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AMIGA FORMAT From next month (Issue 72, June) the price of Amiga Format will rise to £4.50. The increase has been forced on Future Publishing by a 33 per cent rise in the cost of paper. To try to soften the blow we are offering a special subscription rate for a limited period of time. Turn to page 133 for details. If you're a music fanatic then you'll already be delighted with Amiga Format's Bars&Pipes stuff. But Amiga Shopper goes one better and brings you the full version of the excellent Boom Box on Coverdisk 1. And because CD-ROM drives are the essential piece of kit that everyone's after we have a massive Supertest of some of the best available. We also have a Public Domain section devoted to business applications and our panel of experts will help with all your problems in the Amiga Answers section. All that plus loads of reviews and tutorials to help you make the most of your Amiga. It’s all in the May issue of Amiga Shopper. On sale now. Sue Grant Editor. Amiga Shopper Every year at Amiga Power we produce our All- Time Top 100. A curious contradiction, perhaps, but it's true. And it is that time of year again. So buy AP and read about the 100 greatest Amiga games ever created, definitively listed by Britain's best-selling Amiga games magazine. And the other exciting thing this month is our special Cdi2 edition, available alongside the normal disk- sporting one. It costs a pound extra, which seems a bit off, but it comes with a CD stuffed with exciting things, including the hit single It's A Skull. Find redemption through Amiga Power.

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Document sans nom THE WORLD’S B GEST ELLI NG !Aft£ZINE £3.99 ¦ MAY 1995 Bars&Pipes Professional The battle of Doom - Alien Breed 3D v Death Mask Piccolo SD64 64-bit graphics for «
• W wVWe Link up!
Discover the ultimate multilayer games thrill USIC disk o sive e m ic s Reviewed: TFX, Super Skidmarks 2, Ruffian, Man Utd: The Double, Whizz, Exile AGA, Angst Previewed: Virocop, USM. Your guarantee of value 9 770957 486042 Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 TELEPHONE I 234 273 Hi VISA CD-ROM £199 x2 CD-ROM DOUBLE SPEED CD ROM £299 x4 CD-ROM QUAD SPEED CD ROM o or i I ¦ SCSI Connectors Audio In Out IIOv 240v
SCSI ID Cooling SCSI Switch Fan Connectors Audio In Out POWER CD-ROM ¦ COMPARISON CHART The new Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs POWER OTHER DOUBLE SPEED, MULTI SESSION " l - directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 MAX TRANSFER (INTERFACE) 3MB
I. SMB and SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six additional
peripherals CD32 EMULATION ?
To be connected, for example: Syquest Drives, Hard Drives, NUMBER OF SUPPORTABLE DEVICES 7 1 OR 2 Flatbed Scanners and Dat Drives. What’s more the Power THRU PORT FOR ADDITIONAL DEVICES ?
- CD-ROM features a ‘Hot-Plug’ and ‘Un-Plug’, which HIGH QUALITY
- allows you to connect disconnect at any time the Power FULLY
- CD-ROM and any additional devices, even when your AUTOMATIC
- Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ?
Audio lead, mains lead* and software: Audio CD, CD32 COMPLETE WITH UTILITY SOFTWARE ?
Emulation, MPEG Film Decoder and PhotoCD software.
£199 £199 Amiga 600 1200 Amiga 4000 noscsi interface Accessories Amiga 4000 SCSI-lnterface £129 Multi-media Speakers 80 Watt .. .....£54 Double - Speed Double - Speed CD-ROM . . ...£199 CD-ROM . ....£159 Quad - Speed Quad - Speed cd-rom £299 cd-rom £259
• ukoni Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide
distribution available All pnces include VAT Specifications and
pnces are subject to change without notice, ail trademarks .re
acknowledged All orders in writing or UsepNye wi be accepted
only subject to our terms and conditions of trade copies of
wh h are latfc free of Charge ex' rrQuttt Next Day £5.00 2-3
Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock
availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear TELEPHONE
01234 273000 r POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford
MK4I 7RW Tel 0 I 234 273000 Fax 0 I 234 352207 VIPER VIPER
68030 SERIES RAM Up to SMB (Viper 1) 128MB (Viper 2 ) Full
Kickstart Remapping Optional SCSI-11 adaptor On-board battery
backed clock 68882 Co-processor Instruction and data burst
modes Viper-I 28MHz Viper-I 33-42MHz PC'.A PLCC. FPU upto SOM
Hz PGA PLCC, FPU upto 50MHz Bare Board ...£115.95 Bare Board
...£169.95 4MB Viper____£249.95 4MB Viper £299.95 8MB
Viper____£399.95 8MB Viper £439.95 Viper -2 28MHz Viper -2
40MHz EC PLCC only. FPU upto 40MHz PLCC only, FPU upto 40MHz
Bare Board ...£135.95 Bare Board ...£199.95 4MB
Viper____£269.95 4MB Viper £329.95 8MB Viper____£41 9.95 8MB
Viper £469.95 Viper Options Viper Co-processors 28MHz FPU £25
SCSI-II Adaptor----£79 33MHz FPU £50 4MB SIMM £139
40MHz FPU £70 8MB SIMM £299 50MHz FPU (PGA) .£100 Other
SIMMS £POA VIPER 68030 68030 40MHz RC or 50MHz RC with MMU, RAM
upto 128MB, FPU-PGA only.
Bare 40MHz £229.00 40MHz-4MB £379.00 40MHz-8MB £499.00 Bare 50MHz £249.00 50MHz-4MB £399.00 50MHz-8MB £51 9.00 POWER 1208 ¦
• A1200 RAM board
• PCMCIA friendly (L . 11*)
• Uses 1 x 32 SIMM
• Amiga Format Gold award
• Expand upto 8MB 2mb £139.00
4mb £189.00 8mb £329.00 XL 1.76MB The
XL Drive 1.76MB measures half the height of a standard external
floppy drive and allows you to store a massive 1.76MB on a high
density disk. The A4000 internal drive fits perfectly
underneath the original drive and no case cutting is required.
EXTERNAL ...£89.95 INTERNAL ...£85.00 A4000 INT .....£85.00 POWER DRIVE The Power Drive now includes Blitz Amiga and Floppy Expander, free.
Floppy Expander allows you to compress files on floppy disks by up to 50%. Other features include: Anti- Click, Anti-Virus, Isolation Switch, 2 Year Warranty, Thru'port, Cyclone Compatible Chip, Backup Flardware and Blitz Compatible feature.
EXTERNAL ...£49.95 CYCLONE S W ONLY . .£ I 0.00 INTERNAL DRIVES Our internal drives use the same drive mechanisms as the Amiga to ensure complete compatibility.
PC88I A500 ...£30.95 PC882 A2000 ..£30.95 PC883 A600 I200 . . ....£35.95 All products have a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available SERIOUSLY AMIGA AMIGA NEWS Why is console guru Richard Darling looking towards the Amiga?
Find out on page 12.
Main Buy-out latest There's a new player in the Commodore buy-out stakes. We reveal all. P10 Jimi Hendrix did it with a guitar. We show you how to do it with our Bars&Pipes Pro Coverdisk.
Melody maker p20 Introduction 85 Piccolo SD64 87 When is a PC graphics card not a PC graphics card? When it's a new 64-bit graphics card of course. Confused? We explain all.
Photogenics 1.1a 93 Barely have the gasps of wonder subsided after the release of this AF Gold-rated image processor than Almathera release an upgrade.
Dpaint V 97 After taking a few knocks with version IV Dpaint is back in the ring.
But can it hope to compete with the new contenders?
Amitek Fusion Genlock 100 At less than £100, this can't really be much of a genlock. Or is it one of the greatest desktop video bargains of all time?
CD-ROM round-up 103 Thousands of megabytes of Amiga graphics, utilities and games reviewed and rated in our comprehensive round-up.
10 Out Of 10 Driving Test 108 Can an Amiga and a couple of disks really help you with a three-point turn? We put this package to the test.
10 Out Of 10 German 108 Using an Amiga can make learning fun. But only if the software captures the kids' imagination. Find out if this one does just that.
Every new Amiga game reviewed and rated!
PLAY Page 35 Super Skidmarks 2 p44 Have Acid created the greatest ever racing game?
Previews 37 Virocop, Ultimate Soccer Manager, Power House, Obsession, Turbo Trax, Conan The Conqueror, Flight Of The Amazon Queen Super Skidmarks 2 44 TFX 50 Angst 54 Exile 56 Sword Of Honour 58 Exile (left): New version of a quirky adventure classic. Angst (above): Poor man's Dungeon Master?
MAY 1995 International Golf Man Utd: The Double Soccer Superstars Ruffian Re-releases GameBusters Coverdisk A: Bars&Pipes p140 Bars&Pipes is more than just a sequencer program. In the right hands it can be the key to a whole new multimedia experience. Find out how to get started with this powerful package.
'Pe* v “-£2* ¦ "•ate Coverdisk B: Alien Breed 3D and Death Mask p138 £ i f All 1Mb Amiga ' Hi AUEM BREED 3D: Exclusive dtmo of Team 171 nmrioMi Doom buster DEATH MASK: RejOKt as you i the corridors of Exclusive new 1 Stalk an eerie alien enemy around a maze of corridors in these exclusive demos of the two leading Doom-style games for the Amiga.
Disk 71b Piccolo p87 Read all about Ramiga's exciting new 64-bit graphics card.
Dpaint V p97 Does this latest release do justice to an old favourite?
TFX p50 Ocean's long-awaited flight sim finally gets an airing.
- S. HBS= - Cm*m* «__JZ «* *• _ ¦ = i r i * «* -
- »¦ r--:ac4 ttm 1 TUTORIALS AMOS Professional 116 Jason Holborn
explains how to make your game-coding life easier by using the
AMOS data structures.
AF OFFERS Special Offers 128 Back Issues 131 Books 132 Subscriptions 133 Educational Software 134 Serial link feature p28 Turn on, tune in and link up for the ultimate multi-player gaming thrill.
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Amiga Insider Video * 4 disks ol shareware Workbench Booster Pack ..£36.95 Includes Workbench 3 A-Z Insider Guide, Disks & Drives Insider Guide & lulorial video PC Task 3 PC Task 3 allows you to run software designed for IBM Pcs and compatibles on you Amiga ! It emulates a 80286 based PC, so you can run Windows 3.1 and applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. On an AGA Amiga you can even run SVGA screen modes !
RRP £79.95 - Emerald Price £59.95 Upgrade from v2 £34.95 - please call for details Upgrade from PD version £44.95! - Limited offer runs until the 30th April Image Processing & CA Imagine 3 The latest version of the premier Amiga raytracer.
New features include | bones, more FX, deformations and more £99.95 Art Department Professional v2.5. . £139.00 More conversion options. CDXL modules, hotlinks lo Dpaint AD Pro Conversion Pack ..£59.99 Caligari 24 .£89.95 Easy to use 24 bit colour renderer Caligari Broadcast v3.1 ..£249.99 Doug's Pro Control £50.95 Batch processing Iront end lor Art Department Lightwave ..£449.95 Maxxon Magic ...£23.95 Screen saver Morph Plus £129.95 Broadcast quality morphing & warping - hotlinks lo Art Dept and Art
Dept add-ons Essence vol 1 + Forge ....£79.95 Essence vol 2 + Forge ....£79.95 Collections ol algorithmic textures lor Imagine 3 ¦ Forge manipulates them Pixel 3D Pro II ... £59.95 Real 3D Classic ..£69.95 Real 3D V2.4 ...£299.95 X-CAD 2000 .£39.95 Good quality CAD package X-CAD 3000 ...£119.95 Adds lull 3D capabilities and rendering to XCAD 2000 Paint Packages Deluxe Paint 5 .....£69-99 Non AGA version Personal Paint 6.1 £39.95 Latest version - now supports HAM and animations
Photogenics .£49.95 Mac beater I Hundreds ol natural ettects TV Paint 3 .£599.95 Simply the best pro package tor the Amiga artist with hundreds ol incredible features !
Brilliance 2 Still the best all round price performance paint package. Fully supports AGA screenmodes, animations, and it's fast!
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Expander ...£29.95
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Back-up System + Scarf cable £57.95 Vidi Amiga 12
AGA ......£64.95 Vidi 12 Real Time ......£149.95
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£289.95 High Quality, Fast 24 Bit Graphics Card Tabby Graphics
Tablet ....£57.95 A5 Graphics Tablet - Great With
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Scala MM400+EE100 ....£349.95 The amazing new Squirrel SCSI interface lets you add SCSI devices to your Amiga 600 1200, including CD Drives (includes CD32 emulation) £64.95 Pro Grab 24RT ..£125.95 24 Bit Real-Time Colour Frame Grabbing Rendale 8802 Genlock ...£159.95 Good Quality Genlock, Fades, Chromakey. Etc Rendale 9402 SVHS ....£279.95 As Above, But Super VHS Wp & Dtp Finance Man ace me.
Final Copy 2 £47.95 Final Writer 3 £69.95 Mini Office ..£37.95 Pen Pal ....£29.00 TypeSmith 2.5 ..£118.95 Pagestream 3 ..£174.95 Wordworth 3.1 SE .£44.95 Wordworth 3.1 ...£79.95 Personal Fonts Maker ....£19.95 Distant Suns 5.0 .£27.95 Vista Pro 3.0 £27.95 Vista Lite (only 2mb required) .£27.95 Makepath for Vista .£9.95 Terraform for Vista .£9.95 Vista, DistantSuns.Makepath+Terraform £59.95 Vista Pro or
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Includes PSU, manual, Audio CD Utility, CD32 Emulation 8 Photo CD Software £299.95 Double Speed Drive £199.95 Connects to Syquest Drives, DAT, Scanners, Hard Disks & more Emerald - Your One Stop Productivity Shop Power Quad Speed CD Rom Drive Plugs directly into PCMCIA slot and provides SCSI interface for another 6 SCSI Workbench Upgrad OS 3.1 for A500 2000 ....£83.95 OS 3.1 for A1200 .£93.95 OS 3.1 for A3000 .£93.95 OS 3.1 for A4000 .£93.95 How to order: Cheques made pa; Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, Postage & Packing: Charges Next day
courier is £4.95 inc. Pncng All pricing includes VAT but not carriage. We Problems Faulty product will be replaced or repaired days to clear, despatch the order not before.
Recorded post is an extra £0.55p. overseas pricing.
Of any change when you order.
We will refund it we can't repair me goods. ESOE Tel 0181-715 8866 Fax 0181-715 887- Rapid House, 54 Wandle Bank London SW19 1DW THIS MONTH IN VIEW MAY 1995 This JUIqnth InlView Mick Veitch reflects on another eventful month for the Amiga in which a new player has entered the Commodore buy-out stakes.
AMIGA FORMAT 71 MAY 1995 CONTRIBUTORS Stevie Kennedy, Graeme Sandiford. Tim Smith, Maff Evans, Richard Baguley, Jason Hoibom.
John Kennedy, Dale Bradford.
Telephone 01225 442244 Facsimile 01225 318740 E-MAIL ADDRESS amformatOfuturenet.co.uk (INCLUDE DEPARTMENT IN SUBJECT TEXT) 01225 442244 01225 442244 SUBSCRIPTIONS. BACK ISSUES AND MAIL ORDER Future Publishing, Somerton, Somerset FREEPOST. TA11 6BR Telephone 01225 822511, 9am-6pm Facsimile 01225 822510 UK one-year subscription: £47.40 (UK) £69.97 (Eur) £84.97 (Rest Of World) COMPETITION WINNERS The winner of our quite tremendous Nice One 01225 822511 I competition f equipment - a from AF69 to win over I sensational Squirrel Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation 108,144 July-December 1994 Printed in the UK.
Contributions are accepted only on the basis of full assignment of copyright to Future Publishing. All contents © Future Publishing Limited 199S.
Of SCSI IA B C interface, a terrific triple speed CD drive and a quite superb 270Mb SyQuest dove is ft ulure EDITORIAL EDITOR DEPUTY EDITOR PRODUCTION EDITOR GAMES EDITOR STAFF WRITER DESIGN ART EDITOR BYE-BYE BALDIE PUBLISHING PUBLISHER JOINT MD CIRCULATION MANAGER CIRCULATION ASSISTANT ADVERTISING GROUP AD MGER ADVERTISING MANAGER CUSTOMER SERVICES Telephone Mary de Sausmarez Louise Woods Iwoods9futurenet.co.uk Diane Clarke David Matthews Nick Veitch Sue Grant Richard Jones Stephen Bradley Steve McGill Greg Ingham Jon Bickley Kate Elston Sue White Frank Bartucca Another month goes by. And
although the long-running saga of the Commodore buy-out is getting extremely close to being finally resolved, in some bizarre exponential curve of happenings it isn't quite there yet. Rather like the frog crossing the road, who can hop half the distance left to travel each lime, we approach the end in an ever shallower curve.
As I write this, the bidding for Commodore is still wide open. As I mentioned last month, all the protagonists have die means to [jay at least twice what the company is worth - so it's not a question of financial means or muscle any more, just one of sheer determination.
A major --- -- development came to light just as we were going to f press though.
The German PC giant Escom has put in a US$ 6m bid for Commodore and managed to procure the whole of the Rumbelow's chain which closed a couple of month's ago. Just what the impact of this will be on David Pleasance's management buy-out effort remains to be seen, but it would seem that Escom have grand designs.
Their interest in Commodore and their acquisition of Rumbelow's has certainly brought new interest to the buy-out story, particularly as Escom were previously only interested in the Commodore logo, so that they could badge their Pcs (the Commodore Pcs were very popular in Europe).
It seems likely, although we say this nearly every month, that something dramatic will have happened to Commodore by our next issue, so keep an eye out for it.
The other thing that is likely to cause reaction amongst Amiga fans everywhere, is that the price of your favourite mag is going up to the still-great- value sum of £4.50. Before you start powering up your Wordworth AFC Coverdisk to fire off a long, whingeing diatribe, let me just say this. AMIGA Formal, apart from when it only had one disk this time two years ago, has cost just under four quid since April 1992. So the price rise is barely ahead of inflation over that two-year period.
Also, something which you probably won’t have heard, the evil paper barons have hiked their prices by over 30 per cent, and there may be more rises to follow. As you can imagine, that sort of increase has had a dramatic effect on the cost of printing the magazine.
Faced with such an increase in paper costs, there are only two things we can do - we can either cut back in other ways, or put up the price of the magazine.
Actually, we have fallen somewhere in between, but the net result is that you will have to pay an extra 51 pennies for your AMIGA Formal as of next month (as we've shown you in our lavish illustration).
Subscribers shouldn't worry because they arc protected against any price rises - and they also get an extra disk, a lovingly-prepared Borkstage newsletter and loads of fabulous special offers and exclusive subscriber-only competitions. So, if you've been thinking of subscribing anyway, now would be an ideal time to do it Ivccausc we arc offering a special rate - but only for a limited period. In fact, it's cheaper to subscribe to AMIGA Formal now than it has been for, oooh, ages. For full details of our special Beat The Price Rise subscription offer, turn to page 133.
Of course, I don't expect you to all just accept the increase (although it only works out at just over £6 a year), so by all means complain to me if you like, but I'm afraid it won't make any difference because that's the wav it is. 'Zj ic a Squirrel l Wigan, : W J Hinton from Waterlooville and Clare Rea from Dereham in Norfolk.
And the answers to the i average transfer speed of a drive is JOOK.'sec. the Squirrel supports SCSI SCSI 2, rubber feet make the Squirrel more stable, you can attach up to seven SCSI devices to the Squirrel and the Red Squirrel is native to Britain SoftWood Softw will go down in his the best there's been... for a T I he way we all communicate today has gradually evolved from early cave paintings by Prehistoric man. Through Egyptian Hieroglyphics and eventually on to a method of symbols representing both letters and numbers. Early inscriptions in stone gave way to clay tablets, papyrus,
parchment and ultimately paper, and the Greek alphabet became the basis of most of today !s languages.
Boots were created by hand until the mid 15th century when crude printing processes were first introduced. Albeit with continual refinements, printing methods have, until very recently, remained the only way to distribute the written word and hence a host of information throughout the world.
The biggest leap forward has been achieved in the last ten years!
Through the adoption of computer generated text as a new standard, complicated layouts and designs can now be generated and printed at the touch of a few keys right on your desktop. And it doesn i slop there.
Archiving and record keeping works hand in hand with these new methods of processing text and allows far faster data retrieval than ever before. This latest technology has not just revolutionised the world of print, but has opened the floodgates to an explosion in communication possibilities throughout the world.
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Final Calc™ is the only Spreadsheet that can start with a minimum range of features (ideal for [he beginner), but progress to offer power beyond the levels found nol jusl on any other Amiga Spreadsheet, but almost any Spreadsheel on any computer system. Multi-layer sheets, advanced PostScript outputting facilities with flexible font handling, complele document scaling opiions. A vasl choice of Graph styles including 3D and animaled (to show calculation result progressions) are just some of its comprehensive and unique features.
Final Calc™ is due for release in Spring 1995, so look out for the magazine reviews. If you want to know more now. Simply cut the coupon (on the right) for your free advance information.
,TM Final Writer TM Compatibility: Floppy or Hard Drive Syslems Filial Copy II"-' is ideal for that quick letter but also boasts features which are powerful enough to help you produce end results normally associated with expensive Desk Top Publishing packages... easy to achieve, without the fuss!
System that enables you to print the same Postscript™ outline fonts to any printer in both landscape & portrait modes) ensure that Final Copy II"-' is the leader in its class.You can easily generate multiple newspaper style snaking columns, import any graphic objects or pictures (and place them anywhere on your page), scale or crop those graphics and also auto flow text around them. You can even print text over graphics and the output is always of the highest quality.
Final Copy II™ offers the perfect balance between word processing and more advanced page layout creation • in one great program.
Final Copy II"' requires any Amiga floppy or hard drive syslem with a minimum of I Mb. Free RAM IA6D0 hard drive computers need 1.5Mb). Twin floppy drives are recommended for total flexibility with no installation or multiple disk swaps required.
Final Copy ir Release 2 Ease and speed of use w ith total control of the final printed presentation is available on your floppy based Amiga system right now for only £49.95 inc. p&p.
Designed lo gel Ihe mosl oul of an Amiga floppy drive based syslem.
Final Copy lln' offers more than just word processing (al which il naturally excels) and opens up a world where 'how ihe document looks' is as important as 'what the document says'.
Unique features such as FastDraw™ on screen drawing tools (to generate boxes, borders, lines and arrows etc.) and Perfect Print™ (an advanced Release 3 Hard drive compulsory', this new program is for power users wanting ihe ultimate performance. As with Final Copy II"-'. Excellent output is guaranteed utilising PcrfectPrint™ and you'll also benefit from a host of other advanced features including...
• Text Blocks1'1 which position text at any size, angle and
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indenls etc.
• FastDraw Plus™ allowing more versatile on screen drawing tools
which include options like rotation.
Final Writer"' can also import, scale, crop, view on screen and output structured PostScript EPS clip-art images (we even include KM) free) to any printer. With PostScript primers your options include... thumbnails, crop marks, scaling and halftoning.
Add Arexx Macros, floating palettes, undo redo (both text formatting and graphics), table of contents, auto indexing, table of illustrations, bibliography generation, new drag & drop text, spelling while you type, dictionary hyphenation, foreign language dictionaries, auto save, polygon graphics irregular shape generation, plus lots more and Release.? Lakes your Amiga further than ever before!
Amiga word publishing power, only £74.95 inc. p&p.
Tj . Release 3 includes 100 quality clip art files and 120 outline fonts and, when you register with ” 1 SoftWood. We send you a further 50 Bonus Fonts Free too!
Final Writer™ Rel 3 requires any Amiga running Workbench 2 or 3 with a hard disk drive and a minimum of 2Mb. Free RAM.
Your working session. Your new database will appear as a table with rows and columns allowing you to view whole ranges of data at the same time. Column widths can always be adjusted, to suit your requirements, by simply dragging their borders with the mouse. Data is then entered into "cells" and Final Data"' even detects entries of invalid dates etc. and displays an alert message for your attention.
Screen totals are available as options on all amounts and calculations (numbers can also be formatted with currency signs and commas - again you can decide).
Final Data"' is ideal for label printing and even has built-in routines that remove all the complexities from this often involved task. You can always utilise the "Print Merge" feature found in Final Copy ™ and Final Writer™ - simply select the program you are using and Final Data™ does the rest automatically for you. The program is also capable of reading any database created in Pen PaPM, MiAmiga File and File llsg"’ as well as standard ASCII files found in many other common programs. Above all you’ll be able to start using Final Data™ immediately.
An easy to use yet extremely powerful method for keeping all your records in order from SoftWood Direct at only £39.95 inc. p&p.
Final Darn™ requires any Amiga syslem with a minimum of 5I2K free RAM operating under Workbench 1.3 or higher.
Final Data"' has been designed by SoftWood to be by far the EASIEST TO USE Database for your Amiga.
Many users dislike the involved "two stage" process conventional databases force you to follow.
To set up a Final Data'"' database, you won't be confronted by an array of 1~ unfamiliar commands, simply define a column for each sort of information you want to keep eg. Christian name, surname, house name or number street, town, county, postal code and phone number etc. Incidentally, you can add or remove columns at any stage during New Release Final Data Hrlp oII memory: our products are rtf mm mitwmical in their usr of memory. Lite others. »f quae the minimum memory required to toad out so lum but ue also like lo make it clear that all graphical softs, are requires more memtm - dependent
on thefwcliem briny used.
Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initialise 'O oo x©'7t-
- 'sO ¦.
=: mi
- C) x*.
I5 % % 0 ADVANCE INFORMATION ON NEW... Final Calc'" I Please Tick I if required) I Curd Authorisation Signature:) SoftWtMri Credit Debit Card Expiry Date: Daytime telephone:_________________________ Evening telephone:___ i Please rush mel | Please charge my credit debit card as detailed below and rush me my new SoftWood software (Please Tick as required!... Final Copy II UK £49.95 [ ] Final Copy II Overseas £59.95 Final Writer UK £74.95 | | Final Wrucr Overseas £84.95 Final Datu UK £39.95 j Final Daiti Overseas £49.95 Credit Debit Card No.: [ II I Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for
£______-L_____payable lo SoftWood Products Europe... Q rPlease M ifencUmnt chequtldmftipo.
PLEASE RETURN THIS ORDER FORM TO: SoftWood Products Europe. New Street. Alfreltm, Derbyshire DESS 7BP or EAX us on 01 773 831040 cUTl f County (Country if overseas):_____________________ _ Postcode: Issue No. (Switch Cards Only ): f Surname: Address: (Tn MAY 1995 NEWS ?1 The Smith Column H & ;-.a,; cfeV( ' -hi, ,V| J
- ..... REBOI ¦ni THE Ul In the scramble for picking clean the
bones of computer giant, a surprise new candidate ha orward.
Can Commodore UK finally confc cr.t.cs and save the Amiga by buying thi in :lic llri
- l»ir« merit iiuuuLiHu ch r.M.W „,;i ...mi.cumu' ' iii.nl Ihr
ui.mIi ullci Indiraly cxjN-nt |r!lnr llu| t«» hj « the
iiuihmr,...... '*-r iMdltHMUl ( JlllMllMt Ixnill 1 *Ik- tun as
anybody heard anything on the Nine O’clock News about the
Government's Department For Information Technology getting
together with the Department Of Trade And Industry to help out
a brand new UK-based computer manufacturer based In Maidenhead
and using a name like AMIGA or like, erm, something?
I thought not. For a start we don’t have a Department Of Information Technology. What would be the point of that aside from setting dangerous precedents for departments with the word ‘Information’ in them? And secondly, while seeming to be quite happy to flog off industries left right and centre (Der Jaguar for a start) we don’t appear to have a good track record for standing behind our own IT Initiatives.
NOLU Call me a revisionist old fogey but I would have thought it would have been a good Idea of Mr Heseltlne to make a visit to our own dear David Pleasance and, over a pint In the local, discuss the possibilities of making Amiga UK a going concern for the future. It could well be an idea to have a domestic personal computer, alongside the Archimedes and Amstrad that could be used at the cutting edge of the Information Superhighway. It would be an even better idea to have a head start by having this AMIGA or Amlglla thlngle Installed In a few million households to start with. Fancy If this
installed user base were also loyal to the brand through thick and very, very thin Indeed.
Just think, a UK-produced home computer for under £500 that had an operating system that could already do most of the things that the other big O Ss are fighting over? A non- I mould haue thought it mould haue been a good idea for Mr Heseltine to pay a uisit to Dauid Pleasance.
Frightening piece of technology already familiar to the generation of users who are now entering business?
Naiue? Ves probably. This notion of supporting native Industries with Government clout does rather go against the current trend for... well for allowing market forces such as Japanese trade restrictions. US trade restrictions and European government support to take their natural course.
It’s plain daft of me to want a little slice of my taxes to go towards increasing Gross Domestic Product and employment In an Industry that could, In the next 10 years, see the UK in a leading position once the US-funded and controlled Information Superhighway (blah blah blah) does make its way Into every household.
I guess that we should wait until this UK-based information technology company that no one’s ever heard of because it doesn’t deal in MSDOS, Is able to stand on its own two feet before we sell It off to someone else. And If It can’t then, hell, what have we lost? Nothing to worry about, let’s go back to sleep.
JSJS Escom enter Commodore r lO NEWS MAY 1 995 ? | The Baguley Column |p l|Hfa just to put a spanner in the works, it has been rumoured that a couple of other US groups may be interested in the company!
Escom have already recently bought the Rumbelows chain of 231 shops which makes them one of the UK’s largest computer retailers too.
If Escom are successful in their bid for Commodore International, their large number of High Street stores will mean that when they begin manufacturing and selling Amigas again there will Ire readymade retail outlets available.
AMIGA FORMAT From next month (Issue 72, June) the price of Amiga Format will rise to £4.50. The increase has been forced on Future Publishing by a 33 per cent rise in the cost of paper.
To try to soften the blow we are offering a special subscription rate for a limited period of time. Turn to page 133 for details.
If you're a music fanatic then you'll already be delighted with Amiga Format's Bars&Pipes stuff. But Amiga Shopper goes one better and brings you the full version of the excellent Boom Box on Coverdisk 1. And because CD-ROM drives are the essential piece of kit that everyone's after we have a massive Supertest of some of the best available.
We also have a Public Domain section devoted to business applications and our panel of experts will help with all your problems in the Amiga Answers section. All that plus loads of reviews and tutorials to help you make the most of your Amiga.
It’s all in the May issue of Amiga Shopper. On sale now.
Sue Grant Editor. Amiga Shopper Every year at Amiga Power we produce our All- Time Top 100. A curious contradiction, perhaps, but it's true. And it is that time of year again. So buy AP and read about the 100 greatest Amiga games ever created, definitively listed by Britain's best-selling Amiga games magazine. And the other exciting thing this month is our special Cdi2 edition, available alongside the normal disk- sporting one. It costs a pound extra, which seems a bit off, but it comes with a CD stuffed with exciting things, including the hit single It's A Skull.
Find redemption through Amiga Power.
Jonathan Davies. Editor. Amiga Power
• Escom join Commodore race ..pi0-11
• Codemasters look to the Amiga pi2-13
• Team 17 sign Ocean deal ......pi5
• FutureNet success pl6 the race for German PC
manufacturer Escom have placed a bid estimated to be US$ 6m for
the trademark, assets and intellectual property rights of
Commodore International.
Escom are Germany's second-biggest computer company and join American chain of retailers CEI (Creative Equipment International) and the Commodore UK management buy-out team led by David Pleasance in the bidding for Commodore.
Last month we confidently told you that the Commodore International buyout was entering its final phase. Under the original terms of the liquidation the final phase was to take only 14 days and Commodore International would have had a new owner by now. But the Escom bid further complicates the whole process and it will be a fewr more weeks before any result is announced.
But it should all be decided by the end of April and we will bring you the full story in the next issue of Amiga Format. However, MORE AMIGA MAGS Computers are boring. I mean, what could be more boring than an undistinguished looking off-white box that sits In the comer of the room making beeping noises?
When was the last time a computer did anything really practical? When was the last time you saw a computer doing the washing up or cooking the dinner, or making the beds? Eh?
All right, so I’m exaggerating a bit. Personally I think that computers are cool, but there are many people who think that computers are, by definition, tedious things that are of no practical use. There are also people who think that computers are the best thing since sliced bread and spend every working day Addling with them.
It’S rarely, if ever, that these two dlAerent types of people meet. If they did. What would they talk about? One would yawn widely and obviously while the other would happily rabbit away about how they managed to hack the Bank Of England and transfer the entire assets of the UK Government Into their name. I can't honestly see much chance of them really getting on.
Personally. I think that both sides of this particular divide are talking complete and utter tosh. The simple fact of Computers are simply tools, like a crowbar or a spade.
Eucept you can’t dig your garden uiith a computer.
The matter Is that computers are tools. They aren't the answer to all mankind's problems or the spawn of Beelzebub, the master of the Stygian pits of hell. Mankind is not going to be pushed Into a whole new era by the next big thing In communications technology (the Internet. In case you hadn't guessed). Computers are simply tools, like a crowbar or a garden spade. Except that you can't dig your garden with your Amiga. Well. I suppose you could, but you’d probably have a few problems playing Sturrf Car Racer afterwards, what with all the bulbs lodged In the disk drive and the Aower bed you'd
Just planted in your FPU.
Of course, computers are more Hexlble tools than most.
I can't think of any other types of tool which can do so many things, from playing some stonking games to settling your home accounts. It Is probably this flexibility which causes people to become obsessed with their computers. Once you understand the basics of programming and the like, you can write your own programs to do all manner of weird and wonderful things. Personally I'm not really Into programming but I can see the attraction.
Houieuer, I really do get worried when I see people getting obsessed with computers. Most of the programmers I know are well-balanced human beings (well, reasonably well balanced), but there are some I've come across who seem to have gone over the edge. My message to them Is: lighten upl Turn off your machine and go for a walk! Go out and hug a tree or something! It's only a machine, fer gawds sakel It's not as Important as the real world!
Contact Richard Baguley on baggers®clx.compullnk.co.uk The opinions expressed In The Baguley Column are only oooaslonally those of Amiga Format.
Niblets BUYING ADVICE Be careful when ordering goods from back issues of Amiga Format. Be especially suspicious if the advertiser doesn't offer any credit card facilities.
Hobbyte Computers have ceased trading.
Computer Express Services have taken } Steve McGill reports on rumours that console kings Codemasters are considering a Mega Drive Amiga serial link.
Over the Hobbyte premises. This company is not Hobbyte.
Due to the Instability of the Yen, new generation consoles, such as the Sony Play Station and Sega Saturn will.
Inevitably, cost punters more.
Grey Imports (Imported machines without an official distributor) of both machines can cost anything up to *800 Both machines were initially supposed to retail at around *300.
The original game, "Everyone rates Amiga Format highly," he said.
Despite the importance of releasing an early version of the review. Format had to abide by Future's rigorous policy of nondisclosure until the magazine is returned bound and finished from the printers.
Therefore, editor Nick Veitch had no option other than lo disappoint the ambitious company's plans.
INTENSE In a console market where the top four or five games account for approximately 90 per cent of all sales - Codemasters have sold around 300,000 copies of Micro Motilities 2 in Europe - competition is intense. “It's a bitter war out there," stressed Richard.
Pother OCTAMED UPGRADE Computer Software Publishers have announced the release of V6.0 of OclaMED Registered UK owners of VS.O can upgrade at a price of *28 or
* 20 without the manual. EC users will pay a smidgeon Cxcfusf Vo
In lilt' next few months, Codemasters could be preparing lo
take one of the most radical steps forward in | the evolution
of the console- | dominated games market by developing a serial
link for the Mega Drive.
A inigo Format can exclusively reveal dial Suprr Skidmarks 2 is being converted on to the Mega Drive by Codemasters and they have hinted that the cartridge may feature a built-in serial port. If so. This means that a Mega Drive capable o( being linked to an Amiga is in the pipeline.
There is no technical difficulty in doing so, and as Codcmaster's marketing director. Richard Eddy, stated: "Multi- Tune in,turn on player games are the way forward."
Codemasters have already established their reputation for groundbreaking cartridge developments with the (-Cart which has two extra joystick ports on the cartridge itself.
On Friday. March 17.
Richard Eddy from Codemasters approached Amiga Format attempting to obtain a pre-printed version of the then in-progress Suprr Skidmarks 2 review (reviewed on page 44 of this issue), citing the need to impress important European investors of their new cartridge's sales viability, Richard stressed the importance of Amiga Format's review of Send us your top five games more at *28 or *23 without the manual- Rest of the world users will have to pay
* 30 or *25 without the manual.
Amiga Format Coverdlsk owners can upgrade as follows.
UK -*28. EC *31, rest of world. *33.
For more details, contact Computer Software Publishers on 01703 811328.
We're going U have a readers' all-lime favourite games chart of some description.
Bui first we need to know whal your favourite Amiga games are. So. Rush us your personal top five and we'll devise a wav of collating the information to come up with the definitive Afreaders' All-Time Favourite Games chart. Afsweatshirts go u the writers of letters that amuse us the most. Write to: l op Games, AMIGA Format, 30 Monmouth Si, Bath. Avon BA1 2BW.
New inkjet from Seikosha Seikosha have launched the SpeedJET 360 colour inkjet printer (left). Priced at £279, ii boasts five different fonts, excellent print quality and a resolution of 300dpi.
For more information contact Seikosha on 01753 685873.
At the top end of the market Fargo Electronics have released the Pictura 310 colour printer at US$ 4,995. Fargo claim it represents a breakthrough in pricing and performance for dye sublimation wax thermal printers. Contact Fargo on (612) 941-9470 or 1-800-327-4622.
© Mmete 0FP PLANET TAKE DB T’8 Nottingham-based, Off Planet Media, have taken over distribution of the Dr T’s Music Software product line. Existing Dr T users can contact them for Technical Support and upgrades.
They also announced that they have a new music package called M that generates musical phrases based upon numeric or MIDI Information. This product will cost
* 49.95. For more Information, oontact Off Planet Media on 0115
955 2200.
NEWS MAY 1995 3M DISKS GETTING T0DGHER 3M have announced the release of a
3. 5-inch 2Mb “Go anywhere” diskette.
The disks are hailed as reduolng static build up by 40 per cent over conventional disks, and are claimed to be 95 per cent more resistant to fungus and mould, and they use a lower torque design which, 3M claim, leads to greater disk drive efficiency.
You can contact 3M on 0171 430 2276.
Booster month for CD3* It’s been a tremendous month for the CD32 with details of a new, improved SX-1 unit a new product from Premier Developments and a new Amitek CD32 bundle featuring seven major titles for less than £200.
Paravision have revised the design of the SX-1 expansion module because it could be unstable if moved or knocked and has poor casing design - when the lid of the CD player is fully extended the SX-1 moves and in extreme cases shorts out the console. The problem occurred due to the build of the SX-1 being around Smm too wide. Without resorting to a press release or public announcement Paravision have quietly fixed the problem.
Now the only obstacle to the SX-1 being the ultimate CD32 peripheral is the question of the CD32 power supply.
Because it was designed to power the FMV cartridge and the CD32 only, supply problems can occur when extra disk drives and hard drives are attached. Some Amiga Format readers have experienced trouble already. For more information, contact ZCL on 01543 25127S.
BUILDING ON THE success of the CD32, Premier Developments have released a self-assembly flat-pack Combi-Centre aimed at CD32 owners with an SX-1. Priced at £49.99, the Premier unit is designed to keep the CD32 console, SX-1, monitor, keyboard, disk drive, and other peripherals together as a tidy, attractive and integral unit.
ONE TO REMEMBER ProCD of Danvers Massachusetts is challenging British Telecom's right to copyright its listings of British telephone numbers.
BT's lawyers are relying on the 1988 Copyright. Designs And Patents Act to block ProCD from selling a scanned CD- ROM of the numbers.
N For more information, Premier Developments can be contacted on 01847 823684.
THE BEST NEWS of all this month is that the Amitek have dropped the price of their popular seven-disc CD32 bundle by £40 from £239 to £199.
Rebadged as the Amitek Amiga CD32 Critical Zone pack, the whole caboodle comes bundled with: Cannon Fodder, Diggers, Liberation, Microcosm, Oscar, Project-X and Ultimate Body Blows.
Repackaged by Amitek and sold on by Silica, John Gilbert, Silica's press spokesman said: "The Amitek Critical Zone pack is already a best seller. Its new low price confirms the CD32'* status as a console with a long-term future."
Silica can be contacted on 0181 309 1111.
With the failure of prospective console smash, NBA Jam, to reach projected sales targets, game publishers are reappraising their whole approach to the market.
CYNICAL The recent Monopolies And Mergers Commission report on the restrictive and overpricing practices of Sega and Nintendo, has caused growing discontent among console owners. Consequently, sales are depressed. Some cynical pundits are already lauding the death of the console videogame.
“Innovation, courage and conviction, such as that shown by Codemasters in the past and now will be needed to inject new life and belief into the 16-bit videogame market," opined an industry insider.
Amiga Format believes that if the speculation over the Codemasters cartridge serial link proves founded, the consolidation of different hardware platforms through game links could be the boost that a games market faced with the onslaught of 'new generation' consoles needs in order to maintain its strength.
Les Ellis of top-selling multi-platform gaming magazine, GamesMasterwe 1 comed the concept of a Mega Drive serial link.
“This concept is tremendous. It means that anyone with a Mega Drive could go round to their Amiga-owning mate's house and have terrific fun," he enthused.
At the time of going to press, Richard Darling, managing director and cofounder of Codemasters, was unavailable for comment.
CD Vision have announced the release of five cull movies from the Redemption catalogue for use with a CD32 with a Full Motion Video unit.
The movies are: Female Vampire, Fascination. Flavia The Heretic, Haxan, Tender and Perverse Emmanuelle.
With 70 titles already in its catalogue.
Vision see the tie up with Redemption as, "...further evidence of our commitment to Video CD as a format."
Sales enquiries should be directed to Jim Crowfoot on 0171 240 7764.
Cult movies on CD Cl Amiga 94% Amiga Shopper 95% JAM “ The best piece of NICE ONE SQUIRREL!
| Amiga Format 93% hardware I've ever bought for my A1200 ... well done, HiSoft! 99 As you can see, the Amiga press has gone nuts over our new Squirrel SCSI interface for the A600 A1200. In case you've missed these reviews, the Squirrel SCSI is a plug-and-play add-on that allows you to connect up to 7 SCSI peripherals to your Amiga. Just think of it, CD-ROM, Hard drive, Scanner, DAT, Optical, SyQuest, Tape Streamer - all on line at the same time! No wonder we named it after that famous storage-hungry animal! To go with Squirrel, here are some great value devices... SCSI Hard Drives SCSI CD-ROM
Drives SyQuest Drives 4 Not all CD-ROM drives are the same Our SuperDouble and SuperTriple drives are last, modern devices supporting all the SCSI features that you'll need, based on quality units from the world's leading manufacturers of CD-ROM, Sony & Toshiba.
Both drives are cased in extremely stylish enclosures wilh all SCSI connectors and offer fast access times, stereo headphone sockets with volume control, phono line output, PhotoCD "" multi-session support, CD32 emulation, CD-DA compatibility with the convenience of tray-loaded action The SuperDouble " CD-ROM drive offers 360Kb sec transfer while the SuperTriple'" attains 510Kb sec, both far faster Ihan any competitive drive for the Amiga. 9q% Amiga Formal These are the drives we use for developing and testing the Squirrel hardware and software - need we say more?
Squirrel Storage Systems All out Squirrel Storage Systems come either bare (int - ready for installation internally within a suitably-equipped Amiga or other computer) or tully-cased (ext) with integral power supply. SCSI in out, SCSI ID selector and audio out (for CD-ROM) The cases we supply are high quality, shielded, snap-fogefher enclosures, each with 40W power supply - the back panelof the 5.25" case is shown above.
These SCSI enclosures are available at £69.95 each (please specify 3.5" or 5.25" when ordering).
The neat Squirrel SCSI interface is shown on the right. The unit simply plugs into the PCMCIA slot, comes complete with all the software you need together with a cable which terminates in a 50-way Amphenol plug to attach lo your first SCSI device.
Twist 2 Twist 2 is the new, friendly, relational database for all Amigas. Twist's range of power features such as its integrated forms designer, its varied 8 multi-level querying, its N: 1 1:N 8 N:M relations coupled with its un-duttered. Well-designed user interface make it ideal for both the first-time and the seasoned database user Twist 2 is the only database you will ever need - a product that expands to meet your requirements as they grow. So. Before you buy another database, why not take a look at the Twist demo disk?
88Mb - int £269, ext £329 270Mb - int £419, ext £479 Introducing removable SCSI drives for your Amiga. Based on reliable, proven SyOuest'" mechanisms, these 88Mb and 270Mb units offer transportable, compact, high performance and.
Above all, expandable storage for all your computing needs SyOuest is the world leader in this technology across computer platforms which means that you can transfer work between Amiga, Macintosh" and PC, with ease. We recommend the CrossDOS and CrossMac software packages to simplify portability - call lor pricing. Our drive prices include 1 free cartridge.
The latest of our highly acclaimed sound samplers for the A600 A1200.
Aura offers high performance 12 16 bit quality with direct-to-disk sampling plus a host of software features Octamed 5.04 up compatible 96% Amiga Shopper 90% AUI 270Mb £169, 540Mb £239 730Mb £279, 1Gb £479 Add £60 for external units Hard drives are becoming more and more affordable and we can now offer some tremendous prices on a range of superb quality, Quantum drives in a range of capacities.
These drives offer fast seek times (14ms @ 270Mb, 11ms @ 540 730Mb, 9ms @ 1Gb), large caches and high speed dala transfer rates (1.5Mb sec with Squirrel). All units can be supplied for you lo fit in your own case or pre-inslalled in one of our professional Squirrel Storage Cases The Squirrel does not auto-boot external hard disks bul you can do this from floppy or from internal IDE hard disk.
We can supply all leads, lermmalors etc. Please leel Iree 10 discuss your exact requirements with our triendly. Technical stall.
Afraid of becoming a hedgehog on the Information Super Highway? Dont worry, Termite is so easy to use that even a first time user will feel at home. Yet it has all the power and flexibility fo satisfy the most seasoned modem warrior!
Termite is packed wilh features and comes with its superb Button Bar already set up for instant access to CIX and many BBSs a8„ o Amlga Computing 95% AUI 88% CU Amiga Professional game development is made easy wilh the new GameSmith Development System. Over 3 years in the making, GDS gives you the low level power to create the masterpiece of your dreams in a single, easy-to-use. Comprehensive environment, using C or assembler. Comes complete with junior versions of Dice C and Devpac 3. 90% AUI 92% CU Amiga Termite Ordering Information HiSsft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE
UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44(0) 1525 713716 All HiSoft products (see the complete list below) should be available through your favourite Amiga dealer. If you have difficulty in obtaining any title you can order directly from HiSoft - just call us free on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debit card: we will normally despatch within 4 working days or, for an extra £6, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders.
All prices include VAT. Export orders: call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs. © 1995 HiSoft. ESOE.
HiSoft products for your Amiga: Squirrel SCSI interface - £69.95, Squirrel Storage Systems - as above, Aura 12 16 bit sampler - £99.95, Megalosound 8 bit sampler - £34.95, ProMidi interface - £24,95, HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95. HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95, Highspeed Pascal - £99.95, Gamesmith - £99 95, Termite - £39.95, Twist 2 database - £99.95. Maxon Magic - £29.95, Upper Disk Tools - £14.95, VistaLite inc MakePath TerraForm - £39 95 and much more. Coming soon: DiskMagic (disk loots) and Cinema4D.
Absolutely flipper fabulous on wave After the success of Pinball Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions. 21st Century Entertainment have announced they arc to convert PC utle Pinball Mania to Amiga AGA machines and then release it in the leaf-falling month of September. Four tables, a minimum of three flippers per table and multiball will feature and, cunningly, there will be a 'game configuration screen enabling the player to user customise'. Read: you can change the difficulty level, ball speed and stuff.
Tarantula, Jail Break, Kick-Off and Jackpot are the tables; spiders, prison, football and gambling are the subjects. And now for the compulsory reference to the musical Tommy. Tommy.
Team 17 have announced a two-year sales and distribution deal with Manchester giants Ocean Software. The surprise marriage was announced on March 26 at the Spring European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) held at London’s Olympia.
The Amiga titles currently in development - Alien Breed 3D. Speris Treaty and Final Over - will not be affected by the deal.
Ocean and Team 17 are set to market and distribute some nine, cross-platform titles over the next few months and the deal should ensure that all the games will be given a high marketing profile .
Team 17's media manager Alan Bunker reckons thus. "This is a fantastic opportunity for two ambitious companies to work hand-in-hand, creating games for everyone, everywhere.
NEW PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE FOR AMIGA Grange Technology Limited have announced a new implementation of their OT-Prolog programming language. Designed to be used with all Amigas. QT-Prolog is a full implementation of the Prolog language used by industry and academia for research in the fields of Symbolic Programming and Artificial Intelligence. Look forward to a full review in a future Amiga Format. For more information, GTL can be contacted on 0123S 851818.
Jack in to Cyberjack Once again, the Amiga is at the cutting edge of film special FX technology.
Cyberjack's plot revolves around a luddite-ish cyber techno terrorists intent ridding the world of the evil influence of computer networks by wiping them out potent virus Out to stop the nasty bunch hard-bitten future cop Among the Amiga-generated images cityscapcs and vehicles. The heavy power used included an A4000 040 with Engine and a Raptor Plus rendering 128Mb of RAM.
The majority of the images were a resolution of 2,048x1,234 and they took approximately three to four minutes each render A typical image was created using over 15,000 polygons.
Look out for Cyberjack which will be on general release soon. Created using an 3 0 « Ul SPOTLIGHT ON AMIGA Amiga bargain hunters should set aside lime on June 10 and 11 for the Spotlight 95 Atari and Amiga Show. Taking place at the Novote! Hotel in Hammersmith, London, the doors open at 10am both days. Tickets are priced at £5.
For advanced bookings or more information, contact Priscilla Bell on 0181 345 6000.
CRISP AND SPRY CompuServe Incorporated have acquired SPRY Inc for the princely sum of $ 100 million, the largest ever acquisition in the history of the Internet industry.
SPRY Inc were the makers of die number one selling Internet access product Internet In A Box.
This take-over should see the skills of both companies being used in a complementary fashion. The intent is for CompuServe to become the leading source for both consumer Internet access and online corporate services.
For more information contact CompuServe on 01734 391064.
"Now Team 17 and Ocean can further enhance their reputations by working closely together - this is a great step forward for both companies and the beginning of a very special relationship."
Alan Bunker was not present at the recent film Oscars in the United States.
In similar fashion, Millenium Interactive have secured a publishing deal with minnows Sony Psygnosis. All future Millenium titles will be marketed by Psygnosis and Michael Hayward, MD of Millenium reckons it's a heaven-made match.
"Our relationship marks the start of a new phase in Millenium's development, allowing us to concentrate on furthering our goals in producing first rate entertainment software, sure in the knowledge that our titles are being brought to the market by one of the strongest and most professional distributors in Europe."
Sail away an Ocean Amiga Format streaks ahead on FutureNet FutureNet is the most successful commercial publishing venture yet seen on the Internet.
It was set up on September 29, 1994 as a modern-day electronic forum and service for Net users wanting to check out the latest news on any of the magazines published by Future.
Amiga Format can exclusively reveal that the heaviest traffic occurs on the Amiga Format news pages.
Over 8.700 people have accessed these pages.
"Quite an accolade," commented Web editor Neil Elkins. His comments were reinforced and expanded on by FutureNet's editor. Karl Foster. “Considering that the east majority of people accessing FutureNet are PC and Mac users, these results more than surprised us. It shows how much interest there is out there in the Amiga."
FutureNet currently has 1,600 pages available to Net users online, and it's expanding at a rate of 250 pages per month.
Nick Veitch, editor of Amiga Format, put things in perspective: “This news only confirms what I already know about the motivation and enthusiasm of Amiga users out there."
FutureNet can be accessed by pointing your World Wide Web browser at: http: www. Futurenet. Co.uk. Art on the Internet Be prepared for some truly radical and innovative approaches on the Internet.
Glasgow School of Art graduates are putting their degree show on the Net.
Hailed as the most ambitious and largest art-based site on the World Wide Web. The School views its role as the bringcrs of good tidings to the unconverted lumpen mass proletariat who remain in the shadowless dark about this exciting new communication medium.
Anyone wishing to be enlightened should contact 0141 353 4722.
Flying high with Videopilot Ambervane have announced a £300 drop in retail price for the Videopilot V330 computer controlled edit controller.
Reviewed in the February 1995 edition of Amiga Format where it earned an excellent 85 per cent, the unit cost pennies short of a cool thousand pounds.
Citing “improved manufacturing techniques" as the reason for the reduction in price, the unit will now set back would-be computer editors a more reasonable £699 inclusive of VAT.
As well as the price drop, V3i, makers of the Videopilot edit controller, have announced a specialised software module which enables their V330 edit controller to provide two-frame animation in conjunction with Sony EV-S9000E and EV- 2000E VCRs.
Support is provided for manual and automatic modes, making the system n aiD Now multi-VCR computer editing will be available for all at a more affordable price.
Ideal for applications such as cartoon and character animation, time lapse recording, sc ientific process observation and security monitoring.
For more details, contact Ambervane on 01792 476076.
FA Cup hopefuls, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, have signed a four-year deal worth over £4 million with Hewlett Packard.
The sponsorship deal takes effect from the beginning of the 95 96 season. All Tottenham Hotspur shirts, tracksuits, training tops and replica kits will be emblazoned with the Hewlett Packard logo from that date.
Alan Fumiss, director of Hewlett Packard's Northern European Organisation commented that Spurs: "...reflect the strengths and values that we like to associate with our products..." Glenn Hoddle wasn't available for comment.
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poces are correct at time of going to press. E A OE. Some Cakukrs Stores may not carry a full range of Indi products. Phone to avoid disappointment MAIL ORDER SALES HOTLINE 01543 419999 ¦ VISA ' Insured deliveries by securicor arc delivered Free of Charge Monday to Friday. A surcharge of £ 10 is required on a Saturday.RJk Mainland) Some people would argue strenuously with me on this point, but I think using Amigas in music is a brilliant thing. Being able to play, construct and manipulate sounds and musical ideas on an Amiga has opened up the world of music and pushed the boundaries further
than anything else.
Electronic instruments can produce sounds like nothing else on Earth and if you've got brilliant ideas for music you’re no longer limited by having to learn a particular instrument lo produce the required results.
Iulelo Bars&Pipes Professional is a powerful, but complex sequencing program. Future Music's Maff Evans covers basic techniques and explores the wide world of MIDI to get you started in sequencing.
Using a sequencer anti some synthesizer equipment, you can either produce lilting melodies, thumping dance tracks or huge, powerful orchestral pieces.
Just think what Mozart could have produced if he'd had an Amiga.
In fact, many composers never heard their music played as they originally envisaged. The logistics and cost of setting up a full orchestra meant that only rich composers or those working for the nobility could actually get their material YOUR FIRST SONG Ithe first thing to do is set up the track for recording. Load Bars&Pipes and make sure that there are MIDI In and Out ports on each track. If not, double-click on the Toolbox icon to open the window and select Load from the File menu. Go to the Tools drawer and select MIDI In. Repeat the process for MIDI Out. Drag the Input icon to the left
pipe and the Output to the right for each channel.
Doing this means that MIDI signals will flow through the tracks.
2 Select a nice, fluid pad sound on channel one of your synth. Go to the first track in the Tracks window. Move the pointer to the channel square on the right of the pipeline, hold down the left mouse button and drag to Select 1. Make sure that the tap is blue (if not dick on it until it is) and activate the track so that there is a red arrow in the grey square to the left and the track turns from grey to white.
3 Click on the letter at the end of the input pipe to make sure that it reads R. Open the Metronome window and select Internal before closing it again. Open the Transport window and click on R to go into record mode. Play a few long chords (one or two bars long) to work out a tune, then, when you're ready, click on the Play From Start button in the transport window. After a two-bar count in, play your nice chords. When you've finished, click on Stop.
Ft 0 III 90 *l in 5 e 90 m rtnrn
p. :......EL R"
- tc; :i l -L 6 If you hit any wrong notes, use the hand or the
eraser controls to (respectively) drag notes to the right pitch
or delete them. If the velocities of your notes (how hard they
were played) is a bit skewiff, select the wand control and move
down to the bottom of the Edit window with the slider on the
right. Now draw a line across the vertical velocity lines to
flatten them out. When you're done, close the window with the
close gadget.
4 Now it's time to correct any... erm... well, let's say timing errors. Open the Toolbox and select Load from the menu. Select Quantize from the list and click on Load. Once it has loaded, drag the Quantize tool from the Toolbox to the Toolpad in the control strip of the Tracks window. Now it's time to apply the tool to the track. Make sure that the Quantize tool is in the square and the track is selected (white). Go to the Edit menu and select Toolize. The timing should now be spot on.
Played. If classical composers had access to the music equipment of today you can bet they’d be right there in the studio.
Fortunately, the technology is now available to everyone (and it's getting cheaper all the time), so anybody with an Amiga can get into writing pro-sounding material. Don't worry about whether you can’t play an instrument, it's just the ideas that count. Get stuck into the tutorial at the bottom of the page and the MIDI section and you’ll be away. Think about it: what else is the Aphex Twin if not the Mozart of the electronic age?
SETTING UP BARS&PIPES Before loading up Ban&Bi tes, make sure you've got everything set up properly. If you're just using Amiga samples, plug your Amiga's sound output into your hi-fi, making sure that you are playing back the sound in mono (either switch to mono 011 your hi-fi or use a Ycable). This makes your music sound better than playing through small monitor or TV speakers.
Connecting MIDI devices takes a bit more effort. For a start, you need a MIDI interface (which, if you’ve done any MIDI programming, you should have already). If you're just using a single mullitimbral sound module (one that can play different sounds on different MIDI channels at the same time), simply connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI Out of your interface to the MIDI In of your tone module. If you're using a keyboard, you also need lo connect a cable from the MIDI Out of the keyboard to the MIDI In of your interface.
If you've got more MIDI equipment, things are a little more complicated. If your MIDI interface has more output sockets, then simply connect them to the MIDI Ins of your gear. If. On the other hand, you only have one output, you'll have to daisy-chain the gear. This involves taking the MIDI Out from your interface Continued overleaf • 5 Double-click on the white track area (which should now have blue dashes on it) to open the Edit window. Go to the Show menu and deselect Staff-Hybrid to make it easier to see the effect of edits. If you prefer music notation, you've got the option to use that
later on. If you can't see any notes, select Note Range- Piano Roll Bounds from the Display Options menu and change the settings to increase the range. Click on the tiny black note to zoom out so you can see all notes in your sequence.
Lirdfim frilumail l.b 9 mt.IMl 1» llw MM Mudhrti. 111.
0333 335EC i_l XTT Playing back internal Amiga samples with Bar&Pipes Professional is carried out in the same way as with MIDI apart from one major difference - the AMIGAphone tool. This has to be placed in the output pipeline of any track on which you want to use samples (it drops into the pipe in place of the MIDI Out tool).
To use it go to the Toolbox and load AMIGAphone. Drag it to a track on which you want to use samples and drop it in on the right-hand side. Now double-click on it to open the Options window.
This can be left open for editing as you work. It's a good idea to have the Edit window for the track in question open so that you can play it back to see what effect your changes will make to the AMIGAphone settings. Here's a rundown of the controls: IFF Sanple:_____ THE AMIGAPHONE Track 1 Octaves: JiT 2 3 QEH3B 8 T I Transposes the sample's tuning by a specific musical amount. Drag the slider sideways to select a new value.
Modulate ! Alters the base octave for a sample. Note that the Octave Shift still has to fall within the range specified by Octaves: above.
Octave Shift: ! Determines how much a given note will change when the pitch bend messages are used.
Pitch Bend: !Sets the speed of vibrato to be used when modulation messages are used.
Vibrato Rate: to one piece of gear, then connecting the MIDI Thru of each piece of equipment to the MIDI In of the next. Some people claim this causes delays and errors, but with new gear, this isn't a problem. Once everything is set up. You're ready to go.
THE MIDI STANDARD In the early days of synthesizers, connecting machines together proved quite a headache. Most equipment required Controlled Voltage (varying levels of electricity) signals to be- played from one piece of gear to another, since most synths used voltages to determine the pitch, filter and envelope amounts.
Getting things to play in time was even more of a headache, due to the confusing Gate system, which seemed to vary wildly from one machine to another. To get CREATING A DRUM PATTERN Igo to the Toolbox and drag the Quantize tool to the input pipe of the second track. Click on the grey square on the left of the pipeline to activate the track, then dick on the mode square of track 1 to select P and track 2 to select R. Change the channel (the box on the right) to 10 and then select a drum kit on your synthesizer. Work out a drum pattern to complement your chords.
!This shows the sample currently selected.
Every time you load a new sample with the New button, it's added to a list which is accessed by pointing to the name and dragging up and down.
IFF Sanple: Brings up a requester for loading a new sample. These have to be m IFF samples - Raw and Sonix format samples can't be loaded.
Jthis shows the octaves that ¦the sample will play in. It depends on how the original sound was saved and CANT be edited in Bars&Pipes.
Octaves: ¦ Low-fidelity plays samples lat a slower rate than hi-fidelity, thus giving a lower sound quality (useful for using longer sounds without wasting memory).
Fidelity: ] Adjust the pitch of a ] sample by small amounts to keep it in tune with the rest of your instruments.
Fine Tune (Determines by how much to ‘wobble’ the notes when modulation messages are used.
Vibrato Depth: Ithis value shows how much to respond to velocity data (the higher the number, the more velocity determines the volume of the note).
Enphasis: !How long it takes before the sound reaches its maximum volume (a high Attack number gives you a slow fade-up to full volume while a lower number causes an instant start to the tune).
Attack: Ihow long a note takes to fade to off. This only works with long sounds or looped samples, because short percussive sounds cut off quickly anyway.
Release: I The basic volume of a sample. The velocity still controls a fair proportion of the volume if the Emphasis: setting is high.
Volune CREATING A BASSLINE 1 Click on the grey square to the left of track 5 to activate it and select a channel for a bass sound on your synth. Doubleclick on the track area to open the Edit window and go to the blue note in the control strip. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to select 16th notes. Click on the Pencil tool and start to enter notes by clicking in the piano area. Enter a bassline for the first bar which is on the same note as the bottom note in your chord. Close the window when you're done.
Around this problem, a number ol Japanese and American companies got together to provide a standard way of enabling svnihs and drum machines to talk lo each other. The result was the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI.
MIDI came along just as digital synths were becoming popular. The advent of computer technology meant that computer messages could be sent along wires instead of unreliable voltages. The MIDI designers formulated a list of control codes and parameters to enable standard messages to Ik- formed from numeric signals (for example, a certain hex code stands for a Note On message, with associated data bytes for deciding the pitch and velocity).
Using MIDI messages, notes could be directly triggered on one piece of equipment from another, data could be dumped for storage and timing could be kept rock solid. Standard MIDI is serial data sent over 16 channels (each independent from the others like channels on a TV), but special interfaces and sequencers can add extra banks of MIDI channels.
MIDI message types basically break down into timing messages, notes, position and continuous controllers for bending the pitch or adding expression.
Oser the years, amendments and additions have been made to MIDI, including MIDI Time Code (MTC) for more standard synching. MIDI Machine Control (MMC) which enables you to control tape recorders directly from your controlling sequencer and MIDI sample dumps, for transferring digital samples between different pieces of equipment.
But it's not only sound sources which can be controlled by MIDI. Just about every new piece of electronic music gear has MIDI ports on the back.
Effects units (boxes which add stuff like chorus, echo, reverb and phasing to a sound) can Ik- hooked up so that you can call up new effects from your sequencer or keyboard or even change parameters as part of a song, for example increasing the depth of an echo in real time. Tape recorders can even Ik- controlled by MIDI, with the controls triggered by the icons on a sequencer and the tape sending a limecode for making all your computer sequences plav in time with a tape.
Perhaps the most significant development is General MIDI (GM). This Continued overleaf 2 Click on R in the Transport window, then click on the Play From Start button. After a two-bar count in, play the kick drum part of your drum pattern. You only have to enter a couple of bars, because it can be copied later. Now repeat these steps for the third track in the list and record the hi-hat pattern for a couple of bars. If you find that the Quantize tool is correcting your notes too harshly, double-click on the tool in the pipeline and change the resolution to a smaller note.
3 Complete the raw tracks for your drums, repeating the processes outlined above and recording the snares on track 3. If there are any duff notes or you want to change the velocities of any hits, open the Edit window by double-clicking on the relevant track and carry out changes. Note that if you only want to change the velocity of a single note, you can use the Pencil tool.
4 Double-click on the Song Construction tool to open its window and select the duplicate and bounding tools (fourth and seventh in the row).
Drag a box around the squares that show your drum tracks (they should be tracks 2. 3 and 4), then drag them across the grid to drop them after the original recording. Repeat the process until the drums play for the same length of time as your chords. Now play back and your chords should have a nice rhythm backing.
3 -T a 2 Go back to the Song Construction window and use the duplicate tool to make copies of the bassline to reach to the end of the rest of your tracks. If you play back this sequence, it will ail sound out of tune (apart from the first bar). This is because the bassline is just repeating the notes from the first pattern you entered. We need to transpose these to get them to follow the chords.
3 Go back to the Tracks window and double-click on the bassline track to open the Edit window.
Use the triangle (next to the front and back gadgets) to open the window fully. Select the Hand and Box tools and box in the first section of bass notes to be moved (the ones that play over the second chord in your song). Drag them up or down until they play the bottom note of your 2nd chord.
4 Often the temptation is to stick a bassline in which is just too low and booming. Experiment with different octaves using the following method.
Go to the Toolbox and load the Transpose tool. Now drag this to the output pipe of track 5 and doubleclick on it to open it. Alter the Octave reading and listen to the results.
is a particular set of specifications to make playing sequences on different pieces of gear easier. The first factor is that a piece of GV1 gear must have 24-voice polyphony - that is it must be able to play 24 single notes at once.
The 128 sounds defined as the G soundset must also be in a specific order, otherwise your lovely guitar riff will end up plating on the bagpipes. It's worth remembering that drums are always on channel 10.
Synth company Yamaha has just released a new sound module which uses an extended version of General MIDI called XG. So exciting and groundbreaking things are always happening in electronic music. Get yourself tooled up and you could be part of it.
MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE To get into the nitty-gritty of MIDI, it helps to know the structure of MIDI sequences. I don't mean you have to know what all the codes are - you only need to get into that if you're programming with MIDI. A grasp of the basic message types and how they work is all you need.
Notes MIDI notes are actually controlled using two messages - a Note On and a Note Off These tell a piece of gear when to start and stop playing a note. Some sequencers specify1 the duration of a note, but the MIDI data stays the same. Along with the pitch of a note, each Note message also includes a number giving the velocity (how hard a note was played), ranging from zero to 127. I bis usually determines how loud a note will sound, but can control any aspect of a sound depending on the synth.
Program changes MIDI defines programs as individual stored sounds (or an equivalent collection of parameters such as an effect on an effects unit). Using Program Change messages, you can call up a new sound directly from your sequencer. General MIDI has all its programs in the same order, so that calling tip a piano sound on one piece of GM gear will call up the same sound on any other.
Continuous controllers These control such things as pitch bend, volume and modulation. They're called continuous controllers because they are usually recorded and played back in a long stream as opposed to single, one-off messages such as notes. This is because pitch bend, volume and so forth need to change smoothly. It's no good having a lush fade in if the volume jumps from one level to the next.
