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Amiga Technologies UK will use this maxim as the basis of their sales and marketing drive. High-street chain. Game Ltd, look likely to welcome the new bundles, although they have expressed reservations at the high price. With no details on the specific titles included in the bundle. Game Ltd remain cautiously optimistic. "The Amiga is a cracking game-machine and there is a good, healthy market for it." Indeed, throughout the past 18 months, Game have continued to support and stock Amiga-software. Almathera's Photogenics is certainly one piece of creative software that shows off the capabilities of the A1200. Virtual Dreams Negotiations with Manyx, the creators of Fean, are still in progress regarding a virtual reality version of that game. If successful, it could herald a new eta of 3D-engines for Amiga-games. Amiga Technologies UK is set to handle and distribute a new, low-cost. Virtual-reality headset, developed by Escom subsidiary company. Virtual Products GmbH. Known as Virtual i and weighing in at a minuscule eight ounces, the glasses will be compatible with all major gaming systems, as well as the Amiga. Creating the effect of a large, virtual screen in front of the viewer, the glasses can also be used to view television and video and provide Hi-Fi stereo through user-adjustable earphones. The Virtual i glasses have been on sale for six months in the US and have been taken up by several major retailers there. Public interest is said to be "high1'. Current competition in the UK includes the recently-released Virtual Bov of Nintendo's and Atari's Jaguar headset, i Now turn to our review of Fears on page 45. Amiga Technologies ration information Amiga Technologies UK have made the decision to release the most up-to-date information on Amiga product- releases, strategies, price points, and so on, solely to trade magazine. Computer Trade Weekly (CTW). The reasoning behind the decision being that CTW is a trade magazine and that retailers and the industry need new Amiga-related information first. CTW has a controlled circulation of 6,500, at least sixteen times less that of Amiga Format.

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Document sans nom Brilliant software!
Unique programs!
And it’s all-but free!
Your expert-guide fif to Public Domain C shareware, No Aminet and the Amiga sk starts here... Two astounding demos - one keeps your files in order, the other can keep your orders on file U£3 Take charge of the little fellows with the green underwear through three exclusive levels of this excellent puzzler Ihanced!
I out c|f gaming ;ver how control erything ESCOM NEWS u,.»u mug I warn. M. Price for bundles confirmed, VR system planned.
9 770957 486059 The award winning Power Scanner includes the following features: Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA)’, Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas), Thru'port for printer connection, Fully supports AGA chipset. Display HAM8 24-bi images on a non-AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities included. Works with 2.04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 BAN . . . £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) . £20 OCR SOFTWARE £49.95 POWER SCAN 4 SA V ONLY . . £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W .£49.95 PC INTERFACE + BAN S W £39.95 £539.95 EPSON GT-6500 . .
24-BIT I20ODPI SCANN£« PARAGON 600 .£399.95 24 BIT 600DPI SCSI SCANNER. INCl. SQUIRREL ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles non-interlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them. Supports VGA, S-VGA and Multiscan monitors.
Pixel sharp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution and has a standard 15-pin VGA type connector. Comes with composite video S-VHS outputs.
£10 £399 SCAN DOUBLER I A4000 TOWER HEWLETT PACKARD 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI ..£459 MICROPOLIS 2 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI ..£659 4 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI .£1099 9 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI .£2199 HITACHI 340MB 2.5 IDE ......£189 510MB 2.5 IDE ......£299 810MB 2.5 IDE ......£599 1 GIGABYTE 2.5 IDE ..£719 OTHERS 80MB 2.5 IDE ..£70 120MB 2.5 IDE .£95 External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable to 4MB RAM M-TEC AT500 BARE ....£99 M-TEC AT500 420MB ..£259 MEMORY REQUIRES 30-PIN
SIMMS Save 1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76. FLOPPY EXPANDER External PCMCIA 3.5" IDE hard disk OVERDRIVE BARE .....£99 OVERDRIVE 420MB ...£259 2 TO 4 GIGABYTE ....£659 4 TO 8 GIGABYTE ....£899 2 TO 4 CARTRIDGE DL90 £12 4 TO 8 CARTRIDGE DL120 . . .£19,95 SCSI case suitable for CD-ROM HD DAT and Optical drives.
5. 25” SCSI or IDE CASE .....£79.95
3. 5" SCSI or IDE CASE ......£79.95 ZIP DRIVE 100MB
SCSI.....£179.95 100MB DISKETTE ...£15.95 ZIP DRIVE
OPTICAL .£479 230MB OPTICAL .....£719
1. 3 GIGABYTE OPTICAL £1999 230MB OPTICAL DISK ......£29.95
1. 3 GIGABYTE DISK £139.95 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . . .
£40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB)____£75 1 X 32 SIMM
(4MB) ...£139 2 X 32 SIMM (8MB) ...£279 4 X 32
SIMM (16MB) ..£449 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) ......£30 4 X
8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) .....£139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 . . .
£25 1 X 4 DIP .£25 256 X 4 DIP
£5 1 X 1 DIP ..£5 CIA
.....£12 GARY ...£19
PAULA ...£19 DENISE ..£19
FAT AGNUS 1MB ......£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ......£29
3.1 A500 2000 . . . £85 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 . . £95 ROM
AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95
squirrel scsi interface included where you see this logo The
tower comes complete with 6 x
5. 25" drive bays, 5 x 3.5" drive bays, 7 x Zorro slots, 5 x PC
slots, real time clock and a 230 watt power supply.
...£349 amiga 4000 a400Q tower laga flicker fixer tandem cd-de Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
£25 DISK EXPANDER Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape.
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART ..£65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO .£60 OCTOGEN 2008 .£129 TANDEM CD-DE £69 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 £20 octogen scsi-2 SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 2000 4000. Upgradable to 8MB RAM OC Connect a CD-ROM, Syquest and any IDE hd to your A2000 3000 4000.
Comes complete with cable and s w, ROM 2.04 or above.
Award winning amiga peripheral manufacturers £239.95 £279.95 £279.95 £399.95 £89.95 SCSI hard card which can fit 8MB of RAM on-board.
HC-8 SCSI CARD ...£99 £TBA £TBA £139 £159 £159 £549 £59 A 68060 accelerator board for the A4000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller. The board can be configured with either 4MB.
8MB, 16MB or 32MB industry standard SIMMs.
A4000 68040 (0MB RAM) . £699 A4000 68060 (0MB RAM) . £829 4MB STANDARD ADD £139 4MB GVP ADD .....£159 owner and manufacti of Great Valley Products Inc. For more information, please call 01234 273000 ttryjfT®' !§£ A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) 4MB STANDARD ADD . . , 4MB GVP ADD . 4MB GVP RAM .
Zorro II card that provides a additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port. Call for details Award winning Amiga Genlock.
INCLUDES OPTION A AND B E586 DX MODULE...... PC EMULATOR MODULE Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips replaces the mouse or trackball and Tap' for an instant selection.
Mac and PC emulators for the Amiga.
N A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
GENLOCK Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of
2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 2M8 RAM and also now
includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
£159.95 MEGACHIP RAM Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified.
Chniest suppor Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers.
Uil-order prices All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. 8FPO orders welcome.
All prices Include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All rmarks are acknowledged. All orders In or by telephone will be accepted only to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits in the trap door slot.
£59.95 A500 2MB RAM £90 Pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software.
MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR for product information sheets please call 01234 273000 p0WER computing ltd - 44A B STANLEY STREET sa 01234 352207 BEDFORD MK41 7RW Kll IN THE WORLD’S BEST-SELLING AMIGA MAGAZINE THIS MONTH SERIOUSLY AMIGA AMIGA NEWS Amiga Technologies UK are set to handle and distribute a new, low-cost, virtual reality headset.
89 90 Explore the world of PD Discover the inner workings of PD, shareware and Aminet, and find out which top-utilities y must have.
New virtual reality glasses on sale in UK; price of new Amiga-bundles confirmed... p10 Cybervision The capabilities of this graphics board are truly stupendous.
Data-storage round-up 92 A head-to-head review of four of the best new storage drives.
LOmega Zip drive 95 Why not consider this brand new hybrid between a floppy and a hard drive, instead of buying a second hard drive?
DataFlyer 97 Make the most of your Amiga's expansion-potential with this tiny bundle of chips and pins.
Data Chrome 99 Add support for graphics formats to any paint package.
IntOS 101 This program is a must for any AMOS-programmer.
Scala MM400 102 The latest version of one of the best multimedia programs ever.
FiberFactory 105 This is literally a hairy program. What am I on about? Turn to... Technosound Turbo 2 Pro 107 A thrilling new version of the Amiga's favourite sound-sampler Bookshelf 111 We review four new Amiga-books hitting the bookstores.
CD-ROMs 112 Weird animations and terrific sounds are reviewed on these pages.
Introduction Every new Amiga game reviewed and rated!
Previews 39 LEFT: If Tolkien was alive today, he'd play Odyssey.
A challetiger to the isometric football- RIGHT: Meet frogs,, security droids and crown held by FIFA called Total Football; strange creatures in Exile CD32.
A revisit to unreleased Uridium 2 AGA- land; and Limbo of the Lost.
43 Club and Country 5 Charts Games Check 6 Fears 45 Gloom CD32 6 Odyssey 51 Exile CD32 6 Subversion 56 GameBusters 1 Bravo Romeo Delta 56 Re-Releases 1 Coverdisk A: Info Nexus 2 and Data nexus p140
- togiaSgfer- UT«-ITl(S Keep your files in order with Info
Nexus 2 and catalogue multimedia with Data Nexus.
PLUS Six more essential utilities: Account Master, Class Action, Chronicle, MagicWB and Sleeping Pointers.
Coverdisk B: TimeKeepers p138 TimeKeepers could be best described as a cross between Lemmings and Valhalla in a maze... in the dark! Patience, forward- planning, mixed in with a bit of coordination, lateral thinking and plain logic is all that is required.
IMPROVE IT! P29 With a little thought in the design-period of a game's development, they can be vastly improved. Find out what we think in the first of a series of games features.
Special Offers 130 Back Issues 133 Books 134 Subscriptions 135 Order Forms 137 REGULARS Month In View Tim Smith Column 12 Dale Bradford Column 14 Public Domain 81 Workbench 117 Amiga.net 122 Letters and Gallery 125 CD Extra 142 Advertisers' Index 144 Next Month 145 Format Forum 146 YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE This magazine comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just nine years ago but now selling more computer magazines than any other in Britain.
We offer: BETTER ADVICE. Our titles are packed with tips, suggestions and explanatory features, written by the very best in the business.
STRONGER REVIEWS. We have a cast-iron policy of editorial independence and our reviews give clear buying recommendations.
CLEARER DESIGN. You need solid information fast. So our designers highlight key elements by using charts, diagrams, summary boxes, and so on... GREATER RELEVANCE. At Future, Editors operate under two golden rules:
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MORE READER INTERACTION. We draw on readers' r- contributions, resulting in the liveliest letters pages ¦ ¦ and the best reader tips. Buying one of our H magazines is like joining a nationwide user group. Ulure BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY. More pages, better P L B L I S H I S G quality - magazines you can trust.
Emerald Creative Technology Rapid House, 54 Wandle Bank, London SW19 1DW Tel: 0181-715 8866 Fax : 0181-715 8877 Books Mvideo_ 1 Squirrel SCSI interface ..... .£59.95 Ipro Grab 24RT SHVS New Version £125.95 124 Bit Real-Time Colour Frame Grabbing iRendale 8802 Genlock .....£159.95 I Rendale 9402 SVHS £279.95 Ividi Amiga 12 AG A .£64.95 Ividi 24 RT ...£149.95 Ividi 24 Pro RT ...£209.95 I Ram Cards_ IA500 with 0.5Mb ...£14.95 Ia500+with Imb ...£19.95 Ia600 with I Mb £24.95 Ia600
with I Mb & clock .....£32.95 IA1200 unpopulated .£59.95 IAI200 with 2Mb ...£129.95 IaI200 with 4Mb ...£179.95 G’« ” lit '.s IA1200 with 8Mb ...£299.95 | Modems_ Ix-Link 14.4k Fax & Data Modem .. . .£129.95 Ix-Link 28.8k Fax & Data Modem . . . .£232.95 IX-Link 14.4k Modem with GP Fax . . .£169.95 Ibars&Pipes Pro v2.5 ..£199.95 I Upgrade - v2 to v2.5 ...£79,95 I Upgrade - coverdisk to v2.5 .£149.95 1 Internal Sounds
Kit ..£24.99 I Multimedia Toolkit ......£24.99 Ipeformance Tools Kit .£29.99 I Power Tools Kit .£29.99 I Pro Studio Kit .....£29.95 1 Rules for Tools ...£29.99 LJ i i .i i u s X-Link 28.8k Modem with GP Fax . . .£272.95 ] All Modems Are BT Approved Disk Drives_ A500 Internal Floppy Drive .£35.95 I A600 & A1200 Internal Floppy Drive . .£38.95 | Quad Speed CD Rom Drive for A600
& A1200 with SCSI Interface ..£299.95 I
2. 5" 340Mb Internal IDE Hard drive for A12001 and A600
....£169.95 1
2. 5" 510Mb Internal IDE Hard drive for AI200 I and A600
....£249.95 1
2. 5" IDE Cable ..£8.95 All Hard Drives Come
With Installation | Software Other_ High Quality 24 Bit
Real-Time Frame Grabber Naksha Greyscale Hand Scanner for
Amiga 500 and 500+ ..£59.95 Tabby Graphics
Tablet . .£57.95 | A5 Graphics Tablet Video Backup
System + Phono cable . £54.95 I Video Back-up System + Scart
cable . . .£57.95
PatchMeister .£79.95
I SuperJAM!
1.1+ ...£59.95
SyncPro SMPTE Box .£151.95
Triple Play
Plus .£159.95 Aura 12
bit Sampler £79.95 I Deluxe
Music 2 ...£69.95
Megalosound Sampler .£23.95 I
Music X
2 ......£49.95
Pro Midi
Interface ....£19.95
Technosound Turbo 2 Pro New £25.95 | For a limited period only
we’re offering Music X v2 and a Microdeal Pro Midi interface!
For just £64.95, a saving of £5 over the usual prices !
Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets Learn a whole range of coding tricks to enhance & improve your programming techniques £19.95 I Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets Inew ....£19.95 Isecrets of Frontier Elite ......£8.95 Isecrets of Sim City 2000 New .£9.95 IAI200 Insider Guide ...£12.95 IAI200 Next Steps ...£12.95 I Amiga Disks & Drives .£12.95 Imagine 3 Roiling Upgrade I program Includes Imagine
3. 1 to 4 ! You must have Imagine 3 to qualify.
3. 1 - 3.3 in stock now.
£99.95 |3D & Rendering_ Vista Pro 3.0 .....£27.95 I Vista Lite .£24.95 I Makepath for Vista .....£9.95 | Terraform for Vista ...£9.95 1 Imagine 3.0 ....£99.95 Icaligari 24 ...£89.95 Icaligari Broadcast v3,1 ....£249.99 I Essence vol I + Forge .£79.95 I Essence vol 2 +
Forge .£79.95 I Pixel 3D Pro II ...£94.95 ¦ Real 3D Classic ...£59.95 I Real 3D v3 New ...£319.95 jReal 3D 2.4 to 3 upgrade ......£166.95 Assembler Insider Guide ...£13.95 Desktop Publishing ..£14.95 Imagine Hints & Tips .£7.95 The Font & Clipart Book ....£9.95 Workbench A-Z Insider Guide ..£13.95
Mastering Amiga Arexx .....£ 17.95 Mastering Amiga Printers ..£17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Reference £19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Tutorial ....£19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Vol2 ......£17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Scripts ..£19.95 A1200 Beginner's Pack ...,.,£36.95 Includes A1200 Insider Guide, A1200 Next Steps.
Amiga Insider Video + 4 disks of shareware Workbench 3 Booster Pack ....£36.95 Image Processing Art Department Professional v2.5. £139.00 £59.99 £89.95 £5095 £12995 £69 95 A500+ £184.95 AD Pro Conversion Pack .. ASDG GT6500 Scanner Software.
ASDG Pro Control Morph Plus Naxsha Hand Scanner . ... 400 dpi mono hand scanner for A500 & Image FX 2 (AF 95% !!!) CAD X-CAD 2000 New Lower Price.. X-CAD 3000 .... Painting_ Pro Vector 3 New ...... .....£174.95 Pro quality structured drawing package Dpaint 5 .. Dpaint 4.1 £54 95 Personal Paint 6.3 New Version.... £49.95 Photogenics ..... £49.95 TV Paint 3 ..... .....£329.95 Brilliance
2 .... £45.95 |WP & DTP ¦ Final Copy 2 ...... £47.95 £6995 £37.95 £29.00 ..£174.95 £44.95 £79.95 I Final Writer 3 ... I Mini Office .. I Pen Pal .... ¦ Pagestream 3 ... I Word worth 3.ISE.. I Word worth 3.1 ¦ Databases iDatanexus New ...... |Digita Datastore ...... iDigita Organiser New.. I Final Data New ¦Twist 2 ..... GB Route Plus.. Mailshot Plus Music Librarian .... Plants For All
Seasons .. Spreadsheets_ Final Calc Turbocalc 2 . Finance_ Cashbook Combo .. ..£59.99 ..£49.95 ..£39.95 ..£34.99 ..£19.95 ..£49.99 Counting House New . Digita Home Office ..... Money Matters .... Personal Finance Manager • System 3E .... Disk Utilities_ Bars & Pipes vl Manuals - the perfect companion for your cover disk ! Just AmiFileSafe Single User Version New...£28.95 DirWork 2 ....£29.95 Directory Opus
5 ....£49.95 Disk Expander .....£29.95 ' ' ;' OKIi: Oi l C .
; Alternative Scroller 2 ..£49.95 Can Do 3 ....£229.95 Media Point v3----------------------- £249.95 Montage 24 £259.95 Scala HTI00 £49.95 Scala MM2II New Lower Price ..£94.95 Scala MM300 New Lower Price ...219.95 Scala MM400 ....£249.95 Scala Echo EE 100 ...£139.95 Scala MM400+EEI00 Save £40 I £349.95
Gigamem ... Infonexus New ... Video Back-up System Phono .
Video Back-up System Scart..... Xcopy Pro Communications Gamesmith ... £84.95 Dice C Compiler New .. £98.95 Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5 £59.95 DevPac 3 £51.95 Hisoft BASIC 2 ...... £54.95 Intos ... Hisoft Pascal ...... £74 95 Miscellaneous Maxxon Magic . £23.95 I Print
Manager New.. Amiga CD Roms Education tiow To C in OIK Speccy Sensation 2 New, .£18.951 Aminet 1-4 4 CD pack ......£24.951 Ammet 5 £14 951 A-nmet 6 New £ i4 V51 Desktop Video CD ---- £ • 3 951 Essertal Utilities voi I CO £8 951 Giga Graphics 4 CD pack £38951 Grolier Encyclopedia CD ..£28.951 GFX Sensation CD ..£18.95 Lightworks by Tobias Richter CD £38.951 Star Trek Multimedia CD .£26.95 Arcade Classics CD .,.£9.951 World of
Clipart Double CD .£ 16.951 Multimedia Toolkit CD ......£27.95 Makin' Music New ..£24.95 Ten on Ten New ....£39.95 I ADI GCSE Maths .....£19.99 IaDI GCSE English ....£19.99 IaDI GCSE Frencn £19 99 IaDI Junio- Reading £15 99 IaDI Junior Counting £15 99 lMerms Matns . £16 99 Ipamt and Create £ 16 99 Ispe'img Fan £16 99 I Noddy's Playtime .....£16.99 [Noddy’s Big Adventure
.£16.99 I VRL Bundle Packs - New Lower Prices Vista Pro or Lite .Distant Suns.
Makepath + Terraform now £54.95 Vista Pro or Lite. Makepath + Terraform £35.95
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One of the best things about working on Amiga Formal, apart from getting to play all the games, fiddle with all the serious stuff and ordering Linda to make the coffee, is that we rarely run out of clip-art - because we can easily generate our own. This globe was rendered in LightWave in a little over an hour. Dpaint. Brilliance and Photogenics have proved slightly more than invaluable in the past too.
You will no doubt be as pleased as I am to see that we have another LightWaiv plug-in reviewed this issue, as well as something that will be a lot of use to graphics-fans, the CYBERVISION graphics accelerator card. We have been waiting some lime to give this the thorough going over that it deserves and you can see what we made of it on page 90.
Of course, the trouble with having a load of graphics software is that you soon run out of spare to keep the graphics you generate with this in mind, we have a round-up of mass- storage devices on page 92, including a few unusual devices, and a full review of the lOmega Zip drive on page 95.
As if all that weren't enough, there arc some more excellent Cds out and we also take a look at Tecnomund Turbo 2 Pro.
The big game-release of the month is Manyx's Fears. As you can tell, we were a bit bowled over by how good Gloom was last issue
- but could Fears be even better? Well. I'm not going to tell you
- you'll have to read the review on page 37. It is enough to
say that we spent a great deal of time plating both games
before we made our decision and it was quite remarkable to see
how different they could be in their approach to what is after
all, a very narrow genre. Only Team 17's Alien Breed 3D is left
to complete the trio and.
Hopefully, we will be able to bring you a review of that next month.
Another Team 17 title we were hoping to see this Issue was Speris Legacy, but it was not to be. Sec the news pages (starting on page
10) for more info.
Something which did make it this month is the rather fantastic Odyssey. Regular readers will no doubt still be ploughing their way through the excellent demo on last month's Covcrdisk, but Steve McGill has been playing the full version and annoying everyone with chants of: “Size of a mongoose" or some such nonsense.
I hope you enjoy this issue and maybe I'll see some of you at the LIVE '95 show. ® i n m 73 -k 8 VI Your Last Ounce TO BUY AT THESE PRICES!
FREE TUTORIAL VIDEO (YOU PAY JUST £2.95 P+P) You've got Adoroge 2.0 AGA but how do you moke the most of it?
Simple, send for this superb 60 minute instructional video which covers... • Starting the program • Explaining the main screen con- " trols • Effects demos • Constructing a title p . Sequence • 'In' and 'Out' effects • Setting effect parameters • Cropping and positioning images
• Explaining the SSA format • SSA versus IFF animations • How
to record IFF animations • Playing IFF animations in D.Paint •
Examples of Adorage animations • Adorage with pictures •
Adorage with text and symbols and much much more.
The best part is that this video is available free of -jSS charge, all you have to pay is £2.95 (85p postage and £2.10 packing and handling).
£2.95 p+p
2. 0 AGA MANUAL flwwmct To complete out training course on
Adorage 2.0 AGA we have produced a 64 page manual - packed
full of step by step instructions and in depth explanations it
makes Adorage a joy to use. Don't struggle trying to work your
way through the software - use it to its full capacity
EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY AT JUST £3.95 V CLARISSA UPGRADE OFFER Upgrade from version 2.0 AGA to version 2.5 AGA (with Konrad Image convertor) and receive all these extra features:-
• 10 more 3D effects with parameters for your own creations. •
Transparent colour 0 (genlock) for graphic - brushes.
• Removes previous difficulties experienced with foreground and
background colours. • Dramatically improved rendering
2.5 AGA
• The ability to load IFF-24 bit, GJF and PCX from PC, Mac or CD
ROM to use in PAL NTSC mode for video.
For full effect you should consider purchasing Adorage's sister package Clarissa when used in conjunction the quality and range of effects are nothing short of spectacular,Version 2.5 AGA RRP £79.95 Special Offer £19.99 System requirements: Kick-start with at least 1 mb of memory.
£19,99 inc P+p
3. 0 PROFESSIONAL Clarissa is a powerful utility that enables you
to increase the speed of any IFF or Anim 5 anim so that it
runs at the full 25fps required to achieve the illusion of
smooth movement. By running your animations through Clarissa
not only can you convert your files to the SSA format but you
can apply a huge range of effects as well.
Clarissa Professional offers the following amazing improvement on an already superb package: 100% playback speed with High end SSA - the absolute fastest animation mode for the Amiga. • SSAd - Super smooth animation from hard disk. • Multi Anim playback - multiple animations on one screen combined in real time. • Multi Anim playback - playback of anims with different colour palettes AND different screen formats (lore, hires, Ham etc.) in one range without stocking or sync errors. • Wipes, fades etc. for running animation's editable in genuine real-time, and much much more!
At just £49.95 against its RRP of £225 this has to be the best offer we have ever made!
£49.95 inc p*p Hg* HOME VIDEO CD PART 1 THREE CD'S Just under three hours of true digital quality copyright free music at less than £5 a CD. Everything from space music to African dance, ranging in duration from a couple of seconds to over 6 minutes.
The definitive copyright free CD series!
Home CD Part 1, Home CD Part 2, This is it! The CD you hove been waiting for... and it's all copyright-free! Over 55 minutes of music for home video production. Each track has several shorter versions or stings for titles, graphics and indents, making it perfect to accompany animations, home video footage or even games. Can you afford not to have a copy?
Easy Listening Part 1 COPYRIGHT FREE!
£14.95 inc p+p COPYRIGHT FREE!
CLARISSA £5.95 inc p.p 3®*
2. 0 MANUAL Includes V3.0 Addendum To complete our training
course on ClariSSA 2.0 we have produced a 100 page manual
packed full of step by step instructions and in depth
explanations - it makes ClariSSA a joy to use. Don't struggle
trying to work your way through the software - use it to its
full capacity immediately.
INSTRUCTIONAL AMIGA VIDEOS CU ? 55j Purpose produced videos on a wide range of Amiga software designed to help you improve your use of the packages.
CU0001 First Steps with personal Paint CU0002 Introductions to the A1200 CU0003 Hard drives and the A1200 CU0004 Upgrading your Machine CU0005 The Music X tutorial CU0006 The Multimedia Guide CU0007 Beginners Guide to DTV CU0008 Advanced Guide to DTV EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY AT JUST £5.95 "ORDER BY TELEPHONE FAT0R“p5§T"rHTrFORM !¦ ££ 01874 61 1633 24HR ORDER HOTLINE VISA 1 I BURGESS VIDEO GROUP Unit 18 Industrial Estate, Brecon, Powys LD3 8LA 01874 622994 FAX ORDERS We aim lo despatch orders within 10 days but please allow up to 14 days tor delivery £9.99 £29.95 INC p+p FOR 5 INC p+p
EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY Quantity Option Product Code 1 Free Adorage Video @ C2.95 pftp Each 2 Adorage 2,0 AGA Manual @ €3,95 inc. pftp Each 3 Adorage 2.S Upgrade @ €19.99 inc. pftp Each 4 ClariSSA 3.0 Professional @ €49.95 inc. pEtp Each 5 Home Video CD Part 1 @ €5.95 inc. pftp Each 6 Three Cds @ €14.95 inc. pftp for the 3 CD set 7 ClariSSA Manual @ CS.95 inc. pftp Each Price INSTRUCTIONAL CAMCORDER VIDEOS Other Orders A series of five broadcast quality productions produced by professionals to help you master the art of making the perfect home video at prices you will find hard to believe!
CV5001 Shooting Professional Videos A Professional Guide to Editing The Complete Guide to Filming a Wedding Video How to Shoot the Perfect Home Video Basic & Advanced Camcorder Techniques (pEtp inclusive) Total E YOUR DETAILS (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) Name Address CV5002 CV5003 Postcode Please make cheques payable to BURGESS VIDEO GROUP ? I enclose a cheque postal order for € ......or 3 Please debit C .....from my Access Visa Account No.
CV5004 CV5005 Expiry Date .
£9.99 £29.95 Signature SORRY, SWITCH CARDS NOT ACCEPTED 087 INC p+p FOR 5 INC p+p A very humble apology?
II was impossible for us 10 review ihe exciting looking Spain legacy in ibis issue of Amiga Formal. Impossible, because we couldn't agree to write our review based on a few hours of playing an unfinished version of the game. Similarly, we are not yet able to bring you Alien Hired SI), which was scheduled to be reviewed this issue.
Ill Team 17 felt unable to leave us a full copy of either game until release was imminent. "We are not willing to leave copies behind, unless ihe game’s literally days from release," said Martvn Brown in a fax to us. Which is only reasonable il there is any possibility that the game might be changed. The only way we could review the game was il we played it under supervision - which would necessarily limit the amount of time we had to play it.
It may seem odd to our competitors in the Amiga-market that we always have had, and still continue to cling on to. Our values. Amiga l-'ormal will go to whatever lengths necessary to make sure that the reviews we publish are written to an exacting standard of truthfulness and honesty. It just simply isn’t possible to do this based on seeing a game, especially one like Speris, for just a few hours.
Return of the Amiga Sadly, this means that we were completely unable to bring ourselves to plaster "Exclusive Team 17 RPC., The Speris Legncf over our cover, write the review as though we had looked at the whole game and end up giving it a “considered" verdict. Our. Obviously inferior, reviewers would be hard pushed to write so many words about a game they had hardly seen, with or without the presence of Team 17's Public Relations Manager. Alan Bunker.
11 seems that the reviewers on Amiga Action may be more experienced in this sort of endeavour, as they not only managed to do all these things, but have actually managed to compose four pages of review, based 011 what Alan Bunker told us was a visit lasting around four or five hours.
Our hats are off , our heads are bowed. If only we could take our responsibilities so seriously.
Amiga Technologies have finally come clean on the price anti specification of new Amiga-bundles intended for release in the final week of September.
Initially, there will be two bundles.
Each will consist of two games and several units of productivity-sofiware.
The difference between the two packs lies in the inclusion of a 175Mb hard drive.
Price for the pack without hard drive is set at £399. The more practical HD-version will cost £1(10 more at £499, While the general consensus in the industry is that the bundle is priced on the high side, considering market- conditions. Optimism still remains that The long wrail is over, and finally the Amiga is returning to these shores.
Amiga Technologies will have 00,000 A1200 machines manufactured for sale during the Christinas period.
The first public outing of the new batch of A 1200s will be the LIVE ‘95 consumer electronics show in London's Earls Court.
The Amiga will appear alongside ’Next Generation' consoles and ¦multimedia' Pcs 011 the Future Publishing stand, where visitors will he able to plav games and test out the new hardware for free.
Members of stall from vour favourite the pack will do well.
AMIGA FORMAT -a.3w3 Bundles jolyon Ralph. Technical Director of Almathera said the he was "a little disappointed," because the price would be perceived as too high among consumers. But he reiterated the belief magazines will also he on hand at various stages to deal with any (hopefully not too difficult I queries.
The LIVE show is usually well attended by average consumer-types.
And will he an interesting acid test to see how much interest the Amiga will generate when placed alongside some stiff competition.
The last time (.ommodore appeared at this venue it was to show off ihe CD32, which received a great deal of interest.
The show will run from the 19lh to the 24th of September and tickets arc- available in advance from the organisers 011 0171 39(i4545.
In S ce in CQ o m The A1200 makes a welcome return at the LIVE ’95 show in September.
SyQuest have developed a new removable data-cat tridge.
Called the F.Z 135. Despite measuring just 3.5 inches, the same as a floppy disk, each cartridge can hold up to 135Mb of data.
With transfer-rates equal to that of an average hard disk (sustained transfer of2.4Mb sec) and a price of E17* , you can expect that this drive will soon become popular.
SyQuest steps up to 135Mb The A1200 makes a welcome return at the LIVE ’95 show in September. .pl0--l 1 NEWS OCTOBER 1995 The first-ever, interactive game-ad.....pi2-13 Electronic Arts invest in the Amiga? . . . Pi4-15 Unleashed that the software-bundles are going lo be the crux of the machine's success.
"No other platform offers such high- quality software at such a low price."
Amiga Technologies UK will use this maxim as the basis of their sales and marketing drive.
High-street chain. Game Ltd, look likely to welcome the new bundles, although they have expressed reservations at the high price.
With no details on the specific titles included in the bundle. Game Ltd remain cautiously optimistic. "The Amiga is a cracking game-machine and there is a good, healthy market for it."
Indeed, throughout the past 18 months, Game have continued to support and stock Amiga-software.
Almathera's Photogenics is certainly one piece of creative software that shows off the capabilities of the A1200.
Virtual Dreams Negotiations with Manyx, the creators of Fean, are still in progress regarding a virtual reality version of that game. If successful, it could herald a new eta of 3D-engines for Amiga-games.
Amiga Technologies UK is set to handle and distribute a new, low- cost. Virtual-reality headset, developed by Escom subsidiary company. Virtual Products GmbH.
Known as Virtual i and weighing in at a minuscule eight ounces, the glasses will be compatible with all major gaming systems, as well as the Amiga.
Creating the effect of a large, virtual screen in front of the viewer, the glasses can also be used to view television and video and provide Hi-Fi stereo through user-adjustable earphones.
The Virtual i glasses have been on sale for six months in the US and have been taken up by several major retailers there. Public interest is said to be "high1'.
Current competition in the UK includes the recently-released Virtual Bov of Nintendo's and Atari's Jaguar headset, i Now turn to our review of Fears on page 45.
Amiga Technologies ration information Amiga Technologies UK have made the decision to release the most up-to-date information on Amiga product- releases, strategies, price points, and so on, solely to trade magazine. Computer Trade Weekly (CTW).
The reasoning behind the decision being that CTW is a trade magazine and that retailers and the industry need new Amiga-related information first. CTW has a controlled circulation of 6,500, at least sixteen times less that of Amiga Format. Just what percentage of this 6,500 readership are interested in the Amiga is debatable, but it's certainly not 100 per cent.
The move is an attempt to rationalise the flow of information, but belies the importance of the Amiga magazines and their readers. Should CTW have first dibs on all of the Amiga exclusives, or should you, our readers? Whatever you think, write to us at the usual address and mark the envelopes "CTW Quandary".
AMIGA Should Amiga magazines and their readers be the last to know about new developments?
PROFESSIONAL PAGE TO MAKE A COMEBACK One of the Amiga's most popular, budget DTP-packages has come back from the grave. ProPaga 4.1, previously discontinued by American developer Gold Disk, has been upgraded and is now available from LH Publishing for £49.95. Purchasing the program will also get you a free, three-month subscription to the Amiga DTP-magazine EM, as well as a tutorial-book written by Amiga Shopper Larry Hickmott. Call 01908 370 230 for more information.
(Tn There has for some time been an argument, bantered between old-time computer-users, that the old games were somehow better than the games of today, because there was Coincidence or Magic?
You Decide ? I The Smith Column lEZHl I * _ "gameplay, gameplay and more gameplay with no flashy movies, stereo-sound, 3D-lmage mapping. Garoud shading or movle- llke values to get In the way".
This argument is often countered with the: “Shut up, you old fossils, stop trying to recapture your youth; you sound like my Uncle Jim talking about football In the 1970s.
Everybody who hasn't got their heads stuck up a dark passageway knows that the new games are the best, because they've got movie...". You get the point... Bnd there - aside from the liberals who would have us believe that as long as we can rap about it for long enough, we’ll forget the Initial question and be friends - the argument seems to come to an abrupt halt. The reason for this argument seems lost as much In the midst of time, as the winning strategies to Frogger.
It's unlike the: “My Amiga Is better than your ST" argument that was all the rage when the Atari ST roamed the planet In any great numbers. This was to do with some kind of financial Investment on the part of the owners.
Shut up, you oM fossils, stop trying to rocapturo your youth; you sound like my Undo Jim, talking about football In tho 1970s.
It has nothing to do with the: “Die, Amiga Die!” flames happening in the news groups at the moment - this is purely to do with Ignorance on the part of the PC- and Mac-owners who have to make themselves feel cool before the next massively expensive 0 S upgrade happens along.
No, this games-argument has to do with the relative ages of the people Involved. It's as simple as that - we're developing the first micro, homecomputer generatlon- gap. Now does this mean that we're all growing up? Or is It some kind of historical Inevitability that means that old fartles will rush to their childhoods as soon as the mortgage gets too big?
“ 111 h y the h e 11 are you asking these unduly philosophical questions. Smith you fool," you're asking yourself? Quite simply because I have developed a new rule of life for you to consider. It runs like this: “For every 8-blts over your original computer-spec the current "state-of-the- art" Is, you add 10 years to your attitude".
It works, look at those people who began life with a C64 or a Speccle, and then look at Amiga-owners who were saying that Manic Miner was the game to end all games and who was saying that Batman was the ant's appendages?
N 0 UJ look at the flak that CD32 owners took when they started getting into their thing? ("They’re Just toys; what a waste of 32-blts; nah. They didn't want to do that.”) OCTOBER 1995 The reason I bring this up is because It will happen to you one of these days, you mark my words, unless you stop It now that Is.
Contact Tim Smith on gashead@clx.oompulink.co.uk and tlmbo@gashead.demon.co.uk The opinions expressed in this column are not always those of Amiga Formal.
WJ Anew entry and number one smash in the full-price chart for Anco’s Player Manager 2 coincided with the placement of the industry's first interactive computcr- gamc- advertisement on the Amiga Formal home page of FuturcNet.
Designed to let potential purchasers explore the various sections of the game at their own pace, Anco have also put up a first prize of £500 to test the footballing knowledge of the participant and tempt them into checking out all of the ads' associated pages.
Anil Gupta, MD of Anco was pleased to explain why lie decided to take this innovative step, "We were eager to present PM2 on one of Europe's busiest commercial Web sites. The 2.5 million hits FutureNet generates each month represents an enormous percentage of the active games playing community."
In the first four weeks of the ads' Rough Guide to the Internet If you're tired of logging on to boring Web site after boring Web site, then you should check out the .Net Directory.
Surfers of the Internet will be glad to know that there is now a concise guide to the on-line world - The .Net Directory. This bi-monthly magazine is the progeny of the .Net magazine and provides review-based listings of both the hottest and most boring sites on the net.
Lifetime, it was accessed over 5,000 times by interested parties who knew full well that it was an advertisement.
Simon Richardson of FutureNet clarified the reason for this: "Up until now games companies have only provided basic information about their products. The Player Manager 2 interactive advertisement features cash prizes, lists of retailers, review comments and scores, hints and tips, along with detailed game information."
Long hailed as a looming problem for present advertising philosophy and practice, this ad hints at the McCluhan prediction that the customer of the future is a media-sophisticated dude and an active seeker of adverts featuring products they're interested in.
Curious parties can find the first ever games-industry ad on the Amiga Formal home page located at FutureNet (http:www.futurenet.co.uk). The .Net Directory is split into eight sections: Art & Entertainment, Sport & Leisure, Lifestyle, The Net, Computing, Business, Academic and the Bizarre.
Since it's from Future, you can expect high editorial standards. It's out now, so nip out to the newsagents or, if you can't bear the idea of logging off, visit FutureNet at: HTTP: www. FutureneZ.co.uk. Amiga graphics-professionals will be glad 10 hear that the best paint-package ever has dropped over £170 in price.
The Amiga's premier painting program. TecSoft's TVPaint 3, has had its price reduced by over a quarter - from £499.99 to £329.99. Although this will not bring this excellent product (91% in issue 73) within the reach of most casual users, it should become a much more attractive purchase to graphics-professionals.
The program has a whole host of powerful and flexible features and is available from Emerald Creative on 0181 715
8866. Get your copy now!
Write to CD?
Well, son of. CD-Write is a new product from Germany that enables you to virtually write information to CD-ROMs.
Of course, the program can’t physically write to CD-ROMs - you'd need a special drive to do that - it simply fools your machine into thinking it's writing to a CD. Copies of the program should now be available from Audio The "Little Gem" Micro Audio Mixer and E.Q. Unit from Gillett Multimedia should help Amiga-using videographers, sound- effect specialists and musicians fix the problem of poor output- quality when recording Amiga-audio direct to tape.
Featuring Hi and Lo equalisation of + - 12db on the bass and treble content of the sound, the unit also sports controls for stereo positioning - no more hard right and left stereo-panning.
Most CD-ROM oudets (such as EPIC Marketing 01793 490988) for a price of around £45.
This program should prove very useful. Imagine being able to save hi-scores. Effectively remove unwanted files, alter a file’s contents, change its ToolTvpes and so on. If this all sounds too good to be tnie, then wait for a full review in next issue.
Dynamite Described as a "very handy little unit" by Maff Evans of Future Music, he further extolled its usefulness when used in conjunction with software such as Music-X or Technosound Turbo.
"Now you can listen to Amiga- music through your Hi-Fi and not suffer the harshness usually associated with doing so."
Format will be reviewing the unit next month. Contact Gilett on 01353 669203.
Sow turn to our neriew of Technosound Turbo 2 Pro on page 107, sonptc mil ¦Jock mjouloop, iff PeepMiaoplt. Iff tvllir.U.l'X ijUmin E I a .vmUi.1 3 'ifo.-'n.-.iarrr GQ57 EECE1 With the "Little Gem" Micro Audio Mixer you can now listen to Amiga-music through your Hi-Fi and not suffer the harshness usually associated with doing so.
OCTOBER 1995 NEWS Electronic Arts Refuel Support For Amiga D The Bradford Column Three of the last four Commodore machines I have owned have been Amigas. It's the one that wasn't, however, that I'd like to talk about today.
My non-Amiga Commodore computer was the 286LT: a portable PC which came complete with 1Mb of memory, a 20Mb hard drive and a shockingly sloth-like screen- update. The price, when It was launched five years ago, was a staggering £2,000+.
It's almost useless now. Of course (it is compulsory, when buying a PC, to throw at least another £400 at it every year, simply to keep up with software requirements), but my relationship with that machine, while It lasted, was very special (cue the "Our Tune" music).
I took It on holiday with me and, much to the dismay of the person I shared accommodation with, spent almost every day writing the first draft of a novel: Spectrum Holobyte's criminally-underrated Wordtrls was kicked Into life every few hours at one point In my life and I even managed to get the glorious Civilization running (silently and In two shades of blue, but It was still Civ').
I don't use it anymore (cut the music), but I would still
- If It was an Amiga. Mmm, there's a thought. It cannot only be
me whose quality of life would soar with the advent It Is
compulsory, when buying a PC, to throw at least another £400 at
It every year, simply to keep up with software requirements.
Of such a beast, can it? Imagine taking your Amiga (and your favourite software) with you, wherever you go. You could play SWOS on the train, Syndicate in the dentist's waiting room. Theme Park on the M25 and Rise of the Robots... er, on the toilet, probably.
It wouldn’t just appeal to hard-core Amiga enthusiasts either: with a colour-screen. It really would be the perfect machine for business presentations. Have Dlglta's Organiser. Datastore. A good word processor and a fast spreadsheet pre-lnstalled on Its hard drive and watch Psion go scuttling back to writing tennis slms (which they were very good at, Incidentally).
I would settle, at a push, for a mono-screen if technical considerations demanded it (the Amiga's AGA colour chipset would probably consume a vast amount of power), just as long as I could sling it under my arm and carry it around with me. Cost? Ooh, about a grand should cover It, now where do I sign?
Yes, I know. It's easy to come up with radical ideas from this side of the workbench, but. It has to be said, so far we haven't heard of many coming from the other side, have we?
Contact Dale Bradford by fax on 01633 896067.
The opinions expressed In The Bradford Column are not always those of Amiga Format.
A drastic loss of profitability for Electronic Arts (EA) in the first quarter of '95 has led to restructuring in the operation and management of the videogame giant.
For the first time in one and a half years. F.A have appointed an unknown in-house development team to work on several, unspecified software-projects.
While FA didn't confirm the question of Amiga-specific titles, no denials were raised either.
EA's reluctance to release details on the existence of the new development team has poured fuel on rumours currently burning throughout industry circles that three new Amiga-titles will be released in time for Christmas.
Reasons vary for EA's new strategy.
The most likely is the substantial drop in operating profits from SI 1.9 million in the first quarter of ‘94, to §843,000 in the same period this year. Crushing results, despite an increase in turnover and sales from 1994's performance.
Even Smoother BVG (01874 til 1633) are currently distributing ClariSSA 3.0 Professional in the UK (for a limited time) for £49.95 instead of its RRP of £225!
This excellent animation-utility (an earlier version featured as a Coverdisk on AF61) uses a Super Smooth Animation technique to enhance the playback of animations, as well as edit them.
The program has become even faster and can also play animations straight from hard disk with truly impressive results. Other features include combining animations on a Major investment in 'Next Generation' playtoys, such as Saturn, PlayStation and 3DO have all taken their toll on LA's profitability.
The decision by WH Smiths to cease stocking 3DO software, combined with Toshiba's withdrawal from manufacture of 3DO has hit LA's bank balance where it hurts and lost their confidence in the new machines.
It therefore seems logical that LA retrace their software publishing steps and retry their hand at a more stable, less volatile, potentially more profitable market; that of the rock-solid, much loved Amiga.
With Amiga Technologies UK ready to roll out Pan-European .Amiga 1200 bundles in the next few weeks, thousands of people will join the Amiga bandwagon and increase the attractiveness of an already attractive machine to any would-be developers feeling the strain of overbearing 'Next Generation' overheads.
Single screen in real-time, playing animations with unlocked colour palettes, playing animations that contain frames with different formats and sizes and a selection of wipes and fades that are ideal for video-work.
Apollo Power If you thought this wee beastie was fast, just wait until you meet its big brother, the Apollo 1230 Turbo 50.
With an optional 6882 FPL', which also runs at 50MHz. It also has a SCSI-2 controller fitted as standard - most boards have this as an additional option. L'p to 64Mb of memory can be added through its two SIMM sockets.
The other boards are similarly specified, but the Turbo 50 light has no MMU or SCSI interface and the Turbo 28 runs at 28MHz.
To find out more about these accelerators, call Siren Software on 0161 796 5279. Also look out for a review in .4 next month.
If you thought that the Apollo 1220, reviewed last issue, was a tidy piece of kit. You'll be gob-smacked by its big brother, the Apollo 1230.
This A1200 accelerator comes in three varieties: the Turbo 50.
Turbo 28 and Turbo 50 light, which cost £269.99, £189.99 and £199.99 respectively.
The 1230 Turbo is supplied with a 68030 running at 50MHz, Maximum Overdrive A1200's PCMCIA interface to connect to the -Amiga, so there is no need for a SCSI interface.
The Overdrive CD-ROM drive has become so popular that its creators have decided to make it even faster.
The quad-speed version of the Overdrive is being stocked at £249 by Silica on 0181 309 1111.
The IDF- Overdrive uses the The drive's quad-speed mechanism has 600K second data-transfer rate and should retain a high level of compatibilitv with CD32 games.
Turn your Amiga into an ’060 mean machine 3hase 5 System's Amiga Format The Blizzard has been given a serious power-boost.
Phase 5 System's Amiga Format Gold-winning .41200 accelerator, the Blizzard, has just been revamped and given a serious power-boost.
Gordon Harwood Computers (01773 836781) will be distributing the Blizzard 1260 Turbo and 1230 I ' boards in the Autumn of this year at prices of £599.95 and £199.95 respectively.
The Blizzard Turbo 1260 uses a version of the processor as used in the phenomenal Cyberstorm A4000 accelerator reviewed in .4 72. The 1260 will increase the speed of an A1200 to over four times that of a standard .44000. To help retain compatibilitv’ with games, the board will feature a 68020 mode.
When used with a SCSI-2 controller, available before December, it is possible to add up to 192Mb of RAM. The 1230 IV will offer increased performance at a lower price than the last model and has a new 68020 mode.
.41500- and .42000-owners will not feel left out. Because the new 2060 will give similar performance- increases to their machines. This board will also be available in the Autumn and will cost £699.95. For more information on ASCON's high octane, testosterone charged new Formula 1 management sim call us now on 0171 372 7544, and live that dream!
Pole position Licensed by FOCA to Fuji Television, © by Ascon (UK) Ltd., 1995 Squirrels do it; with Zip!
V on,y Quad-speed E309 CD-ROM V” The fastest drive yet at a great price!
Fast nOOKh'sec transfer plus 19()ms access, using the renowned Toshiba 5301 drive. Also available w o SCSI interface and or case - just call.
Super-Value CD-ROM Pack IDE drives are perfect for auto-booting your A600 A1200 and come with connection lead, fixing bolts & complete fitting instructions. Fitting is very straightforward but may invalidate your Amiga's warranty - check with us.
Order Free with your Credit Debit Card 0500 223660 All this, packaged together, at a truly superb price, with full 1 year warranty and technical support from HiSoft.
A brand-new SCSI peripheral, the Zip1*1 may well revolutionise the storage industry.
This newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk drive weighs in at just lib, has fast transfer and access times (up to Imb s transfer, 28ms seek), easily fits in your hand,your bag or your briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on floppy-sized disks, is perfect for all types of application and is priced at a level that will make you want to unzip your wallet immediately!
These drives and associated cartridges (25Mb & 100Mb) will be available in late August '95 directly from HiSoft with especially-written driver and support software included. Trust HiSoft to bring you the latest innovations at the best possible prices!
Order your Zip drive now HiSoft has done it again with a brilliant multimedia pack of Squirrel SCSI interface, Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM and the Almathera 10-on-10 pack of Cds!
Just look at what you get:
• The amazing, trend-setting Squirrel SCSI interface which allows
up to 7 peripherals Ihard drive, CD-ROM, Zip, scanner etc.) to
be daisy-chained together.
• CD32 and CDTV emulation software so that you can all those
games and oilier titles such as Video Creator.
• The great-looking Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM drive; a fast,
double-speed CD-ROM with full SCSI specification plus complete
audio controls on the front so that you can play music Cds
Plus an informative LCD panel.
Zip drives from HiSoft come with everything you need to get going on a SCSI-aware Amiga: the Zip 100 drive, a 100Mb cartridge, all necessary leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft, including:
• Easy access drivers • Temporary unprotect
• Passuvrd protect • Cartridge initialisation
• Write protection • Cartridge eject Ahea CD-ROM available
separately ('« £175
• The Almathera lO-on-10 pack of Cds; this is 10 Cds including
the Team Yankee game, 2000 clip-art images, the Illustrated
Works of Shakespeare, a Comms, Internet 6 Networking CD, The
World Vista Atlas, 1000s of fonts, a complete photo library and
much, much more!
Amiga Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft If you want a hard drive (either SCSI or IDE) then HiSoft has the one to suit your needs; whether you are looking for a small, internal drive for your A1200 A600 or an external 1Gb beast-of-a-drive for any SCSI-aware Amiga, we can supply.
Based on only the highest quality mechanisms from top suppliers, with full manufacturer's warranty, our hard drives are fully tested for all Amiga computers and come with our own additional warranty and technical support.
365Mb intenul £179 730Mb iuirail £239 365Mb ratcnul £249 730Mb r.tmul 009 540Mb internal £209 Igbinlmul £399 540Mb ntrriul £279 1Gb internal £469 The Best-Value Hard Drives SCSI Hard Drives
2. 5" IDE Drives 40Mb tat £59.95 Mmb int. £79.95 Zip is a
trademark of Iomega Inc We offer internal or external SCSI
hard drives, from 365Mb up to 2Gb. Internal devices are
suitable for mounting in the A1500, A2000, A3000 and A4000 and
come with necessary leads & screws whilst the external drives
are supplied in our professional Squirrel 3.5" case (available
separately) which includes integral power supply, all SCSI
connections and connection leads of your choice (at extra
And CD-ROMs Order Hotline @0500 223660 To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title, see the list opposite) - just call us. Free of charge, on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in slock) Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft, All prices include VAT. Export orders: call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
Ip, ioqr wiQrttt cznp All prices include UK VAT HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel:+44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 There's More!
Here is a list ot HiSoft titles for the Amiga computers (prices shown are the individual RRPs): Squirrel SCSI interface - £69.95. Squirrel Storage Systems - please call, Aura 12 16 bit sampler - £99,95, Megalosound 8 bit sampler - £34.95, ProMidi interlace - £24.95. HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95. HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95, Highspeed Pascal - £99.95. Gamesmith - £99.95, Tprmite - £39.95, Twist 2 database - £99.95, Maxon Magic - £29.95. Upper Disk Tools - £14.95. VistaUte inc MakePath TerraForm - £39.95 and much more.
Coming very soon: DiskMagic (disk tools) and Cinema4D.
Public Domain Free software sounds like a dream come true, but it already exists if you know where to find it.
John Kennedy take a look to see if anything you get for free is really worth what you pay... «¦ D is undoubtedly one of artistix: A lot of top MM 'he Amiga's greatest |uality '¦duca,ional software can be ¦ resources and yet one of its found in PD libraries.
- M- least understood. Ever since the Amiga was launched, there
has been a wealth of free software following in its wake. From
essential It is possible to use your Amiga pretty much to the
max without ever having to buy a normal commercial software
Utilities to top arcade games, there has alwavs been a vast amount of software available for next to nothing. There is no shame in admitting that it is possible to use your Amiga pretty much to the max without ever having to buy a “normal" commercial software package over the counter.
But what exactly is PD? Is it really totally free? Is it legal to copy it from your friends? And if it’s free, why does it sometimes cost so much to get hold ol?
TANSTAAFL Or “There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” as the saying goes, and you might be surprised to discover that a lot of the software you take to be PD isn't PD at all.
_ , . . , , M.A.S.H: Flame For historical reasons, the term PD ,hrower action tha, is normally used as a catch-all term to looks nothing like describe any programs in your Worms, oh no.
Collection which you didn't pay for, pirate, or obtain from a magazine Coverdisk. In a large percentage of cases PD is the wrong term to use, as PD stands for Public Domain which is more than simply a harmless piece of jargon.
If a piece of work is designated Public Domain by its creator - be it a game or a piece of music - it doesn't just mean that you can use it and copy it for your friends for free; it means that the author 110 longer has any special rights to it at all.
Taking things to the extreme, if 1 write a game and declare it to be PD, then, when you get a copy, you are allowed to hack into the code, change my name to your own and sell it to a sofnvare house for lots of money. You have the right to do whatever you want to do to a PD program, since I have - by passing control into the Public Domain
- given up any special claims. PD can therefore be a dangerous
and powerful thing, so don’t use the term lightly - especially
if you are the author.
A great deal of software which you might take to be PD isn't PD at all. The author still holds the copyright (which is automatic, unless it has been designated PD) and therefore he or she has rights to it - however, diey may decide that anyone is free to use and distribute the software as long as certain rules are followed.
Nre-maos solve rmw 0 u*. Vr4 w n* ittncia Typically, these rules include clauses to the effect that the program may not be sold to make excessive profit other than media and associated costs, and the programs may not be modified without the authors consent.
BRING OUT YOUR WARES A better term to describe software like this is therefore “freely distributable", in that you are allowed to make and pass on copies, but you must concede that the copyright still lies with the original author. You can't change the program and try to pass it off as your own, because this would infringe the copyright laws.
Perhaps a more honest approach is Licenseware, which is something many PD libraries sell. Software sold under this scheme earns the audior a royalty for each copy sold. You can only obtain this software from registered libraries, and you may not sell it yourself or make copies for friends.
Suddenly, we have left the PD world and entered into the realm of low-cost commercial distribution. The library pays for advertisements, postage, distribution and packing (which normally consists of a Jiffy bag) and the author gets a small cut of the net profit.
You'll probably never get rich this way, but you will see some return 011 your leasing yvLij1 own softwai*1 If you have written some software which you want others to use, there are several ways to go about it. It helps if you have access to the Internet, because you can upload it into Aminet and then watch it pop up all over the place.
JA If you do submit a program to Aminet make sure that you follow Amiga Formats simple rules: Check that your program works! It may sound obvious, but check that your program works on other people's Amigas. Check it on every type of machine you can find, ask on Bulletin Boards for beta testers.
Write documentation. Use the AmigaGuide system - it makes writing instructions quick and easy, and provides a consistent interface for users. There are several utilities available (freely distributable) for helping to author AmigaGuide documents.
Use the official Installer. If you need to provide special fonts, libraries or devices then using the Amiga Installer program makes the process easier, and automatically allows files to be installed only if they are later versions than those already loaded.
Check your work thoroughly for viruses before distributing any software.
Check that you aren't including other copyrighted material in your distribution. This includes official Workbench utilities, and other third-party libraries and devices.
Many programs may be included if you give the author credit: see the documentation to make sure.
Decide on the form your software will take: Public Domain. Shareware or whatever. If you don't want any control over it and don't care what happens to it make it PD by putting a notice in the documentation.
You should also think about making any source code available.
