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AMIGA NEWS Motorola's PowerPC chip could well be sitting inside the next big box Amiga. ‘i£v Wordworth versus Final Writer 94 With updates of their popular word publishing packages, Digita and Softwood are going head-to-head for your cash. We pit their products against one another to see which one packs the bigger punch. Easy Ledgers 2 99 An accounts package may not seem the most exciting of programs, but Jason Holborn proves that first appearances can be deceptive. 3D Products 102 WaveMaker, Essence 3 and Spark all help you to create special effects in your 3D animations. We take them for a test render. Video Backup System 3.0 107 Hard drives can corrupt, floppies are a pain, magneto-optical dives are expensive. So why not try backing up to video tape instead? We're not kidding - just don't tape over your mum's EastEnders... Video Options Card 110 If you've ever felt a burning desire to plug your Amiga into a dozen different monitors, this kit gives you all the options you'll ever need. CD-ROM round-up 114 At long last it looks like the Amiga has jumped on board the CD bandwagon. So Jason Holborn reviews a new CD drive from Gasteiner and looks at a whole host of new Cds for the Amiga. * 0 v I m Every new Amiga game reviewed and rated!

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Document sans nom * *»bley AMIGA Disk 66a FORMAT PLUS: A1200 Pixel 3D Pro fix Dr Ts
entry level music package combines MIDI notes and IFF samples
with ease.
AMIGA Disk 66b FORMAT ZEEWOLF: Sample a whole exclusive level of this cracking 3D shoot-em-up!
WIN! Your very own Mortal Kombat II coin-op. See the Aai av Mn A V Power Computing DESIGN il n c) INN VATION VIPER68030 SERIES VIPER FEATURES RAM Upgradable to 128MB' Full Kickstart remapping” Optional SCSI-II adaptor 68882 Maths Co-processor On-board battery backed clock Instruction & Data burst modes Much faster than an Amiga 4000 040**’
• Oft or Vper Jluo “Oft or Vc«r 2& “Oft m Jar 1VK VIPER 28 FJ
030 with MMU at 28MHz. FPU upto 50MHz BARE BOARD £149 4MB 2IHH1
FPU £299 4MB DMHi FPU £359 4MB 4 0 M H a FPU £379 4MB 50MHz FPU
£395 VIPER 40 EC 030 at 40MHz. FPU upto 50MHz BARE BOARD £249
4MB 2 8 M H z FPU £399 4MB ))MHi FPU £419 4MB 40MHz FPU £459
4MB 50MHz FPU £479 CO-PROCESSORS 2 8 M H z FPU £25 31MHz FPU
£60 40MHz FPU £80 50MHz FPU £120 SCSI-II ADAPTOR £79 8MB SIMM
£319 HIGH SPEC, LOW COST IS The new XL Drive 1,76MB now comes m
a brand new metal casing which is half the height of a standard
external floppy drive.
The XL Drive allows you to store a massive 1,76MB on a high density disk. The A4000 internal drive fits perfectly underneath the original dnve. No case cutting requred.
XL DRIVE 1.76MB £59.95 XL DRIVE INTERNAL £55.95 XL DRIVE A 4 0 0 0 INT. £55.95 The Super XL Dnve is the only kind of floppy dnve of its kind on the Amiga market! The innovative dnve can store a massive 3.5MB on one high density floppy disk, (without compressing the file?). This drne is available from late November earty December SUPER XL DRIVE 3.5MB £99.95 SUPER XL DRIVE INT. £95.95 We use the same drive mechanisms as Commodore to ensure complete compatiMty.
PC88I A500 INTERNAL £30.95 PC882 A2000 INTERNAL £30.95 PC883 A600H200 INT. £3S.9S ECONOMY DRIVE The Economy dnve comes with anti-dick.
PC880E ECONOMY £39.95 The Power Drive is most impressive drive of its kind on the market and now includes Blitz Amiga and Floppy Expander. Floppy Expander allows you to compress files only on floppy disks by up to 50%. Other features include: Anti-dick. Anti-Virus, Isolation Switch, 2 Year Guarantee. Thru'port. Cyclone Compatible Chip. Built-in Backup Hardware and Blitz Compatible.
POWER DRIVE £49.95 Telephone System owned Description Cheque PO for £ Credit card No.
Expiry date Name Address 4 Ow uoto 7 0to I Sign AWARD Winning PR DUCTS 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW t e I e p bone 0234 273000 facsimile 0 2 3 4 3 5 2 2 0 7 Power Computing DRIVES VIDEO BACKUP 3.0 BACKUP FEATURES Innovative product that allows you to backup your software onto a VHS cassette. You can now fit up to 520MB on a four hour tape.
The award winning Video Backup System now has new backup modes for Amigas with a 68020 or a higher CPU, a new user interface that also runs on the Workbench screen, a two times speed improvement over Version 1.5. data compression over three times faster than Version 1.5 and you can also watch television on your 1084s monitor!
VIDEO BACKUP SCART VBS SCART VERSION £65 VBS PHONO VERSION £60 VBS V3.0 UPGRADE £20 Hard S C S I I D E HD'S 11 our hard drives come complete a 12 ionth guarantee with fitting cable. Screws, artitioning software and full instructions.
£159.95 170MB HARD DRIVE £219.95
HARD DRIVE £1099 tit*-* CD-ROM
• external CD-ROM drive comes with the owmg features: PCMCIA
interface, tvbiespeed drive. Emulates CD32 CD- 5M device. Multi
session and PhotoCD tpatible.
OVERDIVE CD-ROM £199 AMINET 3 SHARE £10 MEETING PEARLS £10 GOLDFISH £25 FRESH FISH 6 £25 AUDIO RESOURCE £23 DRIVE OVERDRIVE HD This external PCMCIA Hard Drive allows you to fit a 3.5" IDE hard disk and included m the pack is the installation software which allows you to configu'e the dnve to your own needs.
OVERDRIVE HD BARE £99 OVERDRIVE HD 3 6 0 MB £259 Turbo TURBO CALC 2 Turbo Calc v2.0 is the unique software solution that defines a new standard to spread sheets applications on the Commodore Amiga. Experience its unlimited capabilities in all relevant calegones: Design Extensive formatting options All supported font formats No colour restnctions Vanous cell frames, including 3D option Freely adjust row width column height Functions More than 100 functions covering arithmetical and financial needs Intuitive input wa mouse CALC Diagrams All common chart types bar. Line etc. Vanous filling
patterns and colours Output as IFF-file or graphic pnntout Optional display of legend and axis labeling Macro ARexx Arexx port Free menu definitico Macro language with more than 120 instructions Database Integrated database with numerous data definition and retrieval options: Search, copy and delete operations according to user-defined criteria.
TURBOCALC 2 £59.00 Works with any Kickstart Telephone System owned Description Cheque PO for I Credit card No.
Expiry date CheQim lid Name Address tkr* upto 7 dto dear Sign award winning PR DUCTS 4 4 a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7 R W telephone 023 4 2 7 3 0 0 0 facsimile 0 2 3 4 3 5 2 2 0 7 DECEMBER 1994 k. CONTENTS David Pleasance treats Nick Veitch and Steve Jarratt to a splendid rendition of Scarborough Fair at the FES.
93 Page 45 0 1 UJIHS M3M Wf W Mortal Kombat II 46 Cannon Fodder 2 52 Premier Manager 3 56 Alien Breed 2: Tower Assault 58 Mortal Kombat ii finall$ ) ?hitsthe Amiga,- «rtd * We've got the only finished version!
Pinball Illusions Lords Of The Realm Sim City 2000 Overlord Zeewolf Fields Of Glory Aladdin 62 64 66 70 72 76 78 81 81 82 85 85 Run the RISC p32 RISC processing is changing the face of computing - and the Amiga is next in line. We explain the ins and outs of Reduced Instruction Set Computing.
MAIN FEATURE Showtime! P22 Amigas on show at FES, plus news of World Of Amiga at Wembley.
Chelsea attack! P24 Commodore under cash threat from soccer club.
AMIGA NEWS Motorola's PowerPC chip could well be sitting inside the next big box Amiga.
‘i£v Wordworth versus Final Writer 94 With updates of their popular word publishing packages, Digita and Softwood are going head-to-head for your cash. We pit their products against one another to see which one packs the bigger punch.
Easy Ledgers 2 99 An accounts package may not seem the most exciting of programs, but Jason Holborn proves that first appearances can be deceptive.
3D Products 102 WaveMaker, Essence 3 and Spark all help you to create special effects in your 3D animations. We take them for a test render.
Video Backup System 3.0 107 Hard drives can corrupt, floppies are a pain, magneto-optical dives are expensive. So why not try backing up to video tape instead?
We're not kidding - just don't tape over your mum's EastEnders... Video Options Card 110 If you've ever felt a burning desire to plug your Amiga into a dozen different monitors, this kit gives you all the options you'll ever need.
CD-ROM round-up 114 At long last it looks like the Amiga has jumped on board the CD bandwagon. So Jason Holborn reviews a new CD drive from Gasteiner and looks at a whole host of new Cds for the Amiga.
* 0 v I m Every new Amiga game reviewed and rated!
Cannon Fodder 2 (left) - have Sensible done it again? Or is it just a case of gore of the same? Zeewolf (above) takes a starring role on our Coverdisk and earns itself an Amiga Format Gold into the bargain.
Embryo Starlord Voyages Of Discovery GameBusters Helping Hand Introduction SERIOUSLY AMIGA 4 COVERDISK 1: TIGER CUB p10 We've had loads of people after Music-X - well Tiger Cub is the next best thing! Learn all you need to know about MIDI sequencing with Dr T's excellent music package over on page 10.
EXCLUSIVE! MORTAL KOMBAT II p46 We don't often go this mad over a game but, heck, this isn't just any old game. First review, right here.
TUTORIALS DTP Tutorial 150 Marcus Dyson helps you create your own personal stationery.
Paint Tutorial 154 Jason Holborn puts things into perspective.
OctaMED 160 Ed Wiles demonstrates some special effects using AF62’s music composer Coverdisk.
Blitz Basic 2 164 Sprites and Shapes are the subject for the last of Roy Ferguson's Blitz Basic tutorials.
COIN-OP! P49 No, It's no joke. We've really got an Mortal Kombat II arcade box and it's up for grabs to the readers of Amiga Format and Amiga Power!
WORLD OF AMIGA P22 Commodore start to show signs of life again, by hosting the World Of Amiga Show at Wembley, 9-11 December.
COVERDISK 2: ZEEWOLF p14 Binary Asylum's first ever game is a brilliant helicopter shoot-em-up. Featured on our Coverdisk is a specially written mission - for a full briefing turn to page 14!
Month In View 6 How To Use Your Coverdisks 10 Pixel 3D Pro Fix _____ 16 Amiga Format Presents 18 Jeff Walker Column 23 Tim Smith Column 26 Subscriptions 38 Public Domain 125 Back Issues 134 Readers' Offers 138 Workbench 143 Comms 169 3D Graphics 173 Letters 175 Gallery 178 Next Month 185 Advertisers' Index 186 More people read Amiga Format than any other Amiga magazine on the planet!
AMIGA FORMAT Welcome to Amiga Format. By choosing this magazine you have just made a very wise decision: this is the world's most popular Amiga magazine. And that means more Amiga users know us, trust us and choose to read us than anyone else.
DECEMBER 1994 Why? Because Amiga Format's readers know they can trust our judgment and buying recommendations. Because we thoroughly test products, for one thing, and because we're not afraid to tell the truth.
No matter how harsh it may be.
The proof? Commodore itself regularly chooses Amiga Format to prepare special editions of the magazine to be bundled with its machines. And surveys have consistently shown that retailers trust Amiga Formats reviews above any other magazine.
So you know you can read Amiga Format with confidence. Welcome to the world's biggest community of Amiga users!
Steve Jarratt, Editor A I last, the results arc in! Nti. Not the Oscars or front the clinic or even the
2. 30 at Doncaster. The Amiga Format survey entries (from issue
63) have been painstakingly collected and collated. And then
printed out all neat and that. So. Just what is an Amiga
Format reader and what do you think?
Once again the hulk of you are male, with just 4% being female. Sad to say that Amiga computing is still a male-dominated sport (apart from the AF office which has a 44.4% female quotient).
DECEMBER 1 99A MONTH IN VIEW This month in view We've finally collated all of the Amiga Format survey results and now Steve Jarratt can reveal exactly who you are and what you think.
The majority of AF readers are aged betw een 15 and 19. Although it seems we have something of a cull following among the 30-10 year olds, and a healthy core of over 40s. So a hig hello to all you erumblv Amiga owners out there.
According to our figures, you live all over the place hut proliferate in the SE of England. That might have something to do with the quaint market town of London being in that general direction.
One per cent of our readers live in ‘the rest of the world' and we know some of you reside in the US, but you didn't show up. Statistically speaking.
With regard to your vocational occupation.
28% of A 's loyal following are at school. 25% are at college or university, while 38% are in full lime employment. Unfortunately, 9% are unemployed, but then Amiga Format - with its high-value Coverdisk programs - must he a Godsend for active Amiga owners with a cashflow problem.
As for hardware, around half of you own AI200s, with another 30% tinkering with A500s.
19% of you possess AbOOs. While the remaining 19% have A3000s. A lOOOs. CD5** and (oops) CDTVs. (I know that doesn't add up - a lot of you have the luxury of being a two-machine family!)
Of course, this means that over three quarters of you are running on at least Workbench 2.0, while only 20% are still dinging doggedly on to WB 1.3. If you're thinking of upgrading, check out issue 65. P26. For £10 off Workbench 3.1. When it comes to buying Amiga-related produce, your opinions are divided: two thirds of you reckon that its the price that matters over and above the reputation of the company, the quality of service or even the size of the advertisement.
* Mail order companies take note.
Amiga Format was also the subject of our survey: 72% or our readers are loyal.
'every month' type of people, while 27% are occasional, 'when it looks good' buyers you fair- weather friends, you.
So why do you buy Amiga Format': For the bulk of readers it was a split derision between the contents, the Covcrdisks and those who subscribe (and therefore get it no matter how great it is). A meagre 7% of you were influenced by the cover - and your favourite was issue 63's rendered llot Off The Press logo. (Coincidentally, that was the issue that won Future's prestigious Cover Of The Month award, so everyone agrees... it's gurt lush as our Art Kd Sue White might say.)
And. Nnally. What of the competition!' 26% of you admitted to reading our sister maga .ine Amiga Shopper, with 31% claiming to peruse Amiga Power. CamesMaster and Edge also made a low- percentile appearance - as did some tawdry Amiga rags from the enemy. Still. I suppose you have to fill those lonely evenings waiting for Amiga Format to hit the streets... One of the minor disappointments this month was that we found out about the Amiga version of Mortal Komhat II too late to get a Coverdisk demo.
Acclaim were keen on the idea, hut the coders at Probe are working overtime to gel the game finished ready for Christmas --
- we only just got the y 1 Still, at least that has enabled us to
pul Zrrwolf on the Coverdisk. Which, in my humhle opinion. Is
one of the best game demos we've bad for ages. It's very tough,
admittedly, and it takes a while to become accustomed to the
controls (especially on (he mouse). But stick with it and
you'll have a hell of a blast. (And. Let's face it. If I can
complete the entire demo on my third attempt, anyone can!)
And speaking of games, you'll be* able to write your own as from next month. Our extraspecial Christmas issue has three Coverdisk*: two BIG exclusive game dentos (trust me) plus a copy of AMOS Professional. This award-w inning program gives you (he power to create your own games, demos and even simple utilities. Our own resident AMOS pro. Jason liolhom. W ill be giving you some excellent advice on how to start using AMOS and over the coining months will be providing in-depth tutorials to make sure you get the most from this brilliant package.
AMOS Pro usually costs, ooh. About four thousand pounds, I reckon. But now you can embrace its dark and menacing power simply by buying the downright lovely Amiga Formal Christmas issue. Clad tidings or what? ® PGA EUROPEAN TOUR PGA EUROPEAN TOUR Pr»clic« Pound 1 ournorr «M Driving Rgn®* Puffin® Or««n Available for your AMIGA A500, A600, AI200.
TM £ SPORTS AU loo'nomanl namot ana logo* «to ino propofty ol th®*( fotpoclive Own*!* EA SPORTS. IhO EA SPORTS logo. 4 way play Iho 4 way play logo and IF IT'S IN THE IN THE GAME. ITS IN THE GAME’ aro afl traoomark* ol Elaclionic Arts PGA Europoan Tour is a iraOemork ol PGA Eurcpoan Tour ar d PGA TOUR •» a t»adomar« and or.i mod py painussion OCEAN SOFTWARE LID . 2 CASTLE STREET . CASTLEFIELD . MANCHESTER . M3 4LZ . TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 . FAX: 061 834 0650 WE HAVE MASSES OF MEGA STOCKS WITH PRICES THAT CANNOT BE BEATEN - DON'T MISS OUT - PHONE TODAY « rssa PHILIPS Canon Microsoft A W
Panasonic NEC [Mobotics @ intei tVl NEWLY REFURBISHED SHOWROOM • WELL WORTH A VISIT f 915.00 SPECIAL INTRO PACK Powerful A Affordable. A machine that can handle anything, Business, When you purchase a CWL 486PC System Accounts, DTP A Games. CD ROM A Sound fully exploited with amazing f.'A I effect. THE WAY FORWARD & NOW CHEAPER THAN EVER.
More A More people are upgrading to a CWL 486PC.
EPIC OPTIONS r a a T if ¦ « »
f. lmcgtol nock.r boll 2-WffU ,.,1 a.Removobie ond upgradoblc 12
. X.C.I
4. PCMCIA 18*1 Typ, II & ID ».5 how* bcnwy We 4.8craorabio bord
di,V 2 5" 1250Mb itondofd) P.leu thon 4c»w ibteV
8. Upgradable CPU 486SX OX 0X2 DX4 ». Upgradable 8AM 4Mb Uondo'd
raa* 20Mb 40. Baill m Oudra & ,al*,nol K «nd (K,p raLrae
roraepi 11. F.ee corapleto p.8. ,ob era FAX MODEMS Notebook
prices ¦ standard configuration 250Mb, 4Mb RAM on: Y2 ..
£35.00 £53.00 ..£112.00 £136.00 ...£94.00 .. 112.00 £94.00
£206.00 £35.00 ..fSSOXM £915.00 SX-33 DX-33 11X2-50 11X4-75
Monu DSTN TFT m m m m
• 2466 EH3 * m M M m Blue Linear - THE NEW FORCE IN MULTIMEDIA
ACTIVE POWERED SPEAKERS (8WATT RMS). 102 KEY ENHANCED KEYBOARD Green Energy Saving Local Bus Motherboard 1Mb SVGA Local Bus Video Card • 3.5" 1.44Mb Floppy Disk Drive • 4Mb BAM • L B Multi i o Card.
2 Serial. 1 Parallel • 280Mb W D Hard Drive • 3 Button Mouse • 14" SVGA 0.28 Dot Pitch Monitor (All Windows Besolutions available. Non Interlaced) • Quality Keyboard • Windows & Dos pre-installed with Manuals • Mini Tower Case.
A machine for all round use really needs 8Mb of memory, a soundcard, a CD ROM and a large Hard Drive. Choosing the right combination can be a nightmare. So Computer World offer the very best accessories for your new PC, at the right price. Just select from opposite what you need and let Computer World install the components ready to use.
The Blue Linear rango of PC Platforms’ incorporates the latest microprocessors and ara built and tested to the highest specifications.
The renge are environmentally friendly systems utilising biodegradable packaging and the latest energy saving green motherboards. All Blue Linear syatema come complete with system specific manuals.
The systems are equipped with the latest Multimedia hardware (compliant to MPC and MPC2 standards) that includes a double speed, muttisession CD ROM dnve. A 16 bit record and playback stereo sound card and Active Powered speakers as standard.
486 DX33 Green Energy Saving Local Bus Motherboard
• 1Mb SVGA Local Bus Video Card • 3.5" 1.44Mb Floppy Disk Drive •
4Mb HAM • L B Multi i o Card.
2 Serial. 1 Parallel • 280Mb W D Hard Drive • 3 Button Mouse • 14” SVGA 0.28 Dot Pitch Monitor (All Windows Besolutions available. Non Interlaced) • Quality Keyboard • Windows & Dos pre-installed with Manuals • Mini Tower Case.
340Mb HOD ... 16 4.00 540Mb HDD .£482.00 4Mb upgrade ...... 188.00 16Mb upgrade .... 614.00 Battery upgrade ... 1 PCMCIA Ethernet ..... 186 Docking Station .. 400 I PSION DACOIVlP ALL IDEAL FOR -EPIC NOTE’ RANGE V , AUTHORISED RESELLER C.-1 GOLDCARD V32615 ? FAX £229.00 GOLD PC4
INTERNAL ....£235.00 GOLDCARD V32 . FAX PCMCIA £176.00 GOLDCARD QUAD + FAX PCMCIA.£176.00 BIKM~JEKKM3n WORLDPORT 14.4 FAX POCKET....£199.00 WORLDPORT 2496 FAX POCKET...£176.00 WORLDPORT 14.4 FAX PCMCIA....£235.00 WORLDPORT 2496 FAX PCMCIA £164.00 Word Processor, Paint Packago. Database, Spreadsheet, Homo Accounts, 6 pieces of groat , software from WordPerfect. 10 GAMES, YES 10 GAMES ALL WORTH PLAYING & DOOM 2. SIMPLY £ THE BEST GAME THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!!
1200 600 .... 69.99 A4000 INTERNAL 1.44 DRIVE 89.99 ¦ llllil BDIIBJJ Jl SUPRA 288 MODEM ...... 224.99
BIS .. 134.99 SUPRA
2400 .... 64.99 “SUPRA
ON SUPRA) Itftobotics SPORTSTER 2496 +
FAX .. 99.99 SPORTSTER 14;400
EXT ... 139.99 COURIER OS
V34 .... 419.99 COURIER V32
80.00 8Mb SIMM .
.. txm 99.98 14.99 D PAINT IV (AGA) .. VISTA PRO 3 .. VISTA PRO LITE .... ART DEPARTMENT PRO 2.5 REAL 3D CLASSIC REAL 3D V2.0 .. 4888 29.99 ..OBJI 149.99 .. 7X88 CALL CALIGARI ... BRILLIANCE 2 IMAGINE V3.0 . X CAD 2000 X CAD 3000 . ART EXPRESSION *£99 4489 104.99 .. MJt 224.99 DISKS (WITH
10. . ....
50. .
100. ......
200. ......
500. .. 14
1000. ..... DISK BOXES 10 CAP
BOX 1.00 40 CAP
BOX ... 484)0 100 CAP
BOX ...AN 150 CAP
2M ...... PRINTER
3M ..... PRINTER 5M ....
PRINTER 10M .... 12.00 rmii i tn i
uivi AMIGA SCART ...
. 1B48 LC100
COLOUR ... 8.00 LC100 MONO..
_ .
Turn on, tune up and make sweet music on your Amiga with our fantastic Tiger Cub sequencer package.
Fly around in a helicopter and shoot things in our exclusive and fiendishly difficult Zeewolf demo.
Making music with your Amiga has never been easier, thanks to our highly excellent Tiger Cub Coverdisk. Maff Evans gives you sound advice on how to get your Coverdisk up and running.
Tiger Cub Ask any manager i a music shop and you’ll find that the to| -sclling piece of equipment is frequently a keyboard workstation - a synthesi er with a built- in sequencer. It may Ik* convenient having everything in one Ik x. But there’s something alwuit having the visual element to play with which makes using a computer-based sequencer a more dynamic wav of working.
Tiger Tub is an example of a ven visual sequencing system. Notes can Ik* edited 01 entered on a grid-based screen, and with all the information on display it can then Ik* tweaked using the mouse.
Tiger is usually only available as part of the KCS system, but the Cub incarnation on this month’s Coverdisk has a few differences to enable it to be used as a stand-alone program. Over the next few pages we'll take you through the main aspects ol the program so that you can find your way around Cub's major screens and edit windows.
()hviousiy we can’t hope to tell you about all ol I'ign (.ub's options here, so these instructions mainly relate to the features on the screens and with a bit of time and experimentation you should he able to negotiate your way around these without too inanv problems.
SETTING UP You c an use Tiger Cub with just an Amiga connected to an amplifier (which is better than using the program with a IA’ or monitor, although vou can get awav with this methcKi at a push), but Tigrr Cub is best used with MIDI instruments. For thisvou’ll need a MIDI interface (costing around tlf ) connected to the Amiga’s serial port. It you're using a single MIDI keyboard, connect its MIDI Out socket to the In socket of the interface and vice versa.
Make sure that the local control of your keyboard is turned off. Because you can use Tiger Cub's MIDI Merge feature (set; the Tape Recorder Every month we scour the known universe to bring you the finest Coverdisk programs and demos for your Amiga. What would you do without us?
O| Workbench I Ml ? I friigaSheU !!3e§hs7i " Dr. T*s Music Software Presents: TIGER CUBT" nn BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is very simple. Just follow the stages below... 2 Type in the following line exactly as it appears here, taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: 1 Bootup with your Workbench disk, and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
Tcopy Iron dfl: to dfl: Copyright 1983, Dr. T's Music Software.
Fill Rights Reserved.
3 When asked for the source disk, insert the Coverdisk and press Return. All of the information on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
Section) to trigger sounds. If you can't turn off local control, make sure that the MIDI Merge feature of Tiger Cub is turned off.
STARTING TIGER CUB The program doesn’t work straight from boot-up, so you'll have to load your Workbench before running Tiger (Alb. Once Workbench is up. Insert the Tiger Cub Coverdisk and double-click on the Cub icon. The program then shows you a slider telling you how much memory is available for sequencing. Moving this to the right reserves more memory for sequence data (not including HARD DISK INSTALLATION Running Tiger Cub from hard disk makes working with it a lot faster.
All you need to do to get it going is create a folder on your hard disk and drag all the Tiger Cub files from your Coverdisk into it (including Cub, the Samples, Drumkits and Instruments folders and all of the Cub icons).
Running the program then simply involves double-clicking on the program icon.
Sounds). If you're not planning to use any internal Amiga samples, whack this all the way across to the right, otherwise put it about half way.
If you're running other software on your Amiga, you'll need to move the slider to the left to free up more space for these programs. Again, it takes a little experimenting to find the right balance depending on how complex your sequences are, how much memory your Amiga has and what else you'll be doing with the machine.
Click on OK and the main Tiger program will run.
Continued overleaf 4 4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the destination disk. Insert the disk you want to copy to and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Tiger is usually only available as part o* the KCS system, but the AF Coverdisk Tiger Cub incarnation is a complete stand-alone sequencing program in its own right, packed with editing features.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, as it copies in chunks. Finally, type Enddi to close down the Shell. Your copy is complete.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any data loss or other damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including a stamped addressed envelope for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert the name of the disk) Disk, Discopy Labs Ltd. PO Box 21.
Daventry, NN 5BU.
Most of Tiger Cub's controls are available directly on screen and these are the ones that we'll mainly be dealing with here. A number of options are available via pull-down menus (such as file options and entry into windows for editing instruments and loading sample banks) and many of the menu functions link to the edit screens, so you'll be able to figure out what they do from the screen Sound it out controls listed here. Those menu functions that don't tie in with the edit screen are pretty standard fare and can be fathomed out with about 10 minutes' experimentation.
THE CONDUCTOR TRACK I bis window can be called up from a menu and shows Tempo and Time Signature changes within a track. If you click in the TS window, you can change the Time Signature from that bar anti call up a new Time Signature from the window that than appears. Tempo changes tan be added using the mouse in the same wav as continuous controller information.
THE ENVIRONMENT WINDOW This is where you enter the settings for Tiger Cub's working environment. These parameters include things such as the limits of select and paste bulfcrs, how many steps there are to a heat, how many bars to use as a record count in. MIDI slow (which delays certain messages to avoid MIDI hang-ups), rechannelling MIDI messages, what MIDI data to send, whether to play when you arc selecting notes and whether to ignore tempo changes in the conductor track.
INTERNAL SAMPLES l if'rr Cub can play back nines using internal samples and here is where you organise these into EE CNMtE MoftUK EDVItMtCIl Event* left ttXtr cUtftup: INK Ulnt l«»f»r: *«• PttU M(ki .7M Imn Hit ***** Fr«n _H t* 1M l"l Tiger Cub provides an impressive level of control over your samples and sounds.
THE TAPE RECORDER SCREEN This is where the track names are listed along with overall controls for recording and playback.
Iger Cub vl.lu TRACK LIST - This shows (from left to right) the track number, the instrument used, the MIDI sample channel, the track name, solo and mute settings, the group setting, an activity channel (which shows a symbol when a note plays) and a comments field. Most of these are info columns, but you type the instrument track name and comments yourself.
TRANSPORT CONTROLS - Usual tape recorder-type controls (Record. Rewind. Forward. Stop. Play. Pause).
Click on Record to make it active then play to start recording. Click on stop when stopped to return to the start of the song. Clicking with the right mouse button starts playing. To record, dick on Record so that it is highlighted (the next track will flash 'RECORD*) and start the sequence playing. If the metronome is turned on, you’ll hear a pulse and be given a count in (which is set in the Environment Window). All you need to do is start playing on your MIDI keyboard.
Internal I 3lflnd Now 4i*ernal 16 Druns Internal 16 Prince Internal 5 ftgain Internal 1 Bass Internal 2 Synth Anaziny Uow1 Chords QUANTIZE PLAYBACK INFO Shows the metronome pulse, the elapsed song time and the song position (in beats, bars and steps).
TEMPO Shows the current tempo and enables you to change the speed using a slider.
FEPTD Edit [Q-Cl HIH nerge BED Quantize (B Continuous Filter
(3) fiftertouch filter RECHRNL H i H Rechannel TRACK OPTIONS -
Th«« buttons enter the edit screen or affect the way MIDI
data is recorded: (GROUP) Group (FrEC) X-Rec CcuT) OB (T~bD J
Edit - Enters the graphic editing display.
MIDI Merge - This acts like a MIDI Thru, sending received info to the MIDI Out.
Quantize - Click the arrows to adjust the auto-correction grid and click to toggle on or off.
Continuous Filter - Toggles the recording of continuous controller information.
Aftertouch Filter - Toggles the recording of aftertouch information.
Cue Rechannel - Similar to Merge, except that received data is recorded and sent out on the specified channel. Controls are as with Quantize.
These buttons control the song location, playback and erasing functions.
Group - Only allows the playback of grouped tracks.
X-Rec - Deletes and resets the current track when you are recording.
Cue - Sets the cue loop. Click here to play from the start cue point (or select and press on Play). The start and end points of the loop are set underneath in measures (set the end point to 0 to play to the end of the song.
INSTRUMENTS AND DRUMKITS These windows enable you to assign sets of patches and drum-sound locations: I IP!! MNKIt InitriwrM Li EE lotd Initruntnt Itnk WSZ Ull Belli E =n res c«i iinsM fj iih»» i[ygom|Tt n E fCMCUl UP»P 1 S*«( Hi] Up to 16 Amiga sampled sounds can be loaded into Tiger Cub and used as instruments.
Instruments. You can load a sound, set the channel it is to be played on, the top and bottom note litniLs, how much to transpose a sound and its volume. Entire banks can be loaded and saved (as well as using individual IFF sample files) and Tigrr Cub attempts to load each specified sample in the list from a bank, so make sure you don't move your sounds around.
Although our Coverdisk comes complete with a range of samples which you can use in your own musical creations, you may eventually want to use' samples other than these in which case you'll need a sound sampler such as the excellent IrchtioSounil Turbo which - as it happens - is available through .1 Mail Order on page 138. Tj IFF Iwtrwwi* Dnefcuk eiMr* Print .Cla. £t£u. i*llo-bas trassll ars*" Ktslau Lotd IFF tatrmwtCt) Swip 2 lnstreiMts Mitt* ln*tr«mnti P1ESSA6ES - uwui The drumkit window enables you to assign drum sounds from your drum machine to particular notes. This means that when
editing a drum track, the name of a drum is displayed instead of the note, making it easier to see what's happening. Just assign the channel to be used for drums and enter the names for each drum sound on the corresponding note.
The instrument window shows the programs on your MIDI equipment that respond to certain program change numbers. You can also assign the MIDI channels that a bank of sounds can be received on. An instrument can consist of up to D s -t Drum patches are assigned to specific notes so when you define a track, the name of the drum is displayed.
Is n______ LpwTor Ft} Til £ 4 _ ps u tsw H = ¦ MU U i® ?! = a? Op.Hat FS _ C 5 _ ' nidicft c 4 _ Hi Ign hi - Cnik M - ¦i fan »« _ SIMM*!
Ch*na fI: II «!«• [ 4 .
128 patches and Tiger Cub can store six instruments at once. Both drumkits and instrument banks can be saved to disk.
In order to set up a drum bank, you'll need to consult the instruction manual that came with your particular make of drum machine. Tiger Cub comes complete with drum banks for a number of popular drum machines and keyboards equipped with drum capabilities including Roland's excellent D110 synth. If you don't own a MIDI drum machine or keyboard, sampled Amiga drum sounds can be used instead by loading them as internal sampled instruments.
0 H |j£Lj j B 1 iMtr w« m r 4,1 't fltUlllC Htft Ul i BE (•II Trt 1 iwt.. i KH i"11 [HI n»i E tilt IIIUMII Imuwmi M»: I I 1 5 I Ibwwi tom e-llf lanii II1IIKI cum si m n mil ail mi si sii sit sir susii su sis Roland's excellent synthesizer module, the D110, gets the Tiger Cub treatment.
THE GRAPHIC EDITING DISPLAY This is where most of the work in Tiger Cub is carried out. Clicking the right button in the main display starts and stops the track playing. To add a note with the mouse, just click on the grid and a note is drawn according to the Draw Attributes setting. You can then use the tools to alter notes or move them.
Tiger Cub vl.10 TT 2E 7TW Btrrna INFO STRIP - Here you control what is displayed on the main windows. Numbers with arrows next to them are altered by clicking on the arrows, while other options are toggled on or off. The functions are (from left to right) track number, mute. Solo, selected channel, initial program and volume of a track and offset (delay in starting playback). The rest call up controller windows: PG - program change. VE - velocities. PB - pitch bend. AT
- aftertouch. MW - modulation wheel. BC - breath controller. FT -
foot pedal and VO - volume.
NOTE DISPLAY - This is where the notes in a track are shown on a grid separated into beats and bars. The horizontal bar shows the duration and the vertical line the velocity of a note. A keyboard on the left shows the pitch of the notes and a slider on the right enables you to view higher or lower ranges.
CONTROL STRIP - This holds the main editing controls: jWp0 Tape Recorder - Returns to the main tape recorder screen.
Draw - For adding notes on the display.
Paste - Pastes the contents of the clipboard where you click the mouse.
Pointer info Select - Enables you to draw a box around notes to select them (hold Shift for multiple selections).
¦ ?¦ SI CONTROLLER WINDOW This is where continuous controller information is displayed (according to the option selected in the info strip at the top). Here you use the right mouse button to draw information and the left to edit it. Click on the top right-hand comer close gadget to close the window.
£00n Range - Marks a horizontal range.
Erase - Removes notes that you click on.
Quant ize Pitch - Alters a note's pitch by dragging.
Velocity - Changes a note's velocity.
Duration - Drags out a note's duration.
Shift - Changes the note's timing.
Tempo - Alters the speed.
Pointer info - Shows the mouse's position in terms of time and pitch or value, depending on whether the mouse is positioned over the note window or a controller window.
Zoom - Click the left mouse button to zoom in or the right to zoom out.
Quantize - Shows the current quantize (auto-correct) value (click to toggle on and off and use the arrows to adjust).
Zeewolf It's Zeeeewolf not Zaywolf, so write in and tell Sue Grant and Richard Jones to stop calling it Zaywolf and forcing the games people to twiddle their thumbs while they play the Coverdisk.
F:eoidy VTOI.F It's worth remembering that this is one of the most difficult intermediate levels you could ever hope to play.
Joystick control is easier to use than to explain. Push the joystick in any direction.
CONTROLLING YOUR CHOPPER ForflNtfll Jnck - 5 The nose of the chopper drops in that direction and the Zeewolf begins to move.
Release the stick and the nose comes back to the original position, although the chopper continues to move.
Mouse control is more difficult but it gives you the extra throttle power with the right mouse button. This lets pilots get out of tricky situations fast.
Only very small movements of the mouse are required. The nose of the chopper drops in whatever direction you move the mouse. Speed increases and height drops. If the drop of the nose is severe, move the mouse back in the opposite direction of the nose.
It’s also worth remembering that the chopper won't return to level flight if you let go of the mouse. It's really tricky to get to grips with, but persevere. Best use of the Zeewolf is achieved using this method.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on the shadow of the chopper. This is your best indication of whether or not you're about to hit the ground. Sometimes all that's needed is an extra burst of throttle, which is something you can't do with the joystick.
Not only have we reviewed snwlj for you this month (see page 72). But we've also helped Binary Asylum design a real bitch of a mission to pm on out self-booting Coverdisk. It includes all of the vehicles, both enemy and friendly, that you'll discover in the full version of the game. The full game features many easier levels and a more gradual rise in the difficulty level.
As hinted at. We've really thrown you in at the deep end for this one. The first phase of the mission is to defend your friendly Kestrel craf t from complete destruction by in-coming enemy vehicles. It's difficult, even for seasoned Zeewolf pilots who know what they're doing. So don’t worry too much if you fail to save the Kestrel after 100 attempts or so.
Not content with that as a challenge, you also have to rescue five out of the seven airmen (who are trapped in various buildings) and shoot down all the enemy air units; an Osprey VTOl.F craft. W asp Seoul Helicopters and .Albatross transport helicopters.
The first thing that should be on the mind of fledgling pilots is not how to save the Kestrel but how to fly the Zeewolf properly. You ran control the chopper using either the joystick or mouse.
For full combat manoeuvrability, we recommend the mouse - it gives you the flexibility of analogue Cotrritrn control. The joystick however is probablv the best bet for absolute beginners.
Familiarise yourself with the (light characteristics of the Zeewolf - it basically flies itself. All the user has to do is point it in the right direction. If you have chosen joystick control, you can't use the throttle.
To rearm and refuel, land beside a Camel.
The easiest one to use in this mission is found on the front of the Frigate. There is another one on ihe land mass to the lop right of the map. But it’s l«-st avoided due to the batteries of Cobra and Watchdogs residing there.
The Camel automatically refuels the Zeewolf.
To rearm, use the Up and Down cursor keys to step through the available arms. The left cursor key adds to the Zeewolf s arsenal, the right takes arms awav from the Zeewolf. O OTHER THINGS TO LOOK AT Aside from the main mission objectives, there are also a few extra goodies thrown in for your perusal and delectation. On an island by itself, there's a Buffalo. This is a friendly tank which can be airlifted by the Zeewolf. For some fun and games, take it over to the battery of Cobras and Watchdogs on the upper right land mass of the main map.
There are a few other things worth discovering such as the Shark patrol boats and the cooling tower, but part of the fun is in finding them for yourself.
BEING IN CONTROL KEYBOARD CONTROLS The following keys are required throughout the game no matter whether you choose to control it with a joystick or a mouse.
RETURN: Toggles the tactical screen on and off.
SPACEBAR: Changes the selected weapon, displayed in top middle of screen.
X: Photo pause (press Return to restart). Pressing X again advances the game a frame at a time.
G: Lowers and raises the landing gear.
P: Standard pause. Any key again to restart.
H: Picks up payload when chopper is directly over it.
ESC: Aborts present mission.
F10: Aborts the game.
CURSOR KEYS: Cycles through mission directives on tactics screen. Right key increases, left key decreases the munitions carried on the Zeewolf when refuelling.
Present weapons carried Mission objectives reminder.
Cycle through with the cursor keys (Up. Down. Left and Right) Fprovpr Mpn Rpscup mpii wn it inq iti this kui Idiwg .
CALL 0191-385 2627 Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if not, these hints, tips and corrections may sort out the problem for you quickly and easily.
PIXEL 3D PRO FIX Last month we had a bit of an accident with the Coverdisk.
As many of you have probably noticed. Pixel 3D Pro won't under any circumstances, work with only 1Mb of memory, it needs at least 1.7Mb to run properly. It also needs some of this memory to be Fast RAM.
This means that without alteration, it won't work on an unexpanded A1200.
However, on this month's disk there's a script called PixFix. Which will solve the latter problem. This runs a utility which deallocates 1Mb of Chip RAM and reallocates it as 1Mb of Public RAM. Fooling any program into thinking that there is Fast RAM on the system, then it changes the Workbench screenmode to a two- colour lo-res screen to save memory, enabling you to run Pixel 3D Pro and load in the example objects. You have to boot from Workbench and run the script first (involving a few disk swaps) but you can then insert the Pixel 3D Pro disk and run it with no problems.
PROVECTOR AF58 There's nothing wrong with this one. 11 uses the ARP.library, as do many other Amiga programs, which has to be located in the UBS drawer of the start-up disk. If you boot from Workbench, this is the UBS drawer on that disk.
The ARP.library is provided with the disk, in the UBS drawer. You can copy it to your boot-up disk.
Put ProVector program disk in the drive and type: copy dfO:libs arp.library Libs: MUSIC-X AF58 X A600 owners, and anyone else with only Chip RAM. Should follow the instructions for A1200 owners, otherwise they will find they have little room for samples. Also, many people seem to be getting a message regarding missing fonts. The fonts are on the disk, OK! 11 vou Ik tot up from the Music-X program disk, like it says to do in the instructions, there's no problem.
If you want to lroot oil any other disk, copy the fonts into the FONTS: drawer of your boot-up disk. This is not complicated - it is how the Amiga works (and the PC and the Mac).
PAGESETTER 2 AF63 There don't seem to be any problems with this program, but a few people seem to be having difficulty with fonts. PagrSrlter 2 works with CompuGraphic fonts, but it needs an .ate file. If your font doesn't have one. PagrSrllrr 2 won't recognise it.
THEME PARK AF64 Not a problem, but a cheat. II you press the C key during the loading screen a message appears, informing you that the cheat mode is active. You will now have lots of cash to buy oodles of rides and things!
LIBS, FONTS AND ALL THAT There are lots of files and commands associated with the normal operation of software. You may not see them until vou trv to install software: LIBRARIES - These arc compact routines which are compiled as a separate library. They contain commonly-used routines so programmers can write new utilities without having to re-code all the basic routines all the time. Libraries should be located in the LIBS drawer ol your start-up disk.
FONTS - Amiga fonts come in many varieties, but the most common are bitmap fonts. The majority ol programs use the system fonts, but some use dieir own. In this case, the font must Ik- present in the FONTS: drawer of your start-up disk.
.ASSIGN - The assign command is used to make pathname shortcuts. It does this by creating a logical or virtual derice - one that doesn't exist, but points to a pathname that does. The usage is: Assign device name path names So. If you had installed a program from disk called Ptiinl and installed it to a hard drive in the utilities drawer, your command might look like: Assign Paint: hdO:Utilities IN GENERAL A few things to remember about Coverdisks:
• Read the instructions fully.
• With most disks, it is usually easier to boot up from the
actual decompressed Coverdisk.
This disk has all the fonts, libraries and devices required by that program.
• If you boot from another disk, you may have to copy some
libraries or fonts over. Use the copy command, or drag the
files, having first switched on Show All Files mode.
• To install your software on a hard disk, you may have to make
an assign or two. The assigns should be of the original disk
name, and point to the new file path.
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It’s fast, furious and most of all, fun!
U. S. Gold looks to get into & There's only one thing better than
our Coverdisks and that's the latest upgraded and enhanced
And they're all at special AF prices.
DECEMBER 1 994 UPGRADE OFFER n'O'n rn) frr rsiiL iLl 11.
1MB RAM UPGRADES KCS 3.5 LEVEL II If you have less than 2Mb RAM these days, you are at a serious disadvantage, so take this opportunity to upgrade your system at an astonishingly low price. These boards for the A500* and A600 simply plug into the Amiga's trapdoor connector without invalidating your warranty. Manufactured to the highest standards and fully guaranteed for 12 months, upgrading to 2Mb will give both your machine and your productivity a boost.
A500* ORDER NO: AFSP1M A600 ORDER NO PIXEL 3D PROFESSIONAL V2 If you've been using our incredible Pixel 3D Professional vf Coverdisk, you'll know exactly what to expect with this bang-up-to-date upgraded version. Pixel 3D Pro v2 is one of the most powerful 3D object utility programs available. Version 2 includes the following enhancements:
3. o
• Z-buffer full-colour viewing modes.
• Real-time 3D painting.
• Complete AGA support.
• Complete PostScript support.
• Object hierarchies support.
¦Sl • Improved DFX AutoCAD support.
• Loads 17 different 3D file formats including Lightwave. 3D
Studio and Imagine.
• And much more... '¦£s?
Version 2 of Pixel 3D Professional can also convert bitmap pictures of logos and shapes to 3D with unrivalled speed and quality. Amiga Format readers can upgrade to Pixel 3D Professional v2 for just £129 - £70 off the RRP.
'Please note: Pixel 3D Professional v2 requires Workbench 2 and 2Mb RAM.
When we reviewed this incredible music package (AF29) we awarded it the coveted Gold rating (a whacking 92%) and that was with a retail price of £279.
We said: "Contains all the elements you could possibly need to use your Amiga in a serious environment". KCS
3. 5 is much more than just a sequencer, it also contains a whole
host of functions, in a multi-program environment (MPE), to
allow you a great deal of flexibility in creating music record
notes in KCS, edit them in Tiger and print out your score
using Quickscore.
‘KCS 3.S requires 1Mb RAM, although 2Mb, a hard drive and a MIDI interface is recommended.
TV*TEXT PROFESSIONAL V2 FULL PACKAGE Our TV'Text Coverdisk was ideal for those exploring the joys of video titling for the first time, but this new version will give your titling a whole new dimension.
This brand-new-direct- from-the-USA version includes AGA support which allows up to 256 colours on screen, it permits text to be typed directly on-screen, provides full outline font support
- so you can squash, stretch and scale your fonts without any
loss of quality.
It also includes a Player program, allowing images to be scripted and sequenced, and contains wipes, fades and other effects. In addition to the original 220-page TV'Text manual (also available separately) v2 contains an AGA manual and five extra disks packed with 50 outline fonts for use with TV'Text and other packages that support outline fonts. AF Gold-Rated.
TV*TEXT PROFESSIONAL V2 UPGRADE With the exception of the original 220-page TV'Text Professional manual and the five disks of outline fonts, this TV'Text V2 upgrade contains everything that is in the full v2 package.
If you have previously purchased the manual or already have access to a wide range of fonts, this option is definitely the right one for you.
See your titles come to life with the extra enhancements of this AGA version.
For detailed specifications please see the description of the full package above.
|M, r. p Official manuals to complement your AF Coverdisks send this form to Amiga Format, Future Publishing Limited, FREEPOST (BS4900), Somerton, Somerset TA11 6BR TV*TEXT PROFESSIONAL This attractive 220-page ring-bound manual allows you to explore all the features of our tremendously popular AF64 TV'Text Coverdisk with tutorials on backgrounds, shapes and objects, render preferences and more. The manual also explains how to customise TV'Text to your personal preferences.
DO NOT SEND CASH. USE METHOD OF PAYMENTS LISTED ABOVE ORDER NO: AFTVTM Expiry Date.. Credit Card no nxinw EEC customers registered for VAT, please quote your registration number: ALL PRICES INCLUDE POSTING, PACKING AND VAT Method of payment (please circle) Access Visa Cheque Please make cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited Customers outside the UK add £4.00 for overseas delivery AFM 66 Tick here if you don't want to receive special offers from other specially-selected companies.
TIGER CUB PAGESETTER 2 To enjoy the full benefits of the AF63 PageSetter 2 Coverdisk, you need the official manual. Learn how to design, create and print your own leaflets, posters and stationery with in-depth tutorials. The manual also contains information on importing format images, formatting text drawing structured illustrations and a full listing of keyboard short-cuts.
E22JIJ23HRES2S223 To get the most from your excellent Tiger Cub Coverdisk, we are offering the official 100- page manual from Dr T’s Music Software for the special price of £9.99. Featuring in-depth articles on getting started, the tape recorder, the graphic editing display, menus, instruments, drum kits, quickscore, tables of assignments and much, much more.
PIXEL 3D PROFESSIONAL Pixel 30 is one of the best 3D object utility programs available - and we gave it away) The official manual contains articles on loading objects, text and bitmap images, object editing functions, object manipulation, configuring bitmap load settings, polygon flipping, division, doubling and reduction, plus tutorials on converting text and bitmaps into objects and using Pixel with other programs.
Address.. Post Code.
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...£45.95 £59.95 £169.90 EDUCATIONAL Any Fun School 4 .£15.99 New ADI GCSE Maths, English or French £19.99 Any other ADI Maths. English, or French ..£16.99 ADIJunlor Reading or Counting ...£15.99 Merlin Maths, Paint and Create, or Spelling Fair ..£16.99 I Noddy's Playtime ..£16.99 Noddy's Big Adventure ..£16.99 LCL (to GCSE) Micro English. Micro French, Micro!
German, Micro Science, or Micro Spanish...£16.99 ’ FINANCE MANAGEMENT I Cashbook Combo .£59.99 I Day By Day ....£24.99 I Digits Home Office NEW ....£44.95 | Money Matters (Home Accounts 3) £34.99 rsonal Finance Manager Plus ......£28.95 I Keep track ot your cash!
System 3E .....£49.99 I Turbocalc NEW .....£49.95 | INTEGRATED SOFTWARE I Mini Office WP. Spread sheet and database £37.95 I -- A1200 Insider Guide £12.95 A1200 Insider Guide:Next Steps £12.95 Amiga Disks & Drlves-lnsider Guide Assembler Insider Guide £1295 £1395 Workbench A-Z Insider Guide £13.95 Mastering Amiga Amos .
£17.95 Mastering Amiga Arexx .. Mastering Amiga Beginners £17.95 £17.95 Mastering Amiga Printers Mastering AmlgaDos 3.0 Reference £1795 £19 95 Mastering AmlgaDos 2 Volume f £19 95 Mnstprlnn AmlnnDn* ? Volume 3 f 17 95 1 Amiga Beginner's Pack ncuiM *t2oo mmer Gum. Xml In®*! Steps books, Amiga Insidei video. • * disks ot soatewaie £36.95 | -1 1 Video Creator .£34.95 1 EPSON SCANNER + DRIVER 1 EPSON GT6500 SCANNER 1 Epson GT6500 Scanner Controller |Sharp JX100 Driver (made by ASDG)... £599 00 ... £95 00 ......£99 95 Amos Professional ......£29.95 Amos
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v3.1 ...£349.99 Clarissa £59.95 I Doug's Pro Control tor Art Dept £50.95 | IMAGINE 3 Upgrade Upgrade to this phenomenal and long awaited new version from any 3D | package that you have or from the Amiga | Format Imagine v2 Cover Disk. Call for more details. ONLY £125.95 plus £4.00 I post and packaging. This is the offer!!!!!!
Imagine 3 .....£249.95 Imagine 3 Upgrade £125.95 Lightwave .....£489 95 Morph Plus Twist, distort, morph, warp £129.00 Essence . Forge..(VOL 1 OR 2) ..£79.95 Pixel 3D Pro Create 30 images from 20 £59.00 Real 3D Classlc30 rendering, ray tracing £69 95 Real 3D V2.4 professional 3D rendering £359 95 X-CAD SPECIAL DEAL We have approximately 220 copies of X-CAD 2000 latest version, and 100 copies of X-CAD 3000. P&P=£4.00 I X-CAD 2000 £39.95 X-CAD 3000 NEW EVEN LOWER PRICE !!! £99.95
MUSIC BARS & PIPES PRO v2.5 Contains 50 new features. Loop any number of measures on all tracks simultaneously; split one track into several containing only one pitch; precisely control the number of measures per line and staves per page when printing notation, and much more.
Normal Retail Price is £2W.99 Upgrade v2 to v2.5 ....£79.95 Bars&Pipes Professional v2.5 £199.95 The most powerful sequencer you could ever wish lor Creativity Kit £29.99 Internal Sounds .£29 99 Multimedia KM ....£29.99 MuslcBox A or B ...£29.99 Peformance Tools Kit £35.99 Power Tools KM ....£35.99 Pro Studio
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Helm IiTLER £99.95 £89 95 Montage 24 bit AGA Titling ... £279 95 Scala HT100 £49 95 Sea la MultlMedla MM211 Scala MM300 £139 95 £289 95 Scala Echo EE 100 Media Point v3 £132 95 f ?89 95 Editmate Control video Irom Amiga, add sound via the mixing board Cables and s w £179.95 Video Back-up System with Phono cables £54 95 Backs up your floppies and hard drives onto VMS video tapes Video Back-up System with Scart cables £57.95 Vidl Amiga 12 AGA . £69 95 Grabs lull colour images from video source in under a second Vidl 12 Real Time 12 bd trame grabber £ 139.00
Vidl 24 Real Time 24 bit trame grabber £233.00 Rendale 8802 FMC Genlock £159.95 ¦ HOW TO ORDER Cheques made payable to 'Emerald Creative' Allow al leasl 5 working days tor cheques to clear Credtt Card Visa, Mastercard. Delta. We will bill your card wben we process your order and ship the product, not before Post and Packaging charges within the UK are £3.50 unless otherwise staled lor a particular product Recorded post is an extra £0.55 Next day courier is £4 95 me VAT within the UK Mainland Please ask tor Overseas prong PnclngiAii [Xiong routes VAT. Out not ce nege W. reseive the right to
change pnees You win be informed of any pne* change when you o'0& Problems: Faulty product will be GLADLY replaced or repaired withm 30 days o« purchaso Phone us and we wiiMetf you what lo do Will rotund can t repair your faulty product Keep your lnvo.ee EAOE All the latest versions, fully boxed. All 4 products for £59.95 inc vat. This is a 100‘ guaranteed offer. It's real.
P&P = £4.00 Item* available separately, at tllghlly higher pncn, *e* below Distant Suns v5.0 Astronomy £27.95 Vista Pro 3.0 Create textured 3D landscapes £27.95 Vista Lite (only 2mb needed! £27.95 Makepath lor Vista Animate a path in Vista.....£9.95 Terralorm for Vista £9.95 SPECIAL OFFER New Vvordworth 2,1 LIMITED STOCKS ONLY £69.95 Final Copy £47 95 Final Writer £69.95 Pen Pal ...£29.00 TypeSmlth 2.5 Font designer (New version) £118.951 Pageslream 3 (FINALLY HERE) £199.951 Wordworth
SE .£44.951 VISTA + DISTANT SUNS + MAKEPATH + TERRAFORM LIGHTWAVE now in stock. £489.95 inc vat.
Brilliance 2 Deluxe Paint 4.5 AGA TV PAINT v2 ¦Esin mm Pilot your AH-64 helicopter against a ruthless tyrant.
p. -®- m With a fiery blast from your Hydra Rockets you must
annihilate the military arsenal. Take out tanks, chemical
weapons plants, airplanes and SCUDs. Get debriefings and plan
missions on detailed maps. Pick up fuel, manage weapon
supplies and feel the power of a modern, multi-million pound
attack chopper.
"...massively addictive. You 're going to have to go and and buy this!" AMIGA P0WE5 "You '11 cherish this for a long time to come."
AMIGA ACTION 90% I © Electronic Arts D U N E II Ban] 10gaf II aona I 11111111 V VS' mm BATTLE FOR A ¦rfrriTfW [aHnamlaaoi (??QIBDDDBI Westwood He who controls the spice....controls the universe.
Behold the planet Arrakis, known as Dune - land ol sand and home of the spice 'Melange'. The spice controls the empire • whoever controls Dune controls the spice. The Emperor has proposed a challenge • The House lhal produces the most spice will control Dune, there are no lerritories...and no rules ol engagement.' Vast armies have arrived. How three Houses fight lor control ol Dune. Only one House will prevail.
Your Battle lor Arrakis begins NOW. "Put it at the top of your 'mint have ’ list immediately... the best strategy game ever!"
Dune * a trademark ol Dno Do L*rar*« Corporators and kcomod to MCMJnrvonal MerctwKfcvng Inc C 19W Dno Do lAVorfea Corporator Al Rights Rmorvod C Westwood Stuck* Inc AIR Ts Reserved Puttshed under hcence trom Vrrgws Meracavo Emortammaw (Europe) Ud IE I. ¦ C T I? • N I C ART ACCBIATE INI abiictive hunter 6ILF SIMIUmiN.
Iteal tournamenls played on actual tournament Players Club courses.
Bead the greens - the all new 3D contoured grid eiposei each subtle curve. Speciality shots lor lough spots- choose iron chip and punch shots oc Iringe putt.
* TV-style views: panoramic aerial fly-by of Ike bole
* 3 authentic courses TPC al Sawgrass, TPC at iienel. PGA West.
* Compete against 60 PC* TOUR- Pros in 4 road tournament play
Ekockenac Arte TPC. TownomorO Pteyorv ok* ond THE Pl vf RS
Summer 1940. The future ol World War II hangs in the balance. The cream of the German Luflwafle and the aces ol the RAF are locking horns in their most crucial conlrontation vet • The Battle ol Britain. Over 50 rears on. You have the chance lo re-live lhal lamous battle and play Ike part ol a British pilot or a German firing ace.
Your performance determines whether the outcome is a repeal of the British victory ov an unprecendenled German O 1992 Bow*" SoOwm* O 1992 Vrgn HgncM Emunman (Eucca) Ud Pioducad indei Scans* hum Vwgn enables too to fly maetous realistic mission in At Space Shuttle Orhilet.
Based on olficial government documents. SHUTTLE is the most accurate and comprehenive simulation ol NASA's Space Shuttle ever produced lor at) home computer Wrtb the aid ol Mission Control, von will master such challenger as deploy and repairing satellites launching spy saletlhes. Wooe-nog yam craft m mo grant?, ettommg be coned re-tufty trajectory and pMlmg oH complicated landmgs C 1991 vagn HvacM immn lEinwal Ud »a ivyas Basanad ev*ut» Grata ud aan mnMavM Product m)er lam tw Vw r vr ifTlfcqUAD 2 CASTLE STREET - CASTLE FI ELD MANCHESTER M3 LZ TELEPHONE: 061 63R 6633 FAX: 061 S34 06S0 FORMAT
news Amiga make surprise appearance at Future Entertainment Show Chelsea FC attack Amiga for cash bonus Silica's new CD32 bundle set to impress niblets
• •••••••• HOHIY. I SHRUNK TH1 HARD DRIVI Am bar Systems have
launched a 1.8-lnch hard drive designed for 5mm Type II PCMCIA
slota Made by Maxtor, the new Mobllemax drives are available in
capacities of 85Mb and 120Mb.
Also new from Ambar Is a 2.8-lnch hard drive that uses glass rather than aluminum for the hard drive platter Ambar claim that data loss is virtually eliminated.
Contact Ambar on 01296 394183 IVIRTTHIRQ COURTS Are your finances in a turmoil? If so. Then you need IDI's new Pretium accounting package According to
IDI. Pretium is like having a cheque book inside your Amiga which
allows you to record your transactions so you can see at a
glance where all your money is going. IDI are on 0110 407
849 1031.
01T INTO SHAPE Blitz Basic programmers who feel held back by Blitz's own SbapesMaker utility should rejoice at the release of Aspire 2 s new Bob ED.
Offering full support for up to 286 colours and high resolution.
BobED provides loads of shape grabbing tools, a wide range of drawing functions, brush handles, anlm brushes and more.
BobED costs &11.95. Call Aspire 2 on 01382 761798.
Show and tell for the Amiga A telling time for the Amiga, but it was business as usual at the Future Entertainment Show... With .! Surprise attendance at the Future F.ntertaintnenl Show. Commodore - under the guise of 'Amiga' - showed the first signs of its phoenix-like rise from the ashes ol liquidation.
The Amiga stand was small but impressive. Boasting shiny new A 1200s and A4000s running demos of new games and high-end software such as l.ighlwavr. anyone unsure of the technical prowess ol the Amiga line were left in no doubt.
Future’s Amiga threesome of Format, Shopper and I'win were busy hosting the Amiga Theatre and a big thank you to everyone who came and listened to us making a fool of ourselves on stage - anti apologies for the last minute additions and changes to the agenda! Star attractions over the five davs were world exclusive previews of Aladdin, Zsewolf and Mortal Kombat II. An excellent tutorial on Lightwave by Andy Bishop of Premier Vision and a gobsmacking preview ol the intro to Town Assault: Alien Hrertl 2.
Rendered in Lightwave by John Allardicc on an A4000 Raptor set-up. This sci-fi tale of dropship assault 011 an alien There will be very few new Amigas in circulation over Christmas, apart from a handful of CD32'S.
November, with die I K operation taking over complete control of the Amiga line.
The late involvement of Fscotti in Germany and GF.I in the US has caused the legal wrangling to go on way past Pleasance's original estimation of late September. The liquidators also suggested that Commodore was the most complex company thev'd seen since Robert Maxwell’s Mirror Group, with different patents being owned by different sections of the company in different territories.
Sorting out the whole pur. .le has been a long and painstaking process.
But while things should all Ik- settled before December, this has meant that there will be very few new Amigas in circulation over the Christmas period, apart from a handful of GD,2s which have been bought in from other territories. The full implications of missing lilt- Yule-tide complex wowed the masses and put shows like linbyUm 5 to shame.
Anyone attending the 'Meet the teams' session on the first day were treated to a guest appearance by David Pleasancc who addressed a 200-strong band of loval Amiga users. Pleasancc described the current state of the management buy-out.
Asserting that, as far its he was concerned, the MBO would In- over bv the end of The Amiga took a central stand at FES, but of Commodore and the recognisable ‘chickenhead* logo there was no sign.
Shopping season won't be felt until next year, hut it's certainly not good news.
As exclusively reported in .4 6?, Amiga production will restart in the now-defunct Timex plant in Dundee. As Pleasancc stated, with manufacturing previously sited
8. 000 miles away in the Philippines, it can take as long as 17
weeks to ship stock to
F. urope, which makes planning and reacting to the market
especially difficult.
With regard to new machines.
Pleasancc- said that it is their intention to continue with RS.-D - and even stated that one of the first items on the new company's agenda is to treble the size of the current research team in the Stales. No new technology will be available next year apart from the CD1200 CD-ROM drive which will be appearing in the Spring.
I low-over, rumours of the death of AAA are premature: it’s still seen as a viable graphics technology and could yet form the front end of a next generation Amiga. Pleasancc- also confirmed that their next big step is definitely into RISC (seepage 42 for more details), and believes that the RISC . Amiga will provide an awesome upgrade in performance.
To all intents and purposes.
Commodore's 'chickenhead' logo has now some of the front runners in Amiga development. Games players won’t be disappointed either - the Show's Software City will feature some of the biggest and Ik-si games this Christmas, most of which you'll be able to try for yourself.
Amiga shoppers can spend (and save) their hard-earned readies by plotting a course directly to the Retail Park. All the Ik-si Amiga products will be available at special show prices: what's more, buy products from selected stands and you could even get a voucher entitling you to a refund on your entrance fee!
Gone forever. The new company logo will be based on the name Amiga, and several designs are already being considered.
David Pleasance also used his stage appearance to plug the World Of Amiga Show, which is again Ix-ing organised by the management of Commodore L'K- obviously in an effort to display their continued support ol the Amiga.
Running between December (.l-11. anybody who’s anybody in the Amiga industry will Ik* making their way to Wembley Exhibition Centre for a spending spree that will take no prisoners.
Whether you’re taking your credit card along for a good workout or simply there to soak up the atmosphere, the World Of .Amiga show will have something lo offer. For techies, there’s the impressive ACE village which will spotlight the latest in Amiga animation, video and music from Following the FES. Amiga Formal is now in the show spirit, so you can also expect to see members of the team at the World Of Amiga event. Ilouncing around, answering questions, signing autographs, etc. Book your tickets (£6 adults, £1 children under
14) by calling the World Of Amiga Hotline on 01369 7711. More
info on page 40. ® Q« mJ I i ii PIXEL 3D nf»OFESSK NAL ¦&
PIXEL 3D PRO BLEM No doubt you've discovered that Pixel 3D
Pro (Coverdisk AF66) won't run on your Amiga.
There is a reason for this: much as the version we received said it runs happily in 1Mb, it actually needs 1.7Mb and it requires Fast RAM too. So only people with memory expansions.
A3000s or A4000s can run the damn thing.
Fear not. Nick Veitch has constructed a software patch which fools Pixel 3D Pro into thinking your machine has some Fast RAM on board. The patch is included with Tiger Cub on this month's Coverdisk b, and full instructions are included in Coverdisk Extra on page 16.
Many apologies for making you wait a whole month to use Pixel 3D Pro.
? |JefFWakerColunn lEDfe re we alone? Are you sure there's no-one reading iver your shoulder? Keep an eye out because we don't want anyone to overhear us.
So look, just between you and me, have you ever bought pirated software? No? Come on.
I'm not going to grass. Still no?
What honestly?
You lot can get on with reading the rest of the mag with a clear conscience while I take a pop at that large group of smug bastards who reckon you are all daft.
You may consider me to be arrogant because I'm assuming that the majority of Amiga users buy pirated software. But the facts suggest this to be the case. Let me tell you. For example, about a market in Brick Lane, in the East End of London, where you'll find three software pirates set up next to each other every Sunday.
Well, actually they're on private ground because the market organisers wouldn't allow them into the market.
Originally, they started by selling stuff out of a holdall, but business has been so good that they have invested in stalls. Two or three levels of people are always huddling around the stalls where catalogues can be perused - they tell punters that if they haven't got it in stock they can get it for them next week. Prices are about £1 a disk and new stuff commands a higher price. And all the popular titles are there - games and applications.
This pattern is repeated all over the country in hundreds, perhaps thousands of car boot sales. Software theft has become a growth industry. And do you know what makes an industry become a growth industry? You.
The consumer. If you didn't buy it they wouldn't be able to sell it And you know you are buying stolen goods.
In fact that's the root of the problem. It's not so much that we have some nasty people selling stolen goods, it's the fact that so many computer users don't see anything wrong with buying those stolen goods.
Oh, you use all kinds of excuses to rationalise your actions. Some of you say software is too expensive and this is your way of fighting back. Some of you say you wouldn't have bought the software anyway so you are not really harming real sales. Some of you just like the feeling of breaking the law and getting away with it.
Of course while the law of the land continues to just slap piracy outfits on the wrist, the general public is bound to think the offence isn't such a big deal. The usual punishment for selling counterfeit software is the confiscation of all equipment and a fine of around £100.
This may be about to change. The recently passed 1994 Registered Trademark Act will make it easier to prove that registered trademarks are being used fraudulently and that software has been counterfeited. The existing laws have been simplified, which means that more convictions should be possible, with heavier penalties.
But like the worldwide drugs problem, where catching and punishing the pushers and the large organisations who supply them has had no great effect catching and punishing the people who either counterfeit software or sell counterfeit software is just as difficult. Many governments have realised that to beat the drugs problem they have to change people's attitudes towards drugs. I believe that we have to take a similar approach to software piracy. We need to educate people that buying stolen goods is wrong.
The first steps towards changing attitudes have to be taken by the software publishers themselves. Of course they should try to develop better methods of preventing their software from being copied, but perhaps at the same time they should be investing some time and money in ways to make the consumer want to buy the real thing instead of a cheap imitation.
The opinions expressed In The Jeff Walker Column are not necessarily those of AmJpa Format.
V J A Chelsea Football Commodore.
• •••••••• CLOCKS AWAY!
If your Amiga doesn’t have Its own battery backed clock, try Siren Software’s new Clock Cartridge Designed to work on any Amiga, the Clock Cartridge connects to the Amiga disk drive port with a passthru provided should you wish to connect a disk drive too The Clock Cartridge oosts £19.95. Contact Siren on 0161 796 5279 Chelsea FC's player manager Glenn Hoddle with the Amiga logo emblazoned on his shirt, as seen on AF61. The sponsorship could have cost Commodore dearly.
Chelsea arc alxmt to issue a writ against Commodore over what they claim is a bonus owed to them for reaching die FA Cup final last season. Unless Commodore cough up a rumoured £114.000. Chelsea have stated that they will have the companv wound up (as if Commodore aren't wound up enough at the moment) - effectively, shut down.
Commodore first began sponsoring Chelsea back in 1987, when they stumped up £1.2 million to have the Amiga logo splashed across the chest of Glenn Hoddlc and his compatriots.
The five-year tleal was extended after three years, but was terminated at the end of last season following Commodore's continued cash flow problems.
However. Chelsea (against all odds) managed to reach the FA Cup final and are now due a bonus payment as part of the deal.
"The debt is not in question," said club secretary Alan Shaw. “The money was due at the end of last season and we have not yet been paid. I believe the bonus was insured and that Commodore has been paid, but it has not been passed on to us."
This latest bombshell is just what Commodore could do without given the current state of the management buy-out.
Commodore don’t believe Chelsea are in any position to have the company wound up but arc currently taking legal advice.
The December issue of Amiga Shopper will no doubt be regarded as a landmark in Amiga history. Our comprehensive supertest of hard disk interfaces will be regarded as the standard, and our reviews of Anim Workshop. Prograb 24RT. TurboCalt and version 3 of the Video Backup System will be examined by scholars for years to come to figure out our secrets.
Buy Power And Shopper - If You Must HAHOIDTU Amiga users wanting help with their driving test should try 10 Out Of 10's new Driving Test education title.
Costing £26.95. the package alms to teach would-be motorists all HARD DISK rRINZY Indl Dlreot Mall have reduoed the price of their Smart Stor Plus hard drive for the A600 and A1200.
They now do 214Mb Smart Stor Plus drives for £199.95-a saving of £50. If you need a larger capacity drive, the 428Mb Smart Stor Plus has been replaced by a 525Mb drive. And the prioe is still only £314.99. Olve Indl a call on 01543 419999.
Future historians will stare in wonder at our tutorials, which cover subjects as diverse as Assembly language programming. Chess. Comms. C Programming and AMOS. And future generations of schoolchildren will marvel at what is without doubt the most stonking serious Amiga mag in the known universe.
Can you afford to miss it? Amiga Shopper is on sale at a purveyor of printed journals near you now!
RICHARD BAGULEY Editor, Amiga Shopper.
MORTAL O KOMBAV A Tch. Amiga Format reckon they know everything there is to know about Mortal Kombat II. But they know nothing.
Lurking beneath the sleek, black cover of this month's Amiga Power Is a six-page MKII special, featuring an interview with developers Probe Software, a Who's The Best Character? Celebrity survey, a glossary of MKII terms, and the ins and outs of all the kombatants. You could almost call it overkill. Quite literally.
Plus! On our legendarily great Coverdisks are demos of Aladdin.
Zeewolf (you've waltzed through Afs mission - now try ours) and Sensible Golf (that works). And we've got an in-depth feature on helicopter games, as well as stacks of reviews, and news of an even- bigger-than-MKII beat-em-up that's headed Amiga-ward.
Amiga Power. It's out now. And.
Quite frankly, it's fantastic.
JONATHAN DAVIES Editor, Amiga Power.
Amiga Graphics Go 64-bit If you thought that 32-bit was the ultimate in Amiga technology then think again. Blittersoft, the UK distributors of some of the leading edge hardware and software products for the Amiga, have announced the launch of their Piccolo SD64 graphics card, a Zorro 11 111 card for big box Amigas based around the new 64- bit Alpine graphics chip set.
Offering a choice of 256. 65,536 or
16. 7 million colours in resolutions ranging from 640x480 to a
massive 128x1,024. Blittersoft are claiming that the new card
can shift graphics data 35 times faster than the old (and
highly rated) Piccolo graphics card.
Based around a state-of-the-art VGA controller, the board conies complete with 2Mb of super-fast paged DRAM video memory (expandable to 4Mb) and a 64-bit blitter.
Backing this up is a suite of software programs including an EGS-True colour retargettable graphics driver (complete with full Workbench emulation).
Picopainter (a powerful EGS paint program) and a range of loaders and savers for ADPro, ImagrAlnsIrr etc. How much for this miracle of 64-bit graphics technology? - £349.95 for the 2Mb card or £399 for the same card with 4Mb of Video RAM.
Blittersoft are taking your orders on 01908 220196.
J I3!
1. J , ll I I PLACE for WIMPS JUNGLE STRIKE is a trademark ol
8 3-1 0050 New chip brings genlock prices down ? |Trn Smith
Golrm They're quite pretty really. But they're not great art
are they?
(equally, they're not dead sheep in formaldehyde are they?). Why do I say this? Basically, because I've just emerged from a conversation in a trendy London bar with two artists regarding the nature of new technology versus art During our discussion, it emerged that there is a valid argument at the moment that a Mac or a Silicon Graphics Indi does not constitute technology. These are art machines. These machines are now palettes on which great art can be produced. However, the Amiga ("Yes, I had one of those once. Remember Rainbow Islands, that was a dassicl") does not come up to the standard.
Lola Marketing, the company behind the acclaimed budget genlock MiniGen. Have developed a new custom genlock chip, the 1452-01 which could pave die way for a new generation of inexpensive genlocks with the kind of specifications usually only found in broadcast quality devices.
And, just to prove it, l-ola have launched the first in what they promise to be a new range of genlocks - the 1.1500. The new L1500 costs just £176.25 but it combines all the features of its predecessor, the L1000 (AF6482% 1. But with the the addition of a wide range of new functions only available thanks to the revolutionary 1452-01 custom chip.
New features include separate faders for graphics and pictures, full PAL bandwidth video encoding and - thanks to the 1452-01 - digital delay compensation, non-standard signal locking, vertical offset correction and a host of other equally impressive features.
Get in touch with Lola Marketing by calling 90858 433501.
Frankly, I was annoyed. And once you get to know me, you'll realise that me being annoyed means me saying: 'Pish and tosh. Let's agree to differ on that point". During our discussion I had mentioned that Amiga Format runs a Gallery every month and, as far as I was aware, this feature had forefronted some of the most interesting and well-crafted art in any magazine outside of the doseted. 5,000-selling, controlled drculation journals I had seen in years.
"Yes, but., it’s probably all amateur stuff though."
Came the reply.
This sentence alone peeved me off. Firstly, the guy hadn't seen any of the work. Secondly the assumption was that the work was amateur(ish). Thirdly, that somehow being an amateur meant that you could have no insight into the great mystical world of ‘Aaaaarfl All of these assumptions derived from the fact that not only was the work not reproduced in a recognised arty magazine (for example Creative Review, Modem Painters, or XYZ or whatever it's called now... Creative Technology I think) but that it was produced on a computer without the cachd of chic Ignorance pure and simple.
Silica Unleash CD32 Bundle Parents can now breath easy - stock of Commodore's CO" console will be In the shops In time for Christmas, thanks to Silica's new Criticaf Zone bundle.
Ionmft rma NOW, tO make my case dear. I'm not saying that much of what appears in the Gallery is great art Over its long history I doubt that anything could be considered world shaking. But the assumptions being made by the established set-up that it could never happen, that a reader of a mass drculation mag, using a reasonably- priced machine with some commercial software and his or her imagination couldn't possibly produce something stunning visually and artistically relevant makes me sick.
So, once again it's time for the bulk of Amiga users and the mass of AF readers to poke the establishment in the face with their pixelated paintbrushes.
And this brings me to the spedfic technology. A program such as DeluxePaint was so far out of the reach of the majority of people 10 years ago that this call to arts would have been insane. A work produced with OpalPaint or Imagine still produces gasps of amazement from the poor dweebs such as me and the majority of the population. And what does this all take? It takes an Amiga, some time and a spark of imagination.
The Silicon Graphics and Macs will all be superseded in a year, the fashion will go out of them, the chic will fade like the band of the same name. What are left are the people who use the machines; and the more open- minded and prepared to use what you have (an A500 with 1Mb of RAM and copy of Dpaint 2 for example) the better it will be. And I tell you what... I'm not going back to that bar again.
Tim Smith is technology editor of CTW. Contact him at unnnhfib®:ix compulink. Co. Uk and itemoa co. Uk.
The opinions expressed In The Tim Smith Column are not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
Silica have stepped in to offer console fans a brand new CD32 bundle, bailing out Commodore's Christmas hopes in the process.
Costing just £249, Silica's new AmiTek Critical Zone pack contains a CD32 console plus seven chart-topping CD32 titles - Sensible Software's Amiga Format Gold-rated Cannon Fodder, Team 17‘s Project X and the Ultimate Body Blows beat-em-up, Mindscape's Liberation, Psygnosis' state-of-the-art Microcosm, the platform romp Oscar and Millenium's Diggers.
“Critical Zone is excellent. AmiTek have produced just what many of our customers want for Christmas - a powerful games console with a bundle of top flight software.
Critical Zone will be available in all of our stores and via mail order in plenty of time for the Christmas rush," commented Silica's Ken Browning.
Give Ken's sales people a call on 0181 309 1111.
Has your mouse kicked the proverbial bucket? Is it an ex-mouse... a mouse that is no longer of this world?
If so, then get on the blower to Wizard Developments. They now offer two ultra- cheap replacement Amiga mouse controllers - a conventional 400dpi mouse for £9.99 and a high resolution ‘clog free’ optical mouse for £19.95. You can squeak to Wizard by calling them on 01322 272908.
Steve McGill looks at some of the great Amiga games heading your way.
If you thought that this month’s AF games pages were packed with some of the finest games of the year, there's even more on the way before Christmas.
On the footie front Sensible World Of Soccer is nearing completion and promises to be the most comprehensive football game ever - on any format. Just about every team from every football- playing country is included and this, the fourth Scnsi incarnation, even includes a management element with every player valued in a massive world-wide transfer system.
If Sensible World Of Soccer lives up to expectations, we'll have to keep it under lock and key and only let Steve Bradley near it for an hour a day. This game could take over your life. Watch out for the full review next month.
In a similar vein the final, absolutely finished, it’s-all-in-there-honest, totally complete, Football Glory from Black Legend could be the only footie game to seriously challenge Sensible. We've held back on a review undl we get a version of Football Glory with all of the many options in place, and that time has almost arrived. These should include back heels, overhead kicks, other special moves and animations. Look out for the definitive review of the finished game next month.
