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This new upgrade will fit into their PowerStation cases and will effectively marry the PC and Amiga. The software that links the two machines has been developed by Paul Nolan, of Photagenks fame, who has reportedly been working day and night to meet deadlines, and will be available to both A1200 and A4000 owners. The system incorporates a full blown PC motherboard, which is accessed, thanks to custom software, through the Amiga's keyboard and should give you access to all PC software. You'll feel emancipated and wonder how you managed to struggle with a floppy only system for so long. Amiga Format - Most Read Computing Title on FutureNet FutureNet is entering a new era of interactive communication between surfers and page creators. ? The Bradford Column|H l| l In November 95. FutureNet embarked on a programme of user registration. 25,000 people registered in the first week with an average 3,500 signing on every day thereafter. Most interesting figures regard the reading preferences, employment, and computers used by site visitors. The most read title in the computing division of Future Publishing is none other than our own A miga Formal. Disconcertingly, only 2% of visitors use an Amiga to do their navigating whereas 66% use a PCI compatible. This revelation adds fuel to speculation that while most Net users will use a PC at work or college because of cost savings, they're more likely to use an Amiga at home. When asked to comment on this discrepancy, Nick Veitch, Editor of Amiga Format said, “Anybody that uses the net can have no doubts that there are plenty of Amiga owners out there - you only have to look at the success of Aminet and our own web pages. Due to the praticalities of cost, and perhaps also due to the difficulty in setting up net software on the Amiga, it isn't surprising that many Amiga owners use other machines for net access. Hopefully we will see a reversal of this trend when the new "Surfer" bundle is released in the next few weeks." Amiga Forma! Expects the 2% figure to rocket in the coming year as more and more people become aware of the time saving and cost efficiency involved in the setting up and running of an Amiga compared to the hind of the PC. Amiga Technologies have expressed satisfaction with the progress made by the Magic pack over the Christmas selling period, which is pleasing, and they are looking forward to the launch of the Surfer pack, due anytime now.

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Document sans nom THE WORLD’S B I G G E S T-S E L L I N G AMIGA MAGAZINE I PUBLISHING Your guarantee off value T A Y 0 IJ j _ a FALCON R Superior performance. Full on speed. Yours when you add the new Falcon 68040 060 accelerator to your Amiga 1200. It's like never hitting the brakes. State- of-the-art-technology for the ultimate rush. Seriously faster than a 4000 040 at a fraction of the cost. Fit the Falcon, feel the speed. If you dare.
MI G f0 "frJ i r r r1 SPECIFICATIONS
1. 5 Times more powerful than the Amiga 4000 040* RAM Access 3.5
times quicker than the Amiga 4000 040* Easily upgradable to
the 68060 Processor2 68060 Processor socket built-in Can host
up to 128MB of Local Burst RAM Fast SCSMI III SMA Hard Disk
Controller (10MB Sec) PCMCIA Compatible and fully
auto-configuring 68040 OR 68060 CPU SCSI SLOT SIMM SLOT FALCON
68040RC 25MHZ £499.95 FALCON 68060RC S0MHZ £649.95 4MB SIMM .
. £125.95 8MB SIMM . . .. £235.95 16MB SIMM . £499.95 FALCON
NO CPU £419.95 SCSI ADAPTOR . £29.95 All Falcon's come
complete a cooling fan CO-PROCESSOR VIPER P C 1 2 0 8 VIPER
50MHZ mumm £119.95 WARP ENGINES U The Viper 28 can have up to
128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional
SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 co
processor. Instruction and data burst modes.
VIPER 28 MKII BARE ......£119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB £239.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB......£355.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £619.95 VIPER MKII SCSI ADAPTOR £79.95 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28 VIPER 50 BARE ...£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB £279.95 VIPER 50 4MB ....£325.95 VIPER 50 8MB .. £435.95 VIPER 50 16MB ...£649.95 VIPER 28MHZ FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC £20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC . . . .£39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC . . . .£60,95 50MHZ FPU PGA ... £89.95 SCSI-II INTERFACE . »-• only) £69.95 4MB SIMM . ... £125.95 8MB SIMM .....£235.95 Q* A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE ...£55.95 PC1208 1MB ..... £85.95 PC1208 2MB .....£129.95 PC1208 4MB ...£179.95 PC1208 8MB ....£299.95 7 WARP ENGINES .....£POA FOR ORDER FORM SEE DPS ADVERT TEL: 01234 273000 fax: 01234 352207 S3 ¦ 0 D A 1AI c n POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7RW r U W b K .
AVAILABLE FOR THE A1200 4000 A1200 trapdoor fitting memory
expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an
accelerator FPU.
2mb £99.99 4mb £149.99 8mb £259.99 A6UU 2 A5UU-?
JJATiLi Djil Disco logy is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc. SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE ALSO AVAILABLE £59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface £19.99 EACH OR BUY BOTH FOR Incredibly fast (up to 4x faster than a ZIP drive) SCSI dnve will store a massive 135mb per cartridge. Comes complete with power supply.
SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
ONLY £234.99 or £274.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer § 135mb EZ cartridge £15.99 Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a full 50 page manual.
Lmb £39.99 2mb £77.99 4mb £114.99 8mb £219.99 Our unique and higily rated external Clock Cartridge will enable your Amiga to continually store the correct time and date in its own battery backed memory.
Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas 72 pin SIMMS suitable for Apollo accelerators, A4000. A1200 memory expansions etc. 33MHz 68882 FPU (picc) £49.99 40MHz 68882 FPU (picc) £69.99 50MHz 68882 FPU (PGA) £79.99 All FPU s are supplied with crystal oscillators Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD ROMS, hard drives. SyQuest removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 Isimply pushes in. No need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200.
Full instructions and software supplied.
A4000 SCSI controller expansion card that allows up to 7 SCSI devices to be connected to the A4000. Includes full user manual and installation software including CD ROM drivers. Includes connecting cable for internal SCSI devices and rear mounting bracket with a 25way connector for external devices. - DATAFLYER 4000SX only £94.99 LrD?3 1 £j£ Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per cartridge. Comes complete with power supply, SCSI cable, instructions and cartndge.
ONLY £189.99 or £229.99 with a Squirrel or Dataflyer lOOmb ZIP cartridge £15.99 This superb package is a must for any CD ROM user.
Includes CD32 & CDTV emulation, audio CD player software including librarian features, direct reading of 16bit audio samples, full support for Kodak and Corel PhotoCD Discs.
Includes the 'FISHMARKET' CD ROM disk packed with public domain Fred Fish disks and a huge 115 page information packed spiral ASIM CDFS bound manual.
Only £49.99 fed SjUttD'JUM Our high speed 2.5" IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable, screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted, partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction
• MNP 5 Data Compression
• Fax Class I and II compatible, Group 3 • Hayes Compatible •
Full 80 page manual"
• 12 Months guarantee SPEEDCOM+B (14,400 V32bis) £79.99
SPEEDCOM+BF (28,800 V34) £159.99 3C3J DD jiUj'll UjiJ73£
Double speed CD ROM DRIVE complete with power supply. SCSI
cables, docking station and full instructions. Also includes
stereo headphones and carrying case for use as personal CD
R RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL £174.99 WITH DATAFLYER £174.99 ) Superb high quality, low cost Chinon external SCSI CD ROM drive in a top quality case.
APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 APOLLO 1220 +lmb £139.99 APOLLO 1220 +4mb £214.99 CHINON CDS435 EXTERNAL £109 EXTERNAL WITH SQUIRREL £154.
An incredibly powerful trapdoor fitting accelerator based around a 68030 complete with MMU. 2 SIMM sockets (72 PIN SIMMS), socket for a floating point unit and battery backed clock. Runs at just under 9.5 MIPS (million instructions per second!)
SANYO QUAD SPEED EXTERNAL WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER ONLY £239.99 APOLLO 1232 50 £199.99 4mb SIMM £114.99 8mb SIMM £219.99 68882 FPU £69.99 ) WORKBENCH 3.1 for A500 1500 2000 only £89.99 for A1200 3000 4000 only £99.99 ©OCT Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our £19.99 which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga. NCOMM comms software. Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
Include the appropriate Workbench 3.1 ROMs, disks, manuals and fitting instructions.
Bring your Amiga into us for fitting for ONLY £10.00 Amazing value quad speed external SCSI CD ROM drive In a top quality enclosure.
Internally fitting A600 Accelerator features 68020 and FPU both running at 28MHz. 72 pin SIMM socket for up to 8mb of FASTRAM. Easy fit.
Makes your 600 faster than a 3000!!
Amazing power for such a low price. This superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28Hz and comes complete with a 68882 FPU to enable your A1200 to run at 5 MIPS (million instructions per second)I Uses standard 72 pin SIMMS and includes a battery backed clock.
Simple trapdoor fitting.
APULLU A’±j L)L) 2,3" ;JATiL APOLLO A620 ONLY £134.99 + 2mb £199.99 + 4mb £264.99 '¦Y6U L) PRO SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER, M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access. Visa. Switch, Delta, Connect etc accepted s e r g in No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (credit Switch card sales only) tel: 0161 796 5279 for enquiries or fax: 0161 796 3208 From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the righthand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Totally Blitztastic!
NEWS page 11 The finest Amiga programming language is yours once again, with our spectacular Blitz Basic 2.1 covermount and completely new series of tutorials. „ Remarkable sales prompt Breed sequel.
Page 11 Siamese system nears release.
Page 12 Amiga bundle praise from video pros.
Page 14 page 16 GAMES Introduction 81 reviewed ana C Previews J Capital Punishment Street Racer and Atrophy.
OHillsea Lido J Vulcan's answer to Theme Park, based on Brighton rather than Alton Towers.
‘tu Extra Continue the quest for glory with a much enhanced version of this Anco favourite.
A Can we manage to review Team 17's latest without mentioning Ze da?
J Q Charts ™T 7 The latest movers, shakers and stayer-the-sames.
C Airbus 2 iJ Ja surprise sequel to the comprehensive passenger flight sim.
C-TFIight of the 3 Amazon Queen Rescue princesses, tackle mad professors and strive against TO BE CONTINUED... CD32 Check 62 65 The best games on CD.
CC Re-releases Jtwo tremendous compilations: Soccer Stars '96 and Acid Attack.
Rt *5GT5000 J Looking for a quick, easy and cost effective way of getting images onto your Amiga? The latest Epson desktop scanner gets the Nick Veitch treatment.
Imagine 4.0 t Once the most popular raytracing package on the Amiga, what can Impulse come up with to prevent being overtaken by the competition?
Q 4k Organiser 2 I In a last ditch attempt to sort out Graeme Sandiford's life, Digita release an improved personal organiser.
A Pro Objects L Too busy, too talentless or just too lazy to create your own 3D models? Graeme Sandiford checks out some of the 3D Object collection.
QCEZ 135 Drive v J Syquest aren't taking the release of the Zip drive lying down, and have responded with this redesigned, faster, cheaper version of their own SCSI storage device.
Maple V rev3 96: _ _ *lf your mathematical requirements can't be met by a Casio fx100, this cunning software may be your only hope of getting things to add up.
¥k CD-ROMs I J J Graeme Sandiford spins up his quad-speed to check through the latest releases on the CD scene, including Light ROM 3, and the rather excellent Network CD 2 ¥k ¥k Real 3D tutorial I J Get the most out of issue 77's tremendous coverdisk with another informative tutorial from the multidimensional John Kennedy.
FT- CONTENTS FEBRUARY 1996 The one niche area that the Amiga clearly dominates is low cost, high quality video work. To herald the start of a new regular feature, we show you just why your Amiga and camcorder should be talking to each other.
®OFFERS Special Offers 122 Books 126 Order Forms 127 Back Issues 128 Subscriptions 129 7 Advertisers' Index 8 Month In View 9 Tim Smith Column 12 Dale Bradford Column 13 Gamebusters 68 Public Domain 75 Workbench 105 Amiga.net 114 Letters and Gallery 117 CD Extra 134 Next Month 137 IMAGINE 4.0 The Amiga's favourite raytracer gets another chance to reclaim its position as the best, affordable 3D program on the Amiga with the release of version
4. 0. However, it faces stiff competition in the form of Cinema
4D and it has to be asked if Impulse have made enough
improvements to ward off this new, strong challenger.
• 990 O'* Amp S00 »t awirdeo O'* p'wupoji accoiad* o* Ew jpea-
Computor of Oi* Tur you could win that actual computer plus th*
certified* awarded to Commodore A unique collecto-s item to All
you have to do u cal 0B9 I -4003 I S and aniwer thn question
Who l» regarded ai the father of the Amiga?
(Read this advert (or the answer} A winner will be (elected at random and be notified by poit Calls cost J9p per mm cheap rate. 49p per mm all other omes Please ask bllpayefs permission b*fo»-* dialing The maxjmun call i'll £1.96. "I am very proud to be an integral part of t exciting project. With many hundred! Of hour* of solid use the Amiga performed flawlessly. It’s easy to understand why she really is Everybody's Girlfriend" % O GREAT TRACKS Inspired by Amiga. Recorded with Amiga.
Written and produced by Amiga people.
If you love Amiga you will love this!
& % cf E MUSIC Prc* WIN A
• |4 Kl v In I9*)th« Am David Plcaiance UMDofCmm** '
Compute of , C p. . Rr: pD ¦ Vj p|
* *us'COFT£«r 7 A• q '* « p ? GREAT TRACKS LIVING ON THE
* 1.
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 0181 573 5614 St NO POSTAL OR Of AS TO “Everybody's Girlfriend" Tangent Music. Dial House. Unit 6.
Peter James Business Centre.
Pump Lane. Hayes. Middlesex UB3 3NT COMPACT DISC CASSETTE Postage packaging U.K £ I .49 Rest of the World £ I .99 FILL IN THE COUPON WITH CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO TANGENT MUSIC MAIL ORDER FORM I Please rush me copies of ”Everybody’s Girlfriend" i One Compact Disc ? Cassette ? •JVw ::4jm ilfk I r I Name . I Address ...... i Enclose cheque postal Order for Q DESTROY fascism black triangle i2 SCOTT JOPLIN » a ana DANCEMix STILETTO |2 MEG) WOO OLD
LICENCEWARE ETC 101 200 201 500 SCC 1000 1000- 40c 35c Z9p«wcn 24cwcn Wc also nave lots of good quality second narwJ games at very reasonable prices At present we have lots of RPG Adventure War Simulations. Sport.
Ptatformors and Shoot-em-ups. So if you want a game and you can T hnd it then we may have it.
You never know All titles work on all Amigas. All titles are single disks unless otherwise slated in brackets ALL DISKS 90p EACH PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES & Pos PAYABLE TO BUS STOP P.D. AND SEND IT WITH YOUR ORDER OR PHONE YOUR ORDER IN TO LISA OR CHERYL ON OUR CREDIT CARO HOTLINE] OPPOSITE BUS STOP
LEICESTERSHIRE LE17 4DX EMAIL ¦(¦•toilop Mmon m Ber«.' I nr 9m
'ir-Mi tparw r ; * »»» Xb FEB CR0EB NOT FSB n ILRCFE ltd FEB
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. .. 0181 687 0040 Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd .79 .
.0181 546 9575 Anco ...26 .
0171 721 7625 Bus Stop PD ..... ...8 . ...01455 554982 Dart Computer Services Datel Direct Ltd .74 .
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.0181 780 2222 Effigy Software .90 .....01526 834020 Emerald Creative Technology Ltd .10 .
.0181 715 8866 Epic Marketing ... 98, 125 .....01793 490988 Fast Engineering Services .90 .
.....0171 252 3533 Gasteiner Technologies Ltd Golden Image (UK) Ltd .80 .
.90 .
.0181 345 6000 .0181 900 9291 Grey-tronics 136 .
.....0181 686 9973 GTI .74 . 0049 20 178 8778 Harwoods Computers Hisoft ... 73, 85, 89 .16 ..01773 836781 .... 01525 718181 LCL 121 .....01491 579345 Marpet 104 .....01423 712600 On-Line PD .90 .....01704 834335 Owl Associates Ltd 116 ..01543 250377 PD Soft ...42, 43 01702 466933 Post Hoste 116 .....01227 764204 Power Computing Ltd 2, 3,
63. 146, 147 .... 01234 273000 Premier Mail Order
.78 .....01268 271172 Sadeness PD
.74 .....01263 722169 Siren Software
......4, 5 .
.0161 796 5279 Software 2000 102, 103 .
.....01827 68496 Software Expressions .99 ..01179 425987 Software First ..... .67 .... 01268 590091 Special Reserve .15 ..01279 600204 Tangent Music .. .8 0181 573 5614 The First Computer Centre 44 .. 01132 319057 Trilogic . .82 .
.0113 235 0091 Visage Computers .52 .
. .. 0115 964 2828 Weird Science .....71 .
. .0116 234 0682 Wizard Developments ...60, 61 ..01322 272908 FEBRUARY 1996 EDITORIAL Sue Grant EDITC Andrea Ball ITOR Graeme Sandiford Steve McGill DESIGN Julie Stuckes
* N7S Linda Benson Maria Wilson Jonathon Fisher Photography EL
Nicola Newport, Dammers In View Model Agency PUBLISHING
Something has got Mick VeKch all excited this month, and he's
not going to let you read on until he's told you all about
it... Greg Ingham IFF Jon Bickley W Kate Elston CONTRIBUTORS
Steve Bradley, Tim Smith. Darren Irvine, John Kennedy. Dale
Bradford. David Taylor, Simon Carless ADVERTISING MANAGER Tony
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We offer: BETTER ADVICE. Our titles are packed with tips, suggestions and explanatory features, written by the very best in the business.
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BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY More pages, K better quality - ¦¦ nn I ¦ I ’ H magazines you can trust.
Uiure There are few times that you will find the press quotes on software packaging to be understated, but I fear that merely describing Blitz Basic as “the one essential development tool for the Amiga" doesn't do it or Acid Software any justice.
For a start it makes it sound a bit dull.
But Blitz isn't dull. Blitz is responsible for some of the best games ever to be developed for the Amiga - you can't really say the same for the likes of AMOS.
And the amazing thing is that you can create totally Workbench friendly applications in It. Now the latest version includes support for AGA machines. It was just too good an opportunity to miss - we had to have a version for our coverdisk.
The coverdisk version will allow you to create and run Blitz programs. There is no limitation on the commands available, or the size of applications or games - the only thing you can't do is create a stand alone rode.
A programming language is a difficult thing to have on a . Uwtitisk. Ix'cause 11 iv MRS ' .dggggj not something von i an (list inn anil hope lor lire best I hat s win w, V. will lie ...... a new tutorials, to help ou gel the most out of this I an last ie language.
Of course the on-line help will give you the basic syntax of all the commands land subscribers will have received a more descriptive Amigaguide document) but you may still want to upgrade to the full version for the huge ringbound manual, so we have even arranged a special upgrade deal for you (see page 19).
Also in this issue we have reviews of the Prelude - Future table, the ambitious Zelda-style adventure Speris Legacy and my personal favourite of the month, the rather long awaited Flight of the Amazon Queen - it is certainly the funniest release of the month.
But we can't sit around playing games all day. Graeme was given the task of finding out whether Impulse have enhanced the ease of use of Imagine in their latest version. It is a bit of a shame that although many new and exciting features have been added over the years, the user-interface is still as unwieldy as it ever was - but I won't spoil it for you, ¦ turn lo page NT lor ihe lull review.
, We also have a look al lire latest Kpson flatbed sc aimer, which isn't as costly as you might think, and of course we have the start of our new. Regular video section.
Go to it! O Printed in the UK.
Contributions are accepted only on the basis of full assignment of copyright to Future Publishing.
All contents C Future Publishing Limited 1996.
R , 1 ¦ It.
IJ, I““* G R A PM ICS Amiga Hardware Amiga CD Rom Drive Maybe The CD Rom Offer Of The Centui Psst... hey buddy - you wanna great deal Multi!
On a great CD drive ? Sample disioll| dirflp ' itPlAW drive ZJ TIE I TIES Home ¦& Office Books & X ideos Desktop Music & V o How To Order When ordering, please don't forget to include the carriage charges ! Charges within the UK are £3.50 for first class post (which usually arrives the next day). Orders over £100 are sent by registered post at a cost of £4.50. Next-day courier service, within the UK mainland and subject to availability, is £6.00. All har dware .is sem.by .Nexilfry .Courier. Please ask for overseas pricing, and pricing for islands & Scottish Highlands. You can pay by : Credit
Card : Visa, Mastercard, Access. Delta. VISA Switch and American Express. We only bill your card " ' Now open Saturday 10am to 4pm For Telephone Orders Emerald Creative Technology Ltd Rapid House, 54 Wandle Bank London SW19 1DW Tel : 0181-715 8866 Fax : 0181-715 8877 eMail : EmeraldCT@eWorld.com Call Our Sales Hotline On 0I8I-7I5 8866 together for just £64.95 !
Need an all-in-one solution to all your home office problems ?
Mini Office is just the thing for you I Mini Office contains everything you need to produce financial reports, first class flyers and business letters, and keep your contacts’ names and addresses right at your fingertips. With it’s Word Processor, Database, Spreadsheet and Graphics elements. Mini Office is a snip at only £37.95. Runs on any Amiga with I Mb of Ram, WP & DTP_ Final Writer 4 New Version ..£79.95 Final Copy 2 ....£49.95 Mini Office ......£37.95 Wordworth 3.ISE £44.95 Wordworth 3.1 ..£79.95 Databases__ Digita
Datastore ..£45.95 Hese Video Titling_ Big Alternative Scroller 2 ......£49.95 Scala HTI00 ....£49.95 Scala MM2II ....£94.95 Scala MM400 ...£249.95 Samplers_ Aura 12 bit Sampler ..£79.95 Megalosound Sampler ..£24.95 Technosound Turbo 2 Pro New £26.95 Sequencers_ Bars&Pipes Pro v2.S .£199.95 B&P Upgrade - v2 to v2.5 .....£79.95 BSP Upgrade - coverdlsk to v2.5......£149.95 BSP Internal Sounds Kit ......£24.99 BSP Peformance Tools Kit ....£29.99 BSP Power Tools Kit ..£29.99
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Music X v2 and Pro Midi interface Disk Drives Etc._ Squirrel SCSI interface .£59,95 A500 Internal Floppy Drive ....£35.95 A600 & A1200 Internal Floppy Drive .. . £38.95
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A600 ......£174.95
2. 5” IDE Cable ...£8.95 Ram Cards_ A500 with
0,5Mb .£14.95 A500+ with I
Mb .£19.95 A600 with I
Mb ..£24.95 A600 with I Mb &
clock £32.95 A1200
unpopulated ...£59.95 Digita Organiser
v2 ...£39.95 Final Data
3 .....£39.95 GB Route
Plus ...£31.95 Mailshot
Plus ....£35.95 Music
Ubrarian ..£22.95
Powerbase ......£16.95 Plants For All
Seasons .£22,95 Twist
2 .£89.95 Spreadsheets_ Final
Calc £95.95 Turbocalc 2
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Combo £59.99 Counting
House .£49.95 Digita Home Office .....
£39.95 Money Matters ..£34.99 Personal
Finance Manager + ...£19.95 System
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Box .£151.95 Triple Play Plus 48 channel MIDI
£159.95 Uttlo Gem Micro Mixer New ..£66.95 The new Uttle
Gem Micro Mixer ! This 2 | channel, stereo mixer features
independent Hi and Lo EQ, panning, and volume for each
channel. Because Uttle Gem will greatly enhance all your sound
input and output - samples. Mod files, even games - it's ideal
for video and music, and it's only £66.95 !
A1200 with 2Mb £129.95 A1200 with 4Mb £179.95 A1200 with 8Mb £299.95 Video_ Pro Grab 24RT* SVHS ......£125.95 PCMCIA Adaptor for Pro Grab £34.95 Rendale 8802 Genlock £164.95 Rendale 9402 SVHS ..£279.95 Vidi Amiga 12 AGA ...£64.95 Vidi 24 RT ....£144.95 Vidi 24 Pro RT £209.95 Other_ Tabby Graphics Tablet £57.95 Quad Speed CD Rom Drives at a new lower price !
Our high quality, high spec, external multi session SCSI drives come with audio in and out ports, Squirrel SCSI Interface, software and CD32 emulation, and a 12 months warranty.
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_ This top quality vector | drawing package includes Pro Vector 3, PS Import, Stylus Tracer and RexxRequest. A complete postscript drawing package on special offer this month only for just £ 159.95. That's a saving of £ 15.00 over the usual price of £ 174.95 !
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AU pricing mcludw VAT but not carriage W r«*rv« th* right to change prices - you will be informed of my change when you order.
Fauky goods will be replaced or repaired if returned wtthan 30 days o purchase. We will refund if we can't repair the goods It is the responsibility of the customer to check for compatibility of a particular product with existing equipment before buying EAOE Aj'jJJSA FORMAT news
• Siamese system update .pi 2
• AF “most read” on Futurenet ....pl3
• Video pros praise Amiga bundle ..pl4
• Worms success keeps developers keen.....pl4 Phoenix From The
Flames Not content to rest on their laurels. Team 17 have big
Amiga plans afoot for 1996.
"As a straight adventure, it is for the most part, not terribly difficult. If your idea of fun is spending three hours trying to unravel a puzzle (and hey, it takes all sorts) you aren't going to get very many kicks out of this"
- Nick Veitch tries not to get too enthralled in Flight of the
Amazon Queen SCREEN PLAY PAGE 57 The remarkable success of
Alien Breed 3D- 15.000 sales lo dale and climbing - has
prompted Team 17 to steam ahead with a sequel.
First reported in issue 79 of Format, the new title has been pencilled in for an April 1996 release. A new name has also been chosen; Alien Breed 3D 2 ( he Killing Grounds).
The plot follows on from the original Breed 3D. The game's hero, Captain J.T. Reynolds, finds himself in the unfortunate position of having to teleport down to the Aliens base.
From here he is expected to discover their secret.
The engine of the original Breed 3D is currently undergoing tweaking and optimisation by Breed 3D programmer Andy Clitheroe. Many new options and features will be included making the game attractive to owners of all Amigas.
ENHANCEMENTS High flyers with accelerated A 1200's anti above can make full use of a 1*1 pixel mode with full or reduced screen sizes a la Breathless. Standard and memory enhanced 1200 owners can experiment to find the best compromise through the gamut of options ranging between 1*1 and 2*2.
Graphic enhancements will include transparent and glass objects, Gouraud shading, and animated texture maps.
If the specs live up to their promise.
The Killing Grounds, should improve on and match Breathless (AF8I FC95%) in the following areas; ability to look up and dowfn, advanced enemy intelligence including team work and communication between aliens and eight channel pseudo surround sound.
I'he most up to date information Amiga Format has on the new game is the inclusion of a superimposed map in the style of Dark Forces. This means that the player can keep a constant update on their current position, therefore alleviating the problem of map access interrupting the How of play- Andy Clitheroe is even working on an option to increase and decrease the brightness of the imposed map.
With the inclusion of a full level editor which lets the curious and experimental design their own levels, create their own textures, and add new sounds, it looks as if Breathless could be challenged and usurped.
Whatever the outcome, the imminent appearance of Breed 3D 2 should keep sales of accelerator cards on the up and up. 'Z?
Ob FEBRUARY 1996 NEWS ? 1 The Smith Column 8 10 In addition, the Amiga has access to PC devices. At the moment the CD-ROM drive is shared and as soon as the new Surf Squirrel is incorporated (which should be done by the time you read this) you will also be able to access the PC hard drives, etc. With the price of some PC peripherals significantly cheaper than on the Amiga side, it could be a welcome break for serious expanders.
Sister magazine Amiga Shopper has a full and exclusive first review in their March issue.
For more information, contact Hi-Qon 01525 211327.
Having a sufficient level of creative Input to put them up there with movies - or even with the Archers But still games are not seen as having a sufficient level of creative Input to put them up there with movies - or frankly even with the Archers. You can see that this Is frustrating for many software houses who would love to apper in Empire and so have taken to adding interminable FMV sequences or convoluted plots to their games in order to make Barry Norman notice them over his grandchildren’s shoulders as they play them on Xmas mom. Even gameplay is disappearing. In the same way that
studio executives take pride in removing any confusingly new storylines or character growth, software houses appear to be extracting gameplay in case it provides any unnecessary difficulties.
So, after all this hard work, why hasn’t the serious world of the arts’ noticed yet? The answer is simple, straightforward and obvious... no one's written a pretentious enough thesis on gaming yet. How can an industry expect to be raised to the level where Billy Crystal can present some awards in LA once a year, when computer games are still considered to be fun, enjoyable and merely a pleasant form of entertainment? No chance. So come along software houses, it's time for someone to sponsor a degree in ‘Interactive Experienciality at a Digital-Proto-Techno-Harmonic Level incorporating
mlllenlal fear and angst'. That'll do it alright.
(by the way Stunt Car Racer on an Amiga500 Is still a better experience than any 3D, texture-mapped, dungeon- exploring extravanganza you can mention on any machine so there).
Contact Tim Smith on gashead@cix.compulink.co.uk andgashead@teaml7.com The opinions expressed here are not always those of Amiga Format.
Games. It's about this time of the year, when the nights seem to get longer, your favourite team has been knocked out of the FA Cup by a club consisting of postmen, scrap-metal dealers, chicken sexers and policemen, all the bills have come in, all the money’s gone out, and your mad aunt is still asking whether you liked the RoncTel Fluff-Out'n’Party dual- purpose bow tie and clothes cleaner, that I like to play lots and lots of games. (I also like to write the longest sentence of the year and see if anybody else In AF can beat it).
This weekend while sitting In my lead-lined nuclear bunker (ex-army stock, very cheap) playing Stunt Car Racer and thinking what a wonderful game it still Is after all these years, I pondered the question of whether computer games will ever become an art form.
Games have all the basic elements of the movies: characters, music, startling images, sequel after sequel, rising production costs, and storylines that stretch the Imagination to breaking point. Computer games are even developing 'studio politics' If you consider the recent furore in the press between Ian Bell and David Braben regarding who did what on Elite. This bickering is about as much fun to watch as Julia Roberts and Richard Gere slugging out about who was the most popular person in Pretty Woman.
JOE Amiga Format’s Top Ten Reasons to buy a... hard drive Use of Workbench is optimised and made more efficient due to the lack of incessant disk swapping.
Booting up time and file access time is faster.
They're much more reliable than floppy.
Large graphic and sound files are easier to save.
They raise the base standard of the machine (no more floppy only games).
You can store your entire floppy collection on the drive and access any program in seconds.
The world of professional productivity is opened up to the user.
Net access becomes a viable and realistic option.
True Multimedia use and creation is opened up to the user.
Seeing double Hi-Qare putting the finishing touches to their eagerly awaited Siamese System.
This new upgrade will fit into their PowerStation cases and will effectively marry the PC and Amiga. The software that links the two machines has been developed by Paul Nolan, of Photagenks fame, who has reportedly been working day and night to meet deadlines, and will be available to both A1200 and A4000 owners.
The system incorporates a full blown PC motherboard, which is accessed, thanks to custom software, through the Amiga's keyboard and should give you access to all PC software.
You'll feel emancipated and wonder how you managed to struggle with a floppy only system for so long.
Amiga Format - Most Read Computing Title on FutureNet FutureNet is entering a new era of interactive communication between surfers and page creators.
? The Bradford Column|H l| l In November 95.
FutureNet embarked on a programme of user registration.
25,000 people registered in the first week with an average 3,500 signing on every day thereafter.
Most interesting figures regard the reading preferences, employment, and computers used by site visitors. The most read title in the computing division of Future Publishing is none other than our own A miga Formal.
Disconcertingly, only 2% of visitors use an Amiga to do their navigating whereas 66% use a PCI compatible. This revelation adds fuel to speculation that while most Net users will use a PC at work or college because of cost savings, they're more likely to use an Amiga at home.
When asked to comment on this discrepancy, Nick Veitch, Editor of Amiga Format said, “Anybody that uses the net can have no doubts that there are plenty of Amiga owners out there - you only have to look at the success of Aminet and our own web pages. Due to the praticalities of cost, and perhaps also due to the difficulty in setting up net software on the Amiga, it isn't surprising that many Amiga owners use other machines for net access. Hopefully we will see a reversal of this trend when the new "Surfer" bundle is released in the next few weeks."
Amiga Forma! Expects the 2% figure to rocket in the coming year as more and more people become aware of the time saving and cost efficiency involved in the setting up and running of an Amiga compared to the hind of the PC.
Amiga Technologies have expressed satisfaction with the progress made by the Magic pack over the Christmas selling period, which is pleasing, and they are looking forward to the launch of the Surfer pack, due anytime now. The Surfer pack could be the most successful bundle ever if it really Is a 'one stop shop' for getting online, although prices and contents are not yet finalised.
There are many people starting to feel a bit left behind by the Internet stuff, with even BBC radio and TV programmes inviting listeners and viewers to contact them via the net.
If AT can launch their pack along the lines of 'all you need to get on the net' at, say, half the price of a comparable PC system (and they should be able to), together with a creative marketing campaign, then they could surprise even themselves. I've always thought that launching an Amiga bundle to perform a specific task - as opposed to the “Oh yes, you can do music, animation, DTP, etc on this computer, but I can't show you any of It because we only stock the machine" style of presentation - would be far more rewarding than the splattergun approach.
After all, new users already understand the 'solus task machine' concept. If they want to boil water for a cuppa, they buy a kettle - they don’t expect the kettle to then wash the cups, and if it be claimed they'd be sceptical, particularly If they couldn't see It being demonstrated.
The Surfer pack could be the most successful ewer If It really Is a 'one stop shop' for getting on-line As evidence for this claim, m'lud, I’d like those of you with long memories to recall the staggering success of the Amstrad PCW series of word processors, launched In the mid-eighties. It wasn't new, It wasn't Innovative. It wasn't anything really - except a word processor. But that was what a huge proportion of the public wanted at that time.
No knowledge of computers was necessary - within a few hours of unpacking the thing, owners were creating their first documents. There were plenty of other word-pros around at the time of course, but to get one operational all the components had to be purchased individually and then stuck together, with all the attendant problems of the day.
So, if the Surfer pack takes the PCW approach and Is an Integrated 'wash and go' system (which Is what all net- surfers want), and Is marketed as such, then it won't just be satisfaction AT will be expressing at their progress; it will be whoops of sheer delight.
Contact Dale Bradford by fax on 01633 896087.
The opinions expressed in this column are those of a fine, upstanding man - but not necessarily those of Amiga format.
J_ | "For even more fun. Maple will solve a system of linear equations in three unknowns and one parameter. "
- John Kennedy explores the world of maths.
MAPLE V REV. 3 PAGE 96 niblets OCTAMED GOES DIRECT Users of one of the most popular music packages, Octamed. Can now save up to £10 on the latest version.
Octamed Pro V6. By ordering direct from the publishers, RBF software.
For £ 26 registered users receive a full laser printed manual, and unlimited access to the official Octamed BBS.
Contact RBF software at: 169 Dale Valley Road. Hollybrook, Southampton SO 16 6QX PHILIPS 00 SIX SPEED Philips have added to their arsenal of CD-ROM drives with two new models. The first of these, the cunningly named PCA62CR, is their first venture into six-speed drive technology. Featuring support for CD- ROM XA and multisesslon PhotoCD.
It has a very reasonable price point of £149 The second model, the PCA52CR, Is an enhanced quad speed with the same features at a psychologically low price of £100.
Both models are IDE based, so you will need an appropriate IDE controller to use them on the Amiga.
NAME CHANGE The artists formerly known as “The Amiga Club" wish to let everyone know that they shall henceforth be known as: “The Amiga Club International".
The reason for the change Is that the club is attracting more and more members from overseas. If you would like to find out why they are so popular, why not send for membership details to: Amlgha Club International, 190 Falloden Way. Hampsted Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE.
A PLEA PROM YUGOSLAVIA Amiga Format recently recieved a letter from the distraught editor of a Yugoslavian games magazine.
Because of the war in that country, production of the magazine was suspended until recently. Various Import restrictions and difficulties mean that the magazine is having difficulty getting back on it’s feet.
One of the major difficulties is re-establishing contacts with developers and distributors to get hold of information and review materials for Amiga. PC and console machines.
If you can help in any way.
Please contact Hrusti c Oleg by post to: PlayJoy, Grckoskolska 3. 21000 Novi Sad. Yugoslavia, or by fax to +381 21 337 047 or at their email address: 1 puskas ©unslm.ns.ac.yu The bundled software is flexible enough to be turned to many different maker interested in DTV work. Put some extra RAM in it and you have a system capable of not only providing professional titling for videos, but also of running a small business."
The neutrality of Camcorder User regarding computer platforms - in the past they have recommended that video-makers interested in Desktop Video work should purchase PC's - adds weight to their conclusion.
That the Amiga is more versatile and cost effective in this lield is beyond doubt and Camcorder User seem to agree.
Use the bazooka all the time.
Are you stupid or something?
I suppose getting together with friends and having fun is a bit taxing.
Success of Worms on the Amiga is sure to encourage more games development.
"the bargain of the century" 50,000 and Counting Market leading camcorder and video editing magazine Camcorder Usrr. Has thrown it's weight behind the new Amiga Magic pack front Amiga Technologies and given it their full recommendation.
Published by WV Publications, the magazine described the pack as "the bargain of the century” for video makers. They then went on to justify the claim. Salient points were the inclusion of a PAL output as standard and the bundling of Scala MM300- which, they felt, at the £250 standalone retail price made the extra £100 for the hard drive pack more than viable. The creative potential of Photogenic.t and Personal Paint were also mooted as main features of the pack's video strength.
In conclusion, the three page review summarised the pack in the following way, "Amiga Magic provides a useful starting point for any vidco- A t ampan! Chart success for the Amiga version of Team 17's game, Worms has left the industry in no doubt about the durability and potential of top .Amiga games.
Awarded a 90% Formal Gold in issue 79. The game's success is testament to the discerning taste of Amiga gamers.
The Teamsters themselves are more than pleased and have promised that *96 won’t be a barren year from them regarding .Amiga titles.
"Judging by its physical appearance, it would seem that Syquest have learnt a thing or two about the need to create attractive devices... the dark rugged casing is ribbed and has lilac bits" - Graeme Saniford gets all aesthetic.
EZ 135 DRIVE PAGE 95 The Amiga Magic bundle is not only an ideal home computer set-up, but also an invaluable desktop video tool.
19. 99 A1200 12.99AI200
21. 99cd32 20.99 19.49ai2oo 5.99 IMPORTANT - PHASE NOTE = NEW
Item 512K ¦ will work on 512k machines HDR = Hard Drive
Required Top sellers have been compiled trom Special Reserve
(ELITE 2l .9. SIMCITY 2000 OFFICIAL HANDBOOK 15 TOTAL'AMIGA DOS .14 TOTAL1 AMIGA WORKBENCH . .14 UFO i.XCOMl STRATEGIES AND SECRETS . ..12 XS COLONIZATION DEDUCT E3 UNTIL JAN 31 RRP = £34 99 SRP * £22 99 • fj SAVE F 5 FLIGHT OF THE AMAZON QUEEN 16 O' XS FLIGHT • DEDUCT E3 UNTIL JAN 31 RRP = C J9 99 SRP = F’6 99 ¦ £3 SAVE £6 XS SPEEDBALL 2 DEOUCT E5 UNTIL JAN 3‘ RRP a flJ 99 SRP - £ 299 ¦ £ 5 SAVE £7 TOP 40 SAVERS Top sellers at reduced P'ices Special Reserve Top 40 rtr'yi. Are carefully selected titles from our entire range with further price reductions.
A1200 GAMES AMIGA GAMES CD32 GAMES Club Shops at CHELMSFORD, ESSEX 43 Broomftcld Hoad.
Just around tho comer from the bus station SAWBRIDGEWORTH, HERTS The Mattings, Station Road A tow mtloe from Iho Ml 1. Near tho station Horns bought In the shops carry a 50p surcharge on tho Mail Order prices Member* only but you can order as you (oin Wf Buy any item at the same time as joining or renewing for one year and we ll give you __ GUYVER1 UBJ Animated Action MANGA VIDEO (Rated 15) or wm, SUPERMODEL KELLY Top quality laminated MOUSE MAT Hk U ABSOLUTELY FREE f si state your choice as you order Overseas merrte's ado £2 rr age Existing member can renew early to lake advantage oi ihese
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16. 99 TOP RATED PAD WITH AUTO TURBO FIRE we" only supply'members
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P. O. BOX 847, HARLOW, CM2I 9PH of FAX o credit card order on
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game* Med may not yet be available Pteaw phone lo check
uvarlabiUty Price* mey change without poo. Nobhenhon Sent lo
pieae 1612.65 E A O E. SAVE . Saving oft lull rct.vl pnce L
tntwMedWaa ltd, the Mailing.. Sa»hodgewo.lh. He.l» .
PLAYSTATION 299.99 WITH FREE EXTRA PAD WORTH 29.99 ¦ on I he PlayStation through Srorl TV for on even belief quality pkture Srart Lead for PlayStation ... 9.99 JOHN MADDEN 96 34 99 J BAZZOOKATONE • 33.99 JUMPING FLASH 37 99 KILEAK THE BLOOD 37 99 KRAZY IVAN 37 99 LOADED 39 99 LONE SOLDIER ... 34.99 MORTAL KOMBAT 3 39 99 NHL ICE HOCKEY 96 34 99 iBlCCK CAPITALS D’MMI Namo & Address_ SWITCH (ISSUE NO_ Absolutely Blitztastic!
Welcome lo Blitz Basic 2.1. probably the most advanced development system available for the Amiga today. Blitz Basic has had many years of development, and with it you’ll be able to create your own programs; everything front powerful utilities to lightning fast arcade games. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to think of any software that could not be written with the aid of this software.
You can't have failed to notice this month's very special coverdisk presentation. Blitz Basic. This month, John Kennedy starts off a series of tutorials to set you on the way to creating your own powerful games and utilities.
Blitz Basic is based on die BASIC programming language, but with many extensions and improvments: in terms of the language itself, but also with support for Amiga specific functions.
Unlike languages such as C or Assembler, everything you need is provided by Blitz Basic. Normally time consuming and complicated functions such as displaying graphics, showing animations, playing sound effects and modules are made easy with Blitz Basic.
This amazing Amiga Format version does everything that the full commercial release does, except that it can't save stand-alone programs.
However, this means you can still use Blitz to write programs and see them run on your computer.
TED'S SPECIAL KEYPRESSES Right-Amiga and D ...Delete the current line Right-Amiga and K .....Delete the highlighted block Right-Amiga and C .Copy a highlighted block Right-Amiga and X ..Cut a hightlighted block Right-Amiga and V .Paste into the editor Right-Amiga and J ...Join a line to the line beneath it Shift and Enter .....Split a line into two Once you have the program typed in, you can compile and run your program using the menu option shown. You should see a new window open and your message appear,
along with a special debugging window. Closing the debug window will end your program from running.
Through pressing the Right-Amiga key and Help together. A dispay will pop up like this.
You can then select the keyword you would like more information on by clicking on it A description will appear, and you can see an example or look through the other definitions by clicking on the buttons at the bottom on the Notice how the PRINT keyword is automatically highlighted in a different colour.
You can obtain help on these keywords at anytime by pressing the HELP key, when the pointer is over the highlighted word.
There might seem to be a great number of instructions to worry about but this is mainly There is more extensive on-line help available because the Amiga itself is so powerful. There are commands to control the screen display, the graphics, the colours, the sounds everything which the Amiga can do can be controlled from Blitz Bask.
The best thing to do next is to see for yourself exactly what Blitz can do by loading some of the example programs. You will need to load them into TED using the load menu option. Tty loading in the program called ~amigaballs.bb2' which is in the "Amigamode" drawer. You will need to compile and run the program before you see what it does, but I can guarante that you'll be impressed.
Remember that you loaded the program into TED before running rt. so you are free to make changes and see what happens. Experimenting with other people's codes like this is an excellent way to learn how to write your own programs. There are plenty of excellent examples provided on the coverdisks, each demonstrating a new feature or technique.
Tty all the files: there are some amazing 3D examples hidden away if you know where to look.
Writing your own programs following functions: BRK - Stop a program which is running normally STP - Stop a program running in TRACE mode SKP - Skip a command TRC- Single step through the program RUN - Run the program normally « - View previous commands » - View commands executed (use after «) EXC - Execute a Blitz command typed in EVL - Evaluate an expression entered (preferably) clicking on the Blit 2 icon.
Once TED is started, you can type in your first program as shown below.
TED works like most text editors, although there are a few special keys to remember You can highlight blocks of text by dragging with the left mouse button held down. TED has search facilities, a useful calculator utilitv and can control the operation of the Blitz compiler through the various menu commands.
Continued overleaf ! I) test progran to Kike ; sure ill is uelll "Hello Horld!"
LineH MODIFIED The "Compile & Run" menu option will compile your code into memory and then execute it.
Blitz Basic is both easy to use and incredibly powerful. It doesn't matter if vou want to teaeli yourself programming or write an awesome game or powerful application program.
Blit is the language of choice.
As it is very powerful, there are plenty of commands and functions to learn about. These commands are closely linked with the Amiga hardware, which is what gives Blitz Basic its incredible speed.
This doesn't mean that Blit is an Amiga-unfriendly language: you have a choice about how vour software will run. In Amiga mode, il is possible to create software which runs like ordinary Amiga applications with standard Windows and File Requestors. In the special “Blitz mode” the entire computer is at your disposal for some staggering video and demo effects.
Long term readers of Amiga Format may remember the covermount of Blitz Basilw.n back in AFS2. If you don't remember then vou mav also be unaware that the coverdisk prompted It can be tricky starting to write your own programs in Blitz until you get to know what all the keywords do. For this reason you are strongly advised to look at all the demo programs and use the extensive on-line help facility.
When you are ready to write your own programs, start with something simple. To help you keep track of your code, the Blitz inti ittic i.i - ltd rtMiw This simple program demonstrates how easy it is to structure your code in Blitz.
Create Executable,., Conpiler Options,,, Create Resident,,.
Vieu NeuTypes... CLI flrgueients... Calculator.,. Reload Rll libs Choose DEBUG Nodule, Change Dir,.¦
11. , MllM tl IN IIVI If Mjss.fr: IjIi'.T1 • 1 rjh.
Colunn:42 largest lien K):«191 kJMUJ '«A.
Rrojut (Jit Source Starch l*lt IIVI editor has a useful trick up its sleeve. When you define a "label" a reference point to which you can make the program skip and put a full-stop in front of its name, TED will open a special window to the side of the display. The labels will be listed here, and you can quickly move to anywhere in your code by clicking on the relevant label.
You will probably have seen the debugging window appear. You can force this window to appear whilst a program is running by either including the STOP keyword in your program, or by pressing CONTROL-ALT-C whilst the program is running.
When the debugging window is open, you can see exactly what your program is up to. You can resize the window to see more of your program, and then use the row of buttons at the top.
The debugger will be your best programming friend, so it pays to take the time to get to know him. The buttons at the top have the ilit* completion ol two great games- Suf rr I'mnis Champs and the rather popular H'onus. As von will see from the example programs. Blit isn't just for games - you can create complete,fully Workbench compliant utilities and applications too.
New to this version of the software are improved editors and extended functions. If you have an AGA Amiga (that is. An A1200 or A1000) you will he able to take control of the new colour palette and screen modes to make staggering games and utilities.
Getting Started In order 10 enter, edit and run a program you will need u use TED, llie Bliiz Basic editor, Sou can either start Ted by clicking on it's icon, or Join us next month for the start of a brand new Blitz programming series Common Problems have a line of codewhich is too long and I want to make it "wrap".
Press Shift and Return together.
Q I have too blank lines in my file how can I easily delete empty lines?
T Press Right-Amiga and D together.
Q Why does the menu option Create Executable., not work?
A In this demo version you are not able to create stand-alone programs: which is what Create Executable does. You can still use Compiler and Run. But if you want to make stand-alone programs you will need to buy the full release version.
Q My TED looks slightly different from the one in the images: my version has a much larger Q When I load a program Into Blitz some of the commands seem to be replaced with funny characters, and it won't compile and run properly?
A Try starting by clicking on Blitz2 icon, instead of the TED icon. If running on a hard drive, make sure you have an assign statement pointing to the directory containing Blitz.
Q Sometimes when I run a demo program, it fails when loading a graphic or file from disk.
A The program cannot find the file, either because it is not present or because the path is incorrect. You can either alter the program code itself to point to the correct path or use the Change Dir., menu option so that when the program runs it is in the right place.
Q I can't seem to use the editor properly. I pointer and shaded blue title bar. Have aliens abducted something from my disk?
A There are two versions of TED. The second is on the examples disk, and requires Workbench
2. 1 or greater.
Q I have found reference to NewDebugger and NewTeditor, and extra libraries. Where are these programs?
I These extras are only available with the full commericai version of Blitz Basic 2.1. Q When I write and run a program, the display window vanishes before I get to see anything.
A Blitz is very fast so put MouseWait as the last line in your program or it might actually finish before you see anything happen at all.
Then the window will stay open until you click with the mouse.
EXPERIENCE THE FULL POWER OF BLITZ IN THIS SPECIAL COMPETITION FT7-** & J Super Skidmarks Super Skidmarks data disk Please note, all games except Super Skidmarks are AC A (A1200 A4000) only.
In a fit of outstanding generosity, Amiga Format have teamed up with Acid to offer you the chance to experience more of the power of Blitz.
All of these great games were developed using Blitz Basic, and we have five complete sets of them, worth £75 each, to give avuay. All you have to do is answer the following three simple questions, and then re-arrange the answers to give the name of a very famous Amiga software package.
Ql.What is the acronym for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code?
Q2. Which version number of Workbench, which followed
2. 04, was released as a commercial upgrade?
Q3. In 1940, London's East End was devastated by a series of bombing raids, which later became known as the...?
Send your answers ON A POSTCARD to: I want to get Blitzed, Amiga Format, 29 Monmouth St, Bath BA1 2DL S °«w See for yourself!
O H 11 m 73 I SPECIAL OFFER Praised by all. Blitz Basic is really £9¦ the all in one single most useful i development package for the Amiga - and now it is capable of even more impressive results, with improved editors and Wm extended AGA features. Take It started life as a coverdisk submission for A fast smart playable, and gory Doom advantage Of this Offer f Or the Amiga Format it ended up as a Format done that made some people who played - ,, , , - .
Gold winning commercial release from it feel sick. Already hailed as a trailblazing Tull, bOXed Software and ring- Audiogenic - wr.«en in Blitz. Classic - written in. You guessed it Blitz. B )und reference ma„ual.
Blitz Basic 2.1 Order Form Please send me copy ies of BlitzBasic 2.1 at a unit cost of £24.99 I enclose a cheque for ......made Payable to Acid Software I wish to debit my Q Access ? Visa ? Mastercard p ease** Card number .Expiry date ... H m n so c t» 3 a* (0 VO 01 Name ..Address ...... Postcode .' .Signature .. How to Order Complete this order form and send it to: Amiga Format Blitz Basic Offer, Acid
Software,Guildhall Leisure, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster DN3 1QR Please allow 28 days for delivery The Amazing Surf Squirrel Interface The Squirrel Surf Packs * The powerful Surf Squirrel'" interface is the cutting edge technology for easy A1200 expansion. Providing a high performance SCSI-2 interface, Surf Squirrel permits easy addition of up to 7 SCSI peripherals, such as a hard disk, a Zip'" drive or a CD-ROM to your A1200; Squirrel is also the only SCSI expansion that is hot plug and unplug, requires no opening of your Amiga, no technical knowledge OO as and does not invalidate your warranty!
P(Js p&p But that's not all, Surf Squirrel also has a fully buffered, high speed serial port that is capable of performing up to 600% faster than the A1200’s serial port, so Surf Squirrel gets the most out of your modem and your A1200 to make high speed file download, with multi-tasking, a reality not a possibility.
The package comprises the Surf Squirrel Interface, SCSI drivers, CD32 CDTV emulator, serial drivers, and an extensive, fully illustrated, user manual. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Surf Squirrel SCSI Interface is ideal expansion peripheral for your A1200: Surfing Super Pack
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alike, the Squirrel Surf packs include all software, hardware
and documentation to get you quickly, and easily, onto the
information super highway.
Surfing Starter Pack Surfing Super Pack
• ft Includes a full CD32 CDTV emulator for use with a SCSI
CD-ROM drive.
¦jf Fits externally - doesn't invalidate your A1200 warranty.
¦jf High performance, fully buffered serial port to give reliable data transfer at up to 230400 bps - dramatically reduces the time spent on the phone and your phone bills.
"tf Industry standard 9 pin serial socket for easy modem connection.
? Serial port is compatible with all comms, networking, and serial hardware.
Yr High performance SCSI 2 hardware for easy expansion; supports up to seven SCSI devices.
~ic No technical knowledge required, easy- to-use setup program included.
• jf Compatible with any SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 peripherals.
¦jf Autobooting - boot from an external hard disk.
• Jf Hot plug and unplug - no need to power off to remove the
~if All software drivers required for the connection of CD-ROMs or hard drives included.
• if V32 Modem, capable of speeds up to 14,400 bps.
? Surf Squirrel interface.
~if Termite communications software - powerful yet easy-to-use, perfect for BBS and CIX access.
? Free CIX registration (worth £29).
If Simple installation.
? V34 Modem, capable of speeds up to 28.800 bps, ? Surf Squirrel interface.
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How much faster Is the Surf Squirrel?
Maximum data throughput(bps) £ Squirrel PMPEG * £ * Bring the cinema into your home and onto your computer with Squirrel MPEG'". Playing the popular VidcoCD and CDI CD-ROMs as well as raw MPEG streams, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
Squirrel MPEG is a SCSI peripheral that can be used in conjunction with any SCSI controller, such as the Classic Squirrelor Surf Squirrel ", and any VidcoCD compatible CD-ROM. Squirrel MPEG can also be used as a stand-alone unit, with a SCSI CD-ROM, as an addition to your TV, Video and Hi-Fi setup.
