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Now he is being paid directly by the liquidators. Hopefully, soon, he will be employed by someone else. His name is Petro Tyschtschenko, and he is the last employee of Amiga Technologies in the head office at Bensheim. He doesn't even share an office with anyone since the only other two employees at Amiga Technologies are based at the warehousing facility in Braunschweig. Herr Tyschtchenko is forced to perform all the duties, both mundane and exciting, required to keep a business, even a business in liquidation, running. He personally answers all calls since he is also Amiga Technologies switchboard operator and sells machines to companies _ _ like Silica and Costco in this country. It is down to Petro Tyschtchenko that any new Amigas still available in the UK are here at all. But what does he think will happen to the Amiga? Is it just too late? "THE AMIGA IS NOT DEAD! The Amiga is just tired, but it's looking to the FUTURE! Two bankruptcies in two years, has made it tired. It is tough and only the Amiga could have had the energy to survive. No other computer ever has such life! It is a miracle. Since the beginning I have been sure that AMIGA will never die because it's a cult computer with the best technology. "My staff (2), myself (1), and the Amiga community (millions) are keeping Amiga alive. Day by day, since 15th of July 96 (the day Escom went bankrupt). It's a hard job, but it's a job that we love to do." Herr Tyschtschenko is also optimistic about buyers for the company, though he replied rather cryptically when asked who these potential purchasers might be: "Some are already gone with the wind, others are playing the game of the never ending story, some are looking only for profit, some would like to pick only the golden nuggets, some have illusions only - I know them all... Myself? I will never give up, I am working on a solution to bring Amiga forward. Amiga is waiting for the future, and there is a future! Please be aware that to buy Amiga, the intellectual property, the trademark and the inventory is a small part... investment in the technology is the main part, that is the future, that's what the Amiga is waiting for. Amiga is prepared for the future, grab the advantage!" "...investment in the technology... that is the future, that's what the Amiga is waiting for. The Amiga is prepared for the future, grab the advantage!" to go towards wages, taxes, and other admin costs. So, to recoup a purchase price of even $ 15M, you are going to have to sell well over 50,000 units, maybe even .100,000 units. That’s a lot of machines. No really, it is. It’s probably more A4000Ts than have ever- been sold. It’s certainly more than Escom sold of any sort of Amiga.

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Document sans nom STILL ONLY £5.50 ¦ FEBRUARY 1997 ¦ ISSUE 94 Hfl 22.95 ¦ US $ 14.95 Hundreds of Megabytes of top disc action on test A new way to power up your CD32 In this issue!
Blitz Support Suite, A1200x1, Boscar, Tommy Gun, Storage solutions, TurboCalc 4, SX-32, CD-ROM round-up Tutorials and much, much more!
Personal Paint 7 The rightful heir to Dpaint emerges Game on!
Classic favourites re-released I Pt’ILISBfSfi Your guarantee of value (01702) 300441 CDSoft 300441 217 - 219 Hamstel Rd - Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SS2 4LB sales.pdsofft@cableinet.co.uk http : www.pdsoft.com Please make checks to CDSOFT or order by credit card switch & delta Most titles are despatched same day.
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NEW WORMS THE DIRECTORS CUT £2339 The smash hit of last year I* back with more acttoe packed worm* than ever before. 91% review In CU, per order now at this low price.
I I XTREME RACING £8.99 J SPECIAL FEATURE CAPTIAL PUNISHMENT Only £24.99 By Clickboem JUNGLE STRIKE £14.99 When the forces of general Khbada and Carlo* Ortega units then protpect of rampart terrorism and corruption hi not only frightening.. II may be unstoppable!.
0EC96 SPACE HULK £11 WORMS £9.99 ROAD RASH £11 FEARS £8.99 I XTREME RACING DATA £5.99 GLOOM DELUXE £7.99 GLOOM DELUXE £7.99 KELEASE DATE: BftOOLE Of DECEMBER I LURE OF THE 1 T.TRESS £12 | VALHALLA £14.99 bi this prequel to the Block buster 'Valhalla and The Lord of Infinity' you play Infinity'* mentor on Ms quest of hatred In which murder ts the uUtmate goal.
VITAL LIGHT CO32 - E7.99 HU - £7.99 A game full of utterly addictive action, a game that wrtl test your abilities to the full, a game that has | never yet been mastered.
¦ 1 or 2 player*
* Competition of team
* Over 200 level*.
S W _ 9* ROADKILL £7.99 PLAYER MANAGER 2 £11.99 "On the Imd or off, there Isn't a game that can touch | Player Manager 2 lor depth." 1-4, with 4 different playing views. Match reports, hot news, active transfer A loan mariuts.
WEMBLfY " SABRE TEAM £3.00 A gripping and engaging game... strong ftategy ale-1 mart combines with arcade qctton to produce a real winner. This Is a highly enjoyable and batter than marry other stata- IAGA. A500 900, ? 9» game* available.
¦A CNR|£
- .1 * piss MANAGER
* sfiur Jorna ZEE WOLF 2 ? CBSOFT SKOAL 8 OfTEH DEC 00: The newly
released 0|J Zee Wolf 2 for an l T» ll»nt f* Km fir ZEE WOLF 2
CavCIICIII JwfvC, UIKVR mil the other adverts C 4 QQ lor thier
A LI WING COMMANDER £12 GUARDIAN £7.99 WEMBLEY I NT SOCCER £12.99 ODYSSEY £8.99 AHA A ¦ • SUPER TENNIS CHAMPS £8.99 EXILE £8.99 SUPER LEAGUE MAN £8.99 A500& SIM CITY £11.99 A true classic In computer entertainment, SlmCtty dare you to design & bend the city of the dreams.
SlmCtty took the computar world by storm. Oeiijn unlimited cities from (he ground up.
A • I » ' ' H k nL s« I IMPACH £4.99 CmCICE T G ?
RUGBY RISE OF THE ROBOTS CD32- £11.99 1200 4000 - £7.99 A50Q A600 - £7.99
* Revolution In 3d graphics. • Technlcatty Bit* product Is
probably the most advanced game ever.
BY COACH £8 : ¦ CRICKET E8.9 i COACH £8.39 . A50Q B00, SYNDICATE £12.00 In the dark and twisted cities of tomoorTOW, corporate SymScates complete tor global domlaace.
But the future there are no board-foom deals., no oororatB takeovers, no pot- | Wes - just dreadful justice.
I f l‘A Mr LA J »'i 9mm f i , .
Qupen, A I’j it i NEW HEW MCO SUPER STREET HGHER H £3.99 TTTANIC BUNKY £1.99 HELP £14.99 STACK UP £1.99 NINJA WARRIORS £2.99 HeiMDALL £1.99 BUBA & STTX £1.99 EURO KICKOFF 3 £7.99 SUPER STAR- DUST £12.99 REALMS £11.00 Base INTER BASE 2 Only £9.99 Inc U *' Retains aB of the power of Its predecessor, presented vte a greatly Improved user Interface. The programs workbench 2 3 styling Is a pie as we to use. Oven on .? Older 1.2 1 3 Amlgas. | BLACK CRYPT £11.00 Years ago ha was banished | from the world. Now the dark lord Estoroth Is back with a legion of hell's unhollest Rends. Their mission -
blood revenge) Your brave band must recover the lost reHcs.
T f I. I INTER OFFICE Only £19.99 Inc Comet wfth Inter Word 2.0, | Inter Spread 2.0, brtsrbasa 2.0 and Inter talk |
2. 0 Office t 2 .
C STRIP POKER 2 £7.99 WORLD OF WAR £12.99 WHTEDEATO £7.99 WATCH TOWER £ HEMDALL 2 £ CORKER COLL £14.99 CLUB FOOTBALL £8.99 CLOCKWISE £9.99 BlfTZKREIG £7.99 APPROACH I TRAINER E1B.99 I AGA, A500 800, + I x 1 r EURO CHAMPS | £4.99 | WORLD CUP SOCCER CD32 -£3.99 ALL - £3.99 The fastest, most furious game around, the thrffi Is not just scoring goals, but about tearing the other side apart K240 £7.99 THE YEAH IS 2380 - The population explosion of the 21st century has forced man to expand his borders A colonise the outer worlds. Can you survive, 6 new alien Ifte forms, diner- out types of crafts
etc. Sprcad I as?
'r- * SPECULfHCE POWER DRIVE £2.99 DENNIS £7.99 DISPOSABLE HERO £9 9 I TOTAL CARNAGE £7.99 BANSHEE £5.99 TOE CLUE £7.99 BUMS & BURN £3.99 CRYSTAL DRAGON £13.99 TURBO TOAX £7.99 KINGPIN, I Lf « i i r . U n w * KING PIN £7.00 7 - • p OI i-J ~ HUM - I TOTAL CANAGE £7.99 ZEE WOLF 2 £18.99 TAT1CAL ITALIA £7.99 FIELDS OF GLORY £7.99 BANSHEE £9.99 ARCHER’S POOL £7.99 I F29 RETALIATOR £5.00 ON TO BALL LEAGUE £4.99 FOOTBALL GLORY £3.99 -1 INTER WORD Only E 9.99 inc Word * 5 Is easy to use and Its stan- rm lets you exchange data can be Imported from Interbase, and Interspread.
AGA. A500 600, 4 INTER SPREADl Only £ 9.99 inc Puts you (Irmly In the driving seat when It comes to forcasflng budgeting cashflow analysis and much more. Abo comes with an extensive library of maths functions etc. I AGA. A5M 600.
CHESS SYSTEM £12.00 Tan years In the making - unique Intelligent beta- search strategy Burt emulates human creativity - not brute force a pi ha search but braid new development In competer chess.
INTER TALK Only £9.99 Inc Top Into the whole new world of (Ms versatile oommuncarOons programs.
Phone your favourite online services!.
I CHESS, TT.T.T 4 k!d!
• Lightweight
• Boom Microphone
• Easy Away boom
• Suitable for bifemrt
• Comas ivftfr FraeTet software.
SCREENBAT 25 £24.99 -SB2S " 75 Walts peak power
• Hum0L*yShk**w
• Variable Bass Ctadrol
• Power Supply maudad
• Headphone socket H 720 Oft Cekar printing on Plabi Paper, Glass
paper tr Transplant matMa.
* todudes softwse to monitor prtotors In level.
* Ideal tor to house desktop pteWfeg.
* ProetVtodowi 3.1* & 98’ drivers Included.
* Pros Prtot Arttst A Hottest PC UlMSes software
* 1 year warrenly with optional 3 yam on-sfte.
?ftaePikitei Cabto. Free 500 Sheet of papar.
* Hem Epson Mkroweave Technology.
EPSON STYLUS 500 PRINTER £294.99 Inc Vat & delivery Stylus Cater BOO
73) DU Pitting on Plan Papar, Oass papar or Tneeparmt mmta.
Opbom! Photo-rt& cdour ki ¦ todudes toRware to monitor
printors to tovaL
• ktoel tor buslnass reports, correspondent* and school projects.
• Aw Wtadows 3.1 x A 95’ *tvers toduded.
• Ai» Print Aritot A Hottest PC (fates softer** ¦ 3 year wawenty.
• frit Printer Ctele. Free 500 Sheet at paper.
EPSON STYLUS 200 PRINTER £159.99 Inc Vat&deNvery Stytea 820 W| £6.49 - SB201P H
• 1 ¦ »V it S‘-rr~j r r. ¦ ¦ • i‘u SCREENBAT 4
* * ' a £12.99 -SB204 ¦ ¦ * - '1 ' ft- - , • ¦
- 20.000Hz. SCREENBAT 1 PASSIVE e ea__u___f Kkifrnvf BpgHfl
Bucket Included.
* Conipatch Design Give us a ring if you do not see what you want
Some titles are limited and will go out of stock quickly.
30-060 PDSoft 303061 w?1 (01702) ft JUOUOU rUulll L ououu 1 F1 Licencev re-V« J 5 217 - 219 Hamstel Rd - Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SS2 4LB m yojlirnQ
V) i sales.pdsoft@cableinet.co.uk Ch00S6 a CD with .very 25,»«
HTTP: WWW.pdSOftiCOIii SsiSSiSi,.,, Office & Retail Outlet
open Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 7pm - Tel (01702) 306060 &
306061 - Fax (01702) 300115 Please add 1.00 per title for UK
P&P & 2.00 for oversea's Airmail - Order via email & get 10%
off your orders total.
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1 Sc«fie 2 Btn $ Choose a free CD with every 25 you spend.
Spend 25 and choose 1 free CD Spend 50 and choose 2 free CD Spend 75 and choose 3 free CD*s etc Inexpensive upgrade-path) aswell as a couple of commercial games.
Amlnet Set 3 Is also featuring 900 30 objects, 240 textures and 439 mods, which will not appear on the regular Amlnet CD-ROM series.
Amlnet Set 3 consists ot approximately 4 gigabytes of softwar In 9,000 archives.
Since the release of Aminel 12 more than 1200 archives (400mb) of new software have appeared.
Contains: Utilities (95Mb), Documents (79Mb), Text Software (406Mb), Disk HD Tools (12Mb), Hardware Related (7Mb), Pictures & Anlms (756Mb), Graphical (208Mb), Graphics & Sound Demos (394Mb), Games (563Mb), Miscellaneous (64Mb), Music Modules (685Mb), Music Software (128Mb), Communications (131Mb), Development Software (91Mb), Business Software (88Mb).
AMINET SET 3 COOE: CD332 PRICE: £29.99 AMINET SET 2 CODE: CD220 PRICE: E24.99 4 gigabytes of software In 12,000 archives. Whether you like applications, games, communications or programming, the Set gives you all you need.
Easy to use Index flies and search facilities make accessing It a pleasure.
Contains: Utilities 120Mb 1,000, Documents 270Mb 870, Text 40Mb 210, Business 75Mb 170, Pics ft Anim 630Mb 2,000, Graphics 170Mb 430, Misc f 50Mb 270, Oemo 630Mb 2,000, Games 250Mb 530, Dev 110Mb 340, D'sk 10Mb, Hardware 5Mb, Comm 150Mb, Music 30Mb.
KLONDIKE GOLD SET 1 CODE: CD311 - PRICE; £14.99 - ANY AGA AMIGA FLASH ROM ¦ MULTI PACKAGE COOE: CD400 - PRICE: £29.99 - ALL AMIGA'S rarrusatoa Sfvfc Amlnet Is the worlds largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software.
Up to 10,000 users access the vast archives everyday, and countless programmers release their software directly on Amlnet.
Less Own four years after It's Interception, Amlnet now holds the equivalent of 7,000 floppy disks.
Amine! Sef 2 offers you everything that was added to the archive since Amlnet Set 1 was made, plus 300 electronic books from Project Gutenberg.
Amlnet Set 2 consists of approximately NEW LOWER PRICE The AMIGA FLASH ROM contains all the latest Emulators for the AMIGA Computer range.
Welcome to the would of emulators!.
Wo have supplied all the detailed of the web pages where the latest versions can be found.
- Nostalgia Is a very special thing you cant help loving tire
classic games (oh, how nice was my good old ???...)
- Now with the Amiga Flash Horn you get bettor performance
compared to the original classic cdrotn disks, Speccy 96, CMB
Volume 2 and Emu la tors unlimtod.
- Belter environment to develop programs bnow comes with compte
workbench support.
- Playing games was never so easy,
- Work (yes, a every emulator ts more than enough tor simple text
The Flash ROM contains the Amiga Emuttor. Hundreds ot Amiga games, demos, and utilities all for use on any high spec pc compatible multi media computer.
The Ultimate way to use the wealth of software available for the Amiga computer.
UAE v0.71 - Hero It Is lots the latest release of the Useable Amiga Emulator, Turns your Pentium Into an Amiga A50Q.
There are various versions of the emulator Included on the CD tor PC, Unix and Linux. Sorca code has also been porovtdod (where pos) and all www page address are listed so you can get the latest version from the neL Updated Info and Cds will also be coming out lo mall order users you want to be keptsd Informed.
Games - There* apx 5,000+ spectrum games Included lor you to use with the emulators listed below.
KGB Spectrum Emulator - By T. Noergaad.
ZXAM v2.0b - By Toni Pomar.
ZX-Spectrum Em utter V4.71 - By J KwasL Sinclair ZX Emulator v 1.7 - By P McGavln.
Games - Thares apx SQ0+ c64 games Included for you lo use with the emulators listed below.
A64 Package v2.01 - Full version ready to run from the cd.
Magic S4 ready to run from the cd.
Frodo and many others have been provided on the disc.
Atari SteM Package v0.99 (This software has NO commercial copyright)
* Eighth source code only a TOS 1.02 Image file Is necessary.
(You must create TOS.IMG).
* bug removed: BIOS bconin(2) always returned 39 13 but still
disables JUt , ¦ Windows Support
* Full numpad support, "pipe" key added | ¦ RTC uses In-bullt
* Some code Is still absolute but optimized AMSTRAD SENSA
CPCEMU emulates a Amstrad CPC 464, 664 or 6128 with many extensions. To say it with other words, the program Imitates the behaviour ol the older Amstrad computers on your new PC.
- nostalgia (oh, how nice was my good old CPC ...) - better
performance compared to the original, - better environment
to develop programs. -playing games - work (yes, a CPC Is
enough for simple text processing) MAC SENSATIONS Vol.1 + UTILS
Executor Apple Mac emulator Is easy enough to install and use that you really don't need to read the documentation.
Use apple Mac disks, scsl hardware etc. COLECOVISION + GAMES, & WINDOWS EMUALTQRS Col Em lor Win32 vO.1.2 and the dos versions have been encluded. ColEm Is a non-profit emulator created for those Individuals who were and still are fans of the Co loco gaming era and who wish to play thter Coteco Vision games on todays operating systems.
DRAGON 32 + GAMES, t EMUALTQRS PC-DRAGON EMULATOR V1.02 by PAUL BUHGIN - A Dragon or Tandy Color Computer II emulator for IBM Pcs and compatibles. This program allows you to | use your Dragon or Tandy CoCo games and applications software without the need to clutter up your desk with more than one computer.
The Wizard Of Oz Thunderbirds Time Cop Toontes 2 Toonies 3 Toonles Trains Trap Door Travel 2 Trek Cards True Lies Vallejo Vanessa Paradis Vehicles Venuscards Vietnam Views Visions VTDupcie
W. W.F Wallace Wild 2 Wilde mass Wildlife Woman Woman Body
Builder World Atlas World Wide X-Flles xdos X-Files 2 xmas
Xmen cards Tho Card Games cd features over 300 sots (or
Klondike cards.
16CC64 3d Render Achllleos A DSD Air Brush Airwar Modern Alrwar WW2 Album Covers Amiga Art Anime Anna Anna Nicole Applegate Amte Art Cards Asterix Aviation Babylon 5 Bathing Beauties 1 Batman Phantasm Batman Batman and Robin Batman Anim 1 Beauty Beavis Betty Page Big Cats Big Baps 1 Blko & Car Bikini 1 Bikini 2 Bill Grapham Birds Birds 1 Birds 2 Black Adder 1, 2, 3,4 Boats W Water Body Beautiful Body Perfect BodyShop 1 Body shop 2 Bodyshop3 Braindoad Buildings Busen Cameron Olaz Cars Card Cartoon Castles Christina Appiegate Cindyl Clndy3 Clndycard2 Classic Cars Classic Claudia 1 Claudia 2
Claudia 3 Computers Count Duckula CPC464 Gaines 1 Day Today Disney DOGS Doomll Oragonlance OragonsLalr AGA DreamGirls QroamGlrlsll Dreams Dreams2 Dr Who Dr Who Movie Dr Who Adventure Ocean Orient Pacific Pam Pamela Pamela II Panorama Panoramic Patricia Ford Perihelion Pet Shop Boys Pet Strop Boys tma Photo CO Pierced Pinocchlo Pinups 1 Places Playboy Playboy 2 Pleasure Pooches Popeye and Son Prehistoric Premier League 95 Pretty PrettyBabes Prince Prince 2 Pulp PulpFlction Pussies Ranma Raytrace Reboot Cards 1 RecordCovers Red Dwarf 1-3 Red Dwarf 4-6 Res-dogs Reservoir RipplnYams Rocko Roses 2
Rosie Jim Rufus Safari Sailor Samples Sandman Scenic Seasons Sex Sf 2 Sharon Stone Simpsons, 2 3,4 & 5 Sorayama SorayamahaJIme Space Speccy 2,3 , 4 , 5 & 6 Speccy Covers 2,3 &4 Spidetman Speed Sseymour stargato StarTrek 2 Starwars StarWars Galaxy Star Trek I Star Trek NG Strange Street Fighter II Sunshine Swimsuit Sword In The Stone Ten Hatcher Texture The Mask The Sky They Live The Page Master s DSN Dungeon Elle Ede2 Empire-Strikes- Back Erika Erotica Eva Herzlgova Everton Everton2 Extasy Fi GP Faces FacesToo Females Firemans FISH Flash Gordon FlintStones Flowers Fractal Fraclasm Freaked
Gremlins GreyHawk Guardian Guyver Hajimeboris Harley Davidson 2 Heaven Helena Christensen 1 Helena Chrlslensen 2 HellRalser Heroine HiredGirls Hitch Hikers Hole Holiday Horses Illustrated Birds Illustrated Bogs Illustrated Dogs Illustrated Fish Illustrated Mamalsl Illustrated Mamals2 Illustrated Reptiles Imagine Iron Malden I Yabba Dabba Doo Jap Anlmlmation Jodi Jennifer Anlston Kathy Kewl Kytie Landscape Uon King 1 Lion King 2 Uon King 3 Magicround Mammals MANGA.girl Manga Manlax2 MG-CAR MINOGUE Mlscart Monroe NASA NBA Nonroses NiceBums Nightmare Nlkl Taylor I Ntkl Taylor 2 Normal Amlnet is
the worlds largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software. Up to 20,000 users access the vast archives everyday and countless programmers release their software directly on Aminel More than 4 years after Its Inception, Amlnet now holds the egullvllerrt of 9,000 floppy disks.
Amine! 3 offers you everything that was added since Amtoet Sef 2 was made plus full versions of Imagine 4.0, XiPalnt 3.2, Octamed 5 (each full version offers an edition has a special focus on animation's, 143 MPEG animation'i were Included.
Includes: 16MB ot Business Software 48MB ot Communications 124MB ot Graphics and Sound demos 28MB ot Development Software 5MB of Disk and HD tools 30MB of Docunents 43MB of Games 18MB of Graphics Software 79MB of Music Modules t4MB of Music Software 493MB of Pictures 28MB at Utilities.
Aminel 16 will be out by the time you read mis. Order not for only 12.99. Pre order Amlnet 17 for only 11.99 MUI and AmigaGuide) make finding and executing of software packages straight from the cd a snap.
With Meeting Pearls, no archives need to be unpacked, all programs can be started from workbench. For tho first time, protection bits, which usod to get discarded during CO - ROM production, are preserved. And as was the case with earlier volumes, access tools have been improved noticeably.
There Is probably no other Amiga CD that can be configured according to one's personal preferences In so many aspects - but fortunately doesn't require the user to do so.
NEW MEETING PEARLS 4 CODE: CD PRICE: £ 9.99 AMINET 15 CODE: CD384 PRICE: £12.99 Amlnet is the worlds largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software.
Up to 10,000 users access the vast archives dally, and countless programmers publish Initially via Amlnet Only three years after Its Inception, Amlnet now holds the equivalent of more than 9,500 floppy disks at software.
Amlnet CO 15 contains more than 1 gigabyte (uncompressed) at software in thousands of archives.
Since the release of Amlnet 14 more than 500MB has appeared. The current Amiga Technologie's certainly knew why they chose the meeting pearls 3 to be Included with their Q-drive.
Everyone who knows the Meeting Pearls series will confirm that I! Otters highest quality at the lowest possible price - and this hasn’t changed with volume 4.
This time, too, only high-quality and wen-tested software pearls have found their way onto his crammed full cd.
A clever system has been devised to prelect the lovers of Amiga games from many undeslred crashes.
Several ditferenl search tools (based on ADULT SENSATIONS 1
(18) £14.99 CD072 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 4,000 Images In glf formaL
(18) £17.99 G0206 (PC H AMIGA DISC) - 4,000 Images In gif formal
(18) £17.99 CO new (PC & AMIGA DfSC) - PICTUES IN 3D In amlga
(1B)C19.99 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 1,700 Images In grf format
DIGITAL DREAMS 2 (18) £19.99 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 1,700
Images In gif format FutLY B8S READY.
(21) £19.99 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - XXX Images in gif rormat FULLY
- Killers -Packers - Oopos
- CU - Lockers ZOOM 2 CODE: CD234 PRICE: £7.99 EDUCATION
- Kids GAMES
- Racing
- Misc
- Platform
- Shoot
- Misc
- WP
- Learning - Misc We listened to your comments about Zoom release
1. Yoo wanted oase-of-uso.
You wanted Instant access, yet allow Ing the ability to Install to hard drlvo.
Top tools, graphic utilities, music utilities, disk utilities, blanker*, lockers, packers, comms stuff, games, sound samples, slideshows, music modules, educational related, business software and much more. This CO has a particular emphasis on productivity software.
Thera Is also a 25MB Magic WB drawer containing icons, backdrops, brushes ETC MUSK
- samples - music utilities
- modules
- Arcade
- Think
- Multiplayer
- Beat
- OoomClones
- Accounts
- Spreadsheets
- Amos - Amiga
- Blitz
- AmigaE
- AmigaC Basic
- Assembly GRAPHICS
- Icons
- Video
- Misc HfV NEW - ADULT SENSATIONS 4 £17.99 CD new (PC & AMIGA
DISC) - animations in amlga format WITH GAMES.
SEXY SENSATIONS (18) £17.99 C0230 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 2,000 SELECTED Images In IFF.
- Raytracing
- Convertors
- Printer
- Comms
- News
- Email
- Misc
- Backup
- Misc - Datatypes
- Monitors - Emulator's MAGICWB
- Brushes - Drawers
- Icons
- Program
- Disk
- Salv Copier
- Misc
- CO-Rom
- OiskCache
- DlskOptim
- Backdrops
• Blankers- Workbench - Virus Woid In ‘j r INTER WORD Only I
9.99 inc Is aasy to usa sad Its standardised Interface even
lets you exchange data can be Imported from Interbase, and
VALHALLA A £14.99 I I h (' In this prequel to the Block 1 ‘ l| buster 'Valhalla and The Lard of Infinity' you play Infinity's mentor on tils quest ot hatred In which A murder Is the ultimate goal.
L. .. . .
Lulk b Hi INTER TALK Only £9.99 inc Top Into the whole new world ot this versatile corr- muncotlons programs.
Phone your favourite online sendees!.
I. ------ ..... ________ J SABRE TEAM £3.00 A gripping and
engaging game... strong stategy eh men! Combines wtth arcade
qction to produce a I real winner. This Is a high-1 ly
enjoyable and better than many other stategy available.
CHESS SYSTEM | £12.00 Ten years In ttm making - unique Intelligent beta- seerch strategy that emulates human creativity -1 brute force aplhi search but brand IMW development In computer chess.
INTER OFFICE Only £19.99 Inc Comes with Inter Word 2.0,1 Inter Spread 2.0 , Interbase |
2. 0 and Inter Ulk 2.Q INTER BASE 2 Only £9.99 Inc Retains ail ot
the power of Its predecessor, presented via a greatly Improved
user | Interface. The programs workbench 273 styling Is a
pleasure to use, even on older 1.2 1 3 Amlgas.
Rise £ 1 Si LEGENDS £12.99 1
c. uanomm ROADKILL £7.99 GUARDIAN £7.99 I XTREME RACING £8.99
TURBO TRAX £7.99 AMOS PD 2 C0033 £14.99 W S FONTS C0043 £8.99
SOUND LIBRARY 2 £7.99 C64V0L2 £7.99 W S CUPART CD042 £8.99
£8.99 3D IMAGES £9.99 3D OBJECTS £9.99 I Is an exciting new 2
Disc Set. Containing over 11000Mb or Science fiction related
I Images, Music, Anlms, 30 objects (Imagine & 1 Lightwave), Sound FX, Docs, Tunes, Info & [Games. Subjects includes Thunder Birds, | Babylon 5, Aliens, Star Trek Next Generation, [2001, Deep Space S, Voyager, Batman, Dr Who, |Bladerunner, Robocop, Total Recall, Tron ETC THE SOUND LIBRARY (2C0) CD101 -E17.99 SCI-FI V2.0 COOE: CD207 PRICE: £17.99 |There are over 800 Images to BMP format versions. Each ot the Directories have been [indexed. The Index can also be viewed.
|Contains Images which have all been generat- [ed or producded using a computer.
| This disc contains every computer Generated | image you will need or use one of the weath ot I software packages to create your own.
F I 1 * +• SOUND TERIFFIC L 2 £1 -J 30 IMAGES CODE: CO280 PRICE: £9.99 AMIGA UTILS 2 £9.99 rtt J 18,000 mods of any format (MOO, S3M, XM IT, Amiga syynthetics...) all by composers In priority, By Groups, then by Kinds; all stored In uncompressed form, readable under all the major platforms. Coming along with 1 f Mb of module players and trackers for many computers. Enjoy this 7-years titanic workl Ustern to 1,000+ hours of music!.
I MAGIC PUBLISHER £39.99 ASSASSINS GAMES 2 £17.991 | Over 40,000 high quality Images in various for- |mats sorted together on a double CD pack.
| Animals, People, Humour, transport, Inserts, | Dogs, cats, Zodiac, Chritmas, Art, babies, [Computers, technology, Cloths, Business, [Educational, Eyo catchers, Seallfe, Space, [Symbols, Christmas.
ti . JfcT DEVELOPER E9.99 WORLD OF CLIPART PLUS(2C0) COOE: CD291 PRICE: £17.99 UPO GOLD C0168 £17.99 30 OBJECTS CO232 - £ 9.99 A comprehensive Library ot 30 objects for Imagine and Lightwave which will enhance any collection.
Enhance any collection. AH the objects you need assembled together on one convenient
CD. This disc has over 650Mb of objects In DXF formaL Inside most
of the headings are even more directories with even more
Also Included are collection of objects from some of (he best graphical 3 dimensional I SOUNDS TERIFFIC| CD044 £8.99 IGRX SENSATIONS | CD105 £8.99 | An tnavative multi format CO - with everything |to do with HORROR. Included oo this disc are | thousands ot pictures of colour films aswell as | tons of true life horror pictures. Hundreds of | Grew sc animations. Hundreds of screams, | stabs, Jabs, Gory sound effects, Horror stories, |Atomospheric haunting music tracks (.mod), |Horror based games and loads more!.
O vf PROF. PCX CLIPART V0L.2 CD053 - £9.99 HORROR SENSATIONS COOE: CD276 PRICE: £17.99 PROF. FONTS & CUP ART VOL.1 CDOZB - £4.99 RAM CHIPS 7?E(tC SINGLE PAW ffAH I 4MB £25 £48 £94 8MB £48 £94 £175 16MB £120 £210 £375 72PIN SINGLE PAIR 4PACK J 4MB £25 E48 £94 8MB £48 £94 E175 16MB £120 £210 £375 Next day delivery charged at 3.50 per order Tetris is the most toyed and played computer games of all time?
This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most played game, nearly all the games are ready to run directly from the CD, and archived version are also at have for i install.
TETRIS SENSATIONS COOE:CO PRICE: £8.99 New Wordworth Wordworth, the World's most popular Amiga word processor, is now even better with the release of Wordworth® 6.
Just look at these new features
• New drawing tools: polygon, regular polygon, bezier curve and
• More Arexx commands and macros.
• Password protection on documents.
• Watermarks.
• Improved RTF file support.
• Over 1000 pieces of clipart.
• 50 Compugraphic fonts.
• CDROM version.
• Plus many other minor improvements and refinements.
An Offer You Can't Refuse Wordworth- 6 is now available on CDROM* at an introductory price |fj of just £39.99** (if you I already own Wordworth? H or any other word processor, you can upgrade for just COMPACT DIGITAL DATA £19.99**). Amazing Value!
Wordworth 6 for £39.99 is pretty incredible value. Better still, for just £10 more you can also buy the complete Digita™ range... The Experts Applaud Since its launch in 1991, Wordworth has grown to become the most successful and most popular word processor ever developed for the Amiga. After all, 250,000 users can't be wrong!
Wordworth15 6 Office contains Wordworth-5 6, Datastore™ 2, Money Matters™ 4 and Organiser 2, all on one convenient CDROM* (if you already own any of these Digita™ products, you can upgrade to Wordworth 6 Office for just £34.99**). [htt.l'-lorr J m ' hgiimsfi J Wordu art h f. '•lortty '¦l.mrr. i AMIGA SUPERSTAR Don't Miss This Special Introductory Offer Call today!
To order, telephone 01 395 270 273, facsimile 01 395 268 893, email sales@digita.demon.co.uk or visit our web site URL www.digita.com. And with the launch of new Wordworth 6, Digita™ has we site URL www.digita.com. clearly demonstrated its continued commitment to the Amiga
* Floppy disk versions also available community. **Plus £3
postage and packaging
Telephone 01 395 270 273 Facsimile 01 395 268 893
Emailsales@digita.demon.co.uk URLwww.digita.com
- A MEMBER Of The D*G;tA GROUP TH..J advert is copyr.ght ,1996
Digita lr.V-naiior.al L-miled and supersedes any previous ssuei
No port of this advert may be reproduced wihoot written
permission Wordworth is registered. And Dalaslore Digita the
Dig.to logo and Money Matters are trademarks of Digita Holdings
Ltd Al c’*-er trademarks jsed .n 'He 'ext o' Vis ad1-*.‘ are me
properties of their respective compon.ei Adverts are tor
general guidance only The Company reserves the right to change
specification and machine requirements at any time All specific
requirements and expectations of the buyer must be agreed in
wr.ting cy “ e company at the time of purchase Whilst every
core has been taken to ensure that the information provided .rt
this advert is accurate. Digita or any associated companies
cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions, or loss which
may have occurred E&OE AJVIIGl Amu (jO* 'ZSMA r. Flying the
Fl®g Intrinsic Tower Case WmMbmmth »¦ ~-
- ----- - uo FIELD* or atjokr i A “•71 !
TkirboCalc 4 IH.I Blitz Supp@rt Mte BLITZ SUPPORT SUITE P61 Red When Excited have released a complete support package for Blitz - essential for all you programmers.
51 Then perhaps you should turn swiftly on to page 34, where Guildhall explain themselves and their new strategy for the Amiga games market. If that wasn’t enough for you, I haven’t even touched on the serious reviews yet. We’ve got bags of stuff on test, from A1200 accelerators to spreadsheets, Blitz addons to Personal Paint, and the first in a number of massive CD-ROM round-ups where you can catch up with some of the excellent silver platters that have come our way in the last few weeks.
As ever, there is much more. We had difficulty producing it in a month, I’m sure it will keep you busy for at least as long. © Where do I begin, to tell the story of...” Oops. Sorry. Slipped into a Shirley Bassey impression there. But it is difficult knowing where to start when it comes to telling you all about the things that have been going on this month.
A good place to start may well be the news pages, where you can read the verbatim letter of intent from Quikpak. Then, perhaps after browsing some of the other interesting stories, you can get stuck in to our feature, which will bring you completely up to date on the Amiga Technologies’ ownership story, with some surprising insights and detailed comment from around the industry.
Imm 1111 I"’1* Nick Veitch Editor Month In View A busy month in the AF offices means another issue jam- packed with everything. Nick Veitch has difficulty getting it all to fit in... i Where do I begin, to tell the story Then perhaps you should turn swiftly on to of...” Oops. Sorry. Slipped into a page 34, where Guildhall explain themselves Shirley Bassey impression there. But and their new strategy for the Amiga games 11 QUIKPAK LATEST Quikpak's planned acquisition of Amiga Technologies is going full steam ahead.
12 NET CORNER The latest web sites woven for you.
14 CD NEWS The way the CD works is changing.
Make sure you're current by reading Vital information for anyone planning the details on __ ,. . . . ¦__ page 14. On sending us their submissions.
15 GET INVOLVED AF announces new long term report.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA 58 PPAINT 7 The Amiga's favourite palette-based art package.
Can it really be improved?
84 AREXX Paul Overaa shows how to manage your web sites.
86 DRAWING A WAGE More tips from Mr Jordache.
61 BLITZ SUPPORT SUITE An indispensable tool for budding programmers.
88 MUSIC-X Darren Irvine attempts to create a song.
90 REAL 3D 2 Discover the power of lighting in Real 3D 2 63 A1200XL The fastest 030 John Kennedy has seen!
94 MULTIMEDIA Ben Vost starts putting it all together!
96 BLITZ John Kennedy solves his picture problems.
64 STORAGE SOLUTIONS The Intrinsic Tower Case, Golden Image's 8x and Eyetech's new Instant Drive.
2? REGULARS 52 PD SELECT Games, utilities and even a virus checker can be found in this month's pick of the PD.
67 TURBOCALC 4 David Taylor studies the latest version of Digita's spreadsheet program.
73 WORKBENCH Do not despair, help is here.
69 SX-32 Expand your CD32 with the latest bit of hardware from Eyetch.
76 AMIGA.NET Motoring madness on the WWW.
80 SUBSCRIPTIONS A new superb offer.
70 CD-ROM ROUND-UP lllick Veitch trawls through the pile of new CD-ROMs.
98 MAILBAG The chance to air your views.
Coverdisks Font Machine
vl. 05 Transform simple bitmaps into colourful typefaces with
this full commercial software.
Plio Jet Pilot & Tommy Gun Experience the thrills and spills of flying with the demo of Jet Pilot.
Mad mayhem in a supermarket with the latest shoot-em-up.
'Jjja fuiii a ui iba hiiijds bib nfd iiy j** tf? 26 BBC & ORIC EMULATION Simon Goodwin takes a step back to his roots and discovers how to emulate the historic BBC and Oric micros that he grew up with.
P!08 This month's CD is packed full of 3D related goodies. Try out the demo of Reflections 4 - Germany's favourite 3D package, the Shareware raytracer Ray Storm or Persistence of Vision. The biggest Gallery ever, plus all the usual useful utilities, games and programs. Enjoy!
£, SCREENPLAY 32 PREVIEWS A brand new beat-em-up coming soon.
34 AF MEETS GUILDHALL Andy Smith talks to Guildhall about their plans for the Amiga.
37 BOSCAR Andy Smith test drives this racing game.
39 TOMMY GUN Turn your enemies into carrot cake!
40 READER GAMES Your gaming efforts put to the test.
44 GAMEBUSTERS The solution to Under a SteeI Sky plus hints on K240 & Valhalla - Fortress of Eve.
M PROGRAM p!04 yot" f W« wtth thj,
* up«rb fuB progrtm U ,ro"lOinX demo of R*fl*c1lo«s 4 wwiOMsi of
Vbloa Coverdisk Instructions AMIM V109 : .‘WorM of At200r &
«Ve®» lOO &snmesm ?CDs FIXE wiM mwy CD EOUF ekAwBf EXTERNAL
SCSI HARD DRIVES A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions
feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator
NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 £234.99 £314.99 540MB SCSI HARD DRIVE 1GIG SCSI HARD DRIVE 2GIG SCSI HARD DRIVE (deduct for uncased drive) _ SCSI+ Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions. £ £ The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive. -a The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives. Syquest removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known
accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on you, A1200 A600. The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in. No need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200. Full instructions and software supplied.
W] Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our FREE '* MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth v which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga.
DATAFLYER ONLY purchsed with a SCSI device SQUIRREL ONLY or purchsed with a SCSI device SURF SQUIRREL WMWB or purchsed with a SCSI device includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga.
NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction * MNP 5 Data Compression • Fax Class I
and II “¦ compatible, Group 3 • Hayes Compatible Full 80 page
manual *12 Months guarantee DISCOLOGY 14400 MODEM £69.99
Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga.
The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology
cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with
an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check
disks for errors etc. 33600 1 NET AND WEB SOFTWARE £34-99 y
ALSO AVAILABLE... Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful
tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will
check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM
drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a
full 50 page manual.
Freephone 0500 340S48 to place your order __ tyv - “ --- d _-A 1 JSMLr
• r’i M APOLLO 1230 LITE £99.99 Highly rated SCSI drive will
store lOOmb per No.l FOR MAIL ORDER 68030 with MMU and
cartridge. Comes % ¥ I FPU. Will take a 4mb Complete with
power supply, SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge or 8mb
SIMM. Fully PCMCIA compatible even with 8mb!
No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER ZIP DRIVES £159.99 OR £199.99 with Squirrel APOLLO 1230 50 PRO £159.99 As above running at 50mhz with two SIMM sockets. Can take up to up to 64mb of RAM APOLLO 1240 1260 68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accelerator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pin SIMM (up to 128mb). Fully featured, fan cooled trapdoor Order NOW for immediate despatch fitting accelerator.
APOLLO 1240 25 APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 4MB SIMM £19.99 SMB SIMM £39.99 OR 16MB SIMM £79.99 WHLn 32MB SIMM £169.99 WHLN PURCHASED WITH AN APOLLO ACCELE1 .ATv NEW FULLY BUFFERED INTi Superb top quality CD ROM DRIVE complete with Squirrel for immediate use on the Amiga A1200 or a600.
Includes CD32 emulation. Audio CD player etc as well as its own CD power supply. Cables etc. Can also be used as a personal audio CD player and includes stereo headphones!
Superb IDE CD-ROM drive system for the A1200. Fully featured, top quality drives in a top quality enclosure with built in power supply. All i cat)les- software including CD32 emulator and audio CD player etc.. included for immediate use. The CD-ROM interface supply plugs inside the A1200 (exceptionally easy to fit by anybody) and provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200. Next to the mouse socket.
COMPAQ, double SPEED CD-ROM with Squirrel ONLY £139.99 6 SPEED + SQUIRREL £209.9!
8 SPEED -i- SQUIRREL £259.99 PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INFORMATION SHEET 16 9.9 9 Hhj £199.99 CD-ROM DRIVES UuuI'Ji l DOUBLE SPEED CD-ROM DRIVE WITH SQUIRREL Fully featured SCSI CD-ROM drive for use with the l2i0 A600. Simply connects via the PCMCIA port. V m MEDIAVISION RENO CD-ROM + SQUIRREL £114.99 ULTRA CD-ROM DRIVE Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 com- puters come complete with fit- , flj j * ting cable, screws, partition- .
Ing software, full mstruc- tions and 12 months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are format- s ted. Partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for the A1200) installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
(credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders [made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- All prices include VAT. Postage and packing wfi; be charged at. £3.50 per order mjy.t, £7.50 FT.rope and £12.50 res' of 'be v orfrj.
Access. Visa, Switch, Delta.
Connect etc accepted _ he World's FASTEST and... w the BEST VALUE too!
For all Zorro-II III Arnicas & Tower System A1200s with Zorro-II backplanes. The core of this great board is the NEW VIRCiE GRAPHICS CHIP from S3. With 3D capabilities it's able to process complex 3D functions in hardware (eg. Shaded iexlured surfaces) with Trilinear Filtenng and Shading Fogging for super realistic Real Tome 3D Rendering.
When used with CybetGraphX 3D Library. Cybervision 64 3D can even offer a broad range of 3D facilities for any software developer. OPTIONAL EXPANSIONS...
• MPEG Decoder - added to the Feature Connector to provide real
time MPEG audio and ideo decoding at full si e custom screens
or. In Workbench windows (HQ display using 16(24 Bit modes from
CyberGraphX Workbench). Stereo audio output is provided via the
supplied dedicated line output jack. Upgrade to a Cybervision
64 3D and MPEG bundle (from previous Cybervision 64) for a
SPECIAL LOW PRICE! - Call for full details now!
• Monitor Switcher - w ith integrated scan line doubler. Designed
to lit into the Amiga slot this gives automatic switch over
from the standard Amiga signal to Cybervision 64 3DA output.
Both cards may be fitted inside A3000 4D00 models leaving three
Zorro-II! Slots free.
Cybervision 64 3D... 1Mb Version £219" GHBB Options... MPEG Decoder £174‘W Monitor Switcher *84" AMIGA 68040ERC and 68060 ACCELERATORS Nov. you can choose between the 6804Q 40ERC Cyberstorm II or the ultra powerful 68060 version, When you fit aCyberstorm II68060 Accelerator to your A3QOO, A3000T, A4000 or A40C0T you can, for example, render a graphic with Imagine 2.0 software in just 2.4minx..T Compare that with a massive 10.34 mins on a standard A4000 *040 25! With pers both Cybcrstorm Iis are fully plug and play and A4000 users can choose the option of a SCSI-2 module (A3000 users already
have SCSI built into their Amiga hardware).
• Up to 128Mb of standard SIMMs can be installed and you ean even
transfer the 72Pin SIMMS from your Amiga A4000 straight onto
your new Cvberstorm.
• Optional SCSI-2 module available
• If your budget currently only covers the cost of a Cybcrstorm
II6X040ERC. You can always upgrade later to the full 68060
processor for extra power.
Cybcrstorm II tO.MHz 680 tOEKC - 0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb I m £329.» Cybcrstorm II SOM Hz 68O60 - 0Mb - Expandable to 128Mb ma £529.99 Cyberstorm II SCSI-2 Module £89.99 Cyberstorm II SIMM RAM Expansions (please call for prices) £Call Comparative MIPS performance figures measured using Syslnfo luich board had the appropriate SIMM fitted (required lo actu ate accelerator 2040erc A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU - 40MHz 68040 0Mb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb 30MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted 1 240t erc A1200T* TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU for *TOWER SYSTEMS 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb
Std, Exp. To 128 256Mb 30MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted 1230-1V A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU - 50MHz 68030 0Mb Standard, Exp. To 128 256Mb
9. 91MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted Blizzard 1240T ERC Turbo
Accelerator Memory’ Board A super LOW COST A1200 Turbo
Accelerator Board, ideal for housing an any 'Tower System
A1200 main board (mechanical dimensions, high power
consumption and heat emission require an active cooling cap -
we therefore do not recommend fitting to standard A1200's
without the appropriate modifications etc.). The "ERC"
Processors used on these boards are recycled and vigorously
tested 68040 CPUs operating at 40MHz with MMU FPU - an
excellent guaranteed and competitively priced alternative.
Available options such as the SCSI-IV Kit and RAM are shared
with the Blizzard I230-IV and 1260.
1240T ERC Turbo tOMHz 68040 & MMU FPU -------- 0Mb. 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128 256Mb £249 I FDLLooUou Blizzard 2040ERC Turbo Accelerator Memory’ Board The Blizzard 2040ERC is a super new LOW COST board which offers A2Q00 owners the opportunity to upgrade to the same performance as our Bltz ard 1240T ERC board. Users wifi then be able to enjoy full A400G 04Q power as well as take advantage of the built in SCSI-2 interface.
The "ERC" Processors used on these boards are recy cled and vigorously tested 68640 CPUs operating at 40MHz with MMU FPU - an excellent guaranteed and competitively priced alternative.
2040ERC Turbo 40MHz 68040 & NLMl FPU 0Mb. 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb £309* Blizzard 1®0 MkIV Turbo Accelerator Memory’ Board The highest performing 68030 accelerator available for Your A1200!
With it's 50MHz 68030 and MMU. The 1230-1Voffers BETTER PERFORMANCE at a LOWER PRICE! With a Syslnfo rating of
9. 91 (using a 60 Nanosecond SIMM) you can see the 1230-1V is
very fast... a performance gain of up to 5005? Is achieved!
Via its Fast Expansion Bus, an optional SCSI-2 Controller module can be easily fitted. An industry standard SIMM socket provides for up to 128Mb of auto-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAM (or up to 256Mb w Ith the SCSI-2 option using its extra SIMM socket).
1260 2060 A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU - 50MHz 68060 0Mb Standard, Expandable to 64 192Mb
38. 71 MIPS with Single Sided 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM The Blizzard
1260 Turbo Accelerator Memory’ Board offers Amiga A1200
owners FULL 68060 POWER with a board that plugs into the
trapdoor slot!
Your A1200 will operate at iwice or even three limes the speed of an '040 based upgrade and up to five times the speed of a standard A4000! Available options such as the SCSI-IV Kit and RAM are shared w ith the Blizzard 1230-1Y and 1260. .----- ¦jyiifimliaBilfl 1 cacv TRAPDOOR 1260 Turbo 50MHz 68060 & MMU'FPU TT 1 nqsTALLATION 0Mb. 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 64 192Mb kWy | ho ' A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU - 50MHz 68060 0Mb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb
38. 71 MIPS with 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted Blizzard 2060 Turbo
Accelerator Memory’ Board offers A1500 2000 owners the same
specification as the Blizzard 1260 Turbo (AI500 2000x will
operate at up to five times the speed of a standard A4000)
with FULL 68060 POWER & also includes built in SCSI-2
interface' If you want the fastest A1500 2000 around... fit a
Blizzard 2060 now!
