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Of the best and most T ft interesting things you can buy for your Amiga... AMIGA format • 501 guide • JANUARY 1994 s: j*f-m *A-r* Popcorn. Serious Hardware 4 Of course the Amiga's excellent already, but you can make it faster, stronger and more useful by adding extra hardware. Here's what to look at. Serious Software 6 There are an enormous amount of things you can do with an Amiga, from writing letters to designing magazines. Find out more right now! Games Hardware 10 Gamer's heaven isn't all about games: the right joystick is an important choice, and you'll discover some other crucial extras too... A cocktail of delights awaits you, courtesy of the world's best-selling Amiga magazine! Games Software 11 ' Our selection of 100 of the best games currently ** j available for the Amiga should keep you playing Bs fe-;: | ® happily for about six years... Vp | “I ?Lj f.-fK-i « .3-* Public Domain 15 *gf Really and honestly, there's superb software of tfUGA all kinds to be had for no more than the price of t a floppy disk. Discover it now on page 15! Miscellaneous 17 We've got all sorts of treats here, from how you can get software worth £269 for only £5, to a way of improving your screen display for £7! Supplier List 19 , Here's where to look for the addresses and tele- - phone numbers of the people who sell the stuff. Pedi9ree chum: Amiga f°rmat h s bteen the top Amiga magazine in the UK for four years With thanks to Dave at the Old Orleans Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, 1 St Andrew s Terrace, Bartlett Street, Bath. BA12QR. Tel 0225 333233 INDI £349.99 (50Mb) SILICA INDI SILICA

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Of the best and most T ft interesting things you can f £ (y £ £ J buy for your Amiga... AMIGA format • 501 guide • JANUARY 1994 s: j*f-m *A-r* Popcorn.
Serious Hardware 4 Of course the Amiga's excellent already, but you can make it faster, stronger and more useful by adding extra hardware. Here's what to look at.
Serious Software 6 There are an enormous amount of things you can do with an Amiga, from writing letters to designing magazines. Find out more right now!
Games Hardware 10 Gamer's heaven isn't all about games: the right joystick is an important choice, and you'll discover some other crucial extras too... A cocktail of delights awaits you, courtesy of the world's best-selling Amiga magazine!
Games Software 11 ' Our selection of 100 of the best games currently ** j available for the Amiga should keep you playing Bs fe-;: | ® happily for about six years... Vp | “I ?Lj f.-fK-i « .3-* Public Domain 15 *gf Really and honestly, there's superb software of tfUGA all kinds to be had for no more than the price of t a floppy disk. Discover it now on page 15! Miscellaneous 17 We've got all sorts of treats here, from how you can get software worth £269 for only £5, to a way of improving your screen display for £7!
Supplier List 19 , Here's where to look for the addresses and tele- - phone numbers of the people who sell the stuff. Pedi9ree chum: Amiga f°rmat h s bteen the top Amiga magazine in the UK for four years With thanks to Dave at the Old Orleans Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, 1 St Andrew s Terrace, Bartlett Street, Bath. BA12QR. Tel 0225 333233 INDI £349.99 (50Mb) SILICA INDI SILICA From £199 (42Mb, no RAM) MEW HORIZON From £169 (4Mb) 3 GVP HC8+ For IDE A4000, add faster SCSI for up to seven devices, including an on-board hard drive, and RAM.
LO MICROBOTICS MBX1200Z High-quality but expensive card with FPU as standard. Choice of FPU speeds and choice of RAM up to 4Mb.
SILICA From £129 (0Mb, no RAM) 1st COMPUTER £119.95 (0Mb +68881) From £149 (no RAM) POWER SILICA £70 POWER From £96.95 (0Mb + 68881) 6 ICD TRIFECTA Faster SCSI2 hard drive interface, plus drive too if you want, for A500 and A2000, from respected US maker.
13 SUPRA RAIVI Simple but excellent for A500s - just a box that plugs on side and takes up to 8Mb. With expansion pass-thru.
POWER From £239 (A2000 80Mb) 1st COMPUTER From £159.95 (2Mb) £129.99 Hard disk drives First upgrade for anyone who's serious about their Amiga. Store all programs and files on one big disk, and slash access times when starting up programs. Many games now make full use of Hds too.
A1200 and A600 owners will probably opt for the simple IDE internal unit, but make sure your warranty isn't invalidated.
1 DATAFLYER 500 Cheap no-frills external drive for A500 that can be taken out of its case and put in A1500 2000.
7 OVERDRIVE PCMCIA First drive to use this connector on A600 and A1200. It's good and very fast, if a shade poor on build quality.
SI VARE DEMON From £249 (85Mb) 5 ICD AD-IDE 2 PRIIVIA A500 owners, catch up with A1200 by installing IDE miniature internal drive inside your Amiga with this interface.
4 GVP SCSI RAM-*- (A1200) Board adds a vital SCSI port for expansions inc hard drives, as well as space for RAM and 68882 FPU.
2 GVP IMPACT II HD8+ From the world's largest maker of Amiga hardware: the best A500 hard drive (add up to 8Mb RAM, too).
TRILOGIC POWER SILICA RAIVI expansions More memory is important for graphics, music, video, and especially DTP. An expansion of 4Mb will give enough for most needs, while 8Mb should be enough for anything, right up to colour scans.
A500 and 'big box' Amiga owners will prefer to add RAM in the form of SIMM chips to a hard drive card.
8 AMITEK PCMCIA Simple and tiny 'credit card' expansion for A1200 and A600 - just plug in and go. In 2Mb and 4Mb (£179) sizes.
Accelerators Fast 32-bit RAM and the addition of FPUs will speed machines up, but for mathsintensive software like 3D modelling and DTP a faster processor is the biz.
9 BLIZZARD 1200 Gold-rated, "brilliant", tiny 4Mb RAM expansion uses surface mount technology. Also room for you to add FPU.
12 PCI 208 Power's new A1200 expansion can be fitted with 2Mb to 8Mb RAM in one SIMM slot, plus choice of FPUs.
11 PCI 204 Power's older A1200 RAM expansion is now down in price. Add 4Mb RAM plus choice of go-fast co-processors.
From £185.95 (4Mb) From £119 (2Mb) 17 GVP A1230 TURBO+ A beauty. With 68EC030 at 40MHz it's faster than an A4000 030 and has room for FPU and up to 32Mb RAM.
SILICA From £249 (no RAM or FPU) 18 GVP A530 An HD8+ hard drive for the A500 with added 40MHz 68030 accelerator. Very good indeed, now much cheaper.
SILICA From £499 (42Mbf 1Mb RAM) 19 GVP G-FORCE Quality range for big-box Amigas: eg 68030 at 25MHz (£699), '030 at 50MHz
(999) to '040 at 33MHz (£1299).
20 MICROBOTICS MBX1230 40MHz or 50MHz (wow! - but £499) 68030 card for A1200 with space for FPU, one SIMM socket (2-16Mb RAM).
INDI From £299 (OMb 4QMHz) 21 SUPRA TURBO 28 Simple slot-on box for edge connector of A500 with speedier 28MHz version of 68000 - very good value.
14 BLIZZARD 1230 TURBO Good 68030 with choice of FPU shapes and sizes and one SIMM slot for anything from 4Mb to 64Mb RAM.
HARWOOD £245 (no RAM or FPU) 15 CBIVI A2630 Commodore's standard accelerator for A1500 2000, 25MHz 68030 plus 2Mb RAM (room for 2Mb more).
16 CSA 12-GAUGE A1200 card with 50MHz 68030, FPU slot and one SIMM slot for 4-32Mb RAM, good s'ware: scored 89% in AF.
Adding extra hardware can make your already powerful Amiga an even faster and more useful tool.
1st COMP CENTRE £369.99 (2Mb) £369.99 (2Mb) From £399 22 ZEUS 040 Not just 33MHz 68040 for the A1500 2000, but also up to 64Mb of Printers For cheap, quality black-and-white, bubblejets are the thing nowadays, but there is still a difficult choice to be made if you want full colour at anything like a reasonable price; and lasers remain the most desirable for quality DTP.
28 CANON BJ-200 BUBBLEJET The most recent of the acclaimed B8rW inkjet range. Excellent printing, 95% Format Gold rating.
PHOENIX £309.99 RAM and SCSI 2. Very powerful.
MICROPACE UK £1199 (no RAM) ¦Vlonitors You can't seriously use any Amiga with a TV, so get a good monitor. All except A500 owners, especially A1200 people, will want a monitor that can show the enhanced and AGA screen modes.
27 PHILIPS PR0200 TV MONITOR Good compromise for the bedroom, with TV tuner, good sound, 14" FST tube and RGB SCART input.
HARWOOD £239.95 32 PANASONIC KX-P4410 LASER Cheap but effective 5 pages per minute B8rW laser, with free copy of Wordworth AGA software.
INDI £499.99 23 CBM 1084S Now very good value, the standard gamer's monitor for non-AGA modes.
Stereo sound, in black or cream.
INDi £179.99 25 CBM 1942 Excellent dual sync monitor, like the 1940 but with higher resolution display for better colour and clarity.
SILICA £399 26 PHILIPS CM8833 Mk2 The long-term gamer's favourite, with better picture quality than the official 1084S. Free game, too.
HARWOOD £199.95 24 CBM 1940 Official dual sync monitor for use with AGA screen modes. Cruder screen tube than 1942, but cheaper.
SILICA £299 29 CANON BJ-600C New colour version of the classic 360dpi bubblejet gives very good, rich colour and B8iW printing.
PHOENIX £599 31 PANASONIC KX-P2123 Probably the quietest dot matrix machine, a cheap colour 24-pin with free Wordworth AGA software.
INDI £219.99 30 HP DESKJET 500C Alternative to a bubblejet is the older inkjet design: this excellent colour version is now very good value.
HARWOOD £309.95 33 STAR SJ-144 INKJET Tiny, quiet machine gives excellent colour output with thermal system.
£514.99 £119 £199 SILICA £545 £999 SILICA INDI SILICA INDI £159 £1,299 £49.95 £300 £99 VORTEX £134.99 £99 DATEL £223.99 £299 £149 £945 ACS £189.99 £59.99 LOLA £493.99 £739 £699 £74.99 £79 £99.95 £119.99 £495.99 43 USR SPORTSTER As used in the AF office, this is a fast, 14,400 baud, cheap and reliable fax machine that looks like a Stylophone.
PHOENIX_£249.99 Video hardware It's not all genlocks in the video world: there are also automatic editing systems and we've included a pair of 24-bit systems that are directed more or less entirely at video usage.
Modems Leisure uses are numerous - playing online games and downloading PD software from BBSs - but the practical uses of a modem are really coming into their own nowadays, especially for sending faxes.
40 SUPRA 2400 Pretty speedy at 2400 baud (bits per second) but now one of the cheapest.
Very well-made and reliable.
Emulators Run software from other machines: bring work home from a computer that you might use at work, school or college. A clever alternative to buying a completely new computer.
34 CBIVI A2286AT Older 286 Bridgeboard for big-box machines is slow, but also uses PC cards and is now on cheap offer.
37 GVP PC-286 A newer variant of the AT-Once board adapted to a card that fits in the GVP Impact HD8 hard drives. Not bad.
35 CBM A2386SX Official release is newest and fastest on the market for PC emulation. Very good in big box with PC cards added.
1st COMPUTER 1st COMPUTER 1st COMPUTER BLITTERSOFT TRILOGIC £159.99 SILICA £459 41 SUPRA FAX MODEM V32 Top-quality 14,400 baud machine with fax capability if you use the GP Fax software at £49.99 extra.
