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The German Amiga market must have had a boost when F.scom secured the Amongst other , they developed the SSA animation standard, which permits smooth animations in a variety of resolutions without pallete-locking. Web site - http: www.prodad.de What motivates you to develop new products for the Amiga The Amiga's comfort, the hardware and the multitasking operating feature, motivate us to develop Amiga software. Why are so many Amiga developers in Germany still developing for the platform, when elsewhere they have moved to other platforms ? Because of the success on the local market. The ProDAD operating system p-OS due for release in Spring '97 will motivate other developers to produce software. Without much effort existing Amiga software can, in the future, also be used with p-OS on other platforms like the PC and Mac. This then means a much bigger market for the software originally developed for the Amiga. TY Why do you think the Amiga has been so successful in Germany? The Amiga has been so successful in Germany because of it's strength in and oh'. Software you think that, on the whole. German developers have been more successful than their counterparts in other countries? That question cannot be answered with a yes or a no. Innovations have always come from developers in different countries - the UK, US and so on. The German market is just our main market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Do you think Escom helped or hindered the Amiga? Escom. Or Amiga Technologies have both hindered and helped the Amiga. They were a help in terms of production, but we feel they definitely hindered innovations. What are your future plans for the Amiga? As we have already mentioned. ProDAD is developing the p-OS which will also run on the Amiga, offering more and new possibilities to compensate certain weaknesses or older parts of the hardware. The original Amiga platform will not be neglected. With the development of p-OS the Amiga will, indirectly, be better supported, since more products will be available for the Amiga and new markets will be opened. Background. One of the first Amiga owners, Frank has provided the irld with several important development tools completely free of irge. Most notable of these is the PhxAss assembler, the first Amiga i support the 68060 chip.

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Document sans nom £5.50 ¦ NOVEMBER 1996 ¦ ISSUE 90 Hfl 22.95 ¦ US $ 11.95 THE % Accelerate!
The Germans are coming! In offices and bedrooms from Bonn to Bremen, new software, revolutionary hardware and even new operating systems are emerging. Find out why and what this means for the future.
Cyberstorm Mark 2
- the next generation of '060 accelerators from Phase 5 Browsing
Hisoft finally release Ibrowse and Termite TCP - bringing the
Amiga up-to-date on the net Quantum Leaping We continue with
our extensive exploration of emulation. This month we take a
look at Qdos
- the first multitasking operating system for home computers
Alien Breeding You may have created a quick layout, but what
are you going to put in it? This montl exclusive AB3D II editor
tutorial will show The very latest C compiler has arrived from
Germany - does StormC herald a new dawn for Amiga development?
Unishmentl ¦ bluj'JLj shmu'sj ui 'j'j’uuz b diijjjiad ii bn ina Am]:p Reviewed this issue: DNA, Humans III, Cyberstorm Mark 2, CD Drives, StormC, Termite TCP & Ibrowse.
* PLUS: tutorials on Multimedia, Alien Breed 3D II, OctaMED and
Real 3D 2 See back cover for details of the CD Your guarantee
of value Comms Educational Music Tips and Cheats CODE
REFERENCES Emulators Techinal Software email address: [T
pdsoft.magicals.com ssrSSF-l 1 ,v ) ¦ r
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PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth £19.99) which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga. NCOMM comms software.
Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E MAIL facilities.
• MNP 24 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression • Fa* Class I
and II compalMe.
Group 3 • Hayes Compatible • Full 80 page manual • 12 Months guarantee £79.99 £139.99 £34.99 £44.99 ASIM CDFS 3.6 This superb package is a must lor any CDROM user Includes CD32 & COTV emulation, audio CO player software including librarian features. Direct reading ot 16 tut audw samples, lull support lor kodak and Corel Photo CD Discs. Includes the FISHMARKET CDROM disk packed with public domain Fred Fish disks and a huge 115 page information packed spiral bound manual.
SPEEDCOM+B (14,400 V32bis) SPEEDCOM + BF (28,800 V34) NET AND WEB SOFTWARE GP FAX SOFTWARE ri'sspiione 05DO 3L»05LiB 100 Gamss" Cds Rom drivelll ¦Kl "til WM REI
2. 5” HARD DRIVES Our hl0i speed 2.5' IDE hard drives lor the
Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable,
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installed lor immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if
you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the
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2 SPEED 6 SPEED .rtf. squirrel Of I 6 SPEED .rtti squirrel 1 APOLLO 1240 25mhz Lj APOLLO 1240 40mhz f' ¦ L APOLLO 1260 50mhz [l-T i pr 1240 1260 SCSI interface * 8mb SIMM 16mb SIMM if; 32mb SIMM "j'ii '"ijj f;:i T Ojtl rr TrjgTj AF ISSUE 90 NOVEMBER 1996 PowerPC delayed I Phase 5 concentrating on add on cards while development of replacement OS slips.
Viscorp plan new logo I The new owners of the Amiga want a new logo incorporating the Amiga trademark images - and they want you to help them design it.
1 CaP'tal Game I “T Andy Smith meets the man behind the latest Amiga beat-em-up, Capital Punishment, and finds out exactly who ClickBOOM really are.
CREATIVE r •* f' 1'
* •:?
" i A A * ,.-«V •
- '¦W-
s. *: ¦ m m W W «4 m • i ¦ 1 *
- B I Multimedia Tutorial Ben Vost continues with more graphical
ideas - 3D gadgets and images from the CD. Find out how to
incorporate them into your package.
QA Alien Breed 3D II Tutorial Find out how to add water and objects to your newly created levels in our second tutorial.
Cyberstorm Mark 2 Phase 5 brought us the first ever 68060 accelerator for the Amiga and now they return with Mark 2. But how does it compare to its predecessor and indeed how does it match up to the competition.
Simon Goodwin has all the answers.
Real 3D2 Last month Graeme Sandiford took inspiration from his garden. This time around he's been waiting for the phone to ring.
CkA OctaMED Tutorial Darren Irvine with more top tips on making the most of OctaMED.
92 EC CD-ROM Drives J J We have often advised our readers not to attach more than one IDE device to the A1200, but two new drives from Siren and Eyetech just go to show that rules are there to be broken.
Q Blitz Tutorial The latest Blitz tutorial shows you how to handle links in your code and John Kennedy promises that after completing this you should be able to start browsing through some of your HTML documents.
FiflStormC 13 V " The latest C compiler features a new integrated environment for creating programs, ideal for beginners and experts alike.
Nick Veitch looks at the new development package from Haage and Partner.
3 REGULARS JK3 Termite TCP & Ibrowse Two new packages from HiSoft to help you get connected. Termite TCP is a new TCP stack and Hisoft have finally released the commercial version of Ibrowse.
There are plenty of alternatives available in the Public Domain so what makes these programs worth parting money for?
Darren Irvine finds out.
62 AQ PD Select 7 A Monkey Island clone, a new version of an old classic and Vark 14 among others.
Workbench Problems getting online? Trouble with your modem?
Whatever the query there is help at hand.
69 Amiga.net Darren Irvine is in a melodic mood.
76 wmW Q Subscriptions Make the most of our superb offers and get your favourite Amiga mag delivered to your door.
C C CD-ROMs J The latest releases from the excellent Aminet and a CD-ROM packed full of a selection of software to ease your breakdown nightmares.
Graeme Sandiford gives the low-down.
99 Mailbag JuiailBag Your views in print.
FTn Coverdisks Much Amiga hardware is now being developed in Germany. German Art Effect 1.1 companies like Maxon and ProDad are powerful forces in the software market.
What exactly does this or the future of Disk A The demo of this great new art package - at last the Amiga might have a program to rival Photoshop on the Mac and PC ‘ Eve Disk B A demo of the latest Valhalla game.
Plus: Football Stats Pro, a cheat for AB3D II and a utility enabling you to run programs without going through Workbench.
Qdos - the OS of the Sinclair Quantum Leap J This PD replacement for AmigaDos was the first multitasking operating system for home computers. Simon Goodwin investigates.
Rfj SCREENPLAY Previews m Soccer Sensible, Blobz and the Director's Cut of Worms. Andy Smith has all the info on the latest offerings for the Amiga gaming world.
CD-ROiUI "5 4| Capital Punishment J I Newcomers ClickBOOM introduce their first effort in the Amiga market and it's been hailed as the best beat-em-up the Amiga has ever seen. Andy Smith dons his boxing gloves and prepares to do battle.
As well as all the excellent programs that feature on this month's Coverdisks we've got over 20Mbs of music mods, over I 40Mbs of reader I contributions, over 20Mbs of Capital Punishment: Smooth graphics and superb gameplay.
CDNA J Andy Smith describes it as a mix between Valhalla and Laser Squad but is it any good? Take control of your characters and lead them into war.
Humans III J w Guide little characters around a host of colourful levels and you may well find yourself lost in time! This latest puzzle game from Gametek gets the once over from Andy Smith.
* r' u. CD previews and over 30Mbs of demos. You'll also find
hints and tips for over 1300 games.
PLVJS ' I O Reader Games J Discover an excellent version of patience that seems to have found a permanent home on Andy's machine, amongst others.
Humans III: Cute characters needing your help.
Aura Competition It's your chance to win an amazing Aura Interactor. Now you can not only play the games but feel all the action too. Ow!
Coverdisk Instructions Gamebusters Tfr A complete guide to Primal Rage and the first part of a solution to KGB.
Rj* Oj Gamebusters: Learn how to make that dinosaur bashing move.
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98 01423 712600 Media Software 30 01983 867377 Microvitec 36 01244 391204 Owl Associates 98 01543 250377 PD Soft 2, 3 01702 306060 Perfect Entertainment 30 0181 679 4565 Power Computing 114,115 01234 273000 Premier Mail Order 29 01268 271172 Sadeness PD 48 01263 722169 Siren Software 4, 5 0161 796 5279 Software First 48 01268 531222 Special Reserve 73 01279 600204 The First Computer Centre 59 0113 231 9444 Underground PD 86 01702 295887 Visage 26 0115 9444500 Weird Science 78 0116 234 0682 Wizard Developments 83 01322 272908 NOVEMBER 1996 EDITORIAL EDITOR Nick Veltch DEPUTY EDITOR Ian Vost
PRODUCTION EDITOR Andrea tall GAMES EDITOR Andy Smith DESIGN ART EDIIOR Linda Benson ART ASSISTANT Cathy McKinnon PHOTOGRAPHY Peta 'Gal boy' Canning COVER PROPS Bath High School, Lansdown.
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EMULATE P23 If you have a hankering to return to the days of the QL. Check out this feature (and find the software on the CD).
HUMANS III 37 More comic puzzling in the follow up to, er.
Humans IL I expect 42,655 January - June 1996 YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE Month In View This month the irrepressible Mick Veitch is trying to convince us all that C compilers are actually important... Four years. That's about how long it is since I did any C programming. Bui this month i was compelled to check out the SlormC development system from Haage Sc Partner (who. Incidentally, also make an appearance in our cover feature this month). It wasn't just that I had a desire to see how much I could remember, or even that StormC looked so good that I couldn't resist playing with it (although it
It was rather the realisation that this software, along wilh other development tools like PhxAs* (written by another German, who also appears in our cover feature).
Represents the future for the Amiga, certainly at the high end level, and eventually for home users too. Both of these products are being developed to take advantage of Amigas equipped with faster processors (speaking of which, check out the news on the PowerPC upgrade).
Software development is crucial. The PowcrAmiga will have the raw speed to thrash the average PC, but without the software it will be all for nothing. So you see, tedious as these things may be to some people, they are actually vital to the future of the Amiga.
Of I did have mBM ' lak)' “ break or two to WS play the rather excellent P Capital Punishment... ' Nick V.itch, Editor ..,£35.00 ...£13.00 .£69.00 .£99.00 £159.00 £179.00 £199.00 £249.00 £269.00 .£30.00 ..£30.00 ..£60.00 Special Offer for this Month including cables IDE 2.5" Hard D Viper A1230 Accelc and 8Mb 33MHz External 8 Speed CD Rom drive for Amiga 1200 600) Limited stocks please confirm Hard Drive .... Hard Drive 40Mb Hard Drive .. FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Features:
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watt (pmpo) .....£29.35 Multi Media
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Speakers 240 watt
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Speakers 300 watt (pmpo)*
• 3D surround sound Replacement Mice
..£6.95 MegaMouse 400
.....£9.95 MegaMouse Plus (3 Button)
.....£12.95 Optical Mouse £29.95 Crystal TrackBall
...£34.95 Pen Mouse ..£19.95 Auto Mouse Joystick Switch
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Board w o clock......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board w o clock
......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board with clock ......£30.00 A1200
2Mb Ram Board with clock......£69.95 A1200 4Mb Ram Board with
clock......£79.95 A1200 8Mb Ram Board with clock ...£119.95 FPU
33MHz .£33.00 Specially made
hardware and software. Allows 4 ATAPI devices, ie, 2 IDE hard
disk & 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga 4000 internal IDE controller,
through Alfapower on Amiga 500 500+ and possibly Amiga 1200
comes, with full IDE Fix software £59 NEW
MULTI I O CARD FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Active 8 port high
speed serial card.
Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously. ......£299 AuaPower Hard Drive controller A500 .. .£99 AT-Bus Hard Drive controller A2000 ......£69 Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller .£99 Multiface III ...£79 Connexion New Ethernet Card (¦SEA FOR AMIGA 500 500. 1500 2000 4000 AT Bus hard drive controller A2000 .
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milodinf multiiolourtd dui labtlt ......£1 3.00 DD floppy disks (100) INJudin* mulltiMourtd dui labth ......£25.00
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Mouse Mat .£5.00 2 in 1
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.£239 _ External Floppy Drive for all Ainigas
......£39.95 Internal Floppy Drive A50Q 500+ £35.00 Internal
Floppy Drive A600 1200 A-Grade Double Density box of 50 disks
including colourful labels IM4!Eff.|iflPR4_ GBEB32BSSE9 Quad
Speed CD Rom for A500 .....£129 (needs Alfapower V6.8 or
higher) Quad Speed CD Rom for A600 A1200 £149 (inc CD32
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.£109 External IDE CD Rom Upgrade Kit comprises
of: Metal case, screws. Power Connector (draws power from disk
drive port) Power Connector (for optional external Power
supply), IDE ribbon cable. Stereo Audio Cables.
A1220 APOLLO Accelerator Board ..£99.95 A1220 APOLLO Accelerator Board + 4Mb .£139.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board 33MHz .£119.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board + 4Mb 33MHz ...£169.95 A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board + 8Mb 33MHz ...£180.00 STAR BUY 8 Speed External CD Rom Drive for Amiga 1200 including CD32 emulation and (A goody CD Disk) XI89 Viper A1230 33MHz with 8Mb ..X180 Complete CD Rom for all Amigas Kit price £39 All prices include VAT. Please add £3.50 P&P for items under £30.00, £5.00 for items over £30.00, £8.00 P&P for
Scanners, Speakers & Hard Drives, £10.00 courier for next day. Tax Free Export Orders Welcome.
Golden Image accepts Access, Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders. E&OE. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 01,B Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: om 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 0800 600900
• Phase 5 to concentrate on addon cards p 11
• Design the new Viscorp logo .....p 12
• More mirror sites for CUCUG .....pi 3
• ClickBOOM exclusive ...pl4 Delay for Phase5
PowerUp Project Revealed in Affi6. The PowerUP project is an
ambitious attempt to produce a PowerPC based Amiga clone which
would have backward compatibility with older software, but also
take advantage of the much more powerful PowerPC processor.
Now Phase 5 tell us they have been forced to modify their initial plans, after it became clear that talks with Viscorp could not commence until the details of their purchase of Amiga Technologies have been finalised.
The short-term goals of the the PowerUp project have now been adjusted to take into account the fact that early availability of a fully PowerPC based AmigaDOS replacement is unlikely. Instead, the emphasis of the project at the moment is to get their PowerPC upgrade cards finished.
These cards, based around the Cyberstorm Mark 2 (reviewed on page 54). Will piggy-back a 68040 060 and a PowerPC chip, allowing full backwards compatibility with the existing operating system (existing CyberStorm Mark 2 owners will even Ik- able to add the PPC module to their card). The PowerPC chip will be accessed through a series of special libraries, enabling programmers to develop and test PowerPC software in a stable environment. A special native PPC scheduler will allow multitasking, anti parallel processing with the 68k chip, but the PPC will still not be able to call OS functions
Phase 5's planned PowerPC based Amiga, the aptly named PowerUp project, has hit delays, largely as a result of wrangles over Escom's bankruptcy.
This upgrade card will then form a solid basis on which new software, and indeed the replacement operating system, can be developed - specifications for the completely PowerPC-based Amiga clone should be released in the next few months.
Developer versions will begin shipping late September, with a full release to follow soon.
BE PageStream3, PUBLISHING CORPWmVTION BBB Z 8 S CD m X Soft Logik have pledged their continued support for the Amiga with the announcement that they are releasing PageStream 3.2. The company say that the release of the fully featured DTP package illustrates their continued commitment to their Amiga customers.
"We'd like to thank our customers who have stuck with us through the last couple of years" said a company spokesperson.
"The only way we can continue to support them is if we release regular upgrades. We've been listening to their requests and have added some of the most popular features."
He continued.
New features include:
• Configurable toolbar
• Show Hide toolbar
• Eyedropper tool
• Hanging Indent button
• Increase Decrease Indent buttons
• Default Tab spacing
• True Pasteboard
• Open Recent
• Effect filters
• Masks Matching script commands have been added for all of the
above features. The price for the new release has not yet been
set but there is expected to be only a minor upgrade fee.
|bsU|s] autcma«nestedr dentt.anr*re »oppe* tool fc» fester formattng effects, and rr*xh morel __ 1 a HrrM f 1 g Maangfr I to the most popcMr word processor! Use TrueType fonts, art )£ to 15 tna •iter and twe advantage of back ov td orrttng. Create te«T effects. _ te true footnotes, end more' Coming in September: PageStream 3.2 for Ma & Amiga SofTVog* w« toon retease a update to PageStream) vg f, 12 w* rckjde a cuucm toofear.
Final Writer Users: Upgrade to Wordworth S for $ 6S!
DO IT YOURSELF Many Amiga users are keen to upgrade their equipment by the cheapest means possible and Eyetech have Just announced a range of products designed to help people do Just that.
Announcing Aweb II £Wcb If you want to buy part of the CDPlus package to use with an existing CD-ROM or hard drive then Eyetech are offering power supplies, cables and casing, all at very reasonable prices Eyetch are also offering a 10% reduction on all orders v&l Blitteruoft over £100 made before the the 30th September. For more information call Eyetech on 01642 713185 or email at: eyetech •«cix .compulink .co.uk A WELCOME TO POWER READERS Hello there. You used to read that Amiga Power didn’t you? Well, look, we’re not going to hold it against you Okay? I mean, they've all pushed off now. And
anyway the differences we had were fairly minor. I mean, take Rise of the Robots. We gave it 19%. It was not very good. Likewise Kick Off '96 is this year’s lowest scoring game with Just 9%.
So you see. We were all on the same side really. And if you don't believe us. Check out the kicking Andy Smith dishes out to.
Amongst other things, games sent in by our own readers... Save Save Save... 24 HOUR HELP Direct Software, the company featured in last month's news are now running a 24 hour helpline for Amiga users. Call them on 01623 769498.
OUR APOLOGIES Last month (AF89) we failed to credit Alexis Liosatos for the artwork on the cover.
Our apologies to Alexis for the mistake.
A Web. The popular Amiga web browser is now updated and is being released commercially. The new browser will be bundled with "HTML- Heaven". A suite of HTML generating tools In Paul kolenbrander, and additional web utilities in a package to be called ‘AWcl. IP. This will be distributed in the I K by Blittersofi at a retail price of £39.95. Aweb II is available now and will include: Support lor background images, localisation, icons, hierarchical hotlisl. Background text link colours, image borders, centering, enhanced lists, user-configurable Arexx menu, more Arexx commands, limited frame
support, history window, external default images, plug-in support for mail FTP telnet news, automatic TCP stack start stop, and other new HTML
3. 2 tags, with more to come.
• 11TM1.-I leaven v2.0, with new Tool! :hest and Charrie
Design a Logo Viscorp have announced a new competition that aims to prove their commitment to the Amiga. They want a new logo, incorporating the trademark images of the Amiga and are inviting budding artists to have a go at designing one.
The logo will appear on all corporate information and the winning design will be credited on the official corporate information packet. The specifications of the new logo are as follows:
1. The logo MUST be in a form that will show up in NTSC and PAL
broadcast video.
2. The logo must Fx' in a form colour separatable and printable.
3. The logo must incorporate the Amiga double-checkmark in the
"V" of Viscorp.
4. The logo should incorporate the Amiga rainbow colour stripes
in the "o" of Viscorp.
5. The logo must be designed on an Amiga.
.All entries should lx- sent to Viscorp. 111 N. Carnal St. Suite
933. Chicago. II. 0606. L SA.
Ordon Harwood Computers have announced price cuts on their Amiga products and the release of a range of new Blizzard accelerators.
The price cuts, effective from September mean that buyers can save £20 on the Blizzard 1230-IV and the Blizzard 1260 and up to £50 on the Cyberstorm II '060.
New products due for release during September and October include a low cost Blizzard 1240 for Amiga A1200 Tower System owners, a Blizzard 2040 for the A2000 and a Cyberstorm II 040 accelerator for the added support for HTML 3.2 tags, HTML tutorial, and WYSIWYG editing using Aweb with almost any Arexx compatible text editor. Create your own Web Pages and documents with ease by simple point & click insertion of tags from the tool lists, and now Charrie adds IITMI. Entities as well.
More new features arc under development.
• AwebMai) & AwebFTP Arexx plug-ins by Josef Faulkner.
GH GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS A3000 3000T 4000 4000T. For full details of price reductions and new products contact Gordon Harwoods on 01773 836781 or email at: 100271.3S57@compuserve.com.
• FT Pmount vfl.8. an FTP filesystem plug-in by F.van Scott.
• HTTX. An HTML to text conversion program by Gabriele Favrin.
This will allow the page to be either saved as a file or
printed as formatted text via the included Arexx plug-ins.
• Some additional Arexx plug-ins and Locale catalogues should
also lx- available by the release date.
• A free upgrade will lx- provided to registered purchasers of
Aweb II once the addition of table support and further HTML 3.2
features have been completed.
The authors wish to assure the existing registered users of the shareware versions of Aweb vl.x and HTMI.-Heaven vl.x that they will be able to upgrade to the new version, Aweb II requires at least 2Mb RAM and more is recommended; Workbench KS 3.0 or belter: a TCP IP stack to access the WWW; and the appropriate GIF and JPEG datatypes.
? The Bradford Column I ] d m s BO m so to X GAMEBUSTERS PAGE 43 CUCUG web site goes East Amiga users in Eastern Europe can now access Amiga sites on the web taster and more reliably. The Champaign-Urfoana Commodore Users Croup (CUCUG) announced today that Inter-Spider, an Internet Service Provider located in Cracow. Poland, would be hosting its popular World Wide Web site.
CUCUG maintains the award- winning Amiga Web Directory and Agnes, an advanced Amiga WWW search utility. Both have become very popular with Amiga users throughout the world.
A process known as "mirroring" makes an identical copy of a Web site available to users closer to their own connection on the Internet. This usually results in more reliable connects and faster response.
CUCUG's webmaster. Kevin Hisel stated, "Users in Eastern Europe have been asking us to set up a mirror there for quite some time. We are grateful to Inter- Spider for finally making it possible."
Zbigniew Baniewski, proprietor of Inter-Spider added. "There is a need to establish an easy-to-connect site with news from Commodore world for many polish Amiga users." He went on to say that "there was also a sentimental reason - my first computer was a Commodore VIC-20!"
According to Hisel. This is CUCUG's fourth mirror. Other mirrors are currently located in Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom.
The primary CUCUG site is maintained at Champaign, Illinois in the United States. The address for the new CUCUG mirror site in Cracow is: http: www.ispid.com.pl mirrors cucug CUCUG's main site can be found at: http: www.cucug.org and the UK mirror site can be found at: http: www.iprom.com amigaweb amiga.html In the August issue of Amiga Format we ran a competition in conjunction with 21st Century to win a sot of four pinball games, comprising Slam lilt. Pinball Fantasies. Pinball Illusions, and Pinball Mania. We were inundated with postcards - but surprisingly many of you got the answers
wrong. The correct answers were: I. Slam Tilt was the game to receive the highest review score in AF.
; that happens when ton Veitch had the best score on the local
1. Tommy was the name of the deaf, dumb and blind lad in the
famous opera who "are played a mean pin ball".
The winners of the games are: lee .Atkins. Osnaldtwistle. Lanes: Miss G (arm. St Helens.
Mersesside: Mr P.J. Moon. Portland. Dorset; 1 aiigi Donrnro. Italy; Chris Ward. New Fitham.
London: Andt Till. Wtmboume, Dorset; Doug Kyle. Northampton and Rachel Southgate.
LxMidon.f iongratubnous to all the winners - if vou haven't alrradv got your prizes they will be with you soon.
Tha Champaign Ufttfna Commodore Users Group The Amiga Web Directory is a hugely popular web site with Amiga users from all around the world. Now users in Eastern Europe can enjoy it too.
Winners It's a real shame when previously respectable software publishers decide to push any old rubbish out because they decide a format Is living through Its last days. Do they think that owners are so desperate for new software that they'll buy anything simply because It’s new? Obviously they do: that can only be the reason why Anco saw fit to stick Kick Off '96 out Into a disbelieving marketplace. Well, they're only Amiga owners, aren't they?
This will probably be our last release so It doesn't matter.
Ridiculous. Should they ever decide to release another Amiga title the poor blighters who have rushed out and bought KO '96 will shun It like the plague. And what about Amiga owners who subsequently move to other formats?
When they see an Anco title: 'Ah Anco. That rings a bell.
Oh yes. Kick Off '96. Ugh...'? And bloody good Job too. If any other software publishers have a cack title kicking around please, thanks for the thought, but we'd prefer to remember you when you were at your best. And It's In your own best future interests too.
Dm th«y think that ownare am so doiporata for software that thoyMI buy anything?
There is one good side to the world and his wife moving to PC too. Of course. Those insidious Individuals who made a living out of commercial piracy have also deserted the Amiga. Copying Monkey Island 2 onto 11 floppies? Leave It out John, that's far too much work. You want CD-ROM, you do. Get 100 titles onto one CD. Lovely.
Hopefully the software companies and developers who continue to support the Amiga will not suffer anything like as much as their predecessors (who. Ironically, have nearly all gone to PC and are suffering even worse than ever).
They might not sell 100.000 copies of Charlie Chimp 4 (hell, they won't) but neither will it be making unscheduled appearances on a BBS or car boot sale. Which, given the enormity of the problem In the PC market (bracing Itself for the arrival of DVD - each disc can contain the equivalent of
12. 430 3.5" floppies) must be some consolation.
Finally, has anyone ever seen an Amiga Surfer pack outside of a computer show mock-up-thls-ls-the-box-and-it's- shlpping-real-soon now? Did It ever come out? Even little old ladles are now talking about the Internet and AT missed a glorious opportunity of hitting the public with a ‘all In one box at a reasonable price' Internet proposition. And every day that goes by these little old ladles are spending £1.500 out of their pensions on a machine that will be obsolete In a year. They could be buying an old-tech machine which would have done the Job Just as well but for a third of the price.
Makes you bloody spit, doesn’t It?
Dale Bradford Is now appearing In the popular farce "When Did You Last See Your Retailer?" At London's Olympia.
Amiga Format doesn't neocesarlly agrre with this or. Indeed, anything he may say In his so-called "oolumn".
To Full of determination to create what they consider to be the best Amiga games ever, Andy Smith chats to Canadian newcomers ClickBOOM... Capital Punishment's creators, ClickBOOM, may reckon they've created the best Amiga fighting game ever but for the definitive review, check out page 31 of this very issue.
One thing's for sure though, they talk a good game. Alexander Petrovic, manager of ClickBOOM, reckons they've knocked all previous Amiga fighting games into a cocked hat by concentrating on the playability.
"We've put a lot of effort into making Capital Punishment look tremendous
- our guys can do some amazing graphics - but that's not the main
thing. We wanted the game to be playable above all...". Capital
Punishment began life a couple of years ago after Alex had been
tinkering around on the Spectrum during the 80s. After being
wowed by some early Amiga games and after becoming bored with
life as a graphic designer, Alex persuaded his bosses at Pxl
Computers to get into games. Amiga games. But why the Amiga?
And not the PC? "We love the Amiga, anyone can do PC games, and
we have also started to develop Capital Punishment for the PC,
but it's not as advanced as the Amiga version because that's
the one we've been concentrating on. I love computers, I'm not
into consoles like the Sony PlayStation or the Sega Saturn
because the games you get for them look fabulous, you know, but
they have no playability. I want to create games that are
fabulous to play as well as being fabulous to look at."
And what makes Capital Punishment better than Street Fighter, Primal Rage and all the others that have gone before? "Those games are like, you know, not authentic enough.
You can just hit your opponent somewhere near the arm say, and they fly across the screen. We don't want that, we want people to play Capital Punishment and be able to recognise that this is like real gameplay. You know."
And so what of the future?
"Obviously we've got to see how well Capital Punishment does, but we're sticking with the Amiga. That's our plans. Obviously if it does really badly or we get really ripped off by the pirates then we're going to have to think again, but we're sticking with the Amiga. We're also going to be doing stuff on the PC too, but we love the Amiga and we will be making more games for the Amiga. Our next game's going to be a kind of shoot- em-up. Possibly." *2 Rush along to page 31 for the definitive review of Capital Punishment, and if you'd like to get hold of a demo of the game visit their website
at: www.io.org -clkboom amiga or write to them at: Pxl Computers • ClickBOOM, 1270 Finch Avenue West, Unit 13 • M3J 2G4, Toronto • Canada Epic's commitment to the Amiga S has always been our top priority and wc are proud to release the result of over a year's work by our dedicated team - The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia.
Designed for the Amiga and only for the Amiga, the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia has all the advantages of the "big" multimedia reference titles available on other platforms but it has one significant advantage - it looks like an Amiga title, feels like an Amiga title and uses all the plus-points of the friendly Amiga OS.
EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA "The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia sets the standard for future multimedia Amiga CD-ROM titles."
As a reference tool it's ideal for all the family.
If you just want to sit back and watch or have the younger members of the family entertained, the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia features many varied multimedia lours. Just click and go!
System Requirements - 2mb ram. Workbench 2 or above, hard drive. CD-ROM drive.
Recommended - 4mb+ Workbench 3 or above, hard drive. Quad Speed CD-ROM Drive.
Some features require Workbench 3 and 4mb.
• True Multi-media Interface
• Produced in the UK
• 256 colour interface (AGA)
• Very latest information
• Thousands of subjects
• Hotlist editor creator
• Hundreds of samples
• Hundreds of pictures
• Over 100 film-clips
• Import new subjects
• Export data to printer or file
• Kids pictorial Explorapedia
• Subject creator
• Network compatible
• Over I hour of sound
• Media-show
• Speech facility
• Kids hotlist selector
• Manufacturer's SRP £29.99 Classic Amiga Software 0161 723 1638
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Direct Software UK 01623 759 498 Available from these and all
other good Amiga stockists.
Epic Marketing. 138-139 Vctona Road. Swindon. Wiltshire. SN1 38U. UK. Telephone: 01793 490988 Fax: 01793 514187 Dealer enquires: 0181 873 0310. Dealer Sales Fax. 0181 873 0311.
'Packaging may differ Iron that shovn. ESOE CD-I MOVItS SMD-100 llideoCD MPEG Decoder A COMMAND PERFORMANCE TIME AFTER TIME AFTf R t £199 Standalone unit im ludes infrared remote control (with batteries), power supply and one free Video CO.
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- J supports ZideoCDformat discs tken U Jges,tle SMD-100 mi uort
miti it.
U "!Rhat Cds wif Pitp£aef ?" J U AM Zideo Cds, Cartole Cds -audit p ags Cdimovies too "li hats thepicture 9 puty t&r J Muci better tian miti standard video £ tapes. Tie combination o js ic& J action, siarp co oars, rocl steadg faeese-faame andsi £g-smooti s om motion is a realtreat far tie eyes "IMhat s the sound Hide ?"
CD yua itg miti Bitstream DACs t brings cinema soundintogoar diving room.
J jiMhr SUPER SQUIRREL MPEG PACK SMD-100 2x CD-ROM drivt Classic Squirrel Two Video Cds £349 Without Classic Squirrel £29995 With Surf Squirrel £37995 2x CD-ROM drive Classic Squirrel Two CD-ROMs ?fs,, PRIORITY ORDER HOTLINE 0500 223 660 PUNCH THOSE KEYS FOR FREE!
Without Classic Squirrel £119 With Surf Squirrel £19995 SUPER SQUIRREL CD PACK £16955 95 Germany From accelerators to operating systems, big things are happening in Germany, as Amiga Format were pleased to discover... £onteitt§ So, what exactly is the connection between Germany and the Amiga?
Page 18 Amiga developers, Haage & Partner, give us their views.
Page 20 Simon Goodwin visits Germany to bring us an on-the-spot report.
Page 20 The Amiga mas well have been originally designed in America. It may base originallv been owned by an American compans. It inav even have been accompanied by manuals which insisted on Americanised spellings. Bui the spiritual homeland of the Amiga is Europe. Nowhere else did the machines sell in such huge numbers, or have so much support.
0 V r . - A Not safprisingh then, a lot of software and hardware development goes on in Europe.
While it used to be true that the I K had it's fair share, maybe more than it's fail share, of developers (aiuldon'l think foi a moment that we don't have them anymore - look at Digita. Almathera. I liSolt el al.) It seems more and more Uncase these days that German developers have a large share of the market.
TanC B«nclmirt» iMlii» irmimiM2.c I e
- JJ-QJ-EJI x: gar-1 v: g75-|iT~ra Over the next few pages we
will be exploring die German Amiga market and it's key
developers, how the mac hine got where it is and where it's
going in the future. As you will see. The very future of the
Amiga is at stake... THEIR CRIPS rnnouflHODT THE FARTHEST
) ttnp ?- a( j J cliltj] ¦ t*np; I'J irst of all. There was the AIOOO. While it j was being launched in America.
Amongst loads of typically ovcr-thc-lop ra amala and parties and endorsed hv famous names like Andy Warhol and Debbie I larry. Germany, like the rest of Europe:, had to wait.
When the A1000s did arrive there were no marching bands to hail their arrival, no famous artists to wave and smile. There weren’t even that many dealers stocking them. As in the UK. They slipped quietly into a few select stores, and were quickly purchased hv the few people who knew anything about them.
But soon, all that was to change. The A500 had an immediate fanatical following. Just like in the UK, this low- price. High spec Amiga hit the right spot when it came to value for monev.
One of the major reasons for the rapid uptake of machines was. Ironically, the very reason which started to make game developers wary of the Amiga market - piracy. Not only was the Amiga cheap and powerful, with a great range oi games software, but you could he assured, il you really tried, to get hold of most of this software very cheaply.
While a significant amount of piracy in the UK was done on a more personal basis (the old "hiring" a game from a legitimate software library for a night, copying il and then returning it - or even more evilly, buying the game, copying it and taking it hack for a refund claiming it was defective), our cousins on the- continent were even more organised. A former German "cracker", turned demo-coder told AI-. “Everyone was doing the same thing. There didn't seem to Ik- anvihiug wrong in it. It just seemed like the thing to do. Mm didn't even have to bother with the pirate [BBS) boards, so many
people had ihe equipment you could even buy [pirated disks) in store’s."
It is hardly surprising that much disk copy ing software emerged from Germany and surrounding countries.
Of course, there were legitimate uses, but it would be foolish to believe that everyone used it legally... This isn't to say there was any more piracy going on in Germany, or Kurope in general, just that it was better organised and therefore, in all probability, had a greater impetus on the early popularity of the Amiga.
tnrtiiiQ out It was around this time that software development really got oil the ground in Germany. While the majority of Amiga applications development was undoubtedlx taking place stateside.
Some German start-ups were beginning in filler the really vital market - names.
(ompanios like Rainbow Arts and llltie Bvte where instrumental in raising the profile ol the German market on tin* national stage. Both would produce worldwide bestsellers in the lorm of Turrirm and History l.inr 191-1-17.
Sadly, the "games-mai bine" label hurt as much as it helped. Few people would take the Amiga seriously as a personal computer, simply because it bad some great games available Does the Amiga still have the stigma ol being a games machine in Germany- “Yes. Certainly, because C= and AT did not do any campaigning in Germany to change this. Some years ago they did a very nice advertising campaign in the US, but I think they should have done it in Germany instead!" Haage & Partner told us.
Frank Wide was more cautious about the terminology: -Unfortunately yes. Although there are no games for it anymore. Maybe the word Tinscrious' would be more suitable."
3uli !
The German Amiga market must have had a boost when F.scom secured the Amongst other , they developed the SSA animation standard, which permits smooth animations in a variety of resolutions without pallete-locking.
Web site - http: www.prodad.de What motivates you to develop new products for the Amiga The Amiga's comfort, the hardware and the multitasking operating feature, motivate us to develop Amiga software.
Why are so many Amiga developers in Germany still developing for the platform, when elsewhere they have moved to other platforms ?
Because of the success on the local market. The ProDAD operating system p-OS due for release in Spring '97 will motivate other developers to produce software. Without much effort existing Amiga software can, in the future, also be used with p-OS on other platforms like the PC and Mac. This then means a much bigger market for the software originally developed for the Amiga.
TY Why do you think the Amiga has been so successful in Germany?
The Amiga has been so successful in Germany because of it's strength in and oh'.
Software you think that, on the whole. German developers have been more successful than their counterparts in other countries?
That question cannot be answered with a yes or a no. Innovations have always come from developers in different countries - the UK, US and so on. The German market is just our main market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Do you think Escom helped or hindered the Amiga?
Escom. Or Amiga Technologies have both hindered and helped the Amiga. They were a help in terms of production, but we feel they definitely hindered innovations.
What are your future plans for the Amiga?
As we have already mentioned. ProDAD is developing the p-OS which will also run on the Amiga, offering more and new possibilities to compensate certain weaknesses or older parts of the hardware.
The original Amiga platform will not be neglected. With the development of p-OS the Amiga will, indirectly, be better supported, since more products will be available for the Amiga and new markets will be opened.
Background. One of the first Amiga owners, Frank has provided the irld with several important development tools completely free of irge. Most notable of these is the PhxAss assembler, the first Amiga i support the 68060 chip.
Ow did you first get involved with the Amiga?
PROFILE: FRANK M ILLIE • PR AUTHOR In 1986. After working for three years with the VIC 20 and C64.
Really fascinated about the capabilities of Commodore's new system the Amiga. I bought my dream computer, an Amiga 1000 with a 1081 monitor, in the same year.
What motivates you to develop software on the Amiga?
In my case, it's only the fun of programming in Assembler or C in my spare time. There are no financial aspects, as all of my software is freeware anyway.
Why do you think that the Amiga has been so successful in Germany?
The predecessor of the Amiga, the C64, was very successful in Germany too, so it was quite logical that most of the C64 owners upgraded to an Amiga. In those times (1986-90), there was no real opponent here in Germany. The Atari ST series was not as good as the Amiga and IBM-PCs or Apple's Macintosh were far too expensive.
Computers which were popular in England, like the Spectrum. BBC, Acorn, etc. had nearly no importance in Germany.
? Why are so many Amiga developers in Germany still developing for the platform, when elsewhere they have moved to other platforms?
Maybe it's because there is still a large community of experienced Amiga developers, who have been programming since the '80s. Most of their systems are heavily upgraded and they invested thousands of Dms in these years. Some of them bought a PC for playing games on. But most programming is done on the Amiga. As far as I know, there are as many A but the t as in often use e whole, German successful than their counterparts in other countries?
No, I don't think so. Okay, there is a lot of high quality PD software from German developers, but in my opinion the commercial Amiga software from America and the UK is better both in quantity and quality.
Do you think Escom helped or hindered the Amiga?
I think Escom helped to avoid the complete disappearance of the Amiga in the last months. But there were also no improvements in this period.
Too many developers, or more precisely, software companies (as most developers prefer programming the Amiga over other systems), have left the Amiga in this time. In Germany it's now impossible to buy Amiga software in the big warehouses or computer shops.
What are your future plans for the Amiga?
I will continue supporting the Amiga, because it is more fun than programming for any other system. There will be a new release of PhxAssiPhxLnk in the next few weeks on Aminet. Additionally, I plan to release a freeware version of the PowerVisor debugger, which I am developing in place of the original author, Jorrit Tyberghein.
Further Information: Frank regularly post updates of his work onto Aminet and hopefully we will be able to get the next version of PhxAss on the Amiga Format CD next month.
Havo rights Hi the Amiga and all associated technology. For the first lime, the Amiga was owned by a European company, and one which committed itself to developing the Amiga.
Unfortunately this was not always the case. As we now know, one of Escom's major failings was a big surplus in the mouth department coupled with a deficiency in trousers.
They talked the talk, but when it came to actually doing things they seemed unwilling, or just simply inept. What we didn't know was that this was also keenly felt by the developers, who generally got little support from Escom.
According to ProDAD for example. “Escom. Or Amiga Technologies have both hindered and helped the Amiga.
They were a help in terms of production, but we feel they definitely hindered innovations."
