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ProGrab™ - Voted as The Best Video Hardware product for the Amiga. This is especially pleasing because the award comes from the Amiga Shopper magazine's readers... Our Satisfied Customers! Camcorder User commented... ’If you're looking for a high resolution 24 bit digitiser then, at this price, ProGrab 24RT represents great value for money." WHAT THE MAGAZINES SAY. The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, il also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame m grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same y time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ if has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too! I And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a I simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time. _ STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours. STAGE 2... ml With ProGrab's software, select an image you » L wish to capture using the on screen preview L vl, window and Grab (because the hardware grabs U f frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze mm * frame facility on the source device!). H Once grabbed, simply download j and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab alsc i yfi includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from TV or satellite sources. M STAGE 3... I Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word ; processor, DTP or graphics package. ProGrab really does make it that simple! ProGrab is just £129.95... ProTel™ Terrestrial Satellite Teletext Decoder Stand atone unit for grabbing Teletext info (woks independently of ProGrab™ and has a much faster downloadrate). Once the information has been -downloaded, ProTel™ allows you to view pages instantly - no more waiting whilst your TV finds the correct page! Files can be exported as ASCII Text for use in a WP or saved as IFF Graphics for use in your DP presentations. You don't need a Teletext TV Video for ProTel™ - the signal can be received through a standard VCR! £44 QS ProGrab 24RT Plus Supports all recent Amigas and isalso fully AGA Chipset compatible. You can render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution including HAM8 mode (Amiga RAM permitting).

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Document sans nom THE WORLD’S BIGGEST-SELLING A MAGAZINE STILL ONLY ¦ MARCH 1997 ¦ ISSUE 95 Hfl 22.95 ¦ US $ 14.95 POW Upgrade for Over 5 D ways your Amiga's Does Newtek's package still COVERDISC AFCD11 TURBOCALC 2.1iFULL PROGRAI Organise your bank balance or schedule your studies with this high rawered tool worth £39.99!
TINY TROOPS DEMO Declare waran the Klutes!
DATATYPES Every arailable datatype on this CD BURNOUT DEMO You've read the review now try the game for yourself!
ALIEN BREED 3D II ¦ sou LIGHTWAVE 5 PATCH :e sure your copy runs smoothly Burnout, let Pilot, S. & Tiny Troops - reviewed inside ...and more more more 9 771363 006008 «") (01702) 306060 PDSoft 303061 uSU.-lS J JvffS 217 - 219HamstelRd - Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SS24LB bam*: C| SaleS.pdSOll@Oableinet.OO.Uk Choose a free CD with every 25 you spend.
L m m ¦ Spend 25 and choose 1 free CD iof* HTTP: WWW. PdSOTt.COm Office & Retail Outlet open Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 7pm • Tel (01702) 306060 & 306061 - Fax (01702) 300115 Please add 1.00 per title for UK P&P & 2.00 for oversea's Airmail - Order via email & get 10% off your orders total.
Check your Web pages (updated every day) for special ofers and new releases. Special offers running every day.
Wt ecre ilj.
£ II - J Vf CL v Choose a free CD with every 25 yoa spend.
Spend 25 and choose 1 free CD Spend 50 and choose 2 free CD Spend 75 and choose 3 free CD's etc Web Page: inexpensive upgrade-path) aswell as a couple ol commercial games.
4 gigabytes of software in 12,000 archives. Whether you like applications, | games, communications or programming, the Set gives you all you need.
AMINET SET 2 CODE: CD220 PRICE: £24.99 AMINET SET 3 CODE: CD332 PRICE: £29.99 FLASH ROM • MULTI PACKAGE KLONDIKE GOLD SET 1 f K£ *!C«j Aminet Set 3 is also featuring 900 30 objects, 240 textures and 459 mods, which wil not appear on the regular Aminet CO-ROM series.
CODE: CD400 - PRICE: £29.99 - ALL AMIGA’S CODE: CD311 - PRICE: £14.99 - ANY AGA AMIGA
• %* Easy to use index files and search facilities make
accessing it a pleasure.
Aminet is the worlds largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software.
Up to 10,000 users access the vast archives everyday, and countless programmers release their software directly on Aminet NEW LOWER PRICE Aminet Set 3 consists of approximately 4 | gigabytes of softwar in 9,000 archives.
Since the release of Aminet 12 more than | 1200 archives (400mb) of new software have appeared.
Tors listed below.
The AMIGA FLASH ROM contains all the latest Emulators tor the Amiga Computer range.
Ocean Orient Pacific Pam Pamela Pamela II Panorama Panoramic Patricia Ford Perihelion Pet Shop Boys Pet Shop Boys Ima Photo CD Pierced Pinocchio Pinupsl Places Playboy Playboy 2 Pleasure Pooches Popeye and Son Prehistoric Premier League 95 Pretty PrettyBabes Prince Prince 2 Pulp PulpFiction Pussies Ranma Raytrace Reboot Cards 1 RecordCovers Red Dwarf 1-3 Red Dwarf 4-6 Res-dogs Reservoir RippinYams Rocko Roses 2 Rosie Jim Rufus Safari Sailor Samples Sandman Scenic Seasons Sex Sf 2 Sharon Stone Simpsons, 2 3, 4 & 5 Sorayama Sorayamahajime Space Speccy 2,3, 4 , 5 & 6 Speccy Covers 2,3 &4
Spiderman Speed Sseymour Stargate StarTrek 2 Starwars StarWars Galaxy Star Trek I Star Trek NG Strange Street Fighter II Sunshine Swimsuit Sword In The Stone Teri Hatcher Texture The Mask The Sky They Live The PageMaster The Wizard Of Oz Th underbirds Time Cop Toonies 2 Toonies 3 Toonies Trains Trap Door Travel 2 Trek Cards True Lies Vallejo Vanessa Paradis Vehicles Venuscards Vietnam Views Visions VT Dupcie
W. W.F Wallace Wild 2 Wilderness Wildlife Woman Woman Body
Bulider World Atlas World Wide X-Flles xdos X-Files 2 xmas
Xmen cards Contains: Utilities 120Mb 1,000, Documents 270Mb
870, Text 40Mb 210, Business 75Mb 170, Pics & Anim 630Mb I
2,000, Graphics 170Mb 430, Misc 150Mb I 270, Demo 630Mb 2,000,
Games 250Mb 530, Dev 110Mb 340, Disk 10Mb, Hardware 5Mb,
Comm 150Mb, Music 30Mb.
The Card Games cd features over 300 sets for Klondike cards.
S DSN Dungeon Elle Elle2 Empire-Strikes • Back Erika Erotica Eva Herzigova Everton Everton2 Extasy F1 GP Faces FacesToo Females FiremanS FISH Flash Gordon FlintStones Flowers Fractal Fractasm Freaked Gremlins GreyHawk Guardian Guyver Hajimeboris Harley Davidson 2 Heaven Helena Christensen 1 Helena Christensen 2 HellRaiser Heroine HiredGirls Hitch Hikers Hole Holiday Horses Illustrated Birds Illustrated Bugs Illustrated Dogs Illustrated Fish Illustrated Mamaisl illustrated Mamals2 Illustrated Reptiles Imagine Iron Maiden I Yabba Dabba Doo Jap Animimation Jedi Jennifer Aniston Kathy Kewl Kylie
Landscape Lion King 1 Lion King 2 Lion King 3 Magicround Mammals MANGA.girl Manga Maniax2 MG-CAR MINOGUE Miscart Monroe NASA NBA Newroses NiceBums Nightmare Niki Taylor 1 Niki Taylor 2 Normal A64 Package v2.01 - Full version ready to run from the cd.
Magic 64 ready to run from the cd.
Frodo and many others have been provided on the disc.
I Aminet is the worlds largest collection of ¦freely distributable Amiga software. Up 1 to 20,000 users access the vast archives I everyday and countless programmers ’ j their software directly on Aminet Welcome to the would of emulators!.
We have supplied all the detailed of the web pages where the latest versions can be found.
16CC64 | 3d Render Achilleos AD&D Air Brush Airwar Modem Airwar WW2 Album Covers Amiga Art Anime Anna Anna Nicole Applegate Amie Art Cards Astsrix I Aviation Babylon 5 Bathing Beauties 1 Batman Phantasm Batman Batman and Robin Batman Anim 1 Beauty Beavis Betty Page Big Cats Big Baps 1 Bike & Car Bikini 1 Bikini 2 Bill Grapham Birds Birds 1 Birds 2 Black Adder 1, 2, 3,4 Boats'n’ Water Body Beautiful Body Perfect BodyShop 1 Bodyshop 2 Bodyshop 3 Braindead Buildings Busen I Cameron Diaz I Cars Card Cartoon I Castles Christina Applegate Cindyl Cindy3 Cindycard2 Classic Cars Classic Claudia 1
Claudia 2 Claudia 3 Computers Count Duckula CPC464 Games 1 Day Today Disney DOGS Doomll Dragonlance • DragonsLalr AGA | DreamGirls DreamGirlsll Dreams Dreams2 Dr Who Dr_Who Movie Dr Who Adventure Less than four years after it’s interception, Aminet now holds the equivalent of 7,000 floppy disks.
Contains Utilities (95Mb), Documents (79Mb), "ext Software (408Mb), Disk HD Tools (12Mb). Hardware Related (7Mb), Pictures & Anims (756Mb), Graphical (208Mb), Graphics & Sound Demos (394Mb). Games (563Mb), Miscellaneous I (64Mb), Music Modules (685Mb), Music Software (128Mb), Communications (131Mb), Development Software (91Mb), Business Software (88Mb).
I More than 4 years after its inception, I Aminet now holds the equihriient of 9,000 I floppy disks.
• Nostalgia is a very special thing you cant help loving the
classic games (oh, how nice was my good old ???...) Aminet Set
2 offers you everything that was added to the archive since
Aminet Set 1 was made, plus 300 electronic books from Project
I Aminet 3 offers you everything that was I added since Aminet Set 2 was made plus I full versions of Imagine 4.0, XIPaint 3.2, lOctamed 5 (each lull version offers an
- Now with the Amiga Flash Rom you get better performance
compared to the original classic cdrom disks, Speccy 96, CMB
Volume 2 and Emulators unlimted.
Atari SteM Package v0.99 (This software has NO commercial copyright)
* Eighth source code only a TOS 1.02 image file is necessary.
(You must create TOS.IMG).
* bug removed: BIOS bconin(2) always returned 39 13 but still
disables Alt .
* Windows Support
* Full numpad support, "pipe" key addec
* RTC uses In-built time
* Some code is still absolute but optimized Aminet Set 2
consists of approximately
- Better environment to develop programs bnow comes with comple
workbench support MUI and AmigaGuide) make finding and
executing of software packages straight from the cd a snap.
Edition has a special focus on animation's, 143 MPEG animation’s were included.
- Playing games was never so easy.
With Meeting Pearls, no archives need to | be unpacked, all programs can be started from workbench. For the first time, protection bits, which used to get discarded during CD - ROM production, are preserved. And as was the case with earlier volumes, access tools have been improved noticeably.
Includes: 16MB of Business Software 48MB of Communications 124MB ol Graphics and Sound demos 28MB of Bevelopment Software 5MB of Disk and HD tools 30MB of Documents 43MB of Games 18MB of Graphics Software 79MB of Music Modules 14MB of Music Software 495MB ol Pictures 28MB of Utilities.
- Work (yes, a every emulator is more than enough for simple text
Amiga Technologie's certainly knew why they chose the meeting pearls 3 to be included with their Q-drive.
Aminet is the worlds largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software.
Up to 10,000 users access the vast archives daily, and countless programmers publish initially via Aminet AMIGA EMULATOR + SOFTWARE, GAMES. UTILS & DEMOS.
Everyone who knows the Meeting Pearls series will confirm that It offers highest quality at the lowest possible price - and this hasn't changed with volume 4.
CPCEMU emulates a Amstrad CPC 464, 664 or 6128 with many extensions. To say It with other words, the program imitates the behaviour of the older Amstrad computers on your new PC.
- nostalgia (oh, how nice was my good old CPC...) - better
performance compared to the original. - better environment
to develop programs. -playing games - work (yes, a CPC is
enough for simple text processing) There is probably no other
Amiga CD that can be configured according to one’s personal
preferences in so many aspects - but fortunately doesn't
require the user to do so.
Only three years after its inception, Aminet now holds the equivalent of more than 9,500 floppy disks of software.
The Flash ROM contains the Amiga Emultor. Hundreds of Amiga games, demos, and utilities all for use on any high spec pc compatible multi media computer.
This time, too, only high-quality and well-tested software pearls have found their way onto his crammed full cd.
Aminet CD 15 contains more than 1 gigabyte (uncompressed) of software in thousands of archives.
Aminet 1i will be out by the time you read this. Order not for only 12.99. The Ultimate way to use the wealth of software available for the Amiga computer.
A clever system has been devised to protect the lovers ol Amiga games from many undesired crashes.
Pre order Aminet 17 for only 11,99 Since the release of Aminet 14 more than 500MB has appeared. The current UAE vO.71 - Here it is fols the latest release of the Useable Amiga Emulator, Turns your Pentium into an Amiga A500.
Several different search tools (based on MAC SENSATIONS Vol.1 + UTILS & DEMOS.
- IQIIers
- CU
- Packers - Dopus
- Lockers "Z ifK1 CODE: CD234 PRICE: £7.99 EDUCATION
- Nids
- Learning - Misc GAMES We listened to your comments about
- Racing
- Arcade Zoom release 1. You wanted ease-of-use,
- Misc
- Think You wanted instant access, yet allowing
- Platform
- Multiplayer the ability to install to hard drive.
- Shoot
- Beat
- Board
- DoomClones Top tools, graphic utilities, music utilities,
disk utilities, biankers, lockers, BUSINESS packers, comms
stuff, games, sound
- Misc
- Accounts samples, slideshows, music modules,
- Spreadsheets educational related, business software
- WP
- Database and much more. This CD has a particular emphasis on
productivity software.
PROGRAMMING There is also a 25MB Magic WB drawer
- Amos
- Amiga containing icons, backdrops, brushes
- Blitz
- Basic ETC
- AitrigaE
- AnigaC
- Assembly MUSIC
- samples - music utilities GRAPH CS
- modules
- Icons
- Video
- Raytracing
- Convertors UTILITIES
- Misc
- Clipart
- Printer - Misc - Datatypes
- Comms - Monitors - Emulator’s MAGICWB
- News - BBS - Misc
- Brushes
- Drawers
- Email - IRC -FTP
- Icons
- Backdrops
- WWW - Disk - CD-Rom
- Program
- Misc - Satv - DiskCache
- Backup - Copier - DiskOptim | - Blankers- Workbench - Virus
(18) £14.99 CD072 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 4,000 Images In gif format.
NEW - PRIVATE LINES (18)£19.99 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 1,700 Images in git format FULLY BBS READY. MUST BE OVER 18. GIF VIEWER REQUIRED There are various versions of the emulator included on the CD for PC, Unix and Linux. Sorce code has also been porovided (where pos) and all www page address are listed so you can get the latest version from the net Executor Apple Mac emulator is easy enough to install and use that you really don’t need to read the documentation.
Use apple Mac disks, scsi hardware etc. COLECOVISION + GAMES, & WINDOWS EMUALTORS Updated info and Cds will also be coming out to mail order users you want to be kepted informed.
(18) £17.99 CD206 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 4,000 Images in gif format
NEW - DIGITAL DREAMS 2 (18) £19.99 (PC & AMIGA DISC) -1,700 Images in gif format FULLY BBS READY.
ColEm for Win32 vO.1.2 and the dos versions have been encluded. ColEm is a non-profit emulator created for those individuals who were and still are fans of the Coleco gaming era and who wish to play thier Coleco Vision games on todays operatmg systems.
Games - Theres apx 5,000+ spectrum games included for you to use with the emulators listed below.
(18) £17.99 CO new (PC & AMIGA DISC) - PICTUES IN 3D in amiga
3E19.99 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 1,000+ Images in gif format.
DRAGON 32 + GAMES. & EMUALTORS KGB Spectrum Emulator - By T.
ZXAM v2.0b - By Toni Pomar.
ZX-Spectrum Emultor V4.71 - By J Kwast Sinclair ZX Emulator v1.7 - By P McGavin.
PC-ORAGON EMULATOR V1.02 by PAUL BURGIN - A Dragon or Tandy Color Computer II emulator for IBM PC's and compatibles. This program allows you tc use your Dragon or Tandy CoCo games and applications software without the need to clutter up your desk with more than one computer.
NEW - ADULT SENSATIONS 4 £17.99 CD new (PC & AMIGA DISC) - animations in amiga format WITH GAMES, ANIMATIONS, ETC. MUST BE OVER 18.
(21) £19.99 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - XXX Images in gif format FULLY
SENSATIONS (18) £17.99 CD230 (PC & AMIGA DISC) - 2,000
Games - Theres apx 500+ c64 games included for you to use with the emula- I I ___I INTER OFFICE Only £19.99 inc Comes with Inter Word 2.0, Inter Spread 2.0 , Interbase
2. 0 and Inter talk 2.0 InterO . „ * , I 1- 1 INTER BASE 2
Onlv £9.99 inc Base- § Retains all of the power of Its
predecessor, presented via a greatly Improved user interface.
The programs workbench 2 3 styling Is a pleasure to use, even
on older 1.2 1 3 Amlgas.
SABRE TEAM £3.00 A gripping and engaging game... strong stategy element combines with arcade qction to produce a real winner. This is a high-1 ly enjoyable and better than many other stategy available.
“ INTER WORD Onlyi 9.99 inc CHESS SYSTEM | £12.00 Ten years In the making - unique Intelligent beta- search strategy that emulates human creativity -1 brute force aplha search but brand new development in computer chess.
INTER TALK VALHALLA £14.99 In this prequel to the Block | buster ‘Valhalla and The Lord of Infinity’ you play Infinity's mentor on his quest of hatred In which murder Is the ultimate goal.
Word Only £9.99 inc Top Into the whole new world of this versatile com-| muncations programs.
Phone your favourite online services!.
Is easy to use and Its standardised interface even let you exchange data can be imported from Interbase, and Interspread.
= I I £ = r WORMS £9.99 Wf' GLOOM GLOOM LEGENDS £12.99 GUARDIAN £7.99 ROADKILL £7.99 LEGENDS £17.99 SUPER SIDMARKS I DATA DISK £6.991 FEARS £8.99 XTREME RACING £8.99 SUPER SKID MARKS £12.99 GLOOM DELUXE £7.99 GLOOM DELUXE £7.99 CAPT1AL PUN- IISHMENT £23.99 I ZEE WOLF 2 £4.99 TURBO TRAX £7.99 RAIVI CHIPS 72ED0 I SINGLE PAIR 4PACK 4MB £25 £48 £94 8MB £48 £94 £175 16MB £120 £210 £375 72PIN SINGLE PAIR 4PACK 4MB £25 £48 £94 8MB £48 £94 £175 16MB £120 £210 £375 Next day delivery charged at 3.50 per order IGRX SENSATIONS | CD105 £8.99 PROF. FONTS & CLIPART VOL.1 CD028 - £4.99 AMOS PD 2 CD033
£14.99 UPD GOLD CD168 £17.99 ASSASSINS GAMES 2 £17.991 AMIGA UTILS 2 £9.99 HOTTEST 6 £9.99 OCTAMED 7 £32.99 THE COLOUR LIBRARY £9.99 SOUND LIBRARY 2 £7.99 C64V0L2 £7.99 CO f ***3(S»V* Vv M czia«cej Top Seller I SOUNDS TERIFHCl C0044 £8.99 PROF. PCX CLIPART V0L.2 CD053 - £9.99 W S CLIPART CD042 £8.99 SOUND TERIFFIC | 2 £17.99 DEVELOPER £9.99 ANIMATIONS CD098 £8.99 MAGIC PUBLISHER £39.99 SCENE STORM £8.99 THE SOUND LIBRARY (2CD) CD101 -£17.99 SOUND TERIFFIC 2 £17.99 3D IMAGES £9.99 3D OBJECTS £9.99 3D OBJECTS CD232 - £ 9.99 A comprehensive Library of 3D objects for Imagine and Lightwave
which will enhance any collection.
| enhance any collection. All the objects you [need assembled together on one convenient | CD. This disc has over 650Mb of objects in JDXF format. Inside most of the headings are | even more directories with even more | objects.
| Also Included are collection of objects from | some of the best graphical 3 dimensional TETRIS SENSATIONS CODE: CD PRICE: £8.99 HORROR SENSATIONS CODE: CD276 PRICE: £17.99 WORLD OF CLIPART PLUS (2CD) CODE: CD291 PRICE: £17.99 SCI-FI V2.0 CODE: CD207 PRICE: £17.99 3D IMAGES CODE: CD280 PRICE: £9.99 Top Seller Top Seller | An inavative multi format CD - with everything | to do with HORROR. Included on this disc are [thousands of pictures of colour films aswell as | tons of true life horror pictures. Hundreds of [Growse animations, Hundreds of screams, | stabs, jabs, Gory sound effects,
Horror stories, |Atomospheric haunting music tracks (.mod), ¦ Horror based games and loads more!.
I is an exciting new 2 Disc Set Containing over 11000Mb of Science fiction related software.
I images, Music, Anims, 3D objects (Imagine & I Lightwave), Sound FX, Docs, Tunes, Info & I Games. Subjects Includes Thunder Birds, I Babylon 5, Allens, Star Trek Next Generation, 12001, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Batman, Dr Who, | iBladerunner, RoDocop, Total Recall, Tron ETC [Over 40,000 high quality images in various for- [mats sorted together on a double CD pack.
Tetris is the most loved and played computer games of all time.
I There are over 800 images In BMP format ver- Istons. Each of the Directories have been I indexed. The Index can also be viewed.
I Contains Images which have all been generat- led or producded using a computer.
[This disc contains every computer Generated | image you will need or use one of the weath of | I software packages to create your awn.
18,000 mods of any format (MOD, S3M, XM IT, Amiga syynthetics...) all by composers in priority, By Groups, then by Kinds; all stored in uncompressed form, readable under all the major platforms. Coming along with 11Mb of module players and trackers for many computers. Enjoy this 7-years titanic work! Listtm to 1,000+ hours of music!.
| Animals, People, Humour, transport, Inserts, | Dogs, cats, Zodiac, Chritmas, Art, babies, [Computers, technology, Cloths, Business, [Educational, Eye catchers, Sealife, Space, I symbols, Christmas.
This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most played game, nearly all the games are ready to run directly from the CD, and archived version are also at have for easy install.
(01702 ?004 ij U i I i 1 70k| 1004 For every £2° you sPend Select any one of the following cdroms free of charge.
217-219 Hamstel Rd - Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SS2 4LB AkmA (CD32) * MEAN ArEnas cd32) sales.pdsofft@cableinet.co.uk DEEP C0RE (CD32 *F,RE F0RCE CD32) GLUP! (CD32) * TOTAL CARNAGE (CD32) http: wkwebt.cableinet.co.uk sales.pdsoft r HonEST 6 * UTILITIES 1 -1500 * HOTTEST 4 Office & Retail Outlet open Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 7pm - Fax (01702) 300115 PROF. FONTS & CLIPART * PROF IFF CLIPART 2 (CD ONLY) Please add 1.00 per title for UK P&P & 2.00 for oversea's Airmail - Order via email Please make checks to CDSOFT or order by credit card switch & delta Most titles are despatched same day.
Vat is INCLUDED on all titles.
Wrrrrn CONOUSADON £14.99
S. SOCCER 96 97 £18.99 UFO £14.99 HELDS OF GLORY £14.99 SPECIAL
FORCES £9.99 F1178 £9.99 IMPOSSABLE MISSION £9.99 B17 £14.99
£27.99 (TENfcf* GLOOM GLOOM 5 WHATSH0T2!
A gripping and engaging game... strong stategy ete- Ssjieitl
lriiaei PLAYER MANAGER 2 £11.99 “On the field or off, there
isn’t a game that can touch Player Manager 2 for depth.” 1-4,
with 4 different playing views. Match reports, hot news,
active transfer & loan markets.
APPROACH TRAINER £18.99 BLITZ KREIG £7.99 CLOCKWISE £9.99 CORKER COLL £14.99 SYNDICATE £11.99 In the dark and twisted cities of tomoorrow, corporate Syndicates complete for global dominace.
But the future there are no board-room deals, no cororate takeovers, no politics • just dreadful justice.
he was banished from the world. Mow the dark lord Estoroth Is
back with a legion of hell's unhoBest fiends. Their SUPER
C032 - £7.99 Mix - £7.99 A game full of utterly addictive
action, a game that will test your abilities to the full, a
game that has never yet been mastered.
* 1 or 2 players
* Competition of team AGA, A500 6001 + * 0w r 200 levels.
RISE OF THE ROBOTS CD32 - Out of stock 1200 4000 - £7.99 A500 A600 - £7.99
* Revolution in 3d graphics. * Technically this CHESS SYSTEM
£12.00 Tea years In the making- unigue Intelligent beta- search
strategy that emulates human creathrfty- not brute force a pi
£7.99 KID PIX £12.00 DUNE 2 £12.00 POPULAS £12.00 CANNON FOD
MATHS STATS 6-16E12J9 ENGLISH 6-16 £12.99 SPELLING 9+ £12.99
£149.99 Inc Vat&dcBucry EPSON STYLUS 500 PRINTER £269.99 Inc
WINTER SPREAD Only £ 9.99 inc Puts you firmly in the driving
seat when It comes to forcasting budgeting cashflow analysis
and much more. Also comes with an extensive library of maths
AGA, A500 600, + functions etc. INTER OFFICE Only £19.99 inc
INTER TALK Only £9.99 inc Only £9.99 inc Retains all of the
power of Its predecessor, presented via a greatly Improved user
interface. The programs workbench 2 3 styling is a pleasure to
use, even on older 1.2 1 3 Amigas.
Onlyi 9,99 inc Is easy to use and Its standardised interface even lets you exchange data can be Imported from InterBase, and interspread.
Comes with Inter Word 2JO, Inter Spread 2.0, InterBase 2.0 and later talk and school projects.
* Free Windows XI x 4 W Wivers indited
* Free Print Artist & Hottest PC IMMes software Amiga Publishers
let us know if you have amiga stock
• otojaAr :«040 VERSION CAN FULL 68060 VERSION’.
64 BIT ENGINE A2000 3000 4000 (T Series) 3D Version OK 24BIT COLOUR ACCELERATED GRAPHICS CARD. MM For all Zorro-II m Amigas & Tower System A1200s with Zorro-II backplanes. The core flFPJ of this great board is the NEW VTRGE GRAPHICS CHIP from S3. With 3D capabilities it's able to process complex 3D functions in hardware (eg. Shaded textured surfaces) with Tnlinear Filtenng and Shading,Togging for super realistic Real Tome 3D Rendering.
When used with CyberGraphX 3D Linrary, Cybenision 64 3D can even offer a broad J8 range of 3D facilities for any software developer. OPTIONAL EXPANSIONS... WpfjSjjg
• MPEG Decoder - added to the Feature Connector to provide real
time MPEG audio and video decoding at full size custom screens
or. In Workbench windows (HQ display using 16 24 Bit modes from
CyberGraphX Workbench). Stereo audio output is provided via the
supplied dedicated line output jack. Upgrade to a Cybervision
64 3D and MPEG bundle (from previous Cybervision 64) for a
SPECIAL LOW PRICE! - Call for full details now!
• Monitor Switcher - with integrated scan line doubler. Designed
to fit into the Amiga slot this gives automatic switch over
from die standard Amiga signal to Cybervision 64 3D's output.
Both cards may be fitted inside A3000 4000 models leaving three
Zorro-IH slots free._ Cybervision 64 3D... 4Mb Version
Ootions... MPEG Decoder £174* Monitor Switcher £84* Comparative
MIPS performance figures measured using Syslnfo. Each board had
the appropriate SIMM fitted (required to activate accelerator).
• May be disabled with Simpie Keystroke on boot up - For Full
Games compatibility.
Even badly programed 'older Software!
A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU • 40MHz 68040 0Mb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb 30MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted
• Battery Backed Self Recharge Real Time Clock
• High Performance Expansion with Full 32-Bit wide DMA ¦ 040H
• Easy Trapdoor Installation - no modifications required (12-»0T
TRC fits in Tower)
• 1230-IY features PGA FPU Socket allowing Optional 50MHz. 68882
FPU_ A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR ) and MMU • 50MHz 68030 0Mb
Standard, Exp. To 128 256Mb
9. 91MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted can be expanoeu
£309- 6806 £249*5 FULL 68060 Blizzard 2040ERC Turbo
Accelerator Memory’ Board The Blizzard 2040ERC is a super new
LOW COST board which offers A2000 owners the opportunity to
upgrade to the same performance as our Blizzard 1240T ERC
board. Users will then be able to enjoy full A4000 040 power
as well as take advantage of the built in SCSI-2 interface.
The "ERC Processors used on these boards are recycled and vigorously tested 68040 CPUs operating at 40MHz with MMU FPU - an excellent guaranteed and competitively priced alternative.
2040ERC Turbo 4GMHz 68040 & MMU FPU 0Mb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb fcWA1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR jfePf and MMU FPU - 50MHz 68060 iy l Omb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb
38. 71MIPS with 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM fitted Blizzard 2060 Turbo
Accelerator Memory Board offers A1500 2000 owners the same
specification as the Blizzard 1260 Turbo (A1500 2000s will
ooerate at up to five times the speed of a standard A4000) i
with FULL 68060 POWER & also includes built in SCSI-2
interface! If you want the fastest A1500 2000 around... fit
a Blizzard 2060 now!
2060 Turbo 50MHz 68060 & MMU EPU with built in SCSI 2 i Omb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable to 128Mb PRICE CRASH SCSI-IV JOT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV, 1240T ERC and 1260, with additional 128Mb SIM socket (Fast SCSI-2 DMA Controller - up to lOMb sec transfer rates with additional SIMM socket allowing extra memory to befitted) SIMM & FPU prices may change without warning due to exchange rate fluctuations.
Please confirm price prior to ordering.
OUR OPENING TIMES ARE... Monday to Saturday,
9. 00am until
T) ept, AMF D3 New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP 836781
What the Magazines think,.. Amiga Shopper 91% STAR BIT "...the
Blizzard 1260 is destined to become the ultimate object of
desire for A1200 owners."
Amiga Computing 92% BLUE CHIP "...want the fastest Amiga in the World, get this board: Amiga Format '...Ride on the fastest A1200 in the World...’’- 95% GOLD Rating or FAX: 01 773 831040 email: 100271.35570compuserve.com BY PHONE: Simply cal our order line. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Access, Switch, Connect Delta AMEX and Lombard Creditcharge (most ‘store cards' are Lombard eg. Dixons, Currys etc) - WITH NO TRANSACTION SURCHARGES!