CORE BLIMEY Following the excellent shoot-em-up Banshee and the not-quite-so-magnificent Universe. Core Design are set to release Dragonstone. A Zeldtn-sque RPC', runaround and Skeleton Krew, a 3D isometric-view space blast-em-up.
In Dragonstone. You are a man with long blond hair, a flapping green cape and a bloody great sword, who has unfortunately been cast Earthward due to some unseemly nonsense. But you haven’t always been blond, sported a cape and swished a sabre, for once you were a spirit. Anyway, as is the way with these things, there are seven sprawling lands to explore and characters aplenty to lacerate
- or perhaps you may wish to communicate with them in a more
conventional manner, like talking.
Text play's its part in the game with Talk, Use (an inventory carries the bits and bobs) and Examine options to explore. Dragonstone looks pretty playable and we’ll take an good look at it soon.
Down to the bare bones, the Skeleton Krew are out to blast through six levels of eight-way scrolling, 3D shooting action - their mission, to destroy everything in sight. Charmingly named Spine, Joint and Rib, the Krew face all manner of enemy including end-of-level bosses, Krewtraps (press release talk) and even nasty buildings.
From what we've seen (which, admittedly isn’t a lot), Skeleton Krew could be a classic shoot-em-up (think of the birth of a child - the parents being Walker and Chaos Engine). Visually it’s sumptuous and even the music sounds good. And indeed, forward we look to the finished version. 'Zi Sensible World Of Soccer is the latest incarnation of the great footie game and the first thing you notice is its incredible resemblance to a certain Football Glory.
All New World Of Psygnosis The ubiquitous Lemmings return for more suicidal high jinks. This time, their ark has drifted towards a group of islands and the little folk have colonised them. All New World Of Lemmings is based on three tribes - Egyptian. Classic and Shadow - all bedecked in traditional costume.
All New World Of Lemmings features several new options along with the familiar Lemmings themes.
DMA’s Dave Jones explains: "This time we've used a zoom lens to get in closer which allows us to see the Lemmings tribes in their full clothing and the animation is even better than the previous games. Also, the Lemmings are now more intelligent. You can turn them around and they have unlimited ability to block other lemmings. And a new replay mode allows you to fast-forward to the point where you screwed up without having to play the full level again.
Hopefully this will reduce the player suicide rate caused by the previous Lemmings games".
The Lemmings even get to tackle baddies for the first time as well as contend with a siren Lemming who lures innocents to a horrible end.
Oh no! Even more Lemmings - Christmas Lemmings '94 to be precise which includes the 32 levels from Lemmings '93 and a further 32 new ones, all for £14.99 is also on the way. Both games should be available soon.
... 32-bit Acorn home computers... Commodore Amiga... Apple Macintosh... IBM PC compatibles... The 10 out u 10 Series Acorn User VOTED BEST EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE OF 1994 fJsLey Everyone can learn something from these acclaimed suites of software: The INNOVATIVE 10 10 Series
* m -a i I
* A m Great fun as you play and learn Progress Is automatically
recorOeO Fast action learning from games Varied educational
challenges These AWARD WINNING suites of programmes are a
revolutionary step forward in educational software. They ALL
use a unique system of automatically recording progress as you
play and learn. This is just one of the many features which
sets the 10 out 10 Series in a class of its own ... Each
package contains SIX expertly designed educational games
covering TEN essential areas of learning. Packages are
available for all ages.
As you learn from the games your progress is automatically recorded in 36 specific challenges - the National Curriculum Attainment Targets of these areas are optionally displayed on screen where relevant. All the programs are designed in Britain to be fun for everyone and the assessment system can monitor the progress of up to 4000 people with no input from parent or teacher needed. Watch them, join in the fun or leave them and return later to check their progress. You’re in control!
BUY lOoutoi JO FROM: You can order by CREDIT CARD, CHEQUE or EDUCA TION AUTHORITY ORDER from: 10 »ut v to Educational Systems, 1 Percy Street, Sheffield S3 8AU Telephone: 01142 780370 769950 Fax: 01142 781091 Each title is ONLY £25.95 - buy 2 and get a third one FREE! Xmas otter open until Dec 31st 1994. The 10 «*r 10 Series is available for IBM PC and compatibles - INCLUDING CD ROM, Acorn 32-bit computers (Archimedes), Apple Macintosh and Commodore Amiga.
The to ~r V 0 Series is rapidly growing and all the titles below, and more, will be available very soon. Contact your dealer tor regular updates, K£y T0 CURREN, AVA1UUJ|UTY; 4 - Acorr 32-bit computers (Archimedes) C - Commodore Amiga M - Apple Macintosh P - IBM PC and compatibles 0 - CD ROM tor IBM PC and compatibles Early Essentials A C P 0 Essential Maths C Junior Essentials A C P D Maths Number) ..A C P D M Maths (Algebra) ..A C P Maths (Geometry) ...A Maths (Statistics) ...A C P nc . - CDC I If
you don't already stock the ? «r ay 10 Series, UtAUCHa. I ring 01142 780370 769950 NOW SPECIAL XMAS OFFER BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Offer open until C3 31st December 1994.
To out to is available worldwide... Great Deals for Overseas Agents... Fax NOW!
IwrLii junun i | 11AM TO 4PM night Wednesday & Thursday „ till 7.30pm .. FI RSTcomputer centre (LEEDS)Tel:0532319444 NEW LOW PRICES!
CD ROM Drives PRINTERS From trip M62take the M621 and lollow the turnolt lor I Leads York. A58. Thta will merge with the Armlay gyratory.
I From the Ml lollow signs lor the M621 (ignorp put tori towncantrt) Tpkp A643 Elland Rd turnott from M621 Follow signs lor A58. This merges with Armley gyrslory. I I From the 41 lake the turnott lor the A64. This merges with | I the A58 (by-passing Leeds lown centre) which meels the I I Armley gyratory. Alter "Living World" al traffic ItghtsI I takes right, left Iptt again. A 2nd ItR logel to FCC The AMIGA 4000 COMPUTER CENTRE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK OPEN MON - SAT 9.30AM-5.30PM SUNDAY OPENING..11.00AM-3.00PM WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY Late Night Opening 9.30AM-7.30PM OPEN HALF DAY MOST BANK HOLIDAYS
TELEPHONE LEEDS 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER SERVICE 0532 31 9444 10lines FAX: 0532 319191 SHOWROOM ADDRESS : DEPT. AF, UNIT3, ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL ST, STANNINGLEYRD, LEEDS, LS122AE HOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card. Please make cheques payable to the: 'FIRSTCOMPUTERCENTRE."
In any correspondence please quote a phone number & post code. Do not forget to include the delivery tariff & Dept. code.
Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance.
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with free parking
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational orders welcome
• Established Multi million pound company UK MAINLAND DELIVERY
• Standard Delivery £1.95
• Guaranteed 2 to 3 day (week days) ..£2.95
• Guaranteed Next Day (week days)
Delivery .....£4.95 First
Comm Bulletin Board I Why not place your orders on our new
bulletin I I board. First comm Is not Just a means of ordering.
It I I also gives you access to read or download technical I I
support files and advice.
Tel. 0532 311422 A1200 OVERDRIVE CD-ROM | CD32 software. Plays Audio CD s. shows ohoto CD s Plugs into PCMCIA slot only £199.99 tn.nw.SC* CO-ROM »h9i lor the At WO 2000 4000 ittfwflmSawiKf. II All any*, re-jo. *.*• 9on.fr. 1 .III 'Bad both COTV COM I PC SO *WC || 9t»-ta4U0i»»i (ft*matk«i to'AXXX'A‘BCavillafc* NEC Multispin 2X1 nternal £167.99|
• 265Ms Access time *355KB transfer rale TOSHIBA XM3401 nternal
• 200Ms Access time »330KB transfer rate TOSHIBA XM4101 e385Ms
Acceaa time e300KBIransterrate Internal.£189.99
External.£259.99 Mitsumi FX001 ID Dual Sp«ed..£l 29.99| Tandon
IDE CD ROM Controller I tor use with Mitsumi only £64.991 GVP
A4006 SCSI controller £ 122.991
2. 5" Hard Drives with installation kit Inc.
sottware.cablesandlnstrucilons 60Mb....‘£134.99
120Mb...‘£208.99 80Mb....‘£164.99 240Mb...‘£259.99
3. 5" Hard Drives with installation kit inc. software, cables and
Instructions 250Mb....’£184.99 350Mb...‘£219.99
420Mb....‘£239.99 540Mb...‘£279.99
3. 5" H drive upgrade kit no HD only £22.99 ‘Just Adar1000tor
fitting The AMIGA A1200 A1200 Standard pack only £POA without
games software Computer Combat pack only £POA with Total
Carnage, Brian the Lion, Zool 2.
Wordworth 2, Print Manager, Day by Day, Personal Paint 4 HARD DRIVE VERSIONS Standard pack “SX°oVhel 85Mb .....EPOA price for the 127Mb ...CPOA Combat Hard 240Mb ...EPOA Drive packs THE CHA OS PA CK!
• SYNDICATE only £29.99 or £19.99 wllh any AMIGA THE FIRSTS GAME
• TOTAL CARNAGE only £19.99 y PRICES .'
Citizen printers have a 2 year guarantee I ABC Colour printer .£154.991 simple (as easy as ABC) to use 24 pin printer. Comes f as standard with 50 sheet Auto sheet feeder Tractor feed optional af C34 99 only £139 99 If bought without the colour option Swift 200 Colour £181.991 Same oul pul as Ihe 240 but wllh less facilities Swift 240 Colour £218.991 24 pin. 240cps draft. 10 (onls, quiet mode, 240cps.
NEW! Projet II colour £254.991 colour lnk|et primer with built in auto sheet feeder I Swift Auto Sheet feeder £79.991 EPSON Epson LX300 Colour £149.991| 9 Pin 80 column colour LQ150 Colour ....£209.99 |j 24 Pin Draft 216cps, LQ79cps Snlus800* ...£249.991 48 Nozzle Inkjet 360 x 360 dpi (max) 100 sheet | feeder Stylus Colour £449.991 Colour Inkjet. 360 x 360 dpi, 720 x 720(on special I pap*r| W LnV HEWLETT IL iM PACKARD N£W.'HP320Portable ..£234.99 NEW! HP 520
mono ......£259.99 HP 500 Colour ...£304.99 LOW PRICE! HP 560 Colour..£439.99 even faster than the old HP550C .'
All HP printers come with a 3 year warranty LIL, Star LC100 colour .£124.991 I 9 pin colour, 8 fonts, 180 cps draft, 45 cpsNLO NelV StarLC240 Colour....£144.991 Star LC24-300 Colour ..£249.991 I 24 pin quality. 264 cps draft. 80 cps LQ. 39K butler | expendible to 48K. 16 fonts and quiet mode.
Star SJ144 Colour Thermal I Stunning affordable colour printer. 3 PPM, low | | running costs only £259.99 Star SJ48 Autosheet feeder only £49.99 Cation |CanonBJ10sx .....£184.991 I Laser quality output. Large buffer Canon BJ200 ......£239.991 I 3 page a mln speed. 360 dpi. Small footprint & 80 I I pagesheetfeeder Canon BJC600 Colour ...£449.991 1 New! BJC4000 ....£419.99 j new bubble |et from Canon similar to 200 but with colour I BJ10 Autosheetfeeder £49.991 (“‘T'T'T'VF'ISJ FREE twalch worth £35.99 with m eve,yABC co|°u'priitd’ -:
(Limited Period) Universal Printer Stand only £4.99! When purchased with printer Pill Supra StV*?JhMXMotlarn 2t NEW Super fasf 28.800 bps«14,400 Fax | | Thebeslmodemlnltsclass'Only £232.99 SupraFAXMoamm 144LC
V. 32 bis (14400 baud ) I Low coat v f*K n ol lh« cia»s»c V328is
Fax _ | modem. Feature* »% below Bui claa* 1 lax only and L
only£136.99 err*; S LV *FAJtModmm v.5?d,s (14400 baud includes
V.32bts, V 32. V.22bi*. V22. V2l MNP2-
5. V.42. V4?bi*. Cleat 1 & 2 commenda. 9600 14400 Group 3 Fax
Includet fr*e mod m comma (not Fax) a w only £169.99
* PIUS £107.99 Faster than the atenderd 2400 with aulo (fcal &
auto rec*v* 9600 bps Mayes comp V22Bia. V42 Bis. MNP 2-5 & auto
adjust to maxmae iransmlssOn speeds With free comms (not Fax)
aw Suprai 2400......£56.99 Gel on line uamg ihia gteat value
laal modem with aulo dial & receive 2400 baud Hayes comp. V22
BIS includeatreemodem comma aw .'f PREMIER Ink Cartridge
Refills Save a lortuna In running coata with your Ink bubble
jat. I Compatlbla with tha HP500 550. Oaakjal Plus. Canon I
BJ10 20 80 130 200 J00 330. Star SJ*8. Citizen Pro|al antj |
many othara. Full rangaof colouraavallabla.
Single refills (22ml) .£6.99 I Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66ml) ..£19.99 Full colour kit (88ml) ...£27.99 Bulk refills (125ml) ......£24.99 Cartridges Canon BJ10 SJ48 cartridge ...£18.99 Double life 500 cartridges ...£24.99 HP550 500 Colour cartridge £24.99 Epson StylusColourCartridge £39.99 Epson Stylus mono Cartridge £17.99 Epson Stylus800+mono Cartridge £11.99 StarSJ144mono cartridges(3pack)...£21.99 Star
SJ144 colour cartridges(3 pack)..£21.99 SI aa---- iwscenarwo PrlnlerSwlIchBox2way ..£12.99 I Printer Switch Box 3 way ..£17.99 Primer Stands (Universal) ..£7.99 3 Metre printer cable .... £6.99 I 5 Metre printer cable ------------------ £8.99 10 metre primer cable .£12.99 | I Supra modema have not been tested by BABT . However they | perlormaa well & often out perform BABT approved modems Supra Modem* come with a 5 year warranty QfFiHoboticsl
WEAREPREFERREDUSRDEALERS I Sportster 2496 +Fax ......£104.991 Sportster 14400 Fax. FlrthU £139.99 I WorldPort 2496+Fax ..--_.E181.99 WoridPort 14400 v.Fax®jJ3®T205.99 Courier Dual Std V34 F§r“” £428.99 I Courier Dual Std Terbo Fax......£369.99 Courier V32 Terbo Fax £363.99 I Modem cable for Sportster and Courier C9 99. II you I I thought V32bls was fast try V 34 (28.800 bps). They I come with a 5 year warranty * are BABT Approved All our monitorsare UK spec. All monitors come complete with a free Amiga lead' V£W Philips8833 MK2 I Thisfamous Stereo, colour monitor is back
Similar | | spec to the old Commodore 1084S only £234.99 Tilt and Swlvell Stand only C9.99 II you purchase with monitor Microvitec Autoscan 1438 28 dpi, 15 38 Khz, all Amiga modes. I AGA comp.no audio, tilt & swivell I stand.
Now only £295.99
• Free cable lor A4000 only A1200 cable £6.99«xtra MONITORS 3
YEAR WARRANTY A500 512k RAM [expansion (no clock).£19.99 A500
PRODUCTS SOFTWARE | expansion £34.99 A6001 Mb
RAM expansion | (with clock) .£39.99 1 Mb
SIMM ..£39.99 2 Mb
SIMM ..£95.99
4MbSIMM...NEWaOIVPfl C£.'....E145.99 8 Mb SIMM. NEIVtOIVPfl CE!
£279.99 RAM & CUSTOM CHIPS SPEED PLCC PGA 25 Mhz 33 Mhz 40 Mhz
50 Mhz £49.99 £49.99 £106.99 N A £49.99 £89.99 £129.99 £137.99
1 mb by 8 9 SIMMS (1 Mb) £34.99 4 Mb by 9 SIMMS (4
Mb) ...£144.99 1 Mb by 4 DRAMS(1 Mb) £39.99
1 Mbby4ZIPS(1 2Mb) ..£32.99 256 by 4
ZIPS ....(each) £5.99 256 by4DRAM(DILs)
(each)£5.99 DKB1202 A1200 RAM board £84.99 takes 2 32 bit
SIMMs. Has an optional FPU.
See above for prices Kickstart1.3 .£23.99 Kickstart2.04 ......£30.99 Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600)...£30.99 Fatter Agnes 8372A ...£26.99 Super Denise ......£18.99 6571-0326 Keyboard controller.£13.99 Cl A 8520A I O controller £10.99 )AMIGA 1200 RAM PRIMA CO-PRO & RAM Realise the lull potential ol your A1200 wlth| this trapdoor expansion, inc real time clock 1 MB RAM ....[91.99 2 MB RAM ..[129.99 4 MB
RAM ..[194 99 i MB RAM ..[339.99 II MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO .....[139 99 2 MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO .....[184 99 4 MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO .....[244 99 i MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO .....[389.99 FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY Competition Pro Xtra, [12 99 AMIGA REPAIR CENTRE I We otter a FREE quotation on your Amiga or any I peripheral (monitors, printers etc). A delivery tariff of | just [5.00 Is chsrged tor return delivery or alternatively you can visit our showroom. We can also
• courier pickup al an additional cost ot[11.00. All repairs are
covered by a 90 day warranty.
Tel. 0532 319444 The established name in computer repairs I Deluxe Paint 4 AGA ......C39 99 | Distant Suna 5 ....E29.9 Personal Paint V4 .._..... £29.99 | TechnosoundTurbo . Technosound Turbo 2..---------------------- Wordworth 2 AGA with Print Mgr & Day To Day I Planner ......£39 99 | Xcopy Pro plus hardware ...£21 98 Workbench 2.1 software and 2.04 ROM upgrade (complete with manuals) only £7499 Workbench 2.04
software and 2.04 ROM upgrade (complete with manuals) only £49 99 ' AMIGA COMPUTING AUGUST 94 The amazing new graphics tablet lor the Amiga developed with the help ol First Computers 86% raled In St Formal January issue' Requires 2.04 Personal Paint 4only El9 99 r n! C* Q QQ when purchased with a Tabby Ulliy 100% RATED Graphic Tahiti SCANNERS Alfa Data Alfa Scan only £99.99 hand held scanner with up to 800 Dp.
Alfa Data Alfa Scan 256only £119.99 hand htld scanner with up to 800 Dpi and 256 grey acalas Alfa Data Alfa Colour Scan only £299.99 18 bit scanner with 2S6K colours Inc colour correction Just add £20.00 for OCR software on all Alfa Scanners (normally £39.99) Power Scanner V4 £119.99 I With th* laiesi version 4 sw lor bright & sharp grey scale performance I Flexible scanned image display manipulation options, plus Clean up. | embolden, resm i flip.
Colour version only £239.99 lEPSON GT6500 Colour Flatbed | only £589.50 phone for details I Art Department Pro Scanner S W I only £99.99 Icomp.llBI. wltK Epson ES300C. ES600C. ES800C. I GT6000, GT6S00 4 GT8000 MICE & TRACKERBALLS Alfa Data Mega Mouse 90% rating. 400 Dpi only £12.99 Zydec Trackball only £29.99 Alfa Data Crystal Trackball only £34.99 DISK DRIVES AMITEC 1 mb 3.5" drive Features Anti Click, I Anti Virus. Sony Mech, | 2 year warranty only £58.99 Cumana 3.5" .....only £56.991 11 meg extornal drive. The best name In disc drives A600 1200 internal drive ......£39.991 A500
internal drive .....£39.991 A4000 internal HD drive £99.99 [ GENLOCKS M HI HD SVHS& jvideoBI Hl[:]| hama on demo now!
The Professional answer hama 292 ....£279.991 S-Video, and composite compatible hama 290 ....£688.991 S-Video. End composite mixing, plus ter more hama A-CUT Video Editor £185.99 Rocgen Plus only £164.99 Includes dual control for overlay and key hoi effects, extra RGB pass thru Cheek for compatibility.
Rendale 8802 FMC......only £164.99 New Rendale 9402 only £299.99 features S-VMS. Lade Amiga giephict in and oul. Ciou lade between Amiga graphics and your video input Rocgen Rockey .....only £164.99 For creating special effects m video production wtth genlocks VIDI 12 Real Time £139.99 I Real time colour digitizing from any video I source. Full AGA support. 12 Volt PSU for | | above £12.99 VIDI 24 Real Time £214.99 I 24 blf quality real time colour digitizing from I I any video source. Full AGA support. 12 Volt I | PSU for above £12.99 VIDI 12 AGA £59.99 I Full support for AGA
chipset. Colour images I | captured in less than a second, mono Images I in real time with any video source.| I Multitasking sw. Cut & paste.
TAKE 2 £35.99 I Features include load and save from D. Paint [ I animations and IFF files. Supports HAM graphics.
Megamix Master £26.99| 8 bit, high spec, sampler. Special ellecls include I echolhaicanbeaddedlnreallime.lullymullilasking | & easy louse.
ACCELERATORS viper 68030 turbo only £159.99 68030 accelerator running al 28Mhz expandlble lo 8 Mb 32 Bit RAM (see RAM prices) | Optional SCSI adaptor.
ADDITIONAL RAM FOR VIPER BOARDS Just add the price of the RAM to the Viper board to get your configuration price 11 MbSIMM ..£39.991 2 Mb SIMM ..£95.991 4 Mb SIMM...N£IV1.0IVPfl CE ...£ 145.99 8 Mb SIMM..N£IVL0IVPf? C£.' £279.99 l SUPRA 28 ACCELERATOR for the A500 A500+& A1500 2000 [ 28 Mhz. Uses A500 side porl so there is no Internal fitting only £127.99!
PRIMA ROM SHARERS I This high quality ROM sharer features a flexible I ribbon connection so that it can be positioned I anywhere within your A500 Plus or A600. Full 2 | year replacement warranty now only £17.99 or £24.99 for keyboard switchable version ACCESSORIES Real Time A1200internal clock module ...only [13.99 Mouse loystick manual port switcher only[12.99 Amiga A50O 600 1200 Power Supply [39.99 Amiga 500 500 Plus keyboard ......[45.99 Amiga500Pkis Motherboard _________________________________£2999 Amiga 500 Plut Caw ...... £12.99 QUALITY MOUSE
MATS ......[3.99 10 CAPACITY DISK BOX ....[0 99 20 CAPACITY DISK BOX----------------£2.99 40 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX ...[3.99 100 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX £5.4
• 150 CAP STACKABLE POSSO BOX £20.99 'add [3 00 dallvery it
purchaifng just one Posso or 8aru box. Norma delivery *Mi
purchased Mi oew prcduct or ahen buying 2 or more.
AMIGA A500 DUST COVER .£3.99 AMIGA 600 COVER [2 99 14'' MONITOR DUSTCOVER ......[6.99 NEW Kcyboard McmbraneCovers [14.95 AMIGA TO SCART CABLES ......£9.99 STD 1.8 METRE AMIGA PRINTER LEAD.,£4.99 MODEM AND NULL MODEM CABLES.,..£9.99 AMIGA CONTROL STATIONS A500or 1200 VERSION ...£36.99 I A600VERSION £29.99 I DISKS All disks are 100% error free guaranteed New High density 3.5 inch bulk and branded Please phone for best prices!
QTY BulkDS DD Branded DS DD 10 £4.49 £5.49 30 £12.99 £14.99 50 £20.99 £22.99 100 £37.99 £42.99 200 £69.99 £79.99 500 £168.99 £190.99 1000 £324.99 £365.99 Branded disks come complete with labels Disk Labels....500 ......£6.991 Disk Labels..1000 ......£9.99 Money Matter*.--------------------------------------- CD ROM SOFTWARE 17 Bn Collection .. _ 17 Bn Continuation ..... ASIMCDFSIIIe system .. CD32 Titles Many CD32 titles are compatible with other Amiga CD-Rom drives
Guardian ....123 99 Ultimate Body Blows,£23 99 Arcade Pool [12.99 Simon TheSourcerer (29.99 Banshee, ....[23.99 Wild Cup Soccer .£2399 UFO .£23.99 BubbleAndSqueak,..[23.99 Supertrog [12.99 Jet Strike .....[21.99 Pirates Gold......[23 99 Bnan the Lion £16.99 Universe [26.49 Cannon Fodder £23 99 Chaos Engine,[19.99 Gunsh p2000_________[23 99 HemdallZ [21.99 Pinball Fantasies ...[27.99 Elite 2 ...C23.99 CDEKchange(VI) [16.99 NEW! PRIMA CD-ROM Volume 1 510Mb of fonts, artwork, photo's, demos, utils, games only£19.99
MISCELLANEOUS Distant Suns 5 . MUSIC SOUND Deluxe Musk Construction Set v2 _______ Pro Mali Interlace by Microdeal ... Techno Sound Turbo Techno Sound Turbo 2_______________________ PROGRAMMING Amos Professional--------------- £47.99 Amos Professional Compiler- .£24 99 Buz Basic Z---------------------£53.99 Devpec3 ..£50 99 PUBLIC DOMAIN Top 30 frOm£1.50!(manymon tltl*savaiU ble) First Fonts Disk 1-------(PDAF01)1 disk £2 50 First Fonts Disk
2.------(PD AF02) 1 disk. £2 50 First Fonts Disk 3.---------(P0AF03)1 disk £2 50 First Fonts Disk 4 ....(PD AF05) 1 disk.E 1 50 D-Copy V3------------------------(PDA004) 1 disk £1.50 EdwordProV4---------------(PDA005) 1 dlsk.E1.50 Relokickl.3--------------(PDA011) 1 disk£1.50 KlondykeAGA---- -------(PDA013)3disk[2 75 Mmdwarp AGA Demo ......(PDA015) 1 disk£1 50 £29 99 1 £59 991 £24 99 I £20 99 1 £28 99 1 Magic Workbench Utils.--------(PDA017) 1 disk.El.50 PC Task Emulator (PDA019) 1 disk.E1.50 Spectrum Emulator version 1.7 (PDA028) 1 dlsk£1.50 Spectrum Games
Disk (PDA030) 2 disk. £2.25 9 Fingers Rave Demo.------------(PD A033) 2 disk. £2 25 Andys Workbench 3 Utils------(PD A031) 1 disk £ 1.50 ICL1 SHELL Help I Protracker 3.
I Perspex Hypnosis I Benchmark Tests I Terri.sAGA ¦ Clipurl 0:sk b I Clipart lOpack CUSHEI (PDA002) 1 disk £1.50 (PDA046)1 disk [1.50 (PDA037) 1 disk £ 1.50 (PDA035) 1 disk. £1.50 (PDA043)1 disk£1.50 f (PDAC06) 1 disk £1 50 (POAC25)10dlsk£12.5O (POACD1)1 disk£1.50 CD ROM drivers (Ami)..... CO ROM Bonus Utits.----------(POACD2)1dlSk.E1.50 V-Morph (PDA051)1 dlsk.C1.50 Kefrans Desert Dreams .....(PDA012) 2 disk.C2.25 Grapevine 17---------- (PDA009)3disk£2.7S Last Stand On Hottl (PDA014)4disKE3.2S Motorola invaders AGA,. (POA016)2disk.E2.25
FftChbcZ-------------(POA034) 2 disk. C2 25 UTILITIES Directory Opus 4 .. [51.99 GP FAX 2.3 software [49.99 Latest version ol this Fast S Famous HD backup utility.
Prima A6001200 Hard Drive setup software This Is the best setup software on the market E5.99 Xcopy Pro Inc hardware ...£21.99 VIDEO AND GRAPHICS Ari Department Pro 2-5 ...£145.99 Art Department Scanner software ...El 14.99 Brilliance II paint and animation ...£59.99 Deluxe Paint 4 AGA [39.99 Make Path lor Vista ...£8 99 Mekon Magic .[24.99 Real3D
Classic ...[77.99 Scenary Animator V4 (3Mb reqlred) .[49.99 Terraform ... £8.99 Video Creator tor C032 .£31 99 Video Director .[115 99 Vista Pro 3 (4Mb required) .£29.99 WORD PROCESSING DTP Final Copy 2 (UK) Release 2. NEW LOW PRICE!.Z4S.9Q Hue If! Oufrv* w, lull xewi ¦upon (irr are HUII UK Mm... eveng truOM. T eucMeor, Final Writer DTP .. NEWLOWPRICEl -£72.99 Penpal 1.4---------------------------
£29 99 Best selling feature packed word publisher with database Pagestream 3 U.K. version ......£249.99 Pagesetter3 £42.99 Protext 4.3 W P .£39.99 Wordworth 2 AG A ec Pam llgr Special lowpnceW 99 Wordworth 3 NEW.'. UUTTEO OFFER'- £64.99 design from Motorola with the collaboration of both IBM and Apple, and is destined to form a whole new fatnilv ol chips based on the principle of RISC .
It's got the industry in a spin because it provides fantastic performance at an amazingly low price, and heralds the start of a new era in computing.
And. More importantlv. The next generation of Amigas will also be based on the principles of RISC. It's a bit like suddenh being given a Ferrari by your bank manager - and could well mark the start ol what tnav la- the most prosperous time the Amiga has vet seen.
At first glance, lie whole concept behind RISC seems alien. Tec Imologv usual I v progresses hv becoming more complex, adding further lasers on to existing theories or careering down some new and previously unforeseen path.
RISC though is totally different, the ultimate goal behind the concept being to blast machine level instructions (the sort vou encounter when programming at Assembler level) through .1 CPU as fast as possible. To that extent, much of the dead wood in the more traditional CISC.
(Complex Instruction Set Computing) chips has been cut away.
Tlte trend towards increasing complexity, as in Intel's progression from, sav. 286 up to Pentium has been totally reversed, and what you're left with is a much more streamlined architecture capable of providing true workstation Anew generation of super last, super sexy and super everything else Amigas are destined to rise from the ashes of Commodore's smouldering empire and put the Amiga back where it belongs as the leading contender in the home computer market. The technology that is set to revolutionise the Amiga and the computer world in general is RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing).
If you've been wondering why there has been so much hype about the PowerMac and PowerPC, the answer is RISC. Basically, the Central Processing Unit of a PowerPC machine is a complete break from the traditional offerings from Intel (the 80x86 range used in Pcs), or the 680x0 range (as used in the Amiga) from Motorola. It is a revolutionary new With the advent of the RISC chip the computer world has been revolutionised. Andy Stout and Jim Cadwallader take you through the history of RISC and tell you how it works.
Bout Interlocked Pipe Stages - that's as good as they get) chip.
Patterson went on to develop the SPARC (Scalable Performance ARChiteclure) with Sun Microsystems, whereas MIPS Computet Systems were established from the Stanford project (interestingly including Skip Stritter. Chief architect of the MC68000, as used in the A500. A500+, A600. A1000. And A2000).
Both companies are still big names in the RISC field, and produce the CPUs for such things as the ridii uloiisly powerful graphics workstations used by manv software houses to render animated sequences such as those spread liberallv throughout Indeed the new and dtoolingly good Raptor accelerator for l.iglilwave is based upon two MIPS chips (R4600s at 133MHz
- wowza). The speed king crown however, goes well and trulv to
Digital Kquip Co Ltd. With their stonking Alpha AXP chip,
delivering frightening performance (300+MHz - yes. Three
hundred, and 1200 MIPs - millions of instruction per second -
an A4000 40 manages about 21). It has all gone so far. That it
is hard to imagine how- such monster machines came about... One
of RISC's attributes, and at the heart of its increased
performance, is pipelining, which aims to increase the number
of instructions being dealt with at any given moment. Before
each instruction is executed it must be fetched from main
memory, decoded, then any data pertaining to it must be fetched
too Continued overleaf e 3DO AND RISC The first of the
next-generation consoles to use RISC technology is the
3DO-standard Panasonic FZ-1 ‘Interactive Multiplayer*.
3DO has been designed as a universal technology in much the same way as VHS video: anyone can manufacture a 3DO player as long as they pay The 3DO Company's licence fee. Goldstar and Sanyo are to launch their own 3DO players this year.
All 3DO systems employ the 324 it ARM60 RISC chip running at 12.5MHz as the main processor, but also use 3DO’s proprietary twin custom graphics animation processors and a Direct Memory Access engine. After what can only be described as a bad start Panasonic's 3DO machine is now selling reasonably well in the US. Japan and also in the UK.
Having been on official sale since September 4.
Pcrlormance on I lit- desktop. Hands up who'd like a Siliron Graphics Indigo healer - that's what we're talking about.
It's an idea that has been embraced bv the rumpuicr industry. Not onlvdocs RISG give superb performance and is excellent at emulating other chips (either to provide compatibility for older software or to emulate other platforms), but it's also cheap due to its simple hardware.
Commodore I k (or should that be Amiga International?) Ml), David I’leasance has gone on record as saying that the RiSC-Amiga in planning will run Window* , T(more of which later) live times faster than the lop-of-the-range Intel Pi-ulium chip but will be the same price.
With IBM. Apple and Motorola collaborating on the PowerPC project, aiming to provide an industry standard KISC-based architecture, Intel mavwell and truly be up against it. For all that though. RISC has been an age coming.
The roots of the research can be traced back to 1975. And experiments conduc ted bv IBM which eventually culminated in a minicomputer whic h contained many RISC-type features and was called rather unsexilv the 8(11.
1'he term RISC wasn't coined until 1985 though by professor David Patterson of Berkeley UC where the first chips (RISC I and RISC II) were designed, soon to be followed bv a group at Stanford liiiversitv.
Lead bv Professor John Hennessey, who produced the MIPS (Microprocessor
* ¦ before the actual execution. Because different parts of the
hardware perforin each task in the scheme of things, the
logical step is to design systems where the operations overlap.
In this way while one instruction is being decoded, the next can be fetched from memory, and clever design means that the fetch-execute cycle can Ik- split into many parts which can be performed in parallel. This means that there is nearly always more than one instruction going through the CPU at once.
If s not without its problems (the pipeline can stall in certain cases when a wrong direction in code hits been taken, and this necessitates flushing the pipeline and loading it again from a new place), which is whv using additional space on the CPU for pipeline control hardware can be a good idea.
One particular problem plagues nearly all RISC: designs. Because it is undesirable to stall die pipeline, utmost importance is given to keeping it full with instructions all the time for performance reasons.
However, (and rinse your head with cold water before you think about this), consider what happens when an instruction is a conditional branch code direction is dependant on the result ol a sum. Sav. Or some status Hags (individual bits in the CPU that signal certain events being true or not such as the zero Hag indicating that the result ol the last operation was zero).
Because tile pipeline loads more than one instruction at a time, by the lime the conditional instruction has been decoded and the condition result ascertained, another instruction will Ik- going through.
What il it was the wrong instruction - the conditional instruction didn't turn out as planned? This necessitates flushing the pipeline - the RIS('. Rt|uivalcnt of putting your head in a deep-fat fryer.
Because of this, it is often the case that the instruction after a conditional jump will always Ik- executed, fliis sounds mid hut it can Ik- worked around bv clever compiler technology which can either put a N'OP (no-operation, that is null) instruction after conditional ones or more efficiently shuffle a safe instruction into tilt- branch delav slot - this is an instruction that causes 110 harmful effects to the functionality of the code whichever wav the program flow goes. Cot that?
This nirelv illustrates the move from complexity ol hardware to complexity ol software in the transition from CISC to KIS(!. Some ol which has to be added to replace the missing hardware functions. In the conditional branch problem, the hardware is lacking in its ability to deal with the problem, so the software must tackle it by either guessing the branch direction, or doing something similar to that described above.
It’s important to note that RISC is not without its disadvantages. Because instructions are simpler than 011 CISC chips, more instructions are needed to perforin a given task, and more storage is needed due to the bigger resultant programs (therefore more RAM). At the moment the si e of the RISC programs is a bone of much contention between the rival camps, each claiming different figures for the growth factor of programs on RIS(: systems compared to CISC.
Obviously. RISC, vendors claim smaller figures than CISC vendors do. And figures REVVIN' UP THE RAPTOR Commodore's own RISC-based Amigas may still be a long way off. But RISC technology is making its mark in the Amiga graphics arena. If you have a spare £14.500 to spare, then Ramiga's Raptor Plus board will give your Amiga rendering sessions the sort of boost that only RISC technology makes possible.
Based around the MIPS R4600. The Raptor uses two of these number crunching beauties to eat through heavy calculations. Designed specifically for NewTek's Lightwave 30 rendering program, the Raptor has already found a home with a number of UK software houses. Team 17 are very fond of their Raptor system - they use it to render complex Lightwave sequences.
The graph shows four Benchmark tests carried out with the Raptor and an A4000. Benchmark 1 was a render of a male Humanoid object from Crestline.
It was rendered at a low resolution (320x240 pixels) with no motion blur or anti-aliasing. The Raptor rendered the first frame in 24 seconds, while the A4000 took 48 seconds.
Benchmark 2 was performed at medium resolution, with no anti-aliasing or motion blur. While the A4000 took 73 secs, the Raptor only needed 33 secs.
Benchmark 3 was performed at medium resolution with motion blur and anti-aliasing turned on. The A4000 rendering time was 269 secs. The Raptor produced the same image in 49 secs.
Benchmark 4 was a medium resolution render of three trucks with antialiasing switched on. The A4000 took 435 secs and the Raptor only 52 secs.
Obviously, the Raptor's extra speed really starts to tell the more complicated a scene becomes.
HISTORY MAKERS The history of RISC is as much to do with the development of CISC chips as anything else and ways of overcoming problems inherent in their architecture. Taking early, domestic market 8-bit CPUs as a starting point (such as those that appeared in the venerable Spectrum, the C64 and the Amstrad CPC range), there was a technological limit to their speed and the amount and speed of the memory that could be provided due to low capacity, expensive RAM.
The idea of making programming as easy as possible was not a high priority in those days, and the limited hardware available necessitated frequent use of low-level Assembly language or machine code programming to achieve compact efficient and quick results.
As chip technology advanced, the concern was to reduce the semantic gap between the functions required when writing an application and the basic machine level instructions available to encode those functions. To that end, the instruction set (the collection of all machine-level instructions in a CPU) steadily increased with each generation and greater functionality was added by embedding hardware like Floating Point Units on the actual CPU itself.
This is why later versions of CPUs in a family provide more functionality, they simply have more instructions, more complex instructions and more bits and bobs (both puns unintentional, honest) put on to the silicon. For example, the MC68040 (full version) has a Memory Management Unit and a Floating Point co-processor embedded in the chip, since present technology allows this number of components to be there.
There was an inherent problem in this trend, however. Not only did chips get larger and more complex, but they also got more expensive to design and therefore to buy. A gap also developed with the demands of the marketplace far outpacing the increased development time for each new generation. People were clamouring for more power, yet increasing complexity made designing newer and faster chips harder and more costly.
Apart from the cost and waiting time however, the increasingly complex CISC architecture had another serious drawback: as stated, the instructions each chip had to support grew in complexity. Controlling hardware became necessary to handle fetching each instruction from memory and decoding it to decide which parts of the physical hardware to activate for the task in hand.
This extra controlling hardware, called microcode, embedded in just about all CISC CPUs, added further to complexity and gave a performance penalty to the overall process of fetching, decoding and executing machine level instructions. Hence the fetch-execute cycle, as this process is known, of a CISC CPU is quite a tricky process. More storage space (control store as the nomenclature goes) was needed while those instructions were being decoded and often the instruction operands (source or destination data) had to be fetched from RAM which is much slower in terms of access time than fetching
something from a register in the CPU itself.
On the market today, it's ludicrously fast. The AXP 21164 delivers three times the integer performance and six times the floating point performance of Intel's 100MHz Pentium chip and twice the integer performance and three times the floating point performance of the PowerPC 604 100MHz microprocessor. Instructions are no longer measured in MIPS, but in BIPS (Billions of Instructions Per Second).
It doesn't stop there either. The AXP 21164 relied on CMOS5 process technology and Digital are already building a new fabrication facility in Hudson.
Massachusetts to manufacture three new generations of semi-conductors beginning with CM0S6-based microprocessors. Their speed can only be guessed at.
Of between 2.5 times larger to 1.5 times are not unusual. A faster memory is also required to keep the CPU fed with instructions last enough. Consequently, this can prove expensive, hut is not so much of a problem these days because of memory technology advancements.
Due to the super-efficient compilers employed by RISC though, these larger programs ran he highly optimised, and thus more efficient than smaller, inefficient CISC programs. All computers have a system clock that ticks a timing signal for the system to follow, the signal rises and falls cyclicly in small clock cycles.
The simpler hardware and faster decoding of instructions leads to a reduction in the si e of the CPU's clock cycles and one of the main RISC aims is to achieve one instruction per clock cycle.
Compared to CISC, where on, say, the 68030 chip instructions can vary in length from three to dozens of dork cycles, this is a major improvement and one of the prime performance factors lor RISC CPUs.
The method of pipelining explained earlier though means that seemingly odd figures arc achievable, such as more than one instruction per clock cycle. The latest and greatest designs of RISC CPU use all kinds of jiggcry pokery to enhance instruction throughput (time to gel the bucket ol cold water again). Two such enhancements over the basic principle ol pipelining are superscalar and superpipelined architectures.
Superscalar architectures simply have more than one pipeline, and instructions are simultaneously issued into each one in parallel. Digital’s aforementioned Alpha AXP (the latest version) uses a superscalar design to issue four instructions at once, two integer instructions and two (loafing point instructions.
A superpipelined architecture, on the other hand, chops the underlying hardware elements of the ,PU into smaller segments so that new instructions are issued more frequently into the pipeline because ol the smaller pipeline stages. It is common to identify the slowest part of the CPU hardware and cut this into two or more pieces to enhance instruction throughput.
As before, the methods used in each flavour ol RISC is up to the whims of the manufacturer in question, and of course there is much rivalry, some pushing and shoving, and harsh language as rivals do some horn-blowing for their kit and slag oil their competitors' designs With Commodore's plans for AAA ditched so that thev can concentrate on IT'S A RECORD-BREAKER Present RISC performance may be impressive, but if the Digital Alpha AXP 21164 microprocessor is anything to go by. Speed is going to shoot through the ceiling.
The next generation Alpha AXP chip is already in the Guinness Book Of Records as the world's fastest microprocessor. An incredible 9.3 million transistors have been crammed on to its 296mm sq area and its clock cycle is set at an amazing 300MHz at top operating frequency.
The AXP features true 64-bit architecture with 64- bit data and address as opposed to the more conventional RISC 32-bit architecture that is simply expanded to 64-bit. Compared to the leading CPUs building RISC into the next generation of machines though, what is that going to mean lor Amiga users' One of the major stated developments will he compatibility with WindowsNT. Microsoft chief executive Rill Cates savs Windows .VTis good, and he’s not exactly renowned for getting things wrong.
Wtndmos A7 is one of a new breed of operating systems emerging as a contender for an industry standard power-workstation operating system. It is a grown-ups' operating system, designed for large corporations and power systems. It needs a lot of raw power (about 16Mb RAM) to run and many resources hut includes everything but the kitchen sink.
NT is designed to Ik- easily portable across platforms, and is available on many CPUs systems right now including i-186 Pentium. Sun. l)l-. : Alpha. MIPS and so on. Unlike, say. Windows 3.1 which sits on top of the PC's dreadful DOS. N'T doesn’t anti is therefore not handicap|K-d by having to provide backwards compatibility to older Pcs and can deliver full hooting and bellowing 32-bit power.
It oilers true. Honesi-tt -goodness multitasking (pre-emptive, just like the Amiga has for years... hello... anyone?)
With multithreading and professional elements such as extensive networking support and security features. It's designed Continued overleaf e Instructions would be of varying lengths and formats depending on the simplicity of their function, would take differing lengths of time to be executed (both important characteristics), and often the compiler (a tool used to encode high-level language programs such as C, Pascal or Ada into basic machine level instructions) ended up producing very inefficient results.
In programming for CISC chips therefore you had two choices: either writing programs painstakingly in low-level machine code instructions and getting a compact and efficient result or using a much friendlier higher level language and ending up with an inefficient one.
Studies found that compilers generally used a high percentage of simpler machine level instructions to produce executable programs and virtually none of the more powerful ones, due to the above problem. This thinking was expanded, and it became clear that there wasn't really much use in having highly complex instructions in a chip's instruction set if high-level languages were being used along with compilers.
Thus, the notion of designing a radical new type of CPU that couples closely with compiler technology and produces amazing performance out of easy-to-use high-level languages was bom - this was RISC Simple, uniform machine level instructions make very easy work for compilers, and compilers can therefore be designed to be super-efficient.
The hardware has also been streamlined, removing the need for cumbersome microcode and reducing the time to fetch and decode instructions again. Some logic on the chip sets up physical links and activates parts of the CPU's internal hardware automatically and very fast.
Not only does this hardwired approach make the physical hardware smaller (thus gaining speed because the links on the CPU are closer), but that and the elimination of all the features not deemed necessary for ultimate speed, means that there's space for features that are considered valuable.
Thus, the RISC model is similar to a racing car - light compact efficient and damn speedy. CISCs as you can see. Start to look like the Volvos of the computing world, rugged, packed with features, but not exactly nippy.
Now. As mentioned earlier, with streamlined hardware and current chip technology, fewer hardware features means that more space is left on the silicon for other things which further enhance speed. Such features can be on-chip caches (small clumps of super fast memory that can store oft-executed instructions), memory management hardware (to speed up memory access), pipeline control hardware (to manage pipelines - explained later), or commonly a large bank of on-chip registers, but there are no set rules.
Hardware is only added if its addition outweighs the loss of space and doesn't incur too much speed penalty and it's up to the individual manufacturer to make those decisions. That's why there's no recipe that states 'a RISC chip = this hardware ? This...' - RISC is the overall conceptual model of simplified hardware plus complexity in software (the new super-efficient compiler we were jabbering about earlier).
To provide a microkernel which can be used to deliver powerful applications across diverse platforms and is also designed to be easily portable across those platforms. It's already becoming prolific on high-end workstations, and is used extensively in powerful client-server systems (which distribute resources between many networked computers instead of utilising one big mainframe).
The implications for the Amiga art- huge. Windows .V is a serious (and hence seriously regarded and respected) OS and although Amiga users have long known how powerful and efficient features like the EXEC multitasking ROM kernel and Intuition windowing system are.
Professional business markets have never taken the Amiga seriously.
The only areas where it's made inroads into this type of arena is where there is a killer application available only on the Amiga which markedly outperforms similar applications available for the Mar and PC (such as Snila for multimedia or Newtek’s Ijghtiuavr 3D rendering package).
A RISC-based Amiga running NT would not only expand the software base immeasurably, but it would also open the floodgates to scores of powerf ul, professional and (more importantly) industry-standard applications such as Photoshop for image manipulation and Quark XIWss for DTP. It will no longer be regarded as a quirky machine with second rate software, but will hopefully be seen as a powerful, serious contender.
The Amiga would effectively come of age in the serious computing market, and would offer stiff competition to the likes of Sun and Silicon Graphics - especially given its traditionally superb graphical capabilities, and the stated inclusion within the full 64-bil RISC CPU of fast graphics rendering hardware. The possible picture emerges of an Amiga model being able to compete with the high-end graphics workstation vendors and undoubtedly JARGON BUSTERS RISC: (Reduced Instruction Set Computing.) A type of processor that sacrifices a complex instruction set for a smaller subset of instructions
that it can perform quickly. Although RISC programs are usually larger, they perform much faster than similar programs running on a conventional processor.
CISC: (Complex Instruction Set Computing.) The opposite to RISC is CISC technology, a type of processor that provides a comprehensive instruction set that is very easy to program (all the work's done for you) but performance suffers as a result. All non-RISC based computers (such as the Amiga. PC and Mac) use CISC processors.
PENTIUM: Intel's latest CISC-based processor which is used exclusively in DOS-based computers. Available in a number of different speeds, the Pentium processor is one of the most complex CISC processors ever to be developed.
Although very, very fast, even the offering supreme performance for a very tempting price tag (when compared to.
Say. £ 100.000* for a serious Silicon Graphics set-up).
The Amiga is gaining popularity in the US for its video and graphics capabilities, due. Primarily to the Video Toaster. For the Amiga line to follow this path of progression is natural, positive and forward-thinking, and may give it the kind of recognition as niche-platform-of-choicc in this field just as the Mac has done for DTP and the Atari ST Falcon have done (oddly) in the recording studio.
On the one hand. RISC could lead to a supremely powerful next generation Amiga running way beyond the capabilities of the current top-of-thc-range A4000 40.
The kind of performance expected will be unthinkable in terms of comparison w ith today's Amiga range.
On the other hand, with AT support built in to it, you would have a seriously considered and regarded RISC Irox i mining industry standard software and sitting happily alongside (and if the rumours are to be believed - significantly outperforming for the same price tag) Pentium and PowerPC systems of tire time.
The only question marks would be whether the Amiga name can finally lose the accursed games machine tag, how the company then handling the range would market it (historically an area of weakness), and (of course) if the cost can Ik- held down.
Assuming that these few goals can be met. The Amiga may be on the verge of the brightest era in its long and turbulent history, the promise of such a powerful system has got to be the best news for the machine since the redesign of the AI000 into the besl-sclling A500 or the arrival of the AC.A chip set.
Finally we might see. Upon the arrival of this mythical beast, the most tangible evidence yet of the classic maxim Only The Amiga Makes It Possible. Start saving. ”5 performance of the mighty Pentium does not compare to RISC-based systems.
WINDOWS NT Rather than rewrite the Amiga's own Operating System to run on the new generation of RISC-based Amigas, Commodore have opted to use Microsoft's newest Operating System.
Windows NT which is a true 32-bit Operating System that has been designed to be portable. This means that future Amigas could be able to run Windows NT software designed for other platforms.
MIPS: (Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipe Stages.) The type of RISC processor used in high-end RISC workstations and rendering engines such as the Raptor engine from Ramiga.
EXEC: The Amiga's multitasking executive. This portion of the Amiga's Operating System is wholly responsible for ensuring that tasks are kept separate and that each task is allocated its own time slice. Exec and the rest of the Amiga's Operating System will become redundant when Commodore switches to RISC technology.
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There's a new kid on the block"... An excellent, excellent tootball game ".
CD Amiga ScreenStar Gold award "The best tootball action game ever "... "The mighty Sensi is beaten at last '... "The game really excels in the graphics department"... "Tremendously playable".
FANTASY TWE UNIQUE IS PLAYER PPJION CAN TURN YOUR FRONT ROOM INTO A'FOtfBALL TERRACE AblCO © 1994 Playtime Software Published by Amo Software ltd, Unit 7, Uillside Industrial [state, lamsoa toad, Dartford, font M Here comes the freaky family video sens rvu Wto Buy w- ;i 0 VIDEO AMIGA mortal FORMAT rtAK Last month I made the point that many great games were Amiga- bound before the turn of the year. While some misguided pundits have been busy giving the machine a premature burial, out trundle the big guns. The quality games to which Amiga owners have grown accustomed are very much in evidence
this month and if you flicked through any games magazine on any other format, you would be hard pushed to find the consistent calibre of games software that bellows loudly from these pages.
It's a long time since an Amiga Formal cover featured a game. And of all things, a beat-em-up, but Mortal Kombat II is no ordinary beat-em-up; it's an experience. No-one in the office particularly likes the genre, so how come this gory example is played non-stop? Why does it turn corduroy-clad pacifists into bloodthirsty maniacs? Turn the page to find out.
Few sequels have been more eagerly awaited than Sensible Software's Cannon Fodder 2. Although many of you will, no doubt, be just as eager to check out Premier Manager 3, the latest incarnation of Alien Breed, Tower Assault and the multiball spectacular that is Pinball Illusions. Fear not, you can. The quality of Amiga games has never been so strong. Cheers.
0 III ft in 2 m m 0 0 A These games are very good, but due to minor flaws ZEEWOLF: Can this ALADDIN: Is it really a are not the finest examples of their genre. Chopper really cut it? Stroke of genie-us?
70-79% Good games which are worth buying, especially if REVIEWS you have a special interest in a certain game type. Cannon Fodder 2 ..p52 60-69% Premier Manager 3 ......p56 Average releases with limited gameplay and appeal. Alien Breed 2: Tower Assault ..p58 Games in this category tend to have significant flaws. Pinball Illusions .p62 Lords Of The
Realm .....p64 50'59 ° Sim City 2000 .....p66 Below average games like this are unlikely to impress Overlord . p70 your mates or your wallet. Try to avoid if you can. Zeewolf p72 40-49% Fields Of Glory ..p76 Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws Aladdin .p78 and appalling gameplay. They're an
embarrassment. Embryo ..p81 Starlord .p81 Less than 40% Voyages Of Discovery p82 The absolute pits, the lowest of the low. Don't even consider borrowing 'em. GameBusters p85 Every month we scour the world's software houses for Mortal Kombat II p4( the latest and greatest Amiga games. We try to Is it ,he best beat-em-up ever. Is it the best Amiga ensure we keep
you as up-to-date as possible, and game ever? Or is Mortal Kombat II an over-rated and we ll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, ill-conceived gore fest? Turn the page to find out.
No-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN 90*% The creme de la creme of games. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly-prized rating there is.
Steve Bradley and Steve McGill fight to the death in the Games Reviewers' MKII Challenge. Which one will survive to review games in the next issue?
Gruesome. Brutal.
Bloodthirsty. Vicious.
Murderous. Violent.
Maniacal. Ferocious.
Fisty. And FUN. Mortal Kombat II is here and Amiga Format are playing it to death. There are 12 characters, each with different moves and skills.
Spikes, spears, ice, balls of fire Oh doar. I moan, it's all right to km (goodness grac...), energy bolts and poopio, but being hit in the snot. Electrocution, acid spit, flesh- queenaburys is just not cricket. Slicing fans and decapitating hats.
A certain brouhaha surrounds MKII with its gratuitous violence and rivers of blood but really it's more the stuff of Tom And Jerry than Rambo.
Sure, when you impale someone on the ceiling, only to watch him (or her) slowly sludge off the spike and crash to the ground, you might turn your face and shudder but you'll still be grinning like a Cheshire Cat.
Mortal Kombat II recognises both one and two-button joysticks pads have tomato ketchup. Add to this, a do it. I'd really like to do it". So, the and to perform the many complex liberal dose of humour (note the democracy that is AF deems that we and varied moves, the two-button expression on Jax's face when he both get to put our oar in.
Option is most favourable. It's gets caught middle stump) and The Af office is hardly a hotbed certainly playable with a one-button you've got yourself the best Amiga of beat-em-up genre fans, but when contraption, only the moves are more beat-em-up yet. Mortal Kombat arrived a crowd difficult to pick up. Before we first loaded the MKII gathered. Perhaps they wanted to disks, the conversation with AF writer see a funeral; see the mighty Mortal Steeeve Bradley says... Steve McGill went something like Kombat Iidie an Amiga death.
So what makes Mortal Kombat II this. Me - "Do you want to review Instead, they got a wonderfully better than every other Amiga beat- this? I'll review it, I don't mind playable, pugnacious romp, and a em-up? The sprites are huge and reviewing it. But you can, if you significant improvement on the move with incredible fluidity, although want". Him, somewhat sceptical, original Mortal Kombat to boot, the backgrounds could be neater. Though polite - "Erm, I don't really Amazingly, these little piles of And there's a huge number of moves mind reviewing it, but when's Cannon pixels that represent
the characters
- no way can you survive by frantic Fodder 2 coming in?" Twenty
minutes actually begin to resemble real waggling and button
bashing, and as Mortal Kombat time later. Me - people after a
while. And not only you develop skills and learn the "Actually,
I really don't mind that, you start to empathise with moves,
the better the game gets. Reviewing this at all. Yes, I think
I'll do them. The first few games in the AF Blood. You want
blood? MKII has it". Him - "Are you sure you want to office
were good natured affairs - oh more of the red stuff than
Safeways do it. Otherwise, I'll do it. Honestly, I'll Continued
overleaf *
bestial expert blade warrior.
Get too close to his Blade Fury and before you can yell Black & Decker, he’ll cut you to pieces and leavo you looking like the hodgerow clippings from an English country garden.
A mystic Zen master from Tunbridge Wells, Rayden can launch himself fastor than a speeding bullet. Rayden believes in tho Yin Yang harmony of max hurtago whilo keeping a clean sheet.
7 A leftover from the punk era of the late Seventies, Roptile has perfected the disgusting habit of spitting on peoplo. This time, his salivary globules consist of pure acid.
Horrible, but effective. Yeuch!
Rumoured to be the illegitimate child of Mr T from the A Team. Jax is using tho platform of MKII to lobby film stars and the public alike into embarrassing his fathor to admit his parenthood.
Despito tho warnings that it's incredibly sad for adult males to fancy in-game female characters, prepare to fall in love with the swan-like grace of Kitana. Swoon as she kills you with her elegant Fan Toss.
A sinistor dangerous bondage freak.
Beware the Spear; a lightning quick rope which attaches to fighters' necks holds them and renders thorn prono. Aftor that he does what he wants.
A lost ronogado from tho BBC’s top ballroom dancing show, Come Dancing.
Don’t let his coquotry fool you for a minute.
He’s only aftor one thing. To get you into range to kill you with a Hat Toss.
A polymorphous follower of tho mystorious Shanky Armitageo cult.
Shang believes in the law of Shanky. "Peace through death". "Weakness is the cancor of the world" and "Love thy neighbour s wife.** LIU KANG Related to Jackie Chan, Liu figures his appoarance in MKII will give him onough exposure to broak into film.
Meanwhilo, gasp in awe as he dostroys opponents with his devastating Bicyclo Kick.
Cold hands, cold heart, cold life. In fact, everything about Subby is cold. So cold that he can freezo opponents into prone status and then hit them with whatever move ho choosos to execute.
¦ Quite simply the best Amiga beat-em-up to date, not only in looks, but in playability.
)ax settles the argument about who the best actor in the A-Team is. He reckons it’s Mr T. DECEMBER 1 994 WORLD EXCLUSIVE!
01 UINS Close inspection of the characters reveals that several of them are in fact the same person dressed up in different coloured clothing.
Ladies and gentlemen, take your partners for the Mortal Kombat II dance of death.
«¦ how we laughed when we were punched four feet in the air, blood flying everywhere, and then suddenly, once we'd learned a couple of simple moves, losing wasn't so humorous, the language not so polite. Mortal Kombat is a fun game that you cannot help but take seriously.
All the characters have basic moves like punch and kick, but when you get to grips with the special manoeuvres, you can kill off an inexperienced human opponent with relative ease. Initially, the characters with easily accessible special moves are most favourable but with perseverance, most can be learnt in minutes. And forgotten minutes later.
Mortal Kombat is a game with buckets of playability, and a depth of gameplay to match. Tactics play an integral part whether you're morphing into someone else (Shang Tsung) or anticipating a grappling hook on a rope (Scorpion). Canny players (not me, I hasten to add) know when to kick you in the teeth and when to produce a devastating special move.
So what we have is quite simply the best Amiga beat-em-up to date, not only in looks, but in playability terms too. Even if you hate beat-em- ups with a passion, put aside your prejudice and give it a go. You won't be disappointed.
Tall Scotsman speaks It came as no surprise that in Afs last survey, beat-em-ups were the second least popular game type with readers.
Mortal Kombat II could change all that. It's a game that's got balls, guts, gore and violence in-extremis. And that’s just the superficialities.
Hi* ALL Jfc.
* ¦ Surely pulling hair is against the rules? But the girls
never let any opportunity for damage pass them by.
Excluding the first Mortal Kombat, the control system is the best you'll find on any Amiga beat-em-up. With the exception of special moves, the characters' fighting actions are virtually identical to each other with similar ranges and damage.
This means that rather than form a special relationship with any particular character, you're more likely to use the one whose special moves you find easiest to perform.
The special moves aren't so easy that they can be accessed every single time, but unlike Street Fighter II, it's not just a matter of wiggling the stick and praying that a move is executed.
To complement the control system, the graphics are even better than the original Mortal Kombat. The digitised frames that make up the fighters are so well animated and put together that the motion almost convinces you that the little people inside the computer are real.
The mass, inertia, momentum and reaction to the blows all add to the atmosphere. And if you want depth, consider the fact that each character, beside having their own unique special moves, can defend themselves against their adversaries' special moves. So that each bout against a different opponent requires a different style of fighting.
Earlier, the digitised animation adds incalculable believability to the whole spectacle.
When punches connect, heads are thrown back in a whiplash snap.
When a character is beaten senseless, but still on their leet, and the message flashes up. Finish Him, the senseless character looks completely punch-drunk. Basically, because they are.
Due to the way that we've written the review (there was almost a fight in the office over who was going to write it) I may have repeated some of what Steve has already said. But I have got to conclude that this is one of the most entertaining games I've played all year.
Every person you play against develops their own style. So, even if you're having a bout with the same two characters all of the time, it's never going to get boring.
Forget all the crap about violence and dissolution of society and morals and all the other nonsense that gets bandied about by the autocratic bureaucrats who want to control people's entertainment. Mortal Kombat is the computer equivalent of a Quentin Tarantino film - so violent in the extreme that it couldn't be anything other than funny.
Buy it tomorrow. S THE OFFICIAL AMIGA FORMAT MORTAL KOMBAT II COIN-OP ENTRY FORM Acclaim, Amiga Format and Amiga Power have banded together to bring you the ultimate competition! We have a whole, working Mortal Kombat II coin-op to give away to one of our lucky readers. FOR FREE.
To enter, all you have to do is fill in the form below, answer the questions (correctly if at all possible), pop it in an envelope and send it to: Mortal Kombat II Compo, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
It's as simple as that. Sorry, but we can't accept photocopies or written entries - it's this form or nowt.
But! If you want to double your chances of winning, why not pick up a copy of Amiga Power and fill in the compo entry form in there as well? Dust an idea, of course.
Q1 Q2 Which Mortal Kombat II character uses a rope and spear to harpoon his opponents?
If you have just been hit by a flying fan in the mush, who would you be fighting?
Which company is responsible for making the legendary coin-op?
Simultaneous death by flying hat and freezing: which two characters were having it out?
Why the hell should we hand over £2,400 worth of MKII coin-op to you?
And keep it short - 30 words or less.
Back to school MORTAL KOMBAT II Publisher Acclaim Entertainment 0171 344 5000 So, after the initial, laughing-so-hard- your-sides-split learning curve is climbed, the serious business of learning the offensive, defensive and counter offensive strategies of your opponent and your player begins.
Pnce ETBA Versions A500 A600 A1200 System requirements 1Mb If that sounds like there's a lot of depth to the game, then you'd be right. If you were to play the game in one-player mode and choose one single character and have that character play against all the other characters plus themselves, you're talking about 144 different bouts.
Now, when you consider that it’s going to take all sorts of different strategies, styles and special moves to win these bouts, the diversity of the gameplay is staggering.
And, although I am on the verge of repeating what's been said Release date DEATHLY: The fluidity of the J animation. The ease of pulling off the special moves. And the max hurtage.
Overall rating | DEATHLY A- DULL: The amount of disk swapping that's required when new characters are selected.
You're probably wondering where the review of is, aren't you?
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Ihe Ministry ol Delence posilirely supports Ipul Opportunity policies DECEMBER 1 994 GAME REVIEW &uLd Wi;v*.A.v. Tt r+rtrrm When you're completely surrounded by aliens, click on the Earth symbol to bring up the map screen. And indeed, here is one.
And indeed, still is, absorbing fare and you can lose days, enslaved by the beast.
What makes the concept so addictive? Well firstly, in the glorious history that is mankind, never have so many folk been killed by mice. And no-one had yet considered how much fun it would be to sneak up a cliff face and unleash a rocket into a hut packed with enemy soldiers. War, truly, had never been so much fun.
Cosmic commandos Cannon Fodder 2 then. This time.
Sensible Software have gone all funny on concepts. You control universal soldiers who start off in the Middle East when, in the winking of an eye, you're kidnapped by aliens who want you to help them out in Possibly tho finest name lor a mission phase in any game ever. Freak You Melon Farmer Involves, nol Ireaking a melon farmer, rather skulking around Chicago streets.
Caused a bit of a stink first time round this. 'War has never been so much fun', went the tune, and the Daily Star didn't like the poppies. But once the hoo-ha was dispensed with, we were left with one of the most addictive Amiga games ever. You took control of four little fellers, and drove them across missions galore, shooting everything in sight, collecting extra weapons, flying helicopters and generally putting the world to rights. And the startling news is, Cannon Fodder 2 is more of the same, only a little bit different.
The original Cannon Fodder arrived a year ago and, because of the pressure of deadlines, the review was freelanced to an outsider and consequently ignored by your correspondent. Not for long, for the poor soul missed the Christmas Day Bond extravaganza playing the darned game Cannon Fodder was veritY',he universal soldier did havoc cause in meme olde England. It's a shame to bomb such a fine old castle but to prove you are worthy of fighting in the alien war. You must do the lot.
Cannon Surrounded by blood and bodies, shot at and shellshocked, Steve Bradley is convinced that war is hell. However, he reckons Cannon Fodder 2 is really rather good... Fodder their own scuffle. But first, they want to know if you're up to the job and despatch you on various tasks in different time zones, so one minute you're blasting through Beirut, next you're breaking and entering a medieval castle, before attempting to avoid a drive-by shooting in Chicago at the height of gangster warfare in the 1930s. Or you might find yourself on an alien planet or a spaceship.
Sounds wacky? It is. After you’ve completed a few missions, you jump on a pressure pad and get whisked off into another timezone. Cannon Fodder 2 differs slightly from its predecessor in that Sensible have kindly dropped in the odd easy phase, even in the later missions, just to give you a pleasant breather - phases where you can just blast away MISSION 14 The alien and spaceship levels take some getting used to and to be candid, I can't say I'm too keen on them. But that's just me, I guess.
¦ Sensible have dropped in the odd easy phase, just to give you a pleasant breather.
Of course, over 100,000 of you have already bought the original Cannon Fodder and fully intend to purchase its successor no matter what. And, chances are, you won't be disappointed.
Even if you consider the universal soldier idea a tad gimmicky, there is still a pile of missions to tackle and the good bad news is that the sequel is more difficult than the bloody- tough original.
The expected Sensible Software attention to detail is apparent, as are the neat touches which separate them from the majority of other games writers. Once again, war has never been so much fun. O to your heart's content. And some of the phases have great names, too.
Check out Franz Klammer Strikes Again and Ooh, Faye Dunaway. Or what about Erutuf Eht Ot Kcab. Tuo Eno Taht Krow.
Cannon Fodder 2 Publisher: Virgin 0181-960 2255 Price: £29.99 Versions: ECS System requirements: 1Mb The gameplay remains the same, as do the weapons and, sure, there was nothing wrong with them first time, but it would have been nice to have a more comprehensive arsenal.
In the main, the changes are in level design and concept. Speedway Star in one of the medieval phases sees you hurtling around a track in a cart, barging folk while trying to avoid the attentions of enemy carts. Faraway, But Too Close lands you on a tiny island, surrounded by aliens and you literally have seconds to blow them away before you're engulfed.
Release date: GEORGE CROSS: Plenty of neat J touches, and some great new levels. It's still as wonderfully playable as it ever was.
Overall rating Late November
- 1 VERY CROSS: Still more of the same though.
Some of the levels are a bit of a drag. And it's darned tough, too.
90% Battle your way through 23 issive, magical levels, fighting (different, intelligent) creature es and solving mind boggling tzles in search of the legendary VffVAL DRAGON.
"you won't be disappointed' "very commendable, enjoyable and accessable "...a damn fine challenee-especially forthose disappointeaby the lack of "...this could set a precedent for all future Amiga RPGs" CU Amiga Screens tar "...Tricky but fun RPG when you get the hang off Itl" "...puzzle intensive" "...enormous game .
"...you'll love Crystal Dragon" tBSIBf lESBB' than A very involving RPG, Fans of RPG's should'] ragon to their coilectia © Black Legend Software Lulling Mill Bam, Fulling Mill Lane, Welwyn, Herts AL6 9NP Tel: 0438 840003 THEY THINK ITS ALL OVER. IT IS NOW.
If you have any difficulty in finding a stockist please call our office immediately.
ESP Software. PO Box 557, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SSI 2NB. England.
TELEPHONE (01702) 600557 FACSIMILE (01702)613747 AF Steve Bradley comes off the pitch and into the manager's box. But is it really more challenging than handing out the oranges at half-time?
Premier Manager 3 The matchplay interlace feature enables you eee the game from way up in the stand.
You also hear a Motson-esque character spouting comments such as. ‘what a goal!'.
He popularity of the football management genre shows no sign of waning. A glance at the charts of any given month reveals their selling power - tra-s ."**¦ - W«! There always seems to be at least one Income from advertising is essential to keep the clubs finances ticking over.
PREMIER MANAGER 3 Publisher: Gremlin Interactive 0114 2753423 | Price: £25.99 Versions: All Amigas System requirements: 1Mb Release date: Out now PROMOTED: Excellent J matchplay interface and a mind- numbing amount of detail packed in.
Overall rating in the top 10. Premier Manager 2 has hung around the upper echelons for months and no matter what the marketing deals which enable its lofty placing, people still buy it.
After the glorious soap opera that was On The Ball (World Cup Edition), Premier Manager 3 marks a return to the more sober aspects of football management, where the gaffer has 101 things to worry about during his working day. This time, however, Gremlin have kindly provided you with an assistant manager to help out, though you may find him as much a hindrance as a help unless you carefully monitor his activities.
The major advance in Premier Manager 3 is the matchplay interface where you can watch a representation of your games, giving you an overview of how your team are performing and what their strengths and weaknesses are. And with the option to set the match speed, you can follow play as closely as you wish. This new addition works surprisingly well.
“T RELEGATED: Incredibly y difficult - you may decide to give up altogether and head for the pub cliff face.
85% Another welcome addition is the European transfer market - not that you have a hope in hell of signing an overseas player as manager of a Conference team, but you can trawl the lower leagues for bargains. Buying is based on a bidding system and you come up against stiff opposition from other clubs. Loaning players from other teams is often the best way around this as you attempt to paper the cracks in your early seasons.
Tough at the top As with the earlier Premier Manager games, the user interface is clearly laid out and easily accessible, but you don't need to know this. What you do need to know is that Premier Manager 3 is extremely tough and even hardened players will find the going difficult. Occasionally, some of the player stats seem rather harsh - if a player misses a tackle during the first half, he can get a ridiculously low rating, and you don't get any great detail about the opposition either.
Devotees of management sims will, no doubt, find Premier Manager 3 a challenge while less experienced players will discover that managing a football club is no picnic. But Premier Manager 3 is an excellent example of the genre and the significant advances in the gameplay ensure that it's worth buying. Novices, though, may want to look elsewhere. O X DECEMBER 1 994 GAME REVIEW feature more than welcome to those who found the linearity of the originals more than exasperating.
Alien Breed fans will appreciate the gesture and find that there's a lot of meat in here both in terms of difficulty rating and plot. They're going to be able to indulge in a gore fest while at the same time test their mental faculties like never before.
Run to the hills There's also some new mechanics and ideas thrown in to add more variety, such as the use of a two- button joypad to activate a retreat mode which automatically faces your man backward so that he can shoot as he runs away This opens up the possibility of having two players venture through the corridors back to back, guns blazing as they go.
¦ The game has extra gory parts which have earned it a 15 rating from ELSPA.
Tall Scots bloke Steve McGill bloodthirstilly guns down aliens in Team 17's latest in the Alien Breed series of games. And he discovers that it's not one for the squeamish.
Allen Brsed 2: Bower Assault Everyone in the world of Amiga games knows about Alien Breed The Gauntlet clone that managed to better the original in terms of plot, playability, and good fun.
The first version of this Amiga institution first appeared way back around Christmas time of 1991. Since then, it's seen many incarnations, notably Alien Breed Special Edition and Alien Breed 2.
There wasn't a great difference between one version and another, although Alien Breed 2 boasted a hardness that saw the average gamer throwing their arms up in surrender at the 90 degree difficulty curve.
Alan Bunker assured AF that Tower Assault was the last venture into Alien Breed land that Team 17 would ever produce. Which, while assuming the mantle of retrogressively "no, don't go, don't go" weaned sentimentality, seems like a good thing.
As a glorious tribute and an excellent send off, Tower Assault boasts 55 levels and 275 different methods of completing the game; a ¦m "TUMttt Mkm pswmm nan Th* klaxon screams Hs relentless alarm adding drama to a Ihe or death crisis.
And speaking of two players, a toggle's been put in so that player's shots can hurt each other. Quite why they would want to is another matter.
The game's difficult enough as it is and peace through superior firepower is a maxim that can almost be reached with a duo of players.
Every level has its own separate mission to be fulfilled before it can be considered completed To find out what it is, the player first has to jack in to one of the computer terminals dotted around the various complexes.
]ust like the original, weapons, ammo and other info are accessed from these handy devices.
The game has extra gory parts which have earned it a 15 rating from ELSPA; mostly for mutilated corpses with loads of blood. An alien feeding from the body of a dead human is shocking. But in a good way - it adds extra impetus to wiping them out.
Tower Assault rates as the best Alien Breed yet. I didn't like it much as a one-player game - it was too hard.
But as a two-player game, it's compulsive, fantastic to play and one of the best blasts seen this year. O To help navigate, a limited map can be accessed. Full maps of each level are stumbled upon from time to time, and these can prove invaluable.
They help the player calculate which doors need to be opened and which don't. So, over-reliance on the map never happens. Use of memory is necessary in order to make efficient use of door and colour-coded key passes. Multiple exits from each level also add to the variety.
Tower Assault Publisher Team 17 0181 960 2255 Price £19.99 Versions: A500? A600 A1200 System requirements 1Mb Release date.
Out now HUMAN: Lots of m ALIEN: The new ideas and difficulty curve in are packed into a tried is incredibly hard. It’s and tested formula.
Much better as a two- Recommended.
Player game.
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Mastering AmigaD0S3 Vol. 10 £21.95... J Mastering Amiga00S3 Vol. 2 0 £2195....J Mastering Amiga AMOS 0 £19.95______?
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Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd ANALOG ANALOGIC LOGIC Unit ft, Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent Kingston-upon-Thamcs Surrey KT2 6HH Open Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm Sat 9am-5pm Tel: 0181-546 9575 Fax* 0181-541 4471 COMPUTERS AND MONITORS
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Upgrade to 2 Meg with Clock £22-95 £27-95 All A1800 Memory
upgrade prices IDE HARD DRIVES 2-5" FOR A600, A1200 Ring for
Best Prices A500 A500+ A600 A1900 CHIPS, SPARES, ACCESSORIES
V2-04 29 95 68000 1495 KICKSTART ROM V905 .... 34 95 6570
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£1495 A500 A600 A1200 PSU £44 95 Mouse Mat £3 95 1 MEG FATTER
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Commodore 1084S ...£194.99 ALL
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Please dla* 6 woHitng days for cheques to clew
• i-f ~ ELECTRIC EDGE „-cf' f £ jsP°l QREYTRONICS ii, i i 11 nr
v Flippin' heck! It's the fantastic new pinball spectacular
from 21st Century.
Steve Bradley is our man with the silver multiballs... PinbsjJJ Round up prisoners, catch Johnny Crack and his accomplice Max Speed, and shoot shady characters in the video mode on the Law 'n' Justice table.
First things first. If you enjoyed 21st Century's previous two pinball games, Dreams and Fantasies, you will rejoice in the latest incarnation, Illusions. And if you were one of the pub-playing pinball machine doubters who felt that the first two simply couldn't cut it when compared to the real thing, chances are, Illusions will find you a tad more responsive toward its FLIPPERS: The multiball feature J works superbly.
And the sub-games add to the fun of twanging a ball around the table.
Pinball Illusions Publisher Overall rating System requirements: Release date: computerised compadre. Simulated pinball though, will never beat the real thing, simply because of the sheer physical nature of the machine game, where you can slide and bash it to shift the balls around. And as yet, no computer game has really captured the feel of metallic ball movement.
But this, of course, is not the issue. We are here to assess a computer pinball game; a game that expands on its predecessors by some significant margin, mainly through the introduction of multiball, a feature whereby up to three balls rattle across the screen if you can display | ~1 DEAD FISH: It's still more of the same stuff as Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies, only this time with one less table.
21st Century 01235 851852 AGA machine A1200 A4000 88° c the necessary flipper dexterity to release them. A hi-res full screen mode automatically comes on when the multiball is accessed so you can see all three balls. Clever eh?
There are three tables this time instead of Dreams' and Fantasies' four, the excuse being that the fourth table didn't come up to scratch so was scrapped. Not a very good excuse really, and the one major downside to the exercise.
It's a bagatelle Law 'n' Justice is a sophisticated, futuristic cops 'n' robbers affair - one instance involves you attempting to apprehend the charmingly-monikered Johnny Crack, while others see you rounding up escaped felons, crushing riots, de-activating bombs and, more obviously, ensnaring Max Speed and his fabulous hovercraft.
Of course, this is all brought about in a pinball context, namely riding ramps and hitting various flashing lights. Law 'n' Justice also has a video mode where, using the flippers, you shoot shady figures dashing across the score panel. And it makes for a cracking table Babewatch is not perhaps the most ideologically sound name for a table but it's backed by a Beach Boys-esque track (which you are at liberty to extinguish) and features include a casino, a muscle-pumping gym and Babehunt, where you attempt to chat up women by hitting keys on the Amiga in your bedroom.
Extreme Sports involves sky and cliff diving, bungee jumping and a bit of off-piste together with top-screen animations which reflect the activities.
Pinball Illusions is the best Amiga pinball game to date, but don't expect a radical departure from Dreams or Fantasies; just a couple more balls and one less table. O non CANNON FODDER 2 • ONCE MORE UNTO THE IS REACH Your battalion's on the march, there are snipers around every corner and you've forgotten to pack your sandwiches.
This is the qrim reality of modern warfare. Now you can experience it for yourself, as the battle-nardened troopers we lovingly call Cannon Fodder, cock their rifles, prime their grenades and march off into battle once more. They won't all come back, but j that means more sarnies for the rest of us, so chin-up. F * TjSibils © 1994 sensible SOFTWARE. J] Zr .. . ® 1994 VIRGIN INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT (EUROPE) LTD. 'r r © 1994 SENSIBLE SOFTWARE.