39 VORTEX AT-ONCE Decent AT-style PC emulator on a card for trapdoor of A500. Runs CGA gfx, uses extra RAM. Needs MS-DOS.
36 EMPLANT The latest Macintosh emulator, for big-box Amigas, is unique in doing colour. Good, needs lots of hardware.
38 KCS PC POWERBOARD Good 286 PC emulator is faster than many real Pcs, if limited in RAM size and to CGA graphics. With MS-DOS.
42 USR COURIER HST Professional-style 16.8 Mhz (the top speed possible) machine, includes software and upgradeable to fax.
But slow and dear to run.
1st COMPUTER BITCOIU Graphics hardware Professional DTP, graphics and video mostly means more colours to the 24-bit 'true colour' standard, so for the most part this means 24-bit cards to fit in big- box Amigas from the A1500 to A4000.
69 DCTV Pseudo true colour box gives A500 gorgeous graphics, plus amazing paint and image processing s'ware.
HOBBYTE £376.99 70 EGS SPECTRUM Retargetable 24-bit card using GVP standard has important advantages for future compatibility.
SILICA £349 (1Mb) 71 HARLEQUIN 32-BIT CARD The first true colour card out, and Video genlocks To use your Amiga to produce titles for your videos, or even some yet fancier Amiga-generated special effects, you'll need a genlock that mixes a video picture into the blank areas on Amiga graphics.
49 G2 VIDEOCENTRE PLUS That rare beast, a professional-quality genlock, for those who take their video work seriously. Not cheap!
46 VIDEO DIRECTOR Gold Disk's equivalent of the CamLink video editing system works just as well and is a lot cheaper.
50 MINIGEN The original budget genlock, now at a special price. Doesn't give superb quality, but great for beginners.
G2 SYSTEMS Price TBA £199.95 £49.95 SILICA SILICA 45 GVP IV-24 II Video system on Toaster lines includes 24-bit card, video interface, genlock, grabber and classy software.
51 RENDALE 8802S Probably the standard semi-professional genlock, giving a decent, clean signal, but naturally quite expensive.
47 VIDEO PILOT V330I Format Gold-rated video editing system: gives the best results, but costs a lot, so only for serious enthusiasts.
48 VIDEO TOASTER PAL NewTek's top special effects system now on PAL systems with the Prime Image PAL adaptor. A4000 version.
52 ROCGEN Decent low-price genlock with composite input and output and fade control knob.
AICO INTERNATIONAL MERIDIAN TRILOGIC 44 CAMLINK EDITMATE Edit control system that includes remote control emulator. Notes positions of footage and compiles tape.
Still one of the best. From UK specialists with lots of technical support.
ACS From £929 (1.5Mb) 72 OPALVISION 2 A major contender not just for the excellent 24-bit hardware but also for the superb OpalPaint software.
INDI £349.99 73 PICASSO II Probably one of the cheapest 24-bit cards around, will run Workbench, plus free Personal Paint software.
1st COMPUTER £289.99 (1Mb) 74 RAINBOW III Combined 24-bit card and video controller, features 4Mb video RAM and resolutions to 1600x1280.
HOBBYTE £1489.99 Scanners For decent DTP work, you want to be able to scan in your pictures, get them on the screen, then put them on the page and be able to print them out. The ideal way is to scan them in with a scanner: anything from small black-and-white to full-size A4 colour is possible.
59 EPSON GT6500 Probably the best professional scanner around at the moment, for 600dpi resolution, A4 24-bit colour work.
Video digitisers More tools for producing graphics than actually for video work, these systems can be used either to 'scan' in pictures using a video camera, or to steal pictures from (possibly moving) videotape.
55 VIDEOMASTER Cheap video digitiser for beginners, though frankly bears no comparison with the similar VIDI system.
60 POWERSCAN 4 Probably the best of the hand-held 1st COMPUTER POWER £299 £129 58 V-LAB Absolutely superb digitiser on a card for big-box machines. AF Gold 96% rated, but by no means cheap.
56 VIDI-12 Very excellent frame grabber updated for AGA from an old classic and now in real-time for TV grabs.
54 ROCKEY Superb system that allows keying into video signal and lots of clever effects: not a genlock at all!
1st COMPUTER 1st COMPUTER £139 53 ROCGEN PLUS Better than its rival, Lola's Minigen Pro, this mid-level system scores on build quality and works with RocKey.
57 VID1-24 Even more amazing is Rombo's latest 24-bit digitiser. Full AGA support and now also in real time!
IV I iscel laneous A second disk drive might come in handy, but we've got some other interesting items on offer here too. Removable media, for example, is another 'must have' for the DTP or video specialist.
62 2MB CHIP RAM CARD Update the A500 to greater Chip RAM for sound samples and animation.
Trapdoor slot still works.
The Retina card is one of many 24-bit cards now available at good prices.
75 RETINA 24-BIT CARD The original cheap 'n' simple 24-bit framebuffer can also handle animations and run Workbench programs.
ACS £345 (1Mb) 64 GENIUS GRAPHICS DRAWING TABLET To make drawing much more natural than with a mouse, draw on this input tablet instead. Easy!
67 SYQUEST REMOVABLE CARTRIDGE DRIVE Store 105Mb of data on removable cartridges: that way, you can carry it away with you. Professional use.
66 ROCLITE 3.5" DRIVE A second disk drive makes life a lot easier, and this one features a smart, compact, robust design.
61 SHARP JX-IOO A top professional colour flatbed A4 scanner available for Amiga use, with ASDG ScanLab 100 soft hardware.
68 XL 1.76MB DISK DRIVE Add a second floppy to any machine, but use it to store twice as much data, as in the A4000 internal.
1st COMPUTER GASTEINER POWER POWER POWER £129.99 POWER SHARP SILICA ... 65 MULTIFACE CARD 3 For big-box Amigas: add extra input and output ports the easy way, with two serial and one parallel.
63 A570 CD-ROM DRIVE For the first time, the A500 CD-ROM drive is a reasonable price. This and the CDPD disc is a fine bargain.
Scanners, in mono and colour versions with 256 greyscales in AGA.
ACS £599 100 TV SHOW PRO Slideshow-style package for chaining together anims and pictures with wipes and fades for video intros.
HOBBYTE £51.39 101 TV TEXT PRO Pre-AGA and non-HAM but otherwise a very capable video titling package, with three sets of fonts included.
'A -* r7.
HOBBYTE £79.50 1 I I 1 ft V".'. -7":' 1 LJ Or I 1 f - __ ft V S 5 .
7 - V jl ___¦ -- *7E 5 - 2:1 .f-f 41 Bft1ft- i e rj DTP and WP Packages like Wordworth and Final Copy, which have extensive layout and graphics features as well as being used for writing, blur the distinction: but they're still quite different from the top-quality professional DTP packages the Amiga boasts.
102 ART EXPRESSION AG A Illustration: very good but expensive rival to Professional Draw from makers of Pagestream DTP system.
SILICA £134.95 103 CYGNUS ED PRO 3.5 Text processor aimed mainly at programming: very easy to use and very fast, but no presentation features.
Graphics Most obviously paint packages, many of which are now true colour or AGA-sup- porting: but also animation utilities, image processing and special effects, and we've included 'desktop presentation' and 'multimedia' software here too.
76 ADORAGE Special effects combined with titles and logos, specifically for video work.
Easy way to semi-professional results.
MICROPACE UK £79.99 77 AJVIIGAVISION Multimedia authoring and presentation system developed originally for the A3000. Not bad, but outdated.
HOBBYTE £17.90 78 ART DEPTMENT PRO 3 Superb 24-bit image processing package with many file type conversions and processes, but no paint features.
1st COMPUTER £145.99 79 BRILLIANCE Outstanding and pretty recent AGA paint package with lots of very nice brush and shading effects.
PHOENIX £134.99 80 BROADCAST TITLER II Professional hi-res titles in 16 colours per line, with text animation. Now also in new AGA version at £60 more.
HOBBYTE £173.90 81 CAN DO 2 Sophisticated multimedia system in a programming style, which can be very effective but tricky to use.
PHOENIX £99.99 82 CINEIVIORPH Excellent video special effects package from GVP, for 'morphing' - blending - one image to another.
SILICA £49.95 83 DELUXE PAINT IV First in HAM for older machines, now in AGA version, still arguably the best in beginners' paint and animation.
HARWOOD £64.95 (ACA £74.95) 84 DELUXE VIDEO 3 Slightly aged but pretty effective system for chaining non-AGA anims into longer productions via a storyboard.
PHOENIX £69.99 85 DISNEY ANIMATION simple non-AGA 16-colour animation system is nice and fun for beginners but too limited to be a real tool.
HOBBYTE £56.90 86 HELM AF Gold-rated multimedia system or applications-creator, not simple to use but totally packed with features.
MICROPACE UK £89.95 87 HYPERBOOK Gold Disk's rather old Hypercard-style 'hot text' multimedia system is still useable, but very limited.
PHOENIX £44.99 88 IMAGE FX Top 24-bit image processing package from GVP allows you to work direct on the image on-screen. Excellent.
SILICA £199.95 89 IMAGE MASTER Black Belt's system is very similar to ImageFX; quality on-screen processing, lots of effects and morphing too!
PHOENIX £129.99 90 MAGIC LANTERN Animation utility aimed specifically at users of Retina and GDA 24-bit cards. For that use, it's very good.
MERIDIAN £99.95 91 MONTAGE 24 Speedy full 24-bit titling and graphics for video, but limited by lack of font support and non-multitasking.
MERIDIAN £329.95 92 MORPH PLUS ASDG's answer to GVP's Cinemorph is Format Gold-rated, quick and excellent for quality special effects.
POWER £149 93 PERSONAL PAINT AGA paint and image processing package is great on the latter, not so good on former. But it's cheap!
PHOENIX £46.99 94 R PAINT Speedy basic paint package designed specifically for use with Arexx - all the tools can be put into macros.
MERIDIAN £85 95 SCALA 500 Simple version for video titling - worth it for the classy fonts and graphics and for ease of use.
PHOENIX £79.99 96 SCALA PRO Full presentation system with wide range of fonts and clips for making video-based presentations.
PHOENIX £179.99 97 SYMPATICA II Superb hardware and software system for big-box Amigas for recording animations to U-Matic video.
HOBBYTE £329.99 98 TAKE 2 Cartoon animation system designed by Rombo for use with digitiser; good for that specific use, but limited.
PHOENIX £36.99 99 TV PAINT 2 Gorgeous 24-bit paint program: fast, intuitive and easy to use. The results can be fabulous: AF Gold-rated.
MERIDIAN £99.99 104 DESIGN WORKS Simple structured drawing illustration program from New Horizons: lacks professional features.
SILICA £49.95 105 EXCELLENCE! 3 Older-generation word processor with some layout and rather too limited graphics support.
HOBBYTE £89.95 106 EXPERT DRAW Good enough structured illustration program: but needs an additional font utility for Amiga scaled fonts.
HARWOOD £49 107 FINAL COPY II One of the major contenders in the WP with graphics stakes, but now superseded by Final Writer (below).
1st COMPUTER £66.99 108 FINAL WRITER AGA Softwood's advanced WP-plus-layout system provides Postscript support and sophisticated design features.
PHOENIX £114.99 109 FLOW So-called 'ideas-processor' or 'thought-processor helps you set ideas out logically before writing.
