, complete, full-colour, moving video images will be included. Only CD has the kind of storage capacity needed for FMV - a CD can store 78 minutes of video.
Apart from being able to watch Terminator 4 off a CD played on your CD Amiga, this will also mean Lucas Arts (as Lucasfilm Games arc now known) will be able to make Monkey Island 4 with real actors, as if it were a Him.
The CD Amiga, whether it’s a CDTV or an A500 with an A570 attached, is the first home computer that has brought this new technology to the UK consumer. In other words, we’re in an extremely privileged position.
Other computers and consoles have featured CD storage, but were in the wrong place at the wrong lime - one memorable example is the NEC PC Engine console, which had a CD drive four years ago but never really took off.
Commodore argue that in a few years' time, all hardware manufacturers will have to compete with the CD Amiga.
Currently, to buy a Sega or Nintendo console costs very little (it’s believed that the 16-bit Super NES console may be reduced in price to under £100 before Christmas). But cartridges cost around £40 per game, and by taking a loss on the hardware Sega and Nintendo can make money back on every cartridge sold because they arc the only ones allowed to manufacture cartridges, and they take a cut.
Commodore believe that when they are forced to make machines that run from CD.
Manufacturers like Sega and Nintendo will not be able to lake a cut on the software and will have to sell machines at a more realistic price. Which could leave the Amiga competing directly with the games consoles, and even winning.
So here we sit. At the gateway to a new era for the home computer. In the unique position of being able to have tomorrow's technology today.
Your only problem is that when it’s today's technology, it may be a lot cheaper. Is £349 too much to pay for a slake in the future and the knowledge that you arc a pioneer?
In the end. It still comes down to what you can do if you spend your £349.
Which is why. Once more, we’re taking a look at all 35 OCTOBER 1992 the Amiga CD discs we can get our hands on.
Without wishing to pre-empt the reviews that follow. I think it's probably still not quite time to buy an A570 unless you want to ’be the first kid on your block’ to own one. There are two things we still need. One. A CD title that everyone should own; something so good that you absolutely have to have it; which couldn't be done on any other format. I suspect that’s on the way.
Two. We need to know that we can actually buy the new releases on CD. So Commodore making a major effort to persuade software houses to manufacture CD versions of all new releases is going to be a very important factor in the format’s future.
On the other hand, with every A570 you get the PD CD-ROM disc, with more than 600 floppies' worth of programs on it. When you consider that lot could cost well over £1.000 to buy as individual disks, that must show you something. % TRIVIAL PURSUIT DOMARK CA9.99 This and ihe Guinness Book of Records are probably the iwo most important titles for CDTV and the Amiga. The scale of this enterprise is unique: it comes on two Cds.
Which is a monster amount of data.
The essence of play is the same as the famous culture- changing board game: six players move round a board and answer questions in six different categories. Good die throws and good answers arc both needed to win.
Inevitably, the basic game structure had to address handling whose turn it is. The die-throwing and question-asking. But in all aspects, the way it has been done leaves room for some improvement.
A chirpy cartoon character has been chosen as game- show host and is predictably irritating. Clips of animation and real speech arc used to swap from player to player and keep the game moving, and after you've heard all three speech clips prompting you to roll the die. They do nothing but hold up the game and irritate the players.
The die roll has been really badly done, with a slow animation and a painful over-mixed sound effect making every roll of the computer-generated random number an endurance test, not a moment of excitement. Even though the process can be speeded up. It's still a badly implemented idea.
Each time you reach a new category of question, a host for that category is introduced. The cartoon characters used might amuse you first time through, if you like Bob Monkhouse's jokes, but of course the second time you play they are nothing but an irritation.
All the questions arc accompanied by a picture of some vague relevance, but here too an opportunity is missed: an interactive CD version of the game could have added questions like "who painted this picture?" And "name this tunc".
Instead, too many are just word-based and the pictures are mostly irrelevant.
36 When you've got an answer you arc happy with, you are expected to click as button to see if you’re right and then to click on ‘yes' or ’no’ when asked "did you get it right?"
Which is somehow completely unsatisfying.
OCTOBER 1992 All in all, there is the same fun board game underneath, but doing it all via your telly seems to take something away from the game as a social activity (it's always fun asking questions when you're playing the board game) which it can't replace by clever-clever presentation. Add in a substantially higher price and. Sadly, you're on to a loser.
Ferdicl 65% An average shoot-em-up transferred direct from the Amiga. You control a spaceship and attempt to destroy bases on a large multi-directional scrolling map with many enemies making life difficult. It's not a great game and has no enhancements for the CD version.
Me Amiga Format rating 57% A rather sorry compilation of three arcade games: a fruit machine simulator, a roulette gambling game and a sort of poker. A choice of music tracks is available, but makes no difference to the poor games. There's better stuff available in the public domain fade Amiga Format rating 21% BATTLE CHESS pieces do battle and the taking piece defeats the other.
INTERPLAY C39.99 It plays a vers1 good game of chess, but it's a very* aged game. A CD title might be expected to give more.
EES LEMMINGS PSYGNOSIS £34.99 Lemmings, two years on. Undoubtedly still deserves to be called the classic Amiga game - if you don't already have a copy, you should definitely get it. 'Hie only problem is that it's no use playing it with a CDTV remote control: the notchy. Slow motion of the pointer makes levels that require fast action as well as brainpower almost un-doablc.
It's also a shame that it has had no enhancement: the original Amiga tunes, while irritatingly catchy, do sound a bit out of place and the wasted strips of screen make it seem less than the polished and league-leading game it should be.
This is a classic computer games and an obvious choice for the CD formal. It's essentially a very simple chess game and. Unlike some other chess games, it has very few- options for changing the way you play: no ancient, historical versions of chess and no expert tutorials to add 'grand master' expertise. Its gimmick, as the name suggests, is nice animation in which the 352 CHAOS IN ANDROMEDA A sc-fi adventure in which you wander the surface of a planet solving mysteries. From the start, it's off-putting because you have to go through an unnecessary rigmarole setting up your character. Even
when you get into it there's none of the fascination that makes you want to explore. Professional presentation: amateur ideas.
Racing environment construction system Lotus III is the ultimate racing experience, incorporating the awesome power of RECS a revolutionary concept giving you the power to generate a virtually infinite number of unique racing scenarios. The Final Challenge is ready to give you the drive of your life.
• A vast range of landscapes and weather conditions.
• Race the Esprit. Elan or futuristic Lotus M200.
• Choose racing circuits or stages.
• Test yourself over 64 built- courses or use the power HOUND OF
Of all the games available for CDTV. This one already has the
best reputation. It's something that could not possibly be done
on floppy disks because its major appeal is massive quantities
of gorgeous cartoon graphics - the intro sequence is an amazing
15-minute cartoon film.
Essentially it's a detective adventure game in which you have to guess the identity of the murderer by wandering around the rooms, eavesdropping on conversations and looking for clues. Unfortunately, the main game mechanic is the strict time limit, so your impetus for having another game is frustration at not finding out whodunnit on your last go. And it’s not as much fun to play as it is to watch. But it’s still a pace-setter that shows what masses of storage can do for graphics and sound.
Me) 79% Lymiud'' OCTOBER 1992 FALCON MIRROR SOFT A strange game, the main appeal of which is attractive graphics, now enhanced by real sound off CD. It was considered a classic four years ago but hasn't stood the test of time simply because the gameplay is somew hat feeble. You play a knight wrestling with a combination of strategy management tasks (looking after food, training armies, invading neighbouring English counties) and arcade-style action, with some rather dull little joystick-waggling sub-games in which you battle into a castle or compete in a jousting tourney.
Defender of the Crown 2 is soon to follow, and will cost you a fiver more.
DEFENDER OF THE CROWN CINEMAWARE B29.99 Possibly one of the most famous flight sims ever released, and this complete version comes with all the missions that were originally available on separate disks. It always was a good game and is little changed for CDTV - the only use of audio CD capabilities is for 'radio contact' messages in real speech, which do add an extra layer of realism to the atmosphere.
Inevitably, in a form intended to be played from a keypad. Control is simplified, which gives a more combat-game feel. It's still great fun. But is no longer the best flight sim around and has not been radically updated for CD.
PSYCHO KILLER ON-UNE £29-99 If CD has the potential to bring us interactive movies, then Psycho Killer would just about qualify as the interactive home video. Its graphics were shot on location in the London area and digitised, which has the unfortunate side effect of making it look like a movie in which Vauxhall Chevettes and anoraks appear when there should be Ferraris and Armani suits. The major let-down is the gameplay: you flick through screens where nothing happens, then come to one where you continued on page 38 This offering aims to present the Conan Doyle classic using a form of
presentation pioneered by books in the Fifties: take the book apart and let the reader reassemble it by reading appropriate parts and by following clues. The end result fails almost utterly. It becomes a book w hich you must read as reams of on-screen text.
The tale is not made any more intriguing by the fact that it is split into pieces and read to you by a hi-fi- sound narrator. It really is a load of rubbish and completely misses the potential of CD as a vehicle for i nte ract i vc entertainment.
The French arc renowned for coming up with particularly odd computer games, and this little collection of memory and IQ tests lives up to the Gallic stereotype by presenting itself with terminally weird. Salvador Dali-style surrealist graphics. Underneath the surface gloss lurks a bunch of games reminiscent of the puzzles you'd expect to find in daily newspapers and are too feeble to be of any real fun. Mind Run 2 is set to follow and is not expected to be anything else but more of the same.
[fefdC Amiga Format rating 12% MIND RUN CREALUDE The worlds most powerful freezer-utility cartridge provides all these features at the touch of a button!
Save entire program in memory to disc - even transfer to hard disc! Save pictures or music to disc.
Super DEEP trainer mode allows you to generate infinite lives, fuel, ammo etc. Improved sprite editor and music soundtracker.
Burst nibble disc copier. Super fast and efficient.
Slow motion mode, adjustable from 20% to full speed. Full M6S000 assembler disassembler.
Many Many more features.
SOUNDBLASTER Sensational Stereo Sound The SOUNDBLASTER is a 10 watt stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 3 way speakers, power supply and FREE STEREO HEADPHONES!
The SOUNDBLASTER adds a new dimension to games playing, imagine stunning stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and terrific stereo tunes.
The SOUNDBLASTER also boosts games playability!
The speakers are powerful 50 watt 3 way units featuring a 3’ woofer, 2' honker nd a 1' tweeter to provide a powerful crisp sound. k This sensational stereo amplifier and headphones will enable you to add an extra dimension of stunning stereo sound to all your games! The amplifier simply plugs into the back of your Amiga and the headphones plug into the amplifier. Twin volume controls enable both volume and balance to be adjusted.
Comes complete, no extra cables, power supplies needed.
ORDER NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DESPATCH Call now on 061 724 7572 Fax 061 724 4893 Telesales open 9am - 6pm Monday-Friday Access Visa ¦¦¦¦ h 1 accepted, w Send a cheque Postal order or credit card details to:- Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR England Government, Education and PLC orders welcome.
All prices include VAT at the current rate.
Postage and packing will be charged at £ 3.50 per order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe, £12.50 rest of world.
Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for cheque clearance.
Immediate clearance on Building Society cheque or Bank Drafts.
It’s a flying experience you’ll never forget £ ; £ rar P*i In the Spring of 1942 the United States 8th Air Force landed in Britain. Its task to mount the aerial offensive in German occupied Europe.
Striking in the daylight, from high altitude, at precise, strategic targets. The heavy bomber chosen to perform this task was the B-17. The Flying Fortress.
Now MicroProse brings you the simulation of the legendary aircraft. Bristling with defensive armaments and a crew of ten, your B-17 will penetrate deep into Europe, flying in Group formation escorted by P-47 Thunderbolt single-seater fighters. Ploughing through lethal flak, taking on the might of the Luftwaffe, staying in bomb run formation to deliver ten 5001b bombs on target.
Fly 25 combat missions to historically accurate locations. Perform take offs and landings using highly detailed, fully functioning cockpit controls. As commander you must take responsibility for your crew. Assess their strengths and skills, and be ready to take over as bombardier, navigator, radio operator, engineer, co-pilot or gunner.
MicroProse B-17 Flying Fortress. It's a flying experience you’ll never forget.
B-17 Flying Fortress.
Released first on IBM PC Compatibles, followed by Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. MicroProse Ltd. Unit I Hampton Road Industrial Estate.
Tetbury. Glos. GL8 8LD. UK. Tel: 0666 504 326.
Ferdic; 75% vavmr WRATH OF THE DEMON READYSOFT £29.99 XENON 2 MIRRORSOFT £29.99 It looks very nice, with colourful animation, so it may just appeal to the youngsters at whom it is so clearly aimed. The simple ’find object by wandering around the screens' gameplay. However, makes it a definite no-go area for anyone over 10 years and yet younger players would almost certainly find it frustrating.
OCTOBER 1992 On-Line continue to exploit original techniques in their efforts to produce worthy CD titles. Unfortunately, this one again falls down on gameplay. It's a cartoon adventure produced using 3D modelling techniques in which you wander into town, explore locations, find the jokes and shoot a few baddies, all of which takes half an hour or so, top. Longevity it just don't have.
Arc expected to make an action by moving ihe pointer rapidly to part of the screen and clicking a button. Fail and you're dead, which means having to sit through the dull intro sequence again before you can take your next go. It just isn't real gameplay.
SNOOPY: THE CASE OF THE MISSING BLANKET THE EDGE £34.99 TOWN WITH NO NAME ON-UNE £29.99 Amiga Format rating 13% SIMCITY INFOGRAMES £29.99 Another classic now released on CD. This is probably the game that has seen most enhancement. It features a soundtrack played from hi-fi tracks on the disc, recorded specially by a band in a studio just for the game, and themed appropriately for the different parts of the game. The game itself has also been changed, with new historical scenarios (such as Wild West and Medieval), excellent new wandering monsters and a zoom mode that allows you to take a
close-up look at your town.
If you aren’t familiar with this one. The idea is to create a city by placing amenities (roads, housing, industry and so on) in appropriate positions and your performance is monitored by the approval of the population.
You are called on to handle various crises, too.
All in all. It’s probably the most fun and accessible strategy game yet produced and has an aura of seriousness about the fun that makes even the most serious of parents and non- gameplaycrs approve.
This is an arcadc-stylc action game which looks very pretty and takes up quite some disc space with a very nice Amiga-originated animated intro, but it’s rather poor all the same. The first section, for instance, is a sideways-scrolling affair in which you. As a horse rider, must jump obstacles and pick up objects that suddenly appear on the screen, which at best makes it the equivalent of a very poor shoot-cm-up. Later bcat- em-up levels aren't really any better, so we've yet another offering that fails to do justice to the optical storage medium. Yes. Cds can store masses of data, but that
data is dull data without some thought given to its entertainment potential.
TEAM YANKEE EMPIRE £29.99 A straight port from the Amiga version of the tank game in which you control a squadron of four machines in a test of strategy. It’s a good game, if not a great one. With the main mechanic being control from the map of the action in the 3D game-world. It requires plenty of tactical skills which the cleverly-ramped.
When it came out. This Bitmap Brothers up-the-screen shoot-cm-up was very highly rated for its detailed graphics, action-packed gameplay. Neat power-ups and innovative pop-star tie-in soundtrack. Now. The graphics look dull and the gameplay is revealed as being toe* enemy-heavy, with massive power-ups trying to balance play in which too little strategy and skill is required. It's been well superseded by a host of subsequent shoot-cm-up releases, but set a few standards in its day. Only the soundtrack remains innovative, using the CD’s sound storage capability to add a high fidelity Bomb
the Bass remix track - that old Assault on Precinct 13 Megablast - put together in Roland's innovative 3D sound. Best bought by Bomb the Bass complctists (yes. You can play CD Amiga soundtracks in a hi-fi CD player) rather than by gameplayers. It’s GUINNESS DISC OF RECORDS GUINNESS £34.99 1HB5S Bridges .ongeBt The world's longest bridge span is the main span of the Hjrrter Estuary Bridge.
Humberside. Great Britain at 4.626 ft. Wok began on 27 iy 1972. After a decision anroxced cn 22 Jamary 1966. The towers are 533 ft 162 in tall from datun and are 136 in out of parallel to allow for the curvatixe of The easy*to-use referencing system presents records of world records in a card-index style.
As big a name as the Trivial Pursuit game and equally important to CDTV. So it’s a shame to see it fall down on a couple of small points. Essentially, you pick out records from lists of general topics and then from sub-lists of more specific topics, which makes it far easier to find what you want than does the ‘here’s the whole list - sort it out yourself' approach of some other discs.
Once you’ve found the record you want, you can read all about it and flick to other, similar records.
Many of the records are accompanied by animated Browsing through particular subjects is fun and educational, but record access times are a little slow.
Sequences produced 011 the Amiga or by digitised photographs, which spices it up a lot.
It’s also possible to take a ‘tour’ of certain subject areas from the main menu, which gives you a narrated soundtrack using hi-fi sound and a digitised slideshow, which is quite a fun way of browsing.
Criticisms are that record access is just a shade too slow to be comfortable and that the system of topics. Lists and records can be confusing: the system of indicating when there’s more to read, and the method of navigating to other similar topics is just a little too Many records feature animations or dips of video footage to spice up the presentation.
Techie in look, with labels like ‘List 1 4’ meaning ’the first of four lists’.
On the whole, it gets the job done, but it lacks the extra sparkle and magic we were expecting and the extra polish of music. We’d like to see a new version with a bit of added glamour.
Me) 75% AMERICAN HERITAGE ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY XIPHIAS £49.99 HEROIC AGE OF SPACEFLIGHT TROIKA £34.99 Currently unique, this is essentially a 50-minute video- on-a-disc which uses CDXL. The partial-scrccn full-speed animation standard on CDTV to give you a limited-colour, quartcr-screen video. It’s an interesting example of what digital video will bring, because you can choose any section of footage from a series of increasingly specific menus and because perfect pause is possible. If that were all. It would be rubbish - the use of limited colours makes the video look pretty The
straightforward presentation makes it easy to look words up. And words can be spoken out loud, w hich is very helpful if you don’t mind the American accent.
What the American origins don’t affect is the words - there’s lots of English English, with some real slang defined as ’British, obscure'. But on the down side the pictures don’t really serve any purpose and. Worse still, some definitions use long words that aren't in the dictionary when you look them up.
CONNOISSEUR FINE ART COLLECTION LASCELLES £34.99 A ’coffee-table book‘ tour of art through the centuries, centring on digitised pictures with descriptive text and supplemented by an audio soundtrack of 10 appropriate classical music tracks. Verv curious.
Narration throughout by a professional actor and a decent presentation of information arc the strong points of this medical reference title. Where it falls down ever so slightly is that it lacks the feel of absolute authority a medical guide needs - the ‘well-man’ pun of the title doesn’t help (with apologies to the good doctor if it's a real name). We tried looking up a couple of common symptoms and got absolutely no practical help. In spite of this, it’s an informative and intelligent work with some genuinely useful information and makes good use of ’hot word’ cross-referencing, by which you
can select a particular word and it will take you to the relevant part of the database.
DR WELLMAN, HEALTH ADVISOR CHGTTA £54.99 Amiga Format rating 75% Al photographs are of actual DCTV screens.
A Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga.1’' A Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras, video disk and still frame capable VCR's.)
A Convert DCT T images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit).
A Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software are included. DCTV" is a complete system, right out of the box!
A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3D programs.
Sophisticated true color video paint, dhjitiiing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package.
Create beautiful ful color video imog witb al popular Amiga 3D program.
£499 Min. I Meg. Required 3-5 Meg. Recommended C R E A T I O N S Animate video quatity DCTV images in reol time using popular Amiga animation creation tools.
DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga Using the Amiga as a compressed video buffer, DCTV creates o full color composite video display with all the color aid resokrtioa of television.
Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635 0475 1W? Digital Creations. Amiga is o registered Irodeenoek of Commodore Business Mockmes. Patents applied for- Th« Gordenfax front-end is one of the best seen on any multimedia disc, even though It looks pretty horr&le.
The number in the middle represents the number of plants currently under consideration: your task is to reduce the number to a manageable size by 'visiting' the options windows all round the edge of the screen and defining criteria for the plonts you want.
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES GARDEN PLANTS INDOOR PLANTS TREES, SHRUBS, ROSES AND CONIFERS INTERSEARCH £34.99 EACH Four discs, each of which helps the amateur gardener pick from over 200 different plants of a particular kind. These discs are a surprise hit; they lack an awful lot of polish and look really garish and unpleasant at first glance, but they also benefit from the best multi- media presentation front-end yet devised.
Essentially, the problem with multimedia Cds is you have a hell of a lot of information stored away and you have to do two things: one. Make whatever someone wants to find easy to find: two, give them interesting and sensible ways of exploring if they don't know what they want.
The Gordenfax system is clever. In the centre of the screen is a number which at the start represents the total number of plants on the disc. What you then do is visit menus which cover different aspects of the plant you want: light conditions, colour of flowers and so on. Each time you make a decision - it must grow in strong sunlight, it must have red flowers - the total number available is reduced, until it's down to a handlcable amount and you can browse through the list and pick a plant you like.
Moreover, each plant listed has a digitised photo and also lots of information about how to grow it and look after it. To back this up there are short tutorial slideshows on particular topics, like re-potting or laying out seed rows. These discs would benefit from getting an expert artist in. But the ideas are excellent.
R ________ Me) 85% HUTCHINSON'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA ATTICA CYBERNETICS £49.99 One of the discs that comes free with CDTV, this encyclopaedia suffers from poorly thought-out presentation. To the extent that a new version is supposed to be under development. The CDTV publicity made much of the fun bits, where a subject is presented with colour images and a real soundtrack, but there simply aren’t enough such bits to make it impressive. This leaves a fairly basic text-led encyclopaedia in which a simple alphabetical contents list is the main way of finding a topic. Simply not intriguing enough.
Niga Format rating 47% OCTOBER 1992 JAPAN WORLD GLOBAL LEARNING SYSTEMS £49.99 Probably the best Amiga CD title to date, this exploits the potential of multimedia better than any yet released, with a superb combination of pictures, graphics and animations that makes up a highly enjoyable dip into a very different culture. Lots of fun and very educational, anyone wanting to see what the medium can do should get this.
89% Mugalithic monument dating from about 2000 BC on Salisbury Plain. Wiltshire.
Fngland. It consi3t«id originally of a circle of 30 upright stones, their tops linked by lintel atones to form a continuous circle about 30 m 100ft across. Within the circle was a horseshoe arrangement of five trilithons (two uprights plus a lintel.
Set as five separate entities), and a so-called altar stone’ - an upright pillar - Japan and its Neighbours USSR USSR .. .. China Kuril Mongolia
• Islands Korea Japan China , Ryukyu Islands Taiwan- -Okinawa
On* thing you might ba surprised to find out about Is the
geography of Japan, with its chain of islands.
ILLUSTRATED BIBLE ANIMATED PIXELS £29.99 When CDTV was first mooted. Commodore’s over- thc-top publicity heralded the demise of books as a medium. This is a perfect example of why that won't happen. The Bible is presented as on-screen text, never the best way to read, with poor watercolour-like illustrations. Only the word search facility really redeems what is essentially just a stupid idea.
[tadiC Amiga Format rating 25% ILLUSTRATED COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE ANIMATED PIXELS £29.99 Ditto applies as to the Bible above really, except that the graphics arc digitised line drawings. The fact that someone had to type in enormous quantities of text is made all too obvious by some mildly amusing mistakes. A waste of time and effort and money.
We chose 'red flowers' from lh« 'colour' option, 'dry' from the 'conditions' menu and 'sunny' from the 'fight' menu, and this Is one of the seven or eight choices we were left with. Each of our chosen plonts can be viewed as a full-screen digitised image and a whole list of information about it can be scrolled through, including all the advice on planting and nurture that you would need.
NEW BASICS ELECTRONIC COOKBOOK XI PH IAS CUSTOM MENU BUILDER AMERICAN VISTA ATLAS WORLD VISTA ATLAS APPLIED OPTICAL MEDIA EACH £54.99 The important part of an atlas is the quality of its maps, and the digitised affairs on these discs are disappointing. What's interesting about these two discs, however, is the contrast between them and the extra ideas that supplement the maps.
The United States atlas is a state-by-state tour and each state has a slideshow of attractive digitised images which go to make up a comprehensive visual tour. These go some way towards making you feel you know the place, as well as providing some surprises. It would be a great way of planning a holiday, as well as providing a good resource for geography teachers in schools.
The World version has less detail on each nation than the US version has on the States, but benefits from some quite excellent ideas. As well as seeing maps and flags and looking at pictures of the scenery, you can listen to the national folk music and learn a few words of the language of any country. Its problem, however, is consistency. Unless you share the views of the authors who decided a particular country was worth scarcely any coverage, you may be a little disappointed.
Perhaps too ambitious - maybe a continent-by-continent series of discs, with more details and slightly better presentation. Would be a winner.
4 vmit. _______ Me) 85° o FOOD GROUPS MENUS & RECIPES producers have employed an artist to originate graphics on the Amiga, meaning illustrations are available for every topic. And it all looks just great. With too many other discs, the illustrations are just thrown in to pad the thing out visually. What a pity that this disc is not available in the UK.
Historical Time Line PM HbflK r” MEAL TYPES THE NEW BASICS OCTOBER 1992 SPECIAL OCCASIONS USER GUIDE ftrdiC Amiga Format rating 84% TIMETABLE OF HISTORYs SCIENCE AND INNOVATION XI PH IAS £39.99 Starting off from the obvious point of being a recipe book, this useful reference work adds all sorts of clever ideas such as organising the recipes by menus or ingredients and nutritional values. What lets it all down with a whacking great thump, however, is the type of illustration used. Instead of being useful photos and diagrams of work in progress, the pictures are utterly pointless: bread, for
example, is illustrated with a scries of photos of different types of loaf, but with no captions. What a waste of CD's potential Belter presentation could have made this title a real winner, but there's still plenty of useful info in there.
Don't really help. There's still a long way to go until the world learns how to do multimedia presentation of information properly.
Titles found in search Dn: 141 nuclear items 1981 SODAR 1961 USSR Nuclear Ship 1981 100 Years of UK Electric 1982 UK Atom Smasher 1963 W and Z Particles 1983 JET Fusion fieaclor 1964 Top Quark ; 1984 Supe-CeAse Maiter ME Amiga Format rating 45% NEW GROLIER ENCYCLOPAEDIA ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING 09.99 tefdfct Amiga Format rating 75% TIMETABLE OF HISTORYs BUSINESS, POLITICS AND MEDIA XI PH IAS £39.99 Two discs in this series (a third also exists, covering the arts, but we haven't yet seen it) make an interesting point: while for us. The new medium makes the way information is presented a matter of
great importance, but what really counts is the information. An unwarranted American bias makes the historical information contained in this reference work very disappointing to UK audiences. If you're a student of subtle bias and propaganda, then give it a look. Its sister title, by contrast. Is quite good. Both discs use a variety of techniques to give you access to topics which, frankly.
With less political bias affecting the material, this makes quite a good reference work really, with lots of detail on some of the major discoveries of science through the ages. Perhaps inevitably, most of the emphasis is on the twentieth century. The flashy show- off bits. With real sound and animated video sequences, arc very nice, even though most of them arc related to space exploration. Inevitably, these tend to grab the attention and leave the text-only stuff looking very drab. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of good info here, making it a handy education aid.
Quite apart from the fact that it does what it should - enables you to look up things to learn more about them
- in a straightforward and simple way. This US reference work
has one major advantage to its credit. The Amiga Format rating
70% FLIGHT FOR PC Only you can stop the Luftwaffe The Summer of
1940. Hitler's war machine has humbled all of Europe - except
Great Britain.
Now, the all-conquering Luftwaffe plans to soften up Southern England for an invasion known as Operation Sea Lion.
LAUGHS FOR PC Side-splitting pirate adventure Just when you thought it was le end for LeChuck, he's back.
The legend states that “when LeChuck wants you dead, you’re dead”- grim news for his old adversary, young Guybrush Threepwood.
Graphically stunning, historically accurate and thrillingly realistic (with instant-replay feature). Their Finest Hour resets the stage for the ultimate dogfight.
Only the RAF can halt their relentless progress. The odds are stacked against them.
Now, above the Home Counties; Spitfires and Hurricanes are locked in deadly combat with Messerschmitts and Heinkels. There can only be one winner.
One thing s certain, this Lucasfilm spectacular will provide you with many fine hours of pure entertainment.
Available on: Atari ST, Amiga and PC and Compatibles (CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA and Tandy ® 16 colour. Requires 512k Ram. Supports AdLib™ sound card). Mouse or joystick.
TM and © 1989 Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL).
All rights reserved.
With 256 colours (PC version), variable difficulty modes, interactive reggae music and “point ‘n’ click” interface, you’ll be transported to Monkey Island in a flash. ___ So, brace yourself, the fun starts here. Who knows when it will stop?
Available on: Amiga (32 colours) and PC (VGA MCGA. Requires 640k Ram AT or compatible. Supports AdLib™, Roland™, Soundblaster™ and SoundMaster™II sound cards. Hard drive required.
TM & © 1991 LucasArts Entertainment Company. Lucasfilm Games is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Monkey Island 2 - I LucasArts LeChuck’s Revenge is a trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company. All rights reserved.
But fear not. Big Whoop holds the key to great power. All is not lost.
In this stunning graphic sequel, young Guybrush’s adventures will have you rolling in hysterics.
Beware, you’ll laugh so hard, milk will flow from your nose.
Behind every pirate is a really gnarly chair and in front of Guybrush is a saga so savage it’ll put hairs on your chest.
A serious PC experience
U. S. Gold Ltd., Units 2'3, Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6
TAX. England Tel: 021 625 3366 ADVENTURE FOR PC Who can save
Civilisation from destruction?
Who else? It has to be Indy.
It all began a few thousand years ago, when Atlantis sank to the ocean bed. With it, the secret of the most destructive force on earth also sank without trace. Or did it?
ADVENTURE FOR PC You’re about to enter “Another World” It was a one-in-a-million chance. But it was about to happen.
Young scientist Lester Chaykin was busy experimenting in his laboratory. He’d just reached a crucial point in a test on sub-atomic particles, when zap.
1FV ¦ © 199*2 LucasArts Entertainment Company.
All rights reserved.
Enter the man with the funny hat and the bull whip.
Along with Sophia, his trusty side-kick, the world s future rests on their shoulders.
Is this too much to ask? No way!
Join the intrepid duo in dazzling 3D with full music and sound effects as The Fate of Atlantis and the world is decided.
So, here goes!
Available on: Amstrad and C64 Cassette & Disk, Spectrum Cassette, Atari ST, Amiga; PC and Compatibles.
There it lay undisturbed for centuries. Until the Nazis rediscovered the Kingdom.
Now it will only be a matter of time until they have a bomb so powerful it will draw World War II to a conclusion. Schnell!
There’s zoom, panorama and close-up shots, as well as a unique polygon animation technique for fluidity.
Available on: Atari ST, • Amiga (32 colours) & PC (CGA, EGA, VGA, Tandy ®, AdLib™ & Roland™).
Delphine’s in-house recording studios provide the finishing touch.
Quite simply, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
A bolt of lightning struck and Lester was teleported into a different dimension. Into Another World.
From the designers of Future Wars-Another World took two years to create. And it’s easy to see why.
He was on his own. Against an unknown quantity.
EACH A digitised cartoon book with narration in French.
Essentially all it does is show you the story, narrated by
actors, and allow you to play it without words on the screen
or without a soundtrack.
This would be a waste of time on its own. But a new dimension is added when you use the VoiccMaster gadget to record your own attempts at speaking Francais. The mike digitises in your own speech and you can then play it back, next to the original and compare them. It makes an extraordinarily effective way of analysing how good your pronunciation is - or isn’t.
The package is surprisingly good. You need both discs for the complete ‘Asterix and Son' story, but each disc can stand alone.
Also available soon is a Spanish version. And due out soon is another two-disc set in each language based on the Asterix Blaxk Gold story.
Me) 84% Amiga Format rating 80% D OCTOBER 1992 4- The sand box was next to the house and hiding on top of the house there was a muf puddle.
Ruining Clicking in the 'dog-eored' corners of o Discis book turns ...while the slider at the righf-hond edge of the book lets The digitised illustrations are really rather good, reproduc- the pages backwards and forwards... you move oround to ony port of the book you choose. Ing the watercolour originals excellently.
DISCIS BOOKS SERIES Discis produce digital versions of a number of popular childrens' storybooks, all of which use the same basic system, so before we even start looking at the individual titles, it's worth explaining here how the system works. Essentially, what you have on the screen is the left- and right-hand pages of an opened book. This has the words and the pictures, all digitised in pretty good colour from the original text and illustrations.
By clicking in the comers of the page you can turn the pages forwards and backwards and a slider at the right- hand side means you can jump around the book several pages at a time. The easiest option is to watch and listen to the whole book: a narrator speaks the story from a hi-fi soundtrack, music plays in the background and the pages of the book are turned automatically. At any time, you can jump in and stop the story, and use the other ‘interactive’ features of the system.
You can click on any of the words in the text to hear them spoken out loud and you can click on parts of the pictures to have whatever you've clicked on described.
An option also means the story to be read in Spanish.
America's second language.
This system is consistently good, though the flaw in seeing delicate watercolour illustrations in a digitised form is obvious. Inevitably. Discis books vary in appeal according to the story.
4- Unfortunately, a dragon smashed her castle, bcrned all her clothes with his fiery breath, and carried off Prince Ronald.
CINDERELLA A particularly wishy-washy and very American version of ihe fairj- lale standard and stuffed with ovcr-prcity characters.
W Amiga Format rating 60% HEATHER HITS HER FIRST HOME RUN A slightly slushy talc of American kidhood. As if you couldn't have guessed.
M Amiga Format rating 62% A LONG HARD DAY AT THE RANCH Another title that is just that little bit too sentimental for UK tastes, the tale of a little boy's vivid imaginative exploits.
Ml Amiga Format rating 64% A BUN FOR BARNEY BBC MULTIMEDIA £34.99 The narration by ex-Doctor Who Tom Baker and the lovely watercolour-like graphics in this interactive children’s storybook are the icing on a very tasty cake. The whole idea of interactive multimedia seems to suit children's explorative minds incredibly well.
The idea is that the pointer can be moved around the screen and when it comes to something exciting, it flashes. A click on the button triggers off something almost magical as far as children are concerned - an animation or effect, such as crazed bunnies frolicking about like good 'uns.
Children can proceed through the storybook at their own pace, pausing to click on words on the screen so that they arc read out loud. This adds an educational element which is backed up by the plot.
The net result is a delightful disc, the only drawback of which is its expense.
One of the best-polished Cds yet, this Is an enchanting tale. If you've got kids, use them as an excuse to get it.
• JAUCk ______ Verdict 79% MC Amiga Format rating 70% 49 MIC
Amiga Format rating 70% OCTOBER 1992 Mto Amiga Format rating
70% TALE OF BENJAMIN BUNNY (THE) Another relatively unspoilt
Beatrix Potter classic.
Me Amiga Format rating 70% SCARY POEMS FOR ROTTEN KIDS Collection of creepy-crawly rhymes is a jolly little collection. If Roald Dahl is your style of thing, this one should be right up your trouser leg.
TALE OF PETER RABBIT (THE) This Beatrix Potter classic stays mercifully faithful to the original - even English narration - and needs absolutely no introduction.
MOVING GIVES ME A STOMACH ACHE One of the more charming stories, with particularly lovely pictures, and an educative angle on handling new situations.
PARER BAG PRINCESS A great little modernised fairytale with a feminist tw-ist. Compulsory for little girls M Amiga Format rating 70% MC Amiga Format rating 75% FUN SCHOOL 3 (UNDER 5S) EUROPRESS £24.99 A collection of six little educational games which deal with such terribly basic concepts as numbers and letters. Kids genuinely enjoy having a bash at it and can be left to their own devices once they've mastered the mouse. Pity it's a straight Amiga port.
A colouring book based on the hit Sullivan Bluth cartoon. You tlick through the line drawings to find one you like, then pick coloured pens to fill in the areas of colour. Nicely done, but ultimately simple and trivial.
ALL DOGS GO HEAVEN MERIT SOFTWARE fcrtSC Amiga Format rating 25% TO SCHOOL FREE SPIRIT £29.99 This is probably one of the worst programs ever. Three mouse clicks during an allegedly interactive intro get Barney out of bed and into school via a lesson on eating breakfast. At school, he can click anywhere on the blackboard to choose one of three deeply trivial 'educational' sub-games. We haven't seen companion title Barney Bear Goes Camping yet. But we don't really want to either.
This kids' paint and colouring program MyPaini was great in it original incarnation on the Amiga, but fails sadly as a CDTV disc because it’s very very difficult to draw freely without a mouse. When you use the CDTV remote control, all the lines end up being straight or diagonal. The CD version adds a great many more colouring book ideas, but it has to be said that the original floppy disk-based version was much better, so you'd be wise to go for that instead.
MYPAINT SADDLEBACK GRAPHICS ANIMALS IN MOTION FRED FISH CD-ROM WOMEN IN ON-UNE £29.99 COLLECTION ON-UNE IOTION £29.99 HYPERMEDIA CONCEPTS El 9.99 £ m k!|H m E H .. n An enormous library of black-and-white digitised pictures from the works of Eadweard Muybridge, the Victorian photographer renowned for his pioneering studies of movement. Stored as Amiga IFFs and anim files, they make a useful resource for animators.
An enormous collection of freely distributable public domain software under the familiar Fred Fish name. If it's PD. It's probably here. This is a real treasure trove.
This disc comes free with the A570 and also with CDTV' from some sources.
A collection of animated sequences of fat. Naked Victorian ladies, taken from photographs by Eadweard Muybridge, who virtually invented freeze-frame photography. But was as mad as a hatter. A useful if eccentric resource for animators.
* 1 DAVEY JcttS
you've ever fancied creating your own scratch mixes, you'll
find this unique music system a treat. It enables you to take
audio Cds from your collection and get them to play in loops
and sequences so you can come up with your own remixes. It’s
very clever. The results are fun and effective.
CD-REMIX 2 MICRODEAL urum Machine 12 Interactivity in the greatest-hits jukebox disc effort Music Maker pretty much amounts to pushing a set of buttons to play drum noises along-a-rock stars - ho hum. It's just not much fun for the price of the disk and shows itself up as one of the great mistakes of the naive CD age.
MUSIC MAKER MUSIC SALES Free with the A570. This is essentially a UK licensed vcsion of the Fred Fish Collection on CD-ROM disc. It contains the full contents of 660 Fish disks as well as a number of other utilities, such as music craetor ProTracker. It also has Workbench 2 and 1.3 installed, which makes life easier. Just has to be good value.
CD-PD COLLECTION ALMATHERA SYSTEMS El9.99 S S -sr. W S3 £1 3i3J “ iMct ncrwoa* vkkaiim a i a 'fajjC Amiga Format rating SS% na JNL & [WC Amiga Format rating IS% fcrdlc1 Amiga Format rating 0% WdO Amiga Format rating 89% What to look out for.., There are lots of CD titles on the way, with a total of around 150 on Commodore's current release schedule.
Here's some of the more interesting ones... BUDGET RELEASES Commodore expect a number of the early titles to come out soon at bargain prices and they are actively encouraging a range of £10 budget titles. This could make all the difference, because many titles are overpriced at £30 or £40 currently.
GAMES COMPILATIONS MicroProse recently announced they would be releasing Cds with two. Three or even four games on one disc, though the decision is currently under review. A compilation could store hundreds of games and we expect to see some good, value-packed compilations.
INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY This 'how it works’ hook will set a new’ standard in the use of Amiga graphics, digitised photos and video sequences for all of its 200-odd entries on domestic technology. It should be out in the next couple of months or so.
NORTH POLAR EXPEDITION A digitised record of Ranulph Fiennes’ polar expedition presented as an interactive educational game in which you must help the party survive. It’s expected to be an extraordinary event.
MUSICOLOR A revolutionary system invented to teach music to the musically illiterate by using colour. It could bring out the potential Nigel Kennedy in all of us - if that’s a good thing... LUCASARTS GAMES Originally Loom, Monkey Island and Indiana Jones were all due for release on CD. But only Indy is currently listed. If you imagine what Monkey Island would be like with a real audio soundtrack and proper lip-synching to accompany the on-screen dialogue, you have some idea of what wonders LucasAns could work w ith optical storage.
Spectrum-AmstradP'I QQ Commodore dlJi Atari ST f 7 QQ Amiga dU IBM PC & PQ QQ Compatibles 3.5 We'll show you Introducing the very first Amiga Format Special Edition: The Complete Software Guide.
Computing on the Amiga.
More than just a magazine, it's a vital resource for any Amiga owner. Over 1,000 software titles are reviewed and rated by the same team of experts that makes Amiga Format the most authoritative computer magazine you can buy.
Just look at what you get: The most comprehensive game listing ever. More than 7S0 titles reviewed and rated, including the Amiga Format all-time Top 20 games.
Full coverage of the graphics software scene, plus essential explanations to help you make the right buying decision.
Business, CDTV, DTP, video, comms, utilities, education and much, much more - literally hundreds of software titles covering every aspect of The all-time Top SO public domain and - *0 shareware titles, 1 including utilities, fjO -5% games, demos and - jrtiv creative packages to P* ctw help you get the most *° Zi|C out of your Amiga.
And it’s more than just a software catalogue - it's a buyer's guide too.
Using their skill and judgement, our experts have identified all the top- performing Amiga programs so that you can be absolutely sure of making the right buying decisions. .
The Complete Software Guide is an essential purchase for any Amiga owner, so don't miss out on your copy. It's appearing at a newsagent near you soon.
...in Word Processing with Perfect Printing I I 'With multiple newspaper style columns and integrated drawing tools - for boxes, borders.
0* squares, lines at any angle, ovals, circles, arrows etc.. plus colour text, along with many other fonnatting tools • your documents will look and read just as you want them to.
Final Copy II includes a 110.000 word British- English Collins Proximity Spelling Detector & Corrector, to help typing errors become a thing of the past, along with an 826.000 synonym Thesaurus, for that extra inspiration.
Final Copy II is so easy to leam and use. That I you’ll become an accomplished author in no 1 time at all - but if you need extra help you’re not on your own as our support hodine is there for all UK version users. Look out for the UK ...rinal Com II Cm°nl.y £99-95 9 I rom the makers of Pen Pal comes a brand new. Unique WYSIWYG Word Processing package, that's simply the only choice for those who demand the most from their Amiga.
Final Copy II is not only the Amiga's most powerful Wotd Processor with eveiy feature you’d expect
- plus many more found normally in DTP packages - but also the
only Wotd Processor that gives supetb scaleable outline fonts
from any Amiga - even 1.3's. Imagine outputting to your
printers highest resolution, with almost Postscript™ laser
perfection - no matter which printer you may have. Even with a
simple nine pin dot matrix you'll get perfect printing* from
Final Copy's 20 smooth outline typefaces that are includcdl ?
Ccnircsofl IBI) ? HB Markciing ? Leisuresofl ?
? Meridian Distribution ? SDL Prodis ?
Dealers... Please call Harwoods for your supply of leaflets and inclusion in thr list of stockists we pruvxie to cwtcmos.
United Kingdom version imported t siqsporteil he... GORDON ¦HP* Gordon Harwood Computers • New Street • Allreton Derbyshire ¦ DF55 7BP • Telephone: 0773 836781 Amiga-A 500 600 600HD 1500 2000 3000.
Syskm nxjunvnKnis. .. min. of I Mb. RAM and wo Floppies a a Hard Disk Drive [A600HD requires at least 15Mb).
• Any Workbcrch supported graphic primer, colour or mono,
including... Citizen I20D. I24D. 224. Swift 24. 200240; St*
LCI0. 20. 200 24-200. Aid XB Scries; Cancn BJIOex: HP
Ink Painljel; Postscript devices and many more.
Rade Distribution by... X - FROM ALL GOOD SOFTWARE DEALERS I inal Copy II encompasses a whole range of other advanced features, here’s jusl a selection: ? Uses ihe latest Workbench 2 Style interface on all Amigas ? On screen command ribbon controls (fonnat your document with the simple touch of a button) ? 25% to 400ft editable page reduction and magnification command ? Title page, master pages & style sheets ? Right left pages with binding offset ? Open multiple documents ? Fast mouse document panning and axmifun-zoom ? External and internal mail
merging*Cut,copyandpaste*Searchandieplace»Onscreenmaths* Auto-hyphenation , ? Import. Resize and crop IFF, HAM and 24Bit ILBM graphics and auto-flow text around them ? Text over graphics ? Outline fonts on all Amiga screens, and any non-Postscript™orPostscript™compatibleprinter*4pointupto300point 'jjfji. ‘ yS lover 4" high] smooth text printing ? Text leading and spacing controls ? Condensed and expanded character ? Positive , s-. and negative obliquing ? Background printing.
Allowing simultaneous editing & printing of two or more documents ? Fast proof printing facility ? Comprehensive range of additional attractive font volumes available. Vli' . 0, e JV-'
E. &O.E. *''' "Wbmdwortli a writer's dream BBS Wordworth
Machine support Written specifically for the Amiga Fully
supports WB Vl.3 and V2.00 All medium or high resolution modes
(mono and colour) Requires lMBof memory The graphical nature
of Wordworth® makes producing documents faster and easier. The
WYSIWYG display shows exactly how your printed document will
look, different fonts, styles and sizes, headers and footers,
graphics and so on.
Commands are grouped under a series of pull-down menus, accessible either by the mouse or keyboard, f requently used commands have on-screen icons, including Help, should you need it.
Experience the look and feel of the new and exciting WB2 (even if you use WB! .3). Each document is a separate multi-tasking window, which means you could for example, print one document while editing another.
Digita's® innovative Human Interface Protocol® is incorporated setting a new standard in speed, style and elegance, "it HIP® system is intuitive and a pleasure to use."
- thank you Amiga Shopper, it's nice to be appreciated.
Graphics have always been the Amiga's strong point. Now it's better than ever. Pictures from Deluxe Paint can be placed in a document, and then sized, scaled and dragged (text automatically reformats around the image).
Wordworth's enhanced fonts will give you the very best printed quality. You can also print special symbols, such as boxes, arrow's and so on. Better still you can mix graphics, Wordworth's enhanced fonts, Amiga fonts, Colorfonts and your printer's own internal fonts, all on the same page.
There’s even a driver for Postscript printers.
You needn't worry about your existing information - Wordworth will let you open documents from most word processors, including Kindwords, Protext and Wordperfect (you can also mailmerge with Superbase).
When Amiga Format said "a new word processor that will give the rest of the world a run for its money" they weren't joking.
Wordworth costs £f 29.99, which includes VAT, postage and packing: and when purchased from Digita, comes with a 7 day money-back guarantee.
If you already own a word processor, for a limited period only, you can trade-up for just £89.99 by returning your original disks to Digita with your order.
Summing up, Amiga Shopper said: "Pounds-per-feature no other Amiga word processor comes close. Wordworth is what every owner of Kindwords would wish they had." Dreams become reality with Wordworth.
Wordworth is written in the UK by Digita. Which means you'll be using an English Collins spelling checker and thesaurus, and you'll know where to come for professional support.
The only way to really appreciate Wordworth is to use it. Phone 0395 270273 for more information or, write to Digita, FREEPOST, Exmouth EX8 2YZ.
Digita International Ltd Black Horse House Exmouth EX8 I|L ENGLAND Tel 0395 270273 Fax 0395 268893
- A member of the Digita group - imhvoilh logo are registered
trademarks, and HIP Human Interface Pve.-vn1 and wftuwr tkj f
refflif are Iradcmaili of Digita Molding a Ltd trademarks and
Ihcif owners arc acknowledged Sold subpvt to standard
conditions of sale t&Of STORES CALCULUS COMPUTER TEL: 0543
251275 FORYOUR LOCAL CALCULUS STORE Phone lines open 9.30am to
5.00pm (Mon. To Fri.) and 9.30am to 4.30pm (Saturdays) The
starter pack gives you a full 1MB Amiga compatible system
• Amiga CDTV player
• CDTV Keyboard
• Amiga CDTV drive
• Infra Red remote controller
• Amiga CDTV wired mouse
• Software whilst stocks last ? Welcome disk ? Lemmings ?
Hutchinsons encyclopedia COMMODORE MPS 1230 CALCULUS PRICE
125. 52 Ex VST The new Zappo high performance 1Mb RAM upgrade for
the Amiga 600 allows the full power of serious applications
and high performance games to be unleashed.
The Zappo 601 is available with 512K (upgradable to 1Mb) or 1Mb and the option of a battery backed clock.
• Optional Battery Backed Clock
• Enable Disable Facility
• Socketed Design for easy user upgradability
• 12 months Warranty.
F29 22 D-PRINT Add artist flourish to designing greetings cards, letterheads and posters using high quality graphics.
AMIGA LOGO Educational and programming language.
AMIGA VISION A Multi-Media Authoring System that brings together Video, Animation, Sound, Speech, Graphics and Text Applications.
A high quality 9 pin Dot Matrix Printer with paper & tractor feed and is fully compatable with Epson FX80 and IBM Industry Standards. High speed 120 CPS draft mode and an NLQ mode of 25 CPS.
FREE SOFTWARE RRP D-PRINT £99.00 AMIGA LOGO £49.95 AMIGA VISION £49.95 Worth: £198.90 YOURS FREE RRP - £368.89 CALCULUS PRICE AMIGA ZAPPO EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE Flagship of the exciting new Zappo range, the Zappo A500 500+hard drive provides speed, power and capacity at an exceptional price.
Up to 8Mb of fast RAM expansion, SCSI and IDE Hard Drive compatible, the Zappo Hard Drive comes with a superfast 40Mb Hard Drive for only £299.99 or a massive 65Mb Hard Drive for only £349.99
• Auto Booting - upto 8Mb fast RAM expansion
• SCSI throughport for additional expansion
• Mouse button game switch
• 12 months Warranty.
CALCULUS PQQQ QQ(£255.3ll PRICEFROM £ £ JJ JJ'jJjjl ExVAT I FRED FISH MEGADISC Collection No' 1-660 £182.971 Ex VAT | RRP - £299.99 Commodore’s original and best-selling stereo monitor is fully compatible with all Amiga products and gives your system the total Commodore look.
With our new Calculus price the 1084s has never been better value
• Stereo Sound • High Resolution Display
• Ergonomic Design • Full Amiga Connectivity pack £21422(
Compatible with all Amiga products The new A570 is a high
capacity read-only storage device for the A500 series*. Just
like the Amiga CDTV your new A500 and A570 system will allow
you to play CDTV titles plus normal audio CD's, CD + G and CD +
midi disks. The A570 is easy to connect, no software
installation is required, you can continue to use your Amiga
Keyboard, mouse and monitor for inputs and displays. The A570
also reads industry standard (ISO 96601 format CD-ROM disks.
• For CDTV emulation you need a maximum configuration standard of
2.04 Amiga operating system plus one megabyte of chip RAM.
ME & THE NEW AMIGA 600 SEE MORE il DEALS 01 Smart new compact design r "of with built-in TV modulator GAMES ) • 1Mb chip RAM memory expandable to 2Mb chip RAM with 601, total memory capacity 10Mb RAM
• Industry standard smart card interface PCMCIA interface for
memory and peripheral upgrades
• Integrated industry standard IDE (AT) interface available with
optional internal 2.5" 20 Mb hard drive
• New Workbench 2 with Kickstart 2.05 ROM
• 12 months on-site warranty for total peace of mind Free Mystery
Game 1 (single drive only) "The Amiga A600 is the only Home
Computer with 12 months free on site service for peace of mind"
£122.52 - YOURS FREE AWARD WINNERS Award Winners presents 4 of
the greatest games of all time in one fantastic value pack.
SPACE ACE Space Ace: Winner of the best animation in the European Computer Leisure Awards 1990.
"Enormously impressive graphics and absolutely astounding animation."
"Brilliant graphics - great sound. An interactive animated cartoon."
"Space Ace has moved computer games into a new graphical dimension."
KICK OFF 2 KICK OFF 2 - Hailed worldwide as the greatest soccer game of all time Blistering Pace - Pixel Perfect Passing - Superb Tactical Play - Accurate - Realistic
- Great Fun to Play I PIPE MANIA is "a classic puzzle arcade game
that is so addictive, it should come with a Government Health
Warning" C&VG Feb 1990.
POPULOUS Ever wanted to play God?
One of the most original games ever written, often imitated but never bettered, Populous remains one of the most innovative games of all time Golden Joystick Award - Most original game of the year.
RRP £25.53 RRP £25.53 £25.53 AMIGA 600 AMIGA 600HD 20Mb £29911 £4991 NEW PRODUCT MULTISTART II - ROM SHARER WITH 1.3 ROM The MuitiStart li allows you to Install Kickstart V2.0 and Vl.3 ROMs into your computer and switch between them with the keyboard. You can also install a third ROM on the MultiStart II.
Being ab*o to switch between 1.3 and 2.0 allows you to stay compatible with all your older software that won't operate under the new operating system. It's easy to install, with no external wires or switches required. Includes 1.3 ROM JUST ARRIVED The official Commodore A601 fi Meg Upgrade £29.99 (25.52 Ex VAT) FREE- WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN AMIGA 600 HD 20Mb £3922 RRP - £74.99
• AMIGA 1500 CALCULUS'STARTER PACK Amiga 1500 Dual Drive, 1Mb RAM
Mouse, Manuals and Amiga DOS.
• THE WORKS - PLATINUM EDITION A full integrated software package
with Word Processor (inc. English Dictionary) Spreadsheet and
Database Package
• DELUXE PAINT III Probably the best paint package available,
allowing you to display your hidden talents. This award winning
software allows you to paint, design or animate
• HOME ACCOUNTS Home accounts with budgeting, forecasting and
• ELF You will encounter Cornelius the Elf on your travels in
the mystical lands of Gooks and Goblins. Weird villainous
creatures and devious puzzles test your gameplay techniques and
gnostic powers.
• TOKI The arcade sensation that swept the world. Toki has been
transformed into a monkey by the evil wizard. He must now try
to regain his manhood and rescue his beloved princess Miho.
Join Toki on his mythical adventure, full of demons and deadly witchcraft.
• PUZZN 1C A puzzle game to top them all.
It's fast, furious and devilishly addictive. With 144 levels, the action never stops.
I £529 2S(= A superb quality external drive for the Amiga 500 500+ and Amiga 600.
Featuring a low profile 880K formatted capacity drive with enable disable switch and full daisy chain capability.
Another product in the exciting new Zappo range of computer peripherals.
£54-22(” VISIT YOUR LOCAL Isf STORE FOR Multi-Media Prices down with the new Amiga 3000B Multi-Media.'
The amazing power of the flagship Amiga 3000B Multi-Media is now available at an unbelievable price.
Introducing the Amiga 3000B Multi-Media Desktop and Tower.
68030 processor running at 25Mhz 3Mb RAM (2Mb video and 1Mb fast RAMI expandible to 18Mb 52Mb Hard Drive 512Kb of 32 bit ROM
3. 5" 880K floppy drive with 3.5" spare drive bay 4 Zorro III
slots with 2 aligned PC AT slots 8 bit D A converter.
3. 5" floppy drive with 3x5.25" and 1x3.5" drive bays 8 system
slots featuring 1 CPU slots, 7 Zorro II slots with 2 aligned
PC AT slots 8 bit D A converter.
VAT Multi-Media Software Pack £ yQ 20 EX VAT 0EU1XE PAINT IV The industry standard pent package for all Amiga users. Now with video and animation. Usad with SCALA. You have the ability to introduce paintings. Drawings, video and animation into your presentation. Normal RRP f89 99 me VAT SCALA The bait presentation and video tiding package avaiabla for application* m Mult.-Madia. Buemesa presentation and wdao Once you have us SCALA you will wonder how you aver managed without such a versatile application software package. Normal RRP - f19900inc VAT PERIPHERAL OPTIONS
* A2300 Internal Genlock £76.59 e»vat * CBM 1960 14"
* A3010 880K Internal Multisync Monitor Floppy Drive £95.00exvat
* A3015 1.44Mb Internal Multisync Monitor Floppy Drive £95.00
Exvat £399.00 esvat £1299.00 exvat CALCULUS COMPUTER STORfS |R
Tonight you could prang an F-19, shatter enemies from your Ml tank or have a smashing dogfight in your FI 5 Alternatively you could crash out in front of the TV With incredible animated graphics finely honed skills to decide 011 putting you squarely in the hot seat, strategy, missions and campaigns.
There's no excuse to he sluggish! More of a challenge than waiting for a .... .... , . Rerun of Top (Urn. Reallv.
I nese realistic simulations give you a ' 3D perspective of combat in the sky HICRO PROSE from your jet lighter cockpit or on the ground from your tank turret. Each game demands that you use your Seriously Fun Software F-19 Stealth Fighter, Ml Tank Platoon, F-15 Strike Eagle II - all classic games from Europe's Number One Software Publisher MicroFrose Ltd. Unit 1 Hampton Road Industrial Estate. Tetbury, Glos. GI.8 81.1). UK. Tel: 0666 504 326 GAME REVIEWS Screenplay Welcome to the latest informative, yet entertaining issue of Screenplay - the game-player's champion. We judge the recent
releases, sentencing the bad 'uns to a life of obscurity, leaving the best to flourish and blossom on your Amiga.
Listen to the words and get active!
In this. The first part of a new scries of games-programming tutorials created by Bullfrog programmer Scott Johnston and his froggy boss Peter Molyncux. We will be giving you the basics on creating your own great games. Using the programs supplied on this issue's coverdisk. You can learn, as you read, as you load.
Who knows? Perhaps you could be tomorrow's top Amiga game-maker?
Find out on... Page 63 61 OCTOBER 1992 THE BEST OF THE REST - THIS MONTH'S TOP TITLES Zool Gremlin reckon that it beats Sonic the Hedgepig and The Mario Stereotypes into a cocked hat full of abandoned console cartridges. Find out what we make of this bouncy ninja alien from the Nth dimension... Page 74 THE REVIEWERS What games are driving us completely bonkers this month? Well, when the team can actually spare a few minutes from creating your favourite Amiga- mungus magazine we indulge in a little of the following... CLARE HODGSON "When I can get my copy of Pinball Dreams back from Neil,
that’s what I'll play by choice. But where the heck's he hidden it?"
MARCUS DYSON "I'm impressed by Zoo , to a level that's almost embarrassing. I don't think I've seen a platform this good for ages. Watch out Sonicl" ANDY NUTTALL "Had to happen really. I suppose. We've been having a Kick Off 2 tournament in the office and I'm hooked all over again."
ASAM AHMAD "I'm wrapped up in Kick Off 2, too. But's that's only because I can beat Nutts, Frank, Karl, well everyone nearly. Except Damien and Tim."
JAMES LEACH "Look, you keep asking me what my fave Amiga game is and the answer is still the same. Formula One Grand Prixl Now please just leave me alone while I lap Mansell."
ED RICKETTS "I can't answer that on the grounds that to do so would put me off my swing. Dam! Blown it. Can't you leave a man to play Links in peace?"
WHERE BIGGER MEANS BETTER Everybody knows Amiga Format reviews are the best in the world, but why? Neil Jackson, Screenplay's Editor, lets the light in on the secrets... "Boy. Do we get some FLAK for trying to be individual! Every software house in the business tries to put pressure on us to cut comers, review half-finished games and generally skimp on the details you really need to know. But we are not having any of it - not ever, no never.
As you may have noticed in the News pages, we're the biggest Amiga magazine in the world - without exception - and we reckon it's partly due to the fact that we won't be brow-beaten or bullied into reviewing garbage favourably. We know you want the truth - so that's what we aim to give you.
All our reviewers, however crazy they may be, are solid 100% Amiga games-play- ers themselves. We know only too well what it's like to get ripped off, and we want to stop that happening to you. So for the complete picture - one that’s untainted by software house marketing ploys and back- scratching. There's only one place to turn to.
Amiga Format, the toughest mag to please.
Premiere Join us for the first complete showing of Core Design's new cinemattraction. Is it a flickery fleapit crj flop, or a multi-screen movie mogul? -.* t,' Will it be breaking box-office records, or $ go down in the Worst of Hollywood along with Plan 9 From Outer Space? Find out as we roll 'em on... Page 88 Sim Earth What is the world coming to? Your Amiga, that's where, thanks to Maxis. We take a global view of their latest simulation, based on our beloved home planet. Is Earth doomed or is there a fighting chance of success and survival? And can the game stand up to the test of time
too? Page 100 Fascination French fun and frolics in graphic adventure form, but is it art? We reckon it's just bits and more bits (or something like that), but maybe that's just due to our British reserve. Find out what's got our stiff upper lips trembling on... Page 90 Game-gods, good guys and gurus Find out who arc the best Amiga games programmers in the business. We take a close look at the most famous, creative and interesting game makers in Britain in an attempt to decide who arc the top ten programming teams in the country. Find out how they got started, and why they can’t stop. Find
out the gossip and the scary stories which made them the best around.
It’s all here on... Page 68 Ill - *» * Ii- »* " v ; START In punyj you now isure Award *91.
Ist Sound.
Il Award for threat. Only when he's been utterly destroyed will you be wholly free from i ly testing challenges and powerful foes that stand between you ond « Ik W BEAST1 FEATURING: Sutetenteftoinef ‘89, Side-view multi-plexed hardcore sprites; aOIJKof word of Excellence. Evocative music; hundreds of mind-oteWing f Leisure Awards '90. Simultaneous on-screen cotous; a -fgjf & Noy Best Graphics co'aliax scrolling. The lost $ tt» G ew *f90V.
R- Shadow oi the BeafltJIfls set for even greater.
Amiga PSYGNOSIS LTD. South Harrington Building. Sefton Street. Liverpool LS 4BQ U.K. Tel: 051 709 5755 Fcdc 051 709 6466 Your turn!
How to program your own games in assembler 63 OCTOBER 1992 If you've ever wanted to become a games programmer, now's your chance. A complete assembly language on the coverdisk, plus a 'beginners' kit' of code and a complete tutorial from Bullfrog coder Scott Johnston. Don't think you can learn from a magazine article? Believe it - that's how Scott learnt!
Whai bctier way to learn to program than from experts like Bullfrog, the programming team behind the legendary Populous 2? And. What better person to leam from than a coder who now works on the Bullfrog team, and yet learnt how it’s done from a maga ine article?
Bullfrog leader Peter Molyneux explains: "A year or so. When ST Formal (Amiga Format's sister magazine for the Atari ST 16- bit computer) ran the series we wrote for them teaching people how to program. Scott had applied for a job as a trainee with us."
Bullfrog regularly lakes on trainees and teaches them how to code, as well as taking youngsters on work-cxpcricnce placements, which is why they have a well-established training system that forms the basis for this series. Anyway, back to Peter... "We didn’t have a job for Scottt to do at the time, so we couldn’t take him on. Anyway.
Scottt went away to college and taught himself how to program from the series in ST Formal.
A year later we were able to take him on. And by then he already knew how to code." Which only goes to show that you can do it too.
What we’ve got for you is the assembly language DcvPac 2. Assembly language is used in nearly all professional Amiga games, because nothing else is quick enough. We’ve also got a code ‘shell’ provided by Bullfrog, which is exactly as used in Populous 2 and handles a lot of the tricky setting up of the Continued overleaf hardware, leaving you lo gel down lo the nilly- griiiy of creating a game.
During ihe course of ihe series, ihe code provided by Bullfrog will build up into a complete arcade game. Ii might noi he die most stunning thing you've ever seen, hut it will be all your own work!
Just before we start, let's take a look at the basic idea of how a game works. The whole thing is built around what's known as the ‘main game loop'. This is a process of cheeking. Every fraction of a second, everything that repeats. A typical main game loop for an arcade game might be something like this... One: check the joystick. Two: move the sprite accordingly. Three: check for collisions: if collision has taken place, deplete energy.
Four: check game status counts: if energy is gone, it's game over. Then it goes back to the start of the loop.
This would give you a game in which a sprite moves around bumping into things and that eventually dies. Obviously, you then have to add in other things: if the lire button is pressed, start off a bullet animation: if enemies are moving around the screen, move them after the sprite: check if bullets have hit enemies. And if so get rid of them and add to the player's score: and so on. That's the basis.
Where we have to start off. Of course, is getting a sprite on the screen and moving it around. Which is what we'll cover this month.
But first, let’s go over to Scott to introduce a few basics... 64 Any serious programmer will tell you that the beauty of programming in assembly language is the sheer speed you can achieve. It's easy making your Amiga produce quality ani- OCTOBER 1992 HOW TO USE THE DISK We've tried to make using Devpac as painless as possible. When you boot the disk, you'll find yourself in the text editor of the program. This is where you write your programs, although for this first part the vast majority of the programs have already been written for you.
The most important thing to remember about machine code is that the code itself is all numbers.
Computers only understand numbers, or object code as it’s sometimes called. People, however, don't write programs using just numbers, but instead use a special language called assembly language. This can't be understood directly by the computer and is called source code.
3To turn this Into machine code, select 'Assemble' from the Program menu. A list of options will appear. Just dick on Memory, and then on Assemble.
Devpac will set the assembler going and ask you to press a key when it has finished.
An assembler like Devpac will take all the source (assembly) code and translate it directly into object (machine) code. There’s lots more it can do too. For instance, there's a monitor for viewing your programs as they are working, but that is the bare bones of Devpac. Incidentally, if you accidentally get into the monitor, press Return a couple of times, and then Ctrl and C to return to the editor.
Finally, a couple of notes about special Devpac commands. If a line begins with a semicolon (;) then Devpac will ignore it. Useful for hiding parts of a program you don't need.
When you see a command like "DC.B" or "DCW" or "DC.L” that's just a data area for variables to be stored in.The command word "Even" is for making sure data areas are even in length (if not, the Amiga tends to crash).
4To set the program going, just select the 'Run' option from the Program menu. The demo will run, displaying a sprite - type Q to quit.
Anyway, here's how to load source code: mation. But when you want to turn an animation sequence into a game you need to start reading the position of the joystick, responding to the player's movements and keeping track of the enemies. To try to cram all these routines into a Basic program and still keep it running up to speed would be a nightmare.
Assembly language is so fast it's the ideal alternative. Currently the most popular assembly language programming tool is HiSoft's Devpac. Although they have brought out the follow-up package. Devpac 2. Which provides a comprehensive editor and assembler enabling you to create and edit your own programs. How you edit, assemble and then run a program is explained fully in the separate instructions box.
Assembly language programs correspond to your Amiga's machine language, so they are far more complex to write than Basic programs. But don't let that put you off.
This issue we begin a full tutorial on pro- Imove the mouse pointer to the top left of the screen and hold down the right mouse button. A menu will drop down. Select 'Load' from the Project menu, and a file requester will appear.
2 A handy tip for this file requester is to click on the slider on the right-hand side and move it up and down. The list of files will be automatically sorted alphabetically. Find and double click on the file called Demo.s. It will load and display.
Gramming in assembly language and will keep it so simple, even the cat could use it. To start off. We're going to look at how you go about constructing an animation sequence.
Included on Ihe disk is a simple ‘shell’ for writing programs in assembler, plus routines used to create Populous 2. Including some of the sprite draws and all of the screen draws. It sets you up with all you need to swap screens, draw sprites, and so on.
With this shell you don’t have to wade through loads of reference manuals to find out how to set up screens or display sprites: it’s all been done for you. Over the course of several months we will be putting together a very simple game, but there are several things you will need so you can stick it through to the end: Enthusiasm. Yep. I know, it sounds obvious, but you will always be just a standard programmer unless you really want to do it well.
It would be nice if you read a 68000 assembler book. Amiga Format recommends Abacus's Amiga Machine Language - ISBN I- 55755-025-5 - available from Computer Manuals 021 -706 6000).
Do you know what binary and hexadecimal are? If not then try and find out. Get a reference manual out of the library.
Right, enthusiasm proven, we're ready to go on. As with any programming project whatever language you are using, the first stage is to design the sprites you need by using an art package. You don't need to do this yourself because we've included sprites on the disk, but here's how it's done, and next month we'll provide a utility that will let you use your own sprites in the game we’re creating.
There are several common an packages which arc suitable, hut Bullfrog tend to process their pre-drawn visuals with Deluxe Paint III or IV. In fact, most programmers who work on an Amiga use Dpaint. But whatever an package you arc using, the first step is to set up a grid of eight by eight pixels.
Make a checkerboard or grid in which to draw the sprites. "Personally. I prefer the checkerboard approach, but I've seen graphic anists fight about which is the best method."
Says Bullfrog boss Peter Molyneux. Now go ahead and design your sprites keeping them within the boundaries of your grid.
Once your sprites for the frames of animation are drawn, you must place them in order starting at the top-left point of the screen and working your way along. Once you reach the right-hand side of the screen, move down a line and continue.
It's vital at this point to understand the Amiga's screen formal. Each pixel in a low- rcsolution screen is stored as four bits in four different four-bit groups called words. These are known as bit planes, and because there arc four you have 16 possible combinations (I bit times four planes, or four to the power of two) for each pixel - hence a palette of 16 colours.
The four different words are stored at different points of memory, with all the words of the first plane (Plane 0) stored in memory together, followed by plane I and so on. The memory looks something like this: Scare of Plane 0 8000 bytes Scare of Plane 1 a sprite on the screen. To exit from the program press the Q Key. Great. There you go.
What? You want more?
We will never be changing demo.s - well, at least not very often. Whenever you want to assemble this program, first save out the file you were using and then load in Demo.s. When assembling this, switch the OUTPUT TO MEMORY and then you can test the program just by using the RUN command. This way. You won't be saving the changed demo on to the disk over the old one.
Now let's try and move the sprite. Have a look in draw.s in the routine: 8000 bytes ecc.. The most efficient method of storing a sprite in memory, so you can access ii for quick drawing, is to store each line of the sprite as four words for the first 16 pixels of the line, four words for the next 16 pixels and so on.
This is why almost all sprite routines cater only for sprites which are a multiple of sixteen pixels wide - 16. 32.48.64 and so on.
As we have said, included on next month's disk will be a convert program which will accept IFF files from an packages like Dpaint. It will then convert your graphics into data usable by the program. Just for this month, slick with our graphics.
OK, that's the boring introduction done, let's have a look at the disk. If you first assemble Demo.s and then run Demo (instructions on assembling and running arc in the separate box), all that should happen is that we display and you will see we have got the following bit of code: move.w «0,d0 move.w 0,dl move.w 0,d2 Now. If we change these to... move.w man_x,d0 move.w man_y,dl move.w man_frame,d2 Right, now the impatient ones of you will have assembled that. No change is visible, of course not. But if you go into move.s and remove the indicated ;’s our sprite should start to move to the
right and return to the start when he reaches the end of the screen.
The way these instructions work is as fol- Continued overleaf 65 OCTOBER 1992 THE MACHINE: THE MC68000 CENTRAL PROCESSOR these are used to store the X coordinate (DO), the Y coordinate (D1) and the frame number of the sprite (D2).
There are other registers, but the most important of these are the PC (Program Counter) and Status registers (usually called the SR). The PC keeps the address of where the program is currently up to in memory - when you jump to a different address, all that happens is the PC is given a new place to start.
The Status register holds many flags, which keep track of things like whether or not the last instruction resulted in zero, or a negative number, and similar conditions.
So in this example, when the animation frame number is compared to 4 and is less than or equal to that number, the program continues. When it is greater than that the frame counter is set back to zero. There are other frames of animation, but if you use them then your man will turn towards you while walking.
There are other registers for doing different tasks inside the MC68000, but you don't need to know about them yet What is more important is that you appreciate the above - that's all you need to understand to use this tutorial.
For the curious. I'll tell you about some of the other bits of machine code - the parts that Bullfrog have steered you around by including lots of routines to do the dirty work for you.
There is a block of memory which is reserved for use by the custom chips of the Amiga. These are accessed just like normal memory, but you can't use them for storing information. They come in three basic types; read-only registers, which the 68000 can look at but not talk to; write-only registers, which the 68000 can talk to but not read; and read write registers, which it can read and talk to.
These hardware registers are the gateway between the 68000 and the Amiga. For instance, if you set one of the binary switches in a certain register, the display will change from low resolution to high resolution.
It's not all that simple, not by a long shot. For instance, to make the Paula chip play a sound sample, you have to tell it where the sample is in memory, how fast to play and which channels to use. Bear in mind that you have to do this using hexadecimal numbers and you see that talking to the hardware directly can be a nightmare.
If you want to see just how involved it is, use the Devpac editor to load in the other files that are listed in demo.s. Some of them are fairly large. The amount of programming you have to do for even the smallest tasks - like opening a custom screen, reading the joystick and putting up a sprite - is quite enormous.
However, for those interested, the Bullfrog's routines will prove very useful. Many people are stumped with programming because they don't have enough examples to work from.
The trouble is that up to now there hasn't been much available in the sense of professional machine code for you to look at and leam from.
Try to leam as much as you can from reading the source - most of it has documentation.
• £ ¦ $ & 4 ii.
- If1 i *.
& ¦ ¦ 1 !!t-
o r r} fs H ¦J A total of nine sprites arc used for the man
sprite in the demo.
They probably look distorted and unreal to most people at this scale, but they look just fine on screen.
THE HEART OF The chip that actually makes the decisions and runs programs in most Ami gas is the Motorola Corporation 68000. Some Amigas have more powerful versions of this - big brothers, if you like - but the differences are fairly minor, save that bigger machines go faster.
If you're unsure of how computer memory works, all I can do is advise you to read and digest Answerfile, both on p221 of this issue and on p199 of last month's Amiga Format That will give you a lot of insights into the way that the Amiga handles information.
The way the 68000 works is not too tricky to grasp. Inside the chip are stores for numbers, a bit like memory, save that they can be manipulated directly by the chip. They're called registers and can be added, multiplied and tested for. If a number gets to big or small, a jump can be made to a different part of a program - this is how the 68000 makes decisions.
There are different types of registers. The ones that point to areas in the Amiga's memory are called address registers. There are eight of them and their names are fairly dull: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, AS, A6 and A7. Using the Bullfrog's routines on the Collection Coverdisk, you will rarely need to use the address registers.
Far more important for our purposes are the data registers. These are used to store numbers to be manipulated. They're called DO, D1, D2. D3. D4, D5, D6 and D7. There are other data registers, but leave them alone for the minute. In this issue, you’ll only need to bother with the first three - lows. First we increment (increase) the value of the man's x co-ordinate by I every turn.
The value is then compared with 31)4 (the edge of the screen) and if it is greater than this the position is reset to 0. Otherwise we jump over ihe reset command. The value is then stored back into man_x ready for the next draw.
You can change the value in the add command to increase the speed of movement.
Taking a moment to explain a couple of things: dO is a register, which is basically just an area of RAM in which you store a value. A variable is a number that changes, basically, so you can add to a variable to affect w hat your program is doing. Hope that's simple enough to be going on with. Anyway, the way all these things work will become clear as you practice.
A small challenge for you: see if you can write the code to move the man down the screen. The code will be basically the same as the ’move ‘ stuff, but remember the screen size is 320 by 200 pixels, and that the label ’lessthanx' has already been used, so use something different.
A note on labels: try and keep them meaningful or you will forget what they are doing later on. Having six labels with the name ‘.here* is not very helpful.
We should, by now. Have got the man moving down and across the screen. But this points out a problem: he's moving as if he is floating.
The man isn’t actually doing any walking.
Let's put a bit of animation into the man.
66 To do this we take the same routine as was used in the movement, but change a few things. If you're still unsure of moving the man down the screen, the next bit of code should son you out - it w ill animate the sprite, and should be added into Move.s. before the final RTS command.
OCTOBER 1992 in faci - so we need lo slow him down. To do this change the line COMMAND OVERVIEW move.w l,dO The move command is one of the most heavily used commands. For simplicity we are using move.w - the w means word-sized data only. It is the equivalent of the basic LET statement. It loads x (a number) into dO.
Add.w l.dO The add command does just that: it adds the value of 1 to dO.
Sub.w l,dO The sub command is similar to the add but subtracts instead.
Cmp.w l,d0 The compare command compares the value of 1 with the value in dO. When used in conjunction with a branch it’s similar to the IF statement you’d find in the Basic language.
Branches The branch checks on the flags set by the compare statement. There are 15 different versions of this command: bra Branch always. Same as GOTO bcc Branch if carry clear bcs Branch if carry set beq Branch if equal bge Branch if greater than or equal bgt Branch if greater than bhi Branch if higher ble to I if less than or equal to bis Branch if low or same bit Branch if less than tmi Branch if negative bne Branch if not equal to fcpl Branch if positive bvc Branch if overflow clear bvs Branch if overflow set Don’t worry if you don’t understand what all of these do. By using them you’ll
soon get the hang of their particular functions. Anyway, when the condition is true the branch is taken. If not then we move on to the next instruction.
Labels You will notice that some of the labels have a ’.’ in front of them: these are called local labels. That means that you can use words like .finished more than once, though not inside the same routine.
Routines are defined by labels which have not got a period ’.’ in front of them and are finished with an RTS command.
Jsr Jump to subroutine. This command is basically the same as the GOSUB command.
Res This is basically the same as the RETURN command.
Asr.w l,dO The asr command means Arithmetic Shift Right and works by moving a binary number to the right a definite number of times.
For example, on a asr.w 1,10 we get an answer of 5. This is because 10 in binary looks like this: and when we move it to the right by one it becomes: 0101 = 5 There are many more commands for shifting, rotating, and slicing, but there isn’t really room to fit them in here.
If you want the best most authoritative and comprehensive guide to the 68000, try to get a copy of Sybex’s Programming the 68000 (£23.95 from Computer Manuals 021-706 6000). It’s very handy for looking up particular commands.
In draw .s. place ihe following piece of code: Assemble this, and the man should be walking a bit slower.
So. In just one month we've got an animated sprite moving around ihe screen and learnt some of ihe most important commands. Next month, we'll need lo put our man under joystick control. Sec you then. O Be careful, we only have four frames of animation to play with, so don't sci ihe compare loo high.
Compile this and have a look. He is changing frames just a little bil fast - loo fast.
Also, scale ihe number down. Afler the line OOOPS!
If you quit out of Devpac, you'll get to some readme files on the disk. Unfortunately, looking at them can’t be done on Workbench 2 machines. Worse, it causes other Amigas to crash!
The reason is that because of an oversight the wrong version of the text displaying program (ppmore) has been included.
Putting the right version on to the disk (copied from the Pinball Caesar Coverdisk) is fairly easy. Boot up with Workbench, double dick on the Shell and type: Copy from Coverdisk39b:c ppcnore to Devpac2:c After a disk swap or two, the right program will be copied over and you can view the documents - they're not at all necessary when using Devpac, but we thought we'd tell you about it just to be on the safe side.
When you’ve been using DevPac for a bit you might decide it’s exactly what you've been looking for in a programming package. You might just be bitten by the bug!
If so, you can always upgrade to the highly-specified, updated version of the top assembly language.
DevPac 3 is probably the only ever Format Gold award-winning programming language. To coincide with this article, HiSoft are arranging a special upgrade offer at a great price: contact them on 0525 718181 for details.
And while we're about it here’s news of a great competition we'll be running in a few issues' time. Next issue, DMI Games will be supplying their PP Hammer sprites and we'll show you how to load them into your programs. In three months' time, DMI will be offering some amazing prizes to the best program created using PP Hammer. And, what's more, if it's good enough that program will be published! But that's just a taste of what we've got for the future: see you next month for more programming!
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981 903 6625 • HOTLINE 081 902 2211 Games programmers eh? Who
needs 'em? I guess without them there would be a part of our
lives left unfulfilled, That part that likes to leave reality
for a bit and pretend to be somebody else, or just to have a
bit of mindless fun.
But who are these people? They have a reputation as troglodytes who live permanently in a dark room, or rich Fcrrari-driving dudes with an attitude and a bank balance to match.
Neither and both are true.
Games programmers are two-a-penny these days, and sometimes considered cowboys. However! Asam Ahmad finds out what some of the better Amiga coders are all about. Interested? Read on... The Top T coders the coun So. Here you are. Planning to read the programming article which follows and become one of these rare creatures, a top programmer with a stack of hit games under his belt. But who really arc the top names in programming?
Let's find out... o § ro m 70 O sO NJ Editor's note: the opinions in this article are purely those of Asam. Not of the magazine.
As such, lake them with a pinch... DISKOGRAPHIES All the programmers here have written the odd game or so, but you might ask what makes them 'top' programmers. The games listed here are complete diskographies of each of the programmers and for those old enough to remember, at least one of the games by each has been either original or technically groundbreaking in some area or another.
All the games that are available on the Amiga have been marked, as for the rest, well... ARCHER MACLEAKI SHAUN SOUTHERN Trailblazer Kickstart Kickstart 2 Cosmic Causeway Super Scramble Talisman Lotus_ Super Cars_ Lotus II_ Super Cars II_ and currently Lotus III_ Star Raiders International Karate International Karate + Jimmy White's Snooker_ _Amiga _Amiga _Amiga __Amiga _Amiga and currently Archer Maclean’s Pool_ PETER MOLVMEUX Populous_ Powermonger_ Populous II_ and currently Codename ‘PIP*_ GEOFF CRAMIVIOND Super Invaders Aviator Revs Sentinel_ Stunt Car Racer_ RAFFAELE CECCO Equinox Cop-Out
Exolon Solomon's Key Cybernoid Cybernoid II Licence To Kill Stormlord Deliverence Time Machine Formula 1 Grand Prix _ DAVID BRABEN Elite Lander Zarch Virus_ _Amiga First Samurai_ and currently _Amiga _Amiga
- Amiga _Amiga _Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga _ Amiga Elite 2 Amiga RIK
YAPP Macbeth RS Titanic Sailing Trivial Pursuit Yes Prime
Minister Amiga Hunt For Red October Amiga Better Dead Than
Alien Amiga Sleeping Gods Lie Amiga Time Amiga Team Yankee
Amiga Deathbringer Amiga Volfied Amiga TONY GROWTH ER Bug
Blaster Blagger Loco Kettle Trap Potty Pidgeon Monty Mole Black
Thunder Suicide Express Griffin William Wobler Zig Zag
Fernandez Must Die Amiga Bombuzal Amiga Phobia Amiga Captive
Amiga Captain Planet . Amiga Knightmare Amiga and currently
Captive 2 Amiga JON HARE Sodov The Sorcerer Twister Parallax
Gallaxibirds Wizball Oh No!
Shoot Em Up Construction Kit Amiga Insects in Space MicroProse Soccer Amiga 3D Tennis Amiga Megalomania Amiga Sensible Soccer Amiga WizKid Amiga and currently Cannon Fodder _ Megalomania 2 _ Cadaver_ Cadaver The Payoff _ After obtaining a degree in cybernetics, Archer Maclean decided that he didn't actually want to do anything in this field at all and hence turned to computer programming. He's always had an interest in computers and their operations, ever since the age of 13. Having programmed for many processors including the Z80, 6502, and loads that I've never heard of, he turned his hand
to the 68000. Quite understandably, he hates the 8086 family that those dreadful PC things use.
