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The future of the A1200 is still uncertain. Amiga Technologies' first priority is the building of 100,000 basic A1200s for worldwide distribution, but no price has been set for the new machines and worryingly, the specification for the new product hasn't been confirmed. Amiga At the press conference in Frankfurt on 30th May, technical consultant Jeff Rank stated that Jeff Rank - performance Amiga Technologies "believe that upgrade is a logical step. A performance upgrade to the A1200, by moving from an EC020 to an EC030 processor as well as built in support for fast RAM capability, is a logical step". Later, Amiga Technologies merely stated that new A1200's would be "at least as good as they were before." Production dates for a new, redesigned, respecified CD32 have been put back until at least the beginning of 1996. The new top-end A4000TS are being given priority, with 20,000 units apparently already pre-sold, before they have even been made, to eager retailers. The much-talked-of A1300 (a superior A1200 with built-in CD-ROM drive) was given short shrift and even sparser details were released on it. Escom also let it be known that the takeover of Commodore's inventory in Germany and the UK was completed and that it consisted mainly of spare parts. The rumour that's been circulating for many months now about stocks of new Amigas ready to be sold has been quashed. "They do not exist." Negotiations for inventory in the Phillipines are currently being completed with the local trustees. Triple A is Four X’ed According to Gilles Bourdin, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at Amiga Technologies, the RISC-based AAA chip set will never see the light of day. Instead, Amiga Technologies will concentrate on developing a platform-independent operating system that will rely on retargettable graphics and not on any particular custom chip sets. This was the one area of discussion that Amiga Technologies were most reticent to expand on. Just what it may mean for future Amiga technology remains to be seen. The first phase of the rebirth of the Amiga computer look place on May 30 at the Park Hotel in Wiesenhuttenplatz, Frankfurt.

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Whatever Happened To?
The future of the A1200 is still uncertain. Amiga Technologies' first priority is the building of 100,000 basic A1200s for worldwide distribution, but no price has been set for the new machines and worryingly, the specification for the new product hasn't been confirmed.
| Amiga At the press conference in Frankfurt on 30th May, technical consultant Jeff Rank stated that Jeff Rank - performance Amiga Technologies "believe that upgrade is a logical step. A performance upgrade to the A1200, by moving from an EC020 to an EC030 processor as well as built in support for fast RAM capability, is a logical step". Later, Amiga Technologies merely stated that new A1200's would be "at least as good as they were before."
Production dates for a new, redesigned, respecified CD32 have been put back until at least the beginning of 1996.
The new top-end A4000TS are being given priority, with 20,000 units apparently already pre-sold, before they have even been made, to eager retailers.
The much-talked-of A1300 (a superior A1200 with built-in CD-ROM drive) was given short shrift and even sparser details were released on it.
Escom also let it be known that the takeover of Commodore's inventory in Germany and the UK was completed and that it consisted mainly of spare parts. The rumour that's been circulating for many months now about stocks of new Amigas ready to be sold has been quashed.
"They do not exist."
Negotiations for inventory in the Phillipines are currently being completed with the local trustees.
Triple A is Four X’ed According to Gilles Bourdin, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at Amiga Technologies, the RISC-based AAA chip set will never see the light of day.
Instead, Amiga Technologies will concentrate on developing a platform-independent operating system that will rely on retargettable graphics and not on any particular custom chip sets.
This was the one area of discussion that Amiga Technologies were most reticent to expand on. Just what it may mean for future Amiga technology remains to be seen.
The first phase of the rebirth of the Amiga computer look place on May 30 at the Park Hotel in Wiesenhuttenplatz, Frankfurt.
With some sixty members of the European press, distributors, hardware manufacturers and software publishers in attendance, Escom AG’s chairman Manfred Schmitt and no fewer than 10 representatives of Escom and its partners revealed their plans for the Amiga technology and the Commodore name.
The Amiga and its ill-fated parent are at last separated. The freshly redesigned Amiga logo will grace Escom's Motorola- based machines while - surprisingly - the Commodore name appears on Escom's P75 and P100 Pentium multimedia Pcs.
The name and 'chickenhead' logo are still known and recognised by over 90% of European PC users. Escom also unveiled the new company Amiga Technologies GmbH, which has been formed to handle the fate of the .Amiga and its dependents.
New machines including an '030 version of the A1200 and a '060-based A4000 are planned for early 1996, but Escom's prime motivation is to get Amigas back in shop windows.
Production of the high-end A4000T begins in September this year, and Amiga Technologies aim to ship 20-25,000 A4000T units in '95 - most of which it claims have already been pre-sold into retail. By October, the A1200 should be back in production with the CD3'2 following in time for the Christmas season.
All new Amiga computers will sport AmigaDOS 3.1 and the later, re-styled cases - something the A1200 and CD32 were both long overdue for. There was little mention of the fate of the AAA chip Separated To separate the brand name of Commodore from the identity of the Amiga, a new company has been formed and named Amiga Technologies GmbH. The name, Amiga, forms a trademark in its own right.
Based in Frankfurt, Amiga Technologies have said their first priority is “to resume production of Amiga computers and bring them on to the market as soon as possible." When asked how soon this would be, Petro Tyschtschenko, General Manager of .Amiga Technologies, answered “For us, this means September 1995."
Confusingly, parent company Escom and its recently created sibling Amiga Technologies have sent out contradictory signals about the means of at Rebirth distribution and retailing. .Amiga Technologies seents to be under the impression that no Amigas heading for Britain would be sold through Escom stores in the UK. Stating that the stores were “Very nice for selling Pcs but not so good for selling Amigas." Questioned on the reason behind this decision, Amiga Technologies added that to do justice to the Amiga technology, expensive staff training would be required. Escom, who are currently
spending £6 million on advertising and promotion, have stated that this is "not correct", suggesting that their UK based shops will indeed be used to sell Amigas in addition to the "usual channels" by which we understand they mean independent and multiple retailers.
With the requisite distribution channels in place, Escom have promised that present and prospective Amiga owners can expect competitive prices, sales and marketing support, and service.
In terms of pricing, the Amiga will benefit from the purchasing power of the group. Escom is a major player in the worldwide computing market, and economies of scale should result in lower prices than Commodore could ever afford.
The promise of sales and marketing support is more relevant in substance to the targeted retailers, but will benefit users due to accurate and up-to-date information on pricing and availability of peripherals and upgrades. "No longer will customers feel as if they've been left in the dark."
The importance of after sales service was stressed as part of Escom's philosophy to make things as easy as possible for their customers to achieve the best possible deal.
• Escom’s ambitious plans for Amiga . . . . Pi0-11
• TV broadcasts on Channel 5 hit problems p 12-13
• New floppy disk can store 120Mb p 14-15
• Good news for games on the Amiga pi6 reborn NEWS AUGUST 1995
Showcase Time Expect the picture of Amiga Technologies' overall
strategy to become clearer at the Internationale Funk
Ausstellung, a show held in Berlin between the 26th August and
3rd September 1995.
It’s a show specifically geared toward multimedia hardware and software. The much-vaunted Viscorp settop box will be revealed, as well as the new Amiga 1200 and, more mysteriously, “lots of other stuff."
Just what the "other stuff" consists of wasn't even hinted at so we'll have to politely ask you to watch this space. The IFA expects to attract around 450,000 visitors, more than half of whom will be executive managers looking for business meetings and market news.
New A1200 and tech specs to The official presentation of Amiga Technologies takes be revealed at IFA. Berlin. Place in the Cologne Fair between 10-12th November.
Set, although Amiga Technologies is well aware that the next real direction for the Amiga is into RISC territory.
Both the PowerPC and HP PA RISC systems are currently under scrutiny, but the company is wary of guiding the Amiga too far into the mainstream. There is a strong desire to maintain the individuality and exclusivity of the Amiga brand, while making the system available for existing applications which currently run on RISC Pcs and Macintosh computers.
Plans are also in place to begin to licence .Amiga technology for inclusion in third party hardware, a process known as ‘imbedded technology' licensing. The first such deal has already been struck with the Tianjin Family-Used Multimedia Co. Of China, who will be building their own low- end Amigas and also reviving the C64 as a cost-effective, low-end home machine.
But the acquisition of the Amiga name, patents and technologies signals more than just another revenue stream for the burgeoning Escom. The keyword at the press conference was ‘multimedia’.
Escom now envisions itself as a major player in the multimedia market, forming close alliances with Scala and US company VisCom with a view to interactive TV', set-top boxes and home shopping.
Indeed, the first visible signs of this new direction will be the inclusion of the Scala MM 300 multimedia package with ever)’ new Amiga (apparently A1200 owners without the necessary hard drive or RAM will be offered cheap upgrades).
Similarly, the CD3- is being touted as a cheap route into interactive TV, and an Amiga-based set-top box may be unveiled at the Berlin TV Show in August.
However, what is clear is that whatever Escom’s plans, they do not include the remnants of Commodore UK. Plcasance and Proudfoot are, apparently, ‘out of the picture' and apart from key personnel, no mention was made of Commodore UK's Maidenhead HQ.
Escom believe the Amiga presents “uniquely attractive and cost-effective solutions to enterprises attempting to meet the specifications of the telecommunications and cable industries." They want to attract as many companies as possible to take out licences with them so that they can get the broadest spectrum of imbedded technology licensees.
One licensee with whom all Afreaders should be familiar is Scala. Famous for its multimedia packages. Scala represents a major force in the burgeoning cable and satellite television sphere. Founder of Scala, Jon Bohmer, reinforced the company's commitment to the .Amiga: “No other solution can match the price performance of the Amiga and Scala combination."
Scala aims to establish and implement “ready to use solutions with every machine." A copy of Scala MM300will be bundled with every new Amiga sold in the high street.
Considering Scala's desire to secure ScalaScript as “the standard multimedia language of the future” and the fact that their team of software engineers includes most of the people who originally developed the Amiga operating system for Commodore, the future of TV' and video production could well be with Amiga- related technology. This is a lucrative and highly profitable operating area, and the (rickle-down effect should also prompt a revolution in the consumer sector of the market.
Ominously. Escom have staled that they will pursue present users of Amiga technology covered by the portfolio of patents, copyrights and trademarks now owned by Escom. This area of the licensing agreement could be unpleasant, because many makers of Amiga products will lack any formal recognition of their use of the technology. At the time of going to press, Escom couldn't supply more information on this aspect of their future operations.
While the news on licensees is understandably sparse at this point in time, Escom clearly sec 'imbedded technology' as the key to exploiting the Amiga's untapped potential. Amiga technology could turn up inside electrical equipment as diverse as video recorders, television sets. Pcs, hi-fi and satellite decoders.
The least prominent licensing area, but one that could put several manufacturers' noses out of joint, is their promise to “review a wide variety of products and components." NewTek's Video Toaster, for example, could be a target due to the company's practice of rebadging high-end .Amigas and selling them on as a complete unit.
It's also known that Commodore holds many of the patents on CI) interactive technology. Atari Corp found a similar licence pursuit, which eventually proved Atari had invented sprites and netted S90 million, to be most lucrative.
Imbedded Technology Could be Key Scala's Infochannel could revolutionise television as we know it.
News continues overleaf 4 Tn ?1 AUGUST 1995 NEWS redesigned, Grandslam can continue to plan strategy and development to include Amiga and CD32".
Further proclamations include the signing of a number of licensing agreements with third parties from countries as far afield as Australia. North America. Japan and Portugal. Also on the cards is a series of back-catalogue titles to be included in CD-ROM multi-packs for world wide distribution.
We'll update this information with more specific reference to the titles and licensees as and when we obtain it.
Amiga games magazine The One is no more.
Published by Emap and edited by ex-games editor of Amiga Formal, Andy Nuttall, the title will cease publication from the August issue.
F. map say the title is 'suspended' rather than closed outright
due to a lack of advertising revenue and new releases. The
increase in the price of paper was also cited as a reason for
the closure.
The One, not quite famous for its imaginative coverlines (such as, from the recent June issue, "100 pages of Pant-tastic entertainment") was a worthy competitor and its presence will almost be missed.
All is not doom and gloom, though. Andy is off to pastures new with Bullfrog to earn loads more money, and the magazine may still be brought back depending on market conditions. Maybe.
SadeN'ESS PD are offering Amiga Formal readers a cut-price collection of Amiga PD Doom clones.
Spread over ten disks, the pack includes Fears 2 (playable demo).
Dogenstein, Trick or Treat, the original of Fears. Denlects and several undefined ‘others'.
Also included are two free SadeNESS catalogue disks.
The complete pack costs £7, For more information, telephone 01263 722169.
A Arghhhhh - pirates! (And I'm not talking about Bristol Rovers.)
Pirates and software! Look, I've been reasonable about this in the past. I've mentioned that games are often too pricey, which they are. I've said there’s too much dross out there, which there Is. I've even defended the right of Information to be free. But when I sit In a pub, surrounded by bleating sprogs. Blared at by inane TV rubbish and served beer with more bubbles in It than a Californian's brain, and I have to hear two businessmen on the other table talking about how many pirated games they've got, well. My first reaction Is to take them outside, dowse them In petrol and torch them
until their Burton's suit gussets ride up In the heat and castrate them.
Youngsters learning their way in the world can be expected to copy the occasional version of Nonce Invaders III the Burping. My assumption is that after a while they'll meet a few of the programmers or at least read Interviews with them In this august organ, and it might dawn on them that piracy Is not the way. Simply not buying pricey games Is one way of complaining, for example, kids. Then there's the chance that these misguided ankle-biters could become programmers themselves and realise that months of hard work, Imagination and contractual squabbles are maybe worth paying for.
I ouerhear two businessmen boasting about how many pirated games they haue... my first reaction is to take them outside, douse them in petrol and torch them.
But when It comes to besulted business types, smoking Dunhills, driving Mondeos and complaining that law and order Is too soft on street beggars - well, even the most liberal- minded of us surely see red, extract the common-sense syringe and stab It In the offenders' Jugulars.
So, Tor once and for all, here's what games piracy does:
• Makes programmers give up and go and work for Microsoft.
• Gives pirates more cash to go and spend in the bookies.
• Gives greedy software houses the excuse to keep games prices
• Gives pirates more money to spend on shell suits.
• Ensures that bad programmers will stay in the Industry because
the software houses are forced to pay peanuts because “Pirates
are cutting our margins, dood". Reducing the quality of games.
• Gives ankle-blters the chance to look hip In front of their
friends until the pirated disk spreads a virus around the
school office and all their friends take them outside and slice
them Into gerbll food.
And thot’s about it for this week, except to say that the Amlga Escom axis has caused more good vibes In computer Journalist land than anything for a very long time. It bodes well. Finally, please raise a glass to The One Amiga.
Contact Tim Smith on gashead@clx.compullnk.co.uk and tlmbo@gashead.demon.co.uk The opinions expressed in The Tim Smith Column are not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
The Smith Column Grandslam back Amiga Chris Warrender, Sales and Marketing Manager of Grandslam Interactive, has confirmed the company’s commitment to the Amiga games market with the announcement that they will be continuing development of The Seventh Sword of Mendorvnth the intention of an Autumn release.
After completion of the Mendor project, work will step up on the sequel to Reunion - the current working title is Phoenix - Reunion 2. Chris claims that there is a buzz in the Grandslam office and "with the news that the CD32 is to be Cornucopia of Doom Goodbye... New TV channel in Amiga NEWS AUGUST 1995 jobless aaaaaaaaa GOLDEN MOUSE The Mega Mouse Plus from Golden image boasts 400 dpt resolution, eight feet of cable and a third “active" button for users of the following packages to make use of extra features; Directory Opus, CanDo, WordPerfect, TV Paint, Desktop Darkroom and MMB or MMN Pro.
It costs SI 6.95, Get Golden on 0181 900 9391.
Mayhem Z88 AMIGA LINK Want to link a Z88 to an Amiga? You now can. For only £86.
Sector Software's link has software and a cable to send ASCII 0-386 data to the Amiga and back. It's packaged In a video style case; for more information contact Sector Software on 01772 464388.
The effect of this has been more or less inconsequential in the past, due to the different frequencies used for broadcast, but Channel 5’s channel 37 frequency allocation means that rooftop aerials will now start receiving these 'rogue' computer signals. Tests conducted independently ...goodbye, hello!
In a shock move, production editor Richard Jones has kicked off from the Amiga Format office to join Future's newest launch, Total Football.
Despite the handicap of supporting Bristol Rovers, Jonah excelled as the man who put all the words straight on Amiga Format Much like program sellers and pie ladies in the footballing world, production editors are the unsung heroes of a magazine. Rich was one of the best pie ladies ever seen and we would like to wish him well in his new job. He will be badly miffed (surely that should be ‘sadly missed' - Ed).
We would like to welcome new prod ed Anna Grenstam, of Swedish origin. ¦ml *hat Sweden who joins us from our sister magazine made them look like the crap bunch of Amiga Shoppor. A fervent concert duffers they really are. Or words to that attender and football supporter. Anna effect. We found no reason to disagree, suggested that England didn't deserve a draw in the recent Umbro Cup More Amiga news overleaf ¦» Amiga users could be the cause of an almighty mess which threatens the new terrestrial TV broadcast station. Channel 5.
Owing to a phenomenon known as “reverse interference", the airwaves could he filled with rogue broadcasts of Amiga screen displays, spoiling viewers’ reception of the new TV channel.
Since C.r is scheduled to transmit on channel 37. Broadcasters are already well aware of the problem of having to retune domestic video equipment to other frequencies. This exercise alone is expected to cost at least £100 million.
Applicants for the Channel 5 licence have been told by the Independent Television Commission that the franchise- winner must pay for this retuning exercise or it won't get the right to broadcast. But no-one seems to have foreseen the potential chaos that reverse interference tnay cause.
Reverse interference is likely to be caused by video game and home computer systems such as the Amiga. Many owners use their domestic television set as the display for their system, and to avoid constant plugging and unplugging of the aerial leads from the back of the television, a splitter is commonly used.
Splitters pass signals in both directions
- so not only does the signal f ront the computer system pass
into the television set, it also travels up to the outdoor
aerial and actually transmits from there.
Have shown that these transmissions can Imagine tuning in for the soap opera, only to carry for hundreds of metres. See your neighbour's game of Streetfighter.
Affected viewers will have no choice but to locate the guilty transmitter and request the culprit to disconnect their splitter, a hapless task at best.
The favourites to win the Channel 5 licence. UKTV Developments, have already promised that they will attempt to cure the problem if it arises, but they have not said how they will do so. Expect it to cost someone a lot of money.
RrD AUGUST 1995 NEWS ? JThS Bradford Column their immediate visual environment; a major development on the more usual touch-screen and button-pushing displays.
Aside from intelligent cameras, visitors will be able to take in real-time microscope shots of living ecosystems as well as time- lapse and morphing sequences. Amiga graphic artists should find plenty to stimulate them here.
There will also be video, photographic and computer-generated material illustrating current and historical thinking on genetics and biological evolution - from Darwinian theories of natural Davalopad on Andsa •MMMVMO's and written in C H will feature (along with an explanation of what all of the above actually means) in a future issue of Amiga Format Bmid all the hype, hope and euphoria of the Escom takeover, a lot of well-respected commentators seem to be Ignoring one teeny-weeny detail: the world has moved on somewhat since the Commodore crash, and It's not going to be easy for the Amiga to
re-establish Itself.
Looking back a mere twelve months, the Amiga’s contemporaries and competitors were the Nintendo SNES, Sega MegaDrlve MegaCD, the PC-compatlble and the Atari Falcon. All have since fallen by the wayside, with the sole exception of the PC. And some machines have actually come and gone in the Intervening period. Anyone want to buy a Multi-Mega? 32X for sale, no reasonable offer refused.
Ulhen it returns and finds Itself among the class of '95, the Amiga will have to compete with the likes of the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn. Atari Jaguar and 300, as well as the good old PC In Its most dangerous incarnation, the CD-ROM multimedia system. This Is a far more formidable line-up than just a year ago. Or Is It?
What have all these fancy machines got In common?
They're all useless. Unless, of course, you really want to play endless driving and fighting games, or (In the PC's case) participate in ‘Interactive movies' and bring home a nice, entertaining spreadsheetdatabaseprocessor to tinker with on the weekend.
The games industry is crying out for fresh ideas from a neui generation of games- designing talent... The Rmiga is still the only machine you can actually create something yourself with (and yes. I have heard of Kllk & Play) armed with nothing more than a copy of Blitz Basic or even AMOS. And it Is this which gives the Amiga Its USP.
I would dearly like to believe that Escom are. As we speak. Involved in negotiations to include either package with their next bundle and are storyboardlng lavish advertisements extolling the virtues of the Amiga Creator' pack. Because this industry is crying out for new ideas from a fresh generation of games-deslgning talent, and they're not going to come from the owners of any other machine.
This might sound like a last-ditch attempt to find the Amiga a market niche. But It's Important to remember why the Amiga was always so strong: It was because as well as playing the latest and best games, the Amiga owner could do things and make things. The Amiga remains a superb, cheap way of creating graphics or making music, and It still outperforms computers like the PC and Mac In fields like graphics and music - yes, even sophisticated stuff like 3D and video - In terms of performance for price. With the Amiga, you can afford to have 3D graphics as a hobby.
More importantly, though, the games market will certainly be starved of talent without new programmers coming through and learning their trade on the Amiga. If a certain Dave Jones hadn't taken a 1Mb A500 and programmed himself a shoot-em-up called Menace, we wouldn't today have Lemmings. Think about It.
Contact Dale Bradford by fax on 01633 896087.
The opinions expressed in The Bradford Column are only occasionally those of Amiga Format.
Nick Sworded tunned A -’staff witnessed scenes of joy today (12 6 95) as a dream came true for editor Nick Veitch. Nick’s blatant begging in print for someone, somewhere to send a copy of Sword of Aragon as soon as humanly possible was rewarded when Angelo Masuccio of Cambs responded by mailing Sword of Aragon to Amiga Format as soon as humanly possible.
The delighted Nick jumped up and down and said, “Yes, yes, yes. I’ve got it, 1 don't believe it but I've got it." Unaware of the derision he was cultivating, he showed the rest of the office the contents of the box
- “Look, it's got the disk and the map and the rules and
everything." Our profound thanks to Angelo. He wins a
fabulously fantastic Afsweatshirt and unspecified 'special'
present from Nick.
Interact with The Natural History Museum is playing host to an exciting interactive art exhibition until Wednesday 28th August.
Hailed as a ‘ground breaking' interactive video and computer installation on the theme of evolution, and supported by AT&T, the event offers an imaginative combination of science and art.
The most innovative element is a specially developed 'intelligent' camera which selects individual visitors, tracks their movements around the gallery and enables them to precipitate changes in (Tn NEWS AUGUST 1995 aaaaaaaaa CHEAP AND USEFUL Videoworld have reduoed the prloe of their highly aoclalmed Nexus Pro Reference Library CD ROM The disc Is a large collecuon of backgrounds, fonts and samples and has been reduoed from the
* 49.99 to a more affordable *19 99 Information surfers should
point their telephone at 0141 041 1148.
A consortium of manufacturers are convinced they've found die way to boost the flagging popularity of the floppy disk.
Matsushita-Kotobuki, 3M and Compaq have pooled resources to develop an amazing leap forward in floppy disk technology and have now revealed their plans to market and sell 120Mb floppy disks and compatible disk drives.
Offering an increase in storage to over 135 times the amount offered by a standard Amiga disk, the storage-happy floppy could rapidly revolutionise the computing practice of the average Amiga user and help secure the Amiga's future.
An aggressive marketing and pricing strategy is being adopted by all three SHOW ON FOB TAM WORTH A multi-format oomputer show is to be held at the Tamworth Assembly Rooms In Tamworth.
Pre-show tlokets are available for *1.
Entrance will oost
* 1 BO on the day with all ticket sales profits being donated to
cancer research Advanoe tickets can be bought before August 1
st at Tloket Allocation, 0 Healey, Lakeside, Tamworth, Staffs
B77 2RP.
Read write cartridge offering storage of up to 650Mb can be used. Cartridges cost just under £50.
Offering phenomenal amounts of storage for its £570 price, this drive could soon find its way into multitudes of Amiga-based graphic studios.
For more information, contact Panasonic on 0181 909 2092.
COMPUTER MUSIC IN CARDIFF Aspiring Cardiff area musos - beginners too - should contact Midi Master, a new computer-oriented recording studio.
Aiming to attain currently unavailable NV1J training standards. Midi Master use Amigas and Atarls running Music X (Coverdisk musicians take note) and Cubase software.
Pounder Matt Jenkins enthused “The reason I've chosen computers Is you don’t have to be musically talented to get Involved, you Just need the Ideas and a love of music.'
Play your phone keyboard to the tune of 01888 804403 to find out more.
Help the government with identity cards Top software sales According to industry trade magazine CTW, Ultimate Soccer Manager an the ¦Amiga has been among the top sellers of all software games titles in the UK market this month.
Another top performer in the All Formats league is I'remier Manager 3.
Roll on the new Amigas. We say.
More news overleaf 4 selection to the latest developments in the rapidly expanding field of artificial life.
Although no Amigas have been used for the exhibition, the techniques should still be of interest to aspiring multimedia and graphic artists alike.
Admission is £5.50 adults. £2.80 children. £3.00 concessions, and a Family Ticket costs £15 (two adults, four children), with children under 5 admitted free. The exhibition runs to 28th August and the Natural History Museum opens its doors Monday-Saturday 10.30am -
5. 50pm, Sunday 11.00am - 5.50pm. MOUSE BACK!
Changes in market conditions' have brought about the re-release of two interesting items from Golden Image Back come the Mega Mouse 400, a previous Af Gold winner, now £2 off at £12.95, and the Auto Mouse!Joystick Switch, designed to save gamesplayers the drudgery of constant plugging and unplugging of a joystick from the mouse port and costing £12.95. for details telephone 0181 900 9291.
On 24th May 1995 the Government published its Green Paper on ID cards. Sophisticated, computer- literate Aureaders will be more aware than most of the potential benefits and dangers nature The floppy revolution that lie in machine-readable identity cards, and Data Protecuon Registrar Elizabeth France welcomes your input in the debate that follows the Green Paper. The basic quesuons are: what is the purpose of the identity card, and what should it be used for? "It is the answer to this that will determine how much information is needed, how it should be kept accurate and how it should be
If you want your say, there is a free information pack with a response form that lets recipients send their comments.
To get hold of a pack, send a large (9" by 13") self addressed envelope, with a 29p stamp to: The Data Protection Registrar, IDENTITY CARDS, Wycliffe, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.
Panasonic’s new PD System Optical drive is being aimed squarely at Amiga multimedia, Lightwave and CD-ROM developers as an inexpensive solution for mass storage.
The drive is a hybrid of a quad-speed CD-ROM and an optical read write system. CD-ROMs can be read at speeds up to 600k per second, but alternatively, a The CD-ROM you can save data to No Skidmarks link for Sega MegaDrive AUGUST 1995 NEWS of the ship, allowing us to fairly and accurately review the game.
AF would remind Amiga Pmver that checking and substantiation of facts is a basic principle of journalism. Reckless reporting is irresponsible and inexcusable.
Plus, you tend to end up looking a bit stupid. We invite readers of Amiga Power, who frequently slate within their pages "we are always right", to ponder the legitimacy of this claim.
This month witnessed the implied charges of reviewing inaccuracy and reviewing untrustworthiness being levelled at Amiga Formal by sister magazine Amiga Power.
Power 51 carried a story entitled 'Scared of Girls' claiming that due to a bug in Dungeon Master in space game Angsl, “a monster on level three won't die.
Efficiently impeding your egress from that deck of the spaceship."
JURASSIC PRICE REDUCTION Optonica have more than halved the prite of their Dinosaurs CD32- ompatible Amiga CD ROM. Originally £39.99. Dinosaurs is now £19.95 iiK of vat and p&p Call 01455 558282 It’s an Upgrade and Under Owners of Audiogenic's original World (Joss Rugby can now upgrade to World Class Rugby 95 (Format 73. 64%).
Priced at £9.99 plus £1.25 p&p. The upgrade features the teams that made it to the 1995 World Cup Finals and the Ability to enter customised team names.
Proof of purchase of the original is needed either by sending the bar code or quoting the 13-digit bar code number.
Send your cheque to; Audiogenic Software Limited, Rugby 95 Offer.
Unit 27. Christchurch Industrial Centre.
Wealdstone. Harrow HAS 8NT.
Virgin's decision to lead their release schedule with the .Amiga version of Anco's anxiously awaited Player Manager 2 has left the industry and public in no doubt about the new-found confidence in the machine since the buy-out of Commodore by German company Escom.
Expecting a smash, no expense has been spared in I he marketing support and promotion of the game.
- - Update to Mm “ 1995 edition of World Class Rugby tor only
£12.24. “ Virgin Chooses Amiga To Lead The Way Some ATTITUDE In
a move guaranteed to disappoint thousands of joint Amiga and
Sega MegaDrive owners. Codemasters have axed all speculation on
the existence of Super Skidmarks link technology to connect the
two machines for multiplayer fun.
Despite development director Richard Darling's assertion that linking the Amiga to the Megadrive was an “excellent idea", and Codemaster's reluctance to confirm or deny any of its future development plans. Afcan categorically confirm that the crossmachine link will not happen.
Further disappointment occurred with the announcement that the Amiga version of Micro Machines 2 is currently “on hold." When questioned.
Codemasters marketing director. Richard Eddy. Said. "We are watching the market very closelv."
Point-of-sale posters, standees and full-scale advertising in the specialist press and football magazines have all contributed to the hype and general awareness of the release.
Danielle Woodyatt, Public Relations Manager of Virgin Interactive Entertainment, explained the reason why the Amiga was chosen to lead the release schedule: "The Amiga has proven to us that if you have a quality double A product to offer, the installed user base will reward you. Look at the success of Sensible World of Soccer."
Based on this information, the story 'invited' Af readers to ask how any magazine review written before the tlate of AP5I "could accurately tell you about the game after seeing but two and a half of its seventeen levels."
Though it's hardly worth the bother, AF would like to answer the charge for your peace of mind.
Canadian programmers Rave left us with three saved games giving access to the later levels and decks Player Manager 2 on the Amiga will be the focus of Virgin's efforts, proving that they believe the Amiga's future to be looking good.
• l8te night kebab provider The CASHPOINT CARD, wnere would we be
wlttiout it? Probably walking borne through the pouring rain,
kebobiess, on o Soturday night. That's where. But don't sweat.
The LLOYDS BANK HEADWAY ACCOUNT comes with a Cashpoint card.
And plenty more goodies besides. Such os a free game of tenpin
bowling, including admission and shoe hire. Ana o pack stuffed
with discount vouchers, special offers and the chonce to win a
aged li-is (Sl¥ i a t i ana want t0 flna out ™re FREEPHONE
0800 887 888, mi in the FREEPOSTcoupon oLiovas iSctnK De‘°w °r
dod int°your iocai c roncfi- phone no:.
Date of birth: postcode: dense use BLOCK C*Plt»lS nome:.
Address: The Headway Account is for ll-l8year olds still at School.
HAM Please send to: Lloyds Bonk Pic, Freeoost CV2870, Strotford-uoon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9BR Double Dealing from HiSoft!
Following a lengthy investigation, we have discovered irrefutable evidence that Amiga publisher HiSoft is engaged in double-dealing.
Although the company is known for top-selling titles such as Devpac 3, Megalosound and Squirrel SCSI, it now seems that HiSoft is prepared to offer a number of these professional packages bundled together at prices that can only be described as suspicious.
V °v Our reporter gained an exclusive interview with David Link, of HiSoft, who made this outrageous claim: "We have been supporting the Amiga community for 10 years now with a range of software and hardware packages. As a thankyou to all the loyal supporters of this amazing computer, we decided to make some very special 'birthday'offers to readers of this magazine.". Double-talk? We'll leave you, the reader, to judge ... Termite 88% Amiga Computing 95% AUI 88% CU Amiga 12 16 bit PCMCIA Sound Sampler 96% Amiga Shopper 90% AUI A“bA DoubleDttal £39.95- pip inc CIX fee CIA joining worth £25!
The latest of our highly acclaimed sound samplers for the A600 A1200, Aura offers high performance 12 16 bit quality with direct-to-disk sampling plus a host of software features. Octamed 5.04 up compatible.
Aura is perfect as a stand
- alone effects unit or as a Afraid of becoming a hedgehog on the
Information Super Highway? Don't worry! Termite is so easy to
use that even a first time telecommunicator will feel at home.
Yet it has all of the power and flexibility to satisfy the mosl
seasoned modem warrior!
Termite is designed to take full advantage of all of the newest features of Workbench 2™ and beyond. It is 100% Amiga Style Guide compliant and provides you with all of the modem user interlace features to really enjoy playing in the highway!
ProMIDI Interface complete sampling package.
DoublttDttol £89.95 Aura & ProMidi Save £34.95!
* »***“ The ideal MIDI interface * for all Amigas, this
smart-looking device comes with MIDI in, MIDI thru and two MIDI
out ports and is complete with manual, software and a flying
cable for convenient positioning.
The Termite Button Bar Devpac 3 Amiga Twist 2 The Amiga Database DoublttDeal £94.95 *p»p Twist 2 & MaxonMagic Save £34.95!
Twist 2 is the new, friendly, relational database for all Amigas. Twist's range of power features such as its integrated forms designer, its varied Ac multi-level querying, its N:1 1:N Ac N:M relations coupled with its un-cluttered, well-designed user interface make it ideal for both the first-time and the seasoned database user.
Maxon Magic m This is the utility that you simply must own! Maxon Magic is a funtastic combination of 20 different animated screen savers, a system event sound manager and many amusing sampled sounds that will not only be incredibly useful but will give you and your friends endless enjoyment as well.
Professional game development is made easy with the new GameSmith Development System. Over 3 years in the making, CDS gives you the low level power to create the masterpiece of your dreams in a single, comprehensive, easy to use system.
GameSmith fully supports and is compatible with all Amigas including AGA. A C Compiler or 680x0 Assembler is required.
From shoot-'em-ups to graphic adventures, from intergalactic conquest to strategic simulation, the GameSmith Development System is the perfect solution.
90% AUI 92% CU Amiga The professional's choice for Amiga assembly language development, Devpac 3 is a complete package of 68000-68040 assembler, debugger, editor and linker. Ideal for beginner and expert alike. Devpac 3 is the perfect companion for Gamcsmith.
DoubleDttal £129.95-pip Devpac 3.14 & Gamesmith. Save £50!
Squirrel Storage Systems DoublttDeal Buy a Squirrel SCSI interface with any CD or HD drive for only £501 Buy 2 drives, save £251 Add £60 for external versions (case with integral psu and all SCSI connections) where appropriate. Squirrel SCSI interface costs £69.95 bv itself.
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A problem shared is a problem solved - at least it is when you talk to the helpful experts at Amiga Format ¦a’a.
A a. a_a a a v. IF there is one part of the magazine that generates more mail than anything else it is Workbench.
1 1 "f ¦ '¦s' C1'' intercsiing or most common problems .nul answer them in the magazine.
But no naim ln»lNi|y|dBMnH manage to solve every month, there are space for. Hopefully this special redressing the balance.
You will find answers to all the
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To make it even easier we've grouped the answers by topic, so you will be able a'a
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Q. Why is AmigaDOS so slow?
A. AmigaDOS can certainly seem slow on an Amiga that isn't fitted
with a hard drive.
This is because many AmigaDOS commands are stored on disk and when executed they must be loaded from disk.
...that AmigaDOS has several commands built into the Kickstart ROM? You can see which ones are present by entering "resident" at an Shell window.
You can make your own commands temporarily resident (their status is lost when you reboot) by using their name with the "resident" keyword.
However, with Workbench 3 all the useful commands are already resident and the remaining ones need to be forced to become "pure" because they are not one hundred percent reliable at multitasking when made resident But you usually won't experience You can speed it up by copying the commands you use a lot to RAM disk, or by making them resident (see the Did you know... panel on the right). .Amiga fioppv disks also appear to work more slowly than disk drives on other computers: this can be improved slightly by using the “Fast File System" and “Directory Caching" options available with Workbench 3
and better.
For example, il an image processing has an Arcxx port, yon could write an Arexx script to image process an entire batch of pictures automatically. In this role of automating a process. Arexx is described as a 'macro language*.
Arexx can also link two or more separate programs. For example, an image processing program might use Arexx to communicate with the driver software of a graphics card, as well as the software controlling a video digitiser. With one Arexx command, the image processor could grab a frame of video, process it and then display it on the graphics card.
For hardware reasons, the high density drives present on the Amiga 4000 work at half the speed of HD floppy drives on Pcs.
Q. Why do I need to keep replacing the Workbench floppy?
A, When you boot from your Workbench disk, various pointers are set up to show the .Amiga where to find v ital information stored on the disk - information like fonts, libraries and commands. When you remove the Workbench disk, insert a program disk and load a program, as long as the application is running it needs access to the libraries on the boot disk, so you will frequently be requested to insert the Workbench disk. Once the necessary information has loaded you are usually asked to insert the program disk again.
Q. How can I find out more about Arexx?
A. Find someone vviih an A4000 and borrow the manual that came
with their machine. .Alternatively, buy the Abacus Ixrok
“Using Arexx on the -Amiga" or “ARexx: Vour Amiga's Built-in
Turbocharger" front A ' mail order.
Cds are a useful and welcome addition to any Amiga, but not without their problems - as we know only too well.
One solution is to buy an external disk drive so you can keep your Workbench disk and Application disk present at all limes, A hard drive is an even better solution. Alternatively, you can try and make room on a copy of your boot disk and copy the Application program on to it.
This should cut down swapping.
Q. What is Arexx?
A. Arexx stands for “Amiga Rexx”, which is a programming language
included as standard with all Amigas lilted with Workbench
2.04 and upwards. Manv application programs have what is
called an “ARexx port" which means they are capable of
reacting to commands made by an Arexx program or 'script'.
Problems, so try: resident cilist pure You can check your command has been added by entering "resident" by itself again, and you will also get a list of the number of times each command was executed - which could be useful if you want to remove commands which are not being used.
Q. How can I connect a CD-ROM drive to my Amiga?
A. Currently the easiest way is to buy a SCSI interface for your
model of Amiga, and then buy a SCSI CD-ROM drive. For example,
if you have an A1200 you should get a Squirrel interface. If
you have a big box Amiga like an A2000 or A4000 you will have
to buy either a dedicated slot-in SCSI card or a processor
accelerator which includes a SCSI interface as a bonus. The
A3000 has a SCSI interface as standard.
Any CD-ROM drive with a SCSI port can then be connected: internally on a big box Amiga, or externally with an A1200. If lilted externally you will need to sort out a case and power supply. Many companies (HiSoft for example) bundle the Squirrel interface with a drive in one readv-to-go package. Non-SCSI drives can also be used: the A1200 can use the Overdrive system, and big box Antigas can use certain makes of drive with the Tandem controller card.
Although the A600. AI200 and AIOOO have IDE interfaces as standard, the Amiga cannot at present make use of the IDE CD-ROM drives common in Pcs.
Q. What's a File System?
A. .As well as physically connecting the
C. D-ROM drive to your computer, you will need special software
in order to be able to read CD-ROM discs, which arc written in
a standard format called ISO 9660.
The software will be supplied if you buy a Squirrel interface, but you can source your own instead: one of the best is AmiCJ)tiO. l v 1.15, available from Aminct.
2. Use the Prefs program "Screenmode" to see how many colours the
Workbench uses. Alter the number up or down. If you using a 16
colour image, you will need a Workbench that has 16 (or more)
colours. You shouldn't need to alter any other screen mode
3. Use the Prefs program "WBPattern". If you get the number of
colours wrong, the Workbench display could look like this:
there aren't enough Workbench pens to display all the colours
in the image.
4. When you get the settings right, the Workbench will have the
Image displayed in the background You may need to alter the
colour of the fonts used so that you can read them on top of
your image.
ISO-9660 formal can be read on the Amiga. It is also possible to read data stored on Mac CD-ROMs. However, being able to read data is not the same as being able to use it: for example, you will be able to load and display text files and pictures from a PC CD-ROM. But you will not be able to load and play games.
Q. How can I play audio Cds on my CD-ROM drive?
Emulated in software.
Escom themselves may produce an Amiga hardware emulator for the PC but it will be some way off.
A. If your CD-ROM drive has suitable stop start buttons on the
front panel you can simply pop in a normal music CD and press
Play. Most drives have a headphone socket, and all have an
audio output at the back - if you use the riglu connectors,
this can be connected to a hi-fi. If your CD drive is fitted
inside an A4000, there is a set of jumpers on the motherboard
for mixing CD audio with the Amiga’s own sound.
If your drive doesn't have play buttons, or you want more control, there are many programs available which will allow you to create your own jukebox. Some will even remember album and track names for you.
Look out for programs such as YACDP, CDPand JuktBox (all from Aminet).
Q. How can I take audio from CD-ROMS and play it from my Amiga?
A. Some CD-ROM drives are capable of sending audio data via the
SCSI interface.
This means that instead of playing the music as normal CD sound, the raw digital data is sent to the Amiga.
Several programs arc available which will accept this data and reassemble it into sound which then appears out of the Amiga's standard connectors. It is also possible to capture this sound and save it as a normal (but very high-quality) IFF sample. However, you need a drive which supports the CD-DA (CD Digital Audio) standard and not many do.
Toshiba, Plexor and Sony are three makes that do support CD-DA. But check before you buy if this is important to you.
Suitable programs to look out for include: HbilCJIPIayrr, (J)Pluyn jnd Interplay (all from Aminet).
...the Amiga can emulate a PC an Apple Mac, a Sinclair Spectrum.a ZX80, an Amstrad CPC, an MSX and a Commodore 64: but no-one has ever been able to write an Amiga emulator for a rival computer.
Part of the problem for Amiga wannabees is the custom chip set which is too powerful to be HARD DRIVES
Q. How can I add a hard drive?
A. The A600, A1200 and A4000 all have IDE interfaces as standard.
The A600 and A1200 can have 2.5-inch IDE hard drives fitted
internally (do it yourself or ask a dealer). The A4000 comes
with one
3. 5-inch drive, and has space for another.
If you have another Amiga, you will need to buy an interface as well as the hard drive: A500s and A2000s need SCSI interfaces (although IDE interfaces arc also available). The A3000 comes complete with inbuilt SCSI interface and drive.
Q. Why should I want to?
A. Unless you use the Amiga as nothing more than a games console,
adding a hard drive to an Amiga is the single biggest
improvement you can make.
A hard drive will store your complete Workbench set-up, and most of your programs and files. Because it is so much faster it will boot in thirty seconds. It also makes all kinds of customising possible, and banishes disk swapping forever.
Q. Can I use 3.5-inch drives on an AI200?
A. Yes, but you are not really supposed to.
The smaller 2.5-inch drives fit neatly inside and get all their power and data signals through one tidy cable. Larger 3.5-inch drives require changes to Ik- made inside the case, and some extra wiring.
It's not for the lainl hearted, although the fact that 3.5" drives now cost as little as £100 for 420Mb is enough to tempt a lot of people. It is recommended that you contact a reliable dealer for more details and information on where to get the necessary parts. Try Eyetech on 01642 713.
Q. Which is better, SCSI or IDE?
A. Depends. IDE drives are usually cheaper and less hassle.
However, only two can be fitted at once to an Amiga (unless an
extra expansion card is fitted to the big box systems) and
they arc usually slightly slower than SCSI.
SCSI drives, especially modern SCSI2 drives, are about as fast as you can get, and up to six can be fitted at once. Also, a SCSI interface can be used to connect to other peripherals such as optical drives and DAT tape drives, SCSI drives are available in larger sizes than IDE drives (9Gb SCSI drives are available if you have the money).
Q. Should I re-format a hard drive?
A. You can format a hard disk just like an AntigaDOS floppy drive
from Workbench.
Use “Fast File System" if possible. QUICK should suffice. However, you shouldn’t perform a “low level" format from within a special hard drive set-up program on an IDE drive (on an A600, A120(1 or A4000).
They work differently from SCSI drives, and a low level format can damage an IDE drive permanently.
Continued overleaf 4
- S* »¦ !» J Mi'l M tun tut I lirlml twit Irm I HulJ B T ! ESS ST
171 ll Nr.rtr.il m • n I few *.» «• | hrtilta km | Mil! 1*ll«l
im | bill Mmf Mi « | Urtffri v«it frirt | Qmg* M |w»j bit |
- E£ tWM 17.1 L «it 1 tmui m " »WM 17.1 1S5 IT7JW 17.1 |y M|
„Jl.J UN III... 1 Mrta tail 1 j
2. Select the drive from the list. If the drive type is not
recognised, use the “Change Drive Type" option and select a
new type from a list or use "Define New..." If using IDE
drives set the XT I SCSI selector to SCSI. If using "Define
new..." it is easiest to select "Read Configuration".
3. Return to the main screen and select Partition Drive. Click on
the "New Partition" button, and in the long rectangle which
represents the hard drive. You can drag the markers to adjust
the size of the partitions.
Set the partition name to something like "HD1" or "DH1".
4. You will then need to select "Save changes to drive". The
Amiga may reboot at this point. When it re-loads Workbench,
you will need to format the partition. Open an AmigaDOS shell
and enter: format drive HD0: (or whatever you called the
partition) name “Whatever" FFS QUICK.
4 Q. What arc* partitions?
A. A single hard drive can be set up to act as two or more
separate drives. Each partition will have its own icon,
settings and even liling system. A partition is created from
within the hard disk set-up program (usually something like
HDToolBox) and each is formatted separately. The advantages of
having more than one partition include speed, convenience and
...to create a video effect similar to the weather forecast you will need no more than a genlock.
The genlock enables Amiga graphics to be superimposed over 'live' video and is therefore suitable for providing subtitles.
Getting video to appear over the top of Amiga graphics is a lot more tricky, and requires an extra piece of hardware called a Chromakey. This strips out a single colour in the live video signal and replaces it with the Amiga display: so if you stand in front of a bright blue background, the blue can be tuned out to let the Deluxe Paint image underneath show through.
Q. What happens when 1 get an “Invalid bitmap" error?
A, This could happen if a program has crashed while writing to a file on the disk, or you accidentally switch the Amiga oil in the middle of doing something.
You have two choices: copy as much data as you can to another partition or a pile of floppy disks, and then - from the Workbench - reformat the drive. Just a QUICK format will usually do the job.
If you don't want to copy everything, commerical programs such as AmiBack Tonis and Quarterback Took are available to repair the damage in situ. However, backing up regularly is always a good idea.
Q. What is optimization?
A. After a lime, all the files on a hard disk (or a floppy disk)
get out of order. So when a file is loaded, the disk heads
need to move back and forward over the disk many times, and so
data reads slow down.
Sorting the files back into locations next to one another can speed things up again.
The simplest way to optimize a disk is copy all die files off, and then copy them back. With a large hard drive this is very inconvenient, so programs are available to perform the optimization with all the files still in place (RrOtg, AmiBack or Quarterback for example). However, this can be risky: if something happens in the middle of the optimization all data will be lost, so it is a good idea to make a back-up anyway.
Q. How often should I back up my disk?
A. .As often as possible. There are many programs to make the
process easier. The clever ones only back up changes made
since the last back-up, so if you back up on a weekly basis
you won't need a mountain of disks. Check out DiskSalveJ from
Almathera on 0181 687 0040.
Q. How can I add more memory?
A. On an A600 or A1200, you can either add a PCMCIA memory card
to the slot on the side, or a small board to the trapdoor
1. Load the PCO: device by doubleclicking the PCO: icon in the
DOSDrivers drawer in the Storage directory. You can now use
DFO: for PC disks - it will appear as PCO:.
2. When loading text into a text editor (for example, loading
some programming files into the Cygnus Ed editor) you will
often see extra blank lines appearing, but worry not.
4. When you load text now, the commodity will have removed the
extra lines. Remember to switch off the commodity when loading
and saving data other than text.
Under the keyboard. Adding memory via the PCMCIA slot isn't always a great idea as it is both expensive and relatively slow.
A4000 owners can add SIMMs to the motherboard or to other slot-in cards or to processor accelerators. A1200 owners also have the extra option of adding memory at the same time as a faster processor.
Q. Why is some memory faster?
A. The Amiga has Chip memory and Fast memory. The CPU shares Chip
memory with the graphics and sound hardware, and since only
one device can read and write to memory at one time, Chip
memory slows down program execution.
Fast memory isn't shared, so programs stored there run a lot faster. The A1200 comes with 2Mb of Chip memory as standard. If you add more to the trapdoor, where by design it is classed Fast memory, you immediately speed up your Amiga.
Q. Are SIMMs not just RAM chips?
A. SIMMs are “Single In-line Memory Modules" and consist of RAM
chips soldered on to neat boards. The boards are easier to fit
and remove than ordinary
3. Locate and run the CrossDos commodity. You will need to
doubleclick twice to make the control panel pop up. Now
select the PCO: drive and click the check boxes.
Q. How do I connect my Amiga to a synthesiser or keyboard?
A. Connect a small box called a MIDI interface to the Amiga's
serial port and many musical keyboards can be interfaced to
the Amiga. With a program such as OctaMed, Music-Xor Bars and
Pipes, the Amiga can 'play' the instrument.
Most keyboards allow different sounds to Ik- played simultananeously so you can program or ‘sequence' the Amiga to play drums, bass and lead all by iLself. The way MIDI works means that many instruments can be connected at once, so you can add drum machines, synthesisers, samplers and effects boxes all under computer control.
Q. What programming languages are available for the Amiga?
A. Arexx is free with Workbench 2 and up.
The C language is very popular for heavy duty programming projects, and the two best C packages are Dice and SAS C. HiSoft sell Pascal, and Devjiac, the excellent 68000 assembler. You can also try the more esoteric Oberon and E languages, as well as variants of BASIC that are great for beginners, such as AMOS and Blitz Basic.
Q. What do I need to get started?
A. If you haven’t programmed the Amiga before, a system like
Blitz Basic is best. This will help you see what the Amiga
hardware is capable of. If you already know how to program,
get a C compiler and the official programming documentation
either in book format (The “Rom Kernel Manuals") or one of
several Fish PD CD-ROMs.
Q. What authoring packages are available?
A. Programs such as Helm and CanDo!
Make writing programs easier and make it possible to link actions, sounds and images without writing pages of code.
Q. How can I easily create an Intuition style front end?
A. Gad look used to be the best program for creating GUI
(graphical user interfaces) which conformed to the Amiga style
guides, but now you should look out The Designer, a shareware
program with many powerful features.
Q. How can i add Arexx to my programs?
A. Use a program such as EasyBexx (from Aminet). Which makes
adding an Arexx port relatively straightforward.
Q. Can I record Amiga graphics to video?
A. Yes. First of all you need to use the correct screen mode: you
must use a PAL screen, either interlaced or not, though
interlace seems to work best and Continued overleaf 4 Your
ability to create, edit and perform music is greatly enhanced
by the Amiga, so it's no wonder we get so many music queries.
Chips. Also, most memory chips are soldered directly to the circuit boards to save money, which means you can't remove them and use them in another computer.
Q. Which speed SIMMS do I need?
A. Memory speed is usually rated in nanoseconds (ns). The lower
the rating, the faster the memory. Typically 80ns memory is
fine, but, if faster processors arc used (for example, a 33Mhz
68030) this might not Ik- fast enough and errors will occur.
In these situations 70ns or even 60ns will be required.
Q. What is Virtual Memory?
A. With clever programming, it's possible to fool the Amiga into
thinking it has more memory than it really has. This is
achieved by setting aside some hard disk space which then acts
like memory.
When an application requests a block of RAM the virtual memory system creates a disk file and passes the data between the disk and the program. The application carries on as normal, not knowing the “memory" is really on disk. Of course it's slow, but it means you can ton programs that need much more RAM than you actually have.
Programs such as VMM and GigaMem work in this way and fool most programs, but they both require a piece ol hardware- called an MMU or Memory Management Unit, which is built into the full 68030 and 68040 processors, and can cleverly remap memory addresses. A slight twist is that some processors don't have an MMU in order to save money: these have 'EC' in their titles, so a 68F.C030 processor does not have an MMU and won't run GigaMem.
On the other hand, some programs have their own version of virtual memory built in, and so they don't need to be fooled, and therefore they don't require an MMU.
Q. What do I need to play Amiga sound through the Hi-fi?
A. Amiga audio appears at the back of the casing via two phono
sockets. These need to be connected to the AUXilliary input of
a Hi-fi with suitable set of leads. They cannot be connected
directly to speakers, although some small speakers come with a
suitable amplifier built-in.
R»s MC: llUliMR V*I* ST' rMtUFB .CIl I a SF r«w=::It «•«*!•"»«r*» timmciif kr.'or w*. Hm**m umt uuia 'hHMMtf hMWiOID (MB'
2. Opening a Shell and entering AVAIL will give you a more
detailed description of the amount of memory available, what
sort it is, and where it is being used.
3. To find out exactly where memory is located, use the
SHOWCONFIG command. This is especially useful if you have an
A1200 and want to check if your memory is going to conflict
with a PCMCIA device.
4. You can also use the Memory option from AIBB, which will tell
you slightly more and in a friendlier fashion. AIBB is
available from Aminet and most PD libraries.
* doesn't flicker as much as you might think when played back.
You can not use a productivity or midlist an mode. Secondly you
need a connection from the Amiga to the video recorder. The
easiest way is to use the RF video out signal from the back of
the A1200. You'll need to tune the video in to ii before you
can use it. But it has the advantage of including sound.
Unfortunately the RF picture isn't very clear, especially once recorded. Although the Amiga has an RGB output which can be connected lo a SCART cable, and although many IA’s and videos also have SCART inputs, hardly any video recorders accept RGB directly for recording. Instead, use the composite video output at the back of the AI200 (the phono plug) which will give a reasonably clear picture.
Q. How can I replay animations quickly?
A. The golden rules are get the fastest Amiga as possible, and
fit as much RAM as you can and the fastest hard drive vou can
find. Make sure your animation is as small as possible: try
overscan non-interlaced PAL. And in as few colours as you can
get awavwilh. Don’t use dithering.
When making your animation, ensure there is as little movement on screen as possible. If you can. Move the objects on the screen rather than moving the camera, large differences in the backgrounds will take up more memory, and slow down the animation. Finally, use the MnkrAnim7 utility provided with Viewtek to convert your animations into ANIM7 fonnat. These replay a lot faster, but take up more room.
Q. How can I replay large animations?
A. If you run out of memory, but have a hard drive, it you can
replay anims directly from disk instead of memory. Success
depends 011 the complexity of the anim and the speed of both
.Amiga and hard drive, but even with a 68040 and SGSI2 hard
drive results can be disappointing.
Lookout for Viewtekand DigAniu - both programs will do the best possible job of spooling anims from disk.
Q. Can I mix Amiga graphics and video?
A. If you want to overlay Amiga graphic s over video (for
example, to add subtitles) you will need to buy a genlock to
connect to the RGB port of the Amiga. This provides an input
for a video camera or other source and a composite (or S-VHS)
video output signal which can be fed into the video recorder.
Q. My A500 A-1000 has a video out port, and no colour composite -
what do I do?
A. Use a genlock to provide the necessary composite signal. You
may need to provide an input to the genlock from a camcorder
or other video source to prevent the picture rolling.
Q. What sort of monitor should I get for an A1200 A4000?
A. The standard video-style Commodore or Philips CM monitors work
well, but don't take advantage of the new screen modes that
the AGA chip set in the AI200 and A4000 make possible. Before
AGA. The largest non-interlace non-flickering display you
could have was 640 by 256. With AGA and a suitable monitor you
can display up to 640 by 512 without flicker.
However, to display these modes you need a monitor that can 'sync' to these new rates. Many games use the original video modes, so the monitor will also need to sync back down to the video speeds.
The Microvitec 1438 monitor for £299 is one of the few that will. Telephone 01244 377566 for details.
Q. What's the difference between bitmap paint packages and
structured ones?
A. Bitmap programs, such as Deluxe Paint.
Personal Paint and Brillance store images as individual pixels and colours. A structured art program, such as ProDraw, stores a description of the image in terms of the start and stop points of lines, the degree of curvature, the graduation of shades and so on. .As a result, the structured image can be reduced or enlarged with no loss of quality or "jaggies" showing. However, it is usually harder to draw images using structured packages, and it's impossible to process digitised or scanned images.
Q. What software do I need to use to make a magazine?
A. You need the Nick Veitch Sim ulator which is a 2K program
available from I’D libraries everywhere. Alternatively, you
will need a DTP program such as PagrStream. This will allow
you complete control over fonts and the placement of pictures.
It will also save the pages out in a format you can take to a
printer and have printed professionally.
Q. Should I gel a SCART TV or a monitor?
A. If you want to watch TV. Get a SCART TV. If you want the best
possible Amiga displays, with crisp text and colours which
aren't smeared, get a monitor.
Q. Can 1 upgrade easily to a later version of Workbench?
A. Yes. But you will need a new Kicksiart ROM as well. The
current latest version of the system software is .'i. I, which
will be of most use to those running 2.04 systems: there is
little to be gained for A4000 or A1200 owners.
The upgrade pack consists of a new pair of R )Ms (or one R )M for 68000 machines) and a new set of Workbench disks and manuals. The upgrade currently costs £89.95 for the single-ROM version (A500 and A2000) and £99.95 for the double-ROM version (AI200. A3000.
A4000) from Blittersoft on 01908 261466.
Q. How can I go about adding a new Kicks tart ROM to an A500?
A. There is a slight hardware modification needed 10 some
revisions of A500 before a new ROM can Ik- fitted. A single
wire must be soldered between pin I and pin 31. If you don't
know what that involves, ask a local computer dealer to tlo it
for you.
Q. Can I add a graphics card to an Al 200?
A. Not directly. Amiga graphics cards require access to a Zorroll
or ZorrollI slot.
3. You could use IconEdit, but why not try Iconian, the shareware
softwaqre that will allow much bigger icons, and has many more
features besides.
4. Save the Icon as Disk.info in teh RAM disk. To make it appear
every time, add a line to your user-startup which copies this
file into RAM every time you boot up. HurTah!
And the A1200 doesn't have any Zorro slots: the nearest it has is a trapdoor expansion. Theoretically it is possible to build a card which will connect to the trapdoor, blit no-one seems to have done it yet. What you can do though it buy a Z5 Tower Case from Power Computing or Ramiga International, which includes five ZorroII slots. You can then pop in and use a PicassoII graphics card.
Q. What's the difference between ZorroII and ZorroIII?
A. ZorroIII slots use a 32-hit-wide bus.
Whereas ZorroII uses 16 hits. This is because ZorroII sloLs were originally made for Amigas that used the 68000 processor, which fetches data in 16-bit- wide chunks. With the move to the 68030 in the A3000. The ZorroIII standard was introduced to take advantage of the 32-bit fetch of the processor.
Q. What is a Buster, and why should 1 want to change one?
A. The A4000 (and A3000) include a custom chip called Busier. On
some models of A4000 this chip was faulty, and caused problems
with some ZorroIII cards.
Q. Can I upgrade to AGA graphics with my A500 600 2000 3000?
A. No, you can't. The AGA chip set is not available as an
upgrade, and never will be.
However, you ran get pretty7 close if you have an A2000 or A3000 - fit a graphics card such as the PicassoII and upgrade to version 3.1 of the operating system.
The enhancements in 3.1 will allow7 older Amigas to open 256-colour Workbench screens using the graphics card.
Q. How can I speed up my Amiga?
A. If you haven't already done so. Add some extra memory. Every
.Amiga will benefit from extra memory because it allows
programs to be loaded into the Fast memory area instead of the
Chip memory area. This can result in a doubling in speed
More speed requires upping the processor. Every Amiga can have a faster CPU fitted. If you have an A500, fit a 68020 card from Power Computing. If you have an A1200, fit a Blizzard double-speed 68020 or a 68030 card from Harwood’s on 01773 836781. If you have a A4000 30, fit a WarpEngine or CyberStorm. If you have an A4000 40. Fit a Doubler from BlittcrSoft or a Cyberstorm 060 card.
Q. Is there a 68040 accelerator available for the A1200?
A. No. The 68040 processor is too power- hungry and gets too hot
to allow a reliable 68040 upgrade, though we hear that someone
may have solved this problem.
The 68060 runs cooler, so an A1200 060 accelerator may he possible in the future.
Q. Can I increase my Chip RAM?
A. The current limit of Chip RAM is 2Mb.
And it is determined by which Agnus custom chip you have fitted. If you only have 512K or I Mb of Chip RAM on your ...ARexx programs don't need to be started from within other programs. If you open a Shell, you can type RX scriptname and the file will start.
In this way you can use Arexx to quickly knock up speedy programs for renaming files, processing text and data - as well as controlling other programs. Arexx needs to be started and running in the background for this to work.
A500 or A2000, a special board called a MegaChip is still available from Power Computing. This includes a RAM chip and will give you 2Mb of Chip memory. A600 owners need to add a I Mb RAM board to the trapdoor expansion slot.
Q. Why would I want to increase the amount of Chip RAM I have?
A. After saying that Fast RAM is so much better than Chip RAM
because it runs programs faster, t on must remember that Chip
RAM is where graphics and sound data are stored. If you want
to store more sound samples in OctaMed, or open more screen
displays in more colours, extra Chip RAM is essential.
Q. How fast is my Amiga compared with a PC or Apple Macintosh?
A. Erm... tricky, because even measuring pure processor speed is
very hard. Trying to take the Amiga's custom hardware into
account, and comparing the super- efficient multitasking
system with Windows doesn't make the sums any easier.
Roughly, an unexpanded A1200 is about as fast as a 386 PC;, an expanded AI200 about as fast as a slow 486 PC.
An A4000 with an '040 is about as fast as a medium 486 system. An A4000 fitted with an 68060 is roughly equivalent to a Pentium system. Roughly.
Q. What is an FPU and do I need one?
A. An FPU is a Floating Point Unit'. It can take the form of a
chip (w hen used with a 68020 or 68030 processors) or it could
be built in to the processor (as with the 68040 or 68060). The
team of CPU and FPU can do sums more quickly than the CPU can
by itself, so if you are into image rendering or processing or
any other form of mathsintensive pastime, an FPU will he
The catch is that the software must be specially written to take advantage of the FPU, and so most application programs come in two versions: one for systems without an FPU (called, misleadingly, "integer systems") and one for systems with an FPU. Running the FPU version on a computer with no FPU will cause a system crash. Running the Integer version on a system with an FPU will give no ill effects but will have little, if any. Benefit.
Q. Will an FPU speed up games?
A. Almost never. In most cases the programmers haven't written
their code to take advantage of the FPU because of the extra
trouble, and relatively smaller market. Some 3D games like
flight sims may benefit, but little else.
Q. What speed of FPU should I get?
A. Get an FPU which goes at the same speed as your CPU. For
example, if you have a 33Mhz 68030. Fit a 33Mhz 68030 FPU.
Fitting a faster one will cause a slight speed increase, but
it's hardly worth the money. Check when buying an FPU that it
is the correct package: accelerator cards can either take
P1.CC (plastic Icadless chip carriers) or PGA (pin gate array)
Make sure you order the right one!
Q. What is an MMU and do I need one?
A. An MMU is a 'Memory Management Unit', and is either an add-on
chip for some 68020 systems (rarely used) or an integral part
of a 68030 or 68040 processor. Some processors (EC versions)
don't have the MMU present to save money. The MMU is used by
virtual memory systems, UNIX clones, programs which re-map the
Kickstart ROM into memory and some debugging software
(Enforcer). You can probably live without one if you have so
Q. How much memory do I need...?
A. More than you have, usually. The minimum for anything other
than games is now really 2Mb. And you should aim for about 6Mb
if possible (2Mb Chip. 4Nlb Fast). Adding more makes things
generally more pleasant, and between 12Mb and 16Mb is ideal
for most applications.
Q. Why does my memory expansion not work when my Overdrive is
plugged in?
A. The PCMCIA port which the Overdrive uses is mapped in to the
same addressing area as some trapdoor memory expansions on the
A1200. To discover if your trapdoor expansion will cause
problems with a PCMCIA device, open a Shell and enter
"showconfig". The report will tell you where your memory
expansion is mapped in the Amiga's workspace.
If it starts at S2000000 then there will he a problem if more than 4Mb is added (the PCMCIA interface lives at S600000 to $ a000000). If it starts at SlfOOOOO (such as with the Blizzard 50Mhz 68030 card) then there won't be any problems. The easy answer is to ask before buying.
Q. Can I add a PC keyboard to my Amiga or use an A2000 keyboard
as an external keyboard on my A1200?
A. Yes, but it requires a lot of messing about. Adding an
external keyboard to an A1200 could be the final step in a DIY
project to rehouse the A1200 in a PC tow er case, but it
requires making some Continued overleaf 4 motherboard. Details
can be found in the file called TowerFit.lha on Aminet.
Adding an IBM keyboard involves building a circuit which includes an EPROM. Details are in a file called IBM_Keyboard.lha, again on Aminet.
Aminet is also released in the form of CD-ROMs. The latest release is Aminet 6, which contains all the latest files uploaded until the 6th May 1995.
A. Yes. There are two versions: a 68000 port of l.initx, and
NelBSl). Both require Amigas fitted with an MMU, and both are
huge systems which require a hard drive to install. If you
succeed, there is an X-windows client available for graphics.
Q. Can 1 network several Amigas together?
A. Yes. You can use a special DIY cable and a program called
Pamet which will mount a new net: device on each Amiga.