If you want to retain copyright use the international copyright symbol 0, the date and your name at several locations in the program.
Try to add the copyright message somewhere in the program in an encrypted form, and remember to post yourself a copy in a sealed envelope. If you are considering a Licenseware scheme, track down and have a chat to other authors who have chosen this route to find out how they have gone about it.
If you have used other software whilst developing your program, make sure you agree to any distribution rules. For example, you may be required to state the name of the language or development system you have used in a loading screen.
In many cases this is a good thing anyway, because it gets software tools more publicity. Check that you have the latest version of the development system in order to keep bugs to a minimum.
Buy a modem. Being on-line makes getting your program known so much easier. It also means that you can offer on-line support send updates and keyfiles and receive registrations very easily and cheaply from all over the world.
Uploading your finished program to Aminet will get it almost everywhere very quickly indeed - including on to CD-ROM (unless you object). Upload it to local Bulletin Boards as well, because not everyone has Internet access yet (apparently).
If you can't get to use a modem, send your software on high quality disks and an explanatory letter to several public domain libraries. Some of the libraries will give you disks in return.
If your software is Shareware and you want users to send you money, plan ahead.
How will you accept foreign cheques? Will you take dollars? Will you need to keep accounts?
Also, think of it from the user's point of view - what exactly do they get out of registering? Will you keep them informed of updates? Are registered users entitled to any special privileges?
Invcstmenl of time and effort. A number of authors feel that even this is a bit too commercial for them.
An attractive alternative from the author’s point of view is Shareware.
Rather than make the prospective owner cough up a license fee up front.
Shareware allows the software to be used and distributed initially for free - only when you have used the program are you asked to make a contribution, or "register".
Sometimes the act of registration is left for you and your conscience to debate, but sometimes when you When Shareware works, it works extremely well. If the software is good, you get to try it out for free.
Register, you get access to extra features by means of a special individualised key
- this is the case with Spot (a FidoNet mail reader).
ShapeShiftrr (the Apple Mac emulator) and Cybnfiraphics
(special drivers for graphics cards). The fact that each key
hits your name encrypted into it, means that you are not likely
to want to give your friends security back-up disks because any
copies can immediately be traced back to you.
Less popular on the Amiga platform than on other systems like the Mac or PC is Nagware. In this instance you don’t always pay for extra features, but to remove a message which deliberaielv obstructs or annoys the user. It isn’t pleasant, but can be effective (as long as the user doesn’t just get so annoyed that he throws the software away.
When Shareware works, it works extremely well. If the software is good, you get to try it out for free. Perhaps you don’t need the extra features or you can’t afford the registration fee - in many cases this is line, and you can use the software as much as you want.
I lowcver. Many users will appreciate the extra features and support that registration gives them. They enjoy the free trial they get and arc happy to show their appreciation to the programmer and |H p the money in the envelope without a second thought.
Ray Burt-Frosl and Tcijo Kinunen at RBF Software are responsible for OctaMED, the best sound-tracker programmer around: "The most common way is probably to cripple the product with some limitations and then Continued overleaf e release the limited version to free distribution via A minet and Fish CD-ROMs, for example. The user may test the product and get the impression whether it's worth the asking fee or not.'
"If the program wasn't crippled, it would be easy to 'forget' sending the fee. Also you get the feeling you actually have something for your money, even if it's just a key file or a registered executable.” "Key files are definitely the most convenient way for registration.
However, because of die involved risk of cracking, personally-coded executables arc a good way of releasing Shareware as well."
With Shareware, the author knows that they don't have to pay a penny for any distribution costs, because the software will drift across the world almost as if by magic. With networks such as FidoNet and die Internet, a program written in Birmingham on Monday morning could be installed on thousands of computers all over the world by Tuesday afternoon.
Electronic communications have revolutionised the way that software is distributed, and the trend looks set to continue as more and more users probably only common sense to register it - both to clear your conscience and to support the author so he can keep developing the software.
Secondly, by paring you send a clear message to the author that they didn't waste months of their time working on the program. You cast a vote for affordable. Well-supjMined.
High quality software, rather than simply becoming one of the faceless masses buying off-the-shelf, production- line boxes, or "forced" into using pirated software because you are unwilling or unable to afford the latest versions of SuprrStarW'inWord 6.
MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING Many programmers know that they are unlikely to make a fortune from their work: no one will really be willing to pay real money for a clock program or 2K Workbench utility, no matter how smart they are.
In many cases the programmer will request nothing more than a little note of thanks or perhaps a postcard. Some appreciate the very smart appearance of software. If you are a programmer, you'll love the flexibility.
VirusChecker: The definitive way of keeping your Amiga free from unwanted parasites.
DMS: A utility much loved by Coverdisk compilers, because it squashes the entire contents of a floppy on to a single disk.
Lzx: A recent archiving program designed to replace the standard LHA system. It's faster, better and definitely worth having.
Term: A communications package that offers features which even commercial programs don't get close to.
ShapeShifter Turns your Amiga into a Mac. It works too.
Find themselves a modem to put on their desk.
The decision whether to register and pay for software is not really difficult.
First of all, if you do agree to part with some notes, you'll often get extra A program written in Birmingham on Monday morning could be installed on thousands of computers all over the world by Tuesday afternoon.
Features or facilities by return - and a direct bug-reporting route to the author.
If you are keen enough to register, the author is more likely to listen to your gripes and try to help out with any problems you are haring with your system, or any suggestions you might ROOTS: Another have for future updates, fine example of You mav also be informed when the capabilities of . N .r the Amiga - when upgrades are available automatically. II squeezed. You depend on the program then it is Top tips for registering software Back up your Shareware registration keys and keep them in a safe place. If your hard drive crashes, or becomes corrupt you might lose valuable features of the
• Sending money abroad can be a tricky business. It s risky to
send banknotes overseas (and sometimes illegal) and if they go
missing you have little or no redress. Instead you should ask
your bank for a Eurocheque-book and use that.
• If you are sending banknotes, put them in a plain, strong,
brown business envelope. Do not write “This envelope contains
50 dollars' on the back. Make use of any relatives overseas if
you can.
• When registering software, ask around to see if your mates are
using the same software. It could be that several friends are
also interested in registering, and by banding together you can
save time, effort and money.
MagicWork Bench: This program is responsible for improving the look of many Amiga systems.
Newkons: A recent competitor for the MagicWB crown: adds large number of extra-smart icons.
Spot: A superb FidoNet mail system, from Nico Francois, one-time king of Amiga Freeware.
KingCON: An excellent replacement for the Shell, adding buckets of new features including a scroll-bar history.
Amosaic: The Amiga's answer to NetScape. A World Wide Web browser program, used in conjunction with MUI and AmiTCP (and a modem).
MUI: Magic User Interface. More a religion than a program. MUI is either hated or regarded with awe. If you do have to have a nippy Amiga, you'll Essential software Some people in the Amiga community voice concern that CD-ROMs are a bad thing, and hurt the programmers. Certainly, some Cds are simply "shovelware" and consists of nothing more than a badly organised collection of files stuffed on to a disk and given a fancy name.
Others feel differently: Ray and Teijo from RBF Software think it is an excellent idea - “It's the most efficient way of distributing freely distributable software.
Media costs are minimised, and CD-ROMs are convenient to use as well (no constant disk-swapping)'.
There have been plenty of debates on the Internet as to whether it is keeping to the spirit of freely distributable software to charge £20 or upwards for a collection of files. One thing is for sure: anyone with a CD-ROM drive and a copy of one of the disks rarely complains, because it takes a long time to try out every program in a 600Mb collection.
Will even happily accept cookies, chocolate, beer, or whisky in exchange for the honour of using their software... Free software is indicative of a healthy computer system, and the Amiga has always had a terrific You only need to look through the top demos to see things which the original hardware designers would have thought were impossible.
Reputation in this respect. There are many reasons, but a lot of it is simply down to the fact that the authors love the platform, and want to make sure it is made use of.
Demo programmers are a breed apart. It's their goal to show off their technical knowledge and hacking skills, and to earn the respect and admiration of other crews. The results of the fevered war between programmers have led to some amazing results: you only need to look through the top demos to see tilings which the original hardware designers would have thought were impossible.
No one can grasp the fanatical love of the demo teams for their beloved Amiga. Many have spent years getting to know the hardware inside out. And will refuse to consider moving to another platform.
The freely distributable software scene is therefore still a hotbed of talent, and the .Amiga is still one of main machines for new programmers to start out on. Programs such as pears and Photogrnics both started out on the freely distributable circuit, until their commercial promise was spotted.
It has been proposed that pretty soon all software may be distributed totally for free. This might sound a little bit crazy, but there is a definite trend towards electronic distribution methods for software.
Suddenly the big corporations are discovering what the Shareware authors have known for years - eliminate the costs of packaging, printed manuals, duplicated disks and the need for a distributor and you can deliver software at a fraction of the price, and get direct feedback from your customers.
Probably the biggest game success on the Apple Mac has been Marathon, a Doom clone. Because the Mac doesn't have much of a games market to speak of (you don't find Mac games stocked alongside Amiga, PC! Or console titles on the shelves) the authors released a demo version as Public Domain.
Mac gamers were so impressed with this demo that they sent their money oil to the US to buy the full version in their droves. Perhaps other companies who are worried about their "global markets" should take note - wherever you are in the world, with an Amiga and a modem you can get hold of Public Domain software.
With companies like Microsoft pushing their own network, it is getting easier to imagine a time when software is automatically updated and enhanced whilst you use your computer and modem.
And how do the software companies make their money? By providing support of course - as software becomes more complicated, more and more people will want to dial up a friendly voice or pay for extensive written manuals.
The next generation modems will provide simultaneous voice and data transmission: perfect for on-line interactive help sessions.
Continued overleaf 4 Where to get it?
If all this talk of top software for nowt has whetted your appetite, you'll probably be wondering where you can get it. The best place is from your local computer Bulletin Board.
There are thousands of boards around the UK alone, and all have large stocks of the latest software. To access it you'll need a modem (about £100 or less second-hand) and then you can dial into the board and see what's on offer.
Changes are the board will also be part of the FidoNet or similar network, which means you can also use it to send electronic mail to other Amiga enthusiasts.
A modem can also be used to connect directly to the Internet through a Service Provider such as Demon. Once connected to the Net you can use tools such as FTP and the World Wide Web to visit sites like Aminet which contain almost all the freely distributable Amiga software ever written.
If you don't want to get on-line, the next best method to use is CD-ROM. You would have to be blind to miss the colossal number of CD-ROMs being advertised in Amiga Fermat alone (see page 112 for some CD reviews). Each CD can contain up to 600Mb of software, and all you need is a CD-ROM drive to access it.
With a few CD-ROMs you can completely replace a pile of several thousand floppy disks.
Finally, there is the old-fashioned way: just send off your money to a commercial library and get your disks back in a Jiffy bag a few days later.
Aminet AF tracked down Urban Mueller, the brains behind Aminet - the ultimate resource of Amiga software. Aminet is both an Internet site, and a collection of CD-ROMs and together form the definite freely distributable collection.
The unified source of all freely distributable (FD) software for the Amiga.
At least that’s what it’s trying to be, and I think we got quite close. There is no reason why one FD program should only be available in one place, while another is only available in a different place. Aminet is trying to give the same, complete. FD collection to everyone, no matter what access method he or she uses.
Technically, the backbone of Aminet Is a set of 30 UNIX computers worldwide on the Internet which get new files several times a day.
People can then use protocols like FTP or WWW (World Wide Web) to transfer the files from those computers (the mirrors) to their own Amigas. Many BBSs, mostly in Germany, offer Aminet files as well.
You wouldn't believe how puny it was in the beginning. When it was born in January 1992, all we had was an A3000UX donated by Commodore Switzerland, and SOMb of disk space. I was asked to take over FTP administration. My second goal was to bring all the scattered places with Amiga software together. There were at least a dozen Amiga sites, each with its own, unique collection. Finding stuff and checking for new releases was a pain.
Soon after I took over, the formerly largest FTP site closed down, and we got totally overrun by tons of people trying to access the archive all at the same time. Luckily, friends of mine who were in charge of other machines around the world were prepared to maintain a copy of our archive, so I wrote scripts for mirroring it.
Next the disk space started becoming a problem, we had could only keep files for few weeks. When I started a donation drive among the users of the archive, we had enough money for a 1.8Gb drive within a week. Half of the money was coming from the CD-ROM maker Walnut Creek, that's why the disk ended up that large.
With more and more mirrors, things were going nicely, until our University considered the extra traffic we created was too much and kicked us out. However, we found a new home on the American site wuarchive.wustl.edu, where I still do my daily work as a telecommuter.
From then on, Aminet expanded steadily to what you’re seeing today. 100 computers around the world with more than 50Gb of disk space (of which, by the way, much was paid for by the CD-ROM sales).
I currently do most of the file checking and I prepare the data for CD-ROM. Also, almost all the software behind the scenes (mirroring, index generation) is from me and needs to be maintained updated. But a lot of other people are involved, about 200 if you count all the BBS administrators. Their job is mostly to supervise the correct mirroring.
3,300 megabytes compressed in 20,000 archives. This is equivalent to about 7,000 floppy disks.
Hard to say. Aminet is available in many, many places, and only a few of them are under my control. With up to 1,000 different users a day at the main site alone, 10,000 users every day worldwide seems a realistic guess to me.
For the reasons given, I can’t say much about the number of users. I can, however, talk about the number of submissions. In that area, things look very bright. We’ve never had as much incoming traffic as we do now: More than 1,000 new archives a month.
III ce 5 ui IL 0£ IU o u Without them, the Amiga would be far worse off today. I am convinced that the wealth of freely distributable software is one of the things that keeps the Amiga alive and kicking. For no other system, PC and Mac included, is there such a huge collection of FD software.
If you want to write Shareware for the money: forget it. There are at most half a dozen Shareware programs on the Amiga that have paid their programmers a real salary. But if you program for fun, Shareware may be a way to get some money for the time you’ve invested. The bigger reward is. However, the gratitude of the many people all over the world who use your program. At least it was for me when I still had time to write Freeware.
I’m so busy administrating the many files (and. Currently, writing my thesis) that I hardly ever get around to try them out. Many people know more Aminet files than I do. Nevertheless I consider the following files some of the all-time greats (by directory): comm term term-maln.Uia - Feature packed terminal program dev c FreeDice-lba - A full-blown C compiler for low end machines diek cd-rom AmiCDBOM 1 lB.lha - 8uperior CD-BOM filesystem doca maga artl* Jba - Bi-weekly electronic msgssln.. game sboot DOalaga8B.Uia- Addictive apace Invaders valiant gfx fract MandAOOODcmo.lha - Stunning
real-time loom Mandelbrots mlec emu ShapeShlftS Ooha-An excellent shareware Mac emulator text edlt 0ED313 Jba - Full-blown deluxe text editor utU liba muiB3uar.lha - Great-looking user Interface library All of these programs rival or surpass their commercial equivalents. And there are lots more, all you have to do is browse yourself.
Every two months. I’ve conducted a huge survey among the users, and they favoured this rhythm over the quarterly one. The two-monthly CD still gives us at least 500Mb (when uncompressed) of new material per CD, and room for another 500Mb of non-Aminet material. The latter will be images, fonts or mods that I collect from various sources. Aminet CD 7, for example, has almost 10,000 clip art images. All of these get integrated into Aminet as well.
Starting with Aminet CD 3, I’ve been doing all the arrangement of data on the CD. Presenting a CD-ROM is surprisingly similar to presenting an archive. The golden rule is: I should do whatever I can, because otherwise each and every user has to do it on his own. That's why I create separate lists of new stuff (or the users have to find out what's new) and try to rate all mods, games and demos (or the users have to try them all). People seem to appreciate this.
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If you have a perfectly good Amiga, why would you want to turn it into an Apple Mac? Good question - the first reasons which come to mind are: (a) it's very clever to be able to get an entirely new computer almost for free and, (b) it really ticks off owners of "real" Macs. It turns out that nothing annoys a Mac-owner quite as much as a puny "games machine" like the Amiga, running Mac-software as an optional extra.
The other reasons are more difficult for die-hard Amiga-fans to swallow, but true nevertheless - application software.
More serious software is being developed for Macs than for the Amiga, and the results are clear to see; programs like QuarkXpress, Photoshop and NetScape are considerably better than their Amiga-counterparts. Of course, they cost a lot more too, but the point is that you can still buy them if you should want to.
Despite what you might think.
Apples also have an excellent user interface. It's certainly not as flexible as the Amiga Workbench (1 happen to like my Shell and more than one mouse- button), but after many years of development - an Apple was the first home computer to have a mouse after all - it is an undeniably robust and well- designed GUI. It's also actively being upgraded; something which the Amiga OS could do with urgently.
To understand how an emulator works, you need to peek under the plastic and into the underlying hardware-level to see how computers work at their most basic level. Inside an Amiga you will find a Motorola processor, connected to If you have a brilliant Amiga, why would you want to turn it into a Mac? John Kennedy looks at the pros and cons.
OS and applications) consists of instructions for the CPU to cany out.
And if both systems share the same code there is no need to translate instructions before they can be used - which would be true of a Pcemulation.
Input and output devices (keyboards, disk drives), memory and a neat collection of custom chips for shifting memory around and handling graphics and sounds. The core of the Workbench Operating System resides in a Read Only Memory (the Kickstart ROM) chip or chips and the rest is kept on disk.
The Apple Mac is very similar, in that it too has a Motorola processor, associated I O hardware and a ROM- and disk-based Operating System. What the Mac doesn't have is a very sophisticated custom graphics chipset - which means that there are no sprites or copper lists to worry about (and the Amiga's customs chips are the reason why you haven't heard of any Apple- or PC -based Amiga-emulators).
.As both machines share the same processor, this theoretically means that if you placed the Mac's ROM into the Amiga and supplied all the Operating System software, you would have a working Mac. The software (both the Of course, there are practical considerations; the screen-display needs to be relocated to the Amiga's hardware, the keyboard, mouse and disk drives need to be emulated - but given time and elfort it can all be done and made to work.
ShapeShifter is what happens when you set out to achieve this goal, and the results are pretty amazing. Right now 1 have a fully-working Mac running on a background-screen on my Amiga. When I do an Amiga-M, it looks and feels exactly like a Mac. It has its own hard drive which contains perfectly ordinary Mac-programs, which all work fine.
1 am able to run software which simply has not been written for the Continued overleaf 4 ALTERNATIVE MAC-EMULATORS Emplant also features sockets for ROMs (which makes getting the ROM image a lot easier) and is definitely the system to go for if you want to sneak an Amiga into a Mac-network without anyone noticing. It also works a lot faster if you don't have a graphics card to hand.
At the moment you have two alternatives if you want to run Mac-software. First of all, you could buy a Mac - either new or second-hand. Entry level, 68040-based Apples are surprisingly affordable; certainly cheap enough to make Escom's proposed Amiga-prices look dubious.
However, if you have already spent a lot of money upgrading your Amiga, the last thing you want to do is bin it and buy a new system. If you have a spare Zorro slot, then the Emplant card is what you need. Emplant is much more than simply a dongle for a software-based emulator, as it includes a serial port and options for both a local SCSI interface (for totally accurate emulation with scanners and so on) and an AppleTalk socket.
Emplant is available for £240 upwards from BlitterSoft (01908 261466)) and White Knight Technologies (01920 822321).
If you only need to read and write to Mac- formatted disks, you might be interested in CrossMac (distributed by HiSoft) or MaxDos2 (distributed by Premier Vision). Both allow the Amiga to access floppy or hard drives, or partitions which have been formatted by an Apple.
Amiga and probably never will be.
And at the same time I can multitask my existing Amiga-softtvare. Not only do I get a new computer and new software, but I don't lose a single feature which makes the Amiga- platform my system of choice.
In order to get Sh apeSh if In running on your Amiga, you'll need to fulfil a few basic hardware and software requirements. First of all. You will need to have a system with a 68020 processor or better, and at least 4Mb of memory - more is better. Workbench 2.01 is necessary, as is CrossDOS (included with this version of Workbench and better). A hard drive is not necessary, but very, very useful.
If you have an A4000 (or a rare A3000), then ShapeShifter will be able to read and write standard Mac high- density floppy disks. If you have an A1200 (or another .Amiga with standard double-density disks) you can still read Mac-disks, but obviously only standard-density ones. Being forced to use standard disks make everything every so slightly more tricky, but there are workarounds.
Assuming you have the Amiga- hardware. The next stage is to get the necessary Apple OS software and ROM.
Getting the software is relatively straightforward, as System 7.1 is available from Apple’s own FTP-site via the Internet. Getting the ROM. Or rather a ROM-image - a file containing the data held in the ROM - is rather more difficult.
Apple know that die ROM is the key to using their system and they guard its copyright jealously. I called a few- local Apple-dealers to ask about buying a spare ROM for my Apple LCIII. The first wanted to know why, then declared it was illegal and he would have nothing to do with it.
.Another was more helpful, but confirmed that getting a spare ROM is almost impossible - even if vour original Apple Mac ROM breaks down, you can only get it replaced.
DEVICES SUPPORT ShapeShifter is amazing in the amount of hardware it supports. The unregistered version allows the serial and parallel ports to be used, which means that you can use a modem (and so run MacTCP and NetScape) and a printer. You can also use files on Amiga hard disks. Standard Mac-sound is supported, so you can enjoy those lovely bleeps and quacks which Apple-fans love so much. Apparently, some Mac-software (especially games) pokes the sound hardware directly, but I tested several and all worked fine.
On the minus-side. ShapeShifter doesn't yet support AppleTalk, as this requires a high-speed serial connector, which simply cannot be emulated in software. However, support for network drivers is included - for example, if you have an Ethernet card installed in your Amiga (yeah, OK, that's not very likely) then, as long as you have a SANAII-compliant drive, this will work. For the sake of overboggle. I set up MacTCP to use the GG2 PC Card adaptor, driving a PC NE2000 card in my A4000 to link via FTP to another PC and it worked first time.
With the registered version of ShapeShifter you can use disk-partitions directly for more speed, but you can also make use of any SCSI interfaces fitted; the Squirrel, for example. In this way. You can use standard Mac-hardware - a Syquest 270Mb removable drive worked fine once termination was sorted out. By downloading suitable CD-ROM drives from Apple's FTP site. I was able to use the excellent Toshiba quadspeed drive as an Apple CD300 and even play QuickTime movies.
Other Mac-dealers may be more approachable, but at the moment it would seem that the only legal way of getting access to a ROM is to buy an Apple Mac yourself.
A few months ago. I was lucky enough to pick up a second-hand LCIII: and it would seem that only those who also already own an Apple Mac will be able to get any use from ShapeShifter.
Stricdy speaking. 1 can't even run my emulation and die LCIII simultaneously.
If you do have a Mac of your own.
ShapeShifter comes with a program which runs on die Mac and reads the ROM before making a file for you to copy to the .Amiga. If you have high- density disks, this is simple, otherwise you will have to either experiment with archiving software (LHA or UUENCODE are two possible paths), or use a modem or null-modern cable to transmit the file between systems.
ShapeShifter also requires a small program to be placed in the .Amiga’s s:startup-sequence file, but that should be all that is required (although some A1200s need additional fiddling).
Now, when you run the program, up will pop a window with various options to set and the emulation will start. Congratulations - you have a new Apple Mac to play with.
DISKS AND DISK-HANDLING .As mentioned, the Mac-emulation will make use of the floppy disks with no extra software required. It does this by making use of the CrossDOS system.
On "real" Macs, diere is no disk eject button, because the mechanism is under software-control. Drag the disk icon into the Trashcan and out it pops.
Obviously, the .Amiga can't quite handle this and. So. When you eject a disk, the drive-light goes out and sometimes a little flashing digit appears to remind you to pip the disk out.
Hard drives work a little differendv.
And you have three options. First of all.
You can create up to two "filedisks" on your Amiga-disks. These are large files (as large as you want the Mac's hard disk to be) which appear to the Amiga as just that - large files.
These can then be formatted by the Mac and treated as normal disks. You can install the Mac OS on them, boot the emulation from them and generally forget all about them. Having them as a single Amiga-file makes backing up the Mac quite simple.
I lowever. Disldiles are not the fastest - it's better if you give the Mac a real disk to play with. To do this, you will need to register your copy of ShapeShifter. ShapeShifter can now work a lot faster - much faster on my system since I let it use a partition on a SCSI2 device. The final option is to let it use a disk drive directly through a SCSI interface. Again, this requires a registered copy, but it is very useful for reading existing Mac-drives.
An exceptionally useful Amiga- utility is supplied, which mounts the Mac-partition as an Amiga-drive, so the Mac-drive appears on the Amiga Workbench and you can copy files to and from it.
Yes. It does work surprisingly well, although there are limitations. Like the Mto managed to tradt down tha author of th* Mac- emulator, Shapeshifter, Christian Bauar to Ms homo In Gamiany (not roally vary tUfflaitt. ConsMaring that wa hava Ms E-mall addrass) and withhold our ragistnrtion faa until ha answarad soma question*.
INTERVIEW WITH A SHAPESHIFTER PC, the Apple Mac has a "chunky" form of graphics which doesn’t use hitplanes like the Amiga.
The Amiga benefits from hitplanes in many ways - especially with games software - but converting between the systems is time-consuming. For this reason, displaying Mac-graphics on an Amiga can be very slow.
On most systems, you will have to stick to a two-colour emulation, or the lack of speed will be loo irritating; although, on an AGA screenmode, up to 250 colours are theoretically possible and up to 16 on older systems.
This is not as bad as it may sound, since a lot of Mac-software will work perfectly well in two colours. This mode also allows you to run the emulation in a window on the Amiga Workbench.
However, if you have a graphics card fitted to your system, you are in luck. All graphics cards (Picasso, Cybervision and so on) are themselves "chunky" and ShafteShifler will support them happily - especially if you have the third-party C.yberGFX system installed.
As a result, you can use Mac- software in 256 or more colours and speed is not affected. With a CyberVision card, fast, true colour- modes are promised. Using a I’icassoll card on my A4000 gives me an extremely nippy Mac-systein; far, far, far faster than my little I.CIII. Hut the speed of your new Mac depends on the processor fitted to your Amiga - a 68030-based miggy runs like* an I GUI, and a 68040 like a I.C475. or better. The speed of the hard drive fitted also makes a big difference.
If you want to experiment with Sliape.Shifler, yon should be able to find it in most PI) libraries, or directly from Aminet in the misc emu path. It costs 50 deuchmarks or 40 US dollars to register it. Which, compared to the price of a Mac, is pretty negligible.
Christian Bauer, the author of ShapeShifler, has a World Wide Web page at this address... http: www.uni-mainz.de --bauec002 ...and you'll find more links from the Future-Net Amiga Format pages, © What made you decide to write a Mac-emulator?
Just for fun. I only wanted to know what would happen if I loaded a Mac ROM into the Amiga and jumped to the beginning of it. I never intended to write an emulator at first, but the development turned out to be quite easy.
Are you an Amiga-fan or an Apple-fan7 An Amiga-fan. I don't like the Mac OS; it's too constrained. A PCI PowerMac would be a nice machine to have if there was a better Operating System for it.
How much work has gone into the emulator?
It started at the end of August 1993, but I didn't work constantly.
Have you had many registrations?
Yes, far more than I expected. I thought that perhaps a few dozen people would be interested in a Mac-emulator, but now I've got hundreds of registrations!
Where does ShapeShifter's name come from7 Remember the game "Archon"? It has a character called "Shapeshifter" that automatically converts into the icon it fights against. Names like "MacEmul", "AMac", "Mac4Amiga" etc. were sounding boring, so I picked this one.
Colour only really works if you have a graphics card, which rules out A 1200-owners.
Are you working on any way around this problem ?
No, unless ReadySoft give me their planar QuickDraw that they developed for AM AX FV.:-) What do you think of “the competition " i.e. the Emplant card? There has been a lot a talk on the networks about copyright infringements and so on.
AMAX and Emplant are overpriced. They both sell at prices you can get a complete, used, ‘real’ Mac for. And their only advantage are the LocalTalk ports.
Jim Drew has probably also realised this when he started that copyright infringement tiling. I don't imagine that the Emplant sells well these days.:-) Are there any other upgrades for Shapeshifter planned? One criticism I have heard is that Shapeshifter can't support scanners or Appletalk; how would you answer that?
EtherTalk has been reported to work and I will test it myself in a few days.
LocalTalk is only possible with special hardware. A friend of mine plans to develop a LocalTalk card for the AmigaCB. ShapeShifter’s SCSI routines will be completely rewritten for V3.1 and then it should support scanners and all kinds of fancy SCSI devices.
How would you answer those who say that Emplant is a more legal system, because you can buy and use Apple ROMS, rather than using what could be an illegally-obtained ROM image?
You can also do that with ShapeShifler. It's just that I don't provide a hardware to plug them in.
Has anyone from Apple been in touch with you regarding ShapeShifter? Or Escom for that matter?
Yes, but the talks are going on. I can't say anything at the moment.
Have you got any other interesting Amiga-programs planned?
"Frodo-II", the single-cycle version of my C64 emulator. Apart from requiring a 68060 to run at decent speed, it will display all D011 and D016 effects, it will be DEOO-compalible (even execute code in the colour RAM) and emulate speedloaders (I hope). This is going to be the best C64 emulator on any platform, concerning the quality of the emulation. Only a SPICE simulation would be more accurate.:-) AMIGANUTS 30 Hartington Road, Southampton S014 OEW ATTENTION ALL AMOS USERS The AMOS AGA Extension is now available from Amiganuts.
Order it from us directly and receive Amos Dialog Procedures FREE OF CHARGE!!!
Email: amiganuts@aladdin.co.uk 01703 348943 ASK FOR JOE ENHANCED GAJUIING » OCTOBER 1995 We're Taking Too Many Hits paste and copy from any other form of media known to man, manipulate the results, incorporate them into a game and then put them directly, or indeed indirectly, under the control of the gamer.
Consider the tricks used by the sound departments of radio, cinema How often has an element of an Amiga- game really pissed you off? How often have you wanted to change one small detail, knowing that, for you at least, it would make a load of difference in the entertainment-stakes? How often have you switched a game off, knowing that you've played it to its mechanical limits and that it no longer holds any appeal or entertainment-value for you?
Quite a lot, I’d imagine. We play hundreds of Amiga-games and it happens to us all the time.
Computer video-games are somewhat pompously known as interactive entertainment. But just how interactive is all of this interactivity?
Certainly not as interactively interactive as you might think.
Ideally, interactivity should take a multitude of elements into account and skillfully blend them into an enjoyable holistic experience for the gamer; thrust them into an experience so encompassing that the gaming 'Holy Grail' of sleep-denying, thought- obsessing, dream-possessing, enthralling addiction applies.
The beauty of computer games is that they can beg, borrow, steal, cut.
The beauty of computer games is that they can beg, borrow, steal, cut, paste and copy from any other form of media known to man.
DON'T YOU JUST LOVE BEING IN CONTROL Don't get me wrong, though, I'd still rather play Sensi on the Amiga with a Cheetah Bug than on the SNES with a joypad.
It's just that I would have liked the choice of whether to use a one-button joystick or not. Some games are worth the extra investment of a joypad or CD” controller.
Use of several buttons in certain games means that the gamer need never be distracted with trifling details, such as hitting the space bar to activate maps, smart bombs, change weapons, etc Now it's just a matter of feeling the way with the thumb and pressing the requisite button or shoulder button. An action which quickly becomes intuitive with a bit of extended play.
Far too many softies have made the mistake, and are still making the mistake, of writing games for a one-button joystick only, despite the fact that the Amiga is more than capable of reading every button on the CD” controller; even the old A500.
Purists argue that a good game doesn't need to use more than one button on the stick. They'll point to Sensi and ask how an intuitive control- system like that can be improved upon. It's a relatively convincing argument.
But if you look at Sensi on the SNES or the MegaDrive and see how easy it is to execute a big 'hoof up the field by pressing a button, rather than the semi-intricate manoeuvre demanded by Amiga Sensi, then the argument falls flat on its face.
And television studios. Carefully placed sound-effects, or musical riffs evoke dormant emotions in the listener viewer participant. They can induce fear, joy, sadness, euphoria, etc. While on its own, sound is never able to make a great creation, it can still enhance and synergise the creation.
WE RE TAKING TOO MANY HITS - REACTIVE SOUND To prevent any possible confusion, by reactive sound we don't mean normal “cause-and-effect'' sounds.
The type of sound where, for example, a spaceship fires a missile and kills a monster; in this instance the sound of the missile is heard, the sound it makes on impact is heard and the sound the monster makes when it dies is heard.
This type of SFX-chain is expected of every game, be it football, driving, beat-'em-up, or whatever.
No. By reactive sound we mean emotionally enhancing, rewarding or warning sounds that make full use of the Amiga's stereo to provide aural cues and provide encouragement, or a sense of foreboding.
At its simplest, SensiSoccer provides the gamer with all of the above elements. When a goal is scored the adulation of the crowd tells the player they’ve done well. If there's a near miss, the crowd shouts outjust what was felt at the time: Ooooohhhhh.
And, if the game slows down and becomes a midfield battle, chanting, singing and drumming of drums takes up the slack and maintains a mild feeling of excitement. In all, more of an enthralling experience than the barren kick and thud, or wallpaper-crowd sounds of other football games.
Check out our top-five reactive sound games in die box on the right.
Of course, overdone in a computer game, these sounds would very quickly become tiresome and dreadfully irritating. But carefully rationed and cleverly sequenced, they provide a sub-reward for performing well in the game-theatre.
Continued overleaf •* X3
1) Death Mask J pnzh3 Osi'dij Come In, Over.
J hink Mfe Lost Him, Sir.
Music, sound FX and speech that relates to, hints at, and reacts to the ongoing, onscreen action, not only provide atmosphere, but makes games more enthralling.
Copying heavily from schlock-movies, where a bunch of all-American kids find themselves in the middle of the woods, or in the outback of the middle of beyond, being chased by a mad deranged psychopathic - insert weapon of your choice - murderer.
All the elements for spookiness and sudden fright are here; howling wind, grungy crunch sounds, overly loud footsteps, echo from the guns when fired, drum cracks at appropriate moments, an eerie short silence when the weapons stop firing, water dripping in the background and riffs that could have been lifted straight out of a John Carpenter movie.
A tremendous testament to the power of properly used sound. DeathMask demands to be routed through a Hi-Fi (remember to connect left and right sockets to left and right sockets, otherwise the footsteps won't sound right) against another person with the lights turned down and the volume up high.
The sound turns it into more than a contest it turns it into a matter of life and death. And that's terrifying.
2) Jurassic Park Out before Death Mask, the tunnel sequences in
Jurassic Park are genuinely scary - for a while at least. The
gamer finds themselves traipsing through corridor after
darkened corridor on a search to find various objects and
restore power to the complex.
Unfortunately for the searching party, there are Velociraptors loose in the corridors and the closer you get to them, or they get to you, the more the music cues you. But, again, SEEK AND DESTROY: “Mayday, mayday, we're going ROADKILL: Proves that nothing beats rock 'n' roll SENSIBLE SOCCER: Eric Cantona doing what he down" radios the co-pilot before a crash. Riffs for that extra surge in a violent racing-game. Does best. The crowd had better be careful, though.
At your throat your heart has already twisted in a helical coil and feels so tight you could hit a perfect drum note on it The tension released when you eventually shoot one is immense and probably quite embarrassing for anyone who doesn't know what you're doing.
3) Seek and Destroy In the realm of sub-rewards for good play,
positive feedback for state of your craft and all-round
bloodthirstiness, few games can compete with Seek and
Destroy's select samples: Take Him Out Overkill, Yeah, Damage
Critical, Finish him off. Mayday, mayday, we're going down.
Catch this. Touch-down, Apache One return to base. Mission
complete. Let's get outta here. Apache One, are you out there?
Sshhhttaatic, I think we lost him. Sir. Apache One come in over, I can't get a reply. Sir.
Each of the above samples is carried out with aplomb deserving of any American war movie set in Vietnam. When the proficiency to fly straight at a nest of six, mobile, ground-to- air missile launchers and take them out is achieved, you truly feel that you've deserved the "Overkill" adulation, or even the loudly barked jubilant, "Yeah!". In all, it hypes the excitement level, keeps the players on their toes and provides a feeling of achievement against a pretty tough game.
4) RoadKill Similar to Seek and Destroy in the sound- department
RoadKill dispenses with usual run-of-the-mill sounds, usually
associated with driving games.
ENHANCED GAMING OCTOBER 1995 Sure, all of the expected sounds, such as engine revving, tyre screeching and collision impacting are here. But RoadKill travels far beyond that.
After killing four opponents, a growling voice similar to the show-host of The Running Man growls: "Get the jackpot" and one more kill gives you the jackpot. Assuming you get the jackpot the voice intervenes: "Get the Super Jackpot". One more kill achieves this, then a rock 'n' roll rift verging on cliche, bursts in and you feel good; the Mad-ish Max of the Amiga top-down racing circuit.
And finally, for the truly bloodthirsty in a road fight there's: "Take his life" and "Destroy Him" after an encounter which hasn't quite killed off an opponent. Let's hope Vision come up with more Amiga-games that use these techniques and provide an editor so that users can create their own samples.
5) Sensible Soccer One of the first games to make sensible use of
reactive sound. Rather than continually repeating the same
samples all the time, Sensi- Soccer loads crowd-chants, etc.
in blocks.
SWOS originally promised football-chants from different crowds around the world, but due to lack of disk space and looming deadline dates, it never materialised. Who knows, some enterprising young company might just take it upon themselves to earn a licence from Sensible to do so. It would make a lot of difference to me personally to be able to load in "Hello, Hello, we are the Killie boys".
As it stands, Sensi is good, but it could be much better in the sound-department.
¦ The reward of completing a level or finishing first in a race simply doesn't cut the mustard any more.
Attention to detail and small touches, like sound-rewards, enhance the experience and ensure longevity and enjoyment in any game.
Just imagine scoring a goal in Sensi and being greeted with stony silence.
Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?
Neither does the thought of being stuck with one control-method that isn't any use. Yet it happens time and time again.
One of the main complaints aimed al the original Lotus Turbo Challenge was the use of Forward on the joystick to accelerate (similar complaints have been made about Jump on platform games, but we'll not go into that here).
NO PAIN, NO GAIN Prolonged use of Forward to accelerate can result in a mild form of Repeated Strain Injury (RSI) .
After a while, if you are unlucky, this can result in excruciating agony, ranging from wrist and finger pain, to inflammation of the arm and an inability to play the game for an indefinite period of time, lasting from several.minutes, to several days.
Gremlin fixed this with the release of Lotus 2. Now the choice of die Fire button or Forward on the joystick to accelerate was opened up.
The only pain expected now from extended play was a mildly sore thumb or trigger-finger.
This simple, easy-to-implement software-mechanic had the potential to set a trend, but sadly it's been all but ignored. The most recent culprit in the Forward-to-accelerate crime-stakes is FI World Championship Edition from Domark. Shame, shame, shame!
Also ignored in many games is the ability of the Amiga to read joysticks and joypads with multiple buttons, such as CD82 controllers, megadrive joypads.
And the new and highly effective Technoplus Joypad.
Check out the big box entitled “Power is Nothing Without Control" to give you an idea of the potential of a properly used CD82 controller.
So what's to be done and who's to blame? Everybody really. Game designers, programmers, reviewers and gamers themselves. The Amiga has so many under-exploited features as it stands, it's surprising nobody's been shot yet for gaming-negligence.
We'll be taking a look at other elements that can improve games, such as customisation and alternative control-methods next month.
Let us know if you agree, disagree, or couldn’t care less about what's been said here.
We'll incorporate your feedback into the next feature and, rest assured, we'll pass on your feelings to game- developers and report on what they had to say for themselves. 'Zf Which buttons do you press to take control of the game?
'’1 " ’ ' gamer remains cool and in charge. Some day, all
* * * l: “ shoot-’em-ups will use the CD31 controller this way.
' ." M. % 3) GLOOM f I Shoulder Buttons = Side-step to the left or right
* j May not seem like extended use of the controller t • tV". '
at all. But without the shoulder buttons, the alt- f r , _
Important side-step Is awkward and more than slightly
intrusive to pull off. Strategic use of the k side-step can
help immeasurably when facing a ’ , corridor packed full of
aggressive skinheads.
GUARDIAN: Quito probably the most ergonomic soldiers and monsters.
Control-system ever seen this side of the galaxy.
With a CD33 pad. Shoulder Buttons = Thrust and Reverse L p ap Red Button * Fire " Green Button = Flip Craft Yellow Button e Smart Bomb * 4 ill l hf Mh i i i Blue Button * Launch Missile ,. '!!!!! !
Pause Button = Options Screen f r r , i, ¦ i I I Jr I I i Defender translated into a 3D-environment.
Guardian is more taxing, but lass complex, to play than normal games due to the intelligent use of the controls. It takes longer than normal to become completely comfortable with the numerous buttons, but when you do. The aliens had better watch out.
4) SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 Shoulder Button Left = Fierce Punch
Shoulder Button Right = Roundhouse Green Button = Jab Yellow
Button i Strong Punch Red Button * Short Kick Blue Button
Forward Kick Capturing the playability of the original version
would have been impossible without the CD* controller. Street
Fighter! On the Amiga tried to get round this by making the
combos and special moves ’context sensitive'. It didn’t work
very well.
SEEK AND DESTROY: A control-system so intuitive that even deaf, dumb and blind kids could use it
2) SEEK AND DESTROY With a CD32 controller.
Shoulder Buttons a Cycle Through weapons Red Button = Fire Green Button = Map Yellow Button Auto Zoom on scanner Blue Button » Land Take Off WEMBLEY INTERNATIONAL SOCCER: Seems like heresy, but Sensi could be better with a system like this.
5) WEMBLEY INTERNATIONAL SOCCER Shoulder Buttons = Speed up
deadball situations, Replays Red Button * Shooting, Tackling,
Heading Blue Button = 'Ping Passing' (accurate passing) Green
Button = Choose player to be passed to Yellow Button • Change
View from Top Down to Side On Wembley is a far smoother game
when played with a CD33 controller. Trying to do a 'Ping
Passing' with a one-button stick Is nigh on impossible.
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PE 054 ARTISTIX Superb art package for kids. Recommended!
WORD FACTORY " Brilliant spelling program CHESS TUTOR Working demo of good chess tutor GCSE MATHS Several lesson's and questions KIDS DISK 6 Includes Shop' a good money counting game ALGEBRA & TRIGONOMETRY For 12s and over 10 OUT OF 10 MATHS Brill demo of the commercial packs SPELLTRIS (nl.3) Educational Tetris Game PE 110 1 STAR TREK GUIDE Hyperbook Trek info(2) PE 112 3 TC SPACETRAVEL Demo of Space Travel info program(2) PE 116 7 PHOTO TECHNIQUES Great photo manual. Good llps(2 PE 120 WORLD ALMANAC Super A to Z of countries around the globe PB 002 3 ANALYTICAL Superspreadshcet(2) PB 015
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facts CLF. 03 T.C. SOLAR SYSTEM Great pics & facts CLE 05 ACHORD Popular guitar chord tutor CLE46 BASIC HUMAN ANATOMY Info, pics CLE 47 SEA SENSE Rules of the sea. Useful info CLE 52 TELL THE TIME Time tutor for kids CLE 58 T.C. STARS & GALAXIES Info & pics CLE 62 MASSAGE & AROMATHERAPY CLE 68 AMIGA PRO TAROT Tarot tutor UTILITIES CLU03 TYPING TUTOR Very popular tutor!
CLU04 ALPHAGRAPH Super graph producer CLU 10 POWER ACCOUNTS Nice bank account CLU3I FLOWCHARTER Makes flow charts CLU 36 ILINOIS PRO LABELS Super label maker CLU 39 HARD DRIVE MENU 2 Improved GAMES CLG 08 DRAGON TILES Brill Shanghai game CLG 28 TIME RII-T 700 screen, scrolling platform CLG 38 QUINGO Good pub quiz machine CLG 40 T.R.A.X One of the best fruit machines!
CLG 48 THE LOST PRINCE Point & click adv.
CLG 60 WIZZ2 Platform game designer!
CLG 61 WORLD CUP MANAGER Good man. Sim CLG 64 MAHJONG & PLUM IT Two classics!
CLG 66 FRONTIER DEFENDER Like SlarWars CLG 68 WITNESS Stunning Defender clone CLG 70 WINNING POST Horse racing game mllcrtinn nl ntr*minm iintilitv nrm*r:ime heller pay.
£4.95 £5.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £5.95 £5.95 £5.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £4.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £4.95 £3.95 £5.95 £4.95 £3.95 £3.95 £4.95 ...and first time advertised PB07I Gas Trick Work out your gas bill PI! 072 Spondulix Mk5 (NI.3) Nice home finance program PI) 303 Omen Demo (AGA) Excellent new demo PG 551 Therapist You're the patient. Amiga's the doc!
PG 602 Master Blaster New Dynablaster clone PG 604 6 Card (James Deluxe! AGA) 3 disks Video Poker and Blackjack from Reko Production. Load your Klondyko cards into this too PG 607 SpringtimeDownward view puzzle. Game of the month PG 609 Carnage Multiplayer Shoot cm up PG 610 Fears 2 Fab Doom clone, everyones talking about PG 611 War of the Worlds A 3D virtual reality game PG 612 Nicky 2 Colourful platform. Its good! A must for fans PG 613 Joust A version of Ihe old arcade game PS 201 Mosaic AGA Slide Super hand drawn pictures PT 175 SoundBox Like Sound Machine PU 739 Car Data Analyst Programs
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PU 768 Texture Studio vl.02 Textures for use in Imagine?
Pl! 769 71 Magic Eye Produce your own Stereograms!(3) PU 773 Magic Drive Creates a disk drive in RAM Pl! 774 AutoSteriogram v4b Updated PU661. Demo PS 205 Fork Tongue Sepia slides of indians (cowboys) PS 206 UFO (2mh chip) Chainsaw Slippers returns! Wacky PT 177 LOOM (Demo-4mb minlNew way to compose music I mallv. Ixxvkson a disk. More av ailable inc all Shakespear's works LIT 28 Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Is. Jekyll&Hyde LIT 29 The Secret Garden plus Fialland and Saracrewe The best selection of PI) games ever assembled Here is our top 20 list of the very best.
PLEASE NOTE: The odd game will not work on certain Amigas ASI 3 Megaball (great Breakout) & Drip AS1 14 China Challenge. Columns ASI 26 Superpacman, SniashTV ASI 27 Assorted card games ASI 36 Wood'land. Donkey Kong ASI 41 Pacman, Hell one ASI 46 Checkers, Ouch!. City. Amiga Q ASI 60 PipeMaster. Hunter, Chinese Checkers ASI 65 Paranoids. Chess. Word Puzzles ASI 70 Wangle & the best Tetris ASI 71 Numerix, Battleships ASI 89 .Megahall 2.1. Cluedo ASI 90 Starians, Flashbier, Minef ield ASI 96 Dungeon Flipper. Backgammon ASI 113 Trek trivia. Popevc ASI 151 Krillian. Caffeine. (Brill SEUs) ASI 158
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Indulge your ToUctonetque fantasies wfth Audiogenic's Odyssoy.
Fast, frolicsome, RPG-arcade fun.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY THERE'S A LIGHT... IN PREVIEWS THIS MONTH ARE... H 'The darkest hour is just before dawn," someone wrote prophetically about something not particularly well- specified over a hundred years ago.
They might not have had the troubles of the Amiga in mind, but the proverb is still more than relevant considering the present plight of the Amiga-market With the advent of games like Gloom and this month's new release. Fears, the dawn of a new age of Amiga-gaming is almost with us. Unlike other game-systems, where game-concepts are decided by committee and budgeted for with global marketing and hundreds of thousands of developing dollars in mind, Amiga-programming houses, such as Acid, Vision, Graftgold, Black Magic and Bomb, pay more attention to pushing the Amiga's envelope in terms of
entertainment gameplay, and innovation.
It's hardly surprising that most of the best games on the videogame market at the moment are for the Amiga. Bear in mind that when I say this, I currently have access to everything that's out there for every other system. So far. I've still to be as impressed in value-terms as I was with Fears.
Steve McGill Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games. We try to ensure we keep you as up-to- date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
TOTAL FOOTBALL page 3 Find out how our suggestion for Total Football has been taken to heart by Domark's in-house team of programmers and is going to be implemented in the full game. Also UridiumZ AGA and Umbo of the Lost.
GLOOM: Dominating the CD52 and A1200 charts.
REVIEWS VULCAN SOFTWARE LIMITED IS PROUD TO PRESENT AN EXPANDING MAIL ORDER EXCLUSIVE RANGE OF AMIGA GAMES AT INCREDIBLY LOW PRICES AmiC'A V6RSIOI1 £12.99 Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House. 72 Queens Road. Buckland. Portsmouth Hants, P02 7NA Tel: (01705)670269 Fax: (01705) 662226 Please semi a copy of TimEHEEPERS ¦ the Amiga to: Mr Mrs Miss. Ms ... Address . .Post
Code ..... enclose a CHEQUE: POSTAL ORDER for tlw value of £ 1 2.99 Please make payable to: I 't lean Software Limited.
Please charge my ACCESS MASTERCARD VISA with £ 1 2.99 Credit Card Sumber: Telephone ... Expire date .. Signature ...,.... Send your completed order form and payment to: Vulcan Software Limited, Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road. Buckland. Portsmouth. Hants P02 7NA The "it c • tl 2 W nit hides 1 tl and arriai’c within tlw ( K Sttiinland Orders will he sent within run days d receipt and subject In stock availability. Our Ref.: TIM I To actively seek and propagate insider
information on the top Amiga. A task Steve McGill took to with relish.
Here's how he got on... Previews TOTAL FOOTBALL 1Mb Amigas ¦ Domark 0181 780 2222 Domark must have realised that no one has yet produced a completely satisfying, isometric footie game on the Amiga.
FIFA International Soccer for example is a game with its own mind that very occasionally lets the players feel as if they're in control of what they're doing.
Manchester United: The Double felt too much like soccer-game pinball with all the good bits of Kick Off 2 taken out of it for good measure. It was too speedy and clumsy to be anything other than a candidate for the Vauxhall Conference, but definitely more comfortable in the Diadora League.
The version of Total Football shown to us in the Format office was a pre-production. Megadrive version, but if this version bears any reflection on the completed Amiga-game, start putting some money aside now for its imminent release in October.
It uses less frames of animation for the players than FIFA, but this is a godsend due to the speed-up in the flow of the game and the controllability of the players.
Two minutes after picking up a joypad and playing Nick Veitch, we soon became highly competitive, completely ignoring the control- system because it wasn't obstructing our ability to proceed with the playing or scoring of goals.
There are several different kicking, passing and tackling options, and, no doubt, if Nick and myself had all day to practice, we'd have been impressing everyone with our newly found skills.
On the cosmetic side of things, there are some nice little touches. For example, after scoring a goal, numerous options open to the player in the way of celebration. And if the scorer of the goal wants to, he can prolong the festivities to deliberately rile his opponent; rubbing salt into the wounds so to speak.
Now, Amiga-owners will be able to use separate buttons for long kicks, short passes, shots and the all- important celebration steps (see our We're Taking Too Many Flits feature, starting on page 29). Don't say we don't care about you. We do.
As such, Total Football looks as if it could be a surprise smash. More details on the structure of leagues, teams, formations etc will be forthcoming as and when we receive the completed reviewable version.
Stop Press - Exclusive to Amiga Format.
Although no plans were made in the original specification of the Amiga version of Total Football to make use of CD32 controllers and or console joypads, a quick chat with Darren Anderson, Project Manager (still waiting on hard details of title) of Domark's in-house programming team, rectified the problem.
LIMBO OF THE LOST 1Mb Amigas ¦ Rasputin Software 01689 850770 The mystery of the Marie Celeste is the basic inspiration for erstwhile graphic adventure Umbo of the Lost from Rasputin.
The player takes the part of Captain Benjamin S. Briggs unseen adviser. Briggs has unwittingly been thrust into Limbo along with his hapless crew. Obviously, being a God-fearingly, righteous, pious type, & OCTOBER 1995 SCREEN PLAY all-time, 8-bit classic Uridium. Who needs pop-music when you've got top-game entertainment like this, queried Marcus.
He then proceeded to wax lyrical in an almost fawningly manner about the inspired genius behind the 16-bit Amiga sequel to Uridium, the imaginatively named Uridium 2.
The final score awarded by Marcus was an almost ecstatic 94% and an outstanding Amiga Format Gold. But that was for the non-AGA version. The AGA version was never released due to some legal shenanigans (shenanigans we won't go into here) between Graftgold and their publisher.
So why am I telling you this?
Simple really - with many software publishers and developers unwilling to begin developing Amiga-wares from scratch, it makes sense that someone should pick the title up and release it into the Amiga-market at large.
A1200-owners deserve the chance to try their hand at this fantastic game. Check out the feature on page 29 to find out about some of the nice little touches and attention to detail that's been spent on this shoot-'em-ups' shoot-'em-up and see if you agree.
URIDIUM 2: This is the sub-game which quickly becomes annoying if using a mouse.
URIDIUM 2: With three different control options, everyone can play Uridium 2 AGA.
he has to save the trapped souls of his crew and return them to the 'Land of the Living'.
More importantly, he also has to do battle with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They've stolen God's Book of Creation and it's Briggs' job to retrieve said book.
To complicate matters, one of Briggs' crew managed to tear a leaf out of this book, which means that the Horsemen's diabolical plan to destroy the World cannot proceed. It also means that the Horsemen are actively searching out Briggs.
Your job is to advise Briggs on the courses of action he should take to solve various puzzles and fulfil certain tasks. Briggs usually agrees with what you do, but sometimes he doesn’t.
From what we've seen so far, Limbo of the Lost looks promising (-ish). Considering that the preview- version came on sixteen disks, don't be surprised if the game takes over a year of game-playing time to complete.
URIDIUM 2 AGA A1200 Version Graftgold Tel: 01376 500275 In issue 53 of Format, ex-editor Marcus Dyson accused Andy Braybrook of single-handedly destroying pop-music.
He pointed to his past record of classic Amiga-hits, such as Rainbow Islands. Fire and Ice and A division of SOFTWARE PLUS Britain’s largest independent specialist retailer of computer games.
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Please state make and model of computer when ordering. Some titles may not be released at time of going lo press.
We supply only official UK product. Formats supported include Amiga, PC, ST, Master System, Megadrive and Game Gear, All prices sub)ect to change without notice. All hems subject to availability. ESOE.
ProoF oF ogo required Wo do not condone or roll hord core illicit motoriol- SPECIALS ROADKILL ..A1200 £11.99 BATTLE ISLE 93 AMIGA ......£12.99 COMBAT CLASSICS 2 AMIGA ......£11.99 DAWN PATROL ...AMIGA ......£13.99 PREMIER MANAGER 3 ..AMIGA ..£9.99 SPECIAL OFFER Toevut Science 1 Rowlandson Close, Ij icester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Telephone 0116 234 0682 Fax. 0116 236 4932 2 ev* yizss ev&uf widest BCI NET 1 and 2 Both BCI Net 1 and 2 FREE with every order,
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installed lo your hard di*A.
(her 250 meg* of support filo for the Oc tamed package luvc been included. Ttutlc up from modules, samples, midi files and utilities full documentation included In addition a full MnliCrafl collection of Midi A MusicX file* samples, nu«dule iuional.% and utilities The graphics side of the collection is well entered for with 51)0 24 Bit images geared Omanis backgrounds, lectures and general interest subiccts. Conversion* to 16. 256 At HamScolour palettes, where appropriate. Over 140 megs of Imagine trbiccts. 50 megs of Lightwave ohjccts and vmitms in DXP forinut for PC following on the
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Buy Both for £ 39.99 Saving £ 20jOO and still get BCI Net 1 & 2 FREE CDPD IV ( 14.95 Iksklop Vjdeo C 1199 ACCESS X VISA Welcome SCREEN PLAY OCTOBER 1995 The charts are copyright ELSPA.
