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RENDER FARMS One reason, perhaps the main reason, for networking Amiga computers is the power that it gives to speed up rendering. An Amiga with a 68040 processor might be able to render a high-quality frame of video in say. Five minutes. By spending a lot of money and upgrading to a 68060 processor, you might be able to half this time. However, for the same money you might be able to buy another Amiga and use this to render frames too. Or you might already have an Amiga with a 68060 - how can you possibly make it work any faster? When you realise that video requires up to 30 frames a second you soon see that even a relatively short movie sucks up time at an incredible rate. Using multiple Amiga computers to render individual frames automatically speeds up the rendering process. Lightwave indudes support for "ScreamerNet" which distributes the work between different networked machines. One central machine, preferably with a large and fast hard drive, eventually collates all the rendering frames for subsequent editing, viewing or whatever Networking also makes it possible use non- Amiga machines, such as WindowsNT based computers, which what they may lack in ease-of- use, make up for in brute force processing power. A DEC Alpha based machine can generate frames extremely quickly, and using the Amiga machine as a "front end" means the uniquely friendly GUI is not sacrificed. PC R1208 pc Port Serial Port (Linux) Serial Port Ethernet Port It s List, reliable and cheap. It's very popular on the P .. and that’s why networking cards are alxHU 150. Ethernet cards are readily available for the Amiga, as long as your Amiga has Zorro slots, that is. This means an A2000, A3000 or A 1000 - or perhaps an A1200 ii you have lilted one into a suitable tower case. ARIADNE Commodore themselves made Ethernet cards at one time, and various American and (ierman cards are still in c ire illation if vou look around. However, il vou want to buy new vour choice is limited to the Ariadne, a dedicated Amiga Ethernet c ard available from Blittersolt in the UK. It simply slots in. And comes with SAX A-11 compatible drivers. If you want to network the Amiga with a second Amiga, vou can then run Envoy and share dt ives and printers with PC Port flpp I e Port flpp I e Port very fast transfer speeds. Ethernet is a standard though, and so it's possible to connec t the Ariadne to a PC Ethernet network. Using TCP IP tools such as •’ 'and Telnet, vou can access files on the* othei machines with ease*. You can even make your own “intranet" and set up a World Wide Web server on the Amiga which the other machines can then access. II vou happen to he connecting the Amiga to a machine running WindowsN I . Vou can run a freelv available- utility called Samba. Samba lets the Amiga appear as a standard client to the WindowsNT machine whic h makes copying files even easier. GOLDENGATE 2 The ( olden( late2 card is a spec ial adaptor card for Amiga’s with Zorro slots, it allows certain tvpes ol P(! Cards to Im- used in the Amiga’s slots. It doesn’t contain any PC processor, only the ironies necessary to handle* memory decoding and interrupts.

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Document sans nom We give you the power to design, build and translate PostScript and Compugraphic fonts on your Amiga:
• TypeSmith v2.5 software
• Six page tutorial feature
• Hundreds of fonts The professional version of the Amiga's best
known image manipulator on test inside... The Valhalla series
has a cult following, but can the latest episode attract a good
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• Menu syt * CJLO System.
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' O.T.P ¦ Stereogam.
You Gel software m dirs: ANATOMY 14.3Mb ANIMALS 11Mb AUTHORS 10Mb AVIATION ll.SMb BATHROOM 1Mb BOTANY 1.3Mb BUILDING 23Mb CLOCKS 1Mb COMPUTER 3Mb DAO A OR WHO ?Mb EFFECTS 1Mb FOOD 3Mb FLYING 1Mb FRUIT 2Mb FURNTME 4Mb GENERAL 4Mb HOUSEHOLD 9Mb C64V0L2 SCENE STORM C0286 £18.99 CD301 £19.99 Reniem ber the Days - Contains all the Software that we have collected during our oreat times on the C64. Dating from 1984 to present day.
Able through PlaySid. The AGA EXPERIENCE 2 CODE: CD302 COST: C18.99 rzW- MORE Exclusive software.
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DEMOS Mow have compatibilty Info - & even tells you If It will exit back to W bench!
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I Joy toll EXCLUSIVE Software direct from the authors - several people contributed exclusive software.
FIRST Demo of Allen Breed 30 2 The Killing Grounds - CO!!
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TEXTURE PORTFOLIO tOOE: CO 169 WBI !»¦ WEIRD TEXTURES AGA EXPERIENCE 1 COOf CO? 10 'Ww WORLD ATLAS TURBO CALC v2.1 C00E; I C0218 PRICE: II 1 £9" U*® I Is the I unique software solution that defines a new standard.
Work The ana. Wll run on all AGA machine. (CO32. A1200 and A4000) NET NEWS (OFFLINE) CODE: CD296 fl* M_ PRICE: E9.99 I BLANKERS COLLECTION COOE: CO295 . 111111 PRICE, f 1.1.99 agaO ADULT SENSATION 2 CODE: CO206 ififigfcr ¦H.'I - '¦hIeuSI ADULT SENSATIONS GIF SENSATIONS COOE; C027V i hi :t ¦ • € COOE: CD072 H9.99 iimiM WORLD OF CUPART GATEWAY! VOL 2 COOE: CO291 p- PRICf: E 19.99 SEXY SENSATIONS ME: C0230 MEETING PEARLS 3 COOE: CD224 fTfUJ PRICE: ft 99 UiilTT SCI-FI SENSATIONS COOE: C0207 PRICE: (18.99 MU COOE 00053 PRICE: £17.99 With a 250 Page Book It crammed full ol chpart etc. love
meting through the 250 page boot .electing tho picture*.
• Directories such at Animal., boy., cultural image., floral and
natural images, girl., holiday image., literary figure*,
mythological image., scenery, transportation and wort Images
Bean, cats, dinosaur., dog., insect* horses.
Egypt. Native American*. Polynesia. Penia Floral A natural Images Include blossoms, planets.
Music Modules & Software AirtTCP and Networking Docs. CO Databases, etc PasTeX »1.4 Utilities I HTML-Page*.
• S f»oc * a l off* or ftato price COOlO GOLU KISH 1 C00280
CD044 SOUND TERRIFIC c0091 pro irr & pcx COOS' LIOHT ROM 1
1-1900 C0062 LSD TOOLS C 0066 TOWN OF TUNES C0067 ILLUSIONS 30
CD229 AMIGA TOOLS 3 CD226 XI PAJNT v4 0 002*7 GOLDFISH 3 CO220
Ht C.L | HuJrv. Ivp.wu. I m. ( I EKK. Smjl! Nl I I AMU KCOI'V i
h M.T V.riP Kill IKINMANA(.il H I H ) M N V A V VI 1
• VI 222PANASONIC STUOlO C f'&r.il'lus dnui I • J II OfHix.' Lirf
• JY Inp fl.ini* t ki.iJV'H ' Ml | 2.2 V2051DOPUS 9 EXTRAS VOL 1
06ENH (AOC| iSvftpl idTfptiin «lwh :(ii|‘A itK t*s iK pui|c
Surn* *ii AduN: i»pc -no I |
• rn ih4|iuI f* fi uiI|«j4. Ir, I pnnn r isiitpiii V1693EPU DISK
STAKKER VI.7 uMc smw! Luid diPf capjcm •iima!
4492 SPELL TRIS i Vylc k*ov 1*4 ItW ftui* tXITvttiv l«Vt**| iif p|*l iktfV* 4494 BATTLE TRUCKS
• IK •* l»M fl« r pM III *hat6 ; IflK'k !••• I I two NJV il Yim
v in »v nr even Niv 4 N iml Kin k
A. mtris h V1326C COMMANDS 6 LIDS V2072V1RUS CHECKER VO 04 urn*
nlkcf thr AiIiMj h» Jjic 1 c Hhxv mum Vt044FANCY PR’NTING Mk v
| 4 ,N mi PmtR . : v*39 Citizen manager 1091 EASY CALC PLUS
VI 0 rjse i4 lurr iKv.iAif MiM r mT K*» firmed th f«v « «n
K*t miiiR V2049ICONIAN v2 *6
* *TtpL
* V1523RELOKFC* VI 41 NofMI K. l kk'Is .»ts *1 K. »K YI269THE OCT
Kivit * Tbiv nhUcc '*'• Ik MjciiWH itVKv III M.i.u AH ki.iit ».
Itiiti-*k.i ir* lii.li'v M .eUII lilim. I a |l rg,hl4 I
Mhi i»li- * .1 luir* I'jlien i... Ill | i;S A lnuv*? Nil
irvJinles r u». U Mj.’K All ..•* Ill M.i,*li A M LiVA X |h,.
Ftii k.in iMhnlrv *i». F , Mill'll A H ¦ * V2069NEW
(»lM44l I. illUlc tuikrlWM ....r Ik.. V .«: f'liN.iilk pnr
l..|ileit«i rfiMiMuHi 111(11 WM1S V1995BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR
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I. .• pi|! Imuuirr r»iv v auo Lll.ll ifv iNl 4 lit mS|H%I llu 11
ur A.*irUv»H*i i chc nchl V207OMWB ICONS. PATTERNS Ivilfill •
J N-dH HKC MA II .• ,|.l|||vk V2O10TEX1 LNGINL v3 O ‘ • 4478
m AC CO ARC HIVE I VI 0 W»NYr v Maiin nt I ai.i ‘ • 44 79 BOB
THE AMAZING LEMON V* M.III Umih s hKh kalMTrx 4 W%, Lk«iif iMc
mutK Ainl mjnv .Mlmm »jll 41 i l t t lu1ii| 4nv.11.11p m afl
v. k jnJ «tu i
- . 44A4 Ml Ilf.LLION k 4 «ri cm up 1 n 4 lurk-
* FhIi 'mm-IU jiimihI »pac ii pick up lm’
* rJ %k HM i'v; ill ih»’ *M .mu c»KTi»np JI “ . 4469 LCOfNO
POUNDS ISLAND IlCfC *»• h.iM- .111 .H|%c*MiirC p.line Ifalf
ffjph’v ic*i K110I ih» r.mv 1* vIjw.I itnnff ctuirrlv 11
hl. ... n i! HKJr : mil * ! IlllWilr »V*hIv Hlm ' . 1 S
ilkvi H.*.‘ Il 1 he K.h.*u Uuhhlc IXUJ LU r MIK 41*.J M.id
K**»itK»i I
* VI 865 NEW HO INSTALL V 1 220MAIN ACTOR V» 93 Ik fV.U i 4 MccI
ip jwO vcfvmn mk* Hv .11 » r„ 4460 PSYCHE UAL VI837DISK
S-Fllcv (;«4V» Jivi fill I I* V1040MORE HD INSTALLERS V2076
PRO-GREY HOUNDS 41 »jhV .iimI 1 iiiimnkur ln*ull Jiiliix:*
utoeociRCurr board design Shivi Sunbfvf. ViliH1 r»i4h .iihl I
4*i|.»* V»Kr»*vJt. N VA. vi ftl I -4 fUtci.
4938 INTMERCS hlxi Hfx- fjmmr i.-t ; IH » V2097IMA liNr OOJECTS 1 (AO) V1 1 78 KICK START 3 EMU KiUMMiUkk I nl'jil 1 nr A I V1430N D.U K V37 |ABCD) . 1.1 ifK* ( .iiimml, N4IVC Ik
* * 4999 WORMS MAPS 1 WC jr 4 fo*KhJ nupi Alim ll mjiri in ¦fv
m»(4 v r nfi .4 vk.cnu Ivvi.p.. v IT »| AkMI «*%r ISI.WDNAKM
K. tp. UvIh* SI kl SI A K Vt .4 fst .
Sml.civp OilkK IKIPISIiiA VR A KM A K*3 lKc«TH a 11 SilnJ fuliiSriA** • jllcd Sl KUSH Sl AKS1 n pimiii M kO MI SI'S AkNI llh*. ..u II | OS | if,., tfif Ml s: A KM Ut«N, il lwxl ,mWu- Hm ki’fil itK uffci
* ? 4560 DUNGEON HERO Kh .14: |tuMfo«i Uiorr
UTILS 2 4431 BEST AGA TETRIS 1 .iml MMX » i .nil, V1931 ZXAM
v2 0 r«k*«l So. . Limn |:mi Wl 'Hy ug:
• Worki on all mAchlnFS
• Rtq Workbench 2 0 or above Req Workbench 3.0 or above ABC 1
Product hn AML disk lie. Ihrcri CODE REFERENCES Lf «V o'e
r.r.ons«vjre ir yfXi Iik9 •*. 51
* Txi roln- n vee ioft or rrep*af» i p m (TTe- - p1 ( 0 ' L
L-C) 1 G A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a
battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator FPU.
2mb £99.99 4mb NOW ONLY £134.99 8mb NOW ONLY £259.99 Our unique and highly rated Clock Cartridge will enable your to continually store the and date In Its own battery backed memory.
Simply plugs onto the back of the not invalidate the
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I f l I 72 pin slmms suitable tor Apollo accelerators.
A40C0, A1200 memory ,o* 33MHz 68882 FPU (plcc) £49.99 40MHz 68882 FPU (plcc) £69.99 50MHz 68882 FPU (PGA) £79.99 All FPU's are supplied with crystal oscillators DATAFLYER 4000SX ONLY £59.99 lmb £39.99 2mb £77.99 4mb £99.99 8mb £159.99 r This superb package is a must for any CD-ROM user.
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Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
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DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
¦$ reiude VAT. Postage i be charged at £3.50 oer order (U * and £12.50 rest of the.
ISSUE 87 AUGUST 1996 4j Not so Final Writer I I It was surely only a matter of time. Final Writer 5 is on the way, and with oodles of new features it could be the best ever word-pro.
4k J Monitormungous I mL Not one, not two, but three new families of monitors are due for release soon.
Jk Developer data now on CD I Schatztruhe, famous for the Aminet series amongst others, are now releasing the official Amiga developer kit on CD-ROM.
QA introduction to the Internet Once you've installed AmiTCP it's likely you'll be needing some more software. Darren Irvine looks at the two main file transfer programs.
Q OctaMED Tutorial The latest version of OctaMED featured on last month's Coverdisk and to help you get the most out of the program, Darren Irvine begins a brand new tutorial.
CO Surf Squirrel J C? If you want cheap and fast Internet access then Graeme Sandiford suggests that you look no further than the latest version of the Squirrel.
C A CD-ROM V I Dave Taylor takes a look at a selection of highly accessible Clipart from EMC and an update of a C-64 Sensations.
M1764 Monitor With its huge screen, clear display and vibrant colour handling Graeme Sandiford believes that the M1764 from Microvitec is an absolute must for anyone working in graphics.
63 Q ? Real 3D2 ZJ xJ After our series of tutorials on Real 3D we felt that it was time to move. So, this month, Graeme Sandiford begins a series of tutorials on Real 3D2.
* k Blitz Tutorial
* w" f Defining SuperBitMap Windows and suitable gadgets for
scrolling up and down.
It's all covered by John Kennedy in this month's tutorial.
C i Graffiti Card Furnish your Amiga with the new chunky pixel mode, made possible by attaching the Graffiti graphics card.
David Taylor assesses whether there are any real benefits for users.
C4PD Select J I We've got a massacre of midgets, flash cars and Alicia SilVERSIONe on your Workbench - and that's just for starters.
C Workbench M J No matter how proficient you are with your Amiga there's bound to be a time when you get stuck and that's where Workbench steps in.
O A Amiga.net Ow If you're using the Internet you still need to apply some basic netiquette. This month Darren Irvine gets all wound up about bad manners on the World Wide Web.
Mailbag I J J There's never a shortage of letters landing on Nick Veitch's desk and he picks out the best to answer.
PwjrrtmBK np Photogenics 2 xJ m Photogenics took the world by storm when it was released. Ben Vost has a close look at the much awaited successor to see if it meets everyone's high expectations.
As BS 1C TS IE I* 5 I A ii pt V ¦J 4k ClarlSSA Pro M I After a year and a half this German programme has finally been converted into English. With its myriad of new features Graeme Sandiford believes that it was certainly well worth the wait.
M fv Ml MM * 4F n O 1 H m TypeSmith Disk A You can create your own fonts or convert established formats with this exclusive version of TypeSmith r. m p110 SET 0 Q Prev*ews Despite the shortage of games in the shops, there are still plenty of decent releases in the pipeline and Andy Smith picks out the best ones for you.
Valhalla and the Fortress of Eve Fans of the cult Valhalla series have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next installment but will it live up to their expectations?
Q Exile Discovery disk Exile was hard, really hard and for all of you out there who failed to reach distant corners of the huge adventure, the makers have released a data disk to help you on your way to discovery.
AM** BY***1 we**10* m rltb BONUS' MJOl° Valhalla: There's been a series of Valhalla's. Is this one better?
Twc US1.
H VO VO Wt«th«fMlrM: Hot tips straight from the makers of the games.
These are not the games that you can go out and buy - but some of them are just as good. This is the section of the magazine that we give over to you, the readers, and your very own Reader Games.
i WeatherMine Software Anthony Fenton Jones and Matt Waters are the brains behind WeatherMine Software, the team that bought us the brilliant XP8. Andy Smith met up with them in Bath to find out what else was in store.
Gamebusters There are those who want to sweat it out and there are others happy to cheat their way to the top. If you fall into the latter category then there are tips here on SWOS, Civilization AGA and Championship Manager.
M Networking - part two Many computers are better than one and John Kennedy looks at Amiga specific hardware designed for networking.
This month we not only have all the Pdf pics, anims and resources that you have come to expect from the AFCD, but we also have an exclusive version of the font creator TypeSmith from Soft Logik and dozens of PD and shareware fonts for you. Plus: coverage of the Viscorp conference in Toulouse and excerpts from the speech by Bill Buck Disk B Destroy or avoid the sweets and bears in this fun little shoot-em-up.
Plus: Charlie Chimp and the Treasure of Tutankhamun Toyland Capers p108 p112 7 E IS available from HMV, Electronic Boutique, Game, Virgin, Guildhall, Game-Zone, Gordon Harwood, Five Star and many mi telephone the Effigy Hotline : 01526-833362 PINBALL PRELUDI These rules ore binding ond entry into the competition is taken as occeptance.
HOW TO ENTER: Cut out the voucher from the booklet in your game box no photocopies The judgi ecision is final and no correspoi ice wilLbe entered into.
Ill entries The winner will be commencing 14 October imm Finally: Send your VOUCHER and your ENTRY, including your name and address and daytime telephone number to: PINBALL PRELUDE FUTURE COMPETITION, Effigy Software, Station Yard. Station Road.
Ruskington, Sleaford. Lincolnshire, NG34 9DG.
Discover tfce toj» AMIGA REPAIRS FIXED PRICE ONLY £42*99 Incl. And CD32 only)
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR, DELIVERY & VAT
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* If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10 00 AMIGA A1200
Repairs only £f2-99 cully Inclusive SPECIAL OFFERS M PC
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CD32. Vlff Only £25'00 PC keyboards (Cherry Chlcony)
......£16-00 A500 Motherboard v6A ... £59-00 C032 Pow«r
supply *5-00 £35-00 A600 1200 Internal Drive
. ¦ CHIPS E29 95 035 95 CD32 Rom Drive L 68000 CPU Video
DAC (A1200) Kickstart 1 2 Kickstart 1 3 Kickstan 2 04 Kickstan
2 05 Kickstart 3 1 |A500) Rom Sharer NEW Modulators Xchange
Modulators CD32 ROM DRIVE A500 Motherboard 6A A500 Keyboard
A600 Keyboard A1200 Keyboard A500 600 1200 PSU CD32 PSU
500 600 1200 SPARE PART AND KEEP A FULL STOCK 8372A Imeg Agnus
8375 2Meg Agnus LISA (A1200) 8374 Alice (A1200) 8362 Den.se
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(A600 1200) 8364 Paula (A500 .)
8364 Paula (PLCC) 114JO CM-7* CW70 most inffuentia peop e who'll he sfccrp ingp ‘the science ¦fiction wopH in the nevt •five yedrs... in ‘this montfrs SFX the ypoatost scienco fiction in the ottmivprso.
H* PLUS! Douglas Adams, Screamers, Babylon 5, Star Trek and loads more Add £1 50 P&P on chips, £3 00 P&P on Drives & PSUs We reserve the right to refuse repairs JtffENTION ALL DEALERS" 1 Our Company oilers the most comptfillvf’. Repair service 01 i all home computt 1 Credit bcuity ava iab*a SEND FOR FREE INFORMATION PAG*. & Spi RES CATALOGUE Santo HOTJETei (0116) FAX (0116)2558643 DART Computer Services (AF) ¦ggy 105 Umdon Road Leicester L£2 Opf » , 4 k*. Eui*-
- DART V • ( ’tunputt’r' S'vrvit'v v A Division o DA Computers
Ltd IN THIS ISSUE AUGUST 1996 ¦ «-*l r E .. Month In View It
has been very hot this last month, and that's not only the
weather as Nick Veitch explains... trust PRODUCTION GROUP PROD.
& IMAGESETTING ion Moora, Chris Stockar, Mark Govar. Simon
Windsor, Jason Titlay, Olivar Gibbs COLOUR ORIGINATORS Phoanix
ISSUES AND MAIL ORDER Futura Publishing, Somarton, Somarsat
FREEPOST. TA11 6BR Talaphona 0122S 822511. 9am-«pm Facsimila
01225 822510 E-mail: subsOfuturanatco.uk CUSTOMER SERVICES
Talaphona 0122S B22S10 MORE READER INTERACTION. We drew on
readers' contributions, resulting in the live!last letters
pages end the best reader tips. Buying one of our magadnes Is
like joining e nationwide user group.
BETTER VALUE FOR , MONEY. More pages, | |_ lulure AMIGA FORMAT 30 Monmouth St Bath. Avon BA1 2BW Talaphona 01225 442244 Facsimila 01225 732341 E-MAIL ADDRESS amformatOfuturanatco.uk (INCLUDE DEPARTMENT IN SUBJECT TEXT) WWW Sit*: htqrf www.futurafMrt. co.uk computlng amlgaformathtml YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE This magadna comas from Futura Publishing, a company founded Just tan years ago but now sailing more computer magaibm than any other in Britain.
Rt offers.
BETTER ADVICE. Our tMas ara packad with ADVERTISING ADVERTISING MANAGER Diana darka SALES EXECUTIVE Halan Watkins PROMOTIONS MANAGER tamara Ward twardOfuturanat.co.uk written by tha vary bast in tha burins .
STRONGER REVIEWS. Wa hava a cast-iron policy of editorial independence and our reviews give dear buying GREATER RELEVANCE. At Future. Editors operate under two golden rules:
• Understand your readers' needs.
• Then satisfy them.
NEWSTRADE DISTRIBUTION Futura Publishing 01225 442244 OVERSEAS LICENSES Mark Williams 0171 331 3920 Member of th* Audit Bureau of Clrcutetiom.
Registered Circulation 60,008 July - December 1995 rmiMiu CONTRIBUTORS John Kannady, Andy Smith, Darran Irvina, Simon Goodwin, Dala Bradford. David Taylor. Rotoart Folding, iulia Stuck**. Todd Anderson, Graama SandWord CLEARER DESIGN. You need solid information fast So our designers highlight key elements by using charts, diagrams, summary boxes, and so on... PUBLISHING PUBLISHER Simon Stamfiald MANAGING DIRECTOR Grvg Ingham CIRCULATION ASSISTANT Kata Elston DESIGN ART EDITOR Linda Bonson ART ASSISTANT Cathy McKinnon PHOTOGRAPHY Rob Scott EDITORIAL EDITOR Nick Witch DEPUTY EDITOR Btn Voft
PRODUCTION EDITOR Andrva AUGUST 1996 Phew! The normally bearable temperatures at AF towers have soared to almost unbearable limits, but there was nothing that could keep me out of the office. There were too many excellent new bits of hardware and software to play with!
The most eagerly awaited, from a personal viewpoint, was Photogenics 2. Amongst a host of new features is full Arexx support, something which all JjglgfS serious software should i really have has turned up to revitalise the office A1200 SURF SQUIRREL P58 The Surf's up. And. Er. So to the Squirrel... In spite of tha dubious name, this is one piece of kit that every A1200 and A600 owner will be sure to want.
WEATHERMINE P44 You've got tha Coverdisk, you've played tha game and now it's time to meat tha makers. Andy Smith gats together with tha brains behind XP8 to sea what other gams ara in store NETWORKING P24 Tha second part of unmissable delve into tha realms of networks, Ethernet and all that.
With fast SCSI access and a nice new serial port, which makes playing with !Browse a whole lot easier.
1 also shouldn't forget to mention Clarissa Pro. Graeme and I have been waiting for this for ages, but it has finally made it into English.
On the news side of things, the deal between Viscorp and Escom has not been signed quite yet, hut hope we will be bringing you some good I hope to ¦ W the meantime, enjoy this action packed issue... INTERNET P90 You asked and wa delivered. Following tha unprecedented demands for an Internet tutorial.
Darren Irvina continues tha series with a look at setting up your web browser GRAPHICS CARD P64 Tha Graffiti card means that tha Amiga to capable of producing screens using a fast chunky pixel mode made famous by games like Doom.
MONITOR P63 Graama has always thought ha needed a bigger one. But does tha M1764 fulfil his dreams?
. :•---- Printed in tha UK.
Format of full Nkk Witch. Editor submitted and puMMwd on tha auignmant of copyright to Futu O Future I Iff*.
SuperValue CD-ROM Packs Wipeout Prices!
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With HiSoft Zip Tools.
Both pocks include the external CD- ROM drive, Classic Squirrel intcrfoce and 2 free CD-ROMs Curwdv fVrw* 1 1 f, tip«' e xe The SupcrDoublc Pack £189 Based on o superb 2.4-sp««d Sony CD-ROM, this is a tremendous volue- for-money, oujord-urinning pock.
Add £30 for Surf Squirrel The SuperQuad Pack £249 Zip 100 SCSI me 3 carts me Classic Squirrel inc Surf Squirrel £199 £249 £279 Add £30 for Surf Squirrel 1 Gb Carts 6MB sec 12ms access SCSI Drive The Internet... Easy as 123 Introducing the brond-neuj enterprise 288 modem from HiSoft. This V34,
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the Internet.
EASY TO USE Sorting with Net&Web is so easy with the super-slick I Browse (available separately) the |* iwertul Met.i h ¦ 1 email program and the DaF TP program for hie transter.
Whatever your needs, the enterprise 288 modem will meet them together with Squirrel, often exceed them!
The remorkoble Joz SCSI drive from lomego features 1Gb removoble cartridges - storage os ond when you wont it, ot super-fast transfer speeds. With HiSoft Joz Tools.
Net&Web Software £39.95 E nterpuse 288 Modem with lead £ inc Net&Web Internet pack £ me Sort Squirrel plus Net& Web Rvoiloblo in inUrnol (3.5-) or Fully-cosod external versions.
Jaz 1Gb SCSI inc 1 cart £529 me Classic Squirrel £579 me Surf Squirrel £609 Jaz internal version £469 Every pack includes one month free Internet tnal with either The Web or Demon Internet1 Punch those keys for free!
0500 223 660 Other Products HiSoft SYSTEMS Surf Squirrel SCSI Serial i tace £99.95 Cmema4D Rendenng Package £199.00 DiskMagic File Management £39.95 Termite Comms Program £39.95 Twist 2 Relational Database £99.95 Aura 16-bit stereo sampling £99.95 Megalosound 8-bit sampling £34.95 First Steps Amiga Book £6.99 Amiga Surfin' Book £6 99 please phone for full cotologue To order any product, just Freet all 0500 223 660, armed with your credit debit card or write to us at HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE, enclosing a cheque, PO, made payable to HiSoft.
The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44(0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 email: salts(P'ltisofl.co. uk a* pees nchjde UK VAJ E&OE © Msolt 1996 Add £4 PiP or £6 tor next day. Outside UK. Please "phone or lax forpneng (T, Fifth time lucky for Final Writer .p 11 $ i i Monitor madness .pi 2 Internet users - survey reveals all p 13 John Smith waves goodbye .....pl4 With the release of version 5, Final Writer could well be re-titled King of the word-pros.
Biochwe ptefi Butmeuienei pien butnoceb bunrvxnoceb fa* pr r» FW Prefl e»n3mui0 aoi pntoce b iconnonkjceb me pi 19078 19078 63404 38060 19078 1086286 1176 696 6991 fittA h wtw 5 Art poo. An Am ft Fom&c ?
Istneie oouot m any Cue Amiga wet's mins wny tney Keep tneii Am ga’ I donl Ihii* aoi is tneie aouot m any Amiga ranatic ammo tnat tney nave tne oest ccmputei evei Duiit’ No weyi Does any Amiga entnusiasI neeo an encuse to tell tne wo is tnat tne Am ga naS iTXiititaaiong aixl geat gapnes ft on say oie, ai'O tt'at anei pet&cnal computer aie son tiymg to eaten up to tne Amiga’ Once again, Nol File [Adqreiitiit prefi The ability to save preferences with documents will no doubt come in handy.
Tables at last! Final Writer 5's new table function will come as a welcome addition.
Knew ii was just a matter ol lime. Digita release Worduntrth 5 and von know Sqit’« say you as c My to May witn tne Amiga Sons D«cc'e say we at ScrtWcoo a; • ciaay to ccrtnu to severe oui :esa.fl:es to Amiga scftwai e seveioo"'* vcu Serf see Fortune 300co'’owmea lusr-ng to supcat tre Amiga, vcu 3avt see mayo sc tw*e aeveiocet* o' tne »«eCee ara Mac uV»'g to aucoot tne Amiga Hopefully, wn«f you so see e a gone cf ceacates Amiga nxeis, fanaoct, me •ntruMaatt at ScTWocc tnat caie enou-qr. Aocut tre Amrqa x a- cctce new scffwa. E. soppo: f» cietoneo. W.q p*m *o a
• On !**o» 0 2flr | a j A [ Pooe l i V : V : 5oopm i V26 96 that
a new release of Until W riter will Ik* just around the corner.
And what a release! With over ‘20 improvements on Final Writer * . Final Writer 5 looks set to reclaim the word processing crown back from Worduntrth.
Some of the most important features include Autocorrect. Where Final Writer watches what you tvpe and can correct things like- ‘teh* instead ol the’ automatically. Autocorrect can also Ik- used to replace long words that need constant repetition in a piece. For example Autocorrect would allow the user to substitute the words ‘Final Writer' in this news item with an abbreviated version, such as *fw'.
Finally. Autocorrect can also amend words with two capital letters.
Tables also make an appearance at last, as do style guide compliant features such as public screens for Final Writer, the ability to use ASL requestors and datatype support lor graphics.
Also included with this release is I he ahilitv to save out your text as HTML pages, although the press release we have does not state which versions of I FI ML Final Writer will support. There are plenty more I eat u res such as document templates, RTF import and export with font substitution, preloading fonts and preferences. Style sheets can now be saved with documents and there is now the ahilitv to rearrange sections amongst others - all this adds to the Looks like a Final Writer document smells like a Final Writer document, but is. In fact an HTML document in preparation.
User friendliness and power ol the program.
Softwood are also offering those ol vou with an Internet connection the T chance to make full use ol the HTML saver for Final Un rrwith an invitation to take space on their web server for a mere 135 per year. This oiler only applies to people purchasing or upgrading Final Writer, so make sure you've got your wad ready.
For the full story on version live and more information about the Internet offer contact Softwood Produc ts F.urope on (11773 836781.
C o c KA u VO o a- iUlore monitors from Taxan 1 1 5 UJ T,is.in have I.mm heel a new series nl 17" monitors onto the m.ii ket. The Lrgovision series comprises the 7:40 T(;( -S. 7 40 TCO-S and the 7:40 I.R and 7 40 I.R. Until 7:4o monitors have a dot pitch ol .28mm and are capable ol displacing a 102 I 768mm screen at 8511 .
The 7 10 models have a finer dot pin h at .2f»mm and will alsosnppoit the 1024 708mm resolution at 10511 . Both I ( s models i nine with built-in speakers and microphones making them ideal lot use as multimedia monitors, although all the monitors mentioned hau* a minimum scan rate of :40k11 making them unsuitable loi direct comic*'lion to an Amiga that isn't equipped with a suitable graphics card or scan doubler.
I’axan state that the RRI* lot the models is as follows, with estimated street prices hi brac kets afterwards: 1679 (£496) £809 (£590) £649 (£474) £759(£554) EMC go on safari EM Computergraphic have revealed their intentions of producing a limited run of Computer Safari font gold Cds. These Cds will contain the complete Computer Safari font collection including the very popular "Star Trek"-style fonts.
Egyptian hieroglyphics and mathematical symbols. In addition, the CD will also contain several brand new fonts not previously available. The fonts on the CD will come in Adobe type 1, Compugraphic. True Type and Amiga bitmap formats ensuring they'll be compatible with whatever program you choose to use them with.
The CD will come with a quick reference guide and EMC's usual IFF font previews and installation guides. The disc will be available on a very limited basis, so it will be first come, first served as far as this CD is concerned. It will cost £39.99 plus postage and packing and will only be available from EM Computergraphic who are on 01255 431389. More information is also available via email at: safaridemcomp.demon.co.uk More monitor news... ViewSonic Europe have sent us a release staling dial die- ronipam has experienced a 200'V me lease m sales during the last quarter »f 95 and the lirst
quartet of ‘Mi.
ViewSonic Europe's managing direc tor. Michael Kominet bad ibis to sav. "We are constanth sliiving to upgrade our iewSonic monitor range, in a bid to take- ovci tlx- position of number one monitoi suppliet in Kurope." (»ood luck to vou Mic hacl.
Have announced that they arc the price on their popular YisionMastcr 17 17" monitor to just £529*VAT. I lie YisionMastcr 17 has .26mm dot pitch and scan rates from 27- 86KI1 allowing users with A(»A mac bines, sc an doublers or graphic s cards to get tlx- best possible displav I lie- YisionMastcr 17 comes with three vcars warranty and can be1 obtained Ir«»ni livama I K. EAGLE TOWERS FLY AT BLITTERSOFT Only Red Dogs and CompuServe... Blittersoft are launching their Eagle tower Amiga* with the blessing of Amiga Technologies. Each one will have an “Amiga based" stamp of approval, full warranty,
and will be fully CE certified. The towers come in a variety of configurations including a "bare bones” version so that dealers will be able to build to a customer's specification.
The bare bones version will sell for £1299.95 and will contain an original Amiga Technologies A4000T motherboard, 2Mb Chip RAM. 2Mb Fast RAM. Power supply, mouse, floppy drive and Workbench disks and manuals.
Other models will have 040 or 060 cards and SCSI II hard drives as standard and will vary in price accordingly. One great idea is that an adaptor can be purchased in order to fit an A1200 accelerator into these towers which will mean that anyone currently owning an accelerated A1200 will be able to hang on to their accelerator, buy a 'bare bones’ tower and maintain their current level of power. In addition to these A4000T variants. Blittersoft will also be unleashing 040- powered A1200 towers as well as. Bizarrely enough, towers for your CD*2.
SO a J r- k 3 O D If you are interested in these systems contact Blittersoft on 01908 261466 or via email at: bsoftdmag-net.co.uk. On iIn* 22nd M.i CompuServe .innouiK ed ili.it n was going to ditch the propi ictarv nature ol its service’s interlace and progress to the open standards employed on die Internet.
I his aim would ! «• at liievcd ! v moving the services to a web format that i ould be accessed In cvcrvonc with a web browsei in an operation mkIt*named “Red Dog”.
Bob Massev. President and ( T. ) ol CompuServe said: “This new initiative not only paves the wav lor new services in the future, but it will enhance all our c urrent services - die ompuServc Information Service. VV ) V! And Sprvnet. As well as our tot poratc business - In enabling us to respond quickh tomaiket needs with unique new prudtu is and content".
CompuServe are now devoting more than 80 pel t ent ol their development efforts to t tistomising the best available teclmologv loi CompuServe users and creating new value-added products that will differentiate them from their competitors.
( annpuServe’s (Inline Services division’s president. Denny Matteucci added “Eai from competing with the web. The Red Dog initiative positions us to maximise rapidh maturing open standards and to expand our portfolio by building viable businesses on the Intel net."
(Tn Golden Image go news crazy AMINET HITS 30,000 The Amlnet officially became the world’s largest archive of software on the 16th May 1996 according to Urban Mueller and VSL - The Virtual Shareware Library with over 30.000 files totalling about 5052MB of data Plans for expanding Amlnet continue apace with the expected arrival of annotations to file i-eadmes and the ability to have a custom Amlnet to suit your own purposes To celebrate there’s a competition to win a CD-ROM drive, the Aminet Sets 1. 2 and 3 and a year s subscription to the Aminet CD. There are ten runners-up pnzes of a year s
subscription to the
CD. Just state exactly how many flies there were in the Aminet
archive on the 16th May 1995. Send your entries via email to:
aminet- server-eaminet.org. or via snail mall to: Schatztruhe
OmbH Aminet-Wettbewerb Veronikastr 33 D-45131 Essen GERMANY
PI0S AMD PHASE 5 IN PUNCH UP Amiga users with access to the
Internet will no doubt be enthralled at the current verbal
battling between Davo Haynle representing the Pios group and
Wolf Dietrich from Phase 5 over the direction the Amiga will
take in the future Read all about It on the Amiga Web
Directory s news pages at http: www.iprom.com ami
gaweb atnewa.html on the UK mirror site and for further
barbed comment take a look at John Shepard's views at:
http: cord.iupui .edu ~jrshepar amig al.html. z m s Golden
Image have sent us not one, not two, but three press releases
this month with news of an A1200 trap door RAM expansion with
4Mb on board, upgradable to 8Mb, socket for a PLCC. FPU and
battery' backed clock for just £79.95 plus £3.50 postage and
packing. This offer is only Internet suorey results Budget
video from Almathera Alinalhera are re-releasing their
innovative C.l)v- tide Video Creator for just £9.95. Video
Creator, which can be used with a ( l)v- or any A(»A machine
with (T)-ROM drive and ( T)v- emulation, allows the user to
create their own music videos in accompaniment to audio (T)
trac ks.
I here are over 50 effects that can he ombined w ith olout I til images, video wall-stvle animations and 21) and 31) animations. 1 here’s even a ‘Random Raves* mode where the CD'1- will put (ogethet a real time visual backdrop to whichever music CD von choose.
Almathera can be contacted on 0181 687 0040. Or for those ol you with email at: almathera cix.compulink.co.uk The pair also confess to some dubious working habits.
"Most of the designs happened down the pub".
Matt admitted.
Who's Andy Smith talking to?
C o c 3 WEATHERMINE SOFTWARE PAGE 44 so VO e Two unrelated studies bv Interface Research Ltd. And Consumer Survey's Ltd. Have interviewed people with regard to the Internet. As may be- expected the results show that most internet users are male, earning a fair wedge (over 40% earning more than £20,000 pa according to one of the studies) and that more are professionals in contrast to the population as a whole.
T heir hobbies are likely to include dining1 out and going to the theatre rather than ordering pizza and watching the latest Steven Segal movie. In fact. Bob I layward. The managing director of Consumer Suiveys said, “()ui rcscarc h shows th.it contrary' to popular opinion. Internet users are typically professional people with considerable earning power and a wide range of interests." ()h well, bang goes the spotty saddo image we were all desperately trying to foster.
Special effects courtesy of FX kit Digital Data l.abs’ customers have been struggling with the new IK features of Lightwave for quite some time now, but 1)1)1. Think they have found the best solution. It’s a book by Alan Chan, well-known for his articles in Lightwave Pro and comments in the Lightwave mailing list, and who, coincidentally, just so happens to behead animator in the Amblin animation department, the team responsible for shows like SeaQuest DSV.
The book is called ‘The FX kit for Lightwave’ and doesn’t just concentrate on the IK aspect of the program. It also contains information on lighting, animation, using backdrops for digital compositing and many other tricks to master topics.
T he FX Kit for Lightwave is available from Digital Data Labs for just £34.95 including P&P and you can reach them on 01277 365249, or email them at: info(&ddlabs.demon.co.uk. valid lot orders placed during July and August 1996, but stocks may not even last that long, so get a move on!
Next up in the news from C iolden Image is their (.onnrXion card for any big 1h Amiga. lonneXion offers a fast 10-bit Kthernet link with IO-Base-2 connectivity through a BN • connector.
The c ard also comes with a standard AT I interface using an RJ45 connector for 10-Base I connec livity.
The card autoboois from ROM, avoiding the need for drivers and is currentIv compatible with Amiga-based networks, although compatibility with Windows, S 2 and Novel are currently i being worked on. I he (onneXion card is also fully A2065 compatible and thus SANA II compliant. Finally, to avoid network l oitlenec ks. The Connexion card has a 32k I (kbit on-board cache to Imh sI pei foi mane c and kc*ep processor overheads low. I he (.onneXion card costs £185.
Our last bit of news from (.olden Image this month concei ns spiders.
Sorry, that should read the Spider. I he Spidet is an eight pori serial c ard that stijipoi ts speeds of up to 57,600 baud through all eight jxuts simultaneotLsh and is designed to fit am Amiga with a free Zorro slut.
I his is the first new multi-seiial port card on the market loi ejuile some time and should come as a welcome surpi ise to BBS operators out there-. I lie- Spider costs £299 inc hiding VAT and all the produe ts mentioned c an he- ordered from (.olden Image by contae ting Navin Shah on 0181 900 9291.
£ DEVELOPKK Cl) VI.I Stefan Ossowski's Schat tnihe have just sent us details of several new CD-R()Ms coming our way.
First up is the Amiga Developer ('Jh’L I. This CD contains all you need to get started with programming the Amiga, bar some sort of C compiler.
The CD contains the M)** developer pack including tools to build a CD image and details ol the CDXI.
Animation format, the updated 3.1 native developer kit. The SANA II Processor price pummelled by Power Silver discs from Schatztruhe program.
Thirdly, we have a four Cl) set called Magic Publisher whit h includes Final Writer ISF, Wordworth II), a complete installation ol PasTex and more than
10. 000 fonts and 5000 pieces of clipart.
All the fonts and clipart are referenced in the included Inioklet for easy identification.
I-ast but not least is the Mods Anthology a lour (ID set containing over 18000 modules in a variety of formats.
Watch out for our reviews in next month s splendid Amiga Format.
Development kit and much more. This CD can be counted as essential to anvone interested in prc gramming.
Next up is the twelfth in the Aminet collection which contains more than a gigabyte of' uncompressed utilities, demos, games and all the rest. The (II) also contains lull versions of OctaMFJ) t»5T)- and Symphonic, another soundtracker GTI STEPS UP CD OUTPUT GTI have announced several new CD-ROM titles for the Amiga including 3D Objects and 3D Images: one dedicated to professionally raytraced images; the other filled with models in Lightwave and Imagine formats.
Both Cds will retail for 29DM, a UK price has yet to be confirmed. They will also be launching Sounds Terrific II, a double CD collection of sound modules, samples and sound utilities for the Amiga and PC. As with the 3D Cds a UK price has yet to be set but the German retail cost will be 59DM.
Well, no more at Amiga Technologies but I'm sure he's still healthy. John handed in his resignation on the 25th of May this year in order to further his career with the newly- formed Rios Computer AC. As theii I k representative and we at Format wish him all the best.
As yet. Amiga Technologies have not announced a replacement for him. But they have said they are looking for a suitable candidate.
John Smith is no more Psst! Wanna buy a Mac?
Power Computing are bringing out a new 040- p we red accelerator for the A1200. Called the Turbo 124(1 die new board has one definite advantage over all other ( in rent 040 accelerators for the base machine - its price. The 25MH version will retail for just 1259 and the 40MH version which is 25 times faster than a standard A1200 will sell for a mere £329. Both models ol the accelerator are expandable to 32MB burst RAM through one SIMM soc ket. Have a battery backed w doc k and c an have an optional Imb sec SCSI II controller added for just £59.