Available from January 1996, Squirrel MPEG is the latest in an established line of ground-breaking products, for you and your Amiga, from HiSoft Systems.
Bars A,B and C are die maximum transfer rales obtained when downloading an ASCII, Database and Graphic file respectively, using a V34 VFC modem. Bars E,F and G are the maximum transfer rales obtained when downloading an ASCII, Database and Graphic file respectively, using a f 32bIS modem.
Order Hotline @ 0500 223660 To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660. Armed with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or, for only £6 within the UK, by guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export orders; please call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs.
©1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
All prices include UK VAT@ 17.5% HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel:+44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 email: hisofl@cix.conipiilink.co.itk Two Magic Offers from HiSoft Surf Squirrel Squirrel MPEG I Special Introductory Offer I Order the Squirrel MPEG I before 31,|anuary 1996 for the low price of only £199 I plus £4 P&P. (All orders will | Iv shipped before 28 2 %, no money II tv taken before despatch).
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Of the reason behind jucntin Tarantino's raging irityand film success at the door of his ability to integrate with film-making at even level anti stage of production.
In buzzword terms, Tarantino ¦ mild be labelled "multi-skilled and multi- faceted" - attributes needed more than ever in these cut and thrust times oflow budget, high return, profit, maximisation.
In the increasingly complex and sophisticated world of consumer video equipment, the Amiga-ran legitimately and without irony be thought of as the Tarantino of die hardware software scene. For. Like Tarantino with film, the Amiga will integrate into all stages ol video production smoothly, seamlessly.
And at low cost, no matter how humble or demanding the task in hand may be.
There’s no secret about Tarantino's day job in a video store - hardly the most glamorous or exciting employment in the world. Yet Tarantino managed to make it work lor him.
Added his own individual flair and extracted from the experience mtir.lt ol what makes him the unique talent he is today.
Before you go off and complain that the analogs between Tarantino and the Amiga is tar too tenuous to be credible, consider the following. No matter what video equipment you own. Even if it's only a single video recorder, the Amiga can popula lies With imagination, a rough idea of what can be achieved using an Amiga, and an awareness of the potential markets, anyone with a bit of savvy could end up producing their own videos for fun and profit. Read on and maybe you could be the next Tarantino enhance yonr ability to be creative with that m.u bine. Jim like Tarantino in the video shop, the
amount that can be learned and put into practice with such basic equipment is profound.
Ol course, more important than any amount ol equipment is the need for ideas, the talent to communicate them and the ability to pm them into practice. Admittedly, the more intimate von become with ynut equipment, the easiet the flow of ideas becomes.
But you still need strong, preferrablv inspired.
Ideas Continued overleaf •» The first idea you should think about is. "What exactly do I want to achieve?" There's no point in engaging in the process of acquiring equipment without an overall goal to your labours.
The goal could he as simple as entertaining your friends and family; as mercenary as earning money from filming weddings and parties; as racy as producing a pop video; as utilitarian as the creation of training packages and instructional videos; or as ambitious as trying to grab fifteen to twenty minutes worth of fame from the perfect video medium - television; don't forget that with the advent of cable television there will always be plenty of spare slots open for items of interest; who knows you might even be able to increase the e of the Amiga.
Whatever the aim, whatever the ambition, the first thing that the potential videographer should do is prioritise and ask themselves some realistic and searching questions: What am I good at? What am I interested in?
How much money do I have to spend?
How much time can I realistically set aside? How much should I learn? I low much have I already learned? Do I know anyone I can help or anyone who can help me?
When these questions have been answered honestly and truthfully, it’s time to pool your resources and look at what can be done with the equipment you have.
It used to be accepted as a norm that all that was needed to get into video was a genlock an Amiga and a video recorder. To a limited degree that's true. Amiga generated graphics and titles when used properly can add Video Editing hardware comes in many shapes and sizes. One of the most powerful editors on the market is the Videopilot pictured here.
An air of authority and professionalism to any production.
But, to truly learn the art of telling a story through video, you have to be familiar with the narrative and protocol of the medium through editing - for it is in this vital area that an audience is bored or enthralled.
Every picture, even- scene, has a natural lifetime before it becomes tiresome to the viewer. The secret of editing lies in the gauging of that time and cutting to another scene before the previous scene becomes terminal.
Everyone, even small children, arc adept at reading video. We've all learned from a very young age to follow video narrative and protocols. If you took someone who'd never seen television or film before and showed them a scene where the camera showed a close up of a gun firing and then the scene cut to a bodv covered in blood lying on the lloor they'd probably not make the assumption that the gun was responsible for the body. Whereas, we'd be hard pressed to even notice the cut we're so practised and conditioned in the language of video.
It's when you step back and begin looking at anti analysing the mehcanisms involved that you can start to think in terms of writing in the language of video.
It's also in this field where a properly equipped Amiga can improve efficiency by decreasing the learning time and increasing the productivity time of the the eager editor.
SIMPLE At it s simplest, video editing requires a video source and a video recorder. The footage you want the viewer to see is located on the video source and copied to the recorder. The recorder is then paused, the next piece of footage is In the world of consumer video there are two main methods of controlling video equipment.
There's Sony's LANC system and Panasonic's 5 11 pin system. JVC also offers limited control over some of its equipment but not enough to be considered worthwhile here.
The LANC terminal is realised through a 2.5mm socket and serially transmits counter and time-code information. It also lets a suitably located on the source and recorded. In (his way a collection of scenes is assembled lo form your video.
Surprisingly enough, lliis method of editing is known as ‘assemble’ editing and it represents the least expensive and easiest method to learn.
To say that the Amiga can revolutionise traditional methods of assemble editing is to undermine its power, (ionpled with a video editing system such as Hama’s A-cut (AF65 80%) or KRI’ s Edit Plug (Ah7987%).
The Amiga editor is given the power to chop, change, shorten, extend, cut.
Paste, and re-order scenes until they're toiga Formt Edit Blot): r wk r~i NU ME95B IB f
• imlil B 1 Uiu HMNSCC An Edit Decision List (EDL consists of a
list of clips of in and out points of video footage. When
executed the clips are assembled to form a new production.
An edit terminal, all may not be lost.
KRP offers a third protocol realised through a seven pin din socket.
So long as the deck in question has Hi-Fi stereo capability, KRP can fit their own control socket. The benefit of this system is that it works with SMPTE time- code and will give you edit accuracy to the frame.
Equipped Amiga take control of all of the transport mechanisms of the deck. This means that the information specified in the EDL is executed exactly as specified.
Panasonic's system is virtually the same. It’s just the method that's been chosen to execute it that differs. Using either a five or eleven pin din plug, the Amiga editor is again given control of the source deck's transport controls.
If your source deck doesn't have ‘O perfectly satisfied with the result effect, it gives the editm .is mu over video scenes specified in : Dei ision List (EDLl its the) wouli manipulating words and paragraphs i a word processor.
The drawback, in equipment terms at least, is the absolute requirement of the video source to have an edit terminal. This is a must have. Without an edit terminal, the Amiga won’t be able to control the source deck and cue up the footage to be edited from the EDI.. All is not lost though (checkout the Third Protocol box).
If frame accurate editing isn't needed, which in most cases it isn't, the recorder can be any video deck controllable by infra-red. All Amiga edit comrolldiSjfciUTently'on the market will learn the infra-red commands of vottr deck and replicate them when called upon by the EDI.. In practice, all you need to gel started on the way to fame is a camcorder with an edit terminal, an Amiga, an edit controller, and an ordinary video recorder. Anything you don't have in this list can be begged, borrowed, or stolen. So now there's no excuse not to put yourself and the Amiga on the map.
In the sixties there used to be a saying that all you needed to become famous was a guitar and a four track recorder. Nowadays, all you need is an Amiga and a camcorder.
I lopefully we've whetted your appetite for more. The video field is so large and diverse that to navigate a clear path without being distracted requires help and know how. We're going to he starting a new video section dedicated to equipment and software currently on the market. We’ll kick off with a round up of camcorders and video decks with edit terminals. If there's space we'll also take a quick look at some of the more popular Amiga Edit Controllers around.
Continued overleaf • As well as controlling edit decks ancTQenerating overlays, the Amiga is more than capable of generating complete video sequences of its own... Perhaps the most important reason for using your computer in video work is that you can combine video footage with computer generated images. This is especially useful for projects such as video tiding where computer-generated images can be used to enhance live action.
However things needn’t stop there as the Amiga can produce stunning graphics that are perfectly capable of standing tut their own in a variety of video-related projects.
One of the best ways of creating eye-popping graphics is to use any of the excellent 31) rendering and raytracing packages available on the Amiga. However many people are put oil'by the misconception that you have to be some sort of mathematical genius to get into 3D rendering. The truth is.
There are many good packages out there aimed tit different levels of user.
Whatever the degree of complexity most popular, and usually the most realistic, way of doing this is to employ a method called ray-tracing which attempts to emulate the way in which our vision works in the real world. It does this by computing hypothetical rays of light, from the objects in the scene, to your eye (or camera).
This method has both advantages and disadvantages. The prime advantage is that images appear more life-like and more substantial, as all the light-sourcing and subsequent shading is taken care of for you by the computer. Unfortunately this means that to get a really good image you still need to understand how different little arrangements can effect the final image. Not to mention how the different materials will render which will depend on their transparency, index of refraction and specularity.
This really isn't as complicated as it might first sound and you will be amazed at just how much the average person intuitively understands about the way that such things work. However, it would be a lie to say that such things Although not as popular as Lightwave, Real 3D can be described as the powerhouse of Amiga rendering systems. With features like; inverse kinematics, a huge range of primitives, good spline patch tools, excellent Boolean operators, shrink-wrapping which can deform objects with other objects, a powerful particle system and collision detection, it is easy to see why.
While it may not be as easy to pick up as Lightwave, an experienced Real 3D-user is able to create a working environment tailored to their needs and working methods.
Lightwave is fast becoming one of the most popular rendering programs on any platform and the cinematic approach it takes to animation, with traditional camera and lighting arrangements, make it the ideal choice for anyone who is involved in video work. The interface is so well-designed that even people who have never used a 3D program before can very often find themselves producing quality animations surprisingly quickly.
This is the ideal choice for someone who wants to get into animation quickly at level, as it is ideal for creating flying-logo and space animations. It is little pricey, but you should make up for that in the time you will save.
Of the program you use. 3D rendering systems have one major advantage - once an object is created it can be used time and time again from any angle.
This is something that is impossible with 2-dimensional animation, where its soon as the viewer (or camera) is moved to a new angle a new frame has to created by the animator, rather than the computer.
So how does this mysterious process work and what are its uses in desktop video? The way in which 3D graphics programs work is actually quite simple - the animator creates his or her own environment, builds the models, inserts them into the environment and then choreographs their movements and the camera's movements.
While this is quite a simple process for the animator it is something of a major headache for the computer as it has to perform an incredible number of complicated calculations in order to turn a bunch of wireframe objects into realistic or fantastic images. The Above: Most rendering software accurately recreates real world properties.
Above: Raytracing really comes into it's own for space and science fiction sequences like this.
Were simple and that it doesn't take time to learn how to use these programs effectively. Despite the effort it takes, the rewards are definitely worth it and can open up a host of areas in video and graphics work.
Some of the most spectacular uses of 3D graphics can be found in the film and TV' industries which have both been revolutionised in recent years by the advent of realistic and affordable computer imagery. As well as opening the way for films like the I .awnmower Man and Virtuosity it has provided directors with the perfect tool for deceiving the eyes of the movie-going Left: rendered r* sequences can be actually more realistic than real V. yVjrS.
Footage - imagine - f the make-up bill for 'T a 7 this lot... H public. TV’ series like Babylon 5, SeaQuest and Robocop have also benefited from affordable computer graphics as it is possible for them to contain more action sequences.
Before, creating huge space battle sequences would involve the mass destruction of expensive models which then had to be rebuilt for the next episode. With computer graphics a spacecraft can be destroyed by alien death-rays as many times as you want and still re-appear without the need to build a new model.
While these applications of computer graphics may seem to be only available to the ’ bin bins, like l iiiik l.it it in bn.inmn .Hid I Vmhlm Imaging, the same I techniques can ¦ be put to far I more humble I uses. If you are I g‘ 'ng to get a If you can't tell the difference between reality and render in a still, you won’t be able to do it at 25 frames a second.
Foothold in the world of video one of the best starting points is the generation of flying logo animations (animations featuring corporate logos flying around the screen). These are surprisingly easy to put together with the right rendering package and are usually in high demand.
Another technique that involves 3D graphics is rotoscoping, which is the term for mixing live action with computer- generated images, such as huge robots stomping through cities or even irritaing toothpaste adverts that feature flying computer displays. This is a technique that is supported by most 3D programs and something that can be quite effective if done properly.
The list of uses that 3D rendering systems can be put to in desktop video could go on and on. Although it may take some hard work initially this is one of the most exciting areas of creative computing and the rewards are well worth the effort. Who knows, you could even be the next Ron Thornton or
I. ee Stranahan!
CINEMA 4D Despite being one of the cheapest 3D rendering systems around Cinema 40 is not short on features. Some of its many tools include a fractal landscape generator, a ready-made humanoid figure, several deformation methods, a simple animation system, several primitives and blisteringly fast rendering routines.
Despite all these features Cinema 40 is still a joy to use as it has one of the most intuitive and configurable interfaces around.
This program is the ideal starting point for getting into 3D graphics on a tight budget.
FACE THE GRIEF AND THE GLORY Management and Arcade Action all in one great package!
PC CD-ROM: £29.99 AMIGA 1200: £24.99 3J PC DOS: £24.99 AMIGA 500: £19.99 UtiIfaaEI Available from all good computer stores AMCQ For information contact Anco Software ltd. Unit 7 , Miilside Industrial Estate. Lawson Road. Oartford, Kent DAI SBH Tel: 01322 292S13 Fas: 01322 293422 AMIGA FORMAT SCREEN PLAY SCREEN PLAY FEBRUARY 1996 Steve McGill takes a look at what's up and coming in the games ultimate videogame. Bear in mind we're talking about a beat-em-up with a cliched plotline here; you know the kind of thing.
One thing for sure though is that the game is technically accomplished and makes clever use of the AGA chipset to boot. The backgrounds use inventive lighting effects that cast the shadow of the fighting protagonists on the ground and the walls. The shadows even appear to flow over steps and other objects.
Demonstrated at the World of Amiga Show held in Toronto recently (8-10 Dec95), the showgoers were treated to 256 colour backgrounds, a specially developed bob routine (responsible for the unfeasibly large and beautifully drawn characters) Top news this month is that Team 17's Amiga version of Worms is set to surpass the 50,000 sales mark.
It's welcome news to us and should silence those detractors who have forgotten what it’s like to actually enjoy playing a computer game Steve McGill On the more serious side, Worms is a prime example of the selling power of strong Amiga games.
Most importantly, it's also an excellent showcase of how development costs can be kept low and profits high without passing the burden onto the consumer.
The Amiga is one of the few systems left that can be developed on without having to pay a ridiculously extortionate licence fee to the hardware manufacturer.
It might sound as if I'm being Xenophobic, but it seems mighty strange that the guiltiest parties of this restrictive practice are Japanese; Sega, Nintendo, and Sony.
Not only are the developers for these systems being ripped off and put out of business, more importantly, so are the customers. Imagine if video recorder manufacturers had final approval over the content of what could be played on their machine. There'd be an outcry. Support creative freedom. Support creative independence.
Support Amiga games.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appaling gameplay.
® Less than 40% The absolute pits.
CAPITAL PUNISHMENT AGA Amigas ¦ Pxl Computers ¦ Canada Yep. We know. Beat-em-ups are the least favourite genre of Amiga Format readers.
Probably explains why there haven't been many releases.
Not counting Slreelfighler II, Shadow Fighter, Mortal Kombat 2, Shaq-Fu, Body Blows, Elf Mania, Rise of the Robots, and Dangerous Streets of course. Er.
Anyway, if games were to be marked for their prerelease hype coupled with the enthusiasm of those directly involved in the project, Capital Punishment would earn a pre-emptive Format Cold plus some.
For Capital Punishment has been proclaimed as the and collision detection that takes place over four different zones of the fighter's body to "maximise the combat experience".
We can report from the demo we took a look at that everything played very smoothly and Nick Veitch was particularly taken by the lighting, "I can't work out how they've done that, but it's very clever", he said.
We can imagine that one of the characters will undergo a change before thV full game is released. That's right, Pxl computers have opted to have a bare breasted woman in bondage gear carrying a whip as one of the characters.
Personally I couldn't give a fig - free country, freedom of speech, just not done nowadays - what image they use to convey their characters. But I can see the PC crowd having a field day with such a brazenly sexist image to work over. As such, the character could adversely affect the chances of the game being distributed to retail outlets in the high street. And that's bad.
If everything runs according to plan, Capital Punishment will be hitting the streets mid-late January. O Continued overleaf e «¦ ATROPHY Intersect Development ¦ OTM ¦ 01827 312 302 There are qualifiers for a shoot- em-up, and there are qualifiers for a shoot-em-up. Atrophy has a reasonably surreal qualifier which, despite hinting at illegal leisure pursuits by the programmers, gives the plot line all the credibility of something that's not really credible at all.
Atrophy is an A1200 shoot- em-up with a plotline that reads something like The Fantastic Voyage meets R-Type on acid, gets frisky, has a child by the name of Atrophy and makes an appearance on the A1200. Raquel Welch, sadly, doesn't make her presence felt. But, as if by way of compensation, several AGA hardware tricks never seen before do - Intersect have developed an interchangeable engine which should spawn five different games over the period of the year.
Atrophy takes place inside the slowly disintegrating head of some mega-important geezer. STREET RACER A1200 ¦ Ubi Soft ¦ 0181 343 9055 You know good things are afoot when a respected software house like Ubi Soft get real, re-appraise the market, and look in the general direction of the Amiga to release games on.
Street Racer was a highly successful rolicking good racing game on the Mega Drive that relied on characterisation and sub-games to save it from the charge of Mario Kart rip-off.
The premise of the game is basically the same: race against computer and human opponents over varying track terrains and try to win. Winning can be achieved by fair means or foul. There are several weapons and power ups to be picked up and utilised in the process of the race and their use can make all the difference to the outcome.
Dust when you thought it was safe to cross the road, there's also a couple of sub-games which add interest to injury; the first of these is a football based game which not only witnesses opponents pairing off to take each other on at the beautiful game, but you'll also be able to dribble, lob and bend the ball - adding to the skill of th game.
The second of the sub-games is similar to Destruction Derby.
The player finds himself in a large arena where the point of the game is to bump and bash all of the other cars as violently as possible.
Like the Megadrive version, the screen will split four ways allowing four people to play. It's still not clear whether a link option will be included.
The conversion is going to be carried out by members of the same team responsible for the classic First and Second Samurai.
If the flavour of the gameplay inherent in both these games is anything to go by, then Street Racer might just be the surprise release ot the year.
It should have been out by now, so start worrying around the middle of February if it hasn't made an appearance by then. O «¦ The player has to save his sanity by completing six huge levels, with each level being based on a madness inducing phobia such as hydrophobia and agoraphobia.
Unlike more conventional shoot- em-up's, attack patterns of the baddies aren’t always predictable, "things start easy, but later, we throw things in like random aliens."
Intersect teel that the player should only be able to complete the game using skill and not have to rely on feeble mechanisms such as continues to plod their way through the game.
It's based on seminal classic, Nemesis, and will feature weapon shops where, if the player’s been sharp enough he can buy extra weapons.
Unlike shoot-em-ups such as Project-X, weapons that are picked up throughout the game stay with the ship throughout their natural lifetime. This means that if you have a favourite weapon, or there's a weapon that's particularly effective at taking out a baddie, it can be resorted to when and if needed. Hurrah.
Atrophy should be hitting the shops in late January.
An Australian Expression For People Who Toss Gum On The Street.
Imagine Theme Park set on a beach and a promenade. You've got a million quid to make a success of things.
Steve McGill checked it out.
HILLSEA LIDO Try to imagine a stripped down version of Theme Park that bases its gameplay on a micro-consumerist model of inter-relational market dynamics, psychological profiling, and capital investment.
If you imagined Vulcan's Hillsea Lido that way, then you'd probably think the game was just about as boring as the financial section of the Sunday Times.
In a way, you'd be half right.
Despite having harnessed and tethered that all important addiction element, Hillsea Lido suffers from some mundanely repetitive mechanics that drive the player to distraction.
Yet, curiously, due to the purpose of the game, this doesn't interfere too much with the overriding desire to make more money and increase the size of your beach.
You start the game with £1 million pounds and a 20 metre stretch of beach and promenade. The aim of the game is to attract as many punters as The real money get's made on the promenade. Tempt punters with these ROLL 'EM IN Jumbo Hotdog Stall The Beachball thop Big Hamburger Stall Charlies' Crabs Fresh Orange Juice Monday's are never very much fun. Start building now.
Joes' Coffee Bar Aitas' Rubber Rings Canned Cola Shop Slik Suntan Lotion you can to your stretch of beach, have them spend money on your bea'ch attractions and promenade shops, and eventually branch out and buy more beach until you've got a stretch longer than the Golden Mile, There's more to it than that of course. Facilities have to be provided to keep the punters happy and, in a similar vein to Theme Park, different customers have different preferences and tolerances; in the game these are referred to as the punter's fussiness.
It's the player's ability to harness and exploit these varying tastes, preferences and tolerances that seperates the entrepreneurial from the Big Issue vendors.
While I found it hard to actually lose money, I did, after an extended session of play, note that I had reached a zenith of consumer numbers visiting my beach. The numbers dropped slowly but surely week in, week out, yet I was still managing to expand albeit more slowly than I could have.
That's the beauty of Hillsea Lido, despite the regimented tediousness of some the regular procedures such as stocking and maintaining shops, ensuring beach and promenade cleanliness, it's basically challenging your sense of fiscal efficiency.
SCREEN PLAY If you feel the need to release the megalomanical shark within, give Hillsea Lido the once over, despite my reservations on its repetitiveness, it really is a tidy little game. © HILLSEA LIDO Publisher Sound 7 out of 10 Doesn't really rely on sound, what's there is pleasant enough.
Vulcan Software Price Addiction 8 out of 10 £12.95 Versions Despite the tedious aspects, it’s worryingly compulsive.
A500 600 1200 System requirements Playability 6 out of 10 Constant clicking can get irksome.
1MB min Release date Overall verdict A charming, cute and quirky little game which can easily consume too much time.
Out Now Graphics 7 out of 10 Charming and twee in the inimitable style of Vulcan Software.
71% HOSER A Canadian Expression For People Who Toss Gum On The Street GUM ENJOY IT. WRAP IT. BIN IT. F oT Anco have called extra time for one of the Amiga's best football management sims. David Taylor sorts his team out.
Player Mane r .
Time to stop relaxing in the sun and get some fixtures organised.
Real Players, Real Teams, Real Stats. So boasts the box, but frankly I don't care because in every management sim I've ever played, one training session with my coach is normally enough to reduce a Cantona to a Can't-ona. The attraction of having real players is certainly worthwhile for some, but I'm more interested in how the game plays. And this one plays very well.
As with every section of the game, the start is fronted by a lovely rendered scene. You're relaxing by the beach, but by your side are a laptop and mobile phone. Time to end the holiday and arrange some friendlies and sponsorship. Up to four humans can compete in the league against the other teams and each other.
There are three skill levels: normal, easy and very easy. Before you start to get anywhere in the proper level, expect a few votes of no-confidence in the other levels, because you have to really work at the game to succeed.
Oddly (and thankfully) though, despite the complexity of the game, the balance between "realism" and playability has been maintained. There are all the options you want from a simulation game of this type, but accessing them and more importantly understanding what they are for, could hardly have been made easier.
Each area is represented by a picture from which you choose the' action. So to sort out the coaching, you go to the training room and click on the bloke with the track suit on.
(There are actually three and each one controls a different area of training, such as the individual skills training or the group training sessions.) This is one of the areas that has been given a face lift since the original Player Manager 2 (can you say that - an original sequel?)
Once you have ordered the training and maybe started some ground improvements, you can select the squad from your office and choose the formation to be used.
Rather stupidly you can only have four formations available to you at one time, which means trashing a formation and loading another from disk if you want to change, which seems unnecessary.
With these formalities out of the way, you can go to the boot room for the match itself Alan Hansen can give you a pre-match prediction and you then choose how to watch the game.
There are all the old options but there's also an additional option of watching the highlights - shown as a set of four stills. For my money, this is actually the best way of watching the match. It's more interesting than the pure text view and more watchable than the fast scanner. Although you get used to the pictures after a while, you can still be kept on the edge of your seat waiting to see if your boys can pull it off.
The option to play the game yourself (hence the title Player Manager) adds some fun to the game, but as it's not in the same league as SWOS for playability, you won't feel the urge to play every match. This game is much more tailored to management sim fans who wouldn't mind playing the odd game.
After the match, the Anco Times will report on the proceedings and you can check out your ratings: managerial, financial and the game attendances. The computer calculates the results from the other matches and also does the "Managers wheeling and dealing" (sorting out transfers and loans). This actually takes a minute or two, even on an accelerated A1200.
Which brings me to another gripe.
The game comes on four disks and can only be played from floppy. As this is an A1200 only game and many people have RAM expansions or accelerators, I would have thought that the game should make some system analysis and use any extra RAM to cut down disk swapping. It doesn't, which means that owners with one floppy drive have quite a bit of swapping. This doesn’t make the game unplayable, even on just one drive, but a little consideration would have been nice.
Also, there is no option to format a save game disk within the game. So, you must make sure you've formatted a disk beforehand or you're stuck.
Considering some of the terrible management sims that have been inflicted on us, this new version of Player Manager 2 builds on the strengths of a good game and results in an even better one. It's addictive and slickly presented and if you were tempted by the original but resisted, then I recommend you give in this time, because it's a lot of fun and has the staying power to keep you playing for quite some time. Even when you keep getting beaten and sacked and beaten again you want to come back for more. 'Zj PLAYER MANAGER 2 EXTRA Publisher_ Sound Anco 01322 292513 £24.99 A1200 System
requirements_ A1200 Release date Out now Grapl-ii 9 out of 10 Very attractive with the exception of the arcade bits.
1 out of 10 What sound? The "roar" of the crowd?
Addiction 9 out of 10 I'm hooked. My other footie sims have been relegated.
Playability 8 out of 10 Very playable, although the actual "Player" part is still lacking.
Overall verdict A full game packed with features, yet remarkably easy to play.
86% An American Expression For People Who Toss Gum On The Street.
Hottest 1. 2. 3 ft 6 Set__ PRICE: £29.99 CODE: CD200 Hottest 6 SPECCY SENSATIONS 2 CODE: CD I SO PRICE: £19.91 CODE: ¦ I l0hi I'FFa laa 1 ka. Rmlwi fSi i Whnr . LYrua on llottcil O Thl* .* die Ixlmi III a "II *rrir» NOW FaoMNW (1INOM Snim Sil U Patino Tom I MM up the prrtrrI dny
4. 000 r.umn inrfudlnfl fhe Cl)ROHI ipUlhinn inulalm » Ihr dt*k*
hxvr Laren You Mi bixd* 4 NxHum TnhuuJ FAU-v iiiim lt«l*
Ttw mndlOral .ir. Hum ROM l*. Idle I inirrlxrr I ROM mho
Mtxltfir.1 K )M. W,ll|ui ri pu luirn lor wuxbaw* I IIMI'l uni
Anu&i Wo. Kiwi*h I IFF I Vxixx.* i*hum in JPG ft OIF bxuul* nl
Ixpr inLsy* Sprrlriini cmi| iwn i.unr level nup.
Mac hour* of fun with Ihr bml kwr« ia«npulrr tun tnin mn hr we pxur.1 K. *ewm1 .rek* h.Vuv due**
* 11 Ihr i)«ir« xlUXW* Uifc4»v«»« and |Hrlwn 4 thl* Uw« «*n
pulrt Thr |rtlr I ihzxrr be xnvor mirrrfclril in Ihr hum
«nmputrr and II » *i want In«.xivrrl yotil i«n ipittm III nil
Ixjw llwn (III- tllw wiU |rl| ™ how With Ihr Sperry J 4l*r you
ll tel
• Document* ln.ui* turn*. Manual*
M. *r gi r*g% Sprilrum F'aO*.
In lurul tVtall*
• Game. A to Z her VOUO Ol them pouf I li.it you will IKI|
li.ivr *r lllil lliit Mrfci drum* ,i lilt’ll 1 I well irlrasm
Iwftxr README Display* Ilir RFADMl t llx u»l I... ur the
Minllrt Imi m ll HELF ME Tht* xal.hr lb. Unarm will dl*|4a
PDSOfT 1 Bryant Avcnui, jouthind-on-s£a (itcx. Sil 2yd. Uk.
Tit (01702) 466933 fax 617123 bb$ (0181) 2510077 8 9 * ' Dmt »u.xn l.h."i ihr Dmshuii.. xni.it I Ihr arbilrl pmiJiii I" x IV« I Ihr ril*k mould Ir I you ixalnnl II I rv rllrhi I lax y a i n l.lii. aim nil Hr I 64 llirv dalle Imk from 1111x11x1 IMJ5 l liere arc iMrrxlh
* anal m.i«uuir. I Ih Ilir lun
ill. Old VnR-. .ind rexallntt I m-«i« utr. Thr t«Mn llam I* SHOW
• I Ik h on Ilir SHOW IMAGE InMlmi wlien llw .¦•« I. avrn
ID i|i.|4,v OIF IFF ria ttH Ini' film iSrr Imatfm In Spaur
«r. Hnn HIV HAY Amiga Utilities 2 CODE: CD201 PRICE till
• .TrJste New Double disc version I KM PC (mnpulri* Am 14, Ala
himrdir. At*ll a nmpailrr Mix '*. S|an nixl axhriai Tin. 0.m
lll. k* .at .1 |l«r tll .l, II xn ail llw ar liuttmt ll. Ihr
• Contain* xll dir Hjir.
*i tor xll Ihr raiailxlni Imra ihr 1 l NoM * v*a nil ROM need i wurk dUreI hmal ilium
• III nnal hun.llrat. .al U* 4a«rri
l. KWal
• lYi vrxnunutit
• 11,1.41«-m
• Saitnxl
• limn*
• Dr.Hjn W.xk
• llriixi Makri.
• IV0.wr,* ::!':ksss?
New It'll. ,i»l uiluuuitkxi film imlytral I i.lHnl lltl.tl IH.IIUXI ( zUlti ir nl Hr» ( l ROM » it in 11 ..num. ihr Uimi F-.rtw.11 iijMii Ulr Drarmlwr I •••»'.
Anhn-ri* xlxlattfnliw I Desktop a xla rrkphniM- nl Durmtiv Ihtk mil* Flir Vrwri.
Ilrip Fdr I oram lUril 1*11.' U Farit* xOnmU
F. lllllllla* «»*. Nil* (AD SvMrr &»!?%«Bl£9( Bt r THE COLOUR
LIBRARY CODE: CD182 PRICE: £9 99 »hu fam*srir. 4» yax. *« The
iwx|i you arr4 ri(h I 710 photo*' lt Iximt a ix|4i Wniklteil
ll J I l» k.
* xlnxtaii* I Hi Ilir. Ir« HO hew Library dnti
• i.xiiw. • Slade Show* • Ivtmm
• Mrij, Hrnva * Mu*aa Dt*k. * lA.k M ta uw.
• I Innai» * Coflrclxm* • Anlin,lb*i.
• kat.T I (rum • S.nuplnl • Smi.lil* rli IOO New lied Fdh Disk.
Llw Inlhiw xi lai llw must i-'pul.ii (Inppv ih.k IHX.MY Ii i xi. Irrd Fl*li .Irak* IIHH «• 11 OH
• SlrruUl Har Himi nni ' A uxulne fuiw* 11
• USA V's IKAU • ¦ (hr Wilt Ihrtlra*-
• hitfunurr Slxtmtoow
• stxi Tiri IT KG’
• Muoaxl Uiwhi.
• I i.ll.Hllr.1 IV 4 *
• Swwrl |('ii.H.*lri*i ¦ Mn hlUdll
• I .n Xr Sinkr* Ikia k
• Hail Wunl Cruiadrr*
• 2nd |Sa.«*w«i
• Vmal Allix k III
• Silr.il. Hhars |b u*r
• Si Ma r. I I Maatall Waiekltrix h (ia.iiir Chmi* Fl-Licenceware
CODE: C D233 PRICE: £29 99 Sick the run ol the mill old retro
an .on GRAC Junior Arlial Tot* Time i... l nn*xui
• iw.
Food nniptltria tgr. IWI Iritly FltiWri* llrlu aaplii t lh«r.l. Mr.1. .1 Ihr FI lie mu «G? I ' Commercial Software 111 lurkglnuixl 4ltd |IX ilmklop |aultiiriir i r GIF' Till, all.iw* you In Ihr UiUHy. Nn tin. I|l*a |*b ‘lid 1- PhofoOtlon wliu h t I'd lllixiy 11 «¦ 11 pa ll.llfe Ml nixl limn &4iwxir Y i*4iiii 1 Anmliri m.*fi.uii wtixh it
• lofillUmap Fonts in mono Hlrxl b n n*r w yitill n.KklariH It
xnd dpalnl pin0.nu. ' IOO 11(1 map Fonts in colour PIN ft in a
a4aam* tat',I fa I alr.ktnp .xlm wne I xnaf .4.. I1TF
- 100 44shr type I Fonts xVxl bx •vlh Spoil* Sim Tirh Swiniwill*
Tltliupa 11 XIII.
I lull I... ||IS*II1| ¦ krmniili pi 0 mu nginxlh . Xlur.1
* IOO Compoaeaphic Tor Wmklari* tin .uxl 3 0 in.
* axUI4r bmt«. Ir hmmI* Pro Clipart Volume 2 CODE: CD053 PRICE:
ZOOM release 2 New - Updated version SCI FI SENSATIONS CODE: CD207 PRICE: £18 99 CODE: CD234 The lulr.l FI) unal PRICE: £18.99 S ...a- hi alaa.1 bxmxl* I .1 FCE in a'"" l 4h I* W w_ ri H'xdiiatf* likr Tnhh Uld* Ivaajdr Wubllnm Ibnnr* lix.
N». Fxinil* Saha.J IbiiKLiv* Vrw-ti.hlr ¦*r Fa4kla«r Si Halil All I'S Kxw l'taa|ar
* ' luril lulnlnt .nra Frx*t aj Fi«»l
• Fbmri* Mnnlhh Ikuinri*
I. Fxmmr* A.|u-num r4 Fldt Fxm.ua Mx,~ Men I hi 1*1 nix* MrtlwalA
4 «. A Wrx|im* Ihnrwxau » Tlx mix* lUtd.
I tr III 11. Yunr* j UUKlr rr.lviral lt Cstsjlrs Includr
• liitnbm S • Iht
* ai I mil,IH. Llw lill i 'I with , wlalr *r irxt* .itxl pu lure*
lr.1 rvxmplr
• tidirt «•» Him X. n-~ I ka M » •» km rvlwitrri
raltrMalditxwif.aa.fen AnUnxl. S- . A.llui*: Uiuvr* Oaxxl xnal
rutlulxl IRUMr* C
l. 4xl« uiowr. Innxa. R«mm iu.Ih-.Io0. al uuxfr* s..mi.
iixiiH.xIxlbat -ml wmt mm'* Thr allwa ii.iUin. alltkini* it
lrtl a-I* ¦llm*.nii * a IV' llixali. H.ar. C'ulh tm*... fI
aMti Iat« JxlMCI tilla* Ain't X hi I'a4 nr *x Ivi*b. .nr xlwi
Ira luilr.1 am llw all Fvxxl A nxiurxl Idannrxn* |4xnn* *k«
Ihr _A 1QA_ foaurrim l-a w» S|„1. Krnrijt » •
IV. .*. FHM n« rv Monte KorkbmrA I mlam* hx. Tgiunl.
L. dln.H |M*h la.4. Ik. K Inn* M»I11«»M Fiant. 1,4.11,1 lUitfOu
b.*.. liivx»'.H.,»n. Vt.%i. I X Ivxrhcrmn.
I l M.aO Ik.kx.*.. Mxt -nu iM.
Mxrt. I..*.. I J M.VX WII Mil la* Mxn.«rl M-.laiJr. R. ni baxi. Sr.»n Jxu b.xi* TnnpUlr* I (.Lilr F llm aimHwl. I» r riislino ZOOM Ownrn lor
of the be*t MS U
• W xt1 ixaamaMignr Thl* mlllr a nhnllnn atM* lr» ll
a. annwri ul ibunr *prrad Uwrl •
* x Inxln MmiiunK pnyciam The AGA Experience CODE: CD210 PRICE:
£14.99 fh( Ural Hrlactlon ol Af.A ¦ .
Splt.a... .....k»r
* hr Al.A » ipr.irsta V »1lBl TOO 4o ,
• MIDI ••
• Ore. 6.400
• 0»»i 1.000
* Orel I OOO
* Oxer 1.000 UCVtSKD Vnuu. Rrj-*1 Dl*b mxc* mlur l*»l»S ia4in
l**i * la irxah lo »*rw A iflrxl rrwxit.r bx .Hit Am«i uwnrr
VERY I IKS I F.muUlin* Run I*' A|n4r M- S|wa Iriini xtxl CM
*aiflw ur abi.T xr l IS xia*in 1 III . M atmmuru
• “il •vxlal in rrxjlxia* Viewer* V»Trb Vi.rr Vlrw I.IF-Kll
lxo.111). IIY'irw iMbAlUm 1.0. M .v| Il’Shcm A..I maun .xlwt.
WallFaprr HAW Will' HoFxIl. ItxUi Wall‘,|x. Will* WIU' . J o
uxl Zip !)»“ whir h .» XI. Rv rtlr.il a .4ln Ooo -4 *r-lnla
Sormrl Trsrkrr lYo Tixrk.
Trarkr. KIIVii'i llim.i. FTOnt* It.. Wuxi.I *i.rrM FC Lara a. 4h.xa.lb. .Xkk
- «i ai HI.J." Uaaiai W aa*
• ,nd ¦U-.iaraf lw.l A(iA ainlt -4 rur* Saainr nl llw Please add
.75p for each title ordered towards postage and packing.
Divan Hla.lti WH hxaiv bar kiln i |xn(r*omul iijn».
GRAPHIC SENSATIONS ODE: CD I OS PRICE £19 99 a fib bxoial like HMP CIF I- I T A xrxl TIF Al- e-* “tuf.
Irm 0xi4*ne b* DOS . .»Tf llll If film ra*h lull .w* Iinabaw* Will r.alutxr amlaa.h hr ixxmil .lull «.lnn *n'tln4 laa I ..4a*ar tli*|4a.
Xll llw Utmt I I.lnm and tnei xll irUx.1 XI ihr Rjt li I« Ft A’HAI Over 18 products available upon request, call for details I1KIM. A.VT Mlllit, a Irxlnl Imiirm Wr l**.r a iralril lanuls til vriy iiiiplm..iv ADA jab Hum Inr ilu« |i 11x w pHimm Mr mi a*. .,(*¦« I I and *tx w wh.il ihr Amic I* fruilt r,(,44. 4* Rf.ADY TO RVA
* H,ltf|ll llnlli ihr HIGH Ml Al III Arl (aia|4 x W.xhO. a
KSI'.IbdnU. IbxnrlYni Fraxtxl* in m.4K*l Iflxr* hllO at a I.
Ytiixlrllx.4 lulu Sri Onn Mmliraraatir SmFiinl rrxlirr Slxlml.a
An Alulae Trxalr Sl.e* xml YVD iraxm ina.xxi
.bir.ilran*aaxninlrr Ihxt om AVI xml Ml*, xn.1 uxKhn JO- Hfcum
Out In* Slum Sa»«r Sj.xl W* lire Kit VrhHlr* VxWamlV Fonts Ux
liikaionr A l.irfuw x.r ¦¦* psro.vr-. I e liibAT A Iwhma.r
fanaaji"' Attribute* Mr .Vr l-if Ihab C drino :i:UiMli gunr
160Mb roram MIMbl.lOO hard iiMIi 0 ROM and What do you get:-
630Mb Parker*. CiuiM lwr* and ArrInver* CD-ROM UllHtte* (
oiumutiu atkiris A Netwrnkutg I lelntBfQng Toot* Devrtapmrni
Tt.dv Floppy disk. Hard Disk. A SCSI ultls Kduiuikiiiii
Programs Gr ii|ilil. Piugram.
Inlrinel Movie Dulalusr Updated Mull Toot* and Pronams Mum. M.xlulrs
M. imi Pt ogr uni* iuiiI Sollwarr Did D litr 63Mh300 disk 12Mb 21
ml. K 109Mb
mi. I. 3S8Mb mu. 2‘JM1)200 mil laiilltlr. Idler tuuvulnl on any A
1. 200 world wide subscribers and growing every day. It’s the
most popular Amiga CDROM series Design - FxiniMvr lor
mailing ojuious. All vup- portrd lout lor nuts allnwe.1. no
n.Uiur re.ni. iloitt. Various eell If ames ell Functlons -
More dial 100 lum llon. Ixnerlng arlthiuriwa! Ami nnarwlol
iwrds Diagrams - All Iiinimoo ch.ui type. «up|inrird footer
and header tegrnd ami axis I.iIk-II mg .aiipm a. IFF file or
graphk pnnioul Printout Out m built in pnnlrr lont l drab
inodrl or a» freely sealable gtaplm- Impurra Technical
Characteristics Sheet * Ur llitiltrxl by available memiiev
only, no irsblitlofis ui sheet ur wtndrnm t|u.vnlit imimn ui
loteitp formats vii|i| iiicil irg MS Exrrlll. Detailed
amtaguadr manual C User's Gronp Library CODE: CD049 PRICE:
£19.9 Refer to 11 year* of C ¦ : vr, xperWnce is nearly
unlunlted iiiahltinrs in all relrvanl rale- kW. Turbo Calc
i 2.1 DROM Eric Schwartz Productions CD Archive CODE: CD229
PRICE: £24.99 Eric Schwarts nerd* no introduction to any Amiga
Anlmorlon fan • November 1995 f As you ..la* luvr all rad,
• M ..t -i..- romplrtr rtJlrettnn id pw ¦¦¦¦¦ tures imimalkmv ami
related Ides hv KrW W Srbwaru
• Pacnun * Aslet imlv
• FragRrr • 1‘engo • Missile t'mniuul
• Galauanv - retnimt * Telrtv Game*
• Kittle Zone • t Vannal • Loud Ruuiwr
• Tltursi * Tnm * Njm e War
• U-Hert • Hunchltack • Moon Patrol
• Trail Ula er • breakout • Centrepede
• Cycles • Be rrk * Snake
• Scramble * Ping Pung • Breakout
• 064 Conversion* • SauM-e invnklrrs
• Jeff minter games ana hundred, more more than tdllMh 1
ludocgrllaMe leio-guinliig ThM CD Will keep you busy for
Floppy drive rri|ulred krytmaiil Keyboard rn Tbrre are dlrrctortr* lor anlmallons plrturrs 3D id.|ev t riles, iron ftlrs. A nuur that hutwfuUv will mlrrr.t you Also tm lulled Is a special 'Arllsls' serllnn with iiialrrial hy olhrr arllsls wlioin I've ha. Cxunr In rnnUin willi cnenlw M _ yrars These arttsU you 9* ib'ti Togrl llw IwM irsnlls in Arcade i la.su s Is an m lgm.il culler Ikm all your old claialr favourite* Including Pt* A Amiga varkiiiuns of What do you get.
• ErImImIu. We luve pr.nldetl a m*« i.il ver Mott id ClFWrltr to
allow Urual wt ite. To the CD-ROM Tints yn.t ran loiuiilrtrly ¦
iislumise Mrrtitu; Iv.trls III n, «.Ur neetls Spet lal g.««lir*
..mniig't the hiimltril. Of frrrwair. Njutrrwate I Fill tile
Ikmiain |Kot!Tdnis ,ue I'JsTrx vl 4 Meeting Pearl* IU build on
die eiunniou* mi..*., ol Meet mg Pearls II hy provided rvni
more usrable a.r*M t.xil* will. I. luve Iteen sign.It. antlv
expanded and tuiprovnl It out llw |aevluuv ver n Oprr,ilintt iv
stlU rliltd * if FtndlVarl. Lias Iweit pr.Atd and nttmdnf and
an Amiga* «l fUr wir.1 »M '•* «*“»a aline IHHSW available |l
will g|,r tiifoeinuliii rnwt.lliig 1 III KAM MKI will iten!
A* .1 111111111111111 .
Wlirthri |hr .inmuillnii winks twvl nil a r mm AGA machine I line v»rv Irw am ITU. Fix ROM I* Run parked willi nlliv xuimi dour iron. Setup fUr* tianslniiu your work rnrh lillo an III Hr. L.airil lli colour onr ii'iuiilinH-ii liarilw.ilr 1* 1 .|«.iliif ol 11) Meeting Pearls 3 CODE: CD224 PRICE: £8.99 An Amiga Library Service. CDROM By Eric inputr an AGA mat I (nil a tail muiilier id litem do uv llw rxli.
Iv.irk I ii hr mi rvwnrd .pile kl,
b. ildv llte mu»l « tu CD-ROM ¦nu ll interim ¦ it 1.1 tn I with
li ilii crraled Ic AMIGA CDROM hu» 1 Hie
• lilevr 29Mli l)rvelii|ill|riil T..ds I-(Mil Floppy disk. Hard
Disk, ft SCSI ulUx
* Mh Kdntutkmu) Programs
• *Mh Game.
35Mh (iriphli Program* 39Mli Inlrinel Mielr llalalu'e Updated 7Ml 1 Midi Tools and n-wram.
27Mli Mum. Mi.lulr. 12Mb Mii.ii Piogiam. And Noltwjre 71 Mli Picture.
I 1MI1 AmlTCI* him I mure lor Networking M1MI1 IkMumenuotl. CD-ROM Di.lul.aws. elr ‘-iMb Pji.frN vl I Sot previously released
I. SMh I llllilie* ;«)Mb HTML-Page* -dirt linn* 4 Lii,ity|ir*
hrnrhtnark* irtngy.unv Icons. Program, tar amutrui radio ami
eln tri ¦air lei Ironic etgaiii-rriiig are alvi lurludrd "’1
li-Vatj H'df mm; TENT OP THIS CD ROM Genet ally. The (ilr» on
tins CD-ROM l|niinMUy utumuikMis anil puiuir file*) are OK tai
.1 (hilly general audience line air however *011 w |W lure*
and animated segment* ilui contain tnatetul of a potentially
cdfrnsivr nature Tn grm-r.illvr I would give Ihl* i ll ROM .1
liavn inKtnn |*line laling n|imalrni oI Wi ll My pleliirr* and
animations were nevrr . Ttuallv intruded Ini 1 luldlni ~ and I
have imrnwrn W -T* otlirr than my sell 7Q_a t|«rr*viu*ly
11nrrlra.nl « «i|ilulr l MovieIXilullasr Content and Pied
Aminct Set 1 CODE: CD112 PRICE guite simply the best CD ct (ion around "CD Amiga" November 1995 Aminel Se( 2 conslsl- lug of Aminct 5. 6. 7 A 8 Cds, The second Set archive is published and has just hern released November 95.
CODE: CD220 PRICE: £2* fail access to (he wealth of the Aminct!
January 1995 Aminet Set J consisting ol 4 Cds. The ram plclc archive Is published for the 1st lime.
Husuws* Sollwnrr Oi.k HI) loot*.
MM) Mlwrllanmu.
2. 700 Music Mi uliile.
Music Software 900 Demo*
1. 000 Gaum t oon mu motions 100 lUrdwarr rrlalrd 1*110 Graph
1. 100 Pictures A anun.
Text Sidlwair bnrunwnis Aminet Set 2 Post to: (Amioet Subscriptions)!
PDSofl. 1 Bryant Avrnue.
Southend-on-Sea. Essex. SSI 2YD. ] or Telephone 01702 466933fax 617123
• Subscription Service • which you can slop at any Umr by post.
Telephone or Fax.
* Example for 3 discs startlnc wllh Aminet 9. That’s Amlnrl 9. 10
A 11 for £10.99 each plus 75p postage ft packing bring the
total lo £35.22 Payment By Cheques or Postal Orders complete
payment In advance only!
CD's Per Cd PAW Total Ami w9 £12 99 7Sp £13 74 I 9 A IO £1 I 99 £1 Ml £25 48 2 9lo II £10 99 £2 25 £35 22 9 to 12 CP.WC3.00 £42 W 9 to 13 £8 M£3 75 £48 70 Payment By Credit Card or Switch will be charged at £11.99 and only charged lor when posted, or pay In advanced to lake the above special offers. | For credit card sales please ring the above plione number!
_da capo CODE: CD 196 PRICE: £27.99 Fred Flab lake* Amiga Mo.- . ...o ImgaBMsBJ The da capo CDROM | ' .. v.- w VIIIWl I lor ¦'( .olfi ’iiiix. I Hgf ¦¦lb fin i,m. LK.lial.nj r-IMi, rnenr and or vinifdr* to use In ciratlntj gour mi vi mu vie This is mu _ another rnndiun eollerllnn of modules r Of Ihr module* are enlusbw lo fn rnpn Fresh Fonts II CODE: CD103 I 632Mb of fonts with a nice looking book.
Thr send in Ftrd FuhnJont lolltrtum this idrom came ud fb a small U-ik with I he lont families prlnleef out Assassins Games 2 CODE: CD211 PRICE: £1 ror the Ultimate Game* Experience play with Hip Gateway!
CODE: CD165 PRICE: £8.99 Gateway oHer. Net UNI) 1 0 ~=1 fi.i Hi. Amiga EnI|yM[J ¦a Gateway ¦ Is, ¦« I ¦¦ • 'Ml fl ’ W, I 11 ¦ ii Llir operating ayitem with both sauries and binaries for llw Amllg*. LW. Sun 3 and oiler architecture s Go net*erflng with a large selection of supplied networking tmds Other supplkd |s» kiigrs un hide a hltiaiv release id the X window* lyatem (X 1 lRBI lor ihe Amiga, with numy additional rtWnU ami |toc kagrs mu h as prrl. Rmar*. Cames mail pro grams ami many megabvte. Id im| rtant text ule* such as RFC. And KAO*, a rompleir installation guide is available on the
CD There are some Aimed KIN internet utUlties.
Surh as tlWrit* lo* AmlTCP and F.ntny Network 2 Package CODE: CD23S PRICE: £39.99 Global Amiga Experience CODE: CD 199 PRICE: £24.99 Test the beat Am tun So I mure with many full eersltms.
Contain drnuivrr.K.i. u( inn mrrrlallv distributed milt wan lor the Amiga The Global Amlaa Experience I DROM Tile lull Imagine iir •dram i. big |itu~ AS57 9U Star buy.
• Some of I he numplri of demo version* Calient 24. XlPalnl ! I
mini ti 3. Image FX
2. 0. Pbnlotfnili* I 2. Bar. Ft Pipe. 2 5.
Interplay. Word* Worth t I. Mourn Tool* MaxonC’AD, PhotonCAD. Plu-owurX.
Moxonl iiwttui4l 7 Mteaar SmniMlltudr Pro.
Turlio Cab 3 0 cluster. Cat hrCDFS • CD32F.mil. SbawJPto. DuuLMnrr. OOUe Eugmr A Cash Pro. Arnuy* Money Turn Text 2 0.
DmaxtXtttt 0. LldnNEXKS 2 5. Dtavido lin kup Mortiott A ituuar otyite and numy nuur fmm oilier held, e *¦ C.r.iplm Mii.m . •Vppluiiium.
(lame. Ew.
H full versions S abi I 13. Imagl Nun. 1 0 Thr Kd I I. Strurrlmh*
10. Vt.iaP.o I 1 72ID X-C.i|m t h.Ianl "Lirl.sn M(iu id drnMA and
all lull ir runablr bum llu. IT) llierr Wh«l do you get:- Dir
Site Piles Contents Disk A - Tools util 120Mb I .INMI I III
Do*. 270Mb 870 Donunrnta.
Text 40Mb210 I ext Nobwmr Id 75M»il70 UuMnrwi Softw.it r Disk B - Graphics pix 630Mb 2.000 Plrturrs A anims gfx 170 Mb 430 GrardU.. HUM 150Mb 270 Miwvllnneou.* Disk C - Fun 7000 Druvj.
• iAOMb I lOMb lOMblli '.Mb 530 Gunm :M0 Drvrloranmi
IX. k IID luuW 90 Hardwarr rrlalnl
dl. k hard Disk D - Mods d» HioMb
3. 100 Mum Mixlulr.
1. 000 Comiiiimli-atiiKi Mu.m Suttwore Aminet Series CODE: ???
PRICE: £12.t The Best Selection ol AGA Software any where The
AGA Experience Aminet 0 ¦ CD 175 • June «3 with a lirvi* un
tfrtnnx l* Mill Jlliltllhlr lit Imillrd .piantlllr. Aminet 7 •
CD 184 AugttM
* *5 roituum. Tit-: ur ilwn I I9fi* liytr liin.oui|ursu-ll id
*.ih- whip Ui thousand* d an hives Slnrr tlw relrase d At tt
It wt h tit. Tie tls.li 500Mb al new xnRwwrr .
Iia* i| |wnirt| Tlw lurtrtil rdltlon has a *|terlal I focus .Mi lltugr. 10.000 image* lot DTP anrl multlmrdia wrtc tmluded Aminet B ¦ CD20H • Ort.ilwr 95. Contain* it Aminet 9 - CD777 De.rinl.ct 1995. Contain* llkur tlitlu.ii I glgalntr utm *npir-.M.!i ol toft ware in thousand* d art htves Sui. R llw rrlrase
- d Amlnrl 7 D more that 500Mb d new soft ware lias ap|trareil
T(ie current edition has a s|H*cUl focus oil imslules More than
I (N) were .