2060 Turbo 50MHz 68060 & MMI FPU with built in SCSI 2 0Mb, 32-Bit l ast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb 1230-IY Turbo 50MHz 68030 & MMI 0Mb. 52-Bit Fast RAM Expandable to 128 256Mb Fast 60 Nanosecond SIMM RAM Expansions 32-Bit. "2 pin Call for prices I Motorola Maths Co-processor 68882 PGA type FPI , 50MHz £139* ?
How to Order from GH... SCSI-IV KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IY. 12-40T ERC and 1260. With additional 128Mb SIMM socket 'Fast SCSI-2 DMA Controller - up to lOMb sec transfer rates with additional SIMM socket allowing extra memory to fee fitted) ? ?* £8n BY PHONE: Simply call our order line. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Access, Switch, Connect, Delta AMEX and Lombard Creditcharge (most 'store cards' are Lombard eg. Dixons, Currys etc) • WITH NO TRANSACTION SURCHARGES!
BY POST or FAX: Include your name, address and daytime evening phone fax number plus order details. If charging a credit debit card include... number and valid from expiry date (and issue number with Switch cards). Make Cheques (please allow 7 days clearance).
Drafts or Postal Orders payable to Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
GH PRJCES: Please remember to confirm prices in case you are looking at an 'old' magazine. Prices can change (up or down) before the magazine's cover month has passed. Please confirm before sending orders by post. Prices inc. VAT at 17.5%. DEUVERY: We offer prompt shipment with fully insured express delivery options throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide at a very modest cost.
COST OF DEUVERY TO MAINLAND UK ADDRESSES ONLY: Standard Delivery (2 to 4 working days from date of despatch) - £7 Express Delivery (next working day from date of despatch) - £10 NON UK MAINLAND DESTINATIONS - please call for times prices etc. EXPORT: Most items are available Worldwide, and at TAX FREE PRICES to non EC residents and most overseas UK Armed Forces Personnel (with CO's document).
GH WARRANTY: Standard 12 month warranty or, ask about GH's optional comprehensive extended options which are always recommended for professional users to minimise costly down time. Ask GH for full details.
Please Note: Memory, SIMM & FPU prices may change without warning due to exchange rate fluctuations.
Please confirm price prior to ordering.
OUR OPENING TIMES ARE... Monday to Saturday,
9. 00am until
5. 00pm Blizzard and Cyberstorm products use MOTOROLA 6X0X0
series processors They run WITHIN the dectncal timing
specification laid down in Motorola lo prevent any possible
merhe3ting reliability' problems. So. When y ou pay for a
50MHz CPU for example, that's exactly what you get not a Ri,
33 or even a 25Mllz CPI ‘docked’ to 50MHz! Look out for lb.
MOTOROLA MOTIVATED logo - your guarantee of our commitment to
quality and reliability - BEWARE of 'docked' CPI's' T FKC and
ERC Processes used on selected board' are recycled and
vigorously tested 111 Jlj 6hfiRi CPI's operating at tOMHz - an
excellent guaranteed ami competitive!) Pneed alternative OUR
CVCOIVIPUTERS Dept. AMF D3 New Street, Alfrcton, Derbyshire.
DE55 7BP 01773 836781 or FAX: 01 773 831040 email:
100271.3557ecompuserve.com STANDARD )£BI EXPRESS j& u h What
the Magazines think.. Amiga Shopper 91% STAR BUY ...the
Blizzard 1260 is destined to become the ultimate object of
desire for A1200 owners’ Amiga Computing 92% BLUE CUJP.want
lire fastest Amiga in the World, get this board Amiga Format
'...Ride on the fastest At200 in the World... - 95% GOLD
Rating °Pen Could an end be in sight foi the long running
Amiga buyout saga? Quikpak look to be in the lead at the
moment but can they pull it off? Ben Vost investigates.
J PaSf few Orrii"nodore l°ya'C fhaf we 'S do,I’g to see years have n the ovvnersh new year and maybe, just rr a new owner for the Amiga.
• "u can see from the letter from r „u• maybe, As UUWbH- 1 , I L
IK 1. 1 E Cl JL whether the}' have the ii dI* nor o n 1 y to b
e a b 1 e order not only 10 uc auie u puicu the intellectual
rights and invento rhat makes up Amiga Technologic.- but to
drive it forward with new development, new machines, and, most
importantly, some sort of' marketing spend.
Is they a Ire It see ms second item well in new machines and an card, which you about in our ' ' Whoever tea i b u y; important is stays bought an more. 1 997 loo more new an d thrives once ks set to bring cl innovative products to the Amiga market man aimosi any history, but thes soon become unless there owners to .. ... ; ..... Amiga formal wish Q the best of luck and A JL JL.you can see trom Dave Ziembicki and Dan Robinson of Quikpak, they certainly appear to be serious about their intention to buy our beleaguered machine.
However, it remains to be seen whether the}' have the requisite cash in 1 ’ to purchase cl inventory :ady have the hand with two accelerator . Cad more tore on page 18.
Wiiucvct uuys the Amiga is relatively unimportant. What is iniDortant is that it gets bought, than almost any year in its products wi u n a vail able are new Amiga buy them. We at Ash Quikpak
• s,
o "..... Wc Micve7mcnt at Ikftk lnhl Am'gz- We fig"fthc A1200 f
ofo*'“ «... h, *» “»W5c * “ A"« IW , ' “ *»w **.
Tr,v‘ng t0 bc * me Am,gu cToZnbi-'1" £an R°t inson director nf R • ...... Godspeed.
HURRY, HURRY If you haven’t yet entered any of our excellent Christmas Compos to win, amongst others things, Surf Squirrels, Phase Cds, Dopus 5.5s and Siamese Systems, from issue 92, you only have until January 31st 1997 to do so. The results will be given in next month’s news pages.
COMING SOON The coming months look set to keep us very busy indeed. We will have full, in-depth reviews of new products such as the long-awaited Lightwave 5, the 3D accelerated Cy'oerVision64 3D, HiSoft’s new contribution to the multimedia scene with Media Magic, a guide to making your own tower system for your A1200 and more tutorials on topics you want to learn about. Stick ’with us and you’ll have a great 19971 DEMON REPORT Demon Internet Services recently sent us a self- congratulatory press release giving us details of their phenomenal growth last year. In case you weren't aware, Demon
was started in 1992 with a customer list of just 200 people. Now, it has more than 95,000 users on a wide variety of platforms, including a significant proportion of UK Amiga netters.
It is unique in offering a 5Mb virtual web server that can be used for commercial purposes and also offers 24 hour telephone support and local access throughout the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. If you fancy signing up with the biggest ISP in Great Britain, why not give them a call on 0181 371 1234.
.aragon 'Publishing have just launched a new book for owners of Lightwave on any platform called Exploring Lightwave 3D. Written by Todd Payne, the supervising director at EyeDeal Images, and Robert Rosenbaum, a producer director for a New York- based public broadcaster, it is a 512 page perfect bound paperback tome which takes all levels of expertise through to the heights of professional-quality animation. The book has a colour section and comes with a floppy disk containing the models used in the tutorials making it a complete tutorial solution.
Under special focus in the book are advanced modelling topics that are always the subjects of many questions such as spline patches, using metaform and boolean modelling.
There is also a theory section that doesn't just apply to Lightwave, but also any other 3D graphics package. Subjects covered here include colour and lighting theory, camera and film theory and directorial techniques.
For more information on this admittedly expensive book (it will retail at £64.99) you can wait until our next issue when we will review it in full or contact Paragon Publishing on 01604 832149 c A kv] N e t Every month Net Corner will keep you up to date with all that's new and Amiga-related on the Internet. If you have any recommendations why not send us an email? Put "NetCorner" in the subject line and email us at amformat@futurenet.co.uk news that Demon present this month, market information company Key Note say that their figures suggest only 3% of British homes are connected to the
internet, compared to 14% of American homes that are online.
Even so, they believe that by the year 2000 about 12% will be wired and the internet will no longer by the plaything of the affluent, middle class intelligentsia, but used by people from all Trua.fe-iu walks of life.
They also predict that there will be more female Internet users the || majority will remain with the men.
If you would like more Netizen. Information on INTERNOT, MORE LIKE In a slightly dour counterpoint to the good Well, where's my page then?
This topic, you can call Key Note on 0181 783 0755 and request a copy of their study, Internet Usage in the Home at a price of £205.
UKSEARCH Mistral Internet are proud to announce their own UK- oriented web search site Find out more about America with Netizen.
Do you think you know a lot about the Amiga? Are you willing to help others less fortunate than yourself?
You might have expertise in a particular topic that you are happy to share, or a solution to a common problem. If so, get in touch with us.
We want to set up a worldwide database of expert Amiga users that less experienced Amigans can turn to for help. We haven’t yet decided on how to present this database - it will probably end up on the CD - but that will almost certainly depend on the level of response we receive from our readers. Sencl us any pertinent details to: We Can Help You, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth St., Bath BA I 2BW.
Entries from individuals or clubs are equally welcome.
Corner that databases over 250,00( websites based in the UK.
The search criteria are flexible and easy to use and most importantly don't return thousands of overseas websites which are of absolutely no use to the searcher. You can find UK Search at: http: uksearch.com.z1 Im-uptjiI rcrsaj Your Game* CD-X uncovered Sadeness PD responded to the bine cross taped inside our window with a cryptic message stating that they had found a winner for the competition run in our December issue. The competition was to find a name for Sadeness' new CD covering all soi ls ol topics relating to the paranormal and supernatural and Miguel Neves from Portugal came up with
’The Hidden Truth' as his suggestion.
? The Bradford Column Well done Miguel, you should be receiving Sadeness' complete HD back catalogue very soon and you can look forward to all their releases this vear too!
J r" r* 1 The Hidden Truth uses your favourite web browser as its interface- in the Gasteiner Spotlight place in the Hammersmith Novotel.
The)' haven't quite finalised the details for the show yet, so eager punters wanting to know more information should contact Gasteiner on 0181 345 6000 and tell them we sent you.
We’ve had shows in Canada, shows in Germany but none in this countiT for nearly a vear now. Gasteiner j thought this was far too long to wait, so they've told us about their Spotlight Amiga 97 show to almost certainly take There are also sections for a quote of the day (which can often be extremely amusing) and a daily poll which you can enter with just a simple click of your mouse button.
Netizen is dead easy to find if you read Amiga Format - simply point your browser at: http: www.netizen.com. WEIRD SCIENCE Weird Science sell Cds.
Everyone knows that.
But what you probably don't know is how many different ones they sell.
Take a trip to their website to see animated gifs in profusion - which don't take forever to download.
Http: www.weirdscience .co.uk. PHASE 5 If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with Phase 5's PowerUp project, or you want to find out more about the latest revisions to the CyberGFX or new CyberGL standard, this site is the place to find it.
English and German versions are available for you polyglots out there.
Http: www.phase5.de Tis traditional, in this post- Christmas lull, for columnists to look back fondly on the highs of the previous year. But perhaps we should forget about what's been achieved and consider instead what lessons the Amiga community will have learned from the last twelve months.
First of all, good quality, reasonably priced, software does sell. In amounts that would make many of the ‘Outside Top 10 But Still In The Top 50' CD-ROM releases leave the room in embarrassment. When Guildhall Leisure Services recently re-launched some of the Microprose Amiga back catalogue titles under license, four of them hit the Amiga Top 20 charts within the first week of going on sale. Many independent retailers’ Amiga sections are looking fuller than ever, thanks to companies such as Guildhall (see our special report on page 34), and the retailers who have taken the range are
reporting very healthy sales.
"...the retailers who have taken the range have reported healthy sales.” Even Game and Electronics Boutique. And no wonder, with titles such as Dogfight. UFO: Enemy Unknown and Colonization appearing on shelves at prices between £9.99 and £14.99. And this is not just a one-off either, Guildhall are (we can exclusively reveal) now relaunching some of Electronic Arts’ classic titles at the same price range - Road Rash, Desert Strike, Wing Commander. PGA Golf, FIFA Soccer and the majestic Theme Park.
Cynics might point out that these ‘classics' are, in fact, old. And it would be hard to disagree with that.
So I won’t. But it’s still encouraging for anyone out there wondering whether to bother finishing that game they started programming (just have realistic expectations - unlike one or two of the more recent Amiga ‘start-up’ publishers). Besides, old games can still provide much enjoyment - witness how many PlayStation owners rushed out to buy Bubble Bobble & Rainbow Islands - titles that Amiga owners were playing almost a decade ago, but that’s another story... Dale Bradford remembers a time when men were men, sheep were sheep and video games all had ‘Pong' in the title.
This may explain why we remind you, yet again, that any opinions expressed here are entirely his own, not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
The Worlds Largest Amiga Shareware Collection.
THE NETIZEN The Netizen is an online magazine and part of the Hotwired empire. It's updated every day and although it has a US bias most of the time it comes in handy if you want to find out what's going on over the pond.
H. * . mm mmrn _ H. Witness the entire Weird Science range "We've
got all the pictures, sounds, music, text and effects we need
for our mammoth multimedia production. Now ail we need to do
is put it all together."
MULTIMEDIA TUTORIAL PAGE 92 Your CD submissions wanted ne of the things that makes the Amiga Format CD the best on the market is the sheer quantity of high-quality reader submissions we receive.
There's only one problem Amiga Format’s Top 10 Reasons to... get a Graphics card more of ¦*- _ However, before you just fill a disk up with the latest things you've downloaded from Aminet, MODs or sound samples of dubious provenance and bung it in the post to us, you should make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. From next month's CD (AFCD11) we will no longer be able to accept reader submissions that don't have a reader warranty included in their AF ReadMe file. The reader warranty is available in several places on the CD, but for those altruistic souls amongst you without the
wherewithal to purchase a CD-ROM drive that still wish to contribute to the CD issue, it goes like this: In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format I hereby warrant that:-
(1) the material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights; Canon BJC 4200
(2) the material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984; Only a
short time ago Canon announced the RJC-4 100, but they have
already superceded it with the imaginatively named BJ (44200.
It, like its predecessor, enthusiastically supports Canon’s
new PhotoRealism standard which is a three part system
consisting of special paper, photo ink and the Canon Colour
Image Processing System (conveniently easily shortened to
CCIPS) and is capable of printing at a true resolution of 720
x 360 clots per inch in a much wider range of colours than
other inkjets, according to Canon. Best of all, this high
technology, full-colour printing, inkjet beastie is available
at the wallet-friendly price of only £269. To find out The
new PhotoRealism range from Canon should see them more
information, contact climbing straight back on to the top of
the inkjet heap. Canon on 0121 680 8062.
(3) that there are no legal claims against the material provided;
(4) that I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
You should also take careful note of the conditions in the Submissions Advice file found in at least four places on the CD. It would be a shame for us, and a waste of your money, to have to put your contribution in the bin simply because you haven't included the warrant or followed some of the instructions given. Now, get on with it! Paint those pictures, create those animations, program those games and utilities and send them to US!
If you have a big box Amiga and you don’t have a graphics card, you might be missing out. Here are the reasons why... Ilf you have an ECS machine like an A2000 or A3000 you're missing out on using software in 256 colours or more.
2 Graphics cards no longer cost the earth.
Even a Picasso II won't cost you more than £200.
3 Higher resolutions mean more space on the screen. No more will you have to be continuously moving, resizing and closing windows to be able to see what you are doing.
Graphics cards are far faster than any Amiga chipset and don't take 4 as much processor time.
AGA DblPAL Hi-Res No Flicker in 256-colours is slower than a snail nailed to the floor while 1024 x 768 in 256 colour on a CyberGraphx card goes faster than a politician on a junket.
5 The more graphics card owners there are, the more commercially sensible a game like Doom for the Amiga becomes because graphics cards all use chunky graphics as opposed to bitplanes.
6 Modern serious software likes and even sometimes prefers a graphics card to native graphics, offering greater flexibility and more options.
If you have a graphics card, you will be able to use software like 7 Photogenics, imageFX and Art Effect in true 24-bit colour, an option not available any other way.
8 Using a Graphics card frees up the chip RAM you would normally have to use for screen display, leaving it there for other uses, such as sound samples.
9 Running Syslnfo on a graphics card screen makes your machine seems vastly more powerful than when you run it on a native screen.
A graphics card is T ( 1 Practica|,ya I necessity for running emulators like PCX or ShapeShifter, where performance can sometimes be as much as 20 times greater than on native graphics.
Page Stream 3 MU I OctaMED Director)' Opus 5 I Browse AWeb Voyager Pfaint ADPro Master ISO Lighcwave Cinema4D Imagine •.
Squirrel Zip Drive A4000 Supra 28.8 Fax Modem Turbo text Blitz Basic CanDO Women of the Web Tjrecl of.spending your time on the Internet looking for pictures of your favourite actress pop-star minor TV celebrity? Not only is it costly in phone bills, but you can spend ages searching different places and find the pics are all the same.
Well, those nice people at Sadeness have finally put the finishing touches to their CD compilation ot all sorts of pictures from all over the Internet. The pictures can even be accessed by your web browser, because they are all organised in a structure of interlinked HTML pages.
Everyone from Jennifer An is ton to Xu Xu (pronounced Shoo-sho), whoever she may be, is on here, so whv not save the 7 phone bill and get in touch with Sadeness now on 01263 722109.
Here at Amiga Format, we truly believe that our readers are among the most intelligent and perspicacious Amiga users on the planet. Therefore we have decided to take the unique step of getting you to write for us. We want to .start a section on long term renews of products that have been out for a while and what you now think about them now that you have been using them for a while. Your review should consist of no more than 300 words describing what you think about the product in question and, if you like, you can give the product an overall .score. Please include your name and address and
the version of the product you are reviewing, if applicable, with your review and, if possible, we would like a picture of you to accompany your piece. You can send your review to Long Term Tests, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth St. Bath Bal 2BW. Here’s a selection of products that we are especially interested in seeing your Mews on, but if you have a bit of software or hardware not mentioned here, feel free to let us know your opinion of that instead.
1. TurboPrint Prof 5.0
2. AsimCDFS v3.6x
3. Ibrowse (German)
4. Personal Write
5. Siegfried Antivirus
6. Personal Paint 6.4
7. Picture Manager 4
8. Siegfried Copy 2.0
9. Blitz Basic 2.1
10. Directory Opus 5.5 Courtesy of GTI (0049 8383 9519) liyama
15" monitor Iiyama UK Ltd., the oddly- named leading supplier
of 17” and 21” monitors in the UK are launching a new,
low-cost 15” monitor called the Vision Master
350. It will work beautifully on any Amiga with an RTG graphics
card such as a Picasso, and offers refresh rates of 75Hz
flicker-free at 1024 x 768 resolutions. Better still, liyama
have increased the warranty on the new monitor to three
years instead of the previous two year deal, It includes a
first year swap on-site followed by two years of return to
base warranty. Street price for the monitor is expected to
be £260 arid you can call liyama on 01438 745482 for further
Weird Science Ltd. Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel. +44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 (0)116 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscicnce.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk The Amiga System Booster Cl) enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb i collection of tools to push the k capabilities of the Amiga to the M limits. Nearly all the fantastic M utilities can be started by simply m direct from the compact disc. No de-archiving required. The the contents include a vast * collection of screen blankers, mouse tools A commodities, A backup, file
management, M ‘ caclic programs to optimise system performance, data A Aminet Setdated July 1996, consists of 4 gigabytes of software in 9J000 archives.
Including the full versions of Imagine 4.0, XiPaint 32. Octamed 5.0. With 95 megs Utilities, 79 megs Documents, 40 megs Text Software, 12 megs Disk HI) Tools, 7 megs Hardware related. 756 megs y Pictures & Animations, 20 megs Graphics software, 394 megs Graphics & Sound Demos, 563 megs Games, 685 megs Music modules, 2 megs Music software, 131 megs Communications and more.
Recovery, CD-ROM utilities, fa jJ virus killers and a whole kfa' host more. M* JT Xminet Set I or 2. Consist of 4 gigabytes of software in 12,000 archives. The software is on four compact discs. With Utilities, i Documents, Text Software, DisklHl) Tools, ¦ Hardware related, Pictures & Animations, % Graphics software, Graphics & Sound Demos, Games, Music modules. Music software, Communications, Amiga Development software. Business Wjjk software and more. All of the archives are easily accessible with a simple B3A Index menu system with search.
The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Build CD and ISO CD, Envoy
2. 0 package. Enforcer, Workbench 2.0,3.0,3.1 tools and documents
with the updated native developers kit. SANA II package and
the installer package. Also included is a vast amount of info.
Mwms'l The Amiga Repait Kit CD comes complete with the all
with all the tools required to backup and rescue your precious
data on hard drives.
ILAsit C) will rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks etc. During the process it will attempt to fix all problems caused by software failures or physical damage.
. Is a superb program that will allow you to restore your valuable' data even if the Rigid Disk Block has been destroyed or over written. - . can recover files from normal ] i or corrupted disks. '“ Aminet, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the Lsite.s latest software uploads. Each volume contains about LI gigs of, archives with a superb menu system for un-archiving the files and a simple search facility to help you find exactly the file required. The M search facility will even list the compact disc that the file is on. The f latest Aminet CD's contain a
theme. The Aminet 16 theme is music modules. Aminet 15 is available now and so is Aminet 16.
WS A Aminet CD's 12 to 14 are also still available.
WjvJjJ ! |iJ gll vv v .vvsi rcl j ci er i c e. c o. u I Magic Publisher comprises of four compact discs and on this unique CO-ROM set you will find alt sou need to create professional looking documents. There art mart than ItlftlMl Fonts (Colour Fonts. Hit map. Ill, t tiohe.
Intellifonts. Truetype iV DMF), more than SfiOO clipart.
Many of these are exclusive to this compact disc. Full commercial versions of Final Writer 4 S' :' and W ordworth 4 TO arc included. Roth rated as great word processors on tin Amiga. Tools for creating W W VV pages along with backgrounds and special clip art fur this purpose is also included. : ::: r..j!
JjJ ODH AiJ r J OLUSJ i4 collection 18,000 music modules arranged of four compact discs all sorted by composer, groups and type.
All stored ready to use from the compact discs. Provided with II megs of Module lists and 25 megs of module players for many different computer platforms.
This 7 years titanic work provides over a Workbench Add-on CD (Utilties) £ 24.95 1,000 hours of music enjoyment along with information on may of the composers whose work is featured.
Meeting Pearls 4 (Software Collection) £ .95 Giga Graphics Four CD-ROMs Image Collection £ 19.95 Xi-Paint v. 4.0 24 Bit Image Manipulation £ 49.95 Global Experience Commercial Demos Software £ 24.95 Art Studio 24 Bit Paint Package £ 39.95 (iTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438 Email: amiga(&gtigermany.com International Distributor The Euro CD contains a vast variety of programs and data for the Amiga in the Aminet mould. Jlowever this CD differentiates itself by have the contents ready to run without
dearchiving. The contents include Animations 36 megs. Commercial 21 megs. Demo's 65 megs, Disk tools 12 megs, Fonts 12 megs, Carnes 57 megs. Misc. 6 megs, Modules 110 megs. Music 21 megs, Objects 12 megs, Pictures 1LS megs. Presentations 23 megs.
Printer 1 meg. Programs 23 megs. Samples 4 megs. System 10 megs. Text files 26 megs, L tilities 16 megs and Yidules 3 megs. Full English docs, and menus.
(ietting an Amiga connected to the Internet is one of the most difficult tasks due to the complex installation routines of AmiTCP and the lack of any real guidance. Not only will this situation change but you will now be able to get connected to the Internet and the WWW without a hard drive or the complicated setting up of the software. Our extensive networking skills have really been put to the test providing a simple connection from a compact disc providing a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting up is done automatically for you with the
connection program provided. All that is required is the answers to a few simple questions. In addition the Cl) contains all the tools required for both the beginner and expert, full instructions on getting connected and many very helpful documents on the Internet and WWW. The tools include AmiTCP, Mail, FTP, WWW' and many more. In addition there is a section on WWW page creation with clip art and creation tools. Easy Hard Drive installation possible but not required.
ST = Wondering what all this World Wide Web is all about, worried about expensive connection and telephone bills, concerned that it may not be for yon. Well check it out without the connection or telephone charges with 'Oul-of- the-Net'. This compact disc contains the contents of actual WWW sites for you to browse with the Amiga browsers provided, no online costs al all.
It is all included ready to run directly from the compact disc.
There is a diverse variety of sites and subjects covered to give an excellent feel for the WWW whilst you browse for free. Find out about llte WWW without the cost of a connection.
N& rSJ INCLUDES jj -j PLEASE ASK FOR FREE CD OR IT WILL NOT SHIPPED " 'O DTJ&LD2 .uUD'JT _ 4dU'JlblBTSUSlUU'Jsl The Learning Curve CD presents a fantastic and magical journey through exciting subjects brought together for the first time on an Amiga CD. Containing over 32,000 files this title will delight and interest both young and old w ith the vast diversity and quantity of Amiga Educational and Informational programs featured. All of the programs can be run directly from the compact disc with no unarchiving on any Amiga, (Workbench 2.04+.) Encyclopedias have been scarce for the Amiga and
educational compact discs have been virtually non-existent, well now you have a unique CD providing productive entertainment for all aces Must!} ® fV: $ ,? Tiki txtligwto: A 111 K-i D Umh I £3 3L L jJ Following in the Assassins CD tradition we proudly present another 500+ games on CD with the superb Assassins menu system, once again improved with access to each game, it’s requirements, instructions and information. The games can be played from this superb menu.
Aircraft Educational Religion Art Fairy Tales Science Computer Mathematics Astronomy Desktop Utils Spelling Biology Electronics languages Books Engineering Ijleralttre Chemistry | Geography Drama Ecology Health Music Geology History Mythology Hobbies Fhilosophy The music and sounds files cun be uuditioned from an easy to use interface for both a PC & Amiga. Included are 4,400+ modules, 400 extra large modules (over 300k each.) 795 Screamlracker modules, 1 100+ categorised midi files, 4240 IFF samples, 620, categorised WAV samples, 1,000+, Walkabout Instrument samples in WAV & IFF formats,
tOO's of utilities forA Amiga and as a bonus the complete, MidiCraft collection of Midi files.
Hew iacSaalt; ¦u' Szwvti 5 C.H FIRIKIE, SoundStudio has arrived. With fabulous new features including full mixing facilities, save modules as samples, notation editor with printing1, 64 channels, new midi commands, more Toccata support, no sample size limits, fastmem facility and more.
SoundStudio has lifted Amiga music creation to new heights .
A mmc 'hr sM smsncams.
ZjDi DDTDD D 3-DJJj JD3 M" The ren br t in CM2 and Amiga Xftwarking hat just gal to much bitter. Thiv CO is an absolute musi hast far alt Set work Cl) owners. The concept and operation has been improved in every possible seay. The CM2 boots in about 4S seconds, with more memory available and fake fast ram to improve speed. One button press on the mtga can set-up any program to run on both machines, including the entire Srmet set-up at the speed of your choice on both machines So more difficult set-up routines. Sernel now runs at various speeds and it nine the fastest ever. A keyboard and
mouse tan be emulated on the CM2. Twin hiprest can now be controlled from IHIpus. Serlink allows rust downloading of data. Plus io much more Tie beet way to tin • OT12 (s an Assign IjJUSiX DD 3 Includes all the packages previously published by Kara Computer firaphtcs for the Amiga, plus many man . In an exclusive and professional edition reorganised and enhanced by Cloanla Thu CO-ROM contains 80 CoiorFonts. 5 AmmFonls. Hundreds of alternate cotour palettes, Starflelds, ’laijurgrounds, and software for
- special effects in pictures, animations, tilling and
presentations. All items for solo or combined use. The f' Kara
t nllcclion also includes Iwo software packages ‘lb, de vrluped
by Cloanlo to manage bitmapped fonts: | ColorType for colour
fonts and thr 1‘ersonal l onls Maker for black and white fonts,
doth hate been acclaimed as the best in their respective
fields. To make AnimFonls really easy and enjoyable to use. A
fabulous collection of Snim Fonts.
DDLLZDSVjn The very best from Light Horn 1, 2 and J with over 6,000 Lightwave objects and scene file*.
Light Korn Gold was created for those who did not purchase Light Horn 3. The material on Light Rom Gold is compatible with all versions of Ughtware on all platforms. This material is presented using the content directory method for all users of Lightwave 4.0 and higher.
All of the Lightwave objects and scene
• ' files are represented with thumbnail renderings for easy
Women of the Web is an exciting new multimedia experience bringing all the latest Interne!
Technology to the home. This title is compiled in HTML formal, using pictures, text files, animations and sound samples. With over 430 megs of information on over 250 of the world's most beautiful and famous women.
The easy point and click interface makes the whole CD-ROM accessible to both beginners and experts alike. With full colour images and video this compact disc is sure to please.
H'JOnl*}} Dr PrJiSDi JAL JiJ'-T 'J CjJ The Card Gaines CD contains a plethora of card and hoard games for the At and PC. With 250 new Klondike cc sets ready to run from the CD. Games include blackjack, Cribbage, Gin Rummy, Casino, Chess, hoard games, puzzles. Slot machines, Solitaire, Video Poker, Word Games, Lottery and Mahjongg. ¦ A superb and involving CD.
I ck ULU DATED The Fpic Interactive Encyclopedia is an exciting new Multi-Media Amiga CD-ROM.
It features a superb 256 colour interface, 100's of film clips, sound samples, images and subject information. Additional features art Trod need in the UK, very latest information from around the world, .000 's of subjects covered, hot list editor, import new subjects and print facilities.
UGHT-ROM 4, a 2 CD-ROM set for the Amiga, .Mac, Windows , T features all new Lightwave objects and scene files. In addition there is a bonus CD-ROM of 3,000 Jpeg Textures, see below.
UGHT-ROM 4 also includes a collection scene files by Alan Chun.
This set contains wholly new material and is an absolutely superb resource for Lightwave.
Light Rom Four features new royalty free material created with Lightwave 4.0 &
5. 0 versions.
The award winning Multimedia Experience provided for users to create their own stunning multimedia presentations with images, text, video and sound.
With the new low price all users can start multimedia.
The Jully featured World Wtile Wen browser, I Browse makes surfing the net with your Amiga a breeze. Supports HTML 1.2 & 3 as well us Netscape extensions. Caches pages, uses MCI (included) fully compatible with tn-To-The- Net. Works with any video card and will support external datatypes for sounds, animations and video.
Info Nexus 2 atso available for £19.95 with Data Nexus FS.3S. Info Nexus is a directory utility providing easy file management.
J JiXUIulHDlA i&'iilLa J J£,3 Are you confused about who actually owns the Amiga, who is trying to buy it and how far they have got? You are not alone, so now Amiga Format assesses the state of play. What does 1997 have in store for our favourite computer?
There are more bizarre changes of direction in the history of the Amiga than there are in a one kilo bag of Sainsbury’s pasta twists. Over the last few years we have seen the Amiga go through more putative changes of ownership than the average X reg Cortina, and every time it seems like everything’s nearly sorted out, someone knocks the jigsaw off the table again. But this time, just maybe, things are beginning to go right.
As reported in Amiga Formal last issue, Canadian hardware manufacturer Quikpak are attempting to purchase Amiga Technologies from Escom’s liquidators.
In fact, you can read their letter of intent in the news pages, (see page 11) Unfortunately, their deal to acquire Amiga Technologies hasn’t been signed yet, although they are still confident that it is only a matter of time. Also, according to our sources, at least two other American companies are mounting bids to buv the Amiga.
O O THE BUCK STOPPED THERE... For reasons we have been unable to determine, Bill Buck is no longer an employee of Viscorp.
Bill Buck was formerly the CEO of Viscorp, and the public face chosen to represent the company at a number of Amiga events. It was Mr Buck who first announced Viscorp's desire to acquire Amiga Technologies at the World of Amiga Show last year (see AF85), and he was also in charge of the Amiga community gathering in Toulouse, where he tried valiantly to communicate Viscorps vision of the Amiga's future (Audio clips of this conference appeared on AFCD3).
A Viscorp spokesperson declined to comment on the reasons for departure and told Amiga Format that for the present moment (Chairman of the Board) would be assuming Mr. Buck's corporate § THE QUIKPAK DEAL Considering Escom only paid $ 15M for all the Commodore kit and caboodle, $ 20M for Amiga Technologies does seem a little excessive. Quickpak claim that the liquidators require them to buy the existing inventory of Amiga components as part of the deal, which is something they don’t want, and therefore don't feel the need to pay for.
According to Herr Tvschtschenko O though, the current inventory is almost non-existent, as Amiga Technologies has still been selling parts and machines whilst in a state of limbo.
Is it really important that these companies should squabble over a few million dollars when the fate of the Amiga is at stake? Well, nobody ever likes spending more than they have to, but consider that the less Amiga Technologies is sold for, the more money the purchaser will then have to put into development, sales and marketing to raise Lhe profile of the Amiga once again.
..the flow of excellent, freely distributable software from Aminet and other sources is continuous and uninterrupted. This alone is enough reason to stay faithful to the Amiga."
Remember what happened to Escom? Their expansion was fuelled by borrowed money. All those shops, all those adverts, all those little catalogues falling out of everywhere.
And in order to compete in the High street, they had quite low profit margins. Which all led to not having enough cash to spend on the Amiga, or indeed, to stay in business.
How much money do you think you could generate by running Amiga Technologies? Consider the A4000T. It retails at around $ 2000. Now, take off the manufacturing costs, shipping, dealer margins and the rest, you’ll he lucky if you see a few hundred dollars of that money - some of which will have Continued overleaf 4 THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER - WHAT DO THEY THINK?
Urban Muller Aminet Jeremy Ryhll Digita Paul LeSurf Blittersoft I'm not really that bothered about who buys the Amiga, I just hope that something happens soon. At least Quikpak already have a head start since they are already making machines, but I am worried that their focus on the Alpha chip might fracture the Amiga community since Phase 5 are already quite a long way into their PowerPC project.
It's in all of our interests that someone buys Amiga Technologies, so I'm behind anyone that's a serious contender to actually make the acquisition.
But I am not optimistic because frankly, I don't think there are any serious contenders out there at the moment.
I could see one of the tiger economies buying into the technology and getting a leg up on the western Intel Microsoft duopoly and then expanding it themselves.
Contrary to popular belief, I am not an insider when it comes to matters related to the Amiga Technologies buyout.
What I do know, though, is that the flow of excellent freely distributable software from Aminet, and other sources is continuous and uninterrupted.
This alone is enough reason to stay faithful to the Amiga.
While the wrangles and disputes continue, a lonely figure carries on with his work regardless. His daily routine includes opening the mail, answering the phone, selling the occasional bit of equipment and taking the payments down to the bank. Up until 31st December his wages were being paid by Viscorp.
Now he is being paid directly by the liquidators. Hopefully, soon, he will be employed by someone else. His name is Petro Tyschtschenko, and he is the last employee of Amiga Technologies in the head office at Bensheim. He doesn't even share an office with anyone since the only other two employees at Amiga Technologies are based at the warehousing facility in Braunschweig.
Herr Tyschtchenko is forced to perform all the duties, both mundane and exciting, required to keep a business, even a business in liquidation, running. He personally answers all calls since he is also Amiga Technologies switchboard operator and sells machines to companies _ _ like Silica and Costco in this country. It is down to Petro Tyschtchenko that any new Amigas still available in the UK are here at all.
But what does he think will happen to the Amiga? Is it just too late?
"THE AMIGA IS NOT DEAD! The Amiga is just tired, but it's looking to the FUTURE! Two bankruptcies in two years, has made it tired. It is tough and only the Amiga could have had the energy to survive. No other computer ever has such life! It is a miracle. Since the beginning I have been sure that AMIGA will never die because it's a cult computer with the best technology.
"My staff (2), myself (1), and the Amiga community (millions) are keeping Amiga alive.
Day by day, since 15th of July 96 (the day Escom went bankrupt). It's a hard job, but it's a job that we love to do."
Herr Tyschtschenko is also optimistic about buyers for the company, though he replied rather cryptically when asked who these potential purchasers might be: "Some are already gone with the wind, others are playing the game of the never ending story, some are looking only for profit, some would like to pick only the golden nuggets, some have illusions only - I know them all... Myself? I will never give up, I am working on a solution to bring Amiga forward. Amiga is waiting for the future, and there is a future!
Please be aware that to buy Amiga, the intellectual property, the trademark and the inventory is a small part... investment in the technology is the main part, that is the future, that's what the Amiga is waiting for. Amiga is prepared for the future, grab the advantage!"
"...investment in the technology... that is the future, that's what the Amiga is waiting for. The Amiga is prepared for the future, grab the advantage!"
4b to go towards wages, taxes, and other admin costs. So, to recoup a purchase price of even $ 15M, you are going to have to sell well over 50,000 units, maybe even .100,000 units. That’s a lot of machines. No really, it is. It’s probably more A4000Ts than have ever- been sold. It’s certainly more than Escom sold of any sort of Amiga.
Of course, you wouldn’t expect the business to pa}' back straight away, but it puts the proposition into some sort of perspective. For example, Future Publishing, the com pan}-which brings you Amiga Formal ever)' month, and which now publishes over 40 monthly magazines from PC and computer titles through CrossSlitch and MBUK to Total Film, was bought by the Pearson group for just a little over £5M (S8M).
§ GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE.... Both Viscorp and now Quikpak have decided that the asking price for Amiga Technologies is just a bit too steep. Why are the liquidators hanging on? Well, veteran liquidator watchers who were with us the last time that the Amiga’s owners went bankrupt may we LI remember that the liquidators get paid Alan Redhouse Eyetech Group TtiTT ii II llll ifiiiiiffliil *
* * liui imra mw ¦n ii uui mini Kermit Woodall Nova Design The
possibility of Quikpak becoming the owners of the Amiga is
Since the downfall of Escom and Amiga Technologies, Quikpak have continued to sell and manufacture Amigas and have even pushed the development of the Amiga with new models and a new accelerator.
They seem to have proved their commitment to the platform. In the US the future of the Amiga seems fairly solid. The professional Amiga market here is almost entirely video. The Toaster Flyer, Vlab Motion Draco, PAR, and Broadcaster Elite are still leaders in video production and non-linear editing. Our sales, and that of others still developing, upgrading, and advertising, have risen through 1996 and look even better for 1997!
Michael Battilana Cloanto I think that Quikpak has an excellent background to support the Amiga. Now let's see what the liquidators decide. If you ask me about possible Amiga CPUs, I think it is important to consider the price performance ratio.
The PowerPC was chosen several years ago because it was powerful, and it was the only Intel alternative to be produced in volumes that would make it affordable for an Amiga. Things have changed slightly since then, with the Pentium generation taking advantage of newer technologies.
But the problem remains software: Cloanto is ready to port its software to the new platforms, but how many other companies are still here to do the same?
It seems to me that the Amiga can go one of three ways:
1. It can become a specialist, low-volume, high- priced product
like a Sun Workstation. This will make the Amiga irrelevant to
the majority of current users.
2. It can become the basis for an embedded, low- cost, high
volume domestic application.
Computers for a particular purpose have long passed the point where they need to be flexible.
The benefit of this is that the volume of sales means that continued development of the OS kernel is made feasible
3. The OS Chipset can be put into a high volume,
computer-oriented consumer box and sold in those markets where
the cost and complexity of supporting operators precludes PC
Quikpak seem to be aiming more towards 1.
And might thus put the next generation Amiga out of the reach of most people.
Whatever. It isn't really a matter of great urgency for them to sell off the O J company, and indeed, the more money for it they get, the better.
In Viscorp s case, as reported last issue, they didn’t actually have enough money in hard currency to pay the agreed price. Although they have made no statements saying they are pulling out, they are no longer paying the wages of the Amiga Technologies staff, and since their CEO, Bill Buck, has recently departed (and he was the public face of their attempt to secure AT) it would seem that they are, at the least, not as keen as thev once were.
Added to this, the recent statmenis by Carl Sassenrath, long-time Amiga guru, former Amiga software enginncr rather suggest that Viscorp have lost their way a bit. Even notable Amigan Jason Compton, who did a brief stint as PR man for them, has left Viscorp.
At the time they first mounted their bid they were in a good position as developers of what could easily have been the first commercially viable settop box. Without Amiga, that technology is not .so impressive, and Continued overleaf 4 "...it would be very interesting to see if any companies based in the tiger- economies of the East were i n terested."
THE PIOS ANGLE As reported several times before in Amiga Format, the PIOS team were originally set up to create a "next generation" Amiga. Initial attempts were rather frustrated by Escom dragging it's heels, and then the financial collapse of that company - without a definite owner, there was no way to realistically negotiate for rights or licences to key Amiga technology.
The new machine, based around PowerPC technology, was hoped to be fully Amiga compatible, using a new version of AmigaDOS. Thanks to the confused Viscorp Escom? Amiga Technologies situation, this has not been possible.
However, PIOS, whose founding fathers include venerable Amiga names like John Smith and Dave Haynie, have persevered with their project as best they can "in the spirit of the Amiga".
The hardware is not really a problem. Using a mainly off-the-shelf modular approach. The "PIOS one" will contain all the standard I O circuitry plus three PCI slots and two ISA slots. The plug in processor card ( a concept similar to that used in the A4000) approach means that processors can easily be upgraded or changed.
The real problem is the operating system. In order to run on a PowerPC platform, AmigaDos would have to be extensively re-written and recompiled. This is an arduous and extensive task, and without a licence, an impossible one. So PIOS have, as an alternative, chosen to work out a deal with other OS producers.
During January, PIOS were hoping to sign agreements to enable them to ship PIOS 1 with the BeOS software, which provides the pre-emptive multitasking Amiga owners have come to expect as well as virtual memory support Open GL compatibility and many other advanced features.
PIOS also hope to include another operating system called pOS. This OS has been developed by ProDAD, better known as the developers of Adorage and ClariSSA on the Amiga, and is also Amiga compatible. This means developers will be able to create applications which will run on existing Amigas under pOS, or on the PIOS 1 when it is launched. PIOS hope to demonstrate a prototype at the March CeBIT show.
While in essence, this doesn't really have anything to do with the future of Amiga Technologies per se, it certainly provides some idea that there is still plenty of hope for future software development on the Amiga platform.
The Amiga's future will be fascinating. 1995 and 1996 saw the emergence of more new personal computing platforms than we've seen in years, and the Amiga is at the centre of many of the new initiatives. The road isn't going to be easy and we'll be facing some difficult decisions as users and supporters, but the future of alternative computing is secure.
Jason Compton Editor-in-Chief, Amiga Report Magazine David Link HiSoft Assuming that any future Amiga computer will be targeted at the broad- based consumer audience (rather than aiming for selective niche markets), then the new hardware platform must be based on the PowerPC which is the only chipset (apart from the ubiquitous Pentiums and the like) which will gain wide acceptance in the near future and is inexpensive enough to be viable. For the project to be a commercial success, ports would be to PowerPC CHRP system and this, in HiSoft's view, is where any potential Amiga purchaser should
concentrate development.
What users want is a place to run the Amiga OS and existing Amiga applications as well as other operating systems and programs; this platform, with a 68000 interpreter will deliver.
Why not have some cheap A1200s as they are!
Greg Perry GP Software boss I have no recent knowledge of what is exactly happening apart from rumour and innuendo. I did meet the Quickpak people at the AmigaFest show in Canada and they seem quite genuine in their efforts to rescue the Amiga. They were showing off some new machines in at the show and discussing a number of possibilities about new configurations etc. with some of the developers.
My main thoughts are really concerned with wishing the whole process could be sorted out as soon as possible so that: some new impetus can be put into the platform with some dedicated direction being shown by "The New Company" to kick-start '97.
4fm Viscorp have wasted far too much lime to catch up with their competitors in that market, in initial conversations we had with Quikpak, Dan Robinson told us that they had offered to co-operate with Viscorp if thev were successful, but that hardlv seems likely now.
The Amiga too is being hurt by the passage of time. Amiga Technologies is a wasting asset really - the longer it stays on the shelf, the less it is really worth.
What we really need is a new owner j now, and one with some spare cash.
We know that the liquidators have been and will be meeting with other interested parties. We urge them lo try and bring the matter to a swift conclusion.
• • § THE ALTERNATIVES Although it may seem like Quikpak are the
best bet for the Amiga at the moment, it would be veiy
interesting to discover if any companies based in the
tiger-economies of the East were interested. Typically these
companies buy into technology in markets new to them, then pour
loads of money into marketing and development to establish
themselves. Surely die Amiga technology is a very viable
proposition foranvone interested in the home computer market.
Sony? Samsung? A far eastern company owning die Amiga
- that'll be the Daewoo... Quickpak have already developed two
new Amiga systems, and more are on the way.
The A4040LI A4060L is a luggable Amiga, designed primarily for professional video work in the field. It uses a high resolution LCD panel to provide the display, and has the following hardware spec:
• MSRP: $ 4495.00 or $ 4995.00 U.S. ('060 model)
• CPU: Motorola 68040 25MHz CPU or Motorola 68060 50MHz CPU
• RAM: 2MB Chip Ram, 16MB Fast Ram
• Drives: 2Gb hard drive, 6x CD-ROM drive
• Software: AsimCDFS pre-installed The future earning Markus
Nerding, HAAGE & PARTNER Computer THE AMIGA 15 ALIVE - that is
the reason why we are still doing many big projects like
StormC, Art Effect, EasyWriter and even some new ones.
On the hardware side there are some fast 060 boards that can still compete with other Pcs, because of the fast AmigaOS and fast software. Soon there will be PowerPC boards from Phase 5 on sale and Quickpak now sells the first portable Amigas. Mid year we hope to see the PIOS ONE with p-OS (PowerPC native) and some products like StormC p-OS, Art Effect p-OS, EasyWriter p-OS... The Amiga was always something special and it still is.
ALSO COMING SOON: Allying itself with the Anti-Gravity Pentitrator technology, and HiQ's Siamese system, the next generation Amiga from Quikpak will combine a 50 Mhz 68060 Amiga with a 150Mhz Pentium Processor card.
The coupling of these products along with the available MacLite emulation software offers Amiga, DOS and MAC compatibility in a single system.
The 50 50T has a built in ZIF socket, and the PCI slots are accessible by Amiga software, requiring only the appropriate drivers.
• CPU: 68060 50 Mhz and Intel Pentium processor
• Drives: 1.2 Gb Hard drive. High density FDD
• RAM: 18MB RAM (2Mb chip)
• Interfaces: Zorrolll, ISA, PCI and Video slots. SCSI Bus
networking Don't worry, we'll be getting in one of these as
soon as possible to review.
PLUS: Behind the Bamboo curtain. Find out who's behind a new machine which will be popping up in hundreds of Chinese villages very soon.
You'll never guess, you'll have to join us next month.
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' RGW01 Simon Goodwin steps back in time to re-acquaint himself with the machines he grew up with.
Keyboard Programs Rian Nixon 1987 Freely copiable for educational use in UK INSTRUCTIONS Both Acorn’s BBC micro and Tangerine’s One machine appeared in the early 1980s. And were responsible for introducing many youngsters to the wonders of an eight colour palette, MOS technology, a 65020A processor and three channel mono sound.
There are good Amiga emulators for both systems and you can emulate either without investing in a super-fast modern processor. The BBC Micro was more sophisticated in term of graphics and programming, but also relatively expensive.
BBC MICROS Acorn’s BBC Microcomputer arrived in 1981, after a deal between Acorn and the UK broadcasting corporation. The BBC wanted to base a series of TV7 programmes around a new, British computer. Acorn scooped the contract, and guaranteed sales into UK schools.
The first computer encountered by many ‘80s pupils flashing combinations. Sound comes from the ubiquitous three channel sound chip, limited to square waves, with poor pitch and volume resolution, but easily programmed from BASIC.
The Model B had just 32Kof RAM and the same amount of ROM. In theory this filled the address space of the 2MHz 6502A processor, but Acorn got around this with switching schemes and add-on processors. This was important because high resolution displays could consume almost two thirds of the standard RAM, leaving only around 10K for the program.
BBC BASIC has a good reputation because of its speed and improvements over Microsoft BASIC, including concessions to structured programming and a built-in assembler. But BBC BASIC is over-rated. It's greedy for scarce memory, there are serious gaps in its structured programming extensions, and it gets slow when meaningful variable names are used.
WORDS and NUMBERS SNAP ODD ONE FINDIT GOLD ¦ MAZES etc. MAZES MRZER STARS M MAZER M STARS PUZZLE PALACES PALACE2 PALACE1 UN PROGRAM Does it look familiar? You can see that the BBC menus have a distinct Teletext feel to them.
Was a BBC Micro, usually a Model B with floppy drives ora network adaptor. The "The BBC wanted to base a series of TV programmes around a new, British computer."