Top-10 CD32 1 Gloom FG90% Black Magic 2 Lemmings 75% Psygnosis 3 Subwar 2050 83% Microprose 4 Microcosm 87% Psygnosis 5 SuperPutty 80% System 3 6 D-Generation 65% Mindscape 7 PGA European Tour 83% Ocean 8 Rise of the Robots 18% Mirage Time Warner 9 lungle Strike 87% Ocean 10 UFO:Enemy Unknown Microprose FG90% 1 Gloom FG90% Black Magic 2 Ultimate Soccer Manager 84% Impressions 3 Sim City 2000 FG90% Maxis 4 UFO: Enemy Unknown FG90% Microprose 5 Super Streetfighter 2 88% US Gold 6 Tower of Souls 44% Black Legend 7 Football Glory 80% Black Legend 8 Roadkill 80% Vision 9 Rise of the Robots 18%
Mirage Time Warner 10 Guardian 88% Acid Software The Top Games 1 (-) Player Manager 2 (Anco Virgin) 81% 2 (-) Sensible Golf (Sensible Virgin) ..81% 3(1) Colonization (Microprose) ....FG95% 4 (2) Ultimate Soccer Manager (Impressions) ..84% 5 (3) Premier Manager 3 (Gremlin Interactive) 85 % 6 (5) Sensible World of Soccer (Renegade) .FG95% 7 (7) Skidmarks (Acid
Software) ...FG90% 8 (10) PGA European Tour (Ocean) ....83% 9 (4) Super Skidmarks (Acid Software) .FG92% 10 (9) Jungle Strike (Ocean) ..87% 11 (8) Fifa International Soccer (Electronic Arts) 79% 12 (6).....Theme Park (Bullfrog) .....FG91% 13 (13) UFO: Enemy Unknown (MicroProse) ....FG90% 14 (12) Kick Off 3
(Anco) ......75% 15 (16) Tactical Manager (Black Legend) ...78% 16 (15) Rise of the Robots (Mirage Time Warner) .18% 17 (19) Tactical Manager 2 (Black Legend) 55% 18 (14) Cannon Fodder 2 (Virgin) ....FG90% 19 (20) Frontier: Elite 2 (Gametek) .....83% 20 (11) Man UTD The Double (Krisalis) .....59% Gloom does the AGA-double with a
simultaneous number one in both the A1200 chart and the CD32 chart. We gave it a Format Gold. Coincidence, or magic?
Audiogenic (Not reviewed) 2 Super Methane Brothers 82% Guildhall 3 Mortal Kombat 74% Virgin 4 Indiana Tones: Atlantis FG90% KixxXL 5 Cytron 70% Psygnosis 6 World Class Rugby 64% Audiogenic 7 Shadow Fighter 89% Gremlin Interactive 8 Kingpin 67% Team 17 9 PGA Tour Golf Plus 83% Hit Squad 10 Monkey Island 2 FG95% Kixx THIS MONTH'S FULL-PRICE TOP-20 Top-10 Budget 1 Brian Lara’s Cricket Top-10 A1200 NEW INTERNET BOOKS from INTERNATIONAL THOMSON COMPUTER PRESS and O’REILLY AND ASSOCIATES New from O 'Reilly & Associates WebSite WebSite, a new server software package for NT 3.5 and Windows 95 users,
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For further information, please contact Eileen.Biggane@ITPUK.co.UK. h t mistily INTERNET Liu et al Managing Internet Information Sendees 1 -56592-062-7 £21.95 Ford Spinning the Web 1 -850-32141 -8 £ 19.95 Till WllOI.I INTERNET Krol The Whole Internet Users Guide and Catalog 2e I -56592-063-5 £ 18.50 Garfinkel PGP: Pretty Good Privacy 1 -56592-098-8 £ 18.50 Sluman CompuServe for Europe 1 -850-32121 -3 £ 19.95 Other books of interest Flynn The WorldWideWeb Handbook I -8532-205-8 £24.95 Lamb Using Email Effectively 1 -56592-103-8 X10.95 Harrison The USENET Handbook 1 -56592-101 -1 £ 18.50
Talbott The Future Does Not Compute I -56592-085-6 £ 16.95 7 7 THOMSON PUBLISHING THOMSON PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL THOMSON PUBLISHING Berkshire House, 168-173 High Holborn, London WC1V 7AA Tel: 0171 497 1422 Fax: 0171 497 1426 "Fears is truly a torchbearer, leader, inspiration and call-to-arms for legions of Amiga-gamers." Steve McGill goes all euphoric over this Doom-clone.
$ Fears captures just about everything that's good about computer gaming and absolutely everything that's great about the Amiga-scene in general.
For it truly is a torchbearer, leader, inspiration and call-to-arms for legions of Amiga- gamers, coders, artists and game publishers - past, present and future.
It pushes the standard A1200 to its limits. Take the following as an example of what Fears manages: realtime, full-screen texture mapping, optional dithering of the textures, resizing of the windows, use of the CD32 controller and that all-important 'shoot-your-friends' link-option.
So what? Who cares about technical innovations and tricks if they don't boost a game in the entertainment, longevity and value-for- money stakes? Happily, Fears is more than entertaining, offers 30 tough levels of monster-saturated mayhem and includes an editor to let the gamers create their own, completely individual custom levels (check out the boxout on page 47).
The aim of Fears is simple.
Explore an encapsulated dungeon tower, wipe out any monsters found there, collect treasures and weapons, seek out secret doors, find the exit and then do the same thing over again, while accumulating a large score.
Fiendish layout While maybe a bit too simplistic for the most demanding of gamers - a plotline with internal dynamics driving the action would have been excellent - I still found Fears to be lots of fun to play for many reasons The first of these concerned the design of the levels. Unlike Gloom, with its ground-floor-only policy and no-save option after completion of levels, the standard layout in Fears quickly becomes fiendish; whole floors can be elevated to other levels at the trip of a switch.
Some doors refuse to be opened by the standard method of bashing the spacebar, they have to be tripped from somewhere else on the level - a trip that's usually protected by all manner of nasties. Staircases make an appearance also. Every level's got at least one staircase and usually more.
Though completely and utterly welcome, in certain instances the staircases can lead to problems that quickly become infuriating There's no option to look up or down; it's straightahead only. This rooms before descending into them, inhabitants can pick you off before you even get a chance to see who's firing at you, let alone return fire.
The only cue available is that of the incoming fire itself. Considering that seven or eight hits can more or less polish you off, it seems a tad unfair to use this particular mechanic to extend play-time. Even with a cheat-button that let me restore ammo and health to full whack, I still found it hard to make any headway on certain levels. Luckily, there are two difficulty settings to even things out.
It's the pits While on the subject of aggressive frustration, though, one of the features of enormous contention is that of the lava pits. Fall into one of Bottom: That controversial lava pit in full glory. In two ticks you’ll be dead.
¦ The standard layout in Fears quickly becomes fiendish.
IT S NOT THE SIZE THAT COUNTS One of the beauties of Fears is the number of options for setting the size, shape and look of the environment While the full complement of textures with a full-sized window and dithering on is probably best left to accelerated machines, users are left to make up their own minds Here's what you can do: window is probably the best compromise between visibility and velocity GENTLEMEN, CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS Weapons are invariably hidden around the complexes.
They use different ammo and dish out varying levels of damage. Here they are, in all their pacifying glory: am Shotgun The weapon you start off with. You tend to feel safer with weapons with a bit more clout The largest of the windows runs at a more than reasonable speed with a standard processor.
Machine Gun -Oeed meaty machine gun sound. Falls silent too quickly when you stop firing.
Cholnsew Clot* quarters combat weapon. Inflicts heavy damage on anything willing or unwilling to tangle with H. Plasma Gun - Impressive in the damege-stakes, lust about the perfect weapon to take on any dungeon denizen.
Rockel Launcher-Wll Dagg, It's a token the damage Is impressive, it would have been better H the sound-eflects backed up its firing with some grungy explosions.
Weapon to stop you feeling naked and vulnerable. If you have to use H. you're in trouble.
HERE'S ONE I MADE EARLIER Being able to design your own complexes is a terrific idea. It not only gives the purchaser a high value-for-money quotient, it also adds greater variety and strategy to link-games.
There are more monsters than this in the full game. You're limited to using eight lough guys, though.
002 Decide from here the various monsters' patrol area. Lets you designate as many bad guys as you want Choose your wall coverings, ceiling- and Hoor-designs from this screen. Quite a bit of work is involved, but rt’s worth H. these and you die. Believe me when I say it's all too easy to take the plunge
- a dreadful waste of life. Apparently, the lava pits were a
point of hot debate between Manyx, the publisher, and Bomb, the
creator of Fears.
The fact that falling into a pit subtracts from your health-points at an alarming rate should be penalty enough. There should be a way of escaping, whether it be by tripping a secret staircase, reaching an elevator, or whatever, but always, always, the player must have a chance to make amends for the mistake. Otherwise it feels like the game's being spiteful.
A Now, if reading the past couple of paragraphs seems to reflect on the game badly, consider this. The dividing-line between love and hate is roughly a micron thick - according to romantic scientists that is. Fears I love. That’s why I hate both of the above blemishes. But don't let them put you off the game.
Quick recap In fact, it's worth having a quick recap on why Fears is so good. Firstly, it does what many said couldn't be done on the Amiga - it puts a hotwired. Joyriding, Mad Max-ethos, hope to exploit the extra power inherent in accelerated Amigas. So, if you haven't bought an accelerator yet, start saving. Fears is worth it.
Full-screen version of a Doom-clone into the hands of Amiga-owners.
Secondly, it plays famously and presents gamers with a tough, pupil- dilating, breath-exhaling, tension-mounting challenge, in terms of action, excitement and playability.
Thirdly, the level-editor takes the idea of interactivity literally and puts the power of the game into the hands of those who play it.
No doubt, someone will soon come up with their own monsters and textures as well. In other words. Fears will continue to evolve as an ongoing entity.
Finally, the engine driving Fears is constantly evolving.
Bomb are true Amiga-enthusiasts and In a head-to-head fight between Gloom and Fears, they'd either kill each other, or would have to settle for an honourable draw. Neither is yet quite strong enough to gain a firm upper-hand, although Fears with its interactive, multi-level design-element does push it slightly ahead of Gloom.
Team 17's Alien Breed 3D had better watch out; it may just have been pre-emptied by the new blood in town, Manyx and Bomb. Fears should be a compulsory purchase on every gamer's list. O FEARS Publisher Manyx Price £29.99 Versions A1200 A400 System requirements AGA Chipset 2Mb Release date Out now Graphics 5 out of 10 Choose your window-size and blockiness.
Sound_8 out of 10 Not as good as Death Mask, but still highly effective.
Addiction 4 out of 10 I'm taking the office 1200 home this weekend to play Fears.
Ayability 5 out of 10 Some unignorable niggles. Nevertheless, top-enterlainment.
Overall verdict All those people who bought a £1,000-plus PC to play Doom are going to be feeling a bit stupid now. Ha Ha.
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Quantum Tel: 01506-461917 2b Young Square. Brucefield. Livingston EH54 9BX Steve McGill sets foot in a land where a bit of creative use of magic crystals will change you into various crawling, flying and bouncing creatures.
ODYSSEY Publisher Audiogenic Price Versions A500 600 1200 System requirements 1Mb On last month's issue, we had a demo of an exclusive level of Audiogenic's forthcoming RPG, arcade, fantasy- romp Odyssey. The response to it was quite incredible. Both Audiogenic's and our phone lines were jammed with people desperate to find out how to complete the fiendish level. Even those who had completed it phoned us to let us know of their triumph.
The truly amazingly spooky, translucent, realistically moving, shadow-hand. Everyone who sees it either loves it, or hates it. Either way, it still selects which island you want to go to.
To all of you who've played the demo, let us point out here and now that that level was completely unique to Amiga Formal. It is not included in the full game. For those of you wondering what's going on, let us fill you in.
Odyssey is an arcade-adventure, set in a fantasy-land where success depends on the creative use of crystals to change an elfin hero into various crawling, creeping, flying, bouncing, insect-based and mammalian creatures.
Superficially resembling games like Fury of the Furries or Lost Vikings, Odyssey is more fun because it exhibits the immediacy and playability of a platformer's mechanics with an adventure-game's structure and, therefore, doesn’t slow you down too much when engaged in puzzle-solving, fighting and fleeing.
The goals of the game are simple.
You must systematically search and locate the metamorphing crystals from various islands scattered throughout the game's fantasy land.
You can choose from any of three islands at the start. Access to other islands is gained by collecting two or three crystals. What strategy you decide to use here is completely up to you.
And that's one of the beauties of Odyssey, it doesn't herd the gamer into pens, in the manner of many a linear adventure-game. Neither does it give too much scope, so that much fruitless time spent wandering around is the order of the day.
Sure, there are parts offering bog- standard, fetch-and-carry duty, such as finding keys to open doors to allow access to other areas. Expected and unavoidable RPG-fare.
Continued overleaf 4 iXMi graphics 8 out of 10 Top-animation, lovely palette. It's beautiful.
Sound 8 out of 10 Clangy battle-sounds are the biz.
Addiction 8 out of 10 You'll keep running over solutions to problems in your head.
Playability 8 out of 10 Exploration of the various levels is a pleasure.
Overall verdict Enchanting and popular with Format- readers already, Odyssey deserves to be bought in droves.
§ o 00 m 90 u (0 SO (11 ¦ The visuals complement the action brilliantly... It resembles a slick cartoon.
Gatecrashers wara daalt with harshly in the days whan man wara man and alvas got called nasty, politically-incorrect names.
R, points are dotted around various , place, in Odyssey- Look, that sphere . Left fills in tor the part decoratively.
But they're counteracted by the ability of the hero to turn into a bird, a spider, a grasshopper, a lion., and use those creatures' abilities to work his way around seemingly insurmountable problems.
For example, a large, completely unscalable wall is facing you? No problem. Turn into a bird, fly to the top and see what's on the other side.
It's this flexibility that makes Odyssey so endearing. The visuals complement the action brilliantly.
Everyone we showed the game to commented on the excellence of the animation in the bird's flight.
It resembles a slick cartoon - so much so that on various occasions the Formal office reverberated with my voice shouting: "Size of a grasshopper Size of a lion."
And so on It annoyed everyone anyway (lots of those menacing "don't you realise we're on a tortuous deadline" kind of looks were in abundance) That the programmers are big fans of Exile is also evident (check out our CD52 review of Exile on page 66) Indeed, part of the programming-deal and commission struck up with Audiogenic and the programmers was that the programmers be sent the complete solution to said game.
While not as complex or obscure as Exile, Odyssey pays homage to the graphic style and pace of the experience, and also includes a few realistically physical elements, such as having to push heavy rocks on to trips A CHANGE IS BETTER THAN A REST f,c 0 LJ 53 When the hero feeli the need for a change, it's just a matter of hitting the requisite function key on the keyboard and then watching the unfolding metamorphosis in black and white. There's also time to shout: "Size of an (insert creature type here)."
So that previously closed doors remain ajar.
The plot is far simpler too. You have to rescue a wizard from an evil King. The King just happens to reside on the last of the seven islands and to truly stand a chance of completing the last level, you should have all the powers of creature metamorphosis behind you; that is, the previous six islands should be bereft of all crystals.
The inclusion of start-up points should the hero die is also one of those attentions to detail that make the game feel friendly, rather than hateful. Saving between islands is included too. A godsend!
Also pretty smart in this department is the ability of the hero to recover from wounds inflicted by the nasty creatures; his energy bar slowly creeps up toward full health. If you're patient enough to find a safe place and wait, he'll recover completely.
So, to recap and add some personal comment, Odyssey is a completely charming romp which is absorbing, enchanting and fairy tale like. For fans of Flashback, Exile, Lost Vikings and Fury of the Furries, Odyssey is definitely a compulsory purchase. Anyone else should just buy it.
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PIPES PRO V2.5 £215 TVPAINT 3 (Picasso Retina Harlequin EGS) £ 339 SCALA MULTIMEDIA 211 (AGA) £ 99 SCALA MULTIMEDIA 300 (AGA) £ 245 SCALA MULTIMEDIA 400 (AGA) £ 289 SCALA MM 400 +ECHO 100 £385 MORPH PLUS £149 le On Request 240 7" GRAPHICS CARDS AMIGA 3000 & 4000 ONLY CYBERVISION64 ultra fast 64-BIT, Zorro III, 1280x1024 - 2Mb £ 335 4Mb, Version of CYBERVISION 64 £ 419 Full Specification Sheet Available AMIGA 1500 2000 3000 4000 PICASSO II 2Mb with TVPaint Jr. £ 249 With FREE PhotoWorx. Pablo Encoder £ 129 OPALVISION 24Bit Board With OpalPaint. OpalAnimate, OpalPresents etc £199 GENLOCKS
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P. O. BOX 38, WARE, HERTS. SG11 1TX romeo Bravo Romeo Delta
Publisher_ Guildhall Tel: 01302 890000 Price_ £9.95 Versions
A500 600 1200 System requirements 1Mb Release date_ Out now
Graphics 3 out of 10 There are tour, unexciting, uninspiring
screens in all.
Sound 3 out ot 10 Some icons go bleep when you click on them.
Addiction 3 out ot 10 Sad, lonely, psychopaths may become addicted.
Playability 3 out of 10 Please don’t make me tell the readers, Mr. Veitch Overall verdict Another throwback to the days of poorly- designed and uninspiring PC-wargames.
30% Subversion The timing of the release of Bravo Romeo Delta by Guildhall verges on the immaculately-inspired or the mistaken ly-mad.
Almost no one in the whole of the UK can have failed to have viewed at least one of the multitude of television programmes run over the past few weeks about the proliferation and frightening evolution of nuclear weapons up to and since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Indeed, the question of whether either of those Japanese cities should have been bombed using such a horrific force in the first place, raised some very uncomfortable questions for the Western powers and their delusions of democratic fairness.
Luckily, Amiga Format isn't a No visuals aid you in your decision-making.
Everything is laid down in white text.
Forum for such heady discussions. It is a forum, however, to discuss the merits of Bravo Romeo Delta And considering that this game places the Subversive, more like. Despite pretensions of working with all Amigas, Subversion doesn't want to know Kickstart 1.3 or 2 machines: that's the A500 and A500 Plus to anyone who's interested Well, they certainly won't be interested after looking at this poor man's trade-in for a tenner. Look at the screenshot. That is the game.
That is the playing area. That is what publishers think they can get away with producing, due to the scarcity of quality Amiga-titles on the market at the moment.
It is dreadful. It is awful. It isn't even worth the space we’re giving it, except by way of being a warning to our readers and to others who think the market will stand this sort of poor-quality product.
Dust because the market is, traditionally, slow at this time of year, there is no need to buy this out of sheer desperation - believe me, things will never be that bad.
¦ I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy who had just set fire to my house.
Extended use ot the Amiga's * *** custom chips in full view for those * not convinced. *“ -* player in the hot-seat of an overall Commander of a global, nuclear strike-force, hopefully explains part of the reason for our misplaced moralising.
For this game, while costing less than a tenner, doesn't offer a great deal in the way of entertainment or value-for-money.
Unless, of course, you happen to be particularly interested in the biggest challenge of the game, the idea of fighting a restricted nuclear war without resorting to Mutually Assured Destruction.
Subversion belongs in the 16K Spectrum, £1.99 division. A division that's completely and utterly redundant.
Not only does this game insult the Amiga, it also insults potential players. It expects them to footer around with a fiddly, ridiculously awkward code-wheel to gain access to the game and, then, rubs salt into the wounds by demanding that they use the wheel every time they come across a friendly sub on the screensized gaming area. Aaarrrrgghh.
I'm still reeling from how poor this is. I've programmed more enjoyable experiences on my ZX81.
I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy who had just set fire to my house and motorcycle after mutilating and torturing all my pets.
It's that bad Come to think of it, I wouldn't even recommend it to Paul Gascoigne.
Avoid at all costs. Even if you have to emigrate and leave all your possessions behind in the rush.
Steve McGill O If this idea appeals - it appealed to me in a curiously ghastly way - then you'll find that the interface is uninspiring and doesn't offer enough in the way of feedback for you to ever feel totally at home with it.
Nevertheless, the engine behind the game is scrupulous in its detail and, due to this, extremely hardened nuke- em-at-all-costs wargamers could find the game of some use.
Anyone else should look elsewhere - it's just too unfriendly and archaic for words Steve McGill SUBVERSION Publisher_ Guildhall Tel: 01302 890000 Price_ £9.95 Versions A500 600. Allegedly A1200 System requirements 1Mb alease date_ Out now Graphics 1 out of The ZX81 lives. Put it down... und_1 out of 10- Ho, ho, ho. Very funny.
Addiction 1 out of 10 This joke is getting stale.
Ayability lout of 10 I’d rather play at burning my fingernails off.
Overall verdict_ Subversion is the enemy of everything the Amiga stands for.
10% But is this the best Batman ever- OR THE WORST? IND OUT IN ISSUE 3 )of SFX.The Science Fiction Magazine FUJITSU COMPUTERS, COMMUNICATIONS, MICROELECTRONICS ~ A ith today's ever increasing use V V of visual images, DIP. Complex graphics and multimedia effects many users' need for disk space is astronomical. As for tomorrow, well the demand can only grow.
There's one sure way to break free from the limitations of conventional storage systems and escape into infinite storage space, Fujitsu Magneto-Optical drives. With a Fujitsu MO Drive you can add the equivalent of another hard disk drive to your computer by just buying another disk. The result: as much storage space as you will ever need, simply, flexibly and cost effectively.
'"N Access speeds are comparable to a Hard Disk Drive, with the reliability of a CD (each disk can cope with up to 10 Million read write operations!).
What's more, with 230 Mb storage available on a disk little bigger than a conventional floppy, it's now quite feasible for you to carry your own working environment, files and applications, with you. It's the office in a breast pocket!
So, if you're looking for a storage L option so advanced it's out of this world, you'll be over the moon with a Fujitsu Magneto Optical Drive.
Please send me further information on Fujitsu Magneto-Optical Drives: Name _ Title _ Company _ Postcode _ Phone _ Fax _ Fujitsu Europe Limited, 2 Longwalk Road, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1AB.
Tel. 0181-573 4444 Fax. 0181-573 2643 SCREEN PLAY OCTOBER 1995 The latest football simulation to get released has Nick Peers taking a mid-afternoon nap in his sheepskin jacket. It's that boring.
The mighty Cardiff City, pride of South Wale, (uni... you come from the Swansea area of course).
23 OK 32 OK 29 PEF 20 RID 51 RID 30 RID 30 Mill RIT 20 m 20 ITT 55 RID IB t-EF IB RID 21 RID 32 RTT 20 OK 51 52 RE5 RES U PE5 RES U RES Until Graham Taylor, every football-fan dreamed of being England's Manager.
Now Leisuresoft have released Club and Country and you have the chance to make that dream a reality. Starting in the Third Division, rise through the ranks of league Managers until that phone-call from Bert Millichip and your career can start to slide as international Manager.
Club and Country brings no surprises to the football game.
Detailed player and team statistics, all the tactical controls you need to turn your bunch of amateurs into international starlets and the usual mi* of menus and options.
The only trouble is that Club and Country quickly reveals itself as a time-consuming bore. It'll take you three hours just to get through the first ten league games in a season Realism is one thing, but I'm not waiting forever just to get a whiff of international glory.
It's a pity that Club and Country fails to excite because it has real potential. The tactical screens are particularly good - you hone each player individually, while creating complex tactics for the entire team.
You're left with a real feeling that you could build a team to be proud of if you weren't so easily distracted.
You want to be on the edge of your seat come match-day, not making cups of coffee because virtually nothing happens on the match-screen. Dust because you can substitute players and tactics at any time shouldn't mean that you have to stare at the same screen in complete boredom, waiting for that crucial moment when your intervention might be required.
If you can stay awake long enough, look out for the number of times your goalie fouls without conceding a penalty, or is tackled without letting in a goal. Not exactly Club and Country combines »»ct fiction and the pact with little regard for any of them FlOUEPS LE SRUK Unns 5HERPEP SUITOR PIERCE BRTTY t'095QR 5HEPU00C uilco:: PIPLEY MCKIR5 HENDRY 3EPG GALE ROPPISOR PEUEU UAPHUPS7 Take a close look at the statistics for Club and Country.
You'll notice a very strange hybrid of past, present and fiction lurking in there The Divisions are three years out of date - Swindon are still in the Premiership, for example.
The players themselves vary from team to team - so while Blackburn can rely on the talents of Shearer and Sutton, lesser' teams are three years out of date.
And what about this: Manchester Umted's Nicky Butt s considered their goalkeeper1 realistic is it? There are also other annoying features which drag it all down. It's enough viewing your own match without having to watch every other team's results flash by afterwards. And what is the point of putting you in charge of ticket prices and stadium building?
Club and Country is just one more football management game, and not a very good one at that. D Graphics 6 out of 10 Sound 1 out of 10 Addiction 4 out of 10 Playability 5 out of 10 Overall verdict Club and Country quickly reveals itself as a time- consuming bore.
Fujitsu drives as sure as the sun rises in the East.
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P “1 i Of course. Fujitsu continues to offer a full range of its legendary Magnetic drives, from the Pico bird range of low cost per Mb 3.5 inch disk drives for entry-level computer systems right up to the high performance PRML 4 Gb disk drives incorporating the lastest MR head technology. And with MTBFs of up to 800,000, hours when the sun goes down each night, you can sleep comfortably in your bed.
CP So if you want to be sure that your drive doesn't go West, look East, for the finest drives under the sun. P Whatever your storage needs - It's Fujitsu First cO Fujitsu Drives are available from: AG Peripherals Tel: 01264-336991 Fax: 01264-335199 Ideal Hardware Tel: 0181-286 5000 Fax: 0181-286 5056 Or call Fujitsu on 0181-573 4444 FUJITSU COMPUTERS, COMMUNICATIONS, MICROELECTRONICS Launching a career in the games industry azine e year Issue twenty-five onsale now at selected newsagents Creule File: 302706 bylis see Wrile: 306960 fc. 0ggl ¦ 3- ¦ SCSI 2 540M Fujitsu 11ms 160
188. 00 850M Quantum 11ms 205
240. 87 1G Connor 9ms 382
448. 85 2G Quantum 8.6ms 720
846. 00
2. 1 G Barracuda 9ms 790
928. 25
4. 2G Barracuda 9ms 1060
1245. 00 9G Micropolis 9ms 1800
2115. 00 The Multi-Data Machine is based upon the PD drive system
by Panasonic which gives 4X CdRom & 650M removable in one
half height drive.
Fourth Level Development software for this SCSI device gives Amiga users a system which is unrivalled by any competitor.
The software supporting the 650 Meg rewriteable cartridges combines all the advantages in both speed and security of Ami-FileSafe - the new filing system which has taken the Amiga market place by storm - with the advanced software to support removable media which has until now, only been available on the Mo-Miga (Fourth Level's top of the range 1.3Gb Magneto Optical drive system). Full CDRom software is also included.
?(• ’yV Prices: Internal SCS12 £549.00+VAT = £645.07 Options: external add £ 45.00+VAT = £ 52.87 Oktagon Card add £ 95.00+VAT = £ 111.62 ard rives shipped with IDE for A4000 850M Maxtor
1. 2G Maxtor
215. 02
323. 12
* 080 Cards AFS A3000 030 Oktagon SCSI 2 Test FFS AFS Units
DirScan 409 1780 Files Sec CreateFile 227 1073 k sec ReadFile
244 1363 k sec Seek and write 41 jjtes (start & end)
53. 6!
Sec 4.4Sec £29.75 US$ 48 Ffr220 £79.75 US$ 127 Ffr592 £ 3.50 N A Ffr 26 £ 3.50 US$ 10 Ffr 26 £98.75 US$ 158 Ffr734 £ 5.50 N A Ffr 41 £10.00 US$ 10 Ffr 55 We accept cheques in Sterling, US$ , AFS User AFS Pro P&P EEC Other Dice V3 P&P EEC Other Ffr & DM at no extra cost. If buying by credit card add 3% to cover card costs Tel:+44(0) 117 985 4455 Fax + 44(0) 117 955 9157.
Commercial C Compiler for Amiga which has been continuously supported & developed to become the most reliable and user friendly package.
Sole inrc Distributors Europe Africa, Asia (Except France & Germany) Fully Internet Supported from our server!
0117 a (G VISA Distributors : FLDistribution ermany: Stefan Ossowskis Schatztruhe weden: Orebro Videoreklam taly: Db-Line outh frica:MLSystertis Distributor & Dealer Enquiries +44(0) 117 955 8225 .meats Certified Amiga Develop veV P UK Orders to FLDistribution 31 Ashley Hill Montpelier Bristol BS6 5JA Steve McGill has shouldered the enviable task of going through the best and the worst in the Amiga games world from the past few months.
Games Check SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 (AF7S, 88%) US Gold Despite the smallness of the sprites, the excessive number of disks and disk swaps. Super Streetfighter 2 manages to capture the gameplay, combos and special moves of the arcade original in a way that excited our resident Streetfighter champion, Graeme Sandiford to sum it up as, "surprisingly good, except for the graphics."
SUPER SKIDMARKS 2 (AF71; 92%) Guildhall Leisure Steve McGill reckoned Super Skidmarks to be, "so hot it'll soon be burning rubber on the virtual tarmac of the information superhighway". Sounds good... And be in no doubt that this racing game, in eight player mode is quite possibly the most fun we've ever had in this office.
ULTIMATE SOCCER MANAGER (AF72; 84%) Daze Marketing Kind of took us by surprise this.
Impressions are known for their strategy games (and often patchy ones at that) and we thought footie management would have been the furthest thing from their minds.
But no, for USM contains Theme Park-esque stadium development with some novel ideas, including match-rigging and press conferences. And it belted to the number one slot.
VIROCOP (AF73; 83%) Renegade Top Amiga writers, Graftgold, returned to the fray with this slick, polished shoot-'em-up, packed with neat, graphical touches and, shock, some good music.
A game within a game, you battle through various game genres, blasting all and sundry.
The writers have payed 'homage' to games such as Chaos Engine and Cannon Fodder, and the graphical references are not difficult to spot.
Almost too cunning.
GLOOM: It s top ot the CDJ2 and A1200 charts. It's top in the 'desirability-to-play-after-work' charts. It's been programmed by a top-antipodean. And that’s a lot of tops for a top-game.
I® a m f JF ** ' BgCP BHEEB COLONIZATION (AF74¦ 95%) MicroProse The biggest score in AF since Sensible World of Soccer scored the same last Christmas, Sid Meier's follow-up to Civilisation is a fabulous, strategic journey to the Americas in which you attempt to wrest control of as much land as possible, through means foul or fair. Trading is the best way to succeed - importing and exporting.
Oh, it sounds dull, but very few games attain the same high standards of Colonization.
ROADKILL A1200 (AF74; 80%) Guildhall Leisure Rumbling rock music, heaven-sent explosions and graphics to kill for, this one-player racing game includes rockets, homing missiles and handy on-screen hints, such as: "Drive really fast and kill everyone!". Normally, we at AF slash scores with abandon if the programmers fail to offer a two- player or link option, but this is so tidy, all is forgiven. Worthy.
SENSIBLE GOLF (AF74; 81 %) Virgin An ambitious project for Sensible to take their Amiga-bow, but they just about pull it off in this quirky, overhead golf-sim. Sure, some of the holes are ridiculous, and it takes time to learn the ins and outs.
But Steve Bradley liked it and he was the Games Editor, so he must be right, right?
GLOOM A1200 AF75; 91 %) Guildhall One of the main contenders for the accolade of top Doom-clone on the Amiga, Gloom was created.
Developed and programmed using Amiga-only software: Devpac2, Blitz Basic2, Art Department Professional and Deluxe Paint.
It puts the proverbial finger up to developers with pretensions of global grandeur and proves that you don't need a marketing-budget the size of a lottery-win to create successful, exciting games. '•5 S&RM4V mm* DISASTER AREA Cover thine eyes, sweet child, from these ABOMINATIONS AKIRA (AF70,18%) ICE Gosh, and weren't we surprised when we failed to receive a review copy of Akira before it hit the shelves?
An unseemly, unmitigated disaster with shoddy graphics and gameplay from Hell, this is as poor a shoot-'em-up as you'll see this year.
And next, hopefully.
SOCCER SUPERSTARS (AF71; 18%) Flair The only great thing about this game is that it comes with a free Mitre football. Ours burst as soon as we tried to pump some air into it.
As sluggish, shabby, viewed-from-the-side footie games go, this is... well, the first two letters are indeed S and H... Yes, it's shabby.
TOURING CAR CHALLENGE [AF74; 21 %) OTM Piles of promotional literature, tie-ups with Alfa Romeo and absolutely no game whatsoever. Why on earth did they bother?
A text-based management simulation with quite howlingly awful race highlights which consist of a few cars bombing past a static screen. Oh dear.
IOW TO ORDEI Dept AF76, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT r-n Hr- ..... rr- 01325 352260 I I J EM fj i sales@active2.demon.co.uk Public Domain Prices Each Public Domain Disk 99p Key (WB2-J Workbench 2-Only [WB3-; Workbench 3. Only [2D) Number ol Disks Postage On All Orders 75p Residents outside LIK but m E.U. add 10% to TOTAL Residents m Rest ol World add 15% to TOTAL Catalogue Disk 50p Contains lull listing. Ft Licence ware. Cds etc [1MB] Minimum Memory [AGA] For AGA Machines [030] Minimum Processor [HD] Hard Drive Needed BUY lO PD DISKS GET 1 FREEII Make all Cheques and
Postal Orders Payable to ACTIVE SOFTWARE NEW TITLES U631 TRANSITION v1 powerful graphics conversion paoage w*ch van alto* batch convarsron*' [WB2-I U634 FRODO v1.5 The vary best C64 emulator lor me Amiga Reave me okt game* wth tha |WB2.) (020-1 U635 DOPUS UTILS 2 loooe tt uih* for Directory Opus 4 5 More scripts Areu routines etc etc [WB2.| [Dcpus] U636 TYPING DEMON L«m ho* to type very quctoy I U638 ESSENTIAL AMINET 7 AmmefutiMoe [WB2.| U645 FINAL WRITER v3 PCH REV 7 For 030. Processor* speed ase Final Writer verson 3.
U647 LOTTO LUNACY lottery program |WB2.] U648 HD GAMES INSTALLER 4 toad. More instate.* lor your tavoume game* Obe*»e* on Pinball Powerdnve etc [WB2-] U649 enLOCK lock program lor a hard drive [WB2-| U650 BOOKIE BEATER Beat me book* at ms own game! |WB2. | U651 VIRUS CHECKER v6.55 tamoos virus totter [WB2-I U652 ZXAM SPECCY EMULATOR v2 NEW Spectrum Emulator Vou need an AGA Amiga or 020. Processor U653 SKIDMARKS 2 CARS 4 car. To. The AGA Skidmark. [7 0| U655 AUTOSTEREOGRAM v4B New verson tt me popmai sterogram maker |WB2.)
U656 SUPER DMS V2 A powerful interface for OMS |WB?.| U658 DOPUS v5»»v5.11 UPGRADE Upgrade your original Dopus to v5.11 U661 PAGESTREAM v3G»»3F 20] U662 MUI v3B Beta verson of Mul verson 3 [WB2.J 'HD U663 TURBOSUITE v3.3 Turbo Cat arxt Turbo Vie* v3.t Eastfy catalogue your daks into tats tc* vowing [WB2-!
U664 BASIC ELECTRONICS v1.1 wane to team me bancs of etearomcs’ Hero is e disk to show you ho* (Not AGA| U665 REMDATE v2 a program to remind you of dates |WB2.j U666 IMAGE DESK v1.60 image Desk * the oe*t picture thumbnail program on me PD market |WB2.| U667 IMAGE ENGINEER v2 a PO mage program [WB?.| U668 VIRUS WORKSHOP v5.3 wua kller [WB2-I U669 VIRUS CHECKER V6.57 another virus Miter [WB7.| U670 TERM v4.4 00 Term is the mo*t comprehensive comrrsmcations package in PD. Rival* any commercial release [30] U671 TERM v4.4 030 version for 030 processors (30) U672 ORGANISER BITS .i ccffection of
supplements tor Oigita's Organiser [need* Oigaa OgMsser) GM194 BATTLE DUEL AGA bento «** a SUPERB nxHti-ptayer artillery type game [AGA] GM195 BATTLE DUEL ECS ECS verson ol me above [WB?. | GM226 GLOOM a oeroo version of the (oncoming Doom ckvre [AGA] GM227 WAR OF THE WORLDS 4 a virtual roaoty progam' [AGA| GM228 KING HIGH A new card game GM230 DOMINOES a game of dedication and a uttte among GM233 SUPREME FIGHTER Beat am up with Spoctrum style GFX GM234 TOMMY TANKERS 2 Ptayer overhead tank warfare gam GM239 ULTIMATE STAR TREK Ourfo old but a yeat wreiegy game by Tobos Richter |2 Disks] GM242
PSYCHUEL As*n Brood style shoo! Err up |WB2.] GM243 LAST LAP Vi E*ceOent raong game for one or two player* GM245 THE PYRAMID GAME A pub to platform gam. [? D*k»| GM247 KLONDIKE III This « a special verson of Kiondke tor disk S only' [6 Daks] [3MB] GM248 DELUXE PACMAN AGA Wo* a paonan game by me author of Oeluie GaUiga GM249 DELUXE PACMAN ECS GM255 BATTLE TRUCKS GM258 BATTLESHIPS A very payable gam Dy me Assassin* GM259 EGG SCRAMBLE Mad. Mad game Very cotourtui pfatformer GM260 GEMZ GM263 CODENAME NANO sup.ro thrust game Get if GM264 SCORTCHED TANKS v1.8S GM265 DATASTORM |2 0ok*| GM266 BLITZ
GM268 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES III A set of drterent card games on her [AGA| GM269 MASTER BLASTER II decent bomb game GM270 TRONICS ircwSght pnasers gam . Addict*.
GM271 SUPER COMBAT 3 tha * a two payer vereon tt cannon (ooder Superb graphcs - Obiect to k* other player |3 Dj GM272 DR. STRANGE 2 top notch ptatsorm romp wttcn is a sequel e Or Strange 1 GM273 REBELLION an asteroids clone with . Difference GM274 R3 * a i.2 player smooth sooting thrust game GM275 MARATHON GM276 THE DEVILS ABODE wntten by me author of War of the Worlds This « a 30 honor adventure Decent GM277 DOOMER 2 verson 2 ol me Doom clone More graphcs. Foe.
Detail fwatts etc) and much faster scrottng D203 MYSTIC "IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBILITY' Winner tt me Prrravera party 95 Get mis! [2 Daks! |4MB-jJAGA) D204 TRSI "ANHALONIUM LENINI Quite a decent demo bom TRSI. Mis time! (AGA) D213 PARALLEX CCN "DEEP" winner of the Gathering 95 |AOA| [2 Disks) |HD] 14MB-1 AGA) D214 AVALON "RESPONSE" D216 FACULTY "MAN ON MOON" very good demo from Faoaty
• needs tovds of Mem' (4 Daks] [MD| |6MB.||AGA| D217 ABYSS
D221 FREEZERS "LECH" AGA won mo Ram Jam charts -best demo in
t995' Loads of the sarro roiffooa - tun nets etc D222 ARTWORK
"GREENDAY" Won a rocont party o Germany very decant al round
[AGA] (HO] [3 Oisks) D223 IMPACT DK “MELCHOIR" [MD)[«MB.| D225
Latest demos continued . D227 SCOOPEX "ALIEN" Scoope* aro
BACK m me 90s w*h a goM demo release! [AGA| D228 STELLAR
"HUMAN" Stellar rstaase -Human e«crement in lets say no more1
cias&c leiease from the guys at maton Reteasod at a party m me
Netherlands recently D231 AXIS "PICTURE BOOK ' mu* bo one tt mo
best demo releases lor many maims comprehensive [AGA| (4 Disks]
D232 GUNNERS "MD9" another recent party release D233
.eteaae trom the party n me Netherlands Extent routines [MD| (4
MB) GRAPEVINE 21 superb disk magavme trom LSD (2 Disks)
GRAPEVINE 22 call for date tSettemoor?)
DEADLOCK 9 superb d.*k magazine by Anathema'Naicoeis DEADLOCK 10 drsk magazine - cas to- date (September?)
NFA WORD 5 Ssk moganne from NFA (AGA] NFA WORD 6 bik magarme from NFA |AGA| NFA WORD 7 cai lor release dale and oetaits (August) NFA BODYSHOP 8 |AGA| |3 Dtafca| SHERILYN FENN SLIDESHOW [AGA] PHEOBE CATES SUDESHOW aga| ERIKA ELENAIK SLIDESHOW |AGA] NIKI TAYLOR SLIDESHOW p 0||AGA| TINY TOONS CLIPART superb hand drawn ctrport NFA BIG GIRLS N |AGAJ (3 Daks; X-FILES GUIDE guide io the TV Show GCSE MATHS EXAM PAPERS GCSE help TRAVEL GUIDE guide tor avid work! Treveaer* P Ot*«a| UFO : FINDING THE TRUTH p D.sks| UFO : FINDING THE TRUTH 3 paranormal and ufO sfuft ALIENS CONFIDENTIAL 2 UFO art
paranormal guida ALIENS MULTIMEDIA UFO maga god ' [AGARS 0] WEATHER GUIDE |3Diaks| LUCIFERS "UNHOLY INNOCENCE" p 0] LUCIFERS "WICKED GRIMOIRE” cramt cult stun LUCIFERS "BOOK OF SHADES ’ p D| STAR TREK GUIDE *om aboui Star Trek [6 Doke] MISC23 NFA "DA KILLERS" mlo about muders |18.| ED060 KIDS DISK 7 anothar undef 6s proyam MAIN LIBRARY U076 WB3 HD INSTALL DISK Prop, 'onnai and nstall WB to you.
Hard Dove |WB3| U230 TOOLS DAEMON V2.1 Adds too* to you. WB Monu [WB2-] U239 RE-ORG v3.11 Ro organno your dak tiard disk [WB2-I U302 VIEWTEK v2.01 Vewtek can show many picturo tormats ncfudng JP€G and me AGA screen modi* |WB2-] U317 ACTION REPLAY PRO Acoon Beptty to. The AI200 [«GA| U318 VIDEOTRACKER DATA Loads of data Mas for use within Vsleot'acker (4 0| KLONDIKE CARDS U349 LIBRARIES • DATATYPES Oo you ever need a library?
Here’s a coilecbon!
U352 MAGIC WB Vi .2P The lasted verson ot the B ccfou. Con roptacer Use tha with our Extras disks lor superb resiAls! [WB2-] U359 TELETEXT v1.20 Create a totetod recerver |WB2.] U376 POWERCACHE V37.115 Speeo up your Hard Drive access with Bus cocho program Versions tor 00. 020. 030 and 040 [WB2-] U379 DESKTOP MAGIC v2-0 This program alto** you to assign sounds to Workbench funclkris Mur mouse ctckmg etc (WB2-I U408 DISK S ALV v2.31 Tns « mo best asktite ropacer in the Putt* Domen undetetesalvage Nes and repair daks U416 AMIGA DOS GUIDE V1 loam Amiga DOS *entha program U426 EPU STAKKER v 1.70
doutte you hard dnve space’ [WB2-I U434 EDWORD PRO v5 Edwo-d Pro is the mot comprehensive and easy to use word processor on me PD market [WB2.| U440 SNOOPDOS v3 Use Snocodos to monitor program activity An tea) toot to fmd out what Kvanes aro neoded (WB2t| U453 MAIN ACTOR vl.55 Ane«»iient module anmatonpiayer Buy it (WB2»| U454 VIDEOTRACKER 2 AGA The AGAdemomaM.
U467T. U.D. E. V1.00 Tho Utimate Degreoer arxt Enchancer can be used to degrade AI20G40CO t to use WE' 3 remove last mem etc U475 RELOKICK v1.4A FINAL Retotoc is me most popular degrador around Forget the fake vt 4t. Bus a the reel mag U479 MSDOS FOR AMIGADOS Aaows you to use mo MS DOS commands on your Anvga Amo use the MSDOS star' “ (WB2-I U480 HD GAMES INSTALLER II Install Jungle Strike. Aladdin Mortal Kcmbat M, Ruff 'n Tumble end about 12 more!'
U487 BIRTHDATE HISTORY V2.21 Choc* events that happened on your birthday' U499 M.U.I. V2.3 Create Gulntertacos Noodod la Mosaic. |WB2.| U502 GBLANKER V3.6 020 An optoksed version for 02Q-'3040«0 CPU'S |WB3*| BLACKBOARD 4 £8 99 Part of the new Ft GOLD range tna eiceoent image processor now come* with an e*tens ve futlty featured ring tord manual The new verson ccntsn* an onane he«) routtie n w M tormats.
New edl tacebes rotate gcturos to ary arg*e r 30. New btttor routttos w«i iTO 99 pxtures m RAM. New e*tensive preference Wnks.
Thumbnail images « _ mash functrons end w newGUtfromend’ IICfNCfWARf U510 FINAL FAX SUPER DUPER v3.13 Final Fa* allows you to control GPFa* trom Foal Wr*e» sending a fa* from a normal document U512 ADDRESS PRINT v4 Steve addresses and prim mem to label.
U514 DISK STICK V1.1 A disk iabeOog program U517 FINAL WRITER 030 PATCH ExoeflanH A patch when turn, the retoase 1 Final Writer a to an optmised (XX) VERSION. Get m*n U523 DOPUS MAGIC COMPANIAN Load, ot buttons. AREXX scrpa lor Dopus [WB2 | U532 ALL NEW FINAL WRAPPER v3 Foal Wraopo. Was me utility mat ttt Final Writer users last yea This a I ho very latest version U533 CAR DATA ANALYST Monitor and test your cars periomiance First tor the Amiga INTRO TO DOS 2 £6 99 WOW" Vereron 2 tt the superb gudo and Intioduct.on to Workbench end Amiga DOS Version on obtained tuporb grades m a number ol
megabtnes - eg 90S a Aul end 92*. A Amiga Shopper Do you want to team how io use your An»ga’ Ttta has twice as much inloimahon as the firai version. With e* ample* pictures J- UCIMCIWARI U543 TOOLS MANAGER Ahow* you to have a 'dock- of cons on Wtoench |2 D*k*|WB2 ; U550 VMM v3 Virtual memory program |NEEDS UMU] [020-] U553 GFX CONVERTOR v1.7 Decern graphcs comertor Load, abouf to different tile formats and saves GtF. ILBM. PCX. POSTSCRIPT.
JPEG [WB2-] U554 SOUND BOX v1.97 Cc veru souna sarrvtos tran IFF RAW WAV. MAESTRO. VOC. AiFF and MAUD to any of me supported tcvmats to cod n a* fFF save as WAV or toad as WAV a'atsave at IFF [WB2.J U560 DELITR ACKER II v2.1 a great m»je player [WB2.;|2 0] Superb compilation' More utilities continued.. More games continued . GM150 ROCKETZ V2.25 AGA only 2-pfayer ihrust shoof-em up game Oe ot the most Mdctive mutk-piayef games even [AGA] GM151 INFECTION very haro to oo»aa 4-pUyer game with ptayabftfy GM152 JUMP UM gude Spud through me te 'e«s to reach ha cheque GM153 BOING V3 decent
thagon-a-spmg type fMHortn game GM157 MASTER BLASTER svr *ar io Dyne wamors ¦ 2 player borrtogame GM158 THINK A MANIA map gamo *«m a.ooSeni g-achcs [WB2-] GM161 OOZE AGA oore a so aodctrve 2 player rniechon game*Oj GM162 OOZE ECS ECS ve on GM164 CYBERGAMES exetlenr A wreet-fighier crone with gore’ Tha a probably the best beat-em-up games a me PubSc Domain [20] GM165 PUNTER V1.0 An-nated froroe raong Deftng gam GM166 GRAVITY FORCE 2 Compute** 2 payer sptn soeen blaster. Groat!
GM167 ACE THE SPACE CASE Top notch psattorm ron*.
Ccvrmercial standard GM168 SCAVENGE 2 piayor screen Waster withn a maze |WB3.)
GM169 MASH Similar io Team 17s new Wormr game A subtle cross between Lommmgs and Cannon FottSer GM 173 POWER WALLS a decern oai n ban game GM174 TANKS! Excellent tank-war »im GM176 ALIEN GENOCIDE am A Opetatroo wo* cicoe? :?DtSKS| GM170 DOOMER a gooo Doom Won. Tor the Amiga [AGA] |ND| GM179 SLIDER AGA utile purile game tor AGA only GM180 CARNAGE btood gju and goro and moro' GM183 PSSST AGA remembe* Psw on the Speccy’ Well trot* the Amga version!
GM184 SCREECH another car -aong game GM185 BOARD GAMES Cluedo a the man game hero GM187 FEARS 2 AGA wow' Much oeno. Tha * a demo of tha finished commercial vorsront More alien.
GM188 CARD GAMES DELUXE A program mat aeows you load and use your Klondike cards' Biaclqack and another on here |3 t **»l I2**8| GM191 CHILD MURDERER AGA not at bad as sounds' A graphroal adventure to solve the mystory to dear your name I* Do**) GM192 CHILD MURDERER ECS |3 Doka) GM193 SPRINGTIME U564 EXOTIC RIPPER v3.1 module and sample rope- |W82.)
U565 IMAGE STUDIO v2 as r»* vanuon 2 loan, of new leatu.es present n itt* Are** capattlitie*. Speod increase ole [W82-I I? Otskaj U568 LOTTERY WINNER V2.0 good tottery predictor ;WB2-| U576 BLITZ BLANKER V2.5 Blanker * amme. Loot mai requres me service* ot Mul [U4991 Modtteroed screen Wanker |WB2-] U581 PAGESTREAM 3F G PTCH Tm. Patch vasby atwovee Pagestream 3F tt gives you lanotcape nonoostsenpt pnnfng! [2 DJ U588 PC-TASK V3.10 Al new PC Task »3 Demo veroion U589 MP LOTTERY V2 Another good lottery program U592 VARK CLI UTILS 7 AM mo latest CU uMm. Hero!
U594 AMIGA FAX V1.42 Sen recerve ta.es on your Amgs [WB2«j U595 EASY UFE V1.10 A set ot AMOS o*ton».ons ;3 DISKS; U601 SPONDULIX MARK 5 An e*ce-em foance program [WB2.| U602 MAGIC EYE KIT Tha »ut a«ows you to produce your own Mage Eye siroograma |3 0*SKS] U606 ESSENTIAL AMINET 5 meant Ammot «to«ds l’WB2-J U607 ESSENTIAL AMINET 4 more recent Ansnet lotoads [WB2.] U617 HD GAMES INSTALL 3 Over 20 games such as Super Skidmarks Sensfcto World i) Soccer to be installed (W82-] U618 TEXTURE STUDIO Vi .02 For Imagne users adapt those rotures (WB2-I U619 BALLS! Superb and powerfu' Lottery program [AGA|
U623 AMIGA CO-ROM GUIDE Gutoe to loads of Anvga Cds Amigagudo doc iWB2-| U626 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5.1 powertuf viros checker. |WB2-| U628 ICONIAN V2.91 Si«eib AGA con edtor (AGA) U629 DIY REKO v2 Design and constroct Kionoke cards |WB2-| (IMAGE FX 2| GM58 BLACK DAWN II a popular 30 adventure GM67 SCRABBLE me classic board game GM78 STARWOIDS thrust and ods m.«ed I'MB] |2 DISKS) GM97 TOP HAT WILLY an Amiga *j t Set Wily” rp-oft Addctivei GM105 DYNAMITE WARRIORS 2 GM118 CHANEQUES yes, two ptoase" A Lemmmgs type game Dvoct your litho men (w*h difterent skills) to the end |2 Oisks] GM123 MEGABLOCK V2
mo best T«ns games on the Amrga GM125 KELLOGS LAND WOW’ The very bast PD platform game oven iAGAI GM126 SUPER MEGA FRUITS a good Fruit Machn gam GM127 ZAXXON superb! Tn C64 classic now comes io tho Amiga1 GM130 FISHY FISHYeat me sma* hsh. Avod the sharks aid grow GM132 SAMURAI SHOWDOWN tha a an amusmg Sheet F Me.
Clone Good! (AGA] GM133 HYPER RACE super-sprat clone Multi piayor racing |2 D) GM136 CYBERMAN *ow A 30 pacman oone Very decent odeed GM138 INTERNAL COMBUSTION great eMmafe-esque multiplayer racing game GM141 MADHOUSE » graphical adventure game I? DISKS) GM147 DELUXE GALAGA v2.51 must be the best PD shoot em.
Up ever made1 GM 148 CLASSIC PUCMAN cissac Pacman at n was ongnaey GM149 AMIGA DEMON vl poke, card game for mo Amga Buy all 12 volumes for £21.99 or each volume at £1.98 KL040 Star Trek TUG Cards KLOft Space Cards KL042 Pretty Wcmen Cards KL043 Normal Cards KL044 Flowers Cards Kt.048 MisWyn Monroe 2 Cards K1048 Hired Guns Cards KL049 6*e it Card* KL050 Playboy Caros KL051 KySe Minogue Cards KL052 Oragonsiair Cards KL0S3 Woman Cards '8- "1054 XO0S Cards KL055 Nrgft Behye Xmas Cards "1058 Snenfyrt Seymcur Cards KL057 NBA Can» KL060 Atammaa Card* KL06I Evertcn Cardl KL082 Prehistoric Card KL083
Gene-atons Cards KL064 Vadcnrj "Sei" Cards 18.
KiOftSEnoc* Cards 18* KL0« Rufus "Hof Men" 18* KL087 New Roses Cards KLOMFractasmCa-ds KlOWPatnc* Ford Cards KIOTO Record Covers Cards KLOTI RenASwvyCards KL0T2 Dream &*» it Cards KLO'3 Manga Mareacs Cards K10T4 Doom it Caros KL0T5 WAUce A GrcvrJb Cards KL0T6 Rosa A Jn Cards KL0Q2 Amme Cards KL003 Cady Crawford Cards KL006 Sandman Caros K100? Star Trek Cards K 1.008 X-Men Cards KL009 Fast Cars Cards KLO'O Emp"o Strikes Back Card.
KLOti fittum ol Jodi Cards KL012 Dr Who Cards KL013 Marilyn Monroe Cards KL014 Betty Page Cards KL015 Eoe McPherson Cards KL016 Iron Marden CaKtS KLOt 7 Perihelion Cards KL018 Star Wars CarOs KL019 Sw-nsuit Cards KL020 Rarvna Cards KL021 Sailormoon Caros KL022 Dungeons and Dragons Cards KL023 Faces 2 Cards KLQ24 Onentai Girts Cards 18.
KL026 Bami Cards Ki 028 Fractal Cards KL029 Oragoroance Cards K1030 flippag Van* Cards KL031 Shortly" Form Card* K1032 iron King Caro.
KL033 Beauty Cards KL034 ArchOeous Caro* KL035 Herone Cards KL036 Cody CrawlXJ 2 CaTOs KL037 Photo COCard* KL039 Ctouda SerJf* O* FI LICENCEWARE FI-14 TOTS TIME £3.99 koet tor your** user.
FI-31 POWERBASE v3.3 £3.99 dMab.se FI-33 POWER PLANNER C3.99 personalorgem*.
FI-41 GRANO PRIX MANAGER £3.99 ronyouosm grand pra reong team 1994 season Recommended F1-50 GUIDE TO AMOS v2 £4.99 »d$ ok e begreore gadstoAmoa Supert) guds to heto you txtoMttaniT F1-56 GIDDY 2 £3.99 Segutt to O y F1-62 JUNIOR ARTIST £3.99 levn how io*aw F1-67 BUBBLE TRUBBLE £4.99 F1-88 AQUANAUTA £3.99 suoerog*n. Gel ff..' FI-74 AMIGA ASSIST £3 99 begnnere gad.
F1-76 OBSTICKLE £3.99 **erb ptetkxm tor?