Uwludeil M.uiy im.h.lrs ,ue of a yp.y hlrfi-qual- I It* ami (CHIiltr 8 voter* The excellral user Iiitri1.ii r lias alv» ex|wi ir Ik n| llirthrr tiuprove
* The Nrtmork 2 CD and Cable ..mihiualloti allow. Ihr rniuirilkai
ol Ihr Cd32 or CDTV K'DTV onlv lo lie nuri hawd willi Nrlwurk
CD Vid I please Aak) in any Aimg.i llu. Cmum tkm rnahlr. A
riMiiiiumli .illnov i haiuirl hrtwern die two nitM’hinr. Thus
allowing ihe Iran.lrr ol I dr. Inmi one miulilnr lo ihr other
llu .un|dy you inn ivilii acre** to Ihr t DRUM drn-r on llir
CD32 iumI u* ant id Ihe normal CDROM ullll iw. Contained
wiliiui thl. Advert
• The Setwork 2 CD and Cable .Kiiihinalliai allows ihe conneclknt
ol Ihr Cd32 or CDTV ICDTV onlv in lie nun based with Network CD
Vid I please Ask. In any Atul&i fluxconiwi tkui rnahles
riMiiiiumk .illnov ihaiuirl hetwren the two ni,*ehuw. Thus
allowing ihe transfer ol llles Inmi one machine lo the other
lilt sunpiv you (i«n giui acre** to the t DROM drive on dir
CD32 and use ant id tlw normal CDROM mill lie* contained within
thl* advert File Transfer II you liavr a dlrci toiy tllllllW*
such a* Directory Opus Ski or IxrW.uk tlw art ess to iuiv CDROM
* hies ts simple iiitiW.uk Isbarrwarrl N t urrrnlly on llw CD)
File Transfer II wu haw a diml *iv UlUIIM • such a. Dlrntory
Opus. Ski or DlrWork llw atiTSS to any CDROM'» llir. Is .iruplr
ilitrWork iSbarrwarrl N lurrrnlly on llw CD) Ivnlagr A Packing
by Rrcordnl Delivery £2.45 Ivistagr A Packing liy Rrcocdrd
Delivery £2.45 OctaMED v6.0 CODE: CD237 1 The oltlctol Octamed
a CD CODE: CD237 1 The official Oelamed B CD Contain* Ihe full
commcr rial version ol ortamrd 6.
The laical version ol thl* superb music utilities In ad.hllno..l Ihe lull Walk otMiul Musk saiti|4e« cdlec have been Included To f.itl meg ol tiualulrs simples ai: lateiyjriwil ami ready in tut unU|iir opportunity uMi ru k,igr and as uilk|Ur nppor Utility UM rut'k.igr and .is a obtain the in milled I-a only a t ibtatn the in mbleil I., only Thr Gamer* Delifjhr 2 D ISBfl iBjm ami more dun I Itrely Bit tries Thl* CD Include*:
• 2 Players 15-VtMbI
• Board Games 11R 5Mb I
• Demos 133.5Mb) • Gogs 11 2lkfl l
• Hints 14.44Mb) • Mls«- (43 5Mbl
• Patches 11 36Mbl • Run and Jump (5 A3Mbl
• Shooting 116.9Mbi • Role I'laving 118 6Mbl
• Thinking |25 2Mbj * Workbeii.h 12ONMbl new full vrislon*
• All games conw with full dorumnits . IHU|.| sr. ..I liuiiilrnls
,.| ihr latest IMIdk Ixaiialli SlureWiire games tm dir CD32.
CDTV. Anil Aintgji range id imnpulenv Ail the games are nrrrwed
vta llie rosy menu system The Ainlgi gutdr ikx-ument pciaulrd
gives vvhi easy arrcoa in the giunrs Uvstruirtom and Its
tuvsiuble In pbtv them dlfrrt bom the The Gukle also prmides
com|Kitlblllt note tat certain games with your uartlnilur iiuh
Iiiiw Also included are owr 70 wot klwnch game, ready lo |day
limn llie wxakbmt h Panwt and Neriwt arc also provided in allow
access to tlw lull content* id this ivanpacl dlsr an an Amiga
with CD32CD1V A s.sMUM Gainers Delight 2 |CODE: CD228 PRICE: £
I Come play with a whole new rVH world of exritementl MM
Contains Ihe full commcr rial version ol nclsmrd 6.
The latest version of this superb music utilities In additional llw lull Walk alsmt Musli saui|4rs odlxt have been Iniludnl To nitn meg ol modules samples an i ateiyjriwil alul irmly lo mu Me pur irludr tlw full ir Includes manual!.
Amiga Tools UI CODE: CD225 PRICE: £24.99 Gel ready to tun a away with this CDROM’ The Amiga Tool* 3 CDROf llie thltd in Ml- lurl Iluipt .
Nertes ami all llw i inj »«in* Ihe dlsr .ter dim tly rtn uta a* tlw fb.i two dlsr* llwri any d lltesr ptoglaiu.
Now in F.ngllvh and i irimu In.ialLilliiii id llir dnnairniDii in Imrrl dt*k i» |ammblr with our piolibm. Thr nvriwbrlnililg nupnllv of thr ilrinn. I. uirludrd a. nun |*r tM.I lUr loo ~ll* Great value for money* Amiga Shopper Meeting Pearls 2_ CODE: CD 142 PRICE: £8.99 Viur re sure lo find software 1== =) that cun he used' 1 I** HT1 Tlits CDROM inn lain. SJOMh ol demo iumI lull inMoiu id com menially illstrtlrulrd Amiga Sollwarr Rrgt.lrallou id llir Full vrvvMMis is available with sprtlal coii|ioii ini ludrd Thrtr arc many soltwarr pac
• otra .at ihr. CD ROM lluil an ileftnnl lo Iw shairwarr All lUr.
I an tie raMlv i opted to your hard drtvv So Inatalla What do
you get: 22Mb Nrlrclrd lilml |Mg»« S2Mh t infm programs ami
ilata ItiMb Knan llw •‘arty 94’ 9MI Dl.k. liar it disk. CD-ROM
ami SCSI AMI. Film ainnvil prugrams 18Mb Triuilii.il laugramv
7-tMb DICE A Conunodurr inrludn 12Mb Midi |irograms A Music
.•i7Mb lli tmr. .uni animation.
I 19Mb Linux lur Amiga A TrX Insiallalion 31 Mb Archive, lot Pmon 4 I Mb Modules ami Racial.
4QMb NetIlSI) ba Anug,i Tool* • Hardware Tixdv DTI’ Tools ‘ CoiiumHlllir.
Disk Tonis • Musk* and AudkMuol.
System Tools • Vet tot ami rokuulonlv Crurch'Dri rutkh * Deiuovnston ami Network Toed.. * Iviuo.
Virus lool. • Dritsivrt sk»t ol MAXI)N WiaMwmh Tunis • Products Grallx Tmds • Ml'I Rayiraclng Ojrets • IVIurrs of El’S clipart all rnady-lu Irom. No unari hiving rri| Tbit CD Includes.
Uyxat htivr unnl pi evli hi.
FrrshFlsli ami GolilFlvh CD.
You will nmur ll.tt tltete air in.fu chaiigr. Im this GoldFlMl release Firnt ihr user interlace ha.
Iinpcmnl vutiMaiiliallv Mom m on. Now lime Mela Tool a. Ihrli ilrlault wtiu h allows you to deckle which lool you would likr lo use lo Mew text lUrs. AmigaGuliIr hie*, imiurni. Rn You will have llw opimrtiuilly to select I hew tool, during the installation prom.
Second ilirrr I. a new Inslallri Hrrljil lhal lake rare of die drlail. Of iMriMring yuur irm III uve the (kddFlnh CD Suil|dy run Ihr In.talln script arul Mari oplorlng Tlie Insial la I Ion will make no prrinanml chance. 10 M»n sy.lrm wllluiul asking you in conlblli Ihrtti even in novKe rnmlr CoilUUIS 1(10. Ol anlinnlkms ready k r viewing dim! Irom 11 Formal. Su| po i- vl IFF.
Movw player, KLI PIC A Deluxe Video Viewers lor llw Amiga arul Ft View on ECS and AGA Aiiium See bow llw rxprrl. Live thr best animation loolv mi Itotli Aiuusv and PC Weird Science Animations Volume 1!
CODE: CD098 Watcb some of th directly from CD.
CODE: CD227 AU material Is uni Goldfish Volume 3 Weird Science Coloured Artwork Volume 1 CODE: CD238 PRICE: £8.991 All artwork ha* been computer drawn generated An entlie CDROM id coloured graeratnl art Ideal * coloured cIlpuM New Title Third, many mote dune, arr now .mrxslblr via Anilgaliulilr. Niakuig (aiblFlMi nuwh more uwt Itleudly You ian rxjdore mm M id Ihe CD lix luilliu; rr.Mllng diMiimrnl.itkiii. lunntuit I ii.tall v tlplv niiinlng |i«ugr;uu. Vwwmg pW- lurr. Rumiliu: anluutkm. -e.u.lung lor cIlk inatriud. Etc. wlllioul rvn Iravuig Aiugi" amir or linnhliu a t LI window Ttierr ate
oilier ¦ lunge, a. well, but dime arr ibicu- nwntrd in Ihr lop level README eulilr (lie You -JnmliJ now run Ihe INSTALL v ripl lo Mart u.tiu! -ddFt.il Snre Ihr INSTALL wrlpt will nuikr no prrtua nrm rhiMitfr. Lo Ihr .y*|rm It I. sale In run U Ui novice mole II yiiu wt*h Goldfish Volume 3 ronutns a seta Hon d viftWurr. LUiliiiiitkMis. Pwtuies. And olhrr material, irlra-wil xi Frrshllsh - DRUM* Iwtweeii Nuyrinlier 190-1 and Nuvendwr DIMS with ilKMI ol llw material uptLilnl to the Lilrsl | vrrskMl* All d Ihe nulrrul is read lo run directly ftuill tlw t'DKOM Tlw Goldfish CD-ROM series
provide* Amtic I users with prttodu rrleOXC* ol llw Iwvl malrri ol from Fred Fish w Frozcnfish CODE: CD202 PRICE: £19.99 I LSD Tools 3 CODE: CD213 PRICE: £17.99 Freshfish X CODE: CD219 PRICE: £17.99 17 Bit 5 CODE: CD2I2 Super Autos CODE: CD192 PRICE: £4.99 UPD Gold CODE: CD168 PRICE: £24.99 Groliers Terrasound Lightworks CODE: CD163 PRICE: £24.99 CODE: CD 143 PRICE: £9.99 CODE: CD141 PRICE: £24.99 PRICE: £18.99 PRICE: £19.99 E Galantic 2 CODE: CD 109 PRICE: £9.99 Textures CODE: CD1I5 PRICE: £39.99 Lightrom 2 CODE: CD 114 PRICE: £39.99 GIGA Grx CODE: CD113 PRICE: £29.99 Gamers Del CODE: CD 110
PRICE: £9.99 Beauty cha FreshFish 2 W S Anims CODE: CD098 PRICE: £17.99 Emerald Mi CODE: CD078 PRICE: £12.99 DT Video CODE: CD111 PRICE: £9.99 CODE: CD103 PRICE: £14.99 CODE: CD077 PRICE: £13.99 ¦ Power Gam | ISIONSi | Ultra Med I CODE: CD071 PRICE: £7.99 Ultra Med 2 CODE: CD071 PRICE: £7.99 Illusions CODE: CD067 PRICE: £5.99 Town Tune CODE: CD066 PRICE: £19.99 Phase 4 CODE: CD065 PRICE: £7.99 Aminet 4 CODE: CD064 PRICE: £4.99 Visions_ CODE: CD063 PRICE: £19.99 LSD Tools CODE: CD062 PRICE: £7.99 Utilities 1 Gold Fish 2 CODE: CDO70 PRICE: £9.99 CODE: CD061 PRICE: £9.99 CODE: CD059 PRICE:
£17.99 CODE: CD058 PRICE: £24.99 Sound Terr CODE: CD044 PRICE. £19.99 W S Fonts CODE: CD043 PRICE: £7.99 S W Clipart CODE: CD042 PRICE: £7.99 Lightrom
C. U. Group Euroscene CODE: CD039 PRICE: £9.99 Multlmed 2 CODE:
CD038 PRICE: £17.99 Goldfish CODE: CD034 PRICE: £4.99 CODE:
CD010 PRICE: £24.99 CODE: CD009 PRICE: £9.99 CODE: CD033 p!
CODE: CD028 PRICE: £19.99 I PRICE: £9.99 Lock-n-load AMIGA
REPAIR We offer *FRES quotation Amiga or any peripheral
(monitory printer)out. A delivery tariff of juit
(S.OOittharged or alternatively you can J vtwl our ihovroom We
tan alto arrange a courier pickup at an LaMt'ona; com of 111
Drives Squirrel I face RENO Portable CD ROM Squirrel SCSI-11
lnterfacc*£45.00 Vh.nbovjht-.than, SCSI*..-. lit ** f bought
separata Al 200 I MB RAM Special pnci Al 200 2 MB RAM A I 200
4 MB RAM A I 200 SMB RAM o« 68882 3)Mh, Co Pro add PRIMA A500
S12k RAM no clock PRIMA A500* I Mb RAM PRIMA A600 I Mb RAM no
clock £349.99 Surf Squirrel . SCSI -11 Interface
* £79.95
• Wl- bought mthaaymodwa or • SC SI derMaf***** bought separata
GVP 4008+ H.DJRAM card £99.99 sen m . a tv Wj bo. A J.. aaooo
1000 .. 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 2 Mb 72 Pm SIMM 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 8 Mb
72 Pin SIMM 14 Mb 72 pin SIMM Imb )0 pm SIMM 4 Mb lOpinSIMM
254by4DRAM(DILs) I Mbbr4ZIPPS 254by 4ZIPPS Part eachange ava
Cl”:..' .-ISCSI CD ROM .|,,„Q [ Wm M143SS*aiS.99 Viperll-28
£119.99 Viperll-SO £199.99 Falcon 68040 RC £499 95 “ ™
mnulSC5l«mu.r|CDIIo mM . £69.99 Dual Cur £89.17
S. invoCDRH94A.iSe«d £125.99 T osniba 5201 B 1.4 Speed £158.99
Panasonic CR504B.«sPo,d £ 189.99 Full range of SCSI cables
always in stock, from £9.99 Hard Drives Monitors Peripherals
Disk Drives
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables _and instructions_ NewM»g.i Houv* 400
dp. ( I be*to Mega Mouse 400 dpt (2 button) Essential Mouse-
400 dps (2 button)
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A I 200 600 install kit inc.
software, cables and instructions 420Mb~£ 150.99
540Mb...£l84.99 850Mb..£ 199.99 1.05 Gig...£245.99
3. 5" Hard Drive upgrade kit £ 18.99 . Includes sef up software,
cablet and full instructions, no Hard Drive.
- +r External Hard Drives for all SCSI aware Amiga's 500Mb 1199
99 l.0Gig£I99.99 Ins High.|u*»iySCS14ldnv.. tot PSU
SCSIlOsHe.tor. CooOng fan and HD prtppevfparoaoning sohwa.. .
Requires SCSI interface. Ie. Squirrel1 G VP .
Sw • 'H Zip Drive X • £189.99 I mh- I M1438S N*w"So« r» Mouse 400dps AlfaData Crystal Trackball ZyFi-2 Speakers (8 wattVchannel) Zyf • Pro Speakers (14 wattvehannH) Roboshsft (Auto moeise |.stKk switch] a g ** 1 J8 dp. IS )8 Khi. All Amiga modes AGA compatible Stereo speakers, tdt and swrvetl stand only £295.99 or without speakers £264.99 &¦ Seagate mjnv cc.v.vr« 80Mb £89.99 130Mb..£ 109.99 170Mb..£ I 14.99 250Mb..£ 139.99 J40Mb..£l79.99 5l0Mb..£254.99 Quantum TOSHIBA Zip tools available separately £16.99 rT-j-l NEW!! NEW!! NEW!!
Jjf AMITEK 1.76Mb External Drive Only £84.99 The Ultimate Amiga Drive Amiga Modulator Amiga PSU Ku kstart J 04 Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600) Cl A 85 20A I O controller 68882 Co Pro 2SmhiPLCC 68882 Co Pro JjmhxPLCC I Amitek 1084 S £199.991 I 14" Colour CGA Stereo Monitor. Composite I L Video, Olgital RGB, Analog Inpul. ) Monitor dust cover £6.99 Copy holder £9.99 170Mb Harddrive Scaia MM300 Pre-installed imaamg value at only £139.99 Amiga Extemaldrive£49.99l A I 200 600 internaldrive£39.99 A500 500+lntemaldrive£39.99j Turbotcch realtime clock cartridge £ 17.99 fits any Amiga CD ROM Software
Graft ¦ Sensations Nfv'lGrt4.rn Encydopeda 2 Illusions in JD Light ROM Works Magic Illusions Ne-'Meeting Pearls J Mult. Media Tool Kit 2 2aCDs) Now.'.’Networfc 2 CD N*wf!NF A AGA Experience Newf.'Oc tamed 4 CD New Price!.' Prima CD Vol. I Professional Gifs Professional Utilities N w“So ft Sensations Space And Astronomy New" I 7 Bit The 5th Dvnmwm 17 Bit Collection (Double) I 7 Bit Continuation I 7 Bit Phase 4 I 7 Bit. I SO compendium I or2 New" I 7 Bit I SO compendium ] Am.net 8 New!.' Ammet 8 Am.nct collection! Amntt 1-4) New'TVr.unct collection }(Amnet 54) New!! Amos Users CD Ver 2.
Animations (Double) Ncw!!Artwora New!! Assassins 2 (Double) BCI Net I or 2 New" C44 Sensations CAM (Double) CO-PD I or 2 or 1 CD-PD4 Demo CD I Demo CD 2 Ne "t uroscmr 2 28 09 14 48 14 48 1688 14 88 14.48 14.48 2448 24.48 14.88 17 48 8 88 17 48 8 88 14 48 22 48 888 1288 8.88 888 11 88 17 48 27 48 17 88 24 48 24 88 only £ I 99.99 New!! SupraExpress 288 Only I £ I 74.99 U?s81 The Beauty of Chaos Ten on Ten pack (I OiCD s) New-UTO Gold CD (4. CD's) NewfTWorld O* Pmups 2 WPO Hottest S Weird Science Fonts Weird Science Clipart Weird Science Animation New" World Into 85
Power Scan v4 £89.99 254 ptOlf on AGA Anvgiv 64 g. scale non AGA PowerScan Col. £ 174.99 24b-t o*ax scanner. L6 7mdhon cokkxs Alpha Scan 800 £99.99 000 dp.. 256 g scale. Works on al A~ gis Alpha Scan 256 £139.99 ill t U U OCR .ofcwvtHO » u* OCX Epson GT 5000 £439.99 Colour flatbed scanner Parallel interlace buR n . An DepartTncnt scant*'* software, prce £99 99 .
QkRobotics WE ARE PREFERRED USR DEALERS Fresh Frsh 8 New"Globaf Amiga E ape nano Goldfish I Goldfish 2 Courier V34* Dual Standard £287.99 New'1 Z. FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 Printers EPSON Canon CITIZEN Sam Stylus Colour II £335.99 yar.arraaty 720 dp.. W" •»» Jp**" Colour £145.99 Stylus Colour lls £270.99 itprpsw. 720dpc2SppmBU«h. I ppm Colour Stylus 820 £234.99 , An 7j ap,.2Sp»ws8U.luC«iowOp*»*d kh Stylus Pro £499.99 echnotocy 724*720 dpi. Huo hil quality Output
- mono E PL-3000 Laser Pnrd £439 99 £399.991 4 ppm. 300 dpt. I Mb
memory, 110 iheet ASF ¦ ¦: The perfect accompaniment ctt* for
a high quality colour printer NEW! IGT-5000. onw . _ONI
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Canon LPB460 Laser £369.99 GO! Printer, 4 p*fm. HR LaserJet HemuUtMm Star LC90«ptom *no £107.99 ASF built tn. Push tractor optional Star LC 100*ptoColour £129.99 160 ps draft. 41 cps NLQ. Amiga drivers StjrLC240«ri-~~ £123.99 1*2 ps draft. ith ASF built la.
StarLC240C24piaColour £145.99 ASF budt to. 4 IQ fonts Star SJ 144coiow. £229.99 It's Zelda, but on the Amiga. Except it's not Zelda, but it's still on the Amiga.
Steve McGill embarks on an arduous quest to find if Speris really has a legacy.
Speris Legacy ith many Amiga games, a few hours play can tell the player whether it's worthwhile or not. Some are more difficult and require extensive play. Yet others, remain a mystery and take up more time than they're worth.
So which category does Speris Legacy fall into? Before we reveal all, it's worth taking a look at what's on offer.
Speris Legacy is the responsibility and creation of fresh new Amiga talent.
Binary Emotion. It represents their attempt at doing Zelda, but on the Amiga. It even starts the same way as Zelda. Cho, the central protagonist, wakes up in bed one day and embarks on the exploration of his city to find objects that are going to help him on a long journey; or at least that's what the onscreen prompt tells you.
During his meanderings he can walk into buildings, open chests, engage in conversation, find things out, and explore the magical world he exists in. Conversations are engaged in by walking up to someone or something, and if a little red icon appears above their head, clicking on the joystick button or the requisite key to access the various conversation points.
Luckily, at the beginning of the game, there's an extensive set of control options. These let you play the game using the keyboard - all keys are user definable - joystick, two button joystick, or CD32 pad.
Unsurprisingly, if you have a CD32 pad it represents the best method of control. It lets you cycle through objects in Cho's inventory, let's him use weapons or utilities depending on the fire button selected, and flicks between the inventory screen and the normal play screen; this latter function saves the player from the hassle and continued tedium of pressing the keyboard keys when you want to swap things around in the objects screen.
Curiously though, there's no option available to switch off the music. At best the music's soporific, at it's worst it grates. So most of your time will be spent playing in silence to escape the monotony.
Which is a shame. Speris is a lovely looking game. It's cute, just like Continued overleaf Zelda on the SNES but unfortunately the gameplay side of things is the total opposite of Zelda Whereas Zelda was a joy to play, with lots of little sub-tasks and environmental interaction to be engaged in, Speris is mostly a drudge.
Q g g Above: In the same vein as Zelda, access between the towns is achieved through this cute little map.
Above: II you were to hide the Amiga and put a SNES in front of the monitor, most passer's by couldn't tell the difference.
Top: Chests conceal useful objects like gems and bombs.
* There isn’t enough in the way of player feedback to feel that
you're ever really on the right vein or doing the right thing.
The first hint you get at things going horribly wrong is in the use of bombs. On the bottom left hand side of the screen there are three little icons with numbers beside them.
They represent the number of keys, gems, and bombs which are held by Cho.
Right: The object that looks like a jukebox conceals a teleport.
£j-zSa It doesn't take =1 Jjl long before Cho
- 56! Picks up a couple milt CVQ of bombs.
Unfortunately the bombs can t be set off in any way.
There aren't any on-screen prompts giving you a clue as to why not. No one that Cho’s spoken to along the way gives him a hint and basically it makes the player feel a bit clueless verging on completely useless.
A quick phone call to Team 17 sorted the problem, but it certainly made me feel that I would only have found out by complete accident, which isn't quite in the spirit of this type of game I know it's not just me either. A rival magazine editor had the exact same problem. Maybe two heads aren't better than one, but in this case we were both as helpless as each other.
Now, this kind of accidental stumbling across the clues would be okay if the playing area was compact and bijou; that way you’d only lose a little time. But it's not. Each level in its own separate way is huge. There’s too much to-ing and fro-ing, huffing and puffing, going on for very little gain. The lack of feedback letting you know you're doing well or not is lamentable.
And it leads to a dilemma in the review. Technically, the game is admirable; the colours, the scrolling, the graphics, that kind of thing. The Amiga Format office is regularly used as an access route for the various smokers on our floor On their way back they can see whatever game I happen to be playing at the time.
Most stopped when they saw Speris If you speak nicely to this woman, she will eventually let you into hor house to rummage through her chests. In there, you'll find a tinder box which lots you use the bombs.
¦ tc 3 oe U III
A-.Mock of ice [which .is.frozen solid.
IThere appears to be. An object in the niddle.
Butt it isShard to nake:out-because the ice is cloudy. -Maybe the ice will begin to r*elt soon.
Some of the objects hint at what you need to do to later on. But only some of thorn.
Being played to say something along the lines of, "is that Zelda?"
Such is the power of the game's look and feel. Unfortunately, the most important elements; the sense of involvement, the sense of engagement, the sense of making progress, the sense of enjoyment, the sense of achievement; are all mostly absent.
It feels as if most of the effort's been concentrated toward the technical side of the game at the expense of it being entertaining. One anonymous source summed it up by commenting, "if they're going to copy Zelda they should've copied the gameplay first."
That’s why, as I approach the end of the review, I feel reticent about the conclusion. This game should have been on the end of a high mark. But after the initial oohing and aahing at how lovely everything looks you soon find yourself becoming slightly frustrated at the amount of pain for no gain that's going in. This pain eventually becomes unbearable due to relentless tedium.
No doubt hard core adventure freaks will love Speris to death. But for the rest of us the connections between many of the events aren't as logical as they could be - many aren't logical at all - and this makes the game incredibly difficult. Anyone looking for a lovable romp along the lines of Zelda should steer clear. 'I) SPERIS LEGACY fam 17 Ocean At200 4000 2Mb Late Jan Smooth, colourful, bright and breezy.
If only I could switch the music off.
Sorry, but it wears you down after a couple of hours play.
Nothing actually gets in the way, just the lack of entertainment.
A smashing looking little game with loads of potential which has been sadly under exploited.
FI LICENCEWAREl y- volume one - FI-01 to FI-100 NEW - RELEASE VERSION 2 s New Search Routine New 'Hot-Keys' Function New Directory Structure Over 200 New Disks Restyled, Remastered Do you want the latest PD CD-Rom that contains the latest PD to December 1995? Contains the greatest and latest PD from two superb pD libraries The interlace must De the most easy to use CD interlace on any CD. Coded Dy the co-author of the soDerb ch more eaS' valued ai CiS’i Fortress [strategy God garnet Rekcs of Detoroneye (voted best PD g. ErtC (voted second best PD game eve*. Power&ase idatabse program).
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of the Robots USM Data Disk impressions Mortal Kombat wgm Formula 1 Grand Prix Monkey Island 2 Football Glory Hit squad Club and Country Boms Ltd Tactical Manager ho squad Treble Champions 2 challenge The Settlers BbcByte Atomino Psygnosis Future Publishing's own Internet site: http: www.futurenet.co.Uk computing e ?Due to be reviewed soon.
Pinball Prelude is the silver- ball affair we reviewed last issue and suggested that it could be the finest thing with flippers ever seen on the Amiga. But we stopped short of awarding it a Format Gold because the third table, The Future, was crap.
In fact, it transpired that The Future wasn't finished - we've been there so we know. But now it is. And here's what it's like.
The Future bears only a passing resemblance to the half-finished version we saw last month. Unlike the other two tables, The Past and The Present, it's a 3D game, but like the others it relies on imaginative gameplay and tricky shots for its charm, rather than glitzy graphics and flashy things.
It's the most difficult of the three tables. Whereas you were almost certain to get a multiball sooner or later on the other tables, this one requires stealthily laid plans and finely executed shots. Damn!
The Future is fast. There's one particular shot when you ping the ball round the right-hand tube that returns it at the speed of light, or faster. In these circumstances it's best to leave the flippers down and hope for a lucky bounce. Valiant attempts to thwack the ball back up the table at twice the speed only result in humiliation and the loss of a droid (as balls are known in The Future).
But keeping the ball in play isn't really the challenge of this table. What you want is multiballs, and that's the tricky part. You see, it's not entirely clear how to get them - the onscreen prompts Graphics 7 out of 10 3D and futuristic, but not the game's strongest point.
Sound_7 out of 10 Futuristic bangs, clangs and whizzes. And the occasional siren.
Addiction 9 out of Like the other two tables it'll hook you.
Ayability 9 out of 10 More difficult than the other tables, but just as playable.
Overall verdict If this table had been on the original mail order version, Pinball Prelude would have got a Format Gold. So it seems only fair to give it one.
90% ¦ What you really want is a multiball - and that's the tricky part of the equation.
Pinball Prelude Richard Jones checks out the completed version of Effigy's top pinball game and decides The Future is a good place to be... tell you what to do, but fail to suggest how you might achieve it. For example, after you've lit the eye (hit the ball round the right tube a given number of times - tricky shot) you are implored to Loop The Cleaner. Given the absence of domestic servants among The Future features, it's a matter of trial and error to determine that"The Cleaner" is the tube thing on the left side of the table.
It's also not entirely clear how the mini-table feature on the right side works, but, hell, it's fun anyway.
Reviewing The Future in isolation perhaps doesn't give a fair overall impression of the quality of Pinball Prelude. Because The Future works in different ways and requires different skills to The Past and Present tables, it makes Pinball Prelude a fantastically varied game.
Not so much a pinball simulation (who needs 'em) but a top game with flippers and balls. 'It PINBALL PRELUDE THE FUTURE TABLE Publisher_ Effigy Software 01526 834020 Price_ £19.99 Versions_ A1200 yslem requirements AGA only, 2Mb minimum Release dale p Out now Main Contents List: The History of tho Amiga Who Inventad It? Th« old Commodore, Its bosses, Idaes, mistakes stc. The Escom rtvtval and much more.
Amiga Environment What Is your Amiga? Why Is It so special? What Is the ‘scene'? Who are Amiga Technologies and what do they do?
Amiga Hardware Inside, outside, ports, chips all explained Workbench and DOS What Is It? Using It. Data and file management, Wotktoench lj j environment dps, the CU, advanced WB and CL) tricks M Programming AMOS, Blitz, assembly, C, Amiga E and AREXX examined r re Become an Artist Ovomight Raytradng, 3D, anlmsdon, bitmap drawing analysed Become an Amiga Music Maestro • Octamed explained, MIDI discussed, musicians Interviewed Getting Your Words Into Print Word processing. Desk Top Publishing, Printers. Clipart etc Surfing the Super Information Highway Intro to the Internet, Surfing the
Internet, WWW design, Also!
Amiga Internet Providers, Amiga Internet software General Arena Full version of Octamed 5.04
* Test Drive', exclusive version of Wordworth 3 Disk Magic and
Photogenics demos, info and tutorials Essential PD to Get
Special upgrade prices to new Amiga products and software Full colour booklet guide Emulation, Operating Systems, Virus Problems, Amiga In Business, Multimedia etc etc etc The Amiga Future Where Is the Amiga going? Amiga Technologies' plans, Amiga visions, possible IndusOy comments And Finally Credits, thanks and anything we have forgottenl The Get Started CD should be available Irom most good Out Early February 1996 CD mail order and high street Amiga retailers. All rights rsrtA Mnrltinarl POO OO reserved. Contents may be subiect to change. [MUM VTQCnmeSJ X.A'f.'t't Multimedia At Its Best!
S Simple and Easy-to-use Educating and Informative s Entertaining and Exciting y Powerful and Amazing!
Welcome to the Amiga's first truly AGA multimedia, point- and-click compact disc. Have you been craving for PC- style multimedia CD's on your Amiga? This rivals and beats many PC interfaces. A CD to help any Amiga owner, from beginner through to intermediate level, understand their computer. John Kennedy drives you around the Internet, MIDICraft entertain you to the delights of Amiga MIDI, Stuart Morton teaches you how to get into programming, Larry Hickmott on DTP and more. This CD is like getting 12 issues of your favourite magazine - info online all the time! Even experts will be
entertained by this CD - there is something for everyone. Not to be missed!
- ;6c- And w 1 Starr ing!
Kev and Gareth Craft
- Amiga MIDI
- MIDICraft Steve Bye
- AMOS Programming
- F1 Licenceware Malcolm Lavery
- AMOS ‘Hands-on’
- AMOS Programmer I Ed Wiles
- Octamed in Depth
- Octamed Expert Dave Sullivan
- Octamed ‘Hands-on’
- Audio Imaging Larry Hickmott
- DTP. Pnnters. Clipart
- LH Publishing Peter and David Clarke
- 3D Animation
- The Room Upstairs Simon & Co.
- Architecture
- Delphus Visuals Mark Thomas
- WWW Design
- Global Internet Ltd Danny Amor
- CD Creation
- Freelance Writer Jason Brown
- Bitmap Graphics
- Freelance Artist Dale Hemenway
- Animation
- Dalemation Gary Whiteley
- Amiga DTV
- Freelance Writer A David Taylor
- Vanous
- Freelance Wnter J John Kennedy The Active Software team!
- Vanous
- All the other work
- Paragon (Freelance) c t ove are tour screen grabs from ©arty
vorsion of tho Go! Started ) interface: The main page. 256 tour
windows, tho floating die- nary and an animation exampto.
RELEASE 2 NEW SEARCH ROUTINE the mufti-tasking searcMind wiB seek program names or code numbers NEW 'HOT KEYS' FUNCTION just press S' lor search. 'E' lor extract, *P lor find, 'C' to Copy or ’Help’ lor help!
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The images below show the ZOOM release 2 interface in various guises: the main interface, extractor window, help guide, UN-DMS window, search find tool and the new directory structure.
Over 200 new d«ks have been added since the release of ZOOM ONE in earty 1995 RESTYLED, REDESIGNED AND REMASTERED new help and information guide, restyled artwork, reworked interface etc etc!
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Pack includes: Nick Faldo's Golf. Pinball Fanlasies, Chaos Engine & Syndicate.
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Requires internal fitting.
£139.99 Accelerator card for the A1500 2000. Available in 25 & 50 Mhz versions, complete with 68882 FPU & SCSI-2 interface. Not compatible with GVP Cards.
From £299.99 HOWTO ORDER BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to “Visage Computers”. Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH & VISA DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 STANDARD - £3.95 BY PHONE Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday CALL (0115) 964-2828 OR (0115) 964-2898 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER Ijpa a INPUT ||RRNDOM| ¥ O RVMC ? IMC TOPS I- [FL ] J- CEILING I- [ft.GND] - Selevl VHC IMC Before taking off, you'll have to chat with the weather man.
Fill Flight sims have always been popular. They allow you to take to the skies, engage in dogfights, fly in the Battle of Britain, take the controls of Stealth Fighters or ...try your hand at flying an Airbus. Hmm.
If there was ever a "serious" game, this is it; we are talking about pure simulation. You are the pilot of an airbus; you get your flight plan and fly between airports.
In an attempt to get some gameplay in here, the makers have added pilot ranks. The aim is to be promoted from Student Pilot to Chief Pilot. How? Fly about a lot and don't kill all your passengers.
Before starting your career, you'll do well to try out the training mode to see how things are done.
The manual contains a brief guide for your initial flight, but unfortunately it is badly put together. If a game has 150 pages of manual the information needs to be supplied in a logical order.
The tutorial chapter omits to tell you about entering the elevation code for the airport - this information is hidden earlier in the manual in what seems to be an unrelated area on enhancements.
Without this information, your Airbus sits switched off on the ground. It is, I guess, a bizarre and tedious form of copy protection To start the game, you need to fill in the pre-flight information, with details of the airports you'll fly to and from, what time you'll depart and with what cargo, passengers and fuel. At this point, you may get slightly wary, because the mouse control is all over the place. It would have been very easy to put a better interface in for this information. In fact all the pre-flight graphics are pretty dull Dpaint efforts.
Anyway, soon enough you're sat in the cockpit ready to start her up and find a runway. After a highly exciting time spent taxiing, you can whack the engines up to full throttle and take off.
A couple of things seem amiss here. Firstly, you can be bombing along at over 100 knots and not really have yourself correctly aligned on the runway and it doesn't seem to matter. Secondly, it doesn't matter how the nose is set on the ground, as soon as you hit over 130 and pull back, the plane takes off.
You can fly around a bit and then try a landing which is infinitely more difficult than taking off. The actual flying part is OK. With Airbus A320 II Ever fancied flying a commercial aircraft simulator? David Taylor finds out how you can make your dreams of becoming a pilot come true!
Reasonably smooth graphics, but the flight is very, very slow and even with accelerated time, you soon find yourself bored enough to start playing around.
Improvements are especially welcome, but Airbus is never going to be very engaging The problem is it is very realistic and consequently very boring. If you ever wondered how un-exciting flying an Airbus is, if you’ve always wanted a simulation of a bloody big plane, then your prayers have been answered. Just don't buy this thinking it’s another F117-A because you'll be in for a big shock. O This is an update and has had the autopilot revised and "seek and hold" functions added. The Europian scenerio has been extended to include more countries and there are 29 new aerodromes and 200 new
navigation radio beacons (wowl). The visual AIRBUS A320 Sound 1 out of 10 liT’M J iifc . '' mm . ¦¦¦ ¦fl i!
£31 Ha HBD ] r Hsf Taxiing around ifnl iSi trying to find the runway.
M i mi E:ISkKl m Publisher Mirage 01260 299909 Price £29.95 Versions All Amigas (A1200+ recommended) System requirements 1MB Release date February 19% Graphics 6 out of 10 Slightly jerky, but you're not exactly zooming around, so it looks OK.
Tedious engine drone. Mind you, what did you expect?
2 out of 10 Addiction Doesn't make you want to be a pilot.
4 out of 10 Playability Considering the complexity, it's not too hard to get to grips with.
Overall verdict It's what A320 Airbus lovers all over the world have been waiting for. It’s almost not fair to rate this as a game. It's pure, tedious stimulation.
60% w24hr Mail Order Hotline W r buying direct from the manufacturer means both low prices and a service second to none PROFESSIONAL MIDI KEYBOARD & INTERFACE DEAL!
Full size velocity sensitive Midi keyboard PLUS Midi Master professional Midi interface. Total Package!!
MIDI MASTER PROFESSIONAL MIDI INTERFACE A Full specification Midi In, Midi Thru and Three Midi out sockets.
A Stylish case to match Amiga colours a Fully Opto Isolated.
A Compatible with ALL leading music packages.
_1 With the Amiga Genitixer Graphic Tablet you con j streamline the operation of most graphic or CAD programs.
A The Genitixer Graphic Tablet utilises latest technology to offer up to 1000 dpt resolution ot the | tip of a stylus.
A Complete 9”*6" digitizing area plus super occurate stylus combine to enable control.
- . - made isy • plus "absolute move around the screen many times
faster thon by a mouse.
A The Genitixer fits in the serial port of your AMIGA 500 500. 600 1200 1500 2000 ond "co-exists" with mouse.
A Unlike a mouse, the tablet gives absolute co ordinates so that tracking and menu selections A An easy to handle Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics text into your Amiga 500 500* 600 1200 1500 2000.. A Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
A Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
A Geniscan gives you the ability to scan images, toxt or graphics & even offers 200 Dpi Dual Scon Mode.. A Scan Grey Software included to convert half tone images to true Grey scales.
Includes editing, xoom & processing features.
A Save images in suitable formot for most leading packages including PHOTON PAINT, DELUXE PAINT, etc. A View window and position control panel.
A Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut & paste editing of images etc.
• ork with most packages where mouse input is usual method-Deluxe
Paint, Photon Point, CAD Packages, etc. A Supplied with
template for Deluxe Paint.. A This is the input method used on
professional systems.
GOLIATH HAS Goliath is a direct power supply replacement with a difference! If you have an Amiga with a large hardrive, extro memory, accelerator board or indeed any powerful addon then a standard Amiga power supply just cannot cope. The Golliath packs more A Fon cooled. A On Off switch.
A Heavy duty case. A 13 Amp uk approved mains lead.
A Switch mode electronic system. A Direct plug-in replacement.
A Full 200 watt output. A Also avoilable for cd 32.
THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR DISK BACKUP PROBLEM SYNCR0 EXPRESS is a sophisticated hardware and software package that works by directly controlling your second drive os a slave device ignoring the Amiga's own disk drive controller. This way SYNCR0 EXPRESS delivers power to backup programs,when other backup systems fail.
A The most powerful disk backup system ever track. Upto 85 trocks.
Conceived. A Totally "transparent" hordwore A Very simple to use requires no user interfoce. Switches out automatically when not A Powerful "SYNCRO MODE" actually synchronises in use.
Your drives to ochieve even greater backup power!
A Menu driven selection of stort end It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use, of copyright material, without the given permission of the copyright owner, or the licensee thereof.
WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT FULL MIDI SPECIFICATION: 49 Standard size, velocity sensitive keys with 10 velocity curves.
Supports all assignable Midi controller messages Supports all program numbers numbers & bank change messages Programmable channel pressure & velocity R Pitch bend wheel
• 6 user programmable " Program & Bank Change" memory. E
Transpose up to lull range of 109 keys. • Standard MIDI out 5 pin Din IS 01782 7447 w24hr Mail Order Hoi W r FOR THE AMIGA NOW PLAY YOUR FAVOURITE GAMES TO DESTRUCTION!
AU Save the entire program in memory to dilk or even hard disk. The saved program will reload and run from the point where it was frozen. Perfect
• to transfer disk games to hard drive to load in seconds!!'
" Jknj Game trainer feature gives you the power to find cheats within any game.
HpS Infinite LIVT5, ENERGY, IfVElS etc. Ultimate GAME RUSTING POWER, Screen Grabber option lets you freeze and save screen lo disk. Pictures
0) saved in IFF format suitable for all leading graphics
Powerful monitor functions give you aN the tools to freeze and hock the in memory. Ful 68020 assembler disassembler. Breakpoint view the program m it's frozen state- no other toolkit can offer mis Powerful hardware features custom logic and on-board scratch ram so No AMIGA MEMORY IS USED.
£59.99 Amiga 1200 Works with up to 8 mags of Amiga RAMI l ery simple to install.. Just plug into AI200 trapdoor.
Of the frozen program in AMPLIFIED STEREO SPEAKERS 'Works with most games.
01782 744707 24hr Mail Order Hotline ¦ i i.i Mmirw FULL B BIT SAMPLING AT A NEW LOW PRICE A Full 8 Bit Sound Sampling System. For A500 1500 2000 A Fits into Printer Port.
A Complete Hardware Software package including Sound Sampler 8 BIT 80UNDIAMPUR £19.99 X5“ooV AMIGA VIDEO INTERFACE in INTERNAL MIDI CARD b INTERNAL MIDI CARD FOR A2000 & 1500 Full feature Midi Interface - Midi In, Midi Thru and Three Midi outsockets Opto Isolated.
A Quality Chinon Mechanism .
A Features special eject button.
A Quiet operation.
A Includes mounting pillars.
A Comprehensive instruction manual.
M AMIGA 600 1200 I £49.99 1 £49.99 'X&ZSS AMIGA 500 SOOnus £39.99 ACTION LINE BBS DATEL ACTION LINE ie the biggest and best BBS yet! 0m 50 &G9 of data.
Shareware, imagee.chat, adverts. Large AMIGA only section - Hus All speeds to v52 FAST.
ST4 2RS. ENGLAND 01782 744707 INSTANT DOWNLOAD NUMBER 0891 516353 No subscription- Just pay for the call' V ** cDSGmOfes ©OrtjirCfeJiG’ SM Qresuftee Gseepe?
Flight Of the The German leatherware factory deep in the Amazon - Joe has rescued the princess but just as they are about to leave the alarm sounds... Amazon Queen The rather delayed Amazon Queen has finally arrived, Nick Veitch met it in the baggage hall.
Tackle Flight of the Amazon Queen. It is a rolling, rollicking pastiche of the entire history of cliffhanger serials, from Undersea Kingdom to Tales of the Gold Monkey.
Ok, it is just a point and click adventure, very much in the style of Monkey Island, but it fulfils most of the criteria for being dubbed an interactive movie of sorts.
"No, don't go up, you're walking into a trap," scream the audience. Too late, Joe will shortly be locked in a room upstairs and will have to make his way past a steel door before tackling the goons in the lobby.
Play is broken up by a number of funny, stylistic There are any number of possible captions to this, but as birds and informative cutaway outnumber blokes on AF, I think I might just let it slide... sequences.
Above: The nasty Anderson tries to stop Joe taking Faye to the Amazon, but a swift right hook is about to sort him out.
Right: Even the intro sequence is very film-like, though thankfully you can skip through it with the escape key.
You may be too young to remember (which I should just point out that I am) the supporting features at the cinema, the likes of King of the Rocket Men and Flash Gordon. But you must have at least seen them on BBC2 at some stage. A sound knowledge of the genre would stand you in good stead should you decide to We are talking low res 32 colour graphics, but the skill with which the whole thing has been put together is outstanding.
The basic plot, is that Joe is transporting a movie star to a location shoot in the South American rainforest, but the plane crashes in the Amazon, where Joe uncovers a plot by a mad scientist to take over the world. Seems quite reasonable compared to some of the things Rocket Man got up to... As an adventure, in many parts it is not too difficult. If your idea of fun is spending three hours trying to unravel a puzzle (and hey, it takes all sorts) you aren't going to get many kicks out of this. It does proceed at about the right pace though, and in spite of it only coming on 11 disks, it is
It helps, that unimportant objects are treated as such in the game. If you try to search for something which plays no intrinsic part, Joe will say something like "well. I could do that but it would be a waste of time" After a while you get to recognise how the game works. Very seldom are the puzzles complex and bizarre and most of them follow along the lines of logic. That isn't to say you don’t have to think, but you don't have to think laterally too often.
If this sounds a bit dull, then perhaps I am just not doing a very good job of describing the game. It is a joy to play, mostly because it is just plain funny, and there are plenty of hidden parodies to chuckle at. I don't really want to give away anything which may spoil your enjoyment of the game, but for example, there is one part where you have to get past a gorilla blocking your path. This is only achieved by pointing out that there are no gorillas in South America, and therefore it can’t really be there, at which point it disappears.
The mouse control is very simplistic and intuitive - there are only eight different actions to chose from, but that's all you need.
A lot of the plot relies on dialogue, and In what has become a familiar style, you are given a choice of several possible replies at each point. Obviously, at least half, if not all, of these are wisecracks. Well, it made me laugh.
It is not only funny, but well sequenced. It has a movie feel to it, helped along by the cutaway shots. These are noninteractive elements which advance the plot. Shortly after you land in the jungle for instance, you will be treated to a sequence game onto only 11 disks, but I'm afraid if you load a save game and have to make eight disk swaps, you are going to be pretty peeved. I know I was. A lot of the cutaway sequences seem to require disk changes as well, which rather defeats the object.
Fortunately though, the saved games are quite small and if you are lucky enough to have a hard drive, this is the perfect game to while away the hours with.
Compulsive, addictive and above all, funny. O Overall verdict Graphics 8 out of 10 Excellent animations and beautifully constructed scenery Sound 6 out of 10 Soundtrack adds character, but gets a little tedious before long FLIGHT OF THE AMAZON QUEEN Publisher Addiction 9 out of 10 Time Warner Interactive It is terribly compulsive - you Price wouldn't want to leave the cinema in the middle of a film £29.95 would you?
Versions Playability 9 out of 10 All Amigas system requirements 1Mb Release date_ Out now Easy control method, amusing plot, plenty of clues and nothing too frustrating - some could call it shallow, but it's excellent fun.
Showing the evil professor in his lab, perfecting his evil dinosaur ray on the natives. In my Writing For The Movies book it advises that: "In adventure stories, short cutaway scenes can help maintain the pace of plot development and provide a convenient way of cutting between scenes". Sounds good to me, and the book was written in the '50s too.
Playing from floppy drive can be a bit of a pain. Okay, a thorough and professional job has been made of compressing this The entire back catalogue of cliff hanger serials combined, pastiched, elegantly remastered and repackaged into one terrifically amusing game. On the Amiga.
88% A1200 8 MB Ham Accelerator No FPU 33MHz FPU Omb 2mb 4mb 8mb £5999 £11999 £179.99 £299.99 £99.99 £159.99 £21999 £339.99 free u* MinnOT ? Available mm 0, 2. 4, 8mb OF 32-B T RAM LMSTALLIO ? Uses Stampard 7 2-P M S AUIS ? Opt ohal PLCC Typi FPU (FLOAT!AG PO 0T OMIT) ? Battery Backed Clock Calemder ? I AST ALLS M M KU7FS ? 0~4MB - PCAIC A COMPATIBLE (FOR USE MtfTM OVERDRIVE SOOIRREl ETG.I ? Zero Waite State Pfs ca ? 2 Year Ebarrawty 33MHz FPU Am FPU dramatically thcrfasfs thi spud op mathematical calculations by up to 127 times!)
Vista Pro. Iaiagimc itc. Our FPU pack coaifs with thc timihg crystal ahd is coaipatibic with aiost A1200 RAAI Procfssor Accflfrators such as our Apouo Ataghuai dfsigh. Hawk Buzzard ahd Vipfr If bought ihdfpfhdfht of our board thf pricf is DIRECTORY OPUS 5 Advanced File Management Software for all dmigas Om thc past 6 ycahs Dihcctohy Opus has bccomc ISIAHUSHIB AS THI AIOST POPULAH PLHICTOHY UTIUTY OA THI Amiga. With thc acht Opus 5. Thi ttapuwa cohtiaucs Smauch pastch aid ahohc tmat hi thaa ini accoHi. Opus S HAAACSSCS THC POUCH Of OAJCCT OHUHTATIO AHUl IUASKIHG DCSIOA ukc AcrcH tccoHC Pur
? AmigaGuidf Oh-Lihf Hflp ? ApVAHCFD F LF TYPF RFCOGHITIOH SYSTFM IHCLUD HG OS3.X Datatype Support ? Extfhshtf Drag ' Drop ' throughout thf program ? Aduahcfd Artxx support ? Car fufh Replace £ Ehhahcf Workbfhch!
£ 49.99 Workbench 2* & Hard Disk Required £49.99 Mooim Ohiy £229.99 £26999 sairuRN External 1Mb Floppy Prive for all Anugas ? Compatible with ALL Amigrs ? Aigh Ooruty SO AY Drive ? Robust Aiftai Crsf ? Ahtp-Cuck as S tardarp ? Ehablf Dlsablf Switch ? Low Power Comsumpt oh ? Thro Port for Extra Drives ? 2 Year Warrahty ENTERPRISE PeskTop Workstations for all Amigas PRICES FROM £.99.99 Both Modems have the EOLLOWIAG SPEC f CAT OA ? I4.4k oa 28.8kSpeeds rte IZB.ii). rSZiis rJZ rZl rZZ ,22ns. IZI ? Cable 8 Software Supplied IA-Comm cot Amiga ? Automatic Fallback £ Forward for Optimum Live
Performaace ? CP Pax Software Opt or Scho 4*0 Riot in casts mom you* Amiga ? BABT BT Approved Legally hcuuihco rot use oh a BT uor ? MMP2-5tv42.v42ws,obwoh* £99.99 £139.99 ? Syhc £ AsyhcOpfratwh ... _ _ _ ? Croup 1-3 Pax to 14.4k x-uhkhm £129.99 £169.99 ? Fuuy Hayes Compatible .aa ? TID Promt Paael Display tornado 2sa£ IYT99 £X 07.99 ? 2 Year Eyarramty X-UNK 28.8k Tornado & X-Link High Speed BT Approved Modems for all Amigas 12 14 BEIGE £ For au you FOOTBAU FANS.
? High Resoiutwa 400ppi ? Micro SwrrcntD Bottoas ? 2 Year Warrartt
* RE„f UK DfUVWf Purchase - Use 1 HP FAX Fax Software Solution
for all Amiyai mb, MwUm Scap £ Receive Faxes from your Amiga
via tour Modem. You caa eve a RRIAT FROM YOU FAVOURITE
ARRUCAUOA 10 tour Fax Device Amiga Computiag inventory - Job
Costing - 119
- 9 It 44 .99 .99 2Mb RAM & Hard Disk Required Fax Compatible
Modem Required or baht nee forward met buds invoice printing
wirh calculation, discounts £ totalling manual overrides "ts.
Credits, receipts C journal adjustments. Produces libels, sales
analysis, aged balance lists, etc. fully ¦grilled with ledger £
Inventory Hem balance forward accounting methods. Inter edits,
payments £ journal adjustments. Produces abets. Aged balance
lists transaction histories etc. ntegrated wirh ledger £
Inventory ri £ Price Booh. Handies three price scales with auto
if stocktake results £ goods m out movements full oaks Reports
include price lists re-ordering report.
£ valuation, movement history, etc rilling £ Ouolatiun Suites a wide range at invoicing tries invoice the charges on a job card Allows 32 ing rales. Transfeis goads directly tram inventory £ S60op, 3 BUTTON MICE & MATS or all Amiga* & Alari ST* JL V A new generation of Professional Accounting software for the Amiga.
Iasyledger 2 has several key areas as follows.
Ledger - General ledger with o riionai account numbers Post receipts, payments and journal entries. Repa ts Include journals. Audit frail, trial balance £ account histories Cashbook Pront £ loss Statement. Balance Sheet £ Company Performance Ratios Password to maintain privacy Easy ledgerst ? Ultra Smooth S60dpi ? Micro Switched Bottoms ? Amiga Atari ST Sw tcaabie ? 2 Year Warraaty ? All 3 Bvnoas cam at used oa mat programs such a Opus S fOR A LIMITED PERIOD YOU CAN BUY EASY LEDGERS 2 AT THIS NEW LOW PRICE (was £199.99) ON A 28 DAY TRIAL PERIOD - CALL EOR MORE DETAILS Inkrgrakd Accounting
Software for all Amiga* Sales - Use image fx 2.1 The Complete mage Processing Solution for all Amiga* Ao otter image processing package oa the Amiga gives you everything you need, from precise colour correction tools to fantastic special effects that boggle the mind! Whether you are a print artist or a video magician. ImageFX is simply the fastest, the best, end the most complete image processing solution you mill Had on the Amiga.