Archer once had a bet with a friend about who would write a number one game first and who would own a Ferrari (red) first. Archer won.
Indeed all of Archer's games have been number one on some computer format and Snooker actually won several accolades including Best Sports Game 1992. Now he has a passion for fast cars.
He has a few novel ideas in his pipeline!?), but won't tell me about them. Secret? Thanks Archer. In the future he'd like to see a super machine with one standard model that has good custom chips that don’t hold up the processor. Something you could call a real computer.
Archer's current project is a pool simulation, that plays like the excellent Snooker. Archer can often be found playing with his new ball game and it will soon be appearing on an Amiga near you. It's going to be called ‘Archer Maclean's Pool', and is not bad at all... 69 OCTOBER 1992 _ Amiga _ Amiga 'God' games, for want of a better word, have really became very popular, especially when it comes to games like Populous, Powermonger and Populous II. And the man to blame for that little lot is Peter Molyneux. It's all his fault. I think the man deserves a medal. Or maybe not.
MIKE MONTGOMERY STEVE KELLY OF THE BITMAPS ZX 81 Super G loo per ZX81 Frogger ZX 81 Tempest Chequered Flag Scrabble Backgammon Matchpoint Cluedo Monopoly Scalextric_ Amiga Karate _ QL Chess QL Karate QL Draw ST Karate Xenon_ Speed ball According to Peter, he got into computing because he was (is?) Completely dyslexic and working on computers was about the only thing that he could do. And do he certainly can, with some excellent releases like Populous.
Peter has always been a child at heart and loves playing games. Now he loves designing them even more. He attributes this to the fact that his Mum used to own a toy shop and he often got given the shop-soiled games with bits missing, so he had to make up his own rules... Over the last few years, he's been messing around on Populous II, which actually got released last December, and more recently he's just finished the Challenge games for Poppy II. For the last three months he's been helping on Syndicate which he says looks 'fab', but then he would say that wouldn’t he. Now he's been
programming his latest project code named 'PIP1, which should hopefully be released in about a year. He thinks it will be 'truly awesome', and going by past records, he might just be right... _Amiga _Amiga _Amiga _Amiga _Amiga _Amiga Peter would like to program for a computer with a 5,000 by 5,000 pixel screen with 16 trillion colours called the 'Stonker 1000'. Right.
Whatever you say Peter!
Check out the article that Peter and the Bullfrog guys have written on Pages 63-66, all about how to go about programming your own games.
Raffaele Cecco really broke through to the Amiga when he released his first Amiga game. First Samurai. At the moment he's working on Second Samurai which looks good, at least graphically. Oh, and Raf’s also got a diploma in lunacy or something along those lines, which must be significant.
Raf, as I will refer to him due to the fact that I'll probably spell his name wrong if I type it too often, started programming when he decided that A- levels were totally useless, and he wanted to earn £60,000 a year and have a Porsche as a company car. Instead he ended up with £4,000 and a London Underground tube ticket! BUT! Despite his lowly disposition, he rose and rose to his present position as perhaps one of the best programmers around. Probably.
After the success of First Samurai, he's now working on (by popular demand?) The cunningly named Second Samurai. Apparently he's rewriting it from scratch becasue he thinks his original code was dreadful! It's meant to be released at Christmastime. Deadlines? Nobody needs 'em.
Raf's dream machine would have hardware flipping, rotation and scaling with 24-bit colour, loadsa megs of RAM, a decent 12 note polyphonic sound system and a fast 68000 derivative. At the moment he's happy (?) With the Amiga, but would like to program for the Super Nintendo console.
Once Second Samurai has been finished, he'd like to try his hand at being an astronaut or a trapeze artist (have you seen a shrink, dear boy?)
But he fears he's probably too overweight for these professions so he'll probably stick to programming games.
Richard 'Rik' Yapp pictured here with 1 olfied, a sort of Qix descendant. A power game with a difference. Rik and Oxford Digital Enterprises are currently working on an interesting project that combines the elements of action and adventures, using a flight-simulation style approach.
Rik sees himself more as a part of a team than a lone super-programmer, and along with partners Richard 'Champie' Horrocks and John 'Elv' Wood, makes up Oxford Digital Enterprises, the group behind Team Yankee.
Recently ODE have been working on Cyberspace, a 3D real-time role- playing game. “This combines the technology of flight-sims with the depth of adventures to produce a new experience in gaming," he told me.
Interesting concept.
He started life (as a programmer) in 1979 on the Amiga's ancestor the PET, using the only language I can program in, BASIC. Most ‘programmers' hate BASIC, but Rik loves it. He also loves C, mainly due to it being highly portable across formats.
Rik reckons that he'd like to program for a machine that had sold millions of units rather than going for anything pretentiously high-specced, and hates the secrecy that surrounds the hardware and software that mega machines suffer from. Rik thinks the plummeting cost of hard-drives and CD-ROM systems will mean that design groups will have to be bigger and there will be a new breed of Stephen Spielberg-style directors needing to oversee game ’technicians’ as games get larger and more and more complex. Rik said I must mention Wall, Ade and Colin, but unfortunately there's no room.
70 could have an even sexier racing game on the Amiga with more features than you ever thought necessary until you tried living without them. I reckon that Geoff should now write a bicycle simulator, where you have to waggle to pedal.
OCTOBER 1992 Geoff Crammond left university with a degree in physics. He decided after eight years of doing strenuous 'physical' things that he was a bit tired and turned to the relatively easy task of programming games. At this point he had already programmed Super Invaders and Aviator for the BBC and having left the realms of the physical world he started Revs, the completely astonishing 3D driving game on the BBC micro that set a standard.
At the moment he is working out of house as a freelance programmer, currently signed to MicroProse, working on the sequel to the superb racing game Formula One Grand Prix. Geoff likes “programming on the 68000, but I also like the power that PC systems can provide, but I'm not very keen to program on the 8086 family processors. My ideal machine would probably be a great big computer that everyone could afford and hence have a very high circulation.” It’s quite a reasonable request really, but somebody actually has to produce this thing, don't they? Any takers?
Recently he went driving around the SilVERSIONe grand prix circuit in a Formula Ford car. You’d think he'd be fed up of fast cars by now, and after having worked solidly for two-and-a-half years on Formula One Grand Prix and now the sequel, all Geoff wants to do is have a rest on holiday in America and just forget about it all for a while. What I want to know is what happened to Sentinel 2, eh?
David went to Cambridge where he did a degree in physics, and actually wrote Elite while still at university with Ian Bell. Physics is his profession, which is probaly why David concentrates heavily on mathematical games that involve lots of complex physics. Currently he is working on Elite's sequel which he hopes will be ready for release by the end of the year.
Frontier (as it is called) promises some groundbreaking programming, especially in the graphics department with some fast fully-filled coloured polygon routines for as much realism as possible.
After Elite. David worked on Lander, which was later named Zarch, for Acorn on their Archimedes machine. The Amiga incarnation made an appearance not too mach later as Virus. David loves "programming on the Archimedes, but I find the Amiga a respectable machine to code on. I hate PC systems, I don't mind that Atari thing, but I do prefers the Amiga."
David's ideal machine would be at least 68040 based, with a hardware polygonal display, rather than the conventional bitmap displays that all computers, apart from the NeXT machines, have. It would also have at least 8-bits per colour gun, with all colours (that's 16,777,216) displayable on-screen simultaneously. Oh and a hard drive all for under £500.
David wouldn't comment on anything else for fear of me twisting his words into tabloid scandal. As if.
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We’re here to make life easier L J Kntghtmare'. We've got the good, the bad, the ugly and the rest on the Amiga all at once! Tony Crowther created one of the best adventure-style role-playing games around with Knightmare. Based on the television series of the same name with some bearded bloke. Shame the TV show was a bit poor though.
Tony started programming right back in his schooldays, where he wrote educational software which he subsequently sold to his mentors. He taught himself more or less all of what he knows (as far as computers go anyway), and even jacked in his Computer Studies A-level because he was so far ahead of his teacher. He actually wanted to be an architect when he was at school, but he thought computers looked a lot more fun so he continued programming.
His latest project in the pipeline is Captive 2 - Freedom Fighters, and it's meant to be "very impressive. And it will absolutely knock your socks off." Though not if you imagine you're cool and don’t wear socks.
Freedom Fighters is apparently going to be runnable from Workbench, and you will be able to iconise it so you can pop it up at any time to have a quick play. A nice little break from writing articles! He's also written his own art package that he produced purely for the fact that Deluxe Paint simply wasn't able to do what he wanted to do. He might release his art package, but only to the right taker... Tony's ambitions are to earn loadsamoney, and to be recognised for his work. Fame and fortune eh, everyone's dream. In a year's time, Tony sees himself working on Captive 3. Then Captive 4, 5.
6... cheers Tony, and here's a little more fame for you. Sorry no fortune.
When Jon originally started in the computer industry, he actually lied to get his first job for LT Software. Soon after this, Jon and Chris Yates formed a partnership that produced some of the best games released on the Commodore 64 at the time. By means of a government enterprise scheme. Sensible Software was set up, under which name they have been going for about five years now.
At the moment work is in progress on Cannon Fodder, a war strategy kind of game with an arcadey action orientated feel. The game has been dubbed 'Lemmings with weapons'. Make of that what you will. What else are you working on? ",Megalomania 2, which will be exclusive to the Amiga, and also Soccer data disks for the quite stupendous Sensible Soccer." Jon also exclusively revealed to me that there is also a mind- blowing arcade game, but that's a secret. Thanks Jon.
Jon would like to see a machine produced that "has not one but two CD drives, so you could load the program from one disk while having continuous music coming from the other." Sounds good enough to me! In the future Jon sees Sensible expanding to cater for more console machines rather than just floppy disk-based machines, and they will basically be programming for the Amiga, PC, SNES and MegaDrive machines. Poor ol' Atari. What a shame, hee hee.
72 After releasing Lotus Turbo Nutter Challenge. Shaun decided that the world hadn't had enough and he released more Turbo Nuttery games, namely SuperCars and SuperCars II as well as Nutter Challenge II. Now everyone's a nutter 'cos he's just been finishing off Lotus III, The Ultimate Nutter. Cheers Shaun.
Who are these blokes then?
OCTOBER 1992 Well together with Eric Matthews, they form the BitMap Bros. So they had to appear in this article somewhere! Currently they are working on The Chaos Engine, but for the time being you can look at a sexy picture of some ‘ard bloke in the classic Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe.
Shaun hates cars. At least he does now he's written three Lotus games and the two SuperCars games. Having just played Lotus III, I personally think that Shaun has created a real masterpiece, but Shaun is sick of writing simulation-type games where you are basically trying to emulate something you probably wouldn't ever be able to do in real life. What’s he doing at the moment? "Apart from finishing off Lotus III I've been working on a breathtaking platform game, not unlike Sonic The Hedgehog, but with another sickeningly cute character whizzing around your screen."
Perhaps the Amiga will finally get its own mascot?
He started writing proper games on a VIC 20, after having played with the school PET, and then rapidly formed Magnetic Fields as we know it today with Andrew Morris, his main graphics man. After a long four years, and several car titles later, all Shaun wants to do is enjoy the quiet life.
Apparently Crete is his destination general, where he just wants to bask gloriously in the sun and just do nothing at all really.
At a push however, if he were to write for another machine in the future, he would like to see 24-bit colour, 16-channel, 16-bit digital sound and at least 4Mb of free RAM to code in, as well as video and sound RAM. I want one please. Then again, maybe in a few years, such a machine might prove to be an affordable reality. Lotus III is a top game.
Mike Montgomery used to be manager of a branch of Woolworths and decided that he'd had enough of the low life and became a programmer.
He'd always wanted to know what a computer was so he bought a ZX80 (?) And taught himself how to code.
Ever since then, he's had a "complete curiosity" about computers and loves playing around on any new machine that comes around. "What would be my perfect machine? Probably a RISC-based monster with a 16- million colour palette with millions of hardware sprites."
Mike has also been involved in development on Gods, Magic Pockets and the forthcoming Chaos Engine.
Steve Kelly used to work as a warehouse manager but due to an incident that screwed up his back, he spent 18 months convalescing and enjoying the relatively unstrenuous and easy lifestyle of sitting on his butt playing computer games. It was then that he learnt how to program.
What would be his perfect machine? "Well actually the new Atari Falcon." Pah! But we'll forgive Steve for the odd indiscretion. Currently he is a designer programmer and often has to deal with children asking him for free games! As well as having worked on both Magic Pockets and Xenon II, he is currently working on a 'top' secret project to be announced later this year. Much like everyone else methinks!
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GAME REVIEW For an age now the Amiga world has been alight with tales of Gremlin's new Sonic-beater. Now it's here, can it outgun the blue bomber? We put it to the test... In the sweet world, spinning at the lollipops with Zool leads to a spray of tasty pick-ups. Collect them for points You may have heard about Zool. You may oven have read reviews of it in other magazines. Bui you're not stupid enough to believe everything you read, are you? The truth of the matter is. Zool was finished four days before Amiga Format was due to be printed. Now normally, that laie in our schedule it’s too
late to change anything, but we were so impressed with Zool that we had a quick reshuffle of our pages and shoe- horned it into this already packed issue. So remember kiddies, this is the latest, the greatest and the most up-to-date review of Zool you’ll ever read. In fact, it's the first review of the finished game ever to see print.
O O m 3 vO NJ Expensive PD Demo?
You know as well as I do that £25.99 is a lot of money to pay for a game. You wouldn’t buy a record just on the strength of the sleeve (unless it was a Madonna disc maybe), so why buy a game on the strength of the screenshots?
So let’s play it shall we?
Well, the intro’s good. I like this, a funky fresh soundtrack and some ultrafasi scrolly visuals, this is as good as a PD demo, and it only costs about 20 times as much. Now l’m getting a message, what does it say? “Prepare Yourself'. OK. If you say so. But what for.
What do I need? Some siring? A ten pence piece in case I need to make a phone call? Ah!
A joystick and a comfy chair will see me right.
Let’s press fire... Like, totally intense dude!
Whoa! The first thing you realise is that it's psychedclically intense, man. And stupendously bright. Now I understand what the ‘Prepare Yourself stuff was all about. First thing, install a pair of shades. That's better.
Oakley’s in place and I can bear to look at the screen without squinting. We are talking the most outrageously colourful graphics to ever be seen on the screen, and that includes any screen. SNES and Megadrive included.
So! This Zool dude, who is he anyway? It says here that he's a ‘Ninja of the Nth Dimension’ and who am I to argue? He looks like a ninja to me. Lie’s got one of those red scarfs lied over his eyes and everything. And he can do all those mystical ninja tricks, he considers the Tumo Heal, says a few mantras and ngags and the next thing you know he's leaping all over the place kicking and punching and shouting Hai!
MEEDS 1 MEG And boy is he fast. Oh! You don't know do you. ‘cos you haven't seen him yet. Well, let me tell you. He is fast. There’s all this talk about Zool being Gremlin’s sonic beater. Well he's not quite that fast, but he is very fast.
Makes Mario look like he’s on Mogodon.
“ This is the game that makes Sonic and Mario look like the sad creations of teams of deluded child psychologists that they are » that’s for sure. He looks good too. His arms and legs are a bit skinny, but I’m sure that just helps him to move quicker. I mean, you don’t see many fat ninjas running around do you?
They’d be sumos instead.
Zool’s got to fight his way across seven worlds of fiendish foes, all of them things that you'd never expect to have an evil side. He Orange jellyblobs are about the least dangerous nasty Zool has to contend with. They don’t fire anything, and they don’t home in on him, they just pootle along. So all he has to do is avoid them.
This bridge is made of soft-centred sweets, so don’t hang around on it for too long... ...or you'll end up on the spikes, which are, erm... spikeyl Green jellyblobs are just the same as orange ones, except that they arc green, and they’ve got red spots all over them. Oh, and they home in as well. In fact they aren't like orange ones at all. But they still splatter into little pieces when you blast them with your laser shuriken.
Collecting the 'V icon gives Zool an alter ego for a short period. Plus twice the fire power, twice the kicking power and twice the punching power!
Begins by fighting sweets, yes sweets, or candy for those of you who'vc been watching too much American TV. As he runs across a world of chocolate smartie cake and jelly.
Zool has to fight off Jelly Lumps and Chocolate Spikes. By ninja spinning at the top of lollipops he can release a shower of edible goodies to be collected, each of which yield 100 points.
There really isn't a lot more to it than that: you run. You jump, you kick your way through six worlds of high-speed mayhem. Sure, there’s the occasional tricky bit. But we’re not talking true ‘put your thinking cap on* puzzles here, just bits of the game that require a less than direct approach to reach your destination.
There are areas of the Tool World that need gates activating, but by and large this is a straight-ahead, seat-of-your-pants blast. And fast is the way to play it. The game design is not so fiendish as to place perils just out of sight so when you lake a flying leap into the unknown you land on a sea of spikes or fall down an abyss. The levels are so well put together that you can make the most of the game's extreme speed and smoothness.
The way to get the most from Zool is to pul your brain in neutral, turn you reactions up to maximum and go for it. This is a mega-fast, mega-vast mega-blast. From the start of Sweet World to the very end of the game, you can't let your attention slip for a second. The baddies keep coming, the terrain just keeps being a little trickier than you'd hoped, those slopes being a little slippier than you'd imagined and those damned baddies just keep regenerating every time you retrace your steps.
Who needs hedgehogs... If not for the pause mode it would all be too much for a normal human to take (I mean you need a can of Coke every now and then, and you need to get rid of fluid occasionally tool, but this is no territory for normal humans.
Here we are deep in the arcade zone, the land of the player hardened by years of joystick wielding. This is a game that can hold its head up and look the consoles right in the eye.
Yes. This is the game that makes Sonic and Mario look like the sad creations of teams of deluded child psychologists that they are.
Sonic's got the speed. Mario has the size and EVERYBODY'S PLAYING ZOOL (EVEN ZOOL) OCTOBER 1992 an arcade machine. After he's gone up and over the top he can clamber on to the control panel and jump on the buttons. The screen says press start (the yellow button), now you can use the white and red buttons to jump the spikes and fire at the Jelly Blobs. Guess what he's playing Zool.
It s worth giving the scenery a good investigation, because not everything is as it seems on first impression. Standing at the bottom of this pit you can't see the big Mint with a Hole, but after a few cyber-punches it becomes obvious that there's a hidden route afoot.
The 100,000 points bonus won't go amiss either, especially when you consider that most pick-ups in Zool give a measly 100 points. But don't spend hours looking around, there's a time bonus too.
WORLD TWO Music world.
Sinful cymbals and dreadful drums make life a cacophony as you venture through this amplifier- strewn soundscape. Pause for a while on this giant keyboard and play a few tunes and look out for the remote control handsets, because they're your restart points.
WORLD THREE Fruit World.
Crazy carrots and touchy tomatoes look to cream you in this vegetable voyage. Take great care with the grapes, if you don't polish them off they either get you, or plant themselves and send out new wine fruit to do you in. Chop the carrot heads for bonus pickups.
WORLD FOUR Tool World.
Brutish ballbearings and wagish woodworm are out to nail you in this hardware shop from hell.
Glide along the screw head slipways and greased glideways as you journey through this metallic mayhem. Watch out It's a kind of Texas chainstore massacre.
76 OCTOBER 1992 WORLD FIVE Toy World Murderous marbles and terrorist toy tanks make this level no playtime.
Mind the Meccano, the ripped ends are perilously sharp. The tanks are virtually indestructible, so give them a wide birth. Make the most of the numerous
a. _r . Restart points, you’re
• T • • • going to need them.
Ihe gamcplay. Zoo!'s goi both. And when you’re bored with playing games (and it will take you an age and a half to get bored of Zoo!) I'd like to see you use a console to digitise some pictures or write a hit record.
Let’s face it. If Sonic was being reviewed in AMIGA Formal it would get ooh. About 91 per cent, sure that’s good, but when you compare it to Zoo ’s massive... ah but that would be telling. You'll have to read on to find out.
So don’t cheat and go looking at the bottom of the page ahead of time. The only excuse for anyone to buy a console now would be Gremlin developing Zool for the GameGcar.
The game is far from faultless though, it w'ould have been nice to see a few more puzzles. It would’ve been nice to be rewarded for obscure things like only collecting every- fifth pick up. In short, it could have more depth.
But as soon as you begin to play, any reservations you may have had evaporate in an instant. Let’s face it. You just don't have time to play puzzle games when you’re fighting caustic cutics at this frenetic pace.
Some people, our cx-Serceplay Editor Trenton Webb for one. Criticise this type of game for not being intellectually stimulating enough, but by and large those kind of people who stay at home playing chess rather than going out hang-gliding. (I must apologise right now for implicating Trent in this vicious slur on couch potatoes, because he would be the first to jump off a tall building tied to nothing but an clastic band.)
But w-hat I’m trying to say is. No! This isn’t an intellectually stimulating game, it’s an exciting game. Possibly, no definitely the most exciting game ever seen on the Amiga, which is itself the most exciting computer ever.
Which means, if I’ve done my sums right, that ZooI is the... roll of the drums, most exciting computer game ever. Yes. There I’ve gone and said it. Any complaints, send them on a post card to AMIGA Power at this address, cause I really don’t wanna know. This is the one brothers and sisters, the game that kicks out all the jams, the most unrelenting-computer gaming experience this side of the virtual orgasm.
Zool is nothing new Hell. I know I should really say more about the game, but what is there to say. You've seen dozens of games like this before. You shoot at things, you punch things, you kick things, and they die. Every so often the things you punch and kick turn into goodies, and you collect the goodies and you get points, and if you finish a level in a fast time then you get points for that too. And after three levels there is a Boss, and he's big and tough and you have to kill him too. And them are power ups. And it isn't always to get from A to B. so you have to take a round-about route,
and No! No! No! It all sounds so mundane doesn’t it.
I wish I could tell you that ZooI breaks the mould, banishes the tedium, redefines the cutesy platform concept, but it doesn’t. It conforms in every way to what you’d expect from a perfect cutesy platform game. And in doing so it has become the perfect platform game. If I were to go on Desert Island Floppies this would have to be right up there with the Smashing Pumpkins album and a copy of Breakfast of Champions as one of the things I could not live without. Oh! And a ruddy great solar cell to power my Amiga with, too.
In fact Zool is so conformist that it even goes along with the current trend of having sub games. For those new to this term a sub game is a computer game that simulates piloting an underwater military vessel (no it's not. Stop being sill and get on with it - Ed).
A sub game really is another game, subsidiary- to the main game, but contained within it. And Zool has two. The first is level seven, or Shoot-em-up World as Gremlin have imaginatively called it. But. Rather than being an arcade action game it’s a... shoot-em-up.
Being level seven you might expect it to come before level eight, but there isn’t a level eight. So Gremlin, being bright chaps, thought they should find somew-hcre else to pul it. In the end they hid it. And not just in one place where you might stand a sporting chance of finding it. But all over the place. So you might be tearing along fighting murderous marbles in Toy World when you will suddenly be transported by a chrono-synclaslic infundibulum to a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up. If this happens, do not adjust your set. Normal service will resume as soon as you get killed.
Melody Maker and NME The option screen at the start of Zool lets you select the soundtrack. The musiclcss sound effects are excellent, and really help you tell what’s going on in the game, but the other audio tracks are excellent too. You can choose from rave. Rock, green and funk. 'Hie rave track is the best for an in-game soundtrack, but the best music of all is the stuff they play over the ’Get Ready’ screen. And while this is playing you get a cute little metallic robot voice telling you to... get ready.
These screens also feature a subtle, but witty, backdrop that scrolls behind the text at an amazing rate. It isn’t the intro screens that matter though. Excellent as they are. It’s the game they sandwich between them that we arc here to pay homage to. If you like all things cute and colourful, you’ll love this, and if you aren’t predisposed to platform games you'll still love it. If you don’t you need an analyst for your deep-seated alienation complex.
If you only buy one game this year... you aren't spending enough on computer software.
Marcus Dyson O
• A mind-blowing Irip with the volume turned up graphics, get
thermonuclear protection before you look at these screens.
• Scrolling that’s smoother ’n’ Ihe cream in those horrible
American cakes.
• I'ltra-responsive control method makes dod* gin', weavin’.
Duckin' and divin’ a cinch.
• From Yorkshire.
• A mega-fast, mega-vast mega-blast.
W 95% Zool Gremlin ¦ £25.99 SC 001157 III Wit 157 36's 351 LI Ot WORLD SIX Fun Fair World.
Horrific hammers and chaotic candyfloss come gunning for you in this unfairground. Don't just hang around on the bouncy castle, you've got a game to finish. But make sure you visit the amusement arcade, this is your big chance to have a game of Zool.
WORLD SEVEN Shoot-em-up world.
You can find yourself playing shoot-em-ups when you least expect it, like right in the middle of one of the other levels of Zool.
This level is hidden throughout the games, and It is about as tough as horizontal scrollers come.
When you get killed you go back to the main game.
DISCOVER NEW WORLDS There are seven worlds that Zool must conquer, let's take a look at them.
Part 2 of the B.A.T. saga takes place in Roma 2, the capital city of Shedishan, a planet in the B8 system. This time you are Jehan Menasis, an agent of the famous Bureau of Astral Troubleshooters. Your mission: crush the unscrupulous KOSHAN which holds an almost complete monopoly of the precious Echiatone 21.
Will you make it?
• The Latest Creation From COMPUTER'S DREAM The Thrilling Role
Playing Adventure« t continues
k. on ST, Amiga,
6. And PC. .j Three playable coin-op videogames.
»- A complete 3D-modelized planet system with 4 flight simulators.
* - A new architectural movement known as "High Tech Paradox". A
biogame with 200 independent characters.
X- A new generation organic computer including a parallel language compiler.
• A new sound system which provides an extremely realistic
sound atmosphere (on Atari ST, compatible with your MV16
sound cartridge).
- Confrontations with gladiators and street fighters (2 options:
strategy or arcade).
It's time to move among the grave robbers and space aliens of yet another game- of-the-film conversion and discover a very strange world indeed... Plan 9 From Outer Space H anils up those who used to watch Worst of Hollywood on Channel Four. OK. Maybe a lot of you arc too young to remember, so let me elaborate.
Basically, it was a series which concentrated on early sci-fi films, or 'B-movies'. Which came out of the film capital alongside the bigger. More expensive productions. Films with stupendous titles such as Them*. Creeping Terror and Walked With .4 Zombie were among those shown, and as such the Hollywood B-movic built up a cull status which it had not seen since the 1950s.
In 1959 a director called Edw ard D Wood Jr. Less than famous from his earlier films such as (Hen or Glenda'.' And Jail Bait. Finished work on a film which he called his • little jewel'. That film was Plan 9 From Outer Space, a movie which catapulted Wood to the status of a household name overnight. Not because of its superb acting or its gripping dialogue. But because it was seen by most movie-goers as the trashiest film ever made!
Even now. 33 years later, it is still regarded by enthusiasts as the definitive ‘Worst of Hollywood' (although some of the more recent movies starring adventure (similar in style to Ihe recent Hook).
And package il together with a video of the original film!
K Surprisingly, though, the game is not based on ihe film at all (hooray!
I hear you cry). Instead, it casts you as a small-time private eye who is _ hired by a producer to locate the six W missing reels of the original movie - a refreshing change to the normal film- to-game conversion.
The adventure begins in a film cd by advci »f ar According to Harry and Michael Medved (founders of The Golden Turkey Awards In which Plan 9 won first prize). Bela Lugosi actually died before the film was released.
The footage in which he is featured was intended for a completely different movie, called 'The Tomb of The Vampire', which never made it to the Box Office!
Madonna come close).
Reward the innocent So. As with all popular films. Plan 9 has finally made it on to the computer scene. The producers. Gremlin Graphics, have decided to keep up with tradition and create a point-and-click graphical THE PLOT THAT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE Without giving too much away, here is the basic story of Plan 9 - The Movie... The tale begins in a graveyard, where 'The Ghoul Man' (Bela Lugosi) and the imaginatively titled 'Ghoul Woman' are hanging around after being resurrected from the dead by space aliens. The pair are spotted by a couple of gravediggers who are promptly slaughtered,
and the murder is reported to the local constabulary.
Inspector Clay bravely steps forward to investigate. He goes off into the mist and is promptly turned into a zombie by the ghoulish couple. The rest of the police force alert the US Army to the problem, who discover the presence of flying saucers, and enlist all the military force of the United States to try and get rid of them.
Amid the furore a young pilot sees his young wife kidnapped by the undead Clay, and heroically decides to try and rescue her himself. This is where the real fun begins.
Wooden sets, terrible screenplay, lifeless acting and unconvinc- ing UFOs join together to make this film what it is today -completely and utterly awful! As long as you keep your tongue firmly planted in one cheek while you're watching it though, it's great entertainment!
Producer’s office, where you are given your brief and SI00. The studio is sparse, containing an editing suite, a bathroom and a cupboard that contains a few weird film props.
Outside you may find a building site, with a man who looks like a renegade from the recent series Dinosaurs: a cafe with a waitress who spends all her time on the phone; and ‘The Hub Cap’, a pub with just three occupants.
Before you get around to solving any puz lcs.
That's the entire scenario. Bit small, isn't it?
Punish the guilty Wandering around these areas and talking to the people takes all of. Oh. Five minutes, and then you find yourself stuck, with seemingly nothing to do and no clues to help you. If you return to any of the characters and talk to them again, you will always receive the same replies (which rapidly become annoying). For example. Attempting to talk to the man in the cafe comes up with: "He seems to be engrossed in his food." When he obviously isn't - he's smoking a cigarette!
Similarly, examining the items dotted around the adventure often results in the age- old reply: ‘‘There's nothing special about it." I remember this particular witty retort being annoying in the old Scott Adams adventures on the VIC-20 (anybody remember them?) - but to include them in a graphic adventure on a computer as powerful as the Amiga is nothing Der nor nor nor nor ner ner ner, der nor nor ner ner ner nor nor BAT - M AAA AN!!! "Holy c Batman, the film reel!". “Holy mackerel, Robin. I think we’re in the wrong game!" Der n § - M - i ’)
1. 1 ST-L'iWii's* ;v i.v.'SwaK.*** o-? I- .sr!ski;.,. $ " No, this
Isn’t a junk shop. It’s a prop room. Note the silver plate on
the right, along with the styrofoam ball (destroys the
atmos. You know...) standard (hat is difficult to match.
Unfortunately. Plan 9 doesn’t even come close. The authors have obviously noted the film’s reputation, and attempted to produce a game which makes up for all of its shortcomings.
Unfortunately, the game manages to retain all the dull, cardboard atmosphere and tarnished qualities of the original. Maybe it should just go and join its friends down on Matthew’s Norfolk farms... Andy Nuttall O Plan 9 From Outer Space Gremlin ¦ £34.99 ? Some nice graphics, with a smattering of animation thrown in for good measure.
? Kxtremely dated and basic gameplav.
? Atmospheric but repetitive soundtrack, with some good sampled effects.
? Repetitive, repetitive and repetitive. (With a side order of repetitiveness.)
Short of appalling. I mean, why include items in the game and not provide a description? Is il because there is noi enough memory? Come on guys, ihis is 1992!
Because of ihcse shortcomings, much of the time during the adventure is spent tearing your hair out frustration. The few good points which the game possesses are unfortunately quite short-lived - for instance, the haunting soundtrack adds a good atmosphere but becomes repetitive fairly quickly, while the sampled effects are very good but too sparse.
The graphics, though, are the one redeeming point. They are generally well done, with some nicely drawn screens and the odd bit of reasonable animation.
The humorous element of the game, while rather witty at first, quickly joins most of the other elements for a quick round of 'who’s the most lame and repetitive?', and merely consists of the odd pun (such as a vampire's corpse being hungry' for 'stake') and a few sarcastic comments.
Turkey stakes It's a shame in a way. But all games like this are bound to be compared to the likes of Monkey Island, which set an extremely high FROM THE HD3EI JIMMY WHITE'S MEMD U Officially the world’s best-selling rAmiga games magazinef copies now sold every month!
AmMGm POLICY OF TRUTH Red Bird Records 1965 We won't review unfinished games just to claim an exclusive.
We don't pander to games publishers - we say what we really think.
We only use experienced, professional reviewers.
We won't bore you with mountains of technical-jargon- hardware tedium.
We take games seriously, because you do too.
L° ihe ul™ate challenge V Experience total if- adrenalin overload in this exclusive 'nek from Gremlin- II REVIEWED1 “wotThe Ou*or Space, Lotusmal"! Pla,n 9 TlPPED: InTu'T' and Monkey Island 2 OCTOBER ISSUE OUT NOW!
The Ultimate Autumn Preview returns in a mammoth 20-page extravaganza.
Plus! Reviews of Zool, Lotus 3, Beast 3 and Putty, and the latest news and tips.
I2S + » Four ultra-sensitive fire buttons CHEETAH » Ergonomically designed control handle for supreme comfort » Auto-fire (unction » Heavy duty bate with strong stabilising tuction cups
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CM. Amstrad. Atari. Sega and Nintendo.
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Dixons -fW®Ws ' ¦llXlli'IIH WH SMITH czzna High Street stores
and all good computer Shops Mega meg(d-), very big, 100% Sega
Mega Drive, cornin’ at ya on Thursday 17 September (that’s
soon). Magazine designed for all serious Sega gamesplayers.
Aka: the mag with the most, The guide to Mega Drive and
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$ T After a few days of solid planting and building, the fields soon look like an industrial complex.
But beware of a title-deed mix-up which will cost you plenty of time.
A 4 t* «i*'vv * y i t ••*, , 4 « ,»„j 4 ,»» ,* Traders 84 OCTOBER 1992 FAT MIKE'S FARMING TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL TRADING ROSES BUILDING MATERIAL You'll need this before you can start generating crops, though how you make rabbits from perfume.. WATER PERFUME ROSES UPKEEP MATERIAL without upkeep, your crop will soon die or cease to produce anything worthwhile PERFUME ROSES WATER PRODUCES if you're lucky, a well-nurtured crop produces the following goodies which you can trade ROSES WATER PERFUME The weather affects the quantities of crops that are produced each cycle, but each crop is
affected differently SUN HEAT NO EFFECT BAD GOOD WIND HURRICANE GOOD NO EFFECT BAD RAIN SNOW BAD GOOD NO EFFECT Wilh a name like Traders, you're probably expecting something like Elile, or perhaps a stock-market simulator. Instead it's a very odd. But mildly entertaining game for up to four players.
Trading forms a major part of the game, but you would be wrong again if you thought this was all about exchanging cash. We're talking snail-trading here. Good old-fashioned barter, based on flowers, water, perfume, bugs, sapphires and... snails. Told you it was weird!
Traders is deep, and it takes a while to gel used to. Let alone become good at. It's full of complex relationships between trading currencies and a host of nonsense which just adds to If you're going to trade, you need to know what you can grow and what it produces - roses need water and produce perfume, for example. Here's a table of the various cash- crops' needs and end produce: the confusion. In a nutshell, it's a game where the winner is the player who makes the most cash - but there's plenty more to it than that.
Escargot The game lakes place on a planet which used to be Earth. The owner of this planet is a huge- green snail called Eat Mike. He owns all the land which the four players use to make their money and grow their crops on. As a result he's entitled to a backhander (coolly referred to as Tent') every week. If you don’t pay. Fat Mike will begin ‘eviction processes'.
The weirdest thing is the way you use the land you borrow . There are a number of 'cash- Bart simply The barter system is the most difficult pan. At the start of a bartering session, you have to decide whether you're going to sell or buy.
Then, during the exchange phase, you raise or lower your price to match that of the seller or buyer. Sounds simple, but it’s done with very strange graphics, and the whole thing takes seconds. Consequently, it's easy to overspend.
Traders isn't simply about trading.
There's a vast number of incidental screens and sub-games which require a bit of thought.
There's a robot war section, where you can attack (and defend) plots of land in an attempt to increase your land-area. There’s a space- rocket section where you send out rockets to far-off planets to retrieve snails for Fat Mike.
He even holds a contest for the most prolific snail-col lectors, with the prize of an extra field for your collection.
Traders is. As I've said, an odd game. The graphics are twee (they have a tacky cartoon- feel which doesn't quite work) and the music is non-descript. But there's a good deal of entertainment, especially if you're playing against three other human competitors.
Traders doesn't have the appeal of games like Elile, but it's still worth a look. If there's nothing else you fancy on the shelves this month, you could do a lot worse than this.
Neil Jackson O crops' which you can barter with later on. And their success depends on the the weather. The trouble is. Each crop requires an amount of the other crops. For example, Polmi rabbits (one of ihe possible crops) require flowers every week (or they won't dig for water). If you have a good supply of Mabba Roses, your rabbits are satisfied, but if not. You need to exchange another surplus crop for the flowers you need.
I The cartoon graphics don’t really make Traders look that appealing - but it Ls.
I Ixrts and lots of sub-games and strange events to get involved in.
? Can get a bit repetitive when you've been through the whole trading cycle a few- limes.
Traders Linel DI ¦ £29.99 American fotball isn't all about enormous blokes with enormous muscles hammering For sale: ten New Worlds, superficially different from the originals, but essentially each other into the ground. Oh, no. It's full of intelligence and strategy. Honest. Exactly the same. What did you expect... Utopia?
Touchdown Strike Force Design ¦ £14.95 Strike Force Design's maiden release attempts to capture the spirit of American football with green digitised pictures of bulky, well-padded men throwing themselves at each other's feet.
You opt either to let the computer do all the hard work and miss out on the gameplay, skipping straight to that week's results, or you can become more involved with the ins and outs of each game, choosing each move as it is played.
Admittedly American footy tactics take a bit of mastering, but the manual explains them clearly and concisely, with only a little of the obligatory waffling.
Touchdown is not really the thing for total novices unless you're prepared to examine the rule books or you're a whiz with statistics (the whole game is based on statistical analysis of yardages). But the hardened fan, who thinks he can do better than the Monarch's coach did last season, could have a fair old amount of fun. Clare Hodgson O Utopia The Mew Worlds Gremlin Graphics ¦ £14.99 The first thing you should know about Utopia - The New Worlds is that you need a copy of the original Utopia to play it on. The New Worlds disk is basically just another bundle of scenarios to play with - the
actual gameplay mechanics of Utopia haven't really changed at all.
There are 10 new scenarios and each has its own distinct graphic changes but the new graphics aren't all that amazing, and occasionally they're downright bland. We expected to see new buildings, but sadly, they're the same - only the ground-pattems and the objects which form the terrain are different.
On the game-plot front things are a little better. There are 10 new alien races to meet destroy, and moralise over later. New problems beset your weary colonists on each new mission, and things are gen- erally tougher all over. Not bad, as add-on scenarios go. But it doesn't quite pack the same J punch as the original. Neil Jackson Zj
• Try a few practice games and then youl be ready to qualify
agaret the six teams, al trying for a spot in the Final
STUART PEARCE . TUBI SOFT ertainment Software O Sega Enterprises Ltd U ., *» ".fflVMl T » boan rrtntm&rwl unOor from 6ega Inmpm** IU Japan G Elite Syntcrro, Ltd.
G Allsport. K Stuart Pearce.
Stuart Pl*ct Court**!
• You start the season with a futty fit team and no suspended
players, a luxury that few modem day ma- nagers enjoy!
O Krneb* Software Ltd UBI SOFT Ltd. Fincheley Hou»e, 707 High Road North Finchley London N 12 OBT. T 061 343 9055 LOOK NO FURTHER FOR AMIGA SUPERDEALS!
PHILIPS 8833 MKII Stereo Colour Monitor C= Commodore
• 14* colour monitor
• Stereo sound, ideal tor Amiga
• High resolution 600x285 pixels
• ,42mm dot pitch
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• Green screen switch to simulate a mono display, ideal for WiP
• Both TTL-tbgitai a RGB analogue inputs
• Composite video input
• Stereo earphone socket
• Volume, brightness 8 contrast controls
• Horizontal screen position control
• UK model with 12 months on-site warranty
• Compatible with all Amiga's, free cable supplied PHILIPS 8833
ONLY £29.99!
J Mouse mat -i Dust cove* jtOWarfcdsks J Disk box J Top quality |Oystick AND 3 top Amiga games' £329 GVP series IIHD8 with 240 Mb hard d DRIVES, MEMORY, ACCESSORIES 80 Column dot matrix. 220cps draft55cps NLO 360 x 360 dpi colour & mono graphics 30K 8utfer.l0 rosident fonts, tront panel control Push 8 pull tractor with rear 8 bottom teed Paper parking with auto single sheot loading Colour 8 mono ribbons included Why not phone or write in and ask for our FREE Amiga catalogue?
We Have many, many more products 'O' the Amiga, nckiong some ve*y speoal S$ K back-up products, an delator) in our latesi catalogue. It's free oo request o» is sent wen each order H O © 4 pages per minute with fasi RISC processor 2Mb RAM memory expandable to 5Mb Postscript page generabon. A DTP user's dream' Resolution enhancement with 600x300 dpi fonts' Paraiet senal ports with auto select, cade included HP seres HI compare Acce«s HP font cartridges 1 1 yrr on-site warranty £989'' ¦ unc ¦ Unit 3 Frederica, Caldecote Street, NEWPORT PAGNELL, Bucks MK16 ODD Telephone (0908) 211665 Fax (0908)
217984 A compact, bubbejet printer using the same mechanicals as the popular Canon BJ-10. Giving you laser print quality at a fraction 01 the price'
• 64 Nozzle mk jet • 360 x 360 dp. Graphics
• Massive 28K RAM buffer • AC power supply included
• Emulates EpSOnLQ IBM • Sharp, laser quality pent
• Portable with optional Ni-Cad • Amiga interlace lead battery
pack included tree!
StarJet SJ-48 Bubblejet Printer f New ink cartridge«oi«c*.»&jio ««-& ¦«. '_ Optional automatic sheet feeder £52.95 Optional Ni-Cad battery Star LC200 9 pin colour £189.95 Star LC24-200 24 pin colour !
• 80 Column dot mairix. 185cpsdrafl'40cps NLO • f
• 240 x 240 dpi colour & mono graphics • :
• 16K Butter. 8 rosident fonis. From panel control • :
• Push 8 pull tractor with rear & bottom teed •
• Paper parking with auto single sheet loading •
• Colour 8 mono ribbons included •
• Amiga interface lead supplied free! • Amiga interface lead
supplied free!
LC200 mono ribbon one £5.95 six £32.95 LC24-200 mono ribbon one £7.95 six £44.95 LC200 colour ribbon one £11.95 Six £66.95 LC24-200 colour ribbon one £13.95 Six £72.95 LC200 optional auto sheet feeder £72.95 LC24-200 optional auto sheet feeder £72.95 Star Laser Printer 4 StarScript Laser 4 includes fitted 20Mb hard disk drive, as well as floppy dnve. But does not include Deluxe Paint or game AMIGA 600 OPTIONS 1Mb RAM Upgrade with real lime clock £47.95 1 Mb RAM Upgrade only £42.95 40Mb Hard Drive, ins mo nw ide sioi on the 600 £259.95 80Mb Hard Drive, ins mo me ide sioi on me 600 £319.95
* New slimline design i Built-in 1Mb 3.5" disk drive ' Connects
to your TV with the built-in TV modulator Massive 1 Mb RAM
(expandable to 10Mb) Amazing 4096 colour graphics Superb 4
channel digital stereo sound Speech synthesis ' Multi-tasking
capability Mounting space for industry Standard 2.5” IDE hard
disk drive Smartcard slot for future memory expansion 8 game
cartridges ' Workbench 8 Kickstart 2.0 disks 8 manuals supplied
1 Mouse included along with all connecting cables. PSU 8 plug
£279" ie game worth £24.99!
• 4 pages per minute with tasi RISC processor
• 1Mb RAM memory expandable to 5Mb
• 14 resident textscaiaWe toms
• Resolubon enhancement with 600x300 dpi foms'
• ParaMeisenai ports wlh auto select, cabemduded
• HP senes incompatible
• Accepts HP loot cartridges
• lyron-site warranty £, PRINTERS sear* StarJet SJ48 A570
• Compatible with Amiga 500 and Amiga 500 Plus
• 1 megabyte RAM and Kickstan i .3 or 2.0 required
• Plugs imo the expansion port on the side ot the A500
• 500 megabyte* capacity on each compact disk!
• Plays CDTV disks on your Amiga, currently 90- available
covering education, productivity, music, entertainment, another
50 promised be'ore Christmas
• Will also play regular audio CD's and CD*G graphic CD's that
display graphics and the lyrics to the songs, on your TV or
monitor, as the song's are playing
• Includes tree compact disk containing over 600 Amiga programs'
• Amiga 600 version due out soon GVP series IIHD8 wilh 52 Mb hard
drive £344.99 GVP series IIHD8 with 120 Mb hard drive £454.99
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• iflvl! 1992 Al irMjnjm
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• Loads programs and data up to 10 times taster than floppies!
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• 2 year warranty GVP SERIES II HD8 Hard Drives for A500 A570
DISKS £4.95 £10.95 £19.95 £37.95 £174.95 8Mb RAM expansion for any A500 Cumana 3.5" external disk drive 512K RAM expansion with clock 512K RAM expansion without clock 1Mb RAM expansion for A500 Plus 2Mb RAM expansion for any A500 BECAUSE HO 111 VOU PLAV IS AS IMPOATANT AS LUHHT VOU PLAV, FUTUAE PUBLISHING ANNOUNCES A MAGAZINE THAT BAINGS VOU THE BEST OF BOTH.
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Clinch Gable, (he editor of Core Piciwvs* new film production. Is in big trouble, Editing into the early hours of the morning, he finds himself dozing further and further into slumherland. Eventually sinking into a deep, deep sleep a bit like most of the staff of Amiga Format, mcthinks).
OCTOBER 1992 Woken in the morning by a phone eall from his irate boss, lie discovers that his film reels are missing and that all his hard work has been filched by the company's nearest rivals.
Grumbling Pictures. Naturally he is a little annoyed and. Being a heroic sort of chap. He Premiere takes it upon himself to rescue them. And guess what ’ Yes. You take on the role of Clutch in his quest.
As it turns out. The six film reels have been strategically placed in six different film sets around the Grumbling studios. Each set has a different theme, from cowboy western to sci-fi adventure, and in order to root out the film Clutch must take on all manner of baddies who are out to prevent him finding it.
The nasties in the game are relevant to each set: for example in the western you have cowboy s and indians. Tumbleweed and circling vultures, while in the black-and-white setting you'll find mummies, moving hieroglyphics and slinky black eats. The music also Ills the bill perfectly, with some natty tunes belling out of your Amiga monitor which really add to the atmosphere of the game.
Passing through one of the doors in each set will take you ’backstage’, away front the film scenario and into a world of scaffolding, props and film cameras. Some of the nasties can be found here as well (rehearsing. I suppose* and they're just as deadly as their Equity card carrying colleagues. Help is at hand in the form of a variety of weapons which may be picked up along the way and can be used to vanquish any foe you come across. From the six-shooter of the westworld to the magic spells of fantasy land, they are always there in great abundance.
After each level a bonus game must be completed before the film reel can be retrieved. This takes the form of a short scene from a film w hich must be acted out by Clutch himself. For example, at the end of the black- and-white film level our hero must ride a truck along a railway line, collecting ammo and dodging various obstacles, while the sci-fi scene ends with a scrolling shoot-em-up. This all adds to the fun of the game, providing a much-needed break from the platform sections.
Not-so-tiny 'Toons And so goes the story of Premiere. Some may consider it to be 'just another platform game', hut I reckon it's got enough style and imaginative content to blow most others of the genre out of the water. Each level requires thought to complete (as well as some nifty joystick action) because several puzzles must be solved before the route to the exit becomes apparent.
Instead of the usual sprites, here you have large cartoon-type characters that are very cute and nicely animated, and they are set against some superbly drawn backdrops. The control system takes a bit of getting used to. But after a while you'll find yourself zooming Clutch about the screen with the greatest of ease.
So is it Amiga Formal Gold quality?
Well, it's close, but unfortunately it doesn't quite make it. Mainly because the action is pretty similar on each level and so tends to get just a wee bit repetitive. The in-between levels break this up though, and all in all. Premiere is a hell of a game. It looks pretty, plays well and presents a great challenge to all platform freaks out there w ho arc looking for something just that bit different.
Andy Nuttall O Premiere Core Design Ltd ¦ 25.99 ? Excellent presentation, especially the superb film-style intro sequence.
? Brilliant, colourful cartoon-style graphics.
? Main screens can get a little repetitive after prolonged sessions... ? ...but the in-between-level games make up for that admirably.
CHART If you run a personal bank account and have an AMIGA
PLUS makes full use of the Amiga's window interface to amend
or update an entry or Standing Order simply click on it.
Your screen looks just like a bank statementl STANDING ORDERS & DIRECT DEBITS EATEN ALIVE PFM PLUS handles Credit and Debit - Weekly. 4 Weekly Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and even complicated regular payments like 12 payments of £52.99 followed by one of £12.50, PFM will check the date and automatically insert standing orders as they become due.
If you're the type that likes to look ahead then PFM allows you to set budgets for both expenditure and income. Up to 28 budgets can be set over a year, a quarter or a month and then displayed either in figures or as a bar graph for a given period.
Income Expenditure for these budgets can also be shown as a pie chart so you can tell at a glance where your money's gone. PFM also allows you to display or print your budget groups selectively so you can see your expenditure quickly and easily.
BUDGET COMPARISION BAR GRAPH Multiplo Accounts Each file can hold up ton accounts, oaen with own on trios artf standing orders Automatic posbng of ontnos between accounts is undor M contr© of the user Automatic Standing Orders Stand ng odors can Do set up ‘o each separate account Stan and e x) dates can be specified w-tn payment penods Of weekly. Monthly, quarterly. 6 monthly, yearly o |ust a smgie payment Entry Posting Transactions made on one account can be automatically posted' lo a second account PFM Pius displays *jii details of entry sources and destmatons The feaiuro also apples to
standng orders Multiple views Up to 5 mews of any one window can be displayed at the same time tNs ©lows 0"erert parts o’ the account lo On vsi&e through dependent scrotiog or copes o' graphs to bn dsptayod covering different t me penods a total of 6?
Windows are defined Account Flies Each Me contains accounts ana stand mg order enines.
Budget details and M formation on the suns and posi 60ns Of all account windows Auto Balance Automate account baiancng against statement FaoKy to continue search i© further balance matches Upgrading from PFM PFM Plus includes a ubity to convert original PFM F e$ to the new format, so you need not lose vaiuabe data by upgrading Printouts On screen dspays and printouts for budge! Comparisons tables and account summaries. «n addition to the normal Statement and standing order pnnlOUiS UPGRADE FOR £15 If you already own Personal Finance Manager and want to upgrade to PFM Plus simply return your
original disk with £15 for a full copy of PFM Plus.
IMPROVED FEATURES INCLUDE ? Handles multiple account if Full printer report for- with Auto transfer matting ? Graph of Trend Plotting ? Desktop Calculator if Increased Budget handling ? Extensive user configurable options Printer Formatting Extensive control over the format of printing statements alomrg aternatve character pitches bod underinng and italics printing Printer control codes defined m separate Cchfiguraton »l* User Options Many configuration opfons can be controlled by the user £ am©ies include entry defaults, pafette. Initial pam and data Me names. Alt options mctudng desktop
icon positions may be saved to disk Desktop PFM Pius uses workbench desktop from which accounts may oe selected. The desktop also includes an analog dock and a four funcbon calculator the calculator can be used even it t is not m the top wndow Oosktc© on$ can be re arranged as requred Graphs Four different typos of graph p»t are available A balance plot, a pie chan snowing selected budget categories, a budget comparison bar chart and a vend graph The vend graph can be used to show long lorm increases or decreases m your tx’s Ail graphs auto-scae to fit window Search Account search facility
using search mask with wld cards Key Short-Cuts Most mouse and menu operations can also be selected by a key stroke He*p On ane hep oaogs cover a range ol key topes £$ £$ C$ £$ £S£SCS£S£$ £S£S£SCS«CS£S£SCSCS£SC$ £S£5£ S£SC$ £S£SCSC$ £S£S£S£$ £$ £$ £S£$ £$ £$ £$ £$ £$ £$ £SK£S £S£$ £$ £S£$ £S£$ £S£S£S£S£S£S£S£S£S£SC$ £$ £$ £$ £$ £$ £ SCSC$ £S£S«CS£S£$ CS£S£S£$ C$ £S£S£$ CS£S£$ £$ t$ W« BALANCING WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER A JUGGUNG ACT PERSONAL FINANCE PROGRAM BY PETER VEALE AMIGA CONVERSION BY DAN LENNARD Based upon the original highly successful Personal Finance Manager, PFM Plus from Michtron is packed with additional
features, improvements and enhancements all designed to give you better control over your money. Take a look at this comprehensive specification.
When you get your bank account statement or a balance from an aufobank machine you can confirm it with PFM quickly and easily. Simply select PFM’s unique "Auto Balance" option and type in the balance as given by the bank and PFM will attempt to balance and highlight entries that have not yef been processed through the bank.
* The number of entries is limited only by memory size
* You define the file size
* Old entries are automatically deleted
* Automatically places entries in date order
* European or U.S.A. date formats
* Balance ol account graph
* Moveable and re-sizeable windows
* Run multiple bank accounts by simply using different file
Multi-Tasking allows Multi-Account access.
" Facility to check off items against statements " Locates cheques written months ago in seconds
* Selective print features for dates statements standing orders
and budgets.
Cornwall. PL25 4YB Allow up to 28 Days for delivery.
?¦S3® BY PHONE: WITH CREDIT CARDS TELE: (0726) 68020. £40.95 (inc P&P) Please send me AMIGA PFM PLUS at £40.95 (inc P&P) Cheque enclosed made payable to MICRODEAL.
Please Debit my Credit Card Account. Expiry Date .. ????????????????
NAME: . Address: .postcode ... Signed:.
NOT COPY PROTECTED I tiAn i Do you fancy yourself as a sleek, attractive woman with a mystery to solve? Or do you just fancy yourself?
James Leach sorts out his psychoses in a French-produced, adult-orientated Interactive adventure... Fascine You can tell when you're having 'one of those days'. First your tights ladder. Then your high-heel snaps off as you rush to the departure gate and finally, as you're settling down with Vogue on the plane, a man dies in the next seat. What's worse, he gives you a briefcase with a vial of something incredibly secret in it. As life slips away from him before your disbelieving eyes, he croaks something like: "Take this briefcase to the President of the Quantum Unlimited Lab in Miami." Then
he croaks, full stop.
Thus begins a mystery that might chill your very heart, still your blood and enlarge your liver, in which you play a gorgeous brunette called Doralice. Pronounce that 'lecse' not 'lice'.
Hormone imbalance OCTOBER 1992 The game itself is one of the sort where you point at things shown in the locations, and if the computer recognises them it enables you to pick them up. Use them, keep them or drink them. It's called 'Interactivity'. What happens is that you slowly build up a picture of what you can use with what, and what effects this might have. Call it logic, call it common sense, call it knowing how the programmers’ minds work. The result is that you slowly progress along through an adventure planned out in meticulous detail.
Feel. The fantasy setting is obviously absent, so you end up looking at screens of not particularly interesting hotel rooms and suchlike.
OK. So you're playing a woman. How does this affect the game? Well you might hope that it redresses the imbalance in favour or maics in computer ~a stunning insight software, but. Er. You'd better take a look into the female at what happens when you pop slinkily into psyche it is not** Monkey Island 2. You'll be thinking. Yes.
It’s pretty similar to that in the way that it works, but doesn't have the same polished the shower. A nude woman is what happens. A nude showering woman appears on the screen in several poses, all designed to start a hormonal reaction in the (male) players of the game. Yes. It's sad to say but they have to sloop to stuff like this (and quite early on in the sequence of events, too).
But isn't this what adult-orientated software is about? Maybe, but it doesn't add to the plot and it certainly doesn't make you feel at ease with the the gorgeous female you’re supposed to be playing. A stunning insight into the female psyche it is not.
As you progress through the game, you realise that it isn't very flexible. The route you’re supposed to take is pretty clearly defined. The very nature of interactive games is such that you can’t go wandering off where you please. There just isn't room for all that extraneous data. This means that all you need to do is to be persistent. Collect everything you can. Try using everything you can and make the odd logical leap.
For example, there’s a wall-socket. An adaptor and a toothbrush with different voltage settings. How much lateral thinking is required to bring these three items together? And when you do. Lo! - another item is discovered, which interacts with several other items later in the game. Tins is pretty much how you progress through the game that is Fascination.
Hie graphics are very much the same as you've seen before. Neatly drawn, with the emphasis on a slightly cartoony feel, they are clear enough to display everything you're supposed to see. The game contains plenty of small objects resting in fairly inaccessible places, and the only way to get these is to see them, then move the mouse over to them. The graphics have been drawn with this in mind, so COMPETITION 91 OCTOBER 1992 you don’t feel cheated because you haven’t noticed a vital clue. Roaming the mouse around and seeing what shape it changes to is also a good way of sorting out what you
can interact with in the game.
'Hie system used is pretty fool-proof, even if it does involve a disproportionate amount of clicking ’OK’ when you’ve decided on what course of action you arc going to take.
Fascination has a vein of humour running through it which borders on the witty, litis sits uneasily with the voyeuristic adult-orienta- tion’ which pervades it.
The interaction with other people in the game is a bit of a let-down. They seem only to give you the information you need, then clam up. Thus all you have to do is ask them your pressing questions once and the answers are magically revealed with little further brain- usage by the player.
Overall, Fascination is a competent attempt at a mouse-controlled adventure. The setting isn’t inspiring, though, and the structure a litllc too rigid and formulaic. The sexism (for such it is) doesn’t help, cither.
Up against Monkey Island 2. It crumbles into insignificance. But to compare it to the
• Plenty of well-drawn locations, packed w ith objects to fiddle
• Everything is pretty logical, and perseverance always seems
to pay off.
• Almost non-existent manual doesn't set the scene or give you
much useful info.
• It's sometimes irritatingly slow.
• Point and click movement is a bit wearisome. Too.
King of the genre is a litllc unfair, as ihc style is so different.
Fascination is a pretty well-presented product. It's just a little too linear and lacks the touches which would make it feel special. Jet aircraft, pool-side cocktails and disrobed females don’t really cut it.
James Leach O Fascination Tomahawk ¦ £29.99 Thanks to those awfully big chaps and chapesses at US Gold and SSI, we can offer you the chance to win not one, but two, brand new SSI role-playing games. The Dark Queen of Krynn and Treasures of the Savage Frontier. We've got 10 copies of each to give away, so there's more than one chance to win.
All you've got to do is identify three other US Gold games from the modified screenshots below. Easy? Maybe not especially because you won't find these pictures elsewhere in the magazine like we do with the Spot the Shot puzzle every month. So to give you a bit of a chance, we've made it multiple-guess... er, choice.
When you’ve worked it out just jot your answers and your name and address (very important that bit) on a postcard or the back of an envelope, and send it to us at: THE ROLES 1 US Goldies, Futurists and SSI-borgs cannot enter this fab competition, even though every one else in the world can.
2 Closing date for the compo is Friday 9 October because, well, if s a fun kind of day, really.
3 The editor's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding this competition.
4 Go West. Pick up pen - use pen to write winning entry.
Win two adventures WIN YOURSELF A COPY OF SSI'S LATEST ROLE-PLAYING GAMES THE "RPGs FOR ME" COMPO AMIGA FORMAT 30 MONMOUTH STREET BATH AVON BA1 2AP 1 A Secret of Monkey Island B Gauntlet C Out Run Europa 3 A Links B Conflict Korea C Legend of Valour THE SCREENSHOTS 2 A G-LOC B LeChuck's Revenge (Monkey Island 2) C Eye of the Beholder 2 V PHOENIX SALES 0532-311932 Our friendly, highly trained sales team will ensure that your order is dealt with efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.
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A530 Combi 40MHz ? 52Mb Hard Drive £694.99 A530 Combi 40MH* ? 120Mb Hard Orive.£829.99 A530 Combi 40MH2 ? 240Mb Hard Drive....£1019.99 A530 68882 Co-Processor ......£229.99 DESPATCH 0532-310796 Once you have made the decision to purchase from Phoenix your order will be dispatched promptly and without fuss.
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2. 04 Workbench Includes: Deluxe Paint 3.
Platinum Works. Home Accounts. Toki, Puzznic, x Elf, Amiga Format Book and Joystick AMIGA 1500 ..237 £539.99 This SPECIAL OFFER combines both the A1500 (as shown above) and the legendary Commodore 1084 SDI M°ni,0r «-7«o AMIGA 1500+1084 SDI £729.99 Limited Stocks Only!
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• Presentations • Home Line Tester • Cartoon Productions (both
visual and sound).
ROCGEN Plus £129.99 Quality features and performance-Recommended.
ROCKEY BY ROCTEC The new chroma key unit - used in conjunction with a Genlock • allows you to superimpose live video over graphics or video-substitute the brightness portion of a video source with a keyed image-Embed live video in graphics!
£299.99 Zy-Fi Stereo speakers .£37.99 Superb sound and excellent dynamics. These two- way stereo speakers are an Amiga Standard- Excellent companions on any gaming soiree!
WORD PROCESSING DTP Kindwords 3 . Mouse Joystick Switch ...£13.99 Don't damage your Amiga's portstth.s deuce saves wear and rear mates iwnchover FAST, and does NOT Excellence V3.
Require power unlike many others Computer Video Scart Switch....£19.99 ftp between Video'computei signals at Ihe push of a button Control Centre ..£34.99 Heavy duty construction,rubber edging, perfect colour match, makes an ideal workstation for the A500 A600 DATA SWITCHES 125 pm 0 type) 2 way £15.99 Attention all you music lowers! Phoenix have put together an unbeatable music deal for you this summer.
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In this month’s new "TRAIL BLAZERS" section we spotlight some of the best new products and peripherals currently available for the Amiga.
CD ROM DRIVE-A570 Long awaited from commadore. This essential add-on has finally arrived, suitable for A500 A500+, A570.
£399 £499 £5 99 £9 99 £9 99 . £4.99 , £4 99 £9 99 M d. Midi 2m Midi Mrd Jm Midi Midi Sm Amiga Scan
• Amiga RGB Joystick e*i Joystick splitter .
• Seriai'Moden Punier 1 8m £5 99 Printer 2.0m
HO ..£7.99 ‘Call technical
for complete listing PAU Of fi oftpEft poru yp 000-....
Tel: 0532 311932 Free Fast UK delivery Next-day Courier only £4.50 Same-day despatch on Credit card orders bankers draft building society cheque Postal orders All prices include VAT Stereo Sampler MM7 £29.99 Combines ease of use with state of thaart analogue to digital conversion technology line. TREE sample editing software *audio leadl Pro-Mioi 2 Interface ...£24.99 This fully featured professional quality midi interface $ very flexible giving semi-patch bay facilities ll has five ports in. Out. Thru and two switchable ouVthru. Line FREE midi lead) GVP Digital Sound Stuoio
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VIDEO STREAMER For A500 500*-1500 2000-3000 and CDTV This unique back up and storage system is able to store back-up data at the same rate as more expensive tape streamers.
Using a standard VHS video cassette you can store up to a mindbending 800 Mb!
Phoenix price £199.99 A600 SMART CARDS Utilise the advanced technology of the A600 Smart Card Expansion slot with these NEW RAM Expansion Cards direct from Phoenix.
Available in 2 Mb & 4 Mb cofigurations.
PA 6020-2 Mb .llll.ii.hy PA 6040-4 Mb ....£149.93 BE FIRST WITH PHOENIX!
IWIFT 2 fECHNI Don't confuse Ihese quality disks with others currently available. 3.5' 100% cerlified error tree 70% clip. All disks include FREE high quality Phoenix labels.
10. .£4.99 200 ....£72.99
25. ...£12.99 500 .£174.99
50. ...£22.99 750 ..£259.99
100. .£39.99 1000 ...£339.99 TDK
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10 with labels.
10. .£5.99 100 ..£52.99
50. ...£26.99 500 .£249.99 1000
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Interword ....£29.99
m V2.2 ..£126.99 £44 99 £4699
£57 99 £179 99 £57 99 £36 99 £35 99 £29 99 £59 99 £79 99 ac*2
£89 99 f99 99 £269 99 £52 99 £64 99 Pagestream Font pack 1 .
Page Setter ?
Pen PhI 1 « Professional Page V? X Prownttf V3X Ouickwnte Scribble Platinum lianswriie Gold Oise Ohne Wnrdwotth Professional Orew 3 Xcad 2000 Xcad 3000 Hor links Platinum Works UTILITIES Cross Dos UiSkmaster ?
Oos 7 Oos Opus Oirettory Xcopy Powe* W ndows f??99 £43 99 £29 99 129 99 £36 99 £49 99 Quarter Back £4599 Quarter Back Tools Vs 5 .....£49.99 DATABASE Superbase Pro 4 ..£164.99 Superbase Pers2 ...£61.99 VIDEO PRODUCTION TITLING Big Alternative Scroller £35.99 Broadcast Titler 2 ..£179.99 Font Pack 1 for Broadcast Titler 2......£88.99 Font Enhancer for Broadcast Titler 2...£88.99 Pro Video Post £168.99 TV Show
Pro .£51.99 TV Text Pro £84.99 FRACTAL AND SPECIAL FX Airer image F X £97 99 Oe u«e Pamt 4 £63 99 Deluxe Phcto lab Oeluxe Video 3 Image Fmdet £44 99 Pumate Scenery Animator £62 99
V. sta £43 99 Pro V.sta f 21 99 ANIMATION Image
Master LliVil £129.99 3-D
Images ...OSS £36.99
Amos .....£36.99
Amos Compiler £21.99 Amos
30 ......£25.99 Easy
Amos £22.99 An magic £57 99
Deluxe Pa.nt 4 0» iuxe Video 3 £7199 Directory? £7199 Imagm?
£199 99 Map master lor Imagine £59 99 Presentation Master £169
99 Surface Master for imagine £79 99 Sculpt Animate 40 f?8?99
Showrrafcer £142 99 Video Oirector £107 99 PRESENTATION &
Amigavision ..£88.99
Art Department Pro V".1 £143.99 Art
Department Pro Conv. Kit £57.99 Can Do It V.I.G
: .....£94.99 Hyper
Book £44.99 ACCOUNTING
Maxiplan 4 ...OSS £99.99 Arena
Accounts £83.99 Home
Accounts 2 ...£39.99 System
3 £43.99 Cashbook
Combo ......£57.99 NAKSHA Upgrade
Mouse £24.99 Roctec Mouse ......£13.99
Squik Mouse £13.99 GOLDEN
IMAGE Crystal Trackball .....£37.99
Fanciful two colour shining trackball-who can resist?
Infrared-Cordless-Mouse... LUAXH £47.99 (Rechargeable) Optical Pen Mouse £M57£POA High Quality 8mm mouse Mats £3.99 Powerful image processing tools for the office or the home enviroment.
PANDAAL Daatascan £109.99 POWER-Features include: 100-400 dpi • 64- Greyscales Thruport to printer • FREE Editing software.
Power Scanner v2.0 ..£94.99 Power Scanner Colour £234.99 GOLDEN IMAGE-Hand Scanner Series Features: 400 dpi • 256-Greyscale • Touch up and Merge it software.
AlfaScan ...£124.99 AlfaScan Plus .£149.99 AlfaScan T fine OCR Software!... £249.99 AlfaScan OCR line OCR Software!.....£279.99 EPSON GT-6000 FLAT BED FULL COLOUR SCANNER-Plug into Amiga parallel port, 600 d.p.i. resoloution, up to 16 million colours TQQQ Phoenix Price 1.303.UU ASDG-SOFTWARE-Scanning software comes in two forms, integrated into art development as a new module or used as a stand-alone programme. Riinn no Phoenix Price ..L IU3.33 Because some older games and business software will
not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM. Phoenix have designed a sharer for both ROM chip sets.
Switchable between
1. 3 and 2.04 you can get all the benefits of the latest A500
Plus without the drawback of losing all your old software.
Fits any | Amiga 500 1500 2000.
• Kickstart ROM Sharer ..£24.99 "Kickstart Res 3 5
ROM Sharer £27.99
• Keyboard Switchable ROM Sharer...£34.99 Kickstart 1.3
ROM .....£29.99 Kickstart 2.04
ROM ...£34.99 '(ROM Chips not included!
Msm Now Only.. £79.99 The popular upgrade kit for 12 13 owners from Commodore is in stock and selling fast!
AMERICAN EXPRESS WELCOME PHOENIX. UNIT 19, ARMLEY PARK COURT, STANNINGLEY ROAD, LEEDS LS12 2AE Ptease make cheques payable to PHOENIX. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance. Call our despatch line for details on our full |U range of delivery options both in the UK and overseas. BFPO welcome. OPENING TIMES: Mon-Sat 9.00am-6.00pm £&o.£. range of delivery options both in the UK and overseas. BFPO welcome. OPENING TIMES: Mon-Sat 9.00am-6.00pm t& Paperboy 2 up some bonus points in. Points scoring being, after survivng to another level, the aim.
Now of course it would be scandalous if Paperboy 2 turned out to be little more than a repeat of the first game, a not-vcry-iaxing dodge’n’weave exercise. It is. Though. If that weren't enough, it's the worst-programmed dodge'n’weave game you’ve ever seen.
Mirror in the bathroom The graphics chug by and tend to convulse down the screen rather than scroll: this isn’t helped by the constant disk access while the game loads in a new bit of scenery, so that, just before a big event like a jump, the entire It’s a little-known fact that most of society’s problems today stem from the fact that nearly everyone was made to do a paper round when they were younger. You see. The resentment everyone felt at having to do the equivalent of five years’ hard labour for something like 20p every week still festers inside us all, causing us to be the irrational
stress-laden go-getters we are today.
But. Hey. That’s my problem. Why do Mindscape think that anyone in their right mind is going to buy a game about someone who delivers papers? That's just what Paperboy 2 is about.
OCTOBER 1992 Always the sun Picture a street, preferably in isometric 3D.
Along that street arc a number of subscribers’ houses, the people who want the paper delivered every day. Bombing along the street is the paperboy - you - dishing out papers, as is his wont. The basic idea is to wang the papers into the postboxes of the subscribers, while trying to break the windows of the houses that haven’t seen the light of the Daily Sun. Of course, there are the usual hazards you might find on any urban street: other cyclists, cars. Dogs, people with lawnmowers. Blokes throwing tyres about, roasting pigs, ghosts, and cannons. There are two ways to deal with these. The
first is to avoid them. The second is not to avoid them and to end up in a crumpled heap on the floor. Actually, there’s a third way that works with most obstacles, which is to throw a paper at them. This seems to stop them dead in their tracks. (The Daily Sun is obviously printed on lead-lined paper.)
If you're, how shall we put it more, a more mature games- player. You might just recall the original Paperboy. As far as we know It never appeared on the Amiga, but surfaced on the 8- bits around 1986, as a conversion from the coirvop. The plot revolved around... well... a paperboy, really, and the trials and tribulations he faced on his daily round. The idea was to throw papers at houses that subscribed, avoid the many obstacles and break the windows of the houses that didn't take the paper.
Might sound a tad familiar if you've read this review.
You'd be hard pushed to find anyone who really enjoyed Paperboy, let alone anyone who'd call it a classic It just wasn't one of those games that had any character - or Interest - or flair. Quite why Mindscape have decided to put out a virtually identical sequel remains one of those bizarre marketing decisions that only software houses can justify.
Telegraph road This rigmarole goes on until you cither lose all your lives (due to the pigs and so on) or deprive enough subscribers of their rag. After each street is successfully negotiated there’s a stunt track for you to leap about on and pick game slops dead for half a second. Very realistic. The music is the most godawful racket since Throbbing Gristle’s heyday, although the samples aren’t bad. But worst of all, the gamc- play just has no appeal whatsoever - it’s not challenging, it’s not fun, it’s not even laughable. It’s just dire.
Paperboy 2 is a dismal failure on all counts. You’d have more fun doing the real thing rather than play this. Almost.
Ed Ricketts O Paperboy 2 Mindscape ¦ £25.99
• The graphics are slow , small, unappealing and they scroll
• Reasonable samples make up in part for the ridiculously
terrible music.
• Hardly any difference in gameplay or execution from the first
• Constant disk access means the game often stops completely
without warning.
Striker Manager D & H Games ¦ £9.99 Yet another footy game, but a management game like Player Manager rather than an arcadey action type one. The game is protected with a dongle (which doesn't fit on to a 2000) plugged into a joystick port, which is always annoying.
You start off by choosing which league you want to play in. There are 16 European leagues, from France to Spain, and after choosing one you are presented with the main menu where you can buy and sell players, look at fixtures, and do other typical managerial-type things.
After having built up your super squad, it is time to play that game, and see if your little people can make you happy. This part of the game can be quite amusing because you get to see all the scoring chances.
It's quite fun to play, at least initially, but it's not the type of game you feel compelled to load up again and continue your career in. There are now better and more detailed management games. At least the price has been dropped, from £24.99 to £9.99. Asam Ahmad 00 MCMRNHMHN OR 21 DEFENDER B DO Ten all and a minute to go with Charles 'Charlie' Charles, captain of Arsenal, waiting on the wing... it's almost as though the ball was glued to his feet!
Liverpool Grandslam ¦ £25.99 So, at last the greatest footy team in Britain has lent its name to a game. What a pity that it doesn't reflect the quality of the real thing. The game shows a view from just above the pitch, facing one goal area, and the 3-D effect works rather well. The control system is a little lame, though, making it rather difficult to control the ball on the first touch.
The players move about in a rather slippery fashion, which gives the game a Subbuteo feel, and when you do get the ball it's ludicrously easy to score. This is partly due to the fact that you can't see the goal until the ball has been kicked - making it impossible for the goalie to save it.
Don't get me wrong, this is far from the worst football game on the Amiga.
It's got good, fast graphics, and a number of options including two-player and FA Cup. But it has bugs that interfere with the game and when it comes to gameplay, it faces competition like Kick Off and, unfortunately, it isn't in the same league. Andy Nuttall O DEUTEROS POPULOl You have a group of followers, the grea- flHHII ? Ter their achieve- ments, the more power you wield... to fight the Evil. V Improve your technology and your population to colonize planets and moons throughout the solar system.
.BESETS IAN BIRD - ACTIVISION © ELECTRONIC ARTS OF EXCALiBUR CHESSPLAYER 2 150 The strongest and the most versatile chess program yet, * with the mostF advanced graphics .
And the widest: range of features available. ** iff ©OXFORD SOFTWORKS Adventure and combat in the medieval English landscape to Succeed King ARTHUR.
'.VIRGIN Compilation available on ST-AG.
Amiga Is a trademark ol commodore.Amiga. Inc. kfari It a trademark ol Alan corporation.
Special agent behind the .enemy lines, youryfllttion is to attack*and vive.
Fincheley House, 707 High Road North Finchley London N 12 OBT.
Inment Software ACTIVISION
T. 081. 343. 9055.
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MI £549 99 A ¦W'ffDJVoinwio *" •- »» « WfUm pA* B .*¦« MliMn am MYKUtt fflJC-vCr»Utltr**i"* *‘C»l £49.99 OOTMOtS* T.o ~n -«w« "W" vl. £39.99 ir»hUri huvr untr ta'mii am mvCMAll tym* • ** «* * -I* »w»eo £79.99 mo l&MtlVlf TYUKt) o. iAhvW•V'lK cm am tr moMi™ ws-( ,y..-rvm «-im £99.99 vfrfrRadM0KIJJ.HIO ¦oamirHau Cdn c~c M - cm.99 am TTTltS G»1. UK.mo-, ttlrrmi.* Ai«lrfvVs wi AMIGA 1500... Home Office Pack ’ BRAND NEW ISOlPkl- Wr»l for K h Nvmc and buttnewf!
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Pui dd-e p«xt TU* S*Uu u . .. THE WORKS PLATINUM EdmON: Word Prwevvrr. Spreadthett. A Dalata-e DEI.IXE PAINT Ill 'With Aakutkmt' ELF - A Game of MagK, SUTERBtt!
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Ten BW Divb in a Plate.- libtiry Cav. &xd Mb ) o ixl.
FIRST PRIZE: a day out at the 1993 British Formula One Grand Prix at SilVERSIONe!
TWO RUNIUERS-UP PRIZES: a Philips CM833 11 monitor complete with Gremlin's Lotus Tlirbo Challenege II WHAT'S TO DO?
In order to win one of these superb prizes, all that you have to do is to answer five rather testing questions, correctly that is. Once you've placed the answers on the back of a postcard or sealed envelope, you will have to wait a maximum of four weeks before discovering whether or not you have won the following... A pair of grandstand tickets for the British Grand Prix at SilVERSIONe on July 11 1993. Not only will Philips take you to see 'our Nige', 'their Ayrton' and 'possibly our Martin’ whizzing around the track in pursuit of glory, you will also get a champagne reception, a four-course
lunch and afternoon at the end of it all. All of this without having to listen to Murray Walker or James Hunt. All this adds up to a rather mega day out that will make you the envy of you friends.
If, by some strange quirk of fate, you are the second or even the third names plucked out of the editor's advertising-plastered helmet you will win one of two fabulous Philips CM8833 II colour monitors, complete with copies of Gremlin's hair-raisingly rapid (yet skillful) Lotus Turbo Challenege II.
So, pens at the ready, here are the five rather testing questions:
1) What country do Philips originate from?
2) What island does Nigel Mansell come from?
3) Who directed Gremlins?
4) Who was the last Englishman (before 'our Nige') to win the
World Driver's Championship?
5) How many Englishmen have won the World Driver's Championship?
There we go then, answers must addressed to: The Philips' Challenge, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA1 2BW. Entries must be received no later than Thursday 24 September.
1) No employees or relations of employees of Future Publishing,
Philips or Benetton (because they race against 'Nige') are
allowed (or even enabled) to enter this competition.
2) The editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be
entered into regarding this competiton.
3) We can't guarantee that 'our Nige’ will be racing next year.
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Set IMMarter Mid I It MurtcXJm Ouartrt .... Audio Engkieet Sound Sampler 1 0 90 Ban I Pipe* Profeiilon* 174 88 B*i t Plpei Int Sound Kit 8*1 A Pipe* Muitc Box A e*i A Plpei Mmlc Box B atfJam CHIMIEOUS ARE XX BAD 01 Ik OWIrrtwt Ckoi* Oo* 4 Do*7 Do*
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II EloppyCTik Accelerator Eaccll G8 Route Phi* (Mew Verikn)
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Amiga 600 Balk (1.3) 1 A SCO Pit** Cartoon Cuielci 5 A SCO
On* ot 90'i Pack : A900 i
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Monitor !
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(414b Pop)?l8 Supra SOORX 8Mb RAM 8Mb Pop)338 A7000 1600 8Mb Ramc*d 1 Mbyte Slmmi 766kx4 RAM crtpi per Mb Imbxl ORAM chlpi per Mb AT-Once PC 798 EmuUlet 76Mh 3B8SX BrldgeBoad Rombe VlrtPKt Sharp JX100 A8 Cot Scannei 2ydee Hand Scanner Power Scanner Gerttuet Graphic* Tabht 2ydec Mtcroiwltched Mouie Makrtia Moute.Oper*lon Steahh lira Moum (MKtoiwlched) Mould M* M Blank Dhk* ¦Ok IT Oft I Phrtpi 8833-11 (UK Model) CommoKwe 1004 1005* Commodore I8M Multiple PRIkTERS One leadt-Amiga Printer Drhetl) St* IC700 Colour St* ER-10 Colour St* IC74-70 Mono St* IC74-700 Colour Staucrlpt Pofltcrlpl (a*er t
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PRICES QUOTED ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.. SOME OFFERS ARE LIMITED SO ORDER EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT Cheques PO Orders to GGOSIfl. 11a Buraate Lane. Canterbury, Kent. CT1 2HH TELEPHONE HOTLINE 0227-764204 9.30am to 7.00pjn_ (Answerphone outside normal hours) VISA, MASTERCARD and EUROCARD orders welcome Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard and PO Orders are despatched same day!
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MAIL & TELEPHONE ORDERS ONLY.... NO PERSONAL CALLERS PLEASEI Calls charged at 36p per min cheap, or 48p per min peak. Please ask permission of telephone owi Computaworld Ltd, 174 Church Street, Blackpool, Lancashire FY1 3PS In low resolution, only one window at a time can be seen, which makes it trickier to keep abreast of the changing state of your planet. The Aquarium world is dominated by water, which radically affects the challenge you face trying to keep the environment in equilibrium and your planet alive.
Sim Earth though of course you have to look after an entire planet rather than just a town. But the level of complexity involved is so much greater that this ends up as much more of an educational simulator than a game.
There arc so many things which can influence a complex structure like a planet - many things you’ve probably never even heard of. Let alone understood - and they all work against each other to the point of madness.
A session with Sim Earth will have you wondering if it's ever going to be possible for us humans to live together harmoniously without nuking the bits off each other or poisoning the place with pollutants. It’s an eye-opener, without doubt, but often a depressing one.
Crafting and sculpting a hospitable, life- into life and you'll realise there are still things to do. It’s not an ideal situation by any means, and you regularly find yourself wishing you had several megabytes and a go-faster accelerator to help you along.
The end is nigh Assuming that you haven’t already been put off. You may be wondering what, if anything.
Sim Earth actually has to offer. If you can pul up with a few long waits, you'll soon discover that Sim Earth is full of charm, variety and intrigue, and it provides a long, solid chunk of entertainment and enlightenment.
Essentially, the concept behind the challenge is not the confrontation that other games feature, but nurture. In a way it’s like Sim City, 100 OCTOBER 1992 After a long, long wait. Sim Earth has finally arrived for the Amiga. Touted as the next best thing to being a divine intelligence. Sim Earth has something of a reputation - but so do most Maxis programs.
This reputation isn’t necessarily always good, though. Often the ’Maxis problem’ is that of slowly updating screens, mice which don’t react for what feels like days, and a slightly detached, mildly irrational feeling that you’re not really involved with what seems to he going on. Sound familiar? It was certainly the case with Sim Am (especially in high-res mode) and even Sim City had a few. Shall we say. User interface idiosyncrasies.
Sim Earth suffers from the same jerky mouse, the 10-second window updates and all the other signs that indicate a thrice-converted program struggling to cope in a new environment. It’s a shame because Sim Earth is a wonderful excursion from the usual ‘mutton* dressed-up-as-shoot-em-ups’ we seem to get served all the time.