BY POST or FAX: Include your name, address and daytime evening phone fax number plus order details. If charginc a credit debit card include... number and valid from expiry date (and issue number with Switch cards). Make Cheques (please allow 7 days clearance), Drafts or Postal Orders payable to Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
GH PRICES: Please remember to confirm prices in case you are looking at an ‘old’ magazine. Prices car change (up or down) before the magazine's cover month has passed. Please confirm before sending orders by post. Prices inc VAT at 17.5%. DELIVERY: We offer prompt shipment with fully insured express delivery options throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide at a very modest cost COST OF DELIVERY TO MAINLAND UK ADDRESSES ONLY: Standard Delivery (2 to 4 working days from date of despatch) - £7 Express Delivery (next working day from date of despatch) - £10 NON UK MAIN.AND DESTINATIONS - please
call for times prices etc EXPORT: Most items are available Worldwide, and at TAX FREE PRICES to non EC residents and most overseas UK Armed Forces Personnel (with CO's document).
GH WARRANTY: Standard 12 month warranty or, ask about GH's optional comprehensive extended options which are always recommended for professional users to minimise costly down time. Ask GH for full details.
Hon to Order from GH.
WELCOME Heresy it may be, but I did actually take a few weeks off this month.
Imagine my delight when I returned to find an (almost) complete magazine. For the first time in ages I had a real experience of AF as it must appear to you, our readers.
Month In View Even though he took a holiday this month, Rlick Veitch still raced back to stick his oar in at the last minute... Heresy it may be, but I did actually • Ben’s verdict as I expect you are - quench the take a few weeks off this month. Thirst of your curiosity on page 56.
Imagine mv delight when I returned As a bit of a flight-sim fan. I was also Of course, I knew all the products that were being reviewed, and what features were being written, but I hadn't actually been here during the voyage of discovery - I had to rely on the written pages to determine what was good and what was bad.
I did have a little twiddle with Lightwave 5 before I went, but didn’t have time to get really into it, so I was as interested to find out Ben’s verdict as I expect you are - quench the thirst of your curiosity on page 56.
As a bit of a flight-sim fan, I was also rather keen to find out what Andy thought of Jet Pilot, which was being touted as the best sim ever. If you want to know, you too can find out on page 32.
Mum mm ¦HIM"'1* I was also more than a little interested to see how the Siamese system turned out. This could become increasingly important in the Amiga's future, so the outcome of this review is rather important - see page 64.
I have learned a few things from taking a fresh look at the mag. So expect some changes soon - but for now, lets get reading!
Nick Veitch Editor Zipping Along!
Furballs Minskies TINY TROOPS P38 MINSKIES FURBALLS P36 LONG TERM REVIEW P69 Remember, if you like the look of this If you're a fan of Tetris or Columns then you can't afford to miss out on Minskies. In the first long term test Ben takes game, try out the demo on the Coverdisk. P|ay against the computer or battle it out with a friend. Another look at the trusty Zip drive.
Lightwave 5 it ; renewal v ir*i ; prvrr . R raytra'.ng program ‘u? 1'a »r i v» rs-: n or rats* up to **£i£T»T on; :-®«n VotT tfri LIGHTWAVE 5 P56 THE GALLERY P100 Keep sending in your Gallery pictures - you could make it onto the back cover.
It's the Amiga's favourite raytracing package but is version 5 a winner or loser?
Ben Vost takes a close look at all the evidence and comes up with his verdict.
AMIGA FORMAT MARCH 1997 If F4 10 QUIKPAK LATEST Final bids are in for Amiga Technologies.
Now all that remains is for Mr. Hembach 11 COMPO WINNERS Were you a lucky winner in our bumper Christmas giveaway?
12 NET CORNER What do cars, Canadians, ISPs and song- writing have in common? They're all in Net Corner this month.
13 CARL IN A LAVA Sassenrath reveals his plans for a new cross-platform operating system.
14 EPSON NEWS New printer range from giants Epson.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA CINEMA 4D 2 We gave you the software, now John Kennedy shows you how to use it.
LIGHTWAVE 5 Does the latest version live up to the reputation of its predecessors?
60 MEDIA MAGIC Dave Taylor checks out a new multimedia package from HiSoft.
88 MUSIC-X Darren Irvine adds some interesting effects to his developing tune.
Lightwave 5 - what did Ben think?
90 REAL 3D 2 The fantastic animation tools put to the test.
92 ADVANCED AREXX Paul Overaa reveals exactly how the web page creation scheme works.
64 SIAMESE Twin your Amiga with a PC? Strange but true!
67 PRIM A ATOM & INDIGO ADAPTOR Dave Taylor looks at two new Amiga power supplies.
67 EXPLORING LIGHTWAVE A new book dedicated to getting the most out of Lightwave.
69 LONG TERM REVIEW Ben Vost kicks off this new series with the trusty Zip drive.
95 DRAWING A WAGE More advice on making money from animation.
GU 50 PD SELECT Dave Cusick sifts through the finest offerings to be found in the Public Domain.
70 CD-ROM ROUND-UP Dave Itylor fishes out the very best of this month's CD-ROMs.
73 WORKBENCH Do not despair - help is the price of a stamp away.
78 AMIGA.NET Set up for FTP and Telnet access.
80 SUBSCRIPTIONS Take advantage of our special offers.
97 MAILBAG The chance to have your say.
ISSUE 95 MARCH 1997 ED : We bring you the full version of this powerful spreadsheet program. A host of features but easy to use.
Upgrade your Amiga for free with our list of essential utilities... pllO Wage war with your army of tiny mercenaries and then wind down with two highly addictive Breakout clones.
24 Simon Goodwin looks at Amiga emulation of the hugely popular and bestselling ZX Spectrum.
T i 34 BURNOUT Andy Smith goes for the burn!
36 MINSKIES FURBALLS Feline fun to be had in this new Tetris clone.
38 TINY TROOPS Battle it out with your miniature mercenaries.
Coverdisk Instructions 40 READER GAMES Proof positive that AF readers are a clever lot.
AM pl09 44 GAMEBUSTERS The entire solution to Monkey Island 2.
£9 PREVIEWS coming up over the next few months.
ET PILOT Hailed as the ultimate flight sim but have Vulcan gone too far?
IP U j| 1 If ill 4:- 4* 4* XO.; SU ; . ; ,
k. • is. ‘ %. Is.
M ‘ ‘V-.- , .5- tjvv t mB i * V i %' urnt titrimts mils L 1 I It S Mtt % t t t i COVER STORY PLAY CD-RCdbl All the great programs that can be found on this month's Coverdisk, plus every datatype you could ever want, the full source code for Alien Breed 3D , a Lightwave 5 patch and a demo of Burnout.
Oh yes - and we musn't forget all the reader contributions that have been crammed onto this CD.
Coverdisks TurboCalc 2.1 p!08 A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an acceler- s j: ator FPU. Unlike other memory expansions that conflict with the PCMCIA port, our TOTAL memory expansions include unique software that will enable the maximum amount of memory to be used even ¦" with a PCMCIA fitting device.
„ NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 Discolog is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external f disk drive.
' v Discology will also format disks, check disks for ’ errors etc. 33MHZ 68882 FPU (PLCC) when purchased with above 4MB MEMORY EXPANSION £69.99 8MB MEMORY EXPANSION £89.99 ANTIVIRUS Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and I even CD ROM drives for viruses.
' Very straight forward to use, includes a i full 50 page F J*Os manual.
PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET EACH OR BUY I FOR £19.99 £24.99 MODEMS Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES V PACK (worth £ £££) which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga. NCOMM comms software. Amiga Guide to Comms and a ££ list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast 1 amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression • Fax Class I
and II compatible, Group 3 • Hayes Compatible • Full 80 page
manual *12 Months guarantee l i 14400 MODEM £69.99 m Now
includes CD ROM drivers and ¦HrThe Datatlver ¦Lscsi II
controller converts the signals on
• , £ % the internal IDE interface K to also SCSI devices at the
same tjme as the IDE hard drive. The Dataflyer SCSI+ will
operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives.
Syquest removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other
SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all
known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising
any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600. The
Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply
pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a
25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of
the A1200. Full instructions and software supplied.
3. 5’ HARD DRIVE CABLE £17.50
CD-MANAGER £151.95 AMIGA POWER SUPPLY £34.9S when purchased
with a SCSI device SURF SQUIRREL when purchased with a SCSI
ENCYCLOPEDIA CD(full version) £l9.9S WORLD OF A1200 CD and TOP
100 A1200 GAMES CD £7.49 EACH or FREE with every CD ROM
Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per cartridge. Comes complete with power supply, SCSI cable, instructions and cartridge.
ZIP DRIVES £159.99 OR £199.99 with Squirrel TOTAL SCSI CD-ROM DRIVE Fully featured SCSI CD-ROM drive for use with the A1200 or A600. Features include superb metal enclosure with in-built mams power supply. Includes all software, cables and instructions for immediate use. Full CD32 emulation and Audio CD player software included. No extras needed! Just plug in and go. Choose either PCMCIA fitting Squirrel interface or internally fitting Dataflyer SCSI interface.
No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch APOLLO 1230 LITE £99.99 High quality low cost 68030 accelerator with MMU and FPU all running at 33Mhz. Built in battery backed clock. Easy trapdoor fitting. Amazing performance for such a low price. Will take a 4mb or 8mb SIMM.
Fully PCMCIA compatible even with 8mb! Not PCMCIA compatible with 8mb fitted.
APOLLO 1230 PRO £149.99 TWIN SIMM TECHNOLOGY I •i*J33 311 ~ Superb IDE CD-ROM drive system for the A1200. Fully featured, top quality drives in a top quality enclosure with built in power supply. All cables, instructions, software including CD32 emulator and audio CD player etc., included for immediate use. The CD-ROM interface supply plugs inside the A1200 (exceptionally easy to fit by anybody) and provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200, next to the mouse socket.
PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INFORMATION SHEET £169.99 H B H5e199.99 H (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to All the features you asked for at an affordable price! High performance 68030 witb FPU and MMU running at 40mhz. Two 72pin SIMM sockets can take upto 32mb each. Simms can be mixed (i.e. a 4mb and 8mb will give 12mb) and can be single or double sided. Fully PCMCIA compatible regardless of how much memory is fitted. Easy trapdoor fitting with
battery backed clock APOLLO 1240 1260 68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accelerator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pin SIMM (up to 128mb) Fully featured, fan ccoled trapdoor fitting accelerator.
APOLLO 1240 25 APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 £289.99 Our high speed 2.5! IDE hard drives A A O * f0r the Ami&a A1200 & A600 £ r ry.99 computers come complete with I’Y T ar fitting cable, screws, partitioning ' software, full instructions and 12 .. dti L months guarantee. All drives supplied by us are format- ted, partitioned and have A,|fcl A600 and WB3 for the A1200) |j installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if you bcan P,u£ the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the hard drive into fre hard drive socket FREE WHILE-YOU-WATT FTTT1NG SERVICE FOR PERSONAL
FREE HOW TO FIT YOUR HARDDRIVE’ | § 4 video and Stakker disk to increase the drive's capacity with every hard drive ordered 4MB SIMM £19.99 8MB SIMM £39.99 OR WVV3 16MB SIMM £79.99 WHEN 32MB SIMM £169.99 WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN APOLLO ACCELE RATOR MEDIAVISION RENO CD-ROM + SQUIRREL £114.99 } Superb top quality CD ROM DRIVE 7;;v - I complete with Squirrel for immedi- ate use on the Amiga A1200 or A600. Includes CD32 emulation, audio CD player etc as well ? As its own CD power supply, cables V etc. Can also be used as a per- .. f- sonal audio CD player and includes stereo headphones! M
MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Mastercard. Visa. Switch. Delta
Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to Polar opposite the Masons Pub.
All prices include VAT. Postage and packing will he charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rest of the world.
The end may be in sight.
After seven months since the demise of Escom. And through the protracted Viscorp affair, it seems that the Amiga Technologies buyout saga may finally be drawing to a close.
Midnight OM 1 on Januar gist 1997 was the deadline for sealed bids to be submitted to Bids for ownership of Amiga Technologies have come from all corners of the globe.
Mr. 1 lembach. The liquidator for Amiga lechnologies C*BMH. Which has an estimated book value ot around S50M I S - around ten bids beat that date.
One of the bids, from current favourite contenders Ouikpak. Is expected to offer only for the technology and not the inventory, but Ouikpak remain confident that ihev will be the eventual winners of the contest.
We cannot reveal at this time, who the other bids are from but we do know that they come from all four corners of the globe and that Mr. Ilembach and Petro Tvschtchenko will be visiting all of the bidders before a decision can be reached. At current estimate, it is reckoned that the situation will be resolved bv the end of February although a winning bid for only the intellectual properties will complicate matters since the liquidator has an obligation to actuallv sell the inventory too and this could lead to contusion in the marketplace if competing product are offered tor sale.
Bumper Giveaway results r HIDE THE DtGITAL WAVES WEIRD SCIENCE The 10 winners of the Learning Curve CD are:
D. V. Baxter - Gloucester
P. Gill - County Antrim
A. Watkinson - Leeds
C. Mason - Glasgow
M. Donachie - Kings Lynn
J. E. Gibson - Weston Super Mare
R. Chambers - Carlisle
D. Buckley - Uxbridge
J. Kennyford - Farnborough
B. Cutler - Beckenham HISOFT Surf Squirrel: Dim Rainakis -
Chania, Greece Andy Reynolds - Bexleyheath Murray Skinner -
Kintore jt EYETECH The three winners of the Eyetech . | is
draw will each receive a CD-ROM I case, an interface for an
A1200, iJ1. Cabling, drivers and a PSU. In Ism - addition,
Eyetech will let the all PL . I I the winners buy a CD-ROM
.% ' mechanism at a discount and they are also offering a £10
discount off the published price of their 8-speed CD Plus to
all competition entrants.
C. M. Grundy - Barnstaple
E. Bamcroft - Howdem Wendy Augustine - Harrow EMC Three sets of
Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4: Paul Flanagan - Bolton Sue Parr -
Manchester Edward Ingilby - Sudbury TOTAL FILM Carry on Books:
C. Teitge - County Antrim POWER COMPUTING What a response! Amiga
users the world over obviously took our instructions to send
in postcards for the prize draws in our Christmas issue to
heart. We have had over 10,000 replies to the competitions
from all over the world. Amiga Format's heartfelt thanks must
go to all the people who made the competition possible, _the
people who contributed the prizes for you.
Particularly since SFX, T3 and HiQ have bumped up the number of ' ’ Iyjy" -¦ -Ip prizes they have given.
Power, in their generosity, have given us ten copies of Breathless to give away instead of only three. The lucky winners are: Mr. M.A. Allen - Reading Stephen Thwaites - Keswick John Francis - Bognor Regis Ms. D. Walker - Liverpool Mr. R.E. Tiffen - Brentwood Mr. J Hawkins - Malvern Calum Turner - Paignton Mr. S.P. Tanner - Eastcote Karl Roebuck - Anglesey Mr. M. Orwin - Shaftesbury T3 Swatch pager and subscription:
G. Hough - Boston T3 SUBSCRIPTIONS
D. Buckley - Uxbridge
C. T. Carr - Wakefield Szabo Sandor - Noszlopy, Hungary Terry
Payne - Manchester WIZARD Dopus 5.5 and 3 button mouse Jane
Johnson - Catell, Guernsey John Swift - Sheffield Richard
Roberts - London HIQ LTD.
3 x Siamese systems: Timothy Ruffle - Stockton On Tees
J. Barry Henderson - Stimington Valerie Karatzaz - Bristol SFX
ARCANE £250 worth roleplaying gear: Andy Cannell - Maidstone
Enterprise model and subscription: Jamie Tynan - Gosport SFX
SUBSCRIPTIONS Tony Gill - Barnsley & Dane Waters - Lucindale,
South Australia Monument to Video ViewSonic English version
now available.
Monument Designer V3 Pro from proDAD, a comprehensive package covering titling, picture editing and composition, is now available in English. Version three includes new features such as animated alpha channel, Screen-Alpha-Mask, animated textures, 3D effects, a colour wheel defining any colour in any transparency, printer output for video covers, timeline overlaps, punching masks etc... in up to 32-bit quality, not forgetting bubble help for ease of use.
Monument Designer V3 for MovieShop is included, offering an animated alpha channel on the video signal. Monument Designer V3 is DM 599 (incl German VAT) (about £240). Call or fax proDAD International on +49 2206 82728 for your local dealer, or try their homepage at www.prodad.de. There are two welcome newcomers to the lower priced end of the monitor market. The ViewSonic E641 comes complete with digital controls and a high 86Hz refresh at 800x600. The ViewSonic E655 features OnView controls and a flat square screen.
Buyers can now enjoy a cost- effective screen with features normally found on more expensive models. With a fine dot pitch of
0. 28mm and high non-interlaced resolutions they produce sharp
images and vivid colours. Both have anti-glare, anti-static
screens and comply with MPR-II regulations with reduced heat
emission and power consumption.
The E641 and E655 are now available at an estimated street price of £159 and £219 respectively (excl VAT).
For full details call ViewSonic free on 0800 833 648.
VIEWSONIC UPGRADES ITS ECONOMY MONITOR SERIES MEWS his top and act as an interprocess control language and batch language, but the larger versions will also be able to act as a multimedia backbone, offering device control and much more.
Uniquely, Mr. Sassenrath doesn’t intend to sell his baby off to some multinational corporation beginning with M, but wants this to be a user- funded project. You can contact Carl Sassenrath at lava@sassenrath.com or write to him at PO Box 264, Calpella, California 95418, USA.
Sassen rath I’VE BEEN FRAMED!
Vaporware, the authors of AmFTP and AmlRC have just announced the first prerelease version of Voyager Next Generation. This new version of the MUI-based browser is the first Amiga web browser to include true support for frames. Not only that, but it also now supports tables and many other HTML3.2 tags missing from the previous release. Internal decoding of GIF and Jpeg images is now supported and these images can be dithered to better match the screen palette used. For further details and a time limited demo version, point your browser at http: www. Vapor.com to download your copy.
The new Sportster Flash modem from US Robotics enables flash upgrade to its high speed x2 56Kbps technology. X£ gives downloads at nearly double the speed currently available over analogue lines, and has flash memory enabling future upgrades as new technology becomes available.
The Sportster Flash is £299 (incl VAT) including free trial offers to Virgin Net, NETCOM, AOL and CompuServe.
Call US Robotics on 0118 922 8200.
Blows he almost certainly isn’t talking about the Amiga here, if you know what I mean).
He is starting on a new crossplatform operating system that builds on the basis of a programming language that underlies everything and layers a small powerful operating system over the top of it. He has begun work on the language, known as Lava, which will come in several different, but compatible versions. The simplest will still be able to create little GUIs arl Sassenrath, one time upper atmosphere physicist at the South Pole and world famous creator of the world’s first CD-spooling motion video in the form of CDXL, is undertaking a new project.
The man who had a big hand in the creation of the Amiga’s operating system says he is fed up with bloated applications and operating systems that expand to take up available memory, processor time and hard drive space like some kind of digital gas (note that As L P Hartley said back In 1953, ‘The past Is a foreign country: they do things differently there.’ They did when it came to games. The runaway success of Guildhall’s recent EA and Microprose re-releases, makes one wonder how successful somebody would be in re-releasing REAL classics - those titles which have never been bettered on
any format.
The Bradford Column Strategy games, for instance, have never been more involving than Kingdoms of England, Archon, Balance of Power and Populous. And has there ever been a more glorious implementation of Scrabble than that which the Amiga had in 1989? Arcade games?
How about Marble Madness, New Zealand Story, Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands? As fresh today as the year they were released (over a decade ago, in Marble Madness’ case).
Sadeness are accepting pre-orders now, call 01263 722169 or readers can send an SAE for more details.
Due to the large number of responses to the covermounted AGA Experience Vol 1, users have been requesting a volume 3. Sadeness were not planning to create an AGA Experience 3, but have now decided to continue the series further.
It will continue in the same “readv- to-run MagicWB’ environment, containing 640Mb of the usual demos, utilities, games, MODs, pictures, slideshows, anims, mags and more.
The release date will hopefully be March “97 and it will retail at £14.99. Also on the Sadeness front, Amiga Format was very pleased to learn that when we printed the results to their competition to name their CD-X, one eagle-eyed reader noted that his answer was the same as the winner’s. He called Sadeness to tell them and, very kindly, they agreed to give him exactly the same prize! So well done to Mr. Robert Keany from Glasgow and nice one Sadeness.
What would you do with S15.000? Would you scrimp and save it to live idle in your later years? Or spend, spend, spend, giving enjoyment to yourself and employment to others?
There is one way to find out - join the 1997 World Wide Songwriting contest!
All kinds of music will be catered for, and you could come away et screamingslave deala with thousands in prize money. So why not dust down your copy of OctaMED and fill in an entry form at: http: www.tvjobs.eom u serpage contest.htm A NEW DEAL The Deal Amiga club now have their own web site. If you live nearby and hadn't heard of the club before, why not pop along and visit them at: homepages.enterprise.n miga.htm. CALLING ALL CANADIANS There's no reason for you to feel left out - a new support site is available which focuses on Canadian users, but also gives piles of links worldwide. This
site hasn't been going too long, so don't expect too much yet, but it does look promising... www.amigasupport.com It’s not just seeing Guildhall’s fresh meat being eagerly devoured by software-starved punters that has had me thinking this way. After being suckered by my children into forking out for a PlayStation, I’ve been roped into participating in some of the latest state-of- the-art epics such as International Track & Field (pah!
Give me Winter Games and World Games anyday), Ridge Racer Revolution (nowhere near Stunt Car Racer in terms of excitement) and Return Fire (is it only me who remembers Micro Illusions’ original masterpiece, Firepower?). And this has led to many family arguments along the lines of ‘Yes, it looks pretty, but come over to the Amiga and let me show you this...’, ‘Aww Dad, not again...’ In the wonderful world of interactive entertainment too many people seem to be in an indecent haste to bury the past and worship the new, even when new does not mean better or improved.
I’m not for one moment suggesting that everything was better then than it is now, I’m just thinking how nice it would be if today’s generation of Amiga users had access to some of the true classics that were created back then and have never been bettered. I’m sure all AF readers could easily toss off a few suggestions of their own - why not share them with us?
Anyway, you’ll have to excuse me now, I’m off to write a flight sim review for The Oldie magazine - now where did I put that copy of Interceptor... Dale Bradford probably remembers very well the day The Who’s “My Generation” was released, which amongst other reasons, prompts us to point out that the opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Amiga Format.
1 I "Give him an army of tiny soldiers and he's something of a nightmare..." TINY TROOPS PAGE 38 Four horse race at Epson Epson are releasing four new printers in their Stylus Color series. All offer fast, high quality7 printing at low prices using cutting edge MicroPiezo technolog)-. The 720dpi and 1440dpi printers produce text at speeds of up to 4ppm in colour and 8ppm in mono, all in crisp, laser sharp quality using quick-drying inks.
4 EPSON STYLUS COLOR 600 - HOME AND BUSINESS Incorporates Epson's AcuPhoto Halftoning technology for accurate colours and smooth graduation through improved ink formulas.
Includes a free software package.
? EPSON STYLUS COLOR 800 - ALTERNATIVE TO LASER Combines speed of a laser printer with Epson's PhotoReal colour quality at up to 1440dpi using Super Micro Weave technolog)' to ensure banding is eliminated.
EPSON Stylus Color 800 is £479.
- FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Replacing the Stylus 1500 this is the
first four colour, high speed, 1440dpi inkjet printer capable
of producing output at 960cps in draft and 480cps letter
quality in 12cpi.
A EPSON STYLUS COLOR 400 - A HOME PRINTER An advanced 720 dpi four colour printer which is ideal for producing homework, correspondence, greeting cards, T-shirt transfers, newsletters etc. Included in the package is an online help facility and free software An optional PostScript RIP is available to enable Adobe PostScript files to be printed, this is ideal for proofing designs prior to final print.
EPSON Stylus Color 1520 is £899(exch VAT).
EPSON Stvlus Color 400 is £255.
CALL EPSON ON 01442 611 44 Amiga Format’s Top 10 Reasons to... get a CD-ROM drive AFCD11 1 2 3 4 9 10 I think you get the idea. A CD-ROM drive is rapidly becoming AFCD13, etc... AFCD12 indispensable in today’s information-rich society. To be without one is to deprive yourself of masses of new software on our CD-ROMs and future serious software such as Lightwave, Wordworth Office, Personal Paint, Cinema4D and so on.
5 CD-ROM is also the ideal medium for big adventure games, such as the ones recently announced by Epic, which follow the LucasArts tradition.
8 If you get a CD-ROM burner, you can use it to back up your hard drives - it’s the cheapest medium available with a price per megabyte of only
1. 3p per megabyte.
7 Rather than using your stereo you can also get your computer to play back audio Cds.
This means that you get a nice interface on your Workbench screen.
6 Some titles are just impractical on any other format. Things like collections of typefaces, animations or clipart only really come on CD.
...AFCD14 AFCD15.
Two show mayhem You know how it is, you wait ages for a computer show and then two come along at (nearly) the same time. Last month, you may recall, we heard from Gasteiner who told us they were going to put on a show in March sometime, but the details had yet to be resolved. We can now reveal that the Spotlight Amiga 97 show will be put on at the Hammersmith Novotel - the defacto venue for all UK.Amiga show's seemingly - on the 24th and 25th of March this year. For further details on the event, such as ticket pricing, etc., contact Gasteiner on 0181 345 6000.
The second show7 to be announced is the World of Amiga show7, brought to you by the organisers of last year’s highly successful event of the same name.
It will also take place at the Novotel on the 17th and 18th of May. Admission prices will be £8 for adults and £6 for children. More details to come.
LOW COST DELIVERY Tel: 0113 231 -9444 LEEDS CITY KIRKSTALt Ro CENTRE ER OCTC)_ MIKE'S CARPETS E-Mail: sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk WEB: www.firstcom.demon.co.uk FAX:0113 231 -9191 BBS:0113 231 -1422 FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE Late Night Opening Wednesday & Thursday till 7.30pm Open Sunday I lam to4pm
• 2-4 Week Days £3.99
• Next Week Day £5.99
• Saturday Delivery £15.00 Delivery subject to stock availability
Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance. Prices are correct at the time of going to press. Please check our latest prices before ordering. All sales aresubjecttoourstandardterms & conditions(copy available upon request). E&OE.
Sqjygggjgg aft M-' from the Ml follow signs onto Mi21. Take AM3 Elbnd Rd turnoff from Mi21. Fottow signs for ASS. This merges with the Armley gyratory.from Mi2 West junction 27. Ail to Armtey gyratory, from the AI take the turnoff for A64.
This merges with the AS8 (by-passing town centre) which meets Armley gyratory. A EASY ACCESS FROM M62, Ml and AI FIRST COFFUTB CENTRE ARMLET GYRATORY * v M62 M62I ARMLEY LIVING WORLD gill III : ' : iii; ¦ Ki«il RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Squirrel I face Hardware Squirrel SCSl-ll Interface *£45.00
• When bought with any SCSI device, £54.95 if bought separate
Ultra CD ROM Dri SCSI Surf Squirrel SCSl-ll Interface
* £79.99
• When bought with any modem or SCSI device £99.95 if bought
separate Octagon GVP SCSI Card £99.99 SCSl-ll interface card
for big box Amiga's A4000 2000 etc. * Amiga T echnologies
Q-Drive CP ROM UlTTI M1438S Monitor *£259.99 | SCSI Enclosures
Single Case £69.99 Dual Case £ 119.99 PRIMA First Starter Pack
• A1200 dust cover
• 10 x DSDD disks + labels All for
• Top quality joystick only
• Deluxe mouse mat £ ¦ q aa
• 3 xAI200 games L I • Amiga A1200 MagicPack Indudes, Wordworth
V4SE, Datastore, Organiser, Turbocalc 3.5, Personal Paint V6.4,
Photogenics 1.2SE, Pinball Mania & Whizz.
Very limited Stocks Early, Purchase Recommended.
Amiga A1200 Magic Pack Inc. 170Mb HD &ScalaMM300 ncludes same software pack as Magic Pack, But also includes Scala MM300(Req. 4Mb).
£479.99 Software Specials Vista Pro Lite full ver. £9.99 Wordworth V £9.99 1 Deluxe Paint IV AGA £9.99 1 Blitz Basic 2.1 £29.99 'TechnosoundTurbo II£29.99 ' Final Writer 5 £74.95 When bought with a computer MASSIVE REDUCTIONS I Mb 72 Pin SIMM £10.99 2Mb72 Pin SIMM 4Mb72PinSIMM £17.99 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM £80.99 I Mb 30 pin SIMM 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM 256by4DRAM(DILs) (each)£4.99 256by4ZIPPS (each)£6.99 Part exchange available on your old memory. Call for pricing.
Accelerator Cards Viper 11-33 £129.99 Blizzard 1230-50 £159.99 Blizzard 1260-50 £479.99 LOWEST PRICES EVER!!
AI 200 I MB RAM AI 200 2 MB RAM AI 200 4 MB RAM £75.99 AI 200 8 MB RAM For 68882 33Mhz Co Pro add £35.00 PRIMA A500 512k RAM no clock £19.99 PRIMA A500+ I Mb RAM £29.99 PRIMA A600 I Mb RAM no clock £29.99 Ultra 6 Speed IDE £189.
1 Ultra Drive Kit £ £139.99 i§| External SCSI CD ROM Drives ?SCSI Controller required to run CD Drives. 4 X Speed Internal SCSI CD ROM drives Sanyo CRD254Vx4 Speed £89.99 reacCD56Sx6 speed £121.99 1x12 Speed £149.99
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives Hard Drives IDE SCSI 540Mb I 19.99
270Mb.....£99.99 850Mb. 142.99 540Mb £149.99
l. 6Gig..£l85.99 l.8Gig £249.99
2. 1 Gig..£206.99 2.1 Gig....£397.99 l3.2Gig..£272.99
4.3Gig....£862.99j Build Your Own SCSI Hard Drive SCSI case
with built in PSU669.99 SCSI Hard Drive,Select from above SCSI
Squirrel Interface 5.00 1 11 Month Warranty.
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions New Amiga Monitors
2? Seagate fuJttsu coxxzr 80Mb...£64.99 l30Mb...£80.99
170Mb...£85.99 250Mb.£l 19.99 340Mb.£l29.99 540Mb.£l39.99
810. .....£149.99 I.OGig.£2l9.99 Multi-Sync Monitors 14"
1438s......£269.99 14" Monitor Includes Built In Speakers
17" 1764 .£579.99
3. 5" Hard Drive Install Kit £ 19.99 Includes set up software,
cables and full instructions, no Hard Drive.
Disk Drives I iiffif1 a N
51. 99 at an extracost.
Are Suits ...£16.99
• Includes:-
• 1 X 100Mb cartridge
• $ £SI l foce & adaptor may be req.
