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Just remember that neither of these monitors will sync down to anything less than about 30kHz, so they are both unsuitable for attaching directly to an A1200 or A4000 unless you have a hardware flicker fixer or graphics card of some sort. Up before someone else does. Buying the Amiga was the easy bit, though: having the clout to exploit it afterwards was the tricky part of the equation. I hope youive been paying attention, Vlscorp. What's that saying - those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them... Some amazing statistics: every month this year, Amiga full-price software sales have had over 40% of the market. On the budget front, Amiga's market share has never dipped below 30%. Every month. Admittedly this is on sales of floppy-based product, and does not Include CD, but doesn't that make a nonsense of all the anecdotal “evidence” that certain people throw up to support the assertion that “Amiga software doesn't sell anymore”? The truly amazing part of all this Is the split between 500 600 and 1200 though. What would you think it was? Well I'll tell you: on full-price, 500 600 outsold 1200 titles by a ratio of 7:1. On budget the split was a staggering 30:1. What does this mean? That 1200 owners just don’t buy much, and the people putting their hands in their pockets are those who have Inherited old machines? If any of you are beavering away on a masterpiece which you hope to sell on a commercial basis, perhaps you should reconsider your original idea of making It AGA only - the really successful Amiga titles In recent years (SWOS, Worms, Cannon Fodder) have all been accessible to all users. Makes you think a bit, doesn't It? It wasn't that long ago that every mention of Amiga's exowner Escom was preceded by the word “ambitious”, as In “Ambitious PC manufacturer and retailer Escom recently announced...” Judging by what we've been hearing lately though, the press will be substituting “struggling” or “troubled” for “ambitious” when they are collating news stories on the German giant.

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Document sans nom Vi D si L D 383 j'jJ £5.50 Q SEPTEMBER 1996 ISSUE 88 Ml 22.95 US$ 11.95 B qrEED ent Vniaste etO Umfn 30 m HN Blast e*”' and 'Nad!.
The Amiga has a new owner and it's about to have a new operating system. We show you what this could mean for your Amiga "*s - .
Why not treat yourself to a new OS that will cost you next to nothing? We unravel the mysteries of NetBSD inside WORTH THE WAIT?
It has literally taken years for top titler Monument Designer to be translated into English. Can it still be cutting edge?
Yes, it's another roundup of the good, the bad, the terrible and the downright awful submissions that are Reader's Games WRITE ON!
Final Writer 5 emerges to do battle with Digita's Wordworth SPEEDUP!
The GVP 68060 and Apollo 1260 accelerators on test inside H I C lT e CD-ROM roundup including ML9U - Aminet 12, tutorials for Real 3D, OctaMED, Blitz Basic, Amiga.net, hints, tips and advice in Gamebusters, Workbench and more... (CD128) £19.99 CUE Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
An adult onlt cdrom!
The new Gif Sensation double CD gontains around 10,000 full colour images, Viewer and converters are included on the CD. Subjects include: Vehicles, Space, Science fiction, Textures, Landscapes, Sunsets, Money, Cartoons, Fantasy, Sports, Raytraced, Classic art. And loads more.
GIF SENSATION double cd “L_________a...... XX New Version This superb highly rated Amiga CD- ROM World atlas features a flexible interface allowing quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general index. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, rivers, lakes and mountains. Background culteral and economic information is available at a glance. Basic national facts are represented graphically and comparative to the UK. For A1200.A4000, & CD32.
The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes well over 5,000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga’s such as the A500+, A600, A1200, and A4000.
- Sirs!
W ~-a IJPgL - j. I__d ANIME BABES Japanese erotic art (CD191) Only £19.99 WORLD ATLAS AGA MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER v2 (cdist £17.99) i Get on Net ADULT SENSATION ONE This amazing new CD contains everything you need to connect to the Internet.
It features all of the programs you need to get connected. It also includes the best of the net, so you can try before you buy! We've also included one months national free internet access so all you should pay is the local phone bill (1p a min*.)
Includes special offers on internet software and hardware, and details on how to se Up y0(jr Qwn wek an(j sjtes e c Absolutely no knowledge of the Internet or Shell required you simply slot in the CD, click the mouse a few times on the relevent icons and you’re connected! There’s even a complete database of hundreds of the very best web sites to visit. Excellent!
ONTfJf 1 INCLUDES ONE MONTHS FREE INTERNET ACCESS* ADULT SENSATION 2 The new batch ‘This Amiga CD contains everything you need, ‘It’s easy to setup and use, ‘It’s supplied with one months free internet access, ‘It’s great value.
GET ON THE NET NEW!!! (CD221 £24.99) E Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour images but also includes tons of adult related samples, adult music modules, tons of adult stories, adult anims, black&white 70’s photos, adult games and more. (OVER 18) out now! (CD115) £19.99 in SEXY SENSATIONS nr 3XZ x ami ib 1 THE More great Amiga CDROMS Aminet set one " 2?99 m ¦ 5 jg W
1. 1 o *.
4 This CD actually contains over 2,000 true 3.
Dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied.
Includes superb new Multimedia interface.
(OVER 18) Available Now! (CD145) £19.99 Available Soon this CD actually contains hundreds of naughty? Animations film clips for Adults only.
Viewing software included for Amiga. Limited first stocks so order now for immediate despatch upon release. (OVER 18) (CD146x) £29.99 Adult mensation is a unique collection of colour photoshots of hunky men in various poses. The wildest most mouth watering man size Image selection ever.
Whether you want bulging biceps or steaming shap- ley men then order this CD now! (CD164) £19.99 ADULT SENSATION 3DEXCLUS'VE!
V Aminet set two Aminet 10 feb’96 Aminet 11 april’96 Aminet 12 june’96 AGA Experience 2 Worms extra’s Software 2000 F1 Licenceware Anime Babes (18) Octamed 6 World info ‘95
24. 99
14. 99
14. 99
12. 99
19. 99'
29. 99
29. 99
19. 99
29. 99
19. 99 17bit 5th Dimension 19.9 Features include: ‘True
Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga.
‘Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias
* 256 colour AGA interface 16colour A500 version available soon
‘Very latest information from around the World ‘Thousands of
subjects covered from Aachen to Zurich ‘Hotlist editor so you
can create lists of particular subjects ‘Hundreds of samples
including full spoken media show ‘Hundreds of Images in full
colour and 16 shades of grey ‘Import new subjects from the
Internet or from floppy disk ‘Export data to printer or file
and use it in your own projects What users have said... This is
just Brilliant! - Very Impessed - Who needs Enxxxta?
The presentation is second to none - PC Users, eat my shorts! -'' THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA 4mb recommended
21. 99
9. 99 2000 Mysteries The colour Library Sound Library (2cd) 19.99
LSD Compendium3 19.99 Meeting at Pearls 3 9.99 CD32 Network
set 2 34.99 Graphics Sensation 19.99 Illusions 3D Super cars
5. 99
FOR JUST £29.99 + P&P ACK P Graphics Pack (5cd) 39.99 1500
Utilities Hottest4 Terra Sound Lib.
Z These goods are for Adults only, and will only be supplied to persons over the age of 18.
- .j., X Contains over 10,000 old Commodore64 megademo's,
Thousands of classic C64 sid tunes that sound exactly like the
real thing, C64 pictures, C64 information and C64 emulators.
Great fun!
Contains the very latest Amiga archives from the Aminet site. Includes games, demos, utilities, Graphics, modules, demos, product demos, comms, patches, fonts, clipart, blah! Blah! Blah!
Available now!
June’96 (CD224) £12.99 This data CD ROM contains the best Adobe and Postscript fonts able aswell as thousands of high images in PCX, IFF and which are suitable for use in any graphics and Desktop package. A great value CDI - 64 Sensatw, AGA EXPERIENCE 2 s (CD210) £19.99 X BCI CLIPART & FONTS (CD192 £9.99) AMINET 12 EM : us: X This most comprehensive collection of Lightwave and Imagine 3D objects ever compiled onto
CD. It also contains hundreds of texture files, and example
images. All files are usable direct from CD.
This data CD ROM includes hundreds of high quality Advanced Military images, including hundreds of different aircraft and helicoptors. Great for just browing or desktop video publishing.
This CD includes over 5,000 brand new levels and maps- for the game "Worms” aswell as game patches to update and enhance the features of the original game, If you love Worms, you'll love this.
ZOOM 2 Zoom 2 indudes the very latest sofware upto Aprff96, It indudes the very latest games, demos and utilities.
It also indudes over 100 new Iriondke cards, The complete Active Pro pack, over 50 dsks of samples, 25mb of Mage Workbench and a special "programmers" section.
(CD211 £19.99) GRAPHICS SENSATION (cdo2£19.99) ADVANCED MILITARY CD219 £6" OH YES! MORE WORMS (CD201 £9.99) ZOOM 2 X 0500 ONE FREE ONE 400 Hi CHOOSE ANY ONE OF THESE CD ROMS £2 FREE WITH ANY ORDER OVER £25 ILLU5,0ullD PRO Foffrs S. cupar, HOTTEST 4 TERRA SOUND LIBRARY Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for the Amiga. Spread over numerous platforms are emulators for: Apple, BBC, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC20, Amstrad CPC, Apple Mac, Gameboy, Atari ST, MSX, Apple200, Atari 800, Atari1040ste, Sinclair QL.
Unix and more. Also features hundreds of games,tools etc for most of the emulators.
Arcade Classics is an original Sag . " . - ? CO ICC- F*| SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting j|| new CD-ROM containing over ¦ 1.3GIG of SCI-FI images, ani- j9 mations, 3D objects, Sound FX, 9 Documents, Themetunes, ¦ Scripts & SCI-FI games.
9 Subjects included are: 9 Babylon5, Startrek (The original 9 TNG, Deep Space 9 and 9 Voyager), Batman, Dr Who, 9 Thunderbirds, Robocop, Sea Quest DSV, Bladerunner, Aliens, Terror hawks, 2001. Blake7, Battlestar Galactica, Tron, Total Recal, 2010, Space 1999 etc.
* Buy SCI-FI Sensation from us and you are guaranteed to allways
receive the latest version.
CU Amiga: 91% AUI: 93% VIC JO UNIX a'C-artc
• “A B Amiga versions Of PACMAN Hggg -; "I : : 9P§9E| sHBk 9
-.--.-a-.: 9Bg§9| ImiBwKfe • : 9 RUNNER. GA1 AXIANS. DON-
HUN- DREDS MORE. Over 600mb of unforgettable retro-gam- Kip'
ing. Keyboard recommended. I|P EMULATORS UNLIMITED + New
Version (CD117) £19.99 Now Includes Multimedia Amiga Interface.
8 ARCADE CLASSICS + newv sion (CD76) now £14.99 THE EPIC
LECTIOH Contains 1200 our most popular floppy based software
titles on one giant 600mb CD-ROM.
Now you can purchase the entire Epic collection in one go. Subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, Graphics converters, Music tutorials, Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds of Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers, Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, books, and more.
JOHN PASTERNAKS MOVIE MAKER SERIES SCI-FI SENSATION v2 double cd (CD118) £1999 SPECIAL FX Vol:1 Hlf your into Horror then this original CD ROM ' will please you no end. ¦?'*" :l S It contains Thousands of H9 In grusome images, tons !?»___XW of gory animations. Bloody games.
Spine tingling horror type sounds, Horror stories, Pictures & animations from tons of horror films and heaps of real-life blood' n'guts. This should have been called SICK Sensation... AUI May’96 Amiga CD Features Include: Wminutes of audio. Sampled at very high quality 'AGA 256 colours. Requires A1200 A4000 'Multimedia interface. Unlike you've ever seen 'Hundreds of images, aii digitized in hi-res ' Video footage. Continually spooled from CD '4mb+ AGA Amiga. Hi-spec Amiga required SPECIAL FX Vol:1 Actual Amiga Screen shots GAMES, contains around 300 great Amiga games, lor At200, 4500, A600
great lor all the family!
UTILS. Over 150 disks containing numerous tools and utilities, aswell as LSD tools andASI utilities.
Contains over 100 disks full of CG, Adobe, Colour and bitmap fonts, plus colour & mono clips CLASSIC BOOKS.
Includes around 50 classic titles including Frankenstein and more.
SAMPLES. Over 50 disks contains instruments and sound effects.
BEGINNERS. Included are a number of disks aimed soley for the learner.
EDUCATION. This CD contains around 80 disks full of educational software.
HORROR SENSATION SO vnrnfwon i'i vivnOi'Kc TiVvvkvv?
(CD144) £19.99 John Paternak’s "Movie Maker” series takes you step by step through the professional techniques of Special FX, Horror and Action film making. Explained in every detail are all the camera angles, editing techniques, prop building, make up etc, all using easily available domestic equipment and materials. Available on video or Amiga CD ROM.
MOVIE MAKER SERIES available now (CD184) £29 99 Retro gaming at it's best. Around 3000 all-time classic spectrum game files on one CD-ROM.
If Mg Emulators included for any if...1 1| .* li Zm Amiga.. Games include Manic mW " ,i ¦M-ei SkooI da C Vonty men* S'.s « . T-t?
99 . Hobbit. Strip Poker, Danger Mouse. The Sentinel, Micro 99991 9 Olympics, Under Wurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac, River raid, Barbarian, HIHBSBhBQkM Hunchback and around 3000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy '96 also contains hundreds of documents con- ¦ H9 taining instructions for most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats. Okay on any CD ROM drive connected to an Amiga.
Tools for backing-up, installing and preping your harddrive.
Supplied with free colour index booklet*, with details of most titles contained on the rom. Order your copy now!
THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 newm (cdioox) £19.99 1 Ihrffltl Tflis CD conlains infomration that NOBODY . ¦ wants you to know about, and includes tons J
P. : .. .- -• •;?;.¦ tographs relating to UFO sightings and rTy
.... ' ; abductions etc since 1941 aswell as hurv a ¦ dreds
for "classified'documents. M I jrwoti Djr L’JJJ'jiJfJ' juual
World of Clipart is a double CD- ¦__ ¦ 99999 ROM containing
around 40,000 Iimb mono and colour clipart images Y -'«R9
contained in over 100 catagories JSESj JsjBPWy’-J in IFF,
GIF, PCX, CDR, EPS, TIF, & BMP. Tools for converting ,, images
to another format are iik M • included for both the PC &
Amiga. V*'3%’ P~''~w»wcaLuca7»(»er I Subjects include :
Animals, Anatomy, Babies, Men, Women, Trees, Reptiles,
Insects, Xmas, Religious, Planes, Vehicles, Ships, Toys,
Zodiac signs, Eye catchers, Humour, Cats, Dogs, Computers, 99
Technology, Sealife, Space, Symbols, Royalty, Dinosaurs,
Plants, Nature, Ads, Tools, Astrology, Hands, Birds, Business,
Office, Workers, Cartoon, Lion King, Education, Food,
Gardening, Holidays, Houses & Buildings, $ j| Helicopters,
Children, Banners, Medieval, Military, Monsters, Music, Sports
(football, golf, Aerobics, Olympics, 999 etc), Transport,
Trains, War and more. Rated 94% WORLD OF CLIPART Plus °SHmhSS
(cdtt) £17.99 ounrrn ENCOUNTERS ™E UFO PHENOMENON NEW (CD179
We are currently producing an exciting new Multimedia CD title for the Amiga and would like you to help.
Call or write for a free Information pack, simply order free item code: EEPO-1 and in no time you'll recieve our media pack giving details of how you can contribute to this amazing new CD title, (no programming knowledge is req.)
New Version!., now also includes: Workbench games, lottery predictors, Hundreds of bad jokes and more.
Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CUAMIGA 91%- AUI Over 90% - AC over 90% (CD119) £17.99 This NEW CD rom contains tons of all-time classic Commodore 64 games and sw emulator to run them.... Order now as stocks are bound to go quickly.
Includes over 600mb of all the very latest music modules, covering everything
- from classical, rave, hip-hop, chart, slow, melow and jungle j
music. Also includes tons of sequencing tools and “track- _ er”
utilities. NEW!
THE SOUND L BRARY 2 (CD225) £14.99 This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most addictive and loved game.
Nearly all the games are ready to run directly from CD, and archived versions are also included. Available Now!
THE SOUND LIBRARY ft retailed and mail on if trade safes team for a w Amiga &PC CD Rqf fax4?eq pston: 0181 j u?resellers wanted m, 6181873 0310 for rtfx NOTW C64 GAMES CD (CD182) £29.99 NOTHING BUT TETRIS (CD148) £9.99 PRIORITY ORDER FORM PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS TOTAL GOODS VALUE NAME_ ADDRESS MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS POSTAGE & PACKING AMOUNT ENCLOSED MEMORY EXPANSION' A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator PU. NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 rZS-TWJT m CLOCK CARTRIDGE Our unique and highly rated external
Clock Cartridge will enable your Amiga to continually store the correct time and date in its own J battery backed memory. Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas ONLY £19.99 (plus £1.00 postage and packing) DATAFLYER SCSI+ Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives. Syquest removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600. The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200. Full instructions and software supplied.
8mb Memory Expansion RRP £16499 33mhz 68882 FPU (picc) £34.99S*™*
ALSO AVAILABLE £59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface Discology
is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The
package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology
cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with
an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check
disks EZ DRIVES Incredibly fast (upto 4x faster than a ZIP
drive) SCSI drive will store a massive 135mb per cartridge.
Comes complete with power supply, SCSI cable, instructions and
THE ULTIMATE REMOVABLE D IVE for errors etc. PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET £19.99 EACH OR BUY FOR £24.99 EZ DRIVES RRP £199.99 PR with a Squirrel or Dataflyer offer SPEED MODEMS Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth .S3) which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software.
Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
* MNP 24 Error Correction gi i • MNP 5 Data Compression
compatible. Group 3
• Full 80 page manual
• 12 Months guarantee _ Anti Virus Professional is the most
powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus
pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD
ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use, includes
a full 50 page manual.
2. 5” HARD DRIVES Our high speed 2.5’ IDE hard drives for the
Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable,
screws, partitioning software, full instructions and .12
months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted,
partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for
the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly
simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you
can plug the hard Ah drive into the hard drive socket.
PLEASE PHONE FIRST! - FREE WHILE-YOU- WAIT FITTING SERVICE FOR PERSONAL CALLERS FREE ‘HOW TO FIT YOUR HARDDRIVE’ video and Stakker disk to increase the drive's capacity with every hard drive ordered ULTRA CD ROM DRIVE Superb CD-ROM drive system for the A1200.
Fully featured, top quality drives in a top quality enclosure with built in power supply.
All cables, instructions, software etc., included for immediate use. The CD-ROM interface supply plugs inside A1200 (exceptionally easy to fit by anybody) and provides at" connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200. Next to the mouse socket.
PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INFORMATION SHEET m SCSI CD ROM DRIVES p|L99 MEDIAVISION ‘RENO’ Double speed CD ROM DRIVE complete with power supply. SCSI cables, docking station and - full instructions. Also includes stereo headphones and carrying case for use as Mnss personal CD player.
APOLLO A1200 ACCELERATORS APOLLO 1220 Amazing power for such a low price This superb accelerator uses a 68020 running at 28hz and comes complete with a 68882 FPU to J enable your A1200 to run at 5 I MIPS (million instructions per M second)! Uses standard 72 pin M SIMMS and includes a battery backed clock.
Simple trapdoor fitting. AM
• IH » turbo 20 PANASONIC CD ROM DRIVES Amazing value external
SCSI CD ROM drive in a top quality enclosure.
APOLLO 1220 ONLY £99.99 .99 APOLLO 1240 60 68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accelerator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pin simm (up to 128mb). Fully featured, fan cooled trapdoor fitting accelerator.
ZIP DRIVES Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per cartridge. Comes Complete with power supply, SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge. _ APOLLO 1240 25mhz APOLLO 1240 40mhz £449.99 APOLLO 1260 50mhz £574.99 1240 1260 SCSI interface £79.99 4mb SIMM £49.99 8mb SIMM £79.99 16mb SIMM £149.99 pp59.99 1®9.99 mm mmm (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to r Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND (Access, Visa, Switch, Delta,
Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch Sfeptesnfae aii prices include VAT. Postage and packing will be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.). £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rest of the world.
AMIGA Fo ISSUE 88 SEPTEMBER 1996 ® CREATIVE Q O ,nternet Tutorial You would soon get bored of the Internet without the ability to send emails. Darren Irvine has some useful advice on choosing the right email system.
Monument Designer If video work is your forte and you've got a creative steak then Graeme Sandiford has the perfect answer.
Monument Designer has been very popular in Germany for several years and it's finally been converted into English. Turn to page 58 for the complete run-down on this professional package.
Ft J OctaMED Tutorial Last month we looked at the basic concepts behind OctaMED. This month it's time to start thinking about menu options and the basic methods of song construction.
Q L Real 3D2 ™T Create your own landscape complete with water, ground and a tree.
Graeme Sandiford continues his tutorial looking at the new features of version 2.
? Final Writer 5 I After Wordworth 5 from Digita arrived in the Amiga Format office we knew that it was only a matter of time before Softwood released their latest version of Final Writer and sure enough here it is. David Taylor decides whether or not version five of this mighty word pro meets the high standards of its Qd Blitz Tutorial Now that we can create a Window larger than the screen display John Kennedy shows how to integrate it into the existing HTML code.
D O 68060 Oolhis accelerator board from GVP for the Amiga 4000 should improve memory ®REGULARS c 1 PD Select imM I There's a host of new PD games and utilities reviewed for you this month.
* Apollo 1260 I The new Apollo accelerator is incredibly fast
and it is also capable of taking up to 32Mb on a single 72-pin
SIMM. But is there anything here that can't be found elsewhere?
David Taylor has all the answers.
EZ Workbench J We get hundreds of Workbench letters every month and we endeavour to help as many of you as we can.
Graeme Sandiford is the man with all the answers.
Oft Amiga.net There are new Web sites cropping up on the Internet on a daily basis and Darren Irvine has all the details on the new locations that may be of interest to Amiga users.
¦y cd-roms Mm We've got Aminet 12, Magic Publisher and MODs Anthology to name but a few.
Ben Vost has had a good look to see which ones you should be adding to your collection.
WEB DIRECTORY Mailbag Send your views and opinions in to Mick Veitch and he'll think up a witty reply.
103 ¦ .
1996 Reader Survey fti a? Input required! In order to continue being the world's biggest-selling and, obviously, best Amiga magazine, we need some help from you, the readers. This is your chance to tell us who you are, why you are reading the mag, and which bits you would be reading if they were there. You owe it to the Amiga to fill us in - or something like that.
® READER SURVEY O COVER FEATURE Pure GeniOS CONTENTS Coverdisks ftmiqoOSAOO Chip: 3.IHWO 78%) Fo»t: 5w«5» (MO Wtuafc S8.&B4.678 QOOX) Wedne»day 2nd Au If Viscorp stick to their word the Amiga will have a new operating system very soon. Ben Vost takes a look at the current state of affairs and compares Workbench with its counterparts on the Mac and the PC.
X-DVE Disk A It's an amazing animation package designed for video titling but capable of much much more MultiView TurboTexI me»: 879 00-58:80 FPS- IS Herman M? IIIETBSD Disk B Collect the bananas and free the boulders in this nineties style Boulderdash clone Plus: Kumquat O Unix For Free O NetBSD, the replacement operating system, is the best implementation of Unix for modern Amigas. With it you can run a huge range of software. Simon N Goodwin explains how it's done.
SCREENPLAY Previews: Joker Poker.
Alien Breed 3D II: Cor blimey!
Coveraisk Instructions Gamebusters: Tips on XP8.
C Previews J J Andy Smith ponders on the future of the Amiga games market and previews a selection of new games, including several created using the Reality Software Construction Kit from BPM.
Q World Golf J 7 It is notoriously hard to produce a really good golf game on the computer, at the end of the day it's a rather boring game anyway!
Andy Smith would seem to agree but there are some endearing qualities to World Golf.
Af Alien Breed 3D II It's finally here. Possibly the most important game release this year, the long- awaited sequel to Alien Breed could be the saviour of the Amiga games market. With a cohesive storyline, intelligent aliens and ground breaking lighting and sound effects this is one you simply cannot afford to miss.
I Reader Games Another selection of games written by you and there really are some good quality games being sent in. Keep up the good work and if your game's the best of the bunch you could find yourself the lucky winner of £50 - another £10 and that's enough to buy yourself two copies of the excellent Alien Breed 3D II.
ifl Gamebusters "T W If you just can't get onto the next level or you can't find the last gold coin then help may be just round the corner. We've got loads of handy hints, tips and words of wisdom for you to help you on your gaming way.
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR, DELIVERY & VAT
* 90 Day warranty on all repairs
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs
* All upgrades purchased from us fitted free with repair
* If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10 00 AMIGA A1200
Repairs only £52*99 Fully inclusive CULT TV BIZARRE JAMES BOND
STRANGE (2) (WB2+) SPECIAL. OFFERS PC keyboard adaptor (allows
you to use a PC keyboard on your Amiga) Available for A500 +
A600 A1200 A2000 A3000 A4000 and CD32. P g onh PC keyboards
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At present we have lots of RPG Adventure, War Simulations, Sport, Platformers and Shoot-em-ups, so if you want a game and you canffind it then we may have it, you never know.
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Combustion 4 Last Lap BREAKOUT 3 Megaball 4 Megaball V2 4
Cybersphere 4 A’ienoid 4 Power Walls FOR A RAPID RETURN PLEASE
- 1 Motorola Invaders (2) 3 Giger Telris
- J Megaball V3
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Wheelbarrow Sim 3 Skidmarks Cars (2) 4 Excell Card Game 3 3
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Klondike 3 |4)m (4MBJHD) 4 Card Games Deluxe (3) 3 Star Trek 3
Star Trek TNG 3 Madonna Sex 18.
4 Playboy 18* 4 Playboy 218.
4 Erika Eleniak 3 Dream Girls 2 18* 3 Erotica 18* 4 Pleasure 18* 4 Hired Girls 18.
4 Ren & Slimpy 3 Wallace & Gromit J Rosie & Jim 4 Pacdic Coasl 3 Slarkers 18* 4 Beavis & Bullhead 3 Babylon 5 4 Disney 4 Kewl 18* 4 The Mask 3 Claudia Schiffer 4 True Lies 4 Females 18.
4 Babes 18* 4 Nude 1 18* 4 Nude 218.
4 Oreams 1 18* 4 Oreams 218* 4 Wei Babes 18.
4 Pam Anderson 4 Hard Target 3 Speed
- Time Cop Arnie X-Fi!es 3 X-Files 2 4 Pulp Fiction 4 Body
Piercing 18* 3 Busen 18.
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MAGIC C64 EMULATOR For Amiga 1200 4000 Complete with over 200 C64 games only £6.00 C64 game disks available separately See Cat disk tor more info FREESTYLE PD TEL: 01922 710985 TWO FREE DISKS WITH EVERY 10 ORDERED PACO MUSIC MIXES lor Amiga 1200 400 GAMES
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9575 Bustop PD . ..74...... ...... 01455
554982 Dart Computer Supplies ..74 ...
• • ¦ • • • W 1 1 1 » W la 0116 247 0059 Enterprise
. ..37...... ...... 01624 677666 Epic
Marketing .. ..2,3...... ...... 01793 490988 Fast
Computer Services... ..79 ... ...... 0171 252 3533
Freestyle .. .. 109...... ...... 01922
710985 Gasteiner . ..50 ... ...... 0181
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686 9973 GTI ... ..31...... ... 0049
201 788778 Harwoods Computers ... ...... 38,56...... ......
01773 836781 Hisoft .. 10......
...... 01525 718181 Marpet Developments ... ..98......
...... 01423 712600 Media Software ... ..
103...... ...... 01983 867377 Owl Associates ..
..98...... ...... 01543 250377 PD Soft
...... 66,67...... ...... 01702 306060 Power Computing
.. 26,27, 1 15...... ...... 01234 273000 Premier Mail Order
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..79 ... ...... 0141 333 141 1 Siren
Software ... ..4,5 ... ...... 0161 796 5279
Software 2000 .. ......60,61 ..... 01827 68496
Visage ..79 ... ...... 0115 964 2828
Wizard Developments ... ..25...... ...... 01322 272908
IN THIS ISSUE SEPTEMBER 1996 Month In View Yet more excitement
and yet another drama... SEPTEMBER 1996 EDITORIAL EDITOR Nick
CONTRIBUTORS John Kennedy, Andy Smith, Darren Irvine, Simon N
Goodwin, Dale Bradford, David Taylor, Robert Polding, Graeme
MANAGER Tamara Ward tward@futurenet.co.uk PRODUCTION GROUP
Constance AD DESIGN Lisa Withey ADMIN ASSISTANT Cathy Rowland
Gover, Simon Windsor, Jason Titley, Oliver Gibbs COLOUR
NEWSTRADE DISTRIBUTION Future Publishing 01225 442244 OVERSEAS
LICENSES Mark Williams 0171 331 3920 AMIGA FORMAT 30 Monmouth
St, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Telephone 01225 442244 Facsimile 01225
732341 E-MAIL ADDRESS amformat@futurenet.co.uk (INCLUDE
http: www.futurenet.co.uk computing amigaformat.html
Somerton, Somerset, FREEPOST, TA11 6BR Telephone 01225 822511,
9am-6pm Facsimile 01225 822510 E-mail: subs@futurenet.co.uk
CUSTOMER SERVICES Telephone 01225 822510 Maybe it’s just me,
but I can’t help but think that the Amiga’s recent history is
somewhat reminiscent of some of the more colourful works of
that famous bearded chap, Shakespeare.
I mean, his works were always full of heroes who were also the villains and the victims. Consider the “Scottish” play for example. Escom, spurred on by greed and ambitious partner (german hanks)ohtain something Jfl (hey don't really deserve (the Amiga) are haunted by ghosts 1 (disenfranchised Amiga owners), have delusions of grandeur (open hundreds of retail outlets all over the UK), tell everyone they are invincible (issue press statements saying no matter how much money they just lost, they have the full support of their backers, and they got rid of the chairman, OK?), and finally get done
in by some nobodies (their creditors). Okay, it doesn’t bear too close an analysis, but it does give me the chance to say “And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death”. So perish all who muck the Amiga |i|i|pfM (Viscorp lake note).
(lie Amiga i|jl||!|f|B typecasting in the tragedy department.
(EXEUNT OMNI) Printed in the UK.
All contributions submitted to Amiga Format are submitted and published on the basis of full assignment of copyright to Future Publishing, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
Nick Veitch, Editor © Future Publishinci Limited 1996.
±t Ibrowse Software £29.95 Net&Web inc. Ibrowse £39.95 Net&Web Pro (TermiteTCP Ibrowse & Email) £89.95 The fully featured World Wide Web browser, Ibrowse makes surfing the net with your Amiga a breeze. Keep abreast of up- to-the-minute sports results, download the latest demos, browse the endless list of diverse and exciting web pages ... Cruising the whole wired world with Ibrowse is no more effort than clicking your mouse button.
Rowse fjfrrowse features a w-w-w well wicked web browser Supports HTML1, 2 and 3 as well as Netscape™ extensions.
Uses MUI (included), the new standard in user-interfaces for Workbench and the Amiga.
FAB menus™ plus an intuitive drag-n-drop user interface.
User interface and window layout can be customised.
Cached pages mean instantaneous access to previously visited web sites.
Open on any Amiga screen or video card, e.g. CyberGraphX.
Play sounds and animations, view pictures and movies using DataTypes (not included).
Manual written in plain English.
Load stored or cached pages from hard drive or CD-ROM.
? Takes full advantage of the latest Workbench 3 features.
? Hotlist to store and organise your favourite web sites.
? History list shows all the pages explored during a session.
? Includes FTP plug-in to make downloading files as simple as point and click.
Fast and friendly module for gopher hunting.
? Built-in support for simple email. Send messages from any web page with an email link.
Ibrowse needs
• 3Mb free memory
• 3.5Mb hard disk space
• Workbench 3 or later
• Supports Internet connections via AmiTCP, AS225, Mlink or
• Requires a 68020 processor or faster EASY TO INSTALL Installing
Net&Web couldn't be simpler, just enter your login name,
password and Internet Service Provider then sit back and let
Net&Web do the rest n EASY TO USE Surfing with Net&Web is so
easy with the super-slick Ibrowse (available separately) the
powerful MetaTool email program and the DaFTP program for file
U Every Net&Web pack includes one month free Internet trial with eitherTheNetor Demon Internet!
The Internet... Easy as 123 EASY TO CONNECT Net&Web is compatible with a wide range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Demon Internet, InternetFCI, CIX and many others. Just choose your ISP from our list and Net&Web will set up your Amiga to connect at their local point-of- presence.
Net&Web Software £39.95 Net&Web Pro (TermiteTCP Ibrowse & Email) £89.95 Call an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and obtain an internet account.
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Step 1: Modem INITCommand lATStl-IOOLISO-O ISP Phone Number |3woi 5826A96SS Connection Tmeout (sec) I SO Serial Device Name |agu»reteera.device Unit [ r Baud Cl Handshaking Cl Us. | 115,200 RTS CTS Step 2: TermiteTCP Software £59.95 Local IP Address 100.0.0 Remote IP Address |o.o.o.o Name Server (DNS) IP Address ||58.152.I.I93 Alternate DNS IP Address |192.68.t7 .85 Network Mask |255 255.255.0 Default Domain Ihlsolt co.uk Step 3: Emai Address lheloffh.soft.co.uk J few Options Use PPP support built directly in.
Supports multiple configurations.
GUI telnet and FTP clients supplied, with more in development.
Programmers' information provided for 3rd party products.
Patch library to allow AmiTCP apps to work with TermiteTCP.
Punch those keys for free!
0500 223 660 HiS®ft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 sales@hisoft.co.uk wioio.hisoft.co.uk iL TermiteTCP Your Gateway To The World Finally, a TCP IP Internet connection for your Amiga that doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to configure and use!
asy-to-use GUI configuration and operation.
Comprehensive printed manual that takes the mystery out of the internet.
Written from the ground up at Oregon Research for optimum performance.
Runs on ANY Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or above.
Supports high speed serial cards such as the Surf Squirrel.
AMIGA FqtiMlW news
• Viscorp reveal future plans for Amiga.....p 12
• Phase 5 to release PowerPC based clone . . . . Pl4
• Lightwave 5 on its way ..pi5
• Bookmark publishing’s offer to AF readers . . Pl5 siij i I
Amiga Technology sale agreed, but Escom difficulties may
postpone offficial handover.
F scorn’s fall KM n a have now filed for bankruptcy, just days after the deal over the Amiga with Viscorp was signed.
Rumours abound that the Anglo Corporation, the company that saved Silica from a similarly ignominious fate, are well-placed to buy up some, or maybe all, of the shops that Escom is in the process of closing down.
Given Silica’s commitment to the Amiga range, perhaps we 11 see Amigas in the shops again this and er :ssive into- n '.PPing before mimm TJ m 3 00 Iff 70 i inally, the deal to buy Amiga Technolog)' has been signed. Viscorp bit the bullet and finalised the agreement to buy Amiga Technologies from Escom on June , 24th. The deal will include all of Amiga Technologies' staff and property, including existing stock, parts and technological expertise.
The only thing not included in the deal was the Commodore name and trademarks which Escom are still using to push their range of Pcs.
For the time being, Viscorp intend to continue to use Benshe as the base for the coordination production and distribution forthe*', * Amiga, in spite of Escoin’s dive into full bankruptcy.
In fact, Viscorp seem fairly unconcerned by the whole affair and Florine Radulovic, Viscorp’s spokesperson said that “It’s business as usual. It might take a keep and rescheduling July, was the result expansion time when PC faster than ever This in combination Amiga Technologies project, sadly ill-informed Financial Times dubbed an “...ill-fated subsidiary which was developing set-top boxes for interactive television...”, that had already cost Escom tens of millions of dollars with little perceivable return, bit longer to go through, but it will.” When Amiga Format asked her if she had a
message for our readers she said that everyone should “just hang in there”.
Viscorp’s announcement came just before the troubled German giant began its downward slide into oblivion. On the first of July, Escom pubhcly nnounced that it was closing May’s revelation that Escom stopping production of Pcs at its German headquarters in fieppenheim resulting in 1 losses. Industry analysts have ) of its 235 shops in the UK i a loss of some 227 jobs. This suggested th grace, cul order * simi and coupled with losses made in market share in the competitive German PC clone market, meant that Escom made full year net losses of over 125m DM, notwithstanding a capital injection of
just over 100m DM from shareholders and banks.
It is estimated that the total net loss for Escom this year will end up around the 180m DM mark, has led to the banks refusing any financial aid and Escom, who now filed for bankruptcy, just the Amiga Christmas.
Escom's self-inflicted worries no longer have any connotations for the Amiga now, as it has escaped oblivion (again)by a narrow whisker.
White KinghtTechnology have recently been appointed as the official and exclusive UK distributor for all MacroSystem products including the incredible video editing system the Draco, and they are now able to offer software updates, including English manuals, hardware trade-ups (ie. From Vlab Y C to Vlab Motion), UK technical support and rapid replacement of items covered by warranty.
Supra ENCARTA? NO THANKS, I JUST PUT ONE OUT Not satisfied with presenting the Amiga’s first science fiction horror special effects tutorial on CD, Epic Marketing have now turned their beady eyes on the encyclopaedia market.
One thing the Amiga needs is a good encyclopaedia and Epic have created one each for ECS and AGA aAmiga owners, with hotlist editors for your favourite topics, hundreds of images and sound samples to accompany the text.
Being completely produced in the UK should also set it apart from most encyclopaedias that are currently for sale on other platforms.
We can’t wait to see this product and we’ll let you know just what we think of it just as soon as we can, but if you can’t wait and need more information that the fact that it will cost £89.99 and that it should be available by the end of July, you can call Epic Marketing on 01793 490988 to get more details.
PHILIPS SAVE LEISURESOFT CTW, the computer trade newspaper, reported in the last week of June that Philips were acquiring failing leisure software and peripherals distributor Leisuresoft.
Leisuresoft called in administrators earlier this year in March and has been seeling off assets in order to meet debts. One example is the sell off of the TechnoPlus range of accessories to the seemingly insatiable Anglo Corporation, the people who rescued Silica from the brink last year.
On a white charger... launches 33,600 modem Supra recently upped the potential transfer rate on their premium modem - the SupraSonic, to 33,600 baud. Owners of existing 28.8 SupraSonics can upgrade by using the flashrom upgraders available from ftp.supra.com. The SupraSonic modem improves on Supra’s previous flagship product - the Supra v.34 Fax modem by increasing the information area from a two character display to a 32 character LCD readout. This lets all pertinent information to be displayed on the programmable screen rather than switching between as before. The modem is also capable of
displaying CallerlD information (where available) on this display and acting as an answerphone and voicemail system, providing, of course, that software is created to do such a thing on the Amiga.
Also recently made available on ftp.supra.com is a new version of the v.34 flashrom that will upgrade most recent v.34 SupraFax modems to be able to handle baud rates of 33,600.
U34 TTT p p'?'? P t OO* 0 rvwOa 0 LAPM U42bis Knight have also knocked as much as £144 off their range of graphics cards, with the CyberVision64 retailing for just £349, a saving of £70 on the original price. If you've always wanted an RTG graphics card there's never been a better time to buy one.
For more details on this and the other
• items of interest in this news piece, you should contact White
Knight Technology on 01920 822321 or fax them on 01920 822302.
EJUIC in USA In addition, they are also able to offer products rarely seen outside Germany such as the Operator disks and a special version of Monument Designer for Vlab Motion.
Customers that have already registered with MacroSystem in Germany will have their registrations forwarded to White Knight, but those naughty people who have not yet sent in cards should contact White Knight for details of what to do.
If that wasn't enough. White Computer Safari, creators of the popular 'Star Fonts' range of Star Trek-inspired typefaces have been appointed official distributor for EM Computergraphics' range of desktop publishing and video oriented Phase Cds in North and South America and Canada.
Our readers in the new world can contact Computer Safari on
(001) 916 661 3328 or fax them on (001) 916 666 1813 and there is
a web site at http: www.woodland.net emc A1200x1 Finally
here The internal upgrade for the Amiga 1200 will be
shipping at last during August. The A1200x1 has been
delayed due to the inclusion of the latest Burst-Edo SIMM
technology. But, with an amazing AIBB performance rating of
7.14 at 50MHz over the original A1200 it appears that it
will be worth the wait.
The A1200x1 has been designed to fit in the Amiga 1200’s trap door and is equipped with the official 34 way connector for the SCSIxl Utility card, a combined 5Mb s SCSI II Enhanced IDE controller, which slots into the Utility card space under the A1200’s floppy drive.
The recommended retail price of the A1200x1 at 50Mhz with 8Mb of Burst-EDO is £499. For more information contact your local dealer or ACL Distribution on 01933 650677.
I think it's time for a round-up... ? The Bradford Column Hayes drops prices World famous modem manufacturer Hayes have announced that they are to drop the price on their range of modems. Jeremy Butt, general manager for Europe said: “Hayes products are reknowned for their high quality and reliability, however, there has been a perception in the market that our products are too highly priced, which has not been justified recently.
We have now cut the prices to such a level that no-one will be able to resist a Hayes product.” Formed in 1977, Hayes is probably best-known as the inventor of the modern modem and the Hayes command set. With price cuts of 28% on the Hayes Accura 288 v.34 and Fax modem to bring it down to £169 including VAT, (perhaps the modem most likely to interest Amiga users), Hayes’ modems are may appear more favourable to budget-conscious users.
In m "Unix is a mainstay of education facilities, and some of the best freely-distributable software has been developed on and for Unix Systems" m 5 n m 73 PAGE 24 UNIX FOR FREE VO vo ov We seem to be swamped with monitor news releases in the Amiga Format offices this month. First up is ViewSonic’s hyooooge PT810 monitor that comes in at the enooormous price of £1903 including VAT. It’s a 21” monitor capable of displaying 1600 x 1200 at 73Hz refresh and 1280 x 1024 at 85Hz. Now all you need is a magnifying glass to find all your icons.
Call ViewSonic on 01293 643900.
Idek proudly present their latest offering this month too. It’s a slighdy more mundane 17 incher, but Idek have finally added multimedia capabilities to their reknowned Vision Master series. The speakers, as you can see, fit neatly into the side panel leaving no “afterthought” bulges. The amplifier used in the monitor features a doodad called a Spatializer sound processor which apparently gives a 3D surround soud effect so that sounds can appear to come from all over the room.
Idek reckon their monitor can handle a 1600 x 1200 resolution at a pretty satisfactory 69Hz refresh and 1280 x 1024 at 80Hz, which makes it nearly on a par with ViewSonic’s offering but a price much kinder to the wallet of £599 plus VAT. If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these beasties, rush to your phone and call 01438 745482.
Just remember that neither of these monitors will sync down to anything less than about 30kHz, so they are both unsuitable for attaching directly to an A1200 or A4000 unless you have a hardware flicker fixer or graphics card of some sort.
Up before someone else does. Buying the Amiga was the easy bit, though: having the clout to exploit it afterwards was the tricky part of the equation. I hope youive been paying attention, Vlscorp. What's that saying - those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them... Some amazing statistics: every month this year, Amiga full-price software sales have had over 40% of the market.
On the budget front, Amiga's market share has never dipped below 30%. Every month. Admittedly this is on sales of floppy-based product, and does not Include CD, but doesn't that make a nonsense of all the anecdotal “evidence” that certain people throw up to support the assertion that “Amiga software doesn't sell anymore”? The truly amazing part of all this Is the split between 500 600 and 1200 though. What would you think it was? Well I'll tell you: on full-price, 500 600 outsold 1200 titles by a ratio of 7:1. On budget the split was a staggering 30:1.
What does this mean? That 1200 owners just don’t buy much, and the people putting their hands in their pockets are those who have Inherited old machines? If any of you are beavering away on a masterpiece which you hope to sell on a commercial basis, perhaps you should reconsider your original idea of making It AGA only - the really successful Amiga titles In recent years (SWOS, Worms, Cannon Fodder) have all been accessible to all users.
Makes you think a bit, doesn't It?
It wasn't that long ago that every mention of Amiga's exowner Escom was preceded by the word “ambitious”, as In “Ambitious PC manufacturer and retailer Escom recently announced...” Judging by what we've been hearing lately though, the press will be substituting “struggling” or “troubled” for “ambitious” when they are collating news stories on the German giant. And all sorts of publications will be devoting plenty of column inches to the group: widespread store closures, horrendous losses, and worse, all make great copy. While we were all wailing and gnashing our teeth saying; “Why don't they
throw some of their Deutchmarks at the Amiga?”, what we didn't know was they were already overstretched. But that's something most businesses go through at some point. Everything goes well so the powers in charge assume they will continue to do so. It must have seemed so easy: all those High Street locations going begging, the world's bestselling home computer lying dormant - hey, let's snap 'em every month thSs year, Amiga full-prlce software sales have had over 40% off the market The opinions expressed in this column are those of a fine, upstanding individual who can take his beer like a
man, even if he does cry like a baby when he falls over on the way home, not those of Amiga Format (who don’t).
Until HiSoft brought out Net&Web it was always a bit tricky to set up an internet connection on the Amiga, but now easy installers seem to be flooding in. Active have told us that they plan to bring out a suite of internet tools called NetConnect in the near future. NetConnect will feature an extremely simple to use GUI that takes care of all the configuration you need to do. If you have an account with one of the 107 ISPs catered for by NetConnect, all you’ll need do is select the ISP that you’ve joined, tap in a few details and you’ll be away.
NetConnect’s backbone consists of a dial up version of AmiTCP IP v4.3, PowerMail (MetaTool 2), MFTP 2, Mnews (currently at version 0.2 on Aminet, Active promise to have a fully working version in their bundle) and AmiPPP in addition to SLIP for connection. As you will have noticed all the tools mentioned thus far rely on Magic User Interface and so will all share a similar look and feel, rather than just a hodge podge of different styles. As for a Web browser, nothing has been finalised yet, but it looks like it will be Voyager in a new incarnation.
Everything is there to make TCP IP on the Amiga into an easy 'anyone could do it’-type of operation rather than the arcane mess it was until recently.
Watch out for our review soon, but if you want more details now, then call Active software on 01325 352260 or email them at: sales@active2.demon.co.uk. The creators of XP8 (reviewed in AF85), have been signed by Effigy Software on a three year exclusive publishing contract. WeatherMine Software, alias Matt Waters and Anthony Fenton Jones met up with us recently in Bath.
XP8 will be released by Effigy on August 30th and there will possibly be a CD-ROM version soon after. Ian Jenkins, Managing Director of Effigy said he was looking forward to a long and productive association with these talented newcomers.
All enquiries about XP8 should be addressed to: Effigy Software, The Effigy Emporium, Station Yard, Station Road, Ruskington, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 9DG.
HiSoft raise a few Ibrowse The first fully-commercial release of Ibrowse, currently the Amiga's most fully featured web browser, took place on 23 July.
Some of the features that make Ibrowse a w-w-w well wicked web browser (hmmm - ed) are: HTML 1, 2 and 3 support cached pages (instant access to previously-viewed pages), Dataiype support allowing viewing of animations, movies, pictures etc., Web site hotlist. History list for each session, FTP plug-in for easy downloading, support for simple email from any web page with an email link, plain-English 64-page manual, superb user interface taking full advantage of Workbench 3, intuitive, drag-n-drop selection and, to top it all, almost everything is user-configurable.
Ibrowse is now available from HiSoft for just £29.95 and requires 3Mb free memory,
3. 5Mb hard disk space and Workbench 3 or later.
HiSoft are also launching a TCP IP Internet connection for your Amiga that doesn't take a rocket scientist to configure and use.
Everybody who uses the Internet must communicate with it via a program, called a TCP IP stack, that understands the protocol used on the net and all the complications that go with it.
Previously these programs have been a nightmare to set up on your Amiga but now Oregon Research and HiSoft have re-written the rules and produced an easy-to-use package which is fully configurable and comes with a comprehensive manual. All you have to do with TermiteTCP is call an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and obtain an account; then enter your ISP into TermiteTCP and click on Connect - it's that easy!
For the technically-minded, TermiteTCP supports PPP directly, includes GUI telnet and FTP clients (many more in the pipeline), provides programmer's information for third-party products, has a patch library to enable AmiTCP applications to work and supports high-speed serial cards (such as the Surf Squirrel). HiSoft are selling TermiteTCP for £59.95 or together with Ibrowse and Net8cWeb for £89.95. Finally, HiSoft Systems are delighted to announce the imminent release of the long- awaited Squirrel MPEG decoder (now known simply as the SMD-100). The SMD-100 is state-of-the-art electronics that
allows you to use any compatible SCSI CD-ROM player to play VideoCDs and similar MPEG streams on your television or on a suitable monitor and listen through your hifi.
Offering extremely high quality playback of VideoCD 1.1, 2.0, Karaoke CD
1. 0, OM-1 and CD-I Green Book CD-ROMs on any suitable display
device (PAL or NTSC), the SMD-100 is perfect for home cinema
viewing or stand-alone demonstration via custom-produced
Simply connect a SCSI CD-ROM to one of the two SCSI connectors, plug your display into the 21-pin Euro Scart connector, attach headphones amplifier to the stereo phono outputs and then use the supplied infra-red remote control which offers play, stop, rewind fast forward, pause, multi-speed slow motion, skip to next track and more.
You'll be watching and listening to the highest quality MPEG movies around. Future developments will include software to allow MPEG streams to be played from your Amiga, fully genlocked to your Amiga.
The SMD100 is released, in limited quantity, on 23 August at an intial cost of £199.95 and just needs a SCSI CD-ROM, it doesn't even need your Amiga to be attached to it. All these products can be bought directly from HiSoft on 0500 223660 "It's 2am,. You're a 19 year-old bloke. It's Saturday night" - Andy Smith gives us his life story and an AB3D2 review in one serving AB3D2 PAGE 40 ©7 LOWEST PRICES _.r it*..-' . ¦''-w .". BEST SERVICE RAPID DELIVERY SALES FREE CALL 0500 737 800 OTHER ENQUIRIES 0181 686 9973 0181 781 1551 AMIGA A1200 PACKS 3-5" DISKS 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE DISKS &
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3. 5" 3-5" 3-5"
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quality joystick, A1200 dustcover, Deluxe mouse mat, Disk head
cleaner, 10 disks ONLY £15-00 NEW A1200 SURFER PACK Includes
260Mb Hard Drive * 14,400 External Modem. Comes with Magic
Pack Software but pre installed on HD. SHOULD BE BACKED BY
(inc clock) A40Q0T 040 25MHz 1A4000T 060 50MHz APOLLO 1220
28MHz 68020 6882 £99-99 A1200 4Mb
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up to 1Mb (512K) ...£24-99 A500+ up to 2Mb
(1Mb) ...£28-99 A600 up to 2Mb
GENLOCK It is a high specification video genlock that is ideal
for both the first time user (for adding titles, graphics &
effects to home movies) and the semi professional user
(wedding videos, corporate presentations...) FREE Scala HJ100
(enables you to add special effects and overlay text on to
your video) £98 AMIGA CABLES Amiga to TV
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conditions(copy available upon request). E&OE.
RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face UK'S cheapest Amiga's A1200 MagicPack Includes, Wordworth V4SE, J Datastore, Organiser, Turbocalc Special limited offer ......"
3. 5, Personal Paint V6.4, A P Photogenics I.2SE, I' Z W V J
Pinball Mania & Whizz. -- Hurry Limited Stocks Available
Starter Pack
• A1200 dust cover
• 10 x DSDD disks + labels
• Top quality joystick
• Deluxe mouse mat
• 3 x A1200 games only £ 19.95
w. miga AI200 ?Magic Pack me 170Mb HD &ScaJa Inc. same software
pack as Magic Pack, But also includes Scala MM300 (Req. 4Mb).
A I 200 I MB RAM £69.95 A I 200 2 MB RAM £74.95 A I 200 4 MB RAM £89.95 A I 200 8 MB RAM £119.95 For 68882 33Mhz Co Pro add £35.00 PRIM A A500 512k RAM no clock £19.95 PRIMAA500+ I MbRAM £29.95 PRIMAA600 I MbRAMnoclock £29.95 MASSIVE REDUCTIONS 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £19.95 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £26.95 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £29.95 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £54.95 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM £119.95 I Mb 30 pin SIMM £19.95 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM £56 95 2S6by4DRAM(DILs) (each)£6.95 256 by4 ZIPPS (each)£6.95 Part exchange available on your old memory, Call for pricing.
Accelerator Cards Viper 11-33 £129.95 Blizzard Viper 11-50 £199.95 .Falcon 68040 RC £379.95 RENO Portable CD ROM Requires SCSI controller, eg Squirrel, GVP etc. IJ:lfSCSI Enclosures Single Case £69.95 Dual Case £89.95 . Squirrel SCSI-H lnterface*£45.00 "When bought with any SCSI device.
£54.95 if bought separate Surf Squirrel SCSI-II Interface xSLjP®
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separate Octagon GVP SCSI Card £99.95 SCSI-II interface card
for big box Amiga's A4000 2000 etc. Amiga Technologies 1241
Q-Drive Quad speed external I QQ Qr CD-Rom Drive, for £. I W
7*7 3 .A I 200, via PCMCIA. No additional I face needed Hewlett
Packard CD-R 4020i CD-Recorder t«r,ad2.wriie£790.95 Master-ISO
CD-R software Create your own CD ROM's and CD-Audio discs, on
your Amiga Call for details £ 129.95 Hard Drives Monitors Disk
Drives Peripherals
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions NewMega Mouse* 400
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£57.95 Roboshift (Auto mouse J.stick switch) £9.95 Kickstart
2.04 2.05 (for use in A600) £24.95 CIA 8520A I O controller
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£39.95 Zipstickjoystick £11.95 Saitek Megagrip II £12.95
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A1200 600 install kit inc. software,
cables and instructions 630Mb..£l55.95 850Mb...£l89.95
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with a 10ms access time. Internal PSU, SCSI ID selector.
Cooling fan, and HD prepping partitioningsoftwaro.
Requires SCSI interface, ie. Squirrel GVP L additional adaptor may be req, @ £ 15.95 luilCVl M1438S rive
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• I X 100Mb cartridge
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£& Seagate rujrrsu cgkner 80Mb....£84.95 130Mb....£99.95 170Mb..£ 104.95 250Mb..£ 109.95 340Mb..£ 129.95 540Mb..£ 169.95
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3. 5" Hard Drive install kit £18.95 Includes set up software,
cables and full instructions, no Hard Drive.