There are kings to defeat, lands to conquer and crops to be harvested. And the peasants are revolting - but not half as revolting as Steve McGill.
Lords Of The Realm SO +40 o 0 o o The treasury from AD 1267 AD 1326 In order to build castles and armies that produce results, finances have to kept under a tight rein.
Lords Of The Realm Publisher: Daze Marketing 0171 372 7435 I Price: £34.99 (£29.99 A500) Versions: A1200 AGA, A600 A500 System requirements; Hard drive installable m It may seem like a politically correct comment, but in the 13th century not many people were unemployed.
Starving peasants are never happy. So ends the section on food in the Lords Of The Realm manual. In that pearl of wisdom lies the driving force behind this compellingly engaging medieval war game.
Cosmetically and strategically, it bears a passing resemblance to the ancient Amiga classic, Defender Of The Crown, your aim being to FERTILE: The involving tactics J and strategies and a sense of reward when you achieve positive results.
Release date: become ruler of England and Wales.
To do so you have to conquer 32 separate counties. And just to add some spice, five other opponents, either human or computer-controlled, are out to do the same.
The means to achieve victory are similar to Defender, but the mechanics and preparation behind building armies and castles are much more involved. They call upon the Out now “| BARREN: There is very little feedback for the amount of time you spend figure and resource juggling.
Seasonal Tithe 20 00 Gold, crown per 100 tuauL.
Dtspatch- message 0 Cruu»ru» iron Stone Wood Arms player's management abilities, both with resources and people.
Happy, well-fed peasants are more productive at tending grain, breeding livestock and paying taxes.
When self sufficiency in food production is achieved, excess monies can be channelled into profit which pays for miners, armourers, quarryers, foresters and builders. All of whom contribute towards your defence and attack capabilities.
It's a slow process. With ambitions such as keeping the peasants happy and the fields fertile being modest at first. But these goals grow with the success of the player at controlling and manipulating the productivity of the populace. Each season requires new tasks to be entered into.
Cabbages and kings Combat has a manual all to itself and it's worth studying closely. Defeat of a county is a matter of marching to that county's town cross and fighting the opposition. The situation is more complicated if they have a castle, for that has to be dealt with as well before the county becomes yours.
With all of this conquering going on, it's wise to be diplomatic and make temporary alliances with other opponents. In this sense, the game plays like the boardgame Diplomacy.
Only instead of passing hastily scribbled notes to each other, messages are sent by telegraph.
Lords Of The Realm has loads of potential for a play-by-mail system. It would also lend itself well to having a serial link option installed. The PC version has this latter mechanism, yet the option has been omitted from the Amiga version, which is a shame.
Lords won't set the world on fire, but it will grip many people and not let go until they've united the Kingdom under their beneficent rule.
Premier Manager 3 is the definitive football management game, and the climax to the most successful management simulation series in football history.
A whole range of exciting new features have been added to the immensely popular Premier Manager interface, which now includes: .
• The European transfer market. • New match display feature and
user definable tactics.
• All the latest up-to-date squad listings. • All the key
European and English competitions.
• Three modes of in-match animation to help in game decision
making. • New ‘Player Loan’ facility. • Assistant manager
appointment. • Direct instructions to squad members.
• Up to four independent scouts. • Squad strengthening loans. •
Full graphic ground improvements. • Comprehensive match
reports. • Detailed results and player manager information
service. • Manager of the month award. • Mid-season dismissal.
Premier Manager 3 is the only game exclusively compatible with the new Premier Multi-Edit System'” the complete information editor AVAILABLE SOON “You’ll never need another management game...ever!” Please send me my FREE Premier Multi-Edit System™ information pack.
Name: Address: Postcode: Available on: • Amiga 1?00. 500 600
• PC 3.5" disk • PC CD-ROM Pre»n«f Manager 3 01994 Ownlm
Interactive Ltd.
All nghts reserved. Gremhn Interactive Limited.
Carver House. 2-4 Carver Street. SnefTiekJ SI 4FS. England.
T i 0114)275 3423.
Gremlin Send this coupon to:- Premier Multi-Edit System'" Gremlin Interactive Limited, Carver House, 2-4 Carver Street, Sheffield S1 4FS, England.
A city is more than a collection of buildings and people, it's a living, breathing animal.
Nick Veitch prowls the streets and tames the beast that is Sim City 2000.
Sim City 2 Life can be pretty cruol in a sprawling metropolis but you can mako it nice and really quite lovely with Sim City 2000.
Don't know about you but I'm thinking about moving. I mean, Bath is a great place, but there are quite a lew things missing.
There aren't any luxury office blocks with air-conditioning and helipads on the roof. There isn't a convenient airport, and not a shipyard to be found. The water system could be a lot better, and quite frankly. I'm worried about the crime rate.
I Where am I moving? A great new place called Sim City 2000. They've got everything you could possibly want there. Plenty of houses, either in high rise apartment blocks or detached homes, acres of office space and just about every conceivable industry, from auto companies and petrochemicals to tourism and media There are some great facilities as well. Of a morning I could quite easily take the subway downtown and visit Alter a while, the people ol your city start to drop subtle hints about amenities that they'd like. Give 'em what they want or you'll be out ol oltice in no time.
The library, go for a relaxing walk through the zoo and then catch the bus to the ball game.
Of course, the air is pure too.
That's because the mayor passed an ordinance requiring that industries comply with strict pollution controls.
He raised the finances by legalising gambling which is fine by me. The new super-efficient traffic warden service can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but since the introduction of the excellent train, subway and bus system, I never really need to take the car into town anyway.
The best thing about this city though is that if I don't like anything, I can simply change it. Does that building look a little ugly? Wouldn't you rather have a nice big park there instead of that gas works? OK, send in the bulldozers and down it comes.
How come I have the voice that destroys and commands? Er, well I'm the mayor since last week.
That's another great thing.
Yesterday the townspeople all gathered together and presented me with a statue, right in the centre of town. I was so pleased that I immediately allocated funds in next year's budget to provide a free clinic and I knocked off the one per cent sales tax that everyone had been griping about. So what are you hanging around for? Move in today... and fluffy Power mad The above was a letter I received a few days ago from the bloke who used to live next door. Being a former resident of Sim City, I thought I’d check it out (Sim City 2000 has been built on the ruins of Sim City, which was tragically
destroyed by a joint flood, tornado, and firestorm and a Godzilla attack some years ago).
It was just as I feared. As a resident of this poor place you are subject to every whim of the sometimes quite power-mad mayor.
And the mayor of Sim City 2000 has more power than the old mayor ever had. Now he can level taxes on individual industries when he feels like it, mess around with the education system at the drop of a hat and even terraform the landscape.
1. The waterworks are your responsibility - water should be
clean, plentiful and reach everywhere in the city.
2. In an emergency, you can direct your fire crews and police.
3. The query tool can tell you the exact state of what you click
on, including the land value and the power and water
¦ A classic that has endured years in the charts.
Now it's back, and it's better than ever.
4. The viewing perspective can be rotated at any time.
5 Three levels of magnification give you a much better view.
6 The demand bars tell you whether you need industry, commerce or more residential areas.
7. The display options can turn off zones, roads, official
buildings - everything basically, to give you a better picture
of your city.
8. Going underground. The underside of the city becomes important
when dealing with subway trains and drains.
9. If your city is crap, the residents might defect to the
neighbouring town. Check the competition here.
10 You can erect signs anywhere to pick out places of interest, such as a particularly nice statue.
11 The education system is in your capable hands.
12 You can now choose between dense or light zones for commerce, industry and residents.
13 New power plants become available as the new technology is developed. Also, older stations can wear out.
14 The bulldozer is useful for rectifying your mistakes as well as terraforming the landscape.
Suspicious circumstances. He will be sorely missed. And, on the lighter side, you will now be able to experience the power of running your own 20th century city thanks to a powerful new piece of software from Maxis. The makers claim that you can control virtually everything that a real mayor would And now the weather... 'It I mean, this potentially barking mad despot even decides where the sewer system goes, and if he can raise the necessary cash, he could put you on the front line of fusion energy research...
• That report was a tribute to our special Sim City 2000
corruption correspondent who died tragically in Sim City 2000
Publisher; Maxis 0171 490 2333 Price: £34.99 Versions: AGA only
System requirements: 3Mb RAM, hard disk Release date; HAVES:
The ability to control J the destiny of an entire city is
better than having to live in one controlled by madmen.
| HAVE NOTS: This has all the features and all the excitement of the Mac and PC versions. Sadly it's a lot slower.
Overall rating 90% A * vv A V EUERVTHIFIG VOU’D EKPECT inn REAL LIFE CITY... ?
SimCity 2000 is about to hit the streets. And if you thought the original version wos addictive, prepare for o 3D metropolis thot even Aliens find out of this world. After terraining your own landscape, you'll discover new features like subways, schools, marinas ond porks.
CITY im Meanwhile, beneoth the city's teeminq surface, a complete
* A1200, A4000 with HD & 4mb RAM underground network awaits
connection. Whilst you view your brainchild from multiple
angles in stunning 3D, the local newspaper will be viewing your
actions with a decidedly cynical eye, reporting your every move
back to the Sims.
18 20 St John Street, london tCIM 4AY.
Will you prove a wise leader or will absolute power corrupt you? With SimCity 2000, the excitement never stops building. Telephone: 071-490 2333.
© 1993 Sim Business All rights reserved SimCity 2000 is o trodemark ond Maxis is a registered Irodemork ol Sim Business. All other trademarks or registered trodemorks ore the properties ol their respective ownets T'he top 24 International Teams and the best 96 Euro Club sides battle It out in Kick Off 3 European Challenge. Build your side around the star men. It Is these key players who provide the skill and the style needed to win one of the 12 League and cup trophies, and maybe even the World Cup Itself!
Superb animation giving fast flowing soccer action. Bit-mapped International class pitches. 1500 detailed sprites bring the game to life with referees, linesmen, trainers and much more ¦pearly 1 MB of sound. Digitised crowd l noise samples and chants lets you soak up the big match atmosphere.
.aster the moves and you'll master the nNgame. 16 individual player actions at your fingertips. With powerful runs by the full backs, penetrating passes from the playmak- ers and devastating wing play... this is a game with blistering pace and instinctive appeal.
F&sfl e 40 Set plays for dead ball situations, e Practice mode, team talk and match facts, e Edit player names. Play alongside the top International stars, e Save your best strikes and get ready for the Golden Goals competitions, e Skill Speed and ball control options help you progress to the very top.
E Ease of control with 4 button joypad (optional).
The first 10,000 Amiga copies and the first 10,000 PC copies of Kick Off 3 European Challenge come with a FREE FA Carling Premiership Pocket Annual 1994-95. Worth £3.99 with a complete Premiership club directory, season reviews, player records - this is a guide that no soccer fan should be without!
© 1994 Anco Games Anco Software Ltd, 7 Millside Industrial Estate, Lawson Road, Dartford, Kent DAI 5BH Tel: 0322 292513 Fax: 0322 293422 Amiga: Mm 1 Mb, 1 button, 2 button and CD32 joypad compatible IBM PC: Min 386733 MHZ VGA 2 button or Gravis joypad compatible. Soundblaster compatible.
• Screen shots displayed are representative of IBM PC and Amiga
1200 versions only.
Steve Bradley donned his flying jacket, white silk scarf and goggles to review Virgin's flight sim. But we gave the game to Steve McGill instead. Ack! Ack!
If you decide to sneak out on a lone woH-style of mission, you can choose the type of plane you want to fly from here.
Modern jet planes and flight sims aren't much cop. They're too sterile, shiny, and impersonal.
Oh for the days when you could get so close to your enemy that you could see what he was thinking, the days when you had to aim and keep your plane in a steady line to hit targets rather than read a Head Up Display and press a button Overlord - the codename for the D-Day landings in 1944 - is just about the perfect scenario on which to base a good old-fashioned flight sim. Air Overlord Price: E SOARING: An immaculately aggressive experience. Strong on atmosphere, realism and SC Ml tt t Ml U Ml 0 support is needed before, during and after the main assault on the beaches. Ground targets have to
be bombed, rocketed and destroyed.
Enemy air units have to be tackled, intercepted and neutralised.
The secret lies in tactics, approach and pilot orientation. And that's where Overlord scores big points. Traditionally, standard views aren't up to the pace of the fight - no sooner have you lined an enemy in your sights and let loose a couple of bursts of cannon fire, than he jinks out of view and tries to manoeuvre 1Mb, hard drive installable Out now I jr“| BORING: You can A take off straight I I away, but to get the best out of the views and options takes longer than a long time.
Into a better position. To follow him, you either have to guess his flight path or follow his progress by flicking between left, right and behind views.
Anyone who's tried to do this knows the problem. Disorientation rules. The heat of the battle shouldn't be about hitting keys, but outflying and outshooting your enemy.
That’s where the Overlord combat lock views come into play.
The two most important are the inside and outside locks. The inside one centres on and follows the enemy planes and the outside lock offers an exterior view of your plane with the enemy in the middle of the screen.
Using this view lets you point your plane in the right direction and then switch back to the inside lock.
High times There are also several tracking options which give you all sorts of views of impending targets. You have a choice of three planes suitable for the different types of mission. There’s the Typhoon, famous for its low-level ground attacks, the Spitfire and the Mustang, the US version of the Spitfire which had a longer range and a more powerful engine.
All of the planes’ nuances are explored in the manual, as is the background and philosophy of aerial combat which increases atmosphere and realism. The coastline of France 1944 is historically accurate - the archive of reconnaissance photographs at Keele University was trawled for the game - and the targets are in the original positions.
If you want a flight sim that offers more than most in game mechanics and atmosphere, look no further than Overlord. It lets you engage your imagination, intelligence and ability in a way that's utterly absorbing. O TO It's one of the most eagerly-awaited games of the year, and now Binary Asylum's Zeewolf is here. Steve McGill plugs in his mouse, bids his loved ones farewell and takes to the skies.
The intelligent man's Desert Strike: the fighting man’s Gunship 2000, the sentimental man's Virus; the intuitive man’s Conqueror.
The list goes on. Zeewolf is the most talked about and most played 'VST] 47 . 750 I m 1 ' ' H I - - II Cue the routing tlraint of Wagner's Ride Ot The Valkyrie and then ride baby ride, 'cos you're going on one big-time turkey shoot.
Game we've ever seen in the Amiga division of Future Publishing.
To help understand the impact, excitement and buzz surrounding the game, you've first got to look at its history and the philosophy behind it.
Wheat and turnips The game plays on an undulating patchwork terrain which enhances the feeling that you're flying over a theatre of war taking place among wheat, turnip and corn fields. This patchwork quilt effect was first revealed to the fledgling 16-bit market with a game called Virus.
Virus put you in control of a spaceship which could hover, flip and turn in 360 degrees of longitude and latitude - probably the ultimate controllable combat craft. In order to harness this incredible flexibility, the control system relied on the mouse - no joystick. The main drawback was the precision required of the gamer.
Unless you practised for hours on end, it was no use. Inevitably, you ended up flipping on to your back and crashing into the ground - dead.
Those who did spend hours practising, of course, will point out that it was one of the most intuitive control systems around. And for them, it was.
That's why top marks go to Binary Asylum for Zeewolf. The chopper can't be flipped on its back and crashing into the ground doesn't waste a life. This lets you concentrate on actually playing the game rather than struggling with the controls.
Which is a good thing, because it's one almighty hovering, rotational collective of an experience.
FUEL PROOF At some stage during a mission, you're going to have to refuel and rearm. You do this by finding a Camel resupply vehicle - mostly found on Frigates. Land next to it on the flight deck and you're treated to a rearming screen where you can replenish yourself from a finite stock.
GAME REVIEW DECEMBER 1 994 RESCUE MISSION T To rescue hostages, shoot the building they're being held in. You then land and the little blokes come scuttling towards you.
Make sure there are no enemy vehicles near or you may have to take off again to deal X _ with them. This endangers the hostages.
Zeewolf Publisher: Binary Asylum 01225 428494 Price: £25.99 Versions: All Amigas System requirements: 1Mb Bangs and crashes To give you an edge in these missions there are three types of weapon - cannons, rockets and air-to-air missiles. Intelligent use of these arms pays dividends but a mindless spree of blasting brings no reward other than the limited satisfaction of unloading large amounts of firepower and enjoying the accompanying bangs and crashes.
For example, if you line up the chopper properly, you can take out tricky targets before they manage to shoot back. But this requires practice, skill and a cool head. Something you're not always likely to keep when under fire with extreme prejudice.
In play, the Zeewolf handles faultlessly. Although it's an over-used platitude these days, the control system is intuitive. You can opt to use a joystick, but then you're limited to a turning circle sliced into the eight directions that a 'stick can handle.
With the mouse, you can learn to turn Zeewolf s theatre of war takes place over 32 missions, each progressively more difficult than the last. The first four sorties help train potential pilots in the control system as well as familiarise them with some of the forthcoming missions such as escort duty, hostage rescue, seek and destroy and airlifts (taking various ground assault vehicles to heavily-defended areas to help even the odds for the Zeewolf).
In small increments at a time, which is incredibly handy when manouevring around the gun turrets of the enemy while spitting out death in the shape of high velocity cannon or rocket fire.
There's nothing more satisfying than taking out a battery of surface- to-air missile sites without taking a hit yourself. In fact, this is the first game I've played since joining Amiga Format that had me shouting for joy and cursing with rage oblivious to the tut tuts of the technical people and the derisive laughter of everyone else.
You see, Zeewolf draws you in to its hypnotically spooky, violently surreal world. You get emotionally 1 HITS: The I scenario, the J gameplay, the believability and the increasing difficulty levels are just about perfect.
Overall rating Release date: No sleep till bedtime Zeewolf s graphics are not going to make you sit back and gawp in wonder, but in terms of gameplay it's excellent. Zeewolf is a return to the old days where gameplay counted most and sleep didn't count at all.
Don't miss out on Zeewolf, it’s the natural successor to Virus and Conqueror and that's not only a good thing, it's a great thing.
" | MISSES: You only regain armour by y freeing hostages.
If there aren't any - tough.
Enemy units appear as red dots even when destroyed.
Involved and that brings things down to a personal level - compelling, obsessive, all-consuming and dream- invading. Oh, and just in case you missed it, it's addictive as well.
Out now 90% ¦ Zeewolf is a compelling, obsessive, all-consuming and dream- invading experience.
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IMAGINE 3 , X-CAD 2000 [X-CAD 3000 'ART EXPRESSION GB ROUTE + DISK EXPANDER PC TASK BLITZ BASIC 2 DIRECTORY OPUS 4 GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED (Department Flilll »J) NEW STREET ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE DE55 7BP Telephone 01-773-836781 Facsimile: 01-773-831040 Steve McGill positions his artillery, orders his troops, inspects his cavalry, retires to a safe distance on a nearby hilltop and yells Chaaarge!
Fields of Glory By God sir, I've lost my leg! - By God sir, so you have! So ran the conversation between The Marquess of Anglesey and Wellington at Waterloo after the Marquess lost the aforementioned appendage And, amazingly enough, after having discovered some bugs which made the game unplayable that's how the conversation between Steve Bradley and myself ran: By God sir, I've lost my sense of humour By God sir, so you have!
Hopefully, Microprose can fix the bugs before too many people buy Fields Ol Glory because it's got a lot of potential and a great programming pedigree backing it.
It's set in the Napoleonic Wars and covers the major battles, including Waterloo. There are also a couple of fictional battles to help initiate beginners in game mechanics and tactics. You play either side in the conflicts but your opponent is always the Amiga due to the real-time aspect of play. The artificial intelligence routines are set for five difficulty levels - Conscript being the easiest and Guard the most fiendish.
Dim Bambra wrote the original game on the PC and helped convert the Amiga version with WDS Design in Fields of Glory Publisher: Microprose 01454-326532 Price: A600 £29.99, A1200 £34.99 Versions: A600, A1200 AGA Needs 1Mb, hard drive installable Out now VICTORS: Lots of detail. Zoom J modes let you home in on individual battles. Good background and interesting manual.
A LOSERS: Bugs make a mockery of tactics. Some enemy commanders can't be killed. No animated horses to pull the artillery.
Overall rating 44% Leeds. Tabletop wargamers will know the name - Dim wrote most of the Avalon Hill and SPI hex-based games.
Even the most ardent tabletop gamer has to bow to the superiority of computer-based wargame systems. The look-up tables, moves, line of sight and casualties are all taken care of for you so that you can concentrate on strategy and tactics, which is why the Napoleonic Wars are ideal for the computer to calculate. Soldiers wore brightly- coloured uniforms so they could see each other easily and marched at each other in lines and columns due to the inaccuracy of their guns. This meant that a line or column firing in tandem created a blanket of fire which mowed down opposing forces.
These tactics, plus artillery fire and cavalry charge strategies, are well implemented but bugs tarnish Fields Of Glorys playability. The worst of these is that you can run over rivers and up hills without disadvantage. If you wanted to, you could set up artillery in the middle of a river. An unbelievable mistake which diminishes the whole game Wargamers won't play this game because of this bug. It makes a mockery of everything that wargames are meant to simulate. It's surprising that Microprose let this error slip, especially considering the polish of their UFO: Enemy Unknown.
Space Quest’"" IV CBM Amiga, IBM PC & Compatibles 3.5” RRP £16.99 Police Quest1" 3 CBM Amiga, IBM PC & Compatibles 3.5” RRP £16.99 Eye of the Beholder III IBM PC & Compatibles 3.5" RRP £16.99 Great Naval Battles’" IBM PC & Compatibles 3.5" RRP £14.99 Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe- IBM PC & Compatibles 3.5" RRP £16.99 Also available - Double Mission Packs RRP £12.99 Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain* Atari ST, CBM Amiga.
IBM PC & Compatibles 3.5" RRP £16.99 Also available - Their Finest Missions RRP £10.99 ¦ns ¦ity?, CHOICE Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge” CBM Amiga, IBM PC & Compatibles 3.5" Youneedto theConne ion Monkey bland 2 le Chuck's Revenge* and O 1991 LvcasAils Entertainment Company Battle oi Britain Their Finest Morn game O 1989 lucasFilm ltd Battle ot Britain Then Finest Hour is a registered trademark ui LucasA ts Entertainment Company Secret Weapons oi the luftwafle* and O 1991 lurasAru Entertainment company The lucasAm logo is a registered trademark ot lucasArts Entertainment Company All
Rights Reserved Used Under Authorisation Merited to KIXX Space Quest'* IV. Police Quest ” J. Sierra* are registered trademarks of Sierra On-line, int O 1991. 1994 All Rights Reserved licensed to KIXX.
Eye of the Beholder III Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and the !$ R logo are trademarks owned by TSR. Inc .
Sunnyvale. CA. USA O 1993. 1994 TSR. Inc C 1993. 1994 Strategy Simulations. Inc All rights reserved licensed to KIXX Great Naval Battles O 1992 STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS. INC Alt rights reserved licensed 10 KIXX KIXX. 1 - 4 Cuckoo Wharf. Lichfield Road. Birmingham B6 7SS.
TUI: 0121 625 3111. Faa: 0121 625 3312 Steve Bradley gives his magic lamp a jolly good rub and finds that all his wishes have come true. But will his genie prove to be as useful as Aladdin's?
Mm I can't get to my desk. If it's not the production bloke, it's the chap with the crayon, or our beloved editor suggesting I might, "go away and do something while I play Aladdin".
They've got their hands on my joystick. MY JOYSTICK. And they're playing Aladdin, not because it's probably the prettiest Amiga game ever, nor because the gameplay is compulsive. I'm not sure why they're playing it, or what makes it quite so compelling. Perhaps it's something to do with seeing Disney characters that makes one instantly regress to a starstruck nine year old. We all know the cartoons, we've just never had the chance to BE Aladdin or Mowgli, and boy, it feels great. Well it would if I could get a game.
It's always a worry, awaiting a cartridge conversion. 'It won’t be as good as the Mega Drive or Nintendo version. Won't look the same either’.
Yes, we always think the worst, so it’s great to be able to relay good news.
Aladdin looks and plays pretty much the same as the Mega Drive version and, hang on a sec, I just want to finish this level. I just need to kill a fat bloke and collect a few more precious apples and an extra life.
Damn, he got me again. Anyway, as I was saying, this game is fab. Now hop off and play with your Pixel 3D Coverdisk while I have another game.
That last remark was somewhat unnecessary. Apologies. You start in the local market place with a sword, some apples and a stupendous pair of silk pantaloons. In your way are numerous folk with swords, sticks and knives to eliminate, piles of hot coals to negotiate, ropes to climb, bowl-throwing women to avoid and some tricky ledges to bound across.
Funny bits And yes, it sounds like very average platform fare but it exudes such visual charm that you cannot help but enjoy it. In fact, Aladdin is actually amusing
- a remarkable commodity in a computer game. The way when you
jump on a camel's hump, its eyes bulge and it spits at the
enemy; the way you can swipe at a tubby bloke, catch him
slightly and watch him shriek as his pants fall down revealing
a choice pair of boxer shorts; the way the Bluto lookalikes
bellow, "come on". I've played the first level about 20 times -
I'm still enjoying it, and Mites go up and tites come down. The
Cave level is incredibly tricky to negotiate.
There aren’t too many other games I could say that about.
Criticisms. It's actually reasonably easy to plough through the levels, although, admittedly, I cheated somewhat by first attempting the game on the Practice level. I could've started on the Normal or Difficult options. So that's not really a criticism. The levels are somewhat linear - you find yourself fighting the same foe time after time. Fortunately, I found myself caring not one jot. And Aladdin is blessed with neat touches.
Witness the way you can slither down a palm tree before leaping skyward once more to gain your balance before moving on. The magic flying ropes which shoot you to seemingly inaccessible ledges. They're great.
The erm, oh there's loads of them anyway. Far too many to document.
¦ Aladdin is actually amusing - a remarkable commodity in a computer game.
It has been suggested that Aladdin will appeal to younger games players rather than hardened veterans and it's easy to see why, but its charm is such that it will allure many more. As you progress through market, on to desert, past dungeon and cave, the challenge becomes tougher yet never frustratingly so.
Aladdin truly is a lovely game. *2 Virgin 0181 960 2255 Aladdin Publisher: E29.99 Versions: AGA only System requirements: AGA machines Out now Release date: GENIES: It's just like being a real baggy-trousered sword-wielding little man in a cartoon, in Khartoum.
Or somewhere.
Overall rating ”| DEMONS: Somewhat linear in places and genre champions out there may find the game a little too easy.
‘T 7* 0 7v0 90% Features I itutiotis arid tafcticsVhair 20,season manageT ent'career'pptii Take time out Trom your season to check out any other m anywher x lse Vth e"k rld vjr Over 140 preset competitions from around the globe Over fj Probably the mo kcomprbhensiv r£ o?foot6alHnfowf ever assembled v' GAME REVIEW DECEMBER 1 994 It's tough at the top, and Steve McGill even finds Embryo hard going in the middle and bottom bits. Steve Bradley travels the galaxy with Startord.
Weapons are plentiful too - cannon, centre and side machine guns, energy balls, unguided and guided missiles.
Explosions are meaty and meaningful. Direct hits shake the whole screen. Everything is violence and mayhem. And the only thing that stops this game from scoring high marks is the difficulty level. It takes far too many hits to render the rotating gun turrets and other weapon Embryo Publisher: Black Legend 01438 840004 Price: £25.99 Versions: All Amigas System requirements: 1Mb Release date: Out now Embryo Can you imagine a 3D shoot- em-up which resembles a flight sim, runs silkily smooth and offers you several options that aren't even considered in other games? Imagine also that it's shrouded
in a dumb plot which has nothing to do with the mechanics or playability of the game.
But that's enough of the imagining. Embryo fills the above criteria with flying colours. Your aim is to fly to a designated mission area, shoot everything you find there and er, that's it.
To make the task easier, you can choose to fly by keyboard, mouse, joystick or analogue joystick control.
If things get too difficult, you can also link up with another pilot through the serial port - a welcome idea.
GOODIES: The smoothness of J the scrolling, different methods of control, serial link option and sound FX.
Overall rating systems inoperative and when you're trying to take out weapons, others bombard you mercilessly. Normally I would assume my gameplaying was at fault. But even Kompart's game tester was forever being killed.
I'd like to recommend Embryo, I really would. If it was a little bit easier it would be a great game. But it's far too difficult and that for me makes it totally unplayable. O | BADDIES: The J- difficulty of killing the rotating gun towers. Graphics look like Amiga games of old and you die far too quickly.
69% DECEMBER I 994 GAME REVIEW Steve McGill packs his toothbrush and his sou'wester and takes to the high seas to sail to new worlds and trade in exotic spices and rare gems.
Voyage to Discovery Way back in April 1990 AF gave Pirates from Microprose the once over. It earned 74 per cent which is a fair enough mark, but belied the playability, enjoyment and hours of fun that could be derived from playing the game.
It had historical background, geographical accuracy of a sort, combat, tactics and strategy. Any one segment looked at individually couldn't cut it in the unforgiving world of good games. But viewed as a whole, the game had its own internal dynamics and intricacies.
Against it was the fact that the world you sailed around in was finite and constant. You ended up knowing Release date: TREASURES: Each new game is in a J different world.
Knowing your opponent is out there but not knowing where is intriguing.
Overall rating System requirements: Versions: Publisher: it like the back of your hand. The combat sequences were simplistic and not very believable. You couldn't play against anyone else and there wasn't much variety.
Voyages Of Discovery changes all that. It caters for up to four players and you must start with two, one of which can be Amiga-controlled. Each player starts off in a port on an island surrounded by uncharted sea. Your job is to change all that by christening and provisioning a ship, recruiting a crew and sailing into the unknown.
While you do this, the opposition captains are doing the same.
Moves are executed in turns, with each ship having a certain amount of December WRECKS: Some tedious game mechanics hinder the player. Limited sound FX. No serial link to play in real time.
Black Legend 01438 840004 1 Mb, hard drive installable A600, A1200 AGA To be announced 80% moves per turn. If you're playing against human opponents, you have to leave the Amiga until they complete their turns.
Initially, finding land with native settlements is paramount. Expeditions can then be formed and the natives either conquered or negotiated with.
As soon as that's done, it becomes a settlement upon which you can build or cultivate useful utilities and crops such as sugar and tobacco plantations, silver and gold mines, churches and ports.
Ship ahoy!
Doing this takes up a lot of time though. And when you've got sizeable, profitable settlements up and running, you'll attract the attention of pirates, not to mention your opponents. That's when recruiting armies to protect your ships and settlements comes into play.
There's nothing more heartbreaking than losing a hard-earned settlement to one of your opponents, but there's nothing more satisfying than stealing an opponent's settlements.
This game would be perfect for a play by mail system where players could send saved game disks to each other. On the down side, some of the game mechanics are much too fiddly.
For example, loading and unloading your ships at settlements that don't have a port is a particularly tiresome and tedious experience.
On the plus side, the game improves on the believability and hookability of Pirates and anyone who's interested in trading strategy games should take a very close look at Voyages Of Discovery. There's hours and hours of gameplay to be had here. 1?
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Most titles are despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days SPECIAL OFFERS S«a st "Awsry niM Sraw CW Aawy aano 2 Smsoa Saca nrxp o CM2 16 99 Swttw Scccw rwxaoraf Edttn 13 99 1299 1299 CM2 1999 1999 1299 A500 A1200 CM2 22 99 A500 AI200 2299 899 1299 1699 1299
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Srorch Fot Stock) Sptxt Ourw 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 Sprrdol 2
Sphrrcof Wxlds A500 CD32 StorTiak A1200 Skudus' Spree Edition
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419-99 610-00 369-99 550-00 Recycled - Loom
• SO 50--------17-50 100 .....35-00 LOW HIGH 10 799 9 99 20
14-50 19-50 50 35-00 47-50 100 65-00 95-00 200 125-00 190-00
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A500 A 1200 CM? 18 99
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PyttrC* SotnWn Sciobblr________________________1899
SwondSottoo. A500 A 1200 CD32 '-999 Pmbat Fartcs-rs Pnbol
Fonlovw Pnbol Moqk P«U K PW»-»«bol All Police Guest 1 or 2 or 3
Pcpdcvi & PtcmisM londs A1200 18 99 A600 CM2 17 99 1999 F 99
- 17-99 1999 1699 CD32 19 99
• 'afc-rwdPrG-oy 22 99 IWCkr A500 A1200 22 99 Throw Fork-A500 A
1200-22-99 hal ylrttyttdn.AWMOO.IHOa.im «C«i *1200 1799 V»G«r2
CD32 1999 AJCO AI20C 13 99 22 99 1799 AJOOor A12C0 999 1799
ASCO AI200 17 99 CD32 19 99 A1200 26-99 22 99 A12C0 2299 CD32
19 99 CM2 1999 1999 A500 CD32 22 99 WmcKPCrxW .170 GAME HINTS,
TIPS AND HELP DECEMBER 1 994 If at first you don't succeed, you
can always cheat.
Steve Bradley rounds up this month's hints and tips.
If you have a hint tip or cheat you want to share with other Amiga gamers, write to: Steve Bradley, GameBusters, Amiga Formal, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. And to save our typist's aching fingers, why not send them on disk?
CLOCK WISER Reviewed AF61 81% Kompart (01438 840004) Lee Brown wins a £25 Winner!
AF Mail Order voucher for sending in the first 30 level codes of Clockwiser
30. OLKEPOLK BUMP -N’ BURN Reviewed AF62 79% Grandslam (0181 680
7044) Want loadsa cash? Instead of selecting Start Game,
select Exit and when the burning flag thingy appears, type:
ZXR750R The screen flashes to indicate the cheat has been
activated You can also type Housey for some music.
John Oates, Clayton, Manchester PUTTY SQUAD Reviewed AF63 90% System 3(0181 864 8212) If your patience is being stretched by the blue Putty blob, here are the level codes for this Amiga Formal Goldrated platform romp: CAPRI, BURGER, GAIA, ORGAN, PREY, DREAMER, CHRIS, BAZGIBB, ARABIA, )ET, MELON, RHUBARB, GONDOLA, ARIES, CHERRY, FODDER, NICKEL, SENNA.
A Rieder, Reading Continued overleaf • Lee Brown, Barnsley, S Yorkshire THE SETTLERS Reviewed AF54 94% Kompart (01438 840004) If you type Passive on the password screen, you can go to any level. When starting off, build Knight Huts as close to the boundaries as possible so you can expand your land.
Whenever you erect a building such as a warehouse or a farm, always build a Knight Hut close by so it is a a c'- Vs 2 -o Q a 0 0) "f £ 1 i z 13 ~0 5 X .
Ir -a c c O (0 Q -c 0 3 z a +at
Q. 0) (0 (A
0) (A
- c S A It o o U Oil UJ Game Busters lot harder to take over your
Always find an area with a high amount of gold to start building on.
This is crucial because the more gold there is the better the Knights defend their land.
If you make a path parallel with the enemy's path they put goods in your warehouses, but they still fight against you in battle. If you have access to water put boats on it and get someone to fish, because this is a good way to get food.
Anon, Prestatyn, Clwyd, Wales ¦¦fj hm i m ~ ss -5 If you enjoy a knight in with a good adventure game, look no further than the AF Gold-rated The Seniors, a tale of simple medieval folk doing simple medieval things.
S |«o.
2 ~ o if E 01 B
* So 2 -= £ 8 3 W in DECEMBER 1 994 GAME HINTS, TIPS AND HELP x |
1 a O at o a O E c a o TO M = .si*
• f».?
3 £ 2 is 2 ® 2 £ £ 2 c 2- £ * w-e-o ? 01 8.
O. ® Jt S--S " -O 2
o = ° n « .* Hi 3 £ £ p £ ! 2-3 fll £ c * TJ flj O § -S -o ill
S-s 3 0 » V § new 1 s 5
* “ E Ll I ¦ ° E & x at to c .E O .C * E • E «. C to |15.
E o c 3 X CO C O CD « 5 J
o «2 2
T. c Q to ¦£ cr n ?
Fi Q- « ?
- Jag; UJ c £ X S 2 .0 3 Sll E - uj -c UJ £1 P 2 2 Ou O 5
UJ 5 (£ ot: it -n o 3 ° i (- 0 ® 2 » UJ o t a £ O “ £ 11%
« o
• 2 S 2 Si 0 £ S;!
£i 21 II ai ? I = 5 c E | 3 § . 5 l|S ' 4 I 3 fill Ul = I! E I , £ sS o a TJ "O BENEFACTOR Reviewed AF6268X Psygnosis (0151 709 5755) Here are some level codes:
12. 1PQHLWN23T
15. 6FB3PFC1QG
18. MRCN1L15QS
20. MNQ53V3NC4
21. 2X12CHBFD3
23. 2NQH4QS1QS
25. MOQ5P34SNG
26. 24QLTVN3QS
28. MV1MFF2QJ)
29. MNQPKQ5T45
30. 5NB2MNF3QR
32. 1GQGGMK11G
35. 3MQ3MN5NQR
37. 3LQ1DMRK2N
40. 3MQ4KS4M3Q
41. QMFC343GMS
44. 3NQ1G45NKS
46. 61LNS41LQM
48. M524DGCMB2
49. MS2422DNDD
50. 2CCHNHTMQK S Necek, Leabrooks, Derbyshire «¦ K240 Reviewed
AF5984% Gremlin (01742 753423) The first stage is to
establish your base, allocate all your money to construction,
build a command centre, construction yard, gravity nullifier
and sort out the resource stuff such as power and water.
You also need a weapons factory, a landing pad, four mines, four deep bore mines and a protected storage tower to put the ore in. If you want some other stuff just build it. The military buildings can wait until you have more money. Warning: do not put the resource producing buildings together because a direct missile strike would cripple the asteroid.
Once your asteroid complex has been built and the ore is coming in, it is time to explore. Build three scouts with no weapons - due to their low armour, if they come under attack they die anyway. Set them out exploring and after you have found a few asteroids call up Sci-Tek.
It is worth buying the two second generation blueprints and, if you have the money, the construction droids are also worth getting to speed up ship production. When the scouts return send them out to survey the newly-discovered asteroids - you need to know the best one for when you start expanding.
To S * 2?
SsjL . 0 0 ip
Q) -o o 311 111 11 If you are playing on the easy levels then the
empire should send you reinforcements, otherwise you have to
build your own. Organise your forces into offensive and
defensive fleets. Try using five assault fighters with Plasma
or Photon Cannons in each fleet for each asteroid, and one
attack fleet with three or four combat eagles with a Photon
Cannon and a Chaos Bomb plus some heavier ships after building
an orbital space dock.
By now the Imperial Ore transporter will have arrived. Check out the mining report and sell all the ore in stock. Aim to keep one or two units for yourself depending on demand. Start to build up military installations on your asteroid. By now it is worth stockpiling missiles for the first enemy encounter. Once an enemy asteroid has been spotted dispatch a satellite to have a look.
Here's a hint: on the asteroid field screen, define all your asteroids as F1, F2 and so on. Define the enemy's asteroids as F10, F9 etc. This allows you to switch between them a lot quicker. If you are on the main n -c 5 § ill ill ® -5 £ 11% X W) Hi ir» ¦o •=. 5 § s S
• 5a £ S o ill asteroid screen and you press an enemy function
key you get a view of that asteroid for a couple of seconds
even if you haven't got a spy satellite and even if you don't
know where it is. This allows you to estimate the state of the
KLINGONS ON THE STARBOARD BOW... Now save the game. It is important to discern how the enemy reacts to your attacks. Try both missile and spaceship attacks and note the response. The defensive responses are usually the same. If you can destroy the enemy asteroid easily then go for it, but try not to attack more than one at a time because it splits your resources and you run out of money.
Feel free to reload the game if things go wrong. If you cannot destroy the enemy asteroid and the enemy take a passive stance then reload and expand your colony. If you find a colony in the process of being built with an alien transporter there, then send a defensive fleet to destroy it followed by a missile strike to wipe e Si' S 1 a
• - CD
o O i: vt * ® w * £ C » 1 1 ¦5 2 3 I I I3 6
• 2 2 2 C M TO Q. O
o -=¦ c Z** i 1" 11?
1 -5 8 “-q tf £ o 5 U-2-8 “£l t i « • E*£»- as £ Oi o O ; •
u. 2 a iin 0?8 jlji Q » 2 H ’ *B Oil (Leo ( f £ GAME HINTS,
TIPS AND HELP DECEMBER 1 994 a 5 “• ~ £ » s 1 0 a a o
* 1 2-3 a " » S 2 a 1 o « 4 o 8 I a s P ® ra o _ o c -c
o - O *• «* s • ~ 2-8-o-S lias S IS ¦§ •§ ffciJ ft Hi
* ° 2 s a
• c c = ® “¦ X - C ez c o 'Z ¦CSX a vu llil Mji llll 5|8S S S O
O g w .tf .1 ° if*1® 2 o § s * .w to "o Hi IS c s (0 O V) =
* 5 SL-S list ! 2
o a -* .9 1111
* 01“ " out the colony. If you destroy the transporter then the
alien can't colonise any more asteroids until it builds
During this period you should have little money. Concentrate on building up your defensive fleets within reason and exploring for new asteroids. Unless you have a specific requirement ignore Sci-Tek. You can usually live without it.
Now put four or five spacecraft into a fleet with the transporter and go off and establish another colony.
You can then use the fighter escort to defend the new colony. Each new asteroid colonised takes between 300,000 and 400,000 credits, pick the one with the greatest amount of ore away from the enemy. Set up all the basic buildings as you did before, but ignore the shipyard and build up the military installations.
When the ore comes in, it won't be much use unless you sell it. The Imperial Ore transporter appears above the asteroid with the most ore.
S S f ° | £ §.
| if S ~ iS 21(fl q S, £ S =* £' i i£ c | | o U v *5 O . Ir' 2 _ ® rf
* HI? FHimsI To maximise profits pick a central depot for your
ore (usually the first asteroid colonised) and build some more
storage towers. Use the transporter to shift ore to it.
When it comes to selling your stocks, remember to keep some back for yourself. Keep expanding until you occupy three or four asteroids. If you have access to a supply of traxium or nexos then buy the blueprints for the seismic penetrator. These ores sell at a tremendous price.
When the money starts rolling in buy the anti-missile pod and the ore teleporter - these allow you to construct a proper network. If you can afford screen generators then set them up protecting all your asteroids, but remember to provide enough power to keep expanding to new asteroids and buy blueprints as required You should eventually reach a crucial stage in the game where your asteroids are running out of ore and the enemy is becoming increasingly aggressive When a type of ore becomes exhausted then destroy the relevant mines - they merely consume power.
. O c ! Ui £ 2 ¦ 5 UJ o ~ c o ?!
W i-5 UJ 01 AS “ C 01 r Pi ATTACK! ATTACK!
Once you feel ready, save the game, and then prepare to attack the enemy. Target the secondary asteroids first because this minimises the attack response. Each attack should consist of a massive missile assault. Keep up the bombardment and dispatch an attack fleet. The alien asteroid should be destroyed.
Rest for a bit to build up your stocks of missiles then carry on to the next asteroid. You must be prepared for massive missile attacks as you target each asteroid, and even if you lose a colony it may be best to press on with the attacks. The game only requires you to destroy the enemy and does not take into account the state of your colonies. If all goes well you should wipe out the enemy and complete the level. Carry this on to finish the game. O Choose an asteroid relatively near the enemy and collect enough ore to build an orbital space dock. Equip it with the best equipment and remember
to include some shields.
Buy the terminator and battleship blueprints and start to build up an attack fleet. Remember to include some ship-to-ship weapons to take out enemy fighters. Keep building up your missiles in preparation for the final conflict.
.r 5 » I o .o j* a 5 a 1 si .c 1 ; c 1 e £ 3 C £ b O 2 c c T 15 i * £ 8 a 3 £ S. Vt c HI M
* c « * ro t i- d DUNE 2 Reviewed AF5090X Virgin (0181 960
2255) I have found a cheat for Dune 2 It only works using Ordos
as your selected house. First build up your base as normal with
defences, then send a few tanks into the enemy base to locate
their construction yard and work out the general layout of
their other installations.
The enemy will begin to attack your base, but the defences you built up earlier should be strong enough to cope with the intruders.
Send a deviator launcher between your base and the enemy base. When an enemy tank appears use the deviator to change it to an Ordos tank Then select it and order it to attack the enemy construction yard. When you've done this select it again and select Attack but don't click on anything.
When the tank changes back to the enemy's side click on the construction yard again and the enemy tank fires on its own base until the construction yard is destroyed.
Repeat this process with other enemy units and it is possible to defeat the enemy using their own vehicles.
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* * ¦
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Find out what the CD revolution means to you by turning to page 114... WELCOME!
1 As the more observant W among you will have noticed. Nick's mug has 1U been replaced by my grotesque boat race The ¦A . ' reason? Well. Nick's been V A j 1 1 away at the Future .'JBl ? ‘ _' Entertainment Show talking to lots of people.
V meeting those of you brave ,k enough to approach him and generally dnnking large amounts of Grappa Despite his absence, the serious pages of AF are as jam-packed as ever. This month's biggie is our comprehensive feature on CD-ROM and what it means to the Amiga. We re pretty sure that by the time you’ve read all seven pages, a CO-ROM drive will be at the top of your Christmas list.
But the fun doesn't stop there - this month you’ll find products that balance your books, back up your hard drive, produce fantastic word-processed documents and output the graphics from your Amiga to everything but the kitchen sink.
JASON HOLBORN WORDWORTH 3.1 VS FINAL WRITER 3 S Both Softwood and Digita have launched new versions of their successful word processing packages. But which one deserves your money? Turn to page 94 where Jason Holbom gives you the low-down on them both.
EASY LEDGERS 2 Stop the men from the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise knocking at your door with this powerful bookkeeping program.
3D PRODUCTS ROUND UP 1 Nick Veitch and Graham Sandiford review and rate three 3D products designed to enhance your ray-tracing program.
VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM 3.0 Don't risk losing all your data in a hard disk crash - get smart by reading our review of Lsf s Video Backup System.
VIDEO OPTIONS CARD Want to display your Amiga's graphics on three composite colour monitors, a TV and a SuperVHS video all at the same time? Then you need Lola’s new Video Options Card.
CD SENSATION 114 The boffins are hailing the CD-ROM as one of the most important developments in computer technology since the microchip. Are they bonkers or what? Turn to our huge seven-page CD feature to find out.
: of words Prior to the launch of Final Writer, Digita pretty much had the word processing market sewn up with Wordworth (and later, Wordworth 2AGA). Although Final Copy (and indeed its predecessor, Fen PaI) stole a healthy share of the market.
Softwood's big break came with the launch of Final Writer. Digita attempted to redress the balance with Wordworth 3.0, but due to time constraints, the version that finally hit the shelves was severely bugged.
As the mists clear, Wordworth 3.1 and Final Writer 3 face each other once again to do battle for the word processing crown.
Jason Holborn keeps count of the casualties... The bailie between Digila's Wordworth and Softwood's Final Writer could well go down in history as one of the bloodiest conflicts since Henry V decided that it would be a jolly good idea to treat his armies to a day trip to Agincourt.
After several months of relative calm, both companies have returned to the battlefield with upgrades to their respective products. So, as Henry might have put it: once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more... Both programs require a fairly porky Amiga. Final Writer 3.0, in particular.
Demands some quite outrageous system requirements - unless you have a minimum of 2Mb of memory (at least half of which should be Chip RAM) and a hard drive. Final WW rr won't even install let alone run and a f ull installation eats up nearly lOMb of hard disk space. If you're set on a Softwood word processor but you don't have a hard disk. Softwood still market Final Copy II (which is essentially a junior version of Final Writer) which works on a floppy-based .Amiga. Wordworth 3.1 works on a floppy- based .Amiga although it needs a hard disk to run comfortably. Once again. Wordworth
3. 1 requires 2Mb of memory and a Workbench 2.0-based Amiga as a
bare minimum. Some would say that these are unreasonable
requirements but it is rapidly becoming quite normal.
Digita have obviously learnt from what was most certainly an expensive mistake because version 3.1 is being marketed as 'the program that Wordworth 3.0should have been long ago'. Apart from numerous bug fixes. Digita have also attempted to make version 3.1 more stable, faster, friendlier and more powerful. And in many ways it seems to offer more word processing power than Final Writer (its table generation feature, for example, is excellent), but that power is no good if the WORD POWER Fancy fonts and picture placement tools aside, the most important aspect of any word processor is how well it
can process words. After all. What's the point in having an all-singing, all-dancing word processor that can run rings around your average DTP program if you can't quickly and easily edit large documents with the minimum amount of fuss.
Ft ft ft HI tt s HI U HI o Thankfully, both Wordworth 3.1 and Final Wrttar 3.0 score extremely well in this all- important category. Although text editing is slowed down slightly by the use of outline fonts, both programs handle basic text processing admirably. Final Writer, it has to be said, does seem to be the faster of the two although Wordworth 3.1 is still comparatively rapid when running with fewer colours (32 colours provides a good compromise between colour and speed).
Both provide fully featured spell checkers (with speli-as-you-type checking), a thesaurus and automatic table of contents and index generation.
New to both programs is Drag And Drop editing, a feature which is common in PC word processors.
This provides a quick and easy method of moving a selected block of text from one place to another within your document without having to faff around with pull down menus or keyboard short cuts. In all, a definite time saver.
Wordworth 3.1't range of structured drawing tools is impressive. Apart from the usual box.
Circle and line drawing (which Final Writer also has). Wordworth 3.1's Text Effects function enables you to create logos using a series of preset effects such as tubes, wheels and spirals.
BENDY TEXT FUNCTIONS AND TABLES Although this function is potentially powerful, it's limited in its current form - an align to path feature would have been far more useful.
Final Writer 3.0 doesn't feature text effects but you can create text blocks which are about the same as Wordworth's Text Effects but without the fancy spirals and so on. They're useful for creating headlines because you can place a text block anywhere on the screen. Both programs allow you to rotate your text effects blocks to any angle.
One feature that is sadly missing from Final Writer is table generation, a feature that only manner of weird end wonderful er... effects with text.
Digita seem to have cottoned on to. Generating professional-looking tables in a word processor is almost impossible but Wordworth 3.1 does the hard work for you - all you have to do is drag out the table to the size you want and then start entering values into the boxes that Wordworth generates. Softwood claim that Final Writer 4.0 will have this feature but until then, Wordworth &
3. 1 is the only Amiga word processor to support It program
crashes ever) two minutes. Aside from a few niggling bugs that
were introduced with the release of version 2.
Final Writer has enjoyed quite a smooth ride and version 3.0 is perhaps best seen as a tweak rather than an full upgrade.
Softwood freely admit that Until Writer owners are unlikely to be astounded bv the range of new features that version 3.0 has to offer. They promise that the next release should be of far more interest.
Both companies have obviously put a great deal of effort into the user interfaces employed by their respective products.
Digita have tried their best to conform to the look and feel of Workbench 2.0. but - as always - Softwood have decided to use their own custom front end that, while close enough to Workbench 2.0. is different enough to give the program a feel all of its own.
Although I've always been a firm supporter of following Commodore's guidelines. I have to admit that Final Writers front end is more straightforward than Digita's. It's somewhat faster too.
When running in a 256-colour AGA screen mode. Wordworth 3. seems to occasionally drag its heels but Final Writer manages to maintain a respectable turn of speed.
It if certainly tar more stable than previous releases but bugs still remain.
Take the PlayTime slider puzzle tool, for example. If you move the puzzle around the screen, Wordworth fails to remove the old window layer resulting in several copies of the same window appearing on-screen.
Wordworth removes these ‘ghost" windows as soon as you close the slider puzzle window. A minor problem maybe, but a bug nonetheless.
Unlike traditional word processors such as 1‘mtext 6.5 (AF64 78%). Wordworth
3. 1 and Final Wnler 3.11 are word publishers, which means they
give DTP-like control over the appearance of documents. Both
can claim to be true word publishers because they have the
three ingredients that define such a program:
• WYSIWYG outline font handling.
• Bitmapped and structured picture import and display.
• Rudimentary drawing tools.
Wordworth 3. 's font handling is particularly impressive - not only does it fully support CompuGraphic outline fonts but Digita have since included support for Adobe Tvpe 1 and PC TrueType fonts, both of which can be displayed fully onscreen. Final Writer 3. On the other hand, supports CG. Type 1 and its own Nimbus Q format but not TrueType fonts.
Wordworth 3. ’s range of picture import filters also outscores Final Writer 3 whereas Final Writer only loads bitmapped images stored in the Amiga's own IFF format. Wordworth 3.1 loads images stored Continued overleaf e Wordworth 3.1 Final Writer - Release 3 - Beta 2 nr’TTT ¦tin.;mm As It** mists clear, M ordworth 5 1 and final Writer 1 face each other oote attain in a battle f x tin* «*r«*rd processing »iown. |ason Holborn keeps cotint of the casualties... Wordvxorth and Softwood'% Final Writer could well go down m hiilory •* one ot the bloode*t conflict* unce Henry V deeded ii would be a
johy good dea to treat hi* artrne* to a de, trip to Agmcout Renvon after reviuon. The two camp* are attenpted to outdo each A* the uilkt* clear. Word- worth 3.1 and Final Writer 3 face each other once again in a bottle to the end. Jn*on Holborn kee|n count of the ca%unltle*... The battle between OigU's Wordworth and Softwood’* Final Wnter could well go down m history aa one of the bloodest conflict* »mee Henry v deeded that it would be a pity good idea to treat hi* arm** to a day tnp to Agmcovat Re»ivon after re*ivan. The two camp* are attempted to outdo each other with the addition of more
and more advanced word procesvng feature* After teveral month* of relib*e calm, both corrpanie* ha»e returned to the battlefield with pgrade* to their other with the addition of more and Although it doesn’t conform to the Workbench style of front end, Final Writer is still intuitive and exceptionally easy to use.
Word publishers like Wordworth 3.1 provide layout controls that you'd normally expect to find in a desktop publishing program.
DECEMBER 1 994 WORDWORTH V FINAL WRITER Digita International Ltd Softwood Products Europe 01395 270273 01773 521606 £149.95 £74.95 84% 88% WORDWORTH OR FINAL WRITER?
Choosing between Wordworth 3.1 and Final Writer is difficult because both programs are so closely matched. Yet each has its own strengths and weaknesses. From a pure word processing point of view. Final Writer 3.0 is perhaps the better of the two because its range of word processing tools are more comprehensive. But Wordworth is the more comfortable of the two programs to work with if you're just writing reams of copy. So far, a stalemate. Both programs perform admirably in terms of layout control, but feature for feature. Wordworth
3. 1 pips Final Writer to the post every time and Wordworth
3. 1‘s picture and font handling is also superior.
Wordworth 3.1 is a great word processor but it's taken Digita this long to finally release a product that can truly be deemed completely finished. Final Writer still has a great deal going for it but apart from a few tweaks, Final Writer 3.0 isn't really that much different from the original. Wordworth may be the better of the two programs but the one area where it falls flat on its face is in the price department. Compare the prices for yourself - Wordworth 3.1 is DOUBLE the price of Final Writer 3.0. Personally I'd rather buy Final Writer and put £75 towards some Christmas presents. Then
again, you might change your mind when you see Wordworth 3.1SE next issue.
* in PCX. UK. INK;, GIF. GEM vector, CGM vector and IFF, all of
which can be displayed in full colour. Until now, Final Writer
was the only program to fully support the loading, display and
printing of EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files but Digita have
now added this all-important feature and Wordworth 3.!'% range
of import functions is second to none.
Both programs provide ihe basic picture placement tools - a picture is placed inside its own frame which can be reshaped by pulling out one of several handles placed around each frame.
Whenever the si c of a frame is changed, the contents are rescaled. Wordworth 3.1 seems to rescale graphics a bit faster than Final Writer, especially in 8-bit AGA modes.
Both programs provide a wealth of file handling and printing options although Wordworth 3.1 takes things to extreme and can load documents created in numerous formats (see the table opposite).
The quality of printed results from both programs is vert high, especially with an inkjet or laser printer. Both support preference printers and postscript lasers and Digita provide a vast range of custom printer drivers (400 in all). Even without custom printer drivers, the print quality of Final Writer can't be faulted.
WORDWORTH 3.1 EDITING British Collins Spell Checker Yes Foreign Language Dictionaries Optional British Collins Thesaurus Yes Auto Spelling Correction Yes FINAL WRITE Yes Optional Yes Yes Drag 'n' Drop Editing Yes Yes Contents Generation Yes Yes Index Generation Yes Yes Table Generation Yes No Bibliography Generation No Yes Document Outlining No Yes Mail Merge Yes Yes FILE HANDLING Document Import filters MSWorks, Final Writer.
MSWrite, MSWord.
ASCII Picture Import filters Wordstar, WordPerfect, ASCII and RTF IFF, PCX, BMP, GIF, TIFF and IMG IFF Colour EPS Support Yes Yes Structured Clip Art Filters CGM, EPS, GEM EPS AutoSave Yes Yes LAYOUT TOOLS Customisable Toolbar Yes Yes Max Number Of Columns 32 6 256 Colour AGA Support Yes Yes Font Formats CG, Type 1, TrueType, Bitmap CG. NimbusQ, Ty Max Point Size 1,000 360 Picture Rotation No Yes Structured Drawing Tools Yes Yes Contoured Text Flow Yes Yes RATINGS OUT OF FIVE Speed
• •••
• •• Features
• •••• Accessibility
• •••
• ••• Manual
• •••• Value WORDWORTH VERDICT “The only thing against Wordworth
is the price. It is certainly the better program, but is the
extra cash worth it?’ FINAL WRITER VERDICT “Final Writer may
have fallen behind Wordworth in some areas, but it's still a
very impressive package.” YOUR AT-A-GLANCE FEATURES GUIDE
AVAILABILITY Wordworth Final Writer PRICES Wordworth Final
• •• SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Wordworth Workbench 2.0, 2Mb of RAM
Final Writer Workbench 2.0, 2Mb of RAM, hard disk Power
Computing DESIGN ant) INN VATION Produce 256 greyscale images
(on a AGA machine), scan in 64 greyscales (non AGA Amiga can
only display 16). Add colour to greyscale images, special
effects, new support for 18-bit scanner, add text to scans.
A1200 600 version available.
POWERSCAN 4 £119 POWERSCAN 4 OCR £139 SCAN INTERFACE £50 POWERSCAN 4 S W £20 OCR SOFTWARE £49 EPSON SCANNER The GT-6500 and GT-8000 24-bit colour flatbed scanners from Epson scan up to A4 in size, with output resolutions of up to I200DPI on the GT-6500 and I600DPI on the GT-8000 in 16.7 million colours, greyscale or line art. New Epson GT-9000 scanner available now, price on application.
GT-6 5 0 0 POWERSCAN £599 GT-6 5 00 IMAGE FX £6(9 GT-8000 POWERSCAN £849 GT-8000 IMAGE FX £929 DOCUMENT FEEDER £399 COLOURSCAN The new 18-brt colour handscanner produces stunning colours with clarity and verve, bnghtenmg up those presentations. With over 250,000 colours and award winning PowerScan software, anything is possible!
Colour and mono software Full colour manipulation Up to 400DPI 256 greyscale (AGA machine) 18-bit colour (AGA machine) OCR optional extra COLOUR POWERSCAN £239 CardCam - Videoln is a a video capture card for PCMCIA equipped computers. Capture still or moving images in full 24-bit colour.
Compatible with both Composite or S-Video input devices. Virtually any video input device
- CamCorder, VCR. Television, Laser Disc player and Secunty
Camera Features include: Video still capture in 24-bit 640 x
480 Motion video capture at 15fps at 320 x 240 Software
Power award winning 128MB optical disk drive 128MB OPTICAL INT.
£639 2 3 0 MB OPTICAL INT. £799 128MB OPTICAL DISK £29 SCSI
CONTROLLER £129 S Y QJJ E S T D R 1 V E Removable storage
systems from Syquest.
3. 5" IDE INTERNAL £399
3. 5” IDE EXTERNAL £499
3. 5" 105MB CART.
3. 5" SCSI VERSIONS £POA T 1 NDEM C D - D E For the Amiga
1500 2000 3000 4000 Supports Mitsuma CD-ROM drive Supports
Syquest 3.5" drives Supports IDE hard dnves Play audio CD
utility Requires Kickstart 2.04 and above Includes cable,
software and manual TANDEM CO-DE CARD £69 CODE A I 2 0 0 CARD
£69 CD-DE CARD. CD-ROM £229 MITSUMA CD-ROM £169 Disk Expander
includes the following features' Can add 50% to your hard dnve
capacity Fast compression and decompression Reliable in tests-
no data corruption Works with all drives, SCSI, IDE. Floppy,
etc Works on any Amiga and any Kickstart Once installed the
program is transparent to the user DISK EXPANDER £35 FLOPPY
EXPANDER Floppy expander allows you to fit about 1,5MB on a
standard floppy drive and an amazing 3MB when used in
conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76MB. This is achieved by
compressing data 30 - 70% of its ongmal size.
All this happens automatically.
FLOPPY EXPANDER £9.95 A C E E X MODEM NOT BT APPROVED External Fax and Data modem Receive and send faxes in the background Full Haynes AT command set supported Supports class 1. 2, and 3 fax commands Fax send and receive Auto dial and auto answer Supports error correction and detection Leased line support All cables and manuals supplied ACCEX MODEM v32bls £169 ACCEX *32 TRAPFAX £199 MISCELLANEOUS MIDI INTERFACE £19.95 VGA ADAPTOR £15 PSU FOR HARD DRIVES £39 Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own I MB of RAM and drawing extra memory from any
other RAM you have installed in your Amiga. No soldenng is required.
MEGACHIP RAM £159 MEMORY We manufacture a vast range of memory cards for all the Amiga range of computers.
Please telephone us for pnces and availability.
WARP ENGINE The high speed 040 board which installs directly into the CPU slot not a Zorro III slot!
WARP ENGINE 28MHi £799 WARP ENGINE 40MHi £1199 WORKBENCH 2.1 3.1 Release 2.1 3.1, including 2.1 3.1 software and user guide manuals.
2. 1 ENHANCER £69 ROM SHARE INC. 2.04 £99
2. 04 ROM CHIP £29
3. 1 A500 A2000 £84.95
3. 1 A3000 A4000 £94.95 PREMIER VISION You’ve heard how the Amiga
has made TV programmes possible such as Star Trek-TNG.
We offer a wide range of services, including-, monthly events on multimedia, design and install complete systems, training. CD-ROM mastering and duplication.
CALL 071 721 70S0 Telephone System owned Description Cheque PO for £ Credit card No.
Expiry date paya&e to Fwr Computrg Ltd Name Address alow Upto 7 curt to c**f Sign AWARD Winning PR DUCTS 4 4 a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7 R W ' le p b o n 0234 273000 ac. i m il 0 2 3 4 3 5 2 2 0 7 AB pncn roude VAT SpeotcAor* me pntes m subiecT to cnjn*e INM *ott* tU tridemna at* ed*o*«ed|Bd tx monei ol zjxabor art, E ft 0€. D**wr, ned Gay £5 2-3 d*s 050 Wday £|Q OeKene tn «uC v«ct to Hoc* M40*ty LC 90 @ £129 LC 240 @ £149 T T IT IG Star's three latest mono and colour mono printers are just what you want: traditional Star quality, low cost and economical to run. All three are packed
with useful features like the dedicated Windows driver and a built-in sheet feeder. There's a choice of options for more demanding applications - including a tractor feed for only £15.00. So take the hint and plug 'n' print with Star's brilliant new printers. Please return the coupon or phone 0494 471111 for details.
Available from Star Registered Dealers and Computer Office Superstores Nationwide.
LC240C @ £169 Rush me more info on Star's new LC printer range.
Name: Company: Postcode: Position: Address: Star Micromcs U.K. Ltd., Star House Peregrine Business Park, Gomm Road High Wycombe, Bucks. HP13 7DL Fax: 0494 473333.
A division ot StarMicromcs Co. Ltd.. lapnn Pixo d»wo arc RRP ndudiag VAT Window, i, • tiadcmwk ot Corpocjtwn ACCOUNTS PACKAGE DECEMBER 1 994 LEDGER-BLE ACCOUNTING Unlike its more expensive rivals on the PC and Mac, Easy Ledgers comes complete with the full range of business ledgers. Here's a [ ' run-down of what they all do.
General Ledger - The general ledger is used for posting receipts. | | payments and journal entries 9 i 'V r-rwwr which are automatically updated from the other books. The general The purch.« l«lg.r Irt, you keep ledger is used to provide tr*d,|"f «* .. item, fishhook. Profit & Los. And y°“ h“* bouflh*,rom *hem Balance sheet statements.
Sales Ledger - Sometimes known customers and ho as the debtors' ledger, the sales owe you. Easy Let ledger holds details of your ledger provides U invoice printing (with automatic pricing) and tax calculations.
Purchase Ledger - The purchase (or creditors') ledger contains information on your business suppliers and how much money you owe them.
Inventory - Not surprisingly, the Inventory is used for keeping track of your current stock (stock control) so that you know exactly how much stock you have at any one time.
Easy Ledgers 2 automatically handles minimum reorder levels, stock taking and so on.
Customers and how much they owe you. Easy Ledger's sales ledger provides facilities for Like all good accounting packages.
I. n.sy ledgers oilers the lull range of business ledgers -
general, purchase, sales, inventor)', job costing and so on.
OK. So this is pretty standard but you would be surprised how
many of the so-called professional accounting systems on the
PCI expect yon to pay a separate price for each of these
Each ledger in tn !*dgrrs2 is almost a complete sub-program in its own right - the purchase ledger, for example, prov ides all the usual tools (such as debit, credit, purchase and payment) plus a host ol useful reports which can be printed to paper or displayed on screen at any time.
I have to admit that I was less than enthusiastic when Easy Ij’ lgers 2 landed on my desk, but little more than a few hours with the program has changed all that. If you thought that an Amiga management accounts package that was professional, powerful, easy to use and - above all - safe enough to trust with your business' affairs didn't exist then think again.
Easy Isitgrn 2 may not quite compete with the likes of Pegasus on the PC. But it s a damned good start. Let's just hope that Small Biz Software continue to develop it.
Iligltlv recommended. O TT nnzzznmmm DISTRIBUTOR Small Biz Software 010 61 7491 9190 PRICE Australian S399 (approx £180) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2, 2Mb of RAM and a hard disk SPEED • • • • • Very rapid. Even the most complex work is done in seconds.
MANUAL • • • A little brief, but the program's operations are well covered.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Surprisingly accessible and very straightforward.
FEATURES • •• • • No other Amiga accounts package even comes close.
VALUE • • • • It may seem expensive, but you get what you pay for.
“Easy Ledgers makes light work off keeping track off your finances.” II I heir's one ivpe of program thal is more likclv 10 send an Amiga user off 10 die land of nod, ii has to he an accounts package. Lei's face it.
Healing die living daylights oul of Kmig Lao is a loi more fun than spending hours with douhle-cntry bookkeeping.
Sadlv. However, life's not all fun and games. If you are self employed, then the law dictates dial you must provide die Inland Revenue (and. If you're VAT registered. HM Customs & Excise) with detailed records ol your business activities.
If you're not self employed, then life's a lot easier because your employer automatically deducts income lax and national insurance contributions as you are paved via die PAYE scheme and so the responsibility of keeping track of vour financial activities is not so important.
Amiga finance programs - lulls - fledged accounts packages aren't exactly plentiful. Indeed, you could prohablv count them on ihe fingers of one hand. The new kid on die financial block is fio.iv lstlgits 2. A management accounting package from Australian developers Small Bi Software, the team behind the (Waxcommunications program. But despite its Australian origins.
Easy Isdgrn has been designed to handle UK tax laws.
Requiring a Workbench 2.0-based Amiga with at least 2Mb of RAM and a hard disk, Easy .« gm is possibly the first Amiga accounts package that looks as il it has been written specifically for the Amiga, rather than simplv being ported across from the l’( .
Boasting a fully Workbench 2.0- rompliaiit front end. Small Bi have obviously put a great deal ol effort into Ha.n .et gm's user interface because even window and requester is beautifully laid out and logically structured.
Jason Holborn investigates what has always been a very rare breed - a professional Amiga accounts package. Would you trust your business to Easy Ledgers 2?
Achieves a signal-to- noise ratio of 72db - equivalent to expensive 16-bit systems.
• PCMCIA credit card connection for maximum performance and
• Quality phono outputs with Amiga audio mixed.
• Very high sample record playback speeds.
A screenshot of the powerful sample editing suite contained within Aura Aura is a brilliant new concept in high-performance, yet affordable sound sampling for your Amiga A600 or A1200 computer This breakthrough is brought about by revolutionary hardware which plugs into the PCMCIA slot to achieve extraordinary sampling performance in glorious 12-bit stereo, with optional direct-to-disk recording.
The Hardware the squirrel can suss it ... can you?
The Software The Aura audio sampling suite is probably the world's most powerful, flexible and easiest-to-use Amiga sound software package to date! This is no idle claim, just look at some of the features of this superb sound sampler: Win a Quad-speed CD-ROM system for your A600 A1200 worth over £4001 We re about to release an exciting new hardware product for the A1200 and A600 computers ... but we're not going to tell you about it until next month.
Octamed Compatible Octamed is the leading Amiga sample sequencer; now, version 5.02 and above include a dedicated 16-bit sample editor which is 100% Aura compatible and can play 16-bit samples through the Aura hardware while sequencing MIDI and normal Amiga 8-bit sounds.
This powerful combination provides stunning performance and sound quality for maximum impact.
If you can work out, from the two clues on this page, what our brand-new package is and you tell us, on a postcard, before the end of November, we will enter your name in a prize draw to win a Quad-speed CD-ROM package for your A600 A1200, worth over £400.
tudcJ( le Reality ’ Record Play Edit 16- or 8-bit, mono or stereo sounds to memory or direct-to-disk.
• Real-time monitor of input with moving spectrum analyser and
* Amazing range of editing facilities include cut, paste, insert,
delete, fade and volume.
Editing controls work on both samples in memory and on hard disk.
• Record samples into memory at rates in excess of 60 kHz (A1200,
12-bit stereo) and direct-to-hard disk recording at rates in
excess of 40kHz (A1200 12-bit stereo with fast RAM).
* 15 fully programmable, single source sound effects can be used
in real-time and on samples held in memory or even on hard
disk, plus effect preview.
• Block-oriented Sample Sequencer built in.
• Advanced digital filtering with 3-dimensional Fast Fourier
Transform interactive display.
• Real-time playback of samples under MIDI control (requires
extra MIDI interface & keyboard).
• Load and save IFF. RAW and AIFF sample formats.
• Over 60 fully programmable.
Multi-source, sound effects on samples in memory, in real-time and to memory or hard disk (with effect preview): a unique feature.
Even if you've no idea, why not have a go.
Semi your suggestions to: HiSoft (Squirrel comp) The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0)1525 713716 HiSoft High Quality Software Competition draw will take place at the World of December Competition not open to HiSoft employees or Package includes: Aura hardware, complete software, comprehensive 148-page manual, stereo phono-to-phono lead and registration card.
Aura costs only £99 95 inclusive and is available trom all good computer shops ... now Alternatively, phone our order line on 01525 718181, armed with your credit debit card.
Aura is another quality music product for your Amiga from HiSoft Microdeal High Quality Software The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44(0)1525 713716 Sports Management PROFESSIONAL Manager,: I so rfHw* pko s Mo™*.
CD FOOTBALL .MASTERS h =£££=“_ * ¦. . 1 .
The Most Innovative Football Management Game Ever. T*. Week kom 5 ' domeshc prayer resSnchons etc) Gomm: Ywrty hxue prenous lip, Week tans resuM. Results bom previous meeting with opponent. O pMioia ol ssotoncs Ployen: teal life statistics lor 94 95 season, updated monihiy teal positions, heighl age live transfer marker, Contract 4 wage negoMioos deferred loot [Wr nghr bo*,, loam, lr,ur«s 'rowong.
Tonsra*. Unhappy okrywv Tap 10 Hot tfott teom:'oc»o|IOOC'di!fefer«comOinaw Irormq. Aaaressen On the hardest level this very realistic simulation will test you to the limit. See if ‘ ¦""" a plethora ct sramc, . ,‘j* , . , 1 , . I Woven: Real life Polishes lor 94 95 season epdaled monrfily Real , - mb , 21 m you ve got what it takes to master the professional football league managers |ob ..-.miner mtractAwoge P ’fr M,
i. Sound eAscn. Iraervenboni petmind ol ony Me lo using the most
refined gome available today. NegoMPoos
Preferredtod|Wl nghl boti|.loons,Inures,framing. In 1989
E.S.P. were the first company to create a commercial football
manage- 5 IHPv' I ment game solely dedicated to the 16 bit
computers. Since then, we've been ra*,, U*ro pb*i lop 10 Ha
ska, "9" L L * continuously devising new features with the
direct consultation of hundreds of
TM:TacMs|i000diin«c iWMniicm|.Tramg.Ag9«ssai i. E'. R ifc*-
manogement game fans. This winning combination has created the
most accurate ¦ - ' ' ' A. i L I ' representation of what
football management is all about. Once you try it, you'll Ch*
iipoosorship. Ground improvements. V«wopponent Finances r Ft'
epcrtng goals 4 mpiries yeHow n realise that the rest have
merely been following our numerous leads in this field.
It'S impossible to do justice to the hundreds of meticulous
refinements induded in Other: Fast lood sm, Pr nser access
Over 30 opWns So set venous gone preferences. Usa kendfe
mroughou..» on evceienr this game but you will find a large
proportion of the most significant below:- aaudion book Pasond
wchnKO suppon regered SCOflHH, ITAUAN t GOMAN VBSION S'scommg
soon SCOTTISH. ITAUAN A GERMAN VERSION S’s Editor: - ow* you
to onand vonou* tore* tr sovad gone* Opronoi Ex*o “ “ PULSE
Horse Racing Tipping System %¦ %* If you want the best horse
tipping software that money can buy, then THE PULSE is it. The
whole package has been developed by a professional punter. A
fact, instanHy recognised by many other well informed buyers
of this product. The advise contained within the instruction
book alone could save you plenty of wasted bets ond anyone
serious about reducing their losses or increasing their gains
could not find a better tool to assist their aim.
• The nvysic e horse racing is unlocked wA tie simple
inskvOions. Us» fewdy program and lop doss edncal support •
InRwlotf Open Naoond Tipping CompeMcn |1991) argaraseri by
Racecal this programs predKftons corwe 2nd cut of Riousands af
nlri« vuhidi led lo o scnous approoch Irori owd kr»w brxkmoier
r«|ecied «favour of suppartwig he puttc • A wrie ranged to*
rs»»s*a«i»rt»rig o race opxk ond KsyicCccwcarKi Bob*
•Tokccpte(ragri conBi4|rgpt daliiKo4ihipdatsortncoaMndid f 4*
gorwoi program gudp fees Ue break rraowtseidktt updoes tt
olendnpuchosers Paces torgekom £25 e £40 depending tie on
bngtidsvbscnpionwideftien • Specdic detab on some horses
afelow. Os recommended by a veneyefmde sconces is provided •*
eodi iKrtby ipdoe 'Owes been irony renews m t* ffess ond under
o voriefy cI scrutnomg cordaons Al were wry pjsime caxr *e
programs obrliiy» pertorm «l ond o U summary ol he devetoets
resuh kom mom meebngs smce Jonuory 1993 is ovodobfe upon
• Rmed on 8 odesttie lodon
• left and nght honded ployen
• Range ol bolting types.
• fdrtoi lo emend gome stoK
• Bowter lypes mdude warn, swing, change ond both types ot spei
well 8 speed levels GAME OPTIONS ¦ I On Me oven as w
• Mue a rooued dating
• Three Cncket gnuids
• Lood 'Sove game Ski levels
• Compute Human ployen
• con driven wilh port 4 (ki
• logo 30 saoing saeen tovenng It entire ptoyng areo
• Mouse controls bowier's fete, length dnechon held sellings.
• loyshck conlral of botsmon’s attack level, snakes ond iumg
between wickets STATISTICS
• Scomarf 4 bowtna mtyss
• Weoihet and Qrand reports
• Wogon Wheel
• Monhotton Chon.
• Surface and poceotpsWi
• Roes, bod bghl. Cloud cove. LempetoMe onO humoly ANIMATED
• SowKonneiiay
• Unwsqnts
• Al tie smkes a«, pd. Two, ok
• Appeals, dropped catch, ran outs
• Bouncets. Wides ond no bdh.
A fabulous gome whkh concentrates on the management of up to 3 Heavyweight boxer*, H* quite different to mott other monogemenf style gome* iince it ho* a high proportion of interaction with computer controlled human per*ooolthes. Ie. Negotiation* with other monogeri, boxer controct*, *taff recruitment ond publicity event*. There are many other conventional to*k* for the monoger like scoutmg for new boxer*, finance, framing ond even fight toctic* ore port of your reiponiibity; using ful ore ode oction you | con participate in your boxers performance inside the ring it*eH or, if you prefer,
direct them from the nngjtde. Two player mode avoilable, Sparkling graphic* ore used throughout the gome ond full detoil* on the gomes major concept* follows:- The oame has 100 ronied boien wrth fourteen shown Cfbtfles, tehtenenb on oge ond mf«ty Negof»o'e hghf deols twenty other boxmg tronogetj otrangmg he we of he pmse, he venue and he dale etc Choose any one of tor pibi«ty Hunt* to pd m he aowds to ycur hghfs ptess conferences, toleviwm publ browk etc Ycm cor oopand f*e o tea.* pkyvc, cofreman and c van* Tronmg mehods include punchbogs. Speecba* weight*. Roodwodt and spotting Vogr bfflao
con hghf lor Wodd. Et cpeon or Nahcnol ides wthnondatory defence • TV* boxers penoroance a he trng is mown very crophoh A fontastic graphical and or locticol lepresentolwn of Cncket that has been completely mitten by a traditional fan. You con physically portKipate with bottmq ond or bowing or leave it to the computet to automotKoly hondle See full leotwe list below ¦
o V neoc h boo*, nvoe ovj ncnerou Mto- i cor be iMMd xrng o tgN
. E pjxt, ooes wet hove he.t own indvoua xv it is increased
even trore c :oras which ore shown on he screen os Koto unScAds
hoi you con necsure your hghto os otesence ond he ncse of he
puncnes mck ng con i cna so«e toctlfy • otnprehensrve
mseuciion ooce Formula 1 Challenge 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE
& (01702) 600557 This motor rating simulation is on incredibly
addictive game tor 1 to 4 players that has been developed over
a period ot years by true tons of the sport. You start the gome
with just one cor & driver with the oim of building your team
to win the drivers and constructors championship. All circuits,
drivers, teams, car graphics, rules, engines etc., are accurate
for the 1994 season and can be updated. Excellent presentation
with full sounds effects. The sensational world of Formula One
48 HOUR DISPATCH CHEQUE PAYMENTS If you have a guarantee cheque cord ot aedit catd please write Us number on the reveise of you cheque to emute dispatch within 48 hours of tecepl OUR ADDRESS
• Watch totes as they unfold, three levels of highlights.