For (hose- of you out there* for whom an Amiga just isn't quite- enough, Blittersoli have- reconciled their range of Fmplant Mac emulators. Firstly, there are two new software-only versions ol the emulation: Fmplant 1200. Which is for the- A1200 or CD:V-‘ alone and even includes drivers for the new (.ralliti graphics card add-on reviewed on page 64 of this issue. And then there is Fmplant Fite. Which is a software-onlv version ol the lull Mac emulation. This version is suitable for use on any mac bine, but is best suited to those machines with graphics cards.
Fmplant Fite also supports virtual memory unlike its shareware counterpart ShapeShifter. Finally. Fmplant Deluxe, the full-on hardware version of Fmplant has taken a cut in price.
With AppleTalk ports lor networking and a direct SCSI connection Fmplant Deluxe is the solution lor the serious Amiga and Mac user who lues a big box machine.
Prices for all three are as follows: "The King of Valhalla has decided he's bored with running the Kingdom and wants to concentrate his energies chasing some totty."
Andy Smith upsets the female members of staff.
Emplant 1200 £49.95 Emplant Lite £69.95 Emplant Deluxe £199.95 Contact Blittersoft on 01908 261466 for further details.
Weird Science Ltd. I Row landson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel. +44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 (0)116 236 4932 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk Sound' Tcmfic 2 contain* thousand' of files available ready to use straight from the CD's The music and sounds file* can be auditioned from an easy to use interface for both a PC & Amiga In addition to the sounds are some brilliant utilities for music and sound manipulation on both platforms As well u the great modules, midi files and samples provided we have also sourced the superb Walkabout Music Collection of
professional Instrument samples in both WAV and IFF formats Included are 4,400* modules lined and tested,i 400 extra large modules lover 300k each, I 795 Screamtracker modulei. 1,000* categorised midi filet, 4240 IFF %ample . 620 categorised WAV samples, 1,000* Walkabout Instrument samples in WAV A IFF formats.
100 5 of utilities for PC A Amiga and as a bonus the complete MuhCraft collection of Midi files 3D CD 1 Objects This CD was awarded top marks m every review and contains4S0 stunning images in 24 bit with 256 colour versions in GIF A IFF formats This supctb title is compatible with Amiga and PC and with all the images being commisioned from top photographers around the globe the quality of the images will ama e This is truly the best compact disc fs*r video etc. Guaranteed unbeatable and it's Frfcfc Please include postage i Multimedui Toolkit Vol. I £9 99 CRM 64 latest Version £ 19 95 17 Hu
5th Dimension £19 95 £19.95 RELEASE DOUBLE CD Multimedia Toolkit Vol. 2 £ 19.95 Speccy 96 Isilest Version £ 19.95 itwtisi+U «*• the »rr Uie»f ftwm the 4*t*if « •*!• • 1*04 man «••• 17 bu Encounters £ 19.95 Emulators Unlimited £ 19.95 ££ 14.99 q each Subscriptions 17 Hit Phase Four £ 19.95 PD Sof The Colour library £ 19.95 tables . Srrnn t 199* I'arnel £ 9.99 Animations Cl) Double CD £ 19.95 IFF Amms Sci-Fi Sensations 2 latest Version Double Cl* £ 19.95 PD Soft Hottest 6 £ 19.9.5 PD l ibran f'visMv ike morlii Urftu *j).*ni and j js*mAtu * re tours e f+r the Smtgst rrff Ike (if Jun uke*
f*o fe+ri to s itmpiU and t anMini 100 i af prvgrumt a.«uf on 4 enlf *nfwn * iMkffili Imali uU u*n of these u U ud keLsm U Homo ore os settsPU dsrrcl frmem (hr ( Epic GEX Sensations £ 19 95 1000's of Images PD Soft Utilities 2 Double CD £ 19.95 Meeting Pearls Volume 3 £9 99 AVAILABLE AUGUST PRE-ORDER FOR light Rom 3 Triple CD £ 39 95 Workbench Addon £24.95 Specials NOTE We will price match any advert In this magazine r i « i it~ Insight ¦¦ Global » is„; urn Dinosaurs ' I Expenrncr T V'. £ 19.95 | | £ -4 95 Access and Visa Welcome UI Postage le £ l.QC for the first Item and 5Op each
item thereafter. Overseas is doable.
Please ask far Hezas Pro or il wW ual he shipped Pic'n'Mix FONTS w j-mr n iir$ o n sf' man a wuese MiteMoNs HEADHUNTER steel DiOMAHAJ STAR ttflAMX STARS WZMAl SHRAPNEL medusa STENCIL STRETCH EEHTEHS WrfShBOOK!
Vommum ©fii rm©HfiKr- m ; jjaj We have been in business since 1991 and pioneered the Pic n Mix concept Our serv ice is unique with a TECHNICAL S TfefrlHELPLINE for all of our valued Customers For Bulk Buyers we offer some very special deals with Fonts from 7p each BLOCK WOBBLE Z0RFt®JL 444444 (DdxbqQo tied to taking "Pot Luck" when buying ClipArt? Now YOU can select your own preferences from the comfort of your own home Choose from over 3000 images n over 40 Categories Give yourself a break d TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Available in Formats suitable for all Amiga Programs (Hi-Res Bitmapped or
Scaleable) 'All images are 8 to 256 Colours... suitable for both Colour and Mono Printers. All clips are artist drawn no scanned ( or traced images here1 P I 'alike some ol the cheap and cheerful Font Cds and Disks doing the rounds, our Fonts WORK! Select from over 4000 Fonts in both COMPUGRAPHIC and ADOBE formats and leave the rest up to us!
POSTCY 0UWME OREGONWET Atiami REFILLS (Microfiltered Non-Clog Formula) all Colours from 87p per refill COMPATIBLE CARTRIDGES As good as original...but cheaper' from £4 99 We have been supplying our Customers with Refill Inks for many years, and most of our sales are re-orders We demonstrate the quality- of our Inks by providing a FULL COLOl'R PRINTOUT with every Information Pack Who else does this’’ FAX: 01702 200062 PHONE: 01702 202835 For your FREE 46 Page Information Pack, either Write, Phone, or Fax us.
SELECTAFONT (Dept AF) 84 Thorpe Road. Hawkwell. Nr Hockley. Essex. SS5 4JT The world can be a better place when you have hundreds of fonts to chose from. Larry Hickmott provides you with all you need to know about this month's excellent Coverdisk software.
Briber you use Final Writer or Won worth. Professional Page or PageStream. Or any number of other word processing programs on the Amiga, or even if you are dabbling w ith Photogenics. ImageFX. Personal Paint or just about am other art package, there is one IBMg tbat they all have in common. Each of them uses fonts.
CONTENTS FONT BASICS - How do fonts work? Why are there different formats and which ones to use?
CONVERTING AND INSTALLING FONTS - Using typeSmith to convert between different font formats, and how to install fonts for use with Workbench.
CREATING YOUR OWN - Building your own fonts and autotracing bitmaps in lypeSmith.
I r -• _¦ -vi!
? | -v A (W, MO from Trboca c .111 ic.uc void cuvn outline louts and i onvri i one Ini in.it ol Imit into anothei so it .in he used witlnn dillcrent progi.ims. Mine mi iliis in a little while.
Kirst ol all. Lets get hack in basics as the pnlitii i.in said to his tnistiess.
D (112, tTO) from urrAnmaCeats BACK TO BASICS Vou pmhahK know bv now that when it ( oitics to 1111 turcs nn the Amiga, there are mam iltlleient t pes like IFF-ll.bM and |I*F( . Mow that you have hftrSwilh.
Vou will also slat t In sec- that there are also vai inns lot mats used to stored louts on disk.
So as well as dilierenl designs ( I imes. I lehc-tii a and so on) there are also dillcrent lout formats such as PostSc ript I | c I. (inmpugraphu Intellilnnt. Ximbusf), all ol wliic h air outline loiinats. And. In addition to these, theic* ate Amiga bitmap louts and a human The font world is at your feet now that you have the most powerful outline font editor on the Amiga.
1044 1424 CONVERTING FINAL WRITER FONTS INTRO TO FONTS A I oil I, is a woid I hat de.se i ihcs a ivpcl.w e vou use tn cieatc test. I his I*ml is sint ed nn disk in a digital Ini mat lh.it is tmdcisinod hv oui Amiga snltwaie. Dilleient Innt designs air gixen dilierenl names sue h as I imes.
11 iium irale*. I lelxetu a and .11 aim»nd I heie ate hte talh tlinus.mels ol dilleient de signs now .nailable to miga usei s. ( )vri the- next lew pages. I want tn help ou um niih nndetstand mure a he ml what a Innt is hut also how oii One of the most common queries I get is how to convert fonts from Final Writer into a format that I can use in other programs. There is no direct way to do this because Final Writer s fonts are stored in NimbusQ format which isn't supported by TypeSmith. However, there is a way to convert them and load them into TypeSmith.
Before you can do it though, you need a utility called Swdownload which is only available from Softwood on their Soft Faces packs of extra NimbusQ fonts.
Call Gordon Harwoods on 01773 836 781. For details on the conversion see the readme file that accompanies TypeSmith.
Bitmap Picture Template Opt | tj r Original size _) Frame to scale _) Scale to fit Lise | Cancel | Make sure you have a blank workspace for the character you want to work on. You can do this by either creating a new font or deleting an existing character. Choose Open Iff ILBM Template from the Template menu.
Of the three options available to you. Choose Original Size.
One of the tricks that you can use if you want to create your own font is to use a bitmap template of a character and then have TypeSmith create the outline from that. To do this follow these few simple steps.
CONVERTING LOTS OF FONTS If you want to convert a lot of fonts at once, you need Arexx and to get this requires the purchase of the full TypeSmith package from Digita International or Soft-Logik. The full program includes Arexx support and a Batch Convert Arexx macro that makes converting an entire directory of fonts very easy.
Variation of a PostScript lout which is recognisable by the dot extension Now it is also worth remembering that within some ol these outline formats are a number of other sulv categories that belong to specific programs. The Amiga for example, comes with the Compugraphu With TypeSmith, you can have up to five fonts open at once and cut and paste between them ' Intcdlifoni formal which is used by all r programs lhal support it. Imuxr hunt, Iumgi'i'X, Wontworth. Final Writer are hut a lew.
I hen you have other programs that support their own Compugraphic ibrmat. *rofrssiotuit Pagr. I’ai'rSittn and rirolhtiw are three such programs and the reason lor their support is because the publisher of these programs (Gold Disk) actually introduced Compugraphic fonts to the Amiga before a standard format was adopted by iommodore.
The Compugraphic formal however, is not a widely used standard on the PC and Macintosh which has led to programs coming out on the Amiga that support other lout formats.
PagrStrram for example, supports its own format as well as PostScript Type I fonts. I'uitil W'ritwcame up with NimbusQ, a font format which is a PostScript hybrid ii you like-, which can be printed on PostScript and non- PostScript printers. Then came Woi hn irth and its support for the PC font format. True Type.
NO UNDERSTAND As vou can see, iherc is a loi to take in • when ii comes to fonts. Not only the * lac t that fonts come in different designs bin also different formats supported by a wide variety of programs.
Kven worse ihough, is the fact that Continued overleaf Fonts being developed can be displayed on-screen or you can print a preview of them onto paper.
¦ If you are creating a font from one of these formats, do not keep exporting the font and then re-importing it in the formats mentioned.
¦ Let's say you want to create a Compugraphic font. If possible, start off with a PostScript Type 1 version or a Soft Logik font (using Project Open). If you only have a Compugraphic version to start with, don't worry, use that but follow these steps.
1. Make the changes to the font that you require and then choose
Save Outline from the Project menu. This will save the font in
Soft-Logik’s own font format (fonts that have the
2. After saving it, now Export the same font using the
Compugraphic format. If at a later stage you need to do some
more work on that font, don't re-import the Compugraphic
3. Open the Soft-Logik one you saved first. Think of it as being
the master copy for that font. Make the changes again and then
export as Compugraphic.
The reason we do this is because each time a Compugraphic or TrueType font is opened, its curves must be converted into the format TypeSmith uses for its own curves.
This conversion process doubles the number of points in each character, making the font much more complex. When you export the font in either the Compugraphic or TrueType format the points are doubled again. This leads to a loss in quality and in some cases, the font will be too complicated for various applications to render on screen.
¦ mat s it. You can now carry on and complete the font by adding more characters, creating a font metrics file (New Font Metrics from Project menu) and then export your font in a required format.
? | Trace Bitmap C~ Normal _J Medium _) Accurate Choose Autotrace from the Template menu. Go with the default of Normal and dick on OK. When the character has been traced, choose Clear from the Template menu.
As you can see, the character has far too many points and needs to be tidied up. Excess points can be deleted by dicking on a point to select It and then pressing Delete. Go through and edit it using the Edit tools in the tool box to convert lines between two points from being a curve to a straight line and vice versa.
USING PC FONTS ON THE AMIGA Using PC fonts (True Types) with the Amiga is easy but first you may need a few things besides TypeSmith. Most fonts these days are sold on CD and because of that you’ll need a CD drive
- or have your PC linked to the Amiga so they can be transferred
to your hard drive. If you can't do this, you will have to
place them on floppy disk. In general. True Types do not need
to be converted if you use Wordworth 3 or above, or purchase
for PageStream 3 the optional True Type filter. For other
programs, use TypeSmith to do the conversion.
Soft Logik recommend purchasing True Type or PostScript fonts in Windows or MS-DOS formats, not Macintosh format. Macintosh fonts require an extra step and a public domain utility to correctly convert them for use with Amiga applications.
Characters made up of several objects from the one font can be combined to create characters like this.
You can convert one type ol Font into another, and even create vour own outline Fonts il vou so wish.
TYPESMITH TyftrSmith is an outline Font editor and font converter. It enables vou to do many things From without a program like lyjteSmith, it is really annoying to find some fonts for one program won’t work with another program on vow Amiga.
Well, all that is behind von Ix-cause now, thanks to Amiga Format. You have a fully working version ol I'yf rSrnith from Soft Logik. I his program means that In the System drawer on Workbench, there is a utility called Intellifont. This is used for installing new Intellifonts for use with Workbench and all applications that support such fonts. Intellifont can also be used for creating bitmap equivalents of outline fonts being installed. If Intellifont is not in the System drawer, have a look in the System drawer on the Extras disk for it.
INTELLIFONT hwFrrnrv Toj.tn- X *« For.
* 1 trr Ck*»*Fani Info AfcOUt Typ M* pr* P'ntV'YX Type i C»***
Po»t$ cr»* Type i MehKi ” Po***r*t Type J i rr c» Export from
TypeSmith the font you want to install for Workbench.
Make sure you export it into a drawer such as the one called TSFonts in TypeSmith's drawer. The font should be an Intellifont and have the extension ".type”. If you export from TypeSmith as an Intellifont and don't have the "Create .dat and .metric files" check box ticked, TypeSmith will automatically add the extension ".type" to your font.
Open your Workbench System drawer and double dick on the Intellifont icon. The Intellifont panel will open on Workbench. On the left hand side of the panel is a button called Outline Font Source, aick on that and choose the drawer where you have fonts you want to install. Click OK.
Converting one format to another, as well as editing individual characters in a font and designing your font set.
I'yf eSmilh has been around for many years and is an all singing and dancing program that will have you creating your own fonts in no time. Lets take a walk through some of its features to discover how special it is.
FONT CONVERSION TOOL One of the most common functions you r will use TypeSmith foi is to convert one type of font into another. Lets say you have a program that can only use ('.ompugraphic fonts but von have a (11) with loads ol Type 1 fonts on it.
EDITING FONTS Font conversion is however, only one part of the program. Run TyprSmith and you will notic e a toolbox with a suite of tools designed foi editing a charac ter within a foul.
The* tools are divided into a number of types. The box and circle tools enable you to draw simple shapes while* the Pen tool is for drawing complex ones.
TyfH'Smith will let yon convert between the two thanks to a number of functions in the Project menu. If you press the right mouse button down to reveal the Projec t menu, you will see two menu items. Import and Export.
Within these are sub menus for various formats like Compugraphic. True Type, PostScript Tvpe I as well as one called IFF RFF. L f rSmit i will also let you import IFF DR2D files whic h can he used to make vour own fonts.
Continued overleaf MISSING CHARACTERS?
I bet from time to time, many of you have used Compugraphic fonts and found that some characters do not render on-screen leaving nothing on the page or just an empty box. The problem is generally caused by the font being considered to complex by the application in question. By that I mean the font probably has characters that contain lots of detail and therefore far too many points. This is quite common with Public Domain fonts.
To get around this, you can use TypeSmith to make the font less complicated. Load the font into TypeSmith and use the "Reduce Points" function from the Edit menu to get rid of any surplus points. In one example. I managed to reduce a character that had 43 points to only having 32. Make sure you select all the points first before applying the function. This feature can also be used from the Overview panel.
Jargon Compugraphic Intellifont The Amiga standard outline format. There are a number of different versions for various applications.
Font ID Each font you use must have a Font ID so that programs on your Amiga can distinguish one font from another. Knowing what that font ID can be is the tricky part and to help you with this I recommend getting the full package with the manual which has more information.
Font Encoding On computers, there are numbered positions which set out where each character is positioned within a font. At position 66 there will be a capital B, at position 67 a capital C and so on. This is called Font Encoding. There are different types of encoding which are given names like Adobe encoding and TypeSmith encoding. To find out more, you will need the TypeSmith manual which discusses this in-depth.
Font Metrics This is a file that contains the spacing information for each character in a font.
Path This is a term used to describe a series of line and curve segments.
In TypeSmith. A curve must be a closed path which means that the start and end points are connected.
Points The lines that make up a character contain points that define the line's shape.
PostScript Type I A font format popular on the Amiga in programs like Final Writer.
PageStream and Lightwave.
True Type Font The standard outline font format on the PC also used by Wordworth and PageStream 3 (with optional filter).
4 Reset your machine or run FixFonts and the new fonts will be ready for use by any program that can utilise Workbench's Compugraphic Intellifonts.
JtL ftnar tcanl Rvantttari
• anoutat OodonlRT- Hoofcnan CMB 100* CBFalacloNI C0T inoi C0Tr
limvlrata CondanaotftR tour lor Perform the foftoving changes?
Update Size Descriptions Create Bitmaps Cancel ¦ 3 6 Click on "Modify Installed Typefaces" and a new panel will appear. Click on a font in the left- hand listview. Its name will appear in the text gadget at the bottom of the left-hand listview. This tells you which font you are currently working on.
Any Intellifonts that are in that drawer will be added to the list in the left-hand listview. Click on them both to mark them and dick on "Install Marked Typefaces". There names will then appear in the right-hand listview.
In the right-hand listview are the attributes for that font such as the different sizes available and bitmap versions for it. Click on 45 and then on the "Create Bitmap" button.
Now dick on the "Perform Changes” button. Intellifont will make the changes and then return you to the first panel for Intellifont. From here you can exit the program by clicking on the dose button on the top left-hand comer of the panel WHERE TO GET THE FONTS Having TypeSmith to play with is great Another option is to try the most ¦ Below these tools in the toolbox are four tools for editing points in a character. These tools remain ghosted until you select two points that belong to a character. When you do this, you can then join points together, add a point between two others or convert
the shape o! A line between two points.
ADDING AND DELETING CHARACTERS Editing fonts though is certainly not for the faint hearted and you may prefer to tackle some simple tasks before you really gel your teeth into it.
A good starting point is to delete some characters from those contained within a fonts character set. I his can be but before you can do anything with it famous Amiga font supplier, EM you need some fonts too. No doubt Compugraphic on 01255 428666 for you already have some, but if you Cds and floppy disk packs of fonts. If want loads more then there are a you have a modem and access to the couple of places you can go to. Firstly Internet check out the Aminet site if you have the CD version of Amiga where you'll find loads of PostScript Format you'll find loads of fonts on and Compugraphic
fonts that you can there. Alternatively, if you have a CD play with in TypeSmith.
Drive, you can contact LH Publishing For those that also have a PC, you (01908 370 230) about their range of might like to convert your True Type Cds - they all contain hundreds of fonts to a format you can use on the fonts in a variety of formats. Ask Amiga. But remember, most of these about DTP-ToolBox which has more will probably be licensed fonts and than 1,000 fonts on it. Shouldn't be given away to others.
WHAT PROGRAM USES WHAT FONTS Type 1 Compu- True - Nimbus Q graphic Type Final Writer x x x Wordworth x x x Professional Page x Professional Draw x Workbench * Art Expression x PageStream 2 x x PageStream 3 x x * Lightwave x Deluxe Paint x Personal Paint x ImageFX x Sea la x ADPro x TV Text x
* The Compugraphic format used by ProPage, PageSetter. And
ProDraw differs from the Compugraphic format used by Workbench
Requires the use of an optional filter done in TypeSmith using
the Show Overview item from the View menu.
When selected, a panel appears showing you .til the characters that are contained within the font currently being edited. I his is verv useful liecause manv fonts only come with a limited
* • number of characters and by using TypeSmith you t an find out
what t haracters are present and then, if you want to, you can
add or delete some.
BITMAPS TOO It may seem strange for an outline font editor like TypeSmith to support bitmap font formats but. In many instances, you may require a bitmap which is the same as an outline version.
For example, you can create bitmap versions of a specific font for use in PageStream so that at certain sizes, PageStream will use the bitmap version, and at other times, the outline version.
When you print, the outline version is always used.
* TypeSmith also allows you the use of autotrace bitmaps. T his
means characters can be designed either in TypeSmith, on paper
(and then scanned) or if you prefer, in a drawing or paint
As always, a program as powerful as TyfteSmilh is capable of a great deal more than I have highlighted here. The beauty of the program is that you can start off by just converting various fonts and then progress to editing exiting fonts and finally to designing your very own font.
It should also be remembered that TypeSmith is useful not just for desktop publishing, but those involved in video, 3D and many other applications as well.
Read the tip boxes and the walkthroughs and hopef ully you should be ready to get started and able to get the most out of this excellent programme. Enjoy! CD THANKS MICHAEL!
I'd like to stand on ceremony here and thank Michael Loader from Soft Logik for supplying us with all these tips.
One of the most popular functions for programs like TypeSmith is for converting a font from one format to another. The basic steps involve importing one type of format and saving it out as another.
CONVERTING A FONT Run TypeSmith and choose from the Project menu "Import PFB PostScript Type 1 Outline". Point the requestor to the drawer where you have some PostScript type 1 fonts on disk. You will recognise them by the extension ".pfb". Click OK.
Choose "Font Attributes" from the Edit menu. You can now change the name if you want give the font a different Font ID and so on. This is all optional, but it's worth knowing this panel exists in case you need it later.
When you have finished with "Font Attributes", dick OK and choose "Export Compugraphic Intellifont" from the Project menu. A new panel will appear. If you are going to be using these fonts for Workbench, ignore the " Create .dat and .metric files" check box and dick Save. The font will be saved to disk ready to be installed for use with Workbench. This is done using the Intellifont program.
Please note that the other attributes on this panel have no effect if you are using these fonts on the Amiga. If you want to use the font with Professional Page. Professional Draw and so on, make sure you dick on the "Create .dat and .metric files" check box.
ORDER HOTLINE 01234 273000 256 AGA COLOURS • 30 RAYTRACED GRAPHICS • 360° FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE 20 AWESOME LEVELS • MULTIPLE WEAPONS SYSTEMS • REALISTIC LIGHTING EFFECTS ATMOSPHERIC SOUND & MUSIC • HD INSTALLABLE • AVAILABLE FOR THE A1200 4000 FREE DELIVERY Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before." Amiga format magazine At the moment there’s nothing like it. This game plays as well as it looks” 92% cu amiga magazine In the second part of his feature, John Kennedy analyses the hardware designed specifically for networking Amigas.
Last moiuh we examined die advantages of having a network, and the various ways in which you could link computers together. This time we're looking at the Amiga specific hardware which is required to form networks.
PARALLEL PORT SYSTEMS Every Amiga computer has a parallel port, and this makes it the ideal way to provide an easy networking system.
Although of little use when more than two machines or multi-platform links are required, parallel port networks have a lot going for them.
From chatting to folk at Viscorp, it’s clear that new Amiga's will have improved parallel port hardware which can only improve similar cheap networking solutions.
PARNET AND FRIENDS ParXet was the first reallv useful * networking system. By running this freely available program on two Amigas and building yourself a cable, you could share devices and copy files easily between machines. CDTV users benefitted most, as it provided their other Amigas with a CD-ROM drive for next to nothing. The software has been rewritten by various authors, and ParNFS is one of the best implementations.
LIANA Although parallel port based. Liana is interesting in that it is a SANA-II compliant system. This means it's possible to run networking software such as Envoy m AmiTCP. It's a good way of connecting older, less well endowed machines to larger work stations: for example, an A1200 or A.r (K) connected to an A4000.
Running AmiTCJ* (or one of the other new TCP IP stacks available) means that complicated networking systems can be constructed. For example, an A1200 connected to an A4000 via Liana could Ir* gatewayed into an ethernet network which connects the A4000 to a collection of Pcs and Apple Macs.
SERIAL PORT BASED NETWORKS The serial port is designed for communications: it's where a modem is connected after all. In fact, pretending there is a modem attached is the simplest wav of connecting computers.
A “Null Modem" cable connected between two machines fools them both into thinking modems are being used, and therefore makes it possible to use ordinal comms software (that is, terminal emulation software) to upload and download files using protocols such as Modern. This technique works well R1 200 Floppy disk port R1 200 Floppy disk port t » D O D vo T a * o Hard drive R580 Printer Port CDROM Drive CDTV Printer Port R500 Printer Port Hard drive R1 200 Printer Port Here are two possible ParNet networks. Remember, it's only possible to network two machines at most. Here's a CDTV
linked to an A500: the A500 gets access to the CDTV's CD- ROM drive. In the second system, the A500 gets to use the A1200 s hard drive.
Between any two computers: Amiga Amiga. Amiga PC or Amiga Mac - all vou need is the necessary cable.
As you’ll know, il vou use the Internet with a dial-up account to Demon or some other provider, vou can also use the SLIP or PPP protocols to allow the use of TOP IP over the serial connection. It s also possible to make use ol SLIP or PPP in a LAN situation: For example, an A1200 could use SLIP ovei a Null Modem cable connected to a P( I running a suitable SI IP daemon.
Such a setup is possible il the PC is running a particularly networking- Iriendly operating svstem su h as the free UNIX clone. Linux.
File network is a lot faster and more convenient than serial or parallel systems. Vou are more likely to have a free floppy port (either on the back of the Amiga, or on the back of an external floppy drive) and you are lice to connect printers, modems and so on.
The Amil.ink drivers are SAN A-11 compliant, which means it’s possible to run a I CP IP stack oi Lnvov.
Again, using TCP IP means an Amiga can be part of a larger network through another Amiga acting as a gateway machine.
ETHERNET HARDWARE The best way of networking home computers is without doubt. Kthernet.
FLOPPY DISK BASED SYSTEMS I .(inking at the pin ts at the bac k of the Amiga, you’ll notice one other connector free: the llopp) disk port.
AmiTrix development certainly noticed, and created the Amil.ink system. This consists ol small « onneciors which attach to the lloppy-disk port of any Amiga, and end in a BN( stvle plug.
Standard “cheapemet" Kthernet cable and connectors can then be used to form a network.
Although the* same stvle of cables are used. Amil.ink is not Kthernet compatible: you can't connect it to a P(!
Or Apple Mac. Only another Amiga with Amil.ink floppy disk connectors.
RENDER FARMS One reason, perhaps the main reason, for networking Amiga computers is the power that it gives to speed up rendering.
An Amiga with a 68040 processor might be able to render a high-quality frame of video in say.
Five minutes. By spending a lot of money and upgrading to a 68060 processor, you might be able to half this time.
However, for the same money you might be able to buy another Amiga and use this to render frames too. Or you might already have an Amiga with a 68060 - how can you possibly make it work any faster?
When you realise that video requires up to 30 frames a second you soon see that even a relatively short movie sucks up time at an incredible rate.
Using multiple Amiga computers to render individual frames automatically speeds up the rendering process. Lightwave indudes support for "ScreamerNet" which distributes the work between different networked machines. One central machine, preferably with a large and fast hard drive, eventually collates all the rendering frames for subsequent editing, viewing or whatever Networking also makes it possible use non- Amiga machines, such as WindowsNT based computers, which what they may lack in ease-of- use, make up for in brute force processing power.
A DEC Alpha based machine can generate frames extremely quickly, and using the Amiga machine as a "front end" means the uniquely friendly GUI is not sacrificed.
PC R1208 pc I ¦¦ Eth»rn t Port Serial Port (Linux) Serial Port Ethernet Port It s List, reliable and cheap. It's very popular on the P .. and that’s why networking cards are alxHU 150.
Ethernet cards arc* readily available for the Amiga, as long as your Amiga has Zorro slots, that is. This means an A2000, A3000 or A 1000 - or perhaps an A1200 ii you have lilted one into a suitable tower case.
ARIADNE Commodore themselves made Ethernet cards at one time, and various American and (ierman cards are still in c ire illation if vou look around.
However, il vou want to buy new vour choice is limited to the Ariadne, a dedicated Amiga Ethernet c ard available from Blittersolt in the UK. It simply slots in. And comes with SAX A-11 compatible drivers.
If you want to network the Amiga with a second Amiga, vou can then run Envoy and share dt ives and printers with PC Port flpp I e Port flpp I e Port very fast transfer speeds. Ethernet is a standard though, and so it's possible to connec t the Ariadne to a PC Ethernet network. Using TCP IP tools such as •’ 'and Telnet, vou can access files on the* othei machines with ease*. You can even make your own “intranet" and set up a World Wide Web server on the Amiga which the other machines can then access.
II vou happen to he connecting the Amiga to a machine running WindowsN I . Vou can run a freelv available- utility called Samba. Samba lets the Amiga appear as a standard client to the WindowsNT machine whic h makes copying files even easier.
GOLDENGATE 2 The ( olden( late2 card is a spec ial adaptor card for Amiga’s with Zorro slots, it allows certain tvpes ol P(! Cards to Im- used in the Amiga’s slots. It doesn’t contain any PC processor, only the c-lc-c ironies necessary to handle* memory decoding and interrupts. It is ol relevance here- because* one of the P( 1 cards supported by the* (»oldcn(»ate is a standard NE1000 or NE2000 networking card.
As long as the PC networking card is totally compatible (and has jumpers to set the various options) it will work with the standard SANA-II drivers supplied with the GoIdenCalc. In fact, in use there is vcrv little to distinguish it from the- Ariadne card except perhaps a tiny drop in performance. The ColdenCaic card can he a verv cost * effective way of adding an Ethernet port.
A1200 ETHERNET CARDS We’re still searching, but apparently they really do exist! We’re trying to track one clown, and when we do we will bring vou the facts and figures. It's easy to guess that any A1200 Ethernet card connects to the- PCMCIA slot and prc v ides a SANA-II driver.
SCSI NETWORKING It’s possible* to connect host machines to a single SCSI bus. And so share access to hard drives in this wav. It's possible, hut it s not easy. IiiQsystems have ironed the- hugs out of this system and use it m their Siamese Half Amiga Half PC box of tricks.
LEFT: Here's how an A500 can be networked to a LAN full of Pcs or Apples. The A4000 has an Ethernet card and acts as a gateway between the two networks.
The technical term for this set-up is an "internet" with a small "i".
NEXT MONTH... In the final installment of our Networking extravaganza, we'll be bringing you details of the fabled A1200 Ethernet card, plus performance results of all the systems mentioned in this article.
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I200' With it* 50MH 68030 and IM1. The new 1230-IV often EV
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1S iuv.nr SIMMi wed*the 1250-IV Men fas w • • a pedonruncc urn
H up to 500*1 is *hiocd’ Opimts u it* Fa* Expansion Bus
include Modules such as a SCSI-2 Conlrollct industn vtandjr.l
SIMM scvlrt pnmdes t'or up to I28MN • aukKvinlipunnc 32 Bn I
VST RAM tor up to 25hMb ssuh the SCSI-2 upturn using its extra
SIMM socket).
• VU Ix ilisibkM uiih xuniTk- hc-vsinic « n IV xt Ip fur lull •
..mi With Badly !’r.*unu
• lUllvt Hjckcil Sell I £179” Fast 60 Nanosecond 4Mb SIMM RAM
Expansion £109*4 SIMM price.
* V hr I St i IV it
* • ... Motorola Maths Gvprocessor isWsS.’ IviA i [X‘ Fpl. 50MHz
* liju-l and I jit 128Mb SIMM socket THE WORLD’S FASTEST A1200
M XI1IIIN (HR RA (,EHAS WO V MORE AWARDS THA V .4 NTOTHER.. MtiTiw«n.i wnvtrtD Rf«UU pr n * (JS* yO- *'» tir Od "I b**orf s CO*f' mwstH ordfn bs post Rr »s VAT a-17 S OflMRV Wr off* prom** vS ir**T wrtS fuB, rfl fipms drfr.K-y opto s tvou9bput tb» LH E j'oc* 1' my -v-Jm’ tost If onJe'i by P05! a" to flrvTrN har9ry MrOv! Itecn are a a»Ut ia rvj at Tai fKU to w EC rrt fits nd most 0 *'SfiS U» Armfd »or(fS rrsorvntl | vitb CO s d«um*n1) Rwas* tall us tor (onl 'mat cx’ ol ptKts ar d (ittiag. (hi'9 s etc GH WARRANTY tA»-yf*c*u'» s' Sti-«3ird na ’Jit*s *pply or iU iboul 6N» (0norebenv e
titmM c«t c s »SKh a*» *!« a«s •Komma'idwJ lor p'olm«orui users to rnextns* costly 9o *i !«mf As) G" lor M dfUlls 50MHz 68060 A1500 A2000 TUR80 ACCELERATOR & MMU 0Mb • Expandable to 128Mb 387 r MIPS With 60 Of 70 U»noie ond SIMM fitted The Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board J* RHONE Vmpty («fl Our Wy A* *i»pl VW* Mntfflird Aunv Co«y T. Dr-J AVE» *--3 lor-W-O ( ( 9* f«r-o»t »t y» ijrft art Lombard h; i icm Cjrywx] ATT-NOTMNVKrONSUtC-MGES1 l» W v 'XX ULOr r s w M3r*v M m -V; [hy. Tji O Vja * 1 - -* : v* k«o .a*d*-om i r ij!
W w "sr if **1 S«-*!S Lards Vh. »as» do ’ 3 ,s e«v cfi v 0-5m w, b* to &or* -UrAOOd Cor-© *»n How lo Order front (ill... 4699” si h M • tAtV kN »M Cl o n cO O Cl o rx
O) 2.
CQ* j- co F 0 _ 3 T 0 C 00 0 0 cc $ 2 1 0)3 E ? O £ k-
o ® 3 = 2.S D 0 « LL C 3 3 § !r 5£.
H- c « « 1 * E a.C 2± - U- u it o“f »_ i» - 0 = W - C a» 0 “ O "O 0 O T C O 0 •- Q N 5Q o Oi; cn 0 S cc CT eg -Q -u as !
C M) O Uj 5 hi 2- E » m IP ~( ) *- ;=“s ° -C jg “ 2 X o ¦“ U- 0=0 ¦w Q-° O- 3 a: Uj UJ ~ t cc- fc Q - O Q "J
Q. V. .
K* il o S . ?¥ S 5inmo)WO)22-Sr- .CMr-Sr-WWCM0CMO’-
* ” T“ z cr ?
O o o o CN o ?"
CSJ 0 o o c o mmm I a in ( ) c o 0) 0 0 0 c £ c £ h- o
• MB H +*
o S LL O k. O LL 3 CD
o z £ O 0c o WWWWWUWWWWUItjW 2°CJ ¦O •? C .9 a I |2al 0 “ li_
* * * 888 o w $ 1 Ol2 fl 5 - . 0 ~ o
• ~ co 0 _l -J -I C J Z Z 0 I SS.QO S
o E I 8 « 1 I'3 ro cfl w 025 LU UJ UJ E 0 005 85 ala* E e E g
3 OC ofi £ £ o SS
o 5
- o a x O o o g, O 2 EO Q- i i dc lu m ¦ u D ° 5 CD J CC t *
N o n r ? A ZZ X CD uj CD Si
o s 5?
N o g 3*3 Ml III rn uj 5 'O w 5g | i S co O IA 9- 4 C
o 3 0 o in w Sll SRQl S = i £ s c |! § if.
TO (0 o m 5: .? .? O Sj 3 E E 2f ( 0 O) o m a o O) o O) 03 a Hr O O UJ G) a CD CSJ T" CO r- a CM in CO CO CO CM ” 7 cu X “3 G4 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 | T3 0 s!
S $ S 2
o) c
• MBB • B S T3 V 0 0 JD X3 E "S 0 0 O O O O £
• 'J 0 O Its O O J5
• t= -tr n CD CD i ¦ rj- C J CsJ
o o CD C 0 Z C C 3
• MBS + CD i o CO c • •O UJ
• J= X • 0 ® m cc W SCREENPLAY AUGUST 1996 V With all the news,
from around the world, of all the forthcoming games due to hit
an Amiga near you 'Real Soon Now1.
THE DARING ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD The action's set in and around Sherwood Forest (well, it would be really wouldn’t it) and focuses on Robin's continuing struggles with Prince Dohn and the Sheriff of Nottingham (altogether now, BOO!)
According to BPM the game’s going to feature some very fiendish puzzles DOMINIONS 1, THE CHTHONION proper low-down next month, but it looks like adventure fans are going to be in for a The move by some of the bigger software houses away from the Amiga may pfr mean you can't walk into Wyour local WH Smiths and i r pick a game from the ' hundreds they've got on offer any more, but that’s not V* really something to worry too much about because it Andy Smith does there’s room for the small software houses (even the one-man ones) to show the world what they've been up to.
And just because it's been developed by a largely amateur group doesn't mean it's automatically crap. Over the last few months we've had some top games that have originated in someone or other's back bedroom and we’ve even had games appearing in the Reader Games' section that would be worthy of the coveted Format Gold award.
The point I'm trying to make here is that the Amiga games scene is very much alive and kicking. You may have to send away for the games these days but a couple of days' wait for a game that's going to keep you playing for weeks is a small price to pay. Take heart Dear Games Player, for there are many, many reasons to continue hugging your Amiga.
The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
AMIGA FORMAT S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
90+-: Less tl Intersect Development ¦ All Amigas with 1Mb Here's an early look at a new adventure game that's heading our way soon.
Details are scant at the moment but as you can tell from the screenshot Dominions 1, The Chthonion (the what? Why can’t they call it something pronounceable?) Is looking mighty fine.
We’ll be getting more information on this game in time for us to give you the All Amigas ¦ BPM Promotions ¦ 01232 626694 Billing itself as similar to games like Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer in that the game’s packed with bags of humour, this point and click adventure has been created using BPM's Reality Software Construction Kit.
And tricks as the player moves around the 100+ locations, that will take him to Medieval castles and villages as well as the familiar territory of Sherwood. They also reckon that even the most hardened adventure freaks will be occupied with this one for a very long time.
We're just hoping that the phrase 'very fiendish puzzles' doesn't actually just mean 'really illogical puzzles that not even the smartest lateral thinker would be able to put together'. It's happened before and it's been the downfall of many a adventure in the past. But no! Now is not the time to be negative! We’re looking forward to this one, and we're sure it's actually going to be most excellent fun!
We'll be bringing you a full review as soon as we get a finished copy which is due for release around September time.
• 1 • ¦ w 'te* e* •• • wo w • %•« « as • -m'i -• * re i «• *«•*«
••'t* ettirw Vt
• • t t »¦ *
* e u -» 1 Looks gorgeous. What you can't see here is the
excellent way the candles flicker and move in the draught.
Visual treat, if nothing else See, I told you things were going to be fine, just fine.
Continued overleaf ¦» WORLD GOLF World Golf ¦ Apex Systems All Amigas with 1Mb I've got to agree with whoever said that golf was ‘a good walk spoilt'. It’s a silly sport. I mean, why bother? Why don't people just, I dunno, throw the balls or something - sure it would take a few more attempts to get near the pin, but then if everyone's throwing the balls then it's all fair innit?
Thank goodness for computer versions of the silly sport though, because they can be great fun Apex Systems agree, because they've gone and released a new game called World Golf Hang on, if they’ve released it already why aren't we reviewing it? We will be next month chums, but pressure of space and time has meant that we weren't able to get it in amongst the reviews this month.
RIGHT: After each hole you can check on your progress. Erm, well, lt‘s just erm, teething problems. I'll hole in one the next hole, you wait... 4
* ** 4 * Sometimes these things happen, and by way of
compensation we're going to run a preview of the game with some
groovy screenshots to whet your appetite.
The game can actually accommodate up to four human players in tournament mode (where up to another 60 computer controlled players can also compete) and two humans in the Skins game.
For those of you who are ignorant of these things, the Skins game is possibly the only excusable reason for playing golf, because it's all about winning money. Oh yes. There's a purse for each hole you see and the player who manages to finish the hole in the least number of shots wins the purse. If the players tie then the purse carries onto the next hole (and the next hole and the next until someone actually manages to win).
All the other usual golfy type stuff is there and like I said earlier, this game's gonna get the full treatment next month SPACEFIGHTER All Amigas ¦ BPM Promotions ¦ 01232 626694 A quick look at the screenshots and the 'fighter' part of the name of this game may give one or two of you a clue as to the nature of this game. Again it's created using the Reality Software Construction Kit but BPM reckon it's going to have everything a decent beat-em-up should have and more.
For a start there are going to be some 24 opponents to play against - a number not seen in a beat-em-up until very recently with the release of major PlayStation titles like Tekken 2.
The 'space' bit of the title comes from the fact that a lot of the characters in the game have been, well, I'd say 'nicked', but people with far more understanding of the complexities of copyrights and stuff than I, would say 'borrowed' or 'a homage to' such shows as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Predator and Dr Who.
The game's also gonna feature multiple special moves, fighter statistics, league tables and an impressive 50 frames per second update rate. Again, we'll be putting this one through it's paces just as soon as we possibly can and seeing if it's got that X factor to raise it above the Rise of the Robots into the leagues of Primal Rage et al.O SCREENPLAY Illcdlhcrlllim: Sortuiare 50 Taleuiorth Road, Oshtead, Surrey, HTC1 CPS Tel: Q137C C7G0MC email: 0P8@matluims.demon.co.uk I 000 HD Installable II 10B9550III iMJuavr.Tiun i I_|__ m | ..nninnum..,- •- Please send me ¦ copies ol the game HP8. At
£14.00 each, inc pftp I enclose aCheque PO imO for £ (payable to IlieatherlDiiie 5oftivarel Address Computer Postcode FIRST co*utb CENTRH AMIGA REPAIR CENTRE A*Hl|Y vw- m: i »o4 - wf** w am t r V kil io tw, "xqti r*«* AU (W to*.
OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK COMPUTER CENTRE RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face RENO Portable CD ROM Squirrel SCSi-il lnterface*£45.00 Vht«t IxMigM wrth any SCSI devi.
£54 95 4N»u|hl trptratr UK'S cheapestAmiga s A1200 Magic Pack Inc. Wordworth V 4se Personal Paint V6.4 Photogenics VI 2se, Turbo Calc V3.5, WhilIL £299.95 LOWEST PRICES EVER!!