Turbotech realtime clock cartridge £ 14.95 fits any Amiga Delivery £1.18 per title or £3.95 for 4+ Quantum Leap CD ROM Software Mntotics ,WE ARE PREFERRED 1 USR DEALERS Irftobotics BABT Appi Personal Voice Mail Fax on Demand Class I Fax Call Discrimination
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S.200bps (v42bis) • S Year Warranty Supra modems are not BABT
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Software for Amiga Computers with a Fax Data Modem.
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Power Scanner Software Including cable £59.95 New3DCD-l Objects New3DCD-l Images l7BitContinuation 17 Bit Phase 5 17 Bit LSD compendium I or2 17 Bit LSD compendium 3_ | New.'.'Aminet l2 Aminet9 I0 I I Aminetset I collection) Aminet 1-4) Aminet set 2 collection (Aminet 5-8) Aminet set 3 collection (Aminet 1-12) Amiga Developers CD Ver 1.1 Artworx Arcade Classics Plus Assassins 2 (Double) C64 Sensations Vol 2.
CAM (Double) CD-PD I 2 3 4 Encounters UFO Phenomenon Epic Collection 2 Emulators Unlimited (Groliers Encyclopedia 2 Illusions in 3D Light ROM 3 Magic Workbench Enhancer Meeting Pearls 3 FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with order of CD-ROM software over £30 Printers Canon EPSON CITIZEN Canon BJ30 £169.9!
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Ben Vost looks at the past, present and future of the Amiga's operating system - and compares it against its competitors [IT hen people talked about operating systems my k m eyes used to glaze over before swiftly slamming T V shut. I didn't have the foggiest about what the operating system did. What it was for or who’s job it was to look after it. All 1 eared about was that 1 could switch on my A500, put my Workbench 1.2 disk in the drive and boot up. 1 got used to all the a?| requesters saying “Please insert volume blah in ? Any drive”, and responded to them without Continued overleaf
SEPTEMBER 1996 FEATURE really understanding what they were there for or why the requester said any drive when I only had the one - was I missing something?
But once I started to use other computers and realised that some didn’t even come with a mouse, I began to realise how lucky Amiga owners were, and once my Amiga set-up grew to include things like hard drives, accelerators and Kickstart 2, I came to understand that yes, I would need to know how to tune my startup-sequence and user-startup, and yes, I would need to do some housekeeping from time to time, sorting out the files that had grown in number from the hundreds to the thousands once I had removed the restriction of the floppy disk from the storage equation.
Before we start, I'd like to say that I am not an ‘anorak’, nor a ‘trainspotter’.
I use my computer for very many reasons and I never turn it on just to examine the relationship between the ‘Dir’ and ‘List’ shell commands (well, only occasionally). But understanding what is hidden in all those drawers on your hard drive is a sure fire way to increase your confidence in case every manufacturer method was unique and stopped anyone from sharing a drive with a different controller WHAT EXACTLY IS AN OPERATING SYSTEM?
WHAT THE OTHER HALF SEES - A MAC BOOTING UP An operating system is the lowest layer above the hardware in a computer. If you think of your Amiga, as a whole, as something akin to a sherry trifle, then the hardware itself is the jelly (I guess that the bits of fruit and sponge could represent peripherals - "Oh yes, I have an eight speed Boudoir biscuit in my machine you know..."), then the operating system is the custard on top of the jelly and finally on top of that is the whipped cream - your application software, things like Wordworth, Photogenics or even little commodities. In this feature
we're going to cheat a bit and refer to Workbench as your operating system. This isn't strictly accurate, the Amiga's operating system is actually called Intuition and it's a layer just underneath Workbench, but for the sake of argument and simplicity we'll be referring to Workbench, Windows95 and the Macintosh's Finder as being their respective operating systems, after all, they are the aspects of the operating system that most people have access to.
The operating system of a computer is (usually) responsible for screen display, device management (i.e.. looking after disk access, mouse movement, printing, etc.) and many other things that you don't want to have to pay attention to. Some of the Amiga's operating system is actually buried in the Kickstart ROM - some CLI commands, a library or two, that sort of thing, which means that they are readily available at very short notice. This is a feature that the Amiga and Mac share, but the PC doesn't, which probably accounts for the long boot times suffered by Windows users. Still, plenty of
time to get bitchy about other people's operating systems later... anything does go horribly wrong. In an attempt to guide you through exactly the revelation I had, Amiga Format is proud to present a guide to operating systems, what they do, and what they should do EVOLUTION The Amiga’s operating system has undergone many changes since its first appearance way back in 1985. Obviously influenced at first glance by the Xerox Parc project, as were all other early GUI-based operating systems, Workbench 1.0 and 1.1 were seen only by very few people. With the release of
1. 2 came the A500 and the Amiga’s star began to rise - big time.
Workbench 1.2 was an idiosyncratic little beastie. While everyone else’s GUIs were almost uniformly black and white (oh, pardon me, the ST used a baize green for its background), the
• Amiga’s four colour affair used bright blue and orange in
addition to black and white which certainly stood out. At this
time hard drives were a rarity, only available to the
well-heeled, so everything had to be loaded from floppy.
Because no-one had hard drives Commodore didn’t even
standardise hard drive access the way it is now with RDB (Rigid
Disk Block), so every manufacturer method was unique and
stopped anyone from sharing a hard drive with someone who
didn’t have exactly the same controller. To make matters worse,
you couldn’t autoboot from a hard drive under Kickstart 1.2, so
you still needed a boot floppy.
Forgetting for the minute the obviously more colourful look to Workbench, there were a lot of other visible differences to the current version of our operating system. For instance, icons under Workbench 1.2 and 1.3 didn’t have the grey box background that all Workbench 2 and 3 icons do, the menus were laid out very differently and the Prefs drawer contained only five icons instead of the 15 or so that currently grace Workbench 3.1. Workbench and Kickstart 1.3 gave the Amiga autobooting for hard drives THE HISTORY OF THE AMIGA for you, etc. All very well apart from the fact that datatypes have
proven in use to be slow, restricted to 8-bit colour for pictures and use Chip memoiy, even if it is unnecessary.
But if we’ve got it bad, how about the other operating systems ? Well, from a beginners’ point of view, the Macintosh’s System 7.x finder is very nice to use. There’s practically nothing you have to do to optimise your system, in fact, that’s part of the problem, there is nothing you can do to optimise your system, whether you want to or not. The Mac has an operating system that is like a flash bike with training wheels - ones you can’t remove. It babies you through every decision slowing down the pace at which you can work. Having said that, it also has some absolutely superb features such as
built-in networking expanded to cater for any new file types created), proper PostScript output support, localisation and new expandable gadget classes which would allow programmers to simply make use of standard system gadgets rather than having to create their own from scratch every time.
So you might think we’re doing pretty well when it comes to operating system functionality, what with multitasking, shared libraries, gadget classes, datatypes and so on. But the fact of the matter is that no matter how innovative these features seem, they are no longer innovative, they are, in parts, flawed and they aren’t implemented fully so that everyone uses them.
For instance, datatypes would appear to be a real boon. Imagine never having to write another bit of code to load an IFF picture, sound or animation. Let the system do the work Continued overleaf Datatypes have proven to be slow, restricted to 8-bit colour for pictures and use too much Chip memory Workbench would be so much nicer to use with a copy progress bar, and the ability to change what gadgets look like would be in keeping with the Amiga's flexibility.
(and the fast file system), the Shell in addition to the CLI (things like history, aliases and better cursor control are all Shell features), better printing, more fonts and utilities including the ‘invaluable’ pointer clock.
But it was Kickstart and Workbench 2 that really set the ball rolling on the innovative nature of the Amiga’s operating system. A whole new look to the Workbench interface - stylish greys and blues, Applcons, AppWindows, Public screens, proper preferences (though still not fully up to scratch for printing), Arexx as standard and the ability to pretty much totally customise the look of your individual Workbench using different fonts, background patterns, and so on.
A lot changed under the hood too.
Most of the original 1.2 and 1.3 commands and libraries had been written using BCPL, a forerunner to C, but Workbench 2 was mainly C-based.
FastFileSystem got moved to Kickstart so that you could now boot from FFS disks, and a lot else was changed.
THE AGA GENERATION When AGA was developed Workbench also had to be upgraded to take account of the new graphical standards that were gained through the latest chipset. Previously, Workbench and Workbench-type screens were restricted in the number of colours they could display, after all there was no need at the time to write the software to handle non-existent colour levels. But AGA and RTG graphics cards changed all that and Workbench and Kickstart 3 were born. These introduced 8-bit colour Workbench screens and new features like datatypes (which could be infinitely WHAT THE OTHER HALF SEES -
A PC BOOTING UP Hold onto your hats - here we go. This PC has the The Windows' method of displaying files is not But it also has a built-in menu system which is add-on Plus Pack, which takes up even more space. Quite as efficient or as friendly as the Mac's. Always available to launch new programs.
THE HISTORY OF THE AMIGA - PART TWO for the Mac and PC alike, virtual memory is standard and invisible - you'll rarely get an out of memory error + from day one, the way it shows files listed by name (more on which later), the ability to have multiple monitors on one machine and treat them like one big monitor, system-wide PostScript support, graphics libraries for animation, 31), vector and bitmap drawing and much more. If the Amiga were to disappear off the face of the earth today, I think more people would be inclined to use a Mac than a PC. The system works very well and although much is
said about the fact that the Mac doesn’t multi-task, this is not 100% accurate. While it is true that you cannot format four disks at once while playing an OctaMED tune and standing on your head, neither has the Amiga any software that will allow the user to interrupt a redraw in order to change some element of a picture in the same way that Photoshop can. On a Mac, you don’t see how much memory you have at the top of the screen like you do on the Amiga, because for the Mac and PC alike, virtual memory is standard and invisible. Sure, you might notice your hard drive groaning a bit under the
strain and certain operations slowing down, but you’ll rarely get an out of memory error (or worse, a crash because you’ve run out of RAM).
Windows95, on the other hand, is a different kettle offish. While it installs without a problem (usually), taking about 45 minutes from a CD-ROM, getting the best out of it is still a return in parts to the bad old days of MS-DOS.
We’ve already loosely discussed the way that the hardware in the new Amiga should be configured. We all want the capability to add more RAM than 16Mb (the current absolute maximum for any standard Amiga without adding peripherals), we would all like to be able to upgrade our processor easily and add an FPU if necessary. It would be nice to think that any new Amigas will come with hard drives (SCSI preferably), CD- ROM drives and high density floppy drives as standard.
Let’s start with the easy stuff.
Assuming, for the moment, that we are solely talking about any new machine being a big box Amiga., RAM limitations should be one of the first things attacked, after all, the chips in Motorola’s current range can address more than four gigabytes of RAM.
SIMM sockets should be able to take a variety of 72-pin SIMMs for maximum flexibility, there should be a minimum of two on the motherboard, but preferably four.
If we take the base CPU as an 040, then we have no need of an FPU and easy replacement with a 68060 chip.
Although Windows95 is supposed to be an all new graphical OS, it isn’t really and shares more in common with Windows3.1 than Microsoft would care to admit. Still, that being said, it isn’t many Oses that you receive bundled with games, internet connectivity, word processing, comms and paint programs.
OK they might not be very good, but there they are, ready to be used. You, the consumer, don’t have to get off your behind and go and buy a shed load of software just to get going. On the Amiga, if we want to back up our machines, recover deleted files and optimise our hard drives, we really need to go out and spend some forty quid on a suite of tools for the job. Windows95 users get it all thrown in for free. Of course, there is an argument that says giving all this stuff away free a) fills up people’s hard drives with stuff they might never use and b) means that these same people might never
go out and spend another penny on their machine (no, not that sort of penny).
All these freebies go some way to account for the massive 10()Mb+ that a complete Windows95 installation can take. And that doesn’t include any of your applications. It’s just a good job hard drive prices are falling.
However, should the machine be powered by an 030 to start with, then some sort of CPU slot will be called for.
If the way memory is handled is done well enough, then plug-in accelerators will only need to provide additional computing power, not memory expansion, thus bringing down the price of such expansions.
One thing that remains important is the fact that any processor used to power a new Amiga should have an MMU allowing for virtual memory as standard (not to mention emulation of other systems). This, in addition to the hard drive as standard, will allow people who can’t afford to be able to buy more memory to still use memory-intensive applications, albeit at a slower rate.
8-bit sound sampling chips cost next to nothing so changing the current audio outputs on the machine to a 3.5” minijack and adding a similar minijack input to such a sampler would increase the powers of the machine enormously, especially for Internet Phone and speech recognition programs. Video digitising is more expensive, but should be available as an option.
FUTURE WORKBENCH So what can we do about the Amiga’s shortfalls? Well, Viscorp have said that they want to hear from Amiga users the world over to find out exactly what they want from the next generation of Workbench. So let’s cruise the highways and by-ways of our operating system and see if there’s anything we can improve. This is just my opinion, if you have your own ideas of what you’d like to see, there’s nothing Amiga Format would like better than to encourage you to write into us with your ideas. You never know, maybe we’ll offer a prize.
These suggestions are all made assuming no major paradigm shift occurs in the way Workbench works.
The graphics I created to illustrate the article still use the basic Workbench colours, plus the four MagicWB colours that everyone seems to like. I’m sure that changes will be made that are far more drastic than those I have suggested - have a look at the mock-ups other Amiga owners have made on the CD (in the “In_the_Mag FutureWB” directory) for an idea of what some users would like to see.
THE HARDWARE Before we get onto cosmetic items like the looks of Workbench, let’s start with a side issue, that of the hardware.
Without decent hardware, there’s little point discussing new features for a Workbench that will require more processing horsepower. First of all, assuming that we will be sticking with the 68000 series for the moment, let’s see a 68040 as the entry level processor.
It would be fine at 25MHz, even an EC version would do if budgets required it, but the advantage of an ‘040 as the base level processor is that it can be simply removed from the motherboard and replaced with an ‘060, provided, of course, that the motherboard was built to be able to handle an ‘060. Secondly, let’s have a return to SCSI as a standard.
IDE may be cheap, but it’s limiting and causes confusion if SCSI devices already exist. Thirdly, an updated Cary (and whatever other chips need updating) in order to provide for a full speed high density floppy disk drive (a Zip drive internally might be a nice idea, but is far to expensive in practice). Lastly, and most ambitiously, a new graphics chip set. My ideal would be to have four sockets on the motherboard. The first comes filled when you buy the machine and the chip filling it is capable of giving you 8-bit graphics. Adding a second chip would give you 16-bit graphics (65,536 colours
on screen), a third to give you 24-bit graphics and the last socket filled giving you 32-bit graphics. Obviously, this would require building a new graphics chipset, a time consuming task in its own right, and then changing the way the system software works in order to take advantage of these chips in any combination. This software should be able to provide both chunky and bitplane graphics (depending on which is more suitable at the time) to high resolution (i.e.. 1024x768, etc.), and offer system-wide dithering of higher colour images, so that there is no need for different versions of
graphics for different levels of power. All these suggestions are made with the tacit inclusion of things like SIMM sockets able to take a reasonable amount of RAM, 64Mb say, a SCSI hard drive as standard and a hardware flicker fixer (should it be needed).
OK. Now it’s time to look at amendments to Workbench to make it work better and more efficiently. The first thing that really does need to be done is to give Workbench multitasking. I know it sounds silly to say, but if you don’t believe that Workbench needs multitasking, try- copying a whole bunch of files from one place to another using Workbench and see how much else you can do at the same time. While we’re on copying, wouldn’t it be nice to have a copy (and delete) progress bar, much like you do in Dopus?
Let’s also get rid of bitmap, Compugraphic, Intellifont, TrueType, DMF, Postscript and NimbusQfonts and just stick with one standard: PostScript, say. No more worries that a certain font won’t be available to you in one application or another. The only need for the original Amiga bitmap font format would be for colourfonts, but even they could be replaced byjust using ‘clipfonts’, although this wouldn’t satisfy your average videographer.
Going back to hardware for just a second, let’s make sure that even' Amiga comes with a CD-ROM drive as standard, in addition to a hard drive, and that it can be booted from. I would like to see a really good CD player as part of Workbench, and I think the Continued overleaf 4 MY TOP TEN UTILITIES TO MAKE WORKBENCH MORE LIKE IT OUGHT TO BE: These are arranged in no particular order and all are available on the CD in the " I n the Mag FutureWB Top Ten " d i rectory.
Amiga users shouldn't have to mess around when formatting disks, since it is one thing that Amiga's do so well. This new format window will allow for formatting any type of filing system supported and offers a choice of standard names through the question mark button. Note the extra hard drive info.
Magic File Requester Everything a file requester should be. It offers file renaming and deletion, directory creation, filename completion and so much more it's silly.
ARQ ARQ should also be built into Workbench as standard. If not, then the idea that you can hit return or Esc to activate buttons in requesters certainly should be.
CycleToMenu Whoever's idea cycle gadgets were should be shot. Pop up menus make much more sense.
MagicMenu The ability to have your menus anywhere on the screen is invaluable, especially if you use a graphics card and taking your mouse for a trip up to the top of the screen is akin to running a marathon.
ToolManager ToolsDaemon These two products add new menus and menu items to Workbench. This saves you from having to scout out the things you need to use from the depths of your hard disk.
Swazlnfo Icon information the way it ought to be presented, Swazlnfo gives you drag and drop, default icons, easy tooltype toggling and more.
TBClock A clock in the title bar on every screen.
Damn handy.
KingCon If only KingCon's abilities were built into Kickstart. I'm always hitting the tab key when I boot with no startup-sequence.
PowerSnap Copying from the user interface directly into the system clipboard. It doesn't work with everything, but it's still very useful.
MagicFrames Serious Amiga users tend to use their machines in screenmodes with a (near) 1:1 aspect ratio. Magic Frames stops the borders of buttons and other gadgets from trying to double up the width of the border for these gadgets.
CD32 was another stab by Commodore at the console market which pretty much failed, in spite of some excellent ideas. So what next? Now that the Walker is out of the picture, what will be the next Amiga?
4b ability to view PhotoCD images should also be incorporated into the system. Let’s put Workbench onto CD and distribute it that way. The benefits are manyfold. Firstly, there will be no disk swapping when installing, secondly, it will be cheaper for the Amiga’s owners to press Cds than multi-disk sets
- Cds are less prone to damage than floppies and take less space.
Having Workbench on CD would mean that not only could you put
the lowest level of software on there, but also developer
information, networking utilities, specialised tools for video
or DTP, even shareware titles, etc. There would also be ample
room for full on-line help, something that the Amiga sorely
HELP ME IF YOU CAN Let’s talk about on-line help. While AmigaCuide was great when it first came out in 1989, it is definitely looking dated these days. I would like to see a Below: An Amiga version of the Mac's 'View by name' window.
Bottom: In the future, perhaps the Amiga will be able to use multiple monitors.
* I - i use Arexx C CDO Classes Arexx .class codecctas3 DataTypes
Sadgets tnages vgtgfx fidget v idget library window class
769228 14-Mar-96 1926073 28-Juh-96 609 23-Jun~36 725956
13-Jun-98 6452 03-Jan-96 1224 12-Dee-94 269660 13-Jun-96 168612
t3-Jun~96 30964 23-May-96 44256 01-Juri-96 75430 13-Jun-36
38248 17-May-96 19432 15-May~3S Comms .mvjs Cybergraphics Devs
Monitor 1 Idoh Monitors R»diu* Display type: »l DTP: Portrait
mode Colour depth: »124-bit Colour (RGB) Overstan: ?! Custom
H |K 24 j Vhj[204T II Cancel (ave Use freely distributable
program for creating on-line help files created by the Amiga’s
owners that would take text and pictures, even animations and
sound, and compile them into a single executable file. The user
would be able to choose whether to bind all, some or none of
the components that go to make up the file, but provision
should be made to lock fonts into the file if necessary so as
to give the creator full freedom to make whatever he or she
wants out of this help file.
This way, Multiview could become the basis for whole multimedia encyclopaedias rather than just the glorified text viewer it is at the moment.
Let’s give some of these capabilities to Installer too, while we’re about it. They both need an easier way of being created - get away from the tough, low- level scripting if at all possible.
Now for icons. Most current operating systems have a system standard 256 colour palette. This covers a fair amount of different shades of colours without the overhead of having to rejig the palette any time something new comes along. Perhaps it would be a good idea to implement this for Workbench so that we can do away with having to force the first eight colours of the Workbench palette. The only- problem with having reeeaally colourful icons is the fact that they may become larger than the programs they are representing, but surely the solution is to offer people the ability to configure
icons the way they want to? Also, having to maintain a RAM disk icon through the user-startup and subterfuge is silly.
Let’s have a ‘def ram.info’ in envarc: Let's have a file requester that offers the option to create directories, delete files and so on that gets updated when you snapshot the ram disk or change its icon.
SORT IT OUT File handling is next. Firstly, file notification should be system-wide, this means that whenever something gets copied onto, deleted from or moved around your hard drive, the Amiga knows about it. Let’s have a file requester that offers the option to create directories, delete files and so on. Let’s have MS-DOS disks (and Mac disks) treated transparently so that the user doesn’t have to guess, and use the Mac’s method of shortening file names for 8.3 DOS disks so that if the PC disk happens to appear on an Amiga or Mac, the file names will be restored to their full length.
On the subject of how files appear on Workbench, let’s steal from the Mac again and make use of their excellent view by name window. As you can see in this Amiga-tised version, you can simply click on the category at the top of the window to change the sorting method, you can open subdirectories in the same window by clicking on the arrow gadget (these subdirectories can also be double clicked on and this will open them up in their own window). The director)' sizes can be calculated using ‘spare’ processor time and even cached to disk for further reference.
There are so many more changes that could be added to Workbench that we could fill at least twice as many pages as we have - we haven’t even touched on multi-user networking support or built in TCP IP software, but the feature has to end somewhere. But even these cosmetic changes would improve the utility of Workbench in my opinion.
All those commodities you currently have to run in your WBStartup drawer wouldn’t be necessary if Workbench were updated. Send us in your ideas for improvements to Workbench and the Amiga using the survey on the next two pages (you can use extra paper - or even better, send us mock-up IFF pictures we can print in the mag if you like), but remember, unless you want to pay five squillion quid for your dream Amiga, keep your ideas affordable. © 73 m a m 20 V) c 30 m - _ X q, IX. T3 oi 01 & g» c C -S ai i; oi w X x X u o 5 3 u u. m x in ai E ’X in "S E Q. E 0 X in in 05 01 ** in O k in
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* ' *9 0 A4ncn A.f imu~ men om_m k ktf VU k RAM8 33MHz FPU An
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• cf One of the great strengths of the Amiga is its ability to
emulate other computer systems. If you want to run a really
wide range of software, for computers large and small, the
Amiga is the most flexible platform you can get, and it keeps
getting better.
Commercial emulators like Emplant, PC Task and ShapeShifter work well at converting the Amiga into a mainstream business machine, but there is another important class of ‘serious’ computer besides Mac and PC.
These are the ‘Unix boxes’, |«j xfractint [•] xv controls r Source for programs like 1 Xfractinct, Bash and XV is widely available i on the Internet. I workstations that run professional Computer Aided Design and graphics applications, university time-sharing systems, telephone exchanges, big business databases, BT’s WirePlay service, and most of the Internet.
Simon l l Goodwin explains how to run the big boys' operating system on your Amiga.
NetBSD is the best implementation of Unix for modern Amigas, and it’s free. In fact NetBSD is not an emulator, but a replacement operating system.
The ‘Net’ in the name refers to two things - the fact that this is a networking, multi-user, multi-tasking system and the way that it was developed, by a group of enthusiasts communicating over the Internet.
BSD stands for Berkley Standard Distribution, after the US university where it was born.
UNIX STORY Unix has been around longer than microcomputers - it was originally a minicomputer system invented by Dennis Richie and Ken Thompson at Bell Labs, part of US telecommunications giant AT&T, in the early seventies. Unix was the birthplace of the ‘C’ programming language - almost the entire system is written in C
- and this makes it relatively easy to convert between hardware
C is derived from BCPL, the UK- Algorithms Display developed language originally used to write Amigados. Most of Amigados was translated from BCPL to C for the release of Amiga Workbench 2, and many developers use C in preference to assembly language, the Amiga’s native tongue. But most of the routines in the Kickstart ROM are written in assembly code, which saves space and time but makes it relatively hard to convert the Amiga system to run on other processors.
STRONG AND FLEXIBLE Unix is extremely powerful and very cleverly designed. The price you pay for this versatility is that the system is big and it takes a long while to learn your way around.
Unix systems have a mouse-based graphical interface, like the Amiga’s Workbench and Intuition. The Unix equivalent is X Windows, a very powerful and fairly friendly system that was developed at MIT years before anyone had a computer powerful enough to run it. NetBSD can run X, and it’s much easier to use it that way rather than from the shell.
The standard Amiga graphics driver is monochrome, although ECS and AGA colour could be implemented; there are already colour drivers for most Zorro display cards. Ideally you’ll have a three button mouse but a standard Amiga mouse is usable by pressing both buttons at once to emulate the missing switch.
Windows Delate 460x270 image. 8-bltmode. Got 166 of 200 colors. (121 unique) MAIN HENJ Info about lnage tab zoo. Box functions... orbits ulndou o , 3 , b HEW IHACE select video node... del select fractal type t toggle to fro. Julia space return to prior inege OPTIONS basic options... x extended options... y type-specific pains... z view ulndou options... v fractal 3D perns... 1 ;tJ ,-trii.ro ¦' .•¦jvynjbt V.’f'A W.blvi Brn ipy • AN RijM* Ver.slsii W,10 i AstRevtoiKi: Ifc lfo.?*!
Iv»i, ¦ , ..'jft l.Mtlon it, by John BfMlfrf nn saved ccond set., save 1M9S to file load lwge fro. File... 3d tranafor* fro. File.
3d overlay frc file... save current para«eters print lueye shell to dos give comvnd string quit Fractlnt restart Fractlnt COLORS color cycling .ode c rotate palette * , - palette editing .ode e «Re starfleld e AutoCrop About XV I Quit lns esc SOFTWARE Today there are two ‘free’ versions of Unix for the Amiga: NetBSD and Linux.
Linux is the most popular version for IBM clones but the Motorola versions, principally for Amiga and Atari, lag a long way behind NetBSD runs on about a dozen processors - don’t confuse it with FreeBSD or BSD386, which are custom BSD Unix versions for Intel-based computers.
Unix is a mainstay of education and some of the best freely-distributable software in the world has been developed on and for Unix systems, most notably by the Free Software Foundation, who believe that if they’re going to spend their lives writing the best software around, they want as many people as possible to use it.
The generic name for their project is Gnu, which stands, recursively, for 4F z m H CD l l O @ xtemjg emacs @localhost I siHcOIf Buffers File Edit Help crtO: n Id. So: bash i [1] 20 bash } [2] 201 llbash i 13] 20" bash Mode for "editing" directory listings In dired, you are "editing" a list of (optionally) its subdirectories, in Each directory is a pageQ use C-x [ "Editing" means that you can run shel compress, load or byte-cornpile them and insert subdirectories into the files for later commands or "flag" by file or all files matching certa the files in a directory and the format of Nls
And C-x ] to move pagewise.
1 commands on files, visit, change their file attributes same buffer. You can "mark" them for deletion, either file in criteria.
(Fundamental) ' a Calculator wheel 1233 May 30 15:26 MUI.info wheel 512 May 30 15:26 PGP wheel 512 May 30 15:26 Silicon_Studio wheel 628 May 30 15:26 Si 1icon_Studio.info wheel 512 May 30 15:26 Sonix wheel 628 May 30 15:26 Sonix. Info wheel 512 May 30 15:26 T wheel 512 May 30 15:26 Tools wheel 628 May 30 15:26 Tools.info wheel 512 May 30 15:26 WarpSoftware root root root root root root root root root root (Dired bq name) 61% About XV AutoCrop A full version of the Emacs editor with Xca c and an Xterm.
NetBSD 1.0 NetBSD 1.0. TeX. X11R6 NetBSD 1.1 NetBSD 1.0 & 1.1 Gnu’s Not Unix, symbolising that it’s new, and old, and whacky, all at the same time. Gnu programs always come with complete C source code and replace standard AT&T tools with allsinging, all-dancing versions, often with silly names. There’s a compiler to generate new compilers, in C of course, called Bison, named after the Bell Labs program YACC (Yet Another Compiler Compiler). Oleo is the Gnu X spreadsheet. Gnu’s implementation of the Postscript graphics language is called Ghostscript, and drives almost any printer, and screen
display too. Emacs is the ultimate text editor which lets you assign any action to any key or combination.
Many GNU projects have been converted to run on the Amiga’s own operating system but the latest and best versions expect to run on a real Unix system, with access to the full set of tools and accessories, and the quality of these Amiga conversions tends to vary wildly depending on the skills of the converter and the number of other people who take an interest.
NECESSARY HARDWARE Unix was developed on large computers and needs substantial hardware resources - either the old 68851 on some 68020 systems, the full 68030 (not the EC version in the first A4000 and some A1200 accelerators) or, preferably, a 68040.
Even a cut-down system needs at least 64Mb of dedicated hard disk space
- two or three times that to be comfortable - and a fast drive.
It’s much easier to install the system from CD, Ethernet, SLIP
or tape, rather than lots of floppies. You can use command-
line programs with just 4Mbs of fast memory, but X Windozvs is
unbearably slow in any less than 8Mb.
The system supports all the standard Amiga ports, including serial, parallel, floppy, mouse and IDE disks, ECS and AGA displays and most SCSI controllers for hard disk, CD-ROM and tape streamer support. Ethernet works via Hydra Amiganet, Golden Gate and Commodore A2065 interfaces. The only third party graphics board fully supported in version 1.0 was Retina, but this has since been joined by Picasso II, Piccolo and Spectrum, all based on the Cirrus chipset, and CyberGraphix.
Of course, NetBSD comes with complete source code for the entire system, so there’s nothing to stop you writing new device drivers, or hacking the existing ones, if you have the necessary low-level knowledge.
GETTING IT Versions of NetBSD are available over the net and on several Cds, including the Gateway and Meeting Pearls sets. You could also download it from the home site, ftp.netbsd.org, or demon (ftp.demon.co.uk) in the UK, but it will take a few hours. There was a version OPTIONAL PANELS CD SOURCES Meeting Pearls 2 CD Gateway 1 CD ROM: Gateway 2 CD ROM: Infpomagic BSDisc: FTP SITES USA ftp.netbsd.org UK ftp.demon.co.uk Germany ftp.uni-regensburg.de Norway ftp.unit.no Updates are in pub NetBSD.
WHAT YOU GET The minimal NetBSD distribution comprises 17Mb of programs compressed with Gnu ZIP. You can copy these to an Amigados partition and install from there, but sooner or later you’ll probably want to install the source code as well (around 5 Mb, compressed) to compile a custom version on your own machine.
There are hundreds of programs and utilities and programming is supported by GNU C, C++ and Fortran compilers, the GNU assembler, and Emacs.
0. 9 for the Amiga but version 1.0 was the first official full
release, on the Meeting Pearls 2 CD - since then it has been
supplanted by version 1.1, available on the Gateway 2 CD. This
review is based on several months running an A4000 Warp Engine
with NetBSD 1.0, which - despite the low version number - is
both complete and reliable.
INSTALLATION - AMIGA SIDE Installation is complicated - it requires you to set up special partitions for your Unix files, using the ‘advanced options’ of the Amiga’s HDToolbox utility - and you need at least a passing familiarity with Unix commands and conventions to get the NetBSD side up and running.
The installation instructions are pretty good but you need to read and understand it all before you start.
NetBSD needs at least two hard disk partitions - one for swap space, used to hold information that will not currently fit in memory, and one for the system files, known as the ‘root’. It helps to set up a third partition for your own ‘user’ files, but you can put these in the ‘root’ too. You may want to add more ‘local’ partitions if you’re on a network, or plan to support more than one user - Unix is a multi-user system, and NetBSD runs as a network even if yours is the only ‘station’ connected.
The procedure for setting up NetBSD partitions is much the same as you’d follow to reserve space for PC Task or ShapeShifler. NetBSD only supports partitions, rather than so- Continued overleaf 4 All the documentation is provided in the form of ‘Manual pages’ and anyone familiar with Unix will find the system- specific information they need, but bear in mind that Unix comes in two main flavours - System 5 or ‘East Coast’ Unix, and the Californian BSD version.
You can do much the same things either way, but some file locations and commands differ.
Source for thousands of other programs and utilities is widely and cheaply available on the net and CD compilations. Look out for TeX, PBM Plus, a great graphics converter, Xfractint, HylaFAX and ISPELL, an interactive spellchecker (with British dictionary).
Xtenn Nocalhost Itrols W I ! Hanual Browser I . . . 1C Help ) f Quit ) I I xv text viewer s ! Hanual Page ') a1 H Xnan Help opalong im iclude ib ibFS.a ibICE, s ibPEXb.
IbStl. So.
IbXll.s ibXIE. 9 ibXaik a ibXaw. S' ibXdmcp.
IbXext, .bXi sov .bXmuL soT libXpm. A ibXpm, so.L. libXt. So. 6, libXtst. So.
LiboldX, so.
Nan ' Dash Dash hopcl [6] 222 )ashtf fj ; a small window that contains i click a pointer button). Two of |elf-explanatoiy, The third, Manual arowser window; you may use this | any time xman is running, A new manual page starts up displaying this help information, The manual page contains three sections, In the upper left corner are two menu buttons, When the mouse is clicked on either of these buttons a menu is popped up, The contents of these menus is described below, Directly to the right of the menu buttons is an informational display, This display usually contains the name of the
directory or manual page being displayed, It is also used to display warning messages and the current version of xman. The last and largest section is the information display. This section of the application contains either a list of manual pages to choose from or the text of a manual page, To use xman pull down the Sections menu to select a manual section.
Test System Warp Engine 33 Mhz 68040 in a Micronik tower with 10Mb RAM, 2Gb SCSI + IDE hard disks (160 Mb for NetBSD), NEC 2x CD ROM, Archive Python DAT drive.
TABLE 1 l DRIVE CONTROLLERS SUPPORTED BY NetBSD MAKE MODEL TYPE Commodore A1200 IDE Commodore A2091 SCSI Commodore A3000 SCSI Commodore A4000 IDE Commodore A4000T SCSI 2 Commodore A4091 SCSI 2 CSA 12 Gauge SCSI CSA Magnum SCSI 2 DKB A4091 SCSI 2 GVP Series II SCSI GVP G Force SCSI IVS Trump Card SCSI IVS Vector SCSI MacroSystem US Warp Engine SCSI 2 Phase Five CyberStorm SCSI 2 Phase Five Fastlane SCSI 2 PP&S Zeus SCSI 2 Supra WordSync SCSI Utilities Unlimited Emplant SCSI called ‘hard files’ mixed in with Amiga data. This complicates installation but boosts performance.
Hard Files are many times slower than real partitions, and unbearably slow if more than a few megabytes in size.
Once you’ve got the BSD partitions set up you can use a public domain BFFS (Berkley Fast File System) handler to make them accessible from the Amiga workbench or shell. This works fine for reading, but has not been tested for writing. In practice this doesn’t matter as NetBSD is quite capable of mounting and reading files in Amiga partitions, so you can write files to whichever system you're currently using and read them from the other. LOCK BFFS: ON protects the Unix files from accidental Amiga writes.
UNIX SIDE Installation on the Unix side is largely automated. You start by unpacking a compressed archive onto a doubledensity floppy disk. This is a tiny BSD system, with just enough files to load the rest. Start this by running LOADBSD, a short Amiga program that kicks out the Amiga operating system and begins to load NetBSD from your chosen device.
Warnings and error messages appear as loading takes place, but these are documented and most can safely be ignored. Once you have loaded all the files and answered some questions about disk usage you must run the ‘Configure’ script and answer questions about your ‘network’.
Once this is done you must reboot the system, and edit various files to tell it about your devices, timezone and other local specialities. Beware - you must give a Unix machine warning before a reboot, ‘unmounting’ file systems and issuing the HALT command. If you use the Amiga three- key Reset without precautions you’re very likely to corrupt the file system. At best this will cause a delay as FSCHK fixes the problem - at worst you may lose files or whole directories.
At the third reboot you should have a full, working Unix system which you can start from Amiga OS with a single command. I can confirm that the procedure works, as long as you follow the instructions to the (case- dependent) letter - but it helps a lot to have someone familiar with Unix at hand, especially the first time you install NetBSD.
PROBLEMS NetBSD is unusually reliable, especially in view of its size and complexity. Any problems have almost always been of my own making, and never led to loss of data. As a Net product, NetBSD is well supported as long as you own a modem.
Questions and replies are regularly posted on the Amiga mailing list. To join this list, visit the netbsd home page (http: www.netbsd.org) and press the appropriate button, or send mail to majordomo@netbsd.org with the command ‘subscribe port-amiga’ followed by your name in the body of the message.
CUSTOMISING One of the beauties of NetBSD is that you get complete source to the entire system, and you are encouraged to rebuild it to suit yourself. The resultant version is likely to be smaller and faster.
You also get the chance to add support for new devices which have not yet found their way into full distribution.
At the last count there were ‘experimental’ drivers for the Emplant SCSI controller, MSDOS floppy disks, mono and stereo Amiga audio, and PC card via the ‘Golden Gate’ bridge board. ATAPI CD support is in the works. You can download patches for Picasso graphics, Ariadne Ethernet adaptors, A4000T SCSI, and Commodore’s 2410 display on 68040 systems. There is also a replacement boot block that allows you to go directly into NetBSD, bypassing Amiga OS. If you become nostalgic you can over-ride this with the Amiga startup preferences or by command as NetBSD starts.
CONCLUSION If you want to run Unix software, and you already own an Amiga with Memory Management hardware, NetBSD is the way to go. It’s stable and relatively efficient, although you need plenty of RAM and a big hard drive to use it in earnest. CD’s will come in handy for installation, and X looks much better in full colour on a graphics card. If you’ve already got the hardware, give it a try - you won’t be wasting your time. '2?
I TABLE 2 CURRENT NetBSD PLATFORMS Amiga Apple Macintosh Atari TT & Falcon DA 30 DEC Alpha AXP HP 300 & 9000 IBM PC & clones PC 532 (NS32532) PMAX Sun 3 & SPARC Algorithms jj| Image Size j|| o Next ||
- sv II uSLM 1 Save j Print If Delete |j 7L 3 files |j js) | 1 j
w j Grab | a Whatever your computer, whatever your interests,
we’ve got a magazine for you Look for them wherever quality
magazines are sold.
I your HON ORWfc ulure 9uarantee publishing of value http: www.futurenet.co.uk In the third and final chapter of our Networking feature John Kennedy has some parting words of advice.
|*1 Local 1 C: GDS Remote| Work Wordvorth3--Doou»onts Jj .A- PAREHT DIR _] CDISK BAK 5659 «.
LaHnkit txt CDISK RTF 5900 I Jvox»s txt 1995 |
CD. 4For.at 8673
CD. 4For.at BAK 8670 I 1
CD. 4For.at into 484 1 CD-Unto 5566 CD-Write BAK 5434 CD-Vnte
into 484
• 1 Co..odor.rt t 25468 . I Co.nodor.rtt BAK 25354 '1
Com.odor.rtt into 484 Com.odor ASC 23082 1 Com.odor ASC into
484 - Com.odor rt t 24813 L Com.odor rtf info 484 Cvision rtf
5210 1 Cvision rtf BAK 6906 Cvision rtf into 484 * CYBERV RTF
9184 p DATAB RTF 4724 DpaintS 5490 I Dpaint 5 BAK 5386 |
DpaintS info 484 k * tllesys rtf 6738 1 filosys rtf BAK 6738
tilesy. Rtf info 484 linkit rtf 1233 -d linkil t.t 491 • AU I
None | Pattern I Drives 1 jfci ipy :| All | None | Pattern |
Drlvoa | IH com Hot ABOVE: Link-lt is just one way of copying
files between the Amiga and the PC.
There are many different ways to connect Amigas (and Amigas and other computers) together as we’ve seen in the previous parts of this feature.
Each method has important advantages (cost, ease of use) and disadvantages (cost, obtaining hardware) but speed is one of the most crucial. The speed of a network can make it a valuable aid to productivity, or a pain in the you-know- what. Sadly, beggars can’t be choosers which means a lot of us will have to make do with the slower methods.
Table One is a rough guide to the sorts of speed you can expect to extract from a network. Manufacturers like to quote amazing speeds for network links because they conveniently ignore the fact that the data needs to be packaged up with headers and checksums, so these speeds are actually measured speeds from real Amigas.
FLEXIBILITY Second to speed is the flexibility of the link. For example, a serial port link made via a Null Modem cable isn’t very flexible. There is 110 “file system” created, only a direct one-file-at-a-time system. It’s also impossible to connect more than two computers at a time.
Parallel port systems suffer the same fate: although they are faster and some are even capable of running TCP IP, the fact that Amiga computers have only one parallel port is a tremendous limit to the size of the network. One solution is two fit two parallel ports (an option only available to Amigas with Zorro II slots). Incidentally, the new Surf Squirrel adds a second serial port to an Amiga which provides scope for slightly more advanced networks.
The most efficient kind of network is an Ethernet link: this provides the best in the way of speed, plus the best flexibility. As Ethernet is a cross platform standard, it can be connected to a PC or Apple network.
Running TCP IP means that Internet-style tools such as FTP and Telnet can be used, and if necessary, an NFS can be set up too. An NFS is a “Network File System" which allows networked computers to share drives and possible printers. Envoy is an NFS, but it’s also possible to run an NFS between an Amiga and a PC running Windows95 or WindowsNT.
Obviously the most popular Amiga is the A1200, but trying to track down an A1200 Ethernet card is tricky.
.. 18K second ... 30K second ... 45K second .. 397K second .. 444K second 1024K second) 4096K second) VO a o b HI CQ s LU H a. hi vn TABLE ONE - NETWORK SPEEDS Serial links: .. Floppy disk port based network: .. Parallel links: GoldenGatell NE2000 Ethernet link: ...... Ariadne link: . (IDE Hard drive ...... (SCSI2 Hard drive .... HOW DO I NETWORK MY AMIGA?
• Serial link using a Null Modem cable DATA TRANSFER (small
• Using a Null Modem cable, create a link via the serial ports
and run a terminal emulator package such as Ncomm. Use Zmodem
to swap files.
DATA TRANSFER: (medium scale)
• Use ParNet or Liana to link the parallel ports, and then you
need to mount a network filesystem (such as Envoy).
• Use an AmiLink network which connects via the floppy disk port,
and then run Envoy.
DATA TRANSFER (large scale)
• None currently available.
• Liana (two machines)
• Use NULL MODEM cable and SLIP driver.
• Serial link using Null Modem cable DATA TRANSFER: (small scale)
• Using a Null Modem cable, create a link via the serial ports
and run a terminal emulator package such as Ncomm.
• Use Zmodem to swap files.
Using a Surf Squirrel will make the link faster.
DATA TRANSFER: (medium scale)
• Use ParNet or Liana to link the parallel ports, and mount a
network filesystem.
• Use AmiLink network which connects via the floppy disk port,
and run Envoy.
DATA TRANSFER: (large scale)
• Use PCMCIA Ethernet card with SANA-II driver and use Envoy.
• Liana (two machines)
• AmiLink (two or more)
• Ethernet (two or more, or between Amiga and PC and or Mac)
• Use NULL MODEM cable and SLIP driver.
• Ethernet adapter and TCP IP stack.
A4000 (or any Zorro II based Amiga) GAMES
• Serial link using Null Modem cable DATA TRANSFER: (small scale)
• Using a Null Modem cable, create a link via the serial ports
and run a terminal emulator package such as Ncomm.
• Use Zmodem to swap files.
DATA TRANSFER: (medium scale)
• Use ParNet or Liana to link the parallel ports, and mount a
network filesystem (such as Envoy).
• Use AmiLink network which connects via the floppy disk port,
and run Envoy.
DATA TRANSFER: (large scale)
• Use Ethernet card: either Ariadne Zorroll card, or GoldenGatell
and NE2000 PC clone network card.
• Liana (two machines)
• AmiLink (two or more)
• Ethernet (two or more, or between Amiga and PC and or Mac)
• Use NULL MODEM cable and SLIP driver.
Ethernet adapter and TCP IP stack.
Although PCMCIA Ethernet cards exist for the PC, trying to find similar cards for the Amiga is difficult. It’s not that the hardware is different but SANA-11 drivers for them are hard to come by.
One company which does claim to produce A1200 Ethernet cards is Hydra systems, and although the cards are expensive, they appear to be the only choice at the current time.
ESSENTIAL READING The best resource for those interesting in networking and the Amiga, is without doubt, the book “Connect your Amiga!” written by Dale L. Larson, of Intangible Assets Manufacturing. Mr Larson is responsible for the SANA-II standard and Envoy, so there is a very real chance that he knows what he is talking about.
The book covers a great deal: from modems and Bulletin Boards, through to local area networks, Envoy, the Internet and TCP IP. It answers a great many questions, and points you in the Connect Your ALTERNATIVES TO NETWORKING Amiga!
A G„ide to ,he ln(er„ct BBSs and Online Services °ale L. Larson Intangible Assets Manufactory If these tutorials have whetted your appetite then Dale L Larson is the next stage.
If you need to swap files between different computers, but you don't want to network, there are various ways and means. First of all, if the data to be transported is small, consider using a floppy disk. Pcs and Apples can read doubledensity floppy disks (the type the A1200 uses) as long as they are formatted in MSDOS standard.
The Amiga can read these files too if the CrossDos utility is used.
There are problems though: for a start the disk capacity is only about 800K, and even the high density disks used in A4000s will only store just over 1Mb. Further, the MSDOS naming convention forces all files into the brutal upper case 8.3 form, which can be a problem. An archiver such as Zip or Arc will help in some respects, but the floppy is a severe limitation.
Removable disks are a much more workable solution. Think of the Zip or EZ135, which both can hold about 100Mb of data on one disk. SCSI right direction if you need more information. “Connect your Amiga!” is available in the UK through mail order from Almathera Ltd.
To summarise, if you need to network two Amigas in order to exchange files, the simplest way is to use the serial ports and some comms software. If you need a file system approach, you should use ParNet, or Liana and Envoy. If you want a fast and powerful local area network, you should use Ethernet if at all possible, and Envoy again. 'Hj The immensely popular Zip drive from Iomega can hold 100Mb of data.
Versions are available, which means any Amiga with a SCSI interface will be able to use them without any trouble. The disk can then be carried or posted to the other machine. For larger capacities, the Jaz drive will store about 1Gb of data, which is probably enough for most people.
Is he REALLY the best striker in Europe?
Total Football's 24-page celebration of ¦ i3iIIIjiIPjlfllmffmM [ll] the 1966 Wbrld Cup Finals, featuring the big names, the top goals and the little JFZgSp 1 f ir ffi tWoIPlmn igS f ~ ¥ ¦ Fgafe
* $ k jfjKntii)' ** blokes from mnpth Knnea ji.
J'jiifiyijjj'yiitii Will Ul ItUI uUih PLUS! What the Jocks did
to our man in the Orkneys; Fantasy Football drink-up; Euro '96
revisited and MORE ISSUE 12 ON SALE NOW!
AF This month's Previews section has a theme running through it. Most of the flu-. Games featured are from BPM Promotions. Most of w the games featured have If there's a game coming out for the Amiga in the next few months you'll read about it here first... been created using BPM's Reality Software I Construction Kit. This raises an interesting point: If a software construction Andy Smith kit like Reality becomes really popular - and for that to happen the kit would have to be exceptionally good - the Amiga games market could once more explode. Now I don't know if the Reality Kit is any good
or not because I haven't had chance to play around with it and I haven't really had the opportunity to play any of the games created with it thoroughly.
THE GREAT ESCAPE But, for the moment at least, let's assume it's a hot tool. I can see some creative types getting hold of the thing and pumping out games that will keep us playing for years! Of course if the thing becomes too popular then everyone will be creating their own games and there won't be a market to sell to. But that's not going to happen because there's always going to be people who'd rather pay a few quid to play someone else's games than bother to create their own - people like me.
The games market may be changing shape, but that's all it's doing. It doesn't look like it's going to come to the grinding halt that some thought it would, in fact, this may be just the beginning. Now there's a scary thought!
Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN 90-;-% The creme de la creme. Only the very i best, most playable and original games are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
69-60% These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
79-70% Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
L: 69-60% Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
69-60 co Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
49-U)% Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
Less than 40% The absolute pits.
All Amigas ¦ BPM Promotions ¦ 01232 626694 Charlie Chimp in the Great Escape is part of the Reality Games Pack 2. A quick look at the screenshots tells you that the game's set in a Prisoner Of War camp and the task is to guide Charlie around the camp collecting bits and pieces in an attempt to, well, escape.
Like all the other Charlie Chimp games it's a kinda platform adventurey type game. The gameplay's as old as the hills but as you can tell from the screenshots it's all well polished. Guide Charlie round the camp, over crates, down tunnels and collect bits of equipment to use elsewhere.
There are also scores and coin bonuses to pick up WHITE DEATH All 1 Mb Amigas ¦ Guildhall Leisure Dust when you thought things were looking grim on the wargames front here comes White Death (or to give it its full title: White Death, the Battle for Velikiye Luki, November 1942).
It's a wargame. Set in Russia in 1942 where the German Sixth Army sits starving (and a bit chilly) in the city of Stalingrad while the Ruskies get ready to launch a massive offensive against 'em.
It's based on the board game of the same name, game features a very RIGHT: Charlie finds a coin and pushes his luck by staring down the barrel of a German tank.
RM | !§ _ J!' .....------. _ 0 1 pirrr:.. - ; psS ' ISFRT'O - ft*1 * as Charlie scuttles about the place and, of course, the camp's swarming with rats that must be avoided. Contact with the rats causes Charlie to lose energy and when it's all gone he's dead.
We'll be reviewing this game as a part of the Reality Games Pack 1 in the very near future.
A small part of the German army camped around a town in Russia. In
1942. They're soon to be joined by lots of other Germans.
¦ .. I - SF ' N I K--1 1 Wx,
J. '¦ ifGiCv" - sophisticated computer opponent, some six
scenarios and all the kinds of things you'd expect to find in
a wargame: weather effects, morale and the all important Tank
Whatever that might be.
Actually, I've got it all ready I think. I'm always terrified whenever I see a tank coming down the High A close-up of the German army camped around a town in Russia. The others at the top are waiting to be positioned.
Street. It's the same feeling of terror I get whenever I forget to make Cathy a cuppa in the morning. In fact I think I'd rather face a tank.
Continued overleaf AF r OVAL .jl 5T RPJGjCT V ' Yl (*»• 4 OF k mis' 40 m V AJ LA_
• -T'.-TT Jj m Tg :w n n JACKS PLVS CD £33ANK CREDITS BET BlilgS]
BM 0084 01 0002 HIT HI LO OR STAND BPM Promotions ¦ 01232
626694 Gambling. It's a laugh isn't it? You stand the chance to
win lots of money for a small stake. But most of the time you
just lose the small stake. But you could have won lots of
money, so you don't mind losing the small stake. Except lots of
small stakes become lots of money, which you were trying to win
in the first place. Blimey! We're intelligent beings!
Now try coupling gambling with some skill, like a game of poker. The skill is knowing which cards to get rid of, which cards to keep. And then betting small stakes on the hope that the cards you've chosen are better than anyone elses. Except you don't know what anyone else has got and usually it's better than what you've got so you lose your small stake. But you could have beaten them and won their small stake.
Now take a coin-operated machine.
You put in little stakes in the hope of winning small stakes. Except the machine is only programmed to pay out at a rate of 75% of the investment. That 25% gap means the TOP: Here's a rarity - it's not very often that you get past the second card when you're playing Play Your Cards Right.
Machine wins, in the long-run, every time.
This is a game based on a coin-operated poker machine. You put in, well you'd call it 'cyber-money' these days and if you win you get 'cyber-money' back. Great. You don't win a thing. But then you don't lose anything either and you have fun in the process. We'll see if this game which is part of the Reality Games Pack 2 is any fun or not next month.
WRATH OF GWENDOR BPM Promotions ¦ 01232 626694 Haven't got a clue who Gwendor is in this game which is part of the Reality Games Pack 1 but it's a sideways scrolling kind of beat-em-up thing in the mould of Shadow of the Beast, or anything from the early 80s on the Speccy or C64. Hang on. This is ringing a familiar bell.
You play the part of some bearskin shrouded chappie armed with a big club.
You walk around a bit and bash a variety of monsters that come at you from both sides of the screen (and sometimes from the air).
The monsters take several hits to die, but every one killed releases a gold coin that can be collected. I've no idea what you can spend the coins on yet, but will do when I've reviewed the game properly. Oh! Nearly forgot, there are other traps and hazards to be avoided such as bloomin' great spikes that come out of the floor. And there are switches (like the headstone that can be moved left or right) which probably do something important in the game, but again I don't know what just yet. Watch for the review next month. C5 Fast, full access to the Internet... ...for home, office or business
Features include 4 FAST ANALOGUE-
28. 8 kbs The highest possible connection speed available from
our digital modem technology FREE customised software for
Amiga from our BBS including Web Browser, ftp, mail and
Comprehensive 'Getting-On-Line' documentation for Amiga users.
(MUI software required in advance of connection - contact your Amiga supplier for this software) FREE 2 Mb of space for user Home Pages PoP3 E-mail account Access to 14,000 active News Groups FREE technical support to get you On-Line with ENTERPRISE What it all costs: First time joining fee of £20.00*+vat (£23.50 including VAT)
* FREE upgrade for existing Internet users, E-mail:
upgrade@enterprise.net for full details Monthly charge of
£8.00+vat (£9.40 including VAT) No other charges- except your
LOCAL BT CALL RATES Whether you need to for work or just want
to, getting onto the Internet couldn't be simpler - or more
affordable. Just call Enterprise and we can have you up and
surfing with little fuss and very little to pay.
0345 Local Call Rate Including: Northern Ireland, The Scottish Isles, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
What makes Enterprise different to any other provider is the fact that we take advantage of BT's telephone system, so that you can take advantage of their low cost 0345 local call rate.