Original tape-based Model A had just 16K RAM. The later Acorn Electron was smaller, cheaper and slower but ran much the same programs.
Display resolution ranges from 160 to 640 pixels per line, depending on the number of colours, with 256 lines. Beebs use digital colour - turning the red, green and blue signals entirely on or off
- limiting them to eight colours or These clays HiSoft BASIC on
Amiga, or even Microsoft’s QBASIC, cart run rings around it,
but some people still like it and it has a neat screen editor
with two cursors, indicating the source and destination for
copied characters.
BBC EMULATORS There are three ways to emulate a BBC Micro on your Amiga - one Amiga "...BASIC programs run at impressive speeds, even on the slowest Amiga.
W§ Position zu Laps to go 5 Revs was Acornsoft's answer to Pole Position.
Real Beeb and the emulator. Amiga text files may be generated or read with new
* AuSPOOL and * AFX EC commands, which transfer data and program
listings between the BBC and Amiga environment. But you can’t
read original BBC micro cassettes or disks.
6502 machine code, in most games and many utilities, must be interpreted, running at a fraction of the original speed on 16-bit Amigas. More seriously, the emulator does not allow programs direct access to display memory. This leaves 60K free for programs, but stops many of the best BBC micro games working correctly. Utilities and educational programs that use BASIC or the operating system work Fine, usually at impressive speed.
This emulator was written for the 68000, and has not been updated for later processors, so it needs patches to run on modern machines. The Aminet utility TUDE does the trick for 68020 and 68080 users. Use the options ‘Privileged’ and ‘Caches=None These slow the machine down slightly, but emulation is still very fast. I’ve yet to Find a way to run ‘The Emulator’ on a 68040 or 68060 Amiga.
Keyboard mapping is good, adapting to the Amiga con Figuration.
Screen emulation is quick but not quite perfect. The Emulator runs on its own screen and you can pause it to switch out to other tasks, but emulation stalls in the meantime. The sound chip is well emulated.
The Emulator is a good choice for basic Amigas. But not for modern processors with copyback cache. Luckily there’s an alternative, Abeeb, which needs the power of modern machines.
Original, a conversion from Unix, and an Apple Mac Beeb emulator for Emplane or Shapeshifter. You could also run BBC BASIC programs under C64 or PC emulation, with commercial language interpreters, but I won’t dwell on this possibility as you’re better off using Amiga-specific code.
The oldest is appropriately, if confusingly, known as 'The Emulator’, bundled with Commodore's ‘Class of the Nineties’ Amiga education pack.
This uses a re-write of the Acorn ROM in 68000 assembler, so BASIC programs run at impressive speed even on the slowest Amiga. Simple loops am at full speed and even transcendental maths comes close, although precision suffers because it uses the Amiga’s seven digit FFP library.
Amiga disk drives, serial and parallel ports are accessible, and there’s support for serial transfers between a characters. Abeeb uses its own snapshot format but comes with BBCIM, a Dutch command-driven utility which converts Files to and from the BBC disk image format used on the Net.
STARTUP Abeeb complained about the versions of IXEMUL and IXNET on my system, but ran regardless. Messages spew out in the console window as every key-press is received and before the screen is updated; starting the task with XBEEB onil: improves speed somewhat.
Reports indicate that keys are registered at once, but the emulator is slow at passing them on to the machine. I guess that a redundant ‘key debouncing’ routine causes the slow response. The keyboard layout is that of the BBC Mic.ro, not the Amiga, so it takes trial and error to Find all the symbols unless you can type blind on a real BBC kevboard.
DISPLAY Abeeb opens a window on the workbench, overflowing the screen on a Multisync monitor in ‘productivity’ mode.
It expects a DoublePAL display or graphics card, although at a pinch WB3 users with 15 Khz displays could get by, scrolling around a superbitmap. The next version promises to support a PAL screen.
Display updates use YvritePixelArray, a recent addition to Amiga OS, so you need Workbench 3 and either PatchWPAB (from Aminet) or SeLPatch 43.4, from Amiga Technologies. The output window has a close gadget but no other Intuition goodies. The latest version offers a start-up ABEEB Abeeb is based on the Xbeeb emulator for Unix computers, programmed in C by James Fidell. The original suits NetBSD on fast Amigas with graphics cards, but I’ve concentrated on testing the version converted for Amiga OS by Jonathan Belson. This will be released to Aminet after documentation and testing. I’ve
reviewed an early version.
PREPARATION Abeeb requires extra Files to run properly, including the large and cumbersome IXEMUL library, which adds Unix features to the Amiga environment, and ROM images from a late-model Beeb with OS 1.2 and BASIC 2. It does not tell you the required ROM names, but you can work them out from the error messages.
You must copy almost 100K of fonts to your Workbench. These are for Teletext displays, and include upper and lower halves for the double-height Teletext Load Hew Cownander (V N)?
(C) flcornsoft 1984 1 i- in front: Peter uut Behind: Johnny
Fabre's Oric The Oric-1 was launched at the beginning of
1983. It was developed by Tangerine Computer Systems who made a
bare-board computer similar to Acorn's original model. In
those days, fruity names like Apple and Apricot were
fashionable among computer firms.
Oric-1 s had either 16K or 48K RAM. The name Oric came from Greek mythology, via the sci-fi TV series Blake's Seven and it's irascible talking computer Orac - one of very few TV computers to contain a real micro.
Oric BASIC is a bit better than the Microsoft interpreter on which it was modelled. There are display modes for text and bit-mapped graphics. Both use serial attributes, like Teletext, which limit the colour changes on each line to eight-pixel boundaries. The screen resolution of 240 by 224 pixels leaves wide margins on an Amiga.
The original Oric sold 160,000 in its first year, when it was replaced by the Oric Atmos, with improved keyboard, BASIC and cassette loading. Sales increased, particularly in France where the Oric was the leading home computer for a while, and a year later production moved to Normandy.
Emulator started life as a C program, running on Unix workstations. The Amiga version makes extensive use of Assembly language and runs at acceptable speed on =.
Any 32-bit Amiga with fast 1 ‘ memory. There's a slow version for old 68000-based Amigas with Kickstart 1.3. AmOric020 requires Kickstart 2 or better; it is system friendly and multitasks well. It has good AmigaGuide documentation, and simple on-screen help. Run-time options are controlled by a configuration file and function keys.
The keyboard layout of Orics and US Amigas correspond; most keys are where British users would expect, apart from quotes, at and hash symbols, which are in US rather than UK positions. The UK pound sign takes the place of underscore.
Amiga joysticks can emulate Oric keys, which helps A1200 owners who TT run into problems when pressing several keys at once. Software compatibility is good, but undocumented 6502 instructions and some timer operations are ignored, and there are some differences in sound between AmOric and the real thing. The AmigaGuide lists over 100 Oric games that work and just half a dozen that fall over.
The screen update rate depends on your processor, and is inevitably slow on unaccelerated Amigas.
Graphics cards and Multisync displays are supported, and there's a mono screen option which trades colours for time. The PrintScreen key saves the Oric screen as an IFF file.
AmOric can emulate either the Oric-1 or the Oric Atmos, depending on your choice of ROM file. Both ROMs are included, with example programs. By default AmOric diverts cassette loading and saving to Amiga drives, but you can read original Oric cassettes, given patience and an eight bit sampler.
TRANSF is a shell utility that reads a file sampled from an Oric cassette and generates data that AmOric can load directly. This is fine in theory but fraught in practice. If you've got Web access it's easier to look for the programs there first, as lots of programs have already been converted. Another utility, Tapelnfo, scans sample files to analyse the contents and correct synchronisation errors.
Expanded Oric systems used Hitachi three inch disk drives. It's theoretically possible to connect these to the Amiga - as I noted last month - but I'm not aware of software that can decode the Oric directory structure so you'd have to work sector by sector and build up the file in a disk editor: a laborious process.
AmOric is GiftWare, so the author would be happy to receive just about anything from its users. I hope AF readers will respond, because AmOric is good and the author deserves encouragement.
AmOric 1.5 is on AFCD7 and the current CD, with TUDE, which allows The Emulator to run on 32-bit Amigas. Updates are available on Aminet. The Emulator was originally a commercial product but some PD libraries have the files, and they're on the Emulators Unlimited CD. I bought the complete package, with manual, for a few pounds at an All Formats Computer Fair.
Qm option to run it in ‘quarter .screen’ mode, which will fit a normal PAL display, but makes the highest resolution, 640 by 256 pixel MODE 0, useless.
Sixteen colours must be free on your workbench so the emulator can allocate ‘pens’ for the eight BBC colours and flashing combinations. This means a sluggish workbench of 32 or more colours. Jf run with fewer pens it substitutes preset Workbench colours for the BBC ones.
Emulation speed is glacial on an A4000 030. Abeeb takes about 14 seconds to run a FOR loop and keyboard entry is painful.
There’s no cursor in graphics modes, and changing from MODF. 0 to MODE 1 does not clear the screen completely, even though it spends a few seconds and several slow passes trying to do so. Teletext MODE 7 has faster keyboard response - though it still can’t keep up w ith input of one key per second - and shows a cursor, eventually. If the whole screen is updated it is slowly redrawn over a period of about a second from top to bottom.
A 68040 helps, but it's hampered by the slow A4000 motherboard memory. You need an accelerator with it’s own fast memory to get the best from Abeeb. On a Cybersiorm 68060 it’s quite usable in BASIC, though a graphics card is advisable for games.
Abeeb lacks emulation of the BBC micro sound chip but it is system friendly and stable and runs machine-code games unlike The Emulator. Unfortunately though it is horribly slow because the 6502 emulator and graphics support is all written in compiled C. It’s worth a look if you’ve progressed from a Beeb to a power Amiga, but needs WEB SUPPORT http: www.cistron.nl --wouters bbc bbc-etc.html http: www.nvg. unit.no bbc http: www.ensica.fr frances oric oric_english.html ftp: mic-atm.lancs.ac.uk micros bbc USENET NEWS: comp.sys.oric comp.sys.acorn.misc comp.sys.acorn.programmer more work to
make it accessible to the majority of Amiga owners.
HORIZON Horizon is a shareware BBC emulator for Macs, formerly Freeware and known as MacBeebEm. It’s programmed in C and needs a fast machine. It’s worth a look if you have Mac emulation and a graphics card.
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SX32Pro £229.95 Next day delivery to EC and USA Canada.
Worldwide deliveries in 2-7 days from receipt of faxed order and payment details.
(eg SX32 next day to NYC £25.30) Next day insured delivery charges: Hard'floppy, boards, SX32 £9 UK. £15.05 EC.
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Ring fax email for other delivery costs UK bank building society cheques. Visa", Mastercard', Switch, Delta, Connect. Postal ' Money orders accepted.
'A 3% surcharge is applicable to all credit card orders.
All prices indude VAT at 17.5%. VAT is not applicable on non-EC orders.
Voted AUI Amiga Company of the Year 1996 7 Important Note! 3.5" hard drives - even those described as ‘Slim’- are usually 1725mm high and will not fit in an A1200 without significant modifications to the case and metal shielding - which itself reduces the value ot your computer.
All InstantDrives from Eyetech are less than 20mm high and fit perfectly.
7 5 V ' JE&tSflMI ]' 1 1 9S AT C7 Mick Davis's Cartoon Clipart Volume One is a new Amiga CD-ROM containing 500 commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used "royalty-free". Each image is stored as IFF, and all have been scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed. Supplied with a 30+ page printed index of each image. Every image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear Heftr Hi Cart°°n & Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
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Only £179.00 + £4.Q0P&P £ r tlj i s c We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the Encyclopedia and changed, modified updated the whole product to the extent that it now includes over 20,000 subjects. The new 1997 version of the Epic Interactive encyclopedia is available now, it features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. The 1997 version now supports a multitude of new features iniuding. Colour images. Full-screen filmclips, National anthems, and a unique lnter-ACTr'feature which
allows you to interact with certain subjects like: chess, piano, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family.
5 0 B i 2* 3 (A £ (0 w "It has to be said that the graphics set new precedents in Amiga multimedia presentation" Graeme Sandiford, Amiga Format Why is it you are the only company producing decent Amiga CD-ROMs" 6. Hamilton "If you're on the lookout for some interactive reference material then this fits the bill". Tony Morgan, CU 1997 AGA version features include: ‘True 256 colour Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga™ ‘Produced in the UK 97% Of users have the 9 lQorhiaer.
Unlike most encyclopedias ubj rq ‘Hotlist editor ¦C a v c flj § 3 The new main interlace Kids Catagory selector Export screen 1 pfori pi.nl rir*r* del___Y ! : 1 I [ I ’ j I .
The Explorapedia menu The subject creator 8 to T" CD 0 1 LL fc O v* « 8 So VIIC5A «LA.Tin VKatA AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGA AMIGA’S (with 4mb+ ram & Hard drive) EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA GROLIER HUTCHINSON'S PRODUCED IN 1996 1997 1993 1991 NO. OF PICTURES 3000+ 1300 MADE IN THE UK USA USA UK AGA INTERFACE V X X UPGRADABLE V X X NO. OF SAMPLES 100’s 163 SEARCH MOOES NORMAL DEEP NORMAL NORMAL FILMCLIPS V X X SUPPORTED V X X MUSIC y X X !nter-ACT X X Hi'-.d Tropics, the 'Requires an Amiga 1200 or 4000. A hard drive, a CD-ROM drive and 4mb+ of ram.
LightROM Gold 3D Objects. ID.YO & iOB) Octamed Sound Studio CD32 Network set 2 Personal suite Reduced The Learning Curve DEM Rom Light ROM4 Octamed 6 CD Reduced Xi Paint 4.0 1078 Weird Textures 3000 jpeg Textures Into The NET (2cd) Multimedia Backdrops Sounds Terrific 2 (2cd) AMIGA BACK FOR THE FUTURE ¦ • i .J C 1“ fo ‘ A Cactus srsL-.._ ~ H i »'• *'f Mf Ik mi l! , =?
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• V ' V.V. 'W ~ i :r* _ I GIF SENSATIONS (2CD) Contains around
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DEM-ROM (£1499) Gif ,or This superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World Atlas features flexible quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general index. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, etc WORLD ATLAS AGA 3 I 41 IMAGE CD-ROMS Both forjust £39.99 Ami AGA Experience 2 contains 100% original AGA material including pictures, AGA demos, AGA games, and AGA tools. Most information runs direct from the CD.
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(CD239) £12.99 This CD was rated 95% in AF, it features all the tools and information. Specifications etc, needed to produce and develop Amiga software. Includes the latest versions of the installer, CD pressing software, CDXL toolkit, etc. l_.= 5 9) N 0} o 0 ,£ mmmmm POSTAGE COST
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164) £19.99 mmmm INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to
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creator Create your own subject data ‘Network compatible Can be run through CD32 or CDTV ‘Upgrade your existing version to the 1997 version.
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more Also features hundreds of games,tools etc for most of the
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The FLASH-ROM is a “companion'’ Emulators CD that contains many new cartridge based machine emulators like: Kelecovision, Nintendo, Gameboy etc. Order code: (CD260) £19.99*. Order both Emulators & FlashROM for just £29.99* (CD283).
EMULATORS UNLIMITED + 'Subject to price change without notice Print Studio PRO allows you to create and print a wide variety of business cards and labels. Also features: P'tcturCAT, Printer24 - A 24bit graphics print manager, 200mb of mono & colour clipart, and hundreds of quality fonts. Print Studio PRO provides a versatile colour correction system, resulting in perfect colour output on most printers. KS3 or higher required. _. .... PRINT STUDIO PRO Now Includes easy to use Multimedia Amiga Interface.
ARCADE CLASSICS Plus Contains 1200 our most popular floppy based software titles on one giant 600mb CD-ROM.
Now you can purchase the entire Epic collection in one go. Subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap. Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, Graphics converters, Music tutorials, Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators.
Hundreds of Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers, Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, books, and more. « THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 Joanto’s Personal Suite X ntains the full versions of Personal , Paint, Personal Sbase, Personal Write, Personal Fonts and over 500mb of useable Art, Texts & Fonts.
Paint, Image Processing, Animation, 24bit Printing, Word Processing, Database and StereoGram Generator AMIGA MOUSES MAT SCI-FI SENSATION v2.2 Choice for great value and service Tlic (JK s rrosT popular mall order Seperate order lines Ukjjroetf: 050(1 2 5C3S* J I'LT 1 Ways to receive your order or Same Di Only £12.95+ £1P&P Insight dinosaurs has been produced in association with The Natural History Museum in London, and features the work of world renowned dinosaur illustrators. It features hundreds of photo's, illustrations, video clips, narration and sound effects. It is the ultimate A-Z
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Features inlude: ‘AGA hi-res graphics ‘Virtually every question is spoken ‘Upto 4 players teams can play
* 20 different subject catagories ‘Select from 10 different
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‘Use keyboard or special controller ‘Over 3000 different questions ‘Includes “flash card” questions 2tc etc. Retro gaming at it's best. Around 3000 all-time classic spectrum game files on one CD-ROM.
Emulators included for any Amiga.. Games include Manic Miner, Skool daze, Monty mole, Startrek, Thrust, Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit, Strip Poker, Danger Mouse, The Sentinel, Micro Olympics, Under Wurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac, River raid, Barbarian, Hunchback and around 3000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy ‘96 also contains hundreds of documents containing instructions for most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats.
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World of Clipart is a double CD- ROM containing around 40,000 mono and colour clipart images contained in over 100 categories in IFF, GIF, PCX. CDR, EPS, TIF, & BMP. Tools for converting images to another formats are included. Subjects include : Animals, Anatomy, Babies, Men, Women, Trees, Reptiles, Insects, Xmas, Religious, Planes, Vehicles, Ships. Toys, Zodiac signs, Eye catchers. Humour, Cats, Dogs, Computers, Technology, Sealife, Space, Symbols, Dinosaurs, Plants, Nature, Ads, Tools, Astrology, Hands, Birds, Business, Office, Workers, Cartoon, Lion King, Education, Food, Gardening,
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WORLD OF CLIPART + REPLACEMENT WORKBENCH RWB8-2- WB1.2 (2disks) £8.00 RWB9-3- WB1.3 (3disks) £9.CJ RWB1Q-3 • WB2.04 (3disks) £10.00 RWB19-5 ¦ WB3.0 (Sdisks) £19.00 HARD DRIVE SETUP SHS7-2 ¦ A600 HD Setup & Install £7.00 AHD7-2 • A1200 HD Setup & Install £7.001 CD-ROM DRIVERS ATP3-1 ¦ Atapi IDE Drivers £3.00 AAZ7-2- Zappo Arcos Drivers £7.00 SSS12-2 - Squirel SCSI Software £poe PRINTER DRIVERS DRV5-1 ¦ 100 Printer Drivers £5.00 (Epson, Canon, HP, Star, etc) TRANSFER YOUR AMINET SUBSCRIPTION FROM YOUR CURRENT SUPPLIER AND NOT ONLY WILL YOU GET EVERY FUTURE COPY OF AMINET FOR £10.99 BUT WHEN
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SDTZENHANCER This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most addictive and loved game. Nearly all the games are ready to run directly from CD, and archived versions are also included.
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This CD contains information that NOBODY wants you to know about, and includes tons of megabytes of text documents and photographs relating to UFO sightings and abductions etc. HING BUT TETRIS (cdi48) £9.99 ENCOUNTERS (cdi79)£14 99 (CD252 £17.99 | PLEASE SUPPLY ] 1 ITEMS Qty £££ I TOTAL GOODS VALUE £ POSTAGE & PACKING £ AMOUNT ENCLOSED £ 1 |nj 1 ¦( '.*111" UK FREE FONE Fan:01793514187 PRIORITY ORDER FORM emai: epc5epma.defnon.co.uk NAME.
MACHINE PAYMENT METHOD CREDIT CARD DETAILS EXP DATE Send to.- EPIC 43 Akers Way, Swindon, Wilts, UK. SN2 2NF Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am - 6:00pm s i Overseas Orders: +44 1793 514188 Tel: (02) 9 520 9606 Fax: (02) 9 520 6077 Tor prices in Australian SSS simply double the UK £££ prices feted.
¦ he year's already off to a racing start and looks set to continue through the year so a there are plenty of Mi reasons to keep A I smiling.
As you'll have read in our excellent m: interview with Guildhall's Andrew Whittaker, there's still a healthy market for not only brand new games but for quality re- releases too. This month we're focusing on only the one new game however (we & ate too much during Christmas aL Previews), so sit back and enjoy!
Want to new games that AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
Accelerator cards? Emulators?
Not interested, mate. We know about all the fabby are coming and when we can play 'em.
Ctonpvcrsian These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
80-89% Good games which are worth buying especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
40-49% The absolute pits AGA Amigas ¦ Ablaze Entertainment ¦ email: kraviar@vadium.sk They like the old style games over in J Slovakia, apparently. This one harks right back to the days of Renegade and beat-em-ups of that ilk.
To be fair to the chaps though they have updated the gameplay - now one, two or even three players can join in the sideways scrolling face-smacking action.
The game looks lovely too - we've only seen a small demo so far but the No, he's not particularly happy, he's just winding up for a hurtin' roundhouse kick. Watch out combat trouser bloke.
Animation immediately stands out because it's terribly smooth.
The gameplay is very familiar though.
Using kicks and punches the idea's to fight off the baddies (with a few well-timed jumps into the air when they get a bit too close) and make progress through the 2D play area. As you'd expect, the baddies come thick and fast and aren't averse to a little double teaming just when you don't need it.
32 FEBRUARY 1997 AMIGA FORMAT _ Here's an example of the fine rendered intro screens (right) that greet you at the start of each level.
The single player mode and Mr Combat Trousers has got a bit of a battle on his hands. His mate doesn't look too good... In two player mode you're both going to have to work together to take out the numerous baddies.
Your character's health is symbolised by two bars below the playing area. The top bar is your sort of 'immediate' health, take a couple of hits and this bar drops rapidly, when it runs out you tend to fall over. The bar restores itself once you stand up again but by which time you've lost a small amount from the bottom of the two bars. When this second bar becomes empty you're out of there. You get the idea.
In two and three player modes especially (although to a lesser degree in one player mode too) the clock in the centre of the screen becomes very important as it counts down - fail to despatch your enemies before the clock runs out and it looks like all your efforts have been for nought.
Oooh! That smarts. Actually, maybe the guy in the white T-shirt is going to give the purple guy a lift up? No, not likely.
PUMPING As you'd expect maybe, there's a thumping techno kinda soundtrack to accompany the action but we'll be putting the game through it's paces proper when we get hold of a full version of the game. Oh yes, publishers - Ablaze are currently looking for some kind of publishing deal for the UK so give 'em an email and get hold of the demo yourselves. In the meantime, feast your peepers on this lot... O "At this moment in time we have over 100 titles available for the Amiga so whatever happens we're going to remain very active."
STARLORD Proof positive that the Amiga games market is alive and kicking. Andy Smith talks to Andrew Whittaker at Guildhall.
AF66 52% Not all the games are brilliant.
Steve Bradley didn't like this one, he thought it was "...uninspiring fare, though genre fans may glean some satisfaction."
Out what else Amiga owners can look forward to in the coming year from Guildhall Leisure... ©: We're very happy to hear that Guildhall have licensed 10 games from MicroProse, but why have you picked the 10 you have?
Guildhall Leisure have always had the Amiga at heart.
Especially when it comes to Amiga games. Recent history means many software houses have walked away from the format but Guildhall, and a few notable others like Vulcan, haven't.
They've continued to support the platform and, if anything, have upped their commitment. Recently Guildhall announced that they'd licensed some classic MicroProse games for re- release. Amiga Format chatted to Guildhall's Andrew Whittaker to find ~F1 9 STEALTH FIGHTER AF16 91% Moved Trenton Webb to say "F 19 is the business. It's the most complete flight sim yet in terms of gameplay. It's as if the plane was built for a game."
AW: Actually the titles we've chosen were very much decided for us. Other titles were available for us to republish, but unfortunately it was all rather dependent on what components and what artwork was available to us at the time.
The other titles available were: 3D Golf, Covert Action, F15 Strike Eagle II, Grand Prix, Railroad Tycoon and Silent Service. If any Amiga Format readers have got Amiga copies - boxed originals with all the components - then please put them in touch with us. We might be able to republish them.
©: So there's definitely the chance we might see some more MicroProse games from Guildhall at a later date?
AW; That completely depends on the response we get to the request for UFO AF65 90% Steve McGill always knew a good game when he saw one. He liked this and said " The plot, scenario and the mechanics are beautifully implemented, UFO: Enemy Unknown repays any investment put into it with interest."
Boxed original copies of the games I just mentioned.
©: Do you intend to re-publish any other company's games then?
AW: Certainly. We will be re-releasing six titles that originally came out from Electronic Arts. The games will be coming out in early to mid ]anuary (round about now then folks). We spoke to a few other companies but unfortunately their expectations were not really a reflection of today's Amiga market.
©: And those games are?
AW: We've got FIFA Soccer, PGA Golf, Theme Park, Desert Strike, Road Rash and Wing Commander.
©: You mention the state of today's Amiga market, what kind of sales would you expect for a top- notch game like Colonization then?
AW: Colonization is possibly the pick of the bunch and because we were fortunate to get most of the MicroProse titles out in time for Christmas, which obviously has an FIELDS OF GLORY AF66 44% And Steve McGill noticed a bug that reduced the playability of this title. "If you wanted to, you could set up artillery in the middle of a river. An unbelievable mistake which diminishes the whole game."
Effect on overall sales, we would hope to sell something like 2,000 copies of a game like this over a six month period.
SPECIAL FORCES AF35 79% Maff Evans said of this game at the time "Special Forces is a brave attempt to try and create something new in the field of combat simulations..." ®: Looking to the rest of '97, can we expect the same level of commitment to the Amiga from Guildhall?
AW: At this moment in time we have over 100 titles available for the Amiga, so whatever happens we're going to remain veg active. We do have four brand-new titles available in the New Year and if anything comes along that's of sufficient quality, and at the same time the public still demands new, original games, then we see no reason to stop publishing Amiga software.
®: So how do you see the Amiga market faring during the year?
AW: For a while now the Amiga market has been declining and no-one can escape that. On the positive side, the decline does seem to be slowing up. Bringing out new, original, games and re-releasing quality back catalogue games can only be a good thing.
©: Don't you think your Acid label will cause confusion among Amiga owners who associate the name with the New Zealand bunch who brought us SkidMarks?
F117A NIGHTHAWK AW: I don't think using the Acid logo confuses anybody. It is very obvious to the Amiga buying public the Acid label represents quality software which is what MicroProse and Electronic Arts is all about.
©: Are our readers going to see your newly re-published games available in the shops or are they going to be only available from yourselves via mail-order?
AW: We make our games available wherever we can. We have had great support from retailers such as Electronics Boutique, Game Ltd and Software Plus and generally most independents.
If anybody does have problems obtaining our games then we do have the facility to sell directly to the end user.
IMPOSSIBLE MISSION:2025 AF61 88% Even Rob Mead was forced to say "This is definitely one of the most absorbing and addictive platform games we've seen for a long time.
Impossible Mission is mean, moody and magnificent."
®: I s the Acid label simply for re- releases, or will we see future new, original games coming out on the same label?
AW: The Acid logo will be used for all re-published Amiga software. The reason for this goes back to what was said earlier about a strong brand name and quality software.
New games will be launched under their own respective label. For example, in January we are releasing Euroleague Manager and Basket Is land from Manyk and Minskie's Furballs and Gun Fury under the Binary Emotions logo.
"Bringing out new, original, games and re-releasing quality back catalogue games can only be a good thing."
If you can't find these games down at your local software emporium, you can get in touch with Guildhall Leisure at: 15 Guildhall Industrial Estate Kirk Sandall • Doncaster DN31QR.
Telephone: (01302) 890000.
The games have the following Recommended Retail Prices: Finally, would you consider publishing anything - licensed from someone else or otherwise - on the CD32 format? A compilation CD for example?
AW: Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a big enough demand for CD32 software.
The cost of CD replication and stockholding means unless you can sell 2,000 - 3,000 units then it's not commercially viable.
We do still have a range of titles available for the CD32, but only while stocks last.
Andrew Whittaker was talking with Andy Smith.
& DOGFIGHT AF54 92% COLONIZATION AF53 81 % Again, Rob Mead has some stuff to say about this game: "Twelve planes, six wars and only one pilot
- this is an engaging and detailed flight sim with a wide scope
but lacks a realistic feel at times."
AF74 95% Nick Veitch liked this one. He said "Near perfection, and arguably the best Meier game ever - which is saying a lot."
Nobody Undersells US!!!!!
2. 5GIG
LOW PRICE 20Mhz £8.00 33Mhz £10.00 50Mhz £50.00 00 oo 45* 45b
01 cn o O) oo o simm ram simm 4mb ram card for A1200 £59 1mb
30pin fc8.00 4mb30pin £30.00 4mb72pin £19.99 8mb72pin £29.95
microvitec 14" £259 microvitec 15" £399 microvitec 17" £499
fax 3736 external fax modem £99 16mb72pin £79.00 o oo o
"Easier than Hopscotch, beating all the top-notch racers" as Andy Smith's fave, George Formby, once sang. Oh dear.
* S€KN * PF* ftS fl ffFflfflZ jw fa* DIFFICULTY EASY LHPS: 3
PtA&Eft 2 PLAYER !
COMPUTER IcttEBSTE ter LIFT 4- -MCIT »RR1E ftEIQSE BE9Q0B rosmm CWSE JEH fltaUntTE IM* LETT IEIEREE ROT t PLAYER 7 PLAYER BEY INNER AMATVRE jtfiCH FIDE EEHBUDC TWPTON BDGUIIE REOHDCK B0S1RRK PRO m QUICK RACE J± GRAND PRIX F AUTK-AIIKN ¦ If you don't like your car's colour scheme, select the spray can and give it a new coat Not wanting to start on a negative note but if this game only had one careful owner previously it would be an improvement. Thank goodness Deremy Clarkson's unlikely to get his mitts on it!
There are a total of six courses for you and a mate to race on and you can also race these individually (or sequentially in Grand Prix mode, if you finish each race in the top three) if you so desire. Suppose you fancy a quick, one-race: you're presented with a rear view of your car (ala OutRun) as you go, erm, speeding round the course.
After a few seconds you'll realise why this game isn't much fun to play. The car handles like a cow. A very slow cow with no motivation to go any quicker. Or to respond to commands like 'turn left a bit' or 'turn right!
Now!'. The time lag between joystick or key presses is horrendous. The screen chugs along while you're blasting down the straights and your car adopts some very strange shapes as it tries to go round corners.
Options There are a few options to play around with which should make life more fun, so let's play with them: difficulty levels - the appreciable difference between Novice and Expert is non existent unless you turn on the one option that actually does anything
- the auto align option. With this on you'll notice that whenever
you drive over any of the big arrows indicating there's a
corner coming up your car will align itself in the direction of
the arrow. This is not always helpful.
BosCar is poorly designed and poorly implemented. With some very poor cut and intro screens thrown in. The The very first track. Ignore the bloke on the side because he's talking rot. Cut those corners!
Gameplaying experience is wholly unjoyous. You simply hold down accelerate and attempt to turn corners. That's it. Even when two of you are racing, trying your best to beat each other, it's hard to feel anything approaching a rush of adrenaline. And finally, despite being told on the first course that "Cutting corners doesn't pay... ...cheats never win at BosCar" you'll find you can cut as tifcx many corners (or whole hairpin bends) y as you like, the only penalty being a short loss of speed.
It's hard to imagine Stunt Car Racer was launched 'T? .
On the Amiga back in 1988, f isn't it? A ilt T€U rotj 1TQH- Ctf FrWC MiCAff qqesnT flflyp jr fcwf OFF £F7 6flfK WWWfif Voi tEfT.. jwvflraasnfl CHAU£HC£ PUBLISHER: Club 21 (mail order only) 2 Leigh Road, Walsall, West Midlands, WS4 2DS PRICE: £9.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: 1Mb RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS: • • 0 Not terribly impressive in any way.
SOUND: ••0 Again, nothing special going on here.
ADDICTION: ••0 You need dedication to complete a race.
PLAYABILITY: ••0 Not easy or intuitive at all.
Wholly unsatisfying.
OVERALL VERDICT: This must be one of the least tempting racing games around You're the red car in the top screen. This is the start and already there are crashes.
Split-screen two-player mode. It might look like a thrilling race, but it's far from it.
Eek! The car goes sideways after hitting an ice patch on the game's second track.
Experts on the Amigtt ScVidcO peripherals Super Scan ¦j A B C D E F 1 1 © • -• fi-H G* | External AMIGA RGB CVBS (Video) SVHS (Y Q PC to VGA double scan converter.
For all AMIGA users and PC users using VGA monitor display AMIGA, PC, VCR, TV programmes and TV games.
Special design suitable for AMIGA 500, 600, 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000 computers.
Connects to the AMIGA 23pin RGB port.
Adapts all the inputs to standard 31.5KHz VGA signal. Gives better and clearer display on your small-pitch, high resolution VGA monitor.
Supports switchable AMIGA (RGB), SVHS (Y C), CVBS (Video), PC input.
Specially designed flicker-free daughterboard - optional. When this board is installed it will eliminate the flicker phenomenon from all AMIGA 15k modes.
BC-1208MA s 8Mb true zero wait state ram card for AMIGA A1200.
• With clock and TWO FPU SOCKETS: PGA and PLCC.
Uses the standard 72pin Simm module: 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb or 8Mb.
Battery backed up RTC included.
Fully compatible with PCMCIA card, and specially designed re-location of memory into C0-D7 to get more memory when using the 8Mb SIMM.
Very good performance (2.33 times than A1200, tested by Sysinfo V3.22)
• Memlink“ software included.
Video Magician Internal Amiga to VGA double scan rate converter for AMIGA 2000, 3000, 4000 computers.
Double scans all AMIGA 15k video signals into VGA 31.5k signals. No AMIGA specification monitor needed.
Supports all AMIGA display modes and FLICKER FREE with your AMIGA in 15K mode.
24bit full colour resolution.
With RGB encoded signal in CVBS, SVHS (Y C) output.
100% plug and play, no jumper or switch to be adjusted. Automatically detects the NTSC PAL system and all modes of AMIGA display for output in VGA, CVBS, SVHS.
Strong expansion ability: a. Video decoder daughterboard - optional: b. SVHS (Y C) Genlock daughterboard - optional.
Flicker switch equipped - if you want to have a look at the original flicker image of the AMIGA (Normally records the AMIGA video signal into VCR so you can see the quality of display on the VGA monitor as a preview), the flicker switch is very useful!
Enquiries welcome Bio-Con Taiwan Corp. 1st Floor, No.2, Alley 8, Lane 223, Sec 4, Cheng-Kung Road, Nei-Hu, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886-2-7902761 or 7927590 Fax: +886-2-7902730 E-Mail: biocon@msl.hinet.net All brand names and trade-marks are the property of their respective owners.
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Takes hits. The way to limit the damage is to shoot open the cages to the captured tomatoes (hey, I didn't come up with this!) Who will then throw you a goodie such as a health kit, a grenade (acts like a smart bomb that destroys all baddies on the current screen), more ammo and the occasional shield. Dust don't get too reckless because you can kill the tomatoes if you shoot anywhere other than the lock.
Not much to it Andy Smith usually shoots from the hip.
This time it's from the lip.
Ten levels and this game would have scored slightly better. If the five levels that the game does have were longer, with more variety, it would score better too. But not by much.
Tommy Gun is a very simple game. Move your character (Tommy Gun) left or right, depending on which way the level scrolls, shooting at the various baddies that pop up and out from everywhere. Get to the end of the level and take on the end of level boss. Destroy him, get a passcode to the next level and you're off again.
And you can even get a mate to join in too - they'll have to play the Big Cheese character, but you can't have everything can you? Not that things change much when two players are going at it - there's no sudden increase in the number of baddies or anything. You do seem to take hits more often though, which is the way things should be given that the challenge isn't increased anywhere else.
There's nothing to this game. The levels are very short, the end of level bosses are easy to beat (except the very last one of course), the game does nothing that hasn’t been done many, many times before and even the inclusion of the two-player mode does very little to lift it.
It's well put together all right, it looks fine and the music and effects are just dandy, but for £15 we're not talking value for money. Even younger players are going to find that Tommy Gun quickly becomes dull and tedious. Like we say for games of this quality ...unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Free the tomatoes Back to the in-game entertainment though. As you'd expect, because this has all been done before, Tommy's machine gun runs out of ammo (not entirely but your machine gun fires single rounds) and Tommy himself Tommy at the fairground. There's a train about to come out of the Bubble Zone.
Machine-gun sharks and pirate's parrots are the main baddies on this level. Ho hum.
RIGHT: Tommy and his mate take on some wild veggies.
Release the trapped tomato by shooting the lock.
They are proof positive that even market forces can't hold back the flood of creative Amiga talent. They are, of course, the... Each month we receive dozens of games from readers and this is where we cast our professional eye over them. The idea is not to rip them apart, merely to offer advice and suggestions, based on years of reviewing experience, as to how they can be improved.
The standard of games we receive is constantly high and getting higher and although we do get the odd submission that's well, shall we say, bizarre - the majority of Reader Games are designed and coded by people with obvious talent. If you've always had the desire to create a game that's going to make player's jaws drop then now's the time to do it.
If the pride alone isn't incentive enough for you then bear in mind that every game featured on these pages wins a fabulous CD from Epic Marketing, with the month's star game picking up an extra £50 from Amiga Format and a further £50 worth of Epic Cds.
And why are Epic involved? Because once we've looked at the games, we pass them onto Epic who have another look at the games with a view to publishing them. You have no excuse.
Game: AUTHENTIC SPACE INVADERS Author: DAVID SANDERS Language: BLITZ BASIC 2 C 0 R E 1 HI-SCORE SC0RE 2 0 0 0 0 00 00 W 4* W jaik. Ad r !n (cT * L J1 o"n njyi r n ArfL AK »S. AK JSA AV iwL iwi i L j i iWi ft ft ft ft ft ft CREDIT sc8lie° Hlef£0RE sc8§id2 ¦» *? M, m 4ft 4* • W W 1*? W m l i i i HHH
• If EDIT 19 i '$ *r Jit.
'pssshhh, boom,boom,boom,boom, pssshhh'.
You could almost be there couldn't you?
We've seen our fair share of games that take their gameplay influence from the classic coinops of the early eighties, but Authentic Space Invaders has to be the most accurate clone we've seen to date.
Don't expect any power-ups, special moves or end of level bosses. David's stuck as close to the Taito original as possible. All of it from the on-screen text and attract mode down to the 'hit the spaceship on shot number 23' and the fact that if you let the invaders reach the bottom level they stop bombing you.
This is full-on 1981 stuff and despite the fact that there must be thousands of It's Space Invaders.
In every way. What more is there to say?
Space Invader clones in the shareware and PD libraries, you can't help but be taken back in time when you play this. The alien's behaviour is right, the speed is spot on and even (we'll have to take David's word on this) the screen dimensions are right! Now that's the level of accuracy we admire at Reader Games when someone's trying to be as authentic as possible.
As for the gameplay - well, it's Space Invaders, no more and no less - there's nothing more to say about it. *2?
Lining up for the 23rd shot.
When you're serious about producing games you've got to take the knocks on the chin. A mere couple of months ago these chaps 0 (who call themselves Spunout Software) got a bit of a kicking in Reader Games for their Horace takes a trip game (AF 92) which moved us to wonder "Why waste time and effort creating something that's designed to be pants?” Has that stopped them working on new projects? No. Has it stopped them sending in their new projects to Reader Games? No. Is there a lesson for all budding programmers in that?
You bet.
Bong Brix is the first of the two Breakout clones we're looking at this month in Reader Games. This is the worst of the two, and for one very simple reason. The ball (which is tiny) moves around the screen far too fast. And then it gets faster. There's this little character that moves around the screen randomly (it looks like something from The Cat in The Hat) and whenever your ball collides with it, it goes flying off in a random direction at a great rate of knots.
The rest of the game is very basic but you'll find that because the ball moves so fast - and despite the fact that you've got 5 lives - getting past the first screen will take you all day. 2?
Game: TERMINAL VELOCITY Author: DAMES MASON Language: BLITZ BASIC 2 cars - hit something and not only do you stop but you tend to go flying backwards for anything up to half a lap! Even when you've turned the jumps down to small (there are loads of jumps and other obstacles littered around each track, which is good) and the skids down to small as well, the game becomes very frustrating.
This isn't so bad during the knockout competitions because you're not racing. In this mode it's more like a Destruction Derby affair where you all battle against each other in an arena and the last one standing is declared the winner Terminal Velocity is a fine effort that lets itself down by simply having too much inertia.
This makes the gameplay less satisfying and skillful than it would otherwise have been. ® Oooh, we don't see many overhead racing games these days! (ahem). This one could easily have been so much better too. As it stands it's not half bad - there's a four player mode, loads of courses and the game can be raced over up to 9 laps against easy, average or hard opponents (computer ones obviously) in a single race, over a season or in a knockout The biggest problem with the game is the sheer amount of inertia Dames has put on the VERDICT: THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A WHOLE LOT BETTER IF THE CARS DIDN'T
The destruction arena. Take a tip - let the others slug it out first before moving in yourself.
Game: BLOOD BRAWL Author: ERIC PARK Language: AMOS (of which there are only two) but they have a wide enough range to make each bout a challenge (especially in two player mode) and that, at the end of the day, is what we're really looking for in a game of this type.
It's very simple in concept - there's an energy bar at the top of the screen - you smack your opponent and it moves the energy bar onto his side of the screen, when it reaches the end you've won. But there's slightly more to it - you can't just jump around the place swinging wildly because too much effort causes you to lose energy. Eric's allowed a small amount of room for tactics but it's really all about getting out there and getting your fists swinging. Not a Format Gold but a good 2D beat-em-up and a quality game that's certainly worth this month's Star Prize. Oi!
Buzzsaw, did you spill my pint?
We don't get too many full-on beat-em-ups in this section of the mag, and especially not ones of this quality. Although this 2D incarnation isn't exactly going to give Capital Punishment (AF90, 90%) a serious run for it's money, it demonstrates the one important ingredient that should be put into all games during the baking of 'em - playability.
The graphics may be crude and clunky at times, but they're functional and Eric's even indulged himself with a few special effects - such as blood flying all over the screen when someone gets hit and the dismembering of the vanquished character (the graphics are too crude to give you nightmares).
Continued overleaf 4 This is the second of this month's Breakout clones and what a whole lot better it is than Bong Brix.
For a start the ball speed is sensible. It starts off fairly slow and gradually speeds up after several minutes (there's an option to start it off even slower if you need) - making the game easy to get into and a joy to play.
BustfafBxfck: Level Ho thiri j Slow Down Hol 5t jll Shield i HiidBill The rather splendid Busling Bricks. Much better than Bong Brix because it's highly playable.
Then you've got different types of brick - some that only need one hit to be destroyed, others that need several. Then you've got the power-ups. Some bricks (you don't know which until you've destroyed them) release power-ups that can be activated by pressing the right mouse button. The most common, fortunately because it's the most useful, is the slow-down power-up. When things start getting hairy, simply hit the button and bring everything back to a controllable level. Be quick though - if you inadvertently release a power-up it over rides any you've got already.
The game plays great, there's even a decent difficulty curve. Busting Bricks may be simple and it may well be nothing more than a Breakout clone but it's well polished and Matt has at least taken the trouble to try and make his game not only playable, but enjoyable.
Here's a game that had the potential to be excellent - certainly a contender for this month's top prize and very probably a commercial release.
It's such a shame that the damn thing keeps locking up.
You're this chap called Connor who's out to thwart a dastardly plan by a bunch of aliens to take over the Earth. To that end you start your point and click adventure viewed from above in the Research and Development dept of a space ship. Ok, that's enough plot.
This game, although a little dark, looks excellent. There's been loads of attention to detail and lots of variety. Some of the graphics do look confused however and it can be difficult to work out what you're looking at - a mixture of viewing things from above and high detail.
Basically you move a small cursor around the screen, highlighting objects and areas - when the text message at the top of the screen tells you that you can 'move to' or 'examine' an object or area, you know you're supposed to interact with it. This is how you collect objects and progress through the game. You can also use objects on other objects to complete small tasks (open the locker, take the keycard, use the keycard on the keypad, open the unlocked door
- you get the idea).
Every time I enter a room where I can see an exit or an object to pick up and my character can't actually get himself there (there's something in the way or whatever) the game hangs. This wouldn't be so bad if there was someway of avoiding going into the room in the first place, or getting out once you were in it.
Psyche looked like it could have been something of a corker, but it shoots itself in the foot with bugs like this. It would also be less confusing if not absolutely everything was described when you moved the cursor around the screen, but that's another story. 5 VERDICT: A POTENTIALLY TOP-DRAWER GAME THAT LETS ITSELF DOWN BY BEING BUGGED.
E featured in our Reader Games s an Epic CD and the winning entry from Amiga Format and another Cds.
If that doesn't inspire you to get those submissions in then nothing will.
Dust a note of caution though: don't bother sending in that PD game you coded three years ago just to try it on, we'll spot it and chuck it in the bin. After we've erased the disk for good measure.
And, once the game's been featured here, we'll be passing them all onto Epic Marketing who'll take a look at the good ones with a view to publishing them. There's nothing guaranteed but you never know - you might just get a phone call in a couple of months time. Please remember to make sure you put a contact number or address on any of your submissions and can you also enclose a recent photograph of yourself so that other readers can see who's responsible for the masterpiece that you have created. Right, that's it so hurry up and send them in!
POSTAGE & PACKING UK - FREE EUROPE -£2.00 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm.
500 1200 CD Vxemivi ' Wait Oide* J£!-SSE!5 Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or Visa ‘ Mastercard (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept:AF02 email: 100307,i544@compuserve.com 14 ORWELL COURT, HURRICANE WAY, WICKFORD. ESSEX SS11 8YJ Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press. Most titles are despatched same day. But can take up to 28 days. VAT is included 500 1200 CD 500 1200 CD 500 1200 CD
4. 99
7. 99 Screenbeal 25 Speakers SB 225 21 99 Screenbeal Pro 50
Speakers S82S0 32 99 Screenbeal RCA Adapter Cable 1 99
Saeenbent Power Supply 799 Thiuslmaslei XL Joystick (AAR) 27
99 Amiga CDROM So Ho CDROM Amiga Tools 3 24 99 Amiga Utilities
2 19 99 Amine! Set 1 or 2 24 99 Armnet 7,8,9.10,11 oi12 14 99
Ammel 94-02 9 99 Amos CD 1999 Animations 1999 Artwork Colour
999 C-64 Sensations 19 99 CD Bool 32 99 CD Write 32 99 Clip
Art 999 Fonts 999 FreshFonls 1 or 2 1999 Gateway 999 G»ga
Graphics 24 99 Gofd Fish 1 or 2 24 99 Graphics Sensation 14 99
Holies! 4 9 99 Hottest 6 14 99 Illusions in 3D 4 99 INTER
BASE ....
12. 99 INTER SPREA0 ...
7. 99 INTER TALK .....
7. 99 Meeting Pearls 3 999 Multimedia Toolkit 2 24 99 Network CD2
14 99 Octamed 8 24 99 Professional Fonts & Clipart 999
Professional IFF A PCX Library 19 99 Professional Utilities
1-1500 19 99 Sound Library A GRX Library 1999 Textures 1 32 99
The Beauty Of Chaos 9 99 The Colour Libraiy .
9 99 The Light Rom 32 99 The Light Rom 2 32 99 The Light Works 24 99 UPD Gold 24 99 World Of Clipart 999 World Of GIF 999 World Ol Photo 999 World Ot Sound 999 1 PD & SHAREWARE | E011 Junior Malhs 1 25 D027 The Garfield Slideshow 1 25 E012 Electronic Tram Set (1 MEG) 1 25 D028 Teenage Turtles SlxJeshow 1 25 E013 Learn 4 Play 1 1 25 D029 WWF Slideshow 1 25 E014 Leam 4 Play 2 1 25 D030 The Gathering GFX 1 25 E015 Treasure Hun!
1 25 D041 Enteipnse Leaving Dock 1 25 £016 Wrarthod One 1 25 D042 Gitte of Sport 1 25 1 E017 Story Land 2 1 25 DC43 The Run (1 meg) 1 25 1 E018 Wotrtsname 1 25 0046 How To Skm A Cat 1 25 CREATIVE DC47 Calendar Girts 1 25 C002 Label Designer 1 25 DC49 Techno Warrior .