A I 200 I MB RAM £49 " A I 200 2 MB RAM A I 200 4 MB RAM (91 91 A I 200 8 MB RAM :or *6882 llMhx Co Pro add ill 00 PRIMA A100 SI 2k RAM no dock PRIMAA100* I Mb RAM PRIMA A600 I Mb RAM noclock MASSIVE REDUCTIONS 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 24 9 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 1* * 8 Mb 72 Pm SIMM (89 9 I* Mb 72 pm SIMM Imb JO pin SIMM 4 Mb )0 pm SIMM 214 by 4 ORAM (DlLt, lrat»-*4» 216by 4 ZIPPS (MchX4 9 Pari rtchangr available on your old memory. Call for pricing.
Amiga 1200 Surfer Pack Magic Pack software ? 260Mb Hard drive 2Mb of RAM & 14,400 Modem with Internet Web software Amiga A4000T 68040-25 Mhz 68040-2SMhz CPU.
1. 2Gig SCSI H. Disk Scala MM-300 6Mb of Ram Amiga A1200 Magic
Pack+HD Mag.c Pack software ? I 70Mb Hard drive A Scala MM-300
software £469.95 Internal SCSI CD ROM drives P •
*orPX-43CE«4Speed £98.95 Toshiba 5401 B*4Spccd £134.95
Toihib*3701 B.6 7Sp*-od £232.95 Toshiba CD ROM drives are
suitable «o fit inside A4000 Desktop Systems ] SCSI Enclosures
Single Caw- £69.95 Dual Case £89.95 Hewlett Packard CD-R 4020
CD Recorder4. 4. .£790.95 Master-ISO CD-R software Cmu nw CP
fcOH umCO MrAki.4* a~. Call for details £1 29 95 Accelerator
Cards Viper II-28 £119.95 Blizzard ViperII-50 £199 95 Falcon
68040 RC £379 95 £2089.95
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Disk Drives
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A I 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Nr.Mega Mouse* 400
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Newf* Amiga mouse 140dp (1 button ( I 2 41 Quality Mousemat
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£17 91 Roboshift (Auto mouse J stick switch, £9 91 Kickstart 2
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3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A I 200 600 install kit inc.
software, cables and instructions 630Mb..£ 185.95 8S0Mb...£
199.95 I 08Gig..£219.95 2.1 Gig...£379,9S ? External Hard
Drives for all SCSI aware Amiga's 500Mb SCSI £ 199 95
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vrew Mrrve. Inimmi PSU. SCSI ID «.w CaoUnjIaivuidHO u.*!-...
Requires SCSI interface, ic. SqulrrelGVP additional adaptor
may be rrq. (ft 11 5 91 Zip Drive YI1438S I IB dp I 5 Ji Unt
t* Amip modn AG A compaob** Ht 8r d
• wrveJI »tand only £295.95 or without speakers £264.95 Seagate
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»hle and lull nuinKtions. No Hard On** 14" Colour CCA Stereo
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I-4) AnMnet set 2 coae Pon(Anw*c 14) Amos PD CD Ver 2.
Artwor* Arc ade Classics Plus Assassins 2 (Double) C64 Sensations CAM (Double) CD PD I 2 J 4 Encounters UFO Phenomenon Epic Collection 2 DemoCD 2 Euroscene 2 Global Amiga E-penence (Cuviers Encyclopedia 2 _ VIDI Amiga 24 R T £139.95 Amiga 24 R T Pro £219.95 Magic Publisherscoset 44 9S S TO *"• Woe*. 4 Si pSui nwi.
WE ARE PREFERRED USR DEALERS Magic Workbench Enhancer Meeting Pearls 1 MultiMedia ToolKit 2 ( 2 ¦ C D s, Network 2 CD NF A AGA Eipenence I or 2 Octamed 6 CD Claw I fu
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RAM minimum.
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VIDI Amiga 24 (RT)+ Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system Genlock 290
• fMf*ng of miaed grtpfsKt
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Peripherals Amiga CD ROM's Delivery £1.1 title or £3.95 I 7 Bit
The 5th Dimension £17.45 I 7 Bit Collecrtion (Double) £24.95 I
7 Bit Continuation £14.45 I 7 Bit Phase 5 £14.45 I 7 Bit LSD
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£16.95 CAM (Double) £22.45 CDPD 1,2,3 or 4 £5.95 DemoCD I or2
£5.95 New Eric Schwartz CD £24.95 New Encounters UFO
Phenomenon £ I 2.95 Fractal Universe £17.45 New JGIobal Amiga
Experience £22.95 Goldfish 1 2 £24.95 Amiga Modulator £34.95
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Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ I 0 with every order of Srx-cial
I CD-ROM software over £30 I Special Offer Offer Blitz Basic
Citizen ABC Vista Lite-3 Music-X v2 A* ea*y to uw 11 ABC 24 pin
colour printer Blitz Basic2.1 IASIC programming New Ver. 2
incorporating Notator-X, and Music-X modules.
RRP Vista Pro Lite Requires 2Mb of Ram & Hard Disk With Kickstart 2.04 or above.
£14.95 Limited Offer VISTAPKO Usual price £145 99 ¦il Amu Special offer £29.95 Special offer £29.95 Limited onM* offer price
5. 95 £34.9S Feel the need for speed?
Kick Off ‘96 gives you the chance to make an impact on the biggest event in British football for thirty years.
The action is lightning fast with uncompromising gameplay and a choice of perspectives including a 3D view.
If winning Euro ‘96 isn't enough for you.
Set up you own teams choosing from forty-nine international sides - Albania to Yugoslavia.
Create your own dream teams and play in national, cup and international competitions.
On M e from Juno • Amiga 500 A 1200: £19.99 ©1996 Anco Games. Published by Anco Software Ltd, Unit 7. Millside Industrial Estate, Lawson Road, Dartford. Kent DAI 5BH It's competition time and thanks to those generous people at 21 st Century we've got eight copies of each of these fabulous pinball games to give away.
J OOo TWENTY All you have to do is answer these three simple questions and send your answers on a postcard to: "Sure plays a mean pinball", Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW. Alternatively send your answers by email to amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting 21st Century Compo in the subject line. The postcards with the correct answer will be drawn on 30th July and winners will be informed thereafter. Good luck.
1. Which 21st Century pinball game got the highest review score?
A) Slam Tilt
b) Pinball Fantasies
c) Pinball Illusions
d) Pinball Mania
2. What exactly is a tilt?
A) A bad thing that happens when you jiggle the pinball table too
b) A bad thing that happens when you drink too much
c) A refreshing tropical soft drink
3. Which member of the Amiga Format team had the best score on
the local "Twilight Zone" table?
A) Marcus Dyson
b) Richard Jones
c) Sue White
d) Nick Veitch
4. In the rather famous rock opera, what was the name of the deaf
dumb and blind kid, who sure played a mean pinball?
A) Timmy
b) Tommy
c) Reginald 3 Andy Smith doesn't need an excuse to go chasing
the girlies, so when that's the storyline to a game, he gets
to indulge in both his fave pastimes.
SyllfSjlip k* V -v*1 h:- '•'• • The start of the game and already you've met someone interesting - a very old Mystic Meg.
Ip MM***’ mm To be perfectly honest with you all. I haven't played either of the earlier Valhalla games, which is a good thing really because it meant I could launch myself in to the third in the Mini Series’, with a clear and open mind.
Apparently, after years of peace, the King of Valhalla has decided he's bored with running the kingdom and wants to concentrate his energies chasing some totty (all you outraged feminists out there, don't worry, I'm working in an office with four very PC girlies who are all angered at my use of such terms to describe nubile members of the female gender - and they've slapped my legs already). And why the devil not eh? Summer's here (you remember that week we had back in Dune?) And it's what young single men were born to do.
So, off trots the King, only to discover that for reasons best known to herself, the Queen of Eve has gathered up all the available crumpet (ouch! That one really hurt Linda!) And locked ’em away. Thus the King has to go through four levels of traps and puzzles in an attempt to free the girls and choose one for his wife.
So it's a puzzle adventure game then. You collect things from one location, take ’em to another and use 'em to get a little further in the game.
And here's where I encounter my first problem with the gameplay. The puzzles are just so bleeding illogical.
Let's take the first puzzle in the ;¦ ¦ « game (which took j .1 me a couple of hours to figure 1 • [m out). You wander around collecting +A ” bits and bobs and meeting the odd '' character . I The second level end the first book we find tells us what we're actually supposed to be doing in this neck of the woods.
OjV. I [YWV Pvv-V prM I ««~i V i1 Talk to tbit guy and he asks wtnra your homework is. I guess you're going to find some homework at some point on this level.
Including a slug. What you actually need to do is find the bowl (or bucket or whatever it is) of sea water. Take this to the billycan and put the sea water in it. Bingo! You're left with a handful of salt.
The smart ones amongst you will already be way ahead, yep, you take the salt and put it on the slug! This causes the slug to disappear and be replaced by a key! Of course! Then take the key and unlock a chest where you'll find some spectacles. Take these, along with the dog collar you've found already, and put them IL -1 Mi.
RoeTecss It 69 rfr* t 7
F. Nightingale. Now who on earth could that possibly be? And why
the rather t suit of armour? All will be revealed H you
actually manage to struggle this far.
10s yrr»r on the tomb of Reverend Squint who then gives you a rose petal! Put the rose petal in a barrel of distilled water and, hey presto, you've got a perfume potion! But how silly of me, I just wasn't thinking enough!
Me understand why. As I mentioned at the beginning, and if you read the last couple of paragraphs and imagine them being screens of text, you'll understand what I mean about the gameplay actually being the same as an early 80s text adventure.
It's all very tedious. You spend ages trudging around from one place to the next, desperately trying to get someone to do something that's going to get you a little further on in the game, and this usually means trying to put whatever you've got in your inventory on, in, over, in front of.
The problem is, you can see this sapphire that you'd quite like but every time you try to grab it you get hurt and your stamina takes a tumble.
Swallow the perfume potion you think, as any logical person would, but no, that doesn’t work at all.
Yes, I know lots of people like this sort of game, but I can't for the life of _il.
¦I a i it*** If***
- CM 8 MM* © ft a -
• M- ¦".it
• __ V;
- J aQc next to and so on, just about anything you come across.
And nine times out of ten you can rest assured that it's going
to have no effect whatsoever.
Take the man who informs you he's got a sweet tooth for example.
Will he take the honeycomb that you found earlier? Will he heck.
Okay, so the game’s got testability, it’s going to take an absolute age to complete but I really can't see who on earth would want to persevere with it. There's just no fun to be had from it.
Alright so there is some sense of joy and fulfilment when you do actually manage to solve one of the puzzles and get a little bit further on in the game but there’s more a sense of 'blimey, I never expected that' when a puzzle gets solved rather than working the thing out logically as you should.
If you’ve, against our better judgement, enjoyed the earlier Valhalla games, then I dare say this is going to be right up your street (remember, I haven't actually played the earlier games so I don't know if this is just more of the same or a whole new angle, but I suspect it's rather more similar to the first couple than different from them). But don't be tempted by the game otherwise. ® MAIL ORDER ONLY FROM: Vulcan Software Ltd Vulcan Houaa • 72 Queens Road Buckland • Portsmouth Hants • P02 7NA Publisher Vulcan Software Price £17.99 Versions All Amigas System requirements All Amigas Release
date Out now ©GRAPHICS Simple but functional.
Vary average.
©SOUND A smattering of speech here and there, but not
• really much else worthy of note.
©ADDICTION Too damn frustrating to be in the slightest bit
• addictive. You'll only [ plug away at this because you'll be
determined to have some return on your money.
O PLAYABILITY © Easy to control thanks to the simple and easy interface. Could be played by any small child - if you'd really like to watch them going round and round for hours on end.
VHIICT Gameplay that first saw life back in the early 80s when people used to play abstract text adventures. The main character is merely a different interface - he saves you having to type go north’, go east, pick up the brick’ and so on. This is no fun.
You have the POWBL In this contest you don't rely on the luck-of-the draw. You determine if you win or not You win by outscoring others in a game of skill. Can you solve the puzzle below? Then you have what it takes. It looks simple, but it's only the start Each of five more puzzles gets a little harder. But this tune it's but its only the start Each of five more puzzles nets a little harder. But this tune its all up to you. Stay in to the end with the highest score and the gear is yours With whatever options you want Do you have what it takes? Then play to win!
Computer Contest Win a blaziiw fast computer with Pentium 200 Mhz processor. 16 meg. Ram 12 Gig. Hard drive, CD-ROM. 1r monitor, modem and more!
Video Game Contest Play on the hi-tech cutting edge with this line-up: Sony Playstation; Sega Saturn; Virtual Boy; 3DO; and Atari Jaquar. Get all five or trade the ones you don't want for CASH! Bonus options include: 33 inch monitor, £1,000 in games, cash, accessories and more!
Meda Rig Contest The Ultimate Gaming Environment 40 inch monitor.
130 watt receiver wI Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound, and all components shown.
Win Satellite Receiver as a BONUa OPTION! This rig will blow you away!!
Directions, fill in the Mystery Word Grid with worts ooinq across that spell out the Mystery Word down the side. Hint use the Mystery Word Clue.
In the future. There will be four more puzzles at £2.00 each and one tiebreaker at £1X0 which will be sent to you by mail. You will have 3 weeks to solve each puzzle. We don't know how many will play but typically 55% will have the highest score possible score to Phase 1.43% to Phase II, 36% to Phase III, and 32% to Phase IV. The tie-breaker determines the winner. H players are still tied they will split the value of the grand prize they are playing for.
ENTER ME TODAY, HERE'S MY ENTRY FEE: (£2.00 Computer Contest I (£2.00 Video Game Contest (£2.00) Media Rig Contest ? (£3.00) SPECIAL! Enter them all (SAVE £3.00) Name Address Town Post Code •o z o 2 SEND CASH, M.O., COIN, OR CHECK TO: & PANDEMONIUM, P.O. BOX 10452 LONDON, NW3 4WE VOID WHERE PROHIBITED • ENTRY DEADLINE POSTMARKED BY AUG 17TH.1996 • ENTRY FEE MUST BE INCLUDED Orly one entry pet person Employees of Pandemonium. Inc and its suppliers are ineligible. Judges decisions are final Where fudges are m error the sponsor's liability is limited to the amount of entry fees paid Not
responsible *or lost, delayed or stolen mail Open to residents of the UK You can request Winners List and Official Ruies by writing Pandemonium. Inc Merchandise names and models are trademarks of their respective companies who. Along with this magazine have no affiliation with this contest © 1995 Pandemonium. Inc Steve Bradley is in Exile so we sent out a carrier pigeon to tell him to return for the Discovery. Or something... xile is one of the most unusual games around. The original was reviewed way back in Afll (that’s Dune 1991, for those that don’t go by numbers) and the chap reviewing at
the time - a Mr Trenton Webb - had this to say. ’The most convincing element to be found in Exile is the logic on which the entire world and its composite elements are built'.
The Discovery disk enables you to shoot to any of the 12 levels using the teleport system. Does too.
Yes, friends, this is an arcade game happily married to an adventure game. It requires lateral thinking. It requires literal thinking. It requires the patience of Dob to get anywhere because it's DAMNED HARD.
Around this time last year, Audiogenic graphically revamped Exile. It was now the property of A1200 owners. To be candid, the original didn't distinguish itself visually but it didn't stop our friends at Amiga Power rating this largely forgotten game as one of their faves of all time.
Exile's world has gravity (a bit like ours, I think) and all the objects in the game behave as the laws of physics demand At one point, you have to hotfoot to a pool with a container and fill it with water. Once airborn again, you have to fly carefully otherwise the water spills. Try this at home, perhaps in the kitchen. Or the back garden if the weather's clement.
Discover what?
So what's this Disco very business, then’ Well, presumably the logic reads thus: the game is so huge and so difficult that many gamers won't have seen half the action or even had the chance to solve many of the The updated version is all things fantastically splendid. You hover around with a jet pack strapped to your back and generally just potter around and take on the conundrums as you see fit. There isn't really any plot or path to follow - which makes Exile one of the most non-linear Amiga adventures. There isn't a time limit so you take as much time as you see fit - only, you lose points
as the seconds totter by. By the by, really.
Puzzles. So what everyone needs is another disk that enables them to hop from location to location using the very excellent teleport system - each gaming area pre-saved on the disk when used in conjunction with the original. For your eight sovs.
Audiogenic will post you the disk and a set of instructions to help finish the old devil It's basically just a pricey tips section and probably best avoided unless you're desperately stuck. Solve the puzzles yourself instead and get your moneys worth. It cost you 30 quid for the game in the first place - buy the add-on and it's the best part of 40 nicker.
Phew, O On l E?r Eight quid to meet a robot.
Surely some mistake?
Publisher Audiogenic Price £7.99 Versions A1200 System requirements A1200 Release date Out now through mail order Audiogenic, Unit 27, Christchurch Industrial Estate, Forward Drive, Wealdstone, Harrow HA3 8NT GRAPHICS Really rather splendid, now.
SOUND No dodgy music and some cute bleeps.
ADDICTION If you follow the instructions you're a cheat.
PLAYABILITY Same as last time, except easier.
Can you justify the outlay for i cheat? If you've never seen Exile, seek it but have a go at the puzzles yourself.
50% You won't find these games in the shops. They are your attempts to capture that elusive ingredient: gameplay. They are the... i i r j s r Who needs a 12 man development team working away for five man years on a game? All you need is a bedroom, a copy of some popular games development package like AMOS, a supply of caffeine and you're away! When you've finished your masterpiece you can send it to us. We then cast our professional eye over all submissions and offer an informed, well deliberated, critique.
And it brightens up the day when we get a really dreadful game in and everyone gathers round the Amiga for a good giggle. Here goes... Well, this ie the title screen for M*A*S‘H 2 end for your information the V.2 symbol rotates rather splendidly.
Grc at cawiiew cr tire d* tatft In the weapons shop. Load up with all that lovely ordnance and then unload the lot on one of your mates!
In one-player mode I have problems.
The computer keeps chucking stuff at you, and unlike in Worms where you can spend a couple of minutes thinking about things and working out your angles, in M*A*S*H2 things just keep coming. This, for me, puts too much emphasis on the arcade action side of things which I don't think suits the gameplay. And just a quick note for anyone who's played M*A*S*H 1, which was a PD game. In the words of the author, this should not be confused with Version 1 as it is so enhanced as to be a completely different game'. I haven't played the first version but it sounds to me like he should have left things
at that © GAME: M*A*S*H 2 AUTHOR: CHRIS GREGAN LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN Before Worms there was Scorched Tanks.
After Worms (and before Worms Reinforcements, Worms 2 and Worms Plus) there was M*A*S*H 2. As you can guess, the game's along the same lines.
You start at one side of the landscape which is several screens wide and the other player starts at the other side. The idea is to wipe out the other player before they wipe out you.
One of the tricks is the player's ability to purchase his own equipment - which can include tanks, zeppelins and more men, along with a whole arsenal of different kinds of shots.
GAME: OPERATION BALLS AUTHOR: DAVID LLOYD LANGUAGE: AMOS Another puzzler. And this time the pacing's right. As seems to be the case with most of these here readers' puzzle games it's not exactly original, more a re-working of an established idea.
This one takes the Pipemania idea but uses balls and arrows. You've got a row of arrows at the top of the screen, a set amount of time before a set number of balls are released and the general idea's to place the arrows in positions that will guide the released balls to the exit.
There are two kinds of arrows, permanent and sorta one-shot which, as the name suggests, disappear after they've been travelled over once.
3 O D You're also limited to the number and direction of the arrows you can use - you might have five Turn right' arrows but only one Turn left'. The levels are clever and you'll often find yourself manically trying to lay arrows down in front of a to b ii ill a ball before rushing back to lay different arrows down in front of another.
It’* getting tricky - You have to get '*k the blue ball to the blue exit and the yellow bed to the yellow exit * - VERDICT: A GOOD EXAMPLE OF HOW A PUZZLE GAME SHOULD BE PACED SO AS TO GET THE PLAYER HOOKED. THE LEVELS START OUT SIMPLE AND GRADUALLY INCREASE IN DIFFICULTY, BUT NONE OF THEM STRIKE YOU AS HORRIBLY The fir*l level I* pretty easy. Simply stick a down arrow in front of tha ball and tha other arrows will guide it to the exit IMPOSSIBLE. THE GRAPHICS ARE CRUDE. THE CONTROL IS NOT THE EASIEST TO HANDLE BUT GENERALLY THIS IS A WORTHY PUZZLE GAME. ITS NOT FORMAT GOLD MATERIAL BUT
GAME: SUPERPOD AUTHOR: ROBERT SIMPSON LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN It's always nice to have something different and this month we're fortunate enough to have SuperPod.
Ifs a platformer where the player controls the illustrious Pod as he barrels his way through the game's levels. There's the usual array of baddies to destroy (using the good ol' fashioned jump on their head method) and lots of fruit and things to collect The action's smooth, the levels are varied (left to right right to left top to bottom, bottom to top) and there are some wacky extras to pick up including the extemely tricky upside down and back to front extra that's really more of a hindrance than a bonus.
It's not original, there are a couple of gameplay tweaks that need to be leamt in order to play properly (the still moving sideways bit when you've just jumped can be tricky to start with), but overall this is not half bad. You probably wouldn't spend more than a couple of quid on the game if you came across it in a PD library somewhere, but that would be a couple of quid well spent if your particular bag is fast moving platformers.
T Uizjf id.
Uf'i’i*u itj 4JPzuxz 3 iu uuu* Ju ibbZ J SB® ?
J The title screen. From here you can do all sorts of things, like tum the music off, er, and play the game.
GAME: CUBICAL WORLDS AUTHOR: ]OONA PALASTE LANGUAGE: AMOS Puzzle garnet are the perennial fave of the Reader's Games section. The only problem is that the games are either crap, or, at best exactly the same as a dozen other games we received the same day.
But no! This one's different! You contol a small ball that has to collect a load of skulls, while at the same time hitting a couple of blocks on the small 'level' to activate them. I've no Idea why on earth you've got to activate the blocks, but you can't collect the skulls until you have so I'd guess you'd call it a gamaplay feature.
I thought this was going to be a lot better than it Is. It starts off well enough, the first couple of levels are fine and simple tAiAiAiAiA y ® * V J- T & • ro , ifuum'uu j * i, [JyS*' ® ® ® fEET (to db ft db db vd_ A • (ft f». *- A - - a v ti SuperPod takes to the air in an attempt to grab the Oops! Don't hang around on these tiles because they apples the mouse is guarding. Force all your blood to come flooding out of your head.
Navigate through. Op .rfP 1*5) j HI-.* 19% A A •Tt* lllllllll ¦Id ¦Siiiill Eesy enough this level. Touch one of the cubes end then collect all of the skulls. Then touch the other cube and that's H - the level's done.
And get you going, then some puzzly bits start creeping in (tiles that disappear once you've been over 'em twice) and that's nice because you then have to start thinking about things. But after just a few short levels things suddenly become impossible and you end up guiding your ball all over the shop.
Things are trickier now because the dark tiles disappear once you've gone over them twice.
This could have been a lot better if the pacing of the game was easier fo the player.
The controls aren't polished, the graphics aren't good and generally this is an average puzzler that shoots itself in the foot by throwing levels that are way too hard at the player way too early. © MORE OF THE SAME PLEASE!
This Reader Game s section is becoming so popular we re looking to expand it. And there s something in it for you! We re going to be awarding the top Reader Game a £50 cash bonus each and every month.
Now it that doesn't inspire you to get those submissions in then nothing will, lust a note of caution though: don't bother sending in that PD game you coded three years ago just to try it on, we’ll spot it and chuck it in the bin. After we've erased the disk for good measure. And, in the event that your game is so good we want the world to see we'll probably run the game as a Coverdisk demo on the floppy or CD.
Obviously if this is completely unacceptable for you then you'll have to indicate this in your notes with your submission. Your notes should also include what language the game's been written in.
Get to it people, let's see those games come flooding in.
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SOUND FX SENSATION JOHN PASTERNAKS MOVIE MAKER SERIES SPECIAL FX Vol:1 Amiga CD Features Include 'SOmmuteS of audio Sa"pe 3 r *e y rtgr. ***;, ’AGA 256 colours. ReGj'esA’ZOUyx 'Multimedia interface unite you * eve- 'Hundreds of images *v digged r times 'Video footage Ccnunuah spooieo ‘ron CD '4mb* AG A Amiga, hi-soec fwuvm SPECIAL FX Vol:1 Actual Amign Sctoon stiolK John Paternak s ’ Movie Maker" series takes you step by step through Ihe professional techniques of Special FX. Horror and Action film mak mg Explained in every detail are all the camera angles, editing techniques. Prop building,
make up etc. all using easily available domestic equipment and materials Available on video or Amiga CD ROM MOVIE MAKER SERIES available now SCI-FI SENSATION v2 doubleco ¦. " - i»* 9*% o 9am CO ROM grusome images, tons 19
* -glmg -.,v*or lypn smmri-, Ptciures & animations from tons of
horror films and f real-life blood n guts. This should have
been called Bnsalion AUI May 96 HORROR SENSATION NEW ' v"'’' l
" game 4 os or. One CD-ROM Emulators included for any , | Amiga
Games include Man:c I J Miner. Skool daze. Monty mo»e.
T Sta-o- Thrust Jet Sot W ily Thr.
L - Sv-p Poxer Danye' V Seri!,n ?: Mlcro Olympics Under Wuride. Undium.
Atic Atac. River raid Barbanan.
HjncrpacK ana atounc 3000 other classic spectrum game files including |nTTTTn|TnTl multi-load games Speccy 96 also LXXJ11L LJ3 cor:a -S hunareds of Oxi.mont*. r-:-' taming instructions for most games asweli as hundreds of speccy game cheats Okay on any CD ROM drive connected to an Amiga Contains 1200 our most popular floppy based softv,*'e ’l,les on °ne r-i,'nI 600f*‘b CD-ROM 0-‘.„ you can purchase :r*.- e r«. L£;«i.- ; '• " :ne 30 Subiects maudo ! •* % on.il
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Fax: (02) 520 6077 for prices fi Australian SSS simply double
th« UK £££ prices Mad one sprite before becoming horribly
distracted (probably by girls or something) and Anthony somehow
found himself taking over the graphic responsibilities In 1994
Bubble Gun came close to becoming a commercial release, but not
close enough. Matt explains: "It occurred to me that no-one had
done a platform game with a four legged character as the main
sprite, and now I know why".
1995 came round and work started on XP8 "XP8 has changed a lot since we first designed it", says Anthony." We wanted it to be like Swiv really, continually scrolling, a didn't stop - ever, game. We had a version that went through space, over land, whatever."
Our years ago the Amiga market was very healthy. Big games were selling in their hundreds of thousands (well, the really, really big ones were if you counted the whole of Europe together) and the summers were really long and hot too. Two young men had just finished their New boys WeatherMine Software have proved they know a thing or two with their first game XP8.
Andy Smith wondered what was in the pipeline for... university educations and, armed with a copy of DevPac and a book on Assembler, began tinkering around with an A500 WeatherMine software was born Matt Waters and Anthony Fenton- Dones are WeatherMine and XP8 is the first game of theirs to actually see some kind of, mail-order only, commercial release (Reviewed in AF85, 85%).
Matt was the chap with the books and software tools and the idea for a wacky platform game called Bubble Gun. What he needed was someone with an artistic flair to design the sprites and backgrounds for the game
- which is where Anthony's cartoonist brother came in. But, as
often seems to be the case with brothers, Anthony's managed to
design about 4F n 73 m m basically said forget it'. Well, now
things have changed and we think we can do a good 500 version".
And what's been the biggest problem? "Piracy", said Matt. "We’ve been hit quite hard by that. We didn’t put much protection on the game because it would only take a determined cracker a couple of hours to get round it whatever, so we just didn’t bother too much."
"And the game's on four disks, so I wanted to make it hard disk installable, which again makes it a bit easier for the pirates", added Matt.
'But it really has hit us", Anthony agreed. "Other people have been hit too, of course, but we're only selling a fraction of what we should be selling because of the pirates. Who are just helping to kill the market".
So what's in the pipeline after the A500 version? "We've got plans to do a sort of UFO meets Cannon Fodder type game", Anthony replies. "But realtime, it might be a two-player, split screen thing, where you can hide behind walls and be able to get into anything you see on-screen.
Spaceships, vehicles, whatever."
"We are really keen to do another Amiga game", Matt admits. "We're big fans of it. But you have to consider the number of sales you're going to make and then ask yourself whether that number justifies spending another year working on a game."
Everyone at Amiga Format is eagerly awaiting the A500 version of XP8 and we'll keep you up to date with any developments on the WeatherMine front, but in the meantime if you wish to get your hands on a copy of XP8 send a cheque PO for £19.99 to: WeatherMine Software, 50, Taleforth Road, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2PY. £ The pair admit that they had to make changes to their original design.
"We wanted it to be just one level, but really long, but we found that designing just one level proved to be very difficult." Anthony explained.
During beta-testing they decided to split the game up into different levels rather than one long one.
"People told us it was just too long".
Anthony continued.
The pair also confess to some dubious working habits. "Most of the design happened down the pub", Matt admitted.
The release of Super Stardust gave the team some inspiration. "Dust the general look, because we couldn't work out how to do ships like theirs so we had to make up our own".
Now XP8s out there and selling, the guys are ploughing the profits back into development and they're currently working on a cut-down version for the A500.
"When we first started" said Anthony, "I asked Matt if we were planning on an A500 version and he OF Your indispensable guide to a better life. Well, a better way to get past the really hard bits. And how to cheat your way to the top.
U I H I 1
- OHM 3 'KMQiCtOO* ?
Ta* v k*t i v «ms r«w .ici »
o tvr cmo* C'soo*
* owr sreeo _LM Z S SML * ClJSM v i at*. Eeene* O «IIO.t'«0*
- LUCA? DAOCBC D -TTR '*AR C«*0* « rwor OBA MM *SC •KNOi CtOOM
• TON AS BROUN A evpifHfiCf-B* ¦ a plii mrv exit SWOS: Make sure
you select the person at the bottom of the team SWOS. Drop the
money to zero, pick your expensive player and sheet as well
(don’t worry, you won't get them). Then all you have to do is
see if they fall for the bait... SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER Ben
Darlow of Coventry is a mean SWOS opponent. Not because he's
any good you understand, just because he's found an excellent
way to buy top players at rock bottom prices (like for no money
at all!). And here's how you do it... This cheat not only works
with SWOS 95 96 but with the new European Championships version
of SWOS 95 96 as well.
Start your career with any team who have an expensive forward (Blackburn Rovers should do) and before you do anything else, head for the transfer market Go to Buy Other Domestic Player and select the team whose player you wish to purchase. Now then, highlight the player you want and the player at the bottom of their team sheet (doesn't matter who they are, you're not going to get them). Now, reduce your cash offer to a staggering CO, but offer them your very expensive player instead.
Once the team have accepted the offer (see later notes because this doesn't happen every single time), head back to your team sheet where, lo and behold, you'll have acquired the good player from the other team, you'll still have your expensive player and you won't have spent a bean.
Bear in mind that we've only managed to make this cheat work in the first season of play
i. e. when you boot the game up from cold. The cheat only works
three or four times (then the Chairman tells you there isn't
enough time for any more deals before the first match must be
played) and you have to make sure the player you're offering
is worth vastly more than the player you're hoping to buy or
the other team won't accept the offer. You’ve also got to make
sure you put your expensive player back into the squad before
trying to buy another player.
Remember, this cheat is something of a time-bomb in that if you get it wrong you're going to end up swapping your top player for someone not quite so good. But hey1 That's the fun that comes with Amiga games’ tips!
CIVILIZATION: Wo ignore your hollow threats indeed Monsieur!
In fact wo wave our private parts at your aunties! And there's no point looking like you've just sucked a lemon. Wo've got gunpowder and we don't care.
Your civilization makes us laudh Wt will a dree not to crush your worthless civilization in exchange for the secret of The Republic.1 ¦ when you get fatter everything runs very smoothly.
• 'We idnore your hollow threats'
• Give Secret of The Republic Temel Bahadir from Gothenburg in
Sweden is not only a bit of a Civ fan but he's come up with
this neat way to hack around the code to give yourself a bit of
an advantage If you're happy to be hacking around with code
then give it a blast, but bear in mind that code can be a
delicate thing which can be destroyed (although Temel assures
us the worst you can do is destroy your saved game position, so
make sure you're using a copy of it before ploughing in). Over
to Temel... One of the most exhausting features of the game
Civilization AGA is that you are constantly short of cash,
especially when you need it most And it can take you ages to
build up enough money to buy an improvement Armed with this
cheat you will be on equal terms against the computer
controlled opponents (which I'm sure already use some built-in
cheats and short cuts). It involves editing some bytes m your
saved game file to get a very high sum THE CHEAT Start a new
game and play until you've built two or three cities with a
size of about four- six. Save the game to disk and then quit.
Now load this saved game file to a hex editor and change the
digits from position 13C to 147 to 7s (sevens). Save the
changes and quit the hex editor. Restart the game and load your
edited save file You will now have a neat 30,000 credits in
your treasury!
Use up the credits as quickly as possible, on anything, to gain an advantage over the computer opponents.
This may be a bit tricky in the beginning when your cities are small and you have not built many improvements. Then you may get the message like "Timbuktu can not support chariot Unit Disbanded", but later on when you get fatter, everything runs very smoothly.
Continued overleaf 4 CIVILIZATION (RIGHT): As you can see, the Egyptians arc everywhere and own everything. And using our top tips you too could own just about anything you ever wanted1 CIVILIZATION AGA Bymtiun.
CIVILIZATION: The locals learn, that the silver throated Andy Williams, will, indeed bo making a guest appearance at the Paladium this weekend.
I hr ou«h the D »r I Byes th tf followed the till ot the Do11it, f i. pit e ii I «i opr i n nor iiflurrte if the rejutl of cixili.’ ttioi ui»s tie (hr ¦•.tin (huith Use ihei e other 91 e it ret iois »*ei e *lso exon dir* then itfiueicr li r»(09Md(* o( the 1 root 1 irce of 1 eliyioi 11 lo al iff tit', the Inyest iuiooeit lo irs built (fllHIDRIHS ceitets if r eli Mous study **d oor ship pi esided o ei by the loc 1 bishop Uhei r 01 pieced ( a 1 HI Dmlbecne the ceMecs of sodH nd cuhuitl *ifui(M is *’1 HI is 1 eli9ious ioi ship Ihey br out ht si e » pride st ibiliti 11 d ti tdictoi to then (01
1 ui*u y CIVILIZATION: Cathedrals may well bo big and clever, but you can t fit one up your jumper. Of course, onco you’ve cheated your way to the top you'll want lots of 'em.
CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER Right, who do we want then? That Nicholl chap Vincent Urich from CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER: This footballer must remain anonymous for legal reasons.
And he's got a funny lump on his shoulder.
The opponent's goal was when he tripped over the centre circle! The opposite is also true. I have had players with no stats who have become champions.
Attributes are a good guideline though and if you use them you'll end up with three or four players who turn out to be excellent value.
And to round all this off, here’s a tip that I haven't seen anywhere before: When you sell a player - let's say Shearer to Man Utd for 6 5 million
- some £650,000 goes to Alan - fine, no problem there mate, but
some £2 million goes to the Inland Revenue ( a real pain for me
because it's some 12,000 miles away!). What to do? Buy those
players you've always wanted on your shortlist who are itching
to get a Championship medal - Ince from Man Utd, Ruddock from
Liverpool as support and backman respectively, maybe anchor and
captain also If you spend £6 million for these two OK, if not,
buy Pressman or Martyn as a goalie as well. This will make the
incoming money equal to the outgoing money and therefore no
profit made for that week equals no tax to pay!
Most importantly, sack all the back room staff who aren't superb asap. Team coach firsts. Lower divisions or yukky clubs - do the best you can.
And finally, goalies should have influence (and maybe stamina which doesn't show up but it is there for goalies, just like goalscoring is there for forwards).
Looks promising and he's not a bad price, get his agent on the blower, Cheltenham, Australia writes: I have just read the tips you printed on Championship Manager in the ]une Issue Some of the things I agree with, some things I don’t (don't buy Shearer! I don't think so!).
I've been playing the game for at least two years. There is only ONE formation and it's very simple: Three centre forwards, support man, three centre midfielders, anchor man, two centre backmen, goalie.
Support and anchor can be left or right footed All forwards, midfielders and backs must push forward. I play a backman as anchor, a midfielder may do. Position players should have these attributes: Forwards should have Stamina, Pace, Goalscoring Support Stamina, Creativity Midfield Stamina, Pace, Creativity Anchor Stamina, Influence Backs Stamina, Pace, Tackling The style of play should be continental but lower clubs (3rd Division etc) should start on Direct Ball.
LEND A HAND If you're having trouble with a particular game or have a solution to a question printed in the magazine, don't keep it to yourself, write it down or send it on a disk and we'll do our best to print it. Send it to: HELPING HANDS, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA12 2BW With these settings I have never, I repeat, NEVER lost the league. I have scored 111 pts. I have won the Premier League in the 28th round - TWICE!
I have taken lowly 3rd Division clubs to the top of the Premiership in 3 years, with generated Cheltenham going from 3rd Division to European Champions in five years.
Player attributes such as pace, tackling, flair and so on are by no means infallible. I have bought a forward with 20 pace, 20 stamina and goalscoring and the closest he got to Stop Press! It’s Sale Time at EYETECH for Amiga Upgrades and Accessories A1200 InstantDrive Hard Disk Kits ? Rated 97% -AUI February 1996. Featured CU Amiga May 1995 ? No hote drilling, case clipping, or shield removal required Aff dues brand new. Partitioned, formatted and with 2 year warranty ? ALL AV DRIVES ARE NOW SUPPLIED WITH A FULLY LICENSED VERSION OF OPTONtC AS Mue COMMERCIAL MULTIMEDIA AUTHORING SOFTWARE
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Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of
going to press. Most titles are despatched same day, but can
take up to 28 days. VAT is included was uc xccar Wrg Corraroif
Wrtr Gcaa WcrtJ Cup Gc* WORLD CUP YEAR 94 WCKX3 y FoC4t 4*l
Wort3 y Got Worsa y Socc*4 Wo*3S *! W«r wow erf legwyj WORMS _
„ . Wonr* Re.rVorraments Wroc.kO'» WW* 1 or 2 C'fT
Zot+LOG Xpts U04 7 (wc v 1 4 U04efhDcafl£*CfO l ¦¦ IXM9
Df Oar*0s Wima U052 £ iwr a Virus Krtar TT1 LOW SOC£* .ftoyJC
Mm I**4 ™4W V 4 s U0S5 Cnacaar V 7 18 U054iPanw1 1057
CXX) 1 Ntorn Broad ¦ 1X02 Pon Mtdlh SJ»OaMV«y 1X03 Good Mrrnng
Vonrom TX04 Ctmmp StK w D005 f raoon Morty SN3W t 25 D006
Total Rocaii SMJaahow 125 CXX)7 £v« DmO 1 magi I 25 CKOH
tiavr n Canoon I 25 0009 RoUxxip 125 0010 Vi I 25 0011 Ho*
Tha 9 Ocioca 125 0012 fUOa'Ot Tha LOMA 1 25 0013 Praoatc*
Damo 125 OOUSMa Saaflii 2 50 0015 StaaAThy 2 (• pwrxr a» 8
OT M V* w 3 Da»u«a Pr -i Man 3 lAjn. Toe Syi PRIMAL RAGE
Protacx Ptd Tann»s Tow* Puvms GakK PUTTY SOUAO ..
•afjy fo* Tha Raama Red Baron O' TT* Rct i RtfAy WOCM
RcvadhiM Aofcoccc 3 RAM Board - A1200 * Ba»e . RAM
Eipanaion 4Mb 72 Pin SIMM RAM E cpanaion 8Mb 72 Pin SIMM RAM
Eipanaioo 16Mb 72 Pm SIMM AaardWnnar* 2 Banafiaa Basa
Jumpers Ejamechaw Ba?t« iw 93 ZEE WOLF 2 SPECIAL OFFERS
Traire, 00** Th* Boy* 002' C»-C 00 2 U.. T.fcj- il-»g 0024
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CX*2* TiWiMi Si 3mTo 0O2V WW* §»hN .
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G01B Ih« fun 1‘h.mi GDI * Aitk« GamM 5020 Gari «» G4»a GOJIQUAOU lp*orryl 0022 Bo zani 0023 Bim (Xf 0024 DC motnon Mho1 G025l*»,B-3 IOX600X 12CO 302* D**r 302* D-a E « 'M toMCXI E007BA-- EOOB OW DT* ECO* Co*xr Tf* Ktr*tw E0I0T*» CoOA E011 Aw ItaM E012El»C O«X T-»r s n MEG E013 l**m ft PL , 1 EC*4 L*«m ft Pl»y 2 E015 E0'6 Wr»itf*8 0 * E017 Slory L«r*a J EO’S Wwjva-a ChEATIVf COW L»4e DAXiancr C003 Sup®- r okh C005 Deloi* Pai-h »uio CC06 S D0cm Derno Kul- COO* Ubm CO 11 Woffl Pc««- C0I2 F(XH Ea-m CO!3 «!* Ma o CO !4 CO!6 Ga 0€ C017X UTILITIES U0C3 ThA WcnutfOB lOXA niBoA OX*»i!»M 1X310
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Cour**y 7 99 COALA .... 19 99 Coforaaadon ..... 22 99 - Cora A1200 Bundle Arew Ran hae H+*r*nfi2 12 99 Cora C032 Bundle 2 n SfM Pramar. Ctxjc* RixtA f 2 ..... CoamK: Spacahaod 17 99 ...... Cc»«fgir, PoAar |18| 12 99 -..... Craft ky AMOS 17 99 Cruise For A Corpse 12 99 ---- Cyberawe 22 99 . Dgenentcn 12 99 ...... Da* Seed 12 99 ...... Deruke P*rt V 59 99 --- DELUXE VIDEO I 86 99 - Sabre Tt SfaObwl Skeaioo SIMON THE SORCEROR 1 12 99 12 99 12 99 SAM***** 8 99 Steve Dans Sncoker 4 99 Svrmctle ...1299 Torvak . . 4 99 Total Carnage Universe .. 4W VIRTUAL KARTING
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21 99 21 99 KQ0 17 99 - Laad«ng Lap 19 99 laftixeSo* leny
1.2 or 3 12 99 LemrmM 1 ... LEMMINGS 3----------- - L nki T ha
ChaSanga 12 99 Lion King - Lombard RAC Rely 6 99 LolusTrttogy
. Lure Of The Terrpirew 12 99 Maryana Mtraibu* Ao-
Maganavole? I cy 2 12 99 Ma%%engar» Ol Ooom 19 99 MICROPROSE
GOLF 12 99 MtcrOiqH Wamors MuTaTlaf 10 99 LaghryMa* 17 99
Mifftary Mastea aa 19 99 lAxph -- Mr Nuti 17 99 lAiSc X 2 0 27
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25. 99 - - Compaltton Pro Joypal • * CD32 E BSC* f k)« v Oriva
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- ..... COWnta 799 799 A i Fco(
- Fraahfoca% f raahf or*» 2 joysticks & accessories AAR-ANAioouf
aiw'i « iwouihedIAmiga RAM Expansions All chips 72 Pm Single
Sided UD22Be Barer Vi 2 M23 De-g da' 50) 800 *200 Ucf24 E e-m
6 Vr s Kber U326 Act r Repa Fv Tn L- oi Tuiona t 3M ACE 5
Oa'abasa U335 Ted Pius v4 00 U037 un naie Cheats And Sofunons
U338 Number Pad For 600 L 039 Cmrve Base LK:*40 J R Comm NOW
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welcome Inkjet, Bubblejet Printer Ribbons BLACK Lull St 1ft-
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• - *• Amstrad DMP4000 166 1 i il PanaviriK KXP2I23 2124 2180 1
Ui 1 3 1 Hit 1 6o 1 III Amstrad PCWR2S6 LQ3500 Fab 2K5 2 70 ’i
r.t J Oi I Snk.iiba Si.90 92 95 96 4 41 0 * c 1 ¦ 5 :i5
* 1 .