• Crashes, spins, pile ups, car failures, stop go penalties.
• Weather changes, fastest X record laps, make pit-stops.
• four independent levels ol difficulty
• Accurate and detailed graphics ol the teams, circuits etc.
• 15 teams, 2 can pet team, 50 drivers with varying skills
• Complete engine ond tyre contracts, sponsor
• Choose tyre compounds, train yout pit crew.
• tune yout engines, change wing settings.
ESP SOFTWARE DEPT | P0 BOX 557, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SSI 2NB England TEL (0I702) 600557 SPORTS RELATED PROGRAMS AND PROGRAMMERS WANTED FAX (01702) 613747
• Qualifying, 16 occurate championship circuits
• News section, reolistic sound FX, weather forecasts.
• load save games, statistics saved, latest FISA rules.
• Full drivers ond constructors championships TELEPHONE POSTCODE
24. 95 III
I ADDRESS Nick Veitch and Graeme Sandiford prove that three
isn't a crowd when they check out a trio of 3D graphics
effects packages. You'll soon be producing stunning images
with ease.
=* Q m * A IL 8 F f r; T js WaveilAaker m If you have spent a lot of your hard- earned money on a copy of Lightwave and have then found that you can't use it at all. There may be some help at hand.
Axiom Software's WaveMaket could solve all your problems. It is. In essence, an effects generator. It is to Lightwave what Stain is to DpmnL Generating flying logos on your own can be a pretty torturous affair. And the thought of setting up an Arrxx script to do it yourself is frightening. You would have to be very tightiisted - even to publisher standards - not to take advantage of Axiom's readymade solution.
WaveMakrrcomes with 16 preset scenes, ranging from the simple Hying on to the screen to a more complicated wrapping around a spinning globe affair.
There arc also disintegrations, colour slices and rolling bargraph displays, spooky fog effects and just about every other device you have ever seen on an American news channel.
First pick out the logo you want to use and load it in - the software automatically scales it to fit in the scene.
All you have to do now is to render it. Of course you can construct your own logo using the various In, Hold and Out motions available. You can even adjust the length of the sequence.
The only problem is that the Arrxx port of the unbundled version of Lightwave is slightly different from the old version that was in the Video Toaster. This means you cannot take control of the software remotely, but you can still generate scenes and render them later.
WaveMaker h a quick and easy way Once WaveMaker has generating otherwise tricky effects, done its stuff, it can , , and vou can easily use the generated save the results as a Lightwave scene file. Scenes as a base for creating entirely However, it is best different animations. 'If used at the same time as Lightwave so the two can pass information back and forth between them.
MMIVUrHL I UNCN Axiom DISTRIBUTOR Axiom 0101 612 894 0596 PRICE $ 249.45 (approx £166) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Lightwave. WB2.0 “Wavemaker is extremely useful, very powerful and quite good value to boot.” 90% Essence 3 I can remember my fourth year maths teacher trying to convince the class that maths was actually fun and how quadratic equations and algorithms would prove to he very useful later on in life. 'Yeah... right', I thought at the time. However, it seems that the old codger was right, complicated forms of mathematics such as fractals are very much in vogue at the moment, and Essence makes
use of algorithms to produce its wonderful textures.
Essence 3 is actually a number of things rolled into one. First of all it includes the Essence 1 collection of textures and an updated version of volume 2 that will now work with Imagine 2.9and 3.II. The textures can be used to produce stunning images and emulate real-world phenomenons such as fire. What's more the textures can be animated. These are two excellent produces, but they can only be used with Imagine and it can take a while to find out how they will appear when rendered.
Jumbo freeing the creative side of your brain to get on with producing stunning images. Forge can be used to generate a preview of an Essence texture or attribute.
I sing the software's settings you can control the light sources and either view the texture on a flat plane or mapped on lo a sphere. You can even preview an animated texture, mix and match textures and receive an immediate impression of how they will appear.
This is where the package's third component comes in more than handy.
Enrge is a wonderful program that cuts through all the mathematical mumbo- Once you have revelled enough in how you have managed to harness mathematical forces that would make the bravest of bald-headed men cower, you can either save the results as an attribute file or render them as a IFF, JPEG or TIFF file.
Being able lo render files means the textures can Ik- used with other 3D packages such as Lightwave.
Essence 3 is an ideal little package for anyone who takes their 3D graphics seriously and it greatly expands the market for the textures. 'Zf Apex Software
• J ki i kiTi Meridian Software 0181 543 3500 PRICE £99.95 SYSTEM
REQUIREMENTS FPU. 2Mb RAM and a hard disk “Algorithms have
never looked so good. Essence 3 is worth every penny.” 89%
Sparks Particles are in fact, jolly useful. A particle is
simply a little blob, a single-dimensional object, a point in
space and time. Great, you think, so I can include
characterless blobs in all my pictures, how incredible.
Ah yes, but they are vetx useful, especially when trying to generate effects like log, smoke, snow or rain, and of course sparks.
Lightwave and Imagine 3.0 both include particle systems, but while both of these programs enable you to add particles to your scenes, they don't go out ol their way to help you use them. The difficulty is that if you are dealing with particles for an effect like rain, you are going to use quite a lot of them. Even with straight, top to bottom rain, where the motion path is very- simple, you have to do a lot of work.
That is where Sparks can help out. It is To get ,he best out ot Sparks it should be run alongside Lightwave, so a separate program, designed lo control that data can be passed between the two programs using macros. This Lightwave through macro commands. Each one 9rabs ,b* positions ot the points so they can be replaced by particles.
Lightwave scene is then generated, which you can just load into Lightwave and render at your convenience.
Be warned that rendering a large number of particles is very slow, certainly a vawnmaker. You can measure rendering times by the number of times leaves sprout on trees, turn yellow, then brown and drop oil . However, they are the only way to get realistic effects like fireworks, rain, snow, noxious gasses, smoke, jet thrusters and all sorts of other things. O
• i Ki ;l Premier Vision 0171 721 7050 PRICE £140 SYSTEM
REQUIREMENTS Lightwave, WB2.0 “Sparks can really make sparks
fly, and rain, and snow, and dust and smoke and...” particle
can be controlled by the software to react to abstract forces
such as gravity and wind.
88% Sparks works in conjunction with Lightwave, but it can also generate scenes on its own. The basic process is to generate a number of points in the modeller, and pass their spatial co-ordinates on to Sparks.
The points are then assigned to particles, and any movement or interaction is calculated over a series of frames. A ZAPPO AMIGA 1200 CD ROM DRIVE Buy Today-Ray w 6 Months This must be the ultimate offer!! Order any Indi advertised products with a total value of over C100. Use them for 6 months and then pay today’s normal Indi Price, LIMITED EDITION PACK . All you have to do is fill in our application form and subject to status the products will be on there way to you. At the end of the 6 month period you will be asked whether you wish to have extended credit from 6 to 60 Months* or pay for
your goods in full and without any charges - the choice is yours. Initially you will be asked to choose an extended credit period, however this can be changed to a different payment period or 6 months interest free payment in full.
29. 8% "Wluitrvcr sour Cl) ROM m i lls, the Zap Indi direct Mail
is original and very exciting. Before you buy mail order you
must first be confident that you will receive the product
you've ordered and that the supplier will soil be there in
the fijture. Should you need them.
A mail order purchase from INDI is a safe and secure decision and here s With a group turnover approaching DO million per annum. INDI have die resources and the purchasing power to offer you die best deals, deliver them next day nation wide and always be around when you need us.
Express Cheque Clearance iply write your cheque guarantee card number, name and address on the back of your cheque and we will normally be able to despatch your order the day that we receive your cheque Cheques, received without a cheque guarantee card number, will normally clear within a maximum 7 working days Customer Care Department he substantial volume of sales calls comming into our office has I resulted in delays in the crucial area of customercarc.
To ensure that all customer queries are handled speedily and efficiently a new customer care department has been established. Our new department will be happy to assist you on their new number.
0543 419921 CJTl rt jlor sfas why. Indi is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now eleventh year of trading and specialismgin the supply of computer products.
With a group turnover approaching DO million per annum, INDI have tlx AMIGA CD » Limited Edition Plugs into the PCMCIA Slot of the Amiga 600 & 1200 the Smart Stor Plus has its own 12V supply and is ready to go Excellent build quality at an amazing price.
The New Zappo Smart Stor provides games and data portability never before available to the Amiga 60C and 1200 owner Simply slip into the PCMCIA Slot on your Amiga and you have access to 20Mb of Smart Storage. Want to run your Stored Games or Data on a friends Amiga, no problem, simply unplug the Smart Stor and you have Total Portability Fully configured Superfasc Access 12 Months Warranty 30 Mb Drives have come down so Indi pass the advantage on to 261 Mb £ I 95."
528Mb £314."
Zappo External Floppy Drive You've seen all the reviews on this popular and affordable second Amiga drive Compatible with all AmigasQuality 9 out of 10 Exceptional value for money. Amiga Computing ¦" Amiga Format July 1994 SX1 EXPANSION MODULE Expansion Options Black Keyboard Zappo Floppy Drive Order today and fill in our credit application form. Choose a payment period from 6 - 60 Months and you will soon be using your SX-1 for 6 months for nothing.
The Amazing SX - I Module simply slots into the back of your Amiga CD32and a whole world of expansion opens up for you Add a keyboard, floppy drive or even fit a superfast hard drive. Instantly your CD32 is no mere console, it's a real computer.
FREE FRED FISH SX-1 Super Bundle SX-I Ex pansion Module Black Keyboard Zappo Floppy Drive SX-I Expansion Module TEL: 0543 4 I 9 999 FAX: 4 I 8 079 u FREEPHONE 0800 444220 for your FREE Amiga Driver Disk Please note all Panasonic Dot - Matrix printers are supplied with TRACTOR FEED, FREE OF CHARGE. Other Companies I can charge approximately £50 extra for this feature.
Announcing the NEW Panasonic KX-P2I35 A 24 Pin Quiet colour printer, designed for those who need low cost professional quality output, giving all your documents and presentations eye catching colour. The NEW KX- P2I35 incorporates a 20 page built in sheetfeeder, a flat belt push tractor feed to facilitate | easy loading together with a noise level of only 46.5dBa (43.5dBa in super quiet mode) I The Panasonic KX - P 2135 comes wttw a eunr in Auto Cut Sheet Feeder OfHoiyl Worth £50 FREE * 2000 Sheets ofConunuous Paper * S00 A4 sheets of paper * Cable * 2 piece printer stand ' * Windows 5.1
driver A | A ~ T I Kl mm I w Option 2 Worth £50
V. 0' FRE * Quiet Printing 46.5 dBa - 43.5 dBa SQ Mode Multiple
font capabilities induding 3 draft and 7 letter auality
Tractor feed 2 paper paths 7 Colour pnndng 250 cps Draft
Micron. 83 cps LQ I Year Wa Panasonic Panasonic i :?:«! JI (71
9 - pin narrow carnage 240CPS, 38 CPS NLQ 7 Fonts Paper
pariong _ I Year Warranty This quality 9-pin mono dot matrix
printer represents excellent value for money.
14. 99 Printer Accessories Specially tailored quality dust cover
for the Panasonic KX-2123 DnnteriNDI PRICE *8.99
5) nter Stand
- 2 Piece printer stand INDI PRICE £9.99
3) Paper Pack
• 500 sheets of quality A4 paper INDI PRICE £9 99 000 sheets
|JPart paperlNDI PRICE £19.99
- *?o be used when connecting Amiga to Panasonic printers INDI
PRICE £8 99 ttPanuonii Coloui Ribbon
• Colour ribbon for KX-P2I23INDI PriCE £1 2.99
7) Panasoni' Bi.uk Ribbon ' ick nbbon for KX-P2I23INDI PRICE £6
99 Do You Own An Amiga A1500 A2000 A3000 Or A4000
Panasonic KX - P4400 2091 SCSI Controller Card 6 6 Roms for
use in the A4000 Upto 2Mb of 16 bit dips can be fitted Any
3.5'' SCSI Hard Drive can be fitted install software for SCSI
Hard Drive Any other standard SCSI device can be added Tape
streamer SCSI Scanner External Hard Drive Ik] ?
4 pages per minute of laser quality outp multi purpose paper tray A4. Letter, legal I Mb Ram expandable to 5 Mb 1600 . , , litmapped fonts £374.99 New Low PnceDE Internal Hard Drives . . . __ i expandable I Year On Site Warrant- HP Laserjet IIP W, Indi can now offer top quality 2.5" Internal Hard Drives for the Amiga 600 and 1200 at unbeatable prices. All drives come complete with cable and installation software.
130Mb 15" Internal HD s £214.99 £229.99 Panasonic KX-P4410 Laser Printing 5 pages per minute • 28 resident fonts Optional 2nd input bin (total printer capacity 2x200 sheets) Low running costs Parallel Interface Optional memory expansion to 4.5 Mb (0.5 Mb as standard) HP laserjet II emulation Including Superprint 24 Months On - Site MBX 1230 XA 50 MhzI Amiga Replacement 50 Mhz 68030 & MMU I Floppy Drives £374.99 , i i x Low cost hi spec digital eflects cartridge plugs into the printer port of die Amiga Allows stereo I sampling from almost any muskaJ source INDI PRICE £26.99 Take T wo
Animation package is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of all ages. As used in Rolf Harris Cartoon Club. INDI PRICE £34.99 iiiga I 7 The ultimate low cost colour digitiser for the Amiga "the best value full |colour digitiser on the market".- Amiga Format. INDI PRICE £69.99 I Rombo Vidi An wa 12 (RT) i Based on the best selling Vidi Amiga 12. This all new version offers real time colour capture from any | video source. Full AGA chipset support as standard for all AI200 A4000. INDI PRICE £1 29.99 For the more serious user, this 24 - bit version will again capture from any video source
with true photo realistic images! A staggering 16.8 million colours can be utilised with incredible results. Full AGA chipset support.INDI PRICE £219.99 Opal Vision Mainboard | The Opal Vision Mainboard includes Opal Paint, Opal Animate, Opal Presents and Opal Hotkey.
| The best sellung Real Time professional Video Titling software Features Real Time font scaling, ssing and shadowing, colour spreads and transparency effects with an effective resolution nanosecond. Its many image processing capabilities include translucency blending, image positing and beveled boxes. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the ultimate in high quality 24 - bn titling for OpalVisron and the Amiga.
Embossing and shadowing, c compositing £349.
99 New KXP4400 Ultra - Compact LED Page Printer ,the printer that fits virtually anywhere. Ultra small footprint (12.7cm x 38.8cm x
29. 4cm ex trays) At under 6.5 kg this pnncre travels with you.
, They also feature energy efficient power save.
Output 100 sheet.
' and executive) copies per toner Rombo Audio Visual Products Allows your A1200 to run 1.52 Cjs times faster than a A4000 I 030 4 Easy trap door installation (No soldering required) Fast RAM upgradable to 128 Mb (72 pin 32 bit) On board battery backed clock Does not interfere with PCMCIA port 50mhz £199.99 50mhz +50mhz FPU £229.99 170Mb 15" Internal HD's Amiga 500 500+ Amiga 600 1200 £34.99 Trapdoor upgrade for the Amiga
600. 5I2K. INDI PRICE £19 . £69.99 Commodore 601 AlpaScan - Plus
256 Greyscale A Alea Colour 2S4K Colour Hano Scanner PLEASE
2) .
3) Price + Delivery I enclose cheque PO for £ or charge my
Access I Visa No -Expiry .. ...... .Signature Name
. Address
.. £ 129.99
Scoop Purchase Top Quality 100% Error Free BULK DISKS 50 Disk
Pack £ 12.99 Disk Labels 500 Pack £4.99 Daytime Tel TEL: 0543
419 999 FAX: 418 079 This Superb A4 Amiga Scanner voted "Amiga
Shopper Best Buy", arrives complete with Merge IT and
Micrograph OCR Software. Merge IT allows the simple, quick
merging of two on-screen images and Micrograph OCR turns our
Amiga into an efficient text reading system. Amiga 5001500
plus A6001A1200 A 1500 '2000 3000 4000 Minimum I Mb memory
Minimum 2Mb memory & a Hard Disk to run OCR option. Kickstart.
Workbench ft.2 or higher with OCR Software Optical Character
recognition allows you to edit Scanned Documents.
Perfect for Word Processing Applications Althascan nus 256 Greyscale EXPCRTNUPBB5 TEL (44)543 419999 FAX (44)543 418079 NEW!
FROM THE PUBLISHER OF AMIGA FORMAT ULTIMATE goiide The to guitar technique and technology Each issue contains In depth product reviews - choose the best new gear MM Technique tutorials ¦¦I get the most from your guitar Ml Equipment tested - MM hear the difference NEW!
* FROM THE muBfl ¦ MAKERS Of HOB teJ TOTAL Robert Fripp ,
Soundftcape man String 'em up!
Pro .triaging tip.
Fuzz pedals 16 of the best PflPkfiP Fly. The guitar of the future?
Old V new: vintage guitars versu- re-issues - can you hear the difference?
? Your questions answered - take your playing- to the limit ¦H Your demos reviewed Kfl - see what our experts think Sub-£550 electric-acoustics on test And much, much more____ PRICE JUST P7 C(1 PER ISSUE 16 TOP HENDRIX LICKS TO LEARN HENDRIX DEAR YOU MUST BUY PUIS! OH CO AMD INSIDE The most in-depthm jev C* 25 pages of new and 'classic kit testecrand rated The best tutorial section From novice to expert, from jazz to rd . We’ve got the lot PLUS! COVER CD with every issue PON T miss IT!
First issue on sale Thursday lOth November Vidkn Backup SyjzJmCi BACK-UP SYSTEM DECEMBER 1 994 Jason Holborn investigates a new package designed to alleviate the stress of backing up your hard drive.
Hard drives are wonderful things but they can also be a source of frustration if they develop rcad-writc errors.
Programs like Ami-Hack 7'W.vand Upprr Disk Tools allow you to save much of your data in the event of a hard disk crash, hut why risk losing valuable data at all- The logical answer is to back up your hard disk on a regular basis so that when the unthinkable happens, you at least have a copy of all your important programs and liles. Unfortunately, most ol us relish the- thottght of backing up a hard drive to floppy disks with the same enthusiasm as driving a truck over our beloved Amigas.
Dutch Amiga developers l.vppens Software Productions (I.SP) have provided a solution with the release of version 3.0 of their acclaimed Vidro Backup System. TBS allows you to back up the contents of your hard disk to tape. Unlike other systems, however. V JV doesn't rely on an expensive tape streamer - instead it uses a domestic video recorder and a VI IS video tape.
Two versions of TBS are available to cater for the different types of connectors on domestic video recorders - older VC.Rs use phono connectors but newer ones use the very unfriendly SCART connector.
Two types of back-up system are offered - floppy and file. Floppy back-up is handy if you have a large collection of floppy disks that you want to back up - VBS simply transfers each disk to video tape on a track by track basis. File back-ups are more usef ul if you're backing up a hard disk drive although it also works on floppy disks and even files held in the RAM disk.
TBS'lets vou c hoose w hich files are backed SPEED • •• Backing up a large hard disk does take a very long time but at least you don't have to constantly swap disks.
MANUAL • • • • A well-written and easy-to-follow tome that provides all the essential information required to get the program up and running.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Once you've wired everything up, VBS is very straightforward to use.
Up if you don't want to stream the disk’s contents to tape en masse.
Once you’ve told I BS what to bac k up.
It transfers the information to video tape.
To help you identify which video tapes contain what files. IBS' records a visual header on to the tape which displays the name of the back-up. When it was created and from where. Restoring information is just as easy and. Thanks to some clever DISTRIBUTOR Power Computing 01234 273000 PRICE £59.95 VIDEO FEATURES • • • • The original VBS was great but version
3. 0 is even better.
VALUE • • • • Rather expensive considering the simplicity of the included leads but.
For peace of mind alone. VBS is worth every penny.
“If you own a hard disk-based Amiga, then VBS 3.0 should be at the top of your Christmas list.” error checking algorithms. IBS' ensures that none of your data is lost.
The only problem with VBS is that it takes ages to back up and restore a hard disk volume. Even when using IBS's best compression system, throughput is limited to around 130Mb per hour. Unlike backing up to floppy, however, you can leave TBS’ to get on with it. Minor gripes aside. TBS
3. 11 is a must for all hard disk owners. ~J At SoftWood we have
...we don't just rest on them!
TheSofiWood Advantage... Xow. As others are just slaning lo add similar features, saying they're revolutionary'. Pinal W riter extends the innovation furlher inlbpastDraiv Plus'" ¦ adding ei vn faster and more functional options, including a new rotate command Pinal W riter Release 2 is again leading the way with the Introduction of TouchTools'" and PowerUser Bar'" technologies these features gin- the user a definable area ai the lop of each document window where up lo eight "one-touch~ button strips cun Ik- configured Each sinp contains easily cus- lomisahle sets of functions giving instant
access to all the major commands features - with a simple click of the mouse’ there is eten a set of buttons allowing one- touch selections of font style and size plus variations including Plain. Bold. Italic and Underline' It's no wonder uv've melted lop reviews rulings arul awards from all the leading magazines All tradf"kiri air at bum If J ted oftWood Direct Price:£49.95 When your software repeatedly uitts the highest accolades in m iens worldwide, what do you dor W ork even harder to stay ahead of coarse! Final W riter Release 2 is the latest result of our intensitv detel- opment - it s
erett easier to use. And eten more powerful It’s the Ik-si then- is. And it’s designed for those who expect the most from their Amigas. But. If you don 1 hare a hard drive system, don I despair, ue can still help At SoftWood we offer you a choice of two Word Processor Page Publishing packages.
Ilul why TWO:' Well, this means that whatever specification Amiga you have. SoftWood hate the perfect solution for your n-iiuin-ments - and always the most powerful possible for your system. Final Copy II is at the teak of what can Ik-achieved when miming with twin floppies, it ’s not possible to offer more without losing performance. Final W riter is the fits! And only hard drive compulsory Amiga word processor; the only package that doesn I make compromises to he floppy compatible!
Pinal Copy II tupgradable lo Pinal Writer as your needs groin and Pinal Writer are the only uvrdprocessors that aSi giivyouPerfectPrinl'" it ttnupie printing advantage giving silky 1 a agfgsS smooth Industry Standard Adalx-"’ 1 '-zfjfr-! Apt’ I or Si mints (J scalable 1 outline fonts direct to any printer 1 -S-SixttjrfsFzsrf leten dot matrix and ink jet I. in ¦* bothlamlccapeandp-nrait tubers ¦ use a reslncltt e and unnecessary jumble of different fonts with complex drnx-r programs for outputting to Jo lariaus printers The hunch of Pinal Copy II introduced Fas Draw"1 - a Special set
of structured druuvtg tools for constructing lines, borders, arrows, circles 11c directly on the page.
Amiga Shopper... PinalIt nler is ibe ckaest Ibiny lo Mi.niaft tint Iv appear on ibe Amiga Amiga Computing.. Pinal Opiyll inert Hen DlJ-nktug,- Amiga Shopper... 'If mr ihc-n- uas a gi.d rnomi lobuy a hard dmefor your .tm«u final U nlirls ihai rni»« .tm«u tint Processing has come nfageuab Pinal Wnur Amiga Fermat- final Copy II k The Hest Word Publisher Amiga Pro... In companion no Wontumib.il. final B nler i diet slid and relubte and is a damn aw more usabi Amiga User International... final Writer is 'apemrfd pnpmm that produces enceOem residis' Amiga Computing... final Wnrerls 'easily the most
configurable Amina Wpeter’ CU Amiga... final
- i nter it the 'most pouvrfid iP eier lo grace the Amiga Amiga
Format... 'I'd pf for final Writer mer iurilnortb III - Final
Writer is a joy to use' Final Writer, extendimimot-ation...
“What the Papers Say...'’ ?
The Highest Ac T' ttaiila Our word processors go beyond simply producing normal letters and diK liments, at w hich they naturally excel, and progress into a world where "how the whole document looks" is just as important as "what it say s’ Admittedly, this can he achieved w ith Desk Top Publishers - Inn they're not so easily used as word processors. Especially when a good looking letter needs creating quickly - they're far too cumbersome. Pinal Copy Hollers the perfect balance lietwecn the two requirements... Pa.se and speed of use. W ith total control over the perfect printed pre-
sentatii in.
Complete control over how documents look, now you have it at your ringer tips on your Amiga! Features include: Fasti)raw" (on-screen draw ing tools lor use w ith the generation of borders, boxes and lines or arrows at any angle I. Multiple New spaper Style snaking columns.
PerfectPrinl1" (the unique ability to use Post Script1'1 outline fonts on absolutely any printer in either portrait or landscape) and Text Auto Flows around graphic objects p£ and imported.pictures I placed anywhere, scaled or cropped) with the highest print quality Text can also be printed mer graphic's’ Its features like these that explain why there are some professional magazines, w ith 200+ pages, that are produced entirely with Pinal Copy III Publishers, and many others, have quickly discovered that.
No other Amiga Word Processor in the same category, and at such a competitive price, has all the capabilities Filial Copy it users have always taken for granted! Isn't it time for y ou SoftWood Direct., .thebest software at the best price.. .Order HELP OS MEMORY: Our products are the most economical in their use of memory. Like others, ue quote the minimum memory required lo load our software but we also like lo make il clear lhal all our Laurels... §?§& VvvV Lsi.B 100 Clip Art files and 120 Fonts... received free. Thev tn'il t a"0Wt-r word Processor rh,F* aml avai,ilb%.
How much "*need “Mode! Once they hadJJ ** *’"*,ime
- Or had found ii the I software worts first We listen to feedbac
k from °ur users.. with our BY PHONE 01 773 521606 BY FAX 01
773 831040 SoftWi . . - r °E-uers., Please raUfor amf o 73 O
system RAM required).
Ti mal Clip An as Siqplusl Initial(s): Surname: And... if you ow n a PostScript printer Final Writer is the only word processor with a set of output options including scaling, crop marks, thumbnails, and half- toning.
Combine features like Aliexx Macros and Text Clips™, with others new to Final Writer including floating palettes and UNDO REDO (on text, formatting anti graphics actions) - and you have Final Writer Release 2.
County (Country if overseas): Postcode: 73 Daytime telephone:_______________________Evening telephone o 73 Hotline 01 773 521606 Expiry Date: [_ inn Htirerwas launched Iasi year with ihe power user in mind. Ii is the Amiga’s only Hard Drive compulsory word processor neither performance nor features have heen compromised to maintain compatibility with floppy drive only systems As well as having a unique list of features for the author of longer documents and publications - automatic indexing, table of illustrations, table of contents and bibliography generation • Final Writer with it-
TexlBlocks u was the first word processor to put a character (or group of characters) anyw here on the page, at any si e and any angle. It offers a virtually unlimited ability lor effects w ith graphics mill text Icist like Final Copy II. I:iml H rj rralso includes PcrfectPrint1 u and has a set of tools lo create structured graphics w ith FastDraw Plus™ (now with additional functionality that includes new Styles i ie Font. Font Si e. Text Position. Bold. Italic. 1 ndcrline etc I and layout Options t left, right, centre or justified, bullets, line spacing, indents etc The options you have
through single button selections are nothing less than remarkable! Index’d, one magazine heralded these as the closest thing to Microsoft Word . To appear on the Amiga"! Also uniquely. Final Wrmrcan import, scale, crop v icw on screen and ¦ output sinulured PostScript I Ps elip .irt images iwe supply a
• • • y hundred free w ith the package) lo any printer ( 2mb
options like rotation). And... you can also access features
unique to SoftWood with both the Touch Tools™ K Pow crl ser Bar
” 'one-touch' technologies. Simply clicking' a button, means
you can define, change and save sue It things as the ‘Paragraph
cy -lien lud another t couldn'i .see the need I m‘W ™'' Jnd m‘W
lively lht,. -J"2 (7««- a"« ha' dbW” counter SEJS *"* ** **
rf mean »J and **• each n,„t. J 7Priws' “ -ba- n"‘n'k
dun”‘:'“SSo' y,,U" ,K'dd*h.ed « hen you've decided von - . ? °f
our da™'. We ll give * p,on,isi‘ ' x you'll Oualifv for
,:r... lomPll,'dy happy, bv simni .7 u your money back.'
: 01 773 521606 Introducing - SoftW opWonsoJ tea, „f ,housands of
• •* % that thev ¦; T- results were ow«* i “T **" for'hri « no(
buying hinalQpynoi with many
• **•« qualify forfi Z™™, happy. Hy .simpler mone7 back!
BY POST ...to the address below ‘ "cst Possible . NCT clarSed' “"fie Software at the Best Possible and we act on it'We re « Issue No.lSwitch Cards Only): Writer much sooner!
- wwi Facsii Hut have consistendy '*« numh» one . ,he‘V'““ T "
Jod h"““ **r hme. Every fintei • bKb[ hwn the day of
Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ payable lo SoftWood
Products Europe... iaicTd PLEASE RETURN TO: SojtWood Products
Europe. New Street. Alfrclon. Derbyshire DESS 7BP pleast Tck
graphical sojluare requires more memory dependent on the
Junctions being used. Video Options Card In the few short
years that Lola Marketing have been trading, they have rapidly
established themselves as a real force in the UK desktop video
market. Lola's first loray into the Amiga video market was
with their MiniGen genlock, a budget-priced genlock that
achieved an impressive 78 per cent in our round-up of genlocks
in Issue 64. For more advanced video users. Lola also have the
MiniPro which offers better picture quality, full fade
controls and a sturdy case for just £149. This little beauty
earned an even more impressive 82 per cent.
For a machine designed for video work, the A4000 is surprisingly video unfriendly. Jason Holborn thinks he may have found a card to make it more affable.
Lola's latest offering is something of a departure for the company because it's not a genlock. Despite this, Lola are still targeting video users with either an A2000 1500, A300O or an A1000.
The Lola Video Options Card is a small and unobtrusive device that plugs into the video slot of any big box Amiga.
Offering more video outputs than most ol us are ever likely to need, the card is particularly useful if you don't already have a genlock because it provides outputs for a selection of different video signal formats including RF modulated, colour composite and SATIS.
The first of these output formats. RF modulated, provides essentially the same output as the AI200’s IA' modulator. Some would argue that an RF output on an A1000 is about as useful as a hairdryer in a hurricane, but think about it - if you're using your A1000 lor public presentations, what better way of displaying the video output from your Amiga than on a large T ? OK, so most modern lA's can handle RGB signals fed to them through a SCART socket but what do you do if the TV doesn't have a SCART connector?
Although RF may not offer the best picture quality, it s good to have it as a fallback.
The Options Card provides three separate composite video outputs which - although nothing special if you're using an A2000 or an A3000 - A4000 owners should Ik- particularly pleased with.
Even if you do have an A2000 or an .VMM 10. The Option ( Aid's outputs have one major advantage over Commodore's own video efforts - they're in lull colour.
Quite win Commodore saw lit to make the composite outputs on these two machines monochrome delies logic. Once again.
These connectors provide considerable potential for public presentations, although I'm not sure that 1 would trust those llimsy phono connectors (BN’C. Plugs make so much more sense).
Finally, we come to the Option Card’s last output which is probably the most useful of them all - SuperVI IS. SA'I IS support isn't of great use to most video users but if von own either a television or a video recorder capable of accepting video in die higher resolution S-VI IS format, the Options Card is an absolute boon. SA'I IS compatibility is perhaps the Option Card’s greatest asset as. For the price, no other device comes close. The cheapest alternative is a dedicated SA'I IS genlock and that would set von back around £250.
DISTRIBUTOR Lola Marketing 01858 880182 PRICE £150 FEATURES • • • • Three composite outputs, and RF output and S-VHS compatibility - what more could you want?
MANUAL • • • • The process of installing the Options Card is explained in clear and easy-to- follow steps.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Connecting the card to your A4000 is simplicity itself.
Lola’s Video Options (and is an impressive piece of kit that achieves its aims admirably, but I can't help thinking that anyone who would need such a product would probably be better oil going for a genlock.
OK. So a decent genlock costs you more (especially if it's a SuperVI IS model), but at least vou have the advantage ol video overlay. And. If you're intending to perform any son of video work, a dedicated genlock would provide greater flexibility.
There's no doubt that the Video Options Curd is a good product but its market is severely limited. If vou don’t need the extra capabilities of a full-blown genlock, the Options Card provides a viable alternative.
VALUE • • • Rather overpriced unless you desperately need S-VHS compatibility.
If you don't, buy a genlock instead.
“The Video Options Card provides a no- nonsense set off good quality video outputs.” 75% all V theXX top T offers the games people play all V theVX top releases want tor from Future Zone!
I rr BaiiJ An htpr. To Su«dPe 7« (X Tar ¦ iijJ'l £19.99 + latest games + greatest offers + over 100 stores nationwide + for your nearest store ’phone: 0891 332288 GAMES CENTRE the uk’s nn. 1 specialist in computer and video games AMIGA SUPPLIES 01448 833393 CALL 01448 833393 CALL 01448 833393 CALL 01448 833393 f A1200 MEMORY Hawk Range Maximise the power of your A1200 and be ready to fulfil the full potential of the new generation of powerful software Supports upto 8Mb of FAST RAM and the powerful 68882 Co I processor With battery bocked dock calender facility Simply I plugs in trap door
AMIGA 1200 All our Hard Drives are preformatted and partitioned, complete with cable, fitting instructions and setup software 20 Mb Hard Drive £85 40 Mb Hard Dnve £109 60 Mb Hard Drive £ 124 85 Mb Hard Drive 127 Mb Hord Drive 250 Mb Hard Drive 340 Mb Hard Dnve Superb Xtra Value Packs includes on sit warranty, free software and mouse mat.
No Hord Drive £279 85 Mb Hord Drive £422 £467 120Mb Hord Drive £469 £5 14 250Mb Hard Drive £489 £534 340Mb Hard Dnve £519 £564 540Mb Hard Dnve £599 £644 hlhng ic:e rtdldM UK wide docv K door count coHectton ond delivery only CIS fan 08882 Co Processors 20Mhi C24 33Mhz £59 40Mhi £79 50M,x £119 Hawk I Mb no FPU £96 Hawk 2 Mb no FPU £136 Hawk 4 Mb no FPU £194 Hawk 8 Mb no FPU £374 540 Mb Hord Dlive £269 li $ obleOrily , I Gigabyte Hord Drive £599 MONITORS MODEMS A1200 CD-ROM AJI our modems are complete with AMIGA ond PC communication software cobles 2 year warranty and fAX capability Faxlink
2400 9600 FAX bps C69 Fashnk )4 4Kbps rv32t»s MNP I $ e*jf 129 Fo**l92(ipV32BboM*16*i C199 A?
Philips 8833 Mk II £214 Philips Mtr Scarf £189 Multi Sync High Res Microvitec 1438 £284 with Stereo Sound CD32 Kodal compatible Plugs into PCMCIA port Dual Speed Reads CD32. PCIIS096O0).
Audio ond Moc HFSl Cds [ COMPACT DIGITAL AUDIO £1 39.
INTERNET THE COMPLETE REFERENCE The most comprehensive guide available includes mote thon 750 resources plus 7 MONTHS i me *ccess »wiWNfr o£23.95 MULTI SYNC COLOUR 0.28 PITCH MONITORS Proiesfoootty refurbished With stereo wit display All Amiga graphics modes £194 _ FLOPPY DRIVES A500 A1200 High Quality External Drive £54 A500 Internal Replacement Floppy Drive £36 l A1200 Internal Replacement Floppy Dnve £42 WORKSTATIONS Converts your Amiga into a professional work centre Allows your Monitor TV Extemal Drives Midi Interface Genlocks etc to sit above your Amiga saving desk space, in a similar k
foshion to IBM PC's A500 £29 A600 £26 A J 200 £29 .
MEMORY A500 0 5 Meg £12 A600 I Meg £34 A500 0 5 Meg * Clock £14 A600 I Meg * Clock £39 A500 1 5 Meg £79 PCMCIA 2 Meg £108 A500 plus 1 Meg £29 PCMCIA 4 Meg £158 SPECIAL OFFER 4500 2 Mb ChipMemory only £124 I Mb Simm A4000 £27 I Mb by 8 9 Simm £34 2Mb Simm A4000 £69 1Mb by by 4 ZIPS £19 4Mb Simm A4000 £128 256K by 4 Dll £5 8Mb Simm A4000 £259 SPECIAL OFFER A 1200 Clock Calender only £17 POWER PACKS More powerful than the original A500 £39 CD32 £42 A1200 £39 - 4390 £42
L. A600 £39 y GVP £42 SCANNERS Power Scanner V4 j Power Scanner
V4 * OCR Power Colour V4 Flat Bed Scanners £116 £136 £236 v
SPARES Hi Resolution Denise 8373 £lt 8372 Fat Agnus £39 Gary
Chip Dll £17 Paula Chip Dll £19 A500 Modulator £33 1 RF fV
lead £4 Mouse £14 A1200 4000 600 chips Ccall Keyboard
replacements S parts CccsU Full range of leads also available
WORKBENCH & ROM SWAPPERS 2 04 KickStart Chip £19 1 3 KickStart
Chip £19 Automatic KickStart Switcher £10 2 04 KickStort *
Automatic Switcher £35 I 3 KickStart * Automatic Switcher £35
WorkBench Monuals + Discs £49 Complete Kit includes 2 04
KickStort Workbench Manuals * Discs CONSUMABLES Total Branded
DD Disks flOoff) Quality unbranded DD Discs (50ofi) £ 6 £15
Disc Box 50 Capacity Disc Box 100 Capacity Disk Box 200
Capacity Mouse Moi £ 3 Printer Paper (500 cut sheets, laser
quality) £ 5 Printer Paper (2000 sheet troctor feed) £ 1 •
Dust Covers A600 500 1200 Monitors £ 6 REPAIRS REPAIRS ( y A
Total sen ice from the professionals
1) Courier Collection UK wide available at only £7 50
2) All Repairs guaranteed for 90 days
3) Fully Trained Technicians
4) Professional Internal External Valet only £9.00
5) Courier Return Delivery only £5.00 6J Professional Maintenance
Contracts available
• j CaU Now on 01442 2JJJ93 lepatrt e«cfude complete
diive keyboard replacements A500 fully inclusive a I only
A1200 600 24000 Archimedes [All) Monitors Printers loll) PC‘s
all makes) SEGA Ninlendo Atari ST E MEGA Atari Falcon Jaguar
£39 95• from £15 00 from £15 00 from £15.00 bom £25.00 bom £
10.00 fixed price £44.95' bom £15 00 ’Wtt iuiviw Itin right
01442 233393 All prices Include VA T Educational Discounts
available Cheques should carry guarantee number on reverse So
Charge for Sormal Delivery TOTAL COMPUTER SUPPLIES LTD.
123 MARLOWS HEMEL HEMPSTEAD HERTFORDSHIRE HP1 IBB = % Multimedia Toolkit CD THE OFFICIAL AMOS PD LIBRARY ON COMPACT DISC f The Oflicul Amos PD Library ts «he lorgcM source of Amos rrLucd source code arxl programs m the world today. The bbran is run by txn & Anne Tucker and in endorsed by Europrrss Software, the publisher, of Amos jnd Amos Pro "Dun compart dbc certains the crtae bbruy from disk I to 620. Cacti one arranged m it's own directory and calakigued The disc contains m excess ot 33j000 files w*h over 1600 Am* source code files. 100 sprue hanks, 260 Ctol hanks, SOU sampkev numenxis
music tanks and so cial extensions »o .Amos & Amos Pro Workbench is also included as arc Pamci and Scmci to allow transfer of the contents nut a network frum both the CDTV and the CDC. This CD is truly a testament to the immense following that Amos and Amos Pro has achieved in the past few years and represents thousands of man hours of writing Amos code which will prove to be an invaluable source of help and tuition to the Amos user. The Amos PI) Library contains many games and Utilities which will prove interesting to the Amos user and non-Amos user alike. Imagine the entire contents of a PD.
Library on one CD. All this for only I is ONLY £ 19,95 FONTS CD A complete CD dedicated to Fonts for the Amiga range of computers. Also PC compatible. The following formats are catered for. Adobe. CG Fonts, Coloured. Postscript. Prodraw. IFF. PCX.
Pagestream, Truetype. Calamus and GDOS. Adding up to the most complete CD of Fonts for the Amiga ever. In total over 18,000 Files in 900 directories.
All ready to use and easily accessible in type directories.
• •assess•2 IlSIIKI R 3 I • a a 9 s « 8 •
• mmm* Compatible w ith all aiiiiiRiR k i It',' wi iifHSSHSSinS
ULTIIH4TE CD COLLECT 10 650 + games for the CD32. CDTV & Amiga
CD. Ready to run from a simple MENU system. 100% CD32
compatible. Also includes Assassins floppy disks 1 to 200
archived easily copied back to floppy. Workbench.
Parnet & Semet included.
Network CD £ 14.99 CD32 Cable £ 19.95 Parnet Cable £ 9.99 I Row landson Close Leicester Leics. LE4 2SE The Network CD seis up a link between a CDTV or 0)32 anil any other Amiga. The CD32 or CDI V avis as a remote drive for your Amiga, allowing access to the vast pool ol data available on CD Rom. I lie CD32 cable also available uses the AUX socket ol the CD32 and conies complete with a keyboard pass through, thus still maintaining the ability to connect FMV or SXI addons. Network CD sets up a Workbench environment and disables the reset function, allowing the CD to be changed and access to any
other ISO9660 CONTENTS Parnet & Semct Ncomm & Term Twin Express Fred Fish 8(H) to 975 Amos PD 478 to 603 74 Utility Disks PhotoCD Conversion 500 linages in 256 cols.
A double CD pack containing over 1.2 Gigabytes of musical and sounds data for the Amiga and IBM PC computers. It all adds up to the most complete collection of sounds on any platform and will form vital part of any musicians CD collection.
4600 Modules. 14.000 Amiga Samples 568 Sonix Scores & 4500 Instruments 302 Octamed Med Modules. 1190 Midi Files 1552 Voc & 642 Wav Samples Utilities for both Amiga & IBM PC Amiga and PC Compatible Launch your Amiga into a whole new world of software spanning hundreds of megabytes of CD-ROM storage Jason Holborn is your guide in our 7-page special Few developments in computer technology have caused the same astonishing impact as the CD-ROM drive. Although developments such as faster processors. 24-bit video cards and 32-bit operating systems have passed most users by without causing too much of
a storm, the CD-ROM format has revolutionised computer use.
A 0 IA ¦o in A P Before CD-ROM made its mark, programmers were forced to work to strict storage restrictions which severely limited what they could produce. The CD-ROM formal has changed all that. Costing k little more than a floppy disk to duplicate cn masse, programmers HL now have more than 600Mb of storage to play with on a single disc. This colossal capacity has allowed programmers to produce CD-ROM titles that couldn't even be squeezed on to most Amiga user's hard disks - encyclopedias, interactive Preference ‘books' and even entire PD libraries.
Multimedia finally came of age with the widespread k acceptance of the CD-ROM format and developers are now able to produce truly interactive reference works B that combine text, animation, sound, music, scanned B images and full motion video on a single disc. What's B more, the Amiga is still at the forefront of these B developments with the release of many quality CD- ROM multimedia titles. Kven if you have no interest in playing the large range of CD-ROM games available, there's an impressive array of CD-ROM titles for the more serious .Amiga user.
If you're a PD fan. For example, why pay £3 for a floppy disk containing just one title from a PD library when you could have the entire range for only £17 more?
Over the next five pages we'll introduce you to the hardware and software in the biggest ever AT guide to the w orld of CD. © W SNAP HAPPY CD A relatively new development in CD-ROM JBI technology is Kodak's PhotoCD format which ¦f allows you to transfer photographs on to a CD Wf Once you've got a disc filled with images, you can HH then use a PhotoCD reading program such as .; ,7 BlitterSoft's PhotoWorx to extract the pictures from the CD as bitmapped images. And because the images have been professionally scanned by Kodak.
Bv the image quality is excellent.
Most shops that offer photo development now |Ht also provide a PhotoCD transfer service - usually this wff costs about £5 for a blank CD with each image costing 7 around 40p to transfer on to the CD (although this price fluctuates according to the complexity of your B requirements). Each PhotoCD disc can hold a maximum of y 100 PhotoCD images. OK, so you might not want to transfer 100 photos in one go but the bods at Kodak have managed to solve this problem too.
By multisession discs, any additional Tf photos can be 0 HI A HI s OB HI * o 0 u transferred on to an existing PhotoCD disc fairly easily. If you want to be able m to a multisession PhotoCD I disc however, you must make B|1 B ’¦(A sure that your CD-ROM drive is XA al.l "tt ' V*»E.
(multisession) compatible.
Commodore's A570 CD-ROM drive for the A500 isn’t PhotoCD compatible, for | example, but the CD” and the entire who necds an expensive 24-bit colour scanner range of A1200 CD-ROM drives can read when you can pay Boots to put high-quality multisession PhotoCD discs. Images on to a PhotoCD?
Zappo CD-ROM £199 ¦ Indi Direct ¦ 01543 419999 the OverDrive PCMCIA hard drive), the Zappo CD- ROM provides A1200 owners with a double speed, multisession CD-ROM drive capable of running most CD32 games.
What attracted many A1200 owners to the Zappo CD-ROM drive (apart from its CD32 Exclusively reviewed in Issue 62 of Amiga Format, Indi's Zappo CD-ROM drive is selling like hot cakes. So much so, that it's probably done more to kick-start the Amiga CD-ROM market than any other product. Developed by French hardware wizards Archos Developments (the team behind .
The Zappo's impressive specifications cover every CD-ROM requirement.
Apart from the separate software boot disk, getting up and running is easy.
VALUE • • • « £200 for a double speed, multisession drive that runs CD32 games is great value.
“In terms of value and performance, nothing comes close to the Zappo CD-ROM drive.” 82% compatibility) was the fact that unlike Commodore's planned CD1200 drive, the Zappo drive doesn't occupy the A1200's trapdoor slot (effectively making it impossible to add additional 32-bit Fast RAM and maths coprocessors to the machine). Instead, the Zappo drive connects to the A1200's PCMCIA port leaving the trapdoor free to add further expansion via the trapdoor slot.
All of the software required to get the Zappo drive up and running is provided with the unit.
Archos include software which emulates the CD32's Akiko chip and a dedicated device driver for accessing CD-ROM discs from the Workbench.
Also included are both PhotoCD and CD audio utilities. Although still not 100 per cent compatible with all CD32 games, the Zappo CD- ROM drive is still just about the best dedicated Amiga CD-ROM drive currently available.
Gasteiner CD1200 A4000 CD32 £65 ¦ Gasteiner ¦ 0181 345 6000 However, BSC, the German developers of the CD1200 interface, have since released a software upgrade for the CD1200 which provides it with full CD32 compatibility. Version 2 of the CD1200 driver software fully emulates the workings of the CD32's Akiko chunky to planar chip allowing games such as Microcosm to work perfectly when used with a suitable double-speed drive (the Mitsumi FX-001D, basically).
Gasteiner can provide an externally cased drive for £239.
Although the Gasteiner CD1200 performs perfectly well, it loses marks because of its rather high price. The drive plus interface would set you back almost £270. The build quality of the externally-cased CD-ROM drive also leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the Zappo CD-ROM drive.
Hot on the heels of the Zappo CD-ROM drive, Gasteiner were quick to release their CD1200 controller for the A1200. Unlike the Zappo drive, the CD1200 is simply a PCMCIA CD-ROM interface which is designed to allow any A1200 to connect to an externally-cased Mitsumi LU-005S, FX-001S or FX-001D CD-ROM drive. Until recently, the CD1200 didn't really pose any real threat to the Zappo CD-ROM because it lacked the vital ingredient of CD32 compatibility.
60% Although it's now fairly easy to add a CD-ROM drive to an A4000, it's not possible to run most CD32 games on such a set-up. Straight Amiga ports will run, but it’s games like Microcosm and Mega Race that Amiga owners want to get their hands on. Reacting to public pressure, Blittersoft have launched a new software package which claims to provide A4000 owners with full CD32 compatibility.
Installing as a separate device driver, the CD32 emulation software is similar to the emulation firmware built into the Zappo drive, which emulates the workings of the CD32's Akiko chip which is used extensively by the likes of Microcosm. Even games that don't use the Akiko chip may not run on a standard A4000 CD-ROM and so Blittersoft's emulator can help here too. Contact Blittersoft on 01908 220196.
Tandem Controller £65 ¦ Gasteiner ¦ 0181 345 6000 The lack of support for multisession discs is a major omission.
Tandem's CD+IDE controller is a plug-in card for all big box Amigas (such as the A1500, B2000 and A4000) which provides compatibility with the Mitsumi LU-005 or double-speed Mitsumi FX-001D plus a full blown IDE hard drive interface.
Manufactured by BSC the German company responsible for the Gasteiner CD1200 interface, the Tandem Controller provides a cheap and reliable method of adding a CD-ROM drive to the big box Amigas.
Like the CD1200 controller. BSC now provide a new release of the controller software which Installing the card and a suitable CO-ROM drive is surprisingly straightforward.
VALUE • • • • This is a cost-effective way of getting into CD-ROM for big box Amiga owners.
“If you can live without multisession support, this controller is a good choice.” 80% gives full CD32 compatibility when the controller is used on an A4000, although owners of the pre- AGA big box Amigas obviously can't take advantage of this feature.
Most A4000 owners wouldn't buy the Tandem interface just to play CD32 games, which is precisely why the Tandem comes complete with all the necessary driver software required to access CD-ROM discs through Amiga applications.
If you've upgraded to Workbench 3.1, the Tandem is even fully compatible with Commodore’s own CD-ROM filing system.
Surprisingly, the Tandem controller can only handle single-session PhotoCD discs which means that you can't get more pictures added to the original disc. BSC claim to be working on an upgrade to overcome this limitation and, this minor gripe aside, the Tandem controller is a good choice for A4000 owners.
CHOOSING A CD-ROM DRIVE CBM CD1200 Still waiting in the wings is Commodore's much vaunted CD1200 drive which was reviewed way back in issue 59 of Amiga Format. Commodore's recent troubles have held back the CD1200 drive's release but it should be on sale for approximately £230 when the future of the company is finally decided.
The CD1200 is perhaps the only A1200 CD- ROM drive which can claim to be 100 per cent compatible with CD52 software thanks to a real Akiko chip and Kickstart 3.1, both of which are built into the interface unit. Unlike the competition, however, the CD1200 is the only A1200 CD-ROM unit that does not connect to the PCMCIA port.
For reasons known only to the designers, the CD1200's interface unit connects directly to the A1200's trapdoor connector. This means you can't connect a RAM expansion or accelerator to the A1200 when the CD1200 is connected, although the drive does provide a slot for a single 72-pin SIMM module.
Buying a CD-ROM drive for an A1200 is fairly straightforward because all A1200 drives use mechanisms capable of handling the entire range of CD-ROM software. You should be wary, however, when buying a CD-ROM drive for an A4000 one designed for pre-AGA Amigas.
If you want a SCSI or IDE CD-ROM drive for an A4000, ensure that it offers at least double speed data transfer rates and is multisession compatible. The advantages of a double-speed drive are obvious - it can transfer data to your Amiga twice as fast as a single-speed drive - but multisession compatibility is only useful if you need to read images from a PhotoCD disc.
If you have an Amiga equipped with a SCSI interface, it's perfectly possible to connect a SCSI CD-ROM drive such as this Toshiba XM-4101B to your machine.
The choice for A500 owners is somewhat limited. Commodore released the AS70 CD-ROM drive several years back and although it's cheap and cheerful (some AF advertisers sell it for as little as £99), the A570 uses a single-speed mechanism and is not multisession compatible, but is still a worthwhile purchase.
The other option for the A500 is to add an external SCSI CD-ROM. Most A500 hard drives feature SCSI interfaces which are adequate for connecting a SCSI CD-ROM drive. All you then need is a CD-ROM filing system, many of which can be found in the PD libraries, to tell your Amiga how to communicate with the drive.
DECEMBER 1 994 CD SPECIAL Huge demo collections are now available on just one CD. Here we rate and review all the top discs.
Demo Collections 17Bit Software ¦ 01924 366982 If you want to get your hands on the very latest demos and animations then Almathera's new EuroScene CD is definitely for you. Designed as a showcase for European demo programming talent EuroScene contains some of the best Amiga demos released over the past few months including some which probably haven't made it into UK PD libraries.
If you're a follower of the exploits at demo parties then you'll be pleased to learn that the disc contains all the best demos from such events.
PD fans will find plenty of interest too because the EuroScene disc contains music modules, demo coding utilities, Workbench tools and other productivity software.
72% 82% 84% 80% Demo I Demo II Collection Almathera Systems ¦ 0181 687 0040 ¦ £19.95 Aimed at users that want to get their hands on huge amounts of Public Domain software without having to spend a fortune on floppy disks, Almathera's two demo Cds contain a pot pourri of quality PD material including over 100 games, animations, thousands of IFF samples and sound modules, demos and IFF images.
The only real problem with these two discs is their age - launched early last year, many of the programs are now showing their age. If you want more up to date stuff, Almathera's EuroScene CD is probably a better bet. As a grab-bag of Public Domain goodies, however, both of the discs are still worth consideration.
Lock 'nr Load 17Bit Software ¦ 01924 366982 ¦ £19.95 For the slightly less than serious CD-ROM fan, Lock 'n' Load contains about 1,000 great (and, it has to be said, not so great) Public Domain games including many classics and some new games that never made it to these shores. Designed to run from Workbench, some of the games don't work unless you boot from the Lock 'n' Load disc, although fairly simple 0 get them running.
In Collection 17Bit Collection Continuation Almathera Systems ¦ 0181 687 0040 ¦ £19.95 Premier Public Domain suppliers 17Bit Software have teamed up with Almathera Systems to produce these two Cds. Volume One contains two Cds crammed with 17Bit Software's earlier Public Domain releases including many classic games and animations.
To help you access the programs, Almathera use a special front end that transfers the programs on to their own self-running floppies.
As 17Bit's catalogue grew, the 17Bit Continuation Disc was released which contains most of their more recent material plus the Assassins, Amigan, ARUG and N.Z archives. If you enjoy 17Bit's disks, these discs are a must.
GIFs Galore 17Bit Software ¦ 01924 366982 ¦ £19.95 If you have an image processing program or a PD utility capable of reading GIF format images then this should be of interest. Walnut Creek (the guys behind the disc) include utilities for viewing the 5,000 full colour images spanning such diverse subjects as abstract art birds, cartoons, frogs, young women in swimsuits, and so on. All images are scanned in 256 colours.
The Continuation Disc A vjTv-r 'xjhtf.irxfcnq tnfc**on »o» flHV. |i ck«l fi ll (.MIX' I. r,ia t»: I onto. U Wrr-k,Afpfccation fVntov. Word Prtxcswrs. Mu-jc owl murfv n»xn i AlmallicraT.
Thouionds ol brilliant color GIF Imagoi In dorom ol colegorloi.
Viewers provided lor MSDOS. Macintosh.
AMIGA. Unix. O!c.
O 60 * A * LU * * 2 LU ?
* o ?
A o O' * ID w A LU ____ _
• !, Sounds Terrific 17Bit Software ¦ 01924 366982 ¦ £19.95
This two-disc set from 17Bit Software contains over 1.2
gigabytes of music-related programs and files. Pitched at the
Amiga and PC not all the files are of use to Amiga owners, but
the majority have an Amiga bias. The first disc is packed with
Amiga IFF samples and music programs such as Protracker and the
second contains a huge selection of music modules.
EuroScene AMIGA 17Rit ‘inftwArp FORMftf 1 CD SPECIAL DECEMBER 1 994 Fishing For PD Fred Fish is one of the best-known PD names and with more than 1,000 floppy disks, the collection is now available on CD.
88% 92% 54% 74% Frozen Fish PD Soft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £19.95 Packed with almost 650Mb of PD material, this CD represents perhaps the definitive Fish collection. Lurking on the disc you'll find all 1,000 of Fred's disks, archived for quick and easy extraction. If this wasn't enough, Fred has also included a vast range of extra PD submissions which haven't quite managed to make their way on to the Fish disks. And on top of all that there's a full collection of include files, development tools and libraries for programmers, CD-ROM tools and various other useful bits and pieces.
Sysops should love this one!
:e & Astronomy 17 it Software ¦ 01924 366982 ¦ £19.95 Walnut Creek's disc contains more space-related information than the average encyclopedia. For the serious astronomer, there are 5,000 text files covering such diverse subjects as asteroids, astronauts, NASA news bulletins, the Usenet sci.space archives from the Internet and all the NASA press releases since
1962. There's also more than 1,000 image files.
Gold Fish PD Soft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £29.95 What do you get if you take the Frozen Fish CD and combine it with an additional disc that contains those same Fred Fish disks in unarchived format? You get PD Soft's Gold Fish, that's what.
This two-disc pack contains all 1,000 Fred Fish disks in both archived (ideal for BBS Sysops) and unarchived formats. Although you're not getting anything that isn't already offered by the Frozen Fish collection, the convenience of having the programs in both formats makes the collection well worth the extra money. It should be of special interest to beginners.
Fractal Universe Almathera Systems ¦ 01924 366982 ¦ £19.95 Although it's quite old, this disc provides a fascinating insight into fractal generation.
There's a large selection of pre-rendered fractal images and you can render your own with the Mandelbrot generator included. Fractal Universe is odd in that it is neither a reference title or a PD collection.
Fractal nuts will love it but the rest of us may be left rather cold.
AAAOS PD CD 17Bit Software m If fJW | ¦ 01924 366982 T-? U, ¦ £19.95 If you’re an AMOS programmer then this is one CD that should be at the top of your shopping list.
Containing the entire range of disks from the official AMOS Public Domain library, the AMOS PD CD is perhaps the greatest collection of AMOS files ever compiled. Hidden away within the many directories you'll find more than 1,600 AMOS source code files, 100 Sprite Banks. 250 Ctext Banks (colour fonts), 800 useful game-related sound samples, music banks and so on.
Some of the source code and demonstration programs are less than impressive but a fair selection of real gems can be found if you persevere. Not only will you find the utilities useful, but less experienced coders should learn a trick or two from the included source code. The range of PD graphics, sprite banks and sound samples are an absolute boon too if you're not too handy with the more aesthetic side of programming.
For AMOS coders 0 » everywhere, this CD Multimedia Toolkit Almathera Systems ¦ 01924 366982 £19.95 The Multimedia Toolkit actually has very little to do with multimedia. Instead, it's a huge collection of resource files including 500 original images in 24-bit HAM8 and HAM format more than 3.000 clip art files, hundreds of CompuGraphic. Type 1, Postscript and bitmapped fonts, 750 music modules and 2,000 sound samples. This wide-ranging collection of files provides an f excellent selection of Amiga-related O support programs.
BARNET & SERNET If you're into desktop publishing, there are plenty of CD-ROM titles that cater for your every need.
Clip Art Fonts 'n' 0116 234 0682 £9.95 82% 72% 90% The guys and gals at Weird Science have collected together no fewer than 18,800 files which are arranged together in 900 directories, all packed full of fonts in just about every conceivable format. As well as the native Amiga font formats such as bitmapped, CompuGraphic. PageStream and ProDraw outline fonts, the Weird Science collection also includes a large number of PC and even Atari ST format fonts in TrueType, Postscript Calamus and GDOS formats. Some Amiga word processors now support these foreign formats so you can use these too. For
DTP enthusiasts everywhere, this CD is a blessing.
Weird Science CD Fonts AMIGA A oirH ripnrp - Weird Science ¦ 0116 234 0682 Designed for use with both Amigas and PC compatibles equipped with a CD-ROM drive, Weird Science's CD Clip Art contains possibly the most comprehensive collection of clip art files available in the Public Domain. Like the Weird Science fonts pack, this CD contains clip art files in a variety of different formats (some of which are not compatible with the Amiga), but all the native Amiga formats are there in abundance including both bitmapped IFF and even ProDraw clips. The impressive range of clip art subjects is
remarkably diverse - indeed, you'll probably be hard pushed not to find an image you're after.
Weird Science CD Clip Art Weird Science ¦ £9.95 Professional Fonts And Clip Art PD Soft ¦ 0702 466933 ¦ £19.95 The direct competitor to Weird Science's CD Fonts collection is PD Soft’s Professional Fonts And Clip Art CD-ROM which contains thousands of outline and bitmapped fonts, as well as a wide range of bitmapped images (mostly in PCX and TIFF format so you'll need an image processing program to use them). Surprisingly, the majority of fonts are in Type 1 or TrueType format (almost 6,000 in total) while Amiga users are restricted to just 200 CompuGraphic fonts. Unless you can convert PC
fonts for use on the Amiga (or you have a package that supports them), this font collection is less than useful.
Syndesis 3D-ROAA Syndesis Corp ¦ 001 414 674 5200 ¦ $ 199 (£128) The prize for the most expensive CD title goes to 3D-ROM, which contains more 3D objects than you could shake a stick at in a variety of formats including Lightwave and Imagine. A booklet explains how to access the objects and acts as a valuable catalogue of the contents. Just about every 3D object you could ever want is included from Amigas to Tvs, spaceships and _ trees. A brilliant disc at a stupidly high price.
TABLE OF FEATURES DISC NAME SUPPLIER PRICE CONTENT DISCS RATING Frozen Fish PD Soft £19.95 Disks 1-1,000 in the Fred Fish collection 1 88% Gold Fish PD Soft £19.95 Official Fred Fish collection on CD-ROM 2 92% (FG) Demo Collection I ll 17Bit Collection Almathera Almathera £19.95 £19.95 Comprehensive collection of Amiga demos 1 17Bit Software's catalogue 2 72% 82% 17Bit Continuation MultiMedia Toolkit EuroScene Almathera Almathera Almathera £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 Latest disks from 17Bit catalogue 1 24-bit pictures, clip art. Fonts, samples, modules 1 Huge collection of latest demos and music 1
82% 86% 90% (FG) Fractal Universe Almathera £19.95 Fractal generators plus library of images 1 54% Lock 'n’ Load 17Bit Software £19.95 Hundreds of games for all Amigas 1 84% Syndesis 3DROM Syndesis $ 199 Huge collection of 3D objects 1 65% Sounds Terrific 17Bit Software £19.95 Music utilities, samples and music modules 2 80% Weird Science CD Fonts Weird Science 17Bit Software £9.95 Outline fonts library 1 90% (FG) GIFs Galore 17Bit Software £19.95 Over 5,000 full colour GIF images 1 84% Weird Science CD Clip Art Fonts And Clip Art AMOS PD CD Weird Science 17Bit Software PD Soft 17Bit Software
£9.95 £19.95 £19.95 26,000 pieces of colour and mono clip art 1 Bitmapped clip art and outline fonts library 1 AMOS source code, sprites and music banks 1 82% 72% 92% (FG) Space & 17Bit Software £19.95 1,000 space pictures, 5,000 astronomy text files 1 74% Astronomy With Labels, Guaranteed, FREE DELIVERY s Quality Inkjet Cartridges & Refills si £»« £2111 DIFFERENT COLOUR REFILLS AVAILABLE WE STOCK AMIGA ACCESSORIES 8, PERIPHERALS AT SUPER LOW PRICES Listed below is just a sample of our extensive Amiga range... 10 CAPAOTY 3 S' DISK BO* 150 CAP POSSOJS'DISK BO* IWOCfSK LABELS 1000 T* DISK LABELS
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Panasonic KXP • 2123 2123C £5.39 £9.79 £17.99 (Panasonic 2123
Colour Compatible £9.29) Star LC1O20 £299 £449 £6.69 Star
LC200 £4 69 £6.09 £1229 Star LC24 200 £3.59 £559 £1329 Star
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Ribbons Grade A+ Bulk DS DDDisks Pack of 25 .. £9.99 I
Qty 50 80 Cap.
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DRAW ’ £4.09 £9.99 £4.49 £999 2 £3.99 £949 £429 £9.49 4 £3.89 £899 £399 £3 99
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Data Store it Create your own library with Datastore As long
as people have had lo record information, they've always
looked for better w ays to simplify and manage the process.
Now there’s an application that helps you do it more effectively than ever before. It helps you store and manage information w ith ease.
With new Digita Datastore . It s easier than you ever imagined. Like Digita Wordworth". The world's bestselling Amiga word processor. Digita Datastore features HIP and DigiSen.se" technology.
Video Vault, I lome Insurance Inventory. Amiga Formal Magazine Guide. Super Car Collection and mam more.
This simply means the software is designed for the way you like to work, for example, there's a w hole range of LasyStart TemplatesUl to get you going quickly, and extensive online help is always at hand so that you can learn Datastore as you go along.
F. asyStart Templates include: Recipes Address hook. World
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.19-99 Apidya ..7-99
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.16-99 Formula One Champions 19-99 Formula One
Team Manager ...19-99 G2 .....16-99
Genesis ......19-99 Global Domination
..22-99 Goal ..10-99 Graham
Gooch 2nd Innings ...11-99 Graham Gooch Work) Cncket ...18 99
Gulp ..19-99 Gunship (XL)
8-99 Hanna Batbera Animation ...29-99
Hannibal ...18-99 Hard Drivin (Top Gear)
16-99 Heroes Quest 2 Legacy ...16-99 Hired Guns
22-99 Impossible Mission (A1200) 19-99
Impossible Mission (A600I ...19-99 Indianapolis 500
.....8-99 Innocent ...22-99 Ishar 3
......21-99 Jaguar XJ220 (1 Meg) ......7-99
James Pond 3 (A1200) ...19-99
K240 ..17 99 Arcade
Pool ..... ...6-99 Pinball
Fantasies(1200).... .....19-99 Ktckoff
3 ... A-Train & Con
Set .. ..1699 ..10.99 Premier Manager
2 .... Reunion 9-99
.....22.99 Alien 3 ... Rise of the
Robots ... .....25.99 Alien Breed
2 .... ..16-99 Ryder
Cup .... Alien Breed 2 (1200) ...
..1899 Sensible Soccer 92 93..... 999 Beneath Steel Sky
...... ..19-99 Sierra Soccer .
.....16.99 Brutal Sports Football . ....5-99 Sim City
2000 .. .....22.99 Championship Manager 93....
Sim City Deluxe .. Championship Manager Italia.
Combat Classes 2 ...... Frontier (Elite 2) .. ..16-99 ..19-99 Skid Marks .. Soccer K»d (1200) ... Space Advert . .....9-99 .....12-99 Gunship 2000 . ..22-99 Streetfighter 2 ... 9-99 John Maddens Football . jurasse Park .... .9-99 ..17-99 The Settlers . Undium 2 .... .....19-99 .....16-99 Jurassic Park (1200) ... Micro Machines . .18 99 ..16-99 WWF2 Wrestbng Wild Cup Soccer
8-99 9.99 Monkey Island 2 .. Mortal Kombat . ..22-99 ..19-99 World Cup USA .. Zool 2 . .....17.99 9-99 BLANK DISKS 20 ISOO 100.-13000 SO 116-00 250 1 70-00 PRICES ARE FOR UK MAINLANO ONLY PRICES INC P.P Cannon Fodder Mortal Combat Terminator 2 Theme Park 22-99 £22-99 Simon the Sorceror £22-99
T. F.X. £22-99 £22-99 DIRECT SPECIAL BARGAIN BOX Alfred Chicken
1500 600 1200 .999 Premier Manager..... .....799 ArmagetJOO'T
. 999 Premier Manager 2 . .....999
Brutal Spofts Football ......
5. 99 Puz le Book 2 . .....599 Bubba N- Sti*
.9 99 Quaere I
...... .....499 Cannon Fodder
.. 1499 Sensible Soccer .. ...9-99 Chaos
Engine A500 600 .... 799 Sensible Soccer International .
. .9-99 Civilisation (I200i ..... 1299 Slent Service 2 (1 Meg- ...... ...9.99 Curse Of Enchanter 999 Skidmarks ..... ...999 D Generation (bundlei ..... .799 Soccer Kid ..... ...9 99 Disc .. 4 99 Stnker ....7-99 Federation of F»ee Traders . 5 99 Swiv |A500| .... .4-99 Jimmy Whites i bundle I . .7 99 Syndicate A500 600i .. ....999 Lemmings 2 999 Tactical Manager1 England i . 12 99 Lotus Trilogy ... 11 99 Titus the Fo«
.... .....7-99 Man utd Premier League Champs 9 99 TranswnteiWordprocessori .....799 Nick Faldo Golf ..... . 7 99 Warriors or Reytene . .....7 99 N*ck Faldo-Chaos Engine 1500 6001 .
10 99 WikJ Cup Soccer .. ...9-99 Nigel Mansell Grand Pn» ..... .. 9 99 Wing Commander .. .....9.99 Pinball Dreams . 7 99 Zool .....799 Pinban Fantasies . 999 Zool 2 .... .....999 Kick Off 3 (1200) ..... Kid Chaos .. .16-99 Ryder Cup(A1200)
S. U.B ...... .16 99 .19-99 Kingdom
.. .22-99 Seek and Destroy .14-99
Kingdom of Germany ..... .19-99 Sensible Golf ......
..T.B.A. Kings Quest 6 .22-99 Sierra Soccer
...... .16-99 Kings Quest 6 (1200)..... .22-99 Sim Ant
... Kit Vicious ... .16-99 Sim
City Lemmings .... .19-99 Lamborghini ... .16-99
Sim City 2000 ...... ..22-99 Legacy of
Sorasil .... .16-99 Sim Classics (3 in 1 pack).
.22-99 Lion King . .19-99 Sim Earth ...8-99 Maelstrom .. .22-99 Simon the Sorcerer (1200).
Simpsons vs World .2499 .16-99 Magicians Castle ... .19-99 Man. United Premier .... £9-99 Skeleton Krew ...... .22 99 Mario is Missing ... ..19-99 Space Academy ... ..19-99 Mighty Max (1200) Space Adventure ... ..22-99 Monopoly . ..18-49 Space Hulk .. ..22-99 Mr Blobby . ..12-99 Star Trek 25th Mr Nutz (600) ...... .16 99 Stnke Squad ...... ..22-99 On the Ball .. .18-99 Super League Manager .
Super Stardust ... ..16-99 One Step Beypnd ... ..12-99 Oscar ..16 99
T. F.X. (1200) ...... ..22-99 Oscar (A1200) ......
Out to Lunch .. 16-99 .16-99 Tactical Manager
(Italy) .
Tactical Manager (Scot) .
Tactical Manager 94 95 Tensal .... .19-99 ..19-99 Overkill .... ..12-99 ...9-99 Overlord . ..22-99 .16-99 PGA Tour Golf .Courses 1899 Terminator 2 .. .1899 Pinball Double Pack .... ..21-49 The Clue . .19-99 pinkie .... ..16-99 Theme Park (1200) ..22-99 Populous Sim City ..16-99 Total Carnage ...... .18 99 Powerhits . .19 99 Tower Assault ...... .12-99 Prehistorik 2 .. Premier Championship .
Premier Manager 3 16-99 ..18-99 .16-99 Tracksuit Manager 94 Traps and Treasures Turbo Trax . .15-99 .1999 ..16-99 Primemover ... Twilight 2000 (1200) 20-99 Puggsy .... .19-99 U96 ..22-99 Realm of Darkness ..16 99 UFO (1200) .. ..22-99 Realms .. ...9-99 Ultimate Pinball ... ..19-99 Reunion ... £22-99 Universe . Rings of Medusa ... ..19-99 Vital Light . .19 99 Rise of the Robots .25-99 War in the
Gulf ...... .20-99 Rise of the Robots (A1200) 27-99 Wembley Int Soccer (1200)... 16-99 Robinsons Requiem .... ..21-99 When 2 Worlds War ..19-99 Ruff n Tumble ...... .16-99 Winter Olympics ..... ...20-99 Rugby League Coach .... ..16-99 World Cup USA ... ..17 99 Rugby League Wembley .
..16-99 Zool 2 (A1200I .... ...899 FREE * FREE * WHEN YOU SPEND OVER £30 ON GAMES YOU GET A FREE GAME WHILE STOCKS LAST* FREE * FREE UTILITIES Amos Compiler (Req Amos) 19-99 Amos Easy ...22-99 Amos Professend .31-99 Amos Professoral Compiler 24-99 Delure Part 4 (1 Meg) ......55-49 Delure Part 4 (AGA) ..6049 Disk Bor 100 Cap .....7-99 Enema! Disk Drw .....49-99 KiixMords3 ..1999 MaoPlan4 ...1999 MM Office (VWrd Processor.
Spreadsheet. Database and Disk UtMetl .... 35-99 Mousem* ..... 2-99 The Publisher 1999 WILL MATCH Wl Skeleton Krew 22-99 CD32 TITLES Dragonstone 19-99 Dirry's Enchanted Worlds 9-99 Top Gear 2 ...22 99 Alien Otympos 16-99 Space Acedemy .16-99 Evasive Acllon 19-99 Vital light ......19-99 Mr B»»y ...12-99 universe ...._ 22-99 Bump n Bum 19-99 A Kira ..19-99
A. T.R ......19.99 Allred
Chicken 17-99 Alien Breed 2
IB 99 Arabian Knights .10-99
Arcade Pool ...9-99 Banchee
......19-99 Beneath a Steel Sky
..19.99 BubbaNSta ...17-99 Bubble and
Squeak .....19-99 Cannon Fodder .19-99
Chaos Engine 17-99 Chuck
Rock ...10-99 Dangerous
Streets .....17-99 Oartrseed . 19-99 Deep
Core ...14 -99
Dennis ..13-99 Dizzy Collection
.16-99 Donk 19-99 EM 2
..18-99 Genesia
....19-99 Global Effect
19-99 Gulp
.....19-99 Gunship
2000 19-99 Hetmdall2
...20-99 knpossrte Mission .....19-99
Inferno ..19-99 International Edition
Soccer ...16.99 International Karate Plus 9 99 International
Soccer ..1999 James Pond 3 18 99
Jurassic Paik 21-99 K240...... 19-99
Kick Off 3 ......21-99 Kid Chaos ......16.99 Labyrinth .... 16-99 Legacy of Soras4..._ 17-99 Lemnvr s 16-99 Liberation ......19-99 Liverpool Football .....17-99 UtilDwiI ......1899 Lotus Tnk» .....17-99 Man united Pouter cranes 19-99 Megarace ......22,99 Morph ..19-99 Microcosm ...29-99 Micro French ...... 22.99 Nick Faldo ..... 21-99 Nigel Mansell 14-99 No Second Prize .13-99 Pinball
Fantasies .19-99 Pinko .....19-99 Planet Football .....22-99 Psycho Killei 19-99 Rohocod ... 13-99 ! NEVER E Rise of the Rohots .....T.8A. EDUCATIONAL Second Samurai .17-99 Sensible Soccer .16-99 Sknon die Sorcerer .....22-99 Sleepwalker ...19-99 Soccer Kid ...19.99 Summer Otympix .12-99 Super Stardust .19.99 Superhog ......£9.99 Surf Nkyas ...19-99 TFX .25-99
Total Carnage 19-99 Tower Assault 19.99 Trivial Pursuit 19-99 UFO .....19-99 Unimate Body Blows ..19-99 Universe ......22.99 Urkkim 2 ......17-99 Werrtkey rtematiorai Soccer 19-99 Whales Voyage ......19-99 Wild Cuo Soccer .18-99 IEEN BEAT ADI English (11-12) ...16-99 ADI French (12-13) ...16-99 ADI French (13-14) ...16 99 ADI Junior Counting (6-7) ...13.49 AD) Junior Reading (4-5) ...13.49 ADI Junior Reading
(6-7) ...13.49 ADI Maths (11-12) ...16-99 ADI Maths (12-13) ...16-99 ADI Maths (1314) ...16-99 Fun School 3 (2-5) ...13.99 Fun School 3 (5-7) . ..13.99 Fun School 3 (7+)......14 99 Fun School 4 12-51 .16-49 EIN ! ! ! TRY Fun School 4 (5-7) ...16-49 Fun School 4 Over 7 16 99 Megamaths A Level ...17-49 Merlin Maths (7-11)...16-99 Micro English .....16-99 Micro French .....16-99 Micro German ..16-99 Micro Spanish ..16-99 Micro Maths .....16-99 Micro Science ..16-99 Noddy's Big Adventurel6-99 Paint 4 Create ..17-99 Primary Maths
(312yrs) .17-49 Snelllmr Fair 17-131 16-99 LIS! I Please charge"my Access v7s"a""No” DATE:.
Sufcjsasr Gasfisiiisiafc» POST + PACKAGING TOTAL ORDER FORM visa • Please write in capital letters Please supply me with the following for Computer ... TITLES PRICE Please make cheques and P. Os.
POST & PACKING: UK Mainland Free, EEC £2 00 per item, Non EEC £4-50 per item.
For customer peace of mind, all parcels are sent by recorded delivery All items subject to availability.
All prices subject to change without notice. E&OE.
Please allow for cheque clearance.