SILICA £79.95 IIO HOTLINKS EDITIONS Designed to add 'program linking' for immediate DTP updates between Pagestream and related products.
SILICA £69.95 111 INTERWORD Budget word processor now incorporated into the bundle Interoffice, (below), with other software.
KOMPART UK £33 112 KINDWORDS 3 Latest version of the first Amiga WP- plus-gfx system is a cheap contender, but Wordworth takes some beating.
1st COMPUTER £24.99 113 MIGRAPH OCR Scan printed typed text and convert it to editable text. Clever and effective.
Scanner is top-quality AGA colour.
GOLDEN IMAGE £399.99 118 PRO DRAW 3 Probably still the best structured drawing and illustration package in its recent AGA incarnation.
HOBBYTE £159.99 (with ProPage4) 119 PRO PAGE 4.1 The latest professional DTP package updated for complete AGA support: thoroughly excellent professional kit.
PHOENIX £99.95 124 QUICKWRITE 3.1 Very simple, at the time very cheap, word processor now totally outgunned by more powerful systems.
SILICA £49.95 125 SAXON PUBLISHER No longer a contender, this was one of the top professional DTP systems but is now off the pace.
HOBBYTE £177.95 Serious writers will find Protext 5.5 is packed with fast and useful features.
114 PACESETTER 3 Outrageously cheap beginner's layout package plus WP and a paint system too - and it's AGA-compatible!
120 PROPER GRAMMAR 2 Clever but slightly irrelevant package that checks the grammar and readability of your Wped words.
126 SCRIBBLE! PLATINUM The word processor that developed into Excellence! In its final incarnation. No longer a realistic choice.
130 WORDWORTH 2 AGA The WP choice, because it's as good as any WYSIWYG WP with layout and graphics, but also for good support.
£49.95 HARWOOD £39.95 SILICA SILICA £34.95 121 PROTEXT 5.5 Fast and packed with practical, useful features, this non-WYSIWYG word processor is for serious writers.
115 PAGESTREAM 2.22 The best of the pre-AGA professional quality DTP systems with Postscript, scaleable type and lots more.
127 TRANSWRITE Very cheap, very simple, very old beginner's word processor; in Gold Disk Office pack. Often given away!
1st COMPUTER £47.99 IvlLisic The Amiga, with stereo sampled sound, is a great machine for creating your own music from sampled sounds, using a simple tracker program. It's also excellent for more serious MIDI music use... 131 ADI Ol 2 STUDIO 16 Marvellous 16-bit sampling and direct-to-hard-disk recording system for big-box Amigas.
£64.99 ARNOR £179 SILICA PHOEIUIX £24.99 122 PRO WRITE 3.3 One of many excellent Wps with graphics and layout features: sadly, not outstanding in a crowded arena.
116 PEIM PAL 1.5 Old and once very popular simple beginner's word processor with graphics. Cheap, but outclassed.
128 TURBO TEXT Old text processor aimed at programming use, in the style of Cygnus Ed.
Once highly rated, but not now.
£49.95 1st COMPUTER £38.95 MICROPACE UK HARWOOD £40 117 PERSONAL WRITE Very cheap word processor lacks many vital features but is ideal for programmers' text editing.
123 THE PUBLISHER Surprising, cheap, full Postscript DTP: extremely good value. The one that shook up the market. Now cheaper!
129 WORD PERFECT Big boys' sophisticated word processor in common use in business on Pcs
- not the best of the bunch.
HOBBYTE £349.95 132 AUDIO ENGINEER 2+ Top-quality sampler hardware combined with special version of the Audiomaster software: a winner.
MICROPACE UK £29.95 HOBBYTE £17.90 MERIDIAN £217.38 £149.49 I i ; [41 i(i i.j I 1 I I * IT JJ tit B hrrtTCTn £114.95 PHOENIX HARWOOD £54.99 138 K-SPREAD 4 Extremely powerful spreadsheet updated from ugly, unfriendly older system and not much better.
HISOFT £99.95 145 PROFESSIONAL CALC Gold Disk's top spreadsheet is the best there is, if only slightly better than the one in the Office pack!
MERIDIAN £159 148 S'BASE PRO 4 Excellent professional database frankly makes mincemeat out of similar packages on all formats, even PC!
TOWER £225 151 THE WORKS! PLATINUM Heavily integrated WP, database, spreadsheet and comms (plus more) runs in only 512K - but very aged.
MSS £89.99 Whether you're into art, want to'be.a music maestro or are seriously struck on programming, there's software for everyone on the Amiga.
152 AUDIOMASTER IV Simply the best sampling software: clever and an ideal buy whichever sampling hardware you use.
HOBBYTE £41.49 153 AUDITION 4 Excellent sampling software which nearly rivalled Audiomaster (above), though now outdated.
ZONE £49.95 154 BARS AND PIPES PRO Classy professional-standard MIDI sequencer with simple, attractive interface making it a delight to use.
MERIDIAN £299.99 155 COPYIST DTP Word processor-cum-DTP package, except that it uses musical notation instead of words. Quality print-out.
ZONE £99 Work:Bars&Pipes Profess Ional Exanple Songs Nutts song.song Mtracks 0 Nane: flcoust Grand Prinary envelope LFO 1 instrunent Secondary Instrunent Key Velocity Ctl Rea It ine Ctl With stereo sampled sound, the Amiga is a great machine for making the most of music software such as One-Stop Music Shop.
156 DELUXE MUSIC 2 Beginners' user-friendly music-making package needs no fancy hardware and is really good fun. Try it!
160 MUSICOLOR CDTV CD title teaches music with sim pie, kid-proof techniques. Very enjoyable and well-thought-out.
1st COMPUTER £59.99 VIRGIN INTERACTIVE £49.99 157 DR T'S KCS 3.5 The only rival for Bars and Pipes is this, the top serious sequencer. All the features Peter Gabriel could need.
ZONE £275 158 MEGALOSOUND One of the many decent entry-level samplers: really quite good and with nice special effects processing.
HOBBYTE £23.90 159 MIRACLE PIANO TUTOR Learn to play with this clever and highly enjoyable system: lots of well- made software plus full keyboard!
PHOENIX £249.99 CrossFade Revert Mode: Direct ion: Balance: flnount: Switch Point: r&i off i CM Pri
- Sec 11 i 11 „ J _ Ji 1 Set 161 OCTAMED PRO Licenceware
package is an amazingly good sample sequencer (tracker) with
eight tracks of sound to work on.
AMIGANUTS £15 162 OIME-STOP MUSIC SHOP From the makers of Bars & Pipes, a 16-bit sound module, full of exciting sounds yet simple to use.
MERIDIAN £499.95 163 PATCHMEISTER Universal patch editor for use with Bars and Pipes: dump synth sounds and change them to your taste.
MERIDIAN £99 164 PHANTOM Serious professional software from Dr T's: timecode generator and reader to sync in Dr T's sequencers.
KEY AUDIO_£275 165 PIXSOUND This is in because it has to be one of the most curious: make 'music' by moving mouse over a picture. Hmm... CENTAUR_varies 166 PRO MIDI INTERFACE Very good MIDI interface, which you need to use synths and other instruments. One in, five out thrus.
TRILOGIC £24.99 167 RAVE budget sequencer has some features from top sequencers, is mostly easy to use and is cheap. Not bad.
SOFTWARE BUSINESS £49.95 168 STEREO MASTER Very good beginner's sample package but it has a few quirks which make it not quite as ideal as Technosound.
1st COMPUTER £29.99 169 STEREO SAMPLER 2 Trilogic's own sampler is pretty crappy on the software side, but the hardware gives brilliant quality.
As given away free on the cover of AF Issue 54, an excellent and fun music composition tool for total beginners.
1st COMPUTER_£74.99 171 TECHNOSOUND TURBO 2 Ideal for beginners to get into music: sampler to snatch sounds, plus simple sequencer: and very good quality.
1st COMPUTER_£34.99 Utilities Keep your life in order, keep your data safe and maximise the performance of your Amiga with some of the most useful, practical programs around.
172 AMIBACK For backing up your hard drive to floppy the easy way: like the similar Quarterback, but simpler to use.
MICROPACE UK £44.99 173 AMIBACK TOOLS Excellent disk recovery and damage repair package can undelete lost files and repair even virus-damaged data.
MICROPACE UK £44.99 174 CROSSDOS v5 Included in Workbench 3, for owners of other versions this utility for reading PC-format disks is invaluable.
PHOENIX £32.99 175 DIRECTORY OPUS Superb program won AF's highest- ever rating. An alternative to the Workbench, with much more to it.
SILICA £79.95 176 DISKMASTER 2 Very good Directory Opus-style disk management and Workbench replacement, but not as good as its rival.
TRILOGIC £34.99 177 GIGAMEM Useful idea: adds 'virtual memory' capacity to Amiga applications, using hard disk space as RAM.
PHOENIX £69.99 178 MAC2 DOS Utility for reading Mac-format disks along CrossDOS lines. Includes hardware and so is dear for what it does.
MICROPACE UK £99.99 179 PC TASK Software PC emulator which works rather well but only for text-based PC programs that need little RAM.
MERIDIAN £49.95 180 PEGGER Useful utility for compressing 24-bit IFF and HAM-8 files using the JPEG standard: could be useful.
HOBBYTE £79.95 181 POWERPACKER PRO Licenceware file cruncher ('data compression utility') is the best in the business, used by everyone.
£14.99 EUROPRESS DIRECT 182 QUARTERBACK 5 The most popular hard disk back-up utility, very good at what it does. To floppies, file or tape streamer.
£40.99 1st COMPUTER 183 QUARTERBACK TOOLS Excellent data salvage, disk recovery and repair package, probably worth having as well as Amiback. _ £54.99 1st COMPUTER Programming languages The great thing about the Amiga is that you really can do it yourself, creating both games and applications with powerful Basics like Blitz and AMOS. There's a lot more besides, though... 188 AMOS Ever-popular advanced Basic specially created for gamers and widely used: free on Issue 42 of AF.
£125 HELIOS 1st COMPUTER £34.99 189 AMOS 3D Specialist extension to the AMOS languages adds the ability to use 3D objects in games, with object editor.
£49.95 HELIOS 194 ARGASM Rival to DevPac, an assembly constructed for in-house use by 3D whizzes Argonaut. Not popular.
ARCOMAUT_ £59.95 195 AZTEC C One of two powerful popular variants on C, the modern applications-creat- ing language. Popular in the US.
MAMX 196 BLITZ BASIC 2 Given away with Issue 52 of AF, now updated to more powerful second version. See Issue 54, Page 241.
AF MAIL ORDER 201 LOGO Excellent educational variant of the teaching language used in schools.
Highly recommended.
£49.95 SILICA 202 MACRO 68 Very, very fast new assembler (and fast with it), but too complex and not a real DevPac rival.
£130 203 RESOURCE Tasty little idea: dis-assemble other programmers' code to fix bugs or learn how to do things. Good: pricy.
£130 PHOEIMIX £25.99 184 QUARTERBACK TOOLS DELUXE Revamped version actually has a few bugs, but is great for international or directory cached file systems.
190 AMOS COMPILER Excellent and useful utility for compiling AMOS programs to faster, stand-alone machine code.
£69.95 PHOEMIX 192 DEVPAC 3 The most popular Amiga assembler development language, as used to create top games like Populous.