This means you could, for example, connect an A500 to an A1200. And the A500 could use the A1200's hard drive.
A common use is to connect an Amiga computer to a CDTV and so provide a cheap way of getting access to CD-ROM.
Q. Can I use Ethernet?
A. Ethernet provides a very fast method of linking two or more
Commodore did once produce Ethernet cards, but tracking any down these days is difficult. The Ariadne card offers an Ethernet connection, as does an expansion module for the CyberStorm accelerator card. It is also possible to use the GoldenGate2 card and a PC Ethernet card.
All these systems use what are called SANA- 11 drivers, and when all is connected you can either use Internel-style TCP IP links or run the networking package Envoy.
Q. Can I run Envoy without Ethernet?
A. Yes - this is especially useful if you don't have any Zorro
slots to lit Ethernet cards to. A thing called Liana connects
Amigas via their Parallel ports and allows Envoy to run over
Q. Can 1 network Amigas and Pcs?
A. Yes. You can either use a program called TwmExpms which uses a
serial cable, or use an Ethernet card on the Amiga running
with SANA-II and AmiTCPto ... that Aminet is the largest
collection of Public Domain and Shareware software? Aminet is
a huge library of files, and is part of the Internet. If you
have access to the Net you can pull down any file you like for
free. The site address is ftp.wustl.edu, or one of the mirror
sites such as ftp.uni-paderborn.de or ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk.
connect lo an Ethernet card on the PC running a TCP IP stack.
Although not a true peer-to-peer network, this will allow you
to Telnet and FTP between machines.
Q. How can 1 connect the Amiga to the Internet?
A. You can cither link in to a BBS which has an Internet gateway
(for example CIX, Delphi. Almac) or sign up with an Internet
Service Provider. If the former, you will only need a normal
comms program such as Termite, Term or Xtomm. For a direct
link you will need to install AmiTCP (available from Aminet).
Q. What sort of modem should 1 use with my Amiga?
A. If you have a 68000 processor, you might have problems using
speeds of 28,800bps and should stick to 14400bps instead. An
AI200 with extra memory should be able to handle 28,800 modems
without problems.
Q. What is a Null Modem cable?
A. A null modem cable is a serial cable to connect two computers
together via their serial ports. This is used for swapping
files via terminal software or playing games.
Q. Can 1 run PC. Programs on an Amiga?
A. Yes, with software or hardware emulation. A program called
PCTask3 (see page 97) will emulate a 286 PC. And will even run
Windows if that's what you want.
Alternatively, the Emplant hardware emulator attempts to run all PC software.
It costs about £350 from Blittersoft.
Q. Can I run Amiga programs on a PC?
A. No, a PC isn't capable of emulating the Amiga's advanced
multitasking operating system or its custom hardware. No Amiga
emulator has successfully been produced for a rival computer.
Q. Can 1 use PC hardware on the Amiga?
A. Yes. Devices such as printers and modems will work without
modification. If you have a big box Amiga, internal modem
cards, serial and parallel cards, network cards and IDF. Cards
can all be used with the ColdenGate2 card from Eyetech.
Q. Can I use a PC monitor with an A1200 or A4000?
A. Depends. Some monitors will not sync exactly with the Amiga
and it makes it hard to tell in advance. In any case, very few
(if any) PC. Monitors will display the 15kHz PAL screens which
games use. If you don't play games, you might find a nice
15-inch monitor such as the Tatting UltrascanPlus works very
well. I certainly do.
Q. Can 1 use Apple Mac programs?
A. Yes. Again, there are hardware and software emulators.
ShapeSliiJleris a shareware emulator which claims to run Mac
software, and Emplant is a hardware emulator. Both require Mac
ROMS in order to run.
Q. Can 1 use Apple Mac hardware?
A. Only with the Emplant Deluxe Mac emulator, which includes
support for SCSI and Appletalk interfaces. 'I) WORKBENCH
I. Many Bulletin Boards use IBM ANSI graphics, and when you log
on you will see a lot of garbage on the screen. This is
because the default Amiga font settings do not support the IBM
characters and ANSI colours.
2. Select an eight-colour screen mode (or 16 if you have the
memory) and use an IBM-style font, if one wasn't supplied with
your terminal emulator program, there are many in the public
domain. Ask on your BBS.
3. Virtually all comms software will have some way of displaying
ANSI, although sometimes this is via an external module and
you may have to hunt around for the right place to set the
4. With the right colours and a good character set, your terminal
will behave exactly like a PC one. This means menus will work,
and you can see the "pretty" ANSI graphics available on many
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PERIPHERALS & SOFTWARE t’i I »1 : l •¦1 J: l I a «»] J W g mmm
genlock A500 512K (no clock) £20.00 Takes an A500 from 512K 10
• 75ms access time
• Daisy chainable via thru port
• Low power usage
• External PSU not required £59
• RGB thru - saving the genlock from being unplugged when not in
• Optional chroma key unit available September 95 Comprehensive
£99 These internal Amitek Loader replacement drives are ideal
tor users who wish to replace their existing internal drive The
pack features a high quality internal lue. Xf drive mechanism
tor the Amiga 500.500PWS or Amiga 600 All that you need lo lit
your drive is included, plus easy lo follow lilting
instructions and 24 months warranty.
• Plugs straight Into A1200 trapdoor - Ho soldering required
• Upgradeable FAST RAM board lo 1.2. 4 or Sun
• Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs lor easy upgrades
• Optional Floating Point Unit - 33mhi or 40mk PLCC 68882
• Comprehensive manual with illustrations
• Works with all A1200 and A1200HD computers
• Does not Invalidate your A1200 warranty
• 2 year warranty INCREASES £34 £44 INC VAT DBI 3605 fPU SpffO
SCSI-2 INTERFACE SQUIRREL FOR A600 A1200 14" COLOUR MONITOR SPEED BY UP TO 3X FROM £99 FOR ALL AMIGAS Hawk 1Mb - No FPU £99.00 Bmb 32-bil RAM board. 1md populated and battery backed clock - RAM 1210 Hawk 2Mb-No FPU £129.00 8m* 32-txt RAM board. 2Mb populated and battery backed clock - RAM 1220 MODEL 1048ST r W 39mm. CGA stereo colour monitor r Digital RGB and CVBS Hawk 4Mb - No FPU £189.00 8wt 32-bit RAM board. 4ws populated, and battery backed clock - RAM 1240 t
* - Photogenics £199 ? Power and audio cables Hawk 8Mb - No FPU
£329.00 8Mb 32-b.r RAM board, 8Mb populated and battery backed
dock • RAM 1280 INC VAT MON 4985 .95 £299.00 INC VAT MAP 4000
FPU 33mh* For Hawk £59.00 Cystal and FPU tor Hawk • UPG 1250
£54 INC VAT ASP 3000 FPU 40mhz For Hawk £99.00 Cystal and FPU
AMIGAS IfiMfl] TAMiF £ AMIffK The Digita Organiser wilh its
sinking interface superbly emulates the printed filofax diary
It lets you type appointments, birthdays, lists and more A full
address book, calendar and task list are also included It is
the only program ol _ its type on the Amiga. And has the r»
on.gg | option of printing pages that can be ML O Sf inserted
into a real filofax | ncvat aso7soo| £99.00 MODULATOR FOR ALL
AMIGAS £69.00 AMOS PROFESSIONAL £31.00 Games creator package •
ASA 4812 AMOS PRO COMPILER £31.00 Compiles your Amos programs -
ASA 4832 EASY AMOS _____________ £20.00 Ultra-fnendly
programming langauge - ASE 1602 BRILLIANCE V2.0 ...
£49.00 Advance paint & animation sottwaro • AS8 7912 CANDO
V2.5 ...... £99.00 interactive audiovisual authoring -
ASC 2200 DATASTORE . £49.00 Create
your own library • ASD 4022 ? Various Realtime painting tools ?
Image thumbnails » Enhanced text handling ? Expanded image
composing ? AutoFX
* Image FX browser ? Soft edge and anti-aliasing £34 £99 INC VAT
MOA 4200 INC VAT ASI213?
* High quality graphics and video mixing desk
* FREE Scala HT100 program disk » Add titles and special effects
to videos » Ideal for home and semi-professional users Supports
all standard Amiga and AGA graphics
* Input and output composite video signals » Switches between
video only, computer only and nixed graphics IMAGE
• Manipulate and paint graphics In 24-bit Photogenics V1.2 £54.00
The ultimate 24-bit graphic and manipulation package • ASP 3000
Image FXV2.0 .£199.00 Allows conversion ot
images between several ditfereni file formats - Asl 2132 The
Amitek Mamba. External Modulator, makes an ideal replacement
modulator for all Amiga owners. Everything needed is supplied.
Like all Amitek peripherals, it comes with an easy to follow
1200 Pixel 30 Professional V2.0 ---------- Powerful 3D object
design and modelling program handling 17 diftereni object
lormats • ASP 4000 Amitek A500 600 1200 £29.00 Beige coloured
replacement power Suppty lor A5006001200 • POW 0510 Scala
Multimedia fMM4ooi £299.00 Updated version of Scala program
with a whole host of new features • ASS 1042 Animation Workshop
V2.0 _______________ Allows you lo create, play, process, edn
and add sound to your animations - ASA 5800 Supports popular
image formats Including JPEG.
* Open design lets you to add your own loaders, savers or effects
‘ Multiple image editing ‘ Real-time HAM8 display 16-page
manual plus full colour sleeve NEW VERSION INC VAT VID21CO 1
A600lMb(inc clock) £40.00 Takes an A600 from 1Mb lo 2vt - RAM
0610 A600 1Mb (no clock) £30.00 Takes an A600 from tMb to 2md •
RAM 0605 A500 Plus 1mo___________________ £30.00 Takes an A500
from 1 wo to 2Mb - RAM 0520 A500 512K(inc clock) £25.00 Takes
an A500 litxn 512K lo 1Mb • RAM 0510 Z 1Mb SONY FLOPPY 314"
- DIGITAL FILOFAX CZ3SJ more GB ROUTE PLUS £34.99 Plan trips
and journeys in the UK • ASG 3122 KINDWORDS 3______________
£29.00 Professional texl processor • ASK 5832 MAVIS BEACON II
.. £14.00 Teach yourself typ«ng program • ASM 1992
MAXIPLAN 4 . £29.00 Business software suite - ASM 2012
VISTA PRO 3.0 £24.95 Landscape generating package • ASV
8002 WORDWORTH 3.1 SE .. £49.00 True WYSIWYG Word
proCOSSOr - ASW 6030 FINAL WRITER .....
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Named alter the famous storage hungry animal, me Squirtel
SCSI-2 interlace simply plugs into the PCMCIA slot (avoiding
warranty problems and allows you to connect up to 7 SCSI
devices to your Amiga at the same time. This could be any
combination ol hard drives. SCSI CD-ROM drives, tape streamers,
SyQuest removable drives, etc. 3'A" 1 Mb INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE
FOR AMIGA 500 500PLUS OR AMIGA 600 1200 » High quality 3 T Sony
mechanism » Strong metal casing » Built-in anti-click feature »
Switchable anti-virus mode » Engable disable switch SOFTWARE
OFFERS MicroVitec 1438 14“ 15KH2-40KHZ. 28mm • MON 5438 t £69
INK JET 660c » Speed 4 pages per minute - 10cpi at 248cps I
high speed) and I73cps (high quality) » 80 column - A4 i Res
360 x 360dpi - 720 x 360dp with smoothing function in mono i
Fonts 5 typefaces F*araltei interface i 64K input buffer. 4 IK
download buffer Emulations: LO25S0. X23E.
Canon enhanced
• Automatic and manual sheet feeder STUDIO PRO PRINTER CONTROLLER
Print 24 bit graphics Workbench timers tor most printers '
Prints pictures trom disk using very little memory
• The ONLY £149 £49 CD-ROM & HARD DRIVES Seagate ST9145A 127Mb ?
GVP Software £199.00 Upgrades an Arn.ga 600 01 1200 to a hard
d*« mode-: HAH 0127 MORE THAN JUST A GAMES CONSOLE Critical
Zone includes the powerful 32-bit CD” games console with
built-in dual speed CD-ROM drive, an 11 button controller and
7 top CD-ROM games. Optional upgrades include keyboard and disk
drive (allowing use of A1200 software) and an MPEG video
playback card allowing video Cds to be played on the CD”.
• 32-Bit processing power
• Dual speed CD-ROM drive
• 16.8 million colours
• Plays audio & CD+graphics Cds
• 11 button controller
• Titles available from £14.99
• Optional SX1 computer module - mow DATAFLYER 4000SX SCSI
CONTROLLER FOR THE AMIGA 4000 Allows the connection of external
or internal drives, tape back-up units.
CD-ROMS flopticals and SyQuest Includes many drivers
• SCSI expansion card
• Internal and external connections
• Cable 8 dnvers me r ,
• Supports rigid %r- PD SYSTEM READ WRITE OPTICAL DRIVE i high
400dpi tut von with »650Mb re-writable optical disk drive with
DRIVES, MICE & J’STICKS ril-Hflf-iiMF Logic 3 Speed Mouse
• Small and compact with 24pm print quality
• Works with any PC or Amiga computer
• 5 Buitt-m fonts. 2 scalable to 40pt
• Built-in 50 sheet auto feeder
• Citizen Easystart software tor Windows and Amiga
• Auto set facility
• Resolution 360 « 360dp
• Black nbbon
• Colour kit supplied including colour ribbon
• 2 year warranty
• Speeds B&W 270cps draft 134cpsL0 Colour 06mpp EconoFast Mode .
« black and white kJpi colour ‘ 100 sheets A4. Up to 20
envlopes 8 bitmapped fonts for DOS ‘ 14 TrueType fonts tor
• Parallel interface
• 3 year return to base warranty Mega Mouse Cl 2.95 Ulra high
400op resolution 5 tool calx e«on«ss fmgerto ope on MOU ’875
Quickshot Apache OS131 £6.99 professional colour management
system on the Amiga £429 EXC VAT PHI 5»1 Quickshot Starfighter
1 £8.99 Turbo lire button 6 fool cable. Thumb, control, hands
froo auto fit* • JOY 6467 Zip Sfik Super Pro £12.95 Auloltre
mtcroswiches handheld' MEGA MOUSE FOR ALL AMIGAS ' CRITICAL
THURROCK tllMBIKI 11222 541576 H245 355511
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325151 01473 221313 9171 560 40W 0171 560 3000
• 171 731 1234 01562 21201 0151 637 6666 11752 266666 81706
• 114 276 6611
• 114 256 6779
• 161312 Mil 01763 223SM 01702 462426 01700 063567 iibhw' St
a. mi 27 Fwgb Si .?*««. 11 31 Nc -h End ae«wr' 97 Airgy*e Si
aw&nttoi Kings Square OtRwii MMIbrool iwnwfSulion Ro Whwi
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Ortoffl S
- ! «*»• UrMfSt Detenhms Dwenharnj Oefcntaro Ortenhams Dttcnlums
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cataloguing system.
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PROCESSOR POWER AUOUST I 99S Chips with everything In the second, and final, part of his Central Processing Unit feature, Simon Goodwin looks back at the original aims for the 68000 range, and forward to the 68060 and 68070.
Although Motorola are probably going to stop further development work on the 68000 series of Central Processing Units they will continue manufacturing them, so the Amiga's future may still be linked with the range of chips that it has used ever since 1985.
Whatever happens. Motorola’s chips have proven to be triumphs of computer technology. Here's what makes them so special.
68000 PEDIGREE The 68000 was a chip ahead of its time - it was the first single-chip micro with 32-bit registers and features previously confined to mainframes and Super Minicomputers such as the DEC Vax.
It was late, arriving in 1980. A few months after Intel's relatively feeble 8086.
But took less time to develop than its 8-bit sibling, the 6809. And beat it to the market even though 6809 development began first.
The 68000 was the first micro Motorola built straight from theory, not as a hardware prototype. The 6809 was built on breadboards, like the original Amiga chip set, and the prototype filled several tables. These days they have to go straight from theory to the real thing - even if they got the millions of transistors wired up for a prototype 68060. It would Ik- too slow, large and shaky to work at all.
68000. And the 68030 has little edge over a 68020 at the same clock speed. The big steps come at ( 8020, 68010 and 68060.
Each averaging twice the speed of the ones before, and this is probably the real reason
- besides marketing 'logic' - why Motorola skipped the 68050
label and went straight from 68040 to 68060.
Motorola check out new designs by running simulations of the hardware - programs that model the low-level operations inside the chip, rather like IH'.-Task and Amiga Spectrum emulators.
This process is slow, but over months they build up information about bottlenecks in each design, using real programs to test their theories, until they know where to add extra hardware to speed things up.
The simplest machine codes execute in four clock cycles on a 68000. The 68020 halves this for instructions in its on-chip cache, and the 68010 generally manages one instruction every clock cycle. You may think that one cycle per instruction is the limit, but the 68060 has other ideas - it can do arithmetic instructions in one clock cycle and others - like jumps, branches or subroutine calls, which often dominate the execution time on earlier chips - take literally no time at all. To understand this miracle we need to look inside the 68060.
68060 THEORY As the block diagram on the next page shows, the 68060 has two separate integer units, so it can perform two instructions ai once. Pending instructions are held in a pipeline 96 bytes long, so they're immediately decoded and available.
W hile they wait, a branch prediction unit can shuffle them so that program jumps and branches are instantaneous.
The unit looks forward to future changes in the flow of control, predicts the likely destination from past records (held in yet another cache) and shifts them around so the branch is invisible to the processors, which see a continual flow of useful code.
But all this is fruitless if the processor has to wait for information to arrive from main memory, so the 68060 has two caches Continued overleaf operations like addition and multiplication, but does not directly support trigonometric functions. These are intercepted by 68040.library and performed by sequences of core instructions.
The overhead of trapping and re-working instructions may retard the 68040 FPU. And it can be tricky to program for top performance - the FPU gams its speed by performing successive parts of each instruction simultaneously, and unless you program with this pipeline in mind you end up with code that runs at only about a third of the theoretical maximum speed The majority of games and utilities steer well clear of floating point arithmetic, so they are not affected by the addition of an FPU. But some applications - notably spreadsheets, fractals and 30 rendering - spend almost all their time
performing floating point arithmetic and these are dramatically accelerated by an FPU Motorola's co-processor interface allows up to eight processors to share the burden of decoding and executing instructions, although systems with more than one FPU are rare and are actually not directly supported by ArmgaDOS Processors in the 68000 family share the same core set of instructions. There are a few extras in later models, but the vast majority are unchanged and the main difference is not the instructions themselves, but the time they take to execute. This is why naive comparisons of the clock
speed of different processors are so misleading.
The 68000 was followed by three slight variations. The 68008 was a version for 8-bit memory, used in Sinclair's Quantum leap and the One Per Desk marketed by The 68000 was the first micro Motorola built from pure theory, not a hardware prototype.
1CX and British Telecom. The 68010 and 68012 fixed a few bugs and added a tiny cache for two instruction loops, which were so inefficient on the 68000 that few programmers ever used them.
You can plug a 68010 into the A500, but you're unlikelv to notice the difference. The leaps in the 68000 range came with the even numbers - the 68010 is onlv a few- per cent faster than the WHAT'S AN FPU, THEN?
Standard 68000 instructions work on integer values These are whole numbers, with no fractional part.
Scientific calculations use floating point numbers, which cover a wider range and allow binary fractions as well as whole numbers Processors before the 68040 cannot manipulate these directly, although they can process them piecemeal by treating them as a succession of integer operations.
The 4.096 instruction codes are reserved for floating point operations These can be intercepted and performed by integer software, or passed on to a floating point unit (FPU) with custom hardware to do the job more efficiently. Once the FPU has started, the integer unit can get on with other things.
The clock speed of the FPU is independent of that of the mam processor Two FPU chips are available - the 68881. Which runs at up to 20MHz. And the 68882.
Which goes up to 50MHz and is twice as fast even at the same dock speed. In this case the link between processor, memory and FPU can predominate The full-blown 68040 has an on-chip FPU which works 10 times as fast as the 68882 on common s 5 o ft 0 tf) IA HI V 0 ft ft the extensions in the 68060. It has been designed to run existing 68000 programs without problems, but. As usual, it takes detailed knowledge of the target processor to get the best performance.
Motorola processors since the 68020 can read 32 bits at a time, twice as much as the 68000. But this is no help if you ask them to read from an address that straddles two 32-bit locations. Long words are addressed in steps of four bytes: 0. 4, 8, 12 and so on. If you store 32 bits of data at an in-between location, like 2. The 16-bit 68000 is indifferent, but you halve the speed of 32-bit systems which must write two bytes to the first long word and the remainder to the second.
BLOCK DIAGRAM OF THE MOTOROLA 68060 The 68060 optimisations mean that code speed can vary by a further factor of two depending on the exact order of instructions. It's more efficient to work on two results alternately, rather than in sequence, so the second integer unit can play its part.
Existing programs and compilers are unlikely to deliver the full potential of the 68060. The fastest 060 code will be custom-written specifically for the chip, and it will be quite a while before it arrives.
Which store data and instructions to save repeated memory transfers. These caches are between 20 and 50 times faster than the so-called Fast memory of the standard 72-pin memory modules used in A4000 and many A1200 expansion boards. Yet those RAM chips are still four to eight times speedier than the Fast RAM expansion in a humble A500. However slothful compared with on-chip cache.
Processor each unit can be disabled so that power is used only when the unit is enabled and executing an instruction.
To keep both integer units busy the 68060 can access 96 bits (three long words) in its Data and Code caches in each instruction cycle. The 68040 can stall while writing data back to main memory, so the 68060 has additional store buffers and a push buffer so that the data cache can be re-used while results are spooned out to other chips.
The snag is that the neat orthogonal nature of the 680(H) has been messed up by Syslnfo isn't the most reliable benchmark, but given that all such software is biased in one direction or another, it's as good a guide as any.
Ifemluiata - Vo-7ii.li U Cwwaiii' mA'W) b.luiil? To S ' ¦iitmwen Gpuiii _ toiium-a Ito-iiil lailfsl_ j'JDi'ill 'JUilJEIMiWI JliliMEjfiUi) Comparisons Against System: to&il*! Tat Cmb : sc You A600-NFIA1200-NF A3000-25 A4000-40 TABLE 1 - RAW PROCESSOR SPEED BY PROCESSOR VERSION Processor Max Clock (MHz) Instruction Rate Max Throughput 68000 12 2 24 68ECOOO 16 2 32 68008 10 1 10 68010 12 2+ 24+ 68020 33 4 133 68EC020 25 4 100 68030 50 4 200 68EC030 40 4 160 68040 40 8 . 320 68060 66 16+ 1067+ 68070
17. 5
1. 2 20 Notes: These figures are theoretical maxima for the
simplest instructions.
The '+' for 68010 and 68060 throughput indicates that they have scope for branch optimisations.
0. 55 N A
1. 20 A600 fast RAM
0. 75 N A
1. 23 2Mb A1200
1. 33 N A
3. 27 A1200 expanded
2. 50
0. 61
6. 02 A3000 25
4. 84
0. 76
7. 86 A4000 040
19. 10
4. 84
4. 18 A4000 Warp 33
25. 44
6. 45
15. 74 Cyberstorm 060 50
39. 85
27. 79
23. 87 Notes: in ft ft & D 0 3
(a) CBM SetPatch can affect timings.
(b) Syslnfo MIPS test under-rates a 68060 as it only uses one
integer unit.
(c) Syslnfo MFLOP test under-rates a 68040 by stalling the FPU
(d) Expanded A1200 features a 20MHz 688882 FPU . 2Mb Fast RAM.
(e) Cyberstorm 68060 timings are for a pre-production unit.
Of access to fast motherboard memory and stops it using Motorola's fasi 128-bit line transfer mode.
MacroSystems superseded the 3640 with their Warp Engine, which can re-use Commodore's plug-in processor and memory while linking them three times as quickly.
MacroSystems manage this miracle by moving the Fast RAM on to their own processor board, right next to the transplanted 68040. And implementing the ( 8040 burst interface, albeit so far only within their board. Local memory sockets push the capacity of a fully expanded machine to 130Mb.
PROCESSOR POWER AUGUST 1995 With plans lo pack the Amiga custom chip set into a smaller number of chips, they could share space with Motorola on a single chip. This would reduce costs and could speed up the Amiga, but probably not to 68040 or 68060 levels.
Motorola remain coy about the next big advance in the 68000 series, and it seems likely that the 68060 will lead the pack for several years. Current 68060s use a 50MHz clock, with 66MHz ones due soon and faster models to follow.
Since the 68030 Motorola have arranged Cache memory in 128-bit wide lines, rather than 32-bit long words, and one easy way to speed up the design would be to add extra data lines, fetching 64 or 128 bits at a time.
The internal operation of the 68060 litis been streamlined to the point where all the original ( 8000 addressing modes can be processed in a single cycle, and future generations will boost the complex modes introduced with the 68020. Beyond that, the ( 8000 range must burst through the four gigabyte barrier imposed by 32-bit addressing, and come to terms with memories more than 128-bits wide. But there's plenty of life in the old dog yet.
Warp Engines can transfer 16 byte lines in just 10 clock cycles (four for the first long word, and two each for the next three) where the 3640 needs seven cycles for each four bytes. In conjunction with a slight clock boost - to 28.6363MHz, conveniently twice that of the A1200 - they move large memory areas three times as fast. Yet more impressively, the NCR 53C710 controller squeezed on to the same board shares access to memory, transferring Fast SCSI data fiat out yet hardly impeding the processor.
The German-designed Cyberstorm goes even further, as long as you can afford to add memory in 64-bit chunks. It can use two standard memory banks alternately to deliver 64 bits in just three cycles, or 128 Syndicate is so ridiculously fast on the Warp Engine that it is almost unplayable.
The logic of the 68070 is less streamlined than Motorola's. It lakes seven clocks to execute even die simplest instruction, compared with four for the 68000. Multiplication and division grind through every bit of the data, whereas Motorola process them two at a time and stop as soon as they've got the result.
Timings are not data-dependent, but are invariably slower than a 68000 at the same speed, and a third of the speed of a 68020 or 68030. So far the only well-known machine to use the 68070 is the Cdi - unsurprisingly, also made by Philips.
FASTER THAN COMMODORE Last month I explained the limitations of Commodore's ageing 68040 board, the
3640. It is constrained by 68030 emulation hardware, which almost
halves the speed WHO ARE MOTOROLA?
Motorola is one of the biggest electronics companies in the world. They are based in the USA but have big chip factories in Scotland and the Far East.
They don't just make processors, but also manufacture radios, telephones, satellites, displays, car parts and all sorts of electronic components. Their first microprocessor was the 8-bit 6800, introduced in 1974. They have a reputation for making processors that are better organised and easier to program than their rivals' chips.
THE RETROGRADE 68070 The 68070 has been available for years and used in computers and consoles - but not Amigas. It is 68000-compatible, but not made by Motorola. In the late Eighties Philips produced a version of the 68000, and rather cheekily called it the 68070.
The instructions are the same as for the original 68000, but it has on-chip extras and runs at clock speeds up lo 17.5MI Iz.
The SCC68070 includes two serial ports, a memory management unit, programmable timers and a DMA controller to move memory around without processor intervention. It uses less power than Motorola processors, but that’s the end of the good news. The instruction sets may correspond, but the inner workings are quite different.
Bits in five. Again the benefit is most evident on large memory moves, but can also speed up long programs.
Warp Engines and Cyberstorms fit the standard A4000, running a 68040 at speeds up to 40MHz. But you need Extra-Fast memory to get the full benefit. There's a version of the Warp Engine lot the A3000.
And a similar Cyberstorm is in development, but the German board is too big for the slimline tower A4000T.
Both firms promise 68060 boards, initially adapted from their 68040 designs.
A team in England is developing an awesome all-new 68060 expansion for the A1200. Attracting keen interest from Ramiga International. L'K distributors of A1200 lowers. Even old stagers are not forgotten, with a team in the States beavering away on a 68060 board for the humble A2000. The mainstay of many US TV and animation studios, BEYOND THE 68060 Motorola take the Embedded Controller idea to its limit with the 68300 series of chips, based on a 68020 core with space for application-specific hardware on the same chip. Some just add timers and serial ports, rather like the Philips 68070. But
later versions are customised for particular markets like engine management and industrial control.
Processor speed is not the whole story.
System performance is also affected by memory speed, peripherals and programming style, and there's no magic formula to find out the speed of a real system, short of timing its performance on real software. This will almost always be less than you'd expect from naive comparisons like the MIPS test in .Sys n oand .MItli, but they don't do anything useful so they tend to generate more heat than light.
If you're a games play er there may belittle point in speeding up your Amiga.
Syndicate is so fast on a Warp Engine that it's almost unplayable. Formula I ('.mutt hix could use the speed, hut. Like many older games, it is not compatible with the 68040.
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MUI is at the centre of a debate between Amiga developers and users which, though clouded with some ignorance, has at its heart some important criticisms.
This is not just a program that you run to perform a task - it's a combination of developers' tool and graphical user interface system, and it has numerous advantages over the most popular GUI constructor, GadTools.
With GadTools. The GUI program code is built in to every application. It's small, and it's efficient - every Amiga owner will have programs that have GUIs created by GadTools. Basically it's the benchmark by which MUI is measured. GadTools and MUI provide the actual buttons, windows and graphical user interface that you operate when you use a GUI-equipped program.
The short answer is a great deal. Perhaps one of the most impressive features is that It's 22 kuitd SjJ -TJJ22fp€ IJMli A storm is raging in the Amiga world as serious users everywhere debate the new Magic User Interface program.
Vital new development, or clumsy, memory-hungry gimmick?
Mat Bettinson tries to find out which... MUI is an 'intelligent' lay-out engine: so the program defines the size of buttons, gadgets, listers and scrollers in terms of a percentage of the screen, rather than in absolute terms the wav GadTools does.
Control over how things look and behave.
What's more, simple definitions by the programmer yield spectacular results, so developers have more time to spend on programs, rather than wasting all their time perfecting the GUI. It is perhaps for this reason that MUI is gaining support among developers all around the world.
Other features - such as MUI windows remembering where they last were, listers inside listers, and operations such as This means that as you resize an MUI window, all the gadgets and the entire window lay-out resize to fit. It's quite impressive. Developers don't decide exactly how your programs look any more, you do - and with MUI you have a lot of SUPPORT SHAREWARE MUI is Shareware. This means it won’t cost a bean to use, but if you like it. Or need the extra features that the registered version provides, you should register.
Your support will ensure that PD programmers can continue working on excellent projects such as MUI.
MUI was created by Standardised Amiga Shareware Group, a German authors' collective founded by Stefan Stuntz. They also do Magic Workbench.
Registering MUI or any of their other products costs £15. A registration program comes with MUI.
The UK registration site is: Paul Jewell, 7 Fairfield Avenue, Cardiff CF5 1BR. Registration through a bank draft is also possible: Paul Jewell. Account 7574426, Sort Code: 30-96-94 (Lloyds Bank).
Refresh schemes - may not be apparent until you've played with it for a while.
Set up your favourite GUI preferences, and all MUI applications will use them.
Define patterns and colours to cover your gadgets; cycle around the window with just a tap of the Tab key; exploit the many ways of using the same gadgets - these arc just a few of the many lovely little bonuses thal make a program built around MUI such a pleasure to use.
In fact, you can save individual preferences for each program via the MUIPrefs program, but you need to be a registered user to take advantage of that facility. Otherwise, MUI need not be registered at all. So you can use the vast majority of its features free of charge.
MUI - THE STALWARTS You might be beginning to wonder how anyone could have a problem with it.
Well. MUI isn't without its drawbacks.
For starters, it consists of a drawer full of gadgets which must always be available.
Clearly, a no-no for fioppy-disk users.
The MUImaster.library is over 200K in size, which is rather a lot on low-end machines, especially if you're just calling up a liny MUI application. The MUI distribution is about 500K in size.
MUI windows and applications redraw quite a bit slower than their GadTools counterparts. Complaints about MUTs speed are heard from users with even the fastest CPUs. If you're used to GadTooh, MUI seems slow.
There's also the argument that users are forced to pay for a development tool whether diey want it or not - but the speed and memory problems are the key ones.
This comparison shows tha difference between an Amiga screen with a stock Workbench and the far more interesting MUI-equipped version.
- ||2:443 l3.4y,dcKef nil Jnormol Jhold C Crash _|fcrce dddre-ss
_|multl Seno yjRecfcipt J J QX Lancet 3|272S472iTi- | John
Kmnt v rtouor- ? Vttrmal ®Cra*lt Tout ? J3U Ck B»it Rather than
talking about the pros and cons in depth, I thought I'd take a
typical MUI user, Andy Aldridge, and put his points to the
author, Stefan Stuntz.
Andy: “MUI is a development tool and should be incorporated in the applications that use it - foisting it on end users is unfair. I could possibly accept it if the Prefs program was freely distributable, but to charge a Shareware fee is an abuse of the concept of Shareware."
Stefan: The decision to charge not only the programmers but also the users wasn't made easily. But after about a week of thinking and talking lo other Amiga programmers in Germany, we found that Three of a kind. The top and bottom screens have been customised using MUI and the middle one is the GadTools equivalent. GadTools may be quicker, but I know which I'd rather use.
To: ||2:443 13.4gyi » S«k j: | )»g | Ho™.I frto.t. | g.c.t.t rn _J Hold _| Klll S»»» _| Biidit m (* Crfl.h j £11 attach » l IUHow JB! I £ ¦»«• • I SBSHlli. I SPOT THE DIFFERENCE... ? 3M rtsc ? Maltl ?»»
* • ) Prom: |mof BetnnBCft To: |Jom Kerrve35~ Subj: |Hea
JErtuofe yjBeflow Text _|£lle attach | |2:254 2e6-Sgriocrter
“1*118:443 83.4 |tUt ¦•Hinson ltim* ht«d»r J TOU: I minim.
- 1KLB13 C*nc»l £011 this was the only way for MUI lo become a
standard, apart from giving it away free.
"The Amiga PD market is unique.
There are thousands of people who write programsjust for fun and who keep the Amiga alive. If I charged a PD programmer US$ 100 before they could work with MUI, very few PD applications would use it.
Because PD is by far the most important thing on the Amiga, establishing a standard without the acceptance of PD programmers is impossible."
Andy; “MUI is a memory hog, the library takes up 200K of memory, before you’ve even loaded any applications. To someone running it on a standard A1200, it’s a fair chunk of memory. And MUI is slow - on anything less than a 68020 it’s close to unbearable, particularly if you’re running it with just 2Mb of RAM."
Stefan: "Yes, an application with an MUI front end needs more memory and is slower compared to a hardcoded Topaz 8 GadTools interface. That's the price you har e to pay for flexibility.
"However, as more programs use Ml 'I.
Memory gets less important because they all use the same code. Speed and size arc important topics for MUI, but you simply can’t expect a 7MHz 1 Mb Chip RAM-only Amiga to offer the same performance as an A4000. And you simply can't expect a font-sensitive and rcsizeable GUI to run as quick as a hardcoded Topaz 8."
Despite the drawbacks, MUI is fast becoming the GUI of choice in many European Amiga communities.
One developer, Paul Colclough, implemented a GadTools front-end for his Cyberlink Fido mailer program. He saw this as a selling point over an Italian rival, GMS, that uses MUI. Then later, he decided to implement an MUI front-end for Cyberlink that was optional.
Says Paul. “It’s a brilliant piece of software. I hated it to start with, but after I wTote a small program with it I was really impressed and sent off for the registered version. Coupled with MUIBuilder. It's the best GUI environment around.
"The non-MUIGUI interface look me about two weeks to design, code and make a working version. I'm not going to edit or add anything else to the GUI because it lakes so bloomin' long. The MUI GUI took one day to create from scratch, including all codes, working, and even working out how to use MUIBuilder.
“The bonus of being able to just attach on the end of the object list is great too.
I'm constantly adding bits to the MUI version and tend to neglect the non-MUI one. 1 also like the external MUI classes, the gauge and scale classes are great."
CONCLUSION Murs biggest problem is that it’s that bit beyond the average hardware capabilities of today's Amigas, The preferences and the resizeablc lay-out engine suit an A4000 with a graphics board, but how much use is all this to A1200 owners?
Not much, since it's my guess that they'd rather have the speed of a compact GadTools interface. Still, it's not to say that we shouldn't look to MUI much more seriously in the future. The Amiga already lags behind in GPU power but with future Amigas the balance will be redressed.
MUI is much morf efficient than any PG GUI system and has considerably more features. An accelerated Amiga running OS enhancements including MUI on a third-party graphics board looks, feels and behaves like the Amiga of tomorrow, as some of the screen-grabs here show.
You can find the MUI archive (currendv at version 2.3) in any good PD library or BBS. Give it a good look and decide for yourself. There are already a host of MUI applications which show it off and there are also MUI replacements for standard Workbench tools. I laving all my programs pop up where they’re supposed to is a godsend.
Anything that isn’t rcsizeable is staring down the barrel of obsolescence with the next generation of machines, with resolutions so high that they arc hardly usable without a magnifying glass. Oh yes, where is my MUI magnifying glass? O SENSI WORLD SOCCER
12. 99 19.99-C3 xs 20.99 13.99 19.49-c3xs COLONIZATION
22. 99 SPEEDBALLI & 2
19. 99 J’ IS List F :1 MS A FH c205Q A JW Mil*: a .
£20 , s _ Photogenics PINBALL ILLUSIONS
4. 99 21.99.c3xs SUB WAR 2050
ON THE BALL • WORLD CUP EDITION OVERLORD .. PGA EUROPEAN TOUR PltASS Non HOP - will not work on A500 Plus, AiOO or 41200 N012 = will not work on 4)200 5124 = will work on SI2k mathlnet = HlWltem XS SAVU -- Additional soring deduct amount ifnwn until dote shown iKZEZXZZZI B ALADDIN ..19.49 ALIEN BREED 3D ..19 99 BALDIE ....19.99 CIVILISATION AGA .16 99 COLONIZATION .....22 99 CORE COMPILATION VOL 1 BANSHEE. SKELETON KREW. HEIMDALL 2 • 19.99 DETROIT 21.99 DREAMWEB
(512K) .1199 SCRABBLE (512K)
11. 99 .12.99 JUNGLE STRIKE .. KINGPIN
52. 99 .12.49 12 49 .12 99 .19 49 21 99 31 20 99 .10.99 21 99
14. 99 .23 99 .15 49 14 99 1899 .25 99 .22 49 .1299 HIGH SEAS
SOCCER 12 99 WORMS 19 49 ZOOL 1149
DISKS 22.99 |
HD DISKS 23.99 50 TDK MF-2HD DISKS . 27.99 | DISK
CM8833 OR 1084S MONITOR 9.99
11. 99
11. 99
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Annual UK Membership £7 Includes 12 issues of the club magazine with £180 worth of XS Savers.
299. 99 279.99 159.99 IHTrust Blaster 16 Pro worth £150 TRUST 436
• FAST 486 DX4 100 Mhz PROCESSOR
TRUST QUAD PC EX VAT INC VAT QUAD 4 MB DX4 100 1046.80 1229.99
QUAD 8 MB DX4 100 1157.44 1359.99 QUAD 16 MB DX4 100 1276.59
309. 99 124.99 ABC PRINTER
144. 99
49. 99 Over 250,000 people have joined Special Reserve and we are
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Hem* bought m the shops carry a 50p surcharge on the Mai On}er pnces NEO-GEO CD .....299.99 WclUPtS FATAI. TOT 2 AND TWO towtiot PAPS GOLDSTAR 3D0 ..359.99 MttUPtS FIFA SotCBI AMP OK COWTOOC PAP PHILIPS Cdi ? 5 GAMES ...349.99 with pioitai yipto caai»ipoi amp i cowraoi fads ATARI JAGUAR ..119.99 64 AIT QWSOtt WITH crwaiMoepw HP om COWTBOt FAD MEGA CD2 ? 9 GAMES ...99.99 W*GA CD 2 tOIWim TO MiGAPaiVt I OB 2 (MOT MttUPCP) PLEASE CALL FOR OUR FULL RANGE OF PRODUCTS ["WE ONLY SUPPLY-MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN ORDER AS YOU JOIN"] [MEMBERSHIP FEES UK EC WORLD I I ONE YEAR 112 issuisi
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- J I I I I I I I I inevitably some games hsteO may not yet be
available Please phone 10 choc* evailabWTy J Pncos may change
without pnor notification Time ol gomg to piess 13 06 95 E &
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The Mattings. StMfcndgewoflh. Hert* * NEW INTERNET BOOKS from
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For further information, please contact Eileen.Biggane@ITPUK.co.UK. INTERNET hijnrniiilitoi VmV* Liu et al Managing Internet Information Services 1 -56592-062-7 £21.95 Ford Spinning the Web 1 -850-32141-8 £ 19.95 PGP Krol The Whole Internet Users Guide and Catalog 2e 1 -56592-063-5 £ 18.50 The Whole1 INTERNET n Garfinkel PGP: Pretty Good Privacy l-56592-098-8 £ 18.50 Sluman CompuServe for Europe 1-850-3212 l-3 £l 9.95 Other books of interest Flynn The WorldWideWeb Handbook 1 -8532-205-8 £24.95 Lamb Using Email Effectively 1 -56592-103-8 £ 10.95 Harrison The USENET Handbook
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NOT REALLY IN PREVIEWS THIS MONTH ARE... ““I The summer months are w 11 Ajjl traditionally quiet times for Amiga games - but considering that no machines have been on the shelves for an age, the market is holding up • extremely well, with ’ J ’ some fine releases this [ f _ month and the promise of an even better selection next month. Look out next month for the finished versions of Doom-clones Fears and Gloom, and graphic adventure Flight of the Amazon Queen.
Sid Meier's follow-up to Civilization has finally popped its head through the door and Nick Veitch has spent most of the month Colonizing to his heart's content To find out exactly how content flip to p46.
Anco's eagerly awaited Player Manager 2 makes a double guest appearance this month on both the Coverdisk and p52. Is it the definitive football management game, or a mere pretender?
Elsewhere, Sensible Golf (Sensible Software's Amiga finale) chips in, but will it make the green or flounder in the bunker? And there is a sort of Doom cum Wolfenstein affair. Behind the Iron Gate, for Steve McGill to scrutinise on p49. Re-release highlights include Flashback and an early return for Ascon's fabulous On the Ball: World Cup Edition while CD32 owners will relish Super League Manager
- your very own footie management game, at last!
Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible, and well stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN 90+% The creme de la creme. Only the very best most playable and original games are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
70-79% Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
6089% Average releases with limited gameplay and appeal Games in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your walleL Avoid.
4049% Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appaling gameplay.
Less than 40% The absolute pits.
LOADS OF GAMES ON THE WAY p43 Now the Amiga's future looks more certain, we're hearing much more news of quality Amiga games and there's some exciting stuff due for release soon.
PLAYER MANAGER 2: Simply the best?
ROADKILL Guns are better than road-sense.
REVIEWS Preview...._____________________ Charts......_. .. Colonization_________________ Player Manager 2 . Tactical Manager 2 ...... Roadkill_____________________________ Timekeepers ...... Touring Car Championship Sensible Golf...... The latest CD releases.
Re-releases____________________ GameBusters K'1- 94% RATED FEATURES © 1-4 | © All the domestic and European Cup competitions.
© Four different playing views - isometric, perspective and two top down views.
© Match Reports, hot news, Alan Hansens pre match comments.
© Tactics Designer with powerful Ray Trace facility.
© Active transfer and loan markets.
© Stunning graphics.
© Play as a team or in position.
OVER TO THE PANEL.. "Player Manager 2 is verging on unmissable. Everything you'd ever need in this type of game is included. The original Player Manager was superb but g£% this surpasses it in every way imaginable! Totally recommended for all Amiga RATED owners." Amiga Action 92% "The tactics editor is nothing short of amazing... Player Manager 2 has great depth and lastability... Anco have produced a second game worthy of the name Player Manager. Realism, lastability and playability were the hallmarks of the original and PM2 has upped the stakes."
CU Amiga 86% "It's here now and it's been worth the wait... Take the playability that wowed games from Kick Off 2 and add practically every dimension of football management and you’ve got Player Manager 2." CV6 85% "The most in depth and exciting management game ever" Match Magazine "If you want a serious statistical football game with plenty of thrills then Player Manager 2 comes top of the list" Amiga Computing 94% PC CD ROM: £29.99 OUT - 19th JULY or off, there isn't a game that can touch Player Manager 1" r CV6
- ~ U NJJLF D1 1 A Published by Anco Software Ltd, Unit 7
Millside Industrial Estate. Lawson Road, Dartford, Kent DAI 5BH
Tel: 01322 292513 Fax: 01322 293422.
Screenshots are illustrative of ganieplay only and may vary from format to format. Requires a joystick.
SCREENPLAY AUGUST 1995 And you thought that there weren't going to be many more Amiga releases. Silly.
Steve Bradley checks out what's up and coming in the weeks ahead... Previews (Bei)r' v Austria Vie (Eng. V Ferencvan ,(Fra)* v Hadjuk TcfiO v Galatasaray v IFK Gothenberg (Sw» 'itSs) V Leiftur I'M' v Chelsea (Eng) (Rut) v FC Copenhagen (Den, (Pol) y Panathanaikos (Gre) (Bin) V MB (F«0 fS'*n) v Zalgiris Vilnius M flin) v Progres Niederco (Lu , Will our thirst for the football management game ever be quenched? The huge-selling Championship Manager spawns a sequel in the month of September.
POLE POSITION: FORMULA ONE TEAM MANAGER (A1200) Ascon Daze 0171 372 7435 Ascon's have switched sports in their follow-up to On The Ball: League Edition. Instead of managing a football team, you get to take the helm of a motor-racing team in Pole Position: Formula One Team Manager. You are a sort of Mr Benetton (or Mr Williams) as you play the owner of a new team racing for the World Championships.
Apparently, there will be TV-style coverage of each race with rendered graphics and you can develop new motors and put the prototypes through testing. And you have to man-manage CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 2 Domark 0181 780 2222 Championship Manager has always been one of the best management simulations around, though in recent months a few star pretenders have shone brightly, including Super League Manager, Ultimate Soccer Manager and On The Ball: World Cup Edition. Yes, the style of the sub-genre is changing.
No longer are we happy with reams of stats and dull spreadsheets. On The Ball introduced elements of soap opera, while USM had its own business sim as well as a Theme Park-esque sub-game concerned with ground development.
So, Domark have announced Championship Manager 2. What are they going to do to make it significantly different from the rest? Well, it's been re-written and will include international as well as club teams enabling you to manage sides in the World Cup and all that kind of stuff.
Fans of games with real players and an abundance of stats will be pleased to learn that key tackles and shots on target will feature and it will also be multi-player. We'll find out in September whether it's any good.
Ianderlecht Arsenal Auxerre Bayern Munich Benfica Bohemians Pragu Chemomorels Od Dinamo Moscow Gomik Zabrze Lausanne (A*t)
• Sij the team and conduct press conferences. OK, so it might not
sound all that exciting, but let's wait until September, eh?
WHEELSPIN Black Legend 01438 840004 Now here's an odd cookie, as yet unfinished (hopefully by a long chalk).
A rendered 3D racing game with spick looking courses and very odd cars - a sort of Super Skidmarks meets A 77? At the corner of posh street - but rather lacking, admittedly from our preview disks, in that old chestnut, gameplay.
Every time you catch the trackside, you come to a total halt. And the cars seem to be sort of, well, not quite on the track, travelling at odd angles around the bends. Hope they're still tweaking.
Ascon's follow-up to their ground- breaking footie management sim On The Ball is the Formula One racing game, Pole Position.
TV-style coverage with rendered graphics is promised.
Weekly chart updates can be found on FutureNet, Future Publishing's own Internet site: http: www. Future net. Co. Uk.
Computing amigatormat.html AUGUST 1995 SCREENPLAY The top games Top 10 CD32 1 Super Skidmarks (Acid Software) FG92% 2 Lemmings (Psygnosis) FG92% 3 Subwar 2050 (PowerPlus) 84% 4 Super Putty (System 3) FG91 % 5 The Clue!
(Neo) 74% 6 Microcosm (Psygnosis) 87% 7 lungle Strike (Ocean) 87% 8 Roadkill (Acid Software) 75% 9 Beneath a Steel Sky (Virgin) FG94% 10 PGA European Tour (Ocean) 83% 4- STAR CRUSADER Gametek 01753 553445 space, we really couldn't comment on the reliability of that description.
So, you're a high ranking pilot for the Gorenes, a vast empire that likes ruling everybody else, and basically you’ve found some troublesome folk who don't like the idea of you entering Back in April, we took a brief look at Gametek's form, mentioning Bureau 13, Baldies, Brutal: Paws of Fury and Star Crusader. And glancing upward at the title, you'll realise it's Star Crusader we’re taking a closer look at this month.
A 3D Wing Commander-esque space strategy cum shoot-em-up should fit the bill as a description of apt proportions.
On the back of the box of the previously released PC CD-ROM version, it reckons that Star Crusader features "ultra-realistic battle scenes", but as we haven’t yet seen a war in THIS MONTH'S FULL-PRICE TOP 20 1 (-) Ultimate Soccer Manager (Impressions) .... 2 (1) ......Super Skidmarks (Acid Software) .... .84% FG92% 3 (2) ......Sensible World Of Soccer (Renegade) . 4 (4) ......Beau-Jolly Compilation (Beau-Jolly) ..... ..FG95% FG90% 5 (7) ......Premier Manager 3 (Gremlin Interactive) .... 85% 6 (9) ......UFO: Enemy
Unknown (MicroProse) ... 7(10) . ..Jungle Strike (Ocean) ..... ..FG90% 8 (8) ......PGA European Tour (Ocean) . 83% 9 (3) ......Manchester United: The Double (Krisalis)..... 10(11) Cannon Fodder 2 (Virgin) ... 11 (18) Championship Manager Italia '95 (Domark) 12 (-)......F1 - World Championship Edition (Domark) 13 (16) ..Rise Of The Robots (Mirage Time Warner) 14 (Re) ..Kick Off 3 (Anco) 15 (14) ..Football Glory (Black
Legend) ... 16 (-) .....European Superleague Soccer (CDS) ...... 17 (12) World Cup Year ‘94 (Empire) ..... 18(6) .. .Theme Park (Bullfrog) 19 (17) ..Crystal Dragon (Black Legend).. .. ...59% ..FG90% ...65% ...76% ...18% ...75% ...80% Not reviewed ..FG94% ..FG91 % 75% 20 (-) .....FIFA International Soccer (Electronic Arts) .
..79% their back yard and settling on their settee. Included are 104 missions though you don’t have to complete them all in linear fashion. But 3D rendered battles in space sounds a good thing and with bated breath we await the Amiga release. Shortly.
Top 10 Budget 1 World Class Rugby (Audiogenic) 64% 2 Shadow Fighter (Gremlin Interactive) 89% 3 Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game (Virgin) 70% 4 Dune 2 (Hit Squad) 79% 5 Monkey Island 2 (Kixx XL) FG93% 6 King Pin (Team 17) 67% 7 Battle For The Ashes (Audiogenic) Not reviewed 8 Premier Manager 3 Multi-Edit (Gremlin Interactive) Not reviewed 9 Bill Elliot's NASCAR Challenge (Advantage Point) 67% 10 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Kixx XL) FG90% Top 10 A1200 ¦ Ultimate Soccer Manager (Daze) 84% 2 UFO: Enemy Unknown (MicroProse) FG91 % 3 Burntime (Max Design) 80% 4 Roadkill (Acid Software)
75% 5 High Seas Trader (Daze) 67% 6 Theme Park (Bullfrog) FG91 % 7 Football Glory (Black Legend) 80% 8 Sim City 2000 (Maxis) FG92% 9 Guardian (Acid Software) 89% 10 Premier Manager 3 (Gremlin) 85% tm *' '"elude . FREE 54 pay* I FtJlWil! N printed Book wtth all the programs
l. ll JT.V . I tnl J ', • Nimoi, version number* &
* §5 a«*cnpllon« Gives you an May way lo vlaw tho program
contained on th® cdrom. Hottest 51 th® first cdrom lo com®
with a fr®® printed booh which describe* all th® public domain
and shareware till®* Contains the continuation horn our Various
floppy disk library i,disks V1501A and our main library disks
from 4001-4300 This cdrom covers a vanety of Domam subjects.
Utilities. Games. Mega Demos - AGA Euro Domos. Demos f demos.
Disk Magazines Mus c Titles Slide shows.
Clipart. Fonts Rave Dance Tracks. Sampled Sounds, images m JEG. Gif. AGA 256. Imagine Objects.
Textures Ammaiions. Sound Samples. Music Modules Colour Clip art. Educalional disks, Adode type 1 fonis. Opa nl fonts. Scalable loots. Business programs. Word processors, Graphic utilities Workbench tools, Magic Workbench icons. Music production. Hard drive utils, Comms Virus Killers.
Video proction Emulators. Hobbies. Fractals Printer utilities New Punter drivers. & much more | CD053 PROFESSIONAL IFF & PCX 2 €19.99 omes in both IFF and PCX formats to cover both PC & Amiga users.
| includes such categories as animals, boys, cultur-al images, floral and natural
• mages, girls, holiday images, literary figures, mythological
images, scenery.
I transportation, and work images. The disc contains drawings of bears, cats, I dinosaurs, dogs, insects, and horses Cultural images from Egypt. Japan.
I Native Americans Polynesia, and Persia are also included on the disc Floral I and natural images include blossoms, planets, sky. The sun, trees, and I weather Comes complete with a 250 page I book with most of the images printed. Other I sections on the cdrom are Walpaper I backgrounds for Windows & Workbench v2 0+ I Grx utilities, viewers & converters. Icons and I loads of Magic Workbench software INCLUDES FREE 250 PAGE BOOK IX«LL£MT NIW COROM & BOOK PRODUCT 0067 ILLUSIONS IN 3D Content® awid® selection of th® most upto dat® 3d software and Imago® for th® PC and Amiga computers but th®
Images can be us®d on almost all cdrom based computers. PC program® Include • 3DV, 3d_vlew, ENC. Hidden, Mind B®nd, PCXAuto.
P®r»p®ct. PopOUT, PrPRO, RDSPro. RDSORW.
BIRDS. SIRDSA, TDL and Vlalon3d. AMIGA programs Includa - 3d Steroo-gram. ASG2d, SIROGN, and the latest StoreoCAD IMAGES - Include® hundreds of aource Imeges (before conversion), 3dtoxt Images, and 3d Imgaes (all Image In PCX. IFF and BMP formats).
iW C0051 CUP ART .IFF & .PCX VO LI £19.99 Contains over 10,000 - that will add a professional touch to any newsletter, leaflet Categories Ilk® Advertising,, Aircraft. Alphabets. Animala & Wild Life. Antique®.
Birds, Borders. Frames. Business. Cartoons, Cats. Chlrldren. Comical. Christmas, Computers. Dogs. Educational. Electrical. Family, Farming, Fleh, Sea Shell®. Flowers. Gardtnlng.
Food, Holldayi, Houses. Buildings. Insects, logos, Maps. Medical, mediaeval. Myth, military, money, Music, Office, Olympics, People. Religion, Scenic.
Scouts, Sports. Symbols. Tools. Transportation, and Mors.
CD028 PROFESSIONAL FONTS & CUPART £9.99 How about every single font we have ever produced' over 4.000 Adobe type 1 lont files. 1.500 True Type Fonts. Prodraw Fonts. IFF Mono Colour fonts. Pro Page II Fonts. Page Setter II Fonts. Also a wide selection of clipart Over 5.000 PCX files. 300 GIF Pics. 1.000 EPS Format. 8.
2. 379 TIFF files.
DTP Users.
CD105 THE GRAPHIC SENSATION£19.99 it* x collection of the hcxt Graphic look 2-Jbil ¦magev Animations like the larm.ms 11MPGATF ¦ ' ’Mb! Pie Apache 3d helicopter and the Space Animation h. Samuel Kces A huge colcelion lot IMAG1M l-scrs that will lake you yean to look through . Jgcg.mc*. including Anjlomv Aninolv Atnbuiev Aviation. Batltiovm Botany. Building t locks. ( omputen. Canh. Fonts. Food. Fumitui gears. Kiiciieiis. Lamps, Land. Logos. Misc. mu.ic Outlet. Phones. Ships. Spa.e. Sports. TeM. Tovv.
CD091 POV-RAY £19.99 CD177 HOTTEST AMIGA MEGA DEMOS £19.99 AMINET6(lnStock Now) ONLY THE BEST PRICES CD112 AMINET SET 1 CD016 AMINET 2 CD030 AMINET 3 CD064 AMINET 4 CD!07 AMINET 5 CD016 AMINET 6 CD201 AMINET 7 CDTJB SHUTTLE ENOfLOPEOA £19.99 C013G INTERNET INFO (APRIL 95) £14.99 MULTIMEDIA TOOLKTT2 31 PROJECT I GUTENBERG I €19.99 LIGHT ROM 1 & 2 net wnik. Linking thousand. Of universities. Research labs, and high technology companies all over the world You get I7,000 document* about com pul err and network t. Check it out Ivlore you a Sd to your phone C 0053 THE AMOC ZA3 £19.99 CD058 GOLD FtSH
1 FRED FISH £24.99 CO01C GOLD FtSH 1 FRED FtSH £24.99 TEXTURE GALLERY m the disc
• 'Alb
• :.‘Mh
• 5*AR» educational software NeIBM) for the Amiga terminal
programs RaOnCULDeUQnfcniniiCalHaSOFTToday i01702 466933
contain. The following software; Disk, hard drive. CDROM and
SCSI h developer icots. Cotnodcee includes text. F AL.H. CD
cements files, etc 35Mb pictures 37Mb Linux fee Amiga 17Mb
fractals XlMb teX in.iallaii.in VfcMb fojvie dalahace 3ISRi
archive for P*h.v» Mmb m.*lule* .
CD142 MEETING PEARLS 2 £9.99 ected Mml pages raphici program. And data mn The Parts 'M I Co Ion r«tion A AJ SI SI SI “I SI ,?l $ IUL°J SI jiiU ij; U'Jilllli PA 4 -1 * -V* II * 4I V* *£H &»% urijfii'iua
* & ' •* & *$ m9U w 4 * v ‘a* ? &wv* ' j'rjjl-'rj Jtfcj
-J-'fj- -'. »& ij y8»pt*r ' ft "
* wJiwwit1 si, , i jVvv ;«vtv-Mw i n* kfckisi i t '» 4'»1 *»
New World iiilfll "Ue l suqh af U'Mif. Punq thrusts. Ptf not
t if Mr pjjjenoe, for'Tupi j mors'are kndUn forjhelr
of'War.-' ' . Colonization MfeSrS ' Cont inue SCREENPLAY
AUGUST 1995 So of Liberty rierfbersbi|5'in Far o is to ttisario
At yt, yolir EK&ellencu 'The note Liberty Bells armed w
iniiiio our StatesMen generate, the'faster fieribership ' S
£*( rise * ' y V Continue turn. Jzoon t.O'Coloni
’ ‘jS V It look* HIM the ladi ar* gatting M« to turn
the harbour Mo a giant cup c anti-Tory Mntimant to an Important
and sn|oyebto port dlth* gamp.
Europe or Import noeoMary resources (particularly early In the game, when you ere not able to produce things for yourself) you have to have something to sell, and that can only come from farming, mining, or manufacturing In your colonies.
Trade is a major part of this game which means you must send wagon trains scurrying backwards and forwards across the continent, ferrying goods to port or raw materials to factories. This could have been tedious, but you can set up automatic trade routes which are like railways In Railroad Tycoon a series of stops, with loading and deliveries specified at each stop.
This can bring you into conflict with other powers in the area and the indigenous Inhabitants - the Indians.
Several tribes are represented, each ¦Ifjihlhi Hlffinenl C.-(,n|it |attfia wiin sngniiy anrorcni cnaractvniiics and abilities. There are the Incas and the Aztecs, with huge, rich cities; the rather primitive but friendly Tupi; the violent (when aroused) Iroquois and the plains Indians, the Apache, Cherokee and Sioux.
This is one example of the way the game really separates into two diverging paths, depending on the strategy you use. You can be friendly with the Indians - trade with them, establish missions, learn skills from them - or burn their villages, murder their women and children and steal their gold (which can be a tempting option, especially as a raid on a rich village can produce more wealth than several years of hard trading).
The trouble with trying to be friendly is that the methods you need for colonising the continent put you at odds with the taboos of the natives.
Jhey are all over the place, so you can't put up a road or chop down forest without upsetting But if you do by to keep good side, they won't raid your villages, steal cargo from wagon bains and generally make nuisances of themselves. If your missionaries (and sometimes your muskets) manage to Instill in them a fear of God and light cavalry, friendly Indians will flock to your colony and can be persuaded to exact extreme vengeance on your foes.
Indians can also be a very cost- effective way of training up colonists.
The majority of malcontents setting sail for a new Ufa in the colonies have no skill or bade. Some are only good at thieving and some are "indentured servants", which Is a polite way of saying 'slaves'. Since the game is quite honest about how the colonists abused the bust of natives and robbed their land, it seems a bit odd they didn't own up to exploiting native Africans too.
Anyway, a trained sugar planter, for example, can produce more sugar per field than a novice, ora slave, or indeed a lumberjack or farmer. There are five ways of getting an expert to tend your cane: train one up (expensive), wait for one to emigrate by choice (may take a while), get him fialnail Uu onma frJan lu iniilane UnliioW By Wimp ItIwfnlty iituiaito (if there are any nearby, and if they are friendly), teach him in a school or college (requires an expert teacher) or Just leave him to it and hope he acquires the skill (wait a very long time). If you can get skilled colonists, it can make
all the difference.
Of course, once you have manufactured your goods they still have to get back to Europe for you to make a decent living. On the high seas your Merchantman could fall prey to pirate ships, sponsored by enemy nations.
You can get in on the act too, though, and run your own privateers, looting and pillaging European cargo vessels without having to declare open war on another nation. It is a rather risky business, as players of Meter's own Plratetl win no doubt remember. But money alone won't buy you iucmii.
The idea of the game is to settle a new, independent continent between 1500 and 1800. If you don't declare independence you won't get a Sutton issy T4X: V V.
UOJK H7. 4W1 T«fi Lon4 S s (Saiiijrmallj We herald the arrival of all manner of Doom-clones onto the Amiga with the biggest, bloodiest and, damn-it-all-to-Hell, most gripping coverage of the entire Doom phenomena that the WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.
We’ve reviews, background details, history lessons and pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to know. AND there’s a fantastic demo of Black Magic’s Gloom, the only game where getting hit by your opponent’s viscera is an EVERYDAY HAZARD.
We salute the white-clad heroes of the hallowed turf with the amazing Tennis Champs.
REVEL in suitably-themed, summery japes as you thrash a friend or get hopelessly stuffed by the computer player on grass, clay or indoor surfaces.
WITNESS the sinister power of the masked tennis player.
DON’T BOTHER looking for this anywhere else, it’s a complete game, and it’s only available on the cover of this month’s AMIGA POWER. We love you that much.
The bullets and bombs mingle almost imperceptibly with the strawberries and cream on Thursday 20th July. New balls please.
Doom, Doom, Doom and Gloom - Steve McGill dons his Death Mask and Fears that he'll meet something nasty (and well-armed) in the next room... Behind The Iron Gate Keep a firm grip on the nearest mini-gun, strap on some Kevlar body armour, stock up with as much medicine cabinet medication as it's humanly possible to carry, and brace yourself for the war of first-person perspective dungeon explore-em. Collect-em, hatch- em and despatch-em shoot-em-ups.
The quest for the top definitive Doom clone is gaining compulsive momentum among Amiga developers, game reviewers, owners, politicians et al, and it's getting more intense with every passing second of the clock.
Today, right this minute, Afs looking at Behind the Iron Gate from Black Legend. Thankfully, it's not trying to be Doom - more an improvisation on the theme of Wollenstein, if you treat the word 'improvisation' with a bit of artistic licence.
Naturally enough, Iron Gate places the nondescript character-you-never- actually-see in a 3D maze. Control is :_ Prime this bomb, then rush madly towards the exit. Failure means swift obliteration.
Through a combination of mouse and keyboard: up to four different modes can be chosen and it works well, so anyone not finding a method they find easy to use probably has trouble with the foil seal in coffee jars as well.
Your missions revolve around exploring the maze, collecting whatever lies in your path - weapons, keys, ammo, armour, food etc - and using the keys to access areas previously blocked off by iron gates or force fields.
This eventually leads to the main task, which is setting off a bomb to blow the whole level up and then BIG GUNS, TOP AMMO jiura tv.
One of the elements of the game that keeps you mildly interested is the profusion of new and exciting weapons.
Each one has a distinctive sound when fired (good effects, here) and kill rates vary. Ammo appears in odd places.
Making a slapdash mad rush to reach the exit before it explodes.
At first, it seems like fun. The full 360 degree rotational backdrop moves smoothly with no visible slow-down.
But the monochromatic graphics quickly become disorientating and this can be disastrous in later levels, especially when you're desperately trying to make it to the exit before the bomb blows.
In an attempt to help, there are pictures of famous people and other objects adorning the walls, but they don't really help because they appear in clusters: when unfamiliar objects appear, all it really tells you is that you've reached somewhere new.