FUTURE MUSIC Don't forget that if you want to find out more about electronic music, there's a whole magazine dedicated to making music with computers. Amiga Formats sister magazine Future Music carries all the latest product reviews and buying advice on all the new releases as well as tips, advice, help and hints.
Issue 30 features the first part in a major series dedicated to sampling - including advice on new techniques and how to improve your performance. Future Music costs just £3.50 and comes complete with a covermounted CD.
Sysex Sysex is SYStem Exclusive data. This enables you to dump all the settings from your synth via MIDI and store it on your computer (using an editor or a librarian program). The name is derived from the fact that each synth stores sound settings in a different way. The formal for the data states the manufacturer’s ID code and then organises the data according to the storage structure of the synth itself.
Each end of the system must know the other is there so that the data is stored properly (after all, there’s probably quite a lot of it). This data can then be dumped back on to your synth later - useful if you're running out of places to store new sounds on your synth.
STARS WITH STRIPES You may be confused about the terms 'striping', timecode', 'frames' and 'SMPrE’ which are bandied around. Don't worry, it's not that technical. This is all to do with a system of locking the timing of various machines together (especially when working with video).
SMPTE stands for Society Of Motion Picture And Television Engineers and is the name given for the code the TV, movie and music industry puts on to tapes to control the playback timing of machines.
The code splits into hours, minutes, seconds and frames. This is linked to the number of frames on film (24 per second), since you only need to be accurate down to a single frame of a film to play stuff in time with the image.
To use the system, the timecode (the SMPTE signal itself) is recorded on to a tape (either as control information on a professional video or a spare track on a professional muldtrack audio tape). When the tape is then played, it sends out the SMPTE signal to tell other bits of gear exactly where on the tape it is.
If you've got a SMPTE box plugged into your sequencer, the program can then look to the SMPTE code to make sure that the sequence playing back is at the same point as the tape.
Btm&Pipes enables you to arrange data and match timing using SMPTE time representations as well as the usual musical bars, beats and clicks (1 192 of a second).
This enables you to cue sound effects and music start and stop points exacdy at the right time - absolutely essential for adding material to video. © RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT If you're making do with sampled sounds from your Amiga, you're not really getting the best results from Bars&Pipes Professional. To achieve top-quality sounds you'll need to get hold of some MIDI gear.
The first thing you need to buy is a MIDI interface which are relatively cheap nowadays. Next you need some kind of sound source. The cheapest way of doing this is to buy a tone module. These start from the £225 Yamaha MUS (which is decent enough, if a little basic). Korg's 05R W is an excellent module, with superb sounds and an easy-to-use control system for £599. Moving up a price bracket Roland's JV-1080 is arguably the best synth module currently available, with 64-voice polyphony and hundreds of sounds for a slightly more expensive £1,085.
The Roland JV-1080 is one of the best synth modules available - with a price to match.
If you want something with a keyboard attached, a keyboard incarnation of the 05RJW is available in the shape of the £799 X5 (which scored 90 per cent in Amiga Formats sister magazine, Future Music). At a more expensive level is the Alesis Quadrasynth, a superb-sounding 64-voice synth with 76 keys for £1,099.
If you like the flexibility of using samples, you could get a dedicated rack-mount sampler. E-mu's ESI-32 is an excellent machine (£1,199), as is the Akai S2.800 (£1,299). At the top of the range is the stonkingly powerful E-mu Emulator IV, with 128-voice polyphony and a maximum RAM of 128Mb (wow), but it costs a whopping £4.800. Time to start saving, then.
Roland: 01252 816181 Akai: 0181 897 6388 E-mu: 0131 653 6556 Korg: 0181 427 5377 Sound Technology (Alesis): 01462 480000 DISCOLOGY Europe's No.1 Disk Duplication System Siegfried |m II I» [5* f« I5» 55* •• F Off - • - Off :Oi«ki.src DISCOLOGY is the optimum package for beginners & experts alike who wish to create back-up copies of original floppy disks speedily and easily.
DISCOLOGY comprises all the functions that are demanded from a top quality back-up program.
1) Included is the DISCOLOGY disk. DISCOLOGY Cartndge and a 36
page printed manual.
2) Features a cartridge backup mode lor heavily protected disks.
(Requires the use of an external disk drive).
3) Two Nibble modes for coping with protected, IBM and Atan
4) Sync Scan checks for unknown protection systems.
5) Recognition of Long and Short tracks.
6) Modem users can backup disks via a modem to another Amiga
anywhere in the world.
7) Fully multi-tasking, copes with high density disks etc.
8) Full update service is available for registered users.
DISCOLOGY is available NOW
- price £39.99 (plus C1.50 for postage and packing) Telephone for
a FREE full information sheet.
Siegfried Anti Virus Professional is a multifunction tool for combating Virus attacks.
Siegfried ANTI VIRUS 2 z o It features powerful early recognition of viruses and includes u. O & preventative measures for infested systems.
1) Virus search on any device (Hard disk, floppy disk CD-ROM
2) Quick tracing of Link and File viruses, (Trojan Horses, Worms,
Bombs, Disk Validator Viruses etc.
3) Block Test to search for viruses at the block level of a
4) Automated unpacking of compressed programs for virus checking.
5) Recognition of Bootblock Viruses with analysis.
6) Safeguards hard drives Rigid Disk Blocks.
7) Includes a comprehensive 50 page pnnted manual.
8) Full update service to registered users Includes many more
ANTI VIRUS is available NOW - price £39.99 (plus C1.50 for postage and packing) Telephone for a FREE full information sheet.
No. 1 for mail order. FREEPHONE 0500 340548 SWITCH, ACCESS. VISA, CONNECT. MASTERCARD, DELTA. EUROCARD accepted. Cheques made payable to SIREN SOFTWARE.
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Personal callers welcome. Please phone to check the availability of any item.
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Trading International GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440
Oberursel • Germany Tel +49-61 71 -85937 Fax +49-6171-83
02 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 Multi-player games are
the games of the future. Steve McGill finds out how the
mighty Amiga brought that future to everyone, yesterday.
MAKE THE LINK Turn to page 128 for details of our sensational serial link games offer featuring Stunt Car Racer, Lotus Z Knights Of The Sky and a 3m cable
- all for under £30!
The future of videogaming 64 There are lots of mi non Ha thin alone! But, it takes two to tango. 99 LOST OPPORTUNITIES Considering that Hunter Killer was the first ever home computer link game, you'd have thought that the submarine cat and mouse scenario would have been better exploited and expanded on by now. Subwar 2050was released by Microprose at almost the same time on the PC and Amiga. We awarded it 84 per cent in AF67- the main criticism barring it from a prestigious Gold award being that it didn't include a link option. The ability to send out dummy robot- controlled subs as tactical
decoys could have turned the game into the sport of champions. But, alas and alack, it was not to be.
Where's the vision? So many opportunities for top serial link entertainment have been missed unnecessarily.
It seems that we're going to have to rely on visionaries such as Acid Software and Team 17 to produce the games that innovative, socialised gamers require and demand. Imagine the selling power and potential of an A1200 Super Skidmarks 2 and Alien Breed 3D serial link bundle. Especially if the A1200 was beefed up with a 68030 processor, 4Mb of RAM and two serial ports as standard.
We broke the exclusive news last month. Super Skidmarks 2 is the first simultaneous eight-player game to appear on the Amiga.
Achieving this sublimely innovative state is simple. Link two Amigas through the serial port, park two monitors beside each other, ensure that everyone is sitting or standing safely, and RACE! Truly, multi-player gaming is the future of videogaming.
With the Amiga, that future was here yesterday, it's here today, and judging by the impact of Super Skidmarks 2 in the Format office it’s going to be here for lots and lots of tomorrows.
So what are serial link games all about and why do they generate so much excitement in people who play them? As with all the best ideas, it's simple really.
All that's required is compatible software, two Amigas and a null-modern lead. Then, the Amigas will happily talk to one another. In the case of a game such as Knights Of The Sky, this communication consists of co-ordinate data concerning the orientation, direction, and placing of objects, such as an opponent's plane.
And collision detection; if the bullets have hit the enemy plane, and if so, has that information been passed on? It's that simple. Or that complex, depending on the criteria to be fulfilled by the game's parameters.
Most surprising is the small number of Amiga owners aware of the potential for fun and sport.
"Multi-player games are the future of videogaming," claims Peter Molyneux of Bullfrog. When Bullfrog games are developed, the serial link option is put in first. "That's how Populous was developed. It lets us gauge the ability of each player and makes it easier to decide on the toughness of the computer's artificial intelligence routines," he adds.
It's not quite clear why more women don't play computer games. Research hasn't been conclusive but several theories have been put forward ranging from the outrageously sexist, to the plainly ridiculous.
The most plausible reason is that computer gaming is generally perceived as a solitary, obsessive, male geek affair. And women, more so than men, tend to prefer communicating about things that don't involve computer games.
But the reason women don't play computer games is certainly not because they're less competitive by nature. Introduce your mother, sister, wife, fiancee or girlfriend to a game such as Lotus 2. Let them practice until they achieve proficiency and then challenge them to a race. Watch several cultural inference sociological power complex theories dissolve as you find yourself crumbling underneath the weight of their new-found skills.
And don't accept any excuses for defeat. Computer games are a neutral medium that don't rely on any particular attribute peculiar to men. If you beat them, it's because they’re crap. So rub it in.
After such a promising start, he started collecting linked games. His circle of friends increased and apparently he's getting shagged every day by excited hot chicks with long legs, big tits and enormous Iqs. Those serial links eh?
Hopefully, after taking a look at the various boxouts dotted around this feature, you'll be champing at the bit to get connected and get playing. If you haven't already indulged in the sublime world of linked games, check out the box that shows you how to make a cable for yourself. Grab a compatible game - Stunt Car Racer is as good a start as any - and get competing.
It's also worth bearing in mind that Super Skidmarks 2 is out there, in the shops, right now, waiting. Alien Breed 3D is coming to an Amiga near you soon. Details are scant, but it looks as if there may be a split-screen option which means that four people will be able to compete on the link.
Remember, consumer power is only ignored by companies suffering from marketing myopia or PC market blindness. Multi-player link games fire the imagination and competitive instincts of all who play them. Even the previously unconvinced. Show the software houses it was no accident that Amiga games were the biggest sellers last Christmas. And with more serial link games that market can only get bigger.
The last word goes to Mark Sibly from Acid Software: "The future of games lies in the direction of multiplayer experiences We're not the sort of types that go home and play games in our bedrooms by ourselves. We like the ego involved with competing against other humans..." Truly, that is the future of videogames. Amiga owners IN THE BEGINNING Hunter Killer by Protek on the ZX Spectrum was the first home computer game to feature a serial link. And at the time H was truly revolutionary. Realised by plugging two Interface One's (a peripheral that let the Spectrum control Sinclair Micro Drives)
into a couple of Sped rums respectively, Hunter Killer hinted at the potential of what was to come.
The player controlled a World War 2 submarine placed about 20 miles away from the opponent's sub. Tracking the movements of the other sub with sonar and then blowing the enemy out of the water was the order of the day. Although tricky and incredibly buggy (the subs only travelled at about 12 knots max and sometimes when closing on the opponent, the game would inexplicably crash) the tension undergone while hunting and fighting was incredible. To win, all of the classic submarine manoeuvres had to be engaged in; clearing the baffles and ’grey knuckling' lor example.
A true classic in every sense of the word and a game that should go down in the annals of gaming history.
MAY 1995 But the artificial intelligence routines aren't needed when playing against a friend. While I was working in the retail side of the industry a few years back, one of our regular customers asked us to make him a 25-metre serial link cable.
Naturally enough, we asked why he wanted such a long cable. The answer was simple. After talking to us about link games, he decided that he wanted to play Populous against his Amiga-owning friend who lived next door.
Their bedroom windows faced each other and he had worked out that 25 metres would be long enough for the cable to link up both of their Amigas.
¦ We're not the sorts of people who go home and play games in our bedrooms by ourselves.
Mark Sibley, Acid «¦ Top 10 Link Games Lotus Turbo Challenge: Two, three or four players can compete against one another. If only two choose to compete, the screen isn't split meaning that you can't take furtive, sneaky glances at the opponent's position.
MARKETING MYOPIA It's every marketer's dream to stumble on an USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and a rich potential market - a niche in an already well-established market that's going through a rough patch at the moment. Amiga serial link games would seem to fulfil those requirements, so why aren't there more of them?
Claims have been made that the market isn't there - ”... they've never caught on because most people only have access to one Amiga," said Jon Hare of Sensible Software. But that isn't true any more. For instance, most houses in Britain have a second television of some kind, usually a portable.
Round about 50 per cent of Amiga owners also own a monitor.
Buying another Amiga isn't going to set you back a great deal of money - second-hand A500s can be snapped up for around £100. Think of it as another peripheral, if need be, but think of it as a purchase that will greatly enhance your present home entertainment set-up.
And competition is supposed to be soothing for the soul. The character of the fellow competitors shines through while they compete. Styles are developed, strategies decided on, tactics adopted.
Now, it might seem like we're being overly grand, but where, for the price, are you going to find such wholesomely gratifying entertainment, a virtually real journey into the performance envelope of your competitive instincts? Not many places we'll wager.
Linking between an A1200 and an A500 or A600 is perfectly possible and definitely recommended.
Super Skidmarks 2: The most innovative use of the link so far. With two linked monitors placed together to form a panoramic view of the racing track, the full complement of eight cars can all be controlled by individual players. The best fun you'll have in a time period that's longer than a very long time. Alternatively, up to six players can race against each other using the split-screen option - three players to each Amiga. Tremendous.
Linking an A1200 with an A500 or A600 is actively encouraged, although you're limited to using Lo-Res and four cars, but hey even that's the bee's knees. Check it out.
THE ARCADE EXPERIENCE Walk into any up-to-date arcade, and you'll be struck by the number of machines that are connected to one another. Daytona, Virtua Racer, Cybersled, Steel Talons and Suzuka Eight Hours to name but a few of the more popular ones.
Spend some time watching the faces of the people competing against each other - adrenalised excitement, fervour, concentration and intense competitiveness is etched in every expression. Even the people pretending that it's all a big joke, pretending they don't care whether they lose or win, grimace and curse when a mistake is made that endangers their current position.
If people have an in-built will to win, a desire to destroy, a hankering to humiliate their fellow man (or woman) at whatever game sport happens to be taking place at the time, link games give expression to those urges. Ask the manager of the Trocadero in London which games bring in the most money. He'll point to the rows of machines that let people compete against each other, and then he'll rub his hands together.
Knights Of The Sky Probably my favourite serial link game of all time.
Although now it's probably more like equal first with the new Super Skidmarks 2.
The planes are slow enough to remain in the enemy's sights throughout the game, unlike with jet fighters where you can seemingly, and almost anonymously, take out an enemy from several hundred miles away.
Odds can be evened and ace flyers handicapped by giving them crap planes, and due to the ability to land on an airfield and re-arm and repair the plane, truly gargantuan ace-to-ace battles can take ages. Bandits at 12 O'clock Ginger.
A1200s and A500s can talk to each other, although the A1200 slows down to the A500s slower speed.
Falcon: Sadly not available for purchase any more, Falcon could be played between an Amiga, an ST, or a Macintosh. The PC wasn't included because Pcs weren't good enough to handle the number of colours and the speed of the game.
Not as much fun as Knights Of The Sky on the link due to the lack of actual dogfighting taking place. It's all Electronic Counter Measures and Fire And Forget weaponry, but nevertheless, it's perhaps the ultimate combat arena to step into. At least 7,000 hardened veterans regularly play Falcon on subscriber-only multi-player game network FighterNet in America.
Stunt Car Racer: The first 16-bit linked race game I ever played. Caters for two players at a time only. But using the leagues and the league tables, you can have up to 16 human drivers striving for dominance.
Wild, wacky and weird, A Stunt Car Racer session is worth organising a party around. Special prizes for the outright winner and small prizes for the holders of the best lap time.
Top linking fun too. Best played between two A 1200s for the increased running speed, Slunl Car Racer is one of the most versatile linkers.
A500s, A600s, Atari Sts and Atari Falcons can all talk to each other. So, if you happen to have 50 pence and four fruit salads available, try and get hold of a second-hand ST. Unfortunately, this means that you'll need two copies of the game. But that's a small price to pay for such a rewarding experience THE THINGS PEOPLE DO One of the most fascinating aspects of an eight-player game of Super Skidmarks 2 is the temporary relationships struck up between players. Several journos from Future magazines dotted around the computing division took part.
Most of the conversation can't be repeated here. But if I had a quid for every time I was called a "Scots git" I'd retire tomorrow.
One memorable occasion witnessed a competitor from a sister games magazine with 'brattitude', call me a "vicious Scots b*‘!!&d!" Or euphemistically speaking, an inspired Caledonian of superior driving quality and illegitimate parentage - untrue and dangerously libellous. All that from an opponent who is allegedly an anti-racist liberal. Tsk tsk, and eat my dust, loser.
The same 'liberal' conspired to help a fellow joumo win by waiting for me at the crossroads and bashing into my car. The return match awaits.
Tornado: More complicated and realistic than Falcon, this is for the true die-hard flight sim pilots out there.
Haven't played it much due to the mind boggling number of options that have to be attended to.
Gravity Force 2: Now there's no excuse for not at least trying out linked games to see what all the fuss is about. This was our Public Domain game of the month in AF70.
A Thrust Oids derivative, this is out- and-out combat with lots of top weapons to help you send your opponents to cyber hell. Glitches in the timing means that you have to use two like Amigas, that is two At 200s or two A500 600s.
Populous 2: The ultimate god game earned itself 95 per cent in AF30. There's something worryingly more gratifying in the sure knowledge that you're killing someone else's followers rather than those of a mere computers.
With the full range of options available, this is truly a game of individual style, character and intellectual might. Populous 2 is best played in different rooms so you can't see what your opponent's doing - such is the urge to take a crafty look at what they are up to. In Itsibachi in Japan, tower block dwellers have Populous installed in multi-link consoles so that whole floors can play against each other.
Powermonger: A very similar, but even more aggressive experience than Populous 2, Powermonger satiates a lust for death and destruction that can only legally be indulged through the medium of the Amiga.
Vroom: This excellent racing game isn't available any more (so keep your eyes peeled for a second-hand copy), but reincarnation does exist in the form of Ft For some inexplicable reason the link was taken out of F1. To compensate, a split-screen option was put in instead.
Close to Skidmarks for thrills. Linking it would mean that four players could participate How about it Domark?
¦ At least 7,000 hardened veterans play Falcon on the FighterNet network in America.
CROSS PLATFORM SHENANIGANS It's not only Amiga-specific games that can be played on the link. The crux of the matter is the serial data swapped between both machines. In effect, the games can be played on independent platforms. For example, the first link games I played on the Amiga were Falcon and Stunt Car Racer. But I didn't own two Amigas. So how did I do it? Simple.
Well, one of the machines was an Atari ST. OK, so you had to put up with lousy sound from the ST, but the intensity of competition between two players was phenomenal. It also increased the number of available doors in my search for like-minded individuals against whom I could pit my driving and flying abilities.
The potential even exists of linking up with Pcs. Or what about linking with the consoles? If you take a look at our news pages, you'll see that Codemasters are showing an interest in publishing Super Skidmarks 2 on the Mega Drive.
Given Codemasters' track record for hardware innovations and their belief that multi-player games are, "the way forward" why not build in a serial port so that Mega Drive links can be made?
Does it make financial | sense for developers to treat .
The Amiga as an afterthought ‘ Death Mask (above) could have been and Alien Breed 3D (left) Is a serial link game. Bui in theory any Iwo kinds of computer can bo linked, end any suitable game played across platforms.
When there are so many of us ] open to new ideas? We know the answer, convincing ' jj i developers less tuned in than tj, Acid is the hard part. But you _i 3| can do it. 1 '' TjrgJrSy if buying direct from the ' ?manufacturer means both low prices and a service second to none FAX 01782 744292 A With the Amiga Genltlzer Graphic Tablet you can streamline the operation ot moat graphic or CAD programs.
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A The Genltlzer fits in the serial pod of your Amiga 50Q 500* 600 n 200 1500 2000 and 'consists' with mouse.
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are SoagMlod U.K. Rolan Pnco Dealer cnees may vary (c) SOW Vdfege Tronic All nQhla resetvea tEENPLAY MAY 1995 AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible, and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
VIROCOP: Four game types in one!
AMAZON QUEEN: A point 'n' click adventure.
REVIEWS Super Skidmarks 2 TFX_____________________________ Angst .... Exile ...... International Golf .. Sword Of Honour Whizz ..... Manchester United: The Double Soccer Superstars ...... Ruffian ... Re-releases GameBusters FORMAT I'm sure you've already had a blast with our fabulous Coverdisk demos - our apologies if you haven't got an AGA machine, but when a game like Alien Breed 3D appears we feel duty-bound to ensure that our readers get the first chance to try it out.
I'd be interested to hear your comments on our game demos. Which have you liked best? What sort of games would you like to see in the future? The response to the Detroit demo was fantastic, and back in '93 the Second Samurei levels proved very popular. Drop us a line. After all, it's your magazine.
And what about our reviews? Have you gone out and bought a game on our recommendation and vehemently disagreed with us? We don't receive many letters about the games section - I’m not sure whether that is a good or bad thing. Talk to us!
It's about time we found out your all-time favourite games. Jot down your five top Amiga games on a postcard and address it to. My Five Faves, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. Try and get it to us before the end of May and we'll publish the results as soon as we've worked out what's what. Go on, make the effort.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN 90+% The creme de la creme. Only the very best most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly-prized rating there is.
80-89% These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
70-79% Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
60-69% Average releases with limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
Less than 40% The absolute pits.
PLAY IN PREVIEWS THIS MONTH ARE... VIROCOP p37 The latest offering from Graftgold promises to be a blast. And with four game types to choose from there should be something for everyone here.
Po- jbly t17§*-best drivi ever seen on the Afiniqa.
HAMA 292 S-Video 8r Composite Genlock with similar features to the A-Cut but also incorporating Single Fader and full RGB control.
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SCREENPLAY MAY 1995 OPTIONS GOME MODE: IP PI CONTROL: I PS CONTROL: u MUSIC: ON RSSMORO: 7 7'7?7 7 7 V:O.OS Previews VIROCOP Renegade 0171 391 4300 Graftgold's last Amiga game was the woefully underrated Empire Soccer, officially the SECOND BEST ARCADE FOOTBALL GAME EVER. They've also written some of the best Amiga games ever including Uridium 2, Fire And Ice and Rainbow Islands and the team includes one of the few well-known games writers, Andy Braybrook, a man an ex-Amiga Formal editor once accused of killing pop music.
Graftgold's latest game is Virocop, a forced-perspective 3D platform-cum shoot-em-up (Chaos Engine-style).
Pop axeman Braybrook explains. "When we first started on Virocop in July ’93 it was originally going to be a tank game but the programmer left, another one came along and things changed. We generally design games as we go along anyway so myself, John Kershaw and Steve Turner have all added bits here and there.
"We were originally going to call it
D. A.V.E. but then a film came out with the same name so we
decided against it. D.A.V.E. is the character and the letters
stand for Digital Armoured Virus Exterminator. The idea is
that there is a virtual holiday theme park called the GameDisk
and each vacation represents a different game genre.
Viruses have gotten into the genres and our D.A.V.E. chappie has to go in and eliminate them."
Rock's slayer, again. "We've put in four worlds - sport, platform, military and shoot-em-up and we've added a bonus adventure level for the A1200 version. The action relates to the particular game genre so on the sports level you may be wandering along a golf course and suddenly you come up to the edge of a snooker cushion - it's quite surreal. The viruses are sports- related so you might find yourself by a tennis machine or a baseball bat".
Virocop promises to be a blast.
Indeed, you can judge for yourself next month when we bring you a huge Coverdisk demo. You can't say fairer’ than that, although someone always does, just to be really funny.
There are a whole host of Amiga games in the pipeline. Stephen Bradley takes a look at the latest batch that he got his hands on... 4- ULTIMATE SOCCER MANAGER Daze Marketing 0171 372 7435 Two hundred years from now, when future folk dig up time capsules and fish out an old Amiga, they will cry, "blimey, that's the football management computer. Dozens of the games used to be released every month and people still bought them. And then the Great Bung Scandal of Summer '95 came, and football managers went underground, leaving a trail of cigar stubs, sheepskin coats, gold jewellry and cliches for
FA investigators to follow."
So, Andrew Prime of Impressions, programmer of Ultimate Soccer Manager, why another football management simulation? And will USM be more interesting than that other USM, the Unlisted Securities Market?
"Up to now there's been a definite element of reality missing from the matches in other football management games," said Andrew, Screens tend to be full of figures, and look more like spreadsheets than a football match.
This was our main motivation when we set about producing USM.
"We wanted to watch matches where you can see your players moving over the pitch, where your team is strong and where the opposition are dominating. We wanted to see a game where the manager is genuinely involved, watching the action and making decisions all the time - which directly affect the course of the match.
This is what we have done with USM."
The competition is strong, though.
Premier Manager 3 has been a major player in the past few months, Tactical Manager 2, Anco's Player Manager 2 and ANOTHER version of Championship Manager are doing, or are shortly to make the rounds. Is USM going to significantly differ from the midfield melee, Mr P?
"We have added some unique factors to USM to make it stand out. It is much better looking than other management games. It has the unique feature of showing your stadium and buildings grow as you spend more money and develop your ground. The matches themselves are far more involving than in other games and of course there is the matter of bungs, bribery and rigged matches. You won't find this in any other game."
Andrew claims Arsenal manager George Graham has been the inspiration in making USM. Andrew Prime is a Spurs fan. Publishers Daze Marketing will be 'Big Ronning’ for the opposition in the next month or so.
POWER HOUSE Daze Marketing 0171 372 7435 Impressions are best known for their strategy games and indeed, one of Afs most popular ever Coverdisk demos was their point 'n' clicksome car management game Detroit.
Their latest strategy game is Power House, an exercise in corporate global domination. You lead a large energy corporation (well, you will if you buy the game when it comes out), battling against three other giants in an attempt to create an enormous business empire without shafting the Earth. Negotiating, extracting, deploying teams of workers, leaning back in your leather chair with a satisfied grin - you name it, Power House has got it, apparently.
Expect to spot a box on a shelf in June with words Power and House on.
Continued overleaf “Hesitation is the thief Watches You Work Like Wordworth and Datastore, the Digita Organiser features DigiSense™ technology. Simply, it senses what you want to do and helps you do it.
Auto Date," for example, senses the date or time you want and helps you type it. And Auto Start" which automatically starts other programs when you wish.
And, of course, there's on-line help to give you step-by-step instructions as you work.
On The Move It's easy to print anything, and not just full page size, you can print custom pages for Day-Timer" Filofax." Rolodex," Time Manager " and others.
Iwran,"* Organiser for the Amiga OPJrSSXm The Amiga's first diary to work the way you do.
An easy-to-use personal organiser with animated pages, containing sections just like the real thing Diary. Calendar. Address Book. Task Lis! And Supplements.
The Diary has optional themes, such as Astronomy, British History, Celebrity Birthdays, European Union, Going Global, Religion, Sports, US History and more.
The Supplement pages include Conversion Tables, Dialling Codes, Restaurants, Useful Numbers, World Time Zones and others (you can even create your own with Word worth*).
Easily Share Information You can easily import events from an existing Day-By-Day" diary; mail-merging addresses with Wordworth is simple; even sharing information with Datastore™ Mailshot Plus’ and most other programs is a breeze.
Bgggj 0 ' E I m :j Old 111 r ¦ ¦**•¦ *«*»« » Hhhiiim.k Digita
* Extract from Digita Organiser Fortune Cookies Fortune Cookies
Each day you'll be offered words of wisdom; proverbs,
anecdotes, operating tips, and even be reminded of important
events in your diary.
So, what does all this mean?
Simply, organise your life, and learn as you go along.
Call 01 395 270 273 for more information, or write to Digita, FREEPOST, Exmouth, EX8 2YZ ENGLAND.
Of time” * Ccopyright 1995 Digita International Limited. All rights reserved No pan of this adven can lx- reproduced or copied in any way whatsoever. Wordworth. Digita and the Digita logo are registered trademarks.
Organiser. Datastore, Day-By-Day. Mailshot Plus, DigiSense. Auto Date and Auto Stan are trademarks of Digita Holdings Limited All other trademarks and their owners are acknowledged.
Sold subject to standard conditions of sales E&OE.
MAY 1995 SCREENPLAY OBSESSION Unique Development
(46) 11126620 (Sweden) Unique Development Sweden have gone two
further than Arcane in their pinball quest.
They've named the game Obsession AND released it on the ST (that's the Atari thing) to a perfectly glowing review and come May the Amiga conversion will be complete.
The A500 version has four tables: Aquatic Adventure (underwater antics, featuring Bobby Bubble), X-ile Zone (futuristic combat), Balls And Bats (baseball) and Desert Run (car rallying) and an A1200 upgrade will feature an extra table and multiball.
4- TURBO TRAX, CONAN THE CONQUEROR, THE PINBALL GAME WITH NO NAME Arcane Software 0181 656 7459 The heels of Team 17’s ATRand the quite remarkable Super Skidmarks 2 are hot, for Arcane Software are preparing to unleash Turbo Trax. A top-down viewed, titchy car racer. We were hoping to bring you a comprehensive review this month but the game is still going through the tweaking stage, so next month it shall be.
Twenty-five, apparently gruelling courses are included set over five terrain types (slippy ice, cities and deserts - you know the sort of thing) and there are five opponents to pit your wits against. Along the way, you can pick up coins and things on the track whereupon you can UPGRADE YOUR CAR. Now there's an idea. You can also drive over the turbos on the tracks (Turbo and Trax) which increase your speed considerably, although if one isn't careful one will find oneself off the track. Our test drive takes place shortly.
But Arcane are not only going racing, for they have both Conan The Conqueror and pinball stuffed up their sleeve, leaving no room for tissue should they snuffle unexpectedly. Some of you will no doubt know that the Hiburia Chronicles are the series of Conan books and apparently, knowing the novels could well help in your quest to complete the game should you choose to purchase it upon release.
The perspective is of the marvellously fashionable isometric 3D variety and it will be a bit like Darkmere where you wander around castles and dungeons looking muscular. Conan The Conqueror is the title and shelfbound it shall be in the merry month of May.
Arcane's pinballfest is presently without a title as is a helicopter game they're working on which I neglected to mention in the last paragraph. Oh, they're also doing a Bomber Man-style game, too. Anyway, to the Pinball Game With No Name. Four tables, optional split-screen multiball enabling you to see all the balls all the time ("you get and low-resolution screens, whirlpools, spinners, magnets, kickouts, captive balls - you name it, the Pinball Game With No Name reckons it will have it.
Whether it can take on the might of 21st Century's Pinball Illusions, only many hours spent pottering around with it in the AF office will tell.
FLIGHT OF THE AMAZON QUEEN Renegade 0171 391 4300 Flight Of The Amazon Queen panders not to the shoot-em-up genre, instead concentrating its strengths on the point 'n' click graphic adventure. Set in 1949, it enters the world of pilot, Toe King, and publishers Renegade claim it to be, "an irreverent pastiche of the adventure serials that were popular in the 1940s."
Included are some 100 locations and 40 other characters to catch up with as Toe attempts to thwart the evil Dr Frank Enstein (chuckle) and win the heart of the beautiful Princess.
FOTAO features a panoramic map screen and cut-away sequences to add that fine dramatic edge and should be in the shops shortly. We'll bring you a full review next month. Cj (EASY ACCESS FROM M62, Ml and the Ah M62H62I w _ ARMIEY___- | AMIGA REPAIR 1 TOTAL CENTRE A 6 4 7 VTAlfOF.
We offer a FREE quoutson on your 1 R FAANfIIS LIVING 1“ * WORLD S | r ARMLET LEEDS U CVRAT0"Y c«CiV.tl ,„~u D FIRST COMPUTER . CENTRE peripheral!
. (monitor*, printer* ¦ ‘ etc) A deliver, tariff of ju»t £5 00 .»
* charged or alternatively you can visit our showroom frpmtffCM!
Follow signs to* tV M62I Take AH) (Uanil As turnoff *.«"-MS) 1 olkia signs lo* ASI This mtrft. Wit?. Armlry gyratory ftOff) lift AI ufce tfw turnoff to- the AH This merges with the ASI (by- 1 psssuig Leeds town tentre) wh«h meet* the Amvley gyratory Wr tan also arrange a counet ptt.up at ar additional cost of £ 11.00. | Tel. 01 13 2319444 NEW LOW PRICES!
* AMITEC I mb 3.5" drive oni, £54.99 £49.99 | in drives.
£64.99 I £59.99 £39.99 £39.99 £99.99 £209.99 "C$ 49.99 only £289.99 £47.99 £33.99 £5.99 I £5.99 I £5.99 £5.99 £23.99 £30.99 £30.99 £26.99 £18.99 I £13.99 £10.99 £34.99 £44.99 £79.99 £89.99 £99.99 ir A I 200 with t dock £90.99 £ I 29.99 £ I 94.99 1 £319.99 £149.99 £219.99 I £334.99 PREMIER Ink Refills save a fortune in running costs with your Ink bubble jet. I Compatible with HP. Canon. Star.Citiien A many others I Single refills (22ml) £6.99 Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66ml) £19.99 I Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 I Bulk refills (125ml) £24.99 | Cartridges Canon BJ10 cart.
£19.99 I Canon BJ 200 cart. £19.99 HP Deskjet D life mono cart. £24.99 1 HP Deskjet col. Cart. £26.99 Star SJ 144 mono or colour (3 pack) £21.99 | Miscellaneous Printer Switch Box 2 way £ I 2.99 I Printer Switch Box 3 way £ I 7.99 I Printer Stands (Universal)save on space£4.99 I 3 Metre printer cable £6.99 I 5 Metre printer cable £8.99 I 10 Metre printer cable £12.99 | 1 QTY DS DD DISKS Branded DS DD 10 £3.49 £4.99 30 £9.99 £13.99 50 £15.99 £19.99 100 £29.99 £37.99 200 £54.99 £69.99 500 £134.99 £162.99 1000 £259.99 £299.99 All Ada art guarmceed 100% AJ bra Disk labels 500 £6.99
nded&taOTne-ithbbdi 1000 £9.99 PXHd;RJ:ll?bjd;LH Panasonic KXP4400 £354.99] Oki 400ex £359.99 | Both are 4 P P. M. 100 dpi. I mb memory wrth I yei ESBSBHaa Ribbons Citizen Swift mono ribbon Citizen Swift col. Ribbon Star LC 10 100 mono Star LC 10 100 col.
Star LC240c col.
Star LC240c mono Star LC240 mono StarLC24-10 300 200 Colour Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons COVERS Star printer covers Citizen printer covers
H. Packard printer covers Star printer covers NEW! Canon BJ30 II
Plain phone lor dtuih NEW! Canon BJC70 I PI-at- phone lor
dntaits II NEW.'Canon B)200cx air f ipr.il TI0.J60 DPI non
BJC4000 Colour £317.99 ||N£WCanonBJC600eColour £429.99 II New
colour bubble jet from Canon | Citizen printers have a 2 year
guarantee I ABC Colour printer £154.99 simple (a* Ml, as ABC)
to uie 14 p*n printer Comet ai standard «nth SO sheet Auto
iheet feeder Tractor feed optional *ni.W only 134.** H bought
without the colour NEW! Projet II Colour I now m.i.1 prir.rrr
with UutH in nnin lil"( fnM.r Swift Auto Sheet feeder £79.99
Epson LX300 £129.99 faralel'Serlal interface ai standard.
Colour uperadeabte.
LQ150 Colour £209.99 24 Pin Draft 2l4cp . LQ7fcp* Stylus 800 + £239.99 48 Noxile inkjet 1*0 » 160 dpi (mu) 100 iheet feeder Stylus Colour £439.99 | Colour Inkjet. 160 ¦ 160 dpi. 720 « 720 (on tpecial paper) Star LC100 Colour £ 124.99 I Star LC90 9 pin mono £ 105.99 I Star LC240 24 pin mono £125.99 1 Star LC240C 24 pin Colour £144.99 I Star SJ 144 Colour £239.99 | Stunning affordable colour printer. 1 PPM. Low running O HEWLETT PACKARD CITIZEN simr EPSON HP 320 portable £234.99 I HP 320 Auto sheet feeder £69.99 NEW!HP540 mono £269.99 HP 320 540 Colour upgrade £36.99 NEW!HP 660 Colour £435.99 |
I Amiga 500 600 1200 PSU £34.99 I Amiga 500 500 Plus keyboards £45.99 I Amiga 500 Plus Motherboard £29.99 Amiga 500 Plus cases £5.99 QUALITY MOUSE MATS £2.99 10 CAPACITY DISK BOX £0.99 50 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX £3.49 100 CAP LOCKABLE DISK BOX £4.49
• add £3.00 delivery If purchasing jint one Potto or Bam box.
| Normal delivery when purchased with other product or when I buying 2 or more.
AMIGA A500 DUST COVER £2.99 AMIGA 600 COVER £2.99 AMIGA 1200 COVER £2.99 14" MONITOR DUSTCOVER £5.99 [Keyboard Membrane Covers £14.95 AMIGA TO SCART CABLES £9.99 STD 1.8 MTR PRINTER LEAD £2.99 | MODEM NULLMODEM CABLES £9.99 AMIGA CONTROL STATIONS I A500 or 1200 VERSION £36.99 A600 VERSION £29.99 Sports e f 288 only £233.99 features V34. 28,800 BPS.
BABT approved If you thought Vllbls was fast try V 14 (28.800 bps).
Sportster 14400 Fax £157.99 WllRLDPORT 11 WoridPort 14400 +Fax £205.99 VIPER68010 TURBO SERIES 68030 accelerator running at 28Mhz [| expandible to 128 Mb 32 Bit RAM (tee RAM prices) Optional SCSI adaptor.
I Viper 28 EC £114.99 I Viper 28 MMU £134.99 Viper 33 MMU £179.99 NEW LOW . _ PRICES' lylv.
Super fort ! V34. 28.800 bps ? 14.400 Fax Phone for more details only £191.99 SuprariUtModwn v.52bis This modem has full 14400 baud, includes V.llbis. V.ll. V 22bis.
V22. V21. MNP2-S. V.42. V42bis. Class I A 2 commands, *600,' 14400 Croup 1 Fax. Includes free modem comms (not Faa)s w only £154.99 | Alpha Data Mega Mouse £13.99 | 400 Dpi 90% rating Zydec Trackball £29.99 Alfa Data Crystal Trackball only £34.99 iilobotics Amazing price reduction on Courier Dual Standard V34 Fax Now only £327.99 Modem cabtr lor Spomtrr and CourieK 1 99 USR modems come with a 5 year warranty & are BABT Approved WE ARE PREFERRED USR DEALERS NEW!
MICE &TRACKERBALLS Aerospace Deluxe Zy Fi-2 Stereo System ZyFi Pro Stereo System£57.99 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £39.99 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £99.99 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £149.99 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £284.99 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM £439.99 Imb 30 pin SIMM £24.99 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM £145.99 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs) (each) £5.99 1 Mb by 4 ZIPS( 1 2 Mb) £32.99 SuprarMj[Modem 44LC
V. 32 bis (14400 baud .') Low tost versaon of the classic V12BH
Fax modem Features as below but class I fax only and LEO
display now only £91.99 Supra modems are not BABT approved,
however they perform as well A often out perform BABT approved
modems. Supra Modems have a 5 year limited warranty Kickstart
1. 3 Kickstart 2.04 Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600) Fatter
Agnes 8375 Super Denise 6571-0326 Keyboard controller CIA
8520A I O controller 68882 Co Pro 2Smhz PLCC 68882 Co Pro
33mhz PLCC 68882 Co Pro 40mhz PLCC 68882 Co Pro 40 mhz PGA
68882 Co Pro Somhz PGA Cumana 3.5" drive only!!
I mb ext. Drive, the best name Power Drive XL 1.76 ext.
Power Drive XL 1.76 int.
A600 I200 internal drive A500 internal drive A4000 internal D drive Zappo CD Rom drive NEW.'Philips 8833 MKI I This famous Stereo, colour monitor is back.
Complete with 12 month on site maintenance £234.99 Realise the full potential of trapdoot expansion me raal tl 1 MB RAM 2 MB RAM 4 MB RAM 8 MB RAM 2 MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO 4 MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO 8 MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO 256 by 4 ZIPS (each) £5.99 Part exchange available on your old memory. Call for pricing.
MONITORS PRIMA CO-PRO & RAM Microvitec Autoscan 1438 MEMORY MODULES only; PRIMA A500 512k RAM (no clock) 119.99 PRIMA A500 Plus I Mb RAM £34.99 PRIMA A600 I Mb RAM (no clock) £39.99 RAM EXPANSION tilt and swivell stand only £9.99 when purchased with monitor
2. 5" Hard Drives for 600 I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instr.
60Mb..i99.99 l30Mb..j£l49.99 80Mb.-ZI09.99 240Mb..2204.99
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with AI 200 600 install kit (We recommend
3. 5" drive* be fitted by fully qualified computer engineer*)
Inc. software, cables and instructions 260Mb... l59.99
420Mb.. 179.99 S40Mb....£l99.99 720Mb.. 260.99
1. 0Gig.Z389.99
3. 5" H drive upgrade kit no HD only £18.99 Full fitting service
available, includes fully insured UK mainland pickup and
delivery only £30.00 PRIMA I 200 External Hard drives PRIMA
HD-350 (3S0mb) £259.99 PRIMA HD-540 (540mb) £305.99 PRIMA
HD-730 (730mb) £379.99 PRIMA HD-1000 (I Gig) £544.99 PRIMA
HD-2100 (2.IGig) £899.99 PRIMA HD-4300 (4.3Gig) £1894.99 PRIMA
HD-9100 (9.1 Gig) £2659.99 Full Selection of SCSI drives
available £POA I hama 292 £279.99 S-Video, and composite
compatible II hama 290 £679.991 S-Video. And composite mixing,
plus far more I hama A-CUT Video Editor £185.99 IlGVP Genlock
£289.99 | features professional SVHS output Rocgen Plus £
164. 99 | Include* dual control for overlay and keyhole
effect*, .
RGB pass thru. Check lor compatibility Rendale 8802 FMC £164.99 Rocgen Rockey £ 164.99 | PRIMA TRIPLE SPEED £245.99 PRIMA QUAD SPEED £345.99 PRIMA SCSI case only £69.99 Squirrel SCSI PCMCIA interlace only £40.00, -**« .v*-. 0411 nif AI 200 OVERDRIVE CD-ROM «w .Kh Alien ImA Pro*e t X. FIT ChJ.np 0-*» Brutal FoocbaM and CO 32 game pad New lowprice!!£l9979* PanasonicCR503B2XSpeed £132.99
• JJOMi Accett m* J00KB trandrr rxw TOSHIBA 3601 BIX Speed
• I SOM. Ar.ru bm- M0KB truufcr r.1* Oktagon 2008scswi£124.99 GVP
A4008 SCSMI controfcr £124.99 Alfa Scan 800 £ I 19.99 256
greyscale scanner up to 800 Dpi Alfa Data Alfa Colour Scan 18
bit Kanner with 2S6K colour* ioc colour correction only £329.99
Alfa Scan 256 £139.99 EPSON GT6S00 Colour Flatbed New low price
only!! £499.99 GENLOCKS CD ROM Drives PRIMA A1200 CD ROM DRIVES
hama Phone for information pack.
Art Department Pro Scanner software £99.99 ¦ omp.llbl. -III. Cp.on Ct.ICO 4 GTIOOO m hush sms svusa , :»c8 M CD ROM SOFTWARE 17 Bit Collection £28.99 I I 7 Bit Continuation £ 14.49 I 7 Bit Phase 4 £14.49 17 Bit LSD compendium I £16.99 17 BitVLSD compendium 2 £ 16.99 | Adult Sensation £ 16.99 Aminet 4 (Nov 94) £14.49 I AminetS £14.49 Aminet collection (Box set 4 CD's) £29.99 !
Amos Users CD £16.99 Assassins CD £16.99 CD-PD I £8.99 CD-PD 2 £8.99 I CD-PD 3 £8.99 CD-PD 4 £8.99 Demo CD I £8.99 Demo CD 2 £8.99 DeskTop Video CD £13.99 EuroScene I £9.99 Emerald Mines £12.49 GIFs Galore £14.10 GoldFish I £24.49 GoldFish 2 £24.49 Illusions CD £8.99 Light ROM £37.99 MultiMedia ToolKit £16.99 I Network CD £12.49 Professional Fonts £16.99 | Sheer Delight £16.99 Sounds Terrific £16.99 Space & Astronomy £ 16.99 I Towns of Tunes £16.99 Weird Science ClipArt £8.99 Weird Science Fonts £8.99 Weird Science Anims £16.99 WPD Fonts £12.49 WPD Hottest 4 £12.49 WPD Utils 1-1500 £12.49
MISCELLANEOUS DirtAnt Sun* 5 £29.99 | MUSIC SOUND Aura 12 bit sampler £74.99 I Deluxe Music Construction Set v2 £59.99 I Pro Midi Interface by Microdeal £24.99 I Techno Sound Turbo 2 £28.99 [ Tecno Sound Turbo £20.99 | PROGRAMMING Amos Professional £47.99 I Amos Professional Compiler £24.99 NEW!! Gamesmith £74.99 Devpac 3 £50.99 | UTILITIES NEW*! Directory Opus 5 £59.99 I GP PAX 2.3 software £49.99 Xcopy Pro V2 plus hardwarwe £24.99 | VIDEO & GRAPHICS NEW!! Deluxe Paint 5 £89.99 I Make Path for Vista £8.99 Special offer !! Lightwave £399.99 I Vista Pro 3 (4Mb required) £29.99 | WORD
PROCESSING DTP Final Writer DTP NEW! £69.99 Final Copy V2 UK. New Low Price! £48.99 Pagestream J U.K. version £174.99 I Wordworth 2 AGA sec Pnat Mgr £19.99 Wordworth 3.1 SE £54.99 Wordworth 3.1 £84.99 Penpal £29.99 | VIDI 24 RT NEW £139.99 | I Real time colour dlgitiiing from any video iourc«.
I Full AGA support. Inc 12 Volt PSU VIDI 24 RT PRO £209.99 1 I 24 bit quality raal time coloi I video lource. Full AGA tuppoi VIDI 12 AGA £59.99 I Full support for AGA hip*et. Colour image* captured in I I le** than a second, mono image* in reai time with any I | video source. Multitasking V . Cut A pa*te.
VIOI I 2 AGA Plus Tako 2 only 69 99 PRIMA CD-ROM Vol. ONE 510Mb of font*, artwork, photo*. Dcn»o», util*, gamct now only £16.99 ROMBO PRODUCTS SOFTWARE The games charts return to the AF Screenplay fold this month. Steve Bradley spins the wheel of fortune and brings us the best of the last 30 days.
Top games The Top 10 CD32 1 King Pin (Team 17) 67% 2 lungle Strike (Ocean) 87% 3 PGA European Tour (Ocean) 83% 4 Microcosm (Psygnosis) 87% 5 Liberation (Mindscape) FG90% 6 Zool (Gremlin Interactive) FG90% 7 Nigei Mansell's Championship (Gremlin Interactive) 73% 8 Cannon Fodder (Virgin) 92% 9 All Terrain Racing (Team 17) Not reviewed 10 Theme Park (Electronic Arts) 79% THIS MONTH S FULL-PRICE TOP 20 1 (1) Sensible World Of Soccer (Renegade) ....FG95% 2 (Re).....On The Ball: League Edition (Ascon) .68% 3 (-) .BeauOolly
Compilation (Virgin) FG90% 4 (4) Premier Manager 3 (Gremlin Interactive) 85% 5 (5) Theme Park (Electronic Arts) .....FG91 % 6 (2) FIFA International Soccer (Electronic Arts) ...79% 7 (17).....PGA European Tour (Ocean) .83% 8 (12).....Championship Manager Italia '95 (Domark) 65% 9 (11).....Mortal Kombat II (Acclaim) FG92% 10 (Re)
.. Jungle Strike (Ocean) ..87% 11 (-) All Terrain Racing (Team17) ...70% 12 (18) Death Mask (Alternative) ..77% 13 (19) LucasArts Classic Collection (US Gold) ..FG90% 14 (14) .. Combat Classics 3 (Entertainment International) .87% 15 (Re) ...Championship Manager '93 (Domark) ...86% 16 (10) ..Football Glory (Kompart
UK) ...80% 17 (Re) ...Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game (Virgin) .....70% 18 (6) Cannon Fodder 2 (Virgin) ...FG94% 19 (Re) ...Campaign (Entertainment International)..: ......79% 20 (9) Skidmarks (Acid Software) FG90% 1 Shadow Fighter (Gremlin Interactive) 89% 2 Premier Manager 3 Multi-Edit (Gremlin Interactive) Not reviewed 3 King Pin (Team 17) 67% 4 Batman Returns (Gametek) 48% 5 Monkey Island 2 (Kixx)
FG93% 6 Space Hulk (Hit Squad) 79% 7 Champ Manager 93 94 (Domark) 82% 8 Formula 1 Grand Prix (PowerPlus) FG93% 9 Winter Olympics (US Gold) 70% 10 Lemmings (Psygnosis) FG92% Top 10 A1200 1 Theme Park (Electronic Arts) FG91 % 2 Football Glory (Kompart UK) 80% 3 The Lion King (Virgin) 69% 4 Shadow Fighter (Gremlin Interactive) 89% 5 Pinball Illusions (21st Century Ent) 88% 6 Banshee (Core Design) FG90% 7 Aladdin (Virgin) FG90% 8 Super Stardust (Team 17) FG90% 9 Premier Manager 3 (Gremlin Interactive) 85% 10 Sim City 2000 (Maxis) FG92% QUALITY PERIPHERALS ts AMIGA i! IFWWlW VIDEO GENLOCK FOR ALL
AMIGA COMPUTERS DELUXE FEATURES The Amitek dnve has many deluxe features not included m other drrves - check out the competition' ANTI-CLICK Tins tealure slops your drive making whirs and dicks when the dnve is empty and searching for a disk.
ANTI-VIRUS This switchable mode stops track 0 viruses infecting the disk while in the drive Unlike many other drives which have virus killers, this mode can Be
• High Quality Graphics And Video Mixing Desk
• FREE Sea la HT100 Program Disk
• Add Titles And Special Effects To Videos
• Ideal For Home and Semi-Professional Users
• Supports All Standard Amiga & AGA Graphics
• Input And Output Composite Video Signals
• Switches Between Video Only, Computer Only And Mixed Graphics
• Hardware Fade Between Graphic And Video
• RGB Thru - Saving The Genlock From Being Unplugged When Not In
• Optional Chroma Key Unit Available Sept '95
• Comprehensive 16-Page Manual Plus Full Colour Sleeve FPU SPEED
* o F»u
TITLING PROGRAM I J “1 Designed to bring you high I A k I
quality and performance at I hr I affordable prices, Amitek
I L ! | peripherals offer outstanding value-for-money. They
are HlullHtl punt to ensure easy fitting emu TioOTum an(j
trouble free operation - making them a pleasure to use. Amitek
products are also thoroughly tested and very reliable, so
reliable that we are pleased to offer a full two year warranty
on most of the Amitek products detailed here.
• Plugs straight into A1200 trapdoor • No soldering requir-
• Upgradable FAST RAM board to 1. 2. 4 or O'*.
• Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs for easy upgrades
• Optional Floating Pomt Unit • 33mm or 40mm; PlCC 68882
• Comprehensive manual with illustrations
• Works with all A1200 and AI200HD compulors
• Does nol invalidate your At 200 warranty
• 2 year warranty AMITEK HAWK RAM UPGRADE BOARDS _ 1Mb No Omb No
1200 33mmi PLCC FPU + Crystal £59 40mm, PLCC FPU + Crystal £99
• 2 Year Warranty
disabled, allowing some fussy copy protected software to run.
ADD MORE DRIVES The Amitek dnve is also daisy- chainable. So you can add further dnves to your system, using very little power from your Amiga.
QUALITY SONY MECHANISM Amitek took the time to source a mechanism that has all the features, quality and reliability that Amiga owners demand.
High Quality 3 2" Sony Mechanism Strong Metal Casing Built-In Anti-Click Feature Switchable Anti-Virus Mode Enable Disable Switch 75ms Access time Daisy Chainable Via Thru Port Low Power Usage External PSU Not Reo'd EXTERNAL DRIVE FREE DELIVERY SONY MECHANISM SC ALA htioo „0„H £49 '£ MAMBA MODULATOR Timi FOR ALL AMIGAS q | £ RAM UPGRADES
• •MITIK FOR A500 A500plus A600 • 2 YR WARRANTY £ LOADER 1Mb
INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES cno Ainr a eon CAn«. ... o Atam a enn
« onn i CODE RAM 0505 I RAM 0510 | RAM 0520 RAM 0605 RAM 0610
DESCRIPTION A500 - 512K (No Clock) A500 - 512K (With Clock)
A500PLUS - 1Mb RAM A600 - 1Mb (No Clock) A600 - 1Mb (With
Clock) These internal Amitek Loader replacement drives are
ideal lor users who wish to replace their existing internal
dnve The packs feature a high quality internal Imd. 3t‘ drive
mechanism lor the Amiga 500 500plus or Amiga 600 1200 All you
need to lit your drive included, plus easy to follow fitting
instructions and 12 months warranty MAMBA A500 A500 makes an
ideal replacement modulator for all Amiga owners Everything
needed is supplied Like all Amitek peripherals it comes with an
easy to follow manual £ POWER SUPPLY ' mMITEK for
A500 A600 A1200 • 1 YR WARRANTY This power supply is an idea!
Replacement unit, which can deliver 1 0 Amp on T2V and 4.5 Amps on 5V More in enough power for a seriously expanded Amiga' .
Amitek Power Sjpply Unit £29 .: vat A600 A1200 £44 ,7.'l
• ESTABLISHED 17 YEARS We "M a proven irjck record *1
protttSfOrval comwefu *
• PART Of A A YEAR COHPAAY war o*r 300 «afi - We v* sohdwd reteWe
• EXPERIENCED STAFF: Amtuff,trjmWr CustomerCjf?
FATf rmp and Meet Inna team or experts
• 4 FUU PRODUCT RANGE: At of you computer mWinwtt tror one*****
• WE PRICF HATCH We ml normal) prce male" an. *xai «re« store
ntrw 13 m* -iC-usor a Same Product • Same Prce'
• FRS CATALOGUES We accept most major crecM cards cash.
Checue v monthly terms iAPw 23 3*t - vvritten Quotes on request)
Busmess Education and Government Tel 0181 308 0888
• MAIL ORDER FREE DELIVERY m UK mainland on orders over C4G«VAT
Small administration charge i C? 60* VAT | on orders under f
40* VAT
'Mir. S»Wcarry a ietCKC range onk W prcO-rts can ee oraped r me Horn *u Vta Qr» THE SILICA SERVICE INFORMATION ON AMITEK PROOUCTS t COMPUTER SHOPPER 'Wtos WINNER Oftrfiy Str.ct I COMPUTER SHOPPER l9WAw*ft houmrn h Best Aver Sj*s S*-.xe 1 Mf MrvMissMs I I Surname: .. I I Company , 1 Address BRISTOL toeros- St Janes B»W 0117-929 1021 CARDIFF kiwFfare iR* ScmsW?, 01222 341576 CHELMSFORO
• a tr J7Ngb$ B«i 01245 355511 CR0V00N Dearrars-anCxa- 11-31 Xonft
Ene 0181 688 4455 GLASGOW 0141-221 0088 GUIL0F0R0
0ttrfams-3t=hr ucra 01483 301300 HARROW Stsen Ruat 0181-427
4300 HULL OeOeNtW-teFan P-KacSTtr 01482 325151 IPSWICH OaMS'Mc*
»sa» 5ste 01473 221313 LONDON Saa -52T xra- 0171-580 4000
LONDON 334MtysSt 0171-580 3000 LUTON k-c-t --• 01582 21201
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Te.i ri-i3t 01752 266666 R0MF0R0 Decors - y. He UauPftu 01708 766066 SHEFFIELD CUCCC|C| n 0114-276 8611 P114.9U 0770 ontrritlU SIDCUP
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and bog to experience the ‘S.hca Service* Ct TO I I I
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... 1 TeifWotk)
' . I I Which
computet(s). It any. Do you own?
AMS D E B E I £ IDE (rctf rc KtoCcAfcr* *d, crA’er _ _212NJ (VwiW'fxWttNllWrtW lo- MAY 1995 SCREENPLAY m Non-AGA Amiga owners are restricted to four cars and a lo-res screen. This limits the view a bit, but it doesn't detract from the playability... DRIVING GAME IN ITS CLASS EVER SEEN ON THE AMIGA.
Quite an assertion, we know.
Especially when you bear in mind that Skid 2 could quite legitimately, albeit cynically, be considered a mere data disk expansion set of the original game.
Since the original earned an Amiga Format Gold in issue 55 (90%), several enhancements have been made, that ...whereas, with AGA machines you can have eight cars on screen at once. The hl-res screen also lets you see more ol the track.
Not only improve it cosmetically, but also improve the expansiveness of the gaming experience.
A500 and A600 owners can have four separate car types appear at the same time. For extra novelty, memory allowing, you can tow a caravan which radically affects the handling of the cars.
For extra convenience, allowance is made for a joystick adaptor to be plugged into the parallel port. This enables four people to play on joystick rather than relying on keys.
A rolling two. Three, or four-player game can be played, similar in style to the method used by ATR- it's the least satisfying way of playing head-to-head.
Two players can race using a split screen - a mechanism that lets four people play when a link between two Amigas is set up (see our Future Of Video Games feature on page 28).
And then there are the AGA enhancements, the immediate difference is the ability to use hi-res as standard and have eight cars on the track at any one time. This reveals more of the road and enables drivers to anticipate their approach to the next bend further in advance.
AGA machines can also split the screen three ways meaning that there are even more combinations of head-to- head player action when a link is used.
And then there's the feature that we broke the exclusive news about in last ¦ Super Skidmarks 2.
The best driving game in its class ever seen on the Amiga.
Continued overleaf * ...be on one machine and two on another. It's up to you.
And if you want to link an A500 A600 to an A1200 it can be done. The 1200 will still display a hi-res screen. Tip top.
Finally, tha piece de resistance of two 1200s being linked together is the Super View mode. Place both display* adjacent to each other and the whole track can be... ..viewed at once in a complete overview of the course. It feels a bit odd having to glance at another screen when your car crosses over, but you soon get used to it MAY 1995 SCREENPLAY m i ;V i Rather then bore you to tears with the tedium of a Loading, Please Wait message, Acid have opted to let you play Pong. The speed the ball can reach is astounding.
SUPER SKIDMARKS 2 Publisher_ Guildhall Leisure 01502 890000 Price_ £25 Versions_ All Amigas System requirements 1Mb Release date_ Out now door. Ride the shockwave" is as good a proverb as any to drop in when you've perfected the art.
And, just like real car racing, the driver is constantly forced to make micro decisions and act accordingly. It's through coping with and mastering this mentally dextrous work load that top drivers can enforce their will and superiority on hapless opponents by driving them into the dust.
Graphics 7 out of 10 Not the best in the world.
The Imagine-modelled cars are fantastic though.
Sound_7 out of 10 Symbiotic with the top screen action.
Addiction I'll tell you after I've had one more race.
« Tricky to handle the cars at first. Soon becomes natural and intuitive.
Overall verdict_ So hot it’ll soon be burning rubber on the virtual tarmac of the information superhighway. Probably.
92% True to the magnificent form shown in his review, throughout the numerous head-to-head races, and the multi-player Super View games we played, the Scotsman is way in front.
• month's Amiga Formal. Everyone at Acid responsible lor its
implementation deserves to earn an honorary Knighthood. We’re
talking about the Super View mode - check out the boxout titled
A Super Panoramic View... This feature is excellent. Not only
can you race up to eight human opponents at the same time, you
also get to see everyone's overall position in the race at a
glance. Bloody brilliant.
What's more, it's refreshing to go up against opponents of comparable abilities. Truly tremendous road jousts take place. Drivers of similar skill and quality end up constantly jockeying with each other for position, overtaking and undertaking, jostling and jabbing away as they attempt to drive to the perfect line and the glory of victory.
But, not only is Skidmarks 2 terrific to take part in, it's magic to watch. You can passively absorb the styles of the other drivers and plan tactics to use against them in competition.
The best tactic when behind, and catching, is to actively learn the art of cutting up the car in front and handling the speed boost when the inevitable, unavoidable, impact occurs. "Shut the The lirst two disks replicate those bundled with Ihe original Sudmarha, but H you take the reverse direction option into eccount you've still got the equivalent ot 48 trecks to race on.
SCUT91RH ** br|L YNKIE hi iir BIB ED 1 r t r ru DALE ft 1 Dl Q,'V & fi-iucnw QilQOi r 1 uan rur 1 tmi KIP fc-LUt pLhCFi Lklfnljn rUHrlL HHR.NEI IW MDJNSTHLL 1 With extra memory on board, you can have all eight cars race on the same track. To top that though, if you've got Imagine Z the program disk has a utility to let you create your own cars, look out. The Amiga Formal Mark 5 Fiat Panda is a reality Nobody knows the secret of that most elusive of all features in a game, gameplay. But in the next few weeks loads of Middlesex University students will be handing in theses on the advanced theory
of gameplay. Whether these theses explore the semiotic deconstruction of symbolic enactments embedded in the underlying nervous reflex of human machine interfaces inherent of the computer game medium, remains to be seen.
But one thing’s for sure. If ever a game was nigh on perfect, it's Super Skidmarks 2. It's all about control, skill, timing, aggression, instinct, confidence, belief, and most of all, ability. A completely social sport. A test of yourself against your friends and fellows. A sport that couldn't be realised through any medium other than a computer. It screams to be played by more than one person. It's where it's most alive and vibrant and happening and marketable. No surprise then that it appeared on the Amiga first.
A positive benefit of the game is the insight you gain into the character of opponents under competitive duress.
Acid deserve to be rewarded for bringing such a playable enjoyable experience to the Amiga first. Do yourself a favour, buy this game. CD 1 SELECTII 1 SELECT* , CfHCEL I SELECTS SELECT* ! SELECT!! I SELECT* SELECTII ! SELECTI2 i SELECTH3 I SELECT* I SCLECTN5 I SELECT* SELECT!! I SELECT*? ' SELECTI3 I SELECT* ! SELECTHS I SELECT* CfHCEL It SELECT!! I 5ELECT»2 SELECTH3 I SELECT* I SELECTH5 1 SELECT* LET'S MAKE TRACKS SirflDl The best interactive match action ever!
? :»t 'IVUkh :«nct i Check out your player's skills and watch them develop LORN PPPLICPTION Keep your bank manager happy, or face the consequences!
Watch your stadium develop in 3D!
OtnmiiBNiH OXQ Ml14AUU, TOM TtM SAID 'IT S 8IOM MBDD OUT TO TMD BUD. Txt-l SMIIBI rtlOKBD IT- Read about your team's exploits in rich detail FAH MESSAGE IBM PC VGA Screenshots may vary C 1995 Impressions Interact with agents, fans and press from your office the Future _ _ of FootbalL Management Impressions Unit 9. Princeton Court. Felsham Road, Putney, London SW15 1AZ J - VI747 MACaC«ACKGHOUNDS4 MAGICWB ICONS V1811 IMAGESTUO*Ov2 O(AB) UTILITY DISKS VI an MAGIC WORKBENCH (AGA)ATOM 3 '? 4274 BKARRE AND WHOLLY ? '* VI569 MAGIC EXPANSION v1.3 h |«A cilhci Ml I i* Map. U H uvr 11
E) '*? V19BI EPUSTAKKERV1 7 ' VI817 FINAL WRAPPER *3.0 ? •?VI 697
DINOSAUR OBJECT vi 699 spAcemanobjects ? A a 4JU (
AHTHfl Frank Aalbci V1648 (AG A | WB 3 0 UTILS 06 (AGA)
JINX(AB) V164B REFLEX vVwalsTco) Musid exa4i ttn MAPfjoO)
vieei (aGa)nat l6ttery VI723 VIRTUAL REALITY |020] ¦VI794
• 2v1.40(AB) V18D1 WTTLIAL WORLDS VI017 tivvTaPom hmflrr.
Nuiliipk c ] »pni ? '?VI727 HARWVAflEMACXS 41 S5( AGA)DR WHOC AROSET n ,.n,I vi 1.x lli' ..mi' klmUiki' M 4156(AGA)RET JRN TME JED 4167 (AGA) F MptRE STRIKES 41® WEAPON MASTERS vi an wag£deskvu(ab) V1675 BANK MANAGER VI 1 J *.«D1 OZONEBONZMIX[AGA](2) SPECIAL NOTE ? VlfZS ChtATV4CUN5V1i) 4176 RAVE NATlON(AB) 4T7B UNO [ LEGO) ?'?VI 732 NEW1CONSBACKDROPS BI LLY. Puihr* all »pen »crcci CLOSEMF AiiKhrr cuu- « ccn ha TOUCH. SUCKS I«M.h uiilii *ilh lot ? " V1687 (AGA)FIXES VOL 1 Ftoframl -ill ».«& .« ih* AciA h HOW TO PAY A ORDER Your Name ?"?Vr 'NE ICO SIMAGESET Address VT7« TERM V4 2 (030) PO A
SHAREWARE HOW TO COLLECT POSOFT OFFICE ADDRESS Unll 2. 6-8 Durham Rd. Southend- On-Sea. ESSEX. SS1 2YD UK I wdw ctajwAt) JPJJH ('1)100 - Includes a 50 page printed Book with ntnC Name & descriptiun id each disk program on the cdrom disc. The first idrom Hithinm' book for all Amiga computers.
CU101 Mmfc bUUNDUBHAHYtia.ya Includes a 250+ BOOK DOUBLECDROM C0057 LIGHT ROM 'FRED FISH £39 99 CD091 -POVRAV GIGA CD114 LIGHT ROM 2 £39 CD115 TEXTURES £39 99 : 14 W UI urt-cnhc lor 112 99 CD011 SOURCE C00E£ 19 99 CD028 PROFESSIONAL FONTS & r CLIPART I | Cl9 99 L CD070 POWER GAMES ci 9 99 mam&* CD012 PROJECT GUTENBERG m ri9 99 K CD029 CDPDV0L4 CI999 HK| CD098 ANIMATIONS C19 99 THIS MONTHS SPECIALS OFFERS I -
VOLUME 1 4 2 C7.99 Each or all 3 for C20 CD027 SPACE &
£29 99 P'* CD077 DESKTOP VIDEO £14.99 I - CD141 THE UQMT £~
WORKS £39.99 M c.mputrt*ftofhu. Ivhfir* tr.en the
• * 1 1 M* V compute. Ter-ectly rendered Inmate.
* I. V. J people all . .or theId A real am u ra*n*Ctl»g i»
T««bc* 1 Mu filer from W Germane. -tw derailed ohievt. Ill SSL
EssfHi; K CD044 SOUNDS TERRIFF1C £19 Ba 1-0-T ] MUVMID Module.
I I'M) Midi ..IS5’V(X-&M.’WA Sample.
17 BIT C PROMS cdoo7 17 BIT 142 £29 99 UfaKy C0039 CD065 17 BIT PHASE 4C19 99 PH ASM 17 Hit have crunched cvcr
• nifle new dick that hu» been added to then lihrnrv of Public
Domain adunng l*M on In thie .ingle CDROM C0071 ULTRA MEDIA 1A2
* mir»ih«v. IFF picture., OIK WAVt and FLIC. Includes a
multimedia 1« -I to take ad. Mage ¦ ( die PC WAV format file.