F1-81 AOUAKON AGA £5.99 A ho toe Ooom on FI-83 IMAGE COMPRESSOR £3.99 to. AMOScodere F1-84 WORD PLUS. PROv1.3 £4.99 Were »know a woro gel vee' Used to set to. £14 95» F1-86 LEGIONS OF DAWN £4.99 So-Fi Dungeon Mestei hte game Oc-ce tt sevoret cfwsdm arto toads tt weapons F1-87 LEGIONS OF DAWN £4.99 t-ro**ve any FI-102 AURIGA £4.99 ry decent Stnder ctone Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras Magic WB Extras [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks]
(2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] volume 1 volume 2 volume 3 volume 4 volume 5 volume 6 volume 7 volume 8 volume 9 volume 10 volume 11 volume 12 KL077 Playboy » Cards KL078 Paotte Ccest Cards KL079 Astern Cards KL080 Streetfighter II Cards KLCet Fireman Sam Cards KLC62 Corrvrodoro 64 Cards KL083 Venus Cards "l«4 Advwxcd 0A0 Cards "1085 Kyhe Mincgue 2 Cards "1066 Gmawfc Cards "1007 Kathy inland Cards "1068 Pamela Anderson Cards "1069 Rosa and Jim Cards "L090 Babylon 5 Cards "L09I Hetvaoer Cards "1032 Beans A Butthead Caros "1093 Star Trek ART Cards "1094 Soy
sms CarOs KL095 Oream Girls Cards KL096 Boes and Cars Cards KL097 Daney Cards K1096 K»W Cards "LOW Premer league 95 Cards Kit00 Females Cards KliOi ktotoroypie Cards "LICCH-ed Gels Cards '8- Kl 103 Dreams Card* KUO* Dreams it Cards KH05VT Crocks Canto 18- KH06 Erwa E'enaa Cards KL107 W*d L4e Cards KL108 A»o" Covers Ca-ds Kl 109 W« life II Card* KL110 Landscapes Cards "Li 12 Pleasure Caros 18.
KLI13 Sfarkers Cards KL' t4 Eve non w-ine-s Caros KL115 NFA Mask Card.
Kli'6 Manno Foh Cards KulT&rds ' Cards KL''8 B ds 2 Cards KL"9 Pnnooo Caros Kl'20 True lies Cards KL'21 A-brusn Cards KL'22 Haney Oa.toson Card* Kl'23 Bons Haam 2 Carat "LI24 Star Wars Gaa.y Cards KL'25 Render* Cards KLI26 Busen Caros 8.
KL'27 Aroa Nctte Smith Caros KL' 28 Pjp F ton Caro* KL'29 BcdyProrpng Cards '8.
KL’ 30 Rear Beaubes Cards KL’3' Raytracog CarOi KL'32 Fintstones the Move Canss Klt 33 Gromans Cards Kill* Surgafe CaTO* KL'35 Arne Caros Kli 36 Modem i e Cards KL'37Tme Cop Cards KL'38 Speccy ' Caro* KL'39 Speccy 2 Caro* KL'40 Jap Arom Ca'ds KL'4i ToonesCaro* Approi 5 New cards per week’ Caff' We w*u swap cards • caff us.'
GRAC vl.10 £699 Do you edmir the commercial games cush as Monkey island and other adventure games and * *n you couto program your own version? With the Graproc Adventure Creature vl 10 you can easily make a pomt and click ad.entuie game like Relics of Dotooneye Tha version fues bugs a v1 art1 comes with an oitensrve manual lor ¦ your loference Get * 'hanow* UciMClWAR I CIHCIWAMI MAGIC PAINT BOX £6.99 Mage Paint Bo* is a superb new pamt program tor eti ages Memty aimeo a cn*ldran under 8 years ol age this h suitable to. Parents to ease, oemonstni'o to thee (hudren as serpkoty yei powerful
teatises E-ceaore front end 8« o*eront paotvq toots ana tho attliiy to prat ful colouf pctu.es direct trom the program K any colour printer Comes with full K w ‘ rtto-oic* manual llCfMCI¥ tl '• CD-ROM SOFTWARE volume one - F1-01 to F1-100 This CD contain-* the completo collection ol Fl Licenceware ml.
Professional backgrounds and textures IHA »o»mat idike lit Card Reko REKO a DUE OUT EARLY SEPTEMBER £19 99 All programmer* receive a roy- MP • alty share «pr every CD »oW £32.99 L- DUE OUT LATE SEPTEMBER LICENCEWARE AGA EXPERIENCE vol. 1 MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT II HOW TO ORDER INFORMATION DUE OUT SEPTEMBER 1 ST FRESH FONTS LIGHT ROM CO-Rom Comparison Chari Zoom Honest 5 Phase 4 Over 560MB ol Data Released on the 29th ot June. Zoom received some glowing reports T Cooper said that 'It is the best interlace I've used", whilst D S Duncan wrote to say 'My most eagerly waited CD....get on with Over 1000
Disks FRED FISH THE AMINET COLLECTION ™ r.Z2Z~ Amine! 5 March 95 £11.99 Aminel 6 June 95 Cl 1.99 ei’co.’* Aminel 7 August 95 £13.99 wf cd.*. cc Muwnor Aminel 8 October 95 (Pre-Order) £13.99 Aminel 9 December 95 (Pre-Order) £13.99 subscription servict Aminel Sel 'ir snEE; t23 99 Very Latest PD * Outstanding Value Free Booklet v' AS Best Buy Award I v"
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MISC22 0225. A13S. KIM ED059. GM256
• Over SO Klondike Card Games Deluxe Cardsets
• Ground Zero's Themed Imagine Objects
• Gathering '95 Demos GFX Mods. Other 'Party'' Demos
• Some Exclusive and New AGA Slideshows
• Over 21MB* of Magic WB icons, backdrops drawer* etc NOW" all
over the country, the Ammet and BBS sources within the Active
Software library. The interlace is a custom-writien. GUI based
design, coded by the author of the famous disk magazine
Deadlock Select the Me you want to read about, read the 1
information then click to do-compross' With an ' online help
guide f you get stuck' Easy as I | that. Over 560MB of data,
(over 15 GIGs of - uncompressed files) offering the user access
to 1000* of disks' Must bo one of the most comprehensive CD’s
2nd Mega Bundle contains the LSD II CD • LSD were 'famous" for
Grapevine. Meeting Pearls II and the classic !7Bit Phase 4 Four
Aminet-thrashers for one price1 GET 3 Cds for £24.99 LIGHT
Light Works - a superb rayVac- ingttD CD by Tobias Richter, The
Professional Fonts and Clipart CD trom PD Soft and the Beauty
of Chaos which contains load, of fractal. GET 3 cog for
contains tho Assassins Gamos CD voll.
Gamers Delight tun of commercial games • and to complete this games compendium Power Games has been included' _GET 3 Cds for £29.99 il ROM BMP) CD BOOT vl C64 SENSATIONS call if- ,r, FOR DATE =¦ ¦¦¦; THE COLOUR LIBRARY GIGA GRAPHICS sound workshop TEN ON TEN PACK HOT AMIGA DEMOS ILLUSIONS IN 3D MEETING PEARLS 2 WS FONTS Gloom GD32 GLOOM Publisher Publisher Guildhall 01302 890000 Price_ £29.99 Versions CD" only Release date_ Out now 91% ©I eaven protects I children, sailors, and drunken men. But it doesn't protect those who opt to embark on the voyage into the centre of Hell that is Gloom,
the Black Magic Doom- done converted to CD32.
For the only protection offered here is that of your wits, cunning and willingness to use a plasma gun without mercy. Steve Bradley had terrific fun last month, wiping out cultists, robots, ghosts, ghouls and other unpleasant creatures. So much so that he awarded the 1200-version a Format- variant of the Midas-touch and a score of 91 % into the bargain.
It's easy to see why. Gloom plays with the pace of an out and out Exile CD32 shoot-'em-up and pays tribute to Doom with the more endearing touches of an 'up-and-downy' screen- display as you run, secret doors, monsters hiding behind exits and upgradeable weapons.
Use of the CD32 controller's shoulder-buttons is a boon when carrying out that all-important, life- saving, side-step manoeuvre. And the rest, as they say, is fundamental, mental fun.
Unusually, though, the game offers no start-up locations, or options to ¦ Exile has all the latitude of the best of adventures and the mechanics of a top arcade-blast.
EXILE Publisher_ Publisher Audiogenic 0181 424 2244 Price_ £29.99 Versions_ CD" only Release dale_ Out now All adventure-games are linear.
The secret of making them absorbing and enjoyable lies in the amount of latitude given by the game for the adventurer to explore their environment, experiment, interact and solve the puzzles thrown their way.
Exile is a master of this. It is a game with all the latitude of the best of adventures and the mechanics of a top arcade-blast.
Happily, for CD32 owners, it is also much more than that.
Exile transports the player into an exciting environment with its own physical laws. Collectable objects have their own weight and inertia - a tricky phenomenon that has to 88% save at the end of levels, which essentially means that within a few days of play, you're going to get fed up with running around in the earlier stages.
Nevertheless, Gloom is terrific to play and is a title which earns the imaginary title of 'compulsory purchase' for CD32 owners Steve McGill 5 Watch out for the aggro skinheads. They like to hide behind doors and they can accelerate faster than a hamster on a methedrine drip.
Dept. AK995 Zone 1 Ltd.
PO BOX 69.
.Staffordshire. ST15 8GH FREE CATALOGUE Over 2.(MM) litles Zone 1 'the software people' The price you see is ihe price you pay. VAT, P&P are ALL included.
? Gg 3* Great prices, same day despatch, free gifts, regular prize draws.
Educational be taken into consideration when flying around.
Again, the CD32 pad has been made full use of and this helps immensely when executing all of those tricky actions, such as picking objects up while flying, pushing buttons and altering the trajectories of bullets.
In all, a tremendous game, a tremendous concept and tremendous excitement in store for all CD32 owners who take the plunge and purchase Exile.
Steve McGill & n If you don't see what you want.
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I. 'mile- fe ¦T.vt. Irtr oft. Iton Trent B.rinM' !. STI NEW!!!
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1440 Samsung 15" Samsung 17” Samsung 20” £189.00 £259.00
£399.00 £319.00 £599.00 £POA MEMORY 30 64 72 Pin Pin Pin 1MB
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from £229.00 100MB ZIP DRIVE £199.00 SYQUEST DRIVES 420MB
850MB 1 GIG £199.00 £299.00 £349.00 AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA
£219 £229 £339 £349 Ext.
WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. ALL TRADEMARKS ACKNOWLEDGED Gasteiner & a 3* ton.L 0 1 3 1 2 X A Fore Tel: S T R E E 0 18 1- T , U P P E R 3 4 5 - 6 0 0 1 2 6 D M O N Fax: DOUBLE SPEED QUAD SPEED SIX SPEED 400 DPI 3 BUTTON ALFA-DATA MOUSE FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS £9.99 OKTAGON 4008 True SCSI II controller for your Amiga 1500 to 4000, upgradeable to 8MB using Zipp Ram allows you to connect H- Disk, Syquest CD Roms etc. £99.00 MULTIFACE III ADDS 2 SERIAL & 1 PARALLEL PORT TO ANY AMIGA 1500TO 4000 QQ QQ TANDEM IDE IDE controller card for your Amiga 1500 to 4000 allows you to connect a CD rom of your
choice or just another Hard Drive.
Tandem card Only Tandem card & Triple speed CD Tandem card & Quad speed CD EXTERNAL FLOPPY£39.95 A1200 (BASIC UNIT) £399.00 A1200 (WITH 65MB HARD DISK) £449.00 A1200 (WITH 80MB HARD DISK) £469.00 A1200 (WITH 120MB HARD DISK) £489.00 A1200 (WITH 170MB HARD DISK) £509.00 A1200 (WITH 340MB HARD DISK) £569.00 A1200 (WITH 540MB HARD DISK) £669.00 A1200 (WITH 810MB HARD DISK) £919.00 A600 1 MB Ram £20.00 A600 1 MB Ram & Clock £33.00 A500+ 1 MB Ram £20.00 A500 1 2MB Ram £15.00 A1200 RAM CARDS PCMCIA COMPATIBLE(Wlth clock & FPU socket) ACCESSORIES AMIGA A500 600 1200 PSU £34.95 A500 INT. FLOPPY DRIVE
£30.95 A600 1200 INT. FLOPPY DRIVEE45.00
2. 5” HDISK CABLE £10.00
‘BSIC K AMIGA A600 500 RAM CARDS ondon.N18
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DffiSm sir 1 ISSUE 1 OUT NOW ONLY 99P http: www.futurenet.co.uk outdoors totalfootball.html PLEASE SEW TOUR ORDER TO EITHER OF THESE DISTRIBUTORS TOUR ORDER WILL BE SAUE DAT DESPATCH VIA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE 2000 SOFTWARE We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE TEL OR FAX: 01827-68496 How to order To order any disk |uat write the diak title and the diak code. EG U01 Agene. Some title have a number In () thla means the title comee on (i) number ol dlaka. To order PACK |ust write down the pack TITLE name will do.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AQA Diak means for A1200 A4000 only Pack prico as stated. All Orders Same Day Despatches For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) Price ..99p per disk Please add 70p to total for postage & packaging ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE 99P NO MINIMUM ORDER OYERSEAS POST, t PACKAGE HATE (Europe add 25p per diak for PSP) (Worldwide add 50p per disk P&P) Dept (C D5) 48 NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B77 4EL ENGLAND TEL: 01827 68496 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (C D5) 9
WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP TEL: 0374 678068 NEW - TITLES Vonamwl r (**•« n gmr peccAweo .*r .•nu-, LW.i stCtCA»C .
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L094 COPY & CRACK TOOLS twd to your ac U287 PC O PASCAL C2daW) U300 MESSY SO II raWM* U301 AUTO DISK LOGGER LQ21 GRAP CUBI (3l»»»dtxe LQ24 GRAPHC vSl 213)« U333 SCENERY MAKER .... U3M EXMLATCfl CCLLECTtON I as U337 MCOEL 20 BrWart 30 cOea d U33B iAULTl YsiCN (2) OefcNaa ixisaa U340 HACKER-TOOLS many fRpar CoS U360 POOL TO(X • jxadct r»ws war-rw oh chrve U361 RACE RATER Smlar to obova. Bul tx» U3S6 STAR CAT J - (Mk. Easy U368 SEEKER e 0 be Saa cr» toy 4 hard «va U360 R PG (2) adrontirn ctmO U367 MLGCMAMArarvvwwodrtocrrakw(rod* U372 WoaOSCflTprwtoASCxilo* U377 NCCAAMBrnoramoOiniK*«ra*patwrun
DIGITAL AOCflESS BOCK v ow) aHna tor* U379 HOT UTILS iroaamarrg mb U3» UNCO larcanc Obf ccpar U3B1 GRAPHC RIPPER (Na WTO) cM«y U383 LYAPVNCkJ GETffiRATCR gananae x«f ararory U364 MED V32flMaaOMfTTOC maker U387 P-SUITE at» aAaxi'araraia » taf7 U3B8 SUPER CU • tas dBL tast TO3 oc ok U381 FORTRANa U382 AMOADEX.GxdSS ... U3B3 UtiL QdocSor- U «xs d uwAJ lXSi U4C0 SCONO TRACKER V2 6 mjiemakar u i Flusi uEiTOwg-3) U420 S’EED BENCH ;rvl Wbl 3| craaM *M Txx» AB U4* '(58Sca T1Wln«we3 men,iwprroi U440 RAD BENCH roccvwaOa WB WM A nga whar oOorgi U442 SYSWFOwaScmtrtocxiyojrArrigasyi U444 FONT FARM W
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GAMES MU5IC M" 6 MAMONEV & KAKTUS 2 • 40 furwa ccrrxxlation Ml
25 AD AMS FAMILY M'47 BANGLES - Walk Uka An Egyptian
• '150 TiFFANNY I Th.nk Wa'ra Alone Now Ml77 PET SHOP BOYS MlW
dfckal M205 RAVE mom Rove V262 A TO Z OF C64 GAMES MUS»C (4)
Ddksnt 18 DEMOS Age 18 and over only X80 CINDY CRAWFORD (2) X74
GIRLS X70 GON GON GIRL X71 TINA SMALL X91 Calendar girl 95
ANIMATIONS A0C6 FiLLET THE Fl$ H Ong story artfnascn
* 0-3 SPACE-PROBE m search dakeoKa form* AOS* THE RUN - lotus
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THE----- AIK) .. craapy crawly
COMIC - vary good A236 WH1Z2ER-CHIP-For come (*n* A248 PERVERSE
SLIDES funny but ruds A2S5 BART SIMPSON MEGA DEMO (3 dtol
TAR-TREK tr * nert generation L _ A268 SATURN FLY by -
Remarkable *r»m VOYAGER I A290 CHRISTMAS ANIMA1TI0N • Ahhn to
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MAYHEM 6n WHEELS 3 - re moKibfcetar crat TORNAOOSkdaahow
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(NEWFi . _ . . . Amazragnphcaai G680 SPACE -itvVAS’C' 2 - Fv*a*e Gak. _ G681 AUTOMOBILES-POvarro-dSKO MARK bdl » BANOTT MAJ4A - Bflvl fru* m PROJECT BUZZ BAR-bdtart G687 PARADROO 6* ind A500 13) Emtsd G689 GUN FIGHT (TO A503 131 Ge» THE REAL POPEYE 64 (A6CD t onM G682 SYSTEM CEFEND • br*srt dslendt dcna Gtm AMGA-BOY-GameB errxTOx-Tatpa G732 DETHEU N SR»CE tticommsnd G097 f G1Q2 t G109 f |iia i kMOOK G735 G737 _______ G77t STAR WOO C graR M S773* fruit AMNIA - Bdtort FnX Madw-e G774 TRCKLE TREAT • TO DOOM on TO PC G775 FOOT-BAa MANAGER • naw varsto- G782 SOLO ASSAULT 30 L*e Wng CerrmarxJer
G7B3 Sgp OF DARKNESS Blteni __________s5?H2I*'6ND£D _..J ZENO MORPH • G aal gaphca G789 TASK FORCE very gxdMF© SHADOW 3ona G793 GREEN FIVE AmwToarapne TO PwASHBACK G791 FROFESSCNAL CALLER G792 MARTIAL SPRTT CTOsrt STREET FIQHTBl II G797 NTENSE ws AKAI-WARRCR rt Ha arcade G796 6 EXCELLENT CARO GAMES ccaeOCT- G799 MOOSE DRIVE (A5C0 ' 3 needs 1rrbch0iam| G8Q9 Blitz 2 las acOT stxxarg games G81Q EXIT l3 6rlurtpjole Gfl" TEMPORAL MI UCEMENT • gmchc arTOntjr* G812 A DAY AT THE RACES-V. Good Tosaric 3ER ORIGINAL w»h 80 BvaB Dntom ThruO
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• .w**, kr te p* ¦ m, grre *» P*cmn « R£CX JMDJ; B T MANGA AKIRA
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MAV3A AKIRA Gima. Anmtxxa SkWw« Dtnxtt A* b»d cr re Jwirese WAUGA 6 dtuks only £5 95. Ft* ond AMIGAS We reviewed Colonization in issue 74 and it being such a stonkingly brilliant game, Nick Veitch thought you'd like a few hints and tips to get you moving.
GameBusters SEND IT IN If you have a hint, tip or cheat to share with other Amiga gamers, write to: Steve McGill, GameBusters, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW. Or, better still, send it on a floppy disk.
¦ Try to make sure that you will be able to grow enough food for a reasonably- sized port.
COLONIZATION Reviewed in AF74 ¦ 95% MicroProse 01454 329510 Colonization is a huge game and there are simply masses of tips (not cheats) for us to impart to you.
Therefore, in one of those rare events, we will be splitting the tips into several parts.
Cunningly enough, this first part will deal with starting up and maintaining your colony. By the time you have mastered this, you may be just about ready for part two, which is all about how to grow and how to prepare for independence.
Where to start?
Often the beginning of the game, the very first turn, is fraught with equal measures of danger, and opportunity.
If you are playing in the "New World", it is somewhat difficult to know just where you are in relation to the greater part of the land-mass.
It is worth making sure that you don't just settle on the first piece of land you come across. It may be a tiny island, but it doesn't matter too much for your first colony - but try to make sure that you will at least be able to grow enough food for a reasonably-sized port.
It is very useful to have one port very close to the main sea-lane for quick access to Europe. It is often the case that one town in your colony simply becomes the main port through which all your cargos go backwards and forwards, and, hey, this may as well be the first place you settle down.
Choosing a spot In the early stages of the game, you will usually want to expand hard and fast. Get your men moving, get them exploring and nab all those resources, like silver deposits, ore mines and so on. Get them on horses, basically.
Either make new colonists Scouts at the docks, or, even better, bring a cargo of horses over as soon as possible and start breeding them.
Bigger colonies can be established on the shores of the new land, especially if there is a fishery square nearby.
An expert fisherman on a fishery square can generate enough food for himself and six other people. If you manage to find a spot with two fisheries, you can populate the town with all manner of specialists, preachers and statesmen.
To properly exploit the wealth of the land, some of your colonies may be better placed inland a bit. These colonies, deprived of a fishery, have much less potential, but can still be viable and strategically useful parts of your colony.
The only good injun There are two ways to play the indian TOP-TIPS FOR STARTING OUT
• Don't build next door to indians
• Don’t build too tar inland early on
• Don't build anywhere without a good food-source
• Do build near fiahenet
• Do try to get expert farmers and fishermen
• Do remember that indians will train colonists
• Do trade with indians WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?
The nationality you select can have a dramatic effect on which way you play the game. It's best to choose the nationality after you have decided what sort of game you are going to play.
SPANISH At the easier levels, the Spanish are probably the best bet. Their bonuses against the natives mean you can clear large areas of land for your own use and often make a hefty profit from the spoils of cities too. It is possible to net up to 40,000 in gold.
A military-based colonisation force should see you in good stead for seeing off foreign interlopers, not to mention the King's men at the end of the game.
Merchantman, as opposed to a Caravel, can mean early business opportunities.
More importantly, stable markets at home (and this doesn't just include the price of horses) means that your colony can be just that bit more profitable - important at harder levels, since you'll need the cash to buy arms.
H FRENCH ,* A The evil garlic-eaters, it turns out, are top chums with the natives and generate half the | 4 p usual annoyance levels.
This is a good thing for them, and for you, on the harder levels, where marauding bands I-- | w &r.
Dt ' • _ 1 of braves can easily wipe out fledgling f f't. 1 colonies and prey on unescorted wagon trains.
3 m ’ I ¦'O Living in harmony with the natives has a lot going for H. ENGLISH The only thing the English have going for them is a more rapid flow of free recruits. This can actually make all the difference, as long as you use them wisely early on.
After all, there's nothing to beat sheer numbers when it comes to staking your claim on a continent.
Situation. You can be kind, sympathetic and just gently nudge the indigenous population aside, whilst maintaining good trade-links with them
- or you can be a bit of a Spaniard and kill, loot, burn, pillage
and destroy all who stand in your path.
Much as the latter may hold certain attractions, a more cautious approach may be useful. It is certainly wise to at least pretend to like the natives, because in the early part of the game they can be an important source of revenue.
If you do manage to get glorious treasures from looting a native village early on in the game, you will almost certainly not have been able to afford to buy a galleon, so much of your ill- gotten gains will end up in the King's coffers instead of your own anyway - a few hundred gold isn't worth all the aggro you will suffer.
One important point to remember, if you are going to upset the indians, is never, ever give them any horses or guns. Dust don't. The only time you should do this is if you are very good pals with the indians; if the indians you sell them to live very far away from you; if you want to use the indians to attack a foreign power; or just before you declare independence (the indians are very likely to get pissed at the King's forces and give them a damn good thrashing).
Establishing missions can not only help keep the Indians under control, but can provide a source of new colonists, as some natives will eventually convert. You can encourage this by having the occasional bash at the villages.
The villages are also an inexpensive way of training your colonists in particular skills. Your scouts will discover what each particular village is known for, but don't send any criminals.
Next month In the next instalment of GameBusters, we will be looking at building on your good start, maximising the potential of your colonies, making loads of dosh and preparing for independence. '¦ GAMEBUSTERS ON THE NET If you have access to the Internet, you can view a whole catalogue of game tips on many recent games.
FutureNet is one of the fastest growing Internet resources and the Amiga Format presence there includes tips on everything from Monkey Island 2 to Championship Manager.
If you want to stay on top of the latest games, point your web browser to: http: www.fulurenet.co.uk computing amigaf or mat him I _ * x Si £
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Steve McGill checks out a bargain- basement-hunters' paradise this month, courtesy of those efficient box-shifters, Future Zone.
5 s!
Z lil III cc u in Re-releases CYTRON: Bouncy bullets when shot against certain walls. Nick and I love bouncy bullets... methods, two of which involve using two mice and two joysticks. These help add much-needed accuracy with a high manoeuvrability quotient; shooting alien droids, while running away is a positive boon.
Similar to Alien Breed, terminals dotted around various areas of the game-complex let other areas of the complex be opened up, where weapons can be upgraded and power-ups traded in. Proper use of the terminals is strategic and ultimately decides your fate.
At £2.99, Cytron is a "must." Big fans of Alien Breed should add 10 per cent to the score at the end if they don't already own the game.
SUPER METHANE BROTHERS Future Zone ¦ £2.99 Reviewed AF61; 82% CYTRON Future Zone (Phone your nearest branch) ¦ £2.99 Reviewed in AF42; 70% A Gauntlet-derivative with strong hints of Alien Breed and Paradroid thrown in for good measure, Cytron puts the player in control of a highly manoeuvrable attack-droid, charged with the responsibility of saving scientists, collecting various weapon and power-ups, and shooting anything, whether it moves or not.
There are more than a lew novel mechanisms put in here, to add some much-needed spice to what is basically a blast-'em-up with a daft plot tied on to it.
The craft can be split into two parts, so that tricky, narrow passages can be negotiated by droid to trip doors, or obtain security-passes.
There are five different control- IA s r* CC Ul 00 o § An unashamed derivative of an arcade-classic, Tumble Pop, Super Methane Brothers is similar, superficially at least, to Bubble Bobble and has the disquieting effect of being addictive without actually being all that enjoyable.
Reasons vary, but difficulty-level doesn't play all that important a role.
There are 120 levels in all, with minibosses, bonus rooms that look really psychedelic "man" and secret rooms.
You stun the creatures in each level with gas, draw them into a vacuum cleaner and spurt them back out again against a wall. Once a level's bereft of creatures, passage to the next level is allowed and the same procedure happens all over again.
There are no re-start points, which means that once you lose all of the lives from the numerous continues the game throws at you, you've got to start all over again. Distracting and irritating to say the least.
Nevertheless, SM Brothers is mildly entertaining and at £2.99 while stocks last, it's definitely worth checking out. ® B-R0M .CD-R0M..XD-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-ROM .GD-ROM...CD-ROM...GD-ROM...GD-RQM...GD-] Aminet 7 Ammet CD 7 dared August 1995. Consists of approximately 1.1 gigabytes of software in 3600 archives Since the release of Aminet CD 6 more than 540 MB new software ha. Appeared The current edition ha. A ipeool focus on enoget. More than 10000 imoge.
From Aminet were included User friendly access software males the Am.net CO 7 o pleasure to use £14.95 Aminet Set 1 Aminet t» the world 's lorgesl coRectron of freely distributable Amiga software Up to 10 000 users access the vast arthivei ervery day ond countless programmers publish directly vio Aminet Until recently occett to Aminet wot reslncted to mternotrond network users With Aminet Set I. consisting of 4 Cds. The complete archive is published the first hme Thri CDROMccJIrKtcan. Wfwrh it dated January 1995.
Offer, an almost inexhou.lible resecvou of top-value Shareware A wide variety of programs n included Appficationi Gome., Demos, Pictures, Mods, Animations. Developer-Material. H contains approximately 4 gigabytes ol soltware in 12.500 orchrve. And you will en|oy the comlortoble user interfoce £29.95 CD-Write WhaHtl You .till con! Write to you* Cds? CDROM. Hove long been on esserstld port d Amiga computing Mony users oWoody own a CD-ROM drive, and the number d software pockogei ovoiloble on CD i. increasing stoodJy Until now, though, it wo. Not possible to write to Cds We have solved this
problem with our new revolutio nary product Ralph Babel ond Stolon Ossowski'. Schatztruhe are proud to present what can be eon«dered o marvel o* technology CD-Wnto enobles you to virtually write to Cdi with on ordinary CD- ROM dure From now on, you will be able to write, delete, ond modify data on yout CD. Thi. Product will toko you into a new ero. Ond you will be oble to utilize CDROM technology to it. Fullest £44.95 CDBoot 1.0 CDBoot is o fantastic new product that enobles you to use almost ony CD32 gomes on on A1200 or A4000 (wuh AT- or SCS»-CD ROM dove ond ony Wesy.tem| You can create a
configuration file for eoch CD conloimrvg information on the Joy pod emulation. You con o*to save the hrghscore ol eoch CD32 gome. The usage and installation ol CDBoot is very easy, also for beginners, due to the excellent English manual Since the compat.bJ.ty is very high, you con use 98 i ol CD32 games currently ovoJoble CDBoot is on excellent toftwore solution for ol AMIGAfreokv who would We to enter the world of C032 gome.l £34.95 FreshFonts II The FreshFonts II CD-ROM contort. 632 megabyte, of font, for oh most ony computer system Most of the font, are freely Attributable, except for the
Thmnen fonts, winch ore exclusive on thi. CD Eoch of these font. I. included rt four Afferent format. DMF. Agfa IntefcFon*.
Adobe and TrueType There are 231 font families on this CD (eoch containing of up to 8 different styles) They are etossified *n seven cotegor ei Deco (63 families). Noalotin (33 faruhet). Pictures (16 famites). Sant Serif (29 fom*e»|. Scrip* (36 fomiUs). Seaf (36 fonuWi). Thienen (19 families) £19.95 Gamers' Delight This CD contain. 40 games for the Commodore Arruga from differing categories Action. Jump 4 Run, Card Games. Puzzles. Strategy Games • a whole range of computer entertainment aworfsl Gamers Delight will hold you eopHvoted for hours ond guarantee i longlost- ing pleasure A* gomes
are commercial versions no public domain 6 no demoil This CD can be run on ony Amiga with CDROM drive COTV of AMIGA CD32 Console with I MB free memory ond Joystick Joypod £29.95 LIGHT ROM 2 The UGMT ROM 2 CD contain, almost 650 megabyte, of 3D object.. imogei. Rmoget equencet. Scono files, .urfoce attributes, bump mops and texiu.es in IFF and TA2GA formats. DEM*, ond lightwave rek ted text files IIGHT ROM it an Invaluable resource fo* lightwave u*en. And as a bonus, includes materval for Sculpt 3D and Imagine user. £44.95 da capo The da capo CD-ROM is a .ource for fogbqualify music, bo*
fo* listening enjoyment and for samples to use In creating you* own music This it no* |uU anoiher random collection of modules Many modules and .omple. are exclusively to do capo. Included ore more thon 1400 of the best available modules and 2000 higlvquolioty samples £27.95 Gotewoyl offers Ne*BSD 1.0. 0 full featured UNIXftke operating system with both source, ond binaries fo* the Anuga. I3B6. Sun 3, ond other architectures Go netsurfing with the large selection of supplied networking tools Other .upplied packages include o binary release of the X window system (X11R6) for the Amiga, with
many oddrtionat clients, ond packoge. Such as peri, emocs. Gomes, mod programs, and many megobyte. Of important text file, mch at RFC. And FAQ.. A complete instaflolion guide it avadoble on the CD There ore dso tome AnugoOOS internet u"l*et. Such os cbent.
For AmiTCP ond Envoy £9.95 Meeting Pearls Vol. 11 The Meeting Pearls Volume II contain. 650 MB ol the lines! FD soft ware vio o speclol user insetfoce. Which has been created 10 oHow yog to find the program ol your choice with ease The contents 35 MB of selected himlpoges • 50 MB grophtci programs and doto 15 MB gomes - 10 MB from "The Party 'Pi* - 13 MB d«sh. Hard Ask ¦ CD-ROM and SCSI tools 19 MB vonou. Other tool. • 11 MB oduco mainly from ErK Schwarz - 40 MB developer tools |e g p*» nstalled compiler (DICE. Oberon. Moduk |. CommodoreJndudes GuhTooU)
• 9 MB mut-: programs • 10 MB m»A programs - 27 MB p-cfgres • 60
MB tents. FAQ*. CD contents fitov etc • 40 MB knax for Am.go •
100 MB TeX installation (PosTeX rod 600 dp. Ond fa* font.) 38
MB movie doto base 50 MB archive, for Ppon - 18 MB module. - 50
MB NetBSO for Amiga £9.95 The Light Works rrTTrrm nmrnT The
Light Works Raytracing • A fascinating area of the computer
graphic.. Picture, from the computer, perfectly rendered,
fojonote people oil over the world. The Amiga wa» the h*»i
computer to be used for raytracing.
And today If i. .till o leader, w.th many high quality programs a real orkil of roytrocmg is Tofcxa. J Richter from Cologne Germany, whose detailod ob ds sign the people Especially his spoce ships of famous science ficfcon films ore used to demonstrate the copabAtje.
Entrernfy reahstic ke to the application of complex surface textures of the models U«*l now it wot difficult to ocqwtre these objects in order so oea'e ones own scenes or ommabons £29.95 Texture Gallery Texture Gallery .s a 2 CD-ROM set containing over 1.3 gigabytes of texture, designed for graphic or tuts Included are hunAedt of ?4 btf texlure. In severo! Afferent format.. incluAng IFF, TARGA. JPEG.
PICT. SGI, and TIFF These -exti es ore perfect lor use wsth 30 programs hke bghtWove 3D ond con be used to create bump mops AS ol the texture, are re presented in thumbnails renderings for easy previewing. £44.95 freshFishlO
* The FreshFish CDROM-sene. Produced duedfy by Fred Fish, pravi-
| des AMIGA users with hundreds of megobytos ol the latest
freely re w distributable software Published approximately
every two months | eoch volume is o two CD set contorting new
submissions unce the 2 la toil volume, a. wei os an aver
growing selection of tools libraries 3 documentation and other
useful material that is updated with every 5 release £29.95
GoldFish 2 All products are available in your local Amiga-shop
or through national mail-order-companies International
Distributor: Volume 2 of the GoldFish series contorts a
select-on ol software, animations. Pictures ond other
material released on FreshFrth CD-ROM's between October 1993
ond November 1994, with most ol the material updated to the
kstost ovoiloble version. All material s. included in both
orchrved (BBSreody) and unarchived | ready-torun) form.
£29.95 Cl?
Jwzim gt| Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel ¦ Germany Tel +49-6171-8 5937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 The essential magazine for Amiga enthusiasts Sound blaster!
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We all know that the Amiga is the best multimedia computer in the known Universe and fpyat users, A- are sticking with the technology like glue. But why? We asked six of our regular writers to left us why they use Amigas for their work and what their Amiga set-up is. We also asked'them what features they think that Amiga Technologiea need to include in their new Amigas.
On the Coverdisks We gave you the Protext I4.3 Program disk on our September Coverdisk. Now we have the full Utilities disk to complete this excellent word processing program. The Utilities disk includes the dictionary and printer drivers, plus tutorials to help you get the most out of the program. Plus!
ShopperChoice is stuffed full of loads of other programs and utilities.
Competition Protoxt uinem *** Enter our AIWA competition this month and you could win one of two AIWA ACD-300 CD-ROM drives or one of three sets of AIWA SC-C55 multimedia speakers. All you have to do is answer five questions and send in your answers on a postcard.
Piece of cake!
October issue 54, On sale Tuesday, 22nd August MSX Rrr ' Amslrad C . I VIC20 A CT UNIX (CD76) Now £14.99 FiMiWiWim iDULT SENSATION?
IHE NEW Mktl Adult Sensation 2 features a whole new batch of exciting new Adult material including Thousands of 44*.'
O. f JdSTO.'RM Adult Sensation Volume One contains over 4.000
high quality cotour photographs of glamour girls. This CD w?H
take you months to ponder through Only suitable for humans
over the age of 18 and under the age of 65.
ADULT SENSATION icdou £19 99 I Lucky Dip volume one contains hundreds of games, demos, dipart, fonts, music.
I tools, graphics utilities, I Animations, Sound FX.
I Samples, and loads more.
At just £4.99 its a bargain!!!
| ‘FREE with *ny order over £25.00 ‘LUCKY DIP Volume 1 Create your own fascinating 3D stereogram images contains numerous tools as well as hundreds of prerendered pictures and hundreds more for you to render your self Very easy to use.
(CD54) £9 99 E MAIL epic®.
LUCKV gA T’ n Inc: transport. Animals.
MBBk People, Technology, etc THE COLOUR LIBRARY (CD130) £9 ILLUSIONS 3D Retro gaming at it s best. Over 3000 all-time classic spectrum games on one CD-ROM.
Emulators included for the Amiga, Mac, Atari ST & PC (dos & Windows). Games include Manic Miner. Skool daze, Monty mole.
Startrek, Thrust. Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit.
Strip Poker, Danger Mouse. The Sentinel, Micro Olympics. Under Wurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac, River raid. Barbarian, Hunchback and over 3000 other classic spectrum games including multi-load games.
Speccy part deux also contains hundreds of documents containing instructions tor most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats.
Suitable for all platforms but requires the use of keyboard to play the games.
SPECCY SENSATION 2 out mown World of Clipart is a double CD- ROM containing around 40.000 mono and colour clipart images contained in over 100 catagories in IFF. GIF. PCX.
CDR. EPS. TIF, & BMP. Tools for converting images to another format are included for both the PC & Amiga. Subjects include : Animals, Anatomy, Babies, Men, Women. Trees.
Reptiles, Insects. Xmas. Religious. Planes. Vehicles, Ships.
Toys. Zodiac signs. Eye catchers. Humour, Cats, Dogs.
Computers, Technology, Sealife. Space, Symbols. Royalty, Dinosaurs, Plants, Nature, Ads, Tools, Astrology. Hands.
Birds, Business, Office, Workers, Cartoon, Lion King, Education, Food, Gardening, Holidays. Houses & Buildings.
Helicopters. Children. Banners. Medieval, Military, Monsters.
Music, Sports (football, golf. Aerobics, Olympics, etc).
Transport, Trains, War and more.
WORLD OF CLIPART Plus °°UBLB co ici Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for the Amiga & PC. Spread over the two platforms are emulators for: Apple, BBC, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC20, Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac, Gameboy, Atari ST. MSX. Apple200, Atari 600.
Atari 1040ste. Sinclair QL. Unix and more.
Also features hundreds of games, tools and demos for use with most of the emulators.
I EMULATORS UNLIMITED new"! cdiit) £19.99 Essential utilities is a collection of the most useful tools available. Categories include: graphics converters, text, music tools. Printer drivers. Virus killers, memory utilities. Emulator Business applications including Word processing, database, spreadsheets, diary systems etc. Also features over 3000 high quality adobe & truetype fonts.
ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Volume One (CD74) £9.99 graphic images, hundreds of Adult sexy sound samples in WAV.IFF & VOC, Adult stories.
Comical sketches. Hundreds of Adult jokes, Dozens of either weird.sick or adult animations in FLI & ANIM. Adult sensation 2 also contains around a dozen original adult music modules that feature sexy samples. Not one for the faint hearted... IN STOCK NOW (OVER 18) ADULT SENSATION 2 The new batch A complete reference tbnty of occult, esoteric fringe end tetemet ve realty. 40 mUon words IncwerZXX) textfltaOxers UFOS, Atens & coven**. The JFK ccnspracy. Poice. Ajtoneeve mecfcne, tard, palm rBedng Astrdogy. Paganism & mere.
2000 MYSTERIES (CD 136) £21.99 The colour library contains thousands of top quality colour clipart images for use in any paint or Desktop publishing package. Dozens of popular subjects induded.
::Trar AMINET 7 The Professional Backdrops & Icons collection Volume 2 is a superb set of high quality Desktop backdrops (256 colour picture subjects include: Girls, Space. Classic1 cars. Aircraft, Landscapes, textures etc.) aswell as a huge 16 colour backdrop set of pictures, aswell as Thousands of Icons, and Dozens of Screen Blankers and Desktop tools. For the Amiga there is a massive collection of Magic Workbench extras, including Icons, backdrops, & dock icons. NEW!!!
PRO. BACKDROPS & ICONS 2 (cdih) £19.99 SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting new CD-ROM containing over 1GIG of SCI-FI images, animations, 3D objects, Sound FX, Documents. Themetunes. Scripts & SCI-FI games. Subjects included are: Babylon5, Startrek (The original. TNG, Deep Space 9 and Voyager), Batman, Dr Who, Thunderbirds. Robocop, Sea Quest DSV, Bladerunner. Aliens, Terror hawks, 2001. B!ake7, Battlestar Galactica, Tron, Total Recal, 2010, Space 1999 etc. SCI-FI Sensation also includes hundreds of miscellanous 3D space craft objects, Hundreds of miscellanous SCI-FI images, sound fx. SCI-FI music
and more.
Graphics Sensation is a collection of the best graphics tools, 24bit images, animations and Imagine & Lightwave objects. 3D objects categories include: Space (Startrek, Babylon5, robots etc) Animals, Aviation. Home (Bathroom. Kitchen, furniture etc).
Botany, Clocks. Computers, Earth.
Food, Toys. Trees. Musical instruments, Phones. Sports.
Vehicles, etc. Plus hundreds of texture files.
GRAPHICS SENSATION (cdo2) £19.99 This original time table includes over 6,000 stories covering key events in business, politics and media from the Trojan horse to Desert Storm.
Stories are linked to exciting multimedia effects, including hundreds of graphics, sounds, maps, & charts. Every word in every story is hot-linked to all other stones with the same word Just click & go.
Another superb multi-media encyclopedia.
TIME TABLE OF HISTORY ,00,29, 04.91 Over 7,000 top quality colour images.
Subjects include: cats, aviation, animals, people, hi-tech, space, cars, trains, textures, nature, sports, pinups, boats, flowers, plants, seasons, birds, technology, raytraced, cartoons, fantasy, art. Reptiles and dozens more subjects.
The perfect CD for presentation, and Desktop publishing work.
Aminet 7 (November '95) contains around 200mb of new data, catagories include: Thousands of tools, games, demo s, music modules, software patches. AGA software, features an easy to use front end and search facility. (CD124) £14 99 SCI-FI SENSATION double cd (cdiis) £19.99 GIF SENSATION NEW" double cd a Contains our most popular floppy based software titles on one giant CD-ROM. Now you can purchase the entire Epic collection in one go. This compilation contains hundreds of megabytes ol Amiga software, subjects mdude: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 30 objects for Imagine S
Lightwave. Colour. Bitmap.
Compugraphic fonts S Adobe fonts. Graphics converters, Music tutortals, Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators. Hundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk installer & tods. Various Hardware prompts. A number of classic demo s, Hundreds of games including Shod em ups. Mind leasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games. The latest Assassins games S the latest LSD utilities are also included. Dozens of Emulators are included. The Epic collection CD-ROM is updated bi- monihly. And user updates are available to registered users for as |ust £9.99. this means you can have the very
latest range of software regularly without having 10 keep purchasing new CD-ROMs. You simply return your Epic cdiection CD-ROM, we n update it and send it straight back ,o you.
It's as easy as that. ‘Supplied with printed Index booklet.
THE EPIC COLLECTION GOLD newih (CDioo, £59.95 A superb CD-ROM for all STARTREK fans, contains Hundreds of graphic images in IFF & GIF from the very first sertes too the very latest Mm series. Dozens of IFF and WAV sound samples are also included aswell as both the Next Generation & original Startrek Theme tunes Also includes dozens of Startrek animations in both | Amiga anim & FLI. A number of Startrek games for the Amiga S PC are also included updated VERSION STARTREK MULTIMEDIA GOLD ,cdm £27.99 A,cade Classics is an original collection ol ALL your old arcade lavountes. Including Amiga & PC
This CD will keep you busy tor months,!!
Floppy dnve required. Keyboard recommended.
The Groi»er electronic Multimedia encyclopedia contains thousands of pages of information on every subject, with Thousands of great colour photographs and illustrations and hundreds of sound dips from the BBC this CD-ROM is san essential purchase for all CD-ROM users.
Suitable on any Amiga configuration.
GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA verelon 2. (CD4«) Specie! £26.99 The Professional Desktop KM Video CD-ROM contains ' ¦j1 ¦ -W8 of top Quality V ¦ ¦jMmtSL I 3...15‘c -ts ico oui & monoi.
Original backdrop textures U bBM symbols 3D oo;ects. Desktop utilities, high quality desktop _f_video dipart, and more.
DESKTOP VIDEO CD icdss) £14 99 Features hundreds of all-time classic C64 games.
Over 10.000 commodore 64 Megademos, over 30mb of classic C64 game tunes and loads more.
C64 SENSATION “Blast from the Past" (C0120) £19.99 Indudes over 3000 high quality colour images and over 3700 official documents covering every Shuttle mission. Delve into the history and excitement of The Space Shuttle THE EPIC LECTION THE SPACE SHUTTLE (CDi38) £19.99 ARCADE CLASSICS "twin EPIC Marketing i § Order Enauiryline. ***• il VIClOTId L'Cin t.
138 Victoria Rd. Swindon. Wilts.
SN1 3BU. UK 017 93 490988 Ol 793 514-187 (AUSTRALIA) If you live in Australia or tev-Zeaiarc you car. Rcw purchase any of the aixve CD XK titles frcra our S dne fcaseri fj, olSSS EPIC 36 Forest Road HeattKOtd NSW. 2233 Australia.
- 3 5SS tfUKUl pres* UK BRANCH Open Mcnday-Saturday 9:30-5:30.
Chetjjes & Postal outers accepted. UK P&P add £1 per CO-IROM
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Yorkshire WF1 1 DH TEL: (01924) 366982 FAX: (01924) 200943 Long
Awaited Sequel To The PHASE 4 Order Your Copy Now For £19.99 ?
£14.99 ¦i'M TEXTURE GALLERY £36 99 ¦ SRPB ' double CD set con'ains over
1. 3 GIG of textures in TARGA, JPEG, IFF, PICT, SGI, & TIFF
formats. Perfect for use with any 3D program such as Imagine
or Lightwave!
Spread over 4 Cds, these sets contain all of the Fred Fish library to 19951 Hundreds of utilities!
Each CD is packed with hard lo find utilities, games, graphics & demos! Easy to use menu requires kickslart 2.0+ NETWORK CD £13.99 WgftPl NETWORK CABLE £18.99 ¦¦¦I BUY THEM BOTH FOR £31.99 The network CD & cable allows a CD32 to be linked to any other Amiga, giving full file access to any CD!
IMAGINE CD £36 9 ®ne 'he most complete collections of textures, attributes, objects ond backgrounds available for Imagine users.
Nj ASSASSINS CD £17.99 The most complete ond easy to use gomes CD ovoilable. Titles run direct from the CD on ANY Rom drive including CD32! Interface is o very easy to use custom menu.
Hjfgj POWER GAMES £14.99 A collection of over 500 superb PD games for any CD Rom platform including CD32! All titles included run direct from the CD!
BE fHE LIGHT ROM £36.99 THE LIGHT ROM 2 £36.99 HSLsW BUY THEM BOTH FOR £69.99 If you have Lightwave, then these are a 'must buy' it you intend to take raytracing seriouslyl Recommended!
Fonts, clipart, objects, 24 Bit Images. 250 MB of samples & mods from the M.U.G.. includes the FULL Octamed 5.041 & MORE!
[ ¦3 IMAGINE ENHANCE £39.99 Contains exclusive data covering objects, maps, fonts, backdrops, demos and picture gallery plus other various bits 4 bats to enhance your images.
Each CD contains hundreds of disks from our library, with on easy to use point, click & dearchive menu!
• Sj.'Sr AMINET 5 £12.99 IB I AMINET 6 £14.99 AMINET 7 £14.99
AMINET 4 DISK SET! £24.99 Includes entire contents o( Aminel I
to 4, plus 220 MB of NEW DATA!_ Active 4 Ground Zero's Latest
PD Releases 650 MB Of New PD Software Over 1400 Of The Best
Available Music Mods NET BSD 4 Internet Tools For Amirjosl
Images, Scenes, Source Code, UliTs 4 Tipsl A Complete Reference
Guide For The Dino!
All You Need To Know About Every Country!
Superb Updoted Encyclopedia 2 Cds Full Of Amiga Animotionsl Hundreds Of Speccy Gomes 4 Emulators!
PD Soft's Latest Library Release With Booklet Superb Collection For All 3D Usersl A 2 CD Collection Of Multimedia Resources Thousonds Of Sompies 4 Modules!
Proof of age required. We do no! Condone or supply illicit hard core material.
You know what you like; you know what you want; but money is running low. Steve McGill knows how to give yourself, as well as your bank account, a treat.
GONKS GAME By Ware Type _ PD Library No of Disks Price_ Fans of Lemmings, Troddlers, and Lost Vikings will find Gonks to their liking. As did I. After initially loading the game up, not reading the instructions and eventually working out what was going on, 1 found myself addicted with the insane intensity of an over-worked rat in a treadmill on a caffeine drip; 1 desperately wanted to stop, but the game kept feeding me and feeding me and feeding me... The aim of the game is to move various bits of scenery around a screen within a set time-limit. When the limit is up, the eponymous Gonk sets
off towards the exit. If you've moved the screen furniture into the proper place, the Gonk will succeed in his exiting quest and you can move on to the next level.
Blocks, stairs and dynamite all have to be utilised in a logical, tangential, lateral manner. Despite the desire not to sound as if I’m sitting on the fence - if this is the sort of game you like, then you’ll like this sort of game.
Graeme Sandiford dismissed it as dull, dull, dull, whereas I had to be dragged a wav from the office by burly, white-uniformed men, sporting funny-tasting sugar cubes, screaming.
"No, let me go; 1 know how to do that level now. Just one more go". I'm currently writing this review in D- Wing as aversion therapy.
RESERVOIR DOGS SLIDESHOW ANIMATION By _Braxde Atkins Ware _Freeware PD Library No of Disks Price _ _17 Bit, various _4 Varies on PD House OK. Copyright problems aside, this hybrid animation slideshow of Reservoir Dags is something I’d like to RESERVOIR DOGS: The question that's far too tempting not to ask, but what's going on ear?
See more of in the pages of FD Select; albeit, slicker and tighter in the presentation department.
Reservoir Dogs is a cult icon of cut and paste directing-lechniques, based on film noir with a little bit of Quentin Tarrantino's personality mixed in for good measure.
This animated slideshow of the film, put together by the unlikely- sounding Brazzlc Atkins, tries to pay tribute to Quentin's master piece, but fails. Not miserably, but he fails.
For a start, considering the technical limitations it’s working within - created with Deluxe Video 3, a Vidi 24RT, Future Sound, and Dpaint IV - it lasts too long at just a smidgen over five and a half minutes. There are far too many digitised, static pictures and not enough action.
A couple of parts that work 4" really well are the sequences that splii the screen; show quick jump-cuts between scenes; and loop particular sequences in an amusing manner.
In case this isn’t clear enough, let me explain. The infamous scene where Mr Blond cuts the ear off of the unfortunate captured policeman sees the screen split in two.
On the left side, the still pics cut quickly between the various views of the whole scene; Mr Blond laughing; the cop screaming in agony; etc. Meanwhile, on the right-hand side, Mr Blond's infamous dance loops continuously and produces a highly humourous effect.
So, in all, nice try, but no cigar.
Anyone who’s created something similar that auto-boots, send it in to PD Select. Who knows, you might make yourself famous.
Pay for less than thirty seconds of entertainment. Even if it is of a high- ish, but ultimately plagiarised quality.
A three hour video cassette can be picked up for around £1.99 in the shops. Television continuously broadcasts all manner of cartoons lhat are readily recordable on previously bought video cassettes.
Bearing that in mind, this animated sequence is hilarious. In its short lifespan, no less than 10 gags make an uninhibited appearance.
The pace, character and expressions of Wile E are comical in extreme. If you’re feeling generous and want to take a closer look at each frame of animation, check out this disk.
_Reko Products Shareware Sadeness PD _Three SUN SI J DESHOW By WILE E COYOTE IN CLIFF HANGER ANIMATION TRSI Freeware _Freestyle PD _Two Chrome . Freeware _Mon PD One Everyone knows about Klondike, the cult card game of champions. Or, at least, it is for those who like a game of patience to pass the time.
Klondike's been featured in the pages of so many Amiga magazines PD House _ No of Disks_ Price _£1 per disk plus 50p p&p In general, slideshows are as much fun as filing your nails when there's no nail left to file.
A magnificent exception to this maxim is the SUN slideshow from the Polish branch of TRSI. Here we have a stunning collection of nine outstanding images, accompanied to a backdrop of an Enya sample.
The sound complements the visuals and gives the presentation an almost mystical, metaphysical touch.
Check out the accompanying grabs on this page to see for yourself how good the images really are.
After all of the pictures have been looked at by the user, a little video jukebox appears that lets you select whichever of the images takes your fancyt A nice idea that saves the bothersome time of having to continually click the mouse to reach the desired image.
That you may be wondering why another mention is forthcoming.
Simple really, the card set is so eerily beautiful, it has to be seen and played with for a bit. Lifted from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, every card features a character or characters from the film.
As such, it makes the game look attractive - much more fun and a lot less mess than playing with real cards.
If you've ever fancied having a go at making your own sets, then you can. A utility is supplied with the requisite support files.
Despite the fact that certain card sets shouldn't be rewarded with a shareware fee (Nightmare Before Christmas isn't copyrighted or licensed to Reko Products), Klondike 3 is still worth getting hold of.
PD House _ No of Disks _ Price _£1 per disk plus 50p p&p Ware KLONDIKE 3 GAME By- Ware _ PD Selection of the month MASTER BLASTER GAME By_Alpha Brothers Ware _Freeware PD House _Southern Software No of Disks_One Price _£1 plus 50p p&p Up to five players can take part in this truly excellent Dynablaster-clone. Ifs the ultimate in sociability while anti-socially blowing up your friends and family.
This is one of those rare games that everybody seems to enjoy playing. Even when they're not very good at it. Sue Grant, Editor of sister magazine Amiga Shopper continually pestered me to play the game.
Originally from a Nintendo magazine, she continually compared it to Super Bomberman on the SNES. Usually, her comments ranged from what she preferred about Super Bomberman - differences in power-ups and backgrounds, and the the size of the arena - to what she didn't like about Master Blaster, the betting shop and the Wheel O' Fortune.
While her comments were mostly valid, the one thing she didn't take into account was that a brand new version of Super Bomberman on the SNES would cost around the £50 mark.
And if you wanted to play with five players, the multi-tap unit required to host the extra would cost around another £50. Yet Master Blaster sets you back the price ot a disk and a postal charge. A four-player parallel port adaptor can be picked up for just under a fiver, or you can even opt to make it yourself.
Take this into consideration the next time you feel like a game of Super Bomberman.
Master Blaster, while limiting in certain respects still represents some top-screaming and cursing fun.
Oh, and although it's freeware, if you really like it, send some money to the Alpha Brothers and ask them to put in some more levels and add some more power ups. They'll make a fortune.
¦ rr E I S n CONTROL.:* I i , up a ¦ MASTER BLASTER: Collect coins during games and you can buy power-ups before the next contest.
Recommended to all, although the price of £2.50 is almost half way toward a book with several images of a similar quality. Bear it in mind.
- MORE CARS UTILITY By _Andrew Bolt Ware_Freeware PD House_ 7
Bit Software SUN Val Kilmer, eat your heart out Bat Woman
forever more like.
No of Disks_Two Price _£ per disk plus 50p p&p One of the many elements in Super Skidmarks2 that ensures longevity is the ability to customise Sound FX for the car engines and the beeping of the horns, and the ability to create your own car models from scratch.
It's not quite as easy as it sounds, though. For a start, to create new models of cars, the 3D ray tracing package. Imagine, is needed. Competence with the tools therein and a reasonable artistic bent are also somewhat necessary. But practice can certainly improve the quality of any output.
And Andrew has certainly put in a lot of practice. There are four new models of cars on two disks: a jeep, a truck, a sports car. And a bloke in a wheelchair.
The frames and the lighting on the models are nigh on perfect. Of the four models, the wheelchairs are undoubtedly the best. They look great while racing.