Two for the money On the bright side, at least Sim Earth docs come in a variety of forms, so perhaps you can extricate the best from two worlds. The high resolution version is flickery on a standard Amiga monitor and it needs a couple of megabytes of RAM (or more!) To work - but what do you expect? The display is really detailed and it’s possible to have several windows open at once, displaying a multitude of facts about your ow n personal planet.
The low-resolution version works on all one-meg machines, and is faster. However, each low-res Sim Earth window (and there are many, ranging from world maps to life-form graphs) takes up a whole screen, which means that you have to spend a long time sw itching between window s. In either case Sim Earth is much more playable from hard drive. From floppy it can occasionally seem like the game’s given up and gone to sleep. Usually, just as you’re about to do the same, a window will sputter The purpose of Sim Earth is very much education as well as entertainment High*resolution is really where
it's at but you need around 2Mb of RAM to make it work. Even so it’s vital to understand the scientific concepts involved at every stage. Then, the screen updates are slow, and mouse control can get extremely jerky.
Rumour has it that the earth was just a big accident, caused by an even bigger bang. But could you make something better in just seven days?
SPORT FOR PC Despite the problems it has with its less than Amiga-sympathetic conversion. Sim Earth is fun: you can spend hours and hours tinkering with your new planets, each one hav- ing its own special flavour and vital differences which make playing the game a harmoniously without refreshins experience each time.
It's not quite so involving as. Say.
Civilization from MicroProse. Because your long-term control is not direct - merely influential. You may not grow to love your creations quite so much, but your planet’s security is paramount. And perhaps that's the secret of bigger things than Sim Earth - a good few politicians would change their blinkered viewpoints if they could see just how inconsequential we all are in the face of global catastrophes. Find of sermon - buy it and save the world. Twice nightly. Neil Jackson O "It has you wondering if it's ever going to be possible for humans to live together nuking the bits off each
other" But WOW. What a game!
And now. As well as the 256 colour 3D PC graphics, you can experience Links on Amiga, featuring exclusive HAM MODE graphics and digitised sound.
ACCESS A serious PC supporting planet from a charred lump of space-rock or a ball of damp gas is not easy work. Most of the time you'll he fiddling with the knobs and switches in a vain attempt to cause a positive effect.
More often than not.
You won’t have a clue what's going to happen several domino-cffccts down the line. Sure, you know that if you increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere then life-fomis will he able to breathe, but you probably won’t expect to then see them all fried in the huge forest fires that burst out as the oxygen level increases. The manual doesn’t really hammer the point home. There are lots (and lots) of topics explained - but in a roundabout way.
Without actually explaining the long-term effects they'll have on your precious planet.
The bright side of life In most cases, when you finally get some life- form to become sentient, you'll find that they turn into evil warring, polluting, destructive nasties who are their own worst enemies.
’Civilisation’ reports complain that their lifestyle is bad or miserable, and that they're working 108-hour weeks; but reducing the workload only causes the game to warn you that Science (or some other researchablc development) needs more energy.
Light entertainment is provided when odd candidates for sentience suddenly develop into rational-thinking beings: jellyfish, for instance, are not usually found at the top of the food chain, but Sim Earth occasionally evolves species like these into tool-using, hard-working bra in-boxes who like to go to work on the local bus. And love to visit shoe shops on Saturday mornings.
• A hugely educational, yet entertaining, 'edu- taintment*
• I nfortunately it suffers from 'conversion- itis' in the speed
• (iuaranteed to interest and involve you for hours and hours.
• A difficult hut rewarding challenge.
Sim Earth Maxis Ocean ¦ £39.99 Play a round All year round .1 U Supports: AdLib™.
Soundblaster™ Msound™ sound cards). Amiga-HARD DRIVE and I Meg of RAM required.
It's raining cats and dogs outside, but it’s a beautiful crisp Spring day on the Torrev Pines Golf Course.
You approach the tee. Driver in hand. Gazing down the fairway, you notice every feature of this classic Pacific Ocean Links course.
The Challenge of Golf takes you to a new level of realism. You can almost smell the grass, feel the silky putting surfaces and take in the fresh sea air. At times, you'll want to replace the divots, until you remember it’s only a game.
So. Put on your sun visor and practice your swing. You’re next on the tee.
©Access Software. Inc. 1991 All rights reserved.
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mode you are unable to actually compete in the Olympics themselves, or to practice against other players. If you want to run against anything but the dock, you have to enter the Management Section. (See below.)
The Action section enables you to just go straight to joystick-waggling mode. The manual’s explanation of different sporting techniques leaves a lot to be desired, as do the rest of the instructions. The Action Section of the game is the same as the practice sessions in the Management part: you are unable to compete in heats against the other countries.
Espana The Games '92 is only a singleplayer game. There is no option to lest your skills against friends': you can only compete against the computer. And the only indication of how well or how badly you are doing is how you compare with past Olympic records (all of which are listed in the compendious reference section). Sports simulations have been around much longer than the Amiga, and Ocean have made a brave attempt to leap out of the tired ‘waggle your joystick as fast as you can’ formula. Unfortunately Espana The Games happens to be the most tedious thing I've played in a very long
Clare Hodgson O room (it’s a pity that there’s no ‘take steroids - then deny it’ option). You can implement the doctor's recommendations in the gym. Then take the athletes into the stadium to practise the same events that you’ve got them to practise for the last two weeks.
When the day of the 24th finally arrives you would expect, at the very least, flash graphics at the opening ceremony, lots of flames and scantily clad dancers. No such luck, the big day comes along and you go on doing exactly the same as you did before: medical room. Gym. Then the arena to cither compete or practise depending on the agenda for that day. Litis goes on until the closing ceremony. When all you get for your effons is your country’s name displayed on an ever so dull listing of who won which medals. Worth all the hassle. I don't think.
Just say no If you don’t fancy the idea of going through all the problems concerning your team's welfare.
The Olympic Games are over for another four years, and once again wc (Great Britain that is. And Eire for that matter) came way down in the league table of medal winners. If you think you can do better than the British team, now’s your chance with Ocean's contribution to Olympic fever.
There are more than 30 separate events (disappointingly, it doesn't include synchronised swimming), and you get to choose which country to represent as you compete with the computer for those vital medals.
The biggest portion of the game is the management section where you take a leant of 12 athletes to the Olympic Village a fortnight before the opening ceremony. In these two weeks you have to gel your motley crew to peak condition by setting training regimes for each contestant, along with making every member of the team practise each of their chosen events at least once a day. So. Day in, day out. You lake the same people through the same routines: first it's off to the medical 104 OCTOBER 1992 NEEDS 1 MEG Espana The Cames '92 Ocean ¦ £29.99 MANAGEMENT SECTION
• A sports management section as dull as Championship Manager.
• Poor diK'umenlation leaves you sitting on the side of the pool
not knowing what to do next.
• DifTicult-to-use waggling system, you’re better off leaving
the computer to control the athlete's performance.
The Management Section is the major part of the game. It enables you to train a team up to Olympic standard, starting from two weeks before the opening ceremony. In your office you will find a diary of all the events that will take place, a file on each of your athletes and a rather inefficient secretary. Push open the doors and either find yourself in the medical room, with your chosen athlete lying provocatively on the couch, or go to the gymnasium and force a member of your team to pump weights for up to three hours a day. And don't forget the 'highly amusing' dick-ons around the office -
there's nothing funnier than pens rattling in a desk tidy.
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127. 95
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• 3 «*oics-. -n Tuiy cn»- o • Pyv.'d ' subtcrrameaA'chve
elephantgfals, fire ad to tm Vatlty of the Lost, the Ice Palace
and I in liiA uest t of mure his safe passage home.
Curscif Lnafantia is available on Commqg re Amiga 1 meg only) Wtffi&P amVKM. PC compatibles. R'p?' J pnself chah r the castle logicians, dj il character* Screen shots from various formats.
Haiiiiiya! Take that, dishonourable samurai san. You lake my sword. I lake your life. It's ihe way of ihe warrior, so who am I to argue? I either gel my sword back or I’ve got lo kill myself. When it’s a choice between beating a few lily-livered ninjas to a pulp and slitting my own throat, it’s easy to decide whose blood is going to be cascading down the oriental pathways.
That’s about as much background as you need in Sword of Honour. The eastern hokus pokus tries to give some meaning to the adventure, but really it’s just another excuse to put a Bruce Lee fight-alike through his paces.
Your warrior wanders round the paths, past pulchritudinous backdrops, beating some people. Bribing others and collecting miniature statues of Buddha from monks. Then it’s on to the castle to tackle Damion, the East’s most devious miscreant, and he’s a notorious sword* snatchcr to boot.
Budding game?
The game boils down to being a beautiful beat-em-up that requires only a low level of intelligence to progress from one level to the next. Objects have to be collected during your travels - you wouldn’t believe how untidy the Japanese countryside is - and then plied on the appropriate person. Most are used to persuade enemies to give you safe passage from one screen to Ihe next, hut to gel the Buddha statues, you have to find the right object 10 give 10 Ihe right monk.
Sword of Honour COME OUT FIGHTING Plenty ot moves are available to the budding ninja. Here's a choice selection.
Weapons can be collected to supplement the power of your samurai’s fists of fury, but it’s surprising how many times you have to slash enemies with your huge ninja sword before they lie down and die. You might as well threaten them with a potato peeler for all the damage it does. But when a warrior comes at you with an over-grown chopstick. Your character crumples to the floor after the first couple of blows. There is no justice. A gruesome ball-and-chain type weapon adds some welcome ferocity to the proceedings - you can fling it straight into your opponent's face - but generally the game’s
loo tame and too lame.
Sword of stone It’s all very simple. Sword of Honour is an OK beat-em-up. But this sort of game has been done many times before and this one doesn’t break any new ground. Sure, the backdrops look stunning, but the animation's not particularly special, the storyline’s inconsequential and you find yourself hankering for something more - a new twist to the routine of hack-and- slash. A decent puzzle to solve (one that’s really going to test your intelligence), some humour, something unexpected. Something that means I'm not going to have to wander up and down beating ninja warriors for the rest
of my oriental days.
107 OCTOBER 1992 Bruce Lee die-hards will lap up the game’s martial machinations, but by now games should have progressed beyond the usual beat, hack and slash-em-up. Something along the lines of Jackie Chan meets Cynthia Rothrock would go down a treat. A beat-em- up with more class, more style, more substance, more humour, more everything.
Neil Jackson Sword of Honour Kingsoft DMI ¦ £25.99 novatech BLUEPRINT 1400 DUNDAS SPUR PORTSMOUTH P03 5RW DOT MATRIX PRINTERS I LASER PRINTERS I INKJET PRINTERS I PRINTER RIBBONS CANON BJ20 BJ300 BJ330 BJC800 CANON BJ10ex SHEET FEEDER BATTERY PACK £299.63 £339.58 £446.50 £1615.63 £195.05 £51.70 £41.13 £586.33 £762.58 £1133.88 EPSON SQ870 SQ1170 DN
5. 82
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3. 58
3. 23 FN
2. 29
2. 00 FN
3. 35
3. 00 £489.98 £679.15 MANNESMAN TALLY MT80 81 NEC P2200.P2 PLUS i
P6+.P7+ |P20 PANASONIC KXP1081 1180 1695 KXP2180 BACK
KXP1123 1124 KXP2123 BLACK KXP2123 COLOUR KXP1624 1654 MS 3.58
3.23 RD 4.40 3.88 DN 4.05 3.76 RD 4.43 4.11 £1260.78 £1404.13
£207.98 £51.70 £41.13 £POA £696.78 £1717.85 £121.03 £173.90
£324.30 £151.58 £230.30 £205.63 £321.95 £395.98 INK CARTRIDGES
S“1s CAN0N efmS U;®“° pimq cn °J130fc Lijjy.su 300, 330 U 6*
17. 33 16.39
14. 10 11.75
14. 10 11-75 £108.10 £233.83 £198.58 £1321.88 HEWLETT PACKARD
49. 35
57. 58
54. 05 C EPSON S GQ3500.G05000
15. 28
12. 93 EPL4100
71. 68
69. 33 EPL7100.7500 8100
139. 82
49. 35
45. 83 LASERJET ll.lll.lilD
57. 58
54. 05 LASERJET IllSi
98. 70
92. 83 PANASONIC 4420
24. 68
22. 33 4430
27. 03
29. 38
4450. 4450i
24. 68
£123.38 £173.90 £185.65 £209.15 £287.88 £199.75 £244.40
£286.70 £358.38 £358.38 £428.88
24. 68 22.33
UUPiONf CREDIT CARD ORDERS ARE NORMALLY OESPATCMEO SAME DAY PHASE AUCM. 5 WORDING oa s «c« cmcohs to clear before ocspatcm COCOS ARE SOT SUPPltO ON A TRIAL OASS T IS UP TO YOU TOCMECK SptCPlCATlCnS WITH MANUFACTURERS BEFORE (II '* ". WE OO NOT GUARANTEE COMPATABILI' PACES A SPECS MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE I AO E CITIZEN 120D Plus £112.80 SWIFT 9 £170.38 SWIFT 9X £239.70 224 £207.98 SWIFT 24e Colour £263.20 SWIFT 24X £350.15 PN48 Thermal Portable £222.08 EPSON LX400 £111.63 LX850- £166.85 FX1050 £397.15 LQ100 £175.08 LQ570 £239.70 LO870 £428.88 LQ1010 £321.95 LQ1070 £372.48 LQ1170 £515.83
LO2550 £783.73 NEC P20 £210.33 P30 £280.83 P60 £381.88 P7C £480.58 P90 £701.48 All Printer Prices Include VAT & Free Printer Cable Just add Carriage & it could be with you TOMMORROW1 1 - SEE ORDER INFORMATION PANASONIC KXP1170 KX-P2180 Colour KX-P1695 KXP1123 KXP2123 Colour KX-P1124I KX-P2624 KXP1654 SEIKOSHA SP-1900-*- SP-2415 SL 92 BP5780 STAR LC20 LC200 COLOUR LC24-20 LC15 LC24-15 LC24-200 LC24-200 COLOUR ZA200 COLOUR ZA250 COLOUR XB24-200 COLOUR XB24-250 COLOUR HEWLETT PACKARD LASERJET IIP Plus * £629.80 LASERJET IIIP * £806.05 LASERJET III * £1199.68 PACIFIC for HPIII IIID IIIP 1MB RAM
UPGRADE £59 2MB RAM UPGRADE £92.83 4MB RAM UPGRADE £163.25 PACIFIC PAGE P'SCRIPT £210.33 PACIFIC PAGE XL (inc 2Mb £492.33 QMS Fast Adobe Postscript PS410 • £1303.08 PS815 MR 600dpi * £2677.83 PS 1700 600dpi 17ppm • £4729.38 NEC S62P POSTSCRIPT 290 POSTSCRIPT PANASONIC KX-P4410 KX-P4430 KX-P4455 CANON LBP-4 Lite L8P-4 Plus-. 1Mb LBP-8III Plus EPSON EPL4000 EPL4300 STAR LASER 4 III LASER 4 S.'SCRIPT LASER 8 III LASER 8 III S'SCRIPT
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£569.88 £699.13 ORDER INFORMATION Please note Printer Carriage
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DN3.17 2.88 SWIFT 9'24 COLOUR C414.98 14.04 SWIFT 24X BLACK DN
6.99 6.46 SWIFT 24X COLOUR C419.39 17.04 STAR LC10 FN 2.76 2.47
ILC10 COLOUR C4 6.99 6.40 LC200 BLACK FN 2.87 2.531 LC200 COLOU
R C411.45 10.28 LC XB24-10.LC24-200 DN 3.40 3.17 LC24-200 COL
NEXT WORKING DAY Dot Matrix 8 Inkjet £8.23 Laser Printers
£10.58 Price is per Delivery NOT per Box Call for non Mainland
& Saturday PHILIPS CM8833 II £179 Including Free Lead Free F19
Stealth Fighter 12mths Onsite Maintnenance EPSON LO100 LQ400550
• = FREE ONSITE MAINTENANCE TEL 0705 664144 L J wm g®®* MM) A
• Cartoon Classics • Lemmings • Captain Planet • Bart Simpson
• Paint III - with animation • Workbench 2 • PLUS
• Hollywood Collection • Robocop • Batman - The Movie • Indiana
Jones • F19 Stealth Fighter • Wicked 30 Game Pack • ¦ Another
50 great games ¦ Microswitch Fighter joystick ¦ Dust Cover ¦
Mousemat NEW COMPETITION Test yourself against Indiana Jones
and Batman or take the ultimate challenge against Robocop.
CALL THIS NUMBER (0839) 550 060 All This Could Be Yours - Just Call Enter As Many Times As You Like. If You Don't Ring You Can't Win So call now to win this fantastic prize Calls cost 36p (cheap rate) and 48p (at all other times) per min. inc. VAT
T. P.P. Ltd. Berwick upon Tweed TD15 1AB. Please ask permission
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companies who may send special otters and promotional
literature. L( you do not want this please e to the a moq mmm.
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_RAM EXPANSION AUTO SW1TCHI Exclusive to us and what a product. A totally unique and brilliant way to catasorize your diskette.
Special launch £12.95
3. 5" 90 Capacity lock together both horizontally & vertically
only £9.95 3 or more £8.99* 5 or more £8.50*
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ultimate Ram Expansion, simple to plug in and 30, Zero Wait,
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A500 i Meg with clock £21.00 no clock £19.00 A600 1 Meg £49.95 A600 Unpop £47.00
1. 3 2.04 Rom Sharer £19.95 Never unplus your mouse to plus in
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This excitins new product connects to the mouse port, selection is automatic, clear
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Only £16.95 A00I l, ;!0 rt.VKU );•’ iTON.M, «V JAM 17 0;!I7AS | , 'A!0i AMY .VXAi ORiAS Addhard 45Mb ..£265.00 Addhard 70Mb ..£323.00 Addhard 105Mb £375.00 Addhard 205Mb £549.00 all prices inc VAT Delivery by courier.
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Rodite Drive .....£52.95 Deluxe Mouse Mat ..£2.75 CumanaZydec Drive £49.95 1000 x 4 colour labels £10.00 NakshaMouse ..£24.95 Printer Stands .....£5.95 100 Cap Box £4.50 Zy-Fl AmprSpkrs £37.50 PossoBox ..£15.00 ZipsOckAuto ....£12.95 10 Cap BoxestS) .£4.95 Speedkins Joystick ......£12.95 Oust Cover ...£3.95 Zyaec Trackball £24.95 FEATURES INCLUDE:
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• Autoboot 1.3 2.04
• Very easy to use
• Does not invalidate warranty TELESALES 0689 861400
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MD OFFICE SUPPLIES 18 Crescent Way, Orpington, Kent BR6 9LS All orders below £20.00 add £2.95 P*P. All prices Include VAT.
TELESALES 0689 861400 All orders subject to availability.
You’ve probably wondered what a computer bug looks like, but were afraid to ask. Well now’s your chance to find out. Bug Bomber realistically depicts the inside of your Amiga. But what you didn't know is that cybcrpunks are running around, laying eggs, planting bombs and mines to waste all those nasty little bugs. And if you don't believe me. Ask our technical editor Pat.
He told me. And he should know.
The scenario may be different but Bug Bomber is a more elaborate form of the great Dynablasier. You run around a maze of square blocks, some of which you can destroy, and try' to outwit your opponent whether he be a computer player or a ‘normal" human being.
Up to four of you can play, the aim being to blast your opponents, and their hatchlings, to kingdom come.
OCTOBER 1992 Right royal variety You have a variety of weapons on hand, from bombs to thunderbolts. The ultimate weapon, though, is the cyberbeing’s ability to lay eggs of five different kinds. Depending on which way you jab the joystick, your little computer person will drop different things: up for a bomb, right for a thunderbolt and left rewards you with a mine.
To lay eggs, it's up to five downwards jabs depending on what you want to hatch out of that particular blob. This is a very fiddly way of doing things and can result in utter ENERGY POINTS THE WAY MINE H Laying a block takes only one unit of energy. Most of your enemies cannot pass through blocks, but nor can you, so be careful, you might end up trapping yourself.
Chaos when your opponent has got you trapped between hell and high water. But after a few- games, once you're accustomed to the controls. The real fun of Bug Bomber comes shining through. Although it's not as manic as a five-player round of Dynablasier. Four people crowded round an Amiga seriously working against each other is always a guaranteed source of amusement.
Value for money is what you want and that's what Bug Bomber is all about, buy one game, get two free. The one-player game is a little repetitive (too much of a good thing?), but both of the multi-player modes arc thoroughly enjoyable. Cooperation is the key to H Placing a mine uses up three units of your precious energy. Once placed, it will detonate if one of your enemies moves on to the square it occupies.
Ihe first multi-player game - up to four of you can pool your resources to beat the ever powerful computer to pulp. The second multi-player jaunt is a trip to oblivion for all but one of the players. The most manic version of the game, it involves all the players trying to kill off everything but themselves and their offspring. For once with a ‘cute’ computer game, the sound isn't a hindrance. In fact, playing with the volume up is an advantage because you can hear ihe eggs hatching and know exactly what sort of weapons your opponents have laid down.
Energy loss Running into an enemy or bombing yourself by mistake (it happens more often than you think) will cost energy points. Each player starts off with 100 points, different numbers of which will be lost depending on which baddy you encounter. Planting weapons and laying eggs costs energy too. But you gain extra points by picking up EN bonuses or collecting the energy left when an Energy egg hatches.
There are also IQ bonuses scattered around the screen, which give your hatchlings greater intelligence and enable them to make estimated rather than totally random moves. (I really do wish that someone would give some to Timmy Mallet).
All the options and the different weapons are w'holly confusing at first, but perseverance pays off eventually and you're left with a fun game that can entertain a whole family at once.
At first it doesn't seem to have the same addictive hook as that of Dynablasier - the complicated controls lake the edge off it - but Bug Bomber will grow on you. Give it a second chance and it will impress.
Clare Hodgson Bug Bomber DM I Design ¦ £25.99
• A Dynablasier clone with twice the one- player fun but only
half of its more-ish multiplayer mayhem.
• l-oads of levels but you only get the access codes every lOthe
• Every level looks exactly the same. Grey, grey and more grey.
• Three games in one. That’s pretty good value for money if you
ask me.
¦ Dropping a bomb takes one unit of energy from your score. These only have a range of two squares, so place them with care and don't leave yourself with nowhere to run.
H Laying an egg takes from four to twenty units of energy. There are five different types of egg, including Painters, Crunchers and Hunters, each with their own attributes.
Me) 83%
FANTASTIC PRICES • 50 DSDD 3.5" 'A' Grade 100%
Quality £23.00 100 DSDD 3.5"
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'A' Grade 100% Quality ..£70.00
WILL Addhard 45Mb . Addhard 70Mb .
Addhard 105Mb ...... Addhard 205Mb FEATURES
• Ultra Hlsh Speed
• Slimline, Colour coded
• Simple Installation
• Autoboot 1.3 2.04
• Very easy to use
• Does not invalidate warranty Deluxe Mouse Mat £2.75 1000 x 4
colour labels.£10.00 Printer Stands ..£5.95 Zy-Fi
Amp Spkrs ...£37.50 Zipstick Auto .£12.95
Speedking Joystick £12.95 Zydec Trackball ....£24.95 MD
OFFICE SUPPLIES 18 Crescent Way, Orpington, Kent BR6 9LS
TELESALES TELESALES 0689 861400 E&OE 0689 861400
Education Government order welcome.
All orders below £20.00 add £2.95 P&P. All prices include VAT.
All orders subject to availability. Mm m | UPGRADES J BANX BOXES Exclusive to us and what a product. A totally unique and brilliant way to categorize your diskette.
Special Launch £12.95 A500 iMeg with clock £21.00 no clock £19.00 A600 1 Meg £49.95 A600 Unpop £47.00
1. 3 2.04 Rom Sharer £19.95
3. 5" 90 Capacity lock together both horizontally & vertically
only £9.95 3 or more £8.99" 5 or more £8.50*
* per box AUTO SWITCHER 0Mb Exp ..£79 2Mb
Exp £119 4Mb Exp £175 8Mb
Exp £289 Never unplug your mouse to plug in your
joystick again.
This exciting new product connects to the mouse port, The ultimate Ram Expansion, simple to pius in and go, Zero Wait, Bus through port Auto Conf selection is automatic, clear
L. E.D. shows which device is being used.
Only £16.95 50 DSDD 3.5" plus Lockable Antistatic Box ....£27.50 100 DSDD 3.5" plus Lockable Antistatic Box ..£46.95 200 DSDD 3.5" plus 2 Lockable Antistatic Boxes ..£76.95 400 DSDD 3.5" plus 4 Lockable Antistatic Boxes £145.00 PLEASE CALL FOR LARGER QUANTITIES PRICES INC VAT DELIVERY AND EREE COLOUR CODED LABELS £265.00 £325.00 £375.00 £549.00 All prices Inc VAT Ve livery by courier.
Beautiful drives, very easy to Install with concise Installation sulde, factory preset.
Roclite Drive ..£52.45 Cumana Zydec Drive....£49.95 Naksha Mouse ......£24.95 100 Cap Box £4.50 Posso Box ..£15.00 10CapBoxes(5) .....£4.95 Dust Cover ...£3.95 : -UtP 8AMGE PmtBRTIOKXt OUAMY DRIVE.
Description Amiga 1500 Starter Pack Monitor not included As Shown wW 1084 Siereo Colour Montor The new super compact Amiga 600 featuring:
• Smart now compact design with built-in TV modulator
• 1Mb chip RAM memory expandable to 2Mb Chip RAM with 601. Total
memory capacity 10Mb RAM
• Industry standard smart card interface PCMCIA interface for
memory and peripheral upgrades
• Integrated industry siandard IDE (AT) interlace, with optional
2.5' 20Mb hard drivo e New Workbench 2 with Kickstart 2.05 ROM
• 12 months on-srte warranty for total peace ot mind
• The Amiga 600 is available in two versions, single dnve and
20Mb hard drive
• FREE at home service New Amiga A600 £279.o» New Amiga A600 HD (
„. _Q The Amiga A1500 Pack The NEW Commodore Amiga 1500 Pack
leaturos a 7.14MHz 68000 procossor with t Mb RAM as standard
(expandable to 41Mb Via expansion cards). It includes two 880K
3.5' floppy disk drives and can support PC emulation by an
XT AT bridgeboard or Atonce Plus. The Amiga 1500 contains 3 co
processors (Denise. Agnus.
Paula) to enhance sound, graphics and animation. It also includes 9 internal expansion slots. Interfaces include: Parallel - Centronics.
Serial - RS232. Video - RGB Analogue. RGB Digital and mono Composite. Right and Left Audio. 2 x Mouse Joystick controller ports and an external drive port. It also includes a mutti-tasking WIMP operating system, a colour palette ol 4096 cotours, high quality stereo sound with 4 channels and 9 octaves and toxt to voice synthesis. This package does not include a hard drivo and *s available with or without a monitor.
Description Description Description Star Printers £140.oo £190.oo LC 20 Mono... LC200 Colour LC24-200 Mono.. LC24-200 Colour £2 75.w SG 48 InkJet ..£226.0 Telephono for any other Star printer price Philips 8833 MKI114' Colour Monitor
• 0.42mm Dot Pitch
• Analoguo and RGB Inputs
• Controls for: Volume. Brightness. Contrast, Green Switch.
Horizontal Shift. On Off
• Requires Cables
• FREE F19 Stealth Fighter Soltwaro _ Philips Monitor Commodore
1084S 14' Stereo Colour Monitor
• 0.42mm Oot Pitch
• Analoguo. RGB. Digital RGB & Composite Video Inputs
• Controls for: Centring. Height. Contrast.
Brightness. Colour. Volume. OrvOff
• Amiga Cables Supplied Commodore Monitor m. SALES HOTLINE
Telephone 0253 291919 (6 Lines) MOW TO ORDER I By Phone FREE
next working day delivery for credit card orders over *200
placed before 2pm (UK mainland only). Saturday delivery add
INCLUDE VAT We are not just another mail order company here for
the busy period - we are here all year, and you are welcome to
call and see us when you are in Blackpool Come and see
Blackpool Illuminations. "The Greatest FREE Show on Earth" ALL
Megadrive £129.99 [ ©fly Post Send a cheque postal order with
your order made payable to "Computaworld Ltd" and post to:
Computaworld Ltd 174 Church Street Blackpool Lancs FY1 3PS ®
Visit Our Shop Our computer and games centre is situated in
Blackpool town centre, where we would be pleased to see you. We
are open six days a week, Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.
In addition to computer hardware we stock a foil range of computer and games console software including Amiga, Atari, Sega and Nintendo.
Remember, when you buy from Computaworld you receive:
• Lowest Prices •
• Full after sales service and advice •
• Free next day delivery •
• Fully inclusive, no hidden extra prices • HR UR TO 80% BUY BAC
K GUARANTEE Within the first 12 months of your purchase from
All you have to do to qualify for buy back is purchase new goods at the same or higher price as original purchase.
Example: Original purchase of Amiga A600 Computer £279-00 Buy back price £223.20 New purchase of Amiga A600 Hard Drive Computer £459.00 Buy Back Allowance £223.20 You Pay £235.80 Buy hack gowk mutf lie in prisinc corxtakx). Complete with all aim as supplied on original purchase.
Fox 0253 23005 Name..... Address.. (T DMFIJTAWOKLUT) M 0283 29191® % I Once again, fate has drawn you to these pages. Succumb to the will of James Leach as he takes you on the trip of a lifetime through the uncharted region that is budget software.
Cheap 'n' Cheerful Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit GBH ¦ £9.99 Don't just sit there wondering how arcade games are written; look it up in a book. And, if you can't be bothered with that buy the Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. This gives you everything you need (including a small but well-written manual) to write an arcade game yourself.
114 Oh, sure, it'll be instantly recognisable as a SEUCK game, but it'll be yours, right down to the sprite design. SEUCK has been designed with the layperson in mind, it is mouse-driven and, despite the inherent complexities of game design, it is easy to use. Anyone who is prepared to think about it can write a decent blaster using the Kit.
OCTOBER 1992 It's a brilliant program and must have launched many a coder into 'real' programming.
Operation Combat Action 16 ¦ £7.99 Heavy armour and artillery are yours to command in this entertaining little romp through a modem battlefield-level conflict. You move your forces around a map in true wargame style, massing them where your enemy doesn't expect then chickening out until he attacks you. There's a lot of detail to handle, but the game interface itself is pretty simple, so you can launch in without too much angst. Once you do start causing the enemy trouble, don't expect fireworks. This is a pretty straight-faced program. You can play it through a modem link to enable you to
humiliate someone beyond your line of sight too. It's quick, it's detailed, it's a lot of fun. Buy it link up with an Amiga-owning general, and get fighting.
Kwik Snax CodeMasters ¦ £7.99 Criwens! The Dizzy family has been banished to lots of vaguely unpleasant places! And you're the only person who can save them. Although you patently don't care, you might know of some youngsters who are into Dizzy. The bright cartoon-style graphics, the easy-to-read storylines and the general egginess of it all is just right for the tots.
And there are four variants of the game here, each involving a different ovoid character. It's like a sort of updated PacMan.
There are obvious collectables to grab, blocks to push around and nasties to avoid. It really is fine fare for the little 'uns.
Sooty and Sweep Alternative ¦ £7.99 In this game you get to play the little bear in his quest to explore a large house.
Soo the panda, his main squeeze, accompanies him as he deals with all manner of possessed domestic items. The graphics have a curious sepia-tinted look to them, which contrasts with the cartoon-feel of most children's games. But this doesn't detract from the game. There is an easy mode and a hard mode, but the game is eminently playable on either, especially if you’re hard. The only criticism is that the sprites may be a bit small for a kids' game. Bold colours and massive objects are • 7 | usually the order of the day. Still, not a bad game, • 1 " MTA*] and one with lots of detail on each
BUDGET GAMES Falcon Action 16 ¦ £14.99 DE OCTOBER 1992 Popeye 2 Alternative ¦ £7.99 Erik Atlantis ¦ £7.99 You're a little knight. You've had your worst knightmares confirmed; yes. You're inside a computer game.
And, horror of horrors, it's a platform game. Time to escape, you might think. And you wouldn't be wrong.
That1 II do for plot, as It's completely and utterly wrong, but the real one isn't much better. Erik is simply a platform game. You must fire crossbow bolts (or something like them) at the bubbles which get in your way, as well as leaping from platform to, erm, ...what was it? Never mind. It's a pretty cute game, marred only by the rather distant feel of the character.
This is quite important because the chap must be positioned perfectly for many of the jumps. It's one of those annoying pixel-perfect jobs, and when you get it slightly wrong you will curse and howl like Peter Cushing in that film on telly the other day. The sound effects are good, though. So good that you turn the volume up. Then you turn it back down again because you're getting annoyed with not being allowed even the smallest leeway when hurling yourself around the levels.
Buy Erik if you’re a smartass and reckon all platform games are dead easy.
Narco Police GHB ¦ £7.99 In the future, everyone's on drugs.
Nasty, evil drugs that relax you and make you want to love everybody without actually getting up from the chair you’re lying in. Got to be stopped, this. So you (as a dead hard cop, with several other cops) decide to wander down into a tunnel network. You all split up and walk down the rather jerky 3D passages. As you Typical. You wait to ambush a drug dealer shuffle along, people jump out and for ages, then four appear at once. It's a open fire at you. Presumably they've veritable festival of carnage. Got something to do with a„ e drug-taking, so being a decent but hard, law-enforcement
type, you fire back.
And that's it sort of. It's a game of reactions, rapid joystick movements and falling over in corridors. Nothing if not original. The trouble is, it's not all that exciting. Sure, there are thousands of yards of inter-connecting tunnels to clear. There are weird things to discover and arms caches to exploit. There are billions of scuzzy dudes to waste and there are other cops to link up with. They still don't give the game a great deal of excitement though.
But Narco Police is competently done (apart from being jerky). If you are salivating at the thought don't let me stop you getting it.
"Ug, ug, ug." No, dear old Popeye doesn't transfer well to the printed page. Never mind. He transfers pretty well to the Amiga, though. This is a platform game which sees our (mutated, I can't help thinking) hero scrambling over various themed levels such as building sites and jungles.
It's tougher than the Dizzy games, and there isn't the same feel of friendliness to it as you will find with the eggoid one. But the graphics are clear and bright and what you see is what you get really.
Each level sets you the task of climbing to the top, avoiding everything that falls on you and jumping over other dangerous objects. Once you get high enough, you get to meet one of Popeye’s classic enemies (Bluto or the Goons, usually) At this point or rather, these points - there are many of them - Popeye must do his violent spinach-related thing under your expert guidance.
It's bright cheerful fun of the non-adult variety. Limited in scope, but if you're a two-year-old kid you're probably not intelligent enough to realise that yet.
Smoothness, the speed and the accuracy. And you can even buy two copies and play head-to-head with an Amiga-owning friend of your choice.
You save your pilot as you play through the missions, until you end up taking on much of the Warsaw Pact in a deadly cat-and-mouse game of, er, Falcon, really. It's a brilliant simulator, and one that arguably gets closer to the original aircraft than any other sim on the Amiga. So get out and buy it Falcon Mission Disk: Operation Counterstrike Action 16B £9.99 If you've hacked and slashed your ( way through the original Falcon feb* missions, why not slot in 12 i | j more? You get a new scenario ' with Operation Counterstrike.
The emphasis is rather more on destroying land sites than shooting down enemy aircraft. The map contains an unfeasible amount of poorly defended industries. Yep, you get to go in against a load of factories. It's precision bombing against a warehouse the size of Anglesey which means that no matter how bad you are, you can't miss.
Of course, the enemy tries to put up a defence, so there's air-to-air action, as well as ground-based mayhem. In fact Operation Counterstrike has been designed specifically to utilise all the capabilities of the updated F-16C you'll *•la be flying. And those capabilities are? A Ii-j I* • l • secret. Buy this Mission Disk and find out Falcon Mission Disk: Operation Firefight Action ¦ 16 £9.99 'Bomb and dogfight your way through an enemy onslaught1, it says on the adverts for this disk.
Quite right too.
Here it's your pleasure to receive another 12 missions and another new map. This time you're embroiled in a seriously time-consuming war with what seems to be a well-equipped and highly militant Parish Council just over the other side of the mountain range.
Russian or Georgian or Latvian or whatever they are MiGs buzz around like moths, tanks crawl around like woodlice and, in the middle of it, you charge around like Rod Hull and Emu, spraying them with uranium-depleted death. It's a more hectic and challenging disk than Operation Counterstrike, but if you can handle yourself, you'll have an immense amount of missile-related fun.
What we have here is one of the classic flight sims of all time. It's fast, it's devilishly complicated and it's a whole lot of fun. There is all the air-combat you could wish to handle, plus loads of things on the ground to fly close to and frighten.
With the game you get an impressively stodgy manual and a keyboard chart with an immense number of controls on it. This is not a get-in-and-fly job. But when you do get it airborne, you can't fail to be impressed by the L tkE WORLDS CARTRIDGE IS NOW WITH A MASSI IN ROM OFFERING MK II JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES TO DISK ga Dos • reloads ' to hard drive! Works Aem (Fatter Agnus).
R than before - allows I removal features to protect y all presently known viruses.
At the press of a key now you can view tl including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk, I DETECTION nsive virus detection i Works wi Uffk BURST NIBBLER.
- tfTA Now this super disk copier program is built into Action
Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk
copier program at the press of a key - no more waiting.
• SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO I pictures and sound samples can be
saved to disk. Files are saved r in IFF format suitable for use
with all the major graphic and |&ages. Samples are displayed as
screen waveform.
TSC MODES SELECTA Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC 'software. (Work* only with newer Agnus chips).
you to generate more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo.
Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that "impossible" level.
Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to
view modify the whole sprite set including any attached-
sprites. PLUS A RANGE OF IMPROVED Now you can slow down the
action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to
20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts!
W ' 1 '-I COMMAND - like Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc.
• SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM I * MEMOR Special compacting techniques
enable up tc one disk. Now saves directly to disk as Am
independently of the cartridge - even transfc with up to 2 Megs
of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - Simply
press any key and the program will continue where Machine
Status, ive Status, etc. trainer.
POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR w you can manipulate and search for screens throughout Over 50 commands to edit the picture plus unique on itus "overlay" shows all the information you could ever on screens. No other product comes close to offering screen handling of frozen programs!!
JOYSTICK HANDLER • allows the user to select Joystick instead of Keypresses • very useful for many keyboard programs.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos,etc. And save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
From the Action Replay III preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine continuous fire power?
Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. FILE REQUESTOR • if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor is displayed.
DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load Workbench • available at all times.
• BOOT SELECTOR :0 or DF1 can be selected as the boot drive when
working ga Dos disks. Very useful to be able to boot from your
PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS • including Mem Watch Points and Trace.
• DISKCODER With the neW "Diskcoder" option you can now ‘tag1
your disks . Unique code that will prevent the disk from being
loaded by anyone else. 'Tagged" disks will only reload when you
enter the code. Very useful for security.
Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour
preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit
your taste. Very simple to use.
.gfL IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT - including compressed small character command.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor •
Load Save block » Write String to memory • Jump to specific
address • Show Ram as text
• Show frozen picture • Play resident sample • Show and edit all
CPU registers and flag
• Calculator • Help command • Full search feature • Unique Custom
Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers -
even write only registers! • Notepad
• Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal • Copper
Assemble Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL
WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Dale) Electronics Led. Norther condones or authorises the use of s products tor the reproduction of copyright matenaJ.The Oackup taowes of this product are oesgned to reproduce only software such as PuB* Ooman material the users own programs or software where permission to make backups has Men cearty given It is itegal jo make copies, even lor your own use. Ol copyright material wthout the dea- pormi$ s»on of tho copyright owner, or the hcencee thereof.
• Grabs 15 Bit colour image in 1 50 second, double buffered
display updates at 5 frames per second full screen or 15 frames
per second in monitor mode.
• Display 8, 8t, 16,16*, 32, 32+, Red, Green, Blue, B W and HAM.
• 24 Bit IFF file save from 15 Bit data plus visual IFF colour
save modes.
• Screen display Is 256 x 256 pixels in normal mode, 128 x 128
pixel monitor mode or optional 320 x 256 save mode.
'• Editing features include Cut, Copy, Brush, Paste and Undo, pallette controls include R.G.B. level and Gamma correction.
• Special effects mirror, reverse pos neg compress etc.
• Standard phono video input 0.5 to 2.0 volt composite sync level
from video camera etc.
• Hardware consists of main digitizer unit with brightness and
contrast controls and R.G.B. splitter unit featuring Red,
Green, Blue and Saturation controls.
• Unit plugs Into expansion connector of Amiga 500, with through
port for hard disk drives.
• Movie Maker uses the monitor mode of the Real-Time Digitizer to
record and playback.
• 128 x 128 pixel 32 colour images at rates between 1 to 15
frames per second.
• Full editing facilities to record, play, single, step, cut,
paste, clear, etc.
• Play, loop, forward or backwards controls plus time interval
feature for up to i hour between frames.
• Uses chip or just memory up to 6 meg to give 500 frames. This
gives you a 1 minute movie at 8 frames per second.
• Completely re-designed interface that plugs into the expansion
connector of the Amiga 500 or internal connector of the Amiga
• Standard phono video input 0.5 to 2.0 volts to take signals
from TV, video or camera.
• Controls for brightness and contrast and throughport on A500
• Frame grab in 1 50 second, record update up to 3 frames per
• Single or continuous mono update in 4,8 or 16 grey levels.
• Play frames backwards or forwards up to 15 frames per second.
• Save Raw, IFF or sequence files.
• Automatically adjust for maximum number of frames according to
memory available.
• Display 256 x 256 pixels, but optional 320 x 256 IFF Save.
Screen editing features Cut, Copy, Brush, Paste and Undo.
• Second display editor controls sequence production: Record,
Play, Insert, Clear, Delete Frames. • Effects menu to reverse
pos neg, compress, etc.
• Set start and end position number of frames saved, number
frames, step backwards and forwards, loop, etc. Time lapse
feature adjustable in 1 second increments to 1 hour between
each frame. Ideal for capturing flowers opening, sky movements,
special effects, etc.
• Separate player programs included to insert into your own
program disks. Hard disk transfer program.
® Please state whether you require the A500 or 2000 version when ordering.
All For Only £89.99 100%: features AMIGA FORMAT "At the price, the picture quality and wide range of features is almost unrivalled 1" MEMORY UPGRADES Fully compatible Stereo Monitor 14" screen - RGB Composite Inputs.
'Free Amiga lead. E Ready to go) I Ollly £1 99.99. £10.00 carriage.
PROTAR VISTO C14MI Improved version of 8833 Mk n. Only £209.99. £10 00 curUg.
• Allows two devices to be connected simultaneously to your
A500 .
Expansion Port (compatibility allowing).
• Ideal for A590 owners, effectively giving Thru port. Only . Top
quality £19.99 conneccoTs
• Some older programs will not run with the new Klckstart 2.04.
Datel now brings you this unique Rom Sharer to allow you to
switch between Klckstart 1.3 and 2.04.
• Easily fitted - no more to buy.
• Top quality 1 Mb unformatted drive.
• Built In digital display actually shows which track Is
• Attractively styled to suit all Amlgaa.
• Fully compatible
- brings A500 up to Imeg.
Simply plug Into trapdoor - does not
• Fitted with disable Without Clock With Clock 2 MEG UPGRADE FOR
• Simply plug in to upgrade your A5O0 Plus to a full 2 Megs of
Chip Ram.
• Take advantage of the Advanced Graphic Power of your Plus.
Only £44.99___ RAM MASTER
• Upgrade your A500 to a ftill 2 Megs
• Easily fitted to trapdoor and Gary chip.
• Onboard clock - auto recharging.
• A top quality 8'Ht mono sampler complete with Pro Sampler and
Jammer software.
• Also compatible with most other PD Sampler software.
T Inputs for microphone or line
3. 5mm jack and din connections.
• Utilises latest surface mount technology and incorporates all
the features found on bigger, more expensive samplers.
• Easy to use • just plug in and start sampling!
• Midi In - 3 x Midi Out ft Midi Thru.
• Full Midi Interface for Now Only £19.99 INC. 2 FREE MIDI CABLES
• New design hardware now plugs Into expansion socket of A500
completely freeing the parallel port. • Surface mount
technology, twin A D converters for realtime
• Through bus allows existing add ons, e.g. hard drive. • The NEW
Sampler II software has been completely re-written in 100%
Machld ode anc I Incorporates faster routines, bigger displays
and many nmr editing features such as Cut. Copy. Insert,
Replace, Mix. Erase, efeg,
• Separate zoom windows and controls for left and right Channels
fl Multi-bank facilities fox 1 Meg users. Stereo lock control.
4 Adjustable trig record level and sound monitor.
4 Separate buffer for editing waveforms and improved wmvc-cdltoi with instant update. 4 Save files in Raw or single, multi-octave IFF format. • Envelope control panel for ramping up and down re-scale amplitude, noise filter and scan waveform.
• On screen display of filenames sample rate, length, etc. 4
Inputs for microphone or line 1 4” jack and DIN 'P* connections
at rear of unit.
• The NEW Datel Colour Scanner uses the Mustek 8 colour grey
scale head to produce 4096 colour Images.
• Several modes of operation are available to give
8. 16 or 32 different colour and Ham images as well as 16 grey
• Scan update direct to the screen with direct scrolling and
positioning of the scanned image.
• Runs in 640 x 256 or 320 x 256 screen display.
• Unit plugs into expansion port of Amiga and does not require
external power unit..
• Full colour pallette control with Gamma correction.
• Save IFF or Raw files of screen or buffer.
IFF Buffer Save 1600 * 1024 pixels, dual buffer, scan matching At view Buffer.
• Unmatched edit capture facllltiea At keyboard control not
offered by other scanners at this special price.
Full keyboard control of most functions.
• An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width
At 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics text Into
your Amiga.
• Package Includes Handy Scanner, Interface.
Power Pack and Scan Edit IV software.
Your 00 k Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
• Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
Full sizing menu of scan area.
I e Genlscan gives you the •iblllty to scan images, text or graphics At even offers 200 Dpi Dual Scan Mode.
Screen grid overlay At configure menu to save parameters. Icon menu to select functions.
Menu to select functions.
GtffA X. Y position readout At metric sizes.
• Save Images In suitable format for moat leading packages
Including PHOTON PAINT. DELUXE PAINT, etc. g». View window and
position control panel.
• Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut and paste editing
• With th« Amiga Qenitixer Graphics Tablet you can streamline the
operation of most graphic or CAD programs.
• A pressure sensitive switch built Into the stylus tip activates
the Tablet overriding the normal mouse input. When you are not
using the Tablet, you have normal mouse control.
• Complete system • Graphics Digitizer Tablet, Stylus, Deluxe
Paint Template, Powe Adaptor, Test Software, Interface Unit,
plus [ Driver Program • no more to buy!
NOW ONLY E 129.99
• The Genitizer Graphics Tablet utilises latest technology to
offer up to 100 dpi resolution at the tip of a stylus.
• Complete 9' x 6' digitixing aroa plus super accurate stylus
combine to enable fast, accurate and easy control.
• Works by “mouse emulation* so the Genitizer will work with most
packages where mouse input is the usual method • Deluxe Paint,
Photon Paint, CAD Packages, etc.
• Supplied with a template for Deluxe Paint.
• Full easy to follow instructions.
• This is the input method used on professional systems - now you
can add a new dimension to graphics CAD.
• Fast input of drawing by 'tracing' is made easy - plus
'absolute reference- means you can move around the screen many
times faster than by a mouse.
• The Genitizer fits in the serial port of your Amiga
500 1000 2000 and 'co-exists* with mouse.
• Unlike a mouse, the Tablet gives absolute co-ordinates so that
tracking and menu selections are possible from the tablet faco.
• High quality direct replacement for mouse on all Amlgaa.
• Teflon glides for smoother movement.
• Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
• Optical system counting - 500 n B
• Incorporating full optical tracking and counting - no dl so no
problems with clogging, slipping, etc. Ihuunt output for very
fine movement, button mlcio»witch action.
To the lete with moulded 9 pin connector. No more to buy!!
MOW TO GET TOO Ft OftDEFt FAST! I D-T T::l, l.OI'fDO!'? -S.'M:' 0782 744707 GOVAN ROAD, FENT 2RS, ENGLAND. FAX C 222, TOTTENHAM COURT RD, LONDON, W1. TEL.071 580646
TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 Charter a busters Put
your pint down and listen here. You've got to read this bit or
I’ll come round your house and bore you profusely... Be warned:
I know where you live.
Civilization At the beginning of time, God said "Let there be light", and a couple of thousand years later. Tommy ‘Bright Spark' Edison invented the light bulb.
Now look at all the bother he's caused. Did he ever get any red ‘leccie bills? Did he © © ! But I digress... Here's the tip then. Press ALT and R to randomise the leaders' personalities.
In early versions, pressing SHIFT and 1234567890t gives you a complete world map so you can see into enemy cities. This feature was not included in later releases, but hey! Give it a try, just in case!
Push-Over "Eee. There's nowt I like better than a game o' dominoes down t' pub with old Alfie Noakes. But I couldn' give you any tips on dis 'ere new fangled wireless thingy. So I be leavin it to some young snotty little..." Yea, thanks. Grandad. So if you're stuck on a level of this most excellent of games, turn to the last page of Game Busters to find a list of all 100 codes!
Jaguar XJ220 Don't play it! Buy an anorak and a remote-controlled model car, and get yourself down to the race track on a Sunday. Don't be put off by the sniggering and a-jeering, be proud to partake in the highly interesting sport of remote-control car racing. But if you insist on the Amiga version, then when you are told to start your engine at the beginning of a race, press the fire button on your joystick, and wait for the signal to go. Pressing P twice will skip to the end of the race, and you will have won!
The Secret of Monkey Island 2 Have a banana! Or have a top tip for that oh-so cuddly graphic adventure type thing. No wait! For tis a good one... If you turn to the next page you'll find the second and final part of our full solution to this superb adventure. Tiptastic. Mate!
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker Enter Trick Shot mode, then press F7, F4 and F1 in succession (147 backwards). When you hear a double click, press ESC and go to Demo mode - you will find an extra option there which instructs the computer to 147 breaks!
TRAINING For optimum results, train four times a week, and use team training as often as possible. Select your training method carefully as each programme will have different effects on your players' skills; for example Circuit Training for stamina.
Outdoor Game for overall skills set piece practice, and Indoor Game for passing.
Avoid prolonged use of any single method, as this can reduce player morale and may also lead to injury. In June you may give your players a break, but resume training in July.
121 OCTOBER 1992 TRANSFERS Before getting a player on loan it's wise to know how good he is, as even a player from a higher division may have lower skills than most of your own squad. Find an available player first and, when asked how many weeks you require him for, enter a very high figure. This should abort the loan, and then enable you to send out a scout to have the player watched. Compare his skills with those of your own players and, if suitable go and borrow him.
When placing players on the transfer list, try not to price them too highly, or you may scare off other clubs. Examine a player's value from the Contracts screen and use a figure similar to this. Remember either to send a scout or watch a player in action before purchasing to avoid wasting valuable cash. As (or if!) You climb the leagues, think about getting rid of as many of your old players as you can, this enables you to replace them with newies with skills to match their opponents. Remember, one good player is more valuable than two average ones.
The best type of player to go for first is a really good goalkeeper. When in Division 3 try to save up £100,000-plus for your goalie, and this will solve half of your problems. It's possible to make money by giving a full contract to a trainee (only select the very best), and then putting him straight on the transfer list. Give him time though, and his skills will blossom so you can sell him for a higher price.
OTHER TIPS When picking your team, if necessary use players out of position rather than opting for a trainee to fill a gap (goalkeeper excepted). Watch as many of your matches as you can, because the results will be more of a realistic reflection of your team selections and players' skills.
Choose your words carefully when it comes to team talk. Generally, try to use the responses 'praise', 'no comment’ and 'reprimand' whenever necessary.
Remember to check your players' contracts and re-negotiate with valued players regularly. A player out of contract may choose to walk out on your club and you will not receive full value for him in compensation.
When seeking a new job (or just starting) try to select a club that attracts large crowds, as realistic ground capacities are included in the game. As a guide when starting out go for Bumley, Carlisle or Cardiff - avoid Doncaster, Halifax and Torquay at all costs!
Game Busters What have we here? Could it be another fun- packed, full-bodied, frolicsome foray into the realms of the fantastic? Or could it just be a few pages of hints and tips? Andy Nuttall flips out... GRAHAM TAYLOR'S SOCCER CHALLENGE A couple of people sent in replies to Joe West and Steven Bates' pleas for help m Graham Taylor's Soccer Challenge, but they were pipped to the post by the designer of the game, Neil Adamson. He sent in the following hints and tips for all you budding Brian Cloughs out there... Monkey Island 2 Parts II, III & Ivo This game has caused a real storm in all areas
of the computer games industry, and has set a standard for graphical adventures which will be difficult to beat. To all you adventurers out there who have taken Guybrush through puzzle after puzzle, only to find yourself stuck on a particularly nasty problem, here's the rest of the solution to help you out.
122 OCTOBER 1992 DID YOU SPOT our deliberate errors last month?
Well, you may have found that Captain Kate isn't there when you want to charter a ship! This is because she is in jail - so go and set her free. While you're there, get the vanilla envelope from the shelf, and open it to reveal some near-grog'. If you managed to work through to the end. Then congratulations are in order - but you will probably have noticed that even more work is necessary in order to get the second piece of map. If you haven't worked it out yet. Here's the rest of the solution to help you out... Right, where did we get to? Oh yes. Just as you w ere reeling in the map. The
thieving seagull pinched it and flew away to Big Tree. Well, what are you waiting for? Follow it!
Part II: Big Tree Once you're there, get the plank that is sticking out of the tree, and use it on the hole in the far left of the trunk. Use the oar on the hole next to it. Then walk on to the big root just to the left. Climb on to the oar via the plank, and... oh no. Disaster strikes! Guybrush falls and hits his head. Will he survive? Tune in next week for the next thrilling episode. Now. Back to the story.
You'll be relieved to know that he isn't dead, but unconscious (which isn’t quite as serious). He's far away in slumberland dreaming of a song, and writing dow n the words on the spit-encrusted paper. When he wakes up. Pick up the broken oar and head for Woodtick. Where Woody (the carpenter) will fix the oar (if you ask him nicely). Return to Big Tree, climb on to the plank again, then use the newly fixed oar in the hole to the right. Walk on to that, then pick up the plank and use it in the next hole along. Keep on in this way until Guybrush takes over and climbs to the top.
Walk to the small hut and pick up the telescope. Go to the bigger hut in the middle of the screen, and use the dog to sniff the pile of maps - he w ill pick out the second piece of map! Two down, two to go: it's a game of two halves; half time and the trainer comes on with a lemon (probably Epic) and other such great footballing cliches. What, this isn't football? Dang.
Go back to Dread's ship, and set sail for Phan Island.
When you arrive there, go towards the waterfall and climb up until you reach a pump. Using the monkey on the pump will stop the water flowing, and will also reveal a secret about the waterfall.
Now walk to the bottom, enter the 'newly discovered gaping hole' and keep going until you reach a When he's unconscious put the mirror in the frame, then go outside and use the telescope on the grotesque statue. A ray of light will bounce off the mirror and focus on a brick in the wall (cue a song) - take note of which brick it is. After you've picked the telescope up, go inside, pick up the mirror then push the selected brick. You should then fall into the cellar, where you’ll find a skeleton with the third piece of map. Pick it up.
Go left through the hole and back to the main island.
Head for the cemetery on Scabb Island, look at all the tombs and go into Stan's crypt. (What do you mean it’s locked? Use the crypt key!) Look at the book of quota- Inside you'll find Captain Rum - talk to him for a while, then challenge him to a fight. He will back down but will challenge you to a grog-drinking contest instead. He will provide the grog (the strong stuff) which you should throw into the nearest tree and replace w ith some (low-alcohol) near-grog. Sit down, and when Rum comes back drink the near-grog and wail for him to pass out (this is what grog does for you.
Kids - don't try it).
Beach. Go to the cottage at the top of the screen, open the window on the left (you'll find out why later) then walk through the door.
123 OCTOBER 1992 tions. And memorise the one by Rapp Scallion.
Looking at all the tombs will reveal an epitaph that matches one of the quotes. Open it up and lake some of the ashes from inside. Remember the Voodoo Lady's shack? Did you look on the shelves? Can you guess what you have to do now? Yes that's right, go back to the shack in the swamp (remember to close the tomb first), and try to get the ASH-2-LIFE potion bottle.
Talk to the Voodoo Lady, then give her the book (Joy of Hex) and the ashes. She will give you some real ASH-2-LIFE™ in return.
Go back and use it on Rapp's ashes, then watch him change from a pile of dust to a living, breathing, er.
Weenie cook. (We interrupt these Secret of Monkey Island 2 tips (again) for another interesting fact: The technical term for Rapp's, er, alteration, is ‘polymorphic tweening' or 'morphing' for short. Although most examples of this technique look good, this one is particularly impressive). Offer to turn the gas off back at the Weenie Hut (on the beach where you started), and he will give you the key to it.
Go back to the beach, and use the key on the door (the Weenie Hut is behind Bart and Fink). Go inside and use one of the stove knobs to turn off the gas. Return to the tomb, use the potion on Rapp again, then tell him that you've turned off the gas. He will eventually give you the fourth piece of map (Yippeeee!). Close the tomb and the crypt, then go and see Wally (the cartographer) in Woodtick. Give him the model lighthouse Go back the way you came and. If you pass a sculpture in the wall with the body bits in the order of Verse 1 (eg Head at the top. Hip in the middle and Legs at the
bottom - sec screen), push it. And walk through the gap.
If you don't find a matching one by the time you reach the sign posts, go down the back tunnel and keep looking. Once you’ve found one. Do the same for the second and subsequent verses. In the end. You will reach a big door with several locks on it. Push the middle of the door and go through the doggy flap.
Lens and all four map pieces, then ask him (very nicely of course) to draw you up a new map.
This he will do. As long as you promise to get a love potion front the Voodoo Lady. Go to her and get one. But... Alas! She will sense that Wally is in trouble.
Go back to Wally's. Look at the writing on the table, then go back to the swamp and open the Juju bag.
Open the crate, then use it. Guybrush will then be taken to LeChuck’s fortress by some delivery men.
Right! On to Pan III!
Part III: LeChuck's Fortress When Guybrush gets out of the crate, head right and go through the door at the top of the stairs. Now walk right and keep going until you reach a dungeon. Walk to the left cell and talk to Wally. Now look at the spit- encrusted piece of paper that holds the words to the song from the dream sequence. Get some paper and write down the first three bodily parts of each verse in the given order (eg Verse I = Head. Hip. Leg etc).
Open the barrel, pick up the cracker and give it to the parrot. Remember the directions he gives you. Go up to the still (the big shiny machine), pick up the Martini glass that’s on the ground and fill it with sea-water. If you now use the water on the still, it will distil the water (remove the salt from it). Pick up the crowbar and the bottle from the sea. Then go left and into the jungle. Take the left path at the fork and follow it until you reach a tree with a bag hanging from its branch.
Use the bottle on the tree trunk then use the broken bottle on the bag. Pick up its contents (a packet of instant-cracker mix), look at it then use it with the water in the Martini glass to make two more crackers.
Go back the way you came until you reach the fork.
The key to Wally's cell is on the wall next to LeChuck's throne, so pick it up. LeChuck will capture you and leave you hanging around with Wally. Drink some of the green drink, and spit at the pan below you to move it slightly. Then spit at the shield to the right of Guybrush and it should bounce off several things and put out the candle (if not. Keep on trying). You will now escape and find yourself in the dark, so use a match from the Juju bag and leave quietly (tec hee).
Part IV: Dinky Island Once you arrive, walk right to the man and talk to him.
If you want, ask him about philosophy then go through all the colours available (there are a plenty of them!) To discover a pointless fact about Zen existentialism (not that there is such a thing, unless JP Sartre fibbed lots).
Follow the other path and you should reach a pond (by the way - try wandering further until you come across a call box - use it. Just for a laugh). Remove the rope from the top of the box. Then open the box using the crowbar. Take the dynamite, then use the crowbar with the rope to form a makeshift grappling hook. Follow the directions that the parrot gave you. Then give the parrot another cracker and follow his new directions.
At the next point, give the parrot your last cracker and the directions will then take you to a big X. Oiv» Pick up IJ.
Tr t. '§25 Op*r. Look at Putt.
Cles* Talk to Pull I don’t know what it is. But I find it hard to believe that nobody's noticed it before!
Use the shovel on it then use the match on the dynamite. Then use the lighted dynamite on the hole. Once it has blown open, enter the chamber and use the grappling hook on the frayed metal bars around the hole.
It's around about this time that you should get the feeling of deja vu! (You’ll know what I mean when you get there.) It's around about this lime where you should get the feeling of deja-vu! (Crap joke.)
Now you're in darkness, click on the USE button then scan the screen for a light switch. You will find yourself in a small network of corridors, similar to those in LeC’huck's Fort... Wait a minute... Aaaaaarghh!! And other pirating expressions!! It’s the dread pirate. LcChuck!!
OCTOBER 1992 Even though the idea holds no appeal, you must talk to him for a while, and he will begin stabbing a voodoo doll of Guy brush. He will then transport Guy to a different part of the complex. Walk around and have a look at the various rooms (LcChuck will keep looking for you and zapping you around from time to time). When you find a room w ith lots of boxes, open the nearest ones and take a balloon, a Kewpie doll and a bottle of root beer.
When you find the first-aid room, examine your dad's remains and take his skull. Put it and the Kewpie doll into the Juju bag. Thus making the beginnings of a voodoo doll of LeChuck (the one from the dead' in this case is the skull).
Go to the right of the screen, open the medical drawer and take out the syringe, then open the bin to the right and lake out the gloves that you find there.
Now go and find the room which holds helium tank, and use the balloon and both surgical gloves on it.
Pull the coin return on the grog machine and a coin will fall out and roll on to the floor. When LeChuck comes in. He will pick up the coin. At this moment, try to pick up LeChuck and you will rip off his underwear ("one from the thread’). Give him the handkerchief and he will blow his nose ('one from the body').
After he zaps you. Make your way to the service elevator, press the button, and gel in. (The lift will only carry' 900 pounds in weight, but luckily the helium tilled things in your inventory make you lighter).
Wait until LeChuck arrives before pulling the lever, the doors will then close and trap a bit of his beard. When the lift eventually stops, make sure to pick up the beard (‘one from the head’) and then exit the lift to see a familiar scene to original Monkey Island adventurers.
Put the other three relevant bits in the bag. Then Guybrush will make a voodoo doll of LeChuck. Go back down in the lift, use the lever again, and exit it.
Wait for LeChuck to arrive and then use the hypodermic needle on the new voodoo doll.
Right, that's where the Amiga Formal Hint-O- Matic1" is closing down. You've almost cornered LeChuck but we're leaving you to work the rest out for yourself. Rest assured, whatever you do you will always come to the ending, and WHAT an ending... Well that's it. After all these months of sleepless nights and toilsome days, huddled slavishly over your Amiga, you've done it! Now it's time to go OUTSIDE, and have a real life: frolic in the Helds, talk to girls. You're on the dawn of a whole new adventure, it's called The Real World.
Solution by Andrei Mendis THIS GAME'S A PUSH OVER!
This cote platform game featuring Curly Colm caused several members of the Amiga Format team many sleepless nights. Here are all the level codes to end your agony.
1 2 00512 01536 22 23 14854 14342 43 44 31758 29726 6 4_ 65 16511 17023 3 01024 24 10246 45 30238 66 18047 4 03072 25 10758 46 29214 67 17535 5 03584 26 11782 47 28702 68 19583 85 32511 6 02560 27 11270 48 20510 69 20095 86 31487 7 02048 28 09222 49 21022 70 19071 87 30975 8 06144 29 09734 50 22046 71 18559 88 26879 9 10 06656 07680 30 31 08718 08206 5 1_ 52 _21534 23582 72 73 22655 23167 89 90 27647 28671 11 12 07168 05122 32 33 24590 25102 53 54 24094 23070 74 75 _24191 23679 91 92 28159 26111 13 05634 34 26126 55 22558 76 21631 93 26623 14 04610 35 25614 56 18494 77 22143 94 25599 15
04098 36 27662 57 19006 78 21247 95 25087 16 12290 37 28174 58 20030 79 20735 96 08703 17 12802 38 27150 59_ 19518 80 28927 97 09215 18 19 13826 13314 39 40 26638 30734 60_ 61_ 17470 _17982 81 82_ 29439 30463 98 99 10239 09727 20 21 15362 15878 41 42 31246 32270 62 63 16510 83 84 29951 31999 Paul Flint Blackpool THE Hot MONITOR FOR THE AMIGA AND ATARI ST PHILIPS 8833 Mk ii 14" COLOUR MONITOR THE GAME Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 from Gremlin Graphics takes racing games to now dimensions. Pass through hazardous tunnels; twist along log-strewn tracks; speed over sand drifts. It’s an action packed
test of your skill and speed • CAN YOU HANDLE IT!
FINAL CHALLENGE EXCHANGE If you already own a copy of Lotus Turbo Challenge 2. Don’t worry. You can return the Free copy from your new monitor and. For just £5. Philips will exchange it for ’Lotus - The Final Challenge’. Vbu can use this new software to design and create your very own racing circuits.
THE COMPETITION WIN A DAY FOR 2 AT THE 1993 BRITISH GRAND PRIX Imagine grandstand seats at the most acclaimed event in the Formula One year - The British Grand Prix. Philips will fly you and a friend into SilVERSIONe and there's the chance to meet a famous Formula One personality at a celebrity reception. It’s then time to take your grandstand seats for the morning's practice. A delicious 4 course lunch follows; then it's back to your seats for the Grand Prix itself.
It's ail part of an exciting first prize package in the Turbo Challenge Competrtion. And. If you don’t get the chequered flag, there are 40 runner-up prizes of Ferrari Testarossa remote control cars.
• RESOLUTION: 600x285
• .42mm DOT PITCH
• CABLE REQUIRED See Accessories Mow USING A TV?
Switch to a monitor and SEE WHAT YOU’RE MISSING!
If you are currently using your Amiga or ST with a domestic television set, then you are missing out on picture quality.
Unfortunately, because your TV is used to receiving inferior UHF transmissions from the airwaves, it only has a UHF socket. So, your computer has to downgrade its high quality digital RGB (Red.
Green. Blue) signal to UHF to enable your TV to receive it.
However, because your TV can onfy cfcsplay using RGB. It has to convert the UHF signal back to RGB before it can put a picture on the screen Of course, every lime you convert from one signal to another, there is a loss of quality which means that Ihe final piciure on the TV is not as good as the original signal from your computer.
You can overcome this wilh a monitor, which has an RGB socket, not UHF. Your computer will recognise this, and send its original RGB signal lo the monitor which will cfcsplay the image directly to the screen wilh no loss of quality.
The Philips 8833 is Ihe best selling colour monitor for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. Ideal for game playing, it offers excellent colour graphics and has stereo audio speakers for enhanced stereo output from the Amiga and ST-E The performance and reliability of the 8833 is exceptional, which is why we are confident to offer 12 monihs ON-SITE warranty with every Philips 8833 monitor. Plus, every 8833 from Silica comes wilh FREE Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 software, all tor only £199 inc VAT.
RECOMMENDED! For maximum enjoyment of Lotus Turbo Cha»enge 2. Wo aro pleased lo recommend the Best sexmg Zip Stik Soper Pro Joystick. The Zip Stik « probably the Best joystick currently available and tho world's fastest rapid fire! At only £12 95. If roprosents superB value for money.
• DuraBle steel shafted handle
• 8 microswitches
• HandhekMabe top
• 2 fire Buttons
• Tnple action auto-fire SmgWihot W COMPUTER WORK STATION €49.95
Short rapd burst 11 MegatMit continuous firo ¦
• Rubber Suction cups
• Extra long lead llfi U
CABLE - £9.95 Vou we need a cable to connect U* PhtHn 8833 to
your corrputer Theso cablet aro normaly £14.95 each but. It you
buy cne (rom S*ca at the tamo kre at your new morvto*.
Wo w* JVC you a £5 rtacourtf to you pay only £9.95 ~ Make sure you order ihe correct catSe lor your eexrp er CAB 5510 - ST-E STEREO SOUNO CAB 5508 - ST-FM MONO SOUNO CAB 5050 - AMIGA STEREO SOUNO DUST COVER £4.95 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND FREE DELIVERY IN THE UK MAINLAND ( SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU I
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders snipped in the
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Boforo you decide when to buy your new monitor, we suggest you think very carefuHy about WHERE you buy it Consider what t wii Be like a few months after you have made your purchase, when you may require additional peripherals and software, or help and advce with your now purchase. And. Witt the company you buy from contact you with delays of new products? At S*ca Systems, we ensure that you wfl have nothing to worry about We have been established for avnost 14 years and. With our unnvaHed experience and expertise, we can now claim io meet our customers’ requirements with an understanding winch
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I. Sidcup. Kent, DA14 40X Tel: 081-302 8811 (¦A;, uni I 7(n,_t„.
V, rpi Ho: Silica Syslems. AMFOR-1092-91. 1-1 The Maws.
Halherley Rd, Sidcup. Kent, DAM 4DX_"''t PLEASE SEND
Initials:..... Company Name (it applicable):
Address: ... I Tel (Home):
Tel (Work): I [ Which computer(s). If any. Do you
own? ....91A J
A superb package, with immense power, to fulfil all your word
processing requirements and... it indudes a Database!
It's all so easy to use, you probably won't need to refer to the extensive 250 page manual too often.
You deserve the best!
Now you can get the best... with PEN PAL!
Whilst working, you can open up to four documents simultaneously (memory permitting), search and replace; cut, copy and paste; check your spelling with a 100,000+ word dictionary. You can import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint II or Clip Art files V*" in various sizes and colours. You can automatically flow text around graphics in any Workbench compatible font (there are over 200 available styles), in different sizes and colours to suit your design... even as you type. All this from a word processor and... Much, Much, More!
Pin Pal As you can see, this is not just any ordinary word processor! Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects. Mail Merge using the built in database and forms designer. Creation of templates for complex reports, into which the database can be merged.
Operating with 32 fields per record, and 32,000 records per database with a fast sort of 1000 records in less than 5 seconds this is a real database.
Pen Pa! Requires an Amiga 500!1500 2000 or 3000 with a minimum of I megabyte of available memory.
Pen Pal When...you deserve the best!
£79.95 Pen Pal Order Line 0773 836781 Pen Pal Is also available from good computer stores everywhere!
Trade Distributors... Jj O GORDON HARWOOD HARWOOD HAR Oo i Pen Pal is supplied into the UK through... Gordon Harwood Computers New Street Alfreton Derbyshire DE5 7BP Telephone: 0773 836781 Facsimile: 0773 831040 MARKETING ."...its handling of graphics is unsurpassed: Pen Pal is the only program I tested that will automatically wrap text around graphics..." Amiga World.. Jul. '90 Precision Software "...I am extremely pleased with your product especially the Graphic Capabilities within the Word Processor. Having the Database on the same disk has made PEN PAL. The best program I have..." D.S.H.,
Plumstead, I.O.XDO.Y Helping Hand 1- Defender of the weak, saviour of the helpless, liberator of the feeble, vanquisher of the nibble-pibblies - YES! It's that time of the month again! Time for (loud drum roll) Helpiiiing Haaaand!
Here's mud in your EOTB2 In Issue 38. ‘Jonny. Pete and Craig’ requested help for EOTB2. But the solu- lion given was in fact a solution to a separate problem.
The teleportation section and the 3x3 room mentioned were not on the Margoyle level, but on the sleeping quarters level of Darkmoon. In order to escape this, place all three gems which you find there into one of the four compartments in the walls. This will reveal one of four secret rooms corresponding to
N. S. E and W. Save the game at this point in order to try out
all the rooms, as it isn’t really possible to visit them all
(and stay sane). Beware, though, the eastern path may contain
a trap!
To escape, use the mauve-coloured TROPELET seed in the soft earth of the teleportation room, and this will take you back to where you started.
D. Boffey Long Eaton Can't say fairer than that. Have a small ban
of monies (or in this case a £25 voucher).
My head is spinning Can you help me on Magic Land Dizzy? I think I know what I have to do. But unfortunately I keep running out of lives, and so I can only do bits of the game at a time.
Is there a cheat for extra, or infinite lives, please, and would it work on the other Dizzy games (as I have all of them)?
Craig Hunt Stonydelph, Tamworth Ask and ye shall receive! Start the game, and anywhere. Type DIAMONDS AND PEARLS (including s Htces). Then unpause the game by pressing P. You will then find yourself with infinite lives. Thanks to Matthew Old of Bodmin for that one.
By Hook or by crook?
How on earth do I get the pirate uniform in Hook?
Also. I can’t get on the ship. Please help.
Lee Emerson Loughton, Essex I’m completely and utterly stuck in Hookl I can’t seem to get more than two coins from Dr Chop. Can you help me?
Zeeshan Khan Slough f * s * % X Peter Pan, big girl’s blouse extraordinaire, looks the other way as a couple of nubile young girlies swim by.
Indeed we can. Young sirs. This time Alyn Hughes of Liverpool comes to the rescue! To get the jacket, use the grappling hook on top of the clock tower a couple of times, and then swing up to Mrs Smeedles' door (grabbing the pirate hat on the way). Knock on her door, then swing back, go straight back behind Pirate Square and use the washing line pole on the jacket. If it doesn V work first time, try again!
Now gel two gold pieces from Dr Chop (by letting him have your two gold teeth), examine the jacket for the third, then take the roller blind. Go to the pub. Talk to Fake Jake, then give the three mugs and coins to the barman. Give the three cups of cocoa to Jake, and he will fall asleep allowing you to remove his trousers (strange game, this!).
Go behind Pirate Square and. Using the roller blind, get changed into a pirate. You should now be able to board the ship!
Fractal obituaries In Helping Hand (Issue 32). Sylvester had some problems in Deuteros. Well, here are some tips to help him.
To prevent Methanoid attacks within a solar system. First capture or destroy all Methanoid orbital factories in that system, then construct an incomplete factory on the outermost planet. The evil Methanoids will then be unable to launch an attack anywhere in that system.
Scientists are unable to develop Alien Artifact beyond 12 percent because the artifact is only one part of a larger object which is scattered around the galaxy.
Pressing SHIFT and C on the Planet Resource screen gives infinite quantities of most objects (Ion drives etc) but not drones. This also allows whole orbital factories to be constructed from single pieces.
To reset this, repeat the keypresses.
Darren Hemingway Sheffield Puff Stuff Please could you help us? We are having trouble finding a solution to Little Puff. None of our friends can find a solution either, so we would be grateful for any cheats you can offer.
Charlotte, Oliver and Heather Doy Norfolk Well. I'm afraid that even the might of Helping Hand can 7 help with this problem. If any readers can offer any assistance, please write in to the address below.
127 OCTOBER 1992 Bright lights, Sim City Do you have a cheat which gives unlimited money or any other hints for Sim City?
Stephen Hawkridge Dunstable Aha. A budding megalomaniac. I see. Well, here's a lip from Rob Crowe of Newcastle Upon Tyne. When you start a new city set the tax rate at 0 percent, so keeping the citizens happy and attracting people to the city.
In December put the tax rate up to 20 percent, then wait until the budget in January' and put the tax back to 0 percent. You will then find that the citizens have paid the maximum amount of money possible without even realising! This makes even more people come, and you can make loads of money each year and still remain popular! Also, try holding down the SHIFT key and typing FUND during the game. This will give you at. Extra S10.000 to play with - don't do it too many limes, though, as it will eventually bring on an earthquake!
That's it for another month. Keep the letters Hooding in. And remember - we look at ALL tof them. Please don't ask for personal replies, though, as there is never time to answer letters in this way. Until September then, stay frosty!
If you’re stuck on a particular game, or have a solution to a letter printed in the magazine, then write it down and send it in to us at HELPING HAND Amiga Format. 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW Archipelagos, Atomic Robokid. Awesome, Back to the Future II and III, Car-Vup, Chip's Challenge, Chuck Rock, Crackdown. Drivin' Force, Dynamite Dux, E-Motion, Empire Strikes Back. ESWAT, Ghostbusters 2.
Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Gremlins 2, Hammerfist, The ultimate games guide is back by popular demand!
OVER 100 GAMES REVIEWED Want to know the top games on the Amiga, both new and old? Find out here!
180 PAGES OF TIPS The biggest collection of maps, solutions, cheats and tips ever assembled in one place.
Screen Play 2 features more full game guides than any book ever has before, with 12 games mapped.
ALL THESE GAMES REVIEWED AND TIPPED: Horror Zombies, The Immortal, Ivanhoe. Kid Gloves, Killing Game Show, LED Storm, Line of Fire. Llamatron, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Manic Miner, Midnight Resistance. Monty Python's Flying Circus, Narc. Ninja Spirit, Nitro. Operation Thunderbolt, Predator 2. Robocop 2, Saint Dragon. SCI, Shadow Warriors. Skidz, Spherical. Spy Who Loved Me, SWIV. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Toki. Turrican, Turrican 2. Virus, Viz, Z-Out.
PLUS FULL SOLUTIONS FOR: Cruise for a Corpse, Dragons Lair II. Fantasy World Dizzy, Indiana Jones III. Leisure Suit Larry, Maniac Mansion. Rick Dangerous 2, Rise of the Dragon, Search for the King, Secret of Monkey Island, Time Machine. Treasure Island Dizzy, Wonderland AND ALSO EXTENSIVE PLAYERS’ GUIDES FOR: Armour-Geddon. Battle Command, Captive.
Carrier Command, Deuteros. Dragons Breath, Eye of the Beholder. Full Contact, Gods. Hero Quest, Indianapolis 500, James Pond, Lemmings. Mean Streets.
Pang. Prince of Persia, Speedball 2. Spindizzy Worlds, Supercars 2. Warhead Costing only £9.95 The ultimate guide to Amiga games has been succeeded by an heir.
Maff Evans has spent months putting together a brand new collection of top tips, helpful hints and informative reviews.
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Both SCREENPLAY I and SCREENPLAY 2 at the price of £17.40 (+1.45 per copy P&P) Please send payment with this order form in a sealed envelope to: AMIGA FORMAT SCREENPLAY 2 Book FREEPOST Future Publishing Ltd Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR No stamp required if posted in the U K Please allow 28 days for delivery WE'VE GOT THE POWER!.. YOUR LOCAL SHOP ..IN LONDON!
Power Station Computers,14 Station Road, Finchley, London N3 2RY It's right by Finchley Central Tube Station so now you can try our produc ts before buying! - our trained and friendly staff will be pleased to demonstrate any product AZ& COMPUTERS, 299-301 High Street, Sutton, SURREY TEL: 081 643 7078 IMPORTANT ALL madiines are tested prior to shipping GIVING YOU THE MOST OUT OF YOUR AMIGA
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Capt. Planet.
Simpsons. Datastonn. Dungeon Quest. E-Motion. Kid Gloves, Grand Monster Slam. RVF Honda, Shuffle Puck Cafe. Soccer. Tower of Bal el. Games will lie substituted if not available.
... GVP A500 HARD DRIVE PROMOTION POWER ft*** GVP Scries II 120Mb hard drive (takes up to 8Mb)y ZZZ' POWER PRICE only £429.99 inc. VAT GVP SER n 52MB (TAKES 8MB RAM) £33$ 99 £39.99 OR Choose any 10 games for only IT'S YOUR CH0ICEI!
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or power supply
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¦ -tawwia: ake our sound advice The perfect magazine about music technology would have... Authoritative reviews of the latest hardware and software, written by musicians who have used the equipment under the same real-world conditions you’d be facing.
2 Expert technical advice and help on any problem to do with creating, recording and performing.
Informative interviews with performers and sound crew, and profiles of prominent music personalities, giving you the professionals’ tips on improving your music.
4 Adverts packed with bargains, useful services, new releases and second-hand buys.
C News pages packed with previews, launches, opinions, U updates, events and personalities.
Easy-to-follow tutorials that show you how to get the most from your equipment and don’t just rehash the manual.
7 Comprehensive buyers’ guides to all the existing hardware and software, regularly updated.
I Covermounts that are genuinely useful and superb value for 0 money.
The resources and commitment to quality of Future Publishing behind it.
If] An experienced team of journalists and designers, determined IU to produce a top-quality magazine with no jargon, no technical waffle and no uninteresting pages.
? On Thursday 15 October Future Music will make all these things a reality, and much more besides. Don’t miss it!
Future Publishing - Your guarantee of value AS WELL AS THE FINE MAGAZINE YOU’RE reading right now. Future Publishing produces more than 20 market-leading magazines, every single one of them with the same commitment to quality. As well as computer magazines like Amiga Format, ST Format and PC Format, Future publish game console magazines like Sega Power and Total! And special interest magazines like Classic CD, Mountain Biking UK, Needlecraft and Photo Plus. Every one of our magazines is a market leader because we put you first and always strive to satisfy your needs. Future Publishing is
your guarantee of value.
Ttcmwqgl rJa jr copy of Future Musicm Give this form to your newsagent Please reserve me a copy of Future Music every month, beginning with the November issue, out on Thursday 15 October.
Name ... Address To the newsagent: Future Music is published by Future Publishing 3 and «s available from your local wholesaler (fully SOR).
Ipcjdi Introductory Subscription Offer & 12 ISSUES UK £19.95 Method of payment - please tick appropriate box ' | Access Q Visa Q Cheque Credit card No As a special offer to founder subscribers, you can get 12 issues of Future Music for just £19.95 - saving nearly £4 off the news-stand price. This also means you won't pay any extra for higher-priced issues with covermounts. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, just return this form before Saturday 31 October.
? Po Name ???? ???? ???? ????
Address ..... Expiry date Q Q Q Please tick here if you do not wish to receive direct mail from other companies |~ Please make all cheques payable to: Future Publishing Limited.
.Postcode Send this form to: Telephone ..... Future Music, Future Publishing, FREEPOST, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR.
This coupon is valid until 31 October 1992. Your subscription will start from the .. next available issue.
Special Order Form Coming soon to an Amiga near you!
SPECIAL OFFER PP Hammer I* I ? R II superb... the polish and sure-tire detail makes N a sure-lire winner* (Micro User 9S%) £15.99 Don't forget
• submit your game and you might win a prize as well as fame!!!
See the assembler article!
HiSoft DMI Ltd 0753 686000 High Quality Software More Reasons to be Cheerful Congratulations on buying this month's issue of Amiga Format, complete with Devpac Amiga 2 on the cover disk. Now you can buy the full package, with the Commodore include files, all the software and the original manual for only £14.95 - or you can upgrade directly to the new, all-powerful Devpac 3.02 for £49.95, a saving of £20! Is that enough to put a smile on your face? If not, look at our other bargain offers including HiSoft BASIC
1. 05 and Extend for only £24.95 - all offers are exclusive to
Amiga Format readers and valid only until 31 October 1992 ...