1 25 CG03 Supei Fonts 1 25 D050 Jesus Loves Acid 1 25 C005 Deluxe Paint Tutor f 25 D052 Rave Length 1 25 C006 Shadow Demo Maker 1 25 MUSIC C009 Lllmois Labels 1 25 M028 Pink Floyd The Wall Remix 1 25 CQ11 Word Power 1 25 M029 No Limils 2 50 C012 Font Farm 1 25 M030 Cybernex
1. 25 CO! 3 Wine Maker 1 25 M031 Motrv-8 1 25 C014 Assassins 1 25
MQ32 Sound Track Sampler (4 disks) 499 C016 Garden Designer 1
25 GAMES C017 X Beal 1 25 G014 Zalycon 250 UTILITIES G015
Earth Invaders 1 25 U003 The Workshop 1 25 G017 Mayhem .1 25
U008 Asteroid 1 25 G018 The Fun House 1 25 U010 Autograph 1 25
GO 19 Amos Games
1. 25 U014 Panasonic Printer Dnver 1 25 G020 Games Galore
1. 25 U015H P Printer Driver 1 25 G021 Quadnx (pal only)
1. 25 U016 Seikosha Printer Driver 1 25 G022 Buzzard 1 25 U017
Cannon S Citizen Printer Driver 1 25 G023 Break Out 1 25 U020
Bad Formal 1 25 G024 Demotion Mission 1 25 U021 Amiga Begners
Guilde 1 25 G025 Lady Bug (not 600 or 1200)
1. 25 U022 Beuer Bench V1 2 1 25 G026 Depth Charge 1 25 U023
De-grader 500 600 1200 1 25 G029 Dual .
1 25 U024 Exterm in-8 Virus Kilter 1 25 G032 Relayer
1. 25 U028 Action Replay For The 600 1 25 G034 Top Secret 1 25
U029 Amiga Tutonal 1 25 G035 Ftagcatcher 1 25 U030 ACES
Database 1 25 G036 Wizwar
1. 25 U038 Number Pad For 600 1 25 G038 Calculus Combat 1 25 U039
Calorie Base 1 25 G039 Blob 1 25 U040 J R Comm 1 25 G040
Seclor 1 25 U041 Race Raptor 1 25 GO-11 Gush 1 25 U042 Pools
Pools V2 1 25 G042 Smurl Hum 1 25 U043 Training Log 1 25 G044
Quiz Master S Editor 1 25 U044 Mnslie Niblick 1 25 G045
Revenge Of The Mutant Camels 1 25 U04S D-Solve 1 25 G047 While
1 25 U047 Relo Kick v1 4 1 25 G048 Wfcbte World Giddy 1 25 U048 Procad Electron 1 25 G051 Atlantis 1 25 U049 Dividends Winner 1 25 G053 Legend Of Lothian 1 25 U052 Essential Virus Killer 1 25 GO54 Iron Clads (not 1200)
2. 50 U053 Soccer League 1 25 G055 Wtzars Wars 1 25 U054 TERM V 4
0 3 75 G056 Fortress (demo) 1 25 U055 Virus Checker V 7 18 1
25 G057 Neighbours Adventure 250 688 Attack Sub 10 99 -----
A320 Approach Trainer 9 99 ----- Allen Breed 3D
2 . 22.99 Archer Macleans Pool 10 99 ......
Assassins Games ...... Award Winners 2 19 99 B17 FLYING
FORTRESS.. 12.99 Banshee Birds cl Prey 12 99 Black Crypt 10 99
Blaster 17 99 BLITZ BASIC 2.1 .18.99 Blilz Tennis
Btoodnet Body Blows Galaclic Bravo Romeo Della
Cannon Fodder Cardiaxx.
CHAMP MANAGER 2 .19.99-- CHAOS ENGINE 2 ... ..19.9919.99 - tub Football The Manager 7 99 7 99 ...... Club & Country 7 99 ..... Core A1200 Bundle - Skeleton Krew, Banshee. HemxLiH 2 ......12 99 ...... Cosmic Spacehead . 17 99 ..... COVERGIRL POKER 7.99--- Cratt lor AMOS 17 99 ..... ...... CRICKET MASTERS 16.99-- Deluxe Pmnl V 59 99 ...- Desert Strike 10 99 ---- •- DOGFIGHT ...... 8.99-- Dune 1 or 2 12 99 ..... Dungeon Master 2 22 99 ...... Emerald Mines 12 99 ENIGMA .... 19.99-- Epic 12 99 ..... EUROPEAN
CHAMPIONS 8.99 - - EXILE . 7.99 7.99 7.99 EXILE DATA DISK ..... 5.99 - Exlraciots . 19 99 EXTREME RACING . 7.99 - EXTREME RACING D D.... 5.99 - - F19 STEALTH FIGHTER... 12.99 ----- F29 10 99 ----- ----- F1I7A . 8.99---- FEARS ...... 7.99-- FIELDS OF GLORY ... B.99 FOOTBALL MASTERS 16.99 - ---- Football Siairstioan Pro 14 99 FORMULA ONE MASTERS 16.99---- Gamer Gold Collection - Bump N Bum * Jetslnka * NiF,lidos Goll . 19 99 Gearwcrks 7 99 .
GLOOM ..... .
Gloom 2 ...... GLOOM DELUXE 7.99 G GOOCH-2ND INNINQS.. 4.99 G Gooch- WC Tes1 Maich G Gooch-W Class Cnckel G Gooch - 94.95 Ddtsk G Gooch - Batlle lor Ashes GUARDIAN ...... 7.99 7.99 Hard Nova Help! Compilation - Sensible Soox' Euro Champs. Push Over. Road Risi.Coc1 Spcl The Humans.Desert Sinke 12.99 .... HUMANS 3 14.99 14.99 Impossible Mission 2025 8 99 Immortal 10 99 ----- ------ ndianapol.-s 500 10 99 ..... Inti One Day Cricket 4 99 ----- INTOS-AMOS .16.99 - -
J. mmy White’s Snooker 12 99 - John Madden Football. 10 99
.. KGB 12 99 ---- Kick OI1 3 ...... 9 99 -- Kick Oft 3
Euro Champs ...... 9 99 KICK OFF'96 ..
12.99 - Kingpin 10 99 1 2 99 12
LEGENDS . . 8.99 8.
Luie 01 The Temptress 12 99 . Messengers 01 Doom 19 99 . Midwinter 10 99 ---- Morph ----- 7 99 Multi Media Expenenct* 24 99 . NAPOLEONIC S ... 7.99-- Navy Moves 6 99 ------ - NECROMANTICS 21 Nigel Mansells W. Champ 9 99 Odyssey 17 99 . One Day Cricket 8 99 . On The Balt-League Edition ......19 99 -- PGA Tour Goif 12 99 ..... Pinball Dreams S Fantasies 12 99 ------ ~ PINBALL FANTASIES .12.99 12 Pinball Illusions -----12 9912 Pinball Mama ......12 99 - PINBALL PRELUDE ...19.99 19.99 19 Pop A Promised Lands 12 99 ...... -•
Populous 2 . 12 99 .. PowerBase v3 5(Database) 12.99 .. Powerdnve . 9 99 9 99 Powermonger A D Disk 12 99 .. Premier Manager 3 Deluxe 13 99 . Prem Man 3 Mulli Edit Sys 10 99 ---• Pushover 8 99 Rea'ms 10 99 . Rise Cl The Robds ......12 99 Risky Woods 10 99 . ROADKILL . 7.99 7 Road Rash 10 99 .....- Rugby League Coach 19 99 ----- Ruffian 13 99 .. SENSIBLE GOLF 14.99 Sons World o! Soccer 96.9716 99 ...... Shuttle 12 99 . Skitchrn 17 99 1799 17 SLAMTILT . .19.99 -
Sleepwalker 8 99 8 99 SOCCER STARS 96 ... 22.9922.99 - Soccer Team Manager 10 99 ..... SPECIAL FORCES .... 8.99 - S pens Legacy -----19 99 19 Spherical Worlds 17 99 ----17 Star Crusader ......14 99 Star Fighter - 19 99 STARLORD ..... 9.99 - STREETFfGHTER 2 ...18.99 - Strike Fleet 10 99 STRIP POT ...... . 7.99 7.
SUBVERSION .. 4.99 - Super League Manager 7 99 7 99 7.
SUPER SKIDMARKS . 7.99---7. Super Street!igtiler 2 Turbo 14 99 14 SUPER TENNIS CHAMP... 7.99---- Super Tennis Champ 2 DO 5 99 .. Supremacy . 10 99 .. Syndicate '2 99 ----- TEST MATCH CRICKET... 4.99 - The Clue -----19 99 The Games 10 99 ----- Total Football 22 99 .. Tour mg Car Challenge 12 99 .. Tower o! Souls 19 9919 99 T reble Champions 2 4 99 ----- - - Turbo Trax . 19 99 --------- Turning Points 12 99 . UFO 12.99-- Ultimate GoH . 8 99 - Ultimate Soccer Manager ......19 99 ---- VITAL
LIGHT ...... 4.99 Watch Tower . 16 99 ...... Wing Commander 12 99 .. Wizkid 10 99 .. World Cup Golf -29 99 WORLD CUP YEAR '94 .... 19.99 --- World o( Football 19 99 . WORLD GOLF .12.99--- WORLD OF SOCCER 4.99--- Worlds al War 6 99 .. WORMS .... 9.99 - 9.99 WORMS: DIRECTORS CUT 18.99 XP 8 19.9919.99 - Zeewoll 12 99 -- ZEE WOLF 2-WILD FIRE. 22.99 -- Universe 4 99 ...... 8 99 VIRTUAL K ARTING .12.99 - VITAL LIGHT ... -1.99 WEMBLEY INTL SOCCER - WEMBLEY RUGBY LGE...
7.99 - - WHITE DEATH 4.99-- Woilchild 4 99 ... Wcmderdog 4 99 .. WORLD CLASS RUG8Y 95 4.99 -- WRECKERS .... 3.99-- Zool . 8 99 ------ 8 99
7. 99 19 99
- 7 99 EDUCATIONAL '9 99 ..... 14 9914 99 ...... 22 99
8. 99 ..... . -22.99 - .---8.99
- 19.99 14.98 1099 .... 17 9917 99 ...... 12 99 .
099 .....
8. 99 10’10 Dinosaurs 10 10 Early Essentials (3-7) 10 10 English
(6-16) KV10 Essenhai Mams 5-12 10 10 Essential Sconce 5-12
1CV10 French (6-16) 10 10 German (8-16) 1010 Jnr Essentials
5-11 10 10 Maths Algebra (6-16) 10' 10 Malhs Geometry 6-16
10 10 Malhs Numbers 6-16 10'10 Malhs Statistics 6-16 10’10
Spelling Puncuabon l&'IO Structured Spelling Better Spelling
(8-10) Belief Malhs (12-16) Cave Maze (8-12) Fraction Goblins
(8-13) Insight Dinosaurs Junmr Typist (5-10) Kid Pix Mag*c
Maths (4-5) Maths Dragons (6-13) Maths Mania (8-12) Piciure
Fractions (7-10) Reasoning With Trolls 5-12 Tidy The House
(6-10) Robm Hood (8*) Scrooge - Xmas Caiol (8*) The Three
Bears (5-10) Wind In The Willows (60 Wizard 01 Oz 1299
..... 12 99 ...- 12 99 --------- 12 99 ---------
12 99 ---- ----- 12 99 12 99 ---- ---- 12 99 - ----
12 99 .... 12 99 --------- 12 99 - 12 99
.. 12 99 --------- 12 99 - 13 99 ..... 13 99
----- ----- 10 99 10 99 ... ..... 14 99 10
99 ... 10 99 ... 13 99 ..... 10 99
.. 13 99 .. 10 99 .... 1099 ---------
10 99 ..... 13 99 ..... 13 99 .. 13 99
... 13 99 ..... 13 99 ...- 99 SPECIAL OFFERS
BADLANDS PETE 4.99 Body Blows 12 99 Bubba ri Sux BUBBLE &
ROCK ... Chuck Rock 2 ClockWiser . 9 99
COALA ...... .
COLONISATION ......12.99 Cool World Corporation 4 99 Dennis ------ Diagonslone . 4 99 FIRE FORCE .... .
Foolball Glory 8 99 GFL Championship Foolball 3 99 GLOBAL EFFECT .
Hemdall . 4 99 Heimdali 2 ...... HYPEROOME ..... J Ncklaus Designer Clip Art 7 99 Jelslnke..... 9 99 JOHN BARNES . LAST NINJA 3 . .
Marvens Marvellous Adv MEAN ARENAS . MEDIEVAL WARRIORS. .. 3.99 Morph ---- MYTH . .
Naughty Ones ...... NINE LIVES ..... 3.99 OPERATION COMBAT 2 .. 4.99 Out To Lunch.
OVER THE NET ... 0.99 PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA ... - Powergames.
Sabre Team ..... SIMON THE SORCEROR .. 12.99 Skeleton Krew ----- SKIDMARKS .... 7.99 SOCCER KID ... .
Steve Davis Snooker 4 99 Syndicate 12 99 Torvak 4 99 TOTAL CARNAGE ..... 3.99 TRIPLE ACTION 2 - SecondsOul Lancaster ... 3.99 TROLLS .... .
TURBO PACK 3 .. 3.99 12 99 - 4
7. 99 7.
4 9 99 9
12. 99 - .99 99 899
4. 99 7 99 -- 4.
9 99 9 99 99
4. 99
4. 99 4 99 -----
SPORTS SP001 Top Q( The League 1 25 SP0O4 Mr Men Olympcs 2 50
SP0O5 Slambafl 1 25 SP0O6 Slrikeball I 25 SP007 Amos Cricket
1 25 SIMULATIONS SM0O1 5 Simulation Games (not 1200) 1.25
SM002 Retem To Earth 1 25 SM003 Napoleonic Warfare Sim vS
.125 SM004 Wheel ol Fortune (nol 1200) 1 25 SM0O5 Card Sharp
1 25 SM006 Sub Attack 1 25 SM007 RouSetfe 1 25 SM008 Act O!
War 1 25 SM009 Micro Market 1 25 DEMOS & RAVE D001 Nigh!
Breed 1 25 D0O2 Iron Maiden Sideshow 1 25 DGG3 Good Morning
Vietnam 1 25 D004 Creep Show 1 25 D005 Fraction Horror Show
D006 Tolal Recall Slideshow 1 25 DO07 Evil Dead 0 meg) 1 25
D008 Batman Cartcon 1 25 DO09 Robocop 1 25 D010 Viz Slideshow
I 25 D011 Not The 9 Ock ck News 1 25 DO 12 Rader O! The Lost
Ark 125 D013 Predator Demo t 25 D014 Sate Sex 1 25 D015
Stealthy 2 (1 meg) 125 D016 Jimi Hendrix Slideshow 1 25 D018
Moisten Pits 125 D019 Popeye Meets The Beach Boys 1 25 D021
Moonwalker Demo 1 25 D022 Mike Tyson (1 meg) 1 25 D024
Terminalor 1 25 D026 Life Of Bram 1 25 100 Capacity 3 5' Disk
Box 7 99 4 Piayer Joystick Adapter 4 99 Amrtek Fuscm Genlock
. 94 99 Analogue Joystick Adaptor 4 99 Automatic
Joystick.-Mouse Splitler 14 99 CH FLIGHTSTICK
(ANALOGUE) AAR)29.99 External 880K Floppy Drive 59 99
Internal 88CK Floppy Drive A500 47 99 Internal 880K Floppy
Drive A600 A1200 49.99 JUPITER
JOYSTICK .... 7.99 Mouse . 10 99
Mousemat 1 99 Joystick Mouse Extension Cable 6 93 Joystick Y
Splitter 4 99 Logic 3 Della Ray Autolire JY156 10 99 Logic 3
Alpha Ray - Autolire 10 99 Logic 3 Sigma Ray - Autohre 12 99
POWER SUPPLY (JNfT 39.99 Qu.ck(Oy
Pedals SV129 9 99 Oujckjoy II Turbo SV124 10 99 Screenbeal 3
Speakers SB203 12 99 Screenbeal 4 Speakers SB204 11 99
Screenbeal 5 Speakers SB205 11.99 7 99 - 4 12 BUSINESS 8001
A-Gene (1 meg) 1 25 B0G4 Ami Cash 1 25 B005 Amibase Prof 1 25
BO06 600 Business Letters 1 25 BOHA-Gragh 1 25 B013 Analytic
250 B015 Slock Analyst.
1 25 B017 Budgets V1 34 1 25 EDUCATIONAL E002 The Bibte (4 Disks) 4 99 E003 Work) Databank 1 25 E006 Tolal Concepts 1 25 EQ07 Bank Talk 1 25 E008 Dunks DTP 1 25 EG09 Colour The Alphabet 1 25 £010 The Highway Code . 1 25 12
7. 99 - 12 12
12. 99 12 799 4 99
7. 99 7.99 1999 799 799
• 199 499 899
4. 99 Hunter, 19 RECYCLED DS'DD Low Density 10 tf 2.99 20 « 5.50
50 6 12.50 100 • 2250 99 WE ALSO SELL SONY PLAYSTATION, SEGA
FOR AMIGA .....7.99 FREE
DATA DISK 94 95 .. 9.99 ..£3 DAILY DOUBLE HORSE RACING 4.99 DATASTORE 2 38.99 ..£11 DELUXE PAINT 3 ...4.99 . . .£75 DESERT STRIKE 11.49 ...Cl DUNE .....11.49 £3 DUNE 2 .....13.99 ...£1 ELITE ......4.49 ...£20 FOOTBALL COLLECTION VOL 1 CLUB FOOTBALL. CLUB & COUNTRY.
WEMBLEY INTL SOCCER .16.49 £3 FOOTBALL DIRECTOR 2 .....4.99 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX.....5 99 £11 GRAHAM GOOCH WORLD CLASS CRICKET ......9 99 . £20 GULP' ......12.99 HOME ACCOUNTS ....3.99 £46 LEMMINGS .3.99 ...C6 LOMBARD RAC RALLY . ..6 99 ...Cl LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS 9 99 . .£5 MONEY MATTERS .....29 99 ...£20 NIGEL MANSELL'S G PRIX . 3.99 . .£6 ODYSSEY ..20 99 £5 ORGANISER 2 . 39 99 CIO PERSONAL PAINT V6.4 .....31.99 £18 PERSONAL PAINT V7 (REQUIRES WB 2.04+ AND 3MB RAM) .34.99 £5 PGA TOUR GOLF ..12 49 ...£2
11. 99 £3 CRICKET CAPTAIN (NOP) ... .3.99 £1 Amiga Software (HDR)
. .. ..9.99 POPULOUS & PROMISED LANDS (N012)
10. 99 ..£2 POWERMONGER & WW1 DATA DISK .. .
1 1.49 £3 REACH FOR THE SKIES 11 99 .. £3 RUGBY COACH . 4 99 SENSIBLE GOLF..... 12 99 .£17 SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER 96 .... . .
23 99 £6 SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER 96,97 .....
16. 99 ..£3 SUPER SKID MARKS 2
14. 99 £15 SYNDICATE 13 99 .. £1 TERMITE (KICKSTART 2.04*) 31 99
£7 THEME PARK ......
9. 99 £25 TOTAL FOOTBALL 80% . .
22. 99 £7 TRIVIAL PURSUIT (HDR) ... .3.99 ..£6 WEMBLEY - RUGBY
11. 99 .
15. 99 .. .£34 WORMS ....
18. 99 ..£7 ZEEWOLF 2 ..
23. 99 .
7. 99 .
£12 ALIEN BREED 3D . 9 99 .
£20 ALIEN BREED 3D 2 96% .. .. 22 99 £7 CHAOS ENGINE 2...... 23 99 ..£6 CIVILISATION AGA 7 99 £22 COLONIZATION...... 15 99 £19 FEARS .. 13 99 C16 GLOOM 14 99 .. £15 GLOOM DELUXE 2099 ..£9 GUARDIAN .... 9 99 .. .£20 ON THEY3ALL - WORLD CUP (HARD DRIVE ONLY) . 4 99 .. £28 PINBALL ILLUSIONS . 19 49 £10 PINBALL PRELUDE .. 16 99 £18 ROAD KILL 1099 ..£4 SIMON THE SORCERER .14 99 .
£25 SLAM TJLT .....
19. 49 £10 SPERIS LEGACY
12. 99 £2 WORDWORTH V6 (3MB) 34 99 .. £5 WORMS - DIRECTORS CUT .
.21.99 ..£8 AKIRA ...... ..19.99 £13 ALIEN BREED - T ASSAULT
17. 99 .
..£12 ARCADE POOL ...7.99 ...£7 EXILE ... 1999 ..£10 FIELDS OF GLORY ..
5. 99 .
£24 GUARDIAN ..... . 5 99 .
£24 GULP' ..1299 OSCAR & DIGGERS..... 2 99 .
. 19.49 CIO ROAD KILL . . .. ... .999 ..£5 SPEEDBALL 2 . .4.99 CIO SPERIS LEGACY . . .. 12 99 .
8. 99 ...10.99
Lemmings. Zool. Rome & Epic OR FREE FOOTPEDAL Designed to work
in conjunction with joystick or steering wheel. Ideally suited
to driving & (light games.
ABSOLUTELY FREE Other oilers available - please call. Overseas members add £2 Cctrriage. All oilers subject lo slock_ 1 MB A500» RAM -* CLOCK 32.99 1 MB A600 RAM + CLOCK 39.99 4 MB RAM BOARD FOR Al200 * CLOCK 99.99 4 MB ? 33 MHZ FPU RAM BOARO FOR A1200 ? CLOCK 139.99 8 MB RAM BOARD FOR A1200 + CLOCK 109.99 8 MB + 33 MHZ FPU RAM BOARD FOR A1200 + CLOCK 159.99 4 MB (SIMM CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 AND SX-1 19.99 8 MB (SIMM CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 37.99 16 MB (SIMM CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 89.99 SIMM MEMORY 72 PIN. 70Ns. 32 BIT SUITABLE FOR MOST PC'S WHEN YOU BUY ANY ITEM AT THE SAME TIME AS JOINING OR RENEWING
FOR ONE YEAR OR MORE THREE AMIGA GAMES FREE Skidmarks, Steve Davis Snooker and Football Director 2 AMIGA RAM SHOCK !!!!!
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I I 1 Overseas orders must be paid by credit card i Hardware items (battery or mams) are only supplied to ihe UK mainland j Overseas surcharge £2.00 per software item or 25% on other rlems 1 (BLOCK CAPITALS please) flMIGA F0RMAT r Mail Order address. Cheques payable to: SPECIAL RESERVE
P. O. BOX 847, HARLOW, ESSEX, CM21 9PH Inevitably some games
listed may not yet be available. Please phone lo check
SAVE = Saving off lull retail price. Inler-Mediates Lid, The Mailings. Sawbridgeworth, Herts.
L Prices may change without prior notification. Sent lo press 22.12.96 E .4 O.E. I I I I-- I ___Postcode I I Phone No_____
* Enter membership number j MEMBERSHIP FEE (ANNUAL £7.00)
* item________ All prices include VAT and carriage to MOST UK
mainland addresses.
Nearing the end of your tether? Had it up to here with that blasted game?
Ready to fling the thing across the room and give it all up? Don't just yet.
GameBusters is here to help. And, by golly, help it does!
BENEATH A STEEL SKY Although this game was released back in '94 we've had a steady request for tips and cheats ever since. So, with goodwill still in our hearts, here's how you complete the thing. Now stop asking for help, OK?
You start at the head of a set of stairs and overhear a security man having a conversation with the maintenance man, Old Hobbins. Listen to what's being said and then walk over to the left. Pull off the rung on the far left and use it to open the door on the right. This creates enough noise to attract the unwelcome attention of the security guard. Before he has time to reach you, walk over to the door on the right and force it open using the rung.
The next sequence of events is pretty much taken care of for you. Go back down the stairs and through the exit to the right. You'll see a pile of old junk, Stick your circuit board into this pile. Miraculously, one of the pieces in the pile comes alive - Joey, the smart-ass droid. Have a chat.
Now stand on the lift. This sets off an alarm that alerts Old Hobbins. As soon as he comes through to see what the noise is all about, go through the exit to the right. This next bit is time critical, so pay attention: Quickly locate and open the cupboard. Grab the spanner from inside the cupboard (you'll need it later). Go back to the room with the lift. Inspect the transporter droid and then talk to Hobbins. As soon as you've got some useful info about the droid get Joey to fix it.
The transporter droid will now go about its business.
Wait for it to come back. It will load a drum on the lift.
When this happens, jump down the hole. After a while Joey will follow you. Ask him to open the door. As soon as the door is opened, you'll be confronted by Reich. He'll be killed by sparks from the furnace. Search the corpse and pocket the possessions.
Plastic explosive When he comes back, ask him to disable the fuse box he reports to be there. As soon as he gets back walk into the storeroom yourself. Push the gangway over and pick up the piece of putty you'll find underneath it.
Show this putty to Joey and he'll tell you it's plastic explosive. To leave the factory go along the walkway until you reach the building at the far left.
This is the steamroom. Once inside, From here go right and then right again. At this location there should be an exit to another building. This is the factory. Chat with the woman there - her name's Anna. Wait until a big fat greaser of a bloke comes along - he's Lamb, a self-promoted supermarket manager type. Tell him you're security and take the exit to the right.
This is another part of the factory. Take the spanner and put it into the exposed cogs in the machine. The machine will stop working almost immediately (how many times will they use that old 'spanner in the works' routine?). If you put the cursor back over the cogs it should now read "Damaged Cogs". Take the spanner back out and go to the left. Locate the droid at the furthest left of the factory. Use the spanner and then ask Joey if he wants a new shell. You'll now have a much better looking droid! Try walking through the top left door that leads to the storeroom. You'll be refused entry so
ask Joey to check out the storeroom for you.
Use the spanner on both of the buttons on the boiler. Ask Joey to press the button on the left and simultaneously press the button on the right. The old man will complain and leave. When he does pull the switch on the dash on the left.
Remove the lightbulb and put the plastic explosive in the socket.
Pull the switch again. A door at the bottom of the panel should open and reveal two more switches. Pull the one on the right down. Leave the steamroom and go into the lift near the factory. You'll need to use Reich's ID card to do this.
Once out of the lift, walk to the left and then go through the doorway on the top right. Use Reich's card on the left slot and enter the room. Pick up the pillow on the bed and pocket the magazine. Travel to the right, past the lift you came out of until you happen across Travelco. Cover all conversational options and he will eventually swap a tour for the magazine.
Go back to Reich's apartment and wait until Lamb arrives. Chat with him. When he mentions going away, hand him the ticket. Head back to the factory via the lift and have another chat with Lamb. He takes you on a tour of the factory but leaves abruptly.
Reich's card After he's left, talk to Anna again. When she asks for your ID card, hand her Reich's. Talk to her exhaustively. Now leave the factory and jack into the LINC terminal. Select two, one, one, two. Jack off and wait for Lamb. Chat with him again and wait for him to authorise your entry to his flat, but before going down grab the cable to the right of the screen (you'll need to get Joey to cut it). Travel down in the lift, pick up the cable and then head for Lamb's pad. Use Reich's card in the slot. Use the machine on the right to feed the cat. Pick up and pocket the video.
Leave the area and travel along the walkway to the far left and enter the building called 'Burke's Bio Surgery'. Chat with the hologram to let you through the door on the left. Go through and chat with Burke. Offer him your (erm) testicles and he'll give you a Schreibmann Port.
Again, exhaust all of the conversational possibilities. Leave the surgery and travel to the far right and enter the building next to Travelco.
Examine the statue then have another exhaustive chat with the man behind the desk. Enquire about a Special Policy and tell him Burke sent you. When he leaves, ask Joey to weld the anchor off of the statue. Pick up the anchor and go back to the top level again. Head for the steam room and go through the door to the right. Make a grappling hook. Walk up the stairs and out the door. Throw the hook at the shield on the opposite building. Swing over and crash through the window. You'll find yourself in a dark room. Go through the door to the right. This room reveals a strange kind of seat thing -
the LINC interface. Use Reich's card in the slot next to the interface and sit down.
You've now been transported into LINC-Space. Pick up the ball you find and head for the exit on the right. As soon as you enter the next room, check out your inventory. You'll notice that it's completely different from the ordinary one. Use the OPEN program on the carpet bag that you find in this room. Pick up both items because you're going to need them later on. Use DECOMPRESS with the compressed data and DECRYPT with the documents.
Take the exit to the right. The next bit is very tricky: Continued overleaf 4 HELPING HANDS CANNON FODDER My Dad has bought me Canon Fodder but he's been playing it and is stuck on mission 12, part 6. He blows everything up, EXCEPT the factory. He can't get in the choppa and doesn't know what the little green pads or hatches on the floor do.
The choppa seems to be hovering above the factory roof.
How can he get past this mission?
Steve Wilson It's perfectly possible to complete this mission without using the choppa or the pressure pads, and with only one man as well. Head east to the first bunker and destroy the gun on top. Now go southeast, destroy the enemy choppa before it gets the chance to take off and head anticlockwise taking out the enemy guns. Run to your own gun on top of the factory and destroy the facrory door. Make sure that the man you send has all the rockets and you should be through before you can even begin to wonder how you ever had any trouble with this level!
ZOOL I am having terrible trouble with Zool. I need some cheats and level codes if there are any because I'm not very good.
Please help.
Adam Ashby Moston Luck is with you Adam. For a top cheat, type GOLDFISH on the title screen to activate the cheat mode. The following screens will then be activated: FI to F6 to skip from world to world.
1 = invincibility 2 = to skip levels 3 = to jump to the same level on the next world 4 = for suicide Here's a playing tip for you as well Adam, apparently there's a secret shoot-em-up section on level 2-1. To get to it, you'll need to get past the first two crumbling platforms with spikes underneath, then just after the second, drop down next to the spike and onto the platform above your head to the right.
LEND A HAND If you're having trouble with a particular game or have a solution to a question in the magazine, don't keep it to yourself, write it down or send it in on a disk and we'll do our best to print it.
HELPING HANDS Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW «“ Use one of the PASSWORD programs with the floor then walk to the right. Lay down the other PASSWORD program. Strictly follow the next sequence: left, pick up the PASSWORD, go up, put down PASSWORD, right, down, pick up PASSWORD, go up, put down PASSWORD, ieft, pick up PASSWORD, up, right, down, right, down, put down PASSWORD, up, up and exit. As soon as you're through pick up the bust and the book.
DECRYPT the two documents in your inventory, DISCONNECT, go over to the LINC machine next to the lift and use Reich's card. Select option four.
Enter the required security number and select one. Read all the documents and digest the information at your leisure. Once read, select zero, then two, then two again. You have now given yourself 48 hours worth of special security clearance.
Exit the system.
Flying colours Use Reich's card in the slot next to the lift. You'll see that you now pass the body scan with flying colours. Enter the lift. This drops you off in the Security Station. Walk over to the lift on the left and use it. Exit this lift and make your way to the next lift on the left (you've been here before when visiting Reich's apartment). Reich's card can now access this lift. You will find yourself at the bottom of the city so hang around a bit until a fat woman with a dog appears.
Chat to her: be nice. Go left until you spot a doorman.
Have a chat with him. The main piece of info you' find out is that you need a sponsor to gain access to the club.
Seek out the fat woman (Mrs Piermont) and ask her to sponsor you.
Now walk as far right as you can until you come upon a screen with a young boy and a gardener. Press the button by the door on the right. You'll find yourself inside Mrs Piermont's apartment.
Have another chat with her and as soon as she makes her phone call put the video you have into the VCR. As soon as the dog starts barking at the screen, nip round to his food bowl and pinch his biscuits. Leave the apartment and head for the bottom left exit. Examine the double wooden doors of the next location. Use Reich's card to open them and pick up the secateurs that you find. Head right and then go through the top left exit and make your way to the screen with the lift. Put the dog biscuits on the plank and wait. As soon as Mrs Piermont's dog comes along, wait for it to jump onto the
plank and then pull the rope. In the ensuing confusion sneak into the Cathedral while the guard's distracted. Go through the top left exit and open all the lockers.
Leave and make your way back to the top level via the lifts. Then enter the factory and make your way to the location where you last saw Anita alive. Put on the RAD suit that you'll find in the middle locker. Go right and access the control panel.
Select two to open the door. Enter the reactor room.
BLIND To the right of the reactor you will find Anita's card on the floor.
Pocket it and exit the room. Close the door from the control panel. Go ieft and change back into your coat.
Leave the factory and head back to the LINC-Space interface via the Security Station's lift. Walk through the exit to the right. Call down your inventory and use the BLIND program on the eyeball. Quickly walk through the upper exit while the eyeball is still blind. Continue in the up direction.
Use the PLAYBACK program with the well and engage the hologram in conversation. Go through the upper right exit and once again use the BLIND program on the eyeball there.
While it's blind, pick up the tuning fork. Disconnect from LINC-Space.
Leave the security building and make your way down to the bottom floor - where you first met Mrs Piermont.
Traipse along to the location on the furthest left and have a chat with the gardener. Now head off right until you come across the club. Enter it.
If there is a band playing, leave and go and do something until they stop. As soon as they've vacated the area, go over to the juke box and activate it. The manager, Colston, will get up from his chair. Quickly walk over to his table and steal the glass.
Examine the metal plate next to the door at the rear of the club. And leave. Head for Burke's Bio Surgery via the lift, give Burke the glass. Head for the club again. Once there, use the metal plate. The door should open into the wine cellar.
Use the metal bar on the packing case. Move the lid over onto the top of the box. Stand on this makeshift platform and cut the grill with the secateurs. Crawl through the narrow passage it exposes. Go right and then through the top right passage.
Light socket Once again, go right. To be on the safe side, save the game at this point. Do not walk past the hole until you have located the light socket.
Put the light bulb in the socket. Exit to the right and save the game again. Go right again and immediately click on the exit on the bottom right.
If you don't, you'll be crushed to death. Look above the vein on the wall. There's some plaster there. Loosen it off with your metal bar. Then loosen the brickwork with the bar until a brick falls out. Pick the brick up. Use the bar again and puncture the vein: near the bottom. Once punctured, hit the end of the bar with the brick.
A droid will appear from the door on the right.
Quickly pick up the bar and take the exit through the door. Have a peek through the grill. Take the upper left exit. Once again, save the game.
Go over to the control unit and select two to reduce the temperature. Walk onto the iris and yank the iron bar. Walk off immediately and exit the room. Go right and right again. Put Joey's circuit board into the medical droid that's hanging about there. Tell him to check out the tank room. Wait for him to come back and chat with him about everything. Tell him to open the tank in the nutrient room. Await his return. As soon as he gets back take the upper left exit, the upper right exit and yet another upper right exit.
Use Reich's card with the terminal there; select two then one. Exit and go left. Watch the sequence and then take Joey's circuit board out of the droid. Pocket Galagher's LINC ID card.
Go back into the room on the top right. Access the LINC-Space interface using Galagher's card.
Take the exit to the right, BLIND the eye and quickly go up. Use the DIVINE WRATH program on the crusader. Disconnect, then use Anita's card in the interfaces slot to re-access LINC- Space. Go right, blind the eye, go up and then right. Use the OSCILLATOR on the crystal and pick up the helix.
Level 1 MAHAM Level 2 TIUIT Level 3 TOHUT Disconnect and go to the left. Take the bottom right, pick up the tongs to the right of the glass tank and use them to freeze the tissue that you pick up with them. Exit right, open the middle cabinet and slot in Joey's circuit board.
Access the console and select two, zero and three. Chat with Joey. Retrieve his board from the cabinet. Now it's time for some synchronisation trickery! Go to the door on the right and ask Joey to place his hand on the plates. As he does so, place your hand on the other plate. The door will open. Go right and right again. Use the cable with the pipe support.
Climb down the ladder. Use the tongs with the orifice and save your game here. Right click on the cable to swing into the room. After the unfolding scene, quickly tell Joey to sit in the chair. And that's all there is to it folks!
K240 On the Asteroid view screen, press RETURN and then type (followed by RETURN) LOADSADOSH-for erm, loads of dosh.
WIDGET - for all the blueprints.
ICEMAN - to freeze all the asteroids and SKYSCRAPER - to construct buildings instantly.
Glenn Harden Norwich VALHALLA 3 - FORTRESS OF EVE * | 1 J 1 * 1 ¦ 1 ’ " ’ l7i Jill JHAll LcioJn i£ Ocl ll ZUCJ O ER 7 ZJD titles the a vii sa SPECIALISTS All Amigas A1200 Only RRP NEW RELEASES TITLE Euro League Manager Minskies Furballs ...... Gun Fury Basket Island ..... ....£19.99 ....£19.99 ....£19.99 ..£19.99 MOST TITLES AVAILABLE FROM ELECTRONICS BOUTIQUE, GAME LTD, PREMIER MAIL ORDER, SPECIAL RESERVE,
NO.1 HITS FROM MICROPROSE & ELECTRONIC ARTS TITLE All Amigas A1200 Only RRP Special Forces £9.99 Starlord . £9.99 F117A ... £9.99 Dog Fight ...... £9.99 Impossible Mission ..... £9.99 B17 .....£14.99 Fields of Glory .....£14.99 UFO
..... .....£14.99 TITLE All Amigas A1200 Only RRP F19 £14.99 Colonization .... £14.99 FIFA Soccer .... £14.99 PGA Golf . £14.99 Theme Park .... £14.99 Wing Commander ..... £9.99 Desert Strike .. £9.99 Road Rash .... £9.99 QUALITY SOFTWARE AT GREAT PRICES TITLE Battle for the Ashes...... World Class Rugby '95 .. Emlyn Hughes Int Soccer Worlds at War .....
Action Stations ..... 50 Great Games ... Deluxe Strip Poker II ...... Treble Champions 2 ...... World of Soccer ..... Test Match Cricket . ...... Big 100 .... ...... Club Football .. £9.99 Club &
Country ..... £9.99 World of War £14.99 Skidmarks .. £7.99 Super Skidmarks ... £14.99 Super Skidmarks Data Disk £7.99 Blitz Basic 2.1 £29.99 Blitz Support Suite . £14.99 Guardian .. £7.99 Roadkill £7.99 Legends £14.99 Fears
.. £9.99 Virtual Karting . £14.99 Gloom .. £9.99 9 Sp LD in Ail Aqe jnc Mgt Naughty Ones .... InterWord ... InterTalk . InterBase .. InterSpread . .£19.99 £9.99 ......£14.99
......£14.99 .£9.99 .£9.99 .£9.99 .£9.99 All Amigas A1200 Only RRP ...£4.99 ...£4.99 ...£4.99 Bubble and Squeak . £9.99 Rugby League Coach .... £9.99 Wembley Rugby League £9.99 Graham Gooch World Class Cricket .. ...£9.99 Superleague Manager .... £9.99 Graham Gooch Test Match Special....
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Subversion £4.99 Leeds United .. £4.99 Deluxe Strip Poker . £4.99 Genesis £4.99 Blitzkrieg .... £7.99 White Death .. £7.99 .£7.99 .£7.99 .£7.99 .£7.99 .£9.99 .£9.99 .£9.99 .£9.99 PLEASE ADD £1
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Offer ends 31 February 1997. Valid In the UK only. Return to: TOTAL FILM SUBSCRIPTIONS, Freepost, (BS4900), Somerton, Somerset TA116BR CODE: TOFTRIAL uary i997 J* Myflynt TOTAL HE CHAMBER hamlet space jam and...
* *ffiSSS TclefEKt ulure £ 'TLRiAI Ml r
http: www.futurenet.co.uk select Robert Polding delves deep
into the Public Domain and unearths some veritable treasures
for you. Read on... BROWSER II I II K MANAf.FR By ....P.
Carrette & S. 1Rougier Ware Share PD
Library ..Online PD No of
disks .....One
Price ....75p + 75p p&p This is a file manager
with a difference. Browser II uses a window- based system,
combined with menus, rather than a conventional fhe-Iister with
a button bank. The menus are configurable to your needs, and
you can have a different one for each type of viewer program.
You'll find this much easier than the multiple button banks
found in programs such as Directory Opus ( I).
People will always compare file managers to Dopus .5, a program which can be configured in every imaginable way, but also a program that will set you back around £50!
Browser ff comes with a massive configuration, is ready to use and will cost you all of £1.50. The window system is fast in operation, working in a similar way to Workbench, and it is also particularly good for multitasking. Because it operates on the Workbench you can set it on a task, for example using an archiver, and then use another application at the same time. Browser fI could even be used with graphics boards, with the default configuration, as all the (lybergraphics viewers are already on a menu.
This is Shareware and for just $ 25 you can have the complete package, without annoying requesters telling you to register.
If you have a good knowledge of the Amiga this program can become a very powerful tool and ts particularly recommended if you don't like button-based managers.
FILEQUEST FILE MANAGER By ..Dougal Emmanuel Ware Share PD Library Online PD No of disks .. One Price ....75p + 75p p&p FiJeQuesl is the second program in this month’s file manager double-bill.
This has a far more traditional style, using button banks combined with two listers (source and destination).
FIREFLIES GAME By ....Philip Holden Ware .Free PD Library Online PD Disks .One Price ..75p + 75p p&fp This game is ven simple yet, lor some reason, terribly addictive. There’s nothing special about the graphics, in fact tlu* arc fairh poor, and there isn’t e en an interlace, but it's slill a game that I would heartily recommend.
The game is designed lor one to li e placers and two placer mode is m facottrite.
You control a firefly and the object of the game is to knock our opponent into the lake beneath, where they'll be gobbled up by a lish.
The controls are very simple and can be learnt after a couple of plays, but the most startling element about the game is the way it handles acceleration. If con strip tlu- I avers ol a modern game, such as the graphics, sound and other gimmicks little max remain (in mane cases). This game is all about placabilitx.
It's highly addiclice and just gets better and better the more von pla !
This approach has been tried and tested and itJs so ease to use ecen a complete beginner will be right at home. The default setup is nothing 1 i k e a s c o m p re h e n s i ve a s Browsers - i t onlc has the bare functions and while the expert may be annoyed at having to configure the program to use their utilities, the beginner will bask in the clutterless .simplicity of it all.
Them are buttons for all the usual (cop)', delete, rename etc.) but the program also handles both I.Ha and LZX archices. You also have the option to add icons, read and show files, and show file-types. The program looks nice, is fully font sensitive, and very fast.
If you had to decide between I ¦'?((’(hies I and Browser I would recommend this because of its fast use and easy setup. But if you need more from vour file manager and want to pei form particularly complex actions using external programs Browser is worth a look. As far as cost goes there is little difference as the registration for this is just $ 20 (LIS).
This is an excellent product and if you haven’t got a file manager this would be a good start - especially for Amiga beginners.
CLASS HD UTILS 15 By Various Ware ..Free PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price £1.00 This is a small, yet useful selection of utilities that are well worth looking at if they aren’t already in your collection. There are five all together: Cybershozo 7.4, Birthday Warner. 1201) Tower, MorseCoder ancl Tetris Bro. Cyber show is a quick picture viewer, and despite its name it can be used on any computer, although with (lyberGrapbics or a Picasso
board it can open Truecolour 24-bit screens.
The program supports an impressive 23 file formats, including IFF, GIF, JPEG and PhotoCD, and it uses a simple AST file requester and opens screens cry quickly. This particular CLASS » l Yes, it's the same game with a slightly different angle and still just as addictive.
CLASS HE Discover how to fit your beloved A1200 into a tower with the help of this text document.
Program is Shareware and until you register only supports greyscale.
Birthday Warner is a simple Shell command for your startup sequence, which does exactly what the name suggests: warns you if it’s someone’s birthday. It’s a simple no-perks program that works very well.
1200 Bower is a document that explains how to put an A1200 into a tower case. Be warned though, it isn’t for those who aren’t technically able because it involves stripping down your computer.
Morse Coder is a program that translates normal text into morse code using dits and daws. 1 found Continued overleaf 4 flu It iVteu 11 Cl ass-HC-lft i I si 5:12MT wr 12MTwer H*H«i all. Probably you olr-eadv read 5*nething abeul this and [ obviously u«U be 'he anal iter person who Hi 11 explain you h w to i-ihe a 1288 T. Tlierv -up nany prublenj yuu Mill I i n i pul Lini a 1288 millier liu-s-J in 4 canon PC case, so 1 Mould like to invite everyone Hha is not interested utd or goad • *.xh so* darings and hardparv hick inis not continue : i r*id this teat.
Sone ti»e ago t thought that the Idea o' putting hv whole 12)8 In i coiHon PC case uas not so t bad idea, To tell the trulh L already thought ibout such idea in the past, but I have never had :hc necessary courage to open coHpletelv *iy 1288 and see whal [ could da. I sw that sone ital an purchaser of Rtdoa Products jas offering different so jut tens for tlLones uho wanted lo buy a case (Desktop. Hinthwer or Toner, for their -88s I bought that the loner option could be the very goad one, Someone also sell j use tuner nl.ii 3 Zuitu [[ ilu,*. Thai idea la iiiiialed ne a • ut. T were :hinking
about *itting hv 1288 h ith s-one graphic card or also a huIt iface card hut ouorvthing vndod ,«hon i know -.hat nano of ihoio 22 expansion ware cowpletelv inconpa* tb e with nany H1288 accelerator boards. = fiber these ideas I also thought ahout buying a PeeCee and throuing ny = id out of the HlndoH, but this is the past, now [ know that hv 1288 is = 1288 out at the window, but this is the past, flow [ know that ny 1288 is the best conputer I ever dreaned of, and I love it. [ .iust need a graphic
- :ard :siih .
... little period of depression. I thought that buying a good accelerator card was no' so a bad idea. L needed nore rap and surely a better processor than hv Miserable 48828. I also thought that l needed a = Vark 15 2 Of Mice and Mem 3 3rd Dimesion v,27 4 Roberta's Little Blue Plastic disk 5 Kids Disk- Colour the alphabet 6 Circus & Duck Blast 7 Shareworld v.6 8 Helping Hands 9 Charlie Cat Quickies v.2 10 Vark 13 WHERE TO GET THE DISKS THIS MONTH ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane • Formby Liverpool • L37 3PX ® 01704 834335 CLASSIC AMIGA SOFTWARE 11 Deansgate • Radcliffe Manchester «
0161 723 1638 Other good PD libraries liitle use for this but if you need to use morse you may like it.
Finally there’s an excellent version of the timeless classic Tetris.
This Shareware game is one of the best yet. You draw a picture as you complete lines and when the picture is finished, you go onto the next level. The graphics and animation are excellent and the playability is spot on.
«»0000000 **** Kneftmer *8*00000000 2 6800608 Levt- 108 1 •* 8808688 As I said before, this collection could be very useful, providing you don’t have all the programs already.
MINE RUNNER V1.8 GAME By .Matthias Bock Ware Share PD Library ..Online PD No of disks .....One The game flows very well mainly due to the speed your characters can move around - you really can fly round the level.
Price ....75p + 75p p&p The second of our games this month is a re-make ol the classic Mine Runner. A tried and tested formula, but why another? Well, this is an excellent new version, and one that focuses on the game rather than graphics and sound. Nice graphics often hinder a classic formula - saying that though, the animation here is still verv smooth.
The aim of the game is to collect all the gold on the level, while avoiding the enemies. You have the power to dig holes in the platforms, trapping the enemies and causing them to drop any gold they may possess. The speed of the game is one of its greatest strengths, and it gives the game an excellent flow.
This is very addictive, each level gets harder but you can still complete them with time. There is little change throughout, but this is to be expected when attempting to get the feel of the original without gimmicks.
If vou want a modern game with O options galore then you're better off ignoring this release, but if you're after playability then look no further.
OKI HD 2 COMPILATION By Oki Ware ..Free PD Library ..Online PD No of disks .....One Price ....75p + 75p p&p Another compilation now, this time from Oki at Online PD. There aie six programs on the disk: Cool Stars, ('¦ticker, Ennyptor, Lock It, Embed!FF24 and Magic Pointer. Cool Stan is an extension for Amos Pro that gives yon 22 new commands to create, manipulate and display a variety of starfield effects. The installation is manual, but just requires copying a
file and changing .Arnos’ configuration. The starfields that are produced are excellent and scrolling
i. s verv smooth even if von have a complicated one.
Clicker creates a click noise whenever a key is pressed. It seemed pretty pointless to me and proved to be very annoying. Encryptor allows you to (surprisingly) enciypi text files. It’s quick and easy - the only problem being that it only supports plain text, so is of little- use for programs.
If security is your thing then Lock ft allows you to password protect your Workbench, keeping prying eyes away. EmbedJbT24 is a novel program that allows you to hide text in images, so you can play James Bond with all your mates. It even includes an example with the Animaniacs in!
Magic Pointer is quite an old method of changing the appearance of your pointer. View it as a Hi-Res work of art or even animate it with the supplied editor.
This selection is quite novel in design but none of the programs serve much of a purpose. If you really need any of these (and for most I can’t undcnstand why) then order now, otherwise stav well clear.