Enterprise supports education through the Internet in conjunction with Datalake http: www.enterprise.net education http: westlake.co.uk datalake General Enquiries: 01624 677666 Subscription Hot Line: 0800 269146 E-mail: sales@enterprise.net All Trade Marks acknowledged.
Technical support: 01624 612880 E-mail: Support@enterprise.net Enterprise pic, 64 Bucks Road, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 3AF.
For all Zorro-3 Amigas, this 64-Bit high speed graphics engine blitter offers I up to 1600 x 1200 pixels in 8-Bit colour or 1024 x 768 pixels in True 24-Bit I Colour, with 2Mb of display memory (4Mb user upgradeable).
Cybervision 64... 2Mb - A29995 Cybervision 64... 4Mb - A399*95 THE LIMITED OFFER FREE PHOTOGENICS LITE SOFTWARE WITH CYBERVISION 64s FREE PbotoGenics UTE...Powerful software for image manipulation - the UlTIMATE 24-bit graphics package for AjOOO or A4000! Includes 21 effects for processing pbotos images sucb as Emboss. Solarize. Texturize, Add Noise etc. as well as Paint Tools inc. Chalk Pastels.
Crayon. Felt Tips & more - Brilliant! (Packaging is shown for illustration purposes only and is not included) ? Std A5(in wm i 500 .
1 Standard A-HI1K), 'O.ffl] | A 12(H) will! 1J.SIMV. 030 & -IMI) a | Standard A iQoT) aril) | At 00 wiingfltt) & tMb I A1S(H) 2(H)I) vii!i 2(K)(l. '060 & i.Mh A-S(HK) with Cybcrstomi. K ) & 4Mb NEW SECOND GENERATION OF THE FIRST EVER 68060 AMIGA ACCELERATOR When you fit Cyberstorm II to your A3000, A3000T, A4000 or A4000T you can, for example, render a graphic with Imagine 2.0 software in Just 2.45 minutes... Compare that wj ji.a massive 10.34 mins on a standard A4000 '040 25! With no.
Jumpers Cyberstorm II is fully plug and play and A4000 users can choose between SCSI-2 and SGI Fast and Wide options (A'3000 users already have SGI fbuilt into their Amiga hardware).
• Up to 128Mb of standard SIMMs can be installed and you can even
transfer the 72Pin SIMMs from your Amiga A4000 straight onto
your new (Jyberstorm.
• Options include a SCSI-2 module, or a SGI Fast and Wide module
(Available in April May 96) Cyberstorm II68060 50... 50MHz
68060, 0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb) *699.95 SCSI-2 Module £99-95
SCSI Fast & Wide Module (April May '96) £149” SIMM RAM
Expansions (Please call for a range of SLUM prices) Comparative
MIPS performance figures measured using Syslnfo. Each board bad
the appropriate SIMM fitted (required to activate accelerator).
Ff% 50MHz 68060 A1200 TURBO ?zmlCELERATOR & MMU W 0Mb, Expandable to 64Mb
38. 71 MIPS with Single Sided 60 or 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted UI1
50MHz HI [ 68030 &MLV A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR & MMU 0Mb as
Standard, Expandable to 128Mb
9. 91MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted KILLING GROUNDS ALIEN
- with all Blizzard 1260 and 1230-IV Accelerators FOR A LIMITED
The Blizzard 1230 MkIV Turbo Accelerator Memory Board is the highest performing 68030 accelerator available for the A1200! With its 50MHz 68030 and:MMU, the new 1230-IV offer; EVEN BETTER PERFORMANCE at a LOWER PRICE! With a Syslnfo rating of 9.91 (using a 60 Nanosecond SIMM) you can see the 1230-IV is very fast... a performance gain of up to 50051 is achieved! Options via its Fast Expansion Bus include Modules such as a SCSI-2 Controller. An f industry standard SIMM socket provides for up to 128Mb of auto-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAM tor up to 256Mb with the SCSI-2 option using its extra
SIMM socket).
• May be disabled with Simple Keystroke on limit I p for Full
Games Compatibility. Even Will) Badly Programl or f lisle;
• Batten Backed Self Recharge Real Time Clock
• High Feridrmance Expansion with Full 32-Bit wide
• PGA FPU Socket allowing Optional 50MHz, 68882 FPU M
• Easy Trapdoor Installation - no modifications required and does
not invalidate the Amiga’s Warranty While stocks last!
«Aj fUJ 50MHz 68060 A1500 A2000 TURB0 ACCELERATOR 8 MMU 0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb
38. 71MIPS with 60 or 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted The Blizzard 2060
Turbo Accelerator Memory Board
- offers A1500 and A2000 owners rhe same specification as rhe
Blizzard 1260 Turbo, but also includes built in SGI-2
interface! So, if you want the fastest AI 500 2000 around with
FULL 68060 POWER... fit a Blizzard 2060 now!
1230-IV Turbo 50MHz 68030 & MMU 0Mb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb_ Fast 60 Nanosecond 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion 32-Bit. 72 pin (Call for Larger SIMM prices)_ £179* Motorola Maths Co-processor 68882 PGA type FPU, 50MHz SCSI-IV KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV and . 1260, with additional 128Mb SIMM socket THE WORLD’S FASTEST A1200 030 ACCELERATOR!
2060 Turbo 50MHz 68060 & MMU with Built In SGI-2 0Mb. 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb_ GORDON HARW0OD ®S3@g COMPUTERS W23E9 Please note: Memory, SIMM and FPU prices may change • without ) warning ' due to exchange rate fluctuations.
Please confirm price prior to ordering.
OUR OPENING TIMES ARE... Monday to Saturday, 9am until 5pm Gordon Harwood Computers limited Dept CUA B7 New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP All Blizzard and Cybetstorm products use brand new MOTOROLA 680X0 series processors n (not used as in some of our competitors' hoards). They always run WITHIN the electrical St timing specification laid down by Motorola to prevent any possible overheating reliability 5 problems. So. When you pay for a new 50MHz CPU for example, that's exactly what you get...
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Please call us for confirmation of prices and carriage charges etc. uioh GH WARRANTY: Manufacturers' standard warranties apply or, ask about GH’s comprehensive extended options which are always recommended for professional users to minimise costly down time. Ask GH for full details.
World Golf In which Andy Smith proves that there is such a thing as a good review spoilt.
Sesjm There's this little chap in the middle of the screen. There's this little cross-hair that the player moves around the screen in order to direct the ball once it's hit.
There's this little power meter at the bottom of the screen which controls the strength of the shot. There's this little picture showing the player what club he's going to use for the next shot. There's not much more to say about this computer golf game.
Cyber Money A good walk spoilt? Quite probably. A good blank disk spoilt? Nah, that's a bit too harsh. There's nothing really wrong with the game, it's just that it doesn't manage to make itself very appealing. There's nothing clumsy or awkward about the controls, it's all very easy to get to grips with, it plays pretty much as you'd expect a computer golf game to play and it doesn't fall over or crash. It even has a 'skins' option which is fun because you can play for 'cyber money'. That's my new phrase for money that you can't actually spend because it only exists in computer games.
Actually, I bet that phrase has been around for years already, but I only thought of it the other day so I'm going to keep using it whenever I get the chance.
Sensible Golfs a better game AF74 81 %) so if you're looking, particularly, for a golf game then that's a better choice. Not that I liked that game much either. Cripes! You can't go around saying you didn't like a Sensi game! Well, I didn't like it so there you go. There's no way I would have given it 81 % for a start. I would courses in the middle of housing estates eh? Eh? And no, you can't put a motor racing course in the middle of a housing estate (although that's an arguable point, especially if you live on a housing estate that's anything like the ones I grew up on), because all the
kids would get run over (just like they did on the housing estates I grew up on. The only difference these days is that the Capri is no longer the boy racer's drag car of choice).
Sorry, it's a golf game that's all right, but not very brilliant.
Publisher Apex Systems Price £14.99 (mail order only) Versions A1200 System requirements All Amigas with 1Mb Release date Out now from Apex Systems, 8, Gosling Gate Road, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S63 9LU GRAPHICS Absolutely average.
Nothing much going on here.
FJL) SOUND y - J At least you can turn it off if you like. Birds and wind mostly ADDICTION Grrrrrr. Not really ©PLAYABILITY Simple to play, even with lots of people all at once OVERALL VERDICT Nothing remarkable in World Golf. It's not dreadful but it's not very special either.
Probably have given it something like 63 - 64% tops.
Motor Racing Oh! Nearly forgot. You can have lots of players in the game - well, four out of a maximum of 64. Imagine sitting there waiting for 60+ computer players all to have their turns! I bet some people do it as well! There really is nowt as strange as folk! There are also five different courses to play on.
Though what the differences are between golf courses is beyond me. I mean, in motor racing and stuff you can see the differences between different courses - some have lots of straights where you can go really fast and some are really twisty. What's the difference between standing say, here, and whacking your ball towards the pin which is way over there? 'Ah, but the subtle placing of bunkers and things', the golf fans cry. Rubbish.
They're all the same and that's that. And it's a bloody elitist sport. Where This looks tricky. What's the betting I manage to are all the municipal golf thwack the ball into the water eh? Eh?
The map screen. That's me just on from the teeing off area. In the rough. Amongst the trees. Don't know how that happened... KILL A gang of crazed aliens burst out of our postbag with all manner of evil alien weapons blazing. We just pointed them in Andy Smith's direction.
Discover what's going on for yourself.
Suffice to say this game's got a cohesive storyline running all the way through it that adds to the atmosphere and excitement.
So what am I going to tell you about this game? I'm going to tell you what it's like to play Alien Breed 3D II.
But first, a couple of lines of background: it's a Doom clone on the Amiga. It's you versus a whole bunch of flying, running, crawling - but all tough - alien monsters. Or, in two player mode, it's you versus a mate in a pure Deathmatch battle (c'mon chaps, good though the A1200 is, it's not going to handle the data flying between two linked Amiga's fast enough to have monsters running around in there as well).
See how your assault rifle takes up so much of the screen? See? See? Yes, I thought so.
Collect 'n' Kill Rush around the levels, shoot pretty much anything that moves, collect ammo, collect medikits, collect security keys and passcards that allow you access to otherwise inaccessible parts of the level, collect 'n‘ kill. In a nutshell.
It's 2am. You're a 19 year old bloke. It's Saturday night and the clubs are kicking out - that includes you. You have spent the night chasing this gorgeous girl in the club, the kind of girl that encapsulates everything you could ever wish for in a young woman. It wasn't until you'd bought her her second drink that her gorilla thug of a boyfriend made his presence known and made it clear that he wasn't impressed with you giving his young lady your attentions.
You know she doesn't like him as much as she likes you (hey, you're 19 after all), but you also know that you don't want a broken nose. It's definitely time to find your mates.
This is it - possibly the most important game release for the Amiga this year, and possibly our last, best hope for a decent Doom clone. The plot follows on from the first Alien Breed game, so I'm not even going to start getting into the storyline here. Also, as you complete each of the 16 levels in this game you're given a screen or two of text which fills you in with exactly what's going on anyway.
Besides, the last thing I want to do is ruin the fun you're going to have when you buy the game and start to OUNDS 1 1 n 73 m m Z ¦u They've all left. You stand in the drizzle outside the club for a few minutes before deciding they've probably all left and it's time to head for home. Forgoing the burger van you head for the shortcut through the park to your side of town. Watching your feet as you walk along - amazed how they just seem to run on autopilot
- they just keep going one in front of the other! Incredible! You
don't even have to think about walking as you amble from one
side of the pavement to the other but still going vaguely
forward. Anyway you're mind's on something else. Someone else.
Pounding You remove the cigarette dangling from your mouth as you reach the alleyway that is the shortcut. You look up and your heart drops. Up ahead is gorilla thug and three of his mates.
They're stood around, laughing. They spot you a second after you spot them. Your heart's pounding.
Gorilla thug stops laughing when he recognises you. He pushes himself up from the railings he's been leaning against. His mates stop laughing as they first look at him and then follow his gaze to you. Your heart is absolutely pounding.
To achieve the same effect, turn the lights off, plug your A1200 into the stereo, shut all the doors and start playing Alien Breed 3D II. Yes really.
And how's this feeling achieved?
Through a combination of several factors, so let's take 'em one by one (c'mon then! C'MON THEN!).
Factor one: lighting. Dark and eerie for the most part but with excellent highlighting throughout - you just feel that the lights you see up ahead are real. Likewise, the dark tunnel up ahead could contain anything - you fire a plasma bolt down the tunnel and watch the light the plasma bolt Continued overleaf THE BIG PICTURE.
THE BIGGER PICTURE A bog-standard A1200 is fine to run this game. It just means you have to run the game in a small pre-determined window. If you've got an accelerator card of some sort, then you can run the thing at almost the same speed in full-screen mode. This is really scary when the lights are off!
Kaboom! Take that Mr Bug-eyed Monster Dude!
Explosions in AB3DII are tremendous.
The very start of the game. He's how the screen looks in full screen mode. It slows things down however, so most of the time you'll be playing the game like this... Vi m “0 H m £ co m 73 -k VO VO r» Exactly the same shot as the last one, but this time with a much reduced window size to keep things zipping along.
BIG ISN'T ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL It's traditional in these games to find the biggest, hardest, porkiest weapon and stick with it (ammo allowing). That's not always such a tremendous idea in AB3D II because some of the bigger weapons get in your way. You can't really see much of the screen when you're using 'em! Of course they're still useful, but they're best used when you know that, say, there's a really big robot round the next corner. Back off, switch the big weapon, rush round the corner, loose off a couple of shots and duck back down the alley. Change weapons again and then go take a tentative
look round the corner.
A situation you'll find yourself in a lot. Down there it's a bit dark and scary. Instead of just pelting down there blind... ...try lighting the place up first! Pump a shot down the corridor and any potential hazards will be highlighted. You’ve got to have spare ammo for this though.
¦ emanates to see if anything shows up. You watch as the plasma bolt impacts on the wall at the end of the tunnel - lighting up the area around the impact for a few brief seconds. Tremendous stuff.
Factor two: weapon variety - you know all about this really, how it’s best to use some weapons in some situations and others in er, others.
Like lobbing grenades into areas thick with baddies and saving the big lasers for the big baddies. Common sense really. One thing that must be mentioned is the explosions - Tremendous stuff.
Factor three: enemies. Loads of 'em. Loads of different kinds and yes, they do have some semblance of intelligence in the way they gang up on you and move around so it's harder for you to hit 'em. And they only track you by sight, so if you're a good ducker and weaver, you can surprise them. One point here though
- I found it bloody difficult to shoot at things in the air -
especially when you have two or three baddies on the ground as
well. Your shots tend to go for the ground targets first which
tends to give the airborn baddies a free hand at your energy
level. The thing to do is run around (if possible) until you
can get 'em separated (but that does usually mean you running
around into a new bunch of baddies).
Find your way Factor four: auto-map. This superimposed map is a Godsend. Use it often. You don't end up playing off the map because it becomes too confusing to look at both, but when you've got a spare moment to call the thing up it's mighty handy.
Factor five: sound. Spooky.
Extremely good attempt to make sound cues a vital part of the gaming experience and they work too. Some of the sounds are crap though - the levels with metallic floors are a pain because your tin shoes clatter along them constantly. The "monster-dying" sounds also grated on me. But maybe that's just me. Overall the way And just to show you how much those big weapons can hinder your vision. Here's the same shot as the last two, but with a bloody great rocket launcher taking up most of the screen.
JmtkS.s.iaaigg L*fcBSjjSi!3 qr' IgWEggsXiSSgj; ;.
Up close and in yer face. Flying monsters can prove to be the hardest to kill, so take ’em out first if you can.
Now these blokes are real pains. They move fast and they bite and they keep cropping up throughout the game.
Are you ready for your close-up?
Publisher Team 17 Price £25.99 Versions AGA Amigas System requirements 2Mb (more RAM and accelerator recommended) Release date Out now GRAPHICS Very varied, very smooth, very well implemented but not the best ever.
SOUND Mostly used brilliantly but some of the effects detract from the overall gaming experience.
ADDICTION Hooks you and keeps you. The difficulty just ups your determination to succeed.
PLAYABILITY Joystick, mouse and keyboard are covered.
Better than Alien Breed and Breathless simply because of the extra features. Glorious stuff.
They don't come in posh boxes with manuals. They are 'mastered' on second-hand floppies. They are, of course, the... Everyone thinks that they can write a decent game, but most of us also realise that it actually involves quite a lot of work and : we don't bother and just end up going down the pub instead.
Some people, however, are determined to prove that they can write a decent game and so they send their babies in to us for us to sort of 'mark'. A bit like homework I suppose. And, more often that not the games are great. Some are, indeed, better than a lot of commercially available games.
Just one or two though, are not worth the disk they're saved on.
And yet we'll include them in this section just the same. Hi ho.
GAME: PROJECT SHIELD AUTHOR: UNKNOWN LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN What on Earth is the matter with some of you people? We get this game disk in, there's no letter with the game, no name on the disk no nothing. When we boot the disk up there's a message for us telling us about the game and the demo cirraun The first level of Project Shield. The graphics are smooth, fast and very three dimensional.
Of another game that's on the same disk AND NO NAME OR ADDRESS!
This is doubly galling for us because this is not only the best (technically at least) game we received this month, it's one of the best we've ever received.
It's a kinda solid 3D adventure type game - not unlike the old Incentive games Driller and Darkside. It's not brilliant in that the puzzles are all a bit I just know that through the door on the right there are some armed droids waiting to massacre me.
Obvious - and a little slow.
Someone in the office here remarked ‘It's Doom in slow-motion'. Which it is, without the manic blasting action.
There's a lot of running around (bumping into door jambs) and the occasional bit of frantic key manipulation while you try to pick up things before you get hurt.
The game lacks any significant hooks to keep you at the keyboard and I couldn't see myself playing it for days on end, but it's technically wonderful and more than a worthy winner of this month's prize. Now let's hope whoever wrote it lets us know who they are. D?
GAME: BOMBER PRO AUTHOR: GAVIN WOOD LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN After each level of the game you get the chance to spend any credits you may have picked up.
Any other month and this ¦jjjn would have won the Star || Prize. There's actually a b bit of a debate raging within myself. Project 4J Shield is technically very ® impressive, which is why J?! It's won, but Bomber Professional is a much better game to play.
Should technical excellence or sheer playing fun be rewarded? I’ve leant towards the technical side of things but that's primarily because at least Project Shield is an original game. Bomber Pro, is after all, a Bomber Man clone.
A Bomber Man clone, complete with things to pick up and red wedges to avoid.
If I'd gone the other way I'd be equally unsure whether I'd made the right choice, so maybe some of you would like to drop me a line and give me your opinions.
The game is a damn fine clone with loads of extra added bits, like a shop where you can buy power-ups, four player simultaneous play and a built-in level designer.
A short re-cap: drop bombs around a maze to destroy the monsters and reveal the exit. The levels that come supplied are superb. It's a great game, get hold of it if you can. D?
Level only to discover you're in another level that's also got an exit on the far side.
You head for that and again you're in another level - get the picture?
Yes it's good fun, yes the extras add another dimension to the tried and trusted game format and no it's not a game that you should definitely have in your library because, let's face it, you've probably got a dozen Pac Man clones in there already and this isn't something so different that you must have it. Bearing in mind though, this is a Reader Game, and as such the quality is - as all the submissions are this month - very high. ® VERDICT: A FINE EXAMPLE OF JUST WHAT A PAC MAN CLONE SHOULD BE AND IT SHOWS THAT ITS AUTHOR HAS BEEN MUNCHING THOSE POWER PILLS. WHILST BEING OF A VERY HIGH
L£V£ 0 The end of a three-screen series of mazes. Each maze is full of pills to chomp and ghosts to avoid It's a Pac Man clone. Obviously. Munch those pills Pac. Munch those pills. Hi ho.
GAME: APPLE3ACK AUTHOR: NEAL GOODWIN LANGUAGE: BLITZ BASIC 2 This month's 'so well polished you'd think it was a commercial release' goes to Neal Goodwin for his game Applejack. The front- end, in-game menus and associated bits are absolutely great - they
- ------------------ simply can't be faulted.
It iff Again though the game ' y y , format is pretty familiar if you've played anything like _ _ Boulderdash or Dig Dug or one thousanc* c,°nes 'n the 'collect things by digging tunnels' genre. It's all about collecting cherries by digging 'nto them. You've got apples that fall from their position if
* 1*1*1. Y°u dig under them (hang around and they'll kill you if
they land on your head), and these are handy if you can time
Things are getting slightly more hectic now as you've got three
sour grapes running around. And you need to mind the apples -
they kill you too.
E8B2E Applejack, a sour grape and a magic ball bouncing round the screen.
Digging under them so they fall when one of your enemies (the sour grapes no less) are passing underneath.
There are quite a few of these sour grapes chaps running around chasing you and when they get you you lose a life. The answer? Fight back with your magic ball. Fire the ball and it goes bouncing off down down the tunnels you've created until it either hits a sour grape (killing it for a while until it's re-born) or comes bouncing back after a while.
Not only is it superbly presented but the game is fun to play - even if it is a little tough to start with (a few fewer sour grapes on the earlier levels may have made life easier for newcomers). ® VERDICT: TOP QUALITY PRESENTATION AND TOP QUALITY GAMEPLAY TO MATCH. AS SEEMS TO BE THE THEME OF THIS MONTH'S GAMES, IF ONLY THE IDEA WAS ORIGINAL THIS WOULD RECEIVE EVEN HIGHER PRAISE THAN IT ALREADY HAS.
This Reader Game's section is becoming so popular that we're looking to expand it.
And there's something in it for you! We're going to be awarding the top Reader Game a huge £50 cash bonus each and every month.
Now if that doesn't inspire you to get those submissions in then nothing will.
Just a note of caution though: don't bother sending in that PD game you coded three years ago just to try it on, we'll spot it and chuck it in the bin. After we've erased the disk for good measure.
And, in the event that your game is so good we want the world to see we'll probably run the game as a Coverdisk demo on the floppy or CD. Obviously if this is completely unacceptable for you then you'll have to indicate this in your notes with your submission. Your notes should also include what language the game's been written in.
Get to it people, let's see those games come flooding in.
Get more from your games! Put an end to tearing your hair out! The answers are all here, sit back, relax, chuckle at our scheming ways of getting you past the bits the programmers thought impossible! Ha Ha!
XP8 XP8 is the best shoot-em-up we've seen in recent months AF85 85%) and it's certainly no pushover. So when we met up with the chaps who created the game - WeatherMine Software - we asked them to get their pens and paper out and give us the inside info needed to get the best from this lil1 corker. Here's all the gen then, straight from the horse's mouth.
Power Ups Power ups can be obtained from shooting the bonus ships, and from shooting the power ups trapped inside domes on levels two, four and five. In addition there are hidden bonuses on levels two, four and five: Level Two: Some of the groups of barrels can be shot to reveal a bonus.
Level Four: Some of the small rectangular buildings do the same.
Level Five: Some of the small domes reveal power ups.
You can tell which ones have hidden power ups, because they can be shot (and take several shots to be destroyed).
Power ups are also produced each time you destroy a certain number of ships, and the required number of ships to destroy increases by ten each time. For example, on the first level you get a power up after 35 ships have been destroyed, then after another 45 and so on. This number can be reduced via the 'power up frequency' setting in the options.
Remember the level is wider than the screen so search around for special buildings hidden near the sides.
This level should be fairly easy. Try not to get caught at the edges of the screen in the meteor storms. The second of the three bosses can be avoided by sitting in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, but watch out for homing bullets. The big, fast moving meteors near the end should be dodged rather than shot - unless you have a very powerful weapon.
The buildings with the radiation symbol cause a chain reaction explosion when blown up, destroying all other active buildings on the screen.
J) ipa Watch out for bonus buildings and hidden bonuses.
At the large rotating building near the end, shoot the surrounding ground guns first to give yourself something with a vague semblance to a chance. There are trap doors which open and fire homing missiles
- try to destroy these, but bear in mind that they're only
vulnerable when they're open.
Flashing red lines indicate which buildings cannot be flown over - and this is a rule that applies throughout the rest of the game as well. There is also a special dome with a cross in the centre - shoot enough of these to produce a special laser beam weapon power up. This laser will destroy everything it touches, but has a limited life span - use it in short bursts. This laser is available on levels two, four and five.
Learn which way the tunnels turn and twist. Do not sit too near the bottom of the screen as aliens come up from below you. Watch the aliens flying up the screen carefully, as they know which twists are in the tunnel ahead and will swerve to follow them
- giving you extra warning. The ships that track your horizontal
movements can be 'led' into the sides of the tunnels. Try to
get below these aliens as they will then fly off the top of the
The long downward pointing guns cause a chain reaction explosion.
Watch out for the small ships which home in on you - with practice they can be dodged and will not persist for too long. Watch out for bonus buildings and hidden bonuses. The large guardian gun at the end has a protective dome which cannot be penetrated - you can only hit the gun when the dome opens.
LEVEL 4 Jlp* The chimneys which throw up flames cause a chain reaction explosion. Shoot the spinning spheres on the power stations to cut power to ground buildings. The lights go out, and ground guns will stop working until power comes back on line.
With no power, the ground guns are easy targets but make sure to watch out for bonus buildings, and hidden bonuses.
Use the Options!
The options are there to allow you to customise the game's difficulty. If you do not like the mission objectives you can simply turn them off. There is also an easy setting, which should serve to help most if they are struggling. If this is still not enough then take the 'customise options' option. This means you can increase the starting number of shields even more, and make various other changes.
There is an 'auto weapon select' option which automatically chooses your most powerful current weapon.
Normally when you are hit, you lose one power level from the current weapon, but the 'shield loss effect on gun' will prevent this.
4F You never lose a weapon entirely during a level, so remember you can toggle between them all. You can toggle through all available weapons when the game's paused too.
So there you have it. Our (and I dare say yours too) thanks go to Anthony Fenton-Dones and Matt Waters from WeatherMine for providing us with this comprehensive list of hints and tips. Now all that's left to do is kick some alien botty.
Continued overleaf 4 ¦X *- 73 S 1 5 ¦C •£ "T B Q ~ c « l2 C 5)
* ¦“ 2 W
Q. -2 2 1 2 § « S -Q 3 « o
- 2 0) ~ I 2 QJ O (S o ¦o x a t: c j c » S « S » ¦j ® « -2
-X 81 s s! S s
o o » O C »- 2 Q: 2 i c o TOO.
V. J2 £ b q. o -o o 5 r- X a 2 o £ £ -o c § CO- 2 2 1 S * 2
V. s O vu 5 5- CM !_
- J E O 8 O g N - 2 O -C SLAM TILT Stefan Svendsen from sunny
Grenaa in Denmark knows a thing or two about pinball, well,
Slam Tilt at least... When a table is loaded, you can type
LONGPLAY to get yourself five balls instead of three.
But, of course, you can also type one of these: KOTTEN WHIPLASH CHEAT COW LIQUID KLAUS IAIN i smrr DANIEL BARRY STEWART These cheats don't have any noticeable effect on the game but they do reveal a little about the programmers.
PS: The LONGPLAY thing also works on the AFCD2.
And staying with Slam Tilt, we have some more tip, tip, tippety bits from Mark B in Wellingborough: Load up the game as normal and select the table you wish to play on.
Before one of the F keys is pressed to select the number of players, key these words in: SMILE - Turns the ball into a smiley face.
RADIOACTIVE - Changes the table colour scheme (there are three to choose from).
STONED - Makes the ball move RIGHT: Skilful manipulation of the controls will ensure I fly harmlessly past Big Ben.
WIPEOUT - Resets the high scores.
ARCADE ACTION - Activate video sequences.
FRONTIER Here's a complicated cheat (from Darren Stanney in Lincoln), that doesn't actually do an awful lot and it takes bloody ages but if you've got the game then you'll appreciate having something different to do. You know what I mean... If you pick up packages and passengers with different destination systems then hyperspace to a system
(A) , in which you have to deliver three or more things. Dock at
an orbital UUUUQd.j r-DpErporc station and leave straight
Pause the game and set the destination for another system (B), where you have to deliver a package.
Make sure the hyperspace signal is lit, go to the passenger roster as soon as you deliver the last thing to system (A). Press H to hyperspace to system (B). You will then deliver all the packages to system (B). You can then skip to another system to deliver packages there and so on. All deliveries will be classed as arrived on the date you arrived at the space station in system (A) and not at the current date.
There you go. Hope you can follow Darren's instructions better than I can. Hi ho. '8D « C -Q ¦g O C SI * s s £ ll I = « TO |'3
O) n
• S TO ¦§ a to £ 2 0 C TO TO 3 TO 2 TO 2 TO 2 O TO
* . To 3 Ok £ ¦o C TO 2 E
• fc. C- K « •= o TO J. S: ¦c TO C TO TO 3 TO -Q in 2 to ~ .5 c §
IS 5 I O O « "O -c c TO 2 TO 33 C TO C TO "O S Q- .c 2 0 3 2 2
to - t TO 4= TO = I TO g O q, TO 2 TO TO C 2 to 2 o 5 2 p
11 2 .52 TO II TO 5 S- O 33 33 TO TO 5 I*
Q. TO ¦8 2 TO TO s, & II 11 TO 3: & ss III f 2 J c TO -C TO
j- .TO 5 S | S 5 8 «ar f P5 o .E J| - J to 2 2 2 | | S S I .ft
K. O
O) C 0 £
• S § a c to .t: ® $ si 1 2
• I § 2 -o to nj 1 8 «S § O)
• 5 « * O TO ¦o §
Q. • TO TO 2 O w £ TO ¦o € TO r- TO 2 ¦*1 §
• E .C 2 TO « «; .To (Jj f s
O) qf if*
V. O) TO TO £ M .E I
- c a Q) TO .£ 0 4= 2 § I £ O 43 I!
J * S I 5 S 3k TO 36 v. 1 TO TO 2 TO O) T3 C TO £ -§ .C i TO 4; UJ O TO .£ .C ) D U 3 Q£ ?- m O ¦ TO H* ? TO a E o o UJ E TO I ** 3 h- 43 O TO E z TO U) .52 o 33 CO LU U) c O z O ¦ - o. 'c JZ
* -• K TO n TO TO "to C o Z TO K ro C TO JZ 3 a TO 43 0 z TO
_ in ro o T3 C TO ;o TO ¦C 3 SL TO 2 5 6 .o ;S 0 c 01 36 c
I u € 33 .c «£ ti o c 33 TO TO -C c TO 3 43 k- § ts o 5 £ TO 2
¦33 .C TO 2 2 K o o ¦O c o 3k X TO 2 TO 5 £ 43 TO TO
- TO £ TO iS .1 4: ¦x: .0) ¦£ TO D 3 2 TO 2 2 .c c 2 3 0 X § 1
to' § S o 2 ?¦ ° 2 c TO «» q 5 .£ 0 5 S 2 I TO to m !i .5 3
5) §L TO' 33 £ c TO 2 33 TO £ TO TO O 1 01 2 P =5 8 § 2
- « 33 C TO TO 3 O) TO O TO *• qi TO 2 TO 2 3 k o TO 4: « ?
¦s 2 TO E .TO 33 ,C 5 TO 33 c TO TO C 52 •= 3 O. O o
* ?- O to a k TO 3 tr
* O Q
• c! Z TO 2 33 TO §• 2 TO k. to TO ((j TO ¦g -c TO S o .5 £ CO
CM CO TO TO -C k- o TO E TO o 1 2 c 3 X 8!
O) TO 2 §¦ is 5.
2 IS o TO 2 O) .c i. §: TO 4: O) .O) -o K 8 2 c b 2 .2 TO Q 2 O 2 s O O TO 2 2 .2 5) 33 c TO E o 8 _ TO O 2
O) .K. 2 5 S *2 ¦M & TO
- 36 £ C 5 2 1 ¦L TO ¦s TO 2 2 33 ,TO 43 TO o ¦o c TO TO C o k.
o 4: "§ 3 O) 52 3
• S S 2 2 T3 O TO O) TO c C § § s W . « .2 Q. 2 3
s. s. 3 in "O qj TO ~~ TO TO 4: 4: w TO a •w TO O) 2 E TO TO TO 3
O) s I £ - ! I “j 0 -C S TO C * TO £ 1 s 3 «s c 2 TO in 2 TO
* 2
• I S
Q. C TO O TO to -£ TO TO £ TO m TO k «= 2
O) % •£ IS .o 33 C TO C TO O' 3; C -C TO) m 3 « TO t CO TO 3 2 -•
2 5 = 2 3 U r TO a TO
- - ¦0.TO i C 33 O S s Z S’ TO e-d qJ TO To IS c
• ic «¦ SI £ % 0 2!
.5 J5 E jc 3 o E c o s 0 2 1 2 TO 4: H- o 2 3 O « TO 4= -c a z i 2 V) §• IS TO O 0) U c TO £ TO C I 33 C TO U TO -c O
• a.
TO ¦j: 0 1 TO E }Q TO 2 TO O) TO TO TO TO Q. I ¦E TO * O -c TO 3 c TO O .E TO 3k .£ -c
- S TO 2 TO TO 2 w 2 O 2 2 o q, O
- se Sk 0 33 2
d) o ¦§ 2 43
* 2 g S | Di C 43 JS 8 1 2 o to TO 2 TO 2 4* is!
III i Uj -C c .o a z LU TO -4= k rn in c TO 3 3 o O'33 ro .t: 2CO E 0 P O K TO to TO 3 £ TO TO 3: 3 O
- J £ 43 TO ~ TO C TO 2 2 TO ui 4“ c 3 '43
2. § 5 4 TO ¦§ TO 4; TO -C .C 3 TO m TO 2 K. 2 3 33 C o 3 TO «r
O .C 2 TO 43 TO TO -c 3 o o K c c TO o 5 TO § "5 o 2 TO 4; in
w w 33 3 C TO 2 £ TO 2 4: TO TO 3 O) TO a. TO w O TO in TO o £
a. S TO 43 c "§ TO 2 5 2 3 2 v. O TO TO 4; u 2 O fftdci
O’tcCe'i Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail
Order or QIS ; 100307-1544 POSTAGE & PACKING UK - FREE EUROPE
-£2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue
No) & Expiry Date to: - Dept:AF09 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE.
Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. Please note: Some titles may not be released
at the time of going to press. Most titles are despatched same
day. But can take up to 28 days. VAT IS included son 1700 CD
500 1200 CD 500 1200 CD 500 1200 CD 500 1200 CD 688 Attack
Sub ...10.99 - ... A10 Tank
Killer 12.99 A1200 Desktop Dynamite
Pack - Wordsworth.
Deluxe Pain14 AGA,Digita Print Manager, Oscar.Dennls .. 12.99-- AdoamsFamy 8 99 -~* Aladdn . .. ---- 19 99 -- A an Breve 30 -----2? 99?? 99 Allen Breed 30 2 ?? 99 22 99 Ai Terra n Rare' '9 99 19 99 '9 99 Arapan Knights 8 99 9 99 12 99 Arcade Pool 8 99 - 1? 99 Archer Macleans Poo 1C 99 Assassins Games 19 99 Ar-ophy 17 99 -- Award Winners 2 19 99 Bans-ee 799-- Base Jumpe-s 9 99 9 99 Batvw.be ss 19 99 Big Sea 19 99 --- Birds uiPiey 12 99 B ack Crypt 10 99 . Baste r 17 99------ BL1T2 BASIC 2 1 ...22 99 -- Bitzlen-s 19 99 -------
Bloodnel ...19.99 22.99 ----- Body Blows Galactic ......22.99 ----- Bravo Romeo Della 8.99 -------- BREATHLESS 26.99 - Brutal Paws ol Fury ....19.9919.99 Brutal Football ......13.9919.99 8ubble S Squeak 17.99 19.9919.99 Budokan ...10.99 -------- Burntime ...17.99 17.99 ----- Campaign 2 .....12.99 ...... Cannon Fodder 2 19.99 ----- Cannon Fodder ...12.99 ----19.99 Cardiaxx ... 8.99 ..... CHAMP MANAGER
2......19.99-- CIVILISATION 10.99-- CHAOS ENGINE 2 ....19.99 19.99 - ClockWiser ...... 9.99 9.99 9.99 Club Football ... 9.99 9.99 --- Club & Country 7.99--------- COLONISATION .14.99-- Core A1200 Bundle • Skeleton Krew, Banshee, Heimdail 2 .. ......12.99---- Core CD32 Bundle 2 - Bubba n Slix.
Premier, Chuck Rock 1*2. - 16.99 Cosmic Spacehead 17.99--- Covergirl Poker ...12.99 - ------ Craft lor AMOS 17.99----- Cruise For A Corpse 12.99 ----- ------ Cyberspace .....22.99 -------- D Generation ...12.99 - 17.99 Dark Seed 12.99 -----19.99 Deluxe Paint V 59.99 - DELUXE VIDEO 3 ..... 66.99 -- Demomaniac ...17.99 .... Desert Strike ...12.99 ...- Doglight ....12.99 Dune 1 or
2 .....12.93 ..... Dungeon Master 2 ...22.99 ------ Elite 4 12.99 -------- Elite 2 - Frontier ...19.99---19.99 Embryo .....17.99 -----17.99 Emerald Mines 12.99 Epic ...12.99------ European Champions 10.99 - ----- Exile .. 9.99 19.9919.99 Extractors . 19.99 EXTREME RACING .12.99 - Formula One Grand Prix... 8.99 -------- F1 1? 99 • T?9 1C 99--- Fears - - ---- 19 99 --- F FA Socce- 19 99 Fma
Over 1C 99 12 99 Fire f orco --.. . 19 99 Footbai Statistician Pro 26 99 Gearworks 199 ¦ Gloom - 19991999 Gloom 2 - -----19 99 GLOOM OFLUXE .19 99 -- G Gooch-Sacond Innings.. 11.99----- G Gooch-Test Match 19.99-----
- W Class Crickel 9.99 G Gooch-94 95 D Disk.... 4.99--------- G
Gooch - Battle lor Ashes 4.99------
Guardian ...... 8.99 8.99 GUNSHIP 2000
... 8.99 -- Flanna Barbera Animation. 29.99
--------- Hard Nova 8.99 .....
Heart ol China .12.99 - Help! Compilation -
Sensible Soccer Euro Champs, Push Over, Road Rash, Cool Spot,
The Humans.Desert Strike......,17.99 ---------- Hook 8 99
------- HUMANS 3 . 19 9919 99 In-mona 10 99 - ----- Ind'anapCis
580 1099 ---- Ir.sjgM Dinosaurs --- 14 99 Ir-tr-One Day C'ckot
9 99 ---- IntOS AMOS 16 99 -- TS Cocke! 18 99 --- James Pond
3 . 8.99 Jimmy While’s
Snooker.....12.99-------- John Madden Football 10.99
..... Jungle Strike ... 21.9921.99 Kick
OH 3 ...... Kick OH 3 Euro Champs.
KICK OFF '96 .. Kkt Cnaos Kncp- Lasf Nrja 3 I eadrg. 8.1 Leo mnus 1 LEMMINGS 3 - 19 99 Lon King --19 99 Lombard RAC Raly 6 99 ---- Lotus 1 -logy Lure 01 The Temptress 12.99 ......
19. 99 Marvens Marvellous Adv... ------ Megatraveller 1 or
2 ...12.99 ------ Messengers 01 Doom 19.99 ----
Midwinter ..10.99 ---- Mghly Ma« 17
99 -9 99 v fiiary vas-e-pieces 1999 ...... Mo-ph - 7 99 Mr
Nutz 17 99 - MuS-c X20 2 99 ---- Mu'. Meoa Eipenence 74 99
...... Mutant League Hockey..... 17.99 17.99
Napoleonics ....12.99 ---- Navy Moves
...... 6.99 ------ Nigel Mansells W Champ.. 8.99
------ Odyssey ...17.99 ----- One Day
Crickel .. 8.99 ----- On The Ball-World Cup ....
9.99 9.99 On The Ball-League 19.99 22.99 Operation
Harrier 8.99 ------ Operation
Stealth 11.99 ---- Oriental
Games ... 8.99 ------
Ovedord ...22.99 ...... PGA European
tour 12.99 12.99 PGA Tour Goll .12.99 ......
Pinball Dreams S Fantasies 22.99 ---- Pinball
Fantasies . 19.99 Pinball
Illusions ... 19.99 Pinball
Mania ... 19.99 PINBALL PRELUDE 19.99 19.99
Player Manager 2 13.99 ---- Player Manager 2
Extra.... ------13.99 Pole Position ...19.99
19.99 Populous S Promised Lands 12.99 ----- Populous
2 ......12.99 -----
PowerBasev3.5(Database)l2.99 ------
Powerdrive ...... 9.99 19.99
Powerhouse ....22.99 22.99 Powermonger &
D Disk 12.99 ------ Premier Manager 3 Deluxe 13.99 ------
Prem Man 3 Multi Edit Sys 10.99 ----- Prime
Mover ....17.99---- PRIMAL
RAGE ...19.99 - Project
X ...10.99-- Pro Tennis
Tour .. 6.99---
Pushover .. 8.99-- Pussies
Galore 16.99 Chuck Rock 2 ClockWiser....
PUTTY SOU AD .. 19.99 Reach For The Skies 12.99
----- Fna.ns R se 01 The Pobots '7 99 12 99 12 99 H sky woods
18 99 ----- - Poadu 1 8 99 8 99 Road Rash 10 99
Pc*OCOP3 10 99 --- Rugby . Oaoje Coach 19 99 ---- ¦ Ruffian
13 99 ------- Sensible Goll ...19.99
---------- Sens Wild ol Soccer 9579616.99 ----- Sens Wrid ol
Soccer Euro9616.99 - . Seine's 19 99 SheqFu
2199-- Snur.-e i?99 ...... .
S ena Soccor 16 99 ---- ----- Sim CITY 2000 - 12 99 -- Sk'crn 1799 -7991 99 SLAMTILT 19 99 - Seeowalker 8 99 8 99 Sxce-stars % 24 99 24 99 - Soccer Team Manager......10.99 ..... Spe-isLegacy 19991999 sp-encai wortcs 1 99 1 99 Star Crusader ---IS 99 --- star Fighta- -- 19 99 - Stnke Fleet '8 99 --- STRIP POT .._ . 9 99 9 99 Subu-tai'CoTvnando 7 99 -- Subvemon 8 99 ---- Super League Manager.... 19.99 19.9919.99 Super Skidmarks .12.99 ------12.99 Super Skidmarks D Disk... 12.99 . Super Stardust 22.99 22.99 SuperStreetlighter2 ..
20.99 ..... Super Streetfrghter 2 Turbo ......20.99 20.99 Super Tennis Champ 17 99 ..... .... Supremacy 10 99 ...... ..... Syno.cate 12 99 ----- ---- Tactical Manage- 19 99 .. Test Match Crcket 7 99 --- Terminate 2 6 99 ¦ The Clue - 19 99 ...... Ihe Games 10 99 - The* Fines' Hoe 12 99 ---- ----- THEME PARK 22 99 Thundertiawk 4 99 ----- Top Gear 2 17 99 17 99 TOTAL FOOTBALL 72 99 -- Touring Car Challenge 12.99 . Tower ol Souls 19.99 19.99 - Treble Champions 2 ... 7.99 ...- Triple Action - Vol 6 - Super Tetris * Aitball * Time
Bandit .. 9.99 ¦ Turning Points .12.99 ---------- Ultimate Body Blows .. 22.99 Ultimate Golf ... 8.99 . Ultimate Soccer Manager.. 19.99 19.99 ----- Uncovered 17.99 .....-
V. -a' light 19 99 19 99 Watrh lower ...... 16 99 Wheel Son*
----- 19 99 - WikJ Cup Soccer 17 99 17 99 8 99 Wmg Corrmande*
12 99 ---- - Winter GokJ 12 99 Wi kid '0 99 -- wcrtdCupGo' 29
99 WORID CUP YEAR 94 19 99 - - Wodd ol
Football .19.99 --------- Woddol
Soccer ... 7.99 --------
WoddsatWar . 6.99----
WORMS ...19.99 -19.99 Worms
Reinforcements 12.99 -------- WWF 1 or
2 ..... 8.99 .....-
Zeewolf .....12.99 ..... Zee
Woll 2 - Wild Fire 25.99 --------- SPECIAL OFFERS Trainer
12.99 A320 COLONISATION ......14.99 Cool
World ...... 8.99
Corporation ..... 4.99
Dennis ...
Dragonstone .... 4.99 Fields Ol
Glory 8.99 Football
Glory .. 8.99
Heimdail ... 4.99 Heimdall
2 4.99 Jaguar XJ220
.. 4.99 J Nicklaus Designer Clip An 7.99
JeMrtke 9 99 LasrNnja 3 Mean Arenas
M. omh ----- Naug-Ty Ones Oul “01 unch Powergames Sab-e ream
Shadowlighter ... Skewon Krew Simo- Tho Sorcere-
1 Skrdmams Steve Dams Snoose- Syndcaie Tc-vak Total Carnage
Warzone . Wembley Inlnl Soccer....
Wembley Rugby League Wollchild
Wonderdog ... World Class Rugby 95...
Spelling (8-10) .13.99 Seller Maths
(12-16) ..13.99 Cave Maze (8-12) ......10.99
Fraction Goblins (8-13).....10.99 Insight
Dinosaurs ...... Junior Typisl
(5-10) ....10.99 Kid
Pix ......10.99 Magic Maths
(4-5) ......13.99 Mains Dragons (6-13) .....10.99 Maths
Mama (8-12) ....13.99 Picture Fractions (7-10).....10.99
Reasoning with Trolls 5-1210.99 Tidy The House
(6-10)......10.99 Robin Hood (8*) ..13.99 Scrooge
- Xmas Carol 8*. 13.99 The Three Bears (5-10).....13.99 Wind
In The Willows (6-).. 13.99 Wizard 01
Box . 7.99 4 Player Joystick
Adapter .... 4.99 Accelerator 68020 EC Bare
lor A500 * .95.99 Amitek Fusion
Genlock 94.99 Analogue Joystick
Adaptor .. 4.99 Automatic Joystick Mouse
Splitter 14.99 CH FLIGHTST1CK (ANALOGUE)..(AAR) 29.99 Cheetah
125* .... 7.99 Competition
Pro Joypad lor CD32 13.99 Exiernal 880K Floppy
Drive .59.99 Freewheel Analog Sfeering Wheel
12.99 GRAVIS ANALOGUE JOYSTICK ....(AAR) 19.99 Internal 880K
Floppy Drive A500 ... 47.99 Internal 880K Floppy Drive
A600 1200 .49.99
Mouse ...10.99
Mousehouse ...... 1.99
Mousemal .... 1-99
Joystick Mouse Extension Cable 6.99 Joystick Y
Spinier .. 4.99 Amiga CDROM
Amiga RAM Expansions All chips 72 Pin Single Sided
Autoconfigures as FAST RAM PD & SHAREWARE D022Mike Tyson (1
meg) ...1.25 D024
Terminator ..1.25 D026 Lile
01 Brain 1.25 D027 The
Garlield Slideshow 1.25 D028 Teenaqe Turtles
Slideshow., 1.25 D029 WWF
Slideshow ....1.25 DC30 The Ga'-enng
f.FX 1 25 DC41 fcnterprse Leavng Doc« 1 25 D042 G ris 01 Sport
1 25 DC43 The Hun |1nm) 125 DOM Star Trek A nmaoons 2 53 004F,
HJW To Skin A Cal 1 25 dost Caanaar Gins • 25 D049 Techno
Wjm)* 125 DooO Jesus Lo.es Ado 25 D062 Rave length ¦ 2S MUSIC
M029 No limits ? 50 M030 CyDemek '25 M031 Molrv-S ? 1 25 MC32
So.no -rack Samper (4 dshsl 4 99 GAMES GO'4 ayrwi 2 50 G01S
Earth itivaoers 125 G317 Mayhem 125 GDI* the Fun House 125
GD19 Amos Games 1 25 GD2C Games Gaio'e 1 25 G321 Quacn. (pal
xiy) 1 25 G022 S.zzard 1 25 G023 Break Oul 125 G024 Demciloo
Mission i 25 G025 I arty R .g (nnt 600 or 12001 1 25 G026
Depth Cha-qe .. i 25 G029D.ai 125 G030 Spdire Assa.o 1 25 G032
Reave- 1 25 GC34 Top Secret i 2S GC35 Fiaacarcoer t 25 0036
w-rwar 125 G038 Cacuius Combar i 25 G039BIO5 125 G040 Sector 1
25 G04- G.Sh G042 Srrurl Hunt 1 25 C043 Supe- League Menage' 1
25 G044 O. z Maste- & Editor 1 25 C34-J Revenge 01 -he v .art
Camels 1 25 G046 Tank Arrack 12S G047 White
Knight ...1.25 G048 Wibble
World Giddy ......1.25 G051
Allanlis ..1.25 G052
Adventure Soultions (not 1200)....2.50 G053 Legend OI
Lolhian .1.25 G054 Iron Clads (not
1200) ..2.50 G055 Wizars
Wars ...1.25 G056 Fortress
(demo) ...1.25 G057 Neighbours
Adventure ..2.50 G058 Space
Rescue 1.25 G059 Dungeon
Delver ....2.50 SPORTS SP001 TopOl The
League ....1.25 SP004 Mr.Men
Olympics 2.50 SP005
Slamball ....1.25 SP006
Slrikeball ...1.25 SP007
Amos Crickel 1.25 SP008 Grand
Prix Simulator ..1.25 SIMULATIONS SM001 5
Simulation Games (nol 1200) .1.25 SM002 Return To
Earth ..1.25 SM003 Napoleonic Wadare
Sim v5 ..1.25 SM004 Wheel ol Fortune (nol 1200).....1.25
SM005 Card Sharp ..1.25
SM006Sub Attack ...1.25 SM007
Roulette ...1.25 SM008 Act
OI War ...1.25 SM009 Micro
Market 1.25 BLANK DISKS
RECYCLED DS DD Low Density 10 0 2.99 20 0 5.50 50 0 12.50 100
0 22.50 r Women Of The WEB & A massive HTML multimedia guide &
To every female celebrity you could possibly think of. Well over 300 * I meg of pictures, movie clips, and 1 text info. Release date - Sept 96 www.paston.co.uk sadeness future.htmll | WE ALSO SELL SONY PLAYSTATION. SEGA SATURN. SNES, PC. MACINTOSH. ST AND JAGUAR GAMES. JOYSTICKS AND PERIPHERALS - PHONE NOW GASTEINER 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton London N18 2YZ Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm TEL:0181 345 6000 FAX:0181 345 6868 RAM EXPANSION HARD DRIVES MEMORY SIMMS LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED SIMMS FOR A4000, VIPER, APOLLO, MAGNUM, HAWK AND MANY OTHER CARDS PHONE FOR
DETAILS TODAY 72PIN 32BIT 2MB £20 £39 £69 £149 £289 £15 £70 4MB 8MB 16MB 32MB 30PIN 16BIT 1MB 4MB f LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED A1200 RAM CARDS WITH CLOCK & FPU SOCKET 2MB £89 4MB £94 8MB £149 A600 RAM CARD 1MB £20 1MB WITH CLOCK £35 A500 RAM CARD 1 5MB £15 A500 PLUS RAM CARD 1MB £20 FPU MATHS-COPRO ( IDE 2.5” HARD DRIVES FOR A600. A1200 SX1 & SX32 80MB £69 120MB £89 170MB £99 210MB £109 250MB £119 340MB £129 540MB £189 800MB £249 COMPLETE WITH SOFTWARE & CABLES 3JP SLIM IDE HARD DRIVES FOR A4000 & A1200 540MB £139 850MB £159
28MHZ 50MHZ 0MB £119 £199 4MB £163 £243 8MB £198 £278 16MB
£298 £378 BLIZZARD1230 50MHZ 0MB £189 4MB £233 8MB £268 16MB
£368 APOLLO 28MHZ 50MHZ 0MB £95 £199 4MB £139 £243 8MB £174
- ** GASTEINER 14” £299 GASTEINER 15” GASTEINER 17” £379 £469
£29.38 88MB £27.95 £4.90 £32.85 105MB £25.00 £4.38 £29.38 200MB
£42.95 £7.52 £50.47 270MB £39.95 £7.00 £46.95 EZ135 £13.50
£2.37 £15.87 ZIP CARTS 100MB £10.50 £1.84 £12.34 JAZZ 1GIG
4 SPEED PANASONIC CD ROM DRIVE FOR AMIGA A1200 OR A4000 4' (no cables or software supplied) if required please call SCSI HARD DRIVES '100MB £49 540MB £139 1 GIG £219 2GIG £299 4GIG £699 EXTERNAL SCSI CASE with power supply £59 SCSI CARD OR SQUIRREL IS NEEDED TO RUN SCSI DEVICES ON AMIGA SCSI CARDS FOR A600 & A1200 'SQUIRREL SQUIRREL SURF SQUIRREL MPEG £50 £95 £195 £99 £351.33 £269.08 £351.33 £149.32 £163.32 £445.33 £480.58 CD-ROMS & CD WRITERS £199 £243 £1009.33 £339.58 £457.08 £198.58 £299.08 £399.58 CD-ROMS £116.33 £198.58 £351.33 £739.07 £927.08 CD-WRiTERS ' EPSON COLOUR II COLOUR IIS PRO
£233.83 200MB EXT.
270MB INT.
270MB EXT.
EZ 135 EXT.
SCSI CARD OR SQUIRREL IS NEEDED TO RUN SCSI DEVICES ON AMIGA va also sail many consumables phone for clataik OCTOGON 4008 FOR A1S00.A2000 & A4000 AF fPWt select Whether you're a fan of role playing games, a budding artist, or you just adore Star Trek - Robert Poldlng has something for you.
Question. When you get a question right you gain ten points but you lose ten if you fail. This makes the game a bit more of a challenge because whenever I got a few questions right I invariably lost all the points through wrong ones.
There are 800 questions included, with subjects ranging from Movies to Formula 1, and when you've answered all these you can create your own quiz through the editor- making the questions as serious or as stupid as you want. I honestly couldn't crash or find any faults in the programme, so congratulations to the author.