3 D Amstrad PCW9512 M Strike 2 60 2 45
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K . I i ir Star 1 CIO 20 UK* 229 2 14 1 94 i HA
H. -ib... Ml000 1021 1100 1200 :i 90 3 7'.
:»55 Star I C-00 3 00 2 85 2 65 ’1 45 Citizen 1201).LSI'III Swill 219
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(i) Sl«r I.C24 - III 20 200 2 86 2 71 : 51 i : i CommikI.u* MPS
1220 1230 1 50 1 35 1 15 1 95 Slar I.C24IK . 1.1 24-:«) 7 75
7 on ; to : 20 Epson I.QIOO 1 Hi 1 15 3 75 3 55 lax,in Kaga
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lliiXt** I 'apacity Vt*|lrts '.I W .•vliiblc -VL1 Dust Covers Mouse House 2 Piece Universal Printer Stand 14 15 i Jptlcal Glass Screen Filler 2 99 5 '.*9 16 99 HP LaserJet II III HP LaserJet IIP HIP HP LaserJet 4L 4LM III' 1 iirflH 1 1X1 40 00 eacli 45 00 each 50 00 each 7 1 III a it Paper & Address Labels 111 1 al»t 1 jn *1. 'liVl IBM 4019. 1028. 4029. 4030 Kyocera FI000 1010 1200. P2000 Kyocera FWX) 820 FSH50 1 1 UP fAt II 9000 each
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80) Canon BJC toon Black throw away 29 l 28 C H 2820 Canon BJC
Iinm Head-Blk-Col Kelill 12-on II ill 10 681 Canon BJC 4000
Black Refill Canon BJC toon Colour Refill 8 50 14 5ll H30 11
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ap) Black Star SJ48 Epson Stylus H*0 ( otour II 1L* Black
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Mouse Mai 6 mm Thick - 2 99 Miscellaneous Items All Prices INCLUDE VAT (@ 17i%) & FREE UK Delivery 01543 250377 Ring us or send cheques to: 01543 250377 Owl Associates Ltd, Dept 460, Owl House, 5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE Russell Terrace Mundesley Norfolk NR11 8LJ email: Rich@sadeness.demon.co.uk Hotline VISA (01263) 722169
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SadENESS Software Other CD Roms £ 17 Bit Collection (2CD)
......£9.99 £ 17 Bit Continuation .....£4.99 £ 17 Bit
Phase 4 £8.99 £ 3D Images
......£8.99 £ 3D Objects
......£8.99 £ Adult Sensation
(18) ..£15.99 £ Adult Sensation 2 (18)......£16.99 £
Adult Sensation 3D (18) ...£17.99 £ AGA Experience Vol 1
......£14.99 Amiga Tools 3 £26.99 £ Aminet
4 ..£4.99 Aminet
10 ......£11.49 £ Aminet 11
......£11.49 4 Aminet
12 ......£11.49 £ Aminet Box Set 2
.....£22.99 CD Boot v2.0 £25.99 £
CD Write ..£41.99 Epic Collection
2 .£18.99 £
Euroscene ..£4.99 Euroscene
2 ......£8.99 FI Licenceware
.£25.99 Fresh Fonts 2
£16.99 Gifs
Galore ......£17.99 0 Giga Graphic ..£26.99 Global Amiga Experience ...£26.99 Gold
Fish 3 ...£26.99 Grolier Encyclopedia
4) Horror Sensation (18) ......£17.99 Hottest 6
......£14.99 £ Multimed Toolkit 2
(2CD)...£14.99 4 Network CD ...£12.99
Octamed 6 ......£26.99 9 PD Soft Utilities 2
(2CD) ...£16.99 £ Professional IFF & PCX ......£8.99 £
Professional IFF & PCX 2...£14.99 Scene
Storm ...£13.99 yj Sci-Fi
Sensations .£17.99 4 Sexy Sensation (18)
..£17.99 Sound Terrific £17.99 The
Light Works .£26.99 The Sound
Library .....£17.99 £ UPD Set 1
......£26.99 ¦j Video Creator
£41.99 £ World Info 95
V) Workbench Add-Ons ..£22.99 4} W.Science
Anims .£17.99 W.Science ClipArt
.£8.99 W.Science Fonts £8.99
Misc Hardware 4 4Mb. 32 Bit. 72 Pin. SIMM (4000
etc) ......£45.00 £ 8Mb. 32 Bit. 72 Pin. SIMM
(CS etc) ......£110.00 £ 1 Gig SCSI Hard
1. 2 Gig IDE Hard Drive (A4000 only) .£199.00
Quad Speed SCSI CD Rom Drive (Internal) .....£199.00 £
6x Speed SCSI CD Rom (Internal) ...£299.00
Zip Drive SCSI (with Hi-Soft Zip Tools) £189.00 4} 100Mb Zip
Cartridges ..£13.00 0 Hi-Soft 5.25" Ext SCSI Case with
PSU £75.00 A Hi-Soft 3.5" Ext SCSI Case with
PSU £59.00
4) 120 watt Multimedia Powered Speakers
......£49.00 AGA Experience Vol 2 94% Amiga
User Int. F * • ¦ | 85-90% Amiga Joker “On* of th* best Amiga
W ' - Cds I have *v*r uwdr fj I * A11 88% CU Amiga | "A very
wt.1 pul together CD" RF 3 90% Amiga Computing 82% Amiga
Format (82% - what A JOKE!) V ‘iH I think most of you know
what the AGA Experience is all about, take a look at some of
the review scores and forget what Amiga Format thinks, here’s
what a small percentage of the buyers think: "Excellent" - Mr
P Morey "Very good” - Claudio Marro Filosa "Very good, look
forward to the next Vol" - Frank Jensen.
"It is Great" - Absalon Ostero "Excellent, the best CD in my collection" - Andrew Taylor "Vast improvement on Vol 1. Please do a Vol 3" - Mark Payne "Very good value" - R. Eyles p r e The Utilities Experience Vol 1 The Utilities m m M Experience is the Rll latest in the great “ I 1 V.H SadENESS Software _ I CD Rorn senev It features over 500Mb EC of the best serious Amiga Software " VflRMe (95% of which will run . * directly from the CD).
This CD indudes aH the Amiga's dassic utilities (Hte Disksahr. Iconian. ReOrg etc), and also the latest versions of new titles. Also induded are thousands of amazing icons and backdrops, a massive collection of emulators, comms tools.
Workbench and Shell tools, plus much morel This CD uses the same great MagicWB icons and interface we used on our previous CD titles such as the AGA Experience Vol 1&2.
All this for just £12.99 Spruce up your Workbench with some lovely ladies or some Star Trek style icons. Robert Polding has all of the details.
} CHARLIE CAT: You won't believe the lengths Charlie's prepared to _ri go to to get a bite w of that hot dog.
Continued overleaf QUICKIES VOL. 1 (CHARLIE CAT) l MS By ...Ant how Whitaker
* w Ware Freeivare PI)
Library .....Roberta Smith DTP So of
Disks One
Price ..90p per disk + 50p p&p The Charlie Cat
series is a long- running selection of animations focusing on a
cute cat character's antics. Most of the animations were
included on last months CD and with the exception of a few,
they require over two (and sometimes three or four) Mb's of
RAM. This animation, however, only needs
1. 5Mb, but as a result is much smaller.
Without giving too much away the main plot involves Charlie attempting to steal a hot dog. He employs a series of crazy and often hilarious tricks and, although the whole sequence only lasts a few seconds, there are some incredible graphics and animations.
The Moviesetter package from the old Gold Disk company was used to make the animation and unfortunately this means that it is necessary to load all of the parts of the sequence separately at the start e o E 0 * III II II •II AUGUST 1996 PD SELECT Amiga community, so there are no extra charges (except for people who haven't registered MUI). If you have a modem or want to access local files this is the best browser I have ever come across.
AMICDFS V2.11 SoinVAKI By Martin Berndt Ware Freeware PD Library .Online PD w No of Disks One Price ..75p per disk ? 75p p&p The Amiga system of CD-ROM handling is usable, but not really adequate. For example, there is no real facility for playing the audio tracks on CD without the help of PD programs. It is also quite slow in accessing disks, although some of these problems are rumoured to be fixed in Workbench 3.2. Until the new version of Workbench is
released the closest you're going to come to usability is with this excellent release. When you’ve manually installed the program (as there is no installer) you can instantly FAMOUS LADIES: She may be clueless but she's certainly not lacking in the looks department and she’s sure to brighten up your Workbench.
This excellent piece of software is the same web browser that was released in the Surfer Pack. It uses MUI (version 3.3 upwards), as most internet browsers do, and runs at a cracking pace The interface is far superior to any others, but thanks to MUI works on a 2Mb system. In comparison to the new competitor, Aweb (that doesn't use MUI), it scores very highly due to its fast operating and stylish look. It has all the options you expect, such as the ability to access local files and printing facilities, but also allows full customising for registered users of MUI, including the ability to have
patterns in all the windows and improvements on the buttons.
The bank of buttons that usually consists of "Web Search, etc." can be configured, so you can access all your favourite sites without having to search down the menus for them.
Thanks to the author's generosity this program is Freeware, and a gift to the and this takes rather a long time.
Due to the quality and the comic element the animation should hold some appeal for everyone - not just a younger audience and despite its short length it should be a part of any animation fan’s collection. Highly recommended VOYAGER V1.0 SOFTWARE By Oliver Wagner Ware Freeware PD Library .Online PD * No of Disks One Price ..7Sp per dish ? 7 5p p&p see the speed increase and there's also a bit of extra memory missing. I had no problems with the system, and
found it made the loading of directories almost as fast as with my hard disk.
When you insert an audio CD an icon appears that plays the CD when you double click on it, and the excellent MCD player is also included for a graphical interface The system is based on the AmiCD-ROM system, and offers bug fixes and increases in speed to that system. Also included on the disk is a patch for CrossDos and a program that identifies your SCSI drives.
Since the popularity of Cds is increasing so much the advance of the system is a step that must be taken. Thanks to a program such as this CD-ROMs are definitely set to become the storage medium of the future.
HOLODECK 10 SLIDESHOW By ...Infinite Frontiers Ware Freeu are FI) Library ......Aniigaholics No of Disks Two Vice £3.00 This is the tenth in a series of slideshows based on Star Trek. I personally am not much of a Trekkie but I don't dislike the series. The show starts with the loading of a reasonable tune, and then the slides start.
The quality of the rendered images is incredible and each are tremendous action stills. Even people who don't like the series will be amazed at the quality of the rendering. The loader is quite slow but each picture smoothly scrolls on, and you need the time between each to appreciate the picture.
The graphics are not AGA, (although an AGA version is advertised at the end of the slideshow, and will be released soon) but are so good that this is not important, and show that the ECS chipset is still excellent . At the end there is also an advertisement for a convention, for hard core fans. All the credits and adverts are created in the style of the series, using the 'Star Trek: Next Generation' font and colours.
The disk isn't strictly PD, rather it's available exclusively from Amigaholics PD, 236 Chester Road North, Kidderminster, Works, DY10 1TE and costing just £3 (Inc. P&p).
MAGIC TREK ICON PACK ICONS By .Mart-Andre Trage Ware Freeware FI) Library .Online FD No of Disks One Price ..75p per disk + 75p p&p I hated the the Magic Workbench system because the colour scheme made the text unreadable but that was until the release of version 2.0 which has now become part of my system. Icon packs based on this system are continuously appearing in the PD and on Aminet, but most simply offer more icons in a similar style to the originals.
This version is different. It's an excellent collection of icons, based on the Star Trek style. Each icon has the logo of the Federation on it (or Klingon) and is very well drawn. The pack includes image drawers, devices, program icons and dock brushes for the Toolmanager program. There are icons for Workbench, e.g. prefs and devs etc and also icons for your programs.
This is a great alternative to the standard Magic Workbench icons, and can either totally or partly replace them. My only problem was that there was no sign of any decent documentation or an installer, so if you wanted to use the icons you would have to install each one ...and if you didn't get a good enough look then here are some close-ups.
8 COLOUR MAGIC BACKDROPS:- FAMOUS LADIES IM U.IS Ware Freeware FI) Library .Online FD No of Dish Continued overleaf -* fT- LAST MONTH: Rotator from 5th Dimension Licenceware was last month's winner of our PD selection of the month.
Unfortunately we failed to mention where to get the game from so if you want a copy of Rotator contact: 5TH DIMENSION LICENCEWARE 1 Lower Mill Close Goldthorpe Rotherham S63 9BY tt 01709 888127 WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD SELECT THIS MONTH ROBERTA SMITH DTP 190 Falloden Way Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW11 63E » 0181 455 1626 ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane Formby, Liverpool L37 3PX tt 01704 834335 AMIGAHOLICS PD 236 Chester Road North Kidderminster Yorks DY101TE Other good PD libraries «¦ Oh yes! This is just what you want to see (if you're male) when you load up your Workbench: a
lovely famous lady staring at you. On this disk you'll find plenty of excellent Magic Workbench backdrops all featuring pictures of lovely ladies, including such dazzlers as Alicia SilVERSIONe and Demi Moore.
The quality throughout is very good (especially as they only use eight colours) and another advantage (as if you needed one) is that they use very little memory If you're a subscriber then a few months ago some backdrops very similar to these appeared on your disk but these are even better than those.
If you have enough memory you could even use these in your MUI applications, and have a lady for each window! Most of the pictures are in good taste, although a couple may be somewhat offensive to the more sensitive user.
The only real problem with the package was the installation system which was very disappointing. The install icon simply unarchives the files to RAM, and the pictures require over 2Mbs. This means that manual installation is required for people with low memory. Surely an installer script which allowed a choice of directory would not have been to much trouble for the compiler?
This is another excellent extension to the workbench that you can use to impress all those boring PeeCee users out there!
SHAD-ART SLIDES 3 SLIDESHOW H ..Shad Art Ltd Wart Frttwart !*!) Library .Online PD No of Disks Three Vice ......£2.25 + 75 f,&f, This is the second quality slideshow to come my way this month but this i one consists mainly of pictures drawn from a car magazine (although there are some others.
The quality of the images is one of immaculate detail, that obviously took the artist a great amount of time The cars are superb, with close-ups and full views. All the images are 256 colour GIFs, and on an AGA machine (or Graphics board) look fantastic, ECS users aren't left out though as the ViewTek programme is used and this degrades it to a greyscale image.
The other images are a variety of pictures, all drawn by the author, and they all match the superb quality of the cars The loader, unlike the Holodeck Slideshow, uses an AmigaDOS script to load each image. This method is functional, but not very smooth.
However, this is only a very small moan and shouldn't by any means stop you going out and buying this set of pictures.
This slideshow is a perfect illustration of the fact that hand drawn art can still be as good as rendered art. It also proves that the Amiga is still the most useful tool for serious artists. This selection is essential for all fans of art, cars and cartoons (and that should cover just about everyone I think?).
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2. Edword Professional v5.00
3. Blackboard Graphics Manipulator
4. UFO Enemy Unclothed
5. ZXAM Spectrum Emulator AGA
6. Big 100 Games Pack
7. Aliens Paranormal 2 - Hidden Facts
8. Star Trek: TNG Game
9. Disk Salv v2.31
10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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been a month for the artistically JBRh', minded amongst us.
Firstly $ there was the arrival of | i Photogenics 2, described
by some as the Amiga's answer to Adobe Photoshop. It Iji seems
that Almathera have “5. Come up trumps again and B*n Vost
took a closer look.
| . Jk Then, straight from I fi... - Germany, we saw the arrival of ClariSSA Pro. With more tools and features than you could possibly imagine - it feels like we could hardly do the program justice over just three pages. This month also saw the arrival of the M1764 - a monitor ideal for graphics people and there was also the Graffiti graphics card and some Clipart CD-ROMs. Not forgetting, of course, that small furry animal riding the crest of a large wave.
CO SURF SQUIRREL 30 It's the very latest version of the Squirrel now with support for SCSI II and serial ports - which allow Internet connection. Cra le f dWerrt analyses exactly what there was that could have been improved.
£ f CD-ROMS O I David Taylor reviews the latest CD-ROMs. There's an extremely useful indexing CD from EMC and for all Commodore 64 fans a selection of useful programs and utilities.
M1764 MONITOR 03 The latest monitor from Mkrovitec is a massive 16 inches wide and 17 deep but to it worth giving up all that extra desk space? Graeme Sea Mis rd leans back and stops squinting.
M GRAFFITI GRAPHICS CARD The fast chunky pixel mode made famous in games like Doom and which the Amiga has been without for so long to finally possible. That's with the help of this small black box.
FTJ PHOTOGENICS 2 ‘ . 30 O Can this superb program from Almathera possibly get any better? Ben Vest analyses the new features and decides that there to still some room for improvement M CLARISSA PRO *%.
Most people were overwhelmed by the number of features in the original but the English version of ClariSSA Pro has just arrived and it's absolutely jam-packed full of new features. Graeme Saadtferd was the lucky man given the job of trying them out The latest SCSI interface promises a fast, flexible and expandable link with external hardware and easier Internet access.
Just over a year ago. A tiny device called the Squirrel changed die lives ol many A1200-owiicrs. This oddly hairless littU- crittei is actually a rather cunning S .SI intei lace that plugs into the P(!M( '.I A |m i t ol the A1200 and AtiOO.
SC.SI. which stands fbi Small Computer Systems Interface, is a means n| attaching devices to vour c omputer.
However while IDE interlaces generallv onlv support the addition «»l one device.
SCSI interlaces enable you to link up to seven devices through a single interface. This can be anything from a hard disk or (.D-R ) drive to a scanner or removable cartridge drive.
Despite the manv advantages afforded bv the SCSI interlace, in the past tbev have been ex|XMisive and all but non-existent lor the A1200. Not onlv was the Squirrel a piece ol cake to install, it was also t heap and it didn’t invalidate* your warranty. And it made .i whole new range ol products available to Amiga-users who didn’t own big box machines like the A4000.
SURFING The latest version ol the Squirrel is the Surf Squirrel and it's set to take things a step further as it now has support for SCSI II. SCSI II is the next version of the SCSI interlace protocol and.
Among others things, is much faster.
With a potential maximum transfer rate of 40Mb second, a fully-working SCSI II interlac e should be fast enough for most people.
However, not content with simple keeping up with trends in the computer industry, the- Surf Squirrel has a high-speed serial port. Serial ports have been around lor ages but are still an important part ol most computer systems. Although Pcs also use* the* serial port lor attac hing mice, die main use* for the* serial port is communication. The serial port can be* used t*»send binary information to a device cn computer.
()t course the main use* lor a serial |M»r1 is c onnec ting to the* Intel net with a modem. When vou are on-line time reallv is inonev. As the longei vou arc* on-line the* greater your phone bill will be. This is whv vou need as last a
• modem as possible.
I he Surf Squirrel will give* vou a last, flexible and expandable link with external hardware as well as making surfing the Internet a lot more pleasurable or productive and less expensive.
Physically the Surl Squirrel is a lot like the original Squirrel except that it’s a little thicker, and substantially wider, to ac commodate the* serial port. I be quality ol the* unit is excellent and now features a longer SCSI lead. I lie SCSI lead has a standard f 0-pin SCSI I connedoi which is larger than a SCSI II but it vour device needs a SCSI II connec tor vou can buv an adaptor.
I he serial port itsell is located .it die* rear 1 die* Squirrel and is a BENCHMARK RESULTS We decided to test the speed of the SCSI connection by transferring large amounts of data in comparison with the Blizzard IV SCSI adaptor. This SCSI kit for the Blizzard 1230IV and 1260 is likely to be the main competition for the Surf Squirrel when it comes to choosing a method of connecting SCSI devices.
5. 38Mb anim file from SCSI to IDE Surf Squirrel = 24.97 1260 =
8. 5Mb folder containing 71 files from CD to IDE Surf Squirrel =
56.03 1260 = 52.67 We tried just about every combination -
transferring one medium size file across the SCSI bus to an
internal IDE hard disk, copying a large file, lots of small
ones, copying files from a CD to a hard disk on the same SCSI
chain and more.
Vx T C A D U D The results turned out to be quite even with the Blizzard shaving off a couple of seconds here and there. While the Surf Squirrel is a bit slower you do get that super-duper serial port as well - at roughly the same price.
Results table
5. 38Mb anim file from CD to IDE Surf Squirrel = 32.81 1260 =
5. 38Mb anim file from IDE to SCSI Surf Squirrel = 1:01.25 1260 =
5. 38Mb anim file from CD to SCSI Surf Squirrel = 31.02 1260 =
29.44 4F EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS ZIP DRIVE The Zip from Iomega is
a removable drive system which has already shipped 1 million
units. Each cartridge can hold almost 100Mb of data and is
only a little bigger than floppies.
JAZ DRIVE The Jaz drive is the big brother of the Zip and it is also cartridge-based. However its cartridges can contain up to 1Gb of Data, which is good news for anyone producing Cds.
CD ROM DRIVE CD-ROM drives are getting cheaper and cheaper all the time and their performance is improving too. If you want to get the most out of your machine then you have just got to have one.
Despite Iomega's efforts Syquest have not kicked the bucket just yet and are fighting back with the release of the EZ135 and the brand new SyJet which can contain over 1Gb of data.
Installing the Suit Squirrel hardware is very easy - you simply stick it in your PC'M(*.IA poi t - gently, of course. The software installation is just as easy and provides you with several options. As well as copying the Squirrel software to your hard disk the installation script enables you to; copy the files necessary for Cl)*2 emulation to hard disk, create a ( I) boot disk, a Cl)*2 boot disk as well as a hard disk boot disk. This should make it possible to play Cl)*2 games, boot from utility Cds and hoot from an external drive.
I he Sm f Squirrel's manual is superb and goes into great detail about all the aspe Is of adding a SCSI interface to your machine. It covers even thing you'll need to know about configuring a hard disk. CD-ROM drives, removable mediums and configuring your comms software to use its serial port.
It's hard to believe, but the Surf Squirrel really has bettered the original model. Not only is it faster, but it also opens up the the door to more efficient Internet exploration.
SURF SQUIRREL DISTRIBUTOR HiSoft 01525 718181 PRICE £99.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A1200 or A600 INSTALLATION ••••• Well, you just stick it in. If you have the dexterity to plug in a TV you should be able to handle this.
SPEED •••• It’s hard to imagine just how much more speed could possibly be got from the PCMCIA port.
MANUAL ••••• The manual is superb and it tells you just about everything you could ask for.
FEATURES ••• A SCSI II interface and a super-fast serial port what more do you want.
VALUE ••• It's hard to believe, but this is even better value than the original Squirrel.
“It's hard to find fault here. The Surf Squirrel really is an impressive piece of equipment" standard * pin I) type. I Ihn kind of port has only'.I pins instead ol die Amiga's normal ‘25, hut this is okay as it has all die necessary connections and if vou need a ‘25-pin interface, for your modem or null-modern lead, a convertor can be bought from a large number of stores. The port can support speeds in excess of 115 200 BPS (reliable speed on a 0‘20 A 1*200) which is quite impressive when compared with the average speed of around 10 200 for a standard A1200.
Most people are puzzled by that figure and wonder why you would want a serial interface that operates at that kind ol speed when most affordable modems can only manage 28.800? The speed your computer communicates through your modem can l e increased through data compression. I his will enable yotu modem to send two to loin times the amount of data down your phone line so long as your service provider supports this feature. This will onl work effectively if your serial port can output two or four times the standard speed ol your modem.
A point worth remembering is that the speed vou can send information through your serial port depends a lot on the speed of your processor. The speeds mentioned are for a standard 020 A1200 and an accelerated machine with say an 040 CPU which can reliabh manage speeds of just under 57,600 - half that of a standard 020 machine with a Surf Squirrel.
Making the difference http: wwv , futurenet.co.uk 1 Pdjux you it 'MurJiJ WjtTa Wasj yruyjsar Contents W »»wa ¦) Explore the net a *o« to ?*• ntsf'ar Oti on
- r J i -1 The w cm Id* i biggest*telling Amiga magazine Shoot
it Yourself Tha ana MUM •!•• IMI CM AO|| elMPtg Mtaalat It law
l««t. IigA avail! G MOM
* •»» Tl i»f«ifl • tfta tlar 1 a« • m* ragwia* §•• |««l m%% i««r
Amiga »M I t r mall la laittag fa ami aiMr Covet*** A* HJT7
iA&IC 111 foal, tenure am traa »m mi taroaraa • na maraj i
• • :r**m II ir« Amji »•»•*•' irw «l»4 l1 will Rwll ¦
• 1Mr ~V*+* .1 iy I v I ** (ll»t '.'.IM •• I IB* ’ H IfW **««•
"•'H •• •• i *nco o*•
* »*•««'» •» m IWH •
• ¦•W ’ M • *M"W «'M «Wr*W!IM* W. wM * MUM *«tP •» !•*• K» • •
•*. W .•««•*• *• r« • *» m,v* *-**•* • * rw .»•••% «, *•».*.
«* *****
• «tMM tlM'IW* • * • ' ••»« «**'. W ‘pip nr** • »v C* 1»**?« *
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* i 4fl: Af StRlOUS - Af CrtATTVt - Af BIG0LAR5 - Af SCRtlNPLAT
• Af COVWOtSKS , »¦’ Buaaana Kf SCRffKPl At a Preview* A
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»f«r a ««KM»a«r A Cheat trg. a r law irar* CT*igi»wa
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-avaw* Uf i|iaal agrgiga H tin A'tl O [mOCkw ** come
Fear OKCrtoment tension apprehensioc and fun7 Steve fWmlfr wat found ft when he '•vtv.vdfrvvtfJO Alien Breed 3D 9 «V m« Amiga.net tl i r « 7AM yni mil s ram QM Mtirg ymz A-v fo» OarTO mm atnoaa ftraOy mrtoPan Cf%OM «9K Of rOURS FREE... im v mem vtmi u««vfmni to Natter on the net
* *••• • ai y.* BtY. 1 »a a*• *(t«nnr I* Wit! F*gt» :n vtt ja
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¦g»f*r ie’*a.i a'tr »v faai '»i| I.ftl iivOi'i' iia t**w
MmaiAi Mifftg.tHy gwHf aA n l*w Aa» Ka pi »IT • miK • tat tat
a** » i» fvu ai imnaa l«arVfK*"HII *r| • VI *r l%«
• a' i *pif a tvarm« t.»*o aac ra tv**' w r t* tt r-an •
• IK It’s phenomenally popular - in fact it’s one of Europe’s
most popular web sites. Not only can you view the homepage of
your favourite magazine, browse through back issues and follow
links to homepages of Amiga developers, but there are also
regular news updates from around the Amiga scene as well as a
daily world news service. Try it now!
Http: www.futurenet.co.uk To advertise on Futurenet, Email Chris Rayner at crayner@fulurenet.co.uk or call 0171 447 3300 4F EMC INDEX EMC ¦ 01255 431389 ¦ £14.99 Image Libraries and Clipart Cds have proven to be very popular with both C.D developers and customers. Developers like them because they enable them to recycle lots ol material, dump a load ol images onto a CD and then sell it. It's quick and easy. OK. That’s not always true: some people do spend time sourcing new images and making sure that there is a good interface which makes the CD as "Makes life a great deal easier and all at a
very reasonable price" accessible as possible. EMC recently did this with theii own collection of multimedia material Cds, the Phase range. In order to make llic king through the CD easy they included a set of index pictures which contained thumbnails of all the dips. This meant you could go straight to the image that you wanted.
Unfortunately, not all other CD producers have done this sort of thing, for whatever their reason. In fact. EMC* refer to these (IDs its shovelware and you can see why. To rectify this, they have produced the EMC. Index, a CD containing thumbnail indices to masses of Cds. The indices are viewed bv double-clicking on them and they have all been stored in logical positions so that locating the original file is easy.
For instance, inside the Clipart drawer vou will find a selection of Clipart Cds. In each CD the directories of the original CD are duplicated, but with thumbnails inside so dial you can effectively browse through all the Cds very quickly.
There are 31 Cds covered, including some P(ones, so it 's very extensive, if not exhaustive. If you are a professional or constant user of image hanks and clipart, then this CD will he a great boon, hut perhaps you should tit's! Check with EMC as to whether the Cds in vour collection are covered. You are paving, not for new material, blit for the time required to index over 30 Cds. Which makes this price verv reasonable. It's just a damn shame that we need a CD like this in the first place. CD producers should take a leaf out of EMC's lx ok and realise that their products should be as
accessible as possible.
(WIT Ueleant la PDSaffcs (64 Sensations Controls To odvo the
list click on the ur ond daun irrou Duttons on tho Dotto* r
hand corner of the list or nova the slider to now to Iho part
of tho list
• I.I.. "Commodore 64 fans only! LUot for owners of the first
version" ,t double click an the honker 2d 80% C-64 SENSATIONS
VOL 2 (96) ¦ EPIC MARKETING ¦ 01793 490988 ¦ £19.99 The Ob i
still has its supporters and enthusiasts. Nowadays though most
of them i un their ( 64 on a different platform. T his CD is an
update of an earlier release, with some more recent versions of
programs and some new software. It’s a dual format
C. D, which includes software emulators for PC users too. On the
Amiga side there is the full version of the A64 emulator
package as well as a new addition, the Magic CYW program,
which is one of my favourites as it has masses of options and
a wonderful interface. I here are also tools for converting
files to the Amiga.
As well as the 064 emulators themselves, there are masses of demos which have l een supplied archived. To help you navigate the CD. There is a custom interface which lets you browse the contents and de-archive any arc hives that you want.
One slight mistake is that the interface looks lor volume I and you have to make a manual assign to the ( I) for it's functions.
I was surprised to find that the* CD producers have tried to add a hit more to the (T) hv including emulators of other platforms. You'll find a demo of PC 7mA, a Spectrum emulator and a recent version of ShaprShiftrr.
The Mac emulator, amongst others.
As you can use just about any ( 64 file that you come across with these emulators, this is a pretty comprehensive package. The complete programs add value, hut as you may end up getting more pac kages or games from the internet or f rom PD libraries, maybe you would he better off getting an emulator from there too. 120 is a bit too much for a set of demos. Also, the archives are not named according to their contents, just genetically (demol. Demo2. Etc), which makes it hard to nav igate if you don’t use- the interf ac e. O A D D INCE PERFECT Has a year in Italy made Paul Ince a new man?
Find out in the Total Football EXCLUSIVE
k. interview A ¦fe ¦ 11A I Busby to Ferguson: why Scottish
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greatest fan survey EVER • What makes a great £ LUUl goal •
Vialli at Chelsea • Newcastle’s pain and Man U’s glory
• Full end-of-season stats for EVERY English League and Scottish
Premier Division team • reviews, nostalgia and loads of
laffs... uiure ON SALE NOW!
4F I I m 30 o C « i Graeme Sandiford manages to clear a space on his desk to look at this monster of a monitor.
You can lell a lot about the occupants of the average office and their relative stature by looking at their chairs. People who are. Or think they are. Important usually have larger than average chairs with arms and perhaps with some extra padding - presumably to cushion their extra load of responsibility, or something. Things are a little different in most design or graphics studios, where you'll find that the size ol a person’s monitor is usually the gauge of their importance.
1 Iowcver, aside from being a status symbol, big monitors do have a more practical purpose. Anyone who has had to strain their eyes by looking at a small monitor or. Indeed, a TV screen will appreciate what a difference a decent display makes. If you are involved in any kind of graphical work then this is doubly important.
WIDE SCREEN Asa 17-inch monitor, the Ml764 certainly falls into the category of “big- monitor". With an active display area 320x210mm this monster, had it been made just a few years ago, would probably have pulled all your hair toward the screen when you turned it on in the morning. Seriously though, the monitor has a low-radiation screen and conforms to all those new Tangled European health and safety regulations, so don’t worry about bleeding gums and hair-lossdue to prolonged use.
Physically the monitor is quite bulky and, as you might expect, is going to eat up a fair amount of desk-space. It’s 16- inches wide and good 17 deep. Style wise, the preferred look of a monitor is pretty much a personal choice. In my opinion the Ml764 could look a heck of a lot better and certainly a lot more modern. It would have also been beneficial to have provided a covering flap over its buttons so that the monitor's settings couldn't be changed by mistake so easily.
For its size, the screen is quite flat with very little distortion and a dot pitch of .28 mm ensures a sharp image.
If. Despite its relative flatness, the display becomes bowed or pincushioned you can adjust the displa appropriately with the on-screen menu's advanced geometry options.
1 his can also be used to adjust parallelogram and trapezium distortions as well as the more common width, height and positioning features.
The on-screen menu also provides access to the monitor's colour, factory default settings and special features such as gen locking and AV (Audio Visual) options as well several other options that you best not touch unless you really know what you are doing.
Although you'll probably need to make a few geometrical adjustments, the factory default settings will provide you with a bright and clear display. The colour handling of the monitor is both vibrant and rich and is equally good at bringing out subtle colours as it is at separating intense ones.
DISTRIBUTOR See your local distributor PRICE £650*700 (expected retail price) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Amiga with working video port SPEED • 0 An odd criteria for a monitor, but the M1764 can be quite slow at adjusting to different screen modes MANUAL Helpful for experts, but doesn't tell beginners all they need to know to get the monitor up and running with their Amiga or graphics card.
Tho M1764 - still looking a little outdated perhaps but certainly not lacking in power.
The Ml764 has been designed to work with the Amiga and as a result has synchronisation rates of 15KHz to 64KHz horizontal and 50Hz to 12011 vertical. This is enough to handle all of the Amiga's native graphics modes including Lo-Res and super Hi-Res as well as most of the resolutions of Amiga and PC graphic s boards.
NO SOUND Overall it would seem that the Amiga M1764 is a very impressive piece of hardware and it should certainly be at the top of most Amiga-users wish list.
However there is one design over-sight in the monitors lack of speakers. This means that, while the monitor can handle the screen modes of games, you won’t be able to hear anything and this is a real shame especially if you are going to be using your machine for multimedia work. Apart from that, the 1764 is verv tastv indeed. 0 ACCESSIBILITY • • • Like most monitors - you plug it in and it works.
FEATURES ••• It supports all of the Amiga's screenmodes, but could do with a composite input.
VALUE •••• If the price is as expected this is good value for a 17-inch monitor.
o • c in H VO VO c 91% AF AUGUST 1996 SERIOUSLY AMIGA Can a
small box really offer a new and exciting graphics mode? David
Taylor gets his teeth into the Graffiti's new chunky pixel
Animations and areas where graphics need to be calculated quickly, like the aforementioned Doom clones.
For serious users, there is a picture viewer. It’s a German version and onlv j has German documentation but the results are fine, although it’s only a picture viewer. Also included is a set of video drivers for the Macintosh emulator. ShapeSh ifter L' n for t un a tel v though you need a full graphics card to make use of any external viewer in ShapeShifter.
SLICK AND SMOOTH I he other disks that come with the Graffiti are full of demos and there’s even a game. The demos show a variety of impressive plasma effects and examples of Gouraud shading.
I lowever. You’re not. As a user, going to want to buy a card to see a load of plasma, however smooth it might be.
Thankfully, there is also a game included for you to try. Called Trapped.
It’s a Doom type game - surprise!
1 lowever. It is amazing how smooth and slick it is. Running at 192x192 size in Graffiti mode, it is remarkable and has some nice touches like lens flare that moves as you approach light sources.
The game does require extra RAM and an AGA machine to run, but it’s still well worth seeing.
I here is some configuration Gelling the GraHiti to work is simplicity itself. 1 lie hardware sits between the RGB port and the monitor cable. The Amiga’s Screen mode preferences then need to be set to suitable mode and must have a maximum of 16 colours - that’s either
1. 2 or 4 bit planes. II the screen is set to anv more colours,
then the Amiga will use its standard bitplaned graphics.
Software needs to be written specifically to make use of the Graffiti's modes and the hoard comes with four disks showing some of the software currently available. As yet the software seems to be only coining from shareware authors, but it’s quite surprising what there is on offer.
The chunky pixel mode is ideal for quicker When Doom:arrived on the PCI, it was always said that the Amiga wasn’t capable of running such a game because it didn't have the fast chunky pixel mode. This is where one byte in memory represents a single pixel on the screen and where that hue's value selects its colour.
I Amiga programmers, with typical tenacity, eventually proved them wrong, but it did show up one area where the Amiga was lacking. However, this new Graffiti graphics card, which in actual fact is an external box, supplies the missing mode.
The box is a compact black number and fits into the RGB port of any Amiga model. It can function in several resolutions: 80x256. 160x256. 320x256 and even 640x256. The last mode is only available on AGA machines, but all resolutions can use up to 256 colours.
.Although the Graffiti works on any Amiga, performance is increased using faster processors and especially expanded machines with some Imrsimode fast RAM added. To view the mode, you must have a standard 15Khz monitor, like the Commodore 1084.
4F VI m 30 O c VI 5 3 5 programmers who want to try out programming for the new modes to see what results they can get. No doubt this will result in a proliferation of shareware Doom clones and animation players and some demos flooded with plasma and landscapes. It's worth noting that without a Graffiti card attached, software written for it appears to be a corrupted greyscale picture.
It is a shame that hardware like this is now left to drum up its own business, before major developers consider writing for it. It will have to prove that it has achieved a massive user base and it won’t receive massive sales unless users can see that there is a wealth of software available to use. It's a vicious circle.
I lie programmer's home could therefore be where Graffiti will find its niche. Of course, users could hunt around to find sof tware Indore buying the card to see if they like the sound of what's available, but although this little box is an interesting development it's hard to see it becoming a fixture on evei vone's machine. O GRAFFITI CARD software that examines your machine and tells vou how vou should have the r DIP switches set on the box. To be honest there are only two switches and ii is easy enough to set them from the manual.
To help circulate any software created for the ( rafliti card, there are plans for a CD which will Ik- released everv three to six months. In order to encourage programmers to submit their efforts, they will receive a Iree copy of the CD. More importantly, anyone who publishes a program on the CD will get an extended three month warranty after the publication ol the CD. This means that should anything go wrong with their card, it will he replaced the same day that it is received bv the manufacturers, no matter how old it is.
The CD will retail at around §7 (about £5) and I certainly hope it will be better compiled than the software we received. The utility disk had no English documentation and the ShapeShifter drivers and configuration software had no documentation at all.
The demos were all supplied as Lha archives simply stuck onto a disk.
Although they are simple enough to extract if vou know how. It would have been better with a decent installation script. Even when they are extracted they are untidy, not kept in separate directories or even including icons.
It could Ik- that this software is not planned for release with the card to the public, but this would be a serious drawback to users who would really get nothing with the card to try out. .Mid that would be somewhat pointless. A little more work in this department please and even some other examples would be good too.
The manual for the Graffiti has been written by a hardware designer and is verv difficult to read After a few introductory jumps straight into the information for programmers but then again there's not much point general users reading the manual as the Graffiti is so simple to use. Programmers can also take a look at some example code to see how to program for the card.
I suspect that the majorin' of people first attracted to the Graffiti will be PRICE £69.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS All Amigas. Expanded AGA recommended Power Computing VALUE • • • • Programmers will definitely get their money's worth but what does it offer home users?
Well, it adds this new chunky pixel mode.
That's what it says it does and it does.
Shaded and spinning. Expect to see lots of this sort of demo. Wildly exciting they ain't but just wait until programmers get up to speed.
SPEED •••• Watching the demos and playing the game, it's exciting to see the refresh rate and quality MANUAL ••• It is technical, but users needn't read it. It's there for the programmers to write for the Graffiti.
ACCESSIBILITY I Come on. You plug it in and set your preferences.
"An interesting development.
Programmers should take a look and users should hunt around for software first."
C Os c *
82% vo vo 01 r * Unravel the mysteries of multimedia with tutorial feature. Discover which authorini right for you, and the sort of application create quickly and easily with your Ai n PLUS!
This issue also contains run reviews of Photogenics 2, Surf Squirrel, th latest CD-ROMS and alrffie usual tutorials from experts in 3D, multimedia and music. § The essential magazine for Amiga enthusiasts LATEST ISSUE O LE NOW!
4F V* m 7J o C « » s o The airbrush strikes back. Ben Vost casts an artist's eye over a new version of an old friend.
Online Help e Wrapping Tutorial »use Wrapablc textures The online help is in HTML format so you'll have to use some sort of web browser to view It. Fortunately.
A Web comes with Photogenics.
Merely scribbling on the screen isn’t that attractive. However, using Photogenics' new fractal effect and applying It to the current paintlayer will transform your scribble into art!
WISHES AND WANTS C Cl c I VO VO cn When Photogmics first came out in 1994 it blew everyone away with its new method of working. There were a wide range of splendid tools and effects and an open system to which new features could be added with case.
With the advent of the 1.2 version several people I speak to on a regular basis were convinced that Photogenics was the Amiga's equivalent of Photoshop. So, what new features could possibly be added to the king of image processing and paint packages to make it even belter still?
FIRST IMPRESSIONS The first thing to strike me when Photogenics landed on my desk was the size of the box it comes in. When I bought my copy of version one, it came in a box equal to the size of the Final Writer box and was set up as a loose leaf binder which also contained three disks. This time around, however, the box containing Photogenics is a slim affair more suited to a game than a professional paint program.
Still. I opened it in haste and discovered a wallet containing a CD, and a single floppy disk. What no manual? “Ah. No", say Almathera, “online documentation, innit?*’. Oh.
Not onlv is it online, but it's also HTML. Ie. It's in the form of a series of • web pages. Still haring it this way, rather than using AmigaGuide, docs mean that you can include graphics and As good as Photogenics is, there are a fair few shortcomings I would like to see fulfilled in future versions.
As I write this I started a gaussian blur operation on a simple 320x256 colour image and here I am, 25 minutes later and the blur still hasn't finished.
I run Adobe Photoshop on my Amiga thanks to Christian Bauer's excellent ShapeShifter program and it can perform an identical operation on an image many times larger than the one I'm trying to do in Photogenics in less than half the time.
This is another bug bear. Photogenics allows you to carry on working as it creates those very handy little thumbnail images for the image bar and yet you have to wait to do anything else while it redraws the whole window for your image. Quite often you can see within a few lines that the image you are editing isn't going quite right but Photogenics forces you to wait before you can continue with a different technique slowing the artist down and draining creativity.
THE TOOLBOX ICONS These need to be a lot clearer than they currently are. The current ones are a bit confusing and must be downright horrible to work with if you only have a TV as a display device.
ONLINE DOCUMENTATION This shouldn't be a substitute for a printed manual. An aphorism that has only recently surfaced. Until there is an affordable Amiga portable, you will never be able to read Photogenics' manual on the train, on the bus or in the toilet. Especially considering the increasing cost of Photogenics, a printed manual is a must.
FASTER OPERATION OVERALL Photogenics just isn't that fast. It's still a huge improvement over the very first versions, but for all the fact that Photogenics is supposed to run on the very lowest of low-end systems, it still doesn't shine unless you have a pretty speedy machine. When all’s said and done, although I like the gadgets that Almathera have seen fit to furnish Photogenics with, I would much rather have seen tweaks to the speed of the operation of the program.
Continued overleaf d totaoificsi ColtCwblefa f Jvdel 320x512 (rant, flirlnnti set 29) Chip 1819* Fist tonit24Dwp ; afcAQjlTftl - tes «r.,77X EIE cj p 1 CqltOoublt£i»Jtodd : 32fe €0
* * I’ y vV .A T V Aprv.Di LEFT: too big for memory.
better layout than AmigaGuide gives you the opportunity for.
The Photogenics CD also comes complete with a version of DIM with which to view the help pages. As Aweh certainly isn't the best Amiga web browser around I can only surmise that it has been included because of the well-known pathological hatred that Almaihera collectively have for MUI • which is even documented in the online manual.