The newest assembly-language development system for the Amiga.
Devpac 3 is the most powerful and complete package ever
released - just look at a selection of its features:
• Full Workbench”* 1.3 and 2.x compatibility
• Multi-window editor with macros, bookmarks and total
integration making the package a joy to use for both the
beginner and the professional programmer
• Super-fast 68000-68040 assembler and debugger with support for
the maths co-processor
• Pre-assembly option makes using the Amiga includes simple and
very, very quick
• Assemble to memory, many assembler-control options and
optimisations, repeat loops, output of code to executable,
linkable or S-Record format, full listing control and much more
makes Devpac 3 unbeatable Due out in the Autumn is our latest
version of BASIC for the Amiga, HiSoft BASIC 2, which boasts
full Workbench”* 2 compatibility, a complete range of new
libraries, a multi-window editor and much, much more.
In the meantime we now offer its pre-decessor, HiSoft BASIC 1, together with the Extend set of library functions at an amazing price (see the order form). This package has long been regarded as the most professional BASIC on the Amiga - and, at this price, it’s the best value as well!
ProFlight - still widely regarded as the most accurate flight simulator on the Amiga and now at a bargain price (see the order form). ProFlight features the Panavia Tornado aircraft, the fastest aircraft in the world at ground level, and allows you to fly peaceful, reconnaissance missions or to engage in fully-armed combat at speeds of up to Mach 1.2 at ground level.
The package comes with a professional 190-page flight manual detailing all aspects of flying this exciting aircraft, including chapters on flight theory, ILS landing and air-to-air combat.
Are you following the assembler programming article and using the K.T. and PP Hammer characters in your own game? Take advantage of this offer to see how they are used in the original games £10 off Top Banana The ultimate assembler language system" Amiga Format Gold 4 92 HiSoft BASIC lor more information on any ol our products, please call HiSoft on 0525 718181. Or lax us on 0525 713716 or write to us af.
The Old School. Greenfield.
Bedford MK45 5DE UK.
So why haven't you bought it yet?
Look what's inside: O Find out how to change your pictures with our comprehensive guide to image manipulation. You never knew so much was possible O You don't need to buy software to manipulate your pictures - we give you a complete program on our Coverdisk O Don't waste your cash on ludicrously expensive commercial programs - we review and rate over 20 shareware and PD programs
• The best games are always released for the PC.
Find out what we think of A-Train, Hook, Grand Prix Unlimited, Leather Goddesses 2 and more!
• American prices often look cheaper than their UK equivalents
but what are the hidden costs? We tell you all you need to know
to buy software from the States
• No PC jargon here! We explain every technical term you're
likely to meet If SimCity and Railroad Tycoon were your
all-time fave Dither it, stipple it, reduce the red, adjust the
number of As graphics become more realistic games are slowly
games then A-Train will blow your mind. It's a lethal colours
and bingo - you've got yourself the perfect pic! Taking on
their own frightening reality. Has the time come combination of
both classic game genres. We tell you how it's done. For them
to be censored?
DON'T MISS THE LATEST ISSUE OF PC FORMAT OUT NOW AMEAGRE PRICES FOR AMIGA USERS i :¦ :5 20 95 17 95 17 95 23 95 20 95 .. • ..... - •• DoioDan ...17.95 Donalds Alphabet Chase 1795 Double Dragon 1 7 95 Double Dragon n ...7.95 Double Dragon II! 17 95 Dragon Ninpi IN*) ......696 Kid Gloves U 17.95 Kind Words 2 (N*J ..36.95 Kind Words 3 (1Mb) 36 95 Kings Quest $ (1 Mb) 2695 Knighla of the Sky (IMbl .23 95
KwikSoax ...6.96 Leandet ......1795 Rodland .....1795 Rolling Ronny IN*) ... 17.95 Rotox ......7.95 Rugby The World Cup 17.95 Secret Of Monkey Island (1Mb. N*) 1795 Scctet Of Monkey island n (IMbl 26 95 Secret Of Silver Blades 11 Mb) 20.95 Dreadnoughts 2599 Dune (1 Mb) ......2095 Dym Blaster .20.95 Easy Amos (1Mb) ...25.99 Ed .1795 Bnral(lMb.N-)
.....2095 Elvira ? ..2395 Legend 2095 Leisure Suit Larry 5 (IMS) 23.95 Lemmings (Origami) ..17.95 Lemmings Levels (Add-On vorsioni .13.95 Lemmings LeveislStand Alone) ....17.95 Let s Spell At Home 14 95 Sensible Sower ...- ...-1796 Shadow Of The Beast ..7.96 Shadow Of The Beast U ..1795 Shadow lands ... 20.95 Sherman M4 ......6.96 Sboe People ..- 17.95 Shoot Em Up Construction Kit ......7.95
Enk ...6 96 Espana • Tho Gaines 92 .....20 95 Euro FootbaL Champ 1795 European Championships Exile Z. ” 'II ’ I 1795 Lets Spell Cut And AbPut ...14.95 Life A Death ...1795 Lineker CoLecxion 13 95 Links (IMbl 23 95 Little Puff (N*) ...6.96 Liverpool Footbali .....1795 Silent Service ff (1Mb) . 2395 Silkworm ...7.95 Sim Ant 23.95 Sun Cay ..... 18.95 Sim Cay - Architecture 1 ...795 Sim
Cay • Architecture 2 .....7.95 (IMbl ...2095 Eye 0! The Beholder n (IMbl .....23.95 Lombard RAC Rally 6 96 Lord Of The Rinas .17.95 Sim Cay Populous ..20.95 Sim Earth 20.95 F-lSStnko Eagle II (1Mb. N*) .....2395 F-16 Combat Pilot 795 F 19 Stealth Fighter 20 95 Lotus Turbo Challenge D 17.95 Lure Of The Temptress 11 Mb) .20.95 Ml Tank
Platoon 20 96 Magic Maths 14-81 ...1796 Ski O: Die 8.95 Slightly Magic ....6 96 Sooty A Swoop 6 96 Spice 1889 (IMbl .50.95 Spice Ace 11 - -23.95 Space Crusade 17.95 Spuush Tutor . 15.99 Spcaal Forces (IMbl 23 95 Sporting Gold (N-l ......20.95 Sports Best ..17.95 Sports Collection (N*) . 1395 F-29 Retaliate: (N *) .....1795
Face-Off • Ice Hockey ..17.95 Falcon ....11.95 falcon • Counterstnie Data Disk .....795 Falcon Firelight Data Dak .....795 Fantasy World Dizzy (N •) ...6 96 Magic Pockets ......1795 Magic Storybook (1Mb) ...20.95 Magi&md Dizzy ..6.96 Manchester United 795 Manchester United Europe 17.96 Maths Adventure |6-14l 19.96 Max (Comp) (N-) ..20.95 Final Blow 17 95 Final Fught IN*) ..1795 Fire And ke
...17.95 Fireforce ...17.95 First Division Manager 6 96 Fists o! Fury (comp) (N-) 17 95 Flood IN-) .....895 Mega Sports 7 ......1795 Mega Twins .17.95 Mcga-lo-Mann-First Samurai ....20.95 Megaloitress 11Mb) .....20.95 MegauaveUe: l(lMb) .... 20.95 Mogauavoim 2 (IMbl 20 96 Mercenary- 3 2096 Starfogbt 1 . ...8.95 Sieg The Slug ...6.96 Steve McQueen • West Phaser .....1795 Storm
Master .... 2095 Street Fighter 6 96 Stnd*: ...6.96 Strike Fleet .....17.95 Football Ctazy (Compi .17.9S Formula 1 Grand Pnx IMP) (1Mb) .23 95 Fun School 4 |5-7| .1795 Pun School 417-!1| 17 9$ Fun School 4 (Under 5S) ...17.95 G-Loc ..17.95 Gateway To Savage Ftonuer (IMbl .....2195 Sauntlet D 696 Gauntlett m_ ..17.95 GB
Route PfuS 11Mb) ...._ ...55.95 Global Effect 11Mb) .....- ..20.95 Go For Gold ....7.95 Goblins .....17.95 Gods ...1795 Golden Axe. ....7.95 Goc4ys Railway Express ...17.95 Graham Taylor's Soccer (IMbl .... 1795 Mircro German ...18.95 Microprase Goff (IMbl 23.95 Midnight Resistance IN*) .6.96 Mig 29 Soviet Fmhter IN-; 5.96 Mig 29M Super Fulcrum
|N*) 26.95 Might And Magic in (1Mb) ... 23.95 Mooobase (1Mb) 23.95 Moonstone (IMbl . 20.95 Moonwalkcr IN*) .....6.96 Movie Premie: Collection |N* 20.95 Multi Player Soccer Manage: 17.95 Myth ....17.96 Narc ... .6.96 Narco Police .....6.96 Neighbours .. 1795 New Zealand Story (N* I 6.96 Ninja Collection ......13.95 Nuta Warriors. .7.95
N1UO .7.95 North & South 6 96 Suker Manager . 7 95 Stunt Car Race: 6 96 Supaplex ...6.96 Super Heroes (Comp) ....20.95 Super Off Road ....7.95 Super Sega (Comp) .....2095 Super Seymour Saves tho World 6 96 Super Sun Pack Icomp) 20.95 Super Space Invaders IN-) ...17.95 Super Tetns (!Mb ......20.95 Supercars 6% Supetcan
n ..1795 Supernova • Fruit Machine . 6 96 Super Ski 2 ..17.95 Supremacy . ....20.95 Suspidoua Cargo ... ...17.95 Swiv |N* ....1795 Tennis Cup 2 ....1795 Terminator U ..17 95 Test Drive U Collection (N-l ...20.95 Grandstand iComp) IN*) 20 95 Guy Spy .... ...20.95 Hagar The Horrible .1795 Harlequin .. 17 95 Harpoon • Battle
Set 3 ..11.95 Harpoon • Battle Set 4 .11.95 Hazpoon • Editor _ ....13.95 Harpoon vl 2.1 .....23.95 Head Over Hocis. 696 Heart of China |IMb) ...23.96 Hetmdal(lMb) ......23.95 Heroquest • Data Disk ..11.95 Heroquest - Twin Pack ..20.95 Httduicrs Guide To The Galaxy ...7.96 Hollywood Collection N*I .... 20.95 Home Accounts 2 39.95 Omar Sharu's Bndge (IMbl 23.95 Operation
Combat ...... .7.95 Operation Stealth 1795 Operation Thunderbdt 6 96 Operation Woff IN*) ....6.96 Padic Islands 20.95 Pagesetter D ....39.95 Pang ... 6 96 Panza Kick Boxing 7 95 Paperboy 2 17.95 Parasol Stars .... 17.95 Pen Pal ...... 57.95 PGA Tour Goff • Couises Disk . 1195 PGA Tour Goff Plus .. .... 2095 Pinhall Dreams ..... 17.95 Pit Fichtcr .
P. tfi 9 from Outer Space 11Mb) 23.95 The Manager
11Mb) ...20.95 Things 7ot* With
Numbers ....14 95 Thunderhawk .20.95
Tip Off ...-- .. ..17.95
Titus The Fox - ...17.95
Tota IN
•)..._ ...1795 Top
League (Coenp) IN*) ......2095 Touchdown
......1195 Touting Car Race: 696 Treasure
Island Dizzy |N* 1 ...-149 Treasures Of Sav Frontier
(1Mb) .21 95 Ttmal
Pursuit ..1395
Turrican .696 Tumcanl!
....- ....6.96 Tunics 2 • the
Com Op .17.95 U M S
ff .2095
Ugb’ ....1795
Uluma 6 IlMb) 2095
Utopca ..- ..- ...20.95
Utopia New Worlds Data Disk ..11 95 Virtual Reality 2
(Comp). ..2095 Virtual Words
(Comp) ....20 95 Homo Alone 11 MB. N*t
.1795 Hoc* (IMbl 1795 Hostile Breed 1796
Hoverspnnt .....6.96
Humans ._ . .20.95
P©bceQuest3ilMb) .... 2395 Pool Of Radiance
20 95 Pools Of Darkness IIMb) . 21.95 Populous - World
Edrtor .11.95 Populous Dll
Mea| .20.95
Hunter .- ....20.95
lan Bothamsencket IlMb) 20 95
IK* ...... 6 96 Power-Up
(Compi .....20.95 Powermonge: .. 20 95
Powormonge: D»U Disk WWI| ...... 11 96
Vroom .1795
Watty Races .- ..696
Warzone .....1395
ImpossamoC* . 6.96
Impossible Mission 2 N* 6.96 Indiana .Jones &
Last Crusade (ACT) .6 96 Indianapolis
SOO 1796 Premie:
CoUectioii 17.95 Primary Maths
Course 13-12) . 1895 Pro Tennis Tour 1
......6 96 Pro Tonrus Tour 2 17.95 Wayne
Gretsky 2. .....1795 Willy Beamish 11
Mb) 23 95
Wizfad ....- .....- 1795
WaUdald ...1795
International Spans
Challenge ... 2096 Ishar •
Legend Of The
Fortress ...20.95
Puzuuc 6.96 Quest And Oiory
(Compi 20 95 Quest For Adventure (Compi (IMbl.... 23.95 Quest
For Glory 1 (1Mb) ..26.95 Woidwonh vl l ilMbi
8395 World Class Uadcrboard 6 96 World Class
Leaderboard • tee set ......7 95 World Class Rugby
.....1795 Italia
90 .7.96 Jack
Ntcklaus Uni Goff (IMbl ...20.95 Jaguar XJ220 11 Mb) 17
96 James Bond CoGcet»n(N*i 17 96 James
Pood 6 96 R-Type O
|N*) .. 17.95 R BI Baseball
2 ... 2095 RaceDnvin ... 2095 Railroad
Tycoon (1Mb) 23 95 Rainbow CODoctson 13 95 World Class Rugby 5
Nations 20 95 World Series Cnttet 1 -free Cnckei) (lMb)!7 95
Wrestlemania 1795
X-Out ......6.96
20ut ......6.96
Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker. 20.95 John Barnes Euro.
Foctball (IMbl 17.95 John Maddens Footnc 17.95 Junior
Typist 5-10) .. 11.96 Jupiters Masterdrive
Realms .20.95 Red
Baron ...2395
Renegade 6 96 Rick Dangerous I 6 96 Rise Of 7r.o Dragon 26 95
MINI OFFICE £49.95 Word Processor Kick Off • Extra Time
...6.96 Kick Off nil Meal ...1795 Kick
Off H (Final iVhistiel 9 95 Kick Off D (Giants Of Europe) 6.96
Kick Off D (Return To Europe) .6.96 Robin
Hoed ...1795
Robxod .. 1795 Robxopl 6 96
Robocop n 17 95 Rofcocop
m .17.95 Spreadsheet
Database Graphics Disk Utilities (with keys and dividers) :c
Sample* 3 iC C3DIKCy U V *ad** ’v £S SC upa ry t6
'.OOcapttCty (6 :?'jcap*riy 8 :4 a*(anv 19 20 95 .17 95 1795
17 95 j • 95 23 95 20 95 '.V) capacity i 13 svkmMh O:
JOYSTICKS python: lOStjCPt Mavarxk i iQS128Pi ( m- Tr;- p-.u £
maj net* e Cc peti' cc ?io SOOO ttocs f Spwcmrg A? F Chase HQ
n . Chess Championship
2175. Chcssmastcr 2100 (lMbl Chips
Challenge . Cisco
Heat Dvmsauon(IMb)
CJInSpace ..
CJ In The USA ... Conflict Korea Omb)
Conquests c4 Camclot (IMbl . Conquests o! The Longbow
11 Mb) Continental Cucus .... Coo! Croc Twins
.... Corporation • Mission .... Count a Add
(Unde: 7s) ..... Covert Action irozy Cars
3 .- .... ...- Cruise For A
Corpse . Curse of The Azure Bonds
(1Mb) lyberbtast - ... ....
I-Geaeration (1Mb) .. - .... Dally Sport Cove:
Gul Poker ..... Daley Thompsons
Olympic Challenge . Dark
Queen Of Krynn Omb) ..
Das Boot .. Death Knights Of
Krynn Omb .. Deliverance
Joliao Paint
IV Demon
Deuteros(N*) Dizzy
Cotteaion .... Dizzys Excellent A y ( To l-U -SVI2
£ Si*porchai3Cr IbV-iJ) Suro Jtav KT £ Msgasui A SV133- £
MISCELLANEOUS Cartoon Classics Pack .... Philips
CM8833II Monitor..... teiuxeWoik Conti e Curnana n k Drive
.Mr: UpgiisCH •
- .Me Cpgifel* I Ml fpoia 3A|$ xi*; Mu Mo Mat Mojsr Hojee
Ci-$ icove: lAm aj Ccetcovet (Mcmto:: Custcover tLCiO CUSIQ VK«
tUC24 AuU McuMk Jcyxl;i k SwilcTi Tr«i klmU Head
Cleaner . 0 Groat Gnaws D Construction
Kit 3D Construction Kit 2 . 4
Wheel Drive (Comp) ... 4D Spoils Boxing
APB AlOTank Killer (1Mb) .... A320 Airbus
(N600) .... Addams
Family . ADI English (11-12)
..... ADI English 12 13) ... ADI Maths
(11-121 ... ADI Maths
112-13) . Advanced Destroyer Sun
Advanced Fruit Machine Alter Burner Agony--
.. Al- Sea Supremacy
iCcenp) .... An-Land-Sea (Comp) 1688 AS
fJ*) Axauaz
.....- ... Altered
Beast Amos 3D
.. Amos Compiler
. Amos The
Creator ...... Anarchy
....- ...- ....- . Another
World .-......
Aptdya ...
Aquaventure .... Arkanoid II • Revenue
ofDoh ....
Armour Goddon Arsenal - The Computer Game.
..... Award Winners
(Comp) ... Ballisttx Bandit Kina' o! Ancient China
IlMb) i Bine ol The Cosmic Forge (lMlil .. Barbarian I
.... Barbarian II (Psygnosis)
Jards Tale
3 . Sards Tale Trilogy
- .....- Batman • Caped Crusade: .
Batman The Kovte ..... Battle Chess
. Battle Chess II
(NO Jattle
Isle ... Battle Ulc •
Scenario Disk Vol 1 ...... Beach Volley
...... Beastbuaters
.... Bette: Maths 112-16) ...
letter Spotting |8 Adult i
3) 0 Run - ..... ...... Buds 01 Prey
(1Mb) .... Bitmap Brothers • Volume
1 . Bitmap Brothers - Volume 2 .
Black Crypt Omb. N*) ...... Board Genius ....
Bonanza Brothers Brain Blaster ....
Bubble Bobble (NO ... Cadaver • The
Payoff California Games II Capcom
Collodion ...... Cardiaxx
Carl Lewis Challenge
. Cartoon Collection ..
Jutno.. . .. ...... Castle O! Dr Brain
(1Mb) .. Castles
(1Mb) ... Celtic Legends
. |hwnptenf bvnn
Omb) Championship
Manager tub) ... Chart Attack
• Volume 1 17 95 6 96 - 25 99 17 95 17 95 17 95 17 95 17 95 7
95 5 95 Double Sided Double Density WITH LABELS & WARRANTY
'Serious' reviews This is the section of the magazine
dedicated to bringing you honest and intelligent reviews of
the latest 'serious' releases in hardware and software.
From expansions such as extra memory and hard drives through to useful, practical utilities to the latest In 'productivity' (DTP, databases) and 'creativity' (paint, animation, 3D, dlgltlsera and music) software, It's all in here.
For two years running, Amiga Formas has been voted by computer retailers as the magazine that they most trust when they're deciding what to stock, so you can see that we're the people best placed to advise you on what to buy. With our expert knowledge, we know what's the best program to date tor any particular kind of job, and we'll aee how anything new stacks up against the best In the business.
Contents There’s an astonishing mix ot reviews on the menu this month, so prepare your tastebuds for a real delight.
PRINTERS ROUNDUP_138 If you're thinking of buying a printer (and if you’re not. Then you ought to be) you need our complete guide to (almost) all the printers currently available for the Amiga. There's 10 pages full of printer explanations, advice and tests.
SCALA MULT1MEDIA200_154 Check out the new version of the top presentation program.
VIDEO STUDIO_158 A set of programs that make your Amiga an ideal video tool.
FORTH COMPILER_153 Programmers, see how this new language release can help.
AUDIO GALLERY_166 Ever wanted to learn a foreign language? Here's a new way.
BRUSH MOUSE_167 A replacement for the mouse that could be ideal for artists.
CROSS DOS A_167 The ever-useful utility for exchanging data from PC disks.
PRODRAW 3_174 Graphics release of the month: structured drawing made easy.
MINI OFFICE _182 A complete suite of business programs at a bargain price.
MEGA OFFICE_184 We name the best in WP. Databases, spreadsheets and more.
How the Ratings System works SPIED (marked out 9 5) • • • • • Tremendously Important lor both hardware and software: there’s nothing more annoying than waiting. A purely Intuitive judgement.
DOCUMENTATION (out of 5) • • • • • Although there are some packages that are so simple no manual Is needed, complex Items benefit hugely from a good explanation.
ACCESSIBILITY (out of 5) • • • • • The target for all good software should be powerful but simple: this rating assesses how easy it Is to get to grips with the Item.
FEATURES (out of 5) • • • • • Does it do what you want It to do? How well does it do it? And does It also do lots of other things that you’d never have thought of?
VALUE (out of 5) • • • • • A pretty Important rating, this one: If a package does everything you could wish for, It’s no use to you unless you can afford to buy It.
4 WIGU Me) (5 SERIOUS' PREVIEWS Coming Contraptions What's new for your Amiga on the serious scene?
Neil Jackson previews the latest gizmos.
ALFA DATA RA5 A500 RAM BOARD El 39 GOLDEN IMAGE (UK) 081 365 1102 Alfa Data now make two different types of RAM upgrade for your A500. Depending on the size of memory you require. The cheapest is the 2Mb kit, but there’s also a 4Mb version available (£169).
Both boards fit into the trapdoor of your machine, and they’re both fitted with battcry-backcd- up clocks running from rechargeable NiCads. Each kit comes with other boards which need to be plugged into the main board on your A500, so you will need to open the case.
ROWER COMPUTING 2MB RAM EXPANSION £99.95 POWER COMPUTING 0234 843388 Power Computing arc now in the process of making three different types of RAM upgrade for the A500 and A500 Plus. The 2Mb expansion plugs into the left-hand Amiga expansion connector (the one under the little cover on the side - not the trapdoor underneath). This is available in a variety of different styles depending on your needs. One version is fitted with a through-pon.
Enabling you to connect further devices in the left-hand port. You can buy the Power Computing RAM expansion configured with 8Mb RAM (£299).
Power Computing also make an internal RAM board which fits into the A500’s trapdoor slot.
This is also available in a variety of options: there’s the PC50I 0.5Mb board (£24) and the PC502
1. 5Mb board (£49) which comes with a battery-backed-up clock.
MASTERING AMIGA PRINTERS BY ROBIN BURTON £19.95 BRUCE SMITH BOOKS 0923 894355 OCTOBER 1992 Is your printer still giving you trouble? Can’t get the darned thing to work no matter how hard you try? Then Robin Burton’s new book could be just the thing you need to put an end to all the hassle.
Mastering Amiga Printers covers everything you’ll ever need to know about lasers, dot- matrixcs and ink-jcts. If you’re looking for tips on the Workbench Preferences or you’re planning to write a driver for that antiquated Caxton Model Ten you bought at the car boot sale. Mastering Amiga Printers is the best place to seek advice.
AMI BACK 2.0 £29.95 MOONLIGHTER SOFTWARE SIUCA 081-309 1111 AMI Back, the hard-disk backup program for the Amiga, has just been upgraded by American software manufacturers Moonlighter Software Developments. The new version includes complete support for all SCSI storage devices without requiring special driver software, a graphically displayed scheduler for making backups under automatic control and smart file compression which decides the best files to squash.. MSD have also just announced plans for AMI Back Tools, a suite of disk utilities designed for floppy and hard-drive use. It includes
a disk-optimiscr and a special recovery program for retrieving unintentionally deleted files. There are also functions for detecting corrupted files and files infected by viruses. A price for AMI Back Tools has yet to be announced, but it’s likely to be similar to the price for AMI Back.
FREEFUGHT STEERING WHEEL £29.95 RC SIMULATIONS 0272 550900 Get ready for the ride of your life. Hot news reaches us from those innovative chaps at RC Simulations, where they’re working on the prototype designs for a stunning new control system for the Amiga. Soon you’ll be able to play Formula One Grand Pri.x and other racing games using this amazing infra-red steering. It plugs into your machine like a normal joystick, but gives you control you never thought possible. Look out for an exclusive review of this incredible device in next month’s Amiga Format.
Whether you're writing a letter or producing a club magazine, you're going to need a printer.
Jason Holborn reviews and rates the current WHETHER IT’S GRAPHICS, desktop publishing. Word processing, music making or programming that you use your Amiga for; having any of these programs without a printer is much like having a guitar that only has one string. Sure you can make a few noises, but you can't show1 off your real skills. Once you have a printer connected to your Amiga though, no matter how basic, you can share your creations with the rest of the world by dumping them out on to paper.
Market of dot-matrix, inkjets and lasers.
Know the If you've got an Amiga then the next best thing you should get hold of is a printer.
We pick out some of the best inkjets, dotmatrix and lasers.
A development of the common typewriter, printers have been around almost as long as computers themselves, but they have certainly come along way since the days of the rather noisy line-printers that used to be a common sight in the computer rooms of the Sixties.
These days computer printers are capable of producing pages of the kind of sharpness, quality and speed of printout that would have turned computer users green with envy little more than 10 years ago. They have also become considerably cheaper. Now if you want to print out your colourful Deluxe Paint creations, you can buy full-colour printers for little more than a couple of hundred pounds.
138 All printers basically do the same job. But that's not to say that they're all the same. Far from it; getting the image off your Amiga screen and on to a piece of A4 can vary immensely. There are basically three different types of printer that are available for the Amiga these days: dot-matrix printers (DMP).
Inkjet (not forgetting the Canon-pioneered BubblejeO and laser printers.
Each genre has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages: it might be that they are the cheapest, or they're the quickest, maybe it's just that they have a superb quality of printout, so don't just buy a printer because that's the type you are familiar w’ith. It's very possible you will find that a different type of printer is far more suitable for your own particular needs. To get you more acquainted . Here's a rundown of the types of printer you're likely to encounter: DOT MATRIX - this is the most common type of printer available today, and also the cheapest. Dot-matrix printers work
simply by forming each character that appears on the page from a group (or matrix) of pins that then stamp on to an inked ribbon, that in turn marks the paper and gives you your final printout: you can usually make out the dots!
Dot-matrix printers come in basically two different flavours: 9-pin and 24-pin. 9-pin printers just use a smaller number of pins to form the print head matrix, so the quality is JARGON BUSTERS DRAFT - all dot-matrix printers offer draft printing. Draft printing sacrifices print quality for raw speed. While draft text is not good enough for finished work It Is Ideal for long program listings. All dot-matrix printers offer at least one draft printing mode.
Another form of draft Is high speed draft which Increases the output speed of the printer still further but print quality suffers even more.
NLQ - most modern printers offer at least one NLQ (Near Letter Quality) font. NLQ fonts are far more defined and therefore are of a much higher quality making them Ideal for finished documents. Printing In NLQ mode usually slows a printer down though.
More upmarket printers also offer SLQ (Super Letter quality) fonts which - as the name suggests - are even better quality than NLQ fonts.
CP* - Characters Per Second is a rating of printer speed. While not strictly accurate for printing pictures, It Indicates how many Individual characters of text a printer can obviously not as good as what you would get from a 24-pin printer. 24-pin printers are capable of producing both plain text and graphical output rivalling that of an inkjet (more on those shortly), although all dot-matrix printers (9 and 24-pin) tend to be rather noisy because of the sound of the pins physically striking the ribbon and then the paper, but you do get used to it. Believe me.
Produce In a aecond. Manufacturers will usually quote two cps ratings - one for draft printing and one for NLQ printing.
DPI - (Dots Per Inch). As an Indication of a printer's resolution, manufacturers rate their printers In terms of how many dots per Inch they can produce - the higher the dpl-rating, the better the quality. Most print- era (Including lasers) are capable of between 240 and 360 dpi while a professional Imagesetter (that’s the printer we use to churn out the pages of Amiga Format) can handle a resolution of up to 2400dpi!
FONTS * don't confuse these with typefaces. A font Is a specific 'weight' of a typeface. Times Is a typeface; Times Bold Is a font.
FONTS, RESIDENT - resident fonts are the fonts that are actually built Into a printer. In the case of a dot matrix, the more resident fonts you have the better.
CENTRONICS INTERFACE - Printers INK JET As the paper passes In front of the nozzle, the stream of ink is switched on and off as appropriate, so building up the Image.
DOT MATRIX A dot-matrix shoots little groups of metal pins (a matrix) at the paper. The pins strike through an Inked ribbon, so making an image.The letters are formed as a pattern of dots.
Face of print head ' LASER The laser scans across a roller, charging it up.
Particles of powder 'Ink' stick to these areas and are transferred on to the paper before Image being being melted to the paper by a heat source. Transferred to photosensitive drum Laser- 139 t OCTOBER 1992 M 9
- 1 Paper Dot matrix printers are still the choice for many
users, though, because they can deliver good quality results at
low-cost and don’t cost an arm and a leg to run.
INKJET - a fairly recent development in the printer market, the inkjet works by replacing the dot-matrix printer’s pins with a series of minute nozzles that actually spray the ink on generally come with either a Centronics or a serial interlace. If the printer uses a serial interface then it can be connected to the Amiga via the serial port. If It has a centronics Interface then it Is connected via the parallel port. The Centronics connector Is just another form of parallel interface.
FONTS, SCALEABLE - some modern dot-matrix printers also offer scalable fonts. These are fonts that can be Increased (or decreased) in size with no apparent loss In quality (Increasing a conventional font In size usually produces 'jaggles' - rough edges). Scaleable fonts can usually be increased to up to 40 point.
EMULATION - as the name suggests, emulation enables one printer to behave as if it was a different make of printer altogether. In fact it Is very unusual to find a printer that uses Its own proprietary command set (control codes for the printer). Instead, printer manufacturers rely on industry-standard emulations such as EpsonX, EpsonQ, IBM ProPrlnter and NEC P20 to drive their printers. This Is done to ensure that existing printers' drivers will be able to drive their new printer.
BUFFER - because the Amiga Is able to output data to a printer a lot faster than It can be printed, most printers offer what is known as a printer buffer. This Is basically a temporary store where the data can be pulled in at full speed from the computer. This ensures that the computer is not forced to wait for the printer each time it wants to send fresh data.
TRACTOR FEED - this Is a mechanism that is used to pull continuous listing paper Into a printer.
Along both sides of the paper are small holes at regular Intervals, these are used by a wheel containing a series of sprockets to pull the paper along and through the printer.
SHEET FEEDER - when using single sheets of paper with a printer it Is usually up to the user to feed in each new piece of paper as and when It Is needed. A sheet feeder frees you from this task by automatically feeding In fresh sheets of paper - all you have to do Is to load the sheet feeder with a ream of paper at the start of your printing session.
DIP SWITCHES - because printers are generally designed to work with more than one type of computer, it Is necessary to configure them to work with your own system. Older printers use what are known as 'DIP (Dual Inline Pole) switches', each of which can be turned on or off. When set In a particular order they tell the printer to behave In a 10 the page. An even newer development in this field is the BubbleJet printer pioneered by Canon. The BubbleJet gives even better results because the tiny nozzles that form the characters you see on the page are even smaller than those of the inkjet.
BubbleJets get their name from the printing process that they use - instead of electrically forcing the ink out of the nozzle, a BubbleJet uses tiny elements to heat the ink that is inside each nozzle. As soon as the ink reaches a certain temperature, bubbles are formed which force the ink out of the nozzle and on to the page. As the ink leaves the nozzle, more ink then flows in.
Inkjet printers still don't seem to have achieved the success that they rightly deserve, despite the fact that they’ve dropped their price quite dramatically over the past few months. The print quality of an inkjet is substantially better than that of a dot matrix (plus they are a hell of a lot quieter) and it is second only to a laser. For all sorts of printing tasks, an inkjet is the ideal tool.
LASER - if you want to get the best possible results from your printer, apart from going out and spending tens of thousands of pounds on an ImageSetter. Then you need to get yourself a laser. (Though you will find them to be a bit expensive.) Contrary to popular belief, laser printers don’t actually work by burning an image on to the paper with a laser.
The way that laser printers do work, though, is a fairly complex one. First of all, a copy of the image that you want to print out is built-up in the printer's memory (the more RAM that your printer has. Then the faster the printer process will be. Because more of the image will be able to be stored). This built-up image is then used as a template by the laser beam itself.
A sheet of paper is then fed into the printer. It is then electrostatically charged to a positive polarity.
Particular way (which emulation mode to use, for example). Thankfully DIP switches are becoming a thing of the past, allowing printers to be configured via their front panel displays. You should be aware, though, that there are many printers that still employ these devices tor low-level configuration.
POSTSCRIPT - this Is a page description language designed specifically for laser printers and Imagesetters. If you buy a laser that offers PostScript compatibility then It cannot be driven by the standard printer drivers. Instead the programs that you run must be capable of outputting In PostScript format. Most Amiga desktop publishing programs support Postscript but many others (such as Deluxe Palnf) don’t, make sure to check before you buy your printer.
HP LASERJET - possibly the most common standard for laser printers, the HP LaserJet standard allows you to print to a laser printer from any application that uses the Amiga's standard printer device. The current release of the Amiga HP LaserJet driver leaves much to be desired however, so a Postscript-compatible laser will be a much better bet If you Intend using the laser to print pages from a desktop publishing program such as Gold Disk’s Profeealonal Page.
The laser, which gives the printer its name, fires a precise charge (negative) at a photosensitive drum. This obviously takes quite some time because most lasers are capable of producing 90.000 dots for every square inch of printout at 300 dpi. This charge (which has built up the image) attracts the positively charged toner - this is a very sticky, ink- based substance.
The paper is now passed over the drum.
Because it has been positively charged, it attracts the negatively charged toner. At this point, though, the only thing that is keeping the toner attached to the paper is the static charge that has been created.
In order to actually bond the toner to the paper, the paper is heated up (and in some cases it is slightly crushed). This is why laser printed paper always feels very warm to touch when it is taken straight out of the printer. So now you know!
One thing which should be noted is that all lasers are in fact page printers'. That is. They always work on a page at a time irrespective of how many you’re trying to print at one time.
Even if you only print two or three lines of text, the laser will still have to use up a whole sheet of paper.
Because they are so expensive (and so is the toner by the way), laser printers aren't really ideal if all you really need them for is printing out text. If you are intending just to print words, you should have a look at either a dot-matrix or inkjet printer. However, if you need a printer for professional DTP and graphics applications, then the laser is second to none, but so is the price.
140 OCTOBER 1992 All the tests you'll find over the next seven pages have been carried out on a standard Amiga 2000 using the Professional Page 3 DTP package and Amor’s Protexi word processor. Oh and by the way - we used environment-friendly recycled paper throughout our extensive tests so no trees bit the dust during the reviews.
INSTALLING A PRINTER Printers have always been a source of considerable frustration for Amiga users. But printer installation need not be a particularly painful exercise.
Providing that you know exactly what printer driver you need, the process of setting up a printer is actually very simple indeed.
If you’re running under either Workbench 1.3 or
2. 04, you’ll almost certainly have to copy the printer CHOOSING
A PRINTER There are just so many printers available now that
It's Important to understand all the benefits each one
offers, here's a rundown of the sort of things you should
check before handing over your hard-earned cash.
EMULATION - It sounds a rather obvious one to point out, but always check that the printer you buy can be driven by your Amiga. (You won’t believe the amount of calls we get from people who've bought a printer only to find It doesn’t work on their Amiga) In the case of dot-matrix and inkjet printers, you should always check that the printer can emulate either the EpsonX range (for 9-plns) or the EpsonG range (for 24-pin and Inkjets) series printers. Most printers also support the IBM ProPrlnter standard, but Epson emulation is undoubtedly the best.
PRINTER DRIVERS - Even If the printer does emulate an Epson, it's still well worth checking whether or not an Amiga printer driver Is available specifically for it. These drivers usually come from third-party developers (PD libraries are good sources) but some manufacturers (notably Canon and Citizen) are now starting to write Amiga drivers specifically for their printers.
LEADS - Your new printer won’t do anything unless it’s connected to your Amiga. When buying a printer you should therefore insist that an appropriate printer lead Is supplied.
Don’t leave the shop without one.
RUNNING COSTS - Having the most wizzo printer in the world is all very good, but you'll soon start to regret buying it if it costs and arm and a leg to run. On the whole, dot matrix printers are the cheapest printers to run. Because of the outlay for toner, inks and, in some cases, even new drums, lasers and inkjets (especially colour inkjets) can prove to be expensive. This is where you must decide just how much printing you are Intending to do over the next few years. Quality or long-term cost benefit?
RIBBON INK AVAILABILITY - Never buy a printer that doesn’t use ink cartridges or ribbons that are not commonly available from either a local supplier or through mail order. If the printer runs out of ink and you can’t find a supplier of new ribbons, the printer will be useless.
NOISE LEVEL - Printers basically come in two flavours - impact (dot matrix) and nonimpact (lasers and inkjets). Non-Impact printers are generally very quiet. On the other hand, some dot matrix printers can be very noisy indeed, so always ask for a demonstration In the shop (of the exact printer you are going to pay money for, rather than the one that has been in the window for the last two months) before buying unless you want to fall out with your next door neighbours.
TEXT - Unless you only ever intend printing program listings, It's very Important to check that the printer offers either NLQ (Near Letter Quality) or (better still) LQ (Letter Quality) printing modes. Also remember to check that the printer offers more than one font (don’t confuse this with a Typeface, the two are not the same. For example, Helvetica is a typeface whereas Italicised Helvetica in 10 point is a font) - if you grow tired of the default font, multi-font printers give you a selection of alternatives.
Once you’ve located the driver, all you then have to do is to copy it across Into the DEVS:Printers directory and that’s the hard bit done.
Next you’ll have to load up Preferences and tell the Amiga which printer driver you wish to use.
Under Workbench 1.3, you’ll have to load the main Preferences program and then click on the ‘Change Printer’ gadget.
Under 2.04, open up the ‘Prefs’ drawer and click on the ‘Printer’ program Icon. Providing that the driver has been copied successfully and been placed Into the correct directory, you should see a list of available printer drivers appear along with a whole host of other options. All you now have to do then is click on the driver that you want to use, click on the port that the printer is connected to (parallel or serial) and Bob’s your uncle - click on ‘Save’ and you will have now Installed your printer.
Most Amiga applications will happily print to your printer quite easily, but there may be some that still complain (mainly those that do complex printouts) so you may have to tinker around with the other printer options available. If you continue to have problems, then It’s well worth buying a decent book on the subject - I personally recommend you get hold of Mastering Amiga Printers from Bruce Smith Books (0923 894355).
Driver you require across on to your Workbench (or boot) disk from the Amiga Extras disk supplied with your machine. Commodore supply a fairly healthy selection of drivers for a wide range of printers but even if the printer you own Is not listed, chances are that the printer will be able to emulate one of the printers covered (virtually all dot-matrix printers offer EpsonX or EpsonQ emulation, for example).
HOTUNE: 0480 496379 ope All Items featured are SU8JECT TO
AVAILABILITY. All prices are subject to change without notice.
E&O E. All orders are dealt with immediately provided the goods
are in stock at the time of your order being processed.
However, we may take up to a maximum of 28 days to deliver from
receipt of order, with the exception of overseas orders which
make take longer.
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Citizen's answer to the dominance of Star in the 9- pln
dot-matrix market is the Swift 9 and Swift 9x (the 9x is a
wide-carriage version of the Swift 9). Visually It's nothing
special, the Swift 9 is a capable enough printer offering
printing speeds of 160 cps In draft mode (or 213 in high speed
mode) and 40 cps in NLQ mode.
The Swift 9 connects to the Amiga via the parallel port. Unfortunately like so many of the printers featured, Citizen don't supply a suitable lead so you’re left to buy this yourself. The Swift 9 is fully supported under Citizen's Print Manager program although it will happily work under EpsonX and IBM ProPrinter emulation. It’s quiet too - Citizen quote a noise level of around 51dBA in quiet mode.
It’s often hard to judge the differences between printers from printouts alone, but with the Citizen 9 the difference is clear. When printing from ProPage, Compugraphic fonts are smoother and more well defined than all the competition. Although the range of fonts Is nothing to write home about, the Citizen Swift 9 is still a great printer.
¦tUmabYMinca'abWorpodDUtt qn*My o yea .or.tta.acttpubUouai.ji.Itoa . o*p*Moa ¦•ml k» budf* m ..Abhoo.hao.**,-
* to; oM a tattoo 84% Epson LX400 The educational world’s
favourite company, Epson, have made their assault on the 9-pln
market with the release of the LX400, a nifty 9-pin that boasts
very simple operation but unfortunately little else.
In true Epson tradition, the LX400 is a rather dull boxy little beast that looks about as an impressive as a shoe box.
The specification of the LX400 is nothing worth writing home about either. While the draft printing speed of 150cps is acceptable enough, you'd be left waiting a very long time (It can only manage 25cps) If you tried to print out a long document In NLQ mode. Two NLQ fonts are on offer (Roman and Sanserif), both of which are nothing special.
Graphics printing holds the Amiga up a tad too - the LX400 only comes with a 3K printer buffer.
I’d love to be able to say a few nice words about the LX400, but (try as I might) I found little about it 142 The Amiga user's favourite must be the Star LC20.
The latest version of a long line of Star 9-plns.
Having owned a Star 9-pin myself a few years back, I feel a degree of sentimentality towards the Star 9- plns (even If my NL-10 did self destruct!).
Star LC20 OCTOBER 1992 The range of fonts on the LC20 is pretty good. It comes as standard with one draft font and three NLQ fonts, though none of them are very exciting.
Printing speed is pretty good though - 150cps in draft mode and 37.5 cps In NLQ, although this is still slower than the Citizen. Emulations on offer are the usual EpsonX and IBM ProPrinter.
One thing I found to be a problem was paper feeding. For starters, the LC20 can't load and form feed (eject) paper automatically. Although it has a feed button, you have to keep it pressed until the paper is in place. Our review model has a habit of chewing up paper too, something that was a common problem with the old NL-10. Gripes aside though, I like the LC20. It’s no longer the show stopper that it used to be, but for the price It's still a good solid and reliable printer nonetheless.
Panasonic produce everything videos, Tvs, camcorders and even multisync monitors (see last month's Issue!) But they'd also like you to take home a KXP1170, an attractive looking 9-pln that Just happens to be a pretty capable performer too.
Panasonic KXP1170 As you'd expect, the KXP1170 boasts the usual emulation modes for EpsonX and IBM ProPrinter operation. Printing speed is an acceptable 192cps in draft mode, 38cps In NLQ mode with a choice of one draft and three NLQ fonts (it’s just a shame that the fonts look so similar!). It comes as standard with a 6K printer buffer which is expandable to 38K.
If it wasn’t for the fact that the KXP1170 is a bit of a noisy beast, it would be a great little printer.
One nice feature, though, is its control panel, an easy to use affair that is quickly grasped. Paper loading is simple, though the paper doesn't always load correctly leaving you to adjust it slightly.
Taking this into account, the KXP1170 is a well- endowed printer. Extra fonts (different to those already Installed) would have been nice, but then It is the second cheapest printer of all those on test.
A very capable little 9-pin that will do nothing for the style conscious but lots for those looking for a cheap 9-pin that performs well.
The SP2400's control panel is annoying. Even basic operations such as selecting a different font requires a lot of button pushing. Why can't Selkosha just add a couple of extra buttons for font selection instead of forcing us to memorise complex button sequences?
Once the SP2400 Is set up it's a mean performer by any standards. Printing speed is rapid 120cps in draft mode. 150cps in high-speed draft mode and 60 cps in NLQ node with a selection of seven fonts (two draft, five NLQ). For straight text printouts, the SP2400 wins the 9-pin battle hands down. But for graphic printouts, the Citizen still holds the throne.
Verdic: 89% The SP2400 offers EpsonX and IBM ProPrlnter emulations as standard and comes equipped with a Citizen Swift 24x 'ferdici 60% 143 Citizen have stormed the 24-pln market with their Swift 24x, a wlde-carriage version of the Swift 24 (not reviewed, although the specifications also apply). Not commonly used by home users, wide carriage printers are a favourite In the corporate market as they allow large amounts of data to be crammed on to a single page.
Thanks to Citizen's excellent Print Manager suite of printer drivers, you can use the 24x’s facilities to their full without messing around with Commodore's complex printer drivers. Although not astounding, the 24x is capable of churning out text at a respectable 160cps in draft mode and 53cps in NLQ. A total of five fonts are on offer, four of which are NLQ. The 24x comes as standard with an 8K printer buffer which Is expandable to 40K.
Like Citizen's 240C, the 24x uses a combination of slider buttons and a handy LCD screen which Panasonic produce two 24-pins, this being the 'budget' offering, it features the same good looks as Its 9-pln counterpart, the KXP1170, but with a greater range of fonts, a more powerful control panel and print quality only a 24-pin can deliver.
Panasonic KXP1123 OCTOBER 1992 An aspect of the KXP1123 that I'm keen on is its easy to use control panel. Although it doesn't boast an LCD screen like Its big brother the KXP1124I, the KXP1123 uses a series of LEDs that indicate which options are currently selected.
Offering both EpsonQ and IBM ProPrlnter compatibility, the KXP1123 offers a respectable print speed of 240cps in draft mode and 53cps in NLQ mode. There's a total of four NLQ fonts on offer plus one draft mode font. These fonts are of high quality, though newer printers offer a wider range.
The KXP1123 comes with a rather measly 6K printer buffer, though this can be upgraded to 38K.
The print quality is good compared to the competition, but it’s by no means the most powerful 24-pin available. Having seen the competition, I have to say the KXP1123 is still a goody In my book.
Citizen Notebook 82% This was originally designed as a portable printer but Its print quality is so good it can give even the best 24-plns a run for their money. In fact you'll wonder how a printer so small (it's no bigger than a box of Jaffa Cakes!) Can produce such seriously good results, especially when printing graphics.
Why the Notebook does produce such good results is the type of ribbon used. Instead of the usual fabric ribbon most dot-matrix printers use, the Notebook uses a film ribbon. Designed for printing on to overhead projector transparencies, film ribbons give a more even spread of ink but don't last as long as fabric.
Technically, the Notebook Isn’t 24 pin. Instead It uses a 48-pin head which accounts for its quality.
Offering a resolution of 260 by 260 dpi, it can print 30 pages before Its battery needs recharging. For home use Citizen provide an external power supply.
Citizen 224 Sharing much the same sort of specification to the 24x. The 224 falls to impress when compared to rivals the KXP1124i and the Epson LQ570.
The 224 shares the same system of sliders that is common to all Citizen printer control panels. I'm surprised it doesn’t feature an LCD strip, though Citizen have started to use these in their new range of Swift 2 series printers. Paper loading is also very good - all you do is pop a piece of paper into the paper guide and the printer automatically pulls it in.
Like the 24x, it boasts printing speeds of 150cps In draft mode and 53cps in NLQ mode. Like its big brother, there are just four NLQ fonts on offer plus one draft mode font. Resolution is a healthy 360 by 360dpi though. Most 24-pins have this kind of high resolution, but only Citizen's printers enable you to access this kind of resolution thanks to the Citizen Printer Manager (the standard Workbench EpsonQ Mid 78% Star LC24-20 Thankfully the LC24-20 doesn't feature the same styling as the newer Star printers. In fact, it's actually a very good looking printer. One aspect of the LC24-20 that
sets it aside from the competition in terms of ease of use Is its extra large LCD screen which gives you instant access to all the fonts on offer simply by scrolling through the on-screen list.
These sort of oversized LCD screens are such a good idea that I'm surprised that more printer manufacturers aren't using them.
As well as the now customary EpsonQ and IBM ProPrlnter emulations, the LC24-20 also offers NEC 24-wire graphics compatibility. Printing speed Is a very respectable 160cps in draft mode (or 210 In high-speed mode) and 53cps in NLQ. It also offers two Draft mode fonts and five NLQ fonts with the option of SLQ (Super Letter Quality) fonts on cartridge. A 16K printer buffer comes as standard.
85% 144 Considering the disappointment of the LX400.
Epson have actually come up trumps with the LQ570, the latest addition to their range of 24-pin printers. The styling of the LX400 has been booted out of the window in favour of a more up-to-date design that reflects the style-conscious needs of the Amiga buyer. Combined with an impressive specification, it seems that at last there is an Epson dot matrix printer worth its money.
Epson LQ570 OCTOBER 1992 The control panel Is well laid out. The list of fonts is shown in a separate panel, each displayed as it will appear in print making font selection easy.
What's more, the LQ570 doesn't have to be taken offline every time you change font.
Printing speed is very quick - 225cps in highspeed mode. 210 in normal draft and 70cps In NLQ.
It comes as standard with a large selection of fonts (10 in all) including a couple of unusual fonts.
Coming In at the same price as the Panasonic KXP1124I, the Epson beats Panasonic's offering in terms of specification, although the print quality isn't as good as some of the competition.
Mid 80% Panasonic l XP1124i [Mid 88% If the KXP1123 is too basic for you. Then Panasonic have something to offer you, In the shape of the KXP1124I, which leaves its rivals standing in terms of NLQ printing speed.
Panasonic have gone to town with the paper- loading facilities. The KXP1124I can take paper from three different sources located at the front, rear and bottom of the printer. The front panel controls are pretty good too thanks to a feature that I'm very fond of, the LCD screen.
Print performance is pretty impressive - the KXP1124i comes with three draft fonts, seven NLQ fonts and one SLQ font. This Impressive range of fonts is punched on to paper at a rate of 200cps in draft mode and a very impressive 80cps in NLQ mode. The printer comes with a 12K printer buffer which can be expanded to 44K. The only spanner in the KXP1124i's works is its rather noisy operation.
Commodore's colour offering is the CBM MPS1550C, a 9-pin dot matrix. Despite the fact Commodore probably know the Amiga and its capabilities better than anyone else, previous efforts from them have been poor to say the least. Is the CBM MPS1550C about to change all that? Sadly I think not.
One thing in the CBM MPS1550C's favour is that it is one of only two of the printers on test that comes complete with a printer lead, although Commodore don't supply a dedicated printer driver.
Being fully Epson and IBMProPrinter compatible though, the CBM MPS1550C can be driven by means of the standard Workbench drivers.
CBM MPS1550C Overall impressions? The styling is old fashioned and there's no mechanical paper-loading option - you have to wind the paper in by hand! It's also noisy and slow - print speed is 120cps in draft mode and 25cps In NLQ mode. Print quality is bad, and there’s only one font. The results are washed out and blurry - not what you’d expect from a printer produced by the same company as the Amiga 48% Star LC200 Aesthetically the LC20 and LC200 look the same, but the LC200 is the more capable of the two. The LC200 comes complete with five NLQ fonts (one more than the LC20) and offers a
16K printer buffer (12K more) although print speed is virtually the same - 150cps (but this can be accelerated to 200cps using high-speed mode) in draft and
37. 5cps In NLQ mode. Star don't produce printer drivers for the
Amiga, so the LC200 must be driven by an EpsonX or IBM
ProPrinter compatible driver.
Compared to the CBM MPS1550C, the Star is also very quiet - this is helped still further by a 'Quiet' mode that attempts to dampen printer acoustics.
Print quality is good, but not perfect. Colour printouts show signs of smearing and a print head alignment problem resulting in a mix of black and blue lines every tine a solid black is required. I’m assured, though, that this is not a common problem.
145 Citizen 240C The Citizen 240C is simply one of the best 24-pin colour printers money can buy, though it isn't actually a colour printer as standard. Before you can print anything even in colour, it is necessary to install a motor drive unit that controls the repositioning of the colour ribbon. But don’t worry this isn’t quite as involved as it sounds.
The 240C uses a four-colour ribbon. Once the printer is installed under Preferences all your printouts will be in full colour. It is also a speedy performer - Citizen quote figures of 200cps in draft mode and 66cps in NLQ. It comes with 12 different fonts including OCR-B (optical character recognition) and two scalable fonts.
One aspect I immediately fell in love with is its control panel. Thanks to a clear design and a neat LCD screen which guides you through each operation, the 240C is so simple to use you don't really OCTOBER 1992 90% It may not win any awards for looks, but it wins the award for being the heaviest and most chunky printer in its class. It's so bulky (it weighs 10 kgs!) It shakes the table when it prints.
Star XB24-200 If you can cope with the size and ugliness then you’ll find a very capable printer. The XB24-200 boasts the fastest speed of any of the dot-matrix printers on test - 332 cps in high-speed draft mode, 250 cps in draft and 83.3 cps in NLQ mode. It comes with 11 fonts (including Times, Roman, San Serif.
Prestige, Courier, Orator and Helvetica.
While Star refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Amiga by not releasing printer drivers, getting the XB24-200 up and running is made easier thanks to Its three emulation modes - EpsonQ, NEC 24-wire graphics and the usual IBM ProPrinter emulation. The controls are plain, but well laid out and an LCD display makes setting up the printer easy.
Efj ii CU DI % 1 AA The DL1100 is a 24-pln dot matrix that also just hap- ¦ m*mrn I I MW pens l0 be ab)e l0 hand)e co)our too Although it may look rather different from the rather flat boxlike affairs we've come to know and love, there’s no doubting that it performs very well indeed.
While the Fujitsu is a very capable colour printer for outputting pictures and DTP pages, it is rather limited as a traditional text printer. For starters it only offers two NLQ fonts (Courier and Prestige) making it rather inflexible (although extra fonts can be bought on plug-in cards). Text printing speed is quite acceptable though - 200cps in draft mode and 50 in NLQ mode. One nice feature of the DL1100 though is its emulation options. Although it comes as standard with both EpsonQ and IBM ProPrinter emulations, additional emulations can be bought on plug in cards.
One factor in its favour is its extra large paper Star LC24-200 146 Star have produced the LC24-200, a cheaper 24-pin colour printer with a very good specification.
Unfortunately, the LC24-200 shares the same jelly moulded looks that made the XB24-200S design such rich pickings for my sarcastic tendencies. Star used to make good looking printers!
The LC24-200 comes with 2 draft fonts and five quite well-designed NLQ quality. Printing speed is also quite good - 222cps in high-speed mode, 167cps in normal draft and 55.5cps in NLQ. Extra fonts are available. The printer comes with a sizeable 30K printer buffer (the mono version only has a 7K buffer). Emulations wise, there's the usual EpsonQ and IBM ProPrinter emulations on offer.
What really lets it down is its control panel.
When compared to the Citizen 240C or Star's own XB24-200, the LC24-200 is archaic. I was not impressed by the printer's acoustic level either - Considering BubbleJets were a Canon discovery, you'd be right to expect great things from them.
The BJ20 is an enhanced version of the BJIOex which was the replacement for the classic BJ130ex.
For your extra money you get a few extra fonts and a cut-sheet feeder as standard. This feeder holds a large wodge of paper and will automatically feed individual sheets to the printer whenever required.
Canon BJ20 OCTOBER 1992 It comes In two colours - computer cream and a gun-metal grey. Setting up the BJ20 is very easy thanks to Canon's decision to develop custom printer drivers for their entire range of inkjets.
The driver disk doesn't come with the BJ20, but a quick phone call to Canon will have it winging its way to you free of charge. If you do need to get started straight away though, the BJ20 offers full EpsonQ and IBM ProPrinter emulations.
Technically the BJ20 is stunning. Using Canon's own driver you can print graphics from any program at a maximum resolution of 360 x 360 dpi (which is actually higher than that of many laser printers), and the results are breathtaking.
A BubbleJet printer that uses the same tried and tested technology of the BJ20, but with faster operation and a number of other extras on offer. Like the BJ20, it comes with a cut-sheet feeder (as standard) which fits on to the top of the printer.
Canon BJ300 Once again Canon come up trumps with a custom printer driver which enables the Amiga to get the very best from its printer. There's no messing around with DIP switches - just plug it in, connect It to the Amiga and install Canon's printer driver and all your (compatible) Amiga applications will talk to the BJ300 at its full 360 x 360 dpi resolution.
Like the BJ20, the quality of graphic printouts is brilliant. The only thing that lets it down is its limited fonts. Although extra font cartridges are available, the BJ300 comes as standard with just three fonts - Courier, Prestige and Roman (four less than the BJ20!). Speed of printing is rapid though - 150 cps in LQ mode and 300 In high speed.
Although the Canon steals the show in the low end inkjet market with the BJ20, the BJ300 isn’t up to the job when compared with the Citizen ProJet.
If the SJ48 looks familiar it’s because It’s a Canon bubblejet (the Canon BJIOex). As a result, it can use the same ink cartridges and extras available for both the BJ20 and the BJIOex. The review version has no ink cartridge or sheet feeder so I have stripped down the BJ20 and connected all the bits and pieces to the Star, all of which work perfectly.
There's not a lot you can say about the SJ48 I haven’t already said about the Canon. The SJ48 isn't as well endowed - it only comes with two LQ fonts, and it doesn’t emulate the Canon BJ130 so Canon’s custom drivers can't be used. As a result, the only way to drive the SJ48 is using the limited Workbench EpsonQ driver which doesn't support resolutions higher than 360 by 240 dpi so you’ll never be able to print at 360 x 360 dpi.
Star SJ48 The speed of the Star is adequate in LQ mode though - Star themselves quote a speed of 83cps in LQ mode (that’s exactly the same speed as the BJIOex and the BJ20!). The Star SJ48 Isn’t a bad printer, but you’d be a lot better off going for the real McCoy (which happens to be £100 cheaper!).
65% Citizen ProJet Mo 85% 147 Not wanting to get left out of the inkjet market, Citizen have released the ProJet, a printer that (they claim) has forced the competition to update their products. Citizen see their main rivals as the Canon BJIOex and BJ20, but the price of the ProJet pits it against more expensive inkjets like the BJ300.
First Impressions are good. Although It cannot handle tractor fed paper as standard (this must be bought as an option), it does come as standard with a cut sheet feeder. Paper handling is where it really excels - instead of just dumping each finished sheet of printout on your desk like the BJ20, the ProJet catches the sheet as it is being printed and then drops it into a tray, enabling many pages to be printed without you having to empty it too often.
The Inkjet is a pretty swift too - 360cps in high speed mode, 240cps in draft and an impressive 120cps in LQ mode. The range of fonts Is basic but If you're looking for the ultimate In printing, then look no further. Offering EpsonX and HP LaserJet emulation as standard, the Laserprinter 4 can be driven from nearly any Amiga application, giving you excellent laser-quallty results.
Star Laserprinter4 The HP LaserJet driver is renowned for Its sluggishness: because all lasers are ’page’ printers, the laser will happily flash away until the entire page has been built up in memory (this can take 20 minutes when printing from ProPage at 300 by 300 dpi!). Despite this, it is still capable of four pages per minute when printing multiple copies.
For the ultimate in speedy printing, you need Starscript, Star’s own Postscript emulation board.
Because Postscript Is a page description language, printing from ProPage is considerably faster. Not only that, but the Starscript also adds an extra 35 fonts (compared to the standard two) and an Appletalk connector (for Macs). Postscript needs a lot of RAM though - you’ll need at least 2 Mb to get it to talk to you. It isn’t the best laser available, but it’s a damned fine printer nonetheless.
OCTOBER 1992 Mid 78% ir Epson EPL-4000 Epson's answer to the Star Laserprinter 4, but for less cash. The standard EPL-4000 with 0.5Mb of RAM and HP LaserJet compatibility costs just £939 The review sample only has 0.5 Mb of RAM, so It is useless for anything other than printing standard text. As a rule, never buy a laser unless it comes with at least 2Mb of RAM. Thankfully the EPL-4000 is expandable up to 5.5 Mb (a 2 Mb expansion costs £164, so the cost of a 2 Mb EPL-4000 is still around £70 cheaper than Star’s 1 Mb Laserprinter 4!).
The printer comes configured for HP LaserJet emulation so you don’t have to mess around with emulation options. It offers a maximum resolution of 300 by 300 dpi, two fonts (the manual claims the printer has 14, but this figure includes styles as well) but can chuck pages out at a much faster rate
- 6 ppm (pages per minute) than the Star’s 4 ppm.
Epson printers are usually more expensive but ALL THOSE PRINTERS AT A GLANCE 148 OCTOBER 1992 Printer Colour Fonts Emulations Options Extra features Price Supplier Rating Citizen Option 1 Draft Epson X Sheet feeder Full colour using £280 Citizen 84% Swift 9 9x 3 NLQ IBM Proprinter Colour option Citizen's kit. Around £40 0753 584111 Epson No 1 Draft EpsonX Cut sheet feeder None £199 Epson 50% LX400 2 NLQ IBM ProPrinter 0800 220546 Star LC20 No 1 Draft EpsonX Cut sheet feeder DIP switches for easy £235 Quidis Bytech 65% Multifont 3 NLQ IBM ProPrinter configuration _ 0344 427676 Panasonic No 1
Draft EpsonX Cut sheet feeder By far the best control £218 Frontline 80% KXP1170 3 NLO IBM ProPrinter buffer memory expansion panel on any 9-pin 0256 463344 Seikosha No 2 Draft EpsonX Cut sheet feeder Extremely fast draft £235 SDL 89% SP2400 . 5 NLQ IBM ProPrinter quality printing 081-309 5000 Citizen Option 1 Draft EpsonQ Cut sheet feeder Wide carriage printing £573 Citizen 60% Swift 24x ______ 4 NLQ IBM ProPrinter Colour option 0753 584111 Panasonic No 1 Draft EpsonQ Cut sheet feeder None £282 Frontline 80% KXPII23 _ 4 NLQ IBM ProPrinter Buffer memory expansion 0276 463344 Citizen No EpsonQ
Extra battery pack Tiny in size will fit in a £380 Citizen 82% Notebook 2 NLQ IBM ProPrinter Car battery adaptor briefcase with ease 0753 584111 Citizen Option 1 Draft EpsonQ Cut sheet feeder Automatic paper loading £216 Citizen 78% 224 4 NLQ IBM ProPrinter Colour option 0753 584 111 Buffer memory expansion Star LC24-20 Option 1 Draft EpsonQ Cut-sheet feeder High quality SLQ fonts £305 Quidis Bytech 86% Multifont 4 NLQ IBM ProPrinter Colour option available on cartridge 0344 427676 Buffer memory expansion Font cartridges Epson LQ570 No 1 draft 9 NLQ EpsonQ IBM ProPrinter Cut-sheet feeder Wide
range of fonts but not best print quality £399 Epson 0800 220546 80% Panasonic KXPI 124i No 3 draft 7 NLQ 1 SLQ EpsonQ IBM ProPrinter Cut-sheet feeder Font cards Buffer memory expansion Extensive paper handling facilities make it a cut above the rest £340 Frontline 0276 463344 88% CBM MPSI550C Yes 1 draft 1 NLQ EpsonX IBM ProPrinter None None £160 SDL 081 309 5000 48% Star LC200 Yes 1 draft 5 NLQ EpsonX IBM ProPrinter Cut-sheet feeder Serial interface Electronic DIP switches for front panel configuration £259 Quidis Bytech 0344 427676 82% Citizen 240-C Yes 2 draft 8 NLQ 2 Scale EpsonQ IBM
ProPrinter Cut-sheet feeder Buffer memory expansion Quarter size printing allows an A4 to be printed to a Filofax page £435 Citizen 0753 584111 FG90% Star XB24-200 "Yes 1 draft 5 NLQ EpsonQ IBM ProPrinter NEC Graphics Cut-sheet feeder Font cartridges Buffer memory expansion LCD display panel and excellent manual make this printer a joy to use £586 Quidis Bytech 0344 427676 75% Fujitsu DLI100 ~YGs 1 draft 2 NLQ EpsonQ IBM ProPrinter Cut-sheet feeder Buffer memory expansion Emulation & font cards A4 pages can be printed in landscape orientation £350 Fujitsu 081-573 4444 76% Star LC24-200 Yes 2
draft 5 NLQ EpsonQ IBM ProPrinter Cut-sheet feeder Buffer memory expansion Font cards Electronic DIP switches for front panel configuration £410 Quidis Bytech 0344 427676 77% Canon BJ20 No 1 draft 7 LQ BJ130, EpsonQ IBM ProPrinter Battery pack Utility to allow you to download Amiga Fonts £299 Canon 0800 252223 FG95% Canon BJ300 No 1 draft 3 LQ BJ300, EpsonQ IBM ProPrinter Font cards £499 Canon 0800 252223 78% Star SJ48 No 1 draft 3 LQ EpsonQ IBM ProPrinter Cut-sheet feeder Battery pack Emulation and Font cards Tractor feed units No Amiga driver so high resolutions may not work Optional high
quality citizen driver software £583 Quidis Bytech 0344 427676 65% Citizen Projet No 1 draft 3 NLQ HP Deskjet II £583 Citizen 0753 584111 85% Star Laserprinter 4 Starscript No 2 or 35 HP Deskjet II EpsonX Postscript emulator card Buffer memory expansion Font Cartidges Simple to use LCD panel makes setting up very easy.__ £1173 £1643 (with PSI Quidis Bytech 0344 427676 78% Epson EPL-4000 No 2LQ HP LaserJet Epson X IBM Proprinter Postscript emulator card Buffer memory expansion Font Cartidges Without postscript card the printer is hindered by the HP LaserJet driver.
£939 £1 102
(2. 5 Mb) Epson 0800 220546 80% AND LAST, BUT NOT LEAST There's
actually a number of other printers available too.
If you lok at any magazine for the IBM PC and compatibles. You'll see hundreds advertised, most of which will work with the Amiga. What we tried to do was rationalise this a little bit by only reviewing printers that are widely advertised in the Amiga market.
Unfortunately, a couple of our hand-picked printers didn't make it in lime to be included. Two Olivetti models. The JP-150 and JP-350 inkjets. Arc fairly uncommon but worth a look. The Hewlet Packard HP-5W inkjet printer is an old standard, and should be looked at. The NEC P-20 dot matrix is an excellent printer: unfortunately. Our review model broke down. Do consider it.
One printer we were particularly keen on getting hold of was the Ricoh PCL5 laser (pictured right). This is probably the cheapest laser printer you'll see anywhere and has a remarkable specification: 2Mb of RAM. Six pages per minute speed and 400 dpi resolution, which is currently too detailed for any Amiga software! At this price and with this spec you should certainly consider it: it's available from Silica on 081-309 1111.
EVERY ADDAX AX502 2MB EXP £115 ESS AX504 4MB EXP £169 AX508 8MB
EXP £279 AX508U OMB £79 ADDHARD45 45M £265 ADDHARD105 105MB
1. 3 2.04 ROM SHARER - ONLY £4 7 QO KICKSTART ROM 1.3 £34.94 2.04
CALL WITH CLOCK £21 NO CLOCK £19 £12.95 - a v beelinew £19
FOLLOWING... A600FD 1 Mb. Disk Drive, 1Mb RAM, Integral TV
Modulator, 4096 Colours, Multi Tasking, Speech Synthesis, 4
Channel Digital Stereo Sound, Mouse.
Workbench Disks & Manuals ALL Connecting Cables, One Great Game from Commodore & Deluxe Paint III A600HD Spec, as above but with a 20 Mb. Hard Drive fitted.
Just look at what you get NOW... .....~'"HWAF
look forward to receiving a fantastic leading title supplied by
CBM which periodically changes (Supplied with A600FD ONLY not
A600HD's].| and are idMUo mosfbuyere If h" $ “Pe'tl val“*
wrttiout our games an urn, 5?!° ““Y a computer
• DELUXE PAINT III (Supplied with A600FD ONLY not A600HD s]
ORW1N' FORCE PIPEMANIA. ROCK 'N' ROLL SKWEEK. TOWER OF BABEL BLOODWYCH ¦ Fantasy role-playing game, great interaction with your computer created environment 8UBBLE+ - Help the dandling ghost and the soap bubble, escape tram the old deserted manor house CAPTAIN BLOOD • Astonishing creatures and animated 3D graphics, this Is a game you just have to play ELIMINATOR - A progressive multi stage Hying shoot 'em up. On a long winding course, survive if you can!
HOSTAGES - You must get your team and hostages out ot the terrorist overrun embassy, without loss ol lite JUMPING JACKSON - In a deluge ol colour and sound save, the earth tram sadness and melacholy music KRYPTON EGG • A classic Breakout game. 60 screens, separated by 6 combat seauences LANCASTER - Your mission is to tty the classic WWII bomber on its dangerous raids over enemy territiory LOMBARD RAC RALLY - You drive your 300 bhp Sierra Cosworth through demanding stages ot the rally PURPLE SATURN DAY - Four arcade games, an exciting high speed trip into total cosmic 3D space SAFARI GUNS -
Live the African experience in an animal sanctuary, track the poachers & ivory traffickers STIR CRAZY (Fealuring Bobo) - Bobo 8 his inmates are planning a stunning trampoline jump prison escape SKYCHASE - Airborne combat tor every simulation tan. In this one or two player game, battle against your MIG Hying adversary in your F-16 Falcon.
A600FD PACK Priced at an INCREDIBLE SKYFOXII - Skytox II ‘he only ship fast enough to cany on the Skyiox legend. Fight to blow your tederation enemies Irom the Galaxy, at speeds ot 9000 kilometres'second!
STRIKE FORCE HARRIER - Puts you in the cockpit ot one ot Britains most exiting lighter aircraft. Multiple skill levels lei you progress to become an ace pilot A600HD PACK FOR AN EXTRA... That’s right have Games Pack 1 with an Amiga A600HD with 20Mb.
Hard Drive in place of the A600FD n MIT lA I nHi.. £ 124 M TINTIN ON THE MOON - We've been captured by Colonel Jorgen and he's Iring to scupper the moon mission.
Come on Tintin, you're the only one who can save us, and be the first on the moon TV SPORTS FOOTBALL - Strap on your helmet tor American lootball simulation that looks like Ihe real thing.
XENON 2 MEGABLAST ¦ This time it's vvarl The Xenites are back and have thrown time itself into turmoil.
I Ve reserve Ihe right to substitute indivirhat sodom titles or peck items should the need arise.
Fu«N !I(M CmSES CITIZEN IGV 'Credit terns un'iiidilohh1 hubfixt to statin I for most products: see our onleriitu fmuel til the end .
8e‘o'e you choose ‘rom whom to purchase, crease phone us We are always happy lo discuss your requirements, and answer any queries you rray have.. mb . . Picki cu- Order notice win you access. Visa. Mastercard.
¦ oostat crders cnecvestaw Jp-one Ny-t*- HARWOOD'S GREAT 1Mb AMIGA A600FD MEGA GAMES PACK 3 HARWOOD'S BRILLIANT 1Mb AMIGA 600FD MEGA GAMES PACK 2 That's right you get the fantastic Amiga & ALL THE EXTRAS detailed in Harwoods Mega Games Pack 1 AND you also get... THE PHILIPS CM8833 II STEREO COLOUR MONITOR ThaTs right you gel the fantastic Amiga A AIL THE EXTRAS detailed in Hawoods Mega Games Pack 1 (far left) AND... then you alse get... THE SUPERB PHIUPS CM8833H STEREOCOIOUR MONITOR Oumcnbc sector) S3URL ¦ choao FHq* wo. -THE SUPER STAR LC 200 COLOUR PRINTER... ies « m fh c *xm e Pn mo o« date
Mar *» a FREE 0u« Cm» S cable to vour Amiga tSeejriv OR..YOU CAM CHOOSE A PHILIPS MONITOR T for Just £20 EXTRA!
See page 3 for FUU details of this remarkable Fast Teit Movtor TV £719’?
IEPBCES to non UK mem Please contact us All listed prices are what YOU PA Y. and there are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.
VAT and postage arc included, and prices are correct at time ol going to press iPack details may vary Irom time to lime). Oilers are subject to availability and to being the latest advertised packs and prices. Our oilers are NOT supplied on a trial basis. E&OE.
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Can use this to purchase Irom us (subject to your personal card limit) Please pay us a visit where our full range ol advertised products & more, is available at the SAME COMPETITIVE PRICES, in the pleasant surroundings at our purpose built showroom (see “opening times") There’s plenty of FREE parking close by too!
Otar mentor sac *) on papa 3 grres Ml details tor your choice otPt*psMor*orsiUor*ocTYs PRIMARY 4 JUNIOR PACK A Get your ctidrwotl to the fight canputmg start with this software leant and piay Compendium 6 pack... OOS TYPE. WEATHER WATCHER.
07* «artq rxnj lOMNV Ymr mm poMfr ml rwn rate BatBariRKm'hMMgw'".
H0ME8ASE idoHtfotUcngisyflBr KmptamKMtaS.
¦dMiMonbtt ifflhw'W Mui'ora PRIMARY MATHS COURSE Anwd 24 nc««t D M com twi 3 yn oH ncM»b*o*»r,lrv«fo* wKC REA0ING 4 WRITING COURSE 24 mtf* cow ToM hen » oMr CHURCH!
MICRO ENGLISH. MICRO FRENCH AND MICRO MATHS A at rf era conpkM com to OS Ml MO cv 160 M m4 tv rtWtta « ercflrHta Mart to M tuoaf Cwnaton aM mi tour* M »M r Wo* by frcftwnl toton Hog Fttrtf rOdoYW 9NCtf» *wr txrft1 PEN PAL- GrqAicM Wort Processor
* mac -M vxrvm m a t* yon ten »crow itaM wttn UN tar ham rtKS RC
er t* n bain Hn led ¦op KttMiMCMtattMfomitmgo H0ME8ASE NmUM b
B* idM ang) tmgrvn tor H«l lh tMMM IA MM MK M dttv'S MntcrW
PEN PAL V1.3 (Word Processor)...1Mb. SUPERBASE U PERSONAL (Database) sps«N,-b tywi fiS „ H A GREAT C8M GAME M 1 rfaS..' OaUXEPAJNTB L I I 1 Hoe wOi ANIMATION
THE BUSINESS PACK FROM HARWOODS INCLUDES ALL THE FOLLOWING... AMIGA A600FD WITH 1Mb. MEMORY "IT'S THE- BUSINESS' OR .YOU CAN CHOOSE A PHILIPS MONITOR TV for Just £20 EXTRA' Seepage 3 for FULL details ot this renurkable quirk's & Order Line: 73 8 781 fB0* Q3 The Closer you look. The Better ire look.
Canon £249.95 |£239.95|; STAR LC24 200 24 PIN MONO - 22CV55 cps- Mono version ot LC24f200 Colour, same spec except for a smaller 7K butter STAR LC24 200 24 PIN COLOUR ¦ 220 55 cps - £229.95 features Include X.ong connecting cable -V Access Light 1M0, (880K Formatted) Capacity Throughport
• AEnable DisaNe Switch X ompabble with Amiga5(XV
600 1000150CV2000I3000 and CDTV £54.95 2 Year Cfczeo Warranty
XB24-200 Colour £399.95 . Capacities of 52 to420Mb .'(Connects
to sidecar bus (LH side A50G'A500 Plus] Autoboots with
Kickstart 1.32.0, bool enabte'disaWe switch . Up to 8 Mb of RAM
.VSCSl Port allows up to 7 other devices to be connected
- Supplied with easy to use software 2 Year Warranty
Dedicated PSU X*ni slot lor future expansdn ¦ PC-AT Emulator
planned to be available for 1992
- J300 DPI. 2Mb. Upgradable to 5Mb. -J Complete with ’Starscript"
-1 Serial 4 Parallel IF 3 Emulations me: HP Senes II. Epson 3
(Stars verson of postscript) -J Appletalk IF lor Macs EX800.18M
Proprietor & Diablo 630 3 49 quality fonts J 1 Yr on site
OK*ll2CO.SWMlF.*» (At ZC. Twite) CrSMil I2CO* C8M OU Swill
C*»i 1240 IKK BUW Cl.’oi 12*0 StnrKJo ShtrfttStt C*;tr 1240
KJO-HK Stmt t** Olftn 1240 Prrtw SUM ' *9StmiMS .
MartSPrrwrSuM Carwis-esxp-nuiSuM OuwiS iSXAuonMcSWHfeMw ( C t wn Sw* 24 32K Prrt* 0 V §£S5SSSrJS£ff 24 Pr*t** Sum OMWiS-t XAjteSwiFa*** t CwS iWXPrrtwSUM £ SU( LOW S•m'ste* SU-IC24-10 32K B W SU11C 24 203 KK Prr*t BjV Sur 1C 24203 SU' S34S KxtrytK S’ ' F Jw Si-SMSNCJftirev SU1X8 24-203 Pul Tf*** SS «& OtajnZttro)*.!* *: Zfaohmt PlOW r USSOTmm SWX824.203i2WPmrl.... ..... SurXB 24-203 KjcStmtft**. F14» Sui X8 24-203 0u» B*t SK it** (421M SW»824»:'U«TrKW C34.B ssssssasa?* ss WINTERS* All printers in our range include a standard Centronics Parallel Port for direct connection to Amiga, PC's, Atari
Sts, Archimedes etc. With all our printers you'll get a Free Lead to your comptuer and with Dot Matrix Printers you also get a Free Quality Dust Cover.
The Harwoods Amiga Help Bulletins provided with ALL printers get you going straight away by covering specific Workbench Set Up Parameters etc. CTT1ZEN 1200+ 9 PIN MONO - Up to 120 25 cps -I ne I ? Very reftaWe low cost printer wtfi inierchangaNe interfaces lor I UaH-BD | Centron»cs RS232'serial t)P® (C64 etc.) _i 2 Year manufacturers warranty STAR LC20 9 PIN MONO - Up to 150 38 cps-I 1 _l Smiitaneous. Conbnuous and single J 240 x 240dpt Graphics I U04.B& | sheet staboney. Yeat paper handling ? Muttpe lont options STAR LC200 9 PIN COLOUR PRINTER • 185 40 cps-1 £19005 I 3 80 CcAimn Dot Matrix -J
Push pull tractor, reanboflom '-:-1 3 240 dpi-9 Pin COLOUR leeds & Reverse paper leads _1 Paper part with auto ? 16K Butler. 8 Fonts ? Micro paper teed singe sheet loading ? Front panel proryamirtng ? CoOur & mono nbbors Q 12 month warranty CITIZEN SWIFT 9 PIN COLOUR - 160 40cps-I 01 qq qc I ? 8K Buffer, 4 Fonts _i Feed for iabeis'multi pan stationery ‘ 3 Push and pul tractor ? 240 x 240 dpi Colour Graphics _i 2 Year Citizen warranty STAR SJ48 INKJET PRINTER- _j 64 Nozzle ink jet ? OpWnal Ni-Cadb; _l 80 Column Dot Matrix ? PusfVpull tractor & rear,bottom teeds _l 360 dpi-24 Pm MONO -J Paper
part with auto single ? Mcro paper feed 3 30K Butter (expardabie) sheet loadna _J Program from front panel, 3 10 Resident Fcnts ? Supplied with mono ribbon Q No LkP srntches ? Front Panel Pflch Select ? Reverse paper teed 12 month warranty NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN 224 COLOUR • 160 53 cps- ? 80 Ccfumn Dot Matrix with 4 Fonts -1 Push & pull tractor teeds Q 360 dpi-24 Pin COLOUR _1 Complete paper partna tacumes
- I 8K Buffer expandable to 32K 3 Suppled with mono 4 colour
nOboas ? Easy to use Iront panel controls 3 FUI2 Year Ctten
Warranty NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN SWIFT 24E COLOUR -180 60 cps - _i
80 Cctumn Dot Matrix wfli 7 Fonts _J Push pulbottom tractor
leeds L 3 360 dp-24 Pm COLOUR 3 Complete paper partang faciktie
? 8K Buffer expandable to 32K J Sippied with mono 4 colour
rbbons ? Easy to use LCD panel controls ? Ful2Year STAR XB 24
PIN COLOUR RANGE... XB24-200 and XB24-250 - 275 80 cps _J
Exceptional print quaity 3 4 x 48Pin super letter quality lonts
- J 14 x24Pd near letter quavry loots ? 360 x 360 dpi Cotour
Graphcs ? Buffer: 29K(XB24200)&76K(X8 24 250) _l 12mths on-srte
INKJET I £579.95 I 3 For presentation graphcs-DTP, CAD and
lechricaVscieotfkc applications '-:-1 _J ParalielCentror.cs or
Serial RS232 IF (specify with order, MAC option available)
- J A fUl page of ccfour graphics in 4 mnutes (typical) 3 Wi
print transparencies ? Non impact prating. Virtualy stent.
43doa ? LYr on-sile warranty (UK Mainland STARSCRIPT • 4ppm
POSTSCRIPT COMPATIBLE USER oqqq qc A4 Laser Printer, will
connect to PC. Amiga. Atari ST. Macintosh etc. w £239.95 CANON
laser qusllty Inkjet printer [spec ss SJ48 above] .90 £239.95
A 1Mb. RAM expansion for the Amiga 500 Plus ,V Gives a total of 2Mb. Of RAM A GREAT NEW OFFER .V Easily fitted without any dismantling in FROM HARWOODS the trapdoor expansion slot underneath iiiV Amiga. D0ESN7 invalidate your warranty!
- V Low power consumption h 2 Yr Guarantee!
0. 5 Mb PRO-RAM } Compatible with Amiga A500 and 500 Plus Gives
A500 a total ol 1Mb Memory . Clock &A.. .1 Gives 500 Plus a
total ot 1.5Mb Memory I LOOK OUT FOR THE A600FD HD UPGRADE
MONITORS AND MONITOR TV's Harwoods stock a complete range of both Monitors & Monitor TV's to give you your perfect solution to the type of display to buy.
SHOULD BE USED) .'(Headphone Jack Socket iFULL TWO YEAR
US AT THE TIME OF ORDERING) tTs imxirianf to rerrwtoe'maf most
TV MoaMrs. Are sft? Firsf and fommojf WeWstons. Meaning mat
men-average 400 puW fube cWptay 50% tower resoMcvt than a
moriW) canncr Oe guaranteed fo dspfo- 80 atom M«r ctoady
wtfiouf ristong eye str*n. H chcostog a Tetoviston Mcvwor
ensure if has the latest 2000 characv tube capability, meaning
it can handle me Amgas'80 characters by 25 fine output toady.
£349.951 £459.95 £729.95 0Mb.
£289.95 £409.951
639. 95 |£1169.95 2Mb.