System Performance | The easiest to use and most powerful interface, thumbnail image loader lets you see your image before loading it, built in Virtual Memory allows work on images nearly any size, unlimited mnlH-lerel true U0DO thumbnail image previewing shows effect before using it. Multiple Image buffers and brushes, precise region controls can restrict work to Just part of an image, uneguaiied Arexx support for macros and programming, user definable macro kegs and menus, built in Macro Arexx script recording, two powerful batch processing systems IMP and AutoFX £ visual thumbnail image
cataloguing system SOCCER MOUSE for all Amiga* Also A vail able 10 Disks - 23 2D. High Ouai ty with Coloured Labels £4.99 SO Disks - 2S 2D. High Ouauty with Coloured Iabeis £19.99 A500 SI2k RAM Upgrade £19.99 A500 Pius I mb RAM Upgrade £29.99 A600 I mb RAM Upgrade £29.99 ORDER HOTLINE 01322-272908 BETWEEN 9AM AND 6PM, MONDAY TO FRIDAY, TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD. TO PAY BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE RETURN THE ORDER FORM BELOW TO - WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS, PO BOX 490, DARTFORD, KENT, DAI 2UH Order Item Price i Home Address Post Code CONTACT US ON INTERNET SALES@WIZARD-D.OEMON.CO.UK Phone 0o.
COMING SOON FEBRUARY 1996 SCREEN PLAY As the CD32 trundles along at a merry old pace, we told Steve McGill to give us the bigger picture. He said, "Here it is. Check it out."
CD32 Check Odyssey CD32 Audiogenic Release; Imminent We reviewed the floppy version in AF76 and absolutely loved it. The programmers are big fans of Exile and in parts it shows. The secret of success lies in changing into certain creatures with different powers. A beautiful little game.
M ALIEN BREED 3D: Ona of the best things about the Alien Breed 3D denizens is that they all have their own and distinctive attack patterns. This guy here is a very tough customer.
Fears CD32 Guildhall Leisure Release; Imminent Another impressive- looking Ooom-clone. It’s similar in style to Gloom with levels galore and seriaHink options. The demo we've seen looks great with smooth, quick screen-updates and some strange monsters.
Andre Agassi Tennis CD32 Guildhall Leisure Release; Imminent After a journey taking it half way across Europe and then back to New Zealand, Acid's alleged definitive tennis game will be arriving shortly on floppy and a few weeks later on CD32.
The Lost Eden CD32 Virgin Release; Imminent You are Adam in Eden, making pals with the animals in this point *n' click adventure. The consequences of your actions are shown in a series of stunning rendered, movie-style clips. Looks great, but will it play?
SUBWAR 2050 (AF78 84%) Microprose 01454 326532 ¦ £29.99 An interesting hybrid of submarine and flight simulation based around a mission structure that demands true submarine tactics to succeed.
Most of the action is viewed through a head up display which gives you a view of the surrounding ocean and the thermal layers that make up the varying depths.
Light sourced graphics and spookily realistic underwater sounds enhance the atmosphere of the game. Great stuff.
ALIEN BREED 3D CD32 (AF79 93%) Team 17 01924 426 7776 ¦ £29.99 The only true 3D environment Doom style game to make it onto the CD32 so far.
As expected, it’s a winner.
Retains the gameplay of the computer original and adds an ambient soundtrack to boot Unfortunately, the soundtrack can't y. “ l l be switched off and can soon become very annoying.
Control using the CD32 pad is top notch.
WORMS (AF80 85%) Team 17 01924 426 7776 ¦ £29.99 The ultimate proof that it's gameplay that counts most and not technical frippery.
The CD32 version of Worms suffers somewhat from the inability to quickly scroll through the landscape but it is far easier to select weapons and the like.
David Taylor of Sister magazine Amiga Shopper took the office CD32 home over Christmas to play Worms with his girlfriend. We haven't seen the CD32 or the copy of Worms since.
SUPER SKIDMARKS (AF73; 92%) Guildhall Leisure 01302 890000 ¦ £29.99 Not only the finest racing game on the CD32, but a fantastic, playable demo of the Earth-shattering Guardian, the PD version of Defender and the stupendous, rendered Roadkill intro sequence.
To Super Skidmarks, though.
Up to eight players can bounce, bump and slide their way through a plethora of courses, driving buggies, Beatles, racers, pick-ups and even caravan-towing cows.
Brilliant for one, stonking with eight EXILE (AF76 88%) Audiogenic 0181 424 2244 ¦ £29.99 A modem update of an almighty classic. Exile is one of the few games that can truly fill the lofty title of arcade adventure.
You have to rescue the Supreme Commander of the Empire from the evil clutches of a madman known as Triax. Armed only with a jet pack and a gun, you soon find that mastery of gravity and inertia are a paramount part of the game.
Part of the deal that the programmers of Odyssey made with Audiogenic was that they be sent the solution to Exile. They are great fans of the game.
GLOOM (AF76 91 %) Acid (Guildhall Leisure) 01302 890000 ¦ £29.99 The top Doom clone on the CD32.
Characterised by pace, aggression, squelchy noises, and bodies that break up and stay in pieces on the floor, enabling you to tell where you've been.
Out and out speed kill freaks can reduce the detail and resolution of the screen so that everything plays at breakneck terminal velocity. There are weapon upgrades to be found, teleports to be negotiated, power-ups to to be powered and secret rooms to be sought. Along the way, various nasties will try to stop you and you must kill them.
Tremendous fun, with the difficulty level set just right to keep you coming back for more and more and more... ® £179 i-i' .ygnn £249 AMINET SET 1 (4 CD'S) .£25 AMINETSET 2 ..£25 AMINET 5 £12 AMINET 6 £12 AMINET 7 £12 AMINET 8 £12 MEETING PEARLS 1 ....£10 AUDIO MEETING PEARLS 2 ....£10 IN OUT MEETING PEARLS 3 ....£10 AMIGA TOOLS 3 ......£25 XIPAINT V3.2 ..£35 CD-WRITE £39 CD-BOOT 1.0 ..£29 £179 £249 £139 £199 £129 £10
REQUIRED FOR A4000 The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200
plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct
SCSI-1 and SCSI-ll Interface, allowing up to six additional
devices to be connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features
a 'Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the
CD-ROM and any other additional devices even when the Amiga is
switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator, MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
AMIGA 4000 5CSI-INTERFACE SCSI CABLE POWER CD-ROM - TV - NOTICE THE AMIGA IS BACK Jit Power Computing Ltd no longer sell this product due to the lack of support for VCD and CD-i formats
(i. e MPEG Films). This CD player will not play movies.
A 1 2 0 0 PACK HA4000 TOWER 2MB of RAM
3. 5" Floppy Drive
2. 5" 170MB HD Option Wordsworth v4se Digita Datastore v1.1
Digita Organiser v1.1 Turbo Calc v3.5 Photogenics v1.2se
Personal Paint v6.4 Workbench v3.1 Whizz 3D Game Pinball Mania
Game 6MB RAM 68040 25 or 68060 50 Workbench v3.1 AGA Chip Set
16. 7 Million Colours
1. 2GB SCSI Hard Drive
1. 76MB Floppy Drive 2 x 3.5" Drive Bays 68040 25Mhz or
68060 50Mhz Processor HflUlH'lf.HiU All prices include VAT
• i * ft i t i i i , £389 £489 hard drive versions. 1 Does not
include disks or manuals | £289
1. 76 Floppy Drive PCMCIA Smart Card Slot 32-bit 68020EC
Processor AGA Chipset
16. 7 Million Colours Built-In Modulator Monitor not included
273000 fax: 01234 352207 fOR ORDER FORM SEE DPS ADVERT
Looking to buy a printer for your Amiga? Read our Supertest
of 10 of the latest on the market.
The essential magazine lor Amiga enthusiasts We bring you an essential introduction to AmigaDOS and the way your Amiga works.
Cinema 4D and Imagine 4 fight it out for the raytracing crown.
Matters Money Matters 4 plus loads of other programs and utilities. On our Coverdisksl Amiga Shopper on sale now!
SCREEN PLAY FEBRUARY 1996 Please note that Kick oh 3 European Challenge will not load on the new Amiga Technologies Amiga 1200's The weakest of the offerings Much stronger in terms of gameplay is the more hyped FIFA International Soccer, never my cup of tea, Steve Bradley liked it enough to award it 79% in Format 65 and summarised with the following, "Even experienced Amiga football fans will take time to pick up FIFA, but it should be worth it. It's big, it's hard and it's clever."
Some of the moves that can be executed and some of the goals that can be scored are truly spectacular. But as the verdict hints at, you never quite feel that you're in control - at least not in the first 800 hours of play.
Nevertheless, the depth and longevity the game plays host to, make it a worthwhile contribution to the compilation.
For more serious and megalomaniacal football followers, there's Premier Manager 3.
Again reviewed by the illustrious Mr Bradley, he awarded it a whopping 85% in Format 66 and concluded that the game offered an, "Excellent matchplay interface and a mind numbing amount of detail packed in."
The major advance of Premier Manager 3 is it's matchplay interface and an assistant manager who can be as much of a hindrance as a help if his movements aren’t monitored closely.
This is not for beginners and if you make any sort of progress within the game consider it a major achievement.
Empire have a solid tradition of assembling strong compilations and passing them on to those unable to afford single titles.
This time round, the collective package is called Soccer Stars 96 and it offers the following footie hits; FIFA Soccer, On the Ball League Edition, Premier Manager 3, and Kick OH European Challenge.
Reasonably balanced, the weakest link is the Kick Oil title. So, we'll start with that first.
Reviewed over a year ago in Format 68, it received 64% with the verdict, "A competent, if flawed game. Looks great, but lacks playability."
Using a similar isometric view to FIFA Soccer, it's let down slightly in the gameplay stakes by erratic behaviour from the players and their inability at times to catch up with the ball.
Soccer Stars 96 Empire Interactive 0181 343 9143 ¦ A1200 2Mb min ¦ 73% Chase me chase me, catch me catch mo. That's what it Easier to get into than Premier Manager 3, |Be|s like at times with Kick OH 3.
On the Ball League Edition is a less able substitute for its more illustrious brother. On the Ball World Cup Edition. Reviewed in Format 65, we gave it 70% and concluded that it was, "A competent management game which, despite a few nice jinks and turns, remains in the middle of the league table."
The best parts of the game are the highlight sequences. They impart a cinematic feel to the game. Not great, but not bad.
In all, there's something for everybody here. Not a startling compilation but competent enough to merit as an impulse buy. Cj On the menu this month is a couple of rather tasty games Steve McGill feels particularly partial to... !
R* • 0£ 3 B 00 IU IL «¦ Acid Attack Guildhall Leisure 01302 890000 ¦ AI200B £29.99 If you're one of the few Amiga owners on this earth who hasn't yet purchased at least two of the following titles - Roadkill, Guardian, Super Skidmarks - then rejoice.
For Guildhall, in their ultimate wisdom, have chosen to release three of their finest games in one compilation. The price of £30 makes it easy to work out how much you're paying for each so even if you already own one, it’s Still a worthwhile purchase.
Guardian was reviewed in Format 65 and earned a whopping 88% from Playstation supremo, Steve Darratt.
The game is a tribute to Delender, but in 3D. It looks like Starwing on the SNES but plays a lot better due to the freedom of choice regarding where you want to fly.
The camera angle can be set to whatever position suits the player, letting him view from a variety of different positions.
The control system is sublime, whether it be on the A1200 version or the CD32 version For both make use of all the buttons and the shoulder pads of the CD32 controller.
It’s difficult, tricky, and infuriating, but so playable you just have to take one more go.
Way back in issue 71 we gave Super Skidmarks 2a gold award and 92%, but we were still a bit concerned that we may have understated it. This game is not a tedious racing simulation. Amongst the 48 tracks, including the reverse directions, you will not find any pixel perfect renditions of SilVERSIONe but you will find a fast, addictive racing experience which, thanks to the genius of its programmers, can be played by three people simultaneously on AGA machines or a total of eight players simultaneously in the widely acclaimed and never yet surpassed Super vision mode, if you have two Amigas.
There is nothing particularly realistic about racing a large cow on wheels towing a caravan, but to succeed you do need the racing skills of a champion - split second timing, total concentration and an instinctive feel for your vehicle. Steve McGill reckons this game is as close to perfect as you can get in the real world, and who would be churlish enough to argue with him?
Roadkill is a top down racer which, despite reservations, has all the ingredients to make it highly entertaining and a winner at the same time. We awarded it 80% in issue 74 Set over twelve futuristic race tracks, the player has to race, beat, and kill computer opponents. This can be done by forcing them onto Kill Zone walls, shooting them with missiles, or failing that, just attempting to drive faster than everybody else.
The control feels good and the immersive factor of the game is enhanced further by a grungy voice telling you to "Go for the Super Dackpot". If achieved a suitably cliched but inspiring rock and roll medley kicks in making the player feel suitably rewarded for skillful play.
A tremendous little game, somewhat let down by the fact that it can only be played by one person .
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SPECIALS FEARS ......Al200 ... £12-99 GLOOM .....Al200 ... £12-99 STAILORD ...AMIGA ... £11-99 SUPER SKIDMARKS AMIGA . . . £12-99 Steve McGill is on a mission to crack even the most difficult games. With a little help from you he has compiled another list of top tips and cheats... GameBusters COLONIZATION Colonization remains immensely popular among our hard-core cheaters. Here's some extensive instructions from Martyn Hiemstra on how to edit most of the important variables in the game.
Backup your namesENG.txt. Start any edit program and load the file namesENG.txt which can be found on your Colonization disk A. Once done, you should see the following on the screen: ©SEASONS Spring Autumn @UNFORESTED Tundra 1,0,4,2 2,0,0,0,0,0,2,0,0 Desert 1,0,3,2 1,0,0,1,0,0,2,0,0 etc This is the data file you need for almost everything.
If you look at the names under ©UNFORESTED you will see all types of land with two groups of numbers.
The first group consists of four numbers and the second group consists of nine numbers. The first four numbers aren't important so DON'T change them. The other nine numbers on the other hand are very important. They tell the Amiga how much food, furs, ore and silver and so on that the piece of land gives you if you put someone to work there.
This is the code: The 1st number is Food The 2nd number is Sugar The 3rd number is Tobacco The 4th number is Cotton The 5th number is Furs The 6th number is Lumber The 7th number is Ore The 8th number is Silver The 9th number is Fish You may change the default value into your own value.
Changing building speed of your buildings in the new world Changing the number of hammers it takes to build a building is easy. Dust scroll the same file until you come to these lines: @BUILDING Stockade 64, 0,3,3,0 Fort 120, 10,3,3,10 etc. To change this you must change the first number that comes after the building name. For example, it takes 64 hammers to build a stockade. If you change this number to 10 hammers it will only take 10 hammers to build a stockade.
If you look at Fort you will see 120 then another four numbers. Only the first one of the four is important. This tells you the amount of tools needed to build that building. But watch out, these numbers are divided by 10 so if you see a 10 it means you need 100 tools. You can change these numbers to any you want.
Changing the military status of any military unit Scroll through the file until you come to this part: @UNIT Colonists 101, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 01000000 etc. This tells the computer how many moves a unit can make or how much fighting strength that unit has (defence as well as offence). If you have a ship or a wagon train, you can even change the capacity of that unit (don't change into a number higher than 6). The first number isn't SCREEN PLAY FEBRUARY 1996 A important but the next four are. Don't change the first number. The second number tells the Amiga how many moves a unit may
make. The third tells the Amiga what the unit's offensive strength is. The fourth number tells the Amiga what the units defensive strength is. The fifth number tells the Amiga how much a ship may sail (this is only to be filled in next to a ship or a wagon train, not anywhere else) and the sixth number tells the computer what the capacity of a wagon train or ship is (again, only to be filled in next to a ship or a wagon train).
Changing the price of a worker in the home country Scroll through the file until you find this part: ©JOB Farmer, Expert Farmers, 1,1100 Sugar Planter, Expert Sugar Planters, 2,-1 The only thing you have to change here is the last number. That means DONT change the first number. Just change the last number into anything like 10. Now your farmers and everything else you change will cost you what you entered.
As a final reminder, backup your namesENG.txt file.
ODYSSEY Neil Davidson Kelly from Ibrox in Glasgow has sent in the solution to our Odyssey Coverdisk. We thought it might be a bit late to print this, but due to a constant demand, here it is.
Outside 1
1. Jump left out of the boat. Jump to the bubble and run past it,
fall down to the lowest platform and collect the key. Now go
left and up to the top platform. Run through the red door on
the right.
2. Fall down two platforms and climb up the ladder (series of
platforms). Go left at the junction and left at the top to
collect the second key.
3. Fall down to the right until you reach the bottom. Continue
right and stroll through the second red door.
Enter the cave by pulling down.
4. Go down left and proceed right.
Open the stone door and continue past the bubble. Push the rock over the switch to open the door.
5. Go through the door and watch out for the arrows. Go down the
stairs and collect the green key (use the switch to close and
open trap door).
6. Open the trap door and go down to the right. Hit the lever,
jump left and continue left. Go up at the junction with the
arrows and hit the lever.
7. Now go by the lower route and collect the key. Go right, up
the platforms and open the door. Fall down the new shaft and
collect the spider icon to the left.
8. Transform (F8) and go left, follow the maze to the end and go
down to the stone platform. Transform back (space), go up the
platforms and go right all the way to the green door (after
the arrows).
9. Transform and follow the passage right. In the cellar
transform and jump up to the platform. Go right up the stairs
and then down the next set of stairs.
10. Fall into the well area and transform. Go left. Follow
passage to lever, transform and hit the lever. Go down to the
left, hit the lever and run through the door (takes
practice). Hit the lever, jump and go left.
11. Go up the platforms and back to the 'well'. Transform, go
right, transform at lever and hit it (ouch!).
Transform again and go back to the 'well'.
12. Transform (space in case you're lost), go up to the right and
fall down the shaft. Transform and go right to the stone
platform. Transform, jump up two platforms, transform, crawl
up the wall and fall left (fire and left).
Transform, jump up to the small platform and transform.
13. Go right and transform. This is a tricky bit, you have to get
a bogey man to press the switch for you.
14. Hit the right lever, when the man is in place hit the left
lever and quickly hit the right. Transform and when the door
is open, go through.
15. Get the key, go back to the small platform and transform.
16. Go up the platforms to the spider passage, transform and go
right (long).
17. At the end of the passage drop left, go left, collect 1 -up,
go out of cave (as man).
Outside 2
18. Go right to chain, transform, go over the chain, transform.
Definition of spider jump: As the man jumps towards the wall, before hitting the wall change to spider and crawl up wall. Transform back to man when finished (very hard).
19. At the end of the chain, spider jump up the wall to the
20. Go up the platform to the right, go down right and open door,
go down to the stone floor and up the platform at the end of
the world.
21. Perform a spider jump to the wall, another spider jump to the
left, and go to the platform with a bogeyman on it (left) and
spider jump to the large structure.
22. Go left and transform at the end.
Go up and across the gap to left, up and across gap to right to the second chain, watch out for birds. Transform, ¦ Colonization remains immensely popular among our hard-core cheaters.
1. 52385
2. 22428
3. 84843
4. 22087
5. 38641
6. 06395
7. 33224
8. 35527
9. 48962
10. 65674
11. 62438
12. 28283
13. 85325
14. 10769
15. 25324
16. 43543 GLOOM go across the chain, transform, go right and down
to collect the key.
23. Go left, down and back to the stone floor.
24. As 22, go right. Transform at the door, go up and left,
collect bird icon (yes!).
25. Transform to bird (F3) and fly left to platform with grey key
on it.
Transform to man. Collect key, open grey door, collect icon.
26. Return to boat.
SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER Chris Osborne from Merseyside thinks he's found a cheat for Sensible World ol Soccer. During play, have a shot at goal, quickly tap R while still holding the button. Keep on holding the button to make it flick on and off quickly. The computer goalie will then let the ball into the net.
When it registers as a goal let go of the button. (This works with SWOS 95 96as well.)
ULTIMATE SOCCER MANAGER A1200 Mike Bailey from London reckons he has found a way to get £25,000,000 for free:
1. After playing friendlies keep trying to obtain a loan from the
2. When allowed to, take maximum loan close to your repayment
3. Click OK.
4. Return immediately to loan details.
5. Delete amount in box and replace with £25,000,000.
6. Click on 9 years.
7. You should see £25 million in your account and your repayments
go to - £100,000+.
8. You get the money and the bank David McMinn from Aberdeen has
discovered a handy method for killing the dragon at the end of
the game.
Get the weapon power-ups at the start of the level and charge into the teleport. Once you arrive in the final arena, hold backwards and keep firing at all times.
While you are doing this, sidestep your way around the arena by sidestepping and turning in small increments but always holding backwards and firing. The dragon probably won't get the pays you for taking it (nice bank).
9. Later on you can top up the loan and reduce the minus amount
of your repayments. You can get even more money, and as long
as you leave repayments in the minus the bank pays you.
17. 62156
18. 84678
19. 57093
20. 29264
21. 47446
22. 75330
23. 82855
24. 58474
25. 38392
26. 55276
27. 68163
28. 75156
29. 70948
30. 54334
31. 39814
32. 52262 kill it (which takes a couple of minutes of blasting).
When the dragon is dead, walk into the centre of its remains
to kill it.
Buy any two OJ the following titles for only i MO AminetBoxSetlor2, UPD Gold, Multimedia Toolkit2orOctamed6 1'ecid Ortamprt 6 ri) Network CD 2 VllllllVVt J ! Network CD has been long recognised as Ihe del.nit.v
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Amiga. Twin txpress can now be controlled h Directory Opus
4.12 inot included.) Every aspect ol the original CD has
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CW2 i obits art ( 2J W 1‘arntt cubits arc t V vv The Official Octamcd 6 CD contains the full coniniercial version of Octamed 6.
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Have been included. To complete are 100‘s of megs of modules, samples and midi files, fully categorised and ready to run from the CD. This is a unique opportunity to obtain the best Amiga Music package and as an added bonus we include the full manual all for only.... The Assassins L liimulc Games Volume I v? Artmrx CD n entire CD of colour computer generated art. Ideal as Colour Clip Art. Thousands of image!: in I M's of categories.
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Although supplies of ihese chips were expected to he fully on line by now, Motorola cannot meet the demand. We arc assured however that by the early pan of 1996 Motorola will be in a position lo fulfil the market's needs and hence. Blizzard product delays (which are beyond out control) should disappear. I'ntil then you may well ask... Should I be tempted to buy on '040 instead?
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32-Bit RAM expansion on the market incorporating evcrvtlung
.1good1 nor. ‘-'.cl should - such as a Real Time Cluck. RAM
jjfiUTSSf: expandability, optional FPI en With it- JESFjj£pJ_
Mntimila I’rixes-or miming die 32-llu ' FAST RAM .11 an amazing
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TURBO r M 1, ACCELERATOR - 0Mb Expandable to 128Mb The
Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Accelerator Memory Board is the
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has lhere been on . Jit - InfRF.ASI 1:1 .pccilicjBun. bm jl-n
NIMH h»l!l ,nd MMI the K. I2RMV oilers FA I N MORE t.x CUSS' With a Vi arsing jfCiNann-ccnnd SIMM¦ vim can -ee rlvz 1230-IV -,s very Fast ¦ a ptffunuikt gam ol up In S«K5 1. Achieved' Opium- via II- Fast Expansion Bus include Module- -ucb a- a SCSI-2 Conrroller An industry aandmd SIMM wK'kcr provides forup In 12RMb of JV amo-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAM (or 256Mb with 1*7 _ ’be aim iPfci Backed Scil Recharge K--.il Time Ckxh
• High Peifomtmct l»LA Expansion wvth Hull 32-lln wide DVIA HHF
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allowing Full Games Compatibility • Even Badly Programed,
Older Software1
• PGA FPU Sockei allow ing Optional SOMHz, 6N882 FPL _ 1230-IV
Turbo 50MHz (i8030 & MMI HCS39i|~t170 Omh 32-Bit Fast RAM
(Expandable tn 128Mb) 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion (Fast 60
Nanosecond) .112 32-Bil. 72 pin Call for hiiwr
SIMMprices)_iilyt91 Motorola Maths Co-processor too 68882 PGA
tvpe FPU, 50MHz. *-'745 1220 4 Turbo 28MHz 68EC020 ¦1Mb 32-Bil
Fasl RAM (Expandable In 8MI1I Add-4 Board - extra 4Mb for
1220 4 4Mb 32-Bil Fast RAM add-on £199-95 W 1260 Turbo1 For die
Amiga 1209s 50MHz (8X0 & M.MU 0Mb 32-Bil Fasl RAM.
Expandalile 10 6tMb W 2060 Turbo' For Amiga 1500 2000s 50MHz. 68060 &MMU 0Mb 32-Bil Fasl RAM (Expandahk-10 128Mb) Motorola Maths Co-processors 68882 PLCC type FPU. 25 33MHz SCSI-2 Module1 for 1230-IV Turbo 1 With addiiion.il 128Mb SIMM socket) THE WORLD’S FASTEST A1200 030 ACCELERATOR!
What the Magazines think.. Amiga Shopper hJu! 'in rfwrt if m uanl Ox fastest Amiga in lie i».« bate no optiti Amiga Computing ' Amijia con ttuu in utnlNnp fMriumi cun' it Amiga format hay one as turn as m gel riwwr* 95S rating SITHIN 1m Place i Vraigj Shopper Rraocr Awards MOTOROLA MOTnATU) BLWARI Available 1st (Jiuirter‘% BYPHOW Sanpty uU our order Inc. We accept VISA. Mrttfunl. Aunt. Switch. Connect Delta r rartr m lem6wdtjOooScunyv «) cards' are LcantsarU F9 Oaons. Cuirys etc) rn POST»(AX Include your rvarne. Addreu and daynnv pftm nymMr pint ocdw dtuds ll dsirpint a crediVdiM utd Incbide.
LuMm and npty dau (aha mte manbnr with Switch cards) Mala Own ladw 7 dan clearance pnor 10 davalchl.
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document) Pleas* cai us for confimabon of pneet and carnage
chargev EST. 14 YEARS MCP vl.Ob lets 2 (MUC) (HD) Multifixposa
ut»ty. Fcx«rerf 96% n the Januafy-aausefCUArregai ESSENTIAL.
For *1WB uwrel Damage Wolf v2 (HD) (IMA) AnoOwr mjpm* Amiga
from dew. TK one dosant read A6A but * **« *, "¦ccmnwulea (net
OlO Crwfty Fora* ¦ *1.10 iJMt ma**t of wguaty the test rp game
• reflate o*Uw Amiga.
The Big tad Arfvmture (ACA) (IMA) (HO) A mo of the coming aAertur* The demo come* aa an LHA fie and neede to be unarehMd. HO needed.
Ball*' Update (ACA) Thwnew rer*«« foabxe* al 52 «*e*e o* iottary data and come* mth a new progmm fereyndcata memper* MUI vl.l (HD) (LHA) (2) Shareware rereo" of th»* ultimata interface creator, needed by Mosiac.
Tpafnt (ACA) EaceOent 24 bit paint program now arelate Dala Hon* (ACA) (HD) (4MB) (4) If youN* got the reqj**m*«« tM a V* beet demo nteaae N* earn Ms yaar. AMAJH& 8372A I Meg Agnus Ci4.*e 8375 2Meg Agnus C14.SO LISA (A1200) 01.7a 8374 Alice (A1200) lu.ll 8362 Oenise (A500I 10.00 8373 Super Oenise 01.40 5719 Gary 17.M 8520 CIA (A500 - I 01.00 8520 CIA (A600H 200I 01.00 8364 Paula (A5007.) 11114 8364 Paula (PLCCI 01-70 A500 Keyboard m.00 A600 Keyboard 119.00 A1200 Keyboard 194.00 A500 600 1200 PSU IU.10 CD32 PSU lis.oo A2000'A3000 PSU 110.00 VGA Aflaplor £1.10
SPARE PART AND KEEP A FULL STOCK 'Ammet 9 Aminet Box Set 2 17
8it 5th Dimension Fi ixencewar* Global Amiga £4.99 Grac v2
.. £4 99 Magi Paint Bo* £4 99 Amot Pro Compiler £4 99
DMC Gold £14 99 Blackboard v4 0 £4 99 . .- i £17 99 .ifcl NFA
The Word -8 (ACA)(2) kooian v24 Beta The late*t offenng m the
Word »cne* Laleat rerfcon o the baat icon editor disk mag
horn NFA. A* usual, brilliantly available to date.
Programmed and **ll presented. * *uprrt Apple II Emulator (HD) (020) (2) reed for any scene fan! Emulator of the classic computer, "dudas Card game* such as iMoAreldn At (•«. Al you 500 oner* o« there can Magk C64 1.1 (HD) (020) (2) use aA the n«w cardeeu non Xtondhe. TMe Sturexng C64 emulator, cornea Mth some of progra- simpr, comsrts tte 256 colour* ywx fmwnte ciaeelca into 32 Sp«cy Emulator *2 Ob Great stufF The latest Spaelnaw emulator for the Shapeihiftcr vj.2a Amiga. Play al your favourite old classes The lateet rersron of the amafing Mac Executive vl 2 (HD) (020) emulator, better than
a Mac emfAant board' Makes your Amiga's muK.-t* *mg much Breathlett (ACA) faster, rtce d 99X in CU Am*a Wow* Latest Ctoom clone er the Amiga. THE Image Studio (2) (HD) best oc*mg so far. Eat your hea-t out Wkant mag? [rocesamg ut*t* * mflar to Doom. Photogmc*. Obviously not a* good, but Term 4.5 (HO) (LHA) (3) great for the pnee.
Comm* program, better than termite' Rcmdatc V2.10 VMM vl.2 (HO) (MMU) Calendar, remmder and fllofa. Al In one.
Running out of memory? WW. Not any more. Brilliant for those *ho lac* memory now you can use nrtuai memory on your RO vl.OJ Ansga. But you do need a W a nard An* B**ant Opus style fBe manager, needs space. (Need MMU)_Wort»mch22M*_ £10 99 Ammet 4 £22 99 Ultramedia £1799 BclNet1 5 74 99 80 2 Multimedia Too* Kit 2 £18 99 Eurotcene £19 99 Zoom 2 (Pre-Oder) AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED PRICE ONLY £42*99 Incl. J A1200 ‘DuAtefi T gtuxMiiU 'PacJea. £295*00
• A1200 Computer • Deluxe Paint IV Pack Includes • Digital Print
Mrg. • Dennis the Mena. • Oscar
• Worflwortti AGA • 1Yr RTB Warranty -Workbench 3 A500 Internal
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Their first CD Rom 1 The AGA Experience' This is Ihe first CD
Rom dedicated to Amiga 1200 4000 owners only!
Experience' '»$ r.-« V.-MpiM ¦ r.Lts nwpCmwu Includes Slidesflows. Uwitm. Bmn. Demos.
Dtsb Mags. Eiciusiw readf lo ««¦ toft*are v and loads more" The hottesi release of V 1995 Mich out for the renews A Service HOTUMETel (0116)2470059 FAX (0116) 2558643 FI DAFT Computer Sendees (AF) 221 C'iHnputcAServiees 106 LODrtOi Road Laicastsr LE2 OFF TLC-U S*a Division of D A Computers ltd D-ROM...CD-R0M..XD-R0M .CD-R0M...CD-R0M...CD-ROM GD-ROM CD ROM CD-M I S-Paint Aminet Set 2 AMINET® SET 2, doted November 1995, consists of approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.000 archives. Whether you like applications, games, communications or programming, the SET gives you all you need. Easy to
use index files and search facilities make accessing it a pleasure.
Utilities Documents text software Business software Pictures & animations Graphics software Miscellaneous Graphics 8 sound demos Games 120 MB 270 MB 40 MB 75 MB 630 MB 170 MB 150 MB 630 MB 250 MB 110MB 10 MB 5 MB 840 MB 150 MB 30 MB Development software Disk HD tools Hardware related Music modules Communications Music software oaA.
Aminet 9 Aminet® CD 9, dated December 1995, contains more thanl gigabyte (uncompressed) of software in thousands of archives. Since the release of Aminet® CD 8 more than 500 MB new software has appeared. The current edition has a special focus on games. Nearly 1,000 breathtaking games were included.
19 MB Business software 36 MB Communications 84 MB Graphics & sound demos 23 MB Development software 3 MB Disk HD tools 129 MB Documents 327 MB Games 34 MB Graphics software 1 MB Hardware related 46 MB Miscellaneous 156 MB Music modules 9 MB Music software 106 MB Pictures & animations 10 MB text software 28 MB Utilities „ XiPaint V3.2 XiPoint is o leading edge, 24-bit paint program. It's suited to the demands of novice and expert alike, and within a short time, you too will be able to produce colourful and creative art in 16.8 million colours.
This version of XiPaint provides a professional paint program ot on unbeatable price performance ratio.
Overview of Features: • Diverse paint functions including colour, contrast and saturation adjustment • Mask, outline, recolour and fill functions • Airbrush with adjustable sproy functions • Light-table function for manipulating montages and animations • Text functions with anti-aliasing using Compugraphic fonts • Support for a variety of graphic formats • Unlimited Undo Diverse manipulation of alpha channel • Supports many graphic cards • Layers to combine different projects • Arexx port • Drag & Drop colours • External filter module • Extensive documentation • 60 textures, 50
landscapes, 30 other pictures and many fonts included.
Qb & NetNews Offline Vol. 1 * NetNews Offline Vol. 1 is the first disk of a § new bimonthly published series of Ami- J go®' CD-ROMs which contains all Amiga®* related newsgroups from the internet.
Every volume features obout 70.000 articles which contain hot rumours, important information about all aspects of the Amiga®, press-releases, discussions and flame wars A newsreader is included.
NetNews Offline is the cheap alternative of getting in touch with Usenet. £14.95 All products ore ovoiloble in your local AMIGA-shop or through notional mail-order omponies International Distributor: Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel • Germany Tel +49-61 71 -8 5937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 New kid on the block, Simon Carless, has trawled the net looking for some excellent catches. He doesn't seem to have managed it this month. Let's take a look at the tiddlers instead.
MIDNIGHT V2.08 UTILITY Ware ..Shareware Needs .....DOS2.0 Available from the Internet via ftp at Aminet sites, e.g. src.doc.ic.ac.uk, in util blank Midnight208a. Iha chemical molecule models you used to play with at school.
The whole set-up is very easy to use. With plenty of options on each saver, and even the possibility of inserting your favourite MOD music files in each one.
However, the point of a screensaver is that it operates when you are not there, isn’t it? So, having your favourite tune playing whilst you are out of the room must he a great help? Sarcasm aside, this is a neat program.
Impressive choice of quest, all of varying complexities. This ranges from simply gening a certain number of gems and leaving the dungeon, to grabbing the wand and the book, finding the correct pentagram, and destroying the book with the wand.
It’s recommended that players should place a piece of card across the middle of the screen, so that one dungeoneer can’t see what thc other is doing. This works pretty well providing you don’t keep knocking the piece of card over with all your frantic gesticulating, of course.
Basically, this game has been very well thought through (for example, if you pick up something big, you have to leave your sword in its scabbard, leaving you open to attack.) The It’s nice to see some kind of decent screensaver on the Amiga, along the lines of the infamous After Dork on the Apple Mac.
Although this saver lacks some of the flashiness and inventiveness of its more expensive Mac cousin, it also wheels out some of the old favourite screensavers, guaranteed to make your granny think there’s something horribly wrong with your Amiga.
There’s Worms, where nasty wormy things eat your screen.
Shuffle, which divides your screen up into squares and then... shuffles them, and so on. The fish in the Aquarium saver are gigantic (has someone been overfeeding them?), and instead of those conventional (and litigation-friendly) flying toasters, we get flying toilets.
Is this some comment on the current state of the Amiga? One hopes not.
There’s also a particularly weird saver called Breadth, which looks like those Knights is two-player Dungeons and Dragons type fun, running in the viewed-from-abovc style of Gauntlet, and one of those competitive, cutthroat multi-player games likely to induce much shouting, gesticulating and endless punch-ups. The opposing players have to explore a common dungeon, killing the monsters, avoiding boobytraps. And picking up gems, potions, and any number of things that always seem to get handily left around dungeons.
One particularly well done thing is the wealth of options. There is an PD Selection of the month KNOCKOUT GAV1F The second part of the multi-player double whammy this month comes in the form of Knockout, an AMOS-coded car game.
Month. No bias, that's just the wav the cookie crumbles.
This utility is a ill) stereogram picture generator. Which, on its own.
Would be an excuse for Steve to write some more sarcastic captions about me reviewing trash again.
Fortunately, the user friendliness and fun of this production makes a welcome change from some of the excessively complex and obscure utilities we see. The tutorial is brilliant, showing von exactly where to click and when, and there's a simple, bill fun paint program for von to construct vour masterpieces.
You mav design a pattern for vour stereogram to he constructed from, and there's an array of sample images and patterns to choose from.
You can even distort and plasma- change vour base pattern. Since the patterns and pictures are all created in IFF format, vou can make them in vour favourite paint package and then load them into IDPro.
Ben has also helped you create animations, allowing each of a number of frames of the animation to be saved out as IFFs. Leads to be ROM, ISSUE 5 mSKMAt. LtFMO OKIKM ATFI) By Essence Available via ftp on the Internet from the Aminet archives, e.g. src.doc.ic.ac.uk puh aminet demo mag RomS.iha) RAW, ISSUE 9 DlNkM (. I)!M() ()RIKNTA I’Fl) By ....Independent Available via ftp on the Internet from the Aminet archives, e.g. src.doc.ic.ac.uk pub aminet demo mag RAW9.dms KNIGHTS: The flagon with addictiveness is pitched just l ight, the
dragon has the brew .,|1(| j,-, ,)„. Kllu) K.m„. w |()Vt.
That is true.
Mt. I he sound • life ts arc* wondf rfnllv go f . Loo. ( r«*ui siulT.
When looking at the world of disk magazines on the Amiga, it's important to make a distinction between those which deal with just about anything (such as the deceased Grapevine, or NFA's The Word), and those which deal specifically with the demo 'scene'. This latter set of disk mags can seem slightly less !
¦ ce D CG 00 HI IL It's played viewed from above, Micro Machines style, and strangely reminds me of Demolition Derby on the PlayStation. Although not quite as hi-tech, obviously.
You're on a circular platform which gets smaller and smaller, and the object is to ram your opponents off. Once you're the only car left, a ramp is lowered, and you have to drive off it, without falling, fo get your points. It's very simple, obviously, but the fact you can have five players at once (two joysticks and three on keyboard) enhances gameplay Immensely. The sound effects and graphics are rudimentary, but functional, and there's an extra game where you play against three other cars and have to try to shunt a ball into your own goal. Pretty tricky.
The inertia of the cars is set about right, there's enough of a break between rounds to have a nice argument with your friends about who pushed who off, and the whole thing is really good fun. Which is all you can ask of any PD game, really.
00 ?
Oo to 07 El 00 El Oou ?
00 El oo 00 oo on SfTCLE Hbcone EtiTDP fade l or EssErcf n:ii non r»aik«Ts STATUS 5ticuing slide ire na compulsive. There’s a few- more carefully thought out extras compared to Dynahlicsler, such its an icon to allow you to push brick walls around and crush other players. There's also a shop where you can cash your coin icons to buy all your favourite power-ups.
The unregistered version of Master Masteronly supports three players, and a few ol the better options arc- (lis.il)lc(l. but it can still be awfully good fun.
Since the options aren't completely essential to the gameplay. Besides, the missing features are a good incentive to register and help support the Amiga Shareware community, because it supports up to five players in the registered version. I3 ROMs current issue, number 5.
Benefits from some absolutely gorgeous main graphics by Fade-One.
And generally immaculate presentation. .-As for the articles, there's part of a seemingly never- ending discussion on what place girls play in the male-dominated 'scene'; and even an article claiming that the Commodore ( 4 is the computer to get if you enjoy camaraderie and friendship, and not a sad old relic of the past. Basically, if you’re interested in the demo scene and want to know a lot more about it. You should check out either of these diskmags.
Preferably both. And if you're not interested in demos in the slightest, admire the audiovisual aspects of these magazines, and perhaps peruse the articles, but you'd Ik- best sticking to Orapruine, The Wvni. And more general interest productions.
MASTERBLASTER V2.21 GAME Ware ..Shareware Available on the Internet via ftp from the Aminet archives, e.g. src.doc.ic.ac.uk pub aminet game 2pla A1asterBla st 2 21. Iha FEBRUARY 1996 interesting to the average punter, but can be just as fascinating, especially for those interested in the weird subculture of demos. And. Since the demo diskmags are more closely associated with the best demo makers, the quality of graphics, sound, and presentation is often outstanding.
The leading two Amiga demo diskmags at the moment are indisputably RAW (an independent production), and ROM (by the group Essence). I have to confess to a vested interest in one of these, since I'm a co-editor of RAW. But Amiga Format pay me more titan RAW, so i guess I Itad better give it an unbiased review. Damn.
The latest installment of RAW.
Issue 9. Weighs in with a large number of decent articles, often focusing on the leading personalities and groups ott thc 'scene'. Some very interesting topics ate covered, such as whether raytracing pictures can Ik- as creative as pixel-bv-pixcl drawn artwork. There's a news feature section, reports on the latest demo parties, interviews, results, and features. There's also a fair share of humorous articles, including l.ord Helmet's plea to the Scandinavian games company FnnCom. Who seem to have hijacked most of the good demo makers for the games industry recently.
Playing on your computer, on your own. Can often be viewed as a fundamentally sad thing to do. As seasoned games players, we know this isn't tlte case. I mean, we've all got a life, haven't we? Haven't we? In any ease, to ward off those nagging selfdoubts, just invite your friends round every once in a while for some decent inulti-plaver carnage. Blowing up.
Spindling, and otherwise mangling your mates is a great way to brighten up your day. And this month's game of choice for acquaintance-assaulting is MasterBlaster. The new Shareware variant on Dynablasters lumberman.
Basically, lay bombs to blow the block apart, collect the bonuses, and toast all your opponents to win.
It's very similar to the original, and therefore it's almost as
1. Shapeshifter v3.2A (3905)
2. Control AGA demo (3891 AB)
3. Ultra Accounts (3929)
4. The Word diskmag 8 (3956 AB)
5. Navigator Video Titler (3927 AB)
6. Razor 1911 demo (A1200, HD only-3913 ABC D)
7. Printer Drivers Galore (3971)
8. Scion v 4.09
9. UFO: Enemy Unclothed (3937)
10. Remdate v2.1 (3934) Top 10 courtesy of: 17BIT SOFTWARE 1st
Floor Offices, 2 8 Market St., Wakefield, W. Yorks. WF1 1DH.
"01924 366982.
TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES SOFTWARE 2000 Dept. (AF 07), 48 Nemesia, Amington, Tamworth B77 4EL. " 01827 287377 ACTIVE SOFTWARE PO Box 151, Darlington County, Durham, DL3 8YT.
" 01325 352260 WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD SELECT THIS MONTH Other good PD libraries 5TH DIMENSION EUROSCENE 2 MEETING PEARLS 3 £19.99 £9.99 AMOS 2 ARCADE CLASSICS LSD 3 £19.99 £14.99 £19.99 Includes MUCH more that fhe Government DOESN T wanr you »o know Pro order your copy now and propare to be shocked £14.99 K CD 2 LIGHT ROM 3 MULTIMEDIA 2 POVRAY CD £19.99
- ---- £22.99 ¦¦t SOFTWARE 1st floor offices 2 8 MARKET STREET
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B C CLIPART & FONTS £6.991 B C MODS & SFX £6 991!
BCI NET 2 C6 99!
ENCOUNTERS 1 Forget the Xf iles this is the REAL stuff!
The most comprehensive UFO Expose ever produced on CD Just a small selection ol what is included follows and is guaranteed not to disappoint: POSTAGE RATES UK - 75p Per CD, Max £1.50 EU - £1.00 Par CD, Max £4.00 R O W - Cl ,S0 P« CD. Max £6 00 m m GOLDFISH 3 £27.99 ASSASSINS 2 £19.99 31 Dresa .* m 3D ARENA £19.99 AMINET SET 2 £24.99 0 Sa £19.99 “TOft id SfifMff y£9.99 £41.99 SPECCY CD 2 AGA EXPERIENCE GATEWAY GLOBAL AMIGA EXP GROUER £19.99 £19.99 £9.99 £24.99 £26.99 Experience ‘P'levMiex “TfCxii fade* POSTAGE & PACKING UK - FREE EUROPE - £ 2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 Please Send Cheques POs
Made out to Premier Mail Order or Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept:AF02 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES FARM ROAD, BASIL un 10am-4pm. Phan note Soma Mbs may not be reto»d at In fime ol going Id presMad Mbs an despafche BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ tapakted sane day. M can Me op to 28 dap.
Mon-Fri9am-7pm Sat&Sun Help' Compilation .
Mila for'sii • VO i • Of'1 Pn« Mai re* Mil* lor St. - VO 2 Mil* NX Si. Vol 3
- *VW*9-1 - MM* lor S. Voi 6 O Appuech T.amiw Acid Attack
Compilation «,.i I Suivt SKUTVIH l« ACID BLIT? COMPK f A WM
AtWa r* Fimd. 6 99 Advemu-o Kjl." 'loud 12 fl Ait Bucks ’ 2 12
2»l WOLF 2 «R£) ‘ME 25 » 1? 36 1499 SPECIAL OFFS S 22M22M22M
H&l* Socx» W« 99 'M.'tMAnai.vgriAARlI 9M 9 99 9 99 si'ee-Kieei
4 5B2D4 l' SRFON SORCERER I 12 M 12 M 12 M Sc'M Ml 6 SB205 1
* Board Garwi • 99 classic coll • Dei**"* i*e* ClASSC C!XL • LlOS
AO’S 1*99 - • Ckx»Wise CiiAi Faxbaii COALA ......
Ciynoar Casses ' *3 Bn*-. Tnacrm Bn** Paes of ‘u-» B«JU' FchXDb" &J(X« n Sb.
BuOCia n Sir. & Piamar BoM i* &a«)»e But©** 4 5Qu»*k BoiKx.an BURNTIME Campaign 2 Cadaoar:'Pay O" Cannon Fcddet 2 CANNON FOOOER CflfSSW ALK*-, Aware W»nr» 2 fN’r*J Ec-Tnr»» « Jirr©*ra Baniecnoco Bun to in -W Batli«na*»s '942 Benmo tro lion Clale Beneath a sieei s»y Benafflcio’ 129* - 1*9* EXILE Ei«Km II t ,* O T « B**oor ' t 1? W F0RKUA ONE 0*A»O PRO 2 9* FI-129*
• IS Sv-2 t*J*2 V 99 F19 SlMrpT Dmor 11 V9 F117A Slaaimtg'ne' 12
99 G Goocrv Soecna mranaa 11 99 6 Goocn 7*p u»;f Soecw 19 99
jax»KH aAssoor *•* G Gooc* 9495 D*t* Dm* 4 99 G Gcocf San*
ia r* Av» i 4 99 GH0UERS ENCYCLOPEDIA ------22 V* Grem«n Four
P*c .. 1,a F,ii-» U* a»'" . «amM DUNE 1 OR 2________________
DUNGEON MASTER 2 ,.. - Elfmwu* Elite 2 f fonber !( EUTE 3 • 1ST
ENCOUNTERS Embryo I, EriixnU Mines 19 W i*M F EarV 22 W 22 9*
LW. 1tw • la O' Gkxy IFA Soccer inal Over MM* *0» S.I • Vol 7
$ C*C4 Fo«te» • ID maMOSoMHI - 0*0* iVe - - .
MftriMwlf 1VU . 9 99 MM* NX Su • V0* a H**f *J r v .V. .YjoSSStTST ¦ MiXMO" HomN 6 99 Immortal 10 99 ¦mpourtM* M*von 202S 22 99 2- md, Jen** Atlantia Mv '2 99 Leading Lap lego-wia y Valour LEMMINGS 3 l,«» Tne Cnauaoge hxtow RAu RoiN t MD roMur «i'alg*ni Sf*r*Y Gairea '9 9 Maaler A. a Uego-oce Mogavavoier 1 ca 2 Mocvenaors Ol Oarm
K. r.jjxi King* Ooeal 1 ; King. Ooeal C ieev?
Nrat See* m«OS AMOS ::xs 3 Euio Cnaiter e 16 99 * 9 99 PEN FA WCRDPROCESSC*: 24 99 - PMOTOOEN*CS V 12.....' 37 M Pr*«u Or**** A Farrtasmi 22 99 PINBALL MANIA .... 19 99 Pi*,J Manager 2 13 99 PLATE" BANAGtR 2 EXTRA 13 9* PoaPoMxm I9 90T999 DATABASE i«M - PRIMAL RAGE Ou**1 For G01 Maob- l.iant Mbr BaMOa.) I: nach For Tr* SIMM 4 MEG EXPANSION- 70 NS 11*99 SIMM * MEG EXPANSION TONS 2» *9 SIMM 1* MEG EXPANSION - 70 NS 44$ M ...AAR -i x. AMTtK FUSION GENLOCK MM CM FLKXTs’VlCK (ANALOG) 4AAR) 2* 99 G'a.-i A-.ax.: ,„v'i • rAARt 29 99 GRAYG ANALOG FRO X)'5T«£ rAAR. 54 M t *.-a Ad. 5-1' joaVc* 22 99
MIMVA. MJB r.OFFr' rvi'AMbl'Xr 4*M
3. 5" Blank Disks 'V a. HP SUPPLY UNIT Compiet* Ow* 2? 99 Cor*
A1200 Bundle S»*J*K« Bmsn** NevrxtaV 2 ' 9 99 Cor* COM Bondi*
1 04-Mi*- " LV« B MrManvt * •»» MwrilyMai 17 99 *| Mr&ary
M*«M yr«cea '9 99 Mint 0*V* 35 99 MONKEY ISLANO 1 OR 2 12 *9 -
12 99 24 0* 22 99 ) 0250 3250 5250 JVM CV Memaetaoio* 12JO i»
e 2230 Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices
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Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
• COURIER CHARGES £6 00 + VAT EACH WAY '» A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000
£39*95 £49*95 A500, A500+ & A600 2*5“ HARD DRIVES For A600 & A1200 x*,; 80Mb ..£69.95 170Mb ......£99.95 340Mb......£169.95’' 120Mb ......£84.95 258Mb......£129.95 510Mb......£249.95 All hard drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with Workbench loaded and Include 2-5" IDE cable and software 2-5" IDE Cable and Software £9-95 Accelerators Apollo 1220 £99.99 Apollo 1232 £199.99 prices include fax software BABT approved Modems X Link 14.4k £149.95 X Link 28.8k £249.99 prices include fax software BABT approved FOR BEST AFTER-SALES SERVICE MEMORY UPGRADES UNBEATABLE PRICES!
INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES A500 A500+ ..£29-95 A600 A1200 .. .£34-95 CHIPS 4* SPARES 4* ACCESSORIES Upgrade to 2 Meg 0Mb 2Mb 4Mb 8Mb A1200 CM-00 C104M C1M-M CWMO 33MHI (PU plus Crystal ...CM-tS fiMITfiR QUAD SPEED CD ROM Including QU D SPEED GdllOCkS Squirrel SCS1 £249*95 or Interface 1 Meg Falter Agnus .... 2 Meg Fatter Agnus .... 8362 Denise 8373 Super Denise .... 5719 Gary 8520 CIA A500 A500+ . 8364 Poulo A500 A500+ ..... Kickstart ROM 1 -3 .... Kickstart ROM 2 04 .... Kickstart ROM 2 05
.... A500 A500+ Keyboard . 6570 Keyboard Chip .... 68000 Processor ..... Power Supply A500 A600 A1200 A2000 Power Supply .... ' All chips are availa
* Please call for any .£1 9 00 8520 CIA A600 A1 200
..£14-50 .£24 00 8374 Alice AI200 .....£30 00
..£9 00 8364 Poula A600 A1200 ......£16 50 .£18 00 Video DAC A1
200 .£19 00 ..£7 50 A600 A1 200 Keyboard £60 00
.£1 5 00 Lisa Al 200 ...£35 00 .£12 00 Goyle
A600 A1200 .....£25 00 .£1 5 00 Budgie A1200
£30 00 .£22 00 Mouse (290dpi)
.£15 00 .£29 00 SCART lead
...£15 00 .£50 00 Mouse Mat
...£4-00 .£20-00 10 Boxed Branded Disks
..£6-00 ..£8 00 Printer Cable ...£6 00
£30-00 100 Disk Box ...£7-00 .£60-00 Squirrel
SCSI Interface ..£59-00 ble ex-s»otk chip or spare not
listed here A1200 with 510Mb .....£549-95 A1200 without
hard drive ......£299-95 A1200 with 170Mb hard drive ...£369-95
A1200 with 340Mb .£449-95
* Call for more good deals Open Mon-Fri I Ooam 5 30pm, Sat 9
00am-5 00pm Fax: 0181 541 4471
TIMES ** ANALOG Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd ANALOGIC unit 6,
Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent, AIM)' LOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames,
Surrey KT2 6HH Tel: 0181 546 9575
* All prices Include VAT * All prices subject to change without
notice * Fixed charge for repair does not Include disk
drive keyboard Tts? *¦
* We reserve the right to refuse any repair * P&P charges £3-50
by Royal Mall or £6 00 + VAT for courier * Please allow 5
working days for cheque clearance W HARD DRIVES & RAM FOR AMIGA
Nobody Undersells US!!!!!