Zip T ools Driver Soft* Amiga External drive£4 Amitek 1.76Mb Ext. £69.99 A1 200 600 internal drive£39.99 A500 500+lntemal drive£39.99 Mega Mouse+ 400 dpi ( 3 button) £ • 2.99 Mega Mouse 400 dpi (2 button) £11.49 Amiga Mouse 560dpi (3 button) £12.99 Quality Mousemat (4mm) £3.99 Golden Image Am ST Trackball £17.99 ZyFi-2 Speakers (8 watts channel) £26.99 ZyFi Pro Speakers (16 watts channel) £57.99 Roboshift (Auto mouse J.stick switch)£9.99 Kickstart 2.04 2.05 (for use in A600) £24.99 CIA 8520A I O controller £18.99 68882 Co Pro 25mhzPLCC £29.99 68882 Co Pro 33mhzPLCC £34.99 Zipstick Joystick
£11.99 Saitek Megagrip II £12.99 11 Amiga Modulator || Amiga PSU £34.99 Turbotech realtime clock cartridge £ 14.99 ...fits any Amiga Sportster V Class I Fax , Personal Voice Mail Fax on Demand Call Discrimination BABT Approved 14,400 Data 14,400 Fax..j£85.99 33,600 Datayi4,400 Fax.£J6L99 Amiga SurfWare Software Pack The complete software suit for all your Modem needs.
Net Software Web Browser E-mail® IRC....Only £29.99 GP Fax Software..only £44.99 Full Send and Receive Fax Software for Amiga Computers with a Fax Data Modem.
I Browse Web Browser £24.99 Mtabotics PRIMA | 34+ Fax Modem :e Performance te* Class 1 Fax CE approved.
1 19.99 Amiga N-comm Software ix Modem .49.99 10 Modem £24.99 Amazing Pric
33. 6 Baud Ra
• BABT & 1 Only..£ Complete with cables & Bargains V32Bis 14,400
F V22Bis 2400 96C Amiga SurfWare bundle when purchased
yijh m £Jodem Modem Accessories Phone Line Extension Cables...
5M.£6.99 I0M.£8.99 I5M£I0.99 Dual Socket Adaptor ..
£6.99 Miscellaneous Supra M'XModem Modems Ithe Prima PRIMA ATOM
Heavy Duty PSU £69.99
• High Quality 200 Watt PSU.
• Colour Co-Ordinated Casing.
• 4 x The Power of Std. Amiga PSU
• 12 Month Warranty.
Pro-GRAB Only..* 129.99 24 R TPCMCIA adaptor£39.99 Power Scan v4. £89.99 256 g scale on AGA Amigas. 64 g scale non AGA Power Scan Col. £ I 74.99 ~ ‘': colour scanner, 16.7 million colours V range of cables & adaptors in stock Call J Delivery £1.50 per title or £3.99 . For 4+ CD ROM Software 1078 Weird T extures £12.99 Epic Collection 2 £17.99 Octamed 6 & Sounds Terr. £17.99 1 17Bit & LSD Vol. 1 2 3 £17.99 Epic Int Encyclopedia £25.99 Octamed Sound Studio £22.99 l7Bit Collection £10.99 Euro CD vl £12.99 Oh Yes More Worms £8.99 17Bit Continuation £14.99 Geek Gadgets £17.99 Photogenics 2 £89.99
l7Bit Phase 4 £6.99 GIF Sensations 2 £17.99 Prima Shareware 1 CD £9.99 l7Bit 5th Dimension £17.99 Giga Graphics 4 £28.99 Pov-Roy £22.99 3000 JPEG Textures £12.99 Global Amiga Exprnce.
£17.99 Retro Gold CD £17.99 3D Images Objects £8.99 Graphics Sensations 1 £17.99 Scene Storm £17.99 I AGA Experience 1 NFA £12.99 Guinness Disc of Rec. £17.99 Sci-Fi Sensation 2 £17.99 1 AGA Experience 2 NFA £12.99 Horror Sensations (18) £17.99 Software 2000 2CD £26.99 1 AGA Toolkit 97 £8.99 Hottest 6 £17.99 Sound FX Sensation £12.99 1 Amiga Desktop Video 2 £12.99 Into-the-Net £17.99 Source Code £17.99 I Amiga Developers CD £12.99 Insight Dinosaurs £4.99 Space & Astronomy £18.99 1 Amiga Repair Kit £39.99 Learning Curve £17.99 Space Shuttle Encyclopedia£24.99 ¦ 1 AmiNet 12 13 14 15 16 17 £12.99
Light ROM 4 £24.99 System Booster £17.99 AmiNet Set 1 2 £23.99 Light ROM Gold £17.99 The Colour Library £ 8.99 AmiNet Set 3 £26.99 LSD Compendiium 3 £17.99 The Spectrum CD 96 £16.99 Arcade Classics Plus £12.99 Magic Publisher £39.99 The Personal Suite £17.99 Artworx £8.99 Magic WB Enhancer £8.99 Utilities 2 (PDSoft) £17.99 Assassins CD Vol. 3 £17.99 Meeting Pearls v4 £8.99 Utilities Experience £13.99 C64 Sensations v2 £16.99 Movie Maker Special FX £17.99 Weird Sc. AMOS PD £16.99 Card Games CD £12.99 Multimedia Toolkit 1 + 2 £17.99 Weird Sc. Clip Art £8.99 CD-PD 1 2 3 £5.99 Multimedia Backdrops
£17.99 Weird Sc. UPD Gold £17.99 Dem Rom £ 12.99 Network 2 CD £12.99 Workbench Add-Ons £20.99 Demo Collection v 1 £5.99 Network 2 + CD32 Cable £33.99 World Atlas £24.99 Emulators Unlimited £17.99 Nothing but GIFs AGA £17.99 World Info 95 £17.99 Encounters £12.99 Nothing but Tetris £9.99 Zoom 2 £18.99 FREEH Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 Printers Flatbed Scanners Consumables Canon BJ30 £159.99 Portable mono printer, 30 page ASF built in.
Canon BJC70Cok ur £ 185.99 Portable colour printer, 30 page ASF.
Canon BJ240C £190.99 Colour Printer.720 dpi.
Canon BJC4100 £209.99 Quality colour fast mono printing, 720x360 dpi.
Canon BJC4200 £254.99 New version, with Photo Realism Cart. Option Canon BJC4550 £369.99 A3 version, with Photo Realism Cart. Option Canon BJC620 £320.99 Enhanced colour printer, virtual 720 dpi.
CITIZEN ABC Colour printer £ 119.99 Simple (as easy as ABC) to use 24 pin printer.
Comes as standard with 50 sheet Auto sheet feeder. Tractor feed optional at£34.99 Citizen Projet-llc £ 164.99 Colour Inkjet, 300x300 dpi, 70 sheet ASF Citizen Printiva 600c £379.99 600 dpi colour, 1200 dpi mono printer, Use s New Advanced Micro Dry print Technology.
Stylus 500 Colour £249.99 720 dpi, 4ppm Black, 2ppm Colour.
Stylus 200 Colour £179.99 720dpi, 2.5ppm Black. L ppm Colour.
Stylus 200 £139.99 720 dpi, 2.5ppm Black EpSOn GT-5000 Scanner £329.99 Entry level A4 Colour Flatbed Scanner.
Epson GT-8500 £450.99 400dpi Fully featured A4 Colour Flatbed Scanner Amiga Scanning S.ware £59.99 HEWLETT® PACKARD HP340 Colour Portable £179.99 Full Colour, 600x300 dpi Mono, 300x300dpi Col.
HP400Colour £154.99 Full Colour, 600x300 dpiMono, 300x300 dpi Col.
HP690 693Col. £249.99 £269.99 300x300 dpi Colour Printing, now even faster.
HP870 Colour £414.99 600x600 dpi up to 6 p p m mono, 3 p p m colour HP 5 L Laser printer £339.99 4 p p m, 600 dpi, I Mb of Ram.
HP 6 Laser printer £569.99 8 p p m 600dpi,2Mb of Ram.
ACCESSORIES Printer Switch Box 2 way Printer Switch Box 3 way
1. 8 Metre printer cable 3 Metre printer cable 5 Metre printer
cable £8.99 10 Metre printer cable £12.99 Epson 200 8 Hr.
Warranty £46.99 Epson 500 8 Hr. Warranty £75.99 Epson Iron-On
Transfer PapeK 12.99 Epson 720 dpi Paper Pack £ I 2.99 Canon
T-Shirt Transfer Pack 1POA Canon BC-06 Photo Cart. £24.99
Canon BC-09 Fluorescent £24.99 Canon BC-22 Photo Kit Canon
BC-29 Fluorescent £32.99 Canon Bubble Jet Paper £14.99 HP
DJ690 Photo Cartridge £29.99 HP Photography Paper £9.99 HP
Banner Paper £9.99 HP Deskjet Paper Pack (500)£I0.99 HP
Premium Glossy Paper (10) Studio 2New version 2.13b "If you
wont to get the best possible results T4r r:rt44Wf:z:
purchased with a Printer.
Ribbons Canon! EPSON Citizen Swift ABC mono £3.99 Citizen Swift ABC colour £12.99 Star LC90 mono ribbon £4.99 Star LC10 100 mono £3.69 Star LC10 100 colour £7.99 Star LC240c colour £13.99 Star LC240c mono £8.99 Star LC240 mono £5.99 Star LC24-10 200 300 Colour £13.99 Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbons £11-99 PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Save a fortune in running costs with your ink bubble jet. Compatible with the HP Deskjet series. Canon Bj 10 20 80 130 200 300 330, Star SJ48, Citizen Projet and many others.
Single refills (22ml) £6.99 Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66ml) £19.99 Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 Bulk refills (125ml) £24.99 Laser Printer Supplies Hewlett Packard Laserjet 5L £65.99 Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5P £75.99 Hewlett Packard Laseriet 4L £68.99
H. Packard L.jet 4 M 5 M N £99.99 Canon LPB-460 Toner £79.99
Laser printer supplies for major manufacturers available Call.
Ink Cartridges Canon BJ 10 Star SJ48 £17.99 Canon BJ200 230 £18.99 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) £12.99 Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) £10.99 Canon BJC 70 colour (3 pack) £17.99 Canon BJC 4000 colour (single) £ • 6.99 Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) £6.99 Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap. £28.99 Canon BJC 600e mono col. £8.99 £7.99 Citizen Printiva mono col. £5.99 HP. Deskjet 340 mono £21.95 HP.Deskjet 500 mono col. £22.99 £24.99 HP. Deskjet 660 mono col. £23.99 £25.99 HP. Deskjet 850C mono col. £27.49 £28.99 Epson Stylus mono col. £ • 3.99 £27.99 Epson Stylus Col. Ms mono col 1 7.99 £24.99 Epson Stylus 500
mono col. £ 16.99 £24.99 Star SJ144 mono colour (single) £7.99 Printer Dust Covers £5.99 Paper £6.99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) I 1000 sheets £12.49 Fanfold (tractor feedV2000 sheets £21.49 Single sheet 500sneets £6.99 Single sheet 1000 sheets £12.49 Single sheet 2000 sheets £21.49 Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack £13.99 tpson stylus 2U dpi paper pack cij.tv *
H. Packard Glossy paper pack (10) £9.99 IdlS* High quality Inkjet
Paper (500) £10.99 |Di Disks Bulk DSDD 10 x £3.49 100 x £26.99
30 x £9.99 200 x £49.99 50x£l4.99 500 x £114.99 Branded DSDD
10 x £4.99 100 x £41.99 30 x £13.99 200 x £76.99 50 x £21.99
500 x £175.99 Bulk DSHD 10 x £3.99 100 x £29.99 30 x £10.99
200 x £55.99 50 x £16.99 500 x £129.99 Branded DSHD 10 x £5.99
100 x £44.99 30 x £15.99 200 x £82.99 50 x £23.99 500 x
£189.99 k labels x500 £6.99 isk labels x 1000 £9.99 Compatible
Cith both VHS and S-VHS! Grab images with your camcorder
including S-VHS... or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART
output... camcorder or. Use the signal from your satellite
receiver... or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCR's
video output including S-VHS.
ProGrab™ - Voted as The Best Video Hardware product for the Amiga. This is especially pleasing because the award comes from the Amiga Shopper magazine's readers... Our Satisfied Customers!
Camcorder User commented... ’If you're looking for a high resolution 24 bit digitiser then, at this price, ProGrab 24RT represents great value for money."
The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, il also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame m grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same y time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ if has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
I And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a I simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
_ STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... ml With ProGrab's software, select an image you » L wish to capture using the on screen preview L vl, window and Grab (because the hardware grabs U f frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze mm * frame facility on the source device!).
H Once grabbed, simply download j and view the full image on your Amiga screen. ProGrab alsc i yfi includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from TV or satellite sources.
M STAGE 3... I Use the 'grabbed' image with your favourite word ; processor, DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
ProGrab is just £129.95... ProTel™ Terrestrial Satellite Teletext Decoder Stand atone unit for grabbing Teletext info (woks independently of ProGrab™ and has a much faster downloadrate). Once the information has been -downloaded, ProTel™ allows you to view pages instantly - no more waiting whilst your TV finds the correct page! Files can be exported as ASCII Text for use in a WP or saved as IFF Graphics for use in your DP presentations. You don't need a Teletext TV Video for ProTel™ - the signal can be received through a standard VCR! £44 QS ProGrab 24RT Plus Supports all recent Amigas and is
also fully AGA Chipset compatible. You can render images in any Workbench screen mode resolution including HAM8 mode (Amiga RAM permitting).
I Saves and Loads images in IFF ILBM, IFF 1LBM24, JPEG, BMR PCX, and TARGA file formats. ProGrab saves animations as Anim5 files and animations with sound (requires PCMCIA interface and separate sound sampler) as Anim5 + 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines (AGA only) and dithering methods are featured in ProGrab Version 2.6.x. Photogenics fully supports ProGrab with a custom Loader' to enable grabs directly from within the program - saving YOU time!
¦ Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities. Number of frames dependant upon Amiga's RAM.
¦ Release 2.6.x software now includes... ¦ ADDITIONAL TELETEXT FACILITIES - With either Terrestrial or Satellite TV signals.
¦ LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW - Double Resolution and 4 times area of previous ProGrab software.
¦ INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT - Now compatible with composite PAL, SECAM and NTSC Straight from the box!
ProGrab is supplied with just about everything you'll need +... ¦ ProGrab™ 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composite and SVHS.
+ A video source cable will be required to match your own equipment - Ask for details.
* Standard ProGrab hardware is PAL SECAM NTSC compatible.
Interlace mode options are available with PAL and SECAM only.
ProGrab™ supports any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later and a
minimum of 1. 5Mb free RAM. ( PCMCIA INTERFACE for A1200 and
A600 ProGrab's optional PCMCIA Interface includes the latest
version software and exter performance for serious professional
users - offering the following benefits...
• Faster Downloading Times (up to FfVE times quicker) ¦ Improved
animation speeds of up to 1 Ifps (mono) and 3.5fps (colour) ¦
Saving of animations direct to your Amigas hard drive ¦ Freeing
of your Amiga Parallel Port for use by a printer or other
parallel peripheral
• Sound sampling and animation capabilities (separate sound
sampler reqd. See be STEREO SOUND SAMPLERS Two high quality
8-Bit sound samplers, specifically fl designed for use with our
ProGrab 24R~™ digitisers, 1 are now available (PCMCIA Interface
The HiFi version features the same 30MHz A D convertor used in the ProGrab™, meaning the maximum frequency is only limited by the Amiga's hardware. It also has a higher bandwidth |40Hz to 20KHz) than the standard version.
Standard Stereo Sampler £19.95 HI-FI Stereo Sampler £24.95 Mr Mrs Miss Ms Initial (s) Surname, Address Post or FAX your requirements (quantity trade prices available) on the order form provided OR, if you'd simply like further information please contact... County (Country) Postcode, Evening Phone Daytime Phone, Department AM F Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP FAX: 01773 831040 email: 100271.3557@compuserve.com ProGrab Plus @£129.95 £ PCMCIA Interface @ £39.95 £ ProTel™ Teletext Decoder © £44.95 £ Standard Stereo Sampler @ £19.95 £ Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler @ £24.95 £ Standard Delivery £7 (2 3 Working Days) £ or an additional £3 for Next Working Day Delivery _£ TOTAL £ Overseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping etc Card holder's signature: Issue Number: (Switch Only) I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ Please write your name and address on the reverse of any cheques or drafts.
Made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS UMITEO Everyone who owns a computer wants to make their machine that little bit faster, smarter and easier to use. Amiga owners are no different. The standard approach is to splash out on a faster processor, bigger hard drive and more RAM, and in an ideal world that’s what we would all do.
However, extra hardware costs money and not everyone has the dosh to spare.
The second best wTay to beef-up your Amiga is to make use of its hidden talent: the vast amount of free software available. Load some of these utilities, and your Amiga will run faster, load programs quicker, have more memory, work better, and look totally stunning.
Best of all, the total cost: nil, zero, zilch.
Of course, we strongly recommend you register any Shareware you use regularly
- it’s the only way to ensure the utility authors continue to
support the .Amiga. Upgrading doesn't have to cost the earth.
In fact, it doesn't have tq cost you a penny. John Kennedy
brings you the definitive list of essential utilities to boost
the performance of your machine.
So, here’s the Amiga Format definitive list of essential utility programs which you should install on your .Amiga. They’re the best and most popular pieces of software and are used by thousands of .Amiga users all over the world. Don’t miss out on what it’s like to have a state-of-the-art system: upgrade for free!
THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION These are the programs and utilities which we here at AF (and a quick poll of various other dedicated Amiga consider the more useful pieces of software which can be loaded into Amiga. They range from to powerful utilities which can performance, boost productivity ® generally make your Amiga fun to use.
We’ve tried to be as selection as possible: be several ways to achieve the same goal, and there will of programs designed to do the ame thing. Here you'll find some of the most original ever written.
All the progr l from the Aminet we've included the CD-ROM set wTiich software, as well as the path to help you find it. You’ll find many of these programs on other CD-ROM sets too, such as the System Booster CD-ROM from GTI. Finally, we’ve also rated the programs out of five to indicate exactly how essential they are. If you think we’ve left any out, make sure to write in and let us know!
THE TOP 50 UTILITY PROGRAMS m II1INHII ¦llll Keep an eye on what's happening behind the scenes with the aptly named SnoopDos.
On valuable by squashing your files.
_ What's it called? Lha wrote it? Stefan Boberg is it? Archiving utility it do? Lha is one o Amiga’s most popular archivin utilities. It will do two main things: take a large number of files and them into one file (the file which ends in lha, for example, games.lha) and it will also compress the files so they take up less space. For these reasons. Lha is perfect for storing files on CD-ROMs and for sending electronically. The of th both archive and | unarchive file' Where is iy Aminet and everywhere] else!
Rating: % What's it called? DMS Who wrote it? SDS Software What is it? Archiving utility What's it do? DMS is a disk masher. It takes an entire floppy disk, reads all the files, and squashes them into one file.
This is great for distributing disks but is Continued overleaf 4 very awkward to use at times: vou cannot extract a single file - it’s the entire disk or nothing.
Where is it? Aminet and evervw ehe!
Rating: ????
MONITORS AND BENCHMARKS it's it called? Snoop I) os who wrote it? Eddy Carroll r What is it? System Mr mitor What's it do? Watcf ies to see what is happening in the background. Essential for diagnosing strange behaviour, such as missing libraries, or programs which fail for no reason. Use SnoopDos and find out what's reallv happening 51*M *3* tctw* J2J AU JSLl ire is it? Aminet (Set3) util moni [ting: % % % % i i 3jjui ifcfiiris&aj Cwisota Agmsi *£wt Afe*CNf «|P'1T» AIBB allows you to check out just how fast your souped up Amiga really is.
TU What's it called? AIBB Who wrote it? LaMonte Koop What is it? Benchmarking program What's it do? Tests every nook and cranny of your Amiga, but as the name (Amiga Intuition Based Benchmarks) suggests, pays particular attention to real world applications and reports back on the speed. Perfect for testing your new 040 card and gloating to your 030 based friends.
Where is it? .Aminet (Setl) util misc Rating: ???
R-V'n r } iiii iSu m iiiiiraaiiijii h'Sitm Ilfliisii ::i iUiimilif 1 ih: Li. :13~ja tijjirs'.-.i S68F89368 839.116 83888188 V39J9 $ 88888154 839.88 588868188 838.81 mmm m.i S8S88FEK m.im i SS86U244 233.2 ¦ k*ckst»rt utility jriffcscs U9ffS n j£S 512K) 32iitiW 328 U 881 32»!tftfin 328ct881 326 it 881 (LOCK F8B® 868 HIS - 2J1ff Pfc:HIgft Res 861 Lis8 dl?
61648 38.18 68848+68882 68848 (W BSD S8883I294 ImMfiXW nruToT MfliSr °) What's it called? Class Action Who wrote it? Gasmi Salim What is it? Workbench enhancer What's it do? Automatically associates an action with a ty pe of file. It takes a while to configure, but once you’ve fine-tuned it, you'll love it. For example, click on a GIF and you can decide to view it or display - automatically.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) util wb Rating: ????
2 What's it called? Yak Who wrote it? Martin W. Scott, Gall Marziou and Philippe Bastiani What is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? What doesn’t it do?
Adds features to your pointer, stops the disk drive clicking when empty and makes tea.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) util cdity Rating: ????
SB What's it called? Swazlnfo Who wrote it? David Swasbrook What is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? Updates the S What's it called? Syslnfo Who wrote it? Nic Wilson What is it? System monitor What's it do? Syslnfo quickly tells you what hardware you have installed, and performs a few benchmarks to calculate the speed. Maligned by many, but still a quick and easy way to gauge performance.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) util moni Rating: ???
Discover exactly what hardware you have and even how fast it's going using Syslnfo.
ENHANCEMENTS WORKBENCH !TE mr What's it called? MagicCX What's it called? Kai Iske What is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? It s more a way of life than a program, as MagicCX brings together a large number of utilities into one modular system. Everything from clocks, screen blankers, window managers, anti-click utilities... if MagicCX doesn’t do it, there’s a ui»©dl chance it doesn’t need doing.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) Rating: ????
What's called? H Who wrote it? Nico Francois What Workbei H What's it do? AdcL your own programs to the Workbench pull-down menu. This is a discreet and yet powerful wav to make it easy to access your most frequently used programs.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) util boot Rating: ????
Workbench “information” command to include some new and cool features.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) util wb Rating: ??
® What's it called? Angie Who wrote it? Franz Schwarz What is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? Provides a host of little tweaks to the OS, including some magic with pointers and windows. It also upgrades the priority of the active Window, making it more responsive.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) util cdity Rating: ???
A plethora of utilities N all brought together V in MagicCX.
J What's it called?J S Who wrote it? Petri NordluJ What is it? Workbench enhj What's it do? Executive looks aft every task running on the *taiga, priority to the ones vou need to run fastest. This gives the impression your Amiga is running a lot faster, even with heaw-dutv multitasking in the background. Use it, delete it and then see how long vou can survive without it.
Where is it? A minet (Set3) util misc Rating: ?????
What's it called? PowerSnap Who wrote it? Nico Francois What is it? Workbench enhanc What's it do? Allows cutting and pasting between all .Amiga windows. You don’t know how useful this is until you ropy a long filename and path from the Shell and post it into a requestor or word processor.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2i util cditv Rating: ????
IF YOU CAIV'T BEAT 'EM, JOIN 'EM If you've been reading the in-depth series on emulation in Amiga Format, you'll know that it's possible to use your Amiga to mimic other machines.
Not only is this an interesting challenge in itself, but you immediately gain access to the large amounts of software available for the other platform. Programs like Quark Xpress on the Mac, for example, have no equal on the Amiga.
Choosing which other computer to emulate is possibly the hardest part, but the list of possible machines your Amiga can pretend to be include the Apple Mac, PC ZX Spectrum, Sinclair QL, Amstrad CPC Oric and MSX.
Decide which program you need running fastest and then use Executive to give it priority.
UNARCHIVING SOFTWARE There is nothing more frustrating than downloading a program or finding it on CD-ROM and then not being able to use it because you can't open the archive it's stored in. Most of the time the program will be in an archive ending in .lha, such as "program.lha". The easiest way to unpack a file like this is to copy it to the RAM disk, and then open a Shell and enter: lha -x ram:program.lha For this to work you'll need a copy of the Lha program: if you don't already have it on a magazine coverdisk, you can download it from any BBS or Aminet site or obtain it from a PD library.
Similarly, programs compressed in other ways will need a matching program to decompress them. A file ending in DMS will require a copy of DMS - again, you will probably find this on a coverdisk.
NM} What's it called? MCP Who wrote it? Stefan Sommerfeld and Michael Knoke What is it? Workbench enhancement what's it do? Another “do | everything” utility. It’s really a matter of personal taste as to which of these monster commodities you use, but you really should consider try ing as many as possible. MGP is definitely a strong contender for the definitive Workbench utility.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) util cdity Rating: ????
Check | Eornat | Options| SaveCon AMINET The Internet makes many wonderful things possible, and the Aminet is a good example. It's the definitive collection of freely distributable software, mirrored by many several large computer systems across the world, all linked to the net and all open for anyone to use. All you need is a dial-up Internet account costing £10 a month and you can download as many top programs as you want.
Programs stored on the Aminet are invariably archived into either LHA or DMS format so make sure you have some suitable un-archiving utilities to hand before you start plundering.
If you don't have net access, it's also possible to buy various collections on CD-ROM. An Aminet CD-ROM is a cornucopia of software, and will take weeks to explore properly. Even one Aminet CD-ROM is all the reason you need to have a CD-ROM drive, although the AF covermounted CD-ROM should mean you have already upgraded your system... One point to remember with any CD-ROM is that although you may own the collection, you don't own the software on it. Any Shareware fees are still due.
What's it called? NewEdit Who wrote it? Uwe Roehm What is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? Smartens up the standard String requestor, with better cut and paste. You can also perform useful extras such as inserting the time and date, or letting the computer automatically finish commonly used strings for you.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) util cdity Rating: What's it called? VMM Who wrote it? Martin Apel What is it? Virtual Memory Manager What's it do? Using the MMU iresent in some 68030 and higher rs, VMM manages to fool the PD LIBRARIES If you haven't got modem access and you don't have a CD- ROM drive either, you'll have to resort to getting your software the old-fashioned way: on floppy disk. There are still many PC libraries advertising in AF, and in exchange for some money they'll be happy to supply you with the programs you require on a disk.
Amiga into thinking it has up to 512Mb of free memory. It does this by temporarily storing data on hard disk. If your Amiga is up to the task, VMM is a superb way to get the most from heavy- duty software. A superlative piece of programming.
Copy your floppies in no time at all!
What's it Called? SuperDuper IO wrote it? Sebastiano Vigna What is it? Disk copier What's it do? SuperDuper will let vou format and duplicate floppy disks in seconds. It’s designed to out-pei form the operating system disk handling, and it does. Very useful to have at the ready.
Where is it? .Aminet (Setl) disk misc i ting: U What's it called? ReOrg Who wrote it? Holger Kruse What is it? Disk utility What's it do? ReOrg reorganises the data on vour disk, in odier words, it | defragments it. After a while all the data stored on a hard drive gets scattered around, and this slows down the entire computer. Use ReOrg to put everything back in order and speed up your computer.
Where is it? .Aminet (Set3) disk optim Rating: ????
A) What's it called? ToolManager Who wrote it? Stefan Becker What
is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? ToolManager creates
a user-definable strip of icons which can be placed anywhere
on your Amiga’s screen in all manner of ways. The icons
provide a quick and easy way to launch your favourite
programs. They also mean that you don't have to open up lots
of drawers or mess around with menu utilities.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) util boot Rating: ????
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) util misc Rating: ?????
What's it called? Degrader Who wrote it? Chris Hames What is it? Backwards compatibility utility.
What's it do? Switches off the extra bits and pieces which made the Amiga 1200 so cool, and so lets older software (typically games) run.
Where is it? .Aminet (Setl) util misc Rating: ????
Im r Src Dest - r Node J m J Disk2Disk T i dff i Buffer J i W i HD Buffer fl II II VD Buffer J DISK UTILITIES What's it called? DiskSalv Who wrote it? Dave Hayne What is it? Disk utility What's it do? Repair damaged floppy or hard disks. It could be the only way to recover valuable data if something has gone wrong.
Where is it?.Aminet (Set3) disk salv Rating: ????
What's it called? CrossDos Who wrote it? Commodore What is it? Disk utility What's it do? CrossDos creates a new device called PC0: which can read and write MSDOS formatted floppy disks.
This makes it a simple matter to share files with PC and Apple Mac owners.
The only drawback is that A1200s only have double density drives which limits storage to 720K.
Where is it? Supplied with Workbench Rating: ?????
§§ What's it called? AmiCDROM Who wrote it? Frank Munkert What is it? CD-ROM Filesystem Fhat's it do? When you connect a 1 CD-ROM drive to an Amiga, you ¦dmeed a filesystem before you can any disks. That’s exactly what EDROM does. It works too.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) ls useful iting: Continued overleaf ¦* What's it called? FileX Who wrote it? Klass Hermans What is it? Binary7 file editor What's it do? Back in the old days, all the Amiga tools used by real men ended in “X'’. FileX is a binary file editor. Load a file, and look inside at all the funny numbers. Try changing some to see if the program crashes. What fun!
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) file misc Rating: ???
AA What's it called? PowerCache Who wrote it? Michael Berg What is it? Disk cache utility What's it do? Speeds up your hard drive by temporarily storing data in memory. If you have a slow hard drive, and a few spare megabytes of memory7 then this is just what you need.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) disk cache Rating: ???
CAS What's it called? DiskMon Who wrote it? Jorg Strohmayer What is it? Disk utility What's it do? Edit files stored on disk at a very low level: and if that sounds too frightening, you can also defragment your hard drive, undelete files which have been erased and search for passwords in games.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) disk moni Rating: g® What's it called? AmiTCP who wrote it? Various What is it? Networking utility What's it do? AmiTCP is an Amiga implementation of TCP IP, the networking protocol. It makes it possible to connect the Amiga to the Internet. AmiTCP is a fully featured system and comes with dozens of utilities including FTP and Telnet.
You’ll need some form of TCP IP stack for running a Web browser, and this is one of the most comprehensive although it’s far from easy to use.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) comm tcp Rating: What's it called? MUI (] User Interface) Who wrote it? Stefan Stuni What is it? Workbench What's it do? Oooh, MUI creates a new library of Workbench gadgets and so on, and makes a easier create user interfaces. But, MUI is a little resource hungry and this is seen as a bad thing. I happen to like it though!
Where is it? M minet (Set3) dev gui Rating: % A it's it called?
Lenu Who wrote it? Federico Giannici What is it? Workbench enhancer What's it do? Changes cycle ga to produce pop-up menus instea makes it a lot easier to se the option you need.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl util cdity Rating: ???