Him i* the lint time included on Amiga CDROM. Th., cdrom pock will keep anyone glued to your computer ccreen foe hour.
M. mo.t l-KIIM CD110 GAMES DELIGHT £24 99 ¦n.-fe- CD109 GIGANTIC
GAMES SKE. rwSP' apear .« thi cdrucn With «. Many Min It -.11
take VOU n «3tt to -ode Arvugh and vran to pb. If game, are
your thing gi.e thii cdrom a go and ca.e met NXAfb of hard
dnve S -ce M Ae «mr tune CD108 THE BEAUTY OF CHAOS £14 99
£14 99 CD092 Hp- locks I O 1 C0099 LSD TOOLS 2 £1999 Sample*.
A a complete Anttm Inuring Eric Schwam. Large .on turning unini. » load. f amnn A No AGA -trtwarr tmc. Demo*. Mega Demo.. WB utlv Educational, tning. M.Julcv Video L’ntv.
GRX. Demo Maker.. Arnm Nearly I.(XX) Game, readv u run on (‘DC. CDTY A570. And onv e.temal SCSI CDROM Include. A.sa.ttn. Game. I • I4X ready to run (keylxatd need fat CDJ2 CDTV utml and .e.cral hundread olhei game.
CD051 CLIPART IFF 4 PCX Vol 1 CD053 Professional GlFa CD046 SETIMENTAL WINGS £19 98 CD047 TRAVEL A0VENTURE Tel (01702) 466933 Fax 617123 PDSOFT-1 Bryant Avenue, Sou(liend-on-sen,FSSKX, SSI 2YD.UK CD061 PROFESSIONAL UTILITIES J3M' ' m V1-V1500 £19.99
(1) 019 C'l 32 Nl I WORK CD019 £14.99 or CD019» £34.99 Cable &
Di«h VMUl Graphics Sensacsions USIOflS Flight sim fans are
often considered by their fellow games players as being a
peculiar breed They actually seem to enjoy wading through
manuals that are thick enough to put an end to the life of
most small rodents. Why, they even spend hours learning
complicated keyboard commands I mean, are computer games
meant to be fun or MAY 1995 SCREENPLAY Graeme Sandiford flies
through the air with the greatest of ease. With a little help
from Ocean's new Tactical Fighter Experiment, of course.
A Eurolighter 2000. If he lights his reheat, wstch your eyebrows.
What? To the average games player flight sims can often seem more like hard work than a recreational activity.
However, the face of the flight sim is changing and one of the most significant changes took place almost three years ago with the belated release of Epic. This game went a fair way to combining the realism of flight sims with the simple control systems of an arcade game. Although considered a bit too easy, it did prove that such a system could be made workable.
The development team responsible for this hybrid, Digital Image Design, immediately set to work on refining this system and now - three years later - the result is TFX(Tactical Fighter Experiment).
The setting for the game is a time when the Earth is a hotbed of assorted conflicts - now. You play the part of a raw recruit who has joined the UN's Tactical Fighter Experiment as a pilot.
The game is organised into several methods of play, to give you the choice of what kind of game you want to play.
If flying through the air at Mach 1 blowing up enemy fighters with gay abandon is your thing, then you'll enjoy the Arcade playing mode. While playing in this mode it's impossible to crash, so all you need worry about is avoiding getting blasted to kingdom-come by enemy fighters.
SCREENPLAY MAY 1995 I mZ z »-* n-* - Publisher Ocean 0161 832 6633 Price £39.99 Versions A1200 A4000 System requirements A1200 A4000 Thle TFX ravlaw waa dona on an A4000 and on an A1200 with an accalarator.
If played on an unexpanded A1200 the gameplay would suffer considerably.
Release date End April Graphics 9 out of 10 Very atmospheric and highly-detailed.
Sound 7 out of 10 As good aa any flight sim.
Addiction 8 out of 10 Extremely challenging.
Playability 10 out of 10 Aa easy or aa hard aa you want it to be.
Overall verdict At last a flight sim that can be played without years of study.
91% The next mode is the Simulator. As with the Arcade mode you don't have to worry about mission objectives and other frivolous considerations such as which buildings, and presumably occupants, can be blown to pieces.
However, you do get to choose the area of the globe that you wish to wreak havoc on, as well as the aircraft that you prefer to perform said havoc-wreaking.
You are also given the freedom of choice over what weapons of mass destruction your plane will be carrying.
Learn your lesson While such good-natured jaunts of mindless destruction are accepted in the Arcade and Simulator modes, it would seem that the UN frown upon sending out raw recruits on tours of duty. So before you can go on to the Tour Of Duty you have to successfully complete the Training mode.
Training comprises 10 missions of increasing difficulty, where you face a variety of scenarios from simple air-to- air combat right through to ground- based targets that are protected by air and ground cover. At the beginning of each mission you are given the opportunity to arm your aircraft as you see fit - choose wisely.
After graduating from flight school you get to blow up real stuff by enrolling in one of three squadrons. From here on things can become quite involved and decidedly tricky, especially if you don't pay close attention to your briefings.
This may sound all too easy, but completing your training is no piece of cake and the missions you might be sent on, once you've joined a squadron, can put you in some decidedly tricky situations and environments. For example, on longer missions you may have to refuel your plane and if there are no friendly airstrips nearby you'll have to re-fuel in the air. This isn't too bad with an F-22 and F-117A, but trying to re-fuel ¦ The icing on the cake to this system's realism are the planes and the way they handle.
The Euro Fighter is an absolute pain.
Landing an F-22 on an aircraft-carrier is another demanding, not to mention potentially embarrassing manoeuvre.
However, the difficulties of these tasks are a testament to the game's realism - there's none of your Top (Sunlike flying upside down or at 100ft at a ridiculous speed with "no-hands" - not unless you want to die. It's also very Ignore the smudgy black writing - it's merely a quirk of our screenshotting system. Tch, eh?
Scary when you've been hit and everything goes quiet because your engine has been blown up and you steadily lose altitude.
The realism doesn't end here though, the areas to which you are assigned are all real places and the maps actually look like the real thing.
Although I feel that it's a bit insensitive to recreate battles over areas where people are still being killed in real life, such as former Yugoslavia and Somalia, the environments are quite a piece of work, with sprawling hillsides, excellent Gouraud shading, clouds and even mountain ranges. You even lose visibility if you are flying into the sun above cloud-level.
Sweet success The icing on the cake to this system's realism are the planes and the way they handle. The three planes' capabilities are all faithfully re-produced and you can actually feel the difference between the way the Euro Fighter and the F-117A fly. You can also choose how much control you want over the plane, from simple arcade controls (advised for those who have never flown a real plane) right through to the military- specified controls - for die-hard flight sim addicts only.
Technically speaking, I had only one gripe about the game When you are tracking an enemy aircraft it remains a tiny one-pixel smear and then suddenly explodes to the size and shape of a plane and is then gone before you know it - even if you are flying at a relatively slow speed. It would also have been nice to have more control over the configuration of the control methods, such as which button fires a weapon and which accelerates the plane.
There is one thing that may make some people have second thoughts about buying this game. Although it is possible to play TFX from floppy drives and an unexpanded Amiga, you would get much more out of the game if you had an accelerated machine (with an 030 processor) and a hard drive. It's silky-smooth on the Amiga Format A4000 040! O Kltn.PB HUXIBT-IJ EHUM tf I4i.(JMli!U.4il:I fin Even the weapons-loading-up screen features exciting 3D graphics. Go on - have a couple more bombs. Or some Black Forest gateau.
N* Nktmi P* TFX 0 CSI 2.5" 3.5| JD Our high quality 2.5" 3.5” IDE SCSI hard drives come with a one year warranty.
The 2.5” HD’s come with cable & manual.
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3. 5” IDE hard drive and included in the pack is the installation
software which allows you to configure the drive to your own
OVERDRIVE BARE ....£99 OVERDRIVE 360MB ..£259 The AT-500 IDE external hard drive for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM socket so you can switch between a
2. 04 and 1.3 ROM without having to open your Amiga casing.
AT-500 BARE ..£99 AT-500 360MB ......£259 'QUEST DRIVES Removable storage systems from Syquest.
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product allows you to backup your software onto a VHS
cassette, so you can store up to 520MB on one four hour tape.
Version 3.0 has new backup modes for Amiga’s with a 68020 or higher CPU, a new user interface that also runs on the Workbench screen, a two times speed improvement over vl.5, data compression over three times faster than vl.5 and also able to watch television on your 1084s monitor.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART ..£65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO .£60 UPGRADE TO V3.0 ......£20 ¦1 DISK EXPANDER ¦ Disk Expander includes the following features:
• Can add up to 50% to your hard drive capacity
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the RAM disk
• Reliable in tests, no data corruption
• Flexible and expandable as new compression libraries arc
• Once installed the program is transparent to the user
• Works on any Amiga with any Kickstart DISK
allows you to fit about
1. 5MB on a standard floppy drive and an amazing 3MB when used in
conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76MB. This is achieved by
compressing data 30 - 70% of its original size, which all of
this happens automatically.
FLOPPY EXPANDER ....£10 Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 1MB of RAM and drawing extra memory from any other RAM you have installed in your Amiga. No soldering required.
MEGACHIP RAM ....£159 RAM UPGRADES We manufacture a vast range of memory cards for all the Amiga range of computers.
5I2K RAM WITH CLOCK £24 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK ..£19 A600 I MB RAM £34 A500+ I MB RAM ......£29 A500 2MB RAM ¦ A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM .....£90 WORKBENCH 3 1 ¦ Release 2.1 3.1, inc. 2.1 3.1 software and user guides.
2. 05 ROM CHIP £25
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• Full control of scanner mode from s w’
• Thru' port for printer connection
• Fully supports AGA chipset
• Save images in avariety of formats
• Display HAM8 24-bit images on a non-
• AGA Amiga (via image conversion)
• Full editing facilities
• Many image processing functions inc. brightness, colour,
contrast, relief, scale
• Add colour to black and white images and even convert them to
• Compatible with all Amigas System Requirements
2. 04 ROM or above, Minimum 1MB Recommended 2MB or above “Only
available on Colour PowerScanncr 4 POWERSCAN 4 B W ..£99
POWERSCAN 4 COLOUR . . .£ I 99 OCR (when purchased with
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If he had wanted a headache he'd have drunk too much the night before. But Steve McGill had to play Angst all night instead.
ANGST Angst Publisher DEM Software
(905) 529 5720 (Canada) Price_ £25 Versions_ A500 A600 A1200
System requirements 1Mb Release date Out now Graphics 4 out
of 10 Flat, monochromatic, dull, unatmospheric and not very
Sound_7 out of 10 Not a great deal of sound around, but the effects are competent.
Addiction 5 out of 10 For something to be addictive, it helps if you enjoy it in the first place.
Ayability 5 out of 10 Not much happening to engage your interest.
Angst: an acute but nonspecific sense of anxiety or remorse. OK, so it's a Collins dictionary and thesaurus definition of the meaning of the word.
But it could also fill in as an explanation of how you'll feel about the game after a couple of hour's play.
It's certainly how I felt after a couple of day's play. Although the non-specific part of the definition became a lot more concise and succinct. The main problems with Angst are the lack of atmosphere, the barrenness of the locations visited, the dearth of distracting side tasks, the tetchiness of the control design, and the lack of any entertainment value.
The view is taken from a first-person perspective, making Angst look and play like a poor man's Dungeon Master.
Buying advice Normally when Amiga Format takes screen grabs of a game, we look out for moments that show off its good points, or its action points, or its curiosity points. Anything that'll make the casual reader flicking through the mag in the shop look twice, maybe read some of the copy and buy AF that month.
And that’s another reason why Angst is so disappointing. It doesn't manage to sell itself on any level - from the design, to the graphics, to the control system, to the gameplay.
Take the design of the main screen.
It’s littered with boxes of all sorts which vary from Inventory Held to Health Left.
One of the most important boxes is the Map Screen which constantly updates so you know where you are in a localised area.
Yet the map screen is shunted in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen surrounded by detritus. Not only is it too small, but it should also be located beside the main screen, so you could pay more attention to what's actually appearing on the main screen. But, alack and alas, it's not to be.
So, let's take a look at the control system while we're in this game mechanic criticism mode. On the plus side, rather than having to click the mouse on the directional arrow keys, you can use the cursor keys instead.
Annoyingly though, rather than having a sidestep key to help traverse all those difficult L-shaped corridors, you have to go through a 90 degree zigzag movement. Other than the conventional direction keys, the only other direction that can be undertaken is a full 180- degree rotation. It may not sound like a large transgression, but when you're traversing a section of corridor you know well and have to indulge in a load of mechanical 90 degree manoeuvring, it soon becomes tedious and irritating.
So that's it. I'd like to recommend this game. And I suppose I could if it was £10 maximum, but at full price, it's just too uninspiring, flat and lifeless. I Overall verdict Has the look and feel of a Public Domain game that's waiting for more denizens, tricks and traps.
58% Anco Times Club History ARSENAL CRASH TO LIVERPOOL Player Manager 2 is a football management simulation with ONE BIG DIFFERENCE - you can actually test your managerial decisions where it counts - on the pitch.
Stadium Improvement Tactics Designer Coach Assessment Individual Player Team Talk Features that add superb arcade action to playable management.
AVAILABLE FOR AMIGA & PC CD ROM For more detailed information please Write to Aneo, 7 Millside Industrial Estate, Lawson Road, Dartford, Kent DA I 5BH Screenshots rary from format to format.
We said to Stephen Bradley "Go forth into Exile.” Unfortunately, he didn't take the hint and played the game instead.
Better luck next time, eh?
Exile A1200 Oh yes. Despite some occasional bafflement.
EXILE A1200 Publisher_ Audiogenic 0181 424 2244 Price_ £29.99 Versions_ A1200 yslem requirements A1200 Release date_ Out now Playability 8 out of 10 Often puzzling, yet always engrossing.
Rerall verdict_ A successful marriage of arcade and adventure. A gem of a game.
88% Now here's an odd thing.
Didn't I, on a recent Saturday morning (we work Saturdays to bring you this magazine. Oh how we suffer. Sigh.) See the editor of Edge, Future Publishing's high-spec, hi-tec magazine which covers all the latest in videogaming ("and much more". Edge Ed) clutching the original copy of Exile, now some four years old. Blimey. And the guys on Edge wouldn't cross the street to shake hands with a Sony PlayStation. So Exile, reveal yourself. What, pray, does such fuss cause?
Firstly, despite its age, Exile is one of the Amiga's most unusual games. It is an adventure game which looks like a jet-packed platformer cum shoot-em-up affair. The nearest thing to it on the Amiga, and we're talking concept-wise here, not anything reminiscent of the actual plot or action, is Flashback. Yes, mixing playable arcade action with heinous adventuresome puzzles is an Amiga rarity and after playing Flashback and Exile you wonder why this should be.
To Exile and indeed, to plot. You're a spaceman and you spend your time reclining on your Connolly leather spaceseat But suddenly (did you bolt forward then?), Commander Sprake, the ex-Leeds United goalkeeper and Supreme Captain of the Empire calls you on a mission to capture fiendish, mutant-creating madman Triax, a man who is 150 years old yet looks 40; a man with some fabulous moisturising cream.
And then, in the winking of an eye, the hapless goalie and his men are captured by Triax. Only YOU can save them.
Initially, you have but a jetpack, a pair of hands and four empty pockets.
From here, you must leave the ship and jetpack across and arpund a huge, underground, cavernous landscape, collecting and using objects you find, battling foe, opening doors and giving frogs to pink monkeys. The jetpack is quite Bondian and a real treat to play with although it takes time to get used to.
There's no limit Exile has no time limit but when points are scored, they diminish as the seconds tick which discourages aimless exploration. I didn't care however, and spent quality time happily hovering around with not a care in the world, Commander Sprake but a distant memory. A teleport system allows you flit to places you've already visited and back to the ship - wonderfully helpful because this fellow has a seriously large gaming area and you can save your position to both RAM and disk.
Exile's world has that vital ingredient called gravity and all the objects within behave as the laws of physics demand.
So when you pick up objects and throw them, frogs at pink monkeys say, they move as if you were throwing frogs at pink monkeys in real life. Which, of course, is against the laws of The World, one would imagine. And indeed hope.
But don’t be fooled by Exile's attractive marriage of arcade and adventure or its considerably revamped graphics, smooth scrolling and fabulous flying-around-with-a-jetpackness. It's bloody hard. Damned bloody hard.
The game is all on one level, a level about the size of the North Riding of Yorkshire and apparently, even if you know exactly what you're doing, it takes five or six hours to complete. Unless you are a king, you will get stuck. Sure, the puzzles are logical, some are biological, but when you've spent as long as I have wandering around with a frog in your hand, only then will you know the pain this game can cause.
Exile is a fine game, even after all these years. Though initially baffling, if rewards the persistent, enlightens the erm, un-enlightened and the jetpack and gun are bloody brilliant. Fly it soon. O NEW BUMPER ISSUE INCLUDES: J O Eybeltram WHAT sTECHNO djSV ARNOLD jarvis DARREN JAY HARD TIMES (the label) Event Reviews, Record Reviews, Charts, Drug Information (Safe & Sound Advice) and as always much, much more... OUT NOW in leading newsagents and specialist record shops... ONLY £1.80 It’s not just Eternity Magazine that is leading the way, it’s the Eternity readers.... Taking the dance
culture of today into the future... Catering for all aspects of House without bias.... Jungle, Techno, Garage, Ambient... Its all House For more information send your name and address to: Eternity Magazine, PO Box 4, Robin Hood, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF3 3XB For availability queries phone: (01924) 892557 (3 LINES) OR FAX: (01924) 892683 The True Sound of the Underground! _ Eteb'* For further information return the slip below.
If you require subscription enclose a cheque or postal order payable to Eternity Management or give your credit card details below.
Includes annual membership entitling you to a magazine to your door each month, discount at clubs & events, entry to a free prize draw.
Guaranteed gift to all new members.
UK - £20.00 - Europe £40.00 - Rest of world £45.00 Name.... Address .Post Code Send me more info: No money required I wish to pay by: Cheque Postal Order Credit Card (Visa Access Bardaycard Mastercard) Expiry Date Card No AF Free Car Sticker to everyone who returns this slip.
International Golf MAY 1995 SCREENPLAY Sword Of Honour SWORD OF HONOUR Publisher Price £19.99 Versions A500 A600 NOT A1200 System requirements 1Mb Release date Out now 36% INTERNATIONAL GOLF Publisher_ Saddletramps PD, 1 Lower Mill Close, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S63 9BY.
01709 888127 Also available from Summit Software, Units 5-7, Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF8 2LN.
01977 797777 Price_ £12.99, postage free Versions_ A500 A600 A1200 System requirements 1Mb Release date_ Out now 43% There is splendid game called Budokan. It's a martial arts beat-em-up and wonderfully considered fare, quite different from the majority of pugnacious titles.
You do battle, bedecked in baggy white outfits, with sticks and chains and poles.
It must be four years old now. Sword Of Honour looks rather similar to its ageing Amiga golf games have pretty much come to a standstill.
Many people, including myself, are of the opinion that PGA Tour and its recent successor European Tour are far and away the best examples. Grandslam's Nick Faldo is fine too, but there's not a great deal else to shout fore for.
Counterpart and involves hacking and slashing, as well as gathering objects to bribe opponents with, and following the text-based hints along the way. But hints to what? To recover the stolen Sword Of Honour, of course.
Sword Of Honour is rather pretty, though ponderous and linear in the extreme. The sprites move slowly yet International Golf simply tries too hard, and subsequently suffers. The original PGA Tour came out some four years ago. It remains simple, playable and a sports game to which you will always return, much in the same way you do with that other great sportfest Sensible Soccer. International Golf however, is bogged down with options.
Check your club, shot power, shot type and direction. Right. Oh, I've got to change everything again next shot?
Perhaps we've been spoiled. Perhaps we're just lazy, but I want to get on with the game without such distraction.
Graphically, it has a fairway to go.
Boom, boom, exclaims Basil Brush from the stalls. The view is of the almost-but-not-quite-above perspective and pleasantly effective, while the green is over-viewed and complete with tiny arrows to denote the curvature of terrain. The detail isn't sufficient to enable accurate putting and the ball moves rather too quickly. It doesn't feel right. So you're better off with PGA Tour, really. O fluidly as you traverse the various screens taking on all comers, but it's neither good enough to combat the best of the beat-em-up genre or exciting enough to sustain interest as an adventure game.
Which makes it rather redundant, and a little expensive.
Steve Bradley O M 1 I A Sk |P T Y € O O N Do you want to know what’s cooking?
Do you knead to make some dough?
Then get a piece-of-the-action with Pizza Tycoon.
A business simulation to get your teeth into.
Order up Pizza Tycoon from us.
Because at MicroProse, we deliver.
E FOR IBM PC COMPATIBLES AND AMIGA A500 AI200 bsb£: _ The rat is chasing the rabbit in a hot-air balloon. The rabbit gets out and a 3D platform game begins, which is where Steve Bradley comes in. Hurrah!
Whizz A12GG Apiece of advice, care of Ferris Bueller Esquire. "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't slow down and take a look around once in a while, you might just miss it."
Such counsel should be taken on board by young rabbit Whizz, who would appear to be on the wrong side of late for a very important date.
A rabbit flies around the world in a hot-air balloon pursued by a rat. I don't know why, only that, occasionally, the rabbit jumps balloon and runs around collecting bobs and ends and sods and bits as quickly as possible.
If the rabbit fails to complete the 3D level in the allotted time he starts again.
If the rabbit completes the level, enters the next level only to come unstuck, he starts again on the later level.
However, should the rabbit run out of lives, no matter how far into the levels he's progressed it's game over and back to the start. For the player (for he or she is that very rabbit) of the game, this is extremely annoying.
As my Scottish colleague McGill would say, it makes your oxters ming.
He is correct - it indeed makes your armpits stink. Whizz, readers, is stinky armpits. It is stinky armpits because the control method is finickety to the point where your blood boils, as you tumble yet again because you failed to jump in the right direction.
Of course, practice ensures a certain degree of competence but it don't hide the fact that this particular game does not lend itself to the perspective grandly known as isometric 3D. You may well be impressed as you gaze at the colourful screenshots.
Iz Whizz the biz?
Whizz DOES look good, the parallax scrolling is smooth as you soar across platforms above a shimmering sea littered with the wreckage of ships. Oh, it is pretty.
But it is stinky armpits if you are, and most of you would be were you to make a purchase, using a one-button joystick. Move the shaft and press Fire to jump and if you wish to kill a baddie, press Fire to spin - not easy. Not nice.
The combination of extremely fiddly control and odd perspective ensure frustration is always at the end of the street as you attempt to flit around at pace while the sands of time trickle slowly away.
As you learn the levels, most of the baddies become superfluous - you simply take the shortest route possible, avoiding trouble, collecting the right pieces, before hopping to the exit which becomes very dull, very quickly.
The AF team tired of Whizz, most throwing down the joystick with frustration at the unforgiving controls and the send-you-back-to-the-startness of it all. Avoid Whizz if sanity is your bag, as they used to say in the Sixties. *3 WHIZZ A1200 Flair Software 01661 860260 Price_ £25.99 A1200 System requirements A1200 Release date_ Out now Graphics 8 out of 10 Certainly the high point of a game with few.
Sound 6 out of 10 You can, and indeed will, turn off the music.
Addiction 3 out of 10 A joypad-chuckingly annoying experience.
Playability 2 out of 10 A bloody nightmare.
Overall verdict A pretty, yet ultimately extremely sloppy platformer. Take a look at life, instead.
38% E?®3TT ‘JU sia (ftaraggfts laasa TRY US.. WE LIVE UP f 1 TEL.0227-764204 9.30am to 7.00pm (Answerphone outside normal hours) ADVANCE BOOKINGS We accept advance orders (or new releases You can order with peace ol mind as we will despatch on day of release. Your account will not be debited until date ol release ' J“j 2[rJljO TO OUR NAME.. RING NOW!!!
Disk Expander 29 99 GB Route Plus (New Vers.)34.99 .! Video Back-up 49.99 Icon Paint 7.99 Maxxon Magic 22.99 54,o BOOKS si oo Amiga 1200 Insider Guide 12.99 uo 00 i Amiga 1200 Next Steps •’ »« 39 99 ' Am'9a Assembler Insider 309 9 9 I Am'9a Dlsks & Drivas Assembler Insider Guide EDUCAIIMAL 10 10 Early Essentials 10 10 Essential Maths 10 10 Junior Essentials 10 10 Mams (Number) 10 10 Maths (Algebra) 10 10 Mams (Statistics) 10 10 English 17 99 17 99 17 99 17 99 SiRlOUS VIDEO (MULTIMEDIA Adorage Big Altern Scroller 2 Broadcast Titler 2 Scala HT100 Scala 300M WORDPROCESSING Final Copy II V2 Final
Writer V3 Penpal Wordworth 3.1 SE Vtordworth 3A SPREADSHEET Turbo Vale V2 0 7 55 I Maxiplan V4 10 99 Calc 1 j 99 j INTEGRATED (WP SS DB) 9 991 Mini Office 7 99; Gold Disk Office 4 99 DESKTOP PUBLISHING
10. 99 Pagestream 3 4 99 CAD 9 99 j X-CAD 2000(Unboxed)
..... 4 ” | X-CAD 30 Switchblade 2(Not A1200) 4.99 j
X-CAD Professional Swiv (Not A1200) 4 99 1 ACCOUNTS Tactical
Manager(GB.IT.SC) 9 99 M M|!tte[S Team Yankee 11.99!
Any 3 tit es E4.99 or jess for £10.00 Any 3 tit es £7.99 or less for £20.00 Any 3 tit es £9.99 or less for £25.00
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15 99 9 99 7 99 4 99 7 99 14 99 7 99 10 99 11 99 9 99 7 99 7
99 12 99 JETSTRIKE Jimmy White Snooker „ „„ John Madden
Am.Footbal , Jurassic Park 9 99! *240 7 99 9 99! Robocop 3 9
99 Robocod(JamesPond2) 9 99 ; Rubicon 10 99 Sensible Soccer
92 93 9 99 Sensible Soccer Int l. 10 99 Shadoworlds 9 99 |
9. 99 , Silent Service 2 1199 Sim City Classic SIM LIFE (15 MB)
Simpsons Skidmarks Space Crusade(OK 1200) Space Hulk Space
Quest 1 or 4 Space Quest 2 Speedball 2 Streetfighter
Streettighter 2 Stunt Car Racer Supremacy Supercars (Not
A1200) Air Bucks 1 2 Alfred Chicken Alien Breed 92 Another
World Apidya Arabian Nights Arcade Pool Archer Mcleans Pool
Ashes ol me Empire Assassin (Special Ed.)
B17 Flying Fortress Batman the Movie Battle for the Ashes Birds of Prey Black Crypt Blasteroids Blitzkreig - War Game Body Blows Bubban'Stix Cadaver i Add-on Campaign Cannon Fodder Captive Caesar Deluxe 16 99 j Carrier Command 16 99 : Champ. Manager 9 99! Chuck Rock 2 sioo Mestefmo AmigaArrex ” Mastering Amiga AMOS Mastering AmigaDos3 KGB i-JJ1 Kingpin Bowling , Kings Quest 1 or 2 Kings Quest 3. 4 or 5 ” Knights of the Sky Leander (psygnosis) ,1-JJ Legends of Valour 1 oo! Leisure Suit Larryl or 2 2 Leisure Suit Larry 3 Llnx Golf (2 drives) luyy Lombard RAC Rally Loom 29 99 44 99 99 99 11 99 7
99 9 99 9 99 11 99 11 99 6 99 9 99 Lotus Turbo Chain(NotAI2) 4 99 59 99 22 99 79 99 37 99 49 99 194 99 24 99 299 99 89 99 16 99 22 99 13 99 13 99 13 99 13 99 13 49
10. 99 10 99 6 99 13 99 16 99 16 99 9 99 4 99 7 99 9 99 9 99 10
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Island 2 4 ”1 MORPH Lure of the Temptress M1 Tank Platoon
Manhunter in New York Maniac Mansion Micro Machines 10 99 9
99 9 99 9 99 9 99 10 99 10 99 11 99
7. 99 Tennis Cup 2 9 99
7. 99 10 99 I Colossus Chess X(NotA12) 4 99
- --- 7 99 7 99 9 99 7 99 9 99
7. 99 9 99 7 99 11 99 9 99 10 99 4 99 11 99 10 99 7 99 11 99 11
99 11 99 9 99 11 99 9 99 11 99 12 99 9 99 7 99 12 99 EOS TOP
TITLES SPECIALS ArmourGeddon2, ATR Racer. Base Jumpers,
Bubble+Sqeak, Burntime, Champ. Man.ltalia'95, Death Mask .
Jungle Strike, Kick 01(3 Euro , PGA Euro'Tour, Premier Manager3, Ruff'n'Tumble, Scrabble, TheClue, Topgear2 .....£16.99 EACH 13 49 | COOL SPOT 19 99 ; Cricket 94 95 Data Disk I Cruise tor a Corpse Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Curse of Enchantia Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Desert Strike Disposable Heroes Dogfight Dune Dune 2 E-Motion Elite EPIC European Champions Eye of Beholder 1 or 2 F15 Strike Eagle 2 F19 Stealth Fighter F29 Retaliator (Not A600) F117A Nighthawk 15 99 Fantastic Dizzy 15 99 Reids of Glory 15 99 Football Glory 15 99 i Genesia 16 99
| Global Gladiators 1 Graham Gooches Cricket ComcarC ass csJ Gunship 2000 History Line Campaign £23 99 MONSTEHPach Bee si 2 Killing Game Show Awesome £9 99 learn, U Superfrog Body Blows Overdrive £19 99 The Gieitest
J. WhiteSnooker Dune Lure Temptress £19 99 Agutin mneal
FronhertiiieZ Civilization Lemmings £23 99 Beau Jolly Cannon
Fodder Setders T2.
Chaos Engine £24 99 titus me rox Ghostbusters2 Tar T*s» 399 99 199 59 49 99 99 99 23 99 23 99 9 99 9 99 119 59 64 99 319 59
67. 99 Lightwave 3D 4D-Professional Sculpt 3DXL Sculpt Animate 40
Vista Professional V3 Vista Lite Makepath(Vista Pro)
TerraForma(Vista Pro) Imagine 3 SPECIAL Essence 1 or Essence
2 Real 3D Pro Turbo V2 Real 3D Classic PROGRAMMING AMOS
Professional AMOS Pro Compiler Devpac 3 Hisott Pascal Hisoft
Basic V2 HighBasic 2 Gamesmith MUSIC Bars S Pipes Pro 2
Deluxe Music C. Set 2 Megalosound Sampler Battletech
GrandPrixMaster £999 50 Blank Disks
32. 99 : MONITORS
22. 99 I Philips 8833-2 219 49 99 Commodore 1942 Multisync 339 74
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(Microprose) 1199 Mortal Kombat
9. 991 The Games Espagna 9.99
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4. 991 Their Finest Missions 7.99 9 99 ; Thomas Tank Engine 6.99
7. 99! Thunderhawk 6.99
10. 99 | Tornado 11.99
7. 99 | Total Carnage 6.99 9 99 i Tower Assault-Alien Breed 13.99
11 99 MR. NUTZ 10 991 Operation Stealth 7 99 Outrun (Not
A1200) 9 99. Pacific Islands 9 99 Parasol Stars 999 PGA Tour
Golf 999 Pinball Magic 199! Pirates 9 99 Police Quest 1. 2 or
3 7 99 j Populous * Lands 4 991 Populous 2 Powermonger Editor
PP Hammer Premier Manager 2 Prem Man3 Multi-Edit Prince of
Persia Project X Quest for Glory 1 Quest for Glory 2 Railroad
Tycoon Rainbow Islands Realms Reach for the Skies Red Baron
Rick Dangerous Rick Dangerous 2 Road Rash GUNSHIP 2000 Heart
Of China Heimdell (Not 1200) Heimdell 2 (Not 1200) Hero Quest
2 (Soracil) Hoyles Games 1.2 or 3 Indianapolis 500 Indy Jones
LC-Acbon Indy Jones-L.C.Gr Adv Jaguar XJ220 James Pond(Not
1200) 10 99 10 99 9 99 9 99 4 99 9 99 10 99 6 99 8 99 11 99 13
99 11 99 6 99 9 99 10 99 10 99
4. 99 4 99 8 99 Trivial Pursuit Turrican II Ultimate Golf (Not
A1200) UNIVERSE Utopia (Not A1200) Video Kid Vikings War in
the Gulf White Death - War Game Wing Commander WiznLiz World
Class L'Board Golf Worlds of Legends WWF Wrestlemania Xenon
Xenon 2 Yol Joe!
Zak McKtaken ZOOL 2 6 99 7 99 4 99 11 99 4 99 7 99 7 99 11 99 7 99 9 99 7 99 4 99 11 99 7 99 3 99 7 99 9 99 9 99 9 99
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22. 99
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i. Ktia.
19. 99 ™
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19. 99 rabian Nigi Arcade Pool Banshee Beneath Steel Sky Bubba
and Stix Bubble and Squeak Cannon Fodder Chuck Rock 1 Chuck
Rock 2 Darkseed Death Mask Dragonstone Fields of Glory Rre
Force Frontier Elite 2 Guardian Heimdell 2 Humans 1 and 2
Impossible Mission James Pond 2 James Pond 3 JetStrike Jungle
Strike Kid Chaos Legacy of Sorasil Liberation-Captive 2 PGA
European 17 99 Pinball Fantasies 9.99 Pinball Illusions 19 99
Premier Manager 3 16 99 Reunion 22 99 Rise 01 The Robots 27
99 Road Kill 19.99 Robinsons Requiem 2199 Robocod 7.99 Second
Samurai 19.99 Shadow Fighter 22 99 Shan ' SimC Simon________
Skeleton Crew 22.99 Star Trek Ward Disk) 22 99 Subwar 2050
22. 99
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12. 99 aqFu 19.99 nCity2000(HD 4MB)22 99 non Sorceror 23.99 rices
Include Delivery To Your Door.
19. 99
10. 99
22. 99 21 99 17 99 1999 799 1999
22. 99 1999 24 99 Name_ Address_ Super Stardust Top Gear 2 Theme
Park TORNADO UFO Zool 2 Tel.No. Clieaueyj fiiliUliL.
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10 10 French 17.99 110 10 German 17.99 110 10 Dinosaurs 17.99 [ 10 10 Driving Test 17.99 ADIEnglish(11 12or12 13) 16 99 ADIEnglish(13 14or14 15) 16.99 ADIEnglish GCSE 22 99 ADIFrench(11 12or12 13) 16 99 ADIFrench(13 14or14 15) 16 99 ADIFrench GCSE 22.99 ADIMaths(11 12or12 13) 16 99 ADIMaths(13 14or14 15) ADIMaths GCSE ADIJumor Counting(4 S) ADIJunlor Counbng(6 7) ADIJunior Reading(4 5) ADIJunior Reading(6 7) I Better Mams (12-16) Cave Maze Fraction Goblins FunSchool2(2-6,6-8.or8.) , FunSchool3(2-5.5-7.or7.) FunSchool4(2-5.5-7.or7.) ! FunSchool Maths 7-11 FunSchool Paint-Create FunSchool
Spelling 7.
Kid Pi* (Painl Package) Mams Dragons Maths Mama (over 8) Mavis Beacon Typing 2 GAMfS ... Attack Sub l7 99 A-Train . Constr. Set 17 99 A10 Tank Killer
17. 99 Action Stabons 10 10 Structured Spelling 17 99 Addams
Family Mega Maths Micro English Micro French Micro German
Micro Maths Micro Science 16 99 Micro Spanish 16 99 Noddy's
Playtime 16.99 Noddy's Big Adventure 16 99 Paint Me a Story
14 99 Picture Fractions 10 99 Reasoning With Trolls 10.99
Sootys Fun Nos (Not1200) 7 99 Telling The Time 10 99 Thomas
Fun Words 7 99 Tidy The House 10 99 Time Flies 10 99 DISTANT
SUNS V5(HD)22 99 Little Devil Lost Vikings Lotus Trilogy
Microcosm Morph Naughty Ones Nick Faldo PGA Euro.Tour
Premiere Pinball Fantasies Rise of the Robots Road Kill
Robinsons Requiem Sabre Team Sensible Soccer Int'l Simon The
Sorceror Subwars 20S0 Super Stardust Superfrog Theme Park The
Clue Top Gear 2 Tower Assault Trolls
U. F.O. Universe Ultimate Body Blows Video Creator SOFTWARE Some
of tne following games lilies ere limited offers el the time
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WhiteSnooker Elite and Zool Only £12 99 ueuteros Hammer Boy
Battle Valley £999 MB1 A1200 Basic Pack Ring Amitek 2MB Hawk
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85MB HD 2 1 2 A600 A1200 99 170MB HD 2 1 2 A600 A1200149 340MB
HD 2 1 2 A600 A1200209 540 MB HO 3 1 2 IDE 179 Amitek 3.5'
External Drive 55 A500 3 5' Internal Drive A600 1Mb Upgrade
A500 Plus 1Mb upgrade A500 512k Ram (no clock) , i A500 512k
Ram » clock 1 ,r- f4 " 1.5 Mb Ram Expansion Y 99 ! “s.0°0 nal
Accoun,s 42 99 1 Mbyte 30 pin Simms GRAPHICS | 4 Mt)y,e 72 p|n
S|mms Oeluxe Paint IV AGA 64 99 Rombo Vidi 12 Pack Brilliance
2 49.99 Logitech KIDZ Mouse Spectracolor 54 99 MegaMnuse
(Microswitched) 12 Pmfihs 24.99 (Mouse Mat Art Department Pro
2. 15 129.99, Morph Plus 139 9 9 Photogenics 42 99 Pixie 3D
Pro V2 109 99 3D MODELLING S RENDERING All New Lemmings,
Bloodnet, Cannon Fodder2, Club Football, Dragonstone,
Elite2, Football Master, Kick OK 3(Euro). Man Utd Champs.
Monopoly, Mortal Kombat2, OnTheBall(League), Overlord,
Sensible Golf(RING), Sensible World Of Soccer,
ShadowFighter, Stable Master .Valhalla,
Zeewolt ..£19.99
EACH Ben Steel Sky, Civilisation, Dawn Patrol, Detroit,
FIFA Soccer, ImposslbleMisslon, Lords ol the Realm,
Robinsons Requiem, Reunion, SimonSorcerer. Starlord, Theme
Park, UFO, Valhalla Before The War £22.99 EACH Indiana
Jones Fate Atlantis, Campaign 2, Innocent, KingsQuest6,
EACH 57 99 ! Star LC24-30 Colour 199
69. 99 | Cibzen ABC-24 Colour 169 Citizen Swift 90 Colour 169 199
9 91 Cibzen Swifl 240 Colour 229 59 99! Canon Bubblejet
Portable 189 26 99 ; Canon BJ200EX Mono 249 Technosound
Samples V2 34 99 i Canon BJ230 Mono 299 Midi Interlace ? Lead
19 99! Canon 8JC4000 Colour 299 Midi Interface-Power 14 99'
Epson Stylus Colour Inkjet 419 MISCELLANEOUS ' HP Deskjet540
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39 99 HP Deskjel320 Col Portable 269 Panasonic Laser 4400 349
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22. 99 Body Blows AGA 8 99 Burntime 16.99 CHAOS ENGINE 7 99
Civilisation 19 99 Detroit AGA 22 99 Fields of Glory
11.99 Football Glory 12.99 Guardian 1999 Gunship 2000 22
99 Heimdall 2 22.99 Ishar 3 2199 Jungle Strike 17 99
Jurassic Park 16.99 Kick Off 3(European) 19.99 Lion King
19 99 Lords ol the Realm 22.99 On the Ball(League) 22.99
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Established 1981 AMIGA TITLES 17th Svvacj of Merck* f Tram & ConstiuctKXi Set MO Tank Killer V Bocks 12 . |AJ rfreed2(lMes) I AJ r Breed Soeca: EdfconO Meg) I Ajo Olympics .... I Ail New Wcrtd Of Lemmings I All Terrain Racer I Arcither Wbrid (1 Meg) Apidya ... I Apocalypse . I Arcade Pool .. I Archer McLeans Pool Anrcn Geckfcn 2 Assasvn Soecal Editicr Award Winners Go*d Edition Award Winners Platirum B17 Ftymg Fortress Battle for the Ashes Battletoads . Beau Jolly Compilation . Beneath a Steel Sky Benefactor Birds of PreyO
Meg) Bitmap Bros Mol 1 ... Black Crypt .... Bastard Meg) Bloory»el Bioodnet (Not A500) ; Body Blows Galactic (1 Meg) I Bnan the L»on ... i Brutal Spcrts Football i Bobba N Sti* .. I Bubble and Squeak Bugs BvmpandBun Bumtim* .... Caesai Deluxe .. I Campaign 1 Cannon fodder Cannon fodder 2 ... Center Court Charro Manager Compendium Chamoore of Sport Ctarrpcnthip Manager 9 Cmrrorcostnp Manager EOS DO CnanocnsMp Market Itaha 95 Ctttos Engine Christmas lemmings 9* Classic Colfectrcn Delpnme Classic Collection Lucas Arts
Classic Collection Velocity . Clue Colonels Bequest Cricket 94-95 Data Disk 5 Dei Begetting of the End 3 Generation ...... Dan Seed Dawn Patrol Deluxe Pants DeathMask Deepccte Deluxe Stnp Poker 2 ...... Desert Stnke Detroit Dog*** Oagcnslone Dreamweb Dune2(l meg)...... Eltrnenia ... Elite Plus Empire Soccer ..... Epic ... Euopean Champxxis Evasive Acton . Eve of the Betvorder Eye ot the BenokderS 1 Cnampicnship EdRicn 117A 17 Challenge (1 Meg) I fields ot
Glory ...... fIFA internatiorttl Soccer .. final Cooy2 final Oxer Arcade Cncket flight of the Amazon Ckieen football Director 2 lootoai Gkxy ... football Glory indoors front lines rmnttav Pax 9 Games Genesia Graham Gooch Test Match Cricket Gonship Gunship 2000 Heart ot China Call Heimdail2 £1299 High Seas Trader £15 99 Hoyle Book of Games Vol 1 £1099 Hoyle Book of Games Vo! 2 £14.99 tmpossibe Mission £10.99 indiarvsTonesAhantisAdr(l Meg) £1999 Indiana Jones fate ot Atlantis Actxxi . .£1999 Indy last Crusade Graphic £17 99 Ishar 3 £12 99 It's intematicnal
Cncket .. £9.99 James Pond 2 Robocod £17 99 Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker £899 John Madden Amencan football £12-99 Jingle Strike £1799 Jrrassic Park £10 99 240 (Utopia 2) £19.99 Kick Off 3 £22 99 Kid Ottos ...... £1299 Kid Put ... £899 Kids Rule OK ... £16.99 Kingmaker ..... £22.99 Kingpin £2199 Kings Quest 1 ..... £1799 Kings Quest 2 £12.99 Kings Quest 3 ... £7 99 Kings Quest 4 £12 99 KmgsQuestS £7.99 KingsQuesto . £19 99 Knights ot the Sky (1 Meg) £1999 Leading lap £14.99 Legacy ot Sorasil
. £1799 Legends ot Valour £12.99 Leisure Suit Larry 1 ... £12.99 Leisr eSutlarry2...... £25.99 Leisirt Sut Larry 3 ... Call LrtsCtwenge £19.99 Lcxds of the Realm £17.99 lostVikmgs .. £1099 Manchester United 94495 Data Disk £1099 Manchester United Premier league £9 99 Manchester United The Double £19.99 ManhixiteiNewVOrk ...... Call Manhi iter San francisco .. .. £1799 ManiacMansicn £1699 Master Axe £22 99 Mega Traveller 1 £12 99 Micro Machttes £1799 Micro Macheies 2 £9 99 Microprose Grand Pnx £12-99 Morkey Island 2 Le Chucks Rev £19 99 Monopoly
£19.99 Mortal Kombat CALL Mortal Kombat 2 ...... .. £19.99 MrNutz £12.99 Multi Player Soccer Manager £8-99 Ngel Marsel' Wbnd Championship £21.99 Noddy's f»«rtme £1299 On the Ball League Edition £12-99 On the Ball Wxkd Cup Edmon £22-99 Overdrive . £65-99 Overlord .. £17-99 Patriarch ...... £999 Patrician £699 Penhelicn ... £1099 PGA European Tour Golf £22 99 PGA Ten Golf Plus £1299 Pxibal1 Dreams 4 fartas.es £1999 PttCttii fantasies £22 99 Pinball Illusions £1099 Pit** . £10.99 Pizza Tycocxi £1299 Poke Quest 1 £17.99 Poke Quest 2 £11.99 Poke Quest 3 £799 Power Otrve .....
£1999 PowerHouse £12.99 f*emier Manager £13.99 Premier Manager 3 £1999 Premier Manager Multi £12.99 fkemiere £10.99 Project X(1 Meg) ..... £12.99 Quest *or Gkxy 1 . . . .£22 99 Reach for the Skies . £99-99 Reunon ... £9-99 Rise of the Robots . £19 99 Rcttd Rash £5-99 Rcbmson’s Requiem £17.99 RcmeAD92 £1799 RutfSTunble .... £22.99 RugbyleagueCoacfi £18.99 Scrabble . £1199 Second Sami ai ...... £14 99 Secret ot Monkey Island (1 Meg) £1999 SensibleGcfI ... £799 Sensible Soccer Int Edition £10.99
Sensible Wcrld of Soccer £12.99 Settlers (1 Meg) £1299 Shadow fighter . £22 99 ShadowcKlds £1099 Shuttle ... £10.99 Silent Service 2 £22 99 Sim Ant Classic . £24 99 Sen City Classic £8 99 Sen Classes £10 99 Sirn Earth Classic £2199 Sim We Classic ..... £17 99 Simon the Sorcerer 2 £899 Skidmarks 2 .. £10 99 Soccer Kd £1099 Soccer Team Manager £17 99 Scxip Trek The Search £1099 Space Academy . £999 Space Crusade £12 99 Space Hu* £17 99 Space Quest2 £1099 Space Quest 3..... £1299 Space Quest 4 .....
£14.99 Speeooa i 2 ..... £10-99 Spens Legacy ..... £1299 Stardust Specal Edition £1099 Starlcrd £9 99 Street fighter 2 £12 49 Stmt Car Racer £1299 Scoer Street fighter 2 .. £2299 Syndicate ..... £10.99 Syndicate (1 Meg) .... £1999 T2 Arcade Game ... £12.99 Tactical Manager 2 .. £999 Tactical Manager 94 95 ...... £12.99 Tactical Mmager EngWid ...... £1299 Tactical Manager Itala £12.99 TeamVarkee ... £12 99 Ten intelligent Strategy Games £22 99 TenmsGc2 £12.99 The* finest Missions . £899 Theme
Park £14 99 Thomas the lank Engine Collection £1999 Top Gear 2 .. £12.99 Tornado . £1299 Total Carnage £1199 Tower Assault £1799 Tracksuit Manager 2 £10-99 Trivial Pixsuit £1499 Ti boTrax Call Tixncan 3 .. £10 99 U52 £12.99 UfO Enemy Urknown . £19.99 Universe . £1299 Undium 2 £19.99 Valhalla £16 99 Valhalla Before the War...... £8 99 Vikings . £999 Vital Light £1899 Voyages of Cksco«y ..... £18 99 WarntheGcJf .. £1B99 Wembley Rugby League £1079 Wild Cl® Soccer
£19.99 Win Mote In The National Lottery Call Wing Commando ... £12-99 Wizkid £19 99 ttbrldCupUSA94 . £1099 WbrldCupyear94 ..... £10 99 WWFEucpeanRampaged Meg) £22 99 Zeewcff £9 99 Zcrtred £19 99 Zooi2 .. £1799 A1200 £22 99 Aladdm £13.99 Alien Breed 3D £1299 All New WxldOt Lemmings £1299 Banshee . £19 99 Bioodnet .... £2299 BodyBlows £4 99 Bubbe 4 Stueak £17.99 3t rcand8t n £1099 ER ntime £9-99 Chess (Kompan) .... £10.99 Clockwrser . £1299 Clue...... £1099 Combat Cats .. £22 99 Detroit £26.99
Dreamweb £1099 Dungeon Master 2 £2199 Evolution £10-99 Ekile £17.99 Freds of Gfory ... £19.99 restEnctxreers Elrte3 ... £19.99 football Gkxy .... £19.99 football Gkxy Indoots ...... £1299 Frontlines ...... £1999 Heimdall 2 ... £14.99 High Seas Ttadei ...... £1999 Inferno £2299 lsnai3 C2I 99 £19 99 James Pond Compilation ..£12.99 £8 99 Juigle Strike £1899 £1099 Kick Oft 3 Eurccean Challenge £1999 £12 99 leading Lap £1999 £10 99 legends £22 99 £10 99 JcrlOng £1999 £22 99 Lords of Ihe Realm £9299 £1099 Mighty Max . . £1899 £1099 Mutant league hkxkey
.. £1699 £22 99 On the Ball league Edition ... £2199 Call On ihe Ball ttbitd Cup Edition £18 99 £999 PGA European Icur Golf .£1899 £1099 Pinball Illusions £1999 Call PowerHouse £22 99 Cali PremierMsnager3 £1799 £899 PutrySouad ..... Cali £1099 Revncxi (Hard disk cnty) £22 99 £1199 Rise of the Robots £27 97 £12.99 Road Kill ..... £1999 £10.99 Robinson's Requiem ....£21 99 £899 Ryder Cup Golf . £1899 £1999 Shadow fighiei ..£1799 £8.99 Sim City 2000 £22 99 £22 99 Sim Life £1099 £1099 Simon the Scrcerer £2199 £699 Smcri the Scrcerer 2 £26 99 £19 99
Skeleton Krew £2205 £9 99 Soccer Kid £1909 £1209 Subwar20S0 ..... £22 99 £2199 Super league Manager £1909 £17 99 Super Loopz .....£999 £9 99 Super Stardust £1999 £9 99 TFX . ......£26 99 £10-99 TherrePark £22 99 £1099 TopGear? £1709 £19 99 Tcmacto £1299 £899 TowerAssault £1399 £9 99 Ti boTrax £1999 £22 99 UfQ Enemy Unknown £22 99 £1299 WembleyMSoccer £1999 £1799 Zool2 ..£1799 £12 99 CD32 £1999 Alien Breed 3D ..... £1999 £1399 Alien Olympics ...... £1699 Call All Terrain Racer ... £1999 £6 09 ArcadePool £999 £1799
AIR £1999 £12 99 Bansree £1999 Call Battlectess Enhanced £1999 £22 99 Battletoads £1699 £22.99 Bazooka Sue ..Call £999 Beneath, a Steel Sky ....£1999 £18.99 Bnai the lion ..£17 99 £22 99 Brutal Spots football .....£899 £8 99 BubbaNSOx £1999 £1999 8ucbieandSoueak £1909 £12 99 Bugs Can £12 09 Bute and Bun £1099 £18 99 Cannon Fodder £2199 £17 99 Castles 2 Seige 6 Conquest £1209 £7 99 Chaos Engine ...£1999 £1005 Clue ......£1999 £10.99 Dark Seed £1909 £1899 DeathMask £1999 £1999 Deepcore . £1299 £8 99 Dizzy Big
6 £1099 £19 99 D-agorsKne £1999 £1799 Empire Soccer Can £12 99 Evasive Aetcn .....£1909 Exile £1999 £19 99 Exhactors £1299 £19 99 fields of Glory £1909 £1999 Final Cwer Arcade Cncket ...... £1099 £1699 fire and Ice ..£1299 £22 99 Fist Encounters Elite 3 £1909 £1099 frontier Elite 2 ... £1999 £1999 GdbalEffect £899 £19 09 Guardian £1909 £1799 Gmsh-p2000 £1999 £2299 Heimdall2 £22 99 £1799 Impossible Missicn £1999 £19 99 James Pond 3 £809 £27 99 Jetstnke £17 99 £22 99 Jingle Strike £1899 £22 99 Kid Chaos £1899 £22 99 Kingpin ... £1099 Call legacy of Scras*
£1999 £19 99 legends . £2299 £22 99 lerrmngs £1799 £•909 Util Dm ...£1909 £1099 Lost Eden [1299 £1999 Manchester United Premier league £1099 £22 99 Manchester Uld The Doub'e .£1999 £2109 MeanArenas £1499 £22 99 Megaace . . £22 99 Cali Micro Machnes 2 Can Mcxph Call!
Nick faldo Championship Gcff £22 091 Nigel Mansell Wlyld Cfttrrponsh-p £12091 0-erfcill 4 Unar C £14 991 PGA EixcpearTcx Golf £18 051 Pnbeil Fariases ......£21 991 Poke £19091 Power Dme Cai I Project X 4 El Tchaienge £17991 Rise of Ihe Robots £22991 Road Kill ...£19 091 Sabre Team ......£19 991 Second Sanx ai £17991 Seek4 Destroy £17091 Shadowfighcer . . £19 091 Sxncn the sheerer £26091 Sinwn the Scrcerer 2 £26 991 SkeietcnKrew .£2299 Skidmarks £17 09 Soccer Kid .£1999 Soup Trek Call Space Academy Call
SpeedbaH2 .....£999 Soens legacy £1909 Sohencai Wbrids £17 99 Soto . £1409 Subwar 2050 .£1999 Super locoz £999 Super Stardust ......£1999 Superfrog ..... £1099 Surf Ninjas ..£1399 TfX .... ......£2799 Theme Part £22 99 TopGear2. £1909 Total Carage £14 09 lower Assault .£19 09 Trivial Pixsuit £1909 Trolls .£12 99 UEO EnemyUrfawwn ..£1999 Universe ...£22 99 Vital light £19 09 Wembley Int Soccer £19 99 Wild Cup Soccer £1799 Wild Cup Soccer £899 WxkdCupGotf £2209 Zooi £1909 Zoo! 2 ...£1205
AMIGA BUSINESS AMOS Professional ....£49 99 Maxiplan 4 .£24.99 Pen Pal ..£29 99 AMIGA EDUTAINMENT Adt English 11-12 £1609 Adf English 12-13 £1699 ADI English 13-14 £1605 ADI English 14-15 .....£ 1699 ADI French 11-12 ..£1609 ADI French 12-13 .....£1699 ADI French 13 -14 .£1699 ADI french 14 -15 £1699 ADI Maths 11-12 ... £1699 ADI Maths 12 - 13. £1699 Adt Maths 13-14 £1699 Adf Maths 74-15 £1699 french 10 out of 10 £1809 Fin School 4 5 - T .. £1649 fun School 4 7-11 £1649 fun Schcbl 4 Under 5 £1649
Noddy’s 8ig AcNenture £16 09 Part and Create (fin School spec) £1799 Payv3a»5 £1699 AMIGA ACCESSORIES CheetahBug £1109 lcg 3 Deza Ray £1409 Oiidooy Jetfghter £1109 Qjckshot Maiervck 1 £1109 Qubkshot Python £999 SpeedfamgAxKofite £1105 Zipstick Super Pto ....£1209 log 3 Freewheel Digital ... £1909 Soeednxxse log 3 £1209 3 5" Disk Box holds SO £409 3 S' Disk Box holds 80 £609 Untxanded 3 S' blar* disks xIO £5 09 Zydec Upgrade NO CIOCK £24 09 Zydec External disk drrve £62 99 MouseMat . £109 lightwave Joystick Extension lead £7 09 lightwave Joystick Splitter £7
09 DghtwawtCoAxaeiPtug £299 ln*t see what you want please call NEW STOCK ARRIVING DAILY Telephone Orders: SOFTWARE FIRST, DEPT AF05,8 BUCKWINS SQUARE, BASILDON, ESSEX SS13 1BJ.
Please allow sufficient time lor cheque clearance. Credit cards are not charged until day ot despatch.
Please state make and model of computer when ordering. Some titles may not be released at time of going We supply only official UK product. Formats supported include Amiga. PC, ST, Master System. Megadrive a Gear. All prices subject to change without notice. All items subject to availability E&OE.
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CANNON FODDER £9-99 TACTICAL MANAGER £9*99 K240 £9-99 SYNDICATE £9-99 price for Europe to: to press, and Game A cry z HI III X u » Mancheste United: The Double popular Lancashire side.
Manchester United Premier League Champions, the previous incarnation appeared a year ago and looked quite similar to Sensible Soccer, but it played more like the original Kick OH 2. It was FAST, too fast for many.
The major difference between The Double and PLC in arcade terms is the perspective - from viewed-from-above it is now isometric a-la-FIFA Soccer and visually it pleases the eye. Otherwise, no changes playwise.
What Krisalis have done is incorporate a transfer market into the season option (apparently because folk who bought the last one reckoned this would be a good idea), so you can now buy and sell to strengthen your squad.
All the English leagues are included, the teams have squads of 25 players (real names). Their values are not representative of what the club would receive in real life, rather they're based on Krisalis' statistics - 10 facets in all, ranging from speed to shot accuracy, to, well, eight others. Fine.
And you can change these abilities - in fact, you can edit just about everything in the game to suit yourself. You can also look in-depth at every aspect of every other team - performance, discipline, fitness, etc. Fine.
It SWOS and Man Utd: The Double were to play each other at football, then SIVOS would score a first-minute goal with its ‘every team in the world’ feature. Man Utd features English clubs only.
There is a new test we at AF have recently devised, especially for the arrival of a new arcade football game. The whippersnapper must prepare to be played in tandem with our two favourites which happen to come from opposite ends of the footie spectrum.
Sensible Soccer and Empire Soccer.
Sensible Soccer because it is simply fabulous - huge, open pitch, right teams, right kits, names, everything you want in a football game. Empire Soccer for its mad cartoonesque japery, enclosed pitch, huge sprites, special shots and positive SpeedbalFin-shortsness (as described by one correspondent).
Sensible shorts Anything close to either of these games impresses us. In fact, why has no-one ever thought of merging the two footie greats to make Unsensible Speedball Football In Shorts?
Manchester United: The Double, is the fourth in Krisalis' series of arcade games featuring the name of the Steve Bradley pits Krisalis' new football extravaganza against two Amiga Format favourites: Sensible Soccer and Empire Soccer.
There is something wrong though, and it is this. The actual arcade game - the most important part, let's face it - hasn't aged well. At all. The play is so quick you don't feel you're ever in control of the game. Consequently, the ball is difficult to tame, moves are not easy to plan
- it just isn't considered football, nor is it fun.
All too often, the hoof up the middle is employed simply because it's so difficult to do anything else. Rather than pressing the fire button to shoot, you have to hold the button down and release. Of course, this takes some getting used to, though fans of Kick Oil 2 may well prefer this method. The TactiGrid, included in MUPLC is here and it enables you to tailor formations to a tee, and a splendid option it is too. But the pace! You just want to stop the game and ask everyone to slow down a bit.
Manchester United: The Double isn't a BAD game. It's just been left behind. Football Glory does it better. Sensible does, and always did, do it better and it has more teams, more players, more options and plays a better game of football.
It's odd. The same reviewer, reviewing the same sort of game, which, if anything, is slightly better than its predecessor. Yet the percentage score has dropped 22 per cent. Manchester United Premier League Champions was a game we enjoyed 12 months ago. A year on, it’s some way off the title chasers. Did we overrate it last time?
Well, maybe.
MANCHESTER UNITED: THE DOUBLE Publisher_ Price_ Versions_ System requirements 1Mb Release date_ Graphics_6 out of 10 As they say in football though, at the end of the day we have to be honest with ourselves, otherwise we're not doing our job. Manchester United: The Double is a poor man's Sensible World Ol Soccer. Oj Sound_4 out of 10 Addiction 5 out of 10 Sensible World Of Soccer is a much better game.
Playability 5 out of 10 Sentlble World Of Soccer is a much better game.
Overall verdict A slightly better than average football game.
SIVOS does it better.
59% FIVE BETTER FOOTBALL GAMES Any of the Sensible Soccers Empire Soccer Goal!
Man Utd Premier League Champions Kick Off 2 18% Publisher: Flair Software ¦ Price: £29.99 ¦ Versions: A500 ¦ System requirements: 1Mb ¦ Release date: Out now English football in crisis, scream the headlines. Drugs, assaults, match rigging, prison sentences - our national sport sinks deeper each day, many would have us believe.
Solemnly, we must report another tragedy; a tragedy of such calamitous proportions only frequent exposure to eight- player Super Skidmarks can avert the symptoms of extreme anxiety brought on by participating in Super Soccerstars.
Soccer Superstars is a viewed-from-the-side arcade football game with large sprites, whiter-than-white crowd noise, 32 international teams and the players are all fictitious.
It looks not dissimilar to Anco's Kick Off 3. Fouls cannot be committed on the field of play apart from in the penalty area which leads, as one would expect, to the penalty spot.
This game is clumsy and slow and the players are on the wrong side of sluggish. Passing and tackling is hopeful The keeper look! Like he's diving in at the deep end. The playere rather than considered, and with a little practice, guaranteed don't m°v® ,h®'r arms much do they?
Routes to goals are easy to discover. A power bar appears when you hold down the fire button allowing you to increase the velocity of your strike. But who cares?
And after forking out 30 quid, you really don't want to (for example) turn to page two, count down 14 lines, then 13 words across and input said word to play the game. Copy protection is all well and good but punishing the souls who spend hard-earned is a bit much.
So Soccer Superstars, why make an appearance at this juncture, at a time when the competition's defence is virtually impregnable?
SOCCER SUPERSTARS Flight of fantasy?
No... with a Blizzard or Cyberstorm Accelerator, your Amiga will fly!
If you've ever sat and waited for your Amiga to catch up, you’ll know that an extra boost of power would he just the ticket.
But. The only problem is the cost... isn't it?
Well not any more. When you compare our cost per MIP with other boards you'll be surprised at just how little you'll have to pay to enhance the performance of your Amiga computer.
Then, the skv’s the limit!
BLIZZARD 1230-UITITIBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY lCYBERMSION'64 BLIZZARD 1220 4 4Mb TURBO The niulii award-winning 1220 4 offers by far ihe best price performance ratio of any A1200 32-Bit RAM expansion on the market. 01 course the 220 a also incorporates every thing else that a good memory expansion should too, such as a Real Time Clock, further RAM expandability, optional FPU etc. as well as offering a Clock Speed Doubling Circuit which ntns the 32-Bit FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz. Not only does the 1220 1 give Amiga A1200 owners all this, hut the price has broken the sound harrier tool
• Integrated 28MHz 8EC020 32-Bit RAM Clock Speed Doubler for up
to 300"' overall performance increase Factory Installed Tested
4. Mh of 32-Bit FAST RAM
• Expandable to8Mb with Add-4 Board
• Integrated Battery Backed Real Time Clock Easy Trapdoor
Installation, retain' CBM Warranty Can Ixt disabled in situ for
full games ampatibilitv The NEW BUZZARD 12.30-111 TURBO
ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD is the highest performing 68030
accelerator for the A1200. W ith its rapid a0 Mhz 68EC030 CPU.
Or faster still 50MHz ( 8030 itlt M.Ml. it offers up to 500% performance increase overall. The 1230-111 has further expansion options with its integral Fast Expansion Bus for Add-on Modules such as the SCSI-2 Controller (due for release early 95). With its industry standard SIMM socket it provides up to 32Mb of auto-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAM 12}(Hn Turb() ()N|b (tfpQW
• PGA Fl’t Vxkct up to 50MHz . Instruction & Data Burs, Mode.
1230-01 Turbo 0Mb. 50MHz 68030 cN MMU
• Automatic. Kicksian Re-Mapping SCSI-II Module lor 12.30-111
(can lie disabled if required! Motorola FPU 08882 PGA 25 30
• Ballerx Backed Sell Recharging ...... „... . . .
1220 4 Turbo £229.95 4Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM 28MHz 680EC20 CPI'
Add-a Board (extra 4Mb for 1220 a) £169-95
A. Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM add-on Motorola FPU £Call 68882 PLCC 2S
33MHz I tti JEL int.
£189.95 £229-95 £TBA £CaII £129.95 £Cali
• Easy Trapdoor Installation FASTLANE Z3 SCSI CONTROLLER ¦I'wlM
W. .. Lightning FAST DMA SCSI-1! Interface for Amiga AaOOO
owners. Expandability up to (vt.Mb of 32-Bit Fast RAM.
Doesn't require any Buster Chip upgrades. I 'sc with hard
CD Rom etc £299-95 BUZZARD 4030 ACCELERATOR CYBERSTORM 060 A4000 ACCELERATOR FULL 50MHz 68030 with MMU ACCELERATOR for Amiga idOt) o.3()'s. Replaces the A tOOi)'s CPU and offers an FPU option. Approx. 50N' overall performance increase when fitted with 50MHz 68882 PGA FPU.
Upgrade your A4000 0.3(1 or (HO with the new CYBERSTORM MODULAR ACCELERATOR, and you'll have “The Worlds Fastest Amiga". With its new 50.MII 68060 CPU (due February 95). It provides up to 10 Times the performance of standard A iOOO 030s 182.2 MIPS, compared to 15.4 MIPS!).
Optional SCSI-2 and Ethernet I O Module. Call and request our 1 page technical brochure. .'.PHONE 0 From £219.95
- eyicmnsio r: GRAPHICS BOARD For all Zorro-3 Amigas this 61-Bii
high speed graphics engine blitter has up to 1600 x 1200 pixels
in 8-Bit colour or 1024 x “68 pixels in 24-Bit True Color. 2Mb
of display memory ( 4Mb user upgradeable). Call and request our
technical brochure. Just £299.95 Initialise n
- OO § _ in x , co 00 tErvbCp
- V r-n V-- Eo° X , D nj Standard .3300 600 1500 2000 Standard
A1200 Postcode: Evening Phone: Card holder's signature:
Department: amf The above are SUPS comparative performance
figures using Syslnfo c ¦ computers ¦ harwood the UK's
favourite Amiga Dealer The Blizzard Performance Advantage...
lust look Mow to see how well your Amiga really could flv!
Issue No.l Switch Only): Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £_______:____ payable to Gordon Harwood Computers Limited... AU prices are IK includtng AT and fxvUage. Oixvseaa customers f htiM.’ call to confirm pricing before ordering Gordon Harwood Computers Limited. New Street. Alfreton. I)crtn hire DK5 "BP Tel 01 “3 836“81 Facsimile: 01 “3 831040 Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Address: County (Country I Daytime Phone Items required: Card No.: Expiry Date: Surname: SCREENPLAY MAY 1995 Steve Bradley has a rumble in the jungle with a young lad who spends his time spitting and baring his bottom. Now, what
sort of example is that?
Ruffian game for an age, but there are far better platformers which will probably cost half the price. I say probably, because Ruffian is of the dreaded price TBA - To Be Announced. So if they charge a tenner, then great But £26? Woah!
Ruffian is fair, for the most part. The platforms are bounders, the puzzles are head-scratching and spitting, despite being the bane of mums throughout the Home Counties, is phlegming fun. But once you've chuckled at the gobbing and hooted at the bottom-baring, you've been there, seen that, done that, as the chaps on the advert say.
An average platform game which adds nothing to this somewhat comatose genre That's Ruffian.
RUFFIAN Publisher Grandslam 0181-680 7044 Price TBA Versions A500 A600 A1200 System requirements 1Mb Release date Out now Graphics 5 out of 10 Be damned, you are dull and not interesting.
Sound 8 out of 10 Super spitting sounds. A definite high point.
Addiction 4 out of 10 Well, it isn't really. No, not in the least.
Playability 5 out of 10 Allegedly, a ledge. Hop it.
Overall verdict A ledge too far. Ruffian (TBA) is steeped in mediocrity.
50% The simpler the plot the better.