OKTAGON 4008 SCSI CARD True SCSI II controller for your Amiga 1500 to 4000, upgradeable to 8MB using Zip Ram allows you to connect H-Disk, Syquest CD Roms etc. £99.00 MULTIFACE III ADDS 2 SERIAL & 1 PARALLEL PORTTO ANY AMIGA 1500TO 4000 £79.00 THE FASTEST AND*M(!)ST VERSATILE DOUBLE AMIGA A600 A500 A500+ RAM CARDS A600 1MB Ram £20.00 A600 1 MB Ram & Clock £33.00 A500+ 1 MB Ram £20.00 A500 1 2MB Ram £15.00 A1200 RAM CARDS PCMCIA compatible (With Clock & FPU socket) 0MB £49.00 2MB £109.00 4MB £159.00 8MB £239.00 ZIP RAMS 2MB £99.00 MEMORY 30 64 72 Pin Pin Pin 1MB £25 EN A £35 2MB £89 EN A £69
INSTRUCTIONS 40MB £40.00 120MB £79.00 340MB £165.00 510MB
£229.00 850MB £399.00 1GIG EP.O.A
3. 5“ HARD DRIVES IDE SCSI 270MB £99 340MB £119 £119 420MB £119
£129 540MB £139 £169 810MB £189 £229 1GIG £199 £229 SPEED CD
SIX SPEED PORTABLE CD Microvitek 1438 £259.00 Microvitek 1440
£399.00 Samsung 15" £319.00 Samsung 17" £599.00 Samsung 20"
£POA ACCELERATORS £159.00 £239.00 £POA £POA FOR 120MB 420MB
810MB 1GIG 500 500+ £179.00 £199.00 £269.00 £299.00 FPU
Increases the performance of your machine when adding these
FPUs. Suitable for all Accelerator & | Ram cards for A1200 and
Amiga 4000 Computers 28MHz (PLCC) £24.00 33MHz (PLCC) £39.00
40MHz (PLCC)clk £59.00 50MHz (PGA) £89.00 SYQUEST DRIVES Int.
88MB £219 £269 105MB £229 £279 200MB £339 £389 270MB £349 £399 BOTH THE ZIP & SYQUEST DRIVES NEED SCSI CONTROLLER ON ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS Viper 68030 28MHZ 0MB £119.00 Viper 68030 40MHz 0MB £189.00 Viper 68030 50MHZ 0MB £199.00 APOLLO 68020 28MHZ 0MB £99.00 APOLLO 68030 50MHZ 0MB WITH FREE FPU £199.00 AMIGA A600 ACCELERATOR 68020 28MHz UPGRADEABLE TO 8MB RAM ONLY £209.00 IN STOCK NEW!!!
Mmign. Magic mat EZ135 SYQUEST AVAILABLE NOW!!!
VISA z £ Gasteiner In terms of removable mass storage Amiga-owners have never had it so good, as the competition heats up with a new drive from SyQuest ......pg95 REVIEWS
O) EPSON GT5000 03 Nick Veltch can hardly believe his luck in
finding an Epson scanner complete with stand-alone software
and all the necessary leads for under £500. Join him as he
scans everything in the office that will fit.
Q7 IMAGINE 4.0 O Once the Amiga's favourite raytracer, Imagine has lost ground to several packages, but is it really too late for a comeback? Graeme Sandiford screws his face up and nods gravely as he accepts the commission to find out.
Q«| ORGANISER 2 3 I Could the arrival of this program herald a new era of organisation for Graeme's desk, or will things continue as chaotically as ever?
Jw It is not always possible to create your own objects for 30 projects, but there is an alternative - the Pro Object Collections. Craeroe Sandiford tries to discover if they are worth paying £100 for - that's each!
Qr SYQUEST EZ135 DRIVE 3 3Graeme Sandiford examines the Iomega Zip drive's first real competitor and decides it is not a good idea to play shuffle puck (whatever that is) with the cartridges.
MPR0 OBJECT COLLECTIONS It is not always possible to ere Qr MAPLE V VERSION 3 30John Kennedy knits his It's bargains galore this month because we've got a 24-bit Epson flatbed scanner for under £500 and another low-cost removable mass storage device that should give the Iomega Zip drive a ran for its money. The EZ Drive from SyQuest has an enormous storage capacity of 127Mb on a single cartridge for only £17.
We've also given the latest version of Imagine a good ‘•going-over" to see if it still has what It takes to be the Amiga's favourite raytracer. The Amiga's most powerful mathematic tool. Maple V version 3, is on test too. We've also got several collections of professional-quality 3D objects for Lightwave that cover everything from anatomy to lava lamps. Not forgetting version 2 of Organiser and a selection of the best CD-ROMs.
30John Kennedy knits his brow in concentration as he attempts to discern the true nature of the universe with this amazingly powerful mathematical tool.
* OO CD-ROM ROUND UP I OO Graeme Sandiford tak I OO Graeme
Sandiford takes a trip down memory lane as he encounters
sequels to many of his favourite Cds of all time.
TRILOGIC UNIT 1 253 NEW WORKS RO BRADFORD. BD12 OQP LEEDS 0113 - 2350091 FAX 0113 2350702 TRILOGIC YORK TOWERS 383 YORK RD LEEDS LS9 6TA Open 8-6 aon-fri, 8-4.30 Set.
Open 10-6 non
Latest very low profile IDE hard drives used.
Partioned & formatted to Commodore's spec Full Workbench installed Connecting cables included No mods to case or floppy drive needed Comprehensive fitting instuctions.
Re-formatting software & instructions 12 Months warranty NOT LOCAL & WORRIED ABOUT FITTING IT YOURSELF ?
Then let us do it for you 4 you cannot call In to either shop.
Just £15 extra to cover carriage costa ONLY F15*
• Insured pickup of your Amiga
• Fitting by our experienced technicians
• Return carnage by overnight insured earner 3-4DAY TURNARAOUNO
’UK mainland only.
SPECIAL OFFERS 4MEG A1200 RAM EXPANSION WTH CLOCK, 88882 SOCKET only £175 AIWA ACD300 CD PLAYER dual psso wmi scs smavAce, volume comtrol, Features mams psu, co transfort buttons, headphone socket. Use as Shnmlone Co PIAYER OR WITH A600 1200 VIA SOWRML ktTERFACE. • £186 AIWA CD PLAYER ? SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE * SPECIAL PRICE * £225 SQUIRREL PCMCIA SCSI-2 INTERFACE FOR A800 1200 £84 MICROVITEC AUTOSCAN hires colour MONITOR inc lead £289 PHILIPS CM8833 COLOUR STEREO MONITOR inc lead £209 PENPAL WORDPROCESSOR for au. Amigas £34 AMINET SET 1 £28 PHILIPS CM8833 COLOUR STEREO MONITOR £209 CITIZEN
ABC 24 COLOUR PRINTER inclusing Amiga drivers & cable £159 AI. Drives sups giocad arp SDC.iox:isale ur.:ornatted sue. I vary slig.hiy depending -pnr. . FITTiNG ANY SIZE OF DRIVE tNVAI.IfMTFS YOUR COMMODORE WARRANTY • ft* I x tended warranties check wilh thc warrant.* - they will usually continue to cover ju»l the machine since we cover the drive tfor 12immilu) INSURED CARRIAGE £5 00 Ov«m*gM tn»ured earner weekday delivery £7 50 tScoltiah highlands pteasa »**jw 2 days) Set delivery £ 12 Ex inamland - ptease phone PRICES INCLUDE VAT SERIOUSLY AMIGA FEBRUARY 1996 The GT5000 is the latest in this
series, and you can immediately see some of the technological advances. For a start, it's tiny compared with older members of the series such as the GT8000 or even the GT6000. The "footprint” of the unit is scarcely bigger than its A l scanning area.
It isn't quite as deep as its ancestors either, which all goes to make it a real desktop scanner, and not a scanner which requires a whole desk to itself.
The model under test has a parallel interface installed. Although the scanners usually have a choice of interfaces, there isn't much support on the Amiga for SCSI scanners. In truth, it Continued overleaf 4 The Powerscan software included with the scanner is an adaptation of the program which started life accompanying hand scanners. Over the years though, it has come a long way, and is arguably better, at least in terms of control and features, than many of the plug-in modules for the likes of AdPro or ImageFX.
The first step is to place the image in the scanner and do a full bed grayscale scan. This only takes a few seconds. Then you can adjust the scanning area by moving and re-sizing the scanning box.
Now you must select the dpi (dots per inch) settings and the zoom factor. Both of these will effect the number of pixels the image will take up. You don't normally find dpi settings on Amiga software, but these are included as part of the TIFF format, so if you are exporting the graphics, it is useful to get the hang of them.
300dpi is laser quality.
For fine scanning area again for exact placement (although you can crop it after the scan). Taking another preview scan automatically zooms in on the selected area so you can check it You should also select the colours you want.
Bizarrely, the software handles multiples of three bits, so for colour scans you can have 3, 6,
9. 12, 15, 18, 21 or 24 bits per pixel, giving a range of
colours. Once scanned, you can then save in a variety of
appropriate formats.
Scanning with Powerscan software Whereas once a flatbed scanner was a luxury, high-end peripheral that only a few could afford, they have decreased in price rapidly over the last five years. Technology that cost over £1.000 in 1990 can now be iMiught for under £500.
Aside from being general good news, this also means that the market for flatbed scanners opens up. Instead of being expensive peripherals only for professionals, now they are more within the reach of the enthusiast or amateur.
Epson have revolutionised this market, particularly for the Amiga, by producing excellent scanners with good resolution and high optical quality al more and more reasonable prices.
If you want a quick and simple way to get quality images into your Amiga, Nick Veitch may have the ideal solution.
* ¦ isn't that much of a hardship anyway, because the parallel
interface is more than able to keep up with the speed of the
scanner - it isn’t as though the interface is much of a
One point to consider though, is the cable. If you intend to use the scanner with SjSSflBB The full 24-bit colour scan at 200dpi, 70 per cent. Colour reproduction is very good on the standard settings.
Software other than the Pnuvrwrn program bundled gWSBSj® with it, you will probably Sswsfiffl need a different cable. GXSSJ5SJ The Powmcan software does take an ioSSSSIS alternative approach to SjSjgaSw the plug-in modules we 5S95SS are used to for scanning. JQSQCjjC however, in some ways it Qyfigftffig bears a great similarity to SS KMBI InuigrFX. For a start the affcfSBS control panel opens 011 a ScgSOj GC screen superimposed 011 a 8SSS fin preview background jBBBSSS screen. The background SSSfiSfl shows either greyscale SKSjBS g previews or HAM. HAMS BgjjSQB or ‘256-colour renditions of
tile image that has been scanned in.
One of the more unusual halftone types supported is this net effect. For black and white scanning, there are a variety of halftone types to choose from, which is always important. Once the halftone has been generated, there is no way of changing it, so it's not a case of being able to load it into another image processing package.
As well as the standard settings for size and colour depth, the software allows for different gamma correction, brightness thresholds and a variety of other effects which can make the best out of bad material.
DISTRIBUTOR Power Computing 01234 273000 Once an image is scanned in. It can then be resized, processed, edited or simply saved out in IFF, TIFF or GIF formats.
As you can see, the Epson GT5000 scanner is perfectly capable of delivering quality results. Most of the images on this page are taken from a Polaroid picture of our cover image - not ideal base material - and vet the results are quite tremendous. This is a competent, quality set-up which should suit all but the most demanding professionals, and which represents great value for monev. 0 Using 2S6 greys gives the best greyscale image, but a halftone may reproduce better on paper.
Traditional halftoning gives a more even spread of tones across the image. This was scanned at 300dpi, 100 per cent.
EPSON GT5000 dramatically, and although idiosyncratic in some ways, it shouldn't pose problems.
The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews ¦ for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
¦''£30 And- with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, & a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab |because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
STAGE 3... Use the grabbed' image with your favourite word processor. OTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS .
Or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART output ProGrab,M... Supports all recent Amigas and is also fully AGA Chipset compatible. You can render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution including HAMfl mode (Amiga RAM permitting).
ProGrab™... Saves and Loads Images in IFF IIBM. IFF ILBM24. JPEG. BMP PCX. And TARGA fife formats. ProGrab saves animations as AnimS files and animations with sound [requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as AnimS ? 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5.x Photogemcs fully supports ProGrab with a custom Loader to enable grabs directly from within the program • saving YOU time!
ProGrab'” Software has built In mono and colour animation facilities.
The number of frames is dependant upon your Amiga's RAM.
Or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver or. GraD IV or video pictures from your VCP's video output including S-VHS Cvxo'de' Use* commented I* y&jre t»mg r a fvgn 'wouton 24 w dgtter men at :»*s p-xe.
ProG’cO ?4RT represents great value for moo?, • camcorder M9UPM ProGrab™ Release 2.5.x software now includes...
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolutions -
Even with low memory Amigas )Ali Hard Dnve Systems without the
need lor an MMU.
ProGrab is Supplied with everything you II need + ¦ ProGrab'" 24I7T Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit • Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual • input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for Al 200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrabS optional PCMCIA Interface includes the latest version software and extends performance for senous professionai use's • offering the following benefits ¦ Faster Downloading Times (up to FIVE times quicker|
• Improved animation speeds of up to 11 Ips (mono| and 3 5fps
• Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound
sampler requiredl ¦ Saving of animations direct to your Amiga*»
hard drive
• freeing of your Amiga Parallel Port for use by a printer or
other parallel peripheral device ProGrab'* Vwed a: The Best
Video Hardware O'CxXxT lo- ihe Amw This n espeoaJy pieavrg
becajse the award comes from the Amga Shoop?t maga mes rwoen
Our Satisfied Customers1 fT'V y ¦ ADDITIONAL TELETEXT
FACILITIES With cither Terrestrial or Satellite TV signals
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area
available with previous ProGrab software.
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL. SECAM and
NTSC Straight from the box!
Standard PioGrab hardw,«e is Pat SECAM NTSC rompanok ProGrab'’ - Anwja Snooper 95% STAR Buy and 'emails l»e 'Sharp, tnsp and faitnful to the ouomai cokwrs. We were rmghny impressed' and "Highly Peco-nmc-oded he* you at? * WdKxyaanef o* a Graphir Atrsi loo* lo me PioGvo 24RT Plus Its a winner' Toorab"' - Amiga Fern 93% Gold Rating and commercs *e ProGrab 24PT Plus r quite simply the c-gitaer to get', 'int edbie aUe ‘o’ money. No cchpr digoscr offers so much for so Ktie' ana Jfle's lar more features trvm any other doitrse* neat irx- same price' Al & SECAM ony wl order which then ProGrab"
supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM.
De required 10 iwrwiw ¦¦ran Get your hands on NEW ProGrab Plus - Post or FAX your requirements |Quantity Trade Prices Available) on the order form provided OR. If you'd simply like further information please contact Mr Mrs Miss Ms: InitiaKs): Surname: Address: County (Country): Postcode: Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: _ __ ProGrab Plus« £129-95 inc. p&p i PCMCIA Interface 8 £34.95 inc. p&p £ V 2.5.x S W (User Upgrade) 8 £4.95 £ Optional FAST Courier Delivery 8 £6.95 £ TOTAl £ Overseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping etc. Card holder's signature: Valid From: (Switch Only) GORDON
HARW00DC3®!3 COMPUTE R SQ3G3 Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street. Alfrcton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP.
FAX: 0 1 773 8,3 1040 or... TELEPHONE Lvsuc Number: (Switch Only ) I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED the internet magazine Crimes Issue Three December January 1996 £4.99 Essential Britspots The very best of British Urban Desire Searching for the spirit of London Cyburbia Nowhere towns from behind the Net curtains Patriot Games Just who do they think you are?
( Paul Morley Yanks the Web back to Blighty Issue Three orj sale 23 November!
Of the century Dial ‘Internet’ for murder How to commit the perfect crime Go directly to jail All Net users are law breakers - find out why A complete waste of cash?
10 commercial Internet software packages reviewed Issue 15 £3 on sale Thursday 4 January The ultimate guide to the electronic world http: www.fu' computing ne SPECIAL HALF-PRICE OFFER 3 trial issues for only £4.50 1 Save £1.50 an issue on the cover price 1 Each issue delivered free to your home Title (Mr Mrs MBSfMs) .... Address ... Daytime telephone I would like to pay by ? Cheque (payable to Future Publishing) ? Visa ? Access Card
number Expiry date ..... Date . Signature .. (Vase txk I you would prftw not to recerve notice of any special otters or new products D Ths otter s only avaiaWe to readers «s the UK Offer closes 29 February 1996 Return to: .net Subscriptions, Freepost (BS4900), Somerton, Somerset TA11 6BR NET AMF 602 haven’t waited for the completion of the PC version to release the Amiga one.
Imagine needs no introduction - everyone who has had something to do with 3D graphics has probably used it at one time or another. However, despite numerous revisions, the years haven't been kind to the program's interface and it is starting to look really dated. In fact, even the program structure itself is old fashioned - Imagine -1.0 comprises 110 less than seven editors for performing different tasks. While programs like Heal JD and Cinema 41) are completely integrated and even !.ighlWave m y has two modules.
There is no excuse for this overly modular design which is holding back the progress of the program and severely limits its functionality. It is a pain to have to keep switching from one editor to another to add detail to models, then to set the scene and animate it, another to set the global effects and finally one to render vour project. However, version 4.0 has blurred the divisions between the editors by including features previously found only in version 1 and has the advantage of being familiar. A couple of examples of this are the addition of an attributes requester in thc Stage Editor
and the use of EX modules in the Detail Editor - more on this later.
IMAGINE Three exceptions to this "blurring", or major changes, are the Forms. Cvcle and Spline editors which have stayed virtually unchanged since version 3.0. Although it took a while to find them, the Project Editor has had some changes
- an all-new Show menu that shows pictures and animations and a
motion blur option. The amount of motion blur is determined bv
the number of extra frames vou want added and the shutter lime.
The Action Editor has also had a minor adjustment in the form
of an improver! Starfield. Imagines much- maligned starfield
has been altered to generate stars of different intensity which
produces a more realistic effect.
The latest version of the 3D M" y wwd. It seems like only ¦ last week I was reviewing animation system. Imagine has 1 1 Imagine 11 and now arrived. Graeme Sandiford , ',,omh5'a,cr .. Imagine 1.0 is installed on my hard disk, discovers all the new features i a testament to the popularity of Imagine that, not only has it kept going, it is still being developed and improved upon. It is also nice to see that Impulse included since version 3.3. The Stage Editor has been given several new features since version 3.0. Perhaps the most useful of these is being able to load a background image for
creating animations that involve rotoscoping mixing live action with rendered images. In version 4.0 it is also possible to specify auto-loading of backdrop pictures, so once a picture has been placed as a backdrop in the Action Editor it's loaded automatically to the Stage Editor.
However, as with previous upgrades, the Detail Editor has received the lion's share of new features. A useful feature of Imagines attributes requester has been the ability to turn objects into liglusources. This technique is especially effective when combined with textures and produces interesting effects. Now it is possible to specify a soft shadow for light objects w hich gives you shadows with a penumbra and an umbra - great for adding atmosphere to your renders, but it does have a high time overhead.
Perhaps the most significant all-new feature is Blob modelling. This is a bit like the NL'RBS or Metaball modelling tools and is ideal for creating organic and globular objects. Imagine s Blob modelling tools use CSG spheres as the basis for a blob mesh. Although based 011 spheres, when two or more blobs are near to each other they form a new shape depending on their proximity and their strength settings.
This is a great tool for creating organic and bizarre objects quickly.
However, because they are based on Imagine s CSC, spheres you can't change their relative dimensions by squashing them or other deforming operations. It is a shame the Blob tool can't be used with primitive spheres because it would give you more control over the way the final object appeal’s.
The most useful new addition is the Detail Editor's ability to apply Stage EX to objects. This may seem pointless, but in fact it opens the way for procedural (mathematically-based) modelling. This means that the Detail Editor has access to a new range of modelling tools and that new ones can be added easily in the future. There are several other additions to the Detail Editor including a new cascade grouping hierarchy that groups objects sequentially, automatic picking of pasted objects and a smooth tool for smoothing objects.
It may sound as if there hasn't been many additions to Imagine since version 3.3. but there's actually been Emerald Creative Technology 0500 749469 PRICE £198.90 (£99.95 for upgrade from version 3.0) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Hard disk 3Mb RAM recommended SPEED • • • • Imagine's rendering speed has improved on the whole from version 3.0 MANUAL • Arrgghh, the only competition for the worse manual award. Real 3D.
Has been firmly quashed.
Some relatively major ones. However, the one thing that the program needs most, a new interface and structure, isn't here and until it is Imagine will continue to lose out to Cinema II).
Despite being a little more powerful. 'Z) Despite an improvement from earlier versions, it is still a pain to use compared with other programs.
FEATURES • • • • There are plenty of new features - the use of Stage FX and the new Blob tool are welcome additions.
VALUE ••• The same price as Cinema 40. But there is a £100 upgrade offer.
"Mice features - shame about the interface" 86% ttTxt else bul tbe Worlds leading Amiga office and borne product!t il)1 software detvlo ter could offer you such a wide range of award winning programs' I range acclaimed as tlx* best for your computer with individual programs Inn ing receiied Amiga Format Cold. Amiga Computing Gold & Blue CbipAwanls.
CV Amiga Top Baled and many others uorldu ide I Final + 'O'J A new branch on the SoftWood Family Tree Final Writer 4'Lite Word ProcessoePubltsber v Now Final Writer is an ideal ’ companion for Amiga users with single or twin floppy drives and a lower memory size too!
• Final Writer 4 Lite'" - now enables more Amiga owners to take
advantage of most of Final Writer 4 s features All you need is
an Amiga with a minimum of 2Mb of free RAM and Workbench 2. Of
course, should you upgrade your Amiga, you'll be able to
upgrade your software too
• Final Copy II'" - registered owners can take advantage of a
special upgrade offer - call for details and prices.
£39.9. Jh Final Writer 4" Word Processor T-ubllsber The most powerful Amiga word processor for the highest performance & most comprehensive range of features including its unique Grammar Checker!
• TextBlocks" ¦ to position text at any site and angle
• FastDraw Plus'" - versatile selection of graphics tools
• TouchTools ” & PowerUser Bars'" - One touch commands
• PerfectPrint" • You just can't print better on your Amiga
• French, German and Norwegian dictionary options
• Output PostScript'" fonts & clip art to all graphic printers
Supplied with 100 images and 120 outline fonts FREE!
'AflTfta ntumnv Uiifkhetich in or ItiUr tnth ti haulilntr ml a minimumr .’ SlfFi triekllf *«¦ waaiU * ¦».9. Final RL
- t:-X 2D JD 20 X 20 20 r New Final Cak™ is the spreadsheet
Amina owners have been Hailing for. Over * years in
Final Cak has all the power you will ever need... and then some!
With it fnendh interface and on line liclp ! * beginner and expert alike. Final (ale allows easy access lo the most extensive liM of features ever • including
• Comprehensive Oil Type definilinn •! Nlimiied I ndo & Redo
’Outline Font Oulpul • Background Rctak
• I"8 Maths Functions »ilh comparison logical operators
• Diltti support for PostScript1" A Preference Printers •Pnnt
Spooler Scaling.Aundit Page Preview and Portrait landscape
printing options
• 2D 3D (Iraphs w ith animation • Read and Write IxMus 1-2-3 XX k
Final Calc' I inaljULm Spreadsheet The answer to every spreadsheet users' dreams! With its flexible modes of operation, it's ideal for beginners and experts alike.
Layered sheets for multiple linked spreadsheet operation Advanced printing and font handling with auto-fit to page(s) and complete document scaling Vast choice of graph styles including 30 and animated to show calculation results actually as they progress Unlimited number of Undo and Redo events with listing Lotus 1-2-3 WK1 compatible S full text file import export i' Ifivttvni. .’'Mivbtfr mill atvntdneiUd ! TUA of All lfr.fr nxommmh'it Final Data 3 ' Database final P8”- A Cull it whil Approach lo Data Management A powerful yet simple to use database with extensive features enhancing your
potential to store important information EASILY.
• Easy definition of columns for categories of information such
as name, house number, street, town, county, postal code, phone
number etc. • no unfamiliar commands!
• Built-in routines for rapid label printing
• Print mail merge with word processors
• ’Memo' feature, acting like a 'Post-It' note, to enter large
amounts of text within any record £39 ~s '"** ,"*w "" i* rmkl *
mnm*m I.'.? R-nrX'V U‘ lip., tWarn *rih« a Mi onJtrn% tn
mail Now in its third release. Final Data ,V“ retains its ease
of use and unique method of simpk data definition and entry
Now include* more advanced features!
Even first time users can produce their own personal information files immediately' As vou progress, you can lake csen more advantage «»T
• Running (ak ulations • Multiple Line Memos enter an unlimited
amount of tew for each record • An extensor Query Requester and
NEW' Final Data 3 features such av
• Hidden Columns •Redefinition of Data (eg (nunText to a Memo
column) • Graphic*.Sound and Animation (Requires use nl
Datatypes found in Workbench 3 or above) W h don't sou
01 773 521606 I mentld Ouautr ibniaiul Jis j PmCnntp urdrn
* 46 er OtHS I nil,.I tiln W AdTnuim H M r.oit* ™
• i mj m trm jw* hm *49 tri (,Swl to 'Hrlp on mum mfuirrmrnls
Our jmJuits jr» tin- tm.a rortmmiail in their uutl arm mouna
hMr othm nr dt U r minimum mfuiml ft. L.U mr u-Cuarr 'n.T *mw
mdr Iha: as utth ail;*'?rum, mm mmaryAUnl l.rtVwft wi hr
r*y*;m ft. Aunt all gradual Mum tuU If in tft.uftf pUuu at*
256 GreyScale Scanners AlSaScan 800 $ ?JThe ONLY 8()0dpi Hand
Scanner for the Amiga!
Ti Scanner with AlfaScan Software £89.00 '.URL I with Touch-Up & Merge-It Software* yft Separately £35.00 with scanner Add £20.00 i_I with Junior OCR* (needs HD & 2.5MB Memory)
• max400dpi Separately £25.00 with scanner Add £10.00 Scanner’pad
with Full OCR* (needs HD & 2.5MB Memory) £9.95 Separately
£35.00 with scanner Add £20.00 Fbef. With Any wjt|1 MultiPass
OCR* (needs HD & 4MB Memory) can neb Separately £49.95 with
scanner Add £30.00 Multiface in card AT-Bus-2008 IDE controller
Octogon-2008 SCSI controller Tandem AlfaPower A500 FAST AMIGA
A600,1200,1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32 POA POA POA POA POA POA
120MB 250MB 420MB 540MB 850MB
I. 2GIG Auto Mouse Joystick Switch £12.95
252 3553 J E-MAIL PETER@FASTC0MP.DEM0N.C0.UK £69.00 £85.00
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3. 5"
3. 5"
3. 5" £149.00 £159.00 £199.00 420MB 540MB 850MB
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2. 5"
2. 5"
2. 5" Crystal TracfcBan £34.95
3. 5" 1.2GIG £219.00 True 300dpl Ir 72pin SIMMS 2MB £69.00 4MB
£129.00 8MB £269.00 ZIP RAMS £89.95 2MB 35p Each 30p Each
...Phone Optical Mouse £29.95 Optical Mouse Mat £5.00 Amiga
PSU lor A500, A boo & A1200 £34.95 A500 5I2K w o clock £20.00
A500+ l MB w o clock £29.95 A600 I MB w o clock £29.95 A1200
2MB with clock £119.95 A1200 4MB with clock £179.95 A1200 SMB
with clock £299.95 Apollo 1220 28MHz Accelerator, Give your
A1200 350% Performance Includes Clock & 28MHz FPU 1220 Bare
Board £99.95 1220 with 4MB Memory £224.95 80 watt Speakers
£39.95 Z5 watt Speakers £29.95 240 watt Speakers £59.95 Ram
Cards Memory (includes instructions and installation software)
.... 1 DISK CLEANING KIT ...... n ADD
J FITTED 85-500Mb ...Call EXCHANGE SERVICE MODULATORS ...£19-50 PSU £19 50 DISK DRIVES ......£25-50 KEYBOARDS ......£25-50 BARGAIN HARD DRIVES 10-20 Disks .
21-100 Disks 100+ ... with Through Port Mega Mouse 400 G9.95 Mega Mouse Plus £12.95 (Three button version with 8' cable Performance 97% A.U.I) AH prices include VAT. Please add £3.50 P&P for items under £30.00. £5.00 for ilems over £30.00. £8.00 P&P for Scanners & Speakers. £10.00 P&P for next day.
Golden I mage acecpls Access. Visa. Cheques & Postal Orders. E LOK Prices subject to change without notice.
Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject 10 change without notice.
Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 0I.R Hi SEC El Cheques & Postal Orders payable to: Online PD, Dept AF 1.1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby, Liverpool L37 3PX.| Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fmotst 9009281 HOLE IN ONE - CRAZY GOLF MALEDICTION V30 (3) GAMES GALORE DGKS 1 TO 18 (18) THE LAST SOLDER (2) SURER COMBAT 3 (2) CARDZ V2 (UKE KLONDIKE) ONLINE GAMES 1. 2. 3.4. 5 & 6 (6) 'CAPO GAMES DELUXE (3) COARSE ANGLER 0) ROKETZAGAV2 2S POKERMANIA JET SET WILLY 3 KLONDIKE Vi 0 DELUXE (AGA) (HO) (4) CARO SETS FOR ABOVE (AGA) (’00*) OELUXE
AMIGA FEBRUARY 1996 T Or s aniser 2 In a final attempt to get Graeme Sandiford sorted out, Digita have released a new version of Organiser.
ORGANISER 2 he life of a Technical Editor is far from easy there's so much to do and it is nearly impossible to remember it all. This is why I Wits determined that when Organiser, from Digita International, was completed I would use it daily. Unfortunately, due to certain human frailties (bone idleness) this new-found dedication to organisation proved ephemeral and lasted only two issues. However. 1 have been given a second chance with the arrival of Organiser 2.
It is hard to imagine what new, useful features could be added anil at lirst look there is very little evidence of radical changes. The interface is still a copy of a paper-based PIM (Personal Information Manager), with access to different areas of the program through tabs on the side of the screen and moving through the different entries by turning "pages”.
As well as revising the Organiser program itself Digita have created a 96 Plus Park which is a collection of new Supplements and Diary Themes. Supplements are a collection of useful information from 0 26 An 95 Cal BVG Clarissa 2 ana Monument Titter 0 26 An 95 cal Epic & PO Soft Cos - CD Vaite, Light ROM 2 ft Speccy em etc 0 26 An 95 Cal 0Wte* soft Monitor & Empant ? :i*«M.i»im1i ... fit overdue) FvitbeO for rev«« ? Jun 95 Cal Core* 1177 tJoyj One of the many nice touches found in Organiser is the daily fortune cookie. These appear each time you run the program.
As my machine crashes several times a day I've become a master of wise sayings and proverbs.
Related topics and include astronomy facts, travel information, historic events, sport and even three dedicated to different varieties of wine, how they should Ik- served and how to get hold of wine cheaply. The Diary Themes provide information on events that have happened on the current date such as celebrity birthdays.
There are over 100 new supplements and over
• ’() diary themes. Th ese are free with version 2 of Organiser,
and users of version I can buy ii separately for £9.99. The
most significant new feature is linking. This enables you to
create links between related items such as between a task and
an address or a diary event and a task.
This powerful feature should go some way to making up the ground DISTRIBUTOR Digita International 01395 270273 PRICE £49.95 (Upgrade £14.99) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2, 2Mb of RAM SPEED • • • • Organiser is faster than before, even when dredging through huge Supplements.
MANUAL • • •• Tells you all you need to know, plus has some helpful hints.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• A simple interface combined with lost to Twist Organisers relational features (although Twist Organiser may not appear in the UK).
One annoying thing in Organiser I was that if you wanted to change the available supplements you had to quit ihe program, copy the files to the appropriate directory and start again.
Now you can just use the rescan menu to refresh the available supplements.
The remaining changes to Organiser are minor and mainly enhancements of its existing features or interface. While in the Diary screen you can use scroll arrows if the entries are too long and Diary Theme events now appear greyed- otti so that it is easier to distinguish between them and normal events. It is also possible to load in a Theme using the Open menu item. The Addresses screen has a new salutation field which is useful for mail-merge operations.
Organiser is now a leaner and more refined beast. ’Z) OigiSense makes the program a pleasure to use.
FEATURES • • • • An excellent range of features that would be difficult to improve upon.
VALUE • • • Although similar PC programs cost more, £50 is still quite a lot.
"The best Amiga PIIVI currently available."
92% themed collections of UghtWave objects; Autos Vehicles, CityBuilder, Household Items, Medical Anatomy and Space Essentials.
87% Autos Vehides This is actually a surprisingly varied collection. As you might have expected the collection has its fair share of svelte spoi ls cars, but i( also has a selection of more mundane and eminently more- useful vehicles.
Among the more sporty vehicles, you'll find several recent models of popular cars including; Saturn SL.
Corvette. Firebird. Aetn a Integra and a Camaro z28. As you can probably tell from this list, die collection has a strong American influence. There is also a directory dedicated to authority vehicles such as a police car, fire engine, ambulance, rescue truck and a bucket truck (one of those trucks with a extendible arm and box 011 the end for lifting people up).
If you don't have the time to build your own models for 3D animation, Graeme Sandiford may have the solution with this brand new collection of objects.
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as completing 3D animation that you’ve started from scratch.
However, due to shortage of time or modelling ability, it is not always possible to build your models because this can often be the most time- consuming part of any project. One method of obtaining highly tietailed 3D models quickly is to get real-life models scanned in with a 3D object digitiser.
However, ibis is extremely expensive and is usually beyond the financial grasp of most casual, and even some professional artists.
This is when the 3D Object Set collections, created by Dedicated Digital Imagery, can be a real life-saver.
We'll be taking a look at five of these 75% As a whole the Space Essentials collection is a little disappointing.
There are some mass transport vehicles such as a bus, subway train, school bus. A train engine and several train carriage types. There are several construction and transport vehicles too. To help make creating complete scenes easier this collection also has some miscellaneous objects including trees, roads, junctions, lamp posts, parking meters, traffic lights and a variety of road signs.
This is definitely one of the better collections and the objects are of a high quality as well as being incredibly varied. The only improvement would be better surfaces and maybe a few textures and decals.
Space Essentials f b is is a collection of space-related objects and should contain enough to create most real-life scenes. However, if you are looking for a highly detailed model of the USS Defiant or other fictional space vessels, then you trill be disappointed because only real spacecraft and the planets of the Solar system, and their moons, are included (except a cartoon space rocket).
The planets have all been created to their relative scales, in proportion to each other, although ihey are only a tenth of their full size. As well as the planets and their moons the collection also includes the Sun. Unfortunately, this object isn't particularly inspiring and doesn’t look like die hot, celestial body that ii is, blit more like the collapsing sun in Star Trek Generations.
The historical spacecraf t includes several notable vessels such as the space shuttle, Sputnik, Mariner, Lunarlander, Gemini VII and many others.
There are also some handy objects such as blackholes, nebulas and a spiral galaxy. This is quite an impressive assembly of famous spacecraft, not to mention planets, but the quality of the objects is not quite as impressive.
CityBuilder This collection contains all the objects you are likely to need to create city- based scenes such its car-chases or rampaging 50-foot monsters. There are a number of famous buildings, all American, that are readily identifiable such as the Chrysler building, Brooklyn bridge, the Empire State building as well as several others I don't recognise.
As well as actual buildings you'll also find generic ones. These include apartments, chalets, a gas station, hotels, a bank, an old office, a modern office, a row of houses, a stadium and even a semi-constructed building.
.As with the Auto collection there are also some common street objects such as traffic lights, trees, parking meters and an alley. Other road-related objects include several streets, four and six-lane motorways and overpasses.
There arc also low-tlensity versions of the famous buildings which are ideal for smashing up by dinosaurs or crashing low-detail cars into.
As with most of the collections there are ready-made scenes to help you get started. There are also some helpful tips and hints about things such as lighting the objects, adding more detail, planning your cities and creating effective animations.
Medical Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones - oh and dem squishy organs too.
Anatomy This collection is not for the squeamish II * Ml A V I V 78% because it contains almost all of the bones and a good number of the major organs found in a human body. As far as I can tell the skeleton is anatomically correct and is quite detailed. Its hierarchy has also been set up to enable easy animation.
The organs are similarly well detailed and seemingly accurate. The organs that have been covered include the brain, eyes, intestines, gall bladder, kidneys, liver, heart, tongue, spleen and many other vucky things.
This is another good collection, but given the relatively small number of objects and their limited appeal it is questionable whether it is actually worth 1115.
Household Items I must admit to being a liule surprised about the existence of this collection because household items are usually among the easiest, and therefore quickest objects to create.
This simplicity is the reason that there are so many objects on a single floppy. The collection contains just about everything you might expect to find in a modern home - except a toilet. There is a knife, soap, ketchup, sola, stools, coat rack, soup can, shampoo, toothpaste, fridge, glasses, mustard and even a lava lamp.
The objects are quite realistic, which is thanks to some clever use of texture and reflection maps.
(Tn Unfortunately, I had a great deal of trouble loading the example scenes and several of the objects, because they were not saved properly. However, this will be remedied as soon as possible. O PRO OBJECTS DISTRIBUTOR Activa UK & Anti-Gravity Products 0181 402 5770 PRICE Autos Vehicles £130 Space Essentials £115 CityBuilder £130 Medical Anatomy £115 Household Items £95
l. M t. Tn-fcoolnpra f.mhll AMIGA 1200 The Amiga is now
available from our stores or Mail Order on 0181-309 1111 The
Amiga A1200 connects to a standard home TV or computer monitor
and is supported by hundreds ot software titles and, via a
modem upgrade, connection to the internet .
• Wordworth V4 SE
• Datastore V1.1
• Organiser V 1.1
16. 7 Million Colours FREE BROCHURE AMIGA A 4000T
P KEAD„,SHPRH0~'s' S; ‘return ™j°S„Sg!!VBlJS5fs.
• aTU 1 OR CALL 0181-309 1111 !
CONTROLLERS MEGA 2-BUTTON MOUSE CD-ROM DRIVES QUAD SPEED £249; PRINTERS CITIZEN COLOUR ABC 24-PIN £149; CANON BJC-4000 COLOUR BUBBLE JET £299i*T PRI 1734 PLUS MUCH MORE Stl OUR CATALOGUE FEATURED ABOVE NATIONWIDE CALL 0181-309 1111 OR RETURN THE COUPON To: Silltl MltOft-0296-750 S*CI «IXM HmlOrler M, S«tlip KmS. OA'l SOX ? Please send me an Amiga brochure - tree ol charge ? Please send detailed Intormation on the following products: BRISTOL CHELMSFORD CROYDON GLASGOW GLOUCESTER GUILDFORD Ottmns • Si James Barton &rt nhiro- *h»i 27Htfia _ frwaro-iMW. 11-31 Uorffi End Otttr ams-wNd 9 Argsle Sr
DtDBNHTO-iur» iwi lOnfls Square mn»__ .Omm SwtxRa QMWuns-OM'w PrapeaSt S?Tcokti*~ Cv :: 0117-9291021 012*5 355511 0101-6301155 01*1-221 ton IIHS-7S7 2171 1110 301300 1111-*77010 one 325151 01173 221313 0171-510 IM 0171 5*0 me 0171 731 1734 0151? 71711 0161-832 8666 1175? 266661 01706 756865 0111-776 6611 0111-756 9779 0101 302 0311 01703 723001 01707 167126 01700 063507 Ml__ WO UHOOR LONDON LONDON LUTON MANCHESTER PLYMOUTH ROMfORO SHEFFIELD SHEFFIELD SIDCUP SOUTHAMPTON OeSenMi SOUTHENO THURROCK DeWnbji MiHrsWiss Ms Ooenfaon-t** JHOrtMS: fagrrao?f Amja* Centre MiWSl Rojai Parade MirkeiPfce
DfbenMr Dettentantt DeBenhams- ie Moot II MN03ATW Cite ¦ • (klHfJSvW I B e AMS 0181-3091111 THE SILICA SERVICE * Before you decide WHEN to buy we suggest you consider WHEPE to t uv and 1 • W , *1 protect your investment with a purchase Irom Silca With our unrivalled experience and expertise we wut provide aU me extra heip. Advice and new TO. C) product onTonnatKWi you may need t 0«ri now and n the future Buy direcl visit one Of our Stores or refum the coupon now and begm to experience "e Si ca Servce E * 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE Silica has been established tor over 17 years longer than most
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subiect to our competitor having the goods in stock HOW TO PAY We accept most major credit cards, cash cheque or monttity terms (APR 19 9°. Written quotes on request!
WE OFFER DISCOUNTS To Business Education and Government purchasers who place volume orders Call 0181-308 0888 CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE TECHNICAL HELPLINE 0891 517588 MAIL ORDER A HEAD OEEICE: SflbCA HouM UU J 1 U 1 1 uuu
1. Hatheriey Road. Sidcup. Kent DA14 40X A1200 ( NO HARD DRIVE 1
170uh HARD DRIVE -» [ £339S7.vat £424 “.vat mmtti £393 Inc VAT
AMC 3039 £499 Inc VAT AMC 3199 I Pfl HARDWARE
• Amiga A1200 Computer with 2Mb RAM
• Quality 2 Button Mouse Controller
• 16.7 Million Colour AGA Chipset
• 4 Channel Stereo Sound
• 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive and Hard Drive Option A FULL SUPPORTING
• Personal Paint V6.4
• Photogenics V1.2 SE
• Pinball Mania
MODEM ZOOM 28.8K FAX MODEM SyQuest have released a new drive to
rival the Iomega Zip drive, Graeme Sandiford takes a look...
The Iomega Zip drive has caused a bit of a stir over the last
few months and although it seems a bit unfair to mention it in
the first sentence of this review, it must surely have had a
strong influence in release of the EZ Drive. The Zip drive
offers astounding value as a means of transferring large
amounts of data between machines and, because of its universal
popularity, other computing platforms.
SyQuest have had their way in the removable mass data storage market for some time along with the luxury of setting their prices as high as they like.
SyQuest drives have become so popular that they arc the standard in removable drives, especially on the Mac. Now, to use an Americanism (both drives are from the States), the Zip drive has rained on their parade by supplying more data for less money.
The EZ Drive is their reply to this challenge and, judging by its physical appearance, it would seem that SyQuest have learnt a thing or two about the need to create attractive devices.
Although the internal version of the drive is pretty much identical to their other 4-inch drives, the external version has been jazzed up. The dark, rugged casing Ls ribbed and has lilac bits sticking out of its side. However, it is a little more practically designed than the Zip because it has an on off switch, two 50-pin SCSI connectors and full choice of id numbers.
ULTIMATE POWER Unfortunately, the design isn’t perfect because the power supply has a stupidly short lead from the “brick” to Ihe drive, so the “brick” has to sit on your desk too. Irritatingly, the drive has the same eject mechanism as its predecessors - you have to push a button, wait for the drive to stop spinning, then pull a lever to remove the cartridge. Aside from running the risk of accidentally ejecting the cartridge before it stops spinning (even with an indicator light it can still happen), the small size of the drive and its casing makes it hard to pull the lever to the eject
There isn’t much difference between the performance of the drives.
The EZ Drive is obviously bigger than Drive rHmm.
There's nothing like nicely-designed case for your drive.
The Zip because each cartridge can hold 127Mb when formatted. The transfer rates are nearly identical with both averaging just over 1.5Mb, although the EZ Drive Ls marginally faster. The SyQuest cartridges aren't known for their resilience, so given the choice I’d feel safer playing shuffle puck with a Zip cartridge than a SyQuest one.
Deciding which drive to get Ls tough. The Zip is the more exciting one because it’s based on new technology and promises to be more popular, but SyQuest have a large existing user base.
On technical and economic merit there is lilde to choose from, but in terms of innovation and popularity the Zip drive is the one most people will go for. 45 EZ135 DRIVE DISTRIBUTOR FEATURES • • • 4 No password protection, but has a larger storage capacity than the Zip.
VALUE • • • 4 Considering previous SyQuest prices this is a steal.
Gasteiner 0181 345 6000 PRICE £209 (approximately £17 per cartridge) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS SCSI Interface However, plating with algebra is only a fraction of what this amazing program is capable of. Solving equations is child’s play for it too. Enter ”solve(3*x+4=5*x)" and you get the answer as soon as you press the Enter key. For more fun, Afapfewill solve a system of linear equations in three unknowns and one parameter. It will solve differential equations, recurrence relations, compute indefinite integrals and play with matrix eigen-values. Maple knows a huge amount about sets and matrices
and will allow you to manipulate them easily.
Being able to visualise an equation can make all the difference when it comes to understanding, and Maple has many graph plotting options. Two- dimensional plots can be created in many different styles and forms, and three-dimensional plots are also possible with wireframe and solid versions. You can create a sequence of Maple V (rev3) Frustrated by Laplace, Fourier and Le Grange? Mr. Kennedy shows the way with a new version of the mathematical tool, Maple V. Here’s a puzzle for you.
Whic h two-digit number is twice the sum of its digits?
Have a think about that, whilst I show you how your Amiga could work it out. All you need is Maple, one of the most amazing programs you are likely to see on the Amiga. Maple does sums, but it is much more than a calculator or graph plotting program.
Unlike anything else you are likely to see, it actually can deal with algebra in a sensible wav.
Let’s start with something simple, something which you might remember from school. All you have to do is multiply out the expression (x+2) times (x-3). Maple will happily multiply out the terms in an expression like this: expand ((x+2)* (x-3)) to provide the answer: x--x-ti.
Now here is something slighdy more tricky. .Ask Maple to factorise an equation like this: factor(xA3 - 2*xA2 - 5*x + (i); it will return the terms like so: (x-1) (x-3) (x+2).
Like any good mathematician.
Maple tries to store numbers as accurately as possible - something which is rather difficult for a computer to do. Computers are prone to losing numbers in the gaping holes of floating point rounding errors, but enter a fraction into Maple and it will be stored as a fraction, and displayed like one too. The display can be a simple, plain text display, or it can be made more attractive by use of special fonts supplied. For example, if you enter an expression like this: x := (sin(a)+bA(cos(a)) (cos(a)+2*(sin(b)) )): It will be nicely displayed like this: bc°s(a) cos(a) + 2sm(b) plots and animate
them over time, too.
The results are very smart indeed.
Of course, I can only begin to scratch the surface of what is possible.
Maple comes with libraries for specific functions, it understands graph theory, sequences, statistics, finding roots, calculus, geometry and even some financial functions. .And after all this there is still the '«uvi Alike programming language to consider.
The documentation supplied with Maple does the system proud. Forget photocopied sheets - inside the box you'll find two hardback books, a ring- bound reference guide and various other items of documentation.
There is a very thorough on-line tutorial which guides you through all the important concepts, and even gives you a little quiz at the end to make & SERIOUSLY AMIGA FEBRUARY 1996 Two-DiMensional Plots Expressions in one unknown are plotted using the plot coMMand. There are several types of two-diMenslonal plots available. Here are a few of the More popular ones.
Press RETURN to continue, or X to exit to the Menu.
Expressions can be plotted: plot(x~2-3, x=-4..4); Press RETURN to continue, or X to exit to the Menu.
Graphical plots can be displayed in windows on top of the main screen. This is very useful, because it allows you to change the parameters of the equation and see an almost instantaneous result.
The lightsourcing for 3D plots can be specified for optimum clarity.
This is release 3 of Maple, which is the foremost equation solving engine for the Amiga.
Sure you understand. If you know GCSF. Level math, after only one session you can use the basic features of Maple with confidence.
Who would use Maple? Anyone who is either interested in. Or has to deal with mathematics at any level starting from GCSE to University and beyond.
You can do so many things from simple algebra to advanced Fourier analysis.
Vou can even use Maple to model the sums and then output the calculations in C. or Fortran format. Maple makes an excellent tool for teachers, who can create graphs and animations to explain topics: not to mention encourage students to explore for themselves.
The ability to save the output in LaTcX format will make exam papers look a lot smarter too. Being able to experiment with mathematics like this can be surprisingly fun. Sure, you could probably use it to cheat at your homework, although this would be like cracking a nut with a French nuclear test. You also won't learn why Maple gets the results it does unless you know the principles it uses. Think of Maple more as a tool to help you understand what is going on. Test your work and remove a lot of drudgery.
I can't stress enough how I wish 1 had this program when 1 was doing my A levels. 1 hope you don't have do without it too. For such a computer program to exist is amazing in itself, but for it to exist on the Amiga rather than only on ludicrously expensive terminals is a delight.
It's not merely a quick, slapdash exercise in porting either - Maple on the Amiga comes will full on-line help in AmigaGuide format and there is even an Altexx port. If you haven't got the hardware or money to use iV flp cyourself. Show this to your teacher or lecturer and make sure they try the demo version which Maplesolt make available.
Unfortunately, you can’t expect to run Maple on an unexpanded A600 and sneak it into the exam hall. Maple for the Amiga requires an Amiga running OS 2.04 or later, with at least 27Mb of free disk space and at least 5Mb of RAM. For best operation, 10Mb of RAM is recommended. It is possible to run Maple for die Amiga with as little as 14Mb of disk space. On an A4000 it ran very quickly indeed.
By the way, here is how to work out which number is twice the sum of its digits. First make "a'‘ and “b” the first and second digit. The number can therefore be defined as (a*10)+b. We also know that it is twice the sum of its digits, which means it also is equal to 2*(a+b), When we feed these equations into Maple, it tells us that a=l and b=8, which means the number is 18. Da Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for the Amiga & PC.
Spread over the two platforms are emulators for Apple, BBC, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC20, Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac, Gameboy, Atari ST, MSX. Apple200.
Atari 800. Atant040ste. Sinclair OL, Uni* and more. Also lealures hundreds of games.tools etc for most of the emulators EMULATORS UNLIMITED H Sound FX Sensation is an original new CD that contains hundreds ot megabytes of high quality samples A superb CD tor game makers, demo makers, or even film makers. Hundreds of Sound FX subjects include Animals. Wiki life. Nature.
Explosions. Creatures. Scary stuff.
Science fiction samples. House hold noises. Car crashes, and hundreds more.
Suitable for use on any Amiga connguration Available April 1996 SOUND FX SENSATION (cpissi pre-order P,.co eta.99 The Epic triple graphics pack contains a lb d * B iS* ¦ M THE EPIC TRIPLE PACK C 1 . I lhe big'' realcd World ot Chpan. Grapcis sensation and Ihe new C, r sensaOo' I r »1 I Si 13 3H which com,mi-, .iroiind 10 000 colour rli part in ages If v .r m-¦ graphic? Work
n) , | r -¦ 1 .- ’ sasarv Pu-- ."ao- ..si £39 bargain THE EPIC
._____ t~T world of Clipart is a double CD- ttmMt * -L POM containing around 40.000
1. mono and colour clipart images a* " 1 lg contained in over
100 catagones
* _ P in iff. GIF. PCX. COR. EPS, TIF.
Yr,-i 1 8 BMP Tools for convening r , ,' j % images to another format are
- ¦ ClIW.KT included for both the PC 8 Amiga.
Subjects include: Animals.
Analomy. Babies, Men, Women, Trees. Reptiles, Insects.
Xmas, Religious, Planes, Vehicles, Ships, Toys. Zodiac signs, Eye catchers, Humour. Cats, Dogs. Computers, Technology, Sealife, Space Symbols. Royalty. Dinosaurs.
Plants, Nature, Ads. Tools, Astrology. Hands, Birds, Business. Office. Workers, Cartoon. Lion King, Education, Food. Gardening. Holidays, Houses 8 Buildings.
Helicopters. Children, Banners, Medieval. Military.
Monsters, MuSiC. Sports (football, golf. Aerobics. Olympics, etc). Transport, Trains. War and more. Rated 94% WORLD OF CLIPART Plus °°UBLE CD ci y J 1 *Vl' *1 SCI'FI Sensation is an exciting CO HOM v_ matrons. 3D objects, Sound 1 x. L jfc 9 Documents, Themetunes.
PI Scripts & SCI-FI games.
Pi- pLjF V Subiects included are nal. TNG. Deep Space 9 and Voyager), Batman, Dr Who, Thunderbirds. Robocop, Sea Ouest DSV. Bladerunner, Aliens, Terror hawks, 2001. Blake7.
Battlestar Galactica. Tron. Total Recal, 2010. Space 1999 etc. Hundreds of miscellanous SCI-FI images, sound fx, SCI-FI music and more. CUAmiga rated: 91% AUI 93% SCI-FI SENSATION v2 “ww co CHOOSE "ME OF THE FOUOWIHC COEoM TITLES FBFF' WITH AU OBDEPS OVEB FCD54. ILLUSIONS 3b FCD74. ESSENTIAL UTILITES FCD12. HOTTEST,4, FCD47. PRO FONTS A CLIPAl FCD60. MULTIMEDIA MANIA FCD163. LUCKY DIP VOLUME* FREEPH0NEL ,mM M A’I Bit Hurt t» vrttrtim Iil»»»» region run; Wvt dUilrei Hlf your into Horror then B7 ' this onginai CD ROM ¦ ~ Will please you no bjnffj end It contains bTjBB Thousands ol gru-
some images, tons ot gory animations. Bloody games.
Spine tingling horror type sounds. Horror stories. Eariee music modules. Pictures 8 animations from hundreds of horror films and heaps of real-life blood n guts. (Adults only) HORROR SENSATION Over 7000 royalty tree colour images Subjects include: cats, aviation, animals. People, hi-tech, space, cars, trams, textures, nature, sports, pinups, boats, flowers, plants, seasons, birds, technology, raytraced, cartoons, fantasy, art, reptiles etc. etc. Arcade Classics is an ongi- prr i i .iia'' i.n - ¦ ,.lions o' PACMAN ¦v'l ' jri ' ‘ ¦' Hmr II GER. LOAD GALAXIANS. DONKEY KONG, NUMEROUS TETRIS
ARCADE CLASSICS *- '« *c (cd76) THE EPIC LLECTIOH Contains ou' most popular floppy based 'n.r.'"-.. CD-ROM . SJHir iron in one go This compilation coniains 1 hundreds of megabytes ol Amiga sot!