If rnuwtow are going to have to pop-up, they might as well be good looking ones.
Warn If good l MagicWB those are what matters then what you need. Just look new gadgets and fonts!
At J What's it called? KingCon Who wrote it? David Larsson What is it? Shell enhancer What's it do? Replaces your Shell with one which looks very similar: except it now has scroll bars, filename completion, menus and is more mouse friendly. Once you’ve used it you can’t do without it.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3): util shell Rating: COMMS KHHHHHH What's it called? Parnet Who wrote it? Stefan Haefner and others What is it? Networking utility What's it do? Allows you to connect your Amiga to another Amiga and share files and devices. Very useful if the other Amiga has a CD-ROM drive for example, or if you want to connect your old A500 to your A1200 and use its hard drive. Parnet has evolved into many variations over the years, and the latest version can even connect to a PC running Windows.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) comm misc Rating: ????
What's it called? Ncomm Who wrote it? Torkel Lodberg What is it? Terminal emulator What's it do? Ncomm really is one of the all-time greats. Used with a A modem, it allows your Amiga to A connect to a Bulletin Board or anoth H Amiga. Ncomm is one of the two m H popular terminal emulators on the fl Amiga.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) comm term Rating: ????
What's it called? Term Who wrote it? Olaf Barthel What is it? Terminal emulator What's it do? Term is the other favourite terminal program. Like Ncomm it will allow' you to connect your Amiga to a BBS, read text and send and receive files. It’s usually aj matter of personal choice as to wh l you use, although Term has bee updated to work with 030 and H processors.
Where is it? Aminet (Set comm term Rating: Workbench smarter.
MagicWB is a set of icons, g and backdrops which update your system and make it look simply stunning. Compared to a standard blue-grey Workbench screen, it’s like getting a brand new computer and operating system.
Where is it? .Aminet (Set2) biz demo Rating: ?????
What's it called? MagicWB Who wrote it?
Martin Huttenloher What is it?
Workbench enhancement What's it do? The definitive wav to make ,u. ¦ Amiga GRAPHICS, ICONS AND COSMETIC UTILITIES
S) What's it called? Newlcons Who wrote it? Nicola Samoria What
is it? Icon utility What's it do? Creates a new way of
displaying icons, and actively manages the colours to make
sure they always look great. If you want a smart desktop, then
this is definitely worth a try.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) util wb Rating: What's it called? BlackHole Who wrote it? Alan Smgfield What is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? Creates an icon on your desktop. Drag a file over it, let go and... wham! It’s deleted. Like the Amiga’s Trashcan but a lot more useful. See also “Trash Mas ter”.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) util cdity Rating: ????
Warning: you cannot get back ¦ j what you delete! Ok to delete: M 8 fite(s) and 1 drawr(s) (and their contents)?
3 What's it called? ARQ Who wrote it? Martin Laubach What is it? Workbench enhancer What's it do? Patches the standard Amiga requestors and replaces them with much, much prettier ones. Adds that final touch after you’ve tarted up your icons.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) util cdity Rating: TOP TIPS FOR SPEEDING UP YOUR AMIGA Don't use a 256-colour Workbench palette. The less colours, the faster the Amiga can shift them around. Sixteen is a good compromise.
If your Amiga A1200 still has only °* RAM- 9et a -"memory expansion. Yes, it costs money (about £80) but it will make a huge difference.
Try keeping as much data in memory as possible. It's much faster to read and write to RAM than even the fastest disk drive.
Make use of the RAD (Recoverable Ram Drive). It's especially useful when using DMS - unpack your archive to the RAD disk in seconds and then copy only the files you need to RAM.
Learn all the keyboard shortcuts. I know it sounds daft, but it'll save you a lot of time in the long run.
Use the right version of application software. If you have an FPU (floating point unit) on your accelerator, use an FPU specific version of the software. It will speed things up a huge amount.
Try Kickstart remapping. If your accelerator card allows it use a utility to copy the Amiga's ROM into fast RAM. This can speed up some programs by 10 per cent.
Try running in NTSC mode.
From the "secret" start up menu (press and hold the two mouse buttons when booting) try pressing the space bar to toggle into NTSC mode. Some software (especially games) will run faster, smoother and will fill the entire screen. Note: not all Tvs and monitors can display NTSC.
E3c°3 What's it called? Trash Manager What IS it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? Another trash can utility, only this one allows you to choose the icon and will also allow disks to be formatted if they are dragged into the bin.
Where is it? .Aminet (Set2) util app Rating: i i i lie What's it called? Viewtek Who wrote it? Thomas Krehbiel What is it? Graphics viewer What's it do? Display images stored in all manner of formats from IFFs to JPGs, as well as play animations even directly from disk. One of the best image viewers around - and the author went on to write ImageFX so he knows what he’s talking about.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) gfx show Rating: What's it called? Pictlcons Who wrote it? Chad Randall What is it? Icon Utility What's it do? Pictlcon converts graphic files into icons. This means you can at last have an icon made from a digitised picture of your own face!
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) util wb Rating: What's it called? NewMode IO wrote it? Andreas Linnemann [What is it? Workbench enhancement S it do? NewMode detects any a program to open a screen, patch the screen mode to you want. This if you have a graphics force older programs to run on it.
Where is it? Aminet (Set2) util cdity Rating: What's it called? Magic Menu fho wrote it? Martin Korndorfer What is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? Redefines the .Amiga menus, and allows them to be used lvwhere: not only at the top ot a screen. New menus are more “3D in appearance.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) util Rating: * • * TEXT EDITORS What's it called? GoldED Who wrote it? Dietmar Eilert What is it? Text editor What's it do? A superb Shareware text editor, which looks lovely and is crammed with features. If you only pay for one Shareware program then this could be the one to go for. Can you buy a commercial editor this good? Not an more.
Where is it? .Aminet (Set2) Rating: • » • * * :xt edit Ca? What's it called?
I K A rotP if Vlartin Kpnnv What is it? Text Editor What's it do? Another top-notch text editor. But why are there so many programmers called Martin? Try before you buy, and then send off the registration fee.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) text edit Rating: ????
MISCELLANEOUS What's it called? Sticklt Who wrote it? Andy Dean What is it? Workbench enhancement What's it do? Run Sticklt and you can leave litde notes all over your Workbench to remind you to do things.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) util wb Rating: * • » 3J What's it called? MousoMeter Who wrote it? A looney What is it? Workbench toy what's it do? Every wondered how far your mouse has moved? Wonder no more - run this utility and you'll know for sure.
Where is it? Aminet (Setl) util cdity Rating: What's it called? Homer Who wrote it? David Swasbrook What is it? Desktop toy what's it do? Creates a miniature Homer Simpson on your desktop to keep an eye on you and offer helpful and succinct advice when things go wrong.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) util wb Rating: What's it called? Spliner Who wrote it? Tom Rokicki and Sebastiano Vigna What is it? Screen blanker What's it do? After a pre-set time period, Spliner clears the screen and draws lots of coloured squiggles. It’s supposed to stop your screen from “burning in” if you leave it unattended for a long time, but in reality it’s a load of pretty colours.
Where is it? .Aminet (Setl) util cdity Rating?
What's it called? Gblanker Who wrote it? Michael D Bayne What is it? Modular screen blanker What's it do? Garshneblanker is inother screen blanker, but one which :epts a host of special “modules”, each different visual effects, and will Lmly flip between them. Very kive waste of computer resources!
.Also look out for Aswarmll and FT.
Where isdt? Aminet (Set2) util blank Rating?
I. What's it called? DPMS Who wrote it? M. Spets What is it?
Screen blanker What's it do? This blanker attempts to trigger
the DPMS features of special monitors connected to CvberGFX
compatible graphics cards. What this means is that after a
period of no activity, your monitor will actually turn itself
off. Of course, this means you can’t see your other fantastic
blankers. But that’s progress for you.
Where is it? Aminet (Set3) gix board Rating: * • rrD "Looks lovely and crammed with features' Guessed yet?
Jfi kttit pr«ra VorfflHM taij ‘.lira fy'trvi* S
I. ....._1 W low B| | &*• tat
* l«kl_»lH * 1 You'll never forget to send us your reader
contribution again.
Homer Some things are useful - others just downright silly - Doh!
THANKS TO... Many thanks to the following CIX users who helped out by listing their favourite Amiga software.
Thanks to: drgaz, sifox, durlstonp, scroucher, alewisa, rsmedley, twillets, pdarton, pnolan, tricky, jazziel, dbarnard and cgilliard. Much appreciated, chaps!
Weird Science Ltd. 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel. +44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 (0)116 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk Aminet Set 4, dated January 1997, consists of 4 gigabytes of software in 9,000 archives.
Magic Publisher including t Fh1 Writer 4 Including the full versions of Directory i Opus 5.11. With 95 megs Utilities, 79 megs i Documents, 408 megs Text Software, 12 P megs Disk HD Tools, 7 megs Hardware fa* related, 756 megs Pictures & f%| Animations, 208 megs Graphics 1 softM-are, 394 megs Graphics & Sound ?S Demos, 563 megs Games, 685 megs SA Music modules, 28 megs Music bpA software, 131 megs Communications and more. Aminet Set 3, dated July 1996, consists of 4 gigabytes of 3gg£’ software in 9,000 archives.
Including the full versions of Imagine 4.0, XiPaint 3.2, Octamed 5.0. The Amiga System Booster CD enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb i collection of tools to push the A capabilities of the Amiga to the M limits. Nearly all the fantastic M utilities can be started by simply me direct from the compact disc. No JP de-archiving required. The the ' jf I contents include a vast kw collection of screen blankers, Jkmi mouse tools & commodities, backup, file management, K&Wf cache programs to optimise system performance, data m A recovery, CD-ROM utilities, J
virus killers and a whole host more. This CJ2°jiVM jpmmMss for msinnsis *w A saw profmaiomm. M Aminet Set 1 or 2, consist of 4 gigabytes of , software in 12,000 archives. The software is i on four compact discs. With Utilities, A Documents, Text Software, Disk HD Tools, K Hardware related. Pictures & Animations, Graphics software, Graphics & Sound K Demos, Games, Music modules, Music software. Communications, Amiga Development software. Business software and more. All of the archives fgHfcare easily accessible with a simple i|E2n Index menu system with search.
The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Build CD and ISO CD, Envoy
2. 0 package, Enforcer, Workbench 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 tools and
documents with the updated native developers kit, SANA II
package and the installer package. Also included is a vast
amount of info. A must far Amiga mimsnsSs* Magic Publisher
comprises of four compact discs and on this unique CD-ROM set
you will find all you need to create professional looking
documents. There are more than 10,000 Fonts (Colour Fonts,
Bitmap. IFF, Adobe, Intellifonts. Truetype & DMF), more than
5,000 clipart.
Many of these are exclusive to this compact disc. Full commercial versions of Final Writer 4 SE and Wordworth 4 TD are included. Both rated as great word processors on the Amiga. Tools for creating WHTV pages along with backgrounds aiul special clip art for this purpose is also included. A 153 fjgt Bsailst sazisins jrizlazts sfsll ihsfszis szd s Hz art.
The Amiga Repait Kit CD comes complete with the all with all the tools required to backup and rescue f ur precious data on hard drives, fak Sahs 4 will rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks etc. During the process it will attempt to fix all problems caused by software failures or physical damage.
MJDBSaba 2.1 is a superb program that will allow you to restore your valuable data even if the Rigid Disk Block has been destroyed or over written. Basstvsry can recover files from normal } Am i or corrupted disks. '*1 A collection 18,000 music modules arranged of four compact discs all sorted by composer, groups and type.
All stored ready to use from the compact discs. Provided with 11 megs of Module lists and 25 megs of module players for many different computer platforms.
This 7 years titanic work provides over a 1,000 hours of music enjoyment along with information on may of the composers whose work is featured Aminet, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the sites latest software uploads. Each volume contains about 1.1 gigs of, % archives with a superb menu system for un-archiving the files and a J msimple search facility to help you find exactly the file required. The m mksearch facility will even list the compact disc that the file is on. The Wk latest Aminet CD's contain a theme. The Aminet 16 theme is music ®W modules. Aminet 15 is
available now and so is Aminet16.
Workbench Add-on CD (Utilties) £ 24.95 Meeting Pearls 4 (Software Collection) £8.95 W f a Aminet CD's 12 to 14 are also still available.
International Distributor GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438 Email: amiga@gtigermany.com The Euro CD contains a vast variety o) programs and data for the Amiga in the Aminet mould. However this CD differentiates itself by have the contents ready to run without dearchiving. The contents include Animations 36 megsi Commercial 21 megs, Demo's 65 megs, Disk tools 12 megs, Fonts 12 megs, Games 57 megs, Misc. 6 megs.
Modules 110 megs, Music 21 megs, Objects 12 megs, Pictures 118 megs, Presentations 23 megs.
Printer 1 meg, Programs 23 megs, Samples 4 megs, System 10 megs, Text files 26 megs, Utilities 16 megs and Vidules 3 megs. Full English docs, and menus.
Giga Graphics Four CD-ROMs Image Collection £19.95 Xi-Paint v. 4.0 24 Bit Image Manipulation £49.95 Getting an Amiga connected to the Internet is one of the most difficult tasks due to the complex installation routines of AmiTCP and the lack of any real guidance.
Not only will this situation change but you will now be able to get connected to the Internet and the WWW without a hard drive or the complicated setting up of the software. Our extensive networking skills have really been put to the test providing a simple connection from a compact disc providing a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting up is done automatically for you with the connection program provided. All that is required is the answers to a few simple questions. In addition the CD contains all the tools required for both the beginner and
expert, full instructions on getting connected and many very helpful documents on the Internet and WWW. The tools include AmiTCP, Mail FTP, W VVH and many more. In addition there is a section on VV1WV page creation with clip art and creation tools. Easy Hard Drive installation possible but not required.
Wondering what all this World Wide Web is all about, worried about expensive connection and telephone bills, concerned that it may not be for you. Well check it out without the connection or telephone charges with 'Out-of- the-NetThis compact disc contains the contents of actual WW sites for you to browse with the Amiga browsers provided, no online costs at all.
It is all included ready to run directly from the compact disc.
There is a diverse variety of sites and subjects covered to give an excellent feel for the WWW' whilst you browse for free. Find out about the WWW’ without the cost of a connection.
WILL NOT BE SHIPPED VSM 'he Learning Curve CD presents a
fantastic and magical journey through exciting subjects
brought together for the first time on an Amiga CD.
Containing over
32. 000 files this title w ill delight and interest both young
and old with the vast diversity and quantity of Amiga
Educational and Informational programs featured. All of the
programs can be run directly from the compact disc with no
unarchiving on am Amiga. (Workbench 2.04+ ) Encyclopedias
have been scarce for the Amiga and educational compact discs
have been virtually non-e. iste . well nfcw cLfcave a unique
CD providing productive entertainment for all ages. Ms} 3 fra
aftihi eztigqtiii.
Aircraft Educational Religion Art Fairy Tales Science Computer Mathematics Astronomy- Desktop Utils Spelling Biology Electronics Ixmguages Books Engineering Literature Chemistry Geography Drama Ecology Health Music Geology History Mythology Hobbies Philosophy Following in the Assassins CD tradition we proudly present another 500+ games on CD with the superb Assassins menu system, once again improved with access to each game, it's requirements, instructions and information. The games can be played from this superb menu.
SoundStudio has arrived. With fabulous new features including full mixing . Facilities, save modules as samples, k notation editor (with printing), 64 m channels, new midi commands, more Toccata support, no sample size
- limits, fastmem facility and more.
" k SoundStudio has lifted Amiga Hk music creation to new heights .
The musk and sounds files can be audition* from an easy to use interface for both a PC A Amiga. Included are 4,400+ modules, 400 extra large modules over 300k each,) 795 Screamtracker modules, 1.000+ categorised midi files. 4240 IFF samples, 620* categorised W 4V samples, 1,000+ Walkabout Instrument samples in WAV Sfpjl £ IFF formats, 100's of utilities forfj£j!?
Amiga and as a bonus the complete 4B : MidiCrafi collection of Midi files. a+®| user also sets it up ready for the uti contents have been indexed with a categorised mtilitiit available. .4 launched from the guide dirccll) Graphics, Disk Utils., Operai Wnrkhenrh hisir Ruti
• ’C I tvl CIHlly .Tllijll , Dual Performance, Text, Programm A'
’ Amartf@ w zvazUIzjAz Women of the Web is an exciting new
multimedia experience bringing all the latest Internet i HTML
format, using pictures, text files, A animations and sound
samples. With over 450 megs of information on over 250 of the
world’s most beautiful and famous women.
The easy pmnl and click interface makes Bbdfl the whole CD-ROM accessible to both colour images and video this compact Vjftgjl disc is sure to please.
Ram In improve speed. One button press on the Amiga can set-up any program to run on both machines, . Including the entire Sernel set-up at the speed of your choice on both machines. So more difficult set-up A routines. Sernel now runs at various speeds and is RL now the fastest ever. .4 keyboard and mouse can be emulated on the CD32. Twin Express can awy now be controlled from l Opus, Serlink allows easy downloading of data. Plus so much more.
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Info Nexus is a directory utility providing easy file management.
AFCD11: IN_TH E_M AG Emu lators Sinclair's ZX Spectrum was Britain's best-selling micro. Simon Goodwin explores Amiga emulators for this popular machine.
¦Ki cna
* '-lWc res Spectrun Emu I at or m2.8 mkcramEGR i * » i t
riii v - 3D Deathchase made up in speed what it lacked in
THE SPECTRUM STORY Uncle Sir Clive Sinclair sold millions of Spectrums in the 1980s, generating an unprecedented amount of home computer software. This was the key to its success. 48K Spectrum clones have been mass- produced in Brazil, Portugal, India and Eastern Europe, where they’re still popular. The last UK newsstand Spectrum magazine closed years ago, but there are still at least twenty active Spectrum software publishers in the UK alone.
The Spectrum was introduced in 1982, following Sinclair’s IK ZX-80 and ZX-81 models. It was the first Sinclair machine with colour and sound, and arrived just as the home computing world expanded from a clique of DIY programmers and hardware hackers into a mass market of games players.
It cost less than £200 and had a relatively fast, reliable cassette interface. Joysticks, disks and Sinclair's own quirky ‘microdrives’ arrived soon after, in various incompatible formats.
The Spectrum hardware is simple and fairly easy to emulate. The processor is a Zilog Z80, a relatively complicated eight bit chip, originally with 16K or 48K of memory. Sound was rudimentary at first, with a single-bit output controlled by the processor, working a tiny and almost inaudible speaker.
In 1986, after some four million sales, Sinclair upped the memory to 128K, using a complicated bank-switching system as the Z80 can only see 64K at any time, and fitted a three channel square wave sound chip like MSX and Amstrad CPC micros. The majority of releases continued to be compatible with the 48K model, although some use the sound chip.
The Amiga has half a dozen Spectrum emulators. Most of them are excellent, with their own distinctive features. But why should anyone want to emulate a Spectrum?
There is no way to emulate full 128K games in the .Amiga operating system yet, but almost all the ‘classic’ Spectrum programs work on a 48K system.
A year later Amstrad took over Sinclair, and continued the range with the Spectrum Plus Two, with a cassette deck ‘glued on’, followed by the CP M compatible Spectrum Plus Three, with a built-in Hitachi three inch disk drive, like the CPC and PCM7 computers.
Otherwise it was just a Spectrum 128 with extra ROM in a new box.
COLOUR CLASH The Spectrum display was both a strength and a weakness. It had 15 colours but limited their organisation to economise on memory. Attributes allowed 256 by 192 pixel resolution on a colour TV, using only 6.75K so games were fast but limited in colour. Large areas can be re-coloured at speeds Amigas strain to match, but ugly ‘attribute flicker’ appears when twro differently coloured objects occupy the same character square, and everything must be drawn direcdy into the single, fixed display area.
AMIGA SPECTRUM EMULATORS ZXAM and Speculator have the most features and over 100K of AmigaGuide documentation. Unsurprisingly they’re both Shareware, though inexpensive and unrestricted. Spectrum and Speccylator are more basic, but sometimes faster. The table compares features and compatibility.
ZX EMULATORS AT A GLANCE Emulator Versions Status Workbench CPU Joysticks Load Snapshot Save Print POKEs Ta KGB 1.3 1 F
1. 3 68000 N K K N N N Spectrum 1.7 4 F
1. 3+ ANY K M M N N Y ZX-Spectrum 1 S$ 10 2+ ANY N O 0 7 • N Y
ZXAM 2.0b 5 S $ 15 2+ 020+ SKC ZMBP ZM Y Y Y Speculator 97 1
S 10 2+ ANY K OZ M B D O Y Y Y Speccylator 3 F 2+ ANY N M M N
N N Status: Joystick emulation: Snapshot formats: S=Shareware
K=Kempston, Z=Z80 F=Free R=Sindair, M=Mirage C=Cursor B=KGB
G=MGT P=PC 0=Own
- ¦ • v!
TIME ooo:2i 5C«RL 002G35 'Sffi l» t wj © KGB The kKGB’ Amiga Spectrum emulator ran - slowly but reliably - on the old A500. It was written by Troels Noerdergard of Denmark and developed to version 1.3. It was impressive a decade ago, but now it’s obsolete, as it won’t multitask and is incompatible with Kickstart 2, although still in some PD libraries.
SPECTRUM New Zealander Peter McGavin’s eponymous Spectrum is a veteran, last updated in 1993, Spartan but still strong. The best emulator compatible with Kickstart 1.3, it can load snapshots from Amiga disks and cassettes via a sound sampler. It stores BASIC files in two parts on Amiga drives and has rudimentary keyboard handling, emulating the original 40 keys and multiple shifts without concessions to the Amiga’s advantages.
ZXAM ZXAM, Shareware from Spain, comes in five versions, including special ones for AGA and 68060 systems. It’s the only emulator with Arexx support and a machine code monitor. It emulates the popular AGF, Kempston and Sinclair joystick interfaces but many keyboard symbols must be typed the hard way, with Sinclair's multiple-shift scheme.
ZXAM can monopolise the Amiga for top speed, or run several copies at once on shared or separate screens. It can automatically powerpack files as it saves them in Z80 or Mirage format, and recognises KGB and PC snapshots too, although I found it rather picky in practice.
It can load cassettes via a DIY adapter for the joystick port and emulates the Spectrum 128 Sin i t run rnuhitoc v? . H BB * * i HI3* -G ft i “ * :S: I jjgjgjjj Matthew Smith's Spectrum platform classic, Manic Miner.
Sound chip, as well as the basic Spectrum sound channel. The author Toni Pomar proudly lists about 50 programs that benefit from this feature, but full 128K emulation remains on the back-burner.
ZX-SPECTRUM ZX-Spectrum 4.7 is shareware from Holland byjerome Kwast. It’s not particularly system friendly, lacking icons and crashing on 68040 or above, even with caches disabled. It doesn’t like multisync displays, either.
The emulator comes in four versions, with screen updates by processor or blitter and optional support for Sinclair’s Interface 1 - an unique advantage, if you’ve already got the necessary ROM image. It uses its own snapshot format, with a converter for Mirage files, wThich I couldn’t get to work. It does support ZX BASIC filing and the CAT command to show a disk directories. Jeroen promised a Spectrum 128 version a couple of years ago but there’s been no news since.
SPECULATOR William James’ Speculator is UK-developed, derived from Speculator 93, a Qdos PD release, but much more powerful in its Amiga- friendly incarnation. Keyboard handling is exemplary' and you can enter commands and programs letter by letter, rather than with keyword shifts. Like ZX AM it has a window7 in which you can enter published ‘POKEs’ to change game behaviour; for example POKE 36477,1 lets Jet Set Willy fall without dying... The second Amiga version, Speculator 97, has an improved AmigaGuide and automatic installation. It has support for automatic scan doubling on multi-sync
displays and recognises six types of snapshot, saving in ZX82 format with optional compression. It comes with good Z80 tools but no single-step option, which is a pity because in other respects this is much the best emulator for new7 programming.
SPECCYLATOR Richard Carlsson’s Swedish Speccylator is the latest arrival on the Amiga, and an impressive debut. It is free, simple and works well, although the keyboard handling assumes a US keymap. Source is available, so this one may Continued overleaf CROSS EMULATION Apple Mac Spectrum emulators work well on the Amiga with Shapeshifter or Emplant, although you need a fast processor and display.
I tested Mac Speccy 1.1 and Mac Spectacle 1.5 on an A4000 040. Mac Speccy 1.1 is PD, fast and works well even on a two-colour ShapeShifter screen.
Mac Spectacle is slower and needs at least 16 colours, but it does not restrict you to a fixed-sized display - you can stretch and shrink the screen to fit your desktop. Power Spectrum is currently only available for Power Macs, but should suit Mac emulation on the promised Power PC Amigas.
Spectrum emulators for Qdos offer 128K emulation, which none of the existing Amiga emulators can handle, but 128K sound cannot be done justice on Qdos hardware. Ergon's ZM HT generates 68000 code as it goes along, making it faster than the rest but greedier for memory. It's a bit hard to get going on a fast Amiga, but runs well on 68000 models, albeit in only four colours. Ergon publish several other Spectrum emulators for Qdos.
Spectator, from Holland, is friendly and easy to use, with full support for Spectrum 128 and microdrive emulation, but assumes a German keymap and speed in 128K mode is disappointing, even on a 68040. Speculator 93 comes with full source code and utilities but only offers 48K emulation, and needs tweaks for later 68000-series processors.
Spectrum emulators for Unix include XZX, X128 and XZ80 for X windows. These need a fast Amiga as processor emulation is coded in C, and a graphics card for colours under NetBSD, the Amiga's freeware Unix. Xcoupe runs 48K Spectrum software as well as programs for the 512K Super-Spectrum, MGT's SAM micro.
There are lots of Spectrum emulators for Pcs, but double emulation makes them unusably slow. The best is Z80 by Gerton Lunter, but VGASpec, SpecEm, Warajevo and SP are all worth a look if you've got the Intel hardware to run them. Another, JPP, is based on Peter McGavin's Amiga Spectrum emulator and was the fastest around for a while.
4" see rapid development and come to rival Speculator and ZXAM.
LOADING Cassette loading is tricky, although most of the emulators attempt it. You should be able to load your own unprotected files with the ZXAM, Spectrum or Speculator interfaces - a tiny circuit, a sampler and a piece of w ire respectively - but they all baulk at protected games and ‘hvperloacT files, which need microsecond-accurate emulation. ZXAM and the Aminet utility TOOT can save Spectrum tape files from an Amiga.
Most people prefer to skip that inglorious aspect of Spectrum emulation and use files that are already on disk or the net.
Most are supplied as snapshots - images of computer memory.
PD programs like SPCONV convert between ‘snapshot" memory image formats and read real Spectrum disks. Most use shell commands but it’s more convenient to teach the Amiga to treat them like any other disk, with Frank Swift’s MGT handler for SAM, Disciple and Plus D formats.
Echvard Vermuelen’s ZX datatype, from Aminet, lets Multiview, VT, and Photogenics, among others, read screen images in Speculator ZX82 or raw7 Spectrum format.
SPEED TESTS All these emulators need a 68030 or better, although many programs wrork acceptably on a 68020 with fast memory. An unexpanded A1200 is hardly equal to the task and 16-bit Amigas will struggle to run anything but text adventures at reasonable speed.
TauCeti - a game that combined stategy with real-time gameplay.
Simple tests in ZX BASIC suggest that Speccylator is potentially the fastest emulator around at the moment, edging ahead of Peter McGavin's Spectrum. Both average five times the speed of a real Spectrum on a 50MHz Cyberstorm 68060, or 18MHz in Z80 terms.
Speculator comes close behind and takes fewer short cuts.
All these must be slowed down - by running other tasks, or disabling processor caches - before most games are playable on a top-specification Amiga. ZXAM is unique on a fast Amiga, the only one that can deliberately limit its speed to 100 per cent on machines that might go much faster.
KGB and ZX-Spectrum crash on the fastest machines, but deliver reasonable although not stunning performance on older models. KGB is incompatible with Workbench 2 and 3, and ZXAM crashes 68000s, requiring a 68020 or better.
An original 68000 Amiga must pull out all the stops to get even a quarter the speed of a real Spectrum. Speccylator and Spectrum include special, stripped dowm versions that cut corners in emulation for top speed. Most games work, but some crash, and quite a few display scores wrongly because of non-fatal errors in the tricky emulation of decimal instructions.
Speculator dynAMIGAlly re-codes itself to suit the processor. It’s the quickest fully- compatible emulator on a 68000. The standard version of Spectrum comes next in speed, with ZX-Spectrum, the strict Speccylator and the KGB emulator bringing up the rear, about a sixth the speed of real Spectrum BASIC.
CONTACTS The Amiga Format cover CD contains ZXAM, Speccylator, Speculator 97, the full Spectrum manual, ROM and FAQ files, ZX_Datatype, Sphandler, ZA80 cross-assembler, classic games now released to the PD, and more.
The Speccy 96 CD contains snapshots of thousands of Spectrum games, some useful documents, half a dozen Amiga Spectrum emulators and others for PC, ST and Acorn Archimedes, plus over 200Mb of unrelated files. There are some Amiga Spectrum emulators and lots of snapshots on the Emulators Unlimited CD, but Aminet is better if you're more interested in the latest emulators than in snapshots of games. The Cds were supplied by Weird Science Ltd, 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester LE4 2SE.
The greatest repository of Spectrum goodies on earth is on the net at: ftp.nvg.unit.no, in directory pub sinclair, but service can be slow even though it's only just across the water in Norway. The Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.sindair is lively and sometimes informative.
New Spectrum programs reach an enthusiastic following, supported by amateur magazines on disk and paper. Crashed is a witty and informative Spectrum fanzine with occasional cover tapes, disks and even full-colour covers. 20 page A4 issues cost £1.50 each, from Crashed, 16 The Avenue, Manston, Leeds LS15 8JN. The ZX Files started life as a Spectrum fanzine on Amiga disks, but now comes out on paper, from Paul White of 30, The Rowans, Wetherby, West Yorks LS22 5EB.
Almost all the Amiga Spectrum emulators are available from Aminet, in the misc emu directory. If you have no modem or CD-ROM drive, check out regular Amiga PD suppliers, who have a good selection, but make sure you get the latest version and all the documentation and support files.
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Our readers prove themselves to be a creative bunch, yet again - remember to include a recent photograph of yourself if you're sending something in.
As for tips, we're continuing our series of complete solutions.
Again, this is a section of the mag that really benefits from your input. Just remember, you'll be helping loads of people out!
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Mind the spikes and holes in Burnout, Andy Smith The Furfurians prepare to wage war in Tiny Troops.
Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN Vulcan present their first flight sim and this one's got the emphasis on the realistic.
F104s, Lightnings and MiGs. Jet Pilot's got 'em all.
, Choose your vehicle and prepare for the burning. But should this burn a hole in your pocket?