The biggest snag, though, is the lack of a map overview of the area you've explored. In later levels you can pick up a scanner, which at least gives a limited view of what's up ahead, but it isn't enough to save the gamer from complete exasperation in the crucial process of trying to plan a speedy escape route.
A quick exit is vital, so your only option is physically rehearsing the route.
And that's very unsatisfactory, especially if you run into a wall and disorientate yourself. Get it wrong and it's back to the beginning of the level.
And the structure of the levels is such that you can complete an entire level and then be forced to do it all over again, just because you didn't quite make the exit in time It feels too much like drudgery to even contemplate.
The game isn't a bad one, it's just not very good. Not terrible, but not memorable. It'd be fine as a budget release, but at this price it's competing with Fears and Gloom. My advice is wait to see how good these two are before making a purchasing decision. 'Zj BEHIND THE IRON GATE Publisher Black Legend 01438 840004 Price £24.99 Versions A1200 4000 only lyslem requirements 2Mb Release date Out now Graphics 5 out of 10 Monochromatic, disorientating, and ultimately dull.
Sound 7 out of 10 Noise of the weapons being fired is excellent.
Addiction 5 out of 10 Addictive at first, but this very quickly wears off.
Playability 7 out of 10 Playable enough, certainly no overriding faults.
Overall verdict_ Doesn't offer enough to make it worth a full £25 price-tag.
69% Doom clones are flavour of the month and with Fears and Gloom to come this faces stiff competition.
FORMAT Amiga & CD32 RELEASE! DATE July 1995 Pro longer 1 need yoiiA) battle way through F die crowds. 1 xrawng for 1 hours upon hours for the privilege of an alley.
Adventure awaits the intrepid explorer who dares to wander into the world of Speris.
Discover treasures, use curious objects to overcome puzzles and hazards, uncover the deepest darkest secrets of Speris and protect your rightful inheritance to the Kingdom No longer need * you inflict pain upon your wallet by paying over inflated prices.
Kingpin is user-friendly, delightfully authentic and wonderfully understanding towards vour wallet's contents VERSION VERSION Speris Legacy is beautifully designed and crafted appealing to all yet alwai holding something ch.uming and very special for the individual.
THE TITLES ABOVE ARE AVAILABLE FROM ALL GQ( Cannings 1 Leigh Maughan Microcomputers Gateshead (0191)493 2308 ¦r Computer Store ey
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Software Basildon (01268) 591X191 Computer Systems Ire i .
miber (012-P7) b-3”(X) Data Gem London (0171)608 0624 K Solt
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184) 51 i m Topsoft Darlington (01325)486689 Grantham Computer
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Computer Store Doncaster (01302)325260 Alan Tyndall Ltd
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I ter Cavern Coil Reading (01734)583062 FORMAT Amiga, CD32 &
FORMAT Amiga, CD32 RELEASE DATE i July 1995 The best selling M Alien Breed ¦ series has an unrivaMegr ' reputabjxYlfor grearanneplay b vCind superb atmosphere.
KINCPI Now the best has Yj just got bigger. H stronger and mightier than anyone could ever have imagined... Alien Breed is now 3D. i Alien Breed 3D is an earth-shattering. , jaw-dropping game of gigantic proportions.
Amiga disk version £29.99 Amiga CD32 version MK.A DISJ HON VERSION 3D STOCKISTS INCLUDING lie (.omputer Store cimthorpe 01724)857985 Vatgames Plus heffield
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anpiiter Centre Sunderland (0191) 56789" Truro Mirco Lid
Truro (01872)40043 The Computer Centre Wakefield
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(01705) 2S9911 Double Qrive Computers WevmouM (01305)
"83?oo Seventh I Wisbech (01945) 5i en Compu Alan Tyni
Worceste (01905)j The Cor York (0190D (er Store If you are
unable to obtain ihese titles from your local stockist, you
may order them from TeamI7 directly using cheque, postal
order or credit card.
Longbnds House.
W akefield Road.
OsAr, (01924) 271637 (01924)26"658 dudes@teaml7xo.uk Tel: Fax: Email West Yorkshire.
Steve Bradley takes the helm at Huddersfield Town and finds that there is rather more to the job than he'd initially anticipated. He got sacked.
Player Manager 2 Friendly Huddersfield Leeds United nn Waited for years to pit my wits against Howard Wilkinson, I have. And now it's finally happened. Mind, we did get beat one-nil. They were lucky, though.
Bot ftts Cards As* Tamper K H«aid Cm V.t fcr ItCJ. 1 KPR i i i H 1 I
V. COOd B Gee C D.r ]|au TJ OEF « 0 0 Bradley 6 O S« IN v’ 1 21
v. CO’ 1 Harioc
L. fttherton CBK K ’3| a ! Hill Ccol S Overton ?
CFWj 11 !
‘ .GOOl Ggde * MIC, IS
• .Good Bbatty tV P.irl'r HD3 r- ITT-* 1 21 „ 1 Ccol U nvslsr 11
CFI**: V. 21 0
V. Good Referee Mr. D. Packer How referee Mr Packer will cope
with the maniacal O'Reilly, only cards will tell. Thankfully,
S Bradley, the player manager, is very cool. He wears shades
on the pitch, apparently.
On The Ball: World Cup Edition is the soap opera of the management sim.
Sensible World of Soccer is the ultimate arcade management game. The Guv'nor.
Ultimate Soccer Manager is the Theme Park of footie sims.
Entertaining and realistic stuff.
Super League Manager.
Role-playing management game and a breath of fresh air.
Premier Manager 3. Heavy going, packed to the gills with stats, but a real stalwart.
It's frightening to think where Amiga gaming would be without the football management sim.
No, seriously, even if you loathe them with a passion, they've kept the market reasonably buoyant, ensuring that Amiga games still outsell their PC counterparts, despite the fact that no- one has been able to buy the essential hardware for a year.
And we're the first to question the software houses' motives for producing these games. Two issues back, when Impressions' Ultimate Soccer Manager arrived (AF72 85%), I took a cynical glance in their direction - but in truth it's a tremendous game, mixing Theme Park-esque ground building with realistic player information, and a couple of weeks ago it hit the top of the Home Computer charts. Can't be a bad thing.
So, we'll agree that footie management (and arcade) games have been an essential ingredient in keeping the profile of Amiga games high.
As r [he Ctm i Is Mr Jones working the team hard enough on the training ground? Your job to decide.
A pleasant scroll, indeed. Unfortunately you have to retire from playing at the age of 36.
On to Player Manager 2. Five long years ago, Anco released Player Manager to an ecstatic press (AF 093%). It was the first Amiga game to successfully incorporate arcade action with management statistics and five years on, cue short trumpet fanfare, we have the sequel - and remarkably, it's the same price as its predecessor.
Bigger, better, faster, more?
Well, firstly this is a huge game, again incorporating arcade action with management tactics but with the ... Contract
• Mr S Bradley 28 hits btttt nppnin trii player manager oj
fluddarcfiold rLk€ Sqitn'b Huddersfield emphasis firmly on the
latter. You can choose one of four options when it comes to
playing matches; predict (simply watching referees cards and
goals in a text format); watch game or play game (in each case,
three minute arcade games); or watch on the fast scanner (which
shows the players as dots darting around a small pitch).
There are four arcade views to play or watch including top-down (Kick Off 2 style), mini-isometric, sideways and above sideways. SWOS players will find the arcade section tough to get used to.
But fear not, for the management side is far more detailed than that of the illustrious SWOS. Each player is rated from one to five stars in his particular division and each has 15 attributes.
There are basically two types of stats; personality and curving. Personality stats are the ones a player is born with and therefore don't change much, whereas curving stats can change with age, coaching, opportunities and experience. With the stats ranging from one to 50. You can appreciate the amount of practice and playing required to learn the ins and outs of the game.
You, then. You're a 28-year-old capped player who has just been offered a player manager job with a Week B.S. Teaii Rating 34 Tactics 4-4-2 The pitch is split into 30 sections and the tactics designer enables you to pinpoint the players' movements all over the field.
'fLatiicj'DiSLQKiv Second Division team. You have to employ coaching staff, a physio and a scout and shape a team capable of rising through the ranks - all this on a limited budget.
Importantly, one to four human players can play, so you can battle three mates in the same league, an option which would have been most welcome in SWOS. You pit your wits both on and off the field - so you might be a better tactician, but if your mate is a handy arcade player, you could get stuffed.
The teams and players are an odd mix of fantasy and reality. All the team names are correct, though the divisions don't reflect real football. Players are fictional, but you'll recognise surnames
- you might find a K Cantona playing for Preston North End. Or
This is a good thing, because when real players are involved you always have preconceptions about their ability. Here you rely on your own guile and nous.
Another clever touch is the team talk, during which you can instruct each player by selecting any two from six instructions. If, say, you've got a skillful full back, you can tell him to, 'push up' and 'run with the ball'.
Anco have gone the whole hog, here, including as many elements of The mighty ground that is the Allred McAipine Stadium. Traditionalists will probably prefer the original Leeds Road ground but Huddersfield’s 'mini San Siro’ is a fine stadium. Yes.
Football management as they could cram on to three disks. Alan Hansen imparts pre-match predictions, while the Anco Times reports on your matches.
The stadium has eight rooms: board, press, archive, physio, coach, finance, manager and boot rooms.
Whether you get tired of clicking around the place after each game depends on how dedicated a manager you are.
Player Manager 2 is certainly not for the faint of heart. Whether you're worrying about upgrading your stadium capacity or getting a 'vote of confidence' from the board, you can be sure that you have to really graft to get something out of this.
The arcade section is a little pointless, simply because none of the views, nor the arcade game can hold a candle to Sensible Soccer. The isometric view is unplayable, though great to watch.
No, this is a management game, and one which requires both application and patience. Thankfully you can glean satisfaction from buying, selling and managing, but to get ultimate control of your club you'll have to work hard.
Certainly impressive and £10 cheaper than most, but you may end up with more grey hair than Bobby Robson. O PLAYER MANAGER 2 Publisher Anco 01322 292513 Price_ £19.99 Versions A500 600 1200 System requirements 1Mb Release dale_ Out now Graphics 8 out of 10 Certainly an attractive and easy-to-use layout.
Sound_5 out of 10 Mostly silent but horrible 'white' crowd noise in arcade section.
Addiction 8 out of 10 The more in-depth you go, the more you get out.
Playability 7 out of 10 Frustrating arcade section, but elsewhere pretty good.
Overall verdict_ A huge, involved and enjoyable management sim - but boy, you have work mighty hard.
81% ¦ The follow- up to 1990's Player Manager is out at a five- year-old price.
Remarkable, eh, Desmond?
PLEASE SEHD YOUR ORDER 10 EITHER OR THESE DISTRIBUTORS YOUR ORDER WILL BE SAUE OAY DESPATCH VIA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE J I I I I I Price ..99p per disk TEL OR FAX: 01827-68496 How to order To or dot any dtak just writ* the dtak title and the diik code. EG U01 Agene Some title have a number in ( thia means the title comes on (x) number of diaka To order PACK iuat write down the peck TITLE name wilt do.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk moans for A1 200 A4000 only putdse aofl 7Qe to tgta] iq. Bgslagr i packaging Pack price as stated All Orders Same Day Despatches.
Fdr the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT)!
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GS37 *Cx *C* nn «r- x to* a GS» UC«A • * ~*e -*mi jst Kr 4 Zrtcfr
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very icaco* M xcw xr*a: GjH SHADOW otxe G ' 3*£C Cai»£D I'Sr
WA=~Aw Sf*r :*»*« S~R£F* ClGHTiP i 5T *• 0NSE *e A»A- WA-H4CR r
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G6R CAYNS uanjac 3C *¦ w9Co •« m rx '*'5 ' Lt»* aeOSJEMPEO G»
=CVFrA. Uwjnsart GWC *.~=NS£ 2 -to. X tc*- ‘ =ECC*Ate*0&r G»-
9J 'X er, -U) roiatic m~ x =EC£»S«tC€C G88B VjG 2 Max ye
G®3 S_»T= M* T9ag scwr s -v. V* PANG 21% -1 *p« *€C0lA©Ce» Gfli* S-®E= 7. ASO. nse SP*CE iWSOCa jSSE JJ~PJA' 3X M JX -am Gar *• a-iwt POPLLCVS otrw R6C ".OS PAN eo e'l f«r.! R*Lgr»n * fc CO. OJR t t w r cotcmw too *T ASv«£ SLAt- *no B 9 ».j)en t suT l£ARN & I in* A12CCI r-wr,- maTyS & pi e»
- EARN 4 PLAV I! R»;»» edxakor. Ows-s SMNSn
*kA.SSLAT0nScwwf«. j»sh £3» US U£N A- 01 y DrtMrt mv, Wer E
ASTRO*A v ’AT* cr,»»«. V,«-. Et '• ' SA*0f.4 SPACE MATHSr r«4
9~ ri jves EOLCATON PACK D»ii iocfae n~ • • ;coo )W3 DaiAaAta:
¦«»• r-.u Efff’ STC f vA'O k n»r*9,o cut?* avrei nkxrrmertlM
£ 22 AVGuAGE n,’0R W«fi«a yx 2 (mind E iO
'A,A.**3C0LO-«PAiRXKt.knj&-vf-p1S [C2f FASVSPElL* rnxtxa
.ox».«» w.) £ 8’ OSVrA O kWy coOx*U n.-ao c.vt«x- »a EC»
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ENC. 4? Ttr* A awWfl EO*6 GASTL«8NE ENGNEiaxw Awvngatnc* f&«7
ST*L*4G £* G.‘ »Jr» 4 anm ra --.
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S09t READ A -EAPr* 2Dl THREE LITTLE p»GG» 5»cr, ««¦ VKWT. 4
SrOiXvCS &Wer. ’DCix-rTvnJoC £397 BACk TO SKOOl k t ccAeoxi'
r»o r®« £096 BACK 10 SKOCX v«3 2 ar Uxskr Drogni- ;¦ Jf,
TTWVfafRr*ymxH*'ar w yW won StO! W»LD GEOGRAPHY wcAdwmnoc A
text £ 133 DISCOVERY Of ThF. ATOM 'own* tx ho Ale- :20i £ ’ 31
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ewrt? T- row.
£110 CJLT ’V DATABASE i7b i r* cr *xy TV £115 ElLCTMCNC kVORLDS 1X1 orx*fo K _ur«« £116 KAV THE EARTH BEGAN theory ionite 8*G BANS oWHOsili’MWUWtrvI.aUwt £118 WcflKBf Mch 2 ..novx cr. VVfltoorti-. 2 E119 C"MD kVAR Ojz »' 0r.jfc«jr» f -a «VOR0 f ACTC v vuky .di -or* E '23 K0 DtSK ! - BnlarY oSxator coc* E ’24 '0 [XSK ;¦ ~ o oJj-jICi po ar-c E'25 JJRASSC PAR. ..a «rdt.miwi. .
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V3 '• Exraawt Ow OfltD Pa 0-»TE • 6oxx»-p wy- . PHANTC GjC TO CCMRJTER to' Vsrrf 4 1.
Ei77 CYBER PLNK 2 k* Cytww» v*»* wi.
E181 SGVt jn£ CrrA-C* cuttmae yx ssn synne §162 VrjS WC KS-OP V* corsrD-a'fcv* £ IS-* HAM3NESV0E02I__ £185 AWKBcVC- 23 GuOf Otre *eoG -c«i jm» »VngaDOScowwYh voryuaeU OUR 8EST SEU£R.: D:SKS Of JH SU!A8ti FOR «Y A»GA A5»A ANIMATIONS MUSIC
- •*€ 4D- AND
CV. V7.Pi ...._.. WADO.N* SLIDE S OA U.c ANO'-tS s WAYS *0 KILL
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- alrra tana STAR-TREK MANIA 18 DEMOS Age 18 and over only X80
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All 'uK) PANS B£CCMWENC€D compailBlo with all Amiga*
• DISK SET ONLY C5.95 VIDEO TITLER T00LS »tor you vdeo ctAencr
Printer Pack 5 d»* poet a-lfi at Ih We* pnnlng programa 8»oa»y
dasipnwj tor cnxnp our rujh gutfry docunani*. Nut 4 ccTuw ecr
and ire nenaoe t: Otif ouf .A5 BcoWefs ivw hwnjy) Eat* to use 4
must tor anyAMIGA owner into printer Printer Pack (5 disks)
only £4.99 AJOJ-AECOA'XOAaaa uwclSReixrt V 4 O mate ycir
3yna»'th Tiory a re W AMC Kthare J329 oaOCXT t 4 CR UKCWweert*
20ierW99c WORKBENCH EXTRA UTILITIES Toot'Deomon. Snoocdos V3.
Kssl file fekJar Memory monitor Latest nrua wDer. Wb Oik
• gitable tor all Amiga? Only £4.95 (Odnwi (raytovanQi -wJjaa
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V231 V® x.V SVGA CCPY 4 CRACK TCCX 2 Tcre pnwarfU. ... .
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ASSASSN HANDY TOOL • W" YC* JM SLR&B OUPER 3 (MOT V B1 Xvimaw aa»» PC C ocrrcMla Pwcal onjn ) wth « ***©' AMC00L pRCFESSCNAl *u daac a «xi 4CGACMEAT V3 . t*« yrr- meif.
ANAtATIOt. CONSTRUCTCh Ki7 VI2 . Gxd V1ADRPH V2 Crfttoo «mxC rrxyjn Ara- tXi POOL TOCLS aueoe) PW*W Tme rarg TR0N1CAO ten CTWXNe CVCvA tOA'l (VO 0« r(X e9 GM E 'AVER |344i • V Evw men awrea i-o.m LAST WHJ.AK0 TESTAMEN .mr, ;CT PANT 32 • crap-a-a U7-.0 PERFECT PAINT 32 -Airy n.wy to u*o i'-k cu.»,ij« U713 CDTV v2 PLAYER pay CO* "h*« n WW.r ' ENGPCERS KIT tor Amps 14AGW.1V 1.9 REGARD t» two hi* •raw™ cmo FONT PAF4V V3. -«h a »ax» . Ic-.
EXOTIC RIPPER roiw .v. l*« turt wnJoapr** rrcer PAPNET 5£T UP 121 I-J-™ tc Tv .xrr oa WWCr CABLE VAKER iNSTRjCGOtr trace wve £Q AHEX lAANUAi rri'rVB' 3: cenewa mar i Hnrv- ASSASSIN OXJT util 50 0«* o*x» ceaior ayy BCFT AGA IA50D i** a AffXC- 4 mr ' 5 mog A Z GAMES OEAT tor twor NJJ tr«-.
Mini tADRPHS cmuto IBMINATCR 2 rtta?
AWARD MAKER M . UraJwfc 4 nxtfy mjd D*«r, ASSASSIN CF*jNCH 4 CCRY TOOL TWBi 3 any' SKCK PtCKESSCNAL VG2 V1vra«' dncr* c(K«an rxhe .-AMtC MOV TO CftEATE AlTOBOOT OSK otW • jU UTL Oak lAww 71 MAKE AUTO C*® FRACTAL MAMA. BCM0REH Owrro- Af LVCRKflf‘K 7.VB* 3 CNLYi W,xw„r 3D GARDEN DESIGNER tarn ™ trii ,i-y .irr i trt ASTRCXCWV v [ro hl SW' 1W' X (XtdKKn U l ONS DRA7AT43 tnm-. Wo CtonrY DSK RF.PAR 3 iVw. 4 Kl: nv* vanraec MJSC CATA OG-iE tax ANC • 3! ** aa*Y to u« SYSTEM CHECKER TOOL nm to- *v wrra cuw EPU STACKER toAX tho Ww d W ORNE
• vARD ORVE UTIL • kt more t-wi t»v» jk PAFtBENCH risLilo.
(anxWht PRO C*D utw oox t«ito 0o* »'
Y. B MENJ LAUNCHER mm, won «s» to uw Ccx PLUS (3 DISKS; Hunroh a
fAn'-yj CON5 J762 7A Z FAST MELOP' maa odw «ce»o «u
- 766 VCR) PAX 4 7: c-aoer G-l.»U. V T77 TecEtC* RECEIVER v'gT»|
orr« oTd1 OOSTRACE ’ 2 dreary rf-r~tr*r »*•. K ~« mow
• K-w to "at Aa. - i*a Krwy, e e, REOe POCD
- •.•S3 PCCL WNNER GOLD max kr at gv-twn ,’4*CW r a,im.ih«rtot
- 7» "ARO CxSK VELOTy ’ 7 «»“0 at -trxr, ,-o V»A- UJ90 WN0C4V
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«ECC»A«FCE0 LHC Poa WIZARD docttl) crooaxr LHC CMC€N0 WINNER
PwWW.ttosgrwrkrvwne' JTTtWCCOS '.BRNOk TETTERS *to L834
FCRCASTER2C7W*N wcn*Sc« Jicrw UHB AuOO MAGC 4 Ptotn* «r .O
E«c*c toce- L64C AlOO VAGiC 5 Vtor* - « » U8*3 AuOO MAGC 8
V2 MM L8*5 V«CC E ruiBx r*)u » Vro a yrtn U85C EAGLE FLAYER (2
Cawai Ov a re ben r»«c .-otoeyuyora RECCt.IMENCED L85"
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CccevOctme oc RECOMt.tENOED .686 INTUTXy. 9E.NCH APK V6 51N0T WB1 3i Garcwto At. ) SyitaT dm RECOMVENOEC 0886 COMPLETE Vfl L TL.? Oc*Si Oe a Te res l» 0887 04* REPAIR KIT 4 r.wtot mpor -Wn acfl j'W. H4*r«ies tywh? Oec J966 S-EPEO SCCPC V2 * ir.» ASM I 3) th« q r« RANOOM DOT STEREOGRAM ootc 0961 FORTH PROGRAMING (NOT W9" 3) 0«* FRO PAGE 2 1 hElP D*SK Urj. Not % to-pto 0*6 POO PAGE TF1APLATE Tan a -** , m»h 0957 SCALA BACKGROLTO (2 dWSI Vor, "« i j.P*ry Vy ion *«i Scum .,NHJ PROGRAM LOADER New 0961 MAGAZNE E !»» 3tl tuao oNm mnce Nscn WewWrrhW-egtoma TEM (2 OOLSl cn too --c 0962 MAG’.‘.E V?
BLOOY S Mi*a ka IMAGNE 2uaw
- •AO AMOS 4 AVOS PRO CO MANO EXTINSON 0**6 Mut--. : tr' 4 mxm
prrt J OK [Special offer |C64 & 45 games pack Ispectrum V2 & 50
games |Vic20 & 30 games ! AH 3 packs for only £9.99 [See
description lett for dotails of each pack , When ordering
please State which Amiga you I own so we can send you the
correct pack I (note This oflet carvx l be u&oo with our FREE
disk tokor lOhor on»y available wtti this iokoo oltoi and
iS'S'95) COMMODORE VIC 20 OQMffl&DOIlE m sp5cTfiUj'j] m& vi=
With any Spelrcum pack, it is possible lo play all the original
Spectrum games. Beside play games you can write your own
programme in Spectrum baste Jusl Spectrum computer.
V' v-i ofTrUImOr T Ju XOD VI heft ftnttj e» CQUMOOWE TOO. C* t Y M (mm Ui COSMIC CRUNOfGl MT-MCI VIQ A.U UUIJit Bus p«ck csmn M&over X (m MT-FUCE SAPOON B. CHESS e : This is the best very latest and still the best C64 amu for tho Amiga. It fully emulato the C64 computer so Sou can play all the top C64 games, eg. JetPac.
Ambo. Batman. AirWolf and many more on your Amiga. You can also r T ¦ AY I even write any pro-
g. -aome in CS-1 vi-.
Ro.si C-:4 ..r.-.- ot.K’-!
Only £2.99 Ir’MGTrilDiSil a MIS WVGX o;M vv ii Wsmm ip&sii C64 & 45 original games...£ 4.99 C64 & 100 original games...£ 8.99 C64 & 200 original games...£16.99 Note: All games have boen fully tested and listed. Our existing 45 game pack which previous advert been replaced by this new 45 games Disk drive tmad cleaning kit i-nprove xaai’vg S uvnj pn jrvn» r*« jic© Jarutj*i as« otc Only £2.99 or £1.99 with any order over 5 disk |S O FT’W A R E 2 0~0 O FREE [DISK TOKEN |Bay id. Coll 6 cnooia *i*y t uva »U FREE, offer with toMn oafyj MEW - TITLES A0A3C6 ASSA5M FIX 06K iM ky tvr aB Wnr s cr T*
A12CDA40X* L978 CtLUXE RUNT 4 BCCOY SYSTEM Get fie rroai ax 3ooe He© 4 lwenUr**y v.«, v i inmrt
r. CtM.1 r. put RFCCWUf SO U«l VY»USC 'ECKERV651 T *vwy .iM Vkk
LW2 DPECTOR'* yUS V4 j»1 f wn (xry-w-0 Lee)UAGCWB4MAGCMENj
jMwnt l ea PCV*EF*CAO€S S»«C. x 3» o»».iAj«ee I4E70 HAACCH
SEOAYTY a l**3* 1 Ok«t, cra *-*
• 3 LoxxCPaweoa & miry rroe U97!HAFOOSK»aC«VOC»OCXafl- Ea- NXV«13
U972 POGESTPtAW V3 F I* Vtr, Lmeu ww L«730€A'BOR KO ¦ GAMES
LEVEL COCt Owe V330 U974+C GAMES NSTAii£R 2 -O egZ0O2 Rao C* re
kOcXMyui CoroaG & mry "in LOTS CMSV2 H OjxT. Enre to x»! 3)
(31 iKO f O ccm U979 CON fOW(3,1000 • O reml KaimtMegei J980
THACKER 5; Voeo m«u.&«Vck- *t»% G4B8 ALEN GENOCCC 7. Srox
ekwy* «ei r K«a & *VCKM4 . D.dh.!«o G*0 SLEERAATTUi ZONE Vtolc
~m* **•-«( A013) G901 WTA‘S*» a t AS V.AR 'M, Hr, m-A.'c
LfMAINO & WOW UX we l*»3 O Weatcn (Mart G»3 BoaDERDASi CAVE
CoffiTIVTO. KT 2, e»r G93* LAST SOLDER 0 plato-- G905 C80ERTECH
(2J estari ALCN OHEEO Ctato GOX HANGMAN New ww J Ba p*L*.- K,
vroi G»7 ACE SftACE no PWJarr G9X CO. OUWMNtA aUtoXKBViw »
prm A4» AJPtTER IMPACT m Fvxpb d P® u lnm |.C*« m3 he naaiac
Bnlan •RECOMtAENO AGA»5 CC-LUXE AcfCXXXY Bo«g ra V aoSded
AGA296 CONKEY KC*G AtraJ dw ccrvMrr.
AGA»7 BOWi RAC E«5XK*irWe»i3tDplBy AGAS8 ftDCKE’ 2 ft Oeep iroo*gK»oJ tyBwtp’npl'K ewnQolW E2S AGA200 SCRAeBLE-Nbw ILAylUVOn t« An a AGAaXMAGCWBV? 0ercd«w7 AGAM2 TUTANKMAM IC) EoxNKrv EgtfOan MlMMV AGA303 PAMELAANCCRSONff) 18. Cv*yB« V» atte AGA334 BOOYSHOP VB 31 to. Mn ceoUM* AGA305 TMEZCWE 123 VgacC fXlK AGAM7 CCNTAY Of Own* Mrc AGA3J8NAXIS wrwAGAgwftcacto AGA310 FEARS t -aooma cute 0*mo A6A312 ANX I2ai .ucM* gu1U. V.*i AGA313 RAM JAM T « TASTE DEVO voc -**«l dwro AQA315EEX VYSTC New AGA donxrf 400 VwrtjAL WORLD DEMO 50 ALL NEW SPECTRUM GAMES (4) lor Spf.cmcM Em.
* «C DYNAMO 120) Enfant • dfa M382 RAVE NATION AncXtwr Cfarl tl«c
Eox«K»i 8 Gwnen E240 EAPff* T'“£ UEAfl GCES CAMPNG teach fxs
cf*J dCxuanmoB E?41 CC4AMS GUC6 VI le-wryre-gytu need krew roe
ccoredto r*INTE«f€T 4 eeS nu* ty jr r.~tja iw* l«6
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-3 K MAKER V4 *» -uAr.; «iwi co+ofaftr at* fc-xnr *y U :,.t v
vt.v w ,*• U690 eoo.ft.v GAMES OCAT iWfc, UW! FOCATAlOGUE
CREATO»*y M Otr. *»., Ufl7SOCr Sa «6K«)Q b t*n L«c3 MAG»« STLOO
V2 t»l TU b« PO rwjwpeuei cra»-a iv» « rnwea. Cafaj rmw K
Uaff* «M gvnee to M3a E242ANA(AL--A'0.3M'i: ,ax.;U3 fuK- £Z*3
PCTURE MATXSfcur* wym *, uib H244 APCU.0 2 .’JdXWM Ue«r d * *2
0910 HAPRYHAOXXX Pt+Vt C«9 -w Gflll ART OF BrtAKJVj (CO M Mum
MaCrotawtW ktruf) NXW® U Q912 MAM3L£ FENCER dawt SmMh ea is
wh »»dHi .i Gsi 3 AFCADE CLAS9C MX t A 2 G tf x**Xtxi * T* ol
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KuCC* TER 8ry fce Oo-.v- 0915 COW WA«S Vey xUn*3 2 pfayw g*rm
09 6 SLANO -Ptt, *e Ww, 0317 MATCH rajKVfay aOkfaS merryyy
gartw Q918 FISHY FISHY var, g»0 AGA323 KLOfOMT 3 ;3m*j hs 4
2ing«w aao hew a fat tf aSoMikrAoM.
LW1 IMAGINE 8TUOOV2 WAGE PROCESSOR Afa lo ccrrr * IP coflrq ICO * ft |«f 1 ® l«2 TEXTURE STUDIO Ffayflw VIAxn T«u y uei w*t Itrwgrto 3 ea«BQFPU(r« t.3f LC83PROGAMRESV? Ru* k. ni irt»Li AGA321MOT-GABE i (2) AGAJ22 rOT-SASE 2C1 Strrmg mstW AGA323 KDT-0ABE 3 Cl AGA324 HDT-0A8E 4 C2| AGA325 HDTQABE 5 C2l QV19COP THE LOT Pio Uduaf Usery cnxMx G920 LOTTERY PROFFESX3NAL Tne veoon uae the omatoun eon USAACararla We now have the following pack for PC All packs come with emulator C64 8. 400 Games pack £23 99 Spectrum 48k & 400 Games ..£19.99 AMSTRAD CPC & 100 games
......£13.99 ZX81 & 130 games £11.99 SPECIAL OFFER PACK 4 NEW AL3A254 DPT AQA Bnl nt C Cao.i elNcta AGA256 CELXiKt EXPLORE c.cwwil Owno* AGA256 KEFEREN AGA aemo ca cf *tact AGA2S7 MINOMOST RAVE ji«i -a-.* -ru« AGA256 OXYQENE F*nu*h: je*ro« AGA256 NTELOUT anotTor ver. Ao«M Uamc «GA2e0 SOME ajST-CE 9* a*ro o» tr* "am. T *arr
- r-i ***. RECCAffl«NOED AOA262 TO THE DEATH vor, gc« STREET
FIGHTER ocr* *«• vary « 3r«V«: AGA263 GEORGE GatAXO 2 4WI
tr*art n*J» 1 ccttUlfcrr.ar. RECOMMENOE 0 AGA2W MISSHE OVER
2E’X I (2 cSUs, B «wnt 30 agaSS f eampcTdno'ere pottrm f«*» Trt
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€AD ta X IM AGA274 MUSC 2 SLRWE ? «m 4 M*en -ru« NGVM RA.E
UAXAKAU (SfpCRVf ¦ .2 ami AGA278 Chavif v 2 «*u* • agaj 2 e* .
AGAms* s- “41MIW RECCMWENOED A4iA279toAU9*f«rc.aSr C* -«
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V3 •**• Marv 2 OK RCCCMMEVDED AGA 1N CHAVrEL Z sm 3 2 dou) AGA e»
- gc» r* -re*j x» O D»r« AGA282 OAVJEv 2 *k* 5 !2 d»*i; AGAdw
"»Mirr»x« OroinK AGA&rwCRKBE.V &AOCRCR VCX i5i Sarr g
- oCk 1 See BOO' SKR to. AeKTBKn .....flCKZ OT SwAGAAi K?
OKOXf** AGA84 FITCHICK 3 Cdi See AGA4 'a owoxttcr AGA90
ASSASiN A!?00 FIX OSK 1 - l«*arc ccflerton 0* oegraoer nat
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Amusllix any AS 00 0 ¦ocot* AGAOOi out we AGAOW RELCCKIT VI 4
SlATALER AGA 10’ FAS’ G!« 2 dnoit, Gl:P r.ti * iYcWMrm AGA! CP
AGA DIAC.MDST-C NEW i Uo-t wan AGA 103 BlACx BOARD AGA «*co"t
imag procM«x AGAiiM REND 24 Suntt'» AGA1C6 OUCK GRAB AGA - can
»ae AGA icrocoi AGA 110 WORLD BE'O.DS • 3» Ainrc j 256 COLOUR
AGA 164 CINDY CRAWFORD Vol 1 12 «*) WmI '»m AGA'66 INFESTATION p 09) Tne utmatM AGA OVU3 AGA 170 ONDY CRAWFORD Vot 212 arrwmc AGA-72 VICCO TRACKER AGA - jtwralB Oemo mnko.
AGA 174 WAGC EXTRA Vol I A 2 l2 *Wr. AGA 160GIF BEAUTIES va in '81 8 n-cro on aw AGA 189 FRIDAY AT 8 - AGA IW A AaNWJ AGA2CC RAV JA ,1 941 car no Or* AGA2C13 F.XPL'XlT 2 DEMO wail -jot* AGA20* COMPLEX ORIGIN 2 da* Mure* 2 (»6» »n«* tg&X 6«a»»e cf TjttT«r«mr*. - axcaBn loci AGA210 CHANEL ’ DSK MAG (20) A1200(UA magawM AGA*0 KlONIKE NEW CARD SET (7 cW*»i AGA233 LOVE 2 09 - S-Ttrttart AGA231 AGA UTIL 7 4 8 12 OiVili mrre iA AGA234 KNOTTY Sruwo AGA taVn puirea AGA240 LOTTERY WNNER ’apt**. *4 -rt-cvo yoj Nortel of «i*5 4 ficapx GOOD LUCK AGA241 AGA GAME U; ORE AGA O’ IB Wa Hoc* r* coHKttcn v in*
AGA GAME GALORE eacn M* par* *Kn r».»a»tv AGA corncaM* mres RECOMMENDED AGA2S1 PACKMAN AGA - f AGA2S2 TOCKFT PO - S *» AQA012 PvAs'rf «tOOVE jJ*A!2C0 Oemj* AGA013 MOTOR I WADER 2 tfDl v*V plMtfe INVADER c*rw uX d uOa yaj ccnsutar load* ct Am AGA015KXNTOF SCALE G Mt A120C OY* 0*mc* u9*3'6cfvonfl»- farty goal **no AQA0! T WCRLD C*1 MANGA AQA .4 C*SK| meQnflCwe Japanme Ui» sivm routes Jeconew Che* 0* focGrmoalod Ss4 ftn t»*! Ud» an 0» A1200 - tY«am AGA02' MAGIC WofKBENCH ItrpiDve B» OcA tf ,oui W34 *33 some lurKBor » you WB *ee8* BRILLIANT AGA022 WB 3 UTX.ITCS toot* ct V»B 3 f*»V utMl« Out
tJegtaOer ote »** Ic* Ixxjrtw AGA023 U-(XSS tr* oeel rJ»M pnyan games ki tar t»J! R»ji»09 4 -negattyle* Biftort grapha AQA024 WORKBENCH 3 SCREEN G-Ml WW tc.
AlZOOlfWOlepnreOGtF BEALfTiES s ovi Xho i»gri«MjWB« ga Ric!oes evaldtt* |i -1B) AGA66 BOOV5HOP 3 i ttxc**™ AGA'34 AGA 1 AGA136AOA' AGA'36 AGA' E PROCESSOR IFF pcfvo 1 AGABKarXC WB AGA286 SRECTBuW EMU-ATCR V St«v-irv*iBO*fi*OT, 3 AGA Li i Iwuoocman yi BUSINESS SOFTWARE 307 TEXT PLUG 2 2« oat, lo ,i.eJ won 323 BANKING Home account program JW LABEL DESIONER OeMgn your ory" uioer* M7 CALV 1 2 Eac-IUuit 0«laiia»e prog RFCOMMENDED 144 DESKTOP PUBLISHING Tha re«l PO DTP a.ailabio 12B BUSINESS CARO MAKER ( ha A1200I l.nilianl teo 80 l B USINESS LET1FH .or, nandy Get il now 111 BUSINESS CARO MAKER -
ran Prmt -I colour tOI DATA BASE WORKSHOP (2) B'Ulient PACK 121 SPREAD SHEET Very «aty to u*ed jpreaiHheet 183 QUICK RASF Very poweriul D.fot a*e Fa»y lo uae The Largest collection of demos ever released this pack contains over 100 top demos, Must for all Demos. Our top seller RECOMMEND Only £7.95 suitable for any AMIGAS Special Packs AU.J ACXS-§UITABLE-FQR ANY AMIGA SYSTEM The very latest games pack. This pack j contains over 100 of the very top games Includes | some of the very best Games ever released on PD.
| All gamos arc selectable via menu | A must for all Games players I -««•*-»» ••' »*** .*»»y I FLEXI BASE Small easy lo opeiot* Oalatiaae LITTLE OFFICE - I.V,.! • OON APPCTir Oala'ri*- HOME ACCOUNT * ;• AMIGAStr aga-.l»il ar. " JOURNAL lull loon.K 4.
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BiUdtOO & paitrr V2 2) MlJf.A’B 30 50ff 3Mi» Mia»;WB 31 100.
W* Pomt*i MigKWB 33 Martjt -con 6 BicUiroD 6 oOi* |2) AUGUST
System requiremenls A crap i selves ( r interface is, as we all
know, a crap user interface. It's the old cliche. But we t ig
because we believed that the cornor would turn. Unfortunately
it didn't.
1Mb Release date First Division, 15 of which don't have any indication of who they are. When I tried to select Tranmere Rovers, it took several guesses before I got it right.
The question that inevitably pops into your head at this point is why did the programmers choose to do things this way? Why couldn't there simply be a little line of text underneath each icon to let you know who the team is?
Now it may seem as if I'm labouring the point on a small detail here. I am.
But there are so many instances of this happening throughout the whole program - transfer of players and selection of managers, to name but two
- that you end up not wanting to play the game because it's so
And if you want really annoying, you have to wait anything from 40 seconds to two minutes of dead, completely noninteractive time watching results from the Premier League and First Division.
That's enough time to strangle both Dimmy Hill and Alan Hansen.
If you want to enjoy yourself playing a football management game, go for Ultimate Soccer Manager, Premier Manager 3 or Super League Manager.
Tactical Manager 2 isn't different enough from Football Tactician 2 to justify looking at. Tj Out now ._ Mostly text, so it's a bit dull to the eye.
Sound 4 out of 10 Music during matches or not, so again, a bit dull.
4 out of 10 Addiction If you enjoy filling in spreadsheets and databases, then it's addictive.
Ayability 4 out of 10 The design, the highlights and the results coming in beggar belief.
T HWHtlt Ht ROVfcRS 1 E NIXON GOF B O HIGOX US DCF 3 M HUGHES DEF Stat heads may get something out of this.
Football fans should look elsewhere.
STUM I UN vision E«»*ERIEFCE FITNESS 7 MRR* IND S RTTXTUOE S IS S GHRNETT IB J * ENWQRTMV 17 K IRONS IB G eRANNRM 1B VRCRNT 30 ¦JflCBHT M-A RES PRONE TO BOO BEHAVIOUF M-O INJ PRONE TO NILO TACKLING HER"ICV MARKED OISCIPE INAAV POINTS ¦*r£_ ? V dp sin awosE umiST cbitwcts «Ue wsid ° c of the program. The box marked 'Premiership' is it's the second largest box on the screen. 3eesh.
Tactical Manager £ "English teams only use one leg, but the Europeans use both, in different ways."
Hmm. You too can talk drivel in postmatch interviews, as Steve McGill shows.
It's called 'conceptual grouping' and it's a theory of logic, which is a discipline related to philosophy.
The idea is that groups of related items should be placed together in a rational, associative manner.
So, for example, if you choose 'File' on a pull-down menu in a word processing package you'd expect to be offered related options for loading, saving and merging files, just as if you choose Edit you'd expect to see Cut, Paste, Delete and so forth.
Conceptual grouping makes for ease of use, ease of learning, and ease on the nerves. In fact, it's the software equivalent of good manners.
Given the layout and design that the gamer's faced with here, an accurate description of Tactical Manager 2 would probably be 'conceptually unhinged'.
Dust about every part of it seems to be rude and unhelpful.
As an example of the unfriendliness of the program, take the club selection screen that a new manager is faced with
- though admittedly it isn't too bad so long as you stick only to
Premier League teams. The manager is taken to a screen
jam-packed with the 24 teams of the Highlights are a key
element of any football management game - they should enhance
the atmosphere as well as provide the manager with positive
feedback about the performance of the team. Tactical Manager 2
uses the pictures on the right as well as some text that
quickly becomes boring. The football pitch has a small animated
rectangle which represents the 'flow' of the game. Wow.
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Please allow sufficient time for cheque clearance. Credit cards are not charged until day of despatch. J* Please state make and model of computer when ordering. Some titles may not be released at time of We supply only official UK product. Formats supported include Amiga. PC, ST, Master System, * * to press. T and Game 7ST Gear. All p prices subject to change without notice. All items subject to availability. E80E.
Prool ol age required, we do not condone or supply illicit hardcore matenal.
SPECIALS SIMON THE SORCEROR... .....A1200 . PGA EUROPEAN GOLF .... .....AMIGA . UFO ENEMY UNKNOWN... .....AMIGA . ..£11.99 SUBWAR 2050 .....CD32 .... ..£11.99 It sneaked in on the CD32 last Christmas and now you floppy people can get your hands on Vision's violent racing game.
Steve Bradley investigates.
Roadkil! A1200 ROADKILL A1200 Publisher_ Guildhall Leisure 01302 890000 Price_ £29.99 Versions_ A1200 System requirements A1200 Release date_ Out now Graphics_8 out of 10 Excellent. The attention to detail is finicky.
Sound_7 out ol 10 We even like the rousing rock tunes. Can this be a good thing?
Addiction_8 out of 10 Certainly one of the better one-player racers.
Playability 8 out of 10 Splendid car movement and missiles from heaven.
Overall verdict_ A fabulous, violent one-player racing game but how we wish for a link option.
80% ¦ Even the rumbling rock music inspires you to greater effort - to get more, bigger, better missiles t was a busy period when the CD32 version of Roadkill arrived last Christmas and tall Scotsman Steve McGill reviewed it and... mumble, mumble... I didn't actually play it at all, though I did see the fantastic, rendered 3D opening sequence. But I won't talk about that because it isn't on this version. By Dove I’m excited now, though. I've just ploughed through the first three courses and already I'm hooked. Back in a minute... Roadkill, as you can see from a quick glance at the pictures, is
an overhead racer. All the best ones are, these days. Overhead, I mean. If Speedball 2 was a car racing game it would be Roadkill- there truly is a splendid helping of violence packed into the three disks.
The box bears the Acid Software logo but it's actually written by Kiwi brothers-in-arms Vision. Coded in Blitz Basic, Roadkill is a graphical treat, with smartly animated cars and even bits of the track that are translucent so you can see bits of a city below - it feels like you're driving ridiculously high up.
You can choose from six cars, which admittedly all seem rather similar, and drive against eight different computer opponents. Along the way you can collect missiles and rockets to blow the other cars off the road. It's all terribly thrilling.
The homing missiles are enormously satisfying because you don't need to bother aiming at anyone, just let 'em go and watch the nearest car perish horribly. Take out a few and a voice shouts, "Dackpot!" Before imploring you to blast one more to "Get the super jackpot!", which just means you receive potloads of cash, though you can't spend it on anything. But a gratifying achievement, it has to be said.
Not that this is the only way to take out opponents. Each track has a Kill Zone which consists of a short section with spikes either side, so you bump your rivals to the side and it's goodnight, friend.
Tactically the game's a minefield.
Do you concentrate on collecting missiles - which means taking a certain line - and blow away as many of the rabble as you can, or just go for victory by driving like the wind and keeping your nose clean? Go on, kill them - it's a lot more fun.
You don't get to see much of the track in front of you so it's best to keep one eye on the scanner, which shows you as a microdot. This helps when anticipating the corners but often means FREE CATALOGUE I 'Kpl- 1A,F8’5 0ver2,000 titles jSKn SB Slone.
ST15 8 ;H The price you see is ihe price you pay. VAT. P&P are ALL included.
? R3 HL H on.
Great prices, same day despatch, free gifts, regular prize draws.
You can miss out on some of the oh-so-important power-ups.
Some of the tracks are a little weird, with strange, pointless loops that drivers of a sneaky disposition will soon realise can be missed out for a quick short cut. Lose three points, Vision, and do not pass go.
Mind, don’t try it later on, though, because your lap won't count.
Gain two points, Vision, for the practice lap is a neat touch, allowing you to pootle around checking out where the pick-ups are and which bends you have to slow down for.
Roadkill has three difficulty levels and options for three to five laps, and those with a joypad will find it easier than those without. The old joystick and keyboard scenario - a tad tricky.
PfcAVl W3.YATH A TTTE. SKY _ N 1W THE LICW_ WVTAl EX'TBALL _ :* T»I HAS* _____________ HtArtNffTCKH__ Roadkill is a racer with tons of atmosphere. The invisible chap who growls instructions, the music (even the rock music) inspires you to strive, regardless of low your armour is.
And sure, though it’s a fairly standard top-down racer, with no link option or two-player mode, and it costs thirty quid, the attention to detail ensures that you forgive the sins. ® If you don't see whai you want, please call, we probably stock H. If you can find a belter price, please call, we will try to beat it If we tell you that an item you order is in stock, and you don't get it within 10 days, it's FREE.
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Wc never surcharge credit debit curds.
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and helpful.
Wc are available 9am lo 9pm every day.
Wc never mislead you about our slocks.
Wc never quibble about return* Call our sales hotline now (9am to 9pm).
• S 01785 813355 ft of going to praaa 14.S.95). BtOI n Prlco*
correct at tie The Fall & Rise in Amiga Frame Grabbing...
ProGrab™ has caused a Real Fall in the Price of Quality Frame
Grabbing - the Rise in Standards speak for themselves!
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS Take a signal from a .
TV with SCART output ProGrab1”... supports all recent Amigas and is also fully AGA Chipset compatible. You can even work in the new graphics modes up to 1472 x SI2 pixels in HAM 8 (Amiga RAM permitting).
Images can be saved in 24-BH.
16. 7 million colours Use a satellite receiver as your output
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ILBM24. Clipboard.
TIFF. ProGrab ” File or Anim5 File output formats All these formats can now also be read into ProGrab'” directly too.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods are also new to ProGrab™ V2.5. Photogenic s fully supports ProGrab with a custom Loader to enable grabs dirrctly from within the program - saving YOU timel ProGrab!u really does make it that simple!
ProGrab’“ supports any Amiga with Kickstart
2. 04 or later and I 5Mb free RAM PfoGrao™ has just been voted as
The Best Video Hardware product for the Amiga This n
especially pleasing because the award comes from the magazines
readers oj satisfied customers' fVoGrab™ beasts a 92*.' Gold
rating by Amiga Format with comments like "ProGrab hardware is
top notch" and "For sheer vawe for money ProGrab cannot be
beaten' ProGrab'"... software has built in mono and colour
animation facilities. The number of frames is dependant upon
your Amiga* RAM.
M compatible ith both WS and S-VHS!
CU Amigas rating of 86* said ProGrab™ is. . Just the job for beginners and semi-professxonais on a tight budget' and. "very hard to beat For the money, nothing can touch it"
• Standard ProGrab™ hardware is PAL SECAM NTSC compatible •
interlace mode options .*v»l««e with PAL & SECAM ony NTSC Only
models are available to special order which then support the
interlace mode fully Please ask us (or full details
ProGrab1"... Release 2.5 software now includes...
• Support for Virtual Memory., allows the highest resolutions -
even with low memory Amigas (all Hard Drive Systems without the
need for an MMU.
Requiring Just I Mb Hard Drive Space)
• Additional Teletext Facilities.
Now available with Terrestrial TV signals too.
¦ Larger Preview Window... Double resolution & 4 times the area
• International Support... Now works with composite PAL.
SECAM and NTSC straight from the box.
Lnitial(s): Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Surname: Address: Postcode: County (Country): Day time Phone: Evening Phone: The revolutionary NEW S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus, with Teletext, is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real fe, time, PAL-SECAM-NTSC*, 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of 'jk image grabbing on the Amiga, and at the same time has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab Plus™ is now S-VHS compatible too!
|k ProGrab™ has received honours from just about every Amiga magazine!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either... A simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... H Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, m domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through |I your VCR player... the choice is yours.
I STAGE 2... H With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture r using the on screen preview window - and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). ProGrab'" even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources. Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen.
STAGE 3... Use the image with your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package.
For just £129.95 ProGrab™ is supplied with everything you II need ¦ ProGrab"" 24RT Plus Digitiser Iwuh power 6 composite video input ic xbf ¦ New Version 2.5 Software ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ProGrabs’*' optional PCMCIA interface can extend performance even more for the serious professjonai user ¦ PCMCIA Interface for A600S and A1200S only £29.95 giving FASTER operation
• Faster Downloading Times |up to FIVE times quitter)
• Improved animation speeds of up to I Ifps |mono| and 3.5fps
• New' sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound
sampler requiredl ¦ Save animations direct to youf Amiga's hard
drrve For more information or to get your hands on the NEW
ProGrab Plus™, call our sales line on... 01 773 836781 ...or
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Iriple the capacity of pdio? Use Triple Play TRIPLE PlflVi
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Ribbon on very'Cox! ( Take Sup M!
Malic copyri rit-free you'll be w whg the n creatiq|pthe perfect sc you ideo production f 'PLUS lipn.
Special C PrO lorks with jlication that supports zled about music anaCthe 1 Look to us for the answers!
He Blue Ribbon SoundWorks developed a strong lineup o Each of our products receive* ciar'care it takes to produce c . Tbat'9..whv..you II find a Jmfte beautifully. And wit Collections, you can i musical repertoire wi Once the music is flowing, pick id choose from the Bars&Pipes dd-on Series. These packages ake Bars&Pipes Professional 2.5 ,eo'mor§JuaAov g'~'jl?- Ji Use the Creativity Kit or Power ols Kit to invent fresh mLsical Want't your MIDI Plus, our Mil interface tf incT separately-adcJPessgble MIDI outs for 48 simultaneous MIDrchannel& Of 5rse, we designed it especially 'our software;
no compatibility problems here!
Synchronizing wifVyrcleo aqd audio sWlth bynCFro, our rversal synchronizati?
Udio, video ' t iedia prodr it comes will software andl any Ar MIDI.
Bon SoundWorks.
Quality, beat!
ReflPrcomi PROFESSioNX __ WHERE MUSIC AND MULTI-MEDIA I'NtV- q j MIDI sequencing, yoV e ready for Bars&Pipes Professionals. Special effects, multi-mectt - sync, sophisticated harmonies, destructive editing, and fcilnmited tracks for recording only begin to describe it. Plus, you can integrate it seamlessly with SuperJAM!
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ore trademarks and o' setveemorks Qf then respective holders.
Once they wore mighty dungarees 'til they were left naked but for green underpants. Steve Bradley investigates the dilemma that is Timekeepers... For a while, until your ha tails out.
Frustrating, but still occasionally rewarding Huge, complex and reasonably good value for money, but casuals need not apply here 65% There's a short animated sequence at the start of this game, right, and all these little ET wannabees (they are the Timekeepers, as it happens) are about to be transported to the first level.
They're all wearing what appear to be blue dungarees and standing on a teleport, when, in the winking of an eye, a large finger appears, presses a button and their dungarees drop to the ground revealing, and we kid you not, green underpants. GREEN UNDERPANTS.
Oh, the humiliation.
So, Timekeepers Sixty puzzle levels split into four worlds: Hieronymus Land Two Million BC (in Belgium), Medieval Land 1245, Vietnam Land 1966 (hmmn) and Space Land 2001. Their task, to disarm 20 nuclear devices. I'm sure you missed one, eh lads?
Anyway, I'm on one of the Belgian levels and I’m two men down (still got 12, though). Sensibly, I freeze the frame.
Fires blaze in front of my weary Belgian liberators. If I don't drop in three upward and downward facing arrows pronto, six will perish before you can say " Valhalla: Before the War".
Then there's the sneaky chap who's about to cross the bridge WITHOUT MV BLOODY PERMISSION Gust think of Michael Caine when you read that bit) and unbeknown to me there is a fire just over the other side. And this bridge, it has a special seat, so only one can go over at a time, and if the fellow perishes in the fire on the other side of the bridge, the seat, obviously, remains on the other side, leaving you stuck. By Dove, is this game not difficult enough without requiring the reflexes of Andre Agassi before you start? And the worst thing is, despite the horrendous design of this level, I'm
enjoying the game.
I like the way you manoeuvre one chap around the level to face an alien foe before clicking on the aggressive fanged teeth icon. When the two meet face to face, they holler at each other before the alien perishes. Clutched my sides for a while, I did.
Be in no doubt that Timekeepers is immensely tricky. Even the early levels bedevil you. It's like Valhalla meeting Lemmings in a maze. In the dark. Those with the patience of Dob should find solace while mere mortals will screech at the screen, simply because Timekeepers expects you to think of so many things at once. However, it's fun, if frustrating, and Valhalla fans will surely rejoice in the speech. 1} r - v- . ?¦ - v- v • ¦ Valhalla meets the Lemmings in a maze. In the dark, and in the middle of nowhere.
* '** *** - - V.',®. • * 1-vC* •*
• v: *..* A HI* - Use the spanner icon on the orange button to
unblock the gaps. Use it on the funnels and a huge green bird
swoops over, picks you up and drops you over a wall. This may
be a bad thing.
Touring Car Challenge OTM 01827 312302 ¦ £24.95 ¦ A500 600 1200 ¦ 1Mb ¦ Out now Steve McGill finds out why Touring Car racing is a completely different ball game from Formula One Grand Prix.
You can effectively play this game and win a season by using only three of the icons shown here.
IW1H6N, m&'$ m mm A ew FOOTY MAQMNe ive im mms The sport of Touring Car racing is a major force in motor racing, both from the competitors' and the spectators' points of view.
It's my favourite motor sport and that's why this program looked particularly alluring when plonked on my desk.
The advertising for the game boasts "Stunning race events including qualifying, crashes, spins, car failures, stop go penalties, weather changes and pit stops”. Not only that, but it also flaunts three levels of race highlights with accurate car and circuit designs.
"Sounds excellent," I foolishly thought.
Within the first three races I started getting a feeling which could still not be dispelled three full racing seasons later.
This game is an unmitigated non-event; a non-achieving, non-aspirational, non- inspirational, non-entity.
It's a throwback to the bad old days of Football Manager on the Spectrum.
Not that that was a bad game in its time, but Touring Car Challenge doesn't actually present the gamer with any challenge or entertainment beyond the confines of an exceedingly simple text- based management simulation.
Sure, there are graphics here, but they don't actually have any significance either to the game or the mechanics of the game's engine, other than breaking Most of the features mentioned in the advertising - weather forecasts, wet races, and news reports - are merely text messages informing you of minor events in the background, presenting the player with no benefits whatsoever other than letting him know he should think about changing tyres before or during the race.
The three levels of highlights are a joke, because all the highlights actually consist of is watching the participants whizz past the starting line. This lets you see who's in the lead and where your drivers are, but you're continually updated on this from the lines of text above the highlights screen anyway.
Don't even consider buying this.
It looks as if more money's been spent on the promotional literature inside the box than on the game. That's bad.
...-ess-ar Those stunning electrifying highlights in full.
Gasp as your text name moves up the list.
This is the bit where we talk about plus-fours and V-necked jumpers.
And checked trousers. Steve Bradley gets all Sensible about golf... & Because it's Sensible, you expect a tiny little man and a few quirks.
And that's just what you get.
Sensible Software are renowned for producing games with the odd 'quirk' and this one has more than its fair share. Here are just a few of them.
This won't take too long.
One particular hole, a par four on an island surrounded by water, can be reached in one stroke. If you don't quite reach the island and land in the drink, then naturally you're returned to just in front of the tee. If, however, you whack the blighter with a large wood and it A straight putt here. Only an armed attack helicopter can stop this from sinking.
Rolls over the back of the green into the water (which it nearly always does), despite losing a shot, you still get to chip for a birdie.
On occasions, when you're quite clearly on the green, the little caddie in the computer only lets you have a pitching wedge. Other times, you can be resting by a tree (the ball can be resting, that is) yards off the green and it automatically gives you a putter.
The collision detection with trees is very odd. A ball rolls seemingly harmlessly under the branches of a shady tree, when lo, it comes to a halt at the sight of the first branch. And at times, when you've shot out of bounds, you think you're blasting away from the trees, only you still end up whacking branches and getting called "Out of bounds" by some chap with an American accent. Annoying.
And on some holes, the computer players are virtually guaranteed to keep whacking the ball in an attempt to get over trees to the green or a choice part of the fairway, but will go out of bounds loads of times until they make that perfect shot.
The holes themselves. Some of them have more sand than fairway, others are ridiculously wet, littered with ponds.
And you can hit the ball from in the water. Yes, sometimes it splashes near the bank, no water hazard is called and you get to thwack through the pond - making, admittedly, a tremendous splashing noise in the process.
And the little man actually got stuck in a tree once.
Phew! Now this might seem like Attack of the Monster Quirks from Hell, but before we go further, I have to hold my hand in the air and say: "I like Sensible Golf. It's a golf game quite unlike any other, and one which could have floundered badly.
Captain Quirk An overhead arcade-style game might seem to be a quite unsuitable approach for a sport that was once described by Oscar Wilde as "a good walk ruined".
Yet this holds together remarkably well, despite the above 'quirks'.
Hopefully you played our neat, five- hole Bath Waters demo last month and S Putting would be very easy, it it weren't tor the fact that H'a actually incredibly difficult. All those little arrows don't make it easier to judge pace and direction.
You've got a reasonable idea of how the shebang works. For sinners who missed the sermon, it reads thus. You are a little man. A man who can choose the colour of his skin, hair, trousers and jersey.
You have thirteen golf clubs and 25 courses to walk, each course being made up of 72 different holes, and the whole assortment is scattered liberally throughout with changes in graphical style for good measure.
The game itself? Well, it's far removed from PGA European Tour.
There's no wind to worry about, just the problem of hitting the ball straight and true and to the pin.
It works like most other golf games
- three button-clicks on a semi-circular bar with swing and hook
- but here, if you want to gain the maximum yardage that can be
squeezed out of the club you're using, you have to click the
button at the very end of the bar, which basically means you're
often better 'going down' a THESE HOLES, THEY ARE DAFT club and
giving yourself more leeway on the strike.
Sensible Golf is blessed with options; tournaments galore, multiplayer, four difficulty levels for computer opponents, that type of thing. Good.
We like this. But it's more a multi-player game than PGA mainly because of the speedy pace at which it runs. You can rattle through eighteen holes with four human players in an hour and some.
Another reason for preferring to play with flesh-and-blood opponents is the blinding accuracy of the computer players, particularly on their second and third shots. It knocks the old confidence when they're banging the ball straight in to the hole from 140 yards.
Course it is A factor in your favour is that the play is pleasantly intuitive. You can crack a six iron 150 yards and it will occasionally sink, but it mostly don't. It certainly doesn't pay to be brave, though.
Attempting to sneak over that last bunker, or the final pond by the green often ends in disaster because the club yardage includes bounce and roll.
And putting can be a lottery.
The greens are littered with directional arrows but the accuracy required when judging the shot and pinpointing the unruob y?
£ J9L£ ?J77£i-lW Corks, you can even put your own names in and stuff. These people think of everything.
Apart from good collision detection on the trees and sensible course design, of course.
Pace ruffles your feathers at times. A little more detail would be appreciated.
Don't expect realism from Sensible Golf-it's arcade fare, pure and simple, which is what makes it refreshingly different from the rest of the PGA wannabes. PGA Tour is the benchmark and Sensible sensibly decided to go for a whole new ball game which, despite its 'quirks', is rather fun.
Sure, it rather pales when compared with their other games; it hasn't nearly the longevity of stalwarts like Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer, but it ain't as bad as some feared it would turn out.
It's enormously pretty and even has the odd humorous touch - a sarcastic round of applause as you hack and miss.
No doubt the Sensible name will ensure Golf's success and thankfully they haven't rushed it out - it was originally pencilled for release last Christmas. It still isn't even nearly perfect, but I forgive its eccentricities because I thoroughly enjoy playing it.
And that's what counts, right? Cj Motchplav Tournament Winner SENSIBLE GOLF Publisher Virgin 0181 960 2255 Price £29.99 Versions All Amigas System requirements 1 Mb Release date Out now Graphics 8 out of 10 Thoroughly, predictably Sensible. Cannon Fodder golf courses.
Sound 7 out of 10 Splashes, thwacks and a bit of speech. And some birds tweeting.
Addiction 8 out of 10 The speed at which you skip around ensures you won't get bored.
Ayability 7 out of 10 Abovementioned 'quirks' apart, it plays golf to a tee.
Overall verdict An ambitious style of golf, sure, but Sensible have just managed to pull it out of the bag.
81% Hmmn. This par four is best overhit because if you go in the drink over the back, you still get to chip for a birdie.
Hrrummph. Stupid, eh?
Where could they get all that sand from?
And who put that pond there? Own up.
Daft fairway behind the tee scenario, here.
Behind the tee. How bad do they think we are at this game?
GrfTFMC RFCH Robbed wo was. And they were using the wrong sort ol balla. And Illegal clubs, too.
Super League Manager CD32 SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER CD32 Publisher Jungle Strike Be in no doubt that Desert Strike is a helicopter shoot-em-up out of the top drawer 84% 82% Audiogenic 0181 424 2244 Price DUNGLE STRIKE CD3 Publisher Ocean 0161 832 6633 Price £27.99 Versions £29.99 Versions Out now Out now CD“ only Release date CD“only Release date The first football management game to hit the CD32? By Dove, and footie games top the charts week-in, week-out.
Surely shomeone should have knocked one out before now? Well no. Arise Super League Manager, for you are the numero uno. Thankfully for CD32-ers, it's one of the best examples of the genre.
No real players here, for it's a mythical setting as you take the helm of struggling Folkford United, nicknamed 'The Hoofers'. It's reckoned that hard- nosed chairman Les Wilkinson is looking The follow-up to Desert Strike disappointed some, particularly after we'd been charmed rotten by Binary Asylum's Zeewolf, but be in no doubt that Jungle Strike is a helicopter to flog your home ground to property developers. The Folkford job, Brian - the most difficult in the league?
The manual (not that we talk about such things) is excellent, detailing brief histories of all the clubs. And the game, rather than bombarding you with stats, instead offers just a few thoughts about each player, which leaves you free to coach and find out who's best in what position. Sure, this is a tough, time- consuming game, but you really feel part of the set-up - with other management sims you can never truly believe you're the gaffer at Old Trafford.
Also included is the arcade game Wembley International Soccer and once every few weeks, when you appear on shoot-em-up out of the middle-to-top drawer. Again, it's mission and task- based as you hover the skies, picking off targets with bullets, hydras and hellfire rockets. This time, though, despite obvious graphical similarities to its predecessor, the missions are more searching, the terrain more varied and there are more craft to ride, including a stealth bomber, bike and hovercraft.
Perhaps mindful of the somewhat xenophobic overtones of Desert Strike (evil General Kilbaba, Middle Eastern despot), the first mission sees you, amongst other things, attempting to rescue agent Akbar, a friendly turban wearer, though jingoism remains rife.
Washington DC is awash with terrorists and the President and local library are at risk as you blast vans, rescue hostages
- you know the sort of thing. There are nine campaigns to do,
each with several missions, but despite this bloating of the
original, you spend far too much time scuttling backwards and
And controlling the chopper is far less enjoyable than, say, the mouse- controlled Zeewolf, because you're always at the same height. And it's less intuitive. Sure, there are good things here (and Zeewolf isn't available for CD52) but after a while you'll be glad of that password system.
Steve Bradley CD Match of the Day, you get to play the fixture yourself. The secret lies in keeping a record of your players' marks out of 10 in the local newspaper reports and varying the team's training.
Definitely worth investing in.
Steve Bradley CD Tow On h : m m a : h =1 An addictive and compelling Touring Car management simulation. Touring Car Challenge gives you the opportunity to use your skill and judgement to manage a top Touring Car team, have your own on and off circuit battles and perhaps influence the outcome of the championship, "if you're good enough” TAKE THE TOURING CAR CHALLENGE"
• Select from any of the lop teams.
• Full drivers and manufacturers championship
• I -4 Players. 4 difficulty levels, load save games, games
options etc.
• Records and championship statistics.