Some of our interviewees were even less kind, but none was more philosophical than Haage & Partner: "When we heard of the take-over by Escom we thought it was good, but now we know it wasn't. On the other hand, we don't know what other buyers would have done with it."
Probably Frank Willc, author of the freeware assembler PhxAss, captured the general mood with his comments "I think Escom helped to avoid the complete disappearance of the Amiga in the last months. But there were no improvements in this period. Too many developers, or more precisely, software companies (4s most developers prefer programming for the Amiga over other systems), left the Amiga during this period."
Continued overleaf Well, whatever next. Viscorp’s purchase of Amiga Technologies must have also come as a mixed blessing to many developers. Whilst at least the machine still had a future, the people controlling that destiny live across the ocean.
But the new willingness to discuss licencing the Amiga patents and technology has opened a new market for many manufacturers - cloning.
Z o m g 00 VO VO 0 The German arm of Macrosystem has already produced the DraCo, a machine which is graphically compatible with the Amiga, and surely everyone must have heard about Phase 5's planned PowerPC-based Amiga.
Although the project has been going through some teething trouble (see news this issue) and they got off to what can only lit' described as a "bad start" with Viscorp. This looks like the project wltit It will reach fruition first.
The PIOS development team, although not exactly producing a strict Amiga clone, are developing a new operating system foi PowerPC' machines which they hope will have a degree of Amiga compatibility. Although the group includes industry names like John Smith (former head of Amiga Technologies I K and ex long term Commodore employee) and Dave flaynie (legendary ex-Commodore hardware designer, and, as a sideline presumably, author of the indispensable DiskSalve disk recovery software), it is really based in Germany and is headed by Stefan Doytneycr, former president ol Amiga Technologies GmbH.
ProDAI). The creators of such excellent animation tools as Aitoragr and ClariSSA, are also working on a portable replacement opeiating system. This would allow developers to create applications which would work on other platforms as well as the Amiga.
All of these people have realised something - the future battlefield of the computer market will not necessarily be hardsvare based. Slowlv but surely it is becoming a question of which operating system to run. How ironic it would be if in the future, all those people yvlto had abandoned the Amiga were hack using Amiga-stvle applications for a platform independent. Amiga-stvle OS... s Ii30iuu On a special mission for . .iiul thinking nothing ol his own personal safety, the intrepid Simon Goodwin investigated the grass roots Amiga scene in Hamburg... Amigas made a small showing in the city
centre, with the AI200. A4000T and AT Mii rovitek monitor on display in the giant Brinksmann department store, priced at 598. 598 and 3998DM respectively. Both machines were running impressive demos and attracting some interest. Serious software and hardsvare expansion occupied an adjoining glass cabinet, with Dpainl I'. Caligari 24. Mnxxttn CAD, Final Copy Data Calc, Directory O im ?, TurboPrint -I, OctaMED 4. Multi ax, Cinrmorph. L.iglitwave 3D (798DM), lirfrrn St ail in. Montage 24, various incarnations ol Scttla Viileo Creator Director, Steiiilmrg l‘ro 24. Tallin Calc, Pixel 31). Can Do.
(J) IS. DiskSalv 3 and other packages all in stock.
Brinksmann also stock a range of Blizzard accelerators, including the 1220-1. 12S0-IV and 50MHz 4030 model. The overall impression was of a serious micro with strong support in video and multimedia. The demo A MOOT had a stereo sound cartridge PROFILE: HAAGE
• did you first get involved with the Most of the founders of H&P
used C= C64 and the Atari ST. Later we all switched to the
Amiga because it was a more exciting machine.
& PARTNER still no real alternative for them.
It on the i VO n 01 CD § LU o hy do you think the Amiga has been so successful in Germany?
I think that in Germany most of the Amigas are used by students. These guys were looking for an interesting machine a bit like the Unix machines they're using at university. They especially like the multitasking, the CLI environment and the easy to use GUI. I think most of them would never buy a PC for personal use.
Does the Amiga still have the stigma of being a *games' computer in Germany?
Yes, certainly, because C= and AT did not do any campaigning in Germany to change this. They did a very nice advertising campaign in the US, but they would have been better done it in Germany instead. I think nowadays most of the people don't know anything about Amiga.
- there must be an image campaign to make the Amiga popular
• .7 Why are so many Amiga developers in Germany still developing
for the platform, when elsewhere they have moved to other
Again I think that most of the Amiga users are students and there is more successful than their counterparts in other countries?
No. I do not think so. Some years ago, when the Amiga was a popular computer, the big companies stayed in the US or the UK and there were not so many companies in Germany. Nowadays there are more powerful companies in Germany, but because of the situation they are not all that successful. But I hope that there will be better times for all of us.
Do you think Escom helped or hindered the Amiga ?
When I heard of the Escom take-over I thought it was good, but now I know it was not that good. On the other I do not know what other buyers would have done with it.
Which of your products are you most proud of and why?
That is definitely StormC our powerful development system for the future of the Amiga. We will also support the PowerPC Amiga (from Phase 5) and the new p-OS from ProDAD.
What are your future plans for the Amiga?
We plan to develop a PowerPC version of StormC and new and improved versions of StormC. StormWIZARD and Art Effect. And then there are some projects that are under development but we do not want to talk about them just now.
Elopers have I PROFILE: PHASE 5 did you first get involved with the Amiga?
Involved with the Amiga back In 1986, when the first A1000's arrived in Europe. The Technical Director of Phase 5, Gerald Carda. BTW. Worked with the first A1000 that ever came to Europe and was the founding editor of Germany’s first dedicated Amiga magazine, the KICKSTART.
We met. When I started work as a freelance writer. Many people here at Phase 5 had been involved with the Amiga from the beginning, and have years of experience.
Does the Amiga still have the stigma of being a "games" computer in Germany?
No. Not really. Funnily enough, PC people ’discriminated" against the Amiga for being a games computer. But. Today much growth in the home PC market is driven by games. I believe the Amiga is recognised by it's users as a flexible, creative and open system, with powerful system software but outdated hardware.
Why are so many Amiga developers in Germany still developing for the platform, when elsewhere they have moved to other platforms?
There is still life in the Amiga market - a lot of life. We honestly don't want to see the Amiga vanishing, as we still believe it is - in respect of the ideas and concepts - the best and most flexible computer system. But it must be updated to tomorrow's technical standards. I think other developers think the same. At Phase 5 we've been very successful with our Amiga products, and we are continuing make technical progress - as with our upcoming PowerPC accelerators and the Custom Chip Set which we are working on. We will also offer some products for other platforms in the future, but we are
increasing our research for Amiga-related technology.
Do you think that German developers have been more successful than their counterparts in other countries?
I believe Phase 5 have been successful because we developed products the market wanted - in respect of performance, quality and price. It also helps to be users since the beginning - we know what users want.
"Y Do you think Bscom helped or hindered the Amiga?
In the end. They hindered. Escom was never a development-oriented company, and nor was AT. The market was strengthened for some time and new machines appeared on the market. But in the end, success counts, and Escom AT have not been successful.
Which of your products are you most proud of, why?
We are proud of all our products. A product such as the Blizzard 1230, which makes thousands of users happy, is something to be proud of but in the end, every product has it's place and gives us a reason to be proud.
? What are your future plans for the Amiga?
We will bring out PowerPC accelerator cards and we'll also support CyberGraphX with new 3D and multimedia technology. But. The main project we're working on is a Custom Chip Set due for release next year. This Chip Set will integrate fantastic performance and functionality and will be the heart of a system which deserves to be called an Amiga successor. It is necessary to follow a vision of how computing could look like in the future - and this vision cannot come from a PC market which is focused on building cheaper systems and saving money. A computer should be affordable, but also innovative
and powerful.
Then it will be possible to build competitive systems ready for the demanding applications of the upcoming years.
And CD-ROM drive littcd.and was running Sraln vcrv Hit ch on an Acorn monitor.
The games choice was in a separate cornel of the store, and more limited, with most titles priced at between 70 and 100DM.
A little further out ol town, on the Wandsbcc ker Markelstrasse, I found a reallv impressive Amiga shop which would put to shame am I've visited in tin- IK. MeComp Multimedia are Amiga specialists with a colossal range ol Amiga Gds. Games, serious programs, magazines and hardware, anti knowledgeable, enthusiastic stall. I soon met an American Amiga Ian there, who contrasted the support lor Amigas io Germany with the I'SA. Where Amiga dealerships have all hut vanished.
Meecomp has aixmi twenty boxed Amigas on tlisplat. Including the Amiga Magic Pack. Sm lei Packs, A10001 anti even a couple ol CIV'-'s. Their own A 1000 was reboxed in a P(I tower, while external Amiga lloppies, Allapower A500 hard drives. SCSI and IDF CD- ROM drives lined the walls and aisles.
There were big stacks of games, oltl and new - ironically many ol their titles are imported from a distributor in Birmingham I'K - and a wide rack of Cl) titles, at prices from 7D.M upwards.
They even had the October .•W-'t ovci Cl), which wav just out when I lelt the I k. although without the magazine that normall) goes with it. They also slocked the September issue hut were glatl ol the W' |uly CD which I gave
llicm. As dial had not been available from their distributors,
( ncc again serious hardware and software was in stock and plentiful, from the 300DM 40MHz 68030 expansion for the A600 to the new I400DM 68060 Cyberstorm 2. Picasso and (Mk-ivision cards, dicker fixers, scan doublers and other graphic goodies were up for grabs: older Amigas were also supported with Octagon. GVP and Tandem Zorro cards, and Overdrive and RAM expansions for I’t Alt 1A Amigas. I spotted Blizzard.
Multilace and Tocatla cards, and even an ISI) Imard. Made bv BSC.
I lie Amiga makes a surprise appearance, in name al least, on the notorious Hamburg Rccperbahn, where a small sign proclaims 'Club Amiga' in ornate letters. On closer investigation however, this turned out to specialise in another kind of 'Amiga' entirely - prompting your iiot-so-inlrcpid reporter, in time honoured tradition, to make bis excuses and leave... O 9ic.Vt ill oil tl): Next issue we hope to run a small leature investigating the Amiga games scene in F.urope, particularly the high quality games being produced in Germany and Poland, which you will probably never have heard of... LEFT;
Don't forget that Amiga Technologies was once owned by a German computer firm - now. Sadly, no longer with us.
RQM...CD-ROM..XD-ROM..XD-ROM..XD-ROM..XD-ROM..XD-ROM..XD-ROM..XD-RONLXD-R r meeting pearls XiPaint V4 Workbench Add-On Volume 1 Aminet Set 1 Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill XlPeinf 4 . 6* **w mrvon ol it* Modng *dg.
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kn*p FD aola wot* no a ip*aoi -mr into Fac*. Wtict toi b**n
cr*atod to alow you to hnd t* program ol your ctox* w*t *om Tt*
contonn 10 MB fdcUr. Crwnctto. Arctrv* frogrom. 3 MB CDIOM UMMm
21 MB Commutocolion ond N*twork fragmmi 5 MB Ovbugging Tool. 29
MB D lopmmu Tool. 3 MB Floppy. Mord Out on SCSI frogromi • MB
Educooonol togrom. 9 MB Gam*» 35 TW Wo.lU-«K AddO- CMOM A. -W
compo » yow worth*’**' O" Itn CD you wJUot on*r t«d itw b.,i
p'ogrom* Aoi o'* o*attobU *ot A* Anuga but you will oho g*t
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rnmdWr to** that mUollt it* d»*ii*d prug'omi to yaw harddli*
Th* CO cover. At (|i*o» of -MoroV. All. If* programmer A* M*r.
It* ommi and if* gam* w4 hod who* they »• looking lor On A..
CDSCM **-« a » -on, mar*- «*oal pn« I ,0* g*r *g»tor*d Tf*.* a
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righl a-ay Tt*n Aor* a fowwr*oy*r lor 20- DM |m»»*od al 30 -
DM1 them ora. Al comm, I cod. D tnorM*. With it. Vo Ac* you can
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ouartabl* hr $ 40. M Mod cl $ 50 You con to ~ more (ton 100.
DM w*b *»i CO Th***to«u you only Saw *o i*nd •" it* appropriate pogu m it* beukJm u *w amto' a if* p.ug.o« 824.95 Or*m*w ol F*a*ur* Dt*n* pa~r kmcMni contrail ond lotoronon odp.1totonl Moak. Ou*«*. I lunrttoni Airbruih luncton lor monto-t.
Amine* $ *1 1. A»t*f«tg oI 4 Cdi. It* compUt* orctiy* a published It* hat tun* Iki CD®OM oll*c'ion. Which h dotod t "uo*y 1995, ol *ri an abnoti ir
T. .» (unoon.
Lor O •O'-A jl ttoon cio-pNa
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Modi 2 MB Mm Nog .. 21 MB ? »«. 13 MB A-TC» ond -or* lor
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urcludad C9.9J prctotoi ond many ten* u*tud*d £49 95 itiim
Aminet Set 2 Mods Anthology Do you U* MuM* Do you U* Cemputort*
Do you Ik* Compm*r Munic* Tlmn. Dto coBaCTo* -a -tel you *o 4
Cmoan M of MuM-Modul.il Mom Aon 18000 modi ol ony W (MOO. S3M.
XM. IT. Airuga Sytob**c» J ol Kxtod by Co-pom. * priority, by
Group* A*n by Kmdi. O* itor*d m unromprMtod form.
RoodoW* und*r oil *• ma|or pladormi Coming otong witt 11 MB ol Modul* lim (ASCII. AnugoGwd* | and 25MB d ModuU Playm ond Trock*n lor mony computon R*l*ot*d w*h it* Wi ogr**m*nl Irom mor* Aon 200 muMtoni (PC ond Aimgo S *n*| ho prondad AMINET SET 2 datod Norambto 1995. Can* tpgakxm. Al rciW* w 12 000 ractrc*. WvtoXto you Ite appka tom gonwi CIW«*0»l or progromaun It* SH gtol you al you n**d Eoiy to um " do* Hul and »*orcf h ildwi mo** Wawu* C34.95 Magic Publisher Aminet 13 On it* umqo* CO*OM S*t you will find oil you need lo oeoto me* looking dacumanx ll you wont to -+*• a book, I you onl
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And DMC Formj
• Aon S 000 riporti and 150 prmtor A rc
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300 MB). Contouwtg oil m k nx (upto 600-600 dpi) In ontot to
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For a*oting good looking lnram**WWW Docm»*n* Aor* or* al
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MB n*. UAtor* to. Opomotod Umr hmwdf oc«*m tchwarc maUi A*
Arm** CD 14 a pteotor* to in* £14.95 Amiga Developer CD vl.l
• •••••• Th* oAod d top- CO horn
* a nol you n**d to raon d 1 Thu mdudto Tt* CD 3 2 All products
are available in your local Amiga-shop or through national
mail-order-companies onpnol tto A»k Ml dnKibutoin you I hftd
** 'l«4dC0* CD wr**r pacing* foclog*i conlrlbutod by 3rd par«*i
Tt* Wbfoft and Ackonf SSM potkog*. Courtoty ol lolpt Bab*l Tt.
Envoy *2 0 d*v*lop*. Kit. ouit*iy ol l*M. Inc., Tt* IN*t 225
d*v*lop*r lit, mnion 2, courtory ol ln**rwork», Inc. Tt*
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Cowtoty ol Aag*lo Scho-dt. Tt. Eidorcar .3264. courw.y ol Mi.
WorldWideWeb: International Distributor: I BOOfSl g ¦wag* ciouai Tt* AnugoOS 2 04 eranpl* rod* ai pa* cl it* ongmal 2 04 No 0uv*lop KP. Tt* *KM 2 04 cod* ..a pi... TS* co ipl*to ml al r*got*'*d Iff loan*. IFF aaompl* ond Mu top Mm, All IFF poclogai r*l*oi*d by ConwtodoroAingo, Inc covadng I9B6 through IV92. Tim camd .371 MIOi d*tolop*r kO, It* SANA-11 itondaid packog* and d***iop*t It Th* imtaihr .43 I
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0*ftgl* «l told you roplMatod ku to... and g ng ptaoir* 70 gww» v o n-ot ww'i & no d*mc*l TK. CD ran b* rw. On orry Am A**.! MB to* memory and Joymek Joypod £26 95
• 114 95 n EMULATION FEATURE NOVEMBER 1996 JJJ3 r ) 1J 2 J J J' j
J J J J J -y For lots more details of SuperBASIC commands and
functions, check out the documentation on the Amiga Qdos system
disk, join the user group Quanta, search the web, or seek out
tutorial files from QI. PD libraries.
QDOS SOFTWARE Many Amiga developers were introduced to the 68600 by the QL, including HiSoft, RealTime Games and the Bitmap Brothers. Metacomco's Continued overleaf 4 Qdos is the operating system of the Sinclair Quantum Leap (see panel). It s a PD replacement for AmigaDos, actively supported by groups worldwide, particularly in the UK. Germany and USA. It's fast, because Ql.s and Amigas use the same ty pes ol processor; original Qls used Motorola’s slowest model.
Amiga Qdos is currently at version 3.23. First developed by Rainer Kowallik of Berlin, it's been much improved by Mark Swift of Manchester, with a few contributions from your humble scribe. It comes on three floppy disks. Two are in 880k Amiga format: a program disk and another containing complete source code. The third is a 720k disk in Qdos format, packed with programs and examples.
The name comes from Ql. And DOS (strictly Drive Operating System, as original Qls had no disks) and is a pun on the Greek. Kudos - the pride that comes before a fall!
The Amiga package is extraordinarily complete. It includes a PD assembler, editor and linker, as well as a handler to read and write Qdos disks. You can rebuild the entire system by clicking on icons in the 'make' directory on the source disk. It runs on all Amigas. Front AnOOs with Workbench 1.3 to the latest A4000 060s. The emulator supports serial and parallel ports, graphics, sound and up to four floppy drives.
These days Qdos also runs on both Atari and PC hardware, with add-on cards, although software-only emulators are in development. Amiga Qdos is the only genuinely I’D version, although there's a shareware Qdos emulator for fast Apple Macs.
Qdos software is abundant, with hundreds of PD disks in circulation; most of these run on Amigas. But some need to be patched with utilities 011 the Amiga Qdos support disk so they can cope with 82-bit expanded memory and a design fault which stops Motorola's TAS instruction from working on Amiga hardware.
USING QDOS Qdos was the first multitasking operating system for home computers, and has a few rough edges. Almost everything is done f rom the keyboard, although Amiga Qdos includes a mouse driver, used by some of the example programs. The most important control keys arc Control F5. To pause display updates, Control C to swap input from one task to another, and Control Space to interrupt SuperBASIC. The built-in programming language.
UJJ LOAD and LRL'N load SuperBASIC programs, with names usually ending _BAS, and EXEC, starts tasks. Devices are named FLP1, FLP2 and so on, and the separator is an underscore rather than a dot. So you start Xchange with the command: EXEC FLPl.XCHANGE. The format of file names is flexible, but they must be enclosed in quotes if they contain unusual characters.
The Qdos equivalent of the startup- sequence is a SuperBASIC BOOT file, launched with LRUN FLPl_BOOT, or alternatively, bv resetting the emulator (CTR1 ,-AI.T-SHIFT-TAB) with a disk in the drive, then pressing FI or F2 to select Hi-Res MODE 4, or Lo-Res.
MODE 8. Respectively.
High resolution displays are converted using the Amiga's blitter. You can accelerate systems with chip RAM only by reducing the blitter priority, at a cost of some flicker as the red and green bitpfanes are updated separately.
SCR_PR!ORlTY 8,1 gives fastest updates, but SCR_PRIORITY 2,1 leaves more time for the processor on an unexpanded Amiga. With a 68030 or better you can use the processor instead of the blitter, giving better updates but slower emulation. This replacement screen driver. ACE. Supports low resolution displays in eight colours, otherwise emulated with four colour stipple patterns in blitter mode.
Qdos supports multiple windows, with scaled and clipped graphics, but it's up to applications to update them when they overlap: pressing FI0 or F4 usually works. You can't swap keyboard control to a task, unless it displays a cursor. Older programs may not be designed to multitask - start them with the EXEC_W command (W for Wait).
Simon Goodwin emulates the British operating system that introduced many Amiga developers to the 68000.
Infamous Amiga ED and B('.PI. compilers were early Ql.
Products. HiSnfi BASIC. Devpac I and 2 started life on Qdos.
Much recent commercial software uses QPTR. A WIMP package from Tony Tebbv - beware, as this is not included with the emulator, and not all versions run on Amiga Qdos. Tebbv has written a Qdos update. SMS Q for Atari, PC and expanded Ql. Hardware.
Most oldei programs work directly from the SuperBASK: command line, with no need for extensions, hut some expect commands Irom Super Toolkit 2. An extension package originalh supplied as a Itik ROM. This works from RAM on the Amiga.
SINCLAIR'S QUANTUM LEAP I Itmdrcds of alternative commands ate available, including the I'D Toolkit on the Amiga Qdos support disk, and I) )' Toolkit routines on out CD.
Toolkits like these are very important on Qdos because they extend Supet BASIC in a concise and powerful wav.
Thev’re a similat to resident commands on the Amiga, hut faster and more flexible. Many programs are lirst written in SuperBASK i. using toolkit extensions where necessary, and then compiled into stand-alone tasks which link to toolkits as thev load.
CD GOODIES Some of tin- best Qdos PD is on our cover CD. To use it. Copy the contents ol each directory onto a double density disk in Qdos formal. You'll need the Qdos handler loaded, either In booting from the Amiga Qdos startup disk or by copying the handler to your system partition. On Workbench 2 or 3. Just copy Frank Swift's QI.KileSystem from the boot disk into I : and icons for each drive into DEVS:D( ISDRIYT RS Sinclair's Quantum Leap, or QL, was launched at £400 in January 1984, and delivered in June. It was the first home computer based on a 68000-series processor - the 7.5 Mhz 68008
- and shipped with 128k RAM and 48k ROM, expandable to 640k and 64k respectively.
The Quantum Leap has two serial ports, networking, and two 100k tape cartridge 'microdrives'. Display resolution is 512x256 in four colours, or 256x256 in eight colours.
Qls were manufactured by Thorn EMI in the UK and Samsung in Korea, for export to Germany and the USA.
The ROM contains a block-structured extensible language, SuperBJVSIC designed by Jan Jones, and Tony Tebby's Qdos. A multi-tasking, device independent operating system modelled on Unix. London's Psion contributed a business software suite which was very advanced for the time, though slow running from microdrive tapes.
Microdrives were a compromise to keep the price down - in 1984 floppy drives were prohibitively expensive, although today they're the choice of almost all Qdos users.
Microdrive tape loops had a 16k per second transfer rate but slow access times, averaging 3.5 seconds. To mitigate this Qdos uses all spare memory for ‘slave blocks' - 512 byte buffers for recently read data. This works much better than the Amiga 'addbuffers' arrangement. Current expanded Qls have 720k. 1.44 or 3.2Mb floppy drives, faster processors - usually 68000 16 or 68020 24 - and multi-megabyte RAM expansion.
A range of 'Thor' SuperQLs with 68000 and 68020 processors was manufactured in the UK and Denmark in the late 1980s. These came with Psion Xchange - an improved, integrated version of the business software, first bundled with 'One Per Desk' workstations, QL derivatives marketed by ICL and BT.
Hardware Qdos emulators run on Atari ST, TT - and even IBM clones, via a £300 ISA card with a 68EC040 processor and 4Mb of RAM!
Qdos is popular with programmers and has more than its fair share of emulators.
Many are out-classed by Amiga-spacifk programs, but soma deserve attention as they mimic machines which cannot otherwise be emulated on an Amiga.
EMULATORS FOR QDOS XTRICATOR G*eCT«.TO*r . - 1 **" URARfU* E&ws. : "c.t.sL*- j|n|:r|l-l|l .-Iy-.Iu |l |0 If 1 1 .-.*«• ¦hulotor in i uniting, !-'••• • • foe- mokn rvu 1991 PMWiti!!1!1!
n a ! = S prf-T.t. 1 r s
• d « « «*' Xtricator: Sinclair ZX81 emulator.
Spectator: Sinclair Spectrum emulator. ZM HT: Z80 emulator.
Xtricator is a Sinclair ZX81 emulator from the Netherlands. It runs well on Amiga Qdos and you can get it working at a sensible speed on most Amiga systems from A1200 upwards.
It runs just right on A4000 030S if you reduce the main Xtricator task priority to half that of the XTR 10 screen-update task, and gobble up some CPU time by boosting the Qdos screen: BLIT OFF : ACE ON : ACE PRIORITY 8,1 Sinclair's ZX81 was the first home computer mass-marketed at a price below £100. And sold millions. It was very slow, but it's fondly regarded by many for whom it was the first step into home computing. Xtricator is the only ZX81 emulator that runs on the Amiga, and it requires Amiga Qdos - but that's no problem as both work well and are freely distributable.
Xtricator has enormous advantages over the real thing, like fast disk loading, an extended BASIC toolkit is built in, and it even runs Hi-Res games which reprogrammed the ZX81 display to get around the limitations of simple character graphics. A substantial library of ZX81 programs is available in Xtricator format from the author Carlo Delhez. On registration of the shareware version.
Spectator is a Sinclair Spectrum emulator from the same stable.
It's slower than Amiga ZX emulators, but more compatible.
It supports three file formats - the compressed Z80 format, used by many Spectrum emulators, its own microdrive image format and SPT tape format. Files are readily available on CD and the net, particularly as Z80 snapshots.
The main weakness of Spectator is its sloth, particularly in 128k mode, and lack of emulation of Spectrum 128 sound, which does not translate well to Qdos BEEPs. If that's a priority you're better off with the Amiga- specific ZXAM. Which emulates Spectrum 128 sound well, but doesn't support more than 48K of RAM yet.
The shareware version of Spectator on the AFCD runs about
2. 5 times the speed of the real thing on a 68060 Amiga, but
substantially slower on an A4000 030. You can boost it by
switching from the eight colour display to a four colour
blitter version, with these commands: ACE OFF : BLIT ON On a
68060, in 48k mode, the problem is an excess of speed, rather
than a dearth. I dragged it down to 100 per cent Spectrum
speed with these commands: MODE 8 : ACE ON : BLIT OFF : ACE
PRIORITY 16,1 Bizarrely. Spectator 1.52 thinks it's running on
a machine with a German keymap, transposing the letters Z and
Y. Select a German map for Amiga Qdos with the command KEYDT.
Use KEYUK to swap back when you're in SuperBASIC.
ZM HT ZM HT is currently the only emulator that TRANSLATES programs as it runs. This means that it's potentially the fastest Z80 emulator. Given plenty of disk space you can save compiled code along with the original, for a quick start when you reload.
ZM HT avoids the overhead of decoding. At first it’s slow because it must generate new 68000 routines as well as execute them, but later it can run pure 68000 code.
ZM HT sounds simple, but it has to be fiendishly clever to cope with self-modifying programs, which may poke their own code at any time. It keeps a table with an entry for every byte of emulated memory, marking routines for recompilation when they are modified. It’s complicated, but if it can be done in Qdos, an Amiga version is surely possible.
This is probably the only way we'll see fast PC emulation on current Amigas. In practice it's a technique more suited to eight bit than 16-bit emulation, because it demands several bytes of emulation memory for every byte emulated. The compiled code is much longer than the Z80 original but the speed is so impressive that compiling emulators are surely the way of the future.
THE REST There are many more emulators for Qdos, both commercial and freely distributable. CPMulator.
Solution. Success and Conqueror emulate business bogey-systems CP M and MSDOS. Other Spectrum emulators include William James' Speculator 93. ZM 1, ZM 2 and ZM 3 come from Ergon, authors of ZM HT; they are feature-packed but relatively slow Z80 interpreters, rather than compilers.
N Bv default QI.FileSvstem uses ‘mini.device’, part of (TcissDos, to read disk tracks and sectors. Workbench 1.15 .Amina users can use the PI) messvdisk.device' instead. Copy it from DIA S: on the I"K It disk to vour own system, and add this command to your startup-sequence: MOUNT QI.O: FROM DEVS:MOUNTI.IST.QL QDOS CONTACTS: PD SUPPLIERS: SJPD, 36 Eldwick Street Burnley. Lancashire BB10 3DZ ” 01282 451854.
Oubbesoft PD, Brunwin Road. Rayne, Braintree. Essex CM7 5BU " 01376 3478S2.
Both stock Amiga Qdos 3.23 (3 disks, £3.50) and hundreds of disks of PD.
Substitute PC lor Ql. To gain access to 720k PC and Atari disks. The only snag is that Messvdisk. Like the emulator itself, cannot read High Density l.MMb media. This hardly matters as Qdos PD and commercial releases invariably come in 720k double-density format, which any Amiga can read.
Once you’ve re-booted with the handler in place you should sec an extra icon on rout workbench, marked QI.O:????. This is the equivalent ol the CrossDos icon PC0:????
And shows the Qdos disk name as soon as one is inserted.
Click on the icon and formal a fresh disk from your workbench, just like a floppy in Amiga or PC format: alternatively, use Opus or the Shell. The physical format has nine sectors per track, or IK for high density, like PC and ST disks, so you can use FORMAT Ql’K k to put Qdos directories onto disks ahead' ill those lonnats.
Once formatted you can use any Amiga program (e.g. DirWnrk, SID, Opus. Shell or Workbench I to copy files from the CD to the Qdos (loppy. Qdos file names can have up to 311 characters - four more than Amiga names - so very long names may be truncated when you copy from QI. To Amiga media. Sub-directories are supported from the Amiga side, but not within Amiga Qdos; copy files out to the root before Irving to use them in the emulator.
My next column tackles, - the heart of many a!" T0p,c to emulators for Com ZT enth ,s: Many AF readers cut M soft'"'are
* h »n the C64 and ComPuting 2" "» next month for*?*" abou" ' «4
emulation, with plJ? guide eontact* and advice. Rev,'ews.
QD os tasks have extra information in their 'comment' field. Make sure that this is copied as well as the file bytes, or Qdos will not know how much space to allocate for the task's data. If this happens to you, the task will lx' rejected with a 'bad parameter’ report when you try to EXEC it.
PROS AND CONS If you're a programmer or former QI. Owner, Amiga Qdos is Inn and fascinating, but it’s a bit much for keyboard-shy lamers. Hackers welcome it as a stable platform for Amiga International QL User Group: Quanta, 213 Manor Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 4JD, UK.
NET NEWSGROUPS: General Sinclair: Qdos discussion: C68 compiler: comp.sys.sindair maus.sys.ql.int maus.sys.ql.c68-int WEB PAGES: http: www.imaginet.fr -godefroy http: www.di-ren.co.uk ql homepage.htm http: ourworld.compuserve.com homepages peta QDOS FTP: ftp.nvg.unit.no pub sindair ql ftp.garbo.uwasa.fi ql BULLETIN BOARDS: TF Services: 01344 890987 Nene Valley: 01933 460538 hardware-hanging. Examples on the support disk show how easy it is to use tlu* Amiga blitter, stereo sound, palette and even SCSI devices when there’s no system getting in the way.
Qdos runs sweetly on floppy-only Amigas, but currently only supports hard drives via rare P ) bridgeboards.
Rather than write drivers for every interface under the sun the developers aim to get the next version running alongside AmigaDos, using Amiga drivers. This will be a big job, but a massive step forward. 0 QDOS QLASSICS There are far too many PD Qdos programs to discuss here but here are a few highlights from the AF cover CD.
PSION XCHANGE Psion's Xchange suite was one of the great strengths of the QL It comes on the support disk and works nicely under Amiga Qdos. It's well-organised well-integrated. The Archive database is powerful but sluggish. Archive programs resemble Psion's later OPL (Organiser Programming Language). Easel is a quick way to boil up convincing bar and pie charts and Abacus is a friendly spreadsheet with powerful functions.
QUILL Quill is a WYSIWYG word-processor. But only supports monospaced text. It uses its own I ...... V .v!
VIT fC- iHsaUj Molecular Graphics: Ideal for helping you to understand the 3D structure of chemicals proprietary DOC format which you can convert to RTF (Rich Text) which FW5 can read, using Aminet's UTIL CONV DOC2RTF tool or QL code on the support disk: D0C2RTF BAS and DOC2RTF TASK, the much faster multi-tasking compiled version. QL programs and plain text files are easily readable from the Amiga as the line-ends correspond.
C68 C68 is a freely-distributable Qdos C compiler and development system. Full source code is available plus lots of useful utilities. C68 generates code for all 68000-series processors, and has been used to compile many PD and commercial Qdos releases. If you're interested in C but can't afford a commercial package.
C68 lets you try the full language at no cost.
Mark Knight's Molecular Graphics is a 3D animation package with a database of over a hundred interesting molecules which you can tumble in colour around the screen. A simple program, well-implemented and fun to use. It's freely distributable, and surprisingly nothing like it is available on the Amiga. But it runs fine with Amiga Qdos, so who cares?
FLEET TACTICAL COMMAND If Elite was the game that made the BBC Micro.
Fleet Tactical Command is the Qdos equivalent.
The graphics are simple 3D wire-frames. But they belie the depth and complexity of the game. FTC has been described as 'a real-time simulator where you play the entire navy', in an ocean a million square kilometres in size.
Vessels include tankers, submarines and supply ships and you steer, fire weapons and issue detailed guidance from the keyboard.
A demo version of FTC limited to 90 minutes playing time, is on the AF Cover CD.
Full versions run on Qdos and Msdos- compatibles.
25 Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 BAH APOLLO ACCELERATORS APOLLO 1240 1260 The new Apollo 1240 features a Ian cooled super-fast 68040 running at 25MHz (the 1260 uses the 68060 running al 50MHz). In-bullt FPU. Battery- backed clock and 1 x 72pin SIMM socket. Making it one ol the besl value accelerator cards available 1240 25 0Mb 1240-25 4Mb 1240 25 8Mb 1240 25 16Mb 1240 25 32Mb
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Amiga 1200 accelerator With a 6803Q 25MH* and 25MHz 68882 FPU.
1 x 72pm SIMM socket (4 or 8Mb). Real-time battery- backed
The Apollo A4000 Accelerator fits into the CPU slot ol the A4000 (A3000 T).
Comes in 40MHz 66040 6 50MHz 68060 versions. 4 i 72pin SIMM sockets (2 I 72pin SIMM tor A3000 Desktop) & SCSI-2 controller 4040 40MHZ £349.99 4060 SOMHz £599.99 t 2GIG _ Externally cased hard drives tor the A500 50C* Can be populated with up to 8Mb ot RAM (72p.n SIMMS) WAIT!
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Compugraphic fonts & clipart.
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WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREOfT CAROS MCLUONG SWITCH, VBA li DELTA BY PHONE Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - C6.95 CD SCREENPLAY NOVEMBER 1996 What games are in the pipeline? When are they coming out? How much will they cost?
All your gaming questions are answered here... soc All Amigas ¦ BPM Promotions ¦ 01232 626694 questions about football. All kinds of questions, ranging from 'Who did Howard Wilkinson manage before Leeds?' To 'Which club did Lee Sharpe start his career with?' (answers on postcards to the usual address please, but don't phone - it's just for fun). Get the question right and you're treated to a little cameo of a footballer scoring a penalty.
Get the question wrong or run out of time and you're treated to a little cameo of a You've got a set number of bouncy green things you've got to guide to the exit on each level. You can make them jump over gaps, shoot holes in walls, change direction and a whole load of other things as you attempt Reader Games are back with us this month you'll all be pleased to know.
Wand with Epic Marketing now taking a serious interest in all the L submissions, now's the time for you to get those . _ „ games in. You never knowfAi m it could be just the __ beginning of a beautiful life in hexadecimal!
For the rest of us who wouldn't know an op code from an alien, we'll just have to put up with the games other people create for us. And despite the fact that there aren't bucket loads of 'em around these days, there’s still the odd little nugget popping up to remind us that not the entire world has forgotten about the Amiga.
One thing that hasn’t changed and has been something we've had to live with ever since companies started producing games is the slippage. We keep getting told, hand on heart apparently, that a game's going to be with us 'in two, or three weeks tops' then of course it doesn't arrive for another six months. Ho hum.
But anyway, that’s why some of the games previewed last month haven't been reviewed yet. We will, rest assured, just as soon as they come in. On with this month's dazzling display... Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
The absolute pits.
The Reality Software Construction Kit is nothing if it’s not versatile, and BPM Promotions are nothing if they're not prolific. The latest offering to tempt your wallet buds as it were is a cheeky little number called Soccer Sensible.
Now then, now then, this here game is a football quiz game. Oh yes. The preview we've seen of the game is still very early but the simple gameplay seems to involve answering Those Lemmings clones keep coming! Actually, Blobz is not strictly a Lemmings clone, though it does owe a lot of its ideas to that now- ageing classic.
Apex Systems ¦ All Amigas ¦ 01709 890552 blob; footballer missing, or having a penalty saved.
The final version claims to include bonus rounds and mini sub games as well as free-kicks, corners and loads of other stuff. Soccer Sensible is intriguing, we can't wait to get it in for a full review - not only because we're all keen to demonstrate our footballing knowledge, but because we can't wait to see how the other features are going to work in the game.
To guide them around the obstacles.
You get the picture, right? Although you'll have already gathered that this is a Lemmings clone, there seems to be enough variety to make this interesting.
We're certainly interested and looking forward to release in November.
WORMS: THE DIRECTORS CUT mfw- In an Amiga Formal exclusive, sorry, EXCLUSIVE! We talked to the Producer of Worms: The Director's Cut, Paul Kilburn (well, through Steve McGill) AF: You've got some 14 new weapons making an appearance in the game, what are they?
And are they going to be there in conjunction with the old weapons?
PK: The old weapons will be all be there but we're adding things like: Grenade Launcher - Fired fast at set power, when it hits something it explodes like a cluster bomb. And there are special weapons like the Super Sheep, which is a steerable homing missile.
AF: The level editor for Workbench: what exactly is it going to offer? Is it different from the Worms built in level editor?
PK: You mean Wormprefs for Workbench. This will allow you to edit stuff such as gravity, skid strength, wind direction and so on.
AF: DIY Landscape: Completely separate from the level editor, how easy is it to use?
PK: This feature will allow you to edit graphical textures (forest, arctic and so on) which you will then be able to assign a name,
e. g Amiga Format World, then when you type: Amiga Format.world a
random level using your textures will be produced.
AF: Cavern levels: What do you reckon putting a roof on the background will do for the gameplay?
PK: With the new batrope. Swinging Tarzan style (letting go of the rope and then re-firing the rope before you hit the ground will mean you can traverse entire levels. In theory.
Airstrikes will be rendered useless. You won't be able to fire homing missiles straight up into the air. Believe me, it adds to the gameplay.
AF: Would it be fair to say that the AGA version will look better than the PC version?
PK: Yes. Especially the scrolling which is 9 layer parallax. And the fact that you can have 2 layer levels where worms can walk in front of background scenery, making it possible to say, walk into houses and up stairs that are drawn as background.
AF: What else is there to shout about?
PK: 24 bit fades and explosions for a start.
Basically, the whole game's going to be more user friendly. There will be none of this 'get a text editor and do this' nonsense. Everything will be accessed through the game or through the Worms prefs editor. Such as editing sound samples and including them in the game. So there you go folks, straight from the horses' mouth. More info and pics as and when. OK? 'Zi 11 Prettier, 1tUit Order D- £ 3.50 Pleause Senct Cheques P0SMade out to Premier Mail Order or CIS . 100307-1544 POSTAGE & PACKING UK - FREE EUROPE - £ 2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: I
I Dept:AF11 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE. CRANES FARM ROAD. BASILDON. ESSEX SS14 3JJ Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. Please note: Some lilies may nol be released al Ihe lime of going lo press.Most lilies are despatched same day. Bul can lake up lo 28 days. VAT is Included
- Visa Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: __
BASILDON. ESSEX SS14 3JJ i "1Hr.V-r Tiln DO ’ 9 Pcipeye Meel*
Tlw Oea-.n D:i?1 Mmnwabar Demo D322MttaTyw n ;1 magi DM4
Te.mmai,. D028 Twanau* T.jl«t Swie*ri'a D033 The GaVuruyj OFX
DC41 (nieipriM leaving O • WO ApfHMCh Tia-nei Uadtkfi »u« n..*d
in le« Breed JU 2 Terrain 11 a.nr MabWhKratfiW
• ucadePixF u*u«ii Pi*" cn« Game* ATROCTV d WwvtOT 2 Logc .1
Aiph* Rey DO I.' Bui Vi 34 tOUCATIONAL E002 Tr« Bciia 14 Dicker
E003 Work) Databank E006 Tcaal C creep is EO07 Bank Talk E0CB
Dunk* OTP EOOO Colour The Aphebei E010 Tr« Hruhway Coda £011
Juua Maths £012 Electronc Tran Ser 1 MEG' £013 loam A Play 1 n
4 Play 2 ertur* d Ow ...
• IlM N«VJ flOQ ---- SatsO* Soccer £ur Crivnpt Pm ) Onr Aud fUD.C
hWnanaOewvrS*** 1700 - ---- HUMANS 1 .. ItNlin
VtmxjrW 10 90 --- r-uufcor j 500 10 99 --- nOnoMun--H99
Soccer St»s 96 soccer r MT. Manager Sc*«a vegecy Scherer* A - IK CREATIVE COD2 Laear Oewpnar CC03 $ N©er Fcrts CC05 Dec.e Par* Jjty C00* Vah. Dwnc Md-W C009 Lanco LADW* C011 Word P»e COM For* Farm C013 Wre MakeE SoMoCOACAl :rz Birr? BASIC 7 l Subvw n Sut lo*** Menage.