MINSKIES FURBALLS Binary Emotions get all furry with a top Tetris Columns clone.
Engage brain first... ScoRe Swinging cats around has never been more fun TINY TROOPS Vulcan's 'homage' to Command and Conquer sees the Furfurians and Klutes battling it out at your feet.
90+% The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
70-79% Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
60-69% Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
Less than 40% The absolute pits.
READER GAMES War! ......Andrew Harrison Four player tank battling action.
Pooyan ......Andrew Lunn Tempest clone with Pooyan the pig.
Bethany's Zoo Robert Benjamin A factual trip round the zoo. You can even feed the animals.
Dark Tidings Chris Hosier winr.si: ! Role playing action in a land of ghosts and assassins.
Floaty ...Eric Park Collecting items with a floating egg.
All is revealed when you read it... Dragon Crystal Peter McGann Another Tetris Columns clone, this one by a reader.
R J I GAMEBUSTERS - Help and tips on games including the complete solution to Monkey Island 2 and tips on Heimdall 2, Hook and Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis PREVIEWS Andy Smith looks at some Electronic Arts classics due for re- release on Guildhall's Acid label.
This game only scored 87% when it first appeared in May ‘93, but justice was done to the game when it was re- released in Feb ‘95 and scored a Format Gold. You're a helicopter pilot working your way through a set series of high- tension missions. It’s a cracking game (the worst part of it was the dreadful cut-scene of your crashed helicopter when it was game over time), and I liked it so much I wrote a novel about it.
One of the best Bullfrog-designed games and one that's more than stood the test of time. Once the bug gets you
- and it will - you'll be planning, organising and managing your
way right to the top of the leisure industry in this management
sim that brings the genre bang up to date. Theme Park's as much
fun in ‘97 as it was when it first saw the light of day back in
Here’s a big gap in your Amiga gaming history knowledge if you missed out on these the first time round. Read on and redress the situation. You will be asked questions at the end... 1992 saw the first release of this corking bike-riding, club-wielding racing game.
Personally I think the game was way underrated at only 84%, but there are DESERT STRIKE (OUT NOW) £9.99 AF46 87% THEME PARK (OUT NOW) £14.99 AF63 91% ROAD RASH (OUT NOW) £9.99 AF41 84% Nothing could ever take the Sensible Soccer crown (at least nothing yet) but EA had a decent stab at a decent soccer licence and came up with this laudable game. Well worth a look at, especially if you're fed up viewing your soccer matches from above with tiny sprites pegging it around at lOOkph!
Some that would argue differently.
Quibbles about a few extra percentage scores aside, this is a classic game that must be snapped up - especially as you'll even get change from a tenner.
Featuring detailed ravtraced, bitmapped images, this was at the cutting edge of 3D technology back in March WING COMMANDER (OUT 19TH FEB) £9.99 AF44 83% FIFA SOCCER (OUT 19TH FEB) £14.99 AF65 79% ‘93. It was a damn fun game to play too as you flew your starship around the Cosmos on individual missions or as part of a campaign. Not really like, or as good as, Elite but still more than worth your not-quite-ten-quid.
PGA GOLF (OUT 19TH FEB) £9.99 AF22 90% This top-quality golf sim’s actually already had a few re-releases (and why not? It's a genre defining title) but it’s still well worth checking out if you’ve not got it in your library. At the same time, Guildhall are re-releasing PGA Tour Plus, which is the same as PGA Tour but with three additional courses. PGA Tour Plus will set you back a very reasonable £14.99 AND SO TO THE QUESTIONS:
1. Why does cheese go stringy when it’s melted?
2. Why is the foam in your bubble bath j always white?
3. Why, when it’s sunny in Winter is it 7 J still cold?
Especially considering the Earth’s at the perihelion of its
orbit round the Sun in January? Answers on postcards please...
War has been raging on Agaris IN’ for the better part of 500
years. The Kl-utes and the Furfurians had always been enemies,
even since the first pair of amphibious creatures crawled from
the primordial ooze there had been animosity.
Back then the battles were fought over food and vers basic things but now it is far more complicated with the two sides fighting for ... for the right to .
So they could .... well, just fight really.
- VmUit WHERE WAR i* FanEA UiC But all this fighting has had a
price, the constant bombardment is ripping the fabric ol their
planet apart and the only logical alternative ts to find
somewhere else to fight, after all is impossible to conceive
stopping the war.
S' • - v Lbased Command Cer-rc After successfully locating an isolated planet in the ninth quadrant, some 300 million light years away, tele-portation facilities w ere constructed to allow both armies to reach the planet and fight without harming their own world. As far as they could teii the new planet has no intelligent life.
Full Animation IntiocL I | JQ ,GB"t | ’ "¦ * 5 worlds and 65 levels of pure strategic warfare in which to defeat the enemy.
- *y. ¦ ¦ r=*. Om im Whether it's a one or two player game you
will have at your command a crack squad of fny Troops . •T
ranging from fool soldiers, grenadiers, annoured tanks, dune
buggies, para-gtiders.
x | Bhj lrtHtp transporters and many other cunning pieces ol hardware. -r* * 4 iL pBtw Your strategic combat decisions can either be extremely complicated or simple in one scenario you might
* " - . ' IS- _ lfilJi find that bv ordering a single Troop
with multiple ,_„____ jr ' . * •* directional iiu veinenls to
out dtKlgc the enciny sneak past turret guns and to linally I
Ea $ ¦ F ** , blow up the bridge with a land mine is the
correct approach or alternatively Hb
* A1- +. Perhaps full blown Armageddon with ,-- Ttr '9f -4-
Tiny Troops you will'soon realise that. .
* *%r Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road.
Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants PG27NA England UK Tel: +44 (0)1705
670269 Fax: +44 (0)1705 662226 Email: Paul@vul-soft.demon.co.uk
World Wide Web Pages: www.vulcan.co.uk The people of Earth were
a 100 times bigger than those of Agaris and as such, the ant
sized creatures raged a war in gardens, toy rooms, on beaches
and in the kitchen and no one ever knew.
The people of Earth were blissfully unaware that a war raged beneath their feet, this was because the Agaris scientists were looking on a similar scale to their own.
AG X Enhanced Feature Call NOW for your FRE catalogii SOFTWARE SPECIAL OFFERS AMIGA TITLES A1200 TITLES 688 Attack Sub .....11.99 Arbus 2 .Please Call Animated Workshop ......12.99 Approach Trainer ..17.99 Archer Macleans Pool ......12.99 Battle for the Ashes ..4.99 Birds Of Prey .12.99 | Black Crypt .11.99 Blitz Basic 2.1 .....22.99 I
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Want to know whether a highly detailed and involving flight sim is going to enthrall you? Andy Smith thinks you should be told... besides the point. The point is that this game's far too fiddly 5 ftFFKMOl F.hDnf. ] tftFOOl } le I2:5t j to be any fun for anyone other jut_» t|ian very serious and dedicated fans of fiddly flight
* 3 ; M ' simulators. Anyone who liked B17 or anything that has
2. 5 '.fcli'Ef rtTM*
2. 5 «LIDEPftTH 6 5,3210 life and action would, most H O IE II 10
* likely, not enjoy the experience 5 , , quite as much.
What is it all about though?
» You've got two main aircraft: , 3 2 The Lockheed F-104 and the English Electric Lightning (you _ could earn the chance to have mey. Now I'm completely stumped. What's the betting this a little tinker about in a MiG a really important part of the game? But that's going to take some serious hard work) and Vulcan - quite rightly - are very proud of the fact that all the performance facts from the main aircraft have been studied and implemented so the game mimics the real planes' performances to within 10%.
Obviously, unless you've ever flown an F104 or English Electric Lightning that's going to mean very little apart from the fact that Vulcan claim it sorta, kinda, acts the way the real things do. But hey! I've never driven a Group C sports car before and thoroughly enjoyed games that claimed they sorta, kinda, acted in the same way, so we're all agreed that this is probably a good thing.
And that's where we start to get into trouble. The game manual is dire.
Fine, there's an in-game manual that you can refer to. But even here there's a huge amount of assumed knowledge and lack of direction.
Once you've tried working through the text (bright yellow on dull grey is remarkably difficult to read chaps) - with no idea what the terms relate to - you can try moving a mouse pointer round the cockpit to determine what on earth the gauges are. Flow am I supposed to know what a Tacan Offset 'Engaged' Indicator is? And do I need it?
OK, so the manual's not that helpful, that doesn't have to reflect on the game, so let's stick to the point.
Actually the point is it's still all such hard work. Controlling your plane is a nightmare - it's going to take you all day to complete the first exercise mission (landing. On an airfield directly ahead of you. With no wind. And GCA - that's got you hasn't it?). Move the mouse a tiny bit and you'll struggle to get your
r. ¦¦¦ -----------• ----- ¦HBPI « *•• ¦*»-‘i .ii 1.11 ...i mi l
i - :: j - Electric Lightnings in formation. There are plenty
of formation exercises to be played.
TMKE Off miMTI l ~ | r*icf I ¦ 711 KI5 'Sn.O FT **. K‘.
Another formation flying mission. This time with the Luftwaffe. Prepare for anything... 32 MARCH 1997 AMIGA FORMAT 3900DLE LIFT BrftC- XfcKU UKMC plane back in leve flight. And with all the details turned on (bring out Format's trusty accelerated A1200, complete with 6Mb RAM and a whole host of other bits that Ben reckons makes it a poky little number) you'll find it takes an age to react to your mouse manipulations.
- Ff f4 rSL *»; f»‘f Maintaining straight, level flight is not an
easy thing to accomplish, so don't be complacent.
• Xfc F.IFT
* U» MK' t
- JCT nrt ItvKMIIME Of *6 1 CIKIMC £»* »& Tfl 1MC
- * . I*ct itmauim « a».x iimih. -kb« uc i« mt'
- H«ieir£s r*sma* « w.i jet pm muzu
- n*r*re* rtszna* o* w.t jet rare mmx t« nTcmrwTZH w ew* ksiue b
as ulls-s : “1*1“ * «« 5 a- LS« - nnww Et-ENERSIEEO.
Rant Olvn - rrxxr’u- »¦*»!.
Another plane. Another outside view. The roar of the wind and engines is impressive.
The erm, less than helpful manual. Trying to work your way through this is a bit of slog I'm afraid.
I m sounding like I'm having a real downer with this aren't I? I don't want to take it apart for the hell of it - as I said at the beginning, this is going to appeal to people who like over-fiddly jet simulations. I’m not one of them though because I like to be able to play games. And sure, I understand that some games take a while to get used to - often that's the sign of a very good game. Civ took an age to get used to but it's an all-time classic because it makes itself as available as possible to even a complete novice.
But even after a few days trying very hard not to buy the farm after two minutes, Jet Pilot still leaves me cold.
But let s suppose you are keen as mustard for these sorts of games, what then have you got to look forward to? A total of 60 Practice, Exercise and Combat missions that will take you from Scotland to the Med. You'll be flying with wingmen, chatting to control “-1 1 towers and generally getting as close to being a real jet pilot as is feasibly possible. All |j good stuff then.
There's one thing I want to get absolutely clear here: Vulcan have prided themseives on getting as close to reality as possible.
IHWTTIE tBESS For that they are to be commended. All I wish to
do is point out that you’re going to have to be a person who
The erm, wants as much reality in a way thro flight-sim as
possible. Casual game players who don’t mind jumping into jet
for a quick dog-fight round the skies of Britain, Libya or
anywhere else are going to find this far too dry and high-brow.
Which is why I'm only giving this 65°o. The only way you re going to get the satisfaction the game could provide is by sheer hard work and dedication. Unless you re actually interested in the differences between the total drag and thrust of the Lightning compared to the F104 I'd go for something a little more erm, arcade experience' orientated. C 430BDFT SfcSDDFT Sfl©DOFT Time to compare the total drag and thrust of the Lightning compared to the MiG and F104 at 39,060 ft.
PUBLISHER: Vulcan Software 01705 670269 PRICE: £16.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: 1Mb Accelerator recommended RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS Clunky on anything but very low detail.
SOUND: •••O Pshooooooooo' with the occasional robotic instruction.
ADDICTION: ••00 With each mission requiring such ha work you'll be glad of the breaks.
PLAYABILITY: *000 Now this requires some ser ous effort to get into.
OVERALL VERDICT: Strictly for the people who want tc be up with the birds and it's still clunky, even on a fast A1200.
AMIGA FORMAT MARCH 1997 33 i£ : REVIEW urn Climb in, turn on and Burnout.
Andy Smith prepares for some serious road rage... fighting you're trying to either simply bash hell out of the opponents or push them down the hole in the middle or off the edge and into oblivion. And, last one standing is the winner of the bout (not strictly true, if you're the last one alive but you manage to die within a second or two of the second to last person, then you're both credited as coming second, erm, if you know what I mean. And that's almost your lot.
You do the shopping thing every now and again and this will hopefully increase your chances of being the last one left standing - if you make some clever purchases.
Almost your lot because there are bonus ARENA 2: A metallic disk with huge spikes projecting inward - contact with any of the spikes during play causes instant death - no matter how full your shields are.
THE KILLING GROUNDS ey! Let's have some scenario stuff for a change! Burnouts a spectator sport for the masses. And they need some entertaining in 2045 because they're recovering from the latest war. All right, enough scenario already.
Burnouts about battling cars in arenas. Last one standing is the winner. Up to four cars take part in each battle - computer or human controlled - and there are four different types of car for you to choose from.
Basically, you pick the car that suits your playing style. Up to a point.
After each' contest prize money is awarded and after each set of four bouts (in Tournament mode) you pay a visit to a shop where you can buy upgrades to your car - things like extra shields and a reverse ability.
You can also buy weapons and special features - such as the ability to be able to 'fog' the screen for a few seconds so nobody (including you) knows where anyone else is. And it's largely how you manage your funds and what upgrades you buy that determines how you fare in the early stages of the game at least.
And so to the gameplaying experience. The four cars are arranged around the screen in top, left, bottom and right and when the bout starts you all pile into each other
- depending in which arena you're CHOOSE BEETLE: A two ton
vehicle that has medium everything but can't reverse.
YOUR MOTOR HOVER- BUG: A two ton vehicle that has good rear force and can reverse.
TRIKE: A one ton vehicle that turns sharply but has weak rear force and can't reverse.
HEAVY METAL: A three ton vehicle that's powerful, slow and can't reverse.
Another bonus stage. As soon as the lights change, hit accelerate. Erm, that's it.
Stages. These last about five seconds total and involve either being the first to accelerate when a light switches on, or trying to be the last person sucked into the hole in the middle of the arena. They are quite pointless it seems.
Vulcan gush "...it's time to push the Amiga to its limits. Fast furious multi-player action with impeccable production values and in-game graphics of astonishing quality in high resolutions" on their ads and it's hard to find fault with what they're saying.
The action is indeed fast and furious.
There are multiple players. The production values are very high. The in-game graphics are very good and at high resolutions. Obviously, they aren't going to tell you that it's terribly dull. It's all been done before and some would argue better.
Take the PD game Knockout 2 where up to eight little cars bash each other about on a disc that starts to shrink. In Knockout 2you even get to push balls around attempting to score goals against the other players. It may not look half as good, but the gameplaying experience is certainly as good. If not better.
Vulcan have put great store in the fact that this game's going to be expandable. They intend to release another 26 different cars for players to choose from and another 95 different arenas. They're even planning to release an editor program that will enable you to design your own arenas. Sadly, I really can't see why they'd bother.
Burnout, when you're playing alone, will burn itself out within half an hour. When you've bandied together another three mates to enjoy the fun you'll only stretch it for another half-an hour tops. It might look great but it's boring, unoriginal, tedious and well worth avoiding.
GRAPHICS: • •••O All very lovely looking.
SOUND: •••0 0 Pleasing enough. Doesn't break any new ground.
ADDICTION: ••OOO After a couple of tournaments you'll be bored.
PLAYABILITY: ••••O Very simple. There's not too much to think about.
OVERALL VERDICT: Four cars, four arenas and very repetitive gameplay add up to a good looking, dull and boring game.
PUBLISHER: Vulcan Software 01705 670269 PRICE: £19.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: AGA, 6Mb min RELEASE DATE: Out now REVIEW (T- same colour strangely become Siamese twins as they partly merge with their partner. This is not just aesthetic but helps make spotting groups a whole lot easier.
Thirdly, and most importantly, you can earn yourself bonus weapons.
Every time you manage to get a group of five or more cats to disappear - or if you manage to create a chain exactly what this is all about so I'll stop explaining the basics and get onto what's different.
Firstly, the cats only drop in pairs.
The order of the cats can be changed by hitting the fire button as they descend - you can even get them to sit side by side if you so desire.
Secondly, once they've reached the bottom, any two or more cats of the Andy Smith coughs up the gen on another Tetris Columns clone. Then he licks his paws and sits on the radiator.
Someone could write a dissertation on the properties of Tetris and why it works so well as a game. Actually they probably have already, which is why I won't bother, except to state the obvious and say it's spawned a thousand clones. And they still keep coming.
This latest version requires the player to manipulate falling cartoon kittens (hope that makes the title a little clearer) that drop down the screen in pairs. The cats are coloured and the idea's to make columns, or groups of four or more cats, of the same colour. When that happens not only does the group disappear, but, as an added bonus, a grey block (or transparent fish) falls down on your opponent's side - obviously causing him problems with his stacking arrangements.
Columns of cats The idea's just to keep going until either you run out of space to manipulate your cats in or your opponent does. Obviously you'd like this to happen to your opponent (who can be one of 11 computer controlled peeps) first because then you'd win the game. Look, I'm sure you know REVIEW ifTz reaction and a couple or more groups disappear one after the other - you're awarded a bonus weapon. Now then, you can use these immediately or you can save 'em up for something a little more effective. The first extra weapon you get is a bomb. You activate it (by pressing up on the joystick)
and then you have five seconds to move a cross-hair around your pile of kitties and hit fire, whereby all surrounding cats get smoked. A special benefit is that it also takes out any immovable blocks in the immediate vicinity.
An important feature of the extra weapons is this saving 'em up facility.
There are more powerful weapons - such as a shield which protects you from enemy blocks appearing on your screen for a while - which you can activate by accumulating several bonuses. Tactical use of the bonuses at the right time is the key to success in Minskies.
It's fun. Play solo and you'll find the computer opponents a challenge
- but not too taxing - play against a friend however and you'll
find the fun's only just beginning. This is definitely a game
that shines in two player mode.
Old hat Minskies Furballs does nothing new however, it simply follows the Tetris Columns brief and continues it.
There are no radical new features or twists to the gameplay, merely good interpretations of old ideas. That makes it fun to play but not exceptional. Like Columns you can find yourself doing rather better than you should be because you manage to create some lucky chain reactions.
Sure, you can plan these, but if you're anything like me you'll find yourself worrying so much about what you're going to do with the piece that's falling down that you won't have time to get all clever and start planning ahead. Maybe that's what stops the game being truly special - the fact that you can do much better than you should be able to by pure luck.
So there you have it. Minskies Furballs is like Columns but slightly different. Though it's polished there's nothing going on that's radically different and it's unlikely to provide you with a massive challenge if you're only ever going to play the thing solo.
That said, once you've booted the game up you'll find it's got buckets of 'just one more go' appeal.
PUBLISHER: Binary Emotions 01722 416074 PRICE: £19.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: 1Mb RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS:
• ••00
• •000 Good looking but a little confusing at times.
SOUND: Nothing much but then it doesn't need much.
ADDICTION: •••0 0 Get the hang of the special ' weapons and you're hooked.
PLAYABILITY: ••••O Simple to pick up and play and scope for tactics too.
OVERALL VERDICT: A fun game with hidden depths.
When you're head to head with a friend you'll be at it all day.
REVIEW Andy Smith's always been a bit bossy, but giv him an army of tiny soldiers he's something of a nightmare.
Jfek P, , : ir--
* *'¦ ** fObr % -‘"4 ¦* *,%. 4
• %,¦’» c +; ‘,T * 7- !%t- *
* * - ' '-+** m ‘ i + % .
- -** ' v i'' •¦- *•-c ~ ** - - *¦ •." R“ •
* *’ , • f ¦¦ , » -. R ¦
* .?n »* . -. * * 4 - .:• .. * * , ‘‘it-. ~ *“'* '~’*J *' , »•,
- «¦-* S Nb v . J i - * Your gang of Farfurians move s 'p in
arouncf an enemy tank. In
• i___________ Take that you Klute! Another scenario, another
victory. They're rarely this one sided though.
PUBLISHER: Vulcan Software 01705 670269 PRICE: £17.99 (inc p&p) VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: 1Mb RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS:
• ••00 Pleasant enough but not outstanding.
• •OOO A little less exciting than we'd hoped.
• •••0 Very well paced. You'll see this in your sleep.
• ••00 It takes a while to get the hang of moving groups around.
OVERALL VERDICT: Fabulously well-paced and playable. You'll be at this like nothing else mattered.
Tiny Troops is more Command and Conquer (but on the Amiga) than it is Cannon Fodder -but it's stolen elements from both of those games and created something that's similar to both without being close enough to be called a clone.
It's all about controlling small squads of, well, tiny troops actually and achieving set objectives (usually destroying the enemy's base) for each of the game's 65 levels. One of the best things about the game is how well paced the levels are in the way they've introduced not only the various weapons (tanks, gliders, grenades and so on) but strategic and tactical elements to the gameplay - like what to do when the only bridge to the enemy base has been blown up. It works so well you just can't help starting another level as soon as you've managed to complete the last.
Each level starts with a small briefing and then the player's usually left to choose the make up of his dozen or so squad members
- choosing soldiers that can fire from long range will work
wonders on one level where they're going to have cover, for
example - before getting down to business. Cleverly, Vulcan
have introduced no time limits as such, but there are levels
where you're going to have to move fast because the enemy are
up to their own thing while you're sat around twiddling your
Control could be a bit easier - it's the only slightly annoying feature of the game - especially when you're controlling a group of soldiers (you can 'rubber band' troops together by clicking and dragging a square around your selected soldiers) because your troops can find themselves wandering around in completely the wrong places at times. This isn't disastrous if you're keeping your eye on things but it can be a problem if you're somewhere else on the battlefield. A little experimentation allows you to compensate for the clumsiness of this feature and though it's annoying, it's certainly
livable with.
This is a highly addictive, playable and fun game - especially in two player mode - that you'll love if you've got a hard disk.
Floppy players may find the amount of disk swapping a little annoying but even then they won't be left wanting once the action starts. Well worth your money.
& 'P’levKi&i ‘TfCaii 6%de i Please Send Cheques POs Made out to Premier Mail Order or Visa Mastercard POSTAGE & PACKING UK -FREE EUROPE -£2.00 REST OF WORLD-£3.50 TEL: 01268 571157 FAX : 01268 733731 REST OF WORLD- £ 3.50 (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: email : 100307.1544@compuserve.com Dept. AF03, 14 ORWELL COURT, HURRICANE WAY, WICKFORD. ESSEX SS11 8YJ Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press.Most titles are despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days. VAT is included 500 1200 CD 500 1200 CD 1699 1299 1099 1299
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8. 99 8.99 Ultimate Soccer Manager VITAL UGHT .. Watch
’ower Wing Commander Wizkid
- -- 1999 -- . - - 4 99 . ----16.99 ,12 99 -- 10 99 ---- ----
World Cup Golf WORLD CUP YEAR 94 World ot Football WORLD GOLF
- ----29 99 .19.99-- .1999 ------ , 12.99 - -
7. 99 8.99 WORLD OF SOCCER______ Worlds at War .4.99-- $ 99 - -
WORMS 9 W -19 99 i--WORMS DIRECTORS CUT -18 99 - 1 - - YP R
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19. 99 - | SPECIAL OFFERS |
12. 9912.99
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12. 99 BADLANDS PETE Bubba n
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19. 9919.99 CHUCK ROCK ... Chuck Rock 2
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9. 99 9.99 9.99 COALA .....
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9. 99 - COLONISATION ....
12. 99-- Corporation ..
4. 99-- Dennis
- ----12.99 -- Dragonstone FIRE
FORCE ......
4. 99 - 4.99
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12. 99 - FIRE & ICE----------------------- Football
Glory .....
- -6.99
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7. 99 7.99 GFL Championship Football GLOBAL EFFECT--------------
3. 9 9--
- -4.99
4. 99 ---- Heimdall 2
- --7.99 - HYPERDOME
- -4.99
7. 9 9--
9. 99 9.99 9.99 -- J N'cklaus Designer Clip Art
Jetstrike . JOHN
- -4.99
- - LAST NINJA 3 ....
- -4.99
17. 9917.99
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4. 99 500 1200 CD 688 Attack Sub ...10.99-- A320
Approach Trainer ... 9.99 - - Alien Breed 3D 2_________ 22.99
- Archer Macleans Pool ....10.99 --- Assassins
Games 19.99 Award Wnnets 2 . 19 99 •--
B17 FLYING FORTRESS..„ 12.99-- Banshee__________ 7 99 - INTOS
AMOS Jimmy White's Snooker .
John Madden foe Dali KGB _____________________ Kick Oft 3 Kick Off 3 Euro Champs KICK OFF 96---- Kngpm .. .1.25 .1.25 125 1 25 125 DC28 Teenage Turtles Slideshow D02S WWF Sideshow D030 The Gathering GFX D041 Enterprise Leaving Dock D042 Girts ol Sport .. D043 The Run (1 meg) . D046 How To Skfi A Cat ... D047 Calendar Girts .... D049 Techno Warrior ________________________ D050 Jesus Loves Acid_________________ D052 Rave Length ..... MUSIC M028 Pink Floyd
The Wall Remix .... M029 No Limits- M030 Cybemex ... M031 Motiv-8 ___________________________________ MG32 Sound Track Sampler (4 disks) GAMES G014 Zdtycon____________________________ GO!5 Earth Invaders „______________ G017 Mayhem .. G018 The Fun House - .
G019 Amos Games ..... G020 Games Gatofc _______ ____________ G021 Ouadnx (pal only) _____________ G022 Buzzard ...... G023 Break Out -____________________________ G024 Demolition Mission G025 Lady Bug (not 600 or 1200) G026 Depth Charge ... G029 Dual- G032 Relayer ...... G034 Top Secret ..._ G03S Flagcatcner .... G036 Wizwar ...... G038 Calcukis Combat
G039BB0 G040 Sector_________________________ G041 Gush __________ ______ G042 Smurf Hunt G044 Out? Master A Editor .
G045 Revenge Ol The Mutant Camels G047 White Knight GG48Wibbie World G.ldy G061 Atlantis ________________ G053 legend Of Lothian ... ...... G0S4 Iron Clads (not 1200) ..... GOSS Wizars Wars ... G056 Fortress (demo) . G057 Neighbours Adventure ... SPORTS SP001 Top Of The League . SP004 Mr.Men Olympics ... SP005 Slambail ..... SP006 Strikeball .... SP007 Amos Cricket ...
SIMULATIONS SM001 5 Simulation Games (not 1200)... SMOD2 Return To Earth ... SMOD3 Napoleonic Warfare Sim v5 .... SM004 Wheel of Fortune (not 1200) SMOOS Card Sharp____________________ SM006 Sub Attack SM007 Roulette___________________ SM008 Act Of War _____________________ SM009 Micro Market _________________ 1 25 1 25 1 25 1 25 1 25 1 25 125 1 25 125 .125 .1.25 .125
2. 50 125 .125 4 99 2 50 .1 25 125 .125 .125 .125 .125 125 .125
125 125 125 125 1 25 125 125 125 125 125 1 25 125 125 .125 1
25 125 125 125 125 2 50 1 25
1. 25
2. 50
1. 25
2. 50
1. 25
1. 25
1. 25 125
1. 25
1. 25 125 125 125'
1. 25
1. 25 125 1099 fWrtsnfPrp* 12 99 - - LEGENDS - Black Crypt 10 99
-------- Lure Ol The T omptress 1299 Bias lot ..
17 99 -- Messengers Of Doom 1999 BUTZ BASIC 2.1___ 18 99 --
Midwinter 1C 99 Blitz Tennis 19 99 - - Morph BkxxJnet
_________________ 14 99 14 99 -- Multi Media Experience 24 99
Brave Romeo Delta 8 99 ----- NAPOLEONICS_____ 799
BREATHLESS . . -22.99 - Navy Moves 699 BRUTAL
PAWS OF FURY . -19.9914.99 Nigel Mansells W Champ.... R .99
Budokan ..... .10.99---
Odyssey ...... .17.99
8. 99 Bumtime 17.9917.99 - Cannon
Fodder ...12.99 - -
Cardiaxx . 8.99 - - CHAMP
MANAGER 2_________19.99-- CHAOS ENGINE 2-----------19.99 19.99
- Club Football The Manager 7.99 7.99 - Club &
Country .... 7.99-- Cosmic
Spacehead .17.99 - - COVERGIRL POKER 7.99-- Craft
for AMOS ....17.99--- CRICKET
MASTERS_______16.99-- Deluxe Paint V______________59.99 - -
Desert Strflre ...10.99 - - DOGFIGHT________________
8.99-- Dune 1 or 2 12.99-- Dungeon
Master 2________________22.99 - Emerald
Mines__________________ 12.99 ENIGMA________________ _19.99 -
Epic ....12.99-- EUROPEAN
CHAMPIONS. 8.99-- EXILE______7.99 EXILE DATA DISK___5 99
Extractors___________________ Extreme Ratang .....
Extreme Racing Data Disk - F19 STEALTH FIGHTER . 12.99
F29____________________ F117A__________ FEARS---- FIELDS OF
GLORY.. FOOTBALL MASTERS_______16.99 Football Statistician
Pro ...14.99 Formula One Masters .16
Gearworks .... 7.99
GLOOM_______________ Gloom 2 ... GLOOM
DELUXE______________ 7.99 G Gooch-2nd Innings ..... 4.99
G Gooch- WC Test Match Ggooch-W Class Cricket..... 7.99 G
Gooch - 94 95 D Disk_____ 4.99 G Gooch - Battle for Ashes
GUARDIAN--------------- Hard Nova_______________________ 8.99
HUMANS 3_______________________ Impossible Mission 2025
8.99 Immortal--------------------------10.99 Indianapolis
500 10.99 INTERBASE______________ 7.99 INTER
OFFICE________________12.99 INTER SPREAD . INTER TALK
- .-..... 7.99 INTER WORLD .... 7.99
Inti One Day Cricket 4.99 One Day
Cricket On The Ball-League Edition.. PGA
Tour Golf ....1299 PINBALL FANTASIES Pinball
Illusions ...... Pinball Mania .. PINBALL
PRELUDE___________ Populous & Promised Lands Populous
2 .. PowerBase v3.5..(Database)
Powerdrive ... Powermonger &
D Disk-------- Premier Manager 3 Deluxe..... Prem Man 3 Multi
Edit Sys. .. Pushover .... Realms ____
Rise Of The Rotxils ____ Risky Woods ..... ROADKILL____________ Road Rash . Rugby League Coach Ruffian _________________________ Senstte Golf ... Sens World ol Soccer 9697 SWOS 96797 DATA DISK Shuttle ___________ .