PHOEMIX 204 SAS C (LATTICE C) 6 Very latest version of the most popular C language on the Amiga, with everything you need. _ £279.99 £21.99 £64.99 1st COMPUTER 1st COMPUTER IVIiscellany There's no real excuse for it, other than that these two little ideas are real beauties and were too good to miss out... 205 DISTANT SUNS Lovely astronomy package for educational or recreational use: a sort of simulated universe, really 198 EASY AMOS Beginner's version has some very nice improved facilities, plus an excellent guidebook to get you started.
191 AMOS PROFESSIONAL Sooper-dooper new enhanced version with extraordinarily powerful features and new commands.
185 TRUEPRIIMT 24 Print utility uses IFF images and can expand, tile and enhance them: but it's not as good as TurboPrint.
£29.99 AF MAIL ORDER £59.99 £49.99 AF MAIL ORDER 1st COMPUTER 199 GFA BASIC Once a very popular, more seriously inclined Basic: now outdated but still useful and at bargain prices.
192 AMOS PRO COMPILER Just the same as the normal AMOS Compiler, but expanded and updated to work with the top new version.
186 VIDEOTAPE BACK-UP Clever Gold-winning system enables you to save hard disk data to your video recorder. Smart stuff.
£35.99 1st COMPUTER £8.99 HOBBYTE 206 GB ROUTE PLUS Road atlas on a disk will not only show maps, but also work out your shortest fastest routes and print out directions for you. Excellent.
£28.99 £60 PHOEMIX POWER 200 HISOFT PASCAL From the makers of DevPac comes the only viable edition of the techie science language: handy for students.
193 AREXX Macro language, used with compatible programs to construct automatic self-using utilities.
£25.99 Free with Workbench 2 & above 182 X-COPY Back-up utility including hardware means you can back up disks swiftly and easily: not for illegal purposes.
1st COMPUTER £45.99 £64.99 1st COMPUTER PHOEMIX 3D Graphics The sharp end of graphics is the discipline of complex 3D modelling and ray-tracing, but there's also plenty of fun to be had from simpler stuff too.
202 3D CONSTRUCTION KIT 2 Clever and simple games-creating system developed from Incentive's Freescape: has all sorts of uses.
HARWOOD £36.95 208 ALADDIN 4D v3 Powerful ray-tracing package uses splines for accurate modelling, and has many interesting features.
HOBBYTE £213.99 209 CALIGARI 24 Fast new home version of the powerful Broadcast system includes 8-bit 'alpha' channel for special effects.
HOBBYTE £94.90 210 CALIGARI BROADCAST 3 Seriously professional and once enormously expensive 32-bit rendering with outrageous capabilities.
PHOEMIX £38399 211 EXPERT 4D JUNIOR Beginner's modelling and rendering program is terribly easy to use but the results aren't too good.
1st COMPUTER ££37:99 212 IMAGINE 3 See AF Issue 53, where we gave away the complete Imagine 2 package: this update has much, much more.
1st COMPUTER £129.99 213 LIGHTWAVE 3 Only available with the Video Toaster, this is an excellent system, but not as strong on animation as Real 3D 2.
With Video Toaster only 214 PIXEL 3D PRO Powerful Format Gold-rated utility converts bitmaps into 3D objects for use in popular rendering programs.
PHOEMIX £144.99 215 REAL 3D 2 Astonishing new program is not only great renderer but now has amazingly clever animation system.
1st COMPUTER £349 99 216 REAL 3D CLASSIC The older version of Real 3D released at a bargain price: it's very good, a rival to Imagine and easy to use.
1st COMPUTER £65.99 212 SCENERY ANIMATOR v4 Vista-like fractal landscape generator renders whole animations from start and end points. It's excellent.
1st COMPUTER £49.99 218 SCULPT ANIMATE 4D Once the darling of the graphics experts, this ray-tracer has been over- o- S.' Over the years 3D graphics has come a long way on the Amiga, with extremely sophisticated software, such as Imagine, being used to create complex and stunning images.
£32.99 taken by Real 3D and Imagine.
HOBBYTE £198.99 219 VIDEOSCAPE 3D Frankly, a bit of a gag were it not still used for some excellent PD anims.
Simple vector-style modeller.
MERIPIAM £70.49 220 VISTA MAKEPATH Adds Scenery Animator-style animation, defined by paths over the DEM landscape, to Vista. Damn useful.
PHOEMIX 221 VISTA PRO 3 Gorgeous and wonderful 24-bit landscape rendering package, with clouds, trees, snow and AGA screen modes.
PHOEMIX £49.99 222 X-CAD 2000 Probably the only CAD package still worth considering, also available in more powerful 3000 version (£249).
HOBBYTE £90.50 ¦Tv' ' 1 ) 248 1869 Take control of a fledgling shipping company and trade your way around the world. Historical adventure with multi-player mode.
O a j o yst ick te - g etti ing you ir gai me Br FLAIR £29.99 223 ACTION REPLAY 3 Extremely versatile freezer utility cartridge which enables you to toy with a game's innards and get infinite lives, rapid autofire and so on.
DATEL ELECTRONICS (A500 500+) £59.99 (A1500 2000)_£69.95 224 THE BOLLISTICK Extremely comfortable, if odd- looking, joypad with an eight-way thumb control, four different buttons and an autofire switch.
CHEETAH £24.95 225 THE BUG Resilient and compact joystick with a steel shaft, two large front-mounted fire buttons and an autofire switch.
Available in a range of colours.
CHEETAH £14.99 226 CHEETAH 125+ Cheap and cheerful black joystick with four red fire buttons and an autofire option. Insubstantial, but good value for money.
CHEETAH £9.99 227 COMPETITION PRO Designed to withstand the most frantic waggling this black joystick features two large pressure sensitive fire buttons mounted on the base.
CHEETAH £13.99 228 COMPETITION PRO EXTRA Similar in design to the Competition Pro, the Extra earns the heftier price tag thanks to some microswitched fire buttons and an autofire option.
CHEETAH £16.99 229 CRUISER TURBO Finished in black and red, this rounded joystick features an adjustable shaft (it has a collar which you twist to control how loose or tight the 'stick action is), two fire buttons and an autofire switch.
POWER PLAY £13.99 230 DP IBM ANALOG INTERFACE This 12-inch-long cable enables you to use analog PC joysticks with your Amiga. With a three-position sensitivity switch it's ideal for flight sims.
LIGHTWAVE £14.95 231 GAME PAD Joypad with four multi-coloured fire buttons, a black thumb control with an optional joystick attachment.
Customisable for left-handed players.
ADVANCED GRAVIS £14.99 232 HOLDFAST JOYPAD Chunky yellow joypad with four red directional arrows and a single fire button. Ideal for younger games- players or those with special needs.
HOLDFAST £24.99 233 LOGIC 3 FREEWHEEL Brings a new degree of realism to racing sims thanks to built-in gravity sensors which detect which way it's tilted. Two fire buttons in the rim.
SPECTRAVIDEO £29.99 234 LOGIC 3 SIGMA RAY Slightly bulky, but reassuringly solid joystick with a choice of five different fire buttons. Finished in black, blue and red.
SPECTRAVIDEO £12.99 235 MAVERICK 1 Highly stable stick with a large flat base, ideal for desktop waggling.
Features two fire buttons, autofire and a pointless two-player option.
15. 99 236 NAVIGATOR Looks more like a Flash Gordon ray gun than
a joystick, but feels remarkably comfortable in use. One
fire button and an autofire switch.
KONIX £15.99 237 PYTHON 1 Get down to some serious blasting with this extremely cool and chunky joystick. Features three microswitched fire buttons and autofire.
QUICKSHOT £10.99 238 ROBOSHI FT 2 Enables you to connect a mouse and a joystick to your Amiga's mouse port at the same time, so there's no more tedious swapping or risk of damage to your equipment.
MEEDMORE LTD £19.99 239 QJ SUPERCHARGER Chunky red and black joystick with two shaft-mounted fire buttons and an autofire switch. Offers extreme waggleability for those sports sims.
SPECTRAVIDEO £10.99 240 QJ FOOTPEDAL For the ultimate realism when trying out those racing sims, the three footpedals act as accelerator, brake and fire when you're driving.
SPECTRAVIDEO £24 241 SHOOT-EM-UP CONSTRUCTION KIT Create your own frantic blasters with this easy-to-use programming package. The Public Domain is filled with games created using it.
GREMLIIU GBH £9.99 242 SCREENPLAY 2 An indispensable guide to over 100 games with reviews, hints, tips and complete solutions including The Secret of Monkey Island and Elite.
FUTURE PUBLISHING £9.95 243 SPEED KING Compact and comfortable joystick with one or two fire buttons and an autofire switch. An analog version is available for compatible software.
KONIX £10.99 244 SWITCH JOYSTICK Professional (What? - Ed) joystick with an adjustable shaft and three fire buttons which can be switched between normal, turbo fire and reverse options.
ADVANCED GRAVIS £29.99 245 TROJAN LIGHT PHASER GUN Looks like a prop from a Star Wars movie and can only be used with compatible games like Skeet Shoot and Orbital Destroyer.
TROJAN £39.99 246 TURBO FIGHTER Shaped like a aircraft control yoke, this stick is ideal for flight sims and racing games with two fire buttons and a handy desk clamp.
CHEETAH £49.99 247 ZIPSTICK Similar in look and feel to the Competition Pro, the Zipstick features two base mounted fire buttons and an autofire switch.
POWERPLAY £14.99 249 APIDYA Attack wave upon wave of flying insects in this unusual five-level shoot-em-up starring a rather nasty venomous wasp.
KOMPART £25.99 250 B-17 FLYING FORTRESS Launch daring bomber raids over Occupied Europe in this highly realistic flight sim which enables you to play individual members of the crew.
MICROPROSE £34.99 251 BATTLE COMMAND Take part in 15 missions of 3D tank- busting action. Successfully combines strategy and blasting elements to keep gameplay interesting.
OCEAN £24.99 252 BATTLE ISLES Use your strategic skills and military resources to outwit the enemy. Easy- to-use war game with arcadey graphics and great gameplay.
UBI SOFT £30.99 253 BLADE OF DESTINY Lead your band of hardened adventurers through the land of Arkania in search of the mysterious blade.
Absorbing fantasy role-play game.
US GOLD £39.99 254 BODY BLOWS GALACTIC Earthy heroes Danny and Junior team up for another round of beat-em-up action against a motley collection of extra-terrestrials.
TEAM 17 £26.99 255 CAESAR DELUXE Recreate the legendary expansionism and martial cunning of the Caesars The sequel. Liberation, is now out: but Captive is the original and a classic.
With this addictive god-game based on the Roman Empire.
256 CANNON FODDER Cutesy sprites and extreme graphical violence meet head on in this exciting mixture of strategic thinking and shoot-em-up action.
257 CAPTIVE Based on the legendary RPG Dungeon Master, Captive follows the fortunes of four droids and their hazardous journey through unfriendly territory.
Platform or puzzler, shoot-em-up or graphic adventure - 100 of the best games around are listed here... 263 CRUISE FOR A CORPSE Hercule Poirot-style whodunnit based on a Mediterranean cruise ship.
Intriguing graphic adventure from French developers Delphine.
258 CARRIER COIVIIVIAND Sail around the world in an aircraft carrier launching aircraft and an impressive array of weaponry at the world's trouble spots.
US GOLD KIXX XL US GOLD KIXX 264 CYBERCON 3 A powerful defence computer goes berserk and starts lobbing weapons at anything that moves. Only you can stop it. Tough 3D adventure.