Witch doctor sends Small Ruffian Boy Who Likes To Bare His Backside to jungle to save pixies from carnivorous plants. Witch doctor leaves bits and bobs in jungle to help Small Ruffian Boy Who Likes To Bare His Backside in his task. Small Ruffian Boy Who Likes To Bare His Backside's principal weapon is the ability to gob spit chipe on the creatures of the jungle which, interestingly, include parrots and monkeys. And lizards.
Oddly, the title screen features five pixies working out - pressing up, lifting weights and stretching. Surely, fit young pixies could not fall prey to the wiles of the meat-eating plant? But they have, so they can. And they did.
Bum deal Platform protagonists are not usually wont to 'moon'. Sonic The Hedgehog doesn't wear pants - he has a somewhat bushy bottom, while the idea of 'Super' Mario running around sans dungarees is perfectly abhorrent, but Ruffian, when not engaged in fetching running jumping shooting turns around and SHOWS HIS BOTTOM.
What bare-faced cheek!
So here's the deal. You have a certain amount of time to rescue a given number of pixies from each level. As the difficulty level increases, so do the pixies. Chiping on them saves them and when you've collected the last pixie, hotfoot it to the exit and the next level.
Grandslam, in their wisdom, have avoided the oft fallen into trap of providing a racy backbeat to the ledge antics (only the quirky Toki managed to pull this off), opting instead for jungle effects and a fine hooiiik - that's the noise you make when preparing to spit.
Nevertheless, such finery cannot hide the fact that there is no point to Ruffian. Admittedly, I enjoyed playing it, because I haven't played a platform MAY 1995 SCREENPLAY They have been on the shelves before, only last time round they cost a little bit more. This month's Re-Releaser is Steve Bradley. Onward... LEGENDS OF VALOUR Kixx 0121 625 3311 ¦ £12.99 Reviewed AF44 91 % New RPG and adventure games are awfully thin on the ground these days, despite being AF readers' favourite genre. We know - reader surveys impart such vital information.
Legends Of Valour is a graphic adventure set in the quaint, Germanic- sounding town of Mittledorf and your task is to rise through the social order like a minor media celeb on the make.
The environment is open-ended, so you can approach the set tasks at a leisurely pace (indeed, is there any other?), taking time to get to know the locals and suss out the town.
Brawling and beer drinking are high on the list of activities, always a fabulous attraction in the computer game. The texture-mapped graphics are impressive though the caboodle is a tad slow on the A500 - if you are loath to spend time disk-swapping, don't even think about LOYunless you've got a hard drive.
But lo, it's humorous and fun to play, which sounds like quite a recommendation. It is.
CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER ITALIA Domark 0181 780 2224 ¦ £24.99 Not previously reviewed "Come here, there's more," one particularly amusing, welly-sporting Irish comedian might suggest when referring to Domark's Championship Manager series, a collection of releases described by one former colleague as a never-ending cash cow.
For argument's sake, let us be cynical for a moment. Football management games are proven sellers, persistently commandeering the upper reaches of the charts. You are in the boardroom at a software company discussing possible projects.
The choice comes down to producing what is essentially an updated version of a previously successful product or branching out, investing in something new and exciting, groundbreaking even. So, a football management game it is then.
And Domark are by no means the only culprits here - and at least their 'products' are of a consistently high standard. We've had numerous versions of Championship Manager including upgrades, offers of free books and the like but can they seriously justify another full-priced release?
Championship Manager Italia '95 is an updated version of the last game (AF58 85%, £17.99), based on the first and second divisions in the Italian league. It's seven quid more and you'd need to be a serious fan to buy it.
A10 TANK KILLER Kixx 0121 625 3311 ¦ £16.99 Reviewed AF22 75%, Why is the two-year-old Legends Of Valour 13 nicker and twice-as-old A10 four quid more? Anyway, rust plays no part in this game, for the tank killer in question is the A10 Thunderbolt II, an aeroplane. The graphics have been tarted up, extra missions added and the sound effects tweaked, while the ingame music is a tuneless aberration.
You're American and you have to shoot Russian tanks. Unfortunately, it's a tad slow and in the intervening years, superior games have been released, and indeed re-released.
IweckcC $ c£me& ¦¦ Tel. 0116 234 0682 or Fax. 0116 236 4932 I | '' CUP ART CD Over 550mcgs of Clip Art tor AMIGAs and Pcs. Die most comprctilpsive collection of Clip An ever for the Amiga range of computers In total over 26.000 files The following formats are catered for. BA:W Iff Bitmap.
Coloured Iff Bitmap. Proclips. EPS.
Pagcscttci. Pagestream. IMG. Corel Draw and coloured brushes. All are ready to use und easily accessible in subject directories.
15. 000 • Mi mu Biinup .V I Ihi (', 15110 KPS. WOO IMG. Pjgcs 2V0
Pdgeuroun. 1'i.nlipv, I *0 9H PnnL»hop and r ltm*hc« l.u A
« iflrV. •• r. Amos-CD st hzi THEOmOAL AMOS IP® || ffl I Q Q
Q H 1 fl UBR YONGOMFACrHSC ? R “ “ J :2 ? 2 Ihe (Xficul
Ami is PD I .ibrnn in ihc largest mhdic i»t Amos related
source I etxfc and programs m the world today The library
is tun by I m & Anne ’ _J Tucker and is cmkvscd by
Eumpnrss Software. The publisher. Of Arm*, and Amos Pro.
Ttiis compact disc contains die enure Ulvury from disk I to
620. A B B UB LJ l_J IS B ca:h one arranged m it’s own
dinvtwy and catalogued. The disc contunwn . . . . _ _
excess ol 3.1,0110 tiles with over 1600 Amos source cod:
files. 100 sprue l | ||8[juG G 9'‘‘ Kinks. 260 Ctext
800 samples, numerous music Kinks and several ' ’ ' 1 * ’ extensions to Ana* & .Amos Pro This CD is truly a testament to the *--- - immense following dial Amos and Amos I'm has achieved in the past tew kiTGOTTTdgjmmense years uikI represents tKxis.mds of nun hours of writing Amos code which
• ill pinf k. r« ji an jkuK . trip umi k e» Vhimxi V* . » .• ?
Amount of The Amos PD Library contains many games and I lilties which will pn* c * ;* A OIOS Clide interest me to tlK* Amos user aiul non-Amos user alike Imagine die enure e » owo... j PD Librjrv ««* CD. ImiZti i.jlV't9 ift £ f"r °"b mam._ V1DZ 0 CD : CD dedicated to Fonts lor the Amiga ra ige of cot Also PC compatible, formats are catered for.
CG Fonts. Coloured.
Prod raw. IFF. PCX.
I ructype. Calamus and Adding up to the most CD of Fonts for the Am In total over I8.01X) files tn 900 directories. All ready to use and easy to load directly from the CD CONTENTS 2000* Adobe & CG with PS Fonts 500 Bitmap. I‘XI Coloured. 240 Iff 139 Pagcstrcam. 24 Prodraw 500 Tructype. 132 PCX 300 GDOS & 230 Calamus AMIGA & IK" CwitfOfllW* n Many GDOS aim. UjMmwtfoe- C&wws; CD games for the CD' CDTV ga CD. Ready to run from a MENU system. 100** CD' ible. Also includes Assassin Jisks I to 200 archived easil; hack to floppy. Workbench ¦=i KGUBASB fmpji ffiP. H Csh lJSI Network CD SIMPLE
NETWORKING TOOLS FOR AMIGA CD The Network CD sets up a link between a CDTV or CD.'2 and am other Amiga CD32 or CDTV acts a*, a remote rlnve lot your Amiga, allow me access |i tit, pool of data available on CD Korn The CD32 cable also available uses the sockel of lire CD.'2 and conics complete Vitli a keyboard pass through. Tint maintaining the ability to enmieci IMV or SXI addons. Network CD sets Workbench environment ami disable-, the reset function, allowing the CD changed and access to any other ISCWbhO CD.
ONLY « WJS €ip Art CD m y £ %m ipaiavo SOUNDS TERRIFIC' A double CD pack containing over
1. 2 Gigabytes of musical and sounds data for the Amiga and IBM
PC computers. It all adds up to the most complete collection
of sounds on any platform and will form vital part of any
musicians CD collection.
CONTENTS 4600 Modules. 14.000 Samples 568 Sonix Scores & 4500 Instruments 302 Octamed Med Modules 1190 Midi Files 1552 Voc & 642 Wav Samples Utilities for Kith Amiga & IBM PC Amiga and PC' Companble ONLY £ %m ONLY £ WM FONTS CD Thr Firm J CO Sal 4 iUH I £ 7.V9 Silver A The Krayi f 17.99 a. Jam • Rond I air lion £49.99 Coming lo Am rica £ 17.99 A h h Call d Wanda £ i'.99 likail A Star Trtk 6 £15.99 a AMIGA products Wizard sssLXSXEmm W ¦ l n*a FROM PC VELOPMEMTS 01322 272903 COMPATIBLE WITH All A Ml Bas man QUALITY SOMYCC DRIVE ROBUST MET AI CASS ANTI-CLICK AS STANDARD m SWITCH ABIE
VERSION 1.5 1M9.99 version 2.0 £189.99 If your not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 28 days of receipt for a refund.
Please send me the following (please quote the codes shown in advert).
Product Code Description Price 01322-272908 MrfIM 9AM AMD ADM, MOM PAY TO TKIDAT, TO PAT Of ACCASS OK VISA.
* THE PRICES SHOWN ARE All prices include VAT and carriage within
the UK mainland. All products are subject to availability E&OE
Advertised prices and specification may change without notice
Please allow 21 days for delivery - subject to stock
availability Please allow 7 working days for cheque clearance
Steve Bradley demonstrates some of the new skills you need to tackle SWOS and explores the finer points of feudal farming in Lords Of The Realm.
GameBusters SEND IT IN If you have a hint, tip or cheat to share with other Amiga gamers, write to: Steve Bradley, GameBusters, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW. Or better still, send it on disk.
Head to the penalty spot and at the last minute turn on a sixpence, either left or right, and blast the ball into the roof of the net.
Into the box you go. The keeper moves but it's too late. You've slipped the ball to your mate on the other side of the box and he slides in.
Simply dribble the ball past the defenders and the goalkeeper and slot it home. This often depends on the attributes of the player.
SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER Reviewed AF67, 95% ¦ Renegade 0171 481 9214 Are YOU having trouble scoring goals now that Sensible World Of Soccer keepers are like St Peter at the gates of Heaven. I think.
No longer can you dash to the edge of the box and let fly into the bottom corner, so here are a few tips we've recently made up. Of course, you folk have much more time on your hands to play the game, so if you've got any goalscoring hints (we're all completely brilliant, of course) then drop them in at the usual address.
We are particularly interested in any cunning set pieces you may have worked out. We might even send you a sensational Sensible World Of Soccer whistle. If you're very lucky.
The penally. OK, you all know how to bury home a spot kick but for those new to the game, a full diagonal click does the trick.
You confidently arrive at the corner of the box and using outward after touch, beat the keeper with swerve, verve and indeed, pace.
Intricate passing has lured the hapless keeper to the edge of the box. Knock the ball to the man at the near post and calmly slot home.
This one has loads of swerve and is unleashed from around the penalty spot. Rejoice as you take the spoils.
The set piece at the corner. Bang it into the near post, pull your striker out and then back in and head the ball into the net. Cool.
Continued overleaf ¦ ii
* .
E g
* i 2
- O = ¦ = .2 _ ¦ 1 f!. § ® c £ S « I S i § SsSli Iff 1-1 U|J8
T} a *- ,p 1 |l! I 1111 f !ll|l i ill* Hill mu lilll 5 ¦“ di
• H c * E 8 m ~ S)~ !" -§ s «,» I E o *,* • to O 2 to 9- .
) A 2 I 3j u oHl = 1 a§ w s s 2 BZ c o TJ d S£ a Clu-s 2 © E Q « 3k “ ~
Q) u 8 .i ? 11-s I : I si!§ «J to W & « -5 2? § Sc
- Q s 0 ¦o E ° Z||a a o JZ o *- o c o (A "O _ra Q o 5 o (A c Z
(A o o 0) ifc ¦o X o c (0 (A 0 ¦M c 0) w 0) E z U (0 E aj ro
o 0.
O) "O ra m -1 0) 3 (A LU 0) O o -J C I ** ) c a o o 1‘Sd.tc S
§ £ .o -S- oj o x .
¦5 a I a 2 | -S = . O s -C " «i D) ~ O E 7 r oi c -S ® ® o .E S £ * | luJ s i o £ § MAY 1995 SCREENPLAY ZEEWOLF AF66, 90% ¦ Binary Asylum 01225 428494 Binary Asylum’s popular Zeewolt game is still stumping some of you. Passwords are called for. Here they are. Enter them in lower case, and you jump to the mission number next to the word, imago (5) tiburon (9) argus (13) marten (17) sockin (21) gannpay (25) frampage - this allows you to fly the Kestrel VTOL FRONTIER: ELITE II AFS4, 90% ¦ Gametek 01753 553445 If you are on the Bulletin Board ready to agree to an assassination, click on the Hang
Up button and not the Telephone icon once you've agreed If you don't, your target won't be there when you reach your destination and you'll fail the mission.
Kieron Murphy, Dundalk, Republic of Ireland MONOPOLY AF60, 75% ¦ Supervision 0171 702 9213 When you land on a road that’s for sale, don't buy it.
Say no, and the Auction screen comes up. Bid £10.00, but keep bidding and you should get the property dirt cheap leaving plenty of money to build houses.
GA Womack, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Raising sheep Try not to eat your sheep. They don't give birth fast enough to replace what you would probably eat. They are a cash crop, in that you can raise them fairly quickly, and sell the wool they create for gold. Sheep are an indirect food source, however, in that you can use the money that comes from wool to buy grain.
Used in this way, they can feed as many people as any other crop type.
Because merchants have to convert wool to grain, you must wait for them to arrive in your county (and they must sell both grain and sheep). Therefore, it's wise to build up a small stockpile of grain to hold your people through dry spells when merchants don't arrive. To get a sizable flock in a reasonable time, you may wish to buy additional sheep from a merchant.
Bear in mind that sheep give birth during only one season per year, unlike cows, you won't see them growing every season. However, their annual birth rate is higher than that of cows.
Raising cattle Try not to eat your cattle - they don't give birth fast enough to replace what you would probably eat. They are a viable food source, however, in that you can eat the diary produce they generate you're less likely to be attacked there.
Don't expand too quickly. It's important to keep each of your counties happy and growing.
Successful agriculture You may find it easier to specialise in one crop type in each county. If you mix crops in one county, you will be faced with drawbacks that come with each of them, and may be more likely to be short of food at any given moment.
Each crop type feeds people to different degrees, but each type also grows at different rates. Feeding and growth levels are balanced so that each crop type produces the same amount of food in the long run.
Use as many fields as possible without causing a decline in fertility, and without requiring an excess of serfs to maintain them. For cattle and sheep, a greater number of fields increases birth rates and decreases death rates. For grain, only use as many fields as you have labourers to farm them. Sometimes cattle and sheep die from old age, and no amount of farming can prevent it.
With any crop, there are events that appear from time to time that kill or destroy some of its stores. Therefore, it's always a good idea to have a little extra food to cover these events.
§ if ill 13 1 I 2 5 -a| tfll] |i|M lllli os S S5 5-2 c « t£ § i « 2 5 S’ o mm ill I* 1 It ill!
O « O &1
- S 01 a § - iu° • I ,S f HI s p| = |*c S- V) O' to i|li 0 5 2 8.
S. ll “i y* o°§li 11*1 I; 18 °« W ® • » p Ill'S S'S j z = ° £20
2 is.
- •=.14) 3 * S *•8.1 S * « a e .® * 2 .2 ~ §c I;11« o
o a £ o £ E o Z «¦ LORDS OF THE REALM AF66, 80% ¦ Daze 0171 372
7435 If your peasants are revolting, if you're not giving your
serfs a square deal, you'll be having sleepless knights trying
to get your realm in order. Try following our fantastically
feudal tips Overall strategy Your first goal should be to
increase the population of your first county through successful
farming. As soon as you have the men to spare, build an army to
guard the town cross. If you don’t, the county will be
Get involved in stone, iron or wood production as soon as you can, or save up funds to buy the resources you need.
You should start production as soon as you have excess men, but you need a decent population (at least 1,000 men) before you get much output.
Once you start production, you'll have to weigh the benefits of arming your troops with weapons first (which toughens them greatly, and makes it easier to acquire new counties) or building a castle (which increases your ability to fend off attacks).
If you plan on expanding into a couple of counties quickly, you might as well wait to build a castle until you expand your kingdom. A castle is less useful in the centre of your empire - I * :p} ! IfJill i! Jifm ! S 5 v § 2 .Si « 9 5 ! J s «*• 11 ¦5 c ot.5 -“2 S
• 5 S »I aS§ ic a E 5 .c O'*
• .* * I 8 * i g ill! Ill l|i | Hi!
Remember not to expend too quickly, or you'll leave yourself weak in areas that are critically important. Invasion and defeat are not conducive to victory.
1 ¦I 1 Abroad each season without killing them. As with sheep, invest in your cattle by buying more cows because the herd grows slowly on its own, Farming grain Always make sure to keep some grain stored for sowing If you forget this and miss a sowing season, you can lose a whole year's worth of food. Remember that the grain you harvest has to last for four seasons.
When you allocate labour for sowing, make sure you have enough men to harvest the resulting grain. It takes 1.5 times as many men to harvest as to sow. If you can't fully harvest the grain, you may want to cut back on the sowing to save on grain and labourers.
Don't overplant early on. One field can feed plenty of people, and to farm too many hurts your fertility for little benefit.
Consider using grain when you're starting out. It is the cheapest crop, although it's very labour intensive and, unlike cattle or sheep, you can build up a grain stockpile without having to worry about maintaining it.
Building an army Any type of weapons at least double the usefulness of your fighters. Build or buy weapons as soon as possible. Use maces and axes for a more aggressive army - they are better on the attack.
Use spears and axes for a more defensive army. Arm your soldiers with maces and spears if you are short on gold, because their wages will be less this way. Archers and crossbows are invaluable for whittling down foes from a distance. No moderate-to-large army should be without them. Use knights if you can afford their wages (and their doubled production cost).
Fighting ground battles Surround enemy fighters to attack from different sides. Attempt to lure the enemy into a marsh, and attack from the edge of the marsh. Use knights to outrun or outflank the enemy.
Use archers at the start of the battle. Keep archers out of hand-to- hand combat, or they'll stop firing. If you can lower the enemy's morale from a distance with archers, you may be able to cause a rout without getting hit once.
Eliminate enemy archers quickly.
Designing castles Don't place the central defensive point on the outer edge of the castle - that makes it much easier for the enemy to launch infantry attacks on it. Add plenty of storage space for food and men - 331 form**? 300 33H«rd*rs 33 l * l 0 BuAAcr; mm* nwtonats ID Mura ?0% tZiQuornprs
• MX 02 lomtan MX 80 Armorers IX A population in full employment
is usually very productive. Especially it their leaders are
engaged in a war. Bear this In mind.
I¦ »»- ?
[U Sfi ___bH halls are good for this. While building, look at the info box's listings for men and food for guidance.
OK, so this screen s practically crying out for a Rik Mayall Young Ones joke. But we don't know any jokes like that so just make sure that you don't overwork any fields or you'll sutler accordingly Castles tend to be capable of storing about two seasons' worth of food for their largest possible garrison (at normal rations), so, you may want to garrison the castle with fewer than the maximum men, so food lasts longer.
Remember that a moat buys you extra time in a siege, and requires only labour to build. Try for a concentric castle design, with the central defensive point in the middle Try starting with a small design, and expand later.
Towers, gatehouses and keeps add a defensive bonus to all fighter, ladder and tower attacks that occur within one square of them. Therefore, the best- defended castles will place these structures no further than two square apart, so that their defensive areas meet. Build a gatehouse on the castle, otherwise you will be unable to sally forth or attempt escape from a siege.
Defence against siege If your forces are large enough, try taking on the enemy in battle, but be careful because you don't know what the enemy is armed with until you attack. If you plan on sallying forth, garrison your castle with some armed troops. If you don't, then don't waste weapons inside the castle walls but garrison the castle with peasants.
DEATH MASK AF69, 77% ¦ Alternative 01977 797777 After completing the brilliant Death Mask, I thought you might like the passwords.
2. 52585. 3 22428, 4 84843,
5. 22087,6 38641,7.06395.
8. 33224,9 35527,10.48962, 11 65074, 12 62438. 13. 28283,
14. 85325, 15. 10769, 16. 25324,
17. 43542, 18 62156. 19. 84678.
20. 57093, 21 29264. 22. 47446,
23. 75330, 24 82855, 25 584574, 26. 38392.
27. 55276,28.68163,29.75156,
30. 70948, 31. 54334, 32. 39814,
33. 52262, 34. 73164 David Kennedy, Peterborough swos AF67, 95% ¦
Renegade 0171 481 9214 Buy a good goalie, perhaps Schmeichal
and avoid conceding goals if at all possible (good tip, Ben).
When his value gets to seven or eight million, flog him - you get loads of cash. Now go back to the team that you sold him to and buy him back for considerably less and hey ho, profit is immense. Why not do it again. And perhaps again.
Ben Lear, Gnosall, Staffs !
5 * '¦ 3 cr ££: ce d i ei k ¦» in iS I §20 S5 £ i c 4-S ° E .= IH ?e: ill T* -- O ' II] SI II *3 II 2 « c o O- §.! S Ilil!
W -o 0 8 i IU £ o 1 j r
• " n " U- a o 01°
o. “ S £ S § °!
Ji £ O 51 Z* o 2: 5 II a 8 i* ti £ o
* 1 _ s- = .c -O -O £ % 2 S ¦§¦5-5 5 E S1 Hit IfiJj ifjpL mil
I|i|f ii liillflj € § S € -S E ! 3 P a OPEN ALL ! WELL,
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STARBA5E 13 (2) +Y Brill point n dick ROCKETZ AGA Y Excellent shoot em up MEGABALL AGA Y Arkanoid clone MECHFORCE +Y Strategy game MOOSE DRIVE +Y Good overhead racer SOCCER CARDS USA +Y Footv game USA style TRICK OR TREAT AGA Y Superb 2 player Doom clone 18TH HOLE GAME (2) +Y Great golf game ZOMBIE APOLCALYPSE 2 AGA Y Shoot em down!
WRESTLING (21+Y (2 drivesl 1 or 2 player wrestling BACMAN AGA Y Doom meets Pacman BLACK DAWN 2 +Y The follow up DONKEY KONG +Y Classic arcade game TIME ZONER (2) +Y Great point n click adventure STARIANS +Y Spacey shoot em up ICE RUNNER + Good platformer ORC ATTACK +Y Fight them off MADFIGHTERS Y Beat up your opponent ORBIT (21 +Y Brill space flight sim GALACTIC PREDATOR +Y Action packed CROBOTS +Y Robot war game FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE +Y Excellent management sim THE SHEPHERD +Y Plav God ROAD TO HELL (2X1.5 Meg) +Y good top-view racer OBL ousl K 48 EDNAM DRIVE, GLENROTHES, FIFE KY6 1NB E-MAIL
- NHOUSE@DELPHI.COM IMAGINE FEMALE (objects) Four models of
female walking ready to animate 57 CHEVY (WB2+) (object) HUMANS
(objects) 2 male 2 female CAR (object) - BMW, 32 Dodge STARTREK
(objects) SCI-FI (objects) IMAGINE TUTORIAL All you ever wanted
to know about Imagine. Hints tips, projects step by step etc.
SPACE FONT TOOLS Ex Commerical program for manipulating fonts.
Italicize condense etc (great!
IMAGINE UTILITIES ISL, Wrapgen, Igensurf, Showobj.
TEXTURES I - Wood & Misc TEXTURES 2 - Stone TEXTURES 3 - More stone TEXTURES 4 - Organic + util to convert WORLD WAR 2 +Y jPEC to IFF & GIF.
WORLD Insects + ape + land + plants. Also Shelly, utility to create shell like objects for imagine lightwave real 3D Sold as separate disks or buy all 14 disks for only £10.00 EDUCATION SMARTYPAINTS +Y Fantastic kid's art package JAPANESE DICTIONARY (2) +Y It even speaks the words!
BACK TO SCHOOL I +Y Various educational progs TREASURE SEARCH +Y Find the treasure KIDS PAINT +Y Easy lo use painl prog COLOUR IT +Y Colouring book STORYLAND 2 +Y Excellenl reasoning adventure DUNKS DTP +Y DTP tor kids LITTLE TRAVELLER +Y World facts jAPANESE +Y Learn japanese
FOOTY +Y Pools checker TOME OF' MYTHS (2) +Y Excellent
hyperbook LANGUAGE TUTOR +Y 4 Languages D-PAINT TUTOR +Y
RATER +Y i Pick the winners A-CENE +Y Trace your family tree
WE DO NOT CONDONE OR SUPPLY ILLICIT HARD CORE MATERIAL HUGE SELECTION OF 18+ TITLES IN STOCK. FULL LISTING IN CATALOGUE +300 600 compatible, Y 1200 compatible, () Number of disks Fred Fish 1-1000, Scope 1-220 etc in stock 1-5 disks £1.50 per disk, 6-14 disks £1.25 per disk, 15+ disks £1.00 per disk. UK postage FREE Europe postage £2.00, R.O.W postage £3.50 Payment in £’s sterling only. Cheques P.O.s payable to Noble House. Fast turnaround. All orders sent 1st class post. Write for FREE catalogue disk & Educational orders Lowest Priced Top Quality Products we,come Including Ribbons, Inkjets,
Toners, Disks, Etc Inkjet. Cartridges & Refills Canon BJ-10 20 Cartridge Commodore MPS127U Cartridge Epson Stylus HP Deskiei Cartridge (Double Cap ) 17 54 each 12 13 each 12 99 each 24 24 each 28 89 each 12 13 each 16 00 each 600 585 9-78 9 63 963 948 5-25 903 8 88 InkJet Refills (Twin Packs - 40ml ink) for.
Canon BJ-10 20 200, BJ3O0, HP Ik-sk|.-t etc Available In Black. Cyan. Magenta. Yellow. Red. Blue. Brown, light Green. Dark Green and Gold.
1 Pack SI 1 00 2- Packs 510 60each 5- Packs S9 9Seach Toners BLACK Lull 2: 5l* ilk BLACK Lull 5i lik Amstrad DMP 2000 3000 2-80 2 65 245 225 Epson FX MX RX80 FX LX800 2-90 275 2-55 235 Amstrad DMP 4000 366 351 3 31 3 11 Epson FX MX RX1UO FX MX1000 3 36 321 3 01 281 Amstrad LQ5000 6 10 5 95 5-75 555 Epson LX80 86 90 212 1 97 1-77 1-67 Amstrad IXW8256 LQ3500 Fab 285 2 70 2 50 230 Fujitsu DL3300 34U0. DX2200 3 75 360 340 320 Amstrad PCW8256 LQ3500 M S 357 342 3 22 302 IBM 4207 4212 Praprintcr X24 388 3 73 353 3 33 Amstrad PCW9512 Fabric 338 323 3 03 2-83 Manncsmann Tally 80 81 390 3 75 355 335
Amstrad PCW9512 M(Strike 260 2 45 2 25 205 NEC Pinwrltcr P2200 P2- 303 288 268 2 48 Brother M1009,1024 1109 1209 390 3 75 355 335 OKI ML182 183 192 193 195 3 17 302 2-82 2 62 Brother MI818 l824lvT924l.
4 88 4 73 453 433 OKI M1J20 321 380 390 391 3 32 3 17 297 2 77 Citizen 120D LSPI0 Swlft 24 9 285 270 250 2 30 Panasonic KXP1123 1124 1140 346 3 31 3 11 291 Commodore MPS1220 1230 450 4115 4 15 395 Panasonic KXP1080 1180 90 2 89 2 74 2 54 2 34 Commodore MPSI500 I550 6 75 660 640 6-20 Panasonic KXP1524 1540-1624 4 55 1 40 4 20 4 00 Epson LQIO0 4 10 395 375 3 55 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180 495 4 80 460 4 40 Epson LQ200 400 500 800 850 3-45 330 3-10 2-90 Selkosha SL90 92 95 96 5 70 5 55 5 35 5 15 4 10 3-95 3-75 355 Star 1X10 20 100 2 29 2 14 1 94 1 84 BLACK Lull 2+ 5+ 10- Star 1X20(1 3 00 2 85 2
65 2-45 Star 1X24-10 20 200 2 86 2 71 2 51 231 Star ND NUNR NXIO. NB24-I0 385 3 70 3 50 3 30 Taxan Kaga KPS 10 815 910 915 3 14 2-99 2 79 2 59 COLOUR Citizen 224.240. Swift 24 9 11 95 11 80 11 -60 11 20 Commodore MPS1500 1550 9 38 9 23 9 03 8 63 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180 1063 10 48 10 28 9 88 Star LC10 20 100 Star LC200 Star LC24-10 20 200 HP Iaserjet II. Ill Toner Cartridge HP LaserJet IIP IIIP Toner Cartridge King For Toner* Not Listed Printer Ribbons - Ring for Ribbons Not Listed »g I Ring us and WE WILL BEAT all other Ribbon prices Top Quality Bulk DS DD DS HP Branded DS DD DS HD 10
Disks £5 £7 £6 £9 25 Disks 510 S14 - 50 Disks S16 £23 £24 £36 100 Disks £29 £43 £41 £66 250 Disks £65 £92 £96 £153 500 Disks SI 25 £175 £187 £288 Preformatted (MS-DOS) Bulk disks available at 2p extra disk.
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GUARANTEED Next Dav Delivery (no! N. Ireland) available, for all products at S5-50 Lockable 3 " Disk Boxes 100 Capacity S5-99 50 Capacity S4 99 with orders of S10- Lockable 3 " Disk Drawers 200 Capacity SI5 99 100 Capacity SI3-99 310 Capacity Boxes SI 50 3 " 6 Capacity Wallets S3-99 Lockable CD Drawers 30 Capacity SI6-99 Joysticks. Mice & Trackballs 3?" Disks, Disk Boxes & CD Drawers Special Low Prices I Limited Period Only) lor Pnlrkshol li vstIrks tor A m 111, i - t.1 ri ST Apache I 6 89 Python 1M 8-89 Aviator I 25-99 Starlighter I 8 49 Intruder 1 22-99 Turbo II 8-49 Maverick 1M 12 49 Mice &
Trackballs lor Amma-'Alarl ST Mouse 11-99 Trackball 23-99 Paper & Address Labels 2000 Sheets If x9:'. 60 gram. 1 box -1999 Micro Perforated. Listing Paper 2- boxes - 14-99 500 Single Sheets A4. 80 gram. Laser 1 pack - 8-99 Paper (suitable lor InkJet printers) 2- packs - 5 99 Tractor Feed Address Labels. 500 - 4-49 I across width, 3:* x I A" 1000 - 7 49 Miscellaneous Items
11) 0 Single Colour 3-’ Disk Labels 1 -99 1000 Single Colour 3:"
Disk Labels 8 99 1000 Multi-Colour 3-'Disk Labels 9 99 1000
While Tractor Feed 3:" Disk Labels 10-99 3t" Disk Cleaning
Kil 2-99 Parallel Printer Cable (1 -8m) 3-99 Mouse Mai 6 mm
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Speakers 5-99 Dust Covers CPU & Monitor 6 49 Atari ST 3 99
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3-99 PC Keyboard 3-99 Amiga 1200 3 99 All Prices INCLUDE VAT
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THE TRUTH 3 iskmagazine 17 ROBS HOT STASH 35 Red Hot New Utils 3616 ROBS HOT STASH 34 Another Superb Utils Comp 3615 (ABCD) CHARLEY CAT 11 "Gardening Cot" 2.5MB Anim 3614 TURBOCAT Shareware Cat Disk Maker 3613 TRILEMMA V5.0 Barmy But Great Puzzle Gomel 3612 THIRD DIMENSION 11 3D Cons Kil Disk Mag 3611 (ABJ CYBERGAMES Excellent Beal Em Up!
3610 JUMP'EM Bouncing Skill Puzzle Game 3609 INFECTION Excellent Puzzle Gome 3608 DEMON VI .01 Patience Type Card Game 3607 FLOWERS CARDSET For Klondike 1, 2 or 3 3606 PHOTO CD CARDSET For Klondike 1, 2 or 3 3605 BARTENDER VI. 1 Superb Cocktail Database!
3604 BEGINNERS GUIDE TO WB3 Handy, Easy Tutorial (or WB3 3603 GFX UTILS 4 ICONS Includes Icontools Etc 3602 NEW UTILS 9 Collection Of Useful Utils 3601 NEW UTILS 8 Includes Vchecker 6.52 3600 (AB) FINDING THE TRUTH Disks 1 & 2 About Aliens & UFO 3599 ROBS HOT STASH 33 Stocks More Superb Ulilsl 3598 PRETTY WOMAN CARDSET For Klondike AGA 3597 FINAL WRAPPER V3.0 Includes Loads Of Macros Too!
3596 DELUXE GAIAGA V2 5 Mega Mega Gomel PUCMAN Perfect Pocmonl 3594 PARNET HD!
The All New Parnell 3593 LEAGUE SOCCER CARDS VI 1 Soccer Cords Game X3592 JPEG AGA V2 .1 Best AGA Jpeg Viewer 3591 COINMANIA PREVIEW Playoble Puzzle Game 3590 (AB) HOLIDAYS Tutoriol On Good Photography 3589 (AB) PHOTO TECHNIQUES Good Photo Tutoriol 3588 IMAGEDESK VI .2 Create Thumbnail Pics 3587 BOING V3 Thing On A Spring Clone 3586 ROBS HOT STASH 32 Includes BJC600 Driversl 3585 NEW UTILS 7 More Bits & Bats 3584 ROBS HOT STASH 31 Another Hot Utils Collection 3583 AGA SPECCY EM VI 6b Includes A Few Gomes Tool 3582 NEW UTILS 6 More Up To Dote Utils 3581 INTERNET UTILS Includes IRC Chat
Client 3580 (AB) PAGESTREAM 3F UPDATE Updotes To 3F From 3D 3579 ROBS HOT STASH 30 Another Pocked Utils Disk!
3578 FRACTALS CARDSET 3577 MARILYN 2 CARDSET For Klondike 1,2 or 3 3576 DIYREKO Create Klondike Sets With ImageFX 3575 ACHILLEOS CARDSET 3574 DRAGONLANCE CARDSET 3572 BEAUTY CARDSET 3571 CINDY 2 CARDSET For Use With Klondike AGA 3570 ROKETZ V2.25 Great Thrust Type Game 3569 (AB) MAG E ISSUE 7 Popular Sci Fi RPG Mog 3568 LETHAL FORMULA Graphic Adventure Gome 3567 POKER MANIA Good Computer Poker Game) 3566 FI DEMOS Inc. Erik, Jr Artist & Ultimate Quiz T 3565 THIRD DIMENSION 10 The 3D Cons Kit Disk Mog 3564 SAMURAI SHOWDOWN Demo Version Beat Em Up 3563 GRAPHIC UTILS 2 Utils & Mogic WB Icons
3562 (AB) TRAVEL GUIDE Travel Guide To The World 3561 CYBERPUNK NOW 4 Lots Of Cyber Related Articles 3560 NEW UTILS 5 Latest Utils Stash!
3559 DESERT ISLAND DICK Funny B & W Animation 3558 (AB) MAD HOUSE Superb Lucas Arts Style Adv 3557 ROBS HOT STASH 29 Includes Viruschecker 6-50 3556 FINAL WRITER PATCH Speeds Up Final Writer By Up To 400%!
3555 w6RLD HISTORY TIMETABLE Hyperbook History Program X3554 JAB) DOVE DEMO BY ABYSS Superb Demo from Party 4 X3553 (ABC) VIRTUAL DREAMS Best Ever AGA Demo!! HD Required 3552 (ABC) IMAGINE OBJECTS Storwars Objects. Xwings, Ywings Etc 3551 MUI V2 3 Lotest Mogic User Interface 3550 (ABC) LION KING CLIPART Lots of Cute Hi Res Cliports 3549 SUICIDE MACHINE Operation Wolf With Furry Animalsl 3548 VIRUS WORKSHOP 4.7 Kill Those Nasty Viril 3547 AGA ICON DISK More 256 Colour Icons 3546 HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 Installs Over 20 Different Games 3545 PHASE 4 INDEXER Adds Font End. 2 Drives Req 3544 JUMBO JAM
Overhead Driving Game 3543 INTERNAL COMBUSTION Another Super Sprint Clone 3542 ROBS HOT STASH 28 Another Hot Utils Comp.
3541 ROBS HOT STASH 27 Includes Lotest VirusZ II 3540 IMAGINE BITS & BOBS Inc. Arexx Scripts for Imagine 3 3539 GAMES DISK Top Hot Willy & Crozy Challenge 3538 MAGIC SELECTOR VI .40 Chonges Backdrops & Adds SFX 3537 TERM V4 2 EXTRAS Includes Libs and Locale.
3536 TERM V4.2 030* VERSION Archived with NO Installed 3535 TERM V4 2 000 Version With Docs.
3534 LION KING CARDSETS For You Know Whot!
3533 THIRD DIMENSION 9 3D User Magazine 3532 DYSK-STIK VI 1 Superb Disk Label Printerl 3531 ON FORM VI .33 Superb Invoice Printer 3530 ADDRESS PRINT V4 4 Address & Mailshot Prog.
X3529 PERIHELION CARDSET Fantosy Sci Fi Cardset.
X3528 RIPPING YARNS CARDSET British Cortoon Raunch Cardset!
X3527 SHERYLIN FENN CARDSET Saucy Klondike Cordset X3526 VIPER AGA 6 Ployer Light Cycles. Shareware 3525 ROBS HOT GAMES 11 Loads Of New Gomes 3524 MINIMORPH VI.ID Lores' Morphing Pockoge 3523 MAGIC WB ICONS Yet Another Disk Full!!
3522 ROBS HOT STASH 26 Includes Exotic Ripper V3.0b 3521 NEW UTILS Includes new JPEG Datatype X3520 NORMAL CARDSET For Klondike AGA 3519 VISUAL ARTS V2.0 Very Powerful GUI Desiqner.
3518 ZAXXON Superb C64 Clossic Conversionl X3517 |ABCDj KILLING TIME DEMO Stunning 4 Disk AGA Demo X3516 |ABCD) TWISTED AGA Another Superb AGA Demo!
X3515 NEXUS 7 AGA Demo By Andromeda X3514 (AB) MOTION * ' More AGA Excellence AMIGA CD ROMS SUPER CD ROMS AT SUPER PRICES!
£29 99 £1499 £1999 £19.99 £14 99 £19 99 £14 99 £9 99 £9 99 £9 99 £9 99 £9 99 £14.99 £9 99 £14.99 £14 99 £9 99 £19.99 £29 99 £29 99 £19 99 £39 99 £49 99 £1999 £1999 £1499 £1999 £19 99 £19.99 £19 99 £14.99 £19.99 £19 99 £39 99 £19.99 £14.99 £14.99 £9.99 £9 99 SPECCY SENSATIONS £19 99 Full Of Nostalgic Speccy Games Complete With Emulators For Both Amiga & PC ISD COMPENDIUM Vol 2 £ 19 99 Sequel To The Well Received ISD CD Improved Menu, More AGA Steff.
Online Degrader E*.
SliMT AMINET SET (4 CD'S) £29.99 SfJ* Ami nett 1 io 4. Recompile Bnk it i "i ’ini hot E.en Include* ¦H| '.LW Am it «r DATA 1 ... .
ANIMATION CD (Double! 09 99 2 CD* Containing A Plethora Of Superb A rugo Ammanonj Even Indude* Converted PC Anwnil nw 3D ARTNA E2A « nog.re Itght-taue & Real 30 otrwctl Gal*, from The 24 BA Cus In Scoriondl r (I 8) Proo* of age required. We do nol condone or supply Illicit hard core material.
17 BIT PHASE 4 lotest Libroiy Releose From 2801 to 3351 AMOS PD CD Invaluable For Amos Users Source Code Etc. Aminel 4 CD November 1994 Amtnot Internet Archive ASSASSINS CD Excellent Gomes Collection Runs From CD!
BCI NET December 1994 Aminot Internet Archivesl BC MODS & SFX Collection of Thousands of Mods 4 Sound Samples BC CLIPART 4 FONTS Mainly in EPS Formot CDPD I Fred Fish From I lo 660 CDPD 2 Fred Fish From 66! Lo 760 4 More CDPD 3 Fred Fish From 761 to 890 4 More CDPD 4 Fred Fish From 891 lo 1000, C•» Archives 4 Much More!
DEMO CD Older Amiga Demos For Collectors DEMO CD II A Little More Up To Date. But Still Only for Collectors DESKTOP VIDEO Superb DTP CD Includes Fonts. Clips, Pix Etc!
EUROSCENE Mosl Up To Dote Demo Collection from Europe GIFS GALORE CD 5000 GIF Pictures From Over 40 Categories GOLDFISH CD Fred Fish I to 1000 Archived AND Ready To Run GOLDFISH 2 Another Double CD Containing Everything After F 1000 HOTTEST 4 PD SOFTS Lores! Library CD IMAGINE CD Top Notch Collection Of Objects. Backgrounds Etc IMAGINE ENHANCER Objects. Maps. Fonts Etc Pro Level LSD COMPENDIUM LSD legol Tools To 151, Anims Gomes Etc MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT Sounds, Pictures, Clipon Etc NETWORK CD Connect CD32 To Any Other AMIGA (Requires Coble) NETWORK CABLE Adapted Sernet Coble For Use With Above
PRO FONTS CD Adobe, CG Fonts 4 Stacks Of Clipart RAYTRACING VOL 1 Excellent Collection Of Goodies For Imagine RAYTRACING VOL 2 More Imogine SluH, Award Winninq CD1 SHEER DELIGHT Adults Only CD ROM SPACE 4 ASTRONOMY 1000 GIFS 4 5000 NASA Texts About Space SOUNDS TERRIFIC Double CD Containing Thousands of Mods Etc) THE LIGHT ROM Highly Recommended Ob|ecls CD For Lightwave TOWN OF TUNES 1000 Hand Selected Music Mods With Players Etc. ULTIMEDIA VOL 1 Textures, Sounds Pictures Etc For Multimedia UlTIMEDIA VOL 2 More Multimedia Accessories 4 Resources WEIRD SCIENCE FONTS CG. IFF. PCX. ADOBE Etc
.WEIRD SCIENCE CLIPART EPS, IMG, IFF. Pagesetter Etc Steve McGill cruises around the Public Domain and peruses the best it has to offer in terms of games, demos and utilities. And, joy of joys, he's taken on a nostalgic journey back to his innocent youth courtesy of a new ZX Spectrum emulator.
S66I AVW NIVW that, got carried away there. 1 saw Natural Born Killers last night.
To add variety, various weapons and power ups can be bought in a shop to help you dispatch the increasingly difficult and bizarre cyberpunky opponents that you come up against.
You shouldn't be disappointed. If these guys get the encouragement they deserve, who knows, the next Mortal Kombat II or Shadow Fighter could be appearing in PD Select.
Please note that this game is Shareware. If you like it and want to own the full version, you should send US$ 15 to one of the members of Cyberpunk Developments.
Continued overleaf 4 PD Selection of the month will tell you that this was the best Speccy ever).
There are several versions of the program on here, as well as a few games for you to try straight away. If you happen to have a load of old Speccy tapes. Antonio has constructed his own interface so that you can load them into the Amiga direct from tape.
You need an 020 processor in order for the emulator to run properly. Sadly, the games only run around half speed, marginally faster if you've got Fast RAM installed. Add an accelerator and you're talking historical excitement city.
Re-live the tension and terror of 3D Ant Attack, the adrenalised action of Jet Pac and gaze in awe at the beauty of Sabre Wulf s 8-bit attribute dpsh.
Antonio can be contacted on the Internet at: tpomartfpenedes.mazanet.encomix.com. CYBERGAMES: The graphics have been spruced up. The sound improved, and a shop added to make this different to Barbarian.
CYBERGAMES GAME By _Cyberpunk Developments PD library_Freestyle PD No of disks_Two Price _£2.50 inc p&p What's here is goodish in a nostalgic 'my god I loved Barbarian when I first got the chance to play an Atari ST back in the Eighties' kind of a way.
All die old moves from the original are in here. The famous infamous roundhouse decapitation stroke is reproduced in all of its gory detail. As such, under 18s will probably be corrupted, go on the rampage, kill as many people as they can. Appear on TV.
And start a jail riot. Oops, sorry about Whether it's for drippy-nosed sentimental nostalgia or hard-faced historical research, or even just for piqued curiosity, no self-respecting Amiga owner should be without a ZX Spectrum emulator for their machine.
Antonio's emulator is one of the best currently doing the rounds of the PD houses.
Please note though, that it isn't strictly PD. It's Shareware. If you like the program, send Antonio the requisite amount - stated on the read-me file
- and he'll send you the latest update which includes a Spectrum
128 emulator (some people ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR UTILITY By
_Antonio J Pomar Rossello PD library_Kew=II No of disks_One
_£1.50 incl p&fp Sports Management PROFESSIONAL CD FOOTBALL
MASTERS h nmmhh mmm «rsh% The Most Innovative Football
Management Game Ever.
On the hardest level this very realistic simulation will test you to the limit. See if you've got what it takes to master the professional football league managers job using the most refined game available today.
In 1989 E.S.P. were the first company to create a commercial football management game solely dedicated to the 16 bit computers. Since then, we've been continuously devising new features with the direct consultation of hundreds of management game fans. This winning combination has created the most accurate representation of what football management is all about. Once you try it, you'll realise that the rest have merely been following our numerous leads in this field.
It's impossible to do justice to the hundreds of meticulous refinements included in this game but you will find a large proportion of the most significant below:- Managers: I to 4 Humon ployers Pertemonce sUisIks Malaga ot 4* mocA snason, Pick any toon .n any itmai to start wdi, Automated feoaes to moke Ae game ai easy a hard os you Ike Leogue & Cup: Premia 22 learns, Dmw» 1,2 4 3 how 24 Cams Playoffs, Tobies, 7 Cup companions wish precise rules |2 legs, e«fro lime, away gaol rule, seeded draws. European Cup tobies, 5 subs, non- domestic player restrictions eto.| Games : Yearly
torture previous list, Week fiidures resulls. Results bom previous meeting w* opponent, a pfefeoro ot stoWms Stayers : Red Ue statutes fer 94 95 season updated moodily Real posrttons. Height, age live transfer market, Contact & wage negotiations, Preferred loot |Wt nght bofe], loans, fesjurtes, Training, Special talents, Trainees, Goalkeepers |seporoto ski ca!egones|, Defenders, Midfielders. Attackers 4 Utility. Retirements, Foreign transfers, Unhappy players, Top 10 Hot shots.
Team : Todies (1000 different combmabonsl. Training, Aggression, formation allows specihc player Ud settings (Winger. Sweeper e«.). Chib : Sponsors*!*). Ground vnprovements. Vow opponent finances The Match : Rad tone scoreboord reporting gods 4 uyuries yebw red cords, Sound effects, totervertons petmtled at any Inc to change todies, fetmakons and make subs Fhysicd graptncd penaty potticipalion |ophond|. Over 80 ddferenl referees Other: fosl load iove. Primer occess, Over 30 options to set vonous gome preferences. User biendy Ihroughod w* an nceienl instruction book Petsonol tochmcd support il
required SCOTTISH, ITAUAN A GERMAN VERSION S’s coming soon Editor; Allows you to amend various items in soved gomes Optiond Extra tTtT the pulse Horse Racing Tipping System If you want the best horse tipping softwore that money con buy, then THE PULSE is it. The whole package has been developed by a professional punter. A fact, instantly recognised by many other well informed buyers of this product. The advise contained within the instruction book alone could save you plenty of wasted bets and anyone serious about reducing their losses or increasing their gains could not find a better tool to
assist their aim.
• The mystic ol horse racing is uidaked with ihe simple
inslvctions, user fnendfy program ond top doss technical
support • In ihe fell Open Natkmd Tipping Competitkwi 11991]
agonised by Rocecdl An pogroms predations come 2nd W c
dousonds ol enMs »h h led to o serous opprooch from o »ell inow
bookmoker, resected m femur oi supporting Ae public.1A wide
range ol built m sHuncs moke rang o race o qwei ond eosy yds,
compared to oAer ovafebfe systems • To keep Ae program
constondy uptocfele mcekfiy ipdcees ae recanmended f Ae geterd
program j.oe IwM to beck men »e send hee updotei to aleOiied
purchasers Prices ronge Iran £25 to £40 dependmgdwon Ingpi ol
subscription undertoken • Specif* detoils on some hoses to Mow,
os reconwended bp o wnelycf inside tarns is ponded w*
eodmotddyigdato • There's been mony renews mAe press ond under
a voneey ol scruhrsismg conditiora Al were reryposmreoboutAe
programs abily to peIBMwl ond pM stannary of da developers
resets "***95 s«e fenuory IW3 is owsfebfe upon reqres.'
• Rated ott 8 othusnbfe factory
• left and nghtnonded players
• Ronge ol batttng types.
• Edita lo amend gome stms.
• Bowtot types indude seam, swmg, change and both types oi spit
with 8 speed Ms GAME OPTIONS
• 1 Ooy Med men ot lest.
• White ce infected doting
• three Cncket grounds
• lood Sovegome. SM levels.
• Computet Humor playen.
• Icon dnven with pool 4 dd
• luge 3D saolng saeen covenng the entre ploying onto
• Mouse contiob bowler's line, length, dnectionMd settings.
• toyshek conW of tarn's mock level, snakes and luiMig between
• Srotecad 4 bowkng analysis
• Weothei and ground tepotls
• Wogon Wheel
• Monhottan Chart.
• Surface and p«e al pitch
• Rom, bod kgnc douoctw*, temperature andhunddy ANIMATED ACTION
• Sound Convnentory
• Umdnstgnds
• Al the snakes cut, pul, dme, eft
• Appeals, dropped catch, tun outs
• Bouncets, wtdes aid no balk.
BOXING MASTERS A fabulous gome which concentrates on the management of up to 3 Heavyweight A fontastic graphical ond ot tocTicol repiesentation of Cricket that has been completely written by a rioditionol fan. You can physically participate with batting and or bowling or leave it to the computet to outomatkoly handle See Ml feature list below:- boxers. It's quite different to most other management style gomes since it hos a high proportion of interaction with computer controlled humon personalities, ie. Negotiations with other monogers, boxer contracts, staff recruitment ond publicity events.
There ore other conventional tasks for the manager Idee scouting for new boxers, finance, I training ond even fight tactics ore part of your responsibility: using fuN arc ode oction you 1 can participate in your boxers' performance inside the ring itself or, if you prefer, direct I them from the ringside. Two player mode available, Sporkling graphics ore used I throughout the gome ond full details on the gomes mo for concepts follows:-
• The game has 100 ranked boxen wrth fourteen shown ofrforiet,
retirements on oge ond injury
• Negobcie fight deah wi i twenty other boxing monogers,
arranging ihe size of ihe purse, ihe venue ond rit do* e*
• Choose any one of ten pgbkity stunts lo pul in Ae crowds lo
your fights press conferences, television, public brawls«
• You can oppoirt and hrto ko* pbyw.axrvroan ond o toner Twmg
ntfhods include pgnefbogs. SpeedbaA. Weghh. Roodwori ond spamng
• You Doiers can hghe lor Worid. Eucpean or Ncfcwi tdes »4
mordcKry defence • The boxen performance m *e nng a sha i very
• Avarwny tocticscanbeuAseddxingohgkie puch * *« head, *e both,
rwde ond nunerows tnn*wo*rg socSa
• Fifteen ringside fudges eoch how e«r own mdmdid scorecords
which are shown on he screen oshehgh unfolds so hal you can
measure you fighter’» | performance The reality of the hght is
moeosed ever, more by ihe powerful sound effects of ihe crowds
presence and the rone of he punches making contort
• A wealth of statistical dalo which con be viewed ond printed
ond shodd cover every desire • lood ond save facility • Com
prehen srve induction book Formula 1 Challenge 24 HOUR CREDIT
CARD HOTLINE S (01702) 434600 «=¦ This motof racing simulation
is an incredibly addictive gome for 1 to 4 players that hos
been developed over o period of yeors by true fans of the
sport. You start the game s just one car & driver with the aim
of building your team to win the drivers and constructors |
championship. All circuits, drivers, teams, car graphics,
rules, engines etc., are occurate for thw 1004 reason and can
bo updated. Excellent presentation with full sounds effects.
The sensational worid of Formula One awaits.
48 HOUR DISPATCH COMPUTER | CHEQUE PAYMENTS If you hove a guotonlee cheque ' card or credit cord please wrile L * I - 1 r* its number on Ihe reverse of your cheque to ensure dispatch _ ¦p within 48 hours of receipt.
J s programs feotai DESCRIPTION
• Watch races os they unfold, three levels of highlights.
• Crashes, spins, pile ups, cot foams, slop go penalties
• Weothet changes, fastest S record lops, moke pifstops.
• four independent levels of difficulty,
• Accurate ond detailed graphics of the teoms, circuits etc.
• 15 teoms, 2 cors per teom, 50 drivers with varying skills
• Complete engine ond tyre contracts, sponsore.
OUR ADDRESS ESP SOFTWARE DEPTH PO BOX 557, SoutheniFon-Seo, Essex SSI 2NB. England.
TEL (01702)434600 FAX. (01702) 613747
• Choose tyre compounds, train your pit new,
• Tune yout engines, change wing sethngs.
• Ouohfying, 16 accurate championship cicurts
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PD library_Sadeness PD No of disks_Four Price _£4.50 inc p&p
It's true lhat the original intention of demos isn’t to
entertain or be scrutinised by the general Amiga- owning
public, but rather to be put under the metaphorical microscope
of other .Amiga coding groups - usually at special parties for
such shenanigans.
Killing Time by Oxyron is one such demo. Unless you’re suffering from a chemical imbalance at die time, it isn't very entertaining. There are too many stacatto siop-stari sequences of the style: here's an effect, did you see it? Did you see it? Well, here's another.
And it's a shame. Demo coders could sell the .Amiga to the nonconverted. In these troubled times, it's what's needed. But do they? Some do.
Take the 3D texture labyrinth - realtime texture city! You're treated to some texture-mapped blocks and buildings swirling around to some disinterested manic music.
Strategic logical use. AH in all. Double Shuffle is a simple kind of idea that also happens to be fiendishly addictive.
Stronglv recommended to clear the rationality cobwebs.
Continued overleaf 4 Why couldn’t it have been synchronised to the music in the way that a similar routine in Wit Premium by Freezers is. It would keep normal people interested.
Still, Killing Time will do just that, kill some time.
DOUBLE SHUFFLE GAME By_John Elrich PD library_Freestyle PD No of disks_One Price _£1.50 inc p&p Written in AMOS. Double Shuffle is. As the name implies, a shuftley, puzzley sort of a game. You play in a rectangular area that's populated with various blue blocks and differently coloured shapes. The coloured shapes have to be picked up. Re-arranged and set down in a new order which is defined at the start of each game by the map at the bottom of the screen.
To complicate dungs, the shapes can't lit* set down unless thev’re leaning against a solid object which can be the walls of the rectangular area itself, a blue block, or a coloured shape. This is very important and has to be put to AFCOPY By_Hydra! Tension PD library_Network PD No of disks One Price_75p, plus 5Op p&p Everybody needs a disk copier from time to time.
Certainly, disk and file copying can be carried out from the Shell, but that takes up valuable time and costs precious lives.
AFCopy is as good a copier as you'll find in the Public Domain. Similar in style to Directory Opus, many of the functions are invaluable to anyone finding themselves in the situation of having to swap and copy files. Considering that the total cost for all of the goodies on hand is a mere £1.25, Amiga Format has absolutely no qualms about recommending this splendid utility to one and all.
LEMMINGS IS A MODERN DAY CLASSIC, A MASSIVE AND TROUT ' MNDBOGGUNG GAME OF MIIUiPLE, , SKK1 UEVH.S. TOTALLY ADDICTIVE AND EASY TO CONTROL YET IT Wli tnners BACKDOOR V5: Help for just about every game you could think of, plus some. It’s so good that Steve Bradley uses it.
4- ASCII DEMO DEMO By_Impact PD library_Network PD No of disks_One Price_75p plus 50p p&p An unusual demo in that il uses the standard ASCII and ANSI character sets as the basis for all the graphics and routines. At first, you'd think that this limitation would make the demo look horrible. But it doesn't. In fact it gives it character in the way that a Robin Reliant has character compared to a Nissan 7.X Turbo.
There are lots of zippy routines that mould seamlessly into one another. Of special note are the system library routines that rotate and twist - first a series of balls, and then a cube. They're as fast as most similar routines seen on the I’D scene today. Hurrah for Impact.
The Party Of 94 get together for PD coders was made all the better by the presence of their demo.
BACKDOOR V5 UTILITY By_Stephen Birmingham PD library_Online PD No of disks_One Price_75p plus 75p p&p It's easy to cheat, but hard not to!'
We're reminded by Stephen in his signing off call for version five of this excellent disk.
Backdoor v5 is well presented in the form of an alphabetic database and literally hundreds of games are opened up to those stuck, dumbfounded, or just too impatient to play them by conventional means. There's a surprising solution to both of the Monkey Island games lor instance.
Because of the dynamic nature of games and all the hidden cheats and other little asides constantly being discovered, the Backdoor disk couldn't be described as comprehensive, but it's very close. If you’re into games, get this disk, it's invaluable.
CYBER SPHERE GAME DF.MO By _Clay Heilman PD library_Freestyle PD No of disks_One Price_£1.50 inc p&p Cyber Sphere is. When all is said and done, a breakout or Arkanoid clone. This disk is merely a demo version of the full game and therefore I wouldn't normally give it any space in PD Select.
But I found myself completely addicted and panting for more after I had completed the three main screens and the associated bonus levels.
Control is by mouse anti all the usual features such as falling power-ups are here. Difficulty increases with every requisite progression on to the next screen and due to the fact that I haven't played Breakout or Arkanoid for years, this truly was a treat.
If you want to play the full version, you can buy it direct from Clay. The address and purchase details are included in a text file. 'Zf TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES TOP 10 courtesy of: GROUND ZERO SOFTWARE 4 Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 6PE Tel: 0117 9741462
1) Hard Drive Game Installer
2) F1GP Editor
3) Imagine Buddy System
4) Humanoid Imagine Objects
5) Zaxxon
6) Donkey Kong
7) Missiles Over Xerion
8) Spectrum Emulator
9) Rocketz 2.25
Freestyle PD PUBLIC DOMAIN MAY 1 995 108 Woodside Way Short
Heath Willenhall West Midlands WV12 5NH Tel: 01922 710985
KEW=II PO Box 672 South Croydon Surrey CR2 9YS Tel: 081 657
1617 Network PD 125 Nicholson Road Sheffield S8 9SW Tel: 0114
810398 Online PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane Formby
Liverpool L37 3PX Tel: 01704 834335 Sadeness PD 13 Russel
Terrace Mundesley Norfolk NR11 8U Tel: 01263 722169 F1 LI
KLONDIKE OELUXE 1 Card game m 256 colours Look below tor
extra card tete WB 10* orty.
G38B-G391 (4 DlSKSi KLONDIKE DELUXE 3 letesl version but HD nstaAakon and 4 megs ot memory orty WB 10* Orty G476 ACMHLEOS CARDS For KlcndAe Detoxe So F fantasy art G479 HEROINE CAROS For K Oetoxo 2 4 3 Fantasy temate artwork G485 SPACE CARDS Cardset lor KlondAe Deluxe 3 G4P6 ART CARDS C.irtoon lo erocbca Cardset tor K Dekixe 2 4 3 G487 PHOTO CARDS (rf-jto mages For Kkmdiko Deluxe 243 G480 PRETTY CARDS Models m swim wear Foi K Deluxe 1.243 G489 REAL BEAUTIES CARDS Over 10 s only Cardset Klondike Deluxe 1, 2 4 3 G490 CINDY 2 CARDS Cmdy Crawford cards lor Kkxi Oekixe t. 2. 3 G491 ORIENTAL LAOIES
CARDS Over 10 s only For Klorukke Deluxe 1.243 G492 DRAGON LANCE CARDSET Fantasy cards tor K Deluxe 2 43 G4B3 FLOWERS CARDS Cardset lor KkmdAa Deluxe 3 G494 OfY REKO Make your own KkmdAe Cardset* Needs Image Fx t 50 or above and 6 meg WB 35* orty G5O0 SHERILVN FENN CARDS For KlondAe Deluxe 2 4 3 G509 STAR TREK TNG CARDS For Wondke Deluxe 3 G449 RANMA 1 2 CARDSET Manga cards* lor Klondike Deki.e 3 G450 SAILOR MOON CARDSET Manga cards lor Kkmdfce Deluxe 3 G366 ELLE McPHERSON CARDSET Fur Kiondiko Deluxe 1 2 43 G412 SWIMSUIT CARDS Cardset lor KlondAe Deluxe 2 and 3 G413 STAR WARS CARDS Cardsel lor
KlondAe Deluxe 2 and 3 G414 EMPIRE STRIKES BACK CARDS For Klondike Deluxe 2 and 3 G415 RETURN OF THE JEOI CARDS For Klondike Deluxe 2 4 3 G417 FAST CARS CAROS Cardset tor Klondike Deluxe 2 4 3 0319 CINDY CRAWFORD CARDS For Kkmdfco Deluxe 1.2 4 3 G369 BETTY PAGE CARDS For Klondike Deluxe 12 4 3 G3P2 MARILYN MONROE CAROS For KlondAe Oeluxe 12 4 3 G470 BIKINI CARDS Cardset tor Konqke Deluxe II or III U325 OCTAMED v4. The most powerful mus* compoukon software a variable Irom tie Pubfcc Domain New freeware release U434 VIRUS WORKSHOP v4.7 New vocvor V*U» kJter Not WB 15 U449 ZXAM SPECTRUM EMULATOR
v1 6b latest ltetSKin ot Pte optemsed speccy emteator tor AGA Arraga » WB 10 arty U665 EASY DMS The popular disk archiver made easy to use U66G EASY STAT v1 DEMO Shareware stalisbc* programme U667 CAR OATA ANALYST Calculates various ratio* e*f*ency and performance scores tor your car Shareware U668 TURBO CAT vl.Sb Catalogues your Oos disk colleclion. Files are read oil (tie disk and catalogued in a database Not WB 15 U669 PRO-GAMBLE 2.1 Horse raong prodiclion software Shareware U670 PERSONALITY ANALYSIS A rattier neat proginmmo lhal will wnte a essay on your personality alter you have answered
a senes ot questions The resuns are indeed very accurate and enkghtenmg U67t GFX CON Powerful picture tormat convertor Supports Gxt Jpeg IFF PCX Postscrpt. Trft Targa BMP and other* 4 MB and hard (krve recommended Not WB 15 U872 CHEQUE MATE Personal account management programme U673 LOANS ANO ACCOUNTS Vanous Inarwal loan caKutelors and personal hnace account appfacakons U674 CALORIE COUNTER DIARY Shareware computerised dieters hary lo record the- daily food intake U675 AWARD MAKER 2 Create and print an endless vanety ol award certificates with this neat programme UG76 IMAGE DESK Thurrbnail
orientated imago database tor users who need the keep a catalogue ol their p*turo6 Not WB 15 U677 FI EDITOR Aaows you lo edit vanous cosmetic and physical aspects oI Bio Formula One Grand Pnx game 1*680 PROTITLER 2 0 Video titling software U681 PAGESTREAM 3 0 3.OF PATCH P.tgeslrcam upgrade U682 PAGESTREAM 3 OA » 3 OF PATCH Pagestreem upgrade U6B3 PAGESTREAM 3 06 3.0F PATCH Pagesbeam upgrade U68-4 PAGESTREAM 3 OC 3 OF PATCH Pagestream upgrade U68S PAGESTREAM 3 00 3 OF PATCH PagestrMm upgrade U686 PAGESTREAM 3 OE 3 OF PATCH Pagevt.eam ade U529 HARD ORIVE GAME INSTALLERS Games
installer* tor Aden Bieed AGA Assassin SE. Body Btoes Body Blows 2 ECS. Goal Ishar 2 Rufl and Tumble. Super Stardust. Super Frog Zool 2 ECS Walket Alton Breed 2 Tower Assuafl. Bubble 4 Squeak.
Modal Kombat It Jungle Stnke No! WB 15 U654 PROFESSIONAL FILE SYSTEM V9.5 Incroaso roadwnte per- tormance ol fioppws and hard dnves with this new OOS Ming system better than Commodore's own tiftng systems Not WB 1 U655 TUDE Powerful sottwaro degrader WB 10* or US 12 AF COPY v4 D Opus styte Me manage- Not U5i 3 256 COLOUR ICONS G-ve your Workbench an extra touch ot class with these superb 256 colour cons WB 10* orty U515 MU v2 2 »AAt User interface Nc WB 15 U518 VIRTUAL MEMORY MANAGER V2 1 Turns hard dnve rto VM Requires a 68040 ot 68030 CPU wdh MMU Nol WB 13 U519 U520 (2 DISKS) MAGIC
WORKBENCH ICONS 3 Foi anvga users asptnng lor that Workbench beautiful k.a Not WB 1.3 U521 VIDEOTRACKER 2 AGA Create amazing looking AGA demos with no coding experience Nc* WB 13 U522 VIDEOTRACKER 2 OCS Videotiackei li- non AGA amiga s Not WB I S U523-U526 |4 DISKS) VIDEO TRACKER EXTRAS l:om disks lull ol extra effect routine* and objocts. Etc U5.it ACTION REPLAY PRO Software Action Reptey Rip graphics mus* tram games etc WB 3.0* orty U532 MORE 256 COLOUR ICONS loads more groat cone plus an AGA *on edfc' WB 35* orty U5i3 ACCOUNT MASTER v3c Shareware personal accounts manager Very ptotessaonal
with many teatu-o, Nat WB 15 l*4‘' SPECTRUM EMULATOR *2.0 New versron ot Ihe Speclnan emulator Includes some games U44T AMIGA DOS GUIOE vi .0 Provtoos use to) holp on what the DOS commands are and whot they do U437 AMOS EXTENSIONS Seven great AmoVAmos Pro extensions addlm U3-I2 SUPERLE* statistics analyser U327 DISKSAL V 2 Recovers comipled disk ifcit.i Not WB 15 U158 NO ERRORS f onnals disks biding any fatal hard error* Useful tor hard dnve* with tautly tracks ; U329 EPU STAKKER Can compress data up to 50V doubling the I capacity of you-hard dnve N* WB 15 U592 REND24 1 5a Powertul mage
conversron programme The I more memory ttw better NotWB l5 U580 LOTTERY WINNER I ..ke the ndeosron out ol setecteig your Naumai lottery numbers and use this programme miead Shareware WB 35. Orty U304 TEXT ENGINE v4 1 Powerful sharowa-e word processor U382 PRINTER DRIVER KIT 100- ikllerent printer driveis U311 EASY CALC PLUS Shareware spread ihoct Not WB 15 U324 J C ORAPH Graph creator U647 ULTIMATE DEGRADERS The best AGA computer degradcrs lo gel those okj subborn programmes runnng WB 10* orty U345 REORG VI11 Floppy and hard dnvo optimner Reorganises data lor tester access No! WB 1.3 U501-U503
|3 DISKS) HARO DISK TOOLS V2 Essential tools tor all hard dnve owners Not WB 15 U572 U579 IB DISKS) COMMS CONNECTED Comms programmes of ftne reader* ic-iwrtemrl guxtes iv Not WB 15 U49917500 i? DlSKSi VIRUS EXTERMINATORS VS A the very best virus Ufter* Essential lor al users NotWBVS U414 ONFORM vl .O Morse racing preddor U416 COURSE FORM Horse racing prodtctor U379 LANDSCAPE Garden landscape des-gn CAD package U115 LAND BUILD Fracial landscape generator similar lo Vrsta U3 M-CAD Entry level computer aided design package U135 500 BUSINESS LETTERS Ready written protoamonal letters tor every
formal occasion Jusl load them -ito any WP U65 7 MENUS AND MORE v3.12 Menu designer Not WB 1.3 U6S8 BIRTH DATE HISTORY V2.21 Gnves mtormakon on your date of btrlh U659 U661 (3 DISKSi LION KING CLIP ART Shareware chp an trom the Dnney hkn U291 RELOKICK t 4A FINAL The popular kickstan degrader to ad software compatCMfy problems Not WB 15 U663 32 COLOUR BACK POUND Compute, generated 32 colour palette seen* backgrounds U6U4 TEXT ENCRYPTER vi .11 Designed to secure ASCII lexi tiles from prying eyes U668 PARNET HARDRIVE Hodcvgnod Parnot package loi optimum ease of use Uso loi Amiga to Amiga. Amiun
lo CD32 Not WB 15 WEIRD SCIENCE CLIP ART lOOOs d -neges €9 99 ASSASSIN GAMES The coOecbon from I-200 €16 99 AIIOS PD LIBRARY Amos trees and vxra cod* f 16 99 IET 4 The tales! Mim from around the globe f 16 99 KTIFD8i*M«in«loltoNmLC14J0 HOTTEST 4 Game* utils aromations demo* Ole T16 99 HOTTEST S loads more great pubhc domain stuff €16 99 AMIGA RAYTRACER 2 Imagmo. Lightwave objects oh C!6 99 GOLD FISH DOUBLE CD Frod F*h dsU 1 1000 T25 99 LOCK AND LOAD 1000 class* PO games €16 99 PRO CLIPART GIFS Glamour, art. Digitised otc €16 99 WEIRD SCIENCE FONTS 10.000 tiles €9 99 SPECCY SENSATION 500.