Skitchu --------------------
19. 99
12. 99
12. 99
12. 99
9. 99
12. 99
13. 99
10. 99
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10. 99
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14. 99
16. 99
7. 99
12. 99
17. 99
7. 99
19. 99
5. 99 -
4. 99 - 10 99 8 99 - SLAMT1LT ...
- 19 99 -
- 7 99 Sleepwalker 8 99 8 99
8. 99 SOCCER STARS 96...... .22.99 22.99 - .16.99 - - Soccer
Team Manager . .10.99---- .14.99 - - SPECIAL
FORCES ...... .8.99-- .16.99-- Soeris Legacy..... .
-19.9919.99 7 99 Star Crusader
- 14 99 -
- 7.99 799 Star Ftghter
- 19 99 1999 STARLORD...... , 8.99 - - . 7.99 - STREETFIGHTER
2 ..... .18.99--
4. 99 - 7 99 - Strike Fleet ... STRIP POT
10. 99--- 7 99 7 99 7 99 - SUBVERSION..... 4 99 - - 4 99 - -
Super League Manager . 7.99 7.99 7.99
4. 99 - - SUPER SKIDMARKS ... . 7.99 - 7.99 . - 7.99
7. 99 Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo .
. -14.9914.99 . 8.99 - - SUPER TENNIS CHAMP.... .7.99-- . -14.9914.99 Super Tennis Champ 2 D D.
. 5.99--- . 8.99 -
8. 99 Supremacy 10 99 - - 10 99 - Syndicate 12 99 ....
10. 99 - 7 99 - TEST MATCH CRICKET 4 99 -- _____ 19 99 ......
.12.99 - The Games 1099 - - . 7.99 - - Touting Car Challenge
12 99 -- . 7.99 - - Tower of Souls ... 19 9919 99 ---
. 7.99 - - Treble Champions 2 ____ 4 99 - ----- Turbo Trax 19
99 Marvens Marvellous Adv MEAN ARENAS_____________ MEDIEVAL
MYTH . .
Naughty Ones NINE LIVES_____________________ 3.99 Out To Lunch .. OVER THE NET .. 3.99 PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA .
Powergames .
Sabre Team .... Simon The Sorceror 1 ....12.99 12.9912.99 Skeleton Krew ..... 7 99 4.99 SKIDMARKS ... 7.99-- SOCCER KID_____________________ _ Steve Davis Snooker... 4.99 Syndicate . 12.99 Torvak 4.99 Total Carnage ...... 3.99 TOTAL FOOTBALL___________12.99-- TRIPLE ACTION 2 - SecondsOut,Hunter.
Lancaster . ...______.... 3.99 - - TROLLS ...... 19.99 TURBO PACK 3------------------- 3.99-- Universe . 4.99--8.99 VIRTUAL KARTING _12.99 - VITAL LIGHT______________________ 4.99 - 4.99
3. 99
7. 99
7. 99 BLANK DISKS Wembley Inti Soccer - Wembley Rugby League
7.99 WHITE DEATH ... 4.99
Wolfchild 4.99
Wonderdog ... 4.99
7. 99 7.99 Screenbeat 5 Speakers SB205 ...11.99
- -Screenbeat 25 Speakers SB 225 21.99
- Screenbeat Pro 50 Speakers SB250 . 32.99
- Screenbeat RCA Adapter Cable . 1.99 Screenbeat
Power Supply 7.99 E013 Learn & Play 1.
E014 Learn & Play 2.. fcOi 5 Treasure Hunt E016 Wraithed One E017 Story Land 2 .
4. 99
12. 99
- 12.99
12. 99
12. 99
6. 99
4. 99 nunuu ulmoo nuuo i WRECKERS..... i , 3 99 i nrusimasier
al joysucx .. 7ir ctirW . t inor Pro Al ilofiro .
Lovrctiolr m qq cumwomsname ... CREATIVE
C0C2 Label Designer ......1 Zb 125 EDUCATIONAL f l Amiga
CDROM C003 Super Fonts ...... 1 C005 Deluxe
Pant Tutor 125 ____1 25 10 10 Dinosaurs .
.12.99 _ _ So Ho CDROM C006 Shadow Demo Maker 125 10 10
Early Essentials (3-7).
10 10 English (6-16) ...... .12.99 _ _ Amiga Tools 3......
24. 99 C009 Lllnois Labels .....1 25 .12.99 _ _ Amiga Utilities
2 ......
19. 99 Cclt Word Power 125 10 10 Essential Maths 5-12 .
.12.99 . _ Aminet Set 1 or 2 ..
24. 99 CC12 Font Farm
- .125 10 10 Ess. Science 5-12 .12.99 Aminet 7.8,9 10.11 or12
14. 99 CG13 Wme Maker
1. 25 10 10 French (6-16) ...... .12.99 Aminet
9. 99 C014 Assassins .....
1. 25 10 10 German (8-161 ..... .12 99 _ _ Amos CD......
19. 99 CC16 Garden Designer .1.25 10 10 Junior Essentials
5-11.12.99 _ _
Animations ......
19. 99 C017X Beat ...... .1 25 10 10 Maths
Algebra (6-16) .12.99 10 10 Maths Geometry 6-16.12.99 --
Artwork Colour C-64
Sensations ...
9. 99
19. 99 UTILITIES U003 The Workshop . 125
10 10 Maths Numbers 6-16 12 99 _ _ CD
Boot .....
32. 99 U008 Asteroid ______________________ 125 10 10 Maths
Statistics(6-16 12 99 _ _ CD
Write ..
32. 99 U010 Autograph______________________________ 125 1010
Spelling Puncuahon 1010 Structured Spelling Better Spelling
(8-10) Bettor Mams (12-16) Cave Maze (8-12) Fraction Gobtins
(8-13) Insight Dinosaurs Junior Typist (5-10).
KidPtx 12 99 12 99 -- Clip Art ...... Fonts .
9. 99
9. 99 U014 Panasonic Printer Driver U01SHP Pnnter Dnver
. 125 125 1399 FreshFonts 1 or 2
19. 99 U016 Sefcosha Pnnter Dnver . U017 Cannon & Citizen
Pont** Driver U020 Bad Format .... .....125
___1 25
- 1 25 1399 .10 99 --
Gateway ...
Giga Graphics......
9. 99
24. 99 10 99
- 14.99 Gold Fish 1 or 2 ....
Graphics Sensation ...... .24.99 . 14.99 U021
Amiga Begners Guilde U022 Better Bench VI2 ._
125 125 ......125 _...125 10 99 .10 99 Hottest
4 .. Hottest
6 ..
9. 99
14. 99 U023 De grader 500 600 1200 U024 Fxiemim-0 Vrus Killer
Magic Maihs (4-5)..... Mams D'agons (6-13) Maths Mama (8-12)
Picture Fractions (7-10) Reasoning With TroHs 5-12 Tidy The
House (6-10) Robm Hood (8.)
.1399 _ _ Illusions in 3D ....
4. 99 U028 Action Replay For The 600 U029 Amiga Tutorial U030 A C
E S Database ... 125 1 25 1.25 .10 99 _ _ Meeting
Pearls 3......
9. 99 .13 99 _ _ Multimedia Toolkit 2 .
24. 99 .1099 ,1099 Network CD2
14. 99 U038 Number Pad For 600 ... U039 Calone
Base 125 1 25 Octamed 8
24. 99 1099 _ Professional Fonts & Clipart
9. 99 U040 J R Comm 1 25 13 99 ¦ _ _ Professional IFF & PCX
19. 99 11041 Race Raptor ______ , ____I 25 Scrooge - Xmas Carol
(8+).. The Three Bears (5-10) .
13. 99 _ _ Professional Utilities 1-1500 ...
19. 99 U042 Pools Pools V2______________________ 1 25
13. 99 _ _ Sound Library & GRX Library
19. 99 U043 TramngLog ..... ...... | 25 Wind In
The Willows (6+)
13. 99 Textures 1
32. 99 U044 Mastie Niblick ...-12S Wizard Of
Oz ......
13. 99 -- The Beauty Of Chaos ..... 999 U045
D-Sdve 125 JOYSTICKS & The
Colour Library The Light Rom 999 32 99 U047 Reio Kick vi 4
J048 Procad Electron
- 125 1 25 Arrpccnnipc The Light Rom 2 32
99 U049 Dividends Winner 1 25 ’1 IIL.VI The
Light Worths ... , . 24 99 U052 Essential Virus
24 99 U053 Soccer
League___________________ _ 125 4 Player Joystick Adapter
Antes Fusion Genlock 499 World O* Clipart
... 999 U054 1 ERM V 4 0 ....
... 375 125 94 99 WortdOfGIF
.. 999 U055 Virus Checker V 7 18
.. DEMOS & RAVE 0001 Nigh! Breed Analogue
Joystick Adaptor Automatic Joystick Mouse Sf Competition Pro
Xtra Clear J 499 Wortd Ol Photo .. 999
litter lystick 14 99 World Of Sound ...
_____________.____________ 999 ____1 25 1099 D0C2 Iron Maoee
Skdeshow .... ... 125 CH FLIGHTS TICK (ANALOGUE) (AAR)
29.99 Cruiser Joystick 7 99 PD & SHAREWARE I D003 Good
Morning Vietnam I D0G4 Creep Show ... 125 ......I 25 Extcna
880K Flooov Dnve
59. 99 BUSINESS D005 Fraction Horror Show 125 GRAVIS ANALOG
JOYSTICK (AAR) 19 99 Internal 880K Fooov Dnve A500
...... 47 99 B0C1 A-Gene (1 meg) B0O4 Ami Cash 1-25
125 0006 Total Reca.i Slideshow 000 Eva Dead (1 meg)
..... D008 Batman Cartoon _ ...._ 1 25
.... 1 25 Internal 880K Floppy Dnve A60CVA1200 49 99 BOC-5
Amibase Prof .... 125 .125 JUPITER
JOYSTICK-------- Mouse 300 dpi 2 Button Mouse 400 dpi 2
Button . 7 99 1099 B0C6 600 Business letters BOH A-Gragn
.... B013 Analytic ALC 1 25 1 25 D009
Robocop _________________________ 0010 Vi* Smeshow
.. ____125 .125 14 99 250 D011 Not
The 9 Oclock News _____ 125 Mouse 400 dpi 3 Button ______
1699 B015 Stock Analyst ... 125 0012
Ranter CM The Los! Ark ... 1 25 Mousemat 1 99 8017 Budgets VI
34 EDUCATIONAL .. 125 D013 Predator Demo .....„„ ..
125 ...... 1 25 Joystick Mouse Extension Cable 699 D014 Safe
Sex ____________________________ Joystick Y Snlitter 4 99
E0C2 The Bible (4 Disks) E0C3 Wortd Databank 4 99 .125 D01S
Stealthy 2 (1 meg)______________ D016 Jem Hendrix Slideshow
. 125 ___1 25 Look: 3 Delta Rav Autohre JY156 1099 I
ogn; 3 Alpha Hay - Ajlofire 1099 E006 Total Concepts _____
______________ . 125 D018 Hotslen Pils 125 Logic 3 Sigma Ray
Autohre 12 99 E007 Bank TaB ... 126 D019 Popeye Meets The
Beach Boys..
1. 25 POWER SUPPLY UNIT______ 39 99 E0C8 Dunks DTP 125 D021 Moon
walker Demo _____1.25 Ouexjoy Pedals SV129 999 E0C9 Colour The
A*ihaoet E010 The highway Cooe E011 Junior Mams
... 1 25 D022 Mike Tyson (1 meg) 1 25
Ouickioy II Turbo SV124 Screenbeat 3 Sneakers SB2I 10 99 125
D024 Terminator.....
1. 25 1299 ...125 D026 Lite Of Brain .. 1 25 Screenbeat 4
Speakers SB204 11 99 E012 Eiect'oric Tram Set (1 MEG)
1. 25 D027 The Garfield Slideshow ..
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Wisedome Ltd, 20 Breezer’s Court, 20 The Highway, London E1 9BE WISEDOME 7omputer'iServices The r.uiid of Computer Services Master Craftsmen Here's where our readers show us just how good a grasp they have on that elusive commodity - gameplay. They are, of course, the... Welcome to the section of the magazine where we prove, month after month, that Amiga owners have creativity, flair, imagination and a considerable amount of programming talent to boot!
Every month we're inundated with games that have been conceived, programmed and produced by you. In recognition of the time and effort you've given to create these potential goldmines, here's where we offer our advice as to how they can be improved.
Anything's considered here - if you want to write a text-only version of Elite, then go ahead (it's been done before!) And bear in mind that this is the best place to have your game seen by the people that matter - publishers.
There's a possibility that the really good games featured here actually go on to become commercial releases, and if that's not incentive The star prize winner gets £50 from Afand £50 worth of Cds from Epic Marketing - every game featured receives an Epic CD. Don't hesitate, finish that code and send it in. Come now and explore this month's bunch of potential hits... Four-player, tank blasting action. It all runs fine but needs more variety.
Pooyan the pig slides round the tunnel collecting colours.
What's especially clever about Pooyan is that the levels are divided into groups - each completed level goes someway towards completing a simple dot-to-dot picture and once that's complete you have to rearrange some letters to spell out the picture before moving on.
Pooyan starts off a little simply if anything. Often you're left with just having to collect one or two bubbles with can take just a couple of * seconds before you're onto the next screen.
Things do get harder later but only gradually. It's fun to play but somehow it lacks any real adrenaline pump - there's no tension here. But that's more likely to be due to the slow initial pace than anything else and otherwise Pooyan is playable and addictive.
We see many clones here at Reader Games, but not many of Tempest - one of the early eighties' greatest games - so it's refreshing to have one to play with today.
The player takes control of a pig (no, I don't know either, you'll have to ask Andrew) which sits at the bottom of the screen. Coloured bubbles appear from the centre of the screen and radiate at some speed outwards towards the edge of the screen (and eventually off). The player moves his pig around - turning left and right causes the pig to move around the edge of the screen as if on the rim of a tunnel - in an attempt to collect the set number of blue, red and green bubbles that have been assigned for this level.
Missing a coloured bubble is not a problem, you simply have to wait for another of the same colour, but hitting one of the brown baddies causes you to lose a life. After three lives the game's over.
Kicking us off this month is a two to four-player tank game. Viewed from above, the idea behind War! Is about as simple as you'd expect
- take charge of your little tank and trundle around the arena
attempting to blast your opponent(s).
It may be a simple idea and it may have been done a hundred times before but Andrew's paid attention to just how the game works. Although the playing arena is very basic
- just a flat landscape with a couple of buildings, the tanks
move around very well.
There's a real feeling of control as you trundle about, simply because the tanks have a sensible amount of inertia.
There's also a number of weapons to choose between and this adds spice to the game because you do actually have to keep switching between your weapons as you run Game: POOYAN Author: ANDREW LUNN Language: UNKNOWN Game: WAR!
Author: ANDREW HARRISON Language: BLITZ BASIC out of ammunition. New supplies can be picked up however by running over the randomly- appearing icons. This goes for health too which balances the game nicely between running around for supplies and running around trying to blast your enemies.
As you can imagine, the game gets pretty heated when you've got four players j ¦= HIELO » LIVES 3 ? I SHIELC _1 swans LIVES 3 -a all after each other and this is where War! Really comes into its own. One curious thing is the way the game still runs in four windows when you've only got two players but this is more a niggle than a real problem.
Although it's fun to play it's not massively addictive and the novelty wears off pretty quickly. All it needs though, is a couple more features - maybe some variety in the terrain would add a more strategic feel, where you could gain advantages from being on hills, in trenches or whatever - and you could find this a seriously entertaining blast. As it stands it's competent but lacking the hook to lift it out of the ranks of the ordinary. ® Game: BETHANY'S ZOO Author: ROBERT BENJAMIN Language: UNKNOWN We don't often get edutainment titles submitted to Reader Games so it's always interesting to
see them when they come in. This one's come all the way from America and is about a trip round a zoo.
Essentially you're presented with a menu screen where there are icons representing the 20 odd animals - ranging from Dack Rabbits to Rhinocerousesesese - you simply click on one of the animals, let's pick a cow for familiarity reasons, and the screen changes to show a green compound and a yellow representation of the chosen animal moving up and down the compound. I would say walking up and down but unfortunately none of the animals walk - they all glide stiff-legged.
On the left side of the compound is a small speaker. Click on this and the Amiga's robotic voice informs you 'cows have short legs so normally they keep their heads low'. And other incredible nuggets. Sometimes, depending on the animal, you might find a feeder tray on the right side of the screen. Click on this and a hand takes out a small white lump of 'stuff' and throws it into the compound. A couple of seconds later an animal glides onto the screen, chomps the 'stuff' and slides off again. And that's all there is to Bethany's Zoo.
I actually like the idea behind this, but it lacks so much. The speech is dreadful - when you're using the Amiga's voice, at least make it speak phonetically so it sounds a little more natural. Obviously not all the animals in the world are yellow and a bit of animation on the legs wouldn't go amiss. Ideally you would be able to walk around the zoo, not just click on an icon, but that would involve a lot of extra work. And maybe some facts about the animals would help.
This is Chris's second submission to Reader Games - the first, Timecorps, appearing back in AF86. And one of the best reasons for us running Reader Games each month is that most of you listen to what's being said. Although Timecorps was a good concept it was all a bit 'clunky' and crude. Chris has taken the time and effort to address that area with Dark Tidings.
Game DARK TIDINGS Author: CHRIS HOSIER Language: AMOS It's a role-playing game. You create a party of adventurers and off you go searching out the evil Darklord. The game's very reminiscent of the early Ultima games or games from SSI back in the mid to late eighties. Sure, that means it looks a little dated, but it's not so much of a problem with role-playing games because - as in Dark Tidings-the action's rarely real-time, the game is usually turn-based and the graphics can get away with being rather crude.
So what makes Dark Tidings such a goodie? The fact that it plays as you'd expect a role-playing game to play. Your characters have peculiar talents, the combat is fair - and can be looked at tactically as you use your ranged weapons and so on - and you have an underlying sense that you're actually working towards something.
The only niggle with the game is that it's obviously written in Amos - there are some less-than-smooth screen updates when the game's moving its forces around and the level of intelligence for the hoards of baddies is less than I suspect Chris would like.
Chris has paid great attention to detail in Dark Tidings and the fact that it works so well is reason enough to award him this month's prize
- you don't have to write a stunning Quake clone - keep 'em
Continued overleaf 4 Game: FLOATY Author: ERIC PARK Language: AMOS Eric's another Reader Games veteran (winner of last month's £50 with Blood Brawt) and has come up with the goods again - although in a completely different field to Blood Brawl.
TfiSeor? 0134 717 I Floaty1 s all about moving a small egg-like character around the screen collecting tokens that are scattered about. You start most of the levels at the bottom of the screen on a platform from where you launch yourself skywards to collect the tokens. The problem - and it goes for any of the other platforms on the screen, for there are usually more of them, - is that every time you jump a part of the platform disappears leaving you progressively fewer places to float back to.
If that wasn't enough to worry about there are baddies in the forms of helicopters and planes and so on that sort of 'slow chase' you around the screen. Contact with any of these means losing a life and starting that level all over again.
Floaty is well produced, very simple and very playable.
The levels get progressively harder, though not too quickly, and the inclusion of a time limit not only adds tension, but helps to balance the gameplay between collecting the tokens and avoiding the baddies - especially the helicopter.
And it's this helicopter that's my only niggle with the Hi Score 814 5 A A A ym COW m tad 01
• I
• 'w. ¦¦ I . III!
Game. Sometimes you do end up in positions where you just can't escape. Sure, the skill of the game is to never get yourself into those positions but if there was some 'last ditch panic button' that could be pressed - maybe only once per life - I'd feel slightly less miffed when killed.
© © © But this is only a teeny niggle because Floatys a good, fun game. It doesn't exactly look a million dollars though does it? © Game: DRAGON CRYSTAL Author: PETER MCGANN Language: BLITZ BASIC 2 Peter may be new to Reader Games, but his first submission is anything but that. It's a Tetris Columns Mean Bean Machine clone in that you're manipulating small falling groups of shapes in an attempt to line them up in rows of three or more (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) in order to make them disappear.
And that's about your lot. Peter hasn't introduced any radical new features to the game but he has made it perfectly playable.
Possibly the biggest feature is the introduction of the 'Dragon' mode. In the ordinary, arcade, mode you will be given some special columns every now and again. Plonk these columns on top of anything - red squares say - and all the shapes of that kind disappear from the screen.
All the red squares would disappear in our example. In Dragon mode you still get the magic columns but instead of removing shapes, they re-arrange them. This is not a bad thing though because it does usually mean they'll rearrange and create rows that will disappear.
Dragon Crystal is a perfectly workable example of its genre. It doesn't stand out as being new or innovative but it's very playable and looks good - possibly the only criticism I would have is that you have to move the joystick left every time you want the falling column to go left. Maybe simply holding the joystick left or right would make it easier to move the columns around. But that's probably just a personal thing and as it stands Dragon Crystal is perfectly fine
- a little uninspired - but fine nonetheless. © In single player
mode (above) life's a lot more sedate. In two player mode
(left) things become very hectic, very fast. Looks nice.
Every game featured in our Reader Games section wins an Epic CD and the winning entry also wins £50 from Amiga Format and another £50 worth of Epic Cds.
3ust a note of caution though: don't bother sending in that PD game you coded three years ago, we'li spot it and chuck it in the bin.
After we've erased the disk for good measure.
And, once the game's been featured here, we'll be passing them all onto Epic Marketing who'll take a look at the good ones with a view to publishing them. There's nothing guaranteed but you never know - you might just get a phone call in a couple of months time. Please remember to make sure you put a contact number or address on any of your submissions and can you also enclose a recent photograph of yourself so that other readers can see who's responsible for the masterpiece that you have created. The address to send your entries to is: Reader Games • Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1
2BW VULCAN SOFTWARE LIMITED IS PROUD TO PRESENT Multi-Play Up To 4 Players Compatible With Parallel Port Joystick Adapters AGA Amigas. 6 Meg Min Playable From Hard Drive Only 100% Fully Rendered In Game Graphics Hires Laced 256 Cols @ 25fps Stereo High Quality Music 6 Channels Of High Definition Sound Effects Aura-lnteraeror Support Newtonian Mechanics Complex Artificial Intelligence for CPI Players Mechanics Shop And Weapons Full Tournament Arenas Knockout Challenges 4 Individual Car Types 4 Individual Arenas 4 Bonus Challenges Future Car and Arena Disks Future Editor Program Burnout, it's
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Burnout is only playable from hard drive, is totally icon based and expandable beyond belief, new cars will be released as expansion files and by simply dragging and executing all files into your Burnout garage you can instantly add another car to the game to bring the total choice up to 30. The same goes for the Arenas giving you a possible 99 different locations to battle your skills on. Whether it's a full tournament chosen by the CPU or knockout challenges that you design yourself.
Burnout will also feature a future editor that will allow you to load in an Arena of your own design making Burnout one of the most expandable games _ ever produced on the Amiga.
Burned Out Earth 2045 is a very different place from the planet last century.
The scarring of the past war is evident to every inhabitant although no rubble is visible, no bodies or radiation lie here, for the last war was a war fought by huge media giants.
The new spectator sport, known as Burning provides the masses with entertainment and lines the pockets of those who show it.
Only the bravest can burn out only the strongest, only the best.
Vulcan Software Limited. Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road, Buckland, Portsmouth. Hants P027NA England UK Tel: +44 (0)1705 670269 Fax: +44 (0)1705 662226 Email: Paul@vul-soft.demon.co.uk World Wide Web Pages: www.vulcan.co.uk
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you want... MONKEY ISLAND 2 Complete Solution THE SECRET OF Each and every month we get requests for help on this all- time classic so, once again, we present the complete and total solution. Good grief, we're good to you - we'll be getting letters of thanks from Mother Theresa next... PART ONE-THE LARGO EMBARGO After crossing the bridge and being accosted by Largo, pick up the sign to get the shovel and go to the swamp. Use the coffin to reach the voodoo lady and talk to her about Largo in order to learn about the four ingredients needed to create the doll to defeat him. The four ingredients
you need are:
1. SOMETHING OF THE DEAD This is the easiest. Simply go to the
cemetery and use the shovel on the left-hand grave at the top
of the hill to get the bone.
2. SOMETHING OF THE BODY Go to the bar in Woodtick and talk to
the bar keeper about business. Largo will come in, order a
drink and spit at the wall. Use the blank paper from Wally's
hut to pick up the SPIT.
3. SOMETHING OF THE HEAD Climb through the window below the bar
to enter the kitchen. Get the knife from the table and go to
the hotel.
Use the knife on the alligator's rope.
It will run out of the door and the innkeeper will follow. Enter Largo's room and take the toupee.
4. SOMETHING OF THE THREAD Take the bucket from the laundry and
fill it with mud from the swamp. Go back to Largo's room,
close the door and use the bucket on the door. Wait for Largo
to enter and follow him to the laundry. The claim ticket you
need will be taped to the back of the door.
Give this to Marty to claim Largo's underwear.
When you take all the ingredients to the voodoo lady she'll make a voodoo doll of Largo and some pins.
Head back to Largo's room and use the pins in the doll to dispose of him.
Now all you have to do is leave the island.
T To do this you're going to need twenty pieces of eight. You'll need the Cheese Squigglies from the bowl in the inn, the stick from the beach and the string from the voodoo shack. Go to the laundry and open the box. Put the Cheese Squigglies in the box, use the stick to hold it open and tie the string to the stick.
Now move away. When the rat starts to eat the Cheese Squigglies, pick up the string and you should then have trapped the rat.
T Take the rat to the kitchen (we know a song about that don't we?)
And drop him in the soup; then go into the bar and ask the bar keeper about the food. Take the job - and the pay - when it's offered and HELPING HANDS HEIMDALL 2 I'm having tremendous problems in Heimdall 2 - back in December's Afyou said to get in the King's castle you needed a pass off Rurik. How do I actually get the pass off him?
C. Kerswill Plymouth The way to get the pass is to give Rurik the
peace offering from Eadric. Rurik sire’1 bri"9 ¥°u a big-
s°lde"' erm',h'"9 will be over the moon at the prospect of
allying with his old mucker, so much so that he gives you the
pass into the castle.
Escape through the window. Finally, steal Wally's monocle when he puts it on the table and head for the SW peninsula. Give this monocle to Captain Dread to use as his lucky sailing necklace and you're away!
PART TWO-THE FOUR MAP PIECES MAP 1 - GOVERNOR MARLEY'S MAP Don't forget to take the parrot chow from Dread's ship before going anywhere. Go to Phatt Island. On arrival you'll be taken first to see Governor Phatt and then thrown into jail. Pick up the mattress to reveal the stick and use this on the bone in the next cell. Give the bone to the dog and let yourself out with the key. Pick up and open both envelopes on your way out to get all your stuff as well as an organ and a banana.
? Go into the first alley along the road and follow the lucky winner into the second alley. After he's gone, use the slot on the door and ask for the winning number. The code you need to give is always the same as the number of fingers first held up. Use this number to win yourself an invitation into the casino in the first alley.
? Sail to Booty Island and enter the costume shop.
Give your invitation to the shopkeeper to get your costume. Head to the guard post in the northwest of the island and present the costume and the invitation to the guard. Proceed to the mansion where you'll find the first map piece hanging on the wall. When you try to leave, however, the dog will smell the The journey home was always a little tricky after a couple of shots of grog... map piece on you and you'll be taken to the Governor. Try all the flattering comments to end this conversation - the Governor will throw the map out of the window. Take the oar before leaving and pick up the dog
once you get outside.
? When you try to pick up the map piece it will blow away and end up halfway down the cliff. Go around the back of the mansion and push the dustbins. Let the cook chase you right around the house and by the time you get back to the dustbins you should have a decent lead. Enter the kitchen and take the fish.
? Now go back to Phatt Island and talk to the fisherman on the pier.
Goad him into a fishing contest and then give him the fish. With the fishing pole, go back to Booty Island and use it to retrieve the map piece from the cliff face. This time, however, it will be snatched by a seagull and taken to the top of the Big Tree in the northeast of the island. Use the oar in the leftmost home in the base of the tree and step on to it. When it breaks, watch the dream sequence then take it back to the wood- smith on Scabb Island who will fix it for you.
V Use the plank and oar in alternate holes to climb the tree.
Enter the hut and use Marley's dog on the pile of maps to find the right one. You will now have one piece out of four.
MAP 2 - MISTER ROGERS' MAP This is located in the cottage off the northwest coast of Phatt Island. First, Continued overleaf HEIMDALL 2 Help! I'm stuck in Core Design's Heimdall 2.1 just don't know what to do once I get to Nifl'Heiml. Any clues please?
Johnny Zigiridis Greece Once you get to Nifl'Heiml you'll see an evil looking dog guarding an entrance. Ignore the dog for the moment. Go to the right of the screen and pick up all the dragon's teeth.
Walk up the stairs past the dog. Ignore his comments. Walk up the stairs on the left of the screen and don't bother fighting any of the creatures in this room because they'll be resurrected almost as soon as you kill 'em. You should now be in Loki's daughter's room. The rest is up to you... HOOK I have been playing Hook for a while now and keep experiencing the same problem - every time I talk to the owners of either Ye Pirate Tailors or follie's Bar or Doctor Chops they start talking and never stop and I can't click on anything else. Will you please help?
Martin Pollitt Manchester Sounds like a wacky bug to us, but try this cheat to get you through the game - go into the Bait and Tackle and pick up the mug next to the candle. Then continue clicking on 'PICK UP' in the space where the mug was and you'll get all the items you need in order to complete the game.
INDIANA DONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS Please help me as I'm stuck on Indiana Dones and the fate of Atlantis - how do I get the eel structure (in Iceland)?
Sarah O'Leary York Assuming you've collected the orichalcum bead from the tomb in the temple, head back to Iceland and go to the Old Dig Site. Have a look at Heimdall's handywork and then use the orichalcum bead in the eel head. Use the map screen to get to Azores, knock on the door you draw up at and explain who you are and ask Sophia about the lost dialogue. Offer to trade the eel and Costa will tell you about a specific set of artifacts. Take note where he says they are.
LEND A HAND If you're having trouble with a particular game or have a solution to a question in the magazine, don't keep it to yourself, write it down or send it in on a disk and we'll do our best to print it.
HELPING HANDS Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW Wal k to Giv Pick up Us ir Op n Look at Push Clos Talk to Puli Look! There's Elvis again. Well, a picture of him anyway. And is that a wooden carving of his head on the shelf there? I think it is you know and I'm rarely wrong about these things.