ALOS'G WITH MAS) OTHER ttATI RES AVAILABLE NOW! - RRP £24 95 Please contact our Customer Services Dept, on Tel Fax: 01827 312 302 for all orders and enquiries. All Trade enquiries welcome Copyright 1995 OTM Publications & Promotions Ltd. 5 Albert Road. Tamwonh. Staffordshire B79 7JN Photograph supplied courtesy of Alfa Romeo UK OTM Registered L'K Company Reg. No. 2972194 B® 0 VERT ERST TO FIT REQUIRES ONLY A SCREWDRIVER OR WE FIT WHILE U WAIT - FOR FREE 170MEG 270MEG 420MEG 540MEG 850MEG IGIG £129.99 £139.99 £159.99 £179.99 £229.99 0113 2350091 OR AMIGA 1200 WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED THEN FIT A
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£9.99 £199.99 £69.99 £299.99 £109.99 £294.99 £109.99 £58.99
£34.99 £20.99 SCSI DRIVES FOR GUP HOBflCA A590 ETC 540MEG
£199.99. 730MEG £229.99 . Ifoiav. Ill TIM (ANY I*TV! !NYA1
JIMltSYOUR(OMMOtXXtf WARRANTY fe.l*AUnlr4wainn(iM check wtti 1
Ak * Mma to ie aixe Ten, rcnfli’-1 m KidbNc Hi «,ii*l A M ««
Twn cvpcn* rXtorv* rw* itone wtotoy iMwy C7 K Tsattto - aw.
New 2 %.! S« d**y Cl 2 El freneto - ywe rhve EVERYTHING YOU
• Oily SPECIALLY SELECTED Latest vary low profile IDE Hard drives
• Portioned & formatted to Commodore's spec
• Foil Workbench instilled
• Connecting cobles included
• NO mods to cose or floppy drive needed
• Comprehensive fitting instuetions.
• Re-formatting software & Instructions
• Telephone support helpline
• 12 Months wirrinty Hiving supplied & fitted thoosands of Amiga
hard drives we art so confident that you will bo delighted that
wo will refund the drive price if you are not satisfied. Please
see ~ below for condition.
Ihen let ui do it for you If yoa cannot call in to etthei chop lost 11S extra to cover carriage coiti.
• Insored pickup of yoor Amiga L I
• ritting by onr experienced technicians -4 I e
• Retom carriage by overnight Insured carrier.
1-4DAY TURNARAOUND *UK mainland only.
PLEASE SEND YOUR OLD MODULATOR WITH PAYMENT A500 500 +INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIUE REPLACEMENT £49.99 A500 600 1200 POWER PACK £44.99 All drives oirn quoted are atfauxiast e isdcsvstted size, k vary si.

4wyt»iUisR*ily« rtnjtN x mjt»jtocinschB*Mncet*tco»«r!he *T4*Cfc»
L by tnmwnlorrrfjMcvcxIpm* Price-iDbc irfininl In* .wpnU
carnapr A packs*cfsrprv* tolDifi AMIGA PERIPHERALS AMITEK
VOUR AMIGA only only only only only only £299.99 MUGS 1200 HBED
DRIVES LOWEST PRICES RA 01274 691115 FAX 01274 600150 trilogic
68060, A4000 Accelerators, Memory expandable to 128Mb AMIGAS
ARE ON THIS PAGE... &§§ j 'pgrade your A-KXXI lo die
revolutionary new CYBERSTORM 68040 or. Lire FIRST and ONLY
68060 Amiga system, and you’ll have... The World’s Fastest
As 3n example, when a Cybcrstorm 68060 tenders a tea graphic with Imagine 2.0 software, processing time is jua 2.45 minutes compared w ith 10.34 minutes on a aandard A4000 WO 25! Cp to 128Mb of aandard SIMM memory can be installed to cither model, and you on even transfer the “2Pin SIMMs from your A4000 directly to the Cybcrstorm. Available Cybetstorm options include a SCSI-2 only module, or a SCSI-2 and combined Ethernet expansion module Requea your FREE Technical Brochure now.
Cvberstorm 68040 40 Scall for Prices 40MHz 68010,0Mb (Expandable to 128Mb) Yon’ll be surprised Cybcrstorm 68060 50 how inexpensive 50MHz 68060,0Mb I Expandable to 128Mb I they are!
THE PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGES OF Oul BOARDS ARE SUPERSONl THE highest performing A1200 68030 Accelerator Its rapid -40MHz 68EC030 or 50MHz 680,30 wtf MMU offer up lo 500% performance gain! Options via its Fast Expansion Bus include Modules such as a SCSI-2 Controller. A standard SIMM socket provides for up ro a full 32Mh auto-configunng 32-Bit FAST RAM
• PGA FPU Socket up lo 50MHz
• Instruction & Data Burst Modes
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• Battery Backed Self Recharge RT Clock
• Easy Trapdoor Installation * £139* £4 photog00 Motorola Maths
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£169* SPECIAL MONEY SAVING LLMITED OFFERS... 1230-UI, 40MHz ? 50MHz FPU £199.95 Sate IMS
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£Call The multi award-winning BLIZZARD 1220 4 4.Vib TURBO... Offers by far the best price performance ratio of any A1200 32-Bit RAM expansion on the market.
The 1220 4 incorporates everything a good memory expansion should - such as a Real Time Clock, RAM expandability, optional FPU etc. And, with its Clock Speed Doubling Circuit running the 32-Bit FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz, the 1220 4 has broken all the harriers! Check rhe (acts for yourself and fit the BEST Amiga AI200 Turbo Memory board around or, phone and ask for a leaflet to find out more.
• Integrated 28MHz 68EC020 Clock Speed Doubler for up to 300)4
overall performance increase
• Factory Installed & Tested 4Mb 32-Bit FAST RAM
• Expandable to 8Mb with Blizzard Add-1 Board
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• Easy Trapdoor Installation
• Can be disabled in stru for full games compatibility 1220 4
Turbo 28MHz 68EC020
4. MI) 32-Bil Fast RAM, expandable to 8Mb Add-4 Board - extra 4Mb
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Amigas. This 64-Bit high speed graphics engine blitter offers
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Cybervision 64... 2Mb Model £32?” 4Mb Model £43?” ivuvtjui sojluare for an jw r image manipulation m uiwnetits ¦ rim is the nmiAn 2-idnt rajms packaisefitr vm Annua AjQOO or 4000! Includes 2? Ejjkrs furpruiessittfi photos and images such as Emboss. $ t lar:e. Texturize. Add Soee etc as uvil (i Paint Tools including Chalk Piiste Crawn. Fell Tips and more - Bnlhamf Proof of 090 requited.
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1st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH TEL: (01924) 366982 FAX: (01924) 200943 Monday To Saturday 9.00am Till 5.30pm Answerphone At All Other Times £1.00 PER DISK HOTTEST 4 £14.99 HOTTEST 5 £17.99 BUY BOTH CD’S FOR £29.99 PD Soft's own library CD's. Hottest 5 comes complete with a printed contents booklet.
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3786 EGG SCRAMBLE Mad, Mad Gomel 3785 DOS MAN Intensive DOS Tutorial 3784 MULTITUDINOUS HD Menu System 3783 THIRD DIMENSION 14 3D Cons Kit Disk Mag 3782 ACT OF WAR MISSIONS 3 Requires Registered Game X3 81 STARTUP & BACKDROPS Pictures For Workbench 3 3780 (AB) ROM 4 Scene Disk Mog X3779 MOMENTS Greot AGA Demo 3778 SANITY ROOTS II Suberb Sequel 3777 HD GAMES INSTALLER 3 Installs Dozens OF New Titles 3776 BLITZ BLANKER V2.60 Requires MUI.
X3775 FIREMAN SAM Klondike Cordset 3774 (AB) MWB BACKDROPS Based On Startrek 3773 LEGIONS OF DAWN F1 Game Demo 2 Meg Req 3772 MOSAIC VI 36 Latest Websurfer X3771 WALLACE & GROMIT Klondike Cardset X3770 ROSIE & JIM CARDSET For Klondike AGA 3769 (AB) SHAREWORLD 4 Cybercraft's Disk Mag 3766 XFILES GUIDE Xfiles Senol Guide X3765 LECH DEMO AGA Demo From Freezers X3764 REN & ST1MPY CARDSET For Klondike AGA X3763 THIRD DIMENSION 13 3D Cons Kit Diskmag 3762 MORSE CODE TRAINER Learn Morse The Easy Way 3761 HARDWARE PROJECTS Now Where's That Hammer?
3760 ROBS HOT GAMES 15 Includes Air Taxi I 3759 ROBS HOT LOTTERY STASH Won A Million Yet? Noah I 3758 MAGIC SELECTOR VI.7 Changes SFX Etc On Bootup X3757 FRACTASM CARDSET For All Klondikes X3756 EROTICA CARDSET For All Klondikes 3755 NEW UTILS 12 New Botch Of Hot Utils 3754 NEW UTILS 11 Even More Utils!
3753 MWB ICONS & BRUSHES More Slosh For Mogic Workbench 3752 ROBS HOT STASH 39 Another Hot Utils Comp 3751 BROWSER II Vl03 Superb Multi Window File Manager 3750 ROBS HOT STASH 38 More Hot Utils From Robl 3749 TERM V4.3 EXTRAS & UBS HD Required!
3748 TERM V4.3 030 VERSION Includes locale.
3747 TERM V4.3 & LOCALE Archived With LHA. No Installer!
3746 IMAGE ENGINEER V 1.1 Image Processing App.
3745 NEWROSES CARDSET For All Klondikes 3744 DEUTRACKER2 V2.I4 Superb Music Player!
3 43 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5.1 Kills All Known Germs...Dead!
3742 ROBS HOT VIRUS KILLERS The Latest Of The Best I X3741 (AB) MELCHIOR DEMO AGA & HD Only Demol 3740 SPACED OUT!
2 Superb Plotformers For Kidsl X3739 DYNAMICS AGA Great 256 Colour Art Pockagel X3738 TEMPLE OF DECEASE Greot AGA Demo!
X3737 GENERATIONS CARDSET For Klondike AGA X3736 PREHISTORIC CARDSET For Klondike AGA 3735 ENDURANCE DEMO 3D Cons Kit Game 3734 TEXTURE STUDIO VI.0.2 Imogine Texture Manipulator 3732 PC TASK V3.1 PC Emulator Upgrade 3731 KINGHIGH Original Card Gome 3730 SPONDUUX MARK V Shareware Accounts Prog 3729 PRO LOTTERY Still Probably Won't W.nl 3728 DISK COMPRESSION UTILS Not For Beginners!
3727 (AB) GRAPEVINE 21 At Last! I The Wait Is Overt 3726 ROBS HOT STASH 37 Full Of Hot Warezl Again!
3725 YET MORE MWB ICONS Tons Of Em I 3724 INTERNET UTILS 2 More Stash For Net Surfers X3723 DREAMGIRLS CARDSET For Klondike AGA X3722 BIRDS CARDSET The Feathered Type, For Klondike.
X3721 MAMMALS CARDSET Another Klondike Set 3720 THE WORD ISSUE 5 NFA Scene Disk Mog 3719 (AB) MAG. E 8 Sci-fi Disk Mogl 3718 PSYCHEUAl Alien Breed Clone(ish) X3717 (ABC) GREENDAY DEMO HD Only AGA Demo X3716 (AB) SUN SLIDESHOW Hand Drown AGA Pix X3715 (AB) DREAMWALKER Another AGA Demo X3714 (ABCD) MAN ON THE MOON HD, 4 Meg, Fast, 2 Meg Chip Demo 3713 MICROMARKET V3 Have A Gome On The Stockmarket 3712 (AB) CYBERPUNK NOW 5 More Cyberpunkish Articles 3711 NEWICONS Archived With NO Installer!
3710 (ABCDEF) PROJECT UFO Some Interesting Stuff Herel 3709 IMAGE DESK VI.5 Create Thumbnail Pix 3708 VARK7 More CLI Utils From Vork 3707 VIRUS WORKSHOP 4.8 Most Up To Dote Killer Available 3706 JET SET WILLY 3 Superb Conversion!
3705 BATTLE DUEL ECS Scorched Tanks In Hi-Res X3704 BATTLE DUEL AGA As Above, But AGA Only.
3703 SPRINGTIME Infuriating Puzzle Gome! Superb!
3702 SCORCHED TANKS VI .85 Superb Tank V Tank Classic I X3701 KYUE CARDSET For Klondike 2 & 3 X3700 PLAYBOY CARDSET Klondike 1, 2 Or 3 X3699 OCEAN CARDSET Another Set For Klondike 1, 2 Or 3 X3698 NBA CARDSET Klondike 1, 2, Or 3 X3697 STEPH SEYMOUR CARDSET You Guessed! VI, 2 Or 3 X3696 RECORD COVERS CARDSET Just for Klondike 2 & 3 3695 SUPER DMS Version 1.4 Easy To Use 3694 (AB) BLOX licenceware Demo, Puzzle 3693 RED DWARF QUIZ Test Your Dwarf I.QI 3692 LAST LAP V 1.0 Shareware Driving Game 3691 TS MORPH V3.2 Superb Morphing Package X3690 DRAGONS LAIR CARDSET Klondike 1. 2 Or 3 3689 MRBACKUP
PRO V2.20 HD & SCSI Streamer Backup X3688 SWAZBLANKER AGA V2.7 Superb AGA Screen Blanker 3687 (AB) DEEP DEMO Offering From Parallax. Superbl 3686 HYDROCEPHALUS II Superb Demo By Equinox 3685 MANUAL OVERRIDE DEMO Great Demo From Subocid.
3684 RESPONSE DEMO Nice Offering From Avalon 3683 THE COMPACT CAMERA A Beginners Tutorial 3682 CAMERA FUNCTIONS Another Photo Tutorial 3681 GLASSBACK 2 Platforms & Ladders Game X3680 PSSSTAGA Remember The Old Speccy Classic?
3679 NIGHTMARE B4 XMAS Klondike Cardset 3678 (AB) IRRESPONSIBLE ART 2 Drives Required. Hand Drown Artl X3677 OMEN DEMO Nice AGA Demo 3676 (AB) PAGESTREAM F - G PATCH latest Software Patch Update X3675 (ABC) CARD GAMES DELUXE All Games Use REKO Cordsetsl 3674 (AB) GLOBAL FACTS Lots Of Interesting Factsl 3673 ROBS HOT STASH GAMES 14 Another Whopping Collection I 3672 (AB) THIRD DIMENSION 12 3D Cons Kit Users Mag 3671 DOMINOES One To Buy For Your Grandad I X3670 BIG GIRLS II AGA 3669 ICON TOOLBOX V2.I2 Lots Of Icon Utilsl 3668 WORD SEARCH DESIGNER Design Wotdsearches Of Course!
3667 GCSE MATHS EXAM PAPERS Should REALLY Help With Revisionl 3666 AMIGADOS GUIDE VI 5 AMIGA Tutorial For WB2* 3665 (AB) CLASS E LUNAR MODULE Nice Lunar Lander Variation 3664 ROBS HOT STASH 36 Another Amazing Utils Diskl NETSUTIFEn All You Need To Surf The Internet Highways With Ease. The 6 Disks Include AmiTCP, Mosaic, GuiFTP, Grapevine, EFF's Guide To The Internet And More. Only £5.99 UFO • THE UNKNOWN 9 Disks Packed With Reports, Documents & Articles Relating To Sightings, Abductions & More Sinister Stuffl Yours For £8.99 MACIC OBLIVION Transform Your Otherwise Bland Workbench With This
Superb Pack Of 10 Disks. New Icons, Fonts & Drops Elcl All for £9.99 HOME APPLICATIONS Loads Of The More Popular Home Utils Are Included In This 10 Disk Sell Accounts, Organisers, Address Books.
AU ORDERS SENT SAME DAY 1st CLASS POST MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT 2 £26.99 DOUBLE CD Fonts, clipart, objects 24 Bit images, 250MB of samples & mods from the M.U.G, includes the FULL Octamed 5.04! & MORE!
Superb encyclopedia for all CD platforms! Hurry while stocks last!!
SPECCY SENSATION £14.99 Why anyone would want to degrade their Amiga to play a speccy game is beyond me! You get over 500 all- time classics, plus all the emulators you need to plunge into nostalgia!
LiMW AMINET 2 £9.99 AMINET 3 £9.99 Mbm 4 AMINET 4 £9.99 AMINET 5 £12.99 AMINET 4 DISK SET £24.99 Includes entire contents of Aminet 1 to 4, plus 220MB of NEW DATA m t USiOf & POWER GAMES £14.99 A collection of over 500 games for any CD Rom ncluding CD32! All titles run direct from the CD!
Superb PC platform included IMAGINE CD £36.99 One of the most complete collections of textures, attributes, objects and backgrounds available for Imagine users.
TEXTURE GALLERY £36.99 This double CD set contains over 1.3 GIGs of textures in TARGA, JPEG, IFF, PICT, SGI & TIFF formats. Perfect for use with any 3D program such as Imagine or Lightwave!
IMAGINE ENHANCE £39.99 Contains exclusive data covering objects, maps, fonts, backdrops, demos and picture gallery plus other various bits & bats to enhance your images.
Proof of age required. We do not condone or supply Illicit hard core material Settle back, perhaps with a pipe, as Steve Bradley addresses this month's re-releases. Worth having a cup of tea handy, too. And maybe a biscuit.
Re-releases HELP!
COMPILATION Acclaim 0171-344 5000 £39.99 There’s only one dog here and it's no mongrel, just the dull Lemmings-style evolutionary puzzler Humans. Levels aplenty, just not as imaginative as its more popular counterpart.
But Cool Spofs better. A swinging platformer with somewhat odd parallax scrolling - when you jump from side to side the screen jerks wildly. Unnerving.
But Cool's an endearing fellow (for a spot) - a spot-collector, balloon-swinger and all-round dude. A tricky performer, this, and welcome in the collection.
Sensible Soccer. You know it. The best Amiga game (apart from Sensible World of Soccer).
Desert Strike is an arcade helicopter romp, though only four missions long, more's the shame. You hover around blasting buildings, soldiers, jeeps and stuff while collecting POWs and dropping them back on your ship. Not as good as Zeewolf, but still filed in the near-greats department.
To Push-Over, then. Here's how great Push-Over is. We got a letter from a Granny in her eighties asking for level code 73 (or something). 'A great-looking platform puzzler' would be a fairly succinct description. You set up blocks so that your first (and only) push knocks everything down. Like dominoes, only on your computer, see? Fine.
Road Rash bears little resemblance, though, concentrating its efforts on motorcycle racing and violence. You kick, thump, swing batons and generally cause mayhem in your attempts to get to the finishing line first. Marvellous at first, but it drags when you've overtaken everyone. Oh and there are cars and police on motorbikes to avoid, too. So, the compilation is for charity, it’s 40 quid and pretty good value at about six and a half nicker a game.
FLASHBACK Kixx 0121-625 3311 ¦ £16.99 Reviewed AF45 93% A timely re-release for Flashback, we at the AF Control Centre reckon. The year is 2142 and scientist Conrad Hart has discovered that loads of really important people are actually alien interlopers. A 'loses memory, gets caught, gets away’ scenario ensues and Conrad's task is to regain his memory and return to Earth to warn human folk of bad aliens.
Flashback is one of the best-looking Amiga games. The sprite animation is slick, the graphics cinematic and the action swaps between shoot-em-up, adventure, puzzle-solving and platform scampering. And there's seven levels of it, varied to boot.
You don't have a lot to go on at first, just a message to meet someone, but it isn't long before you're under fire from mutants with machine guns in dense foliage. Get through the jungle and you're in the city, guards patrolling the streets as you sneak about tripping switches, shooting the swine and trying to get enough cash together to get back home. A fine game.
Continued overleaf ' chap who wears a black balaclava even though it's 114 degrees in the shade.
You have to be quite careful when interacting with other characters; say something out of turn and you might regret it later when you want a favour.
Heart of China looks great. The graphics have a cinematic quality and there are animated sequences which pop up now and again to let you know what's going on elsewhere. And best of all, there are always different paths to take which makes it rather less linear than most of its ilk.
In-cheek, with characters such as Seganus Megadrivus and Nintendus Gameboiis, while an arms dealer is called Mafioso. It tickles briefly, anyway.
The basic premise is to rise through Roman society by any means possible and the game is split into six different adventures - the first is set in a fishing village, with your task to persuade a boatman that you’re more than a mere slave. Unfortunately, because a volcano has erupted, everyone else in the village is doing the same.
The control method is a little awkward and the characters are rather lacking in - ahem! - character, but it's quite enjoyable enough to make you want to potter around Rome for a day.
And the humour helps enormously to disguise what is really just a slightly above average adventure game.
ROME AD92 Kixx 0121-625 3311 ¦ £16.99 Reviewed AF40 77% Humorous, aspirational, 3D, point 'n' click, adventure. All words which can happily be used to describe Rome AD92. It looks a bit like __ _ Populous 2, though the Rs TkuuIus"6eLlon£ foeth "ruBcuES qf Lbhe , Hectre game is far more tongue- .
HEART OF CHINA Kixx 0121-625 3311 ¦ £16.99 Reviewed AF32 90% A point 'n' click graphic adventure game set in 1930's China. The daughter of a rich baron (have you ever heard of a poor baron?) Gets kidnapped and you, pilot Jake 'Lucky' Masters, must save her. Why? Because you owe rich baron much cash. It's a rescue-lass-debts- cleared-and-you've-done-me-a-favour scenario, see. A sort of Indiana Jones game without the fate of Atlantis Heart of China uses something called the Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) which is a posh way of saying you interact with the characters by trawling the mouse
around the screen - icons appear and you click on whatever you fancy doing. It works in the first-person perspective, unlike most adventures where you view the action second-person. Your first task is to hire yourself a feisty martial art-ing accomplice, a chap who can kick people in the hat at the drop of a chin, a ISHAR 2 A1200 AND A500 Daze 0171 372 7435 ¦ £9.99 Reviewed AF5079% It's a joke of quite tragic proportions, but I'll tell you anyway, even though you probably know it. Every time someone in the office says, "Ishar 2", a voice will always pipe up, "Bless you!". Clutching your
stomach? Barely able to breathe?
Oh well. A re-release after a year- and-a-bit for Ishar 2, and nicely priced at under a tenner, too. An RPG, of course, Ishar 2 is Silmarils' follow-up to the massively popular Ishar and has an even larger playing area than its predecessor
- some three times bigger, they reckon.
Assemble a crew, ramble around, hack people and slash monsters, solve the puzzles and cast spells. That's what you do in most RPGs. Only Ishar 2 looks better than most, with faded backgrounds which give decent depth.
Truth be known, it isn't vastly different from its predecessor, but because they got it just about right first time around, this hardly matters. You do spend rather too much time wandering about the shop but Ishar 2 dances on the the right side of playable action and attractive visuals. Success, indeed.
SUBWAR 2050 PowerPlus 01276 684 959 ¦ £16.99 Reviewed AF67 84% MicroProse's most recent simulation was reviewed back in the January issue (yes, this year) and already it's being re-released - those that payed £35 will, no doubt, feel mighty peeved that it's now half the price.
So Subwar is a submarine sim, but rather than concentrating its efforts on ensuring that everything sticks rigidly to the laws of physics to the last really proper degree, as most sims tend to do, Subwar shouts playability. Loudly.
You shuffle the seas as quietly as possible, sneaking up on and blasting enemy craft. So it's a submarine sim which works a bit like a flight sim and, despite the rather dull polygon graphics.
Subwar is as playable an underwater sim as there is. On the Amiga.
ON THE BALL: WORLD CUP EDITION Daze 0171 372 7435 ¦ £12.99 Reviewed AF63 80% The first football management game as soap opera, On The Ball replaced the familiar reams of statistical information that we've come to expect from football management games, introducing in its place player psychology. A player's performance can be affected by his domestic life, by the coach's confidence in him and by many other aspects of everyday life.
The footballer as human being rather than set of numbers. Interesting.
On The Ball looks good, too, with watercolour backgrounds, and the match highlights are truly excellent with fine graphic representations of matches.
There isn't another football management game like this and, as such, it's one of the best you'll play, particularly at this bargain price. Note: The A1200 A4000 version is hard disk only.
• A600 A 1900 A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000
£49295 (A500 ft A500+ only) including NEXT DAY DELIVERY (if
picked up by us) by Courier Service when despatched back
INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES £35.95 for A500, A600, A1SOO 2 + 5" IDE
80Mb £99 95 170Mb £139 95 250Mb
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ROM V2 05 A500 A500+ Keyboard A600 A1200 Keyboard 1 MEG FATTER
AGNUS 2 MEG FATTER AGNUS A500 A600 A1200 PSU 68000 6570
Keyboard Chip ... Mouse (290 dpi) ... ......£14-95
Scait Lead .....£14-95 Mouse Mat £3 95
Dust Cover ..... £3 95 10 Branded Disks
. .£5-95 Pnntei Cable ... £995 100
Disk Box . £995 Amiga Power Supplies tor:
A500 A600 A! 200 .... £34 55 Hewlett Packard PRINTERS
HP320 ...£229 95 HP540 £26995 HP320 with
colour kit ......£264 95 HP540 with colour kit .....£304 95
HP560 Colour ......£439 95 HP1200 £1249 95 | £13-95 |
£18-95 jOpfradetalJIMaf! I «p*nde M t Meg ! £14-95 j £91-95
Upgrade ta t Meg I I Upgrade lot Meg
• nil Clack MEMORY UPGRADES 1, 9,4 A 8 MEG
£34 95 £3995 £4995 .....£6995 £34 95
£3995 ....£34 95 £1495 ...£19 95 Analosic
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0181-SAT 4671 A selection of top tips and carefully crafted
cheats to help you on your way through the weird and, yes,
wonderful world of games, brought to you by Steve Bradley.
GameBusters SEND IT IN II you have a hint, lip or cheat to share with other Amiga gamers, write to: Steve Bradley, GameBusters, Amiga Formal, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath. Avon BA1 2BW. Or better still, sond it on disk.
Money matters CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER ITALIA Reviewed ¦ AF58, 85% Domark ¦ 0171 780 2222 Here is how I win at Championship Manager Italia.
The best clubs The best clubs to manage are Roma, Inter and Napoli. These all have healthy bank accounts and some good young talent, as well as some more experienced players.
The three foreigners rule is a pain, so before bringing in any new foreign talent wait until some of the older foreigners have retired.
To increase your money use the retirement tip from a previous Amiga Format- wait till the player is 30, then, at the end of the season, transfer list him for as much as possible, insure him and don't give him a shirt number.
He will retire in the close season.
The best players A lot of the foreign players don’t settle or do very well when they move to Italy, including many of the big names. So it's a good idea to buy as much Italian ; possible because if they are I up for international duty their r hits the roof. Here are the best i and foreign players... Leeds Utd NEW FORMATION ANCHOR DEF MID ATT SUPP RIGHT LEFT CENTRE You don't have to play just Italian teams, but can take on opposition from around the world in friendlies. What chance of Leeds toppling the mighty Milan?
Check out the list of best players (below) t help you in your transfer dealings.
Italy Guiseppe Nicola Berti Diego Fuser Marco Simone Stefano Eranio Federico Pisani Roberto Muzzi Gaetano Beninato Gianluca Nistri Angelo Peruzzi Marco Lanna Gianluca Pagliuca Benito Carbone Pierluigi Orlandini (Lazio) (Inter) (Lazio) (Milan) (Milan) (Atalanta) (Roma) (Serie-C) (Serie-C) Quventus) (Roma) (Sampdoria) (Torino) (Atalanta) Foreign Bebeto (Spain) (Romania) (England) (England) (Brazil) (Roma) (Roma) (Roma) (Lazio) (Inter) (Inter) (Napoli) Hie Dumitrescu Tim Flowers Darren Anderton Mauro Silva Sinisa Mihajlovic Tomas Hassler Abel Balbo Alen Boksic Igo Shalimov Ruben Sosa Daniel
Fonseca The tactics Set your formation as 4-3-3, set style as Long Ball and arrange the players thus:
1. GK, 2. Centre Def, 3. Centre Def,
4. Centre Mid (Forw), 5&6. Centre Mid,
7. Right Mid, 8. Left Mid, 9,10 and 11. Centre Att.
Michael Jenkins, Swanwick, Southampton TORINO COSENZA FIORENTINA LECCE 750 K PALERMO CESENA MODEM* F•ANDRIft PESCARA 21001C 1500K 1400K 1BOK LAZIO ACXREALE INTER INTER INK IBOOK 6BOOK 2000 K THE CHAOS ENGINE Transfer News Reviewed ¦ AF45, 90% Renegade 0171 391 4300 Enter T, V, X or Y at the password screen and when you enter the shop you get piles of lives and heaps of cash.
DETSTRIKE Reviewed ¦ AF54, 71 % Alternative 01977 797777 Level codes one: TDEDONQL Level two: OHALMROB Level three: RZWVUVCP Level four: VZQRUDOP Level five: HTETAPO] six: NFYHOTAR seven: RPSREBSX Level eight: TREFCPM] Level nine: XHYTMVKX Level ten: HHSFMBQX 3 ft z HI HI ft u HI
* DESERT STRIKE Reviewed ¦ AF68, 87% Ocean 0161 832 6633 Level
codes Level two: BQOQAEB Level three: KLJLTOE Level four:
WEIW3T Enter BQQQAEZ and get infinite ammo and 10 lives.
Enter ONKKQKF for the end sequence.
LOTUS 2 Reviewed ¦ AF29, 89% Gremlin 01142 753423 Enter DEESIDE to advance to the next level when you run out of time. DUX takes you to a sub game and TURPENTINE ensures the timer stays at 10 seconds.
SHADOW FIGHTER Reviewed ¦ AF68, 89% Gremlin 01142 753423 Try typing these codes on the Shadow Fighter selection screen.
TEREKAKKU: unlimited credits.
PARAPONZIPOPO: allows you to fight as puppet Pupazz.
MBARIVIDISOCCAFFARIMBARI: allows you to fight as Shadow Fighter.
EBBRAVOSCECCU: type this in at the start of the round and your opponent will lose all their energy (strictly for very sad people).
Special moves There are nine joystick combinations and each pulls off a special move... A: forward, down forward, down + fire B: back, down forward, down + fire C: down, down forward, forward + fire D: down, down back, back + fire E: down forward, down, down back, back + fire F: rapid fire G: back, forward + fire H: down, up + fire I: jump, down back + fire Soria from Belgium Special moves Spinning roundhouse attack D Flying kick G Double drop heel kick T Slamdunk from Denmark Special moves Tumping basketball C Spinning fire kick H Speed attack G Spinning fire basketball D Flead spring kick B
Electra from France Special moves Electric body F Power launch C Earth power energy E Electric boomerang D Double kick H Spinning jump G Yurgen from Germany Special moves Gun fire D Power fist C Earthquake fist A Cody from USA Special moves Kuto kick A Fast punch F Flying power kick G Kuto fireball D Salvador from Spain Special moves Spinning powerball C Turning flip kick H Flash panther G Fakir from Pakistan Special moves Genie hurricane D Mystery fire C Teleport E Magic carpet A Kury from Tibet Special moves Power smash fist D Body drop C Rock roll G Spinning fire hand E Toni from Italy
Special moves Burning uppercut A Spinning fire E Flame kick B Massive uppercut H Lee Chen from China Special moves Fire handspring H f II I ifsll Imn ? * I m s i 1 ~ a ill I 5 i tf s ~ 0|||§ J t • jQ _ “j ?Sr1i 111!!
O I •« I rv -Q p c - mi 5 - £ ) |l-= w *C O nr 3 O £ Q ° ® Z ' 0 I ” « :
o t I .2 ¦
o E E -O • of 51 S c « 25° c ¦ ini- Q o S u mu* |isf!i
Ss«1 •: -S Cv. C q S?
Ifli SJ III I liilfr » a 5 * c 1 S o £ o I 1 o £ . -S J | £ If I el.8 (0-- ill 2 2 »¦% ¦ Z 1,1 5 a. 3 O
o o ¦O - “ c - 2 8 o ® 3 W - « SCREENPLAY AUGUST 1995 m m ¦S 15
§ § Q 'J 2 .
Q -o s a P .
8, | i Q CC if E O 3 a' *1 III! F|| Iflilul O IB ? O ii ,|I Ii I®.
Mill r; o o i !i I Q' U Ul C Uj m 5 UJ £ X 3 9 c U B a * z s 8| mm • (0 N sir I Fist of falling sun C Fire fist D Fury kick F Falling nunchaku A Manx, origin unknown Special moves Fire hands A Cutting claws C Rolling claw slash G Tiger pounce attack D Falling angel I Top-Knot from Thailand Special moves Fast fire somersault D Spinning kick A Power combination E Speed elbow smash G Hangman's uppercut H Yarado from Mexico Special moves Electric speed E Spirit power D Electric body F Electric splash ] Spinning arms G Okura from Japan Electric sword F Spinning blade C Thunder power T Steel
sword A Teleport A Toshio from Japan Special moves Fireball D Speed dragon E Dragon uppercut H Dragon kick C Circle of fire A Krome, origin unknown Special moves Liquid silver attack D Melting body E Pupazz, made in Taiwan Special applications Bowling ball Buzzing saw Electric fence force Flame thrower Tack-in-box punch Head bomb Shadow, origin unknown Special moves Unknown 2 % a I ® ® a i J 8 it | sli i” i § £ ® 01 * oi -2
u. ® E “ 111 Caa!
UJ - s- o wfli O " If «i I I -5 a i
• 9-tf I I s e LEVEL FIVE - CONSTRUCTION ZONE Section one:
TWO - OFFICE ZONE Section one: F8QDDXRE Section two: FDFOCVXIA
one: FYQOPXEF Section two: GCQLRXWB Section three: GGQKTXUF
Reviewed ¦ AF61, 88% PowerPlus 01276 684959 Level codes Section
two: BURN Section three: EGGS Section four: GURT Section five:
CHIP Section six: TREE Section seven: BOLD Suli 2 ¦ - 2 ° *|s?
II iu l ¦ 8 S - 2 £ s a LEVEL ONE - CAR PARK Section two: ETQF3XXD Section three: EXQE3DC llll .E o 0 w 8 I’ § £ a _ .£ S ?ii Disks Look for f t 0 .
From Special (J 11 J f g d Public only (N„™..Pric*„p) Offers ¦ »****?
Please note: All disks in this advert should work on any Amiga |min memory lmb) unless otherwise stated. E.G. N1.3 means not Amiga
1. 3. A1200 or AGA means A1200 only! 2mb means min memory.
LATEST & GREATEST SOFTWARE PE 061 PE 077 PE 078 PE 086 PE 090 PE 105 PE 109 PB 019 PB 020 PB 022 PB 023 PB 024 PB 030 PB 038 PB 042 PB 046 PB 054 PB 065 PB 066 PB 067 PB 068 PB 069 EASYCALC PLUS PERSONAL DIARY ACCOUNT MASTER v3 ONFORM vl.3 ADDRESS PRINT v4.4 DYSK STIK OFFICE BOX CHECK IT OUT vl.02A Dos program problem hunter Latest, get info on your Amiga Syslnfo. ClockDoctor etc Backup, fixdisk and more Hard disk organiser optimizer HD menu utility May recover deleted corrupt files Speeds up access time Clicking menu HD system PU 722 PG 482 PG 486 PG 489 SUPERMEGA FRUITS PG 492-8 TOMCAT (HD
462. -3-'niiie Zoncr. PG 535-Okllbs Revenge. PG 575-Zut Alois 13
disks for £10.00 (plus postage) ..and more ...and more
Latest version Latest version Latest version, phis Utils
Will play 8 track PC Steamtracker mods Latest music
utilities PT 167 PT 168 PT 169 PT 170 PT 171 PT 172 PT 174
PT 173 Great music UTILITY SOFTWARE IMPORTANT Some of the
following programs maybe shareware, and you may have to send
a fee to the author to get a full working copy.
PU 207 SID2 +MULTIDOS transfer flics between the Amiga and a PC PU 663 CROSSMAC ReadAvrite MAC disks' Shareware PU 654 APPLE 2 EMULATOR Shareware demo version PU 230 PRINTER DRIVERS Ine latest Seikosha. Star. & Citizen drivers PU 367 ESSENTIAL PRINTING UTILS Banners. Labels, cassettes etc PU 727 IMAGE STUDIO vl.21 Graphics conversion package PU 615 TERDS v2.3 Totally Excellent Random Dot Strercogram PU 661 AUTOSTEREOGRAM & 3D DOTS 3D Picture converters PU 684 STERIOSCOPIC ...and another 3D Sterlogram producer PU 167 MULTIPLOT Data plotting program PU 204 GATORS GRAPHICS TUTORIAL Super I) Paint
hints and tips PU 447 MINIMORPH A nice morphing package, plus a good example PU 726 PRINT-A-CARD Pics and templates to produce greeting cards PU 681 ALIENS Good picture and animation viewer PU 713 GFX (A1200 only) Misc graphics programs PU 240 FREECOPY V1.4Removes 'Passbook Protection’ on some games PU 426 LOCKPICK 2 Disk copier which may also unprotect programs PU 551 ASI DISK ARCHIVERS PaekDisk. P-Compress, A112LHA. Etc PU 700 EXOTIC RIPPER v3 Now rips out just about any music PU 697 TUDE The ultimate degrader and enhancer disk PU 421, 427, 623, and 724 ASI DISK HELPERS 1 to 4 (4 disks) A
selection of essential utilities. Includes: Dtsksalv2. Dcopy 3.1. Diskinate.
Install Master. Assign Manager. SuperDuper 3.1. Bad Format 4.0. ClickNot v 37.3. Guiarc 1.22. Mformat. DiskMaster v3.99 DB v2.0...and more!
SCION v3.13 Geneology program, appears to be well set out GENIE Another family history data base PU 293-317 HAM RADIO SET 25 disks for only £15.00 PU 666 TELETEXT A hardware & software design project PU 627 AMIGA FAX Send a FAX with your modem and this PU 694 6 TERM v4.2 Latest modem program(3) PU 746 VIRUS WORKSHOP v4.7 Latest update PU 692 VIRUS CHECKER 6.47 Latest version MUSIC UTILITIES PE 030-2 ELECTRONIC MUSIC Desktop guide to electronic music(3) PT 093 OCTOMED TUTOR A simple to follow tutor PT 165 MIDICRAFT FREEWARE DEMO Preview of MtdiCraft mag PT 166 MlDICRAFT FREEWARE DEMO 2 A DROP
IN THE OCEAN GUITAR CHORD DIRECTORY SONIC DRUMKIT v2.1 DELITRACKER 2 HIPPO PLAYER AUDIOMAGIC 11 package. Latest PD version .•erts WAV and VOC to IFF EDUCATION PE 007 8 LEARN & PLAY Word & number games for ages 5-10 yrs(2) PE 027 AMIGA BEGINNER Help and info on the Amiga PE 035 KIDS DISK 1 Alphabet & Colours. Great for pre-school PE 047 9 BACK TO SKOOL 1, 2, & 3 Compilation of education progs|3) PE 050 LITTLE TRAVELLER World geography info PE 054 ARTISTIX Superb art package for kids. Recommended!
PE 058 WORD FACTORY Brilliant spelling program HD GAMES INSTALLER Installs: Aladdin AGA, Alicnbreed 2.
Assasln. Bodyblows, Bubble & Squeak, Elfmania, Goal. Ishcr2. Jungle Strike, MK2. Rise of Robots. Ruff & Tumble. Stardust, Superfrog. Zool 2 PU 721 EPU STACKER vl.70 Increases HD storage capacity PU 668 SECURITY v3.71 Good prog to protect your HD PU 425 MAGIC WORKBENCH Re-designed workbench, (for w b 2.0 + ) PU 536 MAGIC WORKBENCH EXTRAS More goodies PU 704 MAGIC WORKBENCH EXPANSION and more PU 285 WORKBENCH 3 BACKGROUNDS enhance your VVB 3.0 PU 714 6 ICON ARCHIVE A massive 3 disk collection of icons PU 625 SNOOPDOS v 3 PU 698 AIBB v6.5 PU 652 AMIGA SYSTEM CHECKER PU 064 HARD DRIVE UTILITIES PU
548 REORG V3.ll PU 564 WORKBENCH MATE VI. 15 PU 574 DISK SALVAGE v211.3 PU 575 POWERCASHE V37.115 PU 576 HD CLICK v2.7 PU 686 Icon creation utility disk Fun useless hacks for AGA machines WB 2.04 + Great blanker. Various FX Improved TV titler. New fx. Fonts, etc Excellent shareware video titling OCTAMED V4 CHESS TUTOR Working demo of good chess tutor GCSE MATHS Several lessons and questions A to Z PAINT PAD Nice colouring book based on the alphabet KIDS DISK 6 Includes ' Shop a good money counting game ALGEBRA & TRIGONOMETRY For 12s and over 10 OUT OF 10 MATHS Brill demo of the commercial
packs SPELLTRIS (nl.3) Educational Tetris Game PE 110 1 STAR TREK GUIDE Hyperbook Trek info(2) PE 112 3 TC SPACETRAVEL Demo of Space Travel Info program! 2) PE 116 7 PHOTO TECHNIQUES Great photo manual. Good tips(2) PE 118 9 HOLIDAY PHOTOS How to take pro-looking holi snaps! 2) PE 120 WORLD ALMANAC Super A to Z of countries around the globe BUSINESS PB 002 3 ANALYTICALC Superspreadsheet(2) PB 015 TEXT PLUS V3 Great shareware word pro. With spellchecker BUSINESS LETTERS Examples of tricky letters. Useful TEXT ENGINE 4.0 Possibly the best ' PD 'Wordprocessor BBASE III vl.3 Comprehensive database
FORMS UNLIMITED Nice program to create Forms LAST WILL & TESTAMENT ' Examples of wills MONEY PROGRAM Flash accounts personal finance 5VPP®AS?_?9?lPre*ien8,ve database. Great docs for beginner Dos 2.0 or higher Spreadsheet DEMOS MUSIC SLIDES ANIMS PD 068 PHENOMENA ENIGMA Old but great. Demo that set the pace!
PD 268 SOME JUSTICE Freaky gfx + sounds by URBAN SHAKEDOWN PD 284 5 BOMB MOTION Brill fractal landscapes and 3d vectors PD 286 WIT PREMIUM (AGA) Manic rave music, fast flashy graphics PD 287 ANDROMEDA: NEXUS 7 (AGA) A must for AGA Amiga!
PD 297 IN A WORLD OF ASCII (Not 1.3) Very clever indeed. All ASCII PD 301 2 REBELS SWITCHBACK (AGA) Includes superb rollercoaster PM 271 2 CULT TV THEMES Mods of D Man. UFO. Capt Scarlet, etc PM 273 4 HAPPY HIPPO Approx 20 great tracks of new Amiga music PM 275 99 GATHERING MODS. Wow!! 17 disks of LHA archived music modules. 100s of tin! Get them all at the special price of £10.99 (+p p) PS 041 2 JIMI HENDRIX Nostalgic pics plus music samples PS 199 3D STEREO SLIDE Its those freaky 3d pictures PS 203 4IRRESPONSIBLE ART (AGA) Great Manga picttires(2) PP 210 IPOSTMAN PAT(2mb) Amusing cartoon
anlmallon(2) PP 212 3CAPTAIN SCARLETT(2mb) MovicSetter anini + TV samples(2| PP 216 9CHARLEY CAT - GARDENING (2.5mb) Latest great antrn (4) See our disc catalogue for more of ever PG 533 INDYCAR CHALLENGE Car racing management PG 537 8 CHEATLISTER v3.06 100s of cheats & solutions(2) PG 556 TRILEMMA Clever 2 player board game. Gotta think in this PG 557 INFECTION Up to 4 player board game. Fill board with blobs PG 562 HARRY HADDOCK Great Platform! Inspired bv James Pond!
PG 563 KILL THE LITTLE DUDES Excellent shooting platform PG 565 APPLEJACK (AGA) HeV! Its just like Mr Do or DigDug PG 576 POKERMANIA Superb poker machine with loadsa extras PG 578 9 SOFTWARE HOUSE Management gaine(2 disks) PG 580 PSYCHEVAL (Not 1.3) Just like Alien breed! One level demo PG 581 2 LORDS & EMPIRES (Not 1.3) Super strategy adventure(2) PG 594 5 MADHOUSE (AGA) Monkey Island like graphic advcnture(2) PG 600 1 SKIDMARKS II CARS (AGA) Extra cars plus install scripts(2l PG 596 JET SET WILLY 3 (AGA) Super typical Spectrum game TEXT ADVENTURE PACK (Improved) A grc.1t chance Id get Into
Uic wealth ol text adventures available oil the Amiga. Includes: chantt PC 18-Thc Holy Grail. PG 149-A Nli»hl at llir Town. PG 204 Thrall Bound. PG 266-Box.
PG 371 -Temporal Misplacement. PG 392 3-Thc Suitcase. PG 403-Llfc After Death PG 432-PsvchoWard. PG Now.
A brill fruit machine demo Huge seven disk flight sim (2mb) Its like Asteroids but a little special Quiz. More questions available Novel Pacman variant Mega and classic game A 25 level diamond puzzle Very classy(2) Super Lemmings clone. GET IT. Its great(2) FI GP EDITOR Change names colours power etc GLADIATORS OF DAGANIA D&D 3D maze DYNAMITE WARRIORS 2 Good Dvnablasters clone Simple electronic diary for the Amiga Another fine finance package Computerised order form for businesses Address dbase & label print A nice disk labeling program Compilation of business programs Excellent accounts
P030SQA TEL 0I983 5Z9S94 FAX 01 983 8X1 599 BLITTERCHIPS UNITED PUBLIC DOMAIN DISTRIBUTORS for a fast and reliable service But look for special bargains!
BLITTERCHIPS PD CLIFFE HOUSE, PRIMROSE ST. KEIGHLEY BDZ1 4NN TEL 01 535 6*7 469 FAX 0X535 667 469 Distributors Domain Classic Collection Mono, high quality, clips. Huge bitmaps, many greater than an Amiga hires screen, for use in Dpaint or DTP packages. Most disks autoboot as a slideshow!
IMPORTANT: (2) means 2 disk set...etc ART0I Weddings(2) ART03 Religious! 31 ART04 WWII Aircraft ART05 Mcn(2) ART06 Women(2) ART07 Kids!2) ART08 Business ART 12 Xmus(3) ART 17 Schools! 2) ARTIS Babies ART 19 Sport(2) ART22 Sealife ART23 Months ART24 Wacky ART25 Holidays ART26 Banners(2) ART29 Food(2) ART31
l) TPBonk'n.(2) ART34 TcddyRcars(2) ART36 Halloween ART39 Florui
ART49 More Animals ARTS) Animal Linear) ART54 Spacc Trausport
ART58 Trevel(2) ART59 Alphabet(2) ART65 Animal Birds ART68
Beast Myth! 3) ART69 Transport! 3) ART70 Trucks Trains AR171
Astn logv(2) ART72 Aircraft! 3) ART73 Birds ART74 Dogs ART75
Buildings ART76 Sports-Muc ART78 Military! 10) ART86
Kids Animals ART83 Anatomv(2) ARTS4 Camping More available in
this set See full catalogue for details.
Original Clipart Collection Collection of hundreds of small clips PU 152 Animals PU 153 Animal, Building. People. Art 1 PU 154 Art 2 (fonts) PU 155 Arrows. Stars, Explosions PU 156 Education. Financial. Art misc PU 157 Food and Drink PU 158 Environment. Health.Home PU 159 Valentines. Weddings, Leisure PU 160 Birthdays. Xmas. Easter, etc PU 161 Kids. Family. Fashion PU 162 People (Men Woman) PU 163 Signs (Bears. Christmas, Misc) PU 164 Sports PU 165'6 Work and Trades 1, Transport Colour Clipart Please Note: Most of these are in HAM and require D Paint 4 or suitable DTP program MAPS OF THE WORLD
CCL 01 Afghanistine - Botswana CCL 02 Brazil - Czechoslovakia
CCI. 03 Denmark - Grenada CCL 04 Guadel - Illinois CCL 05 India -
Luxembourg CCL 06 Macau - Mississippi CCL 07 Montana - New
York CCL 08 Ohio - S.Dakota CCL 09 Senegal - Tuuaw CCL 10
Texas - Zimbabwe GENERAL INTEREST CCL 11 Reptiles CCL 13
Actors CCL 16 Aircraft Cars CCL 27 Cats CCL 36 Explorers
CCL41-51 Floweret 11) CCL 55 Frontier CCL 58-60 Insecis!.))
CCL 76 77 Pre-Historv(2 CCL 85-87 Reptiles (3) CCL 71-76
Trees! 6) CCL 12 Actors CCL 15 Aircraft CCL 18-26 Birds (8
CCL 28-35 Dogs (8) CCL 37-4(1 Fish (4) CCL 52-53 Fruits(2)
CCL 56 Horses I CCL 63-71 Mammalsl1)) CCL 78-81 People 14)
CCL 88 Ships CCL 97-100 Vegetables!-: Also available 17 disk
FONTS FOR WORDWORTH Compugraphic font disks which can be used w ith Wordworth. Professional Page, and Page Setter. There are an average of 16 fonts per disk, and 33 disks in all. Available separately or full set for just... £24.99 A collection of premium quality programs, better than Public Domain. All are full programs w ith no additional fees to pay.
Soil: I disk sets = £3.95: 2 disk sets = £4.75:3 disk sets = £5.75 I 1)1 t VI ION AND HOBIill-S CLEtil T.C. DiNOSAURS Great pics and facts £4.9.5 ( I F 03 T.C. SOLAR SYSTEM Great pics & facts £5.95
CI. E 05 ACHORD Popular guitar chord tutor £3.95 CLE09 WORDS &
LADDERS Great spelling prog £3.95 CLE 10 BASICALLY AMIGA Info
for beginners £5.95 CLE 15 FAST FRET Lead guitar exercises
£3.95 CLE 16 KINGS AND QUEENS History info, pics £4.95 CLE 25
CHORD COACH Piano chord tutor £3.95 CI .E 31 UNDERSTANDING
AMOS Amos tutor £4.95 CLE 32 SPITFIRE Super!marine) pics and
info £4.95 CLE 46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Info, pics £3.95 CLE 47
SEA SENSE Rules of the sea, useful info £3.95 CLE 52 TELL THE
TIME Time tutor tor kids £3.95 CLE 58 T.C. STARS & GALAXIES
Info & pics £5.95 CLE 62 MASSAGE & AROMATHERAPY £5.95 CLE 64
I.Q. TESTER Graphic test to find your IQ £3.95 CLE 66 BASIC
NOTE Tl TOR How to read music £3.95 CLE 67 PHOTO Complete
photography manual £5.95 CLE 68 AMIGA PRO TAROT ' Tarot tutor
CI. U 03 TYPING TUTOR Very popular tutor! £3.95 CLU 04
Al.PHAGRAPH Super graph producer £3.95 CLU 10 POWER ACCOUNTS
Nice bank account £3.95 CLU 17 STAR LC 10 FONTS Fonts + font
designer £3.95 CLU 20 CANON BJ10 FONTS Fonts + designer £3.95
CLU 21 INVOICE MASTER Handy Tor small hiss £3.95 CLU 31
Super label maker £4.95 CLU 39 HARD DRIVE MENU 2 Improved
£3.95 GAMES CLG0K DRAGON TILES Brill Shanghai game £3.95 CFG
17 IMBRIUM Excellent graphic adventure £3.95 CLG 25 WHITE
RABBITS Super graphic puzzle £3.95 CLG28 TIME RIFT 700
screen, scrolling platform £3.95 CLG 38 QUINGO Good pub quiz
machine £3.95 CLG 40 T.R.A.X One of the best fruit machines!
£3.95 CLG 42 CRYSTAL SKULL 3D quality RPG £3.95 CLG 48 THE
LOST PRINCE Point & click adv. £4.95 CLG 60 VVIZZ 2 Platform
game designer! £3.95 CLG 61 WORLD CUP MANAGER Good man" sim
£5.95 CLG 62 TOADO Its Frogger! £3.95 CLG 64 MAHJONG & PLUM
IT Two classics! £4.95 CLG 66 FRONTIER DEFENDER Like StarWars
£3.95 CLG 68 WITNESS Stunning Defender clone £3.95 CLG 70
WINNING POST Horse racing game £4.95 CLG 72 OG (AGA) Good
Caveman Platform £3.95 CATALOGUE Our PD collection is now
HUG€!! For ct full catalogue just send 3 x 25p stamps.
Includes a full list of Education Demos, Utilities, Music Utilities Business, Animations, Stock Clearance CD32 Bargains Cbamhvntarshaolin 14 0.1 MturkK.Hkl ______ UJKi Naughty « nr- - WW 7..«us„f Jtsmtwlj 14UCI l«nmnio (' e0 'lean nna» (*,‘0 :..rpli ..... £5.00 Overbid ? I unart __£5 00 PrvmiriT -----------------15 «U Nijft-I Mans. II-------------r «0 Nup»f I'mt« 11W 'up. F I ros ---- it *0 Iflls . ... £5 00 Awl ______________ _ Other Clb AMOS PI) .£17.25 AMINKT C l) 4 ...... ... £9.95 . £18.95 ... £8.99 ¦Plume Action Replay Cartridge: Amiga 1500 2001)
only ..£25.1X1 Dust covers (Amiga A5IH) or A60U only. Please state I.... Only £1.00 Boxed Mouse Mats ......£1.99 100 cap boxes .£6.25 Tee Shirts (White, large, with thicker. Tapper or Adventurer pic) Only £1.99 Printer t allies ...£4.50 Parnel Cable ..£7.50 IMPORTANT: ITEMS IN THIS BOX ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FROM NBS Tel: 01983 529594 I-MI-RM I) MINES ..£12.99 ASSASSINS GAMES ... DEMO MANIA I .£9.99 MEETING PEARLS 1 .
Note: Very lew (IK in slock. Please confirm availability.by The best selection of PD games ever assembled Here is our top 20 list of the very best.
PLEASE NOTE: The odd game "ill not work on certain Amigas AS1 3 Megaball (great Breakout) & Drip ASI 14 China Challenge, Columns ASI 26 Superpacnian, SmashTV ASI 27 Assorted card games ASI 36 Wond'land, Donkey Kong ASI 41 Pacman, Hellzone ASI 46 Checkers, Ouch!, City, Amiga Q ASI 60 Pipe.Master, Hunter, Chinese Checkers ASI 65 Paranoids, Chess. Word Puzzles ASI 70 Wangle & the best Tetris ASI 71 Numerix, Battleships ASI 89 Megahall 2.1, Cluedo ASI 90 Starians, Elashbier, MineField ASI 96 Dungeon Flipper, Backgammon ASI 113 Trek trivia. Popeye ASI 151 Krillian. Caffeine. (Brill SEUs) ASI 158
Scrabble, Toad, Vchess2 ASI 168 Dyna-Warriors, I.udo ASI 200 Pub Darts. Battleships ASI 225 Backgammon. SteelDevils, XenoStar SPECIAL Any 10 of the above....£8.00 OFFER .... Ail 20 of the above..,£ 15.00 UPD Public Domain Discovery Pack Compiled for the new Amiga owner or anyone wanting to discover the wonderful world of Amiga PD Pack contains: Word processor. Database. Virus Killers Disk. Copier, Selection of great games. A stunning demo.
Pius our latest catalogue (Please stale Amiga model) A total of 8 i disks for only * .00 inc URBAN SHAKEDOWN!
SAMFLE DISKS Urban Shakedown ultra high quality sample disks, are available for a I imitted period only, exclusively from UPD. A essencial selection of the latest sounds.
The 6 disk set includes a sample song to load into OctaMED Price £9.99 LOTTERY FEVER Collection of good, land not so good) lottery programs PU 679 I.OTTERV M M HER GENERATOR Especially lot people who have Double picking 6 random numbers??!1 PI 685 LOTTERY WINNER VGA Docs the same as above but for the A1200. Has a nice display' PU 689 COP THE LOT Stores past numbers, but picks random Its written m Cando. So looks nice’ PL 756 BALLS (AGA) Vuiic nicely presented, this one will show you ihc most popular and least popular numbers on the lottery Keeps track of the past numbers too.
PU 757 NATIONAL LOTTERY (Liberty Software) Shareware demo of the full program, which wc think is best program around for ihc serious Loners punier. Its based around a scientific picker to favour missing t»r popular numbers, but ii also contains a powerful user editing system. E.g. If you think there will be no 'forties' this week it will leave them out Want a specific number of odds evens, or ihc numbers added together to he over te g) 150. Then this will do it. Syndicate entry? Need 100 selections’ No problem PU 758 PRO LOTTERY Anolher shareware demo, and the best looking program. Will only
pick random numbers in this version. Also includes a very interesting program explaining how random' is opposed by the law of averages!
Rite above programs are I’D available at our usual price of Wp plus p p CLU 43 LOTTERY FORECASTER ..£3.95 Licenceware. Fun picker based on birthdays, stars, lucky numbers etc CLU 44 NATIONAL LOTTERY .' .£3.95 Licenceware. Checks and stores numbers, & will look for patterns for picks ORDERING DETAILS Send your order plus your name, address. (BLOCK CAPIT ALS PLEASE!) And a cheque or P O lo either ol the Pl) libraries in this advert. Cheques should be made out lo that company. For super fast results you may phone in your order with your ACCESS or VISA card
number. Delivery will normally be NEXT DAY! Example order Why not get a few hlank disks with your PD order Only 40p each PD PRICES All PD now only £0.99 (minimum order £2.00 ine postage) 9 disks al 99p = £8.91 POSTAGE Please add 50p to the total price, to cover post and packing (UK only) Plus postage (50p) = £9.41 OVERSEAS ORDERS W ELCOME EU....Add 25p per disk postage. World....Add 50p per disk. Why pay more for ihc same thing?
"As a family business established in 19SS.
We've supplied computers for the past 12 years. With over £32 million worth of units sold, and more than 21S,000 happy customers, our trading record is second to none!
Why don't you try us for your next Amiga accessory or peripheral and find out just why we have become the... "UK's Favourite Amiga Reseller?* UnHmU HnmlMx NEC Industry S supplied moy olso be used with other SCSI Systems suds os MAC (coble software included) or 0 Window s DOS PC with 0 SCSI Interface (oppropricte drivers softwore required etc) AMIGA BOOKS Amiga Workbench 3 A-Z Amiga 1200 Insider Guide Amiga Assembler Insider Guide Mastering Amiga DOS... Version 3 Reference Version 3 Tutorial Amiga Desktop Publishing Fonts & Clip Art Mastering Amiga DOS Scripts Amiga Disks and Drives A1200 -
Next Steps A1200 Beginners Pack (2 books, video & tutorial disks) CANON BJ-30 Mono & BJ-70 Colour - Two new Canon Inkjets... The BJ-30 is a mono unit with max. 720 x 360dpi The BJ-70 is full colour with output tr a max. of 720 x 360dpi in mono & 360dpi x 360dpi in colour. Both units are available in Black or Cream. F. ’ BJ-30 Mono £214'“ BJ-70 Col. L309'“ NEW... CANON BJ-200ex ...NEW BJ-200ex Mono Bubble Jet £269-“ ORDER HOTLINE... 01-773-836781 01-773 831040 UnknAlnn SKOOQltGS US ROBOTICS MODEMS FROM... SPORTSTER 144 Whether you want to send data or tap into the Global Internet Services now
available, these two great modems will prove to be both FAST and AFFORDABLE. The 144 operates at up to 14400bps whilst the 288 boasts an incredible 28800bps maximum. BABT Approved.
PD COMMS s w included. For FAX use you may purchase GP FAX Sof WARE.
GP FAX SOFTWARE £49 “ jT'" g _ MOUSE MECHANIC ' The perfect tool to help keep your mouse in tip-top condition.
3. S' Floppy Oisfc Drive £62“ with a hill two year guarantee' TDK
3.S" DS DD DISKS 10 Pack *4." SO Pack £29."
£4“ BJ-XJBW Can RefiMwri-BC.till BJ-70 TrCokxr C jrtndge IK 111 81-70 Wokm C*t iJwk BC-1 tr 81-70 BliO Can (3p*Y • 8C •-11B5 BJC-MG 23C BJC-600 B«A-H*iC»*Ry BJC-600 Cyan, Vfag or Wo BK-600 Pat* rt C.M.Y.K BJC-aXBtick BlC-803 Cyan. Maj o Yfto 33133 BJ-IOex SHEET FEEDER 1noun.
If] INKJET CARTRIDGES Desist tec» (Dtxole Lite) Destjrt TriColou PatTtjei NM AMIGA INTERNAL SELF FIT HARD DRIVES... CALL US FOR DETAILS OF GREAT PRICES ON INTERNAL DRIVES nmT)Tm?a?3 GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED (Department (41 I li EbU ) NEW STREET ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE DE55 7BP Telephone: 01-773-836781 Facsimile: 01-773-831040 c 7 | "Confirm you're getting the BEST DEAL - call those friendly people at the I UK's FAVOURITE DEALCRI" the UK's favourite Amiga reseller!
La CITIZEN ABC - 24 Pin Dot Matrix Mono or Colour Printer a GH SUPASAVE CITIZEN 24 Pin QUALITY COLOUR JUST... f154” (Mono only £129.95) | NEW HIGH QUALITY COLOUR INKJET PRINTER WITH 720dpi resolution max. output, the Epson Stylus Colour really IS uniquel THE ULTIMATE, LOW COST colour proofing device FOR YOUR AMIGA! TorxM wvkoerx* drnm )60dpt.
Fc t *ito nrw Sfudo D • 77* FIRST Amiga C«x* Utwpntnt Sysfe*n • 'tofc mohiton a row naMr And youtboget EX7W cotbvr prior «A£vaton forufi wft« Gamma civrHfon (moroSKij, al inon (kawoJ ttd output ophoro fv mod pnmwi.« fc*yi SryVn' Awing pxUge rte flat guaDry output 0' Wibit Prravon CoBu prir?o fafcuArtvng a; Jftur'l SfutJo 11 -1 fhpoi 4 fl"* Ompiofete.
LillW«l«l88QNS 1115 IZCOMooo on ous
- WCWjno-
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07. 95 The ultimate print manager!
AMIGA SOFTWARE The treasure chest of the Public Domain conceals all kinds of rare gems - Steve McGill dips into it and discovers such jewels as a Morse Code program, a crossword-solver and a whole heap of clip art.
Only a short-wave radio for company, no matter how improbable a disastrous occurrence may seem, from the bombing of Folkstone harbour by the Bosnian Serbs to the kidnapping of your family by Freedom For The Lesser- Spotted Newt terrorists, one thing's for sure - you'll be better prepared if you know* a bit of Morse Code.
But it's never easy to distinguish sequences of dashes from sequences of dots, especially when other considerations such as Q codes and RST codes have to be taken into account. That's why Morse Coile Trainer is invaluable to anyone with more than a passing interest in amateur radio.
In order to gain a radio licence to transmit from home (or wherever), you have to pass certain exams. One of these tests expects you to be able to transmit a certain number of Morse Continued overleaf ¦* Iters* (ode Iritnti Horse Code Irouw CntrsdKt ioo: Tims litter* iff nj e up of dihs only.
1 Bill »? FtNrflH * settieon of jinbled fin letter uo*fc, cwUinm alt these letters.
Bben l'e f itishfd, v« how to rtftat the msmh but to m. r« r*ss*d tk* l*tt«r 8 ar a. Tar wick liirniiu this lattar is srauxd uiti th* l*f.*rs I md II m si Idttrs include dihs only.
Lend om if these (ode11 th« carre»ooedin| f*hr»* Kbit did I s«od?
Enter lord nd hit the tetvn key nhen done.
MORSE CODE TRAINER Even if you've no interest in Morse Code, use this to improve your short-term memory.
MORSE CODE TRAINER: that's all I want to say 1 a dooh dooh dooh. Da da da da, you, sang The Police in the Eighties.
Springtime is here, bin il's certainly not for Hitler and Germany.
Yonr mission: control a little geezer, viewed top-down, over a multi-rotating checkerboard-patterned play area. Each part of the board is hinged in a manner that allows it to be rotated over all three geometrical axes. X. y, and z. The aim is to twist the board so that you can line up a spring with a cross.
It sounds simple, but thinking in three dimensions can be taxing until you get used to it. And to compound the matter a timer counts down from 99 to zero. If you don't finish in time, you lose a life.
And then, just as competence seems to be taking hold, the game springs more taxing puzzles on you. For example, some tiles can only be walked on once and, if said tile is to rotate the set-up another way, the resum option has to be uiggered. This resets the board to the original position, but doesn't reset the clock. So truly frantic to-ing and fro-ing takes place.
Fiendishly, as further progress is made, sliding tiles come into play.
Apoplexy and involuntary alopecia (look it up) can result, even when the Help option is used to hint at the first few moves you should make.
Springtime is tremendous fun and a game that every puzzle addict should have in their collection. This is a demo version. The full Shareware game can be obtained from Trecision (full address on disk) in Italy for the nominal fee of USS10 (about £6).
MORSE CODE TRAINER UTILITY PD library _ No of disks _one Price _99p plus 70p per order No matter how safe you think you are, no matter how unlikely it is that you'll find yourself lost on a desert island with PD library.
No of disks Price _ John J Cassar Your Choice 75p plus 50p pisfp SPRINGTIME GAMK Trecision Network PD ARTISTIX UTILITY PD Selection of the month By _ _ Andrew Campbell _ North Staffs PD _one PD library No of disks Price_ . £1 plus 5Op p&p Kids love making a mess with paint and water and brushes and just about anything else they can get their hands on. It can be fun. And funny, and endear you to the little darlings as they ruin the carpet and the chairs. And the table. And just about anything else.