Class* Spectrum garnet 116 99 17 BIT PHASE 4 Ajt o« 17 B*s latest titles €16 90 ADULT SENSATION Over 3000 AGA lodtet 16* ONLY €16 99 UGHTROM 3d Ob cts image* Sequences etc €37 99 SOUND TERRIFIC Mus* modules and sound samples €16 99 TELEPHONE FOR NEW RELEASES. NEW TTTLfS COMMQ I REOULARY AT GREAT LOW PRICES Postage and Packing on CD ROMS LCD £LQ0 2CQ:s £L5Q 3t CD's i OO
* **** RAYTRACER U453 FURNITURE OBJECTS Tables chae* cabnats ate
IM54 HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS hems you may Ml Ind around the home U462
U463 (2 OlSKS) SCIENCE FICTION OBJECTS lion Ight cycles and
tank* space stations ana space sh* t etc U464 U4C6 (3 DISKS)
ARCMITECHURE OBJECTS Houses skyscraper cotosseum. And other
types of man mado structure U467 U409 (3 DISKS) CAR OBJECTS
Vetectes of ao sorts road vetKtos lo Formda One raong cars U470
INSECT OBJECTS Creepy crowkes 0471 DINOSUAR OBJECTS Prertstonc
beasts 047? ANIMAL OBJECTS Usny types of mammal* 0452 BABYLON 5
OBJECTS Loads ol sh« s from the lop TV seres LM60 1X61 t2
DISKS) AIRCRAFT OBJECTS From World War t nes to modern day
Steath Fohser* Loads ol a*cralt trom hatory 0597 COMPUTER
OBJECTS Obyeds of yoc lavOurMe corrpuSer 0455 U456 (2 DISKSl
STAR TREK OBJECTS From the cvgnai and 0457 U459 (3 DISKS) STAR
WARS OBJECTS I Wag V Wog Scout waker. Death Star T* Fighter*
And kwds more 0593 596 (4 DISKS. HUMANOID OBJECTS Men Womon and
Textures 0653 IMAGINE DOCUMENTS Plk-i text docisnent*
covering al aspects of t*»* r«y tracer plus a large FAQ
techon * tn answers 0476 0477 (2 DISKS) IMAGINE BUDOY SYSTEM
Used m conpmcton w«h Imogne 2 0 tor the iMmate Imagne
tutonai ana roforerK® Every sogie h-ictior is delated «
great depth G383 ROCKETZ v2 25 Improved version od this
exceptional I or 2 player spM screen Thrusl genre shoot «ro
up WB 10* only G280 BLACKOAWN 2 30 So-ft space tftool tm i*
adventure game You mu*! Eredcate the afcen rtesMDc*- Not WB
13 G482 INTERNAL COMBUSTION Ace Scpe- Spnnl tfyta raong game
Dnve a Porcbe Buggy or F1 car Shareware GA83 THE SUMMONING
Detective graph* adventure game with a murder plot The
dangers are great but the rewards high G484 TRACER
Professional shareware side sciottovj paiatlai shoot-em-up
puworup* and an amazing bonus stage software G495 PUNTER
vt.O Animated horse racing batting game G496 SUPER MEGA
FRUITS Shareware trurt machine gamo G497 STEP 5 vi 1 One ol
the finest shareware Tetn* clones wo ve ever had the
opportunity to play WB 3.0* only G498 DONKEY KONG Brtkant
authentic done ot the at tune class* arcade plattorm gamo
plus the firs! Game ever lea tunny Mano G499 GRAVITY FORCE 2
Computsnre 2 player spM screen Master reviewed last month •
Arroga Format Absotute*y bnBant G500 SAMURI SHOWDOWN
Playable beabem up demo Probabty more special moves than any
other beat-em up ever WB 3-0* arty
• If THAI rOAMULA [KOtart pull i»««J l«l-. AOXMllUII e created
usmg a now adventure game croalot fated GRAC I SCAVENGE
Shareware 2 player split screen blaster set wtifwt a maze Good
graph** and e«tra weapons p*K ups WB 3.0* arty G503 MASH S-nOni
lo Team IT's new Wormz game A subtle cross between lemming's
and Cannon Fodder Shurewaio G504 JUMP EM Fun shaioware arcade
puzzle gamn Not WB 1.3 G505 CYBERDRONE Futurist* Dungeon Master
clono G506 CYBERMAN 3 D-nanaronat Pacmao done with smooth
vector bcs Amazing WB 3.0* arty 7 PUCMAN Authent* shareware
Pacman recreation with loads ol eilra features mcluxkng a 2
player cn screen at cnce option Fab 6510 ACE THE SPACE CASE Top
notch ptorto-m romp almost up k commercial standards Shareware
G511-G51? (2 DISKS] CYBERGAMES Tanlast* shareware beal-ero ip
with swords and lutunst* weapons Remember Barbarian G513
SCORCHED TANKS 110 Artillery game with 80 weapons GS14-G51S (2
DISKS! MADHOUSE Lucas arts styte grapah* adv G46S SUICIDE
MACHINE Cute Operation Wotl style ol gamo G466 FISHY FISHY A
game where only the Irttost will survive G459 SOLO ASSAULT
Similar to Wing Commander G469 HARRY HADDOCK Platlorm game with
a fishy I.M G471 MEGA BLOCK 2 Colourtut Totns game | G472 MR
SHARK GOES RACING DEMO Car raono Not WB 1.3 G473 FEARS Smooth
Doom done beta version WB 3.0* arty G474 ZAXON Clone ol the
great arcade game G475 FLAMING ENGINES Awesome Soper Spnn!
Style game G476-G477 HYPER RACE Sngte or rmJtplayer lecmg game wtfh eacitng tracks and ISO frames of arwnebon per car 2 meg req G480 BOOZE O METER The akcohoftc o»yrrp*» G4S1 ATOMIC Shareware arcade puzzle game G453 CHARR vl O The best 1 lo 8 player arMtery game around G454 TEMPORAL MISPLACEMENT Graph* text adventure set m the future and an ¦negmative time travelling theme G44f. PACMAN 3D the virtual Pacman experience Shaiewaie G446 PUZZLE PITS 2 3D Solo Bahn puzzle Not WB 15 G447 XENEX 1 Ol 2 player Asteroids game with more variety G448 PUCMAN WORLDS Pacman game made up o' themed levels and a
larger than normal play area Not WB 15 G451 GLAOIA TOR Dungeons 4 Dragons combal Not WB 15 G4S2 DERRING DO Updated Mr Do done Better gd. Tester etc G394 SUPER BATTLE ZONE Clone ot the 30 Battle Zone G396 PENGO 2 p your Pengun buddy through (he *e cave mazes squashng the badtfte* Great iun G397 G396 (2 DISKS INTERNATIONAL WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP Fantasac wresting game tor one or two players Stems, punches shoulder blocks, elbows etc G399 DYNAMITE WARRIORS 2 Incredfcte Dynabtesiers done G400G405 (6 DISKS! THE ART OF BREAKING HEADS FantastK beat-em-up with a choice ol drtterent characters wrth
drtterent abriitios and tpocutl moves One amazing game WB 3.0* only. Ai teoet 1 megabyte of extm Faat RAM required.
G406 COLONIAL CONQUEST II Interplanetary strategy ime ot ovo lotion and survival Not WB 1.3. Require* 2 MEG G409 AMBASSADOR FRUIT MACHINE V2.0 WB 3.0* Orty G410-G411 (2 OlSKSi MISSILES OVER XERION Missile Command I Thrs is a comptete overhaul of the ongnal concept Amazing G300 VCHESS vj.l Ful teatured computer Chess game Hoi WB 1 3.
G419G420 (2 DISKS STARWOtOS Insp-ed by the game Thrust and the Star Wars ftkn trtogy to« is a real hot WB 35* arty G42i TOP HAT WILLY Based on Jet Set W«y Speccy ctess* G322AUTOMOBILESV1.11 Skid Marks styte raong game G371 SUPER OBLITERATION Ama mg Pang done Top game G361-G364 14 DISKS' SPECTRUM GAMES 1-4 Roqu-e* emulator G373-G370 (6 DISKSi SPECTRUM GAMES 6 10 Roqu-es Emulator G442 TMA linear So F space puzzle shoot em ip Not WB 15 G387 MONOPOLY vl.1 Great computer conversion G455 POWER BATTLE Another game based on the class* Thrusl genre 2 player split screen Wasting across several
scenarios | G456-G450 13 DISKSi DEAD OF THE NIGHT Point .rod cl*h h* detective adventure game Scperb graphics 9 SOLO ASSAULT SometNng kke Wing Commander 0 OBSTACLES Swy Putty type of ptartorm game G462 BAZZA 4 RUNT AGA Top plattonn game demo WB SO* arty G463-G464 (2 DISKS i JMX Good puzzte ga ¦ WB 10* arty G257 DELUXE PACMAN P-obab», me finest Pacmar done ever G282 MEGABAIL AGA Commerce! QuaMy actem WB 3 0. Orty I 6304 DELUXE GALAGA v2 5 Don't mtss tr»s addclive Master 6325 ACT OF WAR W4 Of the Laser Squad genre V good I G387 MONOPOLY Computer board game Good conversion I G331 SUPER LEAGUE
MANAGER Football game G269 G27012 DISKS! 18th HOLE GOLF Arcado Goft game I G255 AMOS CRICKET Cnckot game I G273-G274 2 DISKS! STARBASE 13 Monkey Island slyte point and I click graph* advnnl.-e game Sol • the tutu upon a ip* i* Station 1 • J SCHAOOLC UOOdV ros D248 ROOTS SANITY In the lop ton at the TP4 WB 10* orty 0249 SYNDROME by BALANCE WB 10. Only 0250 WE WILL SMASH U Good non-AGA demo Not WB 15 0251 NUMB by MOVEMENT WB 35* iDrty S| WHAMMER SLAMMER by REBEi 0252 MAP 0253 D254 (2 DISK!
0255 0257 (3 DISKSi WHAMMER SLAMMER by REBELS Hard dnve mstaaobon or , WB 10* orty 0258 D259 (2 DISKS! MOTION ORIGIN 2 Gorgeous looking produckon WB 10* orty 0260 NINJA by MELON DEZIGN Not stncrty a demo rather a coded cartoon anmatoon Quite Uamy WB 10* orty D26ITI262 1 DISKS) THE PREY Good musn WB 10* Orty D263 IMAGINE by DREAM DEALERS Funk, WB 10* Orty D264-D2S5 (2 DISKS) TOOTH BRUSH PART 3 WB 10. Orty D266 TWISTED MIND WB 10* orty MI61 M162 2 DISKS) MUSICAL SENSATION by TRIAD Oualily music and sorno added gfx etlocls WB 3.0* orty 0267 WIT PREMIUM by FREEZERS OutMandng WB 10. Orty 0268 ART
OF NOISE C64 class* chp mus* horn well known games, plus Doom kke textured map sequence* D269 ZEROS . ONES WB 10* orty 02700271 2 dSKSl DOVE Entrant from the Trade Party 94 WB 3.0* orty 0272 0273 (2 DISKS) OXYGEN INOtGO WB 10* orty D274 0275 t? DtSKSl SOUL KITCHEN - by SH.ENTS A ftne demo by Sterti Doesn t work wrth last ram mstaAed WB 10* orty 02700279 (4 DISKS) VISION IN BLUR - POLKA BROTHERS Fantastc non AGA demo, tor all Amiga s D232 BAD ZOOM Rubbish visuals but tonky mus* track I like it« 0233 TRACKERS 242 Great follow up II you only have 2 mog dxsabto all external drrves (me HO's) WB
3. 0* only 0234 VITAL From up and coming codings Mysl. WB 10*
orty 0235 0237 |J DISKSi MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II WB 3.0* Orty
0239 BALLABORNTRO ave demo WB 10* Orty 02400241 |2 DISKSi
ARTIFICE WB 3.0* orty 0242 D243 (2 DISKS) INFECT WB 10* orty
10* orty LURKING SHADOWS WB 10* orty BELS .orty
PAP CLU40 ARCO PowedU Arexx language compAei Not WB 15 PRICE C3
95 CLE t TOTAL CONCEPTS OINOSAURS Mdtoneda presentation on
Study on how knng thra* rterecl w«i the- er*v»onment Mutemeda
PrtCE €5 95 CLE35 SOLAR SYSTEM 2 More about ou soler system
PRICE €5 95 CLG42 CRYSTAL SKULL Recover the tongeodary erttaci
« Bus 3 isomotnc edventure game Great graphics PRICE f3 95
CLG38 THE LOST PRINCE Professional mouse ope-ated animated
aventi-e gnmo Monkey Island styte PRICE €4 95 CLG54 NATIONAL
HUNT Horse racing management game PRICE €3 95 CIG55 CRYSTAL
QUEST 30 dungeon maze game lull of puzzles lo solve PRICE €3 95
CLG57 DREAM STREAM SurpeTO lutunst* arcade adevture game PRICE
€3 95 GLUT TYPING TUTOR Teaches yrxi to typa rrrore accurately
arc eftoentt. ' NEW MAJOR UPDATED VEFTSION • PRICE €3 95 CLU32
POWER TEXT Superb entry level word processor tor peco on a mu
budget PFOCE €3 95 GIG 70 WINNING POST Horoe rac* betbng sen
Groat anmated g-ophcs and clever d-g-tiscd speech PRICE €4 95
CL043 LOTTERY FORCASTER Generate you* wmnng number* oither
randomly trom your birth date or calculated from your peroo
lucky numbers PRICE €3 95 CIU44 NATIONAL LOTTERY Another
Lottory programme but includes a database so you can study the
winn-tg numbot* Vory dittoronl to CLU43 PRICE €4 95 .G67 FINAL
IMPACT Beat-em-up game with a good vanofy ol graphics G507 PU
D223- WB 3 0* orty g routine* especially the rofter c 'OWS S106-S109 2 OISKS) FIT CHIX I Glamour WB 10* orty Si 10 S111 (2 DISKS! FIT CHIX 2 Glamour WB 3.0* Orty St 12 S113 (2 OISKS) FIT CHIX 3 Glamour WB 3.0* only S114 BOOY SHOP 3 Glamour slideshow WB 3.0* orty SI 15-Si 18 (2 DISKSi BOOY SHOP 4 Glamour WB 3.0* orty SI 17-SI 18 2 DISKS) BODY SHOP 5 Glamour SS WB 10* orty S15BS158 (3 OISKS BODY SHOP 8 Glamour WB 10* Orty S159-SI6I (3 OISKS) CLAUDIA SC Ml FT EH 94 Glamour slideshow WB 10. Orty S137-SI39 3 OlSKSi GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Glamour sideshow WE 35* orty S140-S142 (3 DISKS) CLAUDIA SC HI
FF EH SLIDESHOW THE WORKS The super mod* WB 3.0* orty S143-S145 (3 DISKS) ELLE McPHERSON SLIDESHOW THE WORKS Another super model WB 10* orty S146 S148 (3 DISKSi CINDY CRAWFORD SLIDESHOW. THE WORKS Itehard Geto s missus WB 10* orty SI49-S150 12 DISKS) FANATICS GUIDE TO COMPUTERS Comic slides showing you whnl happens when obsessivo users go that lithe bit too tar Vory lunny lighters and spocel moves PRICE € 95 CLG68 WITNESS Delender stylo shoot-err .
CLG66 FRONTIER DEFENDER Ep* style vector game where you have to escort and dclond shp* PfbCE €3 95 up PRICE €3 95 graph* space through space CLG66 FRONTIER DEFEI SftVARf POSTAGE ANO PACKING ON Ft SAME AS PUOLIC (KIMAIN PAP F1-00? CRICKET CRAZY Advanved Cnckot mmutabon PRICE €3 99 F t -007 FORTRESS Based on PopulasMegtoman.o WB 10. Orty PRICE €3 99 Ft 010 KARATE MASTER Sxmcus Karate ten WB 10* Orty PRICE €3 99 FI-010 RELICS OF DEL DRONE YE Rated as Best PO Gama of 1995 n A rvga Format Annual Monkey tslandLuro of Tamptres* styte po-k and ckcfc graph* adventure Suberb game WB ID* orty PRICE €6 99
FI -041 GRAND PRIX MANAGER Run your own Grand Pnx racmg team Highly acclaimed 1994 Season PRICE €3 99 FI -044 BLACKBOARD v3 Professional image processor Compares wen lo high end commercial products Requires 2 Itcppy drives PRICE €5 99 F t 048 ERIK Onginofty made lor a commercial release, betoro the comany went bust High quuhfy platform oame PRICE €399 FI 050 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS GUIOE TO AMOS V2 Guido lor new Amos peugrnmmers PRICE €4 99 Ft 051 INTRODUCING WORKBENCH ANO AmigaDOS Ihe most popular FI tide to date Arroga Shopper gave thh 90*. Nc* WB 13 PRICE €4 99 F14K2 OPERATION FIRE STORM Groan
Beret PRICE €399 FI-059 PUNTER-2.0 Horse raong gome PRICE €3 99 FI-031 POWERBASE v3 30 Proleswonai database PRICE €3 99 Ft-032 WORO POWER v2 Solve crossword* and anagrams Huge
36. 000- word ddonary PRICE €3 99 FI 033 POWER PLANNER Personal
orgmxser PRICE €3 99 Ft-066 GRAC Make your own graph* pomt
and ekek adventure pomes like Relics Ol Oeldroneye By the
very same author Not WB 13 PRICE €4 99 Ft 068 AQUANAUT
Underwater shoot-om-up From Ihe author ol Giddy I A It end
Operanon Fire Slorm tncredbt* PRICE €3 99 Ft 021 MULTI-PLAYER
VAHTZEE The dee game PRICE €3 99 F' 036 MONEY CASCADE Ff«*t
machine gam* PRICE €3 99 FI -055 AMOSZ1NE ISSUE 4 0«s* mag
tor Amos proywner* Amo news renews tutorials and toads moro
PRICE €5 99 Ft053 WHEEL 16 Ctone of toe PRICE €3 99 F1 056
GlOOV 2 ItaHomi adventure game Foeow up to the PD game Wbbte
WorW Gtody PRICE €3 99 F t 58 BLAST Emf Fast and tonout aU
acton aban Master PRICE €3 99 FI 063 SPEEOTRIS Teln6 game
with many added features PRICE a 99 FI-067 BUBBLE TRUBBlE
fkghly complex a-c.ado puzzte.
PRICE €3 99 FI 001 MAGNUM PRO Disk magazine creator featuring a stunning menu system PRICE €3 99 Set F. p*tu«e* WB 10. Orty S121-S125 (5 DISKS) BEACH BABES 1-5 Munw WB 10* orty S119 ERIKA ElENIAK F. Bay Waleh beaut, WB 10. Orty S121 UNPLEASANT WAVS TO OC Unexpected ways lo lop yourse* s*k and tunny
* mmo sampus U59 i BREAKING Smashing and breaking sounds U6O0
HUMAN Voicos. Raps, shouts etc U60! U605 (5 DISKS) EFFECTS
Different typos ol sound oflects U606U611 (6 DISKSI KEYBOARDS
From Mini Moog lo Waveslation U612 U615 (4 DISKS) LOOPS D-um
loops elc U616-U6I9 14 DISKS) STRINGS Stringed instrument
sample* U620-U623 (4 OISKS) PERCUSSION HiHats Cymbals etc
U624-U625 (2 DISKS) PIANOS U626-U6J4 19 OlSKS. SYNTHS Anatogue
sounds Keyboard bleeps U635 U640 (6 DISKSi VOCALS. VOICES 4
G. R.n.C and ekek adronture games Iae No programm-ig knowledge
needed just the feme* of your *
- nag-iabon Drsk Ft-66 Ft i*ensewaro Pnce €4 99 • PAP 2 Disks Not
WB 1 3 compatible DISK COMPRESSOR Compress your hard dnve data
by up to 50V potenhaBy doubkng the current capacity ol your
hard dnvo Very easy to mslafl and comes along **h an mtuteve
graph* use- -itertace to- comptete u»o- lner«*ness Once
mstafted romans redden *i r* background w»m hardy no stow down
to Ihe system Reqiaros K*ksta 1 2 0 or above THIS PRODUCT IS
NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN ONLY £5.99 * P.P. veisam i)r the board game A
comprehensive compkaton of tacmalmg UFO exlraterestai related
lexl and picture tiles tor the Amiga Information about
abductions. Roswell Area
51. Cattle mulillations. Crop circles, cover ups and much moro
including several digitised pictures of UFO s PRICE £9 00 •
several limed operations, upto 200°. Faster wow""' Feature*
include Aren support. 24-brt -nages IFF BMP EPS GIF.
JPEG. PCX TARGA ana installed datatypes 'u« AGA support Image Stud* 2 require a hard dnve at least I megabyte of tree memory and Kcksta-t 2 04 or above DISK NUMBER 0678 0679 (2 OtSKS) €2 00-P.P Ft LICENSEWARE CATALOGUE AVAILABLE FOR €0 75 Features some information already presented m Ahens Confidential * DER PD PUBLIC DOMAIN PRICE LJST PRICE PER PD DISK E1.00 CATALOGUE DISK V0L.1 ... £0.75 CATALOGUE DISK V0L.2 ... £0.75 POSTAGE & PACKING £0.75 ver*eei enter* Use the aoove price* then add JON ol that total POST VWR OROCRS TO: GROUND ZERO SOFTWARE (DEPT AF71) 4 CHANDOS ROAD.
TELEPHONE FAX 0117 9741462 (9am-6.00pm MON TO FRI) Internet zeron ground demon co uk 'ROUA O |Buy JO PD diskk. Get I free extra PD' iltkk »*l your eluuee I hai N right 11 disks for (he jHiee of 10.
Special unliimied oiler Offer only applies to PD software at Cl.00 per disk.
• Fasi photorealistic rendering In 16 8 million colours
• Texture mapping
• Procedural texturing
• Full ray tracing
• Depth ot Field
• Motion blur
• Field rendering »Customised lens flares »Interactive wireframe
editing with real-time feedback £499 £449 FREE DELIVERY f£44-95
rrrc vat cach . Ate iext SPECIAL PACK ALL 5 VIDEOS £189 9®
LIGHTWAVE!'! LIGHTWAVE 3D video tutorials jn'4-, 4c WQ, voo
6000 - LIGHTING & CAMERA TECHNIQUES ixpums how to gwe your
animations depth 4 realism vdoooio - MAPPING. MORPHING & BONES
Teaches you how lo twist bend & deform obiects H VDOBO?o
SURFACES & TEXTURES Explores the power & ieahsm ol surfaces 4
textures MODELER PART 1 f Explains the basics or cusiom 3(1
inadeuma B MODELER PART 2 Techniques on how io shape and modify
obiecis & 77 1 SOFTWARE OFFERS!
- i1 H I AMOS PRO COMPILER £34"', : E 1 BRILLIANCE V2.0 £89" |
£59 ¦ I CANDO V2.5 £129 . • ¦ I DATASTORE £69" I I EASY AMOS I
EDGE 1.7-PRO £49" .19 ¦ GB ROUTE PLUS £49 " ‘ : II KINDWORDS 3
¦ MAVIS BEACON II £29 " ¦ 1 MAXIPLAN 4 £29" : ' 1 I VISTA PRO
3. 0 £29" WORDWORTH 3.1SE £69" i9 I ________ W5EDu02 50mhz
68030 WITH MMU E49S £449 INC VAT UPG 1540 D69S £649 INC VAT
UPG 1580 | ESTABLISHED 17 YEARS: We have a proven track
record in professional computer sates, i PART Of A CSOM A
YEAR COMPANY: With over 300 staff • We are soM and refaWe |
EXPERIENCED STAFF: All lulfy trained in Customer Care’
* TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: FREE help and advwe from a team of
* A FULL PRODUCT RANGE: All ol your computer requirements from
one supplier
* WE PRICE MATCH: We will normally price match any local high
street store wrtfun a 3 mile radius on a ’Same Product - Same
Price' basis FREE CATALOGUES i PAYMENT We accept most major
credit cards cash cheque or monthly terms lAPH 23 3S wtinrn
quoin on rrquewi.
I VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: Business. Education and Government.
Tel 0181-308 0888
* MAH ORDER: FREE DELIVERY in UK mainland on orders over T40.VAT
Small administration charge (£2 50. VAT) on orders under
C40.VAT » 2*1 STORES NATIONWIDE ' Mini Stmts carry a wtectiti
range only but products an be ordered m the Mores vw M*i OnW To
Sika AU*0R 0595-236. Stbca House Hameiiey Rd Srdcup Kent 0A14
- J SERVICE K Cf“tO Before you decide WHEN to buy we suggest you
consider WHERE to buy and protect your investment with a
purchase from Silica With our unrivalled experience and
expertise, we will provide all the extra help, advice and new
product intormation you may need Doth now and in the future.
Visit one of our stores, or return this coupon now and begin to experience the 'Silica Service".
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NO VISITORS PltASt, MAIL ORDER ONLY Sensible World Of Soccer £19-99 Dunseon Master 2 (1200) £22-99 FIFA International Soccer £19-99 Aladdin 1200 £19-99 Lion Kins
T. F.X. 1200 £22-99 £19-99 Shadow Fishter 1200 £19-99 SOFT
A-Train A CouinKUOR Set Alfred Chicken 1100
. Alien Irced 1 Towcr Assault ..
Arabian Kni)hts Arcade
Pool .. Armour Geddon
.... ¦rural Sports Football ______________
Bubba 'N' SIM ... Cannon
Fodder .. Chaos Engine 5001*00
.. Civilisation 1100 ......
Club Football ..... D Generation
... Desert Strihe
... Frontier Elite 1
......- ... Ja)uar XjtlO 1 Me) -----------------
Jimmr Yfhrtet Bundle 500 600 Jurassic hark U0B
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Nick Faldo Chaos In)ine 500 600 ... Nick Faldos
Golf Ni)el Mansel Grand Brin VGA Tour
GoH B Courses Pinball Fantasies ..... Ru)br lea)ue
Boss .. Silent Sennce 11 Me) ..... Sim Larth
Sim Lift .. Skid Marks
Soccer Kid Soccer Kid
1100 ... Sinker ...... Sum 500 600
. Syndicate 500 600 . Titus The Foe
..... Win) Commander .. WWF
Wresttin) . tool ..
tool! ...... lool 11100 ...
HalaM Leafoe Hockcr-- Nataaf Leafoe Mocker 1W8 On The tal
Lcafoe I Arcade Sports BowKa* (Kmjpmi Armour Gcddon I
. Award Wirbrts 3 (Maunum; .
• 91 Classic CoAeclFon Delphmf Class* CoAechoo Lucas ComP*
Classics ) ..... 0 Dai Ie9m0.ni ol the
lad).....- lujby uajuc Coach trder Cap
1tM . Seed And Destroy------ Seisibkfiolf-----
SeasiWe Soccer 9191___ Was** In nation* Sect Sensible World of
Soccer EDUCATION UTILITIES Adi (n)lish 11-11 .
Adi French 11-11________________ Adi French 11-tB
... Adi Junior Countin) 6-7 ... Adi Junior
Rcadin) 6-5 ... Adi Junior Readiit) 6-7 ... Adi
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. Adi Maths 11-14 . Amos
Compiler .... Amos Pro
Compiler .. Amos Professional
Deluxe Paint 5 ------------------- Deluxe PaiM 5 (AGA)
...... Disk Box 100 Cap _________________ External Disk
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School 6 5-7 . ..L16-1Y 11M1 ..6161) ..Ell-41
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Sorcerer ItM Skeleton Rrr 1IN Star Trth ISO Aaanenan 19M) 1 ft___ Sup«f Stardust---- Super Sirrdfiyhtcr 1 Tactical Manaycr holy . Tactical Hanaycr Scotland Tactical Maaaser 9WJ.. The Mae and The fifty... ThcCloe Iff of the IcrhoMer I FI Vfortd Champs (Domart) Fields of «an Meroeoest t Ujacy BLANK DISKS Recycled Cover Disks Recycled HD Cover Disks DS DD DS HD 50 £10-99 50 £16-00 50 £19-00 50 £99-00 100 £19-99 100 £30-00 100 £99-00 100 £40-00 900 £39-50 900 £60-00 900 £44-00 900 £80-00 950 £45-00 950 £70-00 950 £54-00 950 £90-00 500 £85-00 500 £135-00 500
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ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY E A OE SERIOUSLY AMIGA SERIOUSLY AMIGA MAY 1995 There are only a few graphics cards available in the Amiga market, the latest to arrive is the Piccolo SD64 from Ramiga.
See page 87.
IEWS PICCOLO SD64 87 If you've got an Amiga with Zorro slots, this new 64-bit graphics card could be just what you've been waiting for to inject new life into your machine. John Kennedy puts the Piccolo through its paces to put you in the picture.
PHOTOGENICS 1.1a 93 Can this excellent image processing package be improved upon? Jason Holborn scrutinises the new version and brings you his report.
DELUXE PAINT V 97 The Amiga's oldest paint package gets a facelift. Stevie Kennedy decides whether it now has a better chance of fighting off the stiff competition.
AMITEK FUSION GENLOCK 100 Steve McGill is our resident video enthusiast. So he was the best person to review this new genlock and find out if it is good value for money.
CD-ROM ROUND-UP 103 Graeme Sandiford picks out a half-dozen CD-ROMs to make your mouth water. Two of them earn an Amiga Format Gold award.
EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE 108 If you're having trouble passing your driving test Nick Veitch may be able to help with advice from 10 Out Of 10 Driving Test while Richard Jones brushes up on his languages and tries out 10 Out Of 10 German.
Amiga Frame Grabbing has jsgr just taken a Fall... in Price, ||||| but definitely not on quality!
The revolutionary new ProGrab™ 24RT with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, it actually costs less than any of its rivals. Whilst this real time 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga, it hasn't been at the expense of quality. Indeed, ProGrab™ has been bestowed the Amiga Format Gold Award and received many rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results.
With ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either. Simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results Real Time, after time.
Select any video source with composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... Using the ProGrab1" software, select an image you wish to capture in the on screen preview window |because the hardware grabs a frame in real time, there's no need for a still frame facility on the source device) and. Grabl ProGrab™ even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite source devices. Once grabbed, simply download the image to your Amiga for full screen viewing.
Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRs video output STAGE 3... Use the saved image in your favourite Amiga word processing, desktop publishing or graphics software packages.
R To gel your hands on ProGrab™.
Call our sales line on... 01 773 836781 ...or Post FAX your requirements on the order form provided.
Mr Mrs Mte Ms: Initial(s): For a software upgrade @ £4.95 inc. p&p please tick here Card holder's signature: c ¦ computers ¦ harwood the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer Gordon Harnoud Compuiers Limited.
New Sired. Alfreton. Derbyshire DESS "BP Tel: III "3 836’Bl Facsimile: 01 ”3 831040 Dept:amf Issue No.lSwitch Only I: ProGrab™ really does make it that simple!
Even better performance using ProGrab™ Version 2.0 upgraded software.
• Support for Virtual Memory on AH fvwd drive system Amigas
(witnoul rne need to fit an MMUI Allowing use of the highest
resolutions ¦ even with smaller memory Amigas in low memory
situations, requiring only I MO of hard drive space
• Additional Teletext • with terrestrial TV signals as well as
• A larger preview window opoon w m douO*e the resolution and 4
times the area of the previous verson Composite PAL and now
SECAM (French TV system) video inputs with NTSC compatidiliry
due to be released soon FREE with all new ProGrab™ orders and
available to all existing users as a software upgrade.
County I Country) Postcode: Day time Phone Evening Phone: Please rush me... ProGrab Frame Grabber @ £129.95 inc. p&p £_ Optional PCMCIA Inlerface @ £29.95 inc. p&p£_ Optional SVHS Connector @ £4.95 inc. p&p £_ Oplional FAST Courier Service Delivery £ I Overseas Customers - Please Call for Prices etc.) TOTAL £_ Card No.: Expiry Date: Surname: Address: Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £______:____ payable to Gordon Harwood Computers Limited... If Amiga graphics are so good and 24-bit colour so great, why does John Kennedy want to stick a 64-bit PC card in his A4000?
The Piccolo SD64 is an autosensing Zorro 11 111 card for the A2000. A3000 and A4000.
Utilising the latest generation of video generating chip. It's got a PC- style SVGA video output socket, a video input socket (for displaying normal Amiga video) and connectors for an optional board will provide composite and SVHS video signals for recording images 011 to video tape.
Continued overleaf -* another by dragging it off the side of the display. Neal.
If you only have one monitor, connect the Amiga video to the Piccolo's input and make use of the system that I way. The software which is bundled with the Piccolo includes the EGS system, plus a copy of 'I'VPaint Junior, PicoPainter and I an Aftevx-drivcn multimedia system | called Din.
ECS is a complete replacement Workbench for the Amiga, specially I written to create a common platform for I third-party graphics cards. It's now in revision seven and is even smarter than ever, with drop shadows windows and gorgeous coloured icons. The ECS system supports multiple screens in 16 million colours, and comes with a large i selection of Workbench-type tools to | tweak performance and adjust settings.
EGS is still next to useless of course, because no-one other than graphics cards manufacturers ever writes anything for it - with the exception of TVPaint which is still probablv the best Amiga 24-bit paint package.
TVPninl was always designed to work with 24-bit cards, and is a pleasure to use. The cut-down junior version supplied seems to crash after an image is saved, so bo prepared to stump up for the full version. The bundled PiroPninltn art package is actually pretty good, much better than the usual EGS paint program. It's got a great selection of tools for altering colours and processing with convolution matrices, as well as loads of options for simple sketching and touching up digitised pictures.
Dia is a kind of Arexx driver for the graphics card. Using Apcxx scripts you can display text, load IFF images and draw various graphics primitives. The image quality is. As you would expect, excellent, and the easv-to-use Altrxx port means that linking the Piccolo to other programs is an extremelv straightforward task.
REDIRECTION Anyone designing a new graphics device for the Amiga doesn't have an easy task in from of them. Assuming they get the hardware side sorted, there is still the software angle to deal with. Most programs released in the last year or so feature screen mode requesters, and using these with the Piccolo is relatively straightforward: simply select the new Piccolo video modes which have magically appeared.
Thankfully, the list of programs which work in this way includes Workbench. Other programs need a helping hand to move on to the new graphics card, and that is where the redirection utility PicoRetarget comes in.
Depending on how well the program has been written, getting it on to another video device can be a problem. Some programs, for example, Cygnus Editor, need to be run on the Workbench screen in order to get the scrolling working glitch free.
Deluxe Paint wouldn't move at all (thank goodness for the increasingly useful Personal Paint) but most other utilities I checked seemed to work fine.
Programs which steadfastly refuse to move can be displayed using the normal Amiga hardware, and with the special pass-through option of the Piccolo even one- screen users won't miss out.
It's not really a PC card of course, but bec ause the video chip itself was originally designed for use in the latest PC graphics cards I thought we could get away with the shocking strap line.
It is described as a 64-bit system, not because of the number of colours it can display, but because of the way the graphics chip works internally. As a result of the extra-clever technical bits inside the chip, and when used with a Zorro III system, this card gives die fastest possible screen updates and blitter-style image moving.
The Piccolo comes with cither 2Mb or 4Mb of its own video memory, and is capable of displaying screens in resolutions from 640 by 480 pixels, through 800 by 600, all the way up to
1. 280 by 1.024. .All these modes are I available in 256 colours,
and up to 800 by 600 in 24-bit colours. The top mode is I
available in 16-bit colour if you expand the card to 4Mb.
Actually viewing the new modes is possible on any standard Amiga monitor
- the typical Philips colour monitor for example. Unfortunately,
this monitor | will be seen as an insult to the Piccolo, but
the good news is that it works perfectly (as indeed it should)
with any SVGA-style PC monitor. These can be bought for less
than the Philips system, and with a half decent one you can
expand Workbench to a gorgeously llicker-free 800 by 600
The larger modes will sadly require a 17-inch or better monitor, which are still ludicrously expensive. I tested the card with a 15-inch Tatung UltraScan Plus and found the 800 bv 600 mode I about as detailed as it would go.
Although I used higher modes when I knew visitors were coming.
Installation is just .t question of plug in and go... well sort of. If you have two I monitors (for example, your existing Amiga monitor and a PC one you've borrowed) you can place them side-by- I side and enjoy all the benefits of a two-screen family. When the software is installed and running you can move the mouse pointer from one screen to DISTRIBUTOR Ramiga International (01690 770304) PRICE £299 (2Mb) £349 (4Mb) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Any Amiga with Zorro slots, Zorro III recommended for speed.
MAY 1995 FEATURES • • • • • Ultra-fast, high-definition graphics, great software, expansion options and a pass-through video connector.
MANUAL • • • • Packed with all the ins and outs you are likely to need.
Comparing the price of an Amiga graphics card to that for a PC is a painful business. The ubiquitous PC has a choice from hundreds of different cards, and the competition means that the price is kept extremely low.
It hurts even more when you realise that the heart of the Sdfif is a graphics chip designed for the PC - ves, the vert' same chip which is in cards at half the price. To be fair, getting the Amiga's Motorola processor to work with chips Animation support is included, but it is limited to playing back individual frames rather slowly. For more useful animation speeds, a program such as MainArtor is required. Unfortunately. 1 couldn't get the Magic Lantern system u work with the SD64.
The Piccolo comes with an instant library of live manuals - one for the card, one for PicoPainlrr, one for KGS, one for l ia and one for TVPaint, and they are all very good.
Designed for Intel processors is not an easy task. 1 met someone who did it once, and he shuddered to think of the effort involved.
F. ven with the hardware finished, there's still the job of
writing the necessary software to integrate it into the
Amiga's Operating System. The Amiga market has only a few
cards to choose from, but perhaps the closest competition
would be the* Retina Z.H, which is also a Zorro III card. The
Retina is good, but suffers slightly because it isn't quite as
efficient at redirecting programs and doesn't have .
The Rainbow card is probably as fast, but at the last count cost so much more that it puts itself in a completely dilfet eni league. What benefits a video card oilers the typical Amiga user are pretty obvious to anyone who has ever seen one at work.
For a start, the well-developed chip set generates video which is in general much better that anything the Amiga can push out. The result is a much brighter and clearer Workbench display, with no black borders. The graphics chip is also excellent at moving about large chunks of colour which means dragging windows around is much faster, and the real-colour facilities mean | that displaying 2-1-bit graphics from , programs such as The Art Department is much, much faster.
There are other benefits, such as the card's own video memory which frees up Chip RAM. In short, the graphics card is an accelerator. The SD64 uses the latest generation of graphics chips, which shift data around internally using 64-bit paths. They arc optimised for use with I Graphical User Interfaces, although I I wouldn't like to guess the degree to which Intuition can take advantage of this feature.
However, the end result is clear to I see (pun intended), because the Piccolo is a very fast card with good software support, excellent expansion capabilities and a lot going for it.
VALUE • • • • Compared to a PC card it's a rip off - but it's not a PC card. The software and the difference it makes to your existing software give it a good score.
“The Piccolo will Inject new life Into any Amiga with Zorro slots.” ACCESSIBILITY • • • Makes a very good attempt at being a graphics card that even hardware-a- phobes would love to use.
90% A computer virus1 1 * Aatf I'm g:nna eat ver FAT!
A two disk collection of the best virus killers available for the Amiga An essential purchase for any Amiga user Very easy to use Only £4 00 VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLER SET Workbench 3 is very good but commodore forgot to include a few things, like a virus killer, a decent file manager, a menu system, a few
* WB games A more £7 SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT If you wan!
To learn to type like a pro then our superb Typing tutor set will help you on your way Only £3 00 I TYP3-1. TYPING TUTOR StatTreK Action Strategy game You take control of all key personnel on the bridge great sound fx and graphics make this a superb game £6.00 STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES Now the wheather is nice, it's time to do the garden, and the best way to get out of doing it is to spend loads of time designing it Only £3 00 GRN3-1. 3D GARDEN DESIGNER Make your own hardware and save £££.
Sound samplers, memory expansions.
Bridgeboards etc Knowledge of LHA req Only £4.00 HWP4-2. HARDWARE PROJECTS 2 Create your own fascinating 3D stereogram pictures on your Amiga Complete with demo pictures, viewer and Magic Eye maker Only £5.00 ? RDS5-2. MAGIC EYE KIT Get your finances in order with this excellent package Keep track of your fuel, petrol. & food bills. Find out where all your money geos each month Only £7 00 FIN7-3. FINANCE PACK Over 100 games on 5 great disks All the classics aro here, aswell as loads of new ongrnal games Hours of fun for |ust £1000 A two disk set of new workbencgh backdrops and icons for
use with Magic Workbench, on any Kickstart 2 or 3 MagicWB available £3 MagicWB extra s... £5 MWE5-2. MAGIC WB EXTRA'S The most powerful word search, crossword solver available on the amiga. Includes a dictionary of over 58.000 words and you can add your own Only £5 00 WFP5-2. WORD FINDER Pro A two disk collection of Workbench 3 backdrops Very oasy to use Works with Hard disk of Floppy disk Grown up s oniy Only £5 00 Over 40 top quality compugraphic fonts for use on Workbench.
PageStroam. Dpaint4.
Wordworth2&3 etc. A great value set of fonts All for only £7 PSF7-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS A huge set of classic board games Includes Monopoly. Scrabble.
Cluedo Mastermind.
Othello Backgammon, and more Great fun for all the family Only £10 BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES Word processing - database 0 Spreadsheet 0 Piary u war i ? wrqiTic FOHT6 ABCDEFG 1234567 ? EFB2T. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS Xcopy TNG is the most powerful Amiga disk copier available.
Includes software and an external disk interface for better results.
Only £29 99 A selection of tools for degrading your A1200 or A4000 to allow you to run most of the older Amiga games, tools and demo s. Only £4 00 X-CpPY M si 1SXCP30-1. XCOPY TNG This is the most upto dato and comprehensive collection of pnnter drivers available for the Amiga Star. Citizen, Panasonic. HP etc. etc Easy to Install. £3 00 ORDERING BY POST Simply send us your order, listing the Items you require, the total cost and yor name and address with payment elthor by cheque or postal order made payable to EPIC MARKETING. Most orders are despatched with 48hourS.
ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any time between 9:30am • 3:30pm Mon-Sat with your credit card details and a list of the Items you would like to order.
COLLECTING YOUR ORDER You are welcome to collect you order any time between 10am and 5:30pm Monday - Saturday.
OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas orders are welcome, but there is a minimum order of 3 titles and please add C1 P&P per floppy title and £2.00 per CD-ROM title lor Postage ’ & Packing.
POSTAGE & PACKING UK A Mainland add a total of |ust 50p for floppy software.
Plus £1 per CD-ROM title ordered.
INFORMATION Goods are not sold on a trial basis. EAOE.
Full Terms and Conditions available on request.
We do not condone the use of pornographic software.
Actual screenshots may vary between different computer versions.
Over 500 game cheatson 2 disks for Amiga games. Most of the latest games cheats included.
All for only £5.00 If your a budding lan Beale or Floyd.
. -7* Ihen this Gourmel cookbook will gel I you going.
Only £3.00 ] GCB3-1. COMPUTERISED COOKBOOK Six disks of Video fonts.
Backdrops. Titlers.
Video wipes, and loads more Graet for producing your own video s. lOver 130 clipart 1 images on 3 disks I of all the Lion King I characters, for use I in any Amiga package Only £6 00 1 LKA6-3. LIONKING CLIPART Thousands ol General Knowlege questions and answers on this two disk Quiz Pack.
Great tun tor all the Family.
Only £5.00 Order Hotline: 01793 490988 Fax Order Line: 01793 514187 l®ysr Includes pnnt manager, lable pnnter. Address keeper, printer drivers, loads of other printer tools. Knowledge of LHA required for use Only £7.00 ? PRT7-4. PRIN TER TOOLS 2 A set of 10 of the best puzzle games for the Amiga. Frustration at an extreme Superb value.
Only £7 00 ? MTG7-3. MIND TEASERS A complete wordpro- cessing package.
Features all standard options like: cut. Paste, spell checker etc An overall easy to use package Only £3.00 ? DEG4-2. A1200 DEGRADERS ? TXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE WP All for only £12.00 P VID12-6. VIDEO TITLING TOOLS El rAno* seiKOSHA
- *** It you want to linkup your Amiga lo a PC or another Amiga
Ihen this is tho soltware lor you You can easily transfer files
Irom one machine to another Only £8 00 A ten disk collection of
very high quality cmono clipart, suitable for all Amiga DTP &
Paint packages All popular subjects included All ten disks onfy
£13 The complete small office suite. Includes Wordprocessor.
Database. Spoadsnoot.
And Diary Compaliblo on all Amiga s. Only £7 00 PDRV3-1. PRINTER DRIVERS An essential purchase for any hard drive owners. Includes backup tools, virus tools, disk repairer, and loads of other utilitios Only £5 00 Fifty of the best Bitmap fonts available This pack also includes a powerful font editor Compatible with Workbench. D Paint, etc £700 ? FNT7-3. FIFTY FANTASTIC FONTS ? HDT5-2. HARD DISK TOOLS ? WGB5-2. W0RKBENCH3 BACKDROPS ? COM8-3. NETWORKING SET EPIC PRESENTS AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIAL iCl 1995 EPIC TV ? GFX13-10. PRO. CLIPART ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE Lottery Winner Professional
attempts to predict the results ol the Lottery. Every week you input the previous wooks numbers into a database Only £5 00 Magic User Interlace will compliment Magic Workbench to enhance your Workbench even more. Knowledge ot Shell is required Only £4 00 A collection ol Amiga card games including Poker. Craps. Solitaire.
Rummy and more Only £10.00 A set ol over 50 superb professional looking colour clip fonts Perfect lor Video titling.
Demo making or Desk top publishing.
Groat value at £5 00 ? MUI4-2. MAGIC USER INTERFACE Anolher great puzzle game, this ones lor the Adults, great tun Retrieves lost or damaged files Undelete deleted files Repair Salvage or Validate almost any Amiga dos disk. Including Hard dn- ves. Only £5 00 DRT5-2. RECOVERY TOOLS New collection ol tools lor WB2 & 3 Includes HD tools. Virus killer, sound & graphics tools, text editor and loads more.
A bargain at £5.00 This pack includes C64 GAME BOY.
BBC VIC20. IBM SPECTRUM SINCLAIR OL & ATARI ST emulators Only £5.00 wmmm P AEP5-3. EVEF Only £5.00 i-1. CENTREFOLD SQ. y EVERY EMULATOR I Girls and more girls, I loads of 256 colour I girty pictures, lor 1 use on ihe A1200 | only.
All 3 disks only £6 ] GRL6-3. GIRLS,GIRLS,GIRLS.
| lncludes:GRAVITY SIM ELEMENTS TABLE UNITS CONVERTER GEO TIME CLOUD CREATOR EVOLUTION MODEL 3 disks lor only £7 00 Amiga Betting Shop. II you like a little flutter now and then, then your love this set ol 4 great gambling games Fruit machine, roulette etc Only £6 00 ABS6-4. BETTING SHOP A range ol clipart for use with Page Setter.
Dozens of subjects including People.
Animals. Vehicals.
Sports etc Only £3 00
drive, memory, Keyboard.
GFX chips, sound ships, speed etc Only £3 00 Play Poker with some ol the most lovely women in the world Includes superb graphics and digitised speech Over 18 only Only £10 00 With this language tutor you could learn to speak m any ol the following languages SPANISH.FRENCH GERMAN.ITALIAN & JAPANESE only £8 00 Organise your Record, CD, Video and disk collection with this superb set ot cataloging tools Only £5.00 ? CTG5-3. CATALOGUER S ? DSP10-1.DELUXE STRIP POKER A new five disk set of high quality colour clipart. All the major subjects included OKAY on any Amiga package Only £9 00
Imagine objects of MACLAREN, WILLIAMS and BENETTON Formula Ono motor racing cars (4mb recommended) Only £6 00 If you've just got a new Hard dnve lor your A1200 then this set ol disks are essential Prep and Partition your drive then install WB 3 100% property £7 00 The complete graphics manipulation and con- vorier set. Supports GIF. IFF. BMP. PCX etc. etc. Only £5 00 ? CCP9-5. COLOUR CLIPART ? RTR6-3. RAYTRACED RACERS ? GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTER Includes Lightwave scenes & objects of the Delta fighter. Soul Hunter, two Vorlon space craft. B5 Station, two Jumpgates & nebular space dust £7
00 Whether your a complete beginner at chess or a champion Jl Chess has something lor you Superb graphics and speech.
Only £5 00 Over 50 superb quality Eye catcher clipart images lor use in any Amiga package.
Only £4 00 EYC4-2. EYE CATCHER CLIPART Password & file encryption tools Put a password on your computer or make any file unreadable to anyone else Not for the complete beginner £10.00 ACCESS DENIED Eight all time classic arcade games. Pacman.
Frogger. Astoriods Space Invaders. Ceniipede.
Missile command. Q-Ben. & Omega race Great value lor money Only £5.00 ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS2 SPE5-3 SPECCY EMULATOR & 50 GAMES £5 SPG 15-7 100 CLASSIC SPECCY GAMES £15 SPG35-33 4004 SPECCY GAMES . EM £35 CDSPS3 SPECCY SENSATION CDROM £20 ? SPECTRUM STUFF Includes over 500 all time classic spectrum games on one CD for CD32. CDTV. Zappo etc Includes actual Speccy emulator aswell Only £14.99 SPECCY SENSATION CD All 21 volumes of the Encyclopedia on one
CD. Includes over 2000 life like pictures and sound files Why
till a shelf when you can till your mind? Only £29 99 Every
arcade classic you could think of Invaders. Pacman.
Asteriods. Frogger. Q- borl. Missile command.
Tempest Centerpede and loads more £9.99 ir iyi UGROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA I Lucky dip volume one contains a varied range ot games, demos, clipart, tools, samples, modules etc £5.00 All the best and most usetul tools lot your Amiga.
Includes Hundreds ot essential utilities Just £9.99 ? ‘ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Vol.1 Proof ol age required.
We do not condone or supply illicit hard core material The latest release trom the Aminet series, contains, hundreds ot tools, demos, objects etc. Now only £14.99 NEW!!! The Starlrek I Multimedia CD con- I tains: Animations, Sound samples and | hundreds ol pictures Only £27.99 1 STARTREK MULTIMEDIA CD The biggest collection ol Clipan available EVER!
Colour 4 B&W IFF. EPS. Pagosueam. GIF. PCX.
BMP. TIF. Pagesetler. WMF Over 60 calagories.
DOUBLE CDROM A Bargain al |ust £17.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART CD Over 4000 full colour Adult images for use on your Amiga or PC OVER 18 Only £19.99 ? ADULT SENSATION CD ? AMINET 5 March April 95 internet jj Jean-Jacd|ues Beineix - from Betty Blue to here do rnputers go len they die?
Net freedom under ii B U1JC CD 'J3Z 7fJU» Almalhera obviously aren't prepared to rest on their laurels. Having gained the accolade of a 95 per cent Format Gold (A 6 ) for their Photogenics image processing program, they are now back with an upgrade that promises to deliver even more pixel punchin' power.
Available free of charge to all registered Photogenics owners (simply send Almathcra your registration number, a blank disk anti an SAF.), this latest upgrade extends Photogenics' image processing capabilities considerably.
Itqge: 206fl77.pcd Olode: Defocus, flrSrush size 201 Chip 1B38tt Fast H80ft - 12zttpti Ql If you expect to finds lots of new anti exciting features then Photogenics I. la may be something of a disappointment.
Instead, Almathera have concentrated on fine-tuning the already impressive range of tools and associated features.
By far the most important improvement is Photogenics' rotation capabilities. Whereas the previous version restricted you to 90 degree increments, Photogenics I. la lets you rotate an image to any angle you choose. Couple this with the increase in performance that Almathera jliotogsntei 1.1a have managed to build in and this makes the upgrade worthwhile.
Little more than three months on from the release of Photogenics 1.0, Almathera are back with an upgrade.
Jason Holborn puts it through its paces.
Version I. la also has new paint modes - refract (splits the image into four separate chunks and then puts them back together at a slight offset from the original), flip (flips your image or brush horizontally or vertically), median stellate (transforms the image into a pattern of pretty stars) and defocus (blurs the image by a variable amount - like adjusting a camera lens).
Many of Photogenic*' existing paint modes have been enhanced too. For example, whereas the original RubThni allowed you no control over the rubbing process, Photogenics 1.1 a enables you to offset the secondary bitmap (the bitmap that will show through the ‘rubbed' areas) by a specified amount.
PHOTOGENICS 1.1a Emboss is just one of the many paint modes which have been considerably enhanced for vf.fa. len'ain i Photogenics' Emboss operator has also undergone work. The original only r mt *) i it fa RiR , vhf.: Y,y , 1 n.R vi mkd & allowed you to add a shadow to the outside of a line, now Version I. la lets you add shadows to both sides. A minor feature maybe, but still important. The increase in Photogenics' performance has also been carried across into the paint modes, making the program more productive.
Photogenics has always been a great program but ersion . La is even better.
Although it mav not offer the raw image DISTRIBUTOR Almathera Systems 0181 687 0040 PRICE £54.95 (Free to Photogenics 1.0 owners) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB 3.0 or better, 1Mb of RAM SPEED ••••• Even on a 3.1-based A500, it is surprisingly rapid. On an accelerated Amiga your hair will stand on end I MANUAL • • • • Although the production quality leaves a lot to be desired, the manual content is very, very good indeed.
ACCESSIBILITY ••• Not as accessible as a dedicated paint program but easier to use than ADPro or tmageFX.
Manipulation power of dedicated image processing programs like ADPro 2.5 and hnageFX. Photogenics leaves them for dead when it comes to ease of use and ‘hands on' retouching features. Whilst it's unlikely lo make existing Photogenics owners fall over themselves to upgrade, those that haven't seen the light should be impressed with the increase in speed and additional features. A winner. H FEATURES ••••• Although nothing astounding has been added to this latest release, the core range of features is top notch.
VALUE ••••• Almathera could double the price, and Photogenics would still be worth every penny.
“If you're even remotely interested in graphics, Photogenics is the program to own.
Buy it now.” 92% Creates Stereograms!
(SIKPS and Patient, as in “Magic Eye") Paint PERSONAL PAINT IS A powerful and intuitive paint, image processing, animation and 24-hit printing package. Employ stunning effects like transparencies, emboss, water- colors and stereograms (as in “Magic Eye"), while virtual memory frees precious Chip RAM by using other stora resourcesl Plus: full support RTG display boards, differel 9 file formats (IFF. GIF. PC) encrypted, C source code, Ami DataTypes), nine brushes, iwc independent working environment animation storyboard, Bdzie curves, autoscroll painting, professional color reduction, superior
text editor, color fonts.
PostScript output (b w. Color and separations), screen grabber... The large picture shows, among other things, practical applications of Palette Merge and Color Average Resize I used to scale and combine all items). Color Quantization Iapplied to 24-bit images).
Gradient Fill and Alpha Channel (used to create the shadow) and various other image processing effects.
RRP £49.95 Amiga' Paint, Image Processing, Animation & 24-Hit Printing Software From the International Press Animation is fast and effective, particularly because of the innovative storyboard feature.
Virtual memory is fantastic tf you Jon't have enough real memory in your machine The image pros essing tools are bountiful and versatile as alw ays, and the 24 bit printing is again excellent It certainly pushes printers to their limits, and the results may very well surprise you ri’aint it unbeatable al handling the palette and in remapping quality.
Font handling on Ppainl has always been fantastic. like the way that you can type directly over the screen and still use the cursor and delete keys for editing, even if yon 've typed a whole screen full of ten.
The alpha channel is simple to use and yet a very pow erful feature normally found on expensive 24 hit programs Ratitig 90'S Gary Kenton. Amiga User International. Great Bniam What do HHS users. C programmers.
’idgeboard users and Amiga artists have in ommon.’ (live them all a copy of Personal Paint you 'II find out :d Hurtcau. Amiga World. USA installer happens to be one of the friendliest most intelligent I've had the pleasure to PostScript output is finally supported by a it program.'... » see "• do that' Icy Storey III. Amiga Down Under. AustraliitfNZ icellent piece of software, stable, user §Hy. Fast It r.v racked w ith unique features That make it very precious in many difficult situations: color quaniizalion. ndette merge, image prtx cssing. PostScript color separation, professional
Preferences printing and many more Highly recommended, both to novice users, who w ill take advantage of the excellent dosumentation and the intuitive user interface, and to experienced professionals of different fields .wo h as graphics, DTP, programming and multimedia Editorial. Amiga Magazine, Italy SPECIAL OFFER: Personal Paint plus Personal Fonts Maker V2.0 £59.95 Av a professor of plastic arts and counselor al the film institute. I'm always in search of tools w hich succeed in combining ease of use with a range of original features. A v most recent discovery has been Personal Paint
OFFICIAL UK DISTRIBUTOR: Ramiga International Ltd This lime. I don 't need a dictionary to read the manual. It is direct, clear and concise. It is detailed, vet simple and perfectly accessible to the beginner Telephone 01691) 770304 l-ax 01690 770266 Stablau 'Rin Pentrefoelas, Ctwvd 1.1.24 OUT Christian Hamoneuu. AmigaNcws, France If you rannot believe all this to be true, read our review Rating Editor's Choice r"S ¦ * rm m Kn m g Animation Features: Storyboard, Superior Compression. Multiple Ppalettes. Frame-by-Franie Timing... LION KING 1200 £19-99 JURASSIC PARK £9-99 TFX 1200 £22-99 ALADDIN
1200 £19-99 DUNGEON MASTER 2 1200 £22-99 SOCCER £19-99 DIRECT SPECIAL OFFERS Alfred ChcMn 1200 .....£*99 Al*h B rad 2 Tow AmvjH .X12 99 Arabian Knotts .....£6 99 Arcade Pool .£6-99 Armour Geddon .....£9 99 Brutal Soort* Football £699 Bubba N Sbx .....£6 99 Cannon Fodder ..£14-99 Chaos Engine 500 600 £7-99 CMUsatlon 1200 .....£12-99 Club Football ....£14-99 0
Generation . 17-99 Oesert Strike ......-£9-99 Fronbar Eme 2 .... £14 99 Jaguar JU220 1 Meg ....X6 99
* nm, Whites Bum* 500 600 .17 99
• a En|laM112-----------------£16-99 Mi French
12-13----------------£16-99 M French 13-14 ... X16-99 Ml
hmlof Cou®h£ 67 .113 49 Ml Wot Rnahing
45. ..£13 49 Mi hrnOf RM«in| 67________
£13-49 Ml MMM 11 12 ...£16-99 Ml
Mnlhl 12-13 _______________ £16-99 Mi Mnthl 1314 ...
£16-99 Am w Comcler £19-99 Mim Emi
.- ..-£22-99 Amos Pro
Compiler £22-99 Wl ProlMiiOn*
.... £29 99 Cwure Pami
5. ......£38 99 Omm PoiM 5
(MA)..._ ..£51-99 DMA 804 100 Cop
..-£7-99 Eitefnol Orea
0m» ... £4999 Fun School 4
24. ..- ..... £16-49 AMIGA TITLES A-Train &
Construction Set ..... .110-99 EyeoftheBeyboWer2 ...
..110-99 Alone .118 99 FI
Wddd Champs (Domwk).... ...£1999 Allen
3. .11699 Reids of Glory
. ..119-99 Alien Breed 2 1200
. Flashback ..11799
Allen Breeo 3D ... .11999 Football
Glory .... ..116-99 Alien Breed Special
Edition .... ...16-99 Football Glory 1200 ......
..119-99 Allen Otympix ..... .11999
Football Manager 3 ---------- ..119-99 Ail New World of
Lemmas...... .11999 Formula One Team Manager .
..119-99 AH New World of lemmings 1200 £19-99 G2 .. ...11699 Ail Terrain Racer (800) ..... .116 99 Genesta ... .119 99 AH Terram Racer (1200) .. .11999 Global Domination .. ...£22 99 Amazon Queen . ..£1999 Graham Gooch 2nd Innings .. ...16 99 ApCya ...1799 Graham Goocn Wodd Cncket .
.112 99 Apocalypse . .11599 Guardian 1200 ...... ...116-99 Arcade Sports Bcmting (ttmgpml ..19-99 Gunshtp 2000 . ...119-99 Armour Geddon 2 .11599 Hanna Barbera Animation ... ...129-99 Award Winners 3 (Platinum)..... Hannibal ... Banshee 1200 ... .116 99 Heimdaii 2 ....£2199 Beaneath the Steel Shy .. .11999 Heroquest 2 Legacy .....£9-99 Benefactor . .116-99 Hired Guns ...122 99 Big Sea
..... .118 99 Indianapolis 500 ... .....£8-99 Body Blows ...19-99 Ishar3 ...... ...12199 Body Blows 1200 . ...19 99 James Pond 31200 ... ....19-99 Breach 3 £22 99 John Maddens Football . .....£999 BnanTheUon ... ..£1599 Jungle Strike .... ...11699 Cannon Fodder 2 ... .119 99 Jungle Stnke 1200 ...... .118 99 Champ Manager Compendkn .
....£8 99 K240 ...... ...11299 Champ Manager Compendaan 2 .116 99 Kick Off 3 1200 . ...11699 Chamn Marat*' Rata 95 Kid Chaos ...11699 1 ...1799 Kids Rule0K2 .. .....£9-99 Classic Collect on Detphme..... .119 99 lungs Quest 1 . ...11099 .11999 Kings Quest 2 .. ...1999 ComOal Classics 3 . .11999 Kings Quest 3 .. ...19-99 D Day (The Beglrmlrg of the End) £2199 Kings Quest 6 . ...122 99 Darkmere ...... .11799
Kings Quest 6 1200 ...... ....£22 99 Dawn Patrol ..... ..£22 99 Lamborghini .... ...11699 Detroit .121-99 Lords of the Realm ...... ...122-99 Disposable Hero ... . .19-99 Maelstorm ....£22 99 DragonStone ..... 11999 Magicians Castle .. ...11999 Drearr.Web 1200 ... ..£22 99 Man United Premier Champs .
...112-99 Dm2 ...... 1999 Man United Prenuer Champs Double £19-99 Embryo . £16 99 Master Axe ...... ...116-99 Empire Soccer .. 116 99 Master Axe (1200) ----------- ...11999 European Champions------------- ....£999 Micro Machmes .. ..... ...11699 Evasive Action .11999 Mtf t,Ma* ...116-99 Fur School 4 5-7 .... £1649 FW School 4 74 ... £1649 Mefiamaths * lovnl-------------------£16-99 Mertin Maths 7-11_________________£1699 Micro En sh ..£16-99 Micro
Frenai - .£1699 Micro Oman £1699 Micro Maths ...£1699 Micro Science .£16-99 Micro Spanish .£16 99 Mini Office £29-99 Mouse Mai .....£2-99 hoaoys Bij Adreraure___________________£1699 PawanaCreare . £1699 Pnmaf Mams 312 .. £1699 Pu4Tla9oi*2- ..... £699 So*** Fa* 7-13 £1699 WE CAN SUPPLY CD 32 GAMES PLEASE PHONE FOR DETAILS PLEASE NOTE BLANK DISK PRICES ARE UK MAINLAND ONLY Jutksc Pvt 1200 - ...£*99
lemnwgs 2 112 99 NO Fatdo Chao* Er*ne 500 600 £1*99 ND Faldos Go* .. 1*99 Nget Mvtswf Grand Pro . ..£*99 PGA Tour Golf & Courses . ....£999 PinMfl Fantasies .. ..£999 Rugby League Boss ..... ....£999 Silent Se'vVce 2 1 Meg..... .111-99 Sim Earth £899 Sim Life ... Skid Marks ...... Soccer Kid . ....£999 Soccer Kid 1200 . ..£12 99 Stnker ... ...... ..£6 99 SwW 500 600
. ..£4 99 Syndicate 500 600 .... Titus The Fox ...... ...£999 ....15 99 Wing Commander ...... ...1*99 Wvtf Wtesoing______________ ..£899 Zooi____________ ....- ....£7-99 Zooi 2 . ...1*99 Zool2l200 .... .£999 EDUCATIONAL & UTILITIES Monkey Island 2 ... Monopoly ...... .118-49 Mortal Kombat .. .118-99 Mr Nutz 600 ... Mutant League Hockey ... .116-99 Mutant League Hockey 1200 .. .11899 National
Lottery . ....£9-99 NHL Hockey 95 .. .118-99 On The Bail League Edition..... .118-99 Oscar . ...16 99 Oscar 1200 Overtord .... PGA Euopean Tour .11699 PGA European Tour 1200 . .118-99 Pinball Double Pack .11599 Ptnbali Fantasies 1200 .... .119-99 Pizza Tycoon ..... .122-99 Pizza Tycoon (1200) ..£2299 Poputous Stm City ... .116-99 Powerdrrvc . .119-99 Premier Manager 3
.11699 Premier Manager 3 1200) ..... .116-99 PuttySqoad .... .119-99 Quest For Glory 1 ... .111-99 Quest For Glory 2 ... .112-99 Realms ... RoadkJ 1200 ..... ..£1999 Robinsons Requiem . . .119-99 Ruff ff Turrtte .. .116-99 Ruffy League Coach..... .116 99 Ryder Cup 1200 ... .116-99 Seek And Destroy ... .112-99 Sensible Golf ..... .119-99 Sensible International Soccer.. .112-99 Sensible Wodd of Soccer . .11999 Shadow Fighter 1200
.... .119-99 ShaqFu ... .11699 Sierra Soccer ..... San Ant ..... ....£8 99 Sen City lemmings .119-99 SmCey 2000 (1200) (Hard Drive)..122-99 San Oty Deluxe .119-99 San Classes 3 si 1 pack . .122 99 Sanon The Sorcerer ..... .11*99 Smon The Sorcerer 1200 ..... .119-99 AMIGA TITLES Smknon Ktw 1200 £22-99 Sroomartis Upgrade ...£12 99 Sidtehln £16-99 Swtchm 1200 _,„...£18-99 SI* Trod 25BI WinMrMry (HOT Oraei
£22-99 Sufdus! Swcm Edition .....£12-99 StmtofO --------------------- £22-99 S»eetfigM»2 - ..... £9-99 Su6wr2050 .£19-99 SuOwr 205011200) - .....£22 99 Sum* league Managef .£19-99 Super SttrOuSl £19-99 Super SlreetFlgTter 2 £1999 Tactical Manager Italy £16-99 Tactical Manager Scotland .£16-99 Tactical Manager 94 95 £9-99 The Blue and The Grey £22-99 Tito Clue.... ....£19-99 The Settlors ....£19-99 Theme P»k .....£22
99 Theme Part. 1200 ..£22-99 Total Carnage .£18-99 TurPoTras ... £16-99 Tw*ght2000 .. £19-99 Trig* 2000 1200 ....£20-99 UK)------------------------ £22 99 UFO 1200 £22 99 Ultimate Prtall . .£19-991 Universe ... £22-99 Undum 2 £1699 vattsalia £1999 Vital Light .„ .£19-99 Voyages otOlscowry £16-99 Warm the Gull . £6-99 Wemhley mt Soccer 1200 .... ..£1699 VwmWeyRughy league - .£16-99
Wild Cup Soccer .....£16-99 Winter Otympics . £20.99 Wortd Cup US* 94 ..£16 99
W. ....£1699 BLANK DISKS
£10-99 50 £16-00 50 £12-00 50 £22-00 100 £19-99 100 £30-00 100
£22-00 100 £40-00 200 £39-50 200 £60-00 200 £44-00 200 £80-00
250 £4500 250 £7000 250 £54-00 250 £90-00 500 £8500 500
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£214-00 1000 £320-00 Please supply me with the following for
Please charge my Access Visa No: ORDER FORM DATE:
TEL: . SIGNATURE: Amiga Format May 1995 Computer .... TITLES PRICE POST + PACKAGING TOTAL Please make cheques and P.O payable lo:- DIRECT SOFTWARE LTD, UK MAINLAND: DELIVERY FREE EEC £2 00, Non EEC £4-50 All parcels are sent by recorded delivery for customer peace of mind. All items subject to availability. All prices subject to change without notice. E&OE.