This release is compatible with any 1 Mb-i- machine and even works at Continued overleaf Q:WHIZ By Paul Nordovics Ware Licenceware PD Library ......FI Software No of Disks Two Price £4.99 Quiz games are often regarded as boring and undistinguished, but as Pic-lt proved in AF86 they can be excellent. Q:Whiz lacks the snazzy pictures which made Pic-lt so impressive, but it is a rather fast paced fun quiz. You have to be quick witted to play
this game because you only get a few seconds to answer each question. The interface is based on those quiz games you see in Pubs (minus the cash prizes!), with four answers to choose from for each (although the au genre too).
The aim of t blood crystals a monsters (or Basically, you go i killing enemies an out (without and a crystal.
The game is a first-person perspective, with the keys to control movement and the control your graphics are very don't expect 3D II-and very well in buil atmosphere.
The game particularly tense when you become trapped in a corner headed monster and you run out There are many portals that lead int different worlds and, as a result, t huge. It becomes very addictive as to find ways to complete each level.
If you're in to role playing adventi combined with a good slice of action this is a great way to pass your time.
X I 0 E 01 S 'S c THUNDERDAWN By .....Andy Campbell Ware Licenceware PD Library ....SeaScft No of Disks ....One Price ...£2.95 Role playing games have been taken over by the Doom clones and therefore many of the PD role players are being stamped into history. Nevertheless, they do still keep appearing and hopefully they'll do well.
The author of ThunderDawn makes it very clear in his text document that this is not an attempt at a Doom clone. Instead it's more of a Dungeon Master type game m ' . V ¦ : ¦¦¦ - ' ' ' Y
• A' v • *** r ' ¦ *. I ; « .* * *.: ‘ ' • i '; JT *¦"** -**• •
s- • • . .. ’ '. • - ¦ Y .V . .? -•: : .
¦Yv .¦ i*« . V.
• iw? Irfr- 1 j •¦fi-'jf '
* * r '¦ M «g “. V
- «• Isp i * .- f- ! X«-juL - ! ' Ik * ¦ -yN-' } .
- T-'' It all seems to have gone very green in here and you need
to get through that wall.
• ¦ UVHiii UO wVtKLrtPi- Anu SOUINTIMG
By ...Richard Bannister
Ware ....PD PD Library
eaSoft No of
Disks One
Price £2.50
By Ware .. PD
Library .... No of Disks ..... Price £6.99p per
disk + 75p pdfp Tl ISSUE 14: Choose from a selection of reviews
and samples to listen to.
HtM VI.» Copyr ',IH If.jo Kimnw ftNIHHTION ( KUMIUNQ ) The Final Frontier series is a selection of Star Trek based disk magazines and this one focuses on the 'Generations' film. The first thing that makes this disk so special is the interface. It uses a custom system, called 'LCARS', which is based on the computer system from the Star Trek series. All the sounds are digitised which makes it very atmospheric and there is also a choice of music to play.
The articles are presented in ASCII format, and feature all the usual tricks, such as large lettering using different characters. There are an enormous selection of articles to read, ranging from editorial to full stories to full speed on an A500. If you want an excellent game that is better than the versions down your local (and a lot cheaper) then you should definitely buy this.
FINAL FRONTIER 9 By ..Simon Plumbe Ware Licenceware PD Library SeaSoft No of Disks ..Three Price £4.50
I) miK Mffifttil SHIES Ills Wilts Sf Olllv liitUi'l't lltv
'.HiH'il ll wmr-twt Mltoni. Editor ill.
It seems that this month we've gone disk magazine crazy and this one is for all the MED users. Produced by the MED User Group, it has music and reviews galore. The interface looks somewhat simplistic in comparison to the others this month, because it simply uses a text viewer and a quite boring looking system. But there is a choice between two quite good pieces of music, and they use a new version of the OctaMED Player program (that is included in the release).
This issue focuses on the new SoundStudio package (which was in demo form on the Duly CD), and gives an insight into the new features. There is news, reviews and information for classified ads. Many of the articles on the disk are for real fans of the series because they become quite technical, but anyone can enjoy the pictures, which range from digitised to raytraced and all load at a reasonable speed.
The system spans over three disks and unfortunately there is no hard disk installer, which would have made access much faster and easier. But if you're a Star Trek fan then buy this, and if you're not then buy it anyway simply because it's an incredible piece of programming and great fun.
Tl ISSUE 14 This is an F1 Gold Production (the first in seven months) which means it has been seen as a release of incredible quality and costs £6.99. The programme is a port from a commercial Atari ST package that was a big hit, and it has been improved for the Amiga.
Grafix is an Art Tutor that requires no knowledge whatsoever, and covers areas such as drawing people, animals, perspective and dithering, animation. The presentation is excellent, with large colourful graphics and text and either diagrams or animation to show the method. You can also export any of the examples into an art package, such as Dpaint, GRAFIX: Aren't they all cute? It's a shame that something can't be done about those ears though.
All MED users and also discussion and ideas for making your own music.
There are no graphics - a screenshot of Soundstudio would have helped with the overall presentation - and there was also a problem with the Picasso-ll board and the text viewer, which it attempted to use disastrously.
This is a good disk for users of OctaMED - there are a couple of nice tracks included and the latest music player - so the disk is reasonable value.
GRAFIX Tl ISSUE 14: Tl is designed specifically for those of you interested in OctaMED and issue 14 concentrates on the new Soundstudio.
GRAFIX: Quick! Aaah! Watch out! That burning arrow is just about to shoot into that poor man's leg. I think anyone's leaning would be more pronounced in that situation.
THE BiPY wJ• x ¦ I ri1 i 'jftCi GRAFIX: The addition of a collarbone and pelvis seems to coincide with the growth of curly ginger hair.
- U YOU MUST ADD A AND 3 is very different.
The images range from rendered Star Trek pictures to stunning portraits and cartoons. The quality is incredible and each image scrolls smoothly on the screen. The pictures load very quickly, thanks to the Infinite Frontiers loading system, and there is an excellent atmospheric track playing.
The presentation of the slideshow is very similar to the Holodeck disk, using Star Trek fonts to make the presentation more convincing, and having adverts at the end for other Infinite Frontiers products.
Slideshows are often seen as boring and pointless, but when they represent such stunning art they are an essential parts of anyone's PD collection, although after several views you may use them more to impress your friends than to look at yourself.
These disks come highly recommended for all who enjoy art Continued overleaf 4 so you can look at them and play.
The package also comes complete with a 42 page manual which is printed reasonably well and comes in a smart plastic wallet.
These learning methods work very well, the diagrams are all very clear and the animations are excellent.
Although it may be somewhat basic for established artists, the quality of the program easily justifies the price tag - it's a superb educational package that anyone can enjoy.
ILLUSIONS 3 By .....Infinite Frontiers Ware ....PD PD Library .....SeaSoft No of Disks Two Price £3.50 This slideshow was produced by the same people as Holodeck 9 which was reviewed last month. But the range of subjects covered in Illusions and like to be reassured of the graphics capability of their machine (that's all of us I think!).
CLASSACTION 2.8 your favourite viewer when you click on a GIF file. This feature means hard disk users won't have to resort to directory utilities all the time, instead they can use their Workbench as a filemanager.
The programme is really useful for handling archives, because when you click on an archive you can execute the archiver to either list or extract - this is especially useful when using the Aminet disks. The features of this program will not affect people who are using the Newlcons system, because it already includes these functions through the Deflcons utility.
This is a Shareware package, and if you decide you like it then a mere $ 10 (US) is charged for registration of the latest version.
By Gasmi Salim Ware ..Shareware PD Library .Arrow PD No of Disks One Price ..99p per disk + 70p p&p This programme adds actions to files without icons in a similar way to the excellent Newlcons package. The 'Show all files' feature of Workbench is a superb one, but the files without icons can't be easily identified and this utility allows you to assign actions for specific filetypes. For example with a GIF image you could launch BUGS: There is a wide range
of options to choose from this introductory page.
I especially like the pointer shaped in the style of a bony hand.
BUG ISSUE 3 By ..Neil Wright Ware ....PD PD Library .....SeaSoft No of Disks One Price £3.50 Blitz Basic is one of the easiest ways to produce quality software, without having knowledge of Assembler and
C. The user base is increasing all the time and this disk
magazine is dedicated to the language.
The magazine aims to "teach you, the user, how to code commercial quality games, demos, and applications". The mouse driven interface is quite basic but it works very well and there's some nice background music. There are articles for beginners and experts alike, and also some adverts for Blitz-related disks, with graphics and sounds which can be used in programs.
There is also a directory full of example source code and one full of projects by the Blitz User Group, which allows you to see what is being talked about in the magazine.
The disk could have benefited greatly from the addition of some graphics and the ability to play other music while viewing, but the examples mean you can see the code in action and that makes up in some ways for the lack of graphics.
For total beginners the articles may be a bit too complex, because some basic knowledge is needed - so don't expect to become an expert just with this. But for established Blitz users this disk is very useful and it illustrates very well that the language has great support and potential. '$ disks fcr dzmhcis WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD SELECT THIS MONTH ARROW PD PO Box 7 Dover Kent, CT15 4AP SEASOFT Unit 3 Minster Court Courtwick Lane Littlehampton West Sussex, BN17 7RN « 01903 850378 F1 SOFTWARE 31 Wellington Road Exeter Devon, EX2 9DU W 01392 493580 Other good PD libraries glit: gabic
dperatdrb mmmmm mmmmmmmm wmmmmmmm DPERHTPR5 RERFPRD HRTHEfflTICRL OR LOGICAL OPERATIONS OH UALOES, KMEH ifcsMPfc i mm nwriiim DUE IS ELUTED CIBST, THE RI6HTH5T LAST; TABLE 1 : but: basic operators OPERATOR QCSDRIPTIOH HOT LDDIOAl'hDt" CKRHPLC TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Top 10 courtesy of: SEASOFT Unit 3, Minster Court Courtwick Lane Littlehampton West Sussex BN17 7RN
1. Bug Issue 3
2. Tribute to Rob Baxter
3. Magic Workbench 2.0E
4. Climbing Up
5. Hot Mods Vol. 1
6. Beasties
7. Assasins Games Vol. 261
8. MidiCraft No. 10
9. Guide to Blitz
10. Casino ( El Replacement Mice ..£6.95
Complete CD Rom for all Amigas MegaMouse 400
.....£9.95 MegaMouse Plus (3 Button)
.....£12.95 Optical Mouse £29.95 Crystal TrackBall
...£34.95 Pen Mouse ..£19.95 Auto Mouse Joystick
Switch £12.95 A500 512K Ram Board w o clock ......£15.00
A500+ 1Mb Ram Board w o clock......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board
w o clock ......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board with clock
......£30.00 A1200 2Mb Ram Board with clock......£69.95 A1200
4Mb Ram Board with clock......£79.95 A1200 8Mb Ram Board with
clock ...£119.95 FPU 33MHz
.£33.00 AlfaPower Hard Drive
controller A500 ...£99 AT-Bus Hard Drive controller A2000
......£69 Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller .£99
Multiface III ...£79 NEW
MULTI I O CARD FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Active 8 port high
speed serial card. Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all
channels simultaneously. Output through 8DB25 plugs.
Electromagnetic interference suppression. Suitable for Chatline operations, Internet (SLIP PPP Dial up). Remote terminals, Barcode readers, Serial Printers. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your Amiga with SPIDER ...£299 New AlfaQuatro Specially made hardware and software. Allows 4 ATAPI devices, ie, 2 IDE hard disk & 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga 4000 internal IDE controller, through Alfapower on Amiga 500 500+ and possibly Amiga 1200 comes, with full IDE Fix software ...£59 Connexion New Ethernet Card FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000
• 10Mbit Ethernetcard for A2000 3000 4000
• 16 Bit-Zorro-Bus Design - gives highest transfer rates while
minimizing CPU load
• 32 Kbyte 16-Bit-Cache-Memory helps minimize CPU load
• BNC-Connection - use with 10 Base2 (ThinEthernet)
• AUI-Connection - for connection to all Network Standards
Adpators (Transceiver)
• SANA-II - compatible driver - compatible to all Network
applications that are based on SANA-II
• 100% Commodore A2065 compatible
• Autoboot via Netzwerk - integrated BOOT- ROM BOOTSERVER for
..£185 External Floppy Drive for-all
Amigas ......£39.95 Internal Floppy Drive
A500 500+ ..£35.00 Internal Floppy Drive A600 1200+
...£35.00 A-Grade Double Density box of 50 disks ...£13.00
including colourful labels IDE Hard Drives FOR AMIGA 500 500+
1500 2000 4000 AT-Bus hard drive controller A2000 ...£69.00
Alfapower-0 controller 0Mb ..£99.00 Alfapower-120 120Mb
hard drive ...£159.00 Alfapower-250 250Mb hard drive
Alfapower-420 420Mb hard drive Alfapower-540 540Mb ...£179.00
...£199.00 hard drive ..£209.00 Alfapower-850 850Mb hard
drive ..£229.00 Alfapower-l.OG l.OGig hard
drive £249.00 Alfapower-1.2G
1.2Gig hard drive ...£269.00 Memory for Alfapower-Plus (new)
marked Alfapower-Plus 2Mb
SIMMS .£39.00 4Mb
SIMMS .£49.00 8MB
SIMMS .£99.00 Memory for
Alfapower (old) Every 2Mb Zip-Rams ...£89.95
IDE 2.5" Hard Drives FOR AMIGA 600 1200 IDE-120 120Mb hard
drive £79 IDE-210 210Mb hard
drive £99 IDE-250 250Mb hard drive
.£119 IDE-340 340Mb hard drive
.£129 IDE-420 420Mb hard drive
.£199 IDE-540 540Mb hard drive
.£199 IDE-810 810Mb hard drive
.£249 IDE-1.0G l.OGig hard drive
.£349 IDE-1.2G 1.2Gig hard drive
.£399 IDE 3.5" Hard Drives FOR AMIGA 1200 IDE-540
540Mb hard drive .£129 IDE-850 850Mb hard drive
.£149 IDE-1.0G l.OGig hard drive
.£175 IDE-1.2G 1.2Gig hard drive
.£179 IDE-1.6G 1.6Gig hard drive
.£199 IDE-2.0G 2.0Gig hard drive
.£289 Miscellaneous Products DD floppy disks (50)
including multicoloured disk labels ......£1
5.00 DD floppy disks (100) including multicoloured disk labels
3. 5" Hard Drive Kit for A600 1200 + Install sofbvare
...£15.00 Colourful Mouse
Mat .....£5.00 Optical Mouse Mat
.£5.00 2 in 1 Scanner Mouse
Pad ......£9.95 Contoured Wrist Pad
.....£5.50 Plain Wristrest
...£3.50 2Mb SIMMS
...£39.00 4Mb SIMMS
...£49.00 CD CLEANERS CD
Rom Cleaner £6.00 Automadc
CD Rom Cleaner (batterypowered) ...£19.95 Laser Lens Cleaner
.£9.00 Quad Speed CD Rom for
A500 .....£129 (needs Alfapower V6.8 or higher) Quad
Speed CD Rom for A600 A1200 £149 (inc CD32 emulation) Quad
Speed CD Rom for A1500 A2000 A4000 .£109
External IDE CD Rom Upgrade Kit comprises of: Metal case,
screws, Power Connector (draws power from disk drive port)
Power Connector (for optional external Power supply), IDE
ribbon cable, Stereo Audio Cables.
Kit price £39 I Multi Media Options A1200 Quad Speed CD Rom drive plus 100 watt speakers £185 A600 Quad Speed CD Rom drive plus 100 watt speakers £185 A500 Quad Speed CD Rom drive plus 100 watt speakers £165 A1500 2000 4000 Quad Speed CD Rom drive plus 100 watt speakers .....£145 For 300 watt 3D surround sound add £20 to above prices Multi Media Speakers 25 watt (pmpo) .....£29.35 Multi Media Speakers 100 watt (pmpo) ..£39.95 Multi Media Speakers 240 watt (pmpo)
..£49.95 Multi Media Speakers 300 watt (pmpo)* ..£59.95
* 3D surround sound Accelerator Boards A1220 APOLLO Accelerator
Board ..£99.95 A1220 APOLLO Accelerator
Board + 4Mb .£139.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator
Board 33MHz .£119.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board
+ 4Mb 33MHz ...£169.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board + 8Mb
33MHz ...£199.95 All prices include VAT. Please add £3.50 P&P
for items under £30.00, £5.00 for items over £30.00, £8.00 P&P
for Scanners, Speakers & Hard Drives, £10.00 courier for next
Golden Image accepts Access, Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders. E&OE. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.
MW Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 0LB Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: 0181 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 0800 600900 ... Rapid Frame ing on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAU SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same
time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!].
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
STAGE 3... Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package.
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS... or, Take a signal from a TV with SCART output... ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Or, Use the signal from your satellite receiver... or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCR's video output including S-VHS.
Camcorder User commented... 'If you're looking for a high resolution 24 bit digitiser then, at this price, ProGrab 24RT represents great value for money " camcorder Aurga ProGrab1" - Amiga Shopper 95% STAR Buy and remarks like... 'Sharp, crisp and faithful to the original colours, we were mightily impressed' and... 'Highly Recommended. Whether you are a Videographer or a Graphic Artist, look to the ProGrab 24RT Pius. ItS a winner' star Buy GORDON HARWOOL COMPUTERS Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP FAX: 01 773 831040 Or... ProGrab™... Release 2.5.x software now includes... ¦ SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY Allows the highest resolutions - Even with low memory Amigas (All Hard Drive Systems without the need for an MMU.
Requiring just I Mb. Hard Drive Space).
¦ ADDITIONAL TELETEXT FACILITIES With either Terrestrial or Satellite TV signals.
¦ LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area available with previous ProGrab software.
ProGrab™... Saves and Loads images in IFF ILBM. IFF ILBM24, JPEG. BMR PCX, and TARtSA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as Anim5 files and animations with sound |requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as AnimS + 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only] and dithering methods are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5.x Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom 'Loader' to enable grabs directly from within the program - saving YOU time!
TELEPHONE Ol 773 836781 ¦ INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL, SECAM and NTSC Straight from the box!
| *Standard ProGrab hardware is PAL SECAM NTSC compatible.
Interlace mode options are available with PAL S, SECAM only.
NTSC Only models are available to special order which then support the interlace mode fully. Please ask us for full details.] Get your hands on NEW ProGrab Plus - Post or FAX your requirements (Quantity Trade Prices-Availabie) on the order form provided OR, if you'd simply like further information please contact... ProGrab™... Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities.
The number of frames is dependant upon your Amigas RAM.
ProGrab is supplied with everything you'll need +... ¦ ProGrab'" 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for A1200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrabS optional PCMCIA Interface includes the latest version software and extends performance for serious professional users - offering the following benefits...
• Faster Downloading Times |up to FIVE times quicker] ¦ Improved
animation speeds of up to I Ifps (mono) and 3.5fps (colour) ¦
Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound
sampler required) ¦ Saving of animations direct to your Amigas
hard drive ¦ Freeing of your Amiga Parallel Port for use by a
printer or other parallel peripheral device For just £129.95...
Final Writer - Release 5 mmwem Hllftftrlf lilSoftSant final
wm«r - Rtleaie 6 » | »|Wo Sty» l»ISot5om I »n o
[ .....pv ] v •• Ajxfiec Linloid Btcek' T to I Y
* :. -7 rlTl*r- 11' 1 r ijkililXsiULE CflHHHHHI V mine? 2 2 in.
Jpqsi. aid, jgm'm The WW .* Fl«h pac WrfmiHTMI Cvport kKOly t
S| «Wev*»,N c kt «rfv* *t»*% h»'**’ I ckw*i»o *vo*** Oi*ce
nv*e Scfotvo* unv n oo* o ocW*k?n to HV i »* M Vtf
f»Vi‘fss tVji4s«titVtttft Ts«WTt,t,ii,T-i,itrti,.f.TSTiiniT*rT
miT~trr Could Softwood's Final Writer possibly get any better?
David Taylor looks at the latest version... p63 rOGVP 68060 vO If you use your Amiga 4000 for processor intensive tasks like rendering then you are always going to be on the look-out for powerful accelerator boards. The 50 Mhz 68060 from GVP also comes with a top-flight SCSI processor, providing you with possibly the fastest Amiga ever seen.
UJ There's a host of new features in the latest release from Softwood including a new export option for HTML documents, exportation of RTF documents and the ability to create tables. David Taylor decides whether this really is the final Writer or whether there is still some room for improvement.
CO MONUMENT DESIGNER jOwe looked at German born ClariSSA Pro last month and Graeme Sandiford was very impressed. This month it's the turn of the video titling package, Monument Designer, also from ProDAD, to go under the spotlight.
REVIEWS ? *3 FINAL WRITER 5 W J There's a host of nt ¦J «| APOLLO 1260 I The Apollo range has generally always been a lot cheaper than other accelerator boards but at nearly £600 the Apollo 1260 is very expensive.
Is it worth the extra money or are there other boards, equally priced but with better features? David Taylor finds out.
CD-ROM ROUND UP dm Ben Vost hand picks the best CD-ROMs that are currently on the market and then gives them all a thorough once-over.
HIGH STANDARDS AMIGA FORMAT SEPTEMBER 1996 SERIOUSLY AMIGA Germany's favourite titling program has finally been converted into English and Graeme Sandiford took the opportunity to give it the once over.
Thumbnails are provided so that you know what an image looks like before you apply it to an object.
After reviewing the excellent ClariSSA last issue, you can imagine how pleased we were to receive a copy of longtime German favourite and stablemate of ClariSSA - Monument Designer. Formally known as Monument Tiller; this program has been Germany’s most popular titling program for a few years and it has also enjoyed immense success as part of a powerful double-act with the Neptun series of Genlocks.
The program has finally been converted to English so we can see how good it really is. At over £170 Monument Designer is clearly aimed at the professional and high end of the “keen-amateur” markets. As well as being designed to work with the Neptun Genlock, ProDAD have made sure that Monument works effectively with GlariSSA. To that end Monument Designer, like most of ProDAD’s current range of software products, has full support for the SSA (Super Smooth Animation) format.
STRONG BUT SIMPLE Despite its high target-market, ProDAD has not lost sight of their goal of professional software being both powerful and, more importantly, usable. As a result, the program is not over-laden with unnecessary or inaccessible features. Instead, the program strikes a fine balance between possessing features that are both powerful and useful and keeping the interface simple enough so that you can concentrate on using the tools rather than finding them.
Like ClariSSA, Monument’s interface is based on a window system, although some of them will lock out others if they are opened. The interface has an eve-pleasing MUI look to it and can be configured to your needs and machine’s abilities.
QUALITY Although artistic flair and a fair amount of knowledge are crucial to producing effective and attractive titling sequences, the look of the finished production will depend mostly on the quality of the program’s output. In order to achieve this quality, Monument Designer works in 32-bit, that’s 24-bits and a 8-bit alpha channel. This means that if you have a whizzy 24-bit graphics card your titles can be displayed in all their true-colour glory. The program will also convert down these images so that they can be displayed on AGA and ECS Amiga’s and the results, particularly on AGA
machines, can be quite impressive. You also have the option of exporting the results as RGB images, ILBM or SSA animations.
Monument Designer’s main interface looks and works more like a DTP package than a traditional titler. The main window provides you with an overview of your project and enables you to position and otherwise modify the elements of your project on an individual basis. When you are “laving- out” a project the default view is a preview which will stop things from This can be achieved from within the program itself or, as with ClariSSA, through the external SSA Pref tool.
As well as enabling you to set the screenmode for the program, it can also be used to access the program’s virtual memory settings. Unlike most virtual memory programs, SSA virtual memory doesn't require an MMU and will quite happily, if somewhat slowly, work with an 020 processor. The program’s virtual memory function enables you to edit title sequences that would otherwise be too large. However, thanks to the SSA animation format, the finished animations can be played back from disk as well.
4F being slowed down by constant re-rendering. Unlike most other programs of its kind, Monument Designer is object- orientated so that just because you place one image in a particular position it doesn’t have to remain there forever.
You can move each element whether it is text, an image or an effect around the screen and even move them backward or forward as you would in a DTP package.
FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND RENDERING Once you have things arranged the way you want you can then render the sequence. This can take quite a long time as there are a lot of calculations that need to be made before it is played back. Fortunately the playback window has an option to speed this process up. You are given control over the animation’s resolution, colour-mode and quality. Another feature that is found in this window that is also useful is the memory defragmentation button which will also help speed up the play back of your animation.
There are a variety of tools and object types to choose from and most are available as icons. When double-clicked on, each will bring up an appropriate modification requestor which provides several methods of adjustments.
MONUMENT DESIGNER The most important element in most title sequences is the text and the program is capable of loading scalable Compugraphic fonts, so you can resize your text without loss of quality. For added control you can even acljust the horizontal and vertical size of your text separately as well as acljust the orientation of the characters, their outline, add a drop shadow or even create a perspective effect which makes them look 3-dimensional.
When it comes to playing back your sequences Monument Designer has loads of options.
It is also possible to modify the appearance of the face of your text by adding a texture (an IFF image) or a gradient. To help you create the latter the program has a built-in gradient designer. You can use it to create two or three-colour gradients and adjust their angle by “hand”.
DISTRIBUTOR White Knight Technology 01920 822321 PRICE £179 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A 68020 processor, hard disk 2Mb Chip RAM and 4Mb Fast RAM.
SPEED • • • • Even with an '030, you'll find yourself waiting around for complicated sequences to render - however, it's worth the wait.
MANUAL • • While the contents are actually useful its poor structure means you have to read through the whole thing.
The same options are available for graphics objects as well. However there is a third type of object called luminous objects. They are mainly for light effects such as glints and lens flares and their shapes can be based on the existing alpha channels.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA SEPTEMBER 1996 By combining the wide range of tools and effects it's easy to create effective title sequences. Likewise animating your titles is also a breeze.
Monument Designer has it all - a wide variety of powerful tools and a simple interface that should meet the needs of experts and yet remain accessible enough for beginners to use. If you are looking for a professional quality' titling package then this is it.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Once you stop thinking like a paint package-user and start thinking like a DTP-er, it's a piece of cake.
FEATURES • • • • • The only thing that I can think of that's missing is support for anim brushes, but everything else is there.
VALUE • • • • Although it costs nearly £200 - it's a professional quality product.
“This is the Amiga's premier titling package 91% How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk code, eg. U01 Agene. Some titles have a number in (), this means the title comes on (x) number of disks. To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE.
SOFTWARE We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE TITLES ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only Price ..99p per disk Please add 70p to total for ALL OUR PD DISKS AREl Pack price as stated. All orders same day despatch For the very latest catalogue disk please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) PER DISK + CHOOSE 1 FREE DISK WITH ORDER OF 10 OR MORE DISKS I OVERSEAS POST A PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk for P&P) (Worldwide add 50p per disk P&P) SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 8
FALCON WILNECOTE TAMWORTH B77 5DN TEL: 018272873771 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AF 09) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP ENGLAND TEL: 0374 678068 SOFTWARE2QOO Offer Top Utilities MOUSE MAT worth £2-99 FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2-99 with every order of £12 or over. To claim your free mouse mat just cut out and return this token with your order + enclose an extra 38p stamp to cover the postage and packing.
Offer only available with this token (limited 1 Mouse Mat per order exduding any other offer) Alternatively you may choose 1 FREE disk
* *************amiga essentials************** I DISK CLEANING KIT
I Complete with disk & cleaning fluid I Duality MOUSE MAT
99* I to blank dlaks & 10 label*
.....£4-00 Iso
disk protector
sleeves .£
-09 |* special offer: £1 off If you order 5 or more PD disks
damaged disk
- packer util PRINTER MANAGER PRINTER STUDIO excellent print
results U427 U599 U792 U793 U794 U733 U734 U735 U782 U8S4 PRINT
not WB1.3 CODE V3.3.(2) U974 HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 install top
games to HD.eg Zod 2 predid star pla DISK REPAIR 3 (floppy 8
HD) includes soft-protect iGUE (not A500 (1 - diction.
SSS) id dozens of U1009 DATA ALERT 3-explalns why your computer crashes U1010 WB2.04 INSTALLER-lnstall A500+ A600 to HD ¦VI USIC IM002 MICHAEL JACKSON - song BAD IM003 DO THE BART MAN I MOOS 100 C64 TUNES (not A1200) I MOOS BAT-DANCE REMIXED IM017 GUNS & ROSES - You're Crazy IM018 THE XMAS SONG (disk) very tunny IM025 MONEY FOR NOTHING - DIRE STRAITS hit song IM027 BLUES HOUSE (2 disks) I MOM C64 GAMES MUSIC IM115 MAHONEY & KAKTUS 2 - 40 tunes compilation IM125 ADAMS FAMILY IM147 BANGLES - Walk Uke An Egyptian IM150 TIFFANY -1 Think We're Alone Now IM171 MADONNA - Uke a Virgin IM173 JANET
JACKSON- Rhythm Nation IM177 PET SHOP BOYS IM184 SAM FOX - Please Me [M186 MADONNA-Uke a Virgin [M188 JOE Le TAXI IM189 MICHAEL JACKSON Smooth Criminal 9 M194 JESUS ONE'S (2 disks) IM205 RAVE - more Rave 1M262 A TO Z OF C64 GAMES MUSIC (4) brilliant IM314 DICK TRACY (Madonna) (2) IM335 STAR TREK 8 STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION (2) VIDEO TITLERS & VIDEO TOOLS U181 VIDEO NOTE database lor your video collection U431 VIDEO APPLICATION (2 dlaka) many video titter prog U250 VIDEO TOOL (3) loads ol video utils. Recommended U964 TELESUBTTTLE new video tiller U965 VIDEO MAXEV4.33 The latest In video IU352
DESKTOP VIDEO 112 (best video tiller tool) cataloguing system. Dozens ol (unclkms U671 TELE TITLE 2- Great new VIDEOS tiller U513 VIDEO TITLER (2 disks) more VIDEO TTTLER - BEST U920 TELESCROLL 2 (not WB1.3) Easy to use video titler loads ol tsatures U921 WEDDING VIDEO ANIM (2 disks) Requires D Painl
3. 4 Very high quality U922 CAPTION MACHINE excellent video
titler U923 VIDEO MANAGER (not A500 1.3) Video Cataloguing
system U925 VIDEO TITLER-very good video titler SEIKOS STUDIO
(or all Seiko printers. More specific printer driver tor the
above printer PANASONIC STUDIO - 9 & 24 pin printer driver &
CANON PRINTER STUDIO not A500 (1-3) PRINTER STAR 24 200 FONT DESIGNER - shareware CITIZEN PRINTER MANAGER (or all Citizen printer ownere containing many useful primer utils 8 drivers CANON PRINTER STUDIO (or all models (or use with Canon printers 150+ PRIffrtR DRIVERS largest collection PRINTER TOOL Includes typewriter, spooler etc k labels banners STAR PRINTER STUDIO (or all star printers NCOMM III more modem software - UNICOPY fantaslic disk copier FRACSCAPE V1.2 new (racial similar to VISTA SOUND TRACKER V2.6 music maker SPEED BENCH (not WB1.3) create auto boot WB NIB 2 vety popular copier
THE RIPPER COLLECTIONfnoI WB3) lots ol rippers SYSINFO test & print into on your AMIGA sys 1 FONT FARM tont creator editor design new font ’ WHOM 2 (3DISK) Detail database on 51 films ) FINAL FRONTIER I (2 disk) Star Trek magazine ) FINAL FRONTIER 3 (4 disk) Star Trek magazine ) HARD DISK CLICK-HardDnve monu system PROTRACKER V3-Best music writer program WORK-STATION (2diSk W81.3 only) V HARD DISK UTIL brill collection ot Harddisk ulils EASY PRINT (A500 only) lots ol print utils i WORK-MATE-15 brilliant disk util compilation I THE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION KIT (slate Amiga type) t HOT-STUFF- more
util disk compilations VIRUS-KILLER 8 DISK RE-SALt AGE REPAIR KIT ’ DCOPY V3 PROFESSIONAL - Excellent Disk copier ) ULT BOOTBLOCK 40 + bootblock generator maker ) ULTIMATE BOOT- BLOCK Collection II + more ZIRCON UTIL-30 MOST USE UTIL 2 brilliant I SPECTRA PAINT III Very good painl package ) SCENERY CONSTRUCTION KIT fractal .Recommended I ASSASSIN BOOT BLOCK over 50 bootblock protector i CROSSWORD CREATOR (not WB3) crossword maker ' PERM CHECK a lull POOLS PREDICTION program ICON CONSTRUCTION KIT Icon making program ) ICON ready made (4 disk) ) A600 NUMERIC PAD EMULATOR (A600 only) I DEGRADER
(not WB 1.3) A500 emulator I TETRA COPY play loins while copying to disk. Great i XCOPY PROFESSIONAL very powerful disk copier ) PAINT AND ANIMATE create your own animation t MASTER SEKA VI.6 complete Assembler language I SID II copy delele move run filo using a mouse ) AMOS-PAINT V good painl package lots ol leature
- . . - -.....easy to make ARCHIVER TOOLS pack more files onto
your disk IMPLODER 4.0 disk pack more programs onto disk THE
A-T COPIER (not WB3) 13 disk copier.Wow FRACTAL UTIL loads of
fractal programs. Brill LAND BUILDER create realistic
landscapes COPY & CRACK TOOLS back up your software MESSY SID
II read write PC MAC etc files AUTO DISK LOGGER catalogue your
disks GRAPHIC Util 1(3) toads ot brill graphic utils GRAPHIC
Util 2 (3) even more graphic tools SCENERY MAKER more landscape
generation EMULATOR COLLECTION II (lots ol emulators) FREE COPY
back up commercial games MODEL 3D Brilliant 3D object designer
MULTI VISION (2) disk files utilities POOL TOOL- predict horse
with best chance RACE RATER Similar to above STAR CAT 2-create
catalogue disk easily SEEKER Find lost file on floppy 8
Harddrive ' ULTRAPAINT 8 SURF pain! 8 3D model 1 i DARKSTAR no
2 (vol 2-5) loads ol ulils i DISK MAG CREATOR creates disk mag
) R.P.G (2) adventure creator ( REPAIR KIT-salvaae & repair ?
WORD SORT process ASCII lile ) HOW TO CODE IN C (2disk) + many
exarnples TION REPLAY V1.5 (A500 600) - cartridge on disk TION
REPLAY V4 (A1200 ONLY) same as above 5 PC EMULATOR V.2.31(WB3
only) SVGA PC emulator ) COPY 8 CRACK TOOL 2 more powedul copy
program ) NEW SUPER VIRUS KILLER (not WB3) kills 316+ virus )
FORECASTER V2-horse racing prediction proqram ) ASSASIN COPIER
(lots) include Xcopy3 Dcopy etc t SUPER DUPER 3. (NOT WB1.3) V
Iasi disk copier AMITOOL PROFESSIONAL disk database tool )
V1.2 + good 2 V MORPH V2.create smooth morph animation 3 POOL
TOOLS 2 (Latest) predicts horse r 5 TRONI-CAD-best creates
circuit board + 7 GAME TAMER (384)-(21 For even more games )
LAST WILL & TESTAMENT- write your Will ) PERFECT-PAINT 32 Easy
lo use paint p t ENGINEER KIT - Test kit for Amiga 3 MAGNUM 1.9
REGARD 8est disk magazine creator I FONT FARM V3 + loads ot
fonts + tont viewer 3 EXOTIC RIPPER rates as the best
sound'graphlc ripper t PARNET SET UP (2) required lor the
connection 5 PARNET CABLE MAKER INSTRUCTION - save ££££s 3 AREX
MANUAL(not WB1.3) complete manual 3 ASSASSIN BOOT UTIL 50 boot
block crealor util ) SOFT AGA (A500p!us or A600) & mln 1.5 meg
I A - Z GAMES CHEAT tor over 500 games MINI MORPHS create
TERMINATOR 2 ettect i AWARD MAKER II + hundreds ol ready made '
powerful disk cruncher ) CROSS DOS 5.1 plus read write PC AMIGA
disk I HD-DISK TOOL BOX + many more disk ulils. Recommended !
HOW TO CREATE AUTOBOOT DISK Complete ulils 3 Util .Disk .Makor
collodion 745 AF WORK BENCH (3) (WB 1.3 ONLY) replacement 747
ASTRONOMY V2 predict star planet predid , ......7(1.3) very
easy to use 51 SYSTEM CHECKER TOOL must for any Amiga owner 3
HARD DRIVE UTIL + lots more Hard Drive Utils I PARBENCH
Installer (complete) PRO CAD electronic, latest circuit board
designer 3 WB MENU LAUNCHER-menu system, easy to use ) ICON
PLUS (3DISK) Hundreds ot stunning ICONS RELOCKIT 1.4 latest
WB1.3 emulator ? FAKE FAST MEMORY make more older software run
‘ TELE TEXT RECEIVER projed. Highly recommended DOSTRACE V2.
Displays information on why programs refuse to run 8 monitors
Amiqa activity. REC U783 POOL WINNER GOLD must tor all gamblers
U709 HARD-DISK MEMORY V2 use HD as memory (re MMU) U790 WINDOW
BENCH V2 (WB 2 3) 2 disk new workbench replacement, includes
lots ot useful utilities U791 COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST V9 Amiga
fault finding U800 PRINT A CARO Includes many ready made U801
MULTI-PRINT V4 lols ol printing utils U805 DISK PRINT prim
custom disk labels U807 FONT 8 PRINT Loads ot utilities to view
8 print your tont collection. RECOMMENDED KILL AGA- make older
program run on At 200 ) C64 EMULATOR II utiL S document
over 450 games ) MUSIC CATALOGUE (
- -----3 ft U830 POOL WIZARD - (football) prediction U832
DIVIDEND WINNER - Prediction program lor use wilh LITTLE WOODS.
VERNON. ZETTER Elc U834 FORECASTER 2.02 Now horse prediction
program U839 AUDIO MAGIC 4 - Proctracker V3, Exotic npper U843
AUDIO MAGIC 8- Octamed player otc U846 C64 EMULATOR V3 (2DISK)
C64 emulator latest U848 SPECTRUM EMULATOR V2 - Spectrum
emulator latest US50 EAGLE PLAYER (2dlsk) the best music
players U851 DELI-TRACKER (2diskj play all music (ormats U881
SONIC DRUM KIT V2 Mako drum samples U882 DISK COPY Pack-
collection ol 10 disk copiers U883 OPTI-Utils 1 - over 30 disk
copiers Optimiso otc U885 INTUITION BENCH MARK V6.5 (Not WB1.3)
sysinlo U886 COMPLETE WB UTIL (2DISK) very useful Util col U887
DISK REPAIR KIT 4-lnclude disk repair, undelete.
Soft protect, diskmate. Sysinlo. Etc U950 STEREO-SCOPIC V2.a (not A5001.3) - RAMDOM DOT STEREOGRAM generator U951 FORTH PROGRAMMING (NOT WB 1.3) U957 SCALA BACKGROUND (2disk) High quality imago U960 PROGRAM LOADER-New Hard Otsk menu U96I MAGAZINE E 3 (2disk) science fiction magazino U963 AMOS 8 AMOS PRO COMMAND EXTEhfelON U967 PRO-GAMBLE-Super horse prediction program U978 DELUXE PAINT 4 BUDDY SYSTEM-(2) Got Ihe most out motion ol Deluxe Painl Instant on line lor every turv... U981 VIRUS CHECKER V6.54 - AUTO UPDATE MONTHLY- U982 DIRECTORY OPUS V4 add Extra Command BUTTONS U983 MAGIC WB 8 MAGIC
MENU - Both latest versions U986 VIRUS-WORKSHOP VS.1 - lha best Virus killer U987 GRAPHIC-CONVERTER (2D) Converts pictures elc U988 TURBOCAT Auto catalogue your disk library U989 AUTOBOOT DISK MAKER V4 -very useful U993 IMAGINE STUDIO V2.(2D) The best PD ' (picture) processor available. Rivals even tho c image processors costinq hundreds of pounds.
U969 TOWER-CACHES Speeds up disk loading.
U970 HARDDRIVE SECURITY II Collection ot I U1002 TURBO CAT-JWB 283 only) cataloguo U10O3 LOTTERY WINNER V2-new version U1005 BASIC-ELECTRONICS-Teach all a U1006 LOTTO LUNACY V5 Update lalest U1007 ALL NEW HARD-DISK 8 FLOPPY U1008 HARDWARE PROJECT 2 (2) Build even how to fit Amigas in a tower grams eg Lockout 2, Password etc . 71 HARD-DISK 8 FLOPPY DISK DOUE _ U973 CHEAT FOR 81X1 + GAMES. LEVEL ( U1001 CAR DATA ANALYST-check your car p U999 HD MEMORY (new collection) require MM U1000 MAGIC OPUS VOL_2_S 3 (2D) more Dopus buttons with Imagine 3 elc req FPU.(not 1.3) U995 PHO-GAMBLES V2 must tor
all gamblers.
U996 BOOKIE BEATER- gambling program to win U997 HD GAME INSTALLER 3. Install more games U998 EXOTIC RIPPER V3.b Latest ripper 2, Rise Of the Robots. Mortal Combal 2 8 more U975 DMS V2.04 Pro. Crunch entire disk, (notl .3) U976 MAGIC SELECTOR VI.4-Change Magic WB back drop U977 MAGIC WB ICON ARCHIVE (3) 10«)'s ot MG Icons in Wiri'it'i jfe ri n ft n BOARD GAMES II The very best board games ever released. This pack contains Ihe very latest CHESS, CHECKERS, SCRABBLE, MONOPOLY 4 DOMINOES.
Recommended S DISK PACK ONLY £4 99 PUZZLE GAMES II I Massive collection of all the very best puzzle games ever.
I released, including some of the classics like Rubies I Cube, Picture-Puzzles elc, far too many lo list 15 DISK PACK ONLY £4-99 1 1 PRINTER PAG 5 disk pack with all the latest programs specially designed for out high quality documents, text & etc and It Is even able to print out A5 booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A must for any Amiga owner with a printer.
Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4-99 _ GAM ¦ ON tql Bridge
• yuu •* miiyuoy
r. This c f be used with yuui w TV I I MVUIIU AMES pack 1
excellent t very good typing tutor R helps teaches how to play
ScSne PRICE ONLY £10-99 This is die very latest new 101 games
eompia&oii pack 2, contahng sore ol the lay best (iPD games
like Zeus.
Vrooderiand, Dragonflies elc.
Far loo many lo 6.
_ COMMOBIE WITH All AMIGAS use menu 4 most games come IS!
G490 §£ 28?
2U §§8 47 STIRLI 50 DRI 51 INVISI i game IS 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £9-99 BnSanf cofecfion cM over 100 of the very best PD games includes INVADER 2, Tetris Mooopdy elc.
Far loo many lo list. VERY easy lo use menu. Most games came with fuaretnx&ns MUST FOR ANY GAMES PLAYER A1 games are selected from an easy COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS TJRflStS?”" G222 MEGA 21 GAMES amazing 21 games G235 DRAGON-CAVE brilliant 36 puzzle games G240 QUADRIX very addidive excellent G242 TAKE EM OUT like Operation Woll G253 DESTINE MOON BASE Arcade conversion G272 TANK BATTLE 2 player lank battle game G278 ARCADIA the best ARKNOIO clone G300 Q-BOID cross TETRIS and INVADERS G303 DIMENSION X 2 player LIGHT CYCLE GAME G310 NEBULAR Excellent 3D shoot em up G316 GALACTIC Excellent 8
levels arcade G317 HYPER-BALL Speed ball + level editor G320 GHOST-SHIP Very good 3D adventure G325 BATTLEMENT Hunchback ol Notre Dame G326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS III 3 top games G331 GRAVITY massive space exploring game G333 CYBER-NETIC Brilliant 8 way blaster G334 DONKEY KONG - (A1200 order code AGA296) G335 CRAZY SUE II- best platform to dale G342 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE (8 track editors) G344 STAR-TREK similar 10 RAID 2 bu! Harder G355 DOODY very cule 8 extremely addidive G356 WONDER LAND amazing graphics recommended G362 DELUXE PACMAN + best pacman ever released G367 CARD GAMES collection
G368 WIZARD-DOMAINS dungeon lype games G370 KALATRIZ (nol A1200) arcade Tetns clone G373 AIR ACE II Very playable shoot em up G384 OTHELLO best PD version G386 MOUSE IMPOSSIBLE very addidive puzzle G390 TETREN most polished Tetris ever released G392 STRIKEBALL brilliant Baseball clone G399 TRAILBLAZER brilliant (not A1200) G400 FIGHTING WARRIOR like Street Fighter G404 DOMINOES only one ol its kind on PD G406 TOTAL WARS siratogy like chess in space G411 BATTLE CAR 2 3D car r G431 NESTER CARD GAME- hours ol lun (or a quid G435 ROULETTE American r ' G438 TRAILBLAZER 2 C64 t G441 E-TYPE 2- very
g G443 OLEMPIAD DISK G445 DESCENDER GAME' G446 OBLIDOX excellent arcado puzzle t PARACHUTE JOUST quite playable CASTLE OF DOOM VG graphic ad WIBBLE WORLD GIDDY Large plat CASH FRUIT- good fruit machines AMOS CRICKET cricket games EXTREME VIOLENCE 2 player battle oul ENGIMA MACHINE very challenging puzzle MEGA BALL 2 very playable Breakout clone BOUNCE 8 BLAST brilliant platform 10 10 ZOMBIES 8 DEFENDER 2 fantastic games MERCANERY SIMULATION 3D wars games LIFE -simulation very interesting TRANSPLANT dozens ol levels Iasi arcade.
KLAWZ THE KAT- great platform game HIGHWAY HELL like SPY HUNTER on the C64 OPERATION FIRESTORMS-brilliant CASTLE KUMQUAT similar lo Alien Breed BLACK DAWN brilliant graphic adventure MORIA 5.4 The lalest Dungeons 8 Dragons 3 ORK ATTACK bloody adventure 1 REBOUNCE 2 player lulurislic bn 2 ROAD TO HELL brilliant car racin t SUPERTOM CAT New vertical sh 5 KUNGFU CHARLIES mix wilh pla 5 RAID 4 lalest vertical scroll shoot em up 5 QUIZMASTER vety good quiz program ELEVATION games based on lift 77 3 IMPERIAL WALKER -Based on STAR WARS game 7 STARBASE 13 (2 disks) Brilliant - like MONKEY ISLAND 7
AMOS LOADSA MONEY best fruit machines 3 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2 disks) many events to complete ) 4 L.C.D DREAM 4 small hand held games I NEIGHBOUR GAMES (2 disks) based on Ihe TV series RUNNER (WB2 3) Brilliant graphic : (2 disks) One ol Ihe first 8 best GOLF CRICKET 2 New Amos cricket simulator r REVENGE gangster graphic adventure N (2 disks) very playable jigsaw games r GARDEN + DIGGER (NEW) Brilliant 1 HIGH OCTANE Fast car racing (nol WB1.3) 3 TIME RUNNER amazing graphic adventure 3 SPACE-INVASION 2 - Fantastic Galaxain 1 AUTOMOBILES - PD version ot SKID MARK brilliant 2 BANDIT MANIA - Brilliant
fruit machine demo 5 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -Brilliant Asteroid 3 GUN FIGHT (nol A500) 1.3 3 THE REAL POPEYE 64 (A500 1.3 only) 2 SYSTEM DEFEND - Brilliant Defender clone 3 AMIGA-BOY - Game Boy emulator + Tetris 2 DETHELL IN SPACE Recommended.
5 OVERLANDER Brilliant arcade MOON ALERT SERIOUS BACKGAMMON Trie best in PD BG STAR VOID (2 Disk) brilliant Thrust I UN-SENSIBLE SOCCER very similar to Sensible ames. RECOMMENDED G773 FfiUIT MANIA - Brilliant trull machine.
2 MARTIAL SPIRIT like Street Fighter II 3 6 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES collection 3 BLITZ 2 Iasi adion shooting games 3 EXIT 13 Brilliant puzzle 1 TEMPORAL MISPLACEMENT - Graphic adventure 2 A DAY AT THE RACES - V.Good horse racing game 3 BOULDER ORIGINAL with 80 levels 1 BOULDERDASH cave level construdion kit BOULDER COLLECTION 2 3 160 level (2 disks) ) BOULDER PACK wilh 640 levels on 8 disks 3 ALIEN NET WORK- new Space Invaders 2 BATTLE FORCE excellent text adventure.
3 GNU CHESS the best chess with 10 levels 3 SWORD OF YIGG Graphic advenlure 7 POWER-TETRIS for 1 or 2 players 3 SUPER SMASHING TETRIS 1 TRICKLE TREAT - like Doom on the PC 3 FOOTBALL MANAGER - New version 2 SOLO ASSAULT 3D like Wing Commander 3 SEED OF DARKNESS - Brilliant graphic adventure" 3 THE GREAT GOLD RAID - very addidive 7 ANT WAR V1.9 (LATEST) nol 1.3 3 ZENO-MORPH - Great graphics
- ---------- good MIND I ng 3D graph I PROFESSIONAL BINGO CALLER
TASK FORCE very good MIND SHADOW clone ) GREEN FIVE Amazing 3D
I cars tanks etc to win. Extremely addictive. G G913 ARCADE
GAMES CLASSIC Vol t 8 2 (2d) G914 HELICOPTER - like Desert
Strike G915 COW WARS. Very addidive 2 player game G916 ISLAND
-Like Monopoly.
G919 COP THE LOT Pro Lalest Lottery predidor G920 LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL G921 MONOPOLY, (board game) The best version G922 JET WILLY 3 - excellent platform game G923 FLAMMING ENGINE - Superb car racing game G924 POWER MACHINES. Graphically brilliant G925 SUICIDE-MACHINE Operation Wolf style G926 ZAXXON 3D Superb C64 3D blaster game G927 BOING V3. Great platfiormer. Recommended G928 PUNTER - Animaled horse racing game G929 ARCADE JIGSAW (2d) includes LION KING G930 WHEEL CHAIR GLADIATOR - Greal fun lo play G931 NIMBLE - Brilliant new arcade puzzle.
G933 BLACK DAWN 3 - THE NEW BEGINNING (2) Superb 3D advenlure. RECOMMENDED G934 R3 ROCKET (NEW) very good rocket game G935 BATTLE SHIP- the finest PD version G936 LAST LAP - Fast car racing game G937 SKID RACER (not A500) - Excellent car racing game G88| SUPER MEGA FRUIT- All new fruit machine G889 PIANET FALL - Luner Lander done G891 BUCK TOOTH ADVENTURE Very good multi level shoot collect em up RECOMMENDED G892 PENGO 2- Maze lype games. Recommended G893 SUPER OBLITERATION Blast asteroid very similar lo PANG 2 lots ol weapons RECOMMENDED G894 SUPER INVASION II - New SPACE INVADER G897 THE
G898 ALIEN GENOCIDE (2) Shoot aliens sel in space.
G899 PUCKMAN One ol Ihe better PacMan around.
G900 SUPER-BATTLE ZONE 3D (nol WB1.3) G901 M-A-S-H a (ANTWAR 2) similar to LEMMINGS 8 WORM, wilh loads ol'" G870 CHESS II 8 CHECKER One ol Ihe best around.
Must tor all CHESS or CHECKERS players G871 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player thrust clone G872 SCHNEBITZ Commercial quality puzzle games G875 DELEXE GALA V2.3 (NEW) feature 8 bounce gar 2 player RECOMMENDED, get it now G876 THE KRILLIAN INCENDENT like ELITE2 Epic G878 QUANTUM-Maze collect 8 escape type games G879 RAG TO RICHES - like MONOPOLY G884 WIPE OUT-mindless blasting games G885 GODZILLA Another shoot em up GAMES HINTS & CHEATS II Do you find it hard lo gel past a certain level in many games? 5 disk pack with 1000s ol games cfieatsiMplevel codes action replays, poxes elc, should help you
finish many games - suitable lor all Amigas only £495.
Updaled 4 Released on 28 July 95 NEW 101 GAMES PACK 3 New 101 pack 3 contains over 100 games. Runs on all Amigas, £11-99. OFFER: buy any 2 packs together & receive a free G907 ACE SPACE nice platform'game G908 COLOURMANIA slide Klatriz type puzzle game DRIVING MANIAC 3D (fill vector like IndiSOO) last. RECOMMENDED CYBERTECH (2) HANGMAN any one for a game' only £4 token for use with any other current offer G904 LAST SOLDIER _ to astronomy. Locate star positions etc. Must for astronomy student or enthusiast (4 disks) E073 PICTURE & LETTER learn to read - first steps E074 AMIGA BEGINNER GUIDE
tutorial on Amigas E085 NODDY PLAYTIME Very good demo E080 KID PIX more excellent painting programs E081 D.T.P FOR KID easy to use. Excellent E092 SING A RHYMES sing-a-lono E094 HIGHWAY CODE TUTOR questions on highway code E096 READ & LEARN (2D) THREE LITTLE PIGGY Story E097 BACK TO SKOOL vol 1 collection of the best E098 BACK TO SKOOL vol 2 In educational programs E099 BACK TO SKOOL vol 3 & games. RECOMMENDED E100 LITTLE TRAVELLER world wide information E101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map & text.
E103 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM tutorial on the Atom (2D) ? FISH TANK turn your Amiga into a FISHTANK DEMOLITION MISSION simple game for kids 5 WORD POWER solve crossword puzzles etc good.
5 WORM HOLE simplo game ideal for children.
- APPLE CATCHER catch falling apples brilliant CROSS MAZE &
CRYPTOKING 2 excellont kids games VERB QUIZ find the word & Its
related verb. Brilliant E061 KING JAMES BIBLE (4d) complete
Bible E066 TARROT clairvoyance In an instant E068 GALLOW fancy
a game of hangman?
E070 MATH DRILLS teaches all basic maths skills V good E071 ERROR INFO gives information as to why your Amiga crashes E075 WORLD WAR 2 Starprobe molecube URS toach you all ab E020 WORLD DATABASE requires 2+MEG E02t STORY LAND II Interactive puzzle games RECOMMENDED E022 LANGUAGE TUTOR teaches you 4 languages E023 TALKING COLOURING BOOK talking Dpaint brilliant E024 EASY SPELL II improve your E025 SCRABBLE requires 2-4 player.