Some games may not be released at time of going to press.
17 BIT CD II To Disk 2300 Of Our Own L Easiy Be Transferred Easy To Use Menu £34-99 .75o Post* TO ORDER BY PHONE OR FAX TEL:(0l 924) 366982 FAX:(0l924) 200943 | All Major Cards Accepted Inc. Switch & American Express TO ORDER BY POST Send Cheques P. O's Made Payable To: I 7 BIT SOFTWARE , l ST FLOOR OFFICES, 2 8 MARKET STREET WAKEFIELD, WEST YORKS, WF I I DH 3383 ROBS HOT STASH tt 5 includes Diskprotector 2 & More 3382 MWB BACKDROPS 79 Backdrops for Magic WB 3381 ROBS HOT STASH 14 More Super Utils From Rob!
3380 |AB) GRAPEVINE 20 Big Cheersl Its Herel 3379 THE FAR SIDE SLIDESHOW Alternative Humour Slides 3378 SEKA 32 PROFESSIONAL Seka Compiler Demo 3377 SPELLTRIS Spell The Words As They Fall 3376 WORDPLAY 5 Word Puzzle Games 3375 MAGIC USER INTERFACE Version 2 2 3374 ROBS HOT STASH 13 More Up-to-Date Hot Utils 3373 ROBS HOT GAMES 9 Div Galaga. Dynamite Warriors 3372 MAGIC EXPANSION Expansions for Magic WB+ MUI 3371 (ABCD) IMAGINE FONTS Adobe Fonts for Imagine 3 3370 EVILS DOOM (PREVIEW) Good Dungeon Master Clone X3369 COMPLEX 'PEEWEE' Nice AGA Demo 3368 CASSINI V3 2 ASTRONOMY Detailed Sun.
Moon, Planets 3367 ZYRAD II Puzzle Arcade Game 3366 ROCKETS Ray Traced Asteroids Game 3365 AREXX GUIDE Good Arexx Tutorial 3364 KIDS DISK 6 More Stash For The Kids 3363 TEE TO GREEN VI I Golf Scoring Util.
3362 PRO BOARD V2 2 PCB Designer 3361 SANTAS. RUDOLF Superb Platform Gamel 3360 IMAGE STUDIO Image Processing 6.
Conversion 3359 CG FONTS 16 3358 CG FONTS 15 3357 CG FONTS 14 3356 CG FONTS 13 3355 CG FONTS 12 Collections Of CG FONTS 3364 POP 6 Octamed Music Disk X3353 STARWARS CARDSET X3352 SOME JUSTICE 1994 3348 ROBS HOT STASH 12 Hot Utils Compilation 3347 ROBS HOT STASH I I Another Load of Hot Utils.
X3346 SPECTRUM EM VI 3 AGA Spectrum Emulation 3345 AWARD MAKER II Design & Print Merit Awards 3344 PANASONIC STUDIO Utils For Panasonic Printers 3343 EPU DISK STAK VI 63 Double your HD Space 3342 (AB) MAGIC WB EXTRAS More Icons for Magic WB 3341 FINAL WRAPPER Text Wrap Util for Final Writer 3340 (ABC) TERM V4 0 Superior Comms Package!
3339 LOST PRINCE DEMO Demo Of The CLR Title 3338 PICTURE MATHS Answer Questions & Build Pics 3337 (ABCDE| CHARLYCAT 10 Jap Cat Japes 2MB Anim 3336 (AB) TIME ZONE Point & Click Adventure 3335 LOCK OUTV2 1C Prevents Access to HD's X3334 BETTY PAGE CARDSET Klondike AGA Cardset X3333 STARTREK CARDSET Another Klondike Cardset X3332 GIF BEAUTIES 18 X333I GIF BEAUTIES 17 X3330 GIF BEAUTIES 16 X3329 GIF BEAUTIES I 5 X3328 GIF BEAUTIES 14 X3327 GIF BEAUTIES 13 X3326 GIF BEAUTIES 12 X3325 GIF BEAUTIES I I 3324 RELOKICK 141 Improved Degrader 3323 COLONIAL CONQUEST II Strategy Conquest Game 3322 JAPANESE
TUTOR Hiragana. Vocab & Wordaday 3321 (AB) JAPAN DICTIONARY 2 Drives Required 3320 PRODRAW GENIES Loads Of Useful Geniesl 3319 AMICOM V2 I Pocket RadioTerminal Prog 3318 PGP V2 3 Controversial Encryption Prg 3317 (ABJ BLUES SYMPHONIE Nice Blues Music Disk 3316 STELLAR DEMO 2 MB Fast RAM Requiredl 3315 DESKTOP MAGIC Modular Screenblanker 3314 FRUIT MANIA DEMO Shareware Fruit Machine 3313 SUPERLEAGUE V3-51 Football Rugby League Ed 3312 KIDS DISK 5 3 Educational Programs 331 I MARTIAL SPIRIT DEMO Shareware Beat 'Em Up 3310 PRO GAMBLE VI 0 Horse Racing Predictor 3309 THE GREAT GOLD RAID Classic
Vic 20 Conversion!
3308 SCOTTISH FOOTY MGR Manage your own teamsl 3307 ACT OF WAR MISSIONS Requires Registered Version 3306 SOLO ASSAULT Shades of Wing Commander 3305 MARBLES Good Puzzle Gamel 3304 SEED OF DARKNESS 1 MB Adventure Game 3303 REVENGE ANIMATION 2MB Hedgehogs Revenge!
X3302 NLP RENDERSHOW Superb AGA Rendered Pics.
3301 PAINT IT Kiddies Art Package 3300 CG FONTS 11 Even More CG Fonts 3299 CYBERPUNK NOW ISS 2 Cyberpics & Fictionl 3298 THE MAD PREACHER Superb Rave Preacher Demo 3297 ACCOUNT MASTER V3C Very popular Accounts Prog 3296 NANO FLY Nice Shoot 'Em Up 3295 ASI AUDIO MAGIC 7 Another Load Of Audio Utils 3294 ASI MULTIPRINT 4 More Assassins Print Utils 3293 EDUCATIONAL COMP Morse. French 6. Kids Edu.
3292 LOAN S, ACCOUNTS Compilation of Finance Prgs 3291 DFA Great Address Book! HD Req 3290 RECIPEBOX VIDEBASE Recipe & Video Dbases 3289VIDEOMAXE V4-33 Best Ever Video Dbasel X3288 BACMAN AGA Pacman. Superb!
3287 (AB) WRESTUNG 2 Drives Required. Good!
3286 DRUM LOOPS & SAMPLE 3285 ANALOG BASS SAMPLES 3284 GUITAR SAMPLES 3283 121 DRUM SAMPLES 3282 DRUM LOOPS & SAMPLE 3281 LEAGUE SOCCER CARDS Different Soccer Cards Game 3280 (AB) AMIGADEUS Mozart By Bob Baxter X3279 (AB) MECHANETIX Alien SCI FI Slideshow AGA 3278 XENOMORPHS Playable Game Demo 17 BIT C00NTINUATI0N CD 17 Bil Range From 2301 Includes All The Assassins From I To 149 Plus Other of Disks PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE p Postage £ Packing .Y 94 EDITION Amiga Programs From The Games. Utils. Demos.
Graphics Plus Loads morel 5p Postage £ Packing CD is Library On One CO!
:e. Sprites, Samples. Munc Morel £19 99 + 75p Postage £ Packing CDPDIV Fred Fish 891 To 1000. Imagine Object GNU C++ Compiler, AM FM Mags to Iss I fi. Adobe. Bitmapped Fonts £ Loads Morel CDPD I. 2 & 3AJsoAvailable £ 19 99 + 75p Postage £ Packing I CD ty 94 European Demo ; Up This Superb Collection ics £ Sound Demo Fans yions Ncfwjrt Software J xJ A » Other UsrtJ Programs Netxc d£ Arafat* Separate* Cable £19 99 + 75pP£P PROFESSIONAL FONTS CD For Senous DTP Users This CD Contains 162 MB Of Pa GIF EPS £ TIFF Clipart Along with 320 MB Of Adobe Compographic £ True Type Fonts * Postage £ Packing
erb 256 Colour Gif Solar System £ Other FERRIFIC DOUBLE CD ull Of Music Modules And Sound Would Take Wwa To Listen To Contents Of Both CDS!
75p Postage £ Packing £1999 DEMO II CD COLLECTION Packed With 650 MB Of Demos. Intros.
Animations, Pictures £ Musk Modules Demo CD I Also Available £19 99 + 75p Postage £ Packing I To 10 Disks £1 11 to 20 Disks £1 25 Each 21 Disks or More £1 00 Each I Free Disk With Every 10 You Order
U. K Postage Is 50p On Disk Orders Europe Add 10% Of Order Value
R O W Add 20% Of Order Value PLEASE NOTE Disks With (AB) Etc
After the Number Denotes A Multiple Disk Title.
Send An SAE For A Complete Ust Of Our Public Domain. Ucenceware And CD-ROM Titles The CD's Listed Above Are Just a Small Selection Of What We Actually Stock. If You Are Looking For A Particular Title, Give Us a Call As We May Have it. We Stock All CD's From Ward Science & Almathera And We Import New Titles Regularly WOW!
Every month Amiga Format subscribers get an extra disk packed with the very best Public Domain programs For details of how to subscribe to AF, turn to page 38.
A till! The memories came flooding back when I first loaded OnLine PD’s new game. Breaking The Laum. It stars MTV’s anti-heroes Beavis and Butthead and bears more than a striking resemblance lo that classic Llamasoft C.64 arcade game. Homier Bovver (anyone remember that one?).
The idea is to guide Beavis and Butthead as they indulge in an orgy of destruction in a park with lawn mowers and bad altitudes as their tools.
Our heroes are intent on cutting the heads off every flower that sticks its head above the soil. And you even get a bonus if you introduce the sharpened blades of your lawn mower to any frogs that just happen to hop by. Beavis and Bullhead haven't got it all their own way though - they've got to avoid the park warden and the stray dogs which delight in sinking their fangs into their posteriors. Breaking The I men is a fun blast from the past. Highly recommended.
It's an unfortunate fact of life that we can't all be blessed with the skills of an Amiga Format game Jason Holborn explores the mysteries of ancient Egypt, creates his own platform games and still finds time to have a quick game of darts. It's all in a day's work for our PD connoisseur!
Reviewer so we need a little help now and then.
Whether you’re stuck on ihe third level of Alien Breed, flummoxed by the end of level guardian in Rainbow Islands or just plain crap at Second Samurai, Online PD's BackDoor v2.8l is for you.
BackDoor contains an enormous collection of hints, tips and cheats for the most popular games.
Although not every game is covered, BackDoor is still one of the most comprehensive guides ever published. What's more, getting to the cheat you require is surprisingly simple, thanks to a well- designed hierarchical menu system built around Commodore's AmigaCuide system. You just click on the first letter of the game's title and then scroll through a list of game titles that start with that letter until you find the one vou want. Click This is a nice little educational title but it is severely limited - once you've served a couple of customers, the same items crop up over and over again which
starts to get rather tedious. As a simple introduction to money handling skills. Kids' Disk 6 is worth investigating -just don't expect too much from it. If you're looking for ihe best in Public Domain games. The Assassins Collection is always a good place to start. One of their latest offerings is Assassins Disk 200 which was sent to us by Roberta Smith DTP and contains three games - Battleships, Cave Him and Hub Darts.
Not surprisingly. Battleships is a computer interpretation of the classic board game which was so popular back in the Seventies and early Eighties in which you sink your opponent's fleet of battleships by bombarding an 18x8 grid. Each lime a ship is sunk, the Amiga even plays the You Sank My Battleship sample from the original TV ad for die electronic board game.
Cave Hun is another game that brought the memories Hooding back. Based on the classic C64 arcade game Boulderdash, Cave Hun contains all the vital elements that made the C64 original such a wonderful experience. You guide a little man around a complex system of caves picking up Continued overleaf * 011 the title and BackDoordisplays every cheat known to man for the game.
The AMOS programming language has possibly done more to promote the quality of Amiga educational software than any other tool.
Indeed, Ettropress used the language to create their successful range of FunSchool titles and many I’D educational programs owe their existence to AMOS too, including the new Kids' Disk 6 disk from Roberta Smith DTP.
Kids' Disk 6 is designed to help children learn the basics of maths and working with money by placing diem behind the counter of a busy shop where they must work out how much goods cost, add up totals and hand out change.
diamonds and avoiding rocks that become dislodged by your digging. Cave Hun is delinitely one of the best versions of Boulderdash yet to be released for the Amiga.
Finally, we have l‘ub Darts which Amiga Format subscribers can find 011 this month’s Subscribers' Superdisk. .As its name suggests. Pub Darts is a computer version of that pub social event, darts.
Pub Darts can be played against the Amiga or head to head against another human. Check it out.
Game creators have always been extremely popular among Amiga users - ever since Palace launched its Shool-Em-l p Construction Kit way back WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN THIS ISSUE ESSEX COMP SYSTEMS, 15 St Nicholas Road. Tillingham, Southminster, Essex CMO 7SQ. Tel: 01621 778778 ROBERTA SMITH DTP. 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE. Tel: 0181 455 1626 ONLINE PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L37 3PX. Tel: 01704 834335 design your orvn screens using a variety of animated blocks (most of which kill your onscreen alter ego when it comes into contact rvith
them), but surprisingly Wizz Iidoesn’t allow you to edit the appearance of any aspect of the game's graphics - what this essentially means is that all the platform games you create rvith Wizz II look exactly the same.
Pufc&arts 7r For this reason alone, experienced users will probably find IVVzc II too limited to be of any real use. However, if the author were to build a graphics editor into Wizz II. It would most certainly do extremely well.
In 1989. Amiga users have been creating their own games, many of which have made their way into the PI) libraries. Despite that, PD game creation packages are still extremely thin 011 the ground.
.All that could now change, however, with the launch of Essex Computer Systems’ new Ifiiz II game constructor package. It’s very polished and even beginners should be able to create their own games, but instead of concentrating on shoot-em- ups, Wizz Its forte is platform games.
Before you get too excited at the thought of dashing off a few platform classics, bear in mind that Wtit II is extremelv limited. Sure, vou can Budding historians will love Paul Thompson's new Public Domain reference title Tutankhamun The two-disk set. Which has been released through the Central l.icenceware Registry as disk CLE 63.
Provides a fascinating insight into the discovery of King Tut’s tomb back in 1922. For history students studying Egyptian mythology or those who are simply curious about the mysteries surrounding the pyramids and the Ancient Egyptian civilisation Tutankhamun is an absolute must.
Paul Thompson has obviously put a great deal of work into designing and coding the user interface employed by the program and it really does shoyv - it looks like a cross between Scala and In opoint and the front end is both logical and yet very powerful. The subject matter is divided up into five sections including the chronology and the story behind King Tut's reign and there's also an impressive array of digitised images to feast your eyes on.
If you only intend to buy one PD title this month. Tutankhamun has to be it. PD reference titles as good as this are few and far between. Even if you have no need of such a title, the vast wealth of information and brilliant presentation are sure to grab your attention.
TOP IO GAMES ARID UTILITIES Every month we peruse the bestseller lists ol a prominent PD company. This month, it's the turn of: 17 BIT SOFTWARE 0924 366982 1.
MUI V2.2 3375 2.
BacMan (AGA) X3288 3.
StarWoids 3267AB 4.
Magic Workbench 2785 5.
Virus Workshop 4 3351 6.
Wrestling 3287AB 7.
Solo Assault 3306 8.
Image Studio VI.0.1 3360 9.
AGA Spectrum Emulator X3346
Want to ba an offtcal PDSolt dealer - Overseas A„ cdrom disc s sre stocked at trade prices.
W. (racial*.
Make I hofuc . PotiaJOnloit in- Your Njiiih' VI310 GUIDES hanJIi V1079 KEYBoaRD TRAINER VI095 THE DEGRADERS VI311 CO ROM KkdlVaal lotft omh ORDERING BY POST V1313 Gbl ANKER v2.7 DISK PRICE S V1109 STAR VIEW t:M M rflth s Owht 110.00.11 L2.00 ft dlth . 7 Dlkht LI4.00.II £2 00 ft tilth X llitht III. 00.(1 IIJT ft dkth • 14 Ihtht 122 00.14«|i II 42 ft dtah ¦ 24 Ultht COLLECTING DISKS PtBUFT I M2.'.n Datum IbmJ '.wftral Ob StM BSSf V SSI 2YD.
V1110 FORCAST v2.01b J A A VI318 (AGA) SWERVE V1319 MAXIFLIFE I dm ordering from Naiia id MaaeaWa V1136 DISKSALV 2v11.31 GROUND ZERO TWAR£ L THE GREAT RECENT SOFTWARE RELEASES Gri 2 SOT GAM £3 “ I G366 ELLE McPHERSON CARDSET Ca-ds lor Klondike D*lu«* AGA G367 IRON MAIDEN CARDSET Ca-ds *o* DeG o AGA G368 SANDMAN CARDSET Cads for Kiond Dek-xe AGA G369 BETTY PAGE CARDSET Cards for Klono-e Deluxe AGA G370 PERIHELION CARDSET Cards for Klondike Deluxe AGA G371 SUPER OBLITERATION Amazing Pang clone Too game Recently reviewed m Armga Format G3'Z KNOTTY AGA Sung puzzw game Beautiful Gfx a .
G3~3 SPECTRUM GAMES 5 Game* for tne Spectrum er .Utor G374 SPECTRUM GAMES 6 Games for me Spectrum emulator G375 SPECTRUM GAMES 7 Games for tne Spectrum emulator G376 SPECTRUM GAMES 8 Gamer, for tne Spectrum emulator 037' SPECTRUM GAMES 9 Games for me Spectrum emulator G37B SPECTRUM GAMES 10 Games tor the Spectrum
• maxx G3~? EMERALD MINE 2 BouUar Dash gam* Great graprvcs G38C
QUENTINS QUEST Nice loo* ng plattorm game mtn a spring loaded
main charactet Recommended G381 THE LOST PRINCE Playable demo
version of this professoral CIR graph aoventu-e game Try
before you buy Also includes me sofcrbon to Starbase 13 G362
ULTIMATE CHESS Complete Chess tutor tor beg ner* and cness game
G383 ROKETZ vl.O - Totally awesome shareware Thrust genre i 2
player shoot em up game Uses super smoom rayiraceo grapn.cs
A1200 ONLY “384 WORD PLAY Fhre onginai tun word gamo* Shareware
G385 SANTA AND RULDOPH DO CHRISTMAS The duo SU- « «* seasonal
snocx em-i*) r; )T A50C G386 ACT Of WAR MKSION DISK Four
*»tonal *W~on missions 'or registered versons or Act Of War
G387 MONOPOLY v1.1 Great computerised version ot me Doard
G388-G391 4 DISKS) KLONDIKE DELUXE III New verson o’ thu
inttecKYy popular card game loo* out tcx the extra 4 MEGABYTES
Deiux* G347 THE SWORD OF YIGG Graphical RPG Good G343 HAJIME
CARDS • Erotic cards for Klondike Deluxe G3AA SHEPHERD
incredible Popuias gem© done A superb God game not to be missed
Will blow your mine *A mnrum ot QNL - f.niP BAU •• •* *- G345
HOI AGA Remix Fantastc mufti leveled platform Sne You won t
believe how good this is •*1. 00 ONL '• 50 THE UNUSUAL CASE OF
DOCTOR STRANGE Platform game with great graphics and humour ••n
r asqu* G348 KNIGHTS v2.5 Great 2 player medieval dungeon maze
adventure game with loads o features •' aso G35' ANIME CARO
SET Cartoon Manga stye card set to Klondike Deluxe G352 TREK
CARDS Star Trek cards for Klondike Deluxe G357-G358 CYBERTECH
CORP (2 DISKS) Bnlliart Alien Breed type game *Ai2O0ONLY* G359
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2 Blast the Zomp.es to pieces lots of GORE
•a-; oo only* G36* SPECTRUM GAMES VOL 1 Specfum games Requires
emulator Snapshot format G362 SPECTRUM GAMES VOL.2 As above
above G393 BUCK TOOTH BOB S JUNGLE ADVENTURE Mindless violence
Blast tho mnocent wildlife G304 DELUXE GALAGA 2.3 Th© oest
An*ga PD shoot up just got better New 2 player option and more
• nslafted datatypes Supports AGA and more features V U474 TEE TO
THE GREEN .1.1 Sharewote go»* vxr* database ano s;*lr*i c*
anaiysw U475 VIOEO MAXE V04 42 Oataoase ro cafawgue youf
permanent video tape conechon 0' programmes and tirms **0’ U478
PSYCHOTRONIC SOUND Collection of mind aite-.ng sound samplo
loops Requires Octamed or Ociamod Piaye* U485 GUIDE TO THE
INTERNET Your gude to twgotiatmg the
• ntormabon super -ighwa* N';t A50C U434 VIRUS WORKSHOP v4 2 Just
Out Pow**V ruft VXW U486 DISK MAG CREATOR vl 21 Produce your
own dis« magaz ne» wrth ease U46' MENY 10 An ope" ended menu
system tor disk magazines and programme launcher* Can procduce
some good personalised results U4&8 FINAL WRAPPER T ,r macro
tor Fnai Wrle* 2 Produce spiral and curved wr-ning etc U489
U490 2 DlSKSl MAGIC WORKBENCH EIRA ICONS f or users with Magic
Workbench installed Loads more 8 colour icons, plus a preview
or Mage Wo-kbench 2 You can gel Magic bench on U316. It you don
1 already nave if NO' Ai v. I -492 .2 DlSKSi MAGIC WORKBENCH
FXTRA ICONS H More icons more Oac*d*oono* etc Bnfcam •* T IM98
VARKS CLI TOOLS V 6 load* ot useful H3e u**oes ’.
U445 AMIGADOS TUTORIAL Beginners guide for Workbench 2 0 3.0 Amigas U443 AMIGA DOS GUIDE vl .0 Provides useful help on what the DOS commands are and what they do Plus many ot the common Dos error codes expiated m English etc 444 GAME WARPER 20 Hacks and cheats for 10 top games plus the Custom Po*e Machine that will aiiow you to use Action Replay Pokes on your tave games wrthout the need of thai expensive cartridge *Ai2oo oni v* U437 AMOS EXTENSIONS Seven groat Amos Amos Pro extens-ons adding more commands to both languages U342 SUPER LEAGUE v3.5 Latest vervon o« th«s footba ' league database
and statistics analyser Bug f xed verson U449 ZXAM SPECTRUM EMULATOR AGA vl.3 Optimised Speccy emulator to run gamos as fast as possible Includes games *A 1200 only* U4S0 DISK MANAGER 4.0 Database for your DOS disks Automatical reads the files tfom the disks -wf-T A£*: 0- U291 RELOKICK 1.41 Revised verson Couple o’ added features Downgrades Kokstart 2 03 0 to t 3 MfSCULAA eOUS : BACK DOOR 2.22t Playing lips, cheat* and level cooes tor noted* of the latest commencai gamo releaso* NOT A5O0 '4-T75 ? DISKS GRAPEVINE 20 Needs no mf.oOuCtion The es’ issue of lf« most son after Amqa d s» mag arou xl
i7 T68 (2 DISKS) LUCIFER S BOOK OF SHADES tcrets from the occult OVER 18S Onl V 9 LUCIFER S WICKED GRIMOIRE More intormation id practices of the occult OVER 18 S ONLY 6 ALIENS CONFIDENTIAL .oads of it'ue,i slores from x nd the globe on Aken* and UFOS 6 E66 i? OlSKS TARRO MASTER Ta-ro card kxtune ie* and tutorial 8 BIORHYTHMS Reveals your monthly bo-hythms chart ,0 CODE MUNGUS Highway code tester V good 9 ASTRO 22 Astrology tool for horoscope p.edict on ’9 THE MYSTERIES Of THE RUNES Tutorial 0" the tarvngs of the anoem Rjne stones -NOT A1. -» 8 DREAMS fOR AN ANGEL Repeal ft- swcr«s of C NOOSE
SUO SHOWS S137 Si39 13 DlSKSi GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Giamou' slideshow S140-Si42 (3 DlSKSi CLAUDIA SCHIFFER SLIDESHOW the super model A12O0 ONL Y S-43 S145 (3 DlSKSi ELLE McPHERSON SLIDESHOW Another supw modet A • 200 3NL * S146-S146 i3 DlSKSi CINOV CRAWFORO SLIDESHOW Richard Gere s missus ' :-0C ON.'
S149 SI50 l? OlSKSi FANATICS GUIDE TO COMPUTERS Comic shoo? Showing you wtial happen* when obsessive user* go that litlle too fat Very tunny S'08 S’09 (2 DlSKSi FIT CHIX 1 • Giamou* At;x- Of* • Si 10-St It (2 DSKSi FIT CHIX 2 More of the same 5112*8113 12 DlSKSi FIT CHIX 3 More of the same St t4 BODY SHOP III Glamour slidos A . 0 Onl • S'15 S116 2 DlSKSl BOOY SHOP IV- S'i7S'i8 2 DISKS BOOY SHOP V a ¦ Si 1* ERIKA ELENUK ’he-. Bay watch beauty a S127 BEACH BABES t • Models n swimming cossos SI 2S BEACH BABES 2 • Moro of ihe same A12C0 ONLY SiJ'4 BEACH BABES 3 • More of the same A1200 ONLY.
S'.26 BEACH BABES 4 ¦ More o' the same A120D ONL' S'25 BEACH BABES 5 • More o' me same a n • S'r LINGERIE 1 - Mode** m »*• krgere A'?tJ0O*«» Si LINGERIE 2 • More or the some A Nl - St 39 LINGERIE 3 • Moro 01 fhe same a . M « St40 LINGERIE 4 - Moro ol fhe same At. 00 ONL *.
SI41 LINGERIE 5 - More ol tho same A1. ..0 only.
S’26 S127 (2 DISKS THE GIRLS OF ERIC SCHWARTZ Multimedia sideshow featuring the seductive cartoon characters of this famous Am*ja animator • 5 MEG* S’29 NEVER LIKED UNO SK* sideshow Fantasy ah St29 CINOY CRAWFORD SS1 The sexy super model SI30 CINDY CRAWFORD SS2 Volume 2 S’31 SI32 (2 DISKS) BODY SHOP 6 vo: ONLY* S’33 St34 12 DISKS' BODY SHOP 7 A1200ONLV* S135 S136 (2 DISKS NLP RENDERSHOW Capt vat.ng raylraced So Fi p« ur»s DfMOS 0226 BOOO II Another weird Melon De ign demo D226 GIMME ALCOHOL Whal we call tn the trade a deniro. A Oemo'rftro combmaton A1200 ONLY 022 ’ JAMMiN - Good use of me AGA
m prodx-ng coduftul panem ejects A'ZCCONiv Mi 56 NO GOOO You re no good Tx me ProOgy rem,. A D204 FUSE One ot the tew new demos that work on Amiga's other than |ust tho A1200 Pretty decent at mat -NOT A5O0- D207 D208 (2 DISKSi HYSTERIA New demo from Anadgy D20S 0206 12 DlSKSi LOVE Hot new demo from Fairiight One ot the best this year *At2O0 Only* D209 ILEX Highly original demo trom Mystic -v Ni Y* D2’0 GO WITH THE FLOW Aga domo with an amusing .nteractrve graphic adventure section .A'. or- Oniy* ; SEA O YOUR OROERS TO: ! GROUND ZERO SOFTWARE (AF66) j 4 CHANDOS ROAD J REDLAND BRISTOL. BS6 6PE
ENGLAND TELEPHONE 0272 741462 (9am-6.00pm M-F) j -To tvdrr l*uN»c Ikmuin » tiware. *impl *«nd you* name, adilrr** I j (WRimLN CltARLYi and .« order dcuiU Lf D«*k. ..dc number I anJ title rumn •Rrmcmhrr that pneet prr dixi xrkl r v per title Take I parlKulai ixxkc with multiple did tille* -I K Po*tape and paxkm| ai I 75p covet* any order *i e *F.n detailed programme devcnpfitm* on these | and thxmsand* of nxNc PD title*, check out out catalogue disk* PUBLIC DOMAIN PRICE LIST PRICE PER PD DISK £1.00 CATALOGUE DISK VOL.1 ... £0.75 CATALOGUE DISK VOL.2 ... £0.75 POSTAGE & PACKING £0.75
Overseas orders. Use Ihe above prices, then add 20% ol that total, lo cover the extra postage costs. Thank you PLEASE MAKE ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS IN STERLING PAYABLE TO GEQliMLZEEOSUEmARE M140 DANCE WAR Great h«gh energy mus c Ml 53 EXTEMPORIZED High quality atmosohenc music Ml49 LUFICER • CYBER PUNK ROCK Inbeiwoon OtS O’ h*l7 M151 MiS2 2DiSKS AMIGADEUSH Synthevsed rocroaiiors of five Mozart compositions By Rob baite* • M1S4 M155 (2 DISKS) BLUES SYMPHONIES Haunting atmospheoc music -A-200 ONLY* D2i 1 7lh HEAVEN Excdmg techno trackmo •- D2'2 PEE WEE Not long Du! Very sweet - a D2’ 3 HARD DAY
A promrsing Kte number D2' -I INTERFERENCE Another fur from Sanity 02’5 MR MONKEY Look out for the dancing Monkey" D216 EXPLORER Class* routines -A1200ONLY* £Ot CATfON E90 ROME Archdocturo and entertainment ot anoont Rome Subjects are covered at GCSE level Sharewa-e E9’ SMARTY demo Two games tor children w.th Autism E92 E93 i2 DISKS APOLLO 11 Movne0.a Hyperbook o* tne hrstonc man on tn© moon space race E94 RUNEMASTER Rune stone caster predctor and translator E95 KIDS DISK 5 Educaibnal games tor kids by D Moran E9€ KIDS DISK 6 More excellent games tor juniors E8C DYNAMIC SKIES Powerful
astronomy programme E7- CHILDRENS FAVOURITES 1 Nursery rhymes E53 CHILDRENS FAVOURITES 2 More nursery mymes E60 CODE MUNGUS Tests your Highway Code knowledge E55 COMUNICATE Toaches you morse code, bratio. Sign language and more E3 STEAM ENGINE ANIMATION Cross section animation E37 FOUR STROKE ENGINE ANIMATION As above
OBJECTS Tables chairs carnets elc LM54 HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS -
Items you may wel find around the home U460-U461 (2 DISKS)
AIRCRAFT OBJECTS From World War One biplanes Ihe modem day
Stealth fighters aircraft of many types U462 U463 (2 DISKS)
SCIENCE FICTION OBJECTS Tron Light cycles and tanks, space
stations and space ships etc U464 U466 (3 DISKS) ARCHITECHURE
OBJECTS Houses skyscraper Colosseum and other types of man made
structure U467 U469 (3 DISKS) CAR OBJECTS Vehdes ot a* sods
road vehicles to Formula One racing cars U470 INSECT OBJECTS
Creepy crawi.es U47T DINOSUAR OBJECTS Prehistoric beasts U472
ANIMAL OBJECTS Many types of mammals mag we rerrt Aes U479
13 DISKS) IMAGINE STONE TEXTURES Tenures for Imagine U483
TEXTURES Textures tor Imagine
• Is U460U46) 12 DfSoS AIRCRAFT OBJECTS From Wona War 1 Bn»dn«6
to mooem day Steam Fghters Loads ot aircraft trom rastory U455
U456 i? OlSKSi STAR TREK OBJECTS From the orgiral and new tones
14S2 BABYLON on Ihe 100 TV 1 MAGIN £ BUDDY SYSTEM Used in
conjunction with Imagine 2 0 tor the * u'rtmate Imagine tutonaJ
and reference guide Every single function s detailed m J great
depth Essential DISK REFERENCE: U476-U477 (2 DISKS) l tPU
STACXCR rf.TQ t»mpress your hard dnve up to Ml*t. Doubling
the capacity Added automatic installation, compression anil
removal tcaiurc IRI S EXTKRMIN TORS N 2 Compaec by NAU.G All
the best and latest virus killers on 2 disks Contains Virus
Checker v6.43. Boot X v5.23B (with latost v2 18 Brain file).
Virus Workshop v3.90. Virus Z II vl.90. DISK REFS: U499-U500.
NOT A500 COMPATIBLE HARD DISK TOOLS 2 Compiled try me (IALLQ Th© very best Hard Disk tools Clickable menus. Repairers installers. Backup programmes and more CONTAINS HO Click v2 60 MR Backup Abackup v4 06 HD Mem vl.O. Superlock HO Installer
vl. 04. AF Copy ANO MANY OTHERS DISK REF: U501-U503 dmrsi MOST
USKH I tTILTIKS v2 Compeiefl by the MAU.G Pack contains loots
lo improve your Workbench m terms 0t speed jsaotirv and woks
CON’AiNS Tools Daemon v2.1. Magic Workbench Icons.
GBIanker v3 30 (Screen blanker).
Magic Menu vl 9 ABO Magic File Requester AND MORE DISK REF: U504-U505 j disksi NOT A500 COMPATIBLE ADOBE TYPE 1 FONTS High quality Adobe font* for DTP and WP ihO. Kct* L'428. U429. U430. U4J1. U432.1 433 t-507. I Uk.
U509, U5I0. T'5ll Check out our comprehensive catalogue disks lor the very best PD Shareware.
Updated monthly COMPUCKAPH C fOVTS.
] Compugraphic Collection 1-17. Disk REFS: 1 U274. U275. U276. U308. U408. U409.
1 U4I0. U4.1X. i:446. U447. U448. U493.
U494. U495. U496. U497. U506.
Compatible with: We stock the entire range.
Detailed listing on catalogue disk vol.2 SoHwurr for dll dll mi|Cd * ’*• '( 3 v OOO I200140001A570K 032 Exclusive PD, Dept AF, Beresford Close, flfJ Waterlooville, Hampshire P07 5UN T Tel: (01705) 642409 Office Hours 10am -7p DISK PRU fcS: 1-3. Cl JJ 4-1. £1.0®. I ft-ill. ** 21* ool Hop 50. Onl* Mp cadi.
PL4ASC ADI) 75F P.P Pl.K (iKDKK n*i •aiitiuh it* a»or ik; jo few ifm at •«* wr"™ na J-lHtRM'HUBl All JCA! 0lS»S I0A D®
• •••cut* •••
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TO.661 MAAdaR (J aafaaconuAiHS
* iai«TCDNX«A3a ncueonNEn CARDS 1CIE si *¦ ! I DRAW natMlfTSUAWl?
Naf 54 TITANIC (?)
- laujsomwca ¦TaGi.'DWAMSTREAM togsohww: aacntmsNBTa
3aG«eias’PRsa7i TofitinwaR T Clfl C CRYSTAL SNJli TdGtlPCITQ)
TdGMVWIGSAGA n0G450«nnGMT(2| Cl R oncosts fallows 1 D*sa Tint •
D95 2 Os» Tint. Tt 95 3 rin*. Es 95 TREE P0 DISK WITH EVERY ClR
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! 75 Ttc 0RM RCCM0R0. FSSf SS4 100 CailiRS MICOW T MU an da 1 * *** TO NMI ffi TomirmoQT T0«niTl«dCTW HMDHM0) TttCHBO M*WA » nrumu»»Hi»*si iwrtttsc* Tmrtxmwnnas io«uii.oc» Unfia iwnrawiwn t o«n*i smi a 9m mac TCMTHKMaM* 1 *W 1JTX **Y *
- IttSIWTKlCXAMCi tsmsu i mi oooo aw TAOMlMUHtllAAW
TcacrrC 0«iVll7iAM tAsuw Tr*p OVIdW Ueq Unw WDM •CO® QUALITY
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Citizen Print Manager Desktop Magic Demo A1200 System Tests
Ncomm v3 .0 Freecopy 1.9 Map Designer V2.0A Max's BBS ? Doors
(2 Disks) Action Replay Pro (Aga) A-Fax MUI |Wb2 04.)
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p«»M arnl |xniung, Same day despanli «m crcdB card, postal
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cheques) To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.
Steve McGill finds a new motto in his never-ending quest for the ultimate in Public Domain demo entertainment.
The first of this month's slideshows should appeal to all Imagine users. NLP Rendershow (('.round Zero Software) consists of eight pre-rendercd ray- traced pictures and although there's nothing particularly exciting on show, the use of simulated lens flares and different locations for spaceship designs should inspire those of you experimenting with the AP63 Imagine Coverdisk and indeed the very fine Imagine J demo with this mag.
Of particular note is the use of Clouds U. l to create many of the backgrounds for the rendered objects. The first pic shows tts a mid-range shot of the author Neil Pai n ’s spaceship design on a purplev cloud background. The next one shows a couple of ships of the same model as the first Using toward a floodlit podium platform. It’s a surrealistic scene and one that should be easy enough HARD DAY: Take a rucksack. Rab C Nesbitt, a stereogram, HARD DAV The creative use of shade and colour and a fractal and you'd end up with this. Probably. Throughout this demo is top notch.
To create for anyone with a bit of imagination and lots of enthusiasm.
The second slideshow in the collection, Hard Day (Ground Zero Software) by KMT Design, offers a bit more than just a common or garden slideshow . It starts off with an animated character who looks like the Finnish equivalent of Rab C Nesbitt dragging a rucksack. Another couple of little animations lead us to the main point of the piece - Silicon Fractals.
The sight of fractals is usually enough to make me jump up and down with suppressed rage.
They're so New Age and right on and isn't mathematics wonderful man. But with these Silicon Fractals, it's different. Imagine a fractal image meeting a stereogram, getting down to some serious inter-relational business and then doing the Rocky Horror Time Warp together to another dimension. That's what a Silicon Fractal looks like. And very pretty thev are too.
For aesthetic design and computer am fartiness. This slideshow is hard to beat and is worth checking out if you can pick it up cheaply.
A slight change of pace now as we enter into the land of the dodgy demo. Flip And Trash of Delight have put together a sequence of nonrelated images and for some obscure reason, opted to call it Explorer (Ground Zero Software).
It features a mechanism that far too manv demos PD MUSIC AND GRAPHICS DEMOS DECEMBER 1 994 EXPLORED Despite the naff sequencing and tiresome scaled image effects, the artwork is excellent.
TERMINATOR: Is this demo blasphemous and offensive, or an astute juxtaposition of cultural reference in a tongue in cheek vein? It all depends on your point of view.
Arc adopting these days - the scaled, pixellated single image. Usually, it s Cindy Crawford or another super model type who gets this treatment.
Let’s face it. Once you’ve seen one image, zoomed, rotated, scaled and pixellated. You’ve seen them all. They're dull and it seems like everyone and his grandmother are into implementing it. Scaled images are up there with rotating cubes in space when it comes to provoking the reaction: "No please, please, not again, please". The only sequence of any real interest in ihe whole demo is the animation right at tin- end and it's not worth getting hold of the disk just for that.
Following in the same vein as above, hui doubling on ihe tedium is Drcamdealer’s production hiding under the name ol Imagine (Freestyle I’D). It features everything that's tiresome, cliched and stereotyped about the demo scene, which is a shame, because there are some stunning looking graphics tucked away in here.
The introduction screen, for example, resembles a high-quality film poster and it induces a sense of anticipation - an anticipation which is unfortunately let down when the demo starts for real. An image of a half-naked monochromatic woman appears. Suddenly, she’s scaled, rotated, zoomed, rippled and pixellated. It lasts too long and the music starts to grate. You can imagine Starskv And Hutch making a getawav on a tractor with a souped up automatic washing machine engine while being chased by one-legged skateboarders from hell to this accompaniment.
There's a rotating, image-mapped, bendy cube in here as well. If you're impressed by technical merit only, then you mayjust like this demo.
Anyone else searching for ideas or inspiration should look elsewhere.
The last and best of the demos this month is an animated contrived version of Terminator (Cynostic) from a Polish group called Unscrew And Ser. It kicks off with a slick improvised version of the original movie titles. The story iLself features some novel mergence of ideas and concepts. This is Terminator meets Little Red Riding Hood and Bugs Bunnv with a little warped epistemology thrown in for good measure.
Technically speaking, it hardly pushes the envelope, hut it entertains, amuses and even manages to ever-so-slightly shock the viewer - like when the Terminator throws a cute and Huffy little kitten through the window of the local gunshop.
OK. So that probably won't shock you unless you're a member of the Animal Liberation Front or the RSI’C A or something, but it should make you laugh a bit.
Several other nice little touches permeate the whole production. I he image of the wolf crucified at the end of the demo is more out of place than blasphemous, hut no doubt some poor soul is going to be offended by it.
So there it is. Another month's worth of offerings from Demo Zone. Tune in next month when I'll probably make an appeal to readers at large to grab hold of the Video Tracker music and image sequencer and make their own demos to send to me direct. Take a look at Seventh Heaven (Clubl200) reviewed in AF64 to check out what can be done with this handy piece of software.
And remember, anyone whose work is good enough might just earn themselves a top prize and an interview in Amiga Format, if I can manage to persuade Stevie J that it's a good idea.
See you again next month. 'I) WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN THIS ISSUE CLUB1200. 57 Europa Road, Lowestoft Suffolk NR32 4BQ. Tel: 01836 328263 CYNOSTIC OfficeOL Little Heath Ind Estate. Old Church Road. Coventry. Tel: 01203 681687 FREESTYLE PD, 108 Woodside Way, Short Heath, West Midlands WV12 5NH.
Skegness, Lines PE2S 3PX. Tel: 01754 760665 TELESCAIU 0253 829292
1. Ilex Demo AGA
2. Bodyshop 8 AGA
3. Stereograms II
4. Dirt Demo AGA
5. Artificial Paradise AGA
6. Love AGA
7. Ilyad Demo AGA (4 disks 4Mb)
8. Maximum Overdrive 2 AGA
9. Sequential Demo
10. Big Top Glamour Slide AGA TOP 10 DEMOS The kind supplier of
this month's top 10 demo chart is: 138-139 Victoria Rd,
Swindon, Wilts, SN1 3BU K e amiga public domain software Tel:
01793 432176 Fax: 514187 in ss VIRUS FREE PD ,4 1200 1 DPI
SOFTWARE » MW 1 » £A7ESr 1 » COiVS 1 ? 4002 PAR.NET link
up two Amiga' togflhrr ? 40113 KIDS CLIPART 3 divk tel M kid*
dipart ? 4014 BREAKOUT ? 4016 CHI RQI MUSIC ? 4019 GASTRIU
RAVI iieat rave mawc track ? 4022-2 READ A LEARN __ 2 dnk d
cdu. Atrrul game* ? 4024 SOUTAIR1 GOLF Scioare card game ?
game REND 24 KS2 3 DATAPRO VM law dak luvrd dataha*r PUE
? Dpi.
? Dpii ? Wio ? Dpt ? 4136 ? 4ir '?alVi ? t.i ? .1.9-1 AO. PACKAIi
O. ISS ? Ais- ? 4162 ». LuAti sm.
R Jaw )w ? .** ? Wo Q wi ? WOJ D wi ? .NM ? Wi ? .«* ?
? Wo ? W!
? W ? Ww ? ,«M ? .WTO ? Sri ? «ri ? »l ? Ww 317% 3|TT7 ? }T|| ? JTI« ? Wot ? Wo* Owi ? W« Dwn 3wr: ? *u ? BTJ-l ? Iwo ? »T0 ? LW| ? W ? Mil 3 MW ? W- ? W ? WI 3 wi ? 126-.'
? .Ill ? .110 ? ». i ? »« ? 4165 4166 Z 416" :D4l«3 ? 4169 ? «1T) ? 4I’2 ? 417.3 Oww ? Wj' ? P.- ? W ? Won: ? W: ? 17W-: ? Wio ? o» ? 1110 ? •in ? Mi»i IM21 MS-1 SOS ? M» IM» JO* .v.. ? 4183 ? 41K4 ? 4186 ? Wo ? JOT-i ? W ? W) ? !»1 ? J7W Oj%n ? »i ? JM1 i«0i ww ? Wo ? J%l ? 418- ? 4188 ? 4189 ? 4190 ? 4191 ? 4i92 ? 4193 ? Ll9»
- . Star I thr Amiga IjDww ? Ami ? Jto ? H»i ? A«- |Dwu ? »- !?
DOT ? 4085 ? *W0 ? «r |D*wi
• ? -WWI-- ? WJM ? »!
• tale your own profrtuonal Uobi IE ?.no 3 4io ? Mm [?.in
3. ioi
3. 10. B: ? No.
? Iim Jam.
? Om-j ? Om-i TXAPDEMO Interactive 3D maae 2S6 colours MANDELMANLA 4 AGA Fractal generator BODY SHOP S AGA Lovely ladaeV XANADU AGA Good mega demo FTT CHICKS 3 AGA Unreal lovely ladies Onh La La" FIT CHICKS 2 AGA Ooh la la again EMPTY HEAD AGA Smart new mrgadrmn FRENCH DEMO MEGA BAU AGA stunning new AGA vrnaon d Break 5 ut Tir VTEWTTK 20 Late* AGA paoures viewer URIAH AGA SUDES srunmng picture* of can ASI AGA FIX DISKS KLONDIKE AGA Vunrung 236 colour card game MANGA AGA PICTURES Heap, d Japanese manga picture* COMPLEX -ORIGIN' Unreal introduction to an Anutins Mega demo Loatb d rayitcea planet
scene* Brilliant.'
STAR TREK PICTURES Impressive AGA Star Trek Slxlcs CHANEL NO S Amazing new A1200 Mega demo AGA DATATYPES Include* Jpeg. PCX 1«2. BMP ILBM Mac and luad* more ABSTRACT PIG TTU MOON* AGA RIG TIME SENSUALITY Rated the best ever AGA demo D 4160 HOI AGA BEMDi ? .16. AMIGA GUIDE EDITOE Make your own gcudes ? 4 IBS HYDROZONE GAME Very fa* 3D game ? 4209-2 FAIRUGIfT LOVE New Fanlight megadcmo ? 4220 BAZZA -V RUNT Smart little platform game ? 4230 ZOMBIE 2 AGA updated version d Zombie.
Contain.' Tod* of Mood n gut*, a great shoot em up ? 4234 KNOTTY AGA Slide a puzzle type game lor AGA machines Great graph** ? 4237-4 MINT AGA SLIDES Four duk *el d sunnig pu ? 4248 KLONDIKE CARDS Card vet d EL1E a«k far a* AGA ha when adermg* ? 3211-5 WEIRD SCIENCE Excrywxul qual* graph** vanou* Mbfects. Innrub etc ? 32164 JPEG AGA IMAGES Nine dok* (rf aunnmg gr*phics 322C6 SUPER HAM P1X 32* HOI AGA MEGADCMO J2R".3 A1200 ITIUTTES Include* Virus KiUcrv Datatype*.
Copiers, elc ? J3« WB3 VIRUS KILLERS Up u dale collection d Virus Killer.
? 3356 A1200 DEGRADERS Detrade your Anuga down to an A SO) thus allowing a huge range d older games to work oo your MORE WBJ HACKS YINBUNDEI NFA A1200 UTILS Cdkcttaa d look he the A12D0 FTTCHKXS Vunrung AGA p-tures erf prta RETINA BURN RAVI NIGHT BREED PDC FREAKS BOOYSHOP Mart glrty pa ANDYS WB3 imUTY THE BEST Huge note ol cfaflcrrtt tools l.» the AI200 A4000 PLASMA CLOUDS 2S6 JPEGirnUTIES HD MEM (Req MMU) U*c your hard duk as memory HOIS 2 MEGADEMO QUICK GRAB AGA Pic ripper LYAPUNOVTA AGA Sttmnmg space generator BODYSHOP 4 More nunrung babe*!
Motorola INVADERS 2 ; AGA Space Invaders AGA BACKDROPS CONVERT HAM Converts HAM pictures to 2V CD TO A1200 Pamrtckmc CDXT ROM KLONDIKE card* A collection of additional card* for use with KLONDIKE tadudn Ctrl*. Animal.' Etc BRAIN STATE IN A BOX ASI MULTIVISION Graphics utilities BEYOND BellEf Another vuperb demo INVESTATTON 3 disk mega demo BOOYSHOP 7 Lovely lathe* on dak BOOYSHOP 6A FRIDAY AT FIGHT DEMO The following title* will only on AGA machine* wdi ** the A1200 and A*001 ? 5096-10 BADBOYZAGA Graphics cammed from the K ? Jm uaass aga 4 meg Impmwvr AGA chew game It require* 4 me* to run ?
3209 WB3 RAINBOW Put* a fancy ramhow efleet 13403 w MW SUP!* PACHAS Bnllunth Hdoadi verttan of that daw KARATE OlAMP A nr» Karate hearem op DIGGER From dir Arcade venam KLATZ THE CAT '¦r looking ptadorm game BLACK DAWN HnUiani DAD game BAT DOG Fan and adthctive pbtfonncr AMIGANOID Breakout hul with 2 bat*' WORLD DARTN Way dart* the easy way BOB'S GARDEN EiccUeni Digger* game CAFFEINE FREE DIET Vfrv faa pKtd hon ontal shout cm up deal aufT GALAXY 93 Suprth Gala nan* game V«y original H und FX CRONK THE MOOGCHBG A pu » man* ‘fame the Hedgehog game SAD' DARTS GAME Araahet dam game- IURUNNER Baird
on the dame loadmnncr hul w«h totally updated graphic* and vound MEGABAU. AGA A 2S6 colour breakout game PLACEBO INVADERS Colourful Space Invadm game TAQIYON A Trim done MOOSf OKIVTR Fail lop new racing game DmmiNSPAa Cmr hu addruve yiasfnnn STARLANS Fa* «hootem up VCME5SB Late*i dm varant on the Amiga SCRABBLE Bawd on the popular board game BLASTER Fa* ind funou* shoofcm up TEN PIN BOWLING S7ARTREK Baaed on the all time cbnar wtic* KID’S POOL KS23 Suprtb qualm Pool game EVIL INSECTS Bnllunt dw .rfln up feature* a STARBASE 13 A huge arc ade advemurc ROBfMlXMX Up to date RouLdrrda.'fa donr MR
MEN OLYMPICS MOTOR INV 2 AGA RUNG FI CHARUES 2 player pLufirm. Hctfem up Imh HOLE G0U PI) golf game Good nuff FIREFLY SHOOTEM Fait 4 Funou* RUMMY The card game ROAD TO HELL Azvrhrt good top new racer GIDDY Etceflen o*r piatform game GNU CHESS k*2 3 NOSTAGIl'M The cta»«c C64 undwm r* hoe LCD GAMES 4 dame LCD game* FATAL MISSION 2 Brilliant vhootem up Operafton Fireaorm Pcaiure* fanuMk graph** Great pLrtfonrv'hocc'em up HIGH OCTANE Fa* car racing game NUMTRIS See ahiwr WSECTOIDS 2 DPI Dub com II10 cacb TOHKBEMM I Replacement copy HD INSTALLER Prep A Install software cm your Al200 hard disk HARD
DISK PREP K»manmg A Prep aaftwaretor new A12D0 hard drive* PRINTER DRIVERS Om 100 pnmrr driver* tor ENGINEERS WT Te* your A1200 om. *pced test drive check, custom chip tests etc EXTERMINH AGA Virus Killer package CRACKNCOPY GAMES SHANGHAI «3 ? «ii ? M ? «» ? Ww ? «» In oho ? «HI ? W2 powvon) 11 _ Paaawvcd pnocd your HD ? «HI I ASI WAR' Grm new laxwiung* tkmc ? ¥&.’ 3D Garden Devjcrvrr Drugn gankn trw Ann*. » ih rave ? (061 VIDEO MAXE Powerful new »«ln .auhiging lyucm ? 4065 16 COLOI R ICONS KS2 3 required ? 4064 PAGESTKEAM I PDATER Updatr Page'lream* import ccpoit mixluk* and pttntri dnvm ?
Load* d Ivj a umple* ? 4071-5 CG KTNTS 1-5 Over 60 CG F r«' ? *T6 20 SHORT MODULES A trhciion d 20 *m wnal
w. mrdutr* |D4ir" ONSLAUGHT Super fa* SHOCHEM IT ? 40"» KXILUAS
INCIDENT superh U game ? 40”N DR W1K) Dr Who the game Is
liiullv here on the Amigi ? 40M0 NEW IFF FONTS A dnk lull of
IPF colour dip ( r*» Great faufl ? 40B1 FIGHT Colour non* A
coUectim M K colour icons for Woekhench 2cr 3 ? 4UH2 ALPHABET
CUPART Original wi d Aiphahn .fapart U'V T'WJ - .'Ml Vnnn Vwd
Tonji Sopn lun Poop typr pmc- Vo* d great w ajnd I* gnyuire*
Kukvtarl 2 3 RAISE PIE TTTANK Superb new 30 game, whete your
|oi n to naive the Titanic YAHTCY GAME MEGABUXX 2 New Telit*
done AGA ICONS A wi of ounnmg kun* fin 'acekbetv li 3 ADOBE
FONTS 1-7 Huge rallertkin of Adolr font* Ivenc ACCOCTvTANT
Keep trade of where your money gno HOME BUDGET Lp** after your
hard earned FONT MAKER Lie die nl font laikrr OXYD PUZZLE
TOOLMaiugcr BPS TOOLS-ICONS KS2 3 HD CACHF Hard dnve 1 ache
'vMeni SCHEDULER New diary tyttem wilh inlcgratcd phone hook
[?LB14-I BABYLON 5 Four Miperti Ughrwave ohyeac of Babylon 5
space craft Only kt 00 )? LA04-I AIRCRAFT A number of dilfermi
air craft Only 64(0 ? 1504-1 STARWARS Different t bed* from
Sur war*.
Only MW ? 1ST. 1 STA1TIEK load* d dtffermt ohget* from sTARTMK Only 64 00 ? UM-I AUEWAK Alien* Amrajrrd Perwral Camrt Only *400 ? LW15; UGHTWAVF. TEXTTRE' ? 4106-2 PIKPOU) Photo a) newer ? 41* REORG 3 II KS2 3 Hard dnk aunuet ? 4)09 SHARE Manager 2 3 Keep track of tour money KS2 3 I requrai LIGHTWAVE 1 ? **!
? 468* BOOT OS 13 Rdrkhrnvh rrpla. Emcnt MRDS New Rds type pfograni MORTGAGE CAIC (jlculati- nvirtgagc A loon rate* fAssrm: iniay Make your ow n ctawoe inlay card* ? 4195 PARANOID A np iRf 18 the clatdc ? 4196 ROME Educa mal tale )? 4l«"-2 TAUNT Q F. I 2 New Mega drmo ? 4199-4 GROOOVY GAMES Large cuJkvtmn d game* ? 4263 THE FEELING RAVE Muu.
'? 4AH DANCE WARS A cuBcitton of rraliy wruit rave tracks, all bnJIuntlt cn i qualitv ? *20* DEVOLUTION ART llani inuge* ? 121*. PYRAMID GAME ? I’ll 3 MORTAL GODS RAVE SAMPLF.s 1-5 ? 421" VAKKS ITTUS NO 5 D 4218 CAL COUNTER Cokne cocMci ? 4219 HDOJCK Hard dme menu *v«m ? 4221 DANGER MIN Sf Vet* until m cimepi 61 Hunchha.k Im leatuir* the charaoirt Danger Mtxrvr" pr* uund fi • vprrch ? 4223 SHAPE ED W Shape editor Sprite' n *tuff ? 4224-2 RHYTHM ATTACK SAMPLES 1A2 ? 4226 EVIL INSECTS Sman new diootcm up ? 4227 PLEASE Relrave ME Funny null. Marring Dolly Parton ? .128 HIGH SPOT FUNKY Ccmnal
ammatKin FOOTBALL ICONS TV World Cup won vet APACHE OVEKLANDFR AbcoUncly Milium M.-m Patrnl game |U 4163-2 Cyhctirch CORP Ro|uirr AI2W Superb Abcn Breed type game AMIGA GUIDE AGA DELUXE GALAGA I 9 Bnluca Gakauan* rtonr SY"S INFO V'3 24 QtKKFTLF OS 2 3 VIDEO MANAGER n TO EXE DUWORK I 62 Superb file copier nunager PUEMASTER 2 0 ? 4181-2 APOUO II Grrat educatHfa title PAST WARS Shoofcm up EPOCH MASTER L'pdatc in com ditk smiun scORER mUTY CHEATS Y3.0 Huodrrdc and hunched* IMAGINE VIDEOS ProBWOon I'* Imaguv Vnkt.
S. 3tun Fee childrm w*h Autum DELTA lORCF 3 4116 ? 41 IN ? 4121 ?
412-1 ? 4125 ? 4126 Caracal annul*m ? 41 BUADBOID a !? 41364
KLONDIKr EXTRA » mra card i*t» AGA taozra Syvlem DDK BACK TO
Priority Order Form Amiga nvxltl _ Credit Cml No. _ Exp_
or*«n«*llV- Ufyts * . Man -k. Irf . I- , He ... nqu»v. ¦¦ uwh
i»» lie Sin .4 Ur i*~ im rrfn liouvl faV* im-r . [•»•(« fo
IK.,u r r
• i«a« *Mi Ml iBfiuw « sntsnar k * n*vy MNOSAL1S A ANIMALS
Include' diftcTcni animal* indudmg vararu' Dmnvauri A
* iunning amnulcd T-RF.X i* alwi included Wwlt KM1SC AIRCRAFT A
number d dilferrat air craft MODERN AIRCRAFT ‘TARWARs OhfKTS
luad* d ihfterem ohyect* hum Mar War* Trifagt STARTRLK OBJECTN
Lad* cf ddcrmi ofgrd* from thr Scar Trek -ene* AMIGA ! »
OBJECT AMK.AAJtM'ciBIFCT .An uFypct of the Amiga 3»» BOIlAkD
BlTIDlNGs Indudet vanou* oh|ca* mdcnling CHESS, and vanou*
building* VEHICLES Includes HMW Vtt. Lutuie Hike Farrart FI. 32
Dodge. Meam Engine, eti MISC OBJEtTS IMAGINE OBJECTS 102 A
tuUctlion of vancxiv oligMv ISS ENTFJtPKIsF Its v detailed you
need 4meg WTUIaMS FI OBJECT FaniaOk 4 meg F emula One c*yea
IMAGINE ATTRIB3 T» A coleeti*) d leuurrv LHAGINTQfkA The meat
asked quevum* A m wnrt on the A!
5PECCY EM V 2 K TASK 203 Rex PofT v*warr o SW KICK-START 3 EM Rem W« khetvh 3 on vuur AS» .AZC«) PC LM Good A5«) pc enubinr ATARI ST FM KS2 An Alan ST emiUlnr fi* the A500- Qt EMUIATOI K1CKSTART 2 EM For ASOCi u*c Wbrklvrmh 2 viftwaie VIC 20 EMULATOR The riaavac Vic t* here m the Amigj KKXSTAKT I 3 A way d making nvxe old pme* ran on thr AI2C0 A4000 PC DOS DISK Fn me wait any K EnaiUanr *3 A0 25r ICONS FOR ALL 2 384B-3 ICONS PLUS KS2 5 A 3 dnk cTJlctari d icon, far on workbenc h 2 and 3 38tT Curotti ICONS Ksl'3 More gtrat new WB2 3 -urn 5~2 MAGIC Hrihrrah for KS2 3 aucfunr* G«e your Hhfafrtl
a new m 4063 16 COIXXB ICONS KS2 3 rerfwnJ 4090 AGA ICONS
* 081 8 CotOC R ICON ED HP5VI. HP Luer gt*. Mar mtr;*.
Paiuvmw.. Canon Pmivnra, Snkodu Epvin. Amurad. OKI _ Cocnmodorc, etc ? PI WB 1 W’B w ith driver uwtalled) We’l! Install a printer dmer of »«*ii choice cm the vcnton of Workl rnr h you teque«. WVU then send you a tradv to u*r full worlongcopy of Wrirklienfh with a pnntrT dmrr inualled aJIhwMKiSQU- W ? W) IMAGINE ATTBHM TEN 1 More vtunnaig icOurev ? 44fl I IMAGINE LiGID FLAIRS Cicatc Hunning light effect* in Imagine a seen m Italiyket 5 and Star Trek The Next GcnenUnn ? PRINTERS 1 ? IMAGINE 1 EMULA TORS 1 PRINTER DRIVERS Oirr 100 printer driver* on o dnk. Including HI'Si-,500c.
? 12J4-3 TTT1IXXX - A Oaks ¦n arBw«c«i- ID «- ? «.- l& ? 3033 olhtr things a rtry fait Ml rJilor mih heapi of in built fraiun. Eilr an hu rt. Graohui common looh. Unu chtckrr. Tiny clock, a powerful calculator. 1 duk lalrer. A lyilrm monitor, a Urge collection of Putui Datatype 1. Including: jpeg, PtJl. BMP. Mac eu. Other meful things include a rery email men blanker, a hard duk menu rptem. Am ejfecnte and eaty to me
• election of four Vorkkeuck garnet A 12004*000 0. I i WORKBENCH
STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT Morhbmih t i oil WFT tflL kmI ihrrt si
ilillsm smfml loi of 1urful looh mining. Ihn ii a ut of
utihtiti & top 10 rnhsntr your CATALOGUE DISK "sum lull of
i+t tSOO Amirs Juki
t. omtt. ( hlttitL. DmMe Gropktfi. AGA tofnr*rr &morr f rke.rWe-_
CAT II 00 mnk an orJsr MAGIC WORKBENCH EXTRA S 2 duk, of brand
new backd-op, and non, for me with Magic UB Order code ~
.inrra-z ims n 00 SPECIAL OFFER!!!
AMIGA 1200 DUS T COVER Only £1.99 with any order. Order code ~ Xl Am Aim 1 if PD Pac k* 0 rd hi *)]u» oMage A pjikmg ADVERDSFD Aid IN ¦ Workkmik r NBS PUBLIC DOMAIN 1, Chain Lane Newport I.W. PO30 5QA TEL (0983) 529594 FAX (0983) 821599 CLR £4.95 £5.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £4.95 £5.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £5.95 what is that star) and info)---- 99p PG 333 Ice Runner PG325 McgaBall AGA PG 348 Paradmid 64 G 383 Deluxe tialaga G 390'I Ant Wars G 388 Waynes World Pong G 404 Blackdawn 2 Brilliant scrolling platform. Great gfx. Originality, and humour, (see
Smidge the demo on ASI games
159) ...£5.00 inc Amiga CD CDFD1 Fred Fish 1 lo 660, & more!
CDPD2 ...... Fred Fish 661 lo 760, Scope collection. & more!
CDPD3 .. Fred Fwi 761 lo 890. Scans, bookv clipart. & more!
CDPD4 .. Fred Fish 890 lo 1000. GNU, Fonts. & more!
CD DeHlOS 1 .....Garo«jnuste.clipart.Mmpl« CD DemOS 2 ...More Karnes, music & demos W S Multimedia Toolkit Pics. Dips, music, fonts Amos PD CD ...Complete Amos PI) library!
Amiliet CD3 »ames. Demos. Applications, Vniim & more All £19.95 each Network CD Ffch, m«v Complete Tbag collection, Photo CD, plusCDM'Amig* link »ofl»«re & reset disable... Only £14.»9 CD32 Amiga Serial I ink Cable ine software... £19.99 W S Clipart CD onr 26.000 me! £9.99 W C Fonts Cdia.000 files, Yariotrs formats.... £9.99 CD3Z SPECIALS (Note: These offers are subject to stock. Please ring lo conlirall KMKRAI.D MINKS Wo»’( over 10.000 puwtes--------------il4.»* DEEP CORE__________________£9.90 JAMBALA ..£12.99 MEAN ARENAS £9.99 FIRE FORCE ...£9.99 NIGEL
MANSELL £10.99 ZOOLI _________________£10.99 Manga Video Full range available. Please ask for list!
Akira. Dominion (Tank Police) The Guyvcr pis 1106.
If you own a CD32 you must have.... Assassins Games CD £19.99 Approm 800 gamoo. Inc many games now find (or CD 32
3. 5 DS DD BULK DISKS We use them for our PD so thev must be top
10 for £5.00 .25 for £12.00 50 for £22.00 ....100 for £41.00 Amiga Dust ('over (state model! £2.99 Mouse Mat (soft delux) ...£1.99 Mouse Mat (hard, washable) ......£4.99 XS” Cleaning disk .....£3.99 Amiga to Scart TV ....----------- ....._______ £9.99 Joystick Extension l.ead (3m) .._________£5.99 4 player adaptor ------------------------------..... £5.50 Amiga to Amstrad 644 Colour Monitor £9.50 Twin phono to
stcrio 3.5mm jack socket ......£4.99 PRINTER RIBBONS Amstrad 8256, Seikosha 1900 (9 gin) Star LC 10 20. Star LL 200, Citizen 120D CLU 03 TYPING TUTOR (Super tutor.professional .very popular) CLU 04 ALPIIAGRAPII! (Mega graph maker. Line, bar. Pie.etc) CLU 38 SMALL ACCOUNTS (Nice home budget program) CLU 39 HARD DRIVE MENU (Useful, makes HD easy to use) .
CLU 40 ARCO VI (Full Arcxx compiler with plenty of features) .. CLG08 DRAGON TILES (Super shanghi game, scry popular) CLG 30 CAPTAIN K (Great arcade platform game) CLG 40 TRAX (Nice fruit machine sim) ...... CLG 56 SEMINAL (Psyenosis like, platform game. Great)- . CIG 59 FOOTBALL MANAGER (Comprehensive simulation).... CLG 61 WORL1H T P MANAGER (3 disk epic management sun) ASSASSINS GAME COMPILATIONS CLE 01 TC: DINOSAURS (Pictures and info. Very popular) CLE 03 TC: SOLAR SYSTEM (Space pictures and info) ..... CLE 05 ACHORD (Good guitar chord tutor) CLE
08 NIGHT SKY (Comprehensive sky map.
CLE46 BASIC HI MAN ANATOMY (Picture CUK 54 TITANIC (Fantastic tacts and pictures about this enigma) CLE 58 TC: STARS A GALAXIES (More great pics and info) ... CLE 64 I.Q. TESTER (Yes! Test your own IQ. Great puzzles) LICENCEWARE a selection of I he best... Public Domain Software Just a small selection! Full catalogue sent with your order or please send stamped self addressed envelope UHUTYIHMvn I 290 SID The Ultimate CLI utility. A must for every owner U 801 Suprrlcagur Great league producing program U 810 Iev4 256 Colour Icon editor U 812 X-Pmsword Protect HD or floppy U 828 SIRDS Makes
Stereogram pics U 837 Magic Tricks Do magic card tricks helped by your Amiga U 839 Football Icons 8 colour for Hnglish. Scottish prcm A world I 840 Backdrop Stranutsh Snazzy backdrops for WB 3.0 PI 037 IM'opy Best PD copier. Simple to use PC 230 Printer Drivers Includes: Star. Seikosha. Citizen etc PI 396 Had Formal Salvage damaged disks PU 425 Magk Workbench Sexy replacement icons for HD PI 460 ASI irus Killers Latest killers. Protect your system business PB 038 Buddhu.sc Nice, simple to use database PB 017 VifUCalc Best ot the PD spreadsheets PB 020 Text Engine Great wordprocc.ssor. Many
features PB 030 The Money Program Very fancy! Good finance package Pl 367 Printing I til.ties Print disk, address labels etc. Useful’ U 246 Bank n * The Clerk 2 good monev management progs U 811 Dear Diary Bnll and simple diary. Very easy to use U 833 4 Term Best comms package, inc docs and utils (2 disks) EPILATION E 037 Artislix An package.Great for kids of all ages. Praised in press E 056 AmigaDos Guide vl A brief guide lo AmigaDos E 057 Kids Disk 5 Great for y ounger children, maths & simple letters E 058 Guidr lo omms Learn Comma' & Guide to Internet' PE 077 GCSEMadB Well presented
maths program.
GAMES Brilliant l-oad Runner platform type game A1200 breakout. Simply the best!!
Classic cony for you ex C64 owners Arcade classic. Just like the real thing loo Ixmmings anillery battle’ Great Silly, loads of sound samples) A1200) Doom on the Amiga? Not quite but good All our PD is now only G 406 Nano Hy 1-sv.elk-m’ Guide mmii IK thro nu cv Void it.ip Kxclusise!! Sound samples for use in Oclomrd or similar produced by Urban Shakedown!!
6 Disk Set £9.99 inc (excluding Lkencewair) Please add 50p p p Min order £2.00 101 AMOS PROGRAMS PACK (P) 3 DISKS £3 30 All disks work A with the A1200!
Anplia PH unless stated X JL 1 1 144 1 I-
P) = Works on all Amiga Computers including A 12(H)
Onerxsvfedartcnecrc&amsartcrccedses kr anyone* ot
A. TXS An natdtte amort d code can oe used r cu ewe cfo tn1
Seme caregxrs ar Gracrtx Genera Screen.
Games. Demis art juries 101 IMAGINE OBJECTS PACK (P) 7 DISKS £7 70 Fry owners of Imager err tx xxed art err read, - made QbfCCts1 Genera hoxdngs are ffymg. Video. Space. Star Was.
Sta tret. Weapons. Hatsehoid. ruif. Fxmhet. A mats, Dr Who art Computers HOME MANAGEMENT PACK 3 DISKS (P) £3 30 Caerta Screacsnrr; Grammar Mrage Wort Terr Budget (TvquetKOt Carscase Tufty. Typeneter. Grocer,.
Lst vsaer HcrrrBaraxg CUPART PACKS 1, 9 OR 3 EACH PACK = 5 DISKS £5 50 3 d'ferent pacts o 5 disks. All fun of the very oest cheat for DP&rt etc (?)
PC EMULATOR PACK (P) 3 DISKS £3 30 Turns ** Ajryga into a PC Includes the latest PC cas* whtdi row jvo true VGA Besotdcn(if you ho*a 1200'art "dudes 2dsks cZftT RXX Dcmar ic*r*ere ELECTRONICS PACK (P) 4 DISKS £4 40 A ccAectKn ct excellent cro ams ter ary err eteresteo n Eiecvcrocs Troncad - proedes eu wnr read, made ccrrpone-es so you can oixck y create crcwt dograms D W Bread Board txrt art test logc Circuits m real time, see exxtf, whir the roots will be on screen! Ajso includes 4 chorrr) Oscrikxcopef.
Aratyzer - log*: Tracer. Gakr-Gerenc Array Log*. Logo Srtp ¦ ANGLIA CUPART PACK (P) (NEW) 5 DISKS £5 50 Brc-e» f* ocat croajceco, Ay* Loaxd h? D**' ar-aasec f* mages ncixjngcad dogs ora *»armas cectreaa dtraders or
- v*r Ctort or r ireyr r*r xcots P gttftcs ASTRONOMY PACK (P) 4
DISKS £4 40 fhu super: pact now includes Sta Chart. Aimgozer.
Focal Concepts, Astrmxry. Graoty Well Grav Sm. Orbr. Panel art
fast facts cr the sda system DISK EXPERT PACK (P) 5 DISKS £5 50
aye j hereto earn moreaooJyeA Amrga getV*spack kx t oe a 09
enert r re tme! Rcudes Pwer ias, f*e compacterl SrtlfrM,art Cl!
TooP kevmana Change ay icon n secorts). FotdrsK Vmschecrer
V5 3. &Ccpy (Ccpres. Flrpars formats art more). CU Tutcnal(Att
you needtc know) art 909 ether Mttesff
* C PROGRAMMERS PACK (P) 6 DISKS £6 60 A complete X" language art
sccert nstnrdrcn martja pro-rte afi vco need to team the X"
language nckrdn term C (9 cXU I art re C wvxa * dsts SPECTRUM
EMULATOR V9 PACK (P) 5 DISKS £5.50 excludes re bn*«rr emxaVzr
rat rims xxr Amiga trtoahfl, trxdcnng Spectnm dong oer 70otthe
very 0e$ j Scectnm games! _ _ CLASSIC GAMES PACK (P) 5 DISKS £5
50 ¦0 ccmnercd dud'ty arcade . ArtadJts reuses Defender Space
readers As&rorti Sraxxz fetns » mye* CARD * BOARD GAMES 9 (P) 4
DISKS £4 40 Another cxtstandng coBectxxH 38»ery good 'Thrhng'
Chess W Bahcgammon Swttxu. Towers Ppe. Zerg. Maze.
Correct4. Dcmnces. Draughts, Othello. Go Mctu. Dragon hies.
Klondike. Canfield. Mastermind. Wondseath Hangman, Pcntocn COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS PACK 1 (P) 3 DISKS £3 30 30 Scateaoe Ccnxx&aet*c feres on J hey *cri Wcrtverxch 9 a 3. Pogcsrcam Vf* (onary Amiga: coage 3* art Pagesetrer V9* £«ce«r* (trft art gear X* nxreV HARD DISK PACK 2 (P) 3 DISKS £3 30 Great coflecfun of the atest hard disk unites excludes Hdclet (menu msker filem rter (directory etc), a Oaciip (supert?). Superloci : password iycrecr every dive, mouse art ieMydarir11. D st cptmjer. Coper, mjs killer art more!
A1200 PACK (A1200 ONIr 3 DISKS £3 30 Ajtctthe esserta sc*»*re *y ve«z a 1900 rtkxdes '«‘ast v£m a 1900*lt. Degadr S v*o W»« Plasma, Wrr&end.
KatAGA, Tetrs AGA art mere1 AtsoncuxXs the stmng l vapirtna AGA create’HOrterfui patterns ana c*c?ues wipv fu" AGA support!
PLATFORM PACK (P) 4 DISKS £4 40 All of the Oest games m the styfe of Scruc art Marc Bros if you lie those games ren rtu'ii K*e these' includes WizzysQuest.
WctxdP'art Wtrtfygrtdy. Doody. Crazy Sue n. tooc* Motel. Son d Bagger art Mere " PRINTER USER PACK 3 (P) (NEW) 4 DISKS £4 40 loads ct trart ner. Prrtc programs fr KW41 Wertzs pad voj can tort AdOesses.pn-t cdumns tHe*'Soaoer sty*), port Oamtn ard c*»wor« use every featire ot »cu printer, print txxAlets art morel Also incmdes a Stereogram program that prints out 30 m*gcs as seen cn Tomarorr 's Wert" HOME BUSINESS PACK (P) 4 DISKS £4 40 Dn.yeo fwar. B rwcifw to ctwea 'vjpao ccrears s oecaoae B&rse spreadsheet accosts package art wendprocesxr cC£D. Abo nksdedare a i9XOr*xoscet*y checker ana a
»cra stat stKs program1 HOME BUSINESS MANUAL (P) £2 99 Apercw 50 page protessicnaiy printed manual containing full instructions for the Home Business Pad Includes a special!, written guided rour seaon that rates you through the ma.ee Varies of each pro-am art ensures that vou can use each program wen confidence1 ARCADE PACK (P) 4 DISKS £4 40 Os latest ccnecocr. *he very test Araoe srw games n the wrtteofPD VajHpie, these over art ceragarr.'toctudes Cytemctn. HeUzore. Gaiaga. Netxto. Tom. Defends. C&Mon.
Intruder Alert. Bhzzard Catalogue dish with details of hundreds more disks, just 70p SINGLE DISKS AT ONLY £110!
BUSINESS B3?t (P)Anxgafoa English Desk fop k£iishng B399. P) 103 Busress Letters (Supert ’ Beady X use 8397 (Pi TcktEngr*V4 1 (rorr rre very test crdprocesscr w txMt-n 36.000 wora soef' checktf 8335 (P) fems unhmaed ( Devgn mvoces etc ducify) 8339 (?) A-Graph V90 (new verson - easy graphs') 8345 (P; Easy Cak i The oest Spreadsheet vet1' 8349 (P) Amiga Dm (Easy To Use Dm’ 8350 (?) Word Utils (Oossswd Sober. Anagiams art mere) 8351 (P) On form (New VM ceMaker' 8352 (P) Last WM art Testament Print Your Ovn j LfTHJTlES 0478(P: Typyng Tutcr .New' Graf raftzes 0495 (P Vrus Checker 633 etest
ms c er 0496 (P) Messyrt vy Beads art w» fo ft: dsts' U4098 (PiPrinter Orvers (Over too - Most Star. Citizen models including colour ana HPS00C!)
U4036 iW8 23 only I Kick 13 (lets vou use W81 3 software U4038 P DPamt tutor (easy route lo Pro Graphics) U408HP i Choart (65 p s of Aircraft 20 of space; U408KP) Choart 145 fancy txrden - V Gcocf) U4C87(P) Choart (149 General S*mcc« ?
O*cea.P' Choart (47 Betigejs Proses) Uwl .P) r* ¦ orr* tnttng porems Cfbr* ocs' 041011? Sx»rw*e V3 5. Fcceoah eague eduy O4l03(P)Anos E tenscrys,tcrAmos Samostoi 6great ettensens 04104 (P) imagine Budd, (2 disks) (imagine Tutorial) U410SiM 2cr 3) ff • OffG V3 11 bnHiant drt optimize • GAMES G6036 (P) Total War iPerfect verson of The P.st (ward same.1 G6053 (WB 2 3 onfyi GW Chess (Best chess game G6056 (P! Cash fnst (prooaCb re oesf machine ever' G6006 (P) :2 Dsts 16th hoe The txstgdf game o doe God ’S (P) tap Octane Good or ’ace gre G6C79 (A 1200 crty) Megx* ; AGA Aytexrt G609T (P)Dek*e
Goags latest arcade gre exertt G0C62 (P)MooseOr*, great Or *xrg Game) Go084 (P) Gcrflcngnat arcade dsssc) G6C87 (P) Weyte s Wert Pcrg (ocog terns1 G6090 iP) USA 94 (Wert Cif Soccer cad ga ne G6093 (P) Orders, Much taBtd about pie fcsm game G6095. P Scottish ‘octcan vmager G6Q96 (?) Pervdod 2 Oass* C6* gre' G6097 (P) The Shepherd. W-orf ftxxAXa w r a mars.