To stop this damage, as well as introducing the young ’uns at an early age to the joys of computing, Black Dawn have created Artistix.
This paint package is specifically aimed at children (they could probably start using it when they are as young as three or four), so the icons are large - it's easy for small hands on a mouse to locate the desired one - and they are mostly self explanatory and instantly recognisable.
Most of the standard drawing tools you'd find on 'adult' paint packages are here, such as filled lines, broken lines, fills, erasers, and cut and paste tools. The tools most likely to attract the little ones are the various fills, shapes, brushes and mish-mashes of colour and excitement that are dotted throughout the package.
The author has disabled quite a few of the functions - and he reckons they're the best available. So, grab a hold of this disk, try it out on your kids and if they like it send away as soon as possible for the full version. It's the almost standard Shareware charge of £5 that you're expected to pay, and for your money, you're picking up a load of top-value painting software.
EDEIHHHnraii IBS ¦ i n : i rrm Large, instantly recognisable icons mean little hands on large mice can still select functions easily.
By - PD library No of disks Price_ PD library No of disks Price_ '5j yf- LEGIONS OF DAWN This ugly bunch make up the characters.
?a Code words at a set amount of words per minute.
Morse Code Trainer by John J. Cassar works with any Amiga of Workbench
1. 3 or above. At its simplest, it replays a Morse tone of any
letter or numeral pressed on the keyboard - the Morse
equivalent is also displayed on-screen.
Once you’ve familiarised yourself with this part of the program, you can move on and take part in the exercises.
There are two kinds of exercise. In the first kind, to help you learn quickly, you work with pairs of characters in which each character is the inverse of the other, so where M might be dot-dot- dash, R is dash-dot-dot. Characters are shown on die screen, and their tones played, about five characters at a time, so a set might be ‘M-M-R-R-M’. The user must type in what they have just heard and score eight out of 10 or higher to go on to the next exercise.
The second exercise is much more involving and involves every one of the characters in the Morse Code set. This time, proper words and phrases are used and to succeed you have to be able to regurgitate them all in the proper order.
In all. It’s a taxing exercise and an excellent program. I’ll use it to improve my short-term memory, which anyone in the AT office will tell you is abysmal.
Don’t forget, though, that if you decide to use the program for your own means, you should send the requisite Shareware fee. As an incentive, there are scveial other programs on offer from John, including a calorie counter and a language-learning utility.
LEGIONS OF DAWN GAME Following on from the successful licenceware adventure Black Dawn II, Legions Of Dawn is the latest (and probably (he last) in the Black Dawn _ Black Dragon . FI Licenceware _two _£4.99 series of adventures by Black Dragon.
It transpires that alter completing Black Dawn II you were betrayed and imprisoned on the planet Kane.
Of course you now escape, and during your escape you manage to free eight other battle-hardened criminals.
Conveniently, this means you can select one of the said eight characters to play legions Of Dawn, The right choice of character makes all the difference in the ability lo take on the up-and-coming dungeon.
The adventure throughout is pretty standard fare. Dungeon Master-ish but enjoyable, and it’s reminiscent of Angst (AF71, 58%). Considering that legion costs five times less and offers 20 largish levels, the score if it were to be reviewed that way in I’D Select would see it hitting the high 70s or low 80s mark.
The graphics are dark and threatening, the ambient sound can be atmospheric if you’re in the mood, and there’s just enough going on to keep you interested.
A must for adventure fans, but odiers should check it out due to the price - even if you hate it. It won’t cost much to find out that you don’t like it.
In general. Afis a big fan of magazine disks created on the .Amiga. They provide an uncensorable forum, free from the constraints of deadlines, advertisers, publishers, readers, and Andy Gibson North Staffs PD _one DMC UTILITY By _ . £1 plus 50p pisfp DMC (DISK MUG CREHTOR) VI.21 G C N E R • L CNF0RHRTI1N » (lick on i*b to load the decs « » (lick on no to road about MIC to I wo fa k « MAIN AUGUST 199S » (lick on no to load IMPORTRNT inf omit ion « » (lick on no to road i letter to YW ! « as rou caw see rc» this ruse .... mly fik opiioms chn BE SELECTED • If YOU tEND IRE INK FILE THEN
'fl* kill SEE Hill* Id CREATE VHP OW IntEC PrbES U1TI OPTCIHS II LWP til HER ILII UN bNHPHlLS, (UK III i( rlH HU* ! (lick on MtXT to turn the raoe DMC: For those o* us who can t afford to access the Internet disks mags are a viable alternative. You can't get whatever you want but sometimes that's good.
Joyless authoritarians. Dead in? And Grapevine are the best disk magazines that the Amiga scene has to offer at the moment, an unholy alliance of counterculture and irreverent humour. Bui there's room for improvement in both these productions, so anyone with the ideas, the contacts and the drive could not only match them, but better them.
But how to create the disk?
Obviously you need a disk mag creator, and this one by Andy Gibson could Fit the bill perfectly. There is a fuller version available, but you have to pay the Shareware fee to obtain it.
But this version still lees you create 10 index pages with the option of 20 articles per index page - roughly 200 pages of text. The program also enables you to display Hi and Lo-Res pics and it plays most tracker tunes too.
There are a load of handy documents to introduce and explain the less obvious workings of the DMC, but in all, it's pretty easy to use. So now there's no absolutely excuse not to LOONY TOONS CLIP ART AND OTHERS CIJP ART If it's carefully and sympathetically used, clip art adds a stylish look to the simplest of printed output, be it a wedding invitation, a parish newsletter or a football fanzine.
The Amiga community is fortunate in that there are several excellent desktop publishing (and even word processing) programs able to use the numerous clip-art Files found in the vaults of the Public Domain houses.
One PD library that has stamped its authority on the quality and quantity of Continued overleaf * fflKS-UORDS SOLVE WORD PLUS PRO UTILITY By _Richard Butler (Reconley Software) PD library_FI Licenceware No of disks _one Price _£4.95 It seems a peculiar one at first but this program is a boon for anyone with more than a casual interest in words and word games. You know the kind of thing - find the anagram, how many words can be made from the letters of another word, what words could fill the rest of the letters in a crossword puzzle, and so on.
Word Plus Pro is a great program for addicts of competitions, word puzzles and crosswords.
It's easy to use and is reasonably comprehensive.
Its dictionary holds just over 75.000 words, with space on the disk for approximately 11,000 user entries. This leaves open an awful lot of creative potential.
But anyway. On to what the package will actually do for you. The part I had most fun with b tmmmmm im rocaucc * •ktiom* twos : im MB MK r«N : 97 bt»* uon t» im is hi t9*y fKHMtllfr ] 5 vm m i m 1 oe v im Q 1 8 I I MW KIT R i
• toi itn Now The Times crossword and just about any crossword
you care to mention are do able.
MAH WORDS FOUND used by typing in the letters you already have and putting a question mark character for the letters you don't. The familiar search routine is then gone into and all potential words are displayed in a list ready for you to choose the most likely. It differs from Solve In Words because there can be blank spaces between the letters.
In all, a very handy utility and one that you may even win money with if you enter enough competitions. Recommended.
Was the Solve Make Words function. You supply a combination of letters and the program then searches its database using the supplied letters and displays other words using some or all of the letters for you to browse through.
Using termination as an example, we found out that there were at least 281 other words that could be made from the letters contained within.
One of them was eta. Needless to say, we know what an eta is now.
Oh, don't you know? It's the term used to describe the lowest class in Japanese society.
With Solve In Words, you can also enter the letters that you know are in the word you want and the program displays all potential words within its dictionary with that letter combination.
It's very handy, but sometimes the sheer volume of words displayed makes searching through them manually a bit of a bind.
Solve Anagrams is potentially the most useful of the offerings. Countdown aficionados will love it if only to see if Word Plus Pro can beat the television contestants in solving the anagram at the end of the show.
Solve Crosswords is probably the part of the prog that'll be put to most use. The function is CD-ROM SOFTWARE Active Software, Dept AF74, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL3 8YT -Tel : (01325) 352260 mmr 3D arena £22.99 PHANTASMAGORIA professional backgrounds and textures Phantasmagoria are a professional graphics firm based in Bristol. Avon They have providod textures and backgrounds tor video, ray-tracing and image work for the last five years Thoir entire collection consisting of 520* 24Bit backgrounds and textures, is present on this CD-ROM There are the very high quality 24B4 JPEG
fifes lo* video, graphics and multimedia work and 256 colour GIFS for Scaia and raytracmg No wasted space on this CD-ROM' For instance, no multi-graphics tilos such as Targa PCX o* even more obscure formats that are found on other texture CD's You will not find many tods on this CD either Picture viewe-s are provided tor Amiga PC and Mac computers For Pro and Novico Users' * A fee** 30 CO M reewWy KOUd haw Angi FormaT Cmm many cteacs* tor knagna. And Baal 30 to* me Arwga and PC ayrvufcr* On e«m**ra eepea tor rw CO « r» 2464 Ctob s ttaac&rroge* tor uyraan You* ortf and ham on har» Along wm me
ebyea* nw ara awtxA* Un Ural taM«* and a demo vernon 4 Roai 30 •? 35 Sv4**b 30 CO tor al AmgaPC uaars' ACTIVE
- §mH FX SEN |ne «lease _ou*iiear] Jul _£29;99 Hw1000r Choose
the compact discs that you would like to order, add 75p postage
to the total cost and send a cheque o postal order payable to
Aflat Software to the address above Call tor credit card
acceptability or tor an enquiry on (013251 352260 As you will
see from the tutvori we are working with a company to produce
their CO-Rom.
Phantasmagoria We also have a nunber o« other Cds due to* release later r the year it you would ilka to produce a CD.
Have a workable idea tor a CD then contact us immediately CD-Rom Comparison Chart Zoom Hottest 5 Phase 4 ZOOM Over 540MB of Data Easy to Use GUI Over 1000 Disks v' Very Latest PD Outstanding Value Free Booklet I Active Software and Ground Zero Software, the leaders m the very latest Amiga pubhc domain, announce the release of the best CD i year - ZOOM Zoom not only contains the I latost PD from all over the country, the Aminet | and BBS sources it also contains some lusive products which will appear on the I CD before they I appeared in our I advorts or any other PD libraries advert Tho
interlace is a custom-written. GUI based design, coded by the author ot the famous disk magazine Deadlock Select the fife you want to read about read the I information then dick to de-compress' Easy as that Over 540MB of data.
| (over 1.1 GIGs of uncompressed files) offering the user access to 1000* if disks' Must be one of the most comprehensive CD's this year' brand new release - out NOW!! £19.99 MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT I £26.991
• f"1K
• The latest PD from December to June: Utilities, games, demos,
slideshows, education, disk mags and more' ' Over 80
Klondike Card Games Deluxe Cardsets
• Ground Zero s Themed Imagine Objects
• All the Professional Disk Packs - including 8* NEW Packs'
• Gathering '95 Domos GFX Mod*. Other Party-' Demos
• Some Exclusive and New AGA Slideshows
• Over 20MB* of Magic WB icons, backdrops, drawers etc £9.99
MEETING PEARLS 2 In* Mooting Pm** 2 CD ROM contains AHI Dak.
Hurd Dntk and CO ROM loci* (SCSI: 1MB Oovetoper Tool*.
Ccmmodor* Include* 59MB T .i FAQ*. CO Comer* Fd*t elc DEMO
Selected mTIAl STUB Graphic* Programs '6MB From th* Party W
13MB Vanou* Tool* 1MB Educational So"** irAlfi Nat BSO tor
Amge I " alto contan* I DOUBLE CD £18.99 DOUBLE CD £18.99
£14.99 £27.99 £13.99 SUPER BARGAIN CD ADULT SENSATIONS | | 17
BIT PHASE 4 '¦•items than m* Sun mo*l ixojlar Contain* all
P'C»r Ol ago 118. Only buying iriis CO No ea, ;**«•*• rung m«
CD I needed fthun £17.99 So'tear • Htxar, »ram January to
October 1994 A« ihe tue* rt-e DMS •» and can be ur.
¦runchna Irom an interlace £16.99 WS CLIPART UTILITIES 1-1500 WS FONTS ULTIMEDIA a* wot a* IFF |-ctur« GIF* WAV* and Fl*C» Fnough lo any multimorka *tea» entertained lor ago*1 double cd £22.99 £8.49 £17.99 £8.49 DEMO CD 1&2 GIGA GRAPHICS ILLUSIONS IN 3D SPECCY SENSATIONS Aimathora present n collection satisfaction Ten Cds tor under Team Yankee Pandora a CD World Wafa Alisa III unrated Shakaapere CDPD I A 2 n Vue **lpac* CC n 24 84 and HAM C 4 CO** Su«ab** k £8.99 quad co £34.99 DOUBLE CD £18.99 £15.99 £14.99 LIGHT ROM T COLLECTION AMINET 5 GOLD FISH I £23.99 FRESH FONTS IM as Dec a *71 tont»i
Non Lain I Hi.
' : IV.lures |171 Sard 123; Sans Senl 311.
.' . (. Script |27| Volume J enrtams 632 Mbs "I
• » k»il* eilh the capv*ighhN) 'h-rnen tamUy VOLUME ONE M' VOLUME
IWO C16.99 » sowos»n»»ii»™™* £17 99 Includes a 250 Page Book £=
Jsf f 71 w Ut Volume Two £17.99 GOLD FISH I GOLD FISH II Fred
Fish ha* been Continuing Che tradition seivmg Ihe AMIGA PD lhi%
double CO brings you marker Mice mcapbon in Ihe very best PO
retaate* 1966 Hn uMWy die** *e»e IF.*d Fen A» the PO w neuta.
End hM wd a bon. Oct «3 » No. »4 omo rtwra .« goto end • n
e-Chned and GOLD FISH II C24.99 LSD COMPENDIUMS Volume 1 Volume
2 ¦it to a ¦‘wr i vm rmwmi wtoe re Viemtetaa to i _ _ _ _
£14.99 INTERNET INFO iffiwwHd GOLD FISH “Ml!
Hundred* «»l MB » o* SOUND WORKSHOP FRESH FISH T£A OA 7&A £35.99 of len (10') CD-Roms to* your £40 • a bargain' It contains
• acton packed 30 tank sen 2000 clipart library and more
• world mutlimedia Onplorer
• classic text toads ot classic PD on here ¦ nostai c demo
- a comms compendium £18.99 II 600MB ot n ‘¦4 «uw. AMINET 6 I, IS
£13.99 JET SET WILLY 3 GAME By _ Jasper Byrne Sadeness PD One
PD library _ No of disks _ Price _ £1 inc pisfp Manic Miner was
probably responsible for more sleepless hours spent on the
8-bit systems of old than any other game available at the time.
Such was its success that it spawned an equally fine successor. Jet Set Willy. Both were programmed by Matthew Smith and propelled the handsome back-bedroom programmer to almost a full 15 minutes of fame and earned him a fortune in the process. But where is he now?
Jet Set Willy 2, though a larger affair and programmed by different people, was nowhere near as successful as either of its predecessors.
Jet Set Willy 3 has been programmed by an obvious fan, and much of the essence of the original has been maintained. The same manic screens full of proper sprites filling in for UDG's (user defined graphics) make it look only slightly better than the C64 version. This helps preserve the flavour and sentimentalists will love it all the more for just that reason.
The structure of the game is simple: a large platformed area has to be traversed and negotiated and various keys and collectables have to be collected. By today's high standards Jet Set Willy 3 doesn't offer much in the way of addiction or challenge, but there are a lot of people who like their games this way. Good luck to them.
* • its DTP merchandise is Roberta Smith's outfit. Consistently
usable and commendably relevant, the material Roberta offers is
ideal for Amiga DTP.
This collection of 300-400 images is cartoon-inspired and you'll find many instantly recognisable characters from newspapers and television.
THESIUS XII GAME By _Kevin Picone PD library _Network PD No of disks _one Price _75p plus 5Op p&p In last month's PD Select, we looked at a Project-X clone called T-Racer from the Virtual Dreams coding team. In terms of its difficulty and aesthetics, T-Racer was just about spot-on for the casual shooi-em-up fan.
Thesius XII (from a group who’s name remains obscure) is a shooter's shoot-em-up. It demands intense concentration and lightning reflexes.
Despite several attempts - in fact I must have tried about 100 times - I still only managed to complete a measly 10 per cent of the level.
It doesn't look or sound as good as T-Racer, but it plays every bit as well.
And when it comes down to it, that’s all that really matters - especially in the world of PD and Shareware games.
Yup, that's right. Thesius Xwis Shareware. But consider what you’re getting for your £5 registration money: a multi-level R-Typederivative with four different power-ups and three different weapon enhancements.
Thesius XU is a game that, if this demo is anything to go by, will always present a challenge to all but the most accomplished shoot-em-up artist. O TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES TOP 10 courtesy of: EXCLUSIVE PD 7 Beresford Close, Waterlooville, Hants P07 5UN. Tel: 0170S 642409
1) F1GP Editor V2.31
2) CD-ROM Update Utilities
3) Fears V2.0
4) Pro-Lottery V1.1
5) X-Files Guide
6) Magic WB VI 2p
7) Superview V4.0
8) HD Games Installer 2
9) Dopus Magic Companion
10) New Icons Package In A World WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD
SELECT THIS MONTH Roberta Smith DTP 190 Falloden Way Hemstead
Garden Suburb London NW11 6JE Tel: 0181 455 1626 Sadeness PD
13 Russell Terrace Mundesley Norfolk NR11 8U Tel: 01263
722169 Network PD 125 Nicholson Road Sheffield S8 9SW Tel:
0114 281 0398 Your Choice 39 Lambton Road Chorlton Manchester
M21 OZJ Tel: 0161 881 8994 F1 Licenceware 31 Wellington Road
Exeter Devon EX2 9DU Tel: 01392 493580 North Staffs PD PO Box
476 Stoke on Trent Staffs ST1 2JY A two disk collection ot
the best virus killers available for the Amiga An essential
purchase for any Amiga user Very easy to use Only £4 00 Only
£7 00 I MTG7-3. MIND TEASERS Only £3.00 l TYP3-1. TYPING
TUTOR Workbench 3 is very good but commodore forgot to
include a few things, like a virus killer, a decent file
manager, a menu system, a few WB games & more. £7 A complete
wordpro- cessing package Features all standard options like:
cut. Paste, spell checker etc An overall easy to use package.
Only £3.00 If you want to linkup your Amiga to a PC or
another Amiga then this is the software for you You can
easily transfer files from one machine to another Only £8.00
COM8-3. NETWORKING SET StarTrek Action Strategy game.
You take control of all key personnel on the bridge great sound fx and graphics make this a superb game £6 00 STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES Create your own fascinating 3D stereogram pictures on your Amiga.
Complete with demo pictures, viewer and Magic Eye maker Only £5 00 An essential purchase for any hard drive owners. Includes backup tools, virus tools, disk repairer, and loads of other utilities Only £5.00 ? HDT5-2. HARD DISK TOOLS Now the wheather is nice, it's time to do the garden, and the best way to get out of doing it is to spend loads of time designing it.
Only £3 00 Get your finances in order with this excellent package Keep track of your fuel, petrol. & food bills. Find out where all your money geos each month. Only £7.00 Over 100 games on 5 great disks All the classics are here, aswell as loads of new onginal games.
Hours of fun for just £10.00 I FIN7-3. FINANCE PACK Make your own hardware and save £££.
Sound samplers, memory expansions.
Bndgeboards etc Knowledge of LHA req Only £4 00 r -w * 1 A two disk set pf new A two disk collection of Workbench 3 backdrops. Very easy lo use Works with Hard disk of Floppy disk Grown up s only.... Only £5 00 workbencgh backdrops and icons for use with Magic Workbench, on any Kickstart 2 or 3.
Magic WB available £3 Magic WB extra s £5 ? MWE5-2. MAGIC WB EXTRA'S ? WGB5-2. W0RKBENCH3 BACKDROPS Over 40 top quality compugraphic fonts for use on Workbench.
PageStream. Dpaint4.
Wordworth2&3 etc. A great value set of fonts. All for only £7 The most powerful word search, crossword sofver available on the amiga Includes a dictionary of over 58.000 words and you can add your own Only £5 00 The complete small office suite. Includes Wordprocessor.
Database. Speadsheet.
And Diary Compatible on all Amiga s. Only £7 00 Word Processing database 0" Spreadsheet 0 Plary ? PSF7-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS ? WFP5-2. WORD FINDER Pro ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE ARE A huge set of classic board games. Includes: Monopoly. Scrabble.
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Etc. £7 00 pqnTqiTic FOHT6 ABCDEFG 1234567 ? SL3 Order Hotline: 01793 490988 I ? BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES ? EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS P FNT7-3. FIFTY FANTASTIC FONTS Xcopy TNG is the most powerful Amiga disk copier available.
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Knowledge of LHA required for use Only £7.00 This is the most
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Panasonic. HP etc. etc Easy to Install £3.00 EPIC Computers LaHO* SEIKO*** % ** COMMOORt ORDERING BY POST require, the total coal and yor name and addraaa Willi payment either by cheque or poaiai order t made payable to EPIC MARKETING. Mom order* are despatched with aehourd.
ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Coll any time between 9:30am - 3:30pm Mon-Sat with your cradll card details and a list ol tha llama ' you would like to order.
COLLECTING YOUR ORDER You are welcome to collect you order any lima between 10am end 5:30pm Monday - Saturday.
Overseas orders are welcomo, but theraAs a mini mum order ol 3 titles and pleasa add £1 PAP per J 'loppy title and £2.00 per CD-ROM title tor Postage ' A Packing.
POSTAGE A PACKIN UK A Mainland add aoltwars.
Pluatt par CD-ROM iltlar ' INFORMATION' P DRV3-1. PRINTER DRIVERS ? PRT7-4. PRINTER TOOLS 2 Over 500 game cheatson 2 disks for Amiga games. Most of fhe latesf games cheats included.
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7tw, ...FORMATION Goods ars not sold on * trial basis. E&OE.
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Only £5.00 ARE ’ Abu PLEASE STATE YOU ORDERING ANY . Actual screenshots may vary between . , dillureiu computor versions.
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• ••••• . Ortery. Hvc-y Mi] I llHI lit I weeks numbers mlc a
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Undelete deleted files. Repair.
Salvage or Validate r™. Almost any Amiga dos disk. Including Hard dri- ves. Only E5.00 DRT5-2. RECOVERY TOOLS New collection of tools for WB2 & 3. Includes HD tools, Virus killer, sound & graphics tools, text editor and loads more.
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Ri-'EC TFSUM ¦ t ly fo 00 [? AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR Y Bl 0nly £5 00 ? CFS5-1. CENTREFOLD SQ. ¦na G I s anc more rjirls loads ot 256 colour j Lr1 I PGRU IRLS,GIRLS,GIRLS.
A range of clipart for use with Page Setter, Dozens of subjects including : People.
Animals. Vehicals.
i. 5: NEW VERSION ... Test your drive.
KUHfiyCjifl ¦ Xevcoaro.
GFX chips, sound
* - vh”E ¦ ships, speed etc. ifB °n,y £3 00 ENK3-1. ENGINEERS
KIT Play Poker with some of the most lovely women in the
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Only £5.00
3. CATALOGUER'S :*v% ar'guav :-I:jMi jmMK S - « you couid loam to
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part. All Ihe major sub- jf. Jects included. OKAY j£|V 1? on
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WILLIAMS and BENET- motor racing cars.
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at chess or a champion.
Jl Chess has something for you. Superb graphics and speech Only £5.00 BF07-4. BABYLON 5 JIT5-2. CHESS & TUTOR .ii 11 1 i 1 M tion tools. Put a pass- 11 Bf Mfmjml word on your computer I HHHH ¦ Wl J |1 else. Not lor the com- plete beginner £10 00 PSW10-4. PASSWORD SET Over 50 superb quality Eye catcher clipart images for use in any Amiga ACCESS DENIED Eight ail time classic arcade games, Pacman.
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Great value for money Only £5.00 ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS2 SPE5-3. SPECCY EMULATOR & 50 GAMES £5 SPG 15-7. 100 CLASSIC SPECCY GAMES £15 SPG35-33. 400* SPECCY GAMES * EM. £35 CDSPS3. SPECCY SENSATION CDROM £20 ? SPECTRUM STUFF Only £4.00 EYC4-2. EYE CATCHER CLIPART ¦TITLE MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT TIME OF GOING TO PRESS P Includes over 500 all h time classic spectrum games one CD for CD32, CDTV. Zappo etc. Includes actual Speccy emulator HjB|p _ aswell. Only £14.99 ? SPECCY SENSATION CD Over 600mb of Imagine & lightwave objects, textures. Animations, Picture files. Postscript fonts. Colour
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Includes Hundreds ot essential utilities Just £9.99 Over 4000 full colour Adult images for use on your Amiga or PC. OVER 18 Only £19.99 ? ADULT SENSATION CD Proot of age required.
We do not condone or supply illicit hard core material t -it t A.vyN'ril B horn the Ammet
- - contains.
. Hundreds o‘ tools.
* demos, obiects etc ¦ Now only £14.99 ? AMINET 5 March April ‘95
LUCKY DIP CD Volume One igOibfljltitaH ¦ 11 Sf.rvcK CD ’’.'¦E'
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'ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Vol.1 The biggest collection ot Clipart
available EVER!
Colour * B&W IFF. EPS, Pagestream, GIF. PCX.
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DOUBLE CDROM A bargain at |ust £17.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART CD CALCULUS Free Securicor Delivery Nationwide Excludes Saturdays Order any INDI advertised product over £100, USE IT FOR 6 MONTHS BEFORE YOU PAY A PENNY Option 1 I Option 2 Buy Foday from Indi. I Buy tccay from Indi with NOTHING TO PAY FOR 6 MONTHS THEN CHOOSE TO PAY OVER 6 TO 36* MONTHS.
Buy Today from Inc Pay by Cheque or Credit Card Credit Cards BUY NOW, NOTHING TO PAY FOR 6 MONTHS.
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Software & Joypad Pack £19.99 We understand that some non
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Zappo CD ROM Please confirm compaofclity at the une of order as
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01606 47883 HULL TH.0I482 585100 OLDHAM TEL: 0161 6270822
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323913 Amiga 600 Hard Drive 30 Mb Incbdtt fnwjf PunuG, Myth.
Rome AD 92 if* Thu pack is only compatible if the last 3 prefix
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2091 SCSI Controller Card
* 6.6 Roms for use in the A4000 * Upio 2Mb of 16 bit dips can be
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Do You Own An Amksa A1500 A2000 IA3000 Or A4000 south HEMEL HEMPSTEAD TB-flI442250035 FARNBOROUGH TEL 01252 377722 MIDLANDS BURTON-UPON-TRB'fT TEL 01283 517505 COVENTRY Centre TEL 01203 520778 TAMWORTH TEL 01827 67776 WALSALL TEL 01922 21700 Calculus Stores Nationwide Canon BJ-200ex Black and White Bubble jet printer NEVN CdllOll BJC-600e Highly ecconomic colour and Black and white printer Canon BJC-4000 - COLOUR A colour desktop Bubble jet fast on black and white and brilliant on colour.
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A tot bdt push tractor feed to facilitate easy loading together with a noise level c£ oniy 46.5dBa (43.5dBa in super quiet mode)
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1) Printer Dust Cover Dust cover for the Dot Matrix Printer
Special INDI PRICE £2.99
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Other Companies can charge approximately £50 extra for this
• Deliveries Insured by securicor are Free of Charge Monday to
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Mainland) Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.
MAIL ORDER SALES HOTLINE 01543 419999 ¦ 1 REAL 3D V3 9C The Amiga's most powerful 3D renderingfanimation package gets more and more powerful.
Among the additions to its existing arsenal are new animation and rendering tools.
SEEING THE LIGHT Amiga 3D animators have AIWA CD-ROM DRIVE 95 They've been making top-quality audio systems for years, but how good is their new CD-ROM drive? Nick Veitch twists its knobs and presses its buttons in earnest to find out PC TASK 3 93 It may not be a pleasant experience, but sometimes emulating a PC is a necessary evil.
Roger Denby shuts his eyes and thinks of England as he installs PC-Task 3 on his hard disk.
PHOTOGENICS 1.2 101 AUGUST 1995 Can Almathera really have made Photogenics faster and better already? Graeme Sandiford finds out as he wallows in the new matrices and painting modes of version 1.2. PRO-PAK 104 ProVector is the best structured drawing package on the Amiga and now version 3 is being bundled with three vector-based tools. Graeme finds out if this is too good to be true.
This innovative new program from Digita International can help you remember where you should be, why, and when. Join Graeme Sandiford as he ditches his crocodile-skin Filofax'“.
MOTION MASTER I AND II 11C Lightwave 4 may be under construction, but that hasn't stopped people writing programs to improve 3.5. Graeme Sandiford holds on to his hat as he takes Motion Master for a spin.
CD-ROM ROUND UP 113 All the latest releases on compact disc tested to destruction, reviewed and rated.
While l.ighlwavehas been lighting up Hollywood recently with appearances in countless film and TV productions, it’s easy to forget that the Amiga has plenty ol other high-powered
ill) rendering packages. One that has been slightly eclipsed b
l.ighlwai’e's success is a program which could be described
as the grand-daddy ol Amiga 3D programs.
Already recognised as one of the most powerful rendering systems, the program has just received its first major upgrade in almost two years in the form of Reat l)v3.
As a ‘product', Heal 3D has changed its market position more than any other.
When it started out it was yen much an enthusiasts' program - relatively easy to use and quite affordable. But even in its earlier incarnations it showed glimmers of its incredible potential, with several ground-breaking t Mils.
The arrival of version 2 marked a quantum leap in terms of both power and price. Real 3D v2 quickly established itself as the .Amiga's single most powerful 3D program, though a price of £401) pushed it firmly out of the reach of all but the most dedicated of amateur 3D animators.
Version 3 has gone some way to making amends, with a drop of £100 in price to just under £300. This is a third of the price of the PC version, which has been launched simultaneously, and less than half of the expected price of Lightwave 4. All the same, £300 is still three times the price of its one-time closest rival.
Imagine, and this price puts it on the outskirts of the home market.
One of the most obvious changes from version I to 2 was the program’s new interface. Unfortunately it was not met with too favourable a reception, despite being the most configurable of the 3D packages of the time. This was due in part to its complexity, which reflected the program's immense power and flexibility.
Many people may still be put off, though, since version 3 retains the same interface.
The interface is based on windows and you can have as few or as many as you want, which means you can create a tailor- made interface adapted to your method of working. The trouble is it can be extremely With its amazing solid modelling, this is already the star 3D system on the Amiga - now Graeme Sandiford finds it's reaching new heights.
Confusing to start off with, but after spending a while creating a comfortable environment, most users find they can use the program effectively and work at a fair old pace. The only real gripe 1 have about the interface is the icons - they're tiny, and as a result it can be difficult to make out what an icon does.
The program's working mediods can also be a little confusing at first and most new users will struggle to get to grips with completely new concepts, such as the program's hierarchical design. But you really should do it properly, so that you can take full advantage of Real 3D's powerful tools - and once you start to use the program frequently you'll soon understand why the tools work the way they do and the benefits this brings.
It has to be admitted that if you expect to see quick results, you'll be disappointed.
It requires commitment to learn how to use the program, but if you do put in die time and effort you'll be rewarded with some of the most jaw-droppinglv powerful 3D features seen on any platform.
So what are these mind-blowing features? Well, though it's not a feature or a tool, one of the things that really sets Real 3D apart from other 3D programs is its hierarchical way of working. The easiest way of explaining this is that objects are arranged on a parent child basis.
The child objects will inherit their surface and physical attributes from their parents. A practical application of this would be applying a texture map to an object with several objects lower down in the hierarchy - each object would inherit the texture map. While objects higher up will remain unchanged.
One of tin- mosi important parts of any 3D program is the modelling tools - you can't even begin to make stunning images or animations unless vou can first create the objects that you will use as building blocks. Ileal 31) is a solid modeller rather than a skin-based modeller, the difference being that the objects it creates are solid rather than hollow.
The program has a wide selection of ¦primitives', which are basic shapes that can be joined together to form more complicated ones. Of course Real 3D does not solely rely on primitives - it also has sectional, composite and free-form tools.
But the most powerful modelling tools of all are the B-Spline. Which can be used to create organic shapes and beautifully smooth surfaces. Unlike polygon objects, spline objects have no edges and so always appear smooth when rendered, although they take a long time to render. Real 3D's splines, along with its comprehensive Boolean operators, are the best of any program on the Amiga.
Right - enough of the way the program works, and on to the new features in v.3. Perhaps the most interesting are the post-processing effects. At first. I thought “Oh no - not more lens flares", but there is more to it than that. Yes, there are lens flares, but there is also a rather handy glow effect which can be used to create odd lighting effects, from laser bolts to lighting panels, quickly and easily. Another useful post effect is the distance blur feature, which can reduce the appearance of moire patterns that appear on large objects when their textures fade awav into the distance.
Continued overleaf
• However, the most powerful new features are in the animation
department, where a new animation method called Surface makes
its debut. This uses collision detection so that objects can be
animated over another object's surface (they can either sink
through, or float above).
You can set up a motion like walking or driving and make it self-perpetuating - so off goes your object, moving across the ground, just as if you've wound up a clockwork toy. The best thing is that if the surface is changed, the animated object will walk over it automatically. When this is used with the modifying forces like gravity and friction that the program offers, the level of realism is almost frightening.
Another new animation tool is shrink- wrapping. Using this, one object can crash into the surface of another and make indentations in the surface that match the shape of the object that made the impact.
There are a number of uses this could be put to - footprints on a sandy shore as a character walks along, or comical cartoon antics like a character being hit in the face with a heavy object.
REAL 3D V3 The skeletal control system has also been re-vamped. It is now possible to create hierarchical skeletons, morph DISTRIBUTOR Activa UK 0181 402 5770 PRICE £299.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Required: Wb 2+, 6Mb RAM and 10Mb hard disk space.
Recommended: 10Mb RAM, 030 processor, 24-bit graphics card.
SPEED •••• Very much improved from the last version, but its powerful features take a lot of processor work, so it hardly zips along even on a fast machine.
MANUAL • • • • This has also improved considerably and there are now plenty of examples and tutorials to help you out.
Between two skeletons, adjust a joint's friction and constrain its movements.
There is also a feature called fidelity, which stops selected points from being deformed so that you don't get characters with soft knees or elbows.
Those are the major new addition, but there are several other minor changes and new features - and there are more updates on the way. With the release of version 3, Real 31) has established itself as the Amiga's most powerful 3D package and will almost certainly do the same in the PC market.
The best thing about the package is the sheer realism you can achieve - you can create your own little universe, build the objects that will inhabit it, tell them how to behave, set them off and watch them interact with each other and the forces that surround them. Or, if you choose, you can define how each object behaves on a frame-by-frame basis.
The drawbacks are a steep learning curve and the high cost, but these could be a small price to pay to become the god of your own virtual universe. 'I) ACCESSIBILITY • • • A steep learning curve, but a highly configurable interface.
FEATURES • • • • • No other program even comes close - particles, inverse kinematics, collision detection, gravity... VALUE • • • • £300 may seem a lot but twice the power of Lightwave at half the price.
“Gives you enormous power, but you're free of responsibility!” 93% Deal gel everwhekmd with the complexity oiseHig a enetwai use owAriodae Ethernet cord that fe compatible With all AMIGAs tl available Zorro Slot. Discord is not only easy lonetwoek- itabc with 2 additional parole) ports offering multiple nehuk seMem 10Bose-2 (Thin Ethernet, coax-cahle) mi lOBase-T (Twisted p*.
Socket for BooMOM SAHA-U compatible driver for ethemet and parallel part Hock up to two additional Atfgos to the panlel parti wl* Uewo 32KByte cochile support CPU Includes Commodore's Eeroy neWteriuwg software English manual VILLAGE TRONIC Rnrsso IIETG, the graphics bond all others ora measured against
• Graphks bond for all AMIGA's wilh Zorro-hes - Workbench driver
lo relor| programs ad Wl to the Rosso
• Supports a Is 256 olon with Will, even on A2000 ml A3W0
• WB ratotrtom dafinabie up to 1600 x 1260 pixek '
• HiCdar (16tt) and TrueColor (24BH) graphic: 16M colors!
• Drivers for most graphic programssuch as Adfro, ImcgeFX,
• Alows connection of any YU or Nudism monitor
• AlOMnndAIMl ort sDl usable with o special cohle
• Block borders gMe forever, tdces ful advantage of monitor's
copabffities 1 Syria mnpfcinl implnmnntnino nf mnnrtorfft.
• Monitor-file compfiont with System 2.x or higher, resolution
selectable Ming
• View regular Amiga and special PkaseHJTG screens oa same Abator
• Screen promoter to make older programs work on Rosso M it
anytime Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £ I 0.00
Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days
for cheques to clear u POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St.
Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 0 I 234 273000 Fax 0 I 234 352207 VIPER
• RAM Up to 8MB (Viper 1) 128MB (Viper 2)
• Full Kickstart Remapping
• Optional SCSI-II adaptor
• On-board battery backed clock 68882 Co-processor
• Instruction and data burst modes
- 128MHz Viper-1 33-42MHz PGA PLCC, FPU upto 50MHz PGA PLCC, FPU
upto 50MHz Bare Board ...£115.95 Bare Board ...£169.95 4MB
Viper ... .£249.95 4MB Viper ... .£299.95 8MB Viper ...
.£399.95 8MB Viper ... .£439.95 ¦ -2 28MHz Viper -2 40MHz EC
PLCC only, FPU upto 40MHz PLCC only, FPU upto 40MHz Bare Board
...£135.95 Bare Board ...£199.95 4MB Viper £269.95 4MB Viper
... .£329.95 8MB Viper ... .£4 I 9.95 8MB Viper . .. .£469.95
Viper Options Co-processors 28MHz FPU £25 SCSI-II Adaptor
£79 33MHz FPU £50 4MB SIMM £139 40MHz FPU £70
8MB SIMM £299 50MHz FPU (PGA) .£100 Other SIMMS £POA
Complete with Crystal, Blizzard Board compatible All products
have a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified Trade and
Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available
All pnces include VAT Speofxabonj and poces are sublet to
change wrthoul notice, all trademarks are acknowledged All
orders m wrung o* by telephone wJ be accepted only tubtect to
our terms and cond-tions o' trade cop es of wtvh are available
free of charge on leq- est VIPER 68030 68030 40MHz RC or 50MHz
RC with MMU, RAM upto 128MB, FPU-PGA only.
Bare 40MHz £229.00 40MHz-4MB .....£379.00 40MHz-8MB £499.00 Bare 50MHz £249.00 50MHz-4MB £399.00 POWER 1208
• A1200 RAM board
• PCMCIA friendly fc|J
• Uses 1 x 32 SIMM
• Amiga Format Gold award
• Expand upto 8MB 2mb £139.00
4mb £189.00 smb £329.00 SUPER XL
DRIVES H The Super XL Drive allows you to store 3.5MB on a high
density disk.
EXT. SUPER XL £129.95 The XL Drive allows you to store
1. 76MB on a high density disk. No case cutting on A4000
EXTERNAL XL £89.95 INTERNAL XL .£84.95 A4000 INTERNAL XL . .£84.95 : POWER DRIVE The Power Drive now includes Blitz Amiga and Floppy Expander, free.
Floppy Expander allows you to compress files on floppy disks by up to 50%. Other features include: Anti- Click, Anti-Virus, Isolation Switch, 2 Year Warranty, Thru’port, Cyclone Compatible Chip, Backup Hardware and Blitz Compatible feature.
EXTERNAL ...£49.95 CYCLONE S W ONLY . .£ I 0.00 INTERNAL DRIVES ¦ Our internal drives use the same drive mechanisms as the Amiga to ensure complete compatibility.
PC88I A500 ...£30.95 PC882 A2000 ..£30.95 PC883 A600 I200 ......£35.95 J HlfiJ HOD W In operation the drive seems efficient and smooth. Stable transfer rates probably owe a lot lo the memory used in the onboard 256k buffer, which makes animation playback straight from CD very impressive.
The drive does emit a rather unusual whirring noise when the head is seeking, and although it is a little odd, it's not actually louder than any other drive - it's just a rather peculiar noise.
The device has a standard doublespeed 300k sec transfer rate, is SCSI-2 compliant, multi-session, and is in ever)’ practical sense totally ordinary. But with its ease of use, pose value and nice buttons to press, this unit is streets ahead. '5 DISTRIBUTOR First Comp Centre 01132 319444 PRICE £169.99(or £209.99 with Squirrel interface) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS SCSI interface.
SPEED • • • Standard for a double-speed drive, although you can't help thinking transfers are somehow smoother.
MANUAL • • • • Multilingual, but diagrams are good and it explains every feature.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • The audio controls are so useful, and the LCD display could be more than just a gimmick for some.
Hal can you do to make a CD-ROM drive stand out from the crowd these days?
Apart from the speed factor, which seems to be an active area at the moment, one double-speed CD-drive is very much like another, is it not?
They virtually all have two phono outs for audio, self-terminating SCSI interfaces and an off-white case. So what makes the Aiwa ACD300 any different from the Apple CD300? Just about everything, it turns out.
The most obvious difference is the front panel, where the ACD300 boasts a large back-lit LCD display, set prominently at the top of a taller-than-average case.
The information on the display varies.
Normally it displays the SCSI ID number, which probably isn't important to many people - most simply set up their software once and forget about it - but for Amiga users who are always trying out new CD utilities (PhotoCD players, audio CD juke boxes) it could be useful. It's certainly better than not displaying anything. There is also an indicator to display whether the internal SCSI termination is active or not - again, occasionally useful for a few.
Load a disc and you will automatically be told whether it is an audio or CD-ROM disc, or, indeed, both. PhotoCDs will display session data, which is very useful - since only 25 sessions are allowed, you can check to see how many times you can add to your PhotoCD - while audio Cds will automatically display the number of tracks and total running lime.
It's easy to play audio Cds on this drive because it has standard audio buttons (play pause, stop, skip, etc) on the front.
There is even a repeat button, which can auto-repeat a single track or the whole CD.
Or can activate the unit's 'shuffle' mode.
This is certainly easier than fiddling around with CD control software on your Amiga, no matter how wonderful that software may be.
A headphone jack and volume knob are on the front of the unit, but oddly the power switch is on the side - which, as it happens, is more convenient for my set-up, but for most people would probably be less useful than a switch on the back.
Around the rear of the unit are twin phono outs, twin SCSI connectors, the SCSI ID selector and a DIP switch. The DIP can be used to turn auto-termination on or off, select standard or double-speed modes and turn parity checking on or off.
The mechanism uses a tray loading system, so you don't have to mess about with ridiculous caddies, and the tray will also accept the smaller-sized audio discs.
In the unlikely event of a trav jam there is a release screw on the underside of the case, and the drive even comes with a screwdriver for this purpose.
FEATURES • • • • • It is hard to think of any feature it lacks. Perhaps an attachment for taking stones out of horses' hooves?
VALUE • • • • You could probably buy an equally useful drive for around £40 less - but there are plenty of less exciting drives around at the same price.
"A vast wealth off features in a stylish case. I know where my birthday money is going."
86% It might not be the fastest CD-ROM drive you'll ever meet, argues Nick Veitch, but it's almost certainly the sexiest.
9am-10pm Mon-Sat, 10ani-6pm Sunday 'v.
MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS HOURS 9am to 10pm Mon-Sat, 10am to 6pm Sun All items and offers subject to availability. E&OE All orders despatched next day delivery C3-75 UK Mainland only, phone for delivery to other destinations We accept Pos. Cheques & credit cards Please write Cheque Card Number on cheque for instant clearance BUSINESS AND EDUCATION ORDERS WELCOME All Prices inc VAT 01782 206808 Serial .....£4 99 Null Modem ......£5 99 Joystick Extender 3 metre £3 99 Joystick Mouse Extender ....£3-99 Amiga to
SCART ......£7-99 Amiga 3.5" HD Adaptor .....£19-99 Analog Joystick Adaptor .....£4 99 4 Player Adaptor ......£5 99 Parnet Cable .....£8-99 Printei a 9 | TRACTOR FEED DISK LABELS Now you can print your own professional disk labels!
500 Plain white disk labels on tractor feed, complete with FOUR disks of software and artwork.
Yours for ONLY £9-95 1000 Labels with software ONLY £13-50 1000 Coloured Disk Labels £5-99 Star LC100 Colour ...£129-00 Epson Stylus 400 inkjet .£189.00 Epson Stylus 800 Inkjet .£249.00 Epson Stylus Colour 720dpi ..£419.00 Seikosha SL96 24 Pin Col.....£159 00 HP320 Colour Ink Jet .....£229 00 HP540 Colour Ink Jet .....£279-00 270 MB £149 420 MB £179 540 MB £199 850 MB £279 1 GB £349 WE STOCK A WIDE RANGE OF RIBBONS AT LOW PRICES - PLEASE CALL LEADS & CABLES PRICE INCLUDES FREE COLLECTION AND FITTING SERVICE IF REQUIRED.
10 capacity £0-95 20 capacity £1 -95 40 capacity £2.99 50 capacity £3.20 100 capacity ....£3.40 80 capacity Banx drawer ....£7.90 90 capacity drawer ..£7-90 150 capacity Posso drawer £15-95 200 capacity drawer ...£9-99 Microvitec 1438 Monitor .£289 00 Cubscan 1440 Multisync .£389 00 External Floppy * Virus Killer ....£56 95 A500 A600 A1200 Internal Floppy Drive....C45.00 A500 512k Ram
exp + Clock .....£19.99 A500 1-5 Meg Ram exp .....£76 95 A500+ 1 Meg Ram exp ......£29 00 A1200 2 Meg Ram exp + Clock £109-95 A1200 4 Meg Ram exp + Clock ....£184 00 A6001 Meg Ram Exp ...£31-99 800 dpi Scanner .....£99-95 .star-
5-30pm Mon - Sat 100 DSDD + 100 CAP BOX £25 TOP QUALITY DISKS
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thick £2-50 Diskdrive
cleaner .£1-80 A500
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Dustcover ..£3-50 A1200
Dustcover £3-50 Monitor
Dustcover .....£3-50 LC20
Dustcover ..£3-50 LC100
Dustcover £3-50 LC200
Dustcover £3 50 LC24-200
Dustcover ..£3-50 HP500
Dustcover £4-99
Roboshift ...£12.50 Amiga
Lightpen .£29-95 Optical
Mouse ...£32-00 Megamouse 400
DPI ...£12-95 Eklipse Mouse with
Mat .£9-99 Alfadata
Trackball .....£26 95 Crystal
Trackball £32-00 Zydek Truedox
Trackball £25-95 Glass Antiglare Filters £9-99
X Copy Pro + Cyclone ..£34-99 25 Watt Speakers hi
quality ......£29.95 80 Watt Speakers hi quality £44-95 Midi
Master £26-00 Tilt Turn Monitor
Stand ..£9 95 2-piece Printer
Stand .£3 49 A4
Copyholder ....£5 99 Microperf
Tractorfeed Paper: 500
sheets ...£4 50 2000
sheets ......£14 95 All joysticks have
autofire feature except| those marked *.
Trigger Grip Models Python 1M £7.95 Saitek Megagrip II ....£12.95 Apache £3-99 Sigma Ray ..£14.95 Scorpion ...£6-99 Base Fire Button Models Maverick 1M ......£12.95 Zipstick ...£11.95 Comp Pro 5000* ......£10.95 Comp Pro Extra .£12.95 Quattro ...£12-95 Cruiser Multicolour* ...£9.95
Advanced Gravis Black .£24.95 Handheld Models Speedking ...£10.50 Navigator £13.95 Hyper Joy Pad .....£9.99 JOYSTICKS INCLgDEAMlOA ADAPTOR Super Warrior ...£19-95 Saitek Megagrip 3 ....£19 50 FX2000 ..£24-99 Gravis Analog Pro ....£39.00 Adaptor to use any PC analog joystick on an Amiga .ONLY £4 99 ANALOG JOYSTICKS JOYSTICKS 36 HOPE ST, HANLEY, STOKE ON TRENT ST1 5BS
• ••••••••••••••••••••••a ¦¦ [«:l II:) l»I Directory Im 5,349
U U 9I Mfl!.
All the standard MS-DOS applications from Microsoft s««m to work fine on this 286 PC emulator, as the MS-DOS Shell program demonstrates.
II"s strange, you know, but the thought of emulating a 286 PC in software somehow fails to light the average Amiga user's candle. We've seen various attempts to downgrade the Amiga by slapping a range of cards and hardware solutions into Zorro slots, and some have even worked. They have all, however, been as expensive in the long ran as buying a whole PC.
Base (conventional) and Extended memory available to PC-Task.
It's a nice touch that you can just click on a gadget to raise Base memory to 704K.
PC owners usually have to have a commercial package or a degree in rocket engineering to manage this. In addition, you can mess around with memory settings until you find one that gives PC-Task enough while leasing the Amiga side with some breathing room.
I wouldn't recommend using PC-Task with anything less than 4Mb RAM unless you want things to slow down a great deal.
The PC side needs at least 2Mb and usually tries to allocate more. Besides, we all know what happens to an A1200 when it gets down to its last few bytes of Fast RAM (just think about hang-gliding through syrup).
n Advanced Video Mode button enables a few more choices, such as the grimly satisfying Window setting. This forces the PC-Task screen to open on a Workbench window so that you can see both the Amiga and PC side working at the same time, an experience which is worth trying if only for the opportunity to snort dismissively at the PC world.
Other options include the choice to have the Pcs internal speaker emulated so that you can listen to the beeps and wirbles which make even SoundBlaster sound good.
On a more practical note, the COM2 mouse option ensures that even where PC programs such as Windows have their own mouse drivers, PC-Task can respond (if you have a PC mouse with RS232 connection).
Most important of all is the hard drive set-up option. As with previous emulators, there are two ways to set up a PC hard drive. Users can elect either to format an entire partition or hard drive and make it available to MS-DOS or, if partitions are sc'arcc, set aside a large wodge of an existing Amiga drive.
In the latter case, PC-Task builds a file on your hard drive and treats this as if it were a separate drive. This has the advantage of being infinitely easier to Continued overleaf 4 If you want a 286 PC on a floppy disk, Roger Denby might have found the package you're after.
9 J Palette problems can start to crop up on some packages.
This animation program works fine, but colour cock-ups make it unusable.
? L ?
Same animation package, different screen, and the palette problems disappear. Fiddling with the video options can sometimes help.
F3-FIND F4-BLOCK F5-COPV F6-MOUL f~ YOU CAN EASILY DO Itt LET* S MAKE 300 FRAMES of THE SUNSET-SHOMt ...... ADDRESS C .. 1 P .. 0 Tine 0.0 Tine Step ...... 0.1 Function Ttspe .. Harnonic Function Anplitude.... 0.5 ... LET* S MAKE ... 300 FRAMES Do Cvscle 300 ... DOWN hove Y .. 0.2 Let Angle ...... Function Shou ForeGround Pause ... 20 Next T ine End_Do Pause ... 2000 End.
PC-Task offers something different, and even though at first the package begs the question "Why bother?", PC-Task's minimalistic approach to emulation does have a few things going for it. Probably the first thing you'll notice if you've ever tried to use a bridgeboard is that this one works without causing domestic tragedy- just pop in the disk, click on the installation icon, and before you know it there's a lean, hungry, 16-bit anachronism lurking deep within your Amiga waiting for action. No need to kick the cat. Throw tea-cups at the wall or swear at your neighbours (which is what happened
the last time 1 tested a PC emulator).
When installation is over you should have a hard drive drawer with one of two versions of the program. There's one for the stock 68000-powered models and another for 68020s and over, and each has a turbo version which runs a bit faster than the ordinary versions at a cost of using up to four times as much memory.
Launch one of these programs and the PC-Task set-up screen appears. This offers a series of neat configuration options, and enables the user to decide how much of the Amiga’s RAM to dedicate to PC-Task.
Which video mode to use, and so on.
Everything from mono MDA to SVGA 2Mb displays are catered for, though if you want anything better than standard VGA you need an AGA machine or a rctargetable graphics card such as Picasso.
You also have the opportunity to worry about the PC’s quaint memory management by selecting the amount of SUNSET
* ESC' Dynan ic FILE « BOX sunset.per 1 ?
AUGUST 1995 SERIOUSLY AMIGA use these at work or college (as millions still do) then buying PC-Task is preferable to lugging a PC home every night.
Games are a bit more problematic - don't expect to run Doom or any other 256-colour extravaganza because most modem games need a
386. The video disparity alone would render them useless before
we even consider what Doom would be like on a 286. Older
DOS-based PC games such as Railroad Tycoon are much more
likely to work, though, particularly those which need no
more than CGA or EGA graphics.
A far better use for PC-Task is to access the huge pool of commercial and Shareware PC software, much of which performs perfectly well on a 286 and which can be found on Bulletin Boards or at silly prices because the PC world has gone Windows mad.
Big DOS packages such as Wotd Perfect or Lotus 1-2-3 run slowly, and I wouldn't try them without a dedicated MS-DOS partition, but if you Here's what Microsoft Diagnostics makes of PC-Task.
And it seems perfectly happy to state that it's running on a 286 PC.
File Utilities Help CoMPU U n kn o wn II n kn ° wn EGA, Unknown No Network network... MS-DOS Version S. Not Detected your floppy device, but PC-Task has its own PC floppy emulation and allows for two drives. High-density floppies such as those on the A4000 and the Power Computing unit kick in as MS-DOS 1,44Mb drives, which gives users much better access to modern PC software, all of which is supplied on HD floppies.
With everything out of the way, click on the Start button and PC-Task launches.
At this point, you have to install a copy of MS-DOS or use a bootable PC floppy.
Installing DOS is easy enough, but be warned that it takes up some of that precious space on your hardfile.
PC-Task is a fine effort at a difficult job, and one which seems less appealing as the years go on. For those who use PC- DOS software at work or college, the prospect of using the same at home, even if on a much slower system, makes PC-Task a good choice at its present price. For those who think they can buy a couple of disks and turn an Amiga into a 486, forget it. 'Zj PC-TASK 3 Meridian 0181 543 3500 PRICE £79.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB2 or better recommended.
SPEED Slow even on faster Amigas. PC-Task is, after all, designed to emulate a 286 (the PC equivalent of an A500).
Manual e e e e Clear and simple enough, though it leaves some things up to the readers to figure out for themselves.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • Options are easy enough to set up, but you'll have to be comfortable with messing around with hard drives.
Some decent DOS utilities and access to Amiga CD-ROM drives as well as HD floppies and hard drives.
VALUE • • • Cheaper than a PC but only for those with specific MS-DOS requirements and CGA EGA displays in mind.
"For access to loads of DOS Shareware and old commercial packages, PC-Task is a low-cost solution."
70% THE COMPATIBILITY QUESTION When you start to test programs on PC-Task, it becomes clear that compatibility can be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, especially if you are restricted to the lower video modes by not having an AGA Amiga. Many packages work well, mostly those which have a basic CGA or EGA 16-colour screen, but video modes do seem to be the most common cause of crashes.
When a DOS program is designed to open. Say.
A 640x480 VGA screen, some work and some don't. Fiddling with the advanced screen options can cure some of these problems, though, and I was fairly content with PC-TaskS overall compatibility. The author. Chris Names, also claims Windows compatibility, but any PC owner will tell you that running 16-bit Windows in Real mode is tantamount to masochism.
With a 486. 8Mb RAM. And fast video card, the PC's operating system does stumble into some semblance of activity, but on anything else it just crawls pitifully. If you insist, then try using PC-Task with Windows, but don’t say that you weren't warned 4“ accomplish, bul the downside is that the virtual partition runs very slowly, at more or less floppy disk speed.
Settipg up a partition is much better, but involves reformatting a complete hard drive. If you have a spare 40Mb drive kicking around or you don't mind backing everything up and starting from scratch, then take the partition route. With a hard drive running at full speed, PC-Task is much more of a PC than when it depends on a sluggish disk file.
Creating the hard disk file is a simple matter of choosing where to store it and how much space you want to dedicate to it.
PC-Task then formats the file ready for use.
Either way. The manual at this point is a bit short on detail. It describes the easy- peasy hard drive set-up well enough, but neglects to say until much later that unless the virtual hard drive is railed hardfiUOyou can't access it from the Amiga side.
Luckily, you can just change its name, add an entry to the mountlist, mount the little beggar, and start swapping files between the Amiga and PC-Task with ease.
If you have the MessvFileSystem, Workbench 2.1or any of the other PC floppy-reading systems, you can use PCO: as Amiga External Floppt Drive ORDER CODE: WlOO A1200 8ms RAM ACCELERATOR ORDER COD&W200 ORDER CODE:W202 Uses Standard 72-pin Simms Optional PLCC Type FPU (nOATINO POINT UNIT) Battery Backed Clock Installs in Minutes Finder Cut-out for nnni rui ALL PRODUCTS COME WITH ORDER CODE: WI50 ORDER COD£:l«04 ORDER C0DE:W2M ORDER CODE: WtSI All prices include VAT and carriage within the UK mainland. Please add £5 to your otder tor non-UK Mainland delivery. All products are subject to
availability E&OE Advertised prices and specification may change without notice.
WITH CLOCK ORDER CODE: W405 Comedy Magazines Outdoors Naturi Shopping Sex Culture Useless Politic Environment Usenet Fashion Celebrities Job* FTP Books Hobbies Education Sport Food Philosophy Relationships Religion Tasteless Travel Health Society Games Technology Computing Nature Science Magazines Drink E-mail Music World-Wide Web Arts Food Comedy Magazines Outdoors Nature Jobs Shopping Sex Culture Useless Politics Sex Environment Usenet Fashion Celebrities FTP Books Hobbies Education Sport Travel Philosophy Relationships Religion Tasteless Travel Health Societ] Games Technology Computing
Nature Science Magazines Drink ruiiuib vjuuner enter idim neui i r E-mail Music World-Wide Web Art IN ISSUE ONE.
Music Conspiracy Theory Sex Newsgroup Confessions Drugs Star Trek Rogues Gallery Sex Religious Loonies Art Sex Paul Morley on Net Culture Nigel Floyd on Net Movies Over 1000 sites featured and rated The Internet.
Confusing, isn’t it?
You need a guide.
You need the guide... © OnrO ob Directory Thursday, 27th July http: www.futurenet.co.uk index.html One of the success stories of last year. Photogenics changed the face of image processing and gave the many Amiga users who couldn't afford ImageFX or ADPro the chance to try their hand at this exciting area of graphics.
Since you've all probably tried this excellent package out for yourselves on the A '69Coverdisk, this review will only cover the new features, but its well as the new additions. Photogenicj has been tweaked to make it faster, and many of the existing tools have been given extra options.
One of the completely new tools is the Warper, used to create all manner of whacky distortion effects. It works on a limited area, defined by an ellipsoid, and you can set the set the degree bv which pixels will be warped and twirled.
Another new tool is Transparencv Gradient, which gives Photogenics similar transparency options to 71' Paint, if not quite as flexible. Different areas of a filled tool, such as the polygon or square, are given different levels of transparency, and these levels limit the effectiveness of the paint mode that’s being applied. Because it's based on a gradient, the changes are very smooth and subtle. You could do the job with alpha channels, but Transparency Gradient is easier and quicker to use. And can actually be used in conjunction with the alpha channel. It also has lots more potential for
future development.
The Smear tool, which first appeared in version 1.1, is particularly useful because it can be used with either scanned images or hand-drawn ones. You can smear paint around the screen as if it were still wet. And depending on the brush you use it with, it can smooth areas or distort them.
A neat little feature that I almost overlooked is Auto-adjust levels. This adjusts an image's contrast in order to bring out as much detail as possible.
New paint modes are an obvious addition - we now have BasRelief, Crosshatch. Dither. Gamma. Jitter. Mirage.
Refract. RnbF.mboss. Split and Stellate.
On top of the new modes, a number of options have been added to the existing ones and a few have been combined.
Some of the most useful modifications lurk in the Savers list. You can now display images on most 24-bit cards and those with the Cybergraphics system can display a new 16-bil hi-colour. Images will load through the ProGrab 24RT digitiser. Non-AGA Ph otogenks 1.2 Aniiga-owncrs will benefit from support for I lANUi and a Ifi-colour display.
Has the best low-cost image processor just become even better?
Graeme Sandiford tries to find out... Photogniics is now a great deal better - the onlv drawback is the £15 registered users must pay for the upgrade. Still, you can’t afford to miss out. It's getting harder to imagine what else Photogrnics Pro could add when it arrives later this vear. O PHOTOGENICS 1.2 Even more features and supported file formats than the previous versions.
Almathera 0181 687 0040 PRICE £59.95 (Upgrade from old versions £15) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB 3.0. 2Mb RAM and a 68020 processor or better.
VALUE • • • • • If you haven't got your Switch card out already, do so and call Almathera immediately.
“Pound for pound, this is comfortably the best image processor around."
SPEED ••••• I don't how they do it, but the program just gets faster and faster.
MANUAL • • • • The manual is now larger and goes into a lot more detail.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Excellent - there are few image processors that are this easy to use.
Will go down in histo the best there's been... for ages i SoftWood Inc- ISA I +1602 431 0949 afcmcruld Creative. AttS
* dl 3585 2(155 Sot all SoltHood program air anulaUe m tuck
lanxua t ¦ pleau check with Amiga Oberiand. Germany +49 6173
65001 bringing the revolution into your home or office... T I
he way we all communicate today lias gradually evolved from
early cave paintings by Prehistoric man. Through Egyptian
Hieroglyphics and eventually on to a method of symbols
representing both letters and numbers. Early inscriptions in
stone gave way to clay tablets, papyrus, parchment and
ultimately paper, and the Creek alphabet became the basis of
most of today's languages.
Bonks were created by hand until the mid I5lh century when crude printing processes were first introduced. Albeit with continual refinements, printing methods have, until very recently, remained the only way to distribute the written word and hence a host of information throughout the world.
The biggest leap forward lias been achieved in the last ten years!
Rhrptigh mi adoption of computer generated text as a hew1 standard, complicated layouts and designs can now be generated aiut printed at the touch of a few keys right on )• %desktop. And it doesn'(stop there.
Archiving and record keeping works hand in hand with | these new methods of processing text and allows far faster data retrieval than ever before. This latest technology has not just revolutionised the world of print, but has opened the floodgates to an explosion in communication possibilities throughout the world.
At Somtood, our constant aim is to bring you these '‘lpowerful. Up to dale technologies with the best possible software for your specification of Amiga.
Processing packages have repeatedly won the if magazine reviewers, who have awarded as distiftotorv... | |' ICXS- France
* 33 57 8911 40 Karlberg & karlberg, Sweden +46 46 47450 Word
Processing Publishing... Whaiever specification Amiga you own.
SoflWood have the perfect solution for your requirements.
Final Copy II Release 2 is at the peak of achievement when running a floppy based Amiga configuration, whilst Final WriterRelease 3 is the only hard drive compulsory Amiga word processor - it leaps a stage ahead and doesn’t make any compromises to be floppy disk compatible. Whichever you choose, you'll be SoftWood products their highest accolades, all over the world. We are continually updating and improving those products and adding new ones, such as Final Data"", and soon, Final Calc ” to our range. Our efforts are bringing the revolution into your home or office... and onto your Amiga.
SoftWood a£g.|Blal B°lg3|eilB| AWARD LATEST NEWS from SoftWood... Final Calc™ Final Calc"1 is the answer to every Amiga Spreadsheet users dreams. With its flexible modes of operation.
Final Calcis the only Spreadsheet that can start with a minimum range of features (ideal for the beginner), but progress to offer power beyond the levels found not just on any other Amiga Spreadsheet, but almost any Spreadsheet on any computer system. Multi-layer sheets, advanced PostScript outputting facilities with flexible font handling, complete document scaling options, a vast choice of Graph styles including 3D and animated (to show calculation result progressions) are just some of its comprehensive and unique features.
Final Calc" is due for release in Spring 1995. So look out for the magazine reviews. If you w ant to know more now. Simply cut the coupon (on the right) for your free advance information.
Assured of the latest in WYSIWYG technology and reap the benefits of still unsurpassed, easy to use, Amiga software from SoftWood.
Our new Database... Final Datais designed in the true SoftWood tradition and brings you a program that is not only extremely powerful, but also very easy to use. Indeed, you can learn to set up your Final Data" database, enter your information and print the results in a matter of minutes... not hours. You'll soon be generating all kinds of reports and label print runs to suit your kind of work.
T p mm ir .,...'V. Final Copy II is ideal for lhal quick letter hut also boasts features which arc powerful enough to help you produce end results normally only associated with expensive Desk Top Publishing packages... always easy to achieve, w ithout the fuss!
Unique features such as KastDraw on screen drawing tools tto generate boxes, borders, lines and arrows etc. I and Perfect Print '' Ian advanced system that enables you to print the same Postscript1'1 outline fonts lo any printer in both landscape & portrait modes) ensure lhal Final Copy II is the leader in its class.You can easily generate multiple newspaper style snaking columns, import any graphic objects or pictures land place them anywhere on your page), scale or crop those graphics and also auto flow text around them. You can even print text over graphics and the output is always of the
highest quality.