E026 WORDS can help you solve the E027 OSWALD Largo colourful cartoon game E030 EVOLUTION brood your own hybrid E031 IQ TEST + IQ GAMES | E033 TYPING TUTOR - E035 CHESS HELPER I , E036 BASIC TUDOR loam about Amiga basic program CodecSon of the very best ol educational programs and a 21-game pack. A very poputaz combination foe Hds (runs oo all Axntos) _5 disk pack only £495_ E038 AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 part tutorial E039 COMPUTER CARE how to care for your Amiga E040 GUIDE TO LOWER BACK PAIN tutorial about the spine 8 how to avoid back pain. RECOMMENDED E041 KID ALPHABET displays alphabet E042
FRACTION 8 SILOUEST maths 8 games. Excellent E043 MATH MASTER teaches tests you on maths E044 STEAM E---------- " " ' E045 PETROL E001 KID PAINTS suporb paint special for kids E002 COLOUR IT brilliant computer colouring book E003 TREASURE SEARCH find the hidden treasure.
E0O4 LEARN & PLAY I (not A1200) maths & games E005 LEARN & PLAY II more education programs E006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR Spanish, English E008 MR MEN (WB1.3only) brilliant story adventure E009 ASTRONOMY tutorial on solar star etc system E010 SIMON & SPACE MATHS maths & Simon games S3 kS TURBINE ENGINE tutorial & anlm graphic IRLING ENGINE tutorial & anlm graphic EAM FOR ANGEL explains the meaning of dreams ISIBLE WORLD brilliant RECOMMENDED EQ11 EDUCATION PACK 1 Packed whh dozens ol educational programs ranging front maths 4 science to educational games, Suitable lor any Amiga.
5 d&k pack only £495 E076 SCIENCE an oxcoUent collection of science disks. (4 disks) KIDPRIX great childrens painting program.
ASTRONOMY PACK- Amazing collection of programs to why your Amiga tutorials on world war like E162 DELUXE PAINT GRAPHIC E163 JAPANESE - leaches you to speak the Japanese language E164 PAINT IT (not A5001.3) latest COLOURING BOOK E165 KEY BOARD TRAINER An excellent typing tutor.
E166 WORD POWER- spellcheck crossword solverAeach E168 CROSSWORD CREATOR - design crosswords E169 CHESS II & TUTOR brilliant Chess II games E170 HISTORY OF AVIATION Vol 1 Excellent disk E171 CHILD FAVOURITE- Education program E172 ANIMAL LAND - Learn about animals E175 FRANTIC GUIDE TO COMPUTER (2D) brilliant & funny E177 CYBERPUNK 2 for CyborPunk freaks only E178 STAR-TREK & STARTREK NEXT GENENATION GUIDE (6) must for Star Trek fans, contains 100s of pictures from Star Trek series 2 E181 SIGNATURE CREATOR customise your own signature.
E182 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprehensive guide to virus1 E184 IMAGINES VIDEO 2 disks E185 WORKBENCH 2 3 GUIDE On line help Completo E210 LEARN & PLAY 3 Latost education & games E240 BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2d) all about animals E241 COMMS GUIDE V1.1 using modems for beginners E242 GUIDE TO WEATHER (3d) complete weather guide. RECOMMENDED E245 MATH ATTACK- Maths related games for kids E242 ANIMAL-LAND - Ideal for young kids. Excollont E243 PICTURE-MATHS - Maths program for kids E246 BEGINNER GUIDE TO WB 3 (A1200 only) E247 GLOBE FACT(2) facts about planet earth E248 KID ONLY. 6 excellent
games to play with E250 SANTA -Help santa collect presents E251 BIRTHDAY HISTORY V2.2- E252 BAR-TENDER - recipes for 1000s of drinks cocktaiis E253 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR E104 DESK TOP GUIDE TO MUSIC (3D) guide 8 tulortal E107 TRUMPTY FIREWORK ALPHABET Entertaining way to learn the alphabet E108 HOW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS 1 (2) Excellent E109 MR MEN OLYMPICS (2D) many ovonts to compete In.
E1 to CULT TV DATABASE (2D) Information on early TV series E112 HOW TO DEVELOP PHOTOGRAPHS 2 (2) dovolop your own.
El 15 ELECTRONIC WORLDS (3D) Complete King James Bible E116 HOW THE EARTH BEGAN- Big Bong theoty.
E118 WORKBENCH 2 tutorials on Work Bonch 2 E119 DINO WAR Quiz on dinosaurs El20 JUNIOR MATHS Great teaming aid tor teaching maths RECOMMENDED E121 PICTURE PUZZLE brilliant JIGSAW type games E122 WORD FACTORY Brtlllant, toach kids now words E123 KID DISK 1- Brilliant education pack E124 KID DISK 2 E129 KID DISK 3 (DTP) Drawing program for kids E142 KID DISK 5 8 6-2 disks full of Brilliant gamos E125 JURASSIC PARK lots of Information on dinosaurs E126 CHILDREN SONG 2 contains 5 excellent songs E127 MING SHU (A500 only) Brilliant Chinese Astrology.
E128 ASTRO 22 PRO.V3 -The latest astrology program that calculates the position of planets, time of eclipse, zodiac positions etc. RECOMMENDED E130 FRENCH VERB TESTER should hoip you with your French.
E131 CULT TV DATA BASE II (2 DISK) Information on oarly TV E132 WORLD HISTORY BOOK E133 LITTLE TRAVELLER II (2) World wide information.
E134 X-FILES - Guide to the TV serios.
E148 CHESS & TUTOR - teaches you how to play chess E150 INTERNET-FULL guide to internet & superhighway E161 CLI & SHELL TUTOF ... KIDS DISKS 1.2. 3.4 & 5 Excellent collection ol educational programs. Ideal lot teaching kids various subjects while retaining the lun 4 game element.
5 disks only £499 or order separately tor only 99p per disk.
Qote.Cgj8jqp.tH5K .4 pp.. 1-5 EDUCATION & 21 GAMES PACK Latest education pack 4 new 21 game collection (5 disk pack) only £4-95 R (help) Ideal for beginner ; TUTOR V 3 & 4 RECOMMENDED WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF LSD LEGAL TOOLS 1-150 SCOPE 1-220 FRED FISH 1-1000 ASSASSIN GAMES 1-200 ETC VARIOUS PACKS Any pack comes on 5 disks only £4*95 per pack COLOUR FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) (M W [p@©a®iQ 'Offr®O’) C64 & 45 games pack Spectrum V2 & 50 games !
Vic 20 & 30 games All 3 packs for only £9-99 SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION i Now you can play 100s & 100s of Spectrum 48K games on your Amiga. Any pack below is complete & ready to run on your Amiga. Full printed instructions provided.
FfECTMI+R8MBK1 0*f£M9 ffecnutKiQMBKi outer* +MMBPK1 ONLY til* SPECIAL OFFER MONO FONTS Pack (Packs 1 or 2) High quality fonts for use with Dpaint or Personal Paints 101® I VARIOUS CLIPART Pack (1, 2, 3 or 5) The very latest version. Now you can play real Commodore C64 games on your Amiga. All packs below are complete & ready to play directly on your Amiga. Printed Instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games ...£4 99 C64 & 100 original games ..£8 99 C64 & 200 original games £16 99 COLOUR WORLD MAP (Packs 1, 2 or 3) High quality world map COMPUTA-GRAPHIC FONT (Packs 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) High quality fonts for WORDSWORTH or any DTP SPECTRUM GAMES pack [ Take all 3 of the above packs & 50 new Spectrum games (total 400) For Only £19-99 IMAGINE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) REAL 3D VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS OBJECTS (Packs 1, 2 or 3) TRUE FONT FOR ABOVE (Packs 1, 2 or 3) (Please state for which pack above) | See left tor detail. This
pack comes on a very large | I number of disks, rrp £39.99 | NOW ONLY £29.99 More Spectrum games available ...screen shot from AMIGA I I .J + £2.45 for parcel postage (due to the very large We also stock many more packs. Please phone.
number of disks In this pack).
AGA AI 200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING IS FOR USE WITH AGA AMIGAS SOFTWME2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS AGA251 PACKMAN AGA - The best pacman yet AGA252 ROCKET PD - Super thrust clone brilliant graphics tor 1 or 2 players AGA253 REAL DEMO Stunning special effects AGA254 DIRT AGA Brilliant 256 colour effects AGA255 DELIGHT EXPLORE Excellent demo AGA256 KEFEREN AGA Demo tots ot ettects AGA257 MINOMIST RAVE great rave music AGA258 OXYGENE Fantastic demo AGA259 INTEL-OUT Another very good demo AGA260 SOME JUSTICE 94 Demo of the month. Brilliant whirl effect. RECOMMENDED AGA262 TO THE DEATH Very good
STREET-FIGHTER clone with excellent graphics.
AGA263 GEORGE GALAXO (2 disks) Brilliant multi level shootfplatform game. RECOMMENDED AGA265 MISSILE OVER ZENON (2 disks) Brilliant 3D missile commander with fantastic graphics.
AGA266 TEAM-HOI DINO PLATFORM Excellent dino platform Note: this disk was a commercial game AGA274 MUSIC 2 SURVIVE (2 disks) 8 excellent music masterpieces. Well worth getting A6A271 RAVE MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II (2 disks) AGA278 CHANNEL Z ISSUE 1 (AGA) (2 disks) AGA base disk magazines. RECOMMENDED AGA disk magazine topic.demo music AGA285 WORKBENCH BACKDROP VOL 3 AGA295 DE-LUXE MONOPOLY - Board game. Very addictive AGA296 DONKEY KONG Arcade classic conversion AGA297 BOMB PAC Extremely good gameplay AGA298 ROCKET 2 set deep underground Brilliant graphics.
Even better with 2 players AGA299 SCRABBLE - Now runs on all Amigas AGA300 MAGIC WB V2. Demo ot version 2 AGA302 TUTANKHAM 11(2) Education-Egyptian Mummy AGA305 TIMEZONE (2) Very good graphic adventures.
AGA307 DENTAWOIF Doom demo AGA308 NAXIS - Realty shews what AGA graphics can do AGA310 FEARS (2d) - Doom clone demo AGA312 JINX (2d) Fantastic arcade puzzle AGA313 RAM JAM THE TASTE DEMO wicked demo.
AGA315 ILEX MYSTIC. New AGA demos AGA320 KLONDIKE 3 (4 disks) HD required 8 2 MEG. We also have a list of 25 cards tor above.
Hundreds ot quality Magic WB icons 8 backdrops AGA388 DESK-TOP MAGIC - 32 animated screen blanker AGA389 WAR OF THE WORLDS - Full 3D games AGA391 PSSST Amiga version of Spectrum games AGA390 FEAR II - Brilliant 3D game plays just like DOOM on the PC. Guaranteed to impress.
AGA393 PC EMULATOR V3 - Latest PC emulator AGA400 HYPER RACE (2) Super racing games AGA419 EXCaLENT CARD GAMES 3 latest AGA421 COLOUR WB make your WB more colourful AGA422 RIDGE RACER Demo on the Amiga AGA423 DRUG STORE DEMOS (2 disks) AGA424 DREAM WALKER (2) Demos AGA425 MYSTIC DEMOS (2) 95 excellent demos AGA426 ORIGIN 2 (2 disks). Amazing 0AGA001 EXTENSION DEMO Stunning demo, last landscape arirm and a rotating city, regarded as the best AGA demo AGA002 FRACTAL GENERATOR fractal in 256 colours.
AGA003 WORKBENCH HACK hackAoy Nanker etc AGA006 NEW SUPER KILLER recognises & kills over 316 pes ot virus. Must for all A1200 owners (GA007 MINDWARP very first demo lor the A1200 AGA011 SLEEPLESS NIGHT 3 AGA012 PLANET GROOVE Super A1200 Demos AGA013 MOTOR INVADER 2 (2 disks) Brilliant INVADER game AGA015 POINT OF SCALE Great A1200 only demos AGA016CHROMAS- Fairly good demo.
AGA017 WORLD OF MANGA (4 disks) magnificent Japanese This is the Big one! Nearly 2000 original disks from the SOFTWARE 2000 library included on a Double CD set For the title list just take a look at this double page advert for examples of titles & packs which can be found on these Cds. No lucky dip or unknown software. Full description of every disk title. Easy to use menu System on both Cds which lets you explore the contents of both Cds without disc swapping... Excellent, see below EXAMPLE OP DISKS FOUND ON THE DOUBLE CO SET 294 - VARIOUS UTILITIES DISKS 118 - EDUCATION DISK 252 - ANIMATION
DISKS 133 - DEMOS 181 - AGA DISKS 225 - MUSIC DISKS 92 - TOP SAMPLE & FX DISKS 18+++DEMOS (Adults Only) 402+ VARIOUS GAMES DISKS - with an estimate of around 1000+ Amiga games, 100s of IMAGINE OBJ, 600 AMIGA FONTS, 100 QUALITY B&W & COLOUR CUP ART - FAR TOO MANY TO LIST...... ALSO INCLUDED ON THE CPS ARE comic slide show. Recommended AGA021 MAGIC WORKBENCH Improve the look ol your WB 8 add some functions to your WB. Realty BRILLIANT AGA022 WB 3 UTILITIES loads ol WB 3 only utilities AGA023 U-CHESS the best chess game program so far but les. Brilliant graphics AGA024 WOR'KBENCH 3 SCREEN Great
backdrop DEGHADER AGA090 A1200 FIX DISK COLLECTION 1 AGA091 At200 FIX DISK 2 COLLECTION 2 AGA094 RELOCKIT Vt ,4a latest, run A500 SOFTWARE AGA306 A1200 FIX DISK VOL 3 (New July 95) All disks above are designed lo make any older A500-A600 Amiga programsigames elc run on your A12rXVA4000 A MUST FOR ALL AGA AMIGA OWNERS. RECOMMENDED AGA097 A1200 UTIL - AGA TESTER, SYSINFO elc AGA098 ACTION REPLAY V4 Complete ACTION REPLAY.
AGA099 MADFIGHTER 2 Brilliant Street Fighter clone AGA100 AGA BLITZ SCREEN BLANKER AGA101 FAST GIFF 2 display GIFF pic In Workbench.
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TRAIN-DRIVER SIMULATION - The most realistic train sim.
MASTER-BLASTER - Kill various monsters with bombs.
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- Styles- Sub Topic 2 Body Indented Body Document Trtle Section
Name Topic Name Sub Topic 1 Sub Topic 2 Body Indented Body . T_
Position -j (15- ri
• Outline - j a | No
- Actions • New [ Remove | | Set Default Cancel [ Final Writer 4
was considered a fairly minor update by some users. It was a
remarkably powerful program, but there were still some areas
that people wanted expanding. This latest version actually
supplies a range of very useful new features. Features that you
could soon wonder how you ever did without. Of these, there are
four that stand out as essentials: a new export option for HTML
documents, the export of RTF documents, datatype support and
the creation of tables.
ONE FOR THE WEB HTML is the form of document that the majority of World Wide Web pages consist of. Essentially, it uses codes, which are simply text instructions, that inform the interpreter (that is the browser you use to view WWW pages) where pictures are placed and what style the text is. However, not many people have actually bothered to learn the HTML codes, because even if you do know the codes, it is still a real pain to layout pages. On many other platforms there are custom applications, behaving like DTP packages, that allow their design.
On the Amiga though, the only real options are a selection of shareware programs.
Recently the idea of incorporating the export of HTML from standard document processors has appeared on the PC and Softwood have made the very intelligent decision to create this feature for Final Writer. To create a Web page all you have to do is design the L- .I ¦ Style Definition - I Set up } Settings f Fkey f Other TofC- XI No OK The style sheets have been improved to include a next style option for automatically formatting documents as you type.
This style generates entry in: X | Body ¦ Next Style - page as you would any normal document and then export it as an HTML file. The program will save all the text and any related pictures in a directory named after the document. If the directory doesn’t exist, it is created automatically.
When you create the documents, it is necessary do a little work before you can get started. With a normal document, you could re-size the pictures after loading them into Final Wwterbut because the files are not embedded in HTML documents and the original pictures are called by the browser, re-sizing is not possible. You must decide on the image size and scale it before loading it in. You also have to make sure that you use an appropriate file format - WWW pages normally use only GIFs and JPEGs and some browsers, particularly PC ones, won’t be able to load the Amiga native IFF.
Bearing in mind these restrictions placed on the program by the WWW architecture, it seemed that Final Writer could do some impressive things.
However, one thing to bear in mind is not to simply export the document as HTML, but also to keep a copy in FW format. FW5 is not able to import HTML documents, so loading one back in doesn’t get the beautiful page back, but a set of boring text codes!
TEETHING PROBLEMS Setting to work on a WWW page seemed simple enough, but I did encounter several problems. Firstly, there seemed to be a problem importing pictures at the correct size. I assumed this to be down to a difference in resolutions, but having checked that and the image size, it seems to be a quirk of the program. It does make designing the page more tricky though, especially as it seems that no matter what you do you can only have one line of text next to a picture.
The dreaded and perhaps traditional screen quirk of corrupted pictures, despite having the correct screen palette, made its usual appearance. More worrying though was the fact that although different styles appeared in the browser, I couldn’t seem to export the all important HTML link code. Despite numerous attempts using both the style set up in the provided HTML document template and the manual instructions, it refused to export correctly.
Continued overleaf Final Writer - Release 5 ? | HTML! - Main (Body)
o 1 • ¦¦¦[ .....12. i, 1 ¦¦ l"|g'T"|
• ' ¦ Is' ' ¦ 1 ¦ ' ' |6‘ ' ' 1 ¦ ' [The WW Fish pac o 3 D o
DC LU l l Created using Writer 5 HTML Export facility This new
facility n theaeation of W l Images easy and accessible to eve
w!to knows how h document proces Once inore Softwood have mode
on intelligent addition to FW powerful feat Final Writer -
Release 5 °J : _ j__-_ t | ? | -1 No Style | g| SottSans |fF B
I U | *| 12 t ,
- T ' If ' ' 1 ‘ ‘ |2 ' ' ' 1
• - V1 ¦' ¦ ¦ if1 ¦' ¦ ' ' Is ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' 16' ' ' ' ' ‘ ' 17' '
' 1 ' Dove Nick Ai-rirecr Linfoid BicckrTecr Y While Tecr Y Y
Blcck Coffee Y White Coffee Y Y rtnvotnvlpi @fi iti iipnot m i
ik~ Main Main Page: 1 |V|V| 11:02 PM | 7 11 96 [t 7 11 96
THAT'S RICH The Rich Text Format (RTF) is another export form
that will allow you greater freedom when sharing your work with
friends or colleagues.
Unlike the problems associated with circulating documents in ASCII, the completely plain and stripped text format, RTF can retain certain document attributes which other Wps can then load in so that your document will look much more like the original than it could by just converting bare text. Within the preferences you can set up a font remapping table that will allow you to decide which fonts will be used by the destination machine in place of the unique Final Writer ones.
(No font is ever the same from platform to platform.) Should you try and save an RTF document containing fonts that haven’t been set up in the remapping preferences, then TW5 will offer to let you set it up there and then.
ABOVE: The picture loaded in for HTML format - note the blue text at the bottom, which didn't come out as a link, when it should have.
ABOVE RIGHT: Tables don't have to be solely a dual colour affair. All the colours of the rainbow are at your disposal.
TABLE FOR EVERYONE If you wanted to add some form of table to Fwbefore, your only real option was to import some sort of picture or possibly try creating one freehand, which was ludicrous. Now a simple and accessible yet highly customisable, table function has been added. Sure, a simple grid table can be inserted instantly but with a few quick changes of the table preferences, you can decide whether or not the outer line should be visible or thicker than the other, what font is to be used where and what colour certain rows should be.
Different fonts can be assigned to different parts as can different colours.
Because tables are there to illustrate your information in the most accessible and intuitive way possible, this flexibility means that you should have no problem ensuring your table gets the message across.
This is not a gimick. It may not allow you to change font ever)' letter as you can in normal text or define every single line, but why would you want to in a table? Because you can define the number of columns and rows, you can use the tables for anything.
It would be nice if the table features were refined a little so that you could edit the size of cells after you had created the table and also if the table preferences for the table were accessible by double clicking on the table itself but even without these additions this comes out as the most important addition to Final Writer.
MINOR ADDITIONS There have been a lot of smaller changes made to the package. You can General T ASCII | I O T Startup fcolors f~Fonts T~ RTF One or more Final Writer fonts are not mapped to an RTF font in the RTF preferences. What do you want to do?
RTabs at IK5- Language r Xi UK English 11
- Options:- Drag and Drop _|Type and Spell y]ASL file requesters
_J Auto-Save Decimal r
21. Period Define font Use Default Cancel Exporting RTF without
setting up font remapping? FI 175 will notice and tell you.
Date Format ?IJuly 22,1995 Auto-Save Every Final Writer - Release 5 ? | HTML1 - Main (Body) 1
Q. f i" * 1 ¦ '"V'k "1 ‘,' b",', ¦ ¦ ¦ Id'1' 1 1 Is1 " 1 ' ‘ ' |6
' ' ' , ' ' Date Order II Month Day Year JsjUarn first Time
Format ?I 12 Hourl RIGHT! Hooray I Screen corruption of
colours. Ah, what would a program be without ft ABOVE: ASL
requestors are now an option too, probably because of comments
Speller 1 Hyphenation T Grammar T AutoCarrect VS r~ a i-iJ ce § UJ H CL Ul adn dond i incl occurence recieve seperate Plr-rt i tr-rt IrM Iglfi fi ry-, i ik Main
y) Capitalize First Letter of Sentences.
J Correct Two Initial Caprtals.
Yj Replace words as you type.
Words and Replacements Word rr Replacement - I- Auto-correction is a much more useful feature than grammar correction and includes the two initial caps correction.
And don't I include occurrence receive separate Created using Writer 5 HTML Export facility This new facility i thecreotion of W !
Pages easy and accessible to evei who knows how ti document p races: Once more Softwood have made an intelligent addition to FW powerful feoii he WW ish pac 7 11 96 Final Writer - Release 5 £J -_ l l m 73 o c i 5 o ? I » 111 No Style IZI SoftSans JfbJj ..... now use document templates to start a new document so that it has certain pre determined styles and inclusions, such as letterheads. New documents from templates appear as Untitled instead of as the name of the template so that you don’t accidentally overwrite the template with the document itself (templates are essentially bare
documents). You can however overwrite templates by choosing the templates name as I did when using HTML. The templates should be automatically read-only by the program unless changes are confirmed with a warning that it is a template.
Style sheets have been refined as has the ability to select fonts. You can now set a style to choose what style will automatically follow it in the next paragraph so that when you hit return in the text, it wall automatically change to the next style.
Preferences for all the different types of objects can be saved, as can the document preferences. The requestors can be made to use the standard ASL style and you can now select a set of fonts to be pre-loaded every time the program starts. The Arexx commands have been refined and new ones added, such as “Make new paragraph style” to create a new style from the current paragraph’s settings. The majority of new Arexx commands are concerned with the new table features and servicing those.
The grammar correction facility has been tweaked and accelerated, but computerised grammar correction is so notorious that I doubt many people use it anyway. Better is the inclusion of the auto-correct feature.
FINAL WRITER 5 Not necessarily a feature, but worthy of a mention, is 1-W5’s ability to deal with virtual memory. With its new features, FW5 should be able to do The HTML export works to a certain extent, but isn't as flexible as it could be.
Virtual Memory seems stable enough to work with Final Writer so larger pictures can be used.
IfMlkbl* prafcrancM show just how fluibl« this now foaturo Is.
Some amazing things and despite its reasonable system requirements, you can’t expect to do very much without a decent amount of RAM especially when you start importing images. However, it is stable when using VMM so you can use that to compensate and load as many pictures as you want.
The questions begs itself - is there any point in seeing this program develop any further or is this enough? Well, there need to be some bug fixes. The HTML export needs fixing and I wish it were easier to switch between text and pointer modes for moving pictures and tables.
On-line help would be a real boon and given that there is now a whole suite of programs in the Final range so would some sort of dashboard like the Office toolbar which allows you to create a document in any of the packages or open any of them as they are all stored in a default directory. Maybe the whole range could then be sold together as a suite for a special price. As for any new DISTRIBUTOR Softwood Europe P&1773 836781 PRICE £74.95 (full version) FW4 FW5 £22.95 (other upgrade prices available) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WB2+, hard drive, 2.5Mb RAM (more recommended, as is faster CPU) MANUAL •
• • • dear as ever, a thorough Jendum to the main manual.
XESSIBILITY ••••• features are very easy to use.
Imagine a powerful iing more accessible.
7 12 96 real meat features, perhaps a small graphing facility would be useful. Some might say that this isn’t the job of a document package, but FW already handles images and with the addition of tables, it proves that one package can supply data in more than just word form. To be able to input data into tables and then have them converted into a couple of different graphs would make it complete. Another thing that should be included is the ability to include files from other Final products so that the range can be integrated.
CONCLUSION This new version certainly has plenty to offer. It would’ve been nice to be able to praise it wholeheartedly, but it let me down on the WWW front. The addition of tables is bound to attract people and the list of new features should rightly tempt many FW4 users. Users of earlier editions would be mad not to upgrade, but I wdsh that I hadn’t had to write about further additions. I’d really hoped that FW5 would be the pinnacle of achievement. C5 FEATURES All in all, FW is packed to the gills.
The new additions vary in importance, but the HTML should have been better.
VALUE • • • i This is the upgrade 4 should have been, but even at full price, it's a bargain.
"A magnificent product, only marred slightly.
VI m “0 H m 3 CO m 73 i VO VO cv HUMAN 7Mb INSTRUMENT
3. 7Mb LOGOS
1. 0Mb FONTS
7. 5Mb MISC
5. 2Mb TRANSPORT 15Mb Mew Library disks
• Games * Slide Shows
• Pictures ' Mega Demo
• Music • Magazines
• Demos * Collections
• Anlms * Rave Demo
• Sampled * Sounds etc. 100 Mew Fred Hsh Fish disks 1001 to 1100.
Electronic Texts (Reedy) Business Selection Contains all the best software to help any small business or anybody.
• A Letter or an Invoice
• A Bus' Card or Letter Head.
• Spreadsheets
• Cataloguing Systems
• Typing Tutors ‘ Databases 8 D.T.P
• Financial Planing
• Home finance 8 Inventory
• Label printing 8 Mailing
• Word processing etc. When you're not working wtth your computer
the Leisure, Home and Hobby programs you will keep everybody
Save money and time wtth this CO.
• Video • Hard Drive uti ' Business • Keyboarding
* Emulators * Educational
* Astrology* Mouse Utils
* Magazines* Enhancements
* Menu sys * CJLD Systems
* W bench 3’ Magic Workbn
* Comms * Game Cheats
* D.T.P • Stereogams
* Gambling * Emulator's
* Genealogy* Printing
* and a hole lot morel.
Menu system - An excellent system which can view 8 unpack all the lha files from the CD to your hard drive.
To search for all the Workbench titles Just dick on the search button and text workbench and all the disks will be displayed.
Excellent ready-to-run Workbench has been provided on the disc for easy use.
* Over 550 New Disks since Utils 1-1500 was released.
Enhance your Amiga with powerful applications carefully sorted through-out our many years.
1. 1 FILMS 34
4. 7 FUNK 90
14. 1 HARDC 5
1. 1 HOUSE 329
57. 0 HW 15
1. 6 JAZZ 3 .5 JINGLES 83
8. 3 JOGEI 26
7. 5 JUNGLE 28
7. 5 MAYYM 6
1. 7 MED 50
6. 0 MISC 166
24. 7 PIANO 22
2. 4 POP 6
1. 2 PRO 168
31. 1 PRZK 41
3. 2 RATED 144
17. 3 REAUST1 40
7. 3 RELAX1 150
20. 0 RELAX2 143
21. 2 ROCK 52
9. 3 S3M 79
13. 3 SCREAM 151
26. 2 SETS 493
52. 4 SLC 23
5. 0 SLOW 57
10. 2 SPARK 23
4. 2 SPEED 21
3. 3 SYNTH 6 .8 TECHN 381
74. 8 TOPTUNES 60
12. 3 VOICE 17
3. 6 WEIRD 30
4. 5 XM 24
8. 1 UTILITIES 2 3D OBJECTS CD 232 £9.99 A comprehensive
Library of 3d objects | All the objects you need assembled
together on one convenient CD. This (fisc has over 650Mb of
objects In DXF.
You Get software in dir’s: HOTTEST 6 SOUND LIBRARY 2 3D IMAGES
• Professional - There are Images from some of the best grx
artist's around.
IMBSKIAL CD201 CODE: EXPERuHCE £19.99 CD280 CD 300 £14.99 ‘Run the latest Mod4-Win & play all the mod or select one ot the the hundreds of other pro- grams.
• Over 600 M b of completly NEW Modulesl with No Repeats trom
Sound Library.
• Our Menu system can NOW run .axe files, read .hip .wri and
text files etc. PRICE: Double Disc Sal An £9.99 This CD Is
dedicated to Ray tracd- ed Images end computer generated
There are over BOO Images In BMP format versions.
Each ot the Directories have been Indexed. The Index can also be viewed.
Contains Images which have all been generated or pro- ducded using a computer.
This disc contains every computer Generated Image you will need or use one of the weath ol software packages to create your own.
Enhance your systems backdrop wtth any one of these's We have seperated all the Images pictures Into 0 to Z directories with Indexes In Library of utilities In all catagles.
Its our complete classic Amiga Various disk collection. This Is the 2nd volume to be release on CD.
Technical section, Artwork In Black 8 White and Colour, all 2,000 ot our Now Famous Various floppy disk library.
Utilities on the disc
• Anti Virus * Archivers
• W B 2.0 • Cataloguing
• Clocks * Desktop calcs
• Calendars * Telephone util
• Copy * Delete
• System * Directory
• Dir View * Disk utils
• Finders * File Viewers
• Changer's • Help
• Editors • Comparisons
• 40os Utils • File Copies ’ Security • Disk copies
• Books * Video Utils What's Hew on Hottest 6
• Sounds
• Modules
• Clip Art ’ Fonts
• Business
• Music
• Utilities
• Comms
• Killers
• Video
• Fractals
• Databases
• Printing
• Sounds
• Home
• Octamed
• Amos
• W B
• Objects
• Modem
• 3D
• Cad
• Instruments
• Pictures
• Educational
• Dpalnt
• Graphics
• Hard Drive
• Workbench
• Virus
• Emulator's
• Hobbles
• Printers
• Hard Drive
• Games
• Animation
• Prediction
• Design
• Cheats
• Demo Mak
• Degragers
• Virus Killers
• Art Related
14. 3Mb 11Mb 10Mb
11. 5Mb 1Mb
1. 3Mb 23Mb 1Mb 3Mb 2Mb 1Mb 3Mb 1Mb
• 2Mb 4Mb .4Mb 9Mb PC-Use our exe- cellent menu viewer to
quickly look through all the pictures.
Works on a PC 8 Amiga systems DIR FILES M B 8V0IC 37
8. 4 ACID 38
6. 2 ACOUSTIC 50
4. 9 ARION 44
5. 1 ATMOS 12
2. 6 CHART 6 .3 CHIP 78
2. 3 CHIPTUNE 97
1. 9 COUNTRY 4
6. 7 CTP 14
4. 9 DEMO 38
6. 8 DREAM 4
6. 2 easy to follow source code wtth which you can create the
effects seen In the latest ground breaking demos.
SCENE STORM-Is the most concise and easy to use Scene CD ever released. The files are presented In Ready- to-Run format, wtth a fantastic Magic Workbench Interlace featuring custom Icons.
Pointing and clicking Is all that is required to run the files which are an Individually commented with compatibility details and the ability to abort back to the WB.
This CD simply oozes quality from the very moment you see It The programs on Scene Storm will give your Amiga the biggest workout It has ever had, all without cluttering up your work disk.
AGA machine (a1200 a4000) Is required to obtain full benefit of this CD.
Order SCENE STORM today - Its the best thing to hit the Amiga this yearl.
UNDMS Files to RAD: if you have enough RAM, you can now unpak DMS files to RAD!
MORE CD32 Friendly! If you have a CD32, you will find this CD easier to use.
Everything is now set-up to tor any HD-less Amlgoids.
MORE Ready-to-nin software - less time spent extracting boring DMS files) 100% Full CDROM again. Why pay for a half-full disc?
EVEN Better interface. Less directories, and a more logical lay-out.
MORE indexes. Now almost everything is fully indexed and described!
BETTER artwork - a lot better look to the packaging - it’s now a joy tot!
EXCLUSIVE Software direct from the authors - several people contributed exclusive software.
FIRST Demo of Alien Breed 3D 2 The Killing Grounds - CDII MODULES-To ptay and use trom the CD or In your own trackers. Exclusive Mods taken from the coolest demos as well as entries from Digital Candy BBS Music Competitions.
MUSIC DISKS-Straight from the keys ol the finest groups around Including Razor 1911, TRSI, Suburban Base 8 Grass Hopper Development A pleasant cross section of material from the underground UFO Scene. Features fascinating material that the military 8 government have tried to keep under wraps.
Find out for yourself what Is really out there!.
ASCII ART 8 BBS DOORS- Produced by the leading artists 8 coders, to enhance your own Bulletin Board sys.
DEVELOPMENT - A complete suite Is Included that allows you to learn how to code your own mind blowing demos. You will find development utils and exclusive, SCENE STORM CD286 £18.991 charts in 5 year old magazines. The collection Is as complete as It could be lor someone mall trading for years.
MS-DOS - Contains various IBM tools to be used with the Image files. The IBM Tools section Is considerably larger than the Amiga Dir.
In here you can find a tool to do virtually everything you have ever dreamed ot to a .D64 file. Also Included are the latest Shareware and Upgrade copies ot C64S and PC64, the two most common PC C64 Emulator's.
SID TUNES - In here you will find hundreds ol Sid Player tunes. All the tunes are In Amiga Playsid format BUT have all been renamed wtth PC SldPlayer file extensions so they are runable on a PC as well. They are also run- able through PlaySid. The latest versions of which Is also on the disc are provided In the relevant Tools directories.
& Everythlngs brought back.
‘ We Garuantee you I that you will not have seen many ot these amazing Mega demos as a high amount have not been releases before.
• Our C64 experts have spent months ot fruitful work preparing
this disc, converting files from 5 1 4 Inch floppy disks,
Searching through the Internet sites, talking to programmers
etc. AMIGA- Contains Amiga tools to be used for copying &
converting the .D64 Images back to your 1541 or Into your
Amiga. Also included is the FULL version of A64 Emulator
DEMOS - This directory contains our entire C64 Demos collection. They date back from around 1988 until April of 1995.
There are literally thousands of demos and magazines.
Oh the tun I had looking over my old demos and reading AGA EXPERIENCE 2 CODE: CD302 COST: £18.99 After the great success of The AGA Experience Volume 1, comes the long-awaited successor EXCLUSIVE 'Internet’ style documents - using a special version of Aweb!
FASTER Unpacking of DMS files
- some DMS will unpack in around 2 3rds the time!
MORE Exclusive software.
Including several exclusive multimedia Amiga Guide docs - created by ourselves!
DEMOS Now have compatibilty info - & even tells you If It will exit back to W bench!
VIRTUALLY No software repeated from the 1st CD!
C64V0L2 CD301 £19.99 Remember the good Days - Contains all the Software that we have collected during our great times on the C64. Dating from 1984 to present day.
* Surprising as It may seem to a lot of people there Is still a
lively C64 scene today.
Although very different from a tew years ago there are still a lot ot people still heavily Into the 64, And the rest ot you, like us, have a lot ol great memories,
* That Is one ot the reasons why we compiled this CD.
So anytime we want to reminisce the old days you can Just pull out the CD, plug It In » Is an all new Amiga j Demo Scene CD produced by Digital Candy and the legendary demo crew - Spacefills.
Tho CO Is packed to bursting point wtth the most Jaw dropping Scene productions.. Releases from over 20 Parties, held throughout the world are featured including the famous Party 5.
Only those of the highest standard have been chosen, all ot them proving that the Amiga is still the machine tor graphics 8 music.
SLIDESHOWS- From the Scenes big name groups.
DISK MAGS 8 CHARTS-From Europe are ready. Including latest Issues ot Raw, Rom, Grapvine 8 Scene Talk.
SEVERAL Special Worms levels - made especially!
MOREAGA Demos than you'll find anywhere!
Downloaded straight from the Internet ALL AGA Doom- dones released since Volume 1.
TURBO CALC v2.1 CODE: CD218 PRICE: £9.99 Is the unique software solution that defines a new standard.
DESIGN - Extensive formatting options, all supported font formats allowed, no colour restrictions, various cell frames etc. FUNCTIONS - More that 100 functions covering arithmetical & financial.
DIAGRAMS - All common chart types supported, footer and header, legend and axis labell-lng, output as IFF-file or graphic printout PRINTOUT - Out In built-in printer font (dratt mode) or as freely scalable graphic (req 0S2.0 or higher).
Received by the experts. Here are Just a lew quotes.
'If you ever wanted to find out about the World you won’t tind a better package than the World Atlas’. - Amiga Computing 90% THE AMINET All round best cdrom collections.
WORLD ATLAS TEXTURE PORTFOLIO CODE: CD169 PRICE: £29.99 Complied over a five year period by Phantasmagoria.
Who have produced this collection ot hundreds WEIRD TEXTURES CODE: CD315 PRICE: £14.99 Ail tiles come In 256x256 pixels & in various formats.
Idea for 3d ray- tracing, Multimedia, Web page design, Desktop publishing, and gemal 2d Illustrations.
1 Includes a 24 page colour booklet I a thumbnail index.
AGA EXPERIENCE 1 W B ADD-ONS CODE: CD289 PRICE: £24.99 The Best utilities CD for use with your workbench.
This is the ideal companion to your workbench. Not only are there the best programs on this CD for the Amiga but they are also ready to run.
There Is also an installer that Installs the programs to the Hard Disk.
This CO covers all areas of Interest The programmer, the user, the creative and the gamer will aU find what they need.
There are many shareware programs on this CD that are a special price It you register them.
CODE: CD210 PRICE: £18.99 The Best Selection of AGA Software CODE: CD305 PRICE: £28.99 £ 4.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £11.99 Amlnet 4 Amlnet6 Amlnet 7 Amlnet 8 Aminet9 Amlnet 10 Amlnet 11 Amlnet 12 CD064- CD175- CD184- CD208- CD238- CD246- CD293- (NEW)- Whedome Limited presents a brilliant new World Attas designed exclusively for the Amiga marVot.
NFA - Famous for their 'Word' dlsk- mag, 8 Bodyshop slideshows, are very proud to present their first Amiga CD-ROM disc
- First CO dedicated to AGA owners.
EXCLUSIVE HFA- These quality titles were created by leading Amiga group NFA specifically tor this CO.
These titles are all AGA.
READY-TD-RUN - Most ot the contents run straight from the CD.
There Is no need to spend ages extracting disks. Well over 300meg ot ready-to-run hot utilities, mags, text files, demos, games 8 more.
MAGIC WORKBENCH - Colour scheme and Icons. We have spent months making this CD the very smartest looking CD available today.
Tbo atlas will run on all AGA machines (C032, A1200 and A4000) and It is based on the Mountain High Maps collection Incorporating state- ol-the-art enhanced satellite maps.
The pages used have been specially designed to operate most effectively with the control system on CD32 as well as a mouse on other systems.
Economic, cultural, and historical (acts are fully and clearly represented. Over 190 countries are Included, each supported by 2-6 maps separately depicting major cities, rivers, mountains, and geographical position, together with national Hag.
The Alias has been extremely well World Atlas... Must have taken a very long time to compile... The maps are ol excellent quality and the final round up ot details Including population, religion, languages and GDP are very interesting'
- Amiga Shopper 90% Whether you are looking lor an atlas tor
educational or recreational purposes you can’t do much better
than opt (or this well presented program'
- Amiga Format 91W.
This Latest package trom Wisedome Is one ot the best reference titles yet to appear on CD32. Quallti and ease ol use are the watchwords'
- CD32 Gamer 92% .
Amlnet Set 3 (NEW)- £19.99 Preorder lor release In three months.
Since the release of Amlnet 10 more that 500Mb ot new software has appeared.
The excellent user-intertace has also experienced further Improvements.
The Amlnet continue to collect some ot the best reviews (rom all major Amiga Magazines.
3. 8!; I This CD contains ,80 j B (ankers that I 41 : i have
been 1 released tor the t?555aB( Amiga. Many of the biankerx
are ready to use as well as some tor graphics cards and KS1.2.
Also Includes The latest Shareware programs, lots ot mod
ules, animation's and fonts, uuut. I Uiuo he'. 0*1 r
• 1.000 new colour t Images but also Includes ton of adult
related soft- wars. ---1 Contains Music Samples, Music Modules,
tons ot adult stories, adult animations, back 8 white 70's pho
to's Adult games and much much morel. (Over 18 Only) CODE:
CD278 PRICE: £9.99 Tetris Is the most GIF SENSATIONS CODE:
CD278 f n' PRICE: £19.89 Over 10,000 high Quality Colour Son a
CO Sot.
Colour Images in the tallowing subjects: Animals, Vechtcats, Sports, Technology, cartoon, Raytraced, Fantasy, Science fiction, art, Space and hundreds ot morel. The perfect CD set tor presentation and DTP WORLD OF CLIPART CODE: CD291 PRICE: £19.99 Over 40,000 high quality images in various formats sorted together on a double CD pack.
Animals, People, Humour, transport, Inserts, Dogs, cats, Zodiac, Chritmas, Art, babies, technology, Cloths, Business, Educational, Eye catchers, Seallfe, Space, Symbols, Christmas.
ADULT SENSATIONS CODE: CD072 PRICE: £19.99 The first Cd to contain over 4,000 256 colour high resolution GIF pictures and viewers for all machines.
Is possibly the Amiga's largest selling Adult title. Wortt with both PC and Amiga computers. Over 4,000 high resolution 256 colour images. (Over 18 Only) NET NEWS (OFFLINE) I CODE: CD298 PRICE: £9.99 This Is the first In a series ol CD published quart- ly. All Amiga related news- : groups from Usenet and other networks art published on this CD.
NetNews Offline Is one ol the most Interested CD released In 96.
“A must have lor every owner" m Thi* CO contains almost 100 variations ot the worlds most played game, neaity all the games are ready to run directly from the CD, and archived version are also at have for easy install.
AMINET SET 2 CODE: CD 220 PRICE: £27.99 Fast access to the wealth of tha Amine!!. Its a Quad Dtsc Sot with the roost coraprohen- I sive continued. C Utilities 120M 1,000 Documents 270Mb J70 Text 40Mb 210 Business 75Mb 170 Pics 8 Anlm 630Mb 2,000 Graphics 170Mb 430 Misc 150Mb 270 Demo 630Mb 2,000 Games 250Mb 530 Dev 110Mb 340 Disk 10Mb 110 Hardware 5Mb 60 Comm 150Mb 1,000 Music 30Mb 120 AMINET SET CODE: CD112 p. - PRICE: £24.99 j Quite simply the fVjS MEETING PEARLS 3 COLOUR LIBRARY CODE:CDt82 PRICE: £9.99 owned up letoMt- eqorku to sto selection.
SEXY SENSATIONS CODE: CD230 PRICE: £19.99 Explore the vast secret images arid Pictures!
Each Dlcture on this disc, has no text, no BBS Doors, Ho borders taking up space.
* Comes complete with an excellent Menu System which makes It
easy to view the Images quickly.
* Superior collection ol photos taken by professional photogra
phers. They have been colour corrected to assure quality.
* Contains Adult material and Is not for the faint hearted,
tfthls material offends you In any way please do no purchase
the disc.
PCX CLIPART 2 CODE: CD053 PRICE: £17.99 With a 250 Page Book Is crammed full of J clipart etc. Everyone from Juniors to adults will simply love flicking through the 250 page book selecting the pictures.
• Directories such as Animals, boys, cultural Images, floral and
natural Images, girls, holiday images, literary figures,
mythological Images, scenery, transportation, and work
Images. Bears, cats, dinosaurs, dogs. Insects, horses.
Egypt, Native Americans, Polynesia, Persia. Floral 8 natural Images Include blossoms, planets, sky, the sun, frees, 8 weather.
CODE: CD224 PRICE: £8.99 Gwmany's most popular Amiga CDROM has grown by a now addition I Containing over 1000Mb ot Science fiction related software. Images, Music, Anlms, 30 objects (Imagine 8 Lightwave), Sound FX, Documents, Tunes, Information and Games.
3Mb CD Utilities 35Mb Graphic Programs 21Mb Comms & Networking 5Mb Debugging Tools 29Mb Development Tools 13Mb Floppy disk, Hard Disk, SCSI 8Mb Educational Programs 10Mb Crunchers 8 Archivers 39Mb Internet Movie Database.
7Mb Midi Tools and Programs 39Mb Music Modules 8 Software 13Mb AmiTCP and Networking 60Mb Docs, CD Databases, etc 96Mb PasTeX v1.4 45Mb Utilities 8 HTML-Pages.
141Mb 800 103Mb 1,800 134Mb 900 337Mb 1,100 87Mb 800 39Mb 400 336Mb 900 160Mb 1,000 86Mb 1,100 6Mb 100 63Mb 300 12Mb 200 109Mb 500 358Mb 2,700 Dev Util Gtx Pix&Anims Text Docs Demo Game Comms Hardware Business Disk Mlsc Mods
• Animals
• Bikes
• Buildings
• Boats
• Cars
• Birds
• Cartoons
• Cats
• Fish 1 Hags
• Dogs
• Dinosaur
• Flowers
• Maps
• Computer
• Houses
• Helicopter' Men
• Fantasy
• Sea 'Medical
• Inserts
• Mlsc
• Military
• Painting
• Places
• Planes
• Raytrace
• Scenic
* Scl-FI
• Smartart
• Ships
• Sports
• Things
• Trains
• War
* Mnh - fHes various formats.
* Over 6,500 Music Modules.
* Over 1,000 Music VOC Files.
* Over 1,000 Mode WAV Fhes.
* Over 1,000 Music Samples.
* Ready to Run - 100's ot Music reitaed software packages.
Editors, Mixkig, Converters, Sequencers, Drivers, Players,
Trackers, etc.
* Also Includes loads of ready to run software.
Thunder Birds
• Babylon 5 Allens
• Star Trek Next Generation
* 2001 Deep Space 9
* Voyager Batman
• Dr Who Bladerunner
* Robocop Total Recall
• Tron Battiestar Galactica all chips, all the ports and even the
disk drive! All your hardware is tested and displayed in
graphical information. Every Amiga owner sm uld have a copy!
Find out what is wrong with your Amiga before going to the
repairer to gel it Fixed. It may save you a bob or two!
A + V1405VIRTUAL UTILITIES Contains 5 utils containing everything needed for any CDROM BASED £19.99 £9.99 £16.99 £9.99
• £4.99
• £7.99
• £7.99 £19.99 £9.99 £39.99 £14.99 £19.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99
£19.99 £5.99 £14.99 £17.99
• £9.99 £14.99 £17.99 £19.99 £19.99 £4.99 £29.99 £39.99 £39.99
£24.99 £19.99
• £4.99 £44.99 £7.99
• £7.99 £24.99 £8.99 £49.99 £24.99 £39.99 £39.99 £4.99 £23.99
£19.99 £19.99 £14.99 £18.99 £18.99 £14.99 £19.99 £24.99 £39.99
£19.99 £24.99 £19.99 £18.99 £7.99 £29.99 £39.99 £14.99 £19.99
£19.99 £9.99 £19.99 £9.99 £ RING £ RING £ RING £ RING £ RING
£19.99 £19.99 £14.99 £24.99 £18.99
• £4.99 £12.99 Amiga user to make virtual memory from their
The Amiga is fooled into thinking it has massive CD028B CD033 CD034 CD040 CD042 CD043 CD044 CD051 CDOS7 CD058 CD059 CD060 CD061 CD062 CD066 CD067 CD071 CD072 CD078 CD097 CD098 CD099 CD103 CD108 CD113 CD114 CD115 CD117 CD141 CD143 CD147 CD156 CD166 CD168 CD176 CD183 CD186 CD 190 CD191 CD192 CD 199 CD202 CD203 CD205 CD206 CD211 CD213 CD219 CD225 CD226 CD227 CD228 I CD230 CD234 CD236 CD237 CD247 I CD272 CD276 I CD277 I CD278 | CD279 CD280 game brings Joust to the Amiga and also has improvements such as powcrups. Etc. You can even have a ptcry- dactyl as a steed. For 1 or 2 players. Check it
A + 4468 PATCH LEMMINGS 2 TO RUN FROM HD Patch to allow Lemmings2 to run from hard drive.
+ 4469 CRITICAL HIT ;rams. Different types anager c CD287 CD288 CD289 CD290 CD291 CD293
* Double check prices when ordering as many of Che above are
Special Discounts n pn PRO-SOFT on (0973) 702718.
(a) Each shareware version below comes with a £5.00 discount for
the registered version.
(b) Each PRO-Soft disk can be purchased for £ 1.00 each or £4.00
for all 5 disks. (Please note our min order £10).
(c) Order over 20 normal PD-Soft disks and get all 5 Pro-Soft
4 nng winner (a potato on legs!) Or a Tank. You then need to tac whole load of obstacles in order to get the enemy on the other side. Great graphics, great sound an allround classy.
A+ 4488 PSYCHEUAL An Alien Breed clone. You are a bloke with a machine gun who has to run about each level shooting other peoA + V2073 PRO-LOTTERY 96 Don’t believe that lottery prediction is possible? Have a look at Pro-Lottery, and you might find that you begin to think otherwise! Ft DOESN'T pretend to guarantee you a T pretend to guarantee you :-------your chance syndicates or between Crewe and Carlisle - Key press detection improved - Now creates timings for any custom train : If. On the Startup screen, you type in a different Code from the built-in trains in the Save drawer, and then set
your HD for complete WB2 compatibility.
V1178KICKSTART 3 EMU Kickstart 1.3 3.0 emulator and decibel patch f ! Coves Debugging. Intuition and Graphic. Kodbibliotck.
Will give you the option to have kickstart 1.3 or 3.x(as used in NEW Amigas) in your Amiga. This is much enhanced over the version that was given away free.
A+ V1336THE BBC EMULATOR Contains commands to allow existing files to be transferred from a BBC with DFS by means of a serial cable.
+ V1659MSDOS AMIGADOS V2.3 models by Tomwoof. PZKPFWIV - )bjcct of V WII T65_X WINGFULL - Urge. Detailed Imagine 2.0 X- Mark IV Tank.
This is a very interesting utility which should be useful to anyone w’ho uses both Pcs and Amigas. The tool allows you to create a directory’ on which you can store MSDOS commands and then they can be used through the shell as if they were AmigaDos commands. Great.
A A V1868PC TASK V3.1 is the first and only software 80286 emulator for the Amiga range of computers. Transfer files between your Amiga and MSDOS. Compatible with MS Windows 3+ V1931ZXAM v2.0 The latest Spectrum Emulator available. Basically it allows you to run Spectrum software on your Amiga.
Requires the AGA chipset but docs require WB3+ and a 68020 CPU or better V2059FRODO V2.0 COMMS Frodo is a multitasking freeware C64 emu for the Amiga.
OS2.I and a 68020 * ” - ng freeware C64 emu (or the Amig: (or better) are required, as well i C64 ROMs, which arc not inc. copys of the original Why not check out our BBS (0181) 2510078 or email - &rn4LO£ PI5KS ffcts WITH SvkWt OM CH The disks contained within this advert are Public Domain or shareware unless otherwise stated. Please remember that the cost you pay us is only for the duplication and handling costs incurred, not for the pro- .
Grams contained on the disks and that the programs are not free they are shareware. If you like it register r ' it. Some programs are cut-down version of the full programs or time related demo version or freeware. We | do not sell the software contained on these’s disk.
• Special offer or sale price I CD010 GOLD FISH 1 FONTS & CLIPART
OF SOUND AMINET 11 ware and PCQ. A modest Pascal sub set
compilcr.a V1041 DIGITAL BREAD BOARD is a full GUI digital
logic circuit simulator. Digital I Breadboard currently
supports 2 and 3 input etc A + V1056DEVELOPER i Contains the
ofFicial Commodore developers kits for the j Amiga Guide and
Commodore Install utilities.
' + V1060CIRCUIT BOARD DESIGN I Several terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast.
| Includes PCBtool, a circuit board design tool.
A + V1209GNU C+ + COMPILER (3) [HD] j Theses disks consists of the latest version of the GCC i environment. Thus the compiler, driver, assembler, link- | cr. Header Files inline code generation of library calls.
, A + V1213PROGRAM LANGUAGES j ACE v|.02. is a PD Amiga BASIC compiler which, in conjunction with A6SK & Blink produces stand alone , executable’s, run time shared libraries arc required.
A* V1227QAD TOOL8 V2.2C | A standard Amiga shared runtime library which makes it i a lot quicker easier to build standard requesters into pro- ; grams. Designed with CBM’s guidelines in mind.
Branded IDE CD Drive with IDE-Flx (registered ver).
* E75 |Commodore 6 speed CDRom Drive
* E50 for software ide-fix (shware version of the software Is
also avalble for free with any cdrom or cdrom drive purchades).
* 540Mb 2.5lnch hard drives £130 Including install software &
internal connection lead.
* Come down to our NEW shop show room & collect your h ware open
6 days a week.
Libraries, startups, C include Files, and tools A + V1905MATHS FORMULA EDIT V2.1 ] MathScript is a formula editor, which is used to integrate I mathematical formulas into word processors or DTP pro- ; grams. It has an extensive amount of mathematical and physical symbols and many control codes for creating Fractions.roots. exponents.
A + V1909REQCHANGE V3.6 ; Patches Intuition. ASL. ARP & REQ to use the Req i Tools requesters instead. It also adds a couple of extra ( features, like an Assign Wedge, the possibility to send Arcxx commands when a patched requester appears. & several options to configurenow the patches behave.
A + V1919MOTOROLA CROSS ASSEMBLERS V2.0 ; Assembler’s ASO. A + V1384HOW TO CODE IN C (AB) „ Graphic. K. ' Tips & Tricks. Anropa AsmFranC, Dos Intuition. WB I Contains everything needed to program in Pascal.
! Includes A68k 68000 assembler. Blink. Linking softUTILS & POPULAR ; A + V1362CHECKERS TOOLBOX ’ Incredible Amiga diagnosis program. Runs self test on | Portions of the Commodore Native Developer Update Kit that can be licensed for distribution. Includes the fd Files.