However, go to the shop on Booty Island and buy the sign. Hand the empty bag of parrot chow. This will distract the parrot and allow you to buy the mirror. Next, go outside and get a leaflet from Captain Kate. Use this on the Wanted poster on Phatt Island to get Kate arrested. Sail to Scabb Island and enter the bar. Use the banana from the jail on the metronome in order to hypnotise JoJo, the piano playing monkey. Pick him up and sail to Booty Island where you should pick up the telescope at the top of the Big Tree. Return to Phatt Island, take the envelope from the jail, open it to reveal
the neargrog and release Kate using the small key. Go to the waterfall and climb the path to the top.
Mix them together to form a green liquid which will improve your spitting."
? Use Jo3o on the pump (a 'monkey' wrench) and go through the tunnel under the waterfall to get to the cottage.
Challenge Rum Rogers to a drinking contest but tip your drink into the tree when he gives it to you. Fill up your mug with Kate's near-grog instead.
When your opponent collapses, use the mirror in the frame, open the shutters and go back outside.
? Use the telescope on the grotesque statue and the beam of light will enter the cottage, strike the mirror and hit one of the bricks on the left-hand wall. Go back inside and push this brick. This will send you crashing through the trapdoor into a room where the second map piece is hiding. Pick it up and exit through the hole, back out onto the beach.
MAP 3 - 3 YOUNG LINDY'S MAP This is in the shop on Booty Island - the asking price is extortionate, but the shopkeeper will swap it for the figurehead from the sunken ship 'The Mad Monkey'. The only person prepared to take you there is Captain Kate but she wants 6,000 pieces of eight. To raise this you'll have to win the spitting contest. Go and join the library on Phatt Island - this will provide you with the ID to get a drink at the bar on Scabb Island.
? Order a 'Blue Whale' and then a 'Yellowbeard's Baby' and mix them together to form a green liquid which will improve your spitting power.
? Return to Booty Island and buy the ship's horn from the shop.
Blow this at the spitting contest to distract the referee. While he's away, pick up the flags and switch 'em round.
Finally, take a sip of the green liquid using the crazy straw and take your place at the line. Wait until the wind blows the scarf of the woman on the right and then SPIT! You should come first. Sell the trophy in the shop to get the required 6,000 pieces of eight.
? Go to the Phatt Island library and use the card catalogue to look up a book on 'Disasters'. This will tell you where Mad Monkey is. Get Captain Kate to take you there and then dive in. Pull off the figurehead and use the anchor to return to the surface. When you return to Booty Island you can sell the figurehead to the shopkeeper in exchange for the piece of map.
MAP 4 - RAPP SCALLION'S MAP This is buried with its owner in the cemetery on Scabb Island. Buy the saw from the shop and take it to the laundry. Look for the 'three men of low moral fibre' sitting on the ledge and use the saw to cut off the wooden leg of :he man on the right.
? When you leave, he will wake up and scream blue murder; attracting the attention of the woodsmith. This will allow you to enter the wood- smith's hut and take his hammer and nails. Sail to Booty Island and enter Stan's Used Coffin Emporium. Ask Stan to demonstrate the deluxe model, and when he climbs in, close the lid and quickly use the hammer to seal the coffin. Take the crypt key.
? Go to Phatt Island and enter the mansion. Distract the guard at the bottom of the stairs by telling him about the three-headed monkey and enter the Governor's bedroom. Use any library book in order to get the book of famous pirate quotations from the bed. On your way out, enter the library, look up 'Recipes' and take out the book called 'The 3oy Of Hex'.
Return to the cemetery on Scabb Island and use the key to enter the crypt. Match the quotations in the book to those on the coffins to work out which coffin Rapp Scallion is in.
Open it, look and take some ashes.
? Visit the voodoo lady in the swamp and examine the jars on her shelf until you find the one marked 'Ash-2-Life'.
Ask her about it and she will use the ashes and book to make you a batch.
Go back to the cemetery and use it on the ashes to bring Rapp back to life. Eventually he'll tell you that he can't rest in peace because he thinks he left the gas on. Use the key he gives you to enter the Steamin' Weenie Hut on the beach and use the knob to turn off the gas. Go back to the crypt and he'll give you his part of the map.
? Now, go to the library on Phatt Island and open the lighthouse. Take the lens and give it to Wally on Scabb Island to use as a monocle. Show him the map and he will agree to help you after you pick up his love potion from the voodoo lady. Do as he tells you, but while you're in the swamp LeChuck will capture him. Take the bag from the voodoo lady and open it to get the love bomb and the matches. On ycur way out of the swamp you'll see a crate on the shore. Open this and climb inside to be taken to LeChuck's fortress.
PART THREE - LECHUCK'S FORTRESS You'll climb out of the crate at the entrance to LeChuck's fortress. Walk all the way right until you reach the jail, look at the cell and talk to Wally.
Go back to the signs and enter the back tunnel - either direction will do.
? The next section is a logic puzzle.
If you look at the spit-encrusted piece of paper you'll find the lyrics to Guybrush's dream. Ignore the first room and walk straight through. From the second room, look for a stone carving which matches the description given in the first verse of the song. If you find it, push it and then walk through it. You should still be in the maze. If you don't find such a carving, keep walking until you do find it. Next, look for a stone carving which matches the second verse, push it and walk through. Do this for the third and fourth verses and you should find yourself standing in front of a massive
door. If at any stage you find yourself back in the room with the signs you've made a mistake and you'll have to start again.
? Assuming you can make it to the door, ignore the locks and simply open the door. Walk through to the throne room and take the key. You'll be captured and thrown into LeChuck's torture chamber. When the candle starts to burn, use the crazy straw on the green drink to get the power to spit. Spit once at the shield on the right of the screen, once at the pan at the bottom and again at the shield. This should put out the candle allowing Guybrush and Wally to escape.
T Use the matches to discover that you're now in a room full of dynamite.
The resulting explosion will destroy the fortress and blow you to... PART FOUR - DINKY ISLAND You'll land on the beach. You can talk to Herman Toothrob, but don't bother trying to solve his philosophical riddle because it's irrelevant anyway. Open the boxes and barrels and give the cracker you'll find to the parrot who will then reveal the first part of the route to the treasure.
T Make sure you pick up the crowbar, the martini glass and the bottle.
Enter the jungle and take the left- hand fork. Walk until you find the bag hanging from the tree. Use the crowbar to break the bottle and use the broken bottle to slash the bag. Take the box of instant cracker mix which falls out and go back to the beach.
Fill the martini glass with water from the ocean and use the whisky still to remove the salt. Use this water with the box to make two more crackers.
Go back to the jungle and this time go right until you reach the pond.
Take the rope off the crate and remove the nails using the crowbar.
? Open the crate and take the dynamite. Head right for two screens until you reach the parrot. Give him a cracker and follow his directions until you meet him again. Give him the last cracker, do as he says again and you'll find an enormous X on the ground. This is the resting place of the treasure of Big Whoop. Use the shovel and dig until you reach cement. Use your last match to light the dynamite and throw it in.
Enter the hole, tie the crowbar and the rope together and use them on the twisted pieces of metal above your head to swing across to the treasure chest.
? This next little section should appear strangely familiar. When you find yourself in the dark, scan the cursor around on the right-hand side of the screen until you find the light switch. Turn it on and prepare for a surprise! After LeChuck has finished posing you'll realise that he cannot actually harm you, just annoy you, and so you can get down to the serious business of killing him off.
DEFEATING LECHUCK As in the first section of the game you'll need to make a voodoo doll to defeat LeChuck and to make the doll you'll need four ingredients:
1. SOMETHING OF THE DEAD Walk as far right as you can and enter
the room with two skeletons. You need the skull of the
skeleton on the right. Make sure you take the hypodermic
syringe from the drawer and the surgical gloves from the bin.
2. SOMETHING OF THE BODY Simply use your clean white handkerchief
on LeChuck and take it back after he's blown his nose on it.
3. SOMETHING OF THE HEAD Enter the room with the boxes and take
the helium balloon and the doll.
W X' xiyfTof* Look at JSSL Oiv* Pick up Us* „ Op*n Look a t Push Clos* Talk to Pali Eats like thirty what though? Camels? Horses? Sparrows? Follow the guide here and everything will be clear as crystal. And you'll get to finish the game into the bargain. Helpful is Amiga Formats middle name. Amiga Helpful Format is what you should ask for next time you're in Smith's. Of course they'll look at you like you're an idiot, but it'll give us a giggle.
Go to the helium tank in the next room and blow up the balloon and both surgical gloves. With these you should be light enough to operate the lift. Call the lift, enter it and wait for LeChuck to appear in the doorway.
When he does, pull the lever and you should trap his beard in the lift door.
4. SOMETHING OF THE THREAD Enter the room with the grog machine
and use the coin return lever. A coin will roll across the
floor and LeChuck will stop to look at it when he comes in.
When he bends over, quickly pull his underpants, place the
skull, the hankie, the beard, the underpants and the doll in
the DuDu bag to create a voodoo doll. Wait for LeChuck and
stab the doll with the syringe. Chase him and do it again.
When you get the chance, rip the leg off the doll.
There you go, now don't go asking for any more Monkey Island 2 tips, ever again! & Mick Davis's Cartoon Clipart Volume One is a new Amiga CD-ROM containing 500 commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used “royalty-free”. Each image is stored as IFF, and all have been scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed. Supplied with a 30+ page printed index of each image. Every image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other CD- rom. „ yB f) - ' ANIME BABES (18) Available now!, 1 gigabyte (1000mb) ready-to-fit Amiga hard ,
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subjects like: chess, piano, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family.
“It has to be said that the graphics set new precedents in Amiga multimedia presentation" Graeme Sandiford. Amiga Format “Why is it you are the only company producing decent Amiga CD-ROMs" G. Hamilton “If you're on the lookout for some interactive reference material then this fits the bill". Tony Horgan, CU 97% Of users have the 9 IOor T 7* “ A. Kids Catagory selector ifrtorSpediifi**' t f nr i V i- .
The Explorapedia menu The subject creator AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGA AMIGA’S (with 4mb+ ram & Hard drive) EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA GROLIER HUTCHINSON'S PRODUCED IN 1996 1997 1993 1991 NO. OF PICTURES 3000+ 1300 MADE IN THE UK USA USA UK AGA INTERFACE V X X UPGRADABLE S X X NO. OF SAMPLES 100's 163 SEARCH MOOES NORMAL DEEP NORMAL NORMAL FILMCLIPS V X X SUPPORTED V X X MUSIC y X X Inter-ACT X X 'Requires an Amiga 1200 or 4000, a hard drive, a CD-ROM drive and 4mb+ of ram.
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Q) N D)
0) O cc
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MOVIE MAKER 4mb+ Learn the trade secrets of film making _
SOUND-FX CD-ROM Contains over 15.000 *7 ** •' Sample files PRO
FONTS & CLIPS Contains over 2.000 fonts and Clipart pics.
1. Standard. (UKI £1 per CD (Overseas) £2 per CD
2. Next Day Delivery.
(UK) costs £10 for opto 10 CD s
3. Same Day Delivery (UK) major towns cities P O A
4. Cash on Delivery (UK) costs £17 for upto 10 CD's ft ADULT
MENSATION Adult Only CD containing nude men?
Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga's largest selling adult title. It features over 4,000 high quality 256 colour images of the “adult” nature. Image viewers and coverters are included for any Amiga. (OVER 18 ONLY)
* (CD01) £19.99 Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new
colour images but also includes tons of adult related samples,
adult music modules, tonnes of adult stories, adult animations,
black&white 70’s photos, adult games and more.
(OVER 18) (CD115) £19.99 Sexy sensation, this CD contains around 2,000 specially chosen high quality BMP & GIF Images. Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any of the pictures on any Amiga. (OVER 18) (CD169) £19.99 Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 Dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available now!
(OVER 18) J ated 90% (CD 145) £19.99 Adult Animations contains hundreds of naughty? Animations film clips for Adults only. Viewing software included for the Amiga. Limited first stocks so order now. HURRY!!!!
(STRICTLY OVER 18’s ONLY) g ......h|| £29.99 Adult MENsation is a collection of unigue images of the male body. This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfill the hundreds of requests for a CD dedicated to the ladies.
Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
164) £19.99 svn i ci IB i 11 .I i Aminet set one
24. 99 Aminet set two
24. 99 Aminet set three
34. 99 Aminet 14 October
12. 99 Aminet 15 November
12. 99 Aminet 16
12. 99 Amiga Repair Kit CD
49. 99 Amiga System Booster
19. 99 World Info
19. 99 Turbo Calc v2.1 Spreadsheet 9.99 Amiga Developers CD
14. 99 Print Studio Pro
39. 99 Magic Publisher (4cd)
49. 99 Meeting at Pearls 4
9. 99 Mods Anthology (4cd)
29. 99 INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to access and
explore the internet with ease. The double CD set contains
usable versions of MIAMI, Voyager, iBrouse, AmiTCP and more.
In addition the CD's contain many utilities for creating
your own WEB pages, down-loding mail, and much more.
Most items are directly usable from the CD’s Ji JN- TT~ Choose any of the following CD-QOIJIs fQft with every EZ5 you spend!
Spend £25 choose one free CD Spend £50 choose two free CD's etc. the hottest around The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes well over 5,000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga's such as the A500+, A600, A1200, and A4000.
1997 AGA version features include: ‘True 256 colour Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga™ ‘Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias ‘Around 20,000 subjects covered from Aalborg to Zygote ‘Hotlist editor So you can create lists of subjects ‘Hundreds of samples Music tracks and and over 300 samples ‘Thousands of pictures Over 3,000 colour mono pictures included ‘Dozens of film-clips animations Over 200 subject related film-clips ‘View many film-clips “full-screen” New Zoom option ‘Now includes Music tracks National anthems and different music styles ‘Import new subjects
from the Internet or from floppy disk ‘Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects ‘Kids Explorapedia Eight kid's interactive play-about sections ‘Enhanced speech facility Improved speech synthesis ‘Subject creator Create your own subject data ‘Network compatible Can be run through CD32 or CDTV BACK FOR THE FUTURE mmmm I Tropes. Itie i W I hr Cactus h-._. : 1 I- ,. ; I - ~J
- J « . Sif rn* f t v z M ra 1 * 4 *)&""] l J__- - _ . . If 1
ALLTHEWM SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting new CD-ROM containing over
1. 3GIG of SCI-FI images, animations, 3D objects, Sound FX,
Documents, Themetunes, Scripts & SCI-FI games.
Subjects included are: Babylon5, Startrek (The original, TNG, Deep Space 9 and Voyager), Batman, Dr Who, Thunderbirds, Robocop, Sea Quest DSV, Bladerunner, Aliens, Terror hawks, 2001. Blake7, Battlestar Galactica, Tron, Total Recal, 2010, Space 1999 etc.
* Buy SCI-FI Sensation from us and you will always receive the
latest available version.
CU Amiga: 91% AUI: 93% Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for the Amiga. Spread over numerous platforms are emulators for: Apple, BBC, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC20, Amstrad CPC, Apple Mac, Gameboy, Atari ST, MSX, Apple200, Atari 800, Atari1040ste, Sinclair QL, Unix and more. Also features hundreds of games,tools etc for most of the emulators.
WS* Bflf VIC 2° A ON'X The FLASH-ROM is a “companion” Emulators CD that contains many new cartridge based machine emulators like: Kelecovision, Nintendo, Gameboy etc. Order code: (CD260) £19.99*. Order both Emulators & Flash ROM for just £29.99* (CD283). A EMULATORS UNLIMITED + "
• Subject to price change without notice.
“ Print Studio PRO allows you to create and print a wide variety of business cards and labels. Also features: PicturCAT, Printer24 - A 24bit graphics print manager, 200mb of mono & colour clipart, and hundreds of quality fonts. Print Studio PRO provides a versatile colour correction system, resulting in perfect colour output on most printers. KS3 or high- errequ ed PRINT STUDIO PRO Now Includes easy to use Multimedia Amiga Interface.
ARCADE CLASSICS Plus loanto’s Personal Suite ;ontains the full versions of Personal , Paint, __ °ersonal Sbase, Personal Write, Personal Fonts and over 500mb of useable Art, Texts & Fonts.
Paint, Image Processing, Animation, 24bit Printing, Word Processing, Database and StereoGram Generator SCI-FI SENSATION v2.2 IMIGA Choice for great value and service "iK's most popular mail order company.
Te order lines J|rs: 0500 131486 Overseas: 2s*1™- 3 Ways to receive your c Sfihdar4je2 days Ne l H Easy ways to order i?
R order Dav or Same Day Delivery J Only £12.95+ £1P&P Insight dinosaurs has been produced in association with The Natural History Museum in London, and features the work of world renowned dinosaur illustrators. It features hundreds of photo’s, illustrations, video clips, narration and sound effects. It is the ultimate A-Z of dinosaurs. CD includes both ECS & AGA versions.
Features inlude:
* AGA hi-res graphics Virtually every question is spoken
* Upto 4 players teams can play
* 20 different subject catagories
• Select from 10 different characters, or add your own
* Use keyboard or special controller
* Over 3000 different questions
• Includes “flash card” questions Choices of free CD-ROMs JPJPYo
Fonts & Clipa?
Retro gaming at it's best. Around 3000 all-time classic spectrum game files on one CD-ROM.
Emulators included for any Amiga.. Games include Manic Miner, Skool daze, Monty mole, Startrek, Thrust, Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit, Strip Poker, Danger Mouse, The Sentinel, Micro Olympics, Under Wurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac, River raid, Barbarian, Hunchback and around 3000 other classic spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy ‘96 also contains hundreds of documents containing instructions for most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats.
Rated over 90% Call now for a FREE full colour 16 page CD-ROM catalogue!
And a FREE copy of the new Amiga CD-NEWS fanzine!
T OPTIONAL “INTERACTOR" CONTROLLER. £24.99 THE EPIC INTERACTIVE OUIZ SHOW World of Clipart is a double CD- ROM containing around 40,000 mono and colour clipart images contained in over 100 catagories in IFF, GIF, PCX, CDR, EPS, TIF, & BMP. Tools for converting images to another formats are included. Subjects include : Animals, Anatomy, Babies, Men, Women, Trees, Reptiles, Insects, Xmas, Religious, Planes, Vehicles, Ships, Toys, Zodiac signs, Eye catchers, Humour, Cats, Dogs, Computers, Technology, Sealife, Space, Symbols, Dinosaurs, Plants, Nature, Ads, Tools, Astrology, Hands, Birds,
Business, Office, Workers, Cartoon, Lion King, Education, Food, Gardening, Holidays, Houses & Buildings, Helicopters, Children, Banners, Medieval, Military, Monsters, Music, Sports. Transport, and more.
=HZ THE SPECCY CD ’§6 This new CD contains hundreds of megabytes of Blitz source-code, Blitz tutorials, game graphics, sound-fx, fonts, many Blitz WEB pages and game music tracks, all of | which you can use freely in your own Blitz programs.
7 ENHANCER (CD252 £17.99 This NEW CD rom contains around 15,000 all-time classic Commodore 64 games and sw emulator to run them on your Amiga.... In stock now!
This CD contains information that NOBODY wants you to know about, and includes tons of megabytes of text documents and photographs relating to UFO I sightings and abductions etc. ENCOUNTERS (CD179) £14.99 UK FREE FONE email; epic@epma.demon.co.uk Fax:01793514187 is 9** M PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME ADDRESS MACHINE PAYMENT METHOD.
Send to: EPIC 43 Akers Way, Swindon, Wilts, UK. SN2 2NF Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am - 6:OOpm .s 7 Overseas Orders: +44 1793 514188
* tf you live in Australia or New-Zealand you canpurchase any of
our CD-ROMs fiom our Sydney based office Send your orders to:
EPIC. 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW. 2233 Tel: (02) 9 520 9606
Fax: (02) 9 520 6077 Tor prices in Australian $ SS simply double
the UK £££ prices listed.
REPLACEMENT WORKBENCH RWB8-2- WB1.2 (2disks) £8.00 RWB9-3 ¦ WB1.3 (3disks) £9.00 RWB10-3 - WB2.04 (3disks) £10.00 RWB19-5 - WB3.0 (5disks) £19.00 HARD DRIVE SETUP SHS7-2 • A600 HD Setup & Install £7.00 AHD7-2 - A1200 HD Setup & Install £7.001 CD-ROM DRIVERS ATP3-1 ¦ Atapi IDE Drivers £3.00 AAZ7-2- Zappo Arcos Drivers £7.00 SSS12-2 ¦ Squirel SCSI Software £poa PRINTER DRIVERS DRV5-1 • 100 Printer Drivers £5.00 TRANSFER YOUR AMINET SUBSCRIPTION FROM YOUR CURRENT SUPPLIER AND NOT ONLY WILL YOU GET EVERY FUTURE COPY OF AMINET FOR £10.99 BUT WHEN YOU JOIN OR SUPER SUBSCRIPTION WE'LL ALSO SEND YOU
Contains 1200 our most popular floppy based software titles on one giant 600mb CD-ROM.
Now you can purchase the entire Epic collection in one go. Subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, Graphics converters, Music tutorials, Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds of Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers, Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, books, and more.
HING BUT TETRIS (CD148) £9 99 ... .
PLEASE SUPPLY A“ prices inc VAT| ITEMS Qty £££ I TOTAL GOODS VALUE £ POSTAGE & PACKING £ AMOUNT ENCLOSED T~ This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most addictive and loved game. Nearly all the games are ready to run directly from CD, and archived versions are also included.
Available Now!
(Epson, Canon, HP, Star, etc) PUBLIC DOMAIIU Unashamed PD devotee Dave Cusick takes over the column and casts his critical eyes over a feast of games and utility disks.
IfTz BLITZ By ..Hartmut Westphal Ware ..Free PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price £1.00 BLIT*
- W£ In the heady days of home computing, programming books
abounded, many of them featuring BASIC source listings for
incredibly uncomplicated but surprisingly playable games. Coded
in Amos, Blitz is a faithful recreation of one such game, in
which a plane must drop bombs on skyscrapers, flattening a
strip of land, allowing it to land safely.
With garish and rather simplistic graphics, and sound which (title music aside) consists of nothing more than a few disappointing bleeps and bangs, Blitz does not at first glance look like the sort of game which will keep the attention for more than a few seconds.
Interestingly, against all the odds, it is rather engaging. Admittedly the player is required to do nothing more than click the mouse button at the appropriate instant to send a bomb plummeting earthwards, but it AMIGADOS GUIDE 2 The Palette Hktof let* you custonwe your Workbench by giving you the power to change the colour tcheme of your Workbench.
AmigaDOS (DOS Shell The palette editor tot a wealth of feature! Al of which really help to enhance your Workbench.
Firstly their»the color mode cycle gadget which let! You elect either 4 or 8 color icont, Secondly The palette editor alto take! Advantage of the AGA chiptet.
And lastly the palette editor alto let! You change the colon of nine tpectfic items on Workbench.
Online Help WIN MENU Finally, the chance to find out exactly what those AmigaDos commands are all about.
NiictarwftJ ¦Tort ntHMrtirt T«i nirWrt [+hj ¦Irk Uw nfcttw HINw Hurtiri ¦fctlM Ilntai TltUi nhm Bictomri By Ware Tim Durbin ....Freeware Palette Discover just what the palette editor can do for you and your Workbench!
PD Library No of disks, Price .. Online PD One 75p + 75p pCsfp M:17l LrmMTt llu»:174 With the Amiga boasting the attractive Graphic User Interface that is Workbench, a newcomer might be forgiven for thinking that a Command Line Interface is something only PC-contemptible users ought to learn how to use. However, whilst Workbench is fairly powerful, as well as being intuitive, using it to perform some complex operations can be a laborious process, because the side effect of having an easily understandable interface is that experienced users can often find it restrictive and long-winded.
Unfortunately for those keen on getting to grips with the Shell, AmigaDos documentation has traditionally been confusing at best and simply non-existent at worst. It is therefore a great relief to see that at last somebody has produced a worthwhile introduction to AmigaDos commands, complete with examples.
The disk also covers AmigaDos applications such as Format and the much- maligned Ed, and explanations of error messages with details of the appropriate remedies. Even Workbench 3 utility and preference programs are covered, so this disk will be particularly helpful to those Cam 1 experiencing difficulties making sense of the appallingly written Workbench 3 manual (which rambles about applications and commodities enough to confuse even the most computer-literate Workbench newcomer).
Thanks to the inclusion of some screenshots and diagrams, AmigaDos Guide 2 is not only informative but also pleasingly presented. Anyone who is even occasionally frustrated by Workbench but is irritated by jargon-loaded manuals would do well to investigate it.
PUBLIC DOMAIN tr- Continued overleaf Just a few tweaks to the interface can dramatically change the pattern.
Really is astonishing how an instantly understandable game with a responsive control system can shine when compared to the many modern day examples of programmers having bitten off more than they could chewr.
Perhaps in these days of sumptuously rendered 3D worlds it is nothing more than the refreshingly basic nature of the gameplay which endears 8-bit recreations to reviewers such as myself; but I rather suspect they must also possess rare addictive qualities which are sadly lacking in many recent efforts.
I will not pretend for a moment that Blitz offers more than a few hours of fun at the very most, because the gameplay is not really varied enough for this, despite the inclusion of some bonus “challenge" levels. However, for experienced computer users hankering after a taste of yesteryear, Blitz represents a delightful slice of old fashioned, back-to-basics gaming, and as such is worthy of investigation.
HYPNOTIC LINES By .....UweHartel Ware ..Free PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price £1.00 Although software in the Public Domain is usually written to reflect the needs and interests of computer hobbyists, occasionally programs come along which serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever other than to amuse a bored programmer. Hypnotic Lines seems to be one such program, but it is still quite interesting.
Written in Amos, Hypnotic Lines offers the user the chance to play around with various settings to create attractive cycling patterns.
.Although they have absolutely no practical applications, these patterns are indeed strangely hypnotic and relaxing, and experimentation is quite enjoyable and diverting.
The interface is uncluttered and reasonably intuitive, although in actual fact it might not matter much if this was not the case, because the greatest pleasure will probably be derived merely through clicking randomly on the various buttons to see what effect they have on the mesmerising patterns dancing above.
A slight adjustment to one setting can have a quite significant effect on the spiralling lines.
Hypnotic Lines is scarcely an essential purchase, but it is always nice to have programs like this sitting around on your hard disk for situations when, for instance, you are particularly stressed and need to unwind a little.
MYSTERY FISH By ......James Marshall Ware ..Free PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price £1.00 When I first loaded this platform game I was suitably impressed by the fancy rainbow backdrop, and the clear if unexceptional sprites. Then a rather feeble tracker module chimed in and broke the spell, and before I even had a chance to identify my character and think about moving him, I was apparently killed by a flying bathtub duck.
: sstas: r | 1 • HWSSBk Mn fciM-Hfth 1 j£69,1536 graphics hsf* I, 35 cthgr~nCT cl jorkbendi fTz PUBLIC DOMAIN A S) TU Top 10 COUrtesy of: NORTH STAFFS PD PO Box 476 • Stoke on Trent • Staffs • ST1 2DY ® 01782 279670 since this is w7hat the text-only title screen suggests the game is actually called) is the work of a fifteen year- old programmer, and when viewed in that light, Rock isn’t actually too bad an effort. It is certainly a great deal more playable than Mystery Fish - principally because at least the levels give the player a chance.
From an audio-visual perspective Rock does not impress particularly, and the gameplay could not accurately be described as anything other than a tad pedestrian.
However young Mr Haydon wras working within the limitations of the Platform Game Construction Kit, which is itself apparently an Amos program, and w7as therefore doubly limited, particularly in terms of speed.
In its favour, Rock is infinitely more controllable than Mystery Fish (and a great many other PD platformers). It is also extremely fair, in that enemies will not appear from nowhere and kill your character before you have had a chance to ascertain precisely what is happening. Consequently, if you look beyond the disappointing exterior, Rock is quite a passable platformer.
WHERE TO GET THE DISKS ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane • Formby Liverpool • L37 3PX ® 01704 834335 CLASSIC AMIGA SOFTWARE 11 Deansgate • Raddiffe Manchester « 0161 723 1638 NORTH STAFFS PD PO Box 476 Stoke on Trent Staffs • ST1 2JY
* 01782 279670 OTHER GOOD PD LIBRARIES Artistix 3 Egg Scramble
Beasties 2 6 Text Engine 4.1 10 Wordworth Macros Beginners
Guide to Workbench 3 Birthdate History Double Battle Edword Pro
(AF93) PUBLIC DOMAIN TITLES Spectrum Emulator v2 As the screen
faded and the irritating tune started again, I thought to
myself, “This time I'll move straight away.” Unfortunately, I
was soon to discover that merely the gendest of touches on my
trusty joypad would result in the titular Fish rocketing across
the screen, whereupon he would prompdy be cornered by the
annoying homing duck.
Having resolving that, on my third attempt, I ought perhaps to leap dexterously past the duck and onto a nearby platform whereupon I might have a split second in which to contemplate my next course of action, I discovered that the platform in question was the home of hurtling spinning top, which was equally deadly.
Herein lie the two biggest problems with Mystery Fish; it’s too hard to control, and - partially as a consequence, but also through poor design - it’s just too tough to play.
This is especially frustrating because, by virtue of its attractive presentation and slick, fast-action gameplay, Mystery Fish might so easily have been a highly addictive platform romp. As things stand, it is simply a horrifically challenging game which will only appeal to the most ardent run-and- jump fanatics.
ROCK By ...Giles Hay don Ware ..Free PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price £1.00 Rock is (it says here) a clone of the classic Top Hat Willy platform game.
Never having played Top Hat Willy, I’m not in a position to comment on whether or not Rock is an accurate recreation of that title, although the graphics do seem a little 8-bit... To be fair, Rock (or perhaps Rockstar, DIAGNOSTIC TEST By PD Soft Ware ..Free PD Library .....North Staffs PD No of disks .....One Price ..50p + f75p P&P Is your A1200 doing bizarre things? If it’s going around conducting discrete meetings with complete strangers and having rather too much to do with
refuse collection vans for your own comfort, then I can’t really offer any advice (other than to stop watching certain Science Fiction films whilst under the influence of mind-altering substances); but if the problem is a simple matter of temperamental behaviour then the solution might be more obvious.
If you suspect that something is amiss underneath that fetching beige facade, but your technical knowledge is insufficient to enable you to make a complete diagnosis prior to contacting a repair company, then the A1200 Diagnostic Test could prove helpful. It might even save brave and skillful souls the effort of sending their machine away altogether, although I certainly w’ould not recommend poking around inside your Amiga unless you know exactly what you are doing, because mistakes could prove extremely expensive.
If you have ever seen a Norton- style Diagnostic utility7 running on a PC-contemptible, you will have some idea of wrhat to expect. The program takes your machine through a series of tests designed to identify7 any problematic areas, the theory being that faulty chips will make themselves obvious when put through their paces one by one.