S**1 S* r*vi ix*S«n*ul)I e SoerSu-auP Sv* *t seeerv** i Sjw. . 7 T Super Town* Cham?
GAMES G0i4 2* ccn G0i5 I*r mw* Got 7 GC18 The FvhH*.»e G019 Amre Gome* GOTO Game* Gaw* RrjU PmdllO SmUttM** 4 CC6 Garow Dewar*.
Coi 7 x Beat UTK.IT1ES U003 The Workonc© 1X106 Ad].e** Bu» 1*008 Aete.od U010 AuKOTOPh , UC14 Panosomc Prmer Dnvtr UC15H P Pi met Driver U018 Sorkoshe Printer Dnvw U017 Cem.-.n 4 CA20h Pmtd* Driver l 020 Bod Formal 1*021 Arnga B»jmortGu*0« 0 991? 99 12 99 VWTUAL KARTING War coe Warrcaey Ire Soccar Wetreae, Rogpy League WollchiO WanJerOCfl wono Clan Rugby 95 G02r ¦ GQ22 Burtard 0023 B G024 0 19 W Supremacy I - Syndcote I - T odteai Manege.
Twi Mekch Crc»el 9 W The Clue The Get*. . 19 99 Them* Pe«k Tup Oear I ip* o CamStTcOrtar 7 C »**«** (MiMr C«'»AM CHAMP MANAOIH 2 CHAOS INGINf 7 CXICkWAO!
BFoo*a4 C*..t 8 Ci*jn*r CO ALA --1* »V Core A1700 BixxM* Skeleton Krew 0*tWm .MwndiAV 12 91 Core COM Bundle 2 HoWm n St* rw C IIXi flCA B I ? ...... .... time Spa(«* a* 1 I 7 l*t» Cl"r*rg«l PcApr 17 90 CiOlt Icr AMOO ' ’ ITO CRICK8T MADTrnS 19 M Cmiui For A 12 90 CrtWrteac* 22 99 ..... 1? 99 J6 Dapin C G029 Due' GO JO Spalve A*aauf EDUCATIONAL Total FooM 22 90 Toormg Car CieKruvja 12 90 Tower c4 Soul* 199019 S Trap* 4 T teaootea 17 00 treble Chami-rvra 2 7 00 Triple Action • Vol A • Sio* Tein, .
Air|r«A« . Time HirxM 0 90 Turbo T-e. 19 99 Turning Poeils 12 99 Ullimel* Dud. Dlcw* Ultimate Go* "99 Ultimata Soccer Manager 19 9019* Uncovered 17 90 VnaitoM 19 90 W** r Tower - •* 9 Wheel Spm . .... 19* W«d Ci4 Soccer 1 7 90 17 * Wing Commander 12 99 Wr«, G «1 12 90 Wirtid 10 09 WORLD CUP TEAR 94 19 M WORLD GOLF 12 M Wc*»3 d Sccce* 7 99 W'rt* at War 6 » WORMS 19 M -19 99 Wmr* RerWvcemaW* 12 99 X-lT 2cn*Od 16 99 • XP 9 19 9919 99 - 2*re«* 12 99 ---- «f WOLF 2 • WA.0 FIR* 2» 99 - _ H*te*!C ¦¦wMorwnJO Meelmg Peiri* 3 Multimedia Toolkit 2 Network CD?
(Warned 8 Ptoleawanel Fonia A Open Proieesonei IFF A PCX library PrOtMMOOBl U106M 11500 Sound library 4 GRX Lorary Teilute* r The Beauty Ot Chao* Tha Cokxs Lfirary Tha Irghl Rem Tha light Rem 2 The Light Work* UPOGcrd i035 Fug:alrh r Might, M Military V 17991999 --- 1996------ ...----- 7 90 9 90 Betler Spetlng 18-101 13 99 • Bellar Malh* U2-16I 13 69 - Ca«*Ma76(8 12) 0 99 Fiaflicn Goprn* (8-131 10 99 • loerght DnoMur* Jraucr Typat i5-I0) 10 99 Kid Pu 10 99 - Mage M«iri*i4-5i 13 99 - MalTi* Oragcn* |6-I3) 10 99 Mam* Mania 18'121 13 99 PlCAir* Fre.tr:ns |7-10l 10 99 - Raeeonng Wen TrcK* 5-12 10
99 Tidy The toute .8 10) 10 99 RcCn Hoed (8.) 13 99 Scnuga Xma* Core* iB-| 1309 The Tr.ee Bear* 15-10'r *3 99 Wndb-TheWAcvw.ft.i 1399 Wdanj O' Ot 13 99 - Masierpecaa Morph Muse X 2 0 Uukr Me»a Eipartance 24 99 Mulani Lnegju Hockey 17 99 ’ 7 90 ---- Napcrieuntca 12 99 Navy Moras 6 99 NEC ROMANTICS--2199 Nkjbi Man sons w cnamo 0*w O*; Day Cricket Operabrn Harr*.
Operaocn Stealth Overfed POATcurGc* 12 99 ----- - Ptr'Coil Dreams 4 Farias«22 »--- PINBALL F ANT ASICS 9 99 19 99 24 99 P-carr awtfe* -19 99’9 99 Prcarl Mono -1999--- P*48ALL PRELUOt 19 99 19 99 19 *9 PcrePotrecn 1999*999 - 12 99 --- 12 99 - - 1*030 AC_________ 1*035 Taxi Plu* v4 00 1*038 Numbw Pad Fc* 600 1*039 Cakvia Base 1*040 1 R Comm UC4I Race Rapior UC42 Pcor* Poor* V2 1*043 I ran inn Log U044 Ma*ti NrOKk 1*045 O-Sotve 1*046 Locspc v2 0 U047 Rem «o »1 4 tccta Prccoa Eectrc-J U049 Drvroend* Wrmer U052 t cva-r.a Vmj* Kd r U053 Srxcar 14* 1 Gush 2 Smi t Kjry 3 Sup*i leegue Manager G044 C
G045I* G348T 899 299 Dark 22 90 - O * Sr.*. Oune I or 2 0in e-n Mai « 2 vlrr SPORTS The l»op* Ol-pci JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES AAR.ANAi.OGUE ADAPTER REO.
X 56 Pamet XA7 GflluM DEMOS 4 RAVE Br 5
• 25 SIMULATIONS 1 21 SAW.C I 5 Woi-r Gw . ,fK 125 S»»02IW-1of*d
1 25 SAKC3 NwoiecvK W»h»., Sr-
• 25 SAKC4 Wheer c* F »Me rV* ’
• 25 Sue.:*. c*-a Shor I 25 S**rX Sje *"»¦ 1 25 SUCC’ Rxrwtie
• 25 SAKCe Art Ol Wo- 0003 Good Mtvhng Yehe- OX4 Creap Snow '
D005 FfKton Hanpr Shew
* Tot* Recai Sioht-m iTIwOms 11 meg- re Baimar Calcar IXU1
Mabaccp . D010 Vu Skdevaw . DO" Not The 9 Ocac* New*
* ’ DO’2 R.Ow C" The Lea! A-k D013 Predator Dome D014 Sale Se.
D015 Stealthy 2 iimegi ;*? D016 Jm. Hand-I. SkOeehcw MTMtMf "AC* , Joew i I Mu*. Ed* Sy» ' Pirr«W»v 1 PRIMAL RAGE 1 Project X 1 Puanover Pu***» Galore PUTTY SOUAD ...... Heacfi *i The Skw* i Rearm* 1 R«a on he Robots Rdky Wood* SPECIAL OFFERS GRAVIS ANALOGUE JOYSTKX .(AAR) IB M Memo! 8B3K F ' Cy Onva A5O0 47 99 insama. EeCK Fofpy Drr.* A603 A1200 41 Mou*e Uouoemal .lysbok Vouso E r1cr*or Coda
• » Splitter t2TTp""~ 15 Amta»e Pro* « 800 8iir«l letler*
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LU Cr~U • A Division of D A Computers Lid What’s inside?
We have lots in store for issue two! We test databases, word-processors and more!
We review and test several scanners, and show you how to get the best results!
We review all the latest games, including Bograts, XP8. The Dominions and more. Plus we take an in-depth look at the games market and have columns with the best software developers!
CO LU CE NEWS “"AMIGA This is what some of our readers have said: 7 will be subscribing, because AR Is even better than l hoped it was going to be ' and You managed to tit loads into your mag. I found il a really good read. Amiga Review has a fresh and optimistic view.'
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send CV's to Angela Sutherland FAX: (0181) 679 3588 1393a
London Road Norbury, LONDON SWI6 4AJ 4 Game Testers to Cap Bo.
GILMORTON ROAD, LUTTERWORTH, LEICESTERSHIRE LE17 4DX PAP INCLUDED 100 Cap Box £7 40 100 4 Cokxjr lauttsf? SO Dts» Drrve Cleaner £3.29 8nvn Mouse Mai £3.29 500-600 A 1200 Duslcovws £2 99 CULT TV BIZAR ACCESSORIES You don't really want to be bothered with the plot and stuff do you? Surely not. Look, all right, it doesn't really make a blind bit of difference - it's a beat-em-up, that's all you need to know but if it gives you a better appreciation of the game then I’ll go into it briefly.
Erm, a whole bunch of fighters were chosen by the gods or something to erm, do something.
It normally takes Andy Smith a couple of lagers before he gets punchy.
But not today... Then along comes this bad god and sort of kills them all and makes them immortal at the same time (look, I didn't come up with this), and keeps them to guard him. Or something.
Anyway, like I said it doesn't really matter. All you need to know is that there are several fighters for you to choose from, and that you can sort of fight your way through a sort of storyline bit in one of the one-player modes - called Epic mode. Look, enough plot, trust me, anyway you're better off finding out about the background when you get the game.
Let's deal with the meat of the review and that's what the game looks, sounds and plays like. Looks first. Bear with me if I wander off on one graphic feature later, but well, you'll understand. ClickBOOM have done wonders with Capital Punishment in the graphics dept. Look for yourself at the screen shots and you'll agree the sprites are excellent, the backgrounds are excellent and generally everything looks terrific. But what you can't see is the smoothness of the animation or the little graphic tricks that have been included. All the characters move extremely fluidly, probably because there
are loads of frames of animation - and they can turn round and everything. Ho ho. Couldn't resist that, Rise of the Robots. Ho ho. And even though there's loads of animation it doesn't take half an hour for your character to move through a pre-set punching routine. All the moves are executed quickly, smoothly and believably.
The graphic trickery is a joy as well. Swinging and swaying shadows, dark rooms which only become lit when the lightning outside flashes and eerie cut-scenes all go together to make this one of the most atmospheric beat-em-ups you could wish to see.
But now here's the wandering off bit. And actually it's the biggest problem I have with the game. Yeah, you guessed it, it's the semi-naked fighter Demona. For some reason, ClickBOOM have decided it would be great to have some girl fighter who fights with her breasts out. It's actually very dubious as to whether she's wearing any underwear at all actually. She’s in this kind of red cloak thing with holes cut out of it for her boobs to stick out of. CHEAP SENSATIONALISM CLICKBOOM.
Look, we know the majority of people buying your game are going to be late-teen boys, but really. This is crass in the extreme. It really is.
Continued overleaf e to w-vA.*- 'J" A* you can •**, it all look* rathar gorgeou*. What you can't *** ar* th* light trick*.
They mak* it look even mor* gorgaou*. Oh yeah, bloke kick* other bloka.
Would you credit it? A bloke kick* another bloke. Again. All the Wood *h*d during a bout *tay* on the floor - thing* can get pretty gruetome a* the fight goe* on.
CAPITAL A picture of the tournament mode In action. You'll only find thia In the finished game. Which is what wo reviewed. Of course. I didn't get very far this time... «¦ I'll stop there because mentioning Demona makes a nice link to talking about the lighters in general. There are hall a dozen to choose from and. As you might expect, they all have peculiar abilities, but with a payoff Demona's got this big whip you see so she can hit people from a long way off. But she's not too powerful, whereas Wakantanka is an extremely hard hitter but he's a bit slow. You know how these things work.
Sound now And you’ll be pleased to know that there’s nothing here to annoy me. It's all great - from the intro music to the sound effects They're all good, so let's get on to how the game plays Loads of different moves and stuff, you know all about that, but what'll need pointing out is the two bars beneath your strength meter (at the top of the screen). These are your fatigue levels. Basically you can't just run around like a headless chicken because you become fatigued and the more fatigued you are the more susceptible to attack you are You'll also find that taking a few unanswered hits
causes you to be fatigued and as you stand there with your head bowed, gasping for breath, your opponent can sidle up to you and hit you with their best shot.
In the Factory and a smart uppercut sends the opponent flying. Now’s the time to think about what you're going to hit him with when he comes down.
Unless of course you're faking the fatigue and wallop them as they cockily move in for what they think's going to be the kill.
It’s this kind of thing - being able to fake fatigue and such that sets Capital Punishment apart from the ordinary and elevates it to a Format Gold. Knock an opponent onto the deck and you can still charge into them while they're on the floor, and continue kicking and punching them.
Great stuff.
The only other really major point that Capital Punishment can call its own is the introduction of traps.
Basically, when either fighter's strength is almost gone some traps appear from the scenery - usually spikes coming out of the wall or one of the gargoyle statues dropping their trident a lew degrees from upright, resulting in a tasty meat hook.
o T a ec ui CO s Ui O z CAPITAL SCREENPLAY £_! NOVEMBER 1996 The idea's obviously to knock your poor, almost dead anyway, opponent up onto the spikes or whatever (a good uppercut when you're in close often does the business) and finish them off in style. These are great fun to play around with but they are something of a double-edged sword in that you can have all your energy while your opponent has very little yet they can wallop you onto the traps and win the bout, so beware of them
- whether you're winning or losing.
And that's about the size of Capital Punishment. In two player mode (or three or four if you fancy, because there are league and tournament modes to play around with too) it's excellent fun. Take the time limit off and you and a chum can slog it out for as long as your hands can stand it without cramping up.
One player mode is far too difficult in my humble opinion - the computer opponents only need to get a couple of hits on you and the bout's over - but then it's better to be too _oev Gt*am g c ub’s fort id to *e vumou moneV- Sttcfcam-; signs nsi the a'Un Czech s recent « now tV siWv n to cor iatoes is n s' gn'nS_ 96- • SoManaScr 2‘ ,.
»« •*' “"' . ,,,1: BES' i'SSlSEB" assess®8 DNA Andy Smith perked up when offered a blast of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid - until he realised it was a simple wargame.
Imagine a mix between the first couple of Valhalla games and Laser Squad.
Now you've got a mental picture of what Applaud Software’s first full Amiga game looks like.
Now imagine trying to play a game that's a mix between the first couple of Valhalla games and a slow version of Laser Squad. That's pretty much what playing Applaud Software's first full Amiga game is like.
Out now from: Applaud Software • 33 York Road Church Gresley • Swadlingcote Derby •DE119QG It's a turn-based strategy game. Of sorts. You control two characters - a human and a cyborg - who have to fight their way through some 36 one-screen sectors which are populated with some mutant aliens. Your characters have a limited number of action points which can be spent doing 'things' during your turn. Publisher Applaud Software (mail order only) Price £14.99 Versions A1200 System requirements All Amiga* with 1.5Mb Release date Out now ©GRAPHICS Crude but effective.
Although there are still things lying around that I don't have a clue about.
O SOUND Very little going on but that doesn't affect the gameplay one iota.
©ADDICTION You know the war of attrition is going to wear you down eventually.
©PLAYABILITY Simple if a little clumsy.
Not the most user- friendly. Easier when you know what does what.
Things like walking, turning round, or punching the enemy. But beware, you've only very few action points so don't plan anything like: walk over here, punch this alien twice, move back down here, because the furthest your likely to get is a short walk to stand in front of the first enemy alien and your points run out. Then it's their go.
But what's all this gene business you've read about? Well, genes are like power- ups. Kill a baddie, pick up the remaining genes, spend a couple of turns researching the effects of the gene and if you like what it does (provides you with shield in one instance) you can introduce it into your character. Sounds like a splendid idea.
Except it's not been very well implemented.
For a start you seem to spend a lot of action points picking up genes you've already researched before and secondly the genes you do find don't go far enough to help you out. The difficulty curve is way too steep. Sure, this means you have to think about your moves when you're playing each sector - but actually what you spend your time doing is trying to have one of your characters run (run! Hobble slowly more like...) around the screen as a decoy while your more injured (both characters are usually in a bad way when you begin each sector) character tries to grab some energy-replenishing food
and medi-kits.
Not a game for anyone who likes action. Or fun games.
48% This looks awful and has some major gameplay flaws. Hopefully DNA 2 (if there is one) will be more fun to play and better value for money. This one isn't. 'Zj Amiga Monitor available now
range auailable SjbARTH PRICE UPGRADE NBUJ T0 17” Special
introductory offer £499 e» UHT until Christmas XQWttur At
long last, an affordable big monitor' (Amiga Format) 'The
perfect monitor for the Amiga owner’ (Amiga User
International) ‘The monitor the Amiga has been waiting for.
Buy one (Cl Amiga) CALL FOR NEAREST DEALER Telephone: 01244
391204 Facsimile: 01244 391207 Right: Robin Hood avoids the
dangerous dragons by standing on a block of stone.
Below: The viking's just taken a vicious bop on the nose.
Left and above: Get the Mandarin character across this moving platform.
Guide a bunch of small chaps (up to four) towards the exit on each level. And then do the same again on the next level. And so on and so forth. Our Cathy can’t have ordinary cups of tea or coffee.
She has to have special Rooibosch tea bags because she’s allergic to ordinary tea and coffee. Or something See how the rest of us take the little things for granted? Like good, cohesive gameplay.
Humans Evolution, Lost in Time Put Andy Smith in charge of small characters needing help and guidance and things are bound to fall apart... Of course, each level is difficult and requires you to coordinate the actions of all the characters to get at least one of them to the exit.
Coordinating their actions involves things like standing one on top of the Select four Team OT HUMANS Choose your team BEFORE you know what hazards await you on the next level. Grrr!
Other to reach platforms the characters can’t otherwise reach. Or getting one of the characters to pick up a length of rope to allow the others to climb up to his level.
Freedom of Choice Ben just doesn’t drink tea or coffee.
He could if he wanted to but just doesn't ever seem to want a cup when someone asks him. He's got the choice but just says no. You haven't got many choices when you’re controlling your characters, but some are able to do things that others can’t
- the ninja for example can do a small flying drop-kick whereas
the viking can’t. But none of the characters do anything until
you tell them to do it.
They just stand there otherwise.
Why don’t I like this game very much? I normally really like puzzle games, so what’s wrong with this one.
For a start it’s over fiddly. You have to be almost pixel perfect at times and there’s nothing more annoying than having spent 10 minutes chopping and changing between characters while you manoeuvre them around the landscape, getting them right near the exit and then one of your chaps falls off a platform because you stood him too close to the edge. Grrr.
Our Egyptian chum does a groovy sand-dance. The Banglos did a song about this once. Or something.
And the puzzles are too awkward. I’m not saying they're too tough, but they're not inventive - they just take an awful lot of tedious character manipulation to solve. And that makes the game tedious to play.
Especially when you’re up against the clock. The gameplay experience is not one of ’hmmm. I have a cunning idea, let's try this...' it's much more of a 'damn, now I’ve got to jump them all off the platform and get the bloke with the rope to pull them all up again. And again, and again.
Sorry Gametek, this isn’t much fun to play. It's certainly professional but that doesn't make up for the lack of excitement. O Publisher Gametek Versions A1200 System requirements A1200 Release date Out Now
• GRAPHICS All very jolly. Not especially jaw-dropping, but
varied and pretty.
And functional.
SOUND Average tunes, average sound effects. Nothing remarkable here.
ADDICTION Small mistakes are rewarded with long, complex, repeats of the previous moves.
PLAYABILITY ¦ Clumsy, awkward, fiddly, interface doesn't make this a comfortable game.
Puzzles are tedious rather than challenging,The final package is not very mouth-watering.
NOVEMBER 199 They're not available commercially. Yet. But maybe the good ones will be. Soon. They are, of course, the... Regular readers will be well aware of the rising i standards in the home-grown software we've featured in the Reader Games section over the last few months and this has not escaped the attention of the commercially minded software publishers.
Reader Games is now brought to you in association with Epic Marketing.
This means two things: every submission featured on these pages receives an Epic CD (or a voucher - we haven't worked out the details at the time of going to press) and the winner will receive £50 from Amiga Format and £50 worth of Cds from Epic (again, details haven't been worked out yet). But there's an even bigger implication to be considered - Epic are going to take a long, hard, look at the best submissions with a view to publishing them in the future.
GAME: P*Y*R*A*M*I*D AUTHOR: BARRY WRIGHT LANGUAGE: AMOS PROFESSIONAL Anyone who uses a computer for any significant amount of time must have at least one card patience game sitting around that they can just spend the odd ten minutes here and there playing. And, if you're using an Amiga through the day you could do yourself a big favour by tracking down a copy of Barry Wright's P'Y'R'A'M'rD.
The game's the old 'pair up cards that make up thirteen - 8+5,9+4 and so on - and remove them from the pyramid', the object being to remove all the cards from the pyramid.
The game could be improved H the pointer didn't have to travel all over the screen so much.
This game's about as competent as you can get really, there's nothing wrong with it at all.
But! It could be improved. Only slightly, but improved nonetheless.
The mouse pointer (a small hand) moves around the screen a tad slowly for my liking and there's far too much actually moving the mouse LEFT: Only six cards to dear and then you've won. But what's the betting you'll get stuck?
Around the mat required to get the pointer from one card to the next Another improvement could be made by simply getting rid of the need to click on first one card, then its partner and then the discard pile. If you could just dick on the first card, then double-click on its partner and then watch both cards jump onto the discard pile, life would be sweet VERDICT: POLISHED AND WELL PRESENTED, THIS PATIENCE GAME IS GREAT AS IT CURRENTLY STANDS AND WOULD ONLY NEED A COUPLE OF MINOR TWEAKS TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER. ALTHOUGH IT'S ONLY A GAME OF PATIENCE IT'S ONE OF THE BEST INCARNATIONS WE'VE HAD IN
GAME: CRYSTAL KINGDOMS AUTHOR: LEE WILKIE AND JOHN GRIMSEY LANGUAGE: BLITZ BASIC 2 This one will take you back. It's a platform game in which you're controlling a character (who looks a little like Rick Dangerous) who has to collect keys and diamonds.
The keys are most important here because progress through the levels is hindered by blocks that only disappear when you run into them when you've got keys about your person.
I'll come back to this because it’s important.
Diamonds are collected for points.
VO ffl a r DC LU m § U1 O Z The levels are populated by a whole range of small animals. These need to be avoided because contact with any of them results in the loss of a life. Look, you get the picture, this is an unoriginal platform game in the old tradition.
It's also one of the best looking reader games we've seen and has been expertly put together. Lee states that he's been working on the game, on and off, since 1993 and the polish and attention to detail is obvious. It's just so frustrating to play.
Back to the keys. Suppose you've got one key, there's a passage ahead that you need to go through and the way's blocked by two key blocks, one on top of the other. You can bet your bottom dollar that you're going to touch the top block. Result? You can't get any further.
Sorry Lee, but this really winds me up. I don't mind so much the fact that you need pixel- perfect jumping and accurate timing to jump over the bug and under the flying fireball at the same time, but this kind of thing is just damned annoying. Sure, maybe I should just be trying harder to get it right. Sorry, that's a cop-out. © VERDICT: CRYSTAL KINGDOMS IS A PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PRODUCT. THE GAMEPLAY HARKS BACK TO THE EARLY Ws AND THAT'S ULTIMATELY IT'S DOWNFALL. THE PLAYER IS PUNISHED FOR THE SLIGHTEST ERROR AND THAT HAS YOU PULLING YOUR HAIR OUT RATHER THAN ENJOYING BEING ABLE TO PROGRESS.
SCREENPLAY NOVEMBER 1996 ELIELLL JjclJf _LLL GAME: SKIDZ AUTHOR: CHRISTOPHER KEY LANGUAGE: AMOS PROFESSIONAL It's Destruction Derby - but on the Amiga! This two-player only game sees you and a friend in a small square arena (viewed from above) where you both try and smash your little cars into each other. Simple as that.
Every collision causes damage, but if you instigate the collision you come off better than your opponent and things can really go your way if you manage to smack him into the walls as well. Walls really hurt. Which is why you should avoid them at all costs. This is great stuff and 13 year old Christopher's first attempt to produce a game other than for his own amusement.
There are things wrong with it that could really improve on what's fundamentally a solid base: the graphics are drab but that's not terribly important, the control is awkward to say the least - it's joystick or nothing and a keyboard option is sorely missed.
Your car doesn't drive well and could possibly do with a re-centering option whereby you tum to the left for as long as you're holding the joystick to the left and the wheels straighten up when you let go of the joystick, rather than the car continually going left once you've moved the joystick left, or right if you GAME: SNOWY AUTHOR: UOHN KNIGHT LANGUAGE: AMIGA E It'* not often we get Reader Game* submitted that fall into the Edutainment (bleuchl) bracket, but here's one: Snowy. Snowy'* a snowman I'm sure you'll not be surprised to hear.
Snowy* not actually finished because it's author is currently having to endure a Software Engineering degree course (endure? Yeah, right, in the pub I'll bet...), but that doesn't really matter because Snowy consists of a few subgames bolted together and accessed from a menu screen. Simply walk Snowy to a door, press fire and enter the sub-game.
The first of the pair of sub-games is pairs.
You have a load of cards face down, you turn one over and then pick another. If the card matches, hurrah! H not, you turn 'em both face down again and the computer has a go. Once all the pairs have been matched it's game over.
This is the trickier of the two as the cards are letters (one upper case, one lower case) with a small picture for each letter and the computer's turn is very quick so you don't get a chance to see what it is unless you're very sharp.
The second game is a simple snakes and ladder variant where you progress by rolling a • A 2( I i r U t 2 _ * 3 27 8 K 1 14 1_ i; LJ move it right which is how things are at the moment. I reckon this would make H a lot more accessible and easier to pick up and play. The cars also incur and receive damage too quickly - just a couple of smacks into the wall and your car's trashed. Less severe amounts of damage would make the game more exciting.
There are player definable options which include the speed of the cars and the amount of skid and this is a very good thing. More polish and the essential keyboard option would make an even better game. ® VERDICT: THE CARS OAMAGE TOO QUICKLY WHICH MEANS THE BOUTS ARE OVER FAR TOO FAST. THERE'S NO KEYBOARD OPTION AND THE CARS ARE DIFFICULT TO HANDLE AS THE CONTROLS ARE NOT INSTINCTIVE. OTHER THAN THAT. SKIDZ IS A GREAT LITTLE GAME. THERE'S DEFINITELY ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT IN THE GRAPHICS THOUGH.
Dice and then adding your dice score to the number of the square you're already on. You then move your counter to the new figure and the computer has a go. And that's your lot.
Currently at least ® Andy Smith gels an adding up quaation right thocki Ha waa never the beat in hia malha daaa lha poor lad... DBBQB DU The blue car ruthlessly slams the yellow car into the wall, causing much hurt. It won't be long before this bout's over and done.
LOLflVEH A. : ¦»¦)* PL. WEF= B-Z: S*i7.
Iol v eh a. : sax pvwep b-z: is-: The grephica could do with a bit more work on them but that doesn't effect the basically good gameplay.
Here you're playing tho game of pairs - and the computer opponent doesn't like it one bit.
_L _L CmrtiaiMfi overleaf 4 GAME: FATHER TUCK AUTHORS: STEVEN MAWHINNEY AND DEIRDRAGH MCGIVERN LANGUAGE: REALITY We had a look at tha Reality Games Packs last month (AFB9,66%) and here's a reader version of pretty much any of the Charile Chimp games.
Except it's starring Father Tuck and he's looking for his lost Bible.
SCREENPLAY I hope this is Steven and Deirdragh's first Reality game because it needs some improvement. A dictionary certainly wouldn't go amiss chaps.
But the important improvements come in the design dept. There are locations you enter that lose you a life immediately. Every time you enter them. As you wander into the new location there's a rat or a bird right on the other side of the screen and you don't know they're there until it's too late and you're dead. It takes several attempts to discover just where on the previous screen you should be standing before you make your jump before you manage to enter the location alive.
Other curious phenomena include being able to stand halfway up the screen in seemingly thin air. For no good reason. Father Tuck does very little that's unexpected, which is largely due to the limitations of the Reality Software Construction Kit, rather than lack of imagination on the part of the authors, but there's room for some more thought at the design stage. ® mm : u. Doyou oooooo ABOVE: Father Tuck in mid-air. Yesterday. I don't swallow the 'it's supposed to be a secret platform’ argument either.
RIGHT: Father Tuck has a bit of a chat with a amall lad outaide a house. Yesterday. With a crowbar nearby.
GAME: CONFLICT AUTHOR: LEO RUNDLE LANGUAGE: AMOS Split-screen two-player action as you and a chum run around trying to kill each other. On the Amiga.
The flavour of this game is like DeathMatch from Doom - but on the Amiga. That is, the idea is very simple - you and a mate are on a level and the object of the game is to find and shoot your mate whilst avoiding getting shot in return.
Simple as that The action is viewed from above with your characters being little more than blobs with guns held in front of them. You both then run around chasing after each other while you shoot little 'laser blobs' at each other. The first person to be killed, erm, loses.
There are, however, a couple of twists that need to be mentioned. The main one being the addition of power-ups. Grab yourself a couple of shoes power-ups and you'll be moving twice as fast as you were before - very handy if there are only two shoe power-ups on the level and your opponent didn't get any... Other power-ups include faster shots (you can only have one 'laser ball' in motion at any one time - shoot and you either have to hit your opponent or an obstacle before you can shoot again), more powerful shots and medi-kits.
Possibly the biggest extra twist though and one that, for me at least, kills off the game to a great extent is the time limit that's imposed on each level.
I can understand why Leo's put it in - it does increase the tension somewhat when you know you've got to get your killing over quickly, but I would have preferred to be able to choose whether I want to play a long, drawn-out battle or a quick blast-run-blast-run skirmish.
On the plus side, there's a level editor and plenty of pre-set levels to choose from.
So there you go. (!)
And it's all ovar for playsr two. Tha tpaach that accompanies this scraan is axcallsnt.
This Reader Game's section is becoming so popular that we're looking to expand it. And there's something in it for you!
Every game featured wins an Epic CD and the winning entry wins £50 from Amiga Format and another £50 worth of Epic Cds.
Now if that doesn't inspire you to get those submissions in then nothing will.
Just a note of caution though: don't bother sending in that PD game you coded three years ago just to try it on, we'll spot it and chuck it in the bin. After we've erased the disk for good measure.
And, once the game's been featured here in your favourite magazine we'll be passing them onto Epic Marketing who'll take a look at the really good ones with a view to publishing them. There's nothing guaranteed, of course, but you never know - you might just get a phone call in a couple of months time. In which case, please make sure you put a contact number or address on your submission (which you'll need to do anyway, or we wouldn't know where to send the goodies now would we?).
,; APPLAUP SOFTWARE 33 York Road, Church Cresley, Swadlincote Derbyshire DE11 9QC DNA "A fine blend of RFC and classic strategy!"
• W
• v m h m J t 1 » i± V T 8 TO GIVE 1 iA,i i Amiga games
are fab. We all know that, but they are, at the end of the day,
only computer games. You're never really there are you?
Wefli now youi could be ai lot more involved in the actioni with an Interactor backpack. Plug this groovy device into the sound sockets at the back of the Amiga and marvel as the pack strapped to your back shakes about in synch with the on-screen action. Feel those punches! Experience that head-on collision! Shudder as you take those rocket hits!
A'ndl that's not all folks, the Interactor also plugs into your stereo, so you can really get up and get down! And for lucky Amiga Format readers we've got not 6, not 7, , - but 8 backpacks to give away to our lucky readers.
And! All you've got to do to widi one of these tremorendous (geddit?) Prizes is: Produce an Amiga game. A really, really good one.
No, not really. I mean you can if you want, but you don't need to, to enter the competition.
I Send in a cassette tape of yourself singing one of Shakin' Steven's popular 80s hits. Like 'Green Door' or 'This Ole House'. Or another one if you fancy. Yes, you can send your entry in, on disk if you like.
Send your Entries to; Shafer's Back! Amiga, Format, Future Publishing, 29, Monmouth, St, Bath BA1 2DL.
Rules: 1i The judge’s decision is, and always lies been, final, 2. No correspondence will: be entered, info, 3. Did I say (hat bit about the judge s decision yet ’ 4, No employees of Future Publishing or Aura can.enter. Nor can Brisf olCity fans. 5. Afl right, Bristol City fans can enter if (hey really have to. 6. Closing dBte it December 1st, the eight best entries, in, the judge’s opinion, w.Klwin,the prises. 7. Still, no rule 7 look.
Tips and cheats so you can get more out of the games you've bought.
Therefore enjoy them more. You'll then associate that feeling with AF and continue to buy it. Because it gives you what you want: tips and cheats... PRIMAL RAGE Torch Fireball (fast) Fireball (slow) Eat human Incinerator Fireball In what's rapidly becoming a beat-em- Mega Punch (long) AT AT up theme issue, here are all the Mega Punch (quick) ATT combinations you'll need to master to Mega Punch (short) A T U become an expert at the rather Punching bag ADTU satisfying dinosaur slug-fest that is Throw T D A U Primal Rage: Freeze breath A A T (projectile) KEY Eat human AUTD The abbreviations used
throughout Brain bash DDAUT this guide mean: (fatality) A joystick AWAY from opponent To-Da-Moon D D D D U T joystick TOWARDS opponent (fatality) U joystick UP D joystick DOWN CHAOS Grab 'n' throw T A A (at close ARMADDON range) Gut Gouger T T A (at close range) Battering Ram TTT Bed O' Nails D D U (hold fire button) Flying Butt-Slam DTUDT Uppercut DTTUT Ground shaker U A A D A Iron Maiden AUT Power puke (fast) UTT (projectile) Mega Charge ADT Power puke (slow) U T A (projectile) Spinnning Death A T D Fart of Fury DTU A Flying Spikes A A U (projectile) (projectile) Eat Human UTD Eat human TDAU
Gut Fling D D D D (fatality) Cannonball D T U D (fatality) Mediation T D A T T (fatality) Golden shower DATA T(fatality) BLIZZARD DIABLO Air Throw U D (when jumping Hot foot ADT and at close range) Inferno flash UUU Ice Geyser DUU Mega Lunge DUU Mega Punch (fake) DUD Pulverizer UTD SAURON Air throw Cranium crusher Earthquake stomp Leaping bone bash Neck throw Primal scream Stun roar Eat human Carnage Flesh eating and at close r DUU DDD DUD TA A DUA ATT (proje D D U ATATA; D D A A (ft TALON Brain basher Face ripper Frantic fury Jugular bite Pounce and flip Run forward Run backward Slasher .Eat
human Heart wrenching Shredding U A U DTD D T T (hold fire button) U U (after a multi-hit combo) UTT A T (then hold Iasi direction) T A (then hold last direction) DTU UTD A TDAUD (fatality) T U A D (fatality) 4" VERTIGO Come slither AAA Scorpion sting T T D Teleport D D D Voodoo spell UUU Venom spit (fast) T T T (projectile) Venom spit (slow) T T A (projectile) Eat human D T U Petrify T A A T T (fatality) Shrink 'n' eat T AAOU (fatality) Here's all you'll need to get through the game:
1. Planning your route: quite often, taking the long way round
reaps rewards - extra lives and stashes of cash, ammo and keys
can all be found by playing just one or two extra levels.
2. Make sure you're extremely well armed and armoured before
going after the military or main towers as they're both tough
3. When meeting one of the big boss aliens, you usually have the
choice of facing the boss or taking a longer route round it.
ESCAPE Press the HELP key during play and you will be able to
use the arrow keys to move around the game area. Press the DEL
key to get back to the game again.
All the pickups before taking on the boss as there's a quirk in the game which means if you go out of the room after defeating the boss you can't go back in so you'll have to take the longer route.
4. Make sure you've got lots of keys before entering a corridor
level because you won't have time to search for them once the
clock's started ticking.
5. Plan your missions properly. For instance, if you have to
destroy some things make sure the last one to be destroyed is
the one nearest the exit.
If you have to trigger something to start a destruct sequence (e.g, access a terminal) then go around the whole level beforehand and collect all the pickups (e.g. security zone 2).
6. If you have to blow up generators, don't waste ammo shooting
Instead, walk into the top left corner of each one for a moment and they will blow up.
7. On the outdoor levels, the small aliens are harmless so don't
waste ammo shooting them.
8. Search each level fully. If there are thin walls, blow 'em up
to see what's behind 'em. Always search every room with an
open door for pickups and look around for secret levels (try
and find the portaloo!). When you come to a door, think
carefully before opening it as you might use a key
9. Invulnerability tokens do not protect you from radiation so be
10. There's no point buying the 'in between' guns as on the
earlier levels they're not needed and on the the later levels
they're not good enough.
Save your money until you can buy a refraction laser.
11. Indoor and outdoor gun turrets are stupid. You can position
yourself where you can get them and they can’t get you.
12. Remember that in the civilian complex you do not need keys to
open the doors!
Adam Shailer Meopham KGB: THE FIRST PART After the travesty of mockery of a sham of a travesty that was Steve McGill's attempt to provide the complete solution to Flight Of The Amazon Queen, you will now behold the first part of a complete solution to KGB, kindly supplied by Daniel Platt of Liverpool.The next part will be found on these pages next month.
GUARANTEED! No, really.
Chapter One Exit room, enter upper left room (Vovlov's office), exit room, go to exit (lower right door), select Golitsin's office, say your name to militia man, show him your ID, enter building, inspect desk, get matchbox and matches. Inspect phone, get bug, inspect drawer (locked), inspect radio, get batteries, exit room, ask militia man for the key to the drawer, enter room again, use key on drawer, get newspaper cutting and recorder, wait (Golitsin's sister will come).
Question her: ask her some questions and then tell her she may go. Irina will give you a tape, use batteries on recorder, use tape on recorder, inspect window, exit room, give small key to militia man, go to department P. follow Vovlov to his office, tell him you obeyed his orders and interviewed Golitsin's sister. Give him the cassette, tell him you listened n to the tape, answer 'Hollywood'.
In colonel Galushkin's office you will receive another mission, go to exit, select Uncle Vanya's place, go to your bedroom, inspect closet, get clothes, wear it, inspect drawer, get $ 60, exit, go to kursk street, left, enter door, up, use match on matchbox, inspect cupboard, get clipboard, down, outside, left, left, left, left.
Enter building, up, drop clipboard, enter club (lower right door), say 'the barman says it's ok', say 'allow me to contribute to the club funds', offer $ 30, right, go to door, get clipboard, knock at door 7, tell girl you want to ask her a few questions, answer anything, inside: talk to left girl, tell her you aren't doing opinion poll, then answers: 2nd, 1st, 2nd, ask about the neighbours: in general then about Bellusov and Chevchenkova, say 'I'm investigating...' then 2nd, 1st, exit room.
Knock at the door 5 (Bellusov), select question about Lefortovo then 1st, 1st, 1st, go down, knock at door 4, answer 'no' then 1st, inside: 3rd, 1st, 2nd, exit room (you should spot two guys going up), up, drop clipboard, enter club, left, wait for punk to leave toilet, enter toilet, use lightswitch, inspect trashcan, get heroin, exit, talk to Petka, decide to go, fight Lyonka, inspect him, get lockpick, move body right, move body into trashcan, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, use lockpick on the door, enter, go lower exit, use match on matchbox, inspect cash desk, flick the
switch, go left door, use lightswitch, inspect carcasses, exit.
Go right door, use match on matchbox, inspect desk, flick the switch, go right door, go right door, right, right, right, right, enter, up, knock on door 6, answer: 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, inside: 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, outside: drop heroin, use lockpick on door 8, go upper right door, use lightswitch, inspect drawer, get tapes, use it on VCR, inspect all and and get everything you can (if you spot guys, don't worry you'll have time later), say anything (you'll end in small closed room), inspect table, get bug, destroy it, wait (Rita will enter the room), tell her all four possibilities, answer: 3rd, 1st,
3rd, 1st, 1st, 3rd - Harry Greenberg will be pushed inside, answer him: 3rd, 2nd - Rita runs away, talk to him, listen to the door, show the bug to Harry, inspect the buzzer (above the door), answer 1st, 1st, decide to call Rita, answer: 4th, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, fight Rita.
Answer 2nd, move Rita onto the couch, inspect drawer, get all, go upper right door, inspect all, get everything, go back, use camera on white paper, put paper into drawer (to the left) hide behind door 8, wait.
Verto enters, fight him, inspect him, get all, use camera on blue paper, put blue paper on Verto, go door 8, down, outside, right, right, right, right, right, examine all the photos - you should find 2 texts: LNNRDU13MAOAAK, EIGAAG6PLDGPR. It means: Leningrad, Aug 16th, 3pm, Ladoga Park. Go to department P, answer Vovlov: 1st, answer Galushkin: I must go to Leningrad, Ladoga Park, 3 in the afternoon, August 16. Talk with Guzenko... More next month. 'I?
BOTTOM ROW FROM LEFT: A bloke. A couple of chicks
- ouch! Sorry Andrea. And a bloke who you don't want to find
standing in your garden at 3am.