PROGRAM + TEK i start. Dmakc. GadToolsBox and Power Source.
A+ V1430N.D.U.K V37 (ABCD) Internal 6 speed Commodore A + V0298NORTHC V1.3 (AB) The latest update on the public domain *C’ environment | for the Amiga that I am aware of.
J Contains Matthew’ Dillons full featured. Powerful C com- 1 pilcr and environment system.
* + V0786PASCAL HARDWARE mapped to a file on the hard.
A + V1719TELETEXT V2.3 View Teletext (also know as Tclctckst. Videotex!.
Cccfax, Skytcxt. Supcrtext etc.) on your Amiga. It is suitable for any PAL Amiga (read @ System requirements link systems req ) tor more inlo. Because it uses the parallel port to interface vyith the hardware. An electronic switch is provided to easily switch between the TclcTcxt decoder and a printer.
A A V1335LIBRARIES & DATATYPES This is a disk packed full of Amiga Workbench 3.0 Libraries and Datatypes. There's 47 Libraries from A to Z all libraries covered arc right up to date and waiting to be installed. The disk also have installation notes to aid the beginners, also files in the L and Dcvs DosDrivcrs drawers that can be copied or assigned.
A + V1641 SUPER KILLERS V10.0 The latest collection of virus killers like AntiCicloVir v2.2a. Virus Checker v6.43. VinisZ II vl.07. and VT v2.67. Req the use of LHA which is in the c directory.
A* V1017POST V1.86ENH (ABC) PostScript interpreter which implements the full Adobe language. Supports Adobe type I and type 3 fonts, screen output. Fife output, and printer output.
A + V1593EPU DISK STAKKER V1.7 Double your hard drive capacity by installing EPU.
After installing EPU to any Device (HardDisk. Floppy.
Rad etc) every File which will be written to the device will be compressed & when any compressed file is read by any application it will be decompressed.
A* V1039HD INSTALLER (AB) Bought an A1200 machine and arc having trouble with your hard drive why not install it correctly.
A* V1136DISKSALVE 2 Repair your hard drive with this, recommended.
A + V1326C: COMMANDS & LIBS The C: and LIBS disk contains over 100 commands lie within the C directory. Over 20 LIBRARY'S arc within the LIBS directory. Use them for your disks. They can be used to spice the disk up in appearance and in usage.
A + V0490ME8SY SID II once loaded will read MS Dos disks. Convert any text (asc) files on to an Amiga dos disk so that they can he loaded into any standard Word processor. The program will also convert the text back to your IBM disks.
A + V1611 SNOOPDOS V3.0 Log’s all the dos library calls and more when you run a program. This is handy for both the programmer and the beginner. Have you ever installed a program to your harddrivc and then discovered that it will not run without a certain library but you don’t know1 which?
A + V1928VIRUS WORKSHOP V4.8 This is the one and only Virus Workshop by Markus Schmall. Now in the Version 4.8 . Test it!
A + V0424ANTIFLICKER A program to stop the Flickering when you use the Amiga in Hi res move.
A + V1669TUDE V1.0 is a very extensive and easy way of degrading your machine for all sorts of purposes. It is useful for playing old game on A 1200s for example which need kickstart
1. 3. There is a GUI version included as well as a CLL version so
most people will have no trouble using it. A highly useful
tool for all Amiga owners. Good.
A + V1523RELOKICK V1.41 ANOTHER!!) Version of RcloKick. Galahad of Dual Crew did RcloKick 1.4. so I decided to improve on that!
A + V1356NOERRORS V1.3 Its main function is to hide physical disk errors from (loppy disks and hard disks, so these disks can then be usca without DOS showing read write errors.
A + V0662DCOPY V3.1 Best PD copier on the Amiga. No new Features over 2 but has been updated with new code information.
¦ A A V1164(AGA) ASA FIX DISK An entire disk full of utilities for those A1200 and A4000 owners out there who can not for the life of them get some of there favourite games or demos to work.
V1360WB2.0 TUTORIAL backup restore of files to from hard disk.
A + V1837DISK DOUBLING V1.9B This package allows you to create virtual partitions pn your HD. Files stored in such partitions get automatically compressed and decompressed whenever you access them, in a transparent way.
V1838VMM V3.0 A virtual memorv manager for Amigas with a 68040.68030 or 68020+68851 processor.
A + V1932X-FILES GUIDE The X-Filcs Guide disk is full of very uscfull information if you are interested in the x-files. Ft contains over 674k worth of text, ranging from episodes I and 2 to the x-files transcript. It also has 3 survey you can fill in and send off to the authcr of the disk.
A + V1949MORE HD INSTALLERS This disk contains the latest installers for the following games: ABASE. Arnic 2. ATR. Bump ’n’ Burn.
Naughty-oncs, Rise of the Robots. Sensible World of Soccer. Shadow Fighters. Lion King. MKII_PAF1X.
Parasol Stars. Rock’n’Roll. Ski marks 2. Skeleton Krew.
Super Stardust. SoftB3. Trolls and Uridium 2.
A + V1963V1RUS WORKSHOP V5.1 This version of Virus Workshop is as good as any of the others or even better. You can check every single file on there own or all together. If it finds a virus it will tell you what it is and exactly what to do to gat rid of it. This is probably the best version of Virus Workshop so far and well worth buying.
A + V1965BALLS . * . « reassigns. Expansion boards, resident commands, interrupts. Etc. A + V1983DOPUS UTILS 2 This is the second selection of utilities for use with the most popular Amiga Disk utility Directory Opus.
A + V1997LOTTERY PREDICTOR Another lottery prediction system. This latest addition has a few’ added advantages over the other available. For a start this one uses intuition fully so it multitasks and it uses only a small window on your workbench. Also it looks very nice! The added touch of the lottery symbol makes all the difference. The best lottery predictor yet.
A + V1998AMIGADpS GUIDE V1.5 A very* handy program for those who want to Icam more about Amiga DOS or those who simply want an easy reference for commands etc.. The program consists of an easy to use point and click system with a index.
A + V1999COP THE LOT PRO Yet another lottery program. This one will only generate ally quite good apart from the £5 fee if you want to get the registered version. It can predict random numbers or numbers from pre-entercd numbers of upto 72 weeks earlier. A well presented lottery predictor, if your into all the lottery hype get this.
A* V1969AQUARIUM SIMULATOR 3d Aquarium Simulator (uses MUI2.0). check it out.
A + V1982SCOUT V2.1 stores and matches people up for blind dates. Sneaker is used to view and change binary files, technical users arc always finding these programs useful.
A* V1836MRBACKUP V2.1.4 is a hard disk backup program for the Commodore Amiga family of computers. It provides a wide range of random numbers, there is no option to actually make any sort of calculated prediction. There is also a Numbers drawn database and a My guesses database to help you There is a lot more options open to you than just playing games. In the chapters Files Explained & Menus, attempt to explain the workings of WB2.as the manuals Scout is a tool that allows you to monitor your computer system. It displays many different things like tasks.
Is a great tool for checking lottery numbers. Good for office syndicates. Find ’A Date is a database which amounts of RAM when really it only has a small amount ‘ - ' ' Idrivc.
Keep a record of the numbers you have been choosing.
'+ V1778LOTTERY CHECKER race. Good.
Attempt to explain the workings of WB2.as the manuals supplied with your Amiga.
V1242RE ORG V3.11 is a fast disk optimizer that can be used for (loppy disks and hard disks. Supports new’ Kickstart 2.Of features including hard and soft links and High Density drives.
Allows you to enter the figures for the horses in a particular race, plus the course details.
+ V0685APRO ASTROLOGY V3.5 Astro_22 as released is a starter program which accurately calculates the position of the planets, cusps and zodiac positions to within 30 seconds oi arc. I intend to increase the usefulness of the program to eventually cover all aspects of the subject wnicn will appeal to professional as well as novice astrologers not wishing to pay 200+ for a decent package. Updated version A + V0489AMIBASE PRO II This is the latest database program w hich is an update A + V0827REPAIR IT V2.01 An essential set of tools for recovery’. Disk speed reports the speed of a selected
drive. DiskSalv will try to recover drive of a lesser operating system.
A A V1661 NATIONAL LOTTERY This is a national lottery prediction program called Ixntcry Winner. It consists of a database system w hich can record the National Lottery results from week to week until it has sufficient data to make certain types of predictions or just a random guess. Good.
A + V1679COP THE LOT Lottery’ prediction database which can store the previous lottery results and also select random numbers etc. A + V1771 COURSE FORM Like to put a bit of money on the horses? This utility as much data as possible from a corrupt disk. HDTool will install the OS3 disk caching and FFS to the hard "+ V2000BACK DOOR V6.0 This is the latest version of this now quite well known game cheat database. There are cheats and tips for hundreds of different games including a lot of recent titles.
There are even long entries for games such as Dune II.
Which is a tactical game, detaining good methods of play ~ + V2001 NATIONAL LOTTERY This program is more than just a random number generator. Ft uses uses a special History formula with Chaos Theory to produce a more accurate prediction.
A + V2004LOCKUP V4.0 is the ncwist version of the old utility Lockup which basically allows you to Lockup your hard drive with a password to enter and get it going again.
A + V2005SHAPE SHIFTER 3.2 Icons 7 - This package includes 60 new MagicWB icons.
JTE MagicWB Icons 8 - This package includes 30+ new MagicwB icons.
A A V2069NEW BREATHTAKING PATTERNS FOR MAGICWB This package contains 11 photo-realistic backgrounds: Bcacn.png. BricksGrey.ifT. Clouds.png. Confetti.iff. Mountains.png. Pebble.iff. Storm.iff. Stucco.iff. Terrace.png. Tnundcr.png. Valley.png. You need a PNG-datatypc and a program to adjust tnc first 16 colors of your Workbench to the right colors.
A A V2070MWB ICONS, PATTERNS A collection of really nice MWB compatible stuff. Guide included.
A* V1043SUPER DARK V2.1A A screen blanker with some special features. It is similar to the After Dark screen blanker in the PC and Mac worlds. Features include a lot of different screen effects, a screen locker, and more.2 A + V1964COLOUR WORKBENCH Allows you to basically change your workbench screen to purple or whatever colour you fancy. It also changes the font from the usual workbench one to one that is really small. There are icons which allow you to change the one’s you already use to some they have. They have also included some backdrops for you to use.
image drawers’ collection. I added 42 new’ drawers since the
first release (MWBDrws_474). I was tired of wastin’ time every
time I was searchin’ for a particular image drawer, so I
collected all the drawers I found on Aminct in a single
collection. I hope this could be useful to someone else, but if
you still prefer searchin’ through all Aminct files... good
V2064100 USELESS PATTERNS I02 background patterns in 2. 4. 8 and 16 colors.
V2068JTE MAGICWB ICONS 5 6 7 S (eg: Placcpot).
Calculate your winnings for you!
A+ V2076PRO-GREYHOUNDS As Pro-Gamble, but for the dogs - Very user-friendly.
A + V2077BOOKIE BEATER Ever been unsure as to which selection in an event you should back? Bookie Beater allows you to bet on more than one. Safe in the knowledge that you’ll make the same profit no matter which one wins! Can be used for any ’bcttablc’ event.
V2060GFFT SPECTRUM ANALYZER GFFT Version 2.03 is the update to GFFT version 1.12. The GUI is improved considerably (allows any font and screen color setup, has progress indicator, uses tooltypcs, etc.). more features are added, bugs are fixed, and a new SpectrumAnalysis.guidc is included (with lots of pictures) to explain spectrum analysis.
V2072V1RUS CHECKER V8.04 Best virus killer on tfic Amiga to dale. Updated version with bug fixes and updated virus information.
A + V2014MESSY SID 3.0 this is the latest verion of which will read and write PC Floppy disks 720k or 1.44 if your drive can take it.
A + V2015MOVIE MAKER 2.0 (AB) have you ever wanted to create your own movie and see it flourish in the Oscars, then nows your chance.
A + V2026ROUTE PLANNER Highway trip planner. Requires MUI 2.2 is a very powerful personal accounts system and is Abank compatible. 1.53 fixes two important buggs of the version 1.52 I couldn't wait for having new* features because these buggs were really too annoying.
A + V2061BERZBENCH V1.1C Probably the best patterns for WB A* V2062ICONOGRAPHICS V3.0 is a collection of eight colour icons for Workbench 2 and DopusS and Lha LZX Vl.O.' Dopus5ll - Patch for Directory Opus 5.0 & 5.10 - 5.11. DopusLhARcxx2 - Handles LnA archives from Dopus. DopusRcg - DopusRcg.lha: Opus 5.11 fix for AFS problems.
Dopus CleanRAM - Dopus AREXX script for cleaning ramdisk. LhALZXDirDOps5 - Modified LhaDir.dopus: JTE MagicWB Icons 5 - This package includes 90+ new MagicwB icons. JTE MagicWB Icons 6 - This package includes 37 new MagicwB icons, I WB pattern, 2 Tmbrushes and 96 lame Pattern icons. JTE MagicWB diction system. Requires little racing knowledge - just any daily newspaper and 20 minutes! Generates predictions in a useable format (eg: Placcpot). And can even This release includes about 350 high quality icons.
Every icon contains an alternate image that is displayed w hen the icon is clicked on.
+ V2075PRO-GAMBLE v2.2 An easy to use. Yet surprisingly accurate, horse race prc-
* Re. ' *...... . Amiga. It allows you to run mac software
withour additional hardware. New updated verion.
A A V2045ICON IAN v2.96 OS3.0 icon editor. Newlcon support.
A + V2048CALC Arbitrary precision calculator language is a multitasking shareware Macintosh-2 emullor for the EMULATORS MWB& W B PRO-SOFT !+ V0817A500 PLUS EMULATOR additional icons (I of data, custom d port Evaluates each match, and presents you with the most likely outcome. (Amiga Shop Format Selection Of The Month) Have amiga 500 and want workbench 2.0 then just in this disk onto your floppy 1.3 version of worVbcnc' your HD for complete WB2 compatibility.
’ Wo have sot up a Special Offer for you.
A + V2074PRO-FOOTBALL An extremely easy to use. Yet powerful prediction system for use on both football pools and football fixed-odds.
Jackpot win. But it does genuinely improve your chances of regular small-medium wins. Ideal for If you want more details on any of the following disks or want information prices for the registered versions ring ate forms for many different purposes. Good.
A + V0390AMIGA FOX DTP The first amiga PD Desk Top Publishing program.
Excludes various extra features over the old Word processor. Test Editor. Graphics editor and loads more.
A + V1680AWARD MAKER 2 This is a very good tool for the creation and printing of Awards and certificates. There arc hundreds of types to choose from then you can choose a font a border and also some of the text etc. Very good results.
A + V1751 PRINTER DRIVERS CANON600 v2.0: EPSON FX 850 vl.O & LX 800.
HP4DRIVER v35.8. HP4LSETTER v2.0l A+ V1858DB V2.5 Small fast database program that I wrote after having tested numerous other PD database programs and always found something lacking or irritating me. They might have dozens of features not found in db. But they lacked font sensitivity and a standard GUI look & 3.0 A + V1 862INVOICE DATABASE V2 Intra is a rather simple, but therefore easy to use database program that was especially designed to deal with invoice information. Everybody, as w’e like it A+ V1865LEGAL FORM GENERATR Generates custom do it yourself legal forms. Database includes forms
useful for EVERYONE, plus specialised forms for real estate, small businesses, landlords, employers, etc. Can save you THOUSANDS.
A+ V1995BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR This is by far the best typing tutor for years I have seen on the Amiga. It is worth every single penny. It consists of two games, one is called the letter game and the other one is called the word game. On the word game you have to type a word in before the timer runs out. A must for all typers.
A+ V2003REM DATE V2.0 Rem Date is a calender, reminder and filcofax all in one.
Objects are pretty large in size, espcssially the 4 cylinder engine, you might run out of memory pretty fast. M Amiga 4000EC30 ? FPU is now equipped with l°**' RAM. And I can now raytrace all of my objects.
• 1.3Mb. so you'll need a healthy chunk of memory. • No Slicing
was used in modelling, to keep things as small as possible. •
Space Doors open using the new States function. • Marquee of
Space Door lights.
A + V2042RAY STORM v1.11 Fast raytraccr with many features A+ V20478VIEW V5.10 Super View V5.10 ? Library 12.2 A + V2057IMAGINE OBJECTS 1 (AB) Contains a selection of objects and extras for Imagine - BLOBS_PRJ - Project to generate a blob animation.
DAN CLASSICAL - An Imagine 2.0 model of a classical guitar. DAN_ELECTRIC - An Imagine 2.0 model of an electric guitar. EAGLEOBJECT - Eagle Freighter object for Imagine. MANGABABESDbMO - Sexy female human 3D mode' "** Imagine Object of T65_X Wtt ” ’ ’ Wing object.
A* V2065IFF256 720*460, CHIPS, DISKS & FLOWERBED IFF256 720*460. Chips. Disks & Flowerbed - Use as backgrounds with Scala or F.uro-dcmos where text is put on top of a background wallpaper etc. A+ V2066IFF256 720*460, GRAVEL, JEANS & WOODFENCE To use as backgrounds with Scala or Euro-dcmos A+ V2067IFF256 720*460, PENNYS, SAND & SQUARES To use as backgrounds with Scala or Euro-dcmos HP 1200 400dpi. Canon EBP. Canon BJ300.
BJI30, BJIOc. Canon_48. Canon PJ 1080a. HP Paintjet.
A+ V1278MAIL-0-DEX An excellent way to keep names, addresses. Phone numbers. Comments etc and then print out labels loads of them in 1.2.3 and 4 columns.
A+ V1044FANCY PRINTING BANNER vl.4. GRAPH PAPER vl.2. DISK PRINT A+ V1357CITIZEN MANAGER The Citizen Print Manager has been designed in conjunction with Irsccsoft.
A • V1051 EASY CALC PLUS is a spreadsheet designed to be both easy to use and fast.
If the program looks nice, that wouldn't to be bad cither.
Unlike other software where the author writes the program first, then bolts on a help system, I have designed the help into the program from the beginning.
A + V1184AMIGA DIARY Amiga Diary is a mouse driven diary’ capable of storing all personal "events and the perfect solution to all those forgotten birthdays, missed appointments etc. A + V0366600 BUSINESS LETTERS Over 600 Standard business letters on this disk. Can be used as they are or insert parts into your own letters A+ V0782FORMS UNLIMITED Designed to help you design and print different forms.
There are a wide number of options and controls which FONT MANAGER. Utilities. 'PklNT STUDIO. Printing Tools. (6 disks) A + V1114PRINT LABELS UTLS Includes various programs like DOC DUMP v2.I. ENVELOPE PRINT vf.20. INLAY MAKER vl.4. MC MASTER vI.I, BANNER vl.O. LABEL PRINT A+ V1279PRINT A CARD Want to print a business card or any other type of card then this is the software for you.
A+ V1222PANASONIC STUDIO The PanaPlus driver is a software for controlling printers with the Commodore Amiga personal computer.
A+ V1236INVOICE PRINTER invoice printing that we help aid any small business.
A+ V0928LITTLE OFFICE Its the all rounder do everything, all knowing, all seeing?? Well lets just say its very good.
+ V1179FILE-0-FAX umbnails.
+ V1907POVRAY RAYTRACER Renders in a window on a public screen (even Workbench) with colour sharing, simple HAM HAM8 support autodctccts Cvbergfx Screen and renders in direct Colour (15 l6 24ftit) if possible.
A+ V1916XFIG V1.2 This is an Amiga port of an XII structured drawing tool that lets the user interacticly create and manipulate on objects such as lincs circles rectangles splines tcxt and other elements. Xfig can produce output in several different formats: Encapsulated PostScript. IBMGL (HP GL). Pic. PiCTcX. LaTcX. Box. Epic, eepic. Eepice- mu. Tcxtyl. Tpic. XII Bitmap. XII Pixmap and gif.
A + V1922REAL 3D V2.X OBJECTS is a program to catalog picture directories bv generating small rcprescntants of the pictures, so called ihi was designed to enable computer operators to be able to work at their leisure without worrying about forgetting BOOTX. Virus Killer. SYSINFO. System analyser.
DOSMANAGER. Directory program. FONTLIST.
Allow you to draw simple boxes, lines, etc in order to crc- dilfc ~ ’ Deskjct 550 colour driver. Dcskjct 500. Deskjet 500c.
Ricon ’ ~ ~ those important meetings.what they had to do on any particular day or locating business colleagues tele no’s.
A+ V1467AWARD CON8TRUCT A very handy tool for creating your very own awards and certificates. There arc many styles, fonts and graphics to choose from, could also be used to make small posters, signs or leaflets. Easy to use and very effective.
A+ V1069PRINTER DRIVERS HP vert or manipulate various graphics formats on a modest Amiga system. There arc several commercial offerings available, however the casual user is paying a lot of money for many facilities and options they would probably never use.
A* V1891IMAGEDESK V1.6 AZSpcll. Spell Checker & Dictionary. Bbasc. A Database program. DATA EASY. Another database.
BizCalc. Loan calc. LCD. Calc. SPREAD. Spreadsheet.
Budget. Personal Finance. UNITS. Various conversions.
CLERK. Small business accounts. SUPERDUPER.
FLASHERCOPY. Copier’s. TYPIST. Typing Tutor.
A+ V0575HOME BUSINESS PACK (6) QED, Text editor. Text Plus 2.2E. Word Processor.
A« V18111MAGESTUDIO V2.0 (AB) is written for the casual graphics user who wishes to conOFFICE & PRINT This is an all round animation utility that will create, playback, time and edit animations ot anv length or format (including graphics cards). Very’ gootf. (AB) will take high res textures.
A A V1554IMAGINE BUDDY (AB) Here's some features of the new interface: Draggable and Sizeable text and index windows • Button Gadgets for the Search and Move functions Improved Searching The text is now positioned at matching hypertext links and all matches are highlighted for visibility.
A * V1229MAIN ACTOR V1.53 + V1247TEXTURE MAPS (ABC) A collection of textures for use w ith the any program that 3D & GRAPHICS registered version which is avaiible A+ V2019TEXT ENGINE V3.0 Allows you to make your every own letters and documents then print or store then on disc.
It if you boot it from Workbench.
A + V1994CHEATS COMPILATION This disk is a demo which gives you a taster of what you can have if you buy the rcgcstcrcd version. The demo gives you a choice of about T5 games to chose from.
A+ V2040SW CHEAT V4.5 Over 950+ game hints cheats.
A + V2041 F1GP Ed V3.03 Formula One Grand Prix WC Editor & FIGP-Ed non- cnglish translation files & Track data for GPDisplay A+ V2056TREK-THE GUIDE V1.6 Trck-Thc.guide is a complete Star Trek Database. It contains a listing of all the Trek series’ complete with an episode synopsis, original airdatc. Director and Writer Credits and Guest stars. It also includes a section on very rare promotional press kits and values of them. There arc cross references to episodes with you favorite aliens, time travel, and much more! Much of the information was supplied by Paramount. The full version (7
disks Shareware) contains over 170 rare promotional pics.
Sorry: Contains the 1st seasons of the Trek series’.
A - 4431 BEST AGA TETRIS Best pcntamino tetris, graphics, musics. LOO* assembler A+ 4434 BLACKDAWN v2.1 3-lcvcl Dungeon Master style Alien Breed:- charge around the maze levels, shoot lots of aliens, find the lift & move on. But do it in 1st person perspective view.
A+ 4442 SCORCHED TANKS V1.85 The awesome artillery tank game. This one contains loads of goodies like 70 weapons and 13 shield types as well as new goodies.
A A 4449 PSSST This is a I990's version of the old Spectrum Classic PSSST Main features include: - 256 Colours. - Real Time frame rate. - No C code !!!! ( I Hate C ) - Nice end of game sequence. - Three Levels of play ( Slow. Normal.
A+ 4451 LAST LAP tures of all 12 levels in Eye of the Beholder.
A+ V1363RPQ. ASSISTANT AD&D play time dungeon master's assistant. The version you see here is a prc release of the program in AmigaBASIC. Right now it will take characters in a text file and load them in to be displayed at will. It also rolls dice and has a handy dandy encounter screen that will keep track of monsters & their current Hps A A V1687(AGA) FIXES VOL 1 This program disk will help AGA machine users get some added compatibility out of their older software.
Don’t forget many supposedly incompatible programs will work on the AGA machines by suitable adjustment of the boot options. (Hold down both mouse buttons).
A + V1773ACTION REPLAY CHEAT This disk has on it a text file which contains loads of A+ V1848DIY REKO This disk has on it an Arcxx macro which, when used in conjunction with ImagcFX. Will make rcko cardsets for Klondike AGA almost automatically. Also included is a detailed Amiga Guide document explaining everything.
A + V1468QAMES HD INSTALL This disk provides you with the software needed to install certain games onto your A1200. The games that this disk can install are BodyBlows. Goal. Lemmings 2.
Supcrfrog. And Walker. Could be very useful.
A+ V1662HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 Contains a variety of hard disk installer’s for a few well known commercial games. These games arc as follows: AlicnBrccd 2 AGA. Jungle Strike. Assassin (Special Edition). Bodv Blows. Goal. Ishar 2. Zool 2 AGA. Ruff A+ V1079KEYBOARD TRAINER This program only concentrates oh basic keyboard skills, and is in effect, still a Beta Version. I think you will find it a vast improvement on most so called tutors.
A + V0793AMIGA BEGINNER You asked for it! A tutorial for the beginner on using vour amiga! Covers the CLI and Workbench, its great for learning about the Amiga. Also contains numerous beautiful 16 colour icons for WB v2.04. + V1845DPAINT 4 BUDDY (AB) A+ V1196DESKTOP VIDEO Dot Matrix Stroller. Is a video titling program intended for use in addingscrolling captions to video’s. Flood Effect loads an IFF picture and displays it with a Oflood cffectO so that it floods the screen.
A* V11 B6VIDEO TITLER Generates professional looking TV titles and credits for your own vidco’s.Outstanding abilities arc very smooth scrolling, colour slides (AGA support)and usage of colour fonts. Limited demo version only.
EKMania. Aladdin AGA and Motal Kombat 2. Great.
A+ V1885NEW HD INSTALL Hard Drive Install scripts for 3 games. Beneath a steel sky Flashback King’s Quest VI. New updated version (small bugs fixed from last version).
A + V1988DUNGEON MAPPER V0.3 This is the first version of something called Dungeon Mapper. It will work on Workbench 2+. It allows you to design your own maps for games like Dungeons and Sc of Beholder 2 special quests explanation. EOB2 aractcr Editor. Eye of the Beholder Solution. GIF picWill teach you how to use Dpaint 4. It works by runnin along side the well known paint package providing hai codes for those people who have action replay devices.
There arc cheats for hundreds of games. Good.
And Tumble. Body Blows 2 AGA. StarDust. Super Frog.
Walker. Rise of the Robots. Bubble and Squeak.
Dragons which can be very uscfull. It also has Tetris on
- kbci 1 EDUCATION GAMES VIDEO on demonstrations of the various
features. It is a very good way of learning a program so you
want to Icam Dpaint then this System is one of the best ways.
A+ V1881AMIQATRAINER very powerful & flexible program to Icam foreign lan- A + V1416EYE OF THE BEHOLDERS This disk contains a selection of utilities and software for Eye of the Beholder II. Like end of level saved game file.
Rclatcd to any special language, school or boot, every word there arc 2 additions to enter.
TIPs, CHEATS A + V1269THE OCTAMED TUTOR Welcome to the Octamcd Tutor, a simple guide through the basics of this excellent music program.
A+ V1207OCTASTUFF Welcome to OctaStuff. A disk based around work with OctaMED 3 and 4.
A + V1882ART OF NOISE TRACKER NEW tracker. NO ProTracker Clone!. 8 channels, fm synthesis, drum sequencer, wave table synthesis.
A A V1897GEOGRAPHICAL ATLAS AmiGlobe is a geographical atlas that allows you to navigate in the world map. Zooming everywhere, get country data. Etc. Requires 2Mb of RAM. (AB) MUSIC A+ 4558 ZHANDULINHELMI ADV A Finnish text adventure with some graphics and athmos- phcric music A+ 4557 POWEROIDS V1.2 Multitasking Asteroids, raytraccd gfx. 1-4 Players.
A+ 4558 INTMERCS Rcbelstart type strategy game. Requires 2MB. For one or two players. Complete with four scenarios.
A A 4559 WORM8 MAPS These are a buncha maps me and my flatmates made for the amiga version of worms... Descriptions as follows :- TUNNEL.WRM Underground warfare. ISLANDS.WRM Ninja Ropc-tastic!. SCREAM.WRM Version of pic i found on AMFormat Gallerv. TRIPINTOWAR.WRM Wierd. Spacy theme, with sbafted palette (Was called NECROMUNDA.WRM in previous release). NECRO- MUNDA.WRM Ohh..You'll LOVE this one.
BEN2.WRM Another shafted palette. But kcwl though.
A+ 4560 DUNGEON HERO Fantastic RPG like Dungeon Master A+ 4561 ELDRITCH V1.35 Top-view adventure hack-and-slash.
A+ 4552 H.E.R.O Something is going to happen. A big interactive event is going to take place. We arc about to release a game which we had to miss for a long time now’ (too long if you ask me!). Coming soon is an Amiga version of the old Activision game H.E.R.O. And that's not all. You can be a part of its release.
A + 4553 ARMORED COMBAT EDITION Full version of pete w storonskijS mangled fenders: Armored Combat Edition! Drive tanks from six different countries in a dcmo-dcrby game with weapons! This FULL VERSION is freely distributiblc. As long as all files arc intact and present. Uses Memory’ Conservation Protocols to make sure the game will run on low memory A+ 4554 BLOODFE8T Captive & HircdGuns style 3d adventure A+ 4555 TRAIN DRIVER SIM V1.6 Profile chart generated in real time showing next 10 miles - Fog. In addition to Dry Wet - visibility TOO yards.
Ys trol, User definable games and levels, two player game.
A + 4464 BREAKIN’ BRIK8 V1.0 Great version of the very, cool Breakout type game. For AGA Amigas only. Works with 2Mb CHIP memory’! - Improved performance with FAST mem. Great GFX.
A+ 4465 CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER EDITOR V2.4 68020+ This is the first public release of Championship Manager Editor (CmEd). It was written because we had played the game to death and were looking for a way of putting some interest back into game.
A A 4466 DPACMAN AGA 15 levels and 5 bonus levels. The registered version has 50 levels and 15 bonus levels and extra gfx and other improvements. Features: Can use external Protracker modules and XPK for packed modules.
+ 4467 JOUSTER 3 ilctop war gaming on the Amiga (requires I MB RAM). A strategic war game with excellent graphics. 3 D landscapes and a w idc variety of fantasy combat figures and scenery - Campaign and map designer.
A+ 4470 PANIC SOCIETY V1.1 Hillery & her friends have taken total control of the world, as one of some 10 million people left, scheduled for transfering to the country of your origin. But. Someone has tampered with your environmental control causing you to awaken from a mind controlled state.
A+ 4471 BRATWURST A Rokctz-likc game for two to four players. Automatic zoom keeps all players in view in the least possible area, vector graphics.
+ 4472 CULTURE TANK A+ 4459 SUPER EARTH DEFENSE V1.5 is a classical shooting game.
A+ 4462 XASTEROIDS This is a ’port’ of xastcroids, an XII application. No XII server (DaggcX or others) is needed to run the program! This program is using libXI I by Terje Pedersen!
You don’t need this cither since it is a link library that is compiled inlo the binary.
A + 4463 BOULDERDA8H 64 A complete OS-friendly (multitasking) Bouldcr-Dash A + 4477 WIZZYS QUEST is the best PD platform puzzle game I have EVER played, so despite its buggincss (sec below) I thought I’d upload it to Aminct. Wizzys Quest has 50 levels, getting progressively harder.
A+ 4478 BIACCOARCHIVEI V1.0 Nibblcr arcade clone by Maurizio Facca.
A+ 4479 BOB THE AMAZING LEMON Amazing Pac Man clone which features a level editor.
Amazing Pac Man clone which (catures a level editor, changeable music and many different wall and floor types including appearing walls, ice and water.
A+ 4484 REBELLION is a very good shoot cm up. You arc a little spaceship which travells around space trying to pick up little aliens and destroying all the missies that arc coming at you.
Destroying all the missies that arc coming at you.
A+ 4485 LEGEND POUNDS ISLAND Here we have an adventure game. Half graphical, half text based this game is played almost entirely using the mouse. Sprites backdrops with objects to examine or use + 4486 MASH If you haven’t heard of the good old favorite. Joust, then you’re a pretty young or fairly old dude. :) Anyway, this game brings Joust to the Amiga and also has improve- A complete OS-friendlv (multitasking) Bouldcr-Dash with C64 graphics and sounds. 68020+. AGA only (DblNTSC required). KS V39. _as|.library. CODE REFERENCES An excellent game. You choose to control either a Spud J
* ¦'¦'* ' :klc a A single screen tank combat game with up to 6
tanks, which may be human or computer controlled. Team or
powcrpackcr.library. Smooth scrolling I275(!
C64 Icvcls+sounds. Cheats. Joystick and keyboard con- ple and aliens. The level graphics arc good and show’ a ot of detail plus the gameplay is not loo easy cither.
Is a highly detailed fantasy comlfet game, which re-creates tabletc very slippery rail - Data updated and more crossovers added between Crewe and Car all-against-all modes. 3 types of weapon including missiles and flamethrowers.
All other parameters, and then click OK. The program will look in. Trains and sec if a file cxisis for that train.
A+ Works on all machines A* Req Workbench 2.0 or above AA Req Workbench 3.0 or above (ABC) Product has ABC disk (le, three) SEPTEMBER 1996 SERIOUSLY AMIGA Simon IU Goodwin checks out the latest contender for the top of the Amiga pyramid.
The stock A4000 has four SIMM sockets for fast memory. These must be 1Mb or 4Mb for a maximum of 16Mb, and all the same size. The IDE interface supports one or two hard drives or CD- ROMs (with ATAPI software) but it is inferior to SCSI (Small Computer System Interface), which supports up to seven drives. IDE is slower, and holds up the main processor.
GVP’s new board includes a topflight SCSI co-processor with direct access to all Amiga memory. It has four SIMM slots but the GVP ones support single and double-sided SIMMs up to 3c2Mb in size, and you can mix sizes from 4Mb upwards. The memory interface is also two to four times faster, depending on your SIMMs and original processor.
INSTALLATION The accelerator plugs into the A4000 motherboard processor socket. It’s a GVP’s new 68060 board for the Amiga 4000 bolsters the desktop Amiga in three crucial areas - memory capacity, disk drive and processor speed. The most obvious benefit is the 50 Mhz 68060 processor, discussed in detail alongside, but the memory and SCSI advances are just as significant.
BUNDLED SOFTWARE The 68060 comes with the GVP SCSI 2 device driver preprogrammed onto the board, and a disk of utilities. Let's explore the utility disk.
68060 LIBRARY This turns on features like the second integer execution unit, branch and data caches, and loads code to emulate instructions not directly supported by the 68060 hardware, notably floating point series generation and 64-bit arithmetic. This library is loaded by SETPATCH at the beginning of the Amiga startup-sequence.
FASTPREP This is GVP's version of the venerable HDTOOLBOX, used to initialise hard drives. Its simplified options make it easier to use than HDTOOLBOX, but not as powerful, or dangerous.
EXPERTPREP This is the full version of GVP's SCSI drive setup utility, for advanced users. You can still use HDTOOLBOX by supplying the parameter "gvpscsi2.device" so that the program uses the GVP controller instead of the Commodore one.
MEMTEST This simple memory testing utility has been found invaluable but initially you must make sure that ail your SIMMs and jumpers are set correctly.
KSREMAP This tool makes a copy of Kickstart in RAM, which can be accessed more quickly than the ROM chips on the A4000 motherboard.
At best, it can more than double the pace of system routines.
In practice the boost depends on the routine in question and the speed of your SIMMs.
Single card about the size of a MacroSystems Warp Engine, slightly larger than Commodore’s 3640 board but much smaller than a Cyberstorm. It fits easily in both the desktop A4000 and MicroniK tower. There’s a four pin through-port to power the processor cooling fan, and a single 50 pin IDC connector for internal SCSI devices.
There are 19 little ‘jumper’ switches on the board which tell the speed of your memory and other configuration details. Our 68060 had just four pages of inadequate documentation, and we had to call Power Computing before we could get the board to work. A full manual is promised, and should save Power a lot of support calls if it is as good as the GFORCE 040 one.
On average, 50 Mhz 68060s nan two to five times faster than 25 Mhz 68040s. The exact advantage depends on the program, and is most apparent on processor and memory intensive The nice thing about this remapper is that it can be performed at any time and does not require a reset to take effect.
You can also cancel it safely if you wish to reclaim the 512K or megabyte that is occupied by the Kickstart image.
GVP060 This updates Commodore's CPU command with extra features for the 68060, allowing you to toggle the second integer unit, store buffer and branch cache, in addition to the normal code and data cache controls.
4F tasks such as emulation and rendering. Not everything is accelerated - the speed of AGA graphics is largely determined by the motherboard, not the processor, and floppy disks still spin at 300 rpm regardless of the processor.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA SEPTEMBER 1996 68060 HIGHLIGHTS GVP supports ‘burst’ transfers to the Amiga motherboard which can double the speed of Zorro 3 cards, and has a switch giving Zorro interrupts priority over SCSI. This has a negligible cost in drive performance and makes fast modems, samplers and network cards far more responsive, much reducing the risk of buffer over-runs. It is symptomatic of the way the GVP has been designed to give high performance throughout the system, not just in one or two areas.
Benchmark tests show the GVP crunches code at about the same speed as Phase Five’s Cyberstorm. Both use the 50 Mhz 68060 processor and similar fast memory arrangements.
GVP have the edge in memory speed and Floating Point performance, while Phase Five excel on some graphics and integer tests. The memory advantage requires matched pairs of SIMMs, although you can still use odd SIMMS, with reduced performance. The other differences, measured with AIBB, were small, and probably stem from the 68060 support routines, which are likely to converge with time.
As of version 6.5, AIBB does not support the 68060 and must be fooled into testing what it thinks is a super-fast 68010 and 68882 combination, with the command: “AIBB -cl -f2”.
This fudge precludes the use of 68020 addressing modes and pure 68040 060 floadng point code, so the AIBB timings - while impressive - sell 68060 boards a little short.
Syslnfo does not crash when confronted with the 68060, but gives misleading results, underrating integer performance and exaggerating floating point. Benchmark programs are notorious, and Syslnfo particularly so as its undocumented ‘tests’ do not do anything useful.
Existing programs need tweaks to make best use of the 68060. Instructions cannot be executed in parallel if the second in sequence needs the result from the first. Compilers can re-order instructions to avoid this bottleneck, but the 68060 does not do this automatically. It’s one reason why future 68060-aware code will out-run current programs.
Programs optimised for 68060s are beginning to appear, notably for rendering and 3D games.
Like the Warp Engine before it, the GVP board incorporates an NCR53C710 SCSI co-processor. This controls up to seven SCSI devices transferring data between drives and memory without intervention from the main processor. I got sustained transfers at over 4Mbs per second with a cheap 1Gb drive and less than two per cent processor overhead.
The NCR is the most efficient SCSI chip currently used on the Amiga. It supports FAST SCSI 2 drives with transfer rates up to lOMbs per second and can read and write any part of the Amiga’s memory. GVP supply a small but vital utility', SCSIMaskFix, to update drives formatted on old Zorro 2 controllers so that they can transfer to all possible addresses.
GVP 68060 CONCLUSION At £749, the GVP board can safely be recommended to anyone held back by the performance of the stock A4000. It’s a well- rounded expansion system and - once you get the jumpers set up correctly - works reliably and at most impressive speed.
• Motorola's 68060 is the peak of a 15-year line of compatible
processors which began with the 68000. The 68060 is more than
30x as complex as its forebearer, with around 2,400,000
transistors on each chip.
• The 68060 has a fully-static design, reducing power consumption
and associated heat. It runs much cooler than a 68040 clocked
half as fast, even though it has twice as many transistors.
• Potentially costly 'branch' instructions, which divert the flow
of programs, have their own execution unit, so they do not
disturb the steady manipulation of data.
• A separate floating point unit works like a 68881 or 68882
co-processor but about 20x faster, thanks to improved design
and its on-chip location.
• The combination can process three instructions in parallel,
each clock cycle. Couple this with an increased clock rate - 50
Mhz on current models, with 66 and 80 Mhz versions coming soon
- and you get a computer two to five times quicker than
Commodore's flagship A4000 040, and perhaps 100 times faster
than early Amigas. But the speed of other computer parts, in
particular memory, has not increased by anything like as much
in the same time. The 68060 can crunch data and code at such a
rate that it could easily outrun the rest of the system. The
solution is 'cache' - literally 'hidden store' - in this case
very fast memory on the chip itself, holding temporary copies
of the latest code and data.
• The 256 byte caches of the 68020 and 68030 only accelerate
When new data must be stored, delays are likely as the value is transferred to external memory. 68040s and 68060s eliminate most of these delays, at some cost in compatibility. The optional 'Copyback' mode caches updates as they are written, waiting till the memory is free before it writes DISTRIBUTOR Power Computing 01234 352207 PRICE £749.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A4000 SPEED • • • • • The fastest Amiga yet.
MANUAL • • Good on fitting, but cryptic on jumper settings.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• It couldn't be simpler - just plug it in the CPU slot.
Them back to main memory.
• The 68060 branch cache stores the destination and conditions
associated with the last 256 branches so that future detours
can be predicted reliably. Twin address translation caches
boost memory protection, remapping and virtual memory -
techniques built upon the 68060's on- chip Memory Management
• Memory Management can shuffle memory to and from disk so
programs appear to have more RAM than is available - a
technique known as 'virtual memory' which trades time for
space. Memory Management can also exchange ROM and RAM, and
detect and report access to certain addresses.
COMPATIBILITY As yet the only tool that uses memory management on the GVP is KSREMAP, the kickstart remapper, but Mike Sinz promises an update of his Enforcer utility, and others are sure to follow.
Emulators are a potential problem for any new processor, as they tend to need processor-specific tricks.
ShapeShifter will run as long as you turn off the 68040-specific features.
Amiga Qdos 3.23 works on the 68060, and special versions of NetBSD are circulating on the Net.
Copyback cache is an important performance booster, but can cause trouble. Programs that write directly to hardware may rely on transfers taking place in a particular sequence.
Some old 68000 programs use 'selfmodifying' code to save time and space, but attempts to write new code are often frustrated by caches. Before running old 68000 software on a fast system you may have to turn off the data cache, and maybe the instruction cache as well. The good news is that almost all software that runs on a 68040 will run on the 68060. The exceptions are programs that give low-level access to processor features, like MonAm 3, Enforcer and GigaMem.
These will need updates before they will work.
FEATURES • • • • The only gap (as yet) is software support for the MMU.
VALUE • • • • £750 may seem like a lot of money but it is certainly worth it for the extra performance.
“The 68040 is dead, long live the 68060!” 89% Attention Dealers WHILE-U-WAIT ! J “ That's a promise for computers!!
COMPUTERS AND MONITORS NEW LOW FIXED PRICE Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
»*• £10 EXTRA CHARGE FOR WHILE-U-WAIT SERVICE COURIER CHARGES £7.05 EACH WAY A1500 A2000 A3000 A4000 £QUOTATION fUVV, ASVUt Ot AOUU A1ZUU £39.95 £49.95 2-5" HARD DRIVES For A600 & A1200 60Mb £59.95 120Mb ....£79-95 250Mb ..£129-95 540Mb ..£199-95 80Mb £69-95 170Mb ....£99-95 340Mb ..£149-95 810Mb ..£249.95 All hard drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with Workbench loaded and include 2-5" IDE cable and software 2-5" IDE Cable and Software (if bought separately) .....£9-95 ACCELERATORS Apollo 1220 ..£99*95 SIMMS ....£P0A MODEMS BABT APPROVED + NCOMM SOFTWARE
14. 4k .£69.95
UPGRADES ESQBiaElS £19*95 £19-00 8520 CIA A600 A1200 .....
...£14-50 £24-00 8374 Alice A1 200 . ...£30-00 .£9-00
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..... ...£59-00 pm UNBEATABLE PRICES Upgrade to 2 Meg £19*95
0Mb 4Mb 8Mb £49-00 £99-95 £149-95 Genlocks Hama 292.. £280.00
MiniGen L500......£69-95 L1500.....£169.95 L2000S ... £349 95
scsi y Interface « AMITfiR "bIST “ quad speed A1200 CHIPS *
SPARES * ACCESSORIES 1 Meg Fatter Agnus ..... 2 Meg
Fatter Agnus ..... 8362 Denise . 8373
Super Denise ..... 5719 Gary . 8520
CIA A500 A500+ .. 8364 Paula A500 A500+ ......
Kickstart ROM l-3 ..... Kickstart ROM 2-04
..... Kickstart ROM 2-05 ..... A500 A500+
Keyboard .. 6570 Keyboard Chip ..... 68000
Processor ...... Power Supply A500 A600 A1 200...
Exchange A2000 A1500 Power Supply ...
* All chips are available ex-stock
* Please call for any chip or spare not listed here INTERNAL
FLOPPY DRIVES A500 A500+ ..£29-95 A600 A1200 ...£34-95 i
. A1200 without hard drive .....£299-95 SPECIAL OFFER
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* Call for more good deals nr r Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd
0p4flMoJ'Fri *£321“ SS0?
ANA ANA AIMA lOGIC Kingston-upon-Thamcs, Surrey KT2 6HH 4r 15 15 ? All prices include VAT ? All prices & specifications subject to change without notice ? Fixed charge for repair does not include disk drive keyboard ? We reserve the right to refuse any repair ? P&P charges £3-50 by Royal Mail or £7.05 for courier ? Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance fvtsS] ? All sales are only as per our terms and conditions of sale, copy available on request. VW... 4F extended to include the David Taylor family member.
The speed possibilities for A1200 owners have mushroomed recently, from the now mediocre 68030 processors to the fast 68040 and more recently 68060s.
However, with 68060 processors costing at least £300, the complete boards have remained securely in the realm of the professional, or at least very rich, user.
The Apollo range has always managed prices well below other boards but because of the price of the actual processors, this board has been released at only £20 less than the Blizzard 1260.
With this in mind, the usual advantage of the Apollo boards is not really valid. Add to this the fact that all 1260 boards perform at pretty much the same speed and you might be forgiven for thinking that all the boards are the same.
Times as fast as an 040. General housekeeping is much easier, although hampered by the speed of the custom chips but if you do processor intensive jobs like rendering, then this processor is a boon.
MISMATCH As with all 060s, there are some software incompadbilities and to try and solve this, there are some options to give better compatibility but it’s not 100% successful. Unlike the Blizzard, there’s no way to switch the board off without removing it, which is a real bind. Even a jumper would have been useful for the times that you do need to revert to the FALSE START Unfortunately this isn’t true. Like the other boards, you have to install a set of software before installing the hardware.
Unlike the other boards, the software isn’t installed using the Commodore Installer, but some really bad custom software. It is baffling beyond belief why the perfectly adequate system which everyone is accustomed to using has been spurned to use some poor simple copying technique which has little user- configurability and bottoms out on any error, rather than checking and letting you change the destination. You will get it installed eventually, but they could have put better instructions with the manual to stop you having to experiment.
Once the software is installed, it is simply a case of slotting the board into the trapdoor expansion, which is easy enough and it fits slightly better than some of the other, bulkier boards.
When you use the board, you’ll be amazed at the speed. Swapping from an 020 would make you gape at your new processing power, but even an 030 can’t compare to the sort of speed you get from this board. In fact, it’s about four DISTRIBUTOR Siren Software 0500 340548 PRICE £574.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A1200, upgraded power supply and extra RAM recommended.
SPEED ••••• Zoom! Brrrmmm! Beep, beep! Er, it's very fast indeed.
MANUAL • • • • A little detail about installing the software should have been included.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • The board installs easily, but the software is a pain. Thankfully you only have to install it once.
Native CPU.
Because of the extra power consumption of the new processor, you are likely to find that the standard power supply is no longer enough and your system will be prone to crashing unless you upgrade to the Goliath power supply. This is an extra cost you have to consider when buying the board. Other 060s have the same problem, but the Apollo seemed more unstable than the others when using a normal A1200 power supply.
GRAND FINAL There have been some concerns recently with boards which have been over-clocked beyond the correct Mhz, causing software problems. This shouldn’t be a concern with the 060s, as they are clocked at 50MHz, which is the slowest 060 manufactured.
As far as expansion, the board can can take up to 32Mb on a single 72-pin SIMM and a SCSI module is supposed to be coming. It should allow you to have SCSI devices auto-booting, although getting hold of a SCSI module for any board seems almost impossible.
With prices of all 060 boards so similar, it seems that other boards have certain advantages, like the off-switch and a sturdier build quality - but that doesn’t mean I’d turn it down!
FEATURES • • • • Excellent processor, the ability to add 32Mb RAM and SCSI upgrade. It just needs an off switch!
VALUE • • • It’s fiendishly expensive but then so are all 060's. Only for those that really need the speed.
“Amazing speed, but there are other considerations to take into account.” 85% APOLLO 1260 4F It's the latest crop of CD-ROMs, fresh from the fields, brought to your table by our very own Ben Vost.
AMINET 12 0500 131486 EPIC MARKETING £12.99 I often ask myself why we bother bringing you these Aminel reviews. Everyone by now must surely know the qualities that give the Aminel Cds such consistently high marks. Is the CD jam- packed with new stuff? Yes, over 770Mb of new stuff is on this one. Is it well-organised? Yes, just like the previous Cds, only now it also has a list of the files that aren’t on the CD because their uploaders declined to appear. Does it have a freebie? Yes, two in fact. OctaMED v5.04 and Symphonie (a German eight track module editor). Is it the usual mix of high
quality shareware and public domain software that comes out ever)' two months or so? Yes, yes, yes!
What more is there to say? We’ll just have to pull out something fairly inconsequential and harp on about it for a while to fill the remaining space. Hmm, ah yes. Did you see the superb Mpeg animation of Urban Mueller, madcap administrator of Aminet, juggling gig hard "What's Urban gonna do when he runs out of modules to fill the CD with?"
90% IvctjfUl Pr*r*ss«M«rV3;M • S«m! BwliMf LJ Wit _l tNC* _1 OwN oi »« » » tcfnK g 30 | E-2 S| j G“2 12 iii i IS J0&T- - - 00 » 1H .
8 0-2 69 » anc 01 I m 11 III II in ii Otli: HC1MM3 Fist: Mt9MSM4 ruvi* hm
• * *sv
* * *
- V-. : OctaMed should prove popular with those that just buy the
Aminet series for the music.
Drives? It’s truly superb, it really is.
Honestly, if you buy this CD for no other reason it would still be worth it.
It’s incredibly incredible... (is that enough?)
He manages the entire Aminet, compiles the Cds and he juggles?
Now that's just showing off... No, I mean it. Go out and buy this CD now, you won’t regret it, I promise, (repeat ad nauseam) MAGIC PUBLISHER EPIC MARKETING ¦ 0500 131486 ¦ £44.99 m x 1 3D r~m ¦HP 1 1 Lxch Select Show Save Tuesday gguj ggTgjj ¦& I Pig) Options Collate
- Settings Graphic.. | C T» Order- 11 Front to Bock | Print
To:- 11 Graphic (Final) |
- Paper Feed From OS ill m : LU H CL LU 1 1 _] Set default
7 2 96 The demo of FontMachine on this collection is great.
FontMachine by ClassX vl.88I Date: 17 82 1996 442 39-882844 812288 I Shadow | PI Original |f~ J P _I Border [~ Great starter pack ¦!
For DTP enthusiasts li 91%
- F3 r JSSL Racing success puts Midlands firm in pole position!
PI Front P| Brush Load Show everywhere wm Four Cds, filled with fonts and clipart, a hundred page sample booklet showing all the postscript fonts and the clipart images (all in IFF ILBM format), Final Writer 4SE, Wordworth 4SE, a complete installation of PasTex (presumably pronounced Pay-stek, judging how Tex is supposed to be pronounced), shall I go on? It’s an impressive list of contents and well-organised to boot.
This makes Magic Publisher probably one of the best deals on offer this month, particularly if you don’t already have a selection of font and clipart CD-ROMs. Both Final Writer and Wordworth can be run off the CD, saving hard drive space, but they can also be installed and the fonts all have some sort of preview as does the clipart.
The fourth CD in the bundle is actually an archive of the first three Cds’ fonts and clipart for use by BBS sysops on their bulletin boards and although it says you get over ten thousand fonts in the collection, you should bear in mind that this means that you get PostScript type 1, TrueType, DMF, Intellifont and bitmap (some of which haven’t been translated properly) versions of each typeface, along with a hundred or so colour fonts, a few of which are of truly excellent quality.
In short, an excellent compilation, particularly because of the accompanying booklet. Final Writer 4SE will allow you to use the fonts and clipart in this collection.
4F AMIGA DEVELOPER CD VI.T EPIC MARKETING ¦ 0500 131486 ¦ £14.99 I haven’t seen a CD this empty for quite some time. It’s only got 58Mb of data on it, so you might think I would mark it down as being a bit of a rip off, but those 58Mbs are sooo useful to any Amiga developer it would be churlish of me to expect the compilers to have filled the CD with worthless trash just for the sake of it. This CD really is the bee’s knees for anyone even vaguely interested in developing applications for the Amiga. Here’s a quick rundown on its contents: CD32 developer package including the ‘BuildCD’ tool for
creating ISO images; The 2.04 and 3.1 native developer kits; developer kits for SANA II, Envoy v2 and Inet225; Includes and Autodocs in Amigaguide format; AmigaGuide Volumes 1&2 (developer articles); and a whole bunch of other and third party tools, docs and utilities. As you can see, it may only be 58Mb, but it’s a huge 58Mb. There are only two omissions from the CD as it stands:- the first is the lack of any sort of programming language, hardly a problem since most of the people interested in this CD will already have some sort of C compiler or assembler package; secondly, owing to legal
wrangles the third edition ROM kernel manuals aren’t on the disc, but as the compilers say, they may be on a future update.
What can you say about this anthology?