39™ ware, subjects include Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap. Compugraphic fonts 8 Adobe fonts. Graphics converters, Music tutorials. Beginners guide, 30 stereogram generators.
Hundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk installer 8 tools. Various Hardware projects. A number of classic demo s. Hundreds of games including Shoot em ups. Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games The latest Assassins games. Emulators and the latest LSD utilities are also included. 'Supplied with printed Index.
THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 new prkeiihcdioox, £19.99 Retro gaming it s best Around 5000 an- JHHfl CD-ROM Emulalors mciuaetJ 40r :r.e ¦ n H Am ga Mac Aid" ST 8 PC lOSS 5 I Ml'' lyt I Jet Set Willy. The Hobbil. Strip Poker.
Danger Mouse The Sentinel. Micro Olympics. Under Wurlde. Undium, Atic Atac, River raid. Barbarian, Hunchback and around 5000 other classic spectrum game hies including multi-load - games Speccy pan 2 _ id reds HBHHn of documents containing instructions for most LLLLLLJjJjII games asweii as hundrods of speccy game cheats Keyboard required J Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CUAMIGA 91% ¦ AUI Over 90% ¦ AC over 90% SPECCY SENSATION 2 (cdu9 £17.99 The largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled Includes well over 5.000 Icons, Over 600 selected Magic WB backdrops, and
megabytes ol WB desktop enhancer toolsrutilities.
Suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga.
MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER M Essential utilities is a collection ot the most use-
- -~i H tul tools available Categones include graphics L u iJB
converters, text, music tools, Printer drivers.
J ||fl 1 Virus killers, memory utilities. Emulators, A Business applications including A jHfl Wordprocessmg, database, spreadsheets, diary 1 '' B ' iHIM systems etc. ESSENTIAL UTILITIES Volume One CD74) £9.99 The G rolier electronic Multimedia encyclopedia contains thousands ol pages of information on every subject, with Thousands of great colour photographs and illustrations and hundreds of sound dips from the BBC this CD-ROM is an essential purchase for all CD-ROM users.
Rated 97% AC - 94% AF GIF SENSATION double co GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA ¦RTFTvSQ ThsCDccrt»isrfcrma*cnriai AGA experience contains , i. . 1 HtjHr ,,j, us of neqSMre ¦ 1 Tj 1 AGA an,manors meg,.
KSL k-rfoocx rxrnsarcpnckxmptK. ¦ .114) I -in' •». 'c-. • J- u- Kt-ur ¦ *»•«» ¦ i 11,.4 sir '« 11 ¦ ..- r. Ilisa Inn.In .u..,v,-| nna iMii. XsaM ' ..... ENCOUNTERS_(C0179)£1499_ AGA EXPERIENCE coi6»)£i9.i UK FREE PHONE Order line: 0500 131 486 Oversease Order Enquiry hr, 01 "793 514188 f» 01793 si4ie7 Lucky Dip volume 2 contains stacks of games, demos, clipart. Fonts, music, tools, graphics utilities. Animations.
Sound FX. Samples, and loads more, (now wilh Amiga front end) A bargaini This CD contains almost 100 variations ol the worlds most addictive and loved game Nearly all the games are read to run directly from CD. And archived versions are also included.
NOTHING BUT TETRIS icd'48) PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS LUCKY DIP Volume 2 PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME_ ADDRESS_ MACHINE PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTS PACKING EXP DATE AMOUNT ENCLOSED SPIO (iAUSrTTfl lx If you ive in Austrafa or New-Zealarrf you can now purchase any of the above CD FtOM titles from our Syckney based pxemises. Send your n
* ra EP!C°SeVoresiRoad. Heathcote, NSW. 2233. Australia}
* *" PI makpehaquBB peyabte lo A. SpfTERI For a Prt» M ptaaaB
aandaSAE. For phoee Bi AuaWan W eBrnly ckxi* •* UK CEE prtoae
1b Software Expressions Intrnrliirinn cnmo nf the* koct nuklir
rlnmnin R cknrouzn Established 1990 £e' n- 4 'Introducing some
of the best public domain & shareware software. These are
high-quality freely distributable disks at a fraction of
commercial prices.
All disks are compatible for A500 A500+ A600 A1200, except (N) which indicates not compatible for 1200 EDUCATIONAL (N.B. This includes some games] El 62... Sloiyland II ....Creole o childs adventure E043... Leorn and Play I ...Blackboard Maths etc. E422... Spelltris ..A letris spelling game EO&L.. Education 1 .....learn German El 8CT... GCSE Maths .Syllabus taught disk El 85... Astrology ...Calculates positions ofplanets El 93... Astronomy ..A total
concept disk E234... Colour The Alphabet ..Educational spelling name E271... The Highway Code ..All you need to know E023... Electronic Train Set (I meg) ......Construct own train set E079... Treasure Hunt ..Great kids game E270... Dinosaurs ....Quiz on Dinosaurs E298... States ol Europe ....Information on this continent. Good E299... Communicate ..learn how to use sign language E311... The Internet ......A guide to the Internet E33I... Jigsaw (2 disks) .Match
the pieces in to a jigsaw E339... Dunks DTP ...Desktop publishing for Kids E350... Barney the bear (2 disks) Learn & meet animals E385... What's its Name (N) ..Educational for kids E411... Word Ploy .Lots of puzzle games E413... Moorse Code Tutor (not 1.3) ......Guide to Mootse code E086... Wraithed 1 .Pub quiz style gome E03S... Education 3 Weather and climate BUSINESS SOFTWARE B089... Journal .....Accounts Program
8136. .. Amibase Prof .Excellent Database
8140. .. Text Engine .....Excellent Word
8153. .. File-a-fax .As it sounds
8175. .. Text plus VERSION 4 ..Excellent Word
8134. .. AMIGAsh ...Easy-to-use accounts program
8137. .. 600 Business Letters ....All ready to
8240. .. Little Office ....Word Processor, Database &
8323. .. Onform .Invoice maker
8330. .. Easycale ..Excellent Spreadsheet
8400. .. Phone Locator ...Dialing codes for
Britain CREATIVE + GRAPHICS Cl 28... Big
Clipart ....Comic characters Cl
60... Deluxe Point Tutor ....Pointing
Instructor Cl 30... label
Designer .....Various label printers Cl
Clipart Stars Logos Explosions etc
Cl 98... Clipart .Valentines and
Weddings C231... Audio Animation
Studio ...Create Cartoons C236... Word
Power .Solve crosswords & anagrams C256...
Print Studio ...Multi purpose printer
utility C258... Garden Designer Create your own garden,
excellent graphics C263... League
Database Easy-to-use footboll editor
C389... Turbocat Pro (not 1.3) .....Excellent
catalogue organiser C33I... Signature
Creator Customise your signature
Information ...Explains computer crashes
M340... Bar Tender (not 1.3) .Drinks and
cocktail recipes M213 .. 500 Plus
Emulator ....Upgrade for A500 M24I...
Winemaker .....Database tor wine lovers
M244... Lockpic V2.0 ......Uncover copy
facilities M259... Easy
Spell ..Spell cf M414 .. Joke
Disk ...Thousands of jokes M210...
Pools Tools ...For football pools
M299... Tee to Green Excellent
golf-scorer M310... Personality Analysis ...Type in
answers to assess yourself M311... Cop the Lot
Pro ...Updated lottery helper M332...
Virus Checker V6.5 ....New updated killer
M333... Disk Repair Kit ..Salvages damaged
disks STAR TREKERS D058... Enterprise
Animation ....Leoving the dock D166...
Star Trek Animation Animations of USS
Enterprise D177... Star Trek Animation Agatron No.17. More
like above. Good Ad005.. All New Star Trek (2 drives, 2
disks) .. USS Enterprise classic. Best One Ad007.. American
Star Trek (2 drives, 2 disks) (N) Graphic adventure A072...
Star Trek Game (N) ..The Next Generation
N412... The Star Trek Guide (6 disks) All the
information you need A081... Star Trek
Quiz ......Trek trivia ADVENTURE
GAMES AdOOS.. All New Star Trek (2 drives, 2 disks). USS
Enterprise classic. Best one Ad007.. American Star Trek (2
drives, 2 disks) (N) Graphic adventure Ad523.. Boomin Eck
(not 1.3) Professional looking plotform gome AdOI9..
Dungeon Delver (2 disks) ......Difficult odventure
quest Ad065.. Pixie Kingdom (2 disks) ...Tricky
adventure game. Good Ad070.. Rings of
Zon ..Text and graphic odventure Ad222..
Neighbours Adventure (2 disks) Bring Paul Robinson to court
Ad245.. Iron Clods (2 disks) ...Graphic
adventure Ad326.. Wibble World Giddy .Really
good platform game Ad421.. Glossback
II ....Very good plotform game Ad500.. The
Devils Abode ...3D Horror Adventure ARCADE
+ PLATFORM A535... Deluxe Gallagher V2.51 (not
1.3) ...Excellent spocewars AOIO...
Breakout Classic hot 8 ball gome
AOII... Blizzard ..Horizontal shoot 'em up.
High quality A252... Leaping
Lorry ....Jump up the escalators A512...
Transplant .....Asteroids game
A165... Super Skoda ...Car racing
gome A520... The X Mass
Project .Simplistic shoot 'em up A529...
Egg Scramble One of the best platform games. Limited levels
A209... Games Galore Ten (N) .14 excellent
games A214... Parachute Joust ..Fight for parachute
on descent. V. good A221... Revenge of Mutant
Cornels ...Good. Similar to Centipede A524...
Assassins 245 ...Packman + 3D
A526... Assassins 247 China Challenge 2, Moose Drive and
Antimatter A527... Assassins 248 (not 1.3) .....Air
Fight, F-Ball and Mottix A531... Assassins 249
Trooper, Conundrum and Revolver A534...
Assassins 250 .All-rounder, bobble and
quadrille A243...
Telren ....Excellent Tetris clone
A247... Quiz Master ...Quiz which includes
Editor A255,.. Amos Games .5 games
including Glossback A327... Tetris Pro .Tetris
gome with exceptional variants A333... Icerunner (N) Recom.
Brilliant platform game. 10 out of 10 A338... Project Buzz
Bor ..Excellent Asteroid type gome A340...
Depth Charge ..Submarine gome
A341... Earth Invader The best Space
Invader game A433... Harry Haddock .Really
good platform odventure A434... Amiga
Boy ....Console games on AMIGA!
A443... Nimble! ...New. Addictive graphical platformer A502... Cvbermon ...3D Pacman gome. Excellent A503... Cnoneques (2 disks) .like Lemmings. Good A504... Rebellion .Asteroids shoot 'em up STRATEGY + WAR GAMES Sim013. Bullrun (N) ......American civil war gome Sim513. 8ridge ...The card gome Siml02. Simulation 1 (1 meg) Recommended. 5 gomes including Metro Sim) 24. Napoleonic Warfare .High quality simulation Sim528 Battleships .....Classic
gome, computerised Siml43. Card Shop .....Well presented cord games Sim217. Act of War Excellent strategy games Sim218. Roulette ...Casino classic Sim220. Sub Attack (N) ....Also landmine + bomber Sim224. Strategic Games 3 excellent games Sim410. Island Excellent board game. Build hotels & money Sim414. Diplomacy (N) ......Classic, similar to Ristc Sim415. War (N) ..Top quality 8bit strategy Sim428. The
Shepherd .. Populous clone Sim444. Ultimoted Quiz ....Pub quiz clone SimSOS. Scrabble ......Board game, computerised SPORT Spl70.. Amos Cricket (N) 'Owzat!
Sp208.. Grand Prix Simulator (N) .Excellent Sp256.. Slomboll .....Management game of US football-type sport Sp263.. Soccer Cards ..Simplistic league-based game Sp299.. Top of the League ...Addictive footboll management game Sp307.. 18th Hole (2 disks) ..Excellent golfing game Sp325.. Mister Men Olympics (2 disks) . Excellent game for disks os reviewed in Amiga Computing Sp337.. Super League Monoger 2 Updated soccer management game Sp372.. Rood To Hell ...Well
produced racing game Sp376.. Unsensible Soccer .....Good football game Sp429.. A Doy at the Races Simple horse racing game Sp530.. Sport Challenge Hype Olympics, lots of events Sp532.. Friday Night Pool ...Pool playing simulation Sp533.. Poker Manio Good Poker simulation Al200 A4000 ONLY U422... Balls AGA ......Excellent lottery helper U235... Sleepless Nights ...Compilation of Al 200 utilities U324... Lottery Winner AGA .Helps you to win!
U334... AGA Killers ...Updated virus killer U399... Graphic WorkBench (2 disks) .Hard drive to install U508... Videotracker 2 .AGA demo creator U285... Fairlight ...29 meg of graphics on one disk U289... State Of Art .Famous, quality demo U290... Raving Mad Me ...High quality music video U29I... lethal Exit Stunning demo D300... Technotrack II ...Move rave music D305... Tina Small ....Slideshow of
0310. .. AGA Mansell ..Nigel Mansell
slides D315... Minomist Rave .Great
dance demo D509... Phoebe Cates ..High
resolution slideshow E214... A Beginners
Guide Learn all about WorkBench 3.0 E300...
Speak & Spell .Good for learning
youngsters G321... AGA Klondike (3
disks) ......Excellent patience card game G322...
Giger Tetris ..Tetris clone
G339... AGA Megaball .....Brilliant
breakout game G372... Mod fighter ...2
player Street Fighter gome G4I4... Motorola Invaders (2
disks) ......Brilliant Space Invaders G420... Pssst
AGA .....Arcade AGA gome G440...
Missile Over Zenon (2 disks) .3D missile
command G441... To the Death
.Street Fighter clone G442...
Excellent Cord Games III ..Restricted AGA
version G445... AGA Donkey Kong Re-hosh of
originol. Good G506... Battle
Duel .....Multiplayer artillery game
G507... Samurai Showdown ....Street
Fighter clone G510... Raketz
V2.25 Multiplayer thrust shoot 'em up i
Blank disks !
10 for £3.99 I-------------------------1 | Mouse Mats | j_ Deluxe Mous_e Mats £2.50 each j rebWMSoftware We now stock CD software.
Pje_ase_write phone for prices [Catalogue disks: 75p each L -2! 2TST 4000 aistein_0i£ Jbwyupcarea resui»l(_ j PRICES POSTAGE UK orders : 75p Europe : £1.50 World : £3.00 PD...95p per disk 90p each for 15 to 24 85p each for 25 or more 75p each for 50 or more HOW TO Olll)Is 11 Enclose list of disk numbers along with your Cheque Postal Order made payable to: SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS 18 Maple Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8RH B Credit Card orders only T s5T Tel: 01179 425987 (9.30am-5pm Mon to Fri) FREE DISKS!
Please enclose coupon with your order.
EUROSCENE ALMATHERA ¦ 0181 687 0040 ¦ £14.95 The Amiga demo scene is still alive and kicking providing many Amiga owners not only with the chance to show off their programming and graphic skills, but the machine as well. Euroscene 2 is a collection of the best examples of this use of the Amiga throughout the last year.
There are some real belters too. Just about even major demo of the last year is here, as well as several good music and picture files. The files are archived so you will have to unpack them before vou can use them, but this means there are hell of a lot of good files. O LIGHT ROM 3 £39.95 BLITTERSOFT ¦ 01908 261466
l. ight ROM was a very popular CD. Il sold out as soon as il
arrived at most CD-ROM suppliers. LightROM 3 is a collection
of 3D files and utilities aimed largely at l.ightWave users,
but it also contains files that can be used with other
Volume 3 is actually a collection of three Cds.
The first two Cds are a continuation of the first two volumes with the first disc containing l.ightWave objects and scenes and the second one containing data for use with other programs. Although there are some files that have been included on the first two, there are a few new ones too. The second CD's 700 textures, fonts and Heal 31) objects arc welcome. The third CD is completely different and is called the DEM ROM, quite simply because it is filled with over 1,000 Digital Elevation Maps. It also has DEM files that have been converted to l ight Wave objects.
This is an incredibly strong collection, but it is unfortunately marred by the fact that one of the Cds is actually called . Which conflicts quite horribly with the Amiga logical device of the same name.
MEETING PEARLS III PD SOFT ¦ 01702 466933 ¦ £8.99 Although not as popular in the UK as they are in Germany, the Meeting Pearls Cds still have many fans. If you haven't seen the previous volumes the best way of describing them is that they have a similar content to most PD collections, but with a well-written IITM1.
Interface. The contents, both tiles and programs, are unarchived and so ready to go.
There are the usual range of utilities and picture files, and also a wealth of information in several text and hypertext files covering everything from FAQ about the Amiga to an in-depth explanation of the HTML language and many other Internet-related topics.
93% Another fine collection - buy it!
• • [meeting pearls] knowledge NETWORK CD 2 WEIRD SCIENCE ¦ 0116
234 0682 ¦ £14.99 One of the most popular CD-ROMs ever was the
Network CD from Weird Science. This cunning little disc
contained the finest collection of networking programs ever
assembled. This is a very hard act to follow and the second
version has been quite some time coming. Is it worth the wait?
A welcome addition to this second CD. Especially for less experienced Amiga users, is a boot disk that (along with the fact the CD is bootable) makes setting up a simple network between a CD3'- and an Amiga child's play. There are other disks stored as DMS files that can be used to boot your computer up. Which are configured to use Serlink, SerNet, SID and Twin Express.
There are several other utilities, including PholoCD ones and images, but perhaps the most significant, and quite frankly amazing, new feature is a keyboard and mouse sharing function. ....¦ Malta' ”IJ' .iTKtmflt a-ll a. This enables you to move the mouse pointer to either side of the Amiga screen; the [jointer then appeals and functions normally on the CD32's screen. The keyboard also becomes usable with the CD*8. This unique feature means that the CD can be used to virtually transform your CD32 into a computer capable of inputting information via the keyboard - without buying an expansion
It seems impossible, but the Network CD has been improved and is a must for owners of both Amigas and CD;i2s. Ci Where's Your Sense Of Humourl Screen sits what It Is assumed that you have connec booted both with the dtahe provide appear to have loaded Workbench, and open up the MS floppy on the drawer. Inside this drawer la th this now. A menu of buttons shoo Press the button cal follow the on screen instructions
t. This button complete both machines at a baud fast and so much
easier than the o 8TCAH programs will occasionally
i. don't know why. However I the ability of Sernet too much.
If ;tir BCANCT QUICK SCT-UP ¦ a short description of getting lorntt nlng •* high speed In as gulch a wav as possible PPV dish to boot the Amiga Is compressed on the Boot-fie. OHS and should be uncompressed bach to floepv the Kali “• .. for Info This disc can system prior to Installing It have a floppy drive then this boot dish for running Sernet.
Rograms may be loaded on the CD32 that regulre ort without first shutting this program down. Again this
• n only be done from the taiga. The floppy provided with he CD
contains the 'RtMPJtr program for the Amiga, a basic ernet
set-up. And SID2 file manager. It Is suggested that ou boot
your Amiga with this dish to familiarise yourself Ith the new
way of running Sernet. Hence the need for S1D2 n this floppy.
If you have no experience of directory the SIPa chapter of this
Iff you have more than one Amiga buy this CD.
92% on booting the CD a program Is loaded that stens to the serial port for instructions o ad. The Instruction must come from the «mI rams may be loaded on the C032 that the Beria and
11. 98 http: www.futurenet.co.uk entertainment.html ALL OUR PD
per disk tor PEP) (Worldwide sdd 50p per disk P*P) PLEASE
YOUR ORDER WILL BE DESPATCHED ON THE SAME DAY VIA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE 2000 SOFTWARE We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE TITLES SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 08) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP ENGLAND TEL: 0374 678068 Dept (AF 08) 8 FALCON WILNECOTE TAMWORTH B77 5DN TEL: 01827 287377 How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk code, eg. U01 Agene Some titles have a number in (). This means the title comes on (¦) number ol disks. To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only Price ..99p per disk Please add 70p lo total lor postage & packaging Pack price as stated. All orders same day despatch For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) TEL OR FAX: 01827 287377 Top Utilities U027 ULTRAPAINT a SURF pant & 30 model program U046 OARKSTAR rv 2 (vol 2-5) load* of util* U058 DISK WAG CREATOR creetee da* moqoztn** U131 TETRA COPY play Wins while copying to dak Greot Ui«5 XCOPY PROFESSIONAL
very powerful tak cop*.
U189 PAINT AND ANIMATE c route your own »-«naBon Uf84 MASTER SEKA VI .8 oomolotD A**cmWet language U191 StD II copy deteta-moveTUi Me using a mouse U220 AMOS-PAINT V oood pamt package tala of feature U222 GRAPHIC UTIlltY(3)drapntc* convener lool U2» SliDE-SHOW CONSTRUCTION KIT easy lo make
- --------------- hi** onto your disk U830 POOL WIZARD - t
toototof U832 DIVIDEND WINNER - P e _. ....____ LITTLE WOOOS,
-----------*------- U620 HOW TO CODE IN C (2tak . Many
example* _________ _ _____ U622 ACTION fEPLAV V! 5 (AMMOO)
ro.-.rrtgo on dt» UM J AUOO »MG C 8 Ortfanod U8*3 AUOlO MAGIC
8- Ortamod ptemc o*c U846 C64 EMULATOR V3 (2CHSK) C 4 emulator
lueti UM8 SPECTRUM EMULATOR V7 . Spectrum emutMor latoW ;trvm I
UR50 EAGLE PLAYER U851 DELI TRACKER I2»*k) p-ay a» m, U881 SON.C DRUM KlY V? Cn.m U882 0*SK COPY Pack- coiececn of 10 U883 OPTi-USte t - m*r 30 dsk caw , U885 INTUITION BENCH MARK ve.5 N« Wbt 3) Sysmta UaflO COAfPLET E WB UTX. I2D SK) very UM LA UU W 1 MOUSE MAT worth £2-99 I FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2 99 with every order of £12 or over To claim your tree moose mat just cutout | and return this token with your order . Enclose an extra 38p stamp lo cover Ihe postage and packing I otter onty available with this token (fanned 1 Mouse Mat per order excluding any other offer) ¦ Alternatively you may
choose 1 FREE disk U050 COPY & CRACK TOOL 2 irom powerful copy program UM0 NEW SUPER VIRUS KIU.EH moi WBJV KtU* 31&. Virus U089 FORECASTER V2-hcrs racing predict**, program .•tatade xcopy3’Dcopy dc cpfey*** U240 ARCHIVER TOOLS OAO. N U242 IMPLODER 4 0 disk n U243 THE A-T COPIER (nol WBL.____________ U254 FRACTAL UTIL loads of tiactal programs Brill cn of 10 a*k ccpw icyenOperv.ee i v«.5 N« Wbl 3) ..... ____ . ___*SK) very U887 OISK REPAIR KiT 44rdude Ask re soft proiec*. Dakmaie. Sywnfo. EK UW) STEREO SCOPIC V? A inc* A500I 31 - RAMOOM DOT STEREOGRAM generator U951 FORTH PROGRAMMING (NOT
WB 1 3) U896 AmiTOOl PROFESSlONAl disk _.
U899 MEGACHEAT V3 . Imor* games e U700 ANIMATION CONSTRUCTION KIT VI.2 . Good U702 V MO«PH V? Create smooth morph animator.
U703 POOL TOOLS 2 llatesii pmdici* horse racing U705 TRONI-CAD-Ce*! Create* circurt Doeid • ••ample* U707 GAME TAMER (3841.(2) For even more game, cheat* U70B LAST WILL 8 TESTAMENT- write yoor WiR U7I0 PERFECT PAINT 32 Easy to use p « packago U7t4 ENGINEER KiT Teat fat tor Amiga U71B MAGNUM ' 9 REGARD Best disk magazine creator U721 FONT FARM V3 - toads of font* . TwTvtewer U723 EXOTIC RIPPER -at« at the Pert toundypfSCffapW U301 AUTO DISK LOGGER c ____________ U321 GRAPHIC UM 1(3) loadx d Drill graphic util* U324 GRAPHIC UM 2 3 even more gropTuc tool* U333 SCENERY MAKER mere landscape
oeneraboo U334 EMULATOR COLLECTION II (ton of emulator.)
U335 FREE COPY back up commwcul game* U337 MODEL 3D Brilhanl 3D objoct designer U338 MULTI VISION (2) MA*I » uMOM U350 POOL TOOL- predict heme *tm beat chance U351 RACE RATER Similar lo above U358 STAR CAT 2-croate catalogue dmk oaaly U359 SEEKER raid to*! Me on (loppy & Marddrive U380 R P G (2) adventure creator U383 DISK REPAIR KIT saNage & t U372 WORD SORT process ASCII I... U377 NCOMM III moro modem M rt«aie • pecker otll U380 UNICOPY tantaalic dak copier U3M FRACSCAPE VI .2 new fractal *rmilar to VISTA U400 SOUND TRACKER V2 6 mow: maker U420 SPEED BENCH (not Wbl 3) create auto Doot WB
U425 NIB 2 very popular coper U436 THE RIPPER COLLECTrON(not WB3) toU ol ripper* U442 SYStNFO last 8 print trip on your AMIGA «» U444 FONT FARM tom creator-edtor.dosgn new lont U457 WHOM 2 (3DISKJ Detaiidatobasa on 31 film* U470 FINAL FRONTIER 1 (2 disk) Slai Trek meaa?ino U473 FINAL FRONTIER 3 4 dttk) Star Trek magazine U480 HARD DISK CllCK-HardDriU rttonu system U49t PROTRACKER V3-B.SI mtac wrier wogram U492 WORK-STATION (2»»k Wbl.3 onfyt WB-rcoUcomort U495 HARD DISK UTIL Drill collection of HartMtnk utils AMIGA ESSENTIALS************** t MAGAZINE E 3 •,*»**¦ Ktonce ftoton magazme U963
AMOS 4 AMOS PRO COMMANO EXTENSION DISK CLEANING KIT ...... Complale with disk A cleaning fluid Quality MOUSE MAT ...... 10 blank diaka A 10 labala . SO diak protector aloowaa
- apaclal offan £1 off If you order S .
IAMGl _______ ¦AWT 4 BUCQY SytfTEMa Gel fw meal oul U978 0CL______ of Purs m*t U96I VIRUS CHECKER Vfl.M AUTO UPDATE MONTIA.Y- U962 CXRECTlQRY 0* )S V4 E.tri CcmmandBUnONS U983 MAQtC WB K VAQlC MENU &Xh Mnl ve on* U« e* VIRUS-WO«KS «0P V5 I me cen Vmr* k ier U987 GRAPHIC CONVERTER ?0) Ccnvert, pctufto etc U988 TURBOCAT Auto catalogue ,o«.r .ki*. itirary U989 AUTOGOOT OiSK MAKfR V4 very uaeful U9tW IMAGINE STUCkO V2j20| the Deal PO imeg* (IXture) procoMor availeDM Rr.aH even the com rvKOJl U070 HAROOR1VE gf.CURirv It Coflecoon I Lockout 2 Pai nor. PD diaka U730 SOFT AGA (A5(X»tu« or AtfXIl A n
U731 A Z GAMES CHEAT for ever 500 games U732 MINI MORPHS c-eate TERMINATOR 2 ohoct U736 AWARD MAKER II - hundreds ot -oadv U737 ASSASSIN CRUNCH 5 COPY TOOL 0.._ _ .
U738 S KICK PROFESSIONAL v3 2 vancut K-wan U739 TURBO IMPLODER V3 I powedrf dt*k cruncher U740 CROSS DOS 5 t plus renawnte PC AMIGA »*» U74t HD-OiSK TckX BO« - mar, mere *ik yfa. Rfaxrtmended U742 HOW TO CREATE AUT60OOT OlSK crxwete uM* U743 Util Disk Maker v3. MAKE AUTO BOOT OISK U744 FRACTAL MANIA-BIOMORPM BtHliaie ccrfecJon U746 AF WORK BENCH 13) iWB t 3 ONLY) reptacement U747 ASTRONOMY V2 predtct star planet predSton U749 DISK REPAIR 1 (tfopoy a Hoj mcluto* *on-pr«eel U750 MUSIC CATALOGUE trot A506 11 3) v U75I SYSTEM CHECKER TOOL r .... U7S3 HARD DRIVE UTIL - tolt. N. e i U754 PAR8ENCH
rwaiv tcorrctole.
U755 PRO CAD olecfmn Late*l ctrcul Ooam deSKjner U758 WB MENU LAUNCHER mono vyotem oa*y to use UreO ICON PLUS I301SK) Hundred* ot *tunnmg ICONS U761 RELOCKIT 14 leteet Wbt.3 emulator U762 FAKE FAST MEMORY ma-e more olde- softwa-e Ur 7 TELE TEXT RECEIVER U78I DOSTRACE VJ refuse to run & monitor* U783 POOL WINNER GOLD must lor oil gamOler* U7B9 HARD DISK MEMOFIY V2 uee HD ** rttomwy (r* MMU) U790 WINDOVZ BENCH V2 (WB 2-3) 2 dsk new workbench roptacorerH. Irvrudo* ol* o' uiefu i U79I COMPU’ER DIAGNOSTIC Tl ... ._ U8CG PRINT A CARD indudn man, ream- me do U801 MULTI-PRiNT V4 tot* Ol pnnttog ufa*
U805 DISK PRINT pnnt cuitom o*. Iabe« U807 FONT & PRINT load* ol uJiMiea to view & print your font coBecbon RECOMMENDED PRINTER MANAGER U427 PRINTER STUOO excitant prtnl mull USM PRINTER TOOL Include* typewriter. »poofar ale U7H PRINT LABELS print disk labelabenner.
SrrvMtn Cnmml M1W JESUS ONES (2 toki) M205 RAVE - mew Rave M2S2 A TO Z Of C64 GAMES MUSC (4) brDiarx M314 DfCK TRACY (Madonnal 12) M335 STAR TREK A STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION (2) «3hd*»% programs og lockout 2 Pa»*v*crd otc U971 HARO-OISK A FLOPPY OiSK CXXJBLER (Soul n« Wbt 3 fJVZp '.GAMES, LEVEL COCE V33g re Crazy () very ferny j - DIRE STRAITS 0 UTJ3 PANASONIC STUDIO - 9 A 24 pin printer drtv*r a ubi U734 CANON PRINTER STUOIO not A500 (13) U73S PRINTER STAR 24.700 FONT DESIGNER • U7« CITIZEN PRINTER MANAGER lor tf Citizen prlnUt o*wi containing many useful printer util* a driver* UM4 CANON
PRINTER STUDIO lor *11 model* lor u*e U974 HO GAMES INSTALLER 2 va-a' too oama*
2. Rrw Of IN. (to«. Medal Cereal 2 & more U975 OMS V? 04 Pro
Crunch entire dt»k (noli 3, U970 MAGIC SELECTOR VI 4-Change
Meg« WB back Urco U977 MAGIC WB ICON ARCHIVE ill lOOF» of MQ
eon* U908 X-PASSWOROprotod your ~ U979 ICON ACHIVE(J) I0CO s
of i U994 TEXTURE STUOO Reno«r with Imagine 3 etc req FPU (not
1.3) U095 pMO-OAMBLES V2 must for oil gamoler.
OHOag C 11 3) vory easy to u i»T tar any Amrga own
* e Hard Drrve Ufa* U717 R DRIVERS UrgMt eolteeUon I cona i any
yow v«J*o colfactlor UU1 VVCO APPLICATION paid*) mm MON
DIMrproo U2S0 VIDEO TOOL (1) dud. Ol vlO*c utfc R*omm*nd*d UM4
TELESUBTmE nee video ttar IWS YofO MAKE V4.JJ The IMMl In video
UM2 DESKTOP VIDEO 1 » 2 (but dttoo tW toot) cauiooumo«y*am
Oonn* of funcbon* 1*71 TELE fin.! 2 • Greet rwm VSJEOS RW US04
U507 DCOPY V3 PROFESSIONAL - Exceflonl Oak a
- "OOTBLOCK _k Wtr U509 ULT BOOT SLOCK-40 -‘tootDtack ssLsSssr
good paint package rectal Racommerded 50 Dootbtock protector
iEiVER prnect MgNy recommended U998 EXOTIC RIPPER V3 0 latow
displays inlormatiOT. On why programs U999 HO MEMORY (new
R* Amiga adi*nty REC U10CO MAGIC OPUS VOL 2 A 3 (2 : GOLD must lor oft gambler* UtOOt CAR DATA ANALYST-cheel "DO* Ztcn) require MM ...-------- . VOL 2 A 3 (2D) more Ocgu* buttons . .. CAR DATA ANALYST-cneck your car performance UI002 TURBO CAT iWB 2A3 oNyl calatogue creator U1003 LOTTERY WINNEFI V2-n v vewon U1005 BASlC-ELECTRONiCS Toach •» about etocvonie UI000 LOTTO LUNACY V5 Update tatetl lottery predctor U'007 ALL NEW HARD DISK A FLOPPY QtSK TOOL 2 12) UI008 HARDWARE PROJECT 2 (2) Build dozen, of E»0.trJS,”rM U'0’0 WB2 04 INST.
U5S0 SCENERY CONSTF U5S1 ASSASSIN BOOT L_____________________ U555 CROSSWORD CREATOR mot WR3i croeaword make* U561 PERM CHECK * M POOLS PREOtCTION program U568 ICON CONSTRUCTION KIT Icon making progrim U560 ICON ready made (4 dis.l U590 A SCO NUMERIC PAD EMULATOR (A600 only) US9T DEGRADER (not WB t 3) A500 emulator : TEST V9 Amg. Taort hmw.g U«2t WE DOING VIDEO ANHI (2 dtek*) Require* 0 Pnnl Um Cafffifi'•uoUrt .Vtoo Bmr UM3 VIDEO MANAGER (not A500 IJ1 Video CaUHogtAng lyMan U924 VOCOTTTIER-aty good nd*o Otter c 'nwiu I t («i DUIIU mvnn u 10 M Arrngns in a lower case ssswffzarasni?
PUZZLE GAMES II Wss« vbtssr. Ol aU «*y MS wrae gane m reeasM rOuJ stm rtdassasikeflfia Cz» Pon-Pjoes etc.» w h«, 11st 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 ARCADE GAMES il COUiCTON Of IW VERT BEST SHOOT-EUWS MUST FOR W1 GAMES RAYEfl 5 DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 PRINTER PACK 5 disk pack with all the latest printlna programs specialty designed tor printing out high quality documents, text A pictures etc and it Is even able to print out AS booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A must tor any Amiga owner with a printer.
Printer Pack (5 dleke) only £4-99 BOARO GAMES II The very’ E»si Ward aames m rs&aseo This c* contain the very latest CHESS. CHECKERS. “ MOWPOLY 4 DOMINOES.
Reccfnmenoed 5 OISK PACK ONLY £4 99 :o G253 DESTINE MOON Arcad* conversion G278 ARCADIA Ihe De*t A ..... 0300 Q-BOIO croas TETRIS and INVADERS G303 DIMENSION X 2 player LIGHT CYCLE GAME 0310 NEBULAR Escelleni 30 shoo! Em up G3I6 GALACTIC Excellent 8 levels arcade G317 HYPER-BALL Speed Dak . Level editor 3320 GHOST-SHIP Very good 30 advtoturo G325 BATTLEMENT Hu-chbock ot Noire Dam* G326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS III 3 loo game* G331 GRAVITY ma*sn e space exploring game G333 CYBER NETIC Bnhant a way faastei G334 DONKEY KONG (A1200 order code AGA296) G335 CRAZY SUE B- best plaflorm to date G342
SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE IS track editor*) G344 STAR-TREK wr.lar to RAID ? But harder G3S5 DOODV very cute & extremely addctive G368 WONDER LAND amazing grapnrcs recommended 0362 DELUXE PACMAN * best pacman ever released G387 CARO GAMES collection G368 WIZARD-OOMA1N5 dungeon type games G370 KALATRIZ (tot A12001 arcade Totn* clone 3373 AIR ACE II Very playable shoot em uo DbetfPOvemtoh G364 OTHELLO t G390 TETREN mofa pc*r*h*d Totrs ever r. G392 STRIKE BALL onlUanl Basebai done G399 TRAILBLAZER breienf (nol A1200; G400 FIGHTING WARRIOR Ike Street F 3404 DOMINOES only one of ns kind to G406 TOTAL
WARS xtraiegy H*e chess in space (3411 BATTLE CAR 2 3D car racing G43t NESTE R CARD GAME tours ot fun for a qud G435 ROULETTE American roiAeDe excellent G4J8 TRAILBLAZER 2 C84 convorsron G441 E-TYPE 2- very moo astorod greaf graofvc G443 OLEMPIAD DISK (2D) Oyrre* spo" events G445 DESCENDER GAME tank, search i descender G446 OBLIDOX excellent Brcade-ouzzle game G448 PARACHUTE JOUST ijule p«yab«
- ---------' •'~OM VG graphic a ’ GIOOY Large pt G488 EXTREME
VOLENCE 2 payer came out G489 ENGIMA MACHINE very chadengnj
puzzto _.. . . . LDlc Breakout ctane it platform 10 2 tantasbc
famllar to Aien Breed G535 BLACK DAWN brilliant graph*
advontuie Q538 MORIA 5 4 The latest Dungeons 8 Dragons 101
GAMES PRICE ONLY £9-99 S‘9*nitt**Wtf»iriEofft» 1 tot PD pm
nkOH NWDE01 V*.U»d* K Fewrtaff els 'iVttmit ¦VI G539 BRIDGE
Good vemion ot Bndgo G540 ORK ATTACK bloody adventure G541
REBOUNCE 2 player Withe breakout G542 ROAD TO HELL Dnkant car
* e Operation BASE Arcad GS48 QUIZMASTER very good Quiz program
G552 ELEVATION games based on Wt f?
G560 IMPERIAL WALKER -Based on STAR WARS game G567 STARBASE '3 (2 daksl Briliant ka MONKEY ISLAND 3657 AMOS LOADS* MONEY oesi fruit machines G659 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2 d«* many evtol* to ccmptato G660 4 LC D DREAM 4 email hand held game* G664 NEIGHBOUR GAMES t2 am: based on me TV sane* G666 TIME RUNNER (WB23) Bnfktol grapmc G667 GOLF (2 do**) On of ihe Inst & b*«i GOLF G668 AMOS CrlCKtT 2 New A-no* crcet famulator GQ69 MOGSY REVENGE gangster graphic adventore 3872 JIGSAW (2 taka) very pia.AOie nau- garmrs 0873 BOBBY GARDEN • DIGGER INEW) Bnfliam G874 HIGH OCTANE Fast car raong (nol WB1 3)
G875 TIME RUNNER amazno grapfvc odvantu'* 0880 SPACE-INVASlOf 2 - Farta.Dc Gaia .-n G681 AUTOMOBILES • PD var» on d SKID MARK bnilianl G882 BANDIT M*N-4 • Brilliant fruit macNne demo G685 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -BoMrd Atierod G889 GUN FIGHT (not A500l 1 3 G690 THE REAL POPEYE 64 (A500 1 3 only) G692 SYSTEM DEFEND - Bniiort Defender acre 0*98 AMIGA BOY Game Bo, •mulaw - Tetris G732 DETHELL IN SPACE Recorrvtvenned G735 OVERLANDER Bntiant arcado MOON ALERT G737 SERIOUS BACKGAMMON Tto best in PO BG G77I STAR VOID (2 Oisk) tollanl Thrust G772 UN-SENSIBLE SOCCER very famHar to Sensible Soccer ganvo*
RECOMMENDED G773 FRUIT MANIA - Bnltrant trut meefsne 101 GAMES PACK 2 f! PRICE ONLY £10-99 |Pi*sTe«yme.'«*f3f graanpUaiBKlil xmuaqKtvd Se enter rPOgrwbiZM MnXrard [togyna FvniNryniK _COP»TBLE«mi*UUKA5 A gnw «iMCUd Ifcer r. u*) io um mtmi I mow g»** cow* w»iMp»)togpitMClkx i_ 0774 TRICKLE TREAT - Ike Doom on me PC G775 FOOTBALL MANAGER • Now v*r*ton G782 SOLO ASSAULT 3D Mke Wing Commander G783 SEED OF DARKNESS • BnlUnt graphic odvontoro* G785 THE GREAT GOLD RAIO - very addctne 0787 ANT WAR VI 0 (LATEST) not 1 3 0788 ZENO-MORPH Great grato.es G789 TASK FORCE very good MiND SHADOW done G790
GREEN FIVE Amaz-ng 3D graph*.
G?9t PROFESSIONAL BlNGO CALLER G792 MARTIAL SPIRIT like Stroel Fchtor II G796 8 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES coBecton G809 BLITZ 2 fast acton ahooeng game* G810 ExrT 13 Brilliant puzzle G8t i TEMPORAL MISPLACEMENT - Graphic adventure G812 A DAY AT THE RACES - V Good horse raong game G820 BOULDER ORIGINAL with 80 lev** G82I BOULDERDASH cave level construction kit 3822 BOULDER COLLECTION 20 160 level (2 taka) G839 BOULDER PACK with 640 levels on a csks 3880 ALIEN NET WORK- new Sotoo Invaders G862 BATTLE FORCE oxcfalen text adventure G883 GNU CHESS the best chess with 10 levett G868 SWORD OF YK3G
Graph-: adventure G887 POWER-TETRIS lot 1 or 2 G068 SUPER SMASHING 3870 CHESS II 8 CHECKER One ol the besl around, mu*! Tar *11 CHESS or CHECKERS players G871 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 Of 2 player thrual done 0872 SCHNEBITZ Commercial Quality puzzle games G875 DELEXE GALA v2 3 (NEW) feature 8 bounce game 2 piayer RECOMMENDED geiitnow G87o THE KRILL IAN INCENOENT like ELITEZtpC G878 OUANTUM.Maze coiled 8 escape type games 3879 RAG TO RICHES - ike MONOPOLY war NEW 101 GAMES PACK 3 Nw 101 pack! Co««ni ovb 100 jjmn. Run. Or ill imHn only £1199. OFFER: buy any 2 sacks togeffw & fttcene a tree £4 token
lor um win nert order TIM otter cannot Deusedwrtft any otbef current oftir and is subject lo conditions 30 wi vector *k car racsio- very fast RECOMMENDED G889 PLANET FALL Luner lander clone G891 BUCK TOOTH ADVENTURE Very goto mum level stoolcalect em up RECOMMENDED G892 PENGO 2- Maze type game* Recommended G893 SUPER OBLITERATION Blast asii-uta wiry similar to PANG 2 lots ot weapons RECOMMENDED G894 SUPER INVASION II New SPACE INVADER (3897 THE SHEPHERD Briliant POPULUS cknc RECOMMENDED G898 ALIEN GENOCtDE |2) Shoot al«ns set n soace 3899 PUCKMAN One of the benor PacMan tuotod G900 SUPER
BATTLE ZONE 3D (nol Wbl 3t 3901 M’A’S’H a (ANTWAR 21 *im*flr to LEMMINGS 8 WORM «» toads ol Weapons (Brilliant G904 LAST SOLDIER (2) mutt level cMftan-t gam** G905 CYBERTECH (21 exceflent ALIEN BREEO Clone G906 HANGMAN any one lor a gam 7 G907 ACE SPACE nice plattorm game G912 MANGLE FENDER Bnlkant Smash up other caratanks eta to win Extremoly addctive Got t
C. 013 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Vd t 8 2 (2d) G914 HELICOPTER - like
Desert Slhke G915 COW WARS Very adoctv* 2 player game G916
ISLAND -Like ktonoooN G9I9 COP THE LOT P-o Late*! Lottery
prodctor G920 LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL G921 MONOPOLY (board gamoi
Tho besl version G922 JET WILLY 3 • excellent paltamt gar*
Graphicaty bnilianf G925 SUICIDE-MACHINE Operation Wolf stylo
G926 ZAXXON 3D Suoem C64 30 tXasier game G927 DOING V3 Great
plartarmet Recommended G928 PUNTER Anmatod torso racing game
GLADIATOR • Great fun to play G931 NIMBLE • BrAiom now arcade
G933 BLACK DAWN 3 - THE NEW BEGINNING 12) Supeib 30 advenitao. RECOMMENDED G93* R3 ROCKET (NEW) very good rocket game G93S BATTLE SHIP- me toes! PD verfaon GAMES HINTS & CHEATS II D fM fnd it 5rB lo gf fafa I anan mi it tuny pm? 5 Ms p*d nfit
• XOirl shMcreRv'ooto* icon Klor. Rtpns kMs« PO.KNC m fnisMw) giM
- lueiM br Ml Amgu mi, (4K .Wli»C 4 F* easfC to 3 JM* % E001
KID PAINTS superb paint apodal lor k«sa E002 COLOUR IT bmkant
computer cotaurino book E003 TREASURE SEARCH find the hidden
treasure E0O4 LEARN A PLAY I (nof A1500) meshe 8 gemee E006
LEARN • PLAY II more education program* E006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR
Spanish Engiisn IPACK 1 FkfcM *«t *jan of sduccctui progrw*
rmgto boa ¦ ' ' iuSHMtSfar * onf, 1*95 E020 WORLD OAT.
E021 STORY LANO U . ... _____ E022 LANGUAGE TUTOR teaches you 4 languages E023 TALKING COLOURING BOOK talking Opainl onur* E024 EASY SPEU. II improve your lotfa apolltna E056 SCRABBLE requires 2-4 ptayor SrtlHeni E026 WORDS can help you solve If* cona word E027 OSWALD Large ootamful cartoon gome E030 EVOLUTION breed your own nybna £031 IQ TEST . IQ GAMES peck 1 excellent E033 TYPING TUTOR very good typing tutor E035 CHESS HELPER h*ip*foocno* how to play E036 BASIC TUDOR learn about Amiga Dei- program EDUCATION A 21 GAMES PACK CoflsetOc of tn wry Mt & MaaMnV mgrun ind ¦ Jt-gn* 90- * wiy
eonwutito to UM |m to 1 Awgai) S disk ptdi tnf, C*K £040 GUIDE TO lOWEH BACK PAIN t, . . _____ E 8 how lo avoid back pom RECOMMENOED I KIO ALPHABET display* alphabet EC42 FRACTION 8 SlLOUEST rath. 8 game* EKOtant EG43 MATH MASTER toacheadoMa you on mam* e044 STEAM ENGINE V2 graphic 8 Uaonai £045 PETROL ENGINE lulonal 8 anvnabon graofvc E046 GAS TURBINE ENGINE lulonal 8 arum grapNc E047 STIRLING ENGINE tutorial 8 arum graph* EOSO DREAM FOR ANGEL a.plan, the raanng of dream.
E051 INVISIBLE WORLD bnUlant RECOMMENCED EOS? FISH TANK turn your Amiga info ¦ PI3MIANK EOS4 DEMOLITION MISSION *impie oeme lor tad E055 WORD POWER *dve c-os*word puzztoe eta oo* £056 WORM HOLE simple game dea) lor chJdren E057 APPLE CATCHER catch tallinc E0S8 CROSS MAZE 8 CryPTOKUiO ; h tailing applea bnaiam )KiNO 3 excellent icde game* d 8 l« reMted verb. Bnii.anl E05» VERB QUIZ find the word 8 Ito ---------- E06I KING JAMES BIBLE (4d) comptale Omi- EO66 TARROT da.rvoyatoh m an Inetanl
a. to orry »«*» Amg. Imm . . . Tutorial, on world war Bko
Starprobe moieciibe etc E078 SCIENCE on exctarr aHedoi ot
*oence dak* t« toil E060 KIDPRIX oinot ch.ldrena p.inling
p.og-om 6061 ASTRONOMY PACK- Amazing ootlechoo o' orooioma
relating lo aatronomy. Locate alar positions otc Muct for
astronomy student or embus**! (4 di*aei £073 PICTURE A LETTER
team to read lire! Stops 6074 AMIGA BEGINNER GUIDE tutorial on
Argaa S *mg-a-long TUTOR questixia on nighway cc 120 THREE
E097 BACK TO SKOOL vol 1 Eoge BACK TO SKOOL vot 2 _____ E099 BACK TO SKOOL v M 3 4 game.__________ E100 LITTLE TRAVELLER worto wldo mformatton 6101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map 8 le-t E103 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM tutorial on th* Atom (20) INI MUSIC 130) quo A taonai ALPHABET Ersiedjmkng E104 DESK TOP GUIDE TO MUSIC (3D| ei07 TRUMP TV FiREWC way io leem the alphebet E108 HOW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS I (7l ExOMed E109 MR MEN OLYMPICS (20) marry E110 CULT TV DATABASE (T E11? HOW TO DEVELOP Oevetop your own E115 ELECTRONIC WORLDS (30) Cto««eie Mg James Bou E110 HOW TME EARTH BEGAN ftg Bang meory
£110 WORKBENCH 2 tutorial on Work Bench 2 E119 DINO WAR OuU on dnoaaur* El20 JUNIOR MATHS Great ieamng efa lor leeefwtg mem* RECOMMENOED E121 PICTURE PUZZLE bnfcant JK3SAW type game* El72 WORD FACTORY Brabant leech UU new worot El23 KIO DISK 1- Bmtant education pack EI24 KIO DISK 5 E129KIOI E142 KID I .
E175 JURASSIC PARK I E176 CHILDREN SONG I . ...________ E127 MING S*K) (A500 ere,) Br*am On*** Astrology Itaeo ehk 'Konrg tfa to 1 M J Ssa tof,» * a Ms Mparuu, to cw, Hp * ta Ctrv»iW»» E128 ASTRO 22 PRO.V3 -The « 6132 WORLD HISTORY BOOK Et33 UTILE TRAVELLER II12) World wide information E' 34 x FILES - Guide to th TV sen** E148 CHESS 8 TUTOR teach * you how to play cheea E150 INTEFV4ET-FULL gudo to ntomet 8 oupemghwey E161 Cli 8 SHELL TufOR (beta) Ideal tar begone.
E162 DCUXE FAINT 3RAPHC UT 5» V 3 4 4 AECSCCNOCO E103 JAPANESE •ojeto. ,ou » w. e* Jko.v««* 6104 PAINT IT (not A5O0I 3) latoel COLOURING fioQK E165 KEY BOARO TRAINER An excellent typing tutor 6168 WORD POWER- soettaheckxrceaword totverleach Et08 CROSSWORD CREATOR • dewgn croaaworde Et09 CHESS II 8 TUTOR Oniuant Ch*»* ll game* E170 HISTORY OF AVIATION Vo t Excellent dfak El71 CHH.O FAVOURITE- Education program 6172 ANIMAL LANO - Laam about animal* E170 FRANTIC QUIOE TO COMPUTER (20) DrtUont 8 tunny 6177 CYBERPUNK 2 for Cyber Punk freaka onN E178 STAR-TPEK 8 STARTRIX NEXT OENE'UTICN OtAOC (6)
mual tor Star Trek fens contains 100* of pictures from Star Trek oene* 2 E18t SIGNATURE CREATOR cuatorme your own agnetu* E182 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 contprehentwe gude to wrut EI84 IMAGINES VIDEO 2 disks EI83 WORKBENCH 2,3 GUIDE On line helcvComptote £210 LEARN 8 PLAY 3 Lsteet education 8 games E240 BARNEY THE BE AR GOES CAMPING (TO) 4li abou onme .
£241 COMMS GUIOE Vt t using modema for beginner.
£242 GUIDE TO WEATHER ,3d) complete weather guide RECOMMENDED §245 MATH ATTACK Maths rotated gamee tor Udo £242 AMMAL-LANO Ideal for young kKM. Excellent E243 PICTURE-MATHS Math, progiam for UO.
E24C BEGINNER GUIDE TO WH 3 (A 1200 only) E247 GLOBE FACT(21 focra aooul planet earth £25! BIRTHDAY HISTORY V2 2- E?S2 BAB TENDER reope. For 1000 or drnka-ccOtoa.
F. 2M BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR_ Latest educattgji peck 8 new 21 game
colledtoo « 15 Oisk pack) only £4 95 WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE
Any pack comes on 5 disks only £4-95 per pack Now you can play
100s & 100s of Speclrum 48K games on your Amiga. Any pack
below Is complete 8 ready lo run on your Amiga. Full printed
Instructions provided.
Itieai him
• wweini X; re
• ¦mbwi aupi« SPECIAL OFFER Take all 3 ot the above packs & 50
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Workbench Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
POWER STRUGGLE I am ihe owner of an A1200 with a Zappo double-speed CD-ROM drive and an Aniitele
3. 5-inch external disk drive. I intend to buy a 80 120 Mb hard
drive from C.V'P but I'm not sure whether my original
Commodore power supply could cope. Will I need a more powerful
power supply?
David Ash Blackpool Yes. nohahly. Expecting to power our drives I two floppies, one CD-ROM mid one Imril drive) is a little much. Either get an external power supply for the CD-ROM or buy a bigger PSU, such as a Goliath from Date! (01782 744707).
SX-1 EXPANSION Firstly. I would like to say how much I have enjoyed reading Amiga Format. I have all your Coverdisks from issue 18 onwards. Keep up the good work.
I am fortunate enough to own three Amigas: an A.5(10, an A600 and a CD*-. The machine however, that these questions relate to is my CD52.
My setup is CD®2 fitted with SX-I expansion + 4Mb RAM and 85Mb hard drive, two disk drives, AT keyboard. Sharp laser printer, all powered by a wonderful Goliath power unit.
1. In issue 76 (October 1995) Nathan Haigh questioned re: SX-1
expansion. In reply you mentioned I liQ. However, 1 have
recently been in contact with them and they told me that due
to a lack of interest the expansion for the SX-1 would not be
seeing the light of day because it was not financially viable.
Fair enough, but I already purchased a 3.5-inch IDF.