- S E « 2 01 MSI* iflll iff fj 8sl.;; I II 25 lliM .E a S 45
• * E S s 1 5515 It I?!
2 S * . % Isi-IS 5 g 8 I 2 ? 11 = I Isll!
S Se i n « III lil 1*1
S. s-g O m Z f IS Ul ill
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- 1-2 115 s n 0) » o 5* ! !
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o 2 c o T M ** O C ¦o E 3 I C -S « t ® f ¦ Is * * 2 s a. S. ® *
s ® 5|f 2
o • 12 « c -c 5 4-ii © ° 2 | £ O t ® s ® o 2 III!
O-» Si |S*I P O 01 5 oi e ?
LU ?
I 2 One of the best games ever" AMIGA COMPUTING (effects)...! Can't work out how they've done that, but it’s very clever" AMIGA FORMAT The best Amiga fighting game ever" AMIGA GAMES, Germany Years ahead of the competition" AMIGA JOKER, Germany ACTUAL AGA AMIGA SCREENSHOTS 13 Russell Terrace. Mundesley.
Norfolk NR11 8LJ
9. 30 - 6.00 Monday to Friday,
10. 00 - 1.00 Saturdays You can either phone your order, email,
cheque or postal order.
Rich@sadeness.demon.co.uk http: www.sadeness.demon.co.uk Adult Sensation 2 or 3D (18) Amiga Developer vl.1 . Pre-Order Price Aminet 12 or 13 ... Aminet Box Set 1, 2 or 3..... Anime Babes ..... C64 Games CD .. CDPD 1. 2 or 3 ... Epic Encyclopedia (Out NOW) Euroscene 2 ...... Grolier Encyclopedia Hottest 6 .... Magic Publisher .. Mods Anthology ... Oh Yes More Worms ..... PD Soft Utilities 2 (2CD) . Scene Storm
..... Speccy 96 .... Special Effects Vol 1 The Demo Collection 1 or 2... Video Creator ...... World Info 95 ..... 'Women of The Web1 is an all new CD ROM which is compatible with any AGA Amiga. Apple Mac or PC. It contains over 500 meg of images, sound files, movie clips, anims and text related info for over 200 female celebrities displayed in superb HTML documents which can be viewed using any WEB browser, ie. AWEB. Ibrowse. Voyager.
Netscape etc. Pre-Order Price AGA Experience Vol 2 'The New Batch1 Order the AGA Experience Vol 2 NOW while stocks last. If you haven't purchased it yet.
What are you waiting for? It received some good review scores and is still one of the most up-to-date Cds to date.
94% - AUI. 89% - CU. 82% - AF 90% - Amiga Computing Unique features of The Killing Grounds are... lightsourced environment. When you Tire weapons or shine a torch, the walls, ceilings b amp: floors in the vicinity are lit by the moving projectile or light.
Full game development kit giving you the ability to design and add new levels and alien graphics, sounds, weapons and alien intelligences. With this kit you can. To all intents and purposes, make a totally different game.
Overlayed 'holographic' auto-mapping facility.
Fully JD tendered aliens and robots with realistic real-time lightsourcing.
Lightsourced 30 polygon weapons.
Lighting and alien weapon discharges create realistic glows.
Aliens have difficulty seeing you when you are in shadows unless they have torches!
As yet unrivalled water lefleclion refractions effects.
The Utilities Experience The Utilities Experience has been an underrated CD in the eye of the Public.
Look at its review scores to see just how good it really is.
95% - AUI 93% - Amiga Computing 90% - CU Amiga I Free postage in UK Next Day Service E4.00 Ail prices 1 include VAT Credit cards not charged until day of despatch Overseas Postage 1 Europe £2.00 per item 1
R. O.W. £3.00 per item 1 Tel: 01268 531222 Fax: 01268 531177
Email: SWFIRSTX@aol.com Internet: http: home.aol.com SWFIRSTX
FIRST AmfGX'Tm.E5 Help 2 Compilation .
K240 .. 9 99 . 9.99 Award Winners Platinum Edition 13.99 (Lomminps.Elite 2 & Civilization) Top Gear 2 ..... Total Carnage . Total Football ...... Tracksuit Manager 2 . 8 99 P' -'.cil Rage 8 99 Rise Of The Robots.
19. 99 Robinsons Requiem .4.99 ShttjFu.
* call Sim City 2000 icer Mar. I V I I ¦¦i n I Total
Carnage Tower Of Souls 'JUmafe Soccer Man Dat CD32
TITLES 1299 1299 11 99 12 99 eSSoLiT::: j"*®**; rlr.
(Gunship 2000. Historylm© & uoum. .1. j. east- .a r. Campaign) I ¦ .jq Riso Of The Robots .4.99 g0i«R»h S'!1?
Logo Habrcad 4.99 Will .4 99 jVyg Savage 9.99 Wc Snabhlo 29 99 WY K99 Sensible Golf ..10 99 Xer q qo Sensible World Of Soccer 95 96 1 9 99 Zsf u uq Sensible Work! Of Soccer Euro 15 99 Z-* Championship Manage' 2 ......20.99 Chaos Engine 2 21.99 £ ... 16.99 Super Skidmarks Super Slreet Fighter 2 Super Tennis Champs Tactical Manage' Tactical Manage' Italia.
Disposable Horo ... . Fl 99 Vital Light i 1200 TITL .14 99 Football Glory ...6.99 Deaih Mask
11. 99 Gloom ..14.99 Emerald Mines
.12.99 Guardian .....9.99 Eatte'ne Ractrn
12 99 Kick Off 3 Euro Challenge . 9.99 FiekJs 0! Gar
8. 99 Lion King .9.99 Gloom . 8.99 NBA Jam
Tournament Edition ...2199 Kingpin i « On The Ball League
Edition .. .. 9.99 Lost Vikings ¦1 99 On Tho Ball World Cup
Edihon ... 9.99 Morpn . 9 99 PGA European Tour Golf......9.99
PGA Et ocean
7. 99 PinnnKiitusinns ... 20.99 PinballHkisions .22.99 PmoaB
Mania 19.99 Power Drive 14 99 PinbaU Preside ... 20.99 Rrse Of
Th« Rc 20 99 Roboc gxJ ¦ 9.99 Speris Leqacy .
9 99 Sinker ... 9 99 Super SkxJmarvs
8. 99 Soper Street Fighter 2 20 99 Tola! Carnage S ACCESSORIES
Mouse Mai Onckshot Python JoySIiCX Scrnmbeat 3 Speakers Speed
Mouse Amiga Si Leg-:.
Sceedktfig Amoflre Joystick TQ Joy ESS k liL-a* p-i i i ¦ Telephone OrOeis Mon-Fri 8 30am 6 30pm Sat S Sim 10am 4pm. Ordei Answerphone a! Ail other limes. Rease send Cheonc-sPOs payable 10: I SOFTWARE FIRST, UNIT 6 CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES FARM ROAD, BASILDON, SS14 3JJ. Some titles may not be available.
| Prices are subject to change without notice. ESOE. Callers welcome by appointment. Z usl P© select A veritable Aladdin's cave of PD stuff this month. Robert Polding casts his eye over a Monkey Island clone and a hard drive security system.
However, next.morning, Keithfishffi nger’sjS', !
Apprentice and Bob’s friend J knocks on Bob’s door.
ISfc j i hd KMT M'S Qul Th« cinematic quality and varied gameplay make this one of the most impressive Licenceware games we have ever come across.
CLASSIC PUCMAN Play the original In either US or British versions.
• EJ,“ pgr.
* * i • tOOH ICC
* 000 cc .
J The system is stylish, professional and easy to use. It is very effective as it literally locks your hard disk to prying eyes, and doesn't allow them to access the data contained without a password It uses the Installer system, complete with sampled sounds and does almost all the work for you. Once installed you are greeted with a sound sample when you boot and a very nice animated opening screen. You configure the system by Smith DTP One 90p per disk + 50p pijfp If there is anything the Amiga hasn't got commercially, it's a good personal security system. This type of programme allows you to
have a password to access your hard disk and is often built in to PC systems. Enlock has been around for a KEITH S QUEST By ...Jasper Byrne Ware ......Licenceware PD Library ..FI Software No of Disks .Four Price ....£6.99 per disk + 75p pitfp This four disk set contains one of the best games I have ever come across from the Licenceware arena. Keith's Quest is a Monkey s and-style game
- the soundtracks from each scene are obviously based on Monkey
Island 2- and you play a character called Keith Keith is on a
mission to free his friend who has been trapped in an orb.
The gameplay varies more than any other adventure game I've seen.
There is all the usual walking around trying different things but you also get to do things like playing a game of Llama Invaders.
The mouse control is excellent, and the character responds very quickly. Rapidly scrolling screens mean the game moves quickly and, with a hard disk, they load almost instantly.
Keith's Quest isn't easy, but anyone can get to grips with the puzzles and because of the speed and the option to save your game, you keep loading it again to attempt them another time.
The witty dialogue and stylish graphics mean this release should be part of everyone's collection - it represents a great achievement by a highly skilled programmer.
CLASSIC PUCMAN By .....Augenblick Ware ......Licenceware PD Library ..FI Software No of Disks ...One Price ..0.99 + 75p p&p Commercial games are constantly scaling new heights in their advanced graphics, sound and features. You do begin to feel that in some cases the essential elements of games are lost, such as simplicity and gameplay. Pacman was (and still is) one of the most popular games ever written. This is a version without any flashy graphics or samples, and goes 'back to basics', meaning it
follows the original arcade style in every way.
This amounts to a very playable and enjoyable game that will make you keep going back for more. There is a two player option, and this makes the game even more enjoyable. The difficulty can also be changed, from slow to mindblowingly fast.
This isn't an original release, and it has been done many times before.
If you want the 'original' then this is for you, but nowadays some of the more modern versions, such as Deluxe Pacman, may be preferred.
Continued overleaf • before your computer boots unless you register, something that you can't live with if you constantly re-boot your system, and registration is just £5. ;o it's excellent value. If you want to keep prying eyes off your work, or stop your little brother crashing your machine, this is an excellent purchase.
VARK 14 By ....Park Ware ...Freeware PD Library ....Roberta Smith DTP No of Disks ...One Price 90p per disk + 5Op p&p It was only last month that I reviewed Vark 13, and already 14 is out. The major difference between the two is that all the files on this disk have been archived, and as a result many more utilities have been included.
There must be something for everyone on this disk - utilities ranging from Workbench Hacks to a Klingon accent and there are several utilities that enhance your Workbench.
ShowContigEnh is a programme that updates your ShowConfig utility.
Instead of just showing board Ids it also shows a description of the board.
This is particularly useful for keeping track of multiple expansions.
SmartCrash improves the terribly simplistic crash requestor (Suspend, Reboot etc.) and gives you a full description of the error and also several extra options. There is another 'Start' button utility which uses a Windows '95-style bar and a utility to diagnose hardware problems.
There are also a selection of utilities made just for fun. WBStars adds a starfield to your Workbench, and several programmes that make big ASCII text. Each of the programs have their own qualities, and they are all worth a look. The set is well compiled and if you want a useful compilation full of new software then this is exactly what you've been looking for.
LIVES:00 SC0RC:89894420 LEVEL:01 THE ACTION DISK By .Whirligig Soft Ware ...Freeware PD Library Online PD No of Disks ...One Price .75p per disk + 75p p&p This is the author’s debut disk and he is just 13 years old. It’s a unique production, containing magic tricks, recipes, puzzles and things to make.
The interface uses the menu created for the OclaMED User magazine and is a text-based system that loads Ppmore to show documents. This works well, and looks very professional.
The documents are the strong point of this disk whereas the 'things to make’ category has many (often silly) instructions for making anything from Egyptian lettering to an X-Ray picture of yourself.
The 'Easy Magic’ category is packed with instructions for a variety of tricks and there are recipes for snacks such as almond slices, and chocolate coconut slabs.
There are also several puzzles included, with the solutions. Some are very simplistic while others are much BORIS BALI Andrea played this game nearly all day to get these pictures... ...It's a shame she was useless at it. She does have some redeeming features though... fc s-t&g @ Si H: 3 Stories Inter new words 'W f2 Load words ± * Save words Jk f3.
Set stones .iff- is open for you 10 ploy Silly Stories!
More challenging.This is a fun (if fairly pointless) disk and the author was obviously deservedly pleased with the final product. Ideal for anyone who's stuck for something to do.
BORIS BALL (Demo) By .....Benn Wyatt Ware ......Licenceware PD Library Online PD No of Disks ...One Price Tip per disk + 75p pisfp There have been hundreds of 'bat and ball' clones but this is one of the best that I've come across. I always look with some doubt at something that tries again at an already tried and tested formula but, as with Pucman, I am delighted when a really good 'clone’ arrives.
Boris Ball doesn't offer much over the competition but don't let this deter you - it's still an excellent game.
In case you haven't come across a game like this before (which I seriously doubt), you control a bat at SILLY STORIES: It’s great fun though, and you can save your word lists to ___ disk too!
The bottom of the screen and must hit a ball into 'bricks', clearing them from the screen.
All the usual features are here - there's a laser gun and the ability to make your bat magnetic. I found the bat a bit too large, making the game easier than it should, and some of the levels were boring. But there were no problems with the actual game engine, and this is a well presented production.
Despite the old game formula and the existence of better versions this is excellent and certainly well worth adding to your 'clone collection'!
SILLY STORIES By .....Paul Riggs Ware ...Freeware PD Library Online PD No of Disks ...One Price .75p per disk + 75p pdsfp This is an excellent Amos-written program that allows you to enter words that are then interpreted into AMIBASE 4: Obviously AMOS, but Amibase is simple to use, fast and effective.
SILLY STORIES: There is a name for programs which make sentences out of random words - I can’t remember it though.
M '1C stories - and very funny ones at that.
This is the only place you're ever likely to find the three bears visiting Porridgeville only to find their Readybreak has all gone!
The program makes all your stories into good English - you have to enter the nouns, verbs etc. of your choice and the stories are always clear and easy to read.
This is definitely a release to show your friends as it's one of the best I've seen. The interface and presentation is simple, using a text-based system, and you are not allowed to re-edit words.
Several things could have helped the program, such as the ability to exit without having to enter all the words and a mouse-based system with screenmode and font control. But these don't hinder things drastically, and this remains an innovative and extremely enjoyable production.
For all word freaks and people who like some literary humour, but can't afford Private Eye.
AMIBASE 4 By ...Keith Grand Ware .Shareware PD Library Online PD No of Disks ...One Price 75p per disk * 75p pdsfp A Database is always a useful addition to anyone's software collection but, as of late, the only options for decent databases have been Final Data and Datastore - both commercial and costing a fortune.
PD Databases have always been around, but they lack the interface and flexibility of their commercial counterparts - with the exception of new programs such as the excellent Fiasco.
Amibase 4 attempts to bridge that gap and is one of the better PD databases. The first noticeable difference is its incredible speed. The records can be viewed at a blistering pace, and this could be one of the reasons why there is no flashy interface.
Having said that the interface could be a lot worse. It's obviously AMOS based using four colour buttons. There is also a hard disk installer and utilities, such as a creator for stand-alone disks.
Programs like Fiasco are far more configurable and look much better than this does but if you are looking for a simple, hassle free database then this is definitely a good buy. T) TOP 10 PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Top 10 courtesy of: ROBERTA SMITH DTP 190 Falloden Way Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW11 63E « 0181 4551626
1. For Mice & Men
2. Picture Thi.Vol 4
5. Pro Lottery
4. Vark 13
5. Poly World & Flame
6. Starblank (util)
7. Inside Info Collection (5 disks)
8. Helping Hands
9. SID
10. Clipart Looney Tunes Hit Kit 2 WHERE TO GET THE DISKS IN PD
Hampstead Garden • Suburb London • NW11 6JE
* 0181 45S1626 ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane • Form by
Liverpool • L37 3PX » 01704 834335 834583 F1 SOFTWARE 31
Wellington Road • Exeter Devon • EX2 9DU e 01392 493580 Other
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Mouse (290dpi) .... ...£15 00 Kickstart ROM 2 05
... £29 00 SCART lead ... . .£15 00
A500 A500+ Keyboard £50 00 Mouse Mat .
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Kinsston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT8 6HH ¦ W V IM I WI* W
* All prices Include VAT * All prices & specifications subject to
change without notice * Fixed charge for repair does not
Include disk drive keyboard
* We reserve the right to refuse any repair * P&P charges £3 50
by Royal Mall or £7 05 for courier * Please allow 5 working
days for cheque clearance WH1 ***
* All sales repairs are only as per our terms and conditions,
copy available on request. Wr ® SERIOUS The new member of the
Cyberstorm family from Phase 5 is seriously fast.
Simon Goodwin checks it out ...p54 l T REVIEWS M CYBERSTORM MARK 2 Following up from the original, the latest Cyberstorm is fast and easy to fit. Just stick the memory on the board, put the board in the computer and you're off. But what are the advantages over the original and is it any better than the GVP board?
Simon Goodwin finds out JUTwo new CO-ROM drives, one from Siren and one from Eyetech. David Tayior checks them out and. For once, he's more than happy to take his machine apart.
W W The only current C compiler which actively supports 68060 optimisation, this brand new package uses the familiar language but with a new project manager. Ideal for beginners and experts alike. Mkk Veitch gives it the once over.
MTERMITE TCP & IBROWSE Two products, supplied by HiSo Ufci TWO products, supplied by HiSoft and designed to get you on the Net. Termite is a TCP stack from Oregon Research and this is the first commercial version of Browse, but are they really worth paying for? Darren Irvine investigates.
CC CD-ROMS O w Graeme Samfiford checks out a new bunch of CD-ROMs, including the latest releases from the excellent Aminet series.
Simon Goodwin tests the re-engineered version of Phase 5's top-notch accelerator.
Format 3 Rep BRR3D 5 Current Marne GUP mM Read U Read L Read M Ur t te U Ur ite L Ur i te M Formula) Chip Memory - Cyberstorm outurites GUP's 060 on this test The Cyberslonn Mark 2 fallows up the original Cyberslonn - the first 68060 accelerator for any Amiga. The Mark 2 fits all Zorro 3 ABOVE: This graph dearly illustrates the advantage of the Cyberstorm over the GVP 68060.
Amigas. Including lower versions of the A3000 and A4000. As well as desktop models. So, how does it compare with the Mark I, and its other rivals' The Oyberstorm Mark 2 is a single board slightly larger than the GV'P 68060 accelerator reviewed in AF8N, The main differences are that SCSI AIBB The old Intuition benchmarker AIBB is not 68060-aware, and must be tricked into running on the Cyberstorm by pretending it's a very fast 68000 and 68882. This stops it using some later improvements to the instruction set but still reveals CPU performance about four times that of the A4000 040, twelve times
faster than the A3000. Like all benchmarks, this is an average; 68030 systems lag most in floating point speed, while Commodore's 68040 board has particularly slow memory access.
Most tests rate the GVP and Phase 5 boards neck and neck. The most pronounced difference is that GVP score eight per cent higher on the Fmatrix test, while the Cyberstorm was five per cent quicker on AIBB's InstTest.
Task Gdo=R50O 883K Memoru conuol is an add-on at extra cost, and the four 72-pin memory sockets are relatively widely spared so that SIMMs can slide in obliquelv. Rather than at right angles to the board.
The 68060 processor has no heat sink or fan, and soon gels too hot to touch. However. I did not run into overheating problems and the official word from Phase 3 is that you shouldn’t need one.
I. ow-prolilc design means that the whole assembly will lit the
tight space in Commodore Amiga Towers, including the A3000T
and A4000T, which were too cramped for the Cyberstorm Mark
One. The optional SCSI adaptor Mill plugs into a socket at the
end, extending upside down under the A4000's rear drive bay
and this does make it a bit tight.
The SCSI board did not arrive in time for our review, so we used a Zorro 3 SCSI card, standard IDE and floppy drives. Tlieje is little noticeable performance benefit from the 68060 with Commodore interfaces, as the bottleneck is the motherboard. The IDE drive works a little faster, but still ties up the processor.
Phase 5 warn that Zorro 3 DMA devices are incompatible with the A3000 and Cyberstorm Mark 2.
Apparently this stems from a fault on the main board. However the built-in SCSI I interface on the A3000 motherboard is compatible, and can access Cyberstorm fast memory without limitations.
DOCUMENTATION The documentation is well-printed but poorly translated from the German. A few sentences seem to have passed the translator by, while some translations are opaque - how about 'praxis-proven emulation'!
But the manual tells you what you need to know, and includes clear photographs and tips on installation in a desktop A4000. The documentation says that Kickstart 3 is required - all A4000s have Kickstart 3.0 or 3.1, and should work fine, hut if you're running Kickstart 2 in an A3000 you may need to upgrade - check with Harwoods before you buy.
PLUG AND PLAY The greatest thing about the Cyberslonn Mark 2 is the total absence of configuration jumpers. You just stick the memory on the board, the board in the computer, and off you go.
You can mix SIMMs from 4Mb to 32Mb in size, and they appear as a contiguous block of memory.
The U'adc-off is that memory access on the Mark 2 is slower than on the original, yet it still only works with SIMMs rated at 70ns tir faster. This rules out 80ns SIMMs fitted on the A4000 motherboard, although you can leave them in place, where they can be read a hit faster than with older CPUs.
The manual warns that SIMM modules of the most different producers are on the market which do not keep the imprinted speed.' In practice, it worked fine with all the 70ns SIMMs in my collection.
You may need to move a couple of jumpers on the Amiga motherboard, as the Mark 2 is an asynchronous board - it does not proside timing signals to the A4000, unlike Commodore's 3640. If you're replacing one of these with a Cyberstortn you must move JPIOO and 104, next to the CPU connector, to the ¦internal' position.
T 06 f OdOSHaCin 883K Memoru ABOVE: In comparison, this graph shows tha advantages of tha GVP 68060.
SOFTWARE The Mark 2 comes with a 68060 library and a replacement for Commodore's 68040 library amongst other software.
Cybertiiiard is Phase .Vs version of Enforcer. It is particularly useful for C and assembler programmers, catching errors hard to find by other methods.
Cyber Patcher and CyberSnooper boost progr ams developed for earlier Motorola processors. CyberSnooper checks for references to absent instructions, and CyberPatcher replaces die original code with updates to suit the 68060.
These Cyber-utilities came with the original Cyberstorm but they've had minor tweaks to improve performance.
Support files now also include an updated shareware copy of Barfly, and the latest PhxAss assembler.
ROM2KAST is a new tool to copy Kick-start into Cyberstorm last memory.
It's thr equivalent of GVP s KSREMAP.
Except that once used there's no way to cancel it and regain the 512K ol fast memory used to hold the ROM image.
CyberMapper is similar but intended to load a different ROM from that built into the machine. I was unable to get it to work with Commodore's developer 68040 Kickstart files, COMPATIBILITY DISTRIBUTOR Gordon Harwood 01773 836781 White Knight 01920 822321 PRICE £699.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Zorro 3 Amiga (any 3000 4000(T)| SPEED • • • • • Motorola's finest by far.
MANUAL •• • Probably better in German.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Much better than Mark 1.
The Mark 2 Cyberstortn is fast and compatible with almost all software for high-end Amigas. The main obstacle is the copyback cache, on the 68060 like the 68040. Which delays writes to memory, boosting performance but upsetting some programs that work fine on 68030 and earlier Amigas.
In general, 68060s run 68040- compatible programs around four times faster. This factor will increase as new programs make better use of the multiple execution units in the 68060.
Commodore's CPU command is one of the few 68040-friendlv tools which does not work properly on the- 68060. Phase 5's replacement. CPU060.
Can toggle features of the 68060 like superscalar execution and the branch whereas the GVP and Warp Engine have fast built-in NCR chips. So I tested the Mark 2 Cyberstortn with a DKB 4091, from Power Computing.
It performs fine with Cyberstorm Mark 2, although hogging most of the CPI time while busy. Phase 5's forthcoming adaptor SCSI should fix this, though it remains to be seen if it can match the frugal 1.3 per cent CPU utilisation of G T's SCSI2 implementation.
Cache - not that these cause problems on any programs I've encountered. But there's no COPYBACK option, so the only way to fix programs that object is to disable the data cache completely - slowing down both reads and writes.
GVP's replacement CPU command has the same weakness.
PERFORMANCE The GYP is slightly faster at reading from its own memory and much faster than the Cybcrstorm 2 at word and long word writes to its own memory.
But Cyberstortn 2 is much faster at writing to chip memory. The difference is so great - almost a factor ol two - that I guess they're emulating the 6803(1 cycles unusually accurately. This refinement will make a difference to AGA graphics and other Amiga hacks that rely heavily on writes to the motherboard, like Parnet. Serial drivers and 14 bit audio replay - this is good news lor those with a predilection for ShapeShifter. Cjmm and AGA animations in particular.
It remains to be seen how well the Cyberstorm 2 SCSI board will perform.
The SCSI 2 adaptor is a new design - a good thing in view ol the vagaries of the Mark I. but it’s still an add-on board, OVERALL The Cyberstorm Mark 2 is an improvement on the original, most notably from a mechanical point of view. Phase 5 have squeezed the functionality of three original boards onto one. Making a unit that fits the cramped spare inside A3000 and Commodore Tower cases as well as the standard desktop A4000.
If y ou're after a very fast A4000 processor, the Cy berstorm Mark 2 must be a serious contender. The top speed for fast memory is slower than for GVP, but configuration is easier and more fiexible. If you hate setting jumpers, and want top-llight Amiga processing in a big box. Then this is definitely the board for you! RZ) CYBERSTORM MARK 2 FEATURES • • The only feature missing is Virtual memory.
VALUE • • You get what you pay for.
"A significant improvement on the previous version and strong competition for the GVP 68060."
90% We have always said that it shouldn't be done, but here David Taylor introduces two new drives that change all the rules.
We've always remained adamant that trying to attach more than one IDE device to the A1200 is a very bad idea. It's been a common Workbench question from people who want to expand beyond a single hard drive but don't want all the expense of a SC :si adaptor. After all. Take a look in any of the l’( 1 mags and you can see IDE (1D-KOM drives selling for 130. No wonder Amiga owners want a cut of the action. The problem has always been that while most new Pcs have two IDE interfaces allowing up to four devices (a primary and slave unit on each), the AI200's IDE interface can only have a single hard
drive attached. Or so we all thought. There are now at least two drives which take advantage of a revolutionary piece of software called Idt.lix, which overcomes the problem.
SIREN CD-ROM The Siren drive was the first unit to arrive and a cursory glance suggested, largely because of the SCSI type housing, that the drive was simply a SCSI version attached using the DataFlver which fits onto the IDE interface. We were wrong - and remember, don't ever attach a SCSI device to this unit because it not only won’t work, but it is also likely to damage your equipment.
To lit the drive, you have to lake your Amiga apart, and if you have a hard drive fitted, remove the data ribbon, You also need to lift off the floppy drive. A ribbon goes from the IDE: interface to underneath the floppy where the spare port is situated. There it attaches to a circuit board which you screw down. If your drive is 2.5”. there is a second interface oil the ribbon cable to use, but if it is a 3.5" drive then vou take a VD 0 o r- oz 114 cd § LU o z second lead back from die plaie to the drive. Then you pm everything back together and attacli the unit to the port. The CD drive
itself is an IDF. Device housed in a SCSI case, with a ribbon going into the back where the case joins. This is a bit ropey, because it does lead to the wrong conclusions. The SCSI ports should at least have been covered over.
When the hardware is set up. Vou simply need to install the software (or do this first if you want). When it has installed, you need to add a line into vour startup-sequcncc and you're set to go. All you need do is use CDFinil to locate the drive and then set up a CD moundist. Which is easy.
When in use you will find the speed of the drive is amazing. It far outstrips any SCSI CD-ROM I have used on the Amiga. Directory listing is almost instantaneous - faster even than my hard drive and copving files is as fast as between two hard drives.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA NOVEMBER 1996 CD PLUS Eyetcch sent us a complete IDF. Solution. With this kit, you can now have up to four IDF. Units on the A1200 - although we only had three to test. Although it relies on the same software as the unit from Siren, it is a very different unit. With this you get a larger circuit board that doesn't look very elegant, hut which is very powerful. A ribbon from the IDF, interface goes to the board, and then two more come off one goes to the internal hard drive and the other has two interfaces on it and goes out to the external units.
Eyetech decided that many owners would feel uncomfortable with removing their floppy drive to fit the hardware (probably a correct assumption, although there is no DISTRIBUTORS Siren Software 0161 796 5279 PRICE Siren: Sa 1239.99 4a £169.99 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A1200 SPEED ••• Very. Very, very fast.
MANUAL • 4 A single sheet but easy to follow.
ACCESSIBILITY • • I Very easy to fit FEATURES • • • • Two IDE devices would be good enough, but Eyetech go for four!
VALUE • • • • Maybe you should look at buying the CP Plus hardware and buying the units yourself.
"An absolutely superb bit of kit."
Valid reason for it). Instead the circuitry sits next to the IDF.
Interface and the ribbon cable is simplv fed out between the join of the AI200's case on the left. This doesn't look exceptionally professional, but the nature ol IDF cables is that they arc normally internal, so thev never look that great. It does mean that users can place the new units on the left without masses ol cable sitting around, which is what most people want.
As well as a CD-ROM drive, we have had an IDF F.Z IS5 drive to try. The back of the units have been properly adapted with the SCSI ports removed and replaced with a single IDF. In port. The CD drive has a power out port for you to plug the F.Z drive into. This way you only need a single plug for both units.
The data ribbon has the two interfaces and you simply plug one into each unit.
The ( I) mounting software is the same as that on the Siren unit - a standard mount file. The EZ drive mounts with a custom command - if vou want all of this done every lime you boot, you just put them all in your WBStartup drawer. There is also a Mountlist for using MS-DOS formatted EZ cartridges.
UNBELIEVABLE I really don't have the space here to do these drives proper justification. They really are both exceptional pieces of equipment, giving you cheap expandability and speed - the EZ.
Drive works faster than my hard drive! Given the choice. I would probably go for the Eyetech drive because it allows more IDE devices and is the easiest to lit. Having said that, if you really don't need to expand beyond the CD drive, then either is fine, but check out the prices to make sure that you get the best deal. 'I?
FEATURES • • • We said it was to be avoided. They have proved us wrong.
VALUE • •• How can an 8 speed costing under £80 in a ENTS K mag cost over £200?
"I was pleased to take
• •••• my Amiga apart."
DISTRIBUTORS Eyetech 01642 7131SS PRICE Eyetech: 8s £199.95 4a £149.95 EZ135 (inc. Casing) £129.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A1200 SPEED • • • • Choosing between this and SCSI is easy.
MANUAL • •• There are pictures included to make It ev simpler.
90% You just have to be comfortable with a screwdriver.
EYETECH CD-ROM SIREN CD-ROM AMIGA REPAIR CENTRE Wc offer (FREE IWO IIHM oe yovr Amij a or iffy peripheral (moiMCon.
Pnnttrmt). A delivery tariff of just S 00 r, charged or alternatively you can OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Pkhup RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face Hardware "stilTGo-ng i StronS - Arniga AI 200 MagicPack Will , Ml438S Monitor *£265.99. First Starter Pack
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TotfUb, CO ROM an... ... .uiuMc lo lit imia. .11 Big Bo. Amtg.'i Including A4000 Desktop Cat* SyUtmv Squirrel SCSI-ll lnterface*£45.00 VK«. Bought th any SCSI d.r«. 14*1 l bought xparxr Surf Squirrel SCSI-ll Interface
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Ultra CD ROM J Drives Ultra 4 Speed £169.99 Ultra 6 Speed £199.99 Ultra 8 Speed £219 99 Monitors Hard Drives Disk Drives
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11. 99 |o,tj.M 100.129.99
10. 110.99 200 « £55.99 £4.99 50,114 99 500.1129 99 gJJ JJ
Branded DSHD 6.64 10 x 5.44 100 x £44 94 £12.44 30 x £
15.99 200x£a2.99 £1199 Sox£2l,, 500,1189.99 £9 99 (Disk
label* x500 £6.991
110. 99 [Pnk labels * 1000 £9.99 J StormC A storm is rising, but
just as Nick Veitch is about to get his brolly out, he
discovers it is in fact a new development package... AMIGA
Professional You may dunk there is ii ii iii sexy about a
(. Compiler. You may associate I programs with long haired
people, resplendent in their anoraks. Sitting cross-leaned
somewhere and typing arcane instructions in a shell like
"sasc -a -c -cl N=I2 -gSO plop.c". Well, who am I to say you
are wrong.
But there are a few things you haven't considered. The iirsl is that without a top notch Cl c ompiler for the Amiga, you wouldn't lie able to play around with so many of the programs, tools and utilities you take lor granted.
The second is that 1110 longer works that way.
Of course, the language itself is the same - it is a standard - hut the way programs are generated has changed.
Since the excellent Think 1 011 the Macintosh, and Visual ('¦ on the PCI, the emphasis 011 Cl program development is all to do with the environment the code is created in. T he term "Project Manager" no longer refers just to that funny chap with the briefcase and JHSG mobile phone (hat nobody wants to talk to at parties. It is now also taken to mean an integrated environment for creating programs.
StormC is the first Amiga compiler to feature such a well developed environment, so it's a big surprise that it actuallx works very well. It is really just a matter of tvping in your code and clicking on a button - no more creating batch scripts or laboriously going through the compiling and linking process via the shell. Although the individual components still exist, and you can still generate everything manually if you really want, the project manager seemlessly co-ordinates everything for you.
Loading StormEd HAACE a PARTNER A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING One of the most useful features ol the project manager is the automatic recognition of filetvpes. Thus when you add headers to your project, they appear in the headers section automatically, as do source files, locale catalogues and even docs and AmigaGtiide files. In fact, if you run StormC on the Workbench screen (which is only really advisable if you have a decent si ed displav area) you ran simply drag files into the project.
Double-clicking 011 any of the entries performs the appropriate action
- Amiga Guide files will Ix1 viewed, docs read, source code
loaded into the edilor - every thing is automatic, and highly
A handy little action bar is included if you can't remember which function key you should be pressing, and a little prompt message pops up to remind you what you are about to do whenever the mouse passes over the icons. This BENCHMARKS We have said many times before in Amiga Format that benchmarks don't really mean that much. The perfect benchmark has never been made.
However, I am a hypocrite, so here are some benchmarks that I used to check the code optimisation of the compiler.
The basic test was based around a number of 64 by 64 matrices, filled with double precision floating point numbers, which were then multiplied, divided, and combined together in ways that modem science should best steer clear of.
The reason for this is that floating point operations, and indeed, huge arrays, are often the weakness of optimisers and a deficiency of the later series of 680x0 processors.
One final note, the version of the program compiled with SAS C was compiled using slightly different libraries, so it is unfair to directly compare them, though it does tend to suggest that the optimisation routines in StormC could be improved upon.
Compiled code Relative run speed 68000 code, no optimisation 1.00 68000 coda. Opt. Laval C 1.37 68030 coda, no opt 6.21 68030 code. Opt. Level 6 6.45 68060 code, no opt 6.91 68060 code. Opt. Level 6 259.8 SAS C opt for 68040 283.4 (•II tnb run on • MOM proctnor) simplicity certainly eases novice programmers into the G environment, without taking away any of the power - you can still fiddle around with all the linker and compiler settings via a nice preferences section, rather than having to remember the magic keywords.
This brings us on rather nicely to some of the options you can change.
StormC is the first C compiler on the Amiga to include support for optimising code for the 68060 processor. Up until now C programmers on the Amiga have not been able to take real advantage of the fastest processor known to Amigakind.
This can be crucial for the best performance of software on the '060.
R SERIOUSLY AMIGA NOVEMBER 1996 We are off to see the wizard - well okay, we are just using the excellent Storm Wizard (available separately) to create a nice GUI.
The compiler options allow for optimization for the *060 and other CPUs, amongst other features.
I include support for native PowerPC applications, when a PowerPC based Amiga finally becomes available. Let's hope they may consider producing their own assembler too. Instead of relying on Frank Wille's, admittedly excellent, PhxAss assembler.
STORMING Every C programmer has their favourite text editor. Cygnus Ed, Edge, Turbnlexl, (kihlEd or whatever. Frequently Uiey will claim that they can’t write code without them (and usually this is true, as you can quite easily build up a huge collection of macros for loops, intuition functions and all sorts).
It is sad to report then that, in spite of some rather excellent features, the .
Integrated editor, StarmEd, has no facility for even the simplest macro functions. Neither does it offer multiple Many people may have heard how some programs actually run slower on the '060 than on an '040. Without getting too deeply involved, this is because some FPU instructions have been simply rationalised out of the '060‘s built in FPU system. In order to retain backwards compatibility, the '060 has to anticipate these instructions and emulate them, which can take much longer. An optimisation program which could foresee these problems and replace worrisome code, as well as using some of
the more advanced instructions which have been added, would certainly speed up execution on an '060 by a great margin. In fact, you can see the differences for yourself in the benchmark boxout. Uaage A Partner also intend to update StormC to WIZARDS Okay then, there still are some arcane features of programming. But these Wizards aren't little chaps in pointy hats, but a rather more useful code generation utility. Storm Wizard is a utility for generating GUIs. Quite simply, you use the program to generate menu items and windows, then it compiles the necessary code. I wouldn't say it was
terrifically easy to use. But it's certainly a damn sight easier than manually writing the code for every window your project is going to need.
Fir split views on (he same source file (although you can have different sources open simultaneously). In a wav this isn’t really a surprise - they are writing a ( ’. Development system, not necessarily a text processor, and since most programmers glow rather attached to what they are used to anyway, maybe it didn't seem that important. You can change the preferences to automaticallv launch (UtUlEd instead f StormEd, but if you want to use another editor, you’ll have to save and import the text manually.
This is a great shame as SlormEd has some wonderful features, not the least of which are the context sensitive text colouring (which quickly identifies comments.) And associated syntax checking, the automatic indentation, bracket matching and the jolly useful undo buffer. There is even intelligent autosaving. Maybe next version... AFTER THE RAIN ll may seem like I don't like this compiler system very muc h. That isn't true. It is a wonderful leap forward for all Amiga programmers. At last we have a development tool which offers the kind of features programmers on other platforms have taken for
granted for years. It also doesn't mean abandoning any previous code you may have written, as the system retains a very high degree of compatibility with NAN ( However, there's still room for improvement, particularly in the optimisation and the supplied editor.
The asking price may seem a little sleep too. Hut if you compare the cost to similar systems on other platforms, which retail for about twice as much, it isn't quite so bad. II the deficiencies in this version are cleared up. Then the next w ill be even more of a bargain. O Termite TCP Termite is one of the growing number of TCP stacks available for the Amiga, and is supplied commercially by HiSoft and developed by Oregon Research.
Darren Irvine takes a look at a couple of software packages from HiSoft aimed at letting you get more from your Internet connection.
Getting you to log into vour ISP manually and recording the prompts and your own keypresses, Termite TCP then automatically creates a dial-up script that is used for all subsequent logins. As long as your ISP has supplied vou with the correct information regarding IP numbers, email addresses and so 011. Then anyone will be able to get Termite TCP up and running.
If you’re still at the stage where "IP numbers” 01 “DNS” means nothing to you. Termite ' 'CPcan help there too, as the manual comes with a comprehensive "Reggie's Guide to the Internet" section. In this, the inexplicably named Reggie the Termite gives a brief overview of the Internet, and covers all the terms that a complete One of the main advantages that Termite TCP has over longer-in- the-tooth systems, such as AmiTCP, is that it is amazingly easy to install and set up. There is none of the usual messing around with environment variables or editing of user-startup. You don't even have to
waste hours setting up a dial-up script.
In fact, I was able to install and get connected to the Net within lij minutes of taking the Termite TCP disk out of the box.
The manual is extremely helpful, and takes the user through each stage of the installation and setup procedure, including using the excellent dial-up script creation tool. This works by TERMITE TCP DISTRIBUTOR VALUE •• A tad pricey when compared with Shareware alternatives.
"If Termite was PD I'd recommend it to everyone but its price and lack of supplied applications let it down."
HiSoft 01525 718181 PRICE £59.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Min: 68000 1Mb Chip RAM. Floppy drive.
Preferred: 68030, 2Mb Fast RAM, a hard disk.
SPEED • • • • Fast for almost all operations.
MANUAL •• • • • Excellently written and informative.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • 70% Easy for even novices to use.
FEATURES • • Features could come with more applications.
Novice needs to get to grips with. There is a guide to the type of Interne!
Software available as well as a list of useful sites on the Net itself.
All is not sweetness and light with Termite 'TCP however since, despite an excellent manual, there are some problems and otnmisions with the package itself. For a start, there is only support for PPP type net connections, and although this shouldn't be a problem for most ISPs, it must be borne in mind if you are moving over from a SI.IP-based system. Also, although Termite comes with FTP and Telnet clients, that's it - no email or news software comes supplied. Admittedly these are easy enough to obtain from the Net itself, but their omission detracts substantially from a system which is
otherwise ideally suited to complete newcomers to the Net.
The other main problem is that, despite the inclusion of a support library, some applications designed to run under the AmiTCP system don't operate correctly. In some cases the only problem is a mysterious error message when you first run the application but which doesn't cause any other problems. At the other end of the scale, I wasn't able to get the IRC client "Grapevine'’ working at all. No doubt someone will email me now and tell me what I was doing wrong, but the point is this further detracts from what should be an easy to use system.
01 TermiteTCP IQ Dsccnne:!
Connect... TermiteTCP Settings Loaded.