MODS ANTHOLOGY VOL 1 EPIC MARKETING ¦ 0500 131486 ¦ £34.99 It’s big - there’s a word that springs to mind, with over 18,000 mods over four Cds in a variety of formats, and it’s pretty well organised. DeliTracker actually starts automatically if you double click on the ‘Click me first!’ icon - a temptation many an Amiga owner will not be able to resist - and opens its levels and mod info windows in addition to the main window. By default it has a list of songs already- loaded, but this can be changed to the user’s favourite by editing a text file. The CD collection comes with a set of
Amigaguide files that allow you to search through for your favourite composers, checking their biographies, some of them have even provided pictures of themselves, and clicking on the names of their modules will start them playing in DeliTracker.
"Get down wit1 yo bad self with your Amiga!"
95% The collection has been carefully planned to allow access on other platforms and comes with players for a wide range of machines including Silicon Graphics and BeBox. For those sad people who have to contend with 8.3 filenames, like PC owners, the compiler of the Cds, one Gryzor - himself a well-known composer, has put special versions of the Mods into separate directories that allow DOS to truncate the Filenames without creating several files with the same (truncated) name.
If you’re one of those people who likes to see new modules appearing on Aminet Cds and you’d like to know more about their authors, want to hear their other work or just want non-stop music on your Amiga, then this is the collection for you.
AMIGA CD SENSATION EPIC MARKETING ¦ 0500 131486 ¦ £12.99 A bit of a change of format. This CD looks like it was designed to be sold off a magazine rack and there’s no permanent storage container for the CD, just the wallet stuck to the cardboard. However, I think this was probably intentional as the contents of this CD look like having a fairly ephemeral appeal. In short, the CD consists of demos. Big demos, small demos, some you have to run off floppy, some that don’t seem to want to run at all.
Oddly, although the CD as a whole seems pretty well organised, most of the demos say they are non-AGA in their readme’s, even those that are in the ‘AGA-only’ drawer. I also had a lot more trouble running most of the demos I tried - only a few wanted to work and even those didn’t all quit back to Workbench. The only high point of the CD was a really poor Commodore Germany shop demo done in 1993 showing off the graphical skills of the ‘new’ AGA machines. Unfortunately, all the screenshots of programs you can run on the Amiga were of really old versions that made it look like no-one had made any
software for the Amiga in two years, rather defeating the object of the demo. Still, I guess there will be those of you that will drool at getting so many demos on one disc, and if you are one of those types then you should get this CD at any cost.
And I’m not going to desert it now.
4. I have seen an advert for a Multimedia Station for the A1200
(by ICS). Is it any good?
Will it be compatible with my accelerator (when I get one)?
Paul Hayward Oxon
3. Check out Amiga Power for adverts from the remaining Amiga
games dealers. They may have a copy of the game you want on a
shelf somewhere.
4. Yo u can discover if the ICS tower is any good by reading the
feat ure on page 21 of this issue.
THE SX FILES (CONTINUED) I am writing concerning the reply you gave to James Macleod, in the July issue, about fitting a hard drive into the SX-1 cartridge. You fit the hard drive internally not externally as stated.
To fit an IDE drive you need a 5mm nutdriver, a philips screwdriver, 44 conductor IDE cable 2 inches long and a 2.5” hard drive.
The hard drive fits under the main board.
Continued overleaf 4 High Seas Trader - has it just sailed off into the sunset somewhere? Perhaps you know where to find it.
Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
BACK FOR THE FUTURE Sorry if I seem rather stupid but I have been out of the Amiga scene for a good 2 years. I have rarely touched my A1200 but now I’m hooked again. I have had an A500 before but now I would like to upgrade my A1200 without a hard drive. Please could you give me some advice on the following:
1. I would like to purchase a hard drive but don’t know which I
should get. What is the difference between 2.5” and 3.5”
(apart from the size)? I would like to get a 540Mb one, so
please could you give me details of a reliable company.
2. I would also like to increase my A1200’s speed and RAM. What
would you recommend?
I don’t have much money - about £300 is the most I could afford. My friend has a board with 4Mb RAM, which runs at 50MHz. Would this be a good buy or are there better accelerators on the market? Again could you please recommend a company whom I could purchase it from with the hard drive.
3. Where can I get High Seas Trader from? Most shops don’t stock
Amiga software anymore but I have been a loyal Amiga owner
since the A500
1. The Amiga A1200 was designed to have 2.5” drives fitted
internally, rather than 5.5” drives. Most modem 3.5" drives
are very slim and can be squeezed into the case. They are
faster and cheaper than their smaller coun terparts. Eyetech
(01642 713185) are one of many companies which can supply kits
of all the cables you need, and full instructions.
2. There are many cards which will satisfy your needs, and you
should check out Issue 64 of our sister title Amiga Shopper.
It. Contains a comprehensive roundup of almost all the A1200
speed-up cards available.
The Magnum and the Blizzard were favourites.
T nnnagp 242304 dv A?
SEEDY RAM I have a CD32 and SX-1 with an external floppy drive running from the standard CD32 power supply. I have recently discovered just how slow my CD32 is, so I was wondering if there is any sort of accelerator available for the CD32.
I am also thinking about purchasing a 4Mb RAM expansion for the SX-1. Would this speed up games and programs, or even cut down on the amount of disk swapping or something?
Could I put some fast RAM in my SX-1? How much is it for say, 4Mb of fast RAM and where can I get it from as it's not available in Special Reserve?
Jonathan Barton Lancashire There isn't an accelerator available for the CD32 because there is no equivalent to the A1200‘s Trapdoor slot. However, fitting RAM to the SX-1 will help.
Any RAM added in this way will be 'Fast RAM' and will improve performance: some programs will run twice as fast as before. You don't need a special expansion card, only a standard 72-pin 4Mb SIMM which should cost you less than £50 at today’s prices.
Unfortunately there is no accelerator available for the CD3* but you can fit extra RAM to the SX-1.
I have just finished reading the ATAPI CD-ROM article (AF86) and it has got me thinking. I would therefore be extremely grateful if you could answer the following questions for me.
1. 1 am interested in PC Task V4.0 from Wizard Developments. I
would like to be able to run PC programs using my beloved
A1200, but was wondering whether I would be able to run most
PC games, with this program.
2. Would I be able to use a CD-ROM installed using the method
shown in the ATAPI article?
From what I can gather the ATAPI software would need to be running to use the CD-ROM, which wouldn't allow me to use it when running PC Task.
U. z
3. What would be the minimum speed size of accelerator RAM needed
to make PC Task run at an equivalent speed to a 486 66? Would
an 030 40 with 8Mbs be enough?
4. As you can no doubt gather, I am interested in playing PC
games. Is there anything else I need to consider in order to
make this possible.
I don't want to lose my Amiga as I have some excellent games for it and to be honest I don't see the point in spending £1000 on a games machine, but all the decent software (games) is being released on the PC (Command and Conquer I Warcraft Settlers 2).
Paul Jones Bristol
1. 1 have yet to see the latest version of PC Task
- - version 4 - but I gather it will emulate the 386 processor
rather than only the 286 as with PC Task version 3. This means
that it will theoretically run a great deal of PC software,
including Windows 95 and most games for example.
Remove the 10 hex screws around the connecters, lift the front card edge first and remove from case. Don’t worry if the shield falls off, just refit them at assembly time. Fit the drive using screws and spacers - watch that the spacers are not too big. Fit the cable to the drive and feed it around the board to the IDE connector. If the cable has a stripe down one edge fit this to pin 1 (marked) and reassemble.
I have an Amiga 1200 with a 4Mb board in the trapdoor and a 170 Mb Overdrive 35 hard But, and it's a very big but, as a software only emulator it still won't run very fast. In fact, it will run so slowly as to make it next to useless for games and large, Windows based applications. Don't expect to run Duke Nukem on an A1200.
2. That depends on the drivers supplied with PC Task. Version 3
included a driver which worked very well indeed with connected
SCSI CD-ROM drives.
3. I really don't believe that an Amiga accelerator exists which
could even get close to a PC of these specifications. Remember
that the Amiga is having to run a program which pretends it is
an Intel processor, and then run the application software
(Windows, games etc) on top of that. It's not going to be
YOU CAN EASILY DO IT* LET'S HAKE 300 FRAMES of THE SUNSET-SHGM* drive in the PCMCIA port. Can I fit the Golden Image PCMCIA controller featured in the ATAPI Days article (July issue) between the 1200 and the Overdrive so allowing me to connect a CD drive to the same port?
Or is there a way to connect anything else to this port?
David Hope Lanarkshire Well, we did say that 2.5 ” drives could be fitted internally, but thanks for the comprehensive reply anyway Huh? There was no Golden Image PCMCIA controller featured in that article. The Golden Image kit consists of cables and a box. Perhaps you are referring to the PCMCIA card from AlfaData which ivas mentioned. This card provides another IDE interface - but no, you can’t use more than one PCMCIA peripheral at once for the simple reason that you only have one PCMCIA slot. And no, you can’t buy a box to provide two PCMCIA slots - even if you could, the Amiga zuouldn’t
support it.
The good news is that you shoidd be able to use the internal IDE interface (i.e. the one which every A4000, A1200 and A600 has as standard) with the ATAPI system to connect a CD-ROM drive. You ivill need to be careful with power consumption though.
PACKAGE HOLIDAY Your article in Amiga Format 86 July 1986 with the title “join Us” on page 17 was quite informative and especially easy to read. Being a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Ashville (USA) with a major in Computer Obviously a fast processor and lots of Fast RAM will speed things up. It's extremely impressive to be able to emulate a PC in this way, and if you need to run a particular program it can be a life-saver.
4. 1 would have to suggest that you stop even considering trying
to emulate the PC for playing games, as it's a dead-end
There are no hardware emulators about at the moment, and so you should consider the Siamese system from HiQ which makes use of a real, live PC. We reviewed the Siamese system in issue 86 of Amiga Format.
This is about the most complicated software you can expect to run at a reasonable speed on a bare A1200 with PC Task.
Begin Script ... SUNSET Break _Key ...... 'ESC' Show_Mode ...... Dynanic FILE & BOX sunset.per 1 ADDRESS 1 0 Cartoon Box File..... Cartoon Box B .
Conplex Part Show BackGround Show ForeGround T ine 0.0 T ine Step ...... 0.1 Function Type .. Harnonic Function Anp1itude.... 0.5 ... LET'S MAKE ... 300 FRAMES Do Cycle 300 ... DOWN Move Y .. 0.2 Let Angle ...... Function Show ForeGround Pause ... 20 Next T ine End_Do Pause ... 2000 End.
Science I have been actively involved in PC networking since 1986 in the USA and since 1990 in Greece.
At the beginning this year I started looking into the Amiga range of computer systems, and through the first part of your article 1 obtained useful resources and addresses to get in contact with. 1 am currendy developing a hotel management system using Amiga computers because the overhead costs are quite low on such systems. One particular aspect of Amiga computing which I haven’t read much about is remote access, via telephone lines, of an Amiga computer source.
You briefly mention such access as far as simple file transfers are involved. I need remote Workbench access, as well as remote printing, mouse and keyboard access. I need to be able to use hard drives and CD-ROMs. The remote aspect is important especially for variables that change on a daily basis within a hotel (exchange rates, trip rates, airline boat bus schedules etc, etc).
The situation is quite easy using PC systems but I am not familiar with the availability of such devices for the Amiga range of computers.
Here in Greece no one can point me to such a program. I will be working mainly with Amiga 1200 machines.
Thank you in advance for all your help. I really am in dire need and wish to know all the aspects and features of Amiga computers before I finish my development and switch over to the Amiga line of computers.
Nickolas Culianos Greece The Amiga is very popular in hotel environments because it offers good graphics support at a loxv cost.
I would urge you very strongly to get in contact with SC.AIA who are renowned for developing applications like these. If you have Internet access, visit their Web site on http: www.scala.com or you can reach them at their head office: Seal a Inc., 2323 Horse Pen Road Suite 300, Herndon, Virginia 22071, USA Tel. + I 703 713 0900 Fax + I 703 713 1 960 Or International Headquarters Sccda AS, Wdm. Thranesgt. 77 N- 0175 Oslo, Norway Tel. +47 22 36 13 38 Fax + 47 22 36 13 84 Similar features were available from a package called MediaPoint. I'm not sure if this package is still supported but. I
found a telephone number for you: Tel:+31 2290 17638 Setting up the system you describe, by yourself would be a very interesting task. ,45 you know, remote access on the PC is quite straightforward but I have yet to hear of any similar software on the Amiga. You really want to be able to dial into a remote Amiga using modems, and then assume complete control over that remote computer, and that is going lo be difficult if not impossible to implemen t. Here is how 1 would go about doing it. In a slightly different way. First of all, your front, end’ Amiga is situated in a hotel, and it is
connected via a modem to a telephone line. 'This is the Amiga which will display exchange rates, tour details and so on.
You will need a program to display this information, and I would recommend you use CanDo to create a suitable application. 'The CanDo program would display details, cycling through pages or providing information on deman d for any users.
An important part of the CanDo program would be an Arexx script which is linked to a comms program such as Term orNcomm. These are txvo terminal emulation programs which use Arexx and have very good script handling facilities. The comms program runs in the background, and can detect the modem ringing. When it does, it answers the telephone, connects the modem and allows you to remotely update the information. You can sit in your office miles away, using another computer to feed in next) facts. The script then passes the information lo the CanDo program xvhich updates its pages.
As I'm just back from, a lovely txvo xveek holiday on nearby Corfu, can safely say that if you need more help, please don't hesitate to ask. Or indeed if you get the urge to pay for the plane fare and put me up for a few xveeks, feel free. 5 j IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions: n« Be concise.
• Detail the actual problem as best as you - flP
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and Graeme Sandiford
wouldn't be more easily solved by contacting the dealer from
whom you bought the goods.
Graeme Sandiford Bear these points in mind and fill in, photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Chip memory available o A500 O A500 Plus o A600 o A1000 o A1200 o A1500 o A2000 o A3000 o A4000 O 1.2 O 1.3 O 2.x O 3.x Extra drive 1 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: WHICH DRIVE?
I have just upgraded from my old bog standard A500+ to a second hand, never the less brilliant, A1200 with a Citizen ABC Colour printer as my only peripheral. As you can guess I am fairly new to the world of Amiga home computing, so I have a few questions to ask you:
1. 1 can get cheap PC 3.5" internal hard drives
e. g 630Mb at £129.99 or a 850Mb at £169.99. If these hard drives
will work in my A1200 which one should I opt for?
2. Instead of buying a CD-ROM drive, such as the Amiga 1241
Q-Drive, would I be better getting a CD32 and linking it to my
Amiga via the Communicator linker which is available in this
3. When the start-up sequence appears on screen what do the
numbers 3.00 ROM and
39. 106 mean?
Graham Mitchell Fife need and how much you want to spend. To put sizes into perspective, many users still get by using 80Mb drives and most wouldn't fill 630Mb.
O 1.3.2 O 3.0 O 1.3 O 2.1
2. Not really. A CD32 drive linked via Communicator (which is a
serial link) will run much more slowly than one connected
directly via the PCMCIA or IDE ports.
3. They are version numbers: you are using an Amiga with
Kickstart ROM release 3 and OS release 39.106 - which is up to
date enough for most folks.
O 1.2 O 2.04 2.05 Extra drive 2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: Hard disk: Mb as DH Manufacturer: Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer: Details of other hardware: SEPTEMBER 1 996 Free fypesetting design service available MARKET PLACE f 'je£c* s 0722s wmw EACH 8AM TILL 8PM EVERY DAY ROM No. J UFO: Enemy Unclothed Knights V2-42 Shapcshiftcr V32A Breathless (AGAI Reality Demo Disk Master Blaster V2-21 Madhouse VI I SWOSS Ed Champ Man Eel MISCELLANEOUS Eff's Guide to the Internet Inlcrncl Ulils Internet Ulils II Project UFO (61 Vvcn Browsers Terms V4-2 Mclatool (emaill Ami
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interactive "smart" television set.
Terms have not been disclosed, pending a definitive agreement. However, pursuant to the letter of intent, Viscorp would be granted warrants to purchase up to a maximum of one million shares of Emerson common stock at an exercise price of 56 per share.
William Buck has stated that the Amiga- powered UITI will "...dramatically expand the capabilities of the family TV set by providing TV viewers with a host of services like email, on-line chat and Net surfing".
Given the seeming ability of some American users to have less than their fair share in the "Having a Clue about their own Computer" stakes. I'm already anticipating the day when someone "Net surfing" with one of these new boxes wades into comp.sys.amiga.advocacy and starts a lengthy conversation about how much better his UITI is than one of those poxy old Amigas... Unfortunately there hasn’t been too much in the way of new Amiga software hitting the Net recently.
So this month I’ll make use of the breathing space and give you some information and details about a couple of new sites that may be of interest to Amiga users.
SAD (L)USER OF THE MONTH I'm not going to say too much about this month's victim, except that, in his defence, he could offer a plea of "Living in Norway", as possible mitigating circumstances.
His name's Kolbjorn Barmen, and he actually puts forth some meaningful and well reasoned arguments in some of the Amiga related Usenet newsgroups.
Unfortunately he opens himself up to massive criticism from People-with-a- Clue(tm) by having the message "I met the Amiga and fell in love..." in his signature and repeated again on his Web page.
Need I say more? I think not.
M DOOPSI If you are an Amiga game developer working in the adventure field, you will almost certainly have already heard of Doopsi, the object oriented development system. If not, it’s basically an object-oriented adventure development system, that incorporates a suite of editors and makes creating a complex adventure game fairly simple. It includes things like an “Anim Workshop” to help with the graphics, a “Path Editor” to define the way in which the characters in the game can move about, and a “Dialog Editor” which can control the way in which the various characters react to conversation.
Now there is also Doopsi information online via their Web pages. Although they are an Italian company, the site has full English documentation, so there isn’t any problem getting at the information. The URL you need is: http: www.intercom.it ~fsoft DOOPSIWEB mdexJE.html AMIGA WEB DIRECTORY I may have mentioned this site before, but it is worthy of repetition for a number of reasons.
Darren Irvine isn't too hyper this month so rather than having a moan about the Net he takes a look at the latest things that have been happening.
Internet BIZARRE WEB SITE OF THE MONTH I've been using the Internet for some time now, and I like to think that I've seen a lot of weird stuff. Occasionally however, I find a site that makes me despair about the depths of human depravity. If nothing else, I thought at least our favourite computers and their peripherals were safe from the hands of the filth-mongers, but alas, I was wrong. I urge you all to check out this evil Computer Porno site and see what vile acts have been perpetrated on helpless creatures Oh-err missus! Computers with their kit off! If this is the sort of such as the
Amiga 3000T.
Thing that gets you going then check out the hot action at the http: www.tS.umu.se ~balp Comp Computer Porn Web page. UterPorno.html VISCORP NEWS 2 If you are interested in finding out how Viscorp is doing financially, you can point your Web browser at one of the ticker services that provides real-time data on shares on the American Stock Market. For instance, check out the following URL: http: qs.secapl.com cgi-bin qs?tick=vicp VISCORP (VICP) Nasdaq 1 Last Traded at 11.2500 Date Time Jun 28 9:32:36 1 $ Change 0.1300 !% Change
1. 17 S 1 Volume (000) 0.1 ofTrades 1 HO&en
11. 2500 Previous Close
11. 1200 thi
10. 7500 Ask
11. 2500 I Day Low
11. 2500 Day High
11. 2500 1 52 Week Low
5. 0600 52 WeekHish
11. 3700 See how well the company controlling the Amiga's fate is
doing on the American Stock Exchange.
Firstly, the links contained in the Amiga Web Directory are constantly being updated, and secondly, it is a nicely put together site that really ought to be on the Hot Lists of all Amiga Web browsers.
As well as links to just about every useful Amiga site on the Web, the Web Directory also has some extremely useful Aniga News sections and links to other resources maintained by the Champane-Urbana Commodore Users Group.
The main URL for the Web Directory is: http: www. Cucug.org amiga.html MBENCH Almost since the Aniga first appeared on the scene, there have been various systems designed to enhance or in some way replace the Aniga’s native GUI, Workbench.
Mbench falls into the latter category, and is an in-development attempt to produce a replacement for Workbench which still retains the Aniga look and feel of the original, but It's not quite ready yet, but Mbench promises to be an interesting "alternative front end" for the Amiga's OS.
Which is more efficient and has greater functionality.
Mbench has been designed to be internally multitasking, and has improved features such as a user definable quick start menu for launching programs or scripts.
Mbench should be compatible with most programs that run under the existing Workbench. Mbench emulates tilings such as AppWindows so that programs shouldn’t be able to tell if they are running with Mbench or Workbench.
Mbench may well be available by the time you read this, and you can find out more information at: http: members.tripod.eom ~ MAHewitt mbench.html NEW SITES Athough I’m sure you’re all perfectly capable of surfing the Net and finding all kinds of interesting Aniga related sites yourself, occasionally I get sent details of new sites that are not yet on general link pages and search lists, and sometimes I find obscure resources through sheer persistence. Here are just a few.
After my feature on the general sadness of all things on the Internet (I don't really believe that, but I'd been drinking too much coffee and Red Bull that month) I've received several "comments" objecting to my round up and criticism of various parts of the Net. Most of these comments have been of the "Hey, look at my site, it's actually pretty cool, and not sad in any way" variety, and in some cases they were correct.
One such site that deserves a mention (although I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned them somewhere before) is the Pure Amiga Web site.
This is a pretty useful site with lots of links to other Amiga web resources, as well as some interesting articles (hardware and software reviews, FAQs etc). There are some interactive features too, such as a chat room, and best of all - the whole thing has been put together using decent HTML and looks quite smart. If you want to check it out, the relevant URL is: http: www.netlink.co.uk users PureAmiga Firstly, if you are one of the lucky Amiga owners with a CD-ROM drive and you have the ability to pay for stuff sent from America, you might like to check out the online CD-ROM library at:
http: www.amigalib.com If on the other hand you prefer to download your software directly from the Internet in the form of shareware, check out Bevelstone’s home page at: http: www.login.dknet.dk ~bvlstone As a general interest page to see what can be achieved when designing Web pages on the Aniga (and also of interest if you are an Amiga musician) is Paradise Decay’s homepage which can be found at: http: www.logicnet.co.uk ParadiseDecay That’s all for now. See you next month. 'Zf WEB NON-SADNESS Digital Universe The world's biggcst-selling Amiga magazine Ws cokJ. It's ckxidy j«k! It‘s wet
• wliy botitci gong outside’ John Kennedy twits Ins Amiga into j vhTuji telescope CD-ROM Round-up matt On* SfWS Mil'Mtlug CO-Pent (Ml yew is U» 2y f AW a ¦•rye coDKtlMSf 30 lilts. Rml «f -vice -or* immk O'* -HA The sacaoa vttwns H IMI c«il*ct w hat ona m sue f«n*or lawsfdi • ,(ivw*. Him* »n uwetj.o. or* n»w i w-**•
- ¦ *' o wits tog outer 30 foctago i»g» i 'St* For M • CO ll aw
Jrstl «Ml of lime MoriMwg for '.ho TfwmflUg. M with tno tint OIK. Z-pw«».'
Itsr.1 1000k. -1UI UwMftStl ! *•*•« a (iNVrt . ...... '• to t nooiuv ooiKtieo of ukiivm ooe ici-f wtiiua so;wf i. !ui W.IKI1I. only prumy of wn coOkiica Twi u * (¦ o o»o rsnpo of mdgcullfiMpiwlgolOg-.iairg* waifi.id.piivi On Si-Ktvy imi rKOIvM I HUM Mott M It » OOCWV «*r»C« n» wfilCO MS Wwfll MjMg-OOUIIOfl OCJKtl isllKdsB. Iron n lowel n w wlto cf uss. Own «i itlli welcome to the AMIGA format r"tB hem* 50J«. Tra Non* o* the ' J -or:a.siM.*t-tii""gAn-.i;, magazine. This will spot so e A 'uitii'g :credit at «!’ »or:» o' ih'orr- -.irr ere n»» '»:e:*c to W*nt IM* lorvlco to M werthwhtle to
yau. To if you havs any comment* or suggestions. Ptsss* o-moil mo Movng graced you with a few tip* on setting your Amiga up for email Darren Irvine ttride* briskly on into the only partully efvtHed world of PC Natter on the net Maeia.U.s«lgLaettx:RrtfU - aUJMOima imzK.«Acm.* ue .tt • • ttu«.iuuu Contents APRIL 1996 - ISSUE 03 Explore the net A defniwve guide to the Internet. Get lopped on and vwed up.
AF SERIOUS - AF CREATIVE - AF REGULARS - AF SCREENPLAY - AF CQYERD1SKS AF SCREENPLAY a Proviowi A specially axtarded prtvtow ao.otoJ to tht totoit o'fonmj trom Taws 17 - Alton Braed 30 II.
• Chart* Strut Soccar it too ot tnt chert* again wno’t racing up
Bah ire’
• Watcltowtr a cr*os Cngtna dona from Otm gwai Start McGill tna
chanca to gat all philosophical a Star Crusadsr Oavtfl Teyter
takes off on o mutton to Oaitroy peaceful civilisations. Or
will ha ce persuaded to flgnt tha good fight’
• Ro-raloaiaa Sta« Bradley pity* ot Datng o toccar manager tr
this Dsluvt version of Pramtar Manager 3 a Super Street Fighter
2 Turte it * natiao a* the ultimata oaat-am-gp Graama Sanoiroro
oen* ri* glove* erd rt«law* tha latest version of tht* or coat
classic ueaitta 11 April I’oa AMGA SOLD AGAIN' « C;*V4t«
Otnra woCMcaja I. *enl 12. 190S -- tsc:n *0. • OtT-4" co w.w
max'kiuv kw rmii» w viivti inrermatiOfi Swvicsi Com ChtdK Vicr.
Ottittw Board, t CdCCCtrOf ImtrtCh"* TV(lTV) itt-tcc-oo-d ta
avwnct Wsvman re•loing By srovlfl’nj internet Kctia r HktrsMC
c»-rv-ictti»*» ttnctiea. Icoaj (aMtltf tMt t BiM'-nj Itlttr a'
vori'rc1 *Wt Sd* Ilpwo M'.-tf tfw CJWHI (h Looking for some
atmosphere, f fear, excitement, tension, b apprehension, and
fun? Steve
- McGill was. He found it when ho ’ reviewed Breed 3D.
Alien Breed 3D Tnar* i no couot aocut it w art witnessing Oigjatt fight th Amiga. Amiga owner*. »r3 Amiga oa»*;op*r» ho t t tr sttn unca tna Amiga concaot Bacoma reality That tnt* flgnt coula altar tra course of home computing history it oayonp cuasnon it th Amiga con the unim ginao,a, ano lotas, it II hareifi a tac sac tro of oarvrtst eno teenno tltvtry for Amiga owners. Jos PuBlic. Arc tha ran of th World A grave tcanana inoata Ana on that mutt ne.tr m aiicwaa to happen FEBRUARY 1996 - ISSUS 01 Shoot it Yourself Tht one niche area that th AMIGA doarlg domlnatai la low cost, high
quality video r Y * work. To herald a tha start of a naw regular F*jB featura, wa show you just why your Amiga andlM I comcordar should Bt talking to aach other. Coverdisk A; BLITZ BASIC It’s fait, fantastic and fraa with thla coverdlsk - the amazing programme that li proCaQlu the single most Important piece at aoflware in YOURS FREE... INI Y WIILN Yotl SIIRSCRinr TO • It’s phenomenally popular - in fact it’s one of Europe’s most popular web sites. Not only can you view the homepage of your favourite magazine, browse through back issues and follow links to homepages of Amiga developers, but
there are also regular news updates from around the Amiga scene as well as a daily world news service. Try it now!
Http: www.futurenet.co.uk To advertise on Futurenet, Email Chris Rayner at crayner@futurenet.co.uk or call 0171 447 3300 YOURS ONLY WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO Choose one of these fantastic products when you subscribe for _ 12 issues OR choose two when you subscribe for 24 issues.
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Action fans and anyone who likes to think on their feet will lap up gem of a game.
ALIEN BREED 3D AMIGA FORMAT 93% If you've got an A1200 then you positively need this game.
Tension, excitement and rock solid gameplay.
A classic, matey!
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[AMIGA FORMAT I * Lightwave Our extensive six page tutorial gives you all the info you need to design build and translate PostScript and Compugraphic fonts. Plus reviews of Photogenics 2, Valhalla 3 and much much more.
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in 16.8 million colours. This version of XiPaint fealuros animations os well as easy-to-use roytracing-capabilities.
Overview of Features: • Diverse paint functions including colour, controst and saturation adjustment • Mask, outline, recolour and fill functions • Airbrush with adjustable spray functions • light-table function for manipulating montages and animations • Text functions with anti-aliasing using Compugraphic fonts • Support For o variety of graphic formats • Unlimited Undo • Diverse manipulation of alpha channel • Supports many graphic cords • layers to combine different projects • Arexx port • Drag & Drop colours • External filter module • Extensive documentation • 60 textures, 50 landscapes,
30 other pictures ond many fonts included. £49.95 Mods Anthology Do you like Music? Do you like Computers? Do you like Computor-Music? Then, this collection is what you need! 4 CD-Roms full of Music-Modulesl More than 18000 mods of any format (MOD, S3M, XM, IT, Amiga Synthetics...) all sorted by Composers in priority, by Groups, then by Kinds; all stored in uncompressed form, readable under all the major platforms. Coming along with 11MB of Module lists (ASCII, AmigaGuide...) ond 25MB of Module Players and Trackers for many computers.Releosed with the full agreement from more than 200
musicians (PC and Amiga Scene) who provided me with a personol infofile and picture, as well as many previously unreleased moduleslEnjoy this 7-years titanic workl Prepare to listen to 1000+ hours of Musicl £29.95 NetNews Offline Vol. 1 NotNews Offline Vol. 1 is the first disk of a new bimonthly published series of AMIGA CD-ROMs which contains all Amiga-related newsgroups from the internet. Every volume features about 50.000 articles which contain hot rumours, important information about all aspects of the Amiga, press-releases, discussions and flame wars, .... A newsreader is included.
NetNews Offline is the cheap alternative of getting in touch with Usenet. £14.95 IIKVKI.Dl'K.lt Cl* Vl.l All products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through national mail-order-companies GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen • Germany Tel +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 CHIARI OFFICE - 1995 Amiga Developer CD vl.l The official developer CD from Amiga Technologies contains all the material you need to start developing software forAmiga computers.
This includes: The CD32 developer package. In addition to the original five disk set distribution you will find the "Build-CD* CD writer package Packages contributed by 3rd parties: The WBPath and ActionFSSM packages, courtesy of Ralph Babel; The Envoy v2.0 per kit, courtesy of I AM, Inc.; The Inet 225 developer kit.
2, courtesy of Interworks, Inc.; The Kiskometer package, .y of Angola Schmidt; The Enforcer v37.64, courtesy of Mike Information in support of forthcoming operating system opments. Additional developer material: BOOPSI gadget and e classes; The AmigaOS 2.04 example code, os part of the ioI 2.04 Native Developer Kit; The RKM 2.04 code examples; The complete set of registered IFF forms; IFF example and stress test files; All IFF packages releosed by Commodore-Amiga, Inc., covering 1986 through 1992; The camd v37.1 MIDI developer kit; The SANA-II standard package and developer kit; The Installer
v43.1 package. International support material: Somple text using the full ISO-8859-1 character set; Translation guidelines. The updated 3.1 Developer Kit: "C" and assembly language header files, and runtime libraries; System documentation ond tutorial texts;
• code covering the Amiga OS 3.0 and 3.1 features; The NewlFF v39
package; The AmigaGuide and DotaTypes documentation and example
code. Reference material: The collection of AmigaGuide Volume 1
articles, covering Spring 1987 through Januory February 1989;
The complete AmigaGuide Volume 2 articles in AmigaGuide format,
covering January February 1990 through March April 1993; also
included are the printable issues in PostScript and PageStream
formal; Hardware related articles; The Includes & Autodocs in
AmigaGuide formal. £14.95 Workbench Add-On Volume 1 The
Workbench Add-On CD-ROM is the ideal companion lo your
workbench. On this CD you will not only find the best progroms,
that are available for the AMIGA, but you will olso get them
ready-to-run from the CD. In addition to this there is an
installer script that installs the desired programs to your
The CD covers all areas of interest, all, the programmer, the user, the creotive and the gamer will find what they are looking for. On this CD-ROM there ore many shoreware programs, some of them at a special price, if you get registered. There is e.g. Shapeshifter for 40.- DM (instead of 50, DM), in addition to this there is a 50 MB Mac partition, so that you can start ploying around with Mac applications right away. Then there is PowerPloyer for 20, DM (instead of 30,
DM) , (here are, of course, loads of modules with it, so that you
can try it right away. AmiWin, the new XI 1-server for the
AMIGA is available for $ 40, instead of $ 50. You can sa ve
more than 100, DM with this CD. Therefore you only have to
send in the appropriate page in the booklet to tho author of
the program. £24.95 Magic Publisher On this unique CD-ROM Set
you will find oil you need lo creole nice looking documents.
If you wont to write o book, if you wont to design a poster,
if you wont to create WWW-Pages for the Internet or layout
o magazine, all you need you will find on this marvelous CD-ROM.
There are more than 10.000 Fonts (Colour Fonts, Bitmap Fonts, IFF-Fonts, Adobe Fonts, IntelliFonts, Truetype Fonts and DMF Fonts), more than 5.000 cliparts and 150 printer drivers. Many of these are oxclusive to Magic Publisher. You will olso find a complete installation of PasTex (more than 300 MB), containing all its fonts (upto 600x600 dpi). In order to create good looking documents, there is Final Writer 4 SE and Wordworth 4 TD. Both rated os the best word processors on the Amiga. For creating good looking Internet-WWW-Documents there are all available Free Shareware programs for the
Amiga, including many backgrounds and special clipart for this purpose. The 100+ pages booklet contains printouts of all fonts ond clipart. Aspeciol BBS section is olso provided. £49.95 Aminet is the world's largest collection of freely distributable AMIGA software. Up to 10.000 users access the vast archives ervery doy and countless programmers publish directly via Aminet. Until recently access to Aminet was restricted to international network users. With Aminet Set 1, consisting of 4 Cds. The complete archive is published the first time. This CD-ROM-collection, which is dated Januory 1995,
offers on almost inexhaustible reservoir of top-value Shareware. A wide variety of programs is included: Applicotions, Gomes, Demos, Pictures, Mods, Animations, Developer-Material, ... . It contains approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.500 archives ond you will enjoy the comfortable user-interface. £29.95
• •••••••••••••••••• AMINET SET 3, dated July 1996, consists of
approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 9.000 archives. Also
included are full versions of Imagine 4.0, XiPaint 3.2, OctaMED
5.0 and some commercial gomes. Whether you like applicotions,
games, communications or programming, the SET gives you all you
need. 95 MB Utilities, 79 MB Documents, 408 MB text software,
12 MB Disk HD tools, 7 MB Hardware related, 756 MB Pictures &
Animations, 208 MB Graphics software, 394 MB Graphics & sound
demos, 563 MB Games, 64 MB Miscellaneous, 685 MB Music modules,
28 MB Music software, 131 MB Communications, 91 MB Development
Software, 88 MB Business software. Easy to use index files and
search facilities make accessing it a pleasure. £39.95 Gamers'
Delight II This CD contains 1070 games for the Commodore AMIGA
from differing categories. Action, Jump & Run, Card Games,
Puzzles, Strategy Games • a whole range of computer
entertainment owaitsl Gamers' Delight will hold you captivoted
for hours and guarantees long-lasting pleasure. 70 games are
commercial versions - no public domain & no demosl This CD can
be run on any Amiga with CD-ROM drive,! MB free memory and
Joystick Joypad. £26.95 Aminet Set 1 Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill
The Meeting Peorls Volume III contains 650 MB of the finest FD
software vio a special user interface, which hos boon created
to allow you to find the program of your choice with oosc. The
contonts: 10 MB Packer, Cruncher, Archive Programs - 3 MB
CD-ROM Utilities • 21 MB Communication and Notwork Programs • 5
MB Debugging Tools - 29 MB Development Tools - 13 MB Floppy,
Hard Disk ans SCSI Programs • 8 MB Educational Programs • 9 MB
Games • 35 MB Graphics Programs • 39 MB Internet Movie
Database, Updated Version - 7 MB Midi Tools and Programs - 27
MB Mods - 12 MB Music Programs • 21 MB Pictures • 13 MB AmiTCP
and more for Networking • 60 MB Documentation, CD-ROM
Databases, etc. • 96 MB PosTeX 1.4 • not previous available on
any CD-ROM ¦ 15 MB Utilities • 30 MB HTML-Poges • Collections
of datatypes, benchmark progroms, icons, programs for amateur
radio and electrical olec- tronic engineering are olso
included. £9.95 Aminet 13 Aminet CD 13, dated August 1996,
consists of approximately 1,1 gigabytes of softwore in 2400
archives. Since the release of Aminot CD 12 more than 800 MB
now software has appoared. The current edition hos a special
focus on animations, several hundred animations from the
internet were included. User friendly access software makes the
Aminet CD 13 a pleasure to use. £14.95 H Aktrnmk Aminet 12
Still ovoiloblel £14.95
• •••••••••••••••ft** :R THAN THC|REAL THING Only levino
W - Coming to a Web site near you... .net The Internet Magazine This month with free CD-ROM packed with more than 200 Internet programs. On sale now.
Ihltesjfcriift UrmipjOjSisiibite Cablte mm _ 4l Jfymm ' Eira&er Plus the pick of the clicks for Flicks ’96 3AI1V18D There are a host of new features in Real 3D 2 and Graeme Sandiford has all the information on how to get the most out of them... page 94 TUTORIALS INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNET ; Since the explosion of the Internet there has been a host of new mail systems - after all where would we be without email - and Darren Irvine has some tips on finding a package to suit your individual needs.
* 3 mL It's time to make some music. Darren Irvine leads you
through the on-screen and menu based options and shows how to
combine blocks together to form a song.
SEPTEMBER 1996 Q REAL 3D2 Graeme Sandiford has been concentrating on some more of the new features and this month it's time to learn about fractal-based landscape and tree generators.
OC BLITZ tutorial We've finally created a Window larger than our screen display so now John Kennedy shows how to include it in with the rest of the HTML document.
AF TUTORIAL SEPTEMBER 1996 CREATIVE It's Good to Ailk... Arguably the most important piece of Internet software, Darren Irvine has some useful information on email systems.
The most important piece of Internet related software that you will ever need is probably a mailer. Sure, Web browsers are all very well, and you can argue the relative merits of those available, but if you couldn’t send email, you’d soon get pretty fed up.
Only a couple of years ago the choice of email system for the Amiga was extremely limited, but recently a wide range of systems have become available. This isn’t an all inclusive round up of all the mail systems available but it will endeavour to cover some of the systems that have been around for a while and that are easy to install and get running.
DEMON MAIL If you are a Demon customer, the supplied AmiTCPsetup should have neatly installed Mail, along with the mechanism for sending and receiving mail (using Mailkick). In the case of some other ISPs, who also support SMTP delivery', then you should be able to adapt Demon’s installation kit.
If however your Service Provider can only deliver mail to your system using POP3, then you’ll need to get hold of another program called AmiPOP to retrieve your mail. Installing AmiPOP is really only a matter of unarchiving UNIX PORTS Until fairly recently the only alternatives to using “Mail” were a couple of Unix ports, called Elm and Pine. Both of these programs have come forward leaps and bounds in their latest incarnations, and if you are used to either on a Unix platform then installing on your Amiga effectively avoids having to learn new software. However, neither of them is really up
to scratch in terms of Amiga- style user friendliness.
AIRMAIL AirMail is a fully featured system, catering for everything ranging from receiving mail, through to an address book and mail folder system to actually sending mail off again. It’s also fairly straightforward to install and get running, making AirMail a pretty good choice for the newcomer to email systems.
When you first run AirMail, a toolbar pops up on your Workbench with five icons. These control the setting up of your address book, sending and retrieving mail, and viewing your in and out folders.
The address book is particularly well featured, with the ability to segregate users into any number of different groups. When you come to send a new mail, the recipient of your message can be selected from the address book that you set up. The actual messages themselves are composed using the external editor of your choice.
Support for automatically UUDECODEING incoming messages is also available, which can come in handy if you are in the habit of receiving binary files such as graphics files by email. This can only go so far however, and AirMaiFs one downside is the lack of MIME support.
METATOOL This is where MetaTool comes in. The original version was a MIME message compiler, and required you to have all of your email system already installed, including the send and receive mail programs and an actual mail.
Reader editor. The author has now expanded this original system into an almost completely full-featured system.
ALTERNATIVELY... If you want a mailer with a lot of functionality which can also support things such as FidoNet and Usenet news, then you might want to take a look at Thor. The downside of Thor's flexibility is that it does take quite a bit of effort to set it up, and so isn't really completely suitable if you are a complete newcomer to the Net.
Ml-.' V».,vi'v ,1 v.mr;1' Dll at (41 Ubnsj.
Q'lluo registration aoi t» dabjcroocni WkiS!!; On tat »-Jan-i9» ll!»4», Hark f lamat wot*: The only external programs still required are those that handle sending and receiving mail from your ISP (i.e. AmiPOP, sendmail, recmailetc), but as mentioned most archives of AmiTCP will have these set up already.
MetaTool supports multiple mail folders and fully supports MIME both for incoming and outgoing messages.
When you receive a MIME message, MetaTool correctly handles the display of each MIME partial, according to the definitions set up in a “mailcap” file. I tried it with just about every file type I could think of (and that I had bothered to set up for the previous MetaTool incarnation). Everything worked fine, from graphics files (IFFs, GIFs, JPEGs- you name it) through samples to a number of obscure and experimental types that I had set up including a type for Final Writer.
GETTING HOLD OF THE SOFTWARE AmiNet is the place to look for Internet and comms related software that doesn't have it's own specific homepage. Use one of the following sites: ftp.wustl.edu systems amiga aminet comm tcp ftp.uni-paderborn.de pub ami net comm tcp ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk pub aminet comm tcp Demon's "Mail" can be obtained from their own FTP site: ftp: ftp.demon.co.uk pub amiga THOR http: www.cs.uit.no ~kjeili thor.html YAM http: bitcom.ch ~mbeck Yet Another Mailer is another of those that support the multiwindow look.
It’s when you reply to a message or send a new one that MetaTool’s uniqueness comes to the fore. Instead of dumping you straight into a text editor and letting you manually type your message, Meta Tool assembles multipart messages by dragging and dropping the appropriate files. If for example you want to include an IFF picture in your message, simply drag it into the MetaToolcomposition window.
If you actually want to manually edit a text file then, when you’ve added all the parts of your message and shuffled them into an appropriate order, just click on the send button.
The only obvious disadvantage to MetaTool is that it requires the installation of the (for some) dreaded Magic User Interface (MUI). MUI is a set of GUI extensions, that make it easier for programmers to add complex features to Intuition-compliant programs. Some people have moaned that it’s buggy, but I’ve never had any problems using it with MetaTool.
And get working alongside an existing Internet TCP IP system. Support for incoming MIME messages is currently under construction, but should be available soon. Whether you prefer YAM to the already fully operational (MIME wise) MetaMail is a matter for the individual.
When deciding on a mailer, it really comes down to personal choice and the programs mentioned here are by no means the only ones. If you prefer the no frills approach, then Demon’s own “Mail” system is perfectly competent. At the other end of the complexity' scale comes Thor.
I would advise that, if you can stomach the thought of MUI (and remember, if you’re using Amosaic then you already have it) then MetaTool is the one to go for. But perhaps the best plan is to have a look at all the systems and then make your own mind up about which one you would prefer to use. ® Reply 11 Eorvard 11 Archive
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URL-mlnder has determHed that the Web page at URL httn ww
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receiving this Information because xi sirred up for
notification. You may want to check this 'eb page with your
browser to see what tha changes ve.
N RAVA II IlftA if Write ma OmriM dJLl.SU.® Si | atrtnet-aerver© wuarehlvo.vuiti.8du ¥1 Uov 11 Botnove 11_ Cteor 1 Subject | Attach Fie | ID Edit 11 To gueue 11 Send I Cancel YAM YAM stands for Yet Another Mailer, and of course, that’s what it is. It’s a modular system with MIME support for outgoing messages, and some excellent add-ons such as a fully featured address book, and context sensitive help bubbles. As well as MIME, YAM also has automatic support for Uuencode UUdecode.
¦ver [malaccew.ch' Qomam laccolith jg User ID ImBecK j 2 Bealname |MarcolB8c» l Eaaavord I . Cbeck formal every [1] mlnutei 2* y'i Col mat on startup yd Delete ma« on server Richard Marti : VAM.englsh uitte Richard Marti Re: SendAMaJ amtaet-repty® vuarchlve.w Am*»t mal server reply Richard Marti 8endAMa« It’s either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your viewpoint, but YAM makes extensive use of MUI which means that such things as fonts and window size are all completely under user control.
Role from otr sponsor: 1 Brevlous 11 (text YAM also has a built-in POP3 client making it extremely simple to install JARGON SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Until recently the main method of transferring Internet email to and from your computer.
POP3 Post Office Protocol (3). This is the pretender to the thrown in terms of email delivery. Some ISPs only support POP3 email delivery. In this case you'll need a copy of AmiPOP.
UUENCODE UUDECODE A method of encoding an 8-bit file into a form in which it can be transferred across the 7-bit email system of the Internet UNDERSTANDING MIME MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, and is a system for adding graphics and sound files (among many other things) to standard Internet mail messages. The method used for encoding the files is called Base64, and works in a similar (but typically uncompatible) way to UUENCODE.
IA IT ”0 -I m £ oo m JO mA VP os Basically a MIME message is a text file which contains a series of references to other data objects, known as "parts" or sometimes "partials". Each part contains a description header which contains it's name and a code representing the type of data which is stored in that part. The actual data itself (referred to as the "Body" part) can either be encoded directly into the MIME message itself, following it's header, or "attached" to the original message as an “external part" When the email message gets to its recipient (and providing of course that the
recipient's mail system is MIME compliant) then the message is split back up into it's original parts, and displayed appropriately. MIME is one of those ideas that although brilliant always surprises people when it actually works.
4F After introducing some of the general concepts involved in getting started with OctaMED, Darren Irvine takes a closer look at the techniques involved in song construction.
Torial RIGHT: When playing a song in OctaMED, any channels that have samples currently playing will display the real time waveforms of the samples in the window immediately below the main track window. You can freeze this display if you prefer.
G 3 G-2 G-2 F-3 M 11 l liiliM wi salMiTiTT||ms im: J Edit _| frKt _| Chord G G G F BELOW: You can use the sample editor to trim off parts of samples. In this case
- a breakbeat sample - you can quite clearly see where each part
of the break occurs within the sample, and it is fairly simple
to create new cut-up breakbeats by editing this sort of sample.
A CLOSER LOOK AT THE TRACK NOTATOR You will surely have noticed by now when you are editing a track that when you press a key to add a note, alongside the actual description of the note that you have entered (C-1 etc) there is a group of five numbers.
These numbers are in hex and can be separated into three groups. The first two hex numbers in the group represent the sample which you have used to play the note.
If you wish to change the sample that is used for a given block, rather than replaying the whole track, you can simply move down in step time and change this number to the one that represents the sample that you would prefer.
The next two numbers represent a controller that can be used to affect such variables such as the starting point from which a sample is played to the amount of slide (or portamento) that is applied to a note. We'll be taking a much closer look at the controls available and how to make the most of them later on. The last hex number in the group of five is the parameter for these controllers.
ML Last month we saw how the Amiga's keyboard was mapped into a representation of a typical piano keyboard, and we learnt how to load in samples and get them to play back at different pitches. We took a quick look around the main OctaMED screen, and got to grips with some of the concepts involved in OctaMED song writing. We also took a look at how to record an individual track composed of a series of samples, and how several tracks made up a block. Now we’ll take a closer look at some of OctaMED’s onscreen and menu based options and look at how to go about combining several blocks to form a
BLOCKS, SEQUENCES AND SONGS By now, you will probably have got to grips with stringing samples together to form tracks and the way in which a block is composed of a number of tracks. For now, it’s probably best to stick to OctaMED's four track mode - we’ll take a look at getting more from OctaMED using the expanded track modes later on.
When you first run OctaMED, there is only one block available for editing, but you can easily add new blocks using the block select window (click on the button marked B or select “Block Select” from the pull down menu).
As well as taking copies of existing blocks, you can add new blank blocks, and this block select window is also used to switch between which block you are editing when you have created several.
Keep adding blocks and modifying them until you think that you have created enough to string together to form a song. Remember that if you intend to repeat the same block several times in a song, you still only have to edit it once - this is where the sequence selection window comes in.
RIGHT: The block list editor is one that you will probably grow to be extremely familiar with - it lets you add new blocks to your song (there is initially only one) and jump around between blocks once you have created a few.
Chip: IM15ISM6 Flit: MI2243454 PliyiH MM _|FrMM lisfliy IE-2 pi l-i C-3 C-3 0112 mnt rronssnim s itijo mnntinm t my Burt-trost¦ o' Pliy Sam I (eat Sqm |iTiM|8KIK»taTh.t5 I 3272 Ity Blot11 (ant ilwliflwi lust teas... I Hit twit,., I Edit Siam 1 tie? IwiitlilsTotTim i lie i 101 m ABOVE: Looking at the track display in close up, the name of the note - G-3 or whatever is fairly obvious. This is followed by a group of five hex numbers. The first two represent the sample itself, the next two a control variable (10, 20 etc) and the last one a parameter for that controller.
By and large, an OctaMED song is represented by the Sequence. The Sequence is basically a list of which blocks appear in the song and in which order. So, when you have finished creating the blocks that you want to use in your song, the next step is to call up the sequence selection window (click on the button marked S or select “Sequence Select” from the pull down menu). Initially the list of blocks in the sequence selection window will either be blank or only have block 001 in it.
Appending blocks to the end of the list or inserting blocks is extremely simple - just click on the appropriate button.
Deleting blocks that form part of a 0000 a 60000 60000 ooooo 70000 OO 1 OH ”70000 00-10-1 7020C ”70000 0 0 0 0 0 7020 1 002203 70 1 07 0 0 1 0 1 I Ins to £eq Insert NewJ delete Rpp to Se.q Append New 080 058 la I Block List 000: 001: 002: 083: 004: 005: 006: - CREATIVE SEPTEMBER 1996 Shown Ghost Select ots G Current Song Only Ol PowerPacker Conpr.
Hibi 1 i Eapite3iaiiaiaaiiaciii3ia
- “-“- I tdllEnpty: gauss tan. Song _l j j Save Secondary Data
Create Icon Save Notation Data Save Instrunents Conpression
File Fomat: f HHD2 (OctaHED V5 J MND1 (OctaHED V3-V5) J MMDS
(NED & OctaHED) J Tracker Nodule &l No Conpression | Q| Save
Hulti-Hodule I Calculate Size | [8 bytes Save | Exit | In
normal circumstances you will save any songs that you have
created using OctaMED V5 in it's own format, but you have the
choice of older OctaMED and generic tracker module formats as
JARGON Sample The Amiga's internal sound system operates by playing back long strings of numbers which are a digitised representation of a sound - these strings are known as "samples".
Track This is the basic unit of a song composed on OctaMED (hence the descriptor - "tracker"). A track is basically a set number of notes (typically) 64 played automatically one after another at a given speed (the "tempo" of the track). As well as holding information about which note and which sample will play at a given position in a track, other control information can also be added.
Block A block is a group of up to 64 tracks, playing simultaneously. With OctaMED you can have up to eight tracks of internal samples, and the rest can be used to trigger external instruments via MIDI.
You can define up to 999 blocks per song.
Song A song is basically a number of blocks strung together - also known as a sequence. A song need not be composed entirely of separate blocks - indeed, it's common to play the same block a number of times before changing, and you can return to re-use a block as often as you like within a song.
Module Although you can save song data on it's own, and load the samples used in it separately, it is common to save both song and samples in one file - known as a "Module".
Want to save it. This is easy to do, and the save option can be selected from the pull-down menu. In almost every occasion, you will want to save any songs that you have created using OctaMED's own format, but you have the choice of older OctaMED and generic tracker module formats as well. These can be of use if you want to share a song with someone who only has an older copy of OctaMED, or if you want to output the song in tracker format for inclusion in a demo or game.
If you are saving the song for your own use, and don’t intend to give copies of it away, you may wish to save the song without it’s associated samples (which can be picked up separately from your sample list) to save space.
Another way of saving disk space is to save the song in compressed format (using the Powerpacker system).
Sequence is just as easy. There is no restriction to how many times a single block can be used as part of a sequence, either in groups of blocks or in a completely different part of the sequence.
When you have finished editing the sequence of blocks you have effectively created a song, and all that is left for you to do is to give it a name and save it do disk.
SAVING YOUR MASTERPIECE Once you have finished editing the sequence and are happy with the way your song sounds, you will of course Mi When saving you also have the option of using the Powerpacker compression system to make the songs smaller on disk - you'll have to pay a time penalty however.
3 On the main screen there is a bank of buttons that can be used to mute a particular track or tracks when a block or song is playing.
I Instead of saving the song complete with it's associated samples, you can choose to save the song, sequence, block and track data only.
Note that although you will indeed end up using less disk space if you save songs in this way, you’ll also find that it lakes noticeably longer to save and load them.
OCTAMED SONG CREATION OVERVIEW The following is a very simple outline of the steps required in creating a song using OctaMED. Of course, in practice you will find yourself jumping between stages here (for example, almost completing a song and then loading in more samples to finish it off), and it is also a good idea to save your work at frequent intervals before you have even got to the sequence editing stage (OctaMED supports an auto-save feature which we’ll look at later on).
Step 1. Load Samples.
Step 2. Edit Track Tracks to create a Block.
Step 3. Add new blocks and edit them until you have enough.
Step 4. Open the Sequence selection window and assemble your blocks into a song.
Step 5. Give the song a name and save it to disk.
Now that you know enough to begin to use OctaMED as a song writing tool, it’s a matter of practising and getting a feel for the way the program works. If you are already an experienced musician, you only have to adapt your way of working to suit OctaMED itself, but even if you are a THE OCTAMED NOTATION WINDOW If you are an experienced musician with the ability to read standard musical notation you will appreciate OctaMED's notation display mode.