£419.951 £529.95 £799.95 2Mb.
£359.95 £479.951 '709.95 £1239.95 4Mb.
£489.95 £599.95 £869.95 4Mb.
£429.95 £549.951 '779.95 I £1309.95 fiMh £629.951 £739.951 £999.95 Rmb.
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Commodore's Own Slereo High Resolution Colour Monitor with... RGB AI TTL, Composite. Video Audio Inputs Xian be used as TV with VCR or tuner. ITwin Speakers for stereo output Supplied with cables for A50Qr600, CGA PCACI6-64-128.
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Gride to A rig* DOS 4 CU. NEW BJKnrcViB 2.0 (reWes Free Help OsH) AMIGA HARDWARE REFERENCE MANUAL-Arttson WeMey.
WhBen by tocfncal e«*rts v. CormMore Arrige Inc, USA.. W cecde who designed your Amgi HaxMare level metfine cede progirWg «srMreeJ level. KicWes CssartZ AMCA, BEST Of TRCKS 4 TIPS Vol. 17, (IrKtodB Free Dek| £32.95 A conpiete set d atots vH w rat enade ycu to t» UC«E wlh your Amot GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR AMCA [«»out disks), £9.95 Fro Fuue Putfchhg. The proSxers ot Amga Fomst Uegazhe and »Ay ipBiM tor 1992 OR . Uttotk •C’t 2 HELP DISKS WCLUDED £13.95 £14.95 £24.95 CAN, THE CONCEPT OF A NEW, MORE POWERFUL AMIGA... FMEMOflY, AND * COMPACT DISK DRIVE Of ALMOST INFWITE SIZE. A DISK DRIVE SO
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Teacher to art speftng skis.
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COMPENDIUM SIX PACK- 6 Grea EdxatkraJ Prcgs. Tor chWren £29.95 agM 4-12years d age. Each is designed lo kesp jcu cftUs rterest wtist leairing.
KIDS TYPE - Laroe characters 4 cotodul graphis heps aeawn of stories.
WEATHER WATCHER • Coled 4 analyse *ta using graphs e«. Even arimaie your own weather rap! CALENDAR QUIZ • Qjz based time reiaied events.
WORDS ANO NUMBERS • Pit wnls 4 scenjences in tie arract order or group iwtters. GAME, SET 4 MATCH • Early leamng • shapes odours, nurrCers, corns, sequencesandtodudtoga 'reacKnimer'. WHAT IS IT? WHERE IS IT?-Learn names 4 ixattos of British auties.
.13 WORD PROCESSOR DATABASE « With Pfn Pal uu can mix icxt. 4096 cokwr graphics & data in ways no other w ican! "IYs handling of graph** is unsurpassed: Pen Pol is the only word processor I rested tint will aun«in«ically wrap AMIGA Wortd, text round graphics.. J“b "90 MULTIMEDIA REVIEW fT- J The Amiga can put on a great presentation.
Pat McDonald takes a look at the best program in show business Scala THE MANUAL FOR ihis product describes multimedia as ‘lots of cables". From a technical standpoint this is accurate, but the idea is to combine static graphics, animation, video and sound into brain-blowing presentations.
Scala MM200 (yes. The MM stands for MulliMcdia) enables you to design such allsinging. All-dancing presentations, using the award winning Scala interlace. I once described Scala as "...the most user-friendly software Fve ever seen on an Amiga". I still haven't found anything that comes close.
Scala's secret is that it is designed for people who don't know a lot about the Amiga.
Technical knowledge helps, but from the manual to the menus. Scala assumes that you just want to get the job done without learning tons and tons of jargon.
O CD m PO vO -o NJ All the elements of previous versions of Scala are there - it's still the most user- friendly video tiller around, and it comes with several disks stuffed with fonts, backgrounds, animations and sounds to get you started.
Scala costs a lot of money - but there’s a costlier version aimed at cable TV companies.
This multimedia solution costs money to buy. But the expense doesn’t stop there. To use it at all. A hard disk and 3Mb of RAM is a minimum configuration. To use Scala to the full, an accelerator. 2Mb of chip RAM and Arexx arc also vital. That cuts most A500s and all A600s out of the game.
There must be thousands of potential users out there with 1.3 A2000s. But they won’t be able to use Scala properly either. They might have a hard disk and lots of memory - but Arexx is something you usually find on Workbench 2 machines only. You can buy it separately, but most people don’t.
THE CONTENDER The only program that comes close to Scala MM200 for multimedia use is ShowMaker from Gold Disk. ShowMaker can control external devices, like this program, but doesn't require Arexx to do so. In addition ShowMaker offers a control panel for the Video Toaster card from Newtek, which can do screen transitions (wipes and fades) which far surpass Scala's.
However, ShowMaker is set up to use the American NTSC video timing frequency. If you know what you're doing, this need not be a problem, but it's very confusing to see a second split into 60ths rather than 50ths. Converting between the two can be a nightmare. Also, ShowMaker cannot play animations of any length like Scala can.
MowMoter met Mghuei Interlace mode 10 jhow l| makes sense to use the best program (or your particular yoe o, ntuth o poitible. Shome It fluke,si tv sys,em. Scale looks and performs very well on European machines, which don’t have a Toaster anyway. In addition it is more user friendly, and can create presentations which Involve people more thanks to Lingua. A shame you need a souped up machine to use It!
Arexx is a bit like a Super Shell, for running script files that control other programs.
This means you can set your Amiga up to do a particular task, using many different programs, and the machine will gel on and do it. One example is grabbing successive frames from a video, and storing them on disk.
Scala is not copy-protected on disk (it would be a bit pointless needing a hard disk if this was the case) but it does have a dongle as Scala MM200 comprises oil the good bits of Scala plus the new multimedia controls that enable you to mix music, graphics, laser disc video and text into 'must see' presentations.
SCALA MM200 Available from Scala UK 0920 444294 an anti-piracy measure. This is a small piece of plastic that you have to plug into the joystick port - the program will not run without it.
Thankfully, the dongle has a through-pori for a joystick, so you can plug your joystick into the back and forget about it. It’s the best designed dongle I’ve ever seen!
(ietling this creation going is not a small task, but most of the work is in making decisions about how many of the disks you want to install on to your hard drive. You don’t have to use the supplied fonts, pictures or animations - but as the numerous tutorials use them extensively, you better had.
The supplied example files are of truly excellent quality, much better than you normally get with a multimedia or graphics program. One side effect is that beginners’ Scala creations always look the same. But if you have a paint program Deluxe Paint IV being the best) then you can create your own raw material to suit.
Another included utility can be used to optimise animations for use with Scala.
Although the files it creates cannot be used with other animation programs, they load and display faster with Scala than normal anims.
In addition, you can resize animations between PAL-sized (Euro Australasian) and NTSC (USA Japan) resolutions. This is an automatic Ktp MULTIMEDIA REVIEW HOW SCALA MM200 WORKS 155 OCTOBER 1992 process, saving you the hours of laborious mouse clicking and typing that it would normally lake.
As you would expect. Scaia can display Amiga IFF pictures and animations. However, it can now also display animations of virtually any length from hard drive - playing a 12Mb anim on a 3Mb Amiga is no problem. New features include playing sound samples and Amiga-based music created using Sound Tracker. GVP's Sound Studio or SMUS.
Scala can also control external electronic media players. The modules that do the controlling arc called Exs (pronounced "eee-ecks" . Six Exs are included, and more will follow. However, they all use a serial port to communicate with outside devices. As the Amiga only has one serial port as standard, you will need a serial board stuffed with extra RS232 ports to use all Exs simultaneously.
Peripheral controllers will not play their sound or pictures directly through the Amiga.
Because you have to wire all the different video signals to one monitor and all the different audio leads to one amplifier, this is where the ‘lots of cables’ reference comes into play.
Using audio video mixing desks helps out. But if you are using a lot of signals you will need a very expensive mixing desk.
The most novel EX module is for controlling CDTV. By connecting a null-modern This screen shows Is Scala's file requester, and you tend to use It a lot.
When you are learning the program, it's great to be able to go to the correct directory without remembering exactly where you installed Scala on your hard disk. If you use your own designs or animations, it's very important not to move them about - otherwise Scafa won't be able to find them again.
Happily, there is a Show option to preview a picture or animation before you load it.
After selecting one of the many backgrounds contained within Scala, you can put any titles (messages) straight over it. Of course you can just have a blank screen, or even an animation. Any part of the title can be altered simply by dragging a box around it. Font type and size, colour and style - it's very easy to view the changes as you make. Small graphic brushes can easily be stamped down just where you want them.
Projects are split up Into many different pages. I have narrowed the columns so that you can see the EX buttons on the right - normally these are off the screen so that you only see the page name and wipe information.
Working on this sort of area isn't recommended, as you can lose track of which page is which. From here, you can load an old script or start a new one. If you dick on 'New', you start working on the first page.
You won't see all these control panels at the same time - I've just pasted them together to save space. Each one is for controlling a different external device. The ones for controlling video will show up on your Amiga monitor if the video source is genlockod to your computer. Once you have selected the right material, Scala will play It a given point in your production.
Now that's what I call multimedia!
Wipes (special effects for displaying and removing pictures) are what make Scala special. There are 20 new wipes on top of the traditional Scafa types, although some of the new ones need an accelerator and or 2Mb of chip RAM to look good. Once you have selected one, you can preview it to make sure that it looks pleasing to the eye. The speed of the transition can also be altered to taste.
Cable between the Amiga running Scala and a CDTV. And booting the CDTV with the main Scala disk, you can play any track from a music CD.
Scala can control video laser-disc players (Pioneer and Sony systems). Although video laser-disc players are rare in the UK. You can get quite a selection of different graphic sequences from laser-disc libraries.
One odd feature is that Scala can control a Canon Ion still video camera, though if you want to do this then you'll need yet another interface for the camera.
Finally come the big two features, namely MIDI and DCTV. Scala enables you to play cither format. MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface a system that (among other things) enables you to control compatible devices such as keyboards from the comfort of your own Amiga.
If you want to include a MIDI track within a Scala presentation, no problem. Well, to be honest, one music software company (Blue Ribbon) has been working with Scala to make sure that their software - KCS Level II. XOR and so on - works properly with Scala. I’m not sure about Music X, Trax or any of the other MIDI sequencers, but (in theory) they shouldn’t have problems.
The other biggie is DCTV. This is a graphics card which enables you to display millions of colours on standard monitor systems. Scala can display DCTV animations and pictures, although you need the DCTV hardware to appreciate the pictures.
When you first start using Scala. It seems if anything a bit over friendly. Every time you create a script, it’s saved in a special format called Lingo (soon to be changed to Lingua for European reasons). You can call Lingua scripts from Arexr. And vice versa. Too user friendly? Lingua is for ’real’ programs - variables. GOTOs. Loops and so on.
Should you buy Scala? It really depends on whether you have a highly specified Amiga.
Scala is the best on such machines - other programs can do similar things, but they just don’t work with the same simplicity and thoroughness that Scala docs.
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then genlock It over video to produce title*.
O § 00 m 70 logo or a background image. Graphic images cannot be used in scrolls.
CAPTOR The second program. Captor. Has fewer constraints. It can use 16 colours, up to 12 fonts and is used for more complex, manually designed screens. Consequently it isn’t as easy to use as SpeedText. But the results can be more creative and satisfying. Different effects, such as Shadow and Outline, can be mixed on one page and text can be shown in different colours. I.ine and page justification is possible, as is a crude and not entirely successful form of anti-aliasing which simply adds a single- pixel, coloured outline to the text which can then be altered for best effect.
Although Captor is a powerful program, with more facilities than you could shake a stick at. I wish the authors had included word wrap, hot keys. Colorfoni access and compatibility with SpeedText files.
Both Captor and SpeedText can apply different transitions with which to polish presentations. These include cutting between pages, or the more complex Print transition which gives a Teleprinter effect as it builds up text on the screen.
Dwell times and styles can also be set to determine how the pages change - either auto- VIDEOSTUDIO 3 is available from ZVP 0268411719 Owners of any previous version of VideoStudio can upgrade to version 3 for £49.95 •o vO NJ FUN WITH VIDEO How can a program like VldooStudlo 3 be of use to you? Let’a assume you’ve got an Amiga 500 with 1Mb of memory, and that you can also lay your hands on a camcorder, a VHS deck to use as a recorder, and a genlock. With this modest setup you won’t be producing TV-quallty drama, but you will be taking your first steps on the bumpy road of video
Perhaps you already have footage you want to title, or you have plans to shoot a little documentary or travelogue. Either way, as you’ve probably observed from TV viewing, It’s far easier to use some well-chosen text on screen than it Is to attract attention with a voice over. Just think how often you find yourself drawn to the subtitles of a news report, even though the announcer is actually reading in English?
Only by using a genlock can you get the best out of VldooStudlo 3. With one of these handy video devices amount of usod video equipment in circulation today, it shouldn't be bard to assemble a setup Ike this one for rei- alively fittie outlay.
You can superimpose graphics, text and special devices, such as clocks, on to video, as well as producing some Interesting effects, especially if the genlock has a foreground keying mode.
If the video bug really starts to bite, perhaps you should think about Joining a local video group where you'll find advice aplenty at first hand.
If you thought that Amiga video production just means adding a few words to your latest holiday tapes, you couldn't be more mistaken.
Gary Whiteley adds ZVP's VideoStudio 3 to his Amiga and finds a host of features to help spice up lacklustre video images.
Video Studio 3
w. Video Production Software ¦ £ i 49 ¦ ZVP THERE’S NO DOUBT
aboui ii - ihc Amiga is the computer most widely used by video
makers. So it comes as no surprise that there is plenty of
video software vying for attention.
One such is ZVP’s collection of programs VideoStudio 3. Which features high-rcsolution titling, graphics, wipes, test patterns, clocks, special effects and more. It certainly has a lot more to offer than many other titling programs. But does quantity necessarily equate with quality? Let's firmly grasp its parameters and find out.
VideoStudio 3 can be run from floppy disk or installed on to hard disk. However, before initial use. Floppy disk users must ‘install’ the VideoStudio 3 boot disk with their chosen workbench version (1.3 or 2) - it’s a quite painless operation.
From here on. The speed at which VideoStudio 3 runs is entirely dependent on the speed and configuration of your Amiga. I mention this because the program is written in SAM Basic (a language developed for the SAM Coupe computer), and every time a different module is run it has to be loaded from disk. This can certainly slow floppy users down. However. VideoStudio 3's modular approach will benefit those with only limited amounts of RAM.
There are six parts to the package. It looks like more, but Sequence Title. Scroll Title and Subtitle all lead to the same sub-menu.
SPEEDTEXT SpeedText is the first of two programs for preparing title and caption screens. It is a script-based editor which means that control characters for setting fonts, text placement and page gaps arc typed in with the text making it possible to construct titles, subtitles and scrolls very quickly and lay them out ready for use.
A variety of easily adjustable parameters, including font colour and size, horizontal and vertical margins, centring, shadowing. Outlines and style, is included. However. SpeedText is restricted to using eight colours, three fonts and three colour combinations, plus cither a HURTS CRAZY maiically or manually. Be aware (hat neither scroll nor crawl pages arc overscanned, so text doesn't quite reach the screen edges before it appears or disappears which can sometimes be rather disconcerting.
TIME FUNCTIONS This is a mixed set of six clock screens, all of which can be customised to suit your needs.
As well as a useful Idem clock, there are digital and analogue station clocks and a couple of timing devices: a stop watch and a frame counter, neither of which seem to run accurately until several seconds have elapsed after starting. Clocks read the current time from the Amiga and can also incorporate the date, logos and other graphic information.
TEST PATTERNS Twenty-four test patterns are provided for setting up and testing your video equipment, particularly monitor screens. All of the standard patterns are here - bars, greyscale, crosshatch, dots, colour saturation screens and combinations, including EBU. BREMA and VCR test cards. Adjustable audio output is also available.
Of course, setting up monitors with colour patterns requires prior knowledge of what the colours should really look like, otherwise the monitor could be set up any old how.
Unfortunately. I have to say that the colours used in the test patterns appear to be r ' f' PpiSEKTS r r ’• r r r 1 " “ § ZVP 1988 89 91 ZVP VideoStudio V3 0 freeRAM:2176872 S no: 00400? 12:50:08 1 sequence title timefundions Vsauloslarl scroll title test patterns III WB start subtitle wipes titling-only vs2 captor special effects screencentre set realtime clock information load exit VideoStudio loaded ABOVE: With a wide range of useful utilities and functions which could benefit even the lowliest video user, VideoStudlo3 offers more than just tilling.
I Test patterns like this one can be useful for getting the best out of your video equipment.
They also look pretty damn flash.
Ident Clocks are great for recording essential details at the start of the tape - handy for both quick reference and duplication.
¦ ¦ i | J = ¦ssa m ¦ r »? • x
• r •¥ s v »+ Wipes inject some variety into a video, though
V53 cannot wipe from video to graphics directly. A video edit
has to be made first.
I £ ..w. .sgj g= ,:::: ' jRrrlC Use this animated video tape to introduce your masterpiece or add lightning, a widescreen mask and other special effects.
Maximum Video Presents rather over-saturated compared with the real thing and any setups relying on these colour patterns should be taken with a pinch of salt.
WIPES Twenty-five plain coloured wipes are included and can be used as intermediates between video and graphics during video editing. They can also be fed to any vision mixer which has a key input to provide an extended wipe capability. They cannot be used to wipe from video to graphics directly - that's really the job of a vision mixer.
SPECIAL EFFECTS Twenty-seven graphics, animation and other effects are also provided so you can add a spot of variety to a video production. They range from oval vignettes and wide-screen masks to gameshow-type scoring and countdown screens. There arc also some animated wipe graphic effects which can be used to introduce new subjects or for trick shots. A genlock with foreground keying is required to fully utilise some of the effects.
In case you're curious about how so many features have been crammed on to just two discs, it’s because VideoStudio 3 uses software to produce many of its screens, rather than using bulky IFF picture files.
While there's no denying that the package is packed to the gills with features, my impression is that, at times, quantity has taken preference over quality.
More high-quality fonts and more colours would be preferable. And correcting the nagging lack of particular overscan screens would also help. In their defence. ZVP (who. Incidentally. Provide excellent telephone support) say that, as the majority of established VideoStudio users have basic Workbench 1.3 A500s with only I.Mb RAM and single floppy drives, there will inevitably have to be compromises - especially in screen size and colours. However, upgrades will still run on their machines.
OCTOBER 1992 If you own a more powerful Amiga you won’t get an improved performance from VideoStudio 3. In fact, you may suffer unduly if you have Workbench2.X. but if you are a confirmed A500 owner you can at least be 1 that ZVP is still supporting you.
Video Studio 3
* M«D ___••• Not bad. Considering VideoStudio’* SAMBasIc
programming and its modular format.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • Good, chatty, Informative and presentable.
ACCESSIBILITY _• • • • Could be awkward for novices, but generally well Interfaced.
MATUKEf_ More than most people will over need.
VALUE _____ • • • Below-par text quality for the price, though you do get a lot of features for your money.
MB. A500 52MB A500 + 2MB 52MB_______A500 + 4MB
52MB_______A2000 52MB_______A2000 + 2MB 52MB_______A2000 + 4MB
200 9 PIN COLOUR---------£205 1C 24-200 24 PIN MONO ....£229
A500 WORKSTATION LC 24-200 24 PIN C0L0UR..£294 £39 SJ48 BUBBLE
JET ..£249 UPGRADES ..£79 KICKSTART 2.04 KIT..
1C .£38
1C ...£28 ROM
1 9 HIGH RES DENISE urn «wn o» aim ..£33 8372A FATTER
AGNUS ...£35 3375 PRO
AGNUS tents 2 m$ of chip mm whin tmto to A500 a1000i •
....£139 512K A500 PRO
RAM ...£16 512K A500
PRO RAM * CIOCK £19 A500 + I MB
EXPANSION .....£39 A500 1MB
SIMMS .....£22
256K x 9
DRAM .....£3
SUPRA RX500 2MB...... .£148 RX500 4MB...... .£204 RX500
8MB...... .£299 2400 MODEM £84 2400 MODEM .£129 MAIL
WIDE RANGE OF GREAT SOFTWARE LEISURE BUSINESS OFF EVERYTHING ON GOLD CARD DAYS - PHONE FOR DETAILS 0582 505900 About... The KCS Poww PC is a complete 11MH* 1M0 PC sub-system that can be fitted to any Amiga in minutes.
LvCE LH3 Boa:-.
An. Your AxLritgjfc around NEC's highly successful V30 CPU.
Power PC Board offers a very high degree of ipaMHMy at machine language level, yet runs faster than an equivalent Intel 8086.
The 1Mb of Autoconflg1" memory can be accessed by all current Amiga models including the A500 Phis. Even the original A500 can access 512K as a standard expansion with doc*; plus a 512K RAM disk.
Adored by critics and users alike, the KCS Pow PC Board is a real alternative to buying a complete PC clone.
Installation The KCS Power PC board fits to any Amiga in minutes:
• On A500 and A500 Plus machines it simply slides into the
trapdoor expansion; and doesn't invalidate your warranty!
• On bigger Amigas. Such as the 1500 2000 2500 3000. It drops
into a vacant Amiga slot using the custom designed adaptor
• Once fitted, your Amiga can be switched into PC mode simply by
clicking an Icon. Just reset and it's an Amiga again.
No fuss, no hassle. Just two machines in the space of one.
• Supports the majority of EGA and VGA modes in 16 glorious
colours and monochrome - graphics up fo 640x480 and text too.
Interlace is required for some modes but a software flicker
fixer is built in.
• Other video modes include MOA and CGA text and graphics. Also
supports Tandy colour graphics adaptor and Hercules monochrome.
• EGA and VGA graphics can be displayed on a domestic TV or
monitor. Unrikerea PCs. No extra hardware is required.
• Up to four Amiga drives can be connected to your system and
accessed In PC modes as 3.5* 720K or 5.25’ 360K. Typical disk
access is at least twice as fast as most real PC clones!
• OOS can be started from any mounted drive
5. 25' or 3.5' and most Amiga hard drives.
• Supports most popular hard disks including GVP Impact Supra and
A590 (Omit and SCSI).
• A massive 200K ramdrive (up to 8Mbwith expansion) Is available
in PC mode and it's PC- reset proof loo.
• Even with a base Amiga 704K is free for OOS programs (640K in
EGA and VGA modes).
• EMS (expanded memory) is supported allowing you to run
Microsoft Windows without problems and store massrve files in
Lotus 1-2-3. So. If you
• PC emulation Is a contentious issue - but the KCS Power PC
board is the only one to carry my personal recommendation. It
is an excellent product that does all it claims and does It
well.’- I comments Mark Smiddy. Co-author of Plastering
AmigaDOS 2.
PRICE Including MS-Dos OOS-Help and on-board memory. £219.95 incl. VAT Carr.
Excluding MS-Dos, but including on-board memory. £189.95 incl. VAT Carr Adaptor lor 1500 2000 3000 - £74.95 ind. VAT Carr.
A«M* tai |M ecu tom*. Slop (it Buy la* i jot j - Aa thm «y not!). Or direci km Baton DM* BlTCf 88 Bewick Road, Gateshead, Tyne 8 Wear, NE8 IRS EngMI Tel: (091| 4901919, Helpline: (091) 490 0202.
Fax: (091| 490 1918 mean
• mnwanncoiiHie, Soon of our imporltrs WorftlwidB ™£-£“¦ T“•
«m937 47 8938 Saeneo: UttlalMS-Oali (tel) 31-300580. Oocado
(Tel) 40-497480. Canary: CuaMns Cnipx (Tell 978 271064.
OsmaK: Belaloo (TO) 31 31 02 73. Tonsil: SoBeluo (Tell 01 3528452 Macfl: Comedo Cily.-DuWin lei) Oil-82949 Ail Wde ewoies meome UK and Oarau (PAL My).
Have 8Mb on board, the PC can use it.
• XMS (extended memory) is supported - even though this is not
usually possible on NEC V30 machines.
Speed its Landmark speed puts it way ahead of many true PC systems - it even compares favourably with many AT clones.
However, the crux of the matter lies with the video speed; and this, as many critics have noted is where the KCS Power PC Board scores over all others. It's no use having a wiu-bang processor if the screen takes several seconds to redraw itself.
• Tests In text modes have shown it Is several times faster than
eveoAT clones with dedicated video hardware. Even in graphics
modes, it's no slouch although the emulation is limited by
Amiga hardware.
• Add a processor accelerator card, andthe 32-bit clean KCS cache
software will use It to its full advantage.
• Automatic serial mouse emulation is suppked as standard - using
your existingAmlga rodent.
• Mouse can be configured as COM1 or COM2.
• Up to two sticks can be employed at any time.
You decide how they are arranged.
• OOS usually supports two serial ports, bui one is taken by the
Amiga mouse. The Amiga's serial can be set as COM1 or COM2 as
desired, ie tor MODEM etc. up to 19200 baud full-duplex Sound
• PC sound is supported, but there's an additional volume control
available In software.
Works on...
• All Amlgas (except the alOOO) fitted with Kickstart 1.2 and
Workbench 1.2 or higher.
• Extra memory is not required, but full use win be made of extra
hardware, like accelerators, ffceker fixers, modems etc. Help!
• We want you to get the most out of your system so we offer a
comprehensive, free telephone helpline service to all
registered users.
• Since the hardware is a complete PC in its own right, all
updates are complefefy software driven Registered users can
update at any time for i nominal fee to cover media and
shipping costs.
All trademarks acknowledged The above building was designed by Architect David Bishop, modelled by Xcad and rendered with Imagine.
Xcad SPEED - An Amiga 600 is 6 times faster on zoom and redraw than AutoCAD running on a last '386.
PRACTICALITY - Ideal for design in architecture, electronic and or mechanical engineering.
COMPATIBILITY - AutoCAD DXF import export comes complete across the Xcad range. Print to plotters, laser or dot-matrix printers.
MODULAR - Simple upgrade trom Xcad 2000 to Xcad 3000.
Xcad harnesses the incredible power ol the Amiga to deliver a draughting tool to beat all others.
Processing times are cut to a fraction ol most PC based systems.
Plans, designs and blueprints can easily be produced using simple, flexible menus or commands.
The Xcad range starts from as little as £129 for Xcad 2000 (1Mb RAM minimum) which includes both 2D Detailing and 3D Modelling plus automatic perspective views.
Imagine The 24 bit image above was completely originated on an Amiga computer. The drawings were designed with Xcad, the 3D model was created trom the 2D drawings and the 24 bit image (1280 x 1024 resolution) was rendered with Imagine - in fact this whole article was put together using Professional Page, Xcad and Imagine. These Amiga products would amount to £777 (RRP). Compared to AutoCAD. 3D Studio and Ventura on a PC which comes in at £5100 - and that's just for the software! Imagine 2.0 has a retail price ot £269.
Never before has the Amiga been so well complemented. Never before has the Designer been given so much power, speed and flexibility at such an affordable price.
To order the Amiga's No. 1 CAD and rendering packages, contact your local dealer or call: IN THE UK DM SERVICES Tel: (0702) 206165 IN EUROPE DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA EUROPE Tel: Belgium (32) 2 657 5803 Fax: Belgium (32) 2 657 5652 I've been asked to introduce Amiga Shopper to you. Starting just on the right, and carrying on for the next 10 pages, is a sample edition of Britain's favourite 'serious' Amiga magazine.
It's there so you can see what you think and, if it appeals, get hold of a copy of the real thing. It only costs £1.50, so it's the ideal way to treat yourself when you've read all of this month's Amiga Format!
Amiga Shopper, which is produced by Future Publishing (the company behind Amiga Format) is very much our 'sister magazine'. In fact, its first editor was Bob Wade, who left the editor's chair at Amiga Format to set it up.
It takes an unusual, if not unique, angle on covering Amiga affairs: it refuses point-blank to get involved in games and games playing. Similarly, it eschews the colourful, glossy look of this magazine and prefers a back-to-basics approach: it's about no-nonsense, raw information.
There are two things that Amiga Shopper believes are of paramount importance: detailed, in-depth reviews; and answers to your questions.
It will review a program in as many pages as it takes to cover every angle, and that's true for any kind of Amiga software with the exception of games: DTP graphics, music, word processing, business, utilities and all the rest too. And it's big on intensive hardware tests, too.
The Amiga Answers section is a massive technical help area, aiming to answer every question you can hrow at them. Even if you haven't written in with a question yourself, it's a gold mine of information on all aspects of Amiga software and hardware. That's why they say 'If you want our advice - buy it!'
Of course, Amiga Format covers all this stuff too. But if you're the sort of person who always wants more; Amiga Shopper will deliver - with no frills, no fuss and no severe pocket-damage.
Damien WIN!
A free A570 and A670 CD-ROM drive!
Ulure |9 t I UVO I UUU CJ Your guarantee of value SPECIAL • OCTOBER 1992 • FREE YOUR DEFINITIVE AMIGA GUIDE Inside: Pictures in print Setting up for perfect results Where do we go from here?
Amiga gurus predict the future... i The Hard Line _J according to Amiga Shopper CHOOSING AND USING A HARD DISK - INSIDE our toughest Amiga questions answered The Digita range... System 3 A suite of programs which perform all the basic functions for a small business. They may he used independently or integrated and include Cashflow Controller. Stock Control and Invoicing and Statements. £59.99 Home Accounts2' 8, System 3e ;e System 3. But with extended capacity for customer accounts and stock items.
£79.99 (IBB Cashbook Controller lake the drudgery out of book keeping as this program will replace your cash and petty cash books. In addition to recording cash, bank and VAT transactions, you can enter credit saies and purchases, and for all these entries the program will automatically complete double entrv routines, to ensure ways in balance £59.99 Home Accounts mm djilii-J Final Accounts Using the information created with Cashbook Controller, this program will uce a complete set of accounts, including riai balance. I rading and Profit and Loss Account. Balance Sheet, as well as useful
accounting ratios £39.99 £39.99 Mailshot Plus Cashbook Combo A money-saving combination pack containing Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts £79.99 £49.99 DGBase Wordworth' I he graphical nature of Wordworth makes producing documents taster and easier.
With the enhanced printing fonts, Collins Spelling Checker and Thesaurus, no other word processor comes close i Amiga j. £1 29.99 £49.99 Day-By-Day The Digita range is available for Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC unless stated otherwise, and every program comes with a seven day money-back guarantee.
The only way to really appreciate Digita software is to use it. Phone 0395 270273 for more information, or write to Digita, FREEPOST. Exmouth EX8 2YZ. All prices include VAT, postage and packaging.
£29.99 Personal Tax Planner
• Sfi» ?IAN*..* E-Type soft ware I ha is right he trade through
Columbus. Gem, resoft. Precision and SDL Exmouth EX8 III.
ENGLAND 'i Fax 0395 268893 Digita Intematb YOUR DEFINITIVE
AMIGA GUIDE Each and every issue Amiga Shopper is packed full
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Whether you’re into graphics or video, desktop publishing or programming, public domain or comms. There’s something here for every Amiga user.
WELCOME Here's a run down of the subjects you can regularly expect to find:
• AmigaBasic
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In choosing a hard drive ..page 4
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favourite machine range heading? Amiga Shopper's experts argue
it out page 8
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But that's not all! There’s also the sharpest news and liveliest letters pages in the business, stacks of advice, tutorials, comparative reviews and. Best of all. Our unrivalled Amiga Answers section.
Just answer 3 simple questions and an A570 or A670 CD-ROM drive could be yours! Page 10 TWO MORE REASONS TO BUY AMIGA SHOPPER So what should you be looking out for in the months ahead? Here’s the main features we have planned for the next 3 issues:
• NOVEMBER - on sale October 1st Which PC emulator?
Tomorrow's Amigas
• DECEMBER - on sale November 5th Ink Jet and Laser printers
Accelerators round up
• JANUARY - on sale December 3rd How to write Assembler Desktop
video made easy DEFINITELY WORTH IT!
So you must be thinking 'Oil, what's this doing stuck here in the middle of my favourite Amiga mag?’ Well, the reason’s straightforward enough. We want to remind you there's another Amiga magazine that's well worth shelling out the dosh for - and that mag is Amiga Shopper.
Our brief is quite simple. We're here to help you make the most of your Amiga by providing you with tips, advice and tutorials on a whole range of subjects. Just take a look at the list on the left to see the areas we regularly cover. And take a look over the next few pages to see how we go about handling them.
So why else should you check us out? Could it be the 20 pages or so of readers' problems we solve each month? Or is it the type-in programs we print that'll help save you time and trouble? Or could it be our up to date news coverage? It's all of these and more.
But most of all it's great value - sure there's Easy Hard drives Perfett Printing The Amiga future Win a CD drive There are thousands of Amiga programs which are available for little more than the price of a disk. And many more which allow you to try the software free before you buy. Each month in Public Domain World we examine the best of these programs and explain how to get hold of them.
In our October issue, at a newsagents near you.
We focus on a new PD word processor, a desktop harpsichord and a great set of new CLI utilities.
No cover-mounted disks and no glossy colour but there are over 150 fact-packed pages, for only £1.50, written by some of the best names in the business.
And that’s got to be worth the price of a pint! So why not give it a whirl? You'll be surprised at what you've been missing.
Okay that's enough of the soft sell, now let's get on with the free supplement. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful - and hope to see you soon!
Sjomf % How to set up your printer to produce perfect results every time page 6 Al!» Every month we devote anything up to 20 pages to answering a 100 readers' problems and queries.
Even If the problem's not one you've personally encountered, Amiga Answers is still a valuable source of information for future reference. Our panel of experts specialise in DTP, printers, graphics, video, AmlgaDos, memory, music, programming and hard drives - and there's nothing they don't know!
Nr We don't just review products - we take 'em opart, explain how they work and show you how to use them most effectively!
EVERYTHING need to know TYPES OF HARD DRIVE You may think that all hard drives are equal, but this is not the case... Although they may look and work in a similar fashion, there are many types of drive available ranging from SCSI and AT-IDE drives to real dodos such as the ST-506 drive. When making your decision, it's important to check that the hard drive uses either AT-IDE or better still) SCSI. Although AT-IDE and SCSI compare well. SCSI gets the vote because it is far more versatile. A SCSI-equipped Amiga will be able to take advantage of such things as CD-ROM drives, tape streamers |a
recommended purchase for anyone who owns a hard drive with a capacity of over 100Mb) and laser printers. If the drive is not SCSI or AT-IDE then steer well clear.
Watch out too for XT-IDE drives.
These first generation drives were used briefly in the A590 until Commodore switched to SCSI drives.
Although they may sound similar to AT-IDE. XT-IDE drives are real dogs.
SPEED DEMON If you buy a SCSI drive, then you can be reasonably sure that the drive will operate at a very acceptable speed, but some other types of drive can be rather snail-paced, especially if they are pre formatted under OFS.
When checking through the specification of a drive in an advert, don't get blinded by science. The manufacturers may reel off a whole list JARGON BUSTING • JARGON BUSTING Hard drives and their technology can be hard work, even for the experts.
But this should stop them baffling you with technical rhubarb... Controller - Hard drives consist of two items - the hard drive itself which stores all your data and a hard drive controller. The hard drive controller is a piece of circuitry which enables the Amiga to control the generic hard drive. All Amiga hard drives have these as standard.
OFS - If your chosen hard drive is formatted under OFS (Old Filing System) then reformat the thing immediately. The OFS is the filing system used on early hard drives and it’s slow and rather unreliable.
FFS - The latest filing system for hard drives (and now floppy drives under Workbench 2.04). Introduced with Workbench 1.3. FFS (Fast Filing System) is about 10 times faster than OFS and much more reliable.
Of speed-related statistics (access times etc), but the most important number you should check is the data transfer rate. This is the rate at which the drive sends and receives data from the Amiga. Most modern SCSI- based drives offer transfer rates ranging from 800 to 1.200K per second. If the transfer rate is lower than this figure, then steer clear.
Even data transfer ratings can be rather deceptive. Another important factor which will affect your drive's speed is its controller. If you have a slow controller, the transfer rate will be slow regardless of how fast the drive is. There are two types of controller on the market - DMA and non-DMA drives. Although DMA drives are technically better, these can cause problems with processor accelerator cards. If you need a processor card, your best bet is one of the new combo' cards which include both a DMA SCSI controller and processor accelerator in one box.
Such an 'off the shelf solution ensures compatibility.
Non-DMA controllers are often as fast as DMA controllers, but they can occasionally slow the machine down during intensive disk access because they use the Amiga's processor to shift data to and from the drive. It has to be said though that this sort of bus contention is unusual. They do have the benefit of being generally more compatible with such things as processor cards.
FFS also allows hard disk partitions of up to 2 gigabytes (that's 2,048 Mb!).
Partition - Hard drives can be divided up into two or more separate partitions and. For the Amiga, each is a hard drive in its own right. A drive is partitioned in order to keep it organised.
Prep - Before you can format a drive, it must first be ‘prepped’ (prepared).
Prepping tells the drive how big it is, the interleave factor, filing system type (OFS or FFS), where the bad blocks are and so on.
Head Parking - Parking a hard drive moves the drive's heads to a park cylinder where it is in no danger of scratching the disk’s surface. Always park a drive before switching off.
7 ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR EASY HARD DRIVING... Although drives ton be powered from the AMIGA, mony come with Iheii own power supplies - useful if they include theit own RAM. Power supply is typically 3A ot 5v ot 1A at 12v Ihe hord disk is connected to its controller mechanism by o 50woy ribbon coble with IOC connectors on each end. Cobles of up to 3m in length hove been known to work rpm in more modem models). Copociry typicolly ranges from 20 to 160Mb, although larger sizes ore available Buying the beast 1 you Intend to buy a hard disk from a mall order company It's very Important that you team to
spot the best deals from adverts In magazines such as Amiga Shopper. Follow these simple guidelines and you won't go far wrong... 1 The safest and simplest way to 3 Warranties are very important buy from a mail order company is indeed. Virtually all products include with a credit card. This gives you a at least a year's warranty, but more certain amount of insurance - if the is better. If an extended warranty is company goes bust, you can claim offered, then take it.
Your money back from the credit card company. 4 If your knowledge of hard drives is rather limited, make sure you buy 2 Always check that prices quoted your drive from a company that offers include VAT and delivery charges. A a technical support help-line. These drive may seem cheap, but these companies will have trained staff on extras could make it more expensive hand to help you if something goes than the competition. Wrong - a big advantage.
You'll find jargon busting boxes like the one above in all Amiga Shopper's reviews, tutorials and answers pages Whether H'thaid drives, printers, hand scanners, graphics boards, samplers or accelerators - they all get Shopper's rigorous treatment about buying a hard drive...
o Setting up your hard drive O MEMORY MAHERS Virtually all hard
drives come pre-prepped and formatted, and with a copy of the
Workbench files already Installed... Most hard drives available
these days offer far more than just extra storage space. Take
‘combo’ drives, for Instance... Mony drives hove spote for
memoty to be odded. This is usually in the form of SIMM chips,
which ore available os 1Mb 014Mb chips. 4 maximum of 8Mb con be
odded, bol only if the 4Mb chips oie used The edge-connectoi by
which the drive is attached lo on AMIGA 500. It provides direct
occess lo the pins of the AMIGA’s 68000 processor, ond hence to
the AMIGA's internal memory. This enobles some drives to use
Diiecl Alemoiy Access, greatly speeding up data transfer since
the piocessot need not become involved. Some drives come with
on edge connector pass- thru, bui these oie notoriously
unreliable Pass-thru connector If you want to add RAM
expansion, a utility cartridge (such as Datel's Action Replay),
or a video digitiser... Make sure that the drive you buy and
your other peripherals. Not only offers a pass-thru connector.
If it is this a real pain, but it can also doesn’t, you'll have
to juggle cause wear and tear on both the drive continuously
between the hard drive and your add-ons.
0 DRIVE CAREFULLY Hard drives can be reliable - providing that you follow these simple rules... It's easy to keep track of the contents of a floppy drive, but hard drives are a different ball game because of their sheer size.
Back-up and survive Hard drives are usually pretty reliable but don't Just trust to luck.. Before you use a drive, it’s important to consider its organisation so it's easier to keep track of its contents.
By far the best way to organise a drive is to start by splitting it into a series of partitions - for example, one for Workbench files, another for your programs, and another for all your files. Think carefully about the size of each partition. You will almost certainly want a Workbench partition of at least 3Mb in size - although 1Mb will hold the standard Workbench disk, you’ll almost certainly want to add extra fonts and system libraries at a later date so you’ll need the extra room.
You can then subdivide each partition by creating directories which However, you may want to change the organisation of the drive yourself (add a couple of partitions, for example). If this is the case, you will almost certainly have to reformat the drive thereby losing its contents. Thankfully virtually all hard drives come with some form of set-up software which will take you through this process as contain certain types of programs or files - one directory for paint packages, another for picture files etc. Another good idea is to try and keep the root directory of a partition (the first
directory you see when you click on the drive's disk icon) as clear as possible. If you can. Restrict the root directory to drawer icons only, each labelled clearly so you know exactly what they contain.
Before tne worst comes to the worst and you lose a file, get your hands on a ‘Find File’ utility. Readily available within the public domain, a Find File program will search your hard drive for a named file (if you can remember what you called itl) and tell you where it can be found.
Painlessly as possible. If the drive you buy doesn't have this all-important software, then contact the suppliers immediately and ask them to send you a copy. If they don't, send the drive back and demand a refund.
Once you've got the disk, make a back-up copy and keep both in a very safe place.
A combo drive will often include sockets for adding extra RAM to your machine. You may already have some form of RAM expansion, but these drives are still a good idea, because they offer more storage plus expansion RAM in one Udy box - with no unnecessary spaghetti.
Most drives come with provision for up to 8Mb of RAM as standard - the GVP Impact Series II, for example.
When purchasing the drive though, always check with the supplier to see how much it will cost to add RAM to the drive and, just as important, whether the RAM chips which the drive will need are widely 1 Never turn the Amiga or the hard drive off when the hard drive is in operation. Always wait until all disk activity has ceased.
2 If the drive offers head parking, get into the habit of parking the drive before switching it off. Although most modem SCSi drives will park the heads automatically as soon as you switch off, it is much safer to do this manually so that you are sure that all When they do crash (note: we didn't say if) you will lose some if not all of your data. To stop such a catastrophe wrecking your life, you would be well advised to invest in a hard disk back-up program such as QuarterBack 5 or Ami-Back.
A hard disk back up program will enable you to save the contents of any partition out to a series of floppy disks which can then be kept in a Q 0 available. Some of the newer drives use high capacity SIMM chips and at the moment these are rather hard to get hold of, so always check before committing yourself.
In the case of GVP. The company now markets a hard drive which includes not only a RAM expansion, but also a processor accelerator and a slot which enables you to add extra boards (such as PC emulators) and connect them internally without invalidating your Amiga's warranty - a point worth bearing in mind.
Combo cards of this kind are a good idea because they guarantee that the add-ons they provide will be mutually compatible.
Safe place. Then, should your drive happen to fail, it can be reformatted and then have its data restored to it from your floppies.
Admittedly, backing up a hard disk is time consuming and will use up a lot of disks - typically one disk for every megabyte of hard disk data.
But you should put some time aside, at least once a month, to back up anything important.
Disk activity has ceased.
3 Never stack disks and paperwork on top of the drive. Air must circulate around the drive, otherwise it could overheat, and cause serious damage.
4 Keep the drive away from sources of vibration such as old-fashioned line, and dot matrix, printers, hi-fi speakers and real rumblers like tumble dryers. Vibrations can cause a 'head crash’ - ultra-bad news!
But it's not just hardware that gets the in-depth focus - we apply it to all the latest software too Learn how to get the best results from your printer with this guide to the Amiga's printer preferences 2= 1 ?«*l ?:id W Vcvl Screenltode Print*r6fx Serial B Driving you up the wall?
By far one of the most frustrating aspects of getting a printer to work with the Amiga is the good old printer driver, that all important file that will either give you a perfect printout or Just a jumbled mess. The printer driver is very important because It acts as a sort of mediator between the Amiga and your printer.
Although all Amiga printer drivers can understand the Amiga, they are bilingual only - that is, they can only talk to one particular type of printer.
If you use the wrong printer driver, all you’ll get is garbage.
The latest release of the Amiga’s operating system (Workbench 2.04) includes a whole host of printer drivers which can be found on the Extras disk in a directory hidden away from Workbench called Devs. Inside this directory is another directory called Printers which - not surprisingly - contains all those lovely printer drivers. Although you usually can't see them, they'll come into view if you select 'Show All Files’ from the 'Window' menu on the Workbench. If the range of drivers available doesn't y far the most popular peripheral for the Amiga is , a printer, but it can also be the source
of much frustration. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, getting a printer to work correctly with all your Amiga applications is a task that would test the patience of a saint. With our guide to the Amiga's printer preference programs though, you’ll be able to get great printouts from even the naffest of printers.
Unlike the previous release of Workbench, the Amiga Preferences in 2.04have been split into a number of individual programs, each of which handles a specific setup task. For printers, there are two programs - Printer and PrinterGFX - both of which can be found within the 'Prefs' drawer on your Workbench disk.
These two programs tell the Amiga which printer driver you wish to use and other more specific details such as the type of graphic printout seem to cover your own printer, check to see whether your printer offers any emulation options. Most dot matrix printers offer EpsonX (for 9-pin printers) or EpsonQ (for 24-pin printers) at the very least. If this is the case, then use the appropriete driver.
Laser printers are a far more contentious issue. If the laser you are using is Postscript compatible only, then it cannot be driven by standard Amiga printer drivers. Instead, you must use software that directly supports the Postscript standard (,ProPage 3, for example). Most non- Postscript printers do usually offer both EpsonX and HP LaserJet compatability, and drivers are available on the Extras disk for both of these.
Once you’ve located the driver you need, you will have to copy it across onto your Workbench disk and place it into the Devs:Printers directory. You must then instruct the Amiga to use this driver by selecting it from within the ‘Printer’ program in your Workbench ‘Prefs’ drawer.
(colour or mono, for example) and the type of paper to be used.
Once you understand all the options that these two Preference programs offer, setting up and using a printer becomes far simpler. So read on and find out how to improve the quality of your printouts... 1 Printer type: each time you load up the printer preference program, the Amiga scans the directory Devs:Printers and displays a list of printer drivers it finds within this window. To select the driver you require, simply scan through this list until you find the driver and then click on it with the mouse pointer.
2 Printer driver: this single line string gadget contains the name of the printer driver currently selected. If you click on a new printer driver from the list above this gadget, the name will be changed to reflect your choice.
3 Printer port: this single toggling gadget selects which port the Amiga should use to communicate with your printer. If you are using a serial printer, then click on this gadget until the word ‘Serial’ appears. If you are using a parallel printer then this gadget should read 'Parallel'. If this gadget is set incorrectly, then the Amiga will send printer data to the wrong port.
4Paper type: if you have to manually feed each sheet of paper into your printer, then this gadget should read ’Single’. If. On the other hand, you are using either continous listing paper or your printer is able to automatically load single sheet paper from a sheet feeder, then click on the gadget until it reads 'FanFold'.
5 Paper she: this gadget tells the Amiga the dimensions of the paper that you will be feeding through your printer. If you are using conventional A4-sized single sheet paper, then click on this gadget until it reads 'DIN A4’. For continuous listing paper, this gadget should be set to 'Narrow Tractor’.
6Paper length: this gadget d 9dictates how many lines of text are printed on a single sheet of paper. This value not only depends on paper size, but also the line spacing (see 10). For standard A4- sized paper, this value should be set to 70 for 6 Ipi (lines per inch) and 93 for 8 Ipi. For the other four page sizes, the paper length should be 66 for 6 Ipi and 88 for 8 Ipi.
7Left margin: the left margin setting specifies how far from the left hand edge of the paper printing should start. This figure is specified in characters. But most of the time this setting should be set to 1.
8Right margin: the right margin value dictates how many characters across the page the printer will print. The value that you enter here depends entirely upon the pitch setting (see 9). For a pitch setting of 10 cpi (characters per inch), this value should be no greater than 82 for standard A4. For 12cpi it should be no greater than 98 and no greater than 123 for 15cpi.
9Print pitch: the print pitch gadget sets the horizontal size of the characters the printer will use. Most printers offer three pitch sizes - 10 cpi (normal), 12 cpi (skinny) and 15 cpi (very skinny). LOcpi is usually used for standard letters but 15cpi can come in very handy for printing program listings, for example.
1 Aprlnt 8paclng: lhis dic,a,es A the size of the gap between lines. A value of 6 Ipi (lines per inch) is the default, but 8 Ipi will give you more lines of text per page.
U Print quality: if you are intending to print lots of letters to the bank manager, then this gadget should be set to 'Letter*.
This will instruct the printer to use NLQ (near letter quality) fonts.
However, for something like program listings, the 'Draft' setting will be more than adequate.
Want to improve your printing even further? - then check out our monthly DTP series too... This is just one of Ihe areas where we lake up where the manual leaves off... take control
• •• 4} Color correct: if you don't A £ihave a colour printer -
ignore this. What this option does is to try and match the
colours that you see on your Amiga screen with your colour
printout. To be perfectly honest though, you should leave the
three R. G and B boxes empty (they’ll have a tick in them if
they are selected) unless the colours that you're getting are
horrendously bad.
Experimentation is the only way to get the best results from this option.
Q Smoothing: as its name A Osuggests, the smoothing option attempts to smooth out the jaggies between pixels on diagonal lines. Although this option works particularly well with programs that output text as a screen dump [Wordworth andPenPa are examples) it also slows down the printing speed and the results aren't always great.
For standard graphic printouts though, this option is best turned off.
1 Left offset: the left offset A option dictates how far the picture will start from the left hand corner of the paper (expressed in inches). If you select 'Centre Picture' the picture will be placed in the centre of the page therefore overriding (and ghosting) the value in the 'Inches 10 ' string gadget.
- | Dithering: dithering attempts Aoto create the illusion of
more colours, or shades of grey, when a colour image is
printed. The three options available - 'Halftone', 'Floyd-
Steinberg' and 'Ordered' use different patterns. On the whole,
‘Halftone’ gives the best results (especially for grey scale
¦| Scaling: the scaling option A Vjcontrols the overall size of the printout. If the scaling option is set to 'Integer', each pixel within the printout will be printed as an even number of dots. The integer setting is best used when printing images that have lots of straight horizontal and vertical lines. Most of the time though, the 'Fraction' is fine.
NImage: the image setting gadget can toggle between 'Positive' and 'Negative'. If positive is selected, black will be printed as black and white as white. Naturally enough, if 'Negative' is selected, colours are reversed (black is printed as white and white as black).
Negative printing can be useful for programs such as GB Route that dump screens containing lots of black to the printer. Print these large areas of black as white and your printer ribbon will last a lot longer.
Be set to (not surprisingly) 'Color'.
Also available is 'Black and White' (useful only for line art) and 'Grey Scale 2' (very little use unless you have a high resolution A2024 monitor).
O Threshold: the threshold £i setting is only used when the shade setting is set to 'Black and White’. This dictates which colours ¦| Q Aspect: the aspect value A Ocontrols whether the image will be printed in portrait or 01 Poiitiv, Width ( ): 01 Horizontal Height ( ): 0 Grey Sea If 1 ..! ..... 7 landscape format. Landscape printing will give a larger printout because the image is turned through 90 degrees.
Are printed as black and which as white. The higher this value, the more colours are printed as black.
C •% Density: the density setting mi A dictates the resolution (dots per inch) at which the printer will print a screendump. Generally the higher the density, the better quality the printout. However, higher density printing can also produce rather dark printouts on dot matrix printers so I Qshade: the shade gadget tells A I the Amiga both the type of printer you have (colour or mono) and how screendumps should be printed.
If you have a mono printer, this should be set to 'Grey Scale'. For colour printers though, this should The preferences for Workbench 1.3 Although this article is based on the So don't worry if the 1.3 Preferences preferences within Workbench 2.04 - program looks rather different from the latest release of Workbench the pictures on these pages - the which is now bundled with all new theory and method when installing Amigas - much of the information is and using a printer is exactly the just as applicable to Workbench 1.3. same under 2.04 and 1.3. with one of these you're best advised to keep
the density setting at about 4 unless you're lucky enough to own a laser printer - in which case it should be set to the maximum resolution).
F Limits type: the limits type mi gadget controls the overall size of the image. If the type is set to 'Ignore', the image size is controlled by the application you are currently running.
When set to 'Bounded', the picture’s size is bounded by the values set within the Limits Width and Height string gadgets.
If 'Absolute' is selected, the image will be printed at the absolute size specified by the two limit values.
This option completely overrides the aspect ratio and can produce rather distorted images.
Selecting 'Pixels' produces similar results to 'Absolute' but the height and width values are taken as pixels rather than tenths of an inch.
Finally, if 'Multiply' is selected, the width and height values are used as multiplying factors. That is. If the width value is 2 then the outputted image will be twice as wide. If it is 4, it will be four times as wide etc. Most of the time though, the limits type should be set to 'Ignore'.
C Q Limits width: this value limits Mt)the image's horizontal size in tenths of an inch or (if Limits Type is set to ‘Multiply’) a multiple of this.
F ¥. Limits height: like the limits W width option, the limits height option limits the image's vertical size in tenths of an inch or as a multiplication factor.
C Cancel: if you make any mi iJchanges that you’re not happy with, click on this gadget and the changes that you have made will be ignored and the program will exit.
F f* Save Use: if you’re happy mi Owith the changes that you have made, clicking on the 'Save' gadget will update the system configuration file so that your changes become permanent. If you need to use the changes but you don't want to overwrite the existing configuration, then click on 'Use'.
Although the changes will be in use.
If you then reboot the machine the old settings will be reintroduced.
Still having printer problems? Well send 'em to Amiga Shopper's Amiga Answers If it's the word on what's new you're after - AMIGA Shopper's your choke - we have over 90,000 each issue SOMETHING There's a new Amiga on the v ayl - the A2200. What better reason then than to gather together Amiga Shopper's experts, sit 'em around a table, give 'em free beer and let 'em loose!... JH: Well, if we were going totally crazy. I’d like to see a machine that's at least '030-based with 32-bit architecture and a custom chip set that was 32-bit as well: 24-bit graphics as standard: 8-channel. 16- bit sound:
and MIDI.
JR: You can build this system now.
JH: True. The talk about the A4000 is that it's 24-bit Jeff Walker - desktop j, publishing correspondent, i card on the end. This consultant editor and editor of means if CBM does Just Amiga Monthly produce top end machines with this slot, then there's instantly a CD-ROM drive for them.
WR: I wonder if developers will sidestep the A600 though. The one thing I was waiting for KBaMwas for some sort of plinth that the A600 sits on which converts it to an A500 with the edge connector trapdoor configuration.
JR: There's no reason why a developer couldn't Andy Storer: editor of Amiga Shopper, avid news hound and former editor of New Compter Express "You'll be able to expand up to 64Mb of RAM on one card!"
THE CREDIT CARD SLOT AS: CBM claims that 40 per cent of all A600s being sold have hard drives. But those who buy a standard A600 could use the credit card slot to run a removable hard disk small enough to fit in your Amiga developer, business top pocket. Is this. Correspondent and consultant be sub £1,000.
MS: Is that with a monitor, or is it going to be like an A2000?
JW: That’s without monitor. It’s going to be like an A2500. But cheaper and with higher specs.
WR: Any mention of a MIDI interface?
AS: No.
WR: What about the rumours of Roland sound chips, and of graphics chips as well... AS: There is no more detail other than it will be '020-based.
JR: If it's '020-based with a new board, rather than a standard 68000 The group dived straight into proceedings with their reactions to Commodore's new Amiga AS: Commodore has announced that it is to bring out an '020-based machine before Christmas - the A2200 or A2400. What do we all think about Commodore going for an '020-based Amiga?
MS: Well, it's a logical step.
JW: They did say that this new machine would chip with an 020 card fitted, like the A2500 was. Then it will have an '020 with full 32-bit access to Chip RAM.
And a full 32-bit memory access.
AS: What sort of performance advantages is an '020 going to give you over a standard 68000?
JR: It depends on the speed the chip is running at... MS: I would guess 16MHz.
"The A2200 will be around four times faster than a standard Amiga" JR: Yes. Well the Commodore plug-in '020 card gives a speed increase of around four times over a standard Amiga and a machine with 32-bit Chip RAM will be faster than that.
WR: But wouldn't you be better off buying an A2000 and putting in a GVP 25MHz '030 card for £599?
JR: Not really...I'd guess the new machine will have Zorro III slots rather than Zorro II. Now that would provide a lot more flexibility. It would also make sense if Commdore were to put it in an A3000 sized case and give it the A3000 processor expansion slot, which means you’d be able to use standard A3000 '040 cards and go straight from an 020 to an 040. With Zorro III slots you can expand to up to 64Mb of RAM on one mHMBH|Mm card - so there’ room for far more intelligent devices.
AS: Do you think Commodore will go for a PCMCIA smart card slot for the A2200 as well?
JR: It would make sense, if CBM wants 1 ¦ to persuade software companies to put stuff out on credit card.
AS: So the fact that memory cards for the new Amstrad NC-100 portable will fit the A600 is good news. It'll mean card prices will drop.
Forgive the pun. Really on the cards?
JW: Oh. You can buy them now.
AS: Can we talk about that kind of add-on then ? What do you think is on the way for that slot?
JR: Everything you would get normally plugging into an Amiga's standard expansion slot. You'll see companies like GVP providing things like RAM expansions, samplers, and so on.
JW: If you look through the PCMCIA resource reference book, there are no Amiga developers listed, so they will have to start from scratch.
WR: I wonder if the A670 is going to plug into that slot.
MS: Yeah, it is.
JR: There's nowhere else you can plug it, which means Commodore is going to have the A670 as a boxed unit with a cable coming out and this credit editor | would be on a new Amiga?
WR: A MIDI interface. The Ataris did so well because of this.
JR: I agree. It would be an easy thing to add - that's why Commodore put one in the CDTV.
AS: What about graphics?
Produce a PCMCIA card that fits into the A500 slot, so that if you've got your GVP hard disk or whatever - just plug it in and then you're there. It would probably need its own power though.
DREAM MACHINES AS: Can I go around the table and ask each of you what you’re wish list Mark Smlddy: GOODBYE TO GAMES?
AS: Okay, let's assume that by 1994 the games market for the Amiga has plummetted and people are buying Nintendo SNES and Sega Mega Drives left right and centre. Where does that leave the Amiga?
JW: It leaves the Amiga 600 dead.
AS: Do you think so? If the Amiga wasn't being bought as a games machine, would that leave it as a sort of poor man's Mac? Whereas the Mac is the DTP machine, could you see the Amiga being, the video and graphics machine?
JW: With the right software, and the hardware we were talking about earlier, yes. Commdore would have to scrap the A600, probably the A2200 and A2400 as well, and go A3000 upwards.
MS: What it also has to do is improve Workbench cosiderably: improve the whole of Intuition.
Intuition is a great idea, but nowhere as standard, so what I've just described is not entirely crazy.
JR: But the market for base machines with 24-bit graphics and 16-bit sound isn't there yet - and it won't be until there’s a vast amount of software that makes use of it.
MS: The problem is that no-one is going to want to develop software for a configuration that only a small number of people possess. If it was a case of 8-bit or 24-bit colour as standard, then developers would have to make use of it.
The chaps on this page are some of our Amiga Answers panel - if you've got a problem, they have the solution... Want to know everything that's happening?- then cheek AMIGA Shopper's news pages - the best in the biz!
Is Happening... near as good as the Mac interface.
JW: And third party software will have to get better.
JW: Kelly Sumner, Commdore’s UK MD - talking about the ’020 WR: But isn’t that just like CBM: they bring out something something revolutionary - and then put the old Amiga with a 68000 chip in it?
GW: 1.3 based, at that - and a Welcome disk that tells you how to switch the machine on.
AS: So what are the benefits of trading in your old A500 for a , A „ CDTV computer?
Correspondent and computing JR; An ex ra advisor to North-East Schools WR: MicroMeasure. It works with a genlock and a video camera, and it enables you to calibrate the screen and to record movement, time, distance... Unlike most software, what you use it for is entirely up to you. For example, you could view someone throwing a discus, put markers on the tape and analyse their body movements. A very clever bit of software.
MS: Progressive Peripherals' ’040 accelerator for the A500. The best software I've used this year is Professional Calc, but third party hardware developers are well ahead of Wilf Rees: education guarantee!... MS: You get Workbench 2 if you haven’t already got it!
AS: But you can add upgrades to CDTV - hook up printers and more memory and so on.
JR: Yes. It's got all the standard Amiga ports and two internal expansion ports. One is a Jason Holbom: software video port which usually correspondent, musician takes the modulator, but machine and compatibility - said that developers still aren’t fully exploiting the operating system.
JR: As a developer I know CBM is doing a lot of work on that.
AS: Commodore is putting 450 point- of-sale units in shops. At the centre is a CDTV with keyboard, flanked by 30-35 titles and with the standard 600 and the 600HD beneath. It’s interesting that ____________ CDTV is taking the centre stage. It’s actually physically being positioned as Commodore’s leading brand. Now.
Relating this to the possible demise of the games market, do you think Commodore sees the Amiga CDTV computer as its saviour?
JW: Commodore don’t actually say that, but I think these POS units confirm it. There’s the CDTV and the CD-ROM drive... AS: ...and the trade-up scheme - take in your A500 and get a CDTV with keyboard, disk drive and mouse for £399.
WR: I considered buying CDTV for the school where I work, but after all the pre-launch hype I wasn't impressed at all when I finally got to see it.
JW: A lot of stuff for it shows promise though .
GW: Have Commodore got this Kodak system sorted out yet?
JR: They showed Photo CD test disks running on CDTV at various shows, so the hardware works... if you have the advanced video card (essentially DCTV) to display it. There's also a lot of interest in the use of Photo CD for Amiga desktop publishing.
And long-time Amiga afficionado it’s got an internal modulator.
So you could use that port for a genlock.
__JW: Will this kind of hardware sell it?
JR: It’s the software that will sell it.
JW: That's what I think. Take Trivial Pursuit. Someone has finally produced a CDTV title that responds as it _should - when you press a button, something happens immediately. It’s got good sound and animation... Others will have to do the same.
JR: But it took eighteen months to do that. There are several companies doing very big CDTV projects but they’re all going to appear between now and Christmas.
They’ve all been waiting for the A570 to launch.
Third party software developers.
JR: Hardware? I think the new AD516 stereo 16-bit 8-track sound card is pretty amazing. As for software, the new version of Ncomm 2 for the A600 is pretty good, and supports the credit card slot for paying for online services.
GW: The Avideo 24 card. It’s cheap and it does the job. Even though you have to plug it inside the machine.
Maybe it ought to be bundled with professional systems.
JW: I think Arexx is very underrated.
It’s tremendously exciting.
"Commodore had to reverse engineer its own chips and hack them!"
AMIGA PAST AND FUTURE AS: Where do you think we are in terms of the Amiga's development? Is this one of the most exciting years since 1985?
JH: Yes. And it's just starting now.
For seven years things have been pretty static. Now in the space of about two years, we’ve had Jolyon Ralph: hardware Workbench 2.04 - which is correspondent, Amiga and a huge advance - 24-bit CDTV developer cards. 16-bit sampling JW: cards. Arexx... Things are really starting to happen.
AS: Is there more value for money?
JH: That is the case with all technology. You tend to carry on paying much the same price for something, but the product keeps getting better - like hi-fi equipment.
JR: Yet people think Commodore has been static since 1985 and hasn’t So while these titles are going to sell the CDTV. They are also going to sell A570s to A500 owners, and A670s to A600 owners... AND THERE'S MORE... But what about the threat from Pcs?
And the squeeze from consoles?
And what about the A4000 range?
Catch the full discussion on October 1st in November’s Amiga Shopper BEST PRODUCTS AS: What have been the most exciting products this year?
Done anything except new Agnus and Denise chips... JH: Well, the enhanced chip set was designed back in 1985.
JR: The problem was that the designs for the original chips were lost. It’s true! Commodore had to reverse engineer its own chips and hack them! - so the enhanced chip set wasn't a major rebuild because there wasn't time.
WR: I'm disappointed with what's happening now. The machine was quite revolutionary when it was first introduced... JW: Quite? It was stunning!
WR: Still, in the last seven years, the competition might not have caught up - but it has come damned close.
AS: So where has Commodore failed to seize the opportunities?
WR: It’s failed to take advantage of the increase in graphic power.
JW: ’Failed' is a bit strong.
WR: it's failed to increase the processing speed.
JW: Ah. But it hasn't failed to sell.
WR: I don’t mean failure in terms of how many have been sold. I'm talking about the marketplace over the next five years. Commodore has failed to build on what it had already achieved.
JW: Still, for the last three years they've made all the right decisions - with the A500 Plus as an exception.
Remember Gary Whlteley: video correspondent and freelance film-maker when they went from the A1000 to the A500 and everyone said “crap machine, that's the end of Commodore”, but it was only said for about six weeks. The A600 is in the same situation. The price is low. It will sell and people will start developing for it. So why should CBM spend more money on another machine that may not? It's using a proven system. We're forgetting that Commodore is in business and its aim is to make money!... Confused by Zorro III, 32-bit RAM, 24-bit graphics and PCMCIA? - they're all explained in Amiga
Shopper Amiga Shopper - the guide for the serious Amiga enthusiast Competition Win fabulous prizes EVERY month with Amiga Shopper
• •• This is your chance to get in on the imminent CD revolution.
We've got two of Commodore’s CD-ROM drives to give away, worth
£349 each. Plugging Into the side of your A500, A500 Plus or
A600. One of these beauties will give you full CDTV
compatibility and access to one of the most miraculous storage
mediums ever devised.
Compact discs have an enormous capacity for information when compared with other computer storage methods. While a floppy disk will hold under 1Mb of information, a CD can hold up to 650Mb. Imagine having access to this quantity of information!
FREE - two Amiga CD- ROM drives Commodore has led the way with the release of its CDTV system. Now that the long-awaited A570 drive is here, just about every Amiga owner can join in. Already there are over 100 titles available on CD-ROM for it.
And this range is due to increase at a phenomonal rate. See the debate on page 8 for our opinions on how CD technology will revolutionise Amiga computing.
To enter and win one of these remarkable machines, have a go at the three rather easy multiple choice questions posed in the box to the Commodore’s CD-ROM drive looks set to revolutionise computing and home entertainment. Be one of the first to get those Cds spinning... right. Put your answers to these on a postcard or the back of a sealed envelope, along with the number of the page in which the phrase 'here is no water, only rock' appears in November’s issue of Amiga Shopper (on sale 1 October). Dash off your entry to: I’m in a whirl Amiga Shopper 29 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2DL The closing
date for entries is 6 November. Only one entry will be accepted per household.
THE QUESTIONS What was the name of the prototype version of the A570?
A) A690
b) A670
c) Charlie On what technological device do compact disc players
A) phaser
b) phosphor
c) laser Measured In bits, what is the Information resolution of
a CD?
A) 8
b) 16
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When you do not want these features, switch them I off and the PC880B wil sit quietly, without clicking, pretending to be simply an extra drive.
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Amiga can only display 16 greyscales Name Address Postcode
Telephone No.
System Owned New Kick-Off Automatic ROM sharer Kick-Off is the latest Amiga add-on from Power.
I- One of the most advanced Kickstart ROM sharers available, a clever design onto a small reliable board.
Fits these Amigas - A500, A50O*. A600, A 1500 20(10 Kickstart ROM can be selected from the keyboard No messing about with switches I Only one compact board to plug-in J No “CIA adaptors" or other trailing wires [jumper to select which ROM boots on switch-on s Compatible with old Amiga board revisions I Simple internal fitting' a Memory Board tor t Expand up to 8MB (Ok installed)
- Memory & 68000 CPU can run with doubled clock Sp rate of
14,28MHz Fast 68000 processor already installed on board
Fully autoconfiguring, DMA compatible fast RAM Ring your credit
card order on 023* 843388 or fax on 0234 840234 All prices
include VAT. Delivery and an- subject to change.
Specifications are subject lo dunge 'vitlioul notice.
Next day delivery &4.$ 0 (li.K. mainland only » All trademarks acknowledged The PC880B, the only drive to introduce Blitz .Amiga, the Power anti-dick device and to combat J viruses, is only available direct from Power, priced tat just £65 , At Power, we want to tell you just where you can " stick your disks and worries. In fact we'll you. The 3 slot in this picture belongs to our PC880B, the first t intelligent disk drive. Insert a disk.
Make cheques payable « Power Computing Ltd Fill in your order form and send it to: Power Gmipuiing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN We have noticed how’ pricey unintelligent drives are. Perhaps, it's your turn to tell people where to stick it.
Ihic 10 ihe ptWision nature ri ihe Bln? IiipKr higli density disks truy be required internal drives Blizzard Turbo e m o r y Board for A500 A500.
IKk-Ofl nrfj*r (be 111 to be ri-rrned feint Ihe Am t Tbic nuy invalidate win warranty Descripiion £125 Credit Card No.
Expiry Date Distributor for Power Computing in Italy. 1) K K SKL U0H2 Roma Vo Duccio [»i l(tiontn et(ru. 22Td (061 M954HHK2 Fax 5O*06M .cfe Ur* ST-t u Helios Forth Programming Language ¦ £119.95 ¦ Helios Software ' •; ;V ‘ f P ' ' :,U ¦
- • .¦$ :& %• £,• i* •» * % A :wx.
NRNDEIBROT SET DEMO These pictures involve intensTve conputat ion.
Please uait for the inages to conplete uhen finished you can adjust the cotours.
Press SPBCE to continue .... The Helios Forth editor enables you to write and compile your code using a nice friendly front end.
___________ Bourn T t IliKltSVGiSr" y pj m : CM IK msm ia«:tR,SS: j, jj JctS"™ IfWlllt ram HiBJ: 18811: ffi!
J .
B«Bana Eoums |l-¦[-»»'EM!
With blitter routines), text edit (custom routines for text handling) and even a library that provides direct support for the Datel GeniScan hand scanner.
Having become accustomed to more traditional Amiga programming languages such as C and Assembler, switching to Forth will come as something of a shock for even the most experienced of programmers. This lack of acceptance could well be a major stumbling block for Helios Forth. And. Although Helios have done a fine job of implementing a very useable programming environment, the lack of third-party support - especially among The Forth programming language was designed In the late 1960s by Charles Moore. He was unhappy with the programming tools available to him on the IBM 1130 system, so he
set about designing a new language. In designing Forth. Moore had two primary aims: The first was to design a language that made communication with the computer more natural and therefore, thereforo more efficient. He believed that his new language would enable programmers to produce code lar faster and more enjoyably than extant languages.
The second objective for Moore was to try and make his new language compact, efficient, fast and as portable as possi- Jason Holborn casts a critical eye over one of the first Forth compilers to be released for the Amiga.
* **« Deno 16-Colour Screen »*** GOING FORTH HELIOS FORTH THE
HELIOS FOR TH system comprises a number of development tools
that arc used to write, compile and then debug your Forth pro
grams. The most immediately useable of these is the Editor
which enables you to write and compile your Forth program in
one module.
Although the editor uses the Amiga's Intuition GUI quite extensively. I still found it rather quirky, and for compiling code. I eventually swapped back to my copy of Cygnus Ed 2.
For those of you who prefer to use your own text editor, then Helios also provides a stand-alone compiler which can be run from the AmigaDOS Shell. Because Helios Forth doesn’t require access to any external ’include' files (more on this later), its compiler is actually very rapid and produces compact code. And. Although it’s not as compact as true Assembler, it certainly shows up other compiled languages such as C and Modula-2.
The Helios Forth compiler doesn't actually produce code which can be executed directly.
Instead, you must use a separate executive program called FEXEC which executes the compiled code for you. Thankfully you are allowed to distribute this Executive’, so it's still possible to use Helios Forth to develop commercial software.
JULIA SET DEMO Forth is a natural for applications that create fractal images such as the Julia and Mandelbrot sets.
COLOUR BEING ADJUSTED = 8 RED COMPONENT = 0 GREEN COMPONENT = 8 BLUE COMPONENT = 8 book manual publishers - may prove to be a major problem.
Thankfully Helios hope to fix this problem by offering an extensive support service. Plans arc already afoot for an Amiga Forth users group with a regular newsletter. Helios will be pleased to help users locate any appropriate documentation they require including general books on the Forth language. Helios Forth certainly needs this sort of backup - without it.
No doubt many users will still go for established programming languages such as C, but you should certainly not discount Helios Forth as a viable development tool. The code it produces is compact (especially when compared with C) and is very, very fast. If you need raw speed but can’t face learning Assembler, then Helios Forth is a recommended purchase.
163 Helios Forth doesn't directly support the Amiga's wide range of system libraries (although this is possible if you use library offsets) instead, it uses its own subset of commands which allows extensive use of such Intuition facilities as custom screens, windows. Menus and gadgets. As a result, there arc no complex ‘include’ tiles to mess around with - all you have to do is to leam the command subset, and you can develop applications that take full advantage of the Amiga's windowing environment. This certainly makes programming the Amiga easier because much of the nitty gritty of
accessing the system libraries is already done for you.
Also available separately arc a number of support libraries that extend Helios Forth still further. These include an Audio extension (enabling you to play Sound Tr uker modules among other things), an IFF extension (load and save images in IFF images without having to parse them manually), gadgets (provides greater access to Intuition gadgets). Gels (automatic Amiga Graphic Elcmcnts System OCTOBER 1992 Helios Forth SPEED • • Compilation speed is very good Indeed although the bundled editor is rather slow at times.
DOCUMENTATION • • • • A thorough rundown of using the development tools, Hellos also include a number of tutorials.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • If you are used to more traditional Amiga languagos such as C. the Forth will be a challenge.
FEATURES • • • • A very capable Implementation that offers extensive use of the Amiga's operating system.
VALUE • • • • £120 may seem expensive, but Helios Forth is still much cheaper than its rivals.
HELIOS FORTH is available from Helios Software.
0623 554828 klnd of acceptance among less technically specific programmers that Moore had hoped for.
Despite its undoubted compactness and speed. Forth has gained itself something of a bad reputation due to what many users see as its 'unreadability'. To the average user, who is used to languagos such as BASIC or Pascal, Forth seems almost totally unfathomable due to Its use of Reverse Polish Notation (a mathematical system) and other eccentric quirks.
Despite this, there are many professional programmers who swear by Forth and would never consider any other language.
, 4MtGk _ Me) 76% AMIGA 600 COMPUTER NEW - VIDI AMIGA 12 MJC COMPUTER SUPPLIES Suppliers of Discount Software since 1984 Educational, Local Authority and government orders welcome. European orders please call or write for a quotation. AJI goods subject to availability, prices subject to change without notice. E&OE.
Prices include VAT and delivery by post.
Courier delivery available on request.
Please allow 5 days for cheque clearance.
TO ORDER: Credit card orders can be placed by calling the telephone number below - or send a cheque PO's made out to MJC Supplies to: MJC SUPPLIES (ASH) Unit 2 The Arches, Icknield Way, Letchworth, Herts. SG6 1UJ.
Tel: (0462) 481166 (6 lines) NAKSHA UPGRADE MOUSE 280 DPI quality replacement mouse • pack includes Mouse House, Mat and Operation Stealth game.
MJC PRICE £21.95 SQUIK REPLACEMENT MOUSE Great value replacement.
MJC PRICE £12.95 A500 PLUS 1Mb Expansion 1Mb expansion for the A500 Plus - fits in the trapdoor taking your memory to 2Mb • no internal fitting MJC PRICE £39.95 NEW - ACTION REPLAY III MJC PRICE £57.95 SUPRA 500RX 2Mb EXPANSION This memory expansion for the A500+ uses 1Mb x 4 chips and can be expanded up to 8Mb MJC PRICE £139.95 The latest Amiga computer featuring surface mount technology for greater reliability and the latest Workbench 2 comes complete with Deluxe Paint 3 & Lemmings PLEASE NOTE: for total peace of mind these computers now come with 12 months on site warranty.
MJC PRICE £275.00 (Price includes free courier delivery) AMIGA A600-HD Includes a very neat internal 20Mb hard drive for those needing extra storage space and faster loading.
MJC PRICE £409.95 (Price includes free courier delivery) PLEASE NOTE: A600 prices correct at time of going to press - Please call - they may be even lower!
AMIGA STARTER PACK Includes: 10 disks, mouse mat, joystick, dust cover & disk box MJC PRICE £19.95 OR JUST £15.95 if purchased with an A600 AMIGA A600 CONTROL CENTRE The Control Centres are manufactured by Premier Micros and are made from sheet steel with welded seams and Epoxy coated to match the A600 They are precision made to fit over the back of the A600 to make a perfect platform for a monitor and improve the look of the A600.
They also come complete with a shelf for extra drives and peripherals.
MJC PRICE £34.95 OR JUST £29.95 if purchased with an A600 NEW - A600 1Mb EXPANSION Increases the memory of the A600 to 2Mb MJC PRICE £47.95 Vidi Amiga 12 is fhe latest low cost colour digitiser from Rombo. There are no filters and no separate RGB Splitter. Colour images can be captured in less than a second. Mono images are grabbed in real time. Some of the features included are multi-tasking software, capture into a user definable window, composite or S- Video input, 4096 colour HAM mode. 64 colour EHB mode and many more MJC PRICE £79.00 GVP PRODUCTS A500 52Mb
HD ....£349.95 A1500 2000 52Mb £279.95 A1500 2000 120Mb ....£419.95 NOTE! Hard drive prices include VAT and courier delivery.
SIMMs Modules 1Mb (70ns) ...£25.95 2 x 1Mb £49.95 MISCELLANEOUS Pro Midi Interlace ...£19.95 Stereo Master .£29.95 Techno Sound Turbo ....£29.95 Po-nec Meqarrw MasiOf £23 9!
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MJC PRICE £57.95 (cream only) AMOS - The Creator NEW - EASY AMOS - Powerful but easy .£22.95 AMOS V1.2 • The original Language....£31.95 AMOS COMPILER .£19.95 AMOS 3D ....£21.95 Features include: Ability to open two documents at once, import Kindwords 2 files. Proximity spell checker and thesaurus, text flow around graphics.
Requires 1 Mb RAM MJC PRICE £32.95 Protext V4.3 ....£39.95 Pen Pal VI.4 ...£54.95 Wordworth V1.1 - UK Version .£74.95 AMIGA EDUCATIONAL FUN SCHOOL Probably the best selling Educational Software for the Amiga • great sound and graphics and now conforms to the National Curriculum (FS3 & FS4) All Fun School programs will work with a standard 512k Amiga and the new A500 Plus.
Further information on our Educational range is available in our Educational Supplement - on request Fun School 2- 8 programs per pack Fun School 2 under 6 .... £7.95 Fun School 2 6 to 8 ...... £7.95 Fun School 2 over 8 ...... £7.95 Fun School 3- 6 programs per pack Fun School 3 under 5 .... ..£15.95 Fun School 3 5 to 7 ...... £15.95 Fun School 3 over 7 ...... £15.95 NEW • Fun School 4 6 programs per pack Fun School 4 uCw S £15 95 Fun School 4 to LI 595 Fun School 4 7 tn I!
R. 5* KOSMOS Answerback Junior Quiz - includes 750 general
knowledge questions and a game
reward ..£14.95 Answerback
Senior Quiz - as above but tor age
12* ...£14.95 Faclfiles • add-on
question packs tor the Answerback Quiz: Factfile Spelling
(6-111 £7.95 Factfile
Arithmetic (6-1II £7.95 KOSMOS
Language Tutors: with a vocabulary of over 2500 words * the
ability to add your own - up to GCSE level: French
Mistress .£14.95
German Master .£14.95
Tutor ....£14.95
Tutor £14.95
KOSMOS Maths Adventure: The latest offering from Kosmos covers
the National Curriculum maths using a series of four games.
There are four difficulty levels and your performance can be
kept and printed out. (6-14) £17.95 LCL SOFTWARE Primary Maths
Course (3-121 ......£18.95 Micro Maths (GCSE
level) ....£18.95 Micro French (GCSE
level) ...£18.95 Micro English (GCSE
level) ...£18.95 Reading and Writing
Course (3.) £18.95 NEW- MEET ADI!
ADI is a friendly alien being that appears on this latest range of educational software from Europress (the manufacturers of the Fun School range). Each package is specifically designed to follow the National Curriculum for a particular school year.
ENGLISH 11 12: Features pronouns, verbs, adverbs, spelling, synonyms and prefixes suffixes ...MJC Price £17.95 ENGLISH 12 13: Using dictionaries and reference books, construct adverbs, punctuate sentences .MJC Price £17.95 MATHS 11 12: Covers geometry, algebra, statistics, symmetry, quadrilaterals and number operations ..MJC Price £17.95 ItOEGDKl PCL5 LASER PRINTER Ricoh UK Ltd is part of the worldwide Ricoh Group of companies, originally established in Japan, in 1936. With a turnover of over S5 billion and 37,000 employees, Ricoh has been producing
computers and peripherals since 1971 and are the worlds second largest manufacturer of Laser Printer engines. Ricoh have employed their expertise to produce a 'first' in laser printers for the world market, the LPI200 with FLASH ROM.
FULLY HP LASERJET III™ COMPATIBLE 400 Fully HP LaserJet ,M compatible, the new LP1200 employs industry proven laser technology. Unlike LED page printers, which use light emitting diodes. The LP1200's laser lightsource, focussed by high quality lenses, is able to produce the most accurate and intense printed images. It has 2Mb of RAM built-in and requires no additional RAM to print a full A4 page of graphics at 300dpi. Its fast, efficient processor and engine, together with a straight paper path design, allows printing at a full 6 pages per minute. Unlike its competitors, this advanced laser
engine enables the LP1200 to address a range of print resolutions up to 400dpi. A new driver will soon enable the Ricoh LP1200 to print at 400dpi from Windows 3 (2Mb RAM upgrade required).
6 PAGES wi Using a straight paper path Again, unlike the competition, the LP1200 includes a powerful document description language as standard. This language, 'LAYOUT', offers unique opportunities to develop custom-made printing systems. Forms and document templates can be designed and stored electronically in the LP1200's FLASH ROM, alleviating the need for pre-printed forms!
DUAL BIN OPTION SHOWN The Ricoh LP1200 is a genuine laser printer and not an LED printer. Make sure you checfc out the competition!