Still, you should have little trouble setting up Browse or Voyager to work with the Photogenics manual, and. Of course, since they are Mi l programs they can easily be made to appear on the Photogenics screen.
ONLINE MANUAL Continuing with the online manual, it is quite well laid out. I would, however, have preferred to have seen buttons at All the menus in all the sizes? On a small screen Photogenics' lists take up a lot of valuable screen real estate.
) 8ntw Optwe the foot of each page taking you back to the start of the chapter rather than just back to the main index page, although using the browser's 'back' button works well enough.
One thing that certainly improves the quality of the documentation is the surfeit of colour images with which the tutorials are demonstrated, a luxury that could not be afforded in the printed manual that accompanied ABOVE: Photogenics now supports many different file formats. You can even preview Lightwave objects.
Earlier versions of the program. The tutorials themselves are of passable quality although they reveal too great a knowledge of the program by their authors in the lack of explanation for certain effects or methods.
But what of the program itself?
Well. 1 haven't been using Photogenics for a while owing to a bug in the version I had that resulted in my images being doubled in their vertical aspect (this only occurred on Picasso graphics cards), but this version solves that problem and is a vast improvement in speed on many of the features.
NEW FEATURES There are also several brand new features (which you'll see in the boxout) including the very useful load and save paintlayers function. This CHANGES TO PHOTOGENICS SINCE VERSION 1.2 VIRTUAL IMAGES This system works really nicely. It allows the user to load a large image, including those too large for memory, and work on it in sections. This method takes very little memory (except for the sections) but does require a fast hard drive with a fair amount of free space on it to make the best use.
Loading a virtual image takes a little longer than loading by normal methods, but on a fast machine the difference should be barely noticeable.
Found out that gadget in the upper left of the modes and effects windows isnt actually a close gadget but a 'stick' gadget which keeps the windows open. How odd. On VERY dose inspection of the documentation it turns out that these gadgets are part of 'Widget', Almathera's replacement GUI.
ANIMATION LOAD AND SAVE A very handy feature, espedally in light of Photogenics’ new Arexx support. The possibilities for automated editing of animations look very promising.
PLUG-IN EFFECTS Anyone familiar with older versions of Photogenics will also be familiar with the 'gk ' system of plug in loaders, savers and effects modules.
Alma th era have provided all the source code and advice necessary for anyone to create their own modules.
Some of the new effects that accompany Photogenics 2 include a great fractal generator that suffers from one fatal flaw which is that although it gives you a great preview window showing what the fractal will look like, it a) draws the fractal scanline by scanline rather than 'rezzing' it in like other programs and b) you can't stop the rendering to concentrate on a more interesting area, you have to wait until it has finished rendering. And as we all know, fractals can take an awfully long time to render. Fortunately, there is a load and save facility for fractals whose location you know.
Strangely, selecting an effect from the effects menu causes the effects menu to disappear so that to change your mind and choose something else means an extra trip to the menu. The same thing also happens with the modes window which is definitely annoying. After all.
These windows have dose gadgets, or rather they don't. As I have just iimp uiihrPhmmrnus 7 imi-W hrlp.ll inu rriaii »nl a Umi Rtnwi t»i»rr ihrn ii'iamplr' las
• ••• • • • ••• • ' • • TT.....• «*•••« % * • • - AREXX SUPPORT
I've just mentioned that haven't I? Well, practically
everything in Photogenics can be controlled through Arexx. Very
ONLINE HELP As far as I'm concerned the jury's still out on whether this is an A1 iliat hera' s Photogcnics Online Help Photogenics Online Help Main Index SERIOUSLY AMIGA AUGUST 1996 ABOVE: The new fractal effect Is very nice, but also very slow.
RIGHT: Photogenics' palette mapping skills are superb as shown by this medley of images.
Working will confuse some initially, but once you understand the paradigm it quickly becomes natural.
Features ••••• More features than a feature-packed thing.
Value o • e • • Only a hundred quid for a fully- fledged image processing package? I should say its good value.
"Much better than version one. But more speed would be appreciated" 89% advantage or not For a start you've got to use up valuable mamory (particularly Chip RAM) in running a brwwn secondly you cant have a flick through it while you're on the loo (unless, like our editor, you are sad enough to actually have a specially waterproofed Amiga in the smallest room), but on the other hand, an HTML-based manual does allow for full colour Images at no extra coat a definite boon when it comes to graphics packages.
LOAD AND SAVE PAINT LAYERS There is no equivocation about this feature though. This is absolutely superb and allows effects not previously seen in an Amiga graphics package. The way paintlayers are treated also allows for saving transparent 6ff files, which to very handy for web Images.
LOADERS AND SAVERS Photogenics1 file functions have improved greatly too. For a start there is now the facility to save an IFF DEEP file including unfixed data so that you can pick up editing the image exactly where you left off. The unfixed data to tagged onto the file in such e way that other programs that read the VF DEEP format can simply ignore the extra data.
The seme also applies to TARGA file saves except for the fact that loading a TARGA image into another package results in the unfixed data becoming an alpha channel.
In addition to the interlaced GIF format you can now also save progressive JPEGs end the new PNG format making Photogenics ideal for creating images for use on the World Wide Web.
Function can also be used to make great alpha channel masks by simply painting over the areas you want masked and then moving the paintlaver to the alpha channel. This is only made possible by Photogenics'discrete layering system and there’s nothing like it in any other paint package I've ever used - it's great!
In short. Photogenics has improved greatly. If you haven’t already got this package then you should rush out and buy a copy now. There are a few problems, hut then there always are and I’m sure that Almathera are already beavering awav trying to improve the package yet again. A winner.
Distributor Almathera Price 99.95 System requirements Any Amiga with at least an 020 processor Workbench 3.x and hard drive. AGA machine or graphics card recommended.
Speed • • • Not as slow as earlier versions but still needs speeding up.
Manual ••• Depends on what you think of exclusively online documentation.
Still well thought out.
Accessibility • • • • Photogenics' slightly odd way of It’s the... Ultimate A 1 A o All-Time The 100 greatest Amiga games known to man Listed. In reverse order.
Only this month in AMIGA POWER, sale Tuesday 23rd Jdly.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA AUGUST 1996 This is just the sort of animation that ClariSSA eats for breakfast.
I lowcwi ai almost a grand, it’s a dream dial isn’t likely to come true lor most Amiga-own ers. For most, the best the) ran hope lor is to improve the playback n| their animations by taking measures Mich as reducing camera movement and the resolution of their images.
DUAL PURPOSE ClanSSA is a program f rom (lei many that provided Amiga animators with a third option - software optimisation.
1 lowever ClariSSA did more than simply improve the playback of animations, it also doubled as an animation editor by giving you extensive control over the frames in the animation.
Now. After a vear-and-half wait, ClariSSA Pro has finally been translated into English and will certainly provide even more Amiga-animators with a reason to smile inanely at their computer’s screen.
One of the things that the Amiga has been justly well- renowned for is its animation prowess. Not only does the Amiga have a selection ol fab programs for making mind-blowing animations, it also does a damn good job of playing them back. There is no other affordable computing platform that can come close to matching the Amiga's animation abilities - not without spending a lot of cash on hardware add-ons.
Even so playing back animations is jolly hard work, and even a machine with ihe Amiga's substantial talents has its limitations. In most instances it’s unlikely that the average user will encounter any problems, especially if they are sticking to creating cartoon- style animations. However, many a
• w 3D-enthusiast has stared in slack-jawed disappointment as
their action-pac ked animation plays back at about frames per
There are things you can do to improve playback speeds. If you have a big box machine you probably dream about owning one of DlWs PAR (Personal Animation Recorder) cards.
This box contains information about the currently selected animation.
Ar i Opvr t g You see this, this is bad news. The height of bars indicates how much data is in each frame.
Here are some of the more basic animation operations that can be performed.
?| Depot: Depot BEZI 1 C3 ! Cci | | =1 - Cr _lutort*l-c urvi --1 __1 acut e-ci Pve- 1 =: 1 drop rIflht INZOUT neqatIv riling ac • c 1 or atlon-l DS-»tair-5 7 1 _.«EL. 1 de 1 a ¦ fallIng tooth Jimp junpcr 2_ S-ita The depot is where all your ready-made effects and control icons are kept.
The contents of this depot are Bezier curve-based operations.
The Previous button will take you back to the main window and its options.
Vs torturous as it has been.
ClariSSA 'reappears to be worth the wait. Most people were overwhelmed by the number of features in the original program, but ClariSSA Pro makes the previous version look positively simple.
There are more features and tools than most people would have thought could possibly reside in a single program.
Despite the addition of so many new features you would be hard pushed to notice the differences between ClariSSA hoand the previous version just by looking at the interface.
ClariSSA ho's interface is built around a highly configurable window system.
I his lias the advantage of enabling you to have as many, or as few. Windows open as you want. Where applicable the windows have cycle-gadgets so that you can access sev eral sets of tools from within the same window.
However, while this system has plenty of advantages and. Given the number of features that need to be Continued overleaf 4 It's taken a while to get here but Graeme Sandiford believes that Amiga animators will definitely find the latest version of ClariSSA well worth the wait.
TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ANIMATION This button toggles the current animation - either one for source animations or the Master animation.
JKJs roTsourcp.ir T»‘ iiltf I t'JH I’.."* *»f End .* rjnje tl'jjibtfr 'Jt ¦ In 1.1 Jy 31 a,i llaHOI'V *J3rf 1 vR-ntx pro» enable most 3D-animators to add all the panning and zooming in and out camera motions without fear of horrendous slow-down. While the artistic benefits of this might be questionable it certainly enhances the playback of most animations, although vou may find that your animations play back too quickly!
Not content with simply improving the speed of the SSA formal ProDad have also introduced a format call SSAd. This new format can be used to playback animations directly from disk and as you might expect it's fast at doing it - faster than an animf played from RAM. Tliis means that the length of the animations you can playback is limited by your available disk space, rather than how much RAM you have.
Another gem that is served up in ClariSSA Pro is Multi-Anims. That's what the program calls the feature that enables the mixing and matching of animations of different formats and characteristics - different colour palettes, screen resolutions or offset positions. Ordinarily, if you tried to do this in previous versions of the RIGHT: Even animations with loads of separate moving elements are no match for ClariSSA's SSA format.
ADD SPECIAL EFFECTS Here’* one *et of tools, they're generally for changing views.
This is the timescale bar that tells you where the effects start and end.
These two squares are two effects that have been applied to the animation.
This here, is the animation window and that grey bar running down the middle represents the current anim.
This is the main menu which can be used to bring up other tools such as effects and control options.
C. yter-cffyct erjtv.
crammed in it's possibly the only wav that il could work, it also has its disadvantages. For example you occasionally have to slog vour way through a series of cvcle-gadgets to get to the tool that you're after. Although you can get around this through good use ol the program’s menus, it can be initially quite difficult to know where to look. This is only a minor grumble though and it shouldn't take you long to familiarise yourself with where everything is.
The secret of ClariSSA's success is not to be found in its interface, rather it lies in the seemingly odd capitalisation of its name. SSA stands for Super Smooth Animation, and if you ever have the pleasure of seeing a SSA animation vou'll understand whv.
4 w .After an animation has been processed and then saved in SSA format it will play back smoothly and at about twice the speed.
CUNNING PLAN The reason for this is most ingenious and decidedly cunning - each frame is halved and played back quickly enough to convince the eye that it's seeing one image instead of two.
Using this method it's possible to achieve playback speeds of up to 50fps which is more than sufficient for most video work. Howrever, w hile this technique is more than adequate for most people's needs, it isn't perfect.
.Some users, most likely those using the program professionally at high resolutions with lots of colours, have apparently experienced problems with halting frames. To solve that problem ProDad have created High-end SSA.
Incredibly, this new format is 80% faster than SSA, which should cure most people's problems. This should This Depot contains different fading effects for those smooth transitions.
To apply an effect drag- and-drop the icon in the animation window.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA AUGUST 1996 FX-Blend, FX-Fade and up to three user-defined depos. The depos can he used to do anything from making a simple palette change or fade to clip- based effects and video-titling wipes.
The depos are essentially a window containing icons that can be dragged- and-dropped onto a section of an animation and you will he prompted for the frames that are to be affected.
Other important features include some advanced palette manipulation, memory management, importing images straight from MacroSystem’s Vlab cards, optimization routines and tons of macros as well as a healthy share of Arexx commands. It’s these last two features that arc going to ensure the program’s future as a large number of the program’s new features have been added in this way - not to mention the •i existing Arexx macro to link ADPro. H pe ft illy as i nore grips with this excellent package, we may see even more wonderful new 4 features appearing perhaps in the Public Domain.
I here are only two things to grumble about with ClariSSA Pro, one is the interface which I’ve already mentioned and the other is support for a few more image and animation formats. While it is possible, if you have good understanding of Arexx and both ClariSSA and ADPro, to create a macro to do this it would he much more convenient to have support for formats like FLI and JPEGs.
Even animations that involve a lot of camera movement can be speeded up considerably.
Program, when ii came to playing back the animation it would stop for a while to make the necessary' adjustments. Not so with Multi'Anims - thev switch * smoothly from one format to another.
This is especially useful il vou are trying to combine animations from different sources such as video and raytraced or line art and video.
Well, those are ClariSSA Pros animation playback-enhancing features and these alone would he enough ol a reason for some people to buy the program, but ClariSSA Pro has even more to offer. The program can also provide you with extensive information about your animation so that you can analyse il and even gel a more exact idea of what will happen when it’s played so that you can spot potential problem frames.
As well as providing in-depth and accurate information the program can also give you precise control over the animation and add different effects.
Admittedly getting the results you are after can be a hit difficult, but once vou • are on the same wavelength as the manual things can become quite straight-forward.
One of the features that will appeal to professionals that aren’t interested in playing around with fancy effects, is the Bezier control system. This can he used f to control and optimise the performance of an animation by manipulating a Bezier curve. The process can be a little confusing though, and is best left to the experts who are trying to fine-tune their animations.
MYRIAD OF TOOLS Aside from this feature there are a myriad of other useful tools which can • he used to perform all manner of features. While it might he argued that several of the functions of the tools are not unique, and the same results might he accomplished through good use of an image processor, you’ll never find such a varied selection in one place.
ClariSSA keeps its special effects in depots or groups and they are divided into; Fade-Effect, 2P-Movement, Colour- Effect. Clip-Effect, Keying, FX-Wipe, Lowest prices guaranteed for SIMMS for A400C Viper, Apollo, Magnum, Hawk and many other cards - Phone for details today!
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Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
LOST DISK I have recently l ought a second hand Amiga A600. It's in absolutely mint condition but 1 have a major problem; two days after I purchased it I lost the Workbench disk (version
2. 05). I have the fonts and extra programs but with the main
disk lost these are useless, (xiuld you tell me where I can
get a replacement.
I don't know anybody else with an A600 so I am really stuck because I can t do much without it. Please help!
Hugh Jones Mid Glamorgan CHEAP AND SEEDY?
I've managed to get my hands on a brand new quad speed IDF. PC drive for £50 with a cable supplied to connect it to a PC. I have an A1200 with an external PCMCIA Zappo 250Mb hard drive, external disk drive and a Citizen's ABC printer.
1. Is it possible to connect the drive to my system with the
supplied lead?
2. Will the drive, when working, be as good as a more expensive
Amiga drive? By that, I mean that once I have bought the
software will it be able to emulate the CD32, run the games
and be able to display Kodak PhotoCD pictures and so on.
3. Will the drive interfere with the hardware that I have got or
any accelerators that I might possibly get in the near future?
4. I have also noticed that you can get modems for the PC which
are cheaper. Would it Impossible to use them with my system?
5. I-istlv, on your archived ('.overdisks vou have r the
option to de-archive them to hard drive or to lloppv disk.
When I choose hard drive and type in the name partition where I want the stuff installed the disk doesn't recognise* my hard disk. I usually type in "AQlwhich is the name of the partition that I want to use-.
I've checked that it is spelled correctly and that it is definitely the name of my partition.
The disk is autobooting and I only have two partitions AQO: and Aql:. What is wrong and how do I solve this?
Alan Walsh Glasgow The version of Blitz Basic 2 which was given away is a demonstration version, as detailed in the relevant issue of AF. It won't compile executable files, and cannot be made to do so.
Using an Action Replay won't work, so don't even waste your time trying. You'll have to buy the complete package, which includes a version of the Blitz compiler which will create 'stand alone' executable files and comes with a full manual as well.
I assume you always keep a Virus Checker program resident rather than a virus! Although the errors happens on both drives, it does sound as though the problem is caused because you are using faulty disks, or the read write heads of the drives are dirty. Always use good quality disks, and buy a floppy disk cleaner.
I am so glad that I took your advice on buying the famous Canon BJC-610 printer as my AMIGA is now in LOVE!... - but still not complete.
That's why I decided to write to you end get some advice on buying a Tower system with a CD-ROM drive and an extra hard drive for my A1200.
I am buying a SCSI interface for my Viper Mk2 so I am planning on using that rather than the PCMCIA slot and I need CD32 emulation for all my neglected games.
Do you have any ideas on what would be the best to buy? I have an A1200 with 340 Mb hard drive and Viper Mk2 4Mb extra ram and the other external peripherals.
Also where can I get a good size 15 inch monitor which can handle down to 15kHz?
Erol Ismael Essex You don’t really need a Tower case as such: you might be better asking a PC dealer for an external double five and a quarter inch drive bay case, fitted with a power supply and SCSI connectors. That way you can connect the SCSI interface from the Viper to this miniature tower and fit a CD-ROM drive and a hard drive. Alternatively, a company such as HK) will be happy to discuss how their PowerStation can be adapted to use your SCSI interface.
As far as software goes, you’ll only need the AsimCDFS3.0 driver package which is distributed by Blittersoft This includes the CD*2 emulation and lots of other goodies too.
A IS inch monitor which syncs down to TskHx? I don't think there is such a beast. AT announced a 17" monitor which syncs this low. But I’ve yet to see it When I do. I’ll tell you what iTs like - that is if they can wrestle it from my vice-like grip.
versions: internal modems won't work unless you have a 'Big Box' Amiga and a bridge board of some description. Amiga modems are usually the same as the PC. Packs but with some extra PI) or shareware software added: although HiSoft have just released an Amiga specific modem software pack which includes Internet access software.
5. Phis is a bit of a tricky one. Can you open a Shell window
when the Installation process is about to start? If so, you
should U able to enter a command such as Assign 1)111: A()l:'
which may fool the installer into using the rather
non-standard names which the Zappo insists on.
I own the following computer equipment; a Commodore 128 Computer, a Commodore 1571 five and a quarter inch double sided disk drive and a Philips CMH833 Monitor. My son has an Amiga 12(H) and I now wish to upgrade to the 1200 and therefore want to ask the following questions: Is there an Amiga 12(H) to Cl28 emulator?
How can I use the 1571 disk drive on the 120() to load data? How can I copy five and a quarter inch disks to three and a half inch disks, as I have a vast amount of data such as letters and database files?
Mr R. V. Wilson Liverpool I wa.su V able to find a Cl 28 emulator for the Amiga, although there are several C64 emulators. was likewise unable to find any way of connecting what is a very slow and out-dated disk drive to the Amiga.
The only glimmer of hope is that I found a program called Over5 which can move data from a (164 to the Amiga. As the Cl28 is partly a Ctrl, you might be able to move your files in this way. ()ver5 is available from the Aminet (CD-ROM or Internet site) or from a PI) Library.
SYNCING CHIP Recently 1 became an owner of an A1500, for the second time 1 might add. This one has the PCS chipset and Kickstart 2.04 which is much better than the first A1500. My problem is with the variable Svnc Monitor that I wish to use with * it. The monitor works well with the VGA output from Pcs. It's Ok with Archimedes and Atari’s Can't get a decent picture? It may not always be the fault of your monitor.
At all resolutions, but not with the Amiga: why?
To sav that the variable sync monitor does is not true, what is shown is fuzzy on hand side of the characters hut fairly dear on the left side (not right and left side of the screen, but the Alpha-numeric characters).
I would be very grateful for any help in solving this problem.
P. M.Volsing (la mbridgesh ire I'd guess that the monitor needs a
little fine-tuning to suit the Amiga's output. Some Amiga's
fan seem to produce an output which is slightly darker than
other systems. This could help to produce the lack of clarity
which you are seeing.
The best thing to do is take the monitor (and the Amiga) to a local 7V repair shop, where the engineer should he able to whip off the monitor 's casing and then twiddle with the settings to try and improve the picture quality.
DRIVING ME NUTS I am a dedicated Amiga user but I had to box my machine away 18 months ago. I have now set it up again but am a little confused as I've lost touch with the Amiga scene.
My system is : A1200, 2Mb memory 120Mb » internal Connor (SCSI) hard disk and one external drive.
1. In my local papers, people are selling CD**'s Remember that
any drives fitted to the A1200 internally are IDE. Not SCSI.
Hard to pinpoint exactly. It could be several things, and if possible I would back up important data to floppy at your earliest convenience.
The drive itself could be to blame, although I would also check for a loose IDE cable (the cable connecting the hard drive to the Amiga s motherboard) and a defective power supply. The other possibility is that you are switching the Amiga off when it is accessing the drive: never switch off the poiuer when the disk access light is lit.
I've got myself into a real mess with Real 3D v1.3 and I just can't work out how the "AND" and "AND NOT" tools work. Could you explain them to me? I'm trying to create a keyhole in a door and I just can't suss it out.
Brian Lloyd Dorset Move or delete the original hole objects: you'll see their outline is still present! Real 3D won't redraw the new shape In the editor screen, so you’ll need to remember what is happening.
For about £80 with a few games. In the AFS5, there’s an advert for a connection kit for the CD32 to Al‘200. I would like to know where the kit plugs into the A1200. The reason being. I’ve seen an advert for the Apollo 1220 accelerator, which plugs into the trap door. Are they all compatible .Or would I be better off buying a different CD-ROM?
2. What is a “Squirrel interface"? Where does it plug in and is
it compatible with the items in problem one?
3. When I turn on my machine, one in every 10 times the hard disk
light stays on. It spins like mad and it takes two and a half
to four minutes for Workbench to load. This happened from
Create a prism, and place it through the lock too.
This is the second hole which makes up the keyhole.
Highlight the first hole. This is the "tool" which you are going to apply to the lock to make the hole.
Now select the modify tool "AND NOT", and select the lock. This will cause the hole to be "taken away" from the lock. Do exactly the same with the second hole.
New and I’ve found that this file (DHO:L disk validator) keeps on corrupting.
I’ve tried every virus checker killer I can get but they always come up empty. I have to wait for the disk to stop spinning before I can copy the file from my original Workbench disks and then it works alright for a while.
HELP! I’ve got no idea what to do now. I’ve tried everything I can think of. It even spins and goes mad if I put in an autoboot disk, (still once every 10 or so times though). I’m worried that one day it’ll just keep on spinning and never stop!
Tim Price South Wales First of all, any drives fitted internally to the Amiga A1200 are IDE, not SCSI. HDToolbox and other software may report that they are SCSI, but they aren't, they are IDE.
1. Links to the CD32 are (not surprisingly) of most use to users
who already awn both a CD32 and an A1200 or other Amiga. The
hardware makes me of the Amiga s serial ports and so other
peripherals will not interfere with it. Hoioever, it's not
stunningly fast and if possible a CD-ROM drive connected via
an interface such as the Squirrel will give much better
2. Oops, pre-empted myself theie. The Squirrel is a SCSI
interface which connects to the card (PCMCIA) slot on the
A1200. It allows SCSI compatible peripherals such as CD-ROM
drives and hard drives to be used, and it's nice and quick
3. The hard drive is definitely develof ing a fault (and hence it
needs to be validated) but the cause is A 5 00 A1000 A2000
A600 A1500 A4000 GS II
1. 3
2. 1
1. 3.2
3. 0 TOO FAST I have an Amiga 1200 with a 2.5" hard chive and an
Apollo 1220 Imb accelerator card. I he problem is that the
Amiga will not boot up Irom the hard drive when I do a soft
reboot. The screen goes blank and then the disk recjuestoi
screen comes up even though I can hear the hard drive running.
The problem has only occurred since I fitted the accelerator card so I assumed it to Ik- faulty and returned it to the supplier who immediately changed it. But. When I got it home, there was still the same problem.
II I lake out the accelerator and replace it with a 2Mb RAM expansion card there are no problems at all and the machine will reboot immediately Irom the hard drive. I can't afford to tear out any more hair as there was precious little in the first place!
Ian Macfarlane Heading I had this problem too. Although with an elderly 3. 5 " dnve and a 68030 card. It seems to be due to the fact that after fitting the card, the Amiga is a lot faster. In fact, it s so fast that it starts booting before the internal hard dnve has had a chance to spin up to the necessary speed.
There is no easy way to fix things I'm afraid. You can either buy a neuter, faster hard dnve tI 'd recommend a lCb 3.5 " drive fitted internally with either a kit from Wizard or Eyetech) or make up a special bootable floppy disk which detects the missing hard dnve and does a reset automatically, (let in touch with me again if you need to know how to make up such a disk.
THE CLASH I have an A1200 with a 1.25Gb hard drive and I recently bought 8Mb from Special Reserve. The problem is that it disables the PCMCIA slot and therefore mv hard drive. However, if I switch i he* (on figuration ol the jumpers on the ImkimI to 1Mb the slot works peifectlv. Phis leaves me with only f Mb instead ol 10Mb.
I low can I get the most out ol my memory expansion without disabling my PC 1M( IA. You will probably say that I have connected something up wrong but I have read somewhere about somebody else with this problem - he got told that he was wrong but I know that he is right.
Also can you tell me about a program that creates a temporary RAM disk using free RAM from your hard drive. This would Ik- helpful too as I have a 1272 hard drive.
Mark Castro Hemel Hempstead Sadly you don V reveal the make of your memory card, » • e • * but unfortunately it sounds as though it isn 't smart enough to know not to relocate the second bank of Imh away from the PCMCIA area: Some older cheaper memory and accelerator cards won V do this, and frankly there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
It’s not a matter of connecting anything up incorrectly: it’s just that if the second Imh bank overlaps the memory required for the PCM( .l. slot, then it 's tough luck.
When you say free RAM from your hard dnve I take it you are referring to Virtual Memory. I irtual Memory will fool many programs into storing data on hard disk instead of H. M, and although it not fast it does enable many memory-hungry programs to run.
Lb use Virtual Memory you'll need a program called X MM, but you'll also need a piece of hardware tailed an Mml Memory Management I nit).
IMI v are present in most 68030s. 40s and 60s I although not in so-called 'EC versions) which means if you have an accelerator card with a full 68030 fitted, you 're laughing.
However, since whatever card you are using cannot deal with the PCMCIA memory problem. I'm IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise the problem as best as you mm Jj8|||g • Oescribe the
events th*f c*u» d th® | problem.
I I • Give full details of I your equipment.
I I • Make sure your Grwiw Sdndiford *» and wouldn’t be more easily solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods not convinced that you have a 68030 card and so I ¥ recommend ou consider upgrading to one.
The Magnum from Wizard scored highly in a recent A1200 accelerator card round-up in our si ding magazine Amiga Shopper, and it also won’t clash with the PCMCIA port.
Send your letters to Workbench. Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth Street Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga: Kickstart version: Workbench revision: Total memory fitted_ Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer Details of other hardware: Bear these points in mind and fill in. Photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can Hard disk: Manufacturer: Chip memory available A500 Plus A1200 A3000 Mb as DM
1. 2 O 1.3 O 2-* C 3.x Extra drive 1 ( 3.5irV5.25in) as Df:
manufacturer: Extra drive »2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF:
1. 2
2. 04 2.05 FAST • FULL ACCESS TO THE UK Ireland the the UK *
What you get If you live in the (including Northern and the
Scottish Isles) Channel Isles or Isle of Man you have BT local
call 0345 access no matter how your location!
Remote “I The highest possible connection speed available with todays modem technology H FREE customised connection software for the Amiga. Comprehensive documentation and full techincal support “I FREE World Wide Web homepages with every connection.
H FREE POP3 E-Mail account.
H FREE access to news groups. Giving access to over 13,000 active groups.
V The Cost “I There is a one-off connection fee of £20 (plus VAT)* “I The monthly recurring cost is only £8 (plus VAT). There are no hidden costs * The only additional cost is your local-rate telephone bill.
¦ * f|isting Internet users exemplarUTrther details https: wwws.enterprise.net subscribe For the best Internet Access, there is only one choice Ente r c 64 Bucks Road, Douglas, Isle of Man All trade marks acknowledged Call now Subscription hot line 0800 269 146 General enquires 01624 677666 Fax line 01624 613660 Technical Support 01624 612880 E-mail salci@enterprise.net E-mail supportaenterprise.net Amiga Report Main Menu wtiOff a _ m**' ed Aft I gift_ _ .feOtt Mfl**4 »IMiT no* *5d kliutim ( flnclKtlu Him fel*» Niiff AmltWi* if I I ' •* ***•• IiurMtimi 0aiim |*~ ..
- • iHit *. Kit * €* ( It. Tttl I ...I 0B1IM
tot A»AfB IaforBBiioat* What can I say? Beyond the Tragic.
Well, in some cases crap web page design goes hand in hand with crap web page content, and nothing much can be done about this - now that the world, his uncle, and their pel spaniel "Eric” are on the Internet, we’ll just have to accept the overall increase of “background noise" in the form of terrible web pages and a Usenet system mostly filled with spam, crosspostings and other nonsense.
In other cases however, there are some fairly useful Amiga related pages on the World Wide Web that simplv look terrible, and don’t
A. * B.- L- L- S3.- S.- L- L- S.- K- 2.- L- L- S.-1- V • w WII’s
Amiga Page Introduction Amiga Games Another Net.Sadncss
special this month.
Sure, there have been exciting (sic) announcements f rom Viscorp concerning their ED system, but it’s in the field of sadness that most of the recent breakthroughs on the net have taken place.
One particular area of pathetic behaviour that is especially promising at the moment is the field of HTML-authoring.
SADNESS ON THE WEB Following on from the phenomenon mentioned last month (or was it the month before? How time flies when you’re enjoying yourself) of certain Amiga-zealoLs putting codes into their web pages to stop non-Amiga users from viewing them properly, Amiga Technologies themselves have got in on the act.
And under a section for people who are having problems reading their web pages, the advice is "buy an Amiga 1200 or 4000”.
At least this is slightly more promising than pretending that Mac and PC users live on another planet (or that they do in fact live on the same celestial object as Amiga users, but that they should be shot).
Yet another faction has decided to avoid any browser problems with their web pages by making them so appallingly uninteresting that the level of browser required to view them is Lynx. Amiga.net feels that it has a duty to expose some of the worst examples of sad web Amiga Demo List The Utige Dcbo List, release 9S0S06.
- Table ot Content* - Introduction_ Distribution and Copyright
Credit*_ COMoenf 3uoge*tlop» Idea* rTP altea_ Hotea or. Compat
ibi lity_ A3000 Compatibility Chart
* 3000 030 Compatibility Chart Parties page design. Here are a
few stunningly poor examples: The Amiga Demo List is a
collection of links to other Amiga demo related web pages and
FTP sites, but it is quite frighteningly banal. If you want to
check it out nevertheless, the URL you need is:
http: www.isbiel.ch ~wabem adl Main.HTML Vvil's Amiga Page is
another which falls into the category of “intrinsically quite
useful but offensive to the eve bv reason of extreme poorness”.
The URL in this case is: http: cips.ee.uwa.edu.au ~wrilliams
Footy home amiga Amiga.html For a real treat check out the Web
site of .Amiga Report Magazine. Whether you think much of the
publication itself (1 11 leave this as an exercise for the
reader, it shouldn’t take you long to come to a conclusion)
their web pages are truly pathetic but if you still want to
take a look the URL is: http: www.omnipresence.com Amiga
News AR ar319_Sections menu.html So, what can be done about
the state of these sites, and in fact, should anything be done
at all?
Darren Irvine takes a look at some of the worst things about the Internet, and has some suggestions about what can be done to improve matters.
Page UNDER CONSTOUCnONn An*** gvnei thn**i available Again, quite a useful site with links to some interesting places, but you have to admit that doesn't stop it being deadly boring to look at.
Dr. Peter Kittel states on his Amiga History Web page (on Amiga Technologies’ Server): “The first Amiga ever was the A1000 (...) The software for this grandfather of the Amigas still runs flawlessly on the newest models."
MISGUIDED AMIGA USER OF THE MONTH The AmiGA Computer Amiga.Net says: “Yeah, right, what - all of it?"
Do anything to promote the .Amiga’s image on the net. So the thing to do is email these people and tell them their pages suck. I'm sure vou’ll agree that improving the .Amiga's image can only he a good thing.
SADNESS ON USENET Usenet has long been the domain of the true Sadness King’. It's the aspect of the Internet that most attracts the * I've got absolutely nothing at all ol any value to say about anything anyone in this newsgroup might he slightlv interested in. Hut I’ll say it repeatedly and at length at even available occasion" tvpe of user.
Recently there has been a huge surge of interest amongst the sadness community in the “irrelevant cross [ms ted thread". What happens is that in say. Rec.pets.goldfish there is a lairlv on-topic debate concerning the relative merits of two obscure types ol fish, and that this thread is ol interest to the majority ol readers ol the newsgroup. This is fine, and doesn't bother people with absolutely zero interest in fish. Suddenly some bright spark gets the idea that it would be an “amusing" idea to suddenly add two. Three, five, ten or a hundred completely irrelevant newsgroups to the
distribution list ol the thread (for some reason groups like all.religion.kibo, alt.sex. and comp.sci.phvsics always seem to get added, but vour truly dedicated sad crossposter will sometimes add an appreciable percentage ol the total number o! Newsgroups).
If you're a regular (or irregular for that matter, since the frequency of your visits to the toilet are strangely of no interest to Amiga.net) reader, you'll be well aware of the amount of mad. Deranged, and downright psychotic What happens now is that the thread develops into a vic ious argument between the groups involved, and the thread becomes very hard to kill off.
Don't start these threads, either by crossposting 01 starting a multi-newsgroup troll (a bogus message designed to provoke align or enthusiastic response from the readers of a newsgroup - the “going for well over a vear now and showing no signs ol slowing down" thread “Do vou want I (KM) nude web sites” is a classic example ol trolling sadness). You might think it's amusing to do so. But really it's not - you'll look like an idiot to anyone who has a clue about how tlu- Internet works.
Itie best wav to deal with these threads is to never reply to a message that has a large distribution list, or if you really must, edit the message headers so that you are only replying to tlu- message in the group that is relevant.
SADNESS VIA EMAIL C )K. So this is a bit of a personal gripe, but it does relate to the larger subject of netiquette.
Basicallv. All ol vou people out there who don't ai luallv know me. Or am of the other online people who have access to the Internet. And you’ll know that not all of them are PC owners. In fact in many cases it is the Amiga users who are most vocal in their madness, the first to make the leap from pointless argument and flaming to obviously brain-damaged ranting and morally dubious behaviour.
We've already seen examples of people who think of their Amiga's as “girlfriends", but it's quite another to quote science-fiction writers and in the context of the Amiga say things like : "Perfection. Excellence. What a passionate lover". If you can get past his use of this Harlan Ellison quote at the start, check out Walrus' otherwise useful (and it has to be said, well presented) Amiga page at: http: www.uga.umd.edu ~walrus Amiga.html magazine writers, stop emailing us with “ fell me win my ISDN router isn't working or else" type messages. Ol course we don't mind trying to help with simple
(or occasionally complex) problems, but as with any other field ol life, il you're looking for help from someone you don't know, don't just wade in and demand that they drop everything that they’re doing and rush to help vou out.
II you're looking for a bit of a hand f rom a magazine writer say. Or from someone who appears knowledgeable on a newsgroup vou read, email them in the first instance and ask whether thev are prepared in general to help you out. They’ll be far more likely to reply to a general ask for help than an unsolicited and detailed list of all your problems with a date by which you would like them resolved. Remember
- on the Internet you must be as polite to people as you would be
anywhere else - in some cases more so.
()k - rant over - and if you still feel liking asking me for help, then contact me at: Email: darren@plasma.thegap.com Fidonet: 2:443 13.18 I usuallv (but not alwavs) ignore mv mail. O NOT QUITE SO SAD USEFUL WEB SITES AMIGA HOME PAGE http www.omnipresence.com:80 amiga AMIGA LOUNGE http: www.iaehv.nl paul amiga.html The so called.
J Amiga Home Page ' f£j Suffering from a mental disorder and are considering ditching AmigaOS and running Unix instead? If so, NetBSD Information is the site for you.
Http: plukwa.pdi.lodz.pl NetBSD Do fooIke flwie pagtt Would you ike to create *xh pagei vourtetf a* w*T Tfc* uni a* a* yeeoagf* tbok Al yen aeed u yo*r Angi Juft me a wee el program calf S HTML-Rearm L' utri Afto tc raah cCerfacr wsr. A bolt ol Aaaga tStcn tjkt CrgnurJd. TDC.
Gctdbl Faai Wrta So cjtoe bcr a few) And f you wart t to be WYSIWYG. €i a lynch to wr*e a Jge acrg* to rtertace wA any browm haiv« at A Jen port dice A Web cr Amocac) So you make a yew edsor w*h HIML-Heami cat be newe d ¦mrekatrh’ a yew Web&rowaer B you wart to know more abort Ifoi uAA;ao browae ftrough ** And * y«» »** you cat take an evakJ& r. Rancc dSTTML-Eerrec bcene wtb yea Ft E W: HTMl-Hesrm aow support* WYSIWYG preview uaag yow nandard Amiga browter Ttw make* for ea»y vtewre of the chare** you jufl made Ute the new ArtoView ft met to artonubcah iw the document yoo are worfcag « a yoe*
ed or every ame you fdect a tag and then eaaeduieSy harr t reloaded a your WWWbrowter The Amiga Home page is a good starting point for Amiga-related web exploration.
We’vr now added a dedicated HTML-Hr-imi Support ?**e where you ran download the latrfl icnptr. Aew araeancemeoU aad obtaa dpi from other HTML-Heaven u*«i This is a useful site If you are interested in finding out the best way to go about HTMl- authoring using your Amiga.
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Gloom is an excellent, atmospheric and darned frightening shoot 'em up. This game takes you roaming through levels, maps, mazes and secret rooms and. To spice things up. You get to blast your way through ghoulies.
Devils, general nasties, weapons, blood and gore. Get it today!
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Described as one of the best tennis games on any platform, it won a Gold award (AF79 90%j. A superb contol system and players with character.
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? AmigaGuide On-Line Help ? Advanced file type recognition system including 0S3.x Datatype Support ? Extensive ‘Drag ‘n* Drop' throughout the program ? Advanced Arexx support ? Can even Replace b Enhance Workbench!
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Http: www.futurenet.co.iik Darsy, or Darren Irvine as he is better known, obviously has a soft spot for curries. If you would like to view these wondrous images then follow our guide to getting connected page 90 Well we've introduced two new tutorials for you this month. The first » one coincides with last month's 9 excellent Coverdisk. OctaMED 5 should be a name familiar to most but if you've ever been unsure just how to use then Darren Irvine should have all the answers.
Nick Veitch Our second new tutorial takes off where the last one finished. John Kennedy gave us an exhaustive 10-part guide to getting the most out of Real 3D but now it's Graeme's turn to prove to us what he know's about Real 3D"s big brother - Real 3D 2.
INTERNET TUTORIAL ¦rU Last month wo looked at installing AmiTCP, now it's time to think about installing some other software. 16 do this you need a good file transfer program and there are two main contenders NcFTP and Gui-FTP.
Q OCTAMED TUTORIAL 7Anyone who uses their Amiga for musical purposes will be familiar with OctaMED, but to help you really get the most out of the latest version of this superb program we are starting a series of new tutorials.
Q£REAL 3D 2 Zj U Graeme SamBford has always been a fan of Real 3D 2 so we decided to let him impart some of his hints and tips.
1 nn butz basic I w w Discover how to define and use a SuperfiitMap Window and a suitable gadget for scrolling up and down.
Darren Irvine takes a look at some of the applications you'll be needing when you get online.
L. isl month we looked at installing Ami'IC.I*- die software
required in get eon netted to the Net. It’s not a 11i;ill .1
lot ot good on it’s own.
And von II .ilmosi (eitainlv want to run additional soltwaie such as a Web browser. 01 IRC. C lient. In older to get hold ol othei pirc es o| soltwaie however. Vou II have to make use ol one o| the most basii Inlet net tools - FI P. KI P (01 Kile Iranslei Program) is used to to| files Irom other computer systems 011 the Intel net to vour own Amiga (01 vi e versa). All ol the soltwaie mentioned here is available Irom Aminet - sec the boxout.
Aini'K'Pilsell tomes with a basic version ol this lilt- transfer program, called A 'III' I his is almost a straight port ol the 01 iginal I nix implementation ol FI P. and is command-line driven Irom the Shell.
I he best wav to explain how FTP is used is to give an example. Sav vou want to get hold ol a file »ailed "test.lha" that vou know is stored 111 a duet ton " pub liles" on a server "ltp.test.com". firstly, you need 10 connect to the server using this ( ouunand: ncltp ftp.test.com W hen the outlet lion is made, vou will he prompted loi a username and password. In almost all t ascs ol using FI P on the Intel net. Vou will be using what is known as "Anonvmotis FI P~ and tins icleis to the lac t ih.it vou use the AMINET Aminet is the place to look for all your Internet and comms related
All of the programs mentioned in this month's tutorial are available in the comm tcp directory on any of the Aminet mirrors.
Use one of the following FTP sites: ftp.wustl.edu systems amiga aminet comm tcp ftp.unFpaderbom.de pub aminet comm tcp ftp.doc.icac.uk pub aminet comm tcp username "anonvmotis" when logging
011. In most c ases vou will he- prompted to supply yom own email
address as a password.
Next vou should move to the directory in which the file vou want is stored: cd pub files If you have mistvped the- directory path.
- c -7y*will let vou know, and vou can try again. The next thing
is to ac luallv download the Ii 1 c•: bin get test.lha Note
that die "bin” command above* is used to tell AV V 'iliat the-
file- we are translei ring contains information other than
plain te xt. I.e. K-bit binarv inhumation. In most cases it’s
safer to select binarv mode.
.Yc 7 ’woi ks well enough, hut it isn’t exactly user friendlv. And not at all what Amiga users are used to. The lirst thing vou should use* .WAV’ 'for then is to obtain a replacement f’01 it.
I here are at least two main contenders and both have then advantages and disadvantages. 1 he first is (,ui rn a nic e* looking system which runs in a re-si eable window 011 your Workbench. Although it’s easy to install, the distribution archive* doesn’t actually supply an icon for the* program, so vou’ll have to sort one out for it vout sell. I he othei main pioblem with f .uiHl} is that text-mode transfers have not lx*cn fully implemented in this earlv
1. 1.0 version, but vou can alwavs transfer text files as
binaries - it’s just a little slower. On the plus side, actual
file The programs here are contained in the following archives
In the previous directories (correct capitalisation is
necessary). AmiNet is always being updated, so some of these
filenames may change - do a "dir* when you start and look for
a similar filename, if the one's mentioned here are wrong.
PROGRAM ARCHIVE NAME GuFFTP GuFFTP.Iha m ftp . I ha grapevine-133.lha Grapevine MosaicAmiTCP.Iha tiansfcis .tic nic r and quic k. and support foi various icinotc* file* systems is excellent - you should have no problems using am remote system from the ubiquitous I nix, through VMS and even W indows NT se rve rs.
The other system which can be used as a replacement lor AV 7 ’is AIFI'P- an Mil based svstem whic h runs on it’s own screen. 01 on a shared screen with another Ml I application such as Amouiic. 1 lie* most obvious drawback with this svstem is that vou must have already installed Mi l (Magic L set Interface) before* vou c an use MFI I*. I11 case* vou don’t alrcadv know.