Installation is very simple, although the 'Installer' utility must be present in the C: directory of the Hoppv or hard drive. After a few minutes, full access to ihe new cars is gained.
Andrew’s also olfering another twelve racing models, one of which won our Imagine Built A v Hot Rod Competition. Lo fans ot Super Skidmarks for a modest fee.
Highly recommended. Anyone who thinks they can do better, send OCTOBER 1995 PUBLIC DOMAIN
• your cars to us and mark the envelopes “Skidmarks2 Cars."
MALEDICTION GAME By_D’Heeger Ware_Shareware PD House_17 Bit Software No of Disks_Two Price _£1 plus 50p p&p Fans of Dungeon Master and first- person-perspective, role-playing games will be pleased to hear that Malediction has all the core elements of an enjoyable, if limited by the genre, dungeon romp.
Selectable characters and customisable parties are open to the gamer's choice. The usual mechanics of seeking and keeping various potions, spellbooks, weapons and fighting assorted monsters are in here.
What's slightly different, though, is the block-mapping of the environment. It means that, rather than moving in 90 degree rotations, you can move in small increments at a time throughout the full circularity of a 360 degree motion.
Of course, having this occur at an acceptable frame rate means that compromises have to be made.
Owners of non-accelerated A1200s are catered for with a small window, whereas anyone else can have the larger window run at an acceptable rate. It's not perfect, but, then again, what is?
Written in Blit Basic 2, Malediction is as good a shareware game as any. It could have been 'prettified' at the cost of speed.
D’Heeger opted for a fast-playing, dungeon explore-'em-up and deserves some sort of reward for the effort put in. What’s more, if you like what's on offer here, registering rewards you with the full game.
LECH DEMO By_Freezers Ware_Freeware PD House _Freestyle No of Disks_ Price _£1 plus 50p ptifp We haven't featured a demo in PD Select for a while. Despite the technical trickery, there still isn't a great deal to get excited about in terms of presentation.
The argument runs that the technical difficulty and fluid execution of demos is all that counts.
I suppose that’s true, especially when you're looking for a programming job or something.
Lech is as technicallv accomplished as they come. There are some truly lovely bits when a Doom-style dungeon is entered, travelled through and exited. Each time an exit is made, various routines where oddly-shaped 31) objects, both texture-mapped and colour-cycled, strut their stuff and disappear.
Furthermore, lech has been coded by Polish group Freezers. The music is an accomplished techno rant and it fills in the gaps competently.
But not once throughout the whole demo was there anything to get excited about. So, in the words of a connoisseur wine taster, this demo is fruity and sassy, but lacks body essence to sustain any entertainment value. '2?
1) Pro Gamble v2.1
2) Little Office 2
3) Games Cheats
4) 064 & 200 Games
5) Magic Wb & Magic Menue
6) 101 Games PK3
7) 3D Garden Designer
8) Spectrum & 400 Games Pack
9) AGA306 Fix Disk 3
10) Printer Pack II TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES TOP 10 courtesy
of: SOFTWARE 2000 48 Nemesia, Amington, Tamworth, Staffs, B77
THIS MONTH Sadeness PD 13 Russel Terrace Mundesley Norfolk
NR11 8U Tel: 01263 722169 Freestyle PD 108 Woodside Way Short
Heath Willenhall West Midlands WV12 5NH Tel: 01922 710985 F1
Licenceware 31 Wellington Road Exeter Devon EX29DU Tel: 01392
438802 Southern Shareware 7 Stockheath Road Leigh Park Havant
Hants P09 5HE Tel: 01705 642666 Mon PD 9 Lon-y-Wylan
Llanfairpwll Ynys-Mon Gwynedd LL61 5JU Tel: 01248 714591 17
Bit Software 1st Floor Offices 2 8 Market Street Wakefield
West Yorkshire WF1 1DH Tel: 01924 366982 Final A new branch
on the SoftWood family tree Grove-itsback - Main (Body) Who
else but the Worlds leading Amiga home c- office productivity
software deivlopcr could offer you such a wide range of award
winning programs ’f A range acclaimed as the best for your
computer with individual programs having received Amiga
Format Cold. Amiga Computing Bine c- Cold Chips. CC Amiga Top
Baled and many, many others worldwide.
Final Writer 4' S Final Word Processor Publisher most powerful Amiga word processor for users needing the highest performance and most comprehensive range of features.
• TextBlocks™ - to position text at any size and angle
• FastDraw Plus'" - versatile selection of graphics tools
• TouchTools" & PowerUser Bars'" - One touch commands
• PerfectPrint'" - You just can't print better on your Amiga
• French, German and Norwegian dictionary options
• Output PostScript'" fonts & clip-art lo all graphic printers
Supplied with 100 images and 120 outline font FREE!
£74.* ..... Message Actions Consider W instead of its
- Explanation- its* Is the possessive form of it* it's is a
contraction meaning it is' or it has- A sentence like its
always cold in here should be rewritten It’s always cold in
here NEWS FLASf- Q beck'll On April 23. 1995 the bankruptcy
proceed! Nos lot Commo- ctote findly ©rriea The courts ciccqB]
iSnna hfK • - • - - - kr Ger men computet mcnutcctif e* • | » |
» Body have liod evet siine Ihey serve Iheli _Q L.|u, There is
something about Hie Anug at JmJL , sonct computer Escom hco
deck B | i promising new Amigpa that will don Amiga haicfwoi e
crtd software ts ur toy hj» 1 Page Numt »n | an *roa Matter
Pa-jet OP j Margtnt V Final Copy II ' tPM Word Processor
This powerful alternative is the Ideal companion for Amiga
users with single or twin floppy drives and a lower memory
• PerfectPrint'" - an advanced system that output PostScript™
smooth fonts to ANY printer landscape and portrait modes
• FastDraw™ - on screen drawing tools for creation of boxes,
lines, borders, arrows etc.
• Other features such as newspaper columns and import of graphics
and pictures with scale, crop and autollow text « I.fn*. £49.*
Final Data' Already the .Amiga’s most powerful word
processor publisher, new Final Writer 4 now introduces a unique
user interface that's simpler and even more- productive to use
than any other.
W ith our new ClikTabs™ actually in the document window, navigating through the pages and sections of your work couldn't be easier!
Equally as revolutionary, is the new built-in CorrecText'" grammar checker making Final Writer -t the only Amiga word processor that reads, spells and checks, your document actually helping you... WRITE TO PERFECTION!
JS Pinal X"± § yet to use features to store information EASILY.
• Easy definition of columns for categories of information such
as name, house number, street, town, county, postal code, phone
number etc. - no unfamiliar commands!
• Built-in routines for rapid label printing
• Print mail merge with word processors
• New 'Memo' feature, acting like a 'Post-It' note, to enter
large amounts of text within any record £39.* '.r kJto.
..fj» Final Calc' final Cf*.
Ffl Spreadsheet The answer to every spreadsheet users dreams! With its flexible modes of operation, it's ideal for beginners and experts alike.
• Layered sheets for multiple linked spreadsheet operation
• Advanced Printing and font handling with auto-fit to page(s)
and complete document scaling
• Vast choice of graph styles including 3D and animated to show
calculation results actually as they progress
• Unlimited number of Undo and Redo events with listing
• Lotus 1 -2-3 ,WK1 compatible 8 full text file import export
£CALL Final Writer 4‘s new innorations simply add lo a feature
list, already the most comprehensive of any Amiga word
If you would like lo place an order or just require further information, please call our.
Order Line 01 773 521606 ..Naturally
I. Sew Street. Al)reton. Derbyshire. Dps 5 ' SoftWood Products
Europe Limited, (Department PAX: 01 "i HU 040 iUbcrlaiul
(ifntuinv +rt -r.i 65 w i SttflUixHl hit
* 1 WJ I.il O't l' Einerald tjiiastir I jWI J055 S unit'll
• K rj~ nsi5 v m v nwiiri OurfimSui 0 -j v the met amimu.ll in
Ibrlr tur uftyttm Irvmac 111* IIIhen. Ue i mvr Ibr Minimum
mfulml I»l-.il liar tuflum'. But Xniir true line ai utlli
.ill Imfnm. Wr mrmnn bilnt ItivttmKti nu br m nmU u. Mint
rliVdi . .1 I IsMAUJWsUJi'F FLOPPY DISK DRIVES Trues an A500
trom 512K to 1 me • RAM 0505 cn A500 512K (no clock) £20.00 x
512K (inc clock) £25.00 Tokos an A5001rom 512K lo 1mo - RAM
0510 A500 Plus 1Mb £30.00 Takes an A500 Irom 1Mb to 2Mb • RAM
0520 A600 1Mb (no clock) £30.00 Takes an A600 from 1Mb to 2Mb
RAM 0605 A600 1 Mb (inc clock) £40.00 Takes an A600 from is* to
2ue - RAM 0610 Hawk 1Mb - No FPU £99.00 0** 32-M RAM board. 1v*
populated and battery backed ck» • RAM ’210 1 RAM UPGRADE &
• High quality 21* Sony mechanism
• Strong metal casing
• Built-m anti-dick feature
• SwitchaDle anti-virus mode
• Engahie thsabte switch
• 5ms access time
• Daisy chalnaDle via thru port
• Low power usage
• External PSU not required £59
* *C VAT DM use
• High Quality graphics ana video mixing desk
• FREE Scats HT100 program disk
• Add titles and special effects to videos
• ideal tor home and semi-professional users
• Supports all standard Amiga and AGA graphics
• Input and output composite video signals
• Switches between video only, computer only and mixed graphics
• Hardware fade between graphtc'Vrdeo
• RGB thru - saving the genlock horn bemg unplugged when not in
• Optional chroma key unit available September 95
• Comprehensive 16-page manual plus lull colour sleeve £ LOADER
500 500PLUS OR AMIGA 600 1200 these internal Amite* Loader
replacement drives are ideal tor users who wish to replace
their existing internal drive The pack features a high quality
internal tm. 3d’ drive mechanism tor the Amiga SOOSCOnus dr
Amiga 600. All that you need to tit your drive Is included.
Phis easy to follow tittmg instructions and H months warranty
£99 INC VAT VID 1K) CD-ROM DRIVE & SOFTWARE Plugs straight into
A1200 trapdoor - No soldering required Upgradeable FAST RAM
board to 1. 2 4 or 8mc Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs
for easy upgrades Optional Floating Point Unit - 33*nv or 40mh-
PLCC 68882 co-processor Comprehensive manual with illustrations
Works with all A1200 and A1200HD computers Does not invalidate
your A1200 warranty 2 year warranty INCREASES SPEED BY UP TO 3X
unit combines a CD-ROM drive with the future m Smart Card
Interfaces, the F*CMCIA slot This makes tor an incredibly
convenient and simple to use CD-ROM drive system opening up a
whole new world of CD'mulfimedia technology £34 £44 INC VAT Dwi
• ur io 5TJ£,.
__11 ...... -'?v SCSI-2 INTERFACE SQUIRREL FOR A600 A1200 14" COLOUR MONITOR FOR ALL AMIGAS Hawk 2md - No FPU £129.00 04* 32-M RAM beard 2v* populated and battery backed dock - RAM 1220 Hawk 4Mb - No FPU __£189.00 81* 32-M RAM board 4ut populated and battery backed dock • RAM 1240 Hawk 8mp - No FPU £329.00 81* 32-bit RAM board. Bme populated and battery backed dock • RAM 1200 FPU 33mh* For Hawk______ £59.00 Cyaifll and FPU for Haw* - UPG 1250 FPU 40mh* For Hawk_______ £99.00 Cysiai and FPU for Haw* - UPG 1255 £24.95 £14.95 £14.95 £19.95 £29.00 £29.00 Light ROM £39.00 650Mb ol 3D cfcjeOs mages
etc - ACL 0100 Meeting Pearls Vol. II £9.95 650Mb of the fmesi FD software • ACM 0500 Named atter the tamous storage hungry animal, the Squirrel SCSI-2 interlace simply plugs into the PCMCIA slot (avoiding warranty prooiems) and allows you to connect up to ! SCSI devices to yout Amiga at the same time. This could tie any comtination ot hard drives. SCSI CO-ROM drives, taoe streamers. S-yOuest removaole drnes. Etc Terra Sound £19.95 £39.00 £29.95 Library ACT 04&
• 14’ 28mm. CGA Stereo Colour Monitor
• 15KH -40KHZ
• Digital RGB 8 CVBS
• Adaptor for Amiga
• Power and audio cables The Light Works Rnylracmg package - ACT
0500 UPD Gold Entiro PD library on 4 Cds - ACU 6500 Zoom £19.00
Selection ot PD classes • ACZ 0500 £69" INC VAT MAR 4000 £299
A1200 A4000
• Manipulate and paint graphics m 24-bit
• Supports popular image forn GIF. IFF. PhotoCD and many
• Multiple image editing Real-time HAM8 display IANMUm.hr S
formats including JPEG, v more.. ORGANISER - DIGITAL FILOFAX
NEW VERSION The Digita Organiser with its striking interface superbly emulates the printed filotax diary It lets you type appointments, birthdays, lists and more A lull address book, calendar and task list are also included It is the only program ot its type on the Amiga, and has the I r on QQI option of printing pages that can be NC O inserted into a real filofax I »c vat aso tsoo | £54 INC VAT ASP 3000 Open design lets you to add your own loaders, savers or effects IMAGE PROCESSING IMAGE FX v2.0 FOR ALL AMIGAS SCALA MULTIMEDIA MM400
• Video titling and presentation package
• Import Deluxe Pamt and smular animations
• Professional Quality wipes and transitions
• Imports MIDI and standard sound fries
• Supports GIFF. PCX. FLC. PhotCD and many other file formats
BRILLIANCE V2.0_ £49.00 Advance part & anmabon software - A SB
7912 CANDO V2.5_ £79.00 rteractrve auOomsuaJ authowg • ASC 2200
DATASTORE_ £49.00 Create your own Ifcrary • ASO 4022 EDGE 1.7 -
PRO £16.95 For ten editing . ASE 8200 GB ROUTE PLUS £34.99 Plan
trips and journeys m the UK • ASG 3122 KINDWORDS 3_ £29.00
Professional texi processor • ASK 5832 MAXIPLAN 4_ £19.00
Business software surfe - ASM 2012 VISTA PRO 3.0_ £24.95
landscape generatog package - ASV 8002 FINAL WRITER_ £74.95
word pubfcsher With g-apnes & forts • ASF 3802 WORDWORTH 3.1 SE
SPECIAL EDITION for A1200 Low cost, Efi5BK3 true WYSIWYG word
processor The Amitek Mamba. External Modulator, makes an ideal
replacement modulator for all Amiga owners Everything needed is
supplied Like atl Amitek penpherais. It comes with an easy to
follow manual.
£34 INC VAT MOA 4 00
• 24 M image processing
• Various Realtime painting tools
• Image thumbnails
• Enhanced tent handling
• Expanded muge composing
• AutoFX £99 £299 INC VAT ASS 104 FX browser
• image
• Son edge & antialiasing £49 »«C VAT ASW 6030 Amitek
A500 600 1200 £29.00 Beige coloured replacement power supply
for A50Q.'60Q120G - PQW 0510
• Easy to use storyboard layout ILL PUCES INCLUDE VAT FREE UK
DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £47 INC VAT ¦tic* 0181-309 1111
COLOUR INK JET 660c BiW: 270cps dralV 134cps LO Colour
0. 6mpp EconoFast Mode
• Res: 600 x 600dpi black and while 600 x 300dpi colour 100
sheets A4. Up to 20 envlopes 8 bitmapped fonts for DOS 14
TrueType fonts STUDIO PRO PRINTER CONTROLLER » Print 24-bit
• Workbench drivers for most printers
• Prints pictures from disk using very little memory
• The ONLY professional SW Cft colour management system on the
Amiga L*«vat ass moo Quickshot Starfighter 1 __ Turbo lire
button, 6 foot cabte. Thumb, control, hands tree auto tire -
JOY 6467 i SCSI expansion card i Internal and external
connections ' Cabte 6 drivers inc. rI i Suooods rioid I H •• I
sesi direct OPTIONAL SX1 MODULE Turns the CDC into a powerful
• Small and compact with 24-pin print quality
• Works with any PC or Amiga computer
• 5 Built-in fonts. 2 scalable to 40pt
• Built-in 50 sheet auto feeder
• Citizen EasyslarT software lor Windows and Amiga
• Auto set facility
• Resolution: 360 x 360dpi
• Black ribbon
• Colour kit supplied including colour ribbon
• 2 year warranty MEGA MOUSE FOR ALL AMIGAS » Ultra high 400dpi
resolution with opto-mechamcal encoder
• 5 foot cable » Ettortless fingertip operation with reliable
micro switch buttons 24-PIN ABC COLOUR DOT MATRIX Zip Stik
Super Pro_____________ Autofire, mcroswitches. Hand held' table
top joystick-JOY 5600 cmzEN £149 £12.95 £8.99 Quickshot Apache
QS131 £6.99 2 tire buttons. 6 loot cable, bognp for.
Maximum control. 4 suction cups • JOY 6431 Mega Mouse________£12.95 Ultra high 400dpi resolution. 5 toot cable, effortless fingertip operation - MOU 1875 Logic 3 Speed Mouse £11.95 Swrtchable lor Amiga and ST. 300dpi.
Ultra-sensitive buttons • MOU 4000
• Speed: 4 pages per minute - lOcpiat24BcpsIhigh speedI and
I73cps high quality!
• 80 column-A4
• Res: 360 X 360dpi - 720 x 360dpi with smoothing lunclion In
• Fonts: 5 lypelaces
• Paiallel interlace
• 64K Input Puller. 41K download butter
• Emulations: L02550. X23E.
Canon enhanced
• Automatic and manual sheet leeder FOR THE AMIGA 4000 Allows the
connection ot external or Internal drives, tape Dack-up units.
CD-ROMS, tlopticais and SyQuest Includes many drivers CANON BJC4000 COLOUR BUBBLE JET Seagate ST9145A 127Mb + GVP Software____________£199.00 Upgrades an Amiga 600 or 1200 to a hard disk model • HAR 0127 Seagate ST9240AG 21 0mo + GVP Software_______________£249.00 Upgrades an AMIGA 600 or 1200 lo a hard drsk model - HAR 0210 Seagate ST9190AG 171 Mb + GVP Software________£229.00 Upgrades an Amiga 600 or 1200 to a hard desk model • HAR 0171 DATAFLYER 4000SX SCSI CONTROLLER PRINTERS £319 PD SYSTEM READ WRITE OPTICAL DRIVE ¦ Quad speed CD-ROM Drive with 600K Data Transfer and 195ms access
• 650MB re-writable optical disk drive with removable cartridges.
Cartridges (DIS 1500) £45.00 ALL-IN-ONE £645 INC VAT COB 4300 OverDrive HD CD Combo £199.00 Double speed CD drive with space for HD as well • HAR 3548 Panasonic MORE THAN JUST A GAMES CONSOLE Critical Zone includes the powerful 32-bit CD” games console with built-in dual speed CD- ROM drive, an 11 button controller and 7 top CD-ROM games. Optional upgrades include keyboard and disk drive (allowing use of A1200 software) and an MPEG video playback card allowing video Cds to be played on the CD”.
• 32-Bit processing power
• Dual speed CD-ROM drive
• 16.8 million colours
• Plays audio & CD+graphics Cds
• 11 button controller
• Titles available from £14.99
• Optional full screen video CD module - CCA 0320 ®£ 199 MAIL
Software Delivery Service 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE Silica has been
established for over 17 years, longer than most other computer
suppliers, and has a proven track record in professional
computer sales 0171-730 1234 015*2 21201 0151-432 8666 01752
266666 01708 766066 0114-276 0611 0114-256 977* 0181-302 8811
SH 01761 113587 I OPEN UNTIL 7pm HOW TO PAY monthly terms (APR
19.9% - written quotes on request) COMPUTER SHOPPER 1994 Awards
WE PRICE MATCH II before you make your purchase trom a Silica
store, you see the same goods offered at a lower price by a
local competitor, we will match them on a Same Product - Same
Price basis. For customers who order by telephone, we will
match other mail order companies prices (including their
delivery charge) All price matches are subject to our
competitor having the goods in stock WE OFFER DISCOUNTS To
Business. Education and Government purchasers who place volume
orders. Call 0181-308 0888 WE SUPPORT YOU Free Technical
Helpline - 0181-309 1111 and Free brochures available on
MAIL ORDER 4 HEAO OFFICE: Silica House. Hatherley Road. Sldcup. Kent. DA14 4DX Mail order lines are open Mon-Fn 9am to 7pm and Sat 9am to 5.30pm Call your local store tor shop opening times.
IMELMSFORO DeMhant-M ft* 27HighSi 11215 355511 MrOON Ditmms-MM11-3’IMCM 0181-8811155 SLASGOW Dwrfams-is*e*e. 97AndeS 8111-771 8088 DtterMne-iuraw nw HwsSouan Oetmarn-iMte: iHtopk Oawiam-iwiwo sawsa Ownnans-Opitti ProswdSi OtteWms-MR* WraoKSi Sita - 52 TonenFim Court Rd 8115-75? 7171 81183 381300 r81-827 8300 01117 375151 01173 771313 0171-5811111111 DBM*™-MR*. 331 Wort SI 0171-580 3010 NATIONWIDE 0117*81071 HgflEU) DmnWns-»««¦: _Tbe Mow ShfFFIELO :wi!i SlbCUP Sdtca - SdKa House. Halfterley Rd WUTHAMPTM D&enhams - "p hb Queens*? SOUTHEND 'Keflfcs -laetoi HiqHStreet THURROCK Debtntams-ojKori
Lakes* Centre .. ... 8*enwrs-"r‘«. InsoieCr-::: ¦MOB1EB OmwiOTs-wrm MattST PLWOUTII Damians-BealPma IttnMs -Mitollwwante OetMans-iWfer Mittta DEBEi CALL 0181-309 1111 OR RETURN THE COUPON In: siti, AMFOR-! 096*260. Silica House. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup. Kent Mil 10X ? Please send me an Amiga brochure - Iree ol charge D Please send detailed information on the following products: .. Postcode: . lei (Home): .... Tel (Work): ..... Which computer(s). It any. Do you own?
Mr Mrs MlssTMs .. Surname: ... Company « ««mi:.... Address: ..... HOW TO ORDER LOW COST DELIVERY phone number, post code & Dept. Allow 5 working days for cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT. AF, UNIT 3.ARMLEYPARK COURT, STANNINCLEYRD, LEEDS.LSI2 2AE.
FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE Pnctn an comet attbetimralgoing tupmi HeawtliMliM UlaM Prices before ordering. Afl uhn an subirct in tw standard trnm Itondtom* copy avaAahk. Upon. «qu.u f Aot ardware LOW COST DELIVERY 13 231-9444
• Standard delivery £1.95 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 01 13 23
• 2-3 Week Days £2.95 VWBB Sales8 echm EU0 3_23j M22
• Educational purchase orders welcome OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 1 ,
.fLJ,7 381 |3 &jzsszss& k Jn m irrm,i«o™**Qm a*y««i Hard
Drives can also arrange a courier pickup at an additional cost
of £ 11.0 CD ROM Drives RAM Expansion LL FOR AVAILABILITY
X4000T040 25mhz £2179.99 |A4000T 060 Somhz £2469.99
Specifications A4000 Tower Case. 6Mb Memory,
1. 76 H.Density floppy drive, 1.2 Gig- | SCSI Drive. Scaia MM-300
New!! Amiga A1200 'Christmas 95 Pack' ua pack Oet.ll. not avsalable at time of going pran call tor datalK.
Only!! £389.99 | A1200 with 170Mb HardDrive Only!! £489.99 Get your order in early as UK stocks are limited.
U - drives be fitted by qualified computer engineers) inc. software, cables and instructions 420Mb..£l43.99 540Mb...CI59.99 850Mb..£ 199.99 1.05 Gig...£244.99
3. 5" Hard Drive upgrac only!! £18.99 £ Includes set up software.
• full instructions, no Hardz Fitting service available
2. 5" Hard Drivesfor A600 A I 200 with installation kit
3. 5” Hard Disk Drives with AI 200 600 install kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions AMAZING
80Mb...£89.991 LOWEST 130Mb_£ 109.991 PRICES 250Mb...£ 139.991
EVER 340Mb...£l89.99 [
* “ drives supplied by The First Computer Centre have j minimum
12 month warranty and are tested to ensure IX compatibility.
• Large ICO operation panH _ f;
• SCSI-2 Mirfocr nN
• lOCtosrc data tramler. ITSm, access Umr
• Audio CD drd ated operation buttons £ | 69.99
• Support, Kodak muNnetsaon photo CD PRIMA Shareware CD ROM
valued at £9.99 FREE!! With every order for the AIWA ACD-300
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I *Fully SCSI II compatible *Six speed drive I GVP4008+MD.»m«t..3 £ 129.99| I SCSI II interface card for big box Amiga's.
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Realise the full potential of AI 200 with the Prima Techn trapdoor RAM expansion, inch time clock.
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K. I Microvitec I :jl I Autoscan 1438 | I | ‘ 1.28 dpi. 15 38
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* swlveil stand.
Only £274.99
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Star SJ144ColoUr £229.991 Stunning affordable colour thermal tranafer pnntrr. I running com. 2 p p m mono. 1.4 p p m colour | SuprmpjlXAtodem 288
o 11 S.JOObp, |v42bis) • Clatt I A 2 Fax I • Sltont ft Adaptive
An«w*r % Un-qua LCD Display
• V14 Standard • ROM
• Ncomm Soft-ar. • 5 Year Warranty only £199.99 Is it a bargain
the size of a Hippo s Bum?.
You Betcha!! - Amiga Computing Oct- 1994 Supra ,- 4j? Modem vs:ot.
This modem has lull 14400 baud. M cludes V.lZbb,
V. 12, V.22bis, V22. V2I. MNP2-S, V.42. V42bis. Clast I I a 2
command,. *600 14400 Group ) Fax. Includes free modem comm,
(not FaaHlw A cable only £152.99 OIMRobotics I WE ARE
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V. 32 bis (14400 baud) Low cost venion ol the classM VUBn Fax
Features as below but ciatt I bu only and LED display now only £96.99 Supra modem, are not BABT approved, however they I perform as well A often out perform BABT approved I modems Supea Modeo.. have a 5 year ImiMted warranty Sporlsleti44 C 34.991 Amazing price reduction on Courier Dual Standard V34+ £287.99 Now 33,600 bps.
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£17.49 Wierd Science Fonts £8.99 Fresh Fish 8 £27.49 Weird Science Clipart £8.99 Gateway £8.99 Wierd Science Animation £16.99 GoldFish 1 £24.49 New!! Zoom £18.99 FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 sometimes everything Can the CYBERVISION64 provide Arhiga-artists with'both? P90 CYBERVISION64 p90 Cwt SandWerd finds out if the difference really is clear with this new graphics card.
STORAGE SYSTEMS p92 Graeme Sandiford finds out which storage-medium is best for you.
IOMEGA ZIP DRIVE p95 After his sneak-look last month. Nkfc Wtdi grins evilly as he puts it through its paces.
DATAFLYER SCSI+ p97 Expanding a A1200 is tricky business. Will this SCSI Interface improve things?
DATACHROME p99 Add support for graphics formats to any paint package.
INTOS p101 Could this be the best AMOS-extension ever? Jason Hoi bora investigates.
SCALA MM400 p102 OCTOBER 1995 Graeme Sandiford finds out if this is still the Amiga's best multimedia program.
FIBERFACTORY p105 This new program from the U.S. can be used to create grass and hair quickly and easily.
TECHNOSOUND TURBO PRO pi 07 Nick Voitdi taps his tuning-fork on his Amiga as he tests the quality of this sampler.
BOOK ROUNDUP p111 Graeme SaadWord flicks through some of the best new computer books.
CD-ROM ROUNDUP p112 Graeme Sandiford sorts out the chaff from the wheat in this month's new Cds .
CYBERVISION64 If of an extremely high build- quallty and fit* snugly Into your machine, without the need for excessive force.
Cybervision€4 The human eye is truly a marvel - it is capable of perceiving minute variations in colour and has a visual resolution far superior to any man- made device. While this is all well and good in everyday life, it does make the life of a computer artist that much more difficult. How so?
Well, to create a believable and pleasing image, the computer artist often has to try to display an image that will appear real to the human eye.
Computer-generated images cannot match the resolution of the eye, so images can therefore appear jagged.
Because the human eye has such a vastly higher resolution than can be produced by a computer, the secret to producing realistic images is to protide extra colours. It is possible to create more shades of colour than the eye can distinguish between, and by clever shading it is possible to fool the eye into seeing a smoother and apparently more detailed image.
Although the Amiga’s custom graphics chips, especially the AGA chipset, are capable of producing stunning images, the machine's display can be enhanced even more. Currently, the only way of doing this is to add a graphics card; they can provide you with more colours, higher resolutions, more graphics memory and faster graphics. The CYBERVISION64 is just such a beast - a graphics card accelerator.
The CYBERVISION64 is manufactured by the German company Phase 5 Digital Products, the same company responsible for the excellent Cyberstorm 060, Blizzard 1230s and forth-coming Blizzard 1260s. As you might expect from such a company, a substantial amount of engineering- pride has gone into the CYBERVISION64. As a result, the board is of an extremely high build-quality and fits snugly into your machine, without the need for excessive force.
Directory Opus 5 is just one program that benefits from the screen-sizes supported by the CYBERVISI0N64.
Installing the software necessary to vial as* i aJ ‘-I aa?
- i&L .Stl asP anl si
- nas- irtP SB
- ap atf J run the CYBERVISION64 is likewise, on the whole, a
fairly painless task.
However, creating screenmodes that will work correctly with your monitor is a little tricky if you don’t have the manual for your monitor. The reason for this is that no example monitor- drivers have been included, which means that you need to enter the frequencies that your monitor can handle without blowing itself up and removing most of your facial hair.
Although this problem can be overcome fairly easily, it is still a pain in the neck.
This obscenely fast graphics card accelerator has put a radiant smile on Graeme Sandiford's face all month.
And, I can tell you, that is a very rare occurrence, so it must be good. Very good indeed!
In order to set the screenmodes you wish to use. You have to use a utility called CVMode. This enables you to specify a new monitor by entering salues for your monitor's band-width and minimum and maximum horizontal and vertical frequencies.
Once this information has been set, you can create new screenmodes by entering the mode’s colour-depth and horizontal and vertical resolutions.
The software automatically works out which sizes are available for your monitor from the information provided about its minimum and maximum frequencies. Although it isn’t covered well in the manual, the software includes a program called NewMorle that can be used to promote the screenmode of certain programs to higher resolutions or colour-depths.
Drivers have also been supplied to work with six popular graphics programs. These libraries enable programs to use any of the CYBF.RVISION64 screens you have created, to either render or draw on in up to 16 million colours. The drivers that have been supplied include a library for Heal 3DV2 and above.
Cinema'll), ADPro, ImageFX, Photogenic.s and Photoworx. ADPro, ImageFX and Cinema4D worked okay, although it is a shame there is no 24-bit preview mode for ImageFX - more on this later.
However, using Real 3D and Photogenics was sheer joy. As soon as Photogenics is switched to a CYBERVISION64-screen, you can process and draw in 24-bit quality, in real-time and by jingo is it fast!
Despite support for these popular programs, the software on the whole is disappointing. In addition to die woeful lack of options in the monitor-setting software, there are hardly any utility programs. While not essential, it would have been useful to have an animation viewer, screen-grabber and a screensaver.
Anything up to 1280 x 1024 in 24-bit mode - it is also obscenely fast.
Although, to get the true benefit of the board’s incredible speed, you need a fast machine; on a standard A4000 040 the speed-increase was ama .ing - I can't imagine what it would be like using this with a Cvberstorm card as well!
Opening Photogenics on to a Cyber.gfx screen transforms the program into a a real-time 24-bit paint and image processing package. Not only can you paint in true colour, the screen is blindingly fast and maximises Photogenics' full potential.
For my money, this is the graphics board of my choice - it's blisteringly fast and has a great range of display-modes, if your monitor is up to it, of course.
While die software supplied at the moment is little short of pitiful, a great product like this is bound to muster a great deal of support very quickly and, hopefully, the next version of the board will come with better software. ® Not only does this board have an excellent range of resolutions, it is also obscenely fast.
CYBERVISION64 However, more importantly, it would have been nice to have had a Workbench emulation mode, such as the one supplied with the Retina graphics card. It is possible to open a 24-bit Workbench screen, but, because of the limitations of Workbench, you can't have 24-bit images displayed there. This may sound unimportant, but if Workbench emulation was available, it would be possible to use ImageFX with a 24-bit “preview". To rub salt in the wounds, a program called Cyberwindow has been included which can display 24-bit images in Intuition windows - grrr.
Right, after having a good moan about the software. I have to say that the capabilities of Lhis board are truly stupendous. Not only does this board have an excellent range of resolutions - DISTRIBUTOR Gordon Harwoods Computers 01773 836781 PRICE £329.95 (2Mb) 8. £439.95 (4Mb) SYSTEM REQUIRMEIUTS Amiga 3000 or 4000, 2Mb Fast RAM and Kickstart 3.0+ SPEED • • • • • Screen-updates are incredibly fast, even when in 8-bit emulation modes. Photogenics is transformed.
MANUAL • • •• Well designed and written; gives you all the information you need to get the best out of the board.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • Fitting the board is easy, but setting up the display modes can be a real pain.
FEATURES • • • • This is one of the most impressive boards around and there is an expansion-port for adding even more features.
VALUE • • • • £330 is more than a fair price for the improvement in display- quality and speed - the only thing stopping this from getting a Format Gold is the software.
“Graphics card performance has a new standard.” 89% The Squirrel FB1080S (below) may not be big on finesse, but it's quick and, with over 1Gb of storage-capacity, it's the ideal choice for the power-user.
The data-storage market has undergone major changes recently, including substantial drops in price. Graeme Sandiford takes a look at the best of new drives for the Amiga and finds out which is suitable for you.
Driv ing Ambu
* r~] 1 i'l j 9 1 Just a couple of years ago, most
computer-owners wouldn't even be able to grasp the idea of
having 1Gb of hard disk space.
Panasonic PD Drive Hi-Q ¦ 0181 909 2092 ¦ £600 (£50 for optical disks) While this unit may not be quite as ground-breaking an innovation as the Iomega drive (reviewed on page 95 of this issue), it’s still an impressive piece of hardware. Despite appearing to be just a snazzy CD-ROM drive, the Panasonic PD drive is actually a duel media-drive, capable of reading information from both CD-ROMs and optical disks in the same unit. Of course, this means you cannot access CD-ROMs and optical disks simultaneously.
In order to be able to accept both optical disks and Cds. The Panasonic has an unusual, not to mention rather swish, loading tray. As the tray is opened to accept a disk or CD. The front is moved down, out of the way as the tray slides out giving it a ’space-age’ feel to the operation of the drive.
However, despite being a very clever engineering-feat, the tray does seem a little delicate and wouldn’t last very long in the hands of a clumsy workmate. All the same, you shouldn't encounter any problems in normal operation.
The optical disks the drive uses are capable of storing 650Mb of data and are fully re-writable. This storage- capacity makes the drive ideal for people working in areas where there is a need to transfer large amounts of data, such as multimedia and graphics for DTP-professionals.
While the optical disks aren't ideally suited to being used as a hard disk, they are still pretty fast and there is no reason why they could not be used as a secondary disk lo hold data and programs. The drive is also capable of reading CD-ROMs at quad-speed, which makes transferring large chunks of data less time-consuming.
This drive is good news for most professionals , but it must be asked how much longer optical storage devices will remain popular. While they have large storage-capacities, they can be broken quite easily. However, the £600 price-tag "This drive is a Godsend for multimedia developers, but is out of the reach of home-users."
87% puts the Panasonic PD well out of the financial grasp of the home-user.
Squirrel FB1080S HiSoft ¦ 01525 718181 ¦ £469 Squirrel £50 extra One of the most important rules in computing is, you can never have enough storage-space. Just a couple of years ago, most computer-owners wouldn't even be able to grasp the idea of having 1 Gb of hard disk space - a bit like trying to explain the size of the universe to someone who has never left their home town. But nowadays people not only understand the concept, they are swiftly filling up drives of this size and even greater.
The FB1080S is a 1Gb SCSI drive, complete with external casing, ready for use with a Squirrel-equipped Amiga, or a big-box with an external SCSI card.
The drive’s physical appearance is fairly standard - attractive enough, but nothing special. It is quite small and "If you are a serious Amiga-user, especially with graphics, then you will soon find yourself in need of a drive like this."
84% SERIOUSLY AMIGA OCTOBER 1995 tuo® "It may be one of the fastest drives around, but do you really need a quad-speed drive?
If you do, this could be the one."
89% that it is to enable the drive to be used on its side without the disc slipping out of position. Despite being a tad inelegant, this is especially useful when desk-space is at a premium.
There is no denying that this is a well-built and extremely fast drive, but before deciding to part with your hard earned spondulics you may want to ask speed. The CD-ROM drive is a doublespeed drive from Sanyo which, again, is pretty average.
To sum it all up, the Prima could best be described as the 'homely’ one of the bunch - it isn't the most desirable of drives and has no revolutionary features, but is just what most people need.
However, the Prima does have one flaw - the audio-outs have not been connected to the rear of the casing, so the only way to connect the CD-ROM drive to a set of speakers is to use the headphone socket. & The SquirrelQuad is the fastest Amiga quad-speed CD-ROM drive around, but is it for everyone, or just an elite few?
"It may not be a revolutionary product, but it should meet the needs of most users quite nicely.
83% should fit quite comfortably on even crowded desks.
The drive itself is pretty nippy for a disk of its size and has an average seektime of 12ms. It is also pretty reliable - it has often spent the night turned on in the office, copying files back and forth with very few errors. This drive should be considered for anyone who takes their computing seriously.
SquirrelQuad HiSoft ¦ 01525 71818IB £259 (external); £199 (internal); Squirrel £50 extra As its name suggest, the SquirrelQuad is a quad-speed CD-ROM drive. It is a SCSI drive and so is ideal for use with HiSoft's Squirrel interface for the A1200 and A600. As standard it comes with its own external casing, but can also be supplied as a bare mechanism for use internally with big- box machines.
It is styled in a similar fashion to the FB1080S, just a larger version of the same beige box. In its resting-state there is very little to distinguish it from any other CD-ROM drive, but if you open the bay-door, you'll discover that the loading-trav is a little different from the usual. The drive has three clasps that slide inward as the drawer closes.
At first, I thought it might be for handling 8cm Cds, but they're too small for that. I eventually figured out You see, the biggest pain about adding drives externally is that the price is always bumped up quite substantially to cover the horrendous price of the casing, which can be anything up to £90. What’s more, every time you want to add another drive you have to pay through the nose again for another casing.
Unfortunately, this is quite common since most people tend to add a hard drive or CD-ROM drive first and then the other. The Prima helps reduce the price by combining the two drives in the same casing.
While the drives themselves are unlikely to set any speed-records, they are of a good quality and more than match the performances of most of their competitors. The hard drive is a 365Mb Fujistu mechanism (which is about the average size nowadays), that runs quietly and at a reasonable There is no denying that the SquirrelQuad is a well-built and extremely fast drive, yourself "Do I really need a quad-speed CD-ROM drive?" If you are going to be moving huge chunks of data from CD- ROM, or be plating long animations straight from CD, then you might.
If you are going to be using a CD-ROM drive under normal circumstances, then it is unlikely that you’d notice any difference between a double- and a quad-speed drive and certainly not if you are plating games.
However, major manufacturers are stopping the production of double- speed in favour of quads, so this may be a good choice in the long term.
Prima Combo First Computer Centre ¦ 0113 231 9444 ¦ £369.99 (£399.99 with Squirrel) While this drive may not score as highly in the innovation-department as the Panasonic PD, it is definitely on the same level when it comes to common sense and practicality. The Prima is a simple combination of a hard and a CD-ROM drive, which should appeal to most serious Amiga-users.
CD I 81 CBM 64 SENSATIONS C64 Sanation* give* you utmovi 10.UN) CW Megudcmo* with uv« WklMb .4 volt- ware Mega Dentov Game*-, and uiilihc* fur Ihc Amiga and IX' *nm|xiler The dive haa all ihc laid vcivkxiv of cmulato*’» fix PC and Amiga computer, tubo contain* ihc lull vervton ul the AW Callage v.I.U for an) amiga wilh workbench 20 and above worlhewh A the laid verviun of Irodor The Work done here will not on!)
Save you monthi of transfer nine bui lake you on a mp hock in lime lo when ihc h4 wav king We gaiuaniee you I hoi you noi have vecn many ot lhc*e amazing Mega demos av a high amount have not been on general reles'e belore Our Cf*4 experts have tpem month* ol fnnllul work picpanng this CDROM. Converting file* from di.l ihc iniemei vitcv taking lo forgottoi programmer*. And Li*irning lo the HUGH amo uded tabu contain* laid SnJTunex’i I mule the front cover you'll find u*elul mf *nn thi* diveon the CC and Amiga computer* The Amiga compuleiv will need a c*ipy of blank divk* mu supplied You'll
al.vn find nuny new unhtic* fn m the ma|.n internet * otkhcnsh COLOUR PICTUREi, FONTS a» CLIPART Not only cnnlaim Ihc LurM graphical PD from all over die world. Ihe Ncl am! BBS - source* it aim. Contain o«*t I.TQOchpaitA cutout image fUt. Do-ltd inn vartom talc j ronr* to aid *e lecrinn The fit** may he 'impoevxT uwn im~a the .le*kt..p 2 puMlvhm. •« package*, viewer* ami word ptwr**!** dinfcli. Irom ttt « IlROM Wc have included scer.l lawful uuUi.r. u, enhance die pertormame of in.. dr*c Fmi ]
i. FUJ.Y (UK Iht. Allowv *,m u. v«» any ol the image* on dm U.K.
pm* lo .e I Sc*. I * Photo, ivam .tuck i» a full fralurril
image manipulation and viewing loot t Iron. Software V.uon t
t f.«al«on A rot her pnaram whw.il i* alui a firm favourite .»
R hnv.uon Puhluhrr whwh .. a ton quality driktem publisher.
There are of eoune loo.li more ol the mow popular ihurewan
tillrv on Ihr. Dix and all lucre with lull mURK turn* lor uve
and -hr it to obtain Ihc lull vcrvion II tenured Categoric*
include Animal., Bike* BinK Boa*.. Buildine. ('»«. (im.Ri. (
at*. Compuleiv l»o-an‘ Dog*. Fantasy Fnh Flag. Flower* Fowl.
Hein. ci. I linnet. Imem Map*. Medical. Men. MiUuey. Unr, Mdat
Panning. PhiHnv Placet. Plane*. Ray trace. Scenic. Soli. Sea.
Ship* Smartart. Space.
Spit*. Sviar I rek, Nwrnnuit*. Hung*! Tram*. * if* and Vt.unen " CD I 77 HOTTEST AMIGA MEGA DEMOS With the 1072 Megabyte* Amiga Mega Demos disc get* you hundred of the finest Amiga Mega Demos, includes works from all the major players from the Amiga wenc You'll also find ail the latest mods from die latest demo group meets, from around the world. Contains the latest DMS programs and unpacker ouluies There's ptenry of stuff on the discs lo keep you checking back lo them over and over again You'll find o*er 2000 floppy __ disks tn DMS formas Also comes with an easy to uve Aiium menu HH system IW
unpacking ihc UlA and DMS files Ihe div is BBS ready |_p- RSTfl k TIISaIJA with file indcxc* for vanous BBS fonnais. t ¦MB K ¦Ul Ovri I,non Mb .4 ihr hr.l qualify PuN* birniin Share-arr fj voflwarr for A imp and PC computer* It. .he ir.nl cimprrbrn J uve coUnuon .4 *oand related Nift-ai* mu*Kil dau « • dotr 1 .
Ire ludc* MIDI file* m varum* formaii. Hundrrd* of Megabyte* 1 .4 excellent MM hi li.ten too. For rttanooedit them to In-en 1 them imo your own upphcaixm*). Two M H)I 1.1A .* 9 - , MODS Over I 00O VOC filet. Over IOOO WAV file.. Over .
I .mi SainpW. And hundred. Ol rc»ty lo run movie tcUted Kill & ware litlcv. Convert, *cuue«cet Application*. Driver..* Informant*. Puyen AMIGA ONI V. latest ttrtrtt of Sound Tracker Pro Trttlcr.
MFD. Noeve tracker. FdPUver. Rmpet*. Sampler*. Sound tlfeci. Pro Wl ard convert et'i an! W.me much moee PC ONLY latru vrruoa nt Whoon-ll fur window.. Drum ftUtier letra teuucnccr Huuer Mavtn W indow* xntnd WiliUev Trak Buucr, Alla Mime vvucm. Hlalli Media Jukebot. Crnerm. MofMWin. Mumc Sculptor. Surf. UP.
CD I 00 HOTTEST I In.lode, a » K» F. 54 uw*. J «ed B-.a •¦kdtkr pr°«ra .
Namev vcrutm numberv A konatuai. •» the ftr*l (dr l .'•me with a Im prutlrd t k -huh dcenb ad Ihc paMu domain and .luie»a« tnlrv NETWORK PACKAGE CDOIO NETWORK CO CABLE. NETWORK CABLE 1W0M DRIVI I .h. -t.,.' ..* ¦ 1 -w. R ’ V". ’ dw. .(MB* ('to w* (4 CDROMS) BUNDLE 2 GURU-ROM V6 (HARDWARE) (4 CDROMS) BUNDLE I (S CDROMS) UTILITIES BUNDLE CD053 IFF CLIPART 2 MEETING PEARLS I or 2 Aminet 7 (OUT NOW) tga uvcrv miludat vuch utegone* * aannjh bn. Cwl ue*. Mythological image*, vccnery tnasporunoa. * !
• *c tunlain* drawing* of bear*, car*. Du****ar . Dog* Cultural
images from F.gypt. I a pan Native Amerxan irsia ore also
in*laded on the disc- Fveal aaJ Mural n m». Planet*. »ky. Ihe
sun. tree*, and weather Come* co ft bool with mow of the image*
prime*! Other iin«» illpaper background* for Windows k W
.ekbe-xh *2 0.
439. 99 for ihe Am.fi (mm differing categoric*. Action, (•imp A
Run Card Game*. Pu rle*.
Strategy Gan A whole ran aw.it*’ wt hour* and «
* uec All in win* NT) DfeMOS* CDROM . Th« bc.r ("llciuon nl Mc,a
Demo, to dale, il contain* a eieelleni menu ¦yilrm w ith a col
hinon of AGA ml IX'mo.
Image* *o|u«xc mrae I dr*, uufmi aiiribuie*. Burnt map*, k lealurcr Bet Gab...lie I IP' Rexa.em for an Angel, llealh of1- tv nuoce C mg II L I II Aua). Be. 0a» it C!
Me. That* the Girl. A kaew. The law Time al A1200 or A4000 iw-uh AT- or SCSI CDROM drtte uu!
Any file*yttem Ihe u*age and mtlallalion ot CDBo.it i« very emj fee begumetv ; •eunrd with Ibrnnhrutl vRW intk* image. F.«
• t. Perfcvt lie u*e wub I ighiwart A can he tivaied Ir IBLIC
-include* vuch ialef.itif* a* animal*, boy*, ivrl- una) rmaer*.
Floral A natural image*, ladtday imagr*. U- erary figure.
.'onumv telccUon ot udl cover* like Sound Sample*. In.tr Module*, picture* lolour. Ttluc.
Butrne** ulilily lontpuicr ouilui i .anadr it. A doubl idrom pnrduteU t the .ample Uyk a Ore fnvi two amine Manual* Vhwon* I *i c nitimxj A di.k ceuwunv inf amm. . Load. J l-7Mb an.mv Amm*. Dentuv. Mega Demo* Game*.
WH uil. Art week. Bthar. Pntg. Saantiei.
Module. Video Glib. IR' Pk*. GRX.
Demo Maker*. Amm Utl*. Hard A Dt*k tran.portaiiain ami wihI image* The
ill. i contain* drawing* of bearv. Cot*, dinouur*. D.«g*.
intecl*. And lt.ir*e*. Cultural imacet Horn Egypt. Japan.
Native Amcixam. Polyneua. And Peru* 'let . Mmac EXCUSIVL The .uniplcte AM FM ntaga ine Imagine ob|eit*.
Attribute file*, tenuret. Tutorial. A gtmle*. POV A rompkte rattmmr *yv ken- Network nr* Ami*. Man. .lo.*i. Imukt. Iiucmrt gmdr* c*.
IUU1 and November I9W. Wuli n. the mrtrnal ur*lued lo the late*t a*a vnvuim A if 4 the mctettal r. inc m N.th ani*a! I HHS-ready i ami c hived ircady-uvnini lorn.
¦til*. Workbench ottliic*. Comm*, killer*. Video produ.tu-n Fmul, HobNc.. Pmgrartirama Iraitalt P otllite* Sauhue*. Fame related • related uiftwan. Ammauon home ASSASSINS CD EUROSCENE £ 19.99 Cdtl’.t ¦ Ihe off.
Cal Amo* PD Lthtary it the large*! WiBrvc ol Amot related C aw: - Contain* over 550Mb of Clifxirt Ihe n*o*i compre he ntt ve collection of Ctrixaet e*er f.* the OciaMED -ill duectlv from CD Full do mu.x F t the the FIRST TIMF on CD ROM w*lcwei. Tcaflrl pufdtcalmn yu* IFF I'V Pafc*treai*i. 24 I Prodraw. 500 Intelvpe. 112 PCX »l GDO-S ft CalMm tanta like Ad.ertr Alphabrt. Animal* AutMjuc*. Hud* H* Buttnct*. Cartoon* Comic 1. (Tuivuna* f Edur. Elecn.nl. Ea.*,t Much Mare you the many lal L*_ ecu. Of the (anted Furoxene gathering dmwn dncilly from the FUNF.I line.net Arihttc Contain! All
party winner, and many ground bieiLine production*. All archived arwl deugned lor BBS. Amiga CDROM and Liu.
Rtr»fromt iMiunn* _ Game*, ulihtie*.
Sample*. Picture*. Sprite*. Mu*ac. Mega Meea eu all written with ihe language Am New updated *«**¦* AUG IW
cd. tR* am! - ill ftum vital - part of any muttcian* CD luUeeua
Contain* 4 M.l Module*. 14000 Anuga
- Sample. 5h« Sonia Sco.c*, A 45© Innrumrnl*. 02 uciaMF. D MED
Module*. I ISO Midi file*. I55J VOC A M2 WAV Sample* file*, is
B W IFF bitmap. CvRiUred I IT bitmap. Proclip*.
FPS Pajexttcr. Pagekrearn. IMG. Corel Draw and iul*iumf brudtev ft* Dpumt AH rtnlt to u*e ami ea.yily xievobk in MtdiCralt collec - iron *.r inidr A rnu.K X Die*. .
Modulo, tubmalt. Utibtir* Mid* profc*until nrutKiaau A have i ova .VIMb Of daia front their ivlf GOLD FISH I LOCK-N-LOAD GATEWAY CD165 Ollc Net BSD It- a ft (calurrd I'NU Last month we took a sneak- look at a new storage-method which could change the face of home computing. The device in question is the Zip drive and, even as we speak, hundreds of the little darlings are making their arduous journey across the Atlantic to invade these shores.
The Zip drive is a hybrid between floppy and hard disk technology - the unit gives hard drive performance, but uses removable diskettes barely bigger than a standard 3.5 inch floppy.
A removable media-solution for the masses? Nick Veitch unzips the future... Each disk can hold up to 100Mb of data, more than 113 floppy disks worth.
Obviously, many hard drives give more capacity than this, but 100Mb should be enough for quite a lot of information - a huge animation, loads of 3D texture files, a mass of soundtracker MODs, and even some applications and their support files. The disks only cost around £16 each, so it's a very cheap way of dramatically increasing your storage capacity.
The drive, supplied by HiSoft, comes with software to control the unit.
As well as just creating a mountlist-entry (or device-icon under WB3), the software also controls the protection features. The Zip disks have no write- protect tab, but they are still protectable. The write-protection is handled by software and, in the case of the Amiga, this can be easily controlled by a few additions to the Tools menu.
There is also a password-protect system, so if someone else is using your machine or your drive, they will only be able to access the disks to which they know the password. The password is requested when the disk is inserted into the drive, so it is very secure - without a lot of time and fiddling about, nobody will be able to get at your data.
Both the write-protection and the password-protection are platform- independent, so if your passworded disk is used by someone with a Macintosh, for example, they will have to enter the correct password before they can do anything unpleasant with your disk.
With systems like CrossDOS and Max-DOS available, the Zip drive will be a very convenient way to store data and transfer it to other machines - a hundred times more efficient than a floppy drive anyway.
The only oddities about the mechanism are a 25-way SCSI connector, the choice of only two II) numbers and the use of an external power-supplv - not enough to deter me anyway.
The Zip drive is worth considering instead of a second hard drive. It can be used for back-ups; is fast enough for using as on-line storage; and provides a very competitive price per Mb.
And it looks cute too. 'Z IOMEGA ZIP DRIVE THE CONTENDERS There are other removable mass-storage devices, but each have their advantages and disadvantages.
The SyQuest 44 88Mb removable drives were once very popular indeed, but poor reliability, high media costs and a relatively slow performance have done it for them. Later SyQuests, like the 260Mb drive, are more reliable, but are still a bit slow and rather expensive.
Tape-streamers are tediously slow, but the media-costs are cheap and they are good as back-up devices. Because of their serial access methods, though, they couldn't really be recommended for on-line use.
Magneto Optical drives are highly reliable, pretty fast and hugely expensive. The drive itself will cost you more than your Amiga and the cartridges are expensive too.
The cheapest storage per Mb is CD-ROM. You could splash out £2,500 on a CD-writer and master your own Cds, and although reasonably fast and reliable, you still can't write to them easily. Very good for permanent archives, or commercial software - lousy for everything else.
DISTRIBUTOR HiSoft 01525 818181 PRICE £189 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS SCSI interface SPEED • • • • Transfer times on a good SCSI interface will give you reasonable hard disk speed.
RELIABILITY • • • • In exhaustive tests, the disk never had a read write error.
However, due to the magnetic nature of the medium, it needs careful handling.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• Very easy to set up and use.
The software appears in the Tools menu and operation is very straightforward FEATURES • • • • • Password-protection, software read write, software eject, 100Mb per disk, small drive unit... VALUE • • • • A great Mb price ratio and the mechanism is priced very reasonably.
“Sure to become as indispensable as a floppy drive.” 91% Membership C.rb SalesI 01279 600204 VuhvUhkUi FIRST ENCOUNTERS FATE OF ATLANTIS WOROWORTH 3.1 Agr COLONIZATION ULT SOCCER MGR SENSIBLE GOLF
22. 99 WOP « not A500 t, A600 or AI200 HO 12 « will not work on
A1200 SI2K • will work on 512k mothlnos HD* : Hard Drlre
tequlred fDt S hteroal Drlre Aequktd • Hf W Item 15 SAY1K =
dedutt amount shown until dote shown A1200 GAMES 19 49 SIM
17. 99 ALIEN BREED - TOWER ASSAULT 13 49 ALIEN BREED 2..... . .11
19. 99 DETROIT .. . ...21 99 DUNGEON MASTER 2 ...
.22 49 FEARS• . . 20.99 FIELDS OF GLORY .