850Mb HD in anticipation.
Do you know of any suppliers who produce an outside box and cable to connect to the DB37 external IDF. Connector on the back of the SX-1?
2. SX-1 again. Currently 1 have a 4Mb SIMM and wish to upgrade,
but why can I only upgrade to an 8Mb SIMM, and no higher?
3. Can you tell me how to put a picture pattern on to my screen
as a backdrop? I followed the instructions as per your August
1995 "No problem!" Feature, but to no avail.
I select the backdrop as a Workbench and picture. I save, then re-boot - but nothing. The same happens in Test mode.
4. Another prefs problem. My keyboard has a S and gate sign. In
prefs I select British keyboard, and when I test it the gate
becomes a pound sign as requested but the S remains. Again I
save this pref, but upon re-boot it's back to line 1.
5. 1 want to add titles and graphics to my home videos. I realise
that I need a genlock, but which do you recommend for a
beginner? My budget is about £150. Also, which software would
be best used in conjunction with the genlock for multimedia,
Scala (which one?), or another program?
6. Are there any commercial BBS programs out there for beginners?
I have tried a few PD programs but have found the instructions
lacking when it comes to amateurs. I wish to set up a regular
Board with F,-mail facilities. No Internet, thank you.
I thank you for reading this letter and would be most grateful if you could help me. Keep up the good work for at least another 10 years.
Af Sellars
I. You should be able to mount a drive inside the SX-1 as well as
externally. As for cables, most large dealers should be able
to help you out. ’Fell them you need a box with PSU to house a
3.5-inch drive mechanism, and you nerd a speeded IDE cable
made up. If you have no joy. Contact Eyetech (01642 713185)
who have lots of experience in fitting hard drives to Amigas.
Continued overleaf ¦* IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Formal we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Detail the actual problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill in. Photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga: C A500 C A500 Plus C A600 O A1000 O A1200 O A1500 C A2000 C A3000 C A4000 Kick start version: O 1.2 o 1.3 Workbench revision: O 1.2 O 1.3 C 2.04 2.05 O 2.1 Total memory fitted _ Chip memory available _ O 2.x O 3.x O 1.3.2 O 3.0 Extra drive *1 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: Extra drive »2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: Mb as DH Manufacturer: Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer: Details of other hardware: The Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM drive (rated 86 per cent in AF74).
I am considering buying an Aiwa ACD-300 and Squirrel interface to use on my dad's A1200.1 have an accelerated A500 with a Supra 500X SCSI interface and a 1 2Gb SCSI-2 drive whacked on the side. As the Supra has a SCUPPERED SCSI D-socket on the back for SCSI pass-through, will I be able to link the CD-ROM drive to the back of my Supra? If so, what cable will I need and where I will be able to obtain one?
Also, would I be able to link my hard drive, minus the SCSI controller of course, to the back of the CD-ROM drive? I ask this because, when I am not away at University I like to use the A1200 which, unfortunately, only has an 80Mb IDE drive inside.
For both of the above questions, do the necessary leads also provide power? My PSU can take it because I have a Goliath PSU.
Gareth Carroll Yes, you will be able to connect the CD-ROM drive to your Supra SCSI interface. You will need an Amiga CD-ROM filing system though: several are freely available from the Aminet on disk or via the Internet. You will need a standard SCSI lead which most computer dealers will be able to help you with.
You can chain up to six peripherals together with SCSI, but sometimes it can be difficult to sort the cabling out and this could be one of those situations. Because you want to carry your SCSI hard drive around with you, you will have to buy a special case to enclose it anyway. These cases usually cost about £70 and include a power supply (SCSI does not supply power through its connections). Make sure you specify a case which has connections at the rear which will include a through port. You can then chain the hard drive and CD-ROM drive together and connect them to either the A500’s Aiwa or
Alloa's Squirrel SCSI Interfaces.
B* 2. There is only one SIMM slot, and my understanding is that it is limited to an 8Mb SIMM. It was probably thought that not many people rould afford the £400 required to put 16Mb into a games console.
3. &4. For some reason your Prefs settings are not being stored
to disk, ll could depend on which machine you are using, but
whenever you select SA VF.
The prefs should be stored to ENVARC:. Check that ENV.ARC: is actually pointing to a disk drive rather than memory, and check also that your startup sequence includes the line: c:copy nil: envarc: ram:env all noreq
5. You only need a genlock if you want to superimpose graphics
over live video. The GVP G-Lock genlock is very good,
especially when used with Scala, hut is outside your budget.
The llendate 8802 or Am itek Fusion might suit. The Fusion is
£99 including Scala HT100 from Silica (0181 309 IIII), which
is a good deal Scala is prohaldy the best tilling program, and
which version you require depends on how complicated you want
your titling to get. Ill'100 is good for simple stuff, hut
with MM300 you get more effects and the ability to connect to
other hardware, such as genlocks.
See our sister magazine Amiga Shopper (issue SI) for a more detailed look al multimedia.
6. The commercial systems I have seen don 'I come with
instructions which are much more helpful although Xenolink i.s
quite good. The best place hr find nut more i.s him your
local BBS, especially j they hove Fidonet access. Get on-line
and start asking. I'm not sure how you are going to provide
E-mail facilities without using the Internet though. Some form
of TCP IP telepathy, perhaps ?
I have recently started programming in C after using AMOS for some years and have reached a significant barrier: I am unable to find any documentation on loading IFF lt.BM graphics files into C and displaying them via a Bitmap Window or through the rasterport. Could you tell me how to do this, or where there is a description of how to do it (I am on a limited budget and can't afford really expansive books, 1 mostly rely on PD for my information)?
I have already got the four-disc C manual by Anders Bjerin.
Christopher Alan Page You have discovered why AMOS is such a popular language: it handles all this sort of thing for you automatically. You will need to start from the ground up and write code to handle the loading and decoding of I IT'files, creating bitmaps and loading the graphics data into the bitmap. As you can see, it is a complicated procedure and well beyond the scope of the Workbench pages. You will need access to the official information in order to achieve this, and if you are unwilling or unable to bay books you are putting yourself al a distinct disadvantage.
1'be Amiga G Encyclopedia by Anders Bjerin was one of the best sources of this kind of information
- especially the version 3 set which took many disks.
Some enterprising CD-ROM presser needs lo gel the rights tv this and re-issue it together with the official Commodore developer disks.
1'here is not a lot can say except to keep asking around on the Internet. Check out the Aminet for example source code, useful libraries and on-line articles. Our sister magazine Amiga Shopper occasionally publishes in-depth articles on C and I'm sure if you petitioned them they might publish the code you need.
I have just begun my exploration of the Internet and I find one of the biggest problems (apart from having to configure 101 different pieces of software), is knowing where to look. It seems that everything you always wanted to know about anything is in there somewhere, it's just a question of finding it.
I've now found a few 'search' type WWW sites that help out on the Web, http: www.yaltoo.com is a good one. But what about IRC and in particular, newsgroups? 1 want to get into conversations and discussions on all sorts of topics, but how do I find them?
Simon Geddes Welt searching i.s quite easy thanks to Yahoo as you have discovered (try here for more search engines: www.wrb-.search.com) hut as you say, what about IRC and Usenet newsgroups?
Unfortunately, IRC is such a dynamic thing that it is hard to pin down. Many Web homepages have links lo the most popular channels (such as ttAMIGA for example) but all you can really do obtain a list of HEARD IT ON THE GRAPEVINE In AF7S, in the Amiga.net section, there was a review of the IRC client software Grapevine. Well, due to the outstanding review, I have since downloaded the program from Aminet and have installed it on my A1200. The problem is, can we possibly have a users guide published, as I have managed to connect several times, but am unsure how to proceed?
I have tried the commands in the writeup, ie, NAMES HELP JOIN etc, but I don't seem to be getting the results I expected.
Any help would really be appreciated, as I really want to get involved in IRC.
Mark@nKole.demon.co.uk Grapevine certainly is a brilliant program, although as with most Internet tools it can be a little difficult to get started. I'm sure Darren would gladly donate space in a forthcoming Amiga.net to discuss the basics in some detail.
Briefly, assuming Grapevine has connected to a suitable server - for example undernet.uk.org - you need to enter something like Ijoin ttamiga to take part in the Amiga channel.
Channels as soon as you log into the server. Even buying a book won V help you much.
There are over 10,000 newsgroups - your news reading software will have dtnonloatled the list when your first started. If you want to kn m which ones are hot you'll have to take the trouble to join them and find out, or buy a magazine such as Tht* .nei Director)’ and take their word for it.
Just a quickie please! I’m hoping to get a SCSI module for my Blizzard A1230 Mklll. My first addition to it will of course be a Zip drive. Is it possible to add a lowly 1.4Mb floppy to the SCSI chain? I’m aiming to maintain a life for my peripherals if my Amiga should be surpassed in ease of use by another SCSI compatible computer and the thought of spending £80 on a HD floppy when I could possibly get away with buying a £40 mechanism appeals.
1 have a few queries related to frequent crashes with my current set up but I'll leave that until I've checked out my HD for problems.
Chris Hart I'm sorry, I don V do quickies. The Zip looks super, doesn V it? Llul don 7 forget about the SyQuest E7J35 when shopping became it too is an external •SCSI drive which uses removable media. The prices are very similar but the EZ135 is faster and stores more on a disk. The bad news is that no, it’s not possible to add a SCSI floppy drive ltecau.se no-one makes such a beast. Besides, once you get a Zip you won 7 need another floppy drive. A nd what's this talk about moving lo another machine?
Crashes on A1201) systems with hard drives and extra memory can often be put down to an inadequate pouter supply although, as I learnt from experience, try removing the hard drive and memory before ordering the new power supply. The problem could be a faulty A 12(H) itself.
SLIPPED DISK My problem is that the floppy drive on my A500 has stopped accepting disks. I would put a disk in at start-up. After disabling the hard drive the drive would spin and the WB2 anim would reappear asking for a disk. Under Workbench the DFO:??? Would appear under the disk icon.
I thought it was the drive (being seven years old) and replaced it with an official replacement. This did not solve the problem so I went ahead and replaced both of the CIA I O chips. The reason for this was the results were the same with my external drive from mv
A) 200, which does work fine on my A1200!
The problem is still not fixed and I can only use the haul drive. Please help as my system is a bit useless without the floppy drive.
Malt hew 18@mdx. Ac. Uk Until your second paragraph I was confident the problem was a CIA chip. I Jixed an A 500 with identical problems simply by swapping the two CIA chips around - the damaged chip which controlled the Iloppy disk was then pul in charge of the serial port.
As the serial port umsn 7 in use, the result was a completely free repair.
However, you state that you replaced both Cl As so we know they are not to blame although I would swap them again, jml in case) which leaves me puzzled. If you had a friend who was out of the country for a while, I would swap the Paula chip to see if that made any difference. Otherwise I’m afraid it j off to the repair shop.
One last thought: you have an A1200 with a working floppy drive, so ha ve you thought of networking them together ? If you ran Parnet on both machines the A500 could access the A 1200’s floppy drive pretty much as though it were its man.
The only snag is that you 11 need to get the Parnet software on to the A 500 and to do that you will need to use a null modem cable and some Comms software on each machine. If you don 7 have Comms software on the A500 then you are stuck again... unless you ran find a friend with an A 500 who will let you install some using your hard drive on his system.
YOU'RE BOOKED 1 own an AI200 with a 420Mb IDE HD and no other extra bits. A friend of mine recently sold his Amiga but kept hold of his programming software for me. One of the programs that he's given me is SAS_C 6.0 with the 6.1 patch disk, but lie's lost the books to go with it.
Is there any way for tne to get hold of a copy of the manuals, or are there any alternative books that you can suggest?
Matt Wynroe HiSoft 10500 223 660) support SAS C, but I doubt they will be happy to supply the manuals alone - which you would understand if you ever saw them. It might be worth giving them a call though, because there is talk of a new C++ compiler appearing soon.
I Conned 1 Vour Wf- 1 i Amia la!
I I m~T ¦ A Guiefai to the « Onli,
• I 1 **••* 1 ’• Internet. LANs.
Ip ___ ¦VNj ¦¦ • to j L • .A * • jL F?Ti *
• * . J * ¦ .7 Dole I. Larson Intangible Assets u dacturingB If
you're having difficulties getting on to the Net then this book
may be able to help you out.
SOCKET TO ME I am E-mailing you from Australia and am asking you to please print my letter! I am a desperate Amiga user who needs some working Amosaicsoftware and AmiTCPand so on. I have downloaded them from the Aminet like you said in your magazine, but without success.
1 am asking you to give me a detailed description of how to install the software successfully. I keep getting the message "Can't find version 0 of socket.library” even after I have put it in UBS: inet: and the directory where Amosaic is located.
My current setup is an A1200HD 250 3Mb RAM (no accelerator FPU), Banksia 28.8SV34 modem ntnning Workbench 3.1. I am told by my friends that 1 am supposed to set the serial speed in prefs: to 19,200 and not 31,250, but when I leave it at 31,250 it is faster. However, my friends tell me that I will get less errors upon up downloading files. How do you think I should set my prefs?
Thank you for producing a top Amiga magazine. 1 have been buying it for the last 50 issues and will continue to buy it.
Is there anywhere in Australia I can get single copies of your magazines sent to me because I get the July issue in October?
Wesley Tarbuck Stanthorpe, Australia Did you download AmiTCP successfully ? It would be impossible to give a detailed description of installing AmiTCP because it would take up the entire magazine. Make sure you have the very latest version of AmiTCP and start from scratch. use the demo version of 4 and also version 3.
As you may know, the socket library is created when you run the AmiTCP system. It doesn 7 exist in the IJBS: drawer like other libraries.
You will need to make sure you have something like this in your commands which start up AmiTCP: setenv SOCKETCONFIG "UID=200 GID=200 Continued overleaf 4 I am hopefully soon going to have some money to upgrade my A1200 (at last!). Along with extra memory and an accelerator, one of the first things that I want to purchase is a qm USER=youruser DOMAIN=yourdomain UMASK=002" DANGER, DANGER!
IF Warn Mount TCP: from AmiTCP:devs Inet-Mountlist Endlf ; Start the internet super server' rim AmiTCP:bin inetd At to the speed you should set your serin! Preferences to: I think your friends are simply jealous. As you have a 28,800 modem selling the speed lo 19.200 would be pointless - you would be wasting all that extra bandwidth and slopping your Amiga and modem from working lo their full potential.
Set the rale lo 3! ,250 or even T 6,01 10 if possible.
A n A500 might no! Be able lo rope with this rale, but if you have full hardware handshaking on IHTS C" ) and a seven-wire lead your A1200 should rope happily.
Our subscriptions department would be happy lo send you copies of AF every month, check page 129 for further details.
THE MISSING PIPE I've recently started Net surfing and I have most things sussed OK. Including WWW and mail, but my problem lies with getting news programs to work. I'm running an AI200. Blizzard 4Mb 50MHz and linking up with AmiTCP 3.0. I have CRN as a news reader but when 1 log on to Demon with AmiTCP and set it for Link Up News as instructed to download my news, I gel an error eventually telling me “Can’t find Pipe". I sent E-mail to the guys who put the TCP package together, but they assumed it was a programme I'm missing from my Workbench! I have found “APipe" but not “Pipe". I even tried
changing all references of Apipe to Pipe, but no joy. So, what is it and where can I get one?
Grahame Smith There is something nagging al the back of my mind about this, because I had exactly the same problem. A "pipe " in A miga terms is a way of linking two processes. For example, you could run two Shells and “pipe" information from one Shell lo the other. It's not something you use every day.
The news reader requires it however, so make sure you have installed it. The Pipe: is a device like another Amiga device, so you will need to mount it. If it's already present in your wnrkben ch:s tor age dosdrivers directory, you will need to enter mount pipe: If it's not there, cofry it across from your original Amiga Workbench Jloppy disks.
Genlock. However, I have heard bad things about genlocks. The last thing I want to do is blow up the machine. Are genlocks as bad as some people make out? Would it be a better idea to get hold of a 'slave' A1200 to broadcast the output created from the accelerated one?
Jon Amphlett I don't know what sort of bad things you heard about genlocks, but I've been using them for years and about the worst thing I've done with them is to drop one on my foot.
As long as you buy a good quality genlock from a reputable dealer and always connect and disconnect it with the power to the Amiga switched off, not much can go wrong. The only warning I can think of is that it's not a good idea to do a lot of floppy disk access with a genlock in place, because the incoming video actually alters the speed of the Amiga in order to synchronise the signals.
I have an A570 CD-ROM drive attached to my Amiga 500 (WB3.1, 2Mb Chip). Syslnfo and other diagnostic programs tell me that this is a SCSI drive.
Recently I have acquired a 650Mb SCSI hard drive, upon opening my A570, (warranty expired), I found that the control board and the CD-ROM both have 40-pin connectors which are not a SCSI standard, or so I am told, and my hard drive has a 50-pin connector.
Where can I either:
1. Get a SCSI card to plug in the expansion port in the back, or
2. Get a SCSI ribbon cable to connect the CD-ROM and hard disk
drives to the controller board.
Or do I have to get a dedicated SCSI controller like the CVP HD8+?
Andrew Hearn Syslnfo and the other programs are lying to you I'm afraid, because the A 5 70 is not a SCSI device. It pretends to be to make the file system stuff easier for the Amiga to deal with.
A500 IS BACK As a recent A500 owner I, and I am sure many others, would like to know the upgrade path available to us. I have a GVP Series II hard drive, ,SMb Chip RAM. 2,SMb Fast RAM and would like to know where - apart from investing in a new Escom A1200 - (which somewhere along the line I intend to do), should I go?
Are there any accelerators I could use with For the same reason, A1200s and A600s will swear blind they have a SCSI hard drive interface fitted as standard when we all know it's IDE.
SCSI cards for the A570 were promised, but none appeared. heard of one company who make an interface for the CD1V and say they might make one for the .4 5 70 if there is enough demand. Their name is AmiTrix Development and you can Email them on sales@amitrix.com or telephone them on 1*1403)9208939.
So, unless AmiTrix start making suitable cards, you will have lo buy a dedicated SCSI interface. Sorry.
NON FUNCTIONING I am currently doing a course in software engineering at University, and I am learning to program with a functional programming language. Ml. I was wondering if there was a similar program for my A1200 as it would lie a great help in my studies?
David Gent guess it s been too long since I was in higher education, but have never heard of ML on the Amiga or any other platform.
If C and Pascal aren't functional enough for you. I can only suggest Maple which includes a Pascal-like language. This is one question which should be thrown over to our loyal readers to see if they can help.
My hard drive? Is there a cheap upgrade path to 3.1 OS?
Shaun Savage As a recent A500 owner you have been conned Into buying a computer which is now very old and therefore not supported any more. It is unfair to expect there to be some form of upgrade path, other than the second-hand market. If I bought a BetaMax video recorder I would be acting as an idiot if I went to my local film rental shop and complained that there were no tapes for me to use. There was a huge market in A500 accelerators many years ago, but that phase in the Amiga's life has now passed.
The At200 is far in advance of the A500 with a built-in 32-bit processor and improved graphics. There is no way to upgrade your A500 to this class. What you could do is buy the OS3.1 upgrade. Its not particularly cheap but it's the only one there is. Of course, you would be better off getting an At200 as soon as possible.
Ever since its launch in 1991, Wordworth received worldwide acclaim and was translated in 13 languages.
Here in the UK, it received the prestigious Amiga Format Gold and Amiga Computing Blue Chip Awards.
Perhaps the biggest achievement came in 1995 when Wordworth was chosen by Amiga Technologies for the world-wide re-launch of the Amiga.
Digila* Wordworth? The most popular Amiga word processor In the world, has been overtaken. By a word processor that is faster, more powerful, and even more friendly!
Capable of printing three times faster than any rival, it uses Quick Print™ technology, and can print documents in the background. So that you can carry on working.
It is the first Amiga word processor with intelligent on-line help and WE COMPARED NEW WORDWORTH 5 WITH THE BEST AMIGA WORD PROCESSOR IN THE WORLD... IT’S BETTER!
Year after year, more people buy Wordworth on recommendation than for any other reason. No wonder it's the best selling, top rated, most recommended, Amiga word processor in the world.
Interactive assistants, or Wizards, to guide you through advanced or unfamiliar tasks (like mail-merging or the creation of footnotes, for example).
It is a word processor that integrates with other programs, and with the whole Digita family of software including Datastore,™ Money Matters,™ Organiser, Personal Paint™ and TurboCalc.™ The word processor? New Wordworth 5, with over 50 new features and refinements.
In 1995, readers of Amiga Shopper voted the original Wordworth liesi Word Processor. With new Wordworth 5.
It's better still.
For more information, call 01 395 270 273. Facsimile 01 395 268 893. Or email salesSdigita.tlemon.co.uk. Fade-in our existing word prauRM a new Wordwonh S for just 09.99 k udei 50 new Compugnph ic fonts ouVj DlfJTA* QCk Horse House Exmouth EX8 Ul ENGLAND INTERNATIONAL Telephone 01 395 270 273 Facsimile 01 395 268 893 Emailinfo@digita.demon.co.uk Real SD Tutorial Awe saw Iasi Iasi month. Km!Hi can create a set of rendered frames almost as easily as a single image. In fact. HrntV) has one of the easiest to use animation systems of any rendering program on the market, and this is achieved
without sacrificing any power features.
When you define a scene with some movement.
RraOD repositions the objects from one frame to the next, and automatically re-renders the scene. You don't need to position each object yourself for each frame, nor do you need to adjust the si e or appearance - Heal31) will handle any "inbetweening" by itself.
The result will be a sequence of still IFF images, which you can easily convert into an AN'IM file for replay. This is what we looked at in depth last month, so make sure you have grasped those techniques of simple movements before moving on to this month's slightly more complicated installment.
PROJECT 1 Morphing Shapes O Start with a new project and use the Projects Animations Size requestor to see the number of frames to ten. (Pop down the Projects menu, find the Animations item and then select Size). If your screen display looks different, remember that my screen is operating in Interlace mode.
Now click on the Expose gadget. This is the (X) symbol between the two arrows. The arrows will move you through the different frames.
Exposing this object instructs Real 3D to remember its properties.
O ©Create a sphere, using the Creation Primitive Sphere menu options.
We shall create a short animation in which the sphere changes colour and shape over the ten frames.
Now move to the last frame (which is number 9 - the frames start at frame 0) by clicking on the right facing arrow. At the moment nothing changes in our animation: so let's alter something.
Change the colour of the object as with step 3, but this time to yellow.
© Change the colour of the sphere. To do this, select a red colour from the "Colors” menu. Then press "f” (which is the same as the Modify I Hierarchy I Color menu option) and click on the sphere to confirm.
Alter the shape of the sphere too.
Use the stretch or scale tool to change it's appearance as drastically as possible. Morphing won't allow you to change the way in which an object is constructed, but you can change it so much it is hardly recognisable. * Spinning globes, morphing shapes and flying arrows are all made possible with Real3D's advanced animation tools.
Pari 5 PROJECT 2 Orbiting Onow let's give the cube a rotation as well as an orbit. Zoom in to centre on it. And then select Project Animation Rotation. Select the centre of the cube and let it rotate 360 degrees Delete everything (select Project Animation Delete) and create a new animation with fifty frames in it. Create a small cube and place It in the centre of the screen. Zoom out (press so that there is a lot of space around it.
©Now play it back... Whoops!
Rather than rotate only the cube, we have rotated the orbit as well - and the result is a very pretty (although possibly not useful) curve as the cube spins into and out of the centre of the screen. Nice effect though... Now select Projects Animation Orbit. You can now draw a path for the object to follow. Add as many points as you like (with the left mouse button) starting from the centre of the object.
When you have drawn the complete path, press the right mouse button.
Oto make our cube rotate and also orbit at the same time, you will need to start again. This time make the cube rotate first and then draw out the orbit. Now when you play it back it should behave more predictably... Now select the number of frames the orbit is to take: the default setting will be 0 to 49 (which is all SO frames), so select that.
You can now watch the orbit by pressing Shift and P together.
| ! '¦ 1 vf r r on A To 1 Ctiru • J (¦ i I iH'il Othe Curvature value is worth experimenting with, although you will see it more when changing positions as well as appearance: 5 gives a smooth morph, 1 more robotic and 15 ridiculous. Watch your morph by pressing "P" (shift and P) or by going to the Wireframe screen (press "w"). You can now render the images and create an animation. Notice that the colour has morphed as well as the shape of the object. Now try using textures and altering the position of the object as well... O Click on Expose again, so that this object too is
remembered. Then return back to frame one (click on the left arrow a few times). Now use the menu option Project Animations I Morphing.
The default settings should be fine, but make sure it will operate over the range 0 to 9. If the morphing setting says 9 to 9, it is because you didn't move back to the start by clicking on the left arrows.
• •• • • •
• • • • Continued overleaf 4 PROJECT 4 PROJECT 3 More accurate
orbits Paths and Direction O Start again, with an animation of
size 50 and cube object.
Make sure you name the cube object to avoid later confusion, and then create a circle object which intersects the cube. Name that too... Now. With the cube selected, select Projects Animation I Orbit as before.
However, this time press **"on the numeric keypad. A requestor will appear asking which object to use as the point definition: select the circle and OK. You can now define the range of frames.
Oto make the arrow face in the correct direction as it orbits, you could try and give it a rotation as in Project 2, although that would only work with a circular orbit: remember, any shape can be used as an outline. Instead go to frame 0, select the arrow and use the Projects Animation Direction menu item.
Onow play the animation: you'll see that the cube traces out the shape of the circle. The advantage with this technique is that much smoother shapes can be created. The path can also be altered in all three dimensions by rotating the object used.
R ron f ranp: To frone e 49 OK - O Create a SO frame animation with an arrow object and a circle. Make the circle the path for the arrow to follow and replay the animation.
Notice how the arrow always faces right.
Onow the arrow will point in the correct direction as the object moves around the orbit. This is useful for making spacecraft and other vehicles face in the right direction: you only need to worry about the path and let Real3D handle everything else.
CONCLUSION You can of course combine all these elements to make one animation. For example, you can trace out the path a ball may make as it falls to the ground and bounces away. Add a sphere, make it follow the path and you have an instant animation. However, for extra realism morph the shape of the ball at the same time. As it bounces on the ground, make it squash upwards slightly, as it springs away make it stretch outwards a little more.
With a little effort and an imaginative mind you can model all sorts of real-world effects. And of course, each of the still images can then be rendered to photorealistic levels and replayed as an animation.
The long awaited follow op to Euroscenel, packed with over 600Mb of the latest and greatest Music, Graphics and Demos from the European Amiga party scene!
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• 8.
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UpGrade from Photogenics
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extras, like Fonts, images, colour palettes and displacment
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3D Arena is entirely focused on 3D objects, animations, graphics and design.
Ready to run objects in Imagine, Lightwave and Real 3D. An exclusive collection from the 24Bit club Scotland, every graphics and animation utility that you ore ever likely to need and much more.
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ON TEN TEN top titles in just one pack, for amazing good value.
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• Fractal Universe Explore the infinite beouty of the fractal
universe and the Mandelbrot set!
• Video Creator Make your own exciting & mind-bending videos to
accompany your music CD, the BBC its a powerful tool for
combining images and animations using digital w AUI gave it
92,*r. Amiga Format 87% and AMIGA Shopper 89% SCSI Removable
Cartridge HardDrive
• Speed and reliability of a hord drive
• 13.5Ms access ( twice the speed of the ZIP © 29Ms.)
• Run applications from cartridge
• Each cartridge holds 135Mb (35Mb more than the ZIP Drive.)
• No compression needed
• Unlimited storage
• No Amiga drivers required
• Easy to use
• Works with any standard SCSI controller* (Squirrel, A3000,
A2094, GVP Etc.) BP93BB£K3Js £199.00
ORDKK BY PHONE: 0181-687 0040 • ORDER BY FAX: 0181-687 0490 • ORDER ALMATHERA. Southerton House. Boundary Business Court. 92-94
• ...... urch Road. Mitcham. Surrey.
- -------V
i. England.
MAIL ORDER Item £ .....: .. Item..... .....£ .....:..... Item..... .....£ .....:..... Item..... .....£ ..... Item .£ .....: .. ..Initialise .....Surname: Title: Address:.
County .Postcode zip: ..Country: .. Daytime telephone: Evening telephone: ... CREDIT DEBIT CARD No: Cheque Postal Order or Bankers Draft for. £ | Switch Issue Number Chat on The Undernet Darren Irvine takes a look at an alternative to the IRC network - The Undernet If you're a regular Internet Relay ()hal (IRC.) User ihen you'll alinosi certainly have come across occasions when any conversations you're
in the middle of suddenly seem to become extremely fragmented. I.arge time gaps can occur between threads of a conversation, as the entire IRC. Network becomes lagged due to the fact that the network traffic has bv far exceeded the sort of throughput that IRC’s original designers had in mind.
Another problem which can occur (and does so now with increasing frequency) is the phenomenon known as “netsplilting". A Netsplit occurs when a certain group of IRC!
Servers become disconnected from the rest of the IRC network. If you are unlucky enough to he using one of the split servers, or he talking to someone on one. Then it's end of conversation time.
To combat these problems and others (such as the sheer overcrowding that is endemic on certain IRC channels) several alternative I RC-style networks have been set up, operating completely independently from the original network.
One such alternative network is known as the Undernet, and new servers seem to Incoming on-line on a weekly basis. Although you can't access the old IRC channels using an Undernet server, most of the popular channels have been duplicated (from the ubiquitous It I lO'm 'H to channels of interest to AF readers such as It AMIGA). Although from a user point of view there seems to Ire no difference when using the Undernet (to get on. Simply point your existing IR : client at an Undernet server instead of the one you had been using), internally the way network traffic is handled on the Undernet is
completely different from the old system. The Undernet was designed specificallv lo he more efficient anti less prone to lagging and netsplits.
RUMOUR MILL Once again, rumours are circulating concerning the ¦'official" specs of the "new Power PC based Amigas" that are 'soon to be released".
Regular Rumour Mill readers will have shrewdly deduced by my use of quotation marks that as usual, it's all a complete crock.
The new machines will have 68k emulation as standard. They won t have 68K emulation at all
- it's too slow. The new machines will "obviously" run Windows
NT. Windows NT will be the last operating system that they'll
Old Amiga applications will run with no modification. No-one will bother trying to run old Amiga applications, since porting them will be too difficult.
This stuff gets old pretty fast and it never fails to amaie me that people seem to believe their own lies. I mean - is there someone out there deliberately making this stuff up just to annoy me? Stranger things have happened.
This month's "Operating System Feature Spawned in the twin Pits of Dis and Pandemonium by Lucifers Sulphurous Minions" prize goes to...Virtual Memory. The latest thinking on the subject by world-renowned losers and no-hopers is that you will be condemned to eternal damnation if you even think about using an operating system that utilises Virtual Memory techniques.
Aha! Caught you red handed with that Linux installation kit! Flush it down the toilet before the Operating System Political Correctness Police break in your front door.
So, apart from the fact that using the Undernet can Ik- smoother and less prone to problems, what other reasons are there for deserting your old favourite channels? Well, for me one of the most attrac tive features of the Undernet is it s more unusual channels.
GAMES ON THE UNDERNET The Undernet has cptite a few "Bot" controlled multi-user games to help run up your phone hill. There's Haggle, which is a multi-player Kind The Word style game, and a team game called Cjuws, where two teams of players compete to find words in specified categories. To access these games join channels (BOGGLE and ( :i 1AOS respectively. Kach channel will have a "Bot" called “GAMESRV”, and you can find out more information about how to play each of the games by entering into a DCG Cl LAT session with this bot -Just type DCC CHAT GAMESRV into the text field of vour IRC
client after joining the appropriate channel.
My personal favourite is the channel RISKYBUS which is home to the trivia quiz game. This is a multi-player quiz in which the bot, "Rob" sets questions and anyone on the channel can lake a guess simply by typing their answer preceded by the word “ROB". There arc- six randomly chosen categories per game, with each category consisting of five questions.
The first question in each category is worth 400 points, rising by 100 each time to 800 for the last question of the category or "cat" as the RISKYBl S players call them. If you answer a question correctly (and before anyone else), the points are yours if you get the answer wrong then the points are deducted from your total.
Occasionally, a player will be offered the chance to "Enter the Danger Zone” - anti answer an individual question with the choice to wager any amount of their winnings, or attempt lo steal the points of another player.
At the end of the 30-question game, any players who have a positive score can lake part in the final section of the game, known as "Terrible Trouble”. This is similar to the Danger Zone section, except that all players with a positive score can wager any amount ol their winnings on being able to answer a final question.
In addition to the ability to answer questions by preceding the answer with "Rob", this magic word can also lie used as the start of a variety of stock phrases that give information about or control the current game. Saying "ROB WE GIVE UP" for instance, tells the I lot that you haven't got a clue and you'd like lo go on to the next question - try to lie considerate with this though, and give others a reasonable time to make their own guesses. If you want to see how well you are doing type "R()B SI IOW SCORES”, and if you have forgotten what categories are being covered in the current game
type "ROB SHOW CATEGORIES". Over time (and it von actually manage lo win any games), the hot will keep track of how many JARGON Bot - An automated IRC script that has been set up to appear pseudo-intelligent. Bot's are regularly used for such things as running IRC based games, and performing routine channel maintenance operations, such as automatically giving certain users who are on the 'ops list' the appropriate channel privileges.
Nttsplit - Term used to describe the splitting off of a group of IRC servers from the rest of the network. When this happens, the users logged on via the split servers are isolated from the rest of the network Lag - Term used to describe a noticable time delay between typing in your messages and receiving a reply, or having your messages detected by a bot running on a remote server.
Games you have won, and what your own highest score has been. To find this information out, type "ROB SHOW STATS nickname " inserting your own IRC nickname as appropriate.
UNDERNET - HOME OF ADB Another conclusive reason for using the Undernet (for me anyway) is the presence of the channel ADB - the IRC home-from-home of my all-time favourite Use-net newsgroup, alt.drunkcn. bastards In case you're not already familiar with the group, it's where all the drunks on the Internet hang out, exchanging drinking stories and generally just behaving badly. ADB is the Undernet equivalent of your local pub - just pop iu when you've had a few bevvies and chat to the regulars. Occasionally an authentic abusive-drunk will try and cause a bit of trouble, but that's all part
of the fun.
Another channel instigated by the worthy posters to a.d.b. is CENTURYCLUB. This is the channel where the irregularly held Internet drinking competitions take place. For more details about when each is occurring, check the newsgroup. 'If odpro onoofu* »o**h* fcl*pp«r bit*** fuzzy bofor* ooos* UNDERNET SERVERS As mentioned, the servers on the Undernet are completely separate from those on the old IRC network. In general the format of server addresses is: eu.undemct.org - for European users us.undemet.org - for US users etc In practice, when you connect to one of these addresses, you are
dynAMIGAlly allocated to one of the servers that makes up the whole eu or us undernet. You will soon see which server works best for your connection, and you can then start to specifically attach to that server.
Additionally, when playing real time games on the Undernet which require a quick response time, you may well find that using the same server as the channels Bot (even if it's in America) will work best. So for example, to make the most of Risky Business you would use the University of California at Davis' Undemet server at the following address: davis.ca.us.undemet.org You Kovo joined cfiarai* I Ocboo* Topio for lch«4 H»l«w to To*to ... *.t by J*ffy U**r. On IchM. O.r.y Ch.t bltM. Bofors Fuzzy kt Erxl of Nf9CS ll*» OOOp* 00 flXIft ob *bov I.m On no *••• chou snazzy It tol»-k 9*9* ©bolr»»ow
On I.m I. 9'** axl* On '•«* 2.
• o« InapM
* orry Current xxMi for lohM. Topio protect ton. 1 u»9 r* 14901*
C9 u* tnd.rn.1 orgl OcbOO* 81617310?
* ¦¦¦¦ 1 don't think t will thinks fuzzy waxy Start inp • now
round Ent.r your m*«r. No. In th* to or»*w*r * You Kov* I
•Inut*) Currant c*t*gory for thU 9I*.
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99 Qukkshot Starfighter I 8 49 Qukkshot Intruder I 22.99
Qukkshot Turbo II 8 49 Quickshot Maverick IM 12.49 Mouse 1199
BLACK 1 oil 2* 5s 10- BLACK Lad 2l 5* l!b Amstrad DMP2U0U
3000 280 265 2 45 225 Panasonic KXPI060 1180 90 289 2 74 2 54
2 34 Amstrad DMP4000 366 351 331 3 11 Panasonic
KXP2123 2I24 2I80 495 4 80 460 4 40 Amstrad P('W8256 LQ3500
Fab 285 2 70 250 230 Seikosha SI90 92 95 96 5 70 555 535 5 15
Amstrad PCW9512 M;Strike 2 60 245 225 2 05 Star LC10 20 100 2
29 2 14 1 94 1 84 Brother Ml009 1024 II09 1209 390 3 75 3 55
335 Star 1X200 300 2-85 2 65
* -If.
Citizen 1200 LSP10 Swilt 24 9 285 2 70 2 50 2 30 Star LC24 - 10 20 200 286 271 2 51 2 31 Commodore MI'S 1220 1230 4 50 435 4 IS 395 Star LC240C. LC24O0 775 760 7 40 " 20 Epson LQ100 4 10 395 375 355 Taxan Kaga KPHlO-81 910915 3 14 299 279 2 59 Epson LQ200 400 500 800 850 3 45 330 3 10 2 90 LQLQLK lofl 2* it lib Epson EX MX RX80 FX LX800 290 275 255 2 35 Citizen 224. 240. Swill 24 9 1195 11 80 II 60 11 20 Epson 1X80 86 90 2 12 1 97 1 77 167 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180 10 63 1048 10 28 988 Mannesman!! Tally 80 81 390 3 75 355 335 Star 1X10 20 100 6 00 585 5 65 525 NEC Plnwrlter P2200 P2* 3 03
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Colour Desk)rt 500 10 20 40 50 60 Blac k HP Laser)et Q HI 40 00
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Portable. 310
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lollowing colours) Black. Cyan. Magenta. Yellow. Red. Blue.
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£ i asassaasasBssa rR-2-2a--2«*2*» aaaaaaaaaaaasa is!!!- alllsi aaaaaaaaaaaasa s Sifs IJ 1 Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Wonderful gallery pics on there. If you need someone to put the CD together and are prepared to lend me a gig hard drive 1 would arrange your CD for you. And even stick some of my exclusive music from up 'n' coming “The Final Frontier" issues -Just a thought!
Russell Lewis Luton A very good suggestion, wonder why we never thought ojit... Actually it is something toe have considered, hut unlike other magazines, we don 'I want to just regurgitate a PD collection CD with a few files of our own. We at Amiga Formal believe in providing the best quality magazines we can, and our attitude to Cds would be no different.
Rest assured, an Amiga Format CD will see Ihe light of day soon.
Now when you want to play Worms, make sure the CD is in the drive, and go into the WORMS directory on your hard drive and dick on the WORMS icon to start the game from there, everything should work okay. (You may want to turn the WB palette to black, just depends) The reason why Worms CD32 will not boot with either of these two drives, is because the current Overdrive software V11.2 and previous has trouble playing CD audio and accessing data from the CD at the same time. I also had this problem with Shadow Fighter CD31 until I copied the game files to my HD.
Robin White h-5.cn .r e*e , £ 9 ysrcocs Many thanks for the useful info ...until it had to be banned, not because I was no good at it. But because nobody seemed to be doing any work.
Worms was played with great gusta and more than a small amount of addiction in the AF office... It seems that Team 17 have not t vQq» tested Worms CD33 on all CD ROM drives that are available for the Amiga A1200, tut-tut. However. I have the solution to peeps having trouble with Zappo or Overdrive CD ROMS.
. T First make a directory on your I C BQ|3 hard drive called WORMS. Then t A'USV using DirOpus, or whatever, copy all the directories starting with TW ? And all the files in the main directory except the »?.AVI anim files into WORMS directory.
DISCS, NOT DISKS Willi Technology advancing so fasl wouldn't it be better lo go with the times and perhaps if them bosses al Future Publishing would allow you. Stick one of them Compact Disc things on the front. And then stick software on them shiny bits of silver coloured plastic. It would be a good idea, you must agree. And you could even stick all them WORM WORRIES IN THE DARK Having just read through the excellent January 96 (ish 80) Amiga Format I thought I had to write and complain about something that really gets on my wick.
What is that Alan? - 1 here you say.
Well look at the letter from Robert Abraham on pi07 of the mag. It has been printed in black writing over a dark picture. How in Gods name are we meant to read it.
Poor Robert, just a new Amiga user and lie can't even read the reply to his query.
1 now have a thumping headache trying to read even the bits that can be seen.
Please inform your printer not to do this again. If they must use a dark background picture ask them to put the text in WHITE.
Alan Robertson Oh really? We'd never thought of that.
Actually, Ihe problem was caused by er, irregular sunspot activity?...aliens?
... covert agents working for an unspecified comfietilor? .Vo actually.
I'll have to own up. It was Linda's fault. Well, to be more specific, she luckily discovered an incompatibility problem between the DTP software and ihe linotnmic output machine which generates the film. The graphic should have been line contrast and quite bright, but apparently there is some bug Continued overleaf w Gallery regular t its profits’ hundre ve. Up u BIRDSEYE By George Falloon, Devon Birds eye view Fortress Assembled and rendered using Imagine 2 & 3.
Finishing touches added using Photogenics.
DMA Design Ltd FEBRUARY 1996 READERS' LETTERS NET GONE NUTS What on earth is going on with the Futurenet web pages? This previously excellent site has totally lost the plot! For the last 2 days I have been attempting to access this site which has. Until now, been an excellent resource. Suddenly we are required to fill out a registration form, which in itself is no problem. But the whole process is bugged to hell! So far I have had to attempt to register under four separate names because each time I register, at some point my Amiga crashes. If I attempt to register again using the previous
name, the whole thing crashes before I get to the home page! Now I have just given up. I e-mailed the webmaster and received a totally useless reply, simply saying that the registration process worked fine as far as he was concerned. Bad news buddy, IT DOESN'T WORK! Please try and sort this problem out. I used to spend ages browsing your pages but now I seem locked out Dean Penn via email The registration process is necessary for Futurenet because in order to pay for its upkeep and expansion, they need to sell advertising space on it In order to do this more efficiently, they need to know who
is accessing it what equipment they use, where in the world they are and so on. So.
Registration is a small price to pay for getting all that information.
As to It not working, it does work on the Amiga, as we have obviously connected ourselves. Are you using an old beta version or an early version of Amosaic?
It certainly works on ours.
In the software, which is very hard to spot on the film. I'm sure Linda is very sorry, and she promises to reprint them next month.
BACK WITH A WHIMPER I lope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I have just received from Silica their new Update catalogue The Amiga was relegated to the back page, as you had to ask for a seperate Amiga catalogue.
Silica are definitely not doing themselves any favours, in the light of recent money troubles, by- describing the Amiga A1200 as having ‘16-Bit Architecture' !!
VarhQGlobalnei. Co. Uh Well, I suftpose everyone has to call the market the way they see it. In Silica's defence it would be pretty silly of them to Ire brought back from the brink and then put all their effort into one platform.
Recently I was thinking of buying a brand new Amiga. So I went to my local shop and asked the shopkee|M-r if they were still selling Amiga's. Well they didn't. "Amiga is finished", he said. “Now we are selling PC’s”. And believe it or not TIME WARP Way bade on coverdisk 55a you gave away a full prog called Diskmaster II. I kinda like this small Disk manager and was wondering if you knew of any updates to the prog and possibly where I could get hold of the latest version? I've checked out my coverdisk and AFAIK and there's no real documentation to be found... Ray As far as I know, there never
was an update to Diskmaster II. But there are other programs of that ilk. Such as InfoNexus, Directory Opus and Disk Magic available.
That's for all other shops too (Well, the ones I know, that’s for sure).
So the question is - Where in Belgium can I find a new Amiga (4000) ? There must be somebody who still sells Amiga's. Please...?
Then my second question - I lave Amiga Tech. Or Escom stopped the production of the Amiga 4000 030 040 in a desktop version? If they haven't then how much do they cost? And if they have. Why?
That's all. See ya.
Anon ihr head of Amiga Technologies in Belgium is Dirk tie Waegrnerie. And he can he contacted at Yermeeschlnm 29.
Ii-2W40 HOVE. He should he able to give you details on some retailers where you tan buy an Amiga.
The A4000 lower system will be available hopefully before the end of the month, and you should chetk the local price with Amiga Technologies.
LITERALLY GREAT Hi Guys. Right I'm going for one of those Amiga lormcit sweatshirts. I know that you were looking for people who had seen Amiga's in movies, but how about Ixxtks?
In one of the rather famous Shadow-run books (the newest I think), the hero is talking to some guy on a videophone. Suddenly the man he is talking to. Changes into a dragon. Out hero is pretty sure that it's for real, but savs something like: "It could just as well have been made by some superhot kid with a Cray-Amiga".
How about that? A Cray-Amiga.
The hero is called Dirk Montgomery, and I think the author was some guy called Charette. I'm afraid the author is dead now, but it is pretty clear what he had in mind. A fast computer with some great graphics. Cray-Amiga, indeed.
Allan Lund Jensen Denmark Well, we don 'tgel very many letters spotting Amiga references in books. Well done! I’m almost tempted to send you an AF sweatshirt.
LETTER FROM AMERICA I'm writing not to ask any questions of your sage-like oracles, but to praise you for a fine magazine. Over here in the USA, Amiga magazines are sparse to say the least - and that's if you can even find them. It is such an uplift to get a magazine with over 100 pages devoted only to the Amiga. I know that without your magazine, more than a few of us would have given up on our beloved machines.
Our Amiga mags have kept us Yanks alive through the dark times of the recent past. If the Amiga is going to make a comeback, it will be accomplished by our good cousins in England who have enough sense to know a great machine when they see one and not fall victim to the marketing prowess of Microsoft (hisss).
Thanks for being the torch bearer for the Amiga and holding it high enough fo the world to see, and hopefully follow.
Fletcher llaug USA Many thanks for your kind comments and I hope that in the future a new generation of Amiga s become just as popular in your country, as the A miga is in Europe today.
How could you be so small minded? I know everyone has views but to totally slag off someone's letter especially (sic) a Ufologist is stupidl It’s not up to you to say or implie (sic) that UFO’s don't exist! And you have no right what so ever (sic) to say that Ufologists are qwadcs! Please upgrade to a better frame of mind!
Eddster via email.
THOR LOSER With pleasure 1 read your Christmas Edition and was pleased to find a feature about Fidonet.
Great work Darren Irvine. I've been a Fidonet point for almost a year, and every day take time to read my messages on iu Also I like the Amiganet features screening the possibilities on your Amiga. But 1 have one criticism - when highlighting a new Mime mail program you seem to forget that there is a better one without MUI, namely: THOR. You mentioned it a while ago as exciting. But now up to v2.20 1 haven't read an article about it.
Why don't you suggest this litUe program for the use of E-mail and news. It's very easy to set up.
Ralf Boss via email Well I'm sure as soon as Darren sobers up from his visits to a.d.b. (see this month's Amiganet) he’U take a look.
BEING SOCIABLE I am hoping to start a new Amiga disk-mag dedicated to the Social Sciences. Whilst this may sound boring I am hoping it will be of use to students of Sociology &- Psychology at all levels as well as being of interest to anyone who would like to know more about either of these subjects. Anyone wishing to contribute lo this disk- mag with articles, questions, comments etc can e-mail me at: Brendan@brenw.demon.co.uk or write to: ON SALE NOW! ON SALE NOW! ON SALE NOW! ON SALE NOW!
Brendan Woodhouse, 26 Berkshire Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 SEX That sounds like a worthwhile idea, and I'm sure the Amiga Format faithful will give you loads of ideas and encouragement. RZ true". Without wishing to slur or ridicule the people who do spend an awful lot of time researching these things objectively, there are an awful lot of fanatics who put everything unexplained down to aliens, in the same way that everything different was put down to sorcery in the middle ages.
You believe what you want to but don't get upset if someone else wants to believe something different.
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Cl) MICRO FRENCH (Beginners - GCSE) MICRO .MATHS (11 years -
GCSE) 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game •
Business letter generator etc [ UCK(MiNGWSIM car jCSE J ( 24
programs • Speak & Spell • Punctuation • Grammar • Literature
etc New Computor Talks INKJET REFILLS Top quality Inks!
Now even lower pricesi We support a wide range ol popular inkjet printers, lax machines and wide formal plotters, eg HP 310, 320. 500, 510, 520, 550C, 560C. 600, 650C, 660C, 850C, 1200C, 1600C, Deskwriter etc Canon BJ-10, BJ-20, BJ-200, BJ-230, BJ-600. BJC-4000, Starwriter etc Epson 300, 800, 1000, Stylus Colour, Stylus 2 etc. Novojet and Encad plotters, Apple Stylewriler, Lexmark 4072 & 4076 Olivetti, Brother and many more.
- New 'X Computer Talks 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics
adventure game • Business letter generator (1 Mb) etc
XHCRf CJENC l hysics hcmist iolog ear Csi JVC ic 24
programs • Tuition • Practical experiments • Learning by
• Adventure game (I Mb) etc t-T7 n-t r1 Lexmark i ExecJet Uc -
Competitive Bulk Ink Prices. Now fully Recycling Service -.'.
supported j PRIMARY MATHS COURSE (3-12 years) Single and
Multiple Refills Value Pocks 24 programs • Tables • Add •
Subtract • Divide
• Multiply (Long ii Short) • Fractions etc MEGA MATHS (A level
course) Cell us on 0800 614 153 for • FREE brochure 24 programs
• Calculus • Algebra • Geometry • Full-screen graphs etc £5 OFF
TOTAL FOR 2 COURSES, £ 10 OFT FOR 3, £ 17 OFF FOR 4'' All
appn nair LCL Counts air jtnoal lumikro curpfibe L rvmai J
Anups All courses are on floppy disk and cost £24.99. except CD
MICRO FRENCH which costs £29.99. Chequfcs payable to LCL. Free
catalogue. Trade enquiries welcome.
LCL (DEPT AMF). THAMES HOUSE, 73 BIANDY ROAD. HENLEY-ON-THAMES. OXON RG9 lOH 2SE JETICA Ltd Konl FREEPOST (CB906). Elmhurst, Brooklands Avenue. Cambridge CB2 2BR Fax: 01223 328756 E-mail: 10044l,3224(Compuserve| Payment by credit card, debit card, cheque or postal order.
EE3 Phone 01491 579345 sent within 24hrs SNAP COMPUTER HOTLINE ACCESSORIES - POST-FREE j A500 A( 00 A 1200 Vast Cover £3.50 IH' Monitor Dust Cover £3.99 Most 80 Column Printer Dust Cover £3.99 Mouse Mat £1.99
3. 5‘ Disk Cleaner £7.99 Amiga Mouse £9.99 1000 Disk Labels (not
post-free) £6.69 01703 457111 SUPPLIES LTD
3. 5" DS DD DISKS cx-softwape ppemium £ 1 2.99 £22.49 £99.99
£59.99 £101.H9 £199.15 50 £70.99 700 £79.99 200 £39.50 250
£98.99 500 £93.99 7000 £776.25 RIBBONS - POST-FREE FULL MARK
BRAND 2 OFF 9 OFF PRICE EACH Citizen IZOD Swlft 19 £2.15 £2.55
Citizen Swift Colour £9.9 5' Panasonic KXP 1080 1123 £3.25
£3.05 Panasonic KXP 2123 £9.95 £9.15 Panasonic KXP 2123 Colour
£9.95" Star LC10 LC20 £2.60 £2.90 Star LCIO Colour £5.50 £5.25
Star LC2H-10 £2.95 £2.15 Star LC29-10 Colour £9.9 5' Star
LC200 £3.00 £2.80 Star LC200 Colour £9.95'
3. 5" DISK BOXES 100 CAPACITY £3.99 100 CAPACITY VPAWCP £1.99 200
CAPACITY VPAWCP £9.99 All disks come with our replacement or
money book guorontoe.
Dick lobolo ore Included with 50. IOO. 200 end 250 quonflfloe but ore extra on quantifier of 500 A lOOO 500 Lobeia £3.53 iOOO Labels £6.AA All products arc subject to atreliability.
All prieas include If AT. Delivery charges: A days £3.95 - A3 hours £A.SO - 2A hours £5.00 E£OE HP DeskJet Canon BJIO Mono Twin Inkjet "Refills £1.99' £11.99' Minimum order quantity = 2. Except those marked with an asterisk* SNAP COMPUTER SUPPLIES LTD [a] Fax: 01703 4-57222 Unit 12, The Sidings, Hound Rd, Netley Abbey, Southampton S031 5QA Directory Opus 5 Save £10 off the recommended retail price of one of the most useful and time-saving utilities for your Amiga. Directory Opus 5 (AF72. 95%) more or less replaces your Workbench and makes many of those file management tasks much easier. An
essential utility for the welkwgamsed Amiga.
Get the most out of your Amiga 4th edition New, for beginners and experts alike, this book will make sure that you literally 'get the most" out of your Amiga, whatever you want to do with it. Section A gives you the lowkfown on how your Amiga works and section B helps you to explore in-depth the myriad of possible uses for your Amiga. The book contains a full glossary to ensure that you are familiar with all the technical terms and it comes with a free disk with carefully selected PD and shareware programs to make your Amiga faster and easier to use.
The Serial Killers Amiga £9.99 Turbotech Clock Cartridge Your Amiga will always know what day It Is with this handy device which sets the correct time and date. The Turbotech Clock Cartridge simply fits into the disk drive port (or on the back of your I second drive). Comes complete with software.
Save £2 off the recommended retail price.