EPSON HP L'JET M MAN IBM 4029 RICOH FEATURES EPI4100 IMP TALLY MT904* Model 010 IP1200 Average Street Pnce (excl. VAT) £569 £699 £699’ £750 £699 OftiCiil RRP (excl VATI £945 £1.179 £1.099 £1.099 £1.195 Maximum resolution »n dots per inch 300 x 300 300 x 300 300x301 300 , 300 400x400 Windows 3 Orw Q 400 dpi (August) YES Pnnt Speed 6ppm 4pcm 4ppm 5ppm 6ppm Straight Paper Path YES YES PCI 5 Printer Command Language YES YES YES HP-GU2 Vector Graphcs included YES YES YES YES Resolution Improvement Enhancement YES YES YES YES YES Standard RAM 0 5Mb 1Mb 1Mb 1Mb " Full A4 300 dp. Graphics wilh
standard RAM YES Warm Up Time 45 secs 60 secs 60 secs 33 secs 45 secs First Page of Text Output 20 secs 40 secs 34 secs 20 secs 15 secs Document Oescnphon language included YES F'ash ROM YES Upgradab'e Firmware YES IC Card Slot YES YES YES Scalable Resident Fonts • m HP LJ ill Emuabon 8 8 0 8 Resident Bit-Mapped Fonts 11 14 14 16 14 AGFA imeiilom Scalable Font Technology YES HP LaserJet ill Emulation included YES YES EPSON FX Emulation Included YES YES -- IBM ProPr.nter Emulation Included YES Standard Tr3y Capacity 100 100 200 100 Protective cover on standard tray YES YES YE$ YES Cost per
1. 6&P 2-00p
1. 71p 164p 1 65p M n-Max Paper Weight in gsm 60-157 60-105
60-120 60-131 60-157 Able to print on 0HP Film YES YES YES YES
Able to print on card M57gsm - Manual Feed) YES YES standby
-Nose level 40dB
31. 70B 35d8 38 dB
- 34 8 Printing -Nose Level 5008
43. 30B ¦46d8 50 dB 4&dB .
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On aB hardware orders shipped Ihe UK
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team of technical experts a! Your
• PRICE MATCH: We normally match competitors on a ’Same product -
Same price’ bas«s.
• ESTABLISHED 14 YEARS: Proven track record in professional
computer sads
• £12 MILLION TURNOVER (with 60 staff): SoM rOiaWo arvd
• BUSINESS . EDUCATION * GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts avarfable
081-308 0888.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
8 Sidcup branches
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your requirements from one Supper
• FREE CA TALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with offers . Sottwaro
and peripheral detarts.
• PAYMENT: Ma)or credit cards, cash, cheque or monthly terms.
Before you deodc when to buy your new laser pnnter. We suggest you think vory carefully about WHERE you buy it. Consider what it will be like a tew months afior you have made your purchase, when you may require adrMional peripherals or consumables, or help and advice with your new purchase.
And. W* the company you buy from contact you with details of new products'’ At S*ca Systems, we ensure that you w« have nothing to worry about We have been established for almost 14 years and.
With out unnvalied experience and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers' requirements with an understanding which is second to none. But don't just take our word for it. Complete and return the coupon now for our latest FREE Ktoraturo and begin to experience the Saca Systems Servxxf Miffl svs EI ' SHARP EDGED PRINTING Ricoh FIAL (Fine Image Algorithm) enhances resolution 400dpi RESOLUTION (Requires im rami Default resolution - 300dpi. Will address 200, 240 and 400dpi.
• 2Mb RAM AS STANDARD For a full A4 page of graphics at 300dpi.
9 UNIQUE FLASH ROM For controller upgrade and storage 9 1C CARD SLOT (pcuoaikioa cwwouk) For programmable FLASH ROM cards
• EXPANSION BOARD SLOT For improved connectivity fo additional
systems eg. Coax Twinax, PC-LAN efc
• LAYOUT Document Description Language
• SERIAL + PARALLEL PORTS For connection to PC compatibles and
other computers 1 YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY Next working day
response Silica Systems are pleased to introduce the
revolutionary, new Ricoh LP1200. It has all of the
specifications that you would expect to see in today’s most
technically advanced laser printers, plus a unique additional
feature which places it far ahead of the competition - FLASH
This ‘Future Proof’ technology protects the investment you make when you buy a Ricoh LP1200, as it enables you to keep up to date with new laser firmware developments. FLASH ROM is an area of memory inside the LP1200 which holds the printer's controller instruction firmware. If new firmware is developed, updated printer command languages etc, can be downloaded into this memory. Other manufacturers would require you to buy a new printer! Fonts, macros, graphics and additional emulations can also be stored in FLASH ROM, or on removable, industry standard FLASH ROM IC cards. The new Ricoh LP1200
is the only laser printer to offer this FLASH ROM facility.
LP1200 WITH SINGLE BIN 8. 2Mb RAM SILICA PRICE: £699 ?VAT= £821.33 Ref: LAS 5200 MONEY SAVING OPTIONS Sm rnonr, i*w ty porcfwimo to IPI »0 wfhto Oxt bn andw Wt WU noywe Normal pnc* ol ?nd leeWr (*t C135...I Poce if purcfutedwen lPl?00 tlOO.. S*Vf'£35-.
SINGLE BIN DUAL BIN [O Mb |to»RAM £699* iasmco £799,aa iASSJ».iAAW» jMb [Hram £849l £949,*; Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DAI 4 4DX Tel: 081-309 1111 Opcrang fax r* C6I-3C* CM* 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P OBA Tel: 071-580 4000 SO UW Ngl Opx g_Fa. FO) 071-323 4737 LOMOON SHOP: Selfridges os b«o Oxford Street. London. W1A 1AB Tel: 071-629 1234 Mon-Sat 9X*rr-4 X0r-_Lie Sght IMWy st* ty* Extent** 3914 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX Tel: 081-302 8811 Men-SM 900*"vS30pm lafl® NqM FrOly 7&- Fa. G8I-X9 0017 Qpoo*»j mi SIDCUP SHOP: Ohost Ho: Silica Systems. AMFOR-1092-75. 1-4 The
Mews. Halherley Rd. Sidcup. Keni. DAM 4DX~ PLEASE SEND INFORMATION ON THE RICOH LP1200 Mr Mrs MissMs: IniliaLs: . Surname: Company Name (if applicable): . Address: ...... .. Postcode: ... Tel (Homo): ..... Tel (Work): I Which computers), if any. Do you own?
...7SF J £SO€ ¦ «i7 onn« pom KweAoucnt ("* owiji • Pnm rolj-'i mo conceal lo po u'ov rtorawi LANGUAGES THE BEST WAY to learn a language is to stay in its country of origin for a few months.
But this method has two flaws: firstly, very- few of us can afford a few months off in Russia or Spain: secondly, you have to leave your Amiga behind.
Audio Gallery is a series covering several European and Asian languages and. Even if it is a little on the pricey side, it does succeed in solving the two problems stated above.
Essentially this American-produced, interactive language learning software enables you to try out your oral skills rather than having to make do with stodgy books or constantly having to rewind tapes.
It’s a hefty package as well: the Russian version we reviewed runs to some 12 disks, plus a Hugo ’Learn to Speak Russian’ book and heaps and heaps of bumph. This was the first disappointment; amid all of the humph lurks a tiny manual which takes you through the installation process, busts a bit of jargon, and tells you how to use the program.
Because the program is very, very simple to use. This is not the end of the w orld, but still
- at the price you might expect more.
Once up and running, quite happily on an A600 or A500, you are submitted to some Playschool-]ike ’dingly’ music (gets you in that educational mood. I guess) and the options menu appears. This is almost the only decent graphic - the rest of Audio Gallery’s graphics are exactly what you we have been forced to accept from educational programs for the last few years. They are childlike, cheap and cheerful.
But pretty pictures do no a polylinguist make. This program is based on clicking on pictures in order to find out what the Russian for them is. And then hearing a nice Russian lady (or she might be Georgian) pronounce Audio Gallery Language learning software ¦ Micro-PACE UK ¦ £51.06 - £76.59 Sick and tired of being laughed at by your European pals who can speak numerous Tim Smith as he examines the latest in languages fluently? Take a trip with This is Russia, well a bit of it. You would look a fool if you wandered about it, unable to speak a word of the lingo. So learn.
Amiga learning software.
AUDIO GALLERY is available from Micro-PACE UK 0753 551888 them for you. And. At long last, we have found the real use of this program; pronunciation.
The system works like this: you get your mouse, your use it to click on an icon (say of a pig) and the nice Russian lady breathes the Russian for ‘pig’ at you from the speakers. Do the same with ‘cow’, ‘face’, ‘ice cream’ or even ’hello, how* are you?’. In fact you can click on and then hear the word(s) for an innumerable selection of different words from the wide selection.
And once you’ve clicked and heard, you can then play a quiz in either Russian or English translation which tests your ability to remember the whispered words. The basic- problem with a language such as Russian which uses the Cyrillic alphabet, is that you can sec the words, but the letters don’t mean Anything to you - it’s all very parrot fashion.
This is where the Hugo Guide comes in useful, unless you want to wander around Vladivostock on your holidays saying "How are you. Pig. Ice cream, head. Girl?".
With other languages, such as the Western European varieties, that make use of the Greek alphabet, this problem is less pronounced. But Audio Gallery does let you down by not being able to cope with things like syntax or current useage of the language that interests you.
That said, the disks do bear a wide breadth of information which is split into casy-to- handle sections such as Animals. Supermarket, and Greetings. All you really have to do is force yourself to concentrate, and make sure that you are working in total silence with no one bothering you.
Once you’ve got the right circumstances, you should find that the Audio Gallery scries provides a good stimulus to continue with a course of learning or to start one up, but in itself it won't teach you a language. O 166 OCTOBER 1992 Audio Gallery SPEED • • • Installed on a hard disk, speed Is not a problem.
From lloppy. The going does get a little slow.
DOCUMENTATION • • Aside trom the Hugo guide, the documentation Is perfunctory to say the least.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • As accessible as a l8rge, open door. Couldn't be easier.
FEATURES • • • Limited to parrot-fashion learning. It features a wide range of areas to use your language skills.
VALUE • • • • Compared to the cost ot a full nightschool course . It rates very well.
Left again, it's time to learn lots of useful stuff about today, tomorrow, yesterday and next month.
Another quiz follows.
Me) 65% IF YOU BOUGHT your Amiga for its artistic capabilities, then no doubt you've discovered the mouse - the workhorse of the system - is tar from ideal when compared to the tools of the artist's trade: the pen and paint brush.
Hardware manufacturers have tried to come up with a solution that gives the digital artist the case of use and flexibility of the paint brush.
The latest ‘alternative' mouse is the Brush Mouse, a strange looking device that is a cross between a mouse and a lightpen.
Designed with artists and designers in mind, the Brush Mouse is used like a conventional brush but features the same ‘running gear' as an optical mouse. It comes complete with its own mouse mat which must be used otherwise it won't work. The surface of the mat contains tens of thousands of little dots that the Mouse uses to register movement.
Is it a mouse or a paintbrush? Jason Holborn puts it to artistic use and decides for himself what it is... Brush Mouse Brush Mouse ¦ £29.99 ¦ Golden Image It looks groat but it's awkward to use and not precise enough for an artist's needs.
BRUSH MOUSE is available from First Choke Computers 0532 319444 Compare the two signatures - one produced using the Brush mouse and another with a conventional mouse - and it's easy to see why the mouse still reigns supreme.
This is transparent to the Amiga, so you can just plug in and go without having to run any form of installation software.
Several manufacturers arc starting to use this system because - in theory - the optical mechanism should never get clogged up with grime (unlike a conventional mouse). As a result, you need never open it up - just clean the mouse mat occasionally.
Located on the top of the Brush Mouse's rather stylish casing are three buttons - one big and two small. The biggest of these buttons emulates the left mouse button while the right- hand button in the group of two emulates the right mouse button. These buttons take some getting used to. But after a while it becomes second nature. Why there is an extra button I don't know, possibly a sign of the Brush Mouse's PC origins.
In use, the Brush Mouse initially seems very responsive, but this unfortunately doesn't last for long. Using the copy of Deluxe Paint III bundled with the mouse, we tried a test. I've written my signature using both the Brush Mouse and a conventional one.
I would have expected the Brush Mouse to produce better results because it is so much like a real pen. Sadly, even with the movement sensitivity turned right down, the results are far from satisfactory. Although the signature I have produced using the Naksha is far from perfect, it still is better than the Brush Mouse. The awkward positioning and size of the three brush buttons doesn't help things either - all too often I find myself having to look at the pen to find the right button. And - because the right button is above the left - attempting to press both simultaneously is most
frustrating. Then there is the problem of getting tangled up in the mouse’s cable... I think you get the picture.
It’s a shame the Brush Mouse doesn't perform as well as it could. I’m sure there are many Amiga artists who'd relish the thought of an alternative that works just like a pen but doesn't cost the earth (ie a touch tablet!).
Unfortunately this isn’t the product. It’s awkward to use and it is just not precise enough. If you’re looking for a mouse that works like a pen then you may want to check it out.
Personally I’ll stick with my trusty mouse! 5 Brush Mouse SPEED • • • Although the Brush Mouse's response seems good on paper, It Is hardly precise.
DOCUMENTATION • • The documentation is very good apart Irom one minor quibble - it's written lor the PC!
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • OCTOBER 1992 Simple enough to get tho hang ol, and more Intuitive than a mouse FEATURES • • • Apart Irom Ihe rather tacky construction, the Brush Mouse scores well.
VALUE • • You’d be better oil spending the cash on a normal Naksha mouse, though!
4 WG’k.
Ferdic 65% Need to use other file formats?
Well then why not use... CrossDos 4 Silica Systems ¦ £29.95 Here we have the latest incarnation of Consultron’s PC-format disk handler, which lets you read and write to PC or Atari ST disks, so that you can transfer data from those computers. It Installs a custom device handler on to your Workbench, which control the disk drives so that they can read the 720K disk format and also adds a new file system to interpret the MS-DOS file structure.
Installation is very easy with a good install utility that copies all the relevant files across. The latest version is also supplied with a new program called MountMF which, when included Into your startup-sequence, mounts all available drives with the MS-DOS handler, making it very easy to get up and running. Previous versions required mounting each individual drive separately.
The program is invisible in use, making It very easy to forget it's there. All you do when you want to read from a F*C or ST disk is refer to the drive as ‘DIO:’ or ‘Dll:', depending on which drive you're using. This tells the computer to expect a PC disk in the drive instead of an Amiga disk. When you want to use an Amiga disk again, you simply refer to it as the standard 'DFO:' or ‘DF1 An excellent package that gives you the power to use PC ST format at will. Highly recommend for those needing to transfer files from either platform.
(ferdic! 85% GOLDSTAR ZYDEC MEW DELUXE PAINT III TUTOR VIDEO Learn to get the best from NEW Deluxe Paint III. This video shows you how to design and execute your own Animations, Titles and so much more in a Step-By-Step, Easy-To-Follow way. I Subjects covered include:
* Screen Painting j 17.
* Zoom
* Colours
* Working with Text and Fonts
* Stencils
* Perspective
* Animation
* Video Titling etc, etc RUNNING TIME: NEARLY THREE HOURS!!
Superb Value At ONLY £18.99 inc Post & Packing "I was a little sceptical about the chances of taking a complete beginner to such artistic heights but I must admit to being wrong" I AMIGA COMPUTING, September 1991 hSStMlAL.
Top quality 40 disk holder. 10 best quality disks I w iih labels, quality mouse mat. Mouse holder, tai- I lorcd mooogrammcd dust cover.
Special Price ...£21.99 | Extra special price if bought with any Amiga ...£19.99 | AMIGA ISSA hlAKILK. TAL'ik Amiga 1500 Dual drive with I Mb RAM. Mouse.
Manuals and Amiga DOS. The Works - Platinum Edition. Deluxe Paint III. Home Accounts. Elf.
Toki and Puzznic.
Total RRP £699.99 Audition Price £529.99 I I DAY DELIVERY
1689. 99 ILQMMQIWKfc AMIGA ISM Twin Disk Drive. I Mb Chip RAM.
Workbcnch Kickstart 2.CM. 52Mb Quantum Fast Access Hard Dnve. Fast Access Controller Card.
Kmb Memory Card Populated up to 2MB. With MS-DOS AT Emulation board and 5.25" Disk Drive ...... £1299.99 J AMKrA 'iOO I.IAKU WW r FULLY GUARANTEED BULK DOU- XBLE SIDED DOUBLE DENSITY 13Stpt xn Certified • UNBRANDED USUALLY SONY. TDK o« MITSUBISHI etc GUARANTEED AND SUPPI.IED WITH LABELS DO I NOT CONFUSE WITH INFERIOR UNCERTI- I F1ED. PLEASE PHONE FOR LATEST PRICES I 20 DSDD £9.99 2$ DSDD ....£12.99 I 50DSDD £22.99 100 DSDD ..£42.00 I 200 DSDD .£82.00 | 20 TDK Branded Disks
o 10 holder boxes ....£19.99 Disk Boxes I
Flip Top Disk Holder Holds 12 ...99p I
nip Top Disk Holdcf Holds 20__________ .£2.99 140 Disk Holder.
Lockable. Top Quality. Anu-static.
" with Dividers & 2 Keys 13.99 80 Disk Holder. Lockable. Top Quality. Anti-stalk.
With Divider & 2 Keys ...£5.99 1 100 Disk Holder. Lockable. Top Quality.
I Anti-static, with Dividers & 2 Keys ...16.99 I Pack of 20 in our Top Quality. Locakble 40 I Disk Holder .. 113.99 I Pack of 50 in our Top Quality. Lockable 80 I Disk Holder 128.99 Posse Boa I Drawer Type Box - Can be stacked horizontally or | vertically • Holds 150 Disks ..116.45 Disk Labels mm I Four Assorted Colours I « lor .. .11.00 ¦ I 200 for ....£2.00 ¦ 1200 Tractor Feed
Labels £4.00 ¦ AMIGA 1500 7000 PeniPHEPAU CUM4NA CAXJS4 I Mb 35- Single duk delve ¦ Enable disable switch - Thru port - Power e« Amiga ...152.99 POWER PC880B DRIVF. Incorporates Am.-click Board. Blitz Back-up system software and built in Virus blocker ...£67.9 NEW-POWF.R PC880B with Blitz and X-Copy .....194.99 REPLACEMENT A500 Internal disk drive, fully compatible and with full instructions ....141.99 MEMORY EXPANSIONS & SYSTEM UPGRADES 512k RAM Expansions
with Clock and OtVOff Switch ...£23.99 I Mb MODULE FOR A500 PLUS Gives 2Mb Chip Memory ......144.99 AMIGA 600 1Mb Chip RAM Module with clock, plugs into Trapdoor undemeaih the A600 ...£49.99 KICKSTART ROMS
VI. 3 Kickstart ROM .129.99 V2.04
Kickstart ROM ..149.99 PC
K. C.S Power PC Board • Fils into RAM exp. Slot under computer.
Does not invalidate warranty
______________________________________£199.99 ADAPTOR for
1500 2000 164.99 OFFICIAL COMMODORE
UPGRADE KIT Converts 1.3 Amiga to version 2. M Workbench.
Includes disks, manuals. ROM etc ...189.99 These arc the original and best manufactured by Premier Micros from Sheet Steel, with welded Scams and Epoxy coated to colour match the Amiga.
Precision made to tit over the back of the Amiga to make a perfect platform for a monitor etc and improve the looks of the Amiga.
A50Q ASIK) Plus Model - includes cables to re- AMIGA CON I HOI i I Nitll,'.
Top ,u.l,I, Amig. Cotaif taCMMM ¦ We .ie CITIZEN SUPER DEALERS mt Mo Edgev m Iaodga woKevwww . . ______JA rt ¦ dpiicnvi.s .
AoagaMntceyoowCo i* ** ' N'" l *«»use f*» • t *a *.» «v u Pi 1240170 £4 99 f. -fs »V*J Gta»i200 Prime* £4 99 H Iltnvtmi.u Ot R Fftivnhs CidervSwA Ar.MD £4 99 j pn*i«t »m i fc • tVojn.r* Artfga tVX»T« Pvt cw« 18 99 • -0" '¦ L • : Ope S*j»U lOPr arr . HX ¦ • MO Tnvv feed a Jd-rn v beU Sm LC20C Pnue, a* 99 H Ar,,, »* Vr.; sMr Star LC24 20C Pniaei £4 • , .... , .
Amiga perfectly to any of our primers Frtt next working day delivery on all Printers AMIGA CDTV • TRADE IN QFFfcB H CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COLOUR 1199.99 Amiga CDTV player complete with Keyboard. M CITIZEN 224 COLOUR_________________£249.99 Mouse and Floppy Disk Drive, for only £399.99 (IT17F SWIFT 24 COI OIR f24999 vou oak .0 v«.i . M Am.gj «r. ".dtlB"11" ' 1,1 -- except'KKH.i provided it is in wort.ng order and ¦ CITIZEN PN48 Notebook Printer £229.99 with Mouse and Power Supply. We will arrange STAR I.C20MONO------------ £139.99 free collection and delivery if required. H STAR I.C200
C. D.T.V. H STAR LC24 20 MONO_________________1229.99 Amiga CDTV
player £399.99 H STAR I.C24200
COLOUR .£269.99
Keyboard ...149.99
B PANASONIC KXPII70_______________1149.99 Mouse . 139.99 B
PANASONIC KXP 11241----------------£239.99 Floppy Disk
Drive ..179.99 Track
KXP2I80 Very highqual- Commodorc A570 CD Rom Drive, plugs imo
“ P- Colour Pnmcr. 6 Near Uttc. Quality Amiga A500
Expansion Bus to run CDTV FonU.Fast & Super Quiet £249.99 |
Software ...1339.99
1599.99 H quality 24 Pin Colour Printer. 6 Near Utter Quality
Fonts. I Super Utter Quality Font.
| Fast & Super Quiet ...£299.99 | BulHHBB lnkjki rgmms OUR LOWEST AMIliA PRICES EVER!!!! ¦ HEWI.ETT PACKARO DESKJET *0 ALL OUR AMIOA PRICES INCLUDE Mcolouili.lpPr.mn CSM.9S FREE .11'XT MRRIFO DAI DELIVER! ¦CITIZEN PROJET ... tPW.W | CANON BJ10EX PonaWc Bubble Jc* Prinrn I with 3 fonts. Cable etc .....£249.99 | I COMMODORE MPSI270 Ink Jet Printer I Special Price ...£129.99 | AmltrA AMU MEWlOft’ ttlCE NEW COMPACT DESIGN - Kickstart WorkbetK-h 2.05 Internal 3.5" Disk Drive & IDE CANON
BJI0E Ink Cassette ...£17.99 Hard Disk Controller. Built in TV Modulator. COMMODORE MPSI270 Ink Cassette ! 14.99 Composite VidcoOutpuL Smart Card Slot. 2 H COMMODORE MPS1270 Cartridges ! 14.99 ¦ FlU-INKJETCARTRIDOES.TOIN rice including One year On-Site Maintenance PACKS ca,y
* In-Home Service & Deluxe Paint III and H HEWLETT
PACKARD CITIZEN PROJET | Free Game - ..... £274.99
¦ .B“
tl‘-w I ...Blue £18.99 I Similar ,u above Nr, .irh bull, in
20Mb Haul CANON .....Bl“k £,8 « I 1 I rive.
Introductory Price including One year On- I Site Maintenance
for In-Home Serv ice £454.99 I n colour monitor, iitgn |
Resolution. Twin Speaker Stereo complete with Ls and One Year
on-site Warranty with I FREE Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Game.
£199.99 I COMMODORE I084S Monitor High I Resolution Colour
Monitor. Twin Speaker I Stereo inc
Leads 1209.99 I COMMODORE
1085 SD2 Stereo I Colour Monitor .... I
Genuine Philips Tilt & Swivd Monitor I COMMODORE I960 MULTI
SYNC I MONITOR Complete with leads to plug straight | I into
the Amiga 500 Plus .1436.99 MICROWAY FLICKER OXER fits
inside Amiga 1500 2000 for flicker free Graphics when used with
Commodore I960 Monitor £99.99 PKINTEB KIBB0N KE-INK Simply open
your plastic ribbon case, spray over the ribbon, replace the
lid and leave for 24 hours.
BETTER THAN A NEW RIBBON Guaranteed • Restores dozens of ribbons to new ...111.99 GVP 52Mb Hard Drive PLUS 8Mb RAM Board ...Was £339.99 Now £324.09 H GVP 120Mb Hard Drive PLUS Kmb RAM Board £439.99 H GVP COMBO 40Mhz Accelerator PLUS 52Mb Hard Drive PLUS 8Mb RAM board all in one case .....£689.99 H GVP - 2Mb SIMMS for above ..159.99 H GVP I ftMhx PC286 Emulator • plugs uis.de I GVP Hard Drive .£229.99 H Fitted FREE if required Please note that all our Monitors art official UK
We do nol sell Grey Imports oj any kind.
Was £299.99 .Now £249.99 ?*?**?*??**?***?*******??** COMMODORE AMIGA 600 Home Office Pack ’’The perfect all-in package for your home or business” Commodore Amiga 600, (as detailed in our I Amiga Section) complete with Wordprocessor, 50,000 word Spell Checker, f Database, Spreadsheet. Disk Manager & Graphics, including Next Day Delivery.. £309.99 COMMODORE AMIGA 2000 Dual Drives. Workbcnch Kickstart 2.04.1 40Mb Hard Drive. Fast access Autobooting Controller, with 8Mb RAM Board. | Populated w ith SIMMS up to
2Mb ..£799.99 Including Next Day Delivery £24.95 Dept AMF. 35 Broad St, Stamford, Lines PE9 1PJ Tel: (0780) 55888 Shop Hours o (0780) 720531 out of hours k™ Telephone direct to our mad order hxlme AS major credit cards accepted Cxxote your number and expiry date Same day despatch Send a* forms of payment maoe payaWe to Audoon Computer Services With your order please send ycor name. x dress and daytime telephone number Along with ycur detailed order requirements Goods wdl be sent by post free of charge Bnmediatety after che je
clearance Q ?
...£87.99 MINIMUM ORDER £15.00 else *ur- charge £2.00 ALL OUR PRICES INCLUDE V.A.T. |V k V.Vw Pu .'
Amiga Desktop Video Workbook1 Amiga DOS a Dabhand Guide..... Anuga DOS Inside & Out Revised Edition with Disk £23.95 Amiga DOS Reference Guide 3rd Ed £17.95 Amiga DOS Quick Reference XX95 Amiga DOS 2 Companion .£22.95 | Amiga For Beginners:- New Vernon on W B 1 3 & 2.0 ...£12.95 I Amiga Graphics Inside & Out .£29.95 I Amiga Machine Language .£14.95 I Amiga Printers Inside & Out ..£28.95 | Amiga Programmers Handbook Vol 2 £22.95 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref Manual 3rd Edition:
Devices .....£32.95 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref Manual 3rd Edition: Includes and Autodocs £34.95 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref Manual 3rd tdawr I hs £•! *4 | Ar.g* ll,r)4,( K( rrf»» Mi»J f 4V*
* ««!» »A5( *1** I 'V 8cs: Vr *» Ii .1- I, * 0*9)1 r IU9* | ~V
-r*imafmmS'ijrasw" Ga fc IXOV1- u*icn li"(Adrw R i tir- MiuOf
of Vo * Araga | I (Vvt Get Most Out of Your Amiga Vol
2* ..£13.95 GFA Basic Interpreter with
Disk ..£19.99 Inside Amiga
Graphics ......£16.95 Kids and the
Amiga • 2nd Edition £14.95 Learning C: Programming
Graphics ix AT.ga ISA iftMjialii.ntljiSo C 45 '111 eg M»vk •
iv **«**• £29 44 Master g *s tfepwrt • £ 14 94 An ft (Xtt 2
Vol MwfDmON* £2145 Mastering Amiga DOS 2 - Vol. 2 NEW
EDITION ... XI 7.95 I Mastering Amiga
Printers .£19.95 Mastering Amiga
System .£29.99 More Amiga Tricki and
Tips ....£18.45 Screen Play
2 ..- .£9.95 Using
AREXX on the Amiga Plus* ....£29.95 Using Deluxe Paint •
Second Edition ..£18.95 woeewtf . I 11( » Otg* n« 99
Seal* VXI . £8999 ScaH-Neeo I Hard f n.„ f t59 99
«4drfcdiOl*ce £63 99
K) P*J . . . . .X)’ 99 . £5»45 Oeugr »Ai . £37 49 Q«.«Wc* £41*99
,Vuv-w.« TooH . £‘999 HjkAxww £|«W (3699 X Barks: Pro £1599 »
£**W Aix*...... (32.49
* roiC n.'k I iv ATO»M a I 49 Paay AMOS . £25.99 Pages-w
22 . It3999 Final Copy vl.3 from (PEN PAL) £45.99 ART
MAW v2.0... PROFESSIONAL PAGE v3.0.... 11“*? I frovt I it* •' I
• £29.95 ...£14.95 ,£i.9) C*9C I 44 I I W|.AJ. « lirV 1. 0 I
£1*45 | I Mi » i *,» A* « NEW MINI OFFICE Wordproccssor.
50.000 Word Spell Checker. Database. Spreadsheet. Disk Manager
& Graphics RRP £59.99 Special Offer .£47.99
...£109.99 Fun School 2 -8 and
Over £12.45 I KrVftoc 3 Under 5. 05*5
FucSctio©. } Wtra-s £1)4) K* School ' U»)Oa . . . £i54« Hf
SfMsa • undo f 164) | K-StfWi v 7 Years (164) £«. Sc»*XW • 7
««• ' .....4164* aOI Matbt ti il..... £ivv9 I aOI MmBi 12,1)
(1999 I Aoitrgloi i: 41990 I iLi3 xivvCi | KOSMOS Answer Back
Junior £14.45 I Answer Back Senior
....£14.45 Fact File 500 - 2tth Cent.
History .£7.95 Fact File 500 - General
Science_______________£7.95 Fact File 500 - Know
England ...._ .£7.95 fki ».k »«• Fr*j* Wort £ 44
PacF.»4«» s*»alH«ors (7 95 Ptti r.ie 500 Wrrtjcieojrepo. £7 5
Pact I • VKI fasl A t ..... £7 44 I Pacitie Spelt ..... (7 95
I FarF.eStM*. £795 PactfSe Akhrett £7 95 I Pmttix
AssarttkrFootMi . .£7 94 | IV InrW Mam* (144?
TV tular T*»»..... TV German Mum £i4.«) The Sp*a*b TW . . . £i«4‘ MjbAKwnr: .... Iww
L. C.L MKTO b«gla» !G A _£l8V) Mkto hm* (OOSEi £ ix
m. * v,(„oo(: f tbV4 M«rro O’-rar it A*SEi 4i8 9) MfgaMaX-;a
( wi) . 418 94 t*rt«sMjf. Hji 418 94 Rc«d»* and WiVkn 04 £
?95 MISC Better Maths (12-16) (GCSE) ..£16.99
| I Infofilc
Database ....£29.95 I I
Musk Mouse ..- ... £14.99 I I Rombo RGB
Colour Splitter ...£59.95 [ I Outline
fonts ....£99.99 I I
Deluxe Print II ...£34.95
I I Photon
Paint ....._.£9.99 I
I Lett Spell at Home . £9.99 I I Photon Paint II
..-....£24.99 I I GFA Basic
Interpreter______________ £14.99 | I TV SHOW TV TEXT Video
Tiller and I special effects I RRP £159.99 SPECIAL
PRICE £49.99 | I AMIGA VISION PrcscntalMm and I Multimedia
Software I RRP £111.99 .SPECIAL PRICK £39.99 | I
PERSONAL WRITE Amiga Plus compatible I Word Processor with
Spell Checker. Ideal for I
beginner ....£24.99
I I Mcgamix Masters by ROMBO .£29.99 |
Computi request, a Free 72 page colour brochure with
accommodation I vouchers. These entitle 2 people to stay up to
a total of 16 nights in any of 250 hotels with accommodation
FREE. All you have to pay | are your meals (prices are listed
in the brochure) IIHUA’IIOM U SOI I Wm I Surge Protection
Plugs ..£ 11.99 Printer
Cables ....-....£7.99
I Modulator Extension Lead Stops Your Modulator falling out!!!
Plugs into Modulator port and I Modulator and allows Modulator
to sit along the I back of the Amiga instead of projecting.
Approx 12* cable length .£10.99 Nakslia Mouse with FREE Mouse Mat.
FREE Mouse Holder and Operation Stealth Game ......„ £20.99 I Techno-Plus Moure Microswitched 300OPI!!... £17.95 I POWER Scanner ..£99.99 I AUDIO LEADS - connect your Amiga 10 your Hi-Fi I 3 Metre Stereo Audio I-cads ...£4.99 I 5 Metre Stereo Audio Leads .....£5.99 I Quality Soft Mouse Mat £2.99 | Mouse Bracket (to hold mouse) £1.99
3. 5* Disk Dive Head Cleaning Kits ...£1.99 I Twin
Joystick Mouse Extension lead .....£5.99 I
Joystick Mouse *Y* lead ..£5.99
I Joystick Mouse Switch Box .....£9.99
TRACEY Mouse Drawing Aid. Attaches I simply to side of .Mouse
ami features precision I moulded crosshairs lo enable you lo
trace any ......£12.99 GRAVIS CLEAR - THE
Joystick _ ...£36.99 ZIPST1CK SUPERPRO Aulofirc Joystick
...£12.99 SIGMA RAY (Pistol Grip - Auto Fire)_________£13.49
FREEDOM CONNECTOR - Plug in your own Joystick which then
becomes Infra Rc
Remote .£19.99
You are welcome to visit our 1000 sq Toot retail shop which is
packed with Computer Hardware and Software. Make a day of it.
In one of | England's loveliest Old Towns.
CKMTRAC 200 DPI Trackball ...£44.99 GENIUS Triple Mouse High Quality 300 DPI Mouse with FREE Mat and Pocket... £16.99 PRINTER STAND. Fits any printer ......£7.99 3 Metre Joystick OR Mouse Extension Lead ....£5.99 QUICKJOY Foot Pedal OPTICAL MOUSE COMMODORE ATARI CITIZEN STAR AXISTRAD CUMANA PHILIPS GOLDEN IMAGE NAKSHA ABACUS SEGA DIGITA Award winning innovative products from RAMs continued A600 Memory Cards ..£49.95 ..£45.00 £99 ..£239 ..£79 ..£1199 ¦ 600 DPI Colour flatbed scanner
• 24-bit colour ¦ A4 reading area ¦ Software included Epson
GT-6000 ...£999 Epson GT-8000 ¦
800 DPI colour flatbed scanner ¦24-bit colour
• A4 reading area ¦Software included ¦Amazing scan quality
Upgrade Offer If you consider your scanner system to be
inferior to the Power Scanner, we will happily upgrade your
software and interface. (Power Scanner is compatible with
most scanning headsl
Upgrade £49.95 Tire
Amiga can only display 16 greyscales Scanners "If your in the
market for a hand scanner then forget the rest and get
Powerscan" Amiga Formal July 1992 Power Scanner v2.0 ¦ 100-400
DPI scanning resolutions ¦64 greyscales ¦Thru port tor printer
¦ Award winning editing, image manipulation & scanning
software Power Scanner v2.0 ..... Power Scanner Colour.
Epson GT-6000 Epson GT-8' Dual drive ..£125 Drive Accessories A500 Internal anti-click board £9.95 Maxell multi-colour disks (10)......,.£9.95 Floppy disks bulk supplied £POA Blitz Amiga ¦ Backup disks at lightning speeds ¦ Stops all external drives from clicking
• Contains anti-virus from being written into the bootblocker
Blitz Amiga ..£20 RAM
Expansion Blizzard Turbo ¦ A500 A500+ ¦ Expand up to 8MB (OK
installed) ¦ Memory and 68000 CPU run at 14.28MHz ¦ Fast 68000
processor already installed on-board ¦Fully auto-configuring
Blizzard Turbo ... ,....£169 ¦Award winning drive
manufactured by Power Computing ¦Superslim design ¦ Anti-click
(Cures that annoying click)
• Virus blocker (Prevents viruses) ¦ Built-in backup hardware
PC880B with Blitz Amiga ...£65 PC880B with
Blitz & Xcopy ...£90 PC880B (Cyclone compatible)'
£70 PC880B in black case ..£65
• This drive is only available to registered owners o1 Xcopy
Professional. You must provide prool of purchase of Xcopy
Professional Power Drives PC880E Economy
drive ...£49.95 PC881 A500 Internal
drive .....£40.00 PC882 A2000 Internal
drive ...£45.00 Dual Drive ¦ Two high quality disk drives
built into one compact unit ¦Same features as f Floppy Drives
‘'This drive contains more gadgets than Batman's utility
belt" Amiga Computing Febl992 PC88OB Power Drive
1. 5MB RAM Board
• Fully supports IMB of chip RAM
• Fully compatible with Fatter Agnus (Kickstart 13 and above,
notcompaiible with A5CO-1 (Your Amiga needs to be opened, tins
may eficci your wairaniyi
1. 5MB RAM board £75 1MB with
Thru'port ¦ Expand your A500's memory up to a total ot 2MB
without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade ¦Works with
IMS of Chip RAM (5I2K RAM must be 4 chip type or not exceeding
9cm in length) (Your Amiga needs to be opened, this may effect
your Warranty!
I MB with thru’port ......£45 A500 RAM Card ¦512K RAM expansion with clock & free software (A500+ compatible) 512K RAM (4 chip) £29 512KRAM without clock ...£24 512K RAM (16 chip) with clock £24 512KRAM (16 chip) without clock £19 PC501+ RAM Card Our RAM board is designed especially tor the A500* computer and comes with 1MB of RAM on board to expand your memory to 2MB of chip RAM. Plug-in and go operation (Fits into the trapdoor) PC501+ RAM card £39.95 8MB for any A500 ¦ Plugs into side slot, fully
auto config, full thru'port. Expand 2MB-8MB 2MB £109 4MB £169 8MB £289 1 X4ZIP chips .£14.95 2MB for any A500 ¦ Economy 2MB RAM externally cased ¦16-chip (1x1 DIP) ¦Nothru port l MB RAM with clock I MB RAM without clock.
Auto ROM Sharer ¦ Kick-oft is the latest Amiga add-on trom Power ¦ One of the most advanced kickstart ROM sharers available ¦A clever design on a small reliable board ¦ Fits A500, A500* , A600. At 500 ¦ Kickstart ROM can be selected from the keyboard ¦ No messing about with switches ¦ Only one compact board to plug-in ¦ No "CIA adaptor’ or other trailing wires ¦ Jumper to select which ROM boots on switches ¦ Compatible with old Amiga board revisions ¦ Simple internal fitting’
• Kick-oH requires the lid (0 be removed trom the Amiga.
This may invalidate your warranty ROM Share .£17.95 ROM Share inc. kickstart v2.04 ...£55 ROM Share inc. kickstart v1.3 .....£39 Kickstart v2.04
2. 04 Kickstart (chip only) £39.95
2. 04 Kickstart ROM, workbench software, install disk 2.04, font
disk & extras £99.95
2. 04 kit with ROM sharer ....£115.00 Joysticks ¦Made by
• High quality construction ¦ Ergonomic Bio-grips ¦Turbo-fire
capability Aviator 1 ¦ Aircraft control yoke ¦4 fire buttons
• Turbo fire ¦Altitude level indicator ¦The ultimate joystick ¦
Player 1 2 selector Aviator
I £35.00 Intruder 1
¦Dual speed turbo tire ¦Omnidirectional grip ¦ Eject button for
fire button cover Intruder 1
....£29.99 Maverick
1 ..£15.99 Python 1
...£9.99 Apache 1
.£7.99 ¦ 40MHz
68030EC accelerator ¦ Optional 68882 maths co-processor ¦ Up to
8MB 32-bit FASTRAM on-board ¦Award winning 52MB HD 0MB RAM
£729 105MB HD 0MB RAM
.....£869 240MB HO 0M8
RAM ...£1069 68882 Upgrade
kit .....£239 GVP Series 2 HD ¦ Up to
8MB FASTRAM on board 52QMB0M8 £349 105QMB0M8 ....£479 52QMB2MB
£399 105QM8 2M8 ....£529 52QM8 4MB £450 105QMB4MB ....£579
52QMB8MB £529 105QMB8MB ....£719 ICD No via Internal HD ¦ Fits
inside your Amiga 500 ¦ Comes complete, just plug-in and go
Novia 60160MB HO ..£359 Novia 851 85MB
HD ..£459 ICD Flicker Fixer Flicker
Free Video 2 ¦ Stop that annoying flicker
• Fits internally in the A500 ¦ Multi-sync monitor required
Flicker Free Video 2 ..£199 NEC4FG
Multi-sync monitor £549 Chips 4MB
x8SIMM ...£90 IMB x
8SIMM ...£25 256KX4DRAM
..£4.00 IMBxlDRAM
..£3.95 1 x 4
ZIP .£14.95 1 x 4 DIP
£19.95 A3000 Static
column RAM ....£19.95 SIMM 32x
1MB-60 .....£65 SIM 32x4MB-60
......£243 (These chips cover most
memory S hard drives i.e. GVP, Supra, Commodore) Commodore A600
¦ The new compact Amiga 600 A500 Hard Drives GVP A530 Turbo HD
¦ Built-in TV modulator ¦ Workbench & kickstart 2 ¦Enhanced
chipset ¦ 1MB of RAM ¦ IDE Hard disk controller built-in
• Credit card size ROM & RAM slof A600 with
2MB ...£339 A600 with 20MB inc.
2MB £499 A600 with 40MB inc. 2MB £539 A600 with 80MB inc. 2MB
£639 See memory section for latest A600 RAM cards A600 Internal
HD IBM 40MB Internal HD ...£299 IBM 80MB
Internal HD ...£399 Commodore CDTV ¦ CDTV
player ¦Welcome disk + caddy ¦ Keyboard
• Floppy disk drive (black) ¦ Wired mouse ¦ Workbench 1.3 and
manuals ¦ Infrared remote control CDTV multi-media
pack ..£599 CDTV Software A Bun (or
Barney ...£29.99 Barney Bear goes
camping ..£29.99
Battlechess £39.99 Case of
the Cautious Condor £34.99 CD Remix
v2 ...£34.99 Fred Fish C0PD
Collection ....£19.95 Fun School 3 (under 5's)
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Evesham nicrosl STRUCTURED DRAWING fT- W Structured drawing
programs lend an artistic edge to the mathematical fjj.0
precision of computer aided design.
Jason Holborn sees whether Gold Disk's latest gets rid of his jaggie' edges.
Professional Draw 3.0 Siruciured Drawing ¦ £99.991 New to version 3 of ProDraw is its facility to create graduated fills. All you do is specify the first and last colours in the range, the number of shades between these two colours ond ProDraw does the rest.
O 0 co m 3 vO NJ ProDraw's images really come to life when they are printed in high resolution TRACE ELEMENT One of the most Impressive new features of the previous ProDraw (version 2.0) was its unique 'Trace’ facility, a small utility that Gold Disk claimed could be used to convert bitmapped images Into structured artwork for use within ProDraw. Unfortunately, the version bundled with ProDraw 2 didn’t work quite as well as it could - traced images often ended up looking nothing like their bitmapped counterparts.
Thankfully Gold Disk have enhanced this too.
Trace version 2.0 is a very powerful tool that produces beautifully contoured images from even the naffest of bitmapped Images. You may think that this NO ONE COULD doubt the Amiga's graphical prowess, but for applications such as DTP.
Even the Amiga's high-rcsolution screen modes are just not good enough. Although they look very nice on-screen, visible “jaggies' can be seen when the image is printed. This is because printers (especially laser and imagesetters) have a much higher resolution (dots per inch) than the Amiga's screen display.
To overcome this problem, publishers use structured drawing programs (basically, computer aided design packages adapted for more artistic purposes). Unlike paint programs, structured illustration programs do not treat an image as a series of pixels. Instead, all that the illustration program sees is a set of points and lines which it converts into the image you see on your screen. When the image is printed, its resolution is limited only by your printer - that's around 300dpi for a dot-matrix and over
2. 400dpi for an imagesetter (that's like having over 2.400
screen pixels for every inch on your display!). What's more,
structured images can be scaled, rotated and skewed with no
loss in quality!
Gold Disk are no stranger to structured drawing programs. Professional Draw was one of the first of its kind to be released for the Amiga (CAD programs don’t count). Not wanting to rest on their laurels. Gold Disk have launched version 3. Which is undoubtedly the Amiga's premier structured drawing program today.
Times are a changin* for Gold Disk users though. Like Professional Page 3. All floppy based Amiga owners arc in for a shock. Gold Disk have beefed-up ProDraw 3 so much that it no longer runs on anything other than a fairly porky Amiga. A hard disk and extra memory are a must - the program can’t even run until it has been installed. To get the ProDraw screen to even appear you need at least 2Mb of RAM.
Once ProDraw is installed on your hard drive, a double click on its icon sets the program in motion. After a few seconds of frantic hard-disk accessing, the first thing you will notice is ProDraw's improved user interface.
Based around the ’3D look' that was pioneered by ProPage 2.0. ProDraw now closely conforms to the look and feel of Workbench 2.0. is no mean feat, but the process Involved in converting a pixel-based illustration to a series of lines is actually very difficult and it's a miracle that Trace works at all. Although GeniSoft's ExpertDraw offers a similar facility, very few so called ’professional’ illustration packages on the Mac or PC offer such a facility.
Once again, the Amiga leads the pack!
If you need to reverse the process, Gold Disk now Include a utility called CllpMap which takes a structured clip file and converts it to a bitmapped illustration. This is useful if you need to use a logo you’ve designed in ProDraw within a presentation.
Although Workbench 2.0 gadgets arc not used, ProDraw's various gadgets and requester have the same uniformity, but arc better looking.
Gold Disk have gone to town with new1 features. Not all of which are immediately obvious ProDraw's redraw rate is now much faster). The most obvious new feature, though, is support for the Pantone colour-matching system which enables professionals to pick the exact colour they want using an industry-standard colour referencing system. Most users will never use Pantone to the full, but even OCTOBER 1992 ihcn it's useful because ii gives you access lo a much wider range of on-screen colours.
The lexl tool has been enhanced beyond belief. No longer do you need iwo separate sets of Compugraphic fonts (one for ProDraw and another for ProPage) - ProDraw can now directly use standard ProPage Compugraphic fonts without faffing around with a conversion program. Another improvement is the facility to type text directly on to the page making positioning text far easier. The speed of text redraw is also faster than previous versions.
ProDraw also comes with ProPage 3‘s FontManager program which means you're not restricted to the Compugraphic fonts Gold Disk supply. If you know a friendly PC owner, you can use FontManager to convert their Adobe Type I fonts to Compugraphic format, thereby saving you some cash. There are a couple of extra editing tools too. For starters, you no longer have to wait for ProDraw to redraw every object on the page in full colour when not in wireframe mode. Thanks to a new outline tool, you can draw only those objects in colour that you’re interested in - the rest w ill be drawn in wireframe
QUICK ON THE DRAW.... By far the easiest method ol constructing a complex illustration, such as the face off Bart Simpson, is to use ProDraw1 s powerful Trace utility. The first step Is to draw the image using a conventional paint package such as De uxe Paint.
Once this is done. It can then be saved off to disk.
The next step is to load up Trace and enter the filename of the bitmapped image. All you have to do then is to tell Trace the filename of the dip file and assign a name to the dip. Click on the Trace gadget and the program does the rest.
This can take some time on an unaccelerated Amiga, so be prepared for a wait.
Once traced, you can then boot up ProDraw and load the clip straight In. Here the dip is shown as a wireframe representation.
Although the image has traced very well, some fine tuning may be necessary before it is perfect. This usually entails pulling out individual points and altering the angles of bexier curves.
Right, now to havo some fun. Let's pull the image about a bit.
Achieving similar results with a paint package is just about possible, but ProDraw makes it many times easier. Note how Bart's nose has been extended - this is easily achieved simply by pulling out the appropriate points and altering a couple of the bezier curves so that our digital surgery is flawless. Finally we skewed the entire image using ProDraw1 s distortion tool.
And here's our image of Barf Simpson in all his sfruclured glory. If you'ro happy with the results, you can now port him into a page make-up program such as ProPage 3.0 or print him out to paper.
Unlike the bitmap we started on to begin with, our structured Bart can be scaled and rotated with no loss in quality.
Another new tool is Gradient Fill, which will please professional users. Just like Dpaint, the gradient fill tool colours an object with a range of colours. All you do is pick the first colour, the last colour and the number of colours inbe- tween and ProDraw does the rest. You can also specify the angle of the fill or even create a spherical gradient fill.
The most powerful feature of ProPage 3 has made its way across into this latest release of ProDraw: Arcxx Genies. Genies are macros which enable you to automate virtually every aspect of ProDraw using Arexx. A means by which you can write programs that tell other programs what to do. Extremely complex drawing operations that would take hours by hand can be automated until they more or less become extra tools in their own right. You will need Workbench 2.0 to use this facility, but Arexx is a good reason to buy 2.0 anyway.
Arexx also adds another powerful and useful facility. If you own Professional Page
3. 0 then ProDraw provides a 'hotlink’ facility which enables the
two products to swap drawings directly through Arexx.
Imagine the scene - you’ve just pulled a structured graphic
into ProPage. Unfortunately it isn’t right so what do you do?
Well, all you have to do is load up ProDraw and then select
the box containing the drawing within ProPage and then
select 'PDraw' from the ‘Draw’’ menu and the drawing is sent
directly to ProDraw for modification. Once complete, just
select ’Send Clip Home’ from ProDraw's ’Special’ menu and the
drawing is sent straight back to ProPage.
Isn’t Arcxx wonderful?
I've always been a fan of Gold Disk’s DTP products and this release hasn't dampened my enthusiasm. ProDraw has been improved to such an extent the competition (programs such as GeniSoft’s ExpertDraw. For example) are going to have to try very hard to even match it.
Now that Gold Disk have tidied up the user interface and speeded the whole thing up (not to mention extras such as Pantone colour and gradient fills). ProDraw 3.0 is the most powerful structured drawing program available on the Amiga. If you're serious about DTP. Then ProDraw 3 is an absolute must.
SPEED • • • • Screen redraw takes time, but It’s tar trom snail paced. On an accelerated Amiga it really tiles!
DOCUMENTATION • • • • Like all Gold Oisk manuals. ProDraWs manual is clear and very readable.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • Some ot ProDraWs more powerful features take some getting used to.
FEATURES • • • • Thanks to the new Genie support, ProDraw otters pretty well all you need.
VALUE • • • • Compared to similar programs on the PC and Mac. ProDraw 3 Is phenomenally good value.
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beaten A on price J i I AS THE KEEPEG. Of THE DlAHOHO ftjLDCE,
S=ST Prices, Bur Also to suffty OU LufTH THE NEWS ANO [ INFORMATION THAT VOU WANT J 1Mb W 1Mb RAM PACK RAM 600 WORD PRO PACK NEW AMIGA 600 Corel) Heorttrec** 9oc*»c* Dorrtooe* Soltore Gomei4 Come.
H*s*e Crrrt PocmonB?
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Pogo VM Po*i Zero Wia PrtntShxBo Bame force AnkndW U Aerotoora Loier 11 Dcd abate. 23 Cornell Tugrte Arrtdock Adde»er Tie* Ccmron And Check AnhmahonU Potf D Bore ¦ CameiO Atmov«e* PatoEo* ArnoMermm Shuttlecock Wad Pro. 10 larM*T*te S** er Sped Picture 24 lorrftccpe PianeilS TerfPkB Stortiek 1 Ff LVO f «n T«%*rg Tutcr Stortiek 2 FF SubAttoc* Rif* Word Plane U Ed* Stortiek 3 FF Judge Cteod.
Gamer 10 W«d Search Copies 20 KlngdiFF CuteSJi f Ro*«C py Nynphi 1 Cycle* Dor Owe* 1* free Copy fAyrrph.2 Grifv*y Woe Dot Nkxxiger PolCcpv TeoPot Rot SI Pcco, Two*** FT Shand** _ Si per Piper vou MAV HAVE READ RECENTLY I IN VOUR MAC,S COS ADUEQ-T , G£t=B2lNq TO QDT.V ANO CD.I. I WEU-, CUDqiNq ay AU. THE. LETTERS SENT INI. Tht QUESTION © ERVCNt; IS. ASWMC IS.... „ WHICH IS 8BT.
DIAMOND GIVES YOU MORE BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS WARNING Not reading this carefully could seriously damage your wealth.
WANT A 1500 With Workbench 2.04?
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AVKM024 24-dt grapNcs for the A500 768x580 QjoMy resokition. L6.8m*on cokxx frane txrtter. Smc ecny to tit drctit boad. FiJfy genlockaWe. Runs on stcxxtard A50 (1Mb cNp RAM).
Vwh 24+xt pcint pockogeOV Pant).
Amows picture in picture £589 REMBRANDT 24-bit cokxx. Iftnillton colours. Fits both A1J00 2000 £1490 £449.95 £299.95 £275 £249 £349.99 £2499.99 £279 £159 £599 AMIGA 1500 200 HARD DRIVE Impoct Series IIHC8* Control Carrd only £134.99 Impact Series II HC8* 8:52Mb Hard drive £279.99 Impact Series II HC8* & 120 Mb Hard drive £419.99 Impact Series II HC8+ 8r 240Mb Hard drive £439.99 Impact Series II HC8* 8r 420Mb Hard drive £1169.99 AMIGA 1500 2000 ACCELERATOR CARDS G-Force 030-25MHZ with 1 Mb 32-Bit RAM £549 99 G-Force 030-40MHZ with 4Mb 32-Bit RAM £899.99 G-Force 030-50MHZ with 4Mb 32-Bit RAM
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£1995.00 INC VAT Phone for PX pricing COMPONEN! SHOP QUANIUM H DISXS IDE S2Ms 106Mb 2 yea warranty SYQUEST WIVE Removectole ccrt 44Mb 28ms £299.00 CONTROLLER for ctoove odd £69.95 ROM Sv«ttcher Now Avak± le
1. 3 - 2.04 ROM etcher £996
1. 3ROM avaiktte 9 £29.95 2 04 ROM avdkWe & £39 95
• PX on* on pop* I. Muir be b good woVbg ccndmon IN* RAM.
Atdgemen* of c xv*ion uf*ect to rronogea chcrehon GVP HARD DRIVES ACCELERATORS A1500 Deluxe Includes
1. 3 ROM 2.04 ROM & Switcher £440.00 £89.95 £124.95 £119.95
£499.00 £499.00 £575.00 £999.00 £999.00 £399.00 f Memory?
8Mb RAM Board for A1500 or 2000 Aries Board 0Mb £79.95 For each 2Mb RAM add £69.00 DISK DRIVES AMIGA htemci £4995 Smlin® £49.95 UtraHim £54.95 CDTV drive £64 9 5 NEW Roclite Slimline with no click ft VirvB protection on track 0. £S9 95 AMIGA A500 HARD DRIVES GVP Series II HD* 52MB £354.99 GVP Series II HD* 105MB £469.99 GVP Series II HD* 240MB £734.99 GVP COMBO ACCELERATOR SERIES FOR THE AMIGA A500 A530 Combo 40Mhz * 52Mb H D £499.99 A530 Combo 40Mhz + I 20Mb H D £449.99 A530 Combo 40Mhz * 240Mb H D £1039.99 68882 Coprocessor for AS30 £234.99 GVP MEMORY RAM MODULES Series II RAM 8 RAM Card for
Amiga 1500 200 with 2Mb £149.99 32 bit 60ns 1 Mb SIMM lor Accelerator Cards £44.99 32 bit 60ns 4Mb SIMM os above £179.99 CAPTAIN DIAMOND S ULTIMATE A600 HARD DISK OFFER A600 Upgrade Hard Disks 20Mb (limbed ttocfc) £149 95 60Mb £199.95 80Mb £249.95 120Mb £299.95 Turn your A600 with a angle tloppv drive mlo Ihe ultimate machine with a Hard Disk.
12 months return to base Only £29.95 tot titling by one of our qualified engineers.
ROCHARD 40Mb £299.00 EMULATORS New Commodore 386-20 £439.99 The new GVP 16MHz PC-286 £239.99 Vortex AT Once Plus 16MHz MICE Naksha Upgrade Mouse New Roboshift .Auto sensing Joystick Mouse switch box MEMORY UPGRADES A500 Plus 1 Mb Expansion New A600 1 Mb Expansion Supra 500RX 2Mb Expansion 512K RAM Expansion + Clock Above without clock 1,5Mb Mb Expansion (Not Plus) 1 Mb Expansion 1Mb Expansion with Thru-Port INTERNAL DRIVE KIT Replacement A500 Internal 3.5‘ drive kit, fully compotdblewith 1 Mbunformattedcapac- ity.ComeswitheasytotoHowgude £49.95 A500 ROM SWITCHER Switching between versions of
Kickstort on your A500 is could not be easier than with our new ROM switcher. £ 19.95 Kickstort 1.3 ROMcs.pc**d sepemtet,) £29.95 Kickstort 2.4 ROM (Suxxied seperateiyi £39.95 TRACKBALL One hand control unit, alter using this you will never want a mouse again £29.95 POWER SUPPLY Genuine Commodore A500 PSU with the switch mode £39.95 SOUND EXTRAS Amiga Sound Enhancer Stereo Speakers CONTROL CENTRE Turn your Amiga into the ultimate hi-tech intergroted workstation environment £34.99 MONITORS 8 TVS 8833MWI *Turbo Challenge H promotion £199 CBM 1960 Monitor CBM Flicker Fixer Panasonic 1381
miitisync Philips TV Monitor Philips 3350 51 * remote control Pt-iilips 86cm matchiine 100Hz widescreen New Philips Designer cube TV Monitor Goldstar TV Monitor Philips 14‘SVGA monitor, suitable for use with A3COO or 1500 with flicker fixer £229.95 Pleas* add £14.95 (or connecting lead NEW CPI FROM PHILIPS Y€S, l-Af THCOaXMC, DOLONJ THE QAUNfn-HT TO dOTh COMMODOGt AND PHILIPS ClVE I Thfe- Pj&iC uCHAT THEY u)ANT. J TO DUCCfc Thc CorfETiTicN l SLXQCesr TH Y7 IT IS OvcGS££m Ar A O) AmojD shop as nbjtck.
TCEElTDCY11-- t(. Whilst Niym* ihmIs (mm us. You i th» us g bcati [tKC do the same go (ices rase erf ourU K ccaipeiiora the Dumool will ttviuh Out prtce.
ANYWAY , I'VE C.OT ftl-OTttee f*3HT THE PuBuf (UAWT -ID SEE SCRIED QJT.FOAhAC BftJNDV.V HhKY CMPefST&L'M I KPOJ WHO Ny Mcwey'i cN, iJLEF wem BctY'C UUD Slop HgM&JtTir-k, Tht' Pt.EDGF applte»only ixusttwcrx ptnhjcrng c* relying ca ihn atkerUsmcnl hclrac ihe end of Use memh ol publKjnon It «*xs apply10 competitors pnccs cTTcrcd inilo** dow n a stock clearance ole*
U. O E. KM3W WHAT I MEANjl.l. M Part exchange ex demo A500 with 3
months warranty, £199.95 Ex demo A590's from £199.95 AU PRICES
INCLUDE VAT P X your old 500 for a new Amiga 1500 with
Workbencch 2.04 for only £399.95 AU. PRICES INCLUDE VAT
your Amiga, £5.00 (Pleose specify model) DOT MATRIX PRINTERS
APPLICATION SOFTWARE £133.77 £194.94 £237.77 £388 92 £444.47
£116.95 £174.95 £184.95 £249.95 £204.95 £22230 £254.95 £379.95
£109.95 £176.07 £175.07 £199.95 8c DTP £29.99 £34 99 £44 99
£79.95 £79.95 £49.95 £39 99 £129.95 £159.95 £139.95 SI 19 £44
99 £89.99 £239.99 £104.99 £39.95 £54.99 £44.99 £99.00 £89.95
INK JET PRINTERS LASER Development 8c Utilities AMOS Starter
Pack £39 9 Easy AMOS AMOS 3D AMOS Compiler Cross Dos Dos 2 Dos
Disk Master Dev Pack 3 £494.95 £364.95 £539 95 £232.45 £224.95
£359.95 £499 95 £189 £44.99 £174 99 £49.99 £179.95 £44.95
£29.95 £19.99 £34.99 £34 99 £149.95 £29.95 £49 95 £39.99
£20.95 £12.95 £24.45 £13.95 £24.45 £24.45 £13.95 £24.45 £49.99
£39.95 £174 99 £7499 £74.99 £17499 £49 99 £59 99 £49.95 £99.00
£74.99 £149.00 £49 99 £175.00 £34 99 £39.99 £89 99 £99 99 £34
99 £2499 TOP 10 TITLES Sensible Soccer £19.49 Secret Monkey
Island II £28.49 Myth £19.49 Civilisation £26.24 Strrker
£19.49 Hook (IMb) £19.49 Fire 8r Ice £19.49 Championship
Tennis £18.74 lure Ot The Temptress £23 24 PushOver £19.49
AMIGA BUDGET TITLES E-Motion. Dungeon Quest. Shufflepuck Cafe.
Tower of Bobel.
Data Storm. Grand Monster Slom, Powerploy. Soccer. Kid Gloves.
Predofor 2. Carv-Up, Corporation. Cadaver. Line of Fire, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Back to the Future III. Gunship.
Mike Reads Pop Quiz. Gazza II. Monty Pythons Flying Circus.
Any 3 of these titles for only £10. While stocks last CLUB MEMBER PRICE ONLY Captain Diamond's Discount Club and save a fortune on all your games Personal callers only Normal saving off RRP 25% £19.95 £19 95 £19.95 £1995 £49 95 £19.95 £49 95 £44 99 £11995 £17499 £44 99 £149 95 £2499 £84.99 £229 95 £199 95 Digi view Media Station Intro CAD Plus XCAD 2000 XCAD 3000 Image Master Image finder Vista Pro Vista VDI Amiga Colour Solution Pro Draw 3 Music, Midi & Sound Audio Engineer ?2 Audiomaster 4 Bars & Pipes Pro Dr T Copiest Apprentice Dr T KC5 Level II V3.5 Music X 1.1 Stereo Master Pro Midi 2
Interface Techno Sound Turbo Video Titling Amiga Vision Big Alternative Scroller Broadcast Titler 2 Font Pack 1 for above Font Pack 2 for above Pro Video Post TV Show TV Show Pro TV Text Pro Video Director Can Do V1.6 Show Maker Scala 600 Scala Pro Animation & Rendering Art Dept. Art Dept Pro 2 Imagine 2 Map Master tor Imagine Presentation Master Surface Master for Imagine Real 30 Beginners Real 3D Pro Sculpt Animate 4D CLUB MEMBERS PRICE ONLY (Prices are already discounted) Graphics ft Digitising Deluxe Paint IV £59.99 Quater Back V5 Superbase Pro 4 X Copy Pro 5.2 Hi Speed Pascal Hyper Book
Accounting Home Accounts 2 System 3 Area Accounts Pro Calc Advantage Day By Day Educational ADI Maths 11-12 ADI Moths 12-13 AD I English 11-12 AD I English 12-13 Distant Suns 4 Fun School s (Each) GB Route £24.99 £29.99 £2499 £34.99 £24.99 £34.99 £49.95 . OryOpus Lattice C 5.1 DevSyst £159.95 APPLICATION STAR BUYS Pen Pal Wordworth 1.1 £79 95 Home Office Kit - Includes Spreadsheet. Database & Word Processor £49.95 Wordprocesslng Transwrite Kindwords 3 Pen Pal Wordsworth VI.1 Excellence 3 Home Office Kit Pagesetter 2 Page Stream 2.2 Saxon Publisher Propage 3 Advanced S. Prog. Guide £24 45 30
Graphics Prog. Basic £13.95 Amiga Basic Inside & Out £17 45 Amiga C Advanced Prog. £24.45 Amiga C for Beginners £13.95 Amiga DOS Inside & Out £13.95 Amiga Dos Quick Ref. £4.95 Desk Top Video Guide £13.95 STAR LC20 STAR LC 200 STAR LC 24 200 COL STAR XB 24 200 COL STAR XB 24 250 COL CITIZEN 124 D CITIZEN SWIFT 9 CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COL CITIZEN SWIFT 9X HP PAINTJET HP DESKJET HP DESKJET COL STAR SJ48 CANON BJ10EX CANON BJ300 CANON BJ330 AMIGA BOOKS Oki 400 NEW Oki OL410 1Mb inc. HP HIP Emulation £703.83 OKI LASER 810 OKI LASER 830 Postscript 2Mb OKI LASER 840 Postscript 2Mb 14 CITIZEN SWIFT 224
SEIKOSHA 24 PIN SL90 PANASONIC KXP 1123 NEW PANASONIC 2180 COLOUR PRINTER Disk Drives Inside & Out Amiga For 8eglnners Graphics Irskte 8 Out Machine languoge Printers Inside & Out Systems Prog. Guide Best Tricks & Tips Making Music On AMIGA PRINTERS £527.57 232 Tottenham CtRd London W1 Tel 071 580 4356 FAX 071580 4399 443 Gloucester Rd Bristol Tel 0272 522044 FAX 0272 521738 1022 Stockport Rd Manchester Tel 061 257 3999 FAX 061 257 3997 406 Ashley Road Poole Dorset Tel 0202 716226 FAX 0202 716160 HEAD OFFICE 84 Lodge Road Southampton Tel 0703 232777 FAX 0703 232 679 UK CORPORATE SALES OFFICE
TEL 0703 333184 or 0703 336277 FAX 0703 232679 CONTACT SHARON.
30 DAYS ADD 5% 1045 High Road Chadwell Heath Romford Tel 081 597 8861 FAX 081 5908959 144 Ferry Road Edinburgh Tel 031 564 3557 FAX 031 564 2116 LONDON CORPORATE SALES Saran Duffy 071 5804365 Fax 071 680 4399 HOW TO ORDER DIAMOND SHOPS AROUND THE UK Smply telephone through your order, giving your Access or Visa card number, or send a cheque or postal order to your local shop.
MAIL ORDER Phon .071 560 4355. Prices include VAT unless otherwise stated.
Minimum Courier Service £17.60 (Corporate Sale*, any order under £250 subject to £10.00 Admin chardge) Allow 10 working days for cheque clearance. Bankers drafts clear same day. All prices are correct at time of going to press but are only valid until the 10th day ot month of publication due to mogazines coming out four weeks earlier than issue cover date.
THE DIAMOND PRICE PLEDGE If. Whilst buying goods from us. You can show us a better price for the same goods in stock with one of our UK competitors then we will motch It.
Even if our prices have increased we will honour the price in this advertisement on items in stock as long as you bring this advert with yoo.
This pledge applies only to customers relying on this advertisement before the end of the month of publication. It does not apply to competitors prices ottered in closing down or stock clearance sates.
T KCS POWERBOARD "I PC Emulator For Amiga A500 Open Monday to Saturday 9am -6pm Callers and Mall Order welcome Easy parking A600 Now in £325. A600 Classics £340.
A600 HD £459. A600 HD Classics £475 - GVP SERIES II A500 105Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £429.00 GVP SERIES n A500 120Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £455.00 GVP SERIES n 1500 2000 52Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £269.00 GVP SERIES B 1500 2000 120Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £409.00 GVP SERIES II A500 52Mb Quantum Space for 8Mb RAM £339.00 HOME ACCOUNTS £9.95 With space for 8Mg of RAM ONLY £399.00 inc VAT I HARnWARF.
- --------- - ! 386?20 AT Bridgeboaid For
1500 2000 ..... S DENISE NOW
IN STOCK I ROM V2 04 Up ¦ DCTV 24 bit CO .
EMULATOR (for GVP A500 hard drives) l6Mhz ¦ AMIGA COMPATIBLE
DISK DRIVE orVol! & through port. .
! OTEC MOUSE high quality replacement mouse .. I om TV TUNER for Philips * Commodore monitors .... I GOLDEN GATE 386 25 Biidgeboard for 1500 2000 3000...... jJV TUNER for Philips and Commodore monitors . £95.00 £39 3C Cl 9 DC (IS? DC US DC £45 DC £99 DC £.'8 DC f 4 2 DC C 2 DC tiSDC £39 DC £38 DC £53 DC (179 DC i 119 DC 1 99; i ?S0C £ 139 DC £23 0C £ 1*9 0C (159 0C (SJ00 (* 4 l .
£269 0C £t;so: £129 0C . R*. R oo pkivwktkvu . (4903 X CAD 3D . £:«•» photon paint i . £‘.49 00 r ALCOPY £4200 VtiEOSTPErrSJD . I'.Z* 00 DCS I DOS . (4900 (VRACSTOOIf . (.4900 w :R: w:)RTH . (1900 SurERJAM (S3 00 REAL 3C 62GINNSRS . (92 CC . £11? CC . £185 CC . £285 CC . £29 CC , £37 CC , £12 CC , £2? CC AMIGA AlSOO I The A1500 inc. Philips or CBM 1084s or 5 monitor. Twin drives. Dpaint3. | , The Works Platinum, Home Accounts, 3 Games + Joystick , ONLY £739.00 .
AMIGA A500 part exchange available - please phone es-CADOA T TITlj.k D HOT LINKS oiar-TEw mioia statxk LATT.CS C vs ;c PAGSSETTKR V f AGESTI'feA V V? 2 PACHFTVfAV W1KT? PA *K xc:at. Ym m oss cos SCENERY ANIMATOR TURBO ?r NT P?:?ESS!0KAL PEN PAL. Eix«'J*nt easy 'a use were processor IMAGINE" il v; JA-jnatC.r,s e r»y fscc.g ART DFPARTVKNT PrO-TfisStCNAL V7C-: DIRBirTORY :»pes MUKO EASE V.dec uuftj nag* bARS • pipss professonal AMOS COMPILES CcmpJe yc Ax:w program?
THE WORKS FLATINVM Integrated p-cxag* FR£ K‘r*AT]I N MA5TTKR TERNARY A ive:t„.'i cn»wX. UdjuajH wait X'-npy animat.cn ?nn:io hLAL i:: TvRBO PROFESSIONAL FRCFESSIDNAL ?A3£ *? 1 wi- t .-bnU vtceo f RCFESSIONAL ?A0S V3 C Nt-w V«tfcn Amiga A500 Plus, Mouse. Modulator, Manuals. Workbench, Joystick, Disk Box.
10 Disks. Dust Cover. Dpaint III. 1Mb RAM, PLUS 13 GAMES Lemmings, Simpsons, Captain Planet. Safari Guns. Bubble Ghost. Tin Tin. Purple Saturn Day. Jumping Jackson, Hostages. Bobo, Krypton Egg. Shuffle Puck Cafe.
R | AMIGA A500 FUN PACK i_____________ i------------- | PHILIPS 8833 MK H i STEREO MONITOR COMMODORE 1085S STEREO MONITOR Including FREE lead ONLY £209.00 GVP SERIES H 1500 2000 120Mb Drive Space for 8Mb RAM £389.00 Including Free Lead ONLY £209.00 HARD DRIVES ! STAR LC24 200 COLOUR inc. free lead ....£269.00 !
* STAR IC2-V* * Pio 4-o.our vx Ji lead t ‘.89 00 1 I STAh LC20 9
px mcr.c in: free iead i *. J2 JO I I rrri7J- N swift 24 F 24
Sia CO.W.: p;x'.et me tree lea J C2f« DC | I CHCZisN 2i4 CCX’JR
24 pm ccirr.* r-nnt«r •.r.cfreH lead 12x2 00 .
crrra N SWIFT 9 COLOUR 9 px ectt-r c«nit f JK free lead f *. Al 00
* CANON* an D RX *» k pfj.wi *n; bne ml £232 » 1 I ST A bJUT 6.49
a.tble ,«« pnr.uu uk lr*« i'Mt Do I I HP DISKJUT xlt et uk fcee
.ead f 349 DO .
. H? DESKJET GOIGI K udn«t me lead (535 DO , 'nnui ‘*r ’iia. Luai* t ?(& 'Ill ’ 62 MEGS ......£309 | 120 MEGS ....£425 J A500 CARTOON CLASSICS .....““.T.” OnTyaTMO I I I I ~ ..... I I I [_ ONLY £179.00 _j at-once amiga"] i PC 286 AT EMULATOR I ! FOR A500 | ! ONLY £159.00 !
1 ¦H r | SUPRA RX‘4X 8Mb iward lo: A5D0 w;U ‘.Mb .
J SUTRA RXM». 8.MJ: Sk -.I ! •: A D0 wnCi 2Mb I SLTRA RX500 8Mb b»*Ml »..r A5DO with 4Mb I SUTRA RX500 8Mb h«.a:t1A5D(l wiUi 8Mb | ASCC £l2K RAM V TTH CAJCK ANT SWTTtrH I .. i I I I I J 1 IVS TRUMP FOR A500 I , I CITIZEN 2*4 MONO 24 5«n msn? Pnnt*t :r.c fter. Imi4. (209 Do KICK OFF 2 £9.50 , £425.00 !
Each £29.00 I £85.00 I £419.00 ¦ £125.00 ' £222.00 I £57.50 I £22.50 !
£49.00 I £425.00 I £69.00 , . A500 PLUS 1MB RAM UPGRADE... PRINTERS MEMORY , ROM 1 3'2 C Star*r Wttti Swi-xb (Rco. I ) 177 DO* J ROM t 3 V 2 0 Share: by Eeyr-«r«l ras t (Roc. • f22 DC- .
ACCELERATORS MODEMS & FAX i-------- | Supra 14400 Fax modem v32 bis inc. comms software ...... £255.00 £48 CC * £188 0C I £129 00 I £68 CC | £158 00 !
£499 00 J I MifdDOSUQ WS4000 V .1 v? • I Sjpm 9600 v P«* M Hlec. Me comms ?o*tv.a;e |S ipia 2400 Fks MNPS & V42 Bie laooods jp 9£0C .Sjpra TAX MODEM SCRT.VASK , Sjpto 2400 Pius Inter 1.x. M »t»-:ri A*.‘ XV32CCC Jsipra ‘.44*«» HcT. Fax Modem iSpeeds up tc 5?»)" NEW HOW TO ORDER: Either call our number below with your credit card details, or send cheque PO or credit card details to our address. Cheques made payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE All prices include VAT and Courier Service 16 BIT CENTRE Units 15*17, Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF Tel (0423) 531822 526322
EXTENDED WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS. PLEASE CALL FOR FURTHER DETAILS Access The new, updated complete guide to the Amiga GAMEBUSTERS GAMES ADVICE Including tips and hints for old favourites like Rainbow Islands.
Batman. Rick Dangerous. Dungeon Master and Shadow of the Beast 2 as well as some of the recent hits like the game of the year Lemmings and the amazing Superears 2.
Costing only £9.95 and completely rewritten to include stacks of new information, this is the most comprehensive overall guide there is to every aspect of the Amiga and what to do with it.
PLUS TWO COMPLEMENTARY DISKS FOR ONLY £4.00 EXTRA FEATURING: ORDER FORM I would like to order copy copies of GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR AMIGA 1992 at the price of £9.95 (? 1.45 per copy P&PJ I would like to order copy copies of GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR AMIGA 1992 plus 2 disks for £13.95 (?1.45 per copy P&P) If paying by cheque please send payment with this order form in a sealed envelope to: AMIGA FORMAT GTM 1 992 Book FREEPOST Future Publishing Ltd Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR JRComm communications package • Scenery fractal landscape generator • Cruncher compression utility • ScreenX saves
screens as pictures • Iconmaker icon creator • Syslnfo2 tells you what's in your Amiga • Wherels helps you find files • Border switches off screen borders • ClickDOS the power of CLI without the hassle • Safeboot protects your games from viruses • ViewlLBm displays pictures easily • Quicklens magnifies your screen!
• WB Hacks a bit of fun • MegaWB scroll round a massive screen
• FuncKey customises key set-ups • ScreenShift adjusts screen
positioning • ZeroVirus virus killer • Zap binary file editor •
Bootlntro adds intros to your disks RSLCIock full toolkit •
DropCloth adds colourful Workbench screens • TaskControl sets
your priorities • SuperEcho real-time sound processing • FPIc
image processing DropShadow smartens your Workbench •
DecHexBin programmers calculator • MandelMountains excellent
fractal creator • Spread simple spreadsheet program Telephone_
I enclose cheque PO for £ .
Please debit my Access Visa card:ioetci - My card no. Is __ Expiry date_ No stamp required if posted in me U K Please allow 28 days for delivery Signature CREATIVITY GUIDES Get results by reading our advice on what software to buy in graphics. 3D. Animation. DTP. Digitisers, scanners, music. Btb* video, education, multimedia. PRODUCTIVITY GUIDES More buying suggeslions and solid advice on the practical areas of word processing, databases, spreadsheets, accounts software, comms. Programming.
INFO FOR BEGINNERS Features to introduce the Amiga, explain how works and get you started in any area of Amiga including Workbench and the CLI.
HARDWARE EXPLAINED Overviews of hardware and its functions, including buying recommendations on printers, emulators, monitors and more.
PUBLIC DOMAIN The whole world of free and next-to-nothing software explained, explored and elucidated. The best in utilities targetied and the demos scene exploded.
WORKBENCH TECHNICAL TIPS A whole host of interesting and useful advice and information, from hardware to software and back.
©®®®®®®@®®®®®®®®@®®@®®®®®@© ® ® ® ® ® ® AMIGA 23 49
• 3*9
• 6*9
• 7 *9 999
• 6*9
• 6*9
* 7 .99 . ?»49
• 7 99 . ‘6 49 ¦ 99 . ‘ 49
• 649 AMIGA ...22.49 ...12.49 "A 49 21 98 6 49
• 6*9 20 49 2049 ¦649 ' 4*7
• 6 49
• 3 49
• 799
• ’46 24 49
• 648 2048 23*9 " 7 99
• 799 "6 46 e«» 648
• 6 49
• 6 49
• 646
* 749 7*9 20*9 2- *9 2? 49
• 6 49 22 96 25*6 8 *8
• 7*9
• 6 49 2* 49 22 49
• 7 4H 7*8 788 23*9 .
V* .
6*9 7 *9 .
A*9 22 99 6*9 ’6.49 2949 20*9 ’6*9
* 49 6.49 13*9 17 49 1749 2**9 8*9 20*9
2. 1 49 1799 1799 1649 649 6*9 6*9 iM9 1649 17*9 17*9 29*9 2-
23. 49 ’649
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• 6 49 2349 ?• 49 949 ® ® 23*9 21 *4
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* 6 *9 2« 99 2C49 649 .
2- 99 .
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. .19.49 ... . .19.49... ...16.49... ...17.49...
• 349 .
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649 , 2349 .
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2349 .
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...16.49 ...17.49
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• 6*9 23 4 9 '7*9 2 49
* 6 49 “«*9 9*9 17 49.
16*9 VA 22*9 7*9 17*9 799 29*9
16. 49 19*9 23*9 ®
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• 99 2C*i
• 6*9 ‘6*9 ,1 *9 *9
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• 6*9 6*8
• 7*9 2* *9 2* 49 . 23 46 '9*8 :*9
• 49 . 20 49 ¦7 49 . 20*9 . '6*9 ¦6*9 2- *9
* ’49 . ‘6 49 6*9
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17. 49 .
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10. 49.. 17 49 .
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17*9 .
20*8 .
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7* A , ’7 49 .
1648 .
6*8 : '6 *9 .
‘ 6 49 K*« 22 49
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...16.49.. ...16.49.. .16.49 .16.49 .16.49 .16.49 .16.49
...6.99 6 99 699 689 699 f 99 699 699 689 698 699 6 99 689 698
696 699 689 698 688 6 99 6 99 698 698 C 99 689 699 698 6 99 699
699 6 99 .
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699 .
689 .
6 99 .
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18. 99... .12.99... 40 SPORTS
DRIVING ..... ST ..16.49. .
AMIGA .....16.49 40 SPORTS BOXING ..... R32C M» ‘.
A’O •** Ffi f SKANCfeL ABA500NfOetACF*; ADCAM5 ? AMI.I ADVAN'AOl *ENN«f.
A3HKA HOURS ..16.49... ..24.49... 21.49. .
7 49 6*9 6*9 6 *9 .....16.49 .....24.49 .....21.49 . T?*9 . Te*a . 16*9 16*9 AL*iX»v AJHSLM'UMI ' A|4 WAJtaoP AlCA’RAZ AMAZ'NG &P UtRMAN ANOTHER WORLD 7 49 7 98 2*48 " 7 49
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• ‘ 48 . 17*9 17 89 . 2* *9 . 17*9 . 6*9 . 1749 16 *9
• 6 49
• * 46
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* 6*9 . 1799 . I6«9 . 1 49 .....17.49 . 16*9 BACK TO THE jniOf
11 6AP8AHIAN i BAPDblA I BtAVcHf, BlGRLN 6*9
• 6*8 N* ' ’89 N* 15*9 6*9 6 *9 1799 .16*9 em.» - -t «u BWJSO*
‘¦HtY Bl,tSBKOlRcKS Bl-E max 6 «.
23 4 ;*4a 6*9 23*9 6 *9 6 *9 RcnANZA B«04 p o'.pa o* Chacua P-i IG HomRj- -
• “49
• •96
• 99 . 6*9 . 16 99 17 98 CAP fw S Challenge ’ Casnfs Cf NT„I%Dn
’ 99 2C49 . 1799 . 20*9 CmC.fGFNOS CHAMP r .s •• (0 MANAGER f
JIAO'- FNGlNf ‘6 *9 21 *9
• *99 2C *9 i6 *9 . 21*9 . 1799 . 20 *9 CJV112ATON CONQUES” *oa T
* 89 2349 23*9 1799 WP CARS, 3 • CP ME v»*vE A com- e CyBERCOn i
• 799
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• •49
• 6 49 2C49
* 6 49 23*9 7 « . 6*9 . I *8 . 16 *9 . 16*9 . 20*9 6*9
III .....
• 7*9 .58.49. .
..17.49... ..17.49... ..16.49... ..22.49... . 17*9 .....58.49 . .17.49 .....17.49 .....16.49 22 DYNABLASTER .... ECOQUEST .... ELVIRA 2 . EPIC EUROPEAN CHAMPION FOOTBALL...... ..22.49. ..23.49... ..23.49... ..17.49.. ..16.99... ..22.49
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- 0RR0R 20M8ES FROM tmc rft.PT .ftMf RONO vO NlOWTSlATMA-E OAGTf.
Name ..Address..
Please Send Me.
Computer Type ..... Tel: .... Send to:- Wizard Games, 5 Osborne Court, Olney, Bucks. MK46 4LA. Fax: (0234) 240687 Postage & Packing included in UK. Europe add £2.00. Elsewhere add £3.75. |_ Please make cheques P.O.'s payable to 'Wizard Games' Take four software packages into the office? Not Asam Ahmad, he wants to get all his work done with one package and go. And he can with Europress' all-in-one business program... mini Office Combined office ¦ Europress Software ¦ £59.99 MINI OFFICE
WAS first released way back in 1984 on a wide range of mainly 8-bit computers such as the Amstrad CPC. It was heralded as an all-in-one solution for the small business user requiring basic housekeeping facilities to run their own mini office. It was great at the time, especially considering that it was an all-in-one option, but nowadays, with the Amiga having numerous individual software packages of a very high standard, can mini Office hold its own... This lovely screen is actually the main menu screen where you can launch any of the four modules or disc utilities via the icon with the
spanner on it.