Unfortunately there is no documentation provided with the disk to assist in interpreting the test results, so to a certain extent you will have to draw your own conclusions - although if everything goes horribly wrong when the program tries to test the blitter, for instance, drawing conclusions might not be too demanding a task.
Save yourself a fortune in repair bills by identifying the problem at home.
Trashc-an l d Shell X-, l ftiignp ics 92s full, 79K fr», 1 V l in us B £ A V l 4 PC*:????
PC TASK 4JO Advanced 486 PC Softoare £mulafor 137773 SOCCER MOUSE A1200 expansion Cards Power-Up your Amiga with this 250w Enhanced Amiga PSU for little more than the price of a normal 25-30w Amiga PSU! Designed for A500 600 & 1200. Encased in Steel Subsystem, All Cables Supplied, Monitor OUTLET ON BACK OF PSU, ONLY QUALITY NEW PSU'S USED,
Hard Disks etc. e49.
T3U23L OPUS 4J2 £50 69 3year WARRANTY 4ms 8mb 16mb 32mb
(69. 99
(89. 99 N A N A
(89. 99 (109,9 N A N A (1199,
(139. 99
(179. 99
(249. 9,
(139. 99 (159,9
(199. 99
(269. 9, (15999
(219. 99
(289. 9, (15999
(179. 99
(219. 99 (28999 (22999
(249. 9, (289,9 (35999 (299,,
(319. 99
(359. 9,
(429. 9,
(449. 9,
(489. 9, (55999 RAM8 RAM8&33MHz FPU 68030 33MHzaFPU 68030 40MHz
68030 40MHz&FPU 68030 50MHz 68040 2 5MHz (inc. Fpu) (199.99
68040 40MHz(inc. Fpu) (269m 68060 50MHz (inc. Fpu) (399.99
SCSI-II Interface for the Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards
- Supplied with software - £79.99 49 99 CALL ABOUT UPGRADES O
¦driver disk j 44 EASrLtDGtRS 2 - The ONLY FULL ACCOUNTS
PACKAGE, Ledger Based accounts system, Amiga Format Gold CALL
ABOUT TRIAL OFFER Hard Disk & 119 2mb RAM Required £ 99 33MHz
FPU Kit-plcc type FPU & Crystal - will fit MOST CARDS - CALL TO
(29. 99 .99 BEIGE OR BLACK MAT £2.99 OR £1 WITH A MOUSE (30 (50
(90 (160 Disks 50 Disks & Colour Labels £14.99 100 Disks &
Colour Labels Books & Videos
(24. 99 Insider Guide- A1200 Insider Guide - A1200 Next Steps
Insider Guide - Assembler Insider Guide - Disks & Drives 49
99 £19.99 £21.99 £21.99 £24.99 NEW £19.95 £19.95 £19.95
ENTERPRISE Single Workstation 507 x 95 x 315mm E3 ¦MU VISA '
.IMIS ok fax 01322-527810
24. 99 £14.95 [contact US on INTERNET sales@wizard-d.demon.co.uk
PO BOX 490, DARTFORD, KENT, DAI 2UH Cheques should be made
payable to WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS. Prices include VAT & carriage
to the UK mainland. Please add £5 to your order for EC
destinations and £10 for other countries. All products are
subject to availability. E&OE. Advertised prices &
specification may change without notice. All sales are
subject to our trading conditions
- copy available on request.
2999 Award winning 560dpi Resolution ? 90% RATING IN CU Amiga ? Micro Switched Buttons ? Amiga Atari ST Switchable ? All 3 buttons can be used with MANY PROGRAMS SUCH AS Directory Opus 5 Magnum RAM8 Card Speed Increase of 2.3 times - 2.88mips ? Available with 0, 2, 4 or 8MB of 32-Bit RAM installed ? Uses Standard 72-pin Simms ? Optional PLCC Type FPU (floating point unit) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Finger CutOut to help Installation ? Trapdoor Fitting
OVERDRIVE, SQUIRREL etc.) ? Zero Waite State Design.
Mastering Amiga Scripts Mastering Amiga Beginners Mastering Amiga Printers Mastering AmigaDOS 3 - Reference £21.95 Mastering Programming Secrets £21.95 AmigaDOS Pack £34.99 Total! Amiga - AmigaDOS & Mastering AmigaDOS 3 - Reference Usually £43.94 SAVE NEARLY £9 560 3 BUTTON MICE A MATS for all Amigas i Atari Stt A1200 Beginner Pack £39.95 2 BOOKS (Insider A1200 & Next Steps), a 60 Minute Video, 4 disks of PD to go with the books videos A1200 Workbench 3 Booster Pack £39.95 2 books (Disks & Drives & Workbench 3 A to Z), a 90 minute Video, 1 disk & Reference Card Total! Amiga - Workbench 3
Total! Amiga - AmigaDOS Total! Amiga - Arexx Total! Amiga - Assembler LOWEST EVER PRICES!
* *** STAR BUY **** Insider Guide - Workbench 3 A to Z £14.95
Onib t39» t59.« i89« £109.99
(129. 99 (12999 £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 £12 Magnum
68030 68040 (r 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to 27 times
? 68030 40 or 60 Processor running at 33 40 or 50MHz (NEW
Processor Chip - NOT Overclocked) ? MMU in ALL Processors ?
'040 fits Standard A1200 - no PROBLEM & IS SUPPLIED WITH A
HEATSINK & FAN ? Up to 32mb of RAM can be added ? Kickstart
Remapping ? Optional SCSI-II interface ? Can ACCOMMODATE A
72-PIN INDUSTRY STANDARD SIMM ? 68040 60 have built-in FPU,
UNIT) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Trapdoor Fitting -
doesn't void warranty ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE SO YOU CAN STILL
Squirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
The Classic QUARTERBACK Quarterback 61 and Disk Suite Quarterback Au ,ritrb**6.11 AmHvia* T*h tbun Tools Deluxe - ARE BACK ON SALE. CONSIDERED BY MOST AS THE DISK BACKUP AND DISK RECOVERY PROGRAMS WE HAVE AVAILABLE THE TWO PACKAGES COMBINED AT AN UNBELIEVABLE PRICE (NORMALLY £79.99). DlSK backup, Disk Recovery & Optimisation are two KEY TASKS THAT JUST SHOULDN’T BE LEFT TO INFERIOR PD ALTERNATIVES. _ Get the Best 34 99 Get the Quarterback Disk Suite.
IMA6E FX 2.6 The BEST Tk UfU. Uy Prmy Smm IMAGE
* 'm’rocessing Package there is for the Amiga. Amiga Format Gold
- CU Awards. Bubble Filter,!
Fire FX, Wireless Hooks, Shear & Straw modes, Enhanced Lightning Effects, FilmGrain Add Remove, Liquid Distortion, Sponge Drawmode, Sparkle Effect & much MORE ARE IN VERSION 2.6. Compatible with ALL Amigas ? High Quality SONY Drive ? Robust Metal Case ? Anti-Click as Standard ? Enable Disable Switch ? Low Power Consumption ? Thru Port for Extra Drives A A £37.99 Or £HT.99 with PowerCopy Pro 3 - The BEST Backup System CP FAX .
Fax Saffron Solution _ Y°UR Amiga- for all Amigas a Modtm EVEN F AX DIRECTLY FROM YOUR APPLICATION.
Amiga Format Gold. Amiga Computing 9 10. Fax Compatible airuRN Modem Required, .99 Bxtomal 1Mb Floppy Privo for all Amtj by Qualified Technicians ? All Amiga Computers Covered ? Prices from as little as £29.99 ? Many repairs by Wizard require NO Parts ? Prices include Insured Courier Collection ft Deuvery, Labour, Full Diagnostics, Service, Soak Test & VAT.
? Fast Turnaround ? All Technicians are Fully Trained h Qualified ? Upgrades bought at same time fitted FREE!
4. 12 (worth £50), MUI 3, MCP, Galaga AGA, Virus Checker, Mods,
ReOrg, Abackup and MUCH MORE.
All software can be installed with our custom click 'n' go system. All drives Yes, at long last, a professional way to install a high CAPACITY HARD DISK WITHOUT CARDBOARD & glue! Our packs offer you our exclusive and COPYRIGHTED BRACK-lT 1200 FITTING SYSTEM & A CHOICE OF HIGH SPEED LOW COST HARD DISKS.
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P hew! It doesn't seem like I've ever been busier.
Lightwave 5 and the Siamese System both landing in my lap just when Nick takes a couple of weeks off, not to mention the taster for the first in our new series of long term tests. We decided to look at the Zip again because it has proven such a firm office favourite and I'm sure it has many fans among our readership too. Remember though, this long term test feature really depends on your input too, so get those reviews coming in.
We even have stuff in for review we didn't have space for this month, so make sure you get next month's issue so you can see what we think of the latest graphics cards, expansions and software.
Ben Vost MEDIA MAGIC Dave Taylor takes an in-depth look at the latest addition to the Amiga's multimedia arsenal.
SIAMESE SYSTEM Is it a PC? Is it an Amiga? Nope, it's a supercomputer, as Ben Vost finds out.
m PRIMA ATOM & INDIGO POWER ADAPTOR Dave Taylor on two new hardware add-ons for your Amiga.
EXPLORING LIGHTWAVE Another Lightwave book, but is it any good?
Ben Vost reads up.
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Below average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws.
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LONG TERM TEST - ZIP DRIVE Ben Vost starts the ball rolling in the first long term test.
Mick Veitch sorts through the latest toptastic platters for your Amiga.
WORKBENCH No problem too tough, no question too rough for our ace expert Mr Graeme Sandiford.
60-69% 50-59% AMIGA.NET Setting up servers for your Amiga with Darren Irvine.
It's renowned as the Amiga's premier raytracing program. But does the latest version of Lightwave meet up to expectations? Ben Vost has the answers.
Newtek’s long-awaited upgrade for the Amiga version of lAghtwave finally arrived in the Amiga Format offices this month. At first glance, the box Lightwave comes in looks lovely. There is some excellent example artwork on one side and the new-ish "prehistoric" logo on the other.
There is even a sticker saying ".Amiga version". On the other hand, it also has a sticker on the side of the box that says “Windows95 or WindowsNT required”.
Opening the box reveals a single CD in a jewel case and two hefty perfect bound manuals. Unfortunately, we get the generic manuals which mainly refer to the Windows version of Lightwave.
There is a section at the start of the first manual listing the differences between the versions for different platforms and it seems we come off worst. It s also a great shame that although Lightwave 5 has been out on the PC for quite some time now, we don’t get any scenes or objects showing off any of version 5’s new features.
SOLID IN USE In use, the program seems somew'hat more solid. You don’t have to worry' overly about haying a moving display in Modeler, the way you used to in 3.5 and
4. I did however, manage to get Modeler to give me a stack
overflow message on several occasions yvhile, seemingly, only
doing very innocuous things. Layout on the other hand seems
rock solid. The neyv display modes for objects are welcome, if
flayved. And the interactive way of changing spotlight cone
angles and camera zoom is excellent. As usual, the manuals
accompanying Lightwave are well- written, but not overly
informative. The two manuals are a reference tome and an
introduction to Lightwave which contains the various tutorials
for new features and old.
RAPID RENDERING Rendering speed hardly seems improved over version 4 but there are neyv anti-aliasing modes that give visibly improved results at little extra cost in rendering times. In general, rendering good looking scenes has been made easier by the addition of tabs to the control panels to free them from clutter, and the new' interactive modes for camera zoom and spotlight aperture. Lightwave now uses metres (much more sensible) for light intensity falloff, rather than a percentage. This would be a great feature, especially since Lightwave will translate values from pre-5.0 scenes into
metres from percentages, but for the fact that it doesn’t cope yvith envelopes which is how I usuallv use the falloff value.
On the subject of the interface design for Layout, the Quit button that was just below the Scene menu on version 4 of Lightwave has been replaced by a pop-up menu giving you the opportunity to load, save and clear scenes, find out about Lightwave and finally quit the program. The question is: why have they done it? Being able to load and save scenes inside the Scenes menu yvas not only fine, it yvas also intuitive. I'm sure that I will find myself constantly clicking on the Scene menu then realising that to load a scene I will nowj need to use the file pop-up menu.
Thank God you don’t need to close the Scene menu window to be able to use the pop-up otherwise I might get really angry.
Texturing is also markedly improved yvith the ability to add as manv textures as required to a single attribute proving invaluable. It's a very great shame is no way of reordering set - you have to them from but I’m sure be addressed in next revision. The ability to add image maps like decals is also incrediblv J particularly so for bottle-type objects which have alwavs J caused problems in the past.
THEM BONES Lightwave's character inverse kinematics facilities have been much improved with the addition of two new options for bones: joint compensation and muscle flexing. Joint compensation helps to alleyiate the problems of pinching yvhen bending a bone-equipped object and muscle REVIEW Using the Watermark plug-tn that comes with Lightwave 5 means you can stamp your identity on an image.
It's toon time. Using the Celshader plug-in takes a while to get right - exaggerated lighting and luminous surfaces seem to help - but the results are worth it.
Objects 1 Modify I Multiplyj Polygon Load Step 1 for a metaNURBS object. Take a subdivided box and stretch it and manipulate it as you like.
Don't worry about non-planar polygons... Modify multiply About Hit Tab and you'll see the splines emerge... Our metaNURBed scorpion in all its glory.
About flexing bulges your object to give the appearance of muscles being flexed.
Both require somewhat higher polygon counts when being used, but give very attractive finished results that again move Lightwave 5 into the realms of more expensive professional products.
However, all these good points do not mitigate the fact that Lightwave 5 for the Amiga is incredibly overpriced. For the cost of the upgrade alone you could buy two copies of Cinema4D and still have cash left over. At full price, Lightwave 5 is so far out of reach for Step 3: Hitting the Freeze button will then make a new polygon-based object. Beautiful!
1 i Good or bad?
On the one hand you have some great new features. On the other you have some nasty bugs and features that haven't been properly implemented. Tot them up for yourself.
Useful ones include the watermark facility which will put a transparent embossed version of a two colour image over the top of every frame of your animation. Another handy one is the CelShader plug-in that gives a cartoony look to your work. In Modeler, the MetaBalls plug-ins are the most worthy of note, but there are plenty to experiment with.
This really is a top feature and almost worth the price of the upgrade.
Take a box, wiggle it about a bit and hit tab and you have a beautifully rounded shape, ideal for organic modelling and which is so easy to manipulate. Hit tab again and you're back to your 40 polygon box. The great thing about MetaNURBS is that you don't need to have polygon- rich, slow-to-update models cluttering your modeler screen, they can be really simple objects that become complex only when you freeze them.
You can now "project" images onto surfaces with lights which also makes it much easier to use images (or sequences of images) as cookies, rather than shining your lights through objects.
Lightwave 5.0 now offers the user a much simpler way of adjusting the cone angle for a spotlight. Simply get the view from the light you wish to work with and click on the new "cone angle" button. This lets you increase or decrease the amount of your scene your light will illuminate quickly and simply.
Bones in Lightwave 5.0 are much improved with two new options: joint compensation and muscle flexing. Joint compensation helps to alleviate the problems of pinching when bending a bone-equipped object and muscle flexing bulges your object to give the appearance of muscles being flexed.
You can now anti-alias textures themselves and turn off tiling. This means you can add features like insignia or laser burns to a model on top of existing detail.
Layout now offers you the ability to have as many textures as you like on an object. If you want the fractal bump map texture overlaid on top of the crumple texture to give a surface somewhat like hammered cast iron badly fixed. Just add your crumple texture and then hit the "Add new texture" button and simply put the fractal bumps texture on top of it.
GRAPHICS CARD DISPLAYS X Lightwave is supposed to support the Picasso graphics card for rendering.
I found that rendering to the Picasso screen in Lightwave results in a black screen as the final result and until I discovered a CyberGFX plug-in for Layout, I was forced to display my finished images through Dopus. Even now I have that plug-in, I still cannot get the undoubted benefit of the texture renderer because it relies on me having an AGA machine (I presume). Finally, Lightwave still does not support RTG for its interface. If it did, perhaps it might not have to kludge together a method for displaying texture previews.
INFINITE SURFACES X Infinite surfaces are great, but only if you can reorder them once they get complex. Unfortunately, Lightwave 5 offers you no means of doing so.
THE FILE POPUP X The Scene menu was fine as it was. It isn't resizable, so you are always going to be limited in what you can do with it no matter what resolution you've managed to shoehorn Lightwave into, so why have a menu on the old Quit button that you have to use to load or save a scene with. Why not leave it in the Scene menu?
LIGHT INTENSITY FALLOFF X Lightwave has moved to a (more sensible) use of metres for light intensity falloff, rather than a percentage. This is only in the Bad column, because although Lightwave copes with a single value for light intensity from older versions, it doesn't handle envelopes. This means you'll need to go back into all your old scenes to adjust those explosions and so on.
METABALLS X The manual states that you can give metaballs a strength between 0.7 -
5. 0 or -0.7 - -5.0 . However, after extensive experimentation, I
have discovered that the most you can do is give the Add
Metaballs function a value of between 0.1 and 1.5 or negative
values to the same amounts. I'm not sure if this is
rationalisation, or a problem.
WIREFRAME VIEWS X A really nice new feature for Lightwave 5 is the ability to show objects as full solid wireframes. Unfortunately, it's in the bad column because of the fact that it only works with the simplest objects and doesn't stop things from being seen through them. Basically, you only see the front surfaces of one object, but objects behind it still show through. Hardly what you would call solid... PLUG-INS X A bit more documentation would be nice.
Most people I would be surprised if Newtek manage to sell any. Pricing Lightwave at over a grand on the SGI or Alpha is good when you consider the alternatives can cost as much as £25,000, but then, these are platforms where Lightwave is going to be used for commercial projects. People who need results fast because of deadlines won't be using Amigas. Those of us who create 3D animation for the love of it are being penalised by the cost of software on other platforms.
In conclusion then, Lightwave is a good product. It builds on the excellence of previous versions and the fact that it is now a small rendering fish in a big pond filled with the likes of Softimage, 3D Studio Max and Alias, will no doubt drive it forward far harder than these other packages.
However, the pricing structure for the Amiga version is ludicrously high.
The only conclusion I can come to is that Newtek are artificially pricing it high so that when no-one takes them up on their offer they can say, “Ah well, the Amiga market is dead - no-one upgraded to five, we won’t bother with any further development then.” I really hope that isn’t the case, but I also really hope that Newtek will take the Amiga seriously
- and, at the moment, that certainly doesn’t appear to be
Distributor: amgfx 0171 468 3444 PRICE: £411.25 for an upgrade from version 4. £1169.13 for a new copy.
Both are subject to £12 delivery charge REQUIREMENTS: FPU, 12Mb RAM, CD-ROM drive, 90Mb hard drive space.
• ••00 Fast, but not that fast. Interface speed on a graphics
card is abominable.
• •••0 One of the easiest 3D packages to learn.
• •••0 Lots of lovely new stuff.
• 0000 Extremely overpriced.
OVERALL VERDICT: Newtek seem to be taking the mickey out of the people who have supported them the longest.
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The A1200 - unlike A4000's and PC's - has NO internal IDE buffering. On the A1200 the IDE interface connects directly to the A1200 processor chip which itself has insufficient output to drive more than one IDE ATAPI device (and only then on a short data cable) for any sustained time period. To the best of our knowledge the Eyetech CDPIus is the only A1200 ATAPI CDROM supplied with a buffered interface as standard. We are now making this 4-device buffered interface available separately for use with other kits and D-I-Y CDROM installations. At only £39.95 it is a small price to pay to preserve
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- - -- - ¦ ¦ " The fastest drive I have tested on any
- David Taylor - Amiga Format February 1997 Important Note! 3.5”
hard drives - even those described as 'Slim' - are usually
1725mm high and will not fit in an A1200 without significant
modifications to the case and metai shielding - which itself
reduces the value of your computer.
All InstantDrives from Eyetech are less than 20mm high and fit perfectly.
V Rated 99% - AUI November 1996, 95% - Amiga Format February 1997 V No hole drilling, case clipping, or shield removal required V All drives are brand new with a 2 year warranty and come Inclusive of full fitting kit and easy-to-follow pictorial instructions V Ready-to-use with WB3.0 and over 45 top quality utilities installed and configured to the Toolsdaemon menu system.
AV drives come with a fully licenced version of Optonica’s Mme multimedia authoring software OR internet access software (shareware) preinstalled
2. 1 GB AV £239.95 2.5 GB AV (3MB s) - £269.95
2. 5" InstantDrives for the A600, A1200, SX32 & SX32 Pro 21MB
Ideal for users of mainly CDROM software on the CDPIus and
SX32 £29.95 256MB A superslim drive ideal for the SX32Mk2 and
the A1200 A600 540MB A superb, superslim drive ideal for users
of serious applications 1,08GB This top-of-the-range superslim
drive is perfect for the SX32Pro £129.95 £149.95 £229.95
mmeamm Next Day delivery to EC and USA Canada.
Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, N Yorks, TS9 5BB, UK Tel UK: 07000 4 AMIGA 01642 713 185 Tel Int'l:+44 1642 713185 Fax: +44 1642 713 634 eyetech@cix.compulink.co.uk http: www.eyetech.co.uk -eyetech Voted AUI Amiga Company of the Year 1996 7 Worldwide deliveries in 2-7 days from receipt of faxed order and payment details, (eg SX32 next day to NYC £25.30) UK m'land 2 next day insured defy charges: S w, cables, buffered i f £2.50 £3; 2.5" drives, accelerators, mem boards £6 £7; 3.5” drives, modems, psu's £8 £10; CDPIus £10 £12 Ring fax email for other delivery costs UK
bank building society cheques. Visa", Mastercard*, Switch, Delta. Connect, Postal Money orders accepted. * A 3% surcharge is applicable to all credit card orders.
Due to space limitations some of the specs given are indicitive only - please ring write for further details. Please check prices, specs and availability before ordering. If ordering by post please include a contact phone no. Goods are not supplied on a trial basis. E&OE.
All prices include VAT at 17.5%. VAT is not applicable to rton-EC orders Start Picl (ColorFade, 1 50, 2) CutOutol .256 Elements of Picl Ift Comment No icon name Panpipei Blank Screen Pic2 ((NONE), 150,2) ScreenRed.iff Text over terfl Elementsof Picl If2 Blank Screen Pic3 (Vertical Swap, 150, 2) ScreenBlue.iff Comment Charti Comment Nn irnn name A fresh multimedia package from the company behind Cinema 4D.
But can the 3D experts turn their talents to the new medium?
David Taylor finds out.
There hasn't been a lot happening in the multimedia arena for some time, so this all- new package from Germany is sure to arouse some excitement. Put together by well known German developers Maxon, it aims to make getting powerful multimedia applications easier than ever.
The script is built up from icons. Here the "If" clauses are all separate from the picture so actions on the picture are not available.
A NEW RESOLUTION When Media Magic first loads, it comes up in the standard Hi-Res. This is fine except that the system is icon driven and in Hi-Res there's room for about four icons on the screen, forcing you to scroll around to find the one you need.
You can edit all the interface preferences, but even in Hi-Res laced, you can't help but feel that the chunky icons take up a litde bit too much screen space. The main problem is that the floating toolbar, which appears on the right, can only be resized vertically.
If you could make it into two columns, everything would be a great deal easier.
The plus side is that you can minimise open projects to the desktop and so open up more than one at once.
The program can be opened on Workbench or on its own screen, but despite all the changes you can make, you still find that some requestors don’t fit the screen and you have about 20 pixels to scroll. You also find that some requestors opened from within requestors appear on Workbench or on the Media Magic screen, not on the original requestor screen. This seems to be because the requestors often open up their own screens. You therefore have to find a way to switch screens to find the missing requestor and then back to the original. In the end, you need something like ScreenTab to allow you to
tab between all these rogue requestors. The interface definitely needs some tweaking.
Instead of using "If" clauses when there are multiple possibilities, it makes more sense to use Switches and Cases.
VISUAL SCRIPTING Once you're acquainted with the type of interface, and have got the preferences set to your needs, you can start to make sense of the program. The first order of the day is to read the manual from cover to cover. This is not the sort of thing you'll ever want to do with a program, but if you don't you will miss out finding out how some parts work and end up creating projects in a very long winded fashion. The manual itself is easy to read, but has an annoying tendency to always reference later parts. By the time you’ve reached the fifth instance of ‘You can do this with this,
but we'll tell you how to do it later”, you wonder if they are ever going to tell you how to actually achieve anything!
The Index is also lacking and some of the more complex areas are skated over. It is possible to work out how it all works, but you have to be able to understand some basics of BASIC programming.
The program takes a scripting approach, where your visual presentations are built up from a set of definites and possibilities. For example, you tell it to display a picture and then tell it what to do if the user clicks on a certain part of the picftire and what to do if the user clicks elsewhere or simply hit the ‘return’ key.
It achieves this through a combination of icons and procedures attached to them. When you want to display a picture, you choose the visual section and go to the picture icon. Drag it onto the scripting window and drop it in the top left. Then double-click on the icon. This will take vou to the procedure level where you define which picture is to be shown and how it will be brought in.
Media Magic has a large selection of predefined effects, many of which can be further defined. These effects give you plenty of wipes to choose from so that the picture doesn't just “appear”. A personal favourite is the ColourFade - the picture flashes in as if it were being teleported in from a sci-fi show. As the picture is going to be the backdrop for all the action on this screen, there’s plenty of things you can do with it.
The first thing to do is get some text up on it. This is done in the text editor, which is available from the picture editor. When the text editor is called up you can choose wdiere on the screen you want to display the text and what font it is to be in. A set of effects, similar to those for the pictures, decide how’ the text will be wiped in. The text also has a set of parameters which enable you to add features like shadows or 3D effects to fonts.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to use colour fonts particularly well. Whilst it can load typefaces created by Font Machine (which are the sort you really want to be using in flash multimedia) the program doesn’t correctly load or remap the palette and you end up with a font from a reduced colour set. When you select a font, you have to wait for it to load up the entire font directory almost every time you open it, although it does sometimes seem to cache it. The other drawback is that you can't wipe the text off again.
The resulting presentations will only look as good as the images you use, so get hold of a decent source CD.
Otherwise nobody will bother to find out how clever your script is.
GADGETS If you then want to define some actions for the page, you need to go to the gadget editor. This shows the picture on a separate screen in the background and allows you to create boxes, which you can move around and resize, to act as hot spots. These are gadgets that will react when the user moves the mouse over them, highlighting in one of a few ways, and perform an action when the user clicks on them. You can even assign a sound effect to the click. The problem with the gadget editor is that you can only create rectangular hot spots. This is a bit limiting - you can use a brush gadget
which works, but this is a long winded solution to creating a circle. The idea, I suppose, is to enable you to use any shape - less complicated than having multiple editing types. But, I can't help feeling that it's been done to cut down on programming time.
Each gadget has an identifying ID number which you need to remember so that you can attach actions to it.
This is the simplest part of the program dealt with. You now have to start programming consequences. The easiest way is probably to use the “If’ icons. All you do is place one on the screen below the picture and then edit it. The preferences for this icon allow you to say what condition has to be met, for the results of this If clause to be executed. So, all you need to do is select Gadget 1. If you haven't selected the Expert Editing function in the preferences, you will only be able to select functions from the drop down menus, which is frankly too limiting.
Within minutes of using the program you’ll want to swap from normal to expert, because the amount of coding is minimal. Then simply tell the program that the clause will be executed if the gadget 1 is clicked on: “Gadget() ==1”.
PARENTAL CONTROL What you can get the program to do, should this be the case, depends very much on where you placed the If icon.
If it is directly below the picture, then it is a parent icon and you cannot make any further changes to the picture. You could bring in a second picture or play a tune, but you couldn't display new text on that picture, because text can only be added as a child.
The idea of parent child relationships in programming is very basic. Objects are either independent, or only available as a sub section of another. It makes sense here to have the whole clause as a sub-section of the picture. After you have told it when the clause should be executed, you simply tell it what to do. Drop a text icon on and then edit it as you would normally over the picture.
Continued overleaf Screen iyvt Bj User-ttefinrt | tkxfc |P .:Hisfi Res Laced ?] PS * 512 * « Font t»t 8| Lite Morfcbench Eont jPwrl 8 J Colours I I Rtd 1*_ 171_ Blue 171_ Gadget font »)uetica12 - b ?] _L T«* B; farm I | Node |NL:Hi* Res Laced _L Port*. J Stuntsi window J Cancel T«t Fro. QllBor. (3 | 1 I 3Bin g)| 3*. (j)| felete Clear Load.. me-I m. Preview This This will will show a display cool picture more and play text a tune Using a pyramid wipe, text effects and a few gadgets, the project takes shape quickly. The background is from Backgrounds Unlimited from EMC.
The only problem is that everything in the clause and indeed in the program is executed sequentially. There is no way of getting it to perform multiple actions at once. So you can't for example bring in two text wipes and fade in a module at once. You have to bring in one text wipe, then the second and then the module. This is perhaps the program’s greatest flaw.
When vou have decided what to do J in that clause, you can go back and add another If clause as a second child to die picture. What you will have nodced by now is that the actions that follow NagrtaTDOm 1.1 81995-% ggg . [Screen: W]_ The gadget editor allows you to set up hot spots on pictures. It is a separate screen, not a window on the picture, which is a shame.
The picture's text editor allows you to add text over a picture with effects and delays - but you can't wipe it back off again.
Selecting a picture is easy. Drop on the icon, choose its properties from this requestor and add an effect. Other editors can also be launched from here.
The screen preferences allow you to tailor the interface to your system. This is the first thing to do.
& *” B 11 EdColBanse. If_ Edit effects... clauses are placed below and to the right. This makes it easy to see what belongs to which and when it is activated. The second child goes back to being in the second row along, and the process starts over. The problem that occurs with independent If clauses is that you may end up hanging the entire rest of the script off each gadget selection - even when many actions or consequences that happen later on are to be the same.
To get around this you can use subroutines. These are like additional scripts with re-usable code in them. You can call a sub-routine from anywhere else in the script, they are executed and then control is returned to the main script at the point after the sub-routine was called - now you should understand why some knowledge of BASIC is handy.
This means that parts that you might want to use again and again only need to be coded once. The sub-routines are easy to set up, you just drop a GoSub icon on the page and then define a subroutine. Then you click on the GoSub selection icon and choose the new' subroutine. Now when that section is reached, the sub-routine is executed.
CASE IN POINT If you have multiple gadgets on a page you might find that the If solution to actions isn't the best method. It is better to use switches and cases which wrork in a simpler way. You set up a variable, using the variable editor, to be defined by which gadget is clicked on. You then insert a switch and a set of cases. By defining the switch icon to check a variable (the one you set up) and then using a different case for different values. For example, set the switch to variable a, and then the cases to values 1, 2 and 3 respectively in order to deal with three gadgets.
Variables and switches are very' useful, but you have to make sure that you are setting variables correcdy as either “local” to the procedure or “global”. If you get it wrong, your script wron’t w'ork. The pity about variables is that you