259 THE CHAOS ENGINE Astounding shoot-em-up from the Bitmap Brothers featuring 16 levels of alien nastiness and brain-melting puzzles. Highly recommended.
260 DUNGEON MASTER & CHAOS STRIKES BACK This classic RPG has spawned a host of imitators, but has rarely been bettered. Now available with its equally gripping sequel.
265 DEUTEROS Classic space adventure which finds you exploring the far-flung corners of the universe in search of mineral wealth. Gorgeous graphics and SFX.
261 CIVILIZATION Guide your people from mud hut origins to the Nuclear Age and beyond without succumbing to the unwanted advances of your opponents.
266 DIGGERS AGA Help four tribes of aliens mine their way around 30 hazard-filled zones in search of the elusive Zogs. Addictive Lemmings-style puzzle game._ From the French masters of the animated graphic adventure, Delphine, comes Cruise for a Corpse - in which you play a detective attempting to identify the murderer.
MICROPROSE 262 CRAZY CARS 3 Convicted felons and traffic cops battle it out in this tyre-squealing supercar race around the world's trickiest urban circuits. A winner.
267 DUNE 2: Explore the universe and exploit its natural wealth: Deuteros is a great- looking strategy space trading game.
BATTLE FOR ARRAKIS The search for a rare spice sparks off a bitter war between rival houses on the planet of Dune. Addictive mixture of strategy and arcade action.
VIRGIN £30.99 The Chaos Engine from the Bitmaps is simply blast-em-up-mongous, mate!
One of the most exciting race-driving games. Crazy Cars 3 is fast and frantic, BELUSHI 268 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Six variously skilled adventurers fight their way through a series of dungeons and tunnels in one of the Amiga's best role-playing adventures.
JflDE 279 GOAL!
Programmer Dino Dini scores again with his worthy sequel to classic footy games Kick Off and Kick Off 2.
A little too arcadey, though.
US GOLD £19.99 £39.99 VIRGIN BEAULIEU CAREV 269 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 2: THE LEGEND OF DARKMOON More of the same from US Gold, this time with a slightly different plot, but more atmospheric graphics and nastier surprises.
280 GODS Innovative platformer from the Bitmaps Brothers which adjusts to your skills level - the better you play, the trickier it gets.
RENEGADE £25.99 £35.99 281 GUNSHIP 2000 Flight sim which enables to take charge of a helicopter squadron and embark on a campaign which exploits your war-planning skills.
270 F-117A NIGHTHAWK Now's your chance to blow Saddam's palace to smithereens in the follow- up to the highly-acclaimed flight sim F-19 Stealth Fighter.
£34.99 £34.99 Very much in the same style as the classic, mould-breaking Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder 2 is one of the most absorbing and intriguing adventures ever created.
271 F-16 COMBAT PILOT If you can't tell an aileron from an aerial, this dated but addictive flight sim makes the perfect introduction to the genre. And it's cheap too.
282 HEART OF CHINA Gorgeous-looking graphic adventure starring lucky Jake Master who has to free his kidnapped girlfriend from the despotic Li Deng's grasp.
SIERRA 283 HIRED GUNS You take individual control of four hardened space soldiers and their excursions into hostile territory.
Rewarding role-playing adventure.
272 F-29 RETAUATOR Another flight sim which offers more action than accuracy, F-29 throws you at four theatres of war and expects you to come out smiling.
PSYGNOSIS £34.99 284 HISTORY LINE 1914-1918 German programmers Blue Byte have furnish this top-notch strategic re-enactment of the Great War with a remarkable wealth of historical detail as well as playability.
OCEAIU HIT SQUAD 273 FALCON A host of fiendish enemies and tricky missions shouldn't deter you from trying out this excellently playable mid-priced flight sim.
285 INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS From the same stable as Monkey Island, this classy graphic adventure follows Indy and Sophia's search for the lost city of Atlantis.
274 FIRE AND ICE From the makers of the Rainbow Islands, this places you in control of a suitably cutesy hero and sets you leaping from level to addictive level.
US GOLD £37.99 £12.99 From the team which created Cruise for a Corpse, Delphine of France, comes probably the most fluidly-animated graphic adventure ever, the lush and lavish Flashback.
275 FIRST SAMURAI Mev Dinc's original hack 'n' slash outing offers six levels of arcade action in which a resourceful Japanese fighter tries to defend his honour.
286 INDIANAPOLIS 500 Gloriously accident-prone simulation of the famous US race which enables you to bump your rivals off the track on the way to the chequered flag.
OCEAN HIT SQUAD UBISOFT (C W MEGA-LO-MANIA) £30.99 287 JAMES POND He's slimy and smells a bit fishy (poor puns abound!), but this underwater agent needs your help negotiating 12 levels of platform puzzles and aquatic nasties.
MILLENNIUM £25.99 276 FLASHBACK Enterprising scientist Conrad Hart takes on a race of alien invaders known as Morphs in this slick and addictive arcade adventure.
£29.99 US GOLD 288 JAMES POND 2: ROBOCOD Defeat Dr Maybe or the penguins get theirs. Pond returns for even more cutesy leaping about in his most accomplished adventure yet. One of the best platform games ever made.
MILLENNIUM £25.99 277 FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX Strap yourself in and prepare for a gruellingly realistic race around 16 of the world's top Grand Prix circuits.
Beats Nigel Mansell hands down.
MICROPROSE £34.99 ?HI Elite was the most imaginative, most creative and most surprising game ever made: it changed the face of gaming. Now it's updated for the Nineties as Frontier.
.nun -i 278 FRONTIER: ELITE 2 Based on the classic 8-bit space trader Elite, Frontier sucks you into a futuristic 3D world filled with piracy, intrigue and sudden death. Try not to be Harmless for long... GAMETEK £29.99 289 JIMMY WHITE'S WHIRLWIND SNOOKER More fun than Big Break and not a sign of Jim Davidson in Archer Maclean's superb 3D reproduction of the great green baize game.
VIRGIN £29.99 301 MICRO MACHINES Fast, furious and extremely addictive bird's eye racing game featuring 24 unusual circuits including a breakfast table and a bathtub. Unbeatable for aggressive two-player action.
290 JOHN IVIADDEN'S AMERICAN FOOTBALL If shivering on a rain-soaked pitch leaves you cold, indulge in a spot of West Coast gridiron instead. A surprisingly good sports sim.
OCEAM HIT SQUAD 291 KGB M IJ.. : You play a Russian agent trying to speed the ascendancy of perestroika in this graphic adventure. Contains some strong language.
302 MICROPROSE GOLF One of the most comprehensive golfing sims with all kinds of useful features like adjustable tee-height and customisable jumper patterns.
292 KICK OFF 2 After-touch, different playing surfaces and defensive walls are just some of the features Dino Dini adds to his successful footballing original 303 MIDWINTER An isolated village community locked into a futuristic Ice Age is threatened by a rebel army. You control the force which must defeat it. Highly original action adventure strategy game.
293 KILLING GAME SHOW Almost as dangerous as Going for Gold, this shoot-em-up calls on all your competitive instincts when legions of nasties start baying for your blood.
304 MIG-29 FULCRUM You swap sides for this flight sim, defending the Warsaw Pact against Western air forces and Chinese man power over five different missions.
You wouldn't get this sort of thing with Nigel Mansell: waffles, spilt milk and corn After all, he was Sports Personality of the year in 1993. Deservedly.
OCEAN HIT SQUAD 305 NICK FALDO'S CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF Tasty graphics and brilliant sound effects make up for the lack of ingame options in this maddeningly addictive golfing sim.
294 LEGENDS OF VALOUR Not so much a role-playing game, more a way of life. Valour drops you into the living, breathing 3D city of Mitteldorf and lets you get on with it US GOLD 295 LEMMINGS A puzzle game with a difference.
Lemmings lets you choose the destiny of a succession of cutesy characters over 96 increasingly baffling levels.
306 OPERATION STEALTH Not a flight sim: a stealth bomber goes missing over Latin America and you have to get it back. Classy James Bond-mocking graphic adventure with plenty of plot twists and turns.
296 LEMMINGS 2: THE TRIBES More levels, more characters and even more addictive than the original, Lemmings 2 begs you to rescue the rodents before their land is destroyed.
US GOLD KIXX XL 307 PACIFIC ISLANDS There are 21 tank battles to be won over five different islands in this absorbing cross between strategy sim and shoot-em-up. Spawned War in the Gulf.
297 LINKS You need a hard drive to play this fluidly animated golf simulation which enables you to play eight different players simultaneously.
US GOLD KIXX XL 308 PGA TOUR GOLF Tricky but rewarding golfing sim which offers more realism than many of its other Amiga counterparts.
Limited in-game options though.
Once upon a time, in a better vanished age, you could have wasted your youth in the pool halls and snooker parlours. Nowadays, you have to do it with Pinball Fantasies.
INSTANT REPLAy 298 LOTUS TURBO CHALLENGE 2 The best of Gremlin's racing trilogy finds you haring around a variety of increasingly complex circuits in a nippy Lotus Esprit.
309 PINBALL FANTASIES Easy to play, but hard to master.
Fantasies is so realistic you can almost smell the bikers' armpits and spilled beer. Why play anything else?
DRIVE 13 HPH 299 LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS Humorous Dungeons 'n' Dragons adventure which tells the tale of hapless hero Diermot and his mission to overthrow the Temptress of the title.
300 MEG A-LO-MANIA Lead your people over 28 different islands of mineral-rich territory, developing new technologies and crushing the opposition as you go.
UBI SOFT CAN FIRST SAMURAI) 311 POPULOUS & PROMISED LANDS You play a mythical deity in charge of a tribe who face all kinds of natural and man-made disasters. Promised Lands offers more worlds to explore.
310 PLAYER MANAGER More footy from Dino Dini, this time management with a strong emphasis on boardroom strategy as you guide your team to the top of First Division, OCEAN HIT SQUAD £12.99 It's got rivals now, but PGA Tour Golf is still the most playable and fun golf sim on the Amiga, according to certain schools of thought. Very, very addictive: don't cheat!
HOLE 16 PAR 4 STROKE i DISTANCE:406 YDS CLUB: DRIVER Despite being a blatant Kick Off 2 rip off, this is the ultimate footy sim.
339 SYNDICATE You play a mere pawn fighting back in a game of world domination where victory is cherished at any price.
A morally dubious, violent but compulsive strategy game.
ELECTRONIC ARTS £34.99 328 THE SETTLERS A cut above the average god-game, Settlers places you in control of a growing population of cutely ani- mated sprites and their economy.
340 THEIR FINEST HOUR Like Reach for the Skies, this WW2 flight sim enables you to strap yourself into a Spitfire and blast the bratwurst out of the bally Hun.
(Can we say that? - Ed.)
329 SHADOWLANDS A deeply atmospheric Dungeons 'n' Dragons role-playing adventure which centres around four variously skilled and resourceful heroes.
312 POPULOUS 2 The original god-game reincarnated for its second coming with Bullfrog's much enlarged game world and refined controls. One of the very best Amiga games.
ELECTRONIC ARTS £34.95 313 POWERMONGER A monumental struggle for world supremacy against three ruthless rivals is the aim of this Populous- derived strategy game. Good mixture of humour and complexity.
OCEAN HIT SQUAD £12.99 314 PREMIER MANAGER 2 A dedicated football management sim which enables you to pick players willy nilly and muck about with team formations, just like Turnip Taylor.
320 RAINBOW ISLANDS Bub and Bob use their magic rainbows to build bridges and trap baddies in one of the Amiga's first and best platform games.