• BELOW: This tiny window is all that's used to connect and
disconnect to the Internet using Termite TCP.
R SERIOUSLY AMIGA NOVEMBER 1996 I Browse as what type of screen to run Ibtmmr on, and whether or not you want various buttons and gadgets to appear on your Ibrowse screen. But as with Termite TCP, the manual is very well written and makes getting the most out of the program very easy.
Actually using the program without recourse to the manual is made easier by virtue of MLTs bubble help facility - just leave the pointer over a gadget and after a moment or two a little help bubble will pop up to tell you what that gadget is for.
Another useful feature provided by MUI which is implemented in Ibrowse is the FAB Menu. FAB stands for Fast Action Button and the menus are activated by clicking with the right mouse button on certain areas of the Web page that you are currently viewing. For example, right-clicking over an Image gives you the option to display it in an external viewer, or to save it to disk. Similarly, with the links, Second up from Oregon Systems via HiSoft is the commercial version of the Ibrowse web browser.
Ibrowse has been knocking about in various forms for a while on the Net, but this commercial version is the first that really looks like a professional product (which is no doubt, why they've decided to charge real money for it).
Ibrowse requires the use of Magic User Interface (MUI) hut thankfully this is also included in the price of the Ibrowse system itself. Installation is relatively straightforward, with little to fool the novice.
Running Ibrowse for the first time is also simple, and (providing you have an open connection to the Net) actually browsing the Web is a "Click on the Icon and Go" affair. There are various options available regarding such details DISTRIBUTOR HiSoft PRICE £29.95 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 14k4 Modem connection. 3.5Mb hard disk space. 3Mb free memory min, 68020 or better, WB 3.0 or better.
SPEED • • • Slowish with graphic-intensive pages.
MANUAL • • • • • Well written and easy to use.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • Installation simple and operation easy.
FEATURES • • • • Does just about everything you could want from a Web browser.
• Browse also features a vary neatly implemented internal
You can open the link, add it to your Hotlist etc. On the subject of images, Ibrowse copes fairly well with most of the extended HTMI. Tags spawned and implemented in Netscape, including background textures, image positioning, and inline-jpegs. One area which lets it down however is tiie lack oi support for image-resizing. A common HTMI. Technique is to use the same image several times on one page but displayed in different sizes (for instance as one large image and several smaller ones used as buttons). With Ibrowse they are all displayed at the original size.
Maybe I'm being picky here, but it definitely made my own homepage look a bit of a mess.
On the other hand, support for features such as the Hotlist. And the overall operation of the program arc very good (if a tad slow), and during testing Ibrowse remained stable, and surprising for an .Amiga web browser, failed to crash even once. Z VALUE • • • • Good value when the package as a whole, including the manual, is considered.
"The market Is becoming saturated with Web browsers, some of which are still free. The advantage you get paying for (Browse is an easy-to- use stable system with a useful manual."
85% IBROWSE .. Rapid Frame 'ngon your Amiga Now compatible with bothVH5 and S-VHS!
The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player., the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!)
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab also includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources.
STAGE 3... Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package ProGrab really does make it that simple!
GraD images with your camcorder including S-VHS or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART output ProGrab™... all recent Amigas and is also fully AGA Chipset You can render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution including HAM8 mode (Amiga RAM permitting!
, ProGrab1" .
Sayres and Loads (mages in IFF ILBM. IFF ILBM24, JPEG, BMP PCX. And TARGA fife formats. ProGrab saves animations as Anim5 files and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as AmmS * 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods are also new to ProGrab Version 2.5.x Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom Loader to enable grabs directly from within the program • saving YOU timel ProGrab1" Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities.
The number of frames is dependant upon your Amiga! RAM.
Or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver or, Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRS video output including S-VHS amcorder For just £1 29.95... ProGrab'" Release 2.5.x software now includes... ProGrab is supplied with everything you'll need + » ProGrab"' 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.5.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
PCMCIA Interface for AI200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrab* optional PCMCIA Interface includes the latest version software and extends performance
• Faster Downloading Times |up to FIVE rimes quicker)
• Improved animation speeds of up to I Ifps |mono) and i Sfps
• Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound
sampler required)
• Saving c animations direct to your Amiga* nard drive
• Freeing of youi Amiga Parallel Port for use by a printer or
other parallel peripheral device WRJ .v. The Beil Video
Hardware Anvga This s especaty ciea ng because the «v.,*r
• SUPPORT FOR VIRTUAL MEMORY AJIows the highest resolutions -
Even with low memory Amigas IA1I Hard Owe Smrr, without ’he
need fix an MMU requiring jus? I Mb Hard Cove Spate!.
Ou‘ Satisfied Cusows
Satellite TV signals.
• LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area
available with previous ProGrab software.
A MW' Star Buy 9i~ Gold Baling *r,; ccmreivi
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Now works with composite PAL. SECAM and
NTSC Straight from the box!
| *Stardard ProGrab hardware is PauGECAWVrsc compatible interlace nscde options are avaraoie with PAL 6. SECAM only NTSC Only models are avabbie to special order which then support the interlace mode fully Please as* us for full details I ProGrab" supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 1.5Mb. free RAM. 0 ' " ' Get your hands on NEW ProGrab Plus Post or FAX your requirements (Quantity Trade Prices Availablel on the order form provided OR, if you'd simply like further mformaoon please contact GK CORDON HARW00DO63© COMPUTER SCK3G3 Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton. Derbyshire DESS 7BP FAX: 0 1 773 83 1040 Or... TELEPHONE 01 773 836781 Initial(s): Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Surname: Address: County (Country): Daytime Phone: ProGrab Plus *4129.95 4 PCMCIA Interface 9 4J4.95 4 V .5.x S W (User t pgradc) 8 44.95 4 Optional FAST Courier Deliver) * 46.95 4 TOTAL I CardNo ???? ???
Expiry Date ????
I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for 4 made payable lo GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS LIMITED SERIOUSLY AMIGA . N , NOVEMBER 1996 Graeme Sandiford looks at the latest releases from Aminet and a CD to ease your breakdown headaches.
"This CD should help plenty off Amigans sleep better" 85% As usual Aminrt Set J is a four-f 4) collection of the best contents of recent Aminet ()Ds. The thing that makes this one so special is that it includes three commercial programs. The most surprising and impressive of these is Imagine 4.0. reviewed in A BI?
This is the full version of Imagine 4.0 and has all of its features. Imagine has been one of the Amiga's most popular raytracing packages and version 4.(1 has several new features that 3D artists may find usfcnl. Such as Blobs. States. Particles. Stage Effects and material previews.
This package alone would be enough to make the collection worth buying, but XiPaint 5.2 and OctaMED 5 are both included as well. XiPaint is a bit slow but it still has several powerful tools. , There are also tons of I’D and Shareware programs that can be used with these packages. Zj AMIGA REPAIR KIT EPIC MARKETING ¦ 01793 514188 1 £5 It's a sad, and all too often painful, fact that computers are like any other machine - no matter how well they are looked after, they'll eventually breakdown. The truth and consequences of this were emphasised a few months ago when several external drives
developed serious errors because of the hot weather. Thankfully, using a host of the .Amiga’s most powerful programs, we managed to repair most of the damage.
The Amiga Repair Kit CD would have come very handy as it's a collection of tools that specialise in repairing disks. This disc should contain the programs that you'll need to AMINET 13 EPIC MARKETING ¦ 01793 514188 1 £12.99 Yep it's that time again - it's a new Aminet CD full of “new" Amiga software gleaned from that eponymous Internet site. Apparently since the release of Aminrt 12 there has been over 800Mb of data added and this volume contains around 1Gb of compressed programs and AMINET SET 3 ACTIVE SOFTWARE 1 01325 352260 1 £24.95 My doesn't lime tty, it seems that it was only a couple of
month’s ago that we were reviewing Aminet Set 2. In fact it was bit longer than that and this collection looks as if it could be the best so far.
“An animation test on a CD: worth buying for MainActor alone" 87% Like the new version.
0 - a.,- XiPaint 3.2 has plenty of powerful features, even if It is slow.
R data. However the highlight of this CD, as with other recent discs, is a commercial package - MainActor VI. 55.
MainActor is certainly one of the best Amiga graphics and animation utilities around. As well as acting as an animation conversion program it also possesses comprehensive editing features. It is possible to add sounds and make intricate changes to the timing of your animations.
The contents of the Aminet directory have a strong accent on graphics programs and files in order to tie in witli MainActor.
Aside from MainActor the contents of this disc might be described as a bit weak, but this program alone is enough to carry the CD. 'Zi improve your chances of recovering from hard disk mishaps. It includes the legendary DiskSaiv versions 2-1 from Dave llanie. A file recovery program called Itecmrry RDB-Salv- which specialises in retrieving information from a drives Rigid Disk Block and a backup program, called DSIiackup. That can make copies mount lists or RDBs so that they can be retrieved.
All this only takes up 35Mb of the CD, but it's a sound investment for most Amiga- users, if only for peace of mind. - I The new Git Sensation double CD contains around 10.000 tull colour Images. Viewer and converters are included on the CD. Sub)ects I include: Vehicles. Space. Science tiction.
I Textures. Landscapes, Sunsets. Money.
I Cartoons, Fantasy. Sports, Haytraced. Classic I art and loads more ENSATION Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in .the Japanese anime tradition I This CD is ot an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be oltended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
J : Mick Davis’s Cartoon KsWVJJB
- CAR™25 '('.''A Clipart Volume One is vt'ty Mr ] A a new Amiga
CD-ROM ‘1 -pTm; I containing hundreds ol f I S commissioned
car- £ 1 toon images, all ol which can be K1. V - - ' " used
"royalty-free". Each image is . 'i* (Ystored as IFF, and all
have been r~~- , - ‘ scanned at the highest possible
- ----resolution to ensure the best quality when printed Mick
Davis’s Cartoon Clipart CD-ROM is supplied with a 30-* page
printed index ot each image. Every image on this CD is 100%
original and does not will not appear on t any other CD-ROM.
Tbff ,- r * The new Magic Workbench CD contains the B 1 It
largest collection ol Magic Workbench Icons.
W 0. Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes 7j B well over 5.000 Magic WB Icons. Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench back- I 1 drops in 8. 16 and 256 colours, over JL 30megabytes ol Workbench tools, gadgets, 'v-' patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also Includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never belore released on any Amiga CD ROM II you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM This CD is only suitable lor any Kickstart2r3 based Amiga s such as the A500- A600. AI200, and A4000 MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER v2 ME BABES Japanese erotic art MICK DAVIS' CARTOON CLIPART Available now1 1 gigabyte lOOOmc ready-to-tn Amga hara dove Pre-tormatted and installed win Workpencn 3 S.cp eo r. ttNekS an cables and instructions With FREE harddisk backup sw A 1 GIG HARD DISK
AMINET SUPER SUBSCRIPTION TRANSFER YOUR AMINET SUBSCRIPTION FROM YOUR CURRENT SUPPLIER. AND NOT ONLY WILL YOU GET EVERY FUTURE COPY OF AMINET FOR JUST £10.99 BUT WHEN YOU JOIN OUR SUPER SUBSCRIPTION YOU'LL ALSO RECIEVE £20 WORTH OF AMIGA CD-ROM VOUCHERS CALL OUR SPECIAL AMINET SUBSCRIPTION HOTLINE NOWON 01793 432176 wtJilD-SOM Aminet set one 24 99 Aminet set two 24 99 Aminet set three it 99 Aminet 12 june'96 1299 Aminet 13 August 1299 Amlnel 14 October 1299 AGA Experience 2 19.99 Software 2000 2999 F1 Licenceware 29 99£ 30 Objects 999 Octamed 6 29 99 Octamed Sound St. 2999 World info 95 '9.99
17bil 5th Dimension 1999 2000 Mysteries 21.99 The colour Library 999 Sound Library (2cd) 1999 LSD Compendium3 1999 ¦Meeting at Pearls 4 999 CD32 Network set 2 2499 Mods Anthology 2999 30 Images 999 Super cars '95 4 99 Graphics Pack (5cd) 3999 Super Bundle 7cds 1999 Personal suite 4999 UPD Gold (4C0) 2999 AGA Experience 2 poa DELUXE AGA VERSION This version includes all the above listed features and requires an Amiga 1200 or
4000. A hard disk, a CD-ROM drive and 4mt . Ot ram Order code
(CD222) £29.99 LITE EDITION This version is compatible with
any ECS AGA Amiga tA500. A600A1200) fitted with 2mb+ ram.
CD-ROM dme and a harddisk. Order code (CD232) £29 99 AMIGA
LEVERS83N This version is supplied on floppy disks and is
compaObie with all Workbench243 Amiga’s. It requires t mb-
of ram and two dnves HD Installable (EIE13-1) £12.99 Adult
Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour images but
also includes tons ol adult related samples adult I music
modules, tonnes ol adult stones, adult animations, k
black&white 70 s photos, adult games and more I (OVER 18)
Sexy sensation this CD contains around 2,000 specially i
chosen high quality BMP & GIF Images. Viewers 4 graphic k
converters are included lor easy and quick access to any ol
k the pictures on any Amiga (OVER 18) 9This superb highly
rated Amiga CD- ROM World Atlas features a flexible
interface allowing quick access lo indi- i vidual countnes
via continental maps.
[ county list, capital or general index
* Concise, informative county histones.
Cacn country is supported by a series ol maps depicting regional position, maior cities, nvers. Rj lakes and mountains and much more AGA Only H WORLD ATLAS AGA newiii julfti 1 t'is a'TW'Tn; rte* JOub'0 CO i*v«.fy*riiog -..... ccvtnocl to the inremet If 'oaturos *11 O' tne programs , Hi rteeo to get conooctixJ it also mciudos the best o' rn* net so you can try belore you buy* We've also inducted one months free internet access' (et elusive to our customers) iFT INTO THF NFT Double CD-ROM Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga s largest selling adult title It leatures over 4,000 high quality 256
colour images ol I the 'adult" nature Image viewers and coverters are includ- k ed lor any Amiga (OVER 18 ONLY) Adult Sensation 4 contains hundred* of naughty? Amma- iionartilm clips lor Adults only Viewing software included lor I the Amiga. Limited first stocks so order now. HURRY!!!!
K (STRICTLY OVER 18 s ONLY) Adult Sensation 30 actually contains over 2,000 true 3 . Dimensional colour images 3D viewing software and top I quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available now!
I (OVER 18, Rated 90% Adult MENsatlon is a collection ol unlgue Images ol the male body This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfill the I hundreds ot requests lor a CD dedicated to the ladies I Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
' ’ I DELUXE AGA version features include.
J- 'True Multi media Interlace gv --iie Hgre5rKr!®i . - ¦¦ "¦ ;¦!
~ - ''Sbb--- 'Produced In the UK iKSaBBB Bd unlike most encyclopedias The mam menu Kids Category selector Export screen '256 Colour AGA Interlace E-Tt J yrww xVBCj 'Very latest information .v5J|' .'v i . -« k -S tV.vtji from all .tround the World
- Tstsa;-" - J 'la£J pH 9|t 'Thousands ol subjects covered from
Aachen to Zurich Hotlist editor so you can create lists ol
subjects Hundreds ol samples including lull spoken media-show
Hundreds of pictures Over 1,500 images included Dozens ol
tilm-clips animations Over 100 subject related tilm-clips
Import new subjects from the Internet or trom lloppy disk
Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects
Kids Explorapedia a kid's interactive play-about section.
‘Subject creator Create your own subject data.
'Network compatible Can be run through CD32 or CDTV Many fcau es a* no* cvwani m -r* ime & 2mt vemons THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA CD-ROM avamjwle nowi "My kid’s wool leave the oxptorapodta alone” A Smith
- All I can say is WOW'IP B Kemp 'This is without a doubt tho
best CD I've bought” J Bk or "Why is it you are the only
company producing docent Amiga CD-ROMs” G Hamilton "Why can't
you get this on the PC An unhappy PC usor
- This is the luture o« Amiga sohwaro' D Ptesance ¦ The Epic
Interactive encyclopedia is an I exciting new Multi-Media Amiga
CD- I ROM. It leatures a superb multimedia I interlace. Tonnes
ot film clips, images, sound samples and subject information
text. It is now available tor almost any Amiga configuration. A
superb reference and entertaining title lor the whole family
- I’ve been working on this title lor over a year and I'm still
impressed by if. V.Piko. Epic M AMIGA 4SPEED CD-I SCSI quad
speed CD-ROM drive complete with Squirrel SCSI interlace lor
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PORT CLASH I am a 52-year old Amiga fan. Who needs a little help. I have an Amiga A1200 fitted with a Zydec 8Mb memory upgrade and a plug in 170Mb Overdrive hard drive, which has been dismantled, and fitted internally to free up the PCMCIA slot to enable me to fit my Zappo CD ROM drive.
The hard drive unit removed from the Overdrive and fitted into the Amiga is a Quantum LPS 170A. However. I find that with 8Mb configured, the PCMCIA slot is disabled.
I have had to re-configure the board to 4Mb, to re-enable the PCMCIA slot My questions are:
1. Will using a Dataflyer SCSI* overcome this problem, and let me
use my CD-ROM drive, and re configure my board to 8Mb?
2. Will the 2S-pin connector on my CD-ROM plug into the 25-pin
connector of the dataflyer SCSI*?
3. Using a Dataflyer SCSI*, will the data transfer rate by the
same as during the PCMCIA slot?
I would be very grateful for any j help that you can give me. That will let me use my CD-ROM and the full memory capability of the board.
Mr It D Boot Shropshire The problem lies with the memory expansion card: its design means that when configured to supply all The Zappo units were very popular, but they hog the PCMCIA 8Mb. It clashes With the PCMCIA port port. The drives can be connected in other ways though
1. Using the Dataflyer will free up the PCMCIA port and so yes.
The missing 4Mb can be switched on again.
2. Yes. The Dataflyer interface ends in a standard 25-way
connector. You can plug in the CD-ROM as long as it is
standard SCSI.
3. The transfer rate will be practically identical.
Before spending money duplicating your SCSI interface however, I would strongly suggest you consider buying an accelerator card. For only £SO more than the price of the Dataflyer. You could have a much faster 68030 card. If the card you are using has it's memory in the form of a SIMM then you can simply swap them over, and there will be no danger of the memory clashing with the PCMCIA port.
. It really depends on how busy your borirrl becomes, but in general I iliin V think an 80Mb drive will be anywhere close lo being large enough. Forgetting mail for a moment I which will mount up very c uicktsi and think: if sou want to offer files for dmvnloading, sou limn V have mom for mans so consider getting a l(ib drive and prrferabls a (J)-HOM drive as well.
2. Sot being a regular FidoXet user and off the lop of my head
I'm afraid I have no idea. Howevei, sou will only need to dial
your local BBS and leave a message for the SysOp to find out
the name of the person you nerd to contact and their FidoXet
. There is no age limit. All sou need is the strong desire to weak long hours on sour UBS. And the necessary spare time. Oh. And perhaps a part-time job to help you pas for the telephone bills. If sou re going to become a FidoXet node, sour system will have lo make calls.
4. Yes sou can. There are various lilP terminal emulators
available fen the favourite comms programs.
5. Xo, star can 'I AOI. Uses custom software that is only
available for the and Mac. Xo Amiga version is available. Try
a direct Internet connection instead through a local ISI‘.
MYSTERIOUS MODEM MAYHEM I recently upgraded my AI200 by adding a Blizzard 50MHz 080 Iroard. At first things were fine. Everything ran faster and there were no problems. That was until I tried to use my modem. (A Dynalink 1428 VQE, 28.8K). Whenever I tried to use the modem, it would Continued overleaf ¦ AMIGA ONLINE I am going lo gel a modem soon and I am imerested in starting my own Bulletin Board System. Could you please answer my questions:
1. I only have an 80Mb hard drive. Will this be sufficient for a
message and file based BBS or will I need lo upgrade?
2. When I start my BBS I want to become a FidoNet node. Where is
my nearest network coordinator?
S. I'm getting the modem for the 14th birthday.
Am I old enough to start my own BBS?
4. Can you use RIP style graphics on Amiga BBSs?
5. How can I gel on to America On-l.ine (AOI.)
With my Amiga? Could I access all the sites they have in America like the WWF Wrestling Site?
Chris Hearn Hampshire dial out, and connect, but it would not transfer data. In the command window of term, if you type AT, the cursor just blinks very fast instead of saying OK. I have tried everything to get it to work - faster serial settings, different serial devices, different terminal programs- nothing worked. I don’t know what else to do.
It has recently become more annoying as I am now on the Internet, and keep having to put my old 4Mb card in to use AmiTCP. I do have a lot of peripherals (1.2Gb drive, accelerator.
16Mb RAM. Cooling fan) and someone said it was a weak power supply, so I borrowed an A500 power supply but it made no difference.
MAGIC SURFING My set-up involves an Amiga 1200 with a 170Mb hard drive and a Citizen Swift 200 printer.
I have almost saved up enough money to buy a modem and a Surf Squirrel but I am getting a bit confused. In his Internet tutorial in issue 87. Darren Irvine mentions that several web browsers require MUI to be installed. What is MUI and where do I get it?
Is it the same as Magic Workbench?
Finally, about the Surf Squirrel. Does it come with the leads to connect seven devices to it or do I need to buy new leads with each device? Can I still use the serial port on the back of my Amiga for other devices?
Murray Skinner Kin tore Aberdeenshire MUI is "Magic User Interface" and it's entirely different from Magic Workbench. Magic Workbench is a new collection of icons, fonts and textures. MUI is used by programmers to make it easy to add very smart looking buttons, menus and requestors to their programs. If an application program has been written using MUI, the user must install the MUI system for the program to run. You can get MUI from any Public Domain library.
The Surf Squirrel comes with a lead which connects to a single SCSI device. To connect another SCSI device, you need to obtain your own lead and connect it via the through port on the first device. This is a fairly standard If you have any ideas on how to remedy the situation, I would be really grateful.
Stuart Cripps London stuart®tiumb.demon.co.uk I liaven ’ heard of a problem like this. It could be power related, in which case even an old A5()0 PSU mightn 'I make a difference. would suggest contacting the supplier of the Blizzard to see if anyone else has reported similar problems. It could be that the card itself is at fault, so if you can. Try and lest it in another A1200 with another modem. Perhaps any readers with the answer' will get in contact via email.
Arrangement. The Surf Squirrel also has a 9-pin serial port for connecting to modems. You can still use the Amiga's existing serial port for other peripherals, or even other modems.
QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS My main problem this time around is that I recently bought a cheap PC BT-approved 14k lax modem. Naturally, it came with only PC software, but the lead was RS232 terminated in both sizes (standard Amiga and 9-pin). Being a well-organised type of guy, I ordered a complete package of PD comms software from Online PD. The package contained mostly archives of packages such as AmiTCP, Thor and AmiFrP.
These came with no unarchiving instructions, so I phoned up Online PD to ask how it was done. They first said “what partition of your hard drive are you going to install to?", to which I replied “hard drive?"
I was then promptly told that I had “no chance" of getting onto the Internet without a hard drive. Imagine my surprise, then, when I read a letter in A 'about baud rates in which the writer states in passing that he has no hard drive and is certainly successfully using a modem! And on just an A500! My questions:
1. What software will allow me to get onto the Internet without a
hard drive?
2. Hopefully it’s PD, so where can I gel it from?
I now have a CD;W, which I bought very cheaply for use as a CD player and fully CD'-- compatible CD-ROM (albeit single speed, but speed - or lack of it - doesn't bother me). It didn't come with any networking stuff, but I know where I can get it from.
3. What’s better, the £69 Communicator box and software or a £10
networking lead, CD and disk? What's the difference?
4. Is it possible to use the CD32 as a CD-ROM drive which will
run any Amiga-compatible CD (like a “proper" CD-ROM drive)?
In case you hadn't guessed, I will soon be purchasing a hard drive. Thanks for your amazing Hard Driving series. I have been thinking, though, about the importance of backups. The £60 video backup system from Power Computing (I think) looks tempting, but can you tell me:
5. How good this is in terms of reliability, functionality and
6. Would I be better just spending a little more on a tape
streamer, for instance, or even just resorting back to
floppies in an emergency?
7. I'd like to get in a free plug for 'Ace PD'.
This is a free PD-only (of course) distribution service run by me at the below address. Send me your blank disk(s) and SSAK and I will copy your requests from my PD catalogue, free of charge, and promptly return them to you. For more information and the catalogue, write to me enclosing a blank disk and SSAK. .As Ace PD is, of course, a NON PROFIT-MAKING organisation. I trust you won’t mind publishing that part of the letter?
Gavin Gunn 183 Solihull Road. Slrirley Solihull B90 3LQ, West Midlands
I. Using a modem and connecting to the Internet are two very
different things. Simply because you ran use a modem with an A
miga with no hard drive does not mean you can connect to the
Internet. With a modem you can dial into Bulletin Board
Systems anil Online Services such as ('.IX. A connection to
the Internet via an Internet Service Provider requires a
I'CP IP slack to be running and quick access to many different
applications (mail, Web access, nans). AH of the required
software cannot possibly be squeezed onto a single floppy.
2. The software that is used is a Terminal Emulation program.
Look out for packages called Ncomm and Term.
3. The CD32 is actually capable of working at double speed. Which
link system is best ? Depends what you want it for. The
Communicator is more flexible and easier to set up than a
simple serial network. It can view images using the (T }2's
AGA chipset (handy if you have an A2000 or A 500).
¦I. The CD32 is a proper CD-ROM drive. If you mean is it possible to connect it to an A1200 and use it as though it were a directly attached CD-ROM drive, then yes: that's the whole point of the Communicator and other networking solutions. Of course, using a serial link means that it wan V he particularly fast.
5. The video based backup system seems to work well.
It's great advantage is that it's cheap and automatic: you can leave it to backup whilst you nip out or lake a kip. On the minus side, it's quite slow.
6. It's more than a little more on a tape streamer: you 'II need
a SCSI interface to start with, and then you 'll need to track
doum a suitable drive, cartridges and software. If you were
looking to go in this dim lion you would he better off using a
Jl‘ drive.
There's nothing wrong with floppies as long as you are backing up less Ilian 20Mb. Any mare, and it takes too long.
7. If you wan t to advertise your service, have a chat with the
friendly AF advertising folks. If you ate serious about
becoming a PD library, would strongly suggest you master how
to unarchive software first!
MUSIC I am writing to you in relation to the Music-X program for the Commodore Amiga. Basically, I have a small home studio set-up comprising very few musical instruments. However, I am now looking to expand my studio to take in BELOW: But Music-X is still a superb package , especially when dealing with MIDI instruments.
M u & 1 l - a rrrp Trrrurmnr BEGIN END I I PAUSE ** I 29 R 4 Chords 2 1 Hi-hats 2 ?? RECORD ¦ HHJ Clotk: 0024. 04. 025 STORE j * 4a£i 29 EDIT DELETE PREVIEW me Sequence Narte K' ! £ 5 5 fteophex CJCJ : cj i : os . 23 $ J Honory O- Seq 2590 Events Reophe H t -hat s 1 H igh Snare fill Dr uns 8ass X more professional equipment. L!p until now I have been using a Yamaha QX21 sequencer, but with the influx of more equipment. I need to implement a computer-based sequencing package. I am currently in a dilemma regarding the type of computer to use. On one hand I have
been recommended the Apple Macintosh which is quite expensive and on the other hand I already own an old Commodore Amiga 500 which is totally reliable.
I have Music-X version 1.1 which came on the cover of an Amiga Formal magazine (At58a) and only now have I started using it for making music. But, having lost the magazine I am without instructions so I can't exploit the program fully. Hence, the reason for this letter.
If you can send me an instruction set in any form whatsoever, even a photocopied basic guide, it would be greatly appreciated.
SukinderJhila Barking Essex The Amiga running Music-X is probably the most cost effective way of emit rolling MIDI equipment, although an A500 might struggle at limes and an A1200 would definitely be better. Certainly the Apple had an enviable reputation for music software, hat even the PC is superseding it at the moment with the latest Logic and Cubase releases.
Nevertheless, Music-X 2 is a great package and one which I would suggest you lake the trouble to obtain. Not only will this mean you won 'I need to contact the Hack Issues department, hut you 'II also get a great sequencer as well.
MORE MUSIC AND COLOUR I have an A1200 with 2Mb RAM and 1.6Mb available RAM, a 120Mb Toshiba hard disk set up as DHO 1 2 3. I also have a Datel MIDI Master cartridge and a Yamaha PSR-520 keyboard. I have 3 questions:
I) Whilst using Music-X 2.0. in recording I have Continued
overleaf 4 Although the A1200 Is superb value for money -
particularly for DTV - you will soon discover that to gat tha
most out of it you need more memory.
The Amiga is certainly the best value for money when it comes to desktop video: nothing on the wrong side of a thousand pounds will get close. However, as you discovered, it soon becomes obvious that the standard 2Mb of memory isn't enough for all but the most basic tasks.
There are three ways to add extra memory to an A1200: via a trapdoor memory expansion card, via a trapdoor accelerator card and via a PCMCIA memory card. Using a PCMCIA card is not recommended: it's not cheap, not particularly fast and wastes a potentially very useful interface port.
You have to decide whether you want only a memory expansion, or an acceleration and memory expansion. As to ease of fitting, a memory card and an accelerator are attached in the same way. It can be a little tricky if you have never seen it done before, but a read of the instructions, a little patience and a steady hand will make it a five minute operation.
A memory card with 4Mb of RAM will cost about £100, and accelerators with 4Mb start from about £200. The Magnum cards from Wizard are good, as are the Viper and Blizzard cards. Shop around, as memory prices are fluctuating all the time.
01. 3 0 2.1 O 1.3.2 O 3.0 to have the- dual voice button
switched on so that Musir-X 2.0 recognises the notes. This
eats up a fair bit of memory and slows everything down apart
from being bloody annoying, seeing as I have to go back and
delete all the dual voice notes.
Is there any way that Musir-X will recognise my keyboard without my having to do this? I would also like to hear just the MIDI Voices when playing through Musir-X but it doesn't recognise when I turn local control off on the keyboard. Aargh! It (Music-X) doesn't recognise remote channels either and I’m starting to wish I hadn't parted with my £50 for the Music-X
2. 0 thing in the first place! Please help as I EXCESS SPEED Is
it worth getting a 28.8k Fax Modem as most BBSs seem to only
operate at 14.4k?
I ask this because I've seen the Amitek
28. 8k modem retailing for around £125.
Which cable would I need, as there isn't one included with the modem, and how easy is it to connect it to my A1200 (hopefully it will have a Surf Squirrel soon).
I also have a timing crystal for a 68882 50MHz FPU (PGA) lying around, as I bought a SOMHz FPU for my Blizzard board but it doesn't need it as it uses the CPU clock. Would this be any use to anybody or shall I dispose of it?
David Bateman York
2. Most applications (for example, Wordworth and Final Writer)
tome with their own printer drivers which will create
excellent output. There are also third party printer driver
products available, so don V let the lack of the driver put
sou off. Contact the Amiga dealers which advertise in Amiga
Format lor advice with regard to specific printer models.
I've seen Music-X being used with a Roland keyboard and many external sound modules without problems, so it is possible.
Ily far the best way is to use a "tlumh" keyboard (i.e. one which only transmits note information, not sound such as the Evolution MK-149) or a professional keyboard synth (such as a second-hand lloland JXI nr a Novation BassStatinn).
3. The card was reviewed in issue 64 (July
1996) of Amiga Shopper, in their extensive accelerator card
round-up a few months ago. It achieved a good score and a
rating of "recommended ”.
CuBase is a seriously heavy duty music sequencing package, and there simply would not he the required volume of sales to merit a conversion. Music-X v2 is still extremely good however, and offers some unique features. Don i knock it - it !s still on Is a tool. Owning CuBase won't make your music sound magically better! © write a lot of music using my Amiga.
2) I am considering buying a colour inkjet printer soon, but am
worried about if I could get a decent enough printer driver
for it as they all seem to do only Mac and PC! Drivers.
3) I am also considering buying a Magnum 030 40 4Mb and 33MHz
FPU, but cannot find a review of it anywhere in your
magazines. (I have all A ’s back to issue 58.) Is this card
any good as it is only £350 in one of the adverts in your
I hope you can answer these as I'm getting a hit peeved.
Callum Stewart PS Why isn’t there a version of CuBn.se available for the Amiga?
Don i be pervert Callum. Amiga Format is always here to help you.
I. I'm not atmpletely at home with the PSR- 52(1 keyhnanl. Hut it
multi he that it has a local echo setting switcher! On. Thus
when you hit a key it makes a noise, transmits the MIDI
information to Music-X which then re-transmits the MIDI
information anti triggers another note. This ran get
confusing, so try experimenting with all MIDI echo anti
re-sending options.
IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don’t just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill in. Photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Send your letters to Workbench. Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth Street. Bath. Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga: Kickstart version: Workbench revision: Total memory fitted _ Chip memory available _ C A500 C A500 Plus C A600 O A1000 O A1200 O A1500 C A2000 C A3000 O A4000 O 1.2 O 1.3 O 2.x O 3.x Extra drive 11 ( 3.Sin 5.25in) as DF; manufacturer: Ol.2 O 2.04 2.05 Extra drive »2 ( 3.5in 5.25in) as DF: manufacturer: Hard disk: Manufacturer Extra RAM fitted - type, size (Mb) and manufacturer Details of other hardware: Stop Press! New SX32Mk2, SX32Pro, 2.1GB InstantDrive, 17" Multisync Monitor - from EYETECH A1200 InstantDrive Hard Disk Kits Microvltec 17" Mulitsync Amiga PC Monitor SX32Mk2 &
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To the CD32 s existing mouse, joystick, keyboard, audio. RF. Composite video and SVHS ports.
The SX32Pro further adds. .
? 25 or 50MHz 030 MMU CPU and 50 Mhz FPU skt ? 2 SIMM sockets for up to 64MB of 32 bit RAM ? Buffered IDE interlace for 2nd HD. SyQuest. Zip Thu 4 what tha Sxt sho»Ad always have Been - maintaining the refcaMfy ana portatrtty of (he CD32 whist addng most of He expenson tactt*s of an A1200 It makes the low cost CD32 deal at a compact portable Anvga (with CDROM ana Kickstart 31 txAH-eiM a mummed* dekvery platform and. Of course an expandea games console II comes complete with VVB3 0 and utilities on CDROM and a hard Onve partitioning, formatting and Workbench installation diskette Only from
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hard dm* oquvped Amiga w«h Workbench 204* ? Amiga Preferences
driver w4h ampie Chck and Go instalabon procedures ? Printer
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scaling, rotation and exact posdonng The Eyetech CDPtus for the
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Leaves trapdoor free lor accelerators memory expansion ? Leaves PCMCIA slot tree tor digitisers, modems, samplers etc. ? Easily detachable tor transport Option to add additional Hos, CDROMs, SyOuests. Zips etc powered from the CDPtus unit Comes with special Eyetech 4-device EIDE buttered interlace board ¦ easily lined m minutes with no cunmg'dnNing (Note that IDE CDROMS must never be directly connected to the A1200 without a buttered interlace) ? Complete with 'Click-and-Go* installation software Amazing value: 4-speed only £149-95. 8-speed only £199.95 Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank. 12
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Stokesley. N Yorks TS9 5BB, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1642 713 185 Fax: *44 (0) 1642 713 634 eyetech@cix.compullnk.co.uk http: www.compulink.co.uk -eyetech Next day delivery to EC and USAVCanada. Worldwide deliveries In 2-6 days from receipt ot taxed order and payment details. Next day insured delivery charges: Hardlccpy. Boids. SX32 « UK. £1506 EC COPtos £10 UK (2 (toy). £19 Ireland £29 EC.
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• ntetah 8oim am mm me, not y* M mSM Pimm pno w to ciwcx avwiMwry
SAVE • Wxng oS M iW pnc» Iwi HiJWl LM. MMWty. S VteyoW. Hwt» .
W1CM may crwnfl* wovout arwr nodHcaMn 6am H pra«a 19 08 M C 6 0
18. 99
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Workbench 2.0* 1Mb Chip RAM 2Mb Fast RAM Suggested
Configuration: A1200 ? 68030 ? FPU ? 8Mb Fast RAM ? HD If you
would like to purchase your upgrade by cheque please make it
payable to Future Publishing Ltd. (Sterling Cheques on a UK A C
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H BGUcdem H BGUcdem With Hints The TypeSmith cover disk in Amiga Format gives you the world's only Amiga font editor and converter. If you’ve taken it for a test drive, you'll have realized that TypeSmith is a powerful program with hundreds of features. If you really want to get the most from TypeSmith, there’s no substitute for the official instruction manual. It describes how to use every feature, and is an invaluable reference.
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Add $ 8 shipping SoftLogik pnces do not include VAT. Il applicable We accept VISA, MasterCard. American Express. Discover, and USS checks and money orders Fax 314-256-7773.'phone 314-256-9595 (9am-5pm Central), email support©softlogik com. Or mail to SoftLogik. 315 Consort Drive. St. Louis. MO 63011 USA Central), email support®softlogik com. Or mail to SoftLogik. 315 Consort Drive. St. Louis. MO 63011 USA This month, in what is surely a lirst for Amiga.net there will be no carping at the lark of useful Amiga resources on the Internet (even though things haven't really improved). There will be
no deriding and lambasting of obviously delusional Amiga users on Usenet (even though as usual there is no shortage of them). There won't even be the usual lame attempt at humour. Okay - so that Mae musjcikJ mayhem... Four months of writing an OctaMED tutorial has left Darren Irvine in a musical mood, so much so that it's spilled over into his other column.
OCTAMED HOME PAGE There is now an official UK based homepage for Octamed users. It's URL is: http: wwwoctamedcouk Teijo Kinnunen. The author of OctaMfO.
Maintains a FAQ page concerning the program at: http: stekt.ou lu.fi -kinnunen omfaq.html last bit wasn’t true, but I promise that this month the humour will be so lame that you won’t even know it's there at all.
Instead this month I’ve decided to devote the entire Amiga.net to a subject that’s dear to my heart (no. Not alcoholic beverages, though that might come later) - music. The -Amiga has always been a great computer for musicians (even musicians as cack-handed as myself) and this usefulness has been reflected in a number of interesting Amiga resources on the Internet.
In addition to the sites that are Amiga specilic, there are a huge range of sites on the Net that should be of interest both to musicians and to those just interested in listening to music.
From FTP sites stocking MOD files, through Record Companies to sites dealing with every arcane musical form imaginable.
OCTAMED AND MOD RESOURCES If you’ve been following Amiga Format's OrtaMEI) tutorial over the last few months, then you may well be interested in getting hold of even more information about this excellent program. You might also have worked out that, so far, you're a bit crap at producing your own MOD files, and want to get hold of some produced by others so that you can rip them off. Sorry - I mean so that you can benefit from the experience of those who have been using OctaMED lor longer than yourselves. Anyway whatever your specific interest in OctaMED, there are a number of sites 011 the
Net that will be able to supply you with what you are looking for. Here are just a few.
The MOD Page is basically your one-stop site for obtaining a huge range of MOD files. As well as files for OctaMED there are gcncricMOD files that can be used with other Amiga based trakkcr software, as well as what passes for the same on the PC. The URI. That you need is: http: www.telcport.com -smithU niodpage modpage.htm OCTAMED SOUNDSTUDIO INFORMATION You’ve probablv heard of the latest OctaMED product: OelaMEI) Soundslutlio. Although my esteemed colleague John Kennedy produced an excellent feature 011 this recently, you may still be gagging for more information on this superb product.
Check out the following two URI-S to see if they can help: http: www.cucug.org ar ar407_Sections news
3. HTMI, http: www.cucug.org ar ar408 Sections news
8. HTML AMIGA MUSICIANS There are quite a few well known
musicians using die Amiga - both for chart type music and for
producing music for games. One of the best known is Allistcr
Brimble, and you can check out his home page at this URL: r
RECORD LABLES Sony’s sile is extremely well presented, but due
to the highly graphical nature of the interface, it can be a
tad slow on anything but a 28k link. If vou’re looking for any
artist currently in the Sony stable it's probably worth the
wait. As well as obviously having information concerning the
actual records that Sony have on release, you can find out
back catalogue information and biographical information
concerning the artists you are interested in. Check out the
Sony Music homepage at:
http: www.music.sony.com Music MusicIn dex.html If you're any
form of musician using the Net. You owe it to yourself to
check out the Res Rocket Surfer page - who know's where it
might lead.
H!tp: ourworld.compuserve.com homepag es allister brimble There is a "softography" listing the software projects to which Allister iias contributed, along with several links to sites that have some of his MOD (lies available for von to download.
Island Records are obviously a much smaller concern than Sony (especially when compared to the overall Sony entity), bin their Web site is every bit as well turned out. Again the graphics oriented nature of this site can mean that it appears to take forever to download - but once you have the main graphic images downloaded, moving around the sile is fast enough to be useable. The site is set out in the form of a virtual record shop, and is great for demonstrating the Internet to those who haven't seen it before and who have dismissed it as an awkward to use system for nerds. Island Records
home page is at: http: www.island.co.uk Of course - Sony and Island are only examples here -just about every record label in existence has some web presence or other Yahoo’s list of labels alone now lias over 900 sites, RESOURCES FOR MUSICIANS In addition to the sites dedicated to specific music software systems such as OctaMED, there are sites that are aimed at musicians of all types - aiming to provide information services as well as areas where musicians can gather. Some of these sites have also tried to actually bring musicians together from all over the world to use the Internet as a
means of producing new music.