G6096 (A 1200 cr*y) (2 £Xse. MssQjcnde e ee*AGA puzzle game G6099 (A1200cnlv)(2dtst5)CytencchCct iA6AAIenfi!m gameo 66 TOO (A 1200 only) Evil Insects [AGA Space invaders i G6T02 (P)Doctcr Strange (new art tniliant platform gone' CHILDRENS C7T2 (?) Cok»i Pad New cc*xms tcc* fry youngsters' C790(P) Colour the Alphabet (eaxetKn fry 4yrs») C799 (P) Crxrtmg fun (4.. sums practicei C738 p Match w-fn Hznpfy (F educate?' Age 3-6) C739 (P)Anenai land (Learn »mere the,’ uve age 2-6!
C740 (P. ’’cause Search (End Gifted ’’cause age 4 8) C74 7 (P)UWe Traveller (Superb wort atlas ay age1) C742: P) Aiphatrei Pomt (Learn alphabet by colouring, age 2-61 C74J (P) Danger Mouse i based on the cartoon1'_ anr'iu 'tiglia nglia anp angli ar .a glia nglia angli ANGLIA PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY IP It 7EW PHONE 0394 283 494 (Depl AMF) 30 Victoria Street. Felixstowe o’ R CREDIT §1 Int»f national ordart walcome but pleaaa add 30p par disk lor post & packing.
Ussues For just £5 you can treat yourself to a back issue of Amiga Format complete with full Coverdisk programs and the best game demos!
Postage & packing FREE!
AMIGA CD” SPECIAL ISSUE Including a brilliant cover- mounted CD containing demos of 16 CD” 6 games, reviews of 4 over 40 CD” games, a look at what the future holds for CD” games and heaps more... SPECIAL EDITIONS NO.1: THE COMPLETE AMIGA SOFTWARE GUIOE What a tremendous issue! More than 1,000 Iamiga programs reviewed and rated including word processors.
R spreadsheets, databases, video, ~ paint, animation, music. Comms, programming, education. DTP and more than 600 games!
RNO.2: THE AMIGA FORMAT 1993 ANNUAL Features galore on CD, Commodore UK. A look behind the scenes at Amiga Format, the Amiga market in Europe and America, graphics, desktop publishing, music, video, games of the year, programming, emulators, business software and much, much more... NO.4: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AMIGA Packed with facts and figures, the Encyclopedia contains an extensive A-Z of the world of Amiga plus a comprehensive round-up of every product reviewed in Amiga Format up to issue 44.
NO S: 0 & A - AMIGA ANSWERS At last! Answers to the most commonly-asked questions concerning the Amiga, all in one place.
Programming? Spreadsheets? Word processors?
Comms? Everything you need is here. Probably.
NO 6: THE GOOO HARDWARE GUIDE Essential information on more than 200 products to add to your Amiga: drives, digitisers, printers. RAM expansions, genlocks, monitors, emulators, mice, joysticks and more... NO.7: GAMES SPECIAL Containing articles on the very first arcade games.
Amiga classics, future games, silly games, joysticks.
PD games, all the Gold-rated games, plus interviews with Jeff Minter. Sensible Software. Bullfrog, Binary Asylum. David Braben. Andy Braybrook. Geoff Crammond. Steve Kelly and more... NO.8: THE AMIGA FORMAT 1994 ANNUAL Expert analysis of what 1994 had in store for the Amiga plus looks at the best of the previous year’s serious software, budget titles, demos, games etc. NO.9: BEGINNERS' GUIDE Getting started in Workbench. Shell. DTP. Graphics.
Comms. Business, programming, music, plus introductions to CD. PD. Games and more. Also includes a jargon-busting feature - find out what all those acronyms actually mean: BBS. CPS. CLI. DPI. EPS.
GUI. IDE. IFF. MNP. DMA. PCMCIA. RTF and more... Call our order HOTIine on 0225 822511 BACK ISSUES DECEMBER 1 994 IS5UE IW. ££ mo9U, *. She you
- KS5XSS- -‘ ,raPhi« po*«r. Round.op. Ughtur.vc . 0 „Vo' Ss ss
3 *"%Fut;v 2r _ -¦ • •!** Mb.
Team i g*" r - -| IT ; iBecome 'a movie mogul
- «SS: . Video A «IOTl| £129 hsassfli h
* «SSs % V* wjrtSL® 1 1E&SF** Primera colour printer, Multiface
Card 3.
Serious Section: Blitz Basic 2. AMOS Pro Compiler. Vidi-12 AGA Proper Grammar.
RAM expansions. Golden Image scanner.
Games: Dune 2. Yo! Joel. D-Day. Ishar 2.
Sim Life A1200. Hill Street Blues. Entity.
Blade Of Destiny. Man Utd Europe.
ISSUE 49: AUGUST 1993 Coverdisk: Stardust demo. Genesis 3D.
Serious Section: Interoffice, Trifecta 500
LX. Home Music Kit SyQuest IDE drive.
Games: Goal I. War In The Gulf. Syndicate, A320 Airbus. Gunship 2000, Mig 29. The Immortal, Fulcrum. Space Legends, Prey.
ISSUE 48: JULY 1993 Coverdisk: Syndicate and Adorage demos.
Serious Section: GVP Impact Vision 24, Emplant typing tutors. Canon bubblejet printers. Power high density disk drive.
Games: Battle Isle 93, Champ Man. Reach For The Skies, Transartica M1 Tank Plat.
ISSUE 47: JUNE 1993 Coverdisk: 8-17 and D-Hero demos.
Serious Section: Adorage. TV Paint 2, Personal Write. Retina. G-Lock.
Games: Superfrog. Whale's Voyage, Graham Gooch Cricket Cohort II, Human Race. Nippon Safes, TL Strategy Football.
Games: Liberation. Genesia, Skidmarks.
Stardust, Mortal Kombat Holiday Lemmings. FI, Jurassic Park AGA.
ISSUE 57: MARCH 1994 Coverdisks: Ami-Back disk utility worth £30. Plus Ami-Back Tools Jr and playable demos of Arcade Pool and Universe.
Serious Section: Media Point.
QuarterBack 6. Video Stage Pro.
VideoMaster AGA CD software.
Games: Beneath A Steel Sky, Bubba *n' Stix. The Blue And The Gray, Brian The Lion. Batman Returns, Winter Olympics.
ISSUE 56: FEBRUARY 1994 Coverdisks: Complete FractalPro package worth £20. Plus demos of Wordworth 3.
Tornado and Toado.
Serious Section: Playmation, ProText 6, Rainbow 3. TrapFax. Disk Expander.
Games: Tornado, Ryder Cup Golf. Star Trek 25th Anniversary. Maelstrom. Simon The Sorcerer. Gobiiins 3. Campaign 2.
ISSUE 55: JANUARY 1994 Coverdisks: Full DiskMaster 2 utility worth £50. Plus Beneath A Steel Sky demo.
Serious Section: Adorage 2. Final Writer, Vidi-24, 24-bit graphics cards, Fargo ISSUE 54: CHRISTMAS 1993 Coverdisks: Full Super JAM! Music package worth £75 plus exclusive Cannon Soccer hybrid from Sensible.
Serious Section: Magic Lantern, Edit Mate. Money Matters 3. One-Stop Music Shop. Montage. Craft GVP A1230 Turbo*.
Games: Frontier, Hired Guns, F117A Nighthawk. Cannon Fodder, The Settlers.
Kingmaker. Rules Of Engagement.
ISSUE 51: OCTOBER 1993 Coverdisks: Complete TurboPrint 2 package worth £50, plus playable demos of Skidmarks and Second Samurai.
Serious Section: Deluxe Music 2, Mini Gen Professional, VideoPilot Scenery Animator 4, Tech no Sound Turbo 2.
Games: Castles 2. Backsides. Patrician.
One Step Beyond. Blob, Soccer Kid.
International Open GoH, Mean Arenas.
ISSUE 50: SEPTEMBER 1993 Coverdisk: Deluxe Music Construction Kit 2 demo, plus Insectoids 2. Arcade blast.
AMIGA FORMAT BACK ISSUES Please send me the following back issues of Amiga Format (AF), The Specials (SP) and Amiga CD32 (CD) at £5 each. Please insert issue number in box.
AF SP CD Name Address .
..Postcode ISSUE 46: MAY 1993 Coverdisk: Charlie Chimp. Fraction Goblins, Atoms demos. Check V4 utility .
Serious Section: Pro Page 4, Kid Pix, Bars ft Pipes Pro 2. Real 3D 2. Vista Pro 3. Type Smith, DOS Lab.
Games: Lemmings 2. 1B69. B-17 Flying.
Fortress. Scrabble. Knightmare. Desert Strike. Storm Master. Walker. Legend.
ISSUE 45: APRIL 1993 Coverdisk: Dong I game demo, image processing and multimedia demo.
Serious Section: Video Back-up, CanDo 2, Musicolor, Directory Opus 4, GVP's Image FX. A1200 accelerators, Alfa Power HD.
Games: A-Train, Bard's Tale Const. Set Hero Quest Flashback. Lionheart Chaos Engine, Legend Of Ragnarok.
ISSUE 42: JANUARY 1993 Coverdisks: The complete AMOS creation program, plus Lemmings 2 demo.
Serious Section: Final Copy II. Morph Plus, RocKey, A500 hard drive.
Games: 3D Construction Kit 2. Flight Of The Intruder. KGB. Humans. Troddlers.
Operation Stealth. Leeds United. Sensible Soccer. No Greater Glory. Nigel Mansell.
Lemmings Collection.
Expiry Date_ Please make cheques payable to: Future Publishing Ltd.
SEND this form TO: AMIGA FORMAT BACK ISSUES, FREEPOST, Cary Court, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR.
AF MAG 12 94 Tich here If you don’t want to receive special offers from other specially-selected companies ISSUE 65: NOVEMBER 1994 CovtnMs: Pixe JO Pro image creation program (needs 2Mb, Incl 1Mb Fast RAM). Sensible Golf demo.
Main Feature: How the AF cover was created.
Serious Section: Image processing round up. Page Stream 3.0. A-Cut ProGrab 24RT, Indexer, Pixel 30 Pro v2. The Lightwave Collection. TurboCalc.
Games: FIFA International Soccer. UFO. Guardian. PGA Tour Golf, On The Ball. Club Soccer, Reunion. Robinson's Requiem.
Crystal Dragon, special Virgin games preview.
Method of payment: Access ? Visa ? Cheque ? Postal order ?
Total amount payable: £_ OTHER GREAT ISSUES STILL AVAILABLE Iiim: I SHH-r J Who*'*] I The »•»*: ! Kxft BEE Li Credit card no.
RxL t. PIXELS A five disk set of over 100 top quality fonts for use with Wordworth 2 or 3.
Simply install them and they’re ready to use.
Only £10.00 1 A selection of tools for U k degrading your A1200 down to a 500. Very easy yyfy,? To use, but extremely effective way of running old DEG4-2.A12Q0 DEGRADEM This is the most powerful Amiga disk duplicator available. In fact the authors say that H you can't copy something they’ll give you your money back.
Includes s w & hardware Special Pnce £29.95 A Virus killer is an essential purchase in these days where there are hundreds of Amiga viruses. Make sure your software collection is free from all known viruses.
£4.00 ? WWF10-5, WORDWORTH FONTS SXCP30-1. XCQPY PRO, VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLERS A good selection of games, demos, music, graphics and tools for use only on the A1200or A4000. A great way to instantly build your AGA software collection.
£ 15.00 | Fifty stunning AGA images I in £56 colours AH of which I mill blow youi minO All lun I I a slideshow Irv ease ol I JflM***' I -4 H Only £15 00 lSIOBATHMaB«MSrOR«LWO A400«cClS GRL15-10, BATHING BABES AGA A complete Word Processing package.
Features all standard options like: cut paste, tab, spell check etc A very easy to use package Only £300 Wookbench 3 is good bul Commodore forgot lo include a lew things, like a virus killer, a decent Text editor, a few leisurely games, more datatypes, a tiny dock, a fite copier, a decent disk copier, a hard d«sk menu system and a aa: !U TXE3-1. WORD PROCESSING AGA15-10. A1200 STUFF Star Trek the game is a _ ujS superb interactive hja 3 action strategy game a a l„1 1 -Here you lake control ol bridge Greal sf» A g!» HI Only £6.00 STG6-rSTAR TREK - THE GAME Now lhe summer's here, it’s lime lo
do lhe garden and this a a good reason S IuhI no! Lo. Decause you'll be loo busy designing it.
M ~ -eewM Only £3.00 GRN3-1.3D GARDEN DESIGNER M M M ¦ 1 A two disk collection H S SLIM yarrous Scala background “ ' TJ textures Wood, papoi.
Etc Gives your Scala H produclion a more professional finish SCA6-2, The complete RSI demo maker, featuring: font editor, vector editor.
graphic templates, extra i music fonts etc. and a complete tutorial.
At tor only £15.00 rsmIsXrsi demo maker Features all you need to crunch, archive & decrunch any file or disk Includes DMS the Disk masher, Powerpacker.
LHA etc. Only £5.00 CRM5-2, Over 1000 Top Amiga game cheats on five disks.
Includes all popular titles like: Monkey Island, Project X etc. etc. GflHF nHFflTS Only £9.00 CHT9-5.1000 GAME CHEATS FREEH!
FREE BOX OF TEN BLANK DISKS WITH EVERY ORDER OVER £25 RDS3-1. RDS Professional Create your own fascinating Random dot Stereograms, very easy to use._Only £3 00 u. Get your finances in order fflr- . »• |l' with this excellent packago |i|in5&£ f! 411!Take a c,osor looh at y00' “ HI bank accounts, find out sH I *• Z] SI I where all your monoy goos i .. ? Every month.
? FIN7-3. FINANCE Some Justice 94 is an unreal AGA demo featuring a superb RAVE soundtrack by Mickey Fmn. Excellent vocals and unbehevable visuals make ttvs a superb A1200 demo £200 11 If you want to be a budding Ian Beale or Floyd then THE GOURMET COOK BOOK is a good way to get started, over 50 recipes included Only £3.00 E COOK BOOK
- A1 .
• *n Double the space available on your hard disk. If you have
an 80meg drive this will give you over 150meg of available
space. Runs silently in the background.
Only £5.00 ? EPU5-2. DISK DOUBLER Iter Make your own hardware and save £££s. Sound samplers, memory expansions. Bndgeboards are all here. Includes complete diagrams.
Only £4.00 (WARE PR0IECTS2 FI HWP4-2. H3RI h| ii i -¦***¦«* '* *» Forty top quality compugraphtc loots for use with WB2 3.
Pagestream Wofdwotth.
D Paint 4 etc, etc Only £700 H PSF7-1COMPIJGRAPHIC FONTS Four all lime classic board games. Scrabble. Cluedo, Snakes and Ladders, and Monopoly Greal lun tor all lhe tamily Over 70 top quality Imagine objects on five great disks Subjects include: Vehicles.
Animals, Star Trek and loads more miscellaneous objects.
Only £10.00 tQPlQ-fJMAGINE OBJECTS 2 Hundreds of general knowledge questions Subjects include: Sport.
Films, Music. Soence.
Geography. Test your knowledge with this excellent | Trivia game Only £5 00 QUZ5-2, QU1Z-MASIER Run PC software on your Amiga. Supports VGA on the A1200 or A4000 works with your Hard Disk. Floppy Drive. Serial. Parallel & mouse ports.
£39.95 All lor only £10.00 A two disk set of extra backgrounds, Icons etc lot use with Magic Workbench. Requires KS2 3.
_ Only £5 00 laws i. wee worxbench om C MWE5-2. MAGIC WB EXTRAS The most professional word search, crossword solver available on the Amiga Includes a dictionary of over 58.000 words, and you can add your own Only £5.00 If you're new to the Amiga, then you may be having problems with rmssmg libraries on your workbench that are needed to run particular software Order this now and solve those problems £200 MmrauvunuJ Learning to type can be a ! Ftl Jl ' r* 1 difficult task, but not when 1 you get a copy of our . J J J jV i i- ‘ J classic typing tutors.
Includes three games to help you learn lo type TYP3 1. TYPING TUTORS Whether you want to link two Amigas together, or 2 Pcs or Amiga to PC. Then this package will suit you.
Easy to mstaH.
Only £800 COM8-3. NETWORKING Great new children's pool game, colourful and easy to use. 1 or 2 players.
Joystick controlled.
Only £3.00 BDG10-4. BOARD GAMES KPG3-1. KIPS PO.QI PCT40-1. PC TASK Priority Order Form Name ... Address Amiga model... Credit Card No All chpart images are stored as IFF so they can be used in any Amiga DTP or paint package Packs ITX 12-6 & HWP4-2 require some knowledge of LHA.
Which is supplied with these titles Kicks tad 2 3 means you require an A50Q., A600. A1200 or any machine fitted with Kickstad 2 or 3.
AGA means you wil require edher an A1200 or A4000 to use that particular title Order VaiJue Amount of Packs |OTY XXX10-5. PACK TITLE indtvdutfly pnew Postage & Packim rvw-jJ.-nror t. rf Amount enclosed Ordrrlng b pml Simply erxl u n written order with a Itti of lhe disks yiwi renwrc. I* simply net the hues lhe mle* y«m require. Fill in yi ui name at* I jdilrrts. Reunite w pM.vnpv iht* pjgr and send il aliMi|( vsnh lull pivmcfll u« l ps». Martetiny. I Mi I .IV Victixin Rd. Ss.tnd.rn. Witishirc. SNI 3BII Collecting disks I’D disks can he collected same day. Hul if your order is .juiie large.
Please pt*w in a fe* h sirs previous to peck op Osmrits Order* Overseas order* arc t»ekome. Hul plrase *U i HI) lo each (•lie ordered. & a minimum of 3 lilies apply Postage A Packing Please add a Mai of 30p lo your order if in the UK for floppy disk orders Add £ HU per CD in IK Oserseas please add I I 00 h each pick .ederrd for la .lass drlisny and £2 00 per CDROM rule .esirrtsl CoMadMH) All mles adtenised should «ork .us any Amiga unless stated AC. A means lhal u only a.els ,« AI XIVA*»») KS2 1 means (hat ode require* an A30fl« AMKIAI 20(1 Ordering by phone To place an order «»er lhe phonr
simply .ail any time hdacen V Ml A 3 kipm Monday U Saturday with yosn credit card detail. Ar*J the di*A. •*. A.aild like lo «*der iOder* can usually he pkatesl up lo fpm esery nnargi X-CAD 2000 One ol the most powerful Computer Aided Design packages available on the Amiga Now al an unbelievable price Order Code ¦ XCD30-1 Only £29 95 - £5 PSP CD32 LINKUP Connect your CD32 lo your Amiga lor easy transfer of ALL CD Rom disks.
Complete with leads * CD Rom boot sottware.
¦ CDL35-1 Only £34 95 ? £1 00 P&P Epic Marketing, First Floor Offices, Victoria Centre, 138-139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts. SNI 3BU. Tel: 0793 490988 Order hotline: 0793 490988 Fax: 514187 Inside Engines is a compilation of in-depth animation sequences showing you the workings of all the most popular engine types.
Only £9.00 Megaball V3 is most definitely the best ever "Break-out" game available. Superb AGA graphics, music and gameplay make this an all time classic.
Only £3.00 The complete system analyser Test your dnves.
Memory, keyboard.
Mouse, expansions and all your custom chips etc. Only £3.00 Thousands of useful tools, demos, games and J loads more.
Only £19.95 ? ENG9-5,!
MGB3-1, MEGABALL AGA GINEER’S KIT Hundreds ol high qualily IFF samples, including: drums, guitars, bass, vocals and beats Period lor Music X, Med or any tracker clone Only £7.00 F SAMPLES CDPD IV COLLECTION Hundreds of high quality professional clipart images.
Subjects indude: Transport, People, Computers, Xmas and loads more. A much wider scope.
Only £13.00 Over 100 all lime classic games including: Breakout, Pacman, Space Invaders, Snakes, loads ol puzzle games and more.
Only £10.00 Over 1200 AGA pictures of beautiful ladies. Stunning images in up to 256 colours.
Complete with powerful picture viewer ¦C® Only £19.95 ' PVEASE QUOTE ‘OVER ir WHEN ORDERING ? ADULT VISION CD ‘ TOTAL Of TEN DISKS GFX13-10. PRO CLIPART GG10-4. 101 GAMES Over 100 all time classic Spectrum games ready to use on the Spectrum emulator. Inc Jet Set Willy.
Skool Daze. Attic Atak.
Star Trek. UrkJIum and If you're into Imagine then this fantastic new Objects disk win amaze you.
Objects mdude: Delta Fighter. Soul Hunter, Tyrantd and Vorfon One Space Craft.
Only £4 00 This CD ROM title includes all of 17 Brts latest titles, hundreds of demos, ubhties.
Games etc. AJI lor an amazing pnce ol just... Only £19 99 17 BIT PHASE 4 Only £15.00 _ SPG15-7. SPECCY GAMES _ BLF4-1. BABYLON 5 OBJECTS 17 BIT PHASE 4 A selection of superb girty pictures to place in the background of your Workbench Only £5.00 A selection of pnnter drivers including all popular pnnters such as: Hewlett Packard.
Star. Panasonic. Epson.
IBM. OKI. Seikosha.
Postscript etc. Only £3.00 Thousands ol archived tools, including: patches.
Dir tools, music, graphics, AGA tools, workbench toots. It'll take you months to sift through this lot.
Only £19 99 3 ? ARC6-4. ARCADE CLASSICS Ftaiurts 4 a! Trr* classics N**AoM ol Pacman, Spaca mvadart AslenxB and Galatians Rammba* lha pood oW flays lo» n» only C6 00
- ~=- An essential tool (or ¦Er"“ ] installing workbench on i| J
your new hard disk. Easy 11 I to use either on the A600 ¦ -I or
: Only £700 MaqutrM *ic«Uafl £3 AHD7-2, HARD DISK INSTALLER _ Organise your I this sol ot cataloguing ¦ - I ¦ ¦••• : !
Am all ,-.i:or..,| ‘ ! .%:¦ SiX!
• W0»»5 W»TH *600 j AI200ETC L CTG5-3. CATALOGERS i DRV3-1.
c»e»cwi«NOC»roiacMOCtw$ rimEDWTxD«rvEWC»»ocacKKtisa: Contains a
selection of Video tillers. Video wipes & backdrops. Great for
creating professional home movies. All you need.
Only £12.00 AMINET 3 CD ROM klf rA OvrutflMlufl ?i Whether you run a small Yvora rrocewmq ' business or just need to 9° computerised then this superb easy to use integrated package is what you want.
£ 7.00 OFFICE A range of dipart for use with Pagesetter. Dozens of subjects including: People.
Vehicles. Animals.
Computers. Sporf etc. etc. £3.00 preadsheet (vf iary V ? VID12-C MPC3-1 PA( jEsetter art This is the most Impressive AGA demonstration available. If you want to impress someone, then this is what wil do it. Features a bnH Bjorg soundtrack.
Only £4.00 If you've just purchased j your Amiga you may be a bit boggled how to use it | property Well this five disk j set takes you step by step through every basic thing to know.
£900 Play Poker with some ol the most lovely ladies in the world. Great tun lor all the family, NOT! Includes superb graphics and digitised speech, Now Only £10 00 DSPlO-1. DELUXE STRIP POKER 2 BTS4-2. BIG TL E SENSUALITY ABG9-5, BEGINNER’S GUIDE Large range of Textures for use *i Imagine Render your objects m a variety of shades, colours and textures. Compatible with an Amigas.
Only £12.00 A collection of Amiga card games including: Poker.
Craps. Solitaire etc Great fun for all the family.
Only £10.00 Hundreds o( colour dip fonts, for use m any Paint package All sizes from 8 up to 45. 8 colours up to 32 colours, great for video work or for just making demos Only £15.00 I Whether you're a comptefe beginner at chess or a champion. Jl CHESS has something lot you. Superb graphics and speecn make | this a great software title.
Only £4 00 1TX12-7. EVLAGLNE TEXTURES C RD10-4. CARD GAMES JIT4-1. CHESS & TUTOR _ CLF15-8. COLOUR FONTS Over 200 Workbench 2 or 3 utilities tools, including: text editors, virus killers, disk editors, sound & graphic tools and loads more.
Only £3.00 A compilation of very powerful disk copiers, make backups of your software collection with ease.
Only £5.00 A two disk collodion ot professional looking textures lor use In Lightwave Only £5.00 I An alternative day at the butchers, and that's not Frank Butcher's. This game has more Blood ‘n’ Guts in it than a jwcy Doner Kebab.
Great fun.
Only £3.00 n LWT5-2. LIGHTWAVE TEXTURES ZAT3-1. ZOMBIE 2 AGA Seventy bitmap fonts lor use m almost any package induding Deluxe Paint. Also features a fantastic toot editor for designing or customising your own fonts Only £7.00 FNT7-3. FONTS & EDITOR Klondike the card game features unbelievable 256 colour hi-res graphics. A data disk featunng Star Trek card designs is also available separately.
Only £6.00 A supetb new mteradive tutorial system lor use with any version ol Imagine, Only £4.00 A collection ol great tun educational games lor children aged 7+. Maths, spelling, speed, etc. are all included in this e«cellenl compilation.
Rw«oi tim mm ixnu cako sets o» ? IBS4-2, LMAGINE BUDDY SYSTEM KLD6-3, KLONDIKE AGA.
Tetris is the most addictive game in the world, and that’s a fact. This is a compilation of five of the best Best graphics, best sound and best playability Only £9.00 The complete Award maker kH. An easy to use tool for producing professional looking awards. Select form various borders, fonts and layouts Ovy £3 00 Another great puzzle game for adults A pint of the best, a packet of peanuts and a good game of Centrefold Squares ¦What a life** Only £8 00 Stop other people from accessing your floppy or hard disks, by putting a customised password on your disk. Also contains life encryption tools
Only £10.00 PSW10-4. PASSWORD PASSWORD ENCRYPTOR AMP3-I. AWARD MAKER+ Epic Marketing, First Floor Offices, Victoria Centre, 138-139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts. SN13BU. Tel: 0793 490988 FORMAT THE SUPER CD32 CONTROL PAD If your original CD32 control pad is feeling its age, or you just want an additional pad to play two-player games on equal terms, you need The Super CD32 Control Pad from Competition Pro. With turbo fire, auto fire and slow motion features, the pad is also perfect for Amiga games (such as Brutal Sports Football and Wembley International Soccer).
We want you to have the best for your Amiga, but we don't want you to break the bank to get it. So check out our AF readers' offers, all at low, low prices.
Call our order HOTIine on 0225 822511 Don't miss out! Tum to pages 38 and 39 NOW to check out our amazing AF subscriptions offers.
To order a back issue tum to page 134 and 135.
TURBOTECH CLOCK CARTRIDGE Your Amiga will always know what day it is with this handy device which sets the correct time and date. Simply fits into the disk drive port (or on the back of your second l drive). Complete k with software.
BLITZ BASIC 2 This powerful and flexible BASIC programming language from Acid Software has faster compiling and coding, new commands, and everything from C structures to an inline assembler. This package comes with a manual, a user guide, four issues of the Blitz User Mag and five disks full of Blitz Basic games extensions and examples.
Description CDJ! Control Pad AF price £19.99 Order code AMFCPP AF BINDER ANIM WORKSHOP V2 With full AGA support Anim Workshop v2 provides tools for creating, playing, processing, editing and adding sound to your animations.
Create animations from files, separate them into individual pictures, delete frames and add pictures.
NOTE: Anim Workshop requires Workbench 2.0. For image processing, ADPro MorphPlus v2 or ImtgeFX T.5 is required.
If your mags live in large piles on the floor, and you can never find the one you want, then keep your AF collection neat and tidy with these practical, yet stylish black and silver AF binders.
Amiga Format Animations Processing & Editing 5SJ Description Turbotech Clock RRP £19.99 AF price £17.99 Order code AMFCLO Description Anim Workshop AF price £99.99 Order code AFANIM MIDI INTERFACE JOYSTICKS The WICO Ergostick is made of a tactile material instead of unforgiving plastic, has a larger than average shaft, is perfect for all size hands and has unparalleled sensitivity. The Tac 30 handheld or table-top stick has three buttons, auto fire and a sturdy aircraft- style grip.
MEGALOSOUND Enter the exciting world of sound sampling with MicroDeal's brilliant Megalosound sampler. Megalosound enables you to grab your own samples, edit them to suit your requirements, and then tweak and transform them with Megalosound's many fun sound effects.
Push your Amiga's musical capabilities to its limits with the fully-featured ProMIDI interface which enables you to connect synthesizers and drum machines to your machine and then use the samples with our Music-X (AFS8) and OctaMED (AF62) Coverdisks.
Description Megalosound RRP £34.95 AF price £24.95 Order code AFMEGA This sequencer package, which scored an impressive 85 per cent in AF60, is one of the most ground-breaking releases since the original Music-X made such a huge impact in
1989. Music-X 2 is a full MIDI sequencing package for controlling
synthesizers, drum machines and other MIDI equipment, or
you can use it with internal Amiga samples. The leading
sequencer for the Amiga.
TECHNOSOUND TURBO 2 Like the original Technosound Turbo.
Version two of this sampler from New Dimensions enables you to grab digitised sounds and sequence them into compositions. But it also features many improvements and new functions, including direct-to-hard disk recording, and a built-in tracker. The package contains a digitiser and a set of audio leads. When it was reviewed in AF51, Technosound Turbo 2 scored a hefty 88 per cent!
This amazing fractal landscape program from Meridian enables you to build your own scenery on your Amiga. Then you can animate it to create stunning fly-bys, or use it as backgrounds in your own games, pictures or 3D renders. And it even works on standard A1200s. Reviewed in AFSB, Vista Pro Lite scored 86 per cent.
VISTA PRO LITE Description Vista Pro Lite RRP £59.95 AF price £39.95 Order code AMFVIST Description Music-X 2 RRP £149 AF price £119 Order code AMFMX2 Description Technosound Turbo 2 RRP £39.99 AF price £2999 Order code AMFTT2 I] save £30 CORE! HALF-PRICE CD32 GAMES ONLY Description Syndicate Disk AF price £12.99 Order code AMFSD £1Z99 Bubba 'n' Stix, the puzzle game that looks like a cartoon and plays like a dream, earned a rating of 85 per cent in the March issue of AF. Help Bubba escape from an alien world by utilising his incredibly useful friend, Stix.
Description Bubba n’ Stix RRP £29.99 AF price £14.99 Order code AMFBNS Chuck Rock II: Son Of Chuck was rated 79 per cent by AF. It contains six levels of prehistoric platform action as Chuck Jnr fights dinosaurs, elephants, tigers and turtles in his quest to rescue his kidnapped father.
Description Chuck Rock II RRP £29.99 AF price £14.99 Order code AMFCRT If you thought the original Syndicate (AF49. 91%) was tough, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Syndicate American Revolt Missions Disk, available exclusively through Amiga Format will test your skills to the absolute limit. Your task is to quell an uprising and win back the Americas in a series of 21 fiendishly difficult missions.
You can't buy this disk in the shops or from any other magazine, but, of course, you need a copy of the original game to use the Missions Disk.
Are you ready for the ultimate Syndicate challenge? Find out now!
SYNDICATE AMERICAN REVOLT MISSIONS DISK Method of payment (please circle) Access Visa Cheque Please make cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited PO AMIGA FORMAT READER OFFER FORM ALL PRICES INCLUDE POSTING, PACKING AND VAT Name.
Credit Card no Post Code.
Phone Number.
Description Order Code Expiry Date .. send this form to Amiga Format, Future Publishing Limited, FREEPOST (BS4900), Somerton, Somerset TA11 6BR DO NOT SEND CASH. USE METHOD OF PAYMENTS LISTED ABOVE EEC customers registered for VAT. Please quote your registration number: Customers outside the UK add £4.00 for overseas delivery AFM 66 Total order Tick here if you don't want to receive special offers from other specially-selected companies Load the new PixPro2 upgrade into your Amiga, and say good-bye
to your other programs because you may not see them for a while! You won’t want to!
You’ll be hooked by the magic Pixel 3-D by what you can do; by how you can easily convert your files between Imagine®, Lightwave*, 3D Studio and 13 other popular formats; by how you can render, animate and paint as never before.
Thanks to AMIGA FORMAT, many of you now have Version 1 of Pixel 3-D in your computers. And thousands of users have told us what a great program it is. But the brand-new Version 2, available now from the mail order section of this issue, offers many more exciting and powerful features:
• Real-time 3-D point editing.
• Real-time 3-D polygon painting.
• Load and convert objects and hierarchies between Lightwave
Scenes, Imagine, 3-D Studio and 13 more.
• Bitmap conversion and smoothing, using new advanced Al
technology making it much easier to use!
• Load and convert ANY PostScript* font OR FILE in color!
• Vastly-improved DXF Auto-CAD conversion absolutely the best
available anywhere!
• Full PAL-AGA support, new interface, new requesters, full
AREXX, and much more!
...... . .
Let your imagination take control, and discover the , exciting world of 3-D right within your Amiga! Order the new PixPro2 today!
r. a& WAVELINK: All the necessary software and cables to create a
mini-network between two machines. Render Lightwave animations
twice as fast! “Excellent reviews!"
ANIM WORKSHOP: Freely manipulate and process any Amiga animation add sound, edit frames, and batch process with the click of a mouse! “Best in the market!
Imagine More.
Pixel 3*D.
SOFTWARE 1526 122nd Street, Burnsville. Minnesota 55337 USA Phone: (612) 894-0596 Facsimile: (612) 894-1127 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WoikBencn version 2.0 or hlglwr 2MDyWs ol Coio or Iasi RAM recommended PAL compatible Pixel 3-0 Version 2 n a registered trademark ot Axiom Software, tne *0 Studio and AutoCAD are registered trademarks of AutoOesk. UgtitWave 30 is a registered trademark ot Newtek. Inc Imagine is a registered trademark ot Impulse. PostScript is a registered trademark ot Adobe QUALITY PERIPHERALS ¦ AMIGA 5SiSS ESOf Jjl A MB n£ZD**!lX.
Debe ' RAM UPGRADE 8 MATHS ACCELERATOR AMITEK ULJL-rLJLJLJ UvA options FOR THE AMIGA 1200 £ ItSONY 31 2" DELUXE FLOPPY DRIVE FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS i i jRn* mm rrrr • rm. Im. Am 4 fa* RAM u«r»lon» ¦¦¦itaExio -rtf fij OpOonMEra.
Flortng Point Unrt AMITEK Friendly Technology Designed to bring you high quality and performance at affordable prices. Amitek peripherals offer outstanding value-for- money. They are built to ensure easy fitting and trouble free operation - making them a pleasure to use. Amitek products are also thoroughly tested and very reliable, so reliable that we are pleased to offer a full two year warranty on the Amitek products detailed here.
DELUXE FEATURES The Amitek drive has many deluxe features not included in other dnves • check out the competition* ANTI-CLICK This feature stops your dnve making whirs and clicks when the drive is empty and searching for a disk ANTI-VIRUS This switchaBle mode stops track 0 viruses infecting the disk while In the drive. Unlike many other dnves which have virus killers, this mode can he ADD MORE DRIVES The Amite* drive is also daisy- chamable. So you can add turther dnves to your system, using very little power from your Amiga.
QUALITY SONY MECHANISM Amitek took the time to source a mechanism that has all the features, quality and reliability that Amiga owners demand Maximise the processing power ot your standard A1200 Be ready tor the new generation of software which makes more demands on Amiga memory and technology The Amitek Haw* RAM expansion includes up to Bmc fast 32-bit RAM the ability to support an optional, sophisticated 68882 FPU (Floating Point Unit - drastically increases the speed of maths intensive operations -eg in applications such as Lightwave 3D) and a battery bacKed up clock Built to a high
standard, this board can be easily installed and comes with a 2 year warranty The Hawk RAM board is available in 4 versions, each with the option of either a 33wv or 40**v PlCC 68882 co-processor FPU SPEED COMPARISON INCHEASES 40 2?
A1200 SPEED BY UP TO 3x foWiUWo from mode* aniiMf MARCH W
J J ?
CUMANA - - - - - - ZAPPO - - J - -
- .
External PSU Not Req’d 2 Year Warranty
• Plugs stra-ght into A1200 trapdoor • No sokJenng required
• Upgraoeabe FAST RAM board to 1.2.4 ot 8m»
• Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs lor easy upgrades
• Optonal Fbatng Pont Uflfl • 3&*u a PLCC 68882 coprocessor
• Comprehensive manual with illustrations
• Works with a«Ai200 and A1200HD computers
• Does not invalidate your A1200 warranty
• 2 yea* warranty High Quality 3 i“ Sony Mechanism Strong Metal
Casing Built-In Anti-Click Feature Switchable Anti-Virus Mode
Enable Disable Switch 75ms Access time Daisy Chainable Via Thru
Port Low Power Usage PRICES FROM ONLY No OMD No fpu i Oram fpu
£99 £129 £189 £329 1Mb RAM, NO FPU EXTERNAL DRIVE £99 INC VAT
RAM 1210 33mh, PLCC FPU ? Crystal 1 £59 ~ Z 40mh. PLCC FPU ?
AMIGA 500 500PLUS & AMIGA 600 1200 A500 A500wus FOR ALL AMIGA
• Input and Output Composite Video Signals
• Swrtcn between. Video ONLY.
Computer ONLY and Mixed Outputs
• Hardware Fade to tade away the level ot Overlay Video
• RGB Thru - Not Genlocked These internal Amitek 'epiac dnves are
ideal for uset lo repiace their existing dnve The pecks feetoM
• gn QuaMy ¦nemai lM 3 ' dnve mecha vsm lor the Amga 500500-, t
AMIGA 6001200 All you need to fit your is included f lo»ow Mtmg
instructions and 24 months warranty GENLOCK £99 INC VAT •
VO210S ESTARUSHED 10 YEARS: Wc have a proven track record in
professional AMTOR 1294-213 Siu Mou» mibertey Rd SxJcup Kelt
PART OF A am A With over 300 SUH We 'EAR COMPANY: We art solid
and reliable Swcx, Smcx House. Hxtmeihe* Roxo. Srncue. Kem.
DAI4 4DX PLUS BRANCHES AT: BRISTOL Dtbenlans - initoi 51 James
Barton 0272 291021 CARDIFF Zwr: V’.u- ;. ¦ 0222 399789
CHELMSFORD '• -¦ 0245 355511 CROYDON Ye;-. '. : • • ' 08t 688
4455 8UB60W Oetmhans -15« sroT97 Argylt Street 041-221 0088
GUILPFOBn Oetenltams-unBMi MtlibrooA 0483 301300 HARROW
DtWntrKbs- Sul :n «,:.»• 081-427 4300 HULL Oebenhams - ombooh
PukocI Stittt 0482 25151 IPSWICH Jeier.Nr 0473 221313 S*a_ - 52
To-tenhim Coir u.n 071-580 4000 Oebenhams - im tuii 334 Oxtad
St 071 -580 3000 Mr Mrs Miss Ms '' Opfo Before you decde WHEN .
-v , suggest you consider WHERE to buy and protect your
investment with a purchase from Sibca With our unrivalled
experience and expertise we will provide all the extra help,
advice and new product information you may need both now and m
the future Visit one of our stores, or return this coupon now
and begin to expenonce the *Srlica Service" EXPERIENCED tTARF:,
AH are Customer Care’ trained and at your service TECHNICAL
SUPPORT HELPLINE: fREf help and advice from a team of experts A
FULL PRODUCT RAWHa AH of your computer requirements from one
supplier i a Same product - Same price" basis I Surname
... ¦ Company -i ¦pi.iudu: Address We ilicA rs and
product news.
L0N00N LONDON_ LUTON OtMnlans-lurrnc AmdM Centre MANCHESTER Oebenhams ¦ mim Mirket Street PLYMOUTH Oebentams - m bi»i. Royal Parade ROMFORO OeOentams - m aw Marta Pace SHEFFIELD OeOenhams - ua w The Moor SHEFFIELD SI0CUP aior credit cards, cash cheque or i V. w'HTNII on nount).
0582 21201 061-832 8866 0752 266666 0708 766066 0742 768611 Business. Education and G Tel: 081-308 0888
• MAIL ORDER: FREE DELIVERY on orde-- Small administration cnar
on orders under £40...- I Tel (Home)
... 1 Tel (Workl
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cemouter(s). It any. Do you own?
I aaaNCHES of ijUti AMS STORES NATKVW** _Madontisll Ctre 0742 568555 081-302 8811 SOUTHAMPTON Oebentams - mtw) Ounnsw, 0703 223688 SOUTHEND UHm HnKtStW 0702 462426 THURROCK DcMro-lW *. - 0708 860066 Debenha ns- D E B E .. 213G J A division of SOFTWARE PLUS Britains s largest independent specialist retailer of computer games.
1981 £22 99 £36 99 CAU £1099 £22 99 £26 99 £1099 £2199 £999 £1999 £1299 £14 99 £999 £1199 £899 £1799 Call £22 99 £14 99 £14 99 £2199 £1999 £1999 £1799 £22 99 CAU £1099 £17.99 £19.99 £1999 £1999 £1999 £14 99 £1299 £1999 £22 99 £1099 £1699 £1149 £1799 £999 £1799 £1999 £4 99 £2199 £1999 £13 99 £17 99 £26 99 £17 99 CAU £1299 £1099 £1099 £22 99 £1099 £1099 £22 99 £1699 £1799 £14 99 £999 £1999 £1199 £1999 £1399 £1099 £22 99 £17 99 £1149 £799 £1499 £22 99 £17 99 Simcti the Sorcerer Simon the Sorcerer 2* £27 99 £1999 £14 99 £1999 £1999 £14 99 £19 99 £1999 £22 99 Skeleton Krew* £22 99 £999 £899 £1799
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£599 £24 99 £62 99 £199 £799 £799 £299 £1699 Pawrmonger 4 WW1 Premier Mavtger 2..... Premiere Manager 3... ftrme Mover . ProiectX(1 Meg) £999 £1399 £1999 £1999 AMIGA TITUS 7th Sword of Mendor* ... A Iran 4 Const Set .... Air Support .... All New World Ot Lemmings' Alfred Chicken . Alien Breed 9 (IMes) ..... Alien Breed Special Edition (1 Mes) Another Wx1d(1 Meg) .... Apidva ..... CesOe
Conquest' ..... Ctampionship Manager 93 (1 Meg) Championship Manager EOS Disk Championship Manager Italia (1 Mb) Chaos Engine Christmas Lemmings .. Christmas Lemmings 94' Club Football Manager .... Archer Mcleans Pool .. Armour Geddon 2 ... Assassin Special Edition ATR ......-..... Award Winners Gold Edition Bsttlestam ...... Battletoads ... F17 Challenge (1 Meg).
Falccn .... Fatman ..... Fields of Glay .. FIFA international Soccer Flashback (1 Meg) football Directa 2 .
Detrot ..... Dtsposable Hero Dizzy Pnnce of the btk Folk Dragonstare' .. Dreamweb .. Crystal Kingdom Dizzy . D Day Beginning of the End Darkmere Darkstone' De luxe Stnp Poker 2 F1 F117A(1 Meg) F15 Strike Eagle 2 F16..... Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder 2 Beastbusters 8eneath a Steel Sky Dune 2(1 meg).
Dungeon Master 2 Arabian Nights (1 Meg) Elfmania ... Empire Soccer 8irds of Prey (1 Meg) Cruise fa a Copse.
Deepcore Desen Strike Cannon fodder 2' Colonels Bequest Aquatic Games frontier Elite 2 European Football Champions Evasive Actlat .... Conbat Air patrol (1 Meg) Cokers Compilation .... Black Crypt Blast* (1 Meg) Campaign 2 (1 Meg) Fay oI the Fumes Burrome Body Blows . Body Blows Galactic (1 Meg) Breach 3' Bnan the Uon . Brutal Spctts Football Bump and Ban MrNutz Multi Player Soccer Manager . Naughty Ones ..... Nigel Mansell
Wold Champiaiship Nath and South ...... On the Ball League Edition On the Wbrld Wold Cup Edition Overdrive .... Overlord Panza Kick Boxing .... Perihelion PGA European lou Golf PGA Tour Golf Plus ---------- Pinball Dreams 4 Fantasies Pinball Fantasies ...... Pinball Magic ... Piracy -------------------------------- .£12 99 Kings Quest 3 .. £19 99 Kings Quest 4 ..... £22 99 Kings
Quests .... £22.99 Knights of the Sky (1 Meg) £19 99 Leander . £19.99 Legacy of Saasil ... £22.99 Leisure Suit lanyl .... £12.49 Leisure Suit Lany 2 £12.99 Leisure Suit tarry 3 ...... £1799 Lemmings 2 The Tnbes . £12.99 lemmings Stm City Dbl Pack £12.99 Links Challenge .. Hannibal' .... Heimdall 2 .. Hoyle Book of Games Mai 1 ...... Hoyle Book of Games Vol 2 Impossible Mission ... Indiana Jones
Atlantis Ady(1 Meg) Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis Action Indy Last Crusade Graphic . International Manager- . !shar2 Ishar legend of the Fortress .. Jack The Ripper ... James Pond 2 Robocod .. Jetstnke ...... Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snockei John Madden American Football Jurassic Pait(1 Meg) ... M1 Tank Platoon ...... Manchester UTD Premier League.
MarhunterNewVbtk . Marhunter San Francisco Maniac Mansion .... Mean Arenas ...... Micro Machines ...... Moral Kombat(1 Meg).
Mr Bobby . Micro Machines 2'...... MicrcproK Grand Prix Pirates Police Quest 1 Police Quest 2 K240 (Utopia 2).
Kick Off 3 .. Kids Rule OK Kingmaker Kingpin Gunship 9000(1 Meg) Lost Vikings, ions 2 . lads of the Realm £14 99 Raider' Maikey Island 2 Moxjpofy Kid Chaos £13 99 £1799 Goblins 2 ... Graham Gooch Second Innings Graham Gooch Test Match Cncket Gmship .... Gunship2G00 ..... Quest for Glory 1 Global Gladiators .£14.99 £5.99 £22 99 £1899 £12 99 Reach tor the Skies'...... £7 99 Reunion £19.99 Rise ot the Robots' . £7 99 Road
Rash ... £10.99 Robinsons Recxnem ..... £1099 Robocop3---------------------------------- £19.99 Ruft 4 Tumble .. £22 99 Rugby League Coach ..... £10.99 Scrabble ..- .£1099 Second Samurai ... £22.99 Secret ot Maikey Island (1 Meg) £2499 Sensible Golf* ...... £899 Sensible Soccer Int Edition .... £10.99 Sensible Soccer 92 93 . £17.99 Sensible Wxld ot Soccef ..... £12.99 Settlers (1 Meg)
£21.99 Shuttle ... ..£9.99 Sietra Soccer - £29 99 Silent Service 2 . .£8 99 Sim Ant Classic £12.99 Sim City Classic ...... £12 99 Sim City Classic Rack ... £10.99 Sim Earth Classic (1 Meg)- ..£16.99 Sim Lite Classic' ..... .£19.99 Simai the Sorcerer (1 Meg) .... £12.99 Simon the Sorcerer 2* .. £17 99 Skidmarks (1 Meg) £12.99 Soccer
Kid .. .£22.99 Soccer Team Manager ... Call Space Crusade ..... £12.99 Space Hu* . £1099 Space Quest 1 ...... £10.49 Space Quest 2 ...... £12 49 Space Quest 3 ...... £2299 Speedball2 ... £10.99 Started . ....£999 Street Fighter 2(1 Meg) . £16.99 Stardust Special Edition' £12.99 Stunt Car Racer ...... £12.99
Super Frog (1 Meg) ...... £12.49 Super League Manager' .... £11.99 Super Street Fighter 2' £19 99 Swtv ...... .£12.99 Syndicated Meg) . £22 99 12 Arcade Game ... £12.99 Tactical Man. (Eng, Italy, Scot) ...£8.99 Team 17Colleaion(1 Meg) . ... ....£7.99 Ten Intelligent Strategy Games £19 99 terms Cup 2 .. £12.99 Their Finest Hod ... £12 99 Their Finest Missions ..... .£11.99 Theme
Paik . .. .£9.99 Tornado .... £16.99 Total Carnage .. Call Traps n Treasures £10 99 Trrviai Pursuit ... £12.99 Tunican 3 .... £19.99 Ultimate Pinball Orest ... £12.99 Unwise .... £19.99 Undium 2 ... ..Call Utopia ...... _ . £16.99 VatWla . .. .£6.99 Vital Ught' ...... £12.99 Wild
Cup Soccer £9.99 Wild Streets . £3.99 Wing Commander .... £18.99 Winter Camp .. ..£18.99 Winter Olympics- ...... £14.99 WizNliz ... £22.99 Wizkid .. £7.99 Wmderdog--------------------------------- £19 99 Wold Cup USA 94 Call Wembley Rugby league ..-...... £9 99 World of Legends - .. £22 99 WWF European Rampage (1 Meg) ..£12.99 Xenon
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Detroit------------------------------ £9 99 Realms CD32 ATR* Alien Breed Special Editai 4 Qwak Arcade Pool ... Banshee Battle Chess ... Battletoads ..... Naughty Ones . On the Ball Wottd Ci» Ed«on On the Ball League Edition'.
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D Generation ..... DarkSeed. ..... £26.99 Lotus Trilogy £22 99 .Manchester United Premier League impossible Mission James Pcnd 2 RcOocod James Pcnd3 ... Jetstnke ... Kick Off 3' .... Deepcore ...... Disposable Hero ...... Dizzy Enchanted worlds' Dragonstcne' .. TfX' .... Transarctica . Twilight 2000' ...... UFO. Enemy Unknown Wembley int Soccer.
Exile' heldsof Glory.
Faeface . Frontier Elite 2 Global Effect Bnan the Lion ...... Brutal Sports Football Robmscns Recxnem Sabre Team ... Theme Park TopGear2 .. Total Carnage Guardian Guish.p2000 lostVHangs.
Mighty Max Heimdall 2.
Kid Chaos Kingpin' Zool 2 ..£1199 Star Trek (Hard Disk only) Seccnd Samx a Sim Crty 2000 Sim Ufe James Pcnd3.
Jetstnke .. Kick Off 3 .emmings LiWDrvf Soccer Kid.
£899 £22 99 £1099 £1299 Inferno' .. Star 3 .... James Pcnd 2 Rcbocod Heimdall 2 ...... Impossible Mission GunstxpMOO .£10.99 Exile £1099 £22 99 Megwace . £® 99 Microcosm .. Mighty Max'.
KVBkttry- Nick Faldo Championship Golf £1100 Nigel Mansell WxldChampionshtp £10oo Overkill 4 low C £10 09 Pinball fantasies £1899 Pink*' . £1899 Pirates Gold 114 99 Protect X 4 F17 Challenge ..... £17.99 Rise of the Robots' ..... £12.99 Robinsons Requiem* £'299 RuftN Tumble' .. “129 RrtterCup' “!« Sabre Team £”29 £1999 AMIGA BUSINESS £17 99 Easy Amos ..... £9.99 Kind Words 3..... £19.99 Maxipan 4 ..... £12.99
Publisher . £19.99 MeanAzeras £1699 £1899 Name _ Address.
Postco ITEM Telephone .COMPUTER .
I enclose a cheque PO made payable to Software First or please debit my Access Visa: Telephone Orders: 10am-7pm Mon - Frl, 10am-4pm Sat - Sun. Answering Service at all other times Callers by appointment only. All prices include VAT & Postage tor UK Mainland. Add £2.00 to postage price tor Europe and £3.00 tor rest ot the world. Next day service available £3.70. Please send Cheques PO’s payable to: SOFTWARE FIRST, 8 BUCKWINS SQUARE, BASILDON, ESSEX SS13 1BJ.
Please allow sufficient time for cheque clearance. Credit cards are not charged until day of despatch.
Please state make and model ot computer when ordering. J | j TftT It you can’t see what you want please call, new stock arrives daily. ™ I Titles marked * may not be released at time ot going to press. We supply only official UK product. Formats supported include Amiga, PC, ST, Master System, Megadrive and Game Gear. All prices subject to change without notice.
All items subject to availability. E&OE.
WorkL nch Do you need guidance with your Amiga-related problems? Then turn to Nick Veitch for comfort, advice, reassurance and the occasional gratuitous insult. Write to Nick at Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Shi ASSIGN OF THE TIMES Thanks also for your tips regarding DiskMashrr. Or DXIS. A similar technique which might be useful to some readers with a little more RAM is to mount a RAD disk and assign that as 110: or whatever disk is required.
MISSING PICS With reference to S Anslow's question about installing BattlH'.hess on to his hard disk (AF64.
Workbench, p 137). I think your reply was slightly misleading when you said that you can't assign dfO to anything. Try: Assign dfO: DISMOUNT return Assign dfO: dhO: return This works under WB2.1 at least. I use something similar to avoid the worst of the tedium brought on by Coverdisks that use DiskMasher, which insists on unpacking to dfO: In this case I obviously need a properly structured pseudo-floppy and use fmsdisk to provide two fake floppies on my hard drive (one OFS and one FFS) that can't be distinguished from the genuine article, (unless you recall they're twice as fast). These
are partly set up - to be activated when required - in a spare directory of my hard disk. Once unpacked 1 have only to assign whatever the new floppy should be called to FFO: and up. Up and awaaaay!
Locate your backdrop picture somewhere Workbench can find it when it starts up.
I have jirst started using my A1200 for serious stuff. I am getting to grips with Workbench but I'm having difficulties. I'm attempting to load an IFF picture created in Dpaint into the background of Workbench. (I was having a problem making it fit on to the screen but after reading a letter in AF63 that's been sorted out.)
I've managed to save it, but whenever I load up Workbench 1 get a message asking me to insert my Dpaint save disk. This is very annoying and has also been bugging a few of my friends at school. Is there a way around this so I don’t have to use Dpaint every time?
Paul Spadaccini, Poole, Dorset You have followed all the steps correctly, but the picture needs to be loaded each time you start up.
Continued overleaf e I'm amazed people don't use fmsdisk much more than they do - real floppies are so painfully slow! You mav find you need to fiddle the sample moundist entries to get FFS w'orking properly under WB2.1. but both types are OK under 1.3. Ken West, Deal, Kent Thank you for that. Yes, in retrospect the answer we gave was a bit misleading, but at the same time, if you want to install games on lo your hard drive so that they work from boot-up. You don't want to go typing stull into the Shell. With my solution you could enter the commands in the start-up.
However, if you disable dll): at start-up, you won't be able to use your lloppv drive at all, so it is much better to assign the lloppv name lo the correct directors .
IMAGINATION I am enjoying using the AFS3 Imagine Coverdisk. But when I try to make an animation it all goes wrong. I followed the tutorials to the letter and I do end up with an anim, but when I load it into Dpaint IV AGA the colours become a mess, even though I lock the pallet In Imagine.
A Grimley, Stoke The anim format used in Imagine 2 is not the same as Dpaint's (AnimS). If you want to be able to play around with the anim in Dpaint the best thing to do is to get Imagine to render all the frames and then load them in to Dpaint as single frames.
You still need to lock the palette and to get any decent animation speed in Dpaint you will probably have to reduce the resolution to 64 colours or something like that depending on the screen mode and the complexity of the picture.
IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... 1 1 At AMIGA Format J we aim to answer fas many questions as possible, and attempt to sort out Of course, there are always more questions than answers, so we prioritise queries according to the Nick Veitch following factors:
• FREQUENCY K a lot of people seem to be having problems with
their Supersonic KY3000 printers, then we will print one letter
and the definitive answer, encompassing all the most frequently
posed problems.
• DIFFICULTY. If the problem is actually something which only
someone with some insider technical knowledge would be able to
solve, it is more likely to be answered in these pages than a
problem which arises simply because you haven't read the
• IMPACT. Quite simply, a question which involves you not being
able to use your machine or some peripheral or software will be
given priority over a difficulty which is little more than a
slight inconvenience.
Unlike some magazines we won't just concentrate on the areas of expertise we are most familiar with, we will take on any problem (as long as there is an Amiga involved). As you will appreciate, we do get a lot of Workbench questions every month. If you want to get yours noticed, here are a few tips: DO
• Be concise.
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Where applicable, describe the sequence of events that caused
the problem.
• Give details of the equipment you are using (including which
version of Workbench and which model of Amiga you have).
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by getting in touch with the dealer from whom you bought
the goods.
• Spend three pages telling us about your Aunt Ethel and only
then explain your problem.
• Write in with questions like: I added a hard drive to my Amiga
and it doesn't work. What can I do?' (Which machine? Which
• Send an SAE expecting a personal reply.
The chances are extremely slim.
Please bear these points in mind and remember that we are trying our best to help you.
If you are getting lost, or can't type very well, use the file requester.
I am the proud owner of an A1200 but at the moment 1 am experiencing a lot of difficulties with fonts. The main problem is that when 1 try to access scalable fonts from disks other than the fonts disk supplied with Workbench 3.0 the Amiga keeps on insisting that I have entered a new path.
I have tried renaming the disks that contain the fonts I want but to no avail. The Amiga just won't read them. 1 have also tried installing them on to my fonts disk using Intellifont in Workbench but this doesn't appear to work either. The Amiga doesn't recognise the path when 1 type it into the outline fonts source box.
This problem occurs in Deluxe Paint IV AGA and with the TV*Text Professional Coverdisk from AF64. I thought I might have a faulty Coverdisk so I gave it to a friend who tried it on his A500 and found it to be working perfectly.
SjSjt Matt Keans. Cranleigh, Surrey I'm not sure exactly what you are doing, hut the most likely explanation is that you’re not typing in the loin pathname correctly. To help von there is a requester option. Click on the little box to the left of the string gadget and a requester appears.
Now just navigate that to the source ol your CompuGraphic fonts and oil you go.
PAINT FORMAT I bought an Amiga 1200 about two months ago. It is the first Amiga I've used and I'm having a problem importing a picture from Personal Paint n-l into Word-worth v2 AGA. My method is to draw a picture in Ppaint and then put it into the RAM disk and when I load up Wordworth. Put it into the Digita Clip .Art drawer. When 1 get into Wordworth I go into the Place Picture option and. Hey presto, my picture is there in the list of pictures. But when I go to place it. The damn thing tells me that it’s in the wrong format.
Well what the hell is the right format? I have realised from the manuals that the IFF files are the right format but tile Personal Paint format is known as IL.BM. Is that Lhe right format? Or do I have to spend more money on Deluxe Paint or buying more dip art?
You should save it to vour Workbench disk or partition, and choose it again from the Preferences program.
INTELLIFONT Could you also tell me if 1 could get the pictures from the Personal Paint art disk on to my W'orkBench 3.0 background.
Mandeep Sidhu, Groby. Leicester IFF stands lor Interchange File Format. It’s not a single type ol file, hilt a standard to which nearly all Amiga filetypes subscribe, rather like a British standard or an ISO standard. II.BM (Intcrl.caved Bi(Map) is one of the mam standards available for storing graphics, and should work fine. Check that you are mu using too many colours and that you are saving out as IFF. And not GIF. Sec the answer to Missing Pies (pT!3) lorvour final point.
FOUNTAIN OF WOE Having just received your excellent TV*Text Pro Coverdisk (AF64), I thought that it was about time that I started using the fonts from my collection of AFSubscribers' Superdisks.
Following the information in the Subscribers' Superdisk instructions. I clicked on the Fountain icon only to get the following Fountain Termination Requester message: Cannot open diskfont.library version 37.
I’ve searched everywhere, and although I can find diskfont.library, there is no reference to a version
37. Can you help me please, otherwise the fonts on my Subs' Disk
are of little use.
Gary Hartley, G.reashy, Wirral 1 think vour Workbench is improperly installed.
Which version ol Workbench do you have? 2.04?
You can find out vvhal version number you are using by going into a Shell and typing: version libs:diskfont.library This tells von the library version number. If vour original disks are incomplete for whatever reason, you could use a diskiont .library from a I,net machine, so borrow one from a friend.
1 own an Amiga A500 (Kickstart 1.3) with 1Mb of Chip RAM and an A570 drive. According to the manual for the A570 there is a Commodore memory module which adds a further 2Mb of Fast RAM to the Amiga CD-ROM system. Where can I get this from and how much does it cost?
Ian MfCoulough.Jarrmv, Tyne and Wear We don’t actually have an A570 drive in the AT office, more s the pity, hut as far as anyone can tell me. It takes DRAM Dll. Chips, the same as the
A. V.HI. In which case, tall First Computer Centre on 01132
,31**444. They are old and slow, hut they work (that’s the
chips, not the guys at First).
PROSPECTIVE BUYER I own aii A500+ with a second disk drive and 1 Mb of extra Chip RAM. I’m thinking of upgrading to an A1200 and 1 have a few questions to ask.
1. Are there any degraders to let me run niv old games and
software on an A1200?
2. Should I buy a package including a hard drive or should I buy
a hard drive separately?
3. How much Fast RAM should I lniv? I use mv computer for serious
things (such as drawing, animating and school work) as well as
4. Will my extra disk drive (a Roclite) and RAM card work with an
1. Yes there is. Chris I lame’s hegrader is a Public Domain
utility. It won't sort out all vour problems, but it works
with some older games.
IT'S ALL SO CONFUSING I acquired an A1S00 (twin drive). A2000 keyboard.
CBM 1084S monitor. Citizen Swift 9 printer along with a number of disks, but I am not computer literate. There must be some book somewhere that can assist me. The following is a list of some of the stuff I got with the machine: RAM disk.
Excellence, Home Accounts 2. Arexx Read Me, Utilities. Documents. Arexx, Excellence UDICT (Spellmate), Workbench, Directory Opus.
Amigadex. Prefs. And Proper Grammar.
With all those titles, can you tell me is it possible to do what I wish to achieve, which is:
1. Write letters, using different types of script.
2. Print in large and small typestyles.
3. Use a spreadsheet for accounting. I can make nothing of Home
Accounts 2.
If there is an easy to read manual I would be more than willing to purchase it D Amor, Inverness First let me say that I can't reply completely to your letter because that would involve me in telling you how to use Workbench. Excellence and Home Accounts properly and that would take up the whole magazine.
Yes you can do all the things that you want to with your Amiga, but before you can work out how to use the software (I hope you've got the manuals) you should learn how to use the Amiga itself. Your best bet is to get hold of a book for Amiga beginners. Something like one of the BSB starter books would be a good idea. Take a look in your local WH Smith or bookstore.
As for a spreadsheet program. Procalc from Gold Disk (call Silica on 0181 309 1111) or Turbocak v2 (see the review in AF6S) are good programs. Alternatively, you could invest in a back issue of AF60 (see page 134) and get the InterSpread Coverdisk.
PS. Writing 90% of your letter in capitals The A1S00. Not past it at all. Even after all this time, doesn't make it any easier to read... and quite capable of all sorts of tasks.
2. It's prohablv easier to get one with a hard drive, and it
isn't that much more expensive. Then you also know it is
covered by some kind ol warranty.
3. Even a small amount of Fast RAM speeds up yottt machine,
especially with the hard drive, because the Fast RAM can be
used for caching.
I low much von should get depends 011 what you are doing on your machine. Another 2Mb would be enough lot any thing short ol serious image processing and rendering.
4. The disk drive will cvork with the A1200. The RAM card, which
you have failed to specify', will almost certainly not. But
you may Ih- able to use the chips in an A1200 expansion.
MOUSE MISERY I've got a mouse and he hasn't got a house. I don't know why I call him Gerald. He's getting very old but... I have an Amiga 1200 and the mouse port has broken. Please can you tell me where to get a nest one because I cannot use my mouse.
Matthew Walker. Wolverhampton.
You can get a male 9-way D-tvpc connector from Maplins. Imt you'll have to solder it 011 yourself It may not lie the port that is the problem. They break easily il you are continually putting things in and taking them out again. Sometimes the layers on the hoard can lilt up and break. Check that the board is in good condition before you replace the connector. It may even be that you just need to resolder the connections 011 to the hoard.
A1200 VS PC Hi! I don't know if this message will reach the right place, but here goes!
1. Do you know anyone w ho makes Bodega Bay clones for the A1200?
2. Are you aware of any PC emulators for the A1200 cpu slot?
I would like lo have these items because I want to have a computer that will beat the ""''expletive deleted** out of my mate's 486dx2 Tower PC.
Gregory Sayer greg@stamet.demon.co.uk Hi there Yes. Your message did get through, but it DID YOU KNOW... BAUD RATE is the number of times per second a system changes state. In modem terms it is equivalent to the bit rate. It was named after J M E Baudot VEITCH MAP is a graphical representation of a Boolean function to enable simplification of logic systems. It was originally proposed by Professor of Mathematics E W Veitch, and the idea was then stolen, sorry, modified by a certain Mr Karnaugh.
LAN is a Local Area Network. The most common form of network where two or more machines are linked together, usually by a cable, so they can share data and applications.
GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. A program or operating system (such as AmigaDOS or Windows), usually mouse operated, which uses icons and pointers as a control method.
Nearly didn't. If you want to address E-mail to Workbench, you should send it to: 11mlonm1l@jut11rrnet.co.uk and include Workbench as the subject.
Unfortunately there is 110 Bodega Bay equivalent lor the A1200 yet. So you are stuck with having only one trapdoor expansion at a time.
There are plenty of multif unction cards around though, including RAM. SCSI and accelerators all in one. Check out our in-depth round-up in .1 6 ?. II you haven't got 1 -6?, turn to 1 Back Issues on pages 134 and 1.35 and order your copy now.
I recently decided to buy a new hard drive for my A1200. Well. I'm not rich or even comfortably well off. But I had saved about £180. The next step was to find the best drive for my needs, bearing in mind your advice about needing at least 120Mb All the adverts in AMIGA Format and the rival Amiga magazines quote about £400 for a 400Mb hard drive. Sod that I've just shoved a 400Mb
3. S-inch IDE drive in my computer for £180, it's totally kosher
and it comes from a PC manufacturer called VIP based in
Manchester, check it out in Micro Mart Taking the above as
read, what kind of rip oft merchants do we have advertising in
these magazines, and |ust what other things are we getting
ripped off on? You don’t need specialised hard drives for your
Amiga, just get a PC one and shove it in. If you don't believe
my drive works perfectly well, you can come round my house and
check it out.
Aidy O'Grady. Sheffield I don't think we have ever said that you need any special type of IDE drive. The reason why most of the drives you see advertised in AF are more expensive are because they are mostly 2S-inch drives as opposed to 3.5-inch drives.
Not oil 3.5-inch drives will actually fit inside the cose of the At200. Some of them consume If you really want to show your friend what's best, running a PC emulator won't help, because you would be shosving him a PC being run on the Amiga, not the Amiga running at its best. Just compare the speed of Workbench to Windows, that should keep him quiet.
PC DOWNLOADS I am new to the Internet and Comms scene bill I am able to access the excitement of the information super highway via the PC! Network at Plymouth University. My own love though is my trusty A500* and my vast collection of Amiga Formats dating back diree years.
I would like to know if there is any way of downloading Amiga software through the PC for use on my Amiga. I have a PC emulator for my Amiga, but so far I have been unable to download PC software due to the size of the programs.
Please take into account that I'm a poor student, so if money is involved it may be a problem.
Scott Bovey S.Boi ey@plymouth.ac.uk Yes. You should be able to downlead Amiga software on a PC with 110 problem. After you have downloaded it you can transfer it via a PC!
Formatted lloppv disk and use CrossDia or a similar program such as the Public Domain Messy Dos, to transfer the tiles across to your Amiga.
Adding an IDE hard drive to your Amiga can be fraught with difficulty.
More power than is safe Some of them (notably Connor mechanisms) have long spin-up times, which means they won't boot from cold. Also, the PC suppliers do not provide you with any kind of Amiga hard disk tools, preppmg software or Workbench installation programs. Neither will they be of any help if anything goes wrong when you install it.
I think you were lucky to get a mechanism that didn't give you any trouble. I'm not saying don't buy drives like this, but you should be aware of the pitfalls.
Amiga Format does not. Never has done and never will refuse to print important information because it might upset someone NOT INSTALLED I have a bog standard Amiga 1200. Running Workbench 3.0. and an Overdrive 210Mb PCMCIA hard drive. My problem is that after recently buying the Overdrive I decided to install Microprose's Formula One Grand Prix (which I got in the Wild. Weird And Wicked package when I had an A600), into a partition named Work: The trouble is that the game is having none of it! After running the Install program on disk three it throws up a message saying an error has occurred
during the installation. Have you got any suggestions, or is this a common problem?
Peter Worrall. South Humberside CSG 70-02 BM 1£ 391 V ?H 01 00' Just telling me an error has occurred isn't very helpful. Was die message more specific? Out of memory, missing files? Generally, games require all the data to be plonked in one big directory and the relevant assigns made in the form: Assign origlnaldiskname Pathname For example: Assign FlGPDiskl: work:FlGP Assuming you copied all the data into a drawer called F1GP on the Work partition of your hard drive. These commands should be added as lines to the end of the user start-up file, to be found in the S: directory of
Workbench. In any case, with problems like this your best bet is always to contact the game company involved, in this case Microprose on 01-154 326532.
CAREER CORNER In-depth explanation Hard Drives If you want to buy the full Blitz Basic 2 package at a special Amiga Format discount price of £49.95, turn to our Readers' Offers on page 138.
I am 13 years old and in February I will be choosing which subjects to take at school. 1 would like to be a games programmer and start my own company or join an existing one. What are the best subjects to take? .
1 am going to buy AMOS for its ease of use.
But when I get used to the BASIC language. I'll get Blitz Basic 2. 1 would like to know whether there are any programming languages for die Amiga in C or Assembler. If there are. What's the best one. The cheapest one and the easiest one to use?
Ttwy may not look like much, but they can change your life. All hard drives are not the same however, so make sure you read this guide before you buy your drive.
Please answer my letter or 1 won't know what subjects to take and my life could be a disaster and it would all be Amina Format’s fault.
James Woodrow, Welwyn Carden City I don't want to be responsible for screwing up your education, so this advice is now officially covered by an Amina Format Health Warning.
If you are interested in pursuing a career in computing, it is a good idea to take maths, physics and computer studies. Maths and physics are good choices, because il you go on to do A-levels you can get into virtually any scientific university course wiilt these. Hut your brain will go horrible if you do nothing but science, so I would recommend taking a subject like history, or mavbe art. As well, at least until GCSE. Electronics can be a useful course too. If sour school offers it.
To get ahead in programming, you'll have to virtually teach vourself. BASICis an easy language, but it teaches you bad habits. You'd be better oil learning to program in (-’. Blitz Basic is quite good, because it includes manv I .-like aspects such as structures and pointers.
The advantage of t. is that it is portable, so you can write programs on your Amiga and port them across to a PG or an Apple. There is an excellent PI) version of Cavailable, and it is also bundled with the A book by ex-Amiga Shopper editor.
Cliff Ratnshaw. Have a look on page 166.
The best Csystem is SAS C, which is available through HiSoft (01525 718181), but 1 would trs to get to grips with (.'before you splash out a load ol money. You may also be interested in AMOS Fro, which is on our Coverdisk next month. H 1 There are two main types of hard drive for the Amiga - SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) and IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics).
2 SCSI drives have more intelligent interfaces which mean they rely much less on the host computer to tell them what to do. This means that they are quite fast but it makes the interface a bit more expensive.
3IOE drives are slower because the host computer's CPU has to do some of the work in reading and writing to the disk. They are cheaper than SCSI drives though.
4 The SCSI interface is much more versatile than IDE. As well as simple disk drives, various other devices such as magneto-optical disks, tape streamers, scanners and CD drives can be added on to a SCSI bus.
5 In general up to seven SCSI devices can be added to a single SCSI interface, by daisy chaining them. Usually only three devices can be added to an IDE interface.
6 The A1200 and A600 both have a built-in IDE interface, which means that you only need to buy an IDE mechanism and the correct cable to add a drive to these machines.
7 The A4000 also has an IDE interface and an IDE drive installed. Commodore have configured the driver for this interface so that it treats the drive as a SCSI device m order to achieve much better software compatibility. However, this does not mean that you can add SCSI devices directly to this interface.
8 The most popular external drive for the A500 and the A500* was the GVP HD8. Which was a SCSI drive. This drive also allowed the user to add extra memory.
9 Commodore produced their own hard drive for the A500. Which was called, imaginatively, the A590. This also allowed extra memory to be added, but although it had a SCSI interface it was quite slow, because it actually contained a modified XT drive.
Commodore also produced (in conjunction with DKB) the A4091 SCSI2 card. This works in the A3000 and A4000 to give better speeds from all devices, particularly SCSI2 mechanisms, which average a transfer speed of 5Mb per second.
A Hard drives can be partitioned, which I I means that although you may only have one physical device, it can be treated as a number of different drives by your Amiga. This is particularly useful when you have a large disk because otherwise it could take an age to load all the directories.
Partitioning drives is also useful should something unfortunate and unpleasant happen to your hard drive. If a faulty program or unexpected guru incident destroys all of the data on one partition, the others will most likely be unharmed and still be useable It is a good tdea to get some sort of hard disk utility when you get a hard drive.
Ami-Sac* Tools or Quarterback Tools are both very good utilities.
UstISvtSal Four packages One deal Create the complete home office with Home Accounting: Keep (rack of all your finances, income (hank, credit cards.
Etc) and expenditure (mortgage, gas. Etc), with optional budgeting and Home Accounts, Day By Day, Mailshot forecasting. You can even produce your own monthly hank or credit card statements. Once you've used Home Accounts, you'll wonder how you ever Plus and DGCalc software packages managed without it Diary: An excellent way to get organised. You'll lx- reminded of birthdays, appointments, and so on. As with all Digita prtxlucts, entering information is simplicity itself and. Once entered, you can search for keywords or for particular events. Other features include month, week and day planners,
automatic reminders for overdue appointments, anil much more.
LabelDatabase: If you've ever printed mailing labels, you'll know how fiddly and time-consuming it can he making sure all the labels print correctly Well now that's a thing of the past. Mailshot I’lus actually shows you the labels on screen, so you can type names and addresses in exactly the right place. Also suitable for other labelling tasks including computer disks, video tapes, plants, freezer bags, photographs, and much more.
Spreadsheet: Business users will be familiar w ith the application of Spreadsheets for cash flows and financial modelling. Computers are ideally suited to this form of application and. Using this software you can calculate and recalculate entire spreadsheets in seconds.
Special Offer Only £49.99 Save over £100 Credit Card Hot Lines Digits International. Black Horse House, Exmouth, England, EX8 1JL hotogenics reak through the barriers of your imagination Crested Photogenic* ty Mart Tipper of Almat i«ra.
Support for multiple formats IFF JPEG GIF BMP effects sue* 36 int. T , Bit painting regime HAM& preview.
Powerful Undo Redo features, and multiple Image Pub-Through.
Natural paint tools like Chalk, Pen. Pastle, Marker and Airbrush.
Support for OpalVision. Picasso2, Vlab and many others.
Ea,t mutop'e images simultaneously- The ultimate 24-bit graphic and manipulation package for any Amiga 1200 or 4000* Natural paint tools -Airbrush, Chalk pastel. Pencils and more; "Paint-on" effects - Emboss, Tint, Negative, Blur, Rub-Through and more; Edit multiple images simultaneously in resizable windows; Paint in 24-bit with realtime HAMS preview
- no 24-bit graphics board required.
• From Almathera
* Photogenics will work on any Amiga with a minimum of 68020 CPU,
2Mb RAM and Kickslarl 3.0. Photogenics and the Photogenics logo
have Trademarks pending for Almathera Systems Ltd 1994.
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Tel: 081 687 0040 Fax: 081 687 0490 lT)» CRITICAL ZONE PACK - WITH 7 CD TITLES 'MCtlJOtS 32-bit SYSTEM essi 7 CD TITLES
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Cr*at* pooler*. N*wil«tters and «v*n iWwi magazines with thi»
powerful OTP program. J To buy the PageSvttvr 2 manual at the
special AF price of 19.99. turn to page 18.
Also on offer is the PageSetter 3 upgrade for only £39.99! If you missed our Page Setter 2 AF63 Coverdisk turn to Back Issues on page 134.
Better by Tm n design Marcus Dyson tells you how to create your own stationery and business cards with a DTP package.
One of the most useful things you can create with your desktop publishing package is a business card and a set of stationery. You may wonder why vou would require such items, particularly if you don’t run your own small business, but once you’ve got .i business card, and vou no longer have to keep asking barmaids for biros when you want to give someone vour number in the pub. You’ll quickh In-gin to wonder how you ever managed without one. And the pleasure of writing letters 011 paper that already bears your name and address, land even some kind of witty or attractive logo defies description.
If you do run a small business, there's 110 need lo explain how important producing quality ktationerv can be to youi livelihood. When clients make .1 decision about which service provider to use on the basis of a handful of business cards ihev have amassed, they often turn first to the business with the most impressive card.
But creating your own stationery is a straightforward, and more importantly, relatively inexpensive, thing to do. First you must make a dec ision as to whether you need colour, or if mono will suit your purposes. Mono is obviously cheaper to print, and if it is well designed it can be just as effective as colour-printed stationery.
Before you jump to conclusions about the PagrSeUer2 Coverdisk's ability to handle colour, or lack of it. Remember that you don’t need a DTP program which can produce colour on screen to design things which will he printed in colour. With a hit of trickery you can create spot colour artwork with a mono DTP package, but more of that soon.
The decision whether to use colour or not is determined, to some extent, by the logos or picture elements you may wish to include. If your company, club or organisation has a logo which will not reproduce well in mono, you may be obliged to use colour.
Whether you are working in colour or mono, the same basic design principles apply. If we refer back a couple of issues to our golden rules of design, the ones which are most important for stationery design are:
• Keep it simple - we’re going to try to get a considerable
amount of information on to a very small space, so simplicity
is the key.
• Choose fonts carefully - stationery is often the first
impression someone gets of you or your company, so make sure it
says the right thing!
• Consider your alignment - making good use of the space
available is very important, particularly for business cards
and compliments slips.