OCEAN HIT SQUAD 321 REACH FOR THE SKIES Join the likes of Douglas Bader and Chip "Chippy" Chippington as they defend our sceptred isle against the Bosch in this WW2 flight sim.
322 ROBOCOP 3 An unusually good film licence where you have to defend the citizens of a 3D game world from the forces of lawlessness and thuggery.
OCEAN HIT SQUAD OCEAN HIT SQUAD 330 SIM CITY (DELUXE) Adored by town planners the world over, Sim City enables you to take control of an urban development area and endlessly mess about with its infrastructure. Very Thatcherite.
You're a dog. Your master, Lee, is fast asleep, but wandering around the town in his nightgown. You have to stop him falling off tall buildings. Strange, really. But good.
331 SLEEPWALKER This Comic Relief platformer finds faithful mutt Ralph getting into all kinds of trouble as he tries to protect his somnambulistic master.
OCEAN 332 SMASH TV Manic shoot-em-up centred Killing Game Show style around a murderous TV quiz. Overhead perspective makes it extremely playable.
OCEAN HIT SQUAD 333 SOCCER KID Football-crazy youngster embarks on a ball-bouncing treacherous platform journey to rescue the world cup from nasty aliens.
KRISALIS 341 THUNDERHAWK Compulsive, but difficult to master, Thunderhawk is a helicopter flight sim which relies more on your skills as a killer than as a strategist.
342 URIDIUM 2 Another 8-bit classic gets the '90s retro treatment, courtesy of Andy Braybrook. You control a tiny Manta spacecraft which shoots its way over a series of alien motherships.
343 VROOM Strangely neglected, one of the fastest, most frantic and best race- driving games offers some superbly realistic graphics and a white knuckle ride to the finishing line.
344 WIZKID Usually classed as a platform game but just plain fun, Wizkid drops you off at the planet Weird and sends you scouring the game world in search of ten elusive cats.
315 PRINCE OF PERSIA Comes across like an early version of Flashback with its smoothly animated sprites and death-defying leaps.
A quality platformer.
OCEAN HIT SQUAD 316 PROJECT X A horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-up with hordes of alien scumbags and power-ups aplenty. A ferocious blast from beginning to end.
317 PUTTY Putty is a blue blob with a purpose.
He has to free his pals the Bots from the clutches of the evil Dazzledaze. A brilliantly cute platform game.
318 R-TYPE 2 More stereotypically hostile aliens feel the force of your ire in this classic horizontally-scrolIing shoot-em-up.
319 RAILROAD TYCOON A trainspotting but deeply obsessive strategy game where you have to build up a thriving railway empire by outmanoeuvring your opponents.
Guaranteed to keep you playing.
323 ROBOSPORT A multi-player war game with a clever game style which enables you to plan your strategy in 15-second bursts before acting out your latest move. Unusual and addictive.
324 SECOND SAMURAI Mev Dinc's sequel once again pits a Japanese warrior against the forces of evil with more levels, baddies and puzzles for you to overcome.
325 THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND You wade knee-deep in jokey one- liners as Guybrush Threepwood discovers a dastardly plot to kidnap the glamorous mayor of Melee Island.
US GOLD KIXX XL £16.9 326 THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND 2: LE CHUCK'S REVENGE Bloodied but unbowed, Le Chuck returns to cause Threepwood even more grief in this highly-accom- plished graphic adventuring sequel 327 SENSIBLE SOCCER Most definitely a game of two halves.
Soccer has got the lot. Extreme playability, crowd samples, great graphics.
334 SPEEDBALL 2 A cross between hockey and Terminator 2, Speedball teaches you that extreme violence, cheating and winning are the only rules you play.
US GOLD KIXX 335 STORM MASTER Unusual strategy fantasy game cen tred around the control of wind power. Scintillatingly gorgeous graphics and plenty of typically French weirdness.
336 STRIKER Second only to Sensible Soccer for playability. Striker offers you bags of footy action and a unique, innovative 3D viewpoint, but is let down by iffy team management options.
337 STUNT CAR RACER Brilliant 3D polygon racing game with great two player mode and edge-of- the seat Evil Knievel action.
Extremely playable.
US GOLD KIXX 338 SWIV A brutally aggressive shoot-em-up which finds you controlling a team of saboteurs intent on destroying everything in their path.
US GOLD KIXX 345 YO! JOE One of the best platform games since Rainbow Islands, Yo! Joe features hundreds of levels, millions of baddies and tons of playability.
346ZOOL The Amiga's very own Sonic wends his merry Ninja way through six fluorescent themed worlds in search of fame and fortune.
347 ZOOL 2 It's bigger, better, faster, more as Zool and his companions Zoon and Zooz return for more psychedelic platforming duels with Krool and his cronies.
More, better, faster is the theme of the new arcade stunner Zool 2.
Public Domain There's masses of excellent software available of every type - and all for the price of a disk. Here's some of the best around... 361 BBBBS Board Bandit Bulletin Board System PD Bulletin Board software which runs completely throught Arexx.
348 A-GENE 4.34 One of the best genealogy programs for the Amiga. It's designed for compiling data about your family tree.
AMIGANUTS 362 CABARET ASTEROIDS One of the best PD classic arcade games - blast asteroids into tiny pieces from your spaceship.
349AM FIX I 9 Amiga Musicians Freeware Magazine on one disk, plus a companion samples disk with each issue.
363 CLASSY ANIMATIONS Steve Packer's character, Chuck, returns - simple yet stylish graphics and great humour.
CYNOSTIC 350 AMIGASH Helps you to monitor your income and outgoings as standing orders ¦ useful and very easy to use.
17 BIT SOFTWARE T 351 AMIGA E Programming language influenced by C. As well as the compiler, the disk includes examples and tutorials.
352 AMIGA SOKOBAN Puzzler based on an old Unix game.
Runs from Workbench, sayou can play it while doing other things.
364 COMMUNICATE Translates text into eight other forms, including semaphore, naval flags, morse code and sign language YOUR CHOICE 365 COOK & STITCH Australian megadisk collection; includes The Stitchery, Hyper Cook, HomeBrewer and Bon Appetit.
366 CRAZY SUE A frustrating and addictive platform romp - you're a blonde-haired cutie leaping your way around the levels.
375 ENGINEERS KIT Diagnostic program that will test out most of the common failure areas on an Amiga. PAL only.
VIRUS FREE PD 376 ENIGMA Particularly attractive animated series of ray-traced balls stands out in this classic demo collection.
385 KICK 1.3 Enables A1200, A4000 and A600 users to run old games. It does much the same job as a ROM sharer.
386 KLONDIKE AGA AGA-only card game with Fifties girlie calendar-type illustrations - not naughty, just all smiles and legs!
353 ANIMATION BRIDGE 3037 VARIOUS PD COMPANIES Convert animation files of one type to another. It supports most of the popular packages.
354 ANTI LEMMIN' DEMO Lemmings characters are shot at by a MiG fighter and then they get their revenge! Anim by Eric Schwartz.
PD SOFT 1700 & 170 355 ASSASSINS GAMES Three games - Megaball, a glorified Breakout clone; X-Fire, a shoot-em-up; and Cluedo, like the board game.
367 CROAK PD clone of Frogger, a challenging game that has you moving a frog up the screen across a road.
VARIOUS PD COMPANIES 368 CYBERNETIX Fast action, horizontally scrolling game. A kind of Stargate-cum- Defender style game.
VARIOUS PD COMPANIES 369 DEGRADER Run all your old favourite games and serious programs, even though you've got a new machine.
377 ESCAPE2 Demo of a tough beat-the-dock puzzle game with plenty of levels Full program costs £5.
PATHFINDER 378 FASTFRET 2 A licenceware product scales tutoring system for lead guitar. It's PAL only, but it's excellent.
379 FH SPREAD An easy to use spreadsheet program, although not as powerful as its commercial competition.
VARIOUS PD COMPANIES 387 LANDING Tobias Richter's good-looking demo is an animation of a spacecraft approaching and landing on a planet.
388 LEMMINGOIDS Cross the creatures from Lemmings with the gameplay of Asteroids and this is what you get.
389 LINUS A brief, but hilarious romp involving a line-drawn character who wanders around a world. Simple, but effective.
356 AT THE BEACH Excellent Eric Schwartz animation Flip the frog goes to the beach.
370 DIGITAL BREADBOARD Build a logic circuit and run it to see how it behaves pinpointing exactly where any problems may be.
V850 VALLY PD 380 F.R.A.C. Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Creator is a program for writing and designing text-based adventures.
390 LLAMATRON Jeff Minter's storming AF Gold shareware conversion of the classic coin-op Robotron - control a llama hell bent on destruction.
PG019 £1 357 BATTLE CARS An overhead car racing game which pits you against the computer or a friend in races around seven courses, 358 BENCHMASTER Workbench substitute has better- looking display and more programs, including virus checkers and SID.
NBS U701 U71 371 DIRTY RACKETS Brilliant update of the early Pong- style tennis and football games which were once so very popular.
372 DISKSALV Probably the best disk salvaging program ever - written by Dave Haynie, designer of many Amiga models.
381 GRAPEVINE The best of the many disk magazines around, always full of humour and useful tutorials.
382 HARDWIRED Great graphics and superb sound combine to create an excellent high quality demo.
17 BIT SOFTWARE 391 LYNAPUNOV This program uses weird mathematics to produce really stunning organic fractal images.
13 U3 392 MANIC RAVES Two disks with amazing tracks which wouldn't sound out of place on a record album.
359 BIG TOP FUN A four-part program that teaches word recognition and spelling.
Colourful and entertaining.
373 DOODY A done of Mario Brothers - control Doody who attacks various creatures racing around the platforms.
383 HELLZONE Fast and frantic shoot-em-up for those players who like their games packed with plenty of action.
VARIOUS PD COMPANIES 393 MED 3.21 Sequence samples and create musical masterpieces using the Amiga's four built-in sound channels and MIDI.
17 BIT SOFTWARE * 360 BIZCALC Home business package. Financial details can be entered and displayed or prints out as a repayment plan.
374 DOPE INTRO MAKER Makes creating demos much easier - ideal for the beginner without much technical knowledge.
U701 U702 384 IMPLODER V4 A powerful compression utility - exe cutable files can be reduced to around half their original size.
394 MENUMASTER III Easy-to-use and flexible program for setting up menu systems for use on disk magazines or demo disks.
406 PARBEIMCH An excellent and useful utility for connecting together two Amigas via their parallel ports.
420 SPOT Simple but very powerful electronic mail program by Nico Francois, author of PowerPacker.
VARIOUS PD COMPANIES 407 PC TASK 2.02 PC emulation software; not as fast as hardware equivalents but good for simple text-based applications.
CYIVOSTIC PD U017* 421 ST EMULATOR Emulates ST's graphic environment manager (GEM) interface, so you can run ST software on your Amiga.
For the A1200, Motorola Invaders is an inventive revamp of the arcade classic.
395 IVIESSYSIP A hybrid of 5 D, a file utility and MessyDOS, which enable your Amiga to read and write MS-DOS disks.
U619 396 MISSILE COMMAND Fast-paced action at its best this game has you protecting your city from nuclear missiles.
VALLY PP 397 MOTOROLA INVADERS 2 AGA Based on the arcade classic Space Invaders. Smooth graphics, good backgrounds, Metallica soundtrack.
398 NCOMM 2 Advanced comms package: includes Zmodem protocol file transfers, built- in script language and Arexx support 408 POST 1.86ENH Software interpreter for the PostScript page description language
- useful to preview PostScript files.