Y VIRUS MIXED BAG 1 By ... PJM Ware ..Free PD Library ..Online PD No of disks .....One Price ....75p + 75p p&p You can never be too careful with viruses. While there aren’t manv new j Amiga viruses appearing, old ones still roam on unprotected victims, and only the virus killer can save us.
This disk is a compilation of all the types of killer imaginable, from file killers to vector viewers. The ever popular Virus shows its face again - it’s still an excellent program but unfortunately few of the other programs live up to it. Vi.ni.sZ is the only program with an interface rather than documents and Shell commands and, as a result, this disk
i. s a rather poor effort. 'H?
Freezes Fr K Cool way to Grab Images on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Te etext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAIVSECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could he your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrabs software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device!).
Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab a so includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from TV or satellite sources.
Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS. .. or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART output... STAGE 3... Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package.
Camcorder or, Use the signal from your satellite receiver... ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Or, Grab TV or video pictures from your VCRs video output- including S-VHS.
ProGrab is just £129.95... Only £39.95 i ProTel™ Terrestrial Satellite Teletext Decoder II NEW.
. SjEWy v Sound Sampled ProGrab'"-AmkuShop.ne' 95% STAR Buy a J u • lice 'Sharp, crisp and faHnfut to t?v ono-naf colours, wej were might , impressed'ar U Highly Recommended Whefntf yog are a Vrieegraphc-f or a Graphic Artist, look] to tt v PfcGrat* 24RT us it's a winner Star Buy ProGrab"' • Arrwga f ¦ im,c 93% Gold Rating and Ifl Stand low jtto 'or grabD»ig letetew ir'o I wars-. RtMBBWy of P'bGrH)'" and has a morn faster download rate) wee the information has been downJoadrf’ProTel™ atom ycu to view pages instantly - no more wartmg whilst your TV finds the correct page1 Files can be
exported as ASCH Text fa use in •JP1 c saved as IFF Graphics fa use m your DTP jjjwena&ais You dont need a Teletext TV Video la ProTef™ the signal tan be • received through a standard VCRi £44.95 dtgidser to get'. Incredible value for money - no oiher d gtter Off.--: so rr-. -• r: • .'.’••enreviewing I Vkt Atnga 24RT PRO. Amiga Format sac v-. E paftM: bl |BrntJChstjpenoc Fro Grab’ ProGrab"’’ - Voted as The Best Video Hardware product for the Amiga This is especially pleasing because the award comes from the Amiga Shopper magazines readers Our Satisfied Customers!
I Camcorder User commented If you're looking for a high resolution 24 bit digmser men. At rhis price.
ProGrab 24RT represents great value for money' CU Amiga sate ProGrab"' is 'Just tnejoo professionals on a tight Pudge:' 'very ford to bear For the money, nothing can touch u' WHAT THE MAGAZINES SAY... simply ¦ ADDITIONAL TELETEXT FACILITIES - With either Terrestrial or Satellite TV signals.
¦ LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW • Double Resolution and 4 times area of previous ProGrab software.
¦ INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT - Now compatible with composite PAL. SECAM and NTSC Straight from the box!
ProGrab is supplied with just about everything you'll need + ¦ ProGrab"* 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
• F A video source cable wifi be required to match your own
equipment • Ask for details
* Standard ProGrab hardware is PAL SECAM NTSC compatible
Interlace mode options are available with PAL and SECAM only
ProGrab1" supports any Annga with KxksLvt 2 04 or later and a
minimum of I SVG free RAM i Saves and Loads images in IFF 1LBM,
IFF IL8M24, JPEG, 8MR PCX. And TARGA file formats. ProGrab
saves animations as Anim5 Hies and animations with sound
(requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as AnimS
+• 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods are featured in ProGrab Version 2.6.x. Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom 'Loader to enable grabs directly from within the program - saving YOU time!
¦ Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities. Number of frames dependant upon Amiga’s RAM.
« Release 2.6.x software now includes... Supports a recent AMIGAs and is also fully AGA Chipset compatible. You can render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution including HAM8 mode (Amiga RAM permitting).
ProGrab 24RT Plus ProGrabs optional PCMCIA Interface includes the latest version software and extends performance for senous pro'esvon.il users • offering the following benefits ¦ Fester Downloading Times (up to FIVE times quicker) ¦ Improved animation speeds of up to I Ups (mono) and } ‘jfps (colour) ¦ Saving cf animations direct to your Amiga's hard drive ¦ Freeing of your Amiga Parallel Port (or use by a printer or other parallel peripheral ¦ Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound sampler reqd. See below) Two high quality 8-Bii sound samplers, specifically I Cv ¦ jrv.vj
for use with our ProGrab 24PPU digiiisers.’ an- now available (PCMCIA Interface required) Trie Hif t version leatures the same fO.VH A D convertor used in the ProGrabrw meaning the maximum frequency is onfy limited by the Amiga's hardware It also has a higher bandwidth (40H lo 20KH ) than the standard version Standard Stereo Sampler £19.95 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler £24.95 PCMCIA INTERFACE for A1200 and A600 STEREO SOUND SAMPLERS Post or FAX your requirements (quantity Jrc trade prices available on the order form provided OR. If you'd simply like further information please contact... CORDON
HARWOOD COMPUTERS Department AM F Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP 0& FAX: 01773 831040 - email; 10027 l.3557@compuserve.com 017J3 836781 Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initial (s): Surname: Address: County (Country): Postcode: Daytime Phone: Evening Phone:
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bis Data compression and error correction ? Class 1 & 2 Fax interface ? Strong metal external case + Front panel LEDS SUPERHIGHWAY MODEM £119 SEA IN-DEPTH REVIEWS OF HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE THAT YOU CAN TRUST PPAINT 7 A new version number, but what about the new features?
BLITZ SUPPORT SUITE This top notch add-on gets the John Kennedy treatment.
A1200XL Faster than a speeding bullet?
Well, maybe not, but John Kennedy gets his gun out anyway.
STORAGE SOLUTIONS John Kennedy gets his review hat-trick with Dave Taylor's help.
67 69 CD-ROM ROUND-UP The CD's have been building up again.
Nick doles out the bouquets and brickbats WORKBENCH Graeme Sandiford picks himself up, dusts himself off and deals with your problems.
Darren Irvine wants a new car so where does he look? I bet you can guess.
He serious section of the magazine is absolutely jam- packed this month with a host of new products, some updates of old favourites plus all the usual features. OK, there are companies leaving the platform, but there is so much new stuff every month for us to review that we quite often Ben Vost have to Put thin9s back to our next issue.
Coming up in the next few months we will have the long- awaited Lightwave 5, CyberVision 64 3D, quite a few QuickCam setups for the Amiga and far too much more for us to cope with.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY is very simple. Amiga Format is staffed by some of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN 90+% The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most versatile and effective products are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% These products are very good, but there are minor flaws or areas that could be improved upon.
70-79% Good products which may be worth buying, if you have a special interest in that area of computing.
60-69% Average products with somewhat limited features and appeal. Products in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws.
Less than 40% The absolute pits.
TURBOCALC 4 The mysteries of the spreadsheet are unravelled by Dave Taylor.
Our esteemed editor dusts off the CD32 and plugs 68030 power into it.
AMIGA.NET SX-32 Personal Paint has been around for a while now - how can Cloanto possibly improve it? Ben Vost investigates.
Little CD single sized ROMs - part of Cloanto’s effort in the European drive to conserve resources and materials.
After all, the disc only has about 60Mb of material on it. But there is a black spot on the horizon in that this CD only works in tray-type CD-ROM drives. If you want to use it in a caddy drive, you’ll have to get one of those rings that music shops supply for CD singles.
Despite its diminutive dimensions, this 3" CD holds all of Personal Paint and more... M of you will already be familiar with at least one version of Personal Point. Those of you that bought the Amiga Magic Pack from Amiga Technologies will have received a free version with the machine. But you’ll still want to know what’s been added to the current clefacto standard in Amiga palette-based art packages.
For a start, receiving the software on CD comes as a bit of a shock.
Where's the disc? All I got was a little square of card about 3” to a side. And, yes, it does contain a CD, one of those PERFECTLY PRESENTED As usual, the software on the CD is perfectly presented. You can run Ppainl 7 from the CD if you so desire, but also, more satisfactorily, from your hard drive if you install it. Cloanto always spend a lot of time ensuring that their Cds work under any possible configuration and this is no exception. When you double click on the AmigaGuide documentation icon, the CD checks to see if you are a German user, makes sure you are running multiview and so on
before loading an appropriate version of the documentation. Personal Paint is the same. It checks about 100 things in your configuration, such as whether your machine has a blitter, whether it is AGA, how much chip and fast memory you have and so on.
The program itself doesn’t appear to have changed much on. The surface. Goading hies is marginally faster (much faster if JPEG), the pop-up menus to replace the cycle gadgets of previous versions are welcome, but the most obvious change is the addition of a little “crown” icon on the toolbar replacing the Grid gadget. This button is your gateway to the many varied HERE'S SOMETHING YOU COULD NEVER DO IN PERSONAL PAINT BEFORE!
SOME OF THOSE NEW FEATURES THEN... ¦ New and improved file formats, including PhotoCD (licensed by Kodak), GIF (licensed by Unisys), BMP (Windows and OS 2), JPEG (not a DataType any more), 24-bit DataTypes and PBM ¦ Professional Internet features like GIF animations, a map editor, and , everything needed to achieve maximum image quality in a compact size ¦ Enhanced user interface (pop-up gadgets, different sizes of user interface fonts, Newlcons thumbnails, etc.) ¦ More than 180 Arexx commands, with scripts directly accessible from the toolbar ¦ New "plug-in" library system makes it possible
to add input output formats and to replace critical Amiga blitter and CPU code with a combination of "virtual blitter" and other logic fully exploiting the different configurations.
¦ Automatically create directory thumbnails for entire directories ¦ Advanced vector text functions (rotate, antialias, paths, etc.) ¦ CD-ROM edition includes: developer documentation, reorganized manuals, tutorial animations, extended artwork.
Amiga Format talked to Michael Battilana, the driving force behind Cloanto, in this exclusive interview: 5 How long has Personal Paint been in development since the start?
MB: The project started when we decided to rewrite the Personal Fonts Maker in order to support colour. That was in 1991.
Arexx scripts that come with Personal Pain!, including some excellent text tools that use Compugraphic fonts in a similar way to the Text Effects that Wordworth produces; only Ppaint can anti-alias the results, giving a much nicer look.
Ppaint 7has definitely got the hots for the Web. In addition to being able to create client-side image maps for use on your web pages it can also create progressively decoded and transparent GIFs (which, admittedly, it has been able to do for a while) and even animated GIF files. Personal Pain! Has Distributor:: CD - Epic, Digita, Weird Science; Floppy - Digita PRICE: £29.99 (Upgrade £19.99) REQUIREMENTS: WB 2.x, 2Mb RAM SPEED: • • • • O Getting faster all the time, thankfully.
MANUAL: • • • • O On-disc documentation isn't always ideal, but it is easy to refer to.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • You'll have no trouble with this.
FEATURES: • • • • My only question is what can they possibly add to it for the next version?
VALUE: • • • • • Superb value for money.
OVERALL VERDICT: Ppaint 7 is the finest palette-based graphics package for the Amiga today.
11 cgv«r. Irr ¦I Paint Halp - RtxN Port Nano: PPRINT Roxx tforalon! ?
Rddrranoft FRHHE* N POSITION H BEFORE 8 RFTER S RdJuatColors FROM N TO N COLQR N BRI0HTNES8 N CONTRAST Rlrbruah X N A Y N fl TIME N R ERASE t COMPLEMENT S RI Iocat oBItnap MIDTH N R HE IGMT N A DEPTH N A flpptteationlcon FILE DROP S SHIFT S PBEVIEH S BruahColorSt at latles FROM N TO N COLOR* * COMPACT * ChangoOrushBkaToFrg ChangoInagoBkgToFrg ChopBruah X* N Y* N Xl N Y1 N INFO S ED0ES S PLANES S CloarFranoa FROM N TO H Cloarlnogo ColorStat(at lea FROM N TO N COLOR* * COMPRCT S ConplonontBrush CopyBItnap SOURCESITMRP N fl SOURCEX N 30URCEY N TRROET CopvBrush BRUSH N R X* N Y* N Xl N Y1 N
HOFRAHES S CopvEnv Ironnont RHIHflTION t CopvFranoPaIottam SOURCEFIRST N R SOURCCLRST N R THROE CopyFranos SOURCEFIRST N R SOURCCLRST M fl TRROETFIRST CopyPolatt oToSruih DofInoBrumh XB N Y* N Xl N Y1 N TRRNES N POINTS ERASE _ Do Iot oBrumhFr anoa Do I ot oFranom FROM N TO N RLL 8 ° c 5 Ppaint 7 seems to be a very complete product, what ideas do you have for future versions?
MB: We have several pages of notes about various things... Lots of details, but also true colour, layers, multimedia... Do you believe that the Amiga market is still buoyant enough to support further development?
MB; I dare to say that we are the living proof that the answer is yes. We are investing more than ever in Amiga development. However, we are also growing in a shrinking market. This is a very dangerous trend. We need all the help we can get.
5 if there was one feature you could change about the Amiga, what would it be and why?
MB: I personally use and enjoy the Amiga as it is.
With the new versions of UAE, I even enjoy using my Amiga... notebook. What can I wish more?
Well, if one could change the past... However, I think that I learned as much from the problems as from the superb technology. And the Amiga community... No, there is nothing I would change.
Always championed the cause of PNG, supposedly the modem day replacement for the troublesome GIF format and able to save in as many as 24 bitplanes as opposed to the eight that GIF can manage, but unfortunately there are few browsers that will support the PNG format as yet.
Another pleasant surprise, and something that has been missed from Ppaint, is the inclusion of an anim brush feature and, better yet, really good support for animfonts. Personal Paint offers an Arexx-based solution in the form of a simple text requester that asks you what animfont you wish to use, whether you want the characters to all be laid out at the same time, how spaced out they should be, and so on.
Simply hit OK and Ppaint does all the hard work for you.
Add to this true support for graphics cards and machines that don’t have any chip RAM (like the Draco), future-proof modularity (Personal Paint will almost certainly be one of the First commercial programs ready for the PowerPC chip thanks to its modular concept), a comprehensive Arexx port with over 180 commands and an increased speed of operation, and you’ll see why this journalist believes Personal Paint to be one of the best programs available for the Amiga today.
Better yet, Cloanto always have an ear for improvements that can be made.
For example the pop up menus which replace Personal Paint's cycle gadgets, suggested by yours truly, and I’m sure that any suggestion made by a user will be treated with as much weight, Best of all, this is a paint program that won’t break the bank. You can have 60Mb of ace program for only £29.99. It makes sense to buy Personal Paint. Go on. Do it. Now. "T?
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AIM LOGIC Kingston -upon* t Surrey Red When Excited helped create the original Blitz Basic - now they've released their own update. John Kennedy asks what it means for new and experienced Blitz programmers.
5 ltek«l u««’i«bU turr»B»I«"hoe*.h : *•»I of if ms rsr»*,ur* w * *- I 5 3 A fi sZ TteCKaaraiiii: .net Itptvnvnl New, improved SuperTed now features an Arexx port (notice the docking toolbar in the bottom right) and a user-definable menu. Ideal for launching the new calculator program.
As you can see.
Blitz now supports ToolTypes. What you can't see is that it also supports Datatypes and Arexx ports.
Gadge t _Rende r I i ft litz Basic has grown into one of the best software development systems available on the Amiga.
And it’s really good to see continued development. Red When Excited were responsible for various aspects of the original Blitz release and they brought the SuperTecl editor and powerful RI libraries to Blitz 2.1. Now they have released a software pack off their own bat and, given their pedigree, it’s fair to see ix as an official upgrade.
The pack comes on three disks containing a wide variety of libraries and utilities. The games programming fraternity will be pleased to see the inclusion of two special editor utilities for handling Shapes and Maps. Now it’s easier than ever before to take images stored in an IFF file, and either manually or automatically convert them to Shapes for inclusion in Blitz, (or even Assembler or C) programs. A stand- a | loot types lest Program Oofint Ii*t Unktvrt rJrtlBWJr 1-1 Itiotr* mki . I tnkl fvrt in i vi pUturM.ftcUr*
- =--------iMmtl -W MU
- 1 In* 1 L*‘ Erst6" «¦ Km _ _i etrlH»iP i CM
ET- T71Er TSJISi7B»irWarr-5*-l umd | 1 e»r«ai«| c*u I Too Hype
ICGnX has value 2&& Tool type ICONY has value 108 Too I type
LftNGURGE has values ENGLISH and FRENCH Change too I type ICONX
to 158 1=success): -1 Change too I type ICONY to 188
C-1=success : -t eate tooltype ICOtlTYPE with value CLOSED and
switch OFF -1=success): -1 Saved okay? -1=success - -1 Close
this window to end!
Nim. ln«r *«-«.
C ITO Ma lw Iniw r« Select.Render jTTTy alone program makes designing levels and backgrounds for games as easy as using Deluxe Paint there’s no doubt that programmers will save hours of work.
THE LIBRARY IS THE TICKET However, it’s the libraries where you will find the most important additions to the Blitz programming environment.
Red When Excited have enhanced the capabilities of Blitz programs by including many new and updated versions of the library files which Blitz uses to add various functions to its list of built-in commands. Blitz can now make use of Datatypes (so you will be able to deal with all sorts of weird file formats such as GIF or WAV), and there is also improved support for adding Arexx ports, controlling the palette, animations and encryption. There are now over 300 commands which control almost every aspect of the Amiga’s hardware and operating system.
The documentation exists in the form of extensive AmigaGuide documents. Although printed instructions are always nice to have, you can’t beat an online instruction manual capable of loading and compiling example programs in front of your eyes.
All programmers will be delighted with the updates to SuperTed, the program editor. It’s more stable, and borrows a few features from other editors. It can now deal with several open files a( once and there’s also a history of previous files, which makes it easier to pick up where you left off. There is now also an Arexx port which makes it possible to integrate utilities such as the supplied Calculator and special Dock plug-ins.
The debugging system has also been given an overhaul and is more reliable and powerful You can step through Blitz programs line-by-line, but also view 680x0 machine code and examine the contents of Blitz objects.
It’s hard to explain just how useful a debugger is until you’ve used one - the Blitz system is one of the best I’ve seen.
This is a welcome update, which all Blitz programmers should snap up Distributor: Guildhall Leisure Services on (+44) 01320 890000 PRICE: £19.99 (£14.99 for registered Blitz users) REQUIREMENTS: Blitz Basic 2 v1.9 or later, 2Mb RAM, 5Mb hard disk space.
MANUAL: • • • • O On-line documentation is usually a pain
- this is well written and helpful.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • 0 Not for the total beginner. You'll need to be able to program in Blitz.
FEATURES: • • • • O Addresses missing features such as Datatypes support with powerful libraries.
VALUE: • • • • 0 Good price for a much needed update.
OVERALL VERDICT: Adds new life to Blitz. It's easier to use and adds power to Blitz programs.
Straightaway. At first glance it may look as though it’s not going to make any vast difference, but once you start to explore the new features you’ll be pleased you upgraded. The improvements to SuperTed are worth the money alone - if you are a games programmers the Shape and Map editors are worth their weight in gold.
Top marks to Red When Excited for breathing new life into an already powerful programming system: now we need more budding programmers to make the most of these tools. © Tel: (0115) 9444500 Fax: (0115) 9444501 ECALL ECALL £109.99 540Mb 810Mb 1GIG Quantum* £139.99 £179.99 £239.99 The Apollo A4000 Accelerator fits into the CPU slot of the A4000 (A3000 T).
Comes in 40MHz 68040 & 50MHz 68060 versions, 4 x 72pin SIMM sockets (2 x 72pin SIMM for A3000 Desktop) & SCSI-2 controller.
635Mb 850Mb 1GIG
1. 2GIG
1. 6GIG 2GIG £99.99 £119.99 £137.99 4040 40MHz 406Q 50MHZ £349.99
£599.99 £49.99 £69.99 £87,991 ALL 3 5 IDE HARD DRIVES REOUIRE
Lli IF YOU HAVE FOUND A CHEAPER O PRICE ELSEWHERE IN THE GC MAGAZINE CALL US AND WE Q_ WILL DO OUR BEST TO BEAT rr. 31 WESTERN DIGITAL ECALL ECALL £159.99 £1744)9 £199.99 £259.99 HARD DRIVES When you first receive your hard drive we think the last thing you want to do is to have to re-format it. All our drives are set up CORRECTLY. We can even configure the drive to your specifications.
Drives are formatted & installed with WorkBench.
OVER 150Mb of top quality Public Domain software including: Compugraphic fonts & clipart, Imagine objects, top demos & music modules, essential utilities, games and lots more!!!
Externally cased hard drives for the A500 500+. Can be populated with up to 8Mb of RAM (72p»n SIMMS).
635Mb £214.99 1GIG £239.99
1. 2GIG £249.99
1. 7GIG £284.99 A500 ALFAPOWER STORAGE 72pin 70NS 72pin 60NS 4Mb
£19.99 4Mb £19.99 8Mb £37.99 8Mb £37.99) 16Mb £79.99 16Mb
£79.99' 32Mb £199.99 32Mb £199.99!
25 Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 BAH 80Mb 170Mb 350Mb 635Mb £129.99 850Mb £139.99 1GIG £154.99
1. 2GIG £164.99
1. 7GIG £199.99
2. 5GIG £279.99 Please call for latest prices, as memory prices
can change daily.
IBM HITACHI 2.5" IDE A1200 RAM CARDS A1200 0Mb A1200 4Mb A1200 8Mb MEMORY APOLLO ACCELERATORS APOLLO 1240 1260 The new Apollo 1240 features a fan cooled super-fast 68040 running at 25MHz (the 1260 uses the 68060 running at 50MHz), in-built FPU, battery- backed clock and 1 x 72pin SIMM socket. Making it one of the best value accelerator cards available.
1240 25 0Mb £229.99 1260 50 0Mb £479.99 1240 25 4Mb £249.99 1260 50 4Mb £499.99 1240 25 8Mb £267.99 1260 50 8Mb £517.99 1240 25 16Mb £309.99 1260 50 16Mb £559.99 1240 25 32Mb £429.99 1260 50 32Mb £679.99 Microvitec 1402 Multisync Monitor Including cables and 25watt Stereo speakers £289.99 New Epson Stylus Colour 500, prints 720 dpi on standard paper only £259.99 APOLLO 1230LC APOLLO 4040 The 1230LC combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga 1200 accelerator. With a 68030 25MHz and 25MHz 68882 FPU, 1 x 72pin SIMM socket (4 or 8Mb). Real-time battery- backed clock.
Also available: APOLLO 1230 50MHz £149.99 1230 0Mb 1230 4Mb 1230 8Mb £229.99 V sage Winter Specials Apollo 1240 25 New! Apollo1230LC SUPER LOW SPECIAL OFFER PRICES 1240-4MB £249.99 1240-8MB £267.99 1240-16MB £309.99 1240-32MB £429.99 Surf the Net!
28,800 V34 FAX MODEM £109.99 33,600 V34+ FAX MODEM £119.99 25MHz 68030 inc MMU 68882 FPU Amazingly low price £99.99 420Mb 2.5" IDE Hard Drive £114.99 540Mb 2.5" IDE Hard Drive £139.99 INC CABLES, INSTRUCTIONS & SCREWS Limited Stocks...hurry!!!
Please make cheques and postal orders payable to Visage
Computers. Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS INCLUDING SWITCH, VISA & DELTA BY PHONE Credit Debit card orders taken from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY - £6.95 Did you know that if you fit this card to your A1200, it's possible to expand it beyond the specifications of a Cray super computer? It's true: and although the Cray concerned happens to be the Cray-1 rather than the latest state-of-the- art machine, it's still impressive.
It doesn’t seem that long ago that I wrote a very comprehensive round-up of Amiga A1200 accelerator cards for our erstwhile sister magazine Amiga Shopper (AS64). At the time we looked at all the 030 and 040 cards then available, and the fastest 030 turned out to be the Blizzard card. I was certain, that there wouldn’t be any card in this class to beat it.
Does the Amiga need another accelerator?
The answer, according to John Kennedy, is a resounding "yes"!
Amazingly, I was wrong - and I don’t mean that I’m usually infallible.
It’s just amazing that a new card has been developed which is not only the fastest 030 I’ve seen, but has been designed and built here in the UK.
The extra speed is wrung out of the 68030 bv the use of “EDO” memory modules. EDO SIMMs look like any other SIMM, but work slightly differently by keeping the data available for slightly longer - the result is that the processor can work at full speed all the time.
Until the AJ200x1 came along, there hasn’t been an accelerator for the A1200 which supported EDO memory: now there is, and the difference can he more than 20% faster than the slowest non-EDO 68030 cards. A supplied memory speed benchmark claimed a rate, of 35Mb second - compared to 19Mb second on my 68040 system.
How much difference this makes in practice can be seen from the box-out.
The Imagine and Final Writer tests will only mean something if you have Amiga Shopper issue number 64, but the Svslnfo ancl AIBB results make the slight - but meaningful - improvement in extra performance obvious.
Other than the memory speed increase, the AI200x1 is like any other well-specified trapdoor card. It’s got two SIMM slots for up to 64Mb of memory, a battery backed dock and is PCMCIA friendly. It’s quite large, but three finger cut-outs make installation relatively straightforward. The trapdoor lid can be refitted without problems.
As standard the A 1200x1 is supplied with a lull 68030 (which means an PERFORMANCE RESULTS A1200XL CPU: 68030 CPU speed: 50Mhz FPU: 68882 FPU speed: 50MHz or 40MHz SIMM sockets: Two (up to two 32Mb EDO 60ns SIMMs) SCSI interface: Optional
- includes IDE interface PCMCIA friendly Yes Battery backed
clock: Yes Tests Final Writer test:
34. 90 Imagine 4.0 test: 0:54 Syslnfo tests Syslnfo MIPS:
10. 88 Syslnfo FLOPS:
1. 32 Syslnfo Dhystone 10428 AIBB tests: Write Pixel:
5. 97 Mem Test:
12. 39 Flops:
11. 41 MMU is available) and available with 40 or 30MHz FPU -
highly recommended for any image rendering. The only fiv in
the olhciwise perfect ointment was that the 8Mb of fast
memory was split into two blocks of 4Mb, which might present
problems if you need one contiguous block of RAM for an
emulator such as ShapeShifter.
Further expansion is promised via a combined SCSI2 EIDE interface card, which will speed up all hard drive systems to a delicious 5Mb second.
With memory prices currently so low, and powerful cards like the A 1200x1 around, I honestly don’t see how any Amiga user should be stuck with an 68020 for a moment longer. Get the Al 200x1 and treat yourself to a Doom clone: you certainly won’t regret it. Distributor: ACL 01933 650677 PRICE: £159 without memory or FPU REQUIREMENTS: A1200 SPEED: • • • • • Hard to imagine a faster 68030 card.
MANUAL: • • • • • Very clear, with photographs.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • O Some details and software for using the MMU would be nice.
FEATURES: • • • • O Packed, with a promised expansion port.
VALUE: • • • • O You get what you pay for.
OVERALL VERDICT: If you still don't have an accelerator, you no longer have an excuse.
% John Kennedy reveals the advantages of fitting all your external hard drives into one neat tower.
VALUE: • • • 0 0 On the pricey side: you might be better off investigating building a similar system yourself.
(WSprtfs.dPC Cat heCDFS.doc bc he] « : 5 : OVERALL VERDICT: Looks reasonably smart but remember this doesn't provide any expansion slots for Zorro cards.
It's very straightforward to add a CD-ROM drive using the ATAPI IDE software. For a complete guide see the July issue of Amiga Format The definition of a Tower system is one which is open to debate, and the Intrinsic Tower for the A1200 is certainly one of the more dubious interpretations. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with it, on the contrary, simply that calling it a “Tower” case is a little grand.
In effect, the Intrinsic system is a 7 case for external hard drives, complete with power supply. The fact that it looks like a mini PC Tower case (because that is exactly what it is) is irrelevant. Open up the case and you’ll see that it is empty apart from the PSU and any drives which are fitted. The A1200 is not re-located into the case, and there are no ZorroII slots or further expansion options.
OBVIOUS ADVANTAGES The advantages of the Intrinsic Tower are obvious. Fitting one 3.5” IDE hard drive into an A1200 is just about possible, given the right leads and some DIY skills. However, this approach doesn’t appeal to evervone. With the Intrinsic tower, it’s easy to mount hard drives and you also get the benefit of a beef)' power supply. Even better, it’s possible to add a CD-ROM drive using the ATAPI IDE software (as featured in the July issue AF86).
EASY TO FIT The Tower case supplied to us came complete with a 1Gb IDE hard drive, and a Quad speed CD-ROM drive.
Connecting the tower to the Amiga requires that the A1200 casing be opened. A short cable is attached to the internal 44pin IDE connector, and brought out of the left hand side of the case. The tower sits next to the A1200, and it’s own trailing IDE connect is attached.
A gang connector is supplied to make it easy to switch on both the Amiga and the tower simultaneously, and if all goes well the Amiga should boot up into Workbench 3. The installed ATAPI software should detect the CD-ROM drive, and if necessary, it can also convert the A1200 temporarily into a CD32 for playing games.
As features go, that is about all which can be said. The tower makes it easy to add extra drives, and that includes CD- ROM mechanisms. The price might seem a little high (£419.99 for the system described here), but you do get everything you need: sound leads (CD- ROM audio is brought to the rear of the case), power leads, IDE connectors, software and brief instructions. Intrinsic can also supply kits to suit your exact specification, so if you already have a hard drive you won’t need to pay for a new one.
Distributor: Intrinsic Computer System http: www.eaglenet.co.uk ics email: barry@ics.eaglenet.co.uk PRICE: £419.99 for 1Gb hard drive & Quad speed CD-ROM INCLUDES: Elaborate Bytes IDE Fix software, including CD32 emulator Power, Audio Cables etc. FEATURES: ttfOO Being able to house cheap IDE peripherals, including CD-ROM drives, converts the A1200 into a deeply desirable piece of hardware.
Designed t.o work with my older
3. 5” drive, but it does mean you may have problems with these
IDE drives. On the other hand, when they work, they fly along.
5 David Taylor finds out that not all CD drives are the same.
The new area opened up by IDEFix software allowing you to attach more than a single IDE device to the Amiga’s internal drive interface is being well exploited by retailers. This new drive is an 8x device offering an upgrade that’s really worth having.
Fitting two IDE devices to the A1200 is very easy. If you’ve ever fitted a hard drive, then you’ll have no problem. If you’ve not opened up your Amiga before then you may be a little worried, but it only requires a little common sense. You need to load the IDEFix software onto your Amiga and then open it up. Lift up the keyboard, and take out the cradle for the hard drive. You then need to remove the data ribbon (if you have one fixed) and put the data ribbon which is attached to the new IDE interface on. If vou have a 2.5” drive, then you fit the new ribbon (which has a splitter on it) to
it and if you have a 3.5” drive, then the ribbon that goes to the external CD-ROM unit has a splitter to take it.
As the unit is external, you have to take the ribbon out of the left hand side of the Amiga and clip the cover back down over the top of it. If you are worried about fitting it, then ex-sister magazine Amiga Shopper d d a photographic step-by-step in issue AS70, which should still be available as a back issue from the Subs department on 01225 822511.
However, I had problems running the unit with my setup, even after it had worked in the office. It refused to allow the Amiga to boot up with the 3.5” hard drive and if it was booted with the CD drive turned off, then turned on after Workbench had loaded, the Amiga froze. I had similar problems with a different IDE CD drive, but managed to overcome them. This time though it steadfastly refused to work. The unit may have been damaged or was not SPEED: • • • • O An 8x speed drive is phenomenal, but only if it works.
MANUAL: 9900 0 Sketchy instructions.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • O Some competence is required
- if you don't know what you're doing, get a friend who does.
VALUE: •••00 A little bit pricey for a CD-ROM drive.
OVERALL VERDICT: The only bad thing about this drive is it's price.
David Taylor finds that size is important with the new Instant Drive package from Eyetech.
Undl recendy the Amiga community had not taken up hard drives in a big way, but the latest reader survey suggested that the majority of AT readers do now have drives. Eyetech released their Instant drive package a while ago but their new drive really show's pw easy it all is.
The Seagate drive really is impressive with a 2.5Gb capacity which should see you into the next millennium. It comes ready partitioned and prepared with a 150Mb Workbench partition, an 800Mb work, a 690Mb data and an 800Mb software one.
Fitting the drive was easy. It’s simply a case of opening the A1200 up, fitting the data cable and then unplugging the floppy power supply. 3.5” drives can’t take their power through the data ribbon so it has to come from a different source. The drive plugs into the floppy socket and has a set of prongs extended through for the floppy power cable to plug back onto. The procedure took about five minutes.
Flicking the switch, I was amazed at the speed. My own drive is only a year old, but takes nearly three times as long to boot up. This drive is both spacious and fast. Add to this the earthing cable and sticking pads to hold it in place included (make sure you get it right as they won’t come off), and that the drive is so thin that it doesn’t make the casing bulge and you can see I love it.
In fact, if I could think of any reason at all that would convince Eyetech I should keep the drive, they’d never see it again. Oh, and you also get MMExperience for free.
Distributor: Eyetech 01642 713185 PRICE: £299.95 REQUIREMENTS: A1200 SPEED: The fastest drive I've seen on any platform.
• •••0 You cannot get a drive that's easier to fit.
• •••0 Well partitioned and with a free bit of software.
• ••00 Again quite expensive.
OVERALL VERDICT: An excellent drive - if you can afford it!
% AMIGA For two disk catalogue send three 1st class stamps or a cheque for 75p.
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Women of the WEB is displayed in superb HTML documents which can be viewed using any WEB browser, ie AWEB, Ibrowse, Voyager, Netscape etc. (WEB browsers included, set up for Amiga, Apple Mac and PC, ready to run).
Out Now £24.95 On-line usable preview available at: http: www.sadeness.demon.co.Uk x.html On-line usable preview available at: http: www.sadeness.demon.co.uk wotw.html p nlm ? I Chart.ftnih1.Ta) I This is an exanple sheet of1 TurboCalc j§ Michael Friedrich 4 Choose Aniration-Play fron the chart nenu.
5 6
0. 108
8. 199
8. 2%
B. 389
0. 479 0,565 7
8. 473
8. 559 8,839
8. 71Z
0. 779 0,838 8
8. 774
8. 833
8. 884
8. 927
0. 960
0. 983 9
8. 957
8. 981
8. 9%
1. 088
0. 994 8,979 10
8. 995
8. 988
8. 955
0. 921 0,878 0,825 11
8. 881
8. 829
8. 778 0,782 0,627 0,546 12
8. 812
8. 749
8. 888
0. 683
0. 528
0. 432 13 I Anination: Select Anination-flay) ¦ |E iMBlil
lnl»kliil IK ft I t 1*1 YMM C I D Weekday: Weekday (abbr
Month: Month (abbr.)
Day: Month: Ymt: ay JL J1 JL JL 14 Files can be imported from the PC, Note also the right mouse menu commands which offer cell editing functions.
More of a sheet. This isn't actually ver useful because vou reallv need lo he y able to read the data and that's not possible at 50%.
EPS output of sheets and charts means that you can get top-quality printouts when you need them. This links in nicely with the program's ability to import and export different file formats, particularly from the PCI - both Tolus 1-2-3 and Excel.
60 new functions included with 35 macros mean there is nothing I can think of that you are likely to want to do in a spreadsheet that TurboCalc can’t do.
TurboCalc 4 shows that the Amiga does have quality software capable of competing with the likes of Microsoft.
- JI 18 ¦ DISTRIBUTOR: Digita 01395 270273 PRICE: £49.99 (or
upgrade for £29.99) REQUIREMENTS: CD-ROM drive, WB2+ and 2Mb
RAM SPEED: • • • • O Very good. Control of animation speed
would have been useful.
MANUAL: •••00 A printed manual would be a real help.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • O O Getting started is easy enough, but complex features take time.
FEATURES: • • • • • What more could you ask for?
VALUE: •••OO A fair price for so many features.
OVERALL VERDICT: Still room for some tweaks but a very impressive product.
Spreadsheets might not be exciting but they are a very useful way of managing number- orientated data. And the real beauty of a spreadsheet compared to a ledger book is that you can program the spreadsheet to automatically work out figures for you. Taking information from the cells in one column and then instructing the spreadsheet to give a running total in the next column.
TurboCalc 4 allows you to do all this and much more.
The most useful new feature allows you to generate a variety of graphs. Just select a section of the spreadsheet and dick on the Chart button. There is also a new ability to define animations. This means you can show your data either TurboCalc ¥4,8 §1993-% H.Friedrich - AREXX-Port: TCALC 2551336 free _ tow] I Itabetiel The toolbar for each sheet can be defined by yourself using the settings interface.
Growing or decreasing as the period goes on.
The animation is generated as IFF frames, so it can be displayed within TurboCalc or you can save the frames out and import them into any display package you want.
However, the. Course of true data input never runs smoothly. TurboCalc 4 came on CD with full on-line help and no manual. Finding a subject in the help was a real task and unfortunately the translation hasn’t been proofed or spell-checked. J. found the easiest way to figure out animations was to take the tutorial animation apart and then start from sciatch with a simple two row spreadsheet. This worked fine until I tried to animate the data from a spreadsheet that I actually use. Creating data which animates well is easy enough if you have the animation in mincl when you set out the
spreadsheet, but if you have one already laid out, it may not be set out for animation. So whilst this is a good feature, it could do with a little more in terms of editing functions for cell inclusion.
There are plenty of other new features. The toolbar on the spreadsheet can be configured very easily through the interface and there are plenty of examples included. You can also zoom in and out so you can see A brand new version of the Amiga's powerful spreadsheet program.
David Taylor has all the details.
TurboCalc V4.3 si993-% H.Friedrich - ftREXX-Port: TCALC 312U72 free m WE WILL BEAT OR MATCH GENUINE ADVERTISED PRICES f £11599 £12599 £14599 £15599 £169-99 £229-99 £249-99 £139-99 £12-50 £134-99 £Call £Call £20-00 £35-00 £40-00 £75-00 £80-00 £84-99 £124-99 £199-99 f £89-99 £149-99 £219-99 £289-99 £159-99 £569-99 £84-99 £89-99 £129-99 £239-99 £319-99 £479-99 £74-99 55 2 3-' 3 ?
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Information on accessing the Internet with your Amiga is also included...FREE!
Our memory SIMM prices are reviewed on a weekly basis - call for latest pricing OUR ADVICE! BUY NOW TO AVOID CHRISTMAS PRICE SURGES!
Iomega ZIP Drive SCSI ZIP Cartridges (each) SyQuest EZ Drive SCSI Iomega JAZ Drive SCSI JAZ Carts (1 gig each) 72Pin 4mb (70ns) 72Pin 8mb (70ns) 72Pin 8mb (60ns) 72Pin 16mb (70ns) 72Pin 16mb (60ns) 9600 Modems 14400 Modems 33600 Modems k See us on the World Wide Web at: Megatromx (UK) Unit 3 Meeting Lane Trading Estate Brierley Hill West Mids DY5 3LB oi 384 86-56-26 www.woden.com ~mtx Got a CD32 mouldering in your attic? Give it a new lease of life with Eyetech's new add-on.
Ben Vost reports.
Lit- CD3- hasn’t really had a vc-rv good time of it since it was launched.
Abandoned for the most part b the games developers it was designed to attract, it was never reallv the success it perhaps should have been. In the lime since its launch, most people will have got a bit fed up with its lack of really good expansion possibilities and pul it to one side in favour of an A1200.
But now Eyetech reallv have given the CD32 a facelift with the SX-32 Mk.2. Like most previous expansions for the CD32 it plugs in the back of the machine, but unlike the well-known SX-I, it barely protrudes Bniga Workbench 1,861,936 graphics mem 0| lUortbfntfa 211 fuH, 2 g]|£] .backdrop Eyetech's Workbench may be untidy but it does come with nice icons!
If this unit doesn't sound quite powerful enough for your computing needs, how about Eyetech's SX-32 Pro range? It comes in two styles, 33MHz and 50MHz, and both are equipped with a full 68030 processor complete with MMU and a PGA socket for an FPU. They also have the capacity for fully autoconfig 32-bit memory up to 64Mb and Kickstart is automatically remapped into fast RAM if there is more than 8Mb present.
Is that all? No, not really. The SX-32 Pro can detect whether you have an Amiga or PC keyboard plugged into the CD32's AUX port and decode instructions from either one appropriately. There is also a built-in buffered IDE interface for a hard drive (which can be optionally expanded for up to four devices instead of the usual two).
A cooling fan finishes off the feature list.
The asynchronous design of the expansion means that, for the 50MHz version, it is rated as 6.3 times as fast as a standard A1200 by Syslnfo, and memory access is more than twice as fast as an A4000 040 according to AIBB. Best of all, because of the CD32's Akiko chip, which is responsible for chunky to planar conversion, programs such as Gloom or Emplant run at top speed. Both versions of the SX-32 Pro should be available as you read this at prices of £299.95 for the 33MHz model and £369.95 for the 50MHz one.
Horn the back of the machine when lilted and offers much, much more. So what makes this expansion module belter than the SX-l?
For one, you have a maths co-processor. Since it sits in a PLCC socket, it can be as fast as 40VIHz, not bad for a start. Next up, we have the SIMM socket, designed to take a single 72-pin SIMM of up to 8Mb of RAM. Thirdly, we have a battery-backed PORTS PROVIDED The SX 32 comes with ail the ports you would expect to find on a standard A1200, making the CD32 even more like a "real" computer.
The ports are as follows: Parallel Port - standard Amiga bidirectional port Serial Port - 25-pin full serial port rated to 57,600 baud (depending on processor) Floppy Port - Since the CD32 doesn't have a floppy drive as standard, this port starts at DF0: Video Port - Standard Amiga 23-way video port for all Amiga screen resolutions VGA Port - Ideal for DblPAL connections to multiscan monitors clock, an invaluable resource for anv } computer and last, but very definitely not least, we have a 2.5" IDE hard drive.
The unit supplied to us comes with one of the extremely fast Western Digital mechanisms at 540Mb.
Everything is already set-up when you receive the product so all you need do is unscrew the panel on the back of your CD1- and drop the unit in. Liuc plug and play, Vir. Gates. Actuallv, when I say “Drop the unit in", I really mean.
“Try to drop the unit in and when it won’t go in straight wriggle it around until it finally clunks into place", bin other than that, it is ever so simple.
Distributor: Eyetech PRICE: £199.95, £129.95 with 33MHz FPU REQUIREMENTS: A CD32!
SPEED: • • • • O A bit of fast RAM improves the CD32 no end.
MANUAL: • • • • • Almost unnecessary, but up to Eyetech's usual standard.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • Just plug it in and away you go.
FEATURES: • • • • • It's amazing just how much stuff has been packed into such a small place.
VALUE: • • • • • Hard to beat.
OVERALL VERDICT: Absolutely top notch.
As if having the drive already set up for you with Workbench and three other partitions (one too many for my liking), isn’t enough, Eyetech also supply Almaihera’s CDPD3 for your delectation. OK, it’s not the most up-to- date collection of Shareware, but even so it is free.
In conclusion, I would have to say that this is one of the finest engineered pieces of hardware I have seen for a while, giving the CD32 a much needed new lease of life. Mv onlv caveat would be that I might prefer the SX32 Pro, but if you're on a budget, then this is the best way of expanding your CD32.
Of all things 3D. The first three sets were full of objects, animations, motion paths, scenes, textures and bumpmaps to load into your favourite raytracer.
This Light Rom disc is really, in part, a compilation of these previous discs, but it includes only the Lightwave-re ated files. In fact there are more than 265Mb of objects and 145Mb of images and textures used in over 5Mb of scenes.
This is a purely functional CD - there are no introductions or no fancy front-ends. As such, you can only explore it via Lightwave. This is fair enough, but it wouldn't hurt much to include a doc viewer on the disk, or even a PD object viewer.
Another problem is that most of the scene files are useless. Because the disc has been made with scenes from PC's as well, you will find that some of the scene files (which are just ASCII text) have erroneous return characters in them, which Lightwave on the VERDICT 90% £19.99 o. disappointingly there is still no search facility.
Almost every commodity you've ever heard of is here, as are several dozen CD Audio players, quite a few screenblankers, more than a few fonts, loads of mouse accelerators and so on. A lot of the files are reasonably old but it is still a fairly comprehensive collection.
A version of Scala 113 is included on the Desktop video, and multimedia are very material intensive - they consume original animations, titles and effects at a dramatic pace, so source Cds are a welcome weapon to arm yourself with.
Interestingly, although over 100Mb of textures are claimed, they are essentially three directories containing the same f-aCTJJ r-STl} j ¦]’ II ’’iCOTU.ytg'uWl'JI » si -syi * C3E3I CS3I iiiTfSSiw 353W irani crsrai ¦laarafc. Ry~i| CZ53I ( as! On - DtcxT n Cassandra 2 A I v£T ' Li -ui ( Bennie BUSOR 4M 4 ga iwwr Cg3| I"”’1* I '« 1[ i g~a| i-SS'5 cs
- IT C=5 4uBET Cm ca:.i[ IITC&W r m l| A * VERDICT 82% £19.99 I
4 1l A small selection of the excellent anti-aliased fonts to
be found on the CD.
Disc, which is excellent for titling.
Images in three different formats
- 16-colour, 256-colour and JPEG.
It wouldn't be so bad except they are almost all weird and some simply variations on a theme.
Although this CD is aimed at Desktop Video use, over two thirds of it are full of Amiga colour fonts. These are very useful antialiased colour versions of common fonts.
As a bonus, there is also a full version of Scala 113 which is very useful for titling work.
This isn't a bad compilation, but it is of more use for titling applications than anything else. ® AMIGA DTV CD2 Almathera 0181 687 0040 B VERDICT 78% £19.99 See Load A small sample of the quality models on this CD.
Look at that lovely phone! And the Tie-fighter!
Amiga assumes to be a part of object names.
You have to go through a heap of requesters relocating the objects.
Having said that, it does provide the best collection of Lightwave objects you are likely to find on a single volume CD. If you don't have any of the Light Rom series, and if you want to get a load of ready made objects then this is a must buy. ® m Weird Science 0116234 0682 If you want to enhance your Workbench this CD may be the answer.
Essentially it is a collection of the sort of files you would find in Aminet's Util directory - commodities, archivers, disk organisers, silly workbench hacks, that sort of thing.
Thankfully, the drawers are more properly categorised on this disk, so it is slightly easier to find what you want, although SYSTEM BOOSTER a | p*tCTurrTna& There are literally too many utilities on this CD to mention here, but this should give you an idea.
WOMEN ON THE WEB Sadeness 01263 722169 It seems like a strange name really. These aren't really "Women of the Web" in any respect other than that there are a lot of pictures floating around on web-sites of the poor creatures. It seems unlikely that Jennie Garth or Terri Hatcher know a URL from their elbows.
However, you can see the point of the CD.
For some reason, web-sites full of images of women are tremendously popular. Even more so the ones which have pictures of famous women on them. So a compilation of famous women's pictures presented in a web-style format should be something of a winner.
Hmmm. Well, sort of. The trouble is, if you don't know who any of these people are, you're not going to find out here. Few of them have any sort of biographical details. For example, there are five pages of images of some woman called Xuxa.
There are over 20 pictures, and ail the you can find out about her is "Brazilian star presenter". Now what makes the real websites devoted to some particular TV-star or whatever interesting are all the background details and biography you can find out about them. Even if there was just a little thing about date of birth, what films they'd been in, or something, it would give the pages more life.
In fact, it seems strange to go through the complicated business of creating HTML pages at all, when they are just full of images - a few thumbnail images organised in directories by name would have been more efficient.
The images themselves are, on the whole good, if a little small. Few of them are full screen, which is a shame. I'm sure the originals were bigger. As it is, there is little you can do with them except look at them on screen.
Having said that, there are lots and a few lucky women also have some .mov files, though you really need a graphics card to see these.
Some of the images are censored (i.e. they are not on the disc, but are represented by an "18" symbol to let you know they exist.
It is possible to upgrade to the 18- certificate version of this disc for £9.95. Ahem. © VERDICT 79% £24.99 3000 JPEG TEXTURES The brick and stone textures are just excellent, and some are big enough to use as they stand as backdrops, without the need to tile. They do come in a variety of sizes. Most texture collections are happy with the de facto standard of 256x256, but this collection features everything from 96x96 to a whopping 1024x768.
This disk was compiled by Graphic Detail, the people responsible for the Light Rom series amongst other things, so it will come as no surprise to you that there are no navigation tools, viewers or anything else at all on the disk. To browse through the textures you will need to use Weird Science 0116 234 0682 They are textures. And they are in JPEG format.