Please allow for cheque clearance. Some titles may not be released at time of going to press.
AlLtA SLAIN 800 The new Greyscale, 800dpi Hand Scanner for all Amiga Systems.
The ONLY 800dpi scanner available. Scans at higher resolution for superior picture quality.
Comes complete with scanning and merging software The Best Selling Word Processor and Database for the Amiga... Touch UP, Merge It and FuU OCR AUTO MOUSI JOYSTICK SWITCH £99*00 Since its launch, Pen Pal has become the most popular package of its type!
Not surprising when you consider the array of extensive features at your fingertips. Combined with its user friendly simplicity, it was bound to be a winner!
Amiga Format, when reviewing word processors, said there was “little to fault Pen Pal". Quite a prediction it seems as in a later feature they confirmed Pen Pal was “still the best value for money”.
If you’re not already a Pen Pal user, we hope you soon will be - because at the new lower price of just... ALFA COLOUR 256K 18 Bit Colour Scanner for all Amiga Systems. Comes complete with Scanning Software and now with new Colour Correction facility.
OPTICAL MOUSE MEGA MOUSE 400 Amiga Shopper 95% .
£39.95rrp the current Best Seller is bound to sell even better!
Superb 300dpi Optical Mouse Includes Metal Optical Mouse Mat and Holder Pen Pal is a superb package with immense power to fulfil all your Word Processing needs, and... a truly comprehensive Database too! Pen Pal is easy to use though and the extensive 250 page manual is on hand should you need it Users frequently tell us that they’ve never found a program they get on with so well.
IDE HARD DRIVES FDR AMIGA A500 A500+ 1500 2000 3000 4000 with optional Ram Upgradeable from 0 to 8Mb The Word Processor: Open multiple documents simultaneously; search & replace; cut, copy, paste; check your spelling with a 110000+ dictionary; import your favourite IFF HAM graphics or clip art files in various sizes & colours; auto flow text around graphics Ieven as you type); view a full page then position, edit & create graphic objects; use the forms designer; ALL THIS and much more! From the documents on this page you can see this is no ordinary program!
The Database: With 32 fields per record, 32000 records per database & FAST sort of 1000 records in less than 5 seconds, this is a REAL database. Mail merge information into the word processor simply and create templates for letters, reports etc. into which data can be merged too!
SPECIAL THIS MONTH Controller Plus 420Mb Hard Disk £234-00 C om roller Plus 120Mb Hard Disk £174-00 Controller Plus 540Mb Hard Disk £269.00 HARD DRIVES FOR AMIGA 600 1200 inc Cable & Software 60Mb Hard Drive £89 00 80Mb Hard Drive £99-00 120Mb Hard Drive £129-00 170Mb Hard Drive £169-00 250Mb Hard Drive £199-00 340Mb Hard Drive £249 00 MIGRAPH Full OCR for all Amiga's £49-95 Touch Up Upgrade V4.0 £35-00 Upgrade to full OCR £35-00 RAM CARDS A500 512Kw o clock A500+ 1Mb w o clock A600 1Mb w o clock A1200 2Mb with clock A1200 4Mb with clock A1200 8Mb w ith dock £25-00 £29-95 £29-95 £119-00
£179-00 £299-00 Remember that just like other SoftWood Products.
Pen Pal comes with free telephone support!
» CALL US ON TELEPHONE HOTLINE: 0181 900 9291 Unit 65. Hallmark Trading F.state, Fourth Wav, Wembley. Middx HA9 0I.B SoftWood GOLDEN IMAGE UK LTD & a I’U .IM .uld A3-SO IWI* (or small items X .Wi-uu lor larfic items. Gukkiilm.iRc accepts Access.
Visa, switch. I let | tit* x Postal Orders. I XOI . Prices subject to change without notice.
Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to chniifte without notice.
New Street Alfreton Derbyshire DE5S7BP Telephone: 01773 521606 Facsimile: 01773 831040 CT* Deluxe Paint V Embonad The Amiga's oldest paint package just doesn't know when to lie down and take a count, as Stevie Kennedy found out... Some of the textures on offer. They vary in quality, but a bit of imaginative texturing can give a tired image new life.
Just when you thought that lliilliance, Photogenics, and Personal Paint had punched the life out of Deluxe Paint, Electronic Arcs have slapped the old bruiser across the face a couple of times, given him a few new moves, and pushed him back into the ring. He might have one eye shut and a nasty cut below the nose, but if George Foreman can do it... Deluxe Paint hit a high on version III when it appeared in just alMiut every software bundle sold with an A500 and became the standard for Amiga art. For animation, the program's Move requester was hard to beat and it had several powerful features,
not the least of which was the Perspective tool.
Things change, however, and when people started to clamour for HAM and even HAMS support. Electronic Arts released version IV to a waiting world. The result was a mixed bag. Although some interesting features were added, the speed of Dpninf s operation (in HAM and HAMS modes at least) was so slow as to be unusable on anything less than a 68030.
In its favour, the package is one of the most easy to use. But modern Amiga style guides overtook it a couple of years ago and when the competition started to offer more features, the EA program’s dominance of the low-end graphics market was at an end. .As an upgrade, version V goes a fair way towards redressing the balance, and offers more than the missed opportunity that was Dpaint l .
Speed, however, is not one of the improvements in Dpaint V’. The documentation claims that it is faster in some operations, but the onlv real improvement I noticed was where proper .Amiga gadgets and requesters have been used to replace the old-fashioned Dpaint efforts. Choosing a font or using one of the many requesters is made a lot quicker and easier simply by making full use of keyboard short-cuts, and F.A should be applauded for taking 011 board the standard approach.
In other areas, especially when working with HAM and HAMS, the package seems to trundle along at much the same speed as its forebears. Using Hood fill on a HAMS image is still a good wav to make time lor a tea break. Another irritating foible they haven’t cured is the habit of ignoring the area below the tool bar on the right-hand side of the image.
In other areas, there have been some solid enhancements to the existing tools and features. The tool bar iLself holds a few of these, and rather than the pointless extras people shove into packages. EA have included some seriously useful stuff.
Ahtexx macros are one of the most welcome additions, especially because EA decided to make them available to everyone by including an auto-record function. The new Macro menu has a simple toggle option to begin recording, and finished macros can be assigned to the numeric keys (with the right Amiga key) or selected from the User menu.
This degree of automation is ideal for the artist who doesn’t want to mess around Continued overleaf &
* ¦ with Ahrxx, and would be a godsend for those who might be
sick of selling up, say, a perspeclive effect for the millionth
MAY 1 995 SERIOUSLY AMIGA AMIGA STYLES The benefits of following Amiga style guides laid down by Commodore are many, not the least of which is keeping the OK and Cancel commands on the correct sides of a requester. By adopting proper Amiga file requesters and style guides for buttons and gadgets, a package becomes instantly more accessible, because anyone who has used ft following the same style guides will be that much more comfortable with It.
Macros can be loaded and saved at any point, so there’s 110 limit to the number available for use.
On the tool bar, picking up brushes has been made easier by the inclusion of a Magic Wand icon. Just click the Custom Brush icon three times then click once inside the area you wish to pick up. Dpaint grabs hold of all pixels lying contiguous with the one you click on, except background pixels, making it much easier to pick up irregular shapes.
One priceless addition is the ability to animate with a page size larger than the screen, which allows for the new Anim menu option. Camera Moves. This can be put to work to pan the camera across a larger-than-screen image to give the effect of a scrolling background, zoom in or out, and generally give the animator a much enhanced range of effects to play with.
Screen wrap is taken rare of, so if you were setting up an anim of a man running, it would be relatively easy to have him jog 011 the spot while the background scrolls past rather like in the old movie studios.
This takes a lot of the work out of drawing background frames and is a real bonus.
The Move requester has seen a couple of enhancements in that users ran now set transparency levels for the beginning and end of a move, and fade in and out very' smoothly. Cinematic fades and camera "The light table has seen several improvements and has its own Prefs settings, which, makes using the tricky little beast a bit easier.** pans aren’t exactly new, but they've never been so easy to utilise from within a paint package and videographers would be advised to give Dpaint another look.
A second animation plus is the removal of the package's fussiness about palettes. With Dpaint V'. Users can animate with frames of differing palettes (one per frame if you wish), making it a lot less painful to stitch several scenes together.
When combined with the ability to
B. B mz H I jCJ ~ °‘r I* Count: |*i
* -lgl “I The much improved Move requester now has fade in and
fade out with user-adjustments for cinematic effects with
brushes. This, combined with full-screen camera moves, gives
Dpaint a real boost for video work animate on huge canvasses,
the new features give Dpaint a much roomier feel.
The light table feature has seen several improvements and now has its own Prefs settings. The four layers can be selectively turned on or off and each can be dimmed to exact specifications, which makes using the tricky little beast a bit easier.
Printing animations for preview may seem daft, but the new printing features include a Storyboard option to print up to 16 frames on one piece of paper. Many animators will find this a puzzling addition, but storyboards are useful for showing an animation in its rough form or tracking the action in a number of scenes without continually running them on screen.
In drawing terms, little has changed.
There’s a new soft-edged airbrush option which works with HAM and HAMS to give users the same control offered by other HAM8 packages, but this is hampered by speed considerations and isn’t really suited to EHB or other modes with fewer colours.
UldTKIBUTUK Electronic Arts 01753 549442 PRICE £89.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB 2.04, at least 2Mb RAM (4Mb highly recommended) SPEED • • Better than version IV, but still very sluggish in HAM and HAM8 modes.
MANUAL • • • • Clear, lucid, and over 330 ring-bound pages packed with info.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • An easy-to-use package with most of the more complex features given their own control panels.
Those who create a lot of HAMS images or who would like to edit 24-bit files, even if only to add a bit of text to them, will be glad of the new 24-bit support. Dpaint can now hold a buffered 24-bit frame in the background while you display it on screen at anything down to 16 colours and mess around with it. For AGA users, this makes Dpaint a much more complete package.
?Paint's rivals offer tcxtured painting and other advances over straightforward painting, and Dpaint Vs attempt to catch up is the new Media and Textures options.
Media can be oil paint, chalk, felt tip, or water colour, and there’s a generous selection of different canvas textures.
All in all, a good upgrade with as many new features as enhanced old ones. You could argue that the animation restrictions should have gone with release IV, but llie use of style guides, auto-recorded macros, and a fistf ul of tweaks gives Dpaint a better chance against the fierce competition. O FEATURES •••• Plenty left over from older versions, and a few nice additions.
VALUE • • • There are some very competitive packages available for less (see Photogonics. AF68).
“You have to admire Dpaint's attempt to bounce back, though it still suffers in the speed department.” 80% ? WB3 BACKDROPS
* own selloction o, supe,b Gln piclules |0 background ol your
Workbench _u*veiUhal personal touch o,oe, codr. WGB5-2 ?
Centrefold SQUARES a great gam© for Adults'!'
FREE BOX OF TEN TDK DISKS WITH EVERY PURCHASE OVER £25 00 ? AMIGA POWER TOOLS new collection ot toots lor Workbench 2 S 3. Includes Hero disk tools. Virus killer, sound 8 graphics tools, text editor and loads more. Order code Play classic spectrum games on your Amiga This pack includes ova. 50 All time b«slc ',u 9a,mB“s. - Order code: SPE5-3 ? GRAPHICS CONVERTERS The complete graphics manipulation package fa- Workbench 2 & 3 machines Order code GFC5-2 ? Hard disk tools An essential purchase tor Hard drive users Includes HD Backup. Salve, menu system and more. Order code HDT5-2 ? CATALOG SYSTEM
? STARTREK tng A supert new Workbench enhancer kit that turns your Workbench into a virtual bodge ENGAGE' Includes samples, toots, and images.
Order code TNG5-2 The complete cataloging system for Disks, games. CD's, videos etc Code CTG5-3 Victoria Centre.
138 Victoria Rd. Swindon, Wilts.
SN1 3BU. UK Main Order Hotline.
Order Hotline ORDER VALUE Please send me.
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PRIORITY ORDER FORM Name_ Address_ OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas orders are welcome, but there •$ a minimum order of 3 titles, ano pleas© add £1 00 por item COLLECTING YOUR ORDER You are welcome to coUect your order from any time between 9:30am - 5:30pm Monday • Saturday.
ORDERING BY POST Simply send us your order, listing the items you require, the total cost, and your name & address with payment either by cheque or Postal Order ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any time between 9 30 S 5:30 Monday • Saturday with your Credit card details and the items you would tike to order POSTAGE & PACKING UK & Mainland, add a total ot just 50p Overseas Piease add £1.00 per Mi© LICENCED SOFTWARE Most tihes advertised hem are Licenced exclusively to us.
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CONDITIONS OF SALE Goods are not sold on a tnai basis E80E Your statatory rights are not affected TECHNICAL SUPPORT With a dedcated Technical supports line we offer 30 days free technical support to an our customers on all our software titles SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We now have a powertu new order processing system which ensures that over 90% of orders are processed within 4©hours And With over 80.000 satisfied customers you can be sure of a good service and fast delivery.
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE 8 full time KnowtedgaWe staff lo assist you.
LI500 genlock and the Fusion lies in the circuit board they're constructed on and the addition of a video signal fader.
Cosmetically, the Fusion looks cheaper, but that's most likely a marketing ploy. After all, it does cost considerably less (it's about £75 cheaper) than the LI 500 and is aimed at a different marketing niche. Subdely, the LI 500 uses BNC connectors for video connection whereas the Fusion uses standard 75 ohm RCA - phono sockets.
So beware. Aside from fading the video signal to black, the Fusion offers all the features of the LI 500 such as full-travel fading of Amiga graphics into the video picture, seamless - and hence recordable - transitions between full Amiga graphics, video pass-thru, and mixed graphics and video and superior stabilisation of the mixed Amiga signal - it's possible to achieve acceptable results even when the video source is paused.
And there's more. Provision is made for RGB pass-thru and an optional chromakey device. The chromakey will be available in September of this year at the earliest. If it's up to the same standard as the Fusion, it'll be terrific.
A genlock for under £100 can't be up to much. Or can it?
Steve McGill discovers a true desktop video bargain in the form of the new Amitek Fusion.
The message is clear and simple. The Fusion represents excellent value. It's ideal for the beginner as well as the undemanding semi-pro. A true AT Gold winner if ever there was one. O Desktop video is one of the most exciting and potentially rewarding areas of endeavour that any Amiga owner can indulge in. And one of the DTV enthusiast's first purchases usually involves a genlock ot some description.
But which genlock should you buy?
There's a bewildering choice on the market. They range from excellent and expensive to not very good but still expensive. The -Amitek Fusion should help anyone out who finds themself in this purchasing quandary.
The first decision you make should be based on the equipment you have. If you're rich enough to own Hi-Band equipment such as Hi-8 cameras and Super-VHS video decks, then you're better off looking elsewhere.
AMITEK FUSION The Fusion handles standard composite signals only. But that isn't a great disadvantage because the vast majority of consumer equipment only outputs composite video anyway.
The main problem isn't always the picture quality, but the number of copy generations you can dub down to. Signal WHAT DOES A GENLOCK DO?
W * o s s lOO A commonly asked question with a simple enough answer.
Genlocks let you superimpose Amiga graphics on a source video signal. It achieves this by making one of the Amiga's colour registers - usually colour zero - transparent. All instances of colour zero are replaced with video.
Genlocks are excellent for adding titles and credits to video productions. But they can also be used for multimedia applications and special effects.
Integrity has to be top notch for fourth generation copies to be acceptable. And that’s where most composite genlocks fail
- mixing graphics with video input, by definition, degrades the
signal. Even third generation copies can look awful.
Due to a superior custom chip, built by Lola, the Fusion’s degradation is minimalised and it gives one of the cleanest, sharpest, crispest signals of any genlock under £300. Hardly surprising considering that it’s specially made for Amitek by Lola Electronics. The only difference electronically between the Lola A more than welcome addition to the package is the bundling of Scale's cut-down HT100 titler.
DISTRIBUTOR Silica Systems 0181 309 1111 PRICE £99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Worlcs with all AMIGAs SPEED • • • • Works at standard genlock speed.
MANUAL • • • • • Well presented and with helpful diagrams. Even the most nervous beginner will approach using the Fusion with confidence.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • All very easy to use. Connection to other equipment presents no problems whatsoever.
FEATURES • • • • Incredible considering the price.
Comes with a cut-down version of Scala-s HT100 titler.
VALUE • • • • • The best-value genlock currently on the market. Unless Hi-Band video use is of paramount importance, you should think long and hard before considering any other genlock.
“Top genlock. Out performs genlocks costing double. It's quite tremendous.” 90% RAMIGA ACE- AMIGA CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE International Ltd RAMIGA INTERNATIONAL LTD TEL. NO. 01690 770304 FAX NO. 01690 770266 RAMIGA Z5 TOWER, upgrade your 1200 to 5 Zorro II slots, inc. 200 Watt RS.U. £399.00 RAMIGA Z7 TOWER, upgrade your 4000 to 7 Zorro II slots, Ad;AF;Apr;+K;inc 2 video slots £399.00 uwtwave so V3.§ UNBUNDLED PAL VERSION Lightwave 3D is a fully featured 3D graphics & animation system.
It's renowned for it's easy to use interface, which gives quick access to a wide range of potent features. Using it's spline-based key-frame animation system you'll easily create amazing animations. Render your work in 16.8 million colours for photographic quality output. Use the powerful Modeler to create your own 3D objects. As the 3D program used in many Hollywood TV & Film studios. This really is the professionals choice (NOTE: Lightwave 3.5 requires 2Mb chip RAM - Special offer: Lightwave 3.5 + DKB MegaChip ...£569 fD€SMSmriON OFFICIAL EUROPEAN
DISTRIBUTORS Raptor’ll £Call 4 The Raptor II contains one 133 MHZ RISC processor and comes fully configured as a Windows NT workstation. Including 17" monitor. 64Mb RAM & SCSI CD ROM. Includes ScreamerNET & Ethernet adaptor.
Pi?.* £Call The one & only twin RISC processor rendering engine for Lightwave is now available in Europe. At a blistering 266MHZ this will speed up your renders 20 - 30 times.
Comes complete with 128Mb RAM. ScreamerNET & Ethernet adaptor.
Passport N=wT=k VIDEO TOASTER image 4°°° • - = ° * * °. «.
By utilising the PRIME IMAGE JcsspxT' system you can now use Newtek's Video Toaster with it’s complete set of software video tools in your PAL video editing environment. Utilising a combination of precision timing codes and specially updated Toaster software (included) this expandable system gives you a true PAL input and output from the Toaster with absolutely no loss in picture quality. Included in the Passport are 4 time-base correctors and two inputs & outputs which are either Y C or composite.
CALL FOR PRICES - (UK & EUROPEAN DEALER ENQUIRIES WELCOME) ENLAN-DFS - Ethernet based Peer to Peer Networking for the Amiga ....£299.00 (5 user licence) THE “I” CARD - PCMCIA SANA II Ethernet network card for Amiga 600 1200 ...£299.00 . T* rr, tSund-fd 10B*»cT- IOB*c 2Conncct«» IMAGEMAS I ER R I - Pro Quality image processing & morphing package ...£69.95 PEGGER V2.0 - Automatic JPEG compression & decompression of all your picture files .£34.95 ALPHA-PAINT & MONTAGE 24 FOR
TOASTER NOW AVAILABLE + LIGHTWAVE ADD ONS All prices include VAT (unless otherwise stated). All cheques payable to RAMIGA International Ltd., Stablau ’Rin, Pentrefoelas, Clwyd LL24 0HT.
Visa and Access accepted.
May issue 49 on sale Now '*81 If there is one thing that’s certain about the Internet, it is that it's huge. How big? As big as a very big electronic thing that covers most of our planet. The section of the Internet devoted to the Amiga and its users, the Aminet, is similarly large. So big, in fact, that despite the huge storage space of CD- ROMs there has not been a single disc that has contained more than a fraction of the files in the Aminet.
Now, the Aminet Set gives you the chance to sample the delights of the whole of the -Aminet. It's a four-disc collection from Germany that costs £34.99 and covers all the files and programs available from the Aminet as ofjanuary 1995.
CD-ROM round-up Graeme Sandiford reviews and rates the latest CD-ROM releases.
Aminet Set 1 PD Soft 01702 466933 ¦ £34.99 The Aminet is divided into different categories (directories) that contain files and programs that will be of interest to every Amiga user and for ease of use the Aminet Set has also opted for this simple, but accessible format.
The discs each contain several directories that deal with a range of interests. Disc A is an interesting one which features mostly developer’s tools and utility software. But it also seems to be a bit of a spill-over disc, because it also has a bit of everything else too.
Disc B contains graphics programs, pictures and animations, text programs and documents. As you might expect this is the most colourful of the discs and has plenty of good examples of creative uses of the Amiga.
Disc C is a hotbed of activity and you'll find die demo and games directories here, it also has the Comms and hardware files too. The final disc, D, contains all of the business applications, as well as music programs and modules.
“Yippee! The whole off the Aminet in one huge collection.
Buy H!"
91% Overall, this is a highly impressive collection. For the first time you get the whole of the -Aminet. Which means you also get the best the Amiga world has to offer in PD and Shareware too.
Continued overleaf * Now, this is something a little different. It's an Internet CD without any programs. What's the point of that? I here you ask. Well. It is just information, in ASCI, taken from the Internet - after all that's what the Internet is really all about.
At first I was a little sceptical. So, I thought I'd take a quick look at some of the directories and the next thing I knew it was two and half hours later!
Talk about absorbing, there are files about almost any subject you could think of from comics and video games to building satellite systems and the connection between awareness and technology The best thing is that the sources of the information are included, so the next time you log on you'll know where to find all the interesting sites and newsgroups.
I 0 0 Ul MAY 1995 SERIOUSLY AMIGA FRESH FISH 8 PD Soft 01702 466933 ¦ £24.99 80% 75% Yep, it's another Fred Fish disc - and yes, it is full of interesting files and useful programs. Volume 8 of Fresh Fish is a two-disc collection of the latest PD programs and files.
Although there are some games, this collection is really aimed at the serious user. There are lots of useful and hard-to-find files such as elusive libraries, new datatypes for Workbench 3 and plenty more. Another fine collection.
This CD-ROM from Germany is devoted to demos. Or to be more precise, the demos the compilers thought were the best of 1994. There are some familiar ones such as 9 Fingers. Big Time Sensuality, Seven Seas and Cream. The demos are compressed on to the disc but can be decompressed surprisingly quickly and most of them are worth waiting for.
Gigantic Games is a CD-ROM stuffed full of more than 1,000 games made up from a mixture of PD, Shareware, demonstrations of commercial releases and some Mac games - which I could find no trace of. Unfortunately, many games didn't work properly on the A1200, despite the best efforts of the Degrader program.
dtTZJcfe' 1 T L'i 1* O O L AvmbMrFChnarv t*»*
• Cv.ur Pd* GIGANTIC GAMES PD Soft 01702 466933 ¦ £19.99
DEMOMANIA 1 PD Soft 01702 466933 ¦ £19.99 Recently we've seen
an abundance of 3D or 3D- related CD-ROMs. This is to be
expected because it's an activity that is greedy for storage
space. However, this is far from Almatheras first outing in the
business of producing Amiga CD-ROMs and there's plenty of good
reasons to expect something a little more than the standard 3D
30 Arena is more than a collection of 3D objects and bitmap textures. It has its fair share of these, but it also contains a variety of other files as well as some useful utilities.
You get the impression, after scanning a few directories, that this disc has a great deal of support from users and user groups. A lot of the files and example pictures have come from BBSs. A pleasant surprise was to find the 24Bii Club Scotland's excellent jgAfumv collection - the whole tiling! If you are a user of Imagine you'll tie glad to hear that the CD is not exclusively geared to Lightwave.
You'll also find plenty of Imagine formatted objects to render. There arc also attribute files, tutorials, utilities and example pictures and animations.
Real 30 users will be similarly pleased to find objects, utilities, animations, pictures and tutorials. If you're not a user of this incredibly powerful program, you might like to have a look at the demo version of Heal 30 2.33 that has been included on the disc.
Unlike many other 3D CD-ROMs, 30 Arena has a healthy supply of utilities.
There are simply loads of programs - everything from a directory manager to complete 3D rendering packages. Of particular interest are the conversion and display programs that include MPEG encoders decoders and object convertors.
There is loads more on the 30 Arena disc, including utilities and animations for use widi 24-bit cards and even some PC files. It's an absolutely cracking disc that should be in the collection of any serious Amiga 3D artist. 'I) “3D Arena stands head and shoulders over almost every other 3D CD-ROM.** 94% AMIGA hard drive SALE LOWEST EVER PRICES TRILOGIC NOW OPEN IN LEEDS & BRADFORD COMPLETE KIT PRICES BRADFORD SALES 01274 691115 FAX 01274 600150 TR1L0G1C UNIT 1 253 NEW WORKS RD BRADFORD JBD12 OQP OPEN MON-FR! 8-6,SAT8-4JO, SUNDAYS CLOSED - LEEDS OPEN 11-3 TO FIND US Take A638 lo Bradford from
junction 26 of Ihc M62 (Low Moor nil). After 1 Smiles, take die first left over a railway bridge. This it New Works Rd. Or from Bradford cily centre, head for Huddersfield on A64I. Turn ofTHuddersfietd Rd opposite a Jet petrol station 1 4 mile past the end of the dual camageway. Near the big W heel monument.
* Latest very low profile IDE hard drive.
* Pertioned & formatted to Commodore's spee
* Full Workbench installed
* Connecting cables
* NO mods to case or floppy drive
* Comprehensive fittin§ instuetions.
* Re-formatting software & instructions
* Telephone support helpline
* 12 Months warranty Having fitted thousands of drives over the
last two years, we are so confident that you will be delighted
with one of our hard drive installations, that wo will refund
the drive price if you are not satisfied. Please see below for
3. 5-2.5 IDE ADAPTOR CABI.K £22.99
2. 5-2.5 IDE CABLE £9.99 s 12.
* Inland pickup ot your Amiga 1200
* Fitting by out eiptrftnctd technicians:
* Return carriage by overnight insured carrier.
1-4DAY TURNARAOUND All drives ease quoted arc approximate unformatted mite, I vary *Iigh}y depending inn nuke. FTI'11W i ANY SIZE OF I HtlVT INVAl JPA1T-S YCXIRCOMMOiXJRF WARRANTY -Eumskd WUTBHIWI chocl with the warrantor - they will usually cowuwe lo cover just the machine since we cover the dnve (lor iTmntsL
• Monay back ouaranwa applies Mr 14day» Itcwn dale °» purchM* on
drtv« try us » Ims camaga cnaruw. Ortvw must ba relumed at
jxxjr ovm erpense by registered post pxoparly packagad A in 'as
new 6 resetaWe'condHwr. Usual restocking fee Is waived A1200
ACCELERATORS GVP A1230 MK 2 Kith 68863 socket for optional PF4I
i flkla 6 expansion connector for SCSI RAM CARDS A1200 32B1T I
MEG £97.99 4MEG £189.99 2MEG £129.99 8MEG £329.99 BATTERY
LEEDS SALES 01132 350091 FAX 01132 350702 TR1LOG1C UNITS 1&2 YORK TOWER 383 YORK RD LEEDS LS9 6TA 40MHZ £224.99 £244.99 £299.99 £57 99 50MHZ £294.99 £314.99 £449.99 No fpu & Omeg I MEG no Fpl' 4MF.G no FPL SCSI 2 MODULE Available on all purchases from £250 TO £5000.
Liiuid CnVil Into.
Fall uriHaa doatils apea rs aait Credit facilities available to personal callers only, private users only, over 25, in full lime employment & subject to status. Repaid by monthly direct debit.
F. gl MIC ROY ITEC 1438 MONITOR, cash price £294.99. NO deposit +
36 monthly paymenls of £11.95 Apr29.8%. T.A.P £430.20 EG2.
ATLAS 486DX2-66BS Cash price £82 !.33incval; Deposil £121.33 + 36 monthly payments of £27.46 APR 26.8%. FULL WRITTEN DETAILS ON REQUEST TOP OAMX3 - FULL RANGE STOCKED BENEATH A STEEL SKY f24.99 BLOODNBT £24.99 BODY BLOWS GAIACTICA £21.49 CANNON PODOER 2 £21.99 CHRISTMAS LKWINGS £10.99 CHAMPIONSHIP MANGR CCKP £19. 99 top somcm ADORAGE A**; PNOFRSSICMAI.
Us. 2 MAY f22.99; 3 MAY £25.99 4MAY £29.99. Specify short (for ampler* digitisers or leng c«bke - printers only) INSTANT CLEARANCE OPEN MON-FR I 9-4. SAT 1.30-4M. SUNDAYS • 11-3 TO FIND US.
(FORMER PHOENIX COMPUTER WORLD PREMISES) On A64 York Road, take the slip road off the dual carriageway signposted for the Torre Road BUS DEPOT. Head back up the East bound slip road from the roundabout under the A64. York Tower is on the left near the end of the slip road, with our car park through the alley adjacent to the shop.
ATLAS 486 Pcs ATLAS 486DX2-66BS only t»9+vat = £*21.33 ATLAS 486DX2-66MM MULTI MEDIA PC AMAZING VALUE: £849+vat=£997.58 ADVANCED SPEC: 486 Vesa, power laving motherboard, 4meg ram (72pan), 420meg fast Hard drive, VL IID controller card; VL I meg Windows accelerator; 3.5" floppy; 14" Svga low radiation colour monitor with full screen display; minitower case; 102key keyboard, quality PC' mouse. MS DOS 622, WINDOWS 3.11. ENCARTA*9S ADD £35. MS WORKS V3 ADD £40 12 MONTHS W ARRANTY Optional 2yrar extended warranty just £36.96 Please phone for PC' options - biggeir drives, monitors, memory, etc etc-
SATURDAY AM DBLIBVHY £15 Uk mainland early.
6. 22, WINDOWS 3.11 , MOUSE.
SWIFT P 60 £999 + vat= £1173.83 SWIFT P 90 £1199+ vat= £1408.83 MULTI MEDIA UPGRADES FROM £1705 A A C TIV E Dept AF5, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham DL3 8YT Tel: (01325) 352260 enquiries@active2.demon.co.uk ¦ aciawMtaaioanrMiiii ACTIVE SOFTWARE BUY 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES AND GET 1 FREE!
Public Domain Prices Public Domain 99p Postage on all orders 75p Key WB 2 * For Workbench 2 or 3 WB 3 ? For Workbench 3 only (2D) The number ol disks (1MB) Minimum Memory (AGA) For AGA Machines
(030) Processor Needed (HD) Hard Drive Needed Resjdera ouante UK
out n E u am 10% to TOTAL Residents Mton Kv Rost 0 the
Wotia aOJ 20K, Catalogue Disk 50p Greatest and Very Latest
Utilities U076 WB3 MD INSTALL DISK [WB3] tor-net ard tosuwi
WB to your Hard Dm* U132 CM EMULATOR v3 [20] The utesr
vers-on of me C64 emulator U230 TOOLS DAEMON V2.1 [WB2.]
Adds vxtt to yow Wortbencn Urn U2N RE-ORGv3.il [WB2«]
Re-orgenr* you' dsxst-ard 3** U302 VIEWTEK V2.01 [WB2*]
Viewie* can show many pcture formats including JPEG and me
AGA screen modes U317 ACTION REPLAY PRO (AGA] Action Replay
tor the A1200 A4000 U3I8 VIDEOTRACKER DATA (4 Dl.k.) Loads
ol data tiea lor use within Videoirecker U336 EPOCH MASTER
V [WB2*j Address telephone manager and to-do organiser U349
LIBRARIES • DATATYPES you e»«r need a horary'’ Mere s a
coBecton1 U3S2 MAGIC WB «1.2P [WB2*] The itsiett «*r* to of
rre S-cctou- con 'epace* Use this out E«vas asks to«
supe-t results1 U35S STEREOSCOPE v2.4A [WB2-1 Siereoscop©
is an RDS generator Create me 30 hidden pictures as seen in
stores such aa Athena U35» TELETEXT vl.20 jWB2«] Create a
lefeiexl rece-ver with your Amiga U376 POWERCACHE v37.115
[WB2*] Speed up your Hard Dnve access with this cache
program Versions tor 00. 020. 030 and 040 CPUs USTO fWSKTOP
MAGIC vS.O WB?.] This program aad*s you to assign sounds
to Workbench tunc&crs like mouse ckcMng etc U401 SPECTRUM
EMULATOR v2 Ptay Soectnxn game* or y x» Am a There afe vewt
tor me 00 and 020 processors U402 HD CLICK v2.7 [WB2-]
Access programs with an easv to use menu U408 DISK SALV
v2.3l This * trie oest o«skfiie repairer in rhe Public
Domain Undelete salvage lues and repair disks U414 DISK
MANAGER v4 [WB2-) Catalogue ihe contents ol your disks Then
you are able to ks! Ihem lor your tnends U415 GAME WARPER
v1 [020 Processor.| Game Warper contains many ready-to-go
game cheats as well as a Acton Replay cheat input acwty
U416 AMIGA DOS GUIDE vt team how to use ydur Arrsga and
[WB2-; The very best image processor n PO R vals it's
commercial counterparts Shareware verson U48I LOTTERY
WINNER [AGA ONLY] The program asows you to nput a* the
wvmmg tottery number* eacr. Month to see if there « a
correlation and conxwes stat stcs p-eo ts non*erv U487
BIRTHOATE HISTORY v221 Chec* events that happened on your
txrthdey* U488 PRO BOARD v2.2 Pro Board is a powerful PCB
U489 MENUS . MORE v3.12 Croato your own menu system witn this Vbry powerful and easy lo uao U493 A.I.B.B. v« 5 Chec* and compare the speed of your machine U498 AMIGA X VI .21 [AGA; A very decent image processor tor AGA machines U499 II UI V2.3 [WB2»l Create Guimertaces UUI ts also used tor certain programs such as Mosac DMA and A rvga Gtobe U501 GBLANKER V3.6 ;WB3-; The very best screen Wanker in PD U502 GBLANKER V3.6 020 [WB3-] An optimised verson tor 020-30-4G'60 processor* U504 DISK MON TOOLS PRO V3 A collection of disk tools lopbmiser etc) U505 CHECK IT OUT Vt.02 |WB2*' A very decent
accounts program lor the Amiga U509 SYMPHONIE PRO v2.1 ;AG*| |3 0| A 18BM moOuie player tor any 020 tor above| processor Amiga t68fl modules’ samples enclosed U510 FINAL FAX SUPER DUPER v3.13 Fm*! Fai arows you 10 control G=Fu from Fto*i Wrier sendng a tai horn a rorra Oxirwi Scpw Ixper i% the very best PO os* coper Latest verson U512 ADDRESS PRINT v4.4 Slcxe and print address labels U513 ONFORM v1.3B Latest verson of me decent invoice program US14 DISK STICK vl.1 Car double your hard dnve space1 U432 VIRTUAL WORLDS [WB2*] WOW Ttvs IS a 3D aometrc atmosphere wrvcr aaows you to move around 30
ejects Gettrw' U434 EDWORD PRO v* [WB2* Edwonl Pro 5 The most ccvno»erten$ *« and easy to use worn p-ocessor on the P0 market Get ths’ U435 MOVIEGUIDE v2 04 [Y B2.; .2 Dwj This contains loads of cataioored moves U436 256 COLOUR ICONS :AGA| This is like having BodyShop as icons U439 AUTO STEREOGRAM v2D [WB2*] Latest verson ol the hidden pidure producer U440 SNOOPDOS v3 |W82. | Use Snoopdos Ic monitor program activity An ideal tool to find cut what libranes are needed etc1 U448 DMS PRO v2 04 [WB2-] Latest vervcn 0» the OS» cruncher 0451 MENV MENU SYSTEM Wntten by Nco Francos* tr»s * ww c
Men-Masto- HI but much better E ce*ent mer system U453 MAIN ACTOR vl.55 ;WB2.] An excellent module animation ptayei Buy it U4S4 VIDEOTRACKER 2 AGA The AGA un-regisleied vorson ol the domomaker U455 VIDEOTRACKER 2 OS VERSION The version CU Amiga lorgdl For non-AGA Arnicas U458 CROSS MAC vl [WB2.
A Oooio ol the piogmm that allows you to read high density Apple Mac *sk* on HO Amiga drives U467T.U.D E *’ 00 The Ufcmate Degraoer and Enhancer car be used tc oe-yaoe *1200* and upgrade an A500 U472 ALL NEW AGA ICONS These are 256 colour icons when «r© excellent on an AGA machine Loads here U475 RELOKICK v1.4A FINAL Retotock is the most popular degraoer around Forget me take vt 41 trv» i* the teal mmg U478 CHEATLISTER v3.06 [2 Disks] A disk labelling program lor the Arrvga.
Cheattrster is a two-disk oxtravagan a containing loads U515 QUICK FILE v3.8 [WB2*i An easy lo use Workbench database Very good U516 TERMINUS v2 0E;WB2.| and loads ol old and new cheats tor games U479 MORE 256 COLOUR ICONS Even more AGA icons tor your machine U480 HD GAMES WSTALLER 2 rial jxot Sr* A*»- Vert* Acre* I A * * A popular modem program latesl version U517 FINAL WRITER 030 PATCH E«ceSent' A patch which turns me normal F ian version Get the" U518 BUTTON MENU vt.23 [W82*| Cieate a menu system tor your Anga U519 SUPER VIEW v4 42 [WB2- Aitows you to View a mynao ct GFX tormats U522 GCAT
* 4 33 WB2«]
* ows you to catalogue your osks or a oewe nto a k«. Then you can
Bor* the htt or pnnt e U523 DO PUS MAGIC COMPANION [WB2-[ WOW1
Loads Of useful bits and pieces tor direcioryopus Are** files.
Ut*ties and even icons' U524 PRO TITLER v2|WB2.| Latest version ol the popular, shareware. V»deo Idler U525 0IY REKO vl.1 [IMAGE FX) |WB?v So many deceni programs this month This utihty is unique it a*ows you to create cardsets to' Klondike by usxg Image FX v1 5 0» verson 2 U527 FRODO[V 2 1.||020.]:iMB-!
A new C64 emulator to- W82 1WB3 users Seems to be very last and staWe Rehve re o*d days' US30 ZXAM SPECTRUM EMULATOR v1 68 Tks is the fastest Specfum emjiator on me market Used to be owy ava iaOe to AGA machwes. Now it has wvons tor ECS AGA and FAST AGA Annas' U532 ALL NEW FINAL WRAPPER v3 Final Wrapper was the uMty 1h«1 nn Fva: Write- users ast year This is the wry latest verson The autho-s have removed many of the bugs, updated n tor use with Final Writer v3 and much much more Also on this dsk ,vo loads of Aro«x macros tot F nai Writer Such as put lent on a sine wave expand shm* obiects.
USM CAR DATA ANALYST Analyse your car's pe-tormance with this fool US34 EASY DMS Eas«s: way to corrqress and uncom«r»» trcse *s«s U535 THE INTERNET ARCHIVE AB2.] [2 DJ AJ yo_ need to conned to the internet U537 FI-GP EDITOR v2.04 U543 TOOLS MANAGER [2 Disks] [WB2«] U545 PRO GAMBLER v2.1 ideal gamokng preddor ioo» U546 COP THE LOT PROFESSIONAL vl A reasonable predictor tot the Natxcnai Lottery U547 TURBO CAT 2 [WB2*| Latest version of the cataloging system, Allows you to choose a de-nce like a d»s») catalogue 4 then pnnt or store the files tor future use US48 IMAGE DESK vl 40[WB2- Allows you
to thumbnail your pictises tor easy viewing or to asow you to catalogue mem U549 OCTAMED OEVELOP KIT [WB2») Developers tools tor Octamea Pro U550 VMM v3 [WB2.] [ MMU] [020.] Virtue Memory Manager offers wtual memory orMMUAmgas Increase your memory U551 BUFF VIOEO TITLER [WB2.] Exceeenr Vbu can have some 301« spn and 'ouie It torm a nw anmaton ana use to- vtoeo overtay- U552 ART PRO [WB2»] A oood image processor U5S3 gfx Convertor vi2 |WB2.] Decent graphics convenor. Loads about 10 d»fferoni file toimats and saves in GIF. ILBM. PCX.
POSTSCRIPT JPEG Worth buying lor a quick convertor Program tor 00 processors and 020 iwHh B8t FPUi processor MAESTRO VOC AIFF ard MAUD to any of the supported tormats load m as iff save as WAV or toad as WAV and save as IFF Easy" Ama ngfy erougr this package also supports f6 Bi mono ano sie*eo samples ana also allows you lo aBer the sample m use1 U555 SMART FRACTAL j progra S MANAGER vl.1 [WB2.J weeounis program for the Amiga U557 swa z Blanker [WB2.] Another decent modvaansed screen wankor U558 AMI CHECK [WB2*] Ami Oeck s a powerfu. CreckBook manager U559 AMIGA ELM v5 [WB2.1 [TCP] Amiga
ELM * one of the best Amiga Eieetrcwc Maoreaoers senders need to be ccmecsed to the intern * to send anc 'ecene E-Mai TCP needed U564 EXOTIC RIPPER v3.1 [WB2»] Latest version of the s erb ncoule and sample nppe- Now with easy to use GUI U565 IMAGE STUDIO v2 [WB2«] [2 Disks] Al1 new verson 2 New leatures mcude Fully featuiod Aren port, suppled ready to-run senpts.
Onlne Am-ga Guide neip. Improved cokxir rodjdion improved HAM rendering uses Commodore nstaller.
Drao and drcp action and marry mere features Now cn a per with ts commerce; counterparts1 U566 TERM v4 3 [WB2»] [3 Disks] 030 version o tre modem package KLONDIKE III AGA Ike HI 15 the latest version of th* very popular 256 colour card game for all AGA Amiga users Construct your own cards or buy seme ol Ihe Wtowmg MAGIC WB EXTRAS These pack* contain tons and tons of extra icons drawer* and backdrops tor the excellent Mag*c Workbench (U3S2) Magic WB Extras Votumo 1 (2 Disks) MagtoWB Extras Volume 2 (2 Oisks) Mage WB Extra* Volume 3 (2 Disks) Mage WB Extras Volume 4 (2 Disks) Magic WB Extras
Volume 5 (2 Disks) £1 98 per Pack or £9 49 for All 10 Disks!
Amne Caros Art Caros Ctody Crawford Card* Bar, Page Cards Ma me Cards Star Tre* Ca*» Carat uar Mom* Catos Eaa McPnew Cam* Ca-ds (Can* Return ot me Jed Caros Empre Stnkes Back Cards on Maiden Cards Ranma Card* Face* 2 Cerd* Oriental Girl* Card* BhunCard* Bcvw Who Cams «Cong Yarn Card.
Fractal Card* Drwjor Lar«CarO» Sneniyn Farvi Card* Ctod, Crawtord2 Baaufy CanJ* ProroCO Cato* A-vge ART Card* Monroe 2 Card* All PAGESTREAM 3 UPGRADES Upgrade Pageslream v3 to the most receni patch Original disks needed for install Pageslream v3 Pageslream v3A Pageslream v38 Pageslream VX Pageslream v30 » F Palch (2 Disks)
• F Palch (2 Disks) ? F Patch (2 Disks) ? F Patch (2 Disks) » F
Patch (2 Disks) Oungeoro arxl Dragon* Card Disks SwrrwujCams
99p Each!
X -Men Cards FK»s Cards Klondike III C3 96 Pranaicr. Ot» (AGA) (HO) (4 Disks) Sewymocr. Catos AMINET 5 Amine! 5 contains all ihe uploads from early | Nov lo early Feo 1995 U only £12-99 j ADULT SENSATIONS Speaks lor ilsell really, loads and loads ol 1256 colour women1 Over 18'S only.
Only £16-99 Latest Demos 0088 MADONNA SEX~ DlGlPtCS [3 DISKS] Madonna n att he cuack and wvre okyy-' 0112 AXIS BIG TIME SENSUALITY AGA [20] must be m the aA1 tme wanted I st1 0122 COMPLEX REAL AGA the best AGA demo from Compte* 0130 FAILIGHT LOVE’ AGA [2 DISKS] [2MB] another po&Ja' demo Gv Vf tuai D earns 0135 POLKA BROS ARIEL ULTRA AGA 0136 POLKA BROS GEVAUA [1MB] a svo t rcn-AGA demo Get ff*s' 0142 RAGE MAXIMUM OVERORtVE r AGA [30] Tha is great and lasts kv ages 01*8 URBAN SOME JUSTICE 94 AGA fh s has a superb soundfrack MusJ be heard' 0158 REBELS SWITCHBACK AGA [2 DISKS] one ot the best
AGA demos tfiis monfh 0168 DUPLO MY MAMMA IS A VAMPIRE (20] AGA an excellent very tcng demo from Dupto 0169 FREEZERS "WIT PREMIUM AGA The best AGA demo from Novemoer get this1 0177 DIGITAL ETERNAL MADNESS [AGA] [2 DISKS] re eased after the party very nee’ (fMB FAST RAM. 0178 VIRTUAL DREAMS "PSYCHEDELIC" [AGA] [3 D] «* d 2nd Ml the party Outstanong mottoes' [HD onfyj 0179 POLKA BROS THE PREY" [2 DISKS] wow’ The very oesf r mef-seouence ever* Ama mg 0180 OXYRON KILLING TIME [AGA] [4 DISKS] 1 thrs to see the 4096 cotour "Rof-Zoomer'' 81 DUPLO MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING 0183 IMPACT IN A WORLD OF
ASCII very very ong nai' Buy it ana be impressed' 0184 BALANCE SUNTROME ' 0185 POLKA BROS VISIONS IN BLUR [4 DISKS] wds ot spot-on. Great effects m this new demo' D186 OXYGENE INDIGO" [2 DISKS]
- easonaCto demo wtn a great tunnel sequence 0187 APEX OOTSY'
0188 SANITY ROOTS the -outem to fhs are decern Some nee effects
• ofed fsr at me Party 9*: Absolute must' D190 REBELS WHAMMER
SLAMMER [AGA] (3 D] Rebeis produce superb demos’ Thu is no
exception 0191 BOMB MOTION ORIGIN 2" [AGA] [2 DISKS] has rhe
best Doom part ever1 inensiabte demot 0192 ASYLUM ZEROS & ONES"
[AGA] guite a good. A» round demo from these guys D1»J
ANIMATUN6S AOA [2 DISKS) A urne strange Our CU Amiga cave if a
a: as Out 90*c r CU Anga™ 0195 ABYSS "DOVE" [2 DISKS] a pretty
good demo horn me Party 9* 0196 TRSI "THE CUBIC DREAM AGA [2
DISKS) Best demo thrs month A oefmne must have' 0203 MYSTIC
IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBILITY" [2 0] Winner of the Pnmavera party 95
Get this1 0204 TRSI "ANHALONIUM LENINI AGA Released at the
Pnmavera party Good stuff1 NFA Bodyshop 7 AGA [2 Osks] NFA
Bodyshop 8 AGA NON-AGA [3 Oaks] CoJy Crawtord The Works* AGA [3
D«ks] Fie McPherson The Works* AGA [3 O*.s) GirH Gals. Gels AGA
[3 Disks; Claudia ScNfter The Works' AGA |3 Disks] Beach Babos
AGA vol. 1 - vd 5 (5 dafcsl Ungone Babes AGA vol 1 - vo 5 [5
Disks] Pamela Anderson Slideshow |2 Disks! |AGA| Shonlyn Fenn
Skdeshow [AGA] Pheobe Cates Smeshow [AGA] Erika Eleniak
Slideshow [AGA] &ITS n B6B5- Games GM60 BAZZA AND RUNT AGA wow'
This platform game is a must!
GM67 BLACK DAWN II GM76 SCRABBLE GM78 STARWOIDS [1MB] [2 DISKS] fhrusf and oids mtied • very adtfiebve game GM88 MONOPOLY v1 GM97 TOP HAT WILLY an Amiga *Jet Set Wiily' np-off Add ct.ve' GM105 DY NAMITE WARRIORS 2 GM111 IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT [3 DISKS] a decent game s*mta to "Wing Commander' GM112 PUCMAN WORLOS GM114 FLAMING ENGINES GM118 CHANEQUES [2 Disks] yes two please" A Lemmings type game. Direct httte men with different skiffs) to the end GM123 MEGABLOCK V2 one of the best Terns games on the Amiga GM125 KELLOGS LAND [AGA] I" The very best PD platform game ever’ GM126 SUPER MEGA
FRUITS a good PnM Mach-ne game GM127 ZAXXON superV The C64 oass now comes to me Am a' GM129 FEARS [AGA] Doom on the Amiga' M ss ms at your pent"' GM130 FISHY FISHY eat the smalt hsh avort me sharks and grow‘ GM132 SAMURAI SHOWDOWN [AGA] this is an amusmg Street Fighter done Good' GM133 HYPER RACE [2 DISKS] another super-sprint clone Mufti-player racing GM136 CYBERMAN wow' A 3D oacman clone Very decent indeed GM138 INTERNAL COMBUSTION a great siuomarks esque muib-piayer racing game GM141 MADHOUSE [2 01SKS] a graphicat adienture game GM147 DELUXE GALAGA V2.51 must be the best PD shoot-em-up
ever made' GM148 CLASSIC PUCMAN dassic Pacman a* rt was originally des-gned GM149 AMIGA DEMON vl poker card game lor the Amiga GM150 ROCKETZ V2.2S [AGA] superb AGA only 2-player thrusbshoot-em-up game GM151 INFECTION very nara to tiptam a-pfayer game wtm playability GM152 JUMP UM wde Spud through the fevers to reach *s cheque GM153 BO NG V3 decent thung-on-a spmg type piaftorm oame GM157 MASTER BLASTER simria' to Dyna-wamors - 2 player bomb game GM158 THINK A MANIA [WB2.] superb snap game with e»ce«enf graphics GM159 SIMON simple simon game ¦ remember those Hashing hghts GM161 OOZE AGA (2
DISKS] Ooze is sooo addictive 2 player eifecfion game' GM162 OOZE ECSGM164 CYBERGAMES [2 DISKS) excellent1 A street tighter clone with gore' GM165 PUNTER vl 0 Ananated horse racng beftmg game GM166 GRAVITY FORCE 2 Compulsive 2 player spat screen plaster Great1 GM167 ACE THE SPACE CASE Top notch platform romp, commercial standard GM168 SCAVENGE [WB3»] 2 player apt* screen blaster set wrthm a maze Good graphics and extra weapons pick ups.
GM169 MASH Similar to Team t ?$ new Worm;r game A subtle cross between Lemm,ngs and Cannon Fodder_ COMPACT DISC SOFTWARE CM2 HOTTEST 5 or HOTTEST 4 £16 99 The latesl compact disc from PD Soft. Loads ol PD up until early Feb CD03 PHASE 4 - CONTINUATION 2 £16 99 Phase 4 contains all of 17 Bit's best PD from 1994 CD04 VISIONS £2199 Excellent compact disc containing loads ol non-copyngblable images.
CD05 AMINE* 11273 4 SET j|b- £26 99 Aminet 1, 2, 3 and 4 In one set. Al an ama2ing price!
CD08 WS CLIPART „ £7.99 The most popular clipart CD ever, Un-missable collection.
CD09WS FONTS £7.99 A bargain-priced compact disc. Loads ol Amiga fonts.
CD10 SPECTRUM SENSATIONS £16.99 100's and 100's ol Spectrum games and emulators.
CD11 UTILITIES 111500 £16.99 All ot PD-Soft's utilities from disks 1 - 1500.
CD12 LSD COMPENDIUM V0L.2 £16.99 Volume 2 In the LSD CO range Another CO full ol tools etc. CD13 ILLUSIONS IN 3D £7.99 An easy way lo craale stereogram images. All you need on one CD.
C014 GOLD FISH II [Double CD) £24.99 A double CO from Fred Fish. Loads of unique tools.
C01S LIGHT ROM £27.99 Loads ol Ughtwave objtctt. Textures etc. C016 ULTIMEOIA 1 2 [Double CD) £25.99 A DTP users dream CO. A double CD lull ot DTP material.
CD17 AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO £13 99 From Almathera. A CD designed tor Video editors.
F1 LICENCEWARE FI-14 TOTS TIME C3 ideal for younger users F1 -44 BLACKBOARD v3 £5 The essential image processor Ft-50 GUIDE TO AMOS v2 £* A must tor every AMOS user FI-51 INTRO TO W8ENCH £4 toe to Workbench & DOS F1-56GI00Y2 £3 Sequel to Gtody FI-62 JUNIOR ARTIST £3 Learn how to draw FI-66 G.R A.C. £4 Graphical Adventure Creator F1 -66 AQUANAUT £3 A supem game Get Tvs' Proof of apt raqukod. W« do not eon«o -e or supply IIBck hard core material only £1-75 per upgrade y CReach the top with - r§ CL I I I I I r I1 Exclusive offer direct from complex computers buy GBRoutePlus for £49.95 and get
GBRoutePlus Edit worth £29.95 absolutely FREE!
INCLUDES LANGUAGE COURSES THAT SPEAKI Totally comprehensive courses (each is a compilation o( *4 program with a book and manual, or equivalent except CD course which has 30) ...of excellent quality (eg. 7X7. Are the best for providing help in this area" AMIGA COMPUTING) (•= 95% in AMIGA COMPUTING REVIEW with far too many topics to list, but some examples are: 9 Map scrolling and zooming facilities 9 Motorway service stations included 9 Road bias facility for six classes of road 9 10 Levels of magnification to a 1 mile scale 9 Mileage scale bar 9 National grid co-ordinates 9 Colour palette
requester 9 Arexx support - over 50 commands 9 Vector mileage calculator 9 3D look user interface CD32 or Amiga CD, (Zappo etc)* 30 programs including film-like ones • Extensive speech
• Actors talk to you in French Si you reply • Top CD Music etc:
MICRO MATHS (11 years GCSE) juiv • Algebra • Geometry •
Trigonometry • Statistics • Arithmetic etc
NHCRtH RENCI Begin CSE 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics
adventure game • Talking cartoon etc 24 programs • Calculus •
Algebra • Geometry • Full-screen graphs etc £5 OFFTDTAL FOR 2
All courses are 011 floppy disk and cost £24.99, except CD
MICRO FRENCH which costs £29,99.
Cheques payable to LCL. Free catalogue. "Dade enquiries welcome.
Ixi (DEPT AMI ), THAMES HOUSE, 73 BLANDY ROAD, HENLEY ON THAMES. OXON RG9 1QB I sonware holce 24 programs • Tuition • Practical experiments • Learning by piclun
• Adventure game (1Mb) etc 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics
adventure game • Business letter generator etc IMICRO ENGLISH
18 years - OCSeJ 24 programs • Speak & Spell • Punctuation •
Grammar • Literature etc Phone 01491 579345 sent within 24hrs
24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business
letter generator (1 Mb) etc 24 programs • Tables • Add •
Subtract • Divide
• Multiply (Long Si Short) • Fractions etc MEGA MATHS (A level
course) new ' Computer Tajk GBRoutePlus features include:¦ 9 25
million possible routes 9 Calculate fastest, shortest ft
cheapest routes 9 Includes motorways, A roads and B roads 9
Includes cities, towns and many villages 9 S via options, 3
avoid places and avoid road 9 Colour and Wirefrane map graphics
9 Optional interlace display 9 Supports colour and black and
white printers GBRoutePlus Edit The possibilities are almost
limitless and there are many examples of how the Editor can
benefit you, for example it is possible to incorporate your
home, workplace, company branches, friends and relatives homes,
additional roads and places, tourist landmarks, hotels and
public houses, holiday sites and of course future road changes
9 Compatible with A500 A500+ A600 A1200 A1500 A3000 A4000 - 1
Meg required To order or for information pack Telephone 0 706
224531 01248 311299 ¦ fax 0 706 225320 (please send me
GBRoutePlus for my Amiga computer together with GBRoutePlus
Edit at the”!
I special price ot C49.9S fully Inclusive to:- I 'NAME: ... I (ADDRESS: . I (POSTCODE: ..... I (CARD NO: . I (EXPIRY
DATE: .. I (SIGNED: I I I .Complex Computers - 2 The Arcade, Waterfoot, Roasendale, Lancashire BB4 9AF. E&OE We accept cheques, Visa & Access made payable to Complex Computers. 1st class post is free! SONY TRINITRON 14” COLOUR MONITORS ONLY £99
£17-50 (INCLUDING SPEAKERS) TEL: (01938) 556575 556623
WELSHPOOL SY21 7SW Driving Test 10 Out Of 10 Educational
Systems ¦ 0114 2780370 ¦ £25.95 Mick Veitch tries to remember
the braking distance at 70 mph while Richard Jones sprechens
some Deutsch.
Back in the old days, when I did my bike lest, the Highway Code section of the test consisted of some bloke standing outside the Test Centre in Newtownards and showing me a One-Way Street sign, a Level Crossing With Cate sign and a 30m ph Speed Limit sign and asking what they meant. These days, things aren't quite so easy and there are moves afoot to make the Highway Code an extensive, written exam.
Given that nearly half of test applicants fail, you could do with all the help you can get. Some sort of interactive educational software seems like a good idea.
10 Out Of 10 are better known for their language and early maths software, so this is a bit of a departure. It uses similar techniques though - six sub-games centred around subject knowledge with definable difficulty levels. Driving lest also allows you to concentrate on specific areas of the code, such as signs, the law. Manoeuvring and motorway driving. This means you can configure the software to test weak areas.
The games involve guessing at a hidden word, identifying a slowly-revealed sign and, somewhat bizarrely, remembering a series of numbers which appear back to front in a simulated rear- Well, it could mean anything really.
“Watch out for large red arrows moving swiftly in the opposite direction" perhaps. If only someone intelligent had designed road signs, the driving test would be easy.
The test is quite tough, but nowhere near as tough as doing a hill-start virtually anywhere in Bath.
View mirror. In order to succeed, you must get 70 per cent. Once you have passed five tests at level four, you can take the full test, which asks the same questions, but in a slightly different way. If you pass, you get a certificate to print out and keep. If you fail, you have to pass five minor tests again.
A useful addition is continental driving. This includes foreign road signs and laws. It isn't part of the UK test, but it ought to be. There is a motorway trivia section as well, for entertainment value.
This software is a useful tool if you are worried about your Highway (tide knowledge (most people can only identity' 40 per cent of today’s road signs), but it could be improved on. The games arc not terribly entertaining, and a hypertext guide to road signs would have been quite useful. Nevertheless, DrivingTesI could Ire a sound investment CD ¦m C- Bn if Hfe U mm *1 ad «««• if niur,
i. Suw Vw etftid* MimM !• OTOfrw U*
I. feiBB* Urn rw*r«B. Nwt Urn m m*i Mild w4 t. Ub el A* nM * •
I. UI Q Q H %L H 80% There's something terribly naive about
this one. It's aimed at eight to 16-year-olds but most of
the kids I know in this age group are accomplished games
players who would be more at home with Aladdin, Sensible
Soccer or Mortal Kombat II than with the slow and simple
efforts on offer here.
10 Out Of 10 German 10 Out Of 10 Educational Systems ¦ 0114 2780370 ¦ £25.95 There are six games and the basic premise of all of them is to recognise and match German words. In The Cat you have to place a paw on a button next to the relevant picture as it floats slowly up the screen. In Ski Lift you can save a skier from a terrible accident if you identify various objects correctly. The Wall is a Pong-style game in which you must clear bricks from around an object in order to identify it. And so it goes on.
The greatest disappointment is that if you choose not to save the terribly-digitised chap on the ski lift from crashing into an electricity pylon the game just stops. No frazzled little fella, or bolts of electricity, nothing.
In terms of its accuracy 10 Out Of 10 German seems fine. In terms of imagination it's woeful. And isn't there some cllch* about the best way of getting kids to learn is by capturing their imagination? OK, there are certificates to print out, and difficulty grades to increase the learning curve, and I'm sure that the subject matter is in line with the National Curriculum.
But this is interactive learning at its most basic. The sound consists of a few beeps (in a language program!), some of the pictures are difficult to identify and the games are incredibly simple. I can imagine parents buying this because it seems like the right thing to do and the kids spending many happy hours in their bedroom playing Sensible Soccer. ® 60% meagre Prices OPENING HOURS MAILORDER & SHOP MON-FRI 10AM-7PM SATURDAY 10AM-4PM SUNDAY CLOSED B L A N K i D 1 1 S K S I SO Disks 100 Disks 000 Disks ISO Disks S00 Disks 1000 Disks 1100 92-00 U-00 107-00 114-00 54 00 22-00 40-00 80-00 10-00
170-00 320-00 16-00 30-00 iO-OO 135-00 255-00 70-00 10-99 19*09 39-50 45-00 85-00 160-00 All items subject IO aeullubllltr. All prKes subject to change wttfioui notice, please allow lor Che one clearance.
LORDER FORM PLEASE WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Please supply me with (he following titles for comoutcr ~ ACCISStVISA card no.
[ 1XPIRT DATI SICNATUBI ITIM peict Pan NAM AOOIISS POST COO* POSTAOI TIL TOTAL AMIGA FORMAT MAY ISSUE 1995 | 50 500 8 500* | 600 1200 42 95 37 95 95 '15951
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QltUb 22 951
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• 15 »I 7J951
• 1595 1
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Recycled High Density Com Disks Double Sided Hijk Density
Recycled Com Disks Blank disks OVER 12500 DISKS AVAILABLE
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ad 3 bmMbm, we tied Ae lal. HedF
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2. AM 5f»ctr.m tm VI MlrttmoipK V I ID
* 1 200 Hu*drib. In.tol* Call Ccpi.r. Unh ildeJ D il 5u).ag« V? 3
I ORDER HOTLINE TEL:-01908 277177 FAX: - 01908 645397 Order by
telephone quoting your credit card number and expiry date
(credit cards are not charged until despatch). If paying by
cheque, please make payable to SOFT EXPRESS LTD DEPT. NO.
• = ***R«r,tc a ¦jopocl ¦ a-TFWNOASSCPVUSCONS ST-W IA1C TANK
KllxR (1MB) ¦ ACT. t FIGHTER' ¦ aD-EVGOSH|14-:5| 1a[uFBENO
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BLOWS GALACTIC 995 ¦BREACH 11,1ME., r ¦BlMP'NBJW ’19 95 ¦
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2 (1I*( ¦ CAN FOO-stTlS-CH tMGff -T?
¦ OUSGEON MASTER 2 '&* |e*otk» ¦ EAFf. WEAVE R BASE3AL1 ¦ ELITE II '--C«nER laonvo ¦ ELRCPEAf.CHAIff'.CWS ¦ EVAS'.'E action |EXk£ '1895 ' FlUASTEALTHfGHTERllwei f 17 CHALLENGE (1UB'i ¦ fas'aS'KC CHZZY '1195 ¦ fatal STRIKES ¦ fiElDSOfGcORY 'I1J5 | FINAL OvER-A=CaO£ S®0RTS CRCK£T lECC,r8Ai: GLORY 1685 ¦ foCTBAl. MANAGE0 3 ¦ FcflMjLA ' 'GflW FFUX |1U8) ¦ FR0NTUNES “2295 |G2 GEPMAJt MASTER GOALHlfii GUARDIAN ISJ5 GULP HANN6AL HARPOOiV 121 |1MB) HARRi-fi JLMPJET (IMF, MEIMCAJ.2 2295 HGH SEAS ,aAS€R *2295 1 HOYLES BOCK OF OAMES VOL 3 HUCKLE3EWKMC ibA OSSeLi MlSSOi 2025 1895 1995 | 1*0ASA JWSU
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21. 93 19% ROCKIES (IMBl
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TANK EfdSNE 696 Tiusats *» TORNADO 1195 1195 ToflVAK THE rt APR
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Workbench Mick Veitch answers another selection of technical queries from the bulging Workbench postbag, casting light where before there was darkness. Send your letters to: Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
PORT WHINE I have a standard A1200 and I am desperately in need of expert advice. Here are my questions:
1. I have a big problem with my mouse port. Pin 1 seems to be
getting a pulse from the mouse all the time, even with the
mouse out of the port. I went to my local Silica Systems store
and explained the problem but they said they couldn’t repair
it. They did say the cost to repair it would be the grand sum
of £45. Is this true and where can I get my Amiga repaired
because I am spending sleepless nights over it?
2. Some of the A1200 A4000 games that I buy crash whenever I load
them. Is there yet another thing wTong with my Amiga or is it
the software?
3. This is not really my problem, but my friend has an A500 which
is unmodified. He has recently bought a Citizen ABC Printer
but cannot get the darn thing to print across the whole page.
Can you help him?
Stephen Pringle, Tiverton Park, Eastville
1. It sounds like one of the CIA (Complex Interface Adaptor)
chips is faulty. Repairs to A1200s usually involve a
replacement of the entire motherboard (the components are
surface mounted which makes them extremely difficult to remove
and replace) and so £45 is a typical fee.
2. If the CIA is faulty, then there could be other problems too
which would lead to programs crashing. If the Amiga thinks the
joystick or mouse port is always getting a signal it could
cause some programs to misbehave. Obviously AGA software
shouldn't crash a lot on an A1200, because this is the
platform for which it is written. Lack of memory is another
reason for crashes.
3. It sounds like a memory problem to me. If your friend has a
bare A500 with only 512K or 1Mb of WHICH SCANNER?