(3 disks) 409 POWERBASE 2.1 ¦T A database program, this enables you to input store and sort information making it much easier to manage.
17 BIT SOFTWARE (licenceware) 410 POWERSNAP This powerful program enables you to grab text or graphics from any screen (in theory).
411 POWERTEXT A word processor boasting many powerful functions and designed for producing printed documents.
CLR 1 £3.50 412 PLAY IT SAFE A game ail about identifying potential hazards aroundjthe house. Ideal for adventurous children.
422 STARBASE 13 A point-and-click style graphic adven- 436 TRANSPLANT ture based in space. It's got good Great shoot-em-up with multidirec- graphics and neat sound effects. Tional scrolling, good sounds, a two MAGNETIC FIELDS GAQ23_ player mode and masses of levels ALPHA PD Disk 138 423 STOCK CONTROLLER Great for small businesses, this basic 437 TRONI-CAD program has a colourful and easy to A simple structured drawing program use interface._ with a number of tools designed for ESSEX COMPUTERS_£3.50 producing circuit diagrams.
MAGNETIC FIELDS M1005 424 STORYLAND 2 Written by members of an animal 438 U-CHESS rights group, this colourful game is One of the fastest and best Chess pro- aimed at young Amiga users._ grams, but you need an A1200 or MAGNETIC FIELDS ED021 A4000 and more than 4Mb of RAM!
CYNOSTIC G0097 425 SUPER AIVIIDASH This game captures all the originality 439 U-EDIT of the original C64 Boulderdash as A text editor which will efficiently you dig for diamonds in a mine. Perform functions such as editing a AMIGANUTS_1038 startup sequence. Can be customised.
426 SUPER SOUND 2 With this you can load and edit sound sample disks, cutting, pasting and adding effects to the digital data.
440 VIDEOLAB Video titling program with which you can create scrolling and fading titles using different fonts and colours.
399 NEWZAP A disk-editing program that enables you to easily examine and edit the data on your disks. F 400 NUMERIX Like Scrabble, this game involves putting different shaped pieces on to a board, covering numbered squares.
VARIOUS PP COMPANIES_ 401 OBERON-2 Demo version of a powerful object orientated program language developed from the language Modula-2.
413 PRINT STUDIO Can print out text files, IFF pictures, windows, and so on and can change their attributes before doing so.
414 REND 24 Written by the authors of ImageFX, this is a very useful program for processing images and animations.
415 REVENGE OF THE MUTANT CAMELS Jeff Minter's 8-bit classic. Control your death-spitting camel as you scroll horizontally through levels.
427 SUPER TWINTRIS This version of the excellent puzzle game Tetris is brilliantly presented and extremely playable in two-player 428 SUPERDARK A screen blanker saver; leave your machine unattended and it brings up a changing animation.
429 SYSINFO Sysinfq is a handy tool designed to examine your computer and display how it's set up.
441 VIEWIEra Remarkably flexible file viewer which can even view JPEG and GIF files. For Workbench 2 or above.
442 VIRUS CHECKER 6.0 Hunts down and destroys both boot- block and link viruses in a multi-tasking environment.
443 VIRUS Z Virus killer recognises over 600 file and bootblock viruses and some anti virus bootblocks. For WB 2, 3 or 1.3. 402 OCTAMED U4030 Powerful and easy-to-use music program for the Amiga* although seriously challenged by ProTracker.
VARIOUS PD COMPANIES 416 SCENERY Easy-to-use fractal program can gen- erate eye-catching landscapes quickly 430 TERMINAL Powerful communications program with an extremely comprehensive script language.
444 VMORPH 2B Works out the transition from one image into another -16 colour grey scale low-res images only.
403 ODYSSEY A five disk demo extravaganza, combining technical expertj.se and quality entertainment - great atmosphere.
NBS PD130-134 417 SEVEN TILES In the great ball game, you pit your team against the computer's or another player's: bang it in the net!
431 TEXTPLUS 3.0 Word processor which offers plenty of features, a wide range of printing options and full text formatting.
17 BIT SOFTWARE 1703 13 U15 NBS 445 WILDFIRE MEGADEMO A collection of some eclectic demos strung together. Pounding music and colourful acidstyle graphics.
404 PACMAN SUPERPACMAN Public Domain version of the classic arcade eat-em-up, available from most PD companies.
405 PAGE CREATOR DTP package can create and print quality documents and much more - not as good as commercial programs.
17 BIT SOFTWARE (licenceware) 418 SID 2 Sequel to the famous SID provides an easy-to-use front end for the Amiga, making file and disk operations easy.
419 SPECTRAPAINT 4.1 f An easy-to-use art package which offers all the standard painting functions and is very competent.
432 THE FINAL FRONTIER For Star Trek fans, this magazine is on four disks packed full of facts, figures and opinions, plus ray traced images.
433 THE VIKING SAGA Beat-em-up game where you have to defend your settlements. Great fun.
DEJA VU LICENSEWARE L 127 446 WINBLENDER Fractal generator with eight fractal functions built in. It uses the new AGA chip set only, however.
447 WORD FACTORY Education software for five to eight- year-olds, teaches vocabulary skills.
LPDIO Back Issues with complete programs!
Now here you really can get a bargain! In the past, we've given away some of the best programs that money can buy for the Amiga, and yet we've charged only the price of an extra disk. Sadly some, like the issue with AMOS on, have sold out: but there's still some beauties to be had!.
467 ISSUE 39 DEVPAC 2 The programming language that was used to create Lemmmings, Populous and many other Amiga hit games is all yours, plus part one of Bullfrog's programming tutorial.
AF MAIL ORDER ~£5 468 ISSUE 43 PRODATA Complete database is effective and simple to use. Worth £50.
AF MAIL ORDER £5 469 ISSUE 48 PD SPECIAL In the magazine, discover how to make your own PD demo: and on the second Coverdisk, you'll find all the PD programs you'll need to do it!.
AF MAIL ORDER ~£5 470 ISSUE 51 TURBO PRINT 2 Excellent print utility replaces all that fiddling with drivers and maximises output on any kind of printer, from any program. Worth £50.
AF MAIL ORDER ~£5 471 ISSUE 52 BLITZ BASIC 2 Now arguably the best place for beginners to start programming, especially since the magazine from here on runs a regular tutorial showing you how to write your own programs! Worth £50.
AF MAIL ORDER ~£5 472 ISSUE 53 IMAGINE 2 What can we say? One of the two top Amiga graphics programs, a powerful 3D modelling and ray-tracing package worth a massive £269!
There's fun, fun, fun to be had with the music package that is aimed deliberately at people who can't play a note. Great stuff. Worth £70.
AF MAIL ORDER £5 456 AF SPECIAL 8 THE ANNUAL 1993 A look back over the year identifies and explains the leading issues in Amiga affairs, and asks: what will happen in 1994?
AF MAIL ORDER £5 457 AF SPECIAL 9 THE BEGINNERS' GUIDE Out on January 6th, this is the ideal thing for anyone who's new to the Amiga, with heaps of helpful advice.
NEWS-STANDS £3 95 458 AMIGA FORMAT SUBSCRIPTION Bargain for yourself, ideal present for a friend or relative. Not only do you get 12 issues sent straight to your door for no more than you would normally pay, but you also get a free Subscriber's Superdisk and Backstage newsletter absolutely free, every month of the year!
AF MAIL ORDER £47.40 (UK) 463 ISSUE 35 SPECTRACOLOR JR HAM 4096-colour paint and animation package for pre-AGA Amigas. Old, but worth having: worth £60.
AF MAIL ORDER £5 459 FUTURE MUSIC For anyone who is interested in making music and using computers or electronic instruments to do it, this is just what you need.
Packed with news, reviews and advice and also featuring a CD on the cover packed with demo songs, music and samples.
NEWS-STANDS £3.50 465 ISSUE 37 ANIMATION STATION Useful utility for graphics enthusiasts enables you to link animations to make video productions. Worth £50.
AF MAIL ORDER £5 460 JUST AMIGA MONTHLY By respected DTP expert Jeff Walker, this enthusiasts' magazine is the nearest thing to an Amiga fanzine.
It's well-written and extremely useful, being full of expert advice.
JAM £10 (6 issues) Magazines Check out our sister magazines, look out for the Amiga Format Specials, consider dipping into a back issue and, above all, do yourself a huge favour and subscribe!
448 A 1VIIGA FORMAT BACK ISSUES Pick up some invaluable information from the past wisdom of AF, and remember those excellent Coverdisk demos are attached too!
AF MAIL ORDER £5 449 AMIGA POWER Our games-only sister magazine is well worth a look for the games- obsessed Amiga owner. It's witty, informative and controversial enough to have aroused the terrifying wrath of the Daily Star newspaper. Latest issue carries two disks packed with games demos and PD games.
Featuring Stuart Campbell, games reviewing's cross between Barry Norman and Vinnie Jones.
NEWS-STANDS £3 95 450 AMIGA SHOPPER Our seriously inclined sister magazine refuses to acknowledge games exist, concentrating instead on intensive, authoritative tests of the latest in hardware, creativity software, productivity software and PD. A must for all serious Amiga owners: now in colour with coverdisk!
NEWS-STANDS £2.50 451 AF SPECIAL 1 THE COMPLETE SOFTWARE GUIDE A little old now, but still a comprehensive reference to all kinds of software much of which, since this dates from August 1992, is now available at bargain prices AF MAIL ORDER £5 454AF SPECIAL 6 GOOD HARDWARE GUIDE As the name suggests, not only a guide that tells you what each kind of hardware does and how to choose the right thing for you, but also recommending the best of each type.
AF MAIL ORDER £5 452 AF SPECIAL 4 ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE AMIGA Very useful reference guide to all things Amiga, including complete listing of every product reviewed in Amiga Format up to Issue 43!
AF MAIL ORDER £5 453 AF SPECIAL 5 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS The answer to all your problems: like a 100-page edition of Workbench, packed with solutions to all those tricky Amiga troubles.
AF MAIL ORDER £5 455 AF SPECIAL 7 THE GAMES SPECIAL Guess what this is all about? Simply the most comprehensive guide to Amiga games ever written, ever.
AF MAIL ORDER £5 The excellent original version of the Lemmings classic is now free to buyers of the CD32 system who shop at Silica and Indi.
Books Get the most out of your Amiga, as our best-selling all-round advice book says, with Amiga Format's own range of books for all Amiga owners everywhere.... 476 POCKET WORKBENCH AND AMIGADOS In a handy miniature size, this is the ideal reference guide to Workbench, CLI and Shell commands. Vital for any Amiga owner.
474 AMOS MANUAL If you happen to have got your hands on a copy of Issue 42 of Amiga Format with the complete free AMOS program, you may also find it handy to have the manual: with an additional Extras disk, too.
AF MAIL ORDER £9.95 477 SCREENPLAY 2 The total player's guide to Amiga games: though it's over a year old, it has tips, cheats and solutions for many of the all-time classic games.
AF MAIL ORDER £13.95 AF MAIL ORDER £9.95 475 GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR AMIGA 1993 478 ULTIMATE AMOS The complete guide to programming in AMOS and all AMOS variants, created by Amiga Format especially for all Amiga owners.
Includes a disk with listings of all the code printed in the book, plus four AMOS games!
Especially if you're new to the Amiga, this could prove to be the most valuable thing you ever buy for your Amiga. Introduces all areas of Amiga hardware and software, provides hundreds of hints and tips. Two disks contain a heap of useful PD programs.