And, quite probably, there are more than 3000 of them. What more is there to say?
Well, for a start, I think you will find that unlike most Cds of this nature, the great majority of these textures are actually very useful. For a start, quite a lot of them are completely seamless, which is a big plus in my book.
A utility like Viewtek, or even better a directory manager like Dopus.
Like all their other compilations, this one smacks of quality. There are some quite odd textures which I couldn't possibly think of any use for, but on the whole they are excellent. And, as any 3D modeller or multimedia author knows, you can never have too many textures. This is a CD that I would have no hesitation in recommending.
Jmmmm VERDICT 86% £14.95 SYSTEMS NEW £OW PRICES NEW Cinema4D V3 ,.....£199.95 MEW CinemaFONT ....£39.95 W d m MEW CinemaWORLD £39.95 Q Termite £39.95 ¦ fe M k TermiteTCP £39.95 g Studio II Professional ...£49.95 q NEW Disk Magic 2 .....£39.95 I fe Maxon Magic ....£29.95 o mew Media Magic .....£49.95 Upper Disk Tools £14.95 I fe MEW HiSoft C+ + .....£169.95 NEW HiSoft C++ Lite £79.95 g Devpac
3 ....£49.95 g Highspeed Pascal .£79.95 HiSoft BASIC 2 . £49.95 g Gamesmith £79.95 z NEW Twist 3 Database ...£99.95 ProFlight Simulator ......£19.95 Aura 8 ..£34.95 m Aura 16 £99.95 ¦¦ S Clarity 16 .£129.95 3 ProMidi Interface ..£24.95 S?
Megalosound ....£34.95 VideoMaster ......£69.95 VideoMaster RGB £109.95 £ VideoMaster AGA ..£79.95 uj VideoMaster AGA RGB .....£129.95 fcTT £ ColourMaster ....£69.95 fe Zip Drive (inc all extras) £159.00 j.
Jaz Drive (cased) .£449.00 O SMD-100 MPEG decoder ..£199.95 hL g Classic Squirrel .£69.95 jf Surf Squirrel ......£99.95 Ifefe T 2x CD-ROM Drive (cased) . .....£89.95 ll| Si 4x CD-ROM Drive (cased) ....£129.95 " 12x CD-ROM Drive (cased) .. £229.95 ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED EXPLOSION TWENTY THOUSAND WEB PAGE SIZED GIFS AND JPEGS ON TWO COMPACT DISCS INCLUDES 10,000 Buttons 500 Bullets 750 Backgrounds 250 Banners
1. 000 Dividers 250 Textures
1. 000 Photos
7. 000 Clip art images 95 Compatible with iBrowse and most other
most advanced Amiga WWW browser... " cu Amiga Nov 96
information is pouter 95 .li information is pouer THE SERIOUS
clients, plus the PPP-ability of Termite TCP BOOK WITH
NET&WEB2 HiSoft Systems The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45
5DE m HOT NET & WEB your easy INTERNET Phone 01525 718181 Fax
01525 713716 Email sales@hisoft.co.uk CALL OSOO CONNECTION
includes Ibrowse, Email & FTP clients Compatible with DEMON
• ••••• HiSoft Systems Your Safe Passage Through The Jungle I
Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no
exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength
and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries
to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1
PC CASTOFF BIG IMAGINE TIP I own an IBM PC and have just brought a new CD-ROM for it, so now 1 have a spare 2x speed IDE CD-ROM. Drive (Sony CDU 55E). How can 1 put that into my Amiga A4000? I know I can plug it into the IDE cable and use it as a slave device, but I can't get Workbench to detect it is there, so nothing happens when I do put a CD in the drive. Is there a program to install my CD-ROM into my Amiga ?
Peter Tucker PS I’ve had an Emplant board for a year now but still, can’t get hold of the Mac ROM’s - any ideas ? (they need to be Version i.l to 1.3.) This is for ail you users of Imagine V3+ who can't get it to run in any resolution higher than 640x512. First go to your Imagine Preferences editor and set it to use the screen size of your choice, such as SMOD=1 (800x600).
I'fC, 03 D' Then, the most important bit. Get hold of the absolutely brilliant Master Control Program V1.2 and go to the Promoter section.
Add Imagine to its list and promote it to the screen-mode you chose for example: Super72 SuperHighRes-Laced.
Now reboot, and load Imagine. Bang, it is now running in full-screen 800x600. Isn't that great! MCP can also promote Lightwave in the same manner. Cool! It is also great for replacing PPPatcher, which used to crash my machine when loading SimCity2000, Thor and Voodoo.
A special thanks to the writers of MCP who put it out for free.
Darrell Hannan Top tipr Darrell. Works even better if you have a graphics card and a SVGA monitor. Imagine
4. 5 is supposed to support CyberGFX screens, which would also be
Adding peripherals to your Amiga is not always easy, but we are here to help.
The Amiga cannot read CD-ROM drives by default.
They need a file system, and this is especially Irue if you are not connecting the drive in Ike more standard SCSI manner, but to the IDE port. However; as with the A1200, software to enable an IDE CD-ROM drive is available. Look out for As irnCD FS from Blittersoft (01908 261466). There should be a demo on Aminet.
Tracking down Mac ROMs is not easy. Have a word with BliUersofl when you are ordering the AS M system.. It's also worth looking around car boot sales and old computer shops where there may be a broken ECU I collecting dust, it's owner unaware of the value of Us ROMs.
DRIVE IN DISTRESS I have a partition on my hard drive that has got a ‘Checksum Error on disk block 35133’, what’s happened and, more importantly how do I get rid of it? I am still using the partition. Should 1 back up all the files and then re format it. I was led to believe that you couldn’t format any IDE hard drive.
1 did not obtain a hard drive toolbox when I purchased the drive. Backing up the hard drive is no problem because this is my games partition so I have most of the original disks. If I do just format the drive, do ljust use the normal format function?
I played on a friend’s computer connected to the Internet. I visited the HiSofisite and downloaded a demo version of Cinema 4D, but unfortunately it is compressed. I do not know how to unpack the lha. Tool. You gave away the the ‘lzx' tool on AJE74, but 1 am a bit apprehensive of using shell so 1 never used the tool. It would be great if you could put the ‘lzx’ tool on the next subscribers’ super disk, with a dummies guide to using it. I am sure everyone could do with extra clisk space.
You also say what an advantage the Arexx port is in a program but 1 do not understand why. Thi.s letter was written using WW5 that has the said port, but what can it do for me? What about having a tutorial on this subject?
Neil Connor Northumberland Checksum errors can happen for many different reasons: perhaps you switched off the Amiga or it crashed when it was writing to the hard disk. No matter: it's there now, and you want rid of it. You should he able to continue using the drive, but it's not recommended. As you say, you already know what to do: copy all the data, off the partition and reformat it.
Here’s I hr good news, you CAN re formal an IDE hard drive partition. Simply use the AmigaDOS Continued overleaf 4 format command, either from the Workbench or by opening a Shell and typing: format drive partition physical name name partition logical name QUICK FFS For example, format drive hdl: name games quick ffs What you shouldn't do is a Low Level Format, which is sometimes - note, sometimes - req uired for SCSI hard drives. You need HDToolbox lo do that.
Now lo the next problem: archive utilities. These aren'( as hard to use as you might think. You probably already have the programs on some magazine coverdisks, so look out for programs like LHA and LZX and copy them to your hard disk. I put mine in the c: directory.
To use I .HA to unpack a file, you need lo type something like: this: LHA x archive destination For example, LHA x demo.lha ram: This unpacks the fie called “demo. Ilia " and places it in the RAM drive. Similarly, use LZX like this: LZX x archive destination Arexx is very useful because it allows access to the facilities of a program. For example, because your word processor has an Arexx port, it’s possible to unite special Macros lo make certain tasks easier. A n Arexx macro could be used Lo automate the creation of APOLLO TIPS I've just bought and fitted an Apollo 1220 board to my A1200 and
I thought some readers would appreciate a few hints and tips I found along the way.
1. Make sure all jumpers are set correctly. If, like me, the last
jumpers you set were on a Commodore 1541 five and a quarter
inch disk drive, you'll be pleased to hear that knives and
soldering irons are no longer necessary. Just pull the black
caps off of the pins and don't try to cut them like I did!
2. Don't forget to set your clock if it has one and start using
the FPU versions of programs.
3. It's easiest to open the casing and put the board in from the
outside, guiding it in from the inside. Be careful of the
metal shielding: for some reason the edge of it is folded down
so that you can't get larger boards in directly from the
4. Mutilate your trapdoor cover. Why the hell did Commodore put
those big projections on the inside of the cover? I couldn't
get mine back on until I attacked it with a knife.
5. Make sure it's in straight! A wonky board documents, create
complicated tables or text effects. I I can do simple things
like automatically insert your name and address at the top of
each letter, or complicated things like global search and
replace through multiple documents.
I can’t gel the AFCD5 to work. When 1 access the CD it shows the drawers but when I tty to access them it says “Director)7 not available”.
I’ve hacl troubles in the past with the Ami net ancl Goldfish Cds but solved that by letting the CD3- boot from its own Rad disk.
Will result in a poor connection between the board and the Amiga, and it will sit there and do absolutely nothing.
I'm going to abstain from voting on the upgrade argument but I would like to offer a few opinions. Like most of your readers.
I'm still at school (I'm 16) and so not really that rich. I've got a Saturday job now, so I can afford to upgrade my A1200, but before I got it I was one of those boring stick-in-the-muds who was perfectly happy with my A500. However, I did buy it Kickstart 2.04 and it already had an extra disk drive when I bought it second hand. Anyone should be able to save up and buy those two upgrades, and I urge you to do so. Workbench 2 is well worth the money.
A new version six of Wordworth is out now and a new release of Final Writer is imminent.
I've even got some tips for Amiga users on the cheap!
1. Buy second hand. I always have, except for the Kickstart 2.04
chip, the Apollo and the hard drive.
2. Shop around. The Kickstart chip, the Apollo and the hard drive
were ail the cheapest advertised in AF.
3. Don't be too afraid of DIY. When my A500 died, I discovered
that my memory expansion was shorting out. I removed the
offending piece of metal (God only knows where it came from)
and all was well. Internal hard drives are easier to fit than
everyone says, but trapdoor expansions are harder!
I hope at least someone finds my advice useful.
Stuart Hedges I'm sure they will Stuart - although it looks as though you are trying to put me out of a job!
I have an A1200 and it also failed to work on a CD3-. When I tried the CD on a PowerMac 5200 it read it as normal!
I suspect it has something to do with PhotoCD libraries devices as the CD apparently contains PhotoCD Images. I hope you’d be able to solve my problem because now the CD is practically useless.
Jeroen Borgmeyer The problem was caused by the choice of CD-ROM fie system used. Amazingly, il caused problems with some reader ’s own CD-ROM file system - including yours.
Although it worked perfectly on many Amigas, those using the Commodore CD-ROM file system experienced problems. And yet it worked perfectly on PC and Mac systems. Sigh. So, nothing to do with PhotoCD.
The solution is to install a new CD-ROM file system (such as AmiCDFS), or contact Ablex on 01952 680131 for a replacement CD-ROM which, should work perfectly.
EASY HD I want to buy a hard drive for my AI200 as my daughter is now in senior school and wants to do her homework on it.
At the moment she has Wordworlh, which came with the computer, but this is not very good to install and there is too much disk swapping. I would like some advice on good software such as word processing packages and spreadsheets and also the size of hard drive required to support the software.
At the moment we have a Panasonic colour printer connected to the computer but no monitor.
Deborah Allison Hartlepool A hard drive will make a huge different lo the A1200, and will make Wordworth a lot more useful.
Although you will be lucky if you can find a High Street shop able to fit a, hard drive to your A1200, there are a lot of very good mail order compan ies who will happily fit. A drive for you. Flick through this magazine and you il see adverts from Siren, First, Gasleiner and Eyetech.. You don i need a huge drive, although getting smaller one’s these clays is quite hard.
About 200Mb should be twice as big as you need (it POWER LUST My Amiga keeps quickly turning itself off and then on again when I first start it up. I think I need more power from my PSU. I've tried all the advertisers in your magazine to get a replacement but with no luck. Power have no stock of the Micronix and Datel no longer make the Goliath. Please tell me if anyone makes a better power supply or where I could get one made up specially. I have heard that the old A500 power supply is a reasonable replacement. Is this true ?
Finally, is there any chance that Viscorp will be making their own replacement PSU in the future and Should I hang on for that ? Power supplies for the A500 were generally more Matty Whitfield than their A600 A1200 counterparts.
11 Graeme Sandiford The Blizzard 1260 will certainly make net surfing easier.
You can actually save I IT samples from Multiview and. OclaMED (version 6 was on last month’s Coverdisk!)
Will load WAV files - that should make you a happy bunny.
If you want more control, then look out for a utility called Ami SOX which can convert sound samples to and from practically every sound format known to man. Gti1 pays to overestimate) and you should be able to get that sorted for less than £150. If you can, get a 4Mb memory expansion board as well, as this will speed up Wordworth quite a lot.
Wordworth is one of the. Best word, processing packages around. If you uianl to try something different, try Final Writer from Gordon Harwoods (01773 836781). Final Data is a good database system, and see the review ofTurboCalc 4.0 on page 67 of this issue - it's a popular spreadsheet.
FASTER INTERNET Even with my fairly pokey processor, browsing the Web and downloading hies is jolly slow. 1 use a PC at work, and it reads Web pages and downloads stuff a lot faster, so 1 was wondering how I could aid my Amiga in catching up.
- As far as 1 can see, 1 have two options for faster net
communication; I could flog my hard drive and modem, buy an
internal hard drive, faster modem and surf squirrel, or I could
buy a Blizzard 1260.
Which of these would give the greatest comms speed increase, and would the improvement be worth the outlay?
Neil Matthews First of all, check that you really need more power Disconnect a few of your hardware items to make sure that it's not something else malfunctioning.
It's a shame if the Goliath isn't being made anymore, as there are a lot of happy A1200 customers. However, if you are willing to do a little DIY - or ask your local electronics shop to do it for you - you should be in luck.
All you need is a PC power supply unit wired You ’re having problems processing the images your Amiga downloads and then displaying them.
This lakes quite a lot of effort on the Amiga’s part, as most images are optimised for 256-colours (GIFs) or 16 million colours (JPEGs). The Amiga is quite slow at processing and displaying graphics like these. Howevei, the 030 is helping a great deal and there is no doubt that an 060 would improve things even further.
Ifyou want to know if a faster modem is going to make a difference, try loading some pages of HTML, inducting graphics, directly from, your RAM disk or even hard drive, rather than downloading them.
That should give you an idea of what it would be like to have a I Mb s + link to (he Internet. You will notice though that it still takes a long lime to display larger pictures.
Now I hope you ’II he able to make up your own mind, up which is more important: modem speed or processing power.
I enjoy downloading WWW sound samples but my problem is that most of the samples are in the form *.vvav, *.voc or *.au, so ! Can’t get OclaMED (or any other sampler program) to play them.
After downloading the wave datatype from Aminei I’ve had limited success in playing some wave samples using MultiView. Are there any programs that can convert these samples to IFF?
Richard Jones to the lead from your existing power supply.
Some of the early A500 power supplies were considerably more stable and provided more power than the incredibly light A1200 and A600 PSUs currently in circulation. If you can find one, buy it It could be very useful and a lot cheaper than any alternative. From listening to the news on the wires, I think it's unlikely that Viscorp will now have anything to do with the Amiga.
IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
SURFING THE HIGHWAY FuforldWide Connection United Sates of America £9} Darren Irvine cruises the Information Superhighway - in search of something to cruise the real one!
Behind his beloved Amiga of course, the average bloke’s favourite possession must be his vehicle. And man's fascination with cars and bikes is reflected in the huge number of Web sites dedicated to just about ever)' make and type imaginable.
From Citroen 2CV fan pages to slickly produced corporate homepages belonging to exotic Italian sportscar manufacturers - whatever your personal preference in these matters, there will almost certainly be a site somewhere on the Web designed just for you.
Here are just a few of my personal favourites.
To find that the Web site devoted to these little cars is one of the most comprehensive of its type.
As well as dozens of links to other sites, there are articles on getting the most from your Mini, an on-line Mini mechanic section, and even a few hints on improving your Mini driving skills.
The URL you need is; http: www.euro.net TDRS MINIWEB homepage.html FERRARI From the sublime to the ridiculous, or at least to the ridiculously expensive. So who wouldn’t like a Ferrari then? Well me for a start. Actually, that’s a rather obvious he - of cotine I’d like a Ferrari. Unfortunately given the miserly pittance that Nick pays freelancers the chances of my ever actually owning one are pretty slim - but 1 can dream, can’t I? The official Ferrari homepage is every bit as impressive as it should be, and you can check it out at: http: www.
Ferrari.it ferrari There’s information on the history of Ferrari, and detailed specs for every model of car Ferrari has ever made. There is of. Course a large section devoted to Ferrari’s involvement in molorsport. And you can even join the Ferrari club and sign their guestbook via this page.
Although the site is a tad graphics intensive, it is THE MINIWEB HOMEPAGE The Mini migh t be horribly outdated, surpassed visually, and nearing the end of it’s lifespan but does that make any difference to the fans? Of course not. I still admit to having a soft spot for the Mini I owned several yeais ago.
The Mini has a rich his tor)' involving many areas of mo tors port and it comes as no surprise ? 1 [ i] iSrowse: Perran Official Web Site ?TTtriBrowsa: m.i.n maws page Location: httpZAMW.euro.nebTDRS MNIWEB 'hotTiepage.htmt Location: [http: Avww.ferrari.itfferrari terrain the official a eb site Interinternational Cruising the Information Superhighway Welcome to the Mml InterNet International home page, dedicated to the original small car.
What is a Mini Never heard of the MmC Click it for a brief introduction.
Mini InterNet International,cw _ . It the cyberspace dab for Mini owners and fanatics worldwide. Click St to find out more about hLLNJL. And to meet VI Page loaded Page loaded.
Do Minis fit in with the rest of this automotive company? If you own one, you'll definitely agree.
So your chances of actually owning a Ferrari are slim, but at least you can now ( 1 YOUR AMIGA ON-LINE 3‘SEai lal Location fhnpAWwtoyot&com ~ Toyota ? Ownert. (•Toyota club preview In die span of doj munth's bobdty (w»'r* raftingturiray lint}, wi vuiturs for mtkmg &T»yoc« at af tb« batraxt *uraraaav« cits on die Web A* you rejolirs kww, dus i* dt« piece for info »b* Jt Toyora in Am*n «. But there's more here than putt new vehicle* We're growing by the fay. *« pit*** come beck often te tee what we're up te In d«e meenQno. JobUe up these update* aed pet* the cranberry lauce
• SeujOa Bjr By *poas«ms gelTc legendary Sion* 0 eme, we cooonue
our tradition dfhnnguij you great dove* See SstflsLfoW.? For
more detail*
• Owe Atefiuf Many efyeu have atkedfer a niece to talk e*exst
your vehide* now check out , trr' 'i •.• te lee whet we re
domg to bang your request* to Me
• Qe*tTpbwwehC=ar vehicle r are now term ta jet into than ever,
thank* to new ptug-m* far Wmdow*9S and Power Mac*
• Oe FeASpa Want an even more intense mutomadia experienced Order
die free 1997 Tow, CC_:P,v ' now
• The Hefc Tacoma Am 4t Jo have hit die read re ad ,11 about it
and nr re m our Merytemegama* ¦ _ be nice to have the option to
lake a look at the If lililL ::::: - _ rr I [i| twnwse »nc
uoeao inaex ISJItt Goto |hHpyAvwvcoodn-techcoWducaV |V,Ad t M
Anyone have any luge mans for a t*t i. . Iwj.0 I Index
Contents: 'G5f.1v, Ptalag B»c*q *?iabs fZ-X.)
Page loaded PORSCHE Although there are quite a few sites on the Web dedicated to Porsche’s of one form or another, Porsche GLYS homepage is the most slickly produced. Unfortunately, although there is quite a bit of useful information here, the site is currently mostly geared up to letting you download and run “The World's first interactive Advert and software utility program”. Predictably, if disappointingly, the software is designed to run on a PC- via a Netscape plugin. Oh well - so Porsche GB think .Amiga owners can't afford a new Boxster, eh? OK, so they're probable right, but it would
FORD Although this homepage is aimed squarely at the .American home market, it is verv nicely and professionally produced and definitely worth looking at (if you’re thinking of setting up your own Web pages, taking a few styling cues from this site might be a good idea).
The history of Ford, their commitment to green issues and what Ford are up to around the world, are well worth checking out. If you want to see what one of the world's largest cai manufacturers is capable of when they turn their attention to Web page design, check them out at: http: www. Ford.com TOYOTA This is another I S based site which I’ve included because, like the Ford site, the Toyota homepage is very nicely produced indeed.
Again, much of the information here is not strictly relevant to a UK audience, but there is some overlap on model information, and sections on some of Tovota’s operations in the rest of the world. The relevant URL is: http: www.toyota.com definitely worth the wait downloading the professionally produced pictures of Ferrari’s wonderful cars.
DUCATI I thought I'd fool you all here by sticking a bike in amongst all these cars. In some wavs, Ducati are the Ferrari of the bike world - hugelv O expensive and exotic Italian dream machines.
In other ways, they are quite different (and I don't mean the fact that they only have two wheels). For a start, Ducati are currently doing much better than Ferrari in their equivalent race series (the World SuperBike championship). Secondly, I'd really really like one - although the chances of this happening are considerably greater than my owning a Ferrari.
Thirdlv, thev don't have an official Web ’ presence, and although there are quite a few pages dedicated, none of them come anywhere close to the Ferrari site in terms of presentation. Most of the sites have a wealth of Ducati information however, so if you’re a fan or an owner (damn you) then check out one of these sites: http: www.cowm- tech.com ducati The Porsche homepage is as slick as you'd expect it to be - just a pity they've aimed it so squarely at PC users.
C*r Culture LivjngMome 0| IP rovrt* KMDiwMIWtwi A Man'b Life BporlZme Hi I oj s to thank our | Location |nrtp .-W*-porscnecouta ? X]£2$ root -j HARLEY DAVIDSON We’ll finish on the homepage belonging to another bike - this time the American's favourite. Not everyone likes Harleys, blit those that do love them with a passion. I personally don't like the things, but it can’t be denied that their official homepage is own of the nicest sites on the Net. The site is arranged in a very intuitive to use way, and there are loads of lovely Harley images. If you want to check it out, the URL you need is:
http: www.harley-davidson. com home Japanese manufacturers are every bit as committed to a high profile Web presence as the Americans, as this Toyota site shows.
Admittedly well designed site at: http: wwrv.porsche.co.uk forgive them their PC bias, check out this ...the Harley Davidson homepage is certainly impressive.
Welcome to tin?
Pi'r tchc Boxsum W t Z W e b 111?
Ho. C can Jcwn load the wor I K hist nuerauive idv oi t & soltwaro utiluv programme V* A I P IIMI IONr r H O ii S A M M I thing. If you’re a die-hard Porsche fan and can jWfY' Image manipulatioi 3D rendering Graphic design EE f com? “IV BABYLON 5 J Patricia Tallman, TELE PATH LYTA Alexander, on what it’s like to finally BECOME A B5 REGULAR 1QQ7 MOVIE PREVIEW Mars Attacks!
Starship T roopers Men In Black The Frighteners FIRST CONTACT Trek scripter Brannon Braga tells us WHY THE FANS shouldn’t HATE HIM... Animation i PLUS!
All the latest news and best reviews from around the SF universe... Computer Arts magazine and dual-format CD-ROM brings unique tutorials, features, artist profiles, reviews, news and opinion from the world of art, design and technology.
Issue 5 On sale now http: www.futurenet.co.uk 560opi 3 BUTTON MICE & MATS for ail Amiga* £ Afari Sts Award winning 560dpi Resolution ? 90% rating in CU Amiga ? Micro Switched Buttons ? Amiga Atari ST Swftchable ? All 3 buttons can be useo with many programs such as Directory Opus 5 BEIGE £12.99 BLACK £14.99 MAT £2.99 OR £1 WITH A MOUSE NEW FREE AMIGA DRIVER DISK SOCCER MOUSE OPUS £50 A1200 Expansion Cards Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to 27 times ? 68030 40 or 60 Processor running at 25 40 or 50MHz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT Overclocked) ? MMU in ALL Processors ? Up to
32mb of RAM can be aoded ? Kickstart Remapping ? Optional SCSI-II interface ? Can accommooate a 72-pin inoustry stanoaro SIMM ? 68040 60 have built-in FPU, 68030 card has optional PLCC PGA ttpe FPU (Floating Point Unit) ? Battery Backeo Clock Calender ? Trapdodr Fitting - doesn't void WARRANT ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE SO YOU CAN STILL USE prooucts such as OverDrive HD or CD Zappo CD-ROM or Souirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
Magnum RAM8 Card Speed Increase of 2.3 times - 2.88mips ? Available with 0, 2, 4 OR 8MB of 32-Bit RAM installed ? Uses Standard 72-pin Simms ? Optional PLCC Type FPU (floating point unit) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Finger CutOut to help Installation ? Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't VOID WARRANT ? 0-4MB - PCMCIA COMPATIBLE (FOR USE WITH OVERDRIVE, SQUIRREL FTC.) ? ZERO WAITE STATE DESIGN.
O DIRECTORY PUS5 The BEST just got BETTER! After 12 months of further 1 development Opus 5.5 is now reaoy ano shipping. Stunning new features include:- ? Icon Action Mooe ? Workbench Replacement Mode dramatically enhanceo ? OpusFTP capability to access Internet FTP sites with a lister ? Boroerless Button banks ? Filetype-specific pop-up menus ? Cybergraphics RTG supported ? Independent HotKeys ? Script system to execute commands upon events ? Multiple custom menus with sub items ? Automatic Filetype Creator to create ano test Fjletypes with ease ? A font viewer ? Listers fields for titles,
re-sorting by fields, plus a 'version' field ? Colour re-mapping of button icon images with support for 'Magic Workbench' etc. ? Selectively hioe unwanted drive icons ? Clipboard support for cut, copy and paste in gadgets & Listers ? Resize, Iconify, ano scroll busy Listers while busy ? Icon and Lister snapshots are stored separately from Workbench - so you could snapshot your CD-ROM icons!
? Listers can now display a background picture pattern ? Internal Opus CLI to quickly test commands & Arexx scripts ? Many new internal commands and many new Arexx commanos have been added or extended with new features. You can f____ Workbench 2 + & Hard Disk Required now EVEN ADD YOUR OWN INTERNAL COMMANOS! £ ¦ MM wSk LOWEST EVER PRICES mwwr Ohib e49.m £79.99 £9999 £12999 £14999 £16999 £24999 £32999 £499m 8m £119,9 £l49„ £169.99 £199.9, £219,, £239.99 £319.99 £399„ £569.9, 32m N A N A £279„ £309.99 £329„ £349„ £429.9, £509,9 £679.9, 4m £89.99 £119,9 £139,9 £169.99 £189,9 £209.9, £289„ £369.9,
£539.9, 16mb N A N A £209.9, £239.9, £259.9, £279.9, £359„ £439.9, £609.99 RAM8 RAM8&33MHz FPU 68030 25MHz & FPU 68030 40MHz 68030 40MHz&FPU 68030 50MHz 68040 25MHz 68040 40MHz 68060 50MHz 49 Pro System 640mb IjOgb 1,6gb £149.99 £179.99 £219.99 'em Hi ,£50 Complete AI200 Hard Jhsk Kth Yes, at long last, a professional way to install a high capacity- hard disk without cardboard & glue! Our packs offer you our exclusive and copyrighted Brack-It 1200 Fitting System & a choice of high speed low cost hard disks.
Brack-It 1200 Fitting Ststim Designed to accommodate the newer drives on the MARKET DFFERING HIGH CAPACITY & SPEED AT GREAT prices. Our pack incluoes robust steel fitting BRACKETS, ALL CABLES FOR POWER AND DATA, INSTRUCTIONS & 7 DISKS FULL OF HOT SOFTWARE SUCH as Directory Opus 4.12 (worth £50), MUI 3, MCP, Galaga AGA, Virus Checker, Mods, ReOrg, Abackup and MUCFI MORE. All software can be installed with our custom click y GO system. All drives are PRE-INSTALLED WITH THE SYSTEM SOFTWARE & ABOVE DISKS - UNLIKE OTHERS WE PRDVIDE THE DISKS JUST IN CASE!
SCSI-1! Interface for the Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards - Warranty safe installation, supplied with software - £79.99 Includes Brack-It System (norm, a5) & UK Delivery airuRN Exhrnal iMb Floppy Prire for aH A mi gas Turbo Print 4J Prwtor £ IUmmmmn Soffmtirt YOU MUST GET TurboPrint 4.1. It radically ENHANCES THE PRINTOUTS YOU NORMALLY GET BY REPLACING THE AMIGA PRINTER SYSTEM with the Faster and Visibly Bfiter TurboPrint System. Options include Poster Printing, Colour Correction, Dithering, Colour Balancing, On-Screen Preview and Much More... Most printers are supported-call to _ check.
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The BEST Backup System Quarterback disk Suite &UArfcri Ack 6.1
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Quarterback Tools Deluxe are back on sale. Considered by most
Recovery Optimisation are two key tasks that just shouldn't BE
Get the Best Get the Quarterback Disk Suite. £ 0 ¦ M 49 OP FAX Fax Softwan Solution for all Amiyai mfh * Mt*Um Send Faxes to and from your Amiga.
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Amiga Format Gold Amiga Computing 9 10 Fax Compatible Modem Required £44.99 ENTERPRISE Books & Videos ? All Amiga Computers Covered ? Prices frdm as little as £29.99 ? Many repairs by Wizard require NO Parts ? Prices include Insured Courier Collection & Delivery, Labour, Full Diagnostics, Service, Soak Test & VAT.
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? 90 days Warranty on all Repairs Insider Guide - A1200 Insider Guide - A1200 Next Steps Insider Guide - Assembler Insider Guide - Disks b Drives £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 Insider Guide - Workbench 3 A to Z £14.95 Total! Amiga - Workbench 3 Total! Amiga - AmigaDOS Total! Amiga - Arexx Total! Amiga - Assembler £19.99 £21.99 £21.99 £24.99 NEW 29 .99 Mastering Amiga Scripts £19.95 Mastering Amiga Beginners £19.95 Mastering Amiga Printers £19.95 Mastering AmigaDOS 3 - Reference £21.95 Mastering Programming Secrets £21.95 AmigaDOS Pack £34.99 Total! Amiga - AmigaDOS & Mastering AmigaDOS 3 -
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i disk & Reference Card parts PC task 4J Run PC PROGRAMS
WITHIN an Amiga window, use your Amiga hard disk, run Windows 3
& MS-DOS, version 4 now allows:- 486 Emulation, CD-ROM support,
W Double Workstation 507 x 155 x 31 5mm *sfe29» Wide Workstation 665 x 95 X 315mm A A 3SMS £29.99 All Sizes areWxHxD dlf UK MSSNt 34 ORDER HOTLINE w 01322-527800 fa 01322-527810 £5 OFF FORAUMmD PUIOO EaSYLeDGERS 2 - The ONLY FULL ACCOUNTS PACKAGE, LEDGER Based accounts system, Amiga Format Gold CALL ABOUT TRAIL OFFER Haro Disk & HO 2mbRAMReqi££D £||jW9 33MHz FPU Kitplcc type FPU 8 Crystal - will fit MOST CARDS - CALL TO CONFIRM.
£34.99 Disks 50 Disks b Colour Labels £14.99 100 Disks & Colour Labels £ f4.99 :69» Othcr Products A500 51 2k RAM Expansion £1799 A500plus Imb RAM Exp. E24.99 A600 Imb RAM Expansion £24.99 ALL with a FREE Opus 4 worth over £50 CALL ABOUT UPGRADES Image FX 2.6 Th Cemfith ImAM PrfctssMg SoiuHtm ftr All Amiph The BEST Image Processing Package there is for the Amiga. Amiga Format Gold - CU Awards. Bubble Filter, Fire FX, Wireless Hooks, Shear & Straw modes, Enhanced Lightning Effects, FilmGrain Add Remove, Liquid Distortion, Sponge Drawmode, Sparkle Effect & much more ARE IN VERSION 2.6. CONTACT
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E40 £70 EllO £180 4mb 72-pin SIMM 8mb 72-pin SIMM 16mb 72-pin SIMM 32mb 72-pin SIMM ALL SIMMs are NEW and have a 1 yr Warranty and claim your free disc!
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branch To: The Manager (Bank name) . ______ _ Want to get
BgSTL.AMITCP v4.5 DIALUP [NEW!! FULL TCP CLIENT] ftfl VOYAGER vl.15 «w I - «***¦
M. Jj [EXCLUSIVE!! NEW WWW CLIENT] H * BplJ microdot-ii I B I •
• • • • * *"• ! JjaLT [NEW MAIL AND NEWS CLIENT]
• • • .AmFrP |! =i Amlelnet new H E£ £| [TELNET CLIENT -
AMFTP AUTHOR![ ¦k M ....AmTalk «* MiijjaaaMBtiiiwrm [INTERNET
CHAT CLIENT] - - ¦ - -- P ~~.... mFinger *». H SHI r i A*
(Shareware) PJ t ¦ EASIER THAN ABC!
* .0 fio - J fcC « Wanting to get onto the Internet? Already
connected, but frustrated with your software? NetConnect is all
you need to get connected to the Internet and contains a suite
of seven commercially licensed Internet applications. You won't
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We have spoken at length to so many of our customers about getting onto the Internet - we know exactly what you need and what you want. You want software you can use
- not shareware but commercial software, you want the w»¦ uU?JU
hassle taken out of the installation and you want a suite of T
the very best Amiga Internet software. Indeed, to make
pp||j||jj| NetConnect the very best we organised programmers to
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Internet software - full versions all licenced for you!
NetConnect's GUI does more than control manage AmiTCP! It also gives you a completely editable icon bar (see pics) to control and manage your programs. No other Internet pack meets the specifications of NetConnect! Ask for a time-limited demo version!
F00tbal AGA-ONLY World Cup CD-ROM VOYAGER - WWW The most comprehensive interactive history of the greatest show on Earth.
500 full-screen (HAMS) professional photographs of the greatest players of all time.
Reports on every match played in the World Cup Finals (1930-1994).
Overviews of each of the 15 World Cup Final tournaments together with voice-over (more than 2 hours) and photographs.
Extensive statistics relating to each tournament and each national team.
Comprehensive cross-referencing capabilities.
Flexible match-finder facility, enabling quick and easy access to any match no matter where you might be.
Fi-ii fl
• MMB Honan* Romania »UIUA0 A
• •rA(Y Spain 2 * p 7 141 7 I ?
I AMFTP - FTP TO I" * K‘i ut 1 "»'H t** *•« ' l.* .I«r Mil 11* w f«a» yt , to l» « itrif »»* r*iur to . +rt *0 * *ilt t«*w u **t gu« ire* i • •* KmfHfl !*•« t*i*T I'll h'ti ’**. " *»t .» NML; »*? 4 rfrit ’•* »» .** 'oof J*] MW •f ? W ! F*»N r -if Ma M4Tlj*4V-' Mr*K 'r ** oM*'* |*.t r I . .• Floppy version for ALL AMIGAS coming soon!
World Atlas CD-ROM AGA- ONLY AMIRC -IRC f Modem Offer & Specifications i The atlas is based on the unique Mountain High Maps'M collection and so incorporates state of the art enhanced satellite maps of unparalleled quality.
Each Country is supported by economic, historical and cultural facts, including flags, as well as separate maps depicting major cities, rivers, mountains and geographical position.
Flexible and easy to use, this educational package is at once stimulating, accessible, informative and fun.
. .-rL
- I: vJM
• 33000 bps DATA FAX modnm - true v34
• Group 1,2 & 3 MmVrecelve FAX
• Enhanced ADPCM coding
• Auto mode detection allows modem to connect with a modem that
la configured for differing connection modes
• Extended AT command set
• Upgradable ROM chip (safeguarding against future
• BT and CE Approved
• Amiga aerial cable Included
• Full “get started” documentation
• 5 year warranty - also undergone rigorous Amiga testa AMITCP
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YOUR HELPING HAND TO GETTING THE BEST FROM YOUR SOFTWARE ell, the creative section of the mag is packed full with step- by-step guides to getting the most out of your Amiga - whatever your specialist interest.
Paul Overaa begins a brand new tutorial which shows how Arexx can be used to help manage a web site. Jason Jordache continues disseminating his vast knowledge about the computer graphics industry and Darren Irvine takes his first tentative steps _ on the road to creating NickVeitch a tune. We've also come to the end of our extensive Blitz tutorial. Led by John Kennedy, the tutorials have been hugely popular and hopefully, they've been a great help. Remember, if there's anything you want to see in this section of the magazine then let us know.
We aim to please.
We need your input.
Is there something that _you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series? Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine. Here are some things you might like to think about: AREXX Commodore's excellent decision to include Arexx with Workbench was only matched by their stupidity in not documenting it properly. If you are having trouble why not write to us with a description of what you are trying to do?
PAINT PACKAGES Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
REAL 3D2 Is their some basic model you would like to create but don't know how to?
Mr. Sandiford is master of the splines.
Contact us at: AF Creative, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting "Creative" in the subject line.
AREXX In the first of a new two-parter, Paul Overaa looks at how to manage the structure of a web site using Arexx .
86 kt ; OO DRAWING A V WAGE footer Jason Jordache has loads more useful advice for anyone wanting to work in the computer graphics industry.
JUIUSIC-X Time to have a bash at your first little ditty. Darren Irvine assembles his Play Sequences into something that resembles a song.
R 1 r ( * 9G i L A REAL 3D 2 ¦ r.....a|..i
a. .. .. ¦.. «. «l «:»,3 ¦ ¦ h:i*i ¦ _®u £»«ct. I Incorporate
shadows into your renders using Real 3D's Recursion and Light
sample features.
JVKJLTIJtflEDIA You've collected all the ingredients, now you need a package to put it all together.
R 1 r t % L 7 BLITZ John Kennedy looks at ways to solve his picture problems.
TUTORIAL Web Spinning The Arexx Way Part One Paul Overaa begins a two-part tutorial that deals with a novel approach to Web site management... Web sites, by their very nature, are menu driven. The ease with which you can move to and from topics of interest will, to a greater or lesser extent, determine how favourably visitors view your site. If you only have three or four pages then you’re unlikely to have difficulties in creating suitable menu links. But as new topics suggest themselves, and your site grows, it is harder to ensure that the right links are present. In short there’ll always be
a lot of links to maintain.
Most page editing software is not site-oriented. Whilst an editing package may make it easy to insert appropriate HTML tags into a given page, chances are it’ll provide no help as far as overall site menu structuring issues are concerned. When large numbers of page links are involved, it is these latter site structure issues that become important. In fact creating anything other than small sites using the conventional 'one page at a time’ approach is hard enough and maintaining the site can easily become a nightmare. This applies whether you are using a Web page editor or creating your pages
by using a text editor and manually inserting tags.
And this is just the easy stuff! When you then add little extras such as date stamped pages, an alphabetically ordered index to enable _ LISTING 1 MakeName: Procedure parse arg level, page, ext if Length(level)=1 then level='OMIIevel if Length(page)=1 then page='0'llpage return 'L'lllevelll'P'llpagell'.'llext regular visitors to go directly to a known topic, perhaps another index sorted into date order - all of a sudden, Web site development and management becomes a major undertaking.
One way of reducing this workload is to use the computer to do all the work. There’s no reason, given a suitable definition of the menu arrangements that you want, why your Amiga could not generate template Web pages containing dummy headings, and the required forward and backward pointing menu page Jinks, automatically. A skeleton site would leave you to fill in suitable details on those pages that would hold the real information. One immediate benefit would be that, with your Amiga inserting those menu links, you eliminate the chance of link tag errors.
But why slop there if say page titles were also defined then these could be read as the pages were being created and used in the displayed menus rather than just having dummy page references. Similarly any text required for particular pages could be provided in external files and these too could incorporated as the skeleton pages were generated.
The benefits of adopting an approach like this would be significant, but can it be done? The answer here is an emphatic yes and these tutorials will not only explain the underlying ideas Title: |Level 2 Page 10" URL: If iIe: localhost Conns:SITE_6EN£ flack 1 Lqi-mPdl florae I flpenl Re load!
Subject index
• a aw-jfott
• Ad&noaa oriented, sitt
• pruv.if ies
• 3?.9k? Whi.d‘. b e .0 f mteie?:,
• Curs or Posm?r«?. Frprn Abex x
• .m-Mmmmi wfsm m.
• Fitid.RECEM SftgfL5fc9Rg»j.
• Stewal m wastes jriMffita.
• G.lftssarjr of terms
• Help t.vr ustr-: new JP.rhese.pag.es
• fhS.xSk imm&i mu
• H wry
• Hc;wrpc$ nract
• HTML Mllf JmgOn The Internet
• ytofflttgftWK?. Sura?.
• Mw;pjojefts which my be of.mtertst.
• r-fiMtmm?.
• Other tkngs .yo .y. mey.lik e to .knovx
• Pp.s siblehirrli.tr deyUop.meri.ts. £ U lii f i
le: locaIhost Conns:SITE_QENERfiTOR G HU - Site indices like
this are a nightmare to produce unless the job can be
And code required, but will also point you in the direction of a project test site which proves that these ideas really do work. Believe it or not the site generation code itself has been written using Arexx and, whilst we still have quite a long road to follow explanation- wise, the preliminary topics outlined this month illustrate quite clearly why Arexx was chosen as the prototype deve 1 opmen t langirnge... THE AREXX CONNECTION Take a look at Figure 1. It represents part of a general menu description where a selection from a main page leads to either a page of interest or further
lower-level menus which again finally lead to terminal pages eon mining real information. This hierarchical, tree based, arrangement is similar to the AmigaDOS filing system.
n. 0=4 * 4 levels *
n. 1.1=10 * this root page has ten descendant pages * * in
other words this page has ten menu options *
n. 2.1=2 * first page at second level has two descendant pages
* I* ie two menu options for this page! *
n. 2.2=2 * second page at second level also has two descendants
*1 * so again - two menu options for this page! * ¦ etc. In
ihe case of Web site menus of course it is Web pages, rather
than directories and sub-directories, that are being traversed
but the under!) Ing principles are pretty much the same,
whatever the application!
In order to automatically create a site we need to be able to generate all LISTING 3 CountNodes: Procedure expose n. parse arg level level=level-1; count=0; i=1 do while n.level.i~=*1 count=count+n. Level, i i=i+1 end if count=0 then count=1 return count the pages associated with a given menu tree definition. This means that a scheme is needed which allows us to algorithmically give each page a unique name. A simple lev el page based approach is sufficient so that a reference in the form I.xPv identifies page v- at. Level x. I sing this scheme the highest level menu page reference tor
example might be called JLOIPOI, those at the second level L02P01, L02P02, L02P03... and so on (Figure 2 shows the top of the menu fragment of Figure I described in these systematic names), Jleoarl 2 Page 1 URL: |f ( I •: •! Oca I host Comm* :SITE_GENERRTOft G*n r»$ » Back | Eorvi.ird I Bow* I flP*n I B*io*d I Bolt Help for users new to these pages
• Srtt.fcyeyt uid use
• AbourgtcsyCior This site. Uses menu pages to guide you to your
chosen destination. Choose from items at the top of the page
ana simply keep selecting items until you get to the area of
interest' LISTING 4 do level = 1 to n.O pagestart=0 say
CountNodes(level) 'pages at level' level do node=1 to
CountNodes(levet) entries=n.level.node call
page_start=page_start+entries end end create.rexx
create.rexx.info GeneritedSite.info PageText.Info Pag*Titl*s .
Info 8,956 838 628 628 628 21 1 B 15 18 13 18 15 18 13 10
resecaates.info 835 16 1 8 ErflTOR G*n*rat«dSlt* L0 Volumi |
P«rtnt | Canctl | You might not think that Web sites and
AmigaDOS directory layouts have much in common but both are
classic examples of tree structures!
To turn such references into real file names all that's needed as a suitable convention - generated pages can be given a filename extension of Mum files holding the page titles could have a ‘.title' extension, whilst those holding any associated page text could be given a txfi extension. The files associated with the menu node PolPOl for example would be L01P0I.htm, PO) POI .title and L0lP01.txt. The important point now is the ease with which these names can be produced, Take a look at the MakeNam.e() function shown in Listing I - by specifying the level and page numbers all file references
related to that chosen page to be generated like this... page__name=MakeName (level, nodefhtnfi) page_titIe=MakeName (level, node,’title’) page_text=MakeName(level, node,’bet’) That takes care of generating the filenames associated with particular Web pages but how do we decide which pages are to be generated in the first place? Diagrams such as that shown in Figure 1 are not suitable - we need some sort of‘machine readable’ menu definition and Arexx compound variables are custom made for this application. By using an n.x.y=z type compound variable, where x represents the level in the menu
tree, y represents the number of pages present at that level, and 7 represents the number of descendants which that page node has, it’s easy to describe any given site structure using the sort of statements shown in Listing 2.
With such a definition in place, and the node counting routine shown in Listing 3 (which allows the total number of pages needed at any required level to be determined), framework pages for a complete site can in fact be generated using the loop shown in Listing 4.
This effectively carries out a levcl- by-level search of the menu tree passing details of the level and page numbers etc., to a GeneratePage() routine. Each time thi.s latter routine is invoked it identifies the files involved using the MakeName() routine mentioned earlier and then, creates the Web page using either the appropriate title and text support files (if they exist) or by- inserting default page references to remind you what’s missing content-wise in the final generated site pages.
COMING SOON... Well that covers the general, ideas but there’s more to it than just the filename conventions and code mentioned so far.
The GeneratePagef) routine provides much of the magic and next month fill i ' be dealing with thi.s in detail. In the meantime a generated test site can be viewed by pointing your browser at... http: ourworld.compuserve.com ho mepages pauloveraa Those of you without a Web connection can use anv browser in local mode to v iew a cut down version of the site that has been placed on the Cover’disk (start by selecting file L01P01.htm as the initial page). Bear in mind that an essential requirement of any prototype project is to keep things simple - I've concentrated solely on menu structure
and page link issues so please don't expect fancy graphics or any other HTML bells 8c whistles.
Don’t get disheartened though - even at this stage the test site should give you some indication of the direction we’re going in, along with help on other Arcxx-related topics you should find interesting!
- . 4W»v'Ho.v. '•*-• •“•••'. ' ' '-1 CHAPTER TTW© V i-v eg*.
J. :- 'WTr-' mi &s& i'-' ?V.
M me • V- . '• ',-vvC I ':TYyS X-1 ¦ ¦¦ ' •
- ,Vv., S . !•*.
- '• • g: ' £• V-V--’ • fees-- • T"T' r' , v V-v¦•'•
w. y, t- ... fear-.
Cmwh t *L Zt ¦ - : ffy KPP: l& Vf ‘ 2 v.
¦; ’3s (f verhead car racing games like Turbo Traxare typically made up of blocks of graphics measuring 16x16 pixels.
When these blocks are laid next to each other to create background graphics the miniature cars race over, they connect seamlessly with surrounding graphics. You’ve probably noticed games in general using a similar block technique where the backgrounds can be seen to repeat themselves, it saves time and occupies less space so there’s greater scope to fit other things into memory.
You’re by no means limited to 16x16 pixels, they can be any size, but keep them in easy to handle squares or rectangles' conforming to one size.
I didn’t and regret il. Don’t get stifled by the intricacies of rigid plans, they’re just mock-up screens the left edge of the right hand tile.
When they begin to match, pick up as a brush, say, the right half of the left die and paste it over the right hand side of the tile to the right.
Try this in Dpaint and you'll see how the tile on the right becomes the tile you keep for reediting. You soon get the hang of it, a method I used for a couple of the pics you saw last month.
Cramping your style.
Making joinable blocks is a case of trial and error, laying out the tiles next to each other, rubbing them out, editing pixels and relaying till the sides match up. One tip is to lay two of the same block side by side leaving a pixel gap in between. Edit that side of each tile which lies along the pixel gap, which means YELLOW SPOTTED EGG Next in my pad came the idea of a massive, almost full screen sprite of a tree, a face and a yellow spotted egg. In order to save on disk space I kept the background black and animation frames as low as possible, just enough to manage a smoothly looping anim.
Not everyone More tips from Jason Jordache on how to succeed in the games industry.
Out your imagination. You can create effective animations without going into perfecting the fluid transition from one frame to another, like the movements of a cartoon.
As with the tree the beast is made from individual blocks of graphics.