Mi l is a set of woikbcne li extensions which programmers c an use* to build up various applications mote c-asilv . Since vou will almost certainly want to install Amount-on vour machine, vou will need Mi l anvwav. And so this problem becomes academic. Lie* aware* however, that programs using Ml I almost always require more than ‘2Mb of RAM to run properlv - il vou want to get the* most from Internet soltwaie. You’re really going to have to she ll out lot a RAM expansion.
Apart from the Ml I consideration, A 77 is again a nice looking system which in some wavs seems more user friendlv than (iui-FIT but certain aspects of remote file* systems (most notable I nix style directory “links") are not implemented propel Iv. And vou sometimes have to resort to tvping in the remote directory path by hand rather than bv clicking on the directory names in the remote File- requestor.
Nowadays when people talk about the Internet, il seems what ihev reallv mean is the World Wide Web. And just about every tvpe of computer currently in use has had a Web browser program developed loi it. The Amiga is no exception, and there are a number of browsers available. The system that’s been around for the longest is A Mosaic, and although there are oihei better systems available, it's the simplest to get going - we ll look at the others later.
Amosaie can handle most l what the Web can throw at it - the most notable exception is the lack ol support for the additions to the standard IITML that have been added In Netscape lor their browser.
I ike MIT I*. Amosaie requires Ml I to Ik- installed first before u can run.
An IocjJ fto fiitp docs dar&yAM To view some of these wonderful images click on any of the individual boxes or select "Load Images in Current" from the "Options" menu.
And also requires more than the 2M1 ol RAM found oil an unexpanded A1200.
Amosaie is. Of course, easy to use - it il wasn't user friendh u would defeat the objec i of having a Web browser in the first place.
Amosair lo run vou need tn install Magic I ser Interlace 01 Mi l. Mi l is a shareware (.1 I extension system that makes ii casv lot programmers to t rcatc complex iisci interlac es with very little effort. For the user 11 oilers the control of being able to customise the look and feel of any program using Mi l. I he downside is that Mi l is fairly slow and also somewhat memory intensive.
Installing Ml I is straightforward - simply a mallei ol extracting the archive, and t lit king 011 the Install icon
- and waiting foi quite a while.
To actually get started on the Web.
Simply make vour connection to the Internet and lit k on the Amosair icon.
Finding voui wav around the Web is lairlv intuitive and Amosaie s own features are prciiv simple to get to gi ips with. See the hoxout for a simple tutorial. We’ve looked at just a lew ol the items of software available loi use on the Net. Next month, we’ll take a look at voui F.mail svsiem. O Amosait has an Arexx port, allowing among oihei things, the user lo build up a list ol favourite sites as .1 "hotlist” that can be called up at anytime allowing quick at ess in useful pages. There's also an extra program available (c alled appropriatel enough “I lotlisi") which allows voui hollisl
u be displayed in a window on top of the normal Amosaie-screen for even quicker access to vour favourite pages.
()nce vou manage i«» get AmiH'J* up and running, at tuallv installing the Amosair Web browser is pretty simple.
In the first instance, |iisi reale a directory' for it and unarchive into the newly created directory. Again, calling it something like “AMosaie” would be a neat itlea. Now ftn the bad news - to gt-i JARGON Browser - A piece of software used to navigate the WWW by displaying the Hypertext pages and allowing the user to select any the links displayed.
Domain Name - The text equivalent of an IP number. When you access an Internet site via it's name, this name is translated into the IP Number by a computer belonging to your ISP known as a Name Server.
IP Number - The 32-bit number representing the "address" of a particular computer on the Internet.
You'll need to know your IP number as well as the machine belonging to your ISP that is to act as your gateway.
ISP - Internet Service Provider. A company such as Demon Internet or Atlas who basically sell access to the Internet. They have host machines that are on the net full time to which you dial in using a modem to connect to the Internet when you want.
SLIP - Serial Line Internet Protocol. One of the two main protocols for accessing the Internet over a telephone connection. The other is PPP
- Point to Point Protocol.
TCP IP - Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol. The basic mechanism by which all data is passed across the Internet.
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Fourth Wav. Wcmbkw Middx HA9DI.B I£ Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 e e R0’ When you first run OctaMED 5, the screen can seem a bit daunting with a huge array of requestors and buttons available in addition to the pulldown menus. It won't take you long to get to grips with the basics however.
Supports the loading in of the standard Amiga sample format files, so you can use other peoples samples. In fact, you can use other peoples modules - even if they were originally created using trackers other than OrtaMED- all major formats are supported, as are the older formats of MED and OrtaMED modules.
GETTING STARTED Initially, the OdaMEJ)screen can appear pretty daunting, bestown as it is with a wide range of buttons and requestors - along with the- distinctive track lists in the centre of the screen.
Perhaps the best way to get a feel for the basic principles behind OrtaMED is to load a sample, and see how the keyboard controls the sound that is played. It will help here to have a bit of an idea of how notes on a conventional piano style keyboard are arranged, but even if you are a complete newcomer to the world of music, you should be able to gel going anyway, by just playing what sounds good to you.
Continued overleaf 4 What exactly is On a MED} OnriMED V5 is the latest version of a program that most people interested in using their Amiga for music have been using for as long as thev can remember.
Il falls into the general category of music software known as “trackers’*, which basically means that il lets you make tracks consisting ol the Amiga’s internal samples.
The original trackers allowed up to four of these tracks to be grouped together to form a “block", since four is the number of samples that can be played at once be the Amiga's hardware in normal circumstances. The tracker software then allowed you to construct a number of different blocks and to then string these blocks together to form a song. Commonly, when a song and it’s samples are saved together in one file, this file is known as a “Module".
Orta MED was the first tracker to make use of extremely clever programming tec hniques to enable the doubling of the number of samples that could be played (hence the “octa" part of the name - the precious version of the program was simply called “MED").
CONFORMING The original versions of the program also featured a rather non-standard user interface, but by the time version .r arrived, the program conformed to all the Amiga (il l requirements. By this stage too. The number of tracks per track had been increased to an impressive b4. Although X is still the limit for internal samples - the rest can l e used foi such purposes as placing external instruments via MIDI.
It's by using MIDI that OrtaMED can compete with purpose designed sequencing software, and if you arc- intending to use a combination of the Amiga's internal samples and an external synthesizer or sound module, then OrtaMED is a near-perfect solution.
It also features built-in sampling software, so you don't have to mess around with yet another piece of software to create your samples in the first place - and of course OrtaMED O eta MED 5 is the latest version of the Amiga's favourite music programme and Darren Irvine has some advice on getting started.
AUGUST 1996 ’ CREATIVE KEYBOARD MAPPING TO REAL NOTES 31 ,52 49,90 65, 24 64,87 3,89 8,09 32, 52 1 3, 64 63,76 z C-1 Q C-2 s C 1 2 C 2 X D-1 w D-2 D D 1 3 D 2 C E-1 E E-2 V F-1 R F-2 G F 1 5 F 2 B G-1 T G-2 H G 1 6 G 2 N A-1 Y A-2 M A 1 7 A«2 9 C-2 u B-2 L C 2 1 C-3 • D-2 9 Cf3 • 1 D 2 0 D-3 1 E-2 0 D«3 P E-3 [ F-3 X F 3 1 G-3 G 3 A Parent | Cancel | ? I Instrunent Type sound at a number of different octaves to extend it's usable range.)
Plav about for a while to get a feel for how the keyboard is arranged - if the sample you have loaded doesn't seem all that useful, go ahead and trv a few others - the keyboard mapping will be the same regardless.
RECORDING A TRACK There are two main methods of recording an Oft a MED track - Step Time and Real Time. The first of these (opy Copy Exchange flix | fldl m iaw Drw Mode 01 Pixel insert Delete Inns it ion 01 Direct Range [1 | Speed: Votwe |i | | l l 1 Jtpaaia DicpT- You can also use samples that are not contained in any of the directories that you have set up (for example, samples that are on floppy) by using the "Load Instruments" requestor.
* o | Instrunent Parameters j Name |cbass1 IrTl nu*h
la .... r- n im rw n nrwi Repeat |8 | RepLen [l _J Loop
On Q! Transpose | • • 1 1 § Hold [0 | Decay F» I Vol .11 M
NIDICh « I Preset 1 1
• _| Suppress NoteOff
• _| Extended Preset Default Pitch 1 | Clicking on “Inst Params"
brings up the Instrument Parameter window, This window is used
to control all of the basic attributes of an OctaMED
1. BRING UP THE LOAD INSTRUMENT WINDOW This can be done in one
*»l three wav - either select "Load lnsimment(s)“ front ihe
“Insir" menu. «»i ( h k on the I.oad Instruments button fit's
tin- fourth button from the left on the top tow - the one that
looks like a folder).
The thud wav it to use the kcvbo.ud shot tout - “Amiga - I The Instrument Type window determines the overall nature of the instrument. For example whether it is a sample or synth sound or a combination of the two.
Alt ered_f(angeuays ant icappeI Ia1 antIcappeI Ia2 cbassl c onbassnote cont rolbassd cr Iff1 d-70 def_??????
F- Sanple _) Hybrid _) ExtSanple _) Synthet ic Drawer | tanpIes File | bassi OK | Volunes | Pattern |~ 8?. Inf oI backdrop) Exit | -
2. MOVE INTO THE DIRECTORY I his is the directory where you have
put vout samples I if you don't have any.
Vou're not going to get vcrv far with Ott iMIJ)- there are some with the supplied installation of Or In MED).
3. LOAD A SAMPLE This is done b double-clicking on its name in
the requestor. For now. Pick a fairly simple sound, such as a
piano or an organ.
Now we're going to see how the miga ke board has been mapped lo represent a piano-type keyboard. Later on we'll see how von can use a MIDI keyboard to much simplify entering notes in OitaMEJ). But for now we'll stick to basics.
I he keyboard has been separated into two groups of two rows, each representing just over an octave of notes (with the tippet half of the keyboard being one octave above the lower one). In addition to this, the control of which two octaves are in use is determined bv the cvcle-gadget on the far left of the screen, lout rows of buttons down. Initially this will be set at ‘‘I2~. And each cycle moves the octave in use up bv one. Until it loops back to 12 again.
This sounds a bit complicated, but in practice it’s fairly easy to get to grips with. With the octave cvcle-gadget set at 12" the keyboard mappings to real notes are shown in the next column.
Setting the cvcle-gadget to the next setting (23) means that the initial note on the keyboard (" ") is (.-'1 and the next (34) means “Z" is ('.-3 and so on.
With the other notes on the keyboard changing simultaneously. One thing to bear in mind here is that not all samples will plav ovet the entire range of notes that () taMED is capable ol plaving - in far t. most will only work over a three oi four octave range, and vs ill onh sound good ovei a range of a couple of octave's. (Note-a trick we will come to later on is sampling the same Havefom: |WJ $ - | | I Length: 2 Hey Havefom Ney Here Delete Last ielete Current Ran9e: Cut lopy taste | Cl£ar |Douile|Rewrse| «|»| ¦iirva-itiir n vrufl i wyj ¦¦•mm ? * .... jsia OctaMed also supports it's
own synthesizer, which means that you can create your own sounds from scratch.
Involves entering ear‘It note of the track in the appropriate place in time for that trac k - i.e. if vou want a kic k drum sample to he plaved on even fourth note of a track - vou plivsic ally move to I he* fourth note and pi ess die ke «01 responding to the pin h at which vou want the kic k di tun sample to he plaved.
()nce vou have at least one trac k keyed in in ste p tune. ou can record moir hacks in ieal time. H clie king on the "IMay Block" button - this will endlesslv loop the tracks vou have recorded so tar and von ran record more track* (01 add to the existing one) bv plasing along in leal time. Note to stop the looping of tlu* so-far recorded tracks, eilhei i lit k on the "Slop" button or press the spat e bar.
Io he able to use eilhei recording method. ou must t lit k on the check- box beside the word "K.dii". signifying sttangeh enough that (h tnMi.l) is in Edit mode. In this mode in step time an kevs vou press on the keyboard will he recorded in the cinreni position of the track on whit h the t urstii is sitting, and the cursor will move to the next time position. In real time mode (when you have clicked on “Wav Block" the* notes will naluraih enough be recorded in whatever position ol the track happens to lx* underneath the cursor at the time vou hit the kev).
To get the feel of how ()t taMKI) works, play around with recording different tracks - use a lew dilleient samples. Non will soon get to grips with the basics of consti tic ting a track - and when vou have recoided seveial tracks Minultaneoiish on lifferent channels, sou will ha e teated a blot k. O NEXT MONTH We'll be looking at how the simple recording techniques involved in creating tracks and blocks can be extended to creating entire songs and modules.
w mm w m m m ? | Block List lis!
N;i 088 : I I I I I I 1 1 ¦1 1 1 1 I 1 1 X I Ins t 0 Seq Insert New 1 Belete Bpp t 0 Se.q Bppend New| 007 008 Oct.iMED songs are made up of a series of blocks, and you can select which block that you are currently editing using the Block List window ?| Song Selector 01 unnaned Add fcjew | Add Here | Delete | I Setec t Exit You can also have a number of songs in memory at the same time, and the Song Selector window determines which song is currently in use.
O| MIDI Message Editor lEita Msg | 0 | | 1 10 Hew Msg | l A _V New Here | fiel Msg |£lear Msg!
Msg Size 10 l l l Nane I 1 Save Msg.
.. | Load Msg... | Capture Msg | Sand Msg | Auto-Ierninate Capture 1 1 Exit | OcfaMfD has comprehensive MIDI support, and the MIDI message editor window can be used to send SysEX and other MIDI data directly to external sound modules or synthesizers.
JARGON SAMPLE The Amiga's internal sound system operates by playing back long strings of numbers which are a digitised representation of a sound - these strings are known as "samples".
You can create samples yourself using a small external piece of hardware that connects to the parallel port of your Amiga, or you can obtain samples created by others - most Amiga BBSs have file areas of samples, and if you are lucky enough to have access to the Internet, you will have no problems at all obtaining a wide range of samples.
TRACK This is the basic unit of a song composed on OctaMED (hence the descriptor - "tracker").
A track is basically a set number of notes (typically) 64 played automatically one after another at a given speed (which is known as the "tempo" of the track).
BLOCK A block is a group of up to 64 tracks, playing simultaneously. With OctaMED you can have up to eight tracks of internal samples, and the rest can be used to trigger external instruments via MIDI. You can also define up to a massive 999 blocks per song.
SONG A song is basically a number of blocks that have been strung together. A song need not be composed entirely of separate blocks - indeed, it's common to play the same block a number of times before changing, and you can even return to re-use a block as often as you like within a song.
MODULE Although you can save song data on it's own, and load the samples used in it separately, it is common to save both song and samples in one file - known as a "Module". Most BBSs have Modules composed by Amiga musicians on them, and AmiNet on the Internet is a huge repository for modules composed by Amiga users around the world - when you get proficient at using OctaMED there's no reason why your modules can't be there too.
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) A standard set in the 80s to allow musical instruments to communicate with one another and with computers. OctaMed has comprehensive MIDI support, allowing you easily to combine external sounds with the built-in samples or your Amiga.
We gave it away on our CD, now we're giving you a complete tutorial series, courtesey of the master, Mr. Sandiford.
BUILD TOOLS This icon will bring up some of Real 3D2's most powerful modelling tools - splines. They have the advantage of appearing extremely smooth when rendered and can be used to make organic shapes. Be warned though, they can take ages to render - Real 3D3 is much quicker... Sect.
Lighl cm Com Lin.
Clip Pxop F«e Win n k ,-3 -3 Mesh - a simple grid made up of splines (aka a spline patch), which can be very flexible.
Pixel tool - same as version 1.4. Build from Curves - takes a selection of curves and turns them into a mesh.
Coplanar Sweep - creates a surface by sweeping one curve along another.
LINEAR MODIFICATIONS If you want to move, stretch or scale your objects you need to use this group of tools to do so. They are pretty straight-forward to use, just select your object dick on the appropriate tool and you're away.
1. Move
2. Move Centre of Gravity
3. Size 2D
4. Size 3D
5. Stretch
6. Extend
7. Rotate
8. Mirror
9. Shear
10. Rotate Extend
11. Deform Alter a series of tutorials on Real 3D Classic it’s
time to move onto bigger and better things - Rial 31) version
Rail 11)2 is truly ama ing. It’s the single 3D animation system the Amiga and it embarrasses several graphics workstation programs in terms ol features. Best of all it was yours free of charge on AFCDI (issue 85).
I nlortunatelv the CD-ROM edition was m short supply - I barely got one myself
- and not everyone got a copy. So, as it onlv takes up a measlv
6Mb of disc space we've put it on this month's CD.
However, power always comes at a cost and Real 3D is no exception. You will need a powerful machine to get the best out of the program. 6Mb of RAM and an Fpl is enough to gel you started and you'll certainly benefit from a faster processor and more RAM if you intend to lake advantage of all the features Real
31) has to offer.
Although there are huge differences in terms of features, the two programs have a lot more in common than it might first appear. Although Real 3D2 looks different and complicated, it works in a similar way to its predecessor - it's just more configurable.
Right, rather than drop you in at the deep end with explanations of tangential forces, collision detection and the like we thought it best to start with the basics. This first installment will concentrate on the Tool window and won’t go into too much depth on each feature, but remember there is online help available by pressing the I lelp key and the Amigaguide contains some good information. O SECTION ? I T ooI Vis.
Sect.. Lev.
Ligti Ctil Com Build) Bool Map.
Clip Pi op Fiee Win Ani.
Mth J-* Ik m Ill 8L This selection of tools are used to create sectional objects. The best way to think of them is as objects with bits cut out. They are quite straight-forward and all create objects look like their icons, although you may need to experiment a bit.
METHODS Here-in lies the true power of Real 3D2. Methods are different ways of, or indeed methods, of animating your objects. They are very powerful and more than a little confusing, but are well worth getting to grips with. Essentially, like the rest of the program, the methods rely on having the correct hierarchy structure. If you following the structure and explanations in the help file they should work.
1. Collision Detection - this works by detecting collisions
between different objects and enables them to respond to that
2. Path - a simple and direct method. Moves an object along a
3. Directed Force - uses a force that operates in a specified
direction to influence an object or group of particles.
4. Inverse Kinematics - restricts movement of skeletally
controlled objects.
5. Wave - applies a wave to an object or particle group, a simple
and direct method. Moves an object along a curve.
These are otherwise known as primitives and form the basis of most modelling projects. They're basic shapes and. As with the section tool, appear much the same as their icons. Creating a visible object is easy and works much the same way as creating a visible. These objects are ideally used with Boolean operations to create more complicated objects.
VISIBLES Issue Seven £4.99 Thousands of new sites you need to see
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The rolepiaying magazine Keep characters simple lor better rolepiaying
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with our cosmic 11-page pull-out Encounter tA Also available
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GamesMaster Magazine is live on the Internet... http: www.futurenet.co.uk And you can reach us by E-mail... gmaster@futurenet.co.uk VIRTUA FIGHTER KIDS DESTRUCTION DERBY 2 We take a look at one of the most exciting follow-ups there's ever been. Ever.
It plays better than VF2g It's packed with features, and it's the sort of game your gran will kill for a go on - top Saturn pics!
The most immediately noticeable bug in the listing we were left with at the end ol last month s tutorial, occured when the text reached the bottom of the screen. It simply carried on off the bottom and was lost forever. Obviously we cannot simply assume that the HTML document will fit into one 256 line display, and so we need to plan accordingly.
Over the last few months we have slowly been adding to our HTML document. Now it's time for John Kennedy to guide us through using SuperBitMap Windows and Gadgets.
I came up with some strategies to deal with the problem, and I'm sure you could come up with some yourself.
See the boxout for the details.
NO NEED FOR A SUPERBITMAP You might lx- wondering what a SuperBitMap is. But don't worn, there is no Krvptonite involved. Normally, when you define a window, the Amiga automatically sets aside a region of memory which it can use for displaying text and images. This is known as the Bitmap. This is all hidden from you in most cases, as you simply open a window and let the operating system worry about reserving memory.
1. Work out in advanu how largo tf)« window is to bo, and define
the page size accordingly, using a proportional gadget to oooU
and down a larger- tharvcarvbe-displayed SuperBitMap.
2. Work out in advance how large the window is to bo. And define
the screen size. The Amiga wHI automatically scroll up and
down with no need for gadgets, but Menus will be lost at tho
top of the screen.
3. Start with a single page size, If move opoce is needed, dose
the window, make it larger and redraw tha antlre now page,
using a proportional gadget to scroll up and down a
largeMhan-can be displayed SuperBitMap. Repeat this process if
4. Draw one page worth of text If the page is to be moved, scroll
the area accordingly and re-draw the contents.
A SuperBitMap Window is a different wav of opening a window.
Before you open the window, you must define the bitmap yourself. Why would you want to go to all this bother?
Because you are free to define a bitmap which is actually larger than the window display. The bitmap is like a large expanse, and the Window is. Well, a window onto to it all. It can only display a part of the total image at once, but it can be moved around.
Back to the HTML viewer therefore, and imagine that you open a large bitmap and open a SuperBitMap window. The HTML text can In- sent to the bitmap, and then you can scroll the display Window up and down to see the entire document. This gives us two goals for this month's tutorial.
1. Define and use a SuperBitMap Window.
2. Define a suitable “gadget" for scrolling up and down.
As we saw. Defining a SuperBitMap Window is a matter of creating a bitmap and then opening a suitable window.
Defining a bitmap is easy, vou use the command bitmap like- this: Bitmap number, width.
The “depth" is the numlicr bitplanes. And it works in the same way as the depth of a screen: i.e. a depth of two means four colours, a depth of four means sixteen colours.
To define the Window, we use the ordinary window command, but add the “SuperBitMap" flag and also include the relevant bitmap. Oddly, the SuperBitMap flag is missing from the official Blitz documentaion. But trust me when I tell you that (that's 128 in decimal).
To open a screen and a window, you would then use a program similar to that shown in Listing One.
That’s really all there is too it.
When you create a program with these commands, you’ll notice nothing special. The Window will open and look exactly like any other window. You can w print text in it. And when you reach the bottom of the screen it will vanish as liefore.
OK. There is one important difference: the text printed off the bottom of the screen is not lost - it’s printed on the part of the bitmap which we can’t yet see. To shift the position of the Window around the bitmap, we use the command: PositionSuperBitmap x,y This does exactly as you might expect: it moves tlie Window to position x.y in the SuperBitMap. You can quickly test it by 4F I he hardest pan involves defining the Gadget. There arc several types of gadgets: Text (for entering a string of lexi into). Buttons (for clicking on) and Proportional Gadgets whic h allow you to slide a little
knob up and down or to the left and the right. I Ins is the type we’ll use. And we'll position it to the right ol the screen.
To sec any text which is off the bottom ol the screen, the usei onlv needs to click on it to scroll the screen up and down We need to use the Ptopgadget command, and it has arguments like this: PropGadget list, X,Y, Flags, ID, Width. Height The “list" is a number which is referenced bv an associated Window.
and Y are the location of the Gadget, flags defines how the Gadget operates and Width and Height the overall dimensions. To add the gadget to our program we can use the code shown in Listing Two. That’s about all we have time for but join us next time to discover how to add this to vour list. *Zi NEXT MONTH We will be looking at how to integrate the SuperBitMap and Gadget into the rest of the HTML listing.
Auin number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this number of this jL.
Part icular part icular part icular part icular particular part icular particular part icular part icular part icular part icular particular particular part icular particular part icular particular particular part icular part icular partIcular part icular particular particular particular I ine I ine line line I ine I ine line I ine I ine I ine I ine I ine line line I ine line line I ine line line I ine line line I ine line j is is number is number 13 is number 14 is number 15 is number 16 is number 17 is number 18 is number 19 is number 20 is number 21 is number 22 is number 23 is number 24 is
number 25 is number 26 is number 27 is number 28 is number 29 is number 30 is number 31 is number 32 is number 33 is number 34 is number 35 Listing Four shows the program running.
Opening a window, printing some text and then including something like: for a=l to 200 PositionSuperBitMap a.a next a There are drawbacks to the SuperBitMap: you don't get something for nothing. The biggest snag is that when you define the bitmap, it takes up memory. If you define a bitmap which is 640 pixels wide. 1024 lines high and 256 colours vou have to make sure vou s have the memory available for it.
Super Bitmap Windows must also be “GimmeZeroZero" Windows.
In return for sacrificing the memory, you get a very easy-to-use and very’ smooth scrolling system. In this situation. I think the pay off is worth it.
INSPECTOR GADGET Now we need to add a Gadget to allow us to scroll the Window up and down.
Gadgets are buttons which are dealt with in a verv similar wav to Menus. You define the gadget, link it to a window and let the Amiga look after drawing it.
You can test for any actions by testing for special values - return to the WaiiEveni IDCMP message handling stull which we looked at in the tutorial several months ago.
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guitur-relutcd queries, from buying equipment, to setting up
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H pial 3 Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
UPGRADE PLEA Letter of the Month To all non A( »A Amiga owners oui there! I have an urgent request to make. Please, ditcli them and buy an
1200. A4000 or even wait lor the Power Amiga or MindVValker. The
Amiga market is in trouble and it needs an urgent boost.
With the sale of*Amiga Tec hnologies to Viscorp things are
looking even shakier. The large amount ol money created by
part exchanging your old computer foi a new one will get
the juices flowing in the Amiga world once again.
I'he number of AGA machines in use will stabilise the market and piogrcssivc software’ companies could lake- another look at the- Amiga. They once said that Doom would not he possible on the Amiga, now look: we have AK3I)lfl A game that heats the pants off Doom, ami just remember, a friend bought a P(! A year ago with all his money , and now nothing new will run on it! The Amiga will live forever with your help.
Daniel Whitten.
Bucks PS. Is it me? Or do all Win 95 users have glasses and a beard?
ON THE OTHER HAND... I low can the Amiga expect to survive this summer. (Ihristmas or am time?
Look al all the things which are going for the PC’s. First everyone wants a cheap computer. II you walk into am shop you get P(! And Macs rammed down your throat and there is not one Amiga in sight. And just as well, bec ause at the price, everyone will just laugh.
The second thing is the software.
Sure, the Amiga has AMAZING serious stuff. I’vet voile’s impressed. I'he games COVERDISKS - THE FINAL WORD Before I start let me assure you that this isn't a 'brown nose give me a prize' letter. It doesn't matter if it gets printed, as long as you read it.
I have every issue of AF since July 1994 (AF61) and I have nearly a whole disk box devoted to Coverdisks. Thanks to your magnificent organ (hang on I'll rephrase that !) - Thanks to your wonderful publication (that sounds better!) I can now write my own programs (Amos, Blitz Basic AFBla and AFS a)l render graphics, (Real 3D AF77a), and design my own documents (Final writer AF82a, which I thought was brilliant).
In short I have an extensive range of software tools for FREE. So why do people always complain?
I'll admit that not all the disks I find a use for (but I r Issue 77 of Amiga Format had Real 3D on the Coverdisk so that you could learn how to create images like this.
Aren't had. Hut it we can do Gloom. Wh c an't we do a texture-mapped flight im vet? F.vc-n if it nerds 10Mb hard disk space or a GO drive*, most people have got that anyway, and il they ain't, don't c all yourself an Amiga user, vou don 't deserve it.
But how about combining the two.
Something PC. And Mac users did years ago with amazing success. Yeah. I'm talking about Multimedia. II vou switch on a PC and get a four colour Workbench rammed in vour lace. The PC and Mac have hundreds and hundreds ol Multimedia (!l)*s and it s growing. The Amiga probable has around ten (whic h aren't in any shops anywhere). And vou say it is a multimedia computer? So stop making They said it would never happen but the imminent release of Alien Breed 3D II suggests that they were wrong.
Keep them anyway). Amiga Format is not just a front cover with two disks stuck to it! It is much more. Read it and you'll find it packed with news, views, hints, tips, special offers and many ways to enhance your computing life. If people buy the magazine for the Coverdisk they are missing a lot For instance AF disk 80a was left untouched for weeks - what would I do with a virus checker (or so I thought). One boring Sunday I dug it out and checked all my 362 floppy disks. The result several dodgy disks and after repairing the rest I was virus free. Not bad for a useless disk!
So I hear that Coverdisks are destroying the software industry. I however do not agree. After playing your Worms Coverdisk for three weeks, I went out and bought the full version. I am now awaiting the full version of Final Writer 4, and saving up for an accelerator with extra memory so I can play Alien Breed 3DII. Some people would say your magazine has two useless industry destroying Coverdisks on it. Just ignore them!
Thought of the day; If I gave you a cigarette lighter, would you come back because the Jaguar was missing? (Sorry - I couldn't resist it).
Matt Mecham Gosport Well, thank you for your kind comments. It is nice that not every reader in the entire universe doesn't have a bad thing to say about our Coverdisks. It is impossible for us to please everyone all the time, so please bear in mind, what you might consider of little interest may be very useful to someone else.
Com c rap platformy games and write some entei taming (.D s which actually have more than Hi colours for a c hange. They DC) work.
The third thing is Amiga I lardwarc.
Why bother with it? I Just buy PC stuff*.
It’s a lot cheaper and in nearly all cases better. OK. You’re giving support to PC manufacturers, but don't vou think that j the high price ol the Amiga is just doing the* same thing.
I think you've been asleep for the last few months and vou haven't seen f what the PC and Mac world is up to.
Concerned uiiggv u er.
Mr A Ixmg Harrow Continued overleaf 4 A Ohhh. Strong words. I warn you Mr Lang, we il gel letters... THE WORlO'ft EOOttT-if UIMS AMIGA MA0A2INI AMIGA I DOWNLOADING DOWN UNDER I have recently migrated from Australia and was wondering if you know of any BBS numbers that are available over here. II not I would be grateful if you would print my request so anyone who has any information about BBS’s in Australia can help me.
Air Lee Mogfurd New South Wales PS. I hank C.«kI tor the subscription service, the newsagents are still on the January issue over here.
FORMAT Tha much sought after 4fCD1 There k% only one copy left in the entire Future office block.
Of plastic which is .... OUTSTANDING Yours FORMATLY
I) Johnston Blackburn Well, I'm glad that you really liked it
Part of the reason we started producing a CD version of Amiga
Format was to try and give the entire Amiga industry a boost.
If, as result you have felt compelled to buy a CD drive, then that's good. It will mean that not only will you be able to buy all sorts of other wonderful Cds, but you will also encourage more developers to create and release many more CD products.
A* don't krurw of any numbers, hut I'm sutr some (four ever vigilant readers will tw only too happy to help.
¦ el NAME GAME Please, please, please could you not use two word names for the dircctory tile names on the ,* !D.
I have an Amiga 1200 with a CD*- networked to it. I use Twin Express to download files etc. The problem is Twin Express can’t understand two word names e.g. “PL) GAMES".
I low ever if it was named “PD-
C. AMES" there would l»e no problem.
This simple problem means that l can’t use the CD as well .is l would like to. I think I speak for many oilier users w ho ow n a networked CD3- and 1 would Ik* very grateful if you could bear this in mind for future issues.
Robert Fyies ?
Reuses it thev gave awa their lull program for free? And keep the Cds coining! Preferably monthly! That was excellent!
Oliver Hodgson Surrey Well, it wouldn V he the f irst time we were ahead of our IX'. Cousins. Ihough (hey had lots more coverage of Windou'%95 than us... A QUESTION OF STYLE Oh, alright then. And we will he hanging the name of the assign script as well, not because, as someone claimed, that *. M is an illegal filename under AmigaDOS (it isn t). Hut because it confuses XrtBSl) and other I XIX environ merits.
Witli so much interest being to the hardware and OS specification of future Amig; have to voice mv opinion from a design viewpoint. My particular concern is with this Magic I ser xn WORK OF THE DEVIL Who the hell do you think you are? GOD ALMIGHTY!
You cannot just take over people's lives like this. It's Draconian, it's Big Brother come to visit it's... it's... it's... just not fair.
I've been up all night watching Jason Jordache pic's, been goggle eyed at the Lightwave stuff, viewed animations, played games ‘till my joystick overheated, made the kids stay up late and took a shuftee at what's on offer on the Net! It's not on... it's playing havoc with my personal life (nudge... nudge... wink... wink... - know what I mean?) Even the damn kids love it!
Not only did you tip the scales on the "should I or should I not purchase a CD-ROM drive" debate, but it took me two. Yes. Count 'em, TWO weeks to get my hands on a copy of the CD version of your mag (to which I religiously subscribe). But still, hand on heart "WELL DONE".
May I finally offer a little constructive criticism to the GUI. It looks great, it feels great and by golly it's drop dead gorgeous. BUT. And a rather big BUT at that!... after navigating your way through the first menu screen you are faced with an array of round buttons which do not react to a mouse click! You are left in limbo... "Did I dick on it or not?!- They just do not respond... I realise that this is your first stab at this CD lark but could you do something about those round buttons and make the blighters wink or something!
I must finally end this letter with a heartfelt THANKS for the effort put into this CD and I totally enjoyed the variety of software put onto this piece Copycat Sliockei! IX'. Eonnat are so imaginative, they had to copy their Amiga sister maga inc! I hey have nicked your idea, and put Final Writer Lite (meaning a 48f , with KNIbs ol Ram on the PC... how nice it is to have a nice memory efficient system) on their disks.
And I thought that the Amiga was inferior, and behind the times.
It took the PC mags three or four months longci to get the same program on their disks... I Inimrn.
Oh. And isn't Issue H.r»s Mr Atkin being just a tad greedy to want a brand new complete word processor on the Coverdisk? How would Softwood make am mnne SEEING DOUBLE At this stage I used various gradient fill procedures to create the sunset and water effects.
Interface (MUI) Manic Workbench (MWB) dependence lhat seems to grip tin- Amina community. It has a colour scheme comparable to cla and tasteless marble backdrops, what next? Formica worktops and lava lamps' Having noticed that the new “Surfer Pack" from Amiga Technologies contains Mi l based applicants I began to worry, for the lact that Mi l, and correct wrong, lias heen created by a progt ammei with very little human interface design training. I hope AT have no plans to incorporate Mi l in the OS, without first consulting a fully qualified human interface specialist.
Mil has come under a lot of criticism trom many users who complain about the strain it puts on the Amiga and the fact that it's unstable, but the idea is still a worthwhile one.
It’s fortunate that during ML I s development it hasn't had any professional design input and to be fail to Stefan Stunt (the author of Mi l) it’s mainly the fault ol the programmers who use ML I. They are the ones who overdo it. They actually believe that, betause they have used Mi l, it’s somehow more user friendly.
I've actuallv read in one programmer’s documentation that his program was "F.asy to use because it uses MIT. Laughable!
I don’t understand what’s wrong with (iad Tools and Intuition. I program the .Amiga in C, and 1 nevei need to resort to “interface layout libraries" to create “easy to use" programs. It’s all to do with the user, and how they will interpret your interface, and more importantly how they expect it to function based upon experiences with other programs.
The Amiga has never reallv been considered as a serious think the main reason Ml ’ has heen so popular with u sers is that the interface is easy to configure to your own preferences. You can choose or even design sour own gadgets and configure the interface to fit in with the rest of sour Amiga software. I nlihe a Macintosh, you will never find two Amiga owners with the same setup. It is part of the individuality, the spirit of freedom, that Amiga users choose to configure their software the way they want it to look, not the wax some programmer tells them it should.
Hograminers use Ml'l because they can easily add this configurability to their programs without having to spend months creating then men system - why re-invent the wheel? Of course, it's still a good idea to read the style guide.
am not saying that Ml I is perfect. There are lots of aspects of the system to consider, but think lhat its fmpulanty must pnne that it is worthwhile.
Machine because of the lack of professional looking software. The maioritv of Amiga software dcvelo| ers don’t have the resources to hire interfat e specialists, so they have to rely on their own experience.
M advice to programmers is to bus the “Amiga L'ser Interface Stvle nude", or the “Making it I have an even better plan. Why don't you just send us £4.50 every month and we won't send you the magazine. Think of all that time we'll save you - and you won't have to read any adverts at all. There's a bargain for you.
CUNNING PLAN PART 2 An even more cunning plan, (yes it is possible) than Russel Lewis. Why don't you print an Amiga Format with just the advertisements and stick the £45 difference inside it. Then I would most definitely get it. Instead of paying £4.50 for the mag or paying £50 for one without it I would receive £45. You're magazine would be a smash hit and the most popular mag in the world. Even people without a computer would like to get their hands on it and get more than one copy. They even would like to get it weekly, boosting advertisement sale, because of popularity, to never seen
With the money I could buy the products that are advertised which would prove once and for all that advertising does sell products. I could even buy a modem and the mag wouldn't have to be printed any more because I could download it from the Internet. Hey. Then I also don't have to pay postal fees. Sorry for the job loss of postal people and printers and ink supplies of printer people. But it is Capitalism isn't it and it's good for the environment.
Den Haag The Netherlands Macintosh" guide from Apple.
Ia ok at inteifaces to programs on the Mac. As well as good Amiga programs, and learn from them, also. TiA and lind someone to design your interface il vou are unsure how t« do it. It’s not as easv as it first appears.
Mall Comer Coventry hnndre W .
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LEGO SuiteJnhanxum, Denmark BARCELONA Sum Johnimtm Sune has sent us some great pictures all created In Imagine 4 on his Amiga.
We particularly like the depth of field effect in the one entitled "Barcelona".
STARFURY Jack Tnmalin, Drrbythit This is, apparently, Jack's first attempt with Lightwave. If so. He'll have a bright future.
YOUR OmBfWlLKD&MTCMB) OH 7hE SAME DAY VIA FKSTCLAUMI SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP ENGLAND TEL: 0374 678068 Price ..99p per disk Please add 70p to total for postage & packaging Pack price as stated All orders same day despatch For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) TEL OR FAX: 01827 287377 SOFTWARE How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk code.
G. U01 Aqene. Some titles have a number in (). This means the
title comes on x) number of disks. To order PACK iust write
UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only We stock
PACKAGE RAT (Europe add 25p per disk for P&P) (Worldwide add
5Qp per disk P&P) rfcn 17.
FSX 4 CHC 0SE 1 PR EE C )ISK lV 1 rT U( 9DER OP 10 OR WO IjSR 1 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 8 FALCON WILNECOTE TAMWORTH B77 5DN TEL: 01827 287377 1597 k*u ac- UGOO C 4 EM MOUSE MAT worth £2-99 FREE MOUSE MAT worth C299 with every order of Cl? O’ ovot To Clam your (roe mouse mat rUSt Cut and return this token *-th your onJet . Enclose an oxtra 39p stamp to cover the postage and packing Offer only available with tna token (limited i Mouse Mat per order exdudlng any ether offer) Alternatively you may choose 1 FREE disk
* *?*?**?**??**AMIGA ESSENTIALS************** DISK CienMINO KIT
9S»* Complete with dl«k H cleitrtlog fluid Quality MOUSE MAT
• O blank dlaks U. lO labels
.....C4 99 no
disk protoctor
sloeveo .£
• special offer: Cl off If you ardor S or mom PD disks PRINTER
Crazy THE XMAS SC*lG i&Sk) rtrv (unry MONEY cCfl NOTM NG • D RE
tunes ccmpla&cn ADAMS FAMILY BANGLES Waflt L*e An Egyrmar I
FFAKY I Ttin« We rg Aljre Nje MADONNA bkca V gr JANET JACKSON
• R ryTr Njwr PET SHOP BOVS SAM cCx. FteaseMo MADONNA • iJ e a
ES 2diS*5i RAVE • note Rave A TC Z OF c&t GAMES MUSIC |4
GENERATC*1 U427 PhikTtR 5IUDW eic knl piM rwulrt U599 POINTER
TOOl Incluflw lypewrller. »oooi*r Kc U792 PRINT LABELS pnnt
dip l«MI».t)anr«ri U7S3 STAR PRINTER STUOKJ (Of »« *i»r
prlnl»r« UTM 5EIKOS STUDIO to. 11 S*ko prlrUm Mort
• pocrtlc prlntor driver lor ttw «( ov« pnnl*.
UQ3 PANASONIC STU0I0 • 9 » i* pin p-micr dnv*« A aw U73* CANON PRINTER STUDIO noi A5C0 11 3) U7J5 PRINTER STAR 24 200 FONT DESIGNER • «f flr*«»r* U782 CITIZEN PRINTER MANAGER lor ail Cml*n prlnlor Own*r» contMning many u»*«ul primer utlla 5 drlv*r« U884 CANON PRINTE R STUDIO lor all modal, lor us with Canon pdniari U757 ISO* PRINTER 0RIVERS larg**! Coll*e1lon N KIT 1 tfatn Amga hypei onpitaticnB ALVAQE.-REPAIR KiT Exc«iie M l sk cw I'OCk nr i rator make 8 DISK MAG V. he ATOM cieates d Sk 1 T£7HA COPY niiiy loin& W!»lo rzjpymg ?o d.&k Great 16 XCOPV PROFhSolONAl *nry ccwerT.il .9**. cop.or ,9
PatNT AND ANIMATE ciearc vcju* uwn ammatfcn vA MASTER SEKA V1.6 compete Assembler adnguage it SID i» copy oeieiemove-ojn We Ms-ng a mouse
K) AMOS-PA NT V OOOd prtmt package k !6 Of feature '2 Graph C
oNUTVfSjjvapmc* : xivoner ics n SiiDt• Show CONSihOCtiOn ki*
easy to make ARCHIVER TOOLS pack mtyo filoo onto voir d«s».
&ve* 4tXi gamer* wy ohantpiM 0} caflfKkje on ***
• LY MfT.o ».% Atovo f I SVGA PC ©rulnlar £ MptODE” 4 0 a**.
Peck mote programs onto o*k 13 Tufc A 1 COPIER (not WBJi 13
oop.er Wo* ,4 FRACTAL UTIL kwido cA «iacti» program* Brtf 12
LAND BUILDER create ffraiiatc tartfacapa* W COPV A CRACK
T(X)L?5 back oC yOu* SofNvftr® )0 MESSY StD il rcedvtrita PC:
MAC ole Mot |1 AU O DISK LOGGER catalog© yCur H GRAPHIC UN H3J
of t "n papnc uM
* 4 GRAPHIC tJt.i V 13: ovor mot* gr iphvr 1C* S 13 SCENERY MAKER
more lA'idacapo gore'atfon U EMULATOR COLLECTION ri *ti of
16 FREb COPY C%vk up commerce gam»* 1 MODEL 30 Bniliar: JO oftjori d** gner W MULTI VLSON 2l disMiHrs ulilil oa 0 POOL TOOL- prMkt '»ur*e w!h b««l chance 1 RACE HAIER S rvar 10 atOv* iH ST AR CAT 2 create CntA OuA Olk «**»ly 9 SEEkFR tins lost Mo on ficpp' * Harpdftve it AMIGA 5V* dwfln rio* fOf’l rok mogA ine ek ’fiaaa sne .1 5Y*!0*rt HAHl 1'622 ACTION REPLAY VI f» I U623 ACTION REPLAY V4 ;A L645 PC EMULATOR V2.31R L650 COPY 6 CRACK TOOl LSSO NEW SLPER VIRUS K:U J689 FORECASTER V2-»-j m l'6HG ASSASiN COPlF H OtV
- '694 5 JPER DUFT R j iNOl WO*. 3 V a*1 Osfc C©C»8r L‘696
AmiTOOL PROFESSIONAL disk database too: U699 MEGACHEAT VJ ?