One of ihe besi and most well known of this type ol sile is Res Rocket Surlcr - a sort of Internet club for musicians.
Res Rocket Surfer has already been responsible for getting together many different types of musicians from all over the world and lias even been a focal point for a number of live "jamming" sessions across the Internet involving musicians from all around the globe.
If this sounds like the sort of thing that you would be interested in getting involved with, check out their homepage at: http: www.resrocket.com Another useful site for musicians and those interested in musical instruments and equipment is Harmony Central, http: www.harinony-central.com Also of interest to musicians (and indeed for those just interested in listening to music rather than making it) might be the Music Ik- Audio Connection This site is useful enough for me let them get away with their obvious Alanis Morisette bias.
Http: www.vaxxine.com music ® MY OWN FAVOURITE I'm going to finish up here by being slightly self-indulgent with a plug for my own favourite music web site. The Breaks page is for those with an interest in any form of hardcore. Jungle, Breakbeat and Drumn'Bass music If this is your cup of tea. Check K out at httpJArvww.breaks.com Weird Science Ltd. I Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel. +44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 0)116 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk Objects EffU srsu.
Xf formal for Af : Two fabulous multimedia resource compact containing images, sounds, animation's and many multimedia tools and utilities. Over 1.2 gigs oil two compact discs and absolutely FREE when pend over £ 25.00 on compact discs NEW RELEASE OUSIE CD ___£9;99f uj| s.-JS’- | c.....U) NEW ARTWORX E 9" UPD GOLD £ 19 95 AMOS PO£1 9.95 CUP ART CD £ 9.99 is "I *» S--E: gs © :H: 12 & 13 ¦ Now AvaHoblo :E 14.99 a each ' - £ 19.95 £ 19.95 WW * 19.95 assassins 2 RETRO GOLD MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT ry knl la Cl '! Ami mlga Stt-oAkng *oi pul HU.A A-.fl.. lUi t'O It aa ahso ut. Matt hat, .Xtiwurk (II
miten. Ihe tatvefe ami a hat been smfrated m terry fwsiiMe IT*, am .» about IS imiWi. -Ith i a.atlah e ami take ml t pe.if One hut),so pmi am ihr 1 fnegtasn la rua oa hall
• stmting ihe eaHir Sc,net srt-up al Ihe chant Aw* mar Ain. ¦
|hffuult set up ramRan. Senul ana ruai ii iprntfi anils ama the
faslrU rvar.
IiAikU ami aauiir tarn hr rmutant a, aw t.lm Hspre.s earn a Av The all Sew Sound Studio is finally here and well worth Ihe mad. With fabulous new features including full mixing facilities, save modules as samples, notation editor (includes printing), W channels, new midi commands, more TiKcata support, no sample tire limits, fastmrm facility and' more SoundSludio has lifted Amiga music creation lo heights . A must for all The Amiga line topers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools and does, prosulrd lo Ihe official developer*.
The CD it a gold mine of tools and information. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Build Cdand ISO CD.
Envoy 2.0 package. Enforcer, Workbench 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 tools and documents with Ihe updated native developers n SET 1 U£ 19.95 | SET 2 £ 24.95
C. ~JW.Sr EPIC interactive eSty cr.opFm raturusg a manor ane
thnsoaad aJ seseats tight ISO i Isk purl ash detailed testate
t. Ualed te create onagri Ssatair inoaltii edge In edge Superb
fur wrapping I iK.iaarf any cample, oh)rcl ptr ecih nr at.hu,
ms tent hark drops hadsmt ihe nght i ntih a II pan colour
suits Awit.
I displaying all o the tenons I (Wiiai taksui. Ihe images a (V 114 n M Isaf I m i Sat I ItgUMmal SET 3 AVAILABLE NOW £ 29.99 tun Sporty I tun IT tuCas R A
49. 95 comes complete with Out-Of-The-Net WE WILL PRICE MATCH ANY
ADVERT IN THIS MAGAZINE Volume 1 FREE 0116 234 0682 Sounds
Terrific ? Contain* IhmiumK of files available ready hi use
Mialjlhl (nan ilic CD’s Hie music and .ouiuls files cuii he
auditioned from un easy lo use Imerface for both a PC & Amiga
In addition to ihe sounds arc sonic iJUBRyTC!
Brilliant auliiies lor music and sound rnjiupulaikm on both platforms. As well as ihe great modules, midi files and samples provided wt have also sourced rise supeib „ Walkabout Music Colleciion of professional Instrument ’* ¦* * | wimples in both WAV and IFF formats Included are ' ' 4.400* modules dried and tested.) 400 extra large modules (over 300k each.) 705 Screamtracker modules, 1.000+ categorised midi files, 4240 IFF samples, 620 categorised WAV samples, 1.000+ Walkabout Instrument samples in WAV A IFF formats. 100's of utilities for l’( & Amiga and as a bonus ihe complete MidiCraft
collection of Midi files.
Sounds Terrific V’ol I is , still available lor i I4.W £J 9.95 AMIGA DEVELOPERS CP AVAILABLE NOW In-To-The-Net Only£9.99 AVAILABLE NOW , PHI I .ah l«.l,~lht. ri (D M ftt.. (ft. - r ~aaaAi a. im.,-.. Wik. Ta« . TWO CD's only £ 19.95 THE LEARNING CURVE £ 19.95 Getting an Amiga connected to the Internet is one of the most difficult talks due to Ihr complex installation routines of AmiTCP and the lack of any real guidance. Sot only will this situation change but you will now be able to get connected to the Internet and the IV MW without a hard drive or the complicated setting up of the software
Our extensive networking skills have really been put lo the lest providing a simple connection from a compact disc providing a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting up is done automatically for you with the connection program provided.
All that is required is the answers to a few ample questions. In addition lie ( D contains all the tools required foe both the beginner and expert, full instructions t gelling connected and many ierr helpful documents on the Internet and H M U. The tools include AmiTCP, Mail. FTP. M'MW and many more. In addition there is a section on WWW page creation with clip art and creation tools. Easy Hard Drive installation possible and dexirable but not required.
OPEN 9.00 - 6.00 MON - SAT US J-T7&62 E «a.w TJU msi U22d iiS « I'A -t'M 2iCa MSITIBBSAim ACCESS VISA 6 SWITCH MOST WELCOAAE | Please ask for l ltimedia or it will nut hr shipped [ ODDS & ENDS t 4Vt I,,hr-... Ink I in t in US Anna tin isturhj t in Utetsmg rtatts I t 4V* t 4n loom I I 4 n i 4n Swat A M I 4 sry I f 4.n Smaga r~i t 4n I t in Pah A U« A t in i in rub A Mae. I I 4n Maa t in tH Oatayl I 4n
• t iff (oJOwta,, I t in r» t i n Pent Pawn A (hr tin t in A full
interactive encyclopedia foe all AG A Amigas with 1.000's of
sub rets with images and samples
• fieenl production.
Superb Multimedia Interface in AGA.
T 4fs nt-smms.. Ut I i ff CAM l in UmOri Slacks o lhest luUs TELEPHONE ORDER HOTLINE YOURS FREE ONLY WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO HOW TO SUBSCRIBE Choose one of these fantastic products when you subscribe for 12 issues OR choose two when you subscribe for 24 issues.
ZEEWOLF 2 AMIGA FORMAT 90% Helicopters, guns, tanks and 32 staggeringly playable missions.
Action fans and anyone who likes to think on their feet will lap up this gem of a game.
€ NE N offers , ALIEN BREED 3D AMIGA FORMAT 93% If you’ve got an A1200 then you positively need this game.
Tension, excitement and rock solid gameplay.
A classic, matey!
If Am
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Organiser 2 is the latest release of Digita’s award-winning software. We gave it a stonking 92% in the February issue and gave you a time limited working version to sample on the coverdisk.
"The best Amiga PIM currently available."
Mo MONEY MATTERS 4 AMIGA SHOPPER 90% r Keeping track of all your finances is easy vNORTH with NEW Money Matters 4 from Digita.
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MOST CANNON FODDER 7,7 V Wsl The OFFlrMI. Playing Guide AMIGA PC • fit WAS | Order Code Order Code | was Ideal for beginners and Amiga Desktop Video r ortter cotfa fTTHffM experts alike, this book will make sure that you literally "get the most" out of your Amiga.
Tells you how your Amiga works including software and hardware details and there's even a glossary of useful terms.
Looks at all the possible uses for your computer - DTP, Comms, programming, games
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Master the laws of gravity to complete this mission through space.
I ORDER CODE l ORDER CODE: AMF83 You can run software from almost any computer platform on your Amiga - if you have the right equipment.
Simon Goodwin explores the art of emulation in the first part of an extensive feature.
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Coverdisks: A collection of programs including the full Scape maker plus. Chaos Engine clone. Alien Bash II.
DISK CODE AMF86 CD CODE: AFC002 Coverdisks: OctaMED Soundstudio and a massive demo of the very latest shoot- em-up XP8.
Coverdisks: A one level demo of Alien Breed 3D II plus, create your own games with the Came Engine.
DISK CODE: AMF87 CD CODE: AFC003 Coverdisks: An exclusive version of the excellent font creator TypeSmith plus Toyland Capers and Charlie Chimp.
Coverdisks: Create your own front-ends with Nucleus plus The Shepherd, Cybernet ix and Beg It.
DISK CODE: AMF88 CD CODE: AFC004 Coverdisks: The amazing animation package X-DVE plus Boulderdash clone Herman and Kumquat.
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Magnum 68030 68040 it 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to 27 times ? 68030 40 or 60 Processor running at 25 40 or 50MHz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT Overclocked) ? MMU in ALL Processors ? Up to 32mb of RAM can be added ? Kickstart Remapping ? Optional SCSI-ll interface ? Can accommodate a 72-pin industry standard SIMM ? 68040 60 have built-in FPU, 68030 card has optional PLCC PGA type FPU (Floating Point Unit) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't void WARRANTY ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE SO YOU CAN STILL USE | products such as OverDrive HO or CD Zappo CD-ROM or Squirrel ? Zero
Waite State Design.
Magnum RAM8 Card Speed Increase of 2.3 times • 2.88mips ? Available with 0, 2, 4 or 8MB of 32-Bit RAM INSTALLED ? USES STANDARD 72-PIN Simms ? Optional PLCC Tvpe FPU (FLOATING POINT UNIT) ? BATTERY BACKED Clock Calenoer ? Finger CutOut to help Installation ? Trapdoor Fitting - ooesn't VOIO WARRANTY ? 0-4MB - PCMCIA COMPATIBLE (FOR USE WITH OVERDRIVE, SQUIRREL ETC.) ? ZERO WAITE STATE DESIGN.
O DIRECTORY pus5 The BEST just got BETTER! After 12 months of further 1 development Opus 5.5 is now ready ano shipping. Stunning new features include:- » Icon Action Mode ? Workbench Replacement Mode dramatically enhanceo • OpusFTP capability to access Internet FTP sites with a lister ? Borderless Button banks ? Filetype-specific pop-up menus ? Cybergraphics RTG supported ? Independent HotKeys ? Script system to execute commands upon events • Multiple custom menus with sub items ? Automatic Filetype Creator to create ano test FllETYPES WITH EASE ? A FONT VIEWER ? LlSTERS FIELDS FOR TITLES,
RE-SORTING BY FIELDS, PLUS A 'VERSION' field ? Colour re-mapping of button icon images with support for Magic Workbench' etc. • Selectively hide unwanteo drive icons ? Clipboard support for cut, copy and paste in gadgets & Listers ? Resize, Iconify, and scroll busy Listers while busy ? Icon and Lister snapshots are storeo separately from Workbench - so you could snapshot your CD-ROM icons!
? Listers can now display a sackgrouno picture pattern ? Internal Opus CLI to quickly test commands 6 Arexx scripts ? Many new internal commands and many new Arexx commands have been adoeo OR EXTENOEO WITH NEW FEATURES. YOU CAN Workbench 2 + & Hard Oisk Required now EVEN ADD YOUR OWN INTERNAL COMMANOS! E W M.99 RAM8 Omb £4 4mb £89,i 8mb £119,1 I6mb N A 32mb N A RAM8&33MHz FPU £79,9 £119,9 £l49„ N A N A 68030 25MHz&FPU £99.94 £13999 £169,, £209,4 £279„ 68030 40MHz £1299, £169,4 fl99.ii £23911 £30944 68030 40MHz & FPU £14994 £219h 329n 68030 50MHz £16941 £209m £23941 £2794-1 £34911 68040 25MHz
£24919 £28944 £31914 £3594, £429,, 68040 40MHz £329h £36914 £439ii £509„ 68060 50MHz £499h £539i, £56944 £609.44 £679,4
Pro System Comploh A1200 Hard Pisk Kds 640mb 1»0gb
1. 6gb Ihcludis lun-fr Smut £149.99 e179.99 £219.99 OPUS 1.12
Yes, at long last, a professional way to install a high
& A SCSI-ll Interface for the Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards
- Warranty safe installation, supplied with software £79.99
Tur&oPrint 4J i,v“u tTcntter- Pmto f.fyw. you MUST get
TurboPrint 4.1. It radically enhances the printouts you
normally get by replacing the Amiga Printer System with the
Faster and Visibly Better TurboPrint System. Options include
Poster Printing, Colour Correction, Dithering, Colour
Balancing, On-Screen Preview and Much More... Most printers
are supported-call to pi__ _ check. Amiga Shopper 90%. *• M.44
sairuRN Fxhrnol 1Mb Floppy Priro (or oil AMIGAi [OPUS 4.12)
Brack-It 1200 Fitting System Designed to accommodate the newer drives on the MARKET OFFERING HIGH CAPACITY & SPEED AT GREAT Iooool as) & UK Diuvttr 3 YEAR WARRANTY Need the Drive Installed by a Professional Engineer?
Our collection, fitting and nci iliiov ccowirc ic iiipt Ofl brackets, all Ca prices. Our pack includes robust steel fitting lBLES FOR POWER AND OATA, INSTRUCTIONS & 7 DISKS UtllVtKY btHVILc Id JU5I oU
- call for more oetaies FULL of HOT software such as Directory
Opus 4.12 (worth £50), MUI 3, MCP, Galaga AGA, Virus Checker,
Moos, ReOrg, Abackup ano MUCH MORE. All software CAN BE
Compatible with ALL Amigas
• High Quality SONY Drive • Robusi Metal Case • Anti-Click as
• Enable Disable Switch • Low Power Consumption ? Thru Port for
Extra „ " “ t39» Or £j“.99 with PowerCopy Pro 3 - The BEST
Backup System Quarterback Disk Suite 6mrwi*i t.11 IL*W Toll
PO.n The Classic Quarterback 6.1 ano Quarterback Tools Deluxe
are back on sale. Considered by most as THE disk backup and
disk recovery 49, Repairs ESS Bods £ Videos 6P FAX Fox Sofhoort
Solution for oil Ampoi . M.U. Send Faxes to and from your
Even Fax directly from your application.
Amiga Format Golo Amiga Computing 9 10 Fax Compatible Modem Required c44« fcNTfcRPRISt by Qualified Technicians ? All Amiga Computers Covered ? Prices from as little as £29.99 ? Many repairs by Wizard require NO Parts ? Prices include Insured Courier Collection It Delivery, Labour, Full Diagnostics, Service, Soak Test & VAT.
? Fast Turnaround ? All Technicians are Trained & Fully Qualifieo ? Upgrades bought at same time fitted FREE!
? 90 oays Warranty on all Repairs ALL FOR JUS! Ffl.99 + PARTS Insider Guide -Al200 Insider Guide • A1200 Next Steps Insider Guide - Assembler Insider Guide • Disks & Drives £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 PRICES INCLUDE COLLECTION b DELIVERY Insider Guide • Workbench 3 A io Z £14.95 Totalf Amiga - Workbench 3 Total! Amiga ¦ AmigaDOS Total! Amiga - Arexx Total! Amiga - Assembler £19.99 £21.99 NEW £21.99 £24.99 Mastering Amiga Scripts £19.95 Mastering Amiga Beginners £19.95 Mastering Amiga Printers £19.95 Mastering AmigaDOS 3 - Reference £21.95 Mastering Programming Secrets £21.95 AmigaDOS Pack
£34.99 Total! Amiga - AmigaDOS & Master* AmigaDOS 3 ¦ Reference Usually £43.94 SAVE NEARLY £9 A1200 Beginner Pack £39.95 2 BOORS (Insider AI200 b Next Steps), a 60 Minute Video, 4 bens oe PO to go with the booksWiocos Al 200 Workbench 3 Booster Pack £39.95 2 bocrs (Dgis 6 Ohms b Woehbinch 3 A to Zl. A 90 minute Voeo. I ten 6 Reieeiince Capo limited period, the two packages COMBINED AT AN UN8ELIEVABLE PBICE (normally £79.99). Disk backup and Disk Recovery Optimisation are two key tasks that just shouldn't BE LEFT to inferior PD alternatives.
Get the Best _ Get the __.
Sintu WottSTinoa IT 24.« Douou tVoMSTUKM 1Tin WooKSTtiion All Sizes are W x M « D UUAftlrHDAir UlSK , __ a Suite.
.44 £5 OFF roc 4 iinrna pwkm | EnsrllOClRS 2 - The ONLY FULL ACCOUNTS PACKAGE, LEDGER Baseo ACCOUNTS SYSTEM, Amiga Format Golo Oil ABOUT TRAIL OFFER Haro Disk & lift 2mb RAM Required £ 11*», Other Products A500 51 2k RAM Expansion e|7m A500plus 1 mb RAM Exp. £24.49 A600 1mb RAM Expansion £24„ 33MHz FPU Kit - PLCC type FPU & Crystal - will fit MOST CARDS - CALL TO CONFIRM.
F34„ ALL wtth a FREE Opus 4 wotth over £50 4ub 72-PIN SIMM £40 8mb 72-pin SIMM JO 16mb 72-pin SIMM £H0 32mb 72-pin SIMM c180 ALL SIMMs mil NEW and have a Ivr Warranty Disks 50 Disks Et Colour Labels e14.«, 100 Disks & Colour Labels £24*9 PC TASK 4 JO An-dEUKCu-.Um. Run PC programs within an Amiga window, usl your Amiga hard disk, run Windows 3 & MS-DOS, VERSION 4 NOW AUOWS:- 486 Emulation. CD-ROM support, CyberGraphics SUPPORT & MANY INTERNAL SPEED ENHANCEMENTS. V4.0 REQUIRES AN '020 PROCESSOR OR BETTER.
n. Z. _ Pnmm, Tw.
The BEST Image Processing Package there is for the Amiga. Amiga Format Gold - CU Awards. Bubble Filter.
Fire FX, Wireless Hooks, Shear 6 Straw mooes, Enhanced Lightning Effects, FilmGrain Aod Removs, Liquio Distortion, Sponge Drawmooe.
Sparkle Effect & much more ID are in version 2.6. BETWEEN 9AM AND 5.30PM, MONDAY TO SATURDAY, TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD. TO PAY BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO - WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS, PO BOX 490, DARTFORD, KENT, DAI 2UH Cheques should be made payable to WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS. Pnces include VAT b carnage lo the UK mainland. Please add £5 to your order lor EC destinations and £10 lot other countries All products are subject to availability E&OE Advertised pnces b specification may change without notice. All sales are subject to our trading conditions copy available on request.
THE WORLDS's FASTEST and... now the BEST VALUE too!
AMIGA 68040ERC and 68060 ACCELERATORS mitH Nut. Vuu cm rixxt* IxtitOTt me 6MHM0ERC htoln Iitxthe j NgH ullr: [eiwerful WlWi imum »hen Ml to jC.6cN.ttin IIMW) £jfV J ccelemnr to )«n AAOOII. 3U0dr. A-IOOO of A-WWTT ytxt can. For JE*y HN 1 fumpk. Ttmlerjira(*ie»ilhlinattinelOwtt»*einjti«2.4flitae V (.fitpjrc (hit mth i ituwttc IBM too. Tm i .uai.nl AMD ««K5' WjOTfXn Mi Cytknfcxm 16 ire full. PhigKdflay iiilA-1000ujmctndxxi'etlx "" etftkn ol j SCSI-2 tuhle I AMD mete ikenh late SCSI hslt into thtt Amiga taint |.
• Up to I3M6 ol aw SIMM' cm he uwifletl ml ym cm ceen ttmefei the
'2Pre SIMMS tium jwr Amp MM antgbl omo wtx ne» Cytetkm.
• 0[Xuul SCSI-2 moWc 1'ilM
• II ym bmlgct itltrmlt ualy coeen the coo tR a C.tenbxn D
6S3KXRC. You on i(*i).
Upgnk late to the (till 6H060 pnxrwx to ana pm t cttcrMorm n AtftlHz 64-BIT ENGINE A2000 5000 4000 (T Series) 3D Version J 24-BIT COLOUR ACCELERATED GRAPHICS CARD.
Fin all Ztttro-ll lll Amiga. Tb Totter SyOcn A ISO. * iih Znrroll lackplanct Tlx core d tho peat htmj n the NEW VBGE GRAPHICS CHIP tram S3 With ID .apahtlitx. it ' able to petxevt compka 31) toxtntn. In hanbtate leg thaOedxnuectl turfatal with Tnlnxar Ftkcnng ami StLxXngTeggirig (or toper reainlx Real Tome 3D Rendering.
Wtxn Utcd .1th CthetGnpllX 3D Lthxt. CyhmKi* 6I 3D can cten olTa a hrttad range ol 3D lactlitxa (re a, ntnit dcteloper OPTIONAL EXPANSIONS
• MPEG Decoder • aided to tlx Feature Ctxnceltr to pnt.nk real
tunc MPEG auto " and ndeo deeuhttg X btO taae onion tcTeent or,
in Mdrtheach tt unban* l HQ tbpiay tetine 1612a B« mate front
CybnCtlgM » rUte«.-lil Stem, andm .ettfea »jro'tded tta the
«pt*cd dnkaaed lax ompta pcL Ippale to a Citxmaon 6V3D anl MPEG
hadle I fmn pnoxot Cjben tent 61) «er a SPECIAL 10* PRKI’ CaD
lot faB deub no.'
• Moa*r Smttber - nith megmed tcaa hac ihaNct Doped to fit xan
the Amia ilex tho foe.
Atncota. Enact 0«r Iran the oedard Amp tipal in C 6ennxa 6V3D . Eexpm Bceb nth ma; h fexd inode AOWgl) mdel. Icating three Zaiolll der. Free Mil AMXI.
Atom, O.AVO’1 ItVrrielon 6t JD.
CiVrrielon 6t JD.
£174" M- e-., ,r 484" vbcntorm II SCSI-2 Module Asr (ytscrMorm U SLM.M RAM Ltpanhions (pin Acall I vitewmitli ItlxiMurro. Utelh iMtC BUZZARD 12JWV 1240-TWC A UtOACCELERATOR BOARD FEATURES...
• Mar he ihsahinl wiih Sonplf Kqnrckc op hai up For Full (iamm
(OBpMMky even botfly programed cikkf Si Award
• BoOciy hacked Sdf KcdufRc Real Tm» Clock
• High ftrtcmince Expamian w«h FuU J2 BB wide DMA
• Eisy TrajxJniK Insulbimn ¦ ra mmMKJtams rcsjtuml (I240T FRC
Its in Town) jyOIUwnmPGAFPIJjkkrt & 1230-IV A1200 TURBO
ACCELERATOR and MMU - 50MHz 68030 0Mb Standaid, Exp. To
128 2S6Mb 9 itrm with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted Blizzard 1-30
MkIV Turbo Accelerator Memory Board
ThehtdxjigxtfaimngltROIOacctkniix iviilatiktoyu*A12flU( With
it. 50MHz 6SO30 »d Mml. The 12J0-IA1 ollen BETTER Ak PFRFORMAYT
at ,11 tWFR PSKT With , 6..lnt 1'U.m«i»ei m- e.e»lSIMM .out* w
Ox I2 t ll W I .eeitw ipeibnuuu n..furt.. iitt - j.t»e.cJ Af J
• ¥¦»«. ta 1. Let Kiprn ¦Be- ova* M-loK. -o a. JwmriY 1SCSIT
Ctwrcirt. Ax tatiiun tunlxj SIMM vxiet to I3ttft (a»mtfpn|
32-Bit j LuATlON FAST RAM to up » 2HM6 »tth the SCSI * tpboo i
" liwaMn usK m am SIMM wdfll fl teadde cm. Mo Nto1’ 12304V
Tttiho stiMH; 68030 A Mml Omh. 32-BH FM RAM eieft ExpindaNt to
12K 2S0Mh Fan 60 Ninowcood SIMM RAM Expansion* 32-B». *2 pin t
Calf* pascal Motorola Math* I ivpnxvcsor 6WI2 PGA type FIT.
YQMHz 1240t erc A1200T- TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU for
'TOWER SYSTEMS 40MHi 68040 - 0Mb Std, Exp. To 128 256Mb 36MIPS
with 60 Nanosecond SIMM tilted Blizzard 1240T ERC Turbo
Accelerator Memory Board A niper LOW COST A1300 Turtei
Accelerator Board, ideal lor hounng on am Toner Sydem AIXI)
main hitxtl t mechanical dtmenchtm. High poner cwNtanpton and
heal emtcwxi ttquiie an aate cooling cap «tbnritm do t «
tecunnxnd fitting lo tondanl Al.Wt nittuii the appn-smat
modilkalioib ex. I The “ERC Processor* used on these hands are
recycled and sigotously Xsled 68010 CPUs opemtng at JOMHz i
MMUiW - at euelknt gmranleed and cttmpeuisel) pneed aberaattse
Asatlahle opturn Midi xs the SCSI IV Kit and RAM are dtarcd Mb
the Btonrdl330-IV and 1260.
IiAOTTRC Turbo i5Si tlMh. 32-Hd Fad RAM - Fi Ssb i27riwu'w60
* 2040erc A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU - 40MHz 68040
0Mb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb SOMtPS with 60 Ninoxiond SIMM
fitted imnmihe o »lunil io gppaJe to the wme performance * our
Bli zanl I2J0T ERC bnml I'sem will then he aNe to enjoy full
AJOOUrtMi) power jn well a take advantage of the buih m SCSI-2
nttrfacc The -FJtC Phxcuon «d on these b.Mnh are recycled and
v.gwnrdy toted 6DM) Cpl'v opcntMj af JOMHl »«h Mml’ FPl • an
Cjcelknt guaranteed and competitively pneed ihenubvc 20tOHC
Tofbo ¥ Mhz i Mml m
* ' 2060 ML A150012000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU • 50MHi
68060 0Mb Standard. Expandable to 128Mb 18 IMPS with 6070
Unoxctand SIMM tmd Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board
I cflcn AlViy}CW)omncTN the umc sftahcjtic* ra the Bh 2jn3
I260TiiK)J (AISQMOOOi »in opmac «f tp »o fnc times the »(wd d a
aandvd A4000) k «i& aU mi) POWER & Abo iKlnfe huth m SCSI-2 I
OieltoiCNl AIVX1?00U rnxmd fn a Bh afd W) «n»' 2060 Turbo
SOMliz & Mml TV with txiih in SCSI 1 0Mb. .Si-Hit Fia RAM •
ExrandiWc to 128Mb SCSI-IV KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV,
1240T, ERG and 1260, wiih additional 12BMh SIMM socket (Fast
SCSI-2 AIM Controller - tip in lOMbtox transfer nitcs uilh
additional SL L I socket allowing extra memory to be finali
Pvaw Hole Morory.
SIMM ft fPU pnc« may ch*r»9* tAMthOMt warning due lo
• idiangt rat* fluctuation*.
P1*at (onfirm pnt« pnof to ortactng Ool TO C0H»«M AAAfcUT' Derbyshire. DF.55 7BP maong A 10*6 KXJHWY 10 VISIT US OUHOWMNG _ _ _ _ TlMfSARf or FAX: 01 773 831040 r.’SSp, v ni ' i..4 .ui be i. Moro«oL motiwhd nmmUTDrtU iMiuahls arc! Rduhkv BEWARE f STANDARD EXPttSS GK: GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS ‘ ¦i-i* cun»«»» tSJ DcptAMF D1 New Street. Alfreton. 3 AV STY 01 773 836781 or FAX: Ol 773 831040 email: 100271.3557© CompuServe.
GH RRKTS Please remember to confirm pnees m case ycu are look ng at an okf magaasne Pnces can change (up or down) before the magazine's cow month has passed Please confirm before sending orders by post Prices me VAT at 173V WlPVtrr We offer prompt sh«pment with fu*y insured eipress deftwy options throughout the I*. I -rope and WorVJwsde at a wy modest cost COST Of CKIMRY TO MAMlAhO M AodttSStS 0**Y Standard Oeftwy (2 to 4 working days from date of despatch) CT (¦press Oeftwy (ne«t worimg day from date o' despatch) • (10 NON UR MAWLAHO 0(ST»UTI0NS please cal for omev pnces etc ( PO«T Most Hems
are avalabtfe WorVKwde. And at TAX FW( PtJCIS to non K resdents and most overseas U* Anned forces Personnel (with Cos document) BV ROST o* TAX inilufl* you nam*. Addms and (Myt*n*,’fv«mng phon* fa« number pkis .
OnJu deUih. If (hargmg a oudWdlM (an! Wlud* numb f and vaftd from Mptry date (and Ksut number with Switch cards) Mate Cheques (pfease aflow 7 iliys clearance). ») !
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• wlf you read last mont QfJ BLITZ TUTORIAL 70 John Kennedy pro
I am pleased that we've had such a response to our AB3D II
tutorial. As anyone who has tried to use the game editors
knows, it can be a bit tough to get to grips with, but after
this month's installment you should have loads of cunning
levels filled with all manner of terrible aliens.
It is also surely the beginning of a new epoch, as John Kennedy's Blitz tutorial finally produces a program that can actually "browse" an HTML document. Blimey. Please remember though, send any ideas for new tutorials that you may have to: Amiga Format Tutorials, 30 Monmouth Street Bath, BA1 2BW.
• f mrn The b-spline tools in Real 3D2 are ideal for creating
smooth surfaces and this month Graeme Sandiford has a go at
modelling a telephone.
Q* OCTAMED TUTORIAL 4 Darren Irvine continues with his guide to getting the most out of OctaMED - the Amiga's favourite music software.
• J w John Kennedy promises that after you've completed stage
nine of this tutorial you should be able to browse through some
of your own HTML documents.
O Ben Vost looks at some more ideas for graphics. Remember, if you get the CD you'll find some useful images and palettes included on there.
If you read last month's tutorial you should have created some sort of level. All you need now is some things to put in it QT REAL 3D2 ¦ mm The b-spline FREE FREE GAMES CHEATS 1.4 EMULATOR ON ALL ORDERS FREE FREE LIBRARY DISK POST & PACK ON ALL ORDERS UNDERGROUND SKYDIVING GEEKS ARE GOI - The Web’s JK Mlim*** Cloudbusters splat down your modem FREAKY EUREKAS - Mad gadgets and mental gizmos from the Net's nutty inventors CELEBRfTY SCARES - E-mail encounters with the rich and famous CULT FICTION - From On The Road to Trainspotting - Lit kicks on-line INTERNET NIGHTMARES - Freudian clicks with
SANTA 3916 GAME HOI Al 700 3 106? MASH VI 3 105? CHAR VII 3 1168 5 TANKS VI85 3 1468 SNAIL RACERS 3 1500 7* UPO GAMES 3 1603 AI7 8EASTIES 3 1326 SHOOT GEEKSI 3 1*51 NIBLER NI81ET 3 I 368AUENSF F. 3 1**5 IOC W GAMES 3 1**8 METAMORPM
AI76 DISK ? *97 KARATE WARRIORS ? 15*8 Al 200 FIGHTI ? 1*78 3
? *73 RffYTHMS EMNCER ? 1029 COTTONEYE SONG ? 11*7 JUKEBOX SAMPLES-MODS ? 660 KORG 01W 8 DISK ? 218 HOUSE 7 DISK ? 706 SELECTION 7 CXSK ? 6*7 SOUNDEX 3 CXSK ? 619 DRUMS 2 06K ? 1588 5 CXSK DANCE SAM AMIGA EMULATIO ? 1005 IUOENOT 1.3 ? *23 2 DISK SPECTRUM ? 889 PC EM 2 OGK ? 327 ACTION PEPIAY ? 378 A600 NUM8ER PAD ? 719 4 DISK C6* * GAME ? 955 V3V7TOVI 3 ? *14 V20TOV30 ? 313 VI3TOV70 DISK COPIERS ? 380 NIB8LER [N» ? 727 MULTI TASK [MT| ? 158 XCOPYPRO ? 357 COPY ANO CRACK ? 325 IOCKP1CKERV7 ? *16 MAVERICK VS ? 1752 IOCKPICKERVI ? 13*8 COPY C NOT I 3 HARD DRIVERS ? 779 W B 3 INSTALL ? 780 W B 7
SYSTEM TESTER ? *67 FKC UNDELETE ? 19* EXSK OPTIMISE ? 7*5 EIX DISK ? 168 HARDWARE .MANUAL AMIGA EDUCATIO ? 766 GEOGRAPHY ? 53? MATHS 5 DISKS ? 6*4 ENGLISH * CXSK ? *86 LANGUAGES *06 ? 770 PLANETS 6 CXSK ? 30* ENGINES 5 EXSK ? 059 AMIGA TUTORIAL ? 1173 WORLD HISTORY ? 1361 7 CXSK INTERNET ? 1360 A7GUI0E TUTOR In the new issue of .net. Britain s best selling Internet magazine... On-line gaming what to play, how to play it and what you'll be playing this time next year Plus! From Internet virgin to Information whore in 10 easy steps Reviewed: the fastest modems money can buy And more hints and
tips than any other Internet magazine DISKS COST £1.25 EACH. NO MINIMUM ORDER. ALL VIRUS-FREE AND USER-FRIEND All games are on 1 disk and run on all Amigas unless otherwise stated.
PICK AN EXTRA DISK FOR FREE WITH EVERY EIGHT DISKS YOU PURCHASE UNDERGROUND P.D. 54 CARMANIA CLOSE. SHOEBURYNESS, ESSEX SS3 9YZ. TEL: 01702 295887 187 I A Name: ...... Amiga Model: ... Address: ... Postcode: ...... .net Issue 24 on sale 12 September • http: www.iuturenet co uk Bath Time It's CONfflENTS Chapter
1 Intro. Flrit stops and sorting out tha graphics In the second month of this mammoth multimedia tutorial, Ben Vost continues on a graphical theme.
Chapter 2: Graphical glory - More on the visual aspects SFX - Sprucing up with digital video affects Incorporation - Putting It all together Finale - The finishing touches - Adding 3D elements to your production can be an easy way of making the whole thing look more professional - as long as certain rules are followed. Because of the vast quantity of work that a production of this nature can entail, you should keep a careful eye on your time budget. If you're anything like me. You'll almost certainly get stuck on an idea and want it to work exacdy the way you visualised it in your head, and
you'll end up spending hours on something that should involve no more than a few minutes of your time.
Bath's Theatre Royal - an important site in our project.
As an example. 1 quite liked the idea that we should create die map for our project using Lightwave and have the important places in Bath modelled onto a 2D map of the city. This, of course, is completely out of the question when working to a deadline.
Real 3D Real 3D is an engineer's dream. It has particle physics, gravity and other such physical forces built in. All you have to do Is work out how to use them. Real3D is another tough-to-get-into program, but the effort you make is worth your while. Real 302 was on AFCD1, issue 85.
Strengths: Unparalleled list of tools and nice renders.
Weaknesses: A learning curve as steep as K2. Expensive.
And. Even if there were time, is almost certainly inappropriate for this project.
After all, the likelihood is that these buildings will be about the same si e on set een as a Monopoly house and it would be better for the viewer if they were iconic rather than a tiny blurry mess of multicoloured pixels.
3D elements can also spruce up the text areas of your project, not just the areas designated as being for graphics.
For instance, if you have seen the web you'll be familiar with things like the little coloured balls used as bullets in lists, even rotating 3D elements courtesy of animated GIF files can be used, like die rotating film which can be seen on the Internet movie database. All these small touches help to make your production look a little more polished.
Obviously, thanks to the wide range of 3D programs out there, there isn't the space to give you tutorials on all the aspects of creating 3D gadgets, but they are, for the most part, simple little things that you should have no problem creating for yourself. However, if you are intending creating a library of these gi mos to use on all your pages you should make sure that either you stick to the same background picture for all your pages, or that you render the blobs without any anti-aliasing.
AVOIDING TROUBLE The reason for this is that anti-aliasing relies on blending between foreground and background colours and so your foreground will look terrible on any colour other than the background that was used when the anti-aliasing operation took place. Phew! Long- winded. I know, but I think you get the picture. You will also have something of a problem if your elements require resizing afterwards because programs like ADPro will use the background colour when interpolating to make the image smaller. This means that you end up with a smaller, but anti-aliased image once more. The best
thing to do if you really need your gadgets resized is place the full-sized versions (that haven't Continued overleaf 3D PACKAGES XiPaint4 I know it isn't really a 30 package, but it does have the rather useful ability to render simple 3D shapes and it will cost a damn sight less than any of the other true 3D packages on the market. Contact GTI on 0049 6171 85937.
Strengths: Cheap, cheap, cheap Weaknesses: Only simple shapes, nothing sophisticated here. XiPainfs unfriendly interface and speed.
Cinema4D Cheapish, easy to use 3D package from Germany. This one is a fully-blown piece of rendering software with the ability to create complex forms and texture them.
Contact HiSoft on 01525 718181.
Strengths: Easy to get into, quick, nice looking pictures.. Weaknesses: Not much good for fonts (it comes with two and has no postscript interpreter).
?e been ami-aliased) on ihe colour background you will 1m- using, and then resize them. This will still mean you end up with anti-aliased images, but at least they will be anti-aliased to the right background colour.
I lalked earlier about 3D animation elements on the web. But these are a little harder to implement in an Amiga multimedia epic. Animated GIFs are almost certainly going to be out of the question (1 can't think of a single- Amiga program, other than web browsers, that will load and display a GIF aniin). But animbrushes are supported by CanDo as a screen element. Of course, if at some stage you intend taking your production onto the web. Then GIF anims are all you'll be able to use.
But there's more to discuss if you arc going to use 3D gadgets for bullets or buttons (or even 2D ones). One of the problems of using the Amiga as your multimedia platform is that there is little standardisation between machines when it comes to graphics. American users miss out on 56 or 112 lines on the screen, EGS owners can only display 4096 colours in Lo-Rcs and 16 in I li-Rcs, AGA owners can't display 24-bit images without lowering their quality.
The most important thing to bear in mind is the number of colours you will be using for your project since that will affec t the most users. Our project is probably going to be of interest mainly to UK users, so we’ll make it PAL.
But do we want to restrict ourselves to Lo-Res screens just so that ECS users Imagine You should be able to pick this one up for about £25 on Aminat Sat 3. So it's one of the cheapest of the bunch and yet has some ol the most powerful tools. The user interface is a bit of a nightmare and the learning curve is very steep, but the results are worth it.
VO TN 01 OC UJ CO s UJ o z Strengths: All that power for |ust a few quid - It's no wonder that Imagine is the Amiga's most popular rendering package, great procedural textures.
Weaknesses: Imagine's user interface is still very poor and most users these days don't have a full manual (because they got It on a Coverdisk or CD compilation).
CHAPTER Lightwave If Imagine is the Amiga's most popular rendering package. Lightwave Is its most famous. A superb interface and excellent features mean that Lightwave Is suitable for almost any job you throw at It. In case you didn't know Lightwave is used for all the CG work on TV’s hit SF show Babylon 5. Contact Premier Vision on 0171 7217050.
Strengths: Excellent user interface and tools.
Weaknesses: Its price and hardware requirements are out of most Amiga users' reach.
Can at least have a crack at the colour whip? There's a lot of information to put together, so 1 think not. The project needs to be in I li-Res which means 16- colours for 1 CS users, hut there is a way out for those of them that have a big box machine. We won't use HAM3- not just because of the fringing problems and so on - because you can’t display it on a graphics card. This means that we will be using a 640 x 4.30 screen (which will even suit American users with a multisviic monitor) in 256- colours. Our problem is that we only have 256-colours to plav with on a screen at a time. If our
pit tures ol Bath are reduced to 256 colours then we will have to remap our buttons accordingly which probably won’t look very nice.
These Chinese musicians will also turn up later in the tutorial when they add their music to our project.
One solution is a compromise using a fixed colour palette for the whole project, which certainly makes life a lot MISCELLANEOUS 3D TOOLS Forge An ideal adjunct to Imagine, and even tha other 30 packages. Forge creates seamless texture maps from the Essence series of procedural textures for Imagine. You can use the textures as with Imagine, but for other packages you need to create bitmap files to map onto your objects.
Contact Anti Gravity Workshop on 001 310 3936650.
WaveMaker An automated scene generator for Lightwave, It takes a set of elements and a logo and makes them into a professional-looking logo ident. Contact as above.
Interchange Plus If you are going to get a 3D package it is almost certain that you wont just find models in the format you want and need, but also in a whole bunch of other formats.
Interchange translates object formats so you'll always have just the right model at your fingertips. Contact as above.
Easier. There's one in llu-In ihc Mag Mullimedia drawer taken from Personal Paint that you can use. This is quite a nice palette since it keeps the first four colours ;ls standard Amiga Workbench grey, black, white and blue, and yet manages to have quite a range. I've tested some of the images from the PhotoC.D shots that we put on .4 0)5 and. While they're not as nice as the 24- bit originals, they don't look too had.