I’m thinking of buying a black and white scanner such as the Powerscan 4 reviewed in AF61.1 will be starting my GCSE work next year and so there will be a lot of course work involved. Would I be better off saving up for a more expensive colour scanner, or will the Powerscan 4 be OK?
Is Wordworth 3.1 SE worth buying, or do I need to get the full version of Wordworth to get the best results when using a scanner?
N Hardcastle, Halifax, West Yorkshire Colour images are all very well of course, and look very nice on a monitor screen. However, you use three times as much memory so if you are dealing with high- resolution graphics you need at least 4Mb of Fast RAM Printing out colour graphics is your next problem - even assuming you have a colour printer, the images never look as good as they do on screen.
Wordworth 3.1SE works fine with colour graphics, again assuming you have the necessary memory. The
3. ISE version of Wordworth is especially suited to unexpanded
Chip RAM, he could have problems. Alternatively, if he is still using Workbench 1.3, it could be a problem with the printer driver software. The first thing to do is make the printer perform a self-test to check it is working OK. Then try it on your A1200. Then get a memory expansion for the A500 (check the second-hand columns or get on to Fidonet).
PICKING A DRIVER I have recently bought a new printer, the SJ144 made by Star. The printer I bought was only supplied with a Windows driver, could you tell me where I could find the appropriate Amiga driver because I’d like to try colour printing.
Do you know how much HiQ’s PowerStation for the A1200 will cost when it is released?
N Morrison, Portadoum, Northern Ireland Try the Studio Professional printer software from JAM. Call them on 01895 274449 to check if your exact printer is supported. The HiQ system is available now, with empty boxes for £99.95 and with CD-ROM systems for £299.95. Call them on 0181 909 2092 for more details.
LEADING QUESTION I have been given an A500 with no monitor, but I have a Wang monitor. Is it possible to get leads made up to fit the A500 and, if so, will the monitor be compatible with the A500?
Peter Baker.
Nyewood, Hants Unfortunately, you haven't given us die specificatons of the monitor. First, let's assume it's a colour VGA-style one. If so, leads aren't really a Continued overleaf 4 IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format , _ we aim to answer fas many questions as possible, and attempt to sort out all of your problems.
Of course, there are always more questions than answers, so we prioritise queries according to the Nick Veitch following factors:
• FREQUENCY If a lot of people seem to be having problems with
their Supersonic KY3000 printers, then we will print one letter
and the definitive answer, encompassing all the most frequently
posed problems.
• DIFFICULTY. If the problem is actually something which only
someone with some insider technical knowledge would be able to
solve, it Is more likely to be answered in these pages than a
problem which arises simply because you haven't read the
• IMPACT Quite simply, a question which involves you not being
able to use your machine or some peripheral or software will be
given priority over a difficulty which is little more than a
slight inconvenience.
Unlike some magazines we won't just concentrate on the areas of expertise we are most familiar with, we will take on any problem (as long as there is an Amiga involved). As you will appreciate, we do get a lot of Workbench questions every month. If you want to get yours noticed, here are a few tips: DO
• Be concise.
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Where applicable, describe the sequence of events that caused
the problem.
• Give details of the equipment you are using (including which
version of Workbench and which model of Amiga you have).
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by getting in touch with the dealer from whom you bought
the goods.
• Spend three pages telling us about your Aunt Ethel and only
then explain your problem.
• Write in with questions like: 'I added a hard drive to my Amiga
and it doesn't work. What can I do?' (Which machine? Which
• Send an SAE expecting a personal reply.
The chances are extremely slim.
Please bear these points in mind and remember that we are trying our best to help you.
I read with interest your articles on CD-ROM drives, but I'm finding it difficult to ascertain what drive is best for the system that I am running. I would be grateful if you could advise me what the best option would be?
My set-up is an A1200 with a 60Mb internal hard drive, a PC1202-8 board with a 40Mhz co-processor and an extra 4Mb of Fast RAM, an Overdrive 35 340Mb external hard drive fitted through the PCMCIA slot a dual external disk drive and HP500 C printer.
From what I have read it would appear that I will have to disconnect one or other of the extras. Is there such a thing as a splitter lead for the serial port so that you can run two items off the one port?
Also, I have a Commodore 1085S monitor, when they first came out I thought that they were going to replace the 1084 but this is obviously not the case. Can you please tell me what went wrong and if my monitor is likely to be faulty?
Frank Wilson, Torquay, Devon You seem to have used all the interfaces available on your A1200, and that means you will have to lose one of your peripherals to fit a CD-ROM drive. You have two options: a PCMCIA system, or a trapdoor system. Both will eventually utilise a SCSI CD-ROM drive, which costs about £150 to £200 for a doublespeed drive (the minimum you should aim for).
Starting with the trapdoor option, you'll need to replace your current memory and co-processor board with an accelerator featuring a SCSI interface.
This will be an expensive option, although it has the obvious advantage of speeding up your Amiga as well. You should be able to transplant your coprocessor (and memory if it is in SIMM form).
The other approach, and one which I can recommend thoroughly to such a rabid kit collector as yourself, is to replace the Overdrive with a Squirrel SCSI2 Interface. You'll be able to connect a SCSI CD-ROM drive and a SCSI hard drive at the same time, as well as a tape drive, SyQuest drive and any other bits and pieces you may collect.
SCSI-2 hard drives are jolly good value for money at the moment and also extremely fast. You can also sell your Overdrive and not only help pay for it all, but also give some other A1200 owner a chance to use a hard drive system.
Splitting or sharing ports is not possible. You can't connect two PCMCIA interfaces at the same time, and you can't run two serial devices off the same serial port. You can, however, get switching boxes to choose between two serial or parallel peripherals, but you can't run them simultaneously, only switch between them.
The 'new, improved' Commodore monitor had stereo sound and a decent refresh rate, but vanished without trace when CBM got into bother. The only option these days is the Microvitec
• problem. The A1200 A4000 VGA adaptor you see advertised by
companies such as Power Computing or First Computer Centre will
do the job fine. It's a small silver box with a 23-way
connector for Amiga video at one end, and a high- density
VGA-style connector at the other.
However, the A500 only outputs video at 15kHz. Which is the standard used by normal television sets. Most IBM PC-style VGA monitors expect video at about 31kHz. And will not operate with 15kHz signals. Unless the Wang happens to be either a 15kHz monitor, or a multiscan monitor which syncs down to 15kHz, it is unlikely to work with your .Amiga. CD-ROM OPTIONS The A500 Plus came with an enhanced chip set (the F.CS) which generates a special productivity mode. If your A500 can work in this mode there is a faint chance it will work. I say faint because 1 have yet to get this mode working on my
A500 Plus.
If the monitor is monochrome, it may have a standard phono-style 15kHz video input. If so, the A500 has a very clear mono output (a single socket at the far right of the case looking from the back) which will drive it without problems.
MEMORY MESSAGE occ O oo oc Impressive, isn't it. But to do things like this in Imagine takes up a lot of memory.
I am having problems with your Imagine Coverdisk from AF53.1 can only render small stuff such as the first item (a donut) in your first tutorial.
Otherwise, a message comes up saying Not Enough Memory. I am new to 3D rendering and would love to be able to do 3D rendered animations. My computer specification is an A1200 with 2Mb of RAM and a 120Mb hard disk.
I am also having trouble with the Pixel Pro 3D Coverdisk. I cannot even get this running - it comes up with a high-resolution screen and a window saying Not Enough Memory To Run.
Could you please tell me how to run this?
Do you know if there is a cheap add-on to make my A1200 into a A4000 or better?
Could you please do a section on how to set up your own Bulletin Board System, I am sure many people would like to know how to do this?
I would also like to know how to set up a modem to answer a call and act as a host so you can type across the lines to another modem instead of going voice.
Your BBS is great. Have you noticed how easy it is to get pirate numbers across a BBS on-line chat? Do you know when new Amigas and hardware will be back in the shops?
Jonathan Sutherland, Edinburg When your application programs bomb out with a Not Enough Memory error. I'm afraid that about says it all. You need more memory. You can squeeze more out of what you have by making sure you aren't wasting any. For example, the default Workbench display uses up a lot so use the Prefs Screenmodes to set an NTSC 200-line, low- resolution. Two-colour screen to minimise the amount in use.
Failing that, you must sell a family member to get more memory. Thankfully, this will probably only be an unwanted pet, because expansion cards are becoming more reasonably priced. A memory card (or accelerator and memory) is one of the two things which will make your A1200 a lot more fun to use. The second thing is a hard drive.
The Pixel 3D Pro Coverdisk bug was due to unexpanded A1200s not having any Fast memory.
We included a fix on the next disk, although there are several utilities lurking in the Public Domain which will get it working for you.
Do you think that if there was a cheap way to turn A1200s into A4000s anyone would have spent about £800 more on an A4000 to start with? Why do you want to turn your A1200 into an A4000? If you need a faster processor there are plenty of 50mHz 68030 cards to choose from, which will happily provide 8Mb or more of RAM.
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to add a faster processor to the A1200. If you need Zorro slots to connect graphics cards, you need to buy one of the excellent Z5 expansion boxes from Ramiga (01690 770304). If you only want a big box and separate keyboard, then watch this space.
Setting up a Bulletin Board is not easy, although there is plenty of excellent Amiga software to choose from. Wfe hope to cover this in a forthcoming issue. As for pirate boards, ELSPA (01386 830642) and FAST (01628 660377) would be interested to hear about them. And remember: if vou can easily find the pirate boards, so can the police. Do you really want your name and telephone number stored on the hard drive of a pirate board which could be under observation for dealing in stolen goods?
When the new Amiga company rises from the ashes, you can bet there will be a resurgence of interest large enough to ensure that dealers will start to get more Amiga kit in stock.
JUMBLED ICONS When I switch on my A600 it boots straight into Workbench 2.05. When I click on the system 2.0 icon and then on the Prefs icon, I get into the Prefs drawer but half of the icons in the drawer are overlapping each other or half are off the screen and generally jumbled up.
I have tried to put them in their right places but when I re-enter the Prefs drawer they are jumbled up again. Do you know how I can put them right permanently?
Andrew Davis, London There is a dead easy way to tidy the icons automatically. Select the window you want to sort out, and then use the Window menu option Clean Up. On the A1200 and A4000 you can hold down right-Amiga and full-stop.
Making the icon positions permanent requires the locations to be saved to disk. First of all, make sure that there is some free space on the disk (only a tiny amount of space is required, but a 100 per cent full disk will not work) and that the disk's write-protecl tab isn't set. Then tidy up all the icons and use the menu option Snapshot... All from the Window menu.
DISCOVERING DISCS I own an A600 with a 1Mb upgrade. Can I connect a CD32 to my Amiga and would it be possible to run CDTV discs on the CD52? Also, could I unpack DMS files and save them from CD to my internal disk drive?
I know this is all fairly simple, but please could you reply to my letter because 1 am a new Amiga user, and don't have a clue.
Susan Day, Sliirebrook, Notts You can connect a CD to an A600, but because the C.D32 doesn't have any standard Amiga interface ports to make the job easy, you'll need some extra bits and pieces. You can either use a desire called Communicator (see AF70 for a full review and turn to page 129 for details of the Communicator offer) or a special serial cable and CD-ROM available from Brian Fowler Computing (01392 499755).
The CD32 does not play all CDTV disks because its ROM is slightly different from the CDTV, CD-ROMs which contain only files (for example, the Aminet series) work perfectly, but many of the specific CDTV titles don't work, or perform oddly - no sound for example.
When you connect the CD32 to another .Amiga it usually works in such a way that the CD drive appears as a standard Workbench device like dfO:, VISTA WOE I own an A500 with 1Mb of RAM and i'm having a lot of problems with the HAM mode on Dpaint IV.
I'm trying to overlay a screen grab from a game (which I grabbed with my Action Replay II cartridge) on to a Vista Pro picture. But every time ADD-ON ADVICE I have an A1200 with no expansions or upgrades and I would be obliged if you could answer some questions for me about hardware add-ons.
1. Does a SCART TV give as good a picture quality as a Microvitec
2. Which is the best low-price CD-ROM drive for the A1200?
3. Could you recommend a decent hard drive and tell me how much
memory is best?
4. How do you make your magazine so colourful, interesting and
informative for such a price?
Anon, Somewhere
1. No. Although a SCART TV gives a better picture than a normal
TV (which gets the Amiga display through a UHF modulator:
basically a Iow-power transmitter) it isn't a patch on a
dedicated monitor. A monitor not only gives a much crisper
display, but a monitor such as the Microvitec will also be
able to display larger screen displays with no flickering
because it works at a faster scan rate than normal
Ram: or hdO:. I'he CD-ROM usually appears as cdO:. This means you can copy or uncompress DMS files with no problems.
SCREEN TEST I have an A1200 and have just been given an Amiga monitor. The problem is, when 1 tried to get a lead nobody seemed to know which one was required. The monitor came with a lead which was apparently used on a PC. It has an 8-pinjack plug on the monitor end and a 9-pin D plug on the computer end.
I have made some inquiries and have been told that there is a lead to link a Philips (Amiga) monitor via the SCART socket on the monitor.
One expert told me there was every possibility of damaging my Amiga beyond repair, but another said that all that could happen was that the monitor wouldn't work.
The monitor has a flap on the front apart from the controls. There are two push-buttous.
That I try to load in both pictures, they both stick their palettes on to section A of the whole palette. Can you tell me if there is any way of getting a picture to load its colour set on to another section?
J Ambrose, Chelmsford, Essex
2. The Power CD-ROM drive is currently the best value- for-money
drive. See AF70 for a full review.
3. If you get the Power CD-ROM drive you'll also be able to fit a
SCSI hard drive for a minimal cost. Adding another 4Mb of RAM
via a trapdoor card (to make a total of 6Mb) will give a very
usable system.
4. We pay our small, but perfectly formed, freelance team with
the small polystyrene chips used as packing material instead
of money.
One says green, the other RGB. Also, on the front there is an Amiga motif, and on the back there is a paper label which says Amiga Type 1081 UK.
A Anderton, Manchester What a lot of very silly computer dealers there are out there. Your monitor will connect to your Amiga without problems. After all. It is a standard Amiga monitor and even says so on it. .-Vll you need is a normal Amiga monitor lead. It has a 23- way Amiga video port plug at one end, and the necessary 9-pin plug for the monitor at the other.
This lead is available from all knowledgable Amiga dealers for a few pounds: try giving Trilogic a call on 01274 691115. I doubt very much that you'll break an .Amiga by connecting it to a monitor. You would probably have to custom- make your own cable and wire it up specifically to cause any serious damage. But it is possible to break the monitor by connecting incorrectly. O There are at least two ways of solving your problem.
Now, you haven't said so, but I imagine that your screen grab is a 16-colour job. Not another HAM screen. You could do it the difficult way - manually swapping palette values around - or you can do it the easy way.
Me? I like to do things the easy way. This is what you should do: Iload in the HAM picture (this is a rather nice Vista Pro image of Olympus Mons).
Make sure you choose the screen mode of the picture, or at least a HAM screen. If you are short on memory, your screen size can be smaller than the image to save memory.
2 Press 'j'. This flips you to the spare page. Now load in your grab picture. A requester will appear, asking if you want to change the screen format - just say no. The picture will load in. And should be in its correct colours (because it is on a HAM screen, and all colours are available).
3 Now edit the picture, cutting out whatever you don't want. Select the area that you do want as a brush, and press 'j' again to flip back to the original page.
4 Your brush will probably have appeared in all sorts of horrible colours. But that's OK. From the colour menu, use the Brush Remap option. With less colour resolution, you may get an unsatisfactory result, but we are working in HAM mode, so it should be spot on.
5 Now you can plonk the brush down anywhere you like. We used Dpaint V for this, but the same technique works in Dpaint IV.
I hope this sorts you out, and that we'll be seeing some of your work in the Gallery section soon.
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Ultimate AMOS If you want to write fast arcade games then you
need to know how to keep track of bobs quickly and efficiently.
Jason Holborn is the man with the theory.
We've got an excellent competition for you this month. The 50 lucky winners will all carry off copies of IntOS, the intuition expansion for AMOS and AMOS Professional, worth £30 each.
To win one of these prizes, all you have to do is answer the questions and send them on a postcard to the address below 3 What does the term bob stand for?
4 Who wrote the book.
Ultimate AMOS?
Send your entries to: Amiga Format IntOS Comp OTM Publications & Promotions PO Box 4490, 5 Albert Road, Tamworth, Staffs B79 7HY Closing date May 11,1995 One of the most difficult aspects of writing an arcade game that uses animated sprites is not the process of coding the various movement routines, hut the logistics involved in keeping track of each and evert' object. The fact is, keeping tabs on more than two or three objects at any one time is not only confusing, but can be extremely code-intensive too.
This may not pose too much of a problem if you're writing an arcade game that uses computer- controlled objects that follow the same path - an attack pattern in a shoot-em-up, for example. But life can get very hairy if each object hits its own unique movement pattern which is either pre-set (the object dumbly follows a path defined by the programmer - this is the approach that many early platform games employed) or generated using an intelligent movement routine. Although it's not difficult to code the movement routine itself, how do you keep track of each object?
If you've ever indulged in a bit of light-hearted Cprogramming (if such a thing is possible) then you'll already know the answer - data structures.
As any C programmer will tell you, data structures can be an absolute godsend to games programmers because they enable you to lump several different variables together under a single variable heading.
Unfortunately, AMOS doesn't support real data structures (unlike Acid's Blilz Basic) so most AMOS coders have to make do with the more-than- capable arrays facility.
AMOS allows us to create arrays consisting of many dimensions. A single dimensional array such as ALIEN(5), for example, could be used to hold either a single item of information on five individual objects or five individual bits of information on a single object. As I’m sure you'll appreciate, this isn't really that useful. Thankfully, you can extend the amount of information that a single array can hold by increasing the number of dimensions assigned to an array. Take an array such as AI,IEN(5,10) - this is far more useful because it can hold 10 individual items of data on five different
alien objects.
1 Which AMOS command enables doublebuffering of screens?
2 Which AMOS command swaps the double- buffered screens?
Each baddic on the platforms is controlled using a single routine, which interprets the data held in each object's data structure.
If you're writing games, data structures enable you to keep track of bobs and produce efficient code.
Most professional games programmers make extensive use of data structures when writing arcade games because they provide a simple, yet very efficient, way of keeping track of many independent objects.
1 lowever, once you start to code complex arcade games, you'll soon come to realise that data structures arc the only way to control object movement without your code grinding to a halt.
After you've defined your data structure, integrating it into the game is easy because you can write a single section of code that deals with every object. All you need to do is to define a loop that is performed for however many objects are held in the data structure. Anyway, that's enough ol the theory - on the opposite page there’s a little demonstration program for you to chew on. *2?
DEFINING DATA STRUCTURES Before you can define your data structure, there's a fair amount of planning that needs to be carried out. For starters, you need to know how many individual objects your game needs. Don't think in terms of how many objects are displayed during the entire course of a single game (in most cases, objects will be reused), but how many objects are displayed on-screen at any one time. Then add five to this figure so you've got a little room to work with.
Tutorial Once you've done this, you need to decide what items of data each object requires. When designing data structures, it's always best to lump together objects of the same type - you might for example, have aliens in one data structure, asteroids in another and so on - so that the contents of each data structure element (the section of a data structure assigned to a single object) remains the same for every object in that data structure.
Take, for example, a typical data structure for a group of alien spacecraft. Here's all the necessary code that would be required to define such a data structure. Note how I've also included comments after the definition so that you can quickly and easily find out what each data item holds. Try to get into the habit of commenting on your source code - it may save you many hours of debugging later.
NUMSCRAFT = 20 Dim S_CRAFT(NTJMSCRAFT,6) Rem S_CRAFTCn,0) = Status C0=destroyed, Inactive) Rem S_CRAFT(n, 1) = X position of spacecraft Rem *** S_CRAFTCn,2) = Y position of spacecraft Rem ••* S_CRAFTCn,3) = Direction Rem "** S_CRAFT(n,4) = Speed Rem *** S_CRAFTCn,5) = Animation frame no.
THE JOY OF STICKS Now we've learned how to keep track of the computer-controlled objects, the next step is to add an object that can be controlled by the player. Although some games use the mouse or keyboard to control objects, by far the most common device used by Amiga gamers is the digital joystick. All Amigas offer two control ports, one of which is usually occupied by a mouse. You can, however, read joystick inputs from both ports by reading the values returned by the AMOS functions Joy(O) and Joy(1).
These values are in the form of a bit pattern. That is, each direction of movement is assigned its own bit in an 8-bit value. If several joystick directions are performed simultaneously, the two bits are combined to produce a new value. Don’t let bit patterns worry you - AMOS automatically translates them into decimal values which can easily be decoded. Translating the values returned by the two joystick functions is simple because they are nothing more than combinations of five basic values which have the following meaning: 1 = Joystick pushed up 2 = Joystick pushed down 4 = Joystick pushed
left 8 = Joystick pushed right 16 = Joystick fire button pressed If you want to see if the player is pushing the joystick up, just check to see whether Joy(2) returns a value of 1. Diagonals are just as simple. If you wanted to check if the joystick was being pushed up and left all you’d have to do is to check for a value of 5 (that's 1 for up plus 4 for left). Here's a short listing for you to try.
Do A = Joy(l) If A and 1 Then Print “DP" If A and 2 Then Print “DOWN” If A and 4 Then Print “LEFT" If A and 8 Then Print “RIGHT” If A and 16 Then Print “FIREIIII" Loop DATA STRUCTURES Rem ••• Data structures demonstration Rem •••By Jason Holbom, Amiga Format Screen Open 0,320,256,2,Lowres Flash Off: Curs Off: Cls 0 Text 0,8,”AF” Get Bob 0,1,0,0 To 15,10 Cls 0 Bob Update Off Double Buffer Autoback 0 SPEED= 10 : NUMOBJS-16 Dim 0BJECT(NUM0BJS,4) For C=0 To NUMOBJS-1 0BJECT(C,0)=0 : Rem *•* X position 0BJECT(C, 1 )=8+Rnd(200) : Rem Y position OBJECTCC,2)=RndCSPEED)+l : Rem X speed
OBJECTCC,3)=RndCSPEED)+l : Rem ••• Y speed Set Bob C,l„ Next C Do Bob Clear For C=0 To NUMOBJS-1 Rem ••• Update position of object 0BJECT(C,3)=0BJECT(C,3)+1 OBJECTCC.0)=0BJECTCC,0)+0BJECTCC,2) 0BJECTCC, 1 )=0BJECT(C, 1 )+0BJECTCC,3) Rem •*• Has object hit the ground?
If OBJECTCC, 1 ) 200 0BJECT(C, 1 =200 OBJECTCC, 3)=-0BJECT(C,3) End If Rem *•• Has ball reached far right?
If 0BJECT(C,0) 300 OBJECTCC,2)=-RndCSPEED)+1 OBJECTCC,3)=RndCSPEED)+1 End If Rem ••• Has ball reached far left?
If OBJECTCC,0X0 OBJECTCC, 2)=RndCSPEED)+1 OBJECTCC, 3XRndCSPEED 1 End If Rem ••• Move object Bob C+l,OBJECTCC,0),OBJECTCC, 1),1 Next C Bob Draw Screen Swap 0 Wait Vbl Loop United Public For a fast and reliable service LATEST S 0FTW ARE UTILITY SOFTWARE PU 657 LOCKOUT v2.1c Password protection for disks PU 658 MAGIC USER INTERFACE v2.2 GUIs Dos 2 + PU 659 SCION v3.13 A family history database PU 660 VIRTUAL MEM. MANAGER v2.1 Use your HD as virtual memory. Needs 68030 40 processor plus MMU PU 661 AUTOSTEREOGRAM & 3DOTS Create 3D pics PU 662 800 SOLUTIONS Game solutions and cheats PU 663
CROSSMAC Read write MAC disks. Demo PU 664 CASSINI ASTRONOMY Nice spacey program PU 665 ANIMATION PLAYERS Plays GL &DL anims PU 666 TELETEXT A teletext program PU 667 ADPRO EXTRAS Loaders and other programs PU 668 SECURITY v3.71 Good prog to protect your HD Frpoll disk free with every 10 (excludes special packs) loo.. Postage free on orders over 110.00 (IdKonly) PU 669 70 UFO Text (X) flies on this spooky subject PU 671 BACKDOOR Another disk full of cheats PU 672 TURBO TAPE C64 to Amiga Requires hardware PU 676 ACCESS PC Utilities to access PC disks & Cds PU 677 REVIEW TEXT Reviews of Amiga
Hardware PU 678 FLUMMY UTILS lnc:WB Flash. HD off. AF Copv PU G79 LOTTERY no. GEN. Select random numbers PU 680 GENIE Another family history data base PU 681 ALIENS Good picture and animation viewer PU 682 X-LIST DataBase for lists of CD etc PU 683 CAPTIONATOR v2 Major update good Video Titler PU 684 STEREOSCOPIC 3D Stereogram producer PU 685 LOTTERY WINNER AGA Random or formula PU 686 HD GAMES INSTALLER Install the following: Aladdin. Alienbreed. Assasin. Bodvblows 1&2. Bubble & Squeak. Elfmania. Goal. Isher2. Jungle Strike. Mortal Kombal
2. Robots. Ruff & Tumble. Stardust Superfrog. Walker. Zool PU 687
DMS v2.03 A very useful whole disk archiver PU 688 DFA v2.2
Much improved version PU 689 COP THE LOT Another Lottery
program PU 690 VIRUS WORKSHOP v4.6 Latest update PU 691 MAIN
ACTOR v 1.55 Latest anim conversion PU 692 VIRUS CHECKER 6.47
Latest version PU 693 BIRTHDAY HISTORY 2.2 Info on that
birthday PU 694 6 TERM v4.2 Latest modem program(3) PU 697
TUDE The ultimate degrader and enhancer disk PU 698 AIBB v6.5
Latest, get info on your Amiga PU 699 PROBOARD v2.2 Circuit
board designer PU 700 EXOTIC RIPPER v3 Now rips out most music
XPK cruncher PU 704 MAGIC EXPANSION for Magic Workbench PU 705
VIDEOTRACKER 2 Create your own video epics PU 706 VIDEOTRACKER
Fast file system PU 708 DISKMON TOOLS v3.0 A
diskmonitor optimiser PU 709 RELOKICK vl.4a Use on Amiga 4000
machines PU 710 11 MOVIEGUIDE v2.04 Update lo PU631 2 (2) PU
712 PROTITLER Excellent shareware video titling PU 713 GFX
(A1200 only) Misc graphics programs PU 714 6 ICON ARCHIVE
Massive archive of icons PU 717 MULTIUSER Password project
your computer PU 719 METAFORM TUTORIAL Lightwave tutorial PU
721 EPU STACKER vl.70 Increases Hard Drive size PU 722 FI GP
EDITOR Change names colours power etc PU 724 ASI DISK HELPER 4
DiskMaster v3.99. DB v2.0 PU 725 ASI MULTIVISION 6 Utils
mainly for graphics PU 726 PRINT-A-CARD Set of pics and
templates PU 727 IMAGE STUDIO v 1.21 Graphics conversion PU
728 ICONTOOLBOX Icon creation utility disk EDUCATION PE 108
CATCH SONG Family game, guess the song. Demo PE 109 SPELLTRIS
(nl.3) Educational Tetris Game PE 110 1 STAR TREK GUIDE (2)
Hyperbook Trek info PB 065 PB 066 PB 067 PB 068 PB 069 PB 070
Please note: All disks in this advert should work on any Amiga
(min memory lmb) unless otherwise stated. E.G. Nl.3 means not
1. 3. A1200 or AGA means A1200 only! 2mb means min memory.
BUSINESS ONFORM v 1.3 Computerised order form for businesses ADDRESS PRINT v4.4 Address dbase & label print DYSK STIK A nice disk labeling program OFFICE BOX Compilation of business programs CHECK IT OUT vl .02A Excellent accounts package MAXILIFE & SPENDWISE DEMOS Cash & life!
GAMES GLADIATORS OF DAGANIA D&D 3D maze FLEET Space Strategy game GUNFIGHTER Strange but simple cowboy SEU OUTPOST S ware. Pilot a ship throu the galaxy DYNAMITE WARRIORS 2 Good Dynablasters EVIL DOOM Dungeon Master like adventure game ZYRAD 11 Collect all the power crystals SUPERMEGA FRUITS A brill fruit machine FEARS Doom on the Amiga. Small but good ROCKETZ 2 Brill Thrust type game TOMCAT Huge seven disk flight sim (2mb) ALIEN SPACE (nl.3) Good Dungeon Master clone THE GIMP (nl.3) For thinkers! Slide over blocks MR SHARK GOES RACING!2mb chip) Good driving SILLY SOCCOR (Shareware) Soccor
card game JIGSAW Actual jigsaw puzzle on the screen JUDGEMENT DAY Blitz, but they shoot back!
XENEX Its like Asteroids but a little special OBSTICKLE Platforms and collecting game ULTIMATE 9UIZ Quiz. More questions available ZAXXON Classic arcade game. Good version too PUCMAN WORLDS Novel Pacman variant PACMAN 3D Shareware (play limit) 3D classic FLAMING ENGINES Overhead viewed driving CHESS PUZZLES & TUTORIAL by Bill Jordan DELUXE GALAGA v2.4 Mega and classic game IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT Demo version goodgraphic adventure murder mystery JINX A 25 level diamond puzzle Very classy PG 482 PG 483 PG 484 PG 485 PG 486 PG 487 PG 488 PG 489 PG 490 PG 491 PG 492-8 PG 499 PG 500 PG 501 PG 502
PG 504 PG 505 PG 506 PG 507 PG 508 PG 509 PG 510 PG 511 PG 512 PG 513 PG 514 PG 515-7 of a really PG 518 9 Please note some titles are more than one dish!
PG 520 23 KLONDYKE 3 AGA (4 disks) Latest version PG 524 9 THE ART OF BREAKING HEADS 6 disk martial arts game. Needs 1 extra meg of fast ram PG 530 1 CHANEQUES Super Lemmings clone from Mexico PG 532 EVASIVE AKSION Ladders & platform shareware PG 533 INDYCAR CHALLENGE Car racing management PG 535 OKLIBS REVENGE Shareware text adventure PG 536 MANGA HOT NUMBERS Puzzle game PG 537 8 CHEATLISTER v3.06 100s of cheats & solutions MUSIC UTILITIES PT 157 MIDI PACKET MASTER v2.0 JR Illusion demo PT 158 MIDI FILES Traditional music in midifile format PT 159 DELUXE MUSIC INSTRUMENTS PT 160 DMCS
CLASSICAL SCORES PT 161 DMCS FILM SCORES PT 162 3 DMCS POP MUSIC SCORES PT 164 DMCS ROCK MUSIC SCORES PT 165 MIDICRAFT FREEWARE DEMO ___ Preview of the MidiCraft mag which will replace AM FM PT 166 MIDICRAFT FREEWARE DEMO 2 ..and more PT 167 A DROP IN THE OCEAN ...and more PT 168 GUITAR CHORD DIRECTORY Latest version PT 169 SONIC DRUMKITv2.1 Latest version PT 170 DELITRACKER 2 Latest version, plus Utils SLIDESHOWS PS 184 5 SYNTEX: SCAN IS LAME Super hi res AGA pics PS 186 7 MACHANETIX ALIEN PICS Alien AGA pictures PS 188 9 STARWARS AGA 2 disk set of excellent pictures PS 190 1NLP RENDERSHOW
Excellent ray-traced A1200 PS 193 4GIRLS OF ERIC Slideshow of Schwartz peeps PS 197 8 MANGA PICS 2 disks of good pictures PS 199 3D STEREO SLIDE Its those freaky 3d pictures NBS PD BLITTERCHIPS PD NBS 1, CHAIN LANE NEWPORT, I.W. CL1FFE HOUSE, PRIMROSE ST. KEIGHLEY BLITTERCHIPS PO30SQA BDX14NN UNITED PUBLIC DOMAIN TEL 01983 5X9 594 TEL 01535 607 469 DISTRIBUTORS FAX 01 983 8X1 599 FAX 01 535 667 469 tor a fast and reliable service Domain Distributors CLIP-ART AMIGA Cds CD32 Amiga Serial Link cable including software (Network CD also required)£l9.99 1 AMOS PD Special price £17.25 CDPD 4 £18.95
[2 AMINET CD 3 £19.95 AMINET CD 4 £18.95 I MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT £19.95
W. S NETWORK CD £14.95 I
about 800 games
i. 95% A Format £19.95 Classic Collection Mono, high quality,
clips. Huge bitmaps, many greater than an Amiga hires screen,
for use in Dpaint or DTI’ packages. Most disks autolmot as a
slideshow !
Also from UPD... Original Clipart Compilation: PU152-166 15 disks of small clips on all topics.
Colour Clipart 100 disks of colour clips FONTS FOR WORDWORTH Compugraphic font disks which can be used with Wordworth, Professional Page, and Page Setter. There are an average of 16 fonts per disk, and 33 disks in all.
Available separately or full set for just £24.99 The Amiga demo is not dead!
Check out these brill A1200 demos PD 284 5 BOMB MOTION (2) Excellent fractal landscapes and 3d vectors with Doom type effect. Some excellent still pics too.
PD 286 WIT PREMIUM (AGA) Manic rave music, to match the fast (lashy graphics. And remember to duck, or you too will get an axe in the head. Brill.
PD 287 ANDROMEDA: NEXUS 7 (AGA) Fx Include: a brill ball, a rather special anglepoisc lamp, unusual 3d scroll. Gouraud Pulse: looks like hot coals. Shade Cluster.
Motion Blur, and Plasma Zoom. A musl for AGA Amiga!
PD 288 9 INFECT: DO YOU BELIEVE IT (2) Another great AGA demo widi loads of landscapes PD 290 1 SILENTS: SOUL KITCHEN (AGA) (2) PD 292 SANITY: ROOTS (AGA) PD 293 APEX: DOTSY (AGA) PD 294 5 POLKA BROS: PREY (AGA) (2) PD 297 IN A WORLD OF ASCII (Not 1.3} Very clever indeed. No flashy graphics as 11s all ASCII characters.
Sounds boring? Nol al all...its brilliant & refreshingly different.
PD 299 MELON: NINJA (Not 1.3) A bit gruesome! A cartoon animaUon of a guy having his head cut off. Don' 1 try this al home!!_ Central Licenceware A collection of premium quality programs, belier than Public Domain. All are full programs with no additional fees to pay.
EDUCATION AND HOBBIES CLE0I T.C. DINOSAURS Great pics and facts £4.95 CLE03 T.C. SOLAR SYSTEM Great pics & facts £5.95 CLE05 ACHORD Guitar chord tutor £3.95 CLE 15 FAST FRET Lead guitar exercises £3.95 CLE 16 KINGS AND QUEENS History info, pics £4.95 CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Info £3.95 CLE 47 SEA SENSE Boat owners info £3.95 CLE 51 PAINT & DRAW Good kids painting £3.95 CLE 54 THE TITANIC Great pics and facts £4.95 CLE 58 T.C. STARS & GALAXIES More p & f £5.95 CLE 59 TOUR THRU TIME 'Life on Earth- £5.95 CLE 62 MASSAGE & AROMATHERAPY £5.95 CLE 65 JUNIOR MATHS Early years maths tutor £3.95 CLE
66 BASIC NOTE TUTOR How to read music £3.95 CLE 67 PHOTO Complete photography manual £5.95 CLE 68 AMIGA PRO TAROT Re-write of CATT £5.95 UTILITIES CLU0I VIDEO TITLER Create video titles £3.95 CLU 03 TYPING TUTOR Very popular tutor! £3.95 CLU 04 ALPHAGRAPH Super graph producer £3.95 CLU 10 POWER ACCOUNTS Nice bank account £3.95 CLU 11 CALC Simple to use spreadsheet. £3.95 CLU 21 INVOICE MASTER Handy for small biss £3.95 CLU 42 FORECASTER Horse form prediction £3.95 CLU 44 NATIONAL LOTTERY Scientific picker £3.95 GAMES CLG 17 IMBRIUM Excellent graphic adventure £3.95 CLG 30 CAPTAIN K Rodland
type platform £3.95 CLG 35 OG! Chuck Rock type game £3.95 CLG 55 CRYSTAL QUEST Like Dungeon Master £3.95 CLG 59 FOOTBALL CLUB MANAGER £3.95 CLG 60 WIZZ2 Platform game designer! £3.95 CLG 61 WORLD CUP MANAGER Good man. Sim £5.95 CLG 62 TOADO Its Frogger! £3.95 CLG 64 MAHJONG & PLUM IT Two classics! £4.95 CLG 65 WEAPONS MASTER Gorey beat-em up! £3.95 CLG 66 FRONTIER DEFENDER Like StarWars £3.95 CLG 67 FINAL IMPACT Street Fighter clone £3.95 CLG 68 WITNESS Stunning Defender clone £3.95 CLG 69 CYBERDROID Smooth scrolling SEU £3.95 _CU ( INNlN O Jo aanyam 5 Assassins Qame Compilations The best
selection of PD games ever assembled Here is our top 20 list of the very best ASI 3 Megaball & Drip ASI 14 China Challenge. Columns ASI 26 Superpacman, SmashTV ASI 27 Assorted card games ASI 36 Wond'land. Donkey Kong ASI 41 Pacman, Hellzone ASI 65 Paranoids, Chess, Word Puzzles ASI 70 W angle & the best Tetris ASI 71 Numerix. Battleships ASI 89 Megaball 2.1, Ciuedo ASI 96 Dungeon Flipper. Backgammon ASI 102 Fruit Salad. Pacsim ASI 113 Trek trivia. Popeve ASI 133 Znyk, Poker ASI 135 BackGammon. Ack Ack ASI 151 Krillian, Caffeine. (Brill SEUs) ASI 168 Dyna-Warriors. Ludo ASI 194 Automobiles.
Courli. Robot Reb ASI 200 Pub Darts, Battleships ASI 213 Moria, Rueda SPECIAL Any 10 of the above....£8.00 OFFER ....All 20„.£I5.00 _ASI up to 226 now in Education LEARN & PI.AY for ages 5-10 yrs PE 07 8 PE 27 PE 35 PE 41 PE 47 9 PESO PE 52 PE 54 PE 58 PE 77 PE 90 PE 105 AMIGA BEGINNER Info on Amiga KIDS DISK 1 Alphabet & Colours SINGALONG NURSERY RHYMES BACK TO SKOOL 1. 2, & 3 Compilations LITTLE TRAVELLER Geography COMMUNICATE Sign Language ARTISTIX Superb art package WORD FACTORY Brill spelling GCSE MATHS ALGEBRA & TRIGONOMETRY 10 OUT OF 10 MATHS Brill demo Business ANALYTICALC TEXT
ENGINE 4.0 BB.ASE III vlJ FORMS UNLIMITED MONEY PROGRAM EASYCALC BUDGET VI.34 BIDDBASE EASYCALC PLUS ACCOUNT MASTER PB 002 3 PB 020 PB 022 PB 023 PB 030 PB 031 PB 035 PB 038 PB 042 PB 054 Superspreadsheet Top Wordpro Super database Form creation Accounts Fast spreadsheet Personal Finance Beginners Database Dos 2.0 or higher E v3 Finance CATALOGUE Our PD collection is nouj simply HUG6I! For o Full catalogue just send 3 x 25p stomps Includes o Full list oF €ducation Demos. Utilities, Music Utilities Business, Rnimations, Gomes Music, Fonts, Clipart, & more!
ORDERING DETAILS Send your order plus your name, address. (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE!) And a cheque or P O to cither of the PD libraries in this advert. Cheques should he made out to that company. For super fast results you may phone in your order with your ACCESS or VISA card number. Delivery will normally be NEXT DAY!
Why not get a few blank disks with your PD order Only 40p each PI) PRICES All PD now only £0.99 (minimum order £2.00 inc postage) POSTAGE Please add 50p to the total price, to cover post and packing (UK onlvl OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME El ....Add 25p per disk postage. Worid Add 50p per disk.
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* Balanced control for picture cnhancemcnl
* Select area to be printed
* Select size to be printed
* Page control
* Colour sieve
* Ink correction
* Automatic posier mode for larger than A4
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* Spooler tor colour letterheads etc
* Colour separation
* Now with anti-aliasing to remove jagged edges
* Large range of dithenng (dot pjiicm i
* Variable level of shingling lo totally remove NacUwhne lines
* Colour catalogue function will pnnt a miniature of each picture
configuarable between 1-8 across
* Suitable for Citizen. Epson. Hewlett Packard. NEC. Panasonic.
Star and just about any dot matrix or inkjctAnihblejet laserjet printer.
,UNferTPL95 CARE SPECIAL £29.95 UPGRADE FLEXIDUMP TO KLEXIDLMP PLUS 3. ONLY £14.95 INC RETURN MASTER DISK ] 4 Colour Citizen Swift .....£29.95 4 Colour Citi cn Swift (Reload! £14.95 4 Colour Star LCIO ..£14.95 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin ....£19.95 4 Colour Star LC200 9 Pin Reload) ...£ 12.95 4 Colour Star LC200 24 Pin .£29.95 4 Colour Siar 24 Pin (Reload) £14.95 I Colour Star LCIO ..£11.95 I Colour
Stur LC200 9 Pin ....£ 11.95 I Colour all Star 24 Pm .....£11.95 I Colour Epson FX80 LQ400 MX80 ...£ 11.95 I Colour Epson LX80 .....£11.95 I Colour Epson EX 100 ......£11.95 I Colour Panasonic KXP 1080 .£11.95 Heat Transfer Pens 5 large red urange ycllow green bluc.
Large pens have a marker size nib . . . £ 14.95 a vet Heal Transfer Pens 5 small rcd’orange ycllow greciVblue Small pens have a fine mb .... . . £ 12.95 a vet ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND CARRIAGE Don't throw away your plastic printer nbbon cases. When (he ribbon w cars out just take the top off. Take out the old ribbon and reload it u ith a new one. Black reloads from as little as 99p each.
BLACK PRINTER RIBBONS SPECIAL RE-INK For Punnionk Primers. Star LC200 9 Pin. Epson LG 100. OKI 182 390 Black Bottle w ill rc ink 100+ ribbons ...£9.95 Don't I how away your plastic printer ribbon cases when the nbbon wean out.
Just take the top off. Take out the old nbbon and reload it with a new one. It’s simple. Full instructions supplied.
Reloads for Star LC200 9 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload £5.99 5 Reloads £23.99 Star 24 Pin 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload £6.99 5 Reloads £29.95 Citizen Swift ABC 4 Colour (Normal Ink) I Reload £6.99 5 Reloads £29.95 Scikosha SL95 96 4 Cokiur (Normal Ink) I Reload £6.99 5 Reloads £29 95 Panasonic KXP2180 2123 2135 4 Colour (Normal Ink» I Reload £6 99 5 Reloads £29.95 Ink nhhms also available in Gold. Silver. Magenta. Orange. Purple. Brown.
Green. Blue. Red tor a wide range of pnnicrv "CARE THREE PACK" will refill HP5I608A Cartridge 3 times.
The Canon BC-0ISJ48 Cartridge 3 times. Three pack available in Yellow. Magenla. Cyan. Red. Green, Brown, Purple. Black each CARE PRICE £12.99 TRI COLOUR PACK' 3 Yellow . 3 Magenta. 3 Cyan refill £17.95 available for Bubblcjet and Deskjet "CARE SIX PACK" will refill H PS1608A Cartridge 6 times. The HP5I62A High Capacity 3 limes. The Canon BC 01 Cartridge 6 times. Plcast state type when ordering 6 BLACK REFILLS ONLY 34**TCARE PRICE CI9.9G GOT A BLOCKED NOZZLE? DOST THROW AWAY YOUR CARTRIDGE - NEW “INK MAGIC PRINT HEAD RECOVERY RUID 18ml BOTTLE £5.95 INKJET REFILLS
3. 5TDS DD DISKS EX-SOFTWARE PREMIUM 50 10.99 100 19.99 200 3950
250 9199 500 9099 1299 2199
99. 99
59. 99
Swift 24 Citizen Sw ift 24 Colour Panasonic KXP I0S0 II23 1 24
5 25 Ponosonic KXP 2123 Panasonic KXP 2123 Colour Star
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Star LC2H-I0 Colour Star LC200 Star LC200 Colour Star LC24-200
Colour HP DeskJet 500 Single Refill Canon DJIOE Double Refill
Minimum order • 2 ribbons except those marked with an
asterisk* s monitor cover col. Printer cover All products are
subject to availability - All prices Include VAT.
Please add £350 p*p for disks and boxes or C399 if goods required overnight EiOE 100 Capacity box 3.99* 1H0 Capacity box 5.99* ZOO Capacity drawer 939* Af Only if Purchased with Disks U7O30 457111 Quickshot Apache Joystick Quickshot Python IM Joystick Quickshot Maverick IM Joystick Mouse Mat Mouse Holder Roll 1000 3 5 Disk Labels Amiga A500 A600 A I 200 Cover Phi tips monitor Star Citizen Panasonic SNAP COMPUTER SUPPLIES LTD Fax: 01703 457222 Unit 12, The Sidings, Hound Rd, Neftley Abbey, Southampton S031 5QA DIY ilebbong COMMS MAY 1995 CygnusEd Professional W3.5 Copyright @ 1987-1993
CygnusSoft Softuare lines 19 IL changes 691 size 583 62 * line 15 TITLE The hone page of Richard Baguley! TITLE H1 Helcone to the wonderful world of ne! H1 IHG SRC=HTTP: baggers.con ne.gif In I not beaut ifu 1? P fln I not the nost wonderful person you have ever set your eyes upon? P I Please feel free to lie if you wtsh I p 'ersonally I think I‘n gorgeous, but what do you expect? I nean, you didn't hink I was going to think I was hideously unpleasant, do you? Cone on! P In wajij iEnouph about ne. How are you today?.Please feel free to R aggersPcix.conpulink.co.uk nail
ne fi and let ne know... HTML D ol HTML-Genie vi.1, @1994 by Paul Kolenbrander.
Lais ¦ Size 1 ¦ Bold ¦ Anchor ¦ Nunbered ¦ Mai Ito ¦ Size 2 Fixed Width Address Def init ion Neus V Size 3 V Italic V Line Break V Unnunbered V Telnet V Web pages are simply text files with a few special bits in 'em. This is HTML Heaven running with Cygnus Ed.
Top nit. Te Width Future Publishing are doing it, Sony are doing it and Bianca is doing it in her sntut shack. The Daily Telegraph are doing it, the Andy Warhol Museum is doing it on silk screens and Microsoft are doing it for themselves, but somebody else has done it for Kylie Minogue. What are they all doing? Getting on to the World Wide Web (WWW for short).
So what is it? Well, that question has been answered to death, but here's the short answer for any newcomers out there. The WWW is a graphical interface for the Internet. So, instead of typing long commands, you click on buttons with the mouse and look at pictures on the screen.
Hurrah for the on-going advance of technology!
Most of the examples I mentioned above are big companies trying to flog their wares, but that's not the be all and end all of the WWW. Much of the stuff you can find on it is put up by individuals.
From fan clubs to TV cameras in people's toilets, there are all sorts of things on the Web. So how do you put your Own stuff up there?
Although it all looks hideously complex, creating your own WWW pages is pretty simple.
Each page is really just a text file with a few commands (in angled brackets) stuck in for good measure. The format of these files is called HTML (HyperText Markup Language). These commands (usually referred to as Tags) can do anything from displaying an image to creating a link to another page. For instance, if you had a line such as : A HREF=HTTP: www.futurenet. oo.uk index.html Futurenet A it would create a link (shown as blue underlined text) to Futurenet, Future Publishing's own WWW site. If the user were to click on this, they would be taken to this other site. This sort of power
means that it is incredibly easy to skip around the globe.
One click could take you from a site in the UK to Want to set up your own World Wide Web pages?
Richard Baguley looks at how to do just that.
One in Japan and the user wouldn't necessarily even know it had happened.
Graphics are also added in a similar way.
Instead of including the graphics in the text file they are brought up by another Tag. For instance: IMG SRC=HTTP: wherever.co.uk bleurgh.gif would put the image bleurgh.gif on the page. The bit beginning with HTTP: is the URL (Unique Resource Locator), which tells the Web browser where the graphic file is stored. Because HTML is designed to be used on any machine, it's best lo use an easily converted format such as GIF or JPEG, because most Pcs can't cope with IFF files.
You could create pages with any text editor, but it's best to use one designed for the purpose.
There are several available on the Amiga, but the two best ones are Heddley and HTML Heaven.
Heddley is an editor which was originally designed for creating and editing AmigaGuide documents, but more recent versions have been able to create and edit WWW pages as well.
In practice, the two types of document are quite similar, with both having hypertext links and the like. Heddley is pretty easy to use. Although it does require some thought as to the structure of your document before you start. Frankly, this is a good thing to do anyway, so it's not a problem.
HTML Heaven works in a slightly different way.
It's not an editor in its own right, but a set of programs which work with an editor such as (ygnus Ed or Edge. The HTML Tags are created by a series of Arexx macros which can he used from within the editor. So, you can set it up to add the Tag for an address by simply selecting it from a menu. It also comes with a document which explains what all the HTML Tags mean, which I haven’t got space to do. Both programs are available from any Aminet site (such as src.doc.ic.ac.uk, in the directory aminetNtextMiyper) or from any decent PD company or BBS.
So now you know the basics of creating your own Web pages. How do you let other people look at them? You have to put them somewhere where people can get at them any time, 24 hours a day.
After all, with a global network like the Internet, you never know where people are going to be calling from. You could, in theory, link your Amiga to the Internet, but this is expensive and fiddly. I wouldn't consider it unless you have a lot of money and time to use up. If you do, contact me and I'll see what I can work out to help you.
Most of you will be accessing the Internet through a service provider (SP) such as Demon (0181 371 1234) or .NetKonnect (0171 345 7777).
When you want to connect to the Internet you call them up on your modem and you're off. What you may not realise is that many Sps offer a service where they store the pages for you. So, all you do is call the SP, upload your pages, hang up and anybody on the Internet can then access them.
Demon charge you £25 per month for up to 10Mb of space, but some are now thinking of offering this as part of their standard package.
Check with your friendly neighbourhood SP for more details and get webbed! *2?
Richard Baguley can be contacted at baggers@cix.compulink.co.uk A500 A500+ HARP DISKS
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lurther expansion
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if COMPATIBLE with Work Bench t .2 1 32 0 and 3 1 and KCS PC
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500 with COOLING FAN
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partition utdityi and MRBACKUP PRO (backup utility! 1r
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AVAILABILITY Both programs available for All Amigas and Atari ST's, all IBM PC’S and compatibles.
ACCESS VISA DINERS AMEX S WITCH CONNECT PHONE OR FAX FOR RAPID DESPATCH TEL 01942 889778 : FAX 01942 889778 Cheques & P. O's to M. S. S. L(Dept A.F.) 27 Croft Avenue, Atherton, Manchester M46 9FH ALL CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED I* Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
PIRATE POLITICS Since I bought my Amiga four years ago, I have been using nothing but pirated software, apart from the occasional boxed package. I know diis is stealing, so I have decided to send the relevant amount of cash to the programmers each time I buy a pirated program. For example, if I bought a pirated game that's worth £25.99. I would send £5.25 to the programmers. I worked this out from the article on the price of games in AF51.
Because 1 am not buying from retailers or distributors, I only have to pay die £9.95 to the publisher.
Since 1 am not using any of the publisher's disks, boxes, manuals, marketing or repro, 1 only owe the publisher £5.25. Is there something wrong widi this idea?
I don't think that I will ever break the habit of buying pirate software as long as games are so expensive. Street Fighter II. For example, was NOT worth the price, and I would never pay that much for such a sad attempt to get money from buyers by putting the Street Fighter logo on a box containing cheaply programmed software that isn't worth the disk it's on.
If the price of games was less, I would buy original software. A lot of my friends have also agreed to send money to die programmers each time they get a pirate game.
.4 Reforming Pirate, Somewhere Piracy is still stealing, no matter whether you send money to the programmers or not. I agree that sometimes games are not worth thr money you pay for them, that is why we review them. Hut copying games is quite simply illegal. appreciate that you have gone to the effort of sending some money to the programmers, but that dorsn 'I make it all right.
I think that a lot of people who write to your magazine, to which I am a loyal subscriber, are being very short sighted. You rave oil about what a great machine the Amiga is and how bad the PC is, without thinking.
Fewer software houses are backing the Amiga now. You only have to look through the last few issues of Afto see this. Although Photogenics got 95 per cent, I wonder how well it compares to Corel Draw or Photoshop. The same is true of games.
There are excellent games out now on the PC such as Gabriel Knight, Little Big Adventure and Doom, the likes of which we will never see.
Please do not think I am signing the Amiga olf, I love the machine, but please be realistic in future.
Philip Stephenson, psteph@optimal.exnet.com I'll tell you exactly how Photogenics compares to Photoshop - very well indeed. For a start, it runs in only 2Mb of memory . Secondly, the paint layer can be dynAMIGAlly altered and different effects and settings can be chosen before it is Jixed. I suppose now you it be saying that Lightwave is very good for an Amiga program, but how would it rate against real software like 3D Studio ?
Right, Amiga software is nap really, which is why they use it for Babylon 5, Robocop, Star Trek, SeaQuest... gel a life. If you think software is really better on the PC because you have to pay WOO for it and you need 16Mb of RAM lo run it, then good luck to you and your bank manager. I guess we II all hair to fust get by with a more usable system at a fraction of the price.
Oh, and you '11 neiter see a decent version of Sensi Soccer on the PC, not if you want to play against your mates.
EVEN MORE OUTRAGEOUS I have just read the letter Quite Outrageous (AF69) and I cannot agree more with the writer who pointed out the Afbias towards the A1200 and A4000 at the expense of the A500. The headline Quite Outrageous must be referring to the reply. The magazine is far more A1200 than is being made out. I remember reading a couple of months ago that there are more A500s in use than all other Amigas put together. If J R Drinkall’s letter hurt Amiga Format's feelings, then Continued overleaf • THE BITS ON THE SIDE AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE LETTER FROM AMERICA As an avid (or is it rabid)
reader of all serious Amiga magazines, I'm particularly struck by the attitude in the letters columns toward the USA and its users. There seems to be some kind of underlying resentment towards us and I've become a little irked. Some of the writers tend to dance on the boundary between humour and prejudicial sarcasm.
I would plead with you to chill with that adolescent silliness, and realise that in a global, internetted, infobahned super-village, we're all bozos on this bus.
We'd better stick together or the ride's over. So how about being first on your rack to give us the following:
1) US Amiganauts tend to have more disposable income than most
other users, so how about letting us know if games you review
run on NTSC a 68030-040 A3000 or 1200 (yeah, that's right a
68030 1200. We don't tend to accept Commodore's
configurations), or A4000.
2) Stop using AF to croon about your Macintoshes. We know Mac
software is cool, but our Emplants run the Mac stuff just fine
on those rare occasions we need to.
3) I don't know if you have any figures on your circulation in
the States, but we pay about $ 12.50 for an issue and even if
there are only a few of us, please try to be fair and
accommodate the specific needs of the US Amiga Pioneer.
Frank Salvatini, President. Metropolitan Amiga Computer Enthusiasts.
Roselle, Illinois USA You started it by throwing all that tea in the harbour, you ungrateful rotters. Er, I don't think there is any real animosity towards our US cousins. Just so long as you don't go on about how rich you are, and can afford accelerators and that. OK. Lets give you some answers...
1) Aarrrrrgh! You evil swine, you had your chance. The missiles
are flying, there is no turning back... we try to give as much
information as possible. I don't see that the NTSC thing is a
problem, unless you are buying games direct from the UK. And
if you all have A 1200s and can obviously afford a decent
monitor, you can run PAL software anyway.
2) I don't think we do. The art people like their Macs, but they
don't know any better.
3) I'm pleased to tell you the overseas subscription rate has now
dropped to £84.97 (USS133), so it would be cheaper to
subscribe, and have your issue airmailed out.
Just an idea for Amiga on-line services on Futurenet - how about a mailing list for Amiga takeover news? I know that you currently have the automated response via CBM News, but I think it would be even better to allow users to subscribe to the list, and then you can E-mail the list and everyone subscribed to it gets the latest news. What do you think?
Oliver Roberts.
E-mail Quite simply, at the moment we don't have the time or the software to set up and maintain a mailing list. Also, our network probably wouldn't be able to take the strain, because from what I can gather from the current service, there would be more than 1,000 messages sent each time.
That goes beyond the scope of the desktop machine and the network it is connected to at the moment.
Hopefully we will be able to do things like this in future, but at the moment you'll have to bear with us.
PAD PROB I have a problem with my CDTV control pad. The A and 8 buttons are sprung by a rubber pad which is breaking up due to constant use. Can you tell me if a replacement pad is available, and where from, or if I will have to buy a new remote?
Cwmbran. Gwent I shouldn't think that you can buy a separate pad for your CDTV, but you could try asking CPC. The authorised Commodore spares dealer. Give them a call on 01772 654455 and they will at least let you have a new controller for £20.78 plus VAT.
4* maybe that is a good thing - we might get some more articles aimed at users of the older Amigas. We are still out there.
Graeme Wilson.
Uniivrsity Of Hull OK. I surrender. We'll slart reidewing all that umnderful ASIKFonly software that's been coming out recently. Hr were going to ignore it because we're not interested.
Nout we can give pages and pages to er, well that s where it all falls down really.
,4.v said (quite clearly I thought I. we can only review what is released.
The features are still just as much use to anylnuly. Workbench tends to concentrate more on ,412 K)s. But that's because, not surprisingly, more .41200 owners wnte in. don V quite see what you expect us to do. We go to great pains to make sure, as far us possible, that Coverdisks are A 5U0 compatible. Then you complain that the packages are old.
DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE 1 have been getting .4 ever since Issue 13 and have enjoyed every issue, but I have not felt strongly enough to write in before, that is till now. Since the demise of the big C everyone who has an Amiga has been waiting with baited breath to find out what the future Amiga holds. Some have ran out of puff but others like myself and everyone who reads ,4 have been hanging on to every precious breath. The last thing we devotees need are people trying to tell us our computers are dead.
In Issue 69 of Amiga Format on pages 60-61 there is an ad for Indi Direct & Calculus who have been advertising in AFTor years supposedly supporting the Amiga.
Now they are trying to tell us that the Amiga is dead. Itt their ad it says: 'The Amiga was a great product but technology marches on. Have you compared the cost of a full Amiga system to a Multimedia PC?' And then they compare an A1200 against a 33Mhz PC.
Well, this hardly proves that the PC is better than the Amiga. The bit that really gets on my nerves is comparing the Amiga to a 1970s computer that you have to add bits to like a Meccano set to get a decent system. Even then von have lo set up all the different drives for the mouse and CD-ROM, load Windows, add a soundcard and extra RAM and when this is all done lind out that you’ve used up most of that valuable memory, halved your processing speed by using Windows and that your processor has a bug in it. And you call that technology moving on.
David McEioy, Garelochhead, Dumbartonshire couldn 't possibly agree more.
Have you fallen out of favour with the software houses? I say this because recently you seem to be falling behind in your game reviews.
For Christmas I received Death Mask for the CD52, yet I'd never heard of the game, fortunately it turned out to be quite good. There will probably be a review in next month's issue I thought, but no. The review didn't appear till the March issue, nearly two months later.
I DpcAljfc CAPE
A. P.C. MANGA DREAMSCAPE by A Gardener, New Zealand by Anon,
Cheshire by Simon Philips. Kent My version of Untouchables
(Ocean Software) is knackered. I wonder if anybody knows where
I can get a copy. Perhaps you could begin a section for this
kind of problem?
I would also like to know if you could recommend any good fruit machine simulators because I can no longer afford to keep playing the real things. I've seen a number in your PD adverts but I am not sure which ones are good or not.
UNTOUCHABLES UNPLAYABLE Any ideas? (I have an A600HD with Workbench 2.05). Neil Ruttley, Spalding, hues I think we should start a section. At the moment we are looking for Untouchables. Great Ghiana Sisters and most importantly. Sword Of Aragon. There's not a lot to choose between PD fruit machine sims.
Talk to your local PD library.
THE MAN AT THE TOP Write to Amiga International managing director David Pleasance do Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth St, Bath BA1 2BW.
I thought this was maybe a one off but at the end of January I visited my local games shop and there on the shelf was Theme Park CD32 yet there had not been so much as a release date in your pages, despite the fact it is probably one of the most eagerly-awaited titles among CD owners, and there is still no sign of a review or even a mention.
I understand Al"s policy of not reviewing games till they arc officially released (which I totally agree with), and that because it’s a monthly mag some games may arrive too late in the office to be included, but 1 cannot understand why some games are released months before the review appears. Have software companies become so worried about receiiing a bad review, that they release their games first and get as much money as possible before they allow it to be reviewed? Rise Of The Robots springs to mind.
Kenneth Gordon, Giiidepnst. Northumberland COVERDISK CORNER NOT ENTIRELY SATISFIED I would like to know why you put Photogenics and Super League Manager on the Coverdisks (AF69)?
Photogenics only works on a machine with Workbench
3. 0 or above, so why didn't you put extra Coverdisks on with a
program everybody could use? I felt sorry for my A600 having
to put up with Super League Manager in its disk drive for the
whole one minute it was in there.
Neil Schofiled.
Runcorn, Cheshire Do you know how many ground-breaking art packages were released recently that work on 1.3 machines in S12K? Not many. It is difficult deciding what to put on the Coverdisk. And sometimes we think it's better to have something very good, rather than something not very good that everyone can use. I'm sorry you didn't like the games disk, but a lot of other people did.
ANTI-DEMO DEMO The Coverdisks on issues 68 and 69 did not contain full programs, but only demos What good are these to anybody? Most other magazines carry full utilities, so why have you stopped?
J Caris, my I®pavilion, co. Uli We haven't stopped. We are still trying to offer the best disks for all our readers. This month you have a very good, commercial music package on the disk, but I guarantee that next month my mailbag will be filled with complaints from people who don't like music. OK, Death Mask is a bit of a special case.
My husband and I have been loyal Commodore users since we owned a Commodore 64. We upgraded through the A500 and now own an A1200 with extra memory, accelerator card and hard drive.
We recently purchased a CD- ROM and have discovered, to our dismay, that there is very little software available. We require more serious software like Insight Dinosaurs or flight sims. In fact, after touring a computer exhibition we were tempted to sell the whole shooting match and buy a PC.
Can you tell us if you are going to encourage software houses to produce new CD-ROM CD32 software? Unless you back this aspect of the Commodore business, I cannot see how you are going to The publishers sent us a copy before Christmas, but unfortunately it seemed lo get lost in the Christmas post. By the time we did get our hands on a copy, it was too late for the issue we were working on.
So it had to wait until Ihe next one.
We need to receive games about four weeks before our on-sale date to give time to review them, design the pages, print the issues and get them in the shops.
Sometimes (as with Theme Park ) games companies work so close to deadlines, that they can V get us a copy much before the release dale, which obviously means we can'I review them. Sometimes we seem to fall off the mailing list of a few games companies, and it would indeed be quicker for us to nip down to the local software emporium and buy a co ry ourselves. But even if you see a really neat game on the shelves, read the review first.
Indeed, maybe the Amiga Sho iperand Amiga Power offices. You could give a profile on everyone, what their job entails, how they do it and how they fit into the production of the magazine. It could also give us an insight into how the magazine is made from planning to printing.
AF, THE MOVIE Why not make a video Inside Amiga Format where you show the viewers around die Amiga Format, and so at least we've got that sorted now. No more demos.
Finally we are all agreed. Ooh. Hang on a minute... PRO-DEMO DEMO After getting a copy of Amiga Shopper, I noticed that Amiga Format is lacking some features such as reader ads and programming tutorials. Yes. I know that we're going through AMOS at the moment but how about C and Pascal or Assembly (again). Thanks for the Photogenics demo which I found interesting and useful.
Philip Stephenson.
Malta There are differences between the two mags We don't have as many tutorials in AF, and the ones we do tend to be related to our Coverdisks. So you liked the Photogenics demo. Why can't these readers ever make up their minds ? Any minute now someone is going to say they don't want commercial software at all... MORE UTILITIES I disagree with every Amiga magazine putting full-price programs on the disks. I would much prefer one of the disks to be full of PD utilities and games. At least with a disk full of PD utilities, if you don't like one there is a fair chance that you will like one of
the others.
Gareth Carroll, E-mail Oh dear. That about runs the whole gamut of possible opinions on this. I think this is a debate that will run and run. Its been going on as long as I have owned an Amiga. I think this is one that is going to have to go to the Amiga Format Forum (see page 146).
Hope to compete against the new tide of Pcs.
Kathy Anderson, Bradford. West Yorkshire r Commodore's difficulties over the past year have definitely affected the continuing development of CD- based software, and, as such, I have complete empathy with your situation. I can absolutely assure you that if our management buyout is successful, we have already made plans to fully support further CD-ROM development even to the point (where appropriateI to cofound some titles. I am pleased to report that we understand that the new Elite product is to be released on CD. And you must buy TFX which is a stunning flight sim.
I think this video would be a big hit with the readers. Nearly everybody is interested in what makes Amiga Format tick. So get that camera out and start shooting! If you need someone to front this video, 1 would be happy to oblige.
Michael David Taylor.
Warrington. Cheshire I don V think the world is ready. It is hard to see us carrying off the Palme D'Or for two hours worth of shouting, swearing, crying and drinking.
I 'm sure the censors would have great difficulty with it, and we d be left with about two minutes offootage if we wanted lo even get an IS rating. However, if you are a subscriber, you'll often be treated to a (far too) detailed look of the day-to-day business of the magazine, courtesy of the Backstage neivsletler.
CLUB TOGETHER I’m starling an Amiga club called L’nderworld. And 1 seriously need some AMOS programmers who can help build a mag. Issue one has been made and if anyone wants a copy, write to me or phone me on the number below.
David White, 23 Thistleneuk, Old Kilpatrick, Glasgow, Scotland G60 SLY Tel: 0141 873072 I'd certainly like to see a copy. And all you AMOS programmers out there who have been moaning about only having a two-pagr tutorial every month - there's your answer. O 3 D73T Pc3J %5 to-* 3D2*Bc*j6mx 3D1619F«qmiDm*® 3D1?*Trt*n Tr«0 3DQ36S0TA Soacfb Tdl3S tMnTrlppm DD138CUrvw»r«ct 3D10*R»nafMof 1lM33A*l4-V«)rAfiA 1U274ArtJ.«3U» 1UJ26 A* Fm [ U 2 1 Ul» AGA Hon low 1U390 1700 Ron Ini 1U409 AGA Mind 7OT0 1U261 AGA Grapha LtiB 1U3WB*Ot)3I1 1U16?«W3 9*fMrop4 1U394 WB3 Hnt Ofc 1U1UW83HW1 1046 imagine 0oO* KD
(7) 11*496 Spectrum Iff VI3 TC431 Xcnti
* 10763 Mtxui T G427 Htntng Ingmu* TMWStWfmwfatfi
* ) 0425 Tht Ml 10474 Sutc»S» Machrt Ti Tajuoo o.,
* 10151 lWiHoliGo»0 M AmwFrurl H 10'.O 1D040Jma0o(i(7) 70 10043
Mlydi) 1D179Subb(TinalXTC (2) 10098 MoOltt So»;*t»lh 1W89
Iftfal Ert 3D162Sir f, Arte 10193 KeWasta PN*U 10190 SmifKliar
Gudrmit* 3 0195 No Refund (2) 10196 S4e*tUJ 1072? IM Dvno &
1110*2 «J*Vl*on
• imwvu i igi gissrsr [ T 0004 Shf 1 'W (21 I 3 6745 Ghao (2)
|TG?M EtifcnraGjrw nOWCawolC Sttrg* na2l«2PW SocM-lfl £85835“’®
iWUCvnDoai OM n G31S R»w The TiUnc nSromwf.tuMw |*tG410R*»04wn?