Appropriate alignment of your text helps immeasurably with this. O CREATING A BUSINESS CARD - A SIMPLE GUIDE There are no strict guidelines for the size of business cards - as long as they fit in a pocket it's OK. But I have found that when a business card is larger than a credit card, and won't fit into my wallet it gets discarded more quickly than ones that will. If you want your card to stand out make It big. But if you are giving it out at meetings or shows where the recipient receives many cards, make it credit card sized. What is credit card sized? It's 86mm by 54mm.
You must decide whether you want your card to be landscape (wider than it is tall) or portrait in orientation. Landscape is more common, which means that portrait can seem more striking.
The first step is to make a document of the appropriate dimensions, then type into it the text that you want to have on the card. This should definitely include your name, address, title and contact numbers, but It could also feature a company logo and the witty slogan you came up with to sell your business.
There ere no standard dimensions for business cards, but it is best to produce one the size of a credit card if you don't want it to be misplaced or binned.
Select the text and style ft in the font of your choice. This is where some discretion is called for.
Our example card is for an action-sportswear clothing manufacturer, so a wacky font like Extreme soltwear 3-1 Back Lane Holmlirth West Yorkshire 0484 ******* For those v io know fear ¦ but do it anyway!
When designing something as small as a business card or compliments slip, it is best to put all the text on the page before attempting to style up any of It Addled is appropriate. If you are an antiques restoration company, you are far more likely to appeal to your customers with a nice serif face like Palatino, possibly even Italicised. If. On the other hand, you are a mobile car alarm fitter, a straightforward sans-serif like Universe may be more appropriate for your needs.
Once you have all your text on the document place your logo. It should be prominent but should not dominate the card. When the logo is positioned, place the text and size it according to its importance. If your card is mainly to introduce the individual, make sure that the name is relatively large, if it is more to introduce your services, make the line which does this the most prominent aspect of the card.
In the Golden Rules Of DTP we looked at in the first of these tutorials, I spoke out against Oscar Sales director rss RR 'sSss |}f 34 Back Lane Hofcnflrth West Yorkshire 0484 | nil Cam tlvua ujKa Lmaui Choosing the correct font is Important. Different typefaces have different characters end some will suit you or your company better then others.
Excessive use of text centring, but as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Business cards are one of the few places where centred text can work effectively, as in the example on the left But the company
• Mfe aa|i logo is a little too Ihflll M prominent so for the I
I1IIV-11 letterheads, let's try a different layout and use some
more sophisticated text alignment.
Oscar "iw Portrait business cards are still the exception, rather than the rule, so you can easily make yours stand out from the crowd by making it in this aspect ratio.
THE LETTERHEAD - A SIMPLE GUIDE DESIGNING COMPLIMENT SLIPS 3 This design is great. Modern, clean and striking. Introducing the vertical line has brought a new dynamic to the layout and it draws the eye down from the logo to the address. Again though, it's not the right design for Bad Moon!
4 This is the one. Our extreme sportswear company will use a logo something like this.
The typeface, the design and the logo all work together to create an impression of wildness and abandon. Yet closer inspection reveals a very tight design. All the elements are rotated by the same 10 degree angle. The side of the logo and the address at the bottom of the page are aligned as if by an invisible line.
This is an appropriate design for the company in question.
Letterheads are virtually always portrait in format, and with good reason. Most people do not have a printer with a wide enough carriage to accept A4 landscape, and more importantly, lines of text across A4 landscape would be too long to read comfortably.
But this doesn't mean that you could not experiment with A4 landscape letterheads, particularly if your design was sympathetic to printing the text of the letter in one or more columns.
54 Bac* Line WiM Wot y«MW 0484 mm moon Oscar Extreme softwear For those who know fear ¦ but do it anyway!
Here's a landscape version of the business card. The letterhead should echo the business card although it has a slightly different function.
Without a doubt the least important piece of office stationery, compliment slips are virtually unnecessary for the individual.
Usually used in place of a letter when sending people documents or goods not requiring an invoice, these pieces of paper are inevitably consigned straight to the bin.
If you do require them though, it is best to contract the design of your letterhead to fit into a 210mm by 99mm space. These dimensions are defined by the size of an A4 sheet (210 by 297mm) so that your printer can get three comps slips out of an A4 page.
Our sportswear company would doubtlessly produce a comps slip something like the one above.
The letterhead should be visually similar to the business card, after all you want the person you are dealing with to associate you with the letter you send them.
Letterheads offer almost complete design flexibility, which can be fun. But can also be very dangerous. Remember the golden rule - keep it simple. With the limited amount of information you have to put on a letterhead, that shouldn't be too difficult. Here are a few examples of letterhead designs - you may want to use one of these as the basis of your design.
Ithis is your basic letterhead. The logo and address are in the top right-hand corner, leaving the top left corner free for the destination address. This convention is no longer necessary since virtually no-one uses window envelopes any more. If you do though, this is the layout for you. It always looks OK, but rarely looks superb. The strength of the logo is paramount in this kind of layout.
2 This style of letterhead can look very attractive, but it is a more sedate, classic- looking layout. It works with many logos, but it would probably suit a logo in a roundel (a circle or oval shape) more than the looser Bad Moon logo.
With a round logo and a serif typeface this provides a nice, polite letterhead - not at all what an extreme sportswear company wants.
We approached a local printer and asked what it would cost to have 1,000 business cards, 1,000 A4 letterheads and 1,000 compliments slips printed. You could have fewer printed, but the costs wouldn't be noticeably cheaper.
Assuming you provide the printer with camera-ready artwork, which any laser printer or good bubble ink-jet printer can produce, the cost for black plus one spot colour is around £200. Not cheap, but a must for any serious small business. If you just want a set of business cards, the cost would be around £60.
But remember, you don't actually need to print a letterhead at all. You can just design one, and then type all your letters on to a document containing it and let your printer take care of outputting it.
MbtlnWlM kWh i moon COLOUR ARTWORK If your DTP package handles colour, and can output colour separations, producing artwork for colour printing is no problem. If you have a mono package, you can still prepare spot colour artwork, but you have to make the colour separations yourself. Here's how.
When you have designed your document copy all the elements (words, pictures, logos... everything) on to another page, so that they are in the same positions, and the second page is a replica of the first. For more than two colours, repeat this process, so that you have a page for each colour you intend to print. On each page, delete everything you don't want to print in that colour. On the business card with the name Oscar in red I deleted everything but the name from one page and deleted only Oscar from the other. When you output these pages, one is the printers' artwork for black ink, and
the other for red.
Moon Extreme softwear 4 & Fw thow who know fear - but do It anjvHty!
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The most powerful disk backup system ever conceived.
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Totally 'transparent" hardware switches out automatically when not in use.
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* np'cv Pa nt Tutc al Using this month's tool of the trade -
DeluxtPainIIV- we tell you how to make the program do most of
the hard work. You don't actually sit back and do nothing -
where's the buzz in that? But with our help and the power of
the software, you'll be simulating reality, real fast!
Jason Holborn hits the heights, and plumbs the depths to turn your boring flat computer screen into a virtual reality playground. True lies is the name of the game - mimicking a three dimensional universe on a flat VDU screen.
Let’s get the important-but-can't-we-start- drawing-yet facts out of the way. We’re looking at depth, and the way it is conveyed using computer art so we need to be aware of perspective - the way things look smaller the further away they are and light and shadow highlights on objects like pool balls which show that they have bulk.
Our two art projects this month take advantage of these features, and should set you off experimenting for yourself. Once you've worked through the examples, you'll get the idea and be able to develop your own techniques.
All our tutorials were completed on Dpaint IV on an A1200 using low-res, 25&colour mode and the standard palette.
OUT IN FRONT Our simple example shows you how effective a drop shadow is. No matter how complex your shape - as with the fancy font we have used here - DeluxePainl enables you to create a lifelike shadow. The range fill inside the letters and their blue glow add some striking effects to the finished job. Here’s how it's done: to do the effect justice.
CHISEL IN Embossing gives the appearance of bas-relief by adding shadow and highlights to an object to suggest a raised or etched surface. It's a useful effect but one which people have problems with.
This example uses text - it's the quickest way for you to get hands-on experience. You can start giving bas-relief to more complicated things once you've absorbed the ground rules.
Our example shows letters carved on stone.
First we quarry a background with the help of Dpaint. Call up the Range requester, and place seven colours, from light to mid-grey, next to each other on the definition bar.
Select one of the Range colours as your drawing colour, and choose the mid-sized round airbrush. Press key F7 to activate Cycle Painting, and paint in bold swathes in an area about 6cm by 6cm. The seven greys are splattered around, making a good dappled effect.
Select the Continuous Line Draw mode, and press key F4 (Smear). Using the same brush, draw all over your grey speckles to mix up the colours.
Now press key F6 (Blend) and smooth any rough edges until you have a subtly-coloured grey slab.
Use Smoothing (F8) to tidy up the image.
Cut out the best-looking 4cm by 4cm square as a brush, and clear the screen. Use your brush to create a slab of stone the size you want by repeated painting on screen - or you could select From Brush and Pattern as your Fill mode, and draw out the correctly-sized slab directly on screen.
I've roughed the edges of my block by using the Background Colour and Solid Freehand Fill tool to nibble away at the image. The highlight and Original text STONE MAKING TECHNIQUE Cyde 1994 Drop-shadow embossed ilfiS 101 m Adding shadow and highlight Four stages of creating a stone effect. Notice the progression from rough dapple to fine gritstone.
Ragged edges and a shadow highlight are added to give Here's how to achieve a bas-relief effect.... the stonework bulk.
• ' '.O' f a VrrrTri) A highlighted frame is drawn around the
text - to create a sort of plaque effect.
You need a largish font. I'm using a chunky Franklin face ai 72pt Type your lexi and cut ii oul as a brush.
Select light blue as the drawing colour, press the O key to outline the brush and paste it back on screen. The outline acts as a keyline for the next operation - a range fill.
Creating a range is dead easy in DpainL (all up the Ranges requester from die Colour pull-down menu and. By using the left-hand sliding button, give this range a number: if this is your first range, it should already be set to I, so leave it alone. Click on Clear to reset the Range.
.Vs you can see in the screenshot you just click on a colour and place it on the range bar.
Notice how I've got a range with light blue at one end. And dark blue at the other. The trick is to put white in the middle as well to create a range with its own highlight. You can click on Show to see the effect.
NOTE: Unless you are working in a HAM mode, the Show button gives the best colour match from the entire Amiga palette, and NOT the best match from your current palette. So while the range will be a lot rougher than expected, it falls in to the acceptable category. Click on OK to exit Ranges.
Shadow is an extension of the drop shadow effect described above. But instead of just drop shadowing a dark colour, you move your brush up a pixel, and with white selected as the background colour, right-dick the mouse. Now you can move your brush down and left to show a highlight edge of white, and a darker shadow edge (your original drop shadow).
To create the bas-relief effect switch to the spare screen and clear it to red. Type your text in white, pick it up as a brush and dear the screen.
Select black as the background colour and right- The additional text has been written, cut as a brush, turned to solid black and painted on screen, with Translucency turned on. Note the excellent shadow effect it creates.
Now call up the Fill requester (right-click on the Kill tool) and select the Vertical Kill icon, and ensure your range number is correctly displayed in the Range box.
Back to the drawing. Fill each letter with the blue-white-blue Vertical Fill. This creates a chrome metal feel to the text. Now pick up the entire text as a brush, and working from the next darkest blue from your original outline, re-outline the brush four times, selecting the next darker blue from the palette each time. Doing it this way makes the glow appear to be more intense nearer to the letter.
Pick up the text its a brush, and save it for safe keeping. .As volt can see from the illustrations above. I selected a tan colour as the background, but the technique of adding a drop shadow applies to any colour. But try to stick dose to our example for now.
Clear the screen to light tan, and select midtan as your background colour. Place your text brush on screen, and instead of clicking with the left mouse button, right-click to stamp down a replica of the brush on screen in your background (or shadow) colour. Now position your original brush a couple ol pixels above and lo the right of this shadow, to indicate a light source in the top right of the screen.
Dick your brush on screen (to paint it black). Move your white text brush three pixels above and to the right of the black text on screen, and dick the left button. Press F2 to change to Colour mode, and select as foreground colour the red you used for the background. Position the brush on the image so that you can only see the light dark outline of the text around the edges (so the text looks hollow) and left dick.
It may not look like much now, but this is all you need for bas-relief. Press F1. And pick up the new text image, then return to the main screen. You The final screen: the extra text is offset from the shadow, and a speckled fill used around the plaque.
Translucency and black were again used to draw a shadow over the background, to give the plaque height.
The overlaying text, in a script font, employs a different technique but with the same effect. Flip to the spare screen (keyJ) and type in your overlapping text. Cut it out as a brush and go back to the main screen. Select black its the drawing colour, and change to Colour mode by pressing key F2. Your text now turns black. Call up the Filerfxiianxliiccncv pull-down menu and select On. The amount of translucency is already set to : ()%, which is good enough for now.
Place your black brush on screen in the position you want, and watch Dl'aitil create a magnificent shadow on top of every colour you are painting over. Turn Translucency off, and press FI to return your brush to its normal state.
Now paint it down with a similar offset to the original text.
The background has been further enhanced by a speckled Fill (which is just three shades of tan peppered in a small area and then picked up its a brush lo be used as a Pattern Fill). The 3D effect is heightened by the inclusion of black translucent shadows over the speckle Fill at the bottom and left.
This is a subtle, simple job, but one which includes the potential for much more sophisticated work. 'I) will see as you move the brush before positioning how effective it is on the stone. Choose a spot, and paint it down.
To create the shattered stone effect paint the cracks by creating a two-pixel wide brush, the left pixel black, the right one white. Now when you draw with the brush, you instantly get a crack with highlight and shadow thanks to the two-tone brush.
My final touch is dramatic lighting: a range of 10 greens used with a highlight Fill, with the bright hot-spot bottom right to fit in with the way the shadows fall. © Embossed text is simply overkiyed onto stone image Background colour is changed, and shadows and cracks added A highlight range fill heightens the drama ...and how it looks when tho text is placed on the stone. The background has been given more oomph, and the The finished job benefits from some directional lighting.
Cool or what? Stone aged by the application of simple crack effects. Created with a Range of greens.
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O6 - C° o "? I e ?;v, * * « 'P e *e i''° tf&W 0 '
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5 11 « *-" ce,rfS , „ '»° ,? ° .
O'* t Vep 'S*V 5 c1 ? o*' S'* o* 6* AMIGA SHOPPER • ISSUE 44 • DECEMBER 1994 cmzEN »tsnSWMS!
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« x *a»r ymvi 'em fxr Amp wr oarr nwgn and "ot 4W cowi **« Ta
cf cnr9» *» ar «f t* Saa PrarKz
• • • • KIT £57“
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AMS I I Wtiicn compuiensl il any. Do you 0v.nT stone* natcwvw*
?!i’J So far we've ignored the 0000 that appears to the right
ol the note names in the Tracker editor. Well, these four
digits are collectively known as the command digits. By
altering them, you can add special effects to the notes, and
ask (k(aMiJ) to perform certain actions.
These effects anti actions are called player commands.
Command type Octamed Ed Wiles shows you some interesting special effects using AF62's music composer Coverdisk.
3 Plav the block. If you listen carefully, you'll hear the bass line cut briefly at line 018. But it's quite hard to hear because of the chorus in track I. So we'll learn an easy way of temporarily switching off track I. Keeping the block placing, find the row of blue track selection gadgets (upper screen, bottom row) and click on number 1 to switch off track I. You should hear the cut at line 048 more clearh now.
A A typical note == C-2 10000 y command level The command type is the sort of effect or action, and the command level allows you to control the effect or action's intensity, depth and speed (depending on the sort of command).
Both pairs of digits are expressed in hexadecimal (or hex for short). So we're going to have to do some decimal to hex conversion, which is much easier than it sounds. Just divide the decimal number by lfi; the quotient is the first hex digit, the remainder is the second digit. For example: decimal 200 to hex: 200 Ki = 12 remainder 8.
Flex digit I is C (12), hex digit 2 is 8. So 200 in hex is C8. Remember that decimal values 10-15 are represented bv hex numbers A-F. And you'll be fine.
1 As always we'll first load the song we created last month. Load OclaXiED, then select Project menu - Open. Insert the disk containing the song into any drive, click Volumes in the file requester and click on the name of your disk. Now double-click Songl.AF'64. Play the song through when it's loaded.
2 We're now going to add a player command to the bass line (in blocks 005-010): on lines 048 and 052. We'll enter a stop note playing command (0FFF) to make the bass line a bit snappier (you'll understand when you hear it!). First switch Edit mode on. Then select block 005 and move to track 2 line
048. Move the cursor on to the second command tvpe digit bv
pressing right three times, and press F. Move to the next
digit by pressing up then right . Press F again,
pres up then right , and finally again press F. Track 2
line 048 should now show 00FFF. This means that on line
048. The note currently being played on track 2 will be
stopped (or cut).
4 Slop the block playing, then add another player command 0FFF on track 2 line 052 (see step 2 above). Now play the block, and see if you can hear the new cut. Keeping the block plaving, switch track 1 hack on by clicking the grey track I button (upper screen, bottom row).
Now we'll copy and paste this altered bass line track to blocks 0064)09.
Stop the block, then copy track 2 into the copy buffer using Track menu - Copv. (Nothing will happen on the screen, so don’t worry). Select block 006 (Shift down ). And paste the track using Track menu - Paste. Now paste the track into blocks 007-009 in the same way (NOT block 010!).
5 We'll now add command type 04 - vibrato - to one of the guitar solo notes. Move to block 007 track 3 line 006, and add command 0452 to this note (see step 2). To keep the vibrato going throughout some of the lines following 006. We have to enter the vibrato command with command level 00 (command 0400). So enter command 0400 on lines 007 - 023. Now plav the block to hear the vibrato.
What does the 52 in the 0452 command mean? Well. 5 is the vibrato speed and 2 is the vibrato depth. Try changing the 5 and 2 to different values (remember that values 0-9 and A-F are allowed) and playing the block to hear the effect. Change the command back to 0452 when you've had enough.
6 Right, next we're going to use command types 01. 02 and 03. Which all create different types of pitch slide. OctaMED provides a quick way to enter these commands in the Pitch Slide menu item. To use the Pitch Slide function, you have to:
1. Enter the notes that the pitch is to slide from and to.
2. Position the cursor where the pitch slide is to begin.
7 Move to block 008 track 3 line 016, select instrument 07. And enter note D-2 (the W key). Slide down from E-2 (line 006) to IV2 (line 016) and back up to E-2 (line 024). The slides begin on lines 012 and 020 respectively.
Move lo line 012 of track 3 and choose Edit menu - Pitch Slide - Type 1 (notice the new 03 commands). Now move to line 020 and choose Pitch Slide
- Tvpe I again. Play and stop the block to hear the sliding
8 You may have noticed from the Pitch Slitle sub-menu that there are two different types of pitch slide. We'll now find out what the difference between them is Move to block 009 track 3. And create a type 2 pitch slide between lines 000 and 004. Starting at line 002. Bv moving the cursor to line 55=== 555
- Stopped - 55=== 553 _I freeze Display Elay Son9 I (onl 5009
||97 aC|tS||6ui t »r Solo P~tay Bjock I Cant Block II4Ch Inst
Paraws.. ¦ I Edit d| STOP 1 ftHPDlMi ¦ Sg|l1 I1 | |8t.mi M1
5a|l11 H3 B|8»8 81B: Edit _| Space | Chord PI On Of [ I I I I
I I I £lav Song Cont Song Play Block! Cant Block [87
l lSlfluTnF Solo |4Ch Inst Parans... I Edit Sarple.
854 vpTT .. 1 Edit SynthS... D| stop 88:82| R| Ql SPDl 043 I 186 1 lOlNRtl Sgj81 81 | |Stf98t 98t Sjj811 813 BJ889 818: 0112
- vCjEdit _J Sm. _J Chord Qi0n 0tf| I I I I I I I I I I I I I
| | |SetlCir
- --UUHHU---00000 | - Stopped - _| Freeze Display | Frotzo
Display 002 and selecting Edit menu - Pitch Slide - Type 2.
This time command 02 is used instead ol 03.
Create a tvpe I pitch slide between 008 and 012. Starting at 010. By moving to line 010 and choosing Edit menu - Pitch Slide - Type 1.
Finally, create another type 2 pitch slide between lines 01b and 020. Starting at line 018.
9 We'll plav the block, but first we’ll solo track 3 (make track 3 play on its own) so we can hear the difference between the slide types easily. Find the blue track 3 gadget (upper screen, bottom row) and click it while holding down a shift key. Now only track 3 is on. Listening carefully to the two pitch slide types, play and stop the block.
So, basically, pitch slide type 1 (the second slide in this block) should sound a bit smoother than type 2. Which type you use depends completely on how it sounds to your ear. But I usually prefer tvpe 1. Turn all tracks back on by clicking Set (upper screen, far bottom right).
Command type 0C sets the volume of a note. Its command level can I V be 00 (no volume) to 04 (full volume) in decimal. This is (he only command ty pe whose level can be specified in decimal, so make sure you make the most of it!
Volume Slide in the Edit menu creates a string of 0C commands down a track, with gradually increasing or decreasing levels. When this is played, the volume of the note(s) in the relevant track gradually increases decreases.
Select block 005 and play it through once. Now let’s create a I volume slide in track I. so that the chorus volume gradually increases from almost no volume (01) to full volume (64). Move to track I. and on line 000 enter command 0C.0I to set the starting volume. Move to line 048 and enter command 0C.64 (ending volume). Now move to any line between these two commands, and choose Edit menu - Volume Slide. You should see a string of new 0C commands in track I. Hear the effect of this by playing and stopping the block.
Clicking Play Song plays the song repeatedly until you stop it. Using command 0FFE. However, you can stop the song at any place you wish. So we ll add command 0FFF. To the last block. There's an easy way to do it... Select the last block (Left Alt down ). Move to any track on line I 6 056, then lo quickly add command 0FFE, click stop while holding down a Shift key. Play the song through, and it stops at the 0FFE command.
You'll find that the chorus sample keeps playing when the song has stopped (use the space bar to stop it). This is because the sample has a loop: a defined section that is repeated continuously (we’ll examine loops in a later tutorial). For now. You can fix this bv moving to block 010 line 048, and adding command 11501 lo track I and 1E3F to track 2. This should make the chorus instrument fade away before stopping.
Select Project menu - Save, and in the text box at the top of the window change the AF64 to AF65. Now switch Create Icons and Save Instruments off. Then click Save.
13 SOME OTHER PLAYER COMMANDS 00: ARPEGGIO - changes the pitch of the note quickly, usually used only for effects, it's best to experiment.
0B: PLAYING SEQUENCE JUMP- jumps to a new line in the playing sequence. The command level is the line number -1.
1A11B: SLIDE VOLUME UP DOWN ONCE - increases or decreases the volume by the number of levels given by the command level.
OF: - a multi-purpose command. If the command level is 01-F0, this changes the tempo. Command level 00 skips to the next block, levels F1-F5 repeat the note in a number of different ways.
0D: VOLUME SLIDE - increases and decreases volume smoothly. Level digitM increases, digit 2 decreases.
1E: REPLAY LINE - replays the player commands (not notes) on the current line the specified number of times.
Remember, all player commands are hexadecimal (except command 0C).
| Chip: DDDD721D48 Fast: 8188228584
- Stopped - _1 Freeze Display |Chip: 8888721848 Fast: DDDD2128M
- Stopped - _1 Freeze Display fJ'J ||||j I- - - !
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If you want to buy the full Blitz Bask 2 package at a special Amiga Format discount price of £49.95, turn to our Readers' Offers on page 138.
Last month wc got the landscape of our game scrolling behind a control panel by using a Dual Playfield display. If you remember, Dual Playfield is a special Amiga hardware technique which splits the bitmaps into two separate screens which can then be overlaid, with no fear of the graphics interfering with one another.
Tile landscape was made to look continuous by making it three screens long - because the third screen was identical to the first screen, we could whip the screen display back round to the start and the player would never know.
Last month 1 created the screens in Deluxe Paint, making sure that the third screen was exactly the same as the first. It turns out that there is a Blitz Basie command especially to do this, called Scroll. Scroll works by copving any part of a bitmap to any other - so it's perfect for reproducing the first screen.
I took the opportunity to add some scanned tree images lo the landscape, and decided to increase the height of lhe bitmap as well. Initially, the screen was a standard height of 256 lines, but by stretching it out to 280 we can obtain a wonderful new effect: vertical scrolling.
The new and improved BfitzZone screen features vertical scrolling effects and the addition of a digitised forest or two. It still runs jolly fast at a silky-smooth 50 frames a second.
You will probably have seen this effect already in horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-ups. As the player's ship moves to the top or bottom of the screen, the entire background appears to move with it. This is a really nice effect, and it's simple to achieve.
A good lime to use a hardware Sprite is on the player's ship. Sprites are different from Shapes, because they aren't present in the bitmap. Rather than being copied into the bitmap memory by the Blitter, Sprites float over the screen display - again this is handled by the Amiga's graphics hardware.
There are some major disadvantages with Sprites. Firstly, there are only eight of them DECEMBER 1994 available - and when you start messing with scrolling some of those can disappear. Secondly, they are extremely limited in size and colour. A Sprite can only be 16 pixels wide (but as long as you need) and use four different colours (the first colour is always transparent). It is possible to double two Sprites up to produce one of 16 colours, but you can see that they will get used up extremely quickly.
The new AGA chip set improves the Sprite's capabilities somewhat, but documentation on them is vers difficult to come by - and Blitz won’t directlv support them in any case.
So the plaver’s ship is a Sprite well, actually it's two Sprites side by side making a ship that's about 32 pixels long. Drawing the Sprite was a five minute job in Deluxe Put til (you will probably want lo spend more time on it of course), but to turn it into a Blitz Basic Sprite you need to return to Shapes briefly.
1. Draw your image in Deluxe Paint. Remember to keep to the size
anti colour restrictions. If you are- using basic Sprites,
remember to keep them to four colours only (one of those
colours is transparent - which leaves only three). Blitz
automatically joins hardware Sprites to allow wider objects -
but remember you only have eight Sprites to start with.
2. Load the image into Blitz as a Shape with the LoadShape
3. Use GeuiSprite to copy the Shape information into the Sprite
4. Clear the original Shape from memory with Freeshape. This
isn't compulsory, but it saves valuable Chip memory.
Remember that you can't reuse the Sprite channels on the same screen. Because our ship is 32 pixels wide and uses up two Sprites, if we wanted to use use another Sprite we would need to skip channels 0 and 1 and use 2.
Sprites have their own requirements when it comes to setting their colours. They use the normal colour registers (set with the RC.B command in Blitz), but the registers they use must be selected from the following table: Sprite Channel Colour Registers
08. 1 17,18.19 2 & 3 21. 22. 23 4 & 5 25, 26. 27 6 & 7 29. 30, 31
Colours 16. 20. 24 and 28 arc always transparent.
If you create 16-colour Sprites, all registers from 17 to 81 arc used, and register 16 is transparent.
LISTING ; Blitz Zone ; Allow game to be run from Workbench.. WBSlartup ; Do all loading of images first... LoadShape 0,"blitz2:zone ship.iff" GetaSprite 0,0 Free Shape 0 LoadShape 0,-blitz2:zone weapon.iff" ; Load in the control panel BitMap 0.320.256.3 LoadBitMap 0,"hd3:blitz2 zone panel.iff",0 ; Load in the background BitMap 1,960.280.3 LoadBitMap 1,~hd3:blitz2 zone 1andscape2.iff".1 Scroll 0,0.320.280.640.0 ; Wait for file loading to stop Vwait 300 ; Switch on BLITZ mode!
BLITZ Statement weapon!)
SHARED firex.firey.sx.sy Use BitMap 0 If (Joyb(l)oO AND firex=-1) Then firex=sx*40:firey=syt10 If firex -1 Then Qblit 0,0,firex.firey:firex=firex+8 If firex 280 Then firex=-1 With the player’s ship on-screen and moving about (using the Joy command for directions), we can turn our attention to the purpose of the game: shooting things. Adding a bullet or missile is simple, using Qblit (the fastest way of animating graphics) to draw and automatically erase the image as it moves from left to right. There’s only one bullet at a time in the example code - if you Statement ship!)
SHARED sx,sy,screeny ShowSprite O.sx.sy.O ShowSprite 0,sx,sy« 16,2 jx=Joyx(1) jy=Joyy(1) sx«sx»]x*3 sy=sy*iy’3 sy=QLimit(sy, 32,216) sx=QLimit(sx,30,100) screeny=screeny*jy screeny=QLimit(screeny,0,32) End Statement Statement preparescreenQ ; Set up custom dual-playfield display Slice 0,44,320,256,$ fffa,6,8,32,320,960 ; Sort out colours... For i=0 To 7 Use Palette 0 PalRGB 2.i.Red(i).Green(i),Blue(i) Use Palette 1 PalRGB 2,i+8,Red(i),Green(i),Blue(i) Next I ; Making graduating colours For i=1 To 200 ColSplit 12,1.i 16.i 15,28*i Next!
For i=1 To 100 ColSplit 9, i 8, i 10,0, i+180 Next want to add more your best bet would be to use an array to hold the bullet's X and Y co-ordinates, and a counter to decide which to use at any time. You might want to add a power-up feature offering different weapons as well. This would entail a different firing routine for each weapon used.
Unfortunately at this point we've run out of time, and you’ll have to add the enemy craft yourself. Because Sprites are in short supply, you’ll probablv want to create them as Shapes, appearing in the same bitplane as the player's bullets.
In this case, you can use Blitz s collision detection routines. For example, assuming the alien enemy scum-sucking fiends are drawn into the bitmap as Shapes (not Sprites), you can add the following into the main loop: Repeat Vwait DoColl; Blitz check for collisions ShowB 1 .screenx.screeny ship!)
If Pcoll(0)oO then BANGII Until Joyb(O) You can also use Scoll (Sprite number, Sprite number) to check if two Sprites have bumped into each other. ShapesHit (Shape number l.xl.vl. Shape number 2,x2,y2) to check for inter-Shape collisions, and ShapeSpriteHit (Shape number. X.
Y. Sprite number, X.Y). Hardware Sprites do have their
limitations but their sheer speed makes them favourable for
fast arcade games that don't require large and complex Shapes.
This brings us to the end of this series on Blitz Basic 2. For more info on Blitz join the Fidonet echo on the subject, and keep watching for the resurrection of the Spong.' BBS on which you will find all the source code and graphics files. O RGB 18,4,10,14 RGB 19,8,12,14 ; Display both bitmaps Use Palette 2 ShowF 0,0,0 ShowB 1,0,0 InFrontF 0 InFrontB 4 Use BitMap 0 Queue 0,1 End Statement ; *****••• START OF PROGRAM •*•* firex=-1 firey=0 sx=40 sy=120 screeny=16 preparescreenf) Repeat Vwait ShowB 1,screenx,screeny UnQueue 0 weapon!)
Ship 0 screenx=screenx+4 screenx=QWrap(screenx. 0,640) Until Joyb(0) ; *** END OF PROGRAM *** ; Colour of ship shape RGB 17,0,5,8 End Statement A 1200s, CD-ROMs, AND THE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW Add a CD-ROM drive to your A1200 and you'll be able to access the ever-expanding range of Amiga CD based software and enjoy CD32, audio CD and CDTV compatibility.
This new book tells you everything that you'll need to know about CD-ROM, how it works, the ever expanding range of software that is available and future industry plans to exploit the full potential of this exciting new medium.
Sic'c rO-«0M *orK‘
* °n'"8,e
- rS- 2 FREE CD-ROMs!
Included in the book are two FREE CD-ROMs packed with hundreds of megabytes of useful utilities along with demos of the latest games that utilise the full potential of CD-ROM.
Includes a comprehensive glossary to help you unravel desktop video jargon and terminology.
AREXX Arexx could be your Amiga's single most important asset.
It's a powerful programming language in its own right and it lets you create time-saving automated scripts for the increasing number of commercial programs that support it. In fact, Arexx is purpose built for multi-tasking operations, just like your Amiga!
SYNDICATE PLAYING GUIDE Find out how it's done with this Syndicate Playing Guide. You'll find full walk-through instructions and grabs of the key moments for all 50 missions of Syndicate. Now there's no excuse for losing!
CANON FODDER PLAYING GUIDE The Amiga is the world's premier low-cost graphics workstation. But its basic power, built-in expandability and ever-widening range of quality software and add-ons mean it's capable of highly professional results.
All it takes is the know-how... and all the Don't get killed! Find out how to beat the game with this new book. Inside its pages you'll find all the hints and tips that you'll need to survive and conquer in the Cannon Fodder war zone.
Know-how is right here!
THE POCKET WORKBENCH & AMIGADOS REFERENCE If you've just got your Amiga, Workbench and AmigaDOS can be confusing - unless you've got expert help on hand. This handy pocket guide is spiral bound to lie flat while you use it and is designed as your Amiga's indespensible companion.
Explore the full potential of AMOS with easy- to-understand descriptions, diagrams and dozens of example AMOS routines. All you need to produce your own Amiga games is a smattering of BASIC knowledge, AMOS - and this 400 page book! It includes a disk with all the author's routines and four skeleton games.
How to find your way around the Internet Cix, CompuServe and other major networks Bulletin boards: what are they, who runs them, what do they do and how are they run?
You've got an Amiga, you've got a modem - now how do you make them talk to each other?
INTERNET, MODEMS AND THE WHOLE COMMS THING Make new contacts, obtain technical support download software, join special interest groups and much more!
SAVE £££s Over £160 to be saved on network registration, software, hardware and on-line services - see the vouchers inside the book!
With every book order! * AMIGA SHOPPER PD DIRECTORY’ Worth £14.95, you'll receive a copy of this comprehensive PD directory FREE when you order any of the books featured in these Amiga Format Book Offer pages. Within its pages you'll find details of over 700 applications, utilities and programs for your Amiga.
• rtory This offer is open whilst stocks last and is limited to
one copy per order.
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE - 01225 82251 1 Amiga Format Priority Order Form Name_ Please send me (lick as appropriate): 1_1 Ultimate AMOS FLB025A £19.95 Address Ll Pocket Workbench & AmigaDOS Reference FLB0I7A £9.95 A1200s, CD-ROMs, & the Things You Need to Know FLB5262 £19.95 Internet, Modems, and the Whole Comms Thing FLB122A £19.95 The Official Cannon Fodder Playing Guide FLB5254 £9.95 Postcode Telephone Syndicate Playing Guide FLB5157 £14.95 Amiga Desktop Video FLB084A £19.95 Signature Amiga Shopper PD Directory FLB114A £14.95" "Free with every order whilst stocks last Amount enclosed £ (Make
cheques payable to Future Publishing Ltd. ) All prices include postage and pocking Method of payment (please tick one): VISA ? ACCESS f~ CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER I I CARD NUMBER Expiry date: Tick if you do not wish lo receive direct mail from other companies Now send this form and your payment to: Future Book Orders, Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost (BS4900), Somerton, Somerset TA11 6BR.
You will not need a stamp when you post this order and postage and packing are free. There are no extra costs. Please allow 28 days for delivery. AFMAG 126 Fore Street, Upper Edmonton, London I I18 2AX Tel: 0181-345 6000 Fax: 0181-345 6868 RAM FOR GVP A1 230 1 mrwrnmnm 1Mb £60.00 Printer Cable £5.00 4Mb £165.00 Modem Null £9.00 ACCELERATORS Scart Cable £9.00 A1200 Clock .£12.00 Dust Covers £2.50 Viper 68030 for A1200 Viper Turbo .£135 Viper + 1 Mb
.....£152 Viper + 2Mb .....£185 Viper + 4Mb .....£235 Viper + 8Mb .....£320 GVP A1230 II for A1200 50 MHZ £250 1Mb ...£280 4Mb ...£400 8Mb ...£550 G-force 040 for A3000 A4000 40 MHZ 4Mb RAM ......£1150 G-force for A1500-A2000 030 40MHZ .....£575 030 33MHZ .....£820 DISKS HD or DD 100% Error Free Bulk Disks DD HD 10 .....£3.50......£6.00 50 ..£16.25 £27.50 100 ..£31.50 £50.00 500 ......£150.00 £225.00 1000 ......£270.00 £400.00 CITIZEN ABC
Col ......£126 200 Col ......£161 ROMBO PRODUCTS | 240 Col ......£ 1 86 HEWLETT PACKARD
310. ....£194
520. ....£211 Vidi 12RT
.£120 Vidi 24RT .£195 500
Col ......£250 SCSI 2 CONTROLLER 1 560
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A1500 - A4000 Controller Oktagon 2008 .....£109
170Mb+ 2008 ..£245 270Mb + 2008 ..£280 340Mb +
2008 ..£300 540Mb + 2008 ..£350 1 Gig + 2008
£500 Alfa Data 256 with OCR £125 Minimum 2Mb RAM + Hard
Drive Alfa Data New 800 DPI . . .£100 Power V4 mono
.....£100 Alfa Data Col .£270 Epson Gl
6500 .....£550 CDROM + 2008 ......£237.44 1 Epson GT
8000 .....£600 Epson GT 9500 .....£750 Image
FX ......£99 MICE AND TRACKBALLS Trackball
Alfa Data ......£25.00 Alfa Data Optical Mouse £25.00 Alfa
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A2000, A3000 and A4000 with Option 8Mb RAM upgrade
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A2000 - A4000 Tandon IDE CD-ROM controller
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i RAM FOR GVP 30PIN 1 Mb .....£25 4Mb
How to Order When ordering by telephone please quote your
credit card number followed by the expiry date and also your
full name and address. If paying by cheque make it payable to
Gasteiner Technology. In any correspondence quote a phone
number and also a postal code. Please allow five working days
for cheque clearance.
Delivery Charges 7157 Please add VAT on all items. Small consumables and software items under the value of £59 please add £3.50 PAP. Other items except lasers, next day courier service £10 per box. Offshore and Highlands, please call for a quotation. In addition we offer the following exoress services: Saturday Delivery normal rate plus £15 per box, Morning, next day normal rate plus £10 per box. ( A EO Prices subject to change without prior notice. All trademarks acknowledged.
Virtual mornings Richard Baguley investigates the Internet Relay Chat - the Net way to talk about the Amiga.
Somewhere out there in the virtual reality that is the Internet, a large number of computer users are busv chattering away to each other. Not just in the Usenet newsgroups, but in another system which allows users to talk to each other in real-time. 'I his system is called the Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
The way it works is very simple. Each user connects to an IRC server (using some software- called IRC Client software), and these servers send information to each other around the Internet, file IRC is divided into a series of channels, each of which is named. For instance, the main Amiga channel is called, unsurprisingly, AMIGA. (lonnect to this channel and you can chat about anything Amiga-related to people all over the world.
There are other Amiga-related channels, such as AMIGAFR (French Amiga users) and AMIGASCN (demo-related stuff). But I can't give you a complete list, because these channels tend to appear and disappear as the users come and go.
To get 011 to the IRC. You need special software (as well as a link to the Internet via AmiTCPxr similar). There are various IRC Clients available for the Amiga, but the best one I've seen is Grapevine, which is written by Brian | Cerveny.
This is easy to use and even allows you to tune in to several channels at once, although holding several conversations at once is confusing.
You need Workbench 3 or above to use this software and you can either use the menus for the various options, or control the software by typing a command preceded by a . So. To join a channel called I lottub, you would type JOIN HOTTUB or select loin from the Channel menu.
ASK THE ORACLE If you have any questions, if you are unsure about anything, then just ask the Oracle, which is located on the Internet at oraclettcs.indiana.edu. To ask it a question, send it a message with the subject line Tell Me. To have the Oracle ask you a question, simply send a message with the subject line Ask Me.
For instance. I sent the Oracle the following question: Why do I find it so difficult to get up in the mornings?
It replied: "Do you feel sleepy all day? Have you had 10 hours of sleep a night? Do you feel an itching sensation when you wake? If you have all of these symptoms then the explanation for your laziness is dire indeed. You have been abducted Brush up on your Japanese with the info page on the World Wide Web at http:www ntt.jp japan index.html. You can even create your own channel if there is a subject which you think should be discussed, simply by asking the software to join a non-existent channel. So. If you wanted to start a channel about, say. Slugs, you would simply type JOIN SI.UGS.
People won't automatically be aware that your new channel exists, so you can either invite people to join or announce the new channel in a conference of a similar type (such as SNAILS).
You can also create closed conferences which can only be joined bv people you choose lo invite, although remember that the system can be hacked, so your channel isn't completely secure.
Fancy getting involved in some direct action? Why not tune into the Greenpeace World Wide Web page at HTTR-J www.cyberstore.ca greenpeace From here, you can get details of all their campaigns.
The IRC is about more than computers, though. At any given time you will find several hundred people on line, discussing any of a number of topics ranging from Aussies to Zen. If you want to see what channels are up and running at any one time, then check out what channels other users are tuned in to. Alternatively, you can get a list by typing LIST *. But beware, this list will be rather long, 1) by aliens. All you have to do now is phone the CIA. Write a book and make a million.
Unfortunately, if you feel the itching sensation, it means that the aliens have been cutting you apart and putting you back together again.
Sooner or later, they are gonna stuff up."
You can also contribute by answering questions such as: I used to live in New York state, where there is a town, north of New York City, which is called Fishkill. Anyway, what I need to know Is: how much fish would a Fishkill kill if a Fishkill could kill fish?
Deep stuff indeed. As you may have realised, all of the answers are, in fact generated by other people, but the whole process is completely anonymous, so you may even find the answer to those painful personal problems.
TOST U U aa S3iuu ]l3 K 3E)3a d' 'J 25353 TRY US.. WE LIVE UP TO OUR NAME.. RING NOW1II TEL.0227-764204 9.30am to 7.00pm (AnswerpHone outside normal hours) CD32 SOFTWARE Little Devil Lost Vikings Lotus Trilogy Ring 19 99 Arabian Nights 7 99 19 99 Banshee 19 99 Microcosm 29 99 Bubba and Stix 19 99 Naughty Ones Nick Faldo 16 99 Chaos Engine 19 99 22 99 Cannon Fodder 20 99 Premiere 9 99 Chuck Rock 2 9 99 Pinball Fantasies 22 99 D Generation 16 99 Pirates Gold 19 99 Darkseed Ring 19 99 Putty 12 99 Disposable Hero Robinsons Requiem 22 99 Dizzy Enchant Worlds Oonk 10 99 Ryder Cup 19 99 19 99 Sabre
Team 19 99 Fire Force 7 99 Sensible Soccer inf I 16 99 Frontier Elite 2 19 99 Simon The Sorceror 24 99 Gunship 2000 19 99 Striker 19 99 Heimdell 2 22 99 Superfrog 10 99 Humans 1 and 2 22 99 Theme Park 22 99 Impossible Mission 19 99 Trivial Pursuit 12 99 James Pond 3 22 99 Trolls 7 99 JetStrike 16 99 Universe 22 99 Jungle Strike Kid Chaos Ring Ultimate Body Blows 19 99 17 99 Video Creator 24 99 Labyrinth 16 99 Whales Voyage Wild Cup Soccer 19 99 Legacy ot Sorasil Lemmings 19 99 12 99 16 99 Zool 7 09 Liberation-Captive 2 19 99 Zool 2 19 99 Name Address Ami Back Tool6 34 99 GB Route Plus (New
Vers )34 99 Video Back up 4 9 99 , Icon Paint 7 99 Maxxon Magic 22 99 BOOKS 54 99 Amiga A600 Insider Guide 12 99 54 99 Amiga 1200 Insider Guide 12 99 149 9 9 Amiga 1200 Next Steps 12 99 74 99 Amiga Assembler Insider 12 99 39 99 | Amiga Di6ks & Drives 12 99 i 69 99 j Assembler Insider Guide 12 99 I 39 99 . Mastering Amiga Arrex 17 90, Masteiing Amiga Beginner si 5 99 49 99 Mastering Amiga AMOS 1S90| , , , „ „ . 69 99 , Mastering ArnigaOos? 14 99 ( 6 99 SoftFaces 1.2.3 or 4(Fonts)54 99 Mastering AmigaDos3 1 5 99 9 99 SoftClips 37 99 Mastering Amiga Printers 15 99 14 99 Penpal 29 99 __ 7 99
Proteit 4 3 39 99 U A oniA A DC 10 99 I Wordworth 2 4 4 99 11 99 I Wordworth 3A gg gg : A600 Basic Pack Ring 7 99 lypesmrlti 9 9 99 A600 Wild Weird S Wicked R'n9 TOP TITLES SPECIALS Apocalypse ArmourGeddon2 Benefactor Burnlime Champ ManaBerlfalia. EltMama Jurassic Park. Kid Chaos Legacy Soracil. Micro Machines. Pinkie Rutfn'Tumble. Scrabble Sierra Soccer TacticalManager(GB SCO or IT). The Clue £1GJ)91ACH 2nd Samurai All New Lemmings Bump'n Burn. Canon Fodder. Club Football, Cricket Master Elite2. Fantasy Manager Flashback FIFA SOCCER(RING). Football ..laster, Genesia K240 Kick Oft 3. Man Utd
Champs Monopoly.
OnTheBall. PuttySquad Sensible Golf(RING).Sensible World Of Soccer(RING) Stable Master Valhalla £19.99 EACH Beneath Steel Skv Civilisation Detroit, Heimdall 2. History Lines. ImpossibleMission Settlers.SimonSorcerer Starlord.
VISA. MASTERCARD. EUROCARD . P 0 are despatched same day' Please allow 4 working days for cheques to clear CHEQUES P 0 payable to £©2? 11 a. Burgare Lane. Canterbury. Kent CT12HH Overseas Orders add £2 00 postage for Software Hardware-overseas postage charged at cost Prices are subiect to alteration A1200 Basic Pack A1200 Innovations Pack Vipei 030 Accelerator 170MB lor A600 A1200 250MB lor A600 A1200 1 Amitek 3.5* External Drive 94 99 ! A500 3 5* Internal Drive R9 99 . A600 1Mb Upgrade 99 99 A500 Plus 1Mb upgrade 34 99 A500 512k Ram (no clock) A500 512k Ram - clock 24 99 1 5 Mb Ram Fxpansron
299 9 9 1Mbyte Simms 89 99 Al Once PC 286 Emulator Roinbo Vidi 12 Pack 16 99 | Gunboat ,,oo Gunship 'J ’*1 GUNSHIP 2000 16 9 Heart 01 China 1® 99 Hook 16 99 Hoyles Games 1.2 or 3 14 99 Indianapolis 500 10 99 indy Jones LC Action 10 99 Indy Jones-I C.Gr Adv 10 99 Jack Nicklaus Colt 10 99 J Nicklaus Uni Goll Course 10 99 Jaguar XJ220 Jimmy White Snooker John Madden Am Footbal When2WorldsWar. Ishar3. Theme lark Indiana Jones Fate Atlantis Campaign 2. Innocent. KmgsQuest 6.
Universe £23.99 EACH Camputerui@rLd Large range of 85, HIGH ST., WALTHAMSTOW, LONDON. Te1.081 5091300 AMIGA II, BURGATE LANE, CANTERBURY, KENT. Tel. 0227 766788 SOFTWARE 29, LOWER STONE ST., MAIDSTONE, KENT. Te1.0622 677115 ADVANCE BOOKINeS We accepl advance orders lor new releases You can order with peace ol mind as we will despatch on day of release Your account will not be debited until date ot release SOFTWARE Some of the following games titles aie limited offers af (he lime of going lo press Order early fo avoid disappointment We stock all lhe tatesl lilies which we offer al 30% OFF RRP
EDUCATIONAL AOIfnglish(11 1?oi12 13) 16 ADItngllsli(13 14or14 1S) Ip” AOIFnglish GCSE j SERIOUS I VIDEO A MUITIMFOIA Adorage I Big Allorn Scroller 2 Broadcast Filler 2 Helm Scala HT100 Videotitler 15 3D Video Font6 (Gold Disk) W0RDPR0CE8SING Final Copy II V2 Any 3 tit es £4.99 or less for £10.00 Any 3 tit es £7.99 or less for £20.00 Any 3 tit es £9.99 or (ess for £25.00 i AM ES 9 99 4 99 7 99 7 99 KGBI 9 Kings Quest 1 or 2 7 99 Kiny6 Quest 3 or 4 9 99 Knights of lhe Sky 7 99 leander (psygnosi6) 7 99 | eisuie Sun lanyl or 2 7 99 i eisuro Suit Larry 3 10 99 Linx Goll (2 drives) 7 99 | ombard RAC
Rally 499 ioom 4 99 lure of the Temptress 10 99 Ml Tank Platoon 9 99 Magicland Dizzy 4 99 Man United Europe 7 99 Manhuntor in Now York 9 99 Maniac Mansion 9 99 Midwinter 2 10 99 Mig 29 Superfulcrum 4 99 Monkey Island 12 99 Monkey Island 2 A0,F,.“nch „,.2„r.*i3, .6 99 Action Rghler 22 99 Action Stations ‘.’V go Addams Family ,, Alfred Chicken I* I* Alien Breed 92 2Z ; Anolhei World 99 1 Apidya 13 99 Arabian Nights 13 99 Arcade Pool 13 99 Archor Mcloans Pool 13 49 Assassin (Special Ed.)
10 99 Batman lhe Movie 16 gg Battle Squadron 10 991 Bi'd® of Proy 15 991 B!ack Crypt . 00 Blasterouls t 3 00 1 Blit kreig War Game 14 vv Body Blows ADIEronch(13 14or 14 15) | AOIfrench GCSE ADIMalhs(1 l 1?or12 13) ! ADIMalhs(13 14oi 14 15) ADIMalhs GCSE ADIJumor Counlmg(4 5) ADIJunior Counling(6 7) AdlJunioi Readrng(4 5) ADIJunioi Heading(8 7) Belter Malhs (12 16) Cave Mazo , Count and Add | F»action Goblin6 | Fiench Mislro66 FunSchool2(? 6.6 8 or8.
FunSchool3(? 5.5 .or *. w FunSchool4(? 5.5 7.or7-) 16 99 Bubba n Stix I FunSchool Malhs 7 11 16 99 cadaver - Add 10 99 | Rick Dangerous 9 99 Rick Dangerous 2 11 99 Road Rash 1199 Robocop 7 99 Robocop 3 9 99 Robocod (Jam86Pond2) 11 99 Rodland 1 1 99 Rorkes Drift 6 99 Sensible Soccer 92 93 9 99 Sensible Soccer lnt‘1 10 99 Shadoworlds 9 99 Shuttle 4 99 Silent Service 2 7 99 SIM LIFE (1.5 MB) 9 99 , Simpsons 9 99 ¦ Skidmarks 1199, Sleepwalker 10 99 Space Crusade(OK 1200) 10 99 Space Crusade Expansion 1 1 99 ; Space Quest 1 or 4 4 99 Space Quest 2 9 99 i Speed ball 2 9 99 Sueetfighter 9 99
Streetlighter 2 4 99 4 99 8 99 4 99 9 99 7 99 7 99 final Writer V2 Ring Ring 155 170 220 55 39 38 35 20 25 79 7 99 SPREADSHEET i? Oo Turbo Vale V? 0 50 99 INTEGRATED (WP 8S DB) 70 Mini Office 3799 Gold Disk Office 4 9 99 . ;; DE8KT0P PUBLISHING n 99 Pro Page 4 9 99 Pro Draw 3 799 Outline fonts
* 99 ; Gold Disk Fonts 14 1099 CAD X CAO 2000 (Unboxed) X CAD 30
X CAD Professional ACCOUNTS Money Matters ,6 99 Carrier Command
16 99 Champ Manager 93 FunSchool Pamt*Croate FunSchool Spelling
7* German Master Italian lutor Kid P»x (Paint Package) Maths
Adventure Maths Dragons Maths Mama (over 8) Mavis Beacon Typing
2 Mega Maths 15 99 Champ Manager tOSDala»0 99 Monty Python 7 99
1 MORPH 4 99 Nick Faldo Goll 7 99 Operation Stealth 9 99 7 00 9
99 9 99 9 99 ? 99 1 1 99 9 99 9 99 4 99 10 99 1 1 99 1 1 99 1 1
99 9 99 1 1 99 0 00 9 99 4 90 9 99 4 99 9 99 12 99 15 99 Chuck
Rock 2 16 99 Colossus Chess X 16 99 Creatures 10 99 Cruise for
a Corpse 13 49 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy 19 99 I urso °* Fnchantia
is I CybwconS 10 90 | Oarkmere Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Dogfight
DONK' Dune £ Motion EPIC Eye of Beholder 1 or 2 F15 Strike
Fagle 2 F19 Stealth Fighter F29 Rotaliator (Not A600) F117A
Nighthawk Falcon Fantastic Oizzy Fantasy World Diz y Future
Wat6 Ghoul6 n Ghosts 1 99 Goblins 16 99 I Graham Gooches
Cricket 6 | GRANO PRIX (Microprose) 1 * 99 Ca6hbook Final
Accounts 42 99 GRAPHIC8 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 64 99 Brilliance 2
49 99 Spectracolor 54 99 ProFills 24 99 Art Department Pro ? 15
129 9 9 Morph Plu6 139 99 30 MODELLING A RENDERING 40
Professional 199 9 9 Sculpt 3DXL 49 99 Sculpt Animate 4D 99 99
Vista Professional V3 23 99 Vista Lite 23 99 Makepath(Vista
Pro) 9 99 Terra For ma( Vista Pro) 9 99 Imagine 3 SPECIAL 119
99 Essence 1 or Essence 2 64 99 Real 3D Pro Turbo V?
319 99 Real 3D Classic 67 gg PROGRAMMING Easy AMOS 22 gg AMOS Professional 32 99 AMOS Pro Compiler 22 9g Kraft for AMOS 16 gg Blitz Basic 2 52 9g Devpac 3 g gg Hi60ft Pascal 74 gg MUSIC BarG & Pipe6 Pro 2 i9g gg Deluxe Music C Set 2 59 99 Technosound Samples V? 34 99 Midi Interlace * Lead 19 99 MISCELLANEOUS PC Task 34 99 Directory 0pu6 4 54 99 Dir Works 2 • 39 99 Ami Back 34 99 Disk Expander 29 99 Star I C100 Colour Star I C24 30 Colour Citizen ABC 24 Colour Citizen Swift 90 Coloui Canon BJ230 Mono MQNSTEftPxk Beast?
Killing Game Show Awesome £999 Team 17 Superfrog Body Blows Overdrive £19.99 Tte&oitest J WhiteSnooker Dune Lure Temptress £19 99 World Cup 94 Jhamp Man 93 4 Goal, Striker.
Sons Soccer 92 3 £19 99 Player Manager final Whistle £9 99 Triple Action 1 Deutoros Hammer Bov Battle Valley £9 99 Uiflio Action 3 Titu® the Fox Ghoslbu6ter62 Targhan CF99 Triple Action 4 Blues Brothers Satan Mava £9&9 Triple Action5 Crazy Cars 3 Baltletech GrandPrixMaeter £9 99 ' VV Elite and 7ool f 19 99 w SIM AN I SIM LIFE £19 99 £2299 EACH Eclipse Mouse 12 MegaMouse (Microswilched) 12 Mou6G Mat 2 50 Blank Disks 20 MONIIOHS Philips 8833 2 219 Commodore 194? Multisync 339 PRINTERS (Inc lead*Amiga Printer Driver) Micro Fnglish ( Micro French | Micro German Micro Maths Micro Science Micro
Spanish Noddy s Playtime Noddy s Big Adventure Paint Me a Story Picture Fractions Reasoning With Iroll6 Telling The Tlrne Tidy The Mouse Time Flies .DISTANT SUNS V5(H0)22 99 Ork 7 99 Stunt Car Racer 4 99 Outrun A 99 Supremacy 9 99 Pacific Islands 9 99 Swiv 4 99 Paperboy 2 7 99 Tennis Cup 2 7 go Parasol Stars 7 99 lest Drive II 6 99 PGA Tour Golf 10 99 The Games Espagna 8 99 Pinball Magic 7 99 Their finest Hour 10 99 Pirates 9 99 Their Finest Missions 7 99 Police Quest 1. 2 or 3 10 99 Thoma6 Tank Engine 6 99 Populous - I.and6 10 99 Ihunderhawk 7 99 Populous 2 9 99 Trivial Pursuit 6 99
Powermonger-Fditor 9 99 Turncan II 7 99 PP Hammer 4 99 Video Kid 7 gg Piahislorik 7 99 Whales Voyage g go Premier 7 99 While Death War Game 7 gg Premior Manager ?
9 99 Wing Commander g gg Prince ol Persia 6 99 Winning 5 Compilation 7 gg Pro Tennis Tour 6 99 Wiznliz g gg Pioiect X 8 99 Wonder dog 7 gg Putty 7 99 World Ctas6 I Board Goll 4 gg Quest tor Glory 1 1 1 99 Worlds ot 1 egonds 11 gg Quest lor Glory 2 13 99 Wwf Wrestlemania 7 gg Qwak 8 99 Xenon 3 gg Railroad Tycoon 1 1 99 Xenon 2 7 gg Rainbow Islands 6 99 7 Out 4 gg Realms 9 99 Zak McKiaken g gg Reach lor lhe Skies 10 99 ZOOL 7 gg All Prices Include Delivery To Your Door.
DECEMBER ORDER FORM 129 230 160 HP Deskjet310 Col Portable AGA sun WAR!
On lhe Ball 22 99 Aladdin 19 99 AGAsQfTWARE ALFRED CHICKEN 9 99 Overkill 13 99 Banshee 19 99 Pinball Fantasies 14 99 Body Blows AGA 8 99 Robocod 7 99 Body Blows Galactic 17 99 Ryder Cup 16 99 Burntime 16 99 Second Samurai 19 99 CHAOS ENGINE 14 99 Sim City 2000 22 99 Civilisation 19 99 Simon Sorceror 23 99 Detroit AGA 22 99 SKIDMARKS 12 99 Fields ot Glory 22 99 Sleepwalker 7 99 Gunship 2000 22 99 Star Trek (Hard Disk) 22 99 Heimdall 2 22 99 Super Stardust 19 99 Impossible Mission 22 99 Top Gear 2 16 99 Ishar 3 21 99 Theme Park 22 99 Jurassic Partr 17 99 TORNADO 12 99 Kick Ott 3 19 99 UFO 22 99
LIBERATION 12 99 Zool 2 16 99 TeLNo---- Cheaue Crodtl No.
Expiry Dale.
Customer Bel.No._ lilies_ You name it* We do it! Just phone and we II quote1 WE STOCK ATARI ST . IBM PC CDROM. MAC. SNES WE STOCK SEGA. LYNX. JAGUAR 3D0 C64 CARTS MAIL & TELEPHONE ORDERS ONLY'...... NO PERSONAL CALLERS!
Allow up to 10 days delivery Out ot Stock items All trade subject to our terms & conditions available o r AMIGA SPECIALISTS Large range of AMIGA ACCESSORIES E III 1PIIFESSIIIIL Tlltl Tl Till lllllll Will I'KCICK PAINT With the AMIGA Gonitizer Graphic Tablet you can streamline the operation of most graphic or CAD programs 9 The Genitizer Graphic Tablet utilises latest technology to offer up to lOOO dpi resolution at the tip of a stylus Complete 9”x6" digitizing area plus super accurate stylus combine to enable fast, accurate and easy control.
Works by "mouse emulation" so the Genitizer will work with most packages where mouse input is the usual method-Deluxe Paint. Photon Point, CAD Packages, etc. Supplied with template for Deluxe Paint.
Full easy to follow instructions.
This is the input method used on professional systems-now you can add a new dimension to graphics cad.
Fast input of drawing by "tracing" is made easy - plus "absolute reference" means you can move around the screen many times faster than by a mouse.
The Genitizer fits in the serial port of your Amiga 500 500+ 600 1 200 1 500 2000 and "coexists" with mouse.
I A full Realtime colour Digitizer at a realistic price. A500 A500+ compatible.
_ Grab 15 Bit colour image in 1 50 second.
Double buffered display generates screen update at 5 frames per second.
24 bit IFF file save from 15 bit data.
Advanced picture editing features including cut, copy, brush, paste, undo etc. etc. j Palette controls include R.G.B. level and ¦ Gamma correction.
A Standard Phene Video Input (0.5 to 2.0v) q I composite from Video Recorder Camera etc. T I Total package no more to buy.
• R THE AfAtGA Full specification Midi In, Midi Thru Fully Opto
Ond Three Midi out sockets.
Compatible with ALL leading Stylish case to match Amiga colours music packages MOM £129.99 Unlike a mouse, the tablet gives absolute co-ordinates so that tracking ond menu selections are possible from the tablet face.
A pressure sensitive switch built into the stylus lip activates the Tablet overriding the normal mouse input. When you are not using the Tablet, you have normal mouse control.
Complete system - Graphics Digitizer Tablet, Stylus. Deluxe Paint Template, Power Adaptor, Test Software, Interface Unit, plus Driver Program - no more to buy!
For A500 1500 2000 1200.
An eosy to handle Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width A 400 dpi resolution enables you to scon graphics text into your AMIGA 500 5004 600 1200 1500 2000.
Unlimited edit capture facilities Akeyboard control not offered by other sconners ot this special price Full keyboard control of most functions.
Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
¦ Full sizing menu of scan area.
Geniscon gives you the ability to scan images, text or graphics A even offers 200 Dpi Dual Scon Mode.
IFF Buffer Save 1600x1024 pixels, dual buffer, scan motching A view Buffer.
Scan Grey Software included to convert half tone images to true Grey scales. Includes editing, zoom A processing features.
Screen grid overlay A configure menu to save parameters.
¦ Icon menu to select functions.
X,Y position readout A metric sizes.
Save imoges in suitable format for most leading packages including PHOTON PAINT, DELUXE PAINT, ek.
View window ond position control panel.
Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut A paste editing of imoges etc. Fits into Printer Port.
Complete Hardware Software package including Sound Sampler and Sound Jammer Software.
Full feature Midi Interface - Midi In, Midi Thru and Three Midi out sockets.
Opto Isolated. Complete with 2 Free Midi Cables.
Top quality external 3.5" Stylish design - quiet operation low cost Midi Interface.
Midi In, Midi Out and Midi Thru.
Opto Isolated.
Compact design.
3 metre long genuine Midi Cobles.
Top quality, super smooth replacement mouse. High resolution.
CD 24 HOUR MAIL t_3 ORDER HOTLINE § GQ0782 744707 Osand Choquets. Postol Orilai % or cradil cord daluilk to - DATIl IlKCTRONICS LTD.
& Educational orders Lowest Priced Top Quality Products welcome Trade enquiries welcome Including Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners, Disks, Etc BLACK luff 2i 5* 10t BLACK lolf 2t 5j 101 Amstrad DMP 2000 3000 2 80 2 65 2 45 2 25 Epson FX MX RX80, FX LX800 2 90 2 55 Amatrad DMP 4000 366 351 331 3 11 Epson FXMX RX100 FX MX10OI 3 36 3 21 301 2 81 Ainu rad LQ5000 6 10 5 95 5 75 5 55 Epson 1X80 86 90 2 12 1 97 1 67 Amstrad PCW8256 LQ3500 Fab 285 2 70 2 50 2 30 Fujitsu DL3300 3400. DX22O0 3 75 3-60 3 40 3 20 Amstrad PCW8256 LQ3S00 M S 3 57 3 42 3 22 302 IBM 4207 4212 Proprinter X24 3 88 3 73 3 53 :i:;
Amstrad PCW9512 Fabric 338 3 23 3 03 2 83 Mannrsmann Tally 80 81 3 90 3 75 3 55 3-35 Amstrad PCW95I2 M Strike 2 60 2 45 2 25 2 05 NEC Ptnwriter P2200 P2- 303 2-88 268 248 Brother M1009,1024 1109 1209 390 3 75 355 3 35 OKI ML 182 183 192 193 195 317 3 02 2 82 2-62 Brother MI8I8 IH24I. 19241.
* 88 4 73 4 53 4 33 OKI ML320 321 380 390 391 332 3 17 297 2-77 C
It Urn 1200 LSPIO Swift 24 9 2 85 2 70 2 50 2 30 Panasonic
KXPI123 1124 1140 346 3-31 3 11 Commodore MI'S 1220 12JO 4 50 4
35 4 IS 3 95 Panasonic KXP 1080 1180 90 2-89 2 74 2 54 2 34
Commodore MI’S 1500 1550 6 75 6 60 6 40 6 20 Panasonic
KXP1524 1540 1624 4 55 4 40 4 2i.» Epson LQI0U 4 10 3 95 3 75 3
55 fan as. olc KXP2123 2124 2180 5 75 560 540 5-20 Epson LQ200
400 500 '800 K50 3 45 3 30 3 10 2 90 Setkosha SL90.929596 5 55
5 35 5 13 Epson LQIOOO 1050 1070 1170 4 10 395 3 75 3 55 Star
LC10 20 100 229 2 14 1 94 1*4 BLACK Star LC20U TOO 2 85 Star
LC24-10 20 200 2 m, 2 71 Star NT) NUNR NX 10. NB24-1 (I 3 85 i
7ii Taxan Kaga KP8I0 815910 915 ill 2!"
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Paper & Address Labels
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Joystick Qulckshot Maverick At Joystick Mouse AW Mouse Holder Poll 1000 3.5 Disk Labels AMIGA A500 A600 A 1100 Cover Philip is monitor cover Star Cltlzen Panasonlc 10 col. Printer cover - All products are subject to availability - All on lease add f3S0 ftp for disks and boxes or £595 _ overnight EE0E include VAT poods required IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER BY PITMAN C LEE • - Imagine owners can now a&l an Imperial Star Destroyer to their Star Wan collection. Pitman has spent considerable time designing this model, and the disk comet with an installation routine to unpack the object texture maps
and even sample, pictures. All you need now is a Millennium Falcon and you can create your own Star Wbrs movie!
EAGLE: VERSI6N 2 SPACECRAFT BY FILIP CAMERMANS This model is base'd on the Eagle from Spate 1999. It took SO hours to do. It's Imagine 2.0-compatiBle because the textures that came with Imagine 3.0 haven't been used and you need 14Mb to render M. You can buy a copy of the Eagle for- £3 50. Contact
• Filip Camermansat: Patatestraart O, 1861 Woluertem, Belgium.
Tel: (32) 52-30 98 32.
YT-315 (GAY DECEIVER) BY STEVE CRIDDLE This object is modelled on the Gay Deceiver vessel on the cover ol The Number Of The Beast by Robert Heinlein. The background starfield was created using the Granular.Colour texture on toe StarBug Textures disk (Algorithmic textures forImagine 2jO). This disk is only for the FPU version of Imagine.
And is PostcaidWare.
V . V V; r ? I i t • TELESCOPE BY ANTHONEY NUTLEY Anthoney has been working very hard on his models and his new Shareware offering is of this highly detailed telescope. The disk is Paid Shareware and is available for £3.50. -V •
- mr All these objects are .
Shareware and are available from the 24Bit Club model collections.
With the exception of Filip Camermans' and Anthoney Nut ley's material, they are FREE to members of the 248it Club. Contact them on: 0141 946 2191.
V V •
• A.
This month the 24Bit Club show | I off some of their talented Amiga modellers' work. And very lovely it is too.
Hid Limited Tel +44 (0)81 909 2092 Fax +44 (0)81 909 »88" J All prices include VAT and 12 month warranty HiQ Ltd, 176 Kenton Lane, Harrow, Middx HA3 8SU Fax +44 (0)81 909 3885 Tel +44 !! HiQ Hard Drive Xmas Sale !!
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Totally comprehensive courses (each is a compilation of 24 program!
With a book and manual, or equivalent except CD course which has 30) ...of excellent quality (eg. "a very recomrnendable edutainment program" AMIGA USER INTERNATIONAL) with far too many topics to list, but some examples are: £34.95 inc VAT & P&P MIC RO MATHS (I! Years - GCSE) AMIGA FORMAT READERS SPECIAL OFFER Buy the Tipster™ and receive The Dogs™, our Greyhound Racing software, or The Punter1'1, our pools software, FREE OF CHARGE. Yes, to celebrate the opening of our new offices, we are GIVING AWAY one piece of software with each Tipster1'1 sold. Purchase two and get one free for only £49.95
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Sidmouth Software PO BOX 7, SIDMOUTH, DEVON EX 10 0TD Office Hours v. (I I 39!. .',67073 I,ate Night Sales w 01404 814.547 Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
After reading your review of the Zappo GD-ROM add-on (.1 621 for ihi' AI‘200, I decided to buy one because ii seemed better lor tile than the Commodore CD-ROM.
16 BLITZ When I went to my local dealer, he told me that because the Zappo used the 1 (Vbit PCMCIA slot it would only be capable of running the Hi-bit games which are available for the CD1-.
I thought that games like Microrosm and Theme Hark were 32- bit. Lie said that when 32-hit games started to come out next year, the Zappo wouldn't run them and it would he completely redundant.
II this is true, then would I be better ofl gelling die Commodore CD-Rt M when it finally arrives and would this be true 32-hit?
Andrew Summers. Cardiff EXTRA BUTTONS I now own an A1200 with a 120Mb hard drive and have a 4Mb RAM and FPU fitted and will soon have a Zappo CD-ROM drive.
I have read with interest all the letters in your mag about CD. Because CD” games are designed for use with a controller with four buttons and not a joystick and keyboard, will the CD32 controller work with the A1200, including the extra buttons for these games?
As a potential regular CD buyer I don't want to buy something that will not work or that I cannot use because I do not have the right equipment I believe it would be useful for myself and the many people who are about to buy a CD-ROM. Or who already own one, to know which games will work and whether they need the CD32 controller or more than the basic 2Mb of RAM in the A1200 to work.
I realise that there are now quite a few CD32 titles but maybe the info could be produced in a one-off list for all existing titles and then such information could be included in future reviews.
Dave Thomas, Germany Yes indeed: CD32 games played on an A 1200lZappo drive set-up will make full use of the CD32 joypad. Developers are also writing dedicated At200 floppy games that use the joypad's extra buttons - such as Wembley International Soccer and Brutal Sports Football.
We'll try and inform you when a CD-ROM product has special requirements - but we usually mention these in reviews anyway.
Shines how much your loud denier knows, then. True, the PCMCIA s lolls a Itr-liit data bus. Hut all that means is that it transfers data to the RAM in chunks oj 16 hits. It's easily fast enough to cofre with the ?OOK src transfer rale of the Cl) drier, and has no effect on whoI the 32- hit processor is doing. Besides, we've already tohl xoti that Microcosm - which is a 32-hit game - runs fine on an A1200 using the Zappo drive.
I suggest van go to a dealer who knows what he’s on about.
I recently upgraded loan A1200 and wondered if you could answer the following questions:
1) Apptoximatelv how many A121 His anti t :D*-s have been sold?
2) Whal elleci has the new Zappo CD-ROM drive for the A1200 had
on the sale ol t 4 :l- software?
3) Win do the 11) software charts consist mainly of PC CD-ROM
titles, does Cl)'- software not sell, or what?
Stephen Brown. Merseyside II So idea, Commodore are tiglit-lippeil about sales, although 100,000 (D’-s are rumoured III have hern sold worldwide.
The figure for A 1200s is considerably higher Ilian that.
2) It's still too earls to tell, but it can ’ have hurt it!
Hopefully, well hair a better idea after the Christmas season.
31 )'rs it sells - Amiga CD Idles are continually appearing in the Cl THOM charts - but there are a damn sight more PC owners busing CD titles than there are CD7- owners.
BRIGHT IDEAS How many letters do you receive each month? When is an Amiga portable computer coming out? We have waited too long for one. This is one of the advantages of a Pt 1 over Amiga, and always crops up when we start saving how good the Amiga is.
Why is I TS taking so long to lie released? When I phoned up a mail order company, lo order it. They said it was still being shrunk on to Amiga.
What does litis mean?
I think you should have a separate section for readers to recommend or warn against different shops or services, so that people don’t shop at unfriendly places. Also. I think you should review not only products, but Continued overleaf manufacturers and shops. I think on every review, you should do a mini round-up of all similar products, or at least a list of them with the issue in which they were reviewed, the percentage and a comment.
Matthew Wakeling, Southampton Too many! But rvett though we can ’( answer all of them, every letter gets looked ol land even rend occasionally).
.1 portable A mtga. Eh ? In theory it s a great idea, hut it dorsn j play to the Amiga's strengths, which are in graphics and video, for which you need a full-size monitor. A nd it would he expensive too.
The original I'C version of 'VFX took up 16Mb of hard disk space, so as you can imagine, they 've had to cut a few comers with the Amiga version, such as intro sequences.
I've thought about the 'readers recommended shop' idea, but what's to stop a store writing in under the pretence of being a reader and saying that they re great? Or. Alternatively, writing in complaining about a local competitor?
However, the idea of similar products listed in reviews is a good one, and one which should appear in AF before long.
1) What do Bullfrog think they are doing selling Theme Hark for
You gave it a Format Gold too - encouraging higher prices. We’re already up to PC prices - it'll be cartridge prices next. Higher prices make piracy more likely as people won't be able to afford games.
2) Will Sim City 2000be A1200 and hard disk installable only?
3) In your reviews can you state whether there will lie an A1200
or CD*® release, when these versions will be released and
their prices?
4) Everyone goes on about the cheapness of the A1200 - it's not
cheap (well the hardware isn't), compared with the faster 486
SX33 available with a 130Mb hard disk and an SVGA monitor with
4Mb of memory for £559 (AV Computers).
That sounds expensive until you add these extras to an A1200.
A12(H) £300 2Mb expansion £110 120Mb hard drive £190 Monitor (multi-sync) £300 Total £900 Thanks for a brilliant AF63 Coverdisk (PageSetter 2). In fact I am starting a magazine with it. So if anyone thinks they have some decent artwork or writing, or if they want to subscribe, then write to: Daniel Hawes. The Ridgeway, Shire Lane, Chorleywood. Herts WD3 5NH.
Subscription fees are 50p a month plus 30p p&p. It will probably be about animals and birds - maybe even a bit about the Amiga.
David Hawes, Chorleywood, Herts Glad you liked PageSetter 2 - and best ol luck with the magazine. Although an animals and Amigas mag sounds a bit dubious. Maybe you should concentrate on just the one subject... Please could you let me know if there are any Amiga computing clubs in the Midlands?
Mr Chand, Hockley, Birmingham Can anyone out there help ?
I am writing to enquire about the processes involved in sending you demonstration disks, or Public Domain disks, of my work.
Ideally, as my demonstrations are music orientated, I would like to send them into a Tune Of The Month section. Or, if possible, just send my music modules in to see if you think that they are good enough to put on to one of your Coverdisks.
Mike Lacey, Derby By all means send in your music modules to us - we can listen to them on tape or just as easily by loading them into the program they were made with. II they're good enough, we can certainly squeeze some on to our Coverdisks or, tailing that, the Subscribers' Superdisk.
COMPETITION WINNERS... G2 COMPETITION ISSUE 63 25 winners of Psygnosis’s Operation G2.
Michael Chriscoli, Lanchester, Durham.
P Fitzgerald. Skelmersdale, Lancashire.
Chris Cherriman, Findern. Derby.
Chris Szelachowski, Whalley Range.
Steve Watts. Gosport. Hants.
Christopher Knowles, Braunton, Devon.
H Wapplington. Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
P Stothard. Babby. Doncaster.
Sarju Atkar, Newtown, Powys.
Stephen Grant Chesterfield.
Jonathan Little. Wadebridge, Cornwall.
Jack Bremer, Fulking. West Sussex.
Liz Gittens. Sheffield.
Jason Jones. Hastings, East Sussex.
E Nicholls, Norwich. Norfolk.
Michael Lozano. Chiswick, London.
H Hicfcen, Ibstock. Leicester.
More humour in your mag? Please no. If I wanted to read puerile, unsuccessful attempts to amuse I would buy The One. If I find another silly make-believe comment by the editor, I will seriously consider doing without AF. Do you want to lose your adult readers?
At the moment you are less illiterate and more informative than most of the competition and your Coverdiscs (please keep my correct spelling of discs) are easily the best.
Alan Pywell, Lincolnshire Er... I don't remember putting in any 'Ed' comments. And I hardly think Amiga Format is bordering on being the Viz ol the Amiga world. Are you sure we're talking about the same mag! ?
Coverdisk is spelt with a k, as is disks, because both words are derivations ol the term lloppy diskette - the correct nomenclature lor the 3.5-inch magnetic storage medium. So there.
I bought an A1200 for my daughter, and as per the advice given in the users' guide I made copies of her disks. However, some of the disks won't copy and a message appears on the screen saying, Unable to read cylinder (I think) 8. Can you explain what this means and is there a way to get round the problem so I can copy the master disks for protection against accidental erasure?
J Lambert Lancashire Without more into on what you're doing, I can't help. Either your master disk is already dead - or, as I think is the case, you're trying to copy a games disk.
This disk is protected and so will not copy. It's also illegal to copy protected software, so don't even think about it.
Next time, write to Workbench, eh?
Richard Conway. Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.
D Waters. Holton Le Clay, Lincs.
Chris Morgan. Rugby, Warwickshire.
Anthony O’Kelly. East Kilbride.
Martin Sweeney. Grangemouth, Scotland.
Alex Young. Bolton. Lancs.
M Milner. Dudley. West Midlands.
Graham Dale. Belper. Derby.
AMIGA FORMAT SURVEY 1994 ISSUE 63 10 winners of Empire Soccer '94.
M Wheeler. Romford. Essex.
S Holley. Newton Abbot Devon.
Callum Stewart Kendal. Cumbria.
F Logan. Radcliffe. Manchester.
A Horrex. Ipswich, Suffolk.
S Read. Woburn, Beds.
Martin Storey. Crowborough, East Sussex.
Stuart Hanlon. Enfield. Middlesex.
Richard Benwell, Gt Morwood, Buckinghamshire.
Terrence Webb. Redruth, Cornwall.