»mar* games Ch*3!& ?700 ANIMATION CoftSTRUC?iON Kit VI ? good
U702 V MORPH V2 c*oa!o riorc amnalon U7QJ POOL TOO..S 7
Ilateili tvxse racra U706 TRONl CAO hcil cr viL tK rd • eiAtPMe
Li707 GAME TAMER rAU}‘l2i f -r rvon mo-c uam i Li706 LAST WILL
S TESTAMENT. YrJUf W,|| U710 PFRFECl PAINT i? Basv to um pa»oi
pao.ao* U7M ENGINEER KIT Tor: k : fgr At no U716 MAGNUM 1 9
REGARD Eso« dia* rroonr.na cfcwr U72I FONY FAHM V3 • 'oa !S Ol
• cnt vtpyvnr U723 EXOTSC hsH ph raTAf .16 c*« SO grMfnc
U724 PAP.NET SET -P i2i nq.i.rod for rr* conn«t»oo L725 PAHNE' CABLE MAKER INSTRUCTION • Savo LEL'is U776 AREX MANLiAL'lnot Wbl D• conptcto »rw»uol L7?9 ASSAYS'N ?Tf 0T UT U S‘: fXXK blOCk CfMUy ulil b'730 SOFT AGA • A.rKXlp.-.i% of AF JC *L 'nir. : S T ij L731 A 2 GAMES ChfcAT Ipr oyo» 6CC ganxis 1 732 M NI MORPHS TERMINATOR 2 oPoc!
L736 AWARD MAKER I - nu«4'ea» uf ready naoc 1 737 ASSASh'N CRUNCH A COPY ’OCL tV 6 t 3 only.
U73A S KICK POOFFSStONA. 2 Vahous K-s»ar U74T CROSS ' L-741 HD DISK ' L'742 **0’rV "O J744 FPACT*. MAMA.
L'74f» *f WOFK BENCH L747 ASTRONOMY V2 r L'749 DISK RLPA U 3 j*,- U750 MUSIC CATALOGU l 761 SYSTEM Chf*:kEF L753 HAOD CQ'VF ll7 .
S- 1W ACHES Ol 05* K*6rxi A; ©i%.r i U970 ••AROOP.iVE S€CV P!TY .» Cv« W ©o LoCtc 2 Pav4*»r4 e*z U971 haTO 4 :LOFFY D-S*: CC‘- .E» -Zyy 'ct WB» 3 W73 CHEAT FOP SCO • GAMES LEVEL COCt v3 3 (2) U3 4 0 G4VES kVSTAnEft 2 r.uxt 1 5 K O eg 2vV» 2 fete O' re O-.tcd lAyte Conw 2 4 w 1 75 DM5 V2 C 4 P o Cwh e-: f aw :rND«i 3: U976 MAGIC SELECTOR Vi 4- Aroe WB 'oaca U97? MAGC we COY* AfcCHiVfc 3i fCOO * Ol MG con U996 X PASSWOflOfCW U979 AC «i E* j) 1004 % of nc**ne’ Ar gi 4 7EXTURE STUO.O Rt'Ott vftnout teituret Vy ute edh 3 e'C f€“3 FPU (fVK 1 3) U996 BOOK-E BEATER- wWg r CO'im vj e r. U997
HQ GAVE NSTALLt R 3 r.tlxi rrwo garnet 10 HD U996 EXOTfC fePPER Y3 D L*!c*!
UW HO MEMORY ioe* conect hi mm U'COO MA UC OF».jS V(x 2 4 3 »?0. O0C J1001 Caa DATA ANALYST r«± , r CA' p*rfo mance J’CC2 TURBO CAThWB 24 j ohni cvao c oevy U1003 LOTTEHV WINNER V2- ew U1COS BASK; ElECtRO'dCS’Teec * a* ekectronce Uiooe LOTTO lunacy VS Upo»2e w one vjxe K?C4 U1007 ALL NEW MAA0-D«SK A FlOPPY D«SK TOOL 2 (?
U'CC6 HARDWARE PROiECT 2 (2. 8 0 bP ent o' projects r.t i tt a X wt cete LHCC9 DATA AiEPT 3 ex ere e r. My cora ff UlOtO WB2 04 INSTALLER AtieY A£ 0. A£ X to HO ARCADE GAMES II Ar • » it n- .• pfVvi * AAT **%! *A
PACK ONLY £4 99 PUZZLE GAMES II Mas&’W o' a!' Tto very best
potf? $ anss ?«*• 'eteasto rcWtng sere ol te te BlC-cs Cube
Pctue-Pijales elc. Far loo *nary !olist 5 OISK PACK ONLY £4 99
PRINTER PACK 5 disk pack with all the latest p mtmg programs
specialty designed tor printing out high quality documents,
text & pictures etc and it is even able to pnnt out AS booklets
very handy) Easy to use A must tor any Amiga owner with a
printer Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4-99 ECO* Kio PAINTS
tuoe*t p*m k*: * * x T002 COLOU" IT bfiHieht CO Ocok jrmr,
txx* ECOJ TREASURE SEARCH f kyj Nk»i treatore E004 LEARN 4
PUAV I (ro4 A1200) 4 games E005 LEARN 4 PLAY It rr*x© CkkKetxy*
fWR1 3c y b »iWen» sto y o FOOQ ASTRONOMY M0h4l co to**' lUP
o'c syafem E010 SIMON 4 SPACE MATHS 4 Smon EI04 DESK TOP GUO€
TO WU5C 30) 4 E107 TRUMPTY FtREVrfORK A1PHABET Fnee A w g way
to toerr. Trx et Aboi C 106 HOVy TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS t (2l
C 09 MR MEN Olympics 20) miwy ©venu IO Corr eM E MO CULT TV
devoWo rO f o t EMS Ei£C!ROiC kVCRLGS (30) K q erne* eoe El
ys Wca Be Kh 2 EM9 D:NO WAR OviC E 120 JUNOR MATHS G'oe: kK W
FACTORY teach new w ds B123 KID D«SX 1- BnAent peck
F. 124 KlO D«SK 2 E120 KIO 0*SK 3 »DTP) p vw*m !o h**% F142 KIO
D SK 5 4 6-2 fuA o' game* E12S JURASS-C PARK VdCi of on
dnoMufl El26 CHILDREN SOT4G 2 cunUkn* 5 e-conent *ong» E127
M NO SHU IA5CO -re»e A»! o*ogy G222 MEGA 21 GAMES dmd livj
21 games S235 DRAGON-C AVF bnlliant 3f puz*i* ga s S24C
OUADRIX vor.« addfclt’-o o*celloni G242 TAKE EM OUT h-.e
Cp aDOK G2S2 DESTINE MOON BASE Arcad© cor.-.-©f ion 627? TANK
BATTLE 2 pltty©f la'* bar© gar* 6276 ARCADIA me be*i arknOiO
clone C»:iOC' Q'BOlO cro4* TFTRIS arvl INVADERS G303 DIMENSION
X 2 P*4y«Y LlQHT CYCLE GAME G31C- NffiUtAR Fxcelloot 30 *hcol
om G31C* GALACTIC t ce»Dfni ft xswb orcado Ml 7 HYPER-BALL
S?6G0 oak • *ve Wior C 32C- GhOST Ship Vorv gocxl 30
aJvo'-tii'Cf G325 BATTLEMENT HunC ldCk of Nttu Dame G326 MEGA
GAME CowLECTiONS III 3 1cc games G33 GRAVITY mossr c ace
e-akyirvg garie 0333 CYBER NETIC Bnliart 6 «vay Msier S334
DONKEY KONG • 1A12OO order code AGA296) 3336 CRA v suf ti*
o(attorm to date G342 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE ;4 IraiJc
e:J.!ar% 3344 STAR trek simtar to RA D 2 ha'de G356 DOOOY
very cute 4 e reme.y AodtCltve 3356 WONDEH l AND Amarng
grapltics reo-immer'drxi 3362 OEL JXE PACMA.N - oeil wemdn
ever .-erased 3367 CARD GAMES CCAQCtxm G366 WIZARD-DOMAINS
dungoo**. Type gamen 0370 KM AT Ri (noi A 200.i o CAOe Tet*is
clcne 3373 AIR ACE :l Vety pvayAbe S»:Oc1 on up G3tH OTHELLO
C65I PD verson G386 MOUSE IMPOSSIBLE very addict** pu ile G390
TETR6N moM Wfi ed Telns ever reiea J G3fr2 STRIKFBAU br tiant
Basoban oono ?393 TRAiLBLAZER tyilliani (not Ai200| 3400
FIGHTING V ARRIOR uke Street Ffgntor ?ACu DOMINOES or v o'*e
of HI kifd on PD C34D5 total war$ strategy k« c ess n mce G4'
i BATTLE CAR 2 30 car mono 3431 NESTER CARO GAME "our* V tun
fry a jvJ»d ?435 ROULETTE Ar»e*ican rc-jletle excefieni 3438
TP.AflDLAZER 2 C04 corvenncn 344 * E-TYPE 2* very qc6d
asteroxl great graj fH: 3443 CLEVPIAD 0*SK .*20: soot eve-ts
3445 DESCENOER GAS-E lar- vrdrc* 4 descender 344$ 06LID0X
exceftern arcade ourr jame G44fi PARAC'»ijTF JOUST au4o
p vA&lo 3455 CASTLE OF DOOM VO g'asnc atwntura 346C WIBBLE
WORLD GIDDY Large riafform game 3467 CASH FRU‘T- good 'fU«1
347ft AMOS CRICKET cr Ke! Gamea 3488 EXTREME VIOLENCE 2 player
oatfie Oui 3489 ENGIMA MACHINE very c iairt rgina pj x!e 3490
MEGA BALI ? Very playable BreakOiK cior 349* BOUNCE 4 BLAST
brilliant platform ICVTO G492 ZOMBIES A DEFENCER 2 test'C
torn** 3494 MERCANERY S VulATION 3D Yvata games 3499 LIFE
-simi a!ior very irie»eiting 3600 TRANSPLANT OCX**, O' rve»
ffl r »rta,3e 3501 KLAY.'Z THE KAT g'ool pladorm gams G5l i
STORMS-tnlliar.l GS34 CASTLE K.UMQUAT 4iri»mr to A .r G535
BLACK DAWN tv-llmni prapnic adventjro G538 MQRIA 5 4 Trn
lato i Djr. na & Dtagcno
r. jRl lor ,1 CHESS or CHECKERS pfayfKt 671 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or
2 player Uvual zlcne
* :k;2 SCHNE0IT7 CryrmyirziA cuoafy pozzle games 875 OELEXE GALA
v2 3 NEW} reaiiy* 5 oounce gd*T« player RFCOMMFNOED gel i
nc - jB76 The KrlCLIAN INCENDEN1 i«e El TE2Ec«c 678 QUANTi M
Maze coliect A escape type games RAG TO R?ChES Hke MONOROl v
684 WIPE OUT-m ndess W3N-K) namoa ?544 SUPfc kun: TAR WARS oame
toadKJtcrai 3669 Mb 3660 4 i I 3664 NE : 3665 TIMI 3667 Goi
i3€66 AMC 3669 MUC 101 GAMES PACK 3 Ne* 10 ¦ pac* 3 contains
over gaaies Runs on all Amigas.
Onfy [11 Vf OFFER buy any 2 oacks together 4 receive a free (4 token for use *Hh nei! C der Th.s otfit cannot be i tC with any oti«f current offer mo is subject lo conditions.
E019 OtNOSAUPS teach you *« afco.i D K »a.*r» E020 WORLD DATABASE nis 2*MEG E021 STORY LAND II *er*ct.*e HECOMMfc fiED E022 LANGUAGE TUTOR loaches you 4 .argaag© E023 Talking COLOURING BOOK taVrg Opiv* nnA*A C024 tASY SPELL 11 you' k- T» V .'ro E026 SCRABBLE roo 'o? 2 4 pAysr 8n4,«nr E026 WORDS ca ho»p » tofve crossword E027 OSWALD L»*go cc'Ou u* ce oor. Game E030 CVOvUTKy C'0 K3 you' C-AT1 hyt oo E031 «0 TEST . IQGAVfSpack 1 o-ceCont EOAJ TYPING TltTOR vo goc 3 1 T tulof C03S Ch£SS HELPER loaches ro to play ECG6 8AS®C TuOOR ee'- about Amga Oa*: proyam EDUCATION S 21 GAM S PACK
ColtcTon ho 1 Si-jar* pact A no PXV* :oro©4Nr ky « I MM cn a) Amgtsi SdaipKxcfh €4* 3674 HIGH OCTANE 1 3675 TiME RjViER 3680 SPACE INVASiC 3ear Automobile s 3682 BANQ T MANIA G68S PROJECT BU77 3689 GUN Fight |nr t 3630 THE fib A. POPI 3652 SYSTEM DfrFf- 3638 AMIGA-BOY G G732 OCTHr.L -N SP 0735 OvfcRLANOFR f KIDS DISKS L2.3.4&S £*:ekn: cdacficn toxxtv* pvym Oea V • di .revi k*oeo 4 re v I
• dan C4W v E ph.
OefKot«CWx ss 5 6128 ASTRO 22 PRO V3 Tn© A4? s og-f *Na!
Tre (XHvr c o**r*u -m* o' *• ' *v* ;o**c poa.u 5 etc RECOMMENDED E 30FRENCH VERB TESTER k OJO ycu Fr E13 CULT TV DATA BASE «* .2 CsSk* aa y TV E132 WORLD h TORy BOOK E133 LITTLE TRAVELLER 11 2* WcxVJ rsvde ormahOA E134 X-FaES -Gule lo the TV •«*»«• E148 CHESS Ai TuTOR t ac t you lo p*« cr*a» E150 iNTERNeT FULL to & tup f ay E16 CLI A 5HELL T JTCR KieaJ for teorwor F 162 OCLUkE PANT ORAFHC TUTOR v 3 1 4 t COW?fO€0 F163 JAPANESE »0 Kai* N E 164 PaiNT IT (not A50O1 3 UAUk%t COLOURING BOOK E 165 KEY BOARD TRAINER An typ g lu*©*
F. 166 Y ORD POWER- SpeftcnecAcmarkerd »oN© T*»cri E166 CROSSWORD
CRCATOR • deagn crt+i+wlt El69 CHESS M A TUTOR bnfeant 0*ea» n
game* El70 HISTORY OF AVIATION V©« 1 L.c ert E171 ChilD
FavOuRiTC- Educate program E1 72 ANIMAl LAND Lea n aOOut
ArwnjJa El 75 FRANTIC GuiOC TO COMPUTER (2Dj ©nttarv A how, E
77 CvBERPUNK 2 for CytMxPunk ifOmkM c*Vy E 1 78 STAA TR£k A
START REK H£xT GEN€*aTON OU« it* must for Sllf Trek far a
conto«na ICOa Of (Kl M from Sfa' Trek »ere* 2 £18! SIGNATURE
CREATOR y© a afwre £ R2 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 a »de to vw% £184
MAC. NfcS ViOF.0 2 dvfci E 185 WO«KBE44CH 2 3 OuiDE On u%e
E210 LEARN A PLAY 3 LitMt eduCAton A gamea E240 8ARNE V THE
BEAR GOES CAMNfO (» a* AOOU £24! COUMS GUIOF V» 1 rrv tom% Ry
£242 GUIOF. TO WFATHFR 3 f Compiefo , -oe RECOMMENOED E24S
MATH ATTACK. Matra 'MfOO gamea ky hxH 6242 AN.MAI -LANO k eai
lor yOung «*H F.ce«enf £243 PICTURE MATHS Mama program •©
k Oa £246 BEG;P4N£R CiUiQE TO WB 3 rAl2O0 on y £247 GLOBE
FACT 2) t*a* ADOu? Pienef earth
F. 248 KlO ONLY 6 OxC*Aont gem** to *ey e th F250 SANTA U'.U
OOe t p«eaenu E251 BIRTHDAY HISTORY V2 ?• E252 BAR TENDER -
»c iCCGa of y«'JLixoc*t*i9 £263 BEGINNER TVPiNG TUTOR £038
AMIGA Tt TORtAl 7 pad tvt©«*l E039 COMPUTER CARE how to Cere
fc* yt X Amga £040 GufOE TO LOWER PACK PAJN tutors Oooul the
• One A how K ivod beck pe n RFXOMMENOCO £041 KID ALPHABET
05C*y* eipheOel E042 FRACTKXi A S LOUEST maths A ga»r a F.c ’
£043 MATH MAS TEH toacfie4.testa you on mam* £044 STEAM ENGINE
V2 g*aph A tutonaf £045 PETROL ENGINE tuto ai A an mar on
grapn c ECHO GAS TuRQiNS ENGINE tvtoKai A an m gr*ph ECH7
STIRLING ENGINE futonet A e *m gr»cr-c £060 DREAM FOR ANGEL *W4
the meer.ng c4 d'aa e £051 INVISIBLE WORLD Dr e-t RECOMMENDED
E052 FISH TANK turn your A mg* n«o a FISHTANK £064 0€ MOL IT:ON
MrSSlO f g*m to* « S £055 WORD POWER aoN* ChH4v«Xd pu2 M •*
gOOO EC56 V ORM HOLE **npl© game *dea» ky enkven 6057 APPLE
CATCHER ceKR fe«ng app e o*uuan* E058 CROSS M42E 5 CR 'PICKING
2 e*:e* t E059 VERB OU»Z the S it* -etetoO **rt Bn kent £061
K»NG JAMES OlBLC (4 3i come'eto tk e £066 TAR ROT c»e.r ©ya'Y:e
n an mtant £068 GALLOW fancy a game c4 hangman £070 MATH
DRILLS teechea ai Dave mem* V good [071 tfiPOr AFO gvea
r$ cen*8QP as to afty x Ar- s maizes [0 5 WORLD WAR 7
grapfuce tutcne on world ear ake Starp'obo mc zuOe ore E076
SCIENCE r awcetem coiectKn c' toence Mu (4 ouv EOOO KrOPRlK
groat cm*Peo* parang program £081 ASTRONCM* PACK Ar-e-ng
coiectcn c programs Y4rr g to Mtrcn:my Legato star povtons otc
liot for astronomy or onthu*ia*t 4 d»akaf C073 PlCTURC A
LCTTER earn to 'oed frst atop* E074 AmiGA BEGINNER GufOE
tutonel on Am-gaa £085 NOOOY PLAYTIME Very good demo £080 KiO
PiX rvoro o ce4ent pa-ntng program* £061 OTP FOR KlO easy to
use e*ce font E092 SI74G A RHYMES aro a iong £004 H GHWAY CODE
TUTOR questcm on r r ay cede £096 RE AO A LEARN (2D) THREE
LlTTlE PlCGY Story £097 BACK TO SKOOL vd 1 CofeChCn d the Ml
£098 BACK TO SKOCH v«i 2 eOX4! ne orogrem* £009 BACK TQ SKOOL
v©r 3 A gam RCCOMMENOCD £100 LITTLE TRAVELLER Wofld wide
nforrraton E101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY a wj ** h map A teal £103
D*SCOVER V OF THE ATOM Ki 'r-ai cn t Ahyn (20) LEMM r to game
pr up omer )!l) .fARH Y HAUDOCk 4*2 VANGcE *“£NDER Li 5*m« irt
hoc in N»Y lo m «m« :cme w h funding ndudom 22 Jt I WILL* - -
6xC*Sieni C8T10IT 03 6 FLAMMING ENGINE S-pn b car 'acir 5 aerie
24 POWER machines. Greobcally tymanl 25 SUICIDE MACHINE
Oporatun WaH itylo ?6 7AXKOT4:50 Sup n C64 30 b’Asie' »ame 27
BolNG V3 Gtedl L*4tronh6r RecCmn»ohJefl 28 PuNTER A”ir.ito1
rarse raonn name ?! ARCADE J»GS*W 7f) I IC-N KING 30 WHEEL
CHAIR GLADtATOR - 3»t*il lur to plA] 31 N V91E B'tlluini r«A
arcade pU7 lo 33 Black oawn 3. The new beginning 12.5 ad venire
RECOMMENDED 34 a.t oocket iscws voi ' good 'ocKet aa e UARUAj.
S‘'in i i U EXCELLENT CA 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY E9-99 Bjfcr*
cwte*n a w 'CC -J tte iri :«! PD r« on«s NVO£» !. Twa Unm «
KirntW Ms, K jw rw. 4irw amt *h MtCiA
r) arr i GAMES HINTS & CHEATS II Do jw»nflil*«Tifc9»tj«r»cminli*H
n *ur r : 0l cl »3M KI0 (fW*» K*K K SAO.K VC Kr. To-r Wi V U
Atrgj) y.i, i«5*.
Joewfl i =*4iiK y 24 J.l, K 8OIK.D6R PACK Ml ALIEN NET WOH*- OATTif CORCE 0.
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SCALE Great »'2C0onty demc* AGA0I6 ChROMAS »G*011 WORLD Of AGA02I MAGiC WORKBENCH im®r e !f* «x- « cu W3 1 K*j wr* Nrcof'i t fXji WB »e*N BrilllAN’ AGA022 W9 3 UtliTf S otto & we 3 cr»y AGA0?3 UCXESS me to* crma ytr* srxt*r k to' tu ¦KSu-ea * Br*ere rat'K* AGAD?4 W0RKBEM 3 SCREEN Greet Deodxic 4GA0SC *'200 Ft* l S* COLLECTON i AGAi»' A!200 FIX DiS* 2 CCUFCTON 2 Af.V*4 RflCCKT* V' 4a ai.e »VC SOTTW*nf
* GAXV AI200 FIX DSK VOL 1 iW Juty «i W tot •!¦ .* *'• Hy*! »
ra.» *W-*W7 P"iy«n'»9*rm *ic hi on wx» *'2CO**XC » mug* ron ah.
Aqa *a*--,a cw.i ns h(commi**ulg games AGA09T AI200 UTIL AGA
REPU' AGA099 MACf K3HTER 2 Stre F it* ax* AGA-OC AGA BliTZ
SCREEN 8LAN«ER aGa'Oi FAST GFP 2 s*o*i G*r pc v tmvtofxr AGA'CO
AGA &X3N05*C sew*rt*m«-tor AGA'33 BlAC» &DARD *GA eg p cmk
AGA105 CxtCK GR*fi AG* - AoA KfMr 7 ID* AGA' to WOR.D BEVONDS 1
Ot Sunnng ?S6 cooj' t*ma*y a" Leevtoe Ata ywr«' AGA114 SMELLS
L-KE CHANEL No f Moat t-rfiKit tor o trace (»f'u,e ’e«a»d or
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RER A- Vft NEW UPDATE TO V4 A&*'AC GkiER TRZ *r, pu«aDe 266
cotow T«'t* AGA-.62 FATA, BLOW -le* STREET FiGmTER 2 ccm.
AGA 166 INFESTATON |3 OMI The ulltrr*to AGA 3*r* AGA 172 VIOEO TRACKER AGA ulnato itomx) AGA' 14 MAGIC WB EXTRA VcM ft 2 12 AGA'89 FRIDAY AT 9 arothar b"ll*ni AGA demo AGA 190 ASSASSIN MUVTIV'SION AGA f*r «*a ng util AGA 192 ALIEN FRENZY 2 p.*'*' t*a»6ng . Pew up AGA-94 BiG ’IME SENSUAL (2 rMU) SPACE BAH 2 AGA200 MASOuERAOE 12 Whan Mr* .gar** AGA2C2 RAM JAM 4 t art t* 5»* i2 **•*(
* GA' 4 COMPLEX CRKj-N i2 OeMi 'KYu'e* 2 5*« or* AGVX TREASURE 0*
'AVLHAIAN ex.aoxat AGA2X .O.E 2 3vs wy toarr DEMOS AGA2J1 AGA
_” L T ft 8 2 Ivi. M e USEFUL JM AGA234 *V0T . Slu-ring AG*
*«Kg pCir* M!*i AGA24C lOTTER* WNNER •KOt’Sy ir'i it-©tcN* .o-'
cr*r e id o GOOD I .OK AGAJ'41 :$ 8 AGA GAM*: GALORE *GA OMB ull
ol game* £W Spectrum Games (Play direct from CO) ULTIMATE TOUH
TEHNlS 17 *»»»»( I '.oW' to r»v* giv DAHK AfeGEL - (no* WB 1
3) * XMto HaiSE THE TITANC C-mO 30 •Xuo.eu'© gan .
PHANTOM Excoanri Wxxe•" up fDEFENOeH 9e MACDONA OND g~'» +»'** lo OOt |r« Ai?OOi .JOUST III fWilUnrrt Cl-* wn*. Updal©d Afr gn gmpno.
IXLUXf OALAGA V O II*© very knltml CuU jn HtQhly roc ommofxjncj LA FR RACF Ckxxl T»on Tyro gum** I «Vma*y ndckct'w TRAIN ORIVER SIMULATION - Tho mOM 'ooMMc tram *m MAS TER-BLASTER kill vonou* n»«uu wo* KNOCKOUT Mm« J©«ructKm O tr, W y *UJ *iv© DUNGEON - EF*0 - 30 Gn* Nc *M«jr. To DOOM MomAi KuMOuAT 3 W'O'd t«e Hm t Ml«m- p COOE NAME NANO T*w »I eton* iNANO FLV 2 M»C«D MARKET V3 net. Tv Luynfl Mwm Gmol gve POKER MANIA - I* you |»n Ixtom- Bn n » you It THAI IOHMIH A AcKonhim MmMo Vi ».i m-«.. IsV*'"!
HI (ilNNERS TYI’INC. TUTOR WORD PUZZLE PRO Lroalo CniMwim) i*u loa o» *oM» pc rlo* KID DISK 7 Ar»o«*« i lino wJucaboruil program I ARLY LEARNER (ago 3 6) roam your Js how to road A COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD UK COUNTIES Similar to atmvo ti.il oo-ukI ontiroty cm ENGLAND WALES SCOTLAND NORTHERN IRFLANO BASIC ELECTRONICS V1 6 2 i*M) For tr» otoctrcmicr. Ton MASSIVE GUIOE TO rv*( MTERNET V2 3 PCNVE ROROO-9S k»o»v AatoriH] 171m* ww K**r» yaprics ULTIMATUM - T»w utmato 30 tar. Name W1V INSTALLER - -«l A60OANX) WcAJ»nU » MO TLHOOCAT PRO VI 2 |frt Wml 3) - nM oatato jo* TEXT ENCHNE VS I nr* WH1 3)
Tha ry !©(««• Aorctonxoutor aCTi 0930 G940 0942 (i066 0060 1269 E201
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prcgnim F F40 lOTrt FtV 96 The very UlMl * f-*Kl toltory pro
PRO GREYHOUND 1 p l*m uui*M t * *« AUTO STEREO GRAM V4 Utnsl
Mag. Oy Trwaicr ElECTfONlC ADORE SS HOOK P*0FOOTBALL 1 1 (2)
»ooe a« prodefcx *4 ProGarr**, Rf MOATF - Rarr©ntoer r-,. .'_*1
.hitns SHAPE S*«FTER V33-f©er «-M Me: ©m*ator MESSY SX) 3 -
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MO GAME INSTALLER 4 matai uto* mt*« gt-w* » HO SOFT ME MORY Doutaa your curler m©rr«xy The -e-a*** rtoea no* 'r*r»r© HD Or MMU Gee »*4 a try RctormwnOoa MAC.lC USER INTERFACE V3 1 - Update »to" vo -cn 2 3 ORC 4«K EMULATO*« ir»* * 31 Al Utsl « eorka MSX II - EfhAMor V7 1 (WO 30) MSX computer 900 AMIGA GAMES MINIS CHI ATS V4 (? Rksks) VIRUS CHECKER V0 2 In.* WO I 3) 1 *iost U1013 U10M U1015 U1016 U1017 U1O10 Uioitt UK»!
U1022 uia?3 U1024 uia» U ic»6 UI027 100s & 100s of real life documentations of UFO sightings, kidnaoo'hg, animal muiilations & lots more. Very interesting read 6 disk set only £5 99 utooa U1029 U1030 U1031 U1032 Magic BackDrop Ttyft 1 0M b m *T Max AS T vt l'2X kaS AS J0 »1" r A6 N &w:-T MAGIC WB & EXTRA DISK Ynt* TWV•*r: mr U47 ft?on Uc CAWC nuht nal yorr 1 to xm AGA AI 200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING IS FOR USE WITH AGA AMIGAS MGA001 EXTENSION DOA3 Slurring to*o to? .trotctc* ASA2*' P4CKMAN AGA Tha to* y* AGA252 ROCKET PD S*e- toM cun. R»a*r» gofftCS tolar 27* 1 AGA2S3 REAl 0£MO Stinocq
k ci*i ©Keen AG*254 DIRT AGA B-Hi.nl 266 cokxit •'tocW AGA25S DEL'GMT EXPLORE E.rerlenl demo AGA256 KEFEREN AGA Demo tola ol oflectj AGA2S7 MINCAkSr RAVE area! -av« musx AGA25S OX*GENE FarttiBC damo AGA259INTELOJT knothe .a«y good deiro J**» «"agn*csnl AuA«o SOME JUSTKJt to Oa-o cl me n-onm 8-iMrt •K.n ©fled RECOMMENCED A3A262 *0 TM£ DCATM Mr, gxrt STREET-FHjHTER on wr now «ro VJA2S3 GEORGE GA AAO 12 tot B Aar* -ut p~e RECOMMENDED AGA265 MtSSH-E CMR ZENON 2 3 *« B-Aanl 30 -.w co-mend*- ¦a-itatlK AGA2S6 TEAM HO DlNO « ATFORM E.wMnt dno pattor Now ttw Mp* am * co-me'cuu gene AGA274 MUSC 2
SURVIVE 2 MM) R e»r«Wlam mu** TasM(p ecM W»n wcrth gettng AT.*271 RAVE MA* MUM OvFRDRlVF II (2 atksi AGA270 CHANNEL 2 iSSUE I (AGA| (? 5*«i AGA taw. «• itwgajmaa RECOMMENDED AGA *v w darr'Ofrusc AGA385 WORKBENCH BACKC«CP vOl 3 AGA295 DC LUXE MONOPOLY Bo*-d gar* very aOJcrv- AGA296 OONK£« KCMG A ted. :'4W ccrvwr AGA297 &CM8 RAC E-'*-©Y ga-agw, AGA290 RCCket 2 Me c©'*- 2 70*-* AGA2V9 SCRA8BI f Nrma ai ar.gaj AjAJCC MAG-C WB V2 Dame * ra-vcn 2 AjAXS TUTANKHAM iH2l Edjcaiicn-E goiter. FtUr-ny AGA305 TIME70NF I?' Very gxa g-apNt arf«mu-« AGAX.’OENrAWCvF Dixm Jamo AGA3C8 NaiiS Realty *iyi»»
AGA. Papnes cat do AGA3-0 FEARS i2d| Doom cKy- tone AGA3’2 JINX i?ai ‘arrtuK »K»to pj?:ie AG A3' 3 RAM JAM TME -AS'f DEMC' *¦-**•! Derv: AGA3*5 LEX M*STlC AGA AGA32C KCONC’iKE 3 * »*« **D ft 2 MEG We nc "TtfM cJ M* « we «rt 4 r*»wis
* GA3» DESK .C* MAG C 3- *- -aiec vc-eer.
AGA3S* WAR OF ** WORLDS 3Dgr- AGA39' PSSST Afr 9» O' ipecr J- A6A33C FEAP I B iiar« 30 ga-* Jiavi ,uf-a DOOM or.
A* PC Gua-anisec to xrv-w AGA39? PC EMULATOR V3 laiwl PC e-rualcr AGA400 HYPER RACE i2 iaor gam« AG*419 EXCELLENT CARO GAMES 3 latett AGA4?' COLOJFr wo -rid.e ytwi .VB ro « cowtu' AG*4 . RIDGE “ACER CnrrO Cfl IN) A-q«
* G*4i3 DRLG StC’Rf DEMOS Jiv-i AGA424 C«EAM WA *En 2 :»*oi M'S*
C CE*Ajt) . 9-X- « AGA4JE OR-GN 2 . »«•« J?2~ Tt XT HA Cf ••Jd
wr.w'A IxuTii(S r J?39 BASf Small ID daiK*** J256 PENSv J297
ViSiCAtC ( ••! D*U£ 4M k fc ol tu diona j:M3 l!TTtE OFFK-f
UaUit AW»fW ofd pfoc» Rri» J3*‘j HOMt BUSIM SS JOURNAi Fa*y lo
uw JjW HOME ACCOUNT Account J36d AM 1C ASH Mwg i'tMKt «« ri
t .»l recount prog Eucole t J3Ai a OBAN NOTf BOOK DaUbOM & map
U3W r ATA 0ASF com ;.ln!« n lo J»7 FO«M UNIIMITEO ( *y *ry ryW
Of J396 MOOrQAO€ CaiC C*Ci4«t monQAQA rtomy r*tm rtc M39
AOOHESS V2 i Skxi ft wws TEXT fVVM S V4 I % M 000 N' NTOftv
2 D** cooiwrm for r ra f SsiOiAL TnA ra r :
• crtrxwa U722 EASYCAl. M«*V" INW "Ax 9?SA3 c«« U'TS6 PAY ADVICE
ANAI v FR prcg U 9-. ACCOUNT MAST* H V3 Lc l of ’irthcrti A
eai to uar UffO:* Al f Hf SS P«iNTlN0 Per* a i vevxn or tan !*
pAY ADVfCt V) Account program UfllO LABEL MAKER Pnr1 atal* «to
New U900 THE MONEY PROO«&AM AccOuiMl L' 4 OfdFOHM One o* t»ab!
InvOiCa miktn IUS5 OulCK f IE Vary fast A cUtHDA9e U*9S6
GEN-TRC Kimij. U ck Qt your te'rviy free 1 *95' ABANK II Nww
account »on»*r» HECOMMENOCC L*9S6 ACCOUNT MANAGER V3 Hr* Accent
proyam U007 TEXT PLUS 2 2* E*»y to *oO aonj C'OCB&Sf' UCZ3
BANKING .rrny-r c-og«*r.
U*D«8 LABEL C€S»QNf n t«« i your ow" 4BM
1. 1*4 Uf S»TOP PUBLISHING '¦* to* PC DTP 1.1 i;«
- 128 BUSINESS CABO ft4AKf P ncr *'200i v f 7X«
- '6C NX BUS' N* SS Lf TTFH vary G© *
- in 3A-* BASE WORKSHOP 2; L *» cX J*t» !.*»¦ U’21 SPP» AD S**€ I
T v r, mi. *o toe tctta tw» J'63 OU"C* (USE .ar. ' mtott Ear,
to uaa M?iC Very high quality clipart suitable tor any Part or
Desktop PvXXishing package Coi Accent* C02 Aircraft C04
Aipri.itxft 1 CO« An.mala (5) CO Babioa A Ctilklrer* COO Boers
(2 1*ok«) CIO BoccJora Cll BullOlrtg C12 Butlnoa* C 13 Cota A
Doga C t -I Comica Cl 7 Halloween CiB Logos CIO Maps C23 Space
C24 Sport© C2B TeOOiea C2fl Tranaport A Travel C27 WoOdmg* C20
Women A Men (2) 030 X mo* C31 Dianoy Clip Art C32 Comic Clip
Art Vanoua KfttonfdeH 9 N r Aaai »-»•*. HmA n W* (m cm
RECOMVENWC to try DTP or Paw P«taga CPOt CLIP ART VOL 1 (ft
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packs you know exactly «*hai son c* gam©* yoj'r* buyng Like our prerHXiS packs eacf. Com©* on 5 Oyki a-xl use*g r ia'esl (H* pac*©' ©« can pul up to 5 game dis*s on to on© Oi So y«x gel up to 25 tco gam©* tcx only £4 9ft All games and instructon* ©*n auto *f*©n or is cKked cki
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try Ar* » a-1* a«*i rtoeenl oan a CO ROM »*«e amj Aar Its a
large amo e cK iho ry lataai *A *W» at mnriv" coet "he»© PKXS
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-xrff A) wfhMV© a-epaoao ianj L*ftA »*nxr -a* »-stool «eca
3l.(i«toX»w -or c* xttorr tiom r* 10 tter pa i H«y»,
f©»rm©nfl©d aft grt 3 trm ncr© *cT«.ve per fc.
Various latest Games (10 disks) only £9.90 Various latest Utilities (10 disks) only £9.90 HARDWARE PROJECT III Over 600Mb per CD Menu Compatible with all Amigas No duplicate data Easy to use menu NEW CM Games files (EMULATOR INCLU0ED) ?70P FOR PAP New Titles & X2* 3ectsrcu3f ;r*3»*'4 trr to «$ rar £15 hsalSSKJ rxr*6XU'?X J» « = Only £4 W 9s*»ty*cry3 X-iqa 33; a U33?-1: icu 4 nan, *•*-, myf TV ~uc »x- no: •:: • v .nr .•©so:*''! Nsirr.wiEVr-iftW ftw VCL £« (ftf to 3ds*pa»onfy fTn gss A 5 tt Ul o u CL D 2 Personalise your documents by creating your own fonts. David Taylor introduces this
exclusive version of TypeSmith.
We've got a couple of corkers for you on the games front this month and Andy Smith takes you through 'em.
Ik* name's lull and proper title is Seemore Doalillle s 1(f)land Capers and it's a little shoot- em-up that's jolly good fun to play. The left to right scrolling affair is set in a sort of world of toys.
And sweets.
The game takes the tried and trusted shoot-em-up route of sending wave after wave of enemy er. Teddy bears, toffees and things at you from either side of the screen. Non just have to avoid collisions and shoot them instead.
Every destroyed baddie releases a sweet (or a piece of cake) which vou endeavour to * pick up before they fall (rather swiftly, so beware) off the screen. There's a good reason to be collecting all this sugary BELOW: The dirty great skull on the wall is not exactly what I'd have in my front room at home, but each to their own.
Progressing through the game's also about collecting and manipulating objects, for example, in the first dungeon, Charlie s escape is blocked by a locked door. Fortunately for him there's a skeleton key that can be collected. Use the key on the door and the adventure begins.
A quite note you might find useful as the instructions don't mention it when you want to pick something up, press fire when you're over it and a small menu will appear. Don't highlight the object you want to pick up, simply select Exit and Don't Drop' from the menu and you'll pick the thing up.
Happy treasure hunting!
Treasure-you can trade it in for better weapons! Hurrah!
Simply hit the spacebar at any point during your game and the shop at the bottom of the screen appears. Then vou have to decide what weapon you want (or combination of weapon and bonus - you could have a three-shot laser and invincibiliiv running at the same time) and press lire. You then spend your sweets and gain the improved firepower which lasLs until you die. And you know when you’re going to die because vour health meter at the bottom of the screen is shaped like a pencil ,uid as we all know, when there’s no lead in your pencil, it's game over! O Hit the space bar at any time during the
game and the shop appears. Now then, what to spend my 12 sweeties on... 5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE, for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford BD4 7BH CHARLIE CHIMP AND THE TREASURE OF TUTANKHAMUN An exclusive version of TypeSmith, the excellent font creation program and two games created in just a week using the Reality software construction package.
In complete contrast to the fabulous Toyland Capers we have here a little kinda platform adventurey type game. Your mission Jim, and so on is to guide Charlie Chimp to King Tut's treasure, which is hidden in some part of the Egyptian Pharaoh's Pyramid. But first you must get to the pyramid.
The game starts with Charlie in a rat- infested dungeon. Keep Charlie jumping whenever a rat comes his way because he doesn't have the firepower to destroy the baddies so he's just got to avoid 'em. If he doesn't they take some of his energy away and when he's all out of the stuff, he dies.
* »*V» ETON kvv nOTHTMC• N V itOTiirno * rvr-r nnr
noej-T nwop ABOVE: When you're picking things up, DON’T
highlight them. Choose the Exit and Don't Drop* to pick them
Curious, but it works.
O«« ¦rooooo BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... 3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
2 Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter 0), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: Iboot up with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
! 8KK8„ r«, dfl: t. dr.: ol Workbench here are limes when you need lo give an individual feel to your documents, images or programs and one of the best ways of doing this is to use an original font. Even if you don 't want to create your own fonts, TypeSmith ran serve as an ideal way of converting fonts between different formats, even those from other platforms.
To use TyfteSmith you must first load your Workbench disk and then insert vour (’.overdisk in a drive. You can load the program from there or install it on your hard drive by copying the contents of the disk to a directory. If you have problems loading the program, copy the iff.librarv to the I.ibs drawer on your Workbench disk or partition. The library is on the Coverdisk, but doesn't have an icon, so vou need to use either the Show All Files option from the Window menu, or the shell or a file manager.
When the program has loaded, you’ll see a recognisable screen with a toolbar down the left hand side. You should take a quick tour around the menus before getting stuck in just to familiarise voursclf with some of the features.
Try loading in some of the examples included on the disk and play around with them before creating an original font of your own.
CHOOSE A LETTER When you are ready to start a new project, select New Outline from the Project menu and set the font's attributes, including an II) number. If you select the Show Overview option from the View menu you will gel the Character Set window which allows you to select which character vou edit. You need to create both uppercase and lowercase characters. You can scroll through the letters one by one. Using the arrow icons on the toolbar if you don't want to have to open the Selector. The character you're working on is displayed in the edit window bar.
From the View menu you can also choose whether to view the outline or filled character as you edit. (This function can also In- toggled using the letter icon on the toolbar.)
Creating the font is easier than you might at first think. Select the pen tool. This tool allows David Taylor introduces you to the exclusive version of this powerful font editor and convertor.
THOSE ICONS IN FULL Pointer - use it to select sections. You can drag out squares of selection by holding the mouse button down.
FypeSnith v2.5b AF - @ 1991-19% Re log, Inc The Freehand Draw tool.
The left button selects points and the right button will join the last point to the start point.
Draws circles and ovals.
Draws boxes and rectangles The Main Window. Note that the grid can be toggled on and off using the menu.
Toggles between outline and solid view of fonts.
Magnify the view for detailed work.
Scrolls through the letters in your font.
You to draw freehand on the window. Click and hold the left button at the place where you want to start. You will be designing the outline of the font (both inside and outside). Now drag the pointer to where you want the next point to be.
Release the mouse button down and you will have a line of the appropriate length, which you can curve by moving the pointer. Click the left mouse button to accept.
You can now move to another point and a further line will be drawn. If vou click and hold • the left button at the next point, a separate line will appear. This line shows you how much curvature you are placing on the line you have just drawn. If you drag it round, you will see the line bend. Dragging the pointer away from the centre will extend the line and therefore the point along the font's line which is being bent.
The further out, the greater the curve.
Continue until you have done as much as you need to. ('.licking the right button will join the last point up to the start point. You don’t have to design the whole outline in one go - this would be difficult as well as making the task far more arduous than need be. To simplify simple shapes, you can use the square and circle tool for rectangles and ovals.
Many letters have some form of symmetry involved. It’s best to design one part and then select the section with the arrow tool and then duplicate the section from the path menu. You can then flip, rotate, skew or scale the part as necessary. Elements can also he cut, copied and pasted as in any other design program.
OVERLAP If you design a letter where part of a section overlaps another, you will see that it cancels out the other so that where they cross is blanked back out. This is quite a useful when creating more detailed fonts. If you want to avoid this, make sure paths don’t cross.
Notice the grid that sits over the window to give you a guide to size and placement. You can set the size of the grid or remove it from the window, using the Settings menu. You can also snap elements to this grid.
When you’ve designed your project save it out and import the result into the program you want to use. Remember to save your work periodically under different names - then you can revert to an earlier version shoidd your design go wrong. It also means that you won’t lose everything should you crash your Amiga!
¦fthrt * 0 ? ,3tl*to =4==; StlfCt All ¦ I s*l*ct P.lh Before you begin, have a good look around to make sure you know where all the features are.
To convert fonts just import it into the program and then export it in the new format.
You can convert fonts to the Amiga's bitmap font format from the Template menu, but this formal doesn't scale well and will be jagged if vou stretch it.