19. 49 GLOOM ( DOOM CLONE 1 .20 99 GUARDIAN . 19 49 HIGH SEAS
17. 99 ROAD KILL..... 20 99 ROBOCOD (AEG) 599 SHADOW
24. 99 SUB WAR 2050 ..... 1899 SUPER LEAGUE MANAGEP 19 49 SUPER
13. 99 57.99
19. 99 19.49 18.99 AMIGA GAMES A-TRAIN - CONSTRUCTION SET 10 99
18 99 ARCADE POOL .7.99 B17 FLYING FORTRESS . 12 99
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Items bought In the shops carry a 50p surcharge on the Mail Order pnces se u i i X31 imamnmnz GENUINE SOUND BLASTER PRO SOUND CARD WORTH £150 GENUINE CREATIVE QUAD SPEED IDE CD ROM DRIVE GENUINE SAMSUNG 14" SVGA 0.28 MONITOR ? TILT AND SWIVEL GENUINE SAMSUNG HIGH SPEED 560 MB HARD DRIVE . SPARE IDE GENUINE MICROSOFT SOFTWARE BUNDLE WORTH OVER £500 AND EIGHT GREAT CLASSIC GAMES FREE TRUST QUAD MULTIMEDIA PC EX VAT DX4 100 + 4MB ......1199.99 102157 DX4 100 + 8MB ...... 1324.99 1127.65 DX4 100 + 16MB ...... 1499.99 i2?6.59 PENTIUM P90 + 8 MB 1524.99 1297.86 PENTIUM P90 +16 MB 1774.99 151063
13. 99 1aMBBbi SWITCH .(ISSUE NO.
214 99 I[j •
OF 10 TDK MF-2DD 3.5" DISKS . PACK OF 50 TDK MF-200 3
|V .
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• I Mac or PC pease stale CWSK or CD ROM j Machine_I j (BLOCK
seeing the photograph of this tiny bundle of chip and pins, you
may be thinking why anyone would be willing to pay £70 for such
a seemingly insignificant piece of hardware. The reason is very
simple, the DataFlyer is actually a revolutionary and rather
exciting piece of kit.
The DataFlyer is a SCSI interface for the A1200. Nothing new in dial, you might think. You would also be forgiven for thinking that this latest addition to the A1200-expansion will make deciding on an upgrade-path for your machine even more complicated than it already is. In a sense, that is true. 1 mean: do you go for the simplicity of adding an Overdrive CD-ROM or hard drive; the expendability and ease-of-use of a Squirrel; or pi-rhap the raw speed and unobtrusiveness of a SCSI 2 unit for your accelerator?
Personally. I'm all for having more options; it’s the only way to make sure that you have a system that meets all your needs. The thing that distinguishes the DataFlyer is the interface it uses - your machine's internal IDE controller.
Are you an Amiga high-flyer who wants to make the most of your machine's expansion-potential? Then take to the skies with Graeme Sandiford.
No, don't panic, this doesn't mean that you have to get rid of your IDE hard drive, because the DataFlyer has an IDE pass-thru, so the SCSI interface and IDE drive can be used simultaneously.
This is the beauty of the DataFlyer - it gives you a SCSI interface, yet it doesn't hog a port to itself and thereby limit your options. The actual SC-SI interface you attach your devices to is made accessible via the spare socket at the rear of the A1200.
Fitting the unit was actually more time-consuming than I first expected. Myself and fellow Amigan.
David Taylor from sister mag Amiga Shopper, spent a good while unscrewing and re-screwing things. It's not that the fitting is complicated, or even excessively technical - just fiddlv.
Especially when compared with something like the Squirrel, which plugs straight in without opening your machine up. However, the advantage is that once you've installed it, you don't have anything sticking out.
DATA FLYER SCSI* The software installation was also a litde tricky, getting hard drives to work was no problem, but getting the thing to recognise CD-ROM drives was a nightmare. In the end. Is was simply a matter of finding the right software - the device would only work from a moundist. Not from Tooltypes like most SCSI controllers. Everything worked out OK with the PD filesystem AM1CDROM
1. 15, which is readily available from most good PD libtaries.
SPEED • • • A little slower than the Squirrel, but «A truly innovative not so slow that you'd notice. . ” product with MANUAL • • • • „ The manual follows a bit of an odd 9 potential, layout and is a little 'Americanised'.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • A little tricky to install and not quite M as transparent in operation as the Squirrel or an accelerator SCSI module. X Er However, there are still a few anomalies, such as the machine crashing when certain programs are run, such as Sysinfo for example. I would really have liked to have tested this product, as with any hardware product, for a longer period in normal usage to sec how reliable it is in the long run.
In terms of performance, the DataFlyer is quite a bit slower than the Squirrel when transferring and creating files on a hard disk, but not so Siren Software 0161 7965 279 PRICE £69.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A1200 much slower that you’d notice it in general operation.
The DataFlyer is truly an innovative product, but it's also a product that perhaps should only be considered by those seeking to get the absolute maximum out of their machine's expansion-potential. 'Z SERIOUSLY AMIGA OCTOBER 1995 An innovative product that will be of particular interest to those with an Overdrive CD or hard drive, who want to further expand their machines.
A trifle expensive, but if you are looking for the ultimate in expansion possibilities, it might be worth it.
? ILLUSIONS 3D Includes hundreds ot pre rendered 3D images asweii as tools to make your own fascinating 3D images (CD54) £999 ? PRO .GIF COLOUR ART Over 5,000 full colour Professional qualify images covering a wide range of sub- .octs Great for DTP work ;CQi6i £19 99 ? INSIGHT DINOSAURS Produced in association with the Natural History Museum, London, contains animations. Sounds. & text.(CPii4) £19.99 ? HUTCHINSONS ENCY.
Contalns all volumes of the encyclopedia. Music, famous speeches, pictures etc. GREAT VALUE’(CD102) Only £14 99 ?SPACE & ASTRONOMY Hundreds ol NASA picture files, asweii as texi files from NASA dated back to 1964 (CD15) £19.99 ? AMINET VOLUME 6 Dated July '95 Contains all the very latest utilities, patches, tools, music & games _(CD106)£U99 EPIC Professional CO Data ROM ?THE SOUND 48B6RX Thousands ot samples, music modules & tools. An excellent value double CD (CD108) £19.99 ?GFX SENSATION Over lOOmb of Imagine objects. Hundreds of textures and loads of object?
For lightwave._(CD02) £19.!
? PRO IFF CLIPART 2 A fantastic new CO ? COVER GIRL POKER Features 8 soundtracks, superb graphics & choice ol languages. A great game for all Adults (CD07AMI) £19.99 ? ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Hundreds ot tho most usefuil toots for the Amiga Graphics tools, music tools. Disk tools etc.(CD74) Only £9.99 not cd32 ? MULTIMEDIA MANIA Tools, Clipart, Fonts. Animations. Music modules. Sound samples, and loads more (CD49a) £19.99 not cd32 containing thousands Of clipart images in PCX format Includes 250page book (CD110) £24 99 viirncRruii i'l v* v of v ; xii r yy7 ?THE EPIC COLLECTION GOLD “book
Features almost every one of our advertised Amiga floppy based titles all on one CDROM Games. Graphics tools. Music guides, Beginners guides. Professional sam- ples, Hundreds of fonts. The best AGA demos, etc, etc (CD1Q0) Only £59 95 ? PROFESSIONAL WORKBENCH BACKDROP COLLECTION 1000 of the very best Workbench backdrops. Images include: Over 500 Girt pictures.
Landscapes. Textures, fantasy scenes, seasons, classic & prestige cars. Animals.
Aircraft, etc. CD111) £12.99 ?STAR TREK MULTIMEDIA GOLD Contains tons of pictures in BMP. GIF. IFF & JPEG, Hundreds of sound files.
Animations in FLI. FLC. And Anim. The theme tunes trom the original Star Trek asweii and The Next Generation and loads more. (CD04) Only £27 99 ledlaClips ?WS FONTS Thousans of Adobe & compugraphc fonts for Workbench An excellent value
CD. (CD22) £9.99 ? HOTTEST 5 Tons of Tools, games, graphics etc
taken from the latest set of PD soft disks, includes printed
index. (CD63) £19.99 ? AMINET SET 1-4 Four CD set of the very
best tools, games, music etc Excellent value"' (CD50) £27 99
? SEXY SOUNDS A Dit ol a novaity This is an Audio CD
containing vanous music track accompanied by rather naughty
samples £7.99 ? SUPER CDROM BUNDLE!
10 CDROMS '!!. All feature a different sub|ect of images in BMP. Money. World view. Business, etc (CD106) £19.99 Proof of age required.
We do not condone or sup illicit hard core material ? WORLD OF CLIPART OOUBLE c0 A superb value double CD title containing around 40.000 IFF. PCX. BMP. GIF, TIF. EPS colour & mono clipart images Over 100 different subjects covered (CD77)£17 99 not cd32 ? SPECCY SENSATION Over 500 classic speclrum games including Skool daze.
Manic miner etc. all ready to run on one CD on your Amiga Order code: (CD03) £14 99 ? ADULT SENSATION Over 4000 full colour .GIF images of beautiful women.
Viewers & graphics converters for the Amiga are included.
Order code: (CD01) £19.99 ? ARCADE CLASSICS CD Classic arcade games. Pacman. Frogger. Astenods. Space Invaders. Centipede. Missle Command. O-Bert. & Omega Race . 100 s more (CD76) Only £9.99 not CD32 EPIC Marketing Victoria Centre 138 Victoria Rd. Swindon, Wilts.
SN1 3BU. UK Mail Order Hotlin.
CONDITIONS OF SALE Goods are not sold on a tnai basis ESOE TECHNICAL SUPPORT With a dedicated Technical supports hno we offer 30 days free technical support to all our customers on all our software & CD-ROM titles.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Most orders are processed within 48hours.
A lull colour CD-ROM catalogue will be sent FREE_ OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas orders are welcome, please add £2.00 per CD-ROM title COLLECTING YOUR ORDER You are welcome to collect your order from any time between 9 30am - 5 30pm Monday • Saturday.
ORDERING BY POST Simply send us your order, listing the items you require, the total cost, and your name & address with payment either by cheque or Postal Order, payable 0 EPIC MARKETING ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any time between 9:30 & 5:30 Monday • Saturday with your Credit card details and the items you would like to order.
POSTAGE & PACKING UK & Mainland, add a total of £1.00 per CD.
ORDER VALUE Postage & Packing Amount enclosed PRIORITY ORDER FORM Name_ Add ress_ Amiga Model FREE LUCKY-DIP CDROM Payment Method_ Credit card number WITH ALL ORDERS OVER £25.00 Most titles require a (loppy drive & keyboard to lunction.
Amirsa . Lur.i . Lur.li. Amim - AMIGA - AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA -AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA ¦ AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA - AMIGA It is an unfortunate fact, but a I act nonetheless, that no matter how much thought. ElTort and time a programmer puts into creating an application, there is always one more feature that could have been added.
This can often be the case with graphics programs that never seem lo have sup| ort lor one image lormat or another.
DaUtdhmme is a program that aims to lessen the likelihood ol this NOT YOUR TYPE?
Data Types are a marvellous addition to Workbench 3 that enables any program that supports Datatypes to display images or play sounds not supported internally. As well as loading and displaying files, they can be used to save data in different formats. Providing you have the right Datatype, you can view, read, or play practically any file. Great eh?
D:-:Xhrom« happening. The program works in essenliallv ihe same wav .is Pegger .XJ'h'K 86% I - lurking around in die background, convening files transparently. However. DnlnC.linnnr adds a twist by making use of one of the coolest features or Workbench 3 - AmigaDalatvpes (read the hox above).
This month something has been lurking around in the AF office, converting files with gusto. Graeme Sandiford is on the trail.
This means that you can load any image that you have a DalaTipe for into r tiy image-handling program, even if they only internally support IKK pictures.
Installing the program is simple since it uses the Commodore Installer.
It also includes |PEC. (UK. PCX. BMP and MacPaint DataTypes to get you started. Unfortunately, only the JPEG Data Pipe comes with an installation script, so the others have lo Ik- installed by "hand". Although this is not a major undertaking, it would have been nice to have had them installed for you, especially as the program relies upon them for it to work effectively.
DataChrome in action, loading a JPEG into Wordworth 3. Which only has support for IFFs and EPSs.
DATA CHROME Once vou’vc got the* program and its DataTvjx-s installed, you can run it l simpb elk king on it icon. I here are surprisingly few options to se t -just determine the path lor the teinporan directory, which is in tlu* I : directors In default. I Ins max In- a blexsmg for inexperienced userv since it makes using the program even simpler, but a lew more options lot experienced users wouldn't go amiss. Foi example, a Snoo|Mitilit . Like I’egger s. DataC hmmr converts files lo IFF. But will not enable programs to save files in other formats. This is a real shame.
Lxuaiise it should lx- almost as easx to DISTRIBUTOR pain, but in every other aspect it's very easy to use indeed.
Chroma 01328 862693 use Data Types to sa e images in different formats as it is to load them.
Another limitation, which is in far t due to the program's use- ol DataTvpes.
Is that the images will oni lx1 ol 8-bit qu.ilitx since DataTx jxvs can onlx handle
2. ’ fi colours, like Woiklxmch. This rules out lkita(Jmnrr foi
professional graphics use*, where images need to tart least
of HAM-8 qualitx.
Now I should, however, point out that there nrsome good features, such as Atilo-copx and Convert mode. But all the same, there are simplx not enough options to elevate DataCJinnnr to a level on par with Pegger. O PRICE £29.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 3 or above SPEED • • • • Most of the time the delay is longer than it would generally take to decode a JPEG rather than an IFF.
MANUAL •• • Perhaps a little on the skimpy side, but. Then again, there aren't that many features to cover.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Installing the DataTypes could be criticised as a bit of an unnecessary FEATURES •• Woefully short on features when compared with Pegger or Pegger 2.
VALUE •••• £29.99 is a fair price and should ensure that plenty of home-users will be buying DataChrome.
"Essentially, a poor man's Pegger."
73% lomedy Magazines Outdoors Natun Shopping Sex Culture Useless Politic invironment Usenet Fashion Celebrities Job :TP Books Hobbies Education Sport Food %l *1 I |% ¦ , • | • |% • I M | 'oimcs vjopner entertainment r i r E-mail Music World-Wide Web Art Philosophy Relationships Religion Tasteless [ravel Health Society Carnes Technology Computing Nature Science Magazines Drink E-mail Music World-Wide Web Arts Food Comedy Magazines Outdoors Nature jobs Shopping Sex Culture Useless Politics Sex Environment Usenet Fashion Celebrities :TP Books Hobbies Education Sport Travel ’hilosophy
Relationships Religion Tasteless rravel Health Society Carnes Technology Computing Nature Science Magazines Drink IN ISSUE ONE... Music Conspiracy Theory Sex Newsgroup Confessions Drugs Star Trek Rogues Gallery Sex Religious Loonies Art Sex Paul Morley on Net Culture Nigel Floyd on Net Movies Over 1000 sites featured and rated The Internet.
Confusing, isn’t it?
You need a guide.
You need the guide... & Ox© ob Directory Thursday, 27th July http: www.futurenet.co.uk index.html Horhbtmh Siretn D llsrkbtnth SERIOUSLY AMIGA OCTOBER 1995 M It may not look like much, but this little program is doing something that was previously impossible with AMOS. The window, tent gadget and er... pattern are all being displayed through Intuition.
Library file to the IJBS: drawer on your boot disk, copy the IntOS procedures into your AMOS drawer and IntOS is ready to go.
In order to use IntOSs 120+ conunands in your programs, however, you do need to merge your program with an AMOS source file containing the IntOS procedures.
Europress Software may never get around to adding Intuition or AGA-support into AMOS, but that hasn't stopped OTM 2000 from releasing their own. Jason Holborn put it to the test.
The IntOS command-set covers things such as: opening and managing of Intuition screens and windows; handling TDCMP' window events; defining and managing gadgets and menus; and so on. To help you identify IntOS commands when debugging larger projects, all the IntOS commands start with a TN_ Before you can open a window under Intuition within your AMOS program, you must get a 'lock' on the Workbench screen (that is, read the 'viewport' address of the screen with OTM 2000 01827 312302 PRICE £24.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1 Mb RAM and WB2 or above MANUAL • •• Installation instructions are a little
overcomplicated, but the IntOS command-set is very well documented.
ACCESSIBILITY •••( Intuition isn't easy to program, but IntOS makes it child's play!
IntOS provides full support for a full range of Intuition gadgets and requesters including the latest Workbench 3.0 ASL file requester. Gadgets include string: proportional and toggle and standard text (button) gadgets.
Surprisingly, though, IntOS does not provide direct support for either the GadTools interface (although this is promised in version 2) or standard Workbench 2.0- compliant 'cycle' gadgets and 'radio' buttons. Intuition pull-down menus are. However, fully supported and surprisingly simple to implement.
All you have to do to manage your IntOS front-end is to call the ' IN WAIT EVENT' command and your AMOS program will halt until an Intuition 'event' occurs (that is.
The user clicks on a gadget closes a window, or whatever).
The resulting event 'code' is then passed back into a variable of your choice and can be checked to see exactly what event took place. IntOS supports thirteen Intuition events, which cover such things as windows and gadget- events, keyboard-events and even checking to see whether a disk has been inserted or removed.
Sure, AMOS has been used to create everything from word processors and spreadsheets, to paint programs and (sigh) lottery' predictors, but - regardless of their capabilities - there's one all- important aspect they all lack - Intuition support.
AMOS (and, of course. AMOS Professional) can now clean up its act thanks to IntOS, an extension for AMOS that adds 120 new commands to the existing AMOS command-set. Designed specifically to allow AMOS- programmers to fully utilise the power of Intuition. IntOS provides the AMOS- programmer with a quick and easy method of incorporating Intuition- support into their own programs.
Unlike most AMOS-extensions (AMOS 3D. For example), there's no faffing around with the AMOS configuration editor and extension numbers in order to get IntOS to work - all you have to do is to copy a single EVENTFUL GADGETS Uorkbenih Sirern |lm ww" IntOS provides direct support for • number of standard Intuition gadgets including string and text gadgets.
Ml a i Pr*ii t the N_WB_TO_SCREEN' command) or - for custom screens - you need to open your own screen.
Opening a screen is as easy through IntOS as it is with AMOS - all you have to do is pass the appropriate parameters to the '_IN_SCREEN' command and your AMOS-controlled Intuition screen springs lo life.
IntOS fully supports the AGA chipset so it's perfectly possible to define custom screens with up to 256 colours and even load 256 colour AGA images into your IntOS screens with the IntOS “_IN_LOAD_IFF' command.
Once your screen is open, you can then create standard Intuition windows on it, using the '_IN_V "lXDO V command, which simply needs to be fed the window's dimensions, title and a hex-value, which defines what system gadgets are assigned to your new window, along with its appearance.
IntOS provides plenty of additional commands designed specifically for manipulating a window once it's been opened - the '_IN_V _SI .F.' command, for example, let's you resize your window; ‘_IN_W_MOVE- lets you move your window and so on.
IntOS may not be as fast as a, so- called. 'real' AMOS-extension. But it more than makes up for this in terms of shear flexibility. With over 120 commands on offer, IntOS provides the AMOS programmer with the sort of low-level access to Intuition that you'd normally only expect to find with languages such as C and assembler.
Highly recommended. ® "IntOS is a must for any AMOS-programmer wanting to write professional-looking applications."
VALUE • • • • i Considering the power that IntOS puts at your fingertips, IntOS offers exceptional value for money.
Although the full range of Intuition gadgets are not supported, IntOS covers virtually every other aspect of Intuition.
88% _L INTOS SPEED • •i Not quite as fast as it could have been, but look out for IntOS 2!
La M'MOO Otic of the products that has helped sustain and even create the Amiga's popularity is Scala. This incredible product has drawn many users to the Amiga over the years, both front the world of video and from multimedia in general.
Aside from its diversity, the secret to Sca a's success over the years has been its combination of incredible ease-of-use and cutting-edge features. Graeme Sandiford gives the thumbs-up for the latest version, MM400.
Indeed, if this package was to be included with future Amigas, it would certainly do 110 end ol good for the machine's popularity - not to mention opening up a whole new area of .Amiga- computing for both inexperienced and experienced users alike.
Scala's huge range of wipes and fades is good news for video-titling buffs.
mipe im Boomerang east easeout jjmbhmsh1 ajsiES saao 1 ?flflJJJJBJSU BiHn aiuvjaiiBUriiji OK Cancel So, what exactly is this distinguished product? Well, that's a little trickier to explain than you might expect since Srala is more like several programs rolled into one. The program can be used with great effectiveness as a video tiller, presentation program and a multimedia authoring package.
Aside from its diversity, the secret to Srala v success over the years has been its combination of incredible ease-of- use and cutting-edge features.
Despite the success in bv-gone years, does the latest version of Srala.
MM400, stand up to the fierce competition from today's produces?
Arguably, the best selliug-poim for Srala has been its simple, yet very effective, interface - it's 110 good having the most powerful package in the world if it's just too darned difficult to make any use of. It is good to see that the Scala Multimedia MM4Q0 VP. F 6£Nf)ME 1 scalaNeuis.anim z Nern Features of scala MM48B 3 Draining tools T j chart are real easy 5 Groruth chart 6 Brush Resizing.i ~7~ i Brush cropping ~Bj Flogd-Steinherg 9 color Shufflers 18 color shufflers.2 Load script, system... saue script This is the program's main interface. From here, you can edit pages and access other
parts of the program with a couple of mouse-clicks.
MM 4 00 lias stuck with the program's simple and logical interface.
The best wav of explaining the program's interface is to explain the idea behind it.
The basis of Scala's working-method is the script, which is essentially a set of instructions for the program.
Scripts contain several pages, which in turn consist of several types of media, such as sound, music, pictures.
L. _I |_J l_J
- _|_j I_1 l=_1_1 animations, ot* buttons that can take you to
another page.
Suita's main interface consists of several rows of horizontally-divided buttons: these divisions define the pages in the current script. The first button fora page contains its number, which also determines when it is played.
Clicking on this button will take you to the page-eontrol, which enables you to move a page's position, or copy it.
Another button, the longest one 011 the screen, is the Name button. Clicking on this page will bring up Scala's file requester, so you can load a background image or animation. The content of this file then forms the basis of the page and can be named as vou see lit.
The next button along is the Wipe button, yyhich is used for creating transitional wipes for a page -just like in a titling package. The final button in the royy is the Sound button, yy hich is used to add music or a sample.
The bottom of the screen is occupied by several buttons that can lx- used for creating and editing pages, loading and saving scripts, and for running them. However, it also contains the Shuffle button, yyhich is extremely useful when your script has become large or complicated. It shows each page as a thumbnail image, so that you can easily see yvhat is 011 a page.
This feature is also incorporated into the file requester, where pictures are displayed as thumbnails and other files have their type written 011 the icon. However, because the requester does not show the name ot the file while in this mode, it is not easy to tell which file is which.
Another useful feature that Scala has is its editing screen, which is sort of like a mini paint-package. Its main use is to add brushes and text to a background - however, most of its tools are text-orientated.
You can easily choose which font is to be used and its justification, style, colour, and even give it a shadow, outline, or a 3D4ook. You can also define on and off wipes from here, as well as alter the image and fonts palette.
The program's features can be added to quite easily through what it calls Kxes, which are in effect modules that can be added by third party developers. They can include anything from support for a new file format, to controlling digitisers, genlocks and even other Amigas.
Load script... system... saue script... Run!
I iowever, one of the program's very best features is the wealth of backgrounds, fonts, symbols, music and example-scripts that are supplied with it. For example, there are scripts supplied to both guide you through Srala i features, as well as its backgrounds and fonts.
So what's new in MM-IOOr Perhaps the area that has benefited most from the upgrade is the program's text- handling tools. It is now possible to stretch fonts, set a variety of antialiasing levels, as well as make use of automatic kerning, aspect ratios, outline font antialiasing and to save a page's text as ASCII.
There are also some new wipes which are mostly curvy with plenty of rolling and swerves. The program's Exes now include support for the GVP (.-lock. Neptun Genlock EX. V-Lab, Electronic Design's FrameMachine and several file formats. It is also possible to have the program save files that have been processed automatically and load GIF. BMP. TIFF and FLC files.
There is also an option for MPEG playback and support for languages that read from right to left. Another welcome addition is more background This product still holds a unique position in the Amiga-market.
Images, although it would have been nice if a few more were in AGA screenmodes - 128-colour images look that much nicer than 16-colour ones.
Stain MM400 has not undergone a major overall, but why try to change something that already works perfectly well? If any of the new features are of interest to AfAf Jjriowners, then they might benefit from the £49.99 upgrade- offer from Scala UK.
This product still holds a unique position in the Amiga-market and its case-of-use should keep it there for some time. Scala AfAMOOwill make the ideal hub for the software suite of any serious graphics or video professional. 'H FuturaL FuturaL Future* FuturaB FuturaB FuturaB m&m FuturaC FuturaC DISTRIBUTOR Emerald Creative Technology 0181 715 8866 PRICE £249.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2+, 1Mb chip RAM, 2Mb Fast RAM and a hard disk (68020 recommended) SPEED • • • • Extremely quick with most operations and even playing animations straight from hard disk is pretty nippy.
MANUAL • • • •• This is without doubt the best manual I have yet to come across. It has plenty of useful tips, is well-written and provides general multimedia and graphics guidance.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• Despite the manual's excellence, the program is so easy to use FuturaX FuturaX Futura you could probably get on okay without it.
FEATURES • • • • There are plenty of features, but perhaps not as many new ones as might have been hoped for since MM300.
VALUE • • • • For £250 anybody involved with graphics or multimedia can have a centre for combining the outputs of all their software.
"This product has the potential to play a vital role in the Amiga's feature.” 91% 0 t T s Piool ol age required on adull lilies. We do no!
R* %CVPtt€fl frC CC qaj conOone or supply Ilk* hard core material.
Please Send Cheques PO’s (made out to Premier Mail Order) or Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept: AF10 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES FARM ROAD, BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ.
Telephone orders: 01268-271172 Fax your order on: 01268-271173 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT included lor all UK orders. Please add per item £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for the rest of the world. Next day service available UK only § £4.00 per item.
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Champ Manage* "alia 95 '6 Champ Man Compendium 17 Chuck Rock 1 6 2 CMMatton Ciassc Board Games CLASSIC COLL - DELPHINE CLASSIC COU LUCAS ARTS
CM) Football CO ALA 1299 -- EDUCATIONAL 10 99 --- 10 10 Dinosaur*
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EarvEManuals IJ7| 1899 ------- 10*10 Engksh |6-16|. 18 99 --
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3 ......10.99---- RoOmtcn.Reooem iAMO-22 9972 9922 99
RomoA092 12 99 -- Rugby League Coach 19 99 Rules Of Engagement
2 22 99 RuHnTimbte 17 99 ---- Ruffian 13 99 -- Run re GauntJei
6 99 -- Sabre Teem lEnharced) ---20 99 20 99 SCI (Chose MQ 21 6
99 - - SENSIBLE GOLF .19.99-- SEN9181E WORLD OF
S0CCER19.99-- SensNe Soccer treemasonaf 13 99 -- 99--
3. 5" Blank Discs E GOLF 12.99 -
- Tiny Tnjops 2299 • 8 99 -- 17 9917931999 6 99 ----
13. 9913 99 19 99 19 9919.93 -- 1799 - 17.99 99--
16. 99
19. 99 9919 99
• 19.99 Toto Top Gear 2 Total Recall TOWER ASSAULT .. Tower of
SooH Tmp6 4 Tree sure* Trt«sl Pu’sut..... TrtnM Piasu* Dolu.o
Turbo Trmx.
Turning Point* 1099 ---- 17 9919 99 - 1999 -- 35 99 99919 99 - Gtaykx*Soa**Chale*ge 899 Mghty
19. 99 - GROUERS ENCYCLOPEDIA--22.99 Miliary U«.
10 599 699 399 509 350 4 99 20M40I350 750 11 50 650 950 50 27 50 32 50 17 50 27 50 1625 2250 100 52 50 62 50 32 50 52 50 29 99 42 50
- 22.99 Grand Prtx Ocut GoanJen . 9 99 099 GUINESS
CXSC OF RECOROS--16.99 Gunboel 10 99 -- Gunah© ..... 10 99 -- .
Mm Ofhce ...... MONKEY ISLAND 1 OR 2.12.99 - M cnbaie 3499--- Mjrph 17 9919 99 8 99 MORTAL KOMBAT 1 OR 2 19.99 - COHORT 2... Colonel* Bequotl .10-99...... COLONISATION ----------.22.99 - TEH EIST TO FIT REQUIRES ONLY A SCREWDRIVER OR WE FIT WHILE U WAIT - FOR FREE EVERYTHING YOU NEED INCLUDED
• Only SPECIALLY SELECTED Utett very low profile IDE hard drives
• Partioned & formatted to Commodore's spec
* Full Workbench installed
* Connecting cables included
* NO mods fo case or floppy drive needed
• Comprehensive fitting instucfions. •
• Re-formatting software & instructions
• Telephone support helpline
YOURSELF ? • Then let ns do ft for yon If yon cannot call In to
either shop, inst £15 extra to cover carriage costs.
* Insnred picknp of your Amiga •
* Fitting by our experienced technicians
* Return carriage by overnight insnred carrier.
3-4DAY TURNARAOUND *UK mainland only. • ONLY £15* 170MEG 270MEG 420MEG 540MEG 850MEG only £129.99 only £139.99 £159.99 £179.99 SQUIRREL PMCIA SCSI INTERFACE.
OPTIONAL 80W SPEAKERS £49.99 only only only £229.99
1. 2616 only £299.99 BRADFORD 01274 691115 FAX 01274 600150 AMIGA
3. 5 - 2.5 IDE ADAPTOR & ORIUE CABLE FOR A1200 £109.99 2.5 - 2.5
A1500 2000 4000 LEEDS 0113 2350091 FAX 0113 2350702 TRI LOGIC
SCSI DRIUES FOR GUP HD8 HC8. A590 ETC 540M £199.99. 730M
£229.99 All drives sizes quoted are zpproxlaate unformatted
sire, a vary slighly depending upon take FITTING ANY SIZE OF
- for Emaxfcd «turamics dteik with (lie w.irruu« - ihcv wiD
usually cndiraic to coverju*J the undone sancc we cover ihe
drive (fer 12 moults) INSURED CARRIAGE £500 Ovcrnghl mixed
earner weekday detwry £7 50 (Scottish
- -tv.Tcby,, v»ao»~-yci2 uram« »~n« PRICES INCLUDE VAT 1 often
used to wonder why HD- rendered computer animations rarely
feature human beings who are not bold or wearing a hat?
Have you ever wondered why most 3D-rendered computer animations feature people who are bold, or wearing a hat?
Graeme Sandiford asks himself a hairy question.
Or, indeed, why rendered out-door sequences are usually set in urban or oceanic environments, without a blade of grass in sight? The answer is quite simple - they are a severe pain in the butt to model realistically.
Even when using an excellent 3D- program, like LightWave. This is nothing short of tedious. Judicious use of textures and careful selection of camera- angles can cover a multitude of sins, but in close-up shots there is no substituting fibrous objects like a fibrous object.
FiberFactory is a tiny program from creator of such renowned LightWave- utilities as Sparks, Lighting Bug and the Motion Master collections, Jon Tindall of Metrografix. FiberFactory s sole purpose is to create fibrous objects; in fact it's quite happy to turn as many of your hairless objects into fibrous wonders as you care to throw in its way.
The idea is simple; voujust create objects in LightWave's Modeler, load them into FibrrFactory. Add the hair or fibres, save the object and then render it in LightWave. However, the program does not save your original object and leaves it to vou to combine the hair and the object in LightWave. This is only a minor inconvenience and explains why the program is so small (under 86K).
These young people nowadays - just look at that unruly and unkempt hair. I blame rock *n’ roll musk and FiberFactory.
Despite appearing quite simple, hairs are quite deceptively complicated
- especially when you get a few thousands of them grouped
As a reflection of this, the program has a pretty substantial number of options to help you get just the effect you are after. However, the program's Interface gives you access to these features without too much clutter.
FIBERFACTORY It consists mainly of two windows: one for displaying die object and fibres, and the other for controlling the attributes of your fibres. The display window offers you a single view which can be rotated with the mouse and when an object is loaded it's automatically sized to fit in the window.
The control window contains several gadgets for setting the appearance of the hair your object is to have. One of the basic options is defining the flbre-quandty along with their lengths.
You can also define the number of segments each fibre is to have, which can be very important if you want curlv hair.
Other phvsical attributes are the number of sides and the radius of the fibres. A iropism gadget enables you to set a general angle for the fibres. They can also be given kink, curls and turns, as well as having diem follow the contour of the source-object and jittering them on any of the three axes.
As you can probably tell from this list of features, y ou are given pretty much absolute control over how your fibres will appear. However, there is DISTRIBUTOR Cyber Systems 01843 292150 PRICE £99.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS LightWave 3.0 and lots of RAM.
SPEED ••• Loading objects can take quite a long time, but the actual creation of the fibres is pretty quick.
MANUAL • • ••• Even though the program is very intuitive, the manual is still well- written, lucid and contains plenty of useful tips.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• The program is extremely easy to use more that can be done with this program than simply adding hairs to Teddy-bears and spiders.
For example, you could create two patches of grass with opposite tropism values and then morph between them to create a field of grass swaying in the breeze. While £70 may sound a lot just to make creating fibres easier, you should ask someone who's currently working on a project that involves hair or grass if they are willing to pay that much. 1?
And you could quite happily get by without a manual.
FEATURES • • • • Pretty much everything you could possibly want to create very realistic fibres.
VALUE • • • 100 bucks is a lot of money, but it’s really a specialist tool and not many copies are likely to be sold.
"If it is realistic hair you're after, then this is Just the ticket."
I'or all Zorro-3 Amigas, this fvt-Bii high spml graphics engine- Witter Ufa* up to IM0 x lion pixels in 8-Bit colour or 102-1 x "68 pixels in Tnte 2 l-Bit Colour, with 2Mb of display memory ( I.Mb user upgradeable).
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - £329-* 4Mb - £439* ftv i«W i»f r FREF. Technical Br Khurv The World's Fastest Amiga!
CYBERSTORM -THE FIRST and ONLY (.8060 ACCELERATOR FOR THE AlOOO i 'ait ur ktitils atml A_Wi n,n *ifiMrri s." When CyhmsMnn, a 30MHz 68060 Irani, renders a ten graphic with Imagine 2.0 software, the processing time is FAST... Just 2.4S minutes - Compare this w ith
10. 31 mins on a standard AlOOO OtO 2S Cyberstorm 68060 50 50MHz
68060.0Mb (Exp. To 128Mb) £PHONE!
'utuLml tfnu NWIMi Jniiii 0.55 0. Mandird ’ixi l:p in 128Mb ot standard SIMMs can be irwalied and you can even transfer the "’Pin SIMMs from your A*000 straight onto Cybersorm Options include j SCSI-2 only module, or a SCSI-2 and combined Ethernet expansion module. Rcuuesi mr FREE Technical Rrocbiuv COMPARE THE SPEED GAINS YOU'LL GET | M.iihLikI A num. II M) 28MHz 68EC020 A1200TURBO 4Mb, 32-Bit RAM Expandable to 8Mb Multi award-winning BLIZZARD 1220 a 4Mb TURBO... Offers by far the besl pniv performance ratio of any I200 32-Bit RAM expansion on the market incorporating everything a rikxI
memory expansion should - such as a Real Time Clock. RAM expandability, optional FPU etc. And. With its Motorolj Processor running the 32-Hit FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz, the 1220 i has broken all the tamers!
Gktk the fjcts for yourself and Fit the BEST Amiga A120U Turlvi Memory board.
Rtifinsi Mir FRFJ: Txbntciil Isnnhurv
• Integrated 28MHz 68EC020 Clock Speed Doubler for up to V*o-
overall pertonnamv increase
• Factory Installed & Tested iMb 32-Bit FAST RAM
• Expandable to 8Mb with Bli vard Atkin Board
• Integrated Battery Hacked Real Time (.tack
• Easy Trapdoor Insialbimn
• Can be disabled in situ for lull games compatibility 1220 4
Turbo 28MHz 68EC020 - . «« n
• IMb 32-Hit Fast RAM, expandilik-to 8Mb_ 7 Add-E Board ¦ extra
4Mb for 1220 4 £1 Ao.» 4Mli 32-Bit Fast RAM add-on AlOy
Motorola Maths Co-processors 6S8H21'LCC type Fl’l . 2 33MHz
IOMHz 68030 A1200TURBO ACCELERATOR - 0Mb Expandable to 128Mb THE highest performing A1200 68030 Accelerator!
The NEW 1230-IN is the successor Io the ntarkel leading 1230-111 Irard Not only has then.- Iieen an INCREASE in spedfiulion, hut at the same time. .1 DECREASE IN PRICE Willi its 30MHz 680.30 and Mmlthe new I2AU-IN offers EVEN MORE for LESS! I p to 300"» performance gain is achieved ami options via its Fast Expansion Bus include Modules such as a SCSI-2 Controller. A standard SIMM socket provides tor up to 128MI) auto-configuring .-12-Bit FAST RAM .or 236Mb with SCSI-2 option).
• Fasy Trapdoor Installation
• Batten- Backed Self Recharge RT Clock Calendar
• High performance DMA expansion with lull 32-Bit wide DMA
• 680,30 may he disabled with a simple key stroke on bool up
allowing full games compaiibility - even badly programmed,
older software!
• PGA FIT Socket allowing optional 30MHz. 68t®2 FBI 1230-IN'
Turbo13". lllz 6MJ.30 a MAIL’ "Mb 32-Bit Fasl RAM. Expandable
ln.A2.Alh 4199* SCSI-2 Module1 lor I2JIMV Turlw.
I w nli addiln mal 12SAII. SIMM nickel I Motorola Maths Co-processors 68882 PGA type FBI ’. 3(l |||z 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion 32-IAit. ~2 pin' (.alljur lar i s .ltlf.s .ncrs THE WORLD'S FASTEST A1200 ‘030 ACCELERATOR!
50MHz 168060 A1200TURBO 'ACCELERATOR - 0Mb Expandable to 64Mb The 060 revolution Ls here NOW for YOUR A1200!
The NEW Blizzard 1260 Accelerator gives you the World's fastest AIM* With to 30MHz 68060 and Mml , the new 1260 offers unsurpassed performance I to 3 times faster than an Amiga A iOOtVOW! Options via to Fast Expansion Bus include Modules such as a SCSI-2 Controller. A standard SIMM socket provides lor up to tvtMb autiKonfiguring 32-Bit FAST RAM lor 192Mb when utilising the SCSI-2 option I.
• False Trapdoor Installation
• Battery lin ked Self Recharge RT Clock Calendar
• High petfomtance DMA expansion with full 32-lfct wkle DMA
• 68060 may he disabled with a simple keystroke am ! « up
aRurring full games cotnpaillillity - even Ivadly programmed,
older softw-jnR 1260 Turbo1 mn? 68060 ik Mml «Oa95
0. MI) 32-Bit Fa.si RAM, ExpanUaWc to ta.Mh “7T SCSI-2 Modulr for
1260 Turbo with additional 128Mb SIMM socket) 499” 5 ™"fe I
. VSy 50MHz kJ 68060 A1200 TURBO B CCELERATOR - 0Mb
Expandable to 128Mb The 060 revolution is here for A’OCR
A1500 2000 too!
IK- NEW Bfwzard .So) triers the same features pedomurce a. the INOWtlle AMIGA iVOand AM user whilst jlkMigupa. ! KV8.ltAVt 2060 TurboJ 50MHz 68(Wi Mml 0Mb 32-Bit Fast RAM, Fxpandablc to 128Ml Mmfiftrr - Iwlijtr (omputiux Star But 1st Mart v Aouea shipper Reader Aw mU* " _ 9S PHONl Simply call oo» orJf’ line We accept .
* **¦¦ ‘ " Vim. Mmiercard. Acceu Switch Conned Delta and Lombard
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AMIGA prodwls ore on daplay'
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Include your name Adorns and daytime pftone number plus order
detads II charging a cred't’debit ca d include number and
exptry dale taho owe oumOe- mth Switch cardu Make i allow I
days clearance poor to despatch) Barton Budding Society Drafts
or Postal Orders payable to Gordon Harwood Computers PRICES
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your order tv urgent we have pnonty despatch, options with
express delivery available EXPORT Most items art ivailaMe at
TAX FREE "RKES to non EC residents s overseas U* Armed Forces
Personnel Iwth CD’s document) "***• f~ «~i ol onces and
carnaoe charoes Technosound Turbo 2 Pm With this sampler, you
don't have to have a single musical bone in your body to
produce some great- sounding tracks. Graeme Sandiford tests the
new upgrade.
One of the most fun parts of using Technosound Turbo is the real-time special effects.
One of the most popular hardwai e-purchase for serious home computer- owners is the sampling cartridge. For some inexplicable reason people seem drawn to these small devices and gain hours of enjoyment loading sounds and music into to their machines, altering or sequencing them and then playing the results to anyone who’ll listen.
F. ven though I can t claim to understand the attraction. 1 have
to admit that after buying an external drive, a sampler was
the Itrsi piec e ol hardware that I bough I For my Amiga.
In Fact, it was an earlier version oF the model that is being reviewed - the Technosound Turbo.
.As with most popular markets, the competition in the sampler-making industry has been fierce, but over the years the Tech«iid-rango has remained the firm favourite of the nervous beginner.
The main reason for this success has been a simple interlace, combined with a selection of fun effects, w hich has enabled novices to get quick results.
Although some might argue that the interface is starting to look a little dated. 1 was quite pleased to see that GO, THEN?
HOW FAST CAN IT SAMPLING MODE 680020 68000 HZ HZ This table represents the maximum sampling- rates that can be achieved with Technosound Turbo 2 Pro on a 68000 and 68020 CPU (the A500 uses a 68000 and A1200 the 68020). The 12-bit and 8-bit speeds are those attainable with the 12-bit cartridge running in 12- and 8-bit while the remaining speeds are for the 8-bit cartridge.
12-bit Stereo 24631 15977 12-bit Mono 49000 30576 8-bit Stereo 24131 22168 8-bit Mono 49000 40305 8-bit Cart Stereo 44336 32841 8-bit Cart Mono 6S534 65534 The faster the sample-rate, the better the sound-quality will be. However, sounds sampled in 12-bit mode will be clearer than those of the same speed and greater in 8-bit mode.
‘Technosound Tuiho Iho's interface has not changed much - after all. The Workbench 2-look, that has become popular with most program, might be functional, but it could hardly Ire called lun.
.As with previous version, the top half of die screen is occupied by a sample-window that shows the current waveform that is being played or edited.
As with most sampling software, once a sample has been recorded, vou can mark an area to played, edited, or save from the main waveform by clicking with the left and right mouse-buttons.
The bottom of the screen is filled with several status indicators dial provide useful information about your system, the sample and the defined sample-area.
This includes things such as how much memory is available, the position of die left and right pointers, the size of the sample at its rate.
Between these two areas of the screen, you’ll find the same tools for playing and editing the sample area as in the previous version of the program.
Likewise, the menu-items. Such as the preferences and effects, have remained more or less the same.
In fact, except for the changes in the main interface, the software hasn't really changed that much. You still have Continued overleaf mimj¦*sV'~3[% Realtine hannel 1 Channel E Channel 3 Channel 3 5HPLE 00 PATH 00
- 00 00000 00 00000 00 00000 00 00000 5-P05 00
- 00 00000 00 00000 00 00000 00 00000 TetlPO 30 Mel SVC l;
V : lilfct There are a variety of different sampling- speeds
available, depending on your CPU.
[ROIHTERleM 1703 5 g ;|5CftM|tjQ5I-T-I0Hl a choice of real-iime effects that can he applied lo a sample as it is being placed or monitored. The effects include a phaset. Echo, reverb, sex change, ramp and plenty more.
Once you got your samples, you can use them in your latest tune with the Tracker module.
It is possible lo create and save your own effects.
One of the best features of the previous version was the abililv to sample direct to hard disk. This is great news for people with limited memory and means that von can also create enormous samples.
However, you can't sample in stereo while in this mode - it's quite understandable really, but you can make use of a pseudo stereo-mode.
Samples can also be placed back from disk and even sequenced using the program's Sequencer tool.
The most significant difference between this and the last versions of I'filinosounil 'Ihhnosoiinil Turbo 2 as featured on issue 73 s Coverdiskl is the sampling hardware itself. To give vou even clearer samples, there is ait optional 12-bit cartridge.
The cartridge appears preitv much the same, except that there is another, smaller cartridge that plugs into the serial port of your machine. This is to provide the new cartridge with its power-supplv. There is also a verv useful Not only is it possible to record and play back samples to and from hard disk, they can also be sequenced.
TECHNOSOUND TURBO 2 PRO dial mounted on it. For controlling the volume input.
The model I reviewed, although fully-working, had a slight design-llaw that will onlv affect users of big-box Antigas. Like the A4000 and A3000. The cable between the two cartridges is loo short to reach between the parallel and serial ports of these machines.
Thankfully, after contacting the manufacturers, New Dimensions, thev are going to produce units with longer connection leads for A4000- and A3000-users.
The software enables vou to change sampling-modes between 8-and 12-bit.
The sample-rates you can use depends on your CPU (for more details, have a look at the table “I low fast...?"). The rates can be set in the Preferences editor screen, which will also ask you which processor you have in your machine.
DISTRIBUTOR New Dimensions 01291 690933 PRICE ¦ 8-bit version £39.99 ¦ 16-bit option an additional £39.99 ¦ Upgrade from Technosound Turbo to Pro £10 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1Mb RAM SPEED • • • • Fast enough to produce samples at higher-than-CD quality. Hard disk playback is a little slow, though.
MANUAL • • • •• On the whole, not bad, but a little sketchy in places.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• The quality ol the samples that can be obtained are indeed better than before. However, there ate some limitations on how 12-bit samples can Ik- edited. For example. 12-bit samples cannot Ik- loaded into the Tracker, or Ik- recorded to. Or plaved from, hard disk.
All the same, the 12-bit cartridge is a good option for those who are looking for an improvement in their samplc-qualitv. I lowever, at £10 for an upgrade from version 2 to Pro.
Changing vour existing software is not such a clear-cut decision.
The major difference reallv lies in the interface, which makes editing samples a little easier, but also leaves the way open for upgrading to the 12- bit sampler. II you think that you would like to upgrade vour hardware at a future date, then £10 is a relatively small price to pay.
This is still the best entry-level sampler around.
FEATURES • • • • More than enough features for most beginners.
VALUE • • • • The 12-bit option is good value if you want better quality, but the softwareupgrade is only just worth £10.
"If you want to get into sampling, then this is the one for you" 87% Amiga Extcrnal Floppy Drivi ORDER CODE: WlOO ORDER C0DEW2O2 ORDER C00£:l«OO ALL PRODUCTS COME WITH ORDER CODE: WlSO ORDER CODE:W204 ORDER CODE:W208 ORDER CODE: WI51 All pnces indude VAT and cartage within the UK mainland. Please add £6 to your order for non-UK Mainland delivery All product! Are subject to availability.
E&OE Advertised prices and specification may change without notice.
ORDER CODE: W 405 .I aamjkjl* sarrvmmm A six d.sk collection ol Video titling tools, video wipes, tonts. Video titlers. Subtitle generator. Video backdrops etc SuhaDle lo? Use siand-alone or mconiuciiDn with Scaia etc.... Onty £12.00 ease, ana search on an' ? GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTERS ?VID12-6. VIDEO TITLING TOOLS i Around 100 scalable compugraphic loots to.- use with Wo;dworth243. Pagestroam.
Workbench 243. High quality printoul from 5point upto lOOpomi.
Dozens ol easy to loHow recip«es.
If your a budding Ian Beele or Floyd then this gourmet? Cookbook is just the thing (or you You'll be a prolessional in no lime 10e sure you lesl your cooking on your Inlaws first!) Only £3.00 Little Olfice consists of a powerful) Wordprocessing package, a spell checker.
A diary system, a name and address database. And a powertuil spreadsheet Compatible with ail Amiga's but Workbench 2 or 3 is recommended. Only £7 00 II you've just got a new A1200 hard disk then to prep 4 install it corrodiy you II need the correct software. This software comes supplied on 2 disks. The first props 4 partitions your harddisk, the second install Workbench correctly Only £7.00 WwlProMsnu uar I Only £7 00 ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE ? PSF7-3. COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS ? AHD7-2. A1200 HARD DISK INSTALLER ? GCB3-1. GOURMET COOKBOOK Now the weather is Okay it's time to put on your shorts
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Computers. Spons, etc.... Only £3.00 An essential collection cf disk recovery 4 salvage tools tor Workbench 1.3. 2 4 3 Weather a tloppy of your Harddisk has con- cieved an error this package will see you allnght. Easy to use.
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Miscetianous colour clipart images. Around 100 in all covering: cats. Dogs. Cars, trees, planes, boats etc. Suitable for use in any Paint or Desktop Publishing package.
Only £9.00 Word finder Plus is the most powerful!
Amiga crossword solver available to date.
Can solve anagrams, crosswords etc. contains a dctionary of over 50.000 English words, and you can easily add your own Only £5.00 ?!
M r rtm,
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Keyboard. Sound chips, graphics chips.
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Manic miner. Little computer pecple. Monty mole, Startrek, The Seminal, etc... Packt (SPE5-3) Speccy em & 50 games.
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of Scrabble. Monopoly. Cluedo.
Backgammon. Chess. Othello. Tiles. Tic- Tac-Toe, Cribbage etc. Only £5.00 ?AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR Only £5 00 ? CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS Only £5.00 ?TNG5-2. NEXT GENERATION WB Only £10.00 ? BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES I 100 high quality Am«ga Bitmap tonts.
I Suitable tor use with almost any Amiga I package. Including Dpamt. Workbench etc I Font sizes start at 6pt upto 50pl A collection of Lottery Winners. Help your self beat the Lottery with this superb disk.
Every woek let your computer generate the Winning7 numbers. It you play the Lottery then get this disk Only £5 00 Arcade classics V2 contains vanoations of classic games like Space Invaders, Frogger. Missile command. Asteriods. Q- Bens. Omega race. Centrepede etc Suitab'e for any Amiga.
Only £5.00 FVT HC FQ"T4 Aft DUG I Only £7.00 ? FIN7-3. HOME FINANCE ? FNT7-3. FANTASTIC FONTS ? LWP5-1. LOTTERY WINNERS ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS 2 Amiga Power tools includes dozens of the most usefuli & most powerlull utilities available Virus killer, lex! Editor. Menu maker.
Sound & grapghis tools, and loads more.
Requires Workbench 2 or 3.
Only £5.00 Password protect you valuable Hard drive inlormation with this extensive and easy to use Password and File encryption toot.
A collection ol over 100 popular and more unusual printer drivers. Supports the canon.
Panasonic. Star, range of printers aswoll as undreds more ... Very easy to use installation procedure.
Only £3.00 If you've just purchased your Amiga you may be a bit boggled how you uso it properly. Weil this five disk set take you through the Cll'Shell. Workbench step by step Showing you every thing you need to know.
Only £9.00 ACCESS DENIEl _Only £10.00 ? PSW10-4. PASSWORD SYSTEM ? DRV3-1. PRINTER DRIVERS ? ATC5-2. AMIGA POWER TOOLS ? ABG9-5. AMIGA BEGINNERS GUIDE Our Catalogue disk contains information on ove» 4000 public domain disks, CD-ROM titles. Packs, and ordenng information.
Classic card games consists of around a dozen superb card games like Poker.
Solitaire. Craps. Montana, Pontoon.
Blackjack. Klondike. Spades. Golf. Rummy and more..... Only £t 0.00 Essential lor Bogmners is a collodion of files essenlial lor the smooth umntoruptod use ot your Amiga All the most asked for libraries and Viewers aro included like More, Muchmoro. Ppmoro. Ole Only £2.00 4f Only £1.00 ? CAT1-1. CATALOGUE DISK.
Only £5.00 ? STB5-2. STARTREK MAGIC WB ? CRD10-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES ? EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS Mail Order Hotline.EMA,L aptoCepma-dBmonoj 01793 490988 EPIC Marketing Victoria Centre.
138 Victoria Rd, Swindon. Wilts.
SN1 3BU. UK LRIO Collection CO The EPIC Collection CD ROM contains all the above titles and hundreds more. All DMSed onto an inavative GOLD CD ROM which you can update (see our CD add for details) CDIOO £59.95 Available to buy Now*!!l WrwnaiWraiM'j- Samiiiiv 9 3ftun ¦ rvfiOr n ChcojesftPostal onlere ecrpotert. For UK frctets oteasp atfrl a tota. D 50o Ojerseas ottiers pteasp art! F~l (10 per title KfosloiTlereairsprilvvtf»'dBhr»»«; All Mips nn all Amina c i inlpsp slawl FftOF Bo nksfielf BOOK REVIEWS OCTOBER 1995 MASTERING AMIGADOS - SCRIPTS Bruce Smith Books ¦ 01923 894355 ¦ £19.95 Author:
Mark Smiddy ISBN: 1-873308-36-1 "Not a book for the faint hearted, but excellent all the same."
MASTERING AMIGA PROGRAMMING SECRETS Bruce Smith Books ¦ 01923 894355 ¦ £21.95 Author: Paul Overaa ISBN: 1-873308-33-7 86% ZEN AND THE ART OF THE INTERNET Available from most bookstores ¦ £18.25 Author: Brendan P. Kehoe ISBN: 0-13-010778-6 hip 88% CYBERSPACE FOR BEGINNERS Available from most bookstores ¦ £7.99 Author: Joanna Buick ISBN: 1-874166-24-2 attention to the social issues that are involved in the advancement of technology.
"A ludicrous, informed, insightful and hilarious look at the machines we love to hate.” As with Mastering AmigaDOS - Scripts this book is not aimed at beginners and therefore expects you to have a good understanding of programming. It is intended to bring your skill and knowledge on to the next level and concentrates on C and Amiga Assembler as the languages to be used.
However, it is more than simply a collection of routines because it provides you with plenty of background information. Some of the techniques covered include custom bootblocks. Exec interrupts, smooth scrolling, copper-list effects and the The Amiga's Operating System is quite simply one of the most powerful and versatile ones around and AmigaDOS's scripting capabilities have long been an interest of mine. Nevertheless, I was still quite surprised by the contents of this book, which takes script-writing from performing routine tasks, to a whole new level of programming.
The main thrust of the book is to show you how to use the AmigaDOS to create fully-working and useful utilities. To achieve that aim, there are plenty of tutorials with program-listings, which are The clamour and the hype surrounding the Internet seems to be lessening, but it still remains an important resource.
This book is a beginner's guide to the Internet and sets out to explain in the simplest terms possible what the Internet is, how it works and what it can do for you.
It covers FTPing, newsgroups and E-mail. It's a tiny book, just over 100 pages, but does a good job of explaining all you need to know about the Internet.
In their quest to bring enlightenment to normal folk, the “For beginners" team have turned their attention to the computer in their latest book Cyberspace For Beginners.
This 174-page book does an excellent job of introducing the computer novice to virtually all aspects of computing and information technology.
The writing-style and art design make it accessible and hugely entertaining and provides plenty of insightful observations, while drawing the reader's fascinating topic of abstract datatypes. Of course a great deal of what is discussed is very complicated, but not all of it is exclusively of interest to programmers.
Anybody who has a desire to find out more about the way their machine works will also benefit.
"This book takes your programming-knowledge to the max." Graeme Sandiford tests the ability of his fingers to turn pages rather than tap on a keyboard.
"An aptly-named and very effective guide to the net."
OCTOBER 1995 SERIOUSLY AMIGA Weird Science Animations 17 Bit ¦ 01924 366982 ¦ £17.99 Yep, you've guessed it, this is yet another CD-ROM full of animations; actually it’s a double-pack, so it's two Cds full of animations - how's that for innovation- While it may seem that you’re getting twice the value, it just means that you have to spend twice as long trying to find the good animations amongst the majority of the crap ones.
Believe me, they are. For most part, unbelievably crap. I spent hours just wading through soporific animation after soporific animation in the vain hope that I might find a decent, new animation. In the end, I did find a few, but not even enough for a football team. The majority of the animations are incredibly old, or unbelievably unimaginative. Pretty much all of the good ones I did find, such as some Craig Collins animations, were at least two years old.
The collection's sole good point is its AmigaGuide front-end, which can be successfully used to display the various animations. O Terra Sound Library PD Soft ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £19.99 Let me just say that I not a music-buff and really wasn’t looking forward to reviewing this CD. However, once I loaded it, I found myself thoroughly engrossed for hours exploring the various directories.