That's with a slower (28Mhz vs 33Mhz), less advanced processor as well. Either the A1200 should go down in price or a hard drive should be standard with two more meg as well. OK- the Amiga has got the custom chips, but looking at these specs if I didn't know better (if I were new in the computer market) I’d choose the cheaper, more powerful and more widely used PC THE BITS ON THE SIDE... Nick Donnelly. Cambridgeshire 11 U r goer Theme Park n Cold because it was a great game - irrespective of the firice. I'm sure Bullfrog would argue that tlut have to recoup their development eosls. But since
it's a pint of a DC game, B9 EuroDisney meets Alton Towers in the brilliant Theme Park.
And hardly a multi-million dollar interactive movie, perhaps £35 is fnishing it a hit.
21 Yep. You'll need 3Mb RAM as well.
Check out our review this issue.
3) The two gaming Stei'es are aware of these sorts of things
(including Zappo compatibility) and if they can give you the
info when they write the review, they will.
4) Yes. Hut until Amiga International (or whatever ) start making
machines again, all this is irrelevant. Amigas could be £5
each, and people would still buy Pcs because their aren t any
Amigas around.
Cm sure the new company will be keen to bring out Amigas as cheaply as possible - let s wait and see. Eh ?
AND ANOTHER THING Please answer these questions.
1) Can you tell me what is the best AGA driving game?
2) Are there any more RPG games like Monkey Island?
3) Is there any way to get Lotus Esprit working on the A1200?
4) Should 1 get a second drive or a hard disk?
5) Do you know any cheats for Bumin' Rubber?
B) Will there be a Monkey Island 3?
7) Recently 1 got the Syndicate Missions American Revolt disk. I
got the Syndicate game from a Chaos Rack but this is only two
disks and the instructions say use as disk four, so I
automatically thought, use it as disk two. Lights, drive
activity... Nothing!
So I look it to a friend's house who has a four-disk version. It works line.
Should I take my original back to Silica? My friend's copy has an intro animation and 1 haven't. .Am I complaining about nothing or is there something wrong?
John Parlctte, Enfield 11 Well. Top Gear 2 u the only AGA racing game so it would have to be the best. Although it's not a patch on Formula One Grand Prix, which, sadly, isn 't AGA.
21 There are other games like Monkey Island, lint none ipute as good. Tty Beneath A Steel Sky and the up-and- coming Flight Of The Amazon Queen from Renegade.
31 Er .. no. A1201) compatible versions have since been released (on budget and as pad of the Lotus Trilogy' pack) but yours is knackered.
41 Hard disk. Absolutely.
Si No. We don't hate any and neither do Ocean. suggest you drive faster and don V hit anything.
6) Probably not. L.ucasArts are currently working on The Dig. The
plot of which has hern written by Stephen Spielberg. But
whether lltey deign to license an Amiga version is anyone's
71 There were two versions of Syndicate.
A two-disk version released as pad of an Amiga bundle and llie standalone four- disk version. Unfortunately, the missions disk simply does not work on your version o Syndicate and so your only option is to send it back to our Mail Order Department tCarey Court, Banctime Road Industrial Estate. Somedon, Somerset TA11 6HR) for a refund. Sorry.
TRANSFER OPTION I have it 3-inch Amstrad Printmaster disk with borders, graphs, etc that I run on my Amstrad 8256 because I find this is better than any disk I can find for my Amiga 1200.
Although 1 have tried many places I can’t find anybody who can transfer this from 3-inch Amstrad to
3. 5-inch Amiga format. Many places will transfer to PC and Apple
Mac but not Amiga, Can you or your friends next door at PCW
Plus advise if, or where 1 can get a 3-inch disk(s) copied to
3.1 20-inch Amiga?
Tony Neuiton, East Sussex You can actually buy 3.5-inch drives for the 8256. But it’s unlikely that you want to spend that much cash. Your best bet is to link the two machines together using a serial lead and Comms software.
However, the data on your Printmaster disk is not going to like being on the ,4 miga, so just what you do from there is anyone's guess. I suggest you pick up a copy of our sister magazine PCW Plus and see if they can help you.
BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY I've been an enthusiastic Af reader for about two years, but in the last issue of Backstage (ATM) you really disappointed me. So you guys think that the Star I rek TV series and the six Star Irek films were 'painful', just to quote you. .As a dedicated USS Enterprise fan. 1 must protest against this lack of respect towards the fantastic Mr Gene Roddcnberry. I demand that you apologise to all those Trekkies out there on behalf of whom I'm writing, in the next AE issue. Shame on you!
By the way, d' you know where I can get the new Star Trek ship model from the new series?
DISK DESPAIR Here we go again. Another Coverdisk that doesn't deliver. TV-Text Professional (AF64a). In your blurb.
Fun with fonts (page 11) you say we should just enter AF64A: Fonts in the path gadget but what do we get? Nothing.
I didn't send the disk back to the distributors because I'm fed up with spending 50p on postage on top of £3.95 for the mag. So I took it back to the place of purchase and got a replacement. New disk, same problem.
Can you please get your programmers to get things right tell your disk copying people to get their act together, or tell the distributors to stop dumping all the crap disks into Essex. Or is this a ruse to get us poor suckers to buy the next month's mag for the solution to a failed disk?
I don't suppose for one second that you will print this. I don't think you like this sort of comment, because I have never seen a gripe about a disk before. I can't be the only one surely. No my name is not Meldrew.
Extremely Peed Off, Essex The one thing you might be doing is sticking a space between the AF64A: and the word Fonts. If not then... er... dunno. Technically it should wor*.
Ours does. Try talking to Jason Holborn (who collates our Coverdisks) on Tuesday, our reader call day. He might be able to talk you through it Coverdisks are the bane of everyone's life. We have to squeeze tons of data on to these poor disks and then duplicate over 150,000 of them, so there are bound to be one or two that turn out a bit funny. We try very hard to make sure they work, but we can't check them all. I'm afraid.
Fabieu Wewly i never said lluil - that was Holborn.
And he only said 'a painful number of Star Trek films'. Hardly a scathing indictment of Ihe Trek genre, was il. Boy you pointy-eared lot are touchy.
As il happens, there s a really good ST TXG Enterprise model which is available from Comet Miniatures, 46-48 Lavender Hill. I Million SWII 5RH. Or call Tony James on 0171 228 3702. It'll knock you back £45. Mind. Er... so someone told me.
EXCHANGE RATES I'm a newcomer to the Amiga. I have just recently upgraded from a Cl28 to an Amiga 500. I've enjoyed the Amiga enough that next year I plan to purchase an A1200 system.
I'm currently running with Workbench 2.1, a 512k RAM expansion, an external 880k floppy drive, a DataFlycr 500 SCSI controller w 52 meg Quantum HD and a Commodore model 1702 video monitor.
Due to the lack of support in the US for the Amiga 1 have thought of ordering from Europe. I have seen your ads in Amiga Format and I'm wanting more information. Do you ship to the US? What is the cost to me? Also do you have a simple conversion factor that I can use to determine the cost in the US dollar?
Dean S Cochrun, Newark, USA Fou can subscribe to Amiga Format - flip back to page 38. You II have to pay £55.93 for a six-month subscription, which is roughly $ 86. To convert from $ to £ you U hair to check the current exchange rate which is hovering around the 1.55 mark Iso $ 1.55 = £1.00). Check with your local hanking organisation on the best way of sending money overseas.
SOLD OUT I'd be more than grateful if you could answer these simple questions.
I own an A1200 with the bog standard 2Mb and recently purchased a Zappo CD-ROM drive.
1) Would 1 need more memory to view photo Cds or to run games
such as Microcosm, and would 1 also need a CD** control pad?
2) In future CD*2 reviews, could you state whether they are
compatible with die Zappo CD drive?
3) Is there any chance you could send me the Imagine Coverdisk
proudly placed on AE53. I purchased my Amiga in March of this
year, and while reading Aeever since, seen what I’ve missed.
I've tried back issues and got the sold out reply, it would be
greatly appreciated.
PS: To all Amiga dealers. More support for the Amiga in N Ireland I’m sick of hearing PEE SEE!
S Thompson. Northern Ireland
1) Weft extra RAM is always useful, but in this case. No.
2) We sure can. Messrs Bradley and McGill have been instructed as
3) Sorry, but this issue's Coverdisk should help - and we're now
selling Imagine 3.0 on page 18. Il not cheap at £129.99, but
it's an excellent package. O PROJECT BLUES We get loads of
requests for help with school projects. But we simply do not
have the time to compile and send out information. Sorry.
THE MAN AT THE TOP Write to Commodore UK managing director David Pleasance do Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth St, Bath BA1 2BW.
I am a 14-year-old A1200 owner and I have been saving up for ages for a CD” and I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me?
There were some rumours in my school that there was a power glove coming out. Could you please tell me whether this is true or false?
I have heard there will be a CD32 add-on coming out for the A1200, could you tell me when and how much it will cost? Also could you let me know if it will have any extras with it (such as a joypad and games)?
One last thing, my favourite game is Bodyblows Galactic AGA and I saw Rise Of The Robots on Bad Influence! A few months ago. Do you happen to know when it will be out on the CD” and how much it will cost?
Jamie Mackay, Bearsden, Glasgow Unfortunately, I can't shed any light on the rumour regarding the power glove It certainly is not a product we will be manufacturing.
Fortunately, I can give you some more positive information regarding your second point. When we are successful with our bid for Commodore we have plans to launch a CD add-on for the A1200 which will come with a joypad, but we have not decided yet what software (if any) will be with it. The price will probably be around £229.99 (inc VAT). However, I must point out that unlike the Amiga CD11 , the CD1200 will not be able to play MPEG! Disks. So if you want to be able to play movies, pop videos and games with MPEG I streams, you should go for the CD12, which will have an expansion box available
for it to turn into a complete computer.
Both the expansion box and the CD 1200 could be available as early as Spring ‘95.
As far as Rise Of The Robots is concerned, it's due for release on Amiga 1200 and Amiga CD32 on November 18 and it will cost 142.99 (A1200) and £34 99 (CD12).
COMMITMENT TO THE FUTURE I don't know how many Amigas have been sold (perhaps you could tell us?), but 1 do know that all the Amiga owners that I have spoken to remain loyal despite the recent difficulties. However, I feel that a new improved Amiga is needed to show commitment to the future. I would suggest: Amiga 1228MT 28MHz 68020 (EC) Processor: Graphics: Sound: Floppy drive: Motherboard: 640x512 (no flicker). 1024 colours from 16.7 million 16-bit 4 channel
1. 44Mb DSHD 2Mb Chip RAM 2 Mb Fast RAM 2 SIMM sockets PGA PLCC
FPU socket Battery backed-up clock 2 IDE devices CD-ROM drive
video card Midi-tower Cherry-click £499 Local Bus Expansion:
(not fitted) Casing: Keyboard: Price: Matthew Elvidge,
Greenbank, Plymouth You don't specify what areas you want to
know the Amiga figures for. But I can tell you that it's over
5,000.000 units, and I’m glad to hear from yet another source
that those owners remain loyal to the Amiga family.
You are among many owners who have contacted me recently requesting various machines with all manner of specifications. Although I can't tell you the exact price or specifications at the present time, there are new machines in development planned for release some time next year and during 1996 What I can tell you is that they are higher spec and some will be substantially more powerful than anything which is currently planned by our competitors.
Jason Hoi batch of pixel plimbin' Gallery entries MADONNA PORTRAIT '1 By RiihardM ih'J. Lanai nt brilliantly realistic portrait of Madonna has Men drawn completely by hand. The gradients on her face were created manually on a massive page site and then shrunk down. Once the face was complete, the head and shoulders Were added.
DMA De5'9" are giving away a Tabby Graphics tablet ~V' " worth £54.99 for HL the best x Ga,,ery picture.
Plus, you could be commissioned to produce artwork for DMA. The team behind Lemmings and Hired Guns.
Please indicate clearly if you don't want your details passed on to DMA. Send entries to: Amiga Format.
Gallery, 30 Monmouth St Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
PROJECT A-KO By David Ivorrall. Dunfermline Cute Japanese cartoon characters are popular with Gallery entrants. This fab Image has been hand- drawn with gradient fills, airbrushing and detailed editing using Dpaint Ill's magnification tool.
FATALITY B Mr J McEwen, Louf'hborvuf’h The chalk outline was drawn in Dpaint IV and mapped on to the rendered floor using Dpaints perspective tool and then anti-aliased by hand. The pistol was rendered separately and then mapped on in Dpaint.
FLOWER By Martin Jones, Thorpe Bay This was rendered on an Amiga 1500 with a GVP G-Force accelerator running Imagine 3.0. Martin has now changed over to Lightwave - let's hope that he continues to produce images of this quality.
ORK WARRIOR By Alan Knowles. Birkenhead Not a very stunning image at first sight but the use of posterised colour and subtle dithering patterns makes it very striking. Worth noting is the clever use of a limited colour palette (no more than 16 colours have been used) and subtle shading effects.
HARD GIRL By David Squirrel. Draycotl Based on an image from the Foundations Forum 94 advertisement David has transferred this picture to his Amiga A1200 using Dpaint IV AGA. Although the perspective on the girl's face is not quite correct the image still works extremely well.
THE SCREAMER By Andrew Cashmore, Staffordshire Last but not least we have Andrew Cashmore’s Screamer, a disturbing picture that lends itself to a purely monochrome palette extremely well. The clever use of shades of grey adds to the image's sinister atmosphere. Nice one Andrew!
Mm CONTACT DAVE MATTHEWS - 0225 BOX ENTRIES £45 PLUS VAT g SHOPS DIRECTORY DECEMBER 1 994 245 Broadway, Berleyheath. Kent, DA6 8DB Tel: 081 303 4862 Mega Byte 103 Elners End Road. Beckenham. Kent. BF3 4SY Tel 081 676 8488 One Step Beyond 9 11 Bedford Street. Norwich, Norfolk. NR2 1AR Tel: 0603 616373 SRS Micro Systems 94 The Parade, Watford. Herts. WD1 2AW Tel 0923 220558 SS Computers Eastgate Shopping Centre. Basildon. Essex. SSI4 1JJ Tel 0268 273273 Software Emporium Magdalen Street. Norwich, Norfolk. NR3 1AA Tel: 01603 633362 TORC Software 9 Wilton Par, Feltham High St. Feltham, TW13 4BU
Tel: 081 893 2100 Viking Computers Ardney Rise. Catton Grove Rd. Norwich. NR3 3QH Tel 0603 42S209 Game Zone 18-20 New Rents. High St. Ashford, Kent. TN24 0AB Tel: 0233 663996 SOUTH EAST Computer Cavern 23 Harris Arc. Off Friar St. Reading. Berks, RG1 1DN Tel: 0628 891101 Computer Cavern Capri House, 9 Dean St, Marlow, Bucks. SL7 3AA Tel 0628 891101 Computer Solutions S Chingford Mount Road. London. E4 Tel 081 523 SS66 Computer Solutions 38 Chingford Mount Road. London. E4 9AB Tel 081 523 5566 GMC Computers 14 Coggeshall Road, Braintree, Essex. CM7 68Y Tel: 0376 553333 GMC Computers 65 North
Street. Sudbury, Suffolk. C010 6RE GMC Computers 21 Gaol Lane. Sudbury. Suffolk, CO10 6JL Tel: 0787 374959 Hi-Tek AMIGA STOCKIST LOCATED AT High SI. Rognnr Kegii (01243) H67143 High SL Littlftumplon (01903) 723735 Easlgate S»i. Chichester (01243) 788052 For all Amiga peripherals COMPUTER ? VIDEO GAMES
* 3DO • ATARI JAGUAR * Arriving December 94 Sony PSX Sega Saturn
CALL 0181 893 2100 0181 844 2575 FI Return 19 London Road,
Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 1BA Tel: 0S02 512416 FOR ALL YOUR
M0KWICH NI3 IU TEL: 01603 633362 YU ML Binnes SOUTHWEST Soft
sell Mail Order 32 Dursley Road. Trowbridge. Wilts, BAM 0NP
Tel: 025 769331 Computer Plus 14 Scarrots Lne, Newport. Isle of
Wright. PO30 IJD Tel 0983 821222 Computer Shop 4 Holland Walk.
Barnstaple. Devon. EX31 1DW Tel: 0271 78787 Computerbase 21
Market Ave, City Cent. Plymouth, Devon. PL1 IPG Tel: 0752
668635 Ex mouth Computers 7 9 Exeter Road. Exmouth. Devon. EX8
1PN Tel: 039S 264S93 Megabit Computers 46 Colwell Centre.
School Street. Weymouth Dorset. DT4 8NJ Quantum Computers 2a
Blenheim Road. Minehead. Somerset, TA24 SPY Tel 0643 703883
Total Computing 16 Station Rd, Parkstone. Poole. Dorset, BH14
8UB Tel: 0202 717001 Ancics Royal Parade, Plymouth, PL1 1DU
Tel: 0752 2218S1 RJ Computers 30 Westbourne Road. Downend.
Bristol. BS16 6RX Tel 0272 S66369 Hampshire Videocentre
Portsmouth Rd. Lowford, Southampton, S03 8EQ Tel: 0703 404773
Hytek Computer Retals Ltd 52 Oreston Rd, Plymstock. Plymouth.
Devon, PL9 7JU Tel 0752 484114 CENTRAL Bits & Bytes 62c London
Road, Oadby, Leicester. LEICS. LE2 SDH Tel: 0533 711911
Computability 35 Bethcar Street, Ebbw Vale. GWENT. NP3 6HW
Tel’0495 301651 Computer Supercentres 15 David Street Cardiff.
South Glam. CF1 7DE Tel: 0222 390286 Comtazia Ltd 204 High
Street, Dudley, West Midlands. DY1 100 Tel: 0384 239259
Comtazia Ltd 8 Mealcheapen St. Worcester. WR1 2DH Tel 0905
723777 Comtazia Ltd 4 6 The Arcade, Walsall. West Midlands. WS1
2RE Tel: 0922 614346 Comtazia Ltd 171 177 High St. West
Bromwich. W Midlands, 870 7RB Tel 021 S80 0809 Comtazia Ltd
25. Beechwood PI, 123 High St. Cheltenham. GLS01D0 Tel 0384
261698 Comtazia Ltd The Shopping Mall. Merry Hill Centre
Bnerley Hill. West Midlands. DYS 1SB Tel 0384 261698 Fortiss
Computers 138 Wood St. Earl Shilton. Leicester, Leics. LE9
7ND Tel: 04SS 850980 Jet Computer Systems 13, The Market.
Pentrcbane St. Caerphilly, CF8 1FU Tel: 0222 880600 Kettering
Computer Centre 15 17 High Street. Kettering, Northants, NN16
8ST Tel: 0S36 410070 Screen Scene 144 St Georges
RdCheltenham. Gloucs. GL50 3EL Tel 0242 528979 Soft Centre
Cambrian Retail Centre. Newport. GWENT Tel: 0633 222481
COMPUTER SYSTEMS Amlfiei & PC System and Software Repairs and
Upgrades Tel: 0793 5 4746 Victoria Centre, 138-139 Victoria
Road. Swindon, Wilts SNI 3BV Soft Centre 30 The Parade,
Cwmbran. GWENT Tel 0633 868131 Soft Centre 20 The Market
Place. Blackwood, GWENT Tel 0495 229934 H H EPIC E * URECJORY
Computer Store 40 Trinity Street Arcade, Leeds. LSI 6QN Tel:
0302 890000 Computer Store 13 Westmoreland Street. Wakefield,
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Square. York. Y01 2RR Tel: 0302 890000 Computer Store 4
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Store 34 36 Ivegate, Bradford. BDI 1SW Tel 0302 890000
Computer Store 44 Market Street. Barnsley. S70 1SN Tel: 0302
890000 Computer Store 5 Cole Street. Scunthorpe. DN1S 6RA
Tel: 0302 890000 Computer Store 54 East Mall. Four Seasons
Centre. Mansfield. NG181SX Tel: 0302 890000 Computer Store 10
Square. The Woolshops. Halifax. HX1 1RU Tel: 0302 890000
Computer Store (HO) Units 13-15, Guildhall Industrial Estate
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Swadlincote. Derbys, DE11 8JL Tel: 0283 219224 Chips
Computers Clarks Yard. Darlington . Co Durham, DL3 7QH Chips
Computers Silvercourt Cent. Silver St. Stockton, Cleveland,
TS18 1SX Chips Computers 7 Dundas Street. Redcar, Cleveland.
TS10 3AD Computatill Ltd 77 79 Chadderton Way. Oldham. OL9
6DH Computer & Games Centre 33m St Nicholas Cliff.
Scarborough. N Yorks. YOU 2ES Computer Mania The Balcony.
Market Hall, Derby. DE1 2DP Tel: 0332 292923 Computer Store
21a Printing Office Street. Doncaster. DN1 1TP Tel: 0302
890000 NORTH A18 Business Systems 9 St Martin'sCres. Scawby.
Brigg. S Humbers, DN209BQ Tel: 0652 651712 BDB Corporate
Computers BDB Cent. 94 Derby Rd, Farnworth, Widnes, WA8 9LQ
Tel: 051 495 1977 Bolton Computer Centre 148 150 Chorley Old
Rd. 8olton. LANCS. BL0 3AT Tel: 0204 310S8 Chips Computers 9
Newport Rd. Middlesborough. Cleveland. TS1 3LE Tel 0642
T. M.J Computer Software 39a Station Rd. Desborough. Northants.
NN14 2RL Tel: 0536 762713 Computer Mall Unit 16 Downstairs.
Harpur Centre. Bedford, MK401 TP Tel 0234 218228 Get Real 31
High Street. Wootton Bassett. Wilts, SN4 7AF Tel: 0793 848428
Mr Softee 39, Pembroke Cent. Swindon, SN2 2PQ Tel: 0793 431193
* Large stock of games all under £20
* Repairs * Peripherals * PD
* Great prices for Hard Drive installations COMPUTER WORKSHOP 12
Ntwmmrkrt St, Consett, County- Durham Tel 0207 502249 Softly 5
Deer Walk. Cent Milton Keynes. Bucks. MK9 3AB Tel 0908 670620
H. E.C. 47-4') Railway Road, lxigh. Lanes WN7 4AA Tel
(0942)672424 261X66 illindlcy Electronic". Compuicrcarcl The
Computer Repair Specialists Grantham Computer Centre 4 Kings
Wk, Guildhall St. Grantham, Lincs. NG316NL Tel 0476 76994
Humberstone Computer Centre 49 Fieldhouse Rd. Humberton,
Grimsby. DN36 4UJ Tel 0472 210601 Just Micro 22 Carver Street.
Sheffield. South Yorks. SI 4FS Tel 0742 752732 Lanway Corp
Business Systems Ltd T A Burnley Computer Centre 31 39
Manchester Rd. Burnley. Lancs. BB11 1HG Tel 0282 31108 Long
Eaton Software Centre Commerce Hse, West Gate. Long Eaton
Notts, NG10 1RG Tel 0602 728555 46 MCB Computing Group 24 Mill
Lane, Buckley. Clwyd. CH7 3HB Tel 0244 544063 M6 Computers Ltd
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719122 Mansfield Computers ft Electric 33 Albert Street.
Mansfield, Notts. NG10 1EG Tel 0623 631202 North Notts
Computer Centre 23 Outran St. Sutton In Ashfield. Notts. NG17
4BA Tel 0623 556686 Postbyte Computers I 4 Great Northern
House Great Northern Ter. Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN5 8HN Tel
0S22 S25321 Pudsey Computer Shop 161 Richardshaw Lane. Pudsey.
Leeds. W Yorks.
LS28 6AA Tel: 0S32 360650
S. G.M. Electronics 54 Wigan Lane, Wigan, Greater Manchester. WN1
1XS Tel 0942 321435 Sapphire Software 81 Abergele Road. Colwyn
Bay. Owyd. LL29 7SA Tel 0492 534831 Software Superstores Ltd
II Market Square Arc. Hanley. Stoke On Trent, ST 1 1PD Tel:
0782 268620 Software Superstores Ltd 6 Mealhouse Brow,
Stockport. Greater Man. SK1 1JP Tel 061 480 2693 Software
Superstores Ltd 27 Baldwin St. St Helens. Merseyside. WA10 2RS
Tel 0744 27941 Software Superstores Ltd The Courtyard, S
Horsemarket St. Warrington, WA11XL Tel: 0925 232047 Software
Superstores Ltd Unit SO Golborne Gallery. The Galleries Wigan,
Greater Manchester. WN1 1AU Tel 0942 826956 Software
Superstores Ltd (HO) Un»t7a Oldham St. Hanley, Stoke On Trent.
ST1 3EY Tel 0782 202250 TEC NOL Ltd 249 New Rd Side,
Horsforth. Leeds. Yorks. LS18 4DR Tel 0532 590020 Tim's
Megastore 29 31 Sunderland St. Macclesfield, Ches, SK11 6JL
Tel 0625 434118 Tomorrow's World 27 33 Paragon Street. Hull.
Humberside, HU1 3NA Tel 0482 24887 VUDATA 44 St
Petersgate.Stockport. Greater Man. SKI 2HL Tel 061 477 6739
VUDATA 203 Stanford St. Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancs, OL6 708 Tel
061 339 0326 SCOTLAND Bits and Bytes 21b Commercial Street.
Dundee. Tayside, DD1 3DD Tel 0382 22052 Computer Depot 20S
Buchanan St. Glasgow.GI 2JZ The Games Gallery 35 Barclay St.
Stonehaven. Kincardineshire, AB3 2AX Tel 0S69 764051 Moray
Business and Computer Centre 20 Commerce Street. Blginm,
Moray, IV30 IBS Tel 0343 552000 Holbum Software 111 Holbum
Street,Aberdeen,AB1 6BQ Tel 0224 592515 the computer depot
WE SUPPORT AMIGA 205 Buchanan Street. Glasgow GI 2JZ SHOWROOMS
ON FIRST FLOOR Tel: (Ml 332 3944 “1 South Wi s i Pi iujc
Domain a • P v Ytm hah ah nirn tmf ntwmYS 0nu D mint A
tltWneuttf micro Kb Dorn hbftp Mom k4t(rigno4 I Omi FoobhoAdor
n ex Gdf(70ob| A-Cm. Nmlogm '.7* he GCSEMoAr ItSl«A», M
MoeCVpoPOoU D t AF. Rl) Imwor* Cm. NRANT Hoon. P0* IM |0I7«|
330U4 S 01 X H Calling_MJmm!Je M Animators (hi! Imagine 3 but
can’t jjet v«‘ur levlh into .ill thoM* lcaturv ’ All you need
i our .idilrv»! We prvNent to you l im» Tech VII. The llrst
ot .» new line ol easy to use 'kelet.il objects M.ikin lull
use ul texture bru li options tor cl.issv n ulls. The easy
w.iv Ik* the puppet .inim.itor .ind breath lile beneath
realistically textured 'km t'su robot » inl' hen*1) Complete
with .i amipn'hensive instru.tuin booklet with tutorials,
limits and tips « .1 tree Imagine landscape disk (IVase*
specify SI*L or Integar version) FROM 49p PER DISK ADVERTISING
Beauford Court 30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA12BW Tel: 0225
Ntntmdo. P(, AMIGA. (037, CDIOk. 300, Jogu« I (Oi ond Mac
voftwi S a, AMIGA. (037. 300. Joguor ond (04 Kanhmre, plus
loodi of aaostoriov 1 ALL YOU NEED IS HERE. AU ENQUIRIES
I lor i Ftf I |«M Iw l» UF (dm* LEEDS OSJ? 3I31M ¦ wik t» ¦ AonUlM S0FTM1I. FO 10171. MOUEY. IfBFS ISJ7 Oil I Dm l h)il It Ml oi Mol mMil mi bo 11 praftA on WW cod imimWi1
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| AmmaemwHumMMmy jOftNWHIDAnV-lAlpo SAIftojIIJmct ik. n mu
ACCOUNT NUM6EP - I K IN SH x v •* 6 YES i y* • I B5
ui-*DfRssf.N7»mnNt»HrEis jfifa]r 12 I t »K 1 .-l €H,l F:
ALSO STOCK PC SHAREWARE ¥3 We accept cheques for payment
022Sm2W ! FREE DISK 1 Catalogue | Over 6,000 PD llllev
hardware & | I eanulMrelFliollwM ttmd. I Send SAE la:
I 41 Mvidfl SMML Bmfky. WhN YortUiire BDIA4NQ. I AtfESSOBIES . AIXNI IbhI I'nn- LI.FF Mnu„ M.l. . C2.M Mmnr lluldm . Ll.»S llhi llmd Ctming Kill - C2.W 25 IFSIHF Blank I U.K. - (III IQUUM, • Cl JO WME (X HH TH swlua' Amiga A1200 £289 Blank Disks £19 per SO inc. labels DSHD Disks £2S per SO (Pre-formatted) PD LIBRARY NOW OPEN!
Puau und E1 or 4 1st doss stomps for cotologve Free Weal dobeiy and installation (10 mile radius) Many more dems stoefcea F’vase pnone or fax Hv latest onces Barry Voce 0602 Z64973 11 Campion Street, Arnold, L Nottingham NG5 8GR J JtaaSam KD Af 22 Oiurdi Vfcw Clow. Hawouft, Wafafeid, W«at Yoricahirr, WF4 2FH Cataln*ue Dhk Sop (refundable with hnt order) Gama. L lditin. Demin. Atuuc Animation*. Slkfesho*t% [ducatKinal. Lonl* Clipart. Gama, fred Fnh.
Scope. Amigan, Arug. New Zealand and hits mare.
DM Mem: AM dMs 99p mdi rmtV'At«i**'S0p Make Chequnx PoGUl Ordm payable lo K M Lunwdon First sub-dealer In Belgium of 17 -Bit Also Amiga dealer AI200 CV32 Specialist Contact. Tijl Ul ensplege stroatJS.
8000 Brugge Tel 050 W15W Catalogue disk available only 90Fr From disk 900 onwards Follow 7 Bit and enfoy Amiga: HHJGNI. L«m IIO'N WAIIiAII mi® 50p PIJ4 DISK Caiaiimxi (®* v FRFf.’ Omju-Vnn'u unmroai n us r yivf.vt wi t oto SlXTM Wt.M Pi MM Ik IMA IN, (D*n A ). PA*. MX 89.
NranriM, n« «® nl 3v* UwiS AO )MI imiJ y AN » * * ( AlAUMJt ALMOND P.D .' Vm ini Fxnrr u YOU Halt AU TNIl'Ji THE CUWBOYS nut tin n « w,4 m SOW TRY THF ISMANS!
1. KXTH OIM 11 OMAN. V rn A OS*. 4TT AM.VMU» H
DELUXE WORKSTATIONS ** •* Aizoo Aboo A500 Direct from
manufacturer Price 04 00 inc. VAT & P& P Allow 21 daysdeliv m
Please send clieques POs payable to: NUTEK LTD. Unit 12,
(.anglcy Terrace Ind. Park, l-alimcr Road, Luton LU1 3X0
Tel Fax 0582 30931 WREXHAM PD UMITID Of FIR: THI FIRST 200
WREXHAM, 0YWD1113 8AS Can you mange an EngOndSguaO to teat ttruatt?
- Engtonfs Challenge Another of our fantastic Speethwy games for
any Amiga Inun. meg) E7 9S plot FBH Ntrwdcna Chequey P0.1,
luto flttqoK (curio S? Oiwyrot poyoMc lo fl SOFfWIUff Oeprlf,
18 MM brnc KmgM loaminqw Spa CV3? 7HL jSUD£ DISK COMICS
KUNSSTAR I hr TnU S*** rjpa FaatfMy. Iariudn potter 24 Wrn %
19.3 India 11. SO mluwvr IHI LORDS Of RUIN • Companion Midr dnk
to lunolAi LI.SO incUiwrr WIZARD - tinl koue it.SO indmke write
Send SAI I nr list ar Soj fm disk. IahiHmi Amiga PD shill, ini hiding Cli Hirl. Anim*. I lililiex. I Hag*.
Iisaiuni, • ‘l course Inailxa denm*.
FRI I I’lendh advue r»r help Remember iif milv dir Amiga *UiH I I Vi 11 -* r- - Sm4 Ck WYOj to: ( iF.Vi I •. Ifcsis «P» s * HI H towoDTf in S C od tu.i lo km i Infernjlxvul" All IrNSemjrts NinowiedtH FUTURE SOFTWARE |AF| 8 MAGNOLIA PARK. 0UNMURRY, BELFAST BTI 7 0DS SO TOP AMIGA GAMES FOR ONLY C9-99 POST PAID S3 NORTHCOTI HOAD, NORWICH KOI OOP 58BobED Intuition based UJ shape editor Zfor use with U BLITZ Basic From: ASPIRE 2" 0352 761798 Strathspey, Pentre Hill, Flint Mountain, Clywd CH6 50N BOZ PD XMLMIJU) rPI» All WoRkM N« IIIM Ml Bill KM Ail THI LA I t il TTTLKS PHONP liHAIIAM Oft OiHi
Imsk hucis please add I 14 4ak» 41 M Tsflo* 1120 4ak* l-oai,*
21. J«b *0p PaIBM CATALOGUE DISK I too Pimk irukr (hrqurWO »
• Unbehovablo Quality * &*f tr*Tr 24 84 * Re 0»trsun Piclwts «*fi
comi-eu on setetcnofn ecttoOtednQitows Weed S*one md Ideal tor
Tidrng Vdtc and usxig as 30 textures He The pacfege iiso ndude
a fid c»j• murn&n* prn of al the bactgroutts *v east recogNton
M ms *or the irtdrotM pr« ol n 1 99 *K ?•?
Vakt MqaM M.a» to Ur G M Read DEPT Af. 6 DAISY ClOSl. W00DIAM0S VALE All 3.S" HD disks I00 error free - certified 65% clip rate. Grade A. Open 7am.|0pm everyday Fleue make th«|u«7PO.i payable to: London Duk Company, c s NcrjiR tup.raiarktl t« Amharit D..4 (ON M.r. Stitcl), J L.adon II 1IH.
994 VISA ” Mead Business Centre, Mead Lane. Hertford SG13 7AG
Tel: 01992 584205 Fax:01992 584207
o ADULTVISION © CD VOL 1 (For the Amiga) 1000 + Tasteful GIF
Images on one CD-ROM ONLY £19.95 + £2.00 p&p DAT A SYSTEMS
Systems House, Searva Street, Bamhridge HT52 3DD gom S VI I S
llOTI IM. (0820) 627272 mmm SAI.F.S I I I F (0820) 626955
Please note: contidenlial. Discrete service assured. All
order's senl under plain wrapper.
SPECIAL WHOLESALE PRICE ON ORDERS OF 1000 DISKS + PLEASE CALL FOR QUOTE MAIL ORDER DISK SUPPLIERS WHOlESAlf & RETAIL 100 Cap lockable Disk Box £3.50 with no P&P when you order 100 disks or over.
100% CERTIFIED FULLY GUARANTEED GRADE A DS DD 3.5 DISKS 20 £8 50 C17 100 £30 250 £70 500 £138 £2 p&p £3 p&p £3 p&p £3 p&p £8 p&p £2 p&p £3 p&p £3 p&p £3 p&p £8 p&p .A.D P.D 2 CROWBERRT CLOSE, CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX RH11 9EE 0293 523869, 0860 141431 22 HeniUtck Avenue - Huntington York Y03 9IX1 Tel: (0904) 624637 JORVIK COMPUTERS CD32 GAMES Alfred Chicken .. II Arabian Nl*hl* .Cl S=KJ 11 CD32 GAMES CD32 GAMES Salur Team......12 .£2.1.99 Sen Cl 7.99 Sleerrss'clkei
- 122.99 Sinker . .
(14 91 Similiter (U . C20.99 .114.99 .£2 99 Brian Vie I Jon Brutal Stuffr ...... Bniial Sport* Football .
Bnhlni Wsli ..... Bubble A Saneak . . .. r* Pin r Banie.% fin Slip. Methane Bios Super Pully.... Sttperfnre..... Surl Ntntas Total Cuntaer Trivial Pursuit TmHs .... I FO .... I1 Inmate Bodv Bl » 1 nisYrse Vidro Creator .... Wembley Inter.
Whales ViwifcV .121.99 £21.99 £2.1.99 .f 4.99 .C 99V .119.99 .114.99 .£21.99
117. 99 .121.99 .119.99 .117.91 12199 .12199 .122.99 .115.99
119. 99 .110.91 .114 99
121. 91 Leaf Ninja I ...... Legacy (if SonH tt . .
Uninnn s Liberal tint . . ...... UtU Viking* .. Lotus Tnk & Man Iftd Pirn, Champs.
Mean Armas Microcosm ..
114. 99 ..(12 99 .1 *5.99 WE WILL TRY TO GET ANY DISK YOU NEED
FAST 24hr TURNAROUND ON ORDERS as fib: : D-Getirralkm
Dangerous Sltrflt. .
Derpcorr Denni Disposable Hem Donk! ..... fifinr Z "Frontier" .. Morph Myth .
. .429 99 .(2X99 £2 99 . .til.99 HARDWARE hdiMotum Video . Lit SX-I Ptni Espantkm tit .... (hden despatched within 24 houry Free Mi m On .Ml i Pirates CmU ...... Premiere ... Prex An Alien hu lUinier Protes t X FI7 Challenge Ouaki Alien Breed..... Ruler Cup Coll C2I.99 .121.99 .£21.99 Capri CD DisrstiBuri© is VCDTW ALL AVAILABLE QhlgQdii 5 5 -=- TITLES IN STOCK IHWVII
COMPUTE-A-RACE. .£19.99 THE FINAL EDITION After 3 veers of
development (onipute-A-ftate-
• The Final Edition Itos finally heen released WHAT DOES IT DO?
Compute-ARace* is a Hone-Racing Prediction Program that con forecost rotes, select bets, colculate return ond much more IS IT COMPLICATED TO USE?
No, Feohnes an ease of use Within doys inputting o race will be second nature, WHEN SHOULD I ORDER?
Now Betting for profit is betting for fun.
Cheques P.O. poyable to HANDISOFT (Mail Otder ONLY) Hondisoft, 37 Hearsall Lone, Spon End, Coventry CV5 6HF ..STILL THE BEST cs Chris’s PD Quality Amiga PI) and Shareware IvjM AF. 22 McmflH* A*». Ll.-LWv E»n SS5 5AI Wr haw thousand* of qualit? ID and Sharruarr disks Ui chonsr fmm intiudinc Animation. Assassins, Iiumik-ss. T Tip All. Demos. Fonts.
Frrd Fish, I.jniev Musk. Slidrsh«mv I tilitks and much much morr!
JUST LOOK. Al-L 1MSKS ONLY 69p ? 70p P+P per lolal order Wc offer a Iasi and IncndK service. All disks are senl 1st class posi. ihis and error free RSD present Europe's first CD REPAIR SYSTEM The Bundee CD3 Compact Disk Repair System, was developed in California as a spin off from the Star Wars' programme.
The three step system uses separate fluids to firstly clean the CD of dust and dirt, the second fills in surface scratches lo prevent skipping The final fluid coals the repaired disk with a hard film to prevent further damage The kit is equally effective with all CD formats and contains enough fluid to repair over 50 disks At only £14.95 it's a must for all CD users Order now from RSD or your local dealer Why nol lake a look al our fully descriptive Catalogue featuring all our disk's, just send a stamped addressed envelope with a disk, or send a cheque or postal order lor 69p made payable lo:
C WAITIl (¦rini'h) DN.r 9AS Tel: IOI ) HH6.SH4. Public Domain available at XI. 5 per Disk 100 C J|Xica litduMr Disk Hn J-B.99 l RH j|k* n SL.ak.d4i Disk Box 49.'K Mi rem NLOs £1.99 kRPR IkRts* £1.99 10 Rfcink Disks .LV" DvlHl 15.50 I .uniiuiing of «l AummK available, ring Inrdrfaik.
P&P "5 pence nn dr*k orders We low :ill .VNiviiiis Fred Ffcih dkks.
Ivn I )ra» ri FI K a «*widar «4 (.riiirJn & (kxllN«pt (lM ( |xiting Ibiks lUun *pm The Old Farmhouse Rosefield. Balbeggie PERTH PH2 6AT Tel: 01821 650488
P. is! Friendly Service Send 3 x 1st class stamps for catalogue
disk listing over 6000 titles. Includes FREE I) Copy. FREE
Game plus FREE Virus Killer All Fred Fish. Assassins. 1 Bit.
Scope etc plus IOOO s more... F ree disk when you buy 10 Disks 9Qp each P&P 7Op PenDmcpnPD In U ilk m s F.siaU CO sc « Q LU Q «a tr o
O. ol I All Ik* obov. Only £099 00 0*al 3 Without
Sxt .Only £9*00 0«al 3 Oom.i I, Oaraai 1. Gam.s
3, CD D I Only £3900
O. al 4 MMM flnpyy phntar inl.rtac. iniland of Sxt Only
£100 00 Sax Modal Vila (Glamour diiki) II ratad - naadi FMV
d.cod.r tar CD33 ISM Cdi MAC tram £19.99 NW ol Oft and tit**,
n r.quur.d, FMV on CD AO titUs availabU • n«.d tM cort For
CD32 IBM Cdi MAC ..From £14-99 Tolophono or fox yoor
ordor on tall 0304 39 410 tax: 0304 310933 ar pail la: 59
Iridaoman Pla o, Bollon 812 101 MUSIC MACHINE MARKETING LTD
TEL:(0204)387410 FAXt(0204)380952 u 91AL5 Ot TH1 V8AR I| US
li*4! Hr 033 HhnMa] Xuyhw* M. EMMmt |H(Wii a90S) Mi 3 tw SMS
Muufeeurwd (la ssty] Sam* 1, 3, tan J, (3 S3. . M9 lew!
P. D OFFERS 26th-30th October FREE FOR 9 High Street South Olney,
Bucks MK46 4AA Tel: 0234 240954 Fax: 0234 240272 20 £9 50 £22
100 £43 250 £106 500 £197 DS HD 3.5 DISKS AKA N'lTI I* Ml
K l. 1*1 KMWI M ncv 11 III 1 .1 ku Ucvks III. T.tsl Is « mi i
767 655 Multiple faults may result in extra charge.
Price includes postage, parts and labour Amiga Internal Drive Gam Chip £5 Repair £24.99 Denise Chip £5 A520 Modulator Kickstart 1.2 Rain £5 exchange only £14.99 Amiga Keyboard Repairs £27.99 Cheques and postal orders to: Omnidale Supplies. 8E Rowan Court. Friargate, Derbv DF.1 1 BI Tel (0332) 291219 AMIGA POWER SUPPLY £24.99 AMIGA REPAIR (A500 A500+ ONLY) £37.99 AMIGA POWER SUPPLY £27.S0 L a a 21 PISJlBTBWJPXI DIMCT FROM MANUFACTURER, (UIIT TO BRITISH STANDARDS ACCESSORIES 3,5" OS DO disks from 35p each Dust Covers £2 99 Jo stick Extension Lead £2.99 Modulator Disk Drive Ext'n £9 99 Parallel
Printer Cable £6.99 Mouse Mat £2.99 3S- Disk Drive Cleaner £199 Fury Mouse Cover £1 99 100 3.5’ Disk Labels £199 ’ for FREE 1AK Distribution ISO SI ldS18 6GG 10%of NEW! NEW I NEW I NEW I NEW!
The ABC The Amiga Buyers Compendium Over 200 suppliers. Over 1,000 products Save time 11II11 Save money 111111 Introductory offer £4.95 post and packing included A must for all Amiga enthusiasts PUBLIC DOMAIN SHAREWARE from 45p per disk Over 2000 titles and growing monthly STOCK CLEARANCE GAMES Amiga Disk, CD32, CD ROM, Sega Megadnve, Super NES etc Over 100 titles while stocks last!
Many at half cunent retail price.
DEPT (AF). 23 Slanwcll Clmc. W Incobank.
Sheffield S9 1P7- Tel 01142 492950 ALL DISKS ARE "5P EACH POSTAGE: ITC - "OP El ROPE • 20P A DISK REST OF WORLD -40P A DLSK HwttiHOFTM (ATI 11 MOO I't*vk W ML ABIT vu*. IV» i-lr UHL. nuxu
ACCESSORIES Please add £2 P&P on all accessories 100 CAP
DISK BOX £1.35 A500 . DUST COVER £1.95 A600 DUST COVER £1.95
£2.95 10 DSDD 3.r DISKS & LABELS £4.00 50 DSDD DISKS & LABELS
£18.00 We can sell you an A1200 at a competitive pnee. Please
phone lor latest A1200 offers for Christmas. We are also
offering FREE delivery within the Bristol area over the
Christmas period Please make all cheques & PO's payable to SRT
Merry Christmas!
AMIGA PD 89p per disk!!!
S3 FIT CHIX I AGA (201 S9 ERIKA ELENIAK AGA S5 FIT CHIX 2 AGA 120) S1 CINDY CRAWFOBD 1 S7 FIT CHIX 3 AGA (201 S2 CINDY CHAWFOFID 2 SI0 BOOYSHOP 3 AGA 811 BOOYSHOP 5 (201 AGA 1 hothne NOW! Or send a cheque or postal order mode payable I ENQUIRIES AND CREDIT CARD ORDERS TEL 01745 332535 Overseos dekvevy: Europe add t4; ml of world odd CS PURE TECHNOLOGY _Dept AF. PO Box 997, Rbyt Onyd LLIB 4WA_ TELESCM ATTACK HELICOPTER FLIGHT SIMULATOR A battle field scenario simulation of the Boeing Sikorsky RAH 66 COMANCHE ‘Serious flight modelling that requires skill to master' GREW HUES IHOM c Flight
dynamics modelling: Not available on other sims. Author B.Eng Aero.
Ta«1 your flying ikii over a 65000 sqr km battle area Filed with over 300 fractaHy shaped hMto. Ctouda. 1000 a kms of rrvera and road* Land at any of five bases. Fly under and around bndges. Power stations, etc Destroy more than 160 peaarve and active enemy obiects PH your wits agamet inia*gant enemy anti aircraft weapons and enemy hefceopter Armaments: Gmdsd He»re (4) and Sbngar (8) m*aie*. 20mm (500) cannon Avionics Radar and FUR targetng systems 5 Mode fcght control computer Enemy rader A laser detectors Software: Sopresbcated ffcght modeimg and coKaion detection algorithms Ubtaae Med
potygon 30 real Bme rendering techrvques 8 view modes Reaksbc sound eflacta. Mcf dopptar sraft. Stunmng fragmented ob*d *xpkM* ns R Omo or user defmebie interpolation time constant Only £9.95 Includes Instruction manual, postage and packing.
Supports A500 A500. A600 A1200 A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 & Accelerators Kickslarl 1.2 or later Requites a minimum ol 1 MegaDyie ol ram Joystick optional To Order Please send your name & address with a cheque or postal order for £9.95 payable to 'Absolute Image’al A.I. DeplAFI2. 9B Kenelm Road ColwynBay ClwydLL28 4EE Please make cheque* & PO't payable to N. JORDAN and poit to - TELESCAN COMPUTER SERVICES. PO BOX I. THORNTON-CLEVELEYS. LANCS FY5 ISH or if you prefer, you can telephone xHir order using your ACCESS VISA on 01253-829292 f WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE THE TROJAN PHAZER GUN (FOR THE AMIGA -
ALL MODELS) 1 3 Disks £ 1 each 4 9 Disks 90p each 10-19 Disks 8Op eoch 20* Disks 70p eoch Add 70p to order for PAP j ) after title - number of disks Free disk for every 10 ordered 70p PER DISK DEMOS D«f* AF, 12 m hfiw J in ] Td Foxi 01702549796 0583 348785 'GAMES i |1 Ooy ol *t* Rocw* fp Po.odn d 64 pGvr gMw |T 0» S*ong« p Punt* p Block Down 2 p XartomoepH p Ma'bfat p Sco iih Foolboll p frui'morio p Swwo'tH Enquiry p O'-* 5 p A.«c-ot «» p Rot* Tnon p Tokwvjft (2| p 1*1 Donnn Hangman p An) Wor. (2) p Ultimo I* Quiz p Socc* Co«di USA p Woyi World Pong pj* ,k p 10 -to* Go* [2| p N agnbovM
|2| p Bood to Moll |2 p Gfond Pria Monog*1 p Sto'boM 13 |2| p fa«o* Cham*aw p S*o- Tf* (2) p Mr Man Oymp*c» (2| p Sk-dmockt pGorf p Sy»**»* D«wv» pfo*ol Mnnon 2 p Glono (2| p Kung Fu ChoHi p Boo'd Gome* p Soak & Ooitroy T FPU Disk S*oc«.' 1CCCP D tio T Torn* .4 (3) T CuZCO 0«mo 1 Imog-e 2 Buddy »Y» I?) *1 H»or« T Spectrum 1 3 AGA T Mo.wgL.O* [2| 1 ASJ f.* i 2 H Acr-on Replay 4 Pro T 120C Dogno»r i T No Nome Demo 1 ASI Multrvuion T G *3wa 1 Magic WB [hord dnve) 1 Vaji 1 Magic WB Eitrot T A vtv Panel Amm Enter a new phase of computer entertainment with the Trojan l.ightphazer. Unleash your
imagination and take up the challenge of two action packed games included in the pack:- TBCar’beDwe® 1 Spec vm »
* 1 Gom«j *or obo*» |8) “1 lockout 2 1 1 Super looguo 3 5) “1 Pro
gambl* 1 Multipoint 4 1 Da loco mm T Amor EiWnvon* T Am go Fa.
1 Epoc* 3 T DivkVvI Winn * T Auto»t r og'om» T Point It T Micioproso GP Editor T 9 Fingert (2) 1 S«m o* fh Art T Pboenn Demo T Dreom Tnppm T Cla"voyonco T Vom.t 1 Deter' Droom (2) T Skijxo Demo 2 |4| T Beeno Euro 1 T Clouiirophobo "1 Pygmy E«Jen
- IJesu.onE i (2) T Mayday n Foir'-tghl 242 % 1 Videotrocke* AQA
1 Andy's WB3 Ubls T AGA Ums* 1 T AGA Icon Ed-tor T 1200 fmol Vv
”t AGA Blan*e*i T AGA Graphic Unis
* 1 k I 3*
- 1 K k I 4 1 WB3 Backdrops T WB3 Virus K.llets T WB3 Hock.
1 Bkxkboord TOED 2 (2| lawte D-Bereree (2) IkjiertQED T Mr» Ck”**S*r
* 1 Access Red Tnol on Ikeerhonge 1 SubUmo! XK (2)
* 1 fmal Owpte' (3) T Uguoto Damage T C'aycr Shmchon 1Fo*!d- T
Ma. Overdo ®
* 1 Frdoy At 8 1 laa ktogoo Tra, Wfartd 31 TempeyMeod Torgm® T
Ful Mocn Abera. Pig Twano TE*pkcr2 Itta Mntnop 1 fW Grao
10adNo5 1200 SLIDb AGA Cndy C'owfotd (4| Tren [Wf (?| 1
Holodeck [4) Tbodythcp T Bcdythco 2 ® TbodyVop 3
* 1 Bodyifop 4 ® T Bodyviop 5 ® Tbodythopb® T Bod hop 7 |2|
Tferror. AGA TAGAFartory Pkrs T So Tr*« AGA T Angle Boo. AGA
Tenko Tcoudo TAGA Mango |4) T TiAvAtcim (2) Ogf Beanes (I4| T
Wlliomi FI Imoglre Ob| r, Ho,fc A„,m (4) |3 T Beorg 3 1 I T
Bevela' oni 1C Manual (12) "1 D-Copy 3 I T lock P k 2 T C
ngineer* Kit Fieecopy I 9
* 1 Amiga Beginner 1 W Bench 2 Tutorial H Movenck Copy
* 1 Menumotter 3 T Crock & Copy 1 Fakemem T Prireer Driver* 1
Ho-d D*~ Utl* T 200 U*-ls T PC Task 2 T little Office TsmJ 2 n
Busmen letter T Mobile Spocefeoll* 1 letho E«jt "1 Son-*. Ane
1 Zone Warner ~l Sub«e Shades T Timpan« Membrane rt Wmd It Up 1
Satisfaction G Teed T Flying Cow* T Ba t Masking (2 Meg) T
Buborb & Custard 1 M*»oi o |5) 1 Fop Senpky Blue T F tying
lessons T Capri SlKles (3) Cl Speed Demo (3) nCoppela(2) T
lechno Mods |S| 1 Tribal Dance 1 ISO Techno Worror 1 Boss h Yo
Foce 1 A Trip 0 Dbose [2) Cl Data X Trilogy 1 Dow X The Victim
1 Rave Vision SKKET SHOOT: Travel the world and attempt to
complete “The International Pro Skeet Shoot" Try to better your
score, or compete against a friend in your hid to become World
ORBITAL DESTROYER: Reach for your Pulse Laser and blast the aliens as you fight to save the planet Earth! Be careful, your ammunition supply is limited - if you run out the Earth will be doomed.
* 1 k«dl*3W «rtd | Tcybenech Carp (2) T Mod Fighter 2(3) "1
Mosquerode (2| t Bruzo & Bunf Tewl Iraees 1 lock a Iw 1'cwxel
T sAGA 1B«manAGA iZombws I Ibcron?
1H AGA Rerv.
“I AGA tAegabal1 n aga fan TAGACondAeOl
* 1 Kxvdke Cads [8) Tborcn Tdungecr Vjkw Tmotomwkwaden2®
TmodFghw p 2 Player Soccer leogue 1 Eoit Cole Plus p Scrabble
*1 Pools Wizard Jnr T Te.t Eng re 4 I 1 “nog-ne Te. & Ob, (7) I
f LOgrop., T Error Info 1 Mm. Morph p Cash Frmt p Creme* Ptks p
Super Bhe Kd p Fightmg Warriors p Tetris Pro p W.bble World
Giddy p Top of the leogue p Oeiu.e Pocmon p Socce Cords p
PorocNAe 3oust pMegoOoH 2 1 pDom |T Mgh Oc ane |1 Closh of
Empire* |T Kingdom at Wor SPECIALS
• ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR -2 plus 38 games cfilis E25 00
• ADOBE FONT PACK 8 d sks fuH of fonts for Pogestream etc £6 40
• BODYShop PACK the complete collection of 12 disks £9 00
• BUSNESS PACK 4 dak set cor-ovvng oceobose scveatshee' W;T er £3
20 .COlCX* FONTS 5 disks of colour fonts for use m Dpomt £4 00
(DESK TOP VIDEO PACK 4 disks fo' oil you- vdeo work £3 20 !
1200 DEMO PACK I 1 disks of the latest demos fo- the 1200 £8 00
! IMAGINE PACK 18 disks of ob|ects. Textures, help files ond
Please hek hries requirec and send with your | name oddress and
payment of cheque posiol order cosh »o the oddress [ at the kap
of this odvert Cheques Postal Oders payable to NJH , All ORDERS
I__________________________________ We also jtocl Fred fish up
to 1000. Scope up to 210. Assass-ns Games up to 208.
Obo ISO tools jam ond Arug Also DTP fonts. D.port CATA10GUE DISK 75p or 3 first clou stamps 0 Exclusive offer direct from complex computers buy GBRoutePlus for £49.95 and get - GBRoutePlus features include:¦ 7 23 miHlon possible* routes A Calculate fastest, shortest 8 cheapest BLANK DISKS ALL OUR DISKS COME WITH A 100% ONE FOR ONE GUARANTEE DS DD 50 £16.00 100 £30.00 250 £70.00 500 £135.00 1000 £255.00 DS HD 50 £22.00 100 £40.00 250 £90.00 500 £170.00 1000 £320.00 labels Tool & Map scrolling and zooming facilities & Motorway service stations Included $ Road bias facility for six classes of
road $ 10 Levels of magnification to a 1 mile scale & Mileage scale bar & National grid co-ordinates & Colour palette requester $ Arexx support • over SO commands & Vector mileage calculator
* 30 look user interlace 50 £10.99 50 £16.00 100 £20.00 100
£30.00 250 £45.00 250 £70.00 500 £85.00 500 £135.00 1000
£150.00 1000 £255.00 All our disks include Wst will rrot tva
tiaa-tan sys, A roads and B roads Includes cities, towns and
many villages ® 5 vie options, 3 avoid places and avoid road ¦A
Colour and Wtrefrane map graphics Optional Interlace display
Supports colour and black and white on Please make cheques
arxJPOpayaWero:- Omfcr somm. Omanw wtbousc m 3. Cmssms suchwo
ml st tors. CAW*cces m msm UK MAINLAND - DELIVERY FREE OTHER
AREAS PRICES ON APPLICATION An pares'* are sear ouf by rscoroed
oeevery A11 wn* :o ava.iae.irt A* oeca* soqecf ro caan
.rtaour nof.ee t&OL Piaa*a auoe fty cneooe ceerence GBRoutePlus
Edit The | f examples of how the EdHor can benefit you, for
example ft Is possible to incorporate your home, workpiece,
company mds and relatives homes, additional roads end pieces,
toui lidey sites end of course future road changes 0 hi ft HI 2
oo HI V o « ft Expiry Date: ?? ??!
(& Compatible with A500 A500. A600 A1200 A1500 A3000 A4000 • 1 Meg required To order or for information pack Telephone 01706 214531 01248 371299 ¦ fax 01706 225320 k,r. Send me QBRoulePlui lor my Amiga computer together with OBRoutePlue Edit at thel xn:n: Please charge my AccesaAisa No: CUSTOMER NUMBER ORDER FORM Please supply me with the following for Computer .... TITLES VISA DATE:.
I special price ol C49.95 lull, inclusive to:- ¦NAME: ADDRESS:- 1 ADDRESS: . 1 'POSTCODE ...... 1 I CARD NO .. 1 ¦EXPIRY DATE: .. I ¦
SIGNED: ¦ .POSTCODE:. POST + PACKAGING Complex Computers ¦ 2 The Arcade, Waterloo!. Rossendale, Lancashire BB4 9AF. EAOE We accept cheques. Visa A Access made payable to Complex Computers. 1st class post is tree: TOTAL 019 PIANOS 020 STRINGS 021 SYNTH STRINC 022 CHOIRS 023 ORGANS 024 BetlS 025 SOUND FX 026 FX PtRC lOOF 027 DRUM LOOPS 001 AFRICAN 00? INDIAN INST 003 INDIAN PFRC 004 ARABIC 00b FARIAST 006 UlROPtAN 007 OCEANIA 006 AMERICAS 009 IKPtRC 010 DRUM KIT 011 ANALOG PERC 012 LA1INPERC
3000 Mi.M Chous with Bells 5 Synth (161 Church 4 Electric (17| Real & Synth with Chou 6 Stnngs (201 Action Explosions Gunsnots etc 1301 Up tempo eHeeled rhythms |14 Various styles pop breakbeat etc |14 More pop anfl breakbeat rtv.thms (13) Techno industrial 6 Electronic LOOOS (17) More of the above’116) Various rock rhythms with ejects T9) Rules Pan P«es Curmets etc (19.
Sa«es Trampets Brass Sections ele H5) Mu*r-Sampled Soft FX(1?| Sections Ce«os Pier Hits Wofcn 23» 015 ANALOG BASS 016 CNGiTAL BASS 017 BRASS 018 SVNTH BRASS ir Cheques Payable to DataSoft DataSoft are Scotland’s biggest multi-formal PD library.
AMIGA. ATARI, and PC catered for rom our SHOP! POP IN or Send for catalogue TOKAY!
Send Chequca P.O DataSoft do AIM COMPUTERS 5 Duke Street iuiinburgh EH6 8HN I'el & Pax: 031 553 7997 £18-61 £23-09 substitutions (J) JRING* J . Andrcwa Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 LAB J SCOTTISH FOOTBALL MANAGER Probably the beat football manager game!
DataSoft have joined forces with the best programmers to bring you a quality game at a great price.
4 Divisions fully adaptable Easy to understand gameplay Full Manual Completely up to date team lists European Competitions Transfer lists. Scouts and new features allowing you to make substitutions wisely!
Demo Version £3 00 PICK IT UP AT A ARO AIN PRICE FOR THIS MONTH ONLY HIGH QUALITY SOUND SAMPLES EXTENDED RANGE OF IFF SAMPLES (include* »«•« rhythm loopdbk-) Each «sk * compiled Irom a studio 'ocorded master and ts sampled on the Amiga at twice the sample rate o» PO sample OsKs They aro compaHWe with all PD and commercial tracker and sequoncor programs, and nro highly regarded by the Amiga Press 'Thoro are a lot ot sample libraries around but this one is absolutely brilliant- Amiga Computing 2 93.
'This collodion ol disks shows how it should be dono the conventional instrument samples aro the best I've hoard on the Amiga- CU Amiga ' 92. "Do you wart some high guatity and wide ranging sounds to use in your compositions? Well then Hus is tho place to look - Rating 87% Amiga Format Special Aut 92. N B no ot samplos in brackets Octave Splits with strings. FX (16) Cello Orrh Mrtv Sections elc (21)
• g & Oignai t9 PRII hs Hi-19 Imai .i i 3(h. J .» mrnc *1 rath.
IV i .mpklc MR Add il on ijnv .1 .- .«l«• I M.K- A I I). Ii
THE MOUNT. PAR. CORNWALL PL24 2D A. Tel: ( )-.!( ) HI.WO’_ Talking Drums Marimbas. Chads etc (531 Srtars. Bansuri Chads etc 09) Tablas. Ba as Rhythm Loops etc (35) Ud.Sa Bendir Rhythm loops etc (371 Tibetan Bells Vangom Koto etc (31) Balalaika Choirs Bodhran etc (34) DiOiendu. Chants. Slit Dram etc (23) Kenj. Benmbau Par Pipes etc (30| Power Toms Snares & Bass Scraicf-Rap 88i Bass & Snares. Mi Mats Cymbals & Toms (63) TR 808 CR 78 loops etc (641 Timbales Congas Cabasas Cowbe»setc |107| Acoushc Dectnc & Distorted etc (41) Slap Puked Frettess Fxetc(44i camaru DX RotamJ Korg etc (28i Sections
Saxes T-umpets etc (241 Analog DgitalilA e*cH8) M! _______ C-ITOH 8510 C2-75 CANON A60 E5-65 CITIZEN 120D SWIFT 24 9 E2-25 CENTRONICS H80 £3-20 DEC LA34 £3-00 EPSON LQIOO £2-55 EPSON LQ800 850 £2-75 EPSON LQ1000 1050 1170 £3-45 EPSON MX80 LX80O £2-35 EPSON FX 100 MX 100 £2-75 EPSON LX80 86 90 £1-50 OKI Mil 82 192 £2-50 PANASONIC KXP1123 24 40 £2-85 PANASONIC KXP1080 £2-25 PANASONIC KXP1524 £3-75 PANASONIC KXP2123 £5-00 STAR LC10 £1-75 STAR LC200 £2-65 STAR LC2410 £2-45 COMPUTER PAPER I Sogsm LASER QUALITY PAPER 500 SHEETS 'Minimum order 5 reams ¦ 91 t 60gsm USTING PAPER 2000 SHEETS « 14-5
3. 1 INCH DS HD £5-60 per 10 3m INCH DS DD £3-80 per 10 GRADE 1
(GENERAL USEI 3m INCH DS HD £4-50 per 10 3m INCH DS DD £3-60
per 10 + 0-04 pence for formatted All Disks are fully
guaranteed ON BULK ORDERS HP LASER JET 1 1+ 500 £95-00 HP
LASER JET 11 111 £43-00 HP LASER JET 11P 1 IIP £50-00 HP
SELF DEFENCE Unarmed combat expert and top professional
bouncer’, Paul Wellard, has been an active participant in
dozens of fights where brawling is quick, dirty and very
violent.As a 2nd Dan Karate Black Belt he has learned that
martial arts training is useful in a brawl, but it is no
substitute lor real street fighting "know how". He has now
compiled two unique guides to real self defence The Secrets of
Street Self Defence - Volume 1 Reveals: • 18 facts you should
know about street fighting. • Inside the mind of a thug • The
martial arts and their relevance to street fighting. • How and
why fights occur. • Dealing with confrontational situations. •
How to psyche out an opponent. • Essential principles of
street fighting. • Some commonly taught nonsense.
• Using surprise to your advantage. • How elbows and knees are
used in a street fight. • Vital tips.
The Secrets of Street Self Defence - Volume 2 Reveals: • The warrior mentality. • The most effective street fighting techniques and how to use them • Defence against knife bottle attacks.
• Defence against more than one attacker. • Using your fists and
legs to maximum effect. • Headbutts. • Physical conditioning
for peak performance.
In his highly detailed books, Wellard draws on his experiences to reveal the psychology, strengths and weaknesses of a street fighter, the characteristics of a real fight (you might be surprised): ways ot dealing with aggressive people and lots of tips and tricks. He presents the basic defence moves that can be applied to most types of attack and offers straightforward training programmes to improve individual techniques. He supplies the critical information no one else talks about - that will keep you unhurt and intact.
Each book, available by mail order only, is priced at just £12.95 postpaid or you can order both books for only £19.95 postpaid.
To order please write to: Casuti Ltd., AT PO Box 115, St. Heller JE4 8QZ, with your name, address and payment (credit card holders may phone 0534-617181 anytime) asking for The Secrets of Street Self Defence Volumel and or Volume 2’. We usually deliver much faster, but please allow a maximum 28 days.
All orders are despatched under plain cover You can return either book within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund if you are not 100% satisfied.
* Price includes PART. LABOUR. DELIVERY & VAT
* 90 Day warranty on all repairs £s 13 YetlTS
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs
* All upgrades purchased from us fitted free with repair
* If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10 AMIGA A1200 Repairs
only S2- Fully inclusive SPECIAL OFFERS tK.20 Afi00 1200
Internal Drive 08.10 A500 Internal Drive A500 600 1200 PSU
Falter Agnus 8372A Super-Denise 17SS0 A500 Keyboard ILK I iAHO
Hk.VO A500 CLA M.SC tm.W A520 Xchange Modulator 11900 CHIPS
8371 Agnus lA500) £12.60 8372A 1 Meg Agnus £24.30 8375 2Meg
Agnus £24 30 H374 Alicel A12001 £32 70 8362 Denise IA500) £9.60
H373 Super Denise £14 40 R364 Gary £7 60 H520 CLA I.A500 . I
£650 8520 CIA A600 I2001 £7.20 8364 Paula IA500 +) £12-34 HARD
DRIVES Quality 2-5 inch Ini HD I Suited for AMO 6 A1200 60
Mbyte £135.95 120 Mbyte £195.00 210 Mbyte £269.00 All drives
complete with cable, fitting instructions installation software
and 12 months warranty CHIPS Kickstart 1.2 £4.2©| Kickstart 13
£12 SO Kickstart 2.04 £22 40 Kickstart 2 .05 £29 90 Kickstart 3
ihighi £25 00 Kickstart 3 flow) £25 00 Kum Sharer £15 001 NEW
Modulators £29.50 All spam are factory fU and genuine
(ommodore parts. All come u tth TJ months uarrcnly (Except
chips i Add £1.00 P&P on chips. £2.50 P&P on drives & PSUs We
reserve the right lo refuse repairs ATTENTION ALL DEALERS 3R
FREE I Service HOTLINE (0533) 470059
- DART DART Computer Services (AF) jpq 105London Road LEICESTER
LE2 OPF Y SV T Vrs C~U 4 A dvttiOfl Of 0 A Computers Ltd GLAD
TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY Especially for the Christmas festivities,
we've parcelled up the biggest and brightest issue of Amiga
Format this year. When you've finished stuffing yourself with
turkey and mince pies, why not put your feet up with your
favourite Amiga mag? It's probably the best present you've ever
had! Not only will this issue be massive but we have three -
yes that's three - glittering Coverdisks, namely the brilliant
programming language AMOS Professional worth £50, plus two
exclusive games (you'll have to wait to find out what they
And for all those cynical Scrooges out there who think X that the Amiga is dying Steve Jarratt takes a
* °°k at the hundreds of Amiga games A* to being released this
Christmas. R It's a cracker!
RESERVE YOUR COPY OF J Cut out this form or photocopy it and I then hand it in to your newsagent.
I Please reserve deliver Amiga Format I magazine each month.
| Name .. | Address Phone No To the newsagent: Amiga Format is published by Future Publishing.
Tel: 01225 442244.
TECHNICAL tetplin tor all Customers INK-JET BUBBLEJET SERVIC Having used Ink-Jets for 3 Years, we faal we ara in a unique position to offer a first class service to all of our customers. We only supply PREMIER Ink refills for all printers which we GUARANTEE will give a BETTER quality than from your original Cartridge. We also supply a comprehensive range of Ink-Jet Bubblejet Consumables Including: COLOUR KITS ORIOINAL CARTRIDGES CLEANINO KITS Single Refill, £•¦99 Twin Refill, £12.99 6 Pack Refill, £24.99 available in Black Cyan Magenta Yellow Green Red Blue NEW! MEW! NEW! NEW!
Waterproof Slack Ink Single ReNH: £7.** Twin RaflM: £14.SS For a FREE Comprehensive Printout Fonts and Datalls ol our othar Services ADVERTISERS' INDEX 10 Oul Of 10 Mag 29 .0114 2780370 Marker Ploce 180183 01225 U2244 17 Bil Software.
124 01924 366982 Maverick Mail Order 182 01989 767655 Isi Computer Centre.
30-31 0113 2319444 Maxis . .. 80 0171 490 2333 182 01492 544395 Microprose
27. 49 01454 326532 Almolheta ... .148 0181 687 0040
Ministry of Defence 57 Amiga Power id ..... .01225 442244 Nat
West Bank 83 Amiga Shopper 106 01225 442244 NBS 128 01983
529594 Analogic 122 0181 546 9575 NJHPO 183 01702 546191
Anco .... 43,69 Ocean Softwoie
7. 21 25 0161 632 6633 Angel Software 173 01224 480210 Ommdale
Supplies 182 01332 291219 Anglia PD ...... 133 01374
283494 Owl Assoooses 172 01543 250377 BokPD..... 182 01246
290860 PD Soft.
127 01702 466933 Binary Asylum 71 01225 428494 Phoenix Comp Centre 89 0113 2350568 Brian lakers 184 0181 680 8228 Planet Data 181 01234 540954 Brighton Cmp Supplies 61 01273 506261 Post Hoste 169 01227 764204 Calculus .....
65. ..... .01543 419999 Power Computing 91,97 121 CIC
Videos . 44 01234 843388 Complex Computers .183 01706
224531 Piemiet Moil Order 84 01268 271172
CIV. .. 84 01296 641165 Pure Technology 182 01745
332535 Don Computers ...... .184 0116 2470059 Cam go 100
01690 770304 Data Systems 181 01820 627272 tenegode 80 0171
481 9214 Datogem 162 0171 608 0624 Selecsolcer 186 01702
202835 Dotascope 184 0131 553 7997 Shops Directory 179 01225
442244 Date! Electronics .152,171 01782 744707 Samouth
Softwore 173 01395 567073 Digita International
90. 147 01395 270273 SiLcc SysSems
141. 149 ,159.163 Direct Comp Supplies 89 01603 311471 0181 309
1111 Direct Software
123. 183 01908 379550 Siren Software 37 0161 724 7576 Disktech
128 0181 656 2663 Snap Comp Supplies 172 01703 457111
Emerald 20 0181 543 2258 Soft Express 156 01908
277177 Epic Marketing.
.137138 01793 490988 Software Firs?
142 01268 325500 ESP Software
75. 101 01702 600557 Softwood Software 108109 01773 836781
Eveshom Micros .... 153 01386 765500 S*TPD 182 01179500124
Exclusive PD 133 01705 642409 Stor Microncs 96 01494 471111
future leisure Books 166-167 01225 442244 Telescon 182 01253
829292 Futuiezone . 111 Tofol Computer Supplies
140 01442 233393 Gastei net 168 0181 345 6000 foes Guitar 158
01225 442244 Golden Image .157 0181 900 9291 Trodmg Post 183
01952 462135 Gremlin...... 51 0114 22 753423 TK Media 184
Ground Zero 129 01179711462 Tt,logic 92 01274 691115 Harwoods
.2-3,61.187 U* future Gomes 68 01225 442244 01773 836781 US
Gold 17,73.77 Homesoft PD .182 0114 2422000 0121 625 3388
Indr .. .104-105 01543 419999 Virgin 63 0181
960 2255 Jorvic PD 181 01904 624637 Virus free PD 132 01793
490988 KT'sPD 133 01702 542434 Walkabout Mas* 184 01726
813807 Icl 173 01491 579345 Weird Software 113 01116 2340682
Mod PD 181 01293 523869 World Of Amiga Show 4041 AMIGA FORMAT
66 DECEMBER 1994 Stephen Bradley Steve McGill Jason Sue White
Frank Bartucca Diane Clarke David Matthews Ashton James
Judith Green Chariot Claire Mark julure EDITORIAL (OITOR
CONTRIBUTORS Richard Baguley, Marcus Dyson, Ed Wiles, Roy
Ferguson, Tim Smith. Jeff Walker, Meff Evans, Andy Stout Jim
Cadwallader, Graeme Sandiford ADVERTISING GROUP AD MGER Mary
PHOTOGRAPHY _kJ eJ yl.ej o) AI R mEDOSK AiiamiNite
I SCANNING A IMAGESETTING Jon Moore, Simon Windsor, Chris Stocker, Jason Titley. Mark Gover COLOUR ORIGINATORS Phoenix Repro PRINTED IN THE UK BY St Ives PLC NEWS TRADE DISTRIBUTION. UK Future Publishing 01225 442244 NRWSTRADE DIST ABROAD Future Publishing 01225 442244 CRACKLING More reader interaction. We draw on readers' contributions, resulting in the liveliest letters pages and the best reader tips Buying one of our magazines is like (oming a nationwide user group.
Better value for money More pages, better quality - magazines you can trust AMIGA FORMAT 30 Monmouth St Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Telephone 0122S 442244 Facsimile 01225 318740 E-MAIL ADDRESS amformatfHuturenet.co.uk (INCLUDE DEPARTMENT IN SUBJECT TEXT) SUBSCRIPTIONS, BACK ISSUES and MAIL ORDER ilishing. Somerton, FREEPOST. TA11 6BR 01225 822511. 9am-6pm 01225 822510 subscription: £47.40 SERVICES 01225 822511 Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation January-June 1994 IARANTEE OF VALUE comes from Future Publishing, a just nine years ago but now selling magazines than any other in Britain.
Advice. Our titles are packed with tips, stions and explanatory features, written by the est in the business.
Jer reviews We have a cast-iron policy of
• al independence and our reviews give clear g recommendations v
You need solid information fast. So highlight key elements by
using charts, try boxes, and so on .. ;e. At Future. Fditors
operate under s: d your readers' needs.
Printed in the UK All contents O Future Publishing Limited 1994 POSTCPYPT NS05»iE m&m'AM SHRAPNEL STAR STEEL STENCIL TRETCH L WOBBLER Z&KR® 0 ®[P0CqHo0S© PEREE POWSBIIIftlB S arStrysk Amiga Frame Grabbing has just taken a Fall... in Price but definitely not in quality!
The revolutionary new ProGrab™ 24RT with Teletext is a 24-bit real time colour frame grabber and digitiser costing less than any of its rivals! Whilst ProGrab™ has slashed the price of frame grabbing on the Amiga, it has been bestowed the Amiga Format Gold Award and many rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results!
Grab images with your Camcorder lake a signal from a TV Use a satellite receiver as your output device Grab IV pictures or video frames from your VCR's video output With ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video technology either.
Simple 3 stage operation ensures you get the right result - real time, after time!
STAGE 1... Select any video source with composite output. This could be a camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... Using ProGrab™S software, select an image you wish to capture in its on screen preview window (because the hardware grabs a frame in real time, there's no need for a still frame facility on the source device) and. ProGrab™ even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from suitable inputs Once grabbed, simply download the image to your Amiga for full screen viewing STAGE 3... Use the saved image in your ( favourite Amiga Word Processing.
Desk Top Publishing or Graphics j software packages ProGrab1’*' really makes it that simplel PrcOdC" has r«trCy ceen awarded
* ’cOdd a score cf 9?*. And 'crrvcs «e ¦ProGrdb narovare ft top
ncccn* rxj Ter value fCr rr.orey ProGrab canrxx be Ceaten' ’
has just twr. Gr.rn Amga Sncpper s BEST BUT and they ve sad 'if
you .vart to capci e reafcstt twjcs wdxxjt spcrxvig a fortune
trw is me rod for me job' ¦¦¦ j? I. CU Amigas rating ac 86 sad
ProGrao™ »s 'Ak me joo for iiUi 1 [wl *» vemp ofessdws on a
bqrt budget' and ery hard to beat f cr the rrcney rc rmq can
touch t’ « $ 12 pixels tn HAM 8 Amga tages are digitised m 24M.
16 7 million colours ProGrab-’' supports IFF ILBM. ILBM24.
Clipboard. JPEG. ProGrab™ File or AnimS file output formats.
ProGrab™'* software has bu»lt in mono and colour animation facilities The number of frames is dependant upon your Amiga's RAM For professional users the optional ProGrab™ PCMCIA Interface Connector is available for Maximum Data Throughput Preview Refresh Rates
* ProGrab'” 24RT Digitiser
* ProGrab™ 24RT Software + Parallel Connecting Cable
* Mains Power Supply Unit modes uo RAM peftr Now you can frame
grab on your Amiga for just £129 I-95 with ProGrab™ 24RT io ge
your hands on ProGraDT“. Can our sales ime on 01-773-836781 v
As* us for a list or stasis* n yojr are* For funner onxlixl
data* orease ipqupst an inrorrrvilron oack L image sampies oisi
Derbyshire. DE5S 7BP ProGrab™ supports any Amiga with Kicks tart 2 04 or later and t 5Mb minimum free RAM Win!
Your very own Mortal Kombat II arcade machine worth £2,400!
Turn to page 46 for the world’s first review of the Amiga version and full competition details!
Fatalities, babalities. Friendships... all the special moves are in the Format Gold-winning game from Acclaim. Read all about it in our exclusive four-page review starting on page 46.
Uiure PUBLISHING 1 All prices include VAT * All prices subject to change without notice 2
* We reserve the right to refuse any repair. * P & P charges
£3.50 by Royal Mail or £6.00 + VAT for courier

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