For more information on TyprSmilh see I .am Hickmott’s feature, starting on page 17.
You might also want to consider upgrading to the new version in which case turn to page 116 to take advantage of our special offer. CD When starting a new font, you need to name it and set its other attributes first.
You can open the character selector to choose the one to work on. Letters used are displayed in black Another bountiful harvest for all you CD owners, including some very special footage of Viscorp's Toulouse conference and loads and loads of PD fonts to accompany TypeSmith.
SI) packages such as Light waif.
The Compugraphic fonts provided can also he used with Vorkl»ench if vou t have WB2.04 or better. To install the fonts you will need to use Fountain or hUtUifont (depending on which version of Workbench you have) and select this draw its the font source. You will then Ik* able to generate bitmaps, and use the fonts in a variety of different applications - anything which uses normal Workbench fonts in fact.
Either of these font types may be used in TypeSmith, so you can edit and adjust them to your needs, or alternatively convert them into more useful formats.
Please take note that there arc no True Type fonts included on the CD.
This is mainly for space reasons, but also because very few Amiga programs actually make much use of True Type fonts (well. I can’t think of any).
You can however, if you wish, convert fonts into this format using the TypeSmith software.
You will find a lot of information about the TypeSmith software in the disk pages, and indeed in the main feature of this issue, hut you lucky CD issue buyers have a little extra bonus. There are dozens and dozens of PD and shareware fonts contained in the TypfSmith ¥onts drawer.
There are both Adobe® Type 1 fonts and Agfa® Compugraphic fonts here for your entertainment. The Type 1 fonts come with both the PFB file, containing the font data, and the AFM file, which contains the metric details for the font - spacing and kerning information. These fonts can be used by some Amiga applications, including READER SUBMISSIONS Keep your submissions rolling in. The best will receive a cash prize. In order to help us, it would be best if you're submissions were as self contained as possible. In the case of software, please don’t send us stuff on a custom, self-booting disk for
Pictures and animations are fine in whatever format as are music modules.
In fact we are pretty keen on having a theme tune for our CD, so any musicians out there who reckon they can come up with a stirring tune, please get to work and your tune could win you a cash prize!
Send your entries marked "CD tunes" to Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW.
83 c m ut 73 m created using the old Microdeal VideoMaster, which has recently been re- released by EyeTech (see the news pages of this very issue). The third is an AVI file, which A1200 owners can view using the rather excellent Tapavi which is also included on this disc.
Next issue we will hopefully have our CDXL setup working for even better playback on all Amigas. If there is something particular you would like to see on the CD, please drop us a line and let us know.
And skip the first track.
The remaining tracks are all taken from speeches made by Bill Buck. If you hang out on the Internet you will find some strange things said about what actually went on in Toulouse, and even some magazines and industry journals seem to have come away with entirely the wrong impression. Now you can hear for yourself what was said, and indeed, see for yourself too.
Also on the CD are three little movies from the conference. Tvyo of these were Real 3D2 - this software is for high end 3D rendering, and as such has some fairly high system requirements. To run the software you should have at least 6Mb memory and at least an '020 processor with an FPU. Obviously, to get the most out of the software, your system should be expanded even more.
The Real 3D2 software has been included again on the CD this month with a fixed Assign script so it will run straight from the disk.
GUI crashes - Try not to click on several buttons in rapid succession. It takes a while to load in some of the data from the CD, and all you succeed in doing is getting the interface to try and run several animations at once. You can tell that the GUI is attempting to load data because the light on your CD drive will be on... There are plenty of things in resources this month, but those of you who enjoy a good animation may like to check out FUCK, which is an amazing animation player that can play FU files direct from CD. Needless to say, we have included plenty of FU examples for you to look
If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem. Please send the CD along with a description of the fault plus a self addressed envelope. Return postage will be paid.
Abiex Audio Video Limited, Harcourt, Halesfield 14.
Telford. Shropshire TF7 4QR A lot of people have been ringing us up and writing in and faxing and emailing and probably coming round and banging on the front door saying they can't get hold of the CD issue of Amiga Format. So if you've been having some problems, here are some hints.
¦ If you don't see it in the newsagent
- ASK. If they have run out, you'll have to look somewhere else.
If they don't get any copies of the CD version, then you can
ask them to get some.
¦ You can always RESERVE A COPY.
Virtually any newsagent will reserve a magazine for you if you ask, even WH Smith and John Menzies.
¦ You could subscribe, and have the CD version delivered straight to your door every month.
A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 9.30am and 6.00pm from Monday to Friday. Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732279. Email: support ?futurenet.co.uk Viscorp's Toulouse press conference has already been written up in our news pages - but that's nothing like actually being there. As this was such an important event we wanted as many people to experience it as possible.
IF you put the CD into an audio CD player, you will find that it contains six tracks. Track 1 is the CD-ROM data and you should NEVER play this through your hi-fi unless you want to get a severe headache and run the risk of your speakers blowing up. So, save your ears TOULOUSE CAN'T GET YOUR DISK SOFTWARE WORKING?
CALL (MON-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 0191 584 0682 1 EXTRA!
Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
'T, To use the fun-time effects, as well as some other Technosound functions, it is necessary to have an external sampling cartridge connected. If you do have a sampler, but find that it doesn’t work properly with the software, try gradually reducing the program’s sample rate setting.
TRANSITION (AF74) If Transition's main screen flickers, it doesn't mean that vour Coverdisk is faulty. The programmers have chosen to use a high resolution screen for Transition's interface. Owners of a suitable multiscan or VGA monitor can configure Preferences so that the flicker is eliminated.
INFONEXUS DATANEXUS(AF76) Apologies to readers who are still using Kickstart 1.2 since the programs will not work with your machine. Optonica are running a special offer on the full version of the software exclusively for AF readers. To find out M more, contact them on 01455 558282.
REAL 3D (AF77) If you find that the program will load fine f rom floppy but fails to load from vour hard drive it is possible that the MaxTransfei Rate of your hard disk is set too high. To remedy this you will have to refer to the documentation that came with your particular hard drive.
If you are using a 1 Mb machine and have an external disk drive, you will have found that the intro and title will load fine, but the game itself fails. Switch off and disconnect the external drive which is taking up memory that Sensible ( '.ol] needs. When playing, if it seems that you have control of the game and can do everything except actually strike the ball, your joystick is in the wrong port.
TECHNOSOUND TURBO 2 (AF73) SENSIBLE GOLF (AF73) WORMS (AF79) I he amount of telephone calls t 2* to the Coverdisk helpline i . 'i' Imany of you weren’t very careful when decompressing this game. It is easy u ruin your Worms Coverdisk by not changing to a blank disk at the correct time in the procedure. The result is that Worms disk One is decompressed over the Coverdisk.
Losing the compressed Worms Disk Two file in the process. Before using any Coverdisk write- protect it first and then make a spare copy. (If you don’t know how to copy a disk see the box on page 1 15) ULTIMATE WORKBENCH UTILITIES (AF80) If you are having trouble reading the documentation that accompanies the Workbench utilities it is likely that you don’t have the tool that your Amiga looks for when you double click on a doc icon; e.g. Muehmorc, Multiview, AmigaC.uide etc. Or that these aren’t set up properlv on vour Workbench. You can use a word processoi or a text editor to read the docs, or
use the program ordering included in the collection.
ZEEWOLF 2 (AF81) Many readers have phoned in saying they are having problems with .enrol] 2. One meg A500 users who have two floppy disk drives should disconnect the external drive to make more memorv available to the game. I nfortunatelv Zsnoolf2 just doesn’t seem to work at all yvith some accelerator cards.
FINAL WRITER 4 LITE ragF* AF82 ,,Lvt If Final Writer's pull-down F* menus won't pull down it is probably because you are running.i menu enhancement commodity (i.e. MagicMenu). Such programs don’t work correctly with Final Writer-and should Ih- disabled. In order to print documents it is vital you have the correct printer driver installed in the (levs printers drawer of your Workbench disk and that the driver is selected and configured using the printer prefs utilities. Your Workbench manual describes how to do this. To print larger documents Final Writer requires more memory'.
If you’re using the program on a 2Mb machine.
Try to maximise the amount of memory'
• available by removing any utilities or commodities running in
the background - if you still experience problems, use
Workbench’s prefs utilities to alter the screen to a lower
resolution screenmode. Lastly, it was inadvertently stated that
Final Wnter works on all 2Mb+ Amigas. Sorry, but it’s
incompatible with old Kickstart 1.2 1.3 machines.
GENERAL PROBLEMS The most common problems are Read Write or Checksum errors which occur during the decompression process. It is important to note which disk is in the drive when such errors occur - is it the Coverdisk or one of vour own disks? If it’s one of vour own disks then that’s the disk yvith the problem. Did you format your blank disks correctly? Try re-formatting them and do a full formal not just a quick format, use the verify option and make sure you format f rom your Workbench, not from utilities like X- ('ofjy. Disable Directory Caching, Irashcan and International Slide. Don’t
decrunch to HD (High Density ) disks as these can be unreliable.
.Always write protect and back up your Coverdisk before you use it.
Please remember that the technical helpline .iIxhc is purely for difficulties you haye getting the programs to work properly. If youi disk is physically damaged. Lx'iit.
Broken yvith a loose or missing shutter, it should Ik- returned to the duplicator* for a leplaceiticnt at the folUming address: TIB PLC XX RAB... Rapid Frame ing on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab,M 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and
excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab,v you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player the choice is yours __STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, theres no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!)
Once gabbed. Simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen ProGrab also includes a Teietcxt viewing and capturing
• 'acilitv from either TV or satellite sources Now compatible
with bothVHS and S-VHS!
Grab inviges with your camcorder including S-VHS ¦ * or, lake a signal from a TV with SCART output ProGrab ... Supporti *il recent AMIGAs and it alio fully AGA Chipset compatible You c«in render im get in any Workbench vcreen mode resolution including MAMS mode |Amig.» RAM permitting!.
ProGrab".. Saves and Loadt Images in IFF IIBM. IFF IL0M24. JPEG. BMP PCX. And TARGA file lormatt ProGrab taves animations as Anim5 files and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as AmmS ? 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5 x Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom loader to enable grabs directly from within the program • saving YOO time* 4 ProGrab" Software has buift in mono and colour animation facilities The number of frames is dependant upon your Amigas RAM ProGrab".. Release 2 S x software now includes
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolutions •
Even with low memory Amigas STAGE 3... Use the grabbed image
with your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Or. Use the Signal from your satellite receiver or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRs video output including S VHS camcorder For just £1 29.95... ProGr.it) is su loc: with everything you i need + ¦ ProGrab"" 24RT Plus Digitiser • Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x Software ¦ Mams Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual • Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for At 200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGr.iti'. optdvi.il P( MC.lA Interface includes the lares? Version software and extends (XTfccmarve for scnous professiortdl uses oftcirig the following benefits
• Pastei Downloading limes |up tu FIVE rimes quicker.!
• Improve: animation speeds of op to 11 fps |m inoi and i 5fps
• Sound sampling and animat i ipabaltiies fseparau cr required) .
Direct to your Amiga* hard drive The Bett Video Hardware
Satisfied w, -t Auk*
Satellite TV signals
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area
available with previous ProGrab software
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL. SECAM and
NTSC Straight from the box!
' 9SS STAR Buy Star Buy 91* Gold Rating in for use Cy a tymter or other o.«ai!ei penoher.u Je
r. If.
ProGrab" supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM + X .v*.; sa 'e (.* .• a* :o rra:cr , x x Au Vy *tM Mr Mrs Miss M**: IniiiaHsh | Surname: ¦ ¦ - ¦ -- - ___ ... I Address: County (Country): Postcode: ~ [ Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: * ____ProGrab Plus** 8 i 129.95 i : ___PCMCIA Interface 4 £H95 i : ____V 2.5.x S V User I pgrade) 4 £*.95 £ Optional FAST Courier Delivery 4 i .95 £ * : TOTAL £ : (h vrseas Customers... a lease call for prices, shipping etc. M (ard holder s signature: ____________________'M CanlNo ???? ???? ???? ?LXJLLU UU ExPi. „a,, n
? N n f I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for L : made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COM PI TERN LIMITED Get your hands on NEW ProGrab Prus - Post or FAX your requirements (Quantity Trade Prices Available) on the order form provided OR. »f you d simpfy like funner information please contact CORDON HARWOODQ©© C0MPUTERSG3C3G3 Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street. Alfrcton. Derbyshire DESS "BP FAX: 0 1 773 83 1040 or... TELE P II () N F. 01 773 836781 TYPESMITH MANUAL AND MORE FEATURES! Now available from Digital Register your TypeSmith 2.5 cover disk for £39.99 and receive:
• detailed 92 page instruction manual
• Arexx support, with over 120 commands!
• Batch Convert macro: Convert an entire drawer of fonts at once!
• professional hinting feature makes your fonts look better at
small sizes and low resolutions! Look at these magnified
H BGUcdem H BGUcdem With Hints No Hints Get the most from your TypeSmith cover disk!
The TypeSmith cover disk in Amiga Format gives you the world’s only Amiga font editor and converter. If you've taken it for a test drive, you’ll have realized that TypeSmith is a powerful program with hundreds of features. If you really want to get the most from TypeSmith, there’s no substitute for the official instruction manual. It describes how to use every feature, and is an invaluable reference.
You’ll also receive the full TypeSmith package which includes an extensive AmigaGuide help system and additional features! Arexx support allows you to automate TypeSmith for faster use. Even if you don’t know how to use Arexx. You’ll appreciate the included Batch Convert macro which allows you to convert an entire drawer of fonts at once!
TypeSmith originally sold for £130. But now you can order it for just £39.99! And through a special arrangement with Digita International, now you can order locally without having to pay high overseas postage and packing! Order now from Digita!
* Now available from Digita!
Order PageStream2SE for just £39.99 and receive:
• the best-selling Amiga desktop publishing program!
• create amazing pages on your Amiga computer
• detailed 100 page instruction manual
• 47 fonts
• requires 1.5MB memory and AmigaOS 1.3 or newer: hard drive
recommended, but not required.
The 1 Amiga DTP program: now just £39" • PageStream2SE is the best-selling Amiga desktop publishing program. It can be used to create newsletters, invitations, cards, books and even colour magazines. Start with a blank page, type a headline, import text, place a picture and print with total ease!
This is the same popular program that formerly sold for £175! It comes with the official instruction manual that explains in simple terms how each feature works. It guides you through the creation of a document to get you up and running in minutes.
You’ll also receive 47 great fonts to make your documents look their best.
PageStream2SE is the best Amiga software value today. Order now from Digita!
Smith and PaqeStream Order Form COUNTRY 4,$ T UJ 2k % Also Available from SoftLogik... PageStream3: S150 For even more great DTP features, you need PageStream3. With over 1000 new features, it's the most powerful publishing program ever! Order now directly from SoftLogik for just $ 150 plus S8 shipping & handling, a savings of $ 75 off our regular direct price.
But hurry, this offer expires soon!
TextFX: $ 50 This popular extension adds the ability to warp and bend text to PageStream3. Warp your text inside of 50 different shapes, or bend it on curves and circles!
Jitterent snapes, or oena it on curves tXTFX Visit our new web page at www.softlogik.com!
A I I TypeSmith2.5 package with manual for only £39.99 saving £90 off the RRP.
O PageStream2.2SE package with manual for only £39.99 saving £135 off the RRP.
E3 Ve added £3 for Post and Packaging. 17.5% VAT is included in the above prices.
O Cheque payable to Digita International O VISA Access No. _ Exp _ Mail to: Digita. FREEPOST, Exmouth EX8 2YZ.
Or fax: 01 395 268 893. Telephone: 01 395 270 273, email: sales@digita.demon.co.uk Outside of Britain: You can order directly from SoftLogik. TypeSmith2.5 is $ 49; PageStream2SE is S39.
Add $ 8 shipping. SoftLogik prices do not include VAT, if applicable. We accept VISA. MasterCard. American Express, Discover, and USS checks and money orders. Fax 314-256-7773. Phone 314-256-9595 (9am-5pm Central), email support@softlogik.com. or mail to SoftLogik, 315 Consori Drive. St. Louis. MO 63011 USA.
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CD-ROM writers are the m latest‘must-have’ v desktop accessory.
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Inside waits hr Wiitews 95 tun Rnrywr PC mlly wtrks PC maintenance made easy The fastest drives |U|H| cheapest prices Hit the headlines 1 Create yeur own magazine wtth nr step-by-step guide MEET KYOKO DATE.
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THIS is WhAT we’Ve Got in tHis MonTH’s 100% puRe
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.iff . A* sTevE pEats JuSt kiCKEd thE mtb woRLd’s bUtt, re Ad abOuT tHE bike ThaT toOk hiM thERE Y'T ‘ * itf CH-heAds fiNd ouT hoW tO sET up yOur v-bRAkes anD which DH foRKS aRe For yOu Ei* ttiicraiul flatten to tone?
M'MRItiMMwMradi "TJ Q_ fcUHiKVrfliiMt -T acaofal« Ns ti di kna -a wrtcw (Pv wr i !
VJ7 mm -HspK 4bstwija(nai v l 8m t uki nr earl for ir tkeaqfe try rFlf r hi-Safl. PI Its CI53. Laals IS? IL U- St w • k 4 vmr! R+ llut lam pa |tt ti tea5 0TZ25 W22W Adult (J)-Hum's Tele* from tl* * PW~ * la -he. Rdma, Aduh Caulcfuc AMKiA and PC CD-ROM ode* i*uM*e from £6.00 Fm »«. FREE CD-ROM Caulofur iPW** njtt aJbh AaagacrPCi
• me » MICRON INF SOFTWARE Dept Aft 11 Chapel Street RjiydyMui
Pwu*pndA Mid Glamorgan CFT 5RG RGIMRPUBLIC DOMfllN ALA
AnirratKOf’5 Suvness. C6* Games Demos. Educator Fred F-sh
Games. Muw. Slide Shows. Sound Samples Spectrum Gat*", PD 90p
Per Disk FREE!! Mouse Mat with 10 disks For a dish catalogue
send £ I to Agima PD • 37 Gatenby Peterborough • PE3 7JZ
Cheque* and Postal Ofders made Myaoie to ACIMA JyuilCuiil ITTQ
• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I** Send 4 tint
• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••tee Write down
vour Name and Adder%% and tend Stampi to: AMICOM PD Dept Af, 22
Chureh Viet* Clote, Hitennt I.
Wikefield, Wett Yorkshire M4 2PH.
Tel: 0421 682227
• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••fa********* LorsJC LIVE
THE AM Id A COLOUR MONITOR £10 oil loro nuds l«adi will convert
you- o*d Arrvuid Monitor :* work wrth jrour Aro.ga jivinf i
cnjp B.G.8 co-our picture & optional quaiir ampMed »tar«o
tound DiY MADE 1 (CTM444 0) I'icturt Only £6 £10
J) Inc Star*o Speahao £3i £40
• (CM14) ln »ound £9 £IS ¦ GT-6S) Picture Only £6 £10 AF. Hag*™
St. She*me»». Kent ME 12 IUD Money bich iporov*! PSP inc DELIVERY 2 DAYS Technn-1 LicenceujarE Heed Quality Rmiga Programs?
For Info or Latest List Contact Tadm-l. MS 01793 618632 lOpm-Bam Joici 0589 559619 ¦igrahamjsliimiBQJioiDigtit demon co uk f«i: 01793 610632 (Uoice First) Saaft: 152 Hartbcrougfi Road. Suundon. Ujilfshire SH31LU UK FtfMt: 2 251 29 1 cut u. w in 111, Vmtbi iu«i-H fim m m 7M VT7I1HSM2 jffh PO • Shtftwtrt • CO-ROM 388 §OT£Q ©(siW)8 D)§ (FREE PAP ind FREE update) PO Shareware from only 5 i))J per disk Q SVCS 0S00 30p each Mean add _DSHD 35p each MpPSP Canu CD D ISTRIBUTI©N ALL AVAILABLE VCDTV TITLES IN STOCK gflOIZU 22S* CD TITLES’ 1 SO* CD32 TITLES 180* CDTV TTTLES Software ‘HI".,* (K trw
Vimimi til 11% V I) liurliftil tail..* (2) IS".
Vmgjlo. II (il HV V ,.u* W..i*hop 1*,'.
K«**wpfclc» n.v Mklmuhl BL.nl... W.
I. n I*mi AGA ilaK i4 •»% Wrda ttv kjmlout 11V MrMemory wammmmma
i?7 NEW!
BOM Kit. S Uf . Inrm* Cmlolhrd knight* V2.42 Mu|«-*h.(lrr 2A Bir Jlhk-** I ALA)
M) Pro Ua*lrt BU*lr» Vi.il l*ttr* V 2.0 SudhuUM Vl.l NWOSS Id (
lump Mj«i Id SOUND LIBRARY 2 £14-99 HORROR SENSATION £19 99
£19 99 AMINET 12 £14 99 30 OBJECTS £9 99 WEIRD TEXTURES £14 99
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S DA. VT96 ** ** »iKSf s«cr* w*outcfi x ye* oj-** GAMES
IM. tr (.jUfiiVib AGA VvaUl kimtul I Ihr Shrjdn»d MISCELLANEOUS G
Kbnlrr lb lHI)l Bo.*. Bcjl.t NiPNuprt lullrr* lil (.uidr
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ib AquaM* tbppoPUn Soon V 4 01 II Cf IdVUO II Gf G.r *onr*
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& DIMMs also available P 100% pre-tested., lifetime guarantee
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MARLOW, BUCKS SL7 3AA (Visitor* Welcome) TEL FAX 01628 891022 _¦ THAN SMUKOSt WSLCOM1 MM Vi*d C hrqurvPO* hr Mj-Ushl Sottwarr (All !2 FuuaUin Strrrt.
T3SSf cm »W%I nftlrt or pfcunr V%l ifM * Oi (Ws t*»r UU Id: 0111 It I :b'.4 Outer Limits Bulletin Board 0891 230044 Adult L lamour AaovieSy and a lot more!
* Plus Only Olub C o online [01* details* Outer Li» Aits, PO
Bo* 67, Kiddefatiirxstei*, V 2 C2alls *»? 39p *»'i*i (cheap
»*ate) and 9p min (all olker times) FREESTYLE PD TEL: 01922
EVERY ORDER FAST UfO Irf 0 FkxJing Dr tfuD (3) Protect UFO (6)
Oulotsp*ce 1.2.3 (3) Roswell Sl«)es (2| Paranormal invest (21
Aliens Multimedia AGA i9) 1200-400 meganvi 1 BqCtortUu 2 Reacr
-e.f’y ft*; 3 Putfi The teeticfl on t AtWM 5 The tteda mninti 6
Big Chart mu ?
7 HigWcT*wte'S 3 MrOen 1995 mu 9 Outhere bro* m*g»mi« 10 The cSoc* megtmu For Amiga 12004000 Complete with over 200 CS4 games on* £6 00 ’5 MoAaes ;ur * m 16 B*g Chan mu t 17 LiQuad megam-j 18 Read meaamn 19 Piodeui 20 Proagy eapenence C64 game disks available separate* See Cat disk tor mote info FAULTY TROUBLESOME COMPUTER??
J Sirfi-u'ta C*'S i?: J I .ini Card Gama 3 J Imnt J Appif Jac* J POMfOOl XtONOIKl AGA J Iky-Me l3 J Cae 7.
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LATEST mu-5 ¦OWOCUT ART J Dty Caw J Teup M jOMmwl
- S**o or Da van J Fsycho rtjro J bUC'jion O'jgnnu J Wi jfdi
Donun J Intro Gav-i J The Swnmcntng J Tune Zoner |?l J Dead ct
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- i U(4HwM!?i J lieui ‘crmuU J inn«» ro~i [t J tiger* -W J
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JjrfirtSUy J Or Strange J toim Ittm J Snuthum Telrn J I ait Tuft J r«tm iVB-
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J Hen 4 Slimpv J WaUKf 4 G'orw J Rove 4 m J Pacdc Cowl J SurMrt 18.
J Ream 4 Sutnwd Jbatiwn5 J Otine, J Umar 18.
J The Uau J Ciaudu ScVNr WE REPAIR TO COMPONENT LEVEL A500, A600,1200,1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32
- J ftw ;t J Linif JanftjN MrW O; J Blood 9 b*i ..3;. J
BlondBthnM? 3i j Omrw *jd*t i*)*i 2(31
• ii*ei*e»»eeeei»eee»e»ee»iee«*eaii*«J DISK DRIVES
......i KEYBOARDS ......£
Rx*« J WrvJr Whoooen J I n Denr i M man J Chatvwgun |21 J
Super Ranterone J Ream 4 Butihwo J Judgenw" tl* J 0yrw* V War
nno ?
RPG&1HATEGT J Suivrn:' J Total Wa-i J War J Legend ol lefhun J f*ee 10 JcoCcnquaaiZMB- Carta ?• Cnrrj SfnC orr* !W«f.bat. Wcmp- m »our Oreami i8 Bvdo '6 r-g, ,5 J faitern Prcruw J? *yiJl J Haorwti I Si J Sauna Beauty JreJtrt J Seniual «itten» J Come On Scvi OMLAKOU1 J MwW" J MnpataP W J Cytin-ip'are
252 3553 E-MAIL PETER@FASTCOMP.DEMON.CO.UK fatten Pwrcmo 18.
FOR A RAPID RETURN PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS PAYABLE TO. FREESTYLE PD DEPT AF. 108 WOODSIDE WAY. SHORTH HEATH, W1LLENHALL. WEST MIOLANDS WV12 5NH CENTURION Public Domain Library (DEPT AF) 24 Was mater Drive. Woodcrest. BRADFORD. West Yorks BD6 2TN GAMES Goi S Shepherd LOO 1 Amiga Tutorial MU40 Hippoplaver 2 11 L’186 Apex Slideshow Maker L’187 Super t runt hers U188 Anim Pro i2l U181 C olour A Morph U191 lrus Workshop 5.6 U192 Messysld V3.0 U193 The Best Lotters U194 Text Engine 5.0 (W’BZ+1 U19S Word Puzzle Pro F013 Pagestream Setter Fonts (51 U197 Executive VI U196 MCP I 05 U199
Elettries Designer U200 Cop The Lot Pro 3 (21 L’92 .Blanker 3 6 (WB3I U96 Tude VI 00 U107 Gold Ed 3.0 (WB3) U117 Stout iMUI) L'120 DOS Man U122 Diary 2000 UI 33 AmlfCP V3.0 AGA (21 UI34 2XAM V2.0 AGA UI38 Shapeshifter 3 08 (4MB) (HDI UI41 Easvcilc V2.0B L’144 1 svential Aminet 8 II 46 Super DMS Ul 59 MUIV2.J L’160 Internet Utils 2 U161 ASI Multlvision 9 UI63 ASI Multlvision 10 U164 ASI Disk Helper 9 U166 ASI Disk Helper 10 U169 Amiga Fax 1 42 WB2* Ul 70 Stock Control Pro 1 2 U1 77 Graphics w Bench AGA (4» Ul 78 Virus Checker 7 17 (WB2*i U180 A Backup 500 (WB2‘I U216 Video Tracker AGA U09
Garden Designer tWB2*l Ul 3 Citizen Print Manager 2 I U2J Print Studio U95 Pro Gamble 2.1 U106 Image Studio 2.0 (21 U207 Ncomm 3 0 U208 Vark CU Utils 9 U209 Ultimate DMC U210 Panasonic F*rint Studio U211 Magic C64 Emulator AGA U212 200 Utilities Disk iWB2*l U213 Super Duper Copier U214 Video Tools U21 7 BBC Emulator U219 Disk Salv V4 U220 Epson Printer Drivers U222 Printer Driver Generator U224 Power Base 3 4 U22S F*ro lottery 96 U22 7 Pro Football (2) Reach the top with Self-Tuition INCLUDES LANGUAGE COURSES THAT SPEAK!
Totally comprehensive (each is a compilation ol program with a book and manual, or equivalent except CD course which has 30) ...of excellent quality (eg. 7.(7. ore the best for providing help in this area" AMIGA COM PUTING) with far too many topics to list, hut some examples are: G107 Mario In w -land G123 Green S G129 Mangled lenders (N1 3i G128 Poker Mania G124 Deluxe Galaga G135 Chaneques 2 G141 Dr Strange II C142 Mash G143 Jump Em G144 Super Combat III (21 G14S Skid Racer Cl 50 R3 Rockets iWi Ji G151 Duck Dodgers G152 Deluxe Pacman (ECSi G153 Bratwurst (AGAi G156 Code Name Nano Cl 58
Klondyke (ACAH3) G159 Pucman G161 Boomin Eck G162 Applejack (AGA) G176 Cvbergames (2l Gl7' Egg Scramble G178 Coarse Angler (2) Cl 79 Allen Bash II G180 The Last Soldier (21 Cl83 Mortal Kumquat III G184 Dark Angel 0185 Super Skiddv Things 111 G186 Super Elf Squad G203 Trap Em G204 Galleons G20S Emotional Conflict G207 Push and Shove G208 Lge Champs Speedway G214 Cardz’ G210 Prem lge Manager G219 Tunhouse III G220 Nesquick G221 Funnouse II G224 Burger Bar C228 Wheelbarrow Sim G234 Wooglles G236 Knockout (AGA) G237 Helsinki Force • J) G251 Silly Soccer G252 Coin Mania G2S3 Nickv II G254 Ultimate
Managei 1 1 G290 Toobs G291 Hill II G292 Morton Strikes Back G294 Racing Maniacs G295 Knights (AGA) G296 Pengo G297 Friday Night Pool EOOS Colour ll E006 Chemesihelics £007 C Encyclopedia (12) E008 Communicate 1009 Dinosaurs E010 Dinowarp E01I D Paint ill Tutor E012 Dunks DTP E013 Discovers 01 The Atom (2) E014 Lasv Spell II E01S Euromaps E016 Fractions 4 Silhouettes E01 7 Guide To Lwr Back Pain £018 GCSE Maths Module 1 £019 How The Earth Began -WB2-I E020 Highway Code Tutor E021 Inside Out Gas Turbine E022 Inside Out Petrol Engine £023 Inside Out Steam Engine E024 IQ Test £025 Invasion Maths
£027 Languages (13) £026 Kids Paint £028 Learn 4 Flay I £029 Learn 4 Play II £030 Mr Men il 3) £031 The Mind £032 Mr Robot Speak 4 Spell £033 Match With Humptv £034 Noddy s Plastime Demo £035 Noah s Guide To The Amiga £036 Octamed Tutor E037 Quiz base £038 Rock A Doodle £040 Story land II E041 Simon 4 Space Maths E042 Nursery Rnymes (21 E04 3 Starlab £044 Treasure Search E045 Talking Colouring Book £046 world Database II £04 7 Words II £048 World War II £049 World Geography E0S0 workbench II Tutor £051 Spanish,-french German LOS2 Back To School I 10S3 Back To School II E0S4 Back To School 111
£055 Education Collection (5) E060 Jack Irost Story £061 Operation Desert Storm £062 Tne Red Planet £063 Keyquick Typing Tutor C D MICRO FRENCH (Beginners - GCSK) like* ones • Extensive speech MICRO MATHS (II years - GCSE) Top Seller ?4 programs equiv • Algebra • Geometry • Tngonometix • Statistics • .Arithmetic etc MICRO KRK1SCH .Beginners - GCSE) | .’4 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Talking cartoon etc 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter generator etc MIO NCIUSM I ea r« J Compu r Talk, 24 programs • Speak 4: Spell • Punctuation •
Grammar • Literature etc _____ M ERC M NIsTr H mne GC jiurinc J Computer Talk* 24 programs • Real speech • Graphics adventure game • Business letter generator (1 Mb) etc "GHI
- - (software MICRO SCIENCE Physics, Chemistry. Biology (S years
- GCSE) l ChoiceM 24 programs • Tuition • Practical
experiments • Learning by pictures
• Adventure game 11 Mb) etc PRIMARY MATHS COURSE (3 12 years) »
pmgiams • Tables • Add • Subtract • Divide Multiply (Long 4;
Short) • Fractions etc MEGA MATHS (A level course) I ¦¦ CD
Micro French Screen Snot 24 programs • Calculus • Algebra •
Geometry • Full-screen graphs etc [5 OFF TOTAL TOR 2 CotRSLH. £
10 OFF TOR 1, £17 OFF FOR 4 :* a r ru La C.rns *r Sztrral
Cunvmr anptfiUr 4 rjn. N J Itugb All courses are on floppy disk
and cost £24.99, except CD MICRO FRENCH which costs £29.99. No
hidden extras like VAT « P&P Cheques pavablc to LCL Fax*
catalogue. Tiade enquiries wckitmc U*.L (DEPT AMF), THAMES HOI
m m ..... w I II « K! 1 HIM.
POSTAGE RATES: IK - 75p Per Order OTHERS - £1.50 Per Order PL) DISKS ONI A WE 5L PPORT THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS BBS .44 (01384)865626 & THE AURORA BBS .44 (01942) 709263 sent within 24hrs M] I ORDER HOTLINE: .44 (01274) 677675 9am-6t Phone 01491 AMIGA FORMAT AUGUST 1996 f '_T_rJ JJ_r* ill Next month in Amiga Format, as well as another fabulous CD, the latest news from Viscorp and reviews of the very latest releases, we will be conducting another massive reader survey.
The purpose of the survey is to find out what you like and dislike, what equipment you have and what you would like to see in future issues of the mag.
Please try and complete the questionnaire next issue, we need to know more about you to continue producing the best Amiga magazine in the world... You can reserve any issue of Amiga Format at many newsagents, including branches ol Yvl I Smith and John Menzies.
RESERVE YOUR COPY OF Bsave Aminet Set 1 Am.net u the orto i torge*l ccledtor c* Wi 5iv C- ofi Amgo Ki**~o Up to 10 000 viert occeu *he -atr orcs-e* r***, do, ond counMeti progro me'i p.td * dteclf, no A yi Untl recemky occett to Am.net -o* *i« *eS to rer-»L'-i "e*»or« .*e-v W* Mw Se* I ccnvtting ot 4 CD* tSe ccr«©leto ixcb e i tvtiibed N FirM erne • .» CDSOAAooAecSM wtocb •. Octod »nvo , 1995 oiVi an omM rn.-o.oOe rnror too Vwe -s-e-oe A
- toe oen o* ptoya a mcwded Gome* Cewa All products are
available in your local Amiga-shop or through national
mail-order-companies International Distributor: GTI Grenville
Trading International GmbH Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel
• Germany Tel +49-61 71 - 85937 Fax +49-6171-83 02 Email:
CompuServe 100336,1245 rnrnm Workbench Add-On Volume 1
* to .Vcrkbencb AddO Ct »OM .1 in 0*0 .enpoto" to you*
r'tbenc*! On *So CD you d no* on»y N*d »w Oev‘ progtamx *to»
t o-o4oble ko* t»e A-»ga but you J 0*0 get »e- •eodyto rim.
‘*o»i tke CD In addrnon to tkii ts a on muoBer *cnpt me* mtoolt 1* Jei-'ed p'ogrom* to you* *tonJdttk '*• CD cover* oil orea* ol .nterevi all **w programme* th* .1** me
• •a'.e ond the gomer ill Find hot th*y are lookeig lor On *0
CD-ROM there ore mcr.y ihore ore programt tome ol mem ot o
ipeciol pr»-.e il you get regittered There t ¦ g Shapeihirie*
ter 40 CM |irI'eud ol 50 DM|. In oddition to thu there n o 50
MB M*x (xviiton 10 that you ca» Wart ploying oround - h Mac
- g»» oway Then *her n PowerPtaye* For 20 DM |m»toa«J ol 30 : M|
mere are ol courw 00O1 oi module* -eh e 10 the* you can
* , t nghl a oy Am.W *•¦- new III ter-e* tor me tago a ;• arable
For 540 i*eod ol 150 *Ou ton to mo-e mo- »0C
- M m.* CO ?here*ore you only have to tend n me acprocCOW page n
booAle* to the author ol the p'ogrom €24 95 Wfca*» '*ou ul coo*
*e to you* CD** CD*Om( bme- o- • •'•*3. P y o' *- 90 compwAng
Mo-, .mt] atreos. O » c CIUOm and rhe "u-*W c* k * o « poclogei
o-olobte ¦ CD .1 «cr*aurg noil, U«*J "Ow though « -a* "O*
p3»»*t"e to »*e to CD* We hove *o* »ed th.* problem eh Ou
»e ’evok eo "(*¦» product Bolph &ob*i ond Ovjo-v* 1 Sc»wtruhe
ye fxavd *0 p»e*en* hot co« be conwde**d a monol c* to;tnoiag,
CD Will* enobles you lo virtually to CD* -ith on ordmory CO BOM
dtive From now on you wiH be able to n*e delete and mo fl**y
data on you' CD* Du* p'odoct » l ok» yog Mo 0 new era. And you
-ill be able to utii e CD0QM technology to it* Men €44 95
• K. CdfOMorei produced d»ec*y by ‘tod Fob p-o 3ei Amgo u*ef»
eh hurled* o* megabyte* 0* me a**V h***, *» d-»»t»u*obto
*o” o'* ®ubh*hed opp'o. o*et, e-w. Two monrn* eoc* » oh me it a
* o CD *** contommg *ub"'i** oni imc t*ie
- 3 »»1 -c-urne oi -ell o* on eve* growing telethon ol tooIt
-b'O' i docjmentohcn and nth** uieFul mote 01 tha* 1 updated
it" e»e*.
• •'•a* €17 95 FreshFish 10 CD-Write Cdfcoo* % a *or*2» p X *
N orry CD32 go % o*. Or A!20C or AA000 W AT or SCS CI ROM
rrvo and a f ‘Aotyuofwi ow zo* o c
* or fOC* CO Cor w g Drr&c*CJ a cor af»o ++ of ocr CD32
go** T * kiaji o vd aaAoX of CD&oc* n »«fy ovy otto *ty
b ta dw k rK nv» Sr ** ri *t» K K fX cor jm 9| of CD32
jc-** c%frt« T y crro otM Cdftocr u on ¦wctRinf ioftwoni
»olk y r for o Aj- go ro«i wAo wo«M *»•
• r« f* world of C032 U4 95 Aminet Set 2 am:n«T S(T 2 da*M
'905 conwi ol xcotoM 4 ggoCryto* e4 *r 3»e « 12 OCC archme*
yCv ue oppfceto
• ton* garnet :oe meucatoxi o yog-qv mg me SI' g * you «4 you
»em3 t», to wte toet *-*, o*c» toce-ei make acceitmg C o
ptoaune £34 95 CDBoot 1.0 Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill Die Meeting
Pearl* Volume III o"to n* 650 MB oi *e Fmeit FD *o
- a*e »o o ipeoal u*e- intett’oc* -tu n not bee" r*o**d to 0*0
you to Fmd the p'ug'om ol your twxe *h eo*e The content 10
MB Pocker Cruncher A, h,»e Program* 3 MB CD*OM U»J*e* 21 Mi
Co**un o»c* ond N*No k Ptogrw»* 5 MB Debuggng Tool! 29 MB
Development Tool* 13 MB Floppy "Vyd D *» o«i SCSI P-ogromt B M0
fducotionol Program, 9 MB Gomel 35 MB Graph** P-ogro« * 39 MB
Into" ' Mom* Dotobote Updated Ve»von 7 MB Md Tool* ond P'ogrom,
27 MB Modi 12 MB Mut c Program* 21 MB Picto'e* 13 MB Am.TCP and
mo*e For Networking 60 MB Do umentotio" CD6OM Dotobote* etc 96
MB PaiTeX 1 4 no* prevtou, o»oiloble on on, CD BOM 15 Mfi
Uiiline* 30 MB MTMiPogei Codect.ont oF dototype* benchmark
progromi non*, progromi *0' amateur rodio and elect* ol e'e
fromc engineering ore alto ."eluded €9.95 Aminet 12 Amin * CD
12. Do* d Jur 1996 cortitft of opp»o*imoMy 1.1 9»goby* t of
ftoftwcK 3800 ortfwv** Wo f Woft of Am-n * CD II tAan 710
MB «ew toKbro' Kot opp y*d TK c xr m
• d or Kot O tp CKjl focvt on modt »Kon 1000 mw modsA t f?om «K
*n« n « *9 *n t*d d Ut K nd OCC tft toftwtx mot * rK
Afvun * CD 12 o p* otw to w C14 95 Aminet 11 Sell o.o.loblel
CU.95 The Light Works Rayfroc g A *oK ro g O'fro vt* from iS
co pv ' OK-W oeopW O* ov wcxtd TK Am*go wot %f eo*pvt»r
»o fay*oc*tg and »oday *i i*M o mony K K ova - v p giomi A
r ol 0*1*if of royfroong •! Tob JI J R M « Cc ogn G cfT ny.
D+4o»i d ob] h iSn p«o| '« Eip tclly h* ipoc* of fof % y Mm| O ul d VO copobAf*!
Of a royfroc ng p og'o o6 n 9 d »o4 d ond i fo *K Cpp CO OA ci »vr4oC0 ot - df » Und now *01 d f v 0 N» o6) cn Iti c d * «o cw y » own k o % of 1 C29 95 NetNews Offline Vol. 1 NetNew* OFFUe Vol I ,* the hr*» d *k of a b-monfW, pub**hed ier.et ol Am o CDBOMi -h h c©nh»m o* * - go '•to'ed newv group* From m« ‘ ai. N » • ‘eot-et obov* 50000 Oracle* wh h tomom ho* ru**Our» mporton* .-Iprmqeon obout ol atpeth ol the Am go p-ev*'* oiei dxutt-cmi ond home won A rewveoder i» m lwded NerNew* OW.- ¦* me c* op o'erna' .e ol getnng .- touch th Utenet £14 95 XiPoiftf I «t tf* rrw v rv*oo of
tH l od.ng dg . 24 bit point P'og otr Ifi iiN**d to fK d«*nondi of nov e cyxi •¦? •*! Al»k . Ond
w. **n o iKo*i hmm. Yov *00 w4l b* ob to ptodoce ColovfW ond
Cftotr* Oft *n 16 8 m on cokogff TK.| v fi»on of XiPo»nt
y. tfWri oi w M ot o%y ftovv *oy ocmg opob4*t» t Oe«r. ew of
foo ot DrvOflO pO»nf fvrctBO ft nclvd'Og cofov*, con otl ord
K3Ab«oM o od|Vt»vbOAi MoU. 0* «n . Ro ofovf O d Ml runc?or»
Wwm w WfiWM n 0 0«t *--- 9?opfc Jnlem od Undo ExwO*l
ro-t 4o*K n of cKom l Svppo«n fro y g opK*c co dft loy t to c
p o ocn AS«u po*t Oog A Drop cO » Eidoffftol modwW E*» nw
docvmonlotor 60 50 lor KOpOt 30 CrfKor p- Vreft a I'd ntory
forh d dod C49.95 HM r j r I • H y. 4 [ A special version
Soft Logik's Typ which will enable you to generate and convert
between fonts in a variety of formats, including Adobe Type 1,
TrueTyi and Compugraphic formJBD” Plust*A selection of dozens
a dozens of PD and shareware fonts in these formats special CD
report from the Viscorp Toulouse S conference, indudinq video
conference, including video dips some special bonus audio
tracks featuring excerpts from CD version
• It 1 IFF-W* o. graphic printout.
PRINTOUT - Out Mi built-« print* tent (draft mode) or a. treaty seal able graphic (reg OS2.0 or high*) 2 All prices include VAT * All prices & specifications subject to change without notice * Fixed charge for repair does not include disk drive keyboard
* We reserve the right to refuse any repair * P&P charges £3 50
by Royal Mail or £7.05 for courier ? Please allow 5 working
days for cheque clearance
* All sales are only as per our terms and conditions of sale,
copy available on request.

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