"3 G36S Octu Thumo W»f 10427 Stv Tr*Q*|2| |l 0793 ClxH of IN f mpim (?)
,103t»*0«WTh.B1c« |10471 Oklibs Rmngu n A3I1M Racing Manila 1*10416 Smpdi ]T &414 SpUCC. W* Gjmti T04790«Mq«l m&A(J) ! 10437 OtiBcM Sunt gSS2iL.
|10433J«S«l%a 110436 FtfyF** 110*37 ¦flBVO 1U508 Mom Gu*h K) |2) 1U182‘*o«p»V1| lECOVr .O w 1U36S Wtowcfi TT.lonM 1U316&M4COP.
1U362PC1W2 1U717LB»CTo 1U364 Wm lool 1U412 Accou* Aamw V712 1U39' DskHipl* 3 1U377 SopcOMflod V3 4 1U491 Oooif 4 Baddy 9y» (7) 1U606 Ki(* VI 4 11435 An AGA Mut-Vtuon 1U418A1200Uim0iM 1U414 Aim M Manual 1U620 V«« ChocAat V6 51 1 U*80 Ai Multipnnl * 10*90 lockout V2 1 10*45 Gam« HO lrwa*tt IUWEb.&'SMWVI 7 1U497 iruga SM) 1U604 Star Wan OtMCti (3 1U603 Mac: Sawctc VI 40 1J6O60EAW6I2 107164.
1023;E««» m l 1B243M 1V196TKft«MoM 5) 1 ¥132 ISO tore »tw IviUBaunYa'att 1 Ml|7 A Trip To Mm (7i 1M066 7«fro Manta II 3 Mqtt Tune Up Tty 6m 1U096 Drum loop Semc“« 1M237Ravf Semcw (5| 1M230 H ed Ouw M«w 3 M2* Banging Rave* AOA IIM«.
1S126CW,Crwlo.(JSM«|4| 1 S’09 Bwy*on 5 OofKti 1AU112 Erin ASA 3S1G3 FhoeOe CjfM iAtfiiia*id«AaA 1S1l2R«dO viS«iM(?)
1S121 AM«n SMO (31 3 CON lot King Chwl(1l
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Super-Denise CHIPS 8371 Atfnus (A500) £1260 8372A 1 Meg
Agnus £2430 8375 2 Meg Agnus £2430 8374 Alice (A1200) £32.70
8362 lienise (A500) £9.60 8373 Super lienise £18.40 8364
Gary £7 60 8520 CIA (A500 * £15.00 8520 CIA A600 1200)
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10763 *»* : AGA 10766 700 Uw 9. Zoo 1D?66D5v«9»AI*»l?i 10259
tt* Prtmum 10760 SwAcram (2) 10232 So"* Julc* 9* AGA 1D764
Boot* 6y Sanffy 10254 Motion Ongin 2 (2) 10296 KIBng Tent (3|
1075? Prey AGA (?)
1D261 Wumnw Shmm* (3) 1DW7 Oac** (3) 10736 Mu QvWOnvt (3) 1D7I4COTTXW. Red AGA 3 0170 Ortgrn (2) IdlflOVoWno 101661 042 101616« Tim* SmuMy (2) 10213C»ll«t »(2)AGA 10733 (XACievWd 7 AGA 102*0 S»M« lf«l Good AGA 10236 AcMteAM AGA I MU ImlUTOi MOCSE MAT "MV w . Uu. pn pm IH ST CO TH lotunh taoouh p.p DISK LABELS ICO H * S DtSk I f TO N6 « SO CAP WSK BOX 124 . II r.P MUVTt* CABl£ 1U571I Hd 0~«i nttlr 1U5T8 OmtDa) Y3 06 (2| TufiOiwTw mO-d.
1U577 Hut V? 7 1U569y rt*»21 1U569 icon knfmt Mwt 3 U56? Mot k« 1US66 Be»um* V 1U565 Spwcn Too* 1USM M»tc. VI0 1U536 Tutocal 1U502 Sun Trr* Gvd* (71 1U550 OH* UMU*) 1 US*9 Milr Aclw VI64 1US*8Nei.tfl«0w 1 US*7 Oou Umi 1US3 8-ff*»»H«nxyV?
1U636 Vd*ti(rKk*r M67 3 CG Font! Rac» 7 Diife i Clip-Art Pad 5 Old* i Educational 5 Otiks .... ! Latino Moda 3 Oiaka .
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CD32 Control Pad AMFCPP AF Price £19.99 Inkjet Refill Kits (Twin Packs) Super CD32 Control Pad An easy way to keep your inkjet topped up with the black (and coloured) stuff. Contains instructions, filling syringe and enough ink to fill most cartridges twice. Suitable for: HP Deskjet, Deskjet Plus, Deskjet 500, 510, 520, 500C, 550C. 560C: Olivetti Bubblejet JP150. 250, 350: Canon Bubblejet BjlOe, BjlOex, BjlOsx, BJ200, BJ130, BJ300, BJ330. BJC600; Epson Stylus 800, 1000.
The kits come in packs of two. So you should have enough ink to fill a cartridge four times.
Description Colour & Black Inkjet Refill Kits Black code AFIJBK AF Price £11.99 Colour code AFIJCK AF Price £19.99 Communicator III Helm A true multimedia authoring system, Helm earned 91% In AF53. Create image editors, databases, information managers, presentations or educational courseware. Helm is an authoring system and a graphics program, combining paint and image processing tools with a scripting language, a hypermedia database manager and user interface objects.
Description Helm Order code AMF503 AF Price £99.95 If you have a CD32 and an Amiga then with Communicator you can use your CD32 as a CD-ROM - and it brings many new features including AGA Viewer (view CD pictures and animations in 16.7 million colours).
Virtual CD (select which menu the CD boots with) and more. Comes with software and leads to connect to the senal port.
Communicator needs at least 1Mb Chip RAM and Klckstart 2 or 3.
Communicator III AMF505 AF Price £69.99 When we reviewed this incredible music package (AF29) we awarded it the coveted Gold rating |a whacking 92%) and that was with a retail price of £279. We said: 'Contains all the elements you could possibly need to use your Amiga In a serious environment.' KCS 3.5 Is much more than just a sequencer, it also contains a whole host of functions, in a multiprogram environment (MPE), to allow you a great deal of flexibility in creating music: record notes in KCS. Edit them in Tiger and print out your score using Quickscore.
• KCS 3.5 iMHllrax 1Mb RAM. AltlKKifh 2Mb, • hart OH.. and a MUM
Intarlaca la raconunaodad.
Tiger Cub Manual To get the most from your excellent Tiger Cub Coverdisk (AF66), we are offering the official 100-page manual from Dr T's Music Software for the special pnce of just £9.99. KCS 3.5 Level II Featuring in-depth articles on getting started, the tape recorder, the graphic editing display, menus, instruments, drum kits, quickscore.
Tables of assignments and much, much more.
Description KCS 3.5 Level II Order code AMFKCS AF Price £69.99 Description Tiger Cub Manual Order code AFTCM AF Price £9.99 AMOS Professional User Guide This is the official manual for our wonderful AMOS Professional Coverdisk from AF67. The 650 pages gently introduce new users to the delights of programming in AMOS (97%, AF40) and then guide them through the many advanced features of this truly astonishing programming package.
Co-authored by industry guru Mel Croucher, this reader-friendly official manual contains all the essential information you'll need to get the most from our remarkable AMOS Professional Coverdisk.
PageSetter 2: The Manual To enjoy the full benefits of the brilliant AF63 PageSetter 2 Coverdisk. You need the official manual. Learn how to design, create and print your own leaflets, posters, party invites and stationery with irvdepth tutorials.
The manual also contains information on importing format images, formatting text, drawing structured illustrations and a full listing of keyboard shortcuts.
With our Coverdisk and the full manual a whole new world of Amiga design and desktop publishing will open up before you.
Description j ¦ AMOS Pro Manual Order code AMFAPRM AF Price £17.99 Description Order code PageSetter 2: The Manual AFM PSM AF Price £9.99 A500+ And A600 1Mb RAM Upgrades If you have less than 2Mb RAM, you Datastore The full version of our tremendous AF68 Coverdisk is available now. Datastore is a revolutionary database, which is accessible, sophisticated and powerful, yet easy to use. The number of records is limited only by the amount of RAM you have available (minimum requirement 1Mb with WB2 or 3).
Easystart templates that come with the package include Club Membership, Recipes, Address Book, and a complete up-todate Amiga Format Magazine Guide. Many commands are performed simply by clicking on icons, and multiple file editing allows several databases to be opened simultaneously. A ground-breaking release.
¦ Sic ¦ mm are at a serious disadvantage, so take this opportunity to upgrade at an astonishingly low price. These boards for the A500 Plus and A600 simply plug into the Amiga's trapdoor connector. They are built to the highest standards and are fully guaranteed for a year. Upgrading to 2Mb will give both your machine and your productivity a boost.
Description A600 code A500+ code A600 A500+ 1Mb RAM Upgrade Datastore AFDAST AF Price £49.99 AF6H1M AF Price £29.99 AF5P1M AF Price £29.99 Wordworth AFC Spell Checker And Manual There can't be a single Amiga owner who isn't aware of this package and the Incredible impact It’s had on the Amiga scene. Read our review in AF68, try our exclusive Coverdisk demo from AF69 and prepare to be amazed.
The most talked-about Amiga image manipulation package ever also brings you the creative freedom of a traditional paint program.
Amazingly. Photogenics does NOT require a 24-bit graphics board but runs on an Amiga with 2Mb of Chip RAM and Kickstart 3.0 or higher. An AGA chip set is required for colour display.
You've already got an exclusive Wordworth AFC Coverdisk and the May issue of Amiga Shopper (issue
49) contains the drawing tools to go with it. Now all you need is
a spelling checker and manual, and here they are. The 26-page
manual will guide you through your first steps with Wordworth
AFC while the dictionary disk contains a 116.000- word spell
Photogenics AMF508 AF Price £54.95 Wordworth AFC Exclusive Amiga Format version of Digita's brilliant Wordworth word processing package.
King Pin & Bubble 'n' Squeak Ten-pin bowling and top platform capers courtesy of our quite tremendous game demos.
.AND FOR A SPECIAL TREAT 2 Hardware Guide Expert advice on more than 200 hardware add-ons from drives to digitisers Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 « 0 Ul Coverdisks: Complete Tiger Cub music package worth £60. Plus a demo of Binary Asylum's fabulous helicopter shoot-em-up Zeewoff.
AF62 August 1994 Coverdisks: Complete musk package OctaMED Pro vS worth £30 plus be a motor mogul with our delightful Detroit game demo.
AF60 June 1994 Coverdisks: Three-disk special! Full version of InterSpread spreadsheet program worth £20 plus DemoManiac and DreamWeb demos.
AF55_January 1994 Coverdisks: Get the best out of Workbench with the excellent DiskMaster 2 utility, and experience the moody might of our magnificent Beneath A Steel Sky game demo.
MORE GREAT ISSUES AF69_March 1995 Coverdisks: Exclusive demo of the incredible 95 per cent-rated Photogemcs image processing program plus Super league Manager game demo.
AF68 February 1995 Coverdisks: Special demo version of Digita's new Datastore database and four action-packed levels from Sensible's sensational Cannon Fodder 2.
AF67_January 1995 Coverdisks: Three-disk special edition featuring the full AMOS Professional worth £50. Sensible World Of Soccer.
AIR and Lion King demos.
AF66 December 1994 For just £5 you can treat yourself to a back issue of Amiga Format complete with creative Coverdisk programs and the best game demos, or discover one of our special editions.
...then order an AF70 back issue.
Fill in the form on page 135 now!
Annual 1995 1 % piece of hardware and software reviewed, ratad and expleined by experts.
Amm FORMATtm Call our e on ft *1 225 i 522511 DD [pofe®© (teDofld]® HUDGfl pKgDsflDO To order your books, turn to page 138 and fill in the form provided.
SAVE OVER £160... On network registration, software, hardware and on-line services - see the vouchers inside the book!
A1200S, CD-ROMS, AND THE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW This new book tells you everything you'l need to know about CD-ROM, how it works, and industry plans to exploit its full potential.
Included in the book are two CD-ROMs packed with hundreds of megabytes of useful utilities.
Order code AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO The Amiga is the world's premier low-cost graphics workstation. But its basic power, built- in expandability and ever-widening range of quality software and add-ons mean it's capable of highly professional results. All it takes is the know-how... and all the know-how is right here!
FLB519X AMIGA SHOPPER PD DIRECTORY A comprehensive PD directory. Within its pages you'll find over 700 applications, utilities and programs for your Amiga.
Arexx: Your Amiga’s Built-in Turbochargor £17.95 Order code FLB122A Price £19.95 CORISH’S AMIGA GAMES GUIDE Corish's Amiga Games Guide is the latest hints and tips book from the world-famous Corish Games Guide series. This new edition has more than 400 pages packed with lifesaving tips, cheats and solutions.
Order code FLB5157 Price £14.95 INTERNET, MODEMS AND THE WHOLE COMMS THING ? How to find your way around the Internet, CiX, CompuServe and other major networks.
? Bulletin Board Systems: what are they, who runs them, what do they do and how are they run?
? You've got an Amiga and you’ve got a modem - now how do you make them talk to each other?
? Make new contacts, obtain technical support, download software, join special interest groups and more.
AREXX Arexx could be your Amiga's most important asset.
It's a powerful programming language in its own right and it lets you create time-saving scripts for the increasing number of commercial programs that support it. In fact, Arexx is purpose built for multitasking operations, just like your Amiga!
FLB9052 £19.95 : ¦ SAVE £5 1 SAVE £10 Order code FLB017A Order code FLB114A Price £4.95 Price £4.95 Free when you order two or more books SYNDICATE PLAYING GUIDE Find out how it's done with this Syndicate Playing Guide. You'll find full walk-through instructions and grabs of the key moments for all 50 missions of Syndicate. Now there's no excuse for losing!
ULTIMATE AMOS Explore the full potential of AMOS with easy-to-understand descriptions, diagrams and dozens of example AMOS routines. All you need to produce your own Amiga games is a smattering of BASIC knowledge, AMOS - and this 400-page book! It includes a disk with all the author's routines and four skeleton games.
POCKET WORKBENCH & AMIGADOS REFERENCE* Workbench and AmigaDOS can be confusing, unless you've got help. This pocket guide is spiral bound to lie flat while you use it and is an indispensable companion.
£13.95 SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY 1 995 Time limited offer Don't fancy forking out £43.45 for a year's worth of AF? Try our special six month offer for only £21.95. This offer replaces all previous offers. Ends May 31 1995.
Call our on 01225 822511 Be a smart buyer Save £10.55 off the cost of a year's subscription of Pay only £3.62 an issue - that's an 88p saving every month off the new £4.50 price for your favourite Amiga magazine.
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Hell, it's even a saving of over 37p a month off the current price - now that's what I call a bargain.
And as well as saving over a tenner off the news stand price you also get: An extra subs-only disk and our exclusive newsletter, special subs-only offers, savings on shoes - you don't have to walk to the newsagents. You should always get AF delivered to your door BEFORE it’s in the shops.
Beat the price rise Don't delay, subscribe today!
All you have to do is fill in the form on page 135 and send it off.
Or ring our hotline.
All these packages are from Europress, the creators of our AMOS Pro Coverdisk, and now they are available through AF at specially reduced prices.
MAY 1995 EDUCATIONAL OFFERS Call our order HOTLINE on 01225 822511 AMOS PROFESSIONAL COMPILER Speed up your AMOS Professional programs and squash them in size by up to 80% with the official compiler. Because our Coverdisk magicians have compressed the six disks of AMOS on to one. It is incompatible with the compiler. This version, therefore, also includes all six original AMOS Professional disks in addition to a comprehensive user manual.
Description ADI GCSE MATHS RRP £34.99 AF price £29.99 Order code AFEUR006 Description AMOS PROFESSIONAl COMPILER AF price £34.99 Order code AFEUR001 FUN SCHOOL MATHS Specially written for ages Description ADI GCSE ENGUSH RRP £34.99 AF price £29.99 Order code AFEUR007 7-11, Fun School Maths has three levels of difficulty so it can be utilised by children of all abilities. The five graphical games cover adding, subtraction, multiplication, decimals and fractions and demonstrate that maths does not have to be a dull, dry subject - it can be fun.
»'-'1 Maths monitors the child's progress and conforms to Description ADI GCSE FRENCH RRP £34.99 AF price £29.99 Order code AFEUR008 adjectival agreement perfect tense, future tense, common abbreviations, letter writing formulae, possessive and demonstrative pronouns and more.
Please make cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited ALL PRICES INCLUDE POSTING, PACKING AND VAT Credit Card no Expiry Date.. send this form to: Amiga Format, Future Publishing Limited, FREEPOST (BS4900), Somerton, Somerset TA11 6BR DO NOT SEND CASH. USE METHOD OF PAYMENTS LISTED ABOVE EEC customers registered for VAT, please quote your registration number: Customers outside the UK add £4.00 for overseas delivery Tick h«n If you don't want to racolva spatial odtn from ot!
Description Price Order Code Total order ADI GCSE MATHS Conforming to the National Curriculum. ADI GCSE Maths has been created for pupils in the fourth and fifth years of senior education. The progressive exercises include geometry, transformations, decimals, fractions, rotas, equations, using graphs, sequences, probability, calculating and measuring.
ADI GCSE FRENCH Conforming to the National Curriculum, ADI GCSE French has been created for pupils in the fourth and fifth years of senior education. The progressive exercises include Curriculum, ADI GCSE English has been created for pupils in the fourth and fifth years of senior education. The progressive exercises include spelling rules and patterns, the use of imagery, the structure of sentences. English comprehension, poetry, prose and Description FUN SCHOOL MATHS RRP £25.99 AF price £21.99 Order code AFEUR004 the guidelines laid down by the National Curriculum.
ADI GCSE ENGLISH Conforming to the National drama, punctuation and much more.
Phone Number.. ..Post Code.
AF EUROPRESS OFFERS FORM Name..... Address.. FUN SCHOOL SPELLING Suitable for ages seven to aduit through the three levels of difficulty. Spelling has six graphically delightful activities covering plurals, similes, suffixes, prefixes and homophones. The dictionary includes words dyslexics can have difficulty with and you can add any words your own children find troublesome.
Conforming to National Curriculum guidelines.
Spelling FUN SCHOOL PAINT & CREATE One of the most I delightful 1 children's t packages ever 'produced. Paint & Create is designed for children aged five and up but can be used and enjoyed by all ages. The five programs include painting, drawing, a greetings card creator, a music activity where the child controls a rock band and a Description PAINT & CREATE RRP £25.99 AF price £21.99 Order code AFEUR005 Access Visa jigsaw designer which is astonishingly good fun.
Cheque Description FUN SCHOOL SPELLING RRP £25.99 AF price £21.99 Order code AFEUR003 monitors the user's progress with the aid of a unique reporting system.
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S| H fMi n D*A J.h1*XtUm 0122S W22W ADVERTISING RATES £60 + VAT per Company entry AMIGA FORMAT MARKET PLACE Beauford Court 30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA1 QBW Tel: 01225 442244 Fax: 01225 480325
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disks lull of NEW | HI V 3 & H in X ot s USA SOFTWARE FOB
ONLY £4.25 Inc I . Cancel any time .
SMS Shareware 19 Carshallon Road. Camberley I Surrey GU15 4AQ I |_photW 0127 681864 fax 01276 64382_J WHITBY AMOS CLUB Disk Magazine Issue 1 ..1.00 Each Issues 2-6.....2.50 Each 5 Lockton Rd, Whitby
N. Yorkshire Y02I 3NB Cheques payable to P. Gumsley For all your
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Skartwotl software, including Ike itry boil demos, grins, jaws
and nils.
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Now F3es obtained doily Irom US's aroend Ike totolfy oid also Irom the Mattel.
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MIP.O. s. 300 CD Roms, d cheque to: BAK Distribution, d Road. Dronfield. Sheffieid S18 SGG C01246 290860 GET SERIOUSLY CONNECTED WITH CHIC ha nn |fS? Amoc Ihac fecKC now ofiai rue man D nwtoai wwkNwk ") Ni*fenh*j( (m (oomm OA. &»b you m icwpni natom. Shp aid adnu.
Nmbrnn rn-er i*cco*rt pxh iftvr» Ml. Ieoc d d«*unt cHtaondmwhnart hr d yon ko » « makra n oHa a BBS wA «•» 6Gb ol Amqe lin « dNTfocrf FIEf end NOW m otto cfla *. Dfttxi ef ai ’) hRfNl toil kugffl. F(A* M arm at tew (W yonok cn *0 lie* bow.
Cn.teb-lo. .Muxllh.BoW t WfoffffCkl Uwi «Yft» warn tktelilWttdladaM.nonda
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IH.GrimrtsCrwM. SuduSt Ejy. (EX7n)W4l71
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CD ROM. CD1. 3DO Also available Primer + Monitors & all other accessories For a Price Lis! PHONE 01 386 593387 Mon-Sun9am * Spm Answerphone on al all oihcr times.
XCAD DIRECT Compare ihe fr.iure* of XC*d 2000 -iih AutoCAD R12 and yea
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• baton vernon Doo'l delay boy •fule tiocka Uti!
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West Yorkshire BDI6 4NQ 01274 565205 THIS MONTH S SPECIAL OFFERS:- A «wlib (iamrs Dhis (1-220) ON1.V «0p rath Fred n* Dhks 1-1000 ONLY 75p nrh Wdfd Scknce Foots CD DLW - Wdrd Sdeocr Clipart CD O.M 17 Bb Phase IV (D tlfc.99. LSI) Compendium CD »2 (NEW) II7.W Convert COLOU IA 0 ft 1 BARGAIN HARD DRIVES FITTED 85-500mb Call EXCHANGE SERVICE MODULATORS .... £19.50 PSU .£19.50 D DRIVES .... £25.50 K BOARDS .£25.50 WE ALSO REPAIR TO COMPONENT LEVEL A600, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000 + 4000
DRIVE OR KEYBOARD REPLACEMENT + CIO MARKETPLACE MAY 1 995 PenDraqon PD tf 11 - jo l*sfc UM«4anh Mj|ra 21 - Vl IMr U*H4 om h iKhtafl on "in V.,Usks U»V«li: ii da*.
wt HO disks U.Tlra.11 pmvtfc-r %T TTT X'fcX'V FROM ONLY NJH PD 60p D*p» AF, 12 Mmioni MmcJ, Rochford. Essex SS4 1 RN 1-3 Disks £ I each 4-9 Disks 90p each 10-19 Disks 80p each 20-59 Disks 70p each 60+ Disks 60p each Add 70d to order for P&P J ) after title - number of disks PER DISK e® for ovo,y 10 0,flc,0 , OEMOS 120Q UTILS ~ Spectrum I 6 AGA Moviegvde (2) (HO) « GAMES |*l Mangled fenders P Route 66 p Super Mega fruits p Dynamite Warriors P Flomm.ng Engines p Jet Set Billy |2) j T Judgement Day p The Jo* p Suicide Mochine |T Commondo Raid p Bock Dawn 94 |T Cybertris p MecK fighter p Mono p
Space Toxi p Fishy Fishy j*l Atom p Day at the Races pParodroid 64 p Gunhghter p Punter p Black Dawn 2 p Marbles j ~l Scotlish Football pFruitmania | 1 Stewards Enquiry |T Automobiles j*l Raise the titanic p Talisman (2) p Ant Wars |2| pSoccet Cords USA p Waynes World Pc*ig j~l J « Strike p 18th Hole Golf |2| p Nerghbours (2| p Road to Hell »1 G.Prix Manage* pStafboM 13 |2)
• 3 Texat Chainsaw p Star Trek (2) p Mr Men Ofympici (2| p
Skidmarks pGorf j~l Board Games p 2 Player Soccer Lg
* 1 Metollica ()u»t*ce( |2)
* 1 Melallica |puppeh| |2( T Metallico (lightn.ng) (2) q aSI F :
- C *»ovlo.(2|B™gl i 8oplay 4 Pro 19 Fingers |2| 1 Slate of the
* 1 Dreom Tnpp.n
* 1 Desort Dioam (2| T lotus on E’» |2|
* 1 Foirlight 242 1 Cindy Crodord Slides (2)
* 1 Coppola |2|
* 1 V.deotrocker AGA
* 1 Andy's WB3 UlMs
* 1 AGA Utils 1 T AGA Graphic Utib i 1200 DEMOS *. Kid i s "I
Kick I 4 3 WB3 Backdrops 1WB3 Virus Killers 1WB3 Hocks “I
* 1 Apex Da'sy
* 1 Switchbod |2|
* 1 Whommer Slammer (3)
* 1 Soul Kitchen |2) "1 Roots T Nexus 7
* 1 Origut 2 |2)
* 1 Killing Time |3)
* 1 Twisted AGA (4) TptbyP) Hove (2) 1 Some Justice 94 T Mox
Overdrcre 2 (3)
* 1 f atal Morgana
v2 plus 38 gomes disks (over SCO gomes) £25 00 AGA VERSION Of
ABOVE FOR THE 1200 £25 00 BODYSHOP PACK 15 disks MJ of stunning
sw»msuit girfs (AGA only) £10 00 BUSINESS PACK 4 disk set
containing database, spreadsheet. W P e*c £3 20 1200 DEMO PACK
11 disks of the latest demos for the 1200 £8.00 IMAGINE PACK 18
ditks of objects, textures, help filet and more El3.00
LIGHTWAVE PACK 18 d.tfcs of objects, texturos. Help hies and
more £ 13.00 ASSASINS GAMES PACK I 5 Ouks full of me Iciest
garnet £ 10 00 SP-UTU5
£31 JAMOC I £17 99 j AMOC 2 & 3 £21 99
99 CDPO 1, 2. 3. OR 4 £17 99 LOCKNIOAD £17 99 LOCK NlOAD 2 £17
99 2 £1799 2 £35 99 51KIT £17 99 1399 £1799 :ONTS £17 99 . . OR
HOTTEST 4 or 5 £17 99 SOURCE COC€ £17 99 UTILITIES I 1500 £ 17
C17 99 1*1 Scrabble j*l Tetris Pro p Wibble World Giddy p Top
of the league I Deluxe Pocmon
• *l Parochute Jousl ,1 Megaboll 2.1 |*1 World Doris p High
Octane p Clash of Empires ¦ STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY (WE DO
BACK GUARANTEE ¦ i H Jp OnUn We c so stock Fred fiih tp to
IGCO. Sccoe up to
210. Aiw»nj Gofrei up to 226. ISO Tools, iorr end Arug. OTP fonh.
Diport ord muck we CATALOGS IXSK 75p a 3 1P Cfess stomps m WITH 0«C€RS OF 3 CXSKS OR MOPE] Plwsw frck Hies F»vr*d crd wnd Our " I I* r-wr'paUd ..tW coah » •« oMmi .. *- :i r | Oieo.ei Pc"*al Orders (oyobW O N t ( ®AHR?P) VHlRUN( 7Atl» P»«X)f O AGE 8EOJR1D Wt CONIT CcttXf* 08 SL TO lit IT r-aWOCdf MAJUiAl 137 Cheques PO's payable to: V Funnell, Greenacres, Lancaster Road, Pilling, Nr Preston PR3 6SR MON PD The Island of DISCovery For Quality Assured PD and CD FOR CATALOGUE SEND SAE 9 Lon y Wylan, Ynys Mon, Gwynedd. N Wales LL6I 5JU Tel: (01248) 714591 40 lUnlwu'k •») Wlftvm FMHr.
Oriiwby. S. Itunrfvrxklr HM" *M» Tel (01472) W6.486 Irvd Jwi ITB Vtvp*. HIM. SI. AlUR llrmas i v Km*. Mia*. Slkfc Slw« Uir vtr* ItUik Ihskv tfcp lop jnd Machxl.tr dfci boxra.
Vnil 2* l« IIXumMi prhr»*r» 50 "TOI* AMIGA GAMES FOR ONLY £12-95 POST PAID These games are noj public domain They are all 1993 copywrited games titles. Adventures, puzzlers, platformers. Shoot em ups.
Beat em ups etc. Some of these games were mega hitsl FUTURE SOFTWARE (AF) 8 MAGNOLIA PARK, DUNMURRY, BELFAST BT17 ODS Compatible with all Amigas I Meg only Fast despatch on orders.
Eastwood AMIGA PD All disks 80p inc p&p Tel 01709 829748 UTILS, DTP, FONTS. W.Ps, A1200 AGA, FRHD FISH SCOPE, OBIT, LSD, AMINET, TBAG, GAMES, CLIPART.
* 1 HD Games Installer 2 MUt *2 3
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* 1 Main Actor 1.55 n Dpamt 4 Buddy (2)
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D. sk stocker n Term *4 (3)
* 1 Imogme 2 Buddy sys |2)
* 1 Spectrum *2
- Isp«HmGo™.,0l2(4) fU-roGcr*!.
.*1 Da to bases
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Froecopy I 9
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catalogue disk just tend 9 first class stamps DSDO with labels
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C. L.R. Liccncewarc Distributor ?ricei range from 13»5 lo £5.50
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Amija CD-ROMs Many new and secondhand Cdt available last and friendly icnvicc, lame day despatch Amiga Repairs t spares Service Available 1 Lower Mill Close, doldlhorpe, South Yorkshire 543 »»y Ttl 11TOS MI117 Mease make cheques.postal orders payable to: SADDUTMMPS PD AMINKT nf C17.tf 17 8IT PHASE 4 cia.so LSD TOOLS C 18.50 NETWORK CD ei4.*s ASSASSINS CD C17.tt FONTS ca.75 ORGANISE LOTTERY NUMBERS WITH Mj C ¦ NUWeKS vz YOU CAN NOW ANALYSE THE LOTTERY RESULTS TOGETHER WITH YOUR PAST SELECTIONS AND PICK YOUR FUTURE NUMBERS SWGIC NIWKRS STB I RfTAJNS All ITS 01I«R ItMlHtS PICK THE P0CBS RESULTS
* 1 Stones AGA
* 1 Bocmon AGA .1 Zomb-ei II AGA T AGA Megaboll T AGA Tetris
* 1 AGA Klondike (3)
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* 1 Motorola Invaders 2 |2) 1200 SLIDES 1 AGA Crxfy Gawford (4)
* 1 Wild Wheels
* lNkl bylcr |2)
* 3Babyfcn 5 n AGA Nvn, Sides )4) 1 Jurassic Pork T Red Dwarf (2)
"1 ftofcdeck (4) T 3odyvxo 16 3 (I 5ik «d-J
* 1 Bcxfyshcp 2,4.5 A c* 7 (2 (fohseoch)
* 1 BcxJyshco 8 )3)
- liGAFartosyPkcs
* 1 Ser Trek AGA
* 1 Enka
- iCbudia 1AGAMar 3(4)
* lGtf eoo.nm |6) 1G f Beo.nes«o 2 (6) Tgff Boxftei vd 3 )6)
* 1 Sheriyn Fern
* lFVoefc*C *w
* 1 Mog WB (hard drive) “ Fl9 2 (3)
* 1 MogK WB Extras n Masquerade |2)
* 1J«ix AGA (2)
* 1 Tetris Duel AGA
* 1 Samurai Showdown 1 Pocket? AGA
* 1 K'ondike 3 |4| [hord drne)
* 1 Cybertech corp (2) 1200 Diognoshcs
CALL 0191 584 0682 WITH THIS MONTH'S COVERDISKS YOU CAN... Become a melody maker with the outstanding Bars&Pipes Professional sequencing package.
Experience the thrill of stalking an alien enemy through a maze of corridors in our fantastic game demos.
This demo only works on AGA machines - A1200 AND A4000.
Alien Breed 3D Steve Bradley loads your gun and points you in the right direction to enter two worlds of alien menace.
ALIEN BREED 3D CONTROLS: Press K for keyboard, J for joystick pad and M for mouse control. On keyboard control, use the cursors to move around, the Alt key to fire and the Space Bar to open doors and operate devices. If you wish to run. But we know you won't hold down the Shift key.
Truly, we can confidently claim that this is not only Amiga Format's best games Coverdisk ever, but also the finest offering from any magazine. In the history of all things. Ever. Team 17‘s glorious first- person perspective. Alien Breed J J (A1200 A4000 only) goes head-to-head against an excellent and exclusive level of Alternative's already-released shoot-a-thon, Itrath Mask.
The lirst-person perspective (like where you would be if you were the camera, or if you were really there oh, go on with you, you know what I mean) shoot-em-up is a much-lauded sub-genre following the explosion in popularity of the games, primarily lor the PC.
Software companies have been falling over themselves to release Doom and Wol enslrin clones for the Amiga, but let us not forget that games such as Jurassic Park (in sections) and Hired Guns have already tackled the subject, so there is nothing incredibly original about first-person shoot-em-ups. But Alieu Breed 3D looks the most likely Amiga contender, with fabulous Gouraud shaded graphics, texture mapping and a remarkably swift 3D engine.
At the the start, you’ll be facing a wall. Turn around. As the large green monsters approach, centre them on screen and unleash a swift volley of lire via the Alt key mouse joystick. Keep a look out for extra ammo and health pick-ups, and be sure to walk over them in the centre of the screen otherwise you'll find you have not picked them up. It can be a bit fiddly but you'll soon get the hang of it. Oh. And you'll need to access a door to get to the next part of the level - so keep your eyes open. Good luck.
READ THIS FIRST Have you got both this month's Coverdisks?
The games disk is so packed to the gills that we’ve had to put all the decompression scripts on the Bars&Pipes disk. To access any ot the programs this month, you will have to boot up from Coverdisk A (Bars&Pipes). Be ready to follow the instructions and have three blank, formatted disks ready. Once the disks have been uncompressed, you can either boot from the games disks, or boot from Workbench first and then insert the Bars&Pipes disk. Note, the Coverdisk has samples for use with Bars&Pipes.
Release a volley of fire as the particular breed of aliens But if they get this close and you haven't yet got in an approach and, if accurate, a bloody mess you'll make. Accurate shot, what the hell have you been doing?
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK 2 Type in the following line exactly as it appears here, taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: 3 When asked for the source disk, insert the Coverdisk and press Return. All of the information on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the destination disk. Insert the disk you want to copy to and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type Endcli to close down the Shell. Your copy is complete.
DEATH MASK GUIDE IBBl Equip Boost your Shoot the Pick up yourself flagging reactors ammo to with a energy and claim increase large gun. With this. The spoils, firepower.
Dr-nth Mask has only recently been superseded by the might of Super Skidmarks as our favourite office game of the year, such was its hold.
It isn’t as sophisticated as many of the Doom clones but with the volume turned up. And in head-to-head mode, it’s a real blast. And we've got an exclusive. Specially-wrritten-for-Af level which, although specifically for two players, can happilv be tackled on your lonesome, although eventually you'll eliminate the sitting duck that is the other player, simply to finish ihe level.
So, what to do? If you're approaching the fearsome task with a chum, the idea is to scoot along the corridors searching out power-ups.
Blasting aliens and keeping an eve out for your opponent, for it is he she you must eventually annihilate in an orgy of violence.
Powerful weapons are liberally scattered in green boxes while medical pick-ups soothe. The blue and red bars in the centre of the screen show your very lifeblood and if you've been plastered early, keep on the move because pick-ups often regenerate giving you a fighting chance. There arc- two types of turn - quick, and not-as-quick. Quick, as you would imagine is best.
Press Shift to bring up the map. The blue and red blocks are you and your opponent, the heige blocks, the alien fiends, and the smaller, dark blocks, reactors which require elimination. © Once more we have scoured the Amiga software world to bring you the finest Coverdisks possible. And even by our high standards, this month's three offerings are a bit special... Death Mask 1 CONTROL OPTIONS F1 left quick turn off: F2 right quick turn off; F3 left quick turn on; F4 right quick turn on; FS sound off; F6 sound on.
The Shift keys either side access the map for both players accordingly. When you want rid of the map, simply press your Fire button.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any data loss or other damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including a stamped addressed envelope for a free replacement to: Amigs Format (insert the name of the disk) Disk, DisCopy Labs Ltd. PO Box 21, Daventry, NN11 5RT.
Copying your Coverdisk is very simple. Just follow the stages below... 1 Bootup with your Workbench disk, and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
Bars&Pipes overleaf -» Bars&Pipes Bars&Pipes Professional is more than just a sequencer, but before you start exploring its hidden depths you need to learn the basics. Maff Evans introduces you to one of Amiga Format's best-ever creative Coverdisks.
- K6 Bffl k ¦J ii il s M 0 © The Amiga's multitasking
capabilities make it the ideal multimedia machine and
Bars&Pipes Professional is the ultimate music package to link
your sounds to a full media presentation.
Bars&Pipes Professional differs from your usual music sequencer. Other programs enable you to record, edit and play back music sequences albeit in a llexible way. But Bars&Pipes takes a few novel twists on the sequencing theme making it a powerful and llexible package.
For a start you can directly link to other programs via Allexx, running graphics, animation, text and other presentation systems cued by your music. Bars&Pipes is so powerful a multimedia music system, it can even trigger a Video Toaster.
Big, important stuff, not cheap anti tacky.
The other particularly interesting feature of Bars&Pipes is the pipeline system. By simply plonking tools on the pipeline, you can merge sequences, split them on to other channels, transpose notes and produce all manner of special effects either as you record or when a track is played - or even both. If there isn't a tool that does the job. Bars&Pipes enables you to create your own from scratch.
Because Bars&Pipes is such a big and powerful program, there are far too many features to talk about here and there's no way we can go into any great depth. So on these pages we'll just take you through the basic controls and operating methods to enable you to get started.
Toolbox: load, save and edit pipeline tools.
Track: the main sequencer page.
Song Construction: move entire bars and organise a song structure here.
Mix Maestro: a graphical mixer with mute solo, pan and level controls. This data can be recorded on a track for real-time mix control in a sequence.
Metronome: holds the settings for the metronome.
Accessories: add accessories such as Arexx.
Transport: opens the transport controls window, including marker buttons, tempo change and SMPTE clock.
Tempo Palette: store four tempi for instant access.
Set Flags: adjust marker positions by typing them in.
Tempo Map: opens a window for adding timing changes with straight cuts, slopes or curves.
Time Line Scoring: control several songs' playback on a timecode strip.
Clipboard: store temporary cuts and copies for moving around a session.
THE WINDOW ICONS These access the individual Edit windows of the program. You can drag them around and arrange them however you want or double-click to open a window. Once a window is open, its icon vanishes until you close the window.
Control Strip These buttons hold the track control functions. These are (from left to right): Solo: click to cycle through solo, mute and normal modes.
ToolPad: holds up to 16 tool icons for easy access.
Group Selectors: hold up to eight group configurations.
Group Button: for defining groups.
Cursors: move a track in the list.
The Pipeline A graphical representation of a sequence track, which breaks down into eight sections:
• Track name: double-click to enter a name.
• Input Arrow: sets which tracks will receive input data.
• Input Pipeline: the tools to be used on input. To record MIDI,
you need to add a MIDI tool here.
• Play Merge Record: sets the mode of a track.
• Sequence Area: displays the sequence data. Doubleclick to
open the Edit window.
• The Faucet: blue means that notes you play on a synth are heard
as you record, red is muted, yellow is playback only.
• Output Pipeline: works as the input pipeline.
• Output: shows the MIDI channel the track will play on.
Click here and drag to select a channel.
Sizing And Dragging Using the double arrows, you can alter the sixe of each column. The sliders enable you to scroll sideways across columns so that you can view everything that is in the column.
Professional By loading the AMIGAphone tool and placing it on the end of the output pipe (instead of the MIDI tool), you can play Amiga samples (which are also found on the disk). To choose a sample, tune it and alter other settings, double-click on the AMIGAphone tool when it’s in the pipeline to call up this window. If you've used Amiga samples before you should be able to navigate your way around it easily enough.
THE TRANSPORT WINDOW This is where playback, recording and location options are found.
EDIT WINDOW This window is used for editing notes and other sequence data on a particular track.
Control Panel These are the edit controls for the page. Many of these functions are found on other main windows and work in the same way as here.
From left to right they are: Hand: grab and drag notes around.
Duplicator: use this tool to create a copy of the selected notes and then drag them to a new position.
» Eraser: deletes notes.
ToolPad: process selected notes with the chosen tool.
• Bounding Box: used in conjunction with the Hand, Duplicator,
Erase and ToolPad controls, this enables you to select many
notes by dragging a box around them.
• Step: enters step-time mode for playing notes directly on to
the grid one at a time.
• Default Note: set (from left to right) the duration,
articulation (including triplets) and strength of notes entered
with the mouse.
• Play: plays back the notes contained in the current window.
• Sizing: make note display bigger or smaller with these two.
• SMPTE: changes from beats, bars and ticks to hours, minutes,
seconds and frames.
1992 The Blue Ribbon SoundHorks, Ltd. H Bars&Pipes Professional 1,0e S 1991 ¦BB15531 Jm oPho Flauto WHERE TO FIND YOUR SAMPLES Don’t forget - the original AF71 Coverdisk contains some useful samples in the Instruments drawer for use with the AMIGAphone tool.
Main Area This has three areas. At the top (in Hybrid mode) is a musical stave which can be extended in full notation mode. Below that is a piano roll grid, which can take up the whole note edit area and be set at a custom size. At the bottom is the controller strip, which displays things such as velocity, aftertouch and pitch bend.
CALL Oi91-584 0682 (MOH-mi 2PIH-6.30PM) Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if not, these hints, tips and corrections may sort out the problem for you quickly and easily.
MUSIC-X (AF58) A600 owners, and anyone else 1 with only Chip RAM, should follow the instructions for A1200 owners, otherwise they will find they have little room for samples. Also, many people seem to be getting a message regarding missing fonts. The fonts are on the disk, OK! If you boot up from the Music-X program disk, like it says to do in the instructions, there is no problem. If you want to boot off any other disk, copy the fonts into the FONTS: drawer of your boot-up disk. This is not complicated - it is how the Amiga works (and the PC and the Mac).
ZEEWOLF (AF66) Curious one this. Despite rigorous testing, some of you will have received Zeewolf Coverdisks that won't work on your Amiga. This is nobody's fault in particular but a peculiar incompatibility quirk - there is a problem with Zeewolf with certain makes of internal disk drives.
Both game producers Binary Asylum and Amiga Formal were unaware of this incompatibility, but Binary Asylum have now sorted it out, and new versions of the game are now available that work with all internal disk drives.
To get a new copy of Zeewolf, return your faulty disk and an SAE to Amiga Format, Zeewolf Disk, DisCopy Labs Ltd, PO Box 21, Daventry, Northants NN11 5RT.
PageSetter 2 works with CompuGraphic fonts, but it needs an .ate file. If your font doesn't have one, PageSetter 2 won't recognise it.
THEME PARK (AF64) Not a problem, but a cheat for this rather good demo of a rather excellent game. If you press the C key during the loading screen a message appears, informing you that the cheat mode is active. You will now have lots of cash to buy oodles of rides and things!
PROVECTOR (AF58) There is absolutely nothing wrong with this Coverdisk. But some of you seem to have been having problems because it uses the ARP.library , as do many other Amiga programs. This library', like all other libraries, has to be located in the LIBS: drawer of the start-up disk. If you are booting up from Workbench, this is the LIBS: drawer on that disk.
The ARP.library is provided with the disk, in the LIBS: drawer, so you can just copy it to your boot-up disk. For example, put the ProVector program disk in the drive and type: copy dfO:libs arp.library Libs: THE LION KING AGA (AF67) A number ol people have returned their Lion King disks to DisCopy labs and asked for a replacement, even though there is nothing wrong with the Coverdisk. -As clearly stated on the disk label and in the instructions The Lion King is an AGA-only game, so it only works on an A1200.
There is no way that The Lion King will work on an A500 or an A600.
LIBS, FONTS AND ALL THAT There arc lots of files and commands associated with the normal operation of software. You may not see them until you try to install software: LIBRARIES - These are compact routines which are compiled as a separate library. They contain commonly-used routines so programmers can write new utilities without having to re-code all the basic routines all the time. Libraries should be located in the LIBS: drawer of your start-up disk.
FONTS - Amiga fonts come in many varieties, but the most common are bitmap fonts. The majority of programs use the system fonts, but some use their own. In this case, the font must be present in the FONTS: drawer of your start-up disk.
ASSIGN - The assign command is used to make pathname shortcuts. It does this by creating a logical or virtual device - one that doesn’t exist, but points to a pathname that does. The usage is: Assign device name path name So. If you had installed a program from disk called Paint and installed it to a hard drive in the utilities drawer, your command might look like: Assign Paint: hdO utilities IN GENERAL A few things to remember about Coverdisks:
• With most disks, it’s easier to boot up from the decompressed
Coverdisk because this has all the fonts, libraries and devices
needed by the program.
• If you boot from another disk, you may have to copy over some
libraries and fonts. Lise the Copy command or drag the files,
having first switched on Show All Files mode.
• To install software to hard disk, you may need an assign or
two. The assigns should be of the original disk name and point
to the new name. © Attackers: Day 1: Endurance; Gym Circuit;
Day 2: Sprinting; Crosses; Set pieces.
Day 3: Ball control; Dribbling; Set pieces.
Midfielders: Day 1: Weights; Crosses; Marking.
Day 2: Skipping; Aerobics; Set pieces.
Day 3: Ball control; Endurance; Dribbling.
Defenders: Day 1: Ball control; Aerobics; Marking.
Day 2: Sprinting; Crosses; Marking.
Day 3: Ball control; Sprinting; Set pieces.
Goalkeeper: Day 1: Gym circuit; Crosses; Set pieces.
Day 2: Weights; Crosses; Set pieces.
Day 3: Skipping; Sprinting; Shooting.
These aren't the best training routines but it’s a start. Try improvising on these yourself and see how the team performs. Strength and fitness routines tend to require a couple of weeks before you see the results, but don't overdo it on these exercises.
Our thanks to David Fowler from Coleshill who has discovered a way of getting the King Pin demo from AF70 to work on an A500 Plus running Workbench 2.
According to David you should load Workbench and insert the Coverdisk. Then select Show All Files and double-click on the Tool file King Pin. When the argument requester comes up, just click OK and the demo will run perfectly.
|AF) 7 Beresford Close, Walerlooville, Hampshire P07 5UN Tel: (01705) 642409 egD-K m CghtftOM .. . J. . , J Bizorr* And Wholy Txtcok*b DsoUGou*crd Commomo KLONDIKE AOA Klondike 3 14. AGA. HD) X-Men Cortne!
TNG Cordte* Foil Con Cordte!
Dr Wso Cordte* Jed Cordte* Empire S 8 Cordier D 4 0 Cordte* SoAv Moon Cordier 8orw*o Cardie* Shenty* Fewi Cordte* ®lPP,nQ omt Cor die* bon K.ng Cordte* Manly Mwnroe Cor die* Ackleoi Cor die Heroine Cordte* Beauty Cordtet Cindy Crawford Cordte* 2 Drooon lonce Cordte* PreKUon Cordte* McPSenon 2 Cordte* Cordte* Maker Armoured Water HgmononJ |4 Dtkt)
* Ana '.me |4. AOAJ Ne*vt 7 IAGAJ Moto* Oro-i 2 (2.AGAJ The Prey
(2, AGA) Wornm* Sionw |3 AGA) Soul I2.XGAI AGA) ' ' & Melon
N. RgO AGA ErodcoAon SW*. Lokior AGA EMT Ho-d Do. AGA kea* Of
M*n AGA Futor.ihc M-nd AGA Among TK kvmg AGA EDUCATION mg
Book 2 £35*50 Cl I SO C1IS0 £11.50 £14.50 £10-50 £10-50
£11-50 £10-50 £11-50
CII. 50 £11-50 £11-50 £35-00 £11-50 £10.50 £10-50 £11-50 £11-50
in 30 £10-50 5 £11-50 GfX Swuahon £11-50 Fresh Fish I
(Double) £10.50 Visions £13.50 A Prool ol oge required, we
l|:1 do nor condone or supply ntor illicit hold cote
material All CD prices include PAP.
Pro Unities Pro GIF CkpArt Hotteil 4 Hottest 5 Fresh Fish 7 OIF's Mm Assassins CD ShMrD*»(1t+) LSO Tools CD LSD CD 2 AmiNet 4 1TBit Phase 4 Arn.Net 1-4 Pock CKCD32 Fonts Wrnei Gwde V2 3 Amonbble Photo lector 12) Wwfce. Guk*. 131 Birthday Hntory Vl2I Cop The £o» Vi 0 No* lo*tory Winner AG* Stor Trek Guide Id) Stor T-ek Deugn File Mart Code Tutor Bkz Banc Stoff UTKJTBS Hord Dtove Uhb 200012) BLANK DISKS ALL OUR DISKS COME WITH A 100% ONE FOR ONE RECYCLED HD DS DD COVER DISKS “ 50 £16.00 50 £12.00 100 £30.00 100 £22.00 200 £60 00 200 £44 00 250 £70.00 250 £54.00 500 £135.00 500 £107.00 1000
£255.00 1000 £214.00 GUARANTEE DS HD 50 £22.00 100 £40.00 200 £80-00 250 £90.00 500 £170.00 1000 £320.00 labels 50 £10.99 100 £19.99 200 £39-50 250 £45.00 500 £85.00 1000 £160.00 All our as?!
WB2 3 Syttom UhUet Sterne V4 0 [2 04e) Soon V3 13 ‘cotool icon, Jpeg AGAV10 Vdeoeod»VI9d[2 04.l lAGA) CG Fontt Vol 9 Id D.Uj| GFX Utile 2 Bott Sompfet Eogleplay VI 53 (2112 04.)
Bon King Chport (3 25d CoT icont 2 (AGA) WB2 3 Syttom Umt
* A g 'wicto- VI 40 |.)
Vwvto disks include saw &si Alien Royiroce P«» LAGAI Bloderunner Jpegt (AGA| Famous Facet (5. AGA) Poronoid Slidet III tAGA| Jenme Gortk (AGA) low Fvng Swet (2 04*) loony Gh 5 AGA loony Gfx 6 AGA Cry for Down (2) Please maw-cheques and PO payBOe to: cmcl SCF7VMSE. D03WTMENT MKBC05 SC 36 BenOo* Coon, 9w*y Church £nfl, man Keynes MK5 6 G UK MAINLAND - DELIVERY FREE OTHER AREAS PRICES ON APPLICATION II Darnels are seal oof 0» recorded delivery All items subrecr to avalleouny Alt orces luoiecl ro change without notice.
E&OC Please anew for cheque clearance TU Deod OF NxN (3) £tvnii -1 oociaoor vz o i iled Fendert vr0*-' Power 6o*ito Mango Ho* Numbert tee* Or-s !"*3 "?!
Horry Ihe Hoddock Somuroi Showdown AGA Feot |Prev«ew| AGA Rokefi V2 01 IAGAJ Knuckleheod 11 Meg Chip) Kno*ty (AGA) FI GP Editor V2 31 Inlernol Combothon Turbo Jam Viper Breoing Heodt AGA 10) « Gomet Htialer 2 Gory Csnttmot hgtow Demo Evavv* Akiton Mr Shod Goet Rocmg Bodyshop Pack Issues 1 - 8 (15 Disks) £12-00 inc PAP SXT&4S Cove, £2 Dusi Mouse Maf 3 5' Dnve Cleaner 50 DS00 (hill 100 DS00 Dills 50 £2 50 £2 50 £20 50 £39 50 Expir”d"D[OTD] CUSTOMER NUMBER | . •for*|4) Storwart Ob*ecn S*tx*ek Ob ch lohhwom le»Vret Bobyfon 5 Obtecto A-Z 1 wove 0k| (51 l wove Metofo»m Tuioriol Dinotourt For Imoome
Imoqine Stor Wort Ob* Img lexluret Guide AGA Please charge my Access Visa No: AB prices include P&P Cdrom Updotoi L PcF-ercoche V37 V37 104 H Virut Checker Vd 50 Superview V4.0l2.04e) Viewtok V2 1 (•) Imoge Proeeumg 3 |«) C*a. Label.
Groph Converter. (2) &I0 AGA VI 4 1 Backgmdt & Icon. AGA N». Icont Bockdre©t Se* New fcont Imoge Se* Imoge Detk VI?
(104*1 o. 1*1. A300. M00 4i200
(I) - Numbei ol dilli
- . AGA - A1200 A4000 030 - 68030 Isgursd HD - hord D"v» lsqw.fed
unucn wmmmm | form jas. %• ¦* 1 Please supply me with the
following (for
• Computer .... DATE: 1
NAME: 1 1 | TITLES ADDRESS:- 1 1 1 1 1 POST CODE- 1 POST +
PACKAGING TEL: - | | TOTAL 1 PD Disks £1 per disk whether in
this ad or ANYONE else'sl (Please state whose) P&P - UK add 50p
Per ORDER, Europe add 20p per disk, World add 40p per disk
CATALOGUE DISK Free with 1 st order or 2 x 25p stomps free]
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GAMES ? 941 FATAL BLOWS ? 930 A.B.H. Al 2 6 DISK ? 938 MARTIAL
Al 2 ? 306 DOPeiYKONG NOT AI2 ? 693 MISSILE COMMANO ? 778
All games are on I disk and run on all Amigas unless
2958871 Name ..... ..... Amiga Model .
Address: ...Postcode . .
Poatcoda-------- (A atamp tor rapty appraclatad) J J-
1995 ADVERTISERS' INDEX Choose from 4 Different Volumes
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Future Books ..132 ... 110 .01225 442244 Softwood
Software TRC Media ..8-9.96 .. 143 ...01773 836781
http: www.fiAurenet.co.uk computing amigafofmat.ntmi Tri
logic . ..106 ...01274 691115
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Zero . ..82 ..... 0117 974 1462 United
PD ..... ..48-49 GTI ..
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...47 ..... 0171 372 7435 AF GUIDE TO BUYING
MAIL ORDER TEN STEPS TO SAFETY 5 If you're not paying by
card, pay by cheque, cash, and avoid using postal tnnw®
31IJ3 Jili£] A1 Ri0 HTEDO AtiamiNit ©fpcrm®K OREGON WET
A ik ? £ Jl 2 Always read the small print on advertisements.
3 Beware companies that do not include their address on their adverts. Avoid companies which do not answer or return your calls.
4 By far the best method of payment is by credit card. If ordering goods of more than f 100 in total value, you are legally entitled to claim compensation from some credit companies if the retailer goes bust. Check your credit card company's policy. You can also try to get extra insurance in advance.
When you're buying from any mail order company, it's worth following these Amiga Format guidelines: 1 Before you send any money for goods, ring the supplier to make sure the item you require is in stock.
The company's and returns of Make sure there costs such as postage Find out when you expect to receive CRACKLING 6 Keep records. If you are buying by credit card, keep a note of the time of the order and ask for an order number. When ordering anything over the telephone, always double-check the price.
7 If you are sending a cheque, keep a note of the cheque number, the date and the exact value. Make sure you know the exact name of the mail order company.
8 When you receive your goods, check them carefully. If anything is missing or faulty, contact the supplier immediately.
9 Always order from the most recent issue of Amiga Format.
¦ A If a problem arises, contact I U the supplier in the first instance. Calmly and politely tell them your problem. Most problems turn out to be minor hitches or misunderstandings that can easily be resolved without taking the matter
r. If you think you have a i grievance, contact your local
Standards Officer. The r is in the phone book.
Avery Ink Jet Label Starter Pack for EVERY Premier Ink Customer!
(ALL Disks have Image Catalogues) WOBBLER ZARF?®0 ©[pemCDoras© PERCE POUBilUftli Slarilrygk KtTtK Happy Birthday It's 10 years since the Amiga was first unleashed on an unsuspecting world. Join us in a celebration of a decade of Amiga excellence.
With exclusive interviews and features.
Issue 72 On sale Thursday, May 11 RESERVE YOUR COPY OF AMIGA im*mmSE33£L Cut out this form or photocopy it and then hand it in to your newsagent.
Please reserve deliver Amiga Format magazine each month.
Name .. Address Phone No .
To the newsagent: Amiga Format is published by Future Publishing.
Tel: 0122S 442244.
FORMATFORUM Defender Of The Crown? Sensible Soccer? The Lattice C Compiler? Just what has been the most important Amiga software release?
Welcome, friends, to the last page of the mag which is now known as Amiga Formal Forum. Once again, we have invited some of the industry's movers and shakers to share their thoughts with us and. Never ones to miss a publicity opportunity, they have responded.
I would agree with that - at the time I was in retail, living to move AlOOOs. And a common plov to get people to part with their 1.2(H) notes was to lure them into the shop with The Juggler and then hit them with Defender Of The Crown.
The Amiga is more than just a games platform. Steve l-ougluan, SI) rendering artist, thinks only of: "Lightwave. If there was a machine left to run it on."
John Bittner. President ofZuma Group Inc. cites: “The Lattice C Compiler.
Without it. Development would have been severely hampered." Which is a fair point.
Sometimes we forget that someone has to write these jaw-droppinglv good titles, and that they need something to write it in.
Nominate Defender Of The Crown .the game that knocked our socks off back in 1986 when owning an Amiga was still a dream for most people.
Now we d like to hear your views; do you agree with our panel? What do you think was (is) the most important Amiga software release ever? And why? You can nominate a game, creative application or utility. The best answers will be printed in a future edition of Amiga Format Forum, and will win their authors a spankingly trendy .t 'sweatshirt. Please send your answers to Format Forum, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath, Avon BA I 2BW. ® How to contact us This month's question is: what has been the most important Amiga software release ever? And why?
Vested interests first. Sarah Tanser, marketing and PR mxecutive of Warner Interactive Entertainment (incorporating Accolade and Renegade) (phewl) suggests: "Sensible .Soccer- have you ever met anyone who hasn't played it?" Well, yes I have actually, bin point taken.
Another marketing manager with a football title in mind is Daryl Still of (boo!
Hiss!) Atari, who gamely offers the title which many people feel ‘inspired’ the all-conquering Sensi.
"Kirk Off because it was the first Amiga game where the developer went out of his way to use the Amiga enhancements."
.Alt yes. Who can forget the late Eighties, when so mans publishers just ported ST releases across to the Amiga and slapped an extra fiver on to the price?
Some of us have memories which reach even further back, such as Richard Eddy of Codemasters: "It has to be something from the early days, the piece of software that made people go 'Coooerr!
Get that!'.
“I have reasonably distinct recollections of a Commodore Show around 1986. There was this huge grey thing called an 'Ameeger' running Defender Of The Crown. The colours! The movement! The breasts on the woman on the title screen! Berlimey! It had everyone talking. Sadly, the title also spawned the hideous phrase Interactive Movie.
“And then, of course. The JuggJer&emo showing off the HAM mode. All very thrilling stuff. Even though there has been a wealth of superb games, applications and utilities since, it was those bits of software that got the Amiga going."
Sensible Soccer.
Tobv Simpson, a name familiar to Amiga Shofrfn-r readers, also goes for a version of the (. Development system: "SAS C Com iiler along with. SnoopDOS and Pinball Fantasies, because it is just the most superbly brilliant game I never produced."
Ah yes. We keep returning to games.
Nick Walkland. Of Empire Interactive, remembers: “Inaming*, the classic original, because it was so TV-kickinglv addictive and frustrating."
"Lemmings - the classic original."
Mai Thomas, general secretary of the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers (NASCR), nominates Premier Manager 2 for the simple reason that his offspring spends hours buying and selling players and: "if nothing else it’s kept my son from under my feet." 11mm, parental neglect anyone?
Finally, Ian Saunter. Development Director at Millennium Interactive, gives another vote to Defender Of The Crown "Defender Of The Crown. It had everybody talking.
Because: "It was just the most graphically stunning, dripping-with-gorgeous-touches game of its time.
So. There it is: I'm surprised nobody mentioned Deluxe Paint, but I too would SUBSCRIPTIONS: M t* prini yin ¦ n*n*i.§ rmtrmi ¦mo* n urn ». N.irmmi mil FAULTY COVERDISKS: tfyMrdtok bMty.
00WT nui M *• to. Mo* K «dortn» wi iu Kr AflO*. KM 0«Mrt im. Ol Ob.) Dwi.
DbCopv l** ro *m at. Omntry «mi s*r.
Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £ I 0.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear VISA POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 TOWER CASES The A1200 Tower comes complete with 3 x
5. 25" drive bays. 5 x 3.5' drive ban, real time clock, 5 x Zorro
slots. 4 x PC slots and a keyboard interface.
The A4000 Tower comes complete with 6 x
5. 25" drive bays, 5 x 3.5" drive bays, real time clock, 7 x
Zorro slots and 5 x PC slots.
Both Towers arc easy to install.
TOWER AI 200 ....£499 TOWER A4000 ....£429 EXTENDED KEYBOARD .£29.95 PSU 230watt .....£99.95 PSU 250watt (available 3 951 . .£ I 29.95 DAC 18-BIT Video Dac 18-bit is a graphics card which allows the Amiga to display
262. 144 colours simultaneously. The software can display images
or animations created and saved with any other 24-bit
Video Dac 18-bit plugs externally into the RGB connector with thru- port capabilities, allowing the use of digitizers such as Videon, or a genlock recording with your VCR any image you created in
262. 144 colours.
Video Dac 18-bit is able to split the screen and display images animations at different resolutions or colours at the same time.
Medium Res: 320x256 PAL 320 x 200 NTSC High Res: 320 x 512 PAL 320 x 400 NTSC Overscan: 384 x 576 PAL 334x482 NTSC Max Res: 768 x 576 PAL 668 x 482 NTSC All resolutions display 262,144 colours The free bundled software saves your images in the following formats: IFF, IFF24, RGB and Anim, plus a scries of dithering modes to enhance the overall quality of the images.
VIDEODAC £39.95 ACEEX MODEMS Aceex Fax Modems feature: Full Haynes compatiblity, error detection ? Correction, modem cable and manuals included, Ncomm Telecommunications software. Auto dial, Auto answer and leased line support.
ACEEX v32 BIS 14,400 bps £ I 69 ACEEX v32 BIS FastFax 28,800 bps £229 TRAPFAX Fax Modem Software . . .£49 GENLOCKS DIGITIZERS AGA FLICKERFIXER ¦ ScanDoublcr II is a full 24-bit AGA Flicker Fixer for the Amiga 4000. It automatically deinterlaces all AGA screen modes and scan-doublcs non-interlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them. Supports VGA only. S-VGA and Multiscan monitors. Pixel sharp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution and has a standard I * pin VGA type connector.
Comes with composite vidco S-VHS outputs.
.£399 SCANDOUBLER I TANDEM CD DE jffi This card allows you to connect a CD-ROM to your .Amiga 2000 3000 4000, Syqucst 3-5’ and IDE HD’s. Complete with cables, tecrware and manual. ROM 2.04 or above.
TANDEM CD-DE CARD £69 GRAPHIC SYSTEMS ¦ Maxigen 2 is a very high quality genlock for over-laying graphics onto VHS or SVHS. Full hardware fades, colour composirion controls and excellent keying quality.
MAXIGEN 2 Genlock £299.95 AGA FLICKER FIXER OCTOGEN SCSI-2 ¦ SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 1500 4000 Upgradable to SMB of RAM.
OCTOGEN 2008 ..£129 VGA ADAPTOR ....£15 HISOFT PRODUCTS SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE Connect SCSI pcrphierals .....£59.95 AURA 12 16-bit direct- to -disk sampler A600 1200 .....£79.95 MEGALOSOUND 8-bit direct- to -disk sampler, all Amiga's......£29.95 VIDEOMASTER AGA Realtime video with sound * stills A600 1200 £59.95 VIDEOMASTER AGA RGB VidcoMaster AGA plus ColourMaster .£99.95 VIDEOMASTER Realtime video with sound * stills A500 A500* . . . .£52.95 VIDEOMASTER RGB VidcoMaster plus ColourMaster A500 A500* £89.95 COLOURMASTER RGB splitter for VidcoMaster .....£52.95 PROMIDI
INTERFACE Amiga Midi interface ......£ I 9.95 PICASSO II ¦ Picasso II is a 24-bii graphics card offering true rctargctablc graphics on any Zorro based Amiga. Picasso resolutions arc available from the standard ScreenModcs program, all useable by OS friendly programs. The new Chunky option offers incredible speed with a 256 Workbench which is many times faster than AGAI All screens are stored in fast RAM, removing 2MB Chip RAM limitations. PicassoModc allows the creation of custom screens quickly and simply. Picasso 11 comes with TVPaint Junior and drivers for ImagcFX, AdPro.
ImagcM.istcr, Real 3D and GIF. IFF, JPEG and MPEG viewers. Also included is the MainActor animation program.
PICASSO II...... . .£299.95 WITH TV PAINT 2.0 £329.95 PABLO Video Encoder ..£129.95 CHIPS SPARES ¦ 5 1 2 x 3 2 72pin Simm .. .£79.95 GARY .... ....£19 1 X 32 72pin Simm . .
..£149.95 PAULA ... ....£19 1 X 8 30pin Simm . . .
.. .£34.95 DENISE .. ....£19 4 x 8 30pin Simm . .
..£149.95 SUPER DENISE ... ... .£25 1 X 8 GVP Simm . . .
..£159.95 KEYBOARD 1C____ ....£12 1 X 4 Static Column A3000 . . .£50 FAT AGNUS IMB . .
....£19 1 x 4 DIP ......£50 FAT AGNUS 2MB . .
... .£29 256 x4 DIP..... £5 PRINTER CABLE . .
.....£6 1 x 1 DIP £5 RS232 CABLE..... .....£6 CIA ... ......£12 SCSI EXTERNAL . .
....£15 All produces have a 12-month warranty unless otherwise specified Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available trr to charge without «ot e. Aft trademark are acknowledged A.; o'Oe'i in writing or o. tes«h y-e w l be acceciec crt, iobject to or tem- arc ccroum of trade co( « o' w»xh are f.aiaOe *ee o' charge cr aardaJ JilLhjtj One serial cable, two machines, one hell of a good game. Discover multi-player action Machine gun etiquette!
Explore the corridors of doom and casually annihilate vermin in our two exclusive demos jljiaJ.Lj.d_y jjjaJiar' Learn how to create wonderful tunes with our special feature.
We explain the technology of modern music, and show you how to make the most of your superb Coverdisk zjU'JBj1 a-kj-d-uja-rdaj A Acid re-invent their own classic with 8-player action 1 he Blur Ribbon SoundWorks Bots&Pipes Bars&Pipes Professional BotsAP.p-s Add on Sri.es. Creativity Kit. Infernal Sounds Kit. One-Stop MyS c Shop, Pro Stud« Kit, Rules lor Tools. Mulii-Med.o K.t, MwskBoi A Mus«Bo B, SuperJAM The PoKhMeistrr. Tuple Ploy Plus and SyrnPto a«o irodemorks ol The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks. Ltd All other product and brand names are trademarks and or servicemarks of then respect.* holders
2 15kHz overload ptoletlion 3 All prices Include VAT ? All prices subject to change without notice * Fixed charge for repair does not include disk drive keyboard.
4 ? We reserve the right to refuse any repair. ?P&P charges £3,50 by Royal Mail or £6 00 ? VAT for courier ? Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance 5 'peaken .XW.90. 09.90 includes sound i.....11 "on ... ts "o laears Electronics. Depi AF.
127 High Slrect. Sheemess.
Kent MEI2 1UD Tel(01795)663336 al Orders aeeepied 6 Magnifying Glass: shows information on notes you point at.
• Pencil: enter notes on the staff or piano roll.
Drag single notes to move them using this.
• Wand: alter the velocity and length of notes.

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