I_ Turbotech Clock Cartridge AMFCLO M33ffgl~£17.99 Description Order code £29.99 AMFSK Save over £30 when you buy this complete C programming language from Amiga format. The Recommended Retail Price is £129.99. This full package comes on five disks, with a 450-page manual. New features include: a revision control system: link libraries for
1. 3. 2 and 3; extra link libraries; higher maths functions, such
as FPU; support for bitfields, pragmas, etc. If you are into
programming, buy it now!
Check out our AF readers' offers, all at low, low prices. After choosing your special offer, turn to page 127 to fill in the order form.
Nothing can beat the thrill of playing the best Amiga games head-to-head with another human player using a serial link cable.
And Amiga Format can bring you that experience with this specially selected pack of three of the best-ever serial link games - all tor under £30.
The Serial Killers kit includes WW1 flight slm Knights Of The Sky.
Driving games Stunt Car Racer and Lotus 2 plus a three-metre serial link cable - everything you need to get hooked up and running.
The Serial Killers DICE 3.01 AF Price £94.95 Cali our Personal Paint 6.3 and Personal Fonts Maker 2 Take advantage of our very special AF mall order offer and get the truly excellent Personal Paint, plus the bitmap font editor, Personal Fonts Maker.
Personal Paint is a paint, image processing and animation program, and is an ideal graphics package for programmers and the more serious Amiga user.
Personal Fonts Maker offers support for standard mono and colour fonts, as well as outline fonts and AGA screen-modes. The program uses the same graphics engine as Personal Paint and enables you to create bitmapped fonts of your own, which you can colour and use for posters, business stationery, album covers and so on. PFM is easy to use. Has lots of features and gives results that are really Impressive. Now you can get both these great programs for a bargain price of £49.95. Description Order code Ppaint 6.3 & Pfonts Maker 2 AFPP AF Price £49.95 Music-X 2 Amiga Format Binder This sequencer
(85%, AF60), is one of the most ground-breaking releases since the original Music-X made such a huge impact back In 1989.
Music-X 2 is a full MIDI sequencing package for controlling synthesizers, drum machines and any other MIDI equipment, or you can use it with internal Amiga samples. The leading sequencer for the Amiga.
If your magazines live in large piles on the floor and you can never find the one you want, then keep your Amiga Format collection neat and tidy with these practical, yet stylish black-and-silver AF binders.
Why not buy two and save on the deal?
SAVE £100 Description ___1 Binders One binder AF108 Hhi AF Price £5.99 Two binders AF109 ¦1 AF Price £9.99 Music-X 2 EVEN LOWER PRICE Description Order code AF Price £49.99 AMFMX2 Digita Organiser Mouse 'n' Mat At last! A quality replacement mouse at a bargain price, complete with mouse mat. The 260dpi resolution mouse is 100 per cent Amiga- (and Atari ST-) compatible and both buttons are fully micro-switched for maximum reliability and performance. The tastefully-coloured neoprene mouse mat, essential for keeping your mouse free of dust and dirt, is 5mm thick and has a non-slip backing
Another Amiga Format Gold, after using Digita Organiser you'll wonder how you ever kept your appointments in order.
Easy to use. But packed with features, this is truly the King of electronic Filofaxes.
Truly indispensable for all scatter-brains.
Mouse ’n’ M at AFMM AF Price £12.99 Description Order code Digita Organiser v.l AF Price £34.99 Helm Aladdin A true multimedia authoring system, Helm earned 91% in AF53. Create image editors, databases, Information managers, or educational courseware. Helm is an authoring system and a graphics program, combining paint and image processing tools with a scripting language, a hypermedia database manager and user interface objects.
This Disney-inspired platform adventure not only looks great, but it also plays brilliantly and earned a glowing Format Gold award in AF66. And now Aladdin can be yours for £10 off the RRP. AF games editor Stephen Bradley was so enchanted by Aladdin's spell that he wrote: "It's Just like being a real baggy-trousered sword-wielding little man in a cartoon In Khartoum. Or somewhere".
• A1200 only AF Price £16.99 £99.95 Communicator III A500+ and
A600 1Mb RAM Upgrades If you have less than 2Mb RAM, you If you
have a CD32 and an Amiga with Communicator, you can use your
CD32 as a CO-ROM - and it brings many new features, including
AGA Viewer (view CD pictures and animations in 16.7 million
colours). Virtual CD (select which menu the CD boots with) and
more. Comes with software and leads to connect to the serial
Communicator needs at least 1Mb Chip RAM and Kickstart 2 or 3.
Are at a serious disadvantage, so why not take the opportunity to upgrade at this low price. These boards for the A500+ and A600 plug into the Amiga's trapdoor connector. Built to the highest standards, they are fully guaranteed for a year.
AF6H1M AF Price £29.99 AF5P1M AF Price £29.99 AF Price £69.99 Gloom Magnum This A1200 expansion card allows you to upgrade your machine to meet the pressing demands of modern software. The bare board will accept standard 72-pin SIMMs (up to 8Mb), which will double the general speed of your Amiga and can also accept a PICC FPU unit, to speed up maths operations. The unit has been designed to accept 4Mb of memory and still allows PCMCIA devices to be attached to your machine. Battery-backed clock included.
Top of the A1200 chart for a long time and given a well-deserved Format Gold, Gloom is an excellent, atmospheric and darned frightening shoot-'em-up. There's levels, maps, mazes and secret rooms aplenty, and to spice things up you get to blast your way through ghoulies, devils, general nasties, weapons, blood and gore. This is the Doomclone the Amiga has been waiting for. You don't want to miss this one.
Get It todayl PLUS: FREE COPY OF OPUS 4.12 WORTH £50 NEW!
Description Magnum RAM 8 AFS MR 0MB RAM AF Price £55.99 AFS MR 2MB RAM AF Price £115 AFS MR 4MB RAM AF Price £169 NEW!
AF Price £15.99 Super Skidmarks 2 Fears 'Fears should be a compulsory purchase on every gamer’s list," said our reviewer in AF76.
In a head-to-head fight between Gloom and Fears they would either kill each other, or would have to settle for an honourable draw. Both these games push the standard A1200 to its limits. Fears manages real-time, full-screen texture mapping, optional dithering of the textures, re-sizing of the windows, use of the CD32 controller, and that all- important link option.
£15.99 AF Price i Description Order code An Amiga Format Gold with 92% in issue 71. Super Skidmarks 2 was described as "the best driving game in its class ever seen on the Amiga'. This is a racing game that's all about control, skill, timing, confidence, aggression, instinct and ability.
Add it to your collection now!
Mini Office ¦ | I 11 I £ tsdlsi zzzj Syndicate American Revolt Missions A collection of database, spreadsheet, graphics and word processor programs from Europress that you shouldn't be without.
It can be especially useful If you are planning on setting up, or already have a small business.
If you thought the original Syndicate (91%. AF49) was tough, the American Revolt Missions Disk will test your skills to the absolute limit in a series of 21 fiendishly difficult missions.
You can't buy this exclusive disk in the shops or from any other magazine, but you need a copy of the original four-disk game to use the Missions Disk.
Desc Order code Syndicate Missions Disk AF Price £24.99 AMFDSD AF Price £12.99 Description Mini Office Order code CB95 ra Basically this is a 3 disk compilation ot tools which should really have been on Workbench, eg: Virus Killer. Fast text editor and displayer. Menu system. File 1 manager. A lew Workbench games and more Only £7.00 ? SCF7-3. STUFF COMMODORE FORGOT Only £4.00 ? NRL4-1. NEWS MAKER ?TXE3-1. TEXT ENGINE Text Engine is the easiest to use Wordprocessor package available on the Amiga it even includes a competent Spelt check teature Suitable for all Amiga's Only £3.00 News maker
is a simple lo use colour Desktop publishing package impon your own graphics, text etc. Compatible with all popular printer makes ¦ Create your own fascinating 3D magic eye images wth ease This package includes The Random Dot Stereogram generator and a number of ready to use images.
Only C3.00 ? RDS3-1. MAGIC EYE KIT
- •.-a. aai Professiooal graphics converters, can i _ convert
qraphics between the Amiga.
PC. Mac 4 Alan ST Supports GIF.
. TIF. IFF. PCX. BMP etc. L ! "a Kickstart 2 or above recommendea . Only £5.00 ? GFC5-2. GRAPHICS CONVERTERS Ha nni Pvrwundnnl Llt,le M,ce consists of a powerfull wordprocessing package, a spell checker. A diary system, a name and gyfMlMtT I4I address database, and a powerfull W*TY 14 spreadsheet Kickstart 2 or above Only £7.00 ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE If you ve just purchased your Amiga you may be a bf boggled how you use 1 property. Well this five disk set take you through the CLI Shelf. Workbench step by step showing you every thing you need to know. Only £9.00 ? ABG9-5. AMIGA BEGINNERS
GUIDE A collection of over 100 popular and mi* pnntci drivers Sjp-fH’ns Hi' W lfTSSL )n,y 03 00 ? DRV3-1. PRO. PRINTER DRIVERS Over '30 lop quality cofour mages from tie L on h;ng cartoon 'i'm Each jw image is stored as ready to use IFF so » Ixij can be imported into ANY paint or r 1 ffi Desktop publishing package.
? LKA6-3. LION KING CLIPART ¦ The disk doubler can lituratfy double tho space available on your hardisk. If you ve got an 80mb drive you'll end up with over I30mb. Runs on any Amiga silently in the background.
Only £5.00 ? EPU5-2. DISK DOUBLER_ t - I The Professional mono clipart collec-
- TWT tion consists of 10 disks featunng hun- dreds of VERY high
qualify mono images. Sublets are mduded like ® -¦ Xmas
Animals- Transport. People V Eyecatchers etc. Onfy £13.00
?GFX13-10. PRO. MONO CLIPART a s" d sk c°|loc,,on °(v,de°
,n,in9 foo*5. Video wipes, fonts. Video titlers.
¦Kj Subtitle generator Video backdrops Suitable tor use stand-alone or incon- juclion with Scala etc.. Only £12.00 ? VID12-6. VIDEO TITLING TOOLS fsigi Around 50 scalable compugraphtc torus Hi?1” * lor use with Wordwotth283.
YrK ri Pagestream. Workbench 283. High 55 . Quality printoul Irom 5po.nt upto toopcm.
DSil Only £7.00 ? PSF7-37COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS Mono Pagesetter dipart contains hun- llff [J-. Ij dreds ot great mono clipart images for i 050 ,n any ve,5,on oI pag®setter | Subjects include Animals. People.
Transport. Hi-tech. Computers. Sports.
HfcsCelc Only £3 00 ? MPC3-1. MONO PAGESETTER ART 1 Mtscellanous colour clipart images JW Around 100 in all covenng: cats. Dogs.
W cars, trees, planes, boats etc... 6i4 -3 SurtaDle ,or us® in any Pairrt 01 Desktop iJjdlflH 41 Publishing package J] Only £9.00 ? CCP9-5. COLOUR CLIPART ¦ ~ ] ~] Megic Workbench is an mavative J '.Z. Jtl j j- replacement Workbench Gives you a completley new 8 colour updated if Workbench A hard disk is highly roc- f»i Ju,i ~i~ ommended. Vanous extras disks are i ‘ available seperatly Only £3.00 ? MWB3-1. MAGIC WORKBENCH
* -f 1 An updated 2 disk version... Contains .. ¦ • _ dozens of
DIY hardware kits, like how
- * - j ' . To fit your A1200 into a mini tower PC case, build
your own sampler, memory
* expansion, CD32 Link lead etc. otc
r. --Only £4.00 ? HWP4-2. HARDWARE PROJECTS Contains Three
superb easy fo use Typing tutors for the Amiga. Suitable tor
the complete beginner or anyone who at the moment types with
one or two lingers Onfy £3 00 ? TYP3-1. TYPING TUTORS p--- -
I A collection of essential hard dnve ¦ ---| maintenance
tools Like: disksatve 2.
. 9 I Hdbackup. HD Menu system. Virus Checker, and dozens more ? HDT5-2. HARDDISK TOOLS I If you ve iusI got a new A1200 hard _ Os- then to prep 4 mstall it correctly you H need the correct software This
- software comes suppbed on 2 deks m 4* jj If your gonna do it.
Do i1 property Only £7.00 ? AHD7-2. A1200 HARD DISK INSTALLER
An essential coned** of osk recovery 4 salvage tools for any
Amiga yrfT Weather a floppy or your Harddisk has coroeved an
error this package wiB fasJSUj? See you alnght Easy to use i
urfa 0**00 - ? DRT5-2. DISK RECOVERY TOOLS Word finder Ptus is
the most powerfull IpMjAMiga crossword solver available to
kij]JO date Can solve anagrams, crosswords ®!c conta ns a
dictionary of ovo« 50.000 Sn9hsh crds. And you can eas iy add
? WFP5-2. WORD FINDER PLUS Essential for Beginners is a
collection of fifes essential for the smooth unmterupt-
• k t ed use of your Amiga AH the most . H r" V aske0 ,0f
•‘branes and Viewers are vu. I included like More. Muchmore.
Ppmore, Jjetc wve" ? EFB2-1. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS H Three
Stratrek games Indudes.
Startrek the Arcade game Stratrek TNG. And the Original Startrek.
Decompresses to SIX disks Only £6 00 ? STG6-3. STARTREK GAMES Hplay your okJ Commodore 64 games on your Amiga Includes around a dozen of the most loved C64 games and the latest and fastest available C64 emulator Remember the good old days!
Only £5 00 ? CBM5-2. C64 EMULATOR & GAMES
- ‘:~“J A powerful set of cataloging tools . " Catalogue your
Rocord. CD. Video and i- Wil dis*t collodion with oaso. Ana
search | _ on any aspect or field Z?-1 Su.tablo for use with
Kickstart 2 4 3 ’&r 0h*y Only £5 00 ? CTG5-3. CATALOGUERS j
Dozens ot easy to follow r copies If your a buddmg fan Beele or
Floyd jS- then this gourmen cookbook is just the Tr | thing
tor you You I be a professional in no timo (Bo sure you test
your cooking on you' In-laws Ursl'f Only £3 00 ? GCB3-1.
GOURMET COOKBOOK r 2i',' O. 41 It s ome to put on your shorts
and dig HPIH the garden NOT Now the best way to wKr _ 3m
9®’001 tto’ng this ts to use the 'hat you are far lo busy
des»gn- ¦ *rTjT®!l mg the garden to actual do it1 | Only £3 00
? GRN3-1. 3D GARDEN DESIGNER Thero are over 1000 Amiga viruses
cur- rontfy ’doing the rounds'. So catching one isnt a hard
thing to do This collection of Virus kilters is updated
So you can bo sure you B be able fo dotoct and Ml aH known viruses £4.00 ? VIP4-2. VIRUS KILLERS 3 it you've got a temprementai Amiga the Th® Engineers Krt is what you need :*!' Orp.-CS Ycur Hard d s* Memory. Keyboard. Sound chips.
Graphics chips. Mouse, joysticks etc J Only £3 00 ?ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT mAmiga. This very easy to use Emulator will run on every Amiga. The faster your machme the fasten'smoother indude Skoal dazo. Manic rmnor. Little computer people.
Monty mole. Startrek, The Sentmal. Etc... Packl SPE5-3) Speccy em 4 50 games. Only £5 00 Pack2 SPG 15-7) 100 classic games. Only £15 00 Pack3 (SPG35-33) 400 classic games. Only £35 00 Pack4 (SEH40-1) Speccy em. 50 games and tape deck interface. Only £40 00 (CD119) Speccy Sensatlon2 CD Only £17 99 ? SPECCY EMULATORS The Ultimate Chess 4 Tutor 2, suitable for any 2mb* Amiga. Contains ions of Inbuilt speech, and great graphics.
Suitable for the learner of semi-pro.
Only £7 00 ?JIT7-3. CHESS & TUTOR 2 With this language tutor you could learn to speak either SPANISH.
SPKHBM FRENCH GERMAN. ITALIAN OR t lir r Tl JAPANESE Easy .i .se n-id easy to understand977'’ Only £8 00 ? LTP8-4. LANGUAGE TUTORS THE EPIC LECTION Amiga CDROM Version2 mosl Popular floppy based software titles on one giant CD-ROM Now ! You can purchase the entire Epic collection in one go. This compilation .....contains hundreds of megabytes of Amiga software. Features a superb ' “ ’ new multimedia Amiga front-end. Catagories include: Colour. Bitmap.
Compugraphic fonts S Adobe fonts, Graphics converters. Music tutonals, Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers. Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects. A number of classic demo's. Hundreds of games including Shoot em ups.
Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade, board games etc 'Supplied with printed Index book. _ Startrek Magic Workbench backdrops i interesting 2 fksk collection ot Mag e Workbench Startrek 8 cdcur backdrops If you love Startrek you D love these Only £5.00 ? STB5-2. STARTREK MAGIC WB Cl.iv:" v-r] Times consisis Of jrca'1'3 .1 ¦ lo2en suPert cafd games like Poker.
H SoM.ir*'. Cmps. Montana. Pontoon.
Blackjack. Klondike. Spades, Golf.
?CRD10-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES r r %.lf £J Hundreds ot Very high quality profes- if’l’r fit sionalty finished colour clip fonts tor Ra y MJJy use in any Paint package Excellent for Video work, demo making etc ? CCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS A new replacement 2 d sk Workbench that features Startrek Icons.
* 3-1,.- js a -n-js ng sour-tl mp*- pies v:n. Do afythmij wror-J
Si.r.:*!--. Kic-4ijn?43 Tachmes Only £5.00 ?TNG5-2. NEXT
GENERATION WB HHHKj Classic Board games includes Amiga . % 1
variations of Scrabble. Monopoly.
’» » J V c,ue00* Backgammon. Chess. Othello.
Tites. Tic-Tac-Toe. Cnbbage etc ? BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES wgmmmm Cem-coor.; MfiZI A tali ST etc EggBBSU c,||y 00 ? AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR Sget your finances in order with this unique collection of home finance software Keep track of your monthly outgoings: Petrol. Gas. Electricity, Mortgage, Rent etc.... Only £7 00 ? FIN7-3. HOME FINANCE j A collection of Lottery Winners. Help pTBk your sort beat the Lottery with this F ' superb disk Every week let your computer generate Ml- 7 the Winning? Numbers If you play the
* , . ... i jj Lottery then get this disk Only £5 00 ? LWP5-1.
LOHERY WINNERS Why? A-. J].;- Ciassid-i VI! :OiM.Y'IS
v.no.i:•JIV.. IF -:i‘ class; games like Space invaders Frogger,
Missile command. Astenods.
Er Q-Berts. Omega 'ace Centrcpede 01c ! *, C| Suiiablo lor any Amiga R»;J Only £5.00 ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS 2
rj pj gj ( B The Eipc Collecticm verson2 CDROM Icxdercode:
CDIOOx) is also W available Irom our Sydney based office for
just $ 40 + $ 2.00 P&P. -flST
• Send your orciet lo: 8209806 EPIC. 36 Forest Road. Heathcote.
NSW. 2233. Australia. « 18206077 For.CPWOMPrtc.MplM»
Td.SOE,_cHoquo. poy«» lo A. SpntBI UK Office. Open
Monday-SatunJay. Please make cheques payable to: EPIC.
P&P in UK = Sop total. Overseas P&P = El per title. Catalogue disk available O £1.00 VI 2 O O U Gel the most out of your Amiga 4th edition New, for beginners and experts alike, this book will make sure that you literally "Get the most" out of your Amiga, whatever you want to do with it.
UNDERSTANDING YOUR AMIGA Section A gives you the low-down on how your Amiga works, including all the hardware and software. There's even a glossary covering all the terms that you're likely to come across.
WHAT YOUR AMIGA CAN DO Section B helps you to explore in-depth the myriad of possible uses for your Amiga: DTP, Comms, programming, Amiga games, music, graphics and multimedia. Again, there's a full glossary at the end of the section to ensure that you are familiar with the technical terms.
FREE DISK Includes carefully selected Public Domain and shareware programs to make your Amiga faster and easier to use.
AMIGA FORMAT SUBSCRIBERS SAVE £3 As an Amiga Format subscriber you'll save £3 when you take advantage of this offer and buy this book for only £14.99. Order code Reader Price FLB522X £17.99 Subscriber Price £14.99 How fo find your way around the Internet. CIX, CompuServe and other major networks.
Bulletin Board Systems: what are they, who runs them, what do they do?
You've got an Amiga and a modem - now make them talk to each other This new book tells you everything you’ll need to know about CD-ROM. How it works, and industry plans to exploit its full potential.
This guide was written with the full support Word worth COMPSUQN of Digita International It contains in-depth explanations of every aspect of the software and includes a bonus disk packed with fonts and clip art.
Ir.ru is Included in the book are two CD-ROMs packed with hundreds of megabytes of useful utilities Order Code Explore the full potential of AMOS with easy-to- understand descriptions, diagrams and dozens of example AMOS routines.
Produce your own Amiga games with a smattering of BASIC knowledge, AMOS and this book!
Amiga Desktop Video r Arexx: Your Amiga’s Built-In Turbocharger
* a s . MIVIUS - ana Price Order Code The Amiga is the world's
premier low-cost graphics workstation and is capable of highly
professional results. All it takes is the know-how and all the
know-how is right herel Sg This book contains B everything that
you need
• *; to know to get the most out of Arexx: "Your Amiga’s ¦in
built-in Turbocharger".
¦ It includes help for • beginners and authoritative “ | reference material for ,' experienced users.
Corish's Amiga Games Guide is the latest hints and tips book from the world-famous Corish Games Guide series. This new edition has more than 400 pages packed with lifesaving tips, cheats and solutions.
10 01 01 D ec oa ui IL Call our Order hotline on 014 With this combination of hints, tips and a complete walkthrough solution, no-one who plays this excellent graphics adventure need ever feel lost again! Printed in full colour throughout.
ID 2 01 = p5t ® i o ¦° S - 3 2 DO 0) u -O «n 2 S 01 O 01 X UK iM 00** 2 c 0 9-SE
- - 0) ft.
O 7 o
* *• « U- « ® « id C 00 «i£
0. 3 For just : !1 you can treat yourself to a back issue of
Amiga Format complete with creative Coverdisk programs and
great game demos
- or discover one of our special editions.
MORE GREAT ISSUES AF79 Christmas 1995 Coverdisks: Digita Organised demo - the only way to remain in control of life, plus the demo of the game that rocked the nation. Team 17's Worms.
A game that almost literally took our breath away - especially when we got the exclusive coverdisk demo.
December 1995 AF78 Coverdisks: Six of the best modelling tools from the Snap Maps collection of essential 3D textures. Iwo to four player mayhem in Blitz Bombers demo.
AF77 November 1995 Coverdisks: The complete package of Real 3D Classic giving you everything you need to create your own 3D world.
Plus, a demo version of Tiny Troopers.
October 1995 Coverdisks: Demos of the excellent file manager, InfoNEXUS 2. Plus, packaged with InfoNEXUS, is Optonica's new multimedia database, DataNEXUS.
TimeKeepers is the game.
Vvoi Li-Gii Ji Uliliitee The finest collection of tools, utilities and additions for Workbench ever assembled onto an Amiga Format coverdisk.
September 1995 Missed AF? Don't miss out completely
- order it now while stocks last... Coverdisks: The Maxon Magic
Workbench enhancement system, exclusive Odyssey training level.
AF74_August 1995 Coverdisks: Convert pictures between formats with Transition and become a footie manager in Player Manager 2.
Annual 1995 AF73 July 1995 Coverdisks: Use the complete version of sampler Technosound Turbo 2 to edit and create sound effects. Plus, play around with a five-hole demo of Sensible Golf.
AF72_June 1995 Coverdisks: Add JPEG support to your software with Pegger and create a book with Magic Storybook. Plus Virocop demo and 10 years of the Amiga feature.
AF71_May 1995 Coverdisks: Make music with the full version of Bars&Pipes Professional and thrill to our Death Mask and Alien Breed 3D alien-blasting demos.
THE AMIGA FORMAT ANNUAL 1995 The ultimate buyers' guide to the current state-of-the-art in Amiga programs and add-ons
- every essential piece of hardware and software is reviewed,
rated and explained by Amiga Format's team of experts.
AMIGA CD” ISSUE 1 This magazine was written by various Amiga games experts and carries comprehensive reviews of the very best available on CD. The mag has a Coverdisc packed with game demos, plus in-depth features on FMV and the SX-1 and many other aspects ot the CD12. Essential!
Other AF Specials still available are: No. 9 Beginners' Guide Everything you need to know to get started with your Amiga.
No. 8 Amiga Format Annual 1994 Expert analysis of what 1994 had in store for Commodore and the Amiga.
No. 7 Games Special The essential Amiga games guide.
Packed with features and interviews.
No. 6 Good Hardware Guide Expert advice on more than 200 hardware add-ons. From drives to digitisers.
Biortiythn HW*r ft J r i 1 1 1 ¦-PHYSICAL -EMOTIOHfiL
- INTELLECT Birth: |28 88 1971 Date:|2B 12 1995 Prepare to be
stunned by our fully usable version of Blitz Basic 2 as well as
three brilliant Workbench utilities.
The secret of mastering the blue attack chopper lies in the control system. Use this coverdisk to learn use of the mouse.
Zeewolf "An event waiting to happen."
Crab a piece of the action now.
Inary Asylum in dicir altruistic wisdom have designed this demo mission to let you gain an insight into all that's on offer with the envoi sequel: New buildings, new vehicles, new terrain, new display, new concepts, new everything.
The mission objectives are straightforward: Rescue a load of captured scientists and carry them to the safety of your waiting ship then destroy the defenses of a reactor site. If need be.
You can use the remote link helicopter to pick up all of the hostages at once.
There is also a landing craft carrying a Buffalo tank to be escorted towards the reactors defenses. Once landed, the Buffalo helps take out the eneinv.
This demo disk should provide you with a taste of the new vehicles and some of the new features of the game. You can pit yourself against vehicles ranging from WASP attack helicopters to shark attack boats. You even get the chance to blow up an Kcliptico (the enemy) Frigate. But beware, it's guarded by a couple of VTOI. Aircraft that lire homing missiles.
So that's it. L-.njoy the mission and the tasks involved to complete it. Any comments, send them to the normal address. 'Is If. In the unlikely event you find the mission too easy, set your own objectives to add a little spice to the proceedings.
SETTING YOUR OBJECTIVES Little internal goals like completing the mission using only cannons or missiles - that kind of thing.
Don’t forget to fly around in the remote link vehicle, and don’t be scared to get it shot up either. It's life doesn't matter much anyway.
Explore, enjoy, and tweak your flying skills in the process.
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Steve McGill, reckons you won't be doing yourself any favours by sticking to the joystick system of Zeewolf 2.
Use this coverdisk demo to overcome your fear of flying. Branch out and learn to use the mouse. See if you agree that it's one of the most intuitive around.
Iboot up with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
TAPPING THE FLIGHT ENVELOPE There are two control options for budding Zeewolf pilots - joystick and mouse.
Joystick is the easiest control method for neophyte pilots, so we'll start with that first Push the joystick in any direction and you'll see that the nose of the Zeewolf drops and the Zeewolf then moves in that direction.
Ease off the stick. The Zeewolf levels out but continues moving in the original direction. The fire button lets loose with the current weapon.
Experiment enjoy, save some people and then go out and kill everything that moves.
The more useful and intuitive control system is achieved through use of the mouse.
The nose of the Zeewolf drops in whatever direction you move the mouse but doesn't correct itself, you have to do that yourself. The left button fires and the right button gives more throttle.
Take time to team this method. It pays dividends and becomes more intuitive the more you use it. Having control over the throttle means that you can escape quickly from dangerous situations.
If you are using the mouse control when landing then switch control to joystick using the CTRL key just as the Zeewolf is about to touch down. This ensures a soft landing.
2 Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter 0), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: 01 Horhbtnch Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... RAISING THE COLLECTIVE keyboard controls RETURN: Toggles between tactical screen Flft Aborts Mission and main viewing area.
H: Picks up payload. Only works SPACEBAR: Swaps between weapons with the remote link chopper.
Displayed In top middle of screen.
Cursor Cycles through mission directives G: Lowers and raises the landing Keys on tactics screen. When gear of the Zeewolf.
Refuelling. Adds to weapon Pi Pauses the game and lets you payload.
Have a breather.
CTRL: Toggles between Joystick and ESC Aborts Mission Mouse.
If green you’re on target with camera 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type enddi to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE, for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) Disk, DisCopy Labs Ltd. PO Box 21, Daventry, NN11 5RT A fully usable version of Blitz Basic 2 graces this month's disk, allowing you to write.compile and run your own programs. There's also three unmissable utilities. David Taylor unveils the contents.
After entering the same line and saving it. If you later wish to delete Blilz2, you must remove that line and re-boot before trying to delete the drawer. You should also note that in order to see all the files correctly, you may have to clean up the drawer, which means selecting Cleanup from the Workbench Window menu.
In the Blilz disk or drawer, you can find the Blilz editor and compiler. You can jump straight in and load this, but unless you know about Basic commands, you'll probably want to take a look at the help file first. Simply double-click on the help icon and the file will be loaded. From here you can get information on the commands. Although it states in the documents that on-line help is available, this seems to have a few problems at the moment and so it is necessary that you use the external help file (which contains the same information). Note that you should leave the Blitz2 disk in the
drive at all times when using help.
There is also a file called Ted on the disk.
This is the text viewer used by the documents.
The Examples disk (or drawer for hard drive users) contains masses of examples of different types of programs that you can get running immediately. Hither double click on the example you want, or simply load it into the Blitz editor. To run the program for the first time, select 'Compile and Run' from the Compile menu.
There are examples of many different types of programs possible with Blilz. In the Amigamode drawer, you can find examples of programs that are standard Workbench programs. There’s everything from an example of the use of asl requesters to a Biorhythm program that you can enter your date of birth into. In here (here's also a WB Clock program, programs onto either three floppy disks or a hard disk. It is all done automatically, all you have to do is boot the Coverdisk. Floppy users need to have three blank formatted disks ready (make sure they are completely blank, i.e. no Trashcans even). The
first disk contains the Blitz program, the second the examples and the third the utilities.
Hard drive users should note that all the files are de-archived onto your drive. Should you wish to, you may delete the extraneous files from the directory. The list of necessary files can be found in the document called ‘Important!’ However, before doing anything, you need to make an assign. You can either do this in a Shell or. If you are intending on keeping Blilz on your drive, in your user-startup.
To enter it in the Shell, open a CI.I and type: assign Blitz2: drive : directory Blitz2Demo.
This will only make the assign temporarily and you need to make it even time you boot your machine. To make it permanent, use a text editor to edit your user-startup file to be found in yours: drawer and re-boot vour machine The Blitz Basic editor looks like any text editor, but has compile menu items to be found on the right.
Elsewhere in this issue, John Kennedy begins his introduction to the individual commands which will allow you to create your own programs.
We'll be concentrating here on the contents of the disks, where you can find everything and what they're for.
This version of Blitz will work on any 1 Meg Amiga and will allow you to create .compile and run any program you can write. All the functions are available to you except for one - that is the ability to compile a stand alone program. All of your programmes need to be run through the Blitz Editor.
The Coverdisk needs to decompress the Basic a program that displays memory availability and also one that shows how to open a CL! From Blitz. As you can see. There are examples of everything here from the essential ingredients of programs to full blown ones.
In AndrewsDemos, you can find some examples of the creation of 3D landscapes using wireframes and also how to animate them so they undulate like waves.
The Blitzmode drawer contains programs that deal more with the graphical side of the program, from displaying and moving balls to a small game, loaded from the darts_poly.bb file.
This program shows how to have polygon ships Hying around the screen and how you can shoot them using the mouse. The programs in this drawer are useful for use in games programs, from scrolling texts to displaying sprites.
Marksdemos contains examples ol more serious programs, such as an example of a simple spreadsheet. In Simonsdemos. You'll find an example of a Workbench dungeon game and the codes necessary to create isometric shapes and then how to animate 1 1 !
J r iheni. These are actually the code versions of the tutorials run in Amiga Format back in issue AF52. Floppy users should note that data is written to the disk when compiling this program. As the examples disk is packed full, you need lo make a copy of it and remove some of the other diretcories to use this program.
Also read the docs, as vou'll find that the program must be loaded in a specific order - This Isometric Shape Generator creates the frames for the sprites animation used on the opposite page.
Isorender before isoblaster. Tedsdemos and Tools offers more examples of codes needed for things like displaying three different planes of vision.
As you can see the programs vary quite considerably. Ranging from simple areas that you will need to understand for incorporation into a fuller program, as well as full examples of programs themselves. R~ As if our stunning demo of Blitz wasn't enough for you, we've also managed to cram another three excellent utilities on.
In addition to Blitz Basic 2, you can find three utilities for Workbench 2 and above.
Workbench 1.3 users should note that they may re-boot their machine after de-compressing the first two disks from the Coverdisk as none of these programs are 1.3 compatible. You are allowed to de-compress these programs, in case you have a ROM switcher, but it is pointless dearchiving this third disk if you only have access to WB 1.3. ICON DELUXE 1.13 This is the public version of a very useful icon editor. It is incredibly easy to use, allows the importing of IFF images and also lets you add text easily in any font you have. You can change icon types so that you can use the icon as anything
from a disk to a tool. It's also possible to add tooitypes and change the palette. Although this is a powerful program, this demo version has the save disabled (thanks to some idiot pirate who cracked an earlier version) - so do register if you like the way it works.
MFORMAT The standard interface for the format command is still a little dated. Mformat is a vast improvement. It allows you to automatically format any disk inserted in the drive, and allows you to set an increment to the titles of the disks, so that you can have them going diski, disk2, etc. This allows you to easily format a batch of disks. Not only can you set the filesystem to be used, you can choose whether to include icons, whether to verify the format and whether to do a full or quick format. There's also the ability to automatically install the disks so that they are bootable. All
these preferences can be saved and Mformat can easily be integrated into your Workbench as it can attach itself to your menus.
LAUNCHPAD There are quite a few Workbench launching utilities around, but LaunchPad is now one of the most powerful. It's very easy to use and will tidy up your Workbench no end. Ideal for hard drive users, Launchpad allows you to have all you programs accessible immediately, even if they are buried in sub-directories. To use the program, you need to install it and then simply pick the programs that you want to be displayed and simply drop their icons onto the Launchpad window. You can also then edit the configuration to use a different icon, or to display simply the name of the program. The
launcher can handle more than just programs, it can also execute AmigaDOS commands and scripts. This is all covered in the documentation.
- IBUa.
Bl OF* I (Enptv Increnent FileSvsten Rescan | |ji 1 PC*:9 v Buto Start Ruto Inc. Create Icons Install Buick Verify J-) A r Itoraal _)Select** _jMr4*r JUZmr fritf | Mo Risks (Hi Kb) [Ready- I » I st«»: pm | m tan: MlmU.iltWtimtarO. |tj ¦rseeat,: | | Icaa: be**»««»1LHni‘firitiirrlni |fl _|h»it«i
o. J Mart-led: | trt •««": ||
* 1 * I Hauled: Bl 1* 1 ledsalar: "1 ¦ ?•ID e hruMdl | Haw n: B
liuw, | Pcivitr: ft start lr»: B * 1 St.il.| X I- I b. | bit |
Creating and editing icons for your projects and programs is
made simple with Icon Deluxe.
Mformat is a much needed update to the format front end. Providing ease of use with power.
Launchpad - another program launching utility for Workbench, but it's so good that I use it. So there!
CALL (MOIU-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0191 584 0682 Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
1 *fc EXTRA!
BARS&PIPES (AF71) Many readers have had memory problems when trying lo run Han&Pipes, or access the BarsCs’ftpes tool AmigaPhone.
To increase the memory, disable Workbench utilities that are running in the background, disable external disk drives and use Workbench Preferences to change screen mode to the lowest resolution and least colours possible. Ban&Pipes should now load. Once running, use B&Ps Preferences menus to switch on all the memory savers.
When you try to load the song Brandenburg Demo, the Amiga asks you to insert Volume Internal Sounds Kit l. It's an instruments disk not included on the Coverdisk.
Instead, make a copy of your AF7IA Coverdisk, rename it Internal Sounds Kit I and put it in die drive. Brandenburg will find some of the sounds that it needs in the instruments drawer on this disk, but not all.
Instruments whose sounds can't be loaded, can be fixed by clicking on the AmigaPhone icon at the end of their pipe and choosing a sample from the AFT IA instruments drawer.
A set of manuals is now available to compliment the Bars Pipes Coverdisk. For further information please contact Emerald Creative Technology (0181 715 8866).
SENSIBLE GOLF (AF73) If you are using a 1Mb machine and have an external disk drive, you will have found that the intro and title load fine, but the game itself fails.
Switch off and disconnect the external drive which is taking up memory that Sensible Golf needs. When playing, if it seems that you have control of the game and can do everything except actually strike the ball, your joystick is in the wrong port.
TECHNOSOUND TURBO 2 (AF73) To use the fun-time effects, as well as some oilier Technosound functions, it is necessary to have an external sampling cartridge connected. If you do have a sampler, but find that it doesn't work properly with the software, try gradually reducing the program's sample rate setting.
TRANSITION (AF74) If Transition s main screen flickers, it doesn’t mean that your Coverdisk is faulty. The programmers have chosen to use a high resolution screen for Transition‘s interface. Owners of a suitable mulpscan or VGA monitor ran configure Preferences so that the flicker is eliminated.
INFONEXUS DATANEXUS (AF76) Apologies to readers who are still using Kickstart 1.2 since the programs will not work with your machine.
Optonica are running a special offer on the full version of the software exclusively for AT readers. To find out more, contact them on 01455 558282.
REAL 3D (AF77) If you find that the program will load fine from floppy but fails to load from your hard drive it is possible that the MaxTranslerRate of your hard disk is set too high. To remedy this you will have to refer to the documentation that came with your particular hard drive. T?
If you got issue 78’s AF Coverdisk with our excellent selection of Snap Maps, you will no doubt be pleased to hear that you can now upgrade to the full version of the collections Fields & Foliage and Building Materials A Fabrics for either; (Tick appropriate box.)
? £76 each volume (without AF Coverdisk £99.95) ? £140 for both volumes (without AF Coverdisk £188) Name.
Address.. In issue 78 Graeme Sandiford was so impressed by this collection of 3D modelling tools that he slapped a Format Gold on it. For £120 you get a whole range of high-quality objects that should have you rendering stunning scenes, from jungles to urban areas, in no time.
IF YOUR DISK IS FAULTY... Plc.iv ¦ cntcmbci lh.il the III Iiiik.iI helpline ¦iImivt is pinch li *i iliflii nines vuu lune gelling the pingiums In wink properly.
II your disk is pin mi .ills damaged, hem.
Broken wilh a louse hi missing shutter. Il should In- relumed m Divnpv l ain loi a icplat eiiicnl al the lollnwuig address: AF OtSK NUMBER XX DfSCOPV LABS.
DAVENTRV NMH 5KT 1 his mi hides am sislcni messages von mav get saving: “Read write error", "Disk invalidated and Checksum Error".
In this case, tile disk has been damaged .uni nulls to la* rcplaied.
HE’S SCORED AGAINST NEWCASTLE, EVERTON, MIDDLESBROUGH AND ARSENAL NO WONDER CHRIS ARMSTRONG’S SMILING READ ALL IN OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW . $ LOWEST PRICES cfrvICE BEST SERVICE RAPID DELIVERY BEST SERVICE SALES FREE CALL 0500 737 800 SALES HELPLINE 0181 686 9973 0181 781 1551 BOXES DS HD £18.99 £28.99 £41.99 £51.99 £76.99 £101.99 £126.99 £234.99 £369.99 MAGIC PACK 170MB HARD DISK Same as above . Scala 300 £469.99 Add £4.00 Add £4.00 Add £8.00 Add £8.00 Add £12.00 Add £16.00 Add £17.50 Add £30.00 Disks Disks Disks Disks Disks Disks Disks Disks £15.99 £27.99 £31.99 £48.99 £73.99 £98.99 £123.99
£229.99 50 3.5' 100 3.5' 150 3.5' 200 3.5' 300 3.5' 400 3.5' 500 3.5' 1000 3.5' FREE LABELS & FREE DELIVERY BY PARCEL FORCE ? 100 cap lockable box ? 100 cap lockable box ? 2 x 100 lockable box ? 2 x 100 lockable box ? 3 x 100 lockable box t 4 x 100 lockable box t 5 x 100 lockable box ? 10 x 100 lockable box 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE T! Z S8 ®® DISKS DISKS + SAVE £30ti ------- SAVE £30 CHAOS GAME PACK Nick Faldo Pinball Chaos Engine Syndicate £1 2.00 I: new; A MAGIC PACK Wordworth 4.5E Digital Data Store 1.1 Turbo Calc 3.6 Digital Organiser Personal Paint 6.4 Photogenics 1.2SE
2 Games: Pinball Mania & Wixz AMIGA A1200 PACKS B A4000T 040 25MHz ...£2099 £2231 A4000T 060 50MHz ...£2359 £2525 SPECIflCATIONS: A4000 Tower, 6Mb Memory, 1.7Mb .Floppy Drive, 1.2 Gig SCSI Drive, Scolo 300 Pre-Installed.
AMIGA CD32 HARD DRIVES SXI Modular Expansion £191.991 Keyboard for C032 ..£36.99 I Disk Drive for CD32 .£49.99 I CD32 to AMIGA 1200 in. Softwor. £29.99 I C032 to Scart ...£11.99 I Competition Pro Pad £15.99 I Commodore Original Pod ....£8.99 I CD32 HIFi Lead .£11.99| Add £2 p&p for accessories | 7 Games Pack: Cannon Fodder | Diggers, Liberation.
Oscar, Microcosm, Project X, Ultimate Sody Blows £174.99 FREE DELIVERY EXTERNAL OVERDRIVE HARD DISK | | FUSION VIDEO GENLOCK Provides games and data portability to A600 A1200 I External casing ....£68.00 560Mb .£234.99 It is o high specification video genlock that is ideol for both the first time user (for odding titles, graphics & effects to home movies) & the semi-professionol user (wedding videos, corporate presentations...) FREE Scolo HJI00 (enables you to L add special effects ond overlay text onto your video). £98 INTERNAL 2.S" + CABLE & SOFTWARE | 80Mb
2.5" .....£69.99 120Mb 2.5" ...£99.99 170Mb 2.5" .£124.99 250Mb .£137.99 340Mb .£179.99 510Mb .£259.99 NEW I PANASONIC 2135 24 PIN COLOUR £164.99 49 primers tree lead t delivery DOT MATRIX PANASONIC 2135 24 pin Colour inc. sheet feeder £ 164.99 Citizen ABC 24 pin colour .....£144.99 Citizen Swift 200 24 pin colour ....£169.99 NEC P2Q 24 pin mono £124.99 INKJET - DESKTOP & PORTABLE Citizen Project 1IC colour
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4Mb ...£227.99 Apollo 1232 50 68030 .£198.99 HP Deskjet Black Dual Capacity Cartridge £22.99 HP Deskjet Black Refill .....£7.99 HP Deskjet 500C 560C Colour Cortridges £25.99 HP Deskjet 500C S60C Colour Refill £16.99 Canon BJ 10 200 Black ink Cartridges .£16.99 Canon BJ 10 200 Black ink Refill £9.99 Citizen Project HC Colour £34.00 Citizen Project HC Mono .£20.50 AMIGA
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Labels .. £8.99 I 3.5" Disk Head Cleaner ..£1.99 Python 1M Joystick .£8.75 Add £2 for TOP QUALITY RIBBONS MONITORS i KW
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IQ 100---------- mm KXP2I23 3II0 r1CI0 20 100----- w LC200..
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M1438S £287.99 Mierovitec 1438 (free
speakers) .£279.99 Sharp or Hitachi
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28.8K ext £269.99 GP Fox Software .
Add ..£40.00 Tomodo I4.4K ini £99.99
X-link 14.4K ezl £129.99 I GP Fax Software L
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Add £2.00 p&p UK A NTIRNAIIONAL DELIVERY SERVICES |WPO ORDERS WELCOME . SURCHARGE) xT r LAND AIR SEA AU WILES INCLUOE VAT ( DELIVERY (gnlcu where* stond) Mvev within 3 days (UK hUINLANO MIT) nmm AOO110 00 FOR HEX! DAT DELIVERY (ALL Ot SEND (HEOUEVTOS1A1 ORDERS 10 GREY-TRONICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1UU r-J55, SALES HELPLINE: 0181 686 9973 MebI ocder prices only J HR Al oHets subject lo ovoilabilily ESO! Prkes Pock detoils may (hange without nolke. Mease allow 6 working days lot cheques lo deot.
H Jnjtjajj Osfe for the Amiga AMIGA FORMAT FEBRUARY 1996 In the spirit of free enterprise, we are determined to show you this superb software and allow you to experience for yourself the fast flexible advanced features of this product Final Writer 4 Lite is optimised for use on a 2Mb, floppy based Amiga, and yet still of the features of the EM mm _-jxifjdt . -
• »«," ? * CL! I!
Em • issuTre • tw| FORMAT ¦s_AVE_ You can reserve any issue at Amiga Formal al many newsagents, including branches of WII Smith and John Men ies.
VIDEO BACKUP 3 XL 1.76MB GVP HC-8 SCSI SUPER XL DRIVE The Super XL Drive allows you to store
3. 5MB on a high density disk.
3. 5 SUPER XL DRIVE ......£129.95 Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VH5
Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
SCSI hard card which can fit 8MB of RAM on-board.
HC-8 SCSI CARD ......£99 INT.DRIVES SYQUEST EZ G V P RAM 6 8 0 2 0 E C MEGACHIP ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI 100MB DISKETTE____ MEMORY £POA 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI ..£259 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI EXTERNAL £335 MICROPOLIS 2 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI £CALL 4 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI £CALL 9 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI £CALL HITACHI 340MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL 510MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL 810MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL 1 GIGABYTE 2.5 IDE .£CALL The Syquest EZ135 drive is an ideal storage device. The EZ Drive stores 135MB on a single 3.5" cartridge and has a seek time of 13.5ms. Comes complete
with one 135MB cartridge. (A SCSI interface is required) SYQUEST EZ135MB £239.95 135MB CARTRIDGE ..£CALL The XL Drive allows you to store a
1. 76MB on a high density disk.
1. 76 XL DRIVE EXTERNAL £79.95
1. 76 XL DRIVE A4000 ...£75 PC880B EXT.POWER DRIVE .
£49.95 External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes complete with
an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable to 4MB RAM M-TEC
30-PIN SIMMS INTERNAL DRIVES PC881 A500 ____ PC882 A2000 . . .
PC883 A600 1200
2.5 IDE OTHERS External PCMCIA 3.5" IDE hard disk OVERDRIVE
INTERFACE ZIP DRIVE £179.95 £15.95 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB)
. . . £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) . . . £75 1 X 32 SIMM
(4MB) £125.95 2 X 32 SIMM (8MB) £235.95 4 X 32
SIMM (16MB)......£499.95 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) ......£30 4 X
8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) .....£139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000
____£25 1 X4 DIP .£25 256 X 4 DIP
£5 1 X 1 DIP ..£5 CIA
.....£12 GARY ...£19
PAULA ...£19 DENISE ..£19
FAT AGNUS 1M8 ......£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB ......£29
SCSI EXTERNAL £15 WORKBENCH 3.1 A500 2000 . . .
£85 WORKBENCH 3.1 A3000 4000 .. .£95 ROM SHARE DEVICE
2. 04 ROM CHIP £25 SX-32 is an internal add-on card
for your CD32 and features: VGA port, RGB port, parallel port,
serial port, external disk drive port (1.76MB), clock,
controller for
2. 5“ hard disk, and a SIMM socket (up to 8MB). Turn your CD-32
into a A1200.
SX-32 MODULE ...£199.95 Disk Expander can add upto to 50% to your hard drive capacity and works with all drives including SCSI, IDE, Floppies and even the RAM disk. Disk Expander works on any Amiga with any Kickstart.
DISK EXPANDER ...£19.95 Save 1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76. FLOPPY EXPANDER ....£10 SCSI case suitable for CD-ROM HD DAT and Optical drives.
5. 25" SCSI or IDE CASE .....£79.95
VIDEO BACKUP PHONO UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 running at 50MHz and allowing upto 128MB of user installable memory and a SCSI-II hard disk controller.
A2000 68040 (0MB RAM) £TBA A2000 68060 (0MB RAM) £TBA 4MB STANDARD ADD £125.95 4M8 GVP ADD .....£159
• S P ! ¦ C (A1.
Award winning Amiga Genlock.
G-LOCK AMIGA GENLOCK £259 Ml II Hill I IMM Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port.
Call for details ioEXTENDER ..£59 Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSI performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal expansion peripheral for your Amiga
1200. Please call for more information.
SURF SQUIRREL .....£POA Squirrel MPEG allows you to play VideoCD and CDI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16-bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
4M8 GVP RAM .£159 16MB GVP RAM ..£549 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE . £59.95 AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND ...£29.95 squirrel scsi interface included where you see this logo RAM EXPANSION POWER SCANNER I I SCANDOUBLER II ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles noninterlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them. Supports VGA.
S-VGA and Multiscan monitors. Pixel sharp picture, even at 1440 horizontal resolution and has a standard 15-pin VGA type connector. Comes with composite video S-VHS outputs.
TBC-ENHANCER 68020EC ¦ FLATBED SCANNERS POWERTAB £919.95 £99.95 £239.95 GLIDEPOINT A 2MB RAM board for the A500 which fits in the trap door slot.
A500 2MB RAM ...£90 MEMORY CARDS 512K RAM WITH CLOCK £24.95 512K RAM WITHOUT CLOCK £19.95 A600 1MB RAM ..£39.95 A500+ 1MB RAM £29.95 A 68020 EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC or PGA). This card can fit upto 4MB FAST RAM and is fully auto-configuring.
• ncrease your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB MegaChip
does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB
Fat Agnus. No soldering is required.
MEGACHIP RAM .£159.95 A500 68020 EC 0MB RAM A500 68020 EC 4MB RAM MEGACHIP RAM The award winning Power Scanner includes the following features: Scan in 24-bit at upto 200DPI (all Amigas not just AGA)*, Scan in 256 greyscales at up to 400DPI (all Amigas). Thru’port for printer connection. Fully supports AGA chipset, Display HAM8 24-bit images on a non- AGA Amiga (via image conversion), full editing facilities included. Works with 2.04 ROM or above, min 1MB (recommend 2MB).
POWER SCAN 4 B W £89.95 POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR . . £169.95 OCR (BOUGHT WITH SCANNER) ......£20 OCR SOFTWARE ....£49.95 POWER SCAN 4 S W ONLY £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W . ..£49.95 PC INTERFACE + B W SAW . . .£39.95 24-bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual* EPSON GT-5000 ...£489.95 24-BIT, INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-8500 ...£579.95 24-BIT. INC. POWERSCAN SOFTWARE EPSON GT-9000 ...£729.95 24-BIT, INC. IMAGE FX REV. 15 SOFTWARE ADPRO SOFTWARE £149.95 IMAGE FX 2.0 S W .£149.95 Reduction of quality loss when copying,
colour and contrast correction, suppression of colour drop-outs, elimination of basically any copy protection. The video signal is edited in professional 4:2:2 studio standard and is sychronized entirely new.
Excellent picture quality, auto fade control, Alpha channel and optional software control.
PICASSO II 2MB RAM .....£399.95 INCLUDING TV PAINT 2 VIDEO DAC ...£25 18-BIT GRAPHICS ADAPTOR Just like the Neptune-Genlock. The new Sirius II combines excellent quality with user friendliness. In addition, this genlock disposes of blue-box keying, bypass.
RGB-colour correction, a stereo-audio control with microphone input as well as an integrated test pattern generator for adjustment.
SIRIUS II GENLOCK £919.95 Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips .Tap' for an instant selection. Connects to the Serial port. (This is not a graphics tablet) ALPS GLIDEPOINT ..£59.95 POWER TABLET Pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software.
POWER TABLET 12 X 12 . , .£195.95 INCl. FEN. CURSOR ANO ROWER TA8 S W GURU-ROM V 6 A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. This ROM has a very fast transfer rate of up to 3.5MB S, maximising your CPU processing time. Guru supports all SCSI device types including hard drives, CD-ROM drives, scanners, Syquest drives etc.Guru ROM is compatible with Amiga OS 1.3 through to 3.1 and is SCSI -I SCSI-2 compatible. Please call for further information.
Phone orders We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
Postal orders Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to Power Computing Ltd and specify which delivery is required.
Warranty All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified.
Technical support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers.
Mail-order prices All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome.
Mail-order terms Ail prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged. All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
- THE ZIP DRIVE RIVAL OH TEST INSIDE 1 ¦Spied based on she 68040
25MM? CPU 2 Upgrade 68060 price programme available soon Amiga
case needs to be opened and trapdoor modified 3 0*189 FRIDAY AT
6 anoth*' tmflani AGA demo 4
* 0*192 *L EN FRENZY 2 puryet bieStoj • E-c*r up 6
* 0*200 MASQUERADE |2 (Wat DnOaM pu«» game* AQA202 RAM JAM »l il
cani Oe done 12 dstol AGA204 COMPLEX ORIGIN |2 cfeM) requires 2
d*. On*
* 0*206 TREASURE OF TUTANKHAUUN educalKXiai toe
* 0*230 LOVE (2 dwi wr**f OnhaN DEMOS
* 0*231 *0* UTL 7 4 8 12 dwi. More USEFUL uO
* 0*234 KNOTTY Scjmcg AGA skJng jaclure txuxte* 8 never said UFOs
didn't exist and I never told people what to believe, but I'm
certainly not going to be told what to believe by you or anyone
else either.
Neither is it stupid fo ridicule someones argument when it runs along the lines of "nobody has proved it to be false, so it must be 9 Hfomat vl.8 by Her! In.
Send your order to: Active International Produce House la Wickham Court Road West Wickham Kent BR4 9LQ.
Hal: 0181 402 5770 Fax: 0181 402 5780.

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