In fact. I soon found myself thinking things like: "Wow that's a smooth loop” and “That thumpin' breakbeat would go wonderfully with that riff in the techno directory". I had to tell myself, despite the surging feelings of musical creativity, that I have zero musical talent and this is all the creative work of someone else.
The formal of the disc is very simple with directories devoted to certain types of files or programs.
The first one to draw my attention was the Samples drawer. This not only contains samples of musical instruments, there are also some wonderful FX, cartoon sounds, speech.
Star Trek and Beavis and Bullhead directories. There is also a directory containing extra large samples, some of which are nearly 3.5Mb in size!
The Plaver-Composer directory contains simply heaps of mod-playing and music-making PD programs, plus a couple of CD-pljyers.
An even larger directory is the one containing the MIDI files, which in turn is dwarfed by the immensity of the mods drawer which contains over 275Mb's worth of music modules.
All in all, this is the most fun I've had with a CD for a long time. I'll just have to keep telling myself "I'm not a musician, I'm not a musician...”. '2?
CtK vm World of Clipart Epic ¦ 01793 490988 ¦ £17.99 SERIOUSLY AMIGA OCTOBER 1995 This collection is at an immediate disadvantage, when compared with the other two clip-art Cds, because of its lack of a catalogue of images. One advantage it does have is diat it's a double-CD and therefore has twice as much storage capacity.
This extra storage space is put to good use by including plenty of colour images. Pretty much all of the colour images are of exceptional quality and, though they are not much use for B&W DTP, they are very useful for multimedia, or other projects that need a ready source of on-screen images. The directories are arranged in order of ftle-formats and then subject- matter, which makes finding what you want quite easy.
This is another good collection and the images are on the whole of much better quality than the other collections, but it loses a few points due to it not having a catalogue. 'If FUTURENET Don’t panic if you missed any of the CD-ROM reviews - every single one is available on FutureNet. What you haven't logged on yet? Do so at once!
HTTpJ www. Future net.co.uk The first thing that impressed me about this collection was the small, but reassuringly thick, book that accompanied it.
This mini-catalogue of the CD's contents is something that clip-art compilers all too often forget to include, much to the annoyance of most people involved in DTP.
The book is divided accordingly into directories and gives the path to them at the beginning of each section.
The topics that are covered are varied and interesting and include several unusual images.
This is a good sound collection with plenty of variety and an excellent catalogue. The minus point is that many of the images are of a low resolution and can therefore only be used in a small size. 'If 83% "A high-quality collection with some fabulous fonts too."
78% Round-u|D Cliptomania CD There are plenty of PD Soft ¦ 01702 4466933 ¦ £39.99 c*rtoon-S,y!e drawing, on the Cliptomania Wow, I can hardly believe my luck - two clip-art CD-ROMs with printed examples in one day!
This German CD-ROM comes with an A4-sized booklet with thumbnail images. As with PD Soft’s collection, it is organised by directory, but instead of organising the images by theme, they are stored alphabetically, even though many of the names are pretty obscure and usually consist of a couple of letters and a serial number.
However, the subjects covered are at least as, if not more, numerous as the PD Soft CD. The style of the images is also wide-ranging; there are plenty of symbols, hilarious cartoons and even some fantasy images. Their quality is very good, but £40 is way too much.
This is an excellent collection of old-school clip-art and even contains a stonking set of scalable fonts. 'If %01782 7447 jf24hr Mail Order Mot I s buying direct: from the manufacturer means both low prices and a service second to none FAX 01782 7« iSgni' With this un-interruptable | power supply S unit your system is totally protected trom massive data loss due to 1 mains power failure or voltage surges and spikes.
If mains power is lost the SMART UPS 300 will automatically switch to standby power within milliseconds enabling your system to continue unaffected us A With the Amiga Oorliw Graph* Tab* you can The the ct your Amiga streamline lha operation ot moat graph* or CAD programs. 50CV500. 600 A Th. GknttUkr G..pt. c Tkbtot uUMM MM Wchnology lo,1M0),sotwoOO .ml counts' Mb mous.
| o!t.i up lo 1000 dpi rwotutlOfi al in. Up ol • .lylu. A Un,1M . Lne 3„« eo- A Complel. »-rt- digitizing plu. .upe. kccur.1. »l*lu%,0ln„cs so ,h„ „.c«mg and menu Moctlons are I combine to enable taat. Accurate and aaay control possible trom the tablet tece
* Work, by 'mouaa Mulallon- to lb. Genii Ur will eod , ,
senslllve switch bum into Ibe stylus Up wdh most packages where
mouse Input Is lb. Usual acllyales the Tablet overriding lb.
Normal mouse method Delu.e Paint, Photon Paint. CAD Packages
etc inpuI when you „M u5lng tw laWel ou „ave A Supplied with
templet, lor Deluie Palm normal mouse control A This la the
Input method uaed on professional systems A Fast inpul of
drawing by ¦tracing" Is made easy - plus ¦absolute reference"
means you can move around the screen many times faster than by
a mouse.
The SMART UPS 300 has both LEO and audible alarm to indicate that the mains has failed, alerting the user to enable a shut down as required. Because many system failures are caused by mains fluctuation and not always mains failure theSMART UPS 300 also has EMI and RFI noise filters to deliver super clean power.
A An easy to handle Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width A 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics text into your Amiga SOO SOO. 6OO I200 1500 2000 A Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
A Ad|ustable switches for brightness contrast levels A Genlscan gives you the ability to scan FREE PC INSTALLATION PACK I YOU BUY A GEMUS TA8H1 SYSTEM FOR YOUR AMIGA YOU *nil AISO RECEIVE SOFTWARE ANO MANUALS EOR INSTALLATION ON A PC ABSOLUTELY FREE- il Scan Mode.. A Scan Grey Software Included to convert half__ tone images to true Grey scales. Includes “ editing, zoom A processing features.
A Save images in suitable format for most leading packages Including PHOTON PAINT. | DELUXE PAINT, etc. A View window and position control panel.
A Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cuf A pasto editing of imagos etc. MIDI MASTER PROFESSIONAL MIDI INTERFACE NEW LOW r PRICE k . Low cost Midi Interface.
Midi In. Midi Out and Midi Thru.
. Opto Isolated.
. Compact design.
THE BEST SELLING MIDI INTERFACE FOR THE AMIGA | * Full specification Midi In, Midi Thru and Three Midi out sockets.
| A Stylish case to match Amiga colours I A Fully Opto Explore the data hidden on Credit Cards.
Debit Cards.
Security & Membership Cards eic.“ Simply swipe your card and read the contents Reads tracks 1.2 and 3 Plugs into your Amiga Joystick Port.
4. 5 Amp Output.
Cool Running.
13 Amp UK | approved mams plug.
I a Compatible Ullll £39.99 VIDEO DIGITIZER 2 A low price real time video frame grabber for the A500 Save images as Raw or IFF Mono digitizing at an affordable price ca GOLIATH HAS THE POWER Goliath is a direct power supply replacement with a difference! If you have an Amiga with a large hardrive. Extra memory, accelerator board or indeed any powerful add-on then a standard Amiga power supply (ust cannot cope. The Golliath packs more power than you can possibly need A Fan cooled. A On Off switch.
A Heavy duty case. A 13 Amp uk approved mains lead A Switch mode electronic system. A Direct plug-in replacement A Full 200 wan output. A Also available for cd 32.
IDEAL FOR DTP etc THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DISK BACKUP PROBLEMS SYNCRO EXPRESS is a sophisticated hardware and software package that works by directly controlling your second drive as a slave device ignoring the Amiga's own disk drive controller This way SYNCRO EXPRESS delivers power to backup programs.when other backup A The most powerful disk backup system ever conceived.
A Very simple to use requires no user interface.
A Powerful SYNCRO MODE actually synchronises your drives to achieve even greater backup power!
5. 0 It is Illegal to make copies, even lor your own use. Ol
copyright material, without the given permission ot Ihe
copyright owner, or the licensee thereof.
Save the entire program in memory to disk. The saved program will reload and run from the point where it was frozen. Perfect for backup & game save option.
~ 4H Game trainer feature gives you the power lo find cheats within any game.
Infinite LIVES. ENERGY. LEVELS etc. Ultimate GAME BUSTING POWER, Screen Grabber option lets you freeze and save screen to disk. Pictures saved in IFF format suitable for all leading graphics packages.
! Dealing direct with the ifacturer you can »sure we offer i the latest products at the keenest prices.
Our sales and technical staff will be pleased to advise you and we will deliver your order to your door within days.
Why not give us a try.
Powerful monitor functions give you all the tools lo freeze and hack the program in memory. Full 68020 assembler disassembler. Breakpoint & trace- single step commands Remember that ACTION REPLAY lets you view the program in it's frozen stale- no other toolkit can offer this feature.
Powerful hardware features custom logic and on-board scratch ram so No AMIGA MEMORY IS USED. _______ AI200 ACTION REPLAY EgP Very simple lo use - Just press the freeze button lo take total control of the frozen program In memory Works with up to 8 megs of Amiga RAM! UllRMaM| Pv Very simple to install.. Just plug into A1200 trapdoor.
AMPLIFIED STEREO SPEAKERS 744707 24hr Mail Order Hotline ?This Amiga video interlace allows you to output S-VIDEO or COMPOSITE PAL Irom your Amiga.
? Connects to Amiga monitor port Thru connector allows standard Monitor to be connected simultaneously ? Separate output gives S-VIDEO or COMPOSITE PAL output (ploase state which required) ? Ideal for many video applications Including titles etc. A Switch Mode Electronic System.
A Direct replacement ? Cool Running.
? Fits 1500 and
? Low. Low price FULL BIT SAMPLING AT A LOW PRICE A Full 8 Bit Sound Sampling System.
For A500 1500 2000 1200.
? Fits into Printer Port.
? Complete Hardware Software package including Sound Sampler £19.5 INTERNAL MIDI CARD ? Top quality external 3.5". ? Quiet operation.
? Small footprint slimline design.
? Built-in anti-click feature.
? Daisy chainable via thru port.
? No need for external PSU.
, INTERNAL MIDI CARD FOR A2000 1500 3000 A Full feature Midi Interface - Midi In. Midi Thru and Three Midi outsockets A Opto Isolated.
? Quality Chlnon Mechanism .
? Features special eject button.
? Quiet operation.
? Includes mounting pillars.
A Comprehensive Instruction manual, f REPLACEMENT DISK DRIVE I INTERNAL MIDI CARD I £19.99 Amiga 2000,1500 3000 jfl Direct Plug-- Replaceme Amiga 500 500plus Amiga 800 12(jg £39.99 I £49.99 £49.99 ACTION LINE BBS ?ATEL GKMN ROAD.
ST4 2RS. ENGLAND 01782 744707 ACTION UNE le the biggest and best 085 yeti Over 10 GIGS shareware, Images.chat, advert*. Large AMIGA only All speeds to v32 FAST.
SUBSCRIPTION & VIEW NUMBER 01782 744199 INSTANT DOWNLOAD NUMBER 0891 516353 ’ No subscription- Just pay for the call* This special SATURN viewing card connects your D2MAC 4 VIDEOCRYPT decoder directly to your AMIGA' By using the special software provided you can view upto 9 new satellite stations for FREE ¦ including FILMNET PLUS.
Also supplied with software for TV EUROTlCA ( Eutelsat Ft Videocrypi) Because the system is AMIGA software based you can update simply Unlike vtewing cards which can be bought, there is no need to return a card for upgrade Conrects to serial port ol AMIGA Monftor mode displays 4 logs incoming dala.
Now you can buy a complete upgradeable system tor less than you would expect to pay for a single card" 3A TURN TURN YOUR AMIGA INTO A D2 MAC VIEWING CARD SATURN CARD EH)' HiQ Limited tel 01525 211327 The Storage and System Design Specialists Multimedia PowerStation options for all Amigas PowerStation Specifications
t. 200 watt power supply for Amiga and Drives.
2. Five drive bays. Various configurations.
3. High Speed Squirrel SCSI2 interface.
4. Dual Speed, highly CD32 compatible CDRom.
5. Low cost when compared to drive cases.
, 6. Mix CDRom and Amiga audio.
& 4
j. -J .£¦ PowerStation Case Prices Includes Internal Audio Cables
Stereo Speaker Version £129-95 Desktop Version Tower Version
Carriage & MOUSE MAT .....O MOUSE
HOLDER ......?
ADD £5 JOYSTICK SEGA STYLE ...Q Panasonic PD System From Only £599-95 PowerStation Pack Prices Includes 2 x SCSI CDRom + Squirrel Stereo Speaker Version £329 95 Desktop Version £299-95 Tower Version £299-95 Carriage £12 50 !! IliQ STAR DRIVE BUYS !!
A1200 420Mb IDE Only £124 95 A1200 540Mb IDE Only £139 95 A1200 850Mb IDE Only £189-95 A1200 Cable feck & Instructions £20-00 Post & Packing £7 (Citylink) All drives formatted, and Magic Workbench plus PD Software installed.
Free fitting for personal callers.
SCSI 3-5" Drives Quantum 540Mb FireBall £179-95 Quantum 850Mb Trailblazer £229-95 Micropolis 2-1 Gb AV Drive £769-95 All Pncev include Vat Plea* add 1 (or credit car* except Dekj & Connect HiQ Ltd, Unit 1, Gable End, 2 The Square, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire IU7 9NB Email address: 100432.711ecompuserve.com K* xcnve mi-i HO wall speakers £39-95 2 '” wall tpi'akcrt £24-95 not Included In pack price FAX 01525 211328 TEL 01 525 211327 FAST AMIGA REPAIRS
A600,1200,1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32 BARGAIN HARD DRIVES
......£25-50 KEYBOARDS
most highly praised collection of high quality DTP & DTV PD &
Shareware in AMIGA history!
E. M. CoMPUTERGRAPHIC's PP Crf«cie« e litityy CD Cttlteiitt,
These Cds are being developed, designed & distributed only by
E.M.Computergraphic. This is the only way we can have complete
quality control over all aspects of their production.
The RRP price for each CD is £24.99 + £1.00 UK pp For First class recorded Aimtail ..Europe add £4.00 pp& Rest of World add £6.00 pp These Cds are aimed directly ai Amiga users, and are not designed for multi platform computer use. This means that you won't get Cds loaded with PC files that you cannot use! To aid in tnc rapid location of font, clipart & image data, each of the 3 Cds will contain.. IFF font previews for EVERY font, you simply click on the preview icon lo SEE the font! The clipart and image directories have been FULLY sorted and ALL directories include full IFF preview-
thumbnail index screens (and also descriptive filenames) Purchasers of the Cds will also have the option to buy a typeface book, published especially for each of the EMC Cds. Containing FULL font printouts!
All in all...these Cds will offer you the legendary quality and organisation that F.MC's massive worldwide database of customers (and reviewers) have grown to expect!
Unlike most of the Cds currently available.. THESE Cds ARE NOT FILLED WITH JUNK!
The first disk EMC PHASE 1 - will be released on...Monday 11th September 1995 Fonts Typet EMC CG EMC Pdraw EMC 18.19.20 i 52 Cliptonts Clipart Fu»y soften into subOfoctonos (numbw ot O-rectO-.os astea m OrecMtv IFF Animals (114). Fantasy(27). Music(12). Peopte(73). Religionl12) IFF Col Birds. Cars. Cats. Dinosaurs. Dogs, Fish. Horses. LionKmg, Music. Planes 6 Repliles EPS Animals, Buildings. Computers, Food. Logos. Oltlce. People, Transport USA & World.
Images (in IFF 16 colour. Ham interlace and IFF 256 cotour tormats) Animals. Balloons. Blake7, Cars. Conan. Dragon Lance. Fantasy, Horses. Natural, Planes, Racing.
Renders. Reptiles. SnowScenes, Space, Star Trek TOSSMoviosi Trains, 674mb ol 736 566 Video Backdrops in IFF 16 & 256 colour formats.
Other Slutf All Pagestream3 updates lo version 3 OH. Complete Opalvision2.3b update. Typesmith2.5a update and Demo, Pagestream2 Demo, 18 really uselul Utilities and heaps ol other stuff!
Phasel PRE RELEASE OFFER...£19.99 + pp...on orders received before 8th September Credit card and postal order orders will not be processed banked until the day of Cds release 8 Cds will be dispatched the same day.
Cheque orders are subject to 5 working day clearance dispatch. If you wish to receive your CD as soon as possible after it's launch, we require written permission allowing us to bank your cheque 5 days prior to the launch date.
01255 431389 Fax: 01255 428666 E&OE Cheques Postal Qrdets
payable lo: E.U.COMPUJEHGRAPH1C Cheques are subject to 5
wording day clearance Workb nch Life is full of mysteries and
the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows
all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his
"favourite" machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga
Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
ESCOM THE SAVIOUR Now that Escom have saved Commodore, I am thinking of re-entering the Amiga-fray, possibly to buy an A1200, preferably as soon as possible, and was hoping you could answer some questions for me:
1) Should 1 buy an A1200 immediately, or should 1 wait for an
Amiga to be released with a faster processor, say a 68060, and
better graphics?
2) Why are hard drives for the PC so much cheaper than Amiga hard
drives are? For example, a Western Digital IDE hard drive
costs around £319, for a 1.1 Gb drive with only 10ms access
time, while for the Amiga, you could only get about 400Mb for
3) Ls there any way that you could convert an old A600 to an AGA
machine? RAM upgrades are easy to find, but could you upgrade
a graphics chipset to AGA, or would you need a whole new
chipset? (If it’s even possible.)
4) Why do Amigas still have that crap, bulky power-supply and not
an internal one? It would also be a good idea to get a decent
CD- drive fitted as standard in Escom's new machines, because
the Cds have had a major effect on the PC world.
Along with a fairly large hard drive, which should definitely come as standard in all Amigas, the whole caboodle could retail for under £500 and seriously give the Pcs a real run for their money!
That's all, but keep up the great work at the only decent Amiga magazine and please try to answer my questions, or pass me on to someone who can.
Iain MacLeod Forres. Morayshire It’s going to be a month or so before the standard .Amigas will get back into production and much longer until new models are developed. Personally, ifl didn't have my A1200,1 would be too impatient to wait for a new model.
2) The usual reason for the differences in price is that the
.Amiga and PC markets are still quite different. Pretty much
every PC-owner has a hard drive, while relatively few Amiga-
owners do as a result there is much more demand for hard
drives, especially larger ones, in the PC market.
Also, drives for A 1200s and A600s need an adaptor-cable; they are also 2.5 inch instead of
3. 5 inch. The 3.5 inch drives are cheaper to make and in the PC!
Markets 2.5 inch are only used in laptops. However, having
said that, the prices are still higher than they should be.
3) I'm afraid not. You'd need to upgrade the CPU as well as the
graphics chipset and the A1200 is a 32-bit machine, while the
A600 is a lb-bit. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change
any of these.
4) If I believed in evolution. I'd probably say that the PSU was
used as a defensive weapon in more primitive times. However,
there is no good reason, aside from having to re-design the
A1200 of course, for the huge power-brick the Amiga is
lumbered with.
A DRIVING FORCE I am a CD32 owner and 1 have recently upgraded my console with the following: SX-1 expansion module: two disk drives, printer, keyboard and a Goliath power-supply.
I own quite a lot of software, ranging from Wordworlh 3.1SE, to Directory Opus, to Pds.
I would like to install many of these on a new hard drive, which 1 am looking for at the Continued overleaf 4 IF YOU HAVE A QUERY.. At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions: Graeme Sandiford
• Be concise
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods
Bear these points in mind and fill in, photocopy, or copy the
form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench. Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street Bath. Avon BA1 2BW Your Amiga: C A500 C A500 Plus c A600 C A1000 O A1200 O A1500 C A2000 C A3000 C A4000 Kick start version: C 1-2 C 1-3 Workbench revision: O w O u C 2.04 2.05 O 2.1 O 2.x O 3.x O 1.3.2 O 3.0 Total memory fitted _ Chip memory availab Extra drive 1 ( 3.5in 5.25in| as DF: manufacturer: Extra drive f2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer.
Mb as DH Manufacturer Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer Details of other hardware: MORE POWER I have been doing some thinking lately. Now that Escom have bought the Amiga technology, we expect them to improve on the current state of affairs. Recently I bought an A4000 040LC for a great deal of money (£1,500) and I have been wondering: Was it a wise decision?
I use my Amiga for 3D and 2D graphics and for composing music. In the need for more power, I was thinking of upgrading the processor, and the sound and graphic capabilities.
This means 060 CPU, 16-bit sound and 24-bit graphics. Rumours say that the new Amiga will feature these things and even have the RISC included - furthermore it would be very cheap.
I really do not know what to do... Should I wait for the next Amiga, or should I upgrade now? Or is it possible to upgrade my Amiga to the same standards (for a cheaper price)?
moment. But I am very confused about the subject-matter and wondered if you could answer some questions and suggest a hard drive suitable for me. My questions are:
1) Will any kind of 2.5 inch hard drive fit inside my SX-1,
whether it be advertised for use with an Amiga, PC or any
other machine?
2) Is there any way of fitting a 3.5 inch hard drive externally,
because I can get them much cheaper (about £155 for a 560Mb
hard drive)?
3) What is the DB37 external IDE hard drive connector for? The
SX-1 user guide says it is for a second hard drive, or for one
which is too large to fit internally. What does this mean, and
what do you need for it?
PS. Here is some useful information for how to install fonts from a CD into Wordworth 3, if you need it.
1) Get the required CD you want to install the fonts from.
2) Write down the path to the drawer with the fonts in. For
example. Name of CD, Drawer, etc. VIRTUAL SPACE My brother and
I have recently bought a hard drive (if it makes any
difference, it's a 540Mb,
3. 5 inch internal hard drive from Trilogic) for my A1200
(unmodified otherwise).
Now I would like to copy Sensible Software games, such as Sensible World of Soccer and Cannon Fodder 2, on to it but I don't know how to do it. Most programs copy quite normally, but these games just won't load from the hard drive. Can you help?
Also, now I have a hard drive, I wish to purchase Sim City 2000, but this would require 2Mb of RAM more than I actually have. I can't afford more memory at the moment but I As my budget is pretty low I cannot afford to make any mistakes. I have heard so many rumours that I don't know what to believe.
P Sommer DK This question always raises its head when someone is considering buying new computer equipment.
Whenever you buy new hardware, it is inevitable that it is going to become out-dated. When it comes to the A4000. It's doubly difficult because there are no hard facts about that generation of machines.
The only thing that seems certain is that we will see the release of the A4000 and A1200 in (more or less) their present form before we'll see any new machines. If you want a more powerful machine, then the best way of getting one at the moment is upgrading your existing machine.
3) Single-click on the Install Outlines from the WW3 systems
disk, and then click on Information from the icon menu. In the
tool types, type in the path to the fonts you wrote down
earlier and put the other tool types in brackets; now save
this info.
4) Double-click on Install Outlines and insert the correct CD
when it requests it.
5) You have now installed these fonts from the CD and you are
ready to use them.
(I figured this out all on my own, and it took hours to do it since I have no experience with this type of thing. It may come in handy for your Won worth tutorial.)
Nathan Haigh Linthwaite, Huddersfield With your budding collection of software. I can well understand your desire to obtain a hard drive, Nathan. Adding a hard drive will open up a wonderful, new world of easc-of-use and storage possibilities.
1) Any 2.5 inch hard drive can be have heard of 'virtual memory'
that uses hard drive space to supplement the computer's RAM.
Are there any programs like this available for my machine and
where can I get them from?
Adam Morgan Yate, Bristol Always good to hear from a fellow Bristolian, even if you are from Yate - just kidding. There are several utilities for installing games to hard disk available in the Public Domain. In fact, I've been told by Steve McGill, that 17 Bit software (" 114 278 0370) are in possession of an Installer for Sensible Soccer.
There are several virtual memory programs around, including the excellent VMM.
Unfortunately, most of these require a MMU, which only machines with full '030 processors have.
Although I have heard rumours of a virtual memory program that doesn't require a MMU, I have yet to encounter it or test it out.
One thing to bear in mind is that using virtual memory is a slow business, even with a MMU - I'd hate to imagine how slow this would be without one. Talking of slowness, Sim City 2000 can be excruciatingly slow, even on the office A4000.
You could find it quicker to go to uni for a few years, graduate and then start building your own city in the real world.
W While Escom have made their plans to make more A1200s and A4000s known, the next generation of machines is still a mystery.
Fitted internally to the SX-1, but they must be IDE drives.
2) 3.5 inch IDE drives are quite a bit cheaper than 2,5 inch ones
and it is possible to add one externally (sec answer 3).
However, fitting a drive externally is a bit of a false
economy, because you have to fork out for an external casing
with power-supply. This will set you back a further £60-£90.
There is another alternative - Hi-Q, the makers of the Hi-Q PowerStation, have developed an expansion unit for the SX-1 (an expansion unit for an expansion unit. I guess).
This enables you to lit a 3.5 inch drive internally. It costs £129.95 without a drive and £249 with a 540Mb drive.
3) This is what you would use if you intend to follow through on
your original plan of adding a 3.5 inch drive externally, it's
simply an IDE Interface.
EVERYTHING YOU CAN DO, I CAN DO BETTER... A 'friend' of mine said that you can connect the A1200 to the Internet E-mail if you get the right equipment. Is he giving me realistic advice that will enable me to participate in the activities of the upper-class PC owners, or is he just speaking crap!
Neil Harwood Yelverton, Devon I'm surprised you have to ask that Neil! There isn't much, if anything, that you can do on a PC that you can't on an Amiga and I might have expected you to have spotted our regular Internet section (page 122 in this issue).
To simply get access to E-mail, your If you have difficulty loading fonts into your favourite programs, the problem may lie in you startup sequence.
Machine shouldn't have to undergo too many modifications, perhaps just a hard drive to make life easier. If you then want to get into things like the WWW (World Wide Web), you’ll need extra memory too.
INSTALL NECESSITIES 1 have an A1200 with a 122Mb hard drive, which I've had for over a year with no problems.
However, I recendy reformatted it from scratch to form three partitions instead of two and problems began.
Workbench is installed OK. But the Amiga fonts are not on the drive and I keep having to use the fonts floppy disk. The same happens for Locale. The biggest drawback is that I cannot use Amiga fonts anymore when using Worducnih.
I have read my Workbench 3.0 manual and it mentions an Install disk 3.0 which was not included in the package. Is it possible to load the fonts into their rightful place without the Install disk?
If not, where can I get hold of the Workbench 3.0 Install disk? This problem is driving me nuts and I have ceased using my hard drive as a result. I certainly look forward to your response.
My hard drive is a GVP model and I install software using the Fast-prep system.
Christopher Yates Rochdale. Lancs Unfortunately, Christopher, the Install disk was only sent out with A1200s with hard disks already installed. Of course, you can buy the Workbench 3.1 upgrade, but this would work out more than a little expensive. However, you'll, no doubt, be glad to know that there is a cheaper solution.
The reason you are experiencing problems with your Fonts: and Locale: directories is that they have not been assigned. AmigaDOS's Assign command enables directories to be treated as if they were volumes.
As Workbench's devices, such as Fonts:, Locale: and Libs:, are necessary for the general operation of your machine, they need to be assigned early and are therefore assigned in the Startup-sequence. To fix your problems, you need to add the necessary assigns yourself.
TechnoSound Turbo II _jC)Copyngj* I 994 Mar Drocnswn; All ngbtg itsavd_ The easiest way of doing this is to copy the Startup-sequence from your original Workbench disk and that should do it. If this doesn't work, then it is likely that you It is possible to use the Technosound Turbo II Coverdisk to sample from a CD32, but you'll need an SX-1 and a sampler.
Have not created your directories at the root- level of your hard disk.
STOP THE SWAP 1 own an A1200 with Workbench revision 3.0, and all I want to know is how to make an auto- booting disk. On AMOS Pro 1 have created a program which I want to be able to load without haring to keep swapping disks.
I tried making a start-up sequence on Workbench, which I did. And then placed there all the needed Files and Libs needed to run the program.
I have even tried placing the program in Workbench’s start-up, but there is not enough room for the accompanying files.
I would appreciate you helping me out by showing me what I'm doing wrong.
Martin Lewis Howden, Northumberside It sounds to me as if you are on ihe right track.
Marlin - you do need to include the libs and files that are required by the program. You may also need to include several commands and the programs in your C: directory. However. I suspect the cause of your problems is that you have not installed the disk. It's hard for me to be sure, since you have not indicated what results you have got from your efforts.
The Install command is used to give floppy disks bootable boot-blocks and can he used bv opening a Shell'window and typing "Install
L) F0:" (or another device name). It lias a few options-you can
make the bootblock iioii- bootable by using the argument
NOBOOT, create a FFS bootblock with the FFS argument and vou
can check if a bootblock lias been installed by using the
CHECK argument.
SOUND SAMPLES DIRECT My current setup is a CD32, SX-1 expansion module, Amiga keyboard and two floppy drives.
I am in possession of last month's Technosound Turbo II disk and have a few1 minor queries:
1) Is it possible to use the Coverdisk to obtain sound-samples
directly from Cds in the Cds2's CD-drive?
2) If so, how do you do it?
3) If not, why not? It seems to be a logical sort of thing to do
with a setup such as mine.
4) Again, if not, are there any other sampler programs that will
enable me to achieve what I've outlined in question 1?
Tony Bush Gwent, S. Wales Continued overleaf 4 GOLIATH CRASHES Please help me! I have an Amiga 1200 with 120Mb hard drive, which I mainly use for DTP. I use Pagesetter 2, Professional Draw 3.
Wordworth and Personal Paint (as supplied with the Desktop Dynamite Pack).
It has been working fine for the past year, until I recently purchased a 2Mb RAM expansion from Siren Software.
Now, I get random crashes all over the place! Sometimes the computer just hangs, other times I get a software error message (either 80000003, 80000004, or 8000000B, and I also got a 8100000C once!)
I have run a memory check program, and, according to that all memory is fine.
Also, on the diagnostic boot screen, it says that the board is recognised and working correctly. I have taken the board back to Siren who have also checked it and say it is fine.
I thought that maybe it was the power- supply (Amigas being notorious for their under-powered supplies), so I purchased a 'Goliath' power-supply, but it still crashes.
Have you got any idea why?
Fred Heeks Rossendale, Lancs It’s a real shame you couldn't supply me with some more information on your machine and the model of the board.
One of the chief causes for intermittent crashes are loose SIMMs, but without you telling me the model of your RAM-expansion, there is just no way for me to know if the board uses SIMMs or not.
The other likelihood is that another component in your machine is either loose or possibly overheating.
I'm afraid that without being able to examine the machine, it's impossible to tell. Then there's, of course, the possibility of system software problems.
My advice to you is to try to borrow a friend's expansion unit and see if your machine still keeps crashing. If it doesn't, then try reinstalling Workbench - after backing your hard disk up, of course - and if that fails, then get the machine looked at professionally.
«• Wow, that’s an interesting question, by obtaining "sound-sampies directly” I take it you mean without the use of a sampling cartridge?
Doing so with a sampler cartridge would be easy
- youjust plug it into the headphone socket. If, as I suspect,
you mean moving audio-tracks straight from a CD to disk, it’s
hard to know for sure.
I have just purchased Amiga Format and read the review of the PowerScan 4 Colour. I have recently purchased the product and I would like to tell you what happened.
As soon as I received the scanner I was faced with problems. It didn't work at ail - the scan came out a mass of pink and white dots and the actual image was almost totally lost. I tried everything I could think of to get it to work, but to no avail. So I thought that I had a faulty one and rang their technical line.
After a while, explaining my problem, I was faced with someone who simply couldn't believe what I was telling him. However, he couldn't suggest anything that I hadn't already tried, so he asked me to send it back.
This I did. It was sent back to me with a new transformer. I still couldn't get it to go.
Then, just as I was about to give up, I suddenly thought of degrading my computer. I disabled the CPU cache and It worked! Sort of, anyway.
I was scanning in 200 dpi Super Colour and there were horrible vertical lines appearing in some areas. I experimented some more and found the problem to occur only in specific colours - yellow, dark blue and bright green.
I have had long arguments with several people from Power Computing. In fact very heated arguments and I even wrote to the Advertising Standards Authority. I don't want to list everything here, but at the end of the day it still doesn't work properly and I'm stuck with it.
Power Computing say it works on their computer and they do not intend to replace my scanner, or give me a refund.
I have avoided the subject since, because I simply don't have the energy to argue any more (I am suffering from M.E.). I recently managed to try it on a friend’s A1200; we didn't have to disable the CPU cache, but the vertical lines were present as on my computer.
Obviously, finding out that my computer was not at fault was a relief, but the question still remains - what is wrong with the scanner?
Unfortunately, we don’t have an SX-1 and have therefore been unable to test this out, but there used to be a program distributed with the Amicdfs software that could do this.
The only way to find out if this will work with the CD32 is to try it out and since the program is shareware, you can get it from most PD libraries quite cheaply. It could very well be worth a go! Let us know what happens.
A WORD OF WARNING Please warn your readers that not all accelerators are compatible with Genlocks and readers should make sure that the accelerator they want is compatible with the Genlock they own.
I had a Viper 030 from Power Computing and it wouldn't work with my Genlock. In the end I had to buy another accelerator to go in my A1200 (from Gordon Harwoods) that did work with my Genlock and is OK with Fast RAM, but please be careful, because it could cost you a lot of money, as I found out.
Nick Galliott Bristol Sorry to hear that you had such problems with an otherwise truly excellent board. As we’ve mentioned before, we cannot always check hardware products for compatibility.
I have experimented since and can tell you what does and does not work. The software runs under any circumstances. The Scanner will not work at all, unless I disable the CPU cache.
If I disable the CPU cache, I can scan in all but one colour mode - 200 dpi Super Colour.
All other colour modes work perfectly, including 150 dpi Super Colour. The black and white mode works as described in the Readme file. Colour pictures cause vertical line;, pure black and white pictures will work in all dpi settings.
It seems to me that there is some sort of compatibility problem with some A1200s.
Power Computing, on the other hand, would not even entertain the possibility.
Following is a list of my setup:
• A1200
• Blizzard 1230 Mk2 40MHz) + 12Mb
• Fast RAM + FPU (40MHz)
• 540Mb Internal 2.5 inch hard drive
• Microvitec monitor
• 3.5 inch External disk drive (DF1)
• Canon BJ10ex This is why we are so grateful to readers such as
yourself, who write in and let us know if they’ve come across
any problems we couldn’t pick up on - many thanks.
TREMENDOUS TIP When editing the startup sequence to load in Assigns, 1 get infuriated when having completed them and (unfortunately getting something wTong), I re-boot and get an error message on the Workbench screen that moves so fast that you can hardly see it, let alone read it.
But all that is now in the past, for I have added a line before the last load WB line in the startup sequence: WAITS Now the message stays on the screen for five seconds, allowing me to read and understand what the machine is trying to tell me, (I am very surprised Commodore didn't do this themselves in the first place).
I hope this will help other users to overcome an annoying litde problem and make life that litde bit easier.
Well done Amiga Format and keep up the good work.
Mr Graham Hailes Ryde, I.O.W ® I would be grateful if you would look into this situation, since I don't particularly want to have another argument over the phone. I don't hold you in any way responsible for the actions of Power Computing, but I did buy the scanner from an advert in Amiga Format.
If this scanner is not faulty, then surely someone else will soon have the same problem. It seems to me that Power Computing would be better off looking into this problem and not dismissing is as they have.
Daniel Head Horsham, W Sussex Thanks for making the effort of contacting us Daniel. When reviewing the latest version of the Power Computing hand scanner, I tested it both on a similar system to your own, my home machine with a Blizzard III and 16Mb Fast RAM, and on the office A4000 040.
While I encountered very few problems with my home machine, using on the A4000 was an altogether different matter.
About 70% of the time, all I would get is a garbled image and 25% I'd have similar problems to the ones you did. This was also the case when reviewing the GT-9000 last issue - sometimes the scanner would simply not respond.
Tracking down the source of the problem I discovered my machine has a "dodgy" parallel port.
This could also be the problem with your machine, but as the glitches still occur on your friend's machine this tends to rule that out.
The fact that you are experiencing problems at the higher resolution suggest that it is a transfer problem. This may be a problem with the scanner itself, or the Interface. Of course, when working at higher resolutions you have to move the scanner- head more slowly, but pulling the head too quickly would result in lines across the image.
My advice to you is to write a letter back to Power Computing requesting a replacement - if the scanner is not at fault and is still in good condition there is no reason they should not replace it with another scanner in equally good condition.
Point your World Wide Web browser at: http: www.futurenet.co.uk To advertise on FutureNet, E-mail Simon Richardson at srichardson@futurenetco.uk or call 01225 442244.
Basic Tr nsf r One thing to watch out for, though, is to select the correct mode for transfers. Use the "type" command to set whether you are transferring ASCII files or binaries, such as programs or archives. Use "type ascii" or "type bin".
Fancy tools, like Amosaic, are cool, but sometimes you need to get back to basics. Darren Irvine takes a look at FTP - a tool for which the word "basic" might have been invented.
To be on the safe side, it doesn't do any harm to leave the transfer type-set as "bin" all the time. By far the majority of FTP operations on the Internet are what's known as "Anonymous FTP" sites.
The File Transfer Program (or File Transfer Protocol, depending on who you talk to) was developed to do just that - transfer Files. No fancy graphics.
No modern user Interface. Just a UNIX- style command line program that featured the usual UNIX-blend of foolishly-named commands and diabolical case-sensitivity.
The basic principle of operation behind FTP is simple: connect to a remote machine, using a username and password; the "cd" command is used to move to the directory on the remote machine that interests you; and. Then, use either "get" to retrieve a file to your own machine or "put" to transfer a file to the remote site. And that's it. OK. So there are a number of other commands available, like "dir" to (surprisingly enough) produce a directory listing, but, essentially, that's all there is to it.
E-mail us on... amformat@futurenel.co.uk Please make sure you mark the relevant subject In the subject line (Letters to the Editor. Workbench. Backstage etc.). It means is that when presented with a username prompt, you should enter "anonymous", rather than any specific username.
Some sites will also require a password entered along with "anonymous" and this password should be your own E-mail address.
The administrators of the remote site use this information to check on who has been accessing their machine.
In an attempt to beef up security, an increasing number of anonymous FTP sites now verify the entered password against the address that the remote system has detected that you are connecting from, so make sure you always use your genuine address.
RUMOUR MILL There are so many scurrilous rumours and downright lies doing the rounds on Usenet and Fidonet at the moment that I almost don't know where to start but here are just a couple of the “facts" that I've discovered in the past month: Escom are going to buy out Atari to get hold of the Jaguar chipset to use in the new "A1300".
Like yeah, right!
Mind you, this could actually be true (you never know), so you might want to check it out - yet another Amiga Web-browser called Juggler is under development in Portugal of all places. Check out its home page at: http:Jfsweet.ua.pt -celsa juggler It might not look like much now, but can the Portuguese really prove to be the unexpected force in Amiga Web-browser development?
NcFTP So which FTP tool should you use? If you like using the GUI and don't mind the case-sensitivity that UNIX systems force upon us, then the FTP tool supplied with the AmiTCP distribution may be enough for you. Called NcFTP, it's actually quite an improvement over the "standard" FTP program that comes with UNIX systems.
NcFTP can be set up to automatically use the "anonymous" username and your E-mail address as a password when logging in. It also makes it easy to view text files on the remote system, using the "page" command.
When transferring files, NcFTP implements a simple "progress meter" by displaying a row often dots, with each dot appearing after each 10 per cent completion of the transfer.
If you're already in the middle of using a lot of CLI-bascd tools, using NcFTP can sometimes make sense to quickly transfer a file if you know exactly where it’s located on a remote system. If. On the other hand, you just want to browse around a number of remote sites, haring a bit of a look- around for interesting files, then the text-only approach quickly shows its limitations and it's time to try something a bit more up-to-date.
GUI-FTP There are two main choices when it comes to throwing off the shackles of Cl.I-based FTP programs and the first is Gui-FTP. You still have to use the keyboard a bit, though, if only to type in the site address that you are interested in and the username and password needed when logging in.
Connecting to the remote site is then only a matter of clicking on "OK".
The rest of the FTP operation is then under mouse-control, from determining the directory to use for transfers, both on die remote site and your own machine, to actually selecting the desired file and initiating the transfer.
There are no major problems with Gui-FTP - the lack of full text-mode transfer support is an annoyance rather than a real difficulty. Text files can always be transferred in binary mode, although it does mean that viewing remote text files without transferring them fully is out of the question.
MFTP THE AWARD FOR MOST AMUSING THREAD SUBJECT In the first (and possibly last) of an irregular ¦ Runner-up: From Usenet series. I've decided to announce my favourite comp.sys.amiga.advocacy thread subject line of the last month, from 'Win95 is here, but it sucks."
Vaguely Amiga-related Usenet groups and Fido ¦ Winner From Fido AMIGA UK “Improve the Echos that I access. Look of your knobs."
The next candidate in the NcFTP- replacement stakes is Mftp. The principle of operation is very similar to that of Gui-FTP. And Mftp has a number of advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other program.
For a start. Mftp requires Mul - which some people regard as a blessing and some as a curse. It makes Mftp look a lot nicer than Gui-FTP and using Mul has allowed the program's creator to add a lot more user-friendliness into the program. For a start (and this is more significant than you might think), Mftp allows multiple selection of files, either by clicking and dragging, or by clicking whilst holding down the Shift key.
This allows you to select a whole bunch of files, click on the transfer gadget and go off and get a bottle of beer from the fridge (or whatever download time-spending activity you prefer). With Gui-FTP. You would have to sit and select each of the files you want individually and wait for them to download before selecting the next one. Another useful feature that Mftp includes is the ability to set up a database of your favourite FTP sites.
Both [programs] are way ahead of IVIcFTP in terms of user-friendliness.
Including the address and username password required.
On the negative side, however, the release of Mftp currently available doesn't properly support UNIX directory links. These are when the operator of a remote site has set up a pseudo directory path that actually references another (usually much deeper) path when accessed. It isn't too much of a problem, though, since Mftp provides a requester into which you can type the desired directory and. Also, the full text-mode FTP command-set is supported in another requester THE RIGHT CHOICE So which one should you use then?
Well, if you already have Mul installed 011 your system, then my advice would be to go for Mftp. On the other hand, if you share the common morbid fear of Magic User Interface, or if Mftp's lack oflink-support gets badly on your nerves, then Gui-FTP is still a nice program to use and both are way ahead of NcFTP in terms of user-friendliness.
Darren Irvine E-mail: darren(fr plasma.thegap.com Fido: 2:443 13.18 © WHERE TO GET THE STUFF You'll have to use NcFTP at least once, to download either of SITES AND PATHS Gui-FTP or Mftp from any of the Ammet mirror sites. In general.
Ftp.wustl.edu systems amiga aminet comm tcp UK-users should stick to the Imperial College mirror (src.docic.ac.uk) ftp.uni-paderbom.de pub aminet comm tcp for a couple of reasons.
Ftp.docic.ac.uk pub aminet comm tcp Firstly - it's the closest and netiquette dictates that you use it to minimise network traffic. Secondly (and. Let's face it more ARCHIVE NAMES importantly), the original wuarchive site is nearly always too busy to Program Archive Name allow access.
Gui-FTP Gui-FTP.Iha The addresses and paths you need are: MFTP mmftp.lha 2Z£i£SE!St Lowest Priced Top Quality Products TratZq riea welcome Including Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners, Disks, Etc Printer Ribbons - Ring for Ribbons Not Listed Inkjet. Cartridges & Refills lalf 2i it 191 BLACK Amstr.ul DMP 2000.-3UNI Amslrari DMP 4«I0 Amilr j l UJSOOfl
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by Royal Mail or £6-00 + VAT for courier * Please allow 5
working days for cheque clearance Mailbag Send your letters to:
Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath,
Avon BA1 2BW.
SCANDINAVIAN MADNESS I wonder why some English guvs complain about the price of AK Over here (in Norway) it costs £7.
And I buy it every month (if it's not sold out, of course!)
Well, this is not the reason why I'm writing this letter. 1 noticed that BSB are selling a book called “Mastering Amiga Beginners".
I know lamers can be hard to handle sometimes (if you've met my dad. You'll know!), but I don't think it's so bad that a book has to be written to guide the professional Amiga-user to handle them. I've had my A1200 for a year now, so I'm pretty new to this exciting subject OK, I'm a lamer compared to most of the old “have-had-an- A500-since-1985-guys”, but I do know the difference between CPU and FPU. Before this, I had a Commodore 64 for four years. I haven't coded anything more advanced than AMOS and BL.IT7. yet, but I’ll soon start trying out my DevPAC 3.
I have followed the news of Commodore, but now I'm confused. A friend claims that Samsung has bought Commodore and that they're now producing the A5000. This I have a hard time believing, but what's happening?
I wrote a letter to Commodore UK, but I never got an answer. I’d like, as a faithful Commodore-user for five years, to know what's happening. New things appear in Afevery month, but the changes are great.
Sigleif Sovik Ulvik, Norway Well, hopefully by now you unit have read our news that Escom now own the Amiga and you realise 0ml your Samsung-supporting chum is in fact, completely stupid.
Commodore UK do not exist as such anymore, hut. More importantly for you, Escom will be distributing the Amiga in Scandinavia.
P a) £) 7 MORE MAIL I feel moved to put fingers to keyboard upon reading the Amiga.net feature on mail programs, which claimed that the only Amiga-specific mail program about was Mail This is untrue. There are at least three other mailers around which are fully Intuitionised’.
Including GDXIail, AirMailand ADMail, my own foray into this area.
All three are available on Aminet, with ADMail additionally being available on the very same machine the Demon software is retrieved from. In fact, given that Fine has only recently been unleashed on to Aminet, I find it surprising, to say the least, that Darren Irvine could locate it but not the other three.
In addition lo the SMTP ones, there's also Intuinews, which uses the Universal Message System, and also has an MUI Interface for those who like that sort of thing.
Mail ADMail.lha AirMail pub aminet comm rnail AirMail.lha GDMail pub aminet comm mail GDMail_1.3.1ha ftp.dcmon.co.uk: ADMail pub amiga comm Continued overleaf 4 Anyway, here's where some of the other programs can be found: Aminet at ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk: ADMail pub aminet comm Gallery jren's arc DMA Design Ltd MAD PROF DMA Design are by H'.S Razzaq. Lini hm giving away a Tabby graphics tablet worth £54.99 for the best Gallery entries. You may be commissioned by DMA. The team behind Lemmings. State if you don’t want your details passed on. Send entries to: AMIGA Format. Gallery, 30
Monmouth St. Bath. Avon. BA1 2BW.
An atmospheric LightWave-creation with lots of attention to detail gives this cybergothic image the edge in this month's Gallery showdown. Excellent.
* mail ADMail.lha Keep your spanners polished Simon Brown
simes@amdei’.demon.co.uk Thanks for the info. Sorry you felt
left out. Darren is unavailable as he’s on his hols, but I'm
sure he’d come up with some suitable excuse, were he here.
WIRED Just thought I'd drop you a line.
I think it is blindingly obvious what is causing the circulation of computer-magazincs to drop quite rapidly. That thing is what we are using at the moment. The Internet!
One of the main things that people want in a magazine is news and your news is always two to three months behind anything 1 can get off the Internet, so, obviously, a magazine isn’t going to be any good in this respect.
Also game and hardware reviews are becoming available and you can get help much quicker over the net than by writing in to ,4 'or any other mag.
I think you have probably realised the above and this led you to launch FutureNet in the hope of attracting your readers there back to the paper-version of the mag.
David Manley via E-mail The Amiga format pages of FutureNet have been terribly popular, due, no doubt, lo the rather important news that was breaking a while hack. It is something we see as an adjunct to our magazine, not a real substitute. But I’m glad you enjoy it and hope it becomes more and more useful as time goes on.
OIL HAVE A LOOK... After hours of looking around computer shops in Swindon. 1 decided to write to you and ask if you know of anywhere I can get hold of Oil Imperium (Reline), because I can remember playing it a couple of years ago and would really like to get hold of it.
Sieve Higgins Swindon, Wiltshire NEW AMIGA, BUT NOT IN UK?
Whilst wandering along Reading High-Street the other day, I remembered the old Rumbetows store and the recent take-over by Escom of them and the Amiga. So, in I strolled, expecting to see something along the lines of: ‘Amigas soon to be sold here!'
Nope, not a thing, except for a handful of Pcs spread throughout the store. Not even a postcard tacked to the underside of a desk, announcing the forthcoming rebirth of our favourite machine. Not a sausage.
So, a little perturbed, I ruthlessly interrogated a poor Sales Assistant The questioning ran something like this: Me: 'When are you likely to be stocking Amigas. Bearing in mind that I appreciate that they have to be built first?'
Assistant: 'We're not* Me: '?¦ Assistant 'They are only going to be sold on the continent Can I interest you in this PC?'
At this point I picked up a handy table and proceeded to punish this Individual for telling me such blatant untruths.
They were lies, weren't they? Weren't they?I Please tell me...(sob). Graham Butler Pangboume, Berks A couple of years ago????? It came out about five years ago. I don’l reckon you have much chance of finding it in a shop, but there is a slim chance that one of our kind readers may be abb' to locate a copy for you. Any offers ?
THE ISRAELITES I've been reading Amiga Format for about three years now and I think it is great. There is one problem, though, the price of Amiga Format in Israel is £9.50, which is more than twice as much as in the U.K. The company which imports the magazine to Israel only sell a few and you have to be a trained predator to get a copy (1 have experience in that). And when you actually gel hold of one, the price is even more expensive than the month before. If there's anything you can do about this absurd situation, please do so - the small community of Amiga-users in Israel will be eternally
Amir Kossover Israel Well, I can solve the problem of not being able to find one in the shops - subscribe. Not only will it be delivered every month, by airmail, and with an extra disk and newsletter - but it will also be quite a bit cheaper.
NO NONSENSE How come you don't have any reader ads in your magazine? 1 wanted to advertise my BBS and had to resort to Shopper. 1 lere goes anyway, in the forlorn hope that you just might publish it... DraughtFlow BBS. Nine CD- ROMs online, including latest Aminet. GoldFish, GoldFish 2.
* * 1 - §s I I m 1 r fu. 4 |!
Ft ¦ * f ' Hi
* P Hottest 4, Hottest 5, GIFs Galore, etc. No ratios. Free
downloads at 28,800, and free Internet mail access on
There seem to have been some confusion at Escom about that, but I think the position is that they will be stocked in selected stores - the actual Store Managers seem to have a lot to do with H since for various reasons, such as limited space, they may wish to stock more of their PC- range, rather than the Amiga.
If you want your local store to stock Amiga-software and hardware, I suggest you go in and hassle them about it £ Will we see Amigas in these shops? The tension is mounting.
Ian Cooper via E-mail Woah! Hold on there... damn, another shameless plug slipped through.
ELECTRONIC FRONTIER Just a quickie, but can you please plug my new Frontier: Elite II web site- Oh. Go on... please!
It's at: http: www.ex.ac.uk ~ge94saj frontier.html Thanks Steve Hey you! Come back here! Damn... WHERE'S THE POINT?
Before 1 start, my system setup is an A500 vl.3, 1Mb + external drive.
I recently heard that there was DREAMSTATE iy M Winston. East Sussex An excellent mix of digitised imagery, merged and blended using said tools in Deluxe Paint.
22 CHANNELS by ('.Banks, (irimsby SLAIN by (’. Brtninigan, Ayrshire Another LightWave-creation in HAM-8, Chris shows culture-jamming sleight-of-hand at its best.
A particularly fine likeness of one of Steve McGill's favourite characters from 2000AD.
Some Fidonet point-shareware called Pointer? Which runs on vl.3. Do you know where 1 can get it?
With reference to a letter by Matt Whitfield in AF74 about your E-mail address. It is not good enough to show your address in small print underneath your telephone number in the list of staff. It should be included in every section where there is your snail-mail address.
You could also point out the fact that you can accept competition entries by E-mail. Or maybe it could be the simple fact that your office does not like receiving E-mails?
Roy A White For Pointer, suggest you try Aminet.
The UK mirror of this is accessible through Amiga Format's home page, and the site does have a search engine so you should find il readily enough.
We do mention our E-mail address quite a lot, and I think you Iifind it is in the "How Io contact us " box at the back of the issue. I think people who want to E-mail us can easily find the information, just as easily as finding the address. True, we don't list il with every competition, but we take faxes too and we don 'I plaster our fax number everywhere. If every time we suggested you contact us, we printed every detail or every way of getting in touch, think you d find it a bit tedious and it would waste valuable space too.
We do certainly like receiving E- mails. But there are disadvantages.
Although it makes it even easier for us to tap in the replies and put them in the magazine, il does nwan that we don't need as m uch typing done. This means we don't need to hire a gorgeous temp to come in and type all day. So every silver lining has a cloud... LEFT BEHIND I own an A500 with external hard drive. 3Mb RAM, an external disk drive and a CD52, which 1 have linked to my A500 using a null- modern cable.
Unfortunately, as 1 go around the shops looking for games for my A500.1 find that non-AGA games are becoming less and less available - for example. All New World Of lemmings (not yet available on CD®2), UFO Enemy Unknown (available on CD*2, but it is annoying having to wait for disk- access when you have a hard drive) and Alien Breed 3D.
Although the games side really isn’t a problem thanks to my trusty CD®2, the more serious side to computing is that many programs now are only worth using if you have an AGA computer - some won’t run on anything less than a
1200. This includes some Coverdisks that have been stuck to A •
CflPft CofiST HERRTB OCR ? OG tK'.’ im An American who
claims to be good at footie... nah!
He even desires more of a challenge from Sens .
Magazines (such as Photogenics - AF69and Alien Breed 3D- AE7I).
Although this is not a criticism of Amiga Format (I've bought every issue since AI36 and am quickly running out of shelf-space so you must be doing something right'), 1 do feel as if I'm being left behind.
With the arrival of Escom on the Amiga-scene. I feel that it won't be too long before we see the A1200 back in the shops and selling well. My only reservation is that Escom will allow the A1200 to go on selling until just af ter Christmas and then release a new .Amiga some time in the new year, possiblv with a new chipset (RISC?)
That would make the A1200 look like an Acorn Electron.
The point is. I am planning to upgrade to an A1200 at Christmas, but I was wondering whether to wait a bit longer and see if any new Amigas are launched to replace the Al 200? Any thoughts?
Finally. I would just like to say how much 1 enjoyed your article on the 10 years of the Amiga in issue 72 - excellent! Keep up the good work!
Matthew Allatt Sheffield THE NAME OF THE GAME lust a quick note to say thanks to tha staff of tha Gama store in tha Fishergate Cantra, Preston. After months of searching for the old (but rather good) American Civil War game The Blue and the Grey, I had finally given up hope.
Credit card orders to mail order companies were either ignored, or the company went bust days after I made the phone-call. Checks with as many stores as I could find also proved hopeless, until my brother came home from college and said ha had seen a copy of the game in the Game store in Preston.
Never one to pass up the chance to spend a few quid, I gave the Manager a call and explained the situation. He told me to send a cheque, which I did, and two weeks later... voiM! The Blue and the Grey is now Installed on my hard drive and I'm driving the wife crazy since, once again, we recreate the Battle of Bull Run !!
Isn't It nice, at a time when the Amiga hasn’t actually been manufactured for over a year, to know there are still some golden oldies knocking about And more importantly, that there are some genuinely helpful staff who will help (even when they don't do mall order...) So the Manager and staff of Game, Preston - CHEERS! Your help has been appreciated.
Chris Russell via E-mail Well, firstly, UFO is available for the A500 and is just as good as the A1200-version (although a little slow).
I understand what you mean about feeling left out. But let's get things in perspective a bit. The AOA-machines haw been around for a long time now it is only natural that most softu'are is written with them in mind.
Escom do haw plenty of plans, including a slightly redesigned A1200, but I think il is really loo early to say yet. If I were you, I would wait until machines were actually in the shops we'll have a much better idea of what will come next by then.
SWOS IN THE US Please help a frustrated American soccer fan! I bought Sensi World of Soccer back in December when it first appeared. I have loved every minute of the game, but I have become so good that it really isn't a challenge anymore. Yes. This is an American claiming to be good at the sport - and, by the way. What about that performance of the U.S. national team in the Copa America!