Although the colour is a bit washed out compared to a computed palette.
For our particular project it might be better if we were to make a custom palette, especially so that we can capture the tone and hue of the Bath stone that most of the buildings are made from. We can do this in one of two ways. The first wav is to use a thumbnail program to generate a 256- rolour index. The problem with this is that the images always tend to be.
Thumbnails, te. Too small for much detail and not verv colour accurate.
The second way is to make yourself a collage of a few pictures as large as you can manage with memory constraints and lake the palette from this collage. This method is going to need a very careful eye to pick out a good mix of pictures that will provide you with the most varied colour information so that you can achieve a good compromise. Flave a look at the large picture in the ln_the_Mag Multitnedia directory and use its palette for converting some of the other images on the disc to see if you think I've done a good job of choosing my pictures.
IMAGE RANKING The last way. And probably the least satisfactory, is to render your images down to a custom 256-colour palette in order of importance. This means that you will need to lay down your most important image first, usually the big picture graphic, and then your bullets, buttons and so on. The incidental gadgets will be forced to use colours from the main palette of the image and so will almost certainly change their colour throughout your application, hut it will mean that your main images are as faithful to the original 24-bii versions as is possible. Which method you choose will
depend on your subject matter and as such we can oiler little advice, hut any one of these methods will work with as little effort as possible.
Well, that's about it for the time being. Next month we will Ire looking at moving pictures once more, but this time we'll be concentrating on them as a more central concept to the project.
Set- you then for some advice on digitised video, intro anims and titles.'I) Perfect Pictures In order to discover the best sources for photographic techniques, we visited the Royal Photographic Society and asked them for their recommendations: The Photographer's Handbook 3rd edition by John Hedgecoe Published by Ebury Press ISBN 04)9-175363-5 Price £18.99 Complete Guide to Photography by John Hedgecoe Published by Collins and Brown ISBN 1-85585-000 1 Price £17.99 For a more technically-oriented guide for photography students: Basic Photography 5th Edition by Michael Langford Published by
Focal Press ISBN 0-240-51257-x Price £18.99 Advanced Photography 5th Edition by Michael Langford Published by Focal Press ISBN 0-240-51088-7 Price £25.00 If you wish to contact the Royal Photographic Society with a viaw to becoming a member or ordering these books if you have trouble getting them elsewhere, then you may email them at infoPrpsbath.demon.co.uk or write to them at The membership department The Royal Photographic Society, The Octagon, Milsom St Bath BA1 ION.
Alien THE KILL L ¥ Bried FHOPGRO UMD You've installed the editors, installed the (ahem) editor patch, designed a quick test level and now you want more. Where are the pick-ups? Where is the water, piped in from Betelgeuse Seven at enormous expense?
First of all, water, because it's so simple.
Load in your level and click on the 'water height' icon. Select a zone with the right mouse button and you will see the height of the floor, and the height of the water in that zone will be copied into the clipboard and displayed at the bottom of the screen. The water height is initially 256, well BELOW (remember, the convention is that positive means DOWNWARDS) the level of the floor. Now you can either press 'w' and type a water height into the clipboard, or use the '+' and keys to change the value (SHIFT increases the rate of change). To paste the new water height into the level, click on
the zones you want to put the new water height into with the left mouse button.
Simple eh? Please note that, although you CAN put different water heights in adjacent zones, it will look very strange Try it and see, if you want.
Unfortunately you can't animate the level of the water because the water height animation icon doesn't work. It might do in the future, but unfortunately there was insufficient time to implement the feature fully in the game.
Objects There are several types of object in the game, including activatable, collectable, destructible and purely decorative types. Each type has some different parameters, which are all fairly self-explanatory, but they also have a lot in common, and it is these common elements which I will concentrate on today.
First of all, each type of object can be one of the following graphical types: Bitmap Vector Glare Shadow NOTE: The 256obj program takes a 32-colour IFF picture and converts it into a single strip of graphics, which is framewidth x numframes in length and frameheight in height. The values you supply for framewidth and frameheight CAN then be extracted by the gamelinker to define the frames of animation within the strip, but you don’t HAVE to.
For example, I drew all the ammo and medipack graphics on a single screen. Since they were all shapes and sizes, ranging from 16x16 to 64x32 to 32x64, it would have been a waste of memory to allocate them each a 64x64 space. Instead, I fitted them all into a single A BITMAP object is the simplest graphical type, drawn in Dpainl or Brilliance and imported into the game via the '2560BT and COMPACTOBJ programs.
A VECTOR object is usually the nicest looking option, but requires the design of a three-dimensional object complete with texture maps. This design procedure is worthy of a separate tutorial of its own, and we really don't have the space here to do it justice.
A GLARE SHADOW object is drawn like a bitmap object, but in a special way. You draw a 52-colour image, but the colours of the image aren't used. Instead, the colour index (ie: 0-31) is used to either brighten (glare), darken (shadow) or leave unchanged the pixels behind the object: 320x64 pixel 'bar1 of graphics, then used 256obj to convert them, telling it to convert a single 320x64 pixel frame'. I could then, in the game linker, individually specify the coordinates and size of ACTUAL animation frames within the file.
On the other hand, since all the frames for, say, the guard alien were 80x80,1 arranged them each in their own 80x80 box on the screen and told 256obj to convert 20-odd frames, each of which was 80x80.
In the game linker, I could then use the ‘generate frames from graphic data' button to instantly define all the frames of animation in the strip, rather than doing them all by hand.
Colour 0: Leave background unchanged Colours 1-16: Brighten background pixels (1=very bright, 16=not very bright) Colours 17-31: Darken background pixels (17=slight shadow, 31=very dark shadow) I suggest setting up a suitable palette to draw your picture in, say colour 0=black, colours 1-16=white-dark grey, colours 17-31 =dark red-bright red.
REMEMBER, this palette has NO EFFECT on what the object looks like in the game, it is strictly for your own reference purposes.
Glare shadow objects are very handy for things like lights in the roof or floor, and can be used by aliens as auxiliary objects, allowing for effects like the muzzle flash of their weapons or the big searchlights on the red guards.
Assuming you are drawing either a bitmap or a glare shadow object, load in the graphics package of your choice and open a 32-colour screen. Now, decide on what size your object will be and draw a rectangle in the top left of the screen of the appropriate size. For things like ammo clips and medipacs, a size of 32x32 is good. Next, draw your object. It could be a medikit, or an ammo clip, or whatever you want.
Done? Okay. Save it out and quit the art package. Open a shell and go into your beloved 'ab3:' directory. Type '256obj'. You will be asked for a filename: select the file you just saved. You will then be asked for the width of the screen you drew the picture on (probably 320), the & The number of the anim line in this script GF: The number of the graphic file this frame of animation will be drawn from. Click and select the one you've just loaded.
FN: The frame number to be drawn from within the above graphic file.
Click with the left button to type a number (REMEMBER TO ADD 1) or SW: Scaled width of image (for nice results, try the same as the horizontal res of the graphic you drew, eg 32.
SH: Scaled height. Same kind of thing as above.
VO: Vertical Offset. Objects are placed with their ‘centres' resting on the floor or ceiling depending on your preference (see above).
With a vertical offset of zero, the graphic will ALSO be centred on that point, and will appear to be stuck half way into the floor ceiling. This is obviously not desirable, so use this value to push the object up or down into the room. If the object's scaled height is, say, 32, a value of
- 32 will nicely position the object so it appears to rest on the
NF: Next frame, or rather 'line of animation script' to go to. This might not seem terribly useful, but it comes in very handy sometimes.
Number of frames of animation (one, if you only drew one picture), and the width and height of the frames (probably 32x32).
Squash It Okay, so you've generated and saved the file in 256obj. One last thing to do: compress the data with COMPACTOBJ! Why? Because Alien Breed 3D and TKG both use real-time graphic decompression techniques, which was why they managed to squeeze all the graphics for all the aliens into just 2Mb of memory, unlike some other games which could only have one or two different types of enemy in each level.
Compactobj just prompts for the name of a file created by 256obj (256obj saves files with a '.dat' extension, so load the dat’ file), thinks for a while and announces how much it managed to compress the data by. This can vary quite a lot (for example, it saved over 75% of the memory used by the little mutant guards in AB3D I, but nothing like that much for the pickups), but is usually between 40% and 70%.
Once that is done, load in the game linker and select 'SET OBJECT GFX FRAMES' from the 'GRAPHICS' sub menu. Select an unused slot with the LEFT mouse button, and then select either the .PTR or .'WAD file which was saved out by the COMPACTOBJ program When you return to the list of object GFX filenames, click on the one you've just loaded, with the RIGHT mouse button this time. You will see a strip containing the graphics you drew (in a weird wrong palette if you drew a glare shadow picture) and some buttons at the bottom. If you were sensible and converted the graphics with the correct frame
size, you can simply click on 'Generate frames from Graphic data' and the work will be done for you. If not, type in the top and left edge coordinates and the width and height of the frame (something like 0,0,32,32).
You have now successfully imported a graphic image! In a moment we will use it, but FIRST a very VERY important 'bug': You will see that you have defined frame number 'O' during the procedure above.
Due to a mistake on my part, you must refer to this as frame '1' when defining animation sequences for objects.
Frame '1' is referred to as Frame '2' etc. The reason for this is that in the alien animation you can enter NEGATIVE numbers to indicate that a frame is to be drawn on the screen flipped horizontally, and there is no such number as '-O'.
Assuming you want a collectable object type, click on the object behaviour to obtain that option. Define the graphic type to be bitmap or glare shadow depending on what you drew.
Click on the two 'define given' buttons and select the amount of ammo, guns and health supplied by the object.
Click on 'Collision cylinder radius' and set it to about 100. Click on 'Collision cylinder height' and set it to about 200 Make sure it is positioned vertically relative to the FLOOR. You probably don't want it locked to the nearest wall, so switch that option off. If you've got a sound effect loaded, click on 'collection sound effect' and select it.
Last, but not least, click on 'define default state animation'. This brings up a large and scary screen with a line of dubious looking numbers and letters at the top, which is where you define a 'script' for the animation of your DEFINING OBJECTS Time to define an object to use these graphics.
Go to 'OBJECTS:DEFINE OBJECT STATS' in the edit menu and click on an empty space with the LEFT mouse button. Type a name for your object. When you've pressed RETURN, click on the name with the RIGHT mouse button. You will be shown a list of options: BEHAVIOUR OF OBJECT GRAPHIC TYPE
collection activation, give player- ® DEFINE
Cylinder Radius Collision Cylinder Height Position Vertically
Relative to Lock to nearest wall?
KEY: Only visible for activateable objects Only visible for destructible objects Only visible for destructible Decoration objects Not visible for decoration objects ; Only visible for collectable activatable objects object. It's not all that complicated, though, so don't panic. See the boxout to see what the numbers mean.
If you want to have lots of different keys in your game, rather like I did (13 to be precise).
You only have 30 objects to play with though, and wasting 13 of them on keys is a silly idea.
So what do you do? Well, the solution is simple.
Keys all behave the same, right? They all do the same thing and can be collected in the same way. So the only way they differ is in their appearance. So rather than having lots of similar objects, you simply define one passkey object (or whatever). Draw all your different key graphics, convert and import them, then start defining your passkey animation script Define as many lines of script as there are keys, selecting the appropriate GF, FN, SW and SH values for each one, and then (this is the clever bit), change the NF' value on each line TO POINT AT ITSELF. So there are now several
independent loops' of animation in the script, each displaying a different key graphic. Now when you come to place the key in the level editor, you will notice a start frame' value which you can set to whatever line of the script you want. When the game is run the key will start on that animation script line, and the NF value ensures it stays there. Prestol You have a single object which can look like many different things, all of which behave the same way! O n Real 3D Version 2 Ui Sc Ui oe u We've moved on from wildlife to some rather more familiar domestic instruments. This month Graeme's
been studying the telephone.
Welcome to our third tutorial on the exceedingly powerful Itrnl V) 2.5. PHONE HOME This month, as with last month, we will be using b-splines to create an object. This time it's not to create an organic shape like a flower, rather it's a smooth artificial object - namely, my phone.
It's only fait to warn you that working with splines and spline pan Its can be extremely demanding on your memory and especially your processor. I'm using an A1200 with; 2Gb HD. 24Mb of RAM. A Blizzard 1260 and nice big Amiga 1761 monitor and even then things can grind to a standstill.
The smooth surface ol the phone we're building will Ik- achieved using several spline- based tools. One ol them has a slight glitch - when you're using Build from Curves you'll find the patch it makes doesn't extend to the edge of the curves, but that's easily overcome. 'I) First of all we need to set up an environment that meets our current needs. To do this we need to increase the size of either the front or side view window because we'll be modelling a roughly oblong shape.
Next, click on the icon labelled Ctrl to bring up the control tools and select the squiggly circle icon.
Draw a profile of a telephone hand-set similar to the one in the picture - press the right mouse button when you are finished.
Select the line and go to the menu Create Freeform Extrude. Enter an extrusion depth of 0.25, bevelling radius of 0.0S and check Bevel in and Rounded. If the proportion looks wrong press right*Amigaxu and try again.
Delete the original line and go to the Top view, select the menus View Grid Visible and View Grid Snap To. Select the closed curve tool again (the squiggly circle) and draw a straightsided oval like the one in the picture.
Switch to the Front view and create a grid. Select the menu Macro Record, select and duplicate the line. Move the duplicate a little way down the screen, click on Macro Record again repeat the Current macro 7 times.
Select the remaining five lines individually and in turn and use the Move and Stretch modify tools, move and resize them so that they form a straight lino on the left side and a backwards sloping line on the right.
Vs J a T~ DC Ui CO £ Ui o Z Make sure the curves resemble those in the image. The rank of straight lines should be "stepped" in to the right of the curved ones above. The bottom and top lines should be closer than the others because of a program limitation.
Now, as with the handset, we need to make the object solid by creating a mesh. To do this we ll use the tool Build from Curves (the 3 icon with wiggly lines or the menu Create Build from Curves) - note the mesh does not extend to the end lines.
O m 5 00 m 30 -i to VO r OctaMED Tutorial This month Darren Irvine explains how OctaMED can be used to control external sound modules and drum machines in addition to the Amiga's internal samples.
? | MIDI Message Editor., Nane Capture Msg I Send Msg v 1 fluto-Ierninate Capture Eg it This series, so far. Has looked al how OrtnMFJ) can be used Co control the Amiga's samples and how easy it is to create a song. Bui OciaMcd can be used for much more than just playing the Amiga's sound channels, by virtue of it's fairly comprehensive MIDI support.
OclaMFJ) allows you to control a whole host of outboard synthesizers, drum machines and effects boxes - anything in fact that has a MIDI port.
MIDI also allows you to connect more than one Amiga together, both running OctaMED, enabling you to then synch the two versions of the program and play eight channels of samples at maximum quality.
The first thing lo do is lo physically wire things up, and fairly obviously you'll need a MIDI adaptor for your Amiga (which plugs into the serial port). Make sure that you take the MIDI Out from one piece of kit to the MIDI In of another and sice versa. If you have more than two items, chain the MIDI connections from the Out on the Amiga, to the In on the first synth or whatever. Then make a connection from ihe MIDI Thru of the synth lo the In of the next item, and so on.
GETTING STARTED MIDI is only implemented in OctaMFJ) standard 4-track mode, and if you have changed from this default mode, change back using the "Set Options" choice from the "Song" menu.
You'll also need lo turn MIDI on from, strangely enough, the "MIDI" menu - select "MIDI Active" (alternatively hold down Amiga + M).
Now that you have turned MIDI in general on, you need to set up instruments for MIDI.
Playing synths and drum machines from OclaMFJ) is done in a similar way to playing internal samples - in fact, there is no reason why an individual OclaMFJ) instrument can't trigger both an internal sample and an external MIDI instrument.
Assuming you wish lo set up an instrument for MIDI control only, simply create a blank instrument with no sample loaded, ('.lick 011 the "Inst Params" button, and you’ll see a slider which will let you determine the MIDI channel that this instrument will transmit on. Note that it does require a bit of care to get all your instruments set up correctly, and it helps 10 give them names which contain the MIDI channel used.
Once you have an instrument set up for MIDI control, ii is still used in tracks and songs exactly as before, meaning that you don't have to learn any new sequencing techniques to control other sound sources.
EXTERNAL KEYBOARDS You may also decide that you want to be able to use an external music keyboard to enter notes into OclaMFJ). To do this, first select 'Input Active" from the "MIDI” menu (or press Amiga + U).
Next, select the "Input Channel" option from the same menu, and choose a channel that you warn to use - note that this must be the same channel as the "MIDI Transmit" channel selected on your keyboard.
Uaip I A X I Bel Msg I tlear Hsg II J* t_ Ur” Opt ions T f-j : i. b ¦ ¦ .
- ---I _ to £ lmi Nane | unnaned J Channe I Mode 4 Channels MIDI
Channe(s ChanneIs ChanneIs Channe(s Other Opt ions Q|Dec iwal
Vo tunes| Convert | 5 6 7 8 J Audio Filter Active j| High
Quality Mode J No Slide on 1st Pulse _) J Play Transpose ¦_I 0
Ek i t I mrm mrm mrw urm Once you have select “Input Active",
when OctaMEl) is in "Edit" mode, simply enter the notes you
want from your external keyboard rather than having to remember
which keys represent which note on the Amiga's own keyboard.
Remember however, that you'll still have to use the spacebar to
enter a rest.
JARGON SAMPLE number of blocks strung The Amiga's Internal sound together. A song need not system operates by playing be composed entirely of back long strings of separate Mocks.
Numbers which are a digitised representation of MODULE a sound - these strings are Although you can save known as "samples".
Song data on it's own, and load the samples used in it TRACK separately, it is common to This is the basic unit of a save both song and song composed on samples in one file - known OctaMed (hence the as a "Module".
Descriptor - "tracker").
MIDI BLOCK Musical Instrument Digital A block is a group of up to Interface.
64 tracks, playing A standard set in the 80s to simultaneously.
Allow musical instruments to communicate with one SONG another and with A song is basically a computers.
Another option available on the "MIDI" menu is “Send out Input".
This toggles whether or not OctaMEl) echoes MIDI data that it receives back out again. You would make use of this if you have a separate MIDI master keyboard and sound module, with the Amiga in between the two, so that notes played on the keyboard actually sound, rather than just living picked up by OdaMED.
OctaflED Professional V5 . 8 B f - Son9: unnaoed £ 1 ay Song Cont Son 9 [Tri HfcllnTlTTTVHHB I 988 «Iyp« . . .
Play Block Cflnt B lock |4Ch Inxt Parani.
. . 1 Edit Sxnple. . . | Edit SunthS... Id| stop 88:01 | R| (J SPDj 841 B J 86 i | OINRM If you're using a synthesiser, it's a good idea to turn this off, so that the notes you play are not played twice (once by the actual key you press, and dien once by OdaMED sending the note back again).
SEQUENCING SOFTWARE You can also use OdaMED to control sequencing software running on other computers (whether or not they are Amigas), You can select the "Send Sync" option from the "MIDI" menu, which sends out a control to any other sequencers on your “MIDI network" telling them to start playing at the same time as the OdaMED is plating on your local machine.
Alternatively, you would select "Ext Sync" if you want OctaMEl) to he started by tm external sequencer. Obviously if you have two Amigas Ixuh running OdaMED. Select “Send Svnc" (the master) on one and “Ext Svnc" on the other (the slave).
SAMPLE PLAYER Yet another option available is to use OctaMEl) as a standalone sample-player controlled via MIDI. This entails setting up a number of samples on different MIDI channels,and then playing them remotely from a sequencer running on another computer.
BELOW: Setting an individual instrument up to work with MIDI is also extremely simple, using the Intrument Parameters window x. n ¦--i. II X -L XXV T--X. N------ ? | Instrument Parameters 1 r j :i ---- ¦ _ 1 r* 1 ED 1 tQ Name |ppgbass _I 01 F lush 1 ¦ I l l 1st I Lastl L.U.I Repeat |0 j RepLen |0 | Loop On Ol Transpose J 0 0 ¦ I 0 Ho Id J0 j Decay |0 | Vo I ¦ I 64 MIDICh ¦ I 10 | Suppress NoteOff Preset ¦ I 0 I Extended Preset Default Pitch - EEJ . | If you have two Amiga's you can use this method to play samples on one ABOVE: MIDI only operates in OctaMED's four- channel mode, which is
the default. If you need to change this, use the “Set Options’* choice from the ’Song’ menu.
Machine, and run a sequencer such as Ban'u' Pipes or Music-Xon the other (both programs do in fact support the playback of internal samples, the results are variable and if you do happen to have another Amiga lying around, and a copy of OdaMED. Then you will find that this will give you far superior results).
Next month we'll be concentrating on MIDI again, including taking a look at OdaMEJfs MIDI message editor (which you can use to send specific MIDI data to your various different sound modules). See vou then.
Blitz Tutorial Gosh, things are starting to look promising with the Blitz Browser. John Kennedy has even added some useful code to handle links in this month's installment.
Listing One: Shows shows the necessary changes needed to be made to the code which detects the a tags.
Finally, ifs working! Yup, after this month’s Blitz special you'll be able to start browsing through some of your own HTML documents.
The line, we simply pretend the link lias been terminated. However, when it starts on a new line underneath, we start a new link. We pass the link text MISSING LINK We added code to check for the situation when the user clicks on a link, and as an exercise I suggested you deal with the case when the link text itself wraps over the line. This was a trickier than it appeared at first glace, and I apologise if you spent a long lime trying to work it out.
“Bin Right: The make link routine had to be rewritten to include the new code.
The problem was that the text associated with the link, that is. The text between the a href and the a tags was being printed by the standard process_text routine. This made it hard to intervene. The solution I adopted was to ensure that this special text was not printed at once, but stored away.
Only when the a tag was reached would the text be displayed by a special character-by-character routine. This routine would check to see if the text was about to wrap. If the text did wrap, a new link was added, litis was repealed until all the text had been displayed.
To include this into our listing involves altering quite a few locations.
Firstly. I had to change the code which detects the a tags. Listing One shows the new. Improved program section.
Then I had to rewrite the make_!ink routine and add the code necessary for displaying the link text and taking a new line. This was the easy part. When the text reaches the end of from the original link to the next to make sure both point to the same location. The spccial_fluxh routine always ends with a link in mid- definition. And the trailing link is always finished by the lines which follow gosub special_link in the makc_link routine.
Listing Iwo: This code shows how a string is passed into a function.
You'll notice that the text of the link is altered with Wcolour I and Wcolour 2 statements. You can change these if you wish: not only could you alter the colours, but instead you could draw a line or a box around the link text. Think of how AtnigaGuide displays links in its documents.
LOAD UP Now that we have fixed the bugs to do with adding links, it's time to get the links to actually do something. Let's start by using the links to load another document. For example, if there is a link which looks like: a href="docl .html" Click here for document 1 a then when the user clicks on the link, the' document entitled docl.hunl will Ire loaded. This is how a Web browser works when it is operating in local Repeat Htltle Select UaitEvent Case Select ItenHit Neu, inprowed load nenu option.
Se sub Case Case tin End Select Case Goto Case yPropPot Posit ionSuperBitnap Redraw Case Gosub End Select used directly in an IF THEN statement.
This ability to return true false values is a useful way to ensure that all is well in your programs. If all your major routines return a value which depends on whether they've worked, debugging your code becomes much simpler.
Finally we can move onto the Click routine. This is the code which detects when the mouse hits been clicked over a link. We developed it last month, but now the address variable has been processed to contain only the filename of the next document to load. This was achieved back in the very first program listing in this tutorial.
Listing Three: The revised code for the menu option - changing the instances when Loadfl is used.
Mode, that is, not connected to the Internet. This feature alone would suddenly make our browser very useful for reading though HTML documents stored on disk. Think of it as an AmigaGuide browser, hut one which deals with HTML instead.
ResetList WpropPot Mh tie NextIten USEPRTH If RND RND RND RND Endlf Mend If Then If True Then Gosub Return Listing Four shows the new code for loading documents.
Below: Listing Five shows two documents you can use to test your new program.
The first step to adding support for loading new documents is to change the Loadll routine. This was originally a Statement, that is. A block of Blit Basic which can be called as a subroutine.
Although it is possible to pass parameters to Statements, it is not possible to get return values. For this reason, the l.oad|) Statement is rewritten as a Function.
Notice how a string is passed into the function. This is the filename of the document to load. If the filename is empty, then the standard file requestor is used. If the filename contains a name, the program attempts to load the file specified. Listing Two shows the necessary code.
Now we need to change the instances when Loadll is used. So far there is only one: the menu option.
Listing Three shows the revised code.
You can see how. Its it has been turned into a Function, I,oad|| can be Pagel.htnI title My first page title- HI-Page l hl This is page one Please select the pages you would like to see p '.a href-"blitr2 af pag«2 html* Page number 2 ' a' 'p
• a href-"page3 html* Page number 3 a p
- a href-"page-4 html" Page number 4 % a sp Thank you x p
title- Hy second page title H1 .-Page 2 hl hr- This 19
page two Please select the pages you would like to see p
• a hief-"hlits2 af pagei html a href-"blitz2 af page3 html- ¦'a
href-’blitz2 af page4 html* Page number Page number Page number
1 a- 3 a 4 a p,
- p.
Thank you hc '’KTHL ¦ Page2.htn I lasting Four shows the new code for loading documents. Notice how once again the function aspect of I ad | is exploited to make sure that nothing is sent to the process routine unless a new document has been successfully loaded.
If you want to test the program Listing Five shows two suitable HTML documents. You'll have to alter the links to point to exactly where the files are stored. At the moment I keep mine in Bliucaf and you'll need to take this into account for yourself. *5 SPECIAL THANKS A special word of thanks to Andrew Markwell, who has written in with some hints and tips. Andrew is writing his own Blitz browser called 'Agamemnon' and is unwilling to spill the beans on absolutely everything. However, he has included some useful pointers in his letter. I'll include the details on the Web site, where you will
also find the full Blitz source code. The address is: http: www.webzone1. co.uk www johnk so pay a visit - there are some other useful links there too.
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3 Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
ALL SPENT Letter of the SHOP WATCH Why not start up a page in the magazine which lists computer retailers that sell Amiga software and or hardware in the UK?
This page could be recommended by readers who frequent those shops and that would allow other readers to give those shops more support.
AF could also produce a sticker or something similar to send to the retailer saying something like ‘Amiga Format listed retailer' or such like. This would encourage the retailer to keep stocking Amiga products whilst he gets a free mention in your magazine.
Yourselves and other magazines are always bemoaning the lack of the Amiga products in the public perception. This would be one way for yourselves to help the Amiga community at very little cost.
To start the ball rolling here are a few shops I regularly visit in the Greater London area...
• HMV (Level 1), Oxford Street London W1. Very good, and large
range of software.
• HMV Trocadero. Piccadilly Circus. London W1.
Reasonable range of software.
• Electronic Boutique. Oxford Street. London W1.
Reasonable range of software.
• Computer World 2000, Walthamstow Market Month London E17.
Reasonable range of software.
Unfortunately, all of the Silica shops in London known to me hardly have any Amiga software hardware in stock any more. Especially the one in Tottenham Court Road which, in it's heyday, had a whole floor devoted to Amiga stuff but now has less than the fingers on one hand. (Aren't Silica supposedly supporting the Amiga?)
Also, sadly the Virgin Megastore doesn't carry much Amiga software any more unless you want four shelves of SWOS 95196 or three shelves of USM datadisk for 99p. Sad.
Finally, I would like to thank all at AF for such a great magazine in the three and a half years I have been buying it. I can honestly say I have yet to see a 'bad issue' - keep it up.
Michael Carrillo London Not a bad idea at all, and one that wins you a much priced AF sweatshirt. Anyone else wish to recommend Amiga outlets? We will soon be incorporating a new feature where we go off around the country, checking out independent retailers who stock Amiga products. There are quite a few of them out there, and you may be surprised to find there's one near you. If you run a shop and think you ought to be included, drop me a line.
Was a Zip drive-, which set me back £200. I'm ( hulled with it. But I'm not planning on buying, upgrades for a while lot two reasons: I .As a l’i year old (and we re just as important as older Amiga
• users). I don't get £20 spare a month, let alone even week.
2) Why should I get anything else until I know what the new Amiga
is In response lo the letter ‘Spending Spree' in the latest
issue ol die great Al I'd like lo eommeni on a on pie ol
things. First ol all. I agree with Mr Jones in that with a lew
upgrades, the Amiga can do everything a P(. Does, and better.
Team 17’s Alien Hired I) II shows that. The last upgrade I bought going to Ik - I would have sold my gran nv to get hold of a MindWalkcr. But it was scrapped.
Okav. It may have looked a bit ‘dillcrenl’. But it contained everything that I needed in a slick, futuristic design. I'ntil I know for definite what will be in the next Amiga, and how much 1 will Ik- expected to pay for it. I won't buy anything else. I've had my A1200 for three years, and an Al 00 for a year before that, and I've bought A - lor all ol those four years. I can safely sav that I will support your maga inc and of course the Amiga until the very end. It s a great machine with a confidence problem, and a definite decision needs to be made about a new Amiga very soon, so that people
like me know that thev are spending their money on something that will continue for at least another four years which the Amiga can. Il it’s given the l ight attention.
As I said on my questionnaire.
I urge Viscorp to release a powerful Amiga for under £800.
Advertise it sensibly and STICK WITH IT ! If they do that, then the 'very end’ shouldn't be for a long time to come.
PeterJones via email
P. S. K1 demo was stunning and loundalionl.l) inspiring! Keep up
the good disks!
I he .if) was a good choice. I'm sure you will be very happy with it, and you will be able til take it with you lo a nru Amiga when such a thing armies.
Many of our readers are also reticent to pint with any more cash until they are sure about Viseorp"s concrete plans for the platform, and ue woubl certainly join you in asking them to clarify what exactly they intend to do.
ON THE EDGE II any ol you out there are thinking that the Amiga doesn’t play a vital part in game development - think again. You only have to open the back pages of Edge to find loads of companies paying lop wages to 21) artists who are good at Dpainl. Yes Dpamt. Not Corellhaw, just good of Dpaint Sn conic on you Amiga artists! Ix-t’s show the industry what you can do on the supposedly "dead'' Amiga. (Which it will be if Viscorp don't do something soon) FrostyCat via email
P. S. Darren Irvine is the Gary Bushcll of the Amiga Scene.
They should be writing in to us really.
Interrstingly, Psygnosis, and many other game developers, still use Dpaint to dei'elop graphics for then games, even though many of them no longer produce Amiga titles. If there are any readers out there with a yearning to create graphics for games, please get in touch with us.
Continued overleaf 4 I'm not surr whether your comments about Darren ate meant to be a compliment, but I suspect not. I slum V tell him you said that as hr may get upset.
CD SUCCESS I finally Ixnight a CD drive not long ago and was impressed by how good your two first cover Cds were. Hey. In your humble modesty you haven't mentioned a thing about at least three quarters of its contents! Did anybody know there were Wells. Doyle and Verne books typed in there? Or can you even imagine HOW MAW pics and anims there are?
As a matter of fact this may have been one of your smartest moves yet. Already three friends of mine have expressed their willingness to subscribe to your maga inc in order to get those Cds. Which they loved. 1 just hope your current CD version circulation is large enough to keep you from returning to the DD-only (yeeks!) Format.
Oh, yes! Congratulations 011 your newly completed abduction of Mr. Vost from Amiga Computing. Tell him that the fourth CD was very well put together and 1 was AMAZED to see that Tower Assault intro.
Congratulations to your arty types (Linda?) As well, since I liked your last (4th) CD cover so much.
Now just do your readers a BIG favour and get that Scottish bloke back. Bribe him with dog cookies or whatever if you must, but make sure you do it.
Fabio Goes Rio deJaneiro, Brazil
P. S. I've spotted a Chelsea shirt - the one with the old C=
Amiga logo - in a sportswear store near my apartment. Would
you think my buying it would lx- a smart move? (I mean, they
cannot be as bad as l-eeds. Can they?)
Ejgiin.T-y-mr:] I have been an avid Amiga Format reader from issue seven, which coincided with my first Amiga purchase - a trusty A500. Since then I have upgraded, after finding someone had poured tea into the casing. I have been very pleased with my Amiga, and I try to encourage people to think likewise, instead of falling for the gimmicks found so often in the worlds of the console. PC and Mac Until recently, I have also been very pleased with Amiga Format, but I feel let down in the quality of Coverdisks. And the rest of the magazine seems no better than any rival. I have not resubscribed,
and do not intend to - I'll just read the Game busters section in the The excellent iypeSmith from Soft Logik. It's f»r easier to find good serious programs to put on our Coverdisks than it is to find games software.
Newsagents, and only buy the mag if the Coverdisks warrant it.
On seeing the TypeSmith program on issue 87,1 bought it, with the intention of using it with Wordworth. It has proven to be invaluable, and I thank you for it but the other disks left me shocked. Two games I would not have even played back in my A500 days, released on your Coverdisk.
They lasted about five minutes in my disk drive (and only that long because I was foolish enough to watch the 'slideshow' first), and I really don't need any more blank disks, but I suppose I'll have to format it.
Tlieie is a lot to be found on the CD if you are prefiared to go looking for it, and don V worry, in spite of alt the pain and anguish it causes us every month, we will be continuing to produce a CD version.
I'hanks for all your comments, though I fear some of your appreciation is slightly misplaced. Sterling work tlial he has done on the Cl), the credit for the excellent Tower Assault sequence must surely go to John Allardice, the man who created it.
In your magazine, I have often found that the general view was that the Amiga needs all the good press it can muster, but I feel that your Coverdisks often do little to help the cause. I know you will probably try to fob me off by saying ‘what you might consider of little interest may be very useful to someone else' (a quote from Letters issue 87), but they (although unquestionably only applying to about one 'person' in the Universe) are likely to be so young or mentally deficient that it was they that sabotaged my first Amiga with the tea incident!
Jack Bremer Fulking, West Sussex Also, Cathy is probably going to be a bit miffed that you are congratulating Linda for all the excellent work she did on the CD.
As for the notorious Scotsman - think you misunderstand. It was us that had to offer a bu ng to Team 17 to take him in the first place. Ilasicallf we couldn V stand the smeU of his Spicy Curry Pot Rice any longer.
The old C= emblazoned shirt is probably a good buy, it's a little piece of history, and at least Chelsea could play Well. I'm glad you enjoyed at least one of the disks. I'm very sorry that you didn't like the other disk.
We included the games because they were a good example of what could be achieved with BPMS Reality software.
In not as If we could have had a demo of some great new Quake beater or anything, because as you may have noticed, there aren't so many games being released on the Amiga at the moment.
Publishers are also becoming very reluctant to spend the extra time and money needed to create demos. However, if you would care to write one... in those days. 1 won 'I impart my thoughts on leeds, as Mr Bradley might come over all feisty.
DEJA VU In a popular multi-format magazine 1 was reading, I noticed the range of old arcade games that Namco arc due to release shortly on the Playstations. Titles mentioned included Pacman, Joust, Galaxion and Defender. News like this always generates quite a bit of interest not only amongst nostalgia freaks but also younger games- players who are wondering why these games have always been considered something special.
Well, my simple point is this.
We have nearly all these games available to us right now through Public Domain. Games such as Oblivion. Deluxe Galaga, Frogger and Augenblick's brilliant version of Pucman.
The list of Amiga PD and Shareware games is endless, the quality is improving every month and they are all available at a fraction of the cost of their Playstation counterparts.
So, Amiga games-players take heart, the commercial releases may be few and far between at the moment, but it's reassuring to know that we have a vast amount of classics to enjoy, and the knowledge that our machines will never lie idle.
Peter Hull Bromley, Kent It is amusing in some ways. I remember seeing Pacman on the cover o The Official Playstation Magazine and thinking - so that s the next generation of games playing is it? What many people are only just discovering is that fancy graphics don V make a game enjoyable - gameplay does. If a game doesn V play well, it doesn V matter (except to some sad people) whether it shifts 30,000 polygons a second or has tri-linear anti-aliased mip-mappmg.
Fm glad that you are astute enough to realise that, as Fm sure many of our other readers are.
KEEP TAKING THE TABLETS I want to purchase a Wacom graphic pad and use it with an Amiga computer. Whilst working for Amblimalion, the animation branch of Universal Pictures. I saw artists using the two together and therefore have to conclude that a software driver must exist for the above to Ire used in conjunction with an Amiga. I assume the pad is sold with software that makes it compatible with a PG. However, several telephone calls did not help to clarify- the situation and I am hoping you might be able to advise me on how to acquire the software, so I can use the pad with an Amiga as well
as a PC.
Jean Maluta Chorleywood, Herts Some Amiga software includes direel support for pressure sensitive tablets, like TV Paint. Photogenics and even to a certain extent, Dpaint. If you want to use the tablet as a complete mouse replacement device, then I would suggest you call Power Computing on 01234 273000.
CLUELESS I want to a car boot sale and bought a boxed game called The Clue, secondhand. When 1 got home I started to install it on my hard drive and all went well until the program risked me for Disk 5.1 looked in the box only to find that the disk is missing. I rang Kompart only to find that they have moved from the premises and left no new address, (kin you help me obtain Disk 5?
J P Scott Fulling Mill Bam, Fulling Mill Lane, Weuyn, Herts AL6 9WP Kompart arr no longer in business, so it isn 'l surprising you can 7 raise them on the phone. However, jierhaps one of our gallant lenders will he able to come to your rescue.
LIFE, DEATH, AND THE BITS IN BETWEEN I am sorry that I have to say this, but it was with a great deal of glee that I discovered that that rebellious miscreant you call Amiga Power has come to its, much belated, end. That tnag was responsible for many misconceptions and general ill feeling amongst the Amiga Community and I am glad that we are rid of it.
Amiga Shopfier. However, is a separate issue. When Shofifirr and Power initially appeared I purchased every issue of both, but Power soon turned really (fit - Ed). Shopper is still an excellent magazine and even with such a terribly low page count and a single floppy I still find it quite justifiable to purchase the magazine. However, it is clear that the magazine cannot survive in its current form.
I low about (after dumping Amiga Powerdown the nearest very deep hole) merging Amiga Shopfier into Amiga Format (which should increase advertising revenue) and including what would have been Continued overleaf 4 by Alistair Walker This was created using Real 3D2, Photogenics and Lightwave for the sky.
E Roots This expressionist picture was created on an A600 using Dpaint - it took just one and a half hours.
SITTING ROOM Adam Belton arnbvn hur.drtN Created using Imagine on an A1200 with an Apollo 1220 card.
Just a few comments about Graeme's review of the Amiga M1764 17* monitor. Nothing wrong with the review. I agree with everything mentioned.
Regarding the conclusion though, I have the answer and at a very reasonable price.
I was quoted £500 ? VAT. Plus £10 + VAT for carriage; total = £599.25. Being close enough I collected saving carriage costs, also obtaining a further £10 + VAT saving due to them not being able to supply the VGA adaptor.
IstA &c y*£ (K
O) .
® r @ ¦ Where? I hear you scream.
DABS Direct! They don't advertise it - you'll have to ask them to phone Microvitec or you can on 01274 390011.
DABS Direct are in Edinburgh 0131 5564114, London 0171 582 4777, Bolton 01942 794000 and Amiga Shopper (loverffisks on the Amiga Format CD (alter all any self- respecting Amiga Shopperreader would have CD-ROM drive by now wouldn't they?!). Rename AF Serious and AF Creative; AF Shopper featuring yellow pages of cheaper monochrome adverts aimed at PD libraries and smaller companies with free classified private ads.
Regular product listing guides, tutorial and help pages.
I would also like to suggest a few other changes that I feel would benefit AF as a whole:
1) More technical coverage similar to the way AUI and Amiga
Computing write.
2) American news and the like, especially now that Amiga is owned
by an American company again.
3) Single pages featuring news etc, specific for each individual
machine: A500 report; A1200 report; A1000 report etc.
4) An American edition so we see overseas adverts.
Ui O
5) As the superior Future Publishing magazine take over the odd
page in The Edge and let them Woking 01483 797474.1 bought the
VGA 15-23 pin adaptor from First Computer centre 0113 2319444
(in most Amiga mags) for £8.49 including VAT and postage.
A kettle end lead with plug is required if you don't have a Goliath power supply or similar, these can be obtained from any computer shop that sells peripherals and not just software, (Easy PC Grovesnor Road, Aldershot £3.50). Oh. And by the way I nearly forgot: most importantly it's a GPM 1701 MICROVITEC if you get it this way and not an Amiga M1764. It comes with a manual and doesn't require any extra software, it also memorises 32 different screen settings automatically after each new one you resize to fit the screens mode, ie: DBL Pal Hi-Res no flicker or Multiscan Productivity both in 600
x 557. Multiscan works best - I'll let you find out why. I should know.
Simon Phelan Aldershot Thanks for that tip. Presumably you don't get a nice Amiga badge on a GPM1701 though - but then, it's no great loss really.
Know that Quoftr and all the playability-lree Playstation games look rather sad in comparison with The Killing Grounds, a decent version of Worms. Odyssey. Slam Till, Breathless, Capital Punishment, Virtual Rally, XP8, etc etc.