Final Copy II offers the perfect balance between word processing and more advanced page layout creation - in one great program, Ease and speed of use with total control of the final printed presentation is available on your floppy based Amiga system right now for only £49.95 inc. p&p.
Final Copy II requires any Amiga floppy or hartl tlrive system with a minimum of I Mb. Free RAM IA600 hard drive computers need 1.5Mb). Twin floppy drives ore recommended for total flexibility with no installation or multiple disk swops required.
Designed to get the most out of an Amiga floppy drive based system.
Final Copy II offers more than just word processing tat which it naturally excels) and opens up a world where 'how the document looks' is as important as ‘what the document savs*.
Final Copy II Release 2 Hard drive compulsory, this new the ultimate performance. As with Final Copy II. Excellent output is guaranteed utilising PerfectPrint and you'll also benefit from a host of other advanced features including...
• Text Blocks ' w hich position text at any size, angle and
position on the page.
• Touch Tools & Powerl scrBars giving one touch' control - just
click on a button... define, change and save such attributes as
text position, font size, font styles (bold, italic, underline
etc.). justification, bullets, line spacing, indents etc.
• FastDraw Plus" allow ing more versatile on screen draw ing
tools w hich include options like rotation.
Final Writer can also import, scale, crop, view oa screen and output structured PostScript EPS clip-art images (wc even include WO free) to any printer. With PostScript printers your options include... thumbnails, crop marks, scaling and halftoning.
Add Arexx Macros, floating palettes, undo redo tboth text formatting nnd graphics), table of contents, auto indexing, table of illustrations, bibliography generation, new drag & drop Amiga word publishing power, only £74.95 inc. p&p.
Release .1 includes HR) quality clip art files and 120 outline fonts and, when you register with J Soft Wood, we send you a further "' 2 50 Bonus Fonts Free too!
Final Writer Rel 5 requires any Amiga running Workbench 2 or . with tt Itanl disk drive and a minimum of 2Mb. Free RAM.
Text, spelling while you type, dictionary hyphenation, foreign language dictionaries (German. Trench and Norwegian), auto save, polygon graphics irregular shape generation, plus lots more. Release .1 takes your Amiga further than ever before!
Detects entries of invalid dales etc. and display s an alert message). Screen totals are available as options on all amountVcaleulatiiins numbers can also be formatted w ith currency signs and commas) Final Data even ha' built-in routines l»*r label printing and you can always utilise the "Print Merge” feature found in Final Copy ll'" and Final Writer ' - simply select the program you are using and Final Data does the rest automatically. You can also access any database created in Pen Pal'", MiAmiga Pile and File llsg,M as well as standard ASCII files found in many other programs. Above all
you'll be able lo start using Final Data immediately .
New Release 2 adds features that now allow you to...
• Select Multiple Rows Columns that aren’t adjacent to one
• Call up a comprehensive Database Query Requester which lets you
define a complex search criteria • Access Sub Lists to display
row s which have been located by a query or manually selected
and then pnni or save them • Open a window in which you type
information to use as a Memo • Create a database with Running
Calculation Columns (for using like a current account staiement
with credits against debits etc.I and
• Refined use of many other Final Data functions too.
In a recent Cl’ Amiga Maga inc. The editorial read "...the majority of Amiga users sitting at home wondering what practical use they can put their computers to should rush out and get Final Data immediately”.
An easy to use yel extremely powerful method for keeping all your records in order... at only £39.95 inc. p&p.
Filial Data Rel 2 requires any Amiga system with a minimum of 512K free RAM operating under Workbench 1.5 or higher.
Final Data New Release 2 Final Data has been developed to be by tar the EASIEST TO USE Database for your Amiga. To set up a Final Data database, you won’t be confronted by an* array of unfamiliar commands... simply define a column for each category of information you want to keep eg. First name, surname, house name number, street, town, county, postal code, phone number etc. Incidentally, you can add or remote columns at any stage). Your new database will appear as a table with rows and columns allowing you to view whole ranges of data at the same time. Column widths can be adjusted bv
dragging their borders with the mouse. Data is then entered into “cells" t Final Data even Help on memtm : our products are the moil economual in their me of memory. Like other*, we quote the minimum memory required lo load our sqftnare hul also like to make it clear that all graphical software requires more memo' ¦ dependent on the functions hems; used.
Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initial! S): 53 Cn00 Postcode: ADVANCE INFORMATION ON THE ALL NEW... Final Calc" & % 1 Icanl A mhorisation Signature:) ?
IPleaw Tick if required} Credit Debit Card Expiry Date: amf Daytime telephone:_________________________ Evening telephone:_____________________ Please rush me... Please charge my credit debit card as detailed below and rush me my new SoftWood software I Please Tick as required!... Final Caps II IK £49.95 |_i Final Copy ll Overseas £59.95 j Final Writer IK £74.95 j j Final Writer Oversea' £84.95 1” Final Data UK £39.95 | | Final Data Overseas £49.95 j | Final Writer Foreign i-i Final Writer Foreign Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order fort______:______payable to SoftWood Products Europe... Heme M
i ™ihfMnpag)) PLEASE RETURN THIS ORIIER FORM TO: SoftWood Pnuluets Eitmpe. New Street. Aljrelm. Derbyshire OEM IBP or TAX us m 01 77) S3IM ? Final writer foreign Dictionary Overseas £26.95 |_| Please tick: GERMAN Q FRENCH [H NORWEGIAN Q Credit Debit Card No.: I Issue No. (Switch Cards Only): Countv (Country if overseas): Surname: Address: If you're asking yourself what a Pro-Pak might be, it's actually the structured drawing program ProVector bundled with several handy little utilities for dealing with vector images.
Graeme Sandiford can tell you more... You can't beat a paint package for creating images - just slosh on the 'paint', and you're away.
But if you make mistakes, or want to change an image at a later date, then you've had it. Even changing the size of your picture can be a problem - bitmap images sometimes distort badly and often become blocky-looking, which limits an image's usefulness in DTP designs.
So how do you get around this frustrating limitation? Probably the best answer is a vector-based drawing program, which is what ProVector is. The main difference between bitmap and vector programs is the way in which they store and represent the image on the screen.
Paint programs just store the whole screen as pixels of different colours, but vector programs store their data as vectors, which are a geometrical description of a shape and the relationship between the points that make up a shape.
The result is that shapes can be transformed and scaled without any loss in quality and, no matter how closely you zoom in, the lines and shapes always remain smooth. The vector method also has the advantage of treating the things you draw as either individual objects or groups of objects, which means that any object can be singled out and modified at any time.
ProVeeloris not new, but it's now available for the first time in this suite of programs called collectively Pm-Pok- it comprises ProVector 3, StylusTrarrr, PSImport and RexxRequest. Between these programs, you should have everything you need to create Vector-based images and convert from PostScript and bitmap images.
The nerve centre is ProVector, which links to the other programs by means of Arexx. Obviously enough, ProVector is primarily for drawing images and it has a relatively straightforward interface that looks like a cross between a paint package and a DTP program.
A project window displays the page you'll be drawing on, with vertical and horizontal rulers, while a floating toolbox offers tools for doing three different things to objects: creating, manipulating and modifying them. Clearly a creating tool simply creates an object, but the difference between a manipulation tool and a modifying tool is that modifying involves physically changing an object, whereas manipulating an object just changes its position or orientation.
The main creation tools are Freehand.
Straight-Curve, Rectangle, Ellipse and Text. The Freehand tool works in much the same way as its painl-package counterpart - scrawl away and a line appears - but since it’s a vector line, it can be adjusted by moving its points.
Straight-Curve is the most useful: it draws continuous lines that are a combination of straight and curved parts - you simply click and hold to get a curve rather than a straight line. The Ellipse and Rectangle draw what you'd expect, though if you shift-click on the tool icons, as with most of the tools, extra options appear.
10 ft ft 5 9 0 9 The Rectangle can be used to draw regular polygons by inputting a number of sides, while the Ellipse tool can be modified to create circles, arcs and wedges.
The main modification tools work on an object's points. To modify a point, you first select the object and then double-click on the point, which brings up a list of possible modifications. The options are Move, Add Before, Add After. Delete, Make Curve and Adjust. These are pretty self-explanatory except for Make Curve, which turns a point into a curve by adding a point either side.
The manipulation tools include the usual features for scaling, rotating and moving objects as well as a cloning tool which can make copies of an object.
There are also tools for moving objects forward or backward in their current layer, so that they can overlap, or be placed behind, other objects.
As well as tools, there are other functions available from pull-down menus.
It is possible to group objects together so that they can moved and re-sized as one.
An object can be broken down into paths or lines which can be manipulated individually, which can be handy for text effects - type in your text, then break up the letters and mess around with them.
Text can also be aligned to paths to give you lines of words that squiggle or run round the edge of an object.
You can distort an object by warping it, skewing it, or changing its perspective.
Objects can even be mirrored, or morphed using the Blend tool to generate a series of objects diat change in shape. The program also retains a high level of compatibility, since it can export images in EPS and Adobe’s Illustrator format.
Enough of ProVector - the Pro-Pak also includes StylusTracer. This program's function is to convert bitmap images to a vector format that can be read by ProVector, Emerald Creative Technology 0181 715 8866 PRICE £199.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 2Mb RAM recommended.
SPEED Most of the programs are very fast considering the complicated calculations they have to perform.
MANUAL • • • • Logically structured and well-written, though more tutorials would be good.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • All the programs have good interfaces, although StylusTracer can be a little confusing at first.
And it does this very successfully. It also has image processing features to help make the tracing process as accurate and easy as possible, including colour re-mapping, a variety of blurs, scaling tools and even some painting tools.
Of the other two useful tools, PSImport is used to convert PostScript images and fonts into a format that can be read by ProVector. This opens tip a wide resource of clip-art from different systems such as PC and Mac. RexxRequest is an excellent Arexx tool that enables you to create windows and gadgets for your Arexx programs.
All in all, this is a mightily impressive collection of illustration tools and could be of benefit to casual users and professionals alike. Although it may be the most fully featured vector drawing program on the Amiga, it is far from cheap and would benefit from a price-reduction. *2?
This is without doubt the most feature-laden structured drawing program (or suite of programs) available for the Amiga.
VALUE • • • • Although this is cheap by Mac or PC standards, a drop of about £50 wouldn't do the program any harm.
"At last, a program to rival Freehand and Illustrator on the Apple Mac."
¦SpeclalReport .ho, y Au,u"’h pro Ant mo Scanner Importing images for use in your documents is a great way of livening up your DTP and there's a scanner to suit every pocket. This month's Supertest covers the whole spectrum from hand held to flatbed.
Which one suits you?
Interview: Our resident DTP expert, Larry Hickmott, puts them all through their paces and gives you the information you need to make an informed purchase. It’s scan-tastic1 ShopporCholCO Am|.FIMSat* The Amiga Amiga Shopper found out what lies in store for the Amiga at Escom's recent press conference.
Reborn AS follows up the story of Escom’s purchase of Commodore, finding out what they have in store for the future of the Amiga.
Their exciting plans are unveiled with specifications for new models and the aim of re-launching the Escom Amiga as the platform for multimedia. Everything you wanted to know about the Amiga's future, but were too afraid to ask.
Disks This month's disks include an exclusive demo of Ami-FileSafe, the new professional file system, as well as a huge, specially selected PD extravaganza.
With a disk cataloguing program, a word processor, a file manager, dozens of utilities, 3D objects, clipart, samples and so much more, these disks bring you the cream of the crop. You'll lap it up.
Emulation When is an Amiga not an Amiga? When it sheds its skin and turns itself into a PC, a Mac, a Spectrum... This special report looks at software emulators that enable you to run software from different platforms on your beloved Amiga. There's also information on simulating CD 32s, on Amigas with CD drives and transfernng data to and from Pcs and Macs. And it needn't break the bank! All the products from Public Domain to commercial are tested out to find the one that suits your needs best.
Plus Reviews
• Scala MM400 - The latest version of the world’s best multimedia
presentation program gets fully road-tested.
• SyncMaster - We tell you our view of Samsung's new monitor
• Plus! Flexi-Link, Final Data 2 and a massive 19 Cds in this
month's roundup and more!
Amiga Shopper August issue 52 On sale now, SERIOUSLY AMIGA AUGUST 1995 Digita Organiser BotolsrS Channel 4 6c" Q M M So ss SeOoCce SkvO*3W The Diary is the part of the program you'll probably use most.
DIGITA ORGANISER Events can be used to trigger external programs or commands.
If you are anything like me, your desk, monitor and most of the available wall space will be covered with yellow Post-it notes. I can well imagine that a time-lapse recording of my desk over the course of a month would look like the growth cycle of some strange yellow fungus, as old notes steadily died away and new ones replaced them.
All this could soon come lo an end, thanks to Digita Organiser. Essentially this is a digital Filofax™ but, unlike that other indispensable poseur's accessor)’, the electronic pocket organiser. Organiser is integrated with your Amiga.
As with I.ol as Organiser on the PC, Organiser models itself on the leather- bound original. Its interface is basically an on-screen representation of what Filofax™ imitators coyly call a 'personal organiser' and you move from area of the program to Are you clean, tidy, well-organised?
Do you never forget a birthday?
If so, you might not need this - but Graeme Sandiford does!
Auto Start Ottions Command: |Hoc10Vie*tek VT | Select,., | Arguments: |3D:i«ages guillotine | Add... | VI Ask Before Starring lest Auto Start | Friday 9 June 1995 Richard's last day flk 1 Cltar Cancel| Digita Organiser t11995 Digita International n| test.org (Hot Key = control alt o) "Digin Organiier $ l?95 Digita InternatTMiaT 31 test.org (Hot Key = control alt o) fritov 9 to* 1995 | 9:38 AM Caev Deadline Jowv: Where * yer coey Bojheeto-I Pi * X Trotfiy Shv One 8om I I r I Q|l3 ' | P | & I F'ito,9Jx«1995 ["*MAM if* 1995 Aflottxr !t'( only tiv* tort to* ms Friday 9 another by clicking on
page-corners or sticking-out thumb-tabs. There are high- tech alternatives in the form of icons and menus, so whatever it is you want to do.
You can usually pick from three ways of getting it done.
The program breaks down into five main sections: Calendar. Diary, Tasks.
Addresses and Supplements. The functions of the Addresses and Calendar displays are so obvious 1 won't even mention them, except to say that the Calendar shows several months at a time and clicking on a date takes you to that day's Diary entrv.
The Diary is where you’ll spend most of your time - after all. The idea of a PIM' (Personal Information Manager) is to keep you up-to-date with appointments. Making an entry in your diary is as simple as clicking on the date you wish it to start.
This brings up the Event Details requester, and all you have to do is type in the details of your appointment, adding a title and notes describing the event. The date can also be given one of five priority settings.
Events can be set to repeat every day, week, month or year until a specified date.
You can also set an alarm, complete with MANUAL • • • I Clear and quite copious. Does an excellent job of guiding you through the program's features.
SPEED ••••• Searches are performed quickly, as are the importing and exporting of files.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • « An excellent interface enables you to work the way you want to.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1Mb of RAM and Workbench 2+.
Digita International 01395 270273 PRICE £39.99 on-screen reminder, lo appear in advance of the event. The best feature, however, is Auto Start, which will execute a command.
This could be used to start a timed back-up of your hard disk, for example.
The Tasks section is another one that is used frequently. Essentially it's a list of things to do. The entries in this list can be sorted by priority settings and can be ticked off once the task is completed.
Once the date for a task has gone by it turns red if it has not been ticked off, to attract your attention.
The Supplements section is an interesting one: it's a collection of maps, conversion tables and all the other amusing but fundamentally useless sheets you can buy for your Filofax™. These are in ASCII format, so you can add your own and PD ones are bound to appear.
Organiser is useful, easy to use and has plenty of extras both practical and silly (like Digi Sense, which is a find tool, and the fortune cookies that appear every time the program is started). I've been using it for well over a month now and I'm afraid if Digita want it back they will have to send several big men with sticks to get it. Zj "An essential piece off software to bring organisation to all scatter-brains."
VALUE • • • £39.99 is a small price to pay for sorting your life out.
So many features it's like having your own secretary - well, almost.
available for Amiga with 2400x2400 dpi with interpolation.
£399 Full 24 Bit scanning.
Full SCSI-II interface.
Includes scanning Software for Amiga's.
Compatible with any Amiga PC Mac with a SCSI card.
- ROM DRIVE GASTEINER A600 A500 RAM BOARDS Simply plug in and go'
Fits internally in trap door.
A600 1Mb Withoul Clock £20 A600 1Mb With Clock £33 A500* 1Mb Without Clock £20 A500 1 2Mb Withoul Clock £15 GASTEINER A1200 RAM CARD OKTAGON 4008 SCSI CARD SCSI-II controller card, upgradable to 8Mb zip ram, Ideal tor A2000-A4000 range ot Amiga's and any SCSI CD- Rom dnve.
OKTAGON 4008 card 0Mb £129 BLANK DISKS QD HD 10 £3.50 £6 50 £15 £25 500 £145 £245 1000 £280 £480 MONITORS High quality 14" monitors, suitable for A500-A4000 range.
MicroVitec 1438 £279 MicroVitec 1440 £399 Phillips 8833MK2 £249 Unpopulated board £49 2Mb 4Mb £109 £169 £189 GASTEINER EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES DRIVES £39.95 88Mb £189 105Mb £199 200Mb £299 270Mb £299 Squirrel adaptor Oktagon 4008 2j : Double speed technology and multisession.
Full SCSI controller.
Compatible wrtb any Amiga with a SCSI adaptor (A600 A1200 with Squirrel adaptor) ISO9660 Red Book.
Motorised CD loading tray.
CD32 Emulation Software SCSI thru port lor additional SCSI devices.
Fast IDE hard drives. 900-Kb sec seek 14ms ave.
Fast SCSI hard dnves, t200.Kb sec, seek 9ms ave.
Slimline 2.573.5" mechanism.
Low powered 2.5" Internal A1200 A600 IDE drives.
Formatting and installation software included, (lor A1200 A600) Cables also included 3,5:iOE 40Mb 420Mb £129 t20Mb 80Mb 540Mb £165 340Mb 120Mb 850Mb £239 540Mb 240Mb ) 1Gb £299 ssoMb 340Mb 1Gb 810Mb £49?
2Gb SPECIAL OFFER 420MB £235 850MB £319 Fits into A500 500* Side Expansion port A500 500. External IDE Hard Drive unit.
Upgradable to 8Mb Fast Ram.
800KyDouble density Media sizes Half height slimline design Built in On Off switch.
Floppy drive thru port.
A60CVA1200 DRIVES FREE FITTING £99 3JLSCSJ 28800bps ITU-T V.34 Data Protocol 14400bps ITU-T V.32BIS Fax Protocol Compatible with all Amiga computers.
All data speeds trom 300bps - 28800bps Class 1 » 2 tax modes 14400bps Fax Data Modem. £116 28800bps Fax Data Modem. £246 ALFA DATA MOUSE Industry standard 72 pin simm upgradeable to 8Mb Fits internally In trap door Compatible with PCMCIA slot.
Upgrade with any FPU size.
With built-in real-time clock.
400 Dpi resolution.
100% compatible with all Amiga’s.
Effortless finger-tip operation with reliable microswitch buttons.
£9.99 30 PIN SIMMS 30 Pin simms, suitable for A500 A600 ram cards and third party Ram Accelerator cards.
1Mb £27 2Mb £89 4Mb £109 84 PIN SIMMS 64 Pm simms. Suitable tor GVP ram cards and Accelerator cards.
4Mb £199 72 PIN SIMMS 72 Pin simms. Suitable tor A4000 A1200 ram cards and Accelerator cards.
1Mb £35 2Mb £69 4Mb £129 8Mb £269 16Mb £399 32Mb £899 ZIP RAM Zip ram. Suitable tor A500 A500* Alfa data hard drives.
Oktagon 4008 SCSI card and the A3000 Every 2Mb £100 A1200 ACCELERATOR CARDS Increase your computing power by adding an accelerator card tor your A1200 Viper 6803O28Mhz 0Mb £119 Viper 68030 28Mhz 2Mb £189 Viper 68030 28Mhz 4Mb £249 Viper 68030 28Mhz 8Mb £359 Viper 68030 40Mhz 0Mb £189 Viper 68030 40Mhz 4Mb £319 Viper 68030 40Mhz 8Mb £449 GVP A123Q40Mhz 0Mb £109 Deliver* Charges Ail pac*S MCUX* VATSm u consaaa&is ax sot-max items tx vwiu* Of £50 *UAM A£0 £350 P&P Ox* fTfus HC***- LASERS. XXT cttXAM* »»vCC £10 PER * O»SH0«6 ANC HOAAVJS PyiAS* CAU. «OR A OuOttTC* Is ACOIC* Ml cr*i* tx »tx40%**
ekpxss S««VCTS Sa* *C4V DtkVEWv NCAUAk ratc pvus £15 PC* KB. WCWFK, KXT OA* RA*f PkJS £10 PtR KB. EiOE PRCCS Sk*XCT to CMAT*j£ A-T xn POOR NOTCt Aki T(U£4UA(*5 AotW VkEDG£D HOW TO ORDER Vma 0«C€RM *v -!UR04 PkEAM OUT* XX* CPOT CAPO » XkO"CO l TX !»**¦ Off ARC A*SO XX* PVU HAMf AX) ACORESS f B- CXOtA MAM Maat rr Moaf tq GaSTTK* TfO**XOG* K an- CtWSOOVT PvfAM OuO*f A XMM* AX A POSTAL COO* PilAH AOCM WCAtM CM*9 *0* cxojc cawwa Ide controller card tor A2000-A4000 to drive a DoubleTriple or Quad speed Mitsumi CD-Rom drive.
Or just another internal hard drive.
Tandem card £69 Tandem card » Tnple Speed CD £169 Tandem card * Quad Speed CD £199
F. P.U Increase the speed ot your machine when adding this chip
to your accelerator cards Suitable tor Viper Ram cards tor
A1200 and for A4000 030 cpu’s.
28Mhz £24 33Mhz £39 40Mhz £89 50Mhz £110 External hard drive case tor Gasteiner hard dnves External case ? PSU cable £69 Gasteiner 126 Fore Street,Upper Edmonton, Tel: 0181-345-6000 Fax: 018 London, N 1 8 1-345-6868 2 X A m GAMES G383 ROCKETZ v2.25 Improved version Of thu excepbonai 1 or 2 player split screen Thrust genre shoot-em-up WB 3-0* orty G484 T RACER Professional sharewa'e &toe scrofcng piaster G495 PUNTER vl.O Animated horse raoro bcttng game G496 SUPER MEGA FRUITS Shareware tru-1 mac no game G498 DONKEY KONG Bntoant authentc done of the al bme class* G499 GRAVITY FORCE 2 Compofene 2
pfeyer sp’-t screen Waster G503 MASH SnXar to Team 17s new Wormz game A subtle cross between Len-mog5 and Cannon Fodder Shareware G506 CYBERMAN 3 Dimensional Pacman clone with smooth vector graphics Ama mg WB3 0*crty G388-G391 4 DISKS) KLONDIKE OELUXE 3 Utest verson, but MD nstalaton and 4 megs of memory neoded WB 3.0* orty G443-G444 2 OlSKSl CHANEOUE Bnfeanl Lommmgs style plattorm puzzle game reviewed last monm Very addctrve documents the easy way | U325 OCTAMED v4. The most powerful music composition software available from the Public Domain Now freeware release U449 ZXAM SPECTRUM EMULATOR
v1.6b Latost version of the optimised speccy emulator tor AGA Amiga s WB 3.0 orty U670 PERSONALITY ANALYSIS A rather neat programme that win write a essay on your personality after you have answered a series of questions The results are indeed very accurate and enlightening U671 GFX CON Powerful picture format convertor Supports Gif. Jpeg.
IFF. PCX. Postscript, TIN. TargaJJMP and others 4 MB and hard drive recommended Nc* WB 13 U675 AWARD MAKER 2 Create and print an ondfess variety of award certificates with this neat programme U677 F1 EDITOR Allows you to edit various cosmetic and physical ¦ ‘J '.'I ir-r Form'..:,I Quo Grand Prix gam.; The coolest PD CD ROM around with a user friendly menu driven front end (unlike some others). We have only selected the very latest PD from around the world from the best games to the greatest serious applications. Something for everyone whether it be an addictive shoot-em-up or a stunning Star
Trek Imagine Object. So up-to-date most of the titles listed in this advert are on the CD.
¦ Custom GUI tor easy operation.
’ Exclustve packs made especially for this CD
* Over 65 kkmdike cards ' The complete Gathering 95 demos ¦
Software from Dec 94 onwards only.
" The complete Active Software Pro disk packs
• Ground Zero Imagine ob|ects packs ZOOM CD ROM COSTS ONLY £19.99
+ P&P.
Requires WB 2.0* to run interface MAGORfA tfTlMM £ ASSASSIN GAMES TH® col«clion from 1-200 £16 99 AMOS PD LIBRARY Amos titles and source code £16 99 AMINET 4 Th® latest titles from around tho g©0o £14 99 AMINET 5 PD Software straight oft the Internet £14 99 HOTTEST 4 Games, utn* anmationa. Demoo etc £16 99 HOTTEST 5 Loads more great pubM; dome.n stuff £16 99 LOCK AND LOAD 1000 classic PO games £16 99 PRO CLIPART GIFS Gfamour, an Untuned, etc £1699 WEIRD SCIENCE FONTS 18.000 Hes £999 SPECCY SENSATIONS 500. Etaswe Soectrum oan*s £16 99 17 BIT PHASE 4 AW o« 17 Bits tatost titles £ )6 99 ADULT
SENSATIONS Over 30CQ AGA ladfe* 18* ONLY £18 99 LIGHTROM 3d Ot ects. Images. Sequences, etc. £37 99 LIGHTROM 2 More Lightwave gear. £37 99 SOUNDS TERRIFIC Music modules and sound sampfes £17.99. MULTI MEDIA TOOL KIT 2 Aimed at muse and vk»o professionals Includes the full version of Octamod 5.05. £25.99. AMINET BOX SET Quad CO pack Aminet 1 to 4 £26 99 AMINET 6 Latest version £14 99 Postage and Packing on CD ROMS 1 CP £1.00 ZC£s_£l,5Q 3.t_CP:sJ&QQ For Amiga, PC and MAC Images supplied in 640 x 480 resolution 256 colour GIF s, 24 Bit Jpeg's and TIFF s Very Latest PD Free Booklet IZ ZOOM H
HOTTEST 5 P PHASE 4 I editor. AGA only I G577 MASTER BLASTER 101 2 Ptayor Dynbtostor clono with cute I graphics and plenty of power ups I G678 SPELLTRIS Tetns variant but instead of falling blocks W u mus1 I make up words from tailing letters to clear the level I G579 PLAYBOY CARDS For KlonOAe Deluxe I G580 TANKS 3D vector graphics 2 player shoot-em-up. Based on the I clasic arcade game Incredibly addictive I G58I EVASIVE AKSION Plattorm game where you're trapping vwtfun I a dream with a crazy setting I G582-GS83 (2 DISKS) ALIEN GENOCIDE Voj must destroy the I alien mtestion thal has taken
over the heavy cutset I G584 KELLOGS LAND Commercial quality praitorm game I G585 PAUL'S JOURNEY BitX«caI adventure game I G586-G587 (2 DISKS) THE UTLIMATE STAR TREK Been around tor I a wile but still greal Stategy game by Tobias Rchter You are captain I of the Enterprise on the 5 year mission I G588-GS89 |2 DISKS) STAR TREK This ones by J*nbo Barber I G590-G592 (3 DISKS) STAR TREK This ones by Eric Gustafson I Digitised graphics and sound ettocls aro used to great effect I G594 BATTLE DUEL v1.01 Arlioery game suited lor h-res monitors I and hard drives Not WB 1 3.
I G595 BIRDS CARDS The feathered type For Klondike Deluxe.
I GS96 NBA CAROS American basketball cards tor Klondike Deluxe I G597 NEW ROSES CARDS Flowers For Klondike Deluxe 2 4 3 I G598 MAMMALS CARDS Animal cardset For Klondike Deluxe I GS99 OCEAN CARDS Sea lito For Klondike Deluxo 2 4 3 I G600 X-DOS KlondikeDeluxe cardsel Over 18 S only I G601 PSYCHEUAL Shareware Alien breed style shool-em-up with I plenty of blood and gore Not WB i 3 I G602 LAST LAP v1.0 Fantastic racing game tor 1 or 2 players I Speed around many exciting circuits 2 Meg required I G603 JETSET WILLY 3 Clone of the brtliant Spocfrum platform*!
I G604 PATRICIA FORD CARDS Cards tor Kicndike Deluxe 3 Over 18 I G605 EROTICA CARD Cards tor Klondike Deluxe 3 Over 18 s only I G606 GLOOM DEMO Payable Doom clone game The first one to I include a split screen 2 player facility Loads of great gore AGA only I G607 CRITICAL HIT Fantasy table top style wargame Excellent I shareware wargame.
I G608 POKER MANIA Poker card gamo lrml machine type of game ir played So polished you can see yor tace m it AGA only I G610 DELUXE PACMAN ECS 1.6 The same great game but tor I the non AGA amiga Not WB 1 3 I G6t I AD.D CARDS Role playing style card set tor al versions of I Klondike Oeiuxe 2 BRATWURST Th* ts a smular concept to Roctetz and Gravity e 2 lo 4 players fty m space ships shooting each other down I The added feature is the incredible graphics innovation The game jses the Virtual Fighter kind of system where when the ships get noser the screen zooms in and zooms out when tarther apart
No »lit screen need Ingenious and really amazing AGA orty 3613 TLC A good iron Light Cycles game with level editor One of the I more playable and less frustrating versions around I G614 DOOM II CARDS Cardsel tor Klondike Deluxo I G615-G616 SUPER COMBAT 3 2 player spM screen combat game I Mission ob|ecbves lor each fevol and toads of weapons AGA only I G617 BATTLE TRUCKS DEMO Remote controlled 2 player vehicle I combat game I G618 DELUXE GALAGA 2.6 New version ol the finest shareware I Amiga shoot-em-up around More added features. Not WB 1.3. I G619 WAR OF THE WORLDS 4 Shareware Virtual Reality
soonco I fiction adventure game AGA onfy 1 G620-G625 (6 OlSKSl KLONDIKE DELUXE 3 DISK VERSION I This version no longer requires a hard drive bui does need 4 meg of J memory AGA only I G626 BREAKING BRICKS Bat and Ban breakout game Not W8 t 3 27 PSSTI Clone of the classic Spectrum game AGA onfy UTILITIES I U687 AMIGA FAX 1.42 Shareware Fax modem softwaro Not WB I 3 | U688 AMIGA BASE Tho most powerful shareware database aiiabk? That cun oven oe prngrammeo Man. Teatures modem link between two computers or via modom Not WB 1 3.
GS19-GS22 4 DISKS! CHILD MURDERER AGA Smarter horror text graphic adventure set in victonan tones AGA only G523-G52S (3 DISKS) CHILD MURDERER ECS The above adven- I lure game for non-AGA Amiga's Avoid is easily scared Nol WB 1 3 G526 GLASSBACK 2 Nice platlorm and ladder game ideal tor tho I younger ptayer Shareware GS27 DOMINOES A gamo ol dodicat-on and cunning G528 CAR BUSINESS Shareware game based on the multi billion dollar car industry where you're at the helm of such a company G529 SCORCHED TANKS 1.85 Brilliant and addictive Artillery game I to* 1 to 4 players, Mamouth amount of weapons
G530-G5S2 (22 DISKS) JACK NICKLAUS ULTIMATE GOLF COURSES Loads ot courses for this commercial game Phono us for the list of courses or see catalogue disk 2 G553 THE THERAPIST The computer becomes a therapist and you the pationt G554 SUPREME FIGHTER Beat-em-up with graphics in the style of I the Spectrum classic Ti Na Nog G555 TOMMY TANKERS 2 Player overhead tank warfare game G556 WHEEL CHAIR GLADIATORS Up to 4 player beat-em-up with plenty of weapons Not W8 t .3. G557 INOYCAR CHALENGE Racing team management game G558-G559 (2 DISKSi MASQUERADE Excefemt puzzle gamo AGA orty.
G560-G561 (2 DISKS I WALLY WORLD Plattorm game G562-G563 (2 OlSKSl THE PYRAMID GAME Puzzle platlorm game | G564-G573 (10 DISKS) CLASSIC C64 GAMES Fm to the bnm with ir Requiros C64 Emule
o puzzle game Don’t n GAMES G511-G513 (3 DlSKSi CARD GAMES DELUXE
Uses the Ktondlke card sets Video Poker and Black Jack 3 Meq
required AGA only G514 VENUS CARDS Glamour cards tor Ktondiko
Doluxe 2 ot better G5t5 LION KING CARDS For Klondike Deluxe 2
or better GS16 MARILYN 2 CARDS For Klondike Deluxe 2 or better
G517 FEARS PREVIEW New version of tfes amazing Doom clone rrrus
IU693 DELITRACKER II Hi U style music module player Supports
• 100 different lor mats Mo* WB 13 I U694 PARNET HARD DRIVE 1.4
Amiga to Amiga'Amoa to CDTV.'
| Amiga to CD32 (SXf 1 pamoi software Easy to use No* WB 13 U695-U697 (3 DISKS: ARCHIVING KfT Lha. Lzx. Tar. Zip. Zoo. Dms Arj, Uuencode. Powerpower And Graphics interfaces to make it easy U698 MAGIC DIRECTORY OPUS COMPANION Adds oxlra toatures U699 METEAFORM TUTORIAL For Lightwave.
U700 MAIN ACTOR v1.55 Module animabon system Need Hard Drive Not WB 13 U701 VIC 20 EMULATOR P us 20 games to fry out.
U702-U703 (2 OlSKSl D PAINT 4.1 BUDDY SYSTEM On line tutorial.' Reference manual tor tnis art package AGA only U748 LIBRARYS AND DATATYPES 47 of them AOA onfy U704 AMIGA TO PSION Conned your Amiga to Ybur Psion Palmtop U70S NATIONAL LOTTERY WINNER 2.0 Now works on all Amiag's U706-U706 (3 DISKS) PELICAN PRESS Oostoop publishing U709 MORE HARD DRIVE GAME INSTALLERS Alien Breed II ECS.
Apoche Apocaiyse. Arcade Pool, Assasin. Bill’s Tomato game.
Body Blows 2 AGA Crash Test Dummies. Cyberpunks Eltmana, Fantast* Dizzy Kick Oh 2 AGA. Lotus 3. Man United Premiere League Champions. Muzzy, Naughty Ones AGA, Pierre Le Chef, Trolls AGA. Ultimate Pinball. Zool AGA U710 DISK STIK VI.I Handy program to- printing 3 5' t»sk labels U711 PRO PAGE V2.1 HELP DISK TuiOon U712 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES Tompfetos tor cassotto sloevos, disk box dividers, video spnes etc Plus a toad of gemes U713 APLAYER 131 BriOiant, convenient multi-tasking module player Not WB 13 U714 COLOUR WB Change the took ol your workbench icons with these botter looking replacements Md
WB 13 Hard Dnve Onfy U715 U717 (3 disksi WORKBENCH BACKDROPS Selection ot Workbonch background piclures and patterns AQA only U718 ART PRO convenuon and procossinopackage Supports mam popular tormats plus datatypes Me* WB 13.
U719 TEXTURE STUDIO vt.01 Texture editor to* Imagine 3 Many super mapping features Shareware Require FPU Nctf WB 13 U720 AMIGADOS GUIDE vl.5 Learn about the Amiga DOS commands. The Amiga Dos applications and what those errofs mean U721 PROTECTOR File encryption programme U722 BALLS Super lottery numbers programme Generates random selections and can calculate numbers by examining me databaso of past winning number* U723 HARD DRIVE GAME INSTALLERS 3 Und.um 2. ro»S ECS.
Super Stardust Shadow of the Beast 3. Skidmarks 2. Skeleton Krew.
Amle 2. ATR. Beneath a Steel Sky. Bump 4 Bum. Faskbac*. Kings Quest 6. Lion King AGA. Mortal Kombat 2. Naughty Ones ECS.
Parasol Star*. Rue ot mo Robots. Rock 4 Roll Sosfbto World of Socco*. Shadow Fighter* ECS Not WB 13 U724-U725 MAGIC WB ICONS 6 More Icon replacements U726-U727 MAGIC WB ICONS 7 More Icon replacements U728-U729 MAGIC WB ICONS 6 More Icon replacements U730-U731 MAGIC WB ICONS 9 More Icon replacements U732 U733 MAGIC WB ICONS 10 More Icon replacements U734-U735 MAGIC WB ICONS 11 Moro icon replacement* U736 TELEPHONE BOOK v3.1 Telephone and address database system Not WB 13 U737 SET-UP PROCEDURES How to set up se« booting dos disks Several useful utilities wduded to aid the task.
U738 GFX LAB 24 Image p'ocessing programme catering tor 24 bit images Jpeg GIF. Targa. Ham 8. IFF etc AGA onfy U739 VIRUS WORKSHOP v5.1 Latest version ol this extensively featured v»us killer Not WB 13 U740 A1200 TOWER FIT DIY pro|ect on how lo tit the guts ot your A1200 into a PC tower case U741 VIRUS CHECKER 6.52 New version of th.s w©ll known virus U743 CD ROM DRIVERS Dnver software tor SCSI mounted CD Rom devices Not WB 13 U744 TEXT MASTER 1.0a Full featured shareware wo*d processor with 36.000 word spell checker Nc* WB 13 U745 FRODO A greal Commodore 64 emulator Not WB 1 3 U746-U747 (2
DS9 and Voyager Workbench backdrops AGA only U749 SOUND BOX v1.98 16 sound sample converter supporting.
RAW IFF, voc, WAVE. AIFF maud and Maestro tormats Nc* WB13 U750 ADDRESS PRINT V4.4 Utikty lor address labels Sharowaro MISCELLANEOUS I E103 LUCID MORSE TUTORIAL DEMO For Radio Amateurs IE 104 LUCID R.A.E. TUTOR DEMO For Radio Amateurs IE105 GCSE MATHS EXAM PAPERS Study disk tor students IT82 BACK DOOR 6 The ult male game cheat tips kstor Even covers rt-i"-__ PuAASTASi protection programme U742 HEDDLEY vl.1 Write Am aquide with this superb programme Nc* W0 13 T83 RED DWARF GUIDE Covers Irom series 1 to 6 T84 X-F1LES GUIDE Episodes guide T85-T91 (6 OlSKSl STAR TREK GUIOE The complete trekkie fan
database Episode guido. Scanned pictures etc Hard Drive only T92-T93 (2 OlSKSl GRAPE VINE 21 Latest release ol this lamous disk magazine Many computer and non computer related articles T94-T95 (2 DISKSI CLASSIC CHEAT LISTS Absofutefy 100* Of game hints and cheats T96 THE WORD NO.5 Scene disk mag by NFA AGA onfy El to TYPING DEMON vt .0 Typing tutor to test and oncourage increased typing speed wth less mistakes Et 11 KIDS DISK 7 Oun Moran s latest in the very popular Kid s Dak edutainment series For mlanls Superb DEMOS 0280 D281 (2 OlSKSl IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBILITY A Fine demo from Mystic A
competition winner AGA orty 0282 PRIMAL SCREAM HOT demo AGA orty Ml 63-Mi 64 (2 DISKSI HOPEFULLY A muwc rock-tro No* WB 13.
D283 SANITY ROOTS 2 Superb AGA orty D284-D286 (3 DISKS) GREENDAY One ot the best demos ot recent mcnths AGA only Hard drive only D287-D288 (2 DISKS) DEEP The Gtahermg 95 winner AGA orty D289-D29C (2 OlSKS) THE CUBIC DREAM *oo amazing lo be missed AGA orty AQA ONLY SLIDESHOWS AQA OM.Y S165-S166 (2 DISKS) SHERILYN FENN SLIDES S167-S169 (3 DISKS) DANNII MINOGUE SLIDES S170-S172 (3 DISKS) KATHY IRELAND SLIDES S173-S175 3 DISKS) KATHY IRELAND SUDES 2 S176-S178 3 DISKS) KYLIE MINOGUE SLIDES S179-S181 (3 DISKS) KYLIE MINOGUE SLIDE 2 S182-S184 (3 DISKSI NIKKI TAYLOR SLIDES S185-S187 (3 DISKS) PAMELA
S269 VANNA SLIDES Over 18 s only Textures and backgrounds Hundreds of megabytes of royalty tree specially selected photographic textures and backgrounds for raytracing, colour DTP and video.
Completely original images compiled over a 5 year period.
Categorized and supplied with index pictures.Includes special tutorials tor raytracing to show you how to get the best results from the textures.
" We believe this is the best compilation of it’s type".
Trrtis POSTAGE ANO PACKING ON Ft SAME AS PUBLIC DOMAIN P»P F t 041 GRAND PRIX MANAGER Hun your own Grand Pnx racing team Highly acclaimed 1994 Season PRICE £3 99 Ft044 BLACKBOARD v3 Professional mago processor Require* 2 floppy drives PRICE £5 99 ¦050 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS GUIOE TO AMOS V2 Guido tor iv Amos peogrammers. PrtCE £4 99 Ft4)52 OPERATION FIRE STORM Green Beret PRICE £3 99 Ft-031 POWERBASE v3.30 Professorial database PRICE £3 99 Ft 4)32 WORD POWER v2 Solve crosswords and anagrams Huge
36. 000* word dictonary PRICE £3 99 FI-033 POWER PLANNER Personal
orgimsor PRICE £3 99 F' -066 G.R.A.C Make your own graphic
pomt and click adventure mes like Rohes Of Deldroneyo Nc* WB
1.3 price £4 99
- 068 AQUANAUT Underwater shoot-em-up From tho author of Giddy I
4 II ana Operanon Fire Storm Incrodbfe PRICE £3 99 Ft 4)63
SPEEDTRIS Tetris game with NEW features PRICE £3 99 F1-072 THE
and cnek graphic adventure £6 99
• 074 AMIGA ASSIST To Show beginners how to use ttioir Amiga Many
in-depth easy to read iop * PRICE £3 99 Ft-076 08STICKLE
Mubt-ievel bouncy plattorm game £3 99 F1-078 SUNNY SPELLS Fun
wdh spelling lor kids PRICE £3 99 "' -080 MAL'S MAP EDITOR For
Amos and Amos Pro. PRICE £3 99 Fl-OBt AQUAKON Doom on water 30
shoot-em-up. By the author af Relics and Fortress AGA orty
PRICE £5 99 F1-83 IMAGE COMPRESSOR For Amos programmers
Replaces the IFF compactor PRICE £3 99 FI-84 WORO PLUS. PRO
Used to sold lor £14.95. A d tor solving crosswords anagrams,
etc 75.000* dictionary PRICE £4 99.
A comprehensive comptfatoon of ladnatmg UFO. Exiraterestal related text and picture files for the Amiga. Information about abductions, Roswell, Area 51. Cattle muWtetions. Crop circles, cover ups and much more Including soveral digitised pictures of UFO s PRICE: £900 * P&P. 9 DISKS.
, AN EXCLUSIVE GROUND ZERO PRODUCTION ¦ BY Jeremy Ford LEGIOnS OF Down Sci-Fi Dungeon Maste* genre role playmg game You have a choico from several fugitive character* and plenty of woapons to find and aliens to shoot Disk: F1-85 Fl Uconceware Price £4 99 • PSP 2 Dttks Not WB t 3 compawke State Floppy or Hard disk version By the author ot the Black Dawn ?ftVAR£ 'ROUND 2 PUBLIC DOMAIN. LICENCEWARE. CD ROMS ORDER PD
* To «drr PuM* Ixtmun toAaiK. Ilmpl rfnd yam aunt jiklrr.v i
WRITTEN CLEARLY I and yuut order drill* Ey fhtk cade mimferc
and uilt namrt •Remmhrr thal price* ur per ih k and r*n prrlilk
trie particular notice w.cti muJlipIr M*e Tor detailed proenmmr
dratnpimnx m ilw-r an] dktuiandi l mar Ptl Iillev check .ml
TELEPHONE FAX. 0117 9741462 (9am-6.00pm MON TO FRI) Internet: zero0ground.demon.co.uk FREE r-j ¦¦ | P utHrcDcoTAif' UliA OFFER Buy 10 PD disks, gel 2 free extra PD dis s of your choice Thai's righi 12 disks for the price of 10.
Offer ends 22 July 1995 Offer only applies to PD software at £1.00 per disk.
AUGUST 1995 SERIOUSLY AMIGA animations. TimeMachine is similarly complicated and has the largest area of the MM I manual devoted to it.
Up to 16 objects can be loaded into TimeMachine at one time. Each object is displayed on its own section of a grid and has its level of morphing indicated by a graph. You can add. Remove and drag keyframes for each object individually.
It also has extensive support for sound and you can load and play samples.
TIMEMACHINE A time-line editor for controlling multiple object morphs. Morphing is one of the most complicated of Lightwave's features and is essential for creating smooth MOTION MASTER I DISTRIBUTOR Premier Vision 0171 721 7050 PRICE £120 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Lightwave 3.5 and loads of RAM.
SPEED • • • • 3D animations are rarely worked out quickly, but most of the programs are pretty nifty.
MANUAL • • • • Well-written, with plenty of helpful tutorials and diagrams.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • This varies a great deal from program to program - some are a little hard to use. But most are OK.
FEATURES • • • • There are plenty of powerful features, but they are not all particularly useful.
VALUE • • • A bit too expensive, when you consider that most of the programs are not going to be used frequently.
"There are some interesting programs here, but few practical ones."
75% motion Vlaster I Both these packages are collections of several handy plug-ins, so we'll take a look at the individual features of each one.
EXTRACTAUDIO This one produces 'envelopes' from IFF samples. Why? Well, imagine you wanted to create an animation of a talking head using real samples: you would need to morph from one mouth position to another. And of course you would have to get the morph-target envelope spot-on, or the mouth would not be synchronised correctly with the sounds.
ExtractAudio reads amplitude data from samples and creates a envelope based on the information. Once saved, the envelope can be loaded in for use with any of Lightwave's features that support the use of envelopes to specify their parameters.
This could include things such as an object's size, position, or rotation, or a light’s intensity. As you can imagine, this opens up all sorts of possibilities: you could have a light that flashes in response to changes in sound, a ball that grows, or a dial or meter that rotates or moves.
MOUSERECORDER This is the smallest of the programs and performs a simple task. It records the motion you make with your mouse, but only movement on the Y axis.
This means that it isn't really suitable for choreographing complicated motions freehand, but you can create random or spasmodic fluctuations on an object’s position, size and orientation.
PATHFLOCK This little chap can load in several objects and then generate flocking motions for each one. These objects will be attracted to a certain point and will, therefore, gravitate towards it, but in doing so they will avoid crashing into other objects (if you choose that option).
The operation of this program is a little complicated and, as with most plugins available, it is best run simultaneously with Lightwave. However, it is much simpler and less labour-intensive than key-framing.
The results are excellent. By varying the options (such as inter-object stiffness, spacing of the object, their speed and Lightwave 3.5 is powerful and easy to use, but it can still be improved. Indeed, many of you are awaiting the delayed version 4.0. In the interim, Graeme Sandiford takes a look at two ways of improving Lightwave's features.
J htwave no SERIOUSLY AMIGA AUGUST 1 995 I as it rebounds from a surface). These effects can give impressive results and it's useful program to have because it adds that finishing touch to an animation.
POINT AT One of lightwave's best features is the ability to target an object with the camera or a light, but it’s a shame you can't make one object target another object. This is where PointAt comes in handy - it's a relatively simple tool. All you need to do is set up your scene, set the motion path for the object that is to be targeted and then load the scene into PointAt. Once loaded, you can select which object will target another, and save a scene ready to render.
VOLUMECUBE This has an interesting principle behind it
- random walks. This is a way of randomly controlling a group of
objects. It's an alternative to methods such as (locking, that
attempt to generate natural-looking motions for several
VolumeCube restricts the movements of an object to a cube-shaped area, so while the objects can move randomly, their overall movement is governed by the path of the volume. If an object comes into contact with the cube's sides it bounces off.
In summary, the collections arc expensive at £120 each, but Volume II offers more useful tools anti is the belter choice. *3 YU There are plenty of powerful features and, unlike Volume I, they're all potentially useful.
VALUE • • • « £120 is still a bit too expensive, but the programs can enhance your animations greatly.
"A collection of useful programs that no Lightwave user should be without."
88% CHILD2WORLD One of the most frustrating problems with Lightwave is using parented objects. If you un-parent an object from a hierarchy, it leaps back to its original position.
Child2World cures this by taking the positional information from the parent object and saving it to the child object.
You load the parent object's and each of the child objects' motion files into the program and list the motions hierarchically. The program will create motion files for each of the objects, so they become independent of each other.
This can be particularly useful when you are trying to create a scene where most of the objects stay in a similar trajectory until a certain frame. It's a convenient tool, and although you could achieve similar functions using Lightwave's 'make key-frame for object and descendants' option, this is a quick and easy way.
WOBBLER The sole purpose here is to make your objects wobble. The idea is quite simple - input a motion and the program will output a wobbly version.
To set your 'wobbliness' you are given control over three factors: restoring force (how quickly the object springs back toward its rest position), spring damping (the force that stops the object from bouncing indefinitely) and blobbiness (which can stretch or squash an object - an obvious use is a ball squashing slightly MANUAL • • • • Well-written, with plenty of helpful tutorials and diagrams.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Pretty much all of the programs are very easy to use.
SPEED • • • • As fast as you can expect programs working out complicated maths to be.
Not just three but four little plug-ins in this collection, but again very varied.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Lightwave 3.5 and loads of RAM.
Ulotion Master II MOTION MASTER II Premier Vision 0171 721 7050 PRICE £120 BUILD MUSCLES FAST!
NEW. Fast and effective way to build muscles and strength!
MUSCLE DYNAMICS is a 12-week body building programme based on the very latest scientific advances in strength training. Just 35 minutes daily in the privacy of your home will put you on the road to an amazing physique.
Noticeable results in 28 days guaranteed.
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WE ALSO REPAIR 1500, 2000, 3000 + 4000
I I I Address ..capitals I I I I L Name..
Totally comprehensive (each is a compilation of 24 programs with a book and manual, or equivalent except CD course which has 30) ...of excellent quality (eg. T.CI. are the best for providing help in this area' AMIGA COMPUTING) t • - 95 in AMIGA COMPUTING REVIEW) with far too many topics to list, but some examples are: Est. 13 Years CD32 or Amiga CD, Izappo etc)* 30 programs including fllm-hlte ones • Extensive speech
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MICRO MATHS (11 years - GCSE) 24 progiomv equiv • Algebra •
Geometry • Trigo MICRO FRENCH (Beginners - GCSE) 24 programs •
Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Talking cartoon etc
A500 Internal Drive A500 600 1200 PSU Fatter Agnus 8372A
Super-Denise 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure
game • Business letter generator etc MICRO ENGLISH (8 years -
• Speak & Spell • Punctuation • Grammar • Literature etc 8371
Agnus (A500I £12 8372A 1 Meg Agnus £24 i" 8375 2 Meg .Agnus 424
8374 Alice IA1200) £32 In 8362 Denise (A500) £9 HI* 8373 Super
Denise £18 to 5719 Cary £7 611 8520 CIA (A500 *) £15 l 8520
CLA A600 1200) £15 III 8364 I’aub (A500 *) £12 ii 8364 Paub
(PLCC) £16 ;•* Quality 2S inch Int HD Suited for A600SA1200 60
MM' £120.01 so MM. £125.01 120 Mbyte £150.01
170. Mbyte £195.0( 210 Mbyte £240.01 All drives complete with
cable, fitting instructions installation software and 12
months warranty MICRO SPANISH (Beginners - GCSE & Business)
24 programs • Real spcvvh • Graphics adwnturv game •
Business letter generator (I Mb) etc MICRO SCIENCK Physics,
Chemistry. Biology (8 years - GCSH) | MEGA MATHS (A level
- DART Computers Services 7A C~U g Kuo, A division ot D A.
Compulers I AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED PRICE ONLY ttflM Incl ¦ (A500 .
A600 ONLY)
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Video DAC 1A12001 £19 50 Kickstart 1.2 £4.20 Kickstart 1.3
£16.80 Kickstart 2.04 £22.411 Kickstart 2.05 £29.90 Rom Sharer
£15.00 NEW Modulators £29.50 All spares are factory MAS’and
Genuine Commodore parts. .All come uith Id months u arranty
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Service HOTLINE (0116) 2470069 DART Computer Services (AF) 105
£6.00 E.W. 0171 252 3553 144 TANNER STREET TOWER BRIDGE, LONDON SE1 2HG 24 pr«»gr.ims • Calculus • Algebra • Geometry • Full-scrocn graphs etc £5 OFF TOT L FOR 2 COIRSES. CIOOFF FOR i, £17 OFF FOR 4 dtes* All courses are on floppy disk and cost £24.99. except CD MICRO FRENCH wjiich costs £29.99. Cliequcs payable to LCL. Free catalogue. Trade enquiries welcome.
LCL (DF.PT AMF). THAMES HOUSE, 73 BLANDY ROAD, HENLEY-ON-THAMES. OXON RG9 1QB Reach the top with .7. ) Phone 01491 579345 sent within 24hrs Self-Tuition Light ROM Volume 2 PDSoft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £39.99 One of the best-selling CD-ROMs this year is the Light ROM, a large collection of 3D files, most of which were intended for use with LightWave. The second volume of this collection has gone- one step further towards a I.ightWaveoniy stance, because all the objects are stored in LightWave'i format, but the image-based files can still be used with any other 3D package.
One of the first things I look for in a CD is an index, because it saves a great deal of time searching for the right image.
Thankfully, as with the first disc. Light ROM 2 has an excellent index, with thumbnail images of rendered objects and textures.
One of the most interesting new additions to the collection is the 'animaps directory'. This contains several animations for mapping on to objects.
As you might expect, there is a healthy selection of spaceships and sci-fi-related objects, but that's not the only priority of this collection. There is quite a good range of objects, and you'll find plenty of buildings, humanoids, cars, planes and animals. One directory that has received a serious boost in size is the botany directory which has several highly-detailed objects.
"A must-have for LightWave users who don't have the first volume."
91% Unfortunately, although this is quite a comprehensive collection, there are several files on this disc that also appeared on the first disc. In spite of this, there are still plenty of new objects - enough to fill up the space vacated by the objects from Imagine and other 3D formats that have been removed. 'I) CD-OtOJHI Jiound-up Texture Gallery PDSoft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £39.99 If there is one thing that most 3D artists can't get enough of, it's good textures.
Textures can sometimes add that finishing touch, a swift lick of extra realism, to rendered objects. And 2D artists can also benefit from a good bank of textures, which can often make good backdrops.
The Texture Gallery is a pack of two discs full of scanned and computergenerated textures. However, this is not quite as much of a bargain as it might first sound, since one of the discs contains the same images as the other, but in a different format. While this may give the collection a wider market, it may as well be sold as two separate discs at a lower price.
The majority of the images are scanned images of real-world surfaces such as marble, material, metals, brickwork.
"A wide range of useful images at a reasonable price."
92% foliage, water and even carpet. Pretty much all of them are of a high standard and most can be tiled seamlessly. There are also several buntpmaps.
A bonus is a directory devoted to some interesting images drawn by a chap name Kevin Lude. They are extremely detailed and vary in subject from simple grid-like backgrounds to colourful abstract images.
Despite my reservations about the need for a two-disc set. Even at £39.99 there are still enough high-quality images here to make this collection a worthwhile purchase for most computer artists.
E o e o « Ul There are some things in life that you instinctively know make sense, and Almadtera's offer of 10 Cds for forty quid
- which works out at a mere four pounds for each disc - has to be
The only drawback might be if you have some of the discs already, because this limited-edition package is a mixture of several older Cds and just a few new ones.
Not all the data is software - there’s clip-art and fonts too, for instance - but most of the stuff on the discs is PI) or Shareware.
Up first is Almathera's Comms and S'etworkingCD, which contains comms software, networking tools and an extensive collection of Internet tools.
Discs two and three are a couple of classics - CDPD volumes 1 and 2, which contain a random selection of Amiga PD "This huge collection of software really does have something for everyone."
87% and Shareware. And fourth in line is another oldie, Demo I, which as you might expect is a collection demos. Some of the demos, such as anims, will played from disc, but others may need de-compacting.
Disc five is an old CDTV multimedia alias, with facts and maps for the nations of the world, while number six brings lovers of classical literature the Illustrated Works of William Shakespeare.
Disc eight is for battle-sim fans, offering die classic Team Yankee, and disc nine is the Photo Library CD with tons of images, scanned, rendered or drawn. It also boasts a demo version of Photagenirs .2and some Photo CD images.
The final disc is full of fonts and clipart. The clip-art images are in IFF format and are black and white, and fonts arc supplied in three forms - CompuGraphic, PostScript and bitmap. O Ten on Ten Almathera ¦ 0181 687 0040 ¦ £39.99 This disc of animations and slewing programs has one claim to fame - it's a multi-platform CD that can be used not only on the Amiga and the PC but also, apparently, the Mac too.
Animatic GTI ¦ +49 6171 85937 ¦ £14.99 The drawback of this clever-sounding idea is that most of the animations have been produced on the PC and are, therefore. In the FLI format. Second problem is that the quality of the animations varies widely, but most are frankly crap.
The Amiga-generated animations are quite decent examples, but they are all pretty old. You'll find elderly offerings from AGATron and Eric Schwartz.
"A lot of poor and old animations with few good ones."
73% Graphic Sensations Epic ¦ 01793 490988 ¦ £19.99 Yes. You've guessed it. This is yet another CD-ROM filled with graphics-related software and files. Now. Content is important of course, but presentation is too. And the first things that leaps out at you when you look at this disc is that it has a rushed look and feel about it. One of the contributing factors to this is that there is no form of index. Another is that neither the still images nor animations have any icons, so you can't view them by simply double-clicking on them Gripes about presentation aside, you'll find that the content is
standard fare - all the PD objects and textures that are doing the rounds on most 3D or graphics CD-ROMs - though a few extra GIFs and fonts have been thrown in.
With a selection of viewers, too.
70% 1 14 Aminet 6 Aminet CD 6. Dated June 1995. Contitlt of approximately 1.1 glgobyle* ol software in 3600 orchwos Since the releote of Aminet CD 5 more than 540 MB new software ha* appeared The current edition ho* o ipeaal loco* on demo*, mote than 1800 demo* from Aminet were included Die* friendly access lolfware make the Aminet CD 6 o pleasure to use £14.95 Aminet Set 1 Aminet is the world » largest collection ol freely distributable AMIGA voltwore Up to 10.000 uter* access the voii archive* ervery day ond countie*, programmer, publidi cfrectfy vio Aminet Until recently occeu to Aminet wot
restricted to international network user*. With Amr-et Set 1. Camming ol 4 CD*, the complete archive n published the hr»l time. Thi* CDROM-collection. Which r» dated January 1995, offer* on almost mexhoutnble re*ervoir ol topvolue Shareware. A wide variety of pogrom* s included Application*. Game* Demo* Picture*. Mod* An.mat.on*. OeveloperMoierial. It contain* approximately 4 gigobytes of software m 12 500 archive* ond you will enioy the comfortable user.rvterface £29.95 CD-Write Whatlll You Will can't wnle to your CD*» CDROM* have long been on essential pon of Amiga computing. Many u*er»
alreody own a CD-ROM drive, and the number ol loftworo package* avoiloblo on CD is increasing »load«ly Until now though, it wa» not possible lo wide to CD* We have solved th*i problem with out new revofutio rtoty product Ralph Babel and Stefan Owowikr* SchatOiuh are proud to present what can be considered a marvel of technology CDWnle enable* you to virtually wnte lo CD* with on ordinoty CD ROM drive From now on, you will be oble to write, delete, ond mo dify data on yout CD* Thi* product will take yovwoa new ora and you will be able to utilize CDROM technology to It* fuilosr £44.95 CDBoot
1.0 CDBoot I* o fontoUic new product that enable* you to ute almost any CD32 game* on on A1200 or A4000 (wrih AT- or SCSIGD ROM drive ond ony filesystem) You con create a configuration file for each CD. Containing information on the Joypod emulate*. You can alto *ave the high*core of each CD32 game The u*oge and in Italian on of CDBoot .» very oa»y. Obo *c» beginner*, due to the excellent English moneal. Since the compatibility i* very high, you con u*e 98'. Of CD32 gome* currently available CDBoot it on excellent *of»waro solution for all AMIGA freak* who would like to enter the world ol CD 3
2 go mo, I £34.95 freshFbnts II The Fre*hFoni* II CDROM contain* 632 megobyte* ol font* lot almost any computer tyttem Mo*t of the font* are freely diUributoble.
Except lor the Thlenen font*, which ore exduvve on thi* CD. Eoch of the* font* ii included in lour different format* DMF Agfa InteiVonl.
Adobe ond TrueType There are 231 Font fomilie* on thi* CD (eoch containing of up to B different stylos!. They are classified n »even colegoriet Deco (63 families). Nook arm (33 fom&ei), Picture* (16 fomdiet) San* Senf (29 lam.tel. Script (36 famifcesl. Serif (36 lomtesl Thlenen (19 Inmihe*) £19.95 Gamers' Delight Thr* CD contain* 40 games for the Commodore Amiga from differing categories Action, Jump 6 Run. Cord Gome*. Puzzle*, Strategy Game* a whole range of computer entertainment await,I Gamers' Delight will hold you captrvat-d for hour* ond guarantee* longdott ing pleasure All gome* are
commercial versions • no public domain 4 no demo*! Thi, CD con be run on ony AMIGA with CDROM drive.
CDTV or Amiga CD32 Console with I MB free memory and Joy- .tick Joypad £29.95 The LIGHT ROM CD contoois aWu 650 megabyte* ol 3D obiect*.
Imoge*. Imoge* equence*. *cene Mm, *urfoco attribute*, bump mop* and texture* in IFF and TAPGA format*. DEM*, and lightwave rok ted text Me*. LIGHT ROM is on invaluable resource lor lightwave u»ert, and a* o bonu*. Include* material lor Sculpt 3D ond Imogme ut..* £44 95 Magic Illusions 30 Stereogrom* on your tcreenl A new. Interesting entertainment It born Without special oid* a three dimensional colourful ond fontae tic object oppeor* *uddenly on a two dimensional *trangely pot
• etned p lure The iButioo of depth ha* olreody stunned mJllont
ol people around the world Now you can view the stereogram* at
home on your screenl All you need I* on rhi» CD Benda* 200
stereo gram* with varying difficulty there a software on the
CD. Which er» able* you to creole your own 30 picture* £12.95
Gateway! Offer* NetBSD I 0. A M feotured UNIX-like operating
tyitem with bdh sources and bmone* for the Amiga *386, Sun 3.
And other architectures Go nehutfing w%lh the large telection of supplied networlmg toaH Other supplied package* include o bmory releme of the X window tyten (X11R6) for the AMIGA. With mo»y arfcJmonof dents ond pockoget tuch o* peri, emoc* game*, mad programs, and many megabyte* of important text Me* uich o* RFC* ond FAQ, A complete rfutaHation guide t ovadoW* on the CD There ore obo tome Amiga DOS internet ufchtle*. Such o* cfcent* for A mTCP ond Envoy £9.95 Meeting Pearls Vol. II The Meeting Peorl* Volume II content 650 MB ol the finest f D toll wore vio o tpeciol u»ei •nwfoco. Which hot
been created to oBow you lo Imd the program ol you* choke with eato. The content*: 35 MB ol selected htmlpoge* 50 MB gropWt program, ond doto -15 MB gomoi 10 MB from 'The Patty ’94' 13 MB dl*k. Hard **h - CO-ROM ond SCS' tooli • 19 MB tor loot other tool* • 11 MB educo- tionol vofiwoto 25 MB terrmnol program* - 25 MB ommatom mainly from Eric Schwarz - 40 MB developer tool* |e g pre+nOoHed compiler (DICE Oberon. Modulo). Cammodore-lnclude*. GUI-Toob)
• 9 MB muwc program* 10 MB midi progromi 27 MB picture* - 60 MB
le.t*. FAQ*. CD content* hie*, etc • 40 MB Imux lor Amiga 100
MB TeX mttallaron (Pa.TeX mcl 600 dp ond la. Font,) 38 MB
movie data base 50 MB archive* lor P»ion 18 MB module* • 50 MB
NetBSD lo* Armgo £9.95 The Light Works Rayirocing A fascinating
area o* the compute graphs* Picture* from the computer,
perfectly rendered. Fasc.nalo people oil over the world The
Amiga wot the hr*r computer to be u*od for raytrocmg.
Ond today it I* jtifl a leader, with many high quality program* A real ornu ol raytracng ii Tobio* J. R*htot from Cologne Germany, whoie detailed ob|ect» ttun the people Especially hit *po e ship, of famout tcienco fiction him* are u»ed to demon*lrote the capabilities ol a roytrocing program the object* ore highly detailed and nxtremly reolisric due to the application of complex lurfoco textures ol the model* Until now ir wo* difficult to acquire thete object* in order to create o«o» own *cenei or animation* £39.95 The Beauty Of Chaos Dtve o the fontostk world ol the froctol geometry ond make
o tafe journey through th depth* of rhe mandeftjtoi *•». Thi* CD include* 507 mande brot picture* m Gif for mot (256 color*} in the r**cV Horn 1140x990.1024x768. 640x480 p..el. 20 selected true color picture* in TlF-forma*. Grophic viewers for PC. AMIGA and Mocm»o»h (packed] £14.95 FreshFish 8 v, The Fre*hFj*h CDROM-*erio*. Produced directly by Fred Fith, prav.