£19.95 AF MAIL ORDER AF MAIL ORDER £19.9 CDTV bits An outdated black box that's useless for anything could turn out to be a bargain... 493 CDPD2 Lots more on the second program- packed disc from Almathera.
ALMATHERA £19.95 494 CDPD3 And yet more, updated now with Workbench 3 included as well.
ALMATHERA £19.95 *- 495 THE DEMO COLLECTION Similarly, a highly entertaining collection of just about all the demos ever seen on the Amiga.
ALMATHERA £19.95 496 THE DEMO II CD Not just demos, but also games, clip art and much, much more.
ALMATHERA £1995 497 FRACTAL UNIVERSE Doesn't work on CD32, so with CDTV is the ideal way to pick up this fascinat- 491 CDTV It may seem stupid... but! First: using the Parnet PD software, you can connect this to any big-box Amiga and use it as a CD-ROM drive. Second: with it, in the Home Multimedia Pack, you get a spare A3000 keyboard worth £50; an external floppy disk drive worth £70; a mouse, worth £15; and the Fred Fish PD Collection on CD- ROM. Could be a bargain!
INDI £229.99 492 CDPD First collection of PD from Almathera Systems contains hundreds of pieces of software, which work with various chip set processor configurations and versions of Workbench. A complete and utter bargain.
ALMATHERA £19.95 Bits All kinds of things that you might want as accessories for your Amiga.... 479 AF BINDER Smart black hard-cover item with lovely silver logo holds 12 issues of your favourite Amiga magazine.
AF MAIL ORDER £4 5 480 AF DISK WALLET Hard backing keeps your disks secure when you slot them into this for keeping or carrying.
AF MAIL ORDER £399 481 AF DUSTCOVER Practical dustproof plastic cover to fit A500 or A600 with stylish AF logo emblazoned on front.
AF MAIL ORDER £8.99 482 AF MOUSE MAT What more could you possibly want from life than a water-resistant mouse mat with the AF logo in pink?
AF MAIL ORDER £7 99 483 AMIGA POWER TIPS VIDEO Now at a bargain last-chance-to-buy low price (must order before the end of January) this video contains 58 minutes of practical game tips: F1GP, Zool, Putty, Monkey Island 2, Lemmings, Myth and much more.
AF MAIL ORDER £4.99 Technical hits There's some little bits of hardware that you might not have realised can bring benefits disproportionate to their cost.
484 NULL MODEM CABLE Get your hands on a copy of Stunt Car Racer, Geoff Crammond's superb driving game; buy one of these cables; bring your mate's Amiga round; hook the two up; and enjoy the most amazing two-player game ever seen.
SPECIAL RESERVE £899 485 SCART LEAD If you have a Philips or Sony TV, or ing collection of fractal images and fractal-generating software, plus explanations of how it all works.
INCH £34.99 498 FRED FISH COLLECTION ON CD-ROM Superb compilation by Fred Fish himself of all the software ever released on disks bearing his name.
IndI Free with CDTV 499 MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT Excellent collection of images in HAM, HAM8 and 24-bit modes including old master paintings.
WEIRD SCIENCE £19.95 500 PANDORA'S CD Strange combination of clip art, sounds, textures and static images which you can use win your own work, with demos of how Optonica use multimedia in their work.
OPTOniICA £50 any TV with a SCART, Euroconnector or Peritel socket, then connecting the Amiga's RGB output to the SCART socket will give you a top-quality RGB image: much better than the normal RF signal.
SPECIAL RESERVE £ L99 486 STEREO CABLES Get them from any hi-fi shop, yer normal phono-style hi-fi connectors: connect your Amiga up to a ghetto- blaster or hi-fi, or to the hi-fi input on a TV; and enjoy some real blasting soundtracks and effects!
LOCAL SHOPS! £3.99 487 MOUSE JOYSTICK EXTENSION CABLES With the appropriate plugs on each end, this is simply a cable that enables you to extend your leads to reach a bit further. A luxury that can be worth having, especially because you can leave the cable plugged in to those hard-to-reach sockets thus making 'stick-swopping easier.
PHOEIUIX £4k99 CDTV games While CDTV releases were mostly disappointing, there were a few that were both good, and also can now be used on CD32!
488 LEMMINGS The original edition of Lemmings, as given away with all CDTVs and now included free by Silica and Indi when you buy a CD32.
I IMP! Tree with CD32 489 SIM CITY Enhanced version of the superb city strategy game includes hi-fi soundtrack and is well worth getting if you have no other version.
IMP! £29.99 490 TRIVIAL PURSUIT Two-disc extravaganza is expensive and, despite including lots of pics and samples, not as much fun as the board game: but it will impress your friends, if you like to show off!
NUDl £49.95 Amiga Public Domain Collection Vd-.w 3 of *K‘}‘ n,:'r''u" oyi itarrmn C3 U»r*Y Almathera » ProductMIY ©_ Almathera offer plenty of useful programs packed on their CDPD discs.
501 CD+GFX DISCS For a while, Warner music publishing have been producing classical music and pop Cds which, as well as playing in your CD player normally, also include extra graphics that you can only see with a CDTV, CD32 or Philips CD-i. It's an intriguing idea: ask about them from your record retailer.
RECORD SHOPS £14 1st Computer Centre 0532 319444 Unit 3, Armley Park Court Stanningley Rd, Leeds LS12 2AE 17 Bit Software 0924 366982 First Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street Wakefield WF11DH 21st Century Entertainment 0235 851852 West Brook Street Blewbury, Oxfordshire 0X11 9QB Aardvark PD 0509 210157 53 Cumberland Road, Loughborough, Leics LE11 ODE Action Sixteen 0276 684959 Watch moor Trade Centre, Watchmoor Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3AJ J F Mail Order 0458 273279 Future Publishing, Cary Court Somerton, Somerset TA11 6TB Aico International 0635 49797 Amiga Centre Scotland 0896 87583
Harlequin House, Walkerbum, Peeblesshire, EH43 6AZ Amiganuts 169 Dale Valley Road, Hollybrook, Southampton S01 6QX Anco Software 0322 292518 7 Millside Industrial Estate, Lawson Road, Dartford, Kent DA1 5BH Anglia PD 0394 283494 115 Ranleigh Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 7HU Amor 0733 68909 611 lincoln Rd, Peterborough, Cambs PE1 3 HA The Assassins 32 Ripley Avenue, North Shields, Tyne & Wear NE29 7SA Batty's PD Club 0604 22456 7 Denmark Road, Northampton NN1 5QR 091-490 1919 Bitcon Blittersoft 0908 220196 40 Colley Hill, Bradwell, Milton Keynes, MK13 9DB Boot-up PD 07082 221591 Computer Home
Supplies, 30 Sunnings Lane, Corbets Tey, Upminster, Essex RM14 2DQ Cheetah 061-954 4060 Sullivan Way, Salford, Manchester M3 6AJ Codemasters 0926 814132 Lower Farm House, Stoneythorpe, Southam, Warwickshire CV33 ODL Core Design 0332 297797 Suite C 69-71 a Ashbourne Road, Derby DE3 3FS Crazy Joe's 0709 829286 145 Effingham Street Rotherham S651BL Cynostic PD 0203 613817 Office 1, New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, CV6 7NB Datel Electronics 0782 744707 Govan Road, Fenton Ind Est Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2RS Deja Vu 0942 495261 7 Hollinbrook, Beech Hill,
Wigan WN6 7SG Digita International 0395 270273 Black Horse House, Exmouth, Devon EX81JL Digital Integration 0276 684959 Watchmoor Trade Centre, Watchmoor Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3AJ Electronic Arts 0753 549442 90 Heron Drive, Langley, Berkshire SL3 8XP Emerald Creative 081-715 8866 Rapid House, 54 Wandle Bank, Wimbledon SW191DW Empire and Entertainment International 081-343 7337 The Spires, 677 High Road, North Finchley, London N12 ODA Europress Direct 0625 859333 Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP First Computer Centre 0532 319444 Unit 3, Armley Park Court Stanningley
Rd, Leeds LS12 2AE Flair Software 0661 860260 The Smithy Side, 7 Belle Villas, Ponteland, Northumberland NE20 9BD Fred Fish Amiga Library Disks, 1835 East Belmont Drive, Tempe, Arizona 85284, USA G2 Systems 0252 737151 5 Mead Lane, Famham, Surrey GU9 7DY Gametek Ltd 0753 553445 6 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 3UA Gasteiner 081-365 1151 Unit 2, Millmead Bus Centre, Millmead Rd, London N17 9QU George Thompson 0707 391389 Bridgegate Centre, Martinfield, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 1JG Golden Image 081-365 1102 Unit 12a, Milmead Bus Ctre, Milmead Rd London N17 9QU Grandslam 081-680 7044 3
Rath bone Square, Croydon, Surrey CRO1AL Gremlin GBH 0742 753423 Carver House, Carver Street Sheffield S1 4FS Harwood 0773 836781 New Street Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP Hi Soft 0525 718181 The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE Hobbyte 0727 856005 10 Market Place, St Albans, Herts AL3 5DG Holdfast Computing 0454 411126 Strode House, Strode Gardens, Alveston, Bristol BS12 2PL Impressions 071-351 2133 Units 2-12, Chelsea Garden Market Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, London SW10 OXE Indi Direct 0543 419999 1 Ringway Ind Est Eastern Ave, Lichfield, Staffs WS13 7SF Infogrames 071-738 8199 18a
Old Town, Clapham, London SW4 OLB Just Amiga Monthly 0895 274449 75 Greatfields Drive, Uxbridge UB8 3QN Key Audio 0245 344001 Unit C Robjohns Rd, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3AG Kixx 021-625 3366 Units 2-3, Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7AX Kompart UK 0727 868005 25 Hart Road, St Albans, Herts AL11NF Konix 0495 350101 Unit 35, Raffau Ind Est Ebbw Vale, Gwent NP3 5SD Krisalis Software 0709 372290 Teque House, Masons Yard, Downs Row, Moorgate, Rotherham S602HD Lola Electronics 0858 880182 Freepost Market Harborough, Leics LE16 7BR Magnetic Fields 0772 881190 PO Box 118, Preston, Lancashire PR2
2AW 0702 351941 MCPD 6 Colchester Road, Prittlewell, Southend on Sea SS2 6HP Meedmore Ltd 051-521 2202 28 Farriers Way, Netherton, Merseyside L30 4XL Meridian 081-543 3500 East House, East Road Trading Est London SW191AH Micropace UK 0753 551888 Unit 10, Perth Trading Estate, Slough, Berks SL1 4 Millennium 0223 844894 Quern House, Mill Court Great Shelford, Cambs CB2 5LD Mindscape 0444 246333 Priority House, Charles Avenue, Maltings Park, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9PQ IMBS PD 0983 529594 1 Chain Lane, Newport Isle of Wight PO30 5QA New Horizon 0989 750260 High Hope, Lee, Ross-on-Wye,
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PD 091-587 1195 PO Box 15, Peterlee, Co Durham, SR81NZ Virgin Interactive 081-960 2255 338A Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5AH Essex Computer 0268 553963 MicroProse 0454 326532 Virus Free PD 0793 512321 118 Middle Crockerford, Basildon, Essex SS16 4JA The Ridge, Chipping Sodbury, Avon BS17 6AY 31 Faringdon Road, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1 5AR '• yf'%'!i,• tit •’ 'tii ,&t •’. Y?. I it! '»i' ’ ' " t
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