Instead of representing a block using OctaMED's proprietary notation system, this mode makes use of the familiar note and stave notation.
It can be a bit tricky to get used to, even if you have been reading music notation for years, since initially all the note information from all of the tracks that make up the block in question are displayed.
However, a bank of control buttons can be used to determine which of the tracks belonging to the block are actually displayed. You can choose between either displaying or not displaying a given track, or having it's notes appear "ghosted" relative to other displayed tracks.
Whether or not this display mode is going to be of any use at all to a complete musical novice is questionable, but it can be nice for more experienced musicians to see a proper representation of their creations.
Complete novice with a bit of perseverance you should be able to use OctaMED as a learning tool as you grow in your musical ability.
Many well-known and respected module creators on the demo scene had no prior formal musical knowledge before starting to create OclnMED modules, so don’t worry if all your creations so far sound worse than 2-Unlimited.
Next month in our musical tutorial we’ll be taking a look at some more advanced techniques for handling samples within OctaMED, including how samples can be manipulated in real time using the note control information that can be added alongside the note in a track. *0?
SEPTEMBER 1996 CREATIVE Call up the materials window by pressing cright- amiga m . Enter a name that you will remember for the material and press return . Click on the mapping type Shadow map as well as Color. Click on the Color handler gadget until it is Noise active.
This month we’ll be creating a nice little landscape, complete with water, ground and a tree.
We’ll be using the fractal-based landscape and tree generators as well as employing some basic mapping techniques *2?
Now for the water. We'll start by creating a plane - using the Create Visible Rectangle menu or the Vis icon's rectangle icon. As with the landscape use the Top View to draw a rectangle, then position it at your desired wateMevel.
Change the object's colour by clicking on the Prop tool icon and shift-clicking on the first one of the new icons that pops up. Pick a colour from the ones available or create a new one using the RGB sliders.
Welcome to our second Real 3D 2 tutorial. As 2 with the first installment we'll be concentrating on the new features of version 2.
After clicking on Apply, select Create Mapping Parallel to select your new material. This will create a mapping for the object once you’ve drawn a rectangle. Perform an Environment render and see if you like it, if not try adding a texture file.
Fp«cu(ar(tv _ ‘I Spec . Bn loht . _ Br I 11 lanec JL Itr«ntpar»ncv I. Turbldltv .t ’ Iurb1d al. _ ' Refraction _ I doughnei* ¦ bither JL Ojhp height _ Eff»Ct __ CKPTMSlon_
r. r... c: m nai*o.
Click Bump map on and Colour map off and select Tile x and y on as well. This will turn our texture into a bump map and make sure that it's tiled or repeated over the surface. Change the rest of the settings to match the grab - or experiment.
Create another parallel mapping with the water material and then render. Not what you expected?
Sorry to do that to you but it's to give you an understanding of how Real 3D's hierarchies work and is easily remedied.
The problem is that both mappings are applied to both objects. To cure this, create two new levels using the Create Structure Level menu and rename them as Ground and Water by using Modify Properties Name.
Then cut-and-paste the objects and mappings into the levels using menus under Modify Structure.
Real 3D is an incredibly powerful program, but does have some exhaustive system requirements. You're quite likely to run out of memory at some point - I had 2Mb free from 24Mb of Fast RAM (I had 3 trees though)!
You can improve things by adding some virtual memory with a program like VMM or some real RAM. Real 3D tends to use as much memory as it can, but you can set the memory usage manually from a menu in the render options window.
Next, a background. Using your favourite paint or image processing package create an image to be used as the sky. I've gone for a rather cliched more- than-one-moon job. Create it at the same size you intend to render at.
We can't go into too much detail, but here's a few tips: draw the sphere small (this defines the branch width), the line defines branch length, Direct governs the branching directions, Gravity makes branches sag and the currently selected object will be used as leaves.
Press right-amigaxh to bring up the rendering screen and set the rendering type to Environment.
Next use the Images to define a backdrop (select your picture) and check the Backdrop image button.
Be warned you may run out of memory.
4P UJ s UJ a U Last month we mastered the concept of creating a Window which was larger than the screen display Now we can integrate it into the existing HTML code.
Process Processing HTML","Processing HTML ; Nothing is printed, at first Listing One: To make it possible for the user to scroll up and down, the program needs to calculate the height of the document.
F or ... .
, • * : IS! !®?
Off Off Off How far across the screen text can go Hlocate BLITZ ON THE INTERNET process tag:IS Gosub If you have Internet access, then there is plenty of material out there for you to download, make use of and learn from.
A particularly good example is the Binary Assault site, which contains general Blitz info as well as source code.
Go visit http: www.cet.com ~xbones and have a look at some pretty decent Blitz programming.
Process.text sub Endlf I et t er+ 1 Mend preview= Close existing screen and re-open one the right size 0 e,ght-£?osg6 he i ght =256 open_d ispI ay Off Next Return program pre-process the document to calculate the height.
Listing One shows what this segment of code looks like.
LOOPING You’ll notice that there is a loop (FOR scan=l TO 2) which causes the program to repeat the processing of the HTML code. You’ll also see that the There are several different strategies to deal with the unpredictable size of HTML documents - as we have already discussed in previous tutorials. Here is the method which I’ve used in this program:
1. Open a screen.
2. Open a standard 256-line window to start with.
3. Load in the HTML document, and process it. However, do not
print anything at this stage.
4. Calculate how many lines the display would be if it were
5. Close the initial window, and open a new one of suitable
6. Display the HTML document in the new window
7. Make it possible for the user to scroll up and down the
document as required.
So far our program has worked in a “single parse” manner in that it has processed and displayed the HTML document in one go. With this new approach, we need to make the variable “preview” is the key: to start with it is set to ON and this is checked for by any routine which prints to the screen.
Have a look at Listing Two which illustrates the routine that normally prints a horizontal line to the screen.
Take special note of all the extra code that is required.
Open_display Define and open a Screen and Mindow Def ine 4 BitMap 8,640,height,2 8,8."Project"
8. 8.0.8,"Load ","L"
8. 8.0.1.“Save", S VD (Js a Define Gadgets
B,-16,8,128*2+1824,1,16,744 Open a Special Window
O' UJ QQ s UJ h- o. UJ Window SetHenu Sosub WindowF Return 4F
CONSTANTS There are several variables in the HTML browser
listing which don't change their values once they have been
Since these variables don't actually "vary", we can replace them with a special variable called a constant.
Constants are really substituted with the value of the variable at compile time, rather like a miniature macro.
As a result, they take up less memory, work faster and are safer as they cannot be accidentally changed by your program.
To define a constant, use a hash " " symbol before the variable name.
Litz Browser Tetioe.UniijISii Welcomel This is a demonstration of the HTML browser written in Bktz Basic for Amiga Format This is a simple file which contains Me in the way of HTML codes, You should be able to add support for all the HTML tags you need without too much effort Tags which you should consider supporting include list and table tags. You’ll also need to deal wfeh Ms, but I think 1 have that one already sussed out and we can s ee if I get working in time for next month.
Also need to deal with links, but I think I haw that one already sussed out and we can see if 1 get woridng in time for next monfo.
Having the opportune to parse the document twice actually makes things a lot easier, If gives you the chance to check graphics files and prepare any images which need rendered. Of course, lack ofsupport for 01F or JPEG in Bite makes that quite tricky, although a little bird tells me that there could beDatatype support before very long Hello there!
Hi But this should be boUvdfalk SCROLLING The first time through the loop, Preview is still set to ON, and this triggers the closure of the existing window, and the creation of a new window of the right size.
Because we don’t know the size of the display until the program is actually running and an HTML document loaded, we need to alter various other aspects of the program: specifically the code required to look after the vertical proportional gadget which is used to scoll up and down the screen.
When setting up the gadget, it’s MACROS We've already seen how Statements can be used to package up subroutines which may be called more than once, but there is another way: MACROS.
You may have used Macros on a word processor - you program a key to insert a pre-defined word or sentence.
Blitz Macros work in a similar way. You define a Macro like this: Macro name ; Contects of macro end Macro Here's an example.
Macro bigprint Nprint "This is printed" Nprint "by a macro." End Macro HOW DO YOU USE A MACRO?
Now to use the macro, you would use code like this: ; Start of program ! Bigprint ibigprint mousewait The difference between a macro and a statement is that the macro code is not merely called: it's actually substituted.
So when the compiler is looking at the code in the example program, it actually sees this: ; Start of program Nprint "This is printed" Nprint "by a macro." Nprint "This is printed" Nprint "by a macro."
Mousewait necessary to know what sort of range it will be moving through and what sort of values it’s supposed to return. This is illustrated most clearly in Listing Three.
This is the code which opens the Window. It was taken from the start of the listing and converted into a subroutine, because it now needs to be called whenever a new HTML document is loaded: before it was only called once at the start of the program.
Other changes to the program include a fixing of a bug which meant that larger text wasn’t spaced out properly. For some reason I had neglected to keep the variable “sizey” up to date: it’s this variable which decides how far down the screen the cursor should move at the end of every line. Listing Four shows the new and improved code segment, with the altered section highlighted.
ADAPTING Adding the scrolling code to the HTML display engine wasn’t particularly difficult, but it’s made a huge difference to the way the program works. You should be able to adapt the program to add more gadgets without much trouble (have a look at other programs to see how they deal with scrolling and loading and saving).
Remember you can get the full source code on the Amiga Format CD- ROM or from my Web page which has the URL: http: www. Webzonel.co.uk www johnk. 'Uj WHY WOULD YOU USE A MACRO?
Sometimes it can make more sense, and it can also save you a lot of typing.
It's also a lot faster than calling subroutines, because the code is always there - there is no jumping around and returning.
You can use parameters with Macros too. Use the back apostrophe (press ALT and the key above TAB) with either a number (1, 2, 3, 4 etc) or a letter (a, b, c, d etc) when you need to refer to the parameter. The 0 parameter is special and refers to the number of parameters present.
Here is an example of parameter passing: Macro bigprint ('1+'2+'3+'4) End Macro Nprint "start" Nprint !bigprint 10,20,30,40} MouseWait This is expanded to: Nprint "start" Nprint (10+20+30+40) MouseWait Macros are not as flexible as statements, and you should simply substitute one for the other. Be particularly careful when passing complicated mathematical values into the macro and if in doubt, put brackets around everything.
At last we can scroll through documents larger than 256 lines.
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Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Reasonable sized hard drive, 4Mb RAM, Workbench 2+ and a 68020 CPU. I'm quite sure that even the most serious users like to take a break and play the odd game every now and then and they should be able to use games software that uses their machine to its full potential in the same way as any decent piece of serious software should. I believe software written to make use of at least extra RAM and faster CPU's would put a little bit of the WOW!
Back into Amiga games.
The point of this letter is, if yourselves and all the other Amiga magazines were to put As I live on Dartmoor I find it very hard to make other Amiga contacts so this seems to be as a good way of finding a copy. I would be very grateful if I could use my CD-ROM drive again.
Mr A J Holcroft Devon Is there anyone out there who can perhaps help Mr Holcroft?
GOING INTO OVERDRIVE I have had an Amiga now for six years, and have always been more than happy with first my A500, and now my 1200, which I use mostly for music.
Last year I decided to buy myself a CD-ROM drive (an important purchase these days). So I was very happy that you have decided to put a CD as a cover gift on the front of your magazine. I bought the first one in the June issue, everything worked fine until I came to the Wordworth demo, which crashed! So I decided to reload my OS, thinking that I had taken some important libraries off it.
But unfortunately when it came to reinstalling my CD software I found that my disk is ruined!
Checksum errors all over and horrors of horrors I had committed the worst crime of my life, (maybe) and not made a backup copy. DiskSalve could not save it nor Fix Disk. If I had made a copy I cannot find it amongst the hundreds and hundreds of floppies that I have collected over the years. So I decided to find the advert in your mag of the company that I had brought it from (Indi Direct) but they are sadly no longer in existence nor are the actual manufacturers, Zappo.
So I am writing to ask if there is anybody out there who might have a copy of this particular piece of software which is Overdrive CD. OverCD install disk by ARCHOS.
There appears to be a lot of talk in the Amiga media about software being held back due to a lack of users with hard drives, RAM, accelerators or up-to-date operating systems.
This is understandable, especially with software sales of late. But isn't it as much of a risk not to try and sell software that doesn't make use of today's hardware?
If you were to take a look at the letters in Workbench over say the past six months, you should notice that most Amiga users now have as least a hard drive, extra RAM, Workbench 2+ and a lesser extent, although still a good majority, own an accelerator or a factory standard 68020 or better.
The A1200 should be looked at as the entry level Amiga in terms of RAM and CPU, but now there are plenty of older 68000 based machines upgraded well beyond the power of an out of the box 2Mb RAM 170Mb hard drive A1200.
You can even get an A600 running at higher specifications than a bog standard A1200 and as for all the other 68000 owners, upgrading your CPU has never been so cheap and that's an obvious sign to the software houses that Amiga owners are updating their systems.
Products don't normally get any cheaper unless they're selling.
Anyone using their machine for more than just games couldn't really work with less than a together an independent survey of people's systems, like you've done in the past, this survey could then be passed on to various software houses providing valid information on what people have and want for their beloved machines.
This could provide the step forward many people have been waiting for. I don't think this should be too much trouble for yourselves or any other magazine, after all your always telling us how much you care about the Amiga.
Look upon it as a way of proving how grateful you are and showing that it's the least thanks you can give to thousands of loyal readers every month.
I am confident that ten minutes with a pen is not too much to ask of anyone who wants to keep the Amiga live.
Paul M Green London And commission a survey is exactly what we have done. Not only will this help us, and the Amiga developers and dealers who advertise with us, but also all of our readers too.
The more we know about you and your machine, the more we can adapt Amiga Format to your needs, and the better we are at campaigning on your behalf.
Please turn to page 23 and take the time to fill in and return the survey.
SLAMMED I don’t like criticising your excellent magazine but I that feel I must. Your recent review of the game Slam Tilt had me with my hand in my pocket waiting with baited breath for its release. Whilst waiting I read a review of this game in CU Amiga who also gave it a rave review but mentioned to my dismay that it was not hard drive installable.
Now here is where my criticism begins why did YOU not inform me this was the case as I refuse to waste my money on ANY game that is not HD installable. In this day and age it is totally inexcusable. Why not use copy protection manuals like most of the software companies. What makes it more unbelievable is that this is a company who’s last three pinball games were all HD installable.
Now back to you, why can’t you have a policy to knock 20% off a games score for not being HD installable? If you said “this game scores only 73% but Continued overleaf 4 everybody is fallible, except for us. You may send your apology to the usual address. And no, cm FPU won’t speed up Breathless.
WALKING BACK TO HAPPINESS When Viscorp, or Phase 5 or whoever, decides to design and produce a new Amiga computer 1 hope for their sake that they realise how difficult it will be for them to make a profit from it.
Of all the companies like Sinclair, Dragon, Oric, Acorn, SAM, Amstrad, Commodore and Atari that have decided to launch themselves into the home computer market, the one thing that unites them is that their habit of making products that nobody wants to buy has left them either bankrupt, bought out, or just plain stuffed.
However, mistakes are there to be learnt from, and there is a definite pattern to the popularity of home computers that must be observed. This is that the biggest element that separates the C64s from the Atari Falcons is the “WOW” factor of a computer’s capabilities when it is first launched. Power is what the whole computer industry is interested in, and if your new computer can’t do a lot of things that already popular machines can manage, then there’s precious little that will encourage software people to take an interest in your machine and give it the software support that will make it
seem worth buying over established products. A rough guide to making a truly successful It's Slam Tilt, the excellent pinball game, and it can be installed onto your hard drive.
if it had been HD installable it would easily have been worth 93%” this might scare the company into making it so.
P. S. Three months ago I saved up £300 pounds to buy a Sony
Playstation and on my way to buy it I ended up at Gordon
Harwoods and spent all my money on a Blizzard 1230IV with 4Mb
which 1 still haven’t regretted, so to all you would be
Playstation Saturn owners don’t do it buy an 030 accelerator
P. P.S. If I added a 50MHz FPU to my accelerator would it speed
up games like Breathless even more than they are already, or
would it be barely noticeable.
Mr G Rodgers Sheffield We do mention when games are not HD installable, if that would impede playing the game. We did not say Slam Tilt couldn ’t be installed to a hard drive, et; because it can. I have it installed on my drive right now. The lesson you have learnt here is that PROTECTION RACKET I have written in to make a little complaint. Do not worry, for it is not aimed at your wonderful mag, but at the computer games industry. Now, before you put my letter in the bin, this is not another letter complaining about prices, but one about a lot of games publishers' refusal to acknowledge the
fact that a lot of people out there do, in fact, have hard drives. Of course, their reply for making games "NDOS:" is the old "Piracy...blah....moan" reason.
Have they not heard of Xcopyl This is a PD utility, among others, that can 'backup' these types of disk. So, what we have is a way of increasing production costs, that also makes games hard disk uninstallable. Oh, and it means that any pirates out there have to fork out a whole 99p!
Richard has lost his favourite Mortal Kombat all because the game is "NDOS:".
And that's not all. My beloved Mortal Kombat II disks have become corrupted. Luckily, I have DiskSalve2. But would you believe it, MKII is "NDOS:" so I can't repair it. Aaaarrrggghhh! Now, you've all played Worms, and you've all used the nice little protection booklet, and 99.9% of you wouldn't even think of copying all the codes out!
Come on games makers. If you're going to protect your work then please, please, please, no more "NDOS:" disks. There are much better solutions to piracy than this!
One last thing. Several games, for example Worms and Lemmings 2, use any available extra memory to load extra sound effects. Would it not be possible for multi-disk games to use available extra memory (I have 6Mb) to load the data from all of the disks into memory, thereby eliminating disk swaps completely (although initial loading time would, obviously, be increased).
Thanks for the Final Writer Coverdisk. It rates second to the AmosPro disk.
Richard Martin Leicestershire A fair point. Although given the unscrupulousness of the pirate community, you can understand why they like to take such precautions.
Games could make use of extra memory to store more information from the disks, but the downside is, this would take ages. However, for some games (and here I'm thinking of Primal Rage for example) it would be a great benefit. Programmers should take note.
HIGHLANDS % By Dave Higton Dave Higton sent us this example of his work. He used Photogenics 1.2SE on a 10Mb A1200 030 and drew the whole thing freehand. Apparently, it took him "a bloody long time".
Dave has also created two great-looking Worms levels which may be found in the ScreenPlay Utilities drawer.
The time its capabilities were the norm in approximately the year 2002 it would be an integrated, value for money package that could do almost everything you would want a PC for, for about half the price, and a market leader to boot.
The next Amiga computer released could decide if it will ever be possible again to have a modern home computer available for less than the price of a fully fitted kitchen. Five years may seem like a long time to wait for an Amiga that is both affordable and well supported, but history shows that it’s that or nothing. , 1 those people who emailed Viscorp asking for something nice and cheap should contact them again to say that they've changed their mind.
Grant Sutcliffe Dorset IN AGREEMENT I would like to write to agree entirely with J. Tunnicliffe’s opinion on the future shape of our Continued overleaf 4 cheap, Hi-Res PC monitors. An A2000-type big box version for power users. If released in early 1998 at a similar price to an expensive PC, and with good productivity, emulator and Internet programs, this machine would easily be the best home computer available. Game developers, and particularly American ones, would get the same kind of high-tech fever that made them program games for the 3D console and early PC-CD. They would start making the
kind of games that are as much of an advance from the low-quality FMV and crude 3D graphics of modern games as the MegaDrive was a step on from 8-bit systems. Rich computer buyers looking for a state of the art computer for games and general home use would choose the new Amiga over a PC for its value and unmatchable, unavailable elsewhere games.
This bulk of users would keep the Amiga as an attractive machine to software developers as it became less technically outstanding, and by i m -o H m 5 oo m 73 VO VO a home computer is to make a machine with the graphics power of the next “generation” of game consoles a few years before they arrive.
The Commodore 64 could at least match the abilities of the 8-bit Sega Master and Nintendo Entertainment Systems: It sold 15 million. The Amiga A500 fell slightly short of the power of the Mega Drive and SNES: it sold three and a bit million, The A1200 could match the abilities of the Mega Drive and SNES a few years AFTER they came out: it sold about 9000 units last Christmas, at a mere three years old.
So, a new Amiga is going to be brought out. Assuming that nobody is daft enough to only make a PowerMac style big-box computer, here is one scenario: A new one-piece A1200-style Amiga with CD-ROM is released in early 1998 at the price of a cheap PC.
It has the processor power of a Pentium and extra chips giving similar 3D and FMV capabilities to a Playstation, at a time when Pentiums are the bare minimum PC specification and the Playstation is over three years old and costs less than £150. It has no owners, little software, and nothing that makes pampered games developers take an interest in what they can do with it.
Computer buyers prefer computers with decent programs available for them and therefore buy inferior Pcs. Most diehard Amiga fans either can’t afford it or prefer to wait to see if it falls in price and rises in popularity. It doesn’t. Viscorp fail to recoup the cost of production and go bankrupt. R.I.P. Amiga.
Here are my suggestions for a successful alternative: A compact 32Mb computer based around a RISC processor running at about 400MHz. 3D textured polygon processors of a similar power, and broadcast quality video from a 1.7 gigabyte high density CD-ROM.
Full colour high-resolution graphics. An internal 3.5” hard drive, and no floppy drive but an industry standard Zip-type high- capacity drive as an option for those who want a removable medium (this would also help keep the price down). PC standard joystick, mouse, modem and printer ports. The ability to display all games and utilities on TV or beloved machine (Issue 86).
I mean, what was wrong with the desktop Amiga 4000s? They provided easy expandability and they looked like a computer, rather than the Walker’s “Dustbuster” image. Plus, the 4000s cost about the same three years ago as the Walker’s proposed price, only it looked a darn sight better and was more expandable from the word go!
If Viscorp want an intermediate machine before the arrival of the RISC machines, then I think resurrected 4000 desktops would be an all round better option than the Walker.
On the subject of the lack of new software for the Miggy, then how about this for an unoriginal idea. Through you Amiga Format guys, we get together a petition to send to the major software houses and request that they port some of their best titles to the Amiga. Get people to write, email or whatever, but get a large bunch of owners and professionals (such as David Pleasance if he’d agree) to put their names to a petition and send it to Psygnosis, LucasArts, Ocean, Gremlin, and so on. Point out the success of the top selling Amiga titles and give them a base machine specification to aim at
A1200 with a 50MHz ’030, 4Mb RAM, and a CD-ROM drive?) And shotv them that we Amiga owners can make them MONEY! Who knows, maybe we will see Discworld, Hexen, or the Bitmaps Z ported across to our favourite machine after all PS Does anyone know if there is a way to get Shadow Fighter AGA to run from a hard drive on a 1200 with a 28MHz ’020 Blizzard 1220 4 unit, because I am having no joy at all!
ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN... Neil Sanderson Derbyshire Some, well reasoned arguments there.
'What do our other readers think ? There is plenty of opportunity for all of you to express yourselves in our reader sumey.
SOLD OUT Firstly a complaint, I have tried in vain in the sleepy little town of Holbeach to buy the July issue of Amiga Format CD. There are three shops that sell magazines in my town Fourbuoys, Paperchain and a Somerfield store. All had the disk versions, but none had the CD.
I and a friend both have A1200’s with hard drives and CD- ROMs and we will always buy a CD version of a magazine if there is one available. But if they are not on the shelves how do you expect them to sell?
Ok, so you could say we could subscribe, then we would be sure to get the CD versions, but if everybody with CD-ROMs did this what would happen to the potential new users of the Amiga.
If CD-ROM versions of magazines are not on display how will they know they are available?
Now for some helpful information for users of Amiga’s who also own Psion Series 3 computers. A brilliant little program is available on the Aminet called AmigaNCP, this will allow Since you have brought out two versions of Amiga Format, I have found that the shops that sell the magazine normally, will only sell the ordinary disk version. They don't seem to know anything about the CD version. There doesn't seem to be much interest in Amiga magazines now, they are usually put into a corner, to make way for all the PC magazines. Why don't you just have one magazine, and make the CD available to
readers who are interested, by coupon.
U. P. O'Donell Dorset The reason you don't see it in a lot of
shops is, either they haven't ordered it, or they have sold
You to back-up files from your Psion to your Amiga hard drive.
All you need to use it is AmigaNCP Link (the serial lead). You then get an icon on your Workbench that represents the Psion and you can read and write files to it just like any other device.
A CD FULL OF WORMS shows that the Amiga is not as far behind the PC as it at first may seem. All we need now is a cheap, high- powered, next-generation Amiga, (along with a cheap accelerator card for current Amiga owners) and we will be able to laugh hysterically at PC owners once again. The DEC Alpha Chip, mentioned in your news pages, seems an attractive proposition.
On the subject of Cds, have you heard that Team 17 are releasing a Worms Enhancements CD for the AGA Amigas in July? (Hey, if you don't believe me, give Team 17 a call!) It might be a good idea to include custom levels and sample sets on the cover Cds.
Finally, maybe your cover Cds, Team 17‘s Worms Enhancements venture, along I’1 j'fxpfl* with the Personal Suite and v rf * Photogenics 2 will finally give hica Amiga commercial CD-ROM the i "r kick-start (no pun intended) it has so badly needed over the past few years.
Ian Griffiths Wolverhampton Well, that is part of the reason we wanted to produce a CD version in the first place. If you have any good ideas about the sort of stuff we should be including on the CD, please write in and let us know.
For instance, quite often at lunch breaks I tap out a letter on my Psion and then when I get home I transfer the file to my Amiga, load it into Wordworth edit, spell check it and then print it out.
The spreadsheet files can also be transferred. AmigaNCP is a brilliant and very useful utility and I would recommend it to anyone with a Psion and an Amiga.
Nigel V. French Lincolnshire Unfortunately, we can’t force newsagen ts to stock copies of the magazine because it is entirely up to them. Some newsagents may think that they luon't be able to sell the CD version. They are obviously very wrong, because the CD version is in huge demand. The only way to get around this is to ASK THE NEWSAGENT.
First of all, congratulations on two counts:
a) For being a great mag in general,
b) For being the first Amiga mag to make cover Cds a permanent
installment. I've bought the first two, and I haven't even got
my CD-ROM Drive yet! Not only does the cover CD benefit the
readers (well, those who've got a CD-ROM drive anyway), but it
also If en ough people ask then they will start to stock the
mag regularly. And then they can reserve a coj)y for you.
Thanks for the Psion3 tips. I wonder how many A miga owners
have Psions ? '2?
Small newsagents may have decided not to stock the CD version, but they will be able to get it for you if you ask them, and you will be able to find it at W H Smith's and John Menzies.
A coupon is a nice idea, but it wouldn't work. We wouldn't be able to estimate how many Cds to produce so easily, overseas readers would have to wait ages for their mag, send off the coupon and then wait ages for the CD too, and it would be much more expensive for us, and ultimately, for the reader.
We have tried to keep the cost of producing the CD down, and you may also have noticed that we charge a lot less for our CD version than some other Amiga magazines on the market.
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Although you can order just one issue for £2.95, subscribing is much better. It saves time, money and effort, and as Amiga Review is a mail-order only magazine, it makes sense too! A three month subscription is just £6.50, with a whole year being only £19.95. Just fill in this form, cut it out, or photocopy it, and send it to the address below, enclosing a cheque or PO.
Dear MediaSoft, Please send me Amiga Review in the form I have chosen below.
SUBSCRIBE David Pettifer is the editor of Amiga Review.
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We explain and test adventure games, upgrades & the Internet as well as taking a look at buying the latest printers!
Multi-player games Multi-player games are the most addictive types of games ever released! We examine them!
Blitz Basic Not only do we have a review of this excellent programming language, but the first in a series of tutorials for the beginner by our programming guru, Matt Parsons.
Your guide to DTP We take a look at what DTP is all about, the best programs to use & how to be a pro!
How we create AR From laying it out to getting it through your door, we explain how AR is produced!
Vulcan Interview We have a four-page interview with Paul Carrington, Director of Vulcan Software Games!
All the latest games reviewed and explored, plus we have features on adventure games and multi-player games!
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Tin Toy Adventure The latest platform game from Mutation Software, is reviewed!
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Prices may change without prior notification. Sent to press 10.07.96 E .& O.E. rj David Taylor introduces this powerful David Taylor acts the monkey with this Coverdisk. Amazing animation and 90s style Boulderdash clone and gets video effects at your fingertips. Wired with Kumquat.
Boulderdash is still considered one of the finest games ever by the A 1’team and we welcomed the chance to include five levels of this new 90’s style revamp. The original gameplay has been retained, but all the graphics and sounds have been updated and there’s a whole host of new features.
In Herman you must move your character around the levels, collecting all the bananas before you can exit the level. Each level has a timer, so you’re playing against the clock. Helping and hindering you on the levels are a variety of objects and obstacles. The ones you should immediately notice are the boulders!
Herman can free boulders by walking through the earth that surrounds them. Notice that he can hold a boulder up if he stands underneath one, but that if he then moves down, the boulder will fall on him. So, if you’re under a boulder, move to the side! You can use boulders and other objects by pushing them around the screen and dropping them on things.
The controls for the game are simple - the usual joystick controls with fire performing actions. P pauses the game, Q kills Herman, Esc quits the current game and Help quits the game completely. In case you haven’t seen the instructions - make sure your disk is write-enabled, A We've got a selection of great programs for you this month. Herman is an exciting Boulderdash clone, there's a re-creation of Zolyx and an exclusive version of the excellent video titling package X-DVE.
M§T§«yfro* dfB: to dfB: Slit’ in device DFB C to abort: rtnibr&.t2 cgPV.fron .
Ress RETURN to begin copying or Jing cylinder 79, B Reading _ . Insert disk to copy because your position is saved to disk. Now for a quick look at some of the new features of the game: FIRE - Objects that fall into fire are not destroyed, but stored until the space underneath the fire is walked over, allowing the object to drop back out. Note that objects may be hidden inside fire.
WATER - When trapped water is released, it will flood the level and should be avoided unless you have a lifebelt.
LEGO BRICKS - Some walls are made up of Lego bricks. These can be destroyed using switches. Push a switch next to a wall and press fire. One switch can destroy all the purple lego walls on a level, but will only destroy the red bricks that are on the screen.
BOMBS - Some bombs look pretty much like boulders. They are exploded by dropping boulders onto them but note that you can position them first by pushing them around.
MONSTERS-There are three types of monster.
Red monsters bounce randomly and when killed turn into food drink. The purple and green monsters follow walls round and also turn into food when killed, but other monsters simply explode when you kill them.
This disk contains the full Shareware game of 30 levels, but to access past the first five, you need to register and get the necessary password.
You can register by sending £5 to the author, Paul Thompson at 10 Herrigton Court, Woodham, Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham, DL5 4RA. Cheques are acceptable.
Hint: If you get a little stuck on the first level then move the bomb to the right of the room and drop a boulder on it to blow up the wall.
Lateral thinking is definitely the key to success in Herman.
This is one of those games with that all praised playability. It's a re-creation of another classic game, Zolyx and I have been searching for a good Amiga version for years. You control a dot on the screen and the aim is to create boxes which will be filled in when you complete them, turning them into coloured plasma boxes. The idea is to take the screen from empty to as complete as required. Stopping you from doing this are a set of bouncing dots, which if they hit you will kill you. As you draw a box, you will leave a vulnerable trail behind you, which is solidified when you complete the
box. Until then though you will get you killed if a dot hits it. You cannot go back on yourself or complete a box by crossing your own line.
You also have a certain number of reverse field generators. These are started by pressing fire and will reverse the direction that all the dots are bouncing in. This disk contains the first five levels, but you can register by sending £6 KUMQUAT WORMS - CUSTOM LEVELS There’s also a set of custom levels for the game Worms. These are archived on the Coverdisk and you need a blank, formatted disk to store them.
When you’ve formatted a disk, boot the Coverdisk and de-archive the levels automatically. The levels can then be loaded into Worms, loading them from the menu, or copied to the TWCustom drawer on your hard drive - if you have it installed on one. To load a level, you can right click when the level is loading and type in the new name. There are no icons for the levels, but if you want to see them, you can load them into a picture viewer. If you want to copy them across, use a file manager, the Shell or select Show All Files from the Window menu in Workbench. To use these levels, you need the
original worms game (obviously)!
I know that we always say that you should always have your Coverdisk write-protected, but this time, you must have the disk write- enabled in order to load the game as your position is saved to disk. Make sure that you make a copy of your Coverdisk before playing the game. If you wreck your Coverdisk because you don't, then don't call us. You won't get any sympathy!
To the author D Schofield at: 6 Patten Close, Unsworth, Bury, Gtr Manchester, BL9 8PY.
Prices vary for users outside of Britain. All the details can be found in the Readme file on the disk, which can be read by loading Workbench and double clicking on the icon.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type enddi to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, including an SAE, for a free replacement to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford BD4 7BH 2 Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: ol HorkDench _____ _ BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below..
B. iiB3.8: diskcopy fron dfB: to dfB: Insert disk to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device DFB Press RETURN to begin copying or
CTRL-C to abort: ing cylinder 79, 8 to go ¦t disk to copy to
(DESTINATION disk) in device DFB .._i RETURN to continue or
CTRL-C to abort: ieHB3V " endclfel * t0 9° 3 When asked for
the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and
press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied
from the disk into memory.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
§L.,., u, v .. :nsert°disK'to copv*frof»U(s6uRCEl'd|s!() In device DFB Press RETURN to begtn copying or CTRL-C to abort: to (DI &?8rTI0N disk) in device DFB Press RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort: Iboot up with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
Ew Shell process .
,WB3.0: diskcopy from df8: to df8: .... Shell process 4
I. MB3.8: diskcopy fron dfB: to dfB: opy fron (SOURCE di M _
David Taylor brings you the low-down on the complete X-DVE
package and the other utilities that feature on this month's
amazing Coverdisk.
Animation brush. The IFF brushes and animations are the type used by Dpaint and other paint packages. To select the type of object, you scroll through them in the Object section. Once you have selected the type, click on Add and a requestor will pop up asking you to select the file you want to use. In the case of the IFFs, you select the brush or Anim brush and for text, you simply enter the text in, then choose the font, style and colour. If you want to check how any of them look, click on the Show button in the requestor and it will be displayed.
SETTING FRAMES When you OK the selection, the object will appear in the Object listing. You now click on the right hand side of the Object and another requestor will appear, showing the setup for that object. Obviously this starts out blank. In the frames section, you need to set the start frame, which is the frame number at which this object will become active. Bear in mind that here is one area of computing where the Amiga is still considered streets ahead, despite years without a new model and that’s video. Any Amiga owner can dump their output to video thanks to the fact that the Amiga has
always been TV compatible. For better quality' and more professional video work, more specific hardware is required, but the Amiga alone can be used to start with and it can grow with you. This concept is alien on any other platform.
With this in mind, X-DVE is a package that should have everyone with artistic leanings itching to play. Essentially, X-DVE is a package which can create animations and although initially intended for video titling it can also be used for more general art work. X-DVE even has its own file format which means that animations are faster and smoother than the Anim format we have become accustomed to in Dpaint.
Standing for eXtended Digital Video Effects generator, it consists of an integrated GETTING STARTED Although X-DVE is a remarkably powerful program, it is very easy to use. Taking each element a step at a time, you can soon create the most amazing animations. When you have installed the software (see the box concerning installation), you need to start the program and begin a new project. Even though the screen starts up as a blank project, you must actually click on the New button in the Project section because certain parameters, like screen resolution and the number of colours has to be
selected before you start.
With a project started, all you need to do is add in the objects and you’ll have a full animation. An object can be one of three things: a string of text, an IFF brush or an IFF Forma- THE OBJECT Set the type of effect X-DVE will use to bring in the object Once a type of effect has been selected, you can adjust the parameters for the effect with this Sets the frame number for the start of this object.
Sets the number of frames for each effect phase Frames Set the co-ordinates that the object will be held at during the pause phase or choose the position with the mouse by clicking on the Pause button.
The Out effect is handled in exactly the same way as the In one.
Previeuj If you are happy with the effect you can OK it or preview it in block form here.
- v-r.- -'•Vrt’Sh selection of miscellaneous effects that will
bring the object in by splitting it into sections and joining
all the sections together over a set of frames in the manner
you choose. You can also choose where the effect centre will be
on the object and how big the sections of the object will be.
There is also a fourth selection, which is Continued overleaf 4
using a different number of frames to appear and disappear.
On the right of the requestor, there are three sections the In, Pause and Out sections.
Clicking on Set in the DVE In section gives you the choice of three types of effect: Move, Slide and Wind. The Move effect brings the object into the animation by physically moving it across the screen from the direction that you select. The Slide opuon allows you to bring the object in by a variety of sliding effects, such as rotation or splicing. The Wind effect is another X-DVE runs at 50 frames per second. You then set the In frame number-which is the number of frames over which the effect will bring in that object, the Pause number - which is the number of frames that the object will
remain on screen without any effect being applied and then the Out number - which is the number of frames that the effect will use to remove the object.
The advantage of having the objects controlled like this is that you can have multiple objects brought in at different frame numbers, READ ME FIRST!
The minimum requirements for X-DVE are a 1Mb Amiga with two floppy drives, but as you would expect for an animation effects package, the better system you have, the more you will get out of the program. More memory and a hard drive are recommended.
To install the software, boot Workbench. If you are installing to a hard drive, use the X-DVE installer for the main package and the Extras (hard drive) installation script. If you are installing to floppies, use the X-DVE installer and install only the main program as there isn't room on a single floppy for the complete package. You will need a stripped down version of Workbench with space on for the libraries and fonts. Make a copy of Workbench and delete some of the sections and use this only for X-DVE. The rest of the package can be installed using the X-DVE part 2 script, which will
install the extra utilities to this new floppy too. If you want to install the extras alone, you can do this using the separate Extras installation script.
When you install to floppies, make sure that the Coverdisk is in the external or second drive (df1:) and that you have two spare, formatted floppies which need to be inserted into the internal drive (dfO:).
107 ¦ 1 r Br 0 2 fir | 3 4 5 6 | The Slide effect window has 24 different slide effects.
BELOW LEFT: Wind effects can be used with objects and there are loads of them to choose from.
BELOW RIGHT: The Display Setup Frames window shows you how each object fits into the entire animation.
blank for when you need to delete any effects chosen.
Each of the different effect types has its own requestor which allows you to choose the specific effect and how "big” it is. For instance, if you decide to bring an object in by imploding all the sections, you’ll want the radius of the effect to be larger than the screen so that all the elements come in, rather than simply appearing from nowhere.
If you want to preview an effect, you can do so in the Setup Object requester and the effect will be shown using a set of blocks. If you then decide that you want to change the effect, you can modify the selected effect by clicking on its icon or select from one of the three different types of effect by clicking on Select.
The Pause section determines where on the screen the object will be placed - that is where the In effect will bring the object to and where the Out effect will take it from (remember that you set the number of frames that it will remain in the Pause position in the Frames section earlier). You can enter the position by entering the X and Y coordinates or by clicking the Pause button and positioning the object with the mouse.
The DVE Out section is identical to the In section and controls the effects for removing the object.
When you have set all the parameters, you can move on to the next object and build up a complex animation or titling sequence piece by piece. If you want to have a backdrop for the entire animation, simply choose an object and set it without effects to be held in Pause throughout the whole animation.
Shows a graph with each bar split into the three sections, so you can see how they all fit together. If you want to acljust an object so that it fits better with another, simply click on the Object in this window and you can change the frame numberings.
When you have set the animation as you want, you can render the animation, either in memory or to disk as a set of IFF frames. If you render the animation in memory, you can save it out in the new XFA format. There are different types of compression available too. If you want to play an XFA animation without X-DVE or convert an animation to IFF format, you can do this using the separate XFA Utility supplied. There is much more to this package than we can deal with here, so do read the complete AnigaGuide reference that is in the package.
Aid when you’ve finished being amazed by the excellence of this version of X-DVE, you can take up the special A miga Format offer to upgrade to version 2 with all the new features it offers - see page 111 for details.
Play ¦_i US m Mem BUILDING A SCRIPT As you enter more objects, you will build up a script for the animation (there are several demo scripts including with the package). You should save this script periodically so that you can not only keep the final animation, but also all the elements so that you can change things easily. If you get confused by the number of frames each object uses and where it is placed in the animation, you can see this by clicking on the Clock icon in the Script section. This will open the Display Setup Frames window which ' The Amountains program can generate some pretty
good fractal iandcapes.
EXTRA UTILITIES There are also another three utilities included on this month's disk. The first is a fractal landscape generator called Amountains, which can create a spectacular scene (tip: if you want to save out a scene, then use a screen grabber).
There is also Nteddy, a virtual Teddy bear(!) That you can zoom around, from the creator of the excellent Navigator programs. There's also a short hack which can make your window titles scroll animating text.
All these programs have different system requirements, which we haven't got room to cover here, but read the docs for each program to find out.
• V.V.v.sV.y MovieWorld Film, TV, Music and Models Memorabilia
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T-SHIRTS Sale: £6-99 each. Black and XL only JUDGE DREDD: Dredd + Mean, Dredd pointing gun, Space Bike, Mean Machine, Badge, Dredd.
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£10-99 each. Black in M. L or XL DR WHO: Cvbermen, Tardis, Earthlings, Exterminate, Seal, Logo, Face (these 3 are P. McGann).
STAR WARS: Return Jedi, New Hope, Han Solo, Logo, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker.
STAR TREK: 2 Captains, Enterprise, Riker, Picard, Data, Geordi, Worf, Voyager, DS9, Sisko.
X-FILES: Clouds, Box (white), X, Liquid X, Believe, Mulder & Scully, UFO, Truth, Scream, Trust No-One (2 designs - Blue or Red) PHOTOGRAPHS Quality colour and B W photos.
Sets of 5 10"x8" photos for those listed below Colour Set-£15, B W Set-£12 (Colour photos are different to B W photos) TV: Avengers, Babylon 5, Baywatch, Dr Who, ER, Friends, Quantum Leap, Space 1999, Space: Above and Beyond, Superman, UFO, V, X-Files etc.. FILM: Aliens, Batman Forever, GoldenEye, Judge Dredd, Mask, Pulp Fiction, Seven, Speed, Star Wars (All 3), Terminator etc... MODELS: N. Campbell, H. Christensen,
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R. Zemeckis £40 POSTAGE UK - £5 1st, £1 each afer, Overseas -
(Europe £6, Elsewhere £9) for 1st, £1-50 each after.
Is it... ?
B B A super-portable digital video camcorder with lOOx digital zoom?
A low-powered laser display for projecting 3D imagery?
A wallet-sized discreet surveillance and listening device?
ORDERING INFORMATION Postage - (T-Shirts only) - Add £ I -50 for the first and 50p for each after.
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Please make cheques postal orders payable to R. Leech. Cash acceptable, but at your risk.
MovieWorld, SFX15, 5 Sylmor Gardens, Bournemouth, Dorset BH9 3EN AUOO Amiga Magic Packs LIMITED STOCK £295-00 73; Tomorrow’s Technology Today
- answering all your questions about the amazing world of
high-tech hardware. Coming to a newsagent near you... soon.
- DART ComputenServices A Division of D.A. Computers Ltd Please
Add £5-00 postage (UK only) Service HOTLINE Tel (0116) 247 0059
Fax (0116) 255 6643 DART Computer Services (AS) 105 London Road
Leicester LE2 OPF A new magazine from the makers of VISA nu &uu
v dw-' ' ezszsbbh EXTRA!
Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
FINAL WRITER 4 LITE (AF82) If Final Writer a pull-down j* menus won’t pull down it is " probably because you are running a menu enhancement commodity (i.e. MagicMenu). Such programs don’t work correctly with Final Writer and should be disabled. In order to print documents it is vital you have the correct printer driver installed in the devs printers drawer of your Workbench disk and that the driver is selected and configured using the printer prefs utilities. Your Workbench manual describes how to do this. To print larger documents Final Writer requires more memory.
If you’re using the program on a 2Mb machine, try to maximise the amount of memory available by removing any utilities or commodities running in the background - if you still experience problems, use Workbench’s prefs utilities to alter the screen to a lower resolution screenmode. Lastly, it was inadvertently stated that Final Writer works on all 2Mb+ Amigas. Sorry, but it’s incompatible with old Kickstart 1.2 1.3 machines.
BREED 96 (AF86) If when double clicking the Install_Breed96 icon you get an error message telling you that the command IconX cannot be found don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that your Coverdisk is faulty, it’s just that some earlier versions of the Workbench disk don’t contain the IconX command. To get around the problem; from Workbench open up a Shell window and type the following lines (pressing return after each):- copy c:execute RAM: cd RAM: execute AF86b:Install Breed96 ZEEWOLF 2 (AF81) Many readers have phoned in saying they are having problems with Zeewolf 2. One meg A500 users who have
two floppy disk drives should disconnect the external drive to make more memory available to the game.
Unfortunately Zeewolf 2just doesn’t seem to work at all with some accelerator cards.
Have your blank formatted disk and your Breed 96 disk ready and insert the appropriate disk when prompted. Please note that even though the labal for the Breed 96 disk says “A 'S6a” it is, in reality, disk number A '86b.
OCTAMED TUTORIAL (AF86) If you are a Workbench 3 user experiencing problems in trying to read the OctaMED tutorial guide document then try- changing its icon’s default tool from “Amigaguide” to “MultiView”. If you are unsure of how to do this don’t worry it’s not too difficult. Click once on the icon called OclV5_Tut.Guide, pull down the “Icons” menu from the menubar at the top of the Workbench screen and select the “Information” menu item.
This will bring up a window, in which halfway- down you will see the words “Default Tool:” followed by a small box containing the word “Amigaguide”, clicking in this box will give you a text cursor, now using the backspace and del key erase completely the word “Amigaguide” and type in the word “MultiView”, press return then click on the Save gadget (bottom left corner). It’s worth remembering that the same solution should work for other Coverdisk document files that try to load tools (e.g. Muchmore) that you don’t have.
A common problem is that not everyone’s Workbench disk has a copy of the Amiga Installer tool on it. Once unpacked, some Coverdisk software needs “installing” before it can be properly used. The authors often include a script that will copy the required libraries, fonts etc. to the correct place on your system. The icon for the script is usually a picture of a floppy disk with a wire and plug coming out of it. If you get an error message Unable to open your tool ‘Installer’when you double-click such icons there is a solution. You need to find and then copy the Installer tool from another disk
to your Workbench floppy disk or Workbench hard disk partition. If you are using floppies then use a copy of the Workbench disk and not the original, also you may need to make some space on your copy of Workbench by deleting some non-essential tools such as the clock, calculator etc. The Amiga Format Coverdisk 79a, Digita Organiser 2 demo has the Installer tool on it. If you don’t have that Coverdisk then try searching for Installer on disks belonging to other applications that you own, especially paint programs, word processors etc. Installer doesn’t usually have an icon and is often in a
drawer such as the C drawer which itself rarely has an icon. So when looking for it make sure that you switch on Show:All Files from the Workbench Window menu for every disk and drawer you look through. When you find Installer simply copy it by dragging its icon into the Utilities or C drawer of your Workbench.
GENERAL PROBLEMS The most common problems are Read Write or Checksum errors which occur during the decompression process. It is important to note which disk is in the drive when such errors occur - is it the Coverdisk or one of your own disks? If it’s one of your own disks then that’s the disk with the problem. Did you format your blank disks correctly? Try re-formatting them and do a full format not just a quick format, use the verify option and make sure you format from your Workbench, not from utilities like X- Copy. Disable Directory Caching, Trashcan and International Mode. Don’t decrunch
to HD (High Density) disks as these can be unreliable.
Always write protect and back up your Coverdisk before you use it. ® FAULTY DISK?
Please remember that the technical helpline above is purely for difficulties you have getting the programs to work properlv. II your disk is physically damaged, bent, broken with a loose or missing shutter, it should be returned to the duplicators for a replacement at the following address: AF DISK NUMBER XX TIB PLC TIB HOUSE 11 EDWARD STREET BRADFORD BD4 7BH This includes anv system messages vou mav get saying: “Read write error”. "Disk invalidated” and "Checksum Error". In this case, the disk has been damaged and needs lo be replaced.
CALL (MOIU-FRI 2PM-6.30PIVI) 0191 584 0682 DL=i OFFER at an exclusive Amiga Format price When you have finished reeling at the power of X-DVE version 1, you'll be pleased to learn that the new version 2.5 is now available offering even more features at a special price. Don't miss out on:
• Arexx support
• Datatype support for images and animations
• Full light sourcing effects
• 34 slide effects, 40 Warp effects
• Optimised code for maximum speed Minimum System requirements:
Workbench 2.0+ 1Mb Chip Ram 2Mb Fast Ram Suggested
Configuration: A1200 + 68030 + FPU + 8Mb Fast Ram + HD If you
would like to purchase your upgrade by cheque please make it
payable to Future Publishing Ltd. (Sterling Cheques on a UK A C
Only). Enclose the Order Code Number, description and price.
Send your cheques to: Amiga Format Mail Order Future Publishing Ltd • Cary Court Somerton • Somerset • TA11 6TB vv it* ( I .V ' 'rkaKf"‘ yM On your super soaraway AFCD this month you'll find the following goodies.
Although this month’s CD doesn’t contain a full 650 megabytes of data, we think that what you'll find is of such a quality as to keep you fully enthralled until next month anyway. As you can see, we are always on the look out for more reader submissions and we are very flexible when it comes to the way you want to send them in.
If there is anything in particular you are looking for on our CD in the future, just ask us, and we’ll do our best to fit it in. You may even get a prize!
This month the CD mutates yet again, this time to better match the way the magazine is laid out.
There are sections for serious software, ScreenPlay has all the games stuff and Public Sector will contain demos and slide shows, etc. The directory named resources in the past has been renamed to In_the_Mag and it contains additional info for the tutorials in this month’s AF and some of the graphics that went to make this issue.
XVVVVVV GENERAL ADVICE Most of the programs are designed to run straight from the CD, thus saving your hard disk space, but they often need assigns to make them work properly. If you see icons like these two in a drawer you should double click on the one with the arrow pointing to the right before you start using the program, and double click on the icon with the arrow pointing to the left once you've finished with the program.
If there isn't an icon, but the program still asks for assigns, your best bet is to install the rather excellent and terrific MultiCX (AFCD4:Serious Shareware Workbench MultiCX
2) to your hard drive and run the program. One of MCX's abilities
is to allow you to assign things on the fly and this can be a
big help. If you find MCX's tooltypes a bit of a headache to
handle, then you should install MCX Prefs (the MCXP316 drawer
in the same directory as MultiCX). This gives you a GUI prefs
tool with which you can change MCX's settings.
SCREENPLAY READER STUFF ANIMATIONS You'll find out whether you have been digitally immortalised by checking the names on the drawers in here.
You'll also find the Gallery filled with some of the best artwork we have yet received.
In particular, have a look at our prize winners' contributions, Femi Hasani's video backdrops and lain Wilson's in-depth coverage of the Euro 96 football tournament.
Check out this drawer to find demos of commercial games like Alien Breed 3D 2, SlamTilt and XP8, great shareware titles like Knockout 2, Nemac 4, Testament and Spherical Worlds and gaming utilities like the latest version of F1GP Ed and Worms levels.
How much fun?
You'll find John Allardice's atmospheric and technically superb intro and outro for Alien Breed - Tower Assault here along with the Amiga Format intro and an MPEG animation of Urban Muller, the coordinator of the whole of Aminet, juggling with some gigabyte drives 11 - | RnimjtionJ y SUBSDISK Serious SERIOUS Demos of the new Storm C compiler, ImageVision and EMComputergraphic's Phase Cds, our choice of the best new shareware utilities and tools, plus a bonus for readers of Amiga Shopper - the complete 'Best of Shopper PD' archive.
If you're not a subscriber don't even bother trying this drawer, right. It contains a top secret file that has been so totally encrypted you just won't ever be able to crack it. And only subscribers have the CODE RED password. See how much fun subscribers have? Doesn't it make you wish you subscribed too?
If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem.
Please send the CD along with a description of the fault plus a self addressed envelope.
Return postage will be paid. Ablex Audio Video Limited, Harcourt, Halesfield 14, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4QR A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 9.30am and 6.00pm on Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341.
Email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
If you are upset because you bought the CD version instead of the disk version and missed out on the full version of X-DVE, you shouldn't worry as you'll find both AF88 disks in the coverdisks drawer. The disks aren't DMS'ed so you should be able to run them direct from the disc.
You'll find some of the latest and greatest demos here, but be warned, some of these epics don't return you back to Workbench.
Just make sure you've got everything saved before you run them and you shouldn't have any bother.
COVERDISKS A4000s, if you can find them, are, lets future for users wanting to expand face it, just too damn expensive. But their A1200. Next month we will be you can have the power and flexibility looking at all the options (including of a big box Amiga for a very building your own systems) so you can reasonable price, if you have an A1200, decide the best way forward for you a decent socket set and the will to use and your Amiga. And we'll probably them. Tower expansion kits are the have lots of other stuff too... October Issue On Sale Thursday 29th August RESERVE YOUR COPY OF SAVE You can
reserve any issue of Amiga Formal at many newsagents, including branches ofWTI Smith and John Menzies.
ORDER HOTLINE 01234 273000 256 AGA COLOURS • 3D RAYTRACED GRAPHICS • 360° FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE 20 AWESOME LEVELS • MULTIPLE WEAPONS SYSTEMS • REALISTIC LIGHTING EFFECTS ATMOSPHERIC SOUND & MUSIC • HD INSTALLABLE • AVAILABLE FOR THE A1200 4000 FREE DELIVERY SUPERSTAR “Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before.” AMIGA format magazine “At the moment there’s nothing like it. This game plays as well as it looks” 92% cu amiga magazine n i The full version of the incredible X-DVE titling package is yours to create your own presentations, multimedia backdrops, cunning
animations and more.
JOjj PLUS: Demos of the excellent Storm C compiler system, MMExperience, ImageVision, and many other Cds.
But the best bit is there are hundreds of megabytes of YOUR work on the CD, from animations to utilities, pictures and programs. You'll also find game demos, the best shareware games, utilities and tools.
CD version 1 As long as the drives are IDE standard they will work with the A1200, although as they are not 2.5" drives you will need a mounting kit such as the one supplied by Eyetech Ltd.
Either drive will suffice, it simply depends on how much storage space you are going to

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