There are three ribs for example, forming three separate drawn images in themselves. Each finger can be moved, even rotated by using any paint A little ground work spending part of an afternoon phoning round the software houses will give you a better feel for what's out there.
You may want to ask what the wages are like? Is it all in-house or do they freelance out? Are they currently taking on new artists?
What's the name of the person you can send graphics to? Do they accept Amiga disks or should they be PC? What sort of graphics are they most interested in?
A more recent pic. Fine as a static screen, when animated such a beast transcends the dogma of sprite, with powerful thrusting ribs, menacing claw and firing with its secret weapon.
Wants involvement with fiddly 16x16 blocks. The beast pictured below GROUND WORK illustrates another method of letting programs’ rotate function with antialiasing set to high for a better finish.
Only in the animation would they all be overlaid, with all the shapes on a spare screen or two. Having created an animation with a dozen or so frames on the main working screen these body parts can be grabbed and placed down appropriately on frame 1. If you move to frame 2 and repeat the process, moving the parts slightly from how they appear in the first frame, this will produce movement when played as an. Animation.
While some find themselves relaxed and confident on the phone, it's not so easy for others. If you're one of those whose heart quickens as soon as you've decided to call; you dial, they pick up and you start speaking too fast or can't think of anything to say - that's not unusual.
Practice makes it easier.
Write down the main points you wish to ask, keywords as opposed to whole sentences and take some deep breaths before calling.
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£6) (ZIP, JAZ, SMD-100 A CD-ROM DRIVES BY COURIER ONLY) INCLUDES £30 OF EXTRAS High quality external case Power supply and lead SCSI lead One FREE CD-ROM HiSoft Systems The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE Phone 01525 718181 01525 713716 Email sales@hisoft.co.uk HiSoft Systems Your Safe Passage Through The Jungle CONTENTS SCALING VELOCITY Note velocity can be altered in a similar way to quantisation. This time though, if you only want to scale some of the notes, you must Mark, rather than Select them. When using Mark you don't draw a box, but actually highugin the whole vertical section
of the edit window. Click just before the first desired note, and drag untiljust after the last. All the marked events will be highlighted in a nasty pink. Again, if you make a mistake click on UnMark and start again.
CANCEL will remove the requester, STORE will make the changes and return to the main screen, DISCARD will forget all the changes and HOLD will put them somewhere temporarily.
Good control over the volume is very important. Try using the random button to add life to otherwise drab hi- hat sequences.
“Scale Velocities" i.s found on the Tools pull-down menu. You are offered the choice of scaling the entire sequence, or just the marked events - you choose. Two slider gadgets select the percentage of scaling at the start and end of the sequence. To just alter the volume of the sequence, these should be the same, with percentages less than 100 decreasing the velocities, and obviously percentages greater than 100 increasing them. You can also create crescendo and diminuendo effects bv making the End scaling greater or less than the Start scaling.
3(4 LOG 814 LOO 814 LOO 813 BIG 813 BIG 813 BIG 813 BIG 812 BIG 812 BIG 812 BIG 812 BIG 812 BI6 812 BIG 810 C-R 810 C~R 810 C-R 810 C-R 810 C-R 810 C-R 88 COUN 87 AE[ 87 RE C 87 RE C 87 RE C 87 RE C 86 OFF- 86 OFF- 6 OFF- 86 OFF- 86 OFF- 86 OFF- 85 B-5 85 B-5 85 B-5 [WSK-X Sequence: hats 84 84 BflS-5 84 BR5S 84 BASS 84 BASS 84 BASS 84 BBSS 84 BRSS 84 82 82 TEST 82 TEST 82 TEST 82 TEST 82 TEST 82 TE5T 7 051 055 859 063 067 071 075 079 083 087 091 895 999 103 197 SETTING REPEATS For the purpose of jamming along with your sequences while you think up some more, it's easiest to put in a repeat
marker at the end of each sequence so that they all play over and over ai the same time. You can then, lake out the Repeats when you come to arrange the final song.
To add a repeat, click on Move and drag the marker so that it is exactly on MUSIC-X Sequence! Trial sequence Chapter 1: Introduction and basic sequence recording Chapter 2: Basic sequence editing and creating a song Chapter 3: Effects - cross fading & the swing processor _, - "live" playback & Notator-X the end of the sequence. Then dick on Add, and then Set Repeals from the pop-up menu. When you next dick an where in the editing window a REP: 1 marker will appear.
You can drag this marker whilst still holding down Lite mouse button. Now one of the slider gadgets in the bottom right hand corner of the screen will change to REP. Drag this until ou have a decent number of repeats, say fifty.
BAR EDITOR 88 COUN 88 87 85 B- 85 38 8077,81.800 8807,03.191 j W 01 i[|[| 1 m I H 1 | rf 11 PAUSE ?PLAY SI RECORD ( 1 A finished song is a list of play sequences. Here the ever-important bongos are being added.
¦ If you have Music-X 2,0 you can use the Velocity Flattener function to simplify things still further.
If the placement of the sequence is incorrect, or if it is the wrong sequence, click on Move and then on the sequence. Then use the cursor keys to move the sequence around. Holding down SHIFT whilst you use the cursor keys changes the length of the sequence by the length of the note selected in Gi id.
Add as many play sequences as you need to make up your song. You can use the shifted cursor keys to make each one as long as you like, but in practice best results are obtained by ensuring no play sequence is longer than eight bars. If you want a sequence to play for longer than this (and ol course with techno, most ol your sequences will last the entire length of the song), just add two or' more sequences consecutively. Any longer than eight ban. Seems to cause Musir-X a bit of a problem and timing glitches can occur.
When vou exit out from ihIs Play Sequence, give it a name (like "Rough Mix I”). You can create as many of these “Control Sequences" as you .like, but it’s piobablya good idea to only play one of them back at a time unless you have a stupendous amount of polyphony available.
SAVING YOUR WORK Save your song regularly - every half hour
- Musir-X is very stable but it is very easy to spend hours
creating lots ol Play Sequences, and editing them into a great
song, and then forget to save the whole thing. Select “Save
Performance” from the second pull-down menu, and click on OK to
save all the parameters. NEXT MONTH We'll look at some of the
tricks that can be achieved using Music-X including echo and
cross-fading effects.
MliSIC-X Sequence; BiG HoOk Geeetar BAR EDITOR The Velocity Scaling requester can be used to even out the most dynAMIGAlly played sequence.
¦ * * * » * » * BAR EDITOR STORING YOUR EDITED SEQUENCE Now that you have quantised, velocity- scaled, and generally tinkered about with your sequence, select EXIT from the First pull-down menu. Then select STORE, from the requester that pops up. Now when you click on PLAY, your perfectly formed sequence will play back, repeating ad nauseam (or at least the number of times you specified in Set Repeats).
Repeat steps one to six, until you have recorded ail the tracks you need for your song. You will notice that when you record subsequent tracks, the previous ones play along. This is particularly useful for composing melodies on the flv, but if vou find it ' too much (or need to play a sequence in a different key for example), click on the timing part of the sequences display line (this will prohably contain something like 0000), until it displays “Off’. To turn it back on, simply click on the same place again, CREATING A SONG Once you have all your sequences recorded and edited to your
satisfaction, you can set about turning them into a song. Go through each sequence and remove the repeat markers using Remove.
Next, pick an empty Play Sequence, and EDIT it. This will be your master control sequence. Use Grid to select whole notes (the biggest ones), so that it is easy to line up your Play Sequences.
When you get more proficient, you can start to he a bit more daring with timings.
Hit Add, then Play Sequence, and then OK. You are now ready to start piecing together your track. Click on the area of the edit window where you wish to add the sequence. The vertical position determines which of the Play Sequences is added, with the first being at the bottom, and working up. Musir-X is not always entirely accurate in this, but can sometimes produce unexpected and interesting results.
MUSIC-X Sequence! Countersunk 601 002 603 004 005 006 007 008; 609 010 011 012 013 014 015 01 Randon Factor i i-»»i ...j ¦] I i ¦ i i i-1 Scrol I ii i i _n.j:. V m ZI CANCEL 0192 0192 11 PAUSE ? PLAY You can use Velocity Scaling to produce fade-in style effects.
1997 89 Graeme Sandiford looks at lighting and rendering
options in Real 3D 2.
This is a fairly straightforward exercise and the first part of the tutorial, up to step 13, is pretty basic. It’s designed to acquaint you with the tools you will need to use to get the image that you want. If you already have a scene setup you might want to skip it altogether. We’ll be discovering how to add a light source and how to change its brightness levels in two different ways. You can also change the colour of a Ugh [-.source in the same way as an object. We will also be looking at shadows and the way that lights affect a scene.
Some advanced features of the program’s rendering engine will also be utilised. These include; Recursions - the depth of the calculations of reflected light and Light samples - the number of times the light from a light-source is sampled. These techniques are effective, but can also significantly increase 7 O rendering times.
LIGHT OPTIONS IpfB Go to the front view and a create a new grid, make it visible and adjust its size until it's quite fine. Select the Polyhedron tool and draw a shape similar to this - right-clicking when you have the shape you want.
To create a ground object we'll need to select the Cube tool, go to the top view and draw a large rectangle.
Next we're going to create a ruin of some sort - the remains of temple, portico or other ancient structure.
CTE If you are unhappy with its proportions, this will serve as the architrave (the bit on top of the columns), turn the grid snap off and stretch until you are. Be sure to use the top view to make the architrave long and thin.
Select the architrave and duplicate it. Activate the rotate tool and rotate the copy by 90 degrees - by drag- selecting the top right corner then the bottom right and finally the top left to ensure the angle is right.
Duplicate the object and select the Mirror tool. Draw a line parallel with the object and click twice without moving the mouse. Do the same with the original and position the object so that you have a rough square.
Now would be a good time to increase the size of the ground. Select the cube and go to the top view. Draw a cube just bigger than the width of an architrave, copy it three times and position one at each corner.
Now for the roof. Go to the front view. Draw a fairly flat triangle with the polyhedron tool (as shown in the grab). Duplicate it, make the copy slightly smaller and position them end-to-end and slightly overlapping.
Select the first roof object, then copy and perform an AND NOT boolean on them. Now for the columns - some basic Greek Doric style ones will do. For this we will use the Lathe tool and go to the front view.
Remember this tool has two line modes straight and curved to get a curved line right-click once and to finish right-click twice. Draw a line to define the length, then a vertical line, a curve and then a long diagonal.
Create a new Level called column and cut and paste the column under it. Load the default Materials using the menu Project Materials 1 nsert to load the file R3D2: Materials materials. Open the Materials window.
Load in the Marble material, click off Y-tiling, click Exclusive on and the changes you've made. Select the menu Create Mapping Cylinder and define a circle in the top view. Stretch and move it so it looks like this.
Out put o-l Mindow Node ©I Norna1 Backdrop D 11 her i ng OJ Fixed rnd int Env tronrte R G B Rnblent I! 2d.
Lizd 11 28 Background «r 48 M50 Plx Backgr. Grad 1198 1198 |2S5 DOF Environnent |1 28" 1128 ¦ 1128 DOF st [ f»rad r®~ 1* l« ¦ ¦BH 30 4 Bat MjL faht 1 K on* ¦ 3 .fJ-Pl Create a parallel mapping (at the top) with the default material bumpy. Draw a small square in the front view.
The texture should appear as a fine grain. Render and resize as necessary. Create levels for all the objects.
Paste copies of the bumpy mapping under all levels except the ground. Duplicate the column, place one under each cube and as many as you like elsewhere. Jumble objects at random and change their colour to beige.
Press right-Amigaxs while in the front view to bring that window’s Settings requester. To create a background that looks like sky try entering the values in the picture for Background and Backgr. Grad gadgets.
When rendered (accept the default lights for now) this should create a background that fades blue to a nearwhite blue. However much of the detail in the image is lost because the default lighting is a bit harsh.
To add some lights of your own go to the menu Create Light-sources Point. Position the light up and right and re-render. Shadows are smoother but the image is too dark. Go to the menu Modify Properties Lighting attrib.
Increase the light's brightness and render again. If it's still too dark go back to the Settings requester and increase the Brightness slider there - this will increase the effectiveness of all the light-sources in the scene.
Another alternative is to increase the Ambient value which will also soften the shadows. If you're going for close atmospheric shots try placing a weak beige light- source on the ground to fake radiosity. Lightsamples of 1 and Recursions of 5.
Ben Vost is nearing the end with his multimedia tutorial. Here he explains the differences between the various packages you can use for your production.
Chapter 1: Intro. First steps and sorting out the graphics Graphical glory - More on the visual aspects
- Animation and Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Using sound id* - M with
digital video effects Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Finale - We’ve got
all the pictures, sounds, music, text and effects we need for
our mammoth multimedia production.
Now all we need do is put it all together.
So first of all we reach for Scab... wo ah there! Hold your horses. It mayjust be that Scala isn't actually the right r package to put your stuff together.
For one thing, unless you want to pay for heaps of Scab dongles, distributing a Scala presentation can be a bit tricky and expensive. Also, Scab doesn’t support any animation format other than ANIM - makes things a bit difficult if you intend incorporating your X-DVKeffects in your presentation, n’est-ce pas?
"Scala is the Grandaddy of Amiga multimedia programs... with its super-smooth scrolling and text effects."
Seals is the package everyone thinks of but is it the right tool for the job?
SUITABLE SOFTWARE The software choice for the Amiga when it comes to creating multimedia productions is actually quite extensive, although some titles might be harder to find than others.
SCALA MM400 Scala UK 01920 484811 Scala is the Grandaddy of Amiga multimedia programs.
Originally conceived as a distributed POI (Point Of Information) system for hotels and shopping centres Scala became the videographer's friend with its super-smooth scrolling and text effects.
HANDY HARDWARE The current incarnation is still stuck on the native Amiga chipset but although earlier versions were not very format- friendly, the current release not only supports Amiga file formats but also GIF, PCX and WAV and so on. An obvious and beneficial side effect of concentrating more on PC development.
Scala MM400 is also able to use datatypes which makes it easier for applications that will sit on one machine, but slightly more work for distribution if it becomes necessary to ensure that each machine the presentation is supposed to be played on has the necessary datatypes.
If you're going to be creating this huge presentation, you'll need massive storage. If you have an A1200 you might consider EyeTech's Instant Drive.
It's a low-profile, high capacity IDE drive from Seagate offering a Gb and more for a reasonable price. It's easy to fit and comes pre-set up with a variety of software.
If you're going to distribute your production to a large audience, you might consider CD-ROM. If so, you'll need a CD-ROM burner and models from Hewlett Packard, Mitsumi, Sony and Hitachi will be ideal for your needs.
Don't forget that you will also need software to be able to use them and a suitably pokey machine. Choices for HOW DO THEY MEASURE UP?
Have used so far and try to measure up the various packages: PACKAGE PICS ANIMS TEXT SOUND AN DONGLE Scala MM400 YES SORT OF SORT OF YES NO YES MediaPoint YES SORT OF SORT OF YES NO NO ImageVision YES YES SORT OF YES SORT OF NO Media Magic YES 7 7 YES 7 NO AmigaVision SORT OF SORT OF SORT OF YES SORT OF NO CanDo YES SORT OF YES YES SORT OF MME MMEPro YES NO YES YES NO NO This table would seem to indicate that CanDo is the package of choice, but it will mean a lot of programming and using external programs to perform some of the functions I have indicated as being possible using CanDo, not a
good idea if timing is paramount. The 'sort ofs' indicate where a package has some facility in the topic, but might not be able to handle it very well. As for the question marks for Media Magic, since we haven't yet seen a full version of the package, we can't say how well it performs in the areas we have marked with a question mark, but we can at least be certain that it has the ability to show pictures and play back sounds since it would be a pretty poor multimedia package that couldn't.
01 Km E3»i nm*'*.- M N1| EM m m____ Oaa fU-Or-f I Car rat. 1 IMAGEVISION Blittersoft 01908 261466 Blittersoft's signing of this impressive Swedish product occurred last year amid huge hype, and to a certain extent, ImageVision lives up to the praises heaped on it, particularly if you don't need masses of different transition effects. It's user interface is quite different to either of the two packages we have already mentioned, preferring a tree structure rather than the simple list relied on by Scala and MediaPoint. If you have ever used Deluxe Video III, you'll be slightly more familiar with
the way ImageVision works, in a hierarchy, but it's still different to that old hoary beast too.
ImageVision doesn't bring that much that is new to the genre, with one startling exception. ImageVision is the only package listed here that has the ability to play an animation that is smaller than screen size in a window on a static screen. This alone makes it ideal for our purposes if we are to have video footage playing alongside a text piece describing the action.
However, the image that the animation is played within must be static so you can't have a nice scrollbar to move through the text. All the same, it is a feature to keep one's eye on.
AMIGAVISION No Source AmigaVision could have been really good. Commodore had a nifty title that might have been a killer app to help the Amiga along and what did they do? They released the somewhat naff version onto an unsuspecting public and never released AmigaVision Professional - a package that by all accounts blew most other similar software out of the water, no matter what the platform.
If you can find a copy of this program secondhand - it's available in two forms, a perfect bound softback book and disks, or as a folder - get it but don't pay too much. It's worth having a look at but no more.
WORLD WIDE WEB So, first things first, for real, we make careful note of the capabilities of our multimedia package, we decide how we are going to present our production to a wider audience and we look at our method of deliver)'. One method we haven’t discussed very much since the start of these tutorials is the World Wide Web.
Software include MasterlSO from Blittersoft and MakeCD from Meeting Pearls guru Angela Schmidt. Your machine should have a fair amount of RAM (for buffers), a fast processor and a hard drive large enough to be able to cope with your project and a file the same size (for the ISO image).
"The main advantage is that you can view HTML pages on almost any computer and they'll look pretty similar."
HTML isn’t the ideal way of showing off fast-moving graphics and animations, and it isn’t ideally suited to playing back sound, unless you aren’t aiming to use an Amiga to look at the work (but, of course, we are). However, HTML does have several advantages.
The main advantage is that you can mew HTML pages on almost any computer and they’ll look pretty similar. If your project is to be distributed on CD-ROM, it may well be Continued overleaf MEDIAPOINT Activa INTL 00131 20 291 1914 MediaPoint looked like it might be a worthy adversary for Scala in the battle for king of the multimedia packages but it seems to have disappeared from view, notwithstanding its excellent ability to scale images on the fly, have parallel branches as well as serial ones and the fact that it didn't require the user to stuff up a joystick port with a dongle. In fact it
had several other advantages over Scala, not least of which was its lower cost and, while it didn't come with the range of backdrops and fonts that graced Scala's package, it did have a huge range of very useful ISO 9000 symbols, you know the sort of universal icons for telephones, toilets, airports and so on - ideal for a distributed package.
If you can find a copy of this now, it would be well worth your while attempting to plumb a few of its depths, especially if you can pick it up cheap. It's not as easy to get to grips with as Scala, but your perseverance will be well rewarded.
¦ * » Jlhic script iMMKtntK B ) 1 *. J a Ml tar ?¦a*. RiBt tar [3 Bars, rigM Mt F»I BkssMa* r rmT f, _L .... Pan it MMEXPERIENCE AND MMEXPERIENCE PRO Eyetech 01642 713185 Both these packages have their roots in Optonica's well-known (to Amiga CD developers anyway) Interplay package. They both use a non-standard interface that might prove somewhat confusing to beginners or people used to dealing with the simple elegance that Scala provides and neither offers any form of true text display - if you want to have a title sweep onto the screen you have to provide MME with a brush. However,
MME is unique among the presentation programs in that it is designed for CD creation and also offers indexing features, something that Scala, MediaPoint and ImageVision don't do, and which may well be extremely useful if you are going to catalogue a lot of material which might be hard for the user to sort through manually. Somewhat oddly, both packages force the creator to sort all her data in a very rigid directory structure which, while making it easier to move the presentation onto a different medium, can make for very big directories.
Both MME and MME Pro are reasonably priced and offer dongle free standalone players for their scripts.
MEDIA MAGIC HiSoft 01525 718181 HiSoft's new entry into this field is so new that we haven't even had a proper look at it yet. All we know is what it says in the brochure and how much it costs, but it does purport to support graphics cards, the only package to do so other than CanDo.
Here's a list of the features included:
• Compatible with graphics cards
• local and global variables for use in scripts
• drag and drop editing of scripts
• Media Magic will convert 24-bit ILBM images on the fly
maintaining the highest possible quality no matter what the
destination playback machine's capabilities
• Media Magic can be used for business charting
• Media Magic supports all the most popular module and animation
formats for ease of use "Many great programs have been put
together using CanDo, including the Epic Encyclopedia, and it
is this flexibility... that is the source of CanDo's power."
Worth making it in HTML since you can then supply a variety of browsers for different platforms on the disc enabling people with Amigas, Pcs, Macs, Unix Workstations and others, to view your work with little or no extra effort.
TEMPLATES Also, because of the way HTML is structured, you can easih set up template pages which form the basis of your project, thus making it easier to bring a lot of information into a coherent, cohesive whole, than it otherwise would he il vou were using a package like On Do.
The only real problem with this way of doing things is the widclv differing standards of HTML accepted by different browsers. As an example, at the time of writing this piece, there were no Amiga browsers that tiulv supported frames. However, both the main PC browsers. Navigator and Explorer not only support frames, but also Java and a whole host of plug-ins unavailable on other platforms.
SUITS YOU So, until there is a little more standardisation on the HTML front, it might be best to concentrate on more Amiga-centric methods of distribution.
Although Scala requires a dongle tor every copy of your presentation that goes out, other packages are more flexible. Media Point 3, ImageVision and the new Media Magic from HiSoft all offer a dongle-free alternative to Scala, and all Can Do requires is the cando.library in the target machine’s libs: directory.
At the end of the day, this tutorial can only be a guide to help you through the process of making a multimedia project, we can't be there holding your hand through every step of the way. I hope to have shown you some of the pitfalls you will encounter along the way and how to avoid them, but it is inevitable that you will meet others and have to deal with them as best you can.
Next month we'll have a look at how to add the finishing touches to youi presentation. See you then.
CANDO Source unknown CanDo is the oddball in the bunch. It isn't really a multimedia authoring tool, more a programming language much like Visual Basic on the PC. However, it can be used extremely well as the basis for your production, particularly if you want a more defined look to your user interface.
Many great programs have been put together with CanDo, including ProControl and the Epic Encyclopedia, and it is this flexibility when it comes to handling the many requirements of its users that is the source of CanDo’s power.
One of CanDo's biggest advantages is that it can handle any file type you like, as long as you don't mind pressing external packages into service for you. Because CanDo is a programming package above all, it doesn't really give you an awful lot of help with filetypes but it can be made to drive programs like Flick or Viewtek in order to achieve the results you're looking for.
CanDo, in its latest incarnation, even has some transitional effects built into it, but they aren't that brilliant and are mainly devoted to mosaic-type functions and some blocky wipes probably based around ten pixel blocks rather than the pixel resolution Scala wipes.
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Export Orders Welcome.
Golden Image accepts Access, Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders. L&OE. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject to availability. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 0LB Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: oisi 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 0800 600900 The biggest problem with our Browser program so far has been the lack of support for images stored in anything other than good old IFF format. As you may know, the World Wide Web makes use of images stored in GIF and JPEG format, and wouldn't know what to do with IFF.
This is a major limitation.
In an ideal world, I would simply knock out a Blitz function which decoded images stored in these formats. This theoretical function would be able to load a GIF or JPEG 1 lie, standardise the palette, and make use of any transparency, progressive decoding or animation facilities. As you might imagine, there is quite a lot of work involved in that - which is one reason I would suggest we haven’t been overrun with Web Browsers. This month, in our Final episode, we’ll look at various ways around this problem.
In the last of the tutorial series, John Kennedy describes some methods of including support for GIF and JPEG graphics files.
BSS AND DATATYPES If you’ve already read the review of the Blitz Support Suite on page 61, you’ll immediately know that we’ve found one method of supporting these alien file types: Datatypes. Datatypes arrived with Workbench 3.0 and their purpose is to separate a program from the data.
Datatypes provide a standard way of inserting a “decoding engine” which will make everything appear in a friendly format. There are plenty' of GIF and JPEG datatypes available from PD libraries and Aminet. However, it's probably fair to say that not eveiyone has the Support Suite yet (but you should) so we'll need to investigate various other ways of making Blitz play with the GIFs.
One possible solution is to make use of various utilities which patch the OS into loading other files. DotaChrorne was Oven awav on the AJ 9J Cover'disk tr and AFCD7 and it works by intercepting any calls which load a file - making sure that any GIFs orJPECs are converted into IFFs. It works almost transparently, and is well worth investigating. M main concern is that it may not be possible to determine the number of colours which the loaded IFF mav use: which could "---it is entirely possible to write a Web Browser... every bit as functional as Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape's
Cause problems for any later use of BLIT (you really don’t want to BLIT an 8 bitplane image into a 4 birplane screen: take my word for it, you don’t.)
I also feel slightly uncomfortable putting the conversion process out of our reach in this way, although it still could be the simplest way to get started.
My second attempt at a solution was to make use of a utility program which most people have: MuhiView. MultiVirru is the utility supplied with Workbench as a demonstration of datatypes. It can load text files, animations, sound samples, AmigaGuide documents; you name it, MulliVieio will load and display Listing One: Include this line in your Blitz program and utilise RX to send the Arexx commands.
It (which is probably why it got that name). It’s a little known fact (certainly to me) that Multi Vino also has an Arexx port. This means that theoretically, it would be possible to use it to load an image (GIF or JPEG) and then save it out as an IFF. Inserting; suitable Arexx commands in our Blitz program could have automated the entire process.
First problem: bow do you include .ARexx commands in your Blitz program? A. look through the manual can be less than helpful - there is a section on Arexx, but it is concerned with making vour program an Arexx Host by creating Message Ports and the like. No thanks! Here’s a simple way to send Arexx messages.
We’ve already used an OS library call vbefore in this tutorial (we used one to test the length of a string of lext) and we’re about to use another. The command “Execute_” (see the underscore? It’s important) takes a string as a parameter and executes that as though it were typed at an AmigaDOS Shell. Obviously d lis routine will not be useful in Blit? Mode. Here’s an example: Execute_ "c:dir ram: test", 0,0 Include this line in your Blit , program and when you cheek your RAM disk you’ll see there is a file called “test” which contains a directory listing.
O Perhaps you have worked out how we can use this instruction to send Arexx commands. The six ret is to use RX - the AmigaDOS command which starts Arexx scripts.
Try it from the Shell first. To run jVJ.uUiVi.ew in a background window, enter the following: File - testnult ivieu Blitz progran to launch Hultiuiew and Control it via Arexx Execute, “run workbench:utiI ittes nuItivlew window backdrop portnane MV”,0,0 xecute_ ”sys:rexxc rx 'address ''MV'' about ' “,0,0 xecute. “sys:rexxc rx 'address ''HV'' quit ' ”,0,0 workbench.: utilities nult iview backdrop window partname W' This starts Midi?View, and gives it an Arexx portname of “MV”. The name is converted to uppercase.
Now you can send Arexx commands to it. The most obvious wav z is to use RX with the name of an Arexx script. Although there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this approach, it’s slightly messy. Where possible, it’s always best to keep the number of external files required by your program to a minimum. Instead, try using RX's own ability to send entire Arexx commands, like this: rx "address 'MV' about" and rx "address 'MV' quit" Instead of creating an .ARexx script like this: * Use About box * address 'MV' abcxit We use one line of RX. Neat, huh?
To perform this from a Blitz Program, you would include a line of program like the one shown in Listing One.
Sadly however, this was as far as I got with Mull.iVi(io. Everything was going swimmingly until I met two problems. My initial plan was to use the BI itz Command “FindScreen” to locale the MultiView screen and make it a Blitz screen. Then I could read the image displayed and BLIT it into my program, or even save it as an IFF. The first snag was that if you called FindScreen too soon, the MultiView display hadn't (picture ¦osub flu*h_text osub neu.paraqraph If preview«On Get details of picture i and add it to a I 1st.
E. height) ; Obtain f tlenane fron string 34) a=l i. , lr(t«,fS)
« di t»,a+1 .Len(tS)-a) S-Lefa 1) ; Determine alignment C if
any) CasgSense Off !*f “lnf.tr *$ ,'¦ left“ 0 Then aS = "L"
f InstrTs*,"center") 0 Then a*="M* f Instr(si,"right’) 8
Then aS“"R‘ } Get info from file.... If ExistsXtS) i Convert
image into an IFF ; using fldPro. Use RdPro's : ability to
force a standard J pale£|£ as u«Q as, conj jrt in and JPGs to
nl»''ran : temp" + St rO lmage)+“ . Iff" image-image+1 .rexx
"+tS+” ”+n$ f S* ays : pfxxc px bl itz2 : af adpro Egec te_
ILBMInfo tS If..PddI t em * * USEPflJH PIC Mis i ght c
uldth-Il 1ILBMHeight BMW i dt I name-t * aIign*a$ Endlf
CygnusEd Professional V3-S Copyright W CygnusSo Bigboy: Bli
tz2 AF adpro. R exx * Arexx script used to browser to make
use of Art Department Professional to convert filetypes and
match palettes * address "ADPro" options results parse arg
loadname " " savename say loadname say savename PSTATUS LOCKED
PTOTAL 16 DITHER 1 EXECUTE SAVE savename image Listing Two:
The Arexx script instructing AdPro to convert the images.
Finished creating itself and Blitz would crash. There was no polite way to wait for the screen to finish: either you inserted a dumb delay or executed an Arexx message (such as “Reload”) to make sure MuJ iView was displayed.
Even then, adding a new Screen to Blitz in thi.s way caused the Browser program to go nuts and drop its gadgets. With rime it should be possible to work around this.
MultiView had another little niggle though: 1 couldn’t work out how to use its Arexx “SAVFAS" command to accept a parameter. Instead of using MultiView to quickly and automatically load and save an image as an IFF, it would insist on the user supplying a filename. This was dearly unworkable.
Listing Three: Add this to your browser program and it will execute the Arexx script and generate the new filename.
With regret I had to abandon my experiments with MultiView. Perhaps if you have any more information on this underused tool you can continue to explore how it could be used. Instead, I started using The Art Department Professional instead. AdPro is a brilliant program, still capable of holding its own against the Art Effects and Photogenics of this world. It’s perfect for acting as a “behind the scenes" Arexx controlled utility, especially with its comprehensive palette controls.
There was therefore a new plan for dealing with graphics within the Browser program. During the first stage of HTML processing, all the images would be loaded into AdPro and converted to a standard number of colours using a standard palette. AdPro will load GIF and JPEG as easily as IFF so there is no problem with alien file formats, and not even a requirement for Datatypes. A new filename is generated (of the form temp?.iff) and the files saved to a temporary cache area - in this case, the RAVI disk.
During the second phase, it's these new IFF images which are loaded as Shapes and BI IT ted to the display. As we have already converted them to IFF format there is no problem.
Listing Two shows the Arexx script which I've used. I had to include provision for supplying two filenames: one for the name of the file to load into AdPro, and another to provide the new- temporary file to save.
Listing Three shows the necessary' additions to the Blitz Browser program required to execute the Arexx script, and generate the new filename. I’ve not shown the variable image being set to 0 at the start of each processing phase.
As it stands, this code is far from perfect. There is still the matter of choosing the initial palette (perhaps from the first picture) and making sure the images are rendered into a number of colours which is compatible with the number of colours defined for the Browser screen mode. AdPro includes commands which will protect specific colours in the palette, and this means you can keep a set of colours for your window and gadget icons.
Using a program as powerful as AdPro makes it possible to perform other tricks, such as accurate scaling.
The HTML standard calls for images to be scaled to suit HEIGHT and WIDTH fields included in the IMG tag. A little bit of AdPro scripting can perform this quickly and accurately: more than at least one commercial Amiga Web Browser can manage.
The downside is of course that not everyone has AdPro, nor the memory to run it. The memory' I can’t help with, but there are other image processing programs available which can load and save files from GIF and JPEG to IFF, all under Arexx control and these should work just as well.
THE END And that’s the end of that. The Blitz Browser is far from finished: for a start, there is no direct link with a TCP IP stack, without which it can simply load HTML files from disk rather than be used as a live Internet tool. If you are interested in pursuing this, look out for the AmiTCP software development kit as it contains libraries you can convert for use with Blitz. The same is true for the Datatypes library of course.
Remember that it is entirely possible to write a Web Browser which is every bit as functional as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Netscape’s Navigator. All the problems are due to software not hardware, and with a package as powerful as Blitz all you need is a lot of spare time (and more programming talent than me) and you could create the Amiga’s killer Internet App. Good luck! *2?
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THE EMULATION GAME I have just read through the emulation HIDING SHOPPING Your “Shopwatch” feature is an excellent idea, it is a pity that your award system could not be incorporated into the scheme - but this hardly seems feasible since I would guess that the company treasurer is unlikely to sanction numerous expenses paid trips round the country. Still it might be worth trying it on!?
In your December feature you made reference to mail order shopping and its advantages. This is fine where the goods provided are of the appropriate quality. There can however be a downside. It can be much more difficult to obtain satisfaction from a recalcitrant mail order company than from a local retailer.
Word vervsoon vets O around if a local retailer is “dodgy” in some way and the business consequently suffers.
Unfortunately it is not the same for mail order firms. For obvious reasons their dissatisfied customers are unlikely to be talking to one another - perhaps some time in the future when everyone has access to the Internet this may change - but at present the rogues are only brought to book if there is widespread adverse publicity.
My own. Recent unfortunate experience with a mail order company may be atypical of the company concerned - 1 have no way of knowing - but one thing is for sure and that’s no more upgrades for the A1200 until I can see the whites of the eyes of the retailer making the sale!
Mike Rolias on There's a cheaper solution if you want to play old C64 games, like Froot, on your Amiga.
Article in AF9I (December issue).
Reading through it, 1 notice that the decent emulators require pretty powerful Amigas. I have, however, come up with a relatively cheap solution. It’s called “buy a 2nd hand C64”. I believe this technique will run ALL the fancy games and emulate the SID chip to perfection.
Hell! It’ll even allow you to run games from, a ....(gasp).... tape deck!
Thankyou and please don’t hesitate to call me if you ever require money saving tips again.
1 was going to plug our groups disk mag “Beyond the Frontier”, but that would be me being silly wouldn’t it?
Do I win a prize for saving you and (possibly) the whole, of the Amiga community hundreds of pounds?
0. 20 SHARE YOUR VIEWS Well, of course, this is a good solution.
However, C64 emulators don V need an 1060 and 20Mb of RAM. A standard A1200 will do the job. And it will men run faster on some programs. A'o really, it will. Plugging your disk mag is, as met: futile.
PIRATE PAIN I’ve got a hint for all those programmers arid software companies who are scared of making games hard drive installable because of the fear of piracy. It’s quite simple1 reallv. Don't make the original game hard drive installable, but instead, send out a hard drive install program to all those people that take the time to register their game. This way, companies can get more information about their potential market, and the average .Amiga fanatic like me gets to make use of all my empty hard drive space.
D Haiues Aberystwyth A damn cunning idea. Any takers?
If Viscorp do not have the capacity or the funds to manufacture the Amiga, WHY DON'T they allow third parties to licence it so that new machines are brought out into the market sooner?
It would be preferable that Viscorp do so because if they lead the way then it will ensure that future machines are not incompatible with each other.
It will prevent people like Phase 5 and PIOS bringing out their OWN ports of the Amiga OS to their respectable RISC platforms - thus dividing the Amiga market. This really is very important to the future of the platform.
Since Viscorp are focusing on the ED, it would seem pntdent to believe that most of their funds will be headed in that direction. If thevdo not licence someone else to manufacture new Amigas, they stand to (like Escom) be financially stretched and will basicallv not be able to do much for the Amiga masses who await a badly needed upgrade to Amiga technology- something that is long overdue.
Daniel Kitingan gloves@senet. Com. Au While it is true that there has been a. certain amount of frustration from Amiga developers towards Viscorp, in their defence I think it is only fair to say that they can V very well sign up licensing agreements for copyrights and patents which they don ’( actually own.
But yes, it is rather obvious that some living needs to be sorted out very soon.
To find out all the latest news read our extensive feature on page 18.
REAL CHEAP Help! I have recently been given a Coverdisk called Real 3D Classic by a friend who said he had no use for it.
Having got it up and running I have been using it non-stop but although 1 have the first part ofumr tutorial 1 don't have any other parts.
I believe that there were quite a few.
And although I would, like to buy the back issues, 1 simply can’t afford it. Is there anyway I could get hold of just the tutorial parts of the issues.
Brian White Grays, Essex Sadly there is no way AF can sell only parts of its past issues. You 7 either have to search around for someone selling off their old AF collection (yes, amazingly it happens) or pressure the editor to put old material such as tutorials onto the AF World Wide Web site and or CD-ROM Cover disc.
MANUAL ENTRY I have recently obtained a secondhand hard drive (A590) for my A500 plus.
Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual and 1 wonder whether you have any information or can provide me with a contact address for obtaining one.
C J Ohe Ri chmansworth I’m afraid we ran t help you with a manual, as they wen! Out of production some time ago.
From what I recall, it wasn V terribly helpful anyway. If there is something specific you would like to know, just drop us a line at Workbench.
MOUSE FOR HIRE I am writing in response to a reply given in issue 90 of your mag (mailbag) in which vou invited anvone interested in creating ‘2D graphics to get in touch.
I would love to help anyone in this department and I -would also be willing to help with graphics etc for instruction manuals idiots guides etc. I can be contacted at this address: 51 Montgomery Drive, Eeven, Fife, Scotland, KY8 4AQ.
Terry Imrie, Fife Continued overleaf 4 VEITCH by John Bankier We couldn't resist this. It's funny that Mr. Bankier seems to know something about ol' Nick's father... AIRLOCK by Martin Jones An intro screen for Martin's reader game (see page 40)? It would certainly appear so.
SKULL FACTORY by Alan Taylor It's amazing that Alan has managed to get such depth and detail in only 32-colours in this Giger-inspired pic.
Letter of the Month WARRANTY SOLUTION of help to other poor unsuspecting Escom customers, (ex).
Issue 91 is the first Amiga Format I've bought for over 12 months, glad to see that at least one Amiga magazine is still making a go of it, I think "Shopwatch" is a brilliant idea.
Alan Martin London Thanks for that tip. It's worth pointing out that anyone who bought equipment from any company which is no longer trading, may be covered by insurance and warranties if they purchased equipment with the help of a loan, through an HPO or Finance service or with a credit card. Contact the appropriate organisation for more details.
Having recently read in mailbag regarding the demise of Escom, I feel that I must add my two penn'orth worth (or decimal equivalent).
1 bought a PC from Escom (I needed the compatibility for work), in March this year, and apart from a small problem with the CD (which was repaired under warranty) I have been very happy with the set-up. At the time of purchase I opted for the three year extended guarantee.
Well you can imagine how I felt when I learnt of the current situation. I telephoned Escom's head office, and was told by a stroppy receptionist that my warranty was void and not worth the paper it was written on, (perhaps if I knew I was going to be out of a job I would be stroppy too!)
I called the company responsible for carrying out the warranty work (ICL Sorbus) who informed me that for a price they would be more than happy to carry on the warranty. The reason I would have to pay again is that they had not been paid by Escom or, rather they were, but only for the warranty work actually carried out, i.e. if I had a problem with my PC, ICL Sorbus would come and sort it out and then bill Escom. Escom should have paid them in advance for my warranty, but alas.... I then phoned the receivers who sent me the standard claim form, just in case I wanted to try and claim against
Escom for not being able to honour their contract, (fat chance). As a last resort I contacted the company who financed my purchase: First Retail Finance.
Good news at last! They were in negotiations with another company to take over the warranty. I have recently received a letter confirming this. All I had to do is send a photocopy of my original Escom receipt to First Retail Finance and my three year warranty has been reinstated!!
So I urge any of your readers who bought their computers (Amiga or PC) through First Retail Finance to contact them, if they themselves have not already been contacted.
I found their staff to be exceptionally helpful, and courteous. I hope this information may be second hand and they may have been deleted) or should they have come with the CD-ROM drive? If so, can you recommend a suitable replacement driver package.
Can you also tell me if it is possible to network a 1200 to a 500 as I have a lot of programs that only run on my old 500 that I would like to use without having to dismantle the A1200 to set up the A500.
CR Spanion Hastings Well, we do try and keep (kings as accessible as possible. Since it is a long time since “new" Amiga owners appeared on the scene in large numbers, we have to try and keep the magazine as relevant as possible to the people who read it. This may result in us assuming a little too much knowledge occasionally.
Sorry about that. Wherever possible in larger or more complicated features, we do try to include explanatory boxouts and jargon dictionaries, but perhaps we should do this more often ? What do other readers think ?
As regards your CD query, both Multiview and More are part of Workbench.
Multiview started being included with WB3 and up and replaced the older More utility, so you should have both of these programs already, ' 'hey are used primarily for viewing text pies (although multiview can “view ” any document supported by Datatypes. Both are on the CD anyway, so you can just copy them to your Workbench's Utilities dish. If you run the assigns program, these tools should be found by programs asking for them anyway (although some PD authors do use odd pathnames which may cause problems).
' 'he CD is also the answer to your last question. On several recent Cds you will find a program, called ProNel in the Serious shareware drawer. This software can be used to link your two Amigas together.
SURVIVING DOWN UNDER Firstly, congratulations on your great magazine. I’m writing about the article 4- MUCH TOO MUCH?
I am a subscriber and soon I have to decide if I am to re-subscribe. Your magazine is, without doubt, the best of the available Amiga mags, but that does not mean you get an automatic re- subscription.
I am 39 years old and though I am not a computer whiz kid, I can, with help, do most tasks. Your magazine does seem to assume that your readers have a high level of technical awareness and this can mean people like me struggling with some of the concepts you cover.
Perhaps you could consider adding an idiot’s guide to the end of your articles.
The archive contains several versions of the picture so that it can be disseminated in as many ways as possible.
Now to your CD-ROMs. Great, keep up the good work. I do, however, have a problem in that my 1200 does not seem to have the tools “multiview" or “more” and probably a few more that are required to run your programs. Are these supplied with the 1200 (mine was The Survivor AMIGA SHARE YOUR VIEWS “survival of the Fittest' in issue 89 and I would like to know il there is any way I can get hold of these pictures by F.ric Schwarz, I would like to make up some t-shirts, posters etc. and even place them in the local PD library to show my .support for the Amiga. Unfortunately I haven’t got a CD drive or
an Internet connection. If you could tell me how I can get my hands on the pictures. I'd be very grateful.
Stephen Kinzett South Australia They were released on A mi net, so you should he able to gel (kern from a PD library. They were also included on our CD-ROM version, but obviously I hat's not a lot of help to you.
MONEY MATTERS I am a little concerned to have received a subscription renewal form through the post. This may not seem strange but, as you point out in the letter accompanying the form, if you pay by direct debit, you shouldn't need to worrv about renewing vour O subscription.
Since I pay by direct debit, I would like to know whether there is a prohlem or can I rest easy that the letter should never have been sent.
Owen Howe Crossby Worry not. The guru of all things subscription related. Simon Houmrth, tells me: "Direr( Debit subscribers will get a system generated ITD (Intention to Debit) letter sent to them before each payment. They be automatically run by our system in So inert on. " What this means in real speak is that the letter is just informing you that the sub is due for renewal, rind that the money will he spirited away (mm your hank account. There is no need for you to do anything, it's just that we don 7 like taking money from people s hank accounts without letting you know about it.
ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS... I’m on the edge of getting a 17” Microvitec Ml764 monitor and need one more bit of reassurance to be sure I'm going to spend this big wedge of money in the right direction!
In the November issue of Amiga Format a reader's letter e x p la i ne d p u rc h a s i n g through DABS Direct. Can vou identify the back issue j this appeared in and how much it will cost so I can get a cheque in the post and then pour over the review. Many thanks.
Mr CP Kingston Corsham I ran do better than that., Mr Phelan suggested interested purchasers should (outnet DAPS Direct on 017 482 4777 to order a CRM 1701. You will also need a VGA adaptor. The review was in the August issue (ATS 7) and you can eon tact customer sendees on 0122 5 822511. & NO W EVEN MORE Lowest Priced Top Quality Products Including Ribbons, Inkjets, Toners, Disks, Etc Official Government & Educational orders welcome Inkjet. Bubblejet Cartridges PrinterRibbons
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11. 00 for 2 x 40ml Refills
12. 00 (or 12ml ol each Col
8. 50 for 2 x 20ml Refills This is just a small selection of our
Ribbons Ring us and WE WILL BEA T all other Ribbon prices
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S»ts.bc Monopoly 3 OtneBo 3 Serous Backgammon 3 Raversi II 3 Morcpoly 3 Gnu Chess ? Pro Bingo ? Scrabble ? Draughts ADVENTURE ? Starbase 13 (2) 0 Black Daivn ? Dram Cave ? Terry; M piaC8me.nl 3 Knghtwcode ? Seed cl Darkness 3 Psycho Warn 3 Gatbatixs Dragona 3 Wizards Domasi 3 Intro Gash 3 The Sutvnomng 3 Tone Zoner (2) 3 Dead of Night (3) 3 Mad House 2) 3 Lethal Formula 3 Inner Demons (4) 3 Legions of Dawn 3 Biack Dawn S (2) 3 Emobonai Conftct QUIZ 3 Wots Its Name 3 S marks Pop Ouz 3 Wheel ol Fortune 3 Quiz chafenge 3 Qwz Master 3 Qurra 3 Ped Dwarf Tuva 2 PUZZLE ? Stapes ? Ouadnx ? Nova A Dog
? Gush ? Mutplex t t ? Jey Quest ? Sbme ? Zyrad ? Jigsaw (2) q Marble Rescue ? Marbfes ? Word Piay ? Track Attack (2) 3 Double Shuffle 3 Tocbz ? Jump Em 3 Bfex g Springtime ? Mart ecus RPG STRATEGY ? Survrvw 3 Total Wars ? War ? Legend o! Lolhian ? Fleet 10 0 Col Conquest (2M9) GAMES CARPJ5AMES ? Bridge a Solitaire Sampler ? Premtete Pres ? Cards S Mancate ? Casino Blackjack ? Hi Lo Caid Game ? Cardz Q King Hi BEAT EM UPS ? Fighting Warrxys ? Martial Spnt ? Supreme Filler 0 Cyber Games (2) ? Mcnai Kumquat PLATFORMERS ? Wilty's Castle Dreams ? Baidy 3 Etevabon 0 Etevati.-ai 2 ? Frut Salad 3
Klwaz the Cat ? WaHy World (2) a Jet Set Bfly 3 Dr Strange 3 Dangermouse 0 Gerxge Glaxo (2) ? Ace Spacecase 3 Harry Haddock 3 Jet Set Wily 3 ? Techno Venture 3 Evasive Action 3 Gtessback II 3 Dr Strange III ? Nicky II p Ptatman 3 Top Ha! W y 3 Egg Saambfe ? Trap Em TILES ? Shanghai 93 O Ties'Zyr-'.
? Imperial 3 Chna Ties GAMES MISC ? MF Tanks ? MASH ? The Pyramid (2) ? Friday Night Pod ? Alien Bash II ? Scpei Combat 3 (2) ? Woogkes 3 Course Angfe: ? Parachute Joust ? DemoiOon Mission ? Growth 0 Ames Cocke!
A In! Cricket ? AJ Rounder Cncket ? Trai Biazer ? Roulette ? Top of the League ? Mr Men Olympics (2) ? Pnanlam ? Pimter v3 t ? Worms Ext Levels ? Alien Fishftnger LEATEST TITkES_ MONO CLIPART ? Aslenx2 3 Wmd n ihe W*ows O Bu«pgs(5) ? Exercise KLONDIKE CARDS ? Stars ? Voyager ? Vehcfes ? Pussypeck (18.)
? Babes Galore (18*) ? Babes 3 (18.)
3 Babes.4 (18.)
GAMES ? Urra Baf ? AGA Terns ? Bkibie ? Smart Cardz AGA .GLAMOUR aE*S£AiAI5JJYE8Ji 3 Lo-rety G-;'s 1 (2) 3 Lcsety &ds 2 (2) ? Liz Hurley (2) ? Starters 13 (2) ? Starters 14 ? Claudia Schber 96 (3) ? Glamourous Women (5) ? Patsy (2) ? Katie (2) ? Jo Guest (2) ? Joanna (2) ? Carta (2) ? Chfte Syndrome ? Beachbali Women ? In You Dreams (5) ? Busom Buddies (2) q Slocking Tops (5) ? Bloodies Friends (2) WE CAN 'I!