The package comes on four disks, and consists of the five program modules and the main menu program where all the tasks are launched front. You can run all the programs individually, just by double-clicking on their icons, but the menu program also provides configuration options so it is wise to use it initially to set it up the way you want.
O 5 CD m 3 o NJ One thing that has been omitted, though, is a hard-disk installation utility. The manual does guide you to installing mini Office on to your hard drive manually, and this is clear enough, but unfortunately there is one little point that has been left out by the makers of this program. And that is you have to assign ‘mini Office:' to wherever you have installed it. Otherwise a ‘Please insert volume...' requester will keep popping up. Ideally of course there should be an installation script, because most people who will be inclined to buy mini Office.
Will probably have a hard drive.
The manual is well written, with lots of information packed in there. Somewhere. It’s not difficult to find exactly, just that there is a lot for you to wade through, because the manual is geared towards first-time users, with little technical information. As such, all the command options are listed in a verbose form, so a reference card would have been handy to look up keyboard shortcuts without having to delve into the manual.
Data from the database module can be incorporated in to the other modules so you can avoid having to duplicate unnecessary information.
The five modules you get are Word Processing. Database. Disc Utilities.
Spreadsheet and Graphics. The last two are really designed to complement each other, and use interchangeable data to produce graphs etc, from data created by the spreadsheet. Let’s have a look at them.
Him ur i ice IFF but the facility is really designed to allow you to integrate data from the graphics module into your text so that you can produce reports with graphs and charts on them.
WORD PROCESSING: Quite a decent tool this one. Ideal for creating letters and such like. It works well, and has formatting options such as centering, and flush margins, and is surprisingly speedy in its operations. You can also open up to five documents at the same time, memory permitting. As well as just editing text, you can also import graphics. It can import any standard It comes with its own dictionary which helps you correct all those silly spelling errors, but the process of checking a document can be a little slow, mainly because it stops quite often at long hard words that anyone
over the age of 10 might use. Apart from this, it’s not loo hot on suggesting alternatives, though it does have a go.
The module also allows you to define macro keys where you can assign frequently used text to a function key. And you can even embed printer codes to control your printer.
Font support however is pretty lacking, and it can only use fixed-width 8-point fonts. Apan from this, there is not much to fault it. It is a good little workhorse for short documents.
DATABASE: Databases are designed to behave like card indexes. The module in mini Office is actually quite a mean contender in its own little way.
With some advanced features only found in more expensive packages to complement its basic indexing system. It has a typical video recordcr-style button interface to navigate yourself around your entries, making it pretty straightforward to operate.
The database is set up by creating a template which defines the positions of all the text that will appear in each entry. This is a rela- fTp ALL-IN-ONE SOFTWARE Mini Offke incorporates its own suite of disk utilities in an easy to use, but relatively simple utilities module.
It contains just the bask commands for file manipulation, but it's still easier than using the CLI.
M The graphics module can create some good graphs with up to four sets of data dis- playable on each type of graph.
And this is the spreadsheet in all of its glory. You have limited control over data hi the graphks module, but it's here you create all your raw data for your expenses or other businessy type things.
8 Ilf! ISM !i (!:f a fcaS v OCTOBER 1992 MINI OFFICE is available from Europress Software 0625 859333 tively easy process. One feature not common in cheaper databases, but is included here is the ability to create an entry in your record that contains a formula, enabling you to do simple calculations from within the program.
Due to the information exchange policy that mini Office employs, you can also import ASCII text from the word processor, and even graphics into each record. This is not just a gimmick, but can be very useful, especially when creating indexes where graphics can help, such as a list of all the wild birds that inhabit Bath... em DISC UTILITIES: This module is designed to provide the user with basic housekeeping functions such as copying and deleting files without having to leave the mini Office environment. In this respect it can be very useful, providing you with functions normally accessed via
the command line interface (CLI).
There is also a disk-copying function built in to the program, and in fact the manual instructs you to use the Disc Utilities DiscCopy program to make backups of your original master disks. You can also format imfflPPOiam disks, and rename files etc. all the standard disk-management tools.
The program is very useful, and its addition shows an element of thought going into mini Office's development process.
SPREADSHEET & GRAPHICS: Spreadsheets are actually very powerful programs that are often underused. Mini Office's spreadsheet module is quite a complex affair, and as such can be used for just about any mathematical calculation you can think of.
You can use it in conjunction with the graphics module to produce graphs and charts in numerous styles and save them in IFF format so you can edit them in a paint package.
You can set up the spreadsheet to do multiple calculations at a stroke by defining formulae in the cells of the grid. These can cross reference other cells, taking values out of them and replacing them with newly calculated figures. You can even use it for just doing simple list additions etc, using it as an extension of a calculator.
One thing I particularly like about the spreadsheet is its comprehensive formula command set, however the program in general can be a little sluggish when creating a large sheet.
The thing that strikes you about mini Office is the way that everything works the way you would expect it to. Primarily due to the fact that the programmers have thrown the standard AmigaDOS interface out of the window and have provided you with a control method that is consistent across the modules. It is this consistency that makes mini Office the program it is.
Somebody who has just set up a little business doesn't want to mess around learning the intricacies of the Amiga, and this is where mini Office scores. Something else that boosts the program’s appeal is the information interchange principle that mini Office is based on.
You are bound to want to include some sort of data from one module into another and mini Office lets you do this, simply and effectively with little restriction.
On the whole, if you do want an all-in-one system comprising all the basic office tools, you can’t go far wrong with mini Office. O DATABASES, SPREADSHEETS AND THE WORLD mini Office So what is a database then, and how can it help me? At its simplest, a database is a glorified card Index. You might think It’d be easier to use a card index, rather than having to boot up your Amiga and load your database file, and you’d be right. Then again, you would be overlooking the power that such databases can provide you with.
Picture, if you will, the situation where you have around 1,000 people in your personal directory.
Statistics show that you will have at least three people with the same birthday. Try looking for those three In a card index! On your database you would simply specify the date, or indeed any other criteria upon which you need data, and the computer does the searching for you. Great.
It’s a lot quicker, and if you have a printer, you can just get your Amiga to print out labels etc, for all the people you want. The uses for database are only really limited to your storage capacity, so you can literally hold millions of entries on anything you want to file.
You don’t want a calculator, you want a spreadsheet!
So what’s with this spreadsheet lark? Well calculators are great things, you can do loads of complex calculations. Say you have a shopping list for a dinner party, and you think, well what if I had ten guests to dinner Instead of eight? It Isn’t simply a case of adding two more sets of food to the list, as you may not need more of some of the ingredients, eg sugar. In this case you’d Just add the extras to your list, and the computer automatically works out your new total.
This works because you don’t have to re-enter all the data, just the bits that have changed. You can even refer to cells in your sheet by names.
In reality, of course you’d probably use a spreadsheet for keeping lists of numbers that need to be added up or for actually solving hard simultaneous, differential, Integral quadratic equations that they used to give you at school.
The world? Well what can I say about the world that you don’t already know? S’great Innit.
SPEED_••• II operates quite quickly, mainly because H uses Its own operating Interlace.
DOCUMENTATION A good manual It a little on the wordy side. It explains everything In depth.
ACCESSIBILITY _••• The custom Interface provides an easy-to-use, consistent Interface across the modules.
FEATURES • • • Despite It being a ‘Jack of all trades', it handles its tasks very well.
VALUE_•••• Buying equivalent programs separately would set you back more than this.
Me) 84% The brief was to pick out what software Amiga Format would include in the ultimate, all-in-one business software package. Asam Ahmad uses a few superlatives to describe some mega software... MOST PEOPLE, GIVEN the choice, would buy an all-in-one package for their productivity needs, especially if it was cost effective - it’s the natural thing to do. However, sometimes, all-in-one packages can be more of a 'Jack of all trades’ affair, and not up to the standards of more specific programs that deal with their separate fields in greater depth than one complete pack, mini Office is a
good program, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.
So here we look at programs that are basically full-blown equivalents to the separate modules found in mini Office.
The four main sections are really word processors, databases, spreadsheets (graphics capabilities included) and finally disk utilities.
The programs I've chosen are fundamentally direct replacements for the modules in mini Office. The best in their categories, and hopefully will give you an impression of what is out there, in the Amiga market.
Most of the individual programs are more expensive than the all-in-one mini Office, but the aim of this piece is basically to show you what our Mega Office would consist of if we put one together, not to find the cheapest alternatives. As such, the total cost of all the programs reviewed comes to a staggering £529.92. Is this the price you have to pay for excellence? Probably... O § CD m TO 3 o NJ WORDWORTH 1.1 DIGITA INTERNATIONAL - £129.99 More than just a normal word processor, it is a word publisher. In basic terms this means that you have control over the layout of your documents and
can include pictures into your works as well as having all the usual text- manipulation functions.
It is among one of the easiest to use in its class, with its own intuitive interface called the ’Human Interface Protocol’ that operates in a very logical manner. Features-wise, Wordworth scores heavily. It can cope with multiple documents simultaneously, so you can cut and paste between texts easily, and you can use any standard Amiga font to print with, including the scalable typefaces that are now- standard on Workbench 2. In order to overcome the low resolution that Amiga fonts suffer from. Wordworth employs font scaling technology to print smooth text on just about any type of printer.
You can even print on PostScript printers.
It also comes with numerous import export modules so it can process documents written on different word processors, and even save in This certainly won't be the state of your office if you acquire the ultimate in software that is the Amiga Format Mega Office. Don't expect to have too many pennies left though.
The Amiga Format Mega Office DIRECTORY OPUS their formats. Can’t spell? IVTV can help you out here, because it boasts a very impressive dictionary and thesaurus, and it has some sophisticated word-matching algorithms to help correct your misspellings. Perhaps the best thing about Wordworth is that the output it produces correlates to the screen representation very well, providing you with almost WYSIWYG output. This really is essential for any serious users who expect a document to print in a certain way.
Wordworth comes with some excellently written manuals and it is an excellent choice for anyone needing a reliable, easy-to-use word processor that is very comprehensive in its functions. It even comes with its own little slide puzzle to play with when you get bored of writing articles... INNOVATRONICS - £39.95 Nearly £40 for basically a CLI replacement program? Well you would be mistaken for thinking that this is just any old CLI replacement program like SID. But excellent though SID is. Directory Opus is much much more.
Opus provides you with more of a new front end for your computer: where you can control your computer more finely than is possible with Workbench.
WORDWORTH is available from Digita International 0395 270273 DIRECTORY OPUS is available from Checkmate Digital 071-923 0658 PROFESSIONAL CALCis available from HB Marketing 0753 686000 SUPERBASE PRO 4 is available from MicroPace 0753 551888 For a start. Opus enables you to perform all the basic kind of housekeeping functions such as copying, renaming and deleting files that you would expect and as far as this goes, there is no file function that I can think of that has been omitted. The real guts of the program really begin to come to light when you start to customise the program to do exactly
what you want it to do.
90% Opus can launch just about any program you have on your computer simply by defining a ‘button’ on the control panel, or a menu item 185 OCTOBER 1992 PROFESSIONAL CALC GOLD DISK - El 59.95 Let’s face it. Spreadsheets arc basically glorified calculators. Despite their limited appeal, they can actually be immensely useful tools for doing multiple calculations using what-if scenarios, quickly.
ProCalc is probably by far the best spreadsheet available for the Amiga, with very little competition. The thing that sets ProCalc apart from spreadsheets on other computers is that it is fully Amiga-ised. It really does take advantage of the facilities that the Amiga offers, like multiple fonts in the same spreadsheet. It is fully compatible with ol' daddy spreadsheet to either run the file, execute a batch file or even control other programs via Arexx scripts. You can define functions to run over a hundred programs. You can even run utilities that take arguments such as Lharc. To extract
files from an archive in the source directory to the destination directory as simply as double clicking on the archive file name.
All this is controlled by Opus' powerful script language that lets you control functions at will. Opus is excellent for even the casual Amiga user that doesn't just play games. Once set up and fully configured to will, it makes life w ith your Amiga a whole lot easier.
M 92% SuperBose Professional 4. Power extreme. This program is actually more powerful than most PC databases in its league.
SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL 4 OXXI-AEGIS - El 99.99 As far as databases go. This is probably the best you can buy for just about any computer format. The whole thing is very well put together, right from the packaging and manuals to the operation of the program. It uses the now-familiar video deck control-panel system to search through your records, making data access easy, and even comes with ils own programming language that allows you to define search strings through a command language similar to BASIC. This enables you to set up complex criteria for your selections and even lets you control
Superbase over a network system.
Importing graphics is also very easy, with support for nearly all standard IFF ILBM files including the dynamic hi-res format that lets you use 4.0% colours in hi-res. Apart from this you can import GIF and PCX picture files that are more common on PC systems. You can also import database files created by Loiusl-2-3 and Microsoft Excel on other platforms. Cherry on the cake? You can even attach sound samples in either IFF 8SVX or raw format to your records.
Superbase is also very flexible, and you can create some very complex templates quite easily - but don't expect to be able to do everything without reading the manual, there is a lot of useful information contained within it. Including tips on what not to do when creating your databases.
It is a lot of money, but the program is such an excellent piece of programming, and Precision also provide for upgrading to Superbase 4 from earlier versions at quite respectable prices for the increase in power that you gel.
Lotus 1-2-3, being able lo read and write in 1-2-3 formal, but unlike 1-2-3. ProCalc is actually very easy lo use.
ProCalc is also fasi. Ii has some very quick number-crunching routines lhai enable il lo update ils cells quickly. Numbers are greai. But people prefer pictures, and ProCalc can provide you with graphs and charts that would make the average PC owner turn rather green.
ProCalc can produce graphs in standard IFF bitmap format, or ProDraw CLIP format for importation i-to desktop publishing packages.
Aegis Draw and even Encapsulated PostScript format, so you can produce exceptional quality results from a PostScript printer.
Pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, stacked graphs - you can do it all. And all by just a few clicks on your mouse. A truly superb program, and the great documentation makes it easy to grasp its power.
PT IMGk z 90% pFi 92% STO GCSE SOFTV hobbyte pd top TEN OPEN 9-5.30, MONDAY TO SATURDAY ml H 0.00 PB WSC
1. Sid« , I 1. Piotrackei I 3. $ colonce 1 5. Hobble Plus Gomes
6. Amibose Pro II
7. Botllemenl 9 rtoreHobbyttChildrensGomes (SlOlwn.2*"1 I 10.
2.05,3.5* FD ? Small (aid Inlwtacf WITH ALONE 8833 1084 A600
£264' £464 A600 20MB HD £434 £629 ' 9" ''2MB VERSION ADD £45
'or £269 with DPI 11 + Game See below ocross for software
packs AMIGA 3000 12 MONTH ON-SITE MAINTENANCE lotol verWffl,
68030 25MH:, 3.5* 880K ED . Wore drive boy lot 4 wore .
Bop on lower),SI2K 32 bdt ROM. 4 Im III, dots wilh 2K AT don (or I CPU. I 2 Zoreo III, 2 PC AT on Tower), hoed drire ond memory or below I DESKTOP S2MB 105MB 210MB 42SMB IMB video. 1MB EM Rom 1549 1699 1899 2299 2MB video. IMS Eon Rom 1649 1799 1999 2399 2MB video. 4M8 Eon Rom 1799 1949 2099 2499 2MBI video .8M8 Eon Rom 1949 2099 2249 2649 TOWER I MB video. 4MB foil Rom - 2299 2S49 2949 2M8 video. 8MB Fori Rom - 2449 2699 3199 Wrib Mmlwnedio Pork: DeHxe Petal 4.1 awd Sttdo ADD £195.99 Wwi exrro 4MB Eon RAM fitted H ttgi*ed|ADD £169.99 Wtrii PhRjpt SVGA 28dpi Inc rib A rwlvei ADD £259.00 t
STARTER PACK I MAX VALUE RRP I 10 Blonk Discs * 80 copodly lockoble fee box J638 Mouse Mot 4.99 Virus Kief Disk 4.99 Dpoint Ilia Home Accounts 79.99 4 disc DP pock inc. Foots, Gp Art ond Disc Tutor 9.99 TOTAL VAIUE 126.94 WITH AMJGA CDTV 17.99 SEPARATELY 24.99 NO OTHER DEALER CAN BEAT OUR CREDENTIALS 1 8* years experience in Commodore pcoduct ond here to stcy 1 Commodore trained sJaff are friendly ond helpful ond ore parents, multimedio, educotionol, gomes, pcogromming or technkol speciofcts (usually more thon one!)
Open 9-6 pm Monday to Soturdoy ond 10.00 am to 4.30 pm Sundays for convenient shopping.
(oilers welcome foe odvice ond demonstration ot o ft High St, Town Centre bconches Hexl day delivery for most orders received by 5 pm; express on ond Saturday services avoiloble Hardware carefully handfed and deleted safely ond retobly by coged, insured, lop nome courier service 100% pre despotch testing on AMIGAs Free 30 doy, next doy courier colection ond detrery ol HEW t our 1600* scj replocement.(except product with on site mointenonce) Hotline support ond in-house engineers Upgrade ond trode in offers to keep you AMIGA 500 PLUS full UR ipet., inc. mouie, power sxxpply. Leodi & monuok,
etc. inc. ALONE 8833 1084 1MB 329.00 519.00 2MB 369.00 559.00 Zydec external drive wrirh on off & doily choin pod ADD 48.00 Abo wrilh Kiclcston 1.3 . ROM Savorer for ewritchuvg between 1.3 2.04 10 eliminolc compolibilily pcoblecm ADD 39.90 CARTOON CLASSICS GAMES PACK EXTRA (1MB REQUIRED) VALUE RRP
• (orloon Classics Gomes: lemmings 25.99 The Simpsons 24.99
Caploin Planet 25.99 ¦ Deluxe Point III wvfth animarion 79.99 ¦
3 Disc Home Pock including Word Processor, Spreadsheet,
Dotobose, or PD Gomes compilation 9.99 ¦ 4 disc DP pock inc.
Fonts, Gp Art ond Disc Tutor 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 171.95 WITH
A500,A500+, A600 CDTV, 3000) VALUE RRP
• The Works Plotinum, word processor, spreadsheet, dotobose
• Deluxe Point III with animation 79.99
• Gel the most out of your AMIGA book 9.95
• Hobbyte PD Greats Pock • see ponel opp. Below right 39.99
• 4 (fee OP pock inc. fonts, Gp Art ond Disc Tutor 9.99
• PuZDiic 24.99
• Tofci 24.99
• Digital Home Accounts 29.99
• Elf 29.99
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SEPARATELY 69.99 SPECIAL Also with Cartoon Classics Games ADD
14.99 WHAT THE CUSTOMERS SAY ...’extremely courteous ond rapid
response to my problem'...1 -ill not hesitate to recommend you
to my coleogues."
Dr Dorrel Moddy • Slough
* Thonk you for dealing so promptly with my requests.*...’! M
reluclont about ordering my computer moil order. However I hove
been very pleased with my dealings mth Hobbyte -you ore to be
commended for your customer service * Ittvor Potlerson - Bongor
¦We have dtdi with morrv of the leodina computer suppliers, in
the post, but the service you crovidedwos second to none.’ .
C W Bailey - Preston .Thonk you for everyone's good service'.. itorrived ot 7.20om the next I morning.’ David J Thomos - Wolverhampton | ’I wos very impressed with the service I received in the first instance. I really appreciated how qwekfy ycu monoged to get rhe printer despatched i from your Luton brooch for me.' , JSCozodmosAmershom WE WANT TO BEAT ALL PRICES!
AMIGA 1500 3000 Full UK ip«. With IMB RAM, mane, exponiioo 012000, leak, monuok.
New indudiog Kkkflori 8 Workbench 2.04. Hard di« loofigutotkMi inc. the high peefcemoree GVP II (onlrdlei cord, EXPANDABLE TO 8MB. Fori leboble 52MB .I20M8 Ouontrn Drive! Aie med.
ALONE WITH WITH 7CM 8833 1084 t FFIXER Dud Drive 485.00 682.00 850.00
DD. GVP.20M8HD 690.00 800.00 1065.00
DD. GVP.S2M8 HD 765.00 060.00 1120.00 D0.GVP.I20MBHD 008.00
1112.00 1222.00 Pet exlm2M8 fitted* GVP ADD £60.00 Jko with
KkkUori 1.31 ROM Shore ADD £30.90 , Aka with XT AT BB lai K
lomaolMitv ADD £95 £200.00 CDTV 1MB, with Din toddy. Wekome
CD . Tutwial * lemote ion lid unit.
A5 ABOVE WITH MATCHING DRIVE KEYBOARD, MOUSE + WB 1.3 £379* £538- iltil RAM £P0A When you node in yom old AMIGA 500 - phone foi deloih Eoi pike without node in - pieoie pSme . See below oooil lor software poiki THE HOT LOT PACK (1MB REQUIRED) VALUE RRP
• Corloon Classics Gomes: lemmings 25.99 The Simpsons 24.99
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• Cartoon Ciossks Games: lemmings 2 .99 The Simpsons 24.99
Coptoin Planet 25.99
• Deluxe Point III with onimotion 79.99
• The Weeks Plotinum Word Processor, Spreadsheet ond Dotobose
• Ed the Duck 29.99 OR Bock to the Future ond Postmon Pat (1.3
only) OR Digiiol Home Accounts
• Virus filler Disk 4.99
• Hobbyte PD Greats Pock • see pond opp. Below right 39.99
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Printer and Starter Pock ADD 180.00 Also with Citizen 224*24
Pin Colour Printer and Storler Pock ADD 230.00
• CD quality sfc«eo speakers
• Ad tb Sound cord
• Mouse
• 8 entertoinmenl lilies: Wing (ommonder, Hoed Drivin 2, Mig 29,
Trmol Pursuit, Escape from the Planet of (fie Robot Maislers,
Pilfighler, Costle Master, Super Spoce Invoders
• Seaetary Bird Wp Spreadsheet, Dotobose
• User Friend Front End Icon Menu
• ful I yeor on-sile warranty £649* Also with StorLC 24-20
Printer, lead, paper ond printer stood £824*
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ond other skills. Up to 6 skill levels.
Conform to Notional Curriculum requirements. 24.99
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Pairs OR Bfinky's Scary School 14.99
• Hobbyte Infont a Junior (specify) Educational Pock, featuring
up lo 12 "learn while you ploy" aomes 19.99
• Hobbyte 30 Eosy Children's Gomes, 10 pock disc induing Iroin
Set ond other lop entertaining PD titles 19.99
• 10 Blank Discs 6.99
• Joystick 9.99
• Deluxe Point ll Photoo Point II or Elf or Puzznk 89.99
• 4 dbc DP pock inc. Fonts, Cip Art ond Oise Tutor 9.99 TOTAL
With Cartoon Classics Gomes and Dpaint III + animation instead
of Dpaint ll PHoton Paint II (1MB req.)
VALUE 80.00 ADD 16.99 TRAMPY'S OR THOMAS'S PACK 2-9 YEARS AI LEAST 57 EOUUTIOKAl FUN FILLED GAMESI MAX VALUE RRP The Shoe Peopie • 6 colourful ond entertaining games 29.99 reoding ond pre reoding skis. With Shoe People musk OR Thomos the Tonk Engine's fun with Words • 6 seporote eosy " n ond sound.
S3 ifj lo use learning progrommes with onimotion ond sound.
Shapes ond (clours • Bobby the Clown entertains ond lays down the foundation for moths ond writing in 6 moths ond writing ir laysdowi colourful onimoted gomes.
Fun School 2,3 or 4 - the Tun School" suite hove won just about every oword going. S ot 6 wonderful onimoted gomes. 24.99 OR Picture Book: 4 colourful ond amusing gomes from ex 'fun School' design monoger will defiant young children.
• Deluxe Point I I Photon Paint II or EH or Puzznk 89.99
• Hobbyte Infonl Educotionol PD Pock, containing 10 19.99 fun
while you leorn gomes
• Hobbyte 30 Eosy Children's Gomes Pock 19.99
• 10 Blank Discs, Disc Box, Joyslkk, Mouse Mol 26.96* 4 disc DP
pock inc. Fonts, Gp Art ond Disc Tutor 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 231.89
Classics Games and Dpaint III ?
Animation insteod ol Dpaint 11 Photon Point II (1MB req.)
VALUE 80i0 ADD 16.99
• Extra 4MB Foil RAM
• 24 bit colour cord
• Vlab 24 bit colour real time digitizer
• 24 bit 3D Art + animation s w
• Fitting and Free 1 2 day customised troining TOTAL RETAIL PRICE
postscript colour ink jet printer, 8MB with starter kit HOBBYTE
• EASY AMOS • complete, simplest possible, fun to use beginners
programming course, leam to write professknal looking arcode
gomes, educotionol, etc. softwore in weeks, not yeors.
Complete with graphics, sound, onimatioo ond more.
Upgradeable lo Amos. 34.99
• Carlocn Gossks Gomes: OR lemmings EH 25.99 (optmn Plonet
Puzznik 25.99 The Simpsons Digita Home Accounts 24.99
• Hobbyte P0 Greats Pock - see panel below right 39.99
• 20 Btonk Discs ? 80 (opacity lockabieDisc Box 33.97
• Mouse Mol + Dust Cover 9.98
• 'Get the Most oul ol Your AMIGA' book 9.95
• Microswilch Turbo Joystick 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 215.84 WITH
AMIGA CDTV 59.99 SEPARATELY 79.99 As above, but with:
• Amos the Creator instead of Easy Amos WITH AMIGA CDTV 69.99
SEPARATELY 89.99 NOTE: For both above pocks, o second floppy or
hard drive and o printer for listing are recommended, but not
• Deluxe Paint III wlh onimolion (upgrodeoble lo DP IV) 79.99
• Power 400dpi scanner with Powerscon professional s w 99.99
• 10 disc Hobbyte PD Gcophks Pock inc. dip art. Utilities 39.99
• Cortocor Classics Gomes: OR lemmings 01 25.99 Captain Pkinel
Puzznik 25.99 The Simpsons Digita Home Accounts 24.99
• Hobbyle PD Greats Pock - see ponel below right 39.99
• 20 Blank Discs * 80 (opacity LockabieDisc Box 33.97
• Mouse Mou Dust (over 9.98
• 'Gel the Most out of Your AMIGA'book 9.95
• Mkroswitch Turbo Joystick 9.99 TOTAL VALUE 400.82 WITH
ACCESSORIES MODEMS Blitz virus protector * backup device lot
ony externol drive 23.99 A520 Modulator 26.99 A500 Deluxe
control centre 44.99 Competition Pro joystick 11.95 COTV
Keyboord 39.99 AmstrodSM 2400 Modem 119.00 Supra Fox Modem V3
bh 249.00 FLOPPY DRIVES Zydec 3.5 externol drive, doisydtom *
on off 48.95 (umono CAX 354 3.5 externol drive, beige 52.99
CDTV externol 3.5 drive, block, 49.99 PC 8808 with onti cfick ?
Blitz bock up ond virus protector 67.95 PC 8808 os above,
Cyclone compotible 78.99 PC 8808 with Bstz + X Copy 98.99 Dual
drive os PC 880 B 115.95 MOMTORS AOQHSORHS CBM 1084SOI monitor,
leads 194.99 Philips 8833 MK II monitor ond leads + (FI9 ? On
site) 199.00 lilt ? Swivel stond for Philips 8833 1 2.99 CBM
1960 High res monitor 379.99 Phips 7CM Hi-tes SVGA ,28dp inc. *
& swivel 259.99 MkrowoyUcker fixer 79.99 HARD DRIVES CD A570
for S00. (see olso CDTV PA otter) 309.00 A530 GVP 52 MB HD
.68030 1 MB exp. To 8MB 655.99 AS30 GVP 120 MB HD .68030 1MB
exp. To 8M6 844.95 AS30 GVP 240 M8 HD .68030 1M8 exp. To 8MB
1038.95 AS90 20MBHD 269.99 A500 GVPIS2MB HO, exp to 8M8 332.99
A500 GVP11120M8 HD, exp to 8MB 435.99 A1500 2000 GVP II
ccrflroler, exp to 8M8 . Quantum 52MB HD 264.99 A1500 2000 GVP
II conl., exp lo 8 MB . Quontum 120 MB HO 406.99 Per extro 2MB
fitted lo obove 62.99 u OLD AMIOA TRADE-IN Ihe best trade-in
olowome, extro for peripherals ond accessories. Trade in your
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even a P(.
SCANNERS Nalteha 400 etpe 32 gteyuoie * Dctosron software 87.99 Pom Hood Sronner, 400 dpi. 64 greywole, Porteryon software 97.99 Power Colour Hold Stotmer 235.95 Sharp JXI00 A6 Sonnet ? Yonkb s rr. Up to 18 bit S95.9S Shorp 1X 320 A4 Sronner. I w, up lo 24 hil 1729.00 EXPANSION ACCELERATORS A500 5I2X RAM exp » *ck __..I9.90 CBMASOtexp...
- 29X10
28. 99 ...49.99 A500*lM8exp_ I Mfi exp fee A600 KS13e2,ROM
Shoe___39.90 A500esrrrrkh IMSexp. 37.99 GVP A500 orret-iee
Herd Drives ProyKm68&l0A500.-.7l9.99 G Fare 68030 25MH7 I
MB 589.00 Prcg (8040 AI500 A30M-Eta.
Gftrte6SU0S0MH2 4M8 1 389.00 Gface680302SMIG IMBS89.00
Porrerboord 188.99 AT BridgeEroord EotlSOO
.329.99 t GYP 286 lor GVPII .530 216.99 XI BrtdgeEroord lor
1500. .99.00 AtOme .....178.99 GVP40 4
lor ISOO 945.99 DISCS 10 Blank DS DD diets in box 6.99 50
Blank DS DD drscsl 7.99 50 Blank 05 HD dins 27.99 SOFTWARE
Gomes- lei lor lilt FROM 3.50 All lolesl gomes 30% OLE ALL
SERIOUS TITUS BEST PRICES EG: (oligari 175.00 OP IV 54.00 Pro
Page 3 107.00 ProDro«2 79.99 Imogine 187.00 PRINT1RS MIN wmi
ALONE SIABTIR U0NI HUTU Mar pack Glizen 120.0 ....108.99
Ciliztn Stcdl 24e .239.2S Stor
LC20 117.25 » Ciliier Srrrtl 24e col' .248.25
» Slot 1(200 to! ....167.25 o. Slot XB 24 200 col'
.347.99 » Citizen Swill 9 ....167.25 • Sloe XB 24 250
tol' ..416.99 ¦ Sloe 1C 24-20 .....177.25 c*
HPDeskie ...329.99 « Sloe 1C
24-200 ...197.25 ~ HP Derlriel col .....509.99
Stor l( 24-200 col .239.99 w HPPokitjet ..629.95
Glizen I24D 176.99 0 6J10ex BubUegetport.204.99 0 Glizen 224
___________205.99 0 BJ 300 ....338.99 0
Gtizen 224*col* 218.99 Star SJ 48 204.99
STARTER PACK: 500 Sheets A4 or continuous paper, Amiga to
printer leod & Universal Printer Stand "with new driver
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Tatiets dealt or oEBckd order CflCs. Edtxiarron and Gorermem tedks orffl* ; Derr AE. W6fle Computer Cenee, 10 Vertet Bore, Si. Atos. Hem AL3 SOG. (tore ob* 7 waLrg d* kr ttew tfexra S a »MAA*y, rtepmh is norm* wd» 24 ban ol reeerpe d deaed pflment. Prxes oe rcrrtrt ct Are olgxrgloixess.lKww, ware sometimes lotted to rhxge (hem. Erlberupcrdzrm Peowrletkteltreadefrg ArtttrxdsetWes rxddderertiXxLtges nay be offered dorr Vorewns.
Aid prices meg trxy Sent AU Order prxes. Perscrd tofcn ore osied B gjrte ibis od « ensue Va4 Oder pochnges ore ofierrd DELIVERY CHARGES: ux mm (not wghiahos) _ Snrf ccnsunxbles 8 Despatched bf post, ptecne check ST ALBANS NOW OPEN SUNDAYS s rwtesems charges when otderinj Obher items, enepbsers Ked (toy courier serrie, £10 pa bcu CftshaeonJHi fcnds RecBeerqure IN AODIllON WE OFFER IHE FOLLOWING EXPRESS SERVICES: Sotudrydehenes NomriicftpbsllS+W per bn mmxt(to Ko(mol«Rptos£8« Vwperboi
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(Tj PD GAMES & UTILITIES FRAC VI .1 AM1GANUTS 1251 PEJbd Pat McDonald extricates himself from an avalanche of new PD games and utilities to file this month's report on the latest and greatest from the wonderful world of free software.
Trash DK serves up a Tetris-a-like, demanding quick reflexes and a spot of grey-motter mashing.
Long ago. People played text adventures - games in which you had to type commands via the keyboard.
Shunned nowadays by mainstream programmers, the odd fan of this type of game still shows up and with Frac I. I you can create your own text adventures.
Although the initials stand for 'Fantasy Role- Playing Creator’, there's precious little of the traditional role-playing game to be seen. All of the options and programming procedures are contained in menus which you access through the keyboard.
Very similar in many ways to Incentive’s 8-bit offering Graphic Adventure Creator, FRAC can display graphics or even animations at certain locations so you can design quite atmospheric adventures, although it would be nice to be able to add sound.
If you want to create your own text adventures, but don't know too much about programming, give this a look. Although it takes some time to get familiar with, the demo adventures help and everything is laid out in a straightforward fashion.
The programmer, Derek Whiteman, is interested in producing compendia of adventures made with his system. Who knows, in a few months time 1 might be reviewing your own text adventure.
DR MARIO RIVERDENE GAM1064AM Whatever will Nintendo say? They spend oodles of money designing a 7V m-like game, and Trash DK clones it on to the Amiga. The idea is to eliminate different coloured beasties placed at random on a chute.
You do this by arranging coloured pills falling down the screen into lines of colour. A row or column of four will vanish - and if a similarly coloured beastie is touching them, they vanish too.
Fun for a while. Dr Mario is very' limited in terms of long-term gameplay - you couldn’t play it for hours on end. However, the skill level of the game can be altered, so if you want something to test your reflexes and brain occasionally, you could do worse.
Can the Roman empire stand eternal under your command?
Eternal Rome is your chance to find out.
This looks a bit dull, yet it’s outstanding in many ways. Eternal Rome is about resolving who takes over the Roman Empire starting from 32BC. Playing on a large map made up of hexagons, most options are available via menu, then clicking on a hex. The map is centered on the Mediterranean and the countries change with the centuries.
Winning isn’t just a matter of building fleets and armies and sending them into battle. Politics must also be dealt with, arranging alliances with the many semineutral states.
Although good, it’s really only a demo. If you buy the full version then you get many more scenarios and the save option for the main game. Also on the disk is a game of dominoes. Although quite fun and not very- easy (it’s difficult to beat the computer consistently) the programmer has been unlucky with having to compete with a stonker like Eternal Rome.
LiUn j Software in the Public Domain, or PD software, is marked out by the fact that It can be freely distributed. You are allowed to copy PD software from anyone and to give copies to anyone, ft is widely available from small firms called PD libraries and also from bulletin boards that you can connect to If you have a modem.
Ft's programmed by enthusiasts who want to share their work and it comes in various flavours.
The basic kind is ‘freeware’, which is completely free. Another common kind Is ‘shareware’ - the programmer asks you to send a small fee If you like the program, in return for which he or she will often help you with any problems you may have or send you any updated versions of the program.
It's rare to find a quality scrolling shoot-em-up available as shareware, but that’s what this is. A group of four Aussie students working under the banner InterScan spent their spare time putting this together - and they certainly didn’t use AMOS.
Pure machine code, that’s what's needed for this sort of game. And that's what they’ve used for smooth scrolling, fast action and pretty graphics. Plot, style, background - who needs them? Just grab a joystick and start blasting.
The infuriating thing about this game is the control.
Sometimes it’s an awful, shuddering mess, making it more difficult to control your spacecraft. However, this does add a certain random element to is a fairly predictable genre. I’ve certainly enjoyed blasting away on it for a few hours. And when you’re bored of the first I Mb level, you can try the next.
Continued on page 192 Another kind of PD Is ‘licenceware’, for which a charge Is made - It’s akin to very cheap commercial software and uses PD libraries for distribution, but it can be very good value.
Ff you copy a PD disk, you are under a moral obligation to leave the disk exactly as It is, especially the 'read me’ files which explain how the program Is used and give the programmer credit for all the hard work.
The price of a PD disk from a library is usually around £2, so it’s a great way to buy games, utilities and applications if you're on a limited budget.
You can also get some superb demos which show off the Amiga’s ability to produce stunning graphics and music sequences.
Into mountain biking? Get inti O Go fast - MBUK tells how to burn ’em off O The team look into their crystal ball at next year's Shimano kit O Be dynamic - set up your own trials in the back garden O Tested: £400-500 bikes from Trek, Saracen, Research Dynamics and Checker Pig O Plus - adventure in China, and touring along the north east coast This and loads more action for only £1.95 Dilriit r inc Britain’s best-selling j IT] L»J -1 MslKUigUK bike magazine I™™ sra August 27 MAKE YOUR AMIGA EARN!
Yes. Making money with your AMIGA becomes incidental when you know how!
Your AMIGA is. If only you knew it. A gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort NOW by starling your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be the most important move you will ever make!
REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else's "ditch".
Anyone in the country, including YOU. Can become very rich in a relatively short period of lime just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games.
The benefits are many and varied.
Full or part time.
For FREE DETAILS SEND S.A.E. to: GENUINE COMMODORE PARTS A500 Power Supply A520 Modulator Internal Drive... Mouse 5719 Gary.
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Amiga Manuals (User.
Basic) £14.99 Workbench
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C64) ..£29.99 Mome
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AF34, II I’iltun Place. King and Queen Street.
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Prices include VAT & P&P. Cheques P.O to: mmm Omnidale Supplies, 23 Curzon Street, Derby DEI 2ES Tel: (0332) 291219. • Trade in your old PSU and pay £20 gg CALLING ALL A500« AND A600 OWNERS. ALCATRAZ.
TEL 0924 366982 FAX 0924 200943 The No I Force in Amiga PD!
DIGITALLY MASTERED SAMPLES IFF SOUND SAMPLE LIBRARIES San. Btr&r.. Oam «(IJ) 'Was 8ayas. (frypoi Loom «(J5) Ufi. Sat B*vJ loom e (37) To*OnS*-« KctOdKOl) BaaJAi Cta-l &xttmn«c|3ai Orwou. Cna-e Sw (Xu* ex ZS Ktna. Pan Po« Me i30i « Hi-Haa Cyrox & T, Cfl-78 cocos 30
s. Congas CaMsas Cc»t*r c £*» & 0*sxom :*v Each disk is cc at
twice Ihe sam and commercial tr Each disk is priced at £2.50.
any 10 f.n £19.95. ilic Complete Collection for £49.95. In
addition. Sampler owners can use our Digitally Mastered
Chrome. Mclal. Or DAT sample Cassettes which contain most of
the above samples: COOI WORI.I) MUSIC COLLECTION (175) C002
Each Chrome £9.95. Mclal £ 11.95. DAT £ 16.95 The Three
Collection Package is priced at: £21.95 (Chrome) £25.95
OPINING TIMES ARE MOV • riltRS«*m-Xpm ERI - S VI9 itn • SM pm
II EASE MAKE CHIQI I S M P&P £1 (any order) Cheques & P.O.s
CLR (Central Liccnseware) ( BAVPC 33', AMIGA. Akvi ST) to.
10, Unit 4, Mill Studio Hertfordshire SG12 9PY MATRIX SOFTWARE CLUB As a Matrix Member you can choose from our extensive lists of the latest and the popular software with our absolute guarantee to buy them back AND you don't hove lo pay until you've decided.
find out about t*
• (homo call our 24 hi (Until 31 st Sept) (0920) Oimdolagn Matrix
Leisure Business Centre, Matrix money saving . (0920)444224
+2028 ...... +2020...... .Willy's Castle ..Wots Its Name
+2018 +2011 ...... ?2009...... ?7008
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1974 B BASE 2 V 5.32 DISK 1828-FORMS UNUMTTED All Thai Power At
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MIND CONTROL... let your imagination rule the screen a AECIS MM sr Plus: Stereo sound 25 IFF graphic screen buffers 25 IFF sound buffers 50 IFF on-screen graphic gadgets per screen 50 prepositions (user declared) 10 articles (user declared) 70 powerful programming commands 19 mathematical operations Redefinable function keys Larger-than-page scrolling Instant image blitting Speech output Comprehensive user's manual Aegis Visionary supports: Total mouse-driven adventure games HAM (Aegis SpectraColor) Standard IFF Images Amiga 1FF-ANIM format Aegis AudioMaster III sequenced sounds MED MIDI Music
NTSC PAL compatible Enjoy playing computer adventure games? Think about the thrill of creating them! Your own Magicians, Monsters, Heroes... as many games as you can imagine.
Create your adventure in plain English, even sell your adventure games-you don’t need Aegis Visionary to run your games once they are finished.
This program was designed specifically for the creation of text, sound, and animated graphic adventure games.
Visionary has a memory-efficient high-speed compiler and fully interactive debugger. With Aegis Visionary, you do not need to know the nitty-gritty details of how the system works. You can concentrate on the creative process of writing your adventure games. Aegis Visionary's language is designed to be as much like English as possible.
Superior Graphic Support Aegis Visionary offers more than 20 commands just for setting up graphic screens, rendering images into those screens, and providing special effects and user interaction. The program provides a number of facilities for color cycling, fades and wipes for professional transitions from screen to screen.
Yoilr games can have:
65. 000 rooms with 32 attributes per room
65. 000 objects including non-playing characters who can interact
with players 32 attributes per object
65. 000 subroutines
65. 000 ACTION blocks
128. 000 variables IN THE BEGINNING... Hold Everything!
Now Aegis Visionary can make you a top game developer overnight. Feel the thrill of creating your own adventure games. Aegis Visionary makes all this possible now with a revolutionary, powerful, easy-to- use new language that anyone can use. With Aegis Visionary, the Universe is yours!
You know you have it in you.
You've always felt you could design incredible adventure games, even better than some you bought.
Aegis Visionary is much easier to use than standard programming languages.
Oxxi inc. Posi Office Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809-0309 U.S.A. Phone (213) 427-1227 • FAX (213)427-0971 CENTRESOFT LTD.
UNIT 2 8 3. H0LF0RD WAV. H0LF0RD BIRMINGHAM 86 7AX DEALER SALES HOTLINE 021-625 3399 Commodore-Amiga Inc. Aegis SpectraColor and Aegis AudioMaster III are trademarks of Oxxi, Inc.
CONCORDE BUILDING NEWLANDS DRIVE. C0LNBR00K. BERKS.. SL3 ODX DEALER SALES HOTLINE 0753-686000 PD GAMES & UTILITIES OLDIES 2 17 BIT 2031 Most of the games on this disk have been available for quite a while - the first three even started out on the Amiga Format Coverdlsk. So Croak by Selwyn Stevens, Mouthman by M J Barker and Biplanes by Peter Mason should be familar to many ot you. Drip from Art Stiles is years old, and Squamble from John Kennedy remains the only Scramble clone available for the Amiga.
However, the best game by far on the disk (and one totally new to me) is Jump N Roll, by D- Llte. Based on the old C64 classic Trallblazer, you control a ball rolling along a 3D road. The road is made up of coloured squares - the different colours have different effects, such as making you bounce and slowing you down.
Jump N Roll Is the reason why this month’s PD section was nearly not written - It’s such an addictive game. You fight against the clock to reach the end of a stage before progressing to the next.
Graphically the game Is rock solid, using the Amiga’s custom hardware to best effect. Excuse me, I’ve just got to get back to it... ALCHEMY TRAILBLAZER 17 BTT 2100 Another version of Trallblazer, this one from Vision Beyond, doesn't quite have the gloss of the D-Lite version. The overall playability Is Just as good though, and it does have a two-player version. It also lets you control your ball with joystick, mouse or keyboard. Fans of two-player games should definitely go for this version.
Two-player trailfalazing makes for fun competition against human friend or foe.
192 OCTOBER 1992 A spot of 3D blasting anyone? Actually there’s a bit more to Nebula than meets the eye. But if lightning-fast 3D laser wars are your thing, check this out. The game is set on Europa. One of Jupiter's moons. Actually it's been renamed Uropa. And is in bad shape after a particularly nasty intcrgalactic war.
To stabilize the planet, a huge powerplant was installed. However, it's now being undermined by 10 energy rigs, put there by nasties called Kapones. In two hours the moon will disintegrate, so you have to seek and destroy the energy rigs within that time.
You have a map showing the locations of the rigs, but they are guarded by fighter craft, are impervious to laser fire, but can be destroyed by a well-placed bomb.
This is a truly outstanding game. It’s great fun to shoot up the enemy fighters and takes some planning to destroy all the energy rigs before the time limit.
Third, placing and detonating the bombs takes skill. As a game. Nebula is tremendous, if a little short-term. As PD it’s an absolute blast. Authors Stephen J Smith and Paul Y Goulding can feel very proud of their creation.
If you collect Amiga music tracks, you'll no doubt be aware that there are a great many different formats in which to store them.
This is a real pain, as you have to have the tracker with which the music was created in order to play it back again. Stephen Fuhrmann has created a music player program that supports by far the greatest number of trackers.
Power Player supports SidMon, Sound Mon. Noisetracker 1.3 (and so Protracker 1.1 b too). Mark II.
MED. Oktalvzer four-voice. Delta Music, TFMX.
Future Composer 1.4. ProTracker, Jam Cracker.
StarTrakker four-voice. Fred and Noise Packer 2.03 music modules. Is that enough for you?
Using it is so easy - just find the module with the supplied file requester, double-click on it and abra- kablecp! It starts playing.
Modules can be stacked up to play contiuous melodies, so if you want a little light music while you're Workbenching away. Power Player could be just the ticket.
Want a really cheap PC emulator? Look no further!
This is a demo of the full emulator, but with it you can boot up MS-DOS and use PC disks and programs. It can’t do things like format PC disks or use a printer - for that you’ll need the full version which you can gel from Chris Hames. The programmer, who wrote the Degrader utility featured on last month’s Amiga Format covcrdisk.
The spec is good. PC Task can put up CGA four- colour graphics, but they do slow down your machine.
It also supports using an Amiga hard drive partition as a PC hard disk and you can even set up a file on a hard disk to use as a pseudo PC hard disk, in a very similar manner to a Commodore Bridgcboard.
The Amiga mouse is set up as a Microsoft PC mouse too - and the mouse pointer never disappears.
This is probably the best software-only PC emulator that you can get these days - although I would recommend getting the full program because it comes with a more thorough manual and is optimized to use faster processors. Quite wonderful I would say, yes.
TOP TEN UTILITIES OF THE MONTH Every month, we look at the best-selling utility and game PD disks from a particular library, so you can see what’s popular... ANGLIA PD 1 PC Task 2 Amiga Tutorial_ 3 Virus Checker V6.06 4 Power Logo___ 5 Dcopy 2_ 6 Messy SID 2 7 Magnetic Pages 8 SID V2_ 9 HD Click & File Minder_ 10 Structured Clip Art WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN THIS ISSUE 17 BIT SOFTWARE: 1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market St, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF1 1DH 0924 366982 AMIGANUTS: 169 Dale Valley Road, Hollybrook, Southampton S01 6QX ANGLIA PD: Anglia House, 115 Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11
7HU 0394 283494 NBS: 1 Chain Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5QA 0983 529594 RIVERDENE PD: 30a School Road, Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire RG3 5AN 0734 452416 DOT MATRIX PRINTERS INK JET AND NOTEBOOK llllllliill CITIZEN ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA LOW PRICE 9 pin PRINTER FREE DELIVERY Htx Dj» • Mfftmw in the UK mamOnJ FREE STARTER KIT 1 44 CPS 80 COLUMN
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• 144cps Draft, 30cps NLO
• 4K Printer Buffer + 2 Fonts
• Parallel or Serial Interface
• Graphics Resolution: 240 x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Pull tractor & bottom feed
• FREE Silica Printer Starter Kit Silica presents some great
olfers on the award winning range o( high quality matrix
printers Irom Citizen. Each Citizen pnnter is built in the UK
to exacting standards, ensuring superb reliability and output
Our confidence in Citizen's quality is such that we are pleased
to include a 2 year guarantee with every printer. Plus, it you
buy a Citizen dot matrix printer from us. We will give you Ihe
Silica Printer Staner Kit (worth £29.38). FREE OF CHARGE!
WOW £29 38 • wm e w Cftixeo dot mitra 2 year’WARRANTY Sucj offer i 2 fjt wjTjrfy (indajinj the dot mjtrn t fut he«) wOt eveiy Ceiui pnnter WINDOWS 3.0 TreeWnb»w30d»fW inchded uith the S»o Surtei Kit.
FREE COLOUR KIT W4h evtiy ProdW 9. Swift 9 anj 224 FREE HELPLINE Tknic* supMfl he* M open dirtig otfce hourc.
MADE IN THE UK PBP_£1*9 SILICA STARTER KIT OS TOTAL ValUt: 024 SAMG: €109 SILICA FRICt: £115 .VAT- £135.13 rel: PR! 2120 Th« Crtlzon 1200 po utoetace as standout. R r,u:o ! ¦ phi 21: or comet su(»i* J wiih a para i i&j require a &e«ai irxertac© instead, when ftfaong you' o «! With Saca 9 pin PRINTERS 24 pin PRINTER I SWIFT 2
0*4 S*VM T1» 300 CPS 80 COLUMN
• Citizen Proas 9 - 9 pin - 80 coktmn
• 300cps Draft 60cps NLO
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• Parasei Interlace
• Graphics Resolution 2*0 x 2*00*
• Epson ana IBM EmSanon
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• FREE Sace Printer Starter Kit 192 CPS 80 COLUMN
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• Epson and IBM Emulation
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• FREE S*ca Printer Starter Krt 192 cps 136 COLUMN
• Citizen S*rft9» - 9 pin - 136 column
• 192CPS Draft. 48cps NLO
• 8K Printer Butler * 3 Fonts
• Parattoi interlace
• Grap ncs Resolution 240 x240dpi
• Epson and IBM Emulation
• Colour Option Available
• FREE Sibca Printer Starter Kit 300 CPS 80 COLUMN
cozenSwfir2*0r2*0C -2*pm-BOcokjmn 300COS SO (IScpi). 2*0 cos
Draft. Bocps LQ 8K Primer Buffer ¦ *OKmaxxnum
9LOFonts-2ScaWeFcxits($ *Opts) i Font Cartridge Slot • lor
plug r Style' Fonts AmlM Mato* Graphics BetcMcn 360 x 360 *»
Epson. IBM NEC P20 i CEL Emulations Auto Set facxify - IT.
Auto Emulation Deuctcn Command Vue (V Front Control Panel Ultra Outer Mode ¦ *4.5 OB(A) Colour Prning Standard ¦ Swiff 2*0c.
Colour Pnntmg Optional ¦ S«ff 2*0 FREE Sana firmer Stater Ka 24 pin PRINTERS INKJET PRINTER NOTEBOOK PRINTER STARTER KIT WORTH £29 J» I The sorts UHWyeeetfl £«? OOt ln«a” Srr»? J SaaSyetr*
• Jf Oa* • taw & STOws
• 3*‘ Dot-OwkrWrtowS ACCESSORIES SHEET FEEDERS mi x'fo vi u «.'M
T* i ftkONMiMMai taa Nut!Wi-*l»T4.T4l 1039 32K MEMORY EXPN
W3«aMMIO«4t 1 - S«3M 0*«I»T4COIW ttiH MMHUkWlM: 09-
* * 3349 **44IM Ml 041 COLOUR KITS n*T*tr.tv»V6t»n MltOCMfcOi QJ»
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• Parallel interface
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Xiro3i:yr t»i m ;v *s: * rClJlOW'lUlfll row wur on SiVWG I
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Before you decide whon to buy your new pnnter. Wo suggest you thmfc ve»y carefully about WHERE you buy it. Consider what it wffl De l*e a few months after you have made your purchase, when you may require additional peripherals and accessories, or he© and advice wnh your now purchase And. Will tho company you buy from contact you with details oi now products'’ At Silica Systems, we ensure that you will have nothing to wony about. Wo have been established for almost 14 years and. With our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can now claim to meet our customers' requirements with an
understanding wheh is second to none But don't just take our word for it. Complete and return the coupon now for our latest FREE literature and begn to experience the “Slica Systems Service'.
SILICA SYSTEMS | Pro: Silica Systems. AMFOR-1092-55. 1-4 The Mem. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent. 0A14 4DX~ PLEASE SEND A BROCHURE ON THE CITIZEN RANGE MrMrsiWissiMs. Initials: . Surname: .. Company Name (if applicable): Address ... r ... MAIL ORDER HOTLINE aj 081-309 1111 .. Postcode: ...... Tel (Home):
..... Tel (Work): ... | Which computer(S). Il any. Do you own? ....55H CiOf ¦ Artvwtund pocMJivl i»tfamm«y cforva*- r’Waw rolvm T» 0up Kx ! «e UAMl tntvmaMo CUT, TICK & POST.....CUT, TICK & POST Telephone or Fax Hotline (0702) 466933 ________ggPD_Soft(Ar29B) 1 Bryant Ave, Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SSI 2 YD 300 Adobe Type 1 Fonts * Soft bongsyou 300 Adobe Type 1 Fonti deed from the torgesi AMIGA Public Domain Compc [I
PO-Soft brings you 300Adobe Type 1 Font* dxed from the Orgesi AMIGA Public Domain Company p m Ihe U S A. 60 Track Softwore look over 10 months lo produce Ihe orty comprehensive $ ei of fools jj rhal worts ftowtessty on your AMIGA, fulfilling oil your font needs from A lo 2 Europe’* Largest
- ’“I Price: £39.99 • s edrt Fom pock a Exdushrty Deemed to
hotlne a open six days a week bom 9om to 7pr TkSeek days) 4 bom
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Coled orry daks of our frttw otlcn oddress 6-8 Vtoen ordering
asks pteose t*k the bo-es to me teft ol the ask DURHAM ROAD.
SOUTHEND-OH SE A SSI 2YD numberslAny cekxred pen. H.-iigrteror
yjsl (usl Outlne toe EUROPEAN ORDERS - NO POSTAGE CHARGE askl
AN* srtectng to* dsks sohwote toot you requre. Htwn crdorng bom
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Address on too cvdev fcrm prowded ado of S d«s. Al crders sent
by ARVAL free or Photocopy ths odrert Hand wrlton aders ore
IMTEPNATION ORDERS ocepied 4PosttotheoddessAbove Cheques 4
Posaol orders Al orders ore sent by Ax 7 of Pteose odd 20% IMXi
£2 001 skoufabemodepoytobleto (O-SCFT fycu hove ordered before
to toe tofrt of toe crdcr . Towards the posroge Cherxes mxal
ptoose K* the occourt Number tax be drawn on oux bonk |"H» 11
51-too.ftsBei.501 Ssc?roSSl!u!Sijs YOUR PLUS 6-10 Dtsks e2.50
101*.... Disks £1.25 DISK BOX (40) 3.5 MCH £4.99
- --------- -1 DISK BOX (80* 3 5 WCH £7.99 Ful Program but sm
Shorewore 515 ||coi« ion of dxumems. Examples 4 Any otf«f disks
or Budget Softwore TOTAL PRICE £ nterocihe Penodc ToNecit DOZY
UZZY5 FLW TIM! I lorge cdaxfu* graph** £ J SO JX IU CLASS BOOM
MAIMS CmerenisUi&oQe levers £3 SO JX CUI TOTAL CONCEPTS ft
8as4C cnt*$ vttedolD«OSAl*S £6.50 JX CU2 TOTAL CONCEPTS C2)
8osed cr sctoect ol «aOG* £6 SO JXCU3 TOTAL CONCEOTS 01 Based
* « set**! D S*y s Wm £8 25 XCU7 TOTAL CONCEPTS (2) 801*5
toesA»»ciofFr«rwjl*r Fahng £eSC X 1 008 WORK & PlAY. 5 crcgrars
CUCK CLOCK tor Iconvng toe Arne in OO SHOPPWG tot vmplc Qv&cn &
rrrthpkohon RJNTlMtS yax vtoeo produc»ons. Dfterent types of
grapfx shies Peettokes an (I P S pews down the screen JX V86
VWO PROOUCTION |2| Pocked wto woeo 4 Genlock ut*t*s JX V415 VWO
SCREENS! Bock ground pictures tor vdoo proOxhon work Mce bock
drops JX VJI7 VWO & AMIN VWO 06, A program tor keeping riock on
Wmr vtoeo tope ceUecitons RTAP.
Lets you ptoy large orvms on srroi memory mochxtes JX V5I8 IAUA04 U isiAeomr. ArrDO ... Dc*s todes, ccAxxbors & groy bor jx vs t9 vwo- snusTom used toe shewfaer grcph* tO f dxcAon proas too ucdet JX VS46 KIDS PARfT A paining ogam designed tor chtrtcr :luOcs various cdouts & speech ir V584 (AST* ACTS. Evetylhng uev*y needed to toowoboui ihe solar system WOR1DMAP Produces dftenert sorts ol 7 ops PLANCTS tostori tocowns ol ctorns JX V634 VTOCO SHAMS & FAOCS AMMfAOW. A ut**y to fade screens SUPERVXW Wfl asp** TURBOTITU Creole VXKVS JX V737 tOUCATKJei !hrs rs O ser ol AnrroKns g«s 0 Ww incwteOge on
Sscom Engine's, (our $ Mc*e Petrel SWPC Graphics to toe Anvgo JX V2IS DISKAlASTW 12 Copes Hesfromoneosktoorrther o*SK SALV corrects 4 r«x*rs t»d Irocks JXV262 OUPUCATTON 6 BACKUP Cuper.Turbo copy. Sryay copy K y (our now disk COPY'S 277 FO«TRAN-77vl 3« Ccrt- p4o. Knker 6 run ime suppon 10s JX V279 CROSSWORD CWATOS Creoles crosswords tFCWTlDvWSCN JX V284 ALCAD PROGRAM Hie OpeetCrawng Proaom *CAO JX V298 NORtH C vl 3 (2) C kxgurae Armoo includes on Nes requuM AX V40I tn Of THE WMOUKR Awoeoprc exeAem bocigrcunds t JX 127 MDEGR1AI30 TEXTURES e ct*rrt Ttxkres tke iroW. Trek Wort Rcugh «t.
Wort*. Ties. A0*r (Ct*S 4 Wood £3 S JX U075 VWO IA8 .10 Vrrple to tv»oT*-gpocloge AgerMXkrS roxxW Peg IwaCrw £4.99 r FFP9 f UTChIP FONTS AhM dtsk pock oF SO • 100 pool 16 cotout Video (crts tocludos lorrptoies £9 JX FFP10 FUTCMEP FONTS A tovoe disk pock of SO - TOO point 16 colour Mat Forts tocludes lotrptoios £9 • JXV28WORO .. . ...... SPEU. Contons over 9.COO words JX V009 PFONT STUDIO (xofleni tor prrtng &dues or loxt JX VI9IMASTIA VWUS KULBI Wus Checker & »*er With Ixceflmi opitots toe kudos seorch dsi JX V94 M.RBACKUP HO rtord dtsk bock up (xogrom JX V195 GfAPHC INTHICHANG* toierchonge
or opmcs Between Aton SuPC Graphics to toe Amk-- JX V215 DISKAlASTfA v3 810 TOP FUN Contorts help chASten with 4 pictures £6 99 JX IP37 ROCKH MATHS Ires '«-S.ToiecwCyAMito40tw* £49« JX IP45 music BOX lxce4em to introduce rnw ooes 7. £4 99 LPS9 MMSTOK (UN :ktoo Ms Orauxn tour cxcrtcrt cats £4.99 JXIP99 PIG Wert* loro nursery buk) o pctore nserts l*c Ihe 90 dock ANOPOOS V10CO BACK selecttono!
Mod Pictures «i IFF Former 17 VWO W*iS A coMoon cf iT (23 ths S toe best soreod | 'j do’e o~ Am.jj torfcnfayefthe lofEtemerts [21 tcods e* o»o Ws tor Psi OetioMoker lheOoodicxe'foop.. JX V332 AMIGA PUNT PROGRAM Pred t wtKh hocse wR we wdh Bus se predxscn pogrom . V339 SPKTRUM (MULATOR DATA OISK1 Adrtrtue Classics JX V3S0 BUSMCSS CARO MAXfP Cxsxxi your own Business cords J V365 «0 SKTOR MOOJUS MUSKQ : various mu« rrodulos lOf use wm toe Rsi Decro Voker JX V366 600 BUSWSS UTTIRS Tttere ore oxer 600 StoKkxd business toners on this ds*.
JX V390 045* TOP PUBUSHWO tocludes vonous oxo toatores over the cAJ Word pocessor. Led ld*cr fxes editor 4 morryolhers 192 AMCASH BANKIN The befl Conkto (xogrom tost I here ner used cn re Wric 'I'eryeosyccrtrols JX V394 CKMiSTTKS Progrom thee draws nx*ecules usna the ratosemcdei i cefenrenecs JX V401 WtNOOWBfNCH vl.O (2) An tacelkrt workbench ¦ repoce m«nt tor cB 13 users JX V413 WORK STATION 'AX Ml onxhcrwBckne rso o*ec*enol cwriheiVcvUxvchIhcr-e (2) V417 SUPiBMNCH & (XTRAS Vi exceUenl iff-Wocerrxnl disk i more uMAes Ton the crgrvjl J V420 CURSOR BASIC COMPBBI Ccmple ony AMIGA Bas pogrom JX
V423 C: COMMANOS This ±v Wed Mih tMhcs which con be sed n Skyiupsequencos JX V424 ANTI FUCKJR Sad k) Hop toe Bcker in Hgh Res mode d ring some AMIGA pogrom ctoetaicns JX V43IIMPLOMR v4.0 Pedxes eon had Owe* .....co«ections JX V433 A7RMATON STUDIO An exceWM Annxrton creator tor you to moke vo«r own Mo aramations JX V439 AMIGA C: MANUAL I (4| heccxnpereC raxxX tor too lesabes al pads ol toe C PRRfTIR DRV1P OtSK ¦ ttowcomotoS nsnuctiorvs on how lo nsJoimem nckxtesowrPO JX V44S JRCOMM vl.02 Tha is toe kresi versdn cf rxdem pogwn JX V479 cmss 4 CHISS unuTiis ccAection of chess rekxed Putties I
V484 AOVlNTURt SOLUTIONS |2J Good coHectton ol odrtrwxe scrtoons tor vorews gomes V489 AMOASt PRO*iSSONAL i esr version of toe excellent Darobosepogam N(WF(AIUI3S JX V490 MiSSY SIO ¦ WM reod MS- os disks. TronsSor on. Text Mes to &
- mtoePC So you can do wok on 'IB74C JX V493 ex enemv JX V497
MATRIX POTTtR CUP ART eiceAerit cotecton p clp on to y OTP
pogrom p Opotot V498 Tmfe SOUND RPP£R -3 Os Stonx 1.2 IwdC.
Atom crocker xe Ccrrpjser. Sxrd mcreor. •*«« (tcepker. StorVBk
er.OeRs. Sodd system Oovd ittortMr JX V499 STAR CHART vl.2 Thrs
is exceHent nor ponrtg pogrom h some unerasing lecrtres JX VSIS
THI A64 PACKAG4 v2 0 D version cf toe 64 imukitoi ActooRj runs
tosier that 64 Puns 64 tansJers dais kem ypjr . . 64 dve Thu is
Mown stock tor £44 99 wfxh ncludes the ntmtoce & o to*
regersied verson ol the Shareware progrom JX VS2I PlOrnNG *
GRAPHICS PIOTXY, A powerful tol leoved Ptortng peg PLANS A
compAer Oded drafting pog Re«Ju«resA» librory & ConMon vl 3 JX
VS22 ARP VI3 : Conmon V1.3C Vdk« many im pravemenis lo Dos
ncludes lull developers gude JX V523 OlCf C COMP1UP (2 Vottoew
Dftons M tooturea power- M C corrpfer & ennronment system JX
VS36 CATALOOU* UTTUTlfS A :cdection of utwes used to Coirtog
Irsk WHO & lope ccAecsons |2| JX V549 (LKTROCAD vl .4 Arot*
Updoied on toe cod electronics se1000n ol utMe* «th v_____
e*ce*ort Prmer Drner Generotors JX VS69 OUNGtON MASTfR MAPPOt a
Mbe tool that cteoies mops of dungeons, ionds which cot be used
by o DV, (p use n AD4D JX V570 OIRWORK vl St (le Coper SVTiutol
to diskrrasier & s*d but contons mjre conmonds to hand JX VS71
WHOM ¦ V2.02 |2| Ihe Dr Who database pogrom Grvesc hocuocv2o.ai
selector to moke Had Osk fAenus [Stotts weh gadgets FU MN06L
UW, tcv mantomg lies 6 OvecCes NTROL TCOl Pcf corrtones too i
cf mpiy sepovore torts J V5S6 RTO SfCTOR HUP DISK HeipS you use
the Rsi Demo Oeatot J V560 OUPUCATTON 4 BACKUP ccAechon cf
copers ike AMIGA tod
vl. O Wont to uploieyoiv tear tosecn os toe results ccrre n JX
V420 ASPIC! VJ.2 Cxcui Anc*sa A k* lecAved pegran lor electoc
pcu JX V421 iOWORO v2 2 IS o luPy leohxed 6 « eroionol Wcvd
xocessot which ohets ol stondard Wpos 4 Avxe Ue tCrwedm ores
V624 MB COPIBf v2.0 WR copy AmigCtov too NGPe mod«.
S«rcfi iroao 4 »«ol pxo-ei«v ecpy JX V425 NCOMM -2 0 Ccntons.
IHArc v2 0. IHVco vl 02. Zoom vS 40.
OMS vl 03. IHAvl IIIHASFX vl II JX V427 DP ANT FONTS No’* l-S 01 Thecnesiseiecxn Fonts lev use 'ony »f OTP Progrom V630 AMIGASH BoStCOty WSI ps trock d yocv tronsoctiorvs with your occcsnt Boni. Such os Dveci debts. Chegues. KWhdrowisect J V63S IB*M IMULATOR vl.OS tl CGA Cotox BM-PC imjpor wrnen k xtononyAmigj Imoodemos»d»on wrsicto Stcrewcre cost 4 USS30 JX V439 RAOBFNCH PIUS v2 0 Mol .ust on update but o corrpSeto’ new set ol urtAes 6 Pepocement JX V640 PAGCSTRfAM FONT PACK I A setocscn ol (cnts ler use with Pogestreom DTP Pockoge IS) JX V645 MOTT -3.0o Atrd Ptocesscv weh terxn codes. Olr*
Herp. * teexh vooe St* widows, ecpy 6ce£«txdo6olstordot3 leohrn JX V646 SO v2 0 Fki MANAOW be used tor winous oprtdkons test rs pobatf; to* Ve ccper V647 WORKMNCH HAOCS A setocton ol Hacks toot have been modes mctodes JXV649WP4___________ Coleckon of uWtes to help with .out word processing needs Spertheckav JX V650 CHKKBOOK ACCOUNT tar vrt atari •*. Taa _ PA04STWAM (ONT PACK 2 ~ sefecscn O tonts (5) JX V6S7 PC TASK rSO Scfwcre
8. VLPCimototor ttolowsyouto i toe rnporey ol IBM soWe wto
odancnai hordwore CGA Colour I V4S9 COMPUTB? DIAGNOSTICS .1B
toerc a poblem with ycor :ompxer' Then wtool is « JX V460 MOM!
MANAGtR Ihis rs great ol m one oddress book with n nrtrtcvy
Oitabai* & To-do »s» JX V641 MOO! LUNG : VWTCX AjtowSyco to
create 3d opocts wAhocX usng the K. Y 4 Z vtrrws
* Jds Scupt 3C4o & Tutbo SiFrtr V662 OCOPY v3 0 PRO 'Ou con
select toe speed cf toe dtsk ttove.
Modos. Oos Ntocopy. Ver 4 opy leads ol other features JX V666 MOOULiNG 06JKTS Cartons Over 20 vector obyocts n mat Pedect wtto Dak V661 STAR TOK 06JKTS Pontons toe USS Reeonr. KCCI70ID lerengpfcAo Porsche Cor i ce*err sefecicn cf seues Como wcra pocessrg. Ooto Vcrogtrvat.
Speca Sheers. Accoixa 6 imw w jx VSB2 06 a Oa«ase wto spto SO leds.mai cf oboj 12 r*on reccnh CUCKOOS B An Amgo Oos erhocemer utot, (UFMO 4 SUPOMIW v3.0 JX V583ICONKMTOR ¦ v2.0. Con create kens upto 64O2C0 peels DoaORiCON Vl.O, *r«ns moges xons. Idt 4 Create crry Amgo on JX VS8S apobvtrs a sefeocnod rrost orchrvets. I*e IHArc. Zoo.
UAVarp. Pat 12. PKAZo. Zop. Zppy JX VSS7 GtUGMTt FONTS (2) A selection cf torts lor use wrh ony Ctpantdsks J V604P© COPY v3.0 New Os!
:opy weh some e o commonds 4 quKk copy nxdes burl n llVfil XV605 PRO CALC Voc nre cede pogr F(P ccfcudtcv when .. V606 SAMPU MAKIR vl .O TM works spm-Jty 4p toose «fo ae nw to make sompes wdi o sompev J V607 PRO TRACKJR v2 2 I Viren by lots Zop Homre Atotoeruptoie toe uerrrte scud rrctong evnvnri x V6K0 GOLF SCORIS vl OlectrorK model win 0*0w you to snxAste certior exeats JX V670 ANOROOS FONTS 1-7 Sel nstoRng Sow daks lev use wto Dttort pogoms tj Omes Pec. 7 C s«s JX V678 DRAW MAP v4.0 (2) .VI ¦ genoov cny 16 cotox (x**te wvh
• contod. New trch es nckde torger cops wto. Rxitord txj.roones
mprov«h«pordpnning 2Mb I1M0 verson'.263 1 2776 verson VS26 Ql J
V680 DISK OPTMZIP 10 Pc- Creotes Cxsks tor (osier loodin JX
V6BI GAME TAM!R v2.2 hod ol tool onto hord gom* I Cheat with
Game Tomer v2 2 JX V6B2 WKSIO v2 .0S M«o & Asc» !*tor lev use
with yoot Amgo ore SIS tsieogue 134 Ths update a o motor
update to the sohwore. For example, you con now drecTy upOrte o
version of AMOS nstoled on o horddac JX V704 AMOS COMPAIR 134
Concfora the second Putfx Demon ’ OS Compeer upctote X V705 MH
v3 21 f.c«4«rt uMM toe fcrrcus mow pregem Wd JX V707 SCAUA8U
CUP ART 0) cf compkcrefy new f Ckp piciutes lor Pro Draw JX
V710 ARGOC TUTORIAL iX todes severot sample A ex* scopes & s
AfsoAPtG Ubrory IX Ccrtons 0 wcvijrq demo of Vxxx A ikv.
Wokoike "iLvm it sysiem col compotobie JX V712 PROTWS BBS An
e-Crtert program tov modem 4 Herd Drwe used » stort to*r own
8B$ V713 COMUGRAPMC FONTS Ccrtans 2 clpxi sfyie krts 4 4 ortal
Typefaces (a use wto A8 2 04. 4 desktop pxbkshio 4 cr wdco
protects JX V714 24-BIT Contons Rend24 whch olows you to gaol
toastor generated 24 b* onvns JX V715 THI COMPUT! BIBU V.rto of
the Mew Tesiamert Toroh KM Testomenti lfAb (3) JX V718 SPKTRUM
vl. « Which is MOW" 3 tmes Taster his Ska’cwate prog cm wfl disk
based mogiLnes with grepnes JX V6B9 WAIT OfSNlY CUP ART A
:tvxes from -oroos Disney (*ns V690 WORKBJNCH v2 04 UT1UTIS
(2) Tha set contons toe programs that shedd hove been with
VLB 2 0 these powmW irtMies take Ml odrartogc of the rrory
N(W opobktes toot ore ovaloble n V.6?
JX V692 RAC! PATIR vl.4 An e«celert gogom lor peoflc who worn rrtormohon cOout roces jx V696 POST vl.7 An e.ce4ert PostScrpt rter prev. tor toe AMIGA which mptoments tt* Aaaoe long- uoge Requites v39. 6 ConVVxtvl 3 JX V698 AGRAPH V2.0 Brrgs the wcvto o cheep AMIGA cvogram to draw Bor. Line. A'ca 6 P* chads, tor repcvts cv presentations JX V700 P!RM ChfCK (PLUS) ts I to take toe chore cat ot ptons tor vrwrg kies STRATA vl.O is o iondscope I Itotows orryar c. *om cay posflon, & wito orry mogifcsafos JX V702 IASY RAMOS FOR IASY AMOS Tns 4 toe irst update tor (as, Amos use's Requires (osy A JX
V703 AMOS UPOATW pvotecvd gxnes ccpy gweewn so ! The user can vaicfl them on HO V720 OISKP1INT v3.ll A kX* daktas* whch prrters 4 stoes dsk
* « ccvrpned(X obose4cvrfu*ify krdsis VTOrkslne wto toery porter
JX V722 PRO TRAC KIR vl 1 Tha a the tvy versxn whch a compieOy
cmpotble with the Amgo plus J V723 BOOT INTRO CONSTRUCT ION sn
A coOecton g utMtos to reote exceiient Bee* intros JX V724
PrtNTtR ORVERS 4 This a updated Dhvers dak ConcniFB.
.non Bobbie e s 4 Sfar 9 pn JX V72S THI SUPIR KlUBtt V25: BOOT x v4 50. Ths a toe best vab k*c dak to dote bSs c«r 262 vvus be more, trckdos excolert crctoana VC v6.06. Zero WusBvt.214VTv2.41 J V726 COFPIR OXTOR *2.0 ircefe you to create rose nee cctox ats kcuv) r games ike Turcai I JX V727 TH! ART OF MH 2 A onoR*r eueiert select ol v*d tones JXV728M06IDIlhsao trock cf your Sohware coiecvxi JX V734 TH! MAM IVWT .2.0 Ths outoschedcAx w* execute vogams scrgbesotomygvenocie V735 MIMORY MANAGCR vl.l xi any omounl ol Clsp tost torn V736 TH! 0 SK TOP HARRSt- CHORD nsxuneri srUokr (Tcgrar JX
V740 POWIRBIKH vl.2 The iVcrtBench daks w*h more (tower ha 2 dak sei hos been cmched 4 Ogmied (or maoum storoge tO JX V742 ONUNI vl.4 Progom w* w pu »Snd cfeots wton gomes V743 tom -2.0 Ths a toe best toe AMIGA HB5SSS5!Bt53 x daks 7 Hord drrves tor your ew s only Protects wito o Posswcvd JX V6B4 FONT FARM A eofcxtce of unities based around toe subject lows Chotextor idler vl 0. Fort masier vl 0. ShowFom v3 3. Set Font JX V485 ASTRO PRO ASTROLOGY The best Astrology program keyboard eOtrg gogro JX V730 ICON MAMA An excMmt seiectxn cf ken Op Art tor your we 0« JX V73I AMOS8ROT vl.to Ths h ekVotk-
Bench v2 04* 4 o modem (2) JX V745 THE PROFESSIONAL C MANUAL *3.0 This a the torgesi Uses 4 Trees see As lor reviews JX V732 WORKBINCH V2 04.
Unums 3 Ocopy. Boot m A 7Ac IntoSh vl 47 • JX 1081 TH! I TLTIMAT! STAR TR» tO Gome by Tobios Pchler Mow with Ingiah nsnudtorvs JX 2222 STAR TRIK TH! NtXT GofOtATtON Ths a toe totost quj xr* bawd as toe Ned generators (2] 2501 STAR TRIK Game Jvnta Botber American version 1Mb 4 f2) JX 2503 STAR TOK Gome by Ire GushAon US toport Imb 4 (3) JX V367 STAR TROC IftoO A )atobas*ofoBtoe JX 981 STEALTHY MANBWRI B JX 1085 f-16 SWISS (LYING ’ JX 1409 NAVY AGR1SSOR. SOVIET SOFT IAHNG. STEALTH BOMBiR ' JX 1700 ANTI- liMMJNS (2) 2Mb JX 1703 OATMG GAM! 12) 3VO JX 1842 SHUTTU COCK • JX 1850 LAT! NIGHT
TERMINAL' 2013 AGUITY' 2021 VIETNAM CONFUCT • JX 2133 GULF WAR CONFLICT 2Mb JX 2307 AMY AT TH! MOVIES IIW Mb. 2Mb. 3Vb JX 2311 AMY vl WALKER I £23 3Mb JX 2384 AMY AT TX BfACH (2) 3Mb JX 2427 CAMOJRFLAG! • JX 2430 POOO B 2Mb JX 2474 AMYHTST introduces Amy the squirrel to your AMIGA screens JX 247S BATMAN 4 VTOL CONTEST • JX 2476 HOW TO RUN woo wo* Very favry AnmoKn by ! Schwortf JX 2477 AMYWALKS Arm ol Airy rxios* . . Rrrgtoe MO Thunder bo» orcroh beflw knows ta VWHM Hxil4Des»0ytorks 2Mb T 2499 OK. SCHWARTZ TOR ' JX 2500 THE SKY DRM mare than 40 choppers. 17S tuiy euutoble eximptes compleee
with source codes FcA nstructans tor C J1121 UrcruncTcdl 6 only J Ist crunched JX V757 AMCAOiX 161 Creates converts your AMIGA into o cord Database system very wel dene JX V7S8 TiXTPLUS v4 0e Anrther update of this e.c *ent Weed processor pvogam Now compatible wtn Tex The pratossond vpesnng
- toundnihefahcoflectton TEXT (MGN! .3 4 LpdCI ed vwsicn ot toe
word pvocessor with AZSPtU. L.crtent spe* checker
- V760 BOOTX .5 0 CW. Worts 7 ore uang o WB-2 04. Mxhv*
AbocoootnsVC.6SSWofOonvl 34 ‘ 04 ccrrputers ray oT« ip&fes V761
A-GtN! V4IB laslost version ol the (am*y Tree progrom JX V742
B6AS! VS.S Ths isonce wellirawndcoobose MANRMR TKC 1940 (ly
ortr 4 by onarctcn e-xelert ctossx JX AT33 TH! PR06! II Anmoion
Of PRIY Anm lievn Stor Trek JX AT34 HAVING SPACI OfFICt
Anmotion DOCKHO, Anmoron from Stor *ek ATTACK MOOf. Brd
computer or JX 1420 Dins DOSJI Horcr tctns IX I486 SOUTAJRE 4
SOUTAJRE OYAlCotd gomes IX 1561 TrfTVRS Contons I ptoyer.
Cfarer 4 3 (toyer gom* cpftons IX 1735 ASTBOOOS '"! OtoGNAl t NCC 1701-A. Thn ctossx original Anmafton JX AT22 APPROACHMG VISSaS games Wed Gibboge.
Cng Faience 4 Heath JX 2178 SLWVWOR a spoce based ortoeture gome wvhn toe Awns toeme M e crtourfufl grophics JX 2180 SKOOA CHALLENGE A exefect 4 player h«Rod gam* BcnnAmos Smrt* bat good n 2199 PARACHUTE J0U4T «a- tokrg doers to eonti 4mus»kWtoe 'xccfuto trom toe rthcr cfayer JX 2220 STRATEGXC GAMES (Temrt Rome, icvds ol Hosts, to Voonshne An («eSent coBochon of gomes JX 2221MMO GAMES 21 of the Mnd gomes to cholengc yoar 1 no* your shaomg skfb J 2224 SWORO Of TIB WAR LOCKABCtK K *S iy*cfto« Behckier atoenkre gome pockeo as the* daks Shorewae ft Vmb a Orfrtst JX 2272 BUCK LACK LAB Pto,
forraosupto7Waters Thecomputer ptoys bxker »‘J cccufa-crsoa JX 2278 CAJ® SHARP A very gcfessionoRy gesented setectton ol soMarebp*cordgomes fxeekent JX 2279 SU6 ATTACK vl.O Cortrol tie tcvpcdocs 4 sink toe enemy stops as they sol post IANOMME X 2280 DIPLOMACY 2.0 Classic
• twgy gome looseFy based on orkTkYor I A very defoked gome JX
2313 REVENGE Of TH! MUTANT CAMOS By TiVnev The ride of tfe tme
wrto nvAini comefs JX 2396 PETIRS QUEST Ths a Irufy cne ce4enr
cfc»6xm gome tor ttve AMIGA ReccomendeoByolt JX 2411 TOTAL WAR
The boord gam* RISK os reviewed n Amgo Format. An e*ce*onf
goOxiton JX 2432 GOLDEN OLD« GrtOQO.
Golaootvs. Spoce nvodws. A««- ads, Batty 4 7 ssle Commond JX 2447 AMOS COWOROP FRUIT MACHM! T*c«8ert s tuator with wxtousgombte modes Greoefun 2448 CRAZY SU! Ths a onotocv cortrol to platlotm gome Yor we school gd JX 2450 SMASH TV - THK8P OFF Sm*r to the cngrO orcode mochne opg s4saxd OMOS FRLXT MACHN! I .....possible to me tru.1 mochne found n Pubs 4 A-codes JX 2481 AMI MORIA v3.0 lha a toe totosi upMe to toe Crgrrt 7 ono
cd. ecis.re gome Befter gkphcs. 4 to* larges txtantxe to date jx
2482 OESCINOER s o done of ihe ctossx orcode gome Tempest
.... w|n gophiCS _ . .jiNTRUOefa a Mufti level Bersert clone
which features smooth gomeptoy. Geor grophics 4 sound JX 2484
CATACOMB vl.7 A gophcrt octoerrtiregcfreseiona smoB atond in
the m*ddto ot toe tond gfxOuSA Your quest a to daccwer
secrets 4 treosures ol tha under- ground mc_:e NEW UFOATEO
VERSION UAMATRON GAME 2001 By Jeft Mint* Snko-it slu« 4 An
cudert gcduchors Short to Ut JX 1749 SCRAMBLE IheOrgnof
Remember toot old classic wefl a now on the Amgo The Shoot em
up JX 1870 PATHNCIB. Ths a toe be wrskntodo* OOMMOS. Ptoyvs
toe compi er or onother ptoyer JX 1977 POM POM GUNNOt Short
down toe nccvnng world wor ¦ or Caones n tha Cperotan Wrtt
game J 2018 JIT MAN Another Spectrum cioss ccrwened to the
omno its -h al toe ororai sounds S!A lANCt The4rslS4er )*
sub war gom* cn PO x 2487 clash Of the empires Another
excellent StrotcctKa! Wor Gome By T A Seor (2) JX 2*89
COLOSSAL CAVE vl.O a wVOky central to the orgrrt class* 2490
RUMMY Grophxcf Gome JX 2491 UGENO Of LOTHIAN .1.02 a on »in
the vein of the Uhmo gome cctourtul grophcs. Hordes ol
mensters ond putties to sofve JX 249* BATTLEMENTS - HUNCHBACK
than conversion cf toe rtd classic gome (xcelert JX 2498 AMOS
CRSCKET An e-cefert O'COde :nckrt simulator with neat
cotourtut grophics JX 2S3S SUPER PACK MAN 92 lha a toe bet
Pock mon to Oo to with super smooth scrabna
onde-celertgophics Ployotfo4 AodOwe JX 2550 l-TYP! AsJrvods
space odvenlure where you *r otoutKl colecir.j new weapons
- ... Sports* , Arvmots. Cortoens. Hjmtcous. Xmos. :ewish.