6) Start a write-in campaign to get Sega to. Along side the Sega
PC development, start Sega Amiga development - I would love to
have the opportunity to play Rally, Virtua Fighter 2 and
Virtua Cop... I even like Baku Baku Animal Considering the
Saturn is likely to be Sega's final foray into hardware this
step would be logical... especially for PowerPC or DEC Alpha
7) Actually forget that last point, just mould your readership
into a streamlined fighting force to lobby for the release of
games such as Settlers 2. TFX. FF2000, Inferno, Theme Hospital
Command CF Conquer. Tunnel Bl. Warcrafl 2 and all those arcade
games on Amiga CD-ROM asap... after all. Our current crop of
games prove that these games could be IMPROVED upon for 4Mb
8) These 7 3 and SFX mags of yours have mini versions with direct
.Amiga connections within AF... For instance Star Trek: First
Contort will have a lot of Toaster and Lightwave produced
effects... Viscorps ED should be in T3?
MONITORS DIRECT This should result in: larger circulation, more advertising revenue and a reason for CTW to stop referring to the Amiga as being dead.
Sven Harvey West Midlands PS. Was it really surprising that Escom failed? Most of the staff were from Rumbelows and Calculus!
WeU, I'm sorry to hear that you are glad Amiga Shower is, sniff, dead.
We sort of quite liked them you know.
Of course, we rarely saw their point of view, but there was an amiableness about their ineptitude to attach a hard drive to an A1200, or copy files onto a PC disk. And Sue Huntley was the queen of all Art Editors.
However, we will be incorporating vague elements of both Power and Shopper in Amiga Format. don’t think you can reasonably say that we don 7 cover as much of the technical side of things as Shopper, because we do. However, don 7 really think there is much need to change the way we approach our reviews or tutorials. Most people like them that way, which is why Amiga Format is doing so much better than Shopper.
As for your other points: 1 -1 don 7 understand, you mean you want AF to carry pages and pages of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the Amiga - like AUI?
2 - We are hoping to expand our news coverage and make it more global, but sadly, there isn 7 much going on in the States Amiga-wise at the moment.
3-1 think we have better things to fill the magazine with rather than a page of news for A1000 owners, besides, there tvouldn 7 be any news for them.
4 If we had a separate A merican edition, you wouldn 7 see any American ads, because they would only appear in that edition. At the moment, most advertising by American companies is done for them by their European distributors, which makes it more convenient for people who actually want to contact them.
5 - assume you mean Edge (as in the magazine, not the U2 band member). They know that anyway.
6 1 think Sega might be more convinced if you could actually buy one of the machines you mention, or even if someone could tell them when one would appear.
7 - We have tried. If more of you sent your surveys back, we may even be successful with TFX.
8 - SFX have already given Ron Thornton and Lightwave a whole load of coverage. I'm sureTS will be covering the Elf too.
And finally, you should know better than to believe anything CTW have to say about the Amiga (unless I’ve written it, obviously). O Thankyou to everyone who sent in a copy of the Overdrive software. We've forwarded several copies on to Mr Hoi croft and he should have things up and running by now.
How to contact us Th best way to 9*t an answer from Amiga Format is to mak »ur you're addressing your l tt r to th right p rson.
• W get hundreds of l tt rs and fax * a day. So w can't reply
in p rson.
• Amiga Format is available for vital enquiries by phon v ry
Tuesday between 2pm and 5pm.
WORKBENCH: We'll only answer technical problems in the mag. Write to us at Workbench. Amiga format 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 28W.
GAMEBUSTERS: If you've found a cheat mode, or found the passwords for a game, send them to Andy Smith and you could win a priie. If you're stuck, ask Helping Hand for advke.
Gamebusters. Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW.
READERS' LETTERS: The letters pages are there for you to air your views. Remember not to ask questions that should be In Workbench I Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format.
30 Monmouth St. Bath BA1 28W.
COMPETITIONS: Write the answers and your name and address on the back of a postcard.
’Name of the compo*. Amiga Format.
29 Monmouth St Bath BA1 2DL.
SPECIAL OFFERS: If you've ordered something from the AF Mail Order and you've got a problem, call 0122S 822511 or write to: AF Mail Order.
Future Publishing. FREEPOST (BS4900), Somerton.
Somerset TA11 6BR.
SUBSCRIPTIONS: Send subs enquiries to: AF Subscriptions. Future Publishing.
FREEPOST (BS4900), Somerton. TA11 68R.
Or email: subscriptionsOfuturenet.co.uk FAULTY COVERDISKS: If your disk is faulty, send it enclosing an SAE and 2x26p stamps to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PIC 11 Edward Street Bradford. 804 7BH If there is a manufacturing error the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
EMAIL: Send email messages to AF at: amformatOfuturenetco.uk. Include the department in the subject line (Workbench. Letters etc). If you write Info in the subject line you will receive a list of all relevant departments.
COVERDISK SUBMISSIONS: Future Publishing only accepts Coverdisk demos and submissions on the basis that they may be incorporated into a Future cover-mounted disk, unless expressly stated in writing to the contrary.
EtiteUll &TT IslllUH [?t30@(i© J* LOWEST PRICES ore j ccpvifF
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FINANCE AVAILABLE PLEASE CALL ADD £10-00 EOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY CALL OR SEND ChiOULS POSTAl ORDERS TO: ¦ GREY-TRONICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, ¦ CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1UU ELECTRIC EDGE SAIES HEIPLINE: 0181 686 99 3 Mail order prices only FAX: 0181 686 9974 All offers subject to availability. E&OE. Prices Pock details may change without notice. Please allow 6 working doys for cheques to clear Ill I I
V) * 3 ui
o 5 H CC _ UI IS , ee 3 2 It's the art package we've all asked
for, but never had. David Taylor unleashes the power of Art
Effect 1.1. David Taylor introduces not one, but two demos this
month and an editor for Alien Breed 3D II.
Fortress of Eve Fortrrss of Eve lakes the same vein as the first two Valhalla games giving you point and click control over a cute looking hero. The object of the game is « solve the puzzles and you move l putting the pointer over the direction you want to go and clicking the left button.
II you come across an object you want to take a look at. Move the mouse cursor over the toolbar and click on the F.ve icon. You will he told exactly what it is and you can pick up. Use and give objects all in this way. T he icons on the toolbar, from left to right are: Map icon - Open a map of the level showing your position and the position of any other characters.
Eye icon - Take a look at the object in front of you. The king will tell you what he sees.
M. . .11 process t
3. t: diskcopy fron dfl: to dfl:
* .C«V» it CilAMVitnSU CH CO If M'llU W ¦f.
Masses of options for footie fans here although OTM reckon that FSP is suitable for just about any league.
Two commercial game demos and a chance to try out the most amazing Amiga art package ever. A game level editor and a printer enhancement program.
What a fantastic collection we have for you!
See the results displayed in a graph. Then curse your team's performance and blame the manager.
Type in the following line (with a rrro. Not the letter 0). Taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DPO: TO DFO: Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... Mouth icon - Speak to the person.
Hand icon - Take the object in front of you. Ttie object will then appear in the inventory at the top of the screen. Click on any object and a new set of icons will appear. I eft to right these are: Eye Icon - Look at the object Mouth icon - Eat the object Glass icon - Drink the object Open hand icon - Drop the object Pointing hand icon - Place the object in whatever is in front of you (use).
Divine icon - Try and seek help on an object.
Spanner icon - Use the object in front of you.
Disk icon - Save or load. Choose the game prefs
- full text, speech, restart the game. Etc. It is important that
you have the sound level of your computer audible as this is a
speech adventure and the character talks to you.
If you want the full game, you can order it from Vulcan Software. It costs El 7.99 and the address is: Vulcan Software Ltd, Vulcan House.
72 Queens Road, Buckland. Portsmouth. Hants, P02 7N.A o 01705 670269.
FOOTBALL STATISTICIAN PRO This product allows you to enter and update statistics on football teams. Data for past years is included and you can see the statistics for each team and their performance as a graph. You can view the stats in a variety of manners and I presume the idea is to use it for predicting results. With all the data entered, you can choose a team and then gel a prediction of the result against any other team.
INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE In order to fit all these programs on. We've had to use a little archiving magic. However, it is very easy for you to get the programs off. You need a floppy disk for each of the two demos, although Fortress of Eve can be installed to a hard drive if you have Workbench 2 or higher. If you are running Workbench 1.3, format two floppy disks before booting the Coverdisk.
The Valhalla demo, once unpacked onto a disk or a hard drive, can be loaded from Workbench.
The Football Statistician demo can be booted directly from its disk. The AB3DII editor can be loaded directly from the Coverdisk from Workbench. (You must have the reqtools.library on your system.)
The Reset utility can also be loaded from the Coverdisk itself.
¦Although the program has been designed for a football league, it can be used for any type of league you want to keep track of. The data can be printed and stored and this demo allows you to use the program up to ten times. If you want to order the complete program, contact OTM 2000, 5 Albert Road. Tamworth, Staffordshire. B79 7JN = 01827 312302.
AB3D II SAVE GAME EDITOR This editor allows you to make adjustments to the Save games for AH31) II. It's easy to use and allows you to choose which Save game vou want to alter. You can then set the game level, the weapons you have, the amount of ammunition, your health and whether you have the jet Pack.
Be warned. This is a cheat and you should only use it if you really want to. Don’t come crying to us that it's spoilt your fun by making it too easy. Full documentation is included. It requires Workbench 3 to run.
RESET UTILITY This is a small program, designed as a default tool for a script, which means you can reset your computer and run a set program without going through the Workbench startup Win bother?
Well, it's designed for games players who have unexpanded machines and may not have enough meniorv to run certain games or demos.
Use this and all the RAM will be free for the game. It requires some knowledge of the way Workbench works and Workbench 2 and is really designed for hard drive users. For full information, read the documentation.
Mmotatli Pffn pro?
When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return.
All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
R Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
In d.vitr HI
c. di,u On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the
source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type
encfc i to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PIC . TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford .BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
FTn Art ui ui £ * 3 UI g£ 8« o - David Taylor introduces a demo of the hot new art package for the Amiga. A real competitor for Photoshop? Find out for yourself.
FILTERS COLOUR: Threshold Solarise Posterise Negative Histogram Equalisation Colourspace Processing Colour Correction Antique BLUR: Smooth Gaussian Blur Sharpen STYLISE: Wax Paint Relief Oilpaint Laplace Edge Finder Displace Pixel DISTORTION: Twirl Curl Caricature PIXELATE: Segment Image Polar Mosaic Mosaic Median OTHER: Offset Mirror Picture Convolve BumpMap We've seen art programs for the Amiga before but the one about to arrive, doesn't look like any of its predecessors. The reason for the change in stvle has been the growth ol programs like PhotoSh(*p 011 the Mac and P(.. Belore you use
the program, make sure that you've read the box on installing the software. When vou've loaded up the demo, you'll see a familiar looking toolbar. You can create a new picture or load one in.
But note that this demo will onlv load IKFs or JPKCis.
MAKE SOME MAGIC In this main toolbai are all the usual tools, straight and curved lines. Iwixes.
Cut and paste, text, etc. However, there is one spec ial new tool that Photoshop users will be* used to which we haven't seen before.
The magic wand tool, shown, amazingly.
Bv .1 magic wand, allows you lo pic k up an element nl .1 picture according to its colour. I Ins means tli.it you c an set the- tolerance to a level which c he wises colours similai to the one* vou pic k, so that you get the whole* section ol the pic ture that vou want. (oven that this program is designed lor editing ‘.M-bit pictures, this tool is invaluable be cause it isn't as il vou can pic k up just one- colour and get it all. I here are always shades to inc lude.
Next to the- Magic wand icon is .1 selector icon that allows you to choose just a single- part ol a picture whic h vou c an then edit.
IPrint 1 24 * A Latina 4 7 S€) D | Coler balancing | CeiyPrint I 24 • I latine 1 E3|l
- lajMC- Preferences | IcoBify | Meat 1 Exit 1 m lalance | UB
Save | -- ¦ qo
- cm cr»p | g 'I
- r.
- i [uT ‘ r |n i
- to::1.;- ¦ is- r [5s Pi 1 |)(777U(
• •“3- J PM *' 0 The main EasyPrint interface with picture
options and access to the other windows.
Adjust the dithering on the picture to get the best from your printer.
EASY PRINT This is the latest version of the print enhancement package that allows you to get the best out of your printer by using error diffusion. When the program has loaded, you can open a picture in it and then make any adjustments necessary, such as changing the contrast between colours, changing to greyscale and adjusting the dots per inch.
Change the colour settings and balance to compensate for any printer irregularities.
_1S . La-.lla.UM r-nsri | - inift- ic~l» BO j OCIJ. Orrj | U-1 T (1-1
- rr«*J T | ""j , Lew] A e*t | cancel tmM I CLIP HISTORY When you
cut or copy a piece of text in a word processor, the text is
stored temporarily in a clipboard. But you can only have one
piece of text stored at any time and the text is only available
in that application. This utility changes both these
restrictions. You can have multiple entries in the clipboard
and paste between applications. If you want to use a different
clip, select it from the interface and it becomes the current
entry in the clipboard.
If you want to wade straight in. It's best if you load in a picture to get started. There are several example pictures included and there is also a picture, created by Chris Banks, saved directly onto the Coverdisk for you to play with.
()pen up till the windows using the window menu so that you can see some ol the other tools at your disposal. Notice that the palette control is quite different to those in other programs. There is even the option to use a CMYK palette - the type used professionally, which other Amiga packages normally omit.
FILTERED OUT If vou have the Brush windows open, then you w ill see a small rendition of the brush you have selected. You can Hip. Scale, shear, trim, and adjust perspective on any brush. Any brush can also be taken from the picture or the inverse and a picture can be- created from the brush.
INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE The Art Effect demo requires a hard drive and so installs directly there. If you don't have the bgui.library installed on your system, then you need to make sure that you copy it over from the directory - you can use the Installer icon. Without it the interface cannot run. Easy Print also requires its own fonts installed on your system before running. Read all the documents for the programs before using them as all the requirements and installation details are included there.
Apart from the windows, all the filters are available from the menus. Select a section of a picture lo add a filter to and choose a filter from the Filter menu, which is divided into sub menus - see the box. These filters are designed to allow you to retouch pictures or elements.
This is ideal for touching up scans or for adjusting pre-made pictures. When you choose a filter to be added, you will see a preview box which shows how the effect will look on the picture. Some filters have degrees ol change and you can adjust these until you are happy before adding the change to the image.
As y ou will have guessed from the lad that the toolbar includes drawing tools, this package is designed for both picture creation as well as processing. Art liffert is unique in this respect because it allows you to do more than simply choose the type of brush.
Olhei packages have allowed you to decide whether vou want to simulate a natural brush.
Like coal, chalk, crayon, or oil colour. In i hanging mode, opacity, intensity, density, roughness, form, etc of a brush. This should enable you to use a brush ranging through anything from a water colour brush lo harsh chalk realistically. However, in addition (o this facility, you t an now also choose the virtual surface - so you can paint on wood, canvas, stone, etc. with whatever tvpe ol brush!
Alt Ejtrrl is designed to allow Plug-Ins so hopefullv, we will see even more features added In third parts developers and il vou're impressed with die demo version on the over disk and wan I to get vour hands on the full package get hold ol a copy from Bllllelsolt on III ‘MIS t*t»I -Ititi. O WHAT'S ON THE DISC?
Another month - another CD. Yes, it's that time again as we take you through the wonderworld that is AFCD6.
This monlh seemed a bit lean to start with.
There wasn’t much new on Aminet. We didn’t have sen, many reader submissions, the gallery was einptv and there weren’t anv commercial demos. But then, all of a sudden, everything turned about. I was inundated with reader submissions from all corners of the globe on a variety of media. To those of you that sent in video backups, please stop because we haven’t been able to retrieve a single file from any of them. The video backup system works line for one machine, but as soon as you start introducing different video recorders.
Every month we get better and better reader contributions to our CD. But don't stop sending them in, we want more, more, MORE!
Different Amigas and so on. Nothing works. As for those of you that sent in EZ drive cartridges, well, this is pretty much the only format we can’t handle at the moment, but we’ll hold onto your disks for a bit longer since we will be getting an EZ drive just for your submissions.
But it isn’t just your contributions that we have filled the disc with this monlh. There are over 20,000 different files on that shiny silver disc and we would never have the space to explain all the programs on it in these two pages so we’ll have to slick to the basics.
First off, you’ll notice that there are a lew icons missing from the root directory this month. They have been moved to a new drawer called -Have_a_look_herc_lirst!’’ and, in addition to the familiar assigns icons there is a new drawer in here called Handy Tools.
This contains some of the programs we use every day at Amiga Formal, tools to improve efficiency, add shortcuts and new menus and even allow us to copy text from where we shouldn’t be able to. There’s even a copv ol FanlManagrr alreadv set up with a varietv ol file viewers like VirwTek that you can double click on and get set up.
Also in this drawer you'll find another drawer called "AF_on_thc_wcb”. This contains an htntl document and there are also a few web browsers.
This page will lead you straight to the excellent Amiga Formal well pages and also those pages belonging to HiSoft and Sadcncss and the brilliant Oliver Roberts' Amiga Formula One web site. If vou want to see vour web pages on forthcoming Cds. Then what are you waiting for? Send them in. But remember, the Amiga content has to be pretty high to make the grade.
Oh yes indeedy. In our constant bid to improve the CD we want you to send us your thoughts on what we’re doing right with it and what we're doing wrong. If you think the balance should be changed on the CD. If you’d rather we just put games that can be booted on the disc if you'd rather we just had utilities, then let us know. We're not offering a prize for this merely a better CD as a result.
The survey is in the Have a look here first! Drawer and you can email the form to us or edit it print it out and send it to us.
GENERAL ADVICE Most of the programs are designed to run straight from the CD, thus saving your hard disk space, but they often need assigns to make them work properly. If you see icons like these two in a drawer you should double click on the one with the arrow pointing to the right before you start using the program, and double click on the icon with the arrow pointing to the left once you've finished with the program.
If there isn't an icon, but the program still asks for assigns, your best bet is to install the rather excellent and terrific MultiCX (in the AFCD6:have a look here first! Handy Tools drawer) to your hard drive and run the program. One of MCX's abilities is to allow you to assign things on the fly and this can be a big help. It does have a lot of other features though, which is why it is in constant use on my hard drive. Try it out and I think you'll find that you can dump a whole bunch of your other commodities.
Many of you had problems with AFCDS which, owing to a miscalculation, won't work on machines that run Commodore's CD file system. Anyone running the AmiCOFS on AFCD4. 5 or 6 won't have any problems and neither will anyone running the splendid AsimCDFS which Is available from Blittersoft. Unfortunately, those of you limited to using CD“s or CDTVs as your main machine have no way of changing the CD filesystem. By the time you read this the problem will have been resolved. If you haven't already got a replacement CD then you should contact Ablex at the usual address.
These reader all win £30 for their contributions. Remember, only by sending us your programs, music, games and animations do you stand a chance of winning a similar prize.
COVERDISKS Lucky, lucky you. Not only do you get a CO full of brilliant software, you still get the Amiga Format issue 90 coverdisks to boot (well, not boot exactly, you have to extract them to disk, but then you might be able to boot them, I think).
SCREENPLAY No commercial game demos this month, but if you're a hard drive-owning gamer you'll be delighted at the numerous patches which will allow you to install your games on HD, and all gamers will be pleased at the 1300 cheats on this month's disc.
HAVE A LOOK HERE FIRST This drawer contains all the stuff you'll need to get started with AFCD6 - the CD assigns are in this drawer too, together with an animation our Nick has been working on and the AFCD6 web experience.
READER STUFF An enormous range of different stuff from our readers this month from 3D models to a guide to the Olympics, from video backdrops to encryption tools. It's all in here with some of the best gallery and music submissions we have ever received.
9 II 83 C m ( ) JO m O 35 n
- 'Si look_here.
CoverDisks creenPla e»der$ tuf ?| RFCD6 188% u ( 11 0M free.
682M In use
- earn
- rr2
- fT- In_t he_ iag Sc reenP lay Re aderStuff
- (T- Ben_Speaks!
MU I CoverDisks Have_a_ Iook_here_f irst!
PD_Se lect er i o H v In the Ms Serious PD Select IN THE MAG SERIOUS PD SELECT You'll find a complete installation of Qdos to accompany Simon Goodwin's article on emulation, together with QL programs and even a C compiler. Other items you'll find in here include the woefully lacking future Workbench pictures (where are your ideas for the next generation Workbench?) And items for the multimedia tutorial.
The Art Effect demo is just one of the superb commercial demos you'll find on this month's CD. There's a wide range of the latest and greatest from Aminet and previews of some of the best CD-ROM titles around. Because one of our readers asked for it. A whole load of stuff dedicated to 3D is in the shareware drawer.
Over 40Mb of the latest and greatest demos which we are absolutely positive you won't want to spend the time and money downloading, so we've done it for you. Aren't we great?
Where are you?
Since we asked for icons for our CD how many do you think we've had in? One. One, that's all. And you call yourselves Amiga Format fans. Come on then, send in your groovy icons to the usual CD submissions address. We'll use any patch required to show them, we'll happily take MWB, Newlcons and any other colour scheme you want to come up with, just so long as they look great. Remember, we want icons for the different drawer types, for different filetypes (animations, pictures, mods, tools, textfiles, samples, worms levels and so on), and for our specific icons like the assigns and prize drawers.
If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctfy to ensure that there is a physical problem.
Please send the CD along with a description of the fault plus a self addressed envelope Return postage will be paid. Ablex Audio Video Limited. Harcourt. Halesfield 14, Telford.
Shropshire TF7 4QR A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If. Instead you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and 5pm on Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341.
Email: amformattffuturenet.co.uk Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
50p per disk '° MO M M MOM « « •r'vT' FOR FREE CATALOGUE DISK ? FREE GAME + FREE COPIER AND MORE Please SAE to: Or Phone 0374 150972 PD POWER (DEPT AF) 15 LOVETOT AVE ASTON SHEFFIELD S31 OBQ ADULT CD-ROM'S S- fcnteu ..00.00 Mi 18_______________ FREEBEES ON 2 DISK . £15 .00 £IS00 Grt. Girti. Grt----------(900 P«Wi ot Dnif, Mot Action G»h £ISOO • load* Morr &.g GirH B'« Gtrh 2 Babes for your FREE Catalogue Wnte To M1CRONINE SOFTWARE I UP) Al II Cktpl JlfMl. Rfcydff*1 » Nt CFJ7 $ ?C 1v DISKS * 1 FrE£ 2SDIW$ .5FAtt] jm 1-1:.; mm AVGA PUBJC K*UA SOTUB*UW THE BEST AM kSWTtAl SU5ESH9W
I*lorv (21 95% Rabid » 9]% n* Don Cornell 94".
VtrotWorWmp 95% knnoKMohk* %“.
Midntrhl Blantm 90“.. Ho I’m AGA Utik 24 9fc% knot knot 91% GAMES Drki.r Gaby V2* AGA tubnVlb Bloh' 'i&M.A Ikinj ligrrt PoH«ro«kVI I (020 REQl PRICES 75pprrdki 1 frer dttV with r%or 10 nrdrtrd r*F 75p prr nrdrr CATALOGUE!
For on (irsl order or phi mr sI (f|« • ol dhk co.uk wi ard starwcl Blank Disks DSHD Disks PD LIBRARY Please send 4 1st (lass stamps for catalogue Amiga repairs undertaken £15-00 per 50 inc. labels 1X2 50 per 50 (Pre-formatted) ______ PD Over 6000 disks from only 50p each We siocK lie latest PD . Fred Fish. TBAG. Scat and more!
We also provide CO's Joe an flmea loemais. Mease can toe details.
Catatofloe Disk oniv £ I or free it you send a disk and an SSA£ So tor the heyt PD and the tnendliest service around, contact - Treehoose PD 8 Oaktree Close, stohoroih Juareham. Dorset BH20 5BP Tel: 01929 553895 E m*ttiellouseettiod.demon.co.uk Alternatively vou could ccd oursuprwt BBS: Capital BBS on SECOND HAND AMIGA CENTRE TEL: 01983 290003 AllOO'a FROM 1199, MONITORS FROM 199 FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY 1UO owe Dwvn. HMD DtUVM. UH EtMMKM *TC SIND SJLL FOR LATEST LIST TO: SHAC, 69 KINGS ROAR EAST COWtl, ISLE OF WIGHT, P03J 6SE MAH ORDER ONLY Knrghls V242 Shapcduftc* VI2A BrralMnsUGA) Rnlilt
D«no Dkl VusIrr Blwlrr V2 21 VudhotiM- VI 1 SWOSId (lump Mm Ed Clump Mm Id (020.1 MISCELLANEOUS Eff* Guide lo Ihr Intrrnrl Inlrnwl Ulik Inlrmrl Ulik II Fn»i«l UK) (6) Wen Bramm Term* V4-2 MclMool (mud) Ami Tcf (21 i!AR LIGHT Softwar,e JEW! 90%* Cano CD Distribution ALL AVAILABLE ™ TITLES IN STOCK 225* CD TITLES 150* CD32 TITLES 80* CDTV TITLES NEW RELEASES MOVIE MAKER VOL 1 £29-99 ZOOM RELEASE 2 £19-99 AGA EXPERIENCE 2 £19 99 HOTTEST 6 £19-99 EMULATORS UNLIMITED £19 99 AMINET 12 £14 99 AMIGA DEVELOPERS CO £19 99 MORE WORMS VOL 1 £14 99 AMIGA UTILITIES 2 £19-99 SCI-FI SENSATIONS 2 £19-99
01628 891022 _ Wm THJ.Ul tfl'UVHtJXS WzlCOJAl JUIA.
FORE-MATT Home Computing Oepl AF. PO Bo. 835, Wootton 8asset1. Wills SKI 881 A Tel 01793 853802 PO.Sham.iftv CO-ROM (gf 13 SAV piQDS ©08(3 (FREE P6P and FREE updates) PO Sharewart from only SB jJ pet disk ol„nKOiskS DSOO30p each err.u..a Bla_OSHO 35p each sop Ftp CARD GAMES
76) 5 AstroKid
11) WB2+
76) 8 Donkey Kong
(1) AGA 7615 Poweroids
II) WB2* 7610 Gemz .li Any Amiga 5072 Alien Hunter
(1) AGA 7651 SuperUtils 8
(1) WB2+ 7556 Belle's Paint (11 • 3
- P” 7664 TypeFace
(1) WB2+ 7159 TextEngine 5
II) WB2+ () = number ol disks Magic: The Gathering Gift
Box ) .....£14.99 Everything tor fun
people to start playing Ice Age Starter
Deck ..£6.75 Ice Age
Boosters ....£2.20 Alliances
Boosters ..£1.90 Star Wars Ltd Ed
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Boosters .£2.25 Coming soon! X-Files CCG For rh-Hails
and complete list see our Catalogue disk P&P 70p on any sized
order. Cheques made payable lo Arrow Pd.
ARROW PD, PO BOX 7, DOVER, KENT CT15 4AP Ordering Hotline: 01304 832344 E-Mail: pj@arrowpd.demon.co.uk FAST AMIGA REPAIRS PD TITLES 99P l U 1 I 1 LL J PER DISK Tm | pi* - 0- FAULTY TROUBLESOME COMPUTER??
......£25 50
ulletm Board 0891 230044 jAdult Ca amour4 C s, 3pegs,
A ovies, and a whole lot mor*e!
‘Plus Attfinbers Only Olnb Go online jor details* Outer Limits, PO Box 67, Kidderminster-, pyiO 9Y 2 Calls chafcjed af 39p mm ( rlv«tp eate) «tnd 49|Vmi» fall ofl ei* limes) MirMemory eg 72 Pin 8 Mb 39.00 72 Pin 16 Mb 84.00 Full range of SIMMs & DIMMs also available. & ' 100 prMtstid 5 year guarantee... technical support d t C TEL 0 I 48 3 727 3 3 3 • FAX 0I483 747 722 REALITY - THE ULTIMATE SOFTWARE CONSTRUCTION KIT is a WMIT10 CREflE YOUR VERT OWN AMGA GAMES, DBI0S, AND EDUCATIONAL S0F1WARE, BY USMG N0THMG MORE THAN YOUR COMPUTER'S MOUSE?
Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own Public Domain or Commercial software products without having to program?
Well now it is no longer a dream - it’s REALITY!
REVOLUTIONARY new product from B.PM. Promotions, a company involved m the AMIGA software market lor over five years. This product is a BREAKTHROUGH m software design and allows anyone with an AMIGA computer, regardless of their age or intelligence, to create both Public Domain and Commercial software products in virtually no time at all using nothing more than their computer s mouse! It can be used to create games, demos, educational software etc. much much faster and easier than ever before throughout the history of computers! REALITY is like nothing you've ever seen before on the AMIGA.
Now for the first time you can access the awesome power of your computer with bewildenng ease and use it to create TOP CLASS AMIGA software in a few days by doing nothing more than clicking the buttons on your mouse or moving the mouse cursor around the screen! Everything is controlled from user friendly buttons and menus on the screen - that's it! - it's so easy you will not believe it! No programming is required whatsoever!
Here Is a small example ot what you can achieve In minutes with Reality by using nothing more than your Amiga's mouse:
• Create HUGE tully detailed scenery backgrounds tor your games
using the background creation editors!
• Make your games main character shoot all sorts ot different
weapons each with different power values!
• Define monster attack patterns and choose from Ihe HUGE amount
of already made variations!
• Create intelligent enemies that home m on your main character!
• Add text messages to the software with hundreds of different
styles ol text fonts to choose from!
• Create SUPER intelligent GIANT rrwd level and end of level
monsters just like the very best commercial games!
• Produce scenery that your main character reacts to: Ladders.
Ropes, Platforms. Traps. Switches etc etc!
• Detine complex puzzles to make your games much more
• Make other games characters that your main character can
interact and communicate with!
• Select and define all sorts of weapons, bonuses and objects
that your main character can collect and use!
• Create characters that have to fight each other in a beat ’em’
• Produce ALL sorts ot demo effects from groovy text scrollers to
on screen 3D rotation |ust like the very best PD demos!
• Create Educational software from a simple slideshow to a full
blown disk magazine!
• Add graphics, music and sound effects lo your software with
The list is ENORMOUS!!! - Test your software in seconds to see rf everything is working the way that YOU want it to! There's no need for any slow compiling or testing like certain other packages!
REALITY can be used to create many types of different software products! It s ideal for TOP notch games! Create HIGH speed shoot 'em ups. Addictive scrolling platform games. Beat em ups, Point and Click Graphic Adventures. HUGE Arcade games. Puzzle games. Racing games. Card games and much much more! Even create your own mind-blowing special effects demos or user friendly Educational software! Just look at the screenshots in this advertisement and see just what this system is really capable of!
Over four man years of work has gone into the development of this software! The result is: Screenshots of games created with REAUTY A STATE OF THE ART SOFTWARE CREATION SYSTEM!
It's versatile - It s easy to use - it's incredibly last It s the biggest ever breakthrough in Amiga software creation and has already been used to create twenty commercial games and a multitude of PD software!!!
If you can use an AMIGA you can use REALITY! All the hard work has been done for you! With once complicated programming routines reduced to simple mouse actions that anyone can understand! That's the hidden power of REALITY! Absolutely no knowledge of programming is required whatsoever! Reality is unique! It is a completely new way of creating software!
What you get!
The very latest verson of the REALITY software construction kit which incorporates a whole batch of useful and essential utilities. These include: an Animation and Sound Studo. A Graphics toolkit, a Background creation system. Picture and Introduction creators, a FULL blown paint package. Text editing and disk utilities plus much much more! You’ll also receive a fully detailed user friendly instruction guide and a handy hints and tips guide! Two further guides that will show you how to make two full blown games from scratch! Two full blown commercial games that have been created using REALITY
for you to adapt and learn from! Issue one of the REALITY USER CLUB disk magazine' Two packed disks full of sound effects, music tracks and a MASSIVE amount of graphic images that can be used in your own software1 These include characters, enemies, weapons, bonuses, scenery, fonts and MUCH MUCH MORE!! You get everything you need for creating your own full blown top quality software with ease!
You'll also get FREE membership to the Reality User Club!
This will provide you with a phone helpline, a pen-pal list allowing you to contact and work with the already-MASSIVE REALITY userbase from around fhe globe! You will also have access to a HUGE range of soft ware that has been created using the REALITY system and 1000's of graphic images, sound effects and music tracks which you can use in your own software! We are willing to publish any software that you create using REALITY or if you wtsh you can have other companies publish your work! The REALITY user club can supply you with ALL the graphics. Music, sound effects and ideas that you
need to create superb software with this system ALL the hard work has been done for you!
So what do you have to pay for this totally amazing system?
Only C29.99! This product is worth many times this pnee and only due to forecasted large sales, low cost advertising and direct sales to the customer are we able to offer it at this unbeatable price! By creating only one piece of software you should get your money back many many times over! How much software do you wish to create? What more can we say other than you would be absolutely crazy not to take up this very special offer! Creating software is much more interesting than using it. And REALITY is the perfect tool! Please note that the REALITY package is compatible with ALL AMIGA
computers and is hard disk installable!
Please send a cheque. Postal orbef.
International money order to:
PHONE 01232 626694 - PRICE £29.99. UK postage is included. Overseas please add C1.
All payments must be In English Starting! 24 hour delivery.
EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER Order NOW and receive a FREE never been released before guide on HOW TO DESIGN A WINNING COMPUTER GAME vmtten by one of the TOP games designers in the business! Essential reading for any budding games makers' CAN'T GET YOUR COVERDISK SOFTWARE WORKING?
CALL (MOM-FRI 2PM-6.30PM) 019*1 584 0682 EXTRA!
Your Coverdisk should be working fine, but if it's not, these hints, tips and corrections should sort out the problem quickly and easily.
• T*, (AF82) II I'inal Writer's pull-di ami menus won’t pull down
il is probably because you are running a menu enhancement
commodity (i.e. Magic,Menu). Such programs don't work correctly
with l-'inal Writer and should be disabled. In ordei lo print
documents it is vital you have the correct printer driver
installed in the (levs printers drawer of your Workbench disk
and that the driver is selected and configured using the
printer prels utilities. Your Workbench manual describes how to
do this.
To print larger documents Final Ivritrr requires more memory. If you're using the program on a 2Mb machine, try to maximise the amount of memory available by removing any utilities or commodities t unning in the background - il von still experience problems, use Workbench's prels utilities to ahci the screen to a lower resolution screcnmodc. Lastly, it was inadvertently stated that I'inal Writer winks on all 2Mb- Amigas. Sorry, but it’s incompatible with old Kickstart 1.2 1.3 machines.
BREED 96 (AF86) If when double c licking the lti lall_Hreeil96 icon you get an 1 error message telling you that the command IrtiiiXcannot lie found don't panic. This doesn't mean that your Coverdisk is latillv. It’s just that some earlier versions ol the Workbench disk don't contain the IconXcommand. To get around the problem; from Workbench open up a Shell window and type the following lines (pressing return after cacli):- copy c;execute RAM: cd RAM: execute AF86b:Install_Breed96 Have your blank formatted disk and your Hired 96 disk ready and insert tlm appropriate disk when prompted. Please
note that even though the labal for the limit 96di.sk says "A Rha" it is.
In reality, disk number l Kbb trying to read the OctaMIJ) tutorial guide document then try changing its icon's default tool trom "Amigaguide" to “MultiView". II you are unsure ol how to do this don't worry it's not too difficult. Click once on the icon called Oc l'5_Tul.Ouiilf. pull down the "Icons" menu from the menubar at the top of the Workbench screen and select the "Information” menu item.
This will bring up a window, in which hallway down you will see the words "Default Tool:" followed by a small box containing the word "Amigaguide". Clicking in this box will give you a text cursor, now using the backspace and del key erase completely the word "Amigaguide" .uid type in the word "MultiView", press return then click on the Save gadget (bottom left corner). It s worth remembering that the same solution should work for other Coverdisk document liles that try to load tools (e.g. Mmiimiire) that you don't have.
TYPESMITH (AF87) We apologise to am readers with older machines who have had problems with this disk. We failed to state clearly, that unfortunately l fieSinilh is incompatible with old Kickstart
1. 2 1.3 machines.
A common problem is that not everyone's Workbench disk has a copy of the Amiga liiilnttei tool on it. Once unpacked, some Coverdisk software needs "installing" belore il can be properly used. The authors often include a script that will copy the required libraries, fonts etc. to the correct place on your system. The icon for the script is usually a picture ol a floppy disk with a wire and plug coming out ol il. If you get an error message I 'liable In u ten ottr tool 'Installer when you double-click such icons there is a solution. You need to lind and then copy the Installer tool from another
disk to your Workbench floppy disk or Workbench hard disk partition. If you are using floppies then use a copy of the Workbench disk and not the original, also vott may need to make some space on your copy of Workbench by deleting some non-essential tools such as the clock, calculator etc. The Amiga Formal Coverdisk 79a, Digila Organiser 2demo and the AF Coverdisk 8Ha.
I) T.. both have the Installer tool on them. If you don't have either of these Covet disks then try searching lor Installer on disks belonging to other applications that vott own, especially paint programs and word processors etc. Installer doesn't usually have an icon and is often in a drawer such as the C drawer which itsell lately has an icon. So when looking for it make sure that you switch on Show:AII Files from the Workbench Window menu for every disk and drawer vott look through. When you lind mlillln simpls copy it by (bagging its icon into the Ctilities or C drawer of your
GENERAL PROBLEMS The most common problems are Read Write or (lltecksum errors which occur during the decompression process. It is important to note whit It disk is in the drive w hen such errors occur - is it the Coverdisk or one of your own disks? II it's one ol V'our own disks then that’s the disk with the problem. Did you format your blank disks correctly? Its re-formatting them and do a lull tormal not just a quick format, use the verilv option and make sure sou format from your Workbench, not from utilities like X- (ji n. Disable Direrlmy (.arlang. Trashcan and International Made. Don't
decrunch to HD (High Density I disks as these can be unreliable.
Always write protect and back up your Coverdisk befure you use it. O FAULTY DISK?
Please irmemhei that the technical helpline abosc is purels loi riiflicullies you have getting the progiams to work propel Is. II sum disk is physically damaged, bent, broken tvitli a loose oi missing shutlei. It should Ik- returned to the duplil nlois lor a replat emcnl al the billowing address: AF DISK NUMBER XX TIB PIC TIB HOUSE T1 EDWARD STREET BRADFORD BD4 7BH I lus ini hides any system messages sou mas gel saying: “Read write error". "Disk invalidated and "Checksum Error" In this ( as -. The disk has been damaged and needs to lie replaced When the going gets tough... Amiga Format goes
Where do you go to buy all your Amiga gear? Where can you try ouisofttvare before you buy it? Where can you discover just what a difference an accelerator card will make? Next month Amiga Format embarks on a special nljj&ibn to find an Amiga retailer in your On next month's Coverdisk we will have the ¦|r full version of the rather excellent DataChrome, plus ACE 2.4 - a brand new version of the complete Amiga BASIC solution.
RESERVE YOUR COPY OF You c an reserve any issue of Amiga Format at many newsagents, including branches of WH Smith and John Menzies.
December Issue On Sale Thursday, 24th October i H3T w H Sf m Mi »in KiJOB in _...i . BM a* I' Ml 0* 1 I1 ME : qj VO L £1 oS in r* in T T ID 2 = * ?
.? C u i 5 a .2 c
T) rt O 1 Ql “ “ w o -o «J - m £ r- x5 8 3-|S i- 5 SSSEo u z
5 - 2 s s 5 a ™ § .9-CD S'S oe 5 « =f i §
• - $ . "O si ' a ,- s-S S- n i i m m m 9 i= * £ 16 KS* Sag SgS
y;o S SiSslsss* 3is|5§SlS S K 9 o Q- i 3 9 ¥ i - r * ¦J «« u
i 2 a. 4 n ¦ r ¦ Ui UJ i zt H a o 9 - • uj uj cc cr i m
m m ® ® » UJ §P 3 P lA s UJ ?
UJ D i M g h I* k. CO m TT y o uj 8s° z U £ u CO - % 3 = 5 t 1 I 1£ g sn m m i s a a R I ~ C *" 2 £ « «I •* c £ 0 O (fl r t u 2 a f I 5 ?s
o a, £ = n
* - m 5 '5 *“ i 5°§ 1 £ S z 3 3 O -j -j sll U. • I I 2»r .11
2 Si*- air'4-' uj = a 3 cc Cl 1- 't Q X l- 2 j 13 Q cc Z O
t- 3 u. D ui a. co 5 O K u t » ce - UJ UI i 3 Z o Cl.
K 1 1 CO .
** "J 'PI ; 3 2 I «n a _ 2 =
o „ X * s
u. o a O *
o i
o s m ; "=a * m IN
• s • J I o c a 2 5 9 o- u ltT vVi ja r in in © 1 © 7 'GB ©
© E ©l rate «si LA © r © © CO p Ira 1 ' © r- U4l £ v+j kv K
U4 ¦ ACS P i i "SB m j There are over 40Mbs of your
contributions on this month's CD - if your work is on here, you
may have won a prize!
Fortress of Eve - try out the demo version of the latest in the long line of cult Valhalla classics Art Effect has been described as Photoshop for the Amiga - but you don't have to take anyone else's word for it - check out it J'J'J ZilJl ' jJlSlj ui* 'j'JHt JJLiU iba CD, jjayy - rja: iiia muii tji Atiiitju i.j a i un o Jt ’JD-Liziiz t 'jbjijzDj, jjjiurja ujjJ h’jui iba ‘jj'jtiii ui UD

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