2 do* Amiga u»er» with hundtod* of megabyte* of the latest freely re
- dotnbutoble *oftwo o Published approximately every two month*,
j each volume i* a two CD tel containing new tubmiuioni since
the 2 lotetf volume, a* weB at on ever growing selection ol
tool*, Mworiev 3 documentation and other useful material that
i» updated with every S ..i C1Q 05 GoldFish 2 All products are
available in your local Amiga-shop or through national
mail-order-carnpanies International Distributor: Volume 2 of
the GoldFnh tenet contain* o selection of software, ani-
morion*, picture* and other matenol releoted on FrethFith
CDROM'* between October 1993 ond November 1994 with moil of the
matenol updoted to the la*eu available version* All marenol n
.ncluded m both archived |BB Steady) and unarchived
(reody-torun) form*, f 20 05 mnvm.
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I-ll | S'0140 j un ciuu.ij rau, n£Ti Rft7c l I 04*1.
.,£SL I a.- 'I
• lofc Ir«»»r 3 JssJ If you want to make your disks unreadable,
try using Quarterback Tools.
There is something that has been bugging me for some time now. It is how to make a non-DOS disk (on Workbench, under the disk icon it comes up DFO:NDOS). I cannot figure out how to do this even though I have tried on numerous occasions.
Workbench Whatever technical problem you have, there's only one place to come for the solution.
Graeme Sandiford is the man with the answers, and he can help you right now: so send your letter to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Neville Robinson.
Tamworth, Staffs Well, Neville. I must admit lin more than a little confused by your problem. I take it that you actually want to make an unreadable disk? The reason I'm puzzled is that the only use I can think of for this is to prevent your disks from being copied, which is what games companies do.
The had news is that the only way of doing this is to create a non-standard tile system, like most games companies do. This is far from easy and is not something diat can be explained here.
If you merely want to stop people from accessing your floppies there is another solution, and it doesn't require years of study. Quarterback Tools has a program called Brain-cloud which can achieve the same result. Unfortunately, this program is hard to find, but you might be able to track down a second-hand copy.
CD SOLUTION I am thinking about.buving a CD-ROM drive, but prices are about the same as for a CD32. Is it possible to get a lead and connect a CD32 to my A1200 and use it like a normal CD-ROM drive?
If this is possible, isn't it more beneficial to buy a CD32 than a CD-ROM drive, because you have two computers and no problems with compatibility for software primarily designed for the CD32?
Richard Bunker, Ravenshead. Nottingham Yes. It's perfectly possible to connect a CD32 to an A1200 using die Network CD and cable from Almathcra (0181 687 0040). Explained last issue.
Your second question is an interesting one.
Whether or not you should go for serial-linking a (!D - to your Amiga or buying a CD-ROM drive depends largely on what you intend to use your machine for. If you use your Amiga mostly for games then you'd be better off buying a serial link such as Network CD because this would provide you with greater games compatibility.
If you intend to use your machine for serious applications, then the decision is a little trickier.
Adding a CD-ROM drive to your machine does just that and nothing more - unless you go for a Squirrel drive. This provides the most convenient wav of using a CD-ROM drive seriously because you don't have to worry about fiddling around with network software.
Buying a CD32 also gives you the possibility of adding an FMV cartridge or any other CD'-’-only products that might lie developed. But for ease of use. Especially for serious applications rather than games, a CD-ROM drive is the best solution.
WORDWORTH WOES I was most interested to read your reply to Ann Onimus (Workbench. AF72) because I was about to write to you concerning what seems to be the same problem.
My system is as follows: A1200. Viper Mkl 68030 (with MMU) and 68882 FPU (both 28MHz), 4Mb Fast RAM (SIMM from an Amitek Hawk board). 85Mb Seagate 2.5-inch IDE.
I am currently using H'ordworth 3.1 revision 2.
To put things simply. Wordworth crashes with a frequency and regularity that amazes me.
Sometimes it runs for several hours before crashing, other times for a few seconds. I have rebooted 14 times (I've counted) since starting this letter. Crashes can occur when loading documents, spell checking, changing fonts, typing, printing (very frequently) or carrying out other operations.
The crashes arc accompanied by error messages of the 8000 0004 variety - sometimes the A1200 gurus. If VMM is in use, I get messages such as 'Program failed. SDH2 error 8000 xxx’ (SDH2: is the hard disk partition holding my Continued overleaf ”* IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga's involved).
Mere are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill in, photocopy or copy the form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street Bath. Avon BA1 2BW Your Amiga: C A500 o A500 Plus C A600 O A1000 O A1200 O A1500 C A2000 C A3000 C A4000 Kickstart version: O 1.2 O 1.3 Workbench revision: O 1.2 O 1.3 C 2.04 2.05 O 2.1 Total memory fitted_ Chip memory available_ Extra drive 41 ( 3.Sin 5.25in) as Of : manufacturer: O 2.x C 3.x O 1.3.2 C 3.0 Extra drive 42 ( 3.Sin 5.25in) as OF: manufacturer: Hard disk:_ Manufacturer: Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer Details of other hardware: «¦ virtual memory paging file). When I check the partition that
tVordworth is on with Ami-Back Tools.
I get lots of errors of the 'Date In Directory Cache Incorrect' type, which fixing sometimes helps, and sometimes does not.
Warm re-booting on occasion results in the A1200 demanding a Kickstart disk and failing to recognise the hard drive. Following crashes. Prefs sometimes fails to set to the time saved and fails to acknowledge the hardware clock on the expansion board. Any ideas?
Tim WiUets.
Wolverhampton I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with what is a very good program. However. I can sympathise with your problems because when I first upgraded from Wordworlh 2 to 3.!. I had similar (if not quite so frequent) problems.
The way I got around my problem was to remove Wnrdimrth from my AI200's hard disk completely and then re-install it from scratch.
When I say remove the program. I mean delete any mention of it from your user start-up. As well as any Wnrdimrth fonts. Removing it from your user start-up slops your machine from telling you the drawer is in use when you trv to delete it. If there is not much else in the partition, you might consider re-formatting it because both Ami-Hack and VMM seem to be having problems with it.
POWER PROBLEM I have an A1200 with a 3.5-inch 275Mb hard drive.
Also attached is a Philips CM8833-II monitor.
Canon BJ-10 SX printer and an external disk drive.
Until now this set up has been trouble free.
But a nasty problem has developed that is causing me sleepless nights. When I switch on the TEXTURE TORMENT Recently. I purchased some Imagine textures and objects for the AFS3 Imagine 2.0 Coverdisk. The textures are the ones advertised in Ground Zero PD as miscellaneous textures, and the objects are the Star Trek objects, from the same PO library.
My problem is that Imagine won't let me load the textures - an error message requester says Error, then the path for the texture, then the texture name. This also happens with the objects I load. The objects themselves load OK. But upon Quickrendering, Imagine displays the same error message requester. All I have done is scaled down the object and not modified or added anything to it I store ail the textures and objects in the relevant sub-drawer of Imagine on my hard drive.
Michael I Fraser, Scarborough, North Yorkshire machine, the power seems to fluctuate causing the Amiga to switch off momentarily, causing a crash - after which the hard drive isn't recognised. Could this be a problem with the power brick?
Also, when opening windows in Workbench and using some programs I get intermittent crashes which give Guru numbers 0800 0004 and 0100 000c which Alert tells me is a dead end. Is the first problem causing this?
Is there a way of getting the hard drive to recognise itself at power-up. Because it will only do so after a soft boot? It is taking power from the internal disk drive and the IDE interface.
Ken Onions.
Wednesfield. Wolverhampton Ah. The 0800 0001 guru! .As Alert has more or less told you. This is a prettv general guru that could mean almost anything. If you had a memory expansion it might have been the chief culprit, with some minor niggle like a loose SIMM.
The problem is unlikely to Ik- caused by your hard drive - it is actually quite normal for IDE drives not to be recognised at boot-up every time.
Thev need time to warm up and gel up to speed - this is more likely to be a problem if the room the Amiga is in is slightlv damp.
This leaves us with the power supply as the main suspect. These can behave erratically just before they keel over and die - we've had several go in our office. Trv swopping it.
PC PLOD I have an A1200 and I am thinking of buying a PC as well. Is there any way of creating an adaptor to allow the use of Amiga joysticks on the PC and vice-versa? I also have a six-button CD5" control pad - would this be able to control six-button games such as Super Streetfighter 11 Turbo on the PC using the adaptor method?
Peter Daniel.
H rrral. Merseyside Grrr. Thinking of buying a PG - you should be talking to a psychiatrist instead of writing to us.
Oh. All right. As you seem to have lost your senses.
I'll take pity on you.
Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks with Pcs is the horrendous incompatibility problem - for example, certain sound cards won't work with certain joystick interfaces or graphics cards. You mav Ik- able use y our pad. Hut only if there is a 9-pin joystick adaptor available. As for using a PG joystick on your Amiga, that’s quite easy, as long as This is a problem that a lot of Amiga Format readers have encountered with Public Domain objects, and it's one I have to deal with when I put Imagine PD objects on the Subscribers' Superdisk.
There are two ways of fixing this problem - the quick-and-dirty way and the long-term solution. If you are not going the to use the object regularly, then try the quick-and-dirty method, which will enable you to render the object without getting an error message What you do is copy the brushmaps to a disk which you have given the same name as the first directory in the error requester (it should be followed by a colon), creating subsequent sub-directories as needed. A variation on this would be to copy the brushmaps to your hard disk and then to assign the directory the brushmaps are in (using
the AmigaDOS Assign command) to the file path in the error message.
If you intend to make more use of the model, for creating an animation perhaps, then follow the full fix shown in the walk-through on the right.
Lltt- game you art- playing supports analogue joysticks. Formula I (Wand Ibix docs, for instance.
All you need is an analogue joystick converter which can be bought from one of several games suppliers who advertise in Amiga Format.
UPGRADE OPTIONS My brother and I are planning on getting a CD-ROM drive for our unexpanded A1200, but we cannot decide between the SCSI quad-spccd drive and the Zappo CD-ROM.
1) Are they both 100 per cent CD32 compatible?
2) My brother wants to buy a SCSI hard drive, so would we be
better off buying the SCSI CD-ROM?
3) Which would you recommend for my A1200?
4) How much hardware can you daisy-chain on a SCSI basis?
5) Why don't software companies start making more CD-based
software lo cut down on piracy?
6) I bought my Al 200 from Silica and they gave me the Chaos Pack
with it. Syndicate Is two disks and has no animation
whatsoever. Is there something wrong?
7) I have a Citizen 200C added on to my Amiga.
For some reason it won’t print colours from Photon Paint 2.0. Do you know why not?
8) Would I be better off buying a hard drive or a SyQuest drive?
John McCarthy, Enfield Deciding what route to take for expanding your A1200 is an increasingly common problem. This is mainly because there arc so many options to choose from, many of which prevent the addition of additional hardware later on.
I) The Zappo CD-ROM drive is more likely to be compatible with
CD1' games because it includes emulation of the ('.D(''s AKIKO
chip. While this WHICH MODEM?
My set-up consists of: A1200, Workbench 3.0, Power PC880e external disk drive. Citizen 240c printer, Viper 68030 Turbo (no FPU) with 2Mb RAM, Power Computing Aerial 130Mb hard drive and an Amitek Fusion genlock from Silica.
I feel have been missing out on something for a few years and have been considering getting a modem for my machine. (Everyone seems to have one.) My problem is with all the choice there is, so:
1) Which one is the right one for about £250?
I believe 'the faster, the better' is the rule. And if I go for the fax option is it all straightforward enough so that my office will be able to receive a fax from my Amiga on their PC or fax machine and I can receive faxes from the PC?
2) Will I have to leave my Amiga and printer on all the time?
3) Can I make and receive normal phone calls on the same line
that the modem is on or do I need two lines?
4) Can I get on the Internet Demon Aminet from Malta and if so
will it cost much? I do not know of any local Bulletin Boards
in Malta.
Stuart Bone.
Lija, Malta
1) For around £250 probably the best modem you can buy is the US
Robotics Sportster 288, from the First Computer Centre (0113
231 9444). It fully supports the isn’t that much of a factor
at the moment, because most games are still A1200 conversions,
it could be important later on if games developers start to
make more use of this handy chip.
2) If your brother is intending to add a SCSI drive at a later
date, then you arc better off getting a SCSI CD-ROM drive with
the Squirrel interface to start with. Otherwise you will have
to fork out for an accelerator with a SCSI interface later on.
V. 34 standard and is capable of sending and receiving faxes.
You'll need additional software to do this, such as Trapfax or
Gpfax - but it will talk to any fax.
2) No. You won't have to leave your machine or printer on unless
you want leave the modem on auto answer so it can receive
downloads when you're not there.
3) You can use both the phone and modem on the same line without
any problems.
4) You can gain access to the Internet from Malta, but it could
be extremely costly. Demon Internet Services offer a
£10-per-month account, but the POPs (the locations you must
dial to get on-line) are limited to the UK so the phone bills
would be high. Try contacting someone like the University of
Malta, who can probably help you with a local service
3) In view of your expansion plans I’d advise you to get a SCSI
drive because it gives you more options for further expansions
without having to buy extra interfaces.
4) You can chain up to seven peripherals using SCSI connectors.
3) The ’CD for anti-piracy’ thing is a good question, because CD
has been a great success in the PC world - though that's
mainly due to the ungodly size of PC programs. Whether it
would cut-down on piracy is debatable. At the moment it’s not
profitable for Amiga pirates to copy Cds because there isn't a
large market. But if they did lake off. Cds would be easy
enough to duplicate.
6) This is perfectly OK. Although it means you can't use the
extra missions disks.
7) This is strange because Photon Paint 2.0uses Workbench's
printer driver, so as long as the correct driver has been
installed, it should work.
You might try using Grapliicdump (in your Workbench Tools directory) to test the driver.
8) A SyQuest is only a better option if you want to transport
large files.
SPECCY ADDICT Over a year ago I upgraded from a bog-standard Speccy 48K to an A1200 and I am now getting withdrawal symptoms.
1) Can I link an A1200 to a Spectrum 48K through, perhaps, a
serial link or other link?
2) C-an I port games from the Speccy tapes to Amiga disks?
3) Can emulated Spectrum software graphics, sound and speed be
upgraded on Amiga programs?
4) Is there any way to change Speccy Basic to an A1200
programming language? I can write programs in Basic but not in
5) Could you think about limiting the amount of paint, music and
word processing software on your Coverdisks? I now have too
many of these and once I have used them once or twice I just
re-format them and use them for saving things on.
Paul Riley, Cheetham, Manchester I'm not surprised you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms - I can often be found playing my favourite old Spectrum games at lunchtime on the office A4000. However...
1) It's pointless to link your Spectrum and Amiga,
2) It is possible to port games using a sampler and the right
software from a PD library. But it's far easier to get the
games already converted. If you have a CD-ROM drive there is
even a CD full of Spectrum stuff- look out for a review soon.
Online PD (01704 834335) have an excellent emulator that comes with 21 games and details of a lead that can link straight to a tape recorder without the need for a sampler.
3) Not unless you re-write them yourself.
4) Again, not without rewriting them.
5) All that software you've got already doesn't leave much that
you're missing, apart from programming. What would you like
more of? 'Hj ?ATEL buying direct from the manufacturer means
both low prices and a service second to none HIGH RES HANDY
SCANNER With this un-interruptable , power supply • ?
Unit your system is totally protected Irom „ massive data loss due to mains power failure or voltage surges and spikes.
II mains power is lost the SMART UPS 300 will automatically switch to standby power within milliseconds enabling your system to continue unaffected.
The SMART UPS 300 has both LED and audible alarm to Indicate that the mains has failed, alerting the user to enable a shut down as required. Because many system failures are caused by mains fluctuation and not always mains failure theSMART UPS 300 also has EMI and RFI noise filters to deliver super clean power.
SYNCRO EXPRESS is a sophisticated hardware and software package that works by directly controlling your second drive as a slave device ignoring the Amiga's own disk drive controller This way SYNCRO EXPRESS delivers power to backup programs,when other backup s 1H-J NOW _ VERSION
5. 0 WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT ' 01782 7- vy 24hr IN laiI Order
Hotline A The mosl powerful disk backup system ever conceived.
A Very simple to use requires no user interface.
A Powerful SYNCRO MODE" actually synchronises your drives to achieve even greater backup power!
It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use. Of copyright material, without the given permission of the copyright owner, or the licensee thereof.
A An easy to handle Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics text Into your Amiga 500 500+ 600 1200 1500 2000.. A Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
A Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
A Geniscan gives you the ability to scan images, text or graphics & even offers 200 Dpi Dual Scan Mode.. a Scan Grey Software Included to convert half tone images to true Grey scales. Includes editing, zoom & processing features.
A Save images in suitable format for most leading packages including PHOTON PAINT, DELUXE PAINT, etc. A View window and position control panel.
A Powerful partner for DTP that allows for ct Here at Datei we have been J designing 1 exciting ll computer H peripherals for over ™ ¦ 0 years.
Dealing direct with the manufacturer you can a, be sure we offer the latest ym products at ye the keenest g* prices.
Our sales and technical staff will be pleased to advise you and we will deliver your order to your door within days.
Why not give us a try.
Akir.iilJ.iiAt'. C59.99 Amigat20i of the frozen program in memory.
24hr Mail Order Hotline 1500 2000 POWER SUPPLY ? Switch Mode Electronic System A Direct replacement ? Cool Running ? Fits 1500 and I
A Low. Low price ? This Amiga video interlace allows you to output S-VIOEO or COMPOSITE PAL from your Amiga A Connects to Amiga monitor port Thru connector allows standard Monitor to be connected simultaneously A Separate output gives S-VIDEO or COMPOSITE PAL output (please state which required) A ideal tor many video applications Including titles etc. A Blasts out A Clip onto VW 10 watts your TV of power! Monitor, magnetically SHIELDFO SAMPLING AT A NEW LOW PRICE A Full 8 Blf Sound Sampling System.
For A500 1500 2000 1200.
A Fits into Printer Port.
A Complete Hardware Software package including Sound Sampler A Allows Amiga to be used with any SCART TV if you don t have an Amiga monitor Amiga 500 Amiga 60!
Direct Replncomt MAGNETIC ALL* SHIELDED A Built -In 2 way bass reflex amplifier.
A Built -In 2 way I bass reflex amplifier.
2" tweeter I 3“ woofer. 1 50 WATT WOOFER Built-In high quality 50 peak output power amplifier.
Delivers un-matched low end power Can be combined with speakers above to create a total sound system.
Master volume control for wootcf as we!i as ¦ other speakers I Top quality external 3.5‘. A Quiet operation.
A Small footprint slimline design a Built-In anti-click feature.
A Daisy chainable via thru port.
A No need for external PSU.
A INTfcHNAL MIDI CARD FOR A2000 1500 3000 A Full feature Midi Interface - Midi In. Midi Thru and Three Midi outsockets A Opto Isolated.
A Quality Chinon lfl Mechanism . M A Features special eject button. 3 A Quiet operation.
A Includes mounting pillars.
A Comprehensive instruction manual Direct Plug Roplncomt Amiga 500 500pius CALL 01782 744707 and wm will uhlp your ordar aama day*y~ ACTION LINE * the biggest and beat BBS yeti Over tOGlGS of.
Shareware. Image*.chal, adverts, Large AMIGA only section • PV All speeds to v32 FAST.
A Pisadd C2.00 poi order. * A For nail day dollvory add CS.OO a For oxport ordorm wa will quota
• hipping ml coal via UPS.
ST4 2RS. ENGLAND 01782 744707 mgr INSTANT DOWNLOAD NUMBER 9 0 0891 516353 No subscription- Just pay for the cal and can bring yourself to ignore the 1970s- styie- user interface, you will discover that Elm is in fact a fairly useful mailer. Like most other systems, the operation is based on the concept of a series of mail folders - one for incoming mail, one for outgoing mail, one for email from irrational magazine editors - you get the idea.
The range of mail-sending and receiving tasks - just about every combination of replying, forwarding, group replying, and message bouncing- are all made pretty easy by the program, which, let's face it, is why Elm has remained in existence for such a long time and why it has proliferated on to a wide range of platforms from its humble UNIX workstation beginnings.
If you want to be able to receive more than just text in your email, you’ll be glad to know that Elm also supports the viewing of MIME messages in a fairly straightforward manner, using the external program Metamail.
Using still another external program.
Metatools, which incidentally requires the Magic User Interface, you are also able to paste together outbound MIME messages, including text, graphics files and sound samples. Of course, setting up both of these programs also requires a fair amount of effort, the worth of which will depend on how much MIMEingyou actually intend to do.
Internet email, is to use a gating system and a Fido mailer such as Spot lo deal with both sorts of email.
UNIX SYSTEMS AmigaF.lm V6: this is at long last beginning to look like an Amiga program. Cutting- edge Gul-style features such as pull-down menus have now been implemented - previous versions only supported the archaic keyboard-based system all too familiar to those of us who have been forced at some point in time to use UNIX.
One complaint that Elm has always attracted is that it is very fiddly to set up
- you need a whole range of UNIX-style directories and
assignments to implement die UUCP sub-system expected by Elm.
If you eventually manage to get the thing installed and configured properly.
Email us on... amformat@futurenet.co.uk Please make sure you mark the relevant subject in the subject line (Letters to the Edfitor, Workbench, Backstage etc).
&*«rS'or« - Do£»Var»'i Chtwik- • !. Feid.
* • Tr .1 1.4*64. » *
* 16. Int*nwt Comm MvdDOO.
CMCMiloy SkOMrkpi ton* SiT*11,1 F4r»1 IK dMtM coll.*. *o 90 4 44*1 Mrrm.tOM1 4. Ld It," 4*4 puno'1**"’ C°J SciS& T-VOS KJVES A HAIL S Smb r-1 I'm- 'i ... issx.....____ »• DU on IM Interne!
I7 Possible Contributions to j
* fwd 1 9 ' Sh?oon£e**f?e 919 a»f*r vU th Mab ST**, o pl
Ion*. PSrint. Vull. R eply. U nda te. WSrll*. Or • * .«
’e' fhT'Slne'oifl I ihia la ih lnl m l lo allow Th HilaSton
SvperStore oontlnueo lo expend wllh row ahopa being added each
conaiHula a ganutna informal ion service ' 'ollowed 4 yoara of
no harvoal due lo .
¦i ar oak no 1995'a SB year vintage particularly dee I rat .
Co In aaaocialion wllh Th Milestone Superstore fool ihai Ihia la ih ¦da*I Ii»o lo lamk ina apooial reguest faolliiy on tha Internet lo allow Mloa ri lo aolaol Ihalr favouriia win fro this vinl pa.
If it looks like UNIX, acts like UNIX, smells like UNIX, then chances are it's AmigaElm.
Which probably means it's very practical but a little short on looks.
AmigaElm uses its own internal pager for displaying mail messages, just to make sure that you get the full benefit of its all-round 1970s feel.
Get yourself connected!
In the first of a new series on how to use the Internet, Darren Irvine picks out the best email systems.
When you're trying to decide 011 an email system to use on your Amiga, there are three main types to consider. First, a number of popular UNIX mail systems have been ported more or less successfully on to ihe Amiga, including Pine and the ubiquitous Elm.
The second option is to use a purpose- designed Amiga mailer and, although this would be my recommendation, the problem is that there is really only one piece erf software available - a program called simply Mail which was developed by Demon Internet for their own customers, and which is now available as PD.
The third choice, which may be attractive if you use Fidonet as well as
• HI MM* Skp rSlor F«SS BCLEftSC Vi 93 For ooro information
contact Uu Saymojr *( MS Ltd on *44 •) 1372 271373 M5 adds The
Mina Q.f Coop*ny tpTbt Milestone Separator* Foi lowing Ihe
ixccru'ul levevcb of Ihe Milestone StperSlore on *ho world wide
¦*6 service of the Internet. MS ts proud «o vnouiM Ihe odd* Hon
of *n exclusive vino aeruic «o Ih Store Th Mir 0» ft
Coopery la * dynamic UK win merchant providing • untgu world-
¦ '«*• service » ndtng professionall. Packaged MIIIm lo 11
oom r» of Ih
• lob This glob* I Mruic ubi II »n perfect odd 11 Ion lo any
inl m*lton l shopping o*il Ha wo 11 «i diaployirv * tool I
exclusive mImUoh. Lb company la 1*0 abl lo aourc any win
of any vintage book lo Ihe I9lh oonlury H popular awppiior lo
corporat a. Ihe Min Qlfl Coop any baa provid'd win a
?ar?r*ri, °80CC ’ ''*“** ** Computers. Midland Bank plo
Yechlln The company baa boor ootabl shed for 17 yoara and baa
alwaya boon at in forofront of n w marke*lr id»aa "TH
Inleme* Shop la anoibor way for us lo advert and expand our
axpori op raHon* aaid company dir olor Miroa and olhor apeclai
iaod Itauora can bo ordered on-Un through in SI ore ua log
orodtl card or * ch gue Us la oad* of in W encryption
alandard to ensure aafa transmission of tonal I iv Information
Thor la alae a apoctai aoaroh faoiltly whloh allows oualoaora
lo reguest rare and unuauai winos chtopagroa olo WorliMnaiScrwn
fc* j«oi «35 ltn»« 'i&SZZ, LHSV* Sm'sasi iK,.
D M | W | In I flidy I txrnn | Tom JHHIM DEMON MAIL Those altruistic Demon Internet people seem to be about the only ones to have realised that Amiga users want to have an email system that has been designed specifically for the Amiga, and have included such a system in the software distribution that they give to their own Amiga customers.
They have also rather usefully made it available for anyone else to download. The imaginatively named Mail runs on your Workbench, and basically performs all the functions of Elm, but in an Amiga-style user-friendly manner. MIME is also supported, again requiring the external program Metamail.
Multiple folders are handled elegantly, as are other 'nice' features such as the PINE 3.91: another port of a well known UNIX system and. Like Elm, it really is just a port rather than an actual Amiga version.
Pine runs in a texl-only manner in a resizeable window on your Workbench, and this lime you really are stuck with keyboard-only operation.
Although in theory Pine is a more comprehensive system than Iclm, the fact that the programmers have not implemented any Amiga-style functionality whatsoever effectively rules it oul as a serious contender.
This drawback, plus the fact that you need to be running AmiTCP 4.0 or better (only the demo of which is available as Public Domain) - and have an unwieldy UNIX support library installed - really makes Pine a non-starter.
FINDING THE SOFTWARE This comparison of different systems is all very well, but it would be pretty useless if we didn't tell you where you could get hold of the systems involved.
Cfm and Pine are both available from any Aminet FTP site, the nearest one of which is the Imperial College archives. The UUCP Fido gateway systems can also be found at this site. The files can be obtained by ftp to: ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk Elm 'pub aminet comm mail AmigaElm-v6.lha Pine pub aminet comm mail pine391 base.lha pub aminet comm mail pine391 all.lha (You'll need both of these, but really, I wouldn't bother.)
AmiGate pub aminet comm fido AmiGate14.lha UUCP TD pub aminet comm fido UUCP2TD151 .lha Demon’s own mail system can be found, naturally enough, on their FTP server. The archive also contains a number of other Internet-related utilities, principally aimed at Demon’s own customers.
Ftp.demon.co.uk Demon Mail pub amiga amitcp installer AmiDisUtils.lha RUMOUR MILL The internet is a wonderful resource, providing a means of obtaining software and useful information. It is also a wonderful source for rumours, half-substantiated truths and outright lies.
This month's chief rumours concern the new Amigas which several people claim to know all about already. These pictures came out of that pit of gossip known as CiX, and were passed to me by a usually unreliable source.
Make up your own mind as to their authenticity.
Alt.religion.amiga is always good for a rumour or two, a fact in no way connected to the frequent presence, in electronic incarnation, of a certain Mat Bettison. Recently the contributors of this newsgroup have been getting their respective knickers in a twist about NetScape, and have convinced themselves that an Amiga version of this ever-so-useful web browser will be produced, if only enough people email the NetScape people and tell them that it would be a good idea.
There's no harm in a bit of wishful thinking, now, is there?
Automatic appending of signature files and easy configuration of your overall mail setup, which can include the use of aliases and custom mail headers.
FIDO GATES If you want to use a single mailer for both Fido and Internet email, you will have to struggle with the intricacies of getting a UUCP Fido gateway up and running.
There are two main systems to consider, AmiGate and UUCP TD. Which one you use depends on your exact set-up, but both perform a fairly similar function.
Beat in mind, however, that such systems are not as flexible as a dedicated email-only system, and you can forget about anything fancy like MIME.
MAKING YOUR MIND UP Which system you use always depends chiefly on personal choice, since each of the systems we've mentioned does basically the same thing. When first setting my own system up I tried just about everything that was available, and settled on Demon's Mail system just because I like my Amiga to be running Amiga software.
If, on the other hand, you have been brought up on UNIX, you may find yourself preferring Elm - as long as you keep taking the tablets you'll be fine.
And when you do manage to get your very own email system up and running, you can contact me at: darsy@spuddy.mew.co.uk Tj Trade enquiries welcome & Educational orders Lowest Priced Top Quality Products welcome jNCUJDING rIBBONS) Inkjets, Toners, Disks, Etc BLACK I oft 2i it I9t BLACK Loll it it lftt BLACK Loti it 5* lili Amstrad DMP 2000 3000 280 2 65 245 2-25 Epson FX MX RX80 FX LX800 290 275 255 235 Star LC200 300 285 265 245 Amstrad DMP 4000 366 351 3 31 311 Epson FXMX RX100 FX MX1000 336 321 3 01 281 Star LC24-10 20 200 286 2 71 2 51 2 31 Amstrad LQ5000 6 10 5-95 5-75 555 Epson LX80 86 90
2-12 1 97 1 77 167 Star ND NLNR NX10. NB24-I0 385 370 3 50 279 3-30 259 Amstrad PCW8256 LQ3500 Fab 285 2-70 250 230 Fujitsu DL3300 3400. DX2200 3-75 360 3-40 3-20 Taxan Kaga KP810 815 910 9I5 ZYU VI n 3 14 2 99 Amstrad PCW8256 LQ3SOO M S 357 3-42 322 302 IBM 4207 4212 Proprinter X24 388 3-73 353 333 CULUL K Amstrad PCW9512 Fabric 338 323 303 283 Mannesmann Tally 80 81 3-90 375 355 335 Citizen 224,240. Swllt 24 9 II 95 II 80 11-60 11-20 Amstrad PCW9512 M Strtlcc 2-60 245 2 25 205 NEC Pinwritcr P2200 P2- 303 288 268 2-48 Commodore MI’S!500 1550 938 923 9 03 863 Brother M1009 1024 1109 1209 390
3-75 355 335 OKI Ml. 182 183 192 193 195 3-17 302 282 2-62 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180 10 63 600 9-78 10-48 10-28 988 Brother M1818 1824L 1924L 4-88 4 73 4 53 4 33 OKI Ml.320 321 380 390 391 332 3 17 2-97 2 77 Star LC10 20 100 Star LC200 Siar I r“»a.ior n," on 585 (X £7 565 Q A’t 5 25 Citizen 120D LSP10 Swilt 24 9 285 2-70 250 2 30 Panasonic KXPI123 1124 1140 3-46 3 31 3 11 2 91 948 tMJ 9-28 y-uj 8-88 Commodore MPS1220 I230 450 4 35 4-15 395 Panasonic KXPI080 1180 90 289 274 2 54 234 Toners ;ommodore MPS1500 1550 675 660 640 620 Panasonic KXI'l 524 1540 1624 455 440 4-20 400 Epson LQI00 4 10
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HP DeskJet Tri-Colour Cartridge HP Thlnkjet Quietjet Cart rid Re Inkjet Relllls (Twin Packs - 40ml Ink) tor Canon BJ-10 20 200. BJ300. HP De*k|et etc Available In Black. Cyan. Magenta. Yellow. Red. Blue. Brown.
Light Green. Dark Green and Gold.
Printer Ribbons - Ring for Ribbons Not Listed & Refill* Nol Listed Ring us and WE WILL BEAT all other Ribbon prices Inkjet, Cartridges & Refills 1754 each 12 13 each 12 99 each 24-24 each 28-89 each 12 13 each 16 00 each Branded DS DD DS HP DS DD DS HD 10 Disks S5 56 56 58 25 Disks Sit) 511 - - 50 Disks S16 518 521 524 100 Disks S29 533 538 546 250 Disks 565 576 SOI) 5110 500 Disks SI 25 5148 5170 5210 Preforniatted (MS-DOS) Bulk disks available at 2p All Disks Certified 100% ERROR FREE and INCLUDE exlra dlsk.
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Sec (A4@400dpi) With: Amiga Software PC SCSI Card & Software
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The Professional Drive!
A If.cmrih Le-raJ D&MbirJdcii Dice V3.01 on Special offer @ £98.75 from Amiga Shopper and all good Amiga dealers.
Commercial C Compiler for Amiga w hich has been continuously supported & developed to become the most reliable and user friendly package.
Sole Distributors Europe Africa, Asia (Except France & Germany) Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
GAMEPLAY RULES While wandering along the front in my seaside home-town. I suddenly felt the compulsion to nish home and play a computer game. Which one. Though? Theme Park? Settlers} The ever-classic Speedball 2?
No. For some unknown reason I wanted to play Monty On The Run - a game I haven't seen since I last clapped eyes on a Commodore 64.
Amazing, isn't it? In my collection I have all the latest and greatest, and I want to play something with six colours and graphics that would embarrass a five-year-old.
The fact of the matter is that the old games did have bad graphics, but to make up for it they were addictive and had great playability.
Some of my favourite games on the Amiga are Public Domain - Elevation, Derring Do and Extreme Violence - and could have appeared on any of the old machines, but are amazingly addictive.
I'm really speaking to the games writers. Don't write games that have amazing graphics and no gameplay.
Leave that for the CD-i and PC. We want games to play, not to look at.
Now, if you'll excuse me, 1 feel the urge to blast aliens in Deluxe C,alaga, which you kindly supplied on my Subscribers' Superdisk.
Kelvin Aston Whiting Bay, Isle of Arran Em glad you 're enjoying Deluxe Gaiaga.
And I hope you remember to register it.
truss some of my old C64 games too - Pipemania. Commando. Karateka - those were the days. There are many good, original games at the moment, but gameplay certainly always beats graphics.
MORE UPGRADE ARGUMENTS I've seen quite a few letters in the computer press recently from Amiga users complaining that their OS 1.3 machines are not being supported by software publishers.
Tutting to themselves, the magazines base metaphorically shrugged their shoulders and given their best Workbench 2 3 sales pitch in an effort to nudge the readers into upgrading. Stubbornly, quite a few readers seem determined to stick with the cranky old Workbench they know and love.
Why are they so stubborn? I'll tell you why - they don’t want to see the back of their massive pirate software collections, that's why! Most of these 1.3-ites have had an .Amiga for donkey's years, and probably only got it because they knew that the latest games software was available for next to nothing.
The next whining letter you get 1 suggest you employ as an ad hoc coffee tea-cup stand.
Gary Miller Dover, Kent Thanks very much for the advice, Mr Parker. Amiga Format readers can now enjoy hassle-free racing, and you, Robert can race around the track in your brand-new leader's jersey, otherwise known as an AF sweatshirt.
No, but come on, stop sitting on the fence, tell us what you realty think.
Continued overleaf * SKIDMARKS SOLUTION If you install Super Skidmarks on your hard drive you will probaly install the car disks as well. Well, I've found that this quite often causes Skidmarks to crash.
When you select 'Race' and Skidmarks trundles off to the track select screen, the problems start. As soon as you select the track you want it tries to load the car data and the track data from disk at the same time, as far as I can tell. My friend has had the same problem.
We both own A1200s with 4Mb of Fast RAM and FPUs, two floppy drives, CD-ROM drives and, of course, hard drives. I thought I'd list the specs of the machines in case it's just an isolated problem.
Anyway, the good news: myself and my mate Dan have found a solution - format all the disks, format the hard drive and stick a banana up ACID software's bum.
Has this failed to work for some reason? OK. The real way to get Super Skidmarks to work is as follows.
I 1. When the Select Track , screen comes up, click on sb 'Read Floppy' as normal.
• * ___ 2. The tracks appear in the ¦ _ teSi little windows.
| 3. Take the Track Disk out of : 4. Click on the track you want
5. The 'Waiting For Car disk r' _ and Track disk' screen
6. Wait for it to say 'Mini Loaded' (or any other car).
7. Now stick da Track Disk in da floppy and watch it load.
Hope that helps all the people It's all very well if you get this far - but if you ou* * ere who 9ct verY upset It's all very well if you get this far - but if you have trouble running Skidmarks, here's a fix.
Have trouble running Skidmarks, here's a fix. When it crashes.
Robert Parker, Hatfield, Herts Gallery FACE-REFLECT v " DMA °*s‘9n " are giving away a Tabby graphics tablet worth £54.99 for the best Gallery entries. Plus, 1 you may be commissioned by DMA. The team behind Lemmings. Please state if you do not want your details passed on.
Send entries to: Amiga Format, Gallery, 30 Monmouth St Bath. Avon BA1 2BW.
By John Kcates Working with Photogenics, John experimented with the program to try to make the face look spooky. To paint the hair, he made his own special 'hair brush' by duplicating the airbrush and making this new brush all dotty.
The hair was built up slowly and the Sharpen effect gives it a raised look.
MORE IMAGINE Would it be possible to repeat a Coverdisk in the near future? The disk in question is Imagine from AFS3. There must be many like me who started their subscription after this issue and have not been able to get the sold-out back issue.
M Worcester, Sutton-in-Ashfield. Notts We're not in the habit of recycling old Coverdisk s. What about the thousands of people who already have it? It wouldn't be fair on regular readers. However, we might consider doing a special separate package, complete with all the tutorials, in the future.
SCRIBE NEEDS SCRIBBLE Does anybody still have an original or a working copy of the AF9 Scribble Coverdisk? Mine is corrupt and has locked up several long-lost chapters of a potential Booker Prize winner. OK. So I'm a slow writer, but a good plot has to have time to mature. Bet this never happened to Jeffrey Archer.
David Baxter, Newport Cottage, Newport Berkeley Glos GL13 9PY I believe we have one original Disk 9, which I will send out to you just this once. But let this be a salutary lesson to all of you - always make a back-up of your Coverdisks.
PD PLEASE I couldn't agree more with the 'More Utilities' letter (AF71). I too think that there should be a Coverdisk full of PD games and utilities, but only one disk, since most of your demos and full commercial Coverdisk programs are very good! Also, most of the programs on your Coverdisks are AGA-only! Why?
Peter Leigh, Cromer, Norfolk So we should have three disks, then? I thought we had gone over the AGA thing already - a lot of new software is at least WB2.0 only, so we don't have much choice.
It was not the delayed Commodore buy-out that was slowly killing off the Amiga, it was the dwindling support from software companies.
New titles for the CD” and Amiga are virtually non-existent in Sheffield computer shops. No SWOS on the CD32? It cannot be done? Bah, humbug. Now that Escom have bought the Amiga, millions of loyal Amiga users are cheering, but are the software companies listening?
Julian Smith Wincobank, Sheffield Elsewhere in this issue you will see a review of MicroProse's Colonization, a game they originally didn't plan to release on the Amiga. Hopefully more software houses will follow.
MAG MANIA A few people at school are writing a magazine (Amiga Mania), and we were wondering if you could:
1) Tell us if we are allowed to use the Amiga name logo.
2) Send us some screenshots of Sensible World Of Soccer, Shadow
Fighter and Mortal Kombat II.
3) Send us some information on upcoming games.
4) Also send us some tips cheats for newish games.
If you can help us we will send you one of the first magazines.
Amiga Mania, 49 Heyford Road, Braunstone, Leicester LE3 1SR The “Amiga" name and logo are trademarks and I don't think Escom would be happy with you using the actual Amiga logo. To produce your own mag, you'll have to find ways of getting your own screenshots, tips and information. Try contacting games companies, looking on BBS systems for tips and getting hold of a digitiser to take screenshots.
«- PROGRAMS, PLEASE I started programming six years ago, in Basic on an MSX Computer: later I learnt Z80 assembly language and I wrote many Brick Out, Maze and beat- em-up style games.
THE BITS ON THE SIDE Now I have an Amiga and I want to write games for it and join a software house. So please could you answer these questions?
1) Which books should 1 purchase to help me program games for the
Amiga in assembly language?
2) How much are these books and how can I contact the publishers?
3) How can I join a software house?
4) I’m 21 years old. Is that suitable for a games programmer, or
am I an old man already?
Maher Fahmy Farag El Thauira St, El Mahmodia.
El Behira. Egypt I’m not sure why you want to program in machine language when there are many excellent development systems such as Blitz Basic available, which we ran a huge tutorial series on (see AF52 - 66).
Many games publishers welcome freelance submissions - Team 17 are worth contacting (*44 1924 267776).
If you are dead keen an assembly language, there is a ream t book from Bruce Smith Books (+44 1923 894335) called “Amiga Assembler” and the ISBN number is 1-873308-27-2, should you want to try and get it locally. Don ’ worry, you 're never too old.
EASY INSTALLATION Over the last few issues your Coverdisk programs have grown considerably in size. Because of this, they have come with installation scripts ready to install each program on to an individual floppy disk.
Take the case of the Alien Breed 3D Death Mask Coverdisk from AF7I.
Due to the program’s size die installation scripts were on disk A. a feature that 1 do not mind - but when, to my dismay, I found I had to unpack the other two programs on to floppy disks before Alien Breed 3D could be installed, 1 was not impressed, to say the least.
Undoubtedly this may put off readers from installing some of the larger programs so. After many restless nights. I came up with a solution for you.
On the first disk, a menu could be offered which would give die user options for what he she wishes to install. When a program is selected, the Amiga would then ask you to either insert the floppy disks just for that program, or (if the program is hard disk-installable and the Amiga is equipped with a hard disk) install it to a stated directory on the hard disk. It's as simple as that.
Guy Thompson, Colchester, Essex What often happens when we are putting together our disks is that we sacrifice a nice looking men u system far something a bit more primitive so we can use the space we save for better demos. Commodore’s installer utility would be great for decompressing coverdisks, bul the utility would take up about 20 per cent of the disk on its own.
We are looking to produce our own menu system, which will hopefully make things a lot easier - and not take up too much valuable disk space.
1) The Price Back in the days when the 'Format' bit below the
'Amiga' on the front cover was much smaller and the mag was
only £3.95, the world was a rosy place. I could buy A 'in my
local shop and take £4. Coining back with the mag and five
penny chews.
Then you put the price up to £3.99, so I had to buy a single aniseed ball instead. But now it is £4.50, I have to go to the shop with £5 (haring squeezed the extra quid out of my dad) and then scoff 50 penny chews on the way home, i am now overweight. Oh. Well.
Sean Me Clintocl REGAL RACE CAR by Sean McClintock An interesting distorted 3D vision created using Sculpt 4-D Junior and Dpaint IV AGA.
STATUE by Peter Barnard A dramatic monument modelled with Imagine
3. 0 and composed using AdPro and Dpaint.
ENFANT DE... byjlucFaubert Full title 'Enfant De Tchernobyl', created using an MSP9000 24-bit card and TV Paint.
2) Your Mag Wily do you not have C tutorials so that the younger
generation ran learn to program the Amiga so that it doesn’t
die again?
3) Your Coverdisks “Sold for £95!” say the disks. What they fail
to mention is that this was five years or so ago. And stop
giving us these silly demos where you can't save anvthing.
Fill it with decent Freeware instead.
4) Demos Review more. You have let many classics pass you by.
Such as? Lone by Fairlight, Lull Moon by the same people, Wake
up! By Rebels, Dusty by Apex, Wham titer Slammer by Rebels and
Technological Death by Mad F.lks. These are good demos that
you have not (as far as I know) reveiwed.
5) The name Change it to Amiga Mousemat because your ntag makes a
good one when you’ve read it.
6) Your E-Mail address Print it more prominently as it is VERY
hard to find!
42) Erm... What happened to points 7-41? The ultimate question.
Matt Whitfield. The Mashed Mailer let's do it by the numbers, then.
1) Perhaps you could put the extra 50p into a savings account,
and save up to buy yourself a motorbike - then you won V be
able to eat anything on the way liom1.
2) Our sister magazine Amiga Shopper has bent running C tutorials
since the daum of time, or shortly thereafter.
3) We've had this one before. Whenever we quote a price, it is an
Rill’for the product. People who actually buy software tike to
see demos of it, and the demos are actually useful. Perhaps we
should destroy the software industry by giving away
up-to-the-minute full-priced To be fair, there are very many
PD fonts available which you can use with Wordworth, and most
Amiga owners have quite a selection of Compugraphic fonts.
Your best bet would be contacting one of the many PD
advertisers in the back of the mag who can easily and cheaply
supply you with suitable typefaces.
FONT FURY I had read with interest the reviews of Wordworth 3.1 and had considered purchasing it when along came Wordworth 3.1 se and the Wordworth AFC Coverdisk.
And then, to my great delight I read that I could get a free copy if I took out a subscription to your magazine.
Since I had purchased every copy of Amiga Format since buying my A600 and I intended to continue buying it I considered it very worthwhile sending off my subscription, and looked forward to receiving my copy of 3. Ise, albeit without its box.
What do I find? Only one usable font is included in the program, together with four strange fonts which do not appear to be of much use to anyone. Looking at the "Read Me" files I find that by sending a further minimum payment of £30 to Digita International Limited I can actually get some more fonts to use with the program.
I wonder how many other purchasers of Wordworth
3. Ise feel as I do. I have a first-class program, which fully
justifies its magazine reviews, but it only has the one decent
font. Why was this information not given in your review? Or is
it just your offer program set up this way? I might feel
really miffed had I paid the full price for the boxed version
and found it to be the same.
Graham Riddy, Kempston, Bedford in the newsagents, which is about two months after the UK.
Packages, but even then, many A 500 A500+ A600 (miners would not gel the full benefit.
4) We do review quite a few. But they take up too much space in
the PD section.
5) Dejiends what sort of mouse you have.
6) It's in evey contact box in the mag.
42) Good.
TAKEN TO PC TASK I would like to complain about the use of the term 'PC'. It seems to me that P( 1 has come to mean an IBM clone compat, which, as everyone knows, it doesn't. What does it stand for, then? Well.
PERSONAL COMPUTER, 1 think that your magazine should be one of the first to use 'PC in its correct way. If you want to refer to an IBM. Do so by saying IBM.
Also, can you please extend the closing dates of your comps because by the time I (and most likely others too) get your magazine, the closing date has passed twice over. I usually get the magazine as soon as it arrives Martin Towell, Australia On the use of ’PC I take your point, and to a certain extent I agree. But, as you say, it lias come to be common usage for PC to mean IBM compatible. don V think that by replacing PC with "IBM and compatibles ” everywhere we mention it in the magazine we would make any headway against all the manufacturers, advertisers, owners, other magazines and
above all, even our own readers.
We do try to give realistic dates for our competition entries, usually about 3 months. Sometimes the nature of the prize makes this impossible.
MULTIMEDIA MOAN Please explain to me why people have started using the phrase 'multimedia'. Multimedia must mean more than one medium: so, when I look at my TV. I can see the pictures and hear the sound and, if I want to, I can page 888 and get the BRILLIANT ALIEN BREED I am sure you have been, or will be. Inundated with letters full of praise for Team 17's as-yet-unfinished Alien Breed 3D. Believe it or not they have saved me a lot of money. Why? I was going to buy a PC just so that I could run the excellent Doom.
Perhaps, though, you could indicate whether there will be the option of better fire power, pause button, gore level, skill level or auto mapper? Of course, I realise there may be better guns available in the demo version, I just might not have found them yet!
I believe that these functions would broaden its appeal and make it a better game than Doom. If they want someone to play-test it, send me a copy - I love it!
Mark L Bryant Hove, Fast Sussex We will, of course, review Alien Breed 3D in full when it is released, and all your questions will be answered. It's a bit drastic to sell your soul just to play a game, isn't it?
Words on the screen, hence this must be multimedia.
Most multimedia isn't interactive
- it's just that it comes on CD-ROM, so people have massive
amounts of information they can access.
Multimedia is just a phrase that sounds interesting while the actual reality of it isn't.
DB, email If you gathered together the top 'multimedia'people in the uiorlrl, stuck them in a room and refused to let them out until they all agreed on a single concise definition of the word, we'd probably never see them again.
Unfortunately, multimedia can mean whatever you want it to - but it is generally taken to mean some sort of interactive, educational, information- based leisure product.
MAKE THE LINK I read the link-up games bit (AI7I) and agree totally with the idea that this is the way games houses should go in the future.
I have an A1200 and A500 that I can link to play Knights Of The Sky and Skidmarks with friends. Imagine my delight to discover in the docs of Lords Of The Realm that you can play against another human.
OC'G fl, CZ) - ® r ft* osscoss Right. 1 thought, some serious butt kicking. How wrong I was. It seems that Impressions have not implemented the link-up option on the Amiga.
I was wondering if you could give a bonus in your scoring system for games that have link-up options.
Even a bog-standard game can take on a whole new feel if you know you are playing against another human.
Mark Burilin Mark.Burilin@f223.n250.z2.fidonet.org Pm sure that Mr McGill would agree with your recommendation. Most arcade style games are best played against a human opponent, and the experience can be much more exciting when played against a stranger you can't even see.
N magazui Iren’s arc ] rifitout fail ant by no regular ot fs profits i hundred' re. Up unt & TEL: 01704 834335 AUGUST 1995 MARKET PLACE your Kmiiroil UR MONITOR £10 wt convert your odd Amtfrid Mon.-cK vtng I cntp RGB colour O’Ctu'e A tmpL'nd itereo sound OtY MADE £)l 19 6 £40 £15 £10
• Dapl Af Aatphai o m MAX R.D. lOO P.D. GAMES ONLY £5K FREE
CATALOGUE TOO Make Cheques Postal Orders Payable to 'P.Long'
FOR ONLY £12-95 POSTPAID Specifically designed and manufactured for use uiith the Amiga, rue are pleased to introduce the "little Gem" Hicro Miner and ID Unit.
Allows you greater control over the sound when playing your Amiga through an outside sound system, or when recording your Amiga Audio Output to tape or DAT.
I Quits! In ? Quanrl lut ¦iLlilllitutuMlli' 170 « cWiW l» sunt irvIMN if ud dunti lOnndnt HwAis tsmtl Is no OaM Unrt v lUres tteiisi ilitr.w jeon lies l«t lend hKBsaiOiiieNMsKiet lisnum Ishsn ¦ Tsims ¦ Stise COMPflllBlE UIIIH RIL HOOEIS Of RMIGfl These games are NOT Public Domain or Shareware!
They are ALL 1993 copywrited games titles Adventures, Puzzlers, Platformers, Sports.
Fast despatch on orders. Overseas add £2 00 GILLETT MULTIMEDIA J, .! Y.',, Fh,-r. 'v.v-, I 10 St Audrwy a Way . Ely . Camhridya . CB6 1DF l Tml: (01353)069203 Fax: 013*3)6*3371 A**KsS Cla Iu, 0T22S 442244 ADVERTISING RATES £60 + VAT per Company entry AMIGA FORMAT MARKET PLACE Bcauford Court 30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Tel: 01325 442244 Fax: 01225 480325 SAVE 50% Official Commodore Products with logo, 1 year guarantee inc VAT pAp Limited Stock) A500 600 I200Du«C! « ....£3 99 CD32 **»i*» Dutf Coer £3 99 C2 99 Oik Mds A) ---------£199 Aaeu VWOwjje PO lo Jenart Design. Pathfields
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I 66AST4vB8a4VlSEBrtXCF WITIU5 I* STX* Fiuse see 48 S»S C« FS43 HX T UCEST LSI HE 4LSO SttXX lie XASSETE AJ-WTreiL rse: Fsi 0 Tl CPTCWCA ro Kfi i «fc senn was ; P&P on all orders.
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Learn how to use Bulletin Boards. The Internet CompuServe, CIX ano Oetpta. Among others Subjects covered include connecting computers by telephone: sending and receiving messages; |«ning in conversations, discussion groups anfl clubs; grabbing soltvrare. Pictures, sound and multimedia Wes, moving around olhor people's computers; finding ihe utilities you neoO; technical appendices on hardware, AT commanOs and much more ISBN: 1-8733O8 0.X, 320 paget. £19.93 Workbench Booster Peek Fzeesv ie pd FOR THE VERY LATEST IN GAMES UTILITIES AND DEMOS TEL: 01822 710985 Gavo, Ununis. Dimok Siidi show
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• JDay at tlie races Uparadroid 64 Lkiuntichlcr Lj Punter
?Steward. HiH|uiry ?Automobile.
L_K I’m Manager U2 Player Soccer Lg fJDcluvc Pacmari ?EPU Disk stacker ?Spectrum v2 ?Speccy game* vol I 4» ?D-Copy 3 I ?Lock Pick 2 Jfreccopy 1.9 _K rack AC. His
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(M»i) 33J jJ : 1N114 -jjjJ QqpaODR £ SQ0 t*S d GWI33 000000003000000 £i0QQ S®3 PU035 wnw»NM»» afexit aaastfiaoQQQ [po a? SmB®os7®»
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12. 00 DEMQS ?Motion Bomb r 2 ?Wit Premium ?Ape* Daisy
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Kitchen 12 ¦ JR..as JN’cvus 7 Jprcy (21
- JI-ovc 12 '?Some Justice V4 Jrus World t3l Jfull Moon ?Friday
at H Jmini Omistan Jartilicial Paradise 12» Jninja Jl Feel Good
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tasks much easier. An essential utility for the well-organised
Your Amiga will always know what day It is with this handy device which sets the correct time and date.
The Turbotech Clock Cartridge simply fits into the disk drive port (or on the back of your second drive).
Comes complete with software. Save £2 off the recommended retail pnce.
Turbotech Clock Cartridge Turbotech Clock Cartridge Description Full Package Upgrade AF Price AFTVTU I Personal Paint 6.1 and Personal Fonts Maker 2 SPECIAL OFFERS AUGUST 1995 Take advantage of our very special AF mail order offer and get the truly excellent Personal Paint, plus the bitmap font editor. Personal Fonts Maher.
Personal Paint is a paint. Image processing and animation program, and is an ideal graphics package for programmers and the more serious Amiga user.
Personal Fonts Maker offers support for standard mono and colour fonts, as well as outline fonts and AGA screen-modes. The program uses the same graphics engine as Personal Paint and enables you to create bitmapped fonts of your own. Which you can colour and use for posters, business stationery, album covers and so on. PFM is easy to use. Has lots of features and gives results that are really impressive. Now you can get both these great programs for a bargain price of £49.95. NEW!
AFPP £49.95 Description One binder Two binders 4 Description Order code AFSWEA £12.99 Helm Aladdin This Disney-inspired platform adventure not only looks great, but it also plays brilliantly and earned a glowing Formal Gold award in AF66. And now Aladdin can be yours for £10 off the RRP. AF games editor Stephen Bradley was so enchanted by Aladdin’s spell that he wrote: "It's just like being a real baggy-trousered sword- wielding little man in a cartoon In Khartoum. Or somewhere."
• A1200 only Description Order code £16.99 Music-X 2 This
sequencer package. (85%, AF60), is one of the most ground
breaking releases since the original Muslc-X made such a huge
impact back in 1989.
Muslc-X 2 is a full MIDI sequencing package for controlling synthesizers, drum machines and any other MIDI SAVE £100 equipment, or you can use rt witn internal Amiga samples. The leading sequencer for the Amiga.
Description Music-X 2 EVEN LOWER PRICE Order code AMFMX2 AF Price IsnaPflaq Mouse ’n’ Mat AFMM AF Price £12.99 Helm AMF503 AF Price £99.95 At last! A quality replacement mouse at a bargain price complete with mouse mat. The 260dpi resolution mouse Is 100 per cent Amiga (and Atari ST) compatible and both buttons are fully micro-switched for maximum reliability and performance. The tastefully-coloured neoprene mouse mat. Essential for keeping your mouse free of dust and dirt, is 5mm thick and has a non-slip backing surface.
A true multimedia authoring system. Helm earned 91% in AF53. Create image editors, databases, information managers, presentations or educational courseware. Helm is an authoring system and a graphics program, combining paint and image processing tools with a scripting language, a hypermedia database manager and user interface objects.
Mouse 'n' Mat Binders ¦ AF108 AF Price £5.99 AF109 AF Price £9.99 By public demand! We are delighted to offer these high- quality black sweatshirts discreetly enhanced with the AF logo. Perfect apparel for those social occasions where what you wear says more about you than credit cards ever can. Available in large only (fits up to 44-inch chest) the AF sweatshirt is a tasteful blend of 70 per cent cotton and 30 per cent polyester.
Models not included (fortunately).
If your magazines live in large piles on the floor, and you can never find the one you want, then keep your Amiga Format collection neat and tidy with these practical, yet stylish black-and-silver AF binders.
• AFtop tip: buy two!
Exclusive AF Sweatshirts AF Sweatshirt AF Price AF Price Amiga Format Binder Ppaint 6.1 Personal Fonts Maker Tiger Cub Manual To get the most from your excellent Tiger Cub Coverdisk (AF66), we are offering the official 100-page manual from Dr T's Music Software for the special price of Just £9.99. Featuring in-depth articles on getting started, the tape recorder, the graphic editing display, menus, instruments, drum kits, quickscore, tables of assignments and much, much more.
Communicator III AUGUST 1995 SPECIAL OFFERS Description
- 1- Tiger Cub Manual Order code AFTCM AF Price £9.99 AF Price
£69.99 AMOS Professional User Guide *1 PageSetter 2: The Manual
To enjoy the full benefits of the brilliant AF63 PageSetter 2
Coverdisk. You need the official manual. Learn how to design,
create and print your own leaflets, posters, party invites and
stationery with in-depth tutorials.
The manual also contains information on importing format images, formatting text, drawing structured illustrations and a full listing of keyboard shortcuts.
With our Coverdisk and the full manual a whole new world of Amiga design and desktop publishing will open up before you.
M Description Order code AF Price £9.99 A500+ And A600 1Mb RAM Upgrades tf you have less than 2Mb RAM. You A600 version shown Description A600 code A500+ code AF Price AF Price £29.99 £29.99 Description Order code £49.99 AFDAST American Revolt Missions If you thought the original Syndicate (91%.
AF49i was tough, the American Revolt Missions Disk will test your skills to the absolute limit in a series of 21 fiendishly difficult missions. You can't buy this disk in the shops or from any other magazine, but you need a copy of the original four- disk game to use the Missions Disk.
There can't be a single Amiga owner who isn't aware of this package and the incredible impact it's had on the Amiga scene. Read our review in AF6S, try our exclusive Coverdisk demo from AF69 and prepare to be amazed.
The most talked-about Amiga image manipulation package ever also brings you the creative freedom of a traditional paint program.
Amazingly. Photogenics does NOT require a 24 bit graphics board but runs on an Amiga with 2Mb of Chip RAM and Kickstart 3.0 or higher. An AGA chip set is required for colour display.
Missions Disk AF Price £54.95 AF Price £12.99 The full version of our tremendous AF68 Coverdisk is available now. Datastore is a revolutionary database, which is accessible, sophisticated and powerful, yet easy to use. The number of records is limited only by the amount of RAM you have available (minimum requirement 1Mb with WB2 or 3).
Easystart templates that come with the package include Club Membership. Recipes, Address Book, and a complete up-to-date Amiga Format Magazine Guide. Many commands are performed simply by clicking on icons, and multiple file editing allows several databases to be opened simultaneously. A ground-breaking release.
Description AMOS Pro Manual Order code AMFAPRM AF Price £17.99 This is the official manual for our wonderful AMOS Professional Coverdisk from AF67. The 650 pages gently introduce new users to the delights of programming in AMOS (97%. AF40) and then guide you through the many advanced features of this truly astonishing programming package.
Co-authored by industry guru Mel Croucher, this reader-friendly official manual contains all the essential information you'll need to get the most from our remarkable AMOS Professional Coverdisk.
If you have a CO32 and an Amiga then with Communicator you can use your CD32 as a CD-ROM - and it bnngs many new features including AGA Viewer (view CD pictures and animations in 16.7 million colours).
Virtual CD (select which menu the CD boots with) and more. Comes with software and leads to connect to the serial port.
Datastore Datastore AF Price are at a serious disadvantage, so take this opportunity to upgrade at an astonishingly low price. These boards for the A500 Plus and A600 simply plug into the Amiga's trapdoor connector. They are built to the highest standards and are fully guaranteed for a year. Upgrading to 2Mb will give both your machine and your productivity a boost.
A600 A500+ 1Mb RAM Upgrade PageSetter 2: The Manual AF6H1M AF5P1M AFM PSM For just £5 you can treat yourself to a back issue of Amiga Format complete with creative Coverdisk programs and great game demos
- or discover one of our special editions.
MORE GREAT ISSUES AF72_June 1995 Coverdisks: Add JPEG support to your software with Pegger and create a book with Magic Storybook. Plus Virocop demo and 10 years of the Amiga feature.
AF71_May 1995 Coverdisks: Make music with the full version of Bars&Pipes Professional and thrill to our Death Mask and Alien Breed 3D alien-blasting demos.
AF70_April 1995 Coverdisks: Wordworth AFC. An exclusive version of the outstanding Wordworth word processor, plus King Pin and Bubble 'n‘ Squeak game demos.
AF69 March 1995 Coverdisks: Exclusive demo of the incredible 95%-rated Photogemcs image processing program plus Super League Manager game demo.
AF68_February 1995 Coverdisks: Special demo version of Digita's new Datastore database and four action-packed levels from Sensible's sensational Cannon Fodder 2.
AF67_January 1995 Coverdisks: Three-disk special edition featuring the full AMOS Professional worth £50. Sensible World Of Soccer.
Other AF Specials still available are: No. 9 Beginners' Guide Everything you need to know to get started with your Amiga.
No. 8 Amiga Format Annual 1994 analysis of what 1994 had in store for and the Amiga.
ATP and Lion King demos.
AF66_December 1994 Coverdisks: Complete Tiger Cub music package worth £60. Plus a demo of Binary Asylum's fabulous helicopter shoot-em-up Zee wolf AF60_June 1994 Coverdisks: Three-disk special! Full version of InterSpread spreadsheet program worth £20 plus DemoManiac and Dream Web demos.
AF55_January 1994 Coverdisks: Get the best out of Workbench with the excellent DiskMaster 2 utility, and experience the moody might of our magnificent Beneath A Steel Sky game demo.
Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 Technosound Turbo 2 PowarScan 4 Exclusive I Sensible GoH review - the best hand ] Luifi fair-.,. Mnay scanner ever?
I b.toa.ai. m TV Paint 3 Full review of zsxszssi. F , Escom Latest Amiga plans Use the complete version of this outstanding sampling software to edit and create sound effects.
Sensible Golf Play around with this five-hole demo of Sensible Software's new release. With full instructions to get you in the swing.
Want to see what the future holds?
If so, order last month's (!) Issue NOW!
POCKET WORKBENCH & AMIGADOS REFERENCE* Workbench and AmigaDOS can be confusing, unless you’ve got help. This pocket guide is spiral bound to lie flat while you use it and is an indispensable companion AMIGA SHOPPER PD DIRECTORY A comprehensive PO directory Within its pages you’ll find over 700 applications, utilities and programs for your Amiga.
PD Diredory SAVE £5 SAVE £10 • Order code Price All prices include postage and packing. Turn to page 137 for order form.
Call our on Order code FLB017A Price £4.95 FLB0114 £4.95 WORDWORTH COMPANION This comprehensive guide to the excellent Wordworth word processing package was written by DTP and word processing expert Larry Hickmott with the full support of Digita International. The Wordworth Companion contains in-depth explanations of every aspect of the software and includes a bonus disk packed with fonts and clip art.
ULTIMATE AMOS Explore the full potential of AMOS with easy-to-understand descriptions, diagrams and dozens of example AMOS routines. All you need to produce your own Amiga games is a smattering of BASIC knowledge.
AMOS - and this 400-page book! It includes a disk with all the author's routines and four skeleton games.
* How to find your way around the Internet, CiX, CompuServe and
other major networks.
* Bulletin Board Systems: what are they, who runs them, what do
they do and how are they run?
* You've got an Amiga and you've got a modem - now how do you
make them talk to each other?
* Make new contacts, obtain technical support, download software,
join special interest groups and more.
£19.95 A1200S, CD-ROMS, AND THE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW This new book tells you everything you'l need to know about CD-ROM, how it works, and industry plans to exploit its full potential.
Included in the book are two CD-ROMs packed with hundreds of megabytes of useful utilities.
PRESENTS Internet, Modems, and The Whole Comms Thing A1200*, CIMtOMi and tfM Thtngi You ttMd To Knot : w SsY SAVE OVER £160... On network registration, software, hardware and on-line services - see the vouchers inside the book I Order code FLB5122 Price £19.95 a Order code FLB5262 Price £19.95 CORISH’S AMIGA GAMES GUIDE Corish's Amiga Games Guide is the latest hints and tips book from the world-famous Corish Games Guide series. This new edition has more than 400 pages packed with lifesaving tips, cheats and solutions.
AMIGA DESKTOP VIDEO The Amiga is the world's premier low-cost graphics workstation. But its basic power, built-in expandability and ever-widening range of quality software and add-ons mean it's capable of highly professional results. All it takes is the know-how... and all the know-how is right here!
£19.95 FLB519X £14.95 AREXX Arexx could be your Amiga's most important asset.
It's a powerful programming language in its own right and it lets you create time-saving scripts for the increasing number of commercial programs that support it. In fact, Arexx is purpose-built for multitasking operations, just like your Amiga!
SYNDICATE PLAYING GUIDE Find out how it's done with this Syndicate Playing Guide. You'll find full walk-through instructions and grabs of the key moments for all 50 missions of Syndicate. Now there's no excuse for losing!
MGA Arexx: Your Amiga's Built-in Turbocharger FLB5157 £13.95 Subscribe You know, it’s a funny old world. Only a couple of months ago we were dismayed to have to put up the price of Amiga Format to SUBSCRIBE AUGUST 1995 £4.50 because of the price of trees. However, if you bypass the newsagent, you can save 44 pence an issue and have the world’s best Amiga magazine delivered to your door. Now, if you take 44 pence from £4.50 it leaves £4.06, just seven pence more than the AF cover price before the increase. So, what do you get for your 7p? Well, there’s 12 issues of Amiga Format delivered to
your door at a rate of one a month, plus two Coverdisks featuring the best creative programs and the latest game demos. Then there’s Backstage, our subscribers-only newsletter packed with lively debate, behind-the-scenes news, special offers and competitions. Plus the totally remarkable Subscribers’ Superdisk, an extra disk featuring the best PD utilities and games hand-picked by the AF team. Subscribe to the Amiga Format experience - it’s the best 44 pence you’ll ever save.
AF 12-ISSUE UK SUBSCRIPTION: £48.75. ORDER FORM: PAGE 137. OFFER CLOSES 03.8.95 Now your favourite magazines are on-line.
Future Publishing has extended Amiga Format on to the Internet. With FutureNet you can talk directly to the editor, check out next month’s contents, search back issues, pick up the latest news, buy mail order products and even subscribe on-line!
All you need to connect to FutureNet is an Internet account, such as Demon or Cityscape, or a direct college connection.Then simply use your World Wide Web browser to connect.There are no hidden charges - it’s completely free!
Point your World Wide Web browser at: http: www.futurenet.co.uk AMIGA AMIGA FORMAT FORMAT f . CO TV tafrftieeer Aaip Fermat Commodore - the latest news
* " »«r« 501W. Ssssesss.
T*wi oh sal* im mat no** SOLK »i» n ntdK tH S •;=**. Te .*» * ihs * Ik. Eft Os Ltifl mtmMihldas You'll find the latest information on new issues For example, users of FutureNet were the first and forthcoming special offers. To know about the sale of Commodore.
To advertise on FutureNet. Email Simon Richardson at srichardson@futurenet.co.uk or call 01225 442244.
Ii f S a * D I| I i ¦D l* 0-= j2-o
* £ r fO 12 s i u o « c
* ¦ o § I 0 s. 32 W L. U 3 LU O UJ .
01 -0 0 ii VI 0 Q. 01 c 0 £ a. ra 2 -o ¦D A z in fN in * * r r*« r» «NN 5 r IB U N CO as UJ O it 5 a u in to 3 in C ¦F £ § S e
* I i 5 11 J * 3 w 3 a Q U
* QJ O
o z 3 -O £ Jz Z SC z
o z 5 2 x£ m O ?
O 3 0) 5 £•8
o *- 3 in in w QJ 0J S _C u in m 3 in it t u JO Q. ¦S’ I I g
-o o cc I I
- X 3 01= f w£CiU Q. l a in ¦¦ VI IB Cl *- C ® i!S ?i-s Mm V u
¦© -o M © y 9 O X Mtt
* ’ M4« C rs p ¦¦ e O e ¦2 ai o £ ¦S + re Q £ u I®. .
Il| C w i 2 C VI s o o os to 00 01 £ 1 i Im o(N tr i |co ?m ©IN & s r ? -o Ol c v -D 3 .t: b. x ? O S 5 = 1 i? ? ?
.lit c .£ U .. E O o nj * c 0 o n W £ O 2 s E -5 aj »o *o 5 ”o fo jn © 1 £ “ a 9 £ +v 0 Ol o in O CL UJ UJ CC 0 c 01 t l
o •£ ? 01 tn c re 3 O' C O ~ SI 01 £ 3 I ° I Ilf ||I § 5: (D .£
0i 01 « £ II O "O J « 3 iD S 5 0 I ~ ID 1 £ a - £: 5 ° ¦a 0)
|| I 1 -S u - t i 0 0 ? | 2 JC m Z&& rt) .. ID 'C 2 £ O i
_ U a a 2 5 E 01 ¦a n iC e8 01 os c X “ M CO ” lO X r- 3 r-
Q. 0» •“ 3 QJ 3 LL V
* I (Q O I £ £ §
* t |e la I s. TJ S’ 1 § § I
* * V
- c O v i?l = a C w- oi TJ s3.c £00 III 0*5 Ol c « £ .5* 3 + E
.a a 01 Ol
* °1 Ml re j; ai 01 in re o
* 1 3 a c v
• £ +* A 3 0 5.
Vi c it M E re n, *- 4, 0; si JO 5 ,c x"! 5 ? I § s !2t| s ts § c -5 o s ¦S a ?
3 S 5 £
2. 115 e s. i | = o.° t •« « c vi re re oi c Ei l
o. Q 2 re a "O c re 0 oi re VI O a I I re 01
* • i i C 0 C 2 I
• a t!
C 01 ra w in c £ 3 vi »- T3 re ai I!
Re *¦ Ol !t Ig
b. 0 3 H- 0 *- x £ 0 I Q S tJ b! O e 0 C vt V 0
• Q 3 3 1 © w I S § J ™ i ? O C* !
S .5 1 « S c O' ™ o SIS c c c 0 IL 0'S 0 » 5 M 3£ i E 34 h vi «; a t -o 0 8 re b. II cl o vi w
i. "D 0 C
u. re 01 ai E ° ai p. T3 r r- 3 .£ K £ .a £ re £ « 0 VI v ?-
a v 0 J re vi c f S 5 s!
• S I re I I 5 HO £ ¦a 'c 8 ¦* £ 0 s £ K- Vt 03 rtJ £ o- o- i-
- -S « o • at C Ol
• - a, o 01 c in re £ .a a oi 3 fNa n 137 WITH THIS MONTH'S
COVERDISKS YOU CAN Try out an image processing program that
will automate file conversion - and make the most of a host of
other great utilities.
Become the manager of your own team for a whole season - buying, selling, playing... hoping to get a result.
You might get your kicks on matchdays, but you still have to turn up for training.
Coach Steve Bradley has the moves down on paper... Player Manager 2 WIN IT-QUICK!
Five copies of the full game are up for grabs from Virgin. Simply spot the deliberate grammatical errors in the demo text jot them on a postcard and send it to: Just Their Little Joke (Honest) Compo, Amiga format.
30 Monmouth Street Bath BA2 2BW And get your entries in by 31st July. This year.
You’re the boss of Second Division Wolverhampton (with due respect, in real life they are. Of course, a First Division team) and you must guide them through the stormy sea that is league football. Cups, too.
Plater Manager 2 is Anco’s follow-up to Player Manager, released but five years ago and a game 4 Hast Bromach 4 X l*« FO*
* 0 »
• a* at* i* Mor *r* «r«on w««» aro*M« K Feruorae roc* ¦¦ S*oot.n*
¦ tocM*** Control £t Ofrs.no ¦r M*o*n* A**r«M. On i 0«f«n*re
»««*«*•* Tocttn* ¦* non«*»* roc* Jew* •j N*«*n* H
* **** 0*r+ ¦)
V. *0*» -- Check out how the opposition compares to your good
selves before the game and plan tactics accordingly.
Which received the whopping AF score of 93%.
The sequel is huge, with both management and arcade options, though the emphasis is more on the management side. This demo is packed to the gills, and obviously Anco have had to leave out loads of features - but you can still play and manage a full season, as well as buy and loan players. I leek, what more do you want?
v. f*nMor i 1 TV."
Xo 1 m i ee I i-j .
Tr,S MtL s 110 Sfffi 2«»2ft n 1
O. Hoir | rniM | S ’¦ _ S Tir t» I it I 1D1 " r ± • iW
- ------ . .Zj ' - - EE Kpr Def =: Mid l m Transfer = When
you're considering buying or loaning players, remember to check
their wages as well as the fee.
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple.
Just follow the stages below... Ibootup with your Workbench disk, and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
You start with £500,000 in cash and a heap of ambition. Can you lake Wolverhampton to League and Cup glory? The players' statistics must all be taken on board as you attempt to put out a balanced team - also taking into account the opposition, of course.
But don't just go by the players' star ratings when picking the side. You have to look at a player's 15 different attributes and decide how best the team should play. Go on, experiment.
That’s what old Tel does, apparently.
And remember - Alan Hansen is on board to give his match predictions, while the Anco Times faithfully produces a report of each game you play.
If you generate enough cash, the transfer market can lie used to strengthen the squad.
Occasionally, you receive bids from other clubs for your players. Can you afford to sell, or could you get a superior replacement at a lower price?
The biggest football management demo ever?
We think so. Take the helm at Wolverhampton and you can not only manage but also play A FULL SEASON of league and cup matches in our exclusive Player Manager 2 disk.
The archives section provides in-depth information about clubs in other divisions as well as results and league tables, but once the season is under way, you should pick it up with ease.
There are three ways to play. You can watch the match, play the match (using the overhead perspective) or simply click though a bit of text.
It takes a bit of time to get used to playing - particularly for those who've played a lot of Sensible Soccer-bul persevere. Fans of Kick Off 2will have no trouble. Because Anco have given you a full season, there wasn't room for sound, nor can you make substitutions during play, but hopefully you’ll get the gist or the game during the season.
So, point 'n' click your way around, discover the ins and outs and. Mr P Manager, best of luck.
The board gives you a vote of confidence. ¦2?
'Transition' overleaf 4 5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell. Your copy is complete.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any data loss or other damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including a stamped addressed envelope for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) Disk, DisCopy Labs Ltd, PO Box 21, Daventry, NN11 5RT.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert the disk you want to copy to and press Return.
All information on this disk will be destroyed.
2 Type in the following line exactly as it appears here, taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY PROM DFO: TO DFO: 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the information on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
You might just want to change the File formal of the image, or you might want lo process it too.
The Tdetype' window enables you to choose the file format that the image will be saved in.
With the number of colours in the image shown underneath. If you are outputting as a JPEG, then there are options to control the Everyone likes messing around wiih paint packages, but sooner or later you discover that many of the picture Files that you come across are stored in different formats.
The Amiga's usual image format is IFF (as used by Deluxe Paint), but other formats, like JPEG or GIF, quite often crop up - especially if you're getting pictures from PD image libraries or from other types of computer. If your paint package can't use all the odd File types around, you really need a convertor to change them to a type you can use and that's where Transition, the image manipulation program, comes in.
To use the program load Workbench and then insert the Transition disk. Double-click on the icon and you'll be shown a requester. Transition needs a place to store temporary Files while it works on them, so you are asked to decide where this should be. If you’ve got loads of RAM, use that, but if you've only got 1Mb RAM, you should direct it to a blank disk (or temp directory, if you have a hard drive) for use as a sort of virtual memory.
The program couldn’t be easier to use. At the top there are input and output paths for the Files.
As you can guess, all you have to do is select the picture you want to load its the input, and tell Transition where to put the Finished picture, which is the output. Then select the changes you want to make.
'Image conversion and processing' might sound a little technical, but it means you'll be able to use any picture you want, no matter what the format. David Taylor introduces Transition - and lots of other goodies too... quality of the output and any smoothing you might want to include.
The processing options are simple too.
An image can be scaled (made larger or smaller), with the aspect ratio kept intact if you want to avoid stretching the image. Should the image be too bright or loo dark, the gamma (which roughly equates to contrast) and brightness levels can be altered. You can also choose to change the image to greyscale, add an embossed effect and delete the input file after the changes are made.
One great beauty of Transition is that your changes can be applied to whole sets of files automatically, using the ‘batch processing' feature, which cuts out tedious repetition.
The easiest way to get to grips with Transition is to tty it. Several samples are supplied, but you'll soon be processing your own images without anv trouble. RZ) Transition UTILITIES DISK ONE ARCalc 2 (WB2+) AND THAT UNBELIEVABLE UTILITIES BONANZA!
Yes, that's not all! Oh no! Not only do we bring you the fine and dandy Transition, but also this month's disk packs in another two diskfuls of utilities... It's always been a bit stupid that you've got a powerful computer sat on your desk, but that the desktop calculator on Workbench looks like a poor effort from the 1970s. ARCalc can change all that. It's a full-featured scientific calculator that has just about every function under the sun. It has the obvious sin, cos and tan for all those curvy calculations as well as log, square, pi. And programmable functions. The calculator also
operates in several different bases, including decimal, binary and hexadecimal.
LZX 1.2 (WB1.3+) How, we hear you ask? How the hell do we get so much on to this one disk? Black magic, we reply.
OK, that's a lie, but we do use this program. It's a CLI command, which means you won't be able to see anything if you open the window on Workbench (unless you show all files on WB2) and you will have to use the CLI. It works in much the same way as the Lha command, using 'x' to extract files and 'a' to add them. The full amigaguide gives you all the answers as well as an interesting insight into the history of archiving. This version not only packs better than Lha, it's faster too - and it can even de-archive .lha files 10-35% faster than Lha itself can.
MultiDOS (WB1.3+) Those users who are lucky enough to have Workbench 2.1 and above will already have the ability to read PC floppies on their computer. For those who can't, MultiDOS is the answer, enabling you to read from and write to PC disks, and so transfer data from the Amiga to the PC.
Shameless plug: the integration and use of this program is discussed in detail in Amiga Shopper's emulation feature, in their August issue.
Multicv (WB1.3+) OK, so you can now transfer data to the PC and the Mac. But when you transfer ASCII text files, you keep getting rubbish characters in the middle of your nice document. You need this, mate! Multicv will convert ASCII to and from Pcs and Macs, making sure it all remains OK.
FlushCX (WB2+) In WB2 the idea of commodities was introduced.
These are small utilities that alter the way in which your Amiga functions, such as mouse accelerators or screen blankers. Most people have one or two of these running, but if you're low on memory, it can be a pain when you really do need to squeeze every last drop of RAM out of the Amiga and you know that some little utility is stopping you. FlushCX will solve the problem, by killing all commodities (or just a few of them if you need one or two left in place).
UTILITIES DISK TWO Remind 1.5 (WB2+) Wouldn't it be nice if your friendly Amiga could remind you when you're supposed to be doing something else? Enter Remind 1.5, stage left.
It's easily configurable. Just load the program and press the hotkey (shift f8 by default). The main screen appears and you can enter the alarm function together with a message to tell you what it is you're supposed to be remembering, which is probably why it's called Remind.
When the time comes, up pops the message and you've been reminded. Remind has more tricks up its sleeve, too: it can be set to launch programs at specific times, so you could launch a virus checker every week to scan your disks, for example. If you don't have a battery backed-up clock, you can set the preferences to freeze Remind and make you set the clock on boot-up.
INSTALLING YOUR DISK To fit these programs on. They have been archived, so you must install them - but don't fret! All you need do is have three blank, formatted disks ready. If you are unsure how to format a disk, refer to your Workbench manual. When you have the three disks ready, boot the Coverdisk. All you have to do is change the disk when you are asked to. There you go. Painless!
If you want to install Transition to your hard disk, simply follow the instructions above and then drag the drawer (not just the program) across to the destination.
Fastvievv 1.51 (WB2+) So, you've converted all your images in Transition, but you want to take a peek at them. FastView is the answer. It can load most types of images and is an incredibly quick JPEG viewer. There are two versions you can install, so use the one made for your processor.
It works both from CLI and Workbench and just requires you to select the file you want to see. There is optional dithering to make pictures look as good as possible and large pictures can be made to fit the screen. If you want to view multiple files, FastView will automatically load and decode the next picture while you are still viewing the previous one, which makes it very fast... as the name suggests, really.
Typeface (WB2+) There are hundreds of fonts available for the Amiga, but what if you can't find the right one?
Or you want an original character? Or simply want to make a few alterations? Well, then you need to take a look at this! Typeface is a bitmap font editor that is so easy to use, it's a dream.
Simply load the font you want to alter and then click on the character you want to change. A blown-up image of the letter will appear and you can change each pixel individually. When you've got it as you want it save it out and - hey presto!
- your customised font is there.
In addition. Outline fonts, introduced with WB2.04, can be loaded at specific sizes and saved out as bitmap fonts.
CALL 0191 584 0682 (MON-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
PIXEL 3D PRO (AF65) Pixel 31) Pro is for use with a 3D rendering package (such as Imagine from Coverdisk 53).
The objects that it creates cannot be loaded into paint packages such as Dpaini.
It is a vers memory-intensive program, and is choosy about the type of memory it uses. It needs at least 1,7Mb of total memory, some of which must be Fast memory. The AF66 Coverdisk contains a patch which fools Pixel 31) I'm into thinking that you have Fast RAM even if you don’t.
You can get a copy of AF66 from Back Issues on page 133. Or contact a PD library and ask for a program called llalfn'Half which will do the job.
BARS&PIPES (AF71) Several readers have reported memory problems when trying n» run Bars&Piprs or when Irving to access the Btirs&Piftt's tool AmigaPhotif. To increase the memory available, disable Workbench utilities that are running in the background (such as virus checkers), disable external disk drives and use Workbench Preferences to change screen mode to the lowest resolution and least colours possible.
BanC!?Pipes should now load. Once running, use Bts?Ps Preferences menus to switch on all the memory savers. AmigaPlwtir should now work.
When you try to load the song Brandenburg Demo, the Amiga asks you lo insert Volume Internal Sounds Kit l. This is an instruments disk which couldn't be included on the Coverdisk. To work around this, make a copy of your AF71A Coverdisk and rename it Internal Sounds Kit l. Put this in the drive when prompted. Brandenburg will lind some ol the sounds that it needs in the instruments drawer on this disk, but not all.
Instruments whose sounds can't be loaded (cello for example), can be fixed In clicking on the AmigaPhone icon at the end of then pipe and choosing a suitable replacement sample from the AF71A instruments drawer.
PEGGER & MAGIC STORYBOOK (AF72) 11 says in I he magazine that you should name one of your blank disks Pegger_Demo, but __ this is wrong. The disk should Ik* railed Pegger.
When you are prompted to Please Insert Magic Disk, this does NOT refer to the . lngir Slarilmik Coverdisk, it means the disk which you have formatted and called Magic.
People with some l .3 machines can't decompress the disks. Magic Slnr lnt*tk will work, but it will have to be decompressed as follows.
Amiga 1.3 with 2 drives: Boot up with the ( '.overdisk in the internal drive, put your blank formatted disk in the external drive. When the error message appears telling you that RAM can't be accessed type: 1 x -x -F x magic.Izx dl l: This starts the decrunching process. Once that has finished type: install dll: Single drive 1.3 Amiga: a little more complex.
Bool with your Workbench disk, go to the System drawer and start the (il.l tool. Make sure von have your formatted disk called Magic to hand. Write- protect your ('.overdisk and Workbench disk. Now type the following, swapping disks as requested: copy af72a:l x RAM: copy a!72a:Magic.l x RAM: copy aI72a:c install RAM: cd RAM: Remove Workbench, and insert the blank disk. If.
Alter entering the next line, a requester asks for Workbench back, click on Cancel, l x -x -F x magic.1 x magic: install (III): Now reset the machine. If votive done everything correctly Magir Storybook wi load and run.
DATASTORE (AF68) Although it wasn't mentioned on the disk. Dalaslorr needs at least Workbench 2 to work.
Sorry, there's no way to get it to function on a 1.3 machine, fhe vast majoritv of serious Amiga software nowadays needs at least version 2.
For around £90 you can upgrade to the latest version. (3.1). If you think that's too much to spend on an ageing A500. There is another option.
Most dealers will replace your Kir hst.n l 1.3 R( M with a 2.1 ROM for less than £3(1. II von fancy doing it yourself. 2.1 Kirkstart ROM chips can he bought mail order for as little as £22. small price to pay to bring the machine into the Nineties. 'li IN GENERAL Not all of the Coverdisk programs are self- booting. Some, like Bars&Pipes for instance, require you to load up Workbench before you can run them.
A large number of people regularly ruin their Coverdisks by decrunching the full Coverdisk programs and game demos over the top of the Coverdisks themselves, instead of on to blank disks. Often, this happens when they accidentally insert the wrong disk during the Coverdisk decrunching process.
To guard against this happening, as soon as you remove the Coverdisks from your magazine you should write-protect them - slide open the little tab in the top right-hand corner of the disk.
Only when this is done should you follow the instructions for making back-up copies of the Coverdisks and decrunching the Coverdisk programs to blank disks. Make sure you rename a back-up copy of a Coverdisk to the same name as the original before using it.
As a rule, a Coverdisk which is genuinely defective causes error messages such as Read Write or Checksum Error when it (but not one of your own blank disks) is in the disk drive.
Not Enough Memory or Can’t Open Such&such.library errors are almost always generated by something other than a damaged Coverdisk. Check that you’ve followed all of the instructions, and that the program is intended to work on your particular system. If the problem persists call the Coverdisk Helpline before you send the disk off to DisCopy Labs.
COVERDISK HELPLINE The Coverdisk Helpline (0191 584 0682) is there to help you, but before you call please make sure you have the answers to the following questions:
• Which version of Workbench are you using?
• Which model of Amiga do you own?
• What memory expansions do you have?
• How much memory do you have?
• If you are getting an error message, what precisely does it
PC OWNERS Often confused PC owners call the Coverdisk Helpline to complain about the Amiga Format Coverdisk programs not working on their HyDaeSung DX2 T (or whatever). A message to PC owners: you did buy the right magazine, but sadly you bought the wrong computer to go with it.
Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear Access
- ROM.
X2 CD-ROM DOUBLE SPEED CD ROM £299 x4 CD-ROM QUAD SPEED CD ROM POWER COMPUT1NG' LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 n SCSI Connectors Audio In Out I Iov 240v SCSI ID Cooling SCSI Audio Switch Fan Connectors In Out OWER CD-ROM | IB CD-ROM SOFTWARE | The new Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs cdboot i.o .£29 Enables you use almosi any CD32 games directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 .... J r r o32MH of fonts tor almost any computer system and SCSI-II
interface, allowing up to six additional peripherals c0m”f £25 to be connected, for example: Syquest Drives, Hard Drives, VokJJwlhh!GoldfishGiTconhinsYsdCiionof s’ofhvirc ..£23 Flatbed Scanners and Dat Drives. What's more the Power Contains almost 650MBof3D objects, images «c.
MAGIC ILLUSIONS .£10 CD-ROM features a 'Hot-Plug' and ‘Un-Plug’, which MEETING PEARLS VOL I £| allows you to connect disconnect at any time the Power meeting're voui ...£10 on l l • it- i Contains 650MB ot the finest FD software via a special user interface LU-KUM and any additional devices, even when your the light works .... £34
• t 1 Raytracing - a fascinating area of computer graphics Amiga
is switched on. The beauty OF chaos
......£12 Drive into the fractal world
of geometry AMINET 5 ..... £12
1. 1 gigabytes of software The CD-ROM comes with a SCSI
interface, PSU, manual, A™NET SET 1
.....£25 ’ ’ 4 Cds
containing freeware audio lead, mains lead* and software:
Audio CD, CD32
En bl yo'To ii;time',oCDs £39
Emulation, MPEG Film Decoder and PhotoCD software. Hundreds of
MB’s of freeware Amiga 600 1200 Amiga 4000 nosesi interface
Accessories Double - Speed Double - Speed Amiga 4000 JQ.
CD-ROM £199 CD-ROM .....£159 SCSI-lnterface .£ I 29 V- Quad -
Speed Quad - Speed Multi-media Speakers CD-ROM . ....£299
CD-ROM . ....£259 80 Watt , . £54
• uxoni, Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide
distribution available All prse, .ne'ude VAT foectations and
pnre, are insert to (hinge mthout notice a1 Vadema-G in
ac.ra»!edgM All order, in vweog er &, tetetTone n,t te aeceoted
cntr i.txet to o-r term, rt 0o' trade, ecoe, d nf n are j.a
joe fme of jrige en nto st @ Proof o» ttjt rwed Wf do not
contone or supply flat or farttxra 'Piemien. “Tttrzii &ule i
Please Send Cheques PO’s (made out to Premfer Mail Order) or
Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept: AF08
SS14 3JJ.
Telephone orders: 01268-271172 Fax your order on: 01268-271173 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT included for all UK orders. Please add per item £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for the rest of the world. Next day service available UK only @ £4.00 per item.
Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press. Most titles are despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days. E&OE AUGUST 1995 ADVERTISERS' INDEX i Dey Cock* 4th A Irenes 688 SoO Alt** A Tram • Conit Kit A10 Tar* K»l* 22 99 ---- 19 99 --
• 3 99 ------- 17 9917 99 ------- 17 9917 99 ...... 179917991999
12 99 ----- 12 99 ----
- ---1999 10 99 -- 1399 -
- ---2999 1799 ----
19. 96-- 19 99 --- 1799 -- MONKtY ISLAND 1 OR J....1
Moorbase ...3 Morph 1 MORTAL K0MBAT1 OR 1.... 1
Mr Nut; 1 Mutant league Hockey i Navy Moves New Zealand Sicry
NHL Hockey 95 2 Nk* Faldo s Go* i Nigel Mansell* W Champ On
ue Bal WW) Cue bason i On The Bail league Edrton 1 Operation
Harrier Operation Stealth Oriental Games Overdrive OVERLORD
---- Patnaan -1 Parasol Stars PEN
PAUVCR0PR01 5 PGA European Tour ’ PGA To* Go* ' Pinball
Dream* A Fantasies Pnba" Fantasies PINBALL ILLUSIONS ._
PnbeHUegc P*ates PvalesGdd Pmloe Poaco
Ouost t * 2 * 3 Popubus I Ptctt.**c Land* POPULOUS 2-_
Postman Pat Po6tman Pat 3 Powertyve Powerhouse
. Pow*mono* A O Dok Premier Manager 3 Prem Man Muiii E
Pnme Mover Prince Ol P*sxa Protect X Pro Tenms Tour ......
Pussies Galore Puny Putty Squad Quest For Glory 1 *; Railroad
Tycoon Rairbow tsland* RBI Basaball 2 Reach F* The Skies RED
BARON-- Reurvon Rck Dangerous Rek 0angerous2.
Road Rash RoboccoS Rome AD92 Rugby Lea e Boss Ggoxh BarmkvreAsr* 899 G Taylors Soco GROUERSENC .
Grand Pru Ocuii Guardian QUICSS DSC OF RECORDS .
10. 9922 99 ..... 22 99 26 99 26 99
22. 99 26.9926.99 8 99 8 99 22 9922 99 12 96 ---
12. 96--
19. 66 -19.69 179917 661799 9 99 9 9919 99 10 96 ---
ValhaBaiordOWYt Voyage* Of DiKOvery Vvocop Wembley Ruoby
league Wid Cup Socc* Wing Command* Wire* God Word Clast
Crcket W Clan* Leaderboard Word Class Rugby 95 Word Cup Go"
10 99 1299 12 99 - A320 AirtkivEUROt 22 99 --
- -22.99 8 99 ------ 199919 99
- -16.99 10 99 --- 10 99 --
12. 99 24.99 22.99 29 99 -- 8 99 --- 19 99 - - 22 99 ---- 22 99
--- ...--1999 --- ._--22.99 Adrtam* Fanvly Aav o* Room Hood
A. Bock* 1 2 Altetbufn* Amdttn A ten Breed 2 A Mm Bead 3D
AionOynxw* ALL TERRAIN RACER _ A«o« Alto!
A»*efl B«Ut Anaton Oi*on Anoth*W*W Aixdya Arabian Knot** Arcade Pool ____________ Arcfl* Maclean* Pool Armour Gaboon Award Wirman 2 6 17 Flying Fortress BaWie ---------------------- Banshee Base J*n©ers...... GunsNp GUNSHIP 2« 19 99 19991999 19 99 19 99
17. 9919.9919.99 16 99 .
17. 99-- 17 .99 -- 12 99 -- 22 99 --- 12 99 -- 10 99 --- 22 99 --
1299 --- 1299 -1799 12 99 -19 99 22 9922 99 -- 16 99 -19 99
59 99 -- 22 9922 99 - iVord Of Too that Word of Go* Words at
War .1199 8 99 - 899
22. 99 - 8 99 -1299 19 99 19 99 17 96 --1766 22 9922 9922.99
Hign St. HIGHS Worm* ..... WreWers WWF 1*2 X IT Zonked
20ut Zak McKrakon Zee Wo* ZoO 1 *2 899 9 991299 896 -1299 10
96 -- 1899 -- 1996 --- 1296 ----- 19 99 19 9919 99 19 99
-1999 1799 -1999 . - -19 99 I7«9--- 12 99 -- .22.99 --
20. 99 -19 99 1799 ----1799 .19.96-- 17 91 12 99 10 99 --
- ----22 99 17 99 17 9919 99 SPECIAL OFFEFiS 12 99 ---
22. 9926 99 - 189918 99 Batne Hie 93 Battlehawk* 194?
BEAU JOLLY COMP Banaath A Staal Sky.
Benefactor Big Sea .... Beds ot Pray Blac* Crypt Bkcodrret ASO Bhtr Ton ms .. Blue Angels Body B«wi Gatacbc Bravo Romeo Deta Broach ] ...... Brian Lara s Cm* at Brian The Uon Brutal Brutal Footba* Butb* n Sti. A Promt* Bubble BoOOfe BubWe A Squeak Bumo N Biyi Bully’s Sporting Darts Compeoeon Pro Jovpad f* C Froeehe* Sfeenng Wh«* Gr»ne Ad. Swddi Joysick Grans Gamepad Mo.JS« Uoutahouse Uouaemei Joy*** E.temon Cade JW*kYSc«* l’99 19 9919 99 1299 .. 1099 ------- 179918 991899 19 99 -- 1299 ------ 69919 9922 99 17 9919 991999 1298 -- 109912
991299 1299 -- 22 99 --- 10 98 -- 699 ----- 19 9919 991999 229922 99 - 1299
19. 9619.96 20 99 20 9920 99
- -1299 19 99 19 99
* Football » Strike
- Utopia 2 ..... KGB .....- .... Kx* O" 3 E*0
ChaHerge 1 Kto Chao* Kid* Rule OK Kingpin KrgsQueM '.2.3.4 or 5
Kings Quest 6 Knghts O* The Sky leading Lap ...
legacy o« Soras- Legends o' Valour Lars** Set Larry 1.2*3
Lammmgi 1 .. Lemmings Double Pack LEMMINGS 1
JungleS K240-U 1988 -19 99
19. 9919.99 17 99 -17 99 1299
- -1299 7991799 --- EdilSys 10 99 ---
19. 99-- 1299 1096 --
19. 99 -19.99 22 99 --- 19 9919 9919 99 17 99 ----
- --19 99 12 99 -----
12. 9 9--
19. 96-- 12 99 -- 899 3Quabo JT154 12 99 --- 696 -- 1699 -- 16
99 -- 26 99 --
- ---1299 2299--- 19 9919 9919 99 1096 -- 2196--- 1296 ---- Smak
Megagnp 2 Audf Soee ieai 5 Speakers Audfx MX220 109 1299 11 99
ii 99 Scxeerbaat 4 Speakers S&204 Scree-deal 5 Speakers SB205
Scre*de* Pm 50 Speakers S025O 32 99 Scre*deal RCA Adapt* Cable
1 99 Seroe-beat Pow* S-jpph 7 99 Suxom S* Sbck--569 Suxom Tec 2
7 99 SX1 CO3216666 WcoOStC* 4 99
19. 9919.99 - 8 99 -- 12 99 ---- 1999 -
- 1999 22 9922 99 -
- -22.99
- ----22.99 12 99 --- 12 99 --- 12 99 ---
12. 9 9--- 19 99 -----
19. 9919.99 19 9919991993 19 9919 99 16 9917.99 - _ 17.99 17.99
- 22 99 --- 6 99 -- 1298-- 19 99 --
- 12.99 -19.99 Bum.no Rubbor BURNT ¦*£----- Campaign ?
Cabal Cadaver-Pay O" Cannon Fodder 2 CANNON FOOOER Castle Man* Caesar Deluxe Chamoioni of Soon Champ Man End Cr Se* cnamp Man data 95 Champ V " lethal Weapon Links Tho Challenge .
Uon King UNO** Lords o* me Realm LOST EDEN... 12 9012 9922 99 .. 19.99-- 10 99 ---12.99 .--19.99 22 99 22 9622.99 12 99 ---- 22 96 - 19 99 179917991999 6 99 --
13. 99 13.99 19 99 19 9919 99 -- 17 96 --- 12 99 ------- 9 99 --
19 99 ---- Lotus Turbo Trilogy Luro O* The Temptress Mi Tank
Platoon Manhuntet-New York" Mamjnter "San Franosco- ManUW The
Doudo Ma vens Marvellous Aov Mast* Axe Match Day Manager Mean
18 Megarace Mogaifavefl* 1*2 ......
3. 5" Blank Discs R League Track Suit Mar Rules Ol Engagement 2
Rufl n Tumble Ruffian Sabre Team i Enhanced i So Fi Co*ecton
Second Samurai SENSIBLE GOLF------- StNWll WORLD SOCCER .. 13
99 ----- 11 99-- 16 99 --- 17 99 -- 9 99 --1999 13 9913 99 --
- --13 99 24 99 -- 899 ---
19. 9 9--
10. 9 9-- 19 9619 99 1399 1399 1099 17991796
17. 99 17.99 • 22 99 20 9920 99 ¦99--- 19919 9919.99
- ---1999 19 99 ---- 12 99 ----- 22 99 24 9922 99
- ----19 99 8 96 ---
19. 96--- 199919 99 -
17. 99--- 10 5 99 6 99 3 99 5 99 3 50 4 99 201150 13 50 7 50 1160
6.50 9.50 50 27 50 32 50 17.50 27 50 1625 22 50 100 52.50 62
50 32 50 52 50 29 99 42 50 RECYCLED DSDD Low Density 10 9 269
20® 5.50 SO ©12.50 100 ® 2250 Chuc* Rock 1 A 2 Crviisation
ARTS Club Footbii COALA--- . Elm Sethers Shadowtands Shunt
S'Flight Sim 19 99 -- 8 99 -- 12 99 -- EGOIF ....12.99 -
Micro Machines Mldmnter 2 Mighty Max AF GUIDE TO BUYING MAIL
.45...... ... 0113 231 9444 Market Place .128-129 . 01225 442244 17 Bit Softwore ... .70...... . .. .0114 278 0370 Merlin PD .... .129...... . 01452 770133 Active Software... .84...... .....01325 352260 Mr Amos Club..... .128 . Amiqa Power...... .48...... .....01225 442244 .112... AMIGA Shopper... .106.. .....01225 442244 net .. .116...... . 01225 442244 Analogic ..... .74...... ....0181 546 9575 net directory .100 . .01225 442244 BAK . .129... .....01246 290860 NIH PD 129 . 01702 546796 Dart Computers... .112.... .. .0116
247 0059 Omnidole Supplies 129 . . 01332 291219 Datel .120-121 ... 01782 744707 01827 312302 Emerold 6 0181 543 2958 124 Ol 543 250377 Epic Marketing... .69, 86-87 . 01793 490988 Power Computing .2-3, 94. 143 ... Fast Engineering.
.112.... . ...0171 252 3553 . 01234 843388 Future Books
- 134.... .....01225 442244 Premier Mail Order
FutureNet ..... .136..... 74 01268 271172 hltp: www
fuhjrenet co ul covnputing AMIGAfo«mof html
SFX .. .13 ... .01225 442244
Gasteiner .... .108... ...0181 345 6000
Silica ... 28-29 ..... .0181 309 1111 Gilleft
- 128 .
.....01353 669203 Siren Software..... .36 ... .0161 724 7576 GoldStar ..... .8-9..... .....01753 500426 SnaD Comouter Suoolies Ground Zero .109... .....0117 974 1462 .129 ... .
. 01703 457111 GTI .. .61 0049 6171 85937 57 01268 725500 Halifax Building Society.. 27 Softwood S'ware.
.36, 102-3 .01773 836781 0800 101110 Team 17 ...... .50-51 ..... ..01924 267776 Harwoods .... .60, 68, 80.01773 836781 Total Football...... .63 ... .01225 442244 Hi-Soft .. .18...... ......01525 718181 40 01274 691115 Indi .. .54...... ......01543 419999 United PD...... 78-79 Intermediates 38-39 .
......01279 600204 34 0040 50AA70 1311
LCL. . .112.... ......01491 579345 Wizard......
.93..... 01322 272908 Uovds Bonk .. .17......
.0800 887888 Zone 1 59 0121 5004085 When
you're buying from any mail order company, it's worth
following these Amiga Format guidelines: 1 Before you send
any money for goods, ring the supplier to make sure the item
you require is in stock.
Ask questions about the company's policy on delivery and returns of faulty equipment. Make sure there are no hidden costs such as postage and packaging. Find out when you can realistically expect to receive your goods.
2 Always read the small print on advertisements.
3 Beware companies that do not include their address on their adverts. Avoid companies which do not answer or return your calls.
4 By far the best method of payment is by credit card. If ordering goods of more than £100 in total value, you are legally entitled to claim compensation from some credit companies if the retailer goes bust. Check your credit card company's policy. You can also try to get extra insurance in advance.
F &m 2 Japan Scenery .
F Sim 2 Hawaiian Scenery Fbnk . Foo®el Glory FOOTBALL GLORY MOOORS _ Front line* Futu-e Wars Galaciic Wamor Rats Gam* Gold Collection Gbbai Elted Globduie ..... Gob*n* 3 ... G Gooch-Second Inrxnos . .... G Gooch TmrUiWiSc-c*
- 19.99 GgoahWorflCasiCrttjr Core A1200 Bundle Cora C032 Burtde
I Core C032 Bund* 2 Coeme Soacanead Cover o'1 Poker Crofl lor
AMOS Crash Dummies Crwsa For A Corpse Crystal Dragon Curse oI
Enehantia Cybercon 3 Cyberspace Cyberwodds 0 Qanaranon OARK
SEED . Dawn Patrol Death Mas* Deluxe Pant V
Oetraa Oamomanac Oasen Strfce Omo DeMctrvo Agency Disposable
Hr-o O the B»q 6 Oragon Ninja Dragonstona ------ Oreamweb DUNE
I OR 2--- Dungeon Master 2 E"mania . FiTChaBenge
F117A SteaihAghier F29 Fantasy Manager Fekti Ol FIFA SO Final
Over Fire Force EM • Elrto 2 Frontier ELITE 1 • 1ST ENCOUNTERS
Embryo COHORT 2-------- Colonels Bequest COLONISATION Gombai
Classics i Combo) Classics 2 I Emerald Mtnes ¦
• - European Champions Evasive Action .
117. 99 Excellent Games Como 119 99 Eaito
... 119 99 Exterminator 13 99
- --Eye C* The Behold* lor 2 119 99 FORMWA CNE GRAMO PflU .
19 99 FI WORLD CHAMP ED--- F15 Strike Eagle 2 6 Keep records. If you are buying by credit card, keep a note of the time of the order and ask for an order number. When ordering anything over the telephone, always double heck the price.
7 If you are sending a cheque, keep a note of the cheque number, the date and the exact value. Make sure you know the exact name of the mail order company.
8 When you receive your goods, check them carefully. If anything is missing or faulty, contact the supplier immediately.
9 Always order from the most recent issue of Amiga Format.
4| If a problem arises, contact I w the supplier in the first instance. Calmly and politely tell them your problem. Most problems turn out to be minor hitches or misunderstandings that can easily be resolved without taking the matter further. If you think you have a genuine grievance, contact your local Trading Standards Officer. The number is in the phone book.
.. . 2000 . Hanna Barbara Arum Hardball Hard OrMn II ..... Hard Nova ... Head over Reels Heart of Cnna He»mdas Herndon 2 . Sf»S TOADtB History Line 1914-18 (Vyl* .-V Son* 12 cr 3 Hucklebuiy Hound Humans1A2 knmortal ... imoossbla Ueston 2025 Indy Jones Atlantis Ao.
Indy Jones Atum.s Ac!
- --rckanapohs 500 1299 kntedqeni Sea 12 99 mt*nat inal (
- -ishar 3 ....
- --- Us international Cm** 19 99 22 99 J Ncklaus Greatest 18 22
99 --- Jaguar XJ220
- -JeWtrtie.... ______________ 5 If you're not paying by credit
card, pay by cheque. Never send cash, and avoid using postal
Sup* Monaco Grand Pnx Super StreefitghMr 2 Sucertrog------------ Supervodruuks Scc**~acy Syndcale
• xtcUeww E tfcrSo* TACTICAL MaIT2- Team l7Co«Vol I Team Yankee
Test Drr«e 2 Te*t Match CncMt Tetn*
T. FX. The Bg 6 Ozz, The A The Grey Th C*ue The Game* The
Greasest Comp ThaPuOhih* The* fme« Hour The* Frett Ussom THEME
PARK__ Thoma* Tank Pmbai Try Trocp* Teg Gear} Total Reeal
TOWER ASSAULT--- Tow* of Soul* Track Suit Manager 2 Trap* A
Treasure* Trtvtai Pursue Tnvtal PunuB OeLxe Turbo Trax Tummg
Point* UFO Ubmate Body Blows Lntmate Go* Ikwraia Pmba* Quest
Ultimat Socc* Uanag* Uncov*ed Sim L"e Simon Tho Sorcoror
Sir* * Swot SkaUrton Krow Skidmarks SKJOMARKS UPGRADE SKIDMARKS 2------ Skachm Soccer Kid ...... Soccxv Team Manager Sotware Manager Space Academy Space Crusade Sc*»Oue*tloi2or3w4 SfiberKalVVortds Sport* Challenge Stardust Special Edcon Star Crusader Stanord ____________________ Street Fighter 2 Strike Floet Sinker STRIP POT Stunt Car Racer Suburban Commando SU8WAR 2050--- Sup* Hang On Sup* Space Invader* Super Leagje Manager 1010 Cvoun tAI Ages 1899 1O10 Dvre Tw Hear**! 18 99 1010£*«» uentad i»T) 1899 IG'10 Engkah (616) 1899 i030E***«eiU«ritiSi2) 1899 KUO German 8 16) 18 99 1010
French 6 16) 18 99 1030 Jsid Eu*aM (5 ii) 1899 iO’lO*Ufh»A gWr,*1t 18 99 lO’OUafa N *ttert (6-lft 18 99 1010 Math* Sutitacvsif: 18 99 i030STWedSpeRna(.9 i 18 99 AZKGCSEMehtl-ghhTwncr 22 99 AK Jrw Cortne 1*5; tr (671 1399 AdiAncriwe*g t.3« Bed* Soettng 18 10) Ben* Maihs (12-161 Cave Mate (*-12) Count and A M 3 5 Fracbon Gobm* (8 f3! 1099 -- FsdmiZlAToflMldl .! 699 -- F Sdxel 4 (U 5l,(5-7i Of (7-11 i 16 99 -- F School Math* (7-11) 17 99 -- F School Paw A Crete* (5«) 17 99 --- F School SpeRrg Far |7-1 J . 17.99-- Grofc** Encyclopedia ---22 99 Mutthinaon gneyedp .--12.99 Junior Typist
(510)_______1066 ---- NMJV*P.Tmwc»0g«d..» 16 99 • Picture Fractions (7-10) 10 99 ReiMonngWOi Troh ‘S 12| 1099 Thomas Tank Eng Co« .12 99 fho-e»Tark Erg Pant P» 1099 Tdy The House (6-10) 10.99 Robn Hood (8.) 1396 Scrooge *maa Card 18.).. . 13 99 Sooyt’s Pam. Package 9 99 Speftbound 7-161 8 99 The Three Bean (5-10) . 13 99 Wild In The WIDOWS (6. ) 13 99 Wfard Of O; 13 99 . . . OOLF .... 12.99 - - Mck Fado * Go* 12 99 ---- S*vvb*e Socc* 9293 12 99 --- Star Trek 25d Anrv rt 1399 SYNOtCATE-12 9 - TORNADO ----------- 9 99 999 ¦ JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES Kd Pix ...... Magic Mams (4.5).....
Maihs Dragons (6-13) Maths Mama (8 I2i EDUCATIONAL Ahen Breed 2 Arabian KreghB Body Blows 139 899 Zool to Capacity 3 V Odk Box 40 Capacity 3 5* 0*k Box 50 Capacity 3 5’ Disk Bo.
80 Capacfy 3 5* Odk Bo.
T OO Caoacfty 3 5* Disk Box Analog Joystick Adapt* fT- i 7 A A FORMAT PRESENTS Bb: Winners pfOJc revealed!
We had a massive response to our Program A Game In AMOS competition. Hundreds of you sent in your work. Next month we'll bring you the full results. Prepare to be impressed!
Issue 75 On sale Thursday, August 3 RESERVE YOUR COPY OF Cut out this form or photocopy it and then hand it in to your newsagent Please reserve deliver Amiga Format magazine each month.
Name .. Address Phone No To the newsagent: Amiga Format Is published by Future Publishing.
Tel: 01225 442244.
AMIGA FORMATFORUM AUGUST 1995 FORMAT FORUM machines, and a tutorial disk might nudge them into more productive areas."
Jackie then makes the frankly ridiculous claim that: "Girls have Amigas too. You know." Since when?
I liked Brad Darkins' suggestion: "The best from Amiga Formal, the best art from The Gallery, music. AMDS programs, demos attd so on. You never know. Escom may use it on their in-store displays to help sell Amigas and pul the Amiga back where it belongs - on top again."
Maybe we should do that as a separate disk anyway? Conte on. Mr Witch, see to it.
“Why don't you arrange with the software publishers the rights to sell the You're locked in a lift for a weekend with your Amiga, a two-player game, and a companion. Who would you choose to share your confinement, and wThat game would you like to have with you?
The best answers will be printed in a future edition of Format Forum, and will win their authors an Amiga Format sweatshirt.
Please send vout answers to: Format Forum. Amiga Formal, SO Monmouth Street. Bath.
Avon BAI 2BW, Or you can fax me on 01633 896087.
See you next month. O "Good demos of really new stuff" original manual to anyone who's interested in buying it? It would have been particularly welcome if you had done this for your Ban&’Pipn (loverdisk,” suggests Garry Harris of Stowinarket in Suffolk.
We usually do. But the HanCs’Pi in manual is so enormous, it would have cost a fortune to print. I suspect.
Adrian Murphy of Paddington.
London, explains: "Half the enjoyment is searching around the Coverdisk's every nook and cranny for any little programs, fonts, libs. DOS commands, etc which might come in useful.
“A 'has been brilliant in this respect, supplying me with a range of fonts and little programs like I.HA which base been verv handv."
WORKBENCH: H you Aaaa mny pmOtam. -ttn thp tadwkal aida of paw Amiga, •ra il aw» you in tht mag. M you Kava advica or Upa for ochar
- Op Mgdi 3 "A tutorial disk might nudge people into more
productive areas" Adrian went on to praise out Wordworth
A 'C'disk in patiiculat and would also like to set- high-qualm
PI) because: "The standard of programs coming from the Public
Domain is trulv amazing - just look at .Magic Workbench.'
I'll leave the last word to Rebecca Stacey (blimey, another girl - Jackie may be right) of Balbv in Doncaster: "Variety".
Well, that sounds to me like a resounding endorsement ol what we already do. For next month, can I ask AF readers to consider the following... SUBSCRIPTIONS: tend wbt antpdrias to ¦Ui St FAULTY COVERDISKS: yw«a(autty.
Amiga ranad Onaatt nama of dbk) Did.
OtoCogy Laba. 00 Soa 21. P try Mil 5*1.
E-MAIL: Itoti call aand t-maU managai to AT at: Coverdisks. Eh? No matter what we do. Someone always complains. Usually the complainants lall into two camps: “There's loo much oltl tat - give us new stum’ on the one hand, or "Stop putting AGA-onlv stulI on the disks - what about all us A500 A500+ AIS00 owners?” So we thought we'd broaden the debate by asking the following question: What do you look for in a good Amiga Formal Coverdisk?
And this is w hat you said: “A brilliant and useful utility." Replied Robert Finney of Chislehttrsi itt Kent, who added: "It may be useful, now that the price has gone up. To do some full I’D games and earlier full games like Tram Suzuki.'
Full I’D games arc a possibility, but full versions ol commercial games are a no-no due to a long-standing agreement In-tween magazines and software publishers to use only demos. Besides, the last lime I saw Tram Suzuki on sale it was only £7.99. “Either good demos of really new stull.
Like Photogenics. Or lull versions ol old stufT, like Ban&Pipes. Wontworih and T '*Trxt says N’igel Williams of Birmingham, "but please, no more demos ol old stull like lagir Slorybvak.'
Perhaps it has slipped Nigel's mind that the disk he refers to also contained a sample version of a new program (Prggrr) and that every issue in the previous year conformed to his wishes?
Nick Rowe, of Halesowen in the West Midlands, looks lot: "Varied, interesting and preferably unrestricted programs.
It also helps if programs can be used easily, without additional hardware where possible.'' Which suggests that Nick is quite content, because that's exactly what our Coverdisks are.
Jackie Dohertv of Harrogate in Yorkshire, who smuglv informs us she bought a second-hand A1200 for a mere £30just before Christmas, would like to see: “Tutorial disks which would lead the beginner through, say. Workbench. Not only beginners would benefit: in my class most people use their Amigas as games We get more letters about Coverdisks than any other subject. So, just what do you want stuck to the cover of the world's best Amiga magazine?
M62 M62I j .__ M1 and the A f I1M1 f Y --- TOTAL AMIGA REPAIR CENTRE A 6 4 7 FARNtLLS LIVING I" WORLD ? I f ARMLtY LCCDS U GYRATORY |cm.«.|« „„“All „fi-- %'ATY r. jfT FIRST COMPUTER . CENTRE Wt offer a FREE quotation on your Amiga or any 1 0 p • rip h t r * 1 (monrtorv printar* «t). Ada neryuHl Of |u*C £5 00 it charged or a t«rnativ*fy you can
• nit our showroom We tan *i*o arrangr * courier pickup at an
additional com of £ 11 00 Tel. 01 13 2319444 from IM AI cake
the lumt* fo. The AW TK, .uk tb. All (by- 1 Plo-n (mini «*i«h
maat* (ha Armlay fynfor, [ Wednesdays & Thurdays till 730pm
anua ACD-300
• ICO of rit-vs pan.l
• SCSI-1
• MoktM Uc.wmmfcr.375m.»c
• Audio CD d. All our monitor* comfft specifications. All
monitor* co with connecting lt Micro Autoscan 1438 .18 dpi.
151)8 KH*. *11 Amiga I mode*. AGA compatible. No | audio, tilt
A twivell stand.
Only £274.99
• A 1200't require an adaptor £6.99 extra NEW!! AMITEK 1084-S 14”
*tcreo colour CGA monitor. Ideal for both | the game player and
the more teriou* u*er.
Only £195.99 Tilt and swivel stand only £9.99 when purchased with monitor All monitor dust covers only £5.99
2. 5” Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instr.
80Mb...£99.99 130Mb...£ I I 9.99 250Mb...£l79.99 340Mb...£ 199.99 All drives supplied by The First Computer Centre have a minimum II2| month warranty and are tested to 3 ensure 100% compatibility.
Full range of SCSI & IDE drives always in stock, call!!
A600 I200 Hard Drive set up software £5.99
3. 5” Hard Disk Drives with AI 200 600 install kit (We recommend
3 5" drive* be fitted by fully qualified computer engineer*)
inc. software, cables and instructions I 260Mb..£ 149.99
420Mb...£ 165.99 540Mb..£ 179.99 850Mb...£259.99 | 3.S"
H drive upgrade kit no HD only!! £18.99 Includes set up
software, cables and full instructions.
Fitting service available if required.
ONLY £169.99
• Supports Kodak mulcbaiiiofl photo CO Sanyo-H94AX2 £126.99 A«cu
time.100KB Trunfrr raw.
Ixtor-PX43CSX4 £239.99 iSOMs Access time*660KB Tramfer rate.
IEC 6XiX6 £312.99
• ISOM* Acce*» time «900 KB Transfer rate.
• Fully SCSI II compatible «Six spord drive Overdrive X2Extemal
£185.99 Overdrive X4Extema) £245.99 Dataflyer 4000SX-25 £89.99
SCSI II interface card for bfg box Amiga'*.
Squirrel SCSI interface £40.00 When bought with drive, £54.99 separate.
| • A - I MB I MB I 4 MB I S MB I: MB I 4 MB | I MB Par lock. I £89 99 £ I 25.99 I £189.99 I £333.99 [ £163.99 I £214.99 I £357 99 I icludc eal til RAM RAM RAM A 33 Mhz CO PRO A 3 3 Mhz CO PRO A 33 Mhz CO PRO t exchange available on your d memory. Call for pricing.
PRIMA | *S MA A500 S12k RAM (no clock) £19.99 MA A500 Plus I Mb RAM £29.99 MA A600 I Mb RAM (no clock) £29.99 Memory Modules Floppy Drives Scanners Genlocks Tabb' Mb 72 Pm SIMM £39.99 I 72 Pin SIMM £79.99 1 I 4 Mb 72 Pm SIMM £130.99 1 | 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £262.99 1 I 6 Mb 72 pin SIMM £399.99 1 I Mb 30 pin SIMM £34.99 I I 4 Mb 30 pm SIMM £ I I 0.99 | 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs) (each) £6.99 ¦1b by 4 ZIPPS (each)£32.99 | IS* by4 ZIPPS (each)£S.99 exchange available on your ry. Call for pricing.
Power Scan v4 ovver Scan Col.
Alpha Scan 800 900 dpi. Isb work* 0 Alpha Scan 256 Epson GT8500 RENDALE £204.99 ¦ hama292 £275.99 | S-Video. And composite compatible £99.99 ¦ hama290 £669.99 S-Video, and composite mtxln plus far more £ I 39 99 I hama A-Cut editor £179.99 rrxo no J Rendale8802FMC £IS9-9’ £549.99 ¦ Superb entry level genlock, with pro feature* Rendale 9402 £285.99 I Full featured. Super-VHS genlock AMITEK CUMANAEu. DriveONLl'Mt I mb ext. The best name in drives.
AI 200 600 internal drive £39.99 I A500 500+ lnternal drive £39.99 I only £59.991 The amazing new graphic* tablet for the I developed with the help of First Comoi rated in Amiga Shopper. Require !
0VV?i ’ PRICES irr | | SuprapM"Modem I n ¦ Disks Storage- Printers SuPfat jhjiModem 288
• UptoHS.200bpM.42bl* • Clan I & 2 Faa
• Silent A Adaptive An.wer • Unique LCD DitpUy
• V14 Standard • fUlh BOM
• Ncomm Software • j y,„ Warranty only £199.99 I* it a bargain
the *i*e of a Hippo'* 8um!.
You Bctcha" - Amiga Computing Oct. 1994 CITIZEN anon QTY BulkDS DD Branded DS.JD 10 30 so 100 200 500 1000 £3.49 £9.99 £15.99 £29.99 £52.99 £1 18.99 £21 1.99 £4.49 £1 1.99 £18.99 £35.99 £63.49 £142.99 £253.99 | AI tea m aarrcwd IOITl AI trxrdnJ art toittxh | NEW? Canon BJ30 £204.99 =-¦ -»¦ * mono printer. 10 page ASF bo* in.
NEW? Canon BJC70Colour £299.99 I -•*» I |M| Potable (Ofour pnnter. 30 peg* ASF burit In NEW? Canon BJ200ex £229.99 I * »« !« quality mono printer, virtual 720 dpi.
Canon BJC4000Colour £299.99 I -*»* ¦ »*». Toksur. Super 'ut mono pruning 1*0.160 dpi N£W'C.monBJC600e Colour £439.99 need demoted colour pnnter, vWtual 720 dpi.
V. HM PACKARD I N£W.’HP540mono £269.99 J 20”540"Coiourupgradc
£36.99 | NEW! HP 660 Colour £385.99 £469.99 Citizen printers
have a 2 year guarantee ABC Colour pnnter £145.99 Wmple (ai
eaiy at ABC to ule 24 pin pnnter. Comet ai ttandard with 50
rfirrl Auto theet feeder.
Tractor feed optional at 42T 99 only £114.99 If bought without the colour option NEWMProjet II Colour £254.99 N ol«i. .'I.'... -*h ..... V, ...... ...... NEWHProjet 3 mono £POA High quality 7J0 dpi mono printer. 1 p'p’m. 1 year warranty m®M%: SuPrar~MAModem 44lc
V. 32 bis (14400 baud !)
Com verWon of the cI.uk V12BH Fa. Modam If.
A. below but clan I faa only and LIO dnplay now only £96.99 Supra
modem* are not BABT approved, however they perform a* well A
often out perform BABT approved modem* Supra Modem* have a 5
year limited warranty SuprajrMXModMt .¦vu, Thi* modem ha* full
14400 baud. Include. V.}2bi*. V.12.
V. 22bi*. V22, V2I. MNP2-S. V.42. V42bi*. Cla*. I A 2 command*,
*400.'14400 Croup 1 Fax Include* free modem comm* (not
Fii)irw A cable only £152.99 Star LC 1009 pin Colour £121.99
* pin colour printer. ¦ NLQ font*. 100 cp» draft.
Star LC90 9 pin mono £102.99 9 pin mono printer, ASF built In. Poih tractor optional Star LC24024pinmono £117.99 24 pin mono printer. 192 cp* draft.with ASF built In.
Star LC240C24pinColour £134.99 24 pin colour printer ASF built In. 4 LQ font*.
Star SJ144 Colour £229.99 Sluiuitng affordable colour thermal transfer printer, low running COM*. 1 pfpfm mono, 1.4 jv’pJm colour.
(Mobotics 10 Capacity box £0.99 I 50 Capacity lockable box £3.99 I 100 Capacity lockable box £5.49 I “90Capacity Banx box £10.99 I
- 150 Capacity Posso box £20.99 100 Capacity CD holder £4.99
• add £1.00 delivery if purchaung jint one Romo or I Banic bok.
Normal debvery when purchased with | other product or when
buying 2 or more.
WE ARE PREFERRED USR DEALERS r Sportslet288 M only £225.99 HP 4L iaser printer EPSON | Epson Stylus colour '144 £146.99 Amazing price reduction on Courier Dual Standard V34 now only!! £3 9.99 £449.99 Pie to print bred trt Hooiogy | Epson Stylus 800+ £239.99
- ASF dedicated mono printer.
Feature* V34, 28,800 BPS.
BABT approved wa.fa.1 try V 14 21.100 bp*).
Software Consumables Peripherals CD Software Ribbons Swift ABC mono £3.99 Sarrft ABC colour £12.99 LC90 mono ribbon £4.99 LC 10 100 mono £3.69 LC I ft 100 colour £7.99 LC240c cotour £13.99 L Cl 40c mono £8.99 LCI40 mono £5.99 LC24-10 200 300 Colour £13.99 Spr-ay for mono ribbons £ I 1.99 OST OTHER MAKES AVAILABLE PREMIE R-INK Cartridge Refills
• i4i running costs with your inkJ m « Compatible with the HP
Deskjet »» BJI 0 20 80 1 30 200 300 330, S*Al C-tixen Projet
and many other*, 'w’tw ** colour* available.
[to re&H (22ml) £6.99 re«4UH (44ml) £12.99 cotour kit (66ml) £19.99 tour kit (88ml) £27.99 (125ml) £24.99 Miscellaneous Swnch Box 2 way £12.99 Switch Box 3 way £17.99 Stands (Universal) £7.99 printercable £4.99 prmtercable £6.99 pewter cable £8.99 e prmtercable £12.99 port extension cable £9.99 Ink Cartridges Canon BJ I 0 Star SJ48 £19.99 Canon Bj200 230 £19.99 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) £13.99 Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) £10.99 Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) £16.99 Canon BJC 4000 colour (single) £ 16.99 Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) £7.99 Canon BJC 4000 monohuapacity £28.99 Canon BjC 600e mono £6.99
Canon BjC 600e colour £8.99 HP.Deskjetcolour £26.99 HP. Deskjet double mono £24.99 HP. Deskjet 660 double mono £25.99 HP.Deskjet 660 colour £27.99 Epson Stylus mono £15.99 Epson Styluscolour £36.99 Star SJ 144 mono colour (single) £ 7.99 Covers All printer dust covers £5.99 Paper Price* apply only when ordered with printer or purchased direct from the showroom Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheets £4.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets £8.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 sheets £ I 7.99 Single sheet 500 sheets £4.99 Single sheet 1000 sheets £8.99 Single sheet 2000 sheets £ 17.99 Delivery for 2000
sheet* £5.00 when purchased without printer Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper (pack) £22.99 Printer repair specialists can 1 7 Bit Collection £28.99 17 Bit Continuation £14.49 17 Bit Phase 4 £14.49 17 Bit LSD compendium 1 £16.99 17 Bit LSD compendium 2 £16.99 Aminet 5 £14.49 Aminet collection (Box set 4 CD’s) £24.99 Assassins CD £16.99 CD-PD 1 £8.99 CD-PD 2 £8.99 CD-PD 3 £8.99 CD-PD 4 £8.99 Demo CD 1 £8.99 DemoCD2 £8.99 DeskTop Video CD £13.99 EuroSccne 1 £9.99 GIFs Galore £14.10 GoldFish 1 £24.49 GoldFish 2 £24.49 Illusions CD £8.99 Light ROM £37.99 MultiMedia ToolKit 2 (2xCD’s) £27.99 Network CD
£12.49 Professional Fonts £16.99 Ten on Ten pack (1 OxCD’s) £35.99 Towns of Tunes £16.99 WPD Fonts £12.49 WPD Hottest 4 £12.49 WPD Utils I-I5D0 £12.49 Viper I 28 mhz £114.99 RoboshiftMKI £9.99 NEW Mega Mouse+ £14.4 Mega MousedooDpiw.£l 1.4 True Mouse 300 Dpi £10.99 Crystal T rackball £34.99 ZyFi-2 Speakers £26.99 ZyFi Pro Speakers Amiga Modulator Amiga PSU VIDII 2 AGA only!! £59.99 New5 VIDI24RT £134.99 |Wa colour digitizing from any video (Ourca.
VGA support. Inc. II Vole PSU Dl 24 RTPRO £214.99 Music Sound I Aura I 2 bit sampling SPECIAL OFFERH Mu«ic X I. I I Pro Midi Interface | Techno Sound Turbo 2
o Sound Turbo Utilities £74.99 £19.99 £24.99 £28.99 £20.99
Turbotech realtime clock Cartridge £ I 7.99 fits any Amiga
£59.99 £49.99 £24.99 £35.99 £29.99 Chips Kickstart 3.0 £34.99
Kickstart 2.04 £30.99 | Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600) £30.99
| Fatter Agnes837S £26.99 Super Denise £18.99 I 6571-0326
Keyboard controller £13.99 1 CIA 8520A I O controller £10.99 I
68882 Co Pro 25mhz PLCC £34.99 I 68882 Co Pro 33mhzPLCC £44 99
Workbench 2.1 upgrade kit. Includes
2. 05 ROM software and manual £64.99 Video & Graphics NEWJ Deiuxe
Paint 5 Distant Suns 5 Make Path for Vista Special offer!!
Lightwave Vi*ta Pro 3(4Mb required) £6999 £29.99 £8.99 £399.99
£29.99 Word Processing DTP I Final Writer DTPNEW! £69.99
FinalCopy V2UK WewLowPrtce £48 99 Penpal £29 99 PRIMA CD-ROM
Vol. ONE SI Ombof fonts, artwork, photo's, demo*, utiH. Game*
now only £ 16.99 Transition This WB2 software S fij|S5%L will
make batch image conversion 5 just as easy as . Fgs.
Clicking on a few | buttons. Plus W there are plenty more excellent utilities for all types of Amiga on this disk Player jsg 2 Aaanager 2 2 Can you play and h manage a full = r J season at the L~" H [1 helm of famous k i Wolverhampton? U?
Find out in our exclusive demo of Anco’s massive, fabulous new football management game Real 3D Now Activa’s software has arguably the most powerful features, but is it easier to use? P90 Workbench Our special eight-page problem solving feature will answer all your common, and not so common, problems. Well, most of them anyway. There are many hints and tips to be learned, even for the most hardened Amiga veteran pl9 Colonization Cynical reworking of an old classic, or masterpiece in its own right? P46 Photogenics 1.2 1 For the best results, you will need to match the number of colours used in
the image with the number of available colours on the Workbench display. Load the image into a paint package to see how many colours are used and reduce the colours if necessary: 16 is a good limit.
2 All prices include VAT * All prices subject to change without notice * Fixed charge for repair does not Include disk drive keyboard TTST dBo
* We reserve the nght to refuse any repair * P ft P charges £3 50
by Royal Mail or £6 00 + VAT (or courier • Please allow 5
working days (or cheque clearance US’- Continued overleaf ¦

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