Borders. Ho»o-we«n. Vrtertmes. Eyes, alphabets hands. Eodoc.cors 4 more JX CA2 CUP-IT PACK 2 IS) 7Aen. Wonvxi.
Ibxnnrtcd A to Z. orrows. Slots. E*pkatons hutrorcus. Cortoens. G«r.sng hoods, toed JX CAS CUP-IT PACK 3 15) W Herbs. Meat.
A rows, special Ocassions. VegefoWes. Kitchen LrtnciK.. Cups. Glasses. Ait Deco 4 Breakfasts JX CA* CUP-IT (S| Ad Dko. Babes, tx IrtSOlHumaxaaS. BumnotcdAtoZ.SCro .
Spec** occosixis 4 cefkaophc enwh JX CAS CUP-IT (5) Cvattva(Ockcvwo4JCto ertiy »om ktoe CVS*-® « bodos to ws 6 sort* JX CA6 CUP-IT PACK 6 (S) Mytookqca Maators on exce«eni pock ol crertures kam ol cw* fe Wp*n. Itvope. Inda. Too* Amerco. Sarr*«c JX CA7 CUP-IT (3) (Vtores Of Ihe mosf populor 2524 likflWl 1 HUSVAfi TARGET (New) 2611 RAVE VISCN 7 NtiftiE (New) 2602 TECHNO TOWER PARAOfSE flew) 2560 DOS BY ANDROMEOA (New) 3 5 N2S8713 (Newf 25S8 BIG BAMS BY W»C«E (New) 2259 HAPOWRED BY C»C«$ ffl 1MB X 2594 CAPTURED IMAGNATON (New) X 2590 SWEET REVENGE 1Mb (New) J 10 X 2572 SPPNG V!IOOIES BY
13 X 2250 OOTSSiY 8» ALCATRAZ (S) Imb 14 x 2S07 vtCTROMkCPOM BY
SW (Nevd 15 2508 X)YR« BY PHENOMENA Wew) 16 X 2471 RACE TM
PEAIITY (21 J17 X 2445 ISO GRAPE VIM 9 (2) J 18 X 2413 DiMtS
KEY (IPJ-.Dnya vu Os* Costs £* 99 W_...l*encew*irc Costs £3 50
Per Dak Pfl Ths Title hos w a,ski Pmbl Tha Me requires n Amconl
ol memory Prt-Tha oak 7 Tide works cn we v? 04 .
Ths dsk' tee fosrrt been tofed r Abv?C ony convnenca progom 4 ccrkora M raxutto JX aUS SAS MENU MAKER An easy to use merumckeivdhWOxurrmsxcn raacaidwign togos wto Dpont for use wito ths gogcvn JX CUS AC HORD! A Great progtam for ...* ... ikcusec ' veyoevfa idthescr tof Srtdid aaxd4MivvoOs6(reMsstos Tojcc kr* i«) rrochnes kgetoer „to o fk* Mmem * j jx CLG8 DRAGON mis TM game a toxserds cfyeersc«Y«fasi4ptoye' - .....-
• X CLG7 WHY'S WAT® ___________ ccrwrsion of ihe cfass* Ppemqnio
Excellent JX CIOS TRUCKING ON 2 (23 Yea Own trucks dtrving
otound AustaUa 4 (in toe company MW JPDATlt ...... These daks
ore NOW commerOrt daks NOT UONOWARE. Vie NOW Stock Ol Of Ihe
Titles JX IP35 T-TKORAW The best Drawing xogrom wto it s Md
reccmmend By (u-So8 JX IP42 X-STTTCH Create Design pattara
tor ogam See &*PO So‘ The best (crmxika or AMIGA B!ST Si UN .
.. .06 Hos been holed as he best but Mochne SmvJator aroAble JX
IP71 AMOS BATTLE CARS WysKk Cortrol- ed roeng gome fer one or
two player jx LP77 POWERBASE v2.1 iho lotest vwsicnol ha
exceltoni powerful Dofoboso progom . . . TXTTaaoconwrsoiof
nTJCNTTrttoeirtfcydepat'rr . .
XL13 BOUNTY 80B A gropfxrt Odrtrtxe wto oteiert short ortsechorvs 1Mb JX 116 COMBAT Co yCNremevrOer to® 0*5 lass* TAW Wrt ths a er. P.ceJert cmers*n JX 128 WORLD CMAMPSONSHIP BOXING The fast boxing c*code gom* on the Amgo Of TH! V TWO TOMS - SHAKE YOUR HEAD 1 7 BIT, DISK 2094 (THREE DISKS) REQUIRES TWO DRIVES Now and again a demo will take everybody by storm because of its imagination, style, wit and original techniques. Well. Crm. This isn’t an example of that phenomena. Instead it’s another massively unoriginal Two Toms demo, consisting of three disks packed with stationary animation
and some sampled music.
So which poor suckers have the duo picked on this month? Yes. It’s those madcap chartbusters Was (Not Was), and their latest single Shake Your Head. The music is of the rather bland dance variety - so dull, in fact, that they added some celebrities to liven it up a bit. (OK. You can understand using Kim Basinger - at least this makes the video look good - but Ozzy Osbourne? It takes a warped mind to even imagine it...) Here, though, there is not even so much as a digitised picture of Ms Basinger to liven up the proceedings. Instead, you get a hand-drawn picture of Mickey Mouse! Hardly
titillating stuff (unless your name’s Minnie) and nothing to do with the demo.
I’m sorry Two Toms, but if you must release digitised music on disk then at least liven it up with some relevant digitised graphics or a bit of simple animation.
Anything, anything at all would do. Shake Your HeatP.
More like bang it against the nearest wall.
- SUNSTONE 1 7 BIT, DISK 2036 (TWO DISKS) After loading up this
demo, my first reaction was ‘Oh.
No! Another scrolling demo!’ and I almost turned my Amiga off. I mean, how many of these things do you Whatever way you turn in Amiga Format, you will always arrive at the Public Domain section. Whether it's music, graphics or animation you want, this is where you'll find it - and it's mostly free, free, free! Andy Nuttall sifts through this month's offerings, and sorts out the gods from the mere mortals... extremely detailed, and very colourful. Three of the screens show the inside of a large room from different angles, with some excellent marble pillars, stone wildcats and metallic
flying fish (I).
DYNAMIC HI-RES SLIDESHOW 2 MBS, DISK S585 Dynamic Hi-Res is a system invented by a company called NewTek with an art package called DigiView 4. It’s a screen mode, similar to HAM, which utilises the Amiga's Blitter chip to create a huge on-screen colour palette.
Although I've never seen Dynamic Slideshow 1, I can safely say that this is the best graphics slideshow I have ever seen on the Amiga. The disk contains only four hi-res pictures, but each Is The other shows a surreal, metallic, well, helmet I suppose - it's difficult to say exactly what it is! Anyway, it looks pretty fabdacious, and is technically superb.
Sonic Developments, the authors, have shown a lot of imagination here - it's difficult to believe that even a powerful machine such as an A500 can produce such work. This is a demo that will make all your unconverted friends turn green, and want to go out immediately and buy an Amiga.
OCTOBER 1992 This bizarre picture is entitled 'Diver'. Very clever, but what the heck is it? Answers on a postcard, please... Fish. Woah! Tree. Woah! Fence, pillar, pot, steps - they're all here, but where's the hat-stand? Wibble.
Have to watch before you've seen 'em all? Sunstonc. As with all the rest, consists of many different parts, and most of them have been done before - animated realtime vector points, flashy fractals and so on.
There is one part, though, which uses quite an original technique. The Half-Brains team call it 'wrapped vectors’, and it basically consists of a rotating cube which moves around the screen distorting in different w'ays depending on its position - an effect similar to that of a fish-cyc lens. This routine is excellent, and more than makes up for the lack of originality elsewhere in the demo. With a few arcade-style games and a quick quiz to finish off. This demo is both entertaining and fun. Check it out if you can.
TERMINATION ZONE Each screen has been hand drawn using Dpaint IV, and depicts one of several comic-book characters such as Wolverine and Batman. They manage to capture the feel of the original artwork very well, with some good use of colour. Because the pictures are high-resolution.
Continued Page 198 17 BIT, DISK 2106 All of the decent demos this month seem to be graphics-orientated. And Termination Zone is no exception.
The artist. Cyber, actually makes a note saying there is no music on the disk because he can’t write any! At least lie’s honest. The graphics, however, are excellent.
NBS U F10 1 CHAIN LANE NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT PO30 5QA TEL: 0983 529 594 United Public Do F A X : 0 9 8 3 8 2 1 5 9 9 The I 11 11 O V (I t O I' S THE BEST SELECTION OF PD IN THE UK !
PGCC6 ANTEP 4 SlOT CARS role ptaymg game.
PG008 ASI1 Tam. RoftoW Avarns .
PGC09 ASI 2 Four Cass games' Gel n • PG010 ASI 3 Magadan 4 Or® Superb PGOi 1 ASI 4 Froggor 4 rroro gam« .
PG012 ASI 5 Raid. Go looly 4 RoMW.
PG0I3 ASI 6 Pacman 4 4 rrvote cool 1 PG0'4 ASI 7 MoooOase. Trix. Mmhrworks PGOI5 ASI 8 Airac*2 Hball . Trote ‘.
PG016 ASI 9 Bactte oxxj 4 Buzzard .
PGOi7 AS110 Escape. Peefcne. P*»out.
PGO18 Asi 11 Dad Conn*. Revet*.Tropin. PG019 Asi i? Uamatron. Car. Rowetpong PG020 Asi 13 Twwns - more oooo oame* PG021 ATIC ATAC Reaty pteyatxe 1 - PG023 BATUEFORCE waiogy war game PG024 BLACKJACK Good card game PG026 CASTLE OF DOOM Excellent1 Gel 4 • PG028 COLOSSUS 4 WORLD Fab adventures U PG029 CROSSWORD COMPILER As a PG032 ORAGONS CAVE D40 Style g; PG034 ETERNAL ROME SwaiMy & 0...... PG036 FLASH BIER 200 levels olBooWrdasti 1 PG34& HACK Gr03! Text adventure-mtocom style'.
PG048 HOLY GRAIL One Ol me besi Ten ad.*ntures. PG061 MASTER OF THE T ...... PG062 MENTAL IMAGE 1 Gndrunrv* invaders 4 rebourd.
PG063 MORI A Tcxl based D4D adienture PG064 NAPOLEONIC WAR SIMULATOR Strategy game' PG065 NESTOR CARO GAME Good cv* game - PG06667 NETHACK D40 Adverfjio needs 2 doves PG068 NO MANS LAND ** lech wa- gamo shoot cm uo .
PG069 NU GAME Mega Shoot em up with good graphics PG070 PETERS QUEST Rescue the madon I. PG071 POM POM GUNNER l*e beach-bead on the 64.
PG072 PROPERTY MARKET eecome a mftonaire !!'
PG074 RETURN TO EARTH Else space ttadmg game' .
PG076 SEVEN TILES Speed&ai type game-MEGA' PG079 SEA'-ANCE A submjnne strategy game • PGO81 SERENE II Folow up lo the above gam* .
PG093 TENNIS Good game (Some tanguacel tirg PG094 TRAIN CONSTRUCTION KIT make yix- own tracks PG10I THE INSIDERS CLUB Stacks 4 shares gam* PG’08 Asi 14 ChoaChallenge? 4 Am*a Columns'.
PG110 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE Nice car racegamo' • PG112 ULTIMATE CARO GAMES Cnbbage Pafterce ole PG12I A500- GAMES PACK 21 games to run on a plus.
PG'27 AIRMANIA Super pi.i-.emi game Irom Addware • PG128 CHEAT WORKS Stacks ol rew cheats PG129 PUGGLES BnMn! Q’Bod game 1 PG132 ASI 15 Batoeevs lettrix 4 Mjm&am©.*' PG'33 ASI 16 Wastelands. Mission X. Pacman .
PG134 ASM 7 Tomcat Defeoda. Jotman BugOaster.
PGI35 ASI 18 Henry n Pane Skyftrar Omega race' PG136ASI 19 GrOwth FrarscFredO, 4 morel PG138 BATTLE OF BRITAIN 4 WAR strategy war gamos PG139 DUNGEONS Cf MADROJ Excel lent DSD game PG140 MIND GAMES Stacks ol iin wen ms ' PGUI 3 SWORD OF WARLOCK RPG adienlure 2dnve* PG146 ASI 20 Microbes Hollywood tiwia Con drop • PG 147 OUADRix ExceMil pouie game .
PG149 A NIGHT AT THE TOWN Witty 10x1 adventure.
PGISO £ TYPE exo'eni aslorods ctane PG151 FLAG CATCHER A.od the Dotrbs " PG152 TETREN A very nee Tefns done Pgt53 WAR very good siraiogyarcade game- PG154 NUMPTY 4 ALIEN INVAOERS Jane miner game' PGI55 ASI GAMES 21 Zeus Tottn. 4 m PG156 ASI GAMES 22 Li PG157 ASI GAMES 230 , PG158 PORK A PORK Pop the baloons S slop Iho lo e$ .
PGI60 ENTERTAINMENT. 1 Kfcndyke Hbail 4 more.
PGI61 ENTERTAINMENT. 2Zerg BounceNbcb Frogger.
PGI62 ENTERTAINMENT. 3 spacewars. SCJuamblO 4 more PGI63 ENTERTAINMENT. 4 Zoo Haro Yep 4 rr PGI66 RAIO III Wicked new shoccomu® I' PGI67 SERENE III From Iho author ol Rad "'.
PG168 WHATSITSNAME Great new puzzle game (usl m EDUCATION PEOOI'S EDUCATION SET soence programs lor ages 11 - PE006 KIDSPAINTFab kRle laBong colouring book.
PE007 8 LEARN 4 PLAY Maths, spelt™ sic 5 10 yrs .
PE0C9 STORYLAND 2 Save lo.l nd Irom the w«ch' .
PE013 SIMON 4 SPACE MATHS Tattng maths program PE0I4 SPANISH FRENCH GERMAN TUTOR Translator PE01S TREASURE SEARCH I,no the IOSI treasure ' .
PE0I6 COLOUR THE ALPHABET learn wners 4 cc* urs!.
PE018 TYPING TUTOR Supe-«KHi Budget 4 Mscalerder' .
PE019 OUNKS DTP A sod ol OoskTopPuOksher tar kds .
BUSINESS P8001 AMIGASM bank management program.
PB0023 ANALYTICAlC Superb spreadsheet'• ,? PB004 ASI LABEL PRINTERS 3 of the best- P8005 BANKIN control yOur cfieoao book1 - P8OO6 BUSINESS CARO MAKER Nice program.
PBO07 CLERK Compete accounts D Kk*se.
PBO09 FlEXYBASE DATABASE Address keeper.
PBOlO JOURNAL Keep track ol finances PBOt t MISC.BUSINESS Goootno. Grocery kst Cat PB012 QBASE Srrple 8 lield database PB0I3 QED Simple 4 ellectve led od.
PB014 RIM OAT ABASE Fully rotational '!.
PB015 TEXTPLUS V3 CO The BEST WcrOpnxessc- • PB3I9 BUSINESS LETTERS comracts. Letters . More.
P8020 TEXT ENGINE 3 4 NEW Version .
PB021 AMIBASE PRO Powerful easy lo use Doase - PB022 BBASE 11 a fast 4 easy to use database* PB023 FORMS REALLY UNLIMITED form crea&on prog- P8024 LAST Will 4 TESTAMENTS Jusl incase '• P8025 EDWORD Brand rev. wordp-o V good • P8026 AGRAPH Superb Program graphmg data - PB027 BOILERPLATE Business tellers 4 Wo-dpro .
UTILITIES PU0O2 A-GENE Good genodogy program .
PU0I5 BtORYTHMS. STARCHART 2 Good programs.
PUOI7.20 C MANUAL II 4) Learn » program !!'
PU021 C LIGHT RAY TRACER Good program.
PU022 CHEMESTHETICS motecv* dsp*aye- • PU036 CURSER BASIC COMPILER Aisl what you need'- PU037 D COPY Tho best PD ddk coper .
PU039 DBW The foteunncr to Skulpt 30 .
PU040 DEMOLISHER 168 UTILTIES MEGA PU341.43 DESKBENCH a tematrw workbenefi |3| PU345 OiRECT ACTION Edit animation sequences etc. P1)047 DOPE in'ROM AKER Make your Own miros P1)048 Dynamite FONTS ii CutNPaste fontscreens P1)049 DYNAMITE FONTS More CutNPaste Fonts PUOS5ELECTROCAO OEMOorcurt desgno- - PU056 EXILE FONTS Exceaent CnP lonts.
PUD58 FONTS AND RAM MANAGER BG vdeo lonls- PUD59 FONTS 4 SURFACES B kdrcps 4 lonts.
PD361 GENESIS DEMO (racial generator really good1 P1)062 GRAPHICS UTILITIES Varqu, rn.se programs- P1)063 MAMLAB Cornett VGA PC IFF HAM .
P1)064 MARODRIVE UTILS MR Backup 4 FcxOisk 4 more .
P1)065 ICONMANIA Program icons 4 rroro '.
P1)066 ICONS Cramm p«ked with eens '.
P1)067 implODER V4 0 Megacxwnctung Unix p1)069 JAZZBENCH Ajternative kVbtor 1 2G users P 1)071 jr COMM 1 02 Modem users comms package P1)072 METALUON UTILS Font Editors 4 more uWS.
PU07J76 KING JAMES BIBLE Ok)4Now tesiamects (4).
P1)077 1ANGUAGES DISK Forth. Modi 2. X-Lisc logo.
PU078 M CAD Hires depgn package Exceleni.
PU079 MACVIE W.DRAW.ROTATE 3 unusual progs Good' PUO80 MESSY SID Road Write PC Files. Bnikanl'.
PU083 MORSE PROGRAMS lor Iho rado hams PU0867 NORTH C t .3 2i Cotrplelo C coirpier 4 lbs.
PU089 PASCAL COMPILER needs a good CLI knowledge.
PU091 PENDLE 200 MEGAUTllS An essential collection.
PU096 PRINTER ORIVER UTILITIES V*MuS uWS e« PU097 PR NT STUDIO VI 2$ Prnts PCS 4 text etc • PU101 OulCKBENCH instant V B uses RAD very Oewrf PU102 RAZOR 1911 Excellent collection of uMtot Put08 ROT A smplo 3D drawing package Very pcouiar * Pui 15 ST EMULATOR Run Alan ST software II 2 Drr.es Pui 16 SUPER C DISK Ceddcbon ol C commands Pui 17 SUPERKILLERS Virus Killers' You rood lh.s' - PUI21I2 TV GRAPHICS Opart backdropsAForrts.
PUI24 ULTIMATE ICONS Iconmaslor.lcootab.. PU12930 VIDEO APPLICATIONS Video ulikces.
PUI323 WINDOWS8ENCH A Wnidjws 3WB2 Ookalke PUI34 WORKBENCH HACKS arrusng stud ' PUI36 ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR Now with sound .
Put38 LAST HOPE Recover lost Nes PUI39 GRAPHICS CONVERTERS PC AMga gtx Convener PUI40 LITTIEBENCH File coper 4 u!« DOS2 only PUI41 2 TAROT II loam aboul your siars '• Pui43 OPTIUTILS 1 Crammed W ' Get 4- PU144 OPTIUTILS 2 Gol this »Sk loo 1 - PUI 45 OPT I COMMS I Ncomm 1 921 lharca. Zoo Arc- PUI49 ELECTRONIC PROTOTYPER Voroboard dosgnor PUI50 FOOTBALL LEAGUE ED Update kswue positions PUI51 BROTHERHOOD UTILS 1 Ocopy.Sconery.Qed .
PUI5266 CLIPART SET 15 Ddks Ol the BEST cl©an • PU167 MULTI PLOT Suoeib data pkxvg ptoaram'.
PUI 68a b RAY DANCE Demo .erson Ray Tracer' (2) PUI 69 GELIGNITE FONTS CutNPaste fonts- PUI 70 P-SUITE Disk mag.-ume maker.
PUI 71 OPTICOMMS 2 Ncoi * * PUI 72 WORDPOWER Sdv PU173 ISO UTILITIES 23 r. PU180 RCHARD SMEDLEY COMP VAT checker 4 PU18! RENOER VI 30 Raytrace Shadrg program PU182 STOCK ANALYST Techrtca) anaysis pogram.
PU183 AMYGEN Excellent geneocgy pogram.
PU184 PROCALC vi 0 po’esscmarcakulaip' PU1858 COSMOPOLITAN FONTS 41 Packed with lonts- PU189 TRONIK VIRUS KILLERS 21 virus kners 4 docs- PUI90 BENCHWORK I 0 workbench alternative PU191 LAND6UIL0ER fractal land gereraksr- Pui92 SID 2 Gel trus ! Drociixy utr ill MEGA'.
PU195 PLUS 10 Popup Fmsoarcfl Dcop.2 Ft*.vik PU196 PLUS 11 LatXemaker Calckey Muttnnsiall K lor Sprites 4 b 4 dos !or*P| .
PU204 GATOR GRAPHICS Dpamt Tutorial dak.
PU205 PC TASK Wcked PC Emulator Get « I" .
PU206 MSDOS PROGS PC Shatewaie Progs ler PC Task .
ANIMATIONS PA033 BUSY BEE Cute animation of a freaky bee PA036 ext SPACESHIP Excelier* RT anm .
PA039 ERIC S AMY VS WALKER Cute 4 sexy' 1 5M PA046 FRANKLYN THE FLY Day in mo Me ol a fly! • PA048 GYMNAST ANIM Gymnast swings on bars' .
PA0534 LIGHT CYCLES |2| Tron nrxmalion.
PA056 MAGICIAN II Good RT anmaton.
PA059 MR POTATO MEAD Potato man m cabaret! .
PA060 NEWTONS CRADLE RT ammatxxi • PA064 PROBE SEQUENCE Aken Me pobe’ • PA06568 REAL 3D (4) Superb Ol the program.
PA072 THE JUGGLER A dasuc amga demo!.
PA074 THE WALKER vs The Helicopter Mega '.
PA075 THE WALKER vs A20O0 A passe ' .
PAQ77 UNGYCIE ANIM Super aram P uneycio 4 car! .
PA079 MR POTATO HEAD 2 Another lab Chns HU anm' .
PA080 LEMMINGS ANIMATION Very lunrr, vfleod PA082 TIN TOY ANIMATION Ray t«a»0 5n sokker' .
PA083 MORE CLASSY ANIMS Tlw Btor Bmbo !.
PA084 JAMES PONO v LEMMINGS I Ike 1! ”1 PA085 JET ANIMATION Fractal Fught but better! .
PA086 FRACTAL ANIMATION lull screen low HyOQ ai“m' .
PA087 TEA POT ANIMATION Very 90OO RT amm AGATRON We stock the lull agairon range here s the best AGA21 ENTERPRISE Dockno w«h Space staton.
AGA22 ENTERPRISE APPROCHiNG Very good mdeed - AGA23 FLEET MANOEVRE Slumog ' ‘ AGA24 Kull PEN animation 4 AGA25 THE RUN A superb Cl POWERANIMS PP00U2 ANTI LEMMINGS (2l Tns is Brthantl 2M PP003 AT THE MOVIES Culo anim ol Amy squrrol 1 5M PP004 7 AUTOMATED LIGHT (4) Batllestar galacioa! 3M PPCOB10 BUZZED (3) Great arvm of wasp crashing! 2k PP011 12 DATING GAME 121 Very wtty'. G« ' 3 5M' PP016 GULF WAR Another 6S producwn' Good 2M' PP0367 WALKER DEMO (2| A 2mg versKm of a classic PP038-9 WAVE SAILING (2| Nice anm ol wave saAP 1 5M PPO40 43 AT THE MOVIES II (4) HilanouS ' lmg 3mg PP044 45 AMY V
WALKER II (2) Another witty ES demo 3M PP046 SWEET REVENGE Coyote vs Roadrunner ' V5ma.
PPW7 GOTTA GO Crazy dog walks h.s masier’ I 5mg .
PP048'9 A OAY AT THE BEACH Stunrxrg 12 Mp PP050 UNSPORTING Wicked aerotoon irom Schwartz. 2M DEMOS P0016 BUDBRAiN n Hfarous megademo ' PD018 CHAOS ROCK Fab ight show with fractals! * PD020 CRIONICS MEGADEMO maddona demo 4 more PD021 CRIONICS NEVERWHERE Real word demo PD033 DEVILS NO REALITY mUBpart demo I. PO097 SILENTS GLOBAL TRASH IrcroWXe1!.
PD098 SILENTS ICE Bnikanl Fx 4 rrusc' POI08 TOMSOFT TRIP TO MARS 3D tnp to mars’ PO109 TOMSOFT VIRTUAL WORLDS An absoUle Ep ' PO113 VANGELIS DEMO Fab music 4 cot- cythng! .
PO119 REBELS OUTLAND Good demo ‘too thorn ' PD129 RAZOR 1911 VOYAGE V , .
P013034 ALCATRAZ OODESSY Awesome !!! Gel thd I!'
P013S6 CRIONICS HARDWIRED Very itrgreMive demo'!'
PD138 SEEING IS BELIEVING E.ce»enl derro 4 music PD141 WILDFIRE MEGADEMO Qzeat Fkiuse 4 dance musK P0143 CAT Silent', 4 Cnor*s demo Ip cat 003 • P0145 NECRONOMIA E.cetent demo, t PI Iroaky I. P0146 OOS Eiceuont vectors 4 music demo .
PD147 HARDCORE Anarchy S cod new domo PD151 TERMINATOR 3 IntcresSng npoffof the rrovw PD152 HUMAN TARGET Wicked Ravo Vector demo Get (tl PD153 DEFORMATION with the men Irom ihe MTV demo PD154 GET FROGGED You ! Kh« this, fast gel it M PD155 MULTICA W ked demo from anoromeda Get I "I PD1567 real EMPATHY Good Demo 4 Fab game me ' PD158 DIGITAL PUNISHER Very good BflterZoom F. MUSIC DISKS PM010 AMEGA PARTY WINNERS Four WICKED songs.
PM012 AmlGADEUS CLASSICAL Emo Kkxnor etc .
PM014 BANGING RAVES kOun remix of house PM016 BEATLES SONIX Nico music .
PM019 BRUNO S MUSIC BOX II Superb jail funk music .
PM03034 DIGITAL CONCERTS 2-6 Excellent hous&dan* PM059 MANIACS Of NOISE This rS bNkani'.
PM069 RAZOR FACE ANOTHER OAY very good '!'
PMD70 RHAPSODY in BLUE tracked by Rob Banef 1M PM07I 72 SILENTS BLUES HOUSE (?) Mupc 4 game- PM074 SOUNO OF SILENTS Jul gel thd « mega1 PM079 TECHNOTRONIX REMix Good remxes eic PM082a82b VIVALDI FOUR SEASONS (2) Vgood '• PM087.88 HIS MASTERS NOISE by Mnrono. 4 Kaklus PM0909I MOZART MORN CONCERTO S 4 D, H Gannon .
PM092 PIANO TUNES Nine pano songs good .
PM096 STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Ronditioo of Iho song.
PM100T03 MANIC RAVES II FantasK rave stud !
PM104 500 THINGS COMEBACK 4 great rave fxpo tracks.
PMI0S6 KEFRENS MEGAMIX Fabulous dar*e rrusb.
Pmt 12 TECHOMANIA li 8 essential hardcore tunos.
PM113 PROTON GATES OF TIME 6 gxid pieces ol music.
PM 114 UPROAR SPLIT BEAVER MiXravemegamix .
PmiiSab CHROME Bnkant mus*c ddks '.
PM116 LIONS GREATEST Show ON EARTH very good' Pml 17 MUZAK OF THE WORLD orgmal Amga musJ V PM118 TSP RIPPEO MUSIC 1 Some good tracks- Pml 19 TSP RIPPED MUSIC 2 Moro ol above- PM120 IDEAL MOOE AEROSOL EP Go ravng mad .
PM12I NIGHTBREED MUSIC DEMO 8 Rave muuc domo .
PMI224 PlAYSID------ PMI25 PIAYSID in __________ PM1269 LSD MUSIC PACK |4IA Excellent rr..... PM 130'? BACH 8RANDENBURG CONCERTOS It.
PM133 DANCE TRANCE Ra.e t-*ks played amga swe PM134 5 SOUNDS OF SCIENCE 2) Absouiely Bnharii.
PM 136 WICKED MOUSE “ ISE Superb r« IGAMIX II Vp PM 142 FRACTAL MUSIC Very well crmonied ’• got rtl PM143 FALCONS MUSICBOX 2 Average iruw drt*.
SLIDESHOWS PS002 AO VANCE MAM Re,ill, stunning '.
PS006 AIRCRAFT SHOE Per. Ol fghtp arpalU .
PS009 ASTRONOMY SLIDE very improssivo 1 PS0I3 80RN TO BE FREE wild animals .
PS014T5 BurTERFHES 2) Hgh quatly !.
PS019 COLOURCYCLES Neat fx 1 .
PS02S26 DIVINE VISIONS 2l MdhdogicaU PS030 F RAX ION FUTURE ViSlON lamasy pka.
PS033 GERMAN RAY TRACE Superb See these PS086 SONIC 5 Superb D HAM 4096 CokHir pcs- PS087 ALTEREO DECEPTIONS Chris hlls super work.
PS088 EVOLUTION SHOE Exceleni orkxatonal pics.
PS090 FRACTALGEN livodde fractals etc .
PS09I 2 FRACTAL MOUNTAINS Excellent stuff!.
PS093 VANISH 3D Awesome 3d ray traced .
. € Japanese cl .. PS099 ARTOIKOLASHDESdgpcs Cai5.lades .
PS100 ACE 4 DR BLOOD Good Real 3D pictures'.
PS101 ANALOGUE Shoe Ray iraced space pcs • PS102 ACCESS DESIGN Ray traced space pics • MUSIC UTILS PT001 ALGORYTMMS Create we-d mx lures PT002 ART OF MED ExceDpit I. PT004 ASI AUDIO MAGIC 2 good compilalKin PT0I5 MIDI DISK Various rod Stull .
PT0I6 NOISETRACKER 4 charnel sequencer PT0I7 NOISETRACKER EXECUTABLE Create Siardalones!
PT018 PERFECTSOUNO SAMPLER f*ce satrple edOP PT019 ROLAND DtlO . S220 Convortp program PT020 ST-01 ¦ ST 10 Snmplos Rng Ip delate t plus'.
PT024 ST-80 BEAST SAMPLES v«.._____ PT02SS'7r8 ST-90-93 SAMPLES DISKS Studo quaHy.
PT030 YAMAHA DX7 VOICE SORTER PT03I 23 ST-87 - 89 3disk lull'.
PTQ34* ST-97 4 98 More samples !.
PT036 SAMPLE maker peaie synihetc samples PT037 PROTRACKER 2 0 The bees Knees PT038 YAMAHA DX10O.TX8IZ. OX27.DX11 4 FB01 edflPS PT039 SUPER SOUNO 2 Add reverb 4 Fx lo samples.
PT040 OCTAMED VI 8 channel MED sequencer'.
PT041 NOSEPLAYER 4 0 MulWaskmg module playp.
PT042 START IFF SAMPLES Superb 'Gel m*Odk'!l!
AMOS PD APD036 AMOS UPATER lalosl updalp '» vl 3« .
APD076 RAINBOW WARRIOR Pamt your own cxeerVHS APD083 AMOS PAINT V3 7 Paml ,n 2 64 colours - APD096 PAIR it Maigh the cards to make a par.
APD103 4 PICK UP A PUZZLE So .« tgsaw puzzles- APO110 CROSSFIRE Nice gair*. For the -»l l» AP0115 BALLOON AC V Bomb tho buildings '.
APOi 76 0ATABASE MASTER V2.0 Good dataMse.
AP0180T DUNGEON OELVER maze game - Good!.
APD230 AMOS ASTEROIDS 4 types olasterodsl'.
APD271 WIZARDS DOMAIN graptucal advonfure- APD292 WAR OF THE FOUR graph* .-Khenture 08 APD293 GRAND PRIX SlMULATON Vciy popular c adventure game* APD329 FRUIT MACHINE Good for tho gamblers '• APD347 NOTEBOOK 4 SHOPPING LIST Easy to use !.
APD373 COMPILER 1 34 UPOATE Arros compiler U LOTS "ORE NEW OtSXS NEXT UONTH._... ORDERING MADE EASY BY POST: send youi Nome. Address & Order deldils wllh d Cheque PO IMO lo ony ol Iho componies listed BY PHONE: Cdll us wilh your card number and details lor a 1st class service. All ma|or cards accepted PD PRICES: 1 • 5 disks £2.00 per disk -6-25 disks £1.25 per disk • 26 or more disk are still only 99p per disk 1 POST & PACKING: UK - Sop • UK Recorded Delivery- £ 1.00 • Europe *25p per disk • Rosl ol Woild *S0p per disk BLITTERCHIPS UF10 CLIFFE HOUSE. PRIMROSE STREET. KEIGHLEY. BD21 4NB
TEL: 0535 667 469 FAX: 0535 667 469 ?
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o t I h e i in i t a t o r s !
NEW GAMES 9 ASI GAMES 24 Reverse Dux Croak 30 .
0 ASI GAMES 25 Another mega ColecfxXi • Boy (I' .
’1 ASI GAMES 26 Superwoman 9? Smash tv Astw» .
2 ASI GAMES 27 Addcftvo card flames Realy goodl- '3 GMOSTSHIP A very nco 3D Proescape r pe game- 4 AMOS CRICKET Sh.irov.nre cricket game.t Of 2plr.
5 SPACETRAX A 2 pa,or shoot each other up game.
6 TECHNOBAN GAME Ouoo a mco puzzle flame- - HELLZONE Stunning R-type donoGET THIS- * MENTAL IMAGE 2 Three E-eMlem now gamos .
BLOB A txky game "Often *• ShooiEmUp Kn .
SECTOR 1 A rKe game *m*w to aien treed All Baseball ty pgi; PG178 PGI79 PGI 80 PGI 81 PGI 82 PGI83 PGI 84 PG18S raphca FATAL MISSION e good ShoofeWoa e’ STRiKEBAii Baseball t po flame done in Amos .
IS Smplo graphca aiJ.entue Smbad stylo .
CATACOOMBS A great OSD sy« flame VG GFX .
Only £2.00 Each III Syllable lor Final Wfiistte ONLY Play with real teams 1 Each disk Includes Full Insructions NEW UTILITIES PU209 FRED FISH CATALOGUE corXams FISH 1 - 670 .
PU210 PCQ PASCAL Latest version of tins Pascal com©**.
PU211 AMIGA PUNT A horso race prodcsoa program'" .
PU212 PERM CHECK PLUS This a a pools predcbon prog PU213 RACE RATER Another horso raong program" - PU214 DIR WORK A Sid typo Me copying program- .
PU2I5 CAPTlONATOR Superb shareware v3ooUt.ngl .
PU218 ORDER Excellent demo or this commeroal Dhaso.
PU2I9 WBMACKS* Good cohochon * hacks lor . Owners PU220 HUNTERSOFT GFX Comcrt BwpcstO «*y PU221 225 8 COLOR ICONS Mundrods of new icons .
PU226V C EYES FONTS For uso m Dpa.r-., W8. Etc (21 .
P8028 LITTLE OFFICE Integrated Wpro.SShl.OOase.G'* * NEW MUSIC a talso workbench'" (2) . . . - . . ---- .enl synth trt« music" 21 PM1S0 DESKTOP HARPSCHORO RECITAL Classes- .
PM 151 INTENSE RAVE VISION A very gr»d ra* tnoc I!
PM 152 PARADISE NO BRAIN NO PaitfGood lor ravers" .
PMI53 BIZE: KILL DA BABE 6tracks O' rave nw! .
PM 154 PULSE Vos. Pulsating rave mu*c again'l .
PM 155 VINE G RAVE S more wod rave tracks'" • PM156 VIOLENCE PHONOBOM8 Four QOOd tracks .
NEW DEMOS PDIS9 ANARCHY IN THE KITCHEN Somo good FX Fabt- PDI60 ANOROMEDA POINT 8LANK Crazy polygon ehectt PDI61 BRONX MEGAOEMO II Several sochorn to Ihis- PD162 ALCHEMY MARCHWTH Very good new dorro.
PDI63 GUARDIAN DRAGON 2 NEW rfemo Iron. Kolrons POI64 DES RE MENACE Good Psycho rave demo .
P0165 DARK DEMON Mega new demo gel 1.
POI66 PALACE LINUS Like the 7l» Ad Oh TV .
POI67 ANALOG FALLEN ExeoHent demo - POI 68 MELON DEZIGN 608 A classy new demo »aceyTW »"«• Pdi 73 EXIT MEGADEMO 3 Another very good demo NEW ANIMATIONS PA095 MOW TO RUN INTO A WALL by Erie Schwartz PA096 OH NO MORE CLASSY ANIMS Tho Iasi chock’ * PA097 A SMALL STATION AT KHERNE Now Img verson.
PA096 EASTER ISLANO ANW A nice fractal animation!.
PA099 ATF AgliTY new ES anim. Very witty as usual.
PA I CO VTOL CONTEST Check oul ih«s new ES anm !.
NEW ... ALPHA GRAPH ... NEW NEW-FRESHWATER FISH-NEW CLE07 Freshwater lish is the latest in tho senes from Total Concepts, the pecpe who brought you Solar Syslom. Ths sublet covers a Freshwater Rsh.a fascinating subject for FUNPACK GAMES All 20 for Only£19.95 !
All 30 for Only £29.95 !
POCKET POWER NEW.. NEW.. AMIGA PD & SHAREWARE TITLE The Idlest.. the BestNew Games. Utilities £ Demos !
Here’s a selection of some of the BEST pocket power titles All for Only £2.99 each!
POWOC1 FOOTBALL MANAGER Football Pm POW002 MOUSETRAP Cutesey platform fun POW003 QUANTO*. Farr shoolemup POW004 BATTLEVALLY Svafegy shooietrup POWOOS JUMPJET. Srrrplo Fight Sim POW006 SLAYER Good mmdes blast POW007 STEEL E ploroSBIast Good Glx POWOC8 ARGIPEUGOS Classic Puzzle game POW009 BAO COMPANY Great Spaceharrior Clone POWQIO EYE OF HORRIS Plaifbrm game POWO11 PROSPECTOR Tnchy Maze flame POW0I2 STARBLAZE. Star wars type flame POWOI3 STARGOOSE. Excellent ShooiEmUp POW014 STAR RAY Oofender (One . Gel it1 POWOi 5 CHICAGO 90 Lsomotnc 3D ca- chase POWOte DEMOLITION Average Breakout game POWOI
7 DOGS OF WAR. IkaoWarriors hpo goodl POW018 HATE. Isomolrc 30 ShoccEmUp Great' » Great BeaiEmUp game POW020 MANHATTAN DEI THESE GAMES ARE WELL WORTH CHECKING OUT III!
New .. The Central Licenseware Register.. New Commercial Quality programs at a PD price !
CLG05 TRUCKIN ON Tho ts a now vorsion of a PD game that was originally bugged to he*, me programmer has takon a* iho main olomonis of mo game and ro-programmed il in C. SO its now luty playable truck driving simulation and managomort program. TO is a must for a« you truckers out there and is supplied on 2 disks « needs 2 drivos' 4.50. CLG06 OBLITERATION This game has had many a rave review, programmed m machno coed its fast S furious arcade action as you work your way thru this asteroid infested game, bias tog wavo after wave bt rocks, this game « utterly addictive and includes a bonus game
MAO BOMBER wtveh « as addictive as the main game A must lor a* gameis ! Price £3.50 CLG07 WILLYS WATER WORKS H As puzzle games you ake then we've got just what you want, you control Wily, a p umber, whose iob it is to buAt a pipeane using the ppes he has betore the water Starts to flow, and this certainly snt as easy as it sounds - A superb time game mat will have you and you kidsi’l entertained for hours £3 50 CLG08 DRAGON TILES This is an oxcetont puzzki gamo you have a hugo stack ot drtterent icons when, using the moose you must match up to mako a level disappear, sounds Conng but its
actuary very addictive. I was playing n lor hours ! A Vast improvement on the PD verson. Dragon Nes is well worth anyones coupte ot quid! Price £3.50 .
CLG09 MOTOR DUEL Now th* is tust tabutous - Martm would not leave mis game atone for days, as a 30 car racing‘Chasing-shooting game, with guded missies and lasers, its by the same programmer as the PO game BatWcars. But As a lot better, play the computer (Mega ditttCuA) or link up to anoth amiga fot I on 1 action I Pnce £3.50 .
SMOOTH SCROLLING TITLES NEW IN .... T.A.M.I.... NEW IN CLE06 Thf AnICf M 14ILBHZ CLE01 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS Have your children ever wanted to know about tho anoom world of Iho dnasaur ’ H so. Ihen this is lor you • an
- iteraclive encyclopeda covering jurassd. Masse 6 creataceous
poroos compiele with pictures and rfiiotmaxm This program a
plus compatible and comes on 2 Disks. £4.50 * CLE02 TOTAL
CONCEPTS GEOLOGY Thrl toe is the second in iho serios o' quaWy
programs by Chns Ml.
Using the GoWDdk Hyperbook systom. And will you and your chidrcn an interactive guided lour through the incredible work) volcanos, rocks and minerals the program ir. Very simple to use just point and c»ck Gedogy s on 2 Oisks £4.50 • CLE03 TOTAL CONCEPTS SOLAR SYSTEM Now our most popular mio ! This one invites you to learn a* about the solar system, with mlormabon on a" ol the planets & systems with pictures supplied by Naaa.
This is a superb eOucatonal package lor chiidron & adults This tiile is so bg it is suppled on Three disks and »s priced at onty £4.99. • CLE04 KIDDIES COLOURING PAD This a a colouring book for young Children and I hoy wont get m a mess using it I N is very simple to use with full instructions with the program Simply p fc a picture and colour it in ' tndodos a save opt on. So once you have coloured you picture you can save it oul to a disk to prim out using Dpanl etc Pnce £3.50 .
CLE05 A CHORD So you want become the next Enc Clapton then this is iusi what you need i This program will teach you nearly every single gutar chord mcUJng fingering tochimques. l *di even play (he chords using the am gas built in sound chip A must for every s-ngfo guitar p*ayer beginner and e.perts a Ike. Pnce £3.50 .
CLUOi VIDEO TITLER is a prog-am that will allow you to ereaie smooth scrolling udoo titlos with the greatest o! Easo. Programmed by Darren Mccaui.
Whoso Starbase s due out soon, the program lets you use any amga bitmap loni. Ol which several are supplied, and scroa m any colour vertically up the scroen. Essonhai lor afl wdeo enttvjsiasts. £3.50 .
CLU02 FISH INOEXER If you have ever wanted a program, but have never been able to find il ANYWHERE chances are Is probably in the tsh kbrary. But rather than having lo rako through thousands of ftnos of tod. Why not use the Fish mdexor. A superb database of the entire Fred Fish Ibrary. With full soarch. Pnnl and more Pnce £3 50- CLU03 TYPING TUTOR A program here now tor all you budding office clerks, learning to type can be a real pam. Lessons cost a fortune, but noi when you have an amga ! Th s program wfl take you step by stop through a full typing course, showing where lo placo your lingors
and lots more Before long you u be atxe to type as Iasi as I can I Price £3.50 .
CLGOi NORRIS A machine code programmed platform adventure starring Norns. Help turn (ournoy ho way through level aher level banting beasity beasts and montstrous medieval mon • This game has a groai atmosphere, and « immensiey playable.
Ill have you addicted in minutos' Price £3 50 CLG02 DARK THINGS Another excellent quakty piaform game along s*nilar lines to ManoLand. You know • scrolly along, then run & Jump kind ol thmQ. So your kids Will love il. We dd. And we re just a bunch of of k«ds ai heart! Price £3.50 .
CLG03 PHASE 2 Superb sideways s«onng shooi em up. Along similar lines to mo all lime ciassic delonder.
Anyway you control a phoion powered XZ IB lighiet and you must battle with mo forces of emi I The gameplay d briftant and me scrolling and animation Silky smooth. If you wan! My advice • buy c Pnce £3 50.
CLG04 X SYSTEM Ttvs is a corker a superb multilevel shoolemup. You know the type, balsi your way through hoard aftor hoard ol aliens and end ol lovei guardians. « even has a built in platiorm game thrown into he bargain, programmed by the BadBoyz this ts one ol the besi shoot em ups about, get it and prepare lo be impressed, pnce £3.50 • PROGRAMMERS : Hov© you writlen a good gam©, utility or educational program ? Why not send it in for evaluation ? If it's W A I I V P D really good, you could soon be earning BIG money ! VntLi r w SEND FOR A CATALOGUE: in il you'll find wo stock Fred Fish disks
1 • 690 (plus more as they arrive). Amos PD, AMIGAs. n n c n T-Bag. Scope and other popular libraries. If you dont see the program you want in this Advert PLEASE CALL US ! We can UU. DU k HAM bko I NZ almost guarantee we will have it! TEL:0915871195 A500+&A600 OWNERS All DISKS MARKED WITH THE + SIGN ARE FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR MACHINE. FAX:091 587 1195 198 OCTOBER 1992 LINUS 17 BfT, DISK 2080 This really is a strange one.
Character Is not the one from Peanuts, as you may have thought, but an oddly cute character with an enormous nose and a penchant for swimming. The odd thing is that Linus is drawn using only one thin blue line - as are the other characters and objects in his everyday life. Fans of weird Channel 4-style cartoons will probably know what I mean.
The story begins with Linus diving into the sea, again made from a line, and this is where the fun starts. He discovers the hard way that the sea Isn't as deep as he'd thought, and so complains in no mean terms to the unseen artist who is just off the right-hand-side of the screen. The artist redraws the scene with the water removed, and then as if by magic up pops a little bunny rabbit instead.
Everybody say "Ahhh!'' (pass the sick bag - Ed.). Try as I might to think of anything bad about Linus, I can't. Although the story is quite short it is incredibly entertaining, and has an excellent ending that leaves you wanting more. The sound is equally excellent • Linus' sampled rantings and ravMultimedia, that's what it’s all about. This srreen is a good example, but don't check the spelling!
How many of you have ever sal watching the Superbowl with your mates, cheering away, and secretly wondering just what the heck it’s all about?
Come on. Own up. Well, here is just the thing you need. Written using the CanDo multimedia creation package (which was supplied on Amiga Format Coverdisk 36) this demo will teach you the basics of American football.
Multimedia, if you don’t already know, is a method of presentation which can make use of all features of the Amiga, such as text, graphics and sampled sound.
It’s extremely suited to creating informative programs which are similar in style to encyclopaedias, and this guide is a good example.
They do tend to flicker a bit especially if you're using a low-quality monitor or television.
This doesn't really spoil the overall effect, however
- anyway, if you use hi-res mode a lot why not get a flicker
Being a big fan of comics. I really enjoyed this demo, and it would be a good addition to anyone's collection. Incidentally, if there arc any good music programmers out there who can't draw, get hold of this and contact the artist - with the addition of a bit of atmospheric music, this could be really good.
AMERICAN FOOTBALL GUIDE DAVID SLATER, E3.SO, THREE DISKS After loading the demo and selecting to 'Enter the Guide', you are presented with an options menu. Here, using the mouse, you can select between tour separate areas of the guide, including rules and team formations. Depending on the option selected, another screen will then be loaded from disk and displayed.
Generally the screen layouts are pretty good, with monochrome graphics digitised from actual football games. The accompanying text, however, could be better. Although it is informative, the spelling is pretty bad and is therefore a little difficult to read. This is a minor point and should not put people off the program.
The author certainly seems to know his American football - the demo is pretty informative and it certainly taught me a lot. He may not pass his GCSEs. But he could probably make a mint as a programmer if he continues on from this first effort.
Slide show demos generally take one of two forms - an drawn using a paint package such as Dpaim IV, and scanned art which has been digitised from a separate source such as television or magazines.
The Cry For Dawn demo is an example of the latter type, being scanned from the American horror magazine Cry For Dawn (curiously enough).
Ings suit the action down to the ground, as does the bizarre but effective music.
Bjarke Viksoe (the Dane who is responsible for the demo) has come up with a cutesy animation that almost rivals any Eric Schwartz production, The pictures are of a reasonable quality, some featuring monstrous beings and some young scantily clad women striking the kind of comic-book fantasy-style poses that were clichds back in the late 1970s.
Alongside a few of the pictures there arc some ‘heavily philosophical' quotes from the great magazine itself describing terror, horror, fear and the like. If this lot wasn’t enough, the whole presentation is given a spooky feel by the atmospheric soundtrack.
OK. So it’s not technically amazing, and certainly not one for the younger Amiga users (or those who feel that comics have advanced ever-so slightly as a genre since 1973). However, it is well thought out - and worth a look if you're a fanatic for comic-books with the kind of fantasy anwork that appears on Hondas.
TOP TEN DEMOS OF THE MONTH Just so that you know what’s In and what's not we ask a Public Domain library to tell us the numerical order of the flavours of the month... 17 BTT (AGAIN) 1.
O Intense Rave Music Disk O AC lir.tr. , H VAlnn 2004 onoo Z. 3.
Bub Melon uesign Silence Expose Zuoo 2066A&B 4.
Terminator 3 1952 5.
Eric Schwartz' Unsporting Matrix Ozone Techno 1055 2012 7.
A-Z 0164 Tunes Techno Tower 2024A-D 2034 9.
Shamen LSI 2062
Sesame Street Remix 2089 WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN THIS ISSUE 17 BIT: 2-8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH 0924 366982 NBS: 1 Chain Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight P033 2QQ David Slater: 28 Bishops Road, Woolston, Southampton. (Home address).
(and that's saying something), and I just hope that he continues in the same vein.
I really can’t do justice to it, except to say that it really is superb, and more than makes up for the lack of an Eric Schwartz demo this month. Get it!
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Veet n jycma)e fa Ifft •) (US (p) (994) (rrf.oede (waderfj
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’Cre* eoea-y. To eaS Varefi i,u; 094(P) 95%) Oootr
iiirMaoBrot*d*rygood NC*» C79S (P) 9i% Mr- wt (PUOymaMftoe fa
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superb Scenery Generator!
00% DESKTOP VIDEO PACK 2 (P) 4 DISKS £3 96 Prcdady c r CetL c«« ire Adaj« rrovtfrg !o vat lOjcdei vdeo SmcvefaSmxehtcroBe tdeiistfsamiato'afynze ShCTw fa Vdctfwrt irth oedt of w*w ad tales A Graph fa C»»»e«vdeot SdaOMMOetoaddVddMsard vnxthey toe Vdeoi&aw Vdeo loots Vdeo tests icMsoffcmard meref DESKTOP VIDEO PACK 2 INSTRUCTION MANUAL!!! (P) £2.99 A SO pose nstrxKtoi maos' fa DJV wc« 9 PtotesncevX prrtea ccreads ovnxrKeit fa me pros,yt ortKpoOadasectai foet adtdw to use ffipn1 Ajto rxiaXsa sccetgvded toad ttvr t-fet you tttcv$ h the ¦njc' ctc&ant veo Cvtteo.
(eltdsyaiC'eaeyaeovehtiesatyoose) Oct g-eo fa trjowi an) etpeoened users, cbs mnd mi1 vs e Oesuco vdeo easy' KISH DISKS IN STOCK 350-700 ONLY 991* EACH: DEJA-YT IN STOCK 1-85 £3.99 EACH!
ANGLIA PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY (Deo: AMF). 115 Rarest Road. Foi*»skm« S k» 1P11 zhu TELE IniontHonal orders welcome but please add 30p per disk for posl & packing.
Qr cr d Simply phone your order through or send a cheque postal order. Please add 60p to cover post and packing.
UleServe of Hampshire Established 7 years High quality products. Full technical support. I Visit our Showrooms. See before you buy.
Visit our Showrooms. See before you buy. I High quality products. Full technical support.
Special price Phone for our 60 page catalogue EDUCATIONAL AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME All products have a 30 day money back & 12 month warranty.
Prices are subject to variation without prior notification.
Established 7 years. 3 minutes from M27 Junction 11.
Free parking. Open 9 to 5.30 Monday to Friday & 9 to 5 Saturday Postage 94p or £3.53 Securicor £6.46 (£5.50 + VAT) Amiga Format Dept. 40-42 West Street Portchester Hants P016 9UW Tel: 0705 325354 UleServe ES Larger items delivered by Securicor Citizen 224 24pin Colour* Enhanced 24pin printer, 'optional colour with easy to use control panel 2 year warranty. Price with cable & paper Mono £ 1 9 9 Colour £209 Amiga printer driver £5.00 All Citizen printers have 2 year warranty Swift 24E Enhanced 24pin. Colour printer with cable & paper Mono £249 Cotour £259 Citizen Swift 9 with cable & paper Mono
£1 69 Colour £179 Citizen 1 20D + with cable & paper £109_ Panasonic KXP1123 Probably the best 24pin mono printer available. With cable & paper £179 Panasonic Epson KXP11 70 9pin 134 KXP1124i 24pin 227 KXP2180 9pin Colour.... 189 KXP2123 24pin Colour... 269 Epson LQ570 24pin ..... 265 Epson EPL-4100 Laser.. 680 Epson EPL-8100 Laser.. 1115 Prices include VAT cable & paper Naksha Scanner 200 to 400dpi. 105mm r»QQ width with express-IT software Naksha Mouse for Atari ST & Amiga n O 1 KO with house & mat L Z I . O U Squik Mouse for Atari ST & Amiga £ 1 3.90 NEW Amiga Workstation Expansion System
Monitor stand with short for drives etc. Strong metal construction made from 14SWG steel epoxy coated Amiga New Price £27.50 HP Deskjet Colour 300dpi colour inkjet printer.
Colour laser quality at 1 10 of the cost.
3 year warranty. Price with cable & paper _£499 Deskjet 500 HP 300dpi Inkjet printer. Laser quality at dot matrix price.
3 year warranty. With cable & paper _£335 Printer Drivers Citizen Colour 24pin 5.00 Canon BJ-10e ......4.95 Deskjet 500 Colour 9.95 Printer Dust Covers most types in stock from £4.70 inc VAT Kickstart Upgrades Commodore 2.04 full upgrade 79.00 Kickstart ROM only v2.04 .... 41.50 Kickstart ROM only vl.3 29.00 Phoenix rom sharer 24.95 Keyb’d operated rom sharer 24.95 VXL30 25MHz Accelarator ..239.00 Fatter Angus custom chip .... 37.50 Midi Interface 4 channel Midi Interface for Amiga £29 Dr. T-s Midi Music Software (not suitable for A500+) £9.95 LC20 Mono 9pin 129 LC200 Colour 9pin 179
LC2420 Mono 24pin 189 LC24200 Mono 24pin .... 209 LC24200 Colour 24pin .. 259 Prices include VAT cable & paper Canon BJ-1 Oex 360dpi Inkjet printer with cable & paper £209 True Mouse for Atari ST & Amiga £ “] 5.90 Star SJ-48 360dpi Inkjet printer with cable & paper £205 Star LC200 with cable & paper £179 New Price Star Happy Mouse for Atari ST & Amiga £ 1 4.90 GVP Series 2 for A 500 52Mb Hard Disc £333 120Mb Hard Disc £435 240Mb Hard Disc £699 52Mb A530 Combo £675 120Mb A530 Combo £819 for A1500 52Mb Hard Disc £265 120Mb Hard Disc £405 GVP ram £25 per 1Mb Accessories Joystick Mouse twin
extension 4.70 3M Joystick Mouse lead .... 3.75 A500 Printer cable 7.95 Modulator Disk Extension.....10.95 23way Plug or socket ... 2.95 A500 Dust Cover .. 4.70 Mouse Mat (thick soft type) .. 4.95 Mouse House ... 2.95 1M internal 3.5' drive .. 49.00 A500 replacement PSU .39.00 A590 replacement PSU 49.00 Rocgen Plus - Genlock + .. 129.00 Disc Wallet for 32 disks . 7.95 Philips CM8833 mk2 Colour monitor Colour monitor with cable with no cable £199 £189 UK. 240V mains +F19 game Commodore 1085SDI 14" Colour Monitor with
cable dot pitch 0.51mm Standard Res.
£195 Commodore 1084SD 14" Colour Monitor with cable dot pitch 0.42mm. Medium Res.
£195 While stocks lasr A2286 Bridgeboard CBM 286 Bridgeboard for A1500 £319 £9.00 discount on 1084 or 8833 with an Amiga New Prices Commodore A590 Hard Disks SONY DISKETTES SONY branded (lifetime warranty) (100% certified error free) 10x 3.5" DS DD 135tpi .....7.50 50x 3.5" DS DD 135tpi...... 32.30 100x3.5" DS DD 135tpi 59.93 250x3.5" DS DD 135tpi 141.00 1kx 3.5" DS DD 135tpi 540.50 DISKETTES SONY DYSAN bulk (lifetime warranty) (100% certified error free) 10x 3.5" DS DD 135tpi . 5.95 50x 3.5" DS DD 135tpi...... 21.86 100x3.5" DS DD 135tpi 39.60 250x3.5" DS DD 135tpi 94.88
1kx 3.5" DS DD 135tpi..... 353.68 40 x 3.5" Disk box with lock .... 5.49 100 x 3.5" Disk box with lock .. 7.50 Carriage on 50+ disks £3.53 Ram Upgrades A500 Imram + clock £21.90 A500 1 Mram no clock £17.90 A500+ Imram + clock £39.90 A600 Imram + clock £49.90 Cumana CAX354 The most reliable drive you can buy 1M external £49 While stocks last Amiga 600HD 20Mb internal Hard disk & software £429 Amiga 600 Standard A600 with full software £279 Roctec RocUte RF382C 1M external £56 Amiga 1 500 with full software pack £499 Commodore A1011 1M external £49 While stocks last Floppy Drives UleServe Best
for service UleServe Best for service MAIL ORDER TheAMKIA Collection FORMAT ¦ Order Code GPHWK Price Cl 6.40 OCTOBER 1992 Sequencer One Plus Upgrade Kit Also on the Special Christmas Issue was the powerful Sequencer One music package. RRP £K9. (If you missed out on this amazing offer - which included Graphics Workshop as well - you can still get copies through Back Issues on Page 200.)
Through Amiga Formal Mail Order you can upgrade to Sequencer One Plus. By doing so you can take advantage of a whole host of extra features that are not available on version one. These include the unique Juke Box screen and Gajits’ new 'Diamond Drag' note-editing system.
Also included in this latest update is tempo maps, auto count in. MIDI sys ex handling, track solo, extra quaniis options and much more!
All of this should really sell for a massive RRP of £129.95. For a short lime though. Sequencer One Plus is available as an upgrade kit for Sequencer One owners (and that of course includes everyone who has the program from the Amiga Formal Coverdisk 30) for £49.95 (RRP).
But we're offering it to you at a mere £39.95. which works out at an ama ing total saving of £90.
Superb, complete, full-price programs for practically nothing isn't the whole story of the Amiga Format Collection. You also have the chance to upgrade to new versions of the Collection programs at special prices. Here are the offers... On our Christmas Special Issue we gave you, for virtually nothing, the powerful paint and animation program, The Graphics Workshop. What makes this drawing program so special, though, is along with all the normal tools that you would expect from a top paint program are some powerful additional utilities.
You're not just limited to using just one custom brush, instead you can pick up and store up to 10 brushes and use them at any time.
It also features not only ANIM and Animbrush forms of animation, but also a Cell system which is probably the most powerful animation system there is for the Amiga. Why not get the most out of this top program by buying this expertly illustrated ’ instruction book and tutorial guide (which includes a special tutorial disk as well) that has been specially rewritten by Amiga Format writer Maff Evans.
If you want to produce a news letter for your local rugby club, or start up a footle fanzine then all you need Is some DTP software. And there's no better program to start off with than PageSetter. We gave away version 1.2 of this very first Amiga DTP program on the Coverdisk of Issue 34, however if you want the current version here it Is.
Gold Disk's update of the beginner s layout program takes a different approach from the original. It has been completely rewritten In machine code for extra speed. Also, rather than having separate text-editing and picture-editing modules, it now lets you edit text on the page. It also uses Compugraphic scalable fonts throughout, so extra quality on printout is guaranteed. All In all, this is the next best thing to professional-quality DTP on the Amiga. A full and detailed manual Is included.
Description Price Order Code PageSetter 2 £50 PAGE UP Description Graphics Workshop gou mss Sequencer One Plus £39.95 AM235 MAIL ORDER Spectracolor Oxxi-Aegis actually produced Spectracolor before they made the Junior version featured on the Coverdisk of Amiga Format
35. It was the first HAM paint program to use full brush anima
tion, In the style of Deluxe Paint. Its powerful features
make it a must for anyone who wants to do real animation in
4,096 colours, and it also has a number of unique
innovations: Brush Wraps Advanced PAINT Modes Air Brush Brush
Animation - including curved path animation with fades and
simple morphing.
But this upgrade, specially arranged through Amiga Format Mall Order, doesn’t stop there. You’ll also receive a program disk, plus a sample tutorial disk and an In-depth 300-page manual that will take you through countless examples and techniques showing you precisely why Spectracolor is such an excellent paint-and-animation package.
CanDo - latest version If you want to start learning about programming a computer then you can’t go far wrong with Innovatronlcs’ applications generator’ CanDo. With this package you’ll be able to create a variety of applications, from accounts packages to complete multimedia information systems that encapsulate all the elements that have made this subject the talking point that it has become in recent years.
Other programs can also draw upon CanDo's ability to use sampled sounds, IFF images and even animations, and If you have Workbench 2 you can even use CanDo to control other applications on even hardware devices using Arexx scripts.
Innovatronlcs have been listening to requests from the people who used the original version of this powerful multimedia package, and the latest version 1.6 of the full professional CanDo program has a number of updates in accordance with their requests. Among these is full support for the gameport device, which means you can even write games with it! The program comes with a full and detailed manual, which could make all the difference for aspiring CanDo programmers.
Description Pnce Order Code CANDO C89.9S CANUP Price Order Code C29.99 SPECT UP V s 0 5 £ ** c E k £ St i 13 O + 2 ?
11' 3
o UJ ! So z a
o o 3* UJ Ui SPECIAL OFFERS We pick out top-quality software and
indispensable hardware for you and your Amiga, and we deliver
them to you at bargain prices.
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0458 74011 Make sure you check out our amazing back issues and subscription offer on page 209!
Mini Office C59.99 AFMinOff Two for one C24.99 AFMcgSam 0 § CD m 70 Amiga Format Mail Order Technosound Turbo C29.95 AF246 10 Great Games C24.99 AFGGComp Award Winners Comp C20.99 AF245 Specially designed for the beginner who wants to learn about programming but doesn’t know eher to start, Easy AMOS is far more than just a programming language. Based on the highly successful AMOS, it has many helpful examples and detailed explanations to help you learn.
The Amiga Format star buys 512K Expansion Admittedly this 512K memory expansion from WTS In the UK Isn’t the most glamorous looking piece of hardware that you're ever likely to see for your Amiga. But looks are not everything, because It gets the Job done, and It also means we can bring all you 512K users out there the memory expansion that you need, but for the lowest possible price!
It comes with a battery-backed-up clock, so you need never set the time again. More and more software is being produced now that will only work properly if you have a one megabyte machine: and if you don’t have an expansion, then you’re also missing out on the complete full-price programs that are part of the Amiga Format Collection, like Vista, brought to you on Coverdisk 33, PageSetter (Coverdisk
34) . Spectracolor (35), CanDo (36) or last month's excellent
IntroCAD. So now you can expand your mind and your Amiga. Get
Description ... S12K RAM Expansion.. ..Order Code AM237 Fun School 4 id 205 OCTOBER 1992 Stop moaning about the games that are too easy or too difficult: get out there and write your own with this amazing offer package! Start with AMOS, the amazing Basic-like language designed to help you get great results with ease. Add AMOS 3D so that you can create your own 3D games and simulations as well! Then, when you want to run them from a disk, with the AMOS Compiler all your AMOS creations wil run faster and use less disk space.
Are you sick of your kids just blasting away at swarms of mutant aliens? Do you want them to be eager to learn something useful from their Amiga, other than what the level codes are for the latest game to hit the top of the Penguin charts?
Well fret no longer, because the latest versions of the top-selling home educational programs are now available through Amiga Format Mall Order!
The Fun School series from Europress Software alms to teach some of the basic educational skills to children, but to do it via enjoyable games. The new series comes in three different flavours, and it is aimed at three different age groups: Teddy looks after the under fives, Freddie the Frog caters for the flve-to-seven year olds, while Sammy the Spy is there for eight-to-elevens. Each age level has six different games, which teach and test various facts and concepts.
Description .....Price ..Order Code Teddy Disk ....£17.99 AM231 Frog Disk ......£17.99 AM232 Spy
Disk .£17.99 AM233 ..Price..... ..£25.99.. £89.95 AFAmBun l»KSK TOP VIDIO PI- KII'lll kAI.S - UKNMX'KS & VIDIO l)U.11 INI KS |ROCGEN PLUS £129.99a wpetbvaloe Genlock with separate overlay & dissolve controls | «.RGB nm thro, Ideally peered with Ac ROCKEY for more advanced. And truly professional cffcctt- ROCKEY £239.99 This add-on unit for the ROCGEN Plus, give* you icceu to professional effects such as chroma keying, luma keying, key io window. Graphic*
overlay, key thru ere IIANDY SCANNER £99.99 o our experience, (his is by 1st the best hand scaooer in this price bracket. Comprises 400dpi, 64 Level Grey Scale scanner. DATASCAN PRO 2 software & pm.
VIDI 'The CompleteSolution' £139.99 Comprises Vidi, RGB Splitter* Vldichrome RGB SPI.IMER Rombo Fjedrcruc type £57.99 Enables colour imjgra lobe grabbed.
NEW VIDI 12 DIGITISER please phone for low price SUPERP1C- £499.99 Frame grabber, high quality digitiser & genlock In one professional unit.
SUPERPIC ANIMATE £*29.99 COLOURPIC £419.99 Full colour high quality COLOUPIC ANIMATE £529.99 frame grabber* digitiser.
CABARET FORCOLOURPIC SUPERPIC£28.99 CABARET PLUS £87.99 _ RENDALE SUPER 8802SVHS GENLOCK £499.99 S-VHS Input output lor dearer colour reproducer. I G2 VIDEOCENTRE PLUS - SUPERB £1099.99 Ask for brochure! I MEDIASTATION £139.99 Comprises DIGIVIEW GOLD quality video sdigitiier. (the best for use with a camera) « DIGIPAINT 3 graphic* editor ? ELAN PERFORMER.
AMI SUPERCARD £34.99 | ACTION REPLAY BDRA500 £57.99 ACTION REPLAY FOR 2000 £67.99 NB. Making backup* without the permit Ion of the copynght holder i* illegal.
- --------DNS: by game*) INAKSHA MOUSE ? OPERTN STEALTH 1
operated Two way Rem switch enables you r of 2 Workbench roms.
To switch over, just held downCootrol Amlefl Amiga keys until
you hear a bleep.
To warm start with the current rom, simply release the keys before the bleep - le within about 4 seconds.
Fit* hut please state which Amiga you have when ordering. No soldering. & only the existing rom chip to be removed (unlike other types), Yourwanranly is unattected it titled by us- fitting I other types), Yc charge f 15.00. KICKSTART 1.3 ROM KICKSTART 104 ROM OFFICIAL WK8.NCH 2 UPGRADE KIT FATTER AGNUS 8372A SUPER DENISE GARY 8520A I O CHIP (Drive & printer port) A520 MODULATOR AMIGA INTERNAL DRIVE MAINS SUPPRESSOR BLOCK 4WAY UPRATED A500 POWER PACK AMIGA REPAIR SERVICE FIXED PRICE REPAIRS FROM £44.99 (Excludes, keyboard, psu* disk drive We reserve the right to decline uneconomic repairs) £3
EXTERNAL DRIVE POWER SUPPLY £29.99 This new product powers up to3 external Amiga floppy disk drives. By relieving the Amiga pow.. | supply of this burden (for which it was not designed), you will increase its reliability consideraHy. Just
• FOR A 500 500* 1500 2000
HIRES MONITOR £249.99 TRILOGIC mmmmmmm I These uni Is enable
you to coroect upto 4 j peripherals to your Amiga's printer
port. They j come complete with free Amiga connecting lead j
worth £10.99. Fitted with Tf sockets as on the | Amiga so your
peripheral* just plug straight In.
I 2way -£24.99: 3way -£27.99: 4way- £29.99. UNIT 1 ag: 2to4 wayPrinter Sharers also available.
253 NEW WORKS RD, I BRADFORD, BDI2 0QP r HOW TO ORDER. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT j FAST, RETURN OF POST MAILORDER SERVICE* | Order by phone using your ACCESS, VISA, SWITCH CONNECT or AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD, g Order by Mail - sending cheque, bankers draft cc postal order* made payable toTRilOGIC.
Please add part postage & packing of £ 1XX» lo orders under £100 or £100 to orders over £100.
• Optional 48hr delivery - add £350. Overnight carrier - add
£550. (May lake longer ter outlying, remoter areas. (Uk
Mainland only). Saturday delivery -add £12-00. Dalapost service
available P.O. A. EXPORT ORDERS WELCOME No vat-deduct 171 2%,
but add carriageat cost.
Open Mon-Fri 8 till 6, Sal 8-4pm. *Fcr orders received betore 3pm & subject to goods being in stock.
Caller* welcome-we're easy lo find, just 15milesfrcm the M61 Easy parking.
Leave M62at junction 26, take A638 to Bradford, uphill, alter about 15 miles * |i»t n lett opposite a Pomai' £29.99 Just plug In place of existing rom No soldering £39.99 Upgrade your 1J Amiga-just plug In.
£79.99 New Rom & full workbench 2 manuals & disk*.
£30.99 £39.99 £39.99 £15.99 £29.99 £59.99 £1199 £39.99 GVP G-FORCE 68030 ACCLR from £599.99 GVP G-FORCE 68040 (28MHz) ACCLR £1999 PC286 EMULATOR FOR GVP DRIVES £249.99 KCS PC CARD v3 ? DQS4. £204.99 KCS WITHOUT MSDOS £189.99 KCS 2000 PC BOARD ADAPTOR £64.99 | ATONCE PLUS 16MHz PC EMULATOR £219.99j IMPACT VISION IV24 VIDEOCARD £1549 | A1500 2000 ADAPTOR FOR ABOVE £39.99 ALL GVP PRODUCTS AVAILABLE STEREO SAMPLER 2 'STEREO SAMPLER 2 use, a *Ute of the art A Dchio which samples so fast, it captures every detail of the sound. Sampling rale* In excess of 100.000 sample* per second are poaeible
(software dependant)! External control knob enables quick setting ot correct signal level.
Superb Free sampling software offer* adjustable sampling rates and much much more. Fully compatible with all popular sampling software.
_ONLY £34.99 COMPLETE SUPERFI 2 STEREO SYSTEM We've looked Ngh & low fee a POWERFUL, QUALITY STEREO speaker system for use with Computers, Keyboards, Stereo VCRs, Satellite Systems* Walkmans. Now we’ve found crre - It's a 20 watt per channd, directly mains powered (no separate psu), 3 way speaker system. It has Baas, Treble * Volume controls* comes complete with connecting leads. Freq response: 32Hz-20KHz horn the heavy Bass Reflex ported enclosures. Size approx I37*210*125mm; colour Black.
AVAILABLE-LATEST EDITIONS each £28.95 VIDIA PACESTREAM GUIDE £4.95 LITTLE BLUE WORKBENCH 2 BOOK £14.95 PRO MIDI INTERFACE 2 Cxir uniaue 5 port Midi Interface 2 has In, Out & Thru sockets plus two additional switchable sockets which you use as either Cxit or Thru sockets-very useful. CompatIHe with all Amlgas & Amiga aonviwv. NOW ONLY £2499 TDK35’DISKS-BRANDEDPKOF10 £8.99 150 CAPACITY STACKABLE POSSO BOX£19.99 100 CAPACITY 33' DISK BOX £8.99* 4050 CAPACITY 33* DISK BOX £6.99-
Waterproof * moulded lofil snugly over I each key, but flexible enough to type thru.
| AMIGA 500,500., 1500,2000 £1199 (State which when ordering please) I ASO VA5* - ANTISTATIC DUST COVQl £4.99 1 I COM000 D COVER • 2 PIECE CI2.W 113Q&TXO KEYBOARD COVER CX99 EXTERNAL W DRIVE COVHl £3.99 LOTS MORE TYPES IN STOCK CONNECT SWITCH DELTA AMERICAN EXPRESS AMKiA 500 PLUS £34*).99 2 MEG VERSION C389.W NEW LOW .PRICE, i'DFTD WARRANTIES For only £44.99 your Amiga can be covered against repairs due to breakdown 4c ACCIDENTS for three years. Covers ALL
* 4c labour. Must be taken out within 30 days of purehase.
Amlli 500 1.3 onli £2X9.99 AMIGA SUPERMARKET SALES: 0274 691115 I lir rawDRivP ACCESSORIES PACK£29.99
• TV MODULATOR .WORKBENCH 1 J. We can supply A fit our Rom Switch
complete with I
2. 04 rom for jual £69.99 without Invalidating your warranty.
STATION fit. O*«t Amlg. 09.99 rll'H r*v*r»n diut ov«(, mih m.t
A loyMkfc momr nHoio* rockrta.
R. MI Bo*h pllBB“ h*v* fa'"** *“*“ * kotr. Lor moo* oy*tkk
rxun.lon aock.li. Monitor Sutlon ha* ml ont for hard drivt m
£7.44 pair if!! MON1TOIHLMWITO BASEIT nw ; scakt SWITCH . .ui
. ,* i.,»u f« aai rv. £i«„ J ''" EiuMt* any two tearl Itad* to
ba roaaacted to *ay Iv with on« artri aockaL £13.44 Fb(|j,
1.pnta can t « uad lor comp.Ui. or VCR* ak € AUDIO LEAD WHERE
APPLICABLE SION LEAD rIMaiW* ov.rk.ag CI499 AL* for Amilitd
CPOtCtltS monllor (wtlk no tomtd) AUB lot iww Amdrid CPC »kr«o
monilco AL7 lor 10**» monitor with S pin DU .odut AL7P tor
lSM tOSte MU with Spin D Mckrt At.11 with « ptn D plug lor
MltiayiK mrmilon Altl with 15 pin 3row rorktl lor mialUiynx
monitor* AllJ with Ispin 3 row pin* lor mnlil.yiK monitor*
FUCKER FIXER LEAD - 4 plug to tSw.y 5 raw plug . 14" SCREEN .
SUPERB PICTURE DUST COVER £7.99 I» 1 MEG RAM Indudes software
pack I »TWIN 3.5"DRIVES comprising: Dpalnt 3, Heme I _ wop
vnFvrH 7 Accounts, The Works, Elf, I .WORKBENCH 2 Tdd, Puzznic
4c Get the Most I AMIGA 1500 200 ADDONS from Your Amiga*.
9 MEG MEMORY CARD (unpop) £79.99 I 1 meg *9 SIMMs 2,4,or9 required £24.99 I SCSI CONTROLLER CARD £99-99 GVP 52MEG HARD DRIVE £279.99 GVP 120MEG HARD DRIVE £419.99 J ROCLITE RF392CSUML1NEDRIVE£56.99 ICUMANA CAX 354 3.5’ DRIVE £59.99 1 All drives feature thru port 4c disable switch.
Uriagmore Sun on* txMnul drivt ?-you »ttd © rr unit - Mt oppo*tt« ptgt for dtUlW.
MONO COLOUR | CITIZEN 120D+ now down in price £129.99 Budget buy.
I Good budget 9 pin, with tractor & friction feeds.
CITIZEN SWIFT 9 £169.99 £189.99 j 192epa draft, 46cpa NLQ,4 font*. Friction & tractor feed*. Paper park. Low coat 1 ribbons. 2yr warranty.
CITIZEN SWIFT 9X B W wide carriage £319.99 ] CITIZEN SWIFT 224D COLOUR £224.99 £239.99 | 192cpa draft, 64 p» NLQ, a simplified version of the Swift 24, similar print quality.
J CITIZEN SWIFT 24E £264.99 £289.99 I The What Micro Best buy budget 24 pin printer.New ’E' model is J even better - 2l6cps 72cpe NLQ I CITIZEN SWIFT 24X wide carriage I CITIZEN PROJET INKJET PRINTER £399.99 £414.99 ASK ABOUT THE NEW CITIZEN L240 RANGE a I Special Introductory price -300dpi Laser quality. Fast 4c very quiet,i j RICOH LP1200 LASER PRINTER £799.99 I 6ppm, 300dpi (400dpi with extra ram) A4 paper.
SEIKOSHA SP1900 budget printer £124.99 FREE DRIVER DISK WITH ALL CITIZEN PRINTERS Printer lead jut £3.49 extra with all printers.
F PRINTER LEADS & ACCESSOR | AMPllJm PRINTER LEAD £9.99 1AMP2 3m PRINTER LEAD £12.99 | AMP3 5m PRINTER LEAD £16.99 IMF1 2SWAY M-F LEAD 2m £10.99 | Mml 2SWAY M-M LEAD 2m £10.99 ij MM2 36W M-M LEAD 2m £12.99 PRINTERS PRINTER SHARER 2 WAY £21.99 Inc lead 12 PIECE PRINTER STAND £7.99 | UNIVERSAL PRINTER STAND £12.99 for all ij 90 column printera - metal frame type.
11 ACROSS LABELS 33‘xl J*£7.99 pack of 1000 ij FANFOLD PAPER H'jrt-S’£21.M box of 2000 | MICROPERPORATED - CLEAN TEAR OFF 1 MONO RJBBONS £4.99 each for CITIZEN 1120D SW1F7 9 24 224 124: STARLC10 29 LC15 124-KVNB2V10 NX1000; AMSTRAD DMP2000 13000 31SO 400Q PCW9256; BROTHER HR1 j M1009 M1224- COMMODORE MPS801 803; I OKI 182 192 32032; lPANASONIC KXP1091 11090; SHINWA CP80; EPSON MX FXRXSO lOO H COLOUR RIBBONS ALL £15.99 each I for SWIFT 9 24 224 LC1OLC20 LC200 LC24- 1 200. (Gtizen wide carriage ribbona - POA) j PRINTER DUST COVERS £7.99. ij For popular Citizen 4c Sur printera - pleaae atate
printer when ordering.
MEMORY UPGRADES MIGA 500 PLUS upgrade TO 2 MEGS £39.99 | Just plugs in. No sol dering. Warranty unaffected. Gives you 2|j ¦MsintotaV.
A500 500+ l 2megwithout clock A500 500+ l 2megupgrade with dock £21.99 £24.99 § AMIGA 600 lmeg + clock (unpopulated) £29.99 AMIGA 600 lmeg + clock complete £49.99 (* VI* 11 Altl) DRIVES DAI AH.YI.H EXPRESS AMIGA 5110 500. HARD DRIVt INI I. RI At ES j GVP SERIES II HD8+ 52 Meg now only £359.99 j GVP SERIES II HD8+ 60 Meg now only £359.99 I GVP SERIES II HD8+ 120meg now only £479.99 I GVP SERIES II HC8 + 52meg now only £279.99 I GVP SERIES II HC8 + 120meg now only £419.99 1MEG SIMMS FOR GVP (4meg max) each £24.99 I 4MEG SIMMS FOR GVP each £89.99 | GVP A530 68030 (40MHz) ? 52M HARD DRIVE, 1
MEG RAM j EXPANDABLE TO 8 MEGS. A3000 PERFORMANCE £729.99 COMMODORE A590+ & A590 UPGRADES 1 A590 ? (no ram) 20meg drive. £279.99 j A590 52meg QUANTUM SCSI upgrade - easy to fit £209.99 J A590 120meg QUANTUM SCSI upgrade - easy to flt£349.99 J A590 45meg NEC SCSI upgrade - easy to fit £189.99 | A590 105meg NEC SCSI upgrade -easy to fit £299.99 A590 MEMORY CHIPS £24.99 M EG I A590 2ND DRIVE HOUSING 4c SCSI CABLE £49.99 j Comprises steel case, cable 4c power socket. Can use A590 psu.
CUMANA COM301 ST506 DRIVE INTERFACE £59.99 Feature 1 2 meg ram & battery backed dock, plus ST506 hard drive j .interface for old PC drives. (Cables 4c power supply required) ycnuiocic miB*or rn... h it.
This brand new, Dataflyer Hard Drive Interface Is Intended to outperform all current Amiga 500 4c 500 Plus Hard Drive Interfaces. Simply flt your Seal or Ide hard drive unit Into the case, (mounting hardware supplied), load the Autoinstall software, follow the step by step on screen instruction*, 4c within minutes, your Past 4c Powerful Datatlyer Express will be ready to use. Both Ide 4c SCSI types can be upgraded to combined IDE SCSI dual interface.
_ M*y ** rt iirrd tor fully populated memory version. PSU £34.99 14. OtSfti v,„iwu 0Mf upR„d.w. u du.i ryp.. BACK ISSUES Bade Issues OCTOBER 1992 ISSUE 30 Huge XMAS special with two complete full-price programs!
ISSUE 31 Beginners' special plus how to make your own games.
ISSUE 32 Every single CDTV disc available is under review.
ISSUE 26 Deluxe Paint IV- exdusive di