EVERY AMIGA SPARE A500 Internal Drive £28.99 A600 1200 Int Drive £28.99 KickStart 2.05 £19.90 Super-Buster 1C £15.00 A520 Modulator Xchg£18.00 8520 CIA £1100 ? 18th Hotel ? Amos Games Ccfl 0 21 Games 3 ICO Games Pack (7) 0 Mad Bomber 0 YAW Pong 3 Bob's Garden 3 Green 5 3 Gravity Fore* II ? Scper Lcje Manager ? Overlander ? Les Derm H man 3 Some Hedgehog ? Starwids (2) ? Charmeques (2) ? Super Baltiezore 0 Beav-s I Bullhead ? Judgement Day ? Dynamite Warriors 2 ? Pengo ? Charr VI ? Maste-- Blaster m PCBs I DART lontDuter'Servi Ti,r (.uikt or Computer'Servici Vladrr CnfUmrn FOR A RAPID RETURN,
3 Blonds and Brunettes (13.)
3 Playmates t ? Whoppers (18.J ? Stockng Tops (18.)
? Models (18.)
? X-Fiies 1 ? X-Fses 2 ? Jenrsler Connety ? Satan ? Big Cats ? Audrey Hepburn ? Nme Inch Nails ? Manlyn ? Wendy Windham ? Modern Anwar ? WW2 Avwar ? Aviation ? Anna Neele Smith (21 a Crmstina Applegate (2) ? Bathing Beaubes p 8 Baps (18.)
? Black Adder (4) ? Body Beautiful ? B«Jy Perfect ? Brandead ? Cameron Diaz q Castles ? Cindy Crawford 3 ? Classic Cars ? Claudia Schdter 2 ? Computer 3 Eva Heragova ? Extasy (to*) ? FI GP ? Flash Gordon 3 Harte y Davrison 2 ? Helena Chnstensen (2| ? Horses 3 Illustrated Animals (8) ? Mage Roundabout ? MG Cars ? Dam and Kyte
o Noe Burs (t8.| ? Ntkkj Taylor (2) ? Pm Ups (18+) ? Pretty Babes
? Pulp Fiction 2 3 Red QwaH (2) ? Sharon Stone ? Spxterman ? Speccy (6) ? Speccy Covers (4) ? Ten Hatcher 0 Wizard o! Oz ? Tn underbids 0 Trams ? Vanessa Paradis 3 Vietnam War (2) 3 NASA ? They Live 0 Jennifer Antsion ? Manga Girts ? Gruesome Horror (18*) FREESTYLE PD TEL: 01922 710985 TWO FREE DISKS WITH EVERY 10 ORDERED MAGIC C64 EMULATOR For Amiga 1200 4000 Complete with over 200 C64 games only £6-00 C64 game disks available separately.
See Cat disk for more info.
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR & VAT
* 90 Day Parts and Labour Warranty 4c 24 Hour turn-around on most
repairs 4c Includes FULL DIAGNOSTIC, SERVICE & SOAK 4c Upgrades
fitted free with repair 4c If drive keyboard needs replacing
add £10.00 (add £6.00 for return carriage) AMIGA A1200 Repairs
only E48.99 Fully Induslve
* ? ? ? ? ? Repairs while-you-wait add £10.00 ? ? ? ? ? ?
COMPONENT SPARES We are the largest distributor and retailer of Amiga spares in the UK, with an inventory of some 150,000+ parts. Large quantity discounts and catalogue available to trade.
AMIGA PC KEYBOARD ADAPTOR (All Amigas) £25.00 PC Keyboard £16.00 DART Computer Services SALES Pos,?ge s Pack ng add 00 105 London Road (0116) 2470059 LEICESTER n FAX (0116) 1558643 LE2 OPF H Z B S Gill A500 600 1200 PSU £25.99 A1200 Keyboard £34.00 A600 Keyboard £19.00 A500 M Board v6 £58.00 CD-32 PSU £25410 CD-32 CDROM Drive 05.00 SPECIAL OFFERS CHIPS I KEYBOARDS I CASES I PSUs Uu+ei* Limits B lletin 13 oat'a 0891 230044 ;Ad it xi amour Bifs, JV ov e.s ana a wkole. Lot more.!
* PI us vlei-rrbeps Only (Blub Oo online foo details* Oulet*
l_i mils, BO Box & f t Kidder mi ns+e y B 10 B C2 (Sails
charged at 45p mnn (cheap rede) and 30p min (all ofher times)
MrrMemory SIMMs at unbeatable prices !
Eg 72 Pin 8 Mb 29.00 72 Pin 16 Mb 59.00 Full range of S AIAIs & DIMMs also available.
C a t c 100% pre-tested...5 year guarantee... technical support TEL 01483 727 333 • FAX 01483 747 722 WANT TO CREATE YOUR VEIT OWN AMIGA GAMES, mm,mm educational software, m using NOTHING MORE HAN 70 UH COMPUTER’S MOUSE?
Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own Public Domain or Commercial software products without having to program?
Well now it is no longer a dream - it’s REALITY!
Screenshots of games created with REALITY 4 5 5 4: ? •:?» r i ' * . L ' . . »; - " •*¦ ¦ _ - .• .
- v, : PXEHTER « «*«rr» uim Hf HI f I Y
* . ¦¦ - mu v L .
• Y. ***-
• --41 »l I m*M . *r ii*
• .
Ul.-TTT* m REALITY - THE ULTIMATE SOFTWARE CONSTRUCTION KIT is a REVOLUTIONARY new product from B.P.M. Promotions, a company involved in the AMIGA software market for over five years. This product is a BREAKTHROUGH in software design and allows anyone with an AMIGA computer, regardless of their age or intelligence, to create both Public Domain and Commercial software products in virtually no time at all using nothing more than their computer’s mouse! It can be used to create games, demos, educational software etc, much much faster and easier than ever before throughout the history of
computers! REALITY is like nothing you've ever seen before on the AMIGA. Now for the first time you can access the awesome power of your computer with bewildering ease and use it to create TOP CLASS AMIGA software in a few days by doing nothing more than clicking the buttons on your mouse or moving the mouse cursor around the screen! Everything is controlled from user friendly buttons and menus on the screen - that's it! - it's so easy you will not believe it! No programming is required whatsoever!
Here isa small example of what you can achieve in minutes with Reality by using nothing more than your Amiga's mouse:
• Create HUGE fully detailed scenery backgrounds for your games
using the background creation editors!
• Make your games main character shoot all sorts of different
weapons each with different power values!
• Define monster attack patterns and choose from the HUGE amount
of already made variations!
• Create intelligent enemies that home in on your main character!
• Add text messages to the software with hundreds of different
styles of text fonts to choose from!
• Create SUPER intelligent GIANT mid level and end of level
monsters just like the very best commercial games!
• Produce scenery that your main character reacts to: Ladders,
Ropes, Platforms, Traps, Switches etc etc!
• Define complex puzzles to make your games much more
• Make other games characters that your main character can
interact and communicate with!
• Select and define all sorts of weapons, bonuses and objects
that your main character can collect and use!
• Create characters that have to fight each other in a beat ’em’
• Produce ALL sorts of demo effects from groovy text scrollers to
on screen 3D rotation just like the very best PD demos!
• Create Educational software from a simple slideshow to a full
blown disk magazine!
• Add graphics, music and sound effects to your software with
The list is ENORMOUS!!! - Test your software in seconds to see if everything is working the way that YOU want it to! There's no need for any slow compiling or testing like certain other packages!
REALITY can be used to create many types of different software products! It's ideal for TOP notch games! Create HIGH speed shoot 'em ups, Addictive scrolling platform games, Beat 'em ups, Point and Click Graphic Adventures, HUGE Arcade games, Puzzle games, Racing games, Card games and much much more! Even create your own mind-blowing special effects demos or user friendly Educational software! Just look at the screenshots in this advertisement and see just what this system is really capable of!
Over four man years of work has gone into the development of this software! The result is: A STATE OF THE ART SOFTWARE CREATION SYSTEM!
It's versatile - It's easy to use - It’s incredibly fast It's the biggest ever breakthrough in Amiga software creation and has already been used to create twenty commercial games and a multitude of PD software!!!
If you can use an AMIGA you can use REALITY! All the hard work has been done for you! With once complicated programming routines reduced to simple mouse actions that anyone can understand! That's the hidden power of REALITY! Absolutely no knowledge of programming is required whatsoever! Reality is unique! It is a completely new way of creating software!
What you get!
The very latest version of the REALITY software construction kit which incorporates a whole batch of useful and essential utilities. These include: an Animation and Sound Studio, a Graphics toolkit, a Background creation system, Picture and Introduction creators, a FULL blown paint package. Text editing and disk utilities plus much much more! You'll also receive a fully detailed user friendly instruction guide and a handy hints and tips guide! Two further guides that will show you how to make two full blown games from scratch! Two full blown commercial games that have been created using
REALITY for you to adapt and learn from! Issue one of the REALITY USER CLUB disk magazine! Two packed disks full of sound effects, music tracks and a MASSIVE amount of graphic images that can be used in your own software! These include characters, enemies, weapons, bonuses, scenery, fonts and MUCH MUCH MORE!! You get everything you need for creating your own full blown top quality software with ease!
You'll also get FREE membership to the Reality User Club!
This will provide you with a phone helpline, a pen-pal list allowing you to contact and work with the already-MASSIVE REALITY userbase from around the globe! You will also have access to a HUGE range of software that has been created using the REALITY system and 1000's of graphic images, sound effects and music tracks which you can use in your own software! We are willing to publish any software that you create using REALITY or if you wish you can have other companies publish your work! The REALITY user club can supply you with ALL the graphics, music, sound effects and ideas that you need to
create superb software with this system. ALL the hard work has been done for you!
So what do you have to pay for this totally amazing system?
Only £29.99! This product is worth many times this price and only due to forecasted large sales, low cost advertising and direct sales to the customer are we able to offer it at this unbeatable price! By creating only one piece of software you should get your money back many many times over! How much software do you wish to create? What more can we say other than you would be absolutely crazy not to take up this very special offer! Creating software is much more interesting than using it, and REALITY is the perfect tool! Please note that the REALITY package is compatible with ALL AMIGA
computers and is hard disk installable!
Please send a cheque, Postal order, International money order to:
PHONE 01232 626694 - PRICE £29.99. UK postage £1, Overseas please add £2.
All payments must be in English Sterling! 24 hour despatch.
EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER - Order NOW and receive a FREE never been released before guide on 'HOW TO DESIGN A WINNING COMPUTER GAME' written by one of the TOP games designers in the business! Essential reading for any budding games makers!
DtWO OF &T,, reln f«llVlR«OMS‘v BayStorm - Ben Vost runs you through the exquisite crop of funky stuff that makes up AFCD10 peislstence nf MO OF PCX Pc emuvatoh [LHA iZH Archve AtM | | ' Bemove Organise your files better with Ro, one of the great utilities on this month's CD.
TolleUhr is incredibly configurable. You can even have a transparent version so it doesn't spoil your WB backdrop.
RayStorm gives you the tools to make brilliant pictures like this. But do you hq ethe fdTtent? Don't feel that you're missing out on the contents of the floppies, they're presented here for your edification.
You should refer to the instruction given for the individual items in these drawers on the floppy disk pages of AF (p.108-111). LOOK HERE 1ST!
READER PRIZES This month's reader contribution prize of £50 goes to Gareth Young for his comprehensive collection of Newlcons for our CD.
Well done Gareth!
OK. Things have changed slightly in this drawer. If you want to send us your work, you'll now need to include the file named Reader Warrant as part of your AF_Readme file. If you don't include this text in your AF ReadMe file, your work won't go on the CD. It's as simple as that.
Other than that, we have the usual AF_on the web drawer and this month we have web pages from: Red When Excited 5th Dimension Ucenceware Asimware and more.
We've also added some nice new touches to the Start Me script to enable you to have menus added to Workbench and Newlcons installed, should you wish. Lastly, from this month on, you'll also notice that the main drawers on the CD will have dashes at the start and ends of their names. This means that if you use a file manager like Dopus, you won't have to search through the filelist to find the drawer you want since all the important drawers on the CD will be listed at the top of the window.
104 FEBRUARY 1997 AMIGA FORMAT SERIOUSLY COMMERCIAL AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- commerciaI PCX Now's your chance to try out a brand new software-only PC emulator for your Amiga called PCX. Because this is only a demo there are features that have been disabled, most importantly, you can only assign 4Mb of RAM and there is no MMU support which means no Windows95. Even so, you should be able to get a feel for the product from this taster and, if you like it, order it from Blittersoft on 01908 261466 for just £49.95. Cloanto Patches AFCD10:-Seriously_Amiga- commercial Cloanto patches If you have a
copy of Personal Paint 7.0 or ColorType 3.1 you will be wanting to install these patches to your system, particularly if you are using a Draco or graphics card. Basically, the two libraries help to remove Cloanto software from the Amiga's custom chipset. Full instructions for installation and use are included.
SHAREWARE AFCD10:-Seriously_Amiga- shareware Archivers DiskSqueeze DiskSqueeze is one of those things that only ever happens on the Amiga. Someone has taken a program, improved beyond all recognition and made it easier to use. DiskSqueeze acts like DMS, compressing disks on a track by track basis, but uses LZX for its compression and decompression routines making it as much as 30% more efficient than the original DMS. The software is incredibly user-friendly and mounts rad: disks on the fly should you wish to decompress to a virtual floppy.
CyberAVI is a display program for AVI format animations - often found on Pcs. It works on any machine with either AGA or a CyberGraphx-using RTG graphics card and it can handle many different styles of AVI. It doesn't have a HAM display mode, but plays back 24-bit AVI perfectly on a graphics card.
AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- shareware Graphics gif-toolkit || If you are desperate to put animated GIFs on your website, 11 what about giving GIF Toolkit a go? You won't be able to save in the Shareware version of it, but the registration fee is very reasonable and this MUI-based program is very simple to use.
Ink AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- shareware Hardware sysspeed ITA SysSpeed is an excellent "real world" benchmarking 1 program. Not only does it perform all the usual graphic and maths tests, but it also compares the time taken to perform tasks with common Amiga packages such as ADPro or Gold Ed. You can compare your machine's performance with other machines and save the results so that other people can compare their machines to yours.
AFCD10:-Seriously_Amiga- shareware Misc LibGuide Ever wondered what all those odd libraries are in your LIBS: drawer? Are you positive you don't have some piece of software using the bas_runtime.library? Now you can find out, with this guide to nearly 1300 different Amiga libraries. It tells you what the most current version is and what software uses each individual library and comes in very handy when it's time to clean up your hard drive.
AFCD10:-Seriously_Amiga- shareware Misc GoldEd&More Gold Ed is probably the best-known Shareware text editor available for the Amiga and we have the latest release on this month's CD together with a load of plug-ins for it to allow you to edit HTML, make AmigaGuides and autodocs amongst other things.
Tion Installer Stuff AFCD10:-Seriously.Amiga- shareware Comms lnternet Misc Demon InstallerStuff To save you the effort of downloading all of Demon's AmiTCP, we have it all here, in this drawer, just for you. It's the AmiTCP setup created by Demon users (for Demon users, kids!) And updated throughout the year.
You'll find the main installer along with a couple of updates.
AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- shareware Comms lnternet Mail- related AirMail Danny Wong's MUI-based SMTP POP3 email package, AirMail, is designed to be as easy to use as possible.
Certainly more so than traditional email packages i like Elm or Pine. It also handles MIME L attachments with style and can inform you when you receive new email. It works with Miami AmiTCP 4 or higher and several % other TCP IP stacks.
AFCD10:-Seriously_Amiga- shareware Music HippoPlayer HippoPlayer Here's a gorgeous MOD player for all you musical types out there. It plays a wide range of formats and has lots of nice little add-ons like all the scopes you could ever need and compatibility with AHI, surround sound and 14-bit replaying.
AFCD10:-Seriously_Amiga- shareware Music Musiker Musiker is an automatic music creator. It makes MOD files based on a set of algorithms and instruments that you specify. Because it's MUI-based, it looks lovely and it actually makes some fairly catchy tunes. Best of all, it's Freeware, although I don't suppose the author would complain if you sent him a little something for his trouble.
AFCD10:-Seriously_Amiga- shareware Comms Non- Internet WWWBBS Demo1_2 This package is designed for sysops who want to give their users a taste of the Internet with a fully functional HTTP FTP IROSMTP POP3 server.
It has been designed using MUI to make it as easy as possible to use and its author reckons you'll have it up and running within five minutes.
Disc ten AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- shareware GFXCard CyberAVI AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- shareware Workbench CaBoom There are a lot of people that miss the little "exploding box" way that ST's and Mac's use to open and close windows. Now Amiga owners can get the same kind of effect on their machines courtesy of CaBoom.
Double clicking on the program starts it up and then all you need do is open and close some windows to see it in action.
AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- shareware Workbench TolleUhr Got an onscreen clock? Of course you have, but have you got one that's as nice-looking as TolleUhrl Probably not. It has all sorts of features including the ability to sit transparently on your screen looking like it's part of Workbench itself.
UTILITIES MGP-Ed AFCD10:-ScreenPlay- Utilities F1GP-Ed Oliver Robert's absolutely splendid editor for MicroProse's ace driving game hits a new version this month. There are a variety of updates including a preliminary 1997 season roster and an updated cockpit layout for Nigel Rowe's MacLaren.
HDInstallers AFCD10:-ScreenPlay- Utilities HDInstallers This month we have installers for the following games: Darius Lion King ProjectX Skidmarks • Speedball2 Oscar n Alien Breed 3D II save game editor VyP AFCD10:-ScreenPlay- Utilities ab2ed116 ¦J This handy tool will allow you to fiddle with various parameters on your AB3D II saved games to ensure you stay alive that little bit longer. With it you will now be able to give yourself the pick of the weapons and the peak of health.
SHAREWARE YoungDefender AFCD10:-ScreenPlay- Shareware youngdefender This slick-looking production is a new vertically scrolling shoot- 'em-up that looks like a cross between Xenon and Uridium. Collect power-ups and kill all the baddies - you know the plot.
Pairs AFCD10:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Pairs This is my recommendation for the most infuriating game of the month. You'll have to be running in DblPAL, DblNTSC or MultiScan for it to work, but it's well worth the effort. The game is simple: just match pairs of tiles until they've all gone. A relatively easy task, you may think, but there's a stringent time limit which makes it all the harder. If you manage to complete a level (no easy task, even on the first) then you are given a bonus based on the time you have left and a new level starts, this time with the pairs more jumbled up. Excellent
addictive fun.
Beastiesll AFCD10:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Beastiesll Asa Margetts has worked long and hard on his Worms clone and you can try out the fruits of his extensive labours for yourself. Make sure that you've started the Start Me script before attempting to load Beasties (unless, of course, you booted from the CD) otherwise it won't find the fonts it needs to run.
If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem. Please send the CD along with a description of the fault plus a self addressed envelope. Return postage will be paid. Ablex Audio Video Limited, Harcourt, Halesfield 14, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4QR A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and
5pm on Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341.
Email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk (put "Coverdisk" in the subject line of your message to ensure it is processed swiftly) Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
IN THE MAG Continuing with Simon Goodwin's excellent emulation feature we have some Mac utilities for use with Shapeshifter and a complete One Atmos emulator called Amoric.
Mac2ni AFCD10:-ln the Mag- emulators Mac2ni This program will take the resource fork from a Mac program and convert it into a Newlcon for use on your Amiga.
Arexx AFCD10:-ln the Mag ARexx Paul Overaa's automatic website is in this drawer, but you can better access it from any of the web browsers in the Look here 1st! Drawer.
Clean results that come from years of development.
AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- shareware Graphics d a* 3D Tomahawk LW Goodies! )y. Tomahawk.grandi.com is probably the best-known Lightwave support FTP site and we've downloaded a selection of objects, scenes, macros and plug-ins for you. Because a lot of these files exist loose on the FTP server, it will be up to you to test and ensure that they all work on your version of Lightwave.
If you are after tips and hints from people like Lee Stranahan, Alan Chan and Mojo on the best techniques for using Lightwave, then you can trawl through both Lightwave newsgroups and the mailing list for the information you need, but it's going to take you a while, even with our custom-built AmigaGuide frontend. Still, while your machine's rendering, what else would you be doing?
DISCLAIMER This Amiga Format CD-ROM has been thoroughly scanned and tested at all stages of production. We recommend that you always run a virus checker on ANY software before running it.
Future Publishing Limited cannot accept any responsibility for disruption, damage and or loss to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using this disc, the programs or the data on it.
Ensure that you have up to date backups of data contained on your hard drives before running any new software. If you do not accept these conditions do not use this disc.
AFCDIO.-Seriously Amiga- shareware Graphics 3D RayStorm This MUI-based Shareware raytracing package is pretty damned impressive. It can load Imagine and 3DStudio files, it has motion blur, procedural textures, antialiasing, a faster render engine than Imagine and depth of field rendering. Best of all, because of its modular approach, new add-ons can simply be added at later date, increasing its capabilities as time goes by.
The interface is clear and uncluttered and the package only costs 40DIVI or $ 25, ideal for money conscious would-be raytracers.
AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- commercial Reflections4.0 Reflections is Germany's most popular 3D package with over 70,000 registered users. It's also the package that Tobias Richter uses for his well-known animations and poster images. Now you can try it out for yourself.
The program is in the process of being translated to English, so you will need to understand German to some extent to get the best from this package, but if you are familiar with 3D programs. Reflections' triview approach should feel familiar.
AFCD10:-Seriously Amiga- shareware Graphics 3D POVRAY3 AFCDIO's 3D extravaganza continues with this brand new version of an old PC favourite.
Persistence of Vision, otherwise known as POVRay. This program isn't quite so easy to get into as RayStorm for example, but gives very nice SPECIAL Performance 40 times of a standard A1200. 68060 CPU with 50MHZ. Up to 32MB FastRAM, autoconf igurating, socket for 72-pin SIMM.
TURBO 1 260 50MHZ +8MB Performance 3 times of a standard A4000 040. 68040 CPU with 40MHZ. Up to 128MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating, 4 sockets for 72-pin SIMM. Specify desktop or tower version.
TURBO BOARDS Performance 10 times of a standard A600 68020 CPU clocked at 28MHZ, 68882 FPU clocked at 28MHZ, up to 8MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating.
Socket for 72-pin SIMM.
FALCON 68040RC 25MHZ MEMORY SIMMS 4MB SIMM 72-PIN 8MB SIMM 72-PIN 16MB SIMM 72-PIN 32MB SIMM 72-PIN 1 x 8 30-PIN 4x8 30-PIN £119.95 TURBO 620 Performance 4-5 times of a standard A4000 040, suitable for the A3000 and A4000. 68060 CPU with 50MHZ, up to 128Mb FastRAM, autoconfigurating, 4 sockets for 72-pin SIMM.
Specify desktop or tower version.
TURBO 4060 50MHZ The Viper 33 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-fl adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 co-processor option, instruction and data burst modes.
01234 273000 POWER COMPUTING LTD 1 S P E C I A L 1 BLIZZARD BOARDS OFFER 68030 50MHz accelerator board with up to 128MB of RAM installable.
BLIZZARD 50 BARE BLIZZARD 50 4MB BLIZZARD 50 SMB BLIZZARD 50 16MB £189.95 £209.95 £239.95 UNIT 80 SINGER WAY WOBURN ROAD IND. ESTATE KEMPSTON MK42 7PU TEL: 01234 273000 FAX:01234 352207 EMAIL: sales@powerc.
Demon.co.uk £189.95 CO-PROCESSORS FPU's complete with crystal.
State for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC 33MHZ FPU PLCC 40MHZ FPU PLCC 50MHZ FPU PLCC VIPER MKI SCSI -ADAPTOR GVP 68060 68040 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 4000 running at 50MHZ and allowing up to 128mb of use installable memory and a SCSI-2 hard disk controller.
A2000 68040 25MHZ A2000 68040 40MHZ A2000 68060 0MB RAM A4000 68060 0MB RAM 4MB GVP RAM ADD PRICES INC. VAT * SEE DPS AD FOR ORDER FORM A500 68020EC A 68020EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500 + , with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC OR PGA). This card can fit up to 4MB FastRAM and is fully auto-config. Not compatible with GVP Hard Drive.
Performance 25 times of a standard A1200. 68040 CPU with 25MHZ. Up to 32MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating, socket for 72-pin SIMM.
TURBO 1 240 25MHZ +8M6 68020EC 0MB RAM 68020EC 4MB RAM Design and create your own personalised colour fonts with the complete version of Font Machine 1.05. This month David Taylor introduces a flight simulation from Vulcan and a fruity new shoot-em-up.
Of the view angles and planes available. The first demo requires an A! 200 and shows nine F-I04s flying in formation.
The second shows two planes performing a supersonic flyby.
The third shows a plane being talked down and the fourth shows a take off. Note that although the game has adjustable viewpoints and you can use these in the playable demo, some of the rolling demos have fixed views. If at any time you want to pause a demo, press the Del button and if you want to quit press the Help button.
You’ll need a spare disk and the ('overdisk will unpack the game disk automatically. Just boot the Coverdisk and select Jet Pilot. The game disk can then be booted or if vou want to copy the game to a hard drive, Show all Files and copy them all across to a spare directory. You can then load from Workbench try doing this from floppy if you have any trouble running it.
There are actually five demo scenes on this disk. The first four aren’t playable but the fifth puts you in control. When the game has loaded, you'll be in the menu section where you can choose what to do.
Along the top are a set of buttons, (dick on Demos and you will see the five options. The first four are the rolling demos
- it’s worth checking these out first so that you get used to
some TALKDOWN The last interactive demo has you at the controls
of a F-I04G in the Belgium Air Force. You have free (light and
1500lbs of fuel (enough for about 20 mins flight time). Flight
is controlled using the mouse, but there are plenty of keyboard
commands (see boxout).
The game also features interaction with control rooms for weather updates and approach information. If you press Alt- left Amiga and then move the* pointer to the top right of the screen you will get a set of radio requests which you can send out. The computer will speak the request and then, in a few moments the response. Make sure this doesn't distract you from your flying though, because it continues real time. Try it out by asking for a weather report.
If you crash press the Help button to quit and then try again. You can get a talkdown if you use the radio correctly.
Also in the main menu you'll see an Info button which gives IIM You've got your free software and your exciting new game demos.
Now find out how to get the most out of them.
Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below.. wmmm n 21 Work HB3.I ol Systm i Shell Fornat RexxNast TOMMY GUN 1 r. fi 1 - 13 shooting at him and then keep moving to make sure that you don't get hit.
The full game is reviewed this month on page 39. It can be bought for £14.99 from Mutation Software direct. Cheques and Pos should be made payable to A R Cummings and sent to: 15 Burcote Drive Anchorage Park • Portsmouth Hampshire • P03 5UD.
Ress KLTUKN to begin copying or UKL-t tc eading cylinder 79, I to go nsert disk to copy to (DESTINATION disk) ress RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort: i - KCT HE F, LrtHO- FofcCE The first demo shows nine F-104's flying in formation.
The full game is available from Vulcan Sof tware direct. Cheques and Pos for £12.99 payable to Vulcan Software Limited should be sent to Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants, PG2 7NA There you were, a peace loving fruit when ail your other tomato chums got kidnapped my a set of evil vegetables. You strap on your machine gun and prepare to go and make some carrot cake.
This rather bizarre shoot-em-up comes from Mutation Software who brought us the Tin Toy Adventure (79% AF89).
Tommy Gun is designed as a two-player game, but this demo is one-player only. It should run on any 1Mb Amiga but you need a joystick. When the game has loaded just hit fire. Tommy will appear on the screen with the status bar on the bottom left.
The bar shows the number of lives left, energy, ammunition and the number of bombs.
When you start out, you'll have three lives, a full gun and a single bomb. The action takes place in a Supermarket and the baddies appear from behind goods, parachute in or ride by on trollies. You just have to kill as many of them as possible while the screen scrolls. From time to time the screen will stop and you will have to clear away all the baddies before continuing.
Watch out for the eyes that appear hidden in shelves!
You access to the manual. The System button contains the preferences. Not all the high detail will run smoothly on lower- end machines so use the prefs to set the- game to vour system. You O j * can also set on-screen colours to I( or 32 and the Aircraft detail and Airfield detail. If von don't want the speech, then turn it off.
KEYBOARD COMMANDS Amiga-Left: Aileron Centre function: moves and holds ailerons in a neutral position.
Ctrl: Holds controls so you can adjust mouse position.
Tab and Throttle A and Z: Airbrakes S and X: Wheel brakes and lock D and C: Trailing Edge Flaps F and Y: Leading Edge Flaps G: Undercarriage Arrow Keys: Move view angle Escape: Look up F1 F2: Look forward left right F3 F4: Look behind left right F5: Forward view F6: External view F7: Spot view F8: Track view F9: Display map F10: Switch to Control Room Along the way you'll see some of your friends locked up in cages. You need to shoot away the padlocks to free them but be careful not to shoot your friends. If you succeed in freeing one, they will give you some sort of reward - more ammo,
energy, a bomb or an extra life even. These rewards can also be found in some of the boxes around so keep your eyes peeled.
Bombs will destroy all the enemy on one screen, but be sparing.
You can throw a bomb by pressing the left Shift button. If you run out of ammo, then you will have to find some more. In the meantime you will only be able to fire a single shot every second
- a recipe for disaster.
If you make it through to the end of the level, you will face a giant lemon who will jump around firing lollipops at you. If you get hit by a lolly you'll lose a whole life in one go, so be extra careful. The best tactic is to spot where he is landing and start On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC • TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford .BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Ml ?| BnigaShell _ teu Shell process 4
I. HB3.8: dtskcopy fron dfB: to dfl: Insert disk to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device Dfl
* ress RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: Teading
cylinder 79, B to go Insert disk to copy to (DESTINATION disk)
in device DFI Press RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort:
Verifying cylinder 79, I to go
I. HB3.8: endclt Type in the following line (with a zero, not
the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct
places: DXSKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: ? | Workbench_ rs ? I
HnigaShcIl _ leu She 11 process 4
I. HB3.i: dtskcopy fron dfl: to dfl: Insert disk to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device DF8
* ress RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: ! Ml o|
IbiigaShell_ Neii She It process 4
4. UB3.fl: diskcopy fron dfl: to dfl: Insert disk to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device BFI jPress RETURN,to begin copying or
CTRL-C to abort: in device Dfl When asked for the Source disk,
insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return.
All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
A 1 Workbench I Hi ?j friigaShetl _ leu Shell process 4
4. HB3.B: dtskcopy fron df8: to df8: Boot up Li with your
Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
Fixfonts NoFastHcn intellifont M David Taylor introduces the full commercial version of the colour font creator which can quickly transform bitmaps into unique colourful typefaces.
Upgrade to version 2 of Font Machine and take advantage of our special price.
See page 112 for details.
R 1 Bntiatias Ol Original 1 01 Front 01 Brush Load Save Palette Resolution Get Font Edit Get Front Load Get Border ust a few months ago we gave you a demo version of this program on our Coverdisk (AJ:89) - now we’re giving away the complete version. This is another product from ClassX, the Italian developers who don’t stand still.
Colour bitmap fonts are an Amiga standard designed for graphics, animation and video use.
The programs which use them are often quite specialised. Packages like ClassX's own A-DVT 2.6 and MMExperience. But Font Machine can also be used with the highly popular Personal Pain I (we’ll be bringing you version 6.4 on next month's Coverdisk) and the new Art Effect.
Getting started is very easy. First install the program by booting your hard drive and then double clicking on the Install icon. The usual Commodore Installer will take you through where you want to put the program and set up the necessary assign. Then, simply load the program from the destination.
SPLIT SCREENS When the program loads, you’ll see that the interlace is split across two screens. The first occupies the bottom third of the visible area and the second sits behind it. The former is the part that you control while the results of your project are shown in a set of windows in the one behind.
The first thing you need to do is select a base font from which vou will model your colour font.
The program will read all the bitmap fonts from your fonts directory and you can use any of these.
If vou want to create vour own font to use as a base.
then use a bitmap font creator - a program like TypeSnuth for example, which featured on the AF87 Coverdisk.
Click on the Select icon for the Font from the bottom left of the screen. A requester will appear with the fonts in it, and you just have to select one.
If vou need an idea of how the bare font looks, von ' can see it in the bottom of the requester. Click once on a font to see the preview. When you have chosen a font, accept it by die king on OK, A new window will appear in the second screen showing the preview. At the moment it will look like a normal bitmap font, but we can change that in a matter of seconds.
EFFECTS AND COLOURS You can now start adding effects and colours. Tryout the 3D feature which will make the font appear as if it has depth. Simply adjust the number of pixel effects that will be added in the 3D section in the top left. Then choose a direction the effect will go in - this gives you an idea of perspective so you can choose which “angle" you are viewing the font from. Then choose a colour for the side of die font, by selecting one from the palette requester in the second screen and clicking in the left hand box on the lop line of the 3D section. Choose a colour for the
top boLtorn of the font by doing the same to the right hand box. Now to apply the whole effect, simply click iri the 3D tick box and it will add all of this to the font preview.
You’ve just created a new font. If you don't like the colours or the angle or the amount of effect, you can adjust these in the 3D section and the font will be updated automatically. In fact, if you want to see how each part affects the font, click on the tick box before doing anvthing. When vou have the 0 0 font you want, you can render it and save it by clicking on the Font save button. It will be saved as a subset of the colour version of the bare font you chose. On the far right of the interface is the Project Toad Save and Pi els buttons. These allow you to adjust and save projects, not
fonts. These projects can then be loaded in and applied to any font, so you can make the exact same changes to any font you want if you need to build up a coherent style fora project.
TEXTURE MAPPING The Bevel and Shadow effects work in exactly the same wav and vou can use am combination of the three. On top of these simple effects is the powerful texture mapping feature. You can add one of three types of texture to both the front of the font and the border. (A border is placed around the original base font, before any effects like 3D are added.)
On the right of the screen, you’ll see a rolling requester which allows three choices, solid, mapped and solid mapped. The first is without any texture, die second with and die third allows solid colour to show through any transparencies. Underneath this are two more slider bars and tick boxes. These determine if a border is added and by how much and the same fora border texture.
You can also choose to anlialias the font here to ensure it is as smooth as possible.
TEXTURE If you decide to add a texture, then vou ' need to click the tick box and choose what sort of texture you are going to add. The most popular is likely to be bitmap (an IFF picture). Choose whether you’re going to add it to the front or border using the rolling requester on the left of the Texture section. Then choose the bitmap option from the rolling requester next to it. Then load the texture - vou can view it by clicking on the Show icon.
When you've chosen a texture it will be added to the font and fixed there. If you want to get rid of it, you can use the Free icon. If you want to change a texture, then you need to free it first.
Apart from the picture texture, you can also choose patterns or plasma. The patterns are entered using the Texture load button and the plasma effect is done in a similar manner.
Should you want to adjust the palette you can grab the palette from any texture and you can increase or reduce the number of colours in the Palette resolution.
There are other features and tric ks that can he done with the program and you’ll get to grips with these as you start to use the program. Font Machine is incredibly easy to use and you shouldn't have any trouble in creating unique typefaces for your projects.
If you Find the program useful, then you’ll be glad to know that the recently released version 2 is faster and has even more features, ft can be obtained by using the special order form on page 112. 5 urrtwned 320x200 (0J5 MB}_ loots Icq a * 100% umanwd X a a 0 * 5 I-!
» • i j A £ A ft S TTT S B H £ p Test jtkxmak) Mode £jQpacaty Text Mafrne Font |Bfl cwnC 112 H Style |Flan Botd| lumfetiOfel SPITZE 3 SPITZE 5 PITZE ?
SPITZE 7SP1TZE S SPITZE ZW-.Hk** Art Effect is another package which uses the fonts without any problems and to great effect.
When the font palette from the Colour menu has been loaded into Persons I Psint, it appears correctly.
ADDITIONAL FILES Text There are also a couple of other files on this disk. These do not require a hard drive and although you can install them to a hard drive, you can also install them to a floppy disk if you have a second disk drive. Boot your Workbench disk then simply place the Coverdisk in df1: and a blank disk in dfO: and then use the Install floppy icon.
Firstly there's WebView, which is a program that can display HTML WWW pages without the need for a browser. It is a very simple viewer and can't use GIFs, but it can display IFFs (rename IFFs as GIFs of the original picture filename). The links work within files and it's been included because there is also a cut down site from Paul Overaa which ties in with his web site management tutorial on page 84. Now all readers can use the site from the disk.
The final little program is a soft SCSI update for Blizzard board users who have the SCSI module. It allows the soft loading of new ROMs to sort out the problems of removable drives. This is a technical program and users should read the documentation thoroughly before trying to use it. As it is a CLI only program, there are no icons and the text files will have to be loaded manually.
Workbench3.0: fonts AvantGarde Balloon BalloonC BaselCB BeaverRed(8) Becker Ned iumHedium BellBottom Benguiat Font: BalloonC Personal Paint can load the fonts, but you have to be careful of palette clashes and may need to take them directly from your Font.
There is no doubt that Font Machine is a brilliant program.
Dave Taylor Amiga Shopper NEW FEATURES
• Emboss operator
• Palette optimiser
• Full Arexx interface
• Better user interface more suited to interlaced screens
• Automatic attributes remap on palette changes
• Random mapping mode
• Palette customisation; build your own colour spreads
• Ready-to-use pattern presets
• Automatic ColorFonts remap
• ColourFont's palette optimisation
• Ability to save a subset of the font
• Close gadgets on font and texture windows
• Enhancements in the GUI code
• Automatic font redraw now works with AmigaOS2.xx
• Speed: font redraw is about 5 times faster than v1.xx
• Antialiasing: faster and more accurate & Upgrade to the latest
version of Font Machine for just £39.99 Call our order hotline
on 01225 822511 quoting reference number: AMFFM2 n SOUNDSTIJDIO
VI ii uni llllllll J ] Special New Year Offer from Software
From now until the end of February 1997 you can purchase the
fantastic 64 channel, mix mode OctaMED Soundstudio at a MOT TO
BE MISSED price.
Choose either the CD-ROM or floppy disk version for only !18.0 plus p+p.
Printed Manual £7.0( (A must if ordering the floppy disk version) Please add the following post packaging: UK £1.00, EC £2.00 R.O.W £3.00 RBF Software regret that they cannot accept credit card orders.
Payment can be made by cheque postal order international postal order giro cashiers check.
Payable to: RBF Software, 169, Dale Valley Road, Southampton S016 6QX First 12 orders received at above address will receive a FREE Aminet CD If you wish to order the CD-ROM (only) using your Credit Card please phone our distributor Weird Science in 0116 234 0682 today.
* ?•1
111. )
• *: .
R [ Q- ?
£ 2 ps ? ?
¦ ? ?
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Are you thinking of UPGRADING £99.95 £289.95 your amiga [FLOPPY DRIVES] XL 1.76MB DRIVE The award winning XL
1. 76MB drive allows you to store 1.76MB on a high density disk.
3. 5MB SUPER XL DRIVE £129.95
1. 76MB XL DRIVE A4000 £75 PC880B EXT. DRIVE £49.95 PC880E EXT.
DRIVE £39.95 PC881 A500 INT.
£29.95 PC882 A2000 INT.
133MHZ (EIDE) £1189.00 CYRIX 150MHZ (EIDE) £1209.00 CYRIX
166MHZ (EIDE) £1259.00 PENTIUM 133MHZ(EIDE) £1279.00 PENTIUM
150MHZ(EIDE) £1339.00 PENTIUM 166MHZ(EIDE) £1439.00 The Power
CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA
port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 interface,
allowing up to six additional devices to be connected. What's
more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot- Plug' which allows you
to connect and disconnect the CD- ROM and any other additional
devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD, CD32 Emulator, MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD.
A600 1200 x4 SPEED A4000 X4 SPEED EXT.
A4000 SCSI INTERFACE £129.95 SCSI CABLE £10 VIDEO BACKUP 3 Backup to 520MB onto a 4hr VHS tape. Version 3 has new backup modes for Amiga's with a 68020 or higher CPU.
VIDEO BACKUP SCART VIDEO BACKUP PHONO £29.95 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 £20 Pentium ¦processor Cyrix CREATIVE MEMORY PC1208 MEMORY A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
CREATIVE LABS YAMAHA motion HARD DRIVES 1 GIGABYTE IDE £219.95 FOR OTHER SIZES PLEASE CALL JAZ 1GB REMOVABLE DRIVE The iomega Jaz drive is a fast reliable portable storage unit . It reads and writes to cheap and robust 1GB cartridges and is only the size of a small book. Includes Squirrel interface, tools, cables and one 1GB cartridge.
JAZ 1GB DRIVE + CART £499.95 ZIP DRIVE (Inc. Cables, Zip tools) ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI* £149.95 ZIP DRIVE INC. SQUIRREL£189.95 100MB DISKETTE £19.95 ‘REQUIRES SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE A500 M-TEC HD External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable to 4MB RAM PC1208 BARE PC1208 4MB PC 1208 8MB £55.95 £84.95 £114.95 EZ135 DRIVE £159.95 FREE WITH POWER CD MEGACHIP RAM Increase your Amiga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 2MB. MegaChip does this by using its own 2MB RAM and also now includes a 2MB Fat Agnus. No soldering is required MEGACHIP RAM 2MB MINI
MEGACHIP 1MB £99.95 MEMORY SIMMS 1MB 30-PIN £15.95 4MB 30-PIN £39.95 4MB 72-PIN £19.95 8MB 72-PIN £39.95 16MB 72-PIN £99.95 32MB 72-PIN £199.95 A500 MEMORY A500 512K WITHOUT CLOCK£19.95 A500 512K WITH CLOCK £29.95 A500 2MB TRAPDOOR RAM £89.95 A500+ 1 MB £29.95 A600 MEMORY A600 1MB WITHOUT CLOCK £29.95 A600 1 MB WITH CLOCK £39.95 Diggers Oscar Chaos Engine Personal Write Font Maker [PRESTIGE PC SCSI, 1 .PRESTIGE PC EIDE] TOWER CASE (MIDI) i-W!LL ULTRA WIDE 512K CACHE CYRIX CPU 16MB SIMM 8X CD-ROM DRIVE 2GB HARD DRIVE - SCSI
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Fire SCSI-II controller card. Install up to 8MB onboard. For
the A2000, A3000 and A4000.
RAPID FIRE SCSI-II £139.95 SX-32 SX-32 SX-32 is an internal add-on card for your CD32 and features: VGA port, RGB port, parallel port, serial port, external disk drive port
(1. 76MB), clock, controller for 2.5" hard disk, and a SIMM
socket (up to 8MB). Turn your CD-32 into a A1200.
SX-32 CARD CD32 32-bit and CD-ROM £99.95 M-TEC AT500 BARE PLEASE CALL FOR HD SIZES REQUIRES 30-PIN SIMMS £99.95 :LOPPY EXPANDER save 1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in zonjunction with the XL Drive
£1899.00 PENTIUM 150MHZ (SCSI) £1999.00 PENTIUM 166MHZ (SCSI)
£2099.00 PENTIUM 133MHZ(EIDE) £1599.00 PENTIUM 150MHZ(EIDE)
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POWER SCAN 4 BA V POWER SCAN 4 COLOUR £169.95 OCR (PURCHASE WITH SCANNER)£20 OCR SOFTWARE £49.95 POWER SCAN 4 SOFTWARE £20 PC INTERFACE + COL S W £29.95 PC INTERFACE + BA V SAA £19.95 EPSON FLATBED SCANNERS 24-Bit A4 flatbed scanners, complete with software, cables and manual.
EPSON GT-5000 £399.95 24-BIT INC. POWERSCAN S W EPSON GT-8500 24-BIT INC. POWERSCAN SA V EPSON GT-9000 £729.95 24-BIT INC. POWERSCAN S W FLATBED SCANNER SOFTWARE Works with all Epson flatbed scanners.
POWER FLATBED S W £59.95 FLICKER FIXER ScanDoubler II is a full 24-bit AGA flicker fixer which automat- ically de-interlaces all AGA screen modes and scan doubles non-interlaced PAL NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors to display them.
GRAPHICS SCANNERS SCAN DOUBLER II GENIUS TABLET High resolution pen and cursor controlled graphic tablet, including cables and software. Power Template software includes templates for Dpaint V, Dpaint IV AGA, Ppaint 6.4. What's more you can create your own templates using this software (for any 2.0 3.1 compliant software). When using the cursor it will emulate a 3 buttoned mouse.
SIZES HI-SOFT PRODUCTS SQUIRREL SCSI AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND £29.95 SURF SQUIRREL Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSI performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. Surf Squirrel is the ideal expansion peripheral for your Amiga 1200.
Please call for more information.
SQUIRREL MPEG Squirrel MPEG allows you to play VideoCD and CDI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG brings high quality digitally mastered images and 16- bit stereo sound to you and your Amiga.
GVP GURU ROM V6 A SCSI driver for all Series II host adaptors and accelerator cards for all Amiga computers. Please call for further information. For GVP only.
10 EXTENDER Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port.
PLEASE CALL AMIGA MOUSE AND MAT Official Amiga mouse and mat.
AMIGA MOUSE + MAT £12.95 CHIPS 8 SPARES DBISCAN 4000 AMIGA MOUSE Flicker Fixer for the Amiga 4000 DBISCAN 4000 £189.95 PHONE ORDERS We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to POWER COMPUTING LTD and specify which delivery is required.
WARRANTY All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers.
MAIL ORDER PRICES All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
EXPORT ORDERS Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome.
MAIL ORDER TERMS All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
All trademarks are acknowledged. All orders in writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES 256 AGA COLOURS 3D RAYTRACED GRAPHICS 360° FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE 20 AWESOME LEVELS MULTIPLE WEAPON SYSTEMS REALISTIC LIGHTING EFFECTS ATMOSPHERIC SOUND & MUSIC HD INSTALLABLE AVAILABLE FOR THE A1200 4000 BREATHLESS (A1200) £24.95 “At the moment there’s nothing like it. This game plays as well as it looks” 92% cu amiga magazine j “Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before.” amiga format magazine ) TERMS ADDRESS NAME DELIVERY: 2-3 DAYS £2.50 NEXT DAY £5 SATURDAY £10 MIN DELIVERY £2.50 POSTCODE TEL. NO . DESCRIPTION
TOTAL (INC. DELIVERY) £ EXPIRY DATE ...... ... UNIT 82A SINGER WAY KEMPSTON MK42 7PU TEL 01234 851500 FAX 01234 855400 ... CREDIT CARD NO. .
ISSUE NO ...... SIGNATURE ..... SYSTEM Locomotive o V 1 | 1 3 r 7 „, | JL*. I , y* 4 %- ¦ } ' I V" | Loconoti ye Locus Locust Locust tree Lode Lod i Loess Lofoten and Oesteralen Log Loganberry Logic Logical positiuisn Log i c gate Logo R loconot iue is an engine for hauling railway trains. In 1804 Richard Trevithick built the first stean engine to run on rails.
Loconot iye design did not radically inproue until British engineer George Stephenson built the Rock‘et 1829, which featured a nultitube boiler and blastpipe, standard in all following stean loconotlyes. Today nost if MUM IB mi The new Epic Interactive Encyclopedia ‘97™ includes over 16,000 articles, 4,000 images, 200 sound clips, 200 film-clips, 3 search engines, oyer 1,000,000 words, National anthems, the ability to create your own articles, export any text images, guided tour, Kid’s Explorapedia™ and more. The 1996 version received ratings of 90% and 92% from Amiga magazines all around the
world. The new 1997 version has been updated and contains around four times the amount of information and data than predecessor.
Has lo be said that the graphics set new precedents in Amiga multimedia presentation”. Amiga Format “This CD certainly puts Grolier among others, to shame!” Amiga Computing “Having just purchased your marvellous CD-ROM, 1 felt that I must drop a line just to say a big Thankyou to everyone involved in the production of such a useful program”. K. Hall Order your copy now on VJVU 1J1 tOU free 0500 131 486 Also available from: Weird Science 0116 234 0682 - First Computer Centre 0113 2319 444 - Power Computing 01234 273 000 HiSoft 0500 223 660 - Sadeness Software 01263 722 169 - Capri CD
Distribution 01628 891 022 Siren Software 0500 340 548 - Megatronix 01384 771 72 - DJ Software 0121 382 7227 - PD Soft 01702 306060 (iasteiner 0181 345 6000 - Direct Software UK 01623 759 498 - Epic (Austrailia) (02) 9 5209606 Minimum system requirements: AGA Amiga (A1200 A4000) 4mb ram - 6mb recommended, Hard drive, and CD-ROM drive. E&OE 1 All prices include VAT ? All prices & specifications subject to change without notice ? Fixed charge for repair does not include disk drive keyboard ? We reserve the right to refuse any repair ? P&P charges £3-50 by Royal Mail or £7 05 for courier ? Please
allow 5 working days for cheque clearance ? All sales repairs are only as per our terms and conditions, copy available on request.

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