Well, there you go. Its nice to see old-fashioned customer-care isn't dead.
Anyway, I have read in your hallowed pages that a patch was available for Sensi, but you didn't say where, or how to get it. 1 read the manual and found the address to return defective disks. Is this where I send my originals to get an update? Is the patch available on the net somewhere?
Please shed some light on this and let me get back to taking Liverpool to the glories of yet another Champion’s Cup... Daind Spain USA Send the official registration card Io Renegade in England and they'U only be loo pleased to send you the updated version of SWOS.
FTP PLEASE Could 1 suggest that all the pictures in Amiga Format be placed at an ftp site. E.g. ftp.futurenel.co.uk, so that Amiga Format readers can use the pictures, especially 3D-pictures, and even have a good look at what the new Amiga will look like?
Alex Menibrey via E-mail.
By the time you read Ibis, tvr should have an ftp site for all sorts of images and software mentioned in the mag.
I think it is a little unrealistic tv say you will see every image from the mag there. For a start, il would lake an awful lot of time.
As you can no doubt conclude, although we do spend an awful lot of effort on our site, it is purely an extra service Io you and, keen though I am, shouldn ’I fancy adding an exlra hour to my working day just so everyone can see every little picture in the mag.
What we will be aiming for is quality and service. There are many things which are easier for us Io do with EutureNet than with the print magazine, and with more benefit for our readers too.
Check out page 121 for the latest EutureNet details. © CusUcc
012. 2S WZ2(f(+ ADVERTISING RATES £60 + VAT per Company entry_
Beauford Court 30 Monmouth Street y“t| Bath, Avon BA1 2BW
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fiAM) Had no luck with Ihs Lottery? Then try LoneryLogic.
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Cheque or PO lo: V&S Industries. Dept AF, PO Bo* 71, Hythe, Southampton S0452ZA rJJ' 32 ) Only £ 9.95 Inc P&P (uX Rimtmbef: Just 3 winning numbers in 1 week artdY A Lotlwytogic has paid lor itwHW _ AMIGAHOLICS PD THE 100% AMIGA PI) LIBRARY Send &AE or Aio 1st class slumps for catalogue disk. Itxidsa Amiga PD Stuff, int ituling Clipart. Anims. Ltilities. Fonts.
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CompuServe. CIX and Delphi, among others.
Subjects ccwereo include connecting computers by telephone: Serving and receiving messages: joining m conversations, dscus&on groups and dubs: grabbing software, pictures, sound and multimedia was: moving around other people's computers: faxing the unities you need, technical appendices on hardware, AT commands and much more ISBN: 1-67330&40-X, 320 pages. C19.95 of the Amiga Real examples with no Oetaa left out and no made: Usetul: Ccmprehensirt reference Wy ndexeO and Wh no stcne lelt unturned; c Tl* best audors regutarty upOated; Amiga de«x» status Bnxe Smch Books pubtshes a corrpieta range
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Mczaball ?Buttle Duel ?Kick 1.4 ?Wb3 Backdrops Jwb.t Virus
Killers Jwb3 Hacks ?AGA Blanker.
?The Weather Guide ( 31 ?AGA Graphic Utils Available only from tho manufacturer: s GILLETT MULTIMEDIA 10 St Audrey's Way . Ely . Cambridge . CB6 IDF Tab (013531 559303 . Fax (013531 563371 £69*95 ? ZX SPECTRUM EMULATOR V2 plus 40 games disks (over 500 Gamesi £20.00 inc P*P AMIGA 1200 VERSION OF ABOVE with the lalevi aga version of the emulator ......£20.00 inc P»P ’•P UK. MAINLAND SNAP COMPUTER HOTLINE AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED PRICE ONLY £42.99 Ificl. (ASOty.. A600 ONLY)
* Price includes PARTS. LABOUR. DELIVERY & VAT
* 90 Day warranty on all repairs I Itf liBurTl
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs
* All upgrades purchased from us fitted free with repair
* If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10-00 AMIGA A1200
Repairs only £52.99 ully inclusive SPECIAL OFFERS | 01703 *
3. 5" as no DISKS CX-SOFTWARE £10.99 £19.99 £39.50
m. 99 £93.99 £ 76.25 PREMIUM £ 7 27 9 £227 9 £99.99 15H.99
£ 07.99 £799.75 50 100 ZOO 25 0 500 WOO & A600 1200 Internal
Drive C35-9S EXTERNAL DRIVE -.NEWjjJ.£34.99 A520 Xchange
Modulator £18.00 A50I 1 2Meg Ram ? Clk £13.30 A500 Internal
Drive A500 600 1200 PSU A500 Keyboard (UK) A2000 PSU C28.SO
£42.10 £*S.OO 8371 Agnus (A500) £12.60 8372A 1 Meg Agnus
£24-30 8375 2 Meg Agnus £24-30 8374 Alice (A1200) £32.70 8362
Denise (A500) £9-60 8373 Super Dentse £1840 5719 Gary £7-60
8520 CIA (A500 *) £ 1S-OO 8520 CIA (A60a 1200) £lS-00 8364
Paula (A500 .)
£12.34 8364 Paula (PICC) £16-70 68000 CPU Video DAC A1200) HARD DRIVES new d Quality 2 5 inch Int HD | Suited tor A600& At 200 40 Moyle £59-95 80 Mbyte £71-90 120 Mbyte £109.50 170 Mbyle £158.10 340 M&de £195-00 All drives complete with cable, lilting instructions installation software and 12 monlhs warranty
3. 5" DISK BOXES u-50 A19-50 £4.10 £16.HO £11.40 £19.90 Kicksian
Kickstart 1 3 Kickstart 2 04 Kickstart 2 05 Kickstart 3 1
(A500I Rom Sharer NEW Modulators All spares are factory NEW
and genuine Commodore pads All come with 12 months warranty
except chips) 100 CAPACITY £3.99 WO CAPACITY £5.99 200
C71P 1C TY VPAWEP £9.99 C15.00
129. 90 All disks coma with our replacement or money back
Disk labels sre included with SO, tOO, 200 and 2SO quantities but sre extrs on quantities of SOO & 1000 SOO Labels £3. S3 1000 Lsbe s £6.46 All products sre subject to availability.
All prices include VAT. Delivery charges: 4 days £3.9S - 48 hours £4. SO - 24 hours £S.OO E&OE Add £1.00 P&P on chips, £2.50 P&P on drives & PSUs We reserve the right to refuse repairs Service HOTLINE (0116) 2470059 FAX (0116) 2558643 E5 DART Computer Services (AF) wjT Coin iitteriScrflces 105 London Road LEICESTER LE2 OPE tu c~u 4 m.*. a division ot 0 a computers ltd I SNAP COMPUTER SUPPLIES LTD Fax: 01703 487222 Unit 12, The Sidings, Hound Rd, Netley Abbey, Southampton S031 5QA Al Da PJTa tats* m r«caf«M a ntaa abovt 76% tr km km ririMiMd ky i Reach the top with .... 120 SHEFFIELD ROAD.
Totally comprehensive (each is a compilation of Z4 programs with a IxKjk and manual, or equivalent except CD course which has 30) of excellent quality (eg. "LCL art' the best for providing help in this area" AMIGA COMPUTING) (• = 95% in AMIGA COMPUTING REVIEW) ~ with far too many topics to list, but some examples are: Cl) MICRO FRENCH (Beginners - GCSE) CD32 or Amiga CD, (Zappo etc)* 30 programs including Blm-like ones • Extensive speech
• Actors talk to you in French St you reply • Top CD Music etc:
MICRO MATHS (11 years - GCSE) cquiv • Algebra • Geometry •
Trigonometry • Statistics MICR LKNCI U3cginnc iCSEj 24 pm 24
program*. • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Talking
cartoonetc 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game
• Business letter generator etc 1 IYNe« Vgomputer Talk y
MIVRt cTKNC yskl cmrai ioto c SE olwy 24 programs •
Tuition • Practical experiments • Learning by picture
• Adventure game (I Mb) etc nm R V l OCRSF cars J 24 programs
• Calculus • Algebra • Geometry • Full-screen graphs etc £5 OfT
Vua npaifl£lCaro*TVa»aiCiiTi a« a& All courses arc on floppy
disk and cost 124.99, except CD MICRO FRENCH which costs
£29.99. Cheques payable to LCL. Free catalogue. Trade enquiries
LCL (DF.PT AMF). THAMES HOI SE. 73 BLANDY ROAD. HENLEY-ON-THAMES. OXON RG9 1QB Phone 01491 579345 sent within 24hrs j a 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter generator (I Mb) etc 24 programs • Tables • Add • Subtract • Divide
• Multiply (Long & Short) • Fractions etc MICRO SPANISH
(Beginners - GCSE & Business) MEGA MATHS (A level course) 24
programs • Speak & Spell • Punctuation • Grammar • Literature
etc MICRO KNGLISH (8 years - GCSE) 4005
• Despair 4006
• Prey (2) 4007
• Roots 4008
• Twisted (4) 4009
• Wake Up 4010
• Yul Brynner was a Skinhead 4011
• Zootje 4012 Arte 4013 Gevalia 4014 AnimaTimes (2) 40IS Ray
World (3) 4104 • Gaiaga Deluxe 4105 Hot Numbers 4107
• Klondike Deluxe AGA (4) 4109 Pipeliner 4110
• Scorched Tanks 4113
• Super Mega Fruits 4114
• Star Woids (2) 4115
• Case of Dr Strange 4117
• Zaxxon 4122 Charr 4124 Missiles over Xenon (2) 4125
• Poker Mania 4126
• Gravity Force 2 4127 Infection 4128 Hyperace (2) 4129 Kids
Disks 1-6 4135 Toms Story Book 4136 Black Dawn 2 4137 Derring
Do Dbt PHQ£ 1-8 70P Mdk 10-18 Eop Mdk 20* &0g each. Put
ttooxrorMr Ful Catalogue bOp itampi or FFUF with any order
DEMOS 4205 Channel Z Issue 5 (2) 4206 Buzz 5 4208 Artificial
Paradise (2) 4209 Final Frontier [25S3E 4304 QuadraComposer
4305 Guitar Compilation 4307 Octomed v2.0 4308 Protracker 3
slides Wmm 4404 Istanbul Style 4405 Andromeda 7 Seas 4407
Mosaic 4139 Global Thermo Nucl War 4140 Kung Fu Charlies 4141
M'A'S’H 4142 Pengo 2 4143 Pub Darts 4144 Rabouldix 4145 Racing
Maniacs 4146 Sensible Massacre 4147 Sploggy 4148 Stewards
Enquiry 4149 Super Obliteration 4150 The Lost Prince 4151 Tony
A Friends 4152 Toobz 4153 Waynes World Pong 4540 MultiTool II
4S4I PC Task 4542 ReOrg 4543 SID 2 0 4544 SIP 4545 SIRD
Generator 4546 SnoopDos 3.0 4547 SuperDark 2-1A 4548 SuperDuper
3*1 4549 SuperView 4550 Syslnfo 3-24 4551 The Ultimate Degrader
4552 Tiny Toons ClipArt 4S53 Tool Manager 4554 Tools Daemon
4555 VCR 4556 ViewTek 21 4557 VirusZ II 4558 WB2 Utilities Disk
4 4559 Amiga World 4560 CZED 4561 CPK 4562 A64 4563 LeverEdge
Nag 4564 YAK 4565 KingCON 4566 DXI00TX8IZ 4567 Term 4.1 (4)
4568 Office Helper 4569 Mapmaker 2000 4570 Boot X S.23B 4571
Text Engine 4.1 4572 Parbench 4574 Tutankhamun (4) 4611 GoldEd
2 4612 AIBB6.I 4613 PGP 4614 Final Wrapper 4615 Abank 4616
ADPro Toolbox 4617 AFCopy 4618 Amiga Fax 4619 Amiga Point 2.1
4620 Arq 1.7
• Denotes AGA required Fred Fish from I -1000 Assassins PD from I
to 200* at the lowest prices!
K OCTOBER 1995 SPECIAL OFFERS ____ format Directory Opus 5 ' Save £10 off the recommended retail price of one of the most useful and time-saving utilities for your Amiga. Directory Opus 5 (AF72, 95%) more or less replaces your Workbench and makes many of those file management tasks much easier. An essential utility for the well- organised Amiga.
Description Order code Directory Opus 5 AFOPU AF Price £49.95 TV*Text Professional V2 Upgrade to the brand new Format Gold-rated version of TV Text Professional now at a huge saving over the RRP!
See the review in in AF64 for full details of this tremendous video titling program then choose which upgrade option suits you:
• The complete TV*Text Professional v2 package complete with both
manuals and 50 extra outline fonts for just £89.99.
• The AGA upgrade and supplementary manual at £59.99. Description
Order code AMFVIR £34.99
- li “ Description TV*Text Pro Full Package AFTVTF AF Price
£89.99 Upgrade AFTVTU AF Price £59.99 The Serial Killers
Turbotech Clock Cartridge Your Amiga will always know what day
it is with this handy device which sets the correct time and
date. The Turbotech Clock Cartridge simply fits into the disk
drive port (or on the back of your second dnve). Comes complete
with software.
Save £2 off the recommended retail price.
Description Order code Description Order code Turbotech Clock Cartridge AMFSK £29.99 AMFCLO AF Price £17.99 Siegfried Antivirus Professional Save £5 on one of the best virus checkers available. SAP will help guard your Amiga against the unwanted attentions of viruses - it's more powerful than the various Public Domain virus checkers and includes several unique features.
SAP works with all Amigas with Workbench 1.3 or better, although 1Mb of RAM and a hard drive are recommended. When it was reviewed in AF72, SAP scored an impressive 81 per cent and was described by Nick Veitch as: "Possibly the most thorough virus protection system for your Amiga".
Check out our AF readers' offers, all at low, low prices. After choosing your special offer, turn to page 137 to fill in the order form.
Nothing can beat the thrill of playing the best Amiga games head-to-head with another human player using a serial link cable.
And Amiga Format can bring you that experience with this specially selected pack of three of the best-ever serial link games - all for under £30.
The Serial Killers kit includes WW1 flight sim Knights Of The Sky, driving games Stunt Car Racer and Lotus 2 plus a three-metre serial link cable - everything you need to get hooked up and running.
Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 The Serial Killers NEW!
AF Price AF Price Siegfried Antivirus Professional Personal Paint 6.3 and Personal Fonts Maker 2 Take advantage of our very special AF mail order offer and get the truly excellent Personal Paint, plus the bitmap font editor, Personal Fonts Maker.
Personal Paint is a paint, image processing and animation program, and is an ideal graphics package for programmers and the more serious Amiga user.
Personal Fonts Maker offers support for standard mono and colour fonts, as well as outline fonts and AGA screen-modes. The program uses the same graphics engine as Personal Paint and enables you to create bitmapped fonts of your own. Which you can colour and use for posters, business stationery, album covers and so on. PFM is easy to use, has lots of features and gives results that are really impressive. Now you can get both these great programs for a bargain price of £49.95. Description Order code £49.95 | Ppaint 6.3 & Pfonts Maker 2 AFPP AF Price Amiga Format Binder Music-X 2 SAVE £100
Description Order code Music-X 2 EVEN LOWER PRICE AMFMX2 AF Price £49.99 This sequencer package, (85%, AF60), is one of the most ground-breaking releases since the original Music-X made such a huge impact back in 1989.
Music-X 2 is a full MIDI sequencing package for controlling synthesizers, drum machines and any other MIDI equipment, or you can use it with internal Amiga samples. The leading sequencer for the Amiga.
Description Binders One binder AF108 AF Price £5.99 Two binders AF109 AF Price £9.99 If your magazines live in large piles on the floor and you can never find the one you want, then keep your Amiga Formal collection neat and tidy with these practical, yet stylish black-and-silver AF binders.
Why not buy two and save on the deal?
Mouse 'n' Mat At last! A quality replacement mouse at a bargain price, complete with mouse mat. The 260dpi resolution mouse is 100 per cent Amiga- (and Atari ST-) compatible and both buttons are fully micro-switched for maximum reliability and performance. The tastefully-coloured neoprene mouse mat, essential for keeping your mouse free of dust and dirt, is 5mm thick and has a non-slip backing surface.
Another Amiga Formal Gold, after using Digita Organiser you'll wonder how you ever kept your appointments in order.
Easy to use, but packed with features, this is truly the king of electronic Filofaxes.
Atolll a]
i. :=~ ~ E3H_eU
- J=L jsJ NEW!
Description Order code Digita Organiser Description Order code AFDO AF Price £34.99 Mouse ’n’ M i at AFMM AF Price £12.99 Aladdin Helm A true multimedia authoring system. Helm earned 91% in AF53. Create image editors, databases, information managers, or educational courseware. Helm is an authoring system and a graphics program, combining paint and image processing tools with a scripting language, a hypermedia database manager and user interface objects.
Description Black code £99.95 Aladdin AFAL AF Price £16.99 This Disney-inspired platform adventure not only looks great, but it also plays brilliantly and earned a glowing Format Gold award in AF66. And now Aladdin can be yours for £10 off the RRP. AF games editor Stephen Bradley was so enchanted by Aladdin's spell that he wrote: 'It’s just like being a real baggy-trousered sword-wielding little man in a cartoon in Khartoum. Or somewhere".
• A1200 only Communicator III Tiger Cub Manual To get the most
from your excellent Tiger Cub Coverdisk AF66), we are offering
the official 100-page manual from Dr T-s Music Software for the
special price of just £9.99. Featuring in-depth articles on
getting started, the tape recorder, the graphic editing
display, menus, instruments, drum kits, quickscore, tables of
assignments and much, much more.
If you have a CD32 and an Amiga with Communicator, you can use your CD32 as a CD-ROM - and it brings many new features, including AGA Viewer (view CD pictures and animations in 16.7 million colours), Virtual CD (select which menu the CD boots with) and more. Comes with software and leads to connect to the serial port.
Communicator needs at least 1Mb Chip RAM and Kickstart 2 or 3.
Description Order code Tiger Cub Manual AFTCM Professional User Guide AMOS This Is the official manual for our wonderful AMOS Professional Coverdisk from AF67. The 650 pages gently introduce new users to the delights of programming In AMOS (it was given 97% in AF40) and then guide you through the many advanced features of this truly astonishing programming package.
Co-authored by industry guru Mel Croucher, this reader-friendly and easy-to-use official manual contains all the essential information you'll need to get the most from our remarkable AMOS Professional Coverdisk.
To enjoy the full benefits of the brilliant AF63 PageSetter 2 Coverdisk, you need the official manual. Learn how to design, create and print your own leaflets, posters, party invites and stationery with in-depth tutorials.
The manual also contains information on importing format images, formatting text, drawing structured illustrations and a full listing of keyboard shortcuts.
With our Coverdisk and the full manual a whole new world of Amiga design and desktop publishing will open up before you.
AF Price £17.99 AF Price £9.99 Datastore A500+ And A600 1Mb RAM Upgrades If you have less than 2Mb RAM.
You are at a serious disadvantage, so why not upgrade at this low price. These boards for the A500 Plus and A600 plug into the Amiga's trapdoor connector. Built to the highest standards, they are fully guaranteed for a year.
The full version of our tremendous AF68 Coverdisk is available now. Datastore is a revolutionary database, which is accessible, sophisticated and powerful. The number of records is limited only by the amount of RAM you have available (minimum requirement 1Mb with WB2 or 3).
Easystart templates that come with the package include Club Membership, Recipes.
Address Book, and a complete up-to-date Amiga Format Magazine Guide. Many commands are performed simply by clicking on icons, and multiple file editing allows several databases to be opened simultaneously. A ground-breaking release.
Description A600 code A500+ code Description Order code Datastore AFDAST AF6H1M AF Price AF Price £29.99 AF5P1M £29.99 Photogenics There can’t be a single Amiga owner who isn't aware of this package and the incredible Impact it's had on the Amiga scene. Read our review in AF68, try our exclusive Coverdisk demo from AF69 and prepare to be amazed.
The most talked-about Amiga Image manipulation package ever also brings you the creative freedom of a traditional paint program.
Amazingly, Photogenics does not require a 24- bit graphics board but runs on an Amiga with 2Mb of chip RAM and Kickstart 3.0 or higher.
An AGA chip set is required for colour display.
If you thought the original Syndicate (91%. AF49) was tough, the American Revolt Missions Disk will test your skills to the absolute limit in a series ot 21 fiendishly difficult missions.
You can't buy this exclusive disk in the shops or from any other magazine, but you need a copy of the original four-disk game to use the Missions Disk.
Photogenics AMF508 Syndicate Missions Disk AF Price £54.95 £12.99 BACK ISSUES OCTOBER 1995 H-j j- 9 JUIaxon Magic Customise your Workbench with Maxon Magic Lite and transform your F1GP games with this editor. Plus, three more utilities!
Odyssey Wander around caves, swipe green bogeymen and morph into a spider in Audiogenic's wonderful new adventure game, Odyssey.
No. 9 Beginners’ Guide Everything you nwd to know to get started with your Amiga.
NO. 8 Amiga Format Annual 1994 Expert analysis of what 1994 had In store for Commodore and the Amiga.
No. 7 Games Special Coverdisks: Wordvrorth AFC. An exclusive version of the outstanding Wordworth word processor, plus King Pin and Bubble 'n' Squeak game demos.
AF69_March 1995 Coverdisks: Exclusive demo of the incredible 95%-rated Photogenics image processing program plus Super League Manager game demo.
AF68_February 1995 Coverdisks: Special demo version of Digita's new Datastore database and four action-packed levels from Sensible's sensational Cannon Fodder 2.
AF67_January 1995 Coverdisks: Three-disk special edition featuring the full AMOS Professional worth £50. Sensible World Of Soccer.
ATR and Lion King demos.
AF66_December 1994 Coverdisks: Complete Tiger Cub music package worth £60, plus a demo of Binary Asylum's fabulous helicopter shoot-'em-up Zeewolf.
MORE GREAT ISSUES AF74_August 1995 Coverdisks: Convert pictures between formats with Transition and become a footie Manager in Player Manager 2.
AF73_July 1995 Coverdisks: Use the complete version of sampler Technosound Turbo 2 to edit and create sound effects. Plus, play around with a five-hole demo of Sensible Golf.
AF72_June 1995 Coverdisks: Add JPEG support to your software with Pegger and create a book with Magic Storybook. Plus Virocop demo and 10 years of the Amiga feature.
AF71_May 1995 Coverdisks: Make music with the full version of Bars&Pipes Professional and thrill to our Death Mask and Alien Breed 3D alien-blasting demos.
AF70_April 1995 For just £5 you can treat yourself to a back issue of Amiga Format complete with creative Coverdisk programs and great game demos
- or discover one of our special editions.
'J To get a great finish, you need a great start... Get your back issues now!
How to find your way around the Internet, CIX, CompuServe and other major networks.
Bulletin Board Systems: what are they, who runs them, what do they do?
• ' You've got an Amiga and a modem - now make them talk to each
, A' , Price Order Code This new book tells you everything you'll need to know about CD-ROM, how it works, and industry plans to exploit its full potential.
Included in the book are two CD-ROMs packed with hundreds of megabytes of useful utilities.
Order Code This guide was written Vvordworth COWAMON with the full support of Digita International.
It contains in-depth explanations of every aspect of the software and includes a bonus disk packed with fonts and clip art.
C°de rEgra Order Amiga Desktop Video r Price Price jUau Explore the full potential “ of AMOS with easy-to- UniTIOTc understand descriptions, MQC diagrams and dozens of example AMOS routines.
Produce your own Amiga ' ' games with a smattering TM ' of BASIC knowledge, AMOS - and this book!
Price Order Code The Amiga is the world’s premier low-cost graphics workstation and is capable of highly professional results. All it takes is the know-how... and all the know-how is right here!
Order Code This book will help you Ttmj ,0 explore 'be myriad ol . W eJB possible uses for your ¦ i ™ Amiga whether you're £ j'“!» using it for word ' 1 processing, multimedia or the Internet. Includes 0 - a FREE dlsk which num contains PD and PBP shareware programs.
Order Code Corish's Amiga Games Guide is the latest hints and tips book from the world-famous Corish Games Guide series. This new edition has more than 400 pages packed with lifesaving tips, cheats and solutions.
A comprehensive PD directory.
Within its pages you'll find over 700 applications, utilities and programs for your Amiga. Order your copy at this special price of £4.95 and SAVE £10 With this combination of hints, tips and a complete walkthrough solution, no-one who plays this excellent graphics adventure need ever feel lost again! Printed in full colour throughout.
All prices include postage and packing. Turn to page 137 for order form, jm p-x m-t* , Call our Order hotline on 01225 822511 IGA
- ortsmt SUBSCRIPTIONS OCTOBER 1995 I Torch b cart subscribing
has 1' 1 never been more attractive You buy Amiga Format every
month and you like what you get.
So, why not do yourself a favour and start SUBSCRIBING?
We've truly gone mad in our never-ending quest to stimulate and satisfy our subscribers (and, of course, tempt some more to join the greatest Amiga-mag in the world).
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AMIGA FORMAT AF 12-ISSUE UK SUBSCRIPTION: £48.75. ORDER FORM: PAGE 137. OFFER CLOSES 04.9.95 3 trial issues for only £7.95
• Save iSp an issue on the cover price internet magazine
• Each issue delivered free to your home Issue Ten £3 on sale 3
August The ultimate guide to, the electronic world Same
(MrMrvMiss'Ms) ...
Initials,, .. Address
- ...... Postcode Daytime
telephone .EEC
VAT No I would like to pay by _ Cheque (payable
to future Publishing) _ Visa _ Access Cara
number--------------- Expey
date . 'xk e rOd would preer
noC to r«er** notice Of any s©«ul oMen or new products J Offer
closet JO September 199S Return to net Subscriptions, Freepost
(BS4900), Somerton Somerset TA11 68R NET AMF 510 On VI ¦o m A O
n n m so IA II II Ol C '!
II t: 01 3 2 u u U 3 Ol ¦O 0 41 c 0 £ CL 4) E id Z u T3 o 0.
O z _3 m 2 - & sz ~ C o x 3 - s m 2 h- a z o li a» z .
O 5 m ti ca LU a. 03 s T3 Z c o o DC U a ?
C o Ol o d 1 1 CO S a t?
Ul D u -Q c 3 £ u Ol 0) F 0) 03 OS Q d z l l u?
I aJ .u a 03 -C a!
3 Z’ Ol XC 03 3 z o X 3 m in j. o c 1 O'
u. ' i Q. 3 1 1 H Z 3 IN * ¦a o n. o fT3 r o Z 03 *5 o LQ 03 z
-Q 2 o
L. V F a a a -C X & UJ 3 Ol 3 m o LU U ,c Q. 3 0 V ¦O Z ¦z 03 -C z o in * * r» rs fs.
Cd ''i ™ 9 r IC W N CO M M ??c E 3
o .8 IS It 3 m 16 o u s 8 .8 D a cc u l l 09 D l l -J u LU a.
i i O 5 c 3 5 Q O * 5f
Q. O O +-
k. i i 3 «; 111 E; Si -a Q. in 41 £ ¦S ?
58 I 5 .
U v? (j x ™ | I P c « .2 41 41 U X X 41 «v * VI .r o.E ¦ c * O Jin
o PM ffM | 00 |in ofM iPM IA ai c IA ki Cl * O O O 03 1 1 03 £ Si
03 _0 a g £ 5 41 X V p k. 3 a ai g ?S3« ° s = a ¦£ E o 3 '& S
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* S -S -ft ° r £:
* c -5 0; fl -O 1= 03 S g1"
* • S' E Z C 3 2 3
S. 3 5 Cl "O ft Cl tf 2 5 £ g 8 s t S ? S S _ w 19 03 Si Ip 03 g
m 03 a 3 VI
• r t .£ it | IV X E m E P Q 3 c u C 41 m ¦D a 2 g 3 s Cl IA Cl
o 0 CD M C ¦ ¦ ki Cl 41 ¦D 41 X 03 O C a T5 _ $ s ci c Is .0 r-
3 r- a y H t +- 3 D +- in 01 4 01 o ?
C §, "1 -2 2 E § I IIP S5*S S ‘ 2 2 u C *- 3 a* q
s. Ill a 2 I -g hi till H» U. “ § ? 2 s
o 4) X B e i5 3 " i« 41 *: .S’ 5 + E «44 4i 1 1 m X
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I 3 - i r Q) ;i?
N a "D C ID 41 01 5 o l l X 3 vi .-4
* . -D ID 41 M £ f oj u 11
k. O 3 0 X X O ,E c ® I :.s 1 !£ CD 41 41 Ol vi 4 41 s 1°
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VI 2 ID 0, ,c E i s p o Q E%.«
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£ 03 f E 5 0 VI . .S? £ Cl IA fd ci c Cl 4 3 ° II ,2 2 m s VI « ? I IP 13 ra if £ S. a *- w
* if § -Q .
41 C lc I- o £ J .0 X a $ f 0
L. vi t » «5S 137 Keep your files in order with Info Nexus 2
and catalogue multimedia material with Data Nexus. Plus, six
extra utilities!
A cross between Lemmings and Valhalla in a dark maze. Terrific, we said, let's put Timekeepers on the Coverdisk.
The first thing you have to be aware of is the total and utter stupidity of the little blokes you control.
TlmtKfea jjs-t'S HARD DISK INSTALLATION Those of you mho own hard drives can quickly and efficiently install our Coverdisk into a drawer of your own making.
It's just a matter of dragging the V and S files and the program icon itself into the required drawer and then wait a few minutes while the game installs.
Okay, okay, so we gave Timekeepers 65% in issue 74, but lhat was when Steve Bradley was Games Editor and he had first shout at which games were reviewed by his good self. Anything he didn't like the look of was thrown over to me.
Convinced that he'd possibly been a bit harsh 011 the game - he in the end described it as "Valhalla meeting Lemmings in a maze. In the dark". So, I decided to get hold of three exclusive levels for this month's Coverdisk.
Timekeepers. I'm sure you'll agree, is tricky, fiendish, a lot of fun and is indeed like "Valhalla meeting Lemmings in a maze”. I'd go as far as to say that it's better than Lemmings lull stop.
The first thing you have to be aware of is the total and utter stupidity of the little blokes you control. They must be commanded to do everything, using the block of control icons at the bottom of the screen.
Four of these are direction arrows which, naturally enough, are used to redirect the current path of any little geezer you choose to put in the way of it.
To familiarise yourself with the concept, click on one of the arrows and place it in the path of a Timekeeper. His direction will change if the arrow is contrary to his current travel path. Play about with the arrows until you're completely comfortable with the idea.
To the right of the arrows, there are four control icons and three other icons. The four control icons, from the right, are: Wait, Jump, Operate and Fight. The three others are: Pause.
Restart and I jad Save Game. The last of the icons is an eraser. It's found to the left of the direction arrows and can l e used to erase any arrows or commands laid down in the play area.
To be successful, you usually have to select a 'trailblazer' to traverse obstacles such as locked doors, security droids and bridges. .As such, prepare for a bit of frustration when you accidentally kill the trailblazer and find that some of the route lie's already covered is 110 longer accessible. This is all part of the fun of the game and part of the learning curse needed for its completion.
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Timekeepers, Steve McGill thinks, is tricky, fiendish, a lot of fun and is indeed like "Valhalla meeting Lemmings in a maze". He'd even go as far as to say that it's better than Lemmings full stop.
1 Bootup with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
01 Workbench m sii 2 Type in the following line exactly as it appears here, taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: Patience and forward-planning, mixed in widi a bit of coordination, lateral thinking and plain logic are all that's required. Check out the annotations, illustrations and screettgrahs dotted around the page to obtain a better idea of how to negotiate the levels.
On the third level, radier than guiding the Timekeepers to the exit, you have to make them disarm four nuclear devices. This means that you need at least four Timekeepers alive from the previous two levels. The spanner icon instructs them to begin their disarming program.
3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
Remember, that even if you've managed to get your irailbla er stuck, he is always recoverable. Kill him off after tripping a pressure- pad door and it’s best to start the level again.
Finallv, good luck in your endeavours. Let us know if we made the right decision by putting Timrkrrf m on the Coverdisk. I certainly had a lot of fun placing it while putting the instructions together. Bye. 'Tj 4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Info Nexus 2 and Data Nexus overleaf n THE TWELVE COMMANDMENTS SaSG3!igiE Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ERASE - Remove command icon from play area.
UP. DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT - Direction arrows to redirect any of the Timekeepers you choose.
CLOCK- Instructs the Timekeeper landing on it to wait for a set period. Once that period's up, he goes about his original business.
FOOT - Commands the Timekeeper landing on it to jump. This can be over various obstacles and holes.
SPANNER - Action icon. Timekeeper will Pull levers, push buttons etc. on anything that's in front of them.
AGGRESSION - Engage in a fighting match with the various droids dotted around the levels.
7777 - Pause the whole game.
RESTART - If you lose your trailblazer and can't complete the level, use this icon to restart the level.
DISK - Load Save new and old levels.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE. For a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) Disk, DisCopy Labs Ltd. PO Box 21.
Daventry. NN11 5RT Info Nexus 2 Two great and fully usable demos and another six essential utilities await you this month. From a file manager and database for multimedia, to an accounts package, David Taylor introduces the programs.
DTNFONEXUS chip 1.61 lib Other 1.93 Kb Entries 4 1
* »j* % »_•J X; ¦T( c ., -.
A AV.T’r . . I 7 If fcf L t . I M Iv'-s.'l iii . I
• t i I" - * - 7 .
1 anisox.iff v |iy.y xj 1 adpro.iff answer2.iff AS54BIKE.IFF
18. 99 Hb Free i!
COPY MOVE mmmmmmmm (JSJL10.99 Hb Free CLONE 5&ETE j RENAME 1 HBKEDIR j 1 DRIVES ALL | NONE PLOY RUN HEX VIEN j FILE INFO PRREHT SEARCH | FILTER PROJECT CONHEHT SET DOTE The main Info Nexus 2 screen with the all-new icon system that allows your to see file types instantly.
(54BIKE2.IFF RS54BIKE3.IFF easvc2.iff easvc3.iff nrbackup.iff You can build an index to pictures in a directory. Double-clicking on a thumbnail will then display It. Using Info Nexus's internal viewer, as demonstrated with the pic below.
Drive, click on one side of the screen; a list of the drives will appear and you can select one. If you want to read a different drive, click on the Drive button to get the list of drives back. To move through directories, you can double-click on them, or click at the edge of the screen to move back up a level. Note that the icons show you what type of a file you are looking at.
To perform the standard action on a file, double-click on it. This way you can display pictures, read text, view icons, examine archives, etc. One of the great new features is the Image Browser, which will catalogue a directory and give you an index of the pictures it contains, displayed as thumbnails (well, OK. They're bigger than thumbnails, but you get the idea).
Info Nexus 2 Optonica developed Info Nexus for their own use when dealing with the huge number of files they store for the creation of their renowned CD-ROMs. Because it has been developed for practical use with multimedia.
Info Nexus 2 has an immediate versatility to users. Unlike many file managers, you don't have to spend hours configuring the program to your needs before you can use it. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't edit the configuration, because you can, but you may find that you never need to go that far.
To load the program, you just double-click on its icon. If you are a Workbench 1.3 user, you need to click on the Workbench 1.3 users icon before loading the program, so that some of the libraries you need can be pre-loaded.
Using die program is simple. To read a To try this, select a directors’ with pictures in it and choose Image Browse from the Media menu. When you see the renditions, you can scroll through them and double-clicking on an image will show you the full image. Pressing the left button returns you to the catalogue screen.
In this version, some of the menu items have been disabled; read the documentation for more information. If you have a problem with the program, press the Help key on the keyboard.
Data Nexus Now packaged with Info Nexus 2 is I lain Nexus, Optonica's Database. This program could be described as a "multimedia database".
s you'll see from one of the example databases included, you can link text to other media, like sounds, and clicking on the filename will let you hear the sound. It makes the job of cataloguing multimedia material a lot easier.
I. oading the database is identical to Info Nexus 2, so Workbench
1.3 users should remember to pre-load the libraries (unless
they've already done it for Info Nexus 2).
As with Info Nexus 2, it's incredibly easy to use. Once you've had a look at the examples, try making a database of your own.
Select New from the Project menu, then click on Add at the bottom of the screen to enter you first field. You can choose the type of entry (starting with simple text is easiest), and can then design the screen by choosing the size and position of the field's box. You can even make a box with a scroll-bar so that more text can be entered than otherwise possible.
But we are. There's even more stuff packed on to the Coverdisk. Yes, really!
Perhaps I should stop wasting valuable space and just start telling you about the six extra utilities on this month's disk.
ACCOUNT MASTER (WB1.3+) Being skint is no fun. Judging by my bank balance. I am in a perfect position to say this without being contradicted. There are two solutions. The first involves breaking laws and spending years in prison, while the second just requires this program and some planning.
This program will help you keep track of your finances. There is an example-account to take a look at but starting your own is easy.
Select a new account and then update account from the Update menu. All you need to do is put in a Balance Forward credit to enter your starting balance. Then you can add any credits and debits, as well as any direct debits and standing orders, which will automatically be deducted as appropriate.
CLASS ACTION (WB3f-) Do you find your Workbench a little below par?
Class Action can help change all that. You can choose any directory and select files. The program will examine the type and offer you a choice of actions, whether it is executable, or viewable. There’s very little you can’t do, thanks to its configurable nature. You can even make use of external programs to act on files.
Note that you do need to install the program, so that it can find the preferences.
CHRONICLE (WB2+) This is a text-based database that is designed for everyday use. You can design the layout and number of fields for your database. As you'll see when you load it it has already been laid out for use as an Address-Manager.
One of the little additional features is the inclusion of Post-It! Notes, so you can leave yourself messages.
8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 % Da Running Chronicle from the IconX icon will ensure you can use the on-line help, which will make your life easier.
MAGICWB 1.3 (WB1.3) Until now Workbench 1.3 users have been denied the use of Magic Workbench. This program will change the OS1.3 from 2 bitplanes (4-colours) to 4 bitplanes (8-colours).
Hey presto! You can start to use Magic Workbench. Also included in this directory are a few other utilities, such as confix to make your icons appear like those on WB2+.
SLEEPING POINTERS (WB3+) This is a cool little program to get rid of that boring busy pointer. It will change it to a great hourglass that spins as it works. The Patch Pointer program, which is also included, will make this programs work with programs that were written before WB3.1 like it!
Why stick with a boring clock-point*,, when you can have this fun hourglass?
If you want one of your fields to be a picture or a sound, select external field and then, when you edit the records, you can choose the picture. When you go through the database, you find that clicking on the filename will perform much the same action as in Info Nexus, making viewing files very easy.
EMTflNEXUS Jingle : REC 3 This demo version restricts only the number of files you can have in a database. The documentation tells you more and. Like the Info Nexus 2 demo, there is also a help file available by pressing the Help key. O Radio Optonica Jingle Machine Nane Length Radio Optonica Intro | §8)88:38 Filenane Show bases jingle Raven H All 1 i M 4 GOTO The Data Nexus program comes with an example database that is linked to samples, but you'll find it easy to set up your own for anything, including pictures, sounds, modules, archives. You name it... INSTALLING YOUR DISK To fit all
these amazing programs on to one disk is no easy feat, so we've had to archive them. But don't worry, all you need to do is have three blank, formatted disks ready.
Then boot the Coverdisk. When you are asked to insert a spare disk, do so. The first disk will contain Data Nexus, the second Info Nexus 2 and some extra utilities, and the third will have the rest of the utilities. The unpacked disks can be accessed in the usual way by booting your Workbench. Workbench 1J users should make sure you've read the info about Info Nexus 2 and Data Nexus, so that you can load them without problems.
Description Radio Optonica, better doun the pub, on GGGKHz.
CALL 0191 584 0682 Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
BARS&PIPES (AF71) Many readers have had memory problems when Irving io run Bars&Pipes, or access the Bars&ISpcs tool AtnigaPhone. To increase the memory, disable Workbench utilities that are running in the background, disable external disk drives and use Workbench Preferences to change screen mode to the lowest resolution and least colours possible. Bars&Pipes should now load.
Once running, use IlicfPs Preferences menus to switch on all the memory savers.
When you try to load the song Brandenburg Demo, die Amiga asks you to insert Volume Internal Sounds Kit 1. It's an instruments disk not included on the Coverdisk. Instead, make a copy of your AF71A Coverdisk, rename it Internal Sounds Kit I and put it in the drive. Brandenburg will find some of the sounds that it needs in the instruments drawer on this disk, but not all.
Instruments whose sounds can't be loaded, can be fixed by clicking on the AtnigaPhone icon at the end of their pipe and choosing a sample from the AF7 IA instruments drawer.
PEGGER & MAGIC STORYBOOK (AF72) In the magazine we tell you to name one of your blank disks Pegger_Demo, but this is wrong - it should be called Pegger.
When you are prompted to “Please Insert Magic Disk", this does not refer to the Magic Storybook Coverdisk, but the formatted disk you have named Magic.
People with some 1.3 machines can't decompress the disks. Magic Storybook works, but it has to be decompressed: Amiga 1.3 with two drives: Boot up with the Coverdisk in the internal drive, put your blank formatted disk in the external drive. When being told that RAM can't be accessed, type: Izx-x-Fx magic.lzx dp: This starts the de-crunching process. Once that has finished, type: install dfl: Single drive 1.3 Amiga: Boot with your W'orkbench disk, go to the System drawer and start the CLI tool. Make sure you have your formatted disk called Magic. W'rite-protect your Coverdisk and Workbench
disk. Now, type the following, swapping disks as requested: copy af72a:lzx RAM: copy af72a:Magic.lzx RAM: copy af72a:c install RAM: cd RAM: Remove Workbench and insert the blank disk, if, after entering the next line, a requester asks for W'orkbench back, click on Cancel.
Izx -x -F x magic.lzx magic: install dfO: Now reset the machine. Magic Storybook will now load and run.
DATASTORE (AF68) Although not mentioned on the disk, Datastcm needs at least W'orkbench 2 to work, as do the majority of serious .Amiga software nowadays.
For around £90 you can upgrade to the latest version, (3.1). If you think that's too much to spend on an ageing A500, there is another option. Most dealers will replace your Kickstart 1.3 ROM with a 2.1 ROM for less than £30.
If you fancy doing it yourself, 2.1 Kickstart ROM chips can be bought from mail order for as little as £22. A small price to pay to bring the machine into the Nineties. 'h MORE MAGIC FOR MAXON - AND SOME OTHER GREAT OFFERS TOO!
Yes, it does seem a bit too good to be true, but we have had so much response from our Maxon Magic Coverdisk that we have arranged some special deals with HiSoft to let you get the best out of this amazing software. If you want more samples or screensavers, or want to make your own, check this out... MORE MAXON MAGIC This set comprises the full Maxon Magic, the manual, and even more screensavers and samples to fully customise your Amiga.
MEGALOSOUND One of the best sound- samplers on the Amiga, it will allow you to create more effects for Maxon Magic.
AURA 16-BIT SAMPLER This PCMCIA-sampler delivers 16- bit CD-quality samples for those who want the best. This stereo- sampler offers OctaMED 6 support and many other features.
Thank you so much foe being so kind to m*. Please can you rush me the following fine products: Maxon Magic + More Maxon Magic ® f'1‘1 90 £19.95 O Megalosound 8-bit sampler ® (34.95 £24.95 O Aura 16-bit sampler (A1200 A600 only) ® 499.99 £75.00 O Post 8i Packing - for one item £3 O two or more items £4 O My name and address is: . Postcode . And I will now post this, with a cheque or postal order made payable to HiSoft Systems and sand it to: HiSoft Systems, The Old School. Greenfield, Bedford MK4S 5DE. Alternatively, I will just use
my credit card by calling 01525 718181.
VILLAGE IAONIC Aie you in need of a fast and easy connexion between two AMIGA's? Lime, the loer «Kl network solu (ton, a eiody what you wort! Just plug A ie, nstol At sohwore, ad A ram! MaeguaUbe eosiet thm Hal. Liana is ibe network solution fa those tab I smd budget ond big eafc. Loo am even shoe your hud drives ond prmlers.
• For every (!) AMIGA IromWI 2.0 on with a fra paraU pod __ _
• Includescoble P L A Q
• Includes Commodores tnvoy networking software T" M picnsso ii
• English monuol ** W 11 »
• outomotkdly retonnettion ofter (re-Mmcding without now stoMp
• Ivory machine usoUt as swot ond dnt Don't get overwhelmed with
the complexity ol seMg op o network, use our Ariodne Ethernet
card that is compakblt with al AMIGAs that hove ¦ available
Zorro Slot. This card is not only eosy to network - A also
equipped with 2 additional parallel ports offering multiple
network solutions.
IOBose-2 (Thin Ethernet, toax-toble) ond lOBose T (Twisted pair, waslarn Jackal) Socket for Boot ROM SANA II compatible drivat for ethemet ond poraW port hook up to two oddinooal Angus to the panlel ports with Liaao 37KByte toche lo suppod CPU Indudes Commodore’s Envoy networking software English monual Wettweg95 D-31157 Santedt -Germany VILLAGE TRONIC 11!'! -10 technical Hotline ii1 i ii'1':..(J ,•« 11 Orders 49 MX Blittmoft • 6 Drokes Mews • CrownhM • Milton Keynes • Buckinghamshire • MK8 OER Order Line h 44 (0) IVUE! 261 !-66 Queries Technical -i 44 (0) 1908 2614-77 Fax *44 (0) 190B 7614-88
BBS t-44(01 1908 7614-99 OCTOBER 1995 ADVERTISERS' INDEX ?
- I Ml ¦ I •imEWMLOrCMRCK . FOLD away stand NLQ PRINTERS . FOR
• PARALLEL CENTRONICS INTERFACE Postage & Packing : Single item
TO "MICRO-T" TELEPHONE : 01938 556575 556623 FAX : 01938
STEPS TO SAFETY When you're buying from any mail order company,
follow these Amiga Format guidelines: 1 Before you send any
money for goods, ring the supplier to make sure the item you
require is in stock. Ask questions about the company's policy
on delivery and returns of faulty equipment. Make sure there
are no hidden costs such as postage and packaging.
Find out when you can realistically expect to receive your goods.
2 Always read the small print on advertisements.
3 Beware companies that do not include their address on their adverts. Avoid companies which do not answer or return your calls.
4 The best method of payment is by credit card. If ordering goods of more than £100 in total value, you are legally entitled to claim compensation from some credit companies if the retailer goes bust. Check your credit card company's policy. You can also try to get extra insurance in advance.
Css 5 If you're not paying by credit card, pay by cheque. Never send cash and avoid postal orders.
6 Keep records. If you are buying by credit card, keep a note of the time of the order and ask for an order number. When ordering over the telephone, always double-check the price.
7 If you are sending a cheque, keep a note of the cheque number, the date and the exact value. Make sure you know the name of the mail order company.
8 When you receive your goods, check them carefully. If anything is missing or faulty, contact the supplier immediately.
9 Always order from the most recent issue of Amiga Format.
«¦ A If a problem arises, contact I w the supplier in the first instance. Calmly and politely tell them your problem. Most problems turn out to be minor hitches or misunderstandings that can easily be resolved. If you think you have a genuine grievance, contact your local Trading Standards Officer. The number is in the phone book.
ADVERTISERS' INDEX 1st Computer Centre Intermediates 96.
01279 600204 88 0113 231 9444
LCL. ...129 .
01491 579345 17 Bit Software .80 0114 278 0370 Lloyds Bank . . . .23. . . .
0800 887888 Active Software Marketplace 128-129 01225 442244 ...64-65 01325 352260 Microlrade . . . .144. . .
01938 556575 Amiga Power 48 01225 442244 .net ...136... 01225 442244 Amiga Shopper 106 01225 442244 .net Directory . .100. . .
01225 442244 Analogic 124 0181 5469575 NJHPD ......128 01702 546796 Ascon ..13. IS n a Owl Associates .124 01543 250377 Dart Computer Services PD Soft 94 01702 466933 ......129 0116 2470059 Playstation.....53.. . .
01225 442244 Datel .114 115 01782 744707 Power Computing Effigy Software 128 01S26 834020 ......2-3. 147 01234 843388 EM Computergraphics Premier Mail Order 116 01225 431389 ......104 01268 271172 Emerald 6 0181 343 2258 SFX ...57 . .
01225 442244 Epic Marketing Silica 86-87 0181 309 1111 ..78-79.110 01793 490988 Siren Software . .33 . ... 0161 724 7576 Fast Engineering 116 . 0171 252 3553 Snap Computer Supplies Future Leisure Books ..129 01703 457111 134 0122 5 442244 Software 2000 70-71 .
01827 68496 Future Net.....121 .. Software First .41... 01268 725500 http: www.futurenet.co.uk computin Softwood Software g amigaf ormat.html 85 01773 836781 Gasteiner 68 0181 345 6000 Team 17 74-75 .
01924 267776 Gillett Multimedia Total Football 69 .
01225 442244 128 01353 669203 Trilogic 104. . .
01274 691115 GTI ....77 0049 6171 85937 Villagetronics 1430049 506670 1311 Harwoods .....28. 49 01773 836781 Weird Science 42 .
0116 2 340682 Hi-Q Limited .116 0181 909 2092 Wizard 109.
01322 272908 Hi-Soft .16 01525 718181 Zone 1 .67. . . .
0121 5004085 FORMAT PRESENTS If there's something that we've learnt at AF, it's that most of our readers are 3D mad. So. As an earlv Christmas oresent.
AMIGA FORMAT OCTOBER 1995 RESERVE YOUR COPY OF Cut out this form or photocopy it and then hand it in to your newsagent.
Please reserve deliver Amiga Format magazine each month.
Name .. Address Issue 77 I Phone No .. I To the newsagent: J Amiga Format is published by Future Publishing.
I Tel: 01225 442244.
I_______________ On sale Thursday, 28th September AMIGA FORMATFORUM Who hasn't had daydreams about getting stuck in a lift with an Amiga, a pile of games and Arnie...? Well, I haven't, actually!
Choose Microprose Grand Prix with Damon Hill as his guest: “So I could teach him the finer points of keeping a car on the track. If I was allowed two Amigas, and a suitable link-cable, I’d also consider Stunt Car Racer which is probably the best two-player racing game on the Amiga. Isn't it time they did an update of that? A course designer and AGA graphics, written specially to run on the faster Amigas would be way cool."
Indeed, it would. Perhaps Wavne would be better off with Geoff Crammond as his companion, and he could stand over htm until he wrote it.
The idea behind this page is that we ask you a question and print the replies in a forum format. We then send our correspondents an Afsweatshirt for their trouble. Because of the hectic schedule magazine-publishers impose on their writers, could I ever-so-politelv ask you to get your responses in earlier?
Sadly, the majority of this month's replies were to last month's question, which is rather frustrating. Anyway, the question we wanted answered was: “You’re locked in a lift for a weekend with your Amiga, a two-player game, and a companion. Who would you choose to share your confinement with and what game would you like to have with you?"
My companion would be Arnie.
Nick Donnelly of Ely in Cambs.
Submitted a fine example of lateral thinking: “My companion would be Arnie as he is probably strong enough to prise the doors open. The game would be Monkey Island 2. As it has a large number of disks. These could be used to wedge the door open while Amie and I do a runner. When I got home 1 would play Super Skidmarks for the weekend with Amie and six other friends (I saved the multi-player game to play, because wedging the door open with it would be a waste). Monkey Island 2 is already on my hard disk - you didn’t think I would leave my only copy in the lift, did you?"
Finally, from a bitter Stewart Jones Kathy Danby started her response with a stern reprimand for me. For having the audacity to make a flippant comment in a previous Forum, questioning whether "girls" used Amigas. I'm not going to print that bit.
Though. Her actual answer was: "I can think of much more appropriate places than a lift to be stranded with an Amiga for the weekend. 1 daren't tell you who my companion would be. On the grounds that it would embarrass him. Well, I have to think of what would happen if we had a power-cut.
I have to think of what would happen if we had a power-cut.
As to the game. I like word games, so it would probably be Scrabble. There's also the possibility it could be Monopoly.
Or maybe even Battleships. I've also recently played The Pyramid Game, which is rather fun. On the other hand 1 could take lemmings, but I imagine a weekend with those little critters, whoever the human companion was, would be guaranteed to drive you completely bonkers. Still, if all else failed. 1 suppose we could always amuse ourselves by discovering who could make the Say utility in Workbench say the silliest things!"
Of Leicester: 'Rise of the Robots. And the guy who approved its release, as 1 spent over £40 of my Christmas-moncy on it."
For next month, can I ask AF readers to consider the following: “Now that so many publishers are putting their efforts into developing so- called interactive movies, which existing film would you like to see re-made as an interactive movie for you to star in on your computer?"
Something wholesome, like the Sound of Music? A shoot-'em-up, such as Kathy said a lot of other things too.
Including suggesting we substitute her .if sweatshirt with a 4000 40, which I’m sure won’t be a problem.
Wayne Parsons of Sebastapol would Robocopr A made-for-fiight-sim- conversion epic along the lines of The Battle of Britain? Or something a little more, er. Steamy? Whatever, please share your thoughts with us.
The best answers will be printed in a future edition of Format Forum, and will win their authors an Af sweatshirt.
To participate in this particular Forum, please write to: Format Forum. Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath. Avon BA1 2BW within the next two weeks. Alternatively, vou can fax me on 01633 896087. 'Il How to contact us E-MAIL.
¦MM. Mml r Wvk*.
READERS' LETTERS: ih. Mm wmfcarnotto The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing up yo six additional devices to be connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga Is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator.
MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM INC.SOUIRREI £199 X4 SPEED CD-ROM inc.squirrel £299 AIWA X2 SPEED iNC.souiRREi . . £209 AMIGA 4000 DOUBLE SPEED CD-ROM......£159 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM .£259 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE £129 SCSI INTERFACE REQUIRED FOR A4000 quad-speed £199* dua L-speed double-speed CDBOOT 1.0 ..£29 WORLD INFO'95 ...£39.95 DA CAPO VOL 1 MUSIC MODULE £25 FRE5HFONTS II .£17 ¦pk-Jz GAMERS DELIGHT .....£25 GOLDFISH 2 . £25 LIGHT ROM ...£39 MAGIC ILLUSIONS .....£10 I MEETING PEARLS VOL 1 £10 MEETING PEARLS
VOL 2 £10 THE LIGHT WORKS ....£34 I THE BEAUTY OF CHAOS .£12 A AM'NET 5 £12 £ AMINET SET 1 .£25 80 uatt CD-WRITE £39 FRESH FISH 8 ..£25 GATEWAY VOL 1 ....£9.95 LIGHTWAVE 3D ENHANCER . £55.95 £299 quad-speed CD-ROM SOFTWARE POWER VIPER starting from £119.95 The Viper 28 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 coprocessor, instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKII BARE ......£119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £259.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB £399.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £569.95 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB £279.95 VIPER 50 4MB ....£349.95 VIPER 50 8MB ....£479.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£649.95 FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC ...£20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC ...£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ...£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA ...£89.95 SCSI-II INTERFACE (virer n only) £69.95 4MB SIMM ..£139 8MB SIMM ..£279 m A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE ......£59.95 PC1208 1MB ......£89.95 PC1208 2MB .....£129.95 PC1208 4MB £189.95 PC1208 8MB .....£329.95 WARP ENGINES .....£POA POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY STREET BEDFORD MK41 7 R W 01234 273000 01234 352207 Two astounding mBk demos - a file management system and a multimedia database from Optonica, plus more useful utilities Three complete levels of puzzling activity in this excellent demo.
Guide your strange little men over obstacles, overpower the enemy and triumph over evil in your underclothes D-yjJl-iliJ Our special look at Public Domain will tell you everything about this growing area of the Amiga-scene - discover the greatest computer resource and find out just how (and why) the Aminet library works i JjjJ Gaming could be a more interactive experience if you take advantage of extra features The shareware that will turn your Amiga into a Macintosh - is it better than the real thing?
1 AIR ACE II very da Wa shcot am up 2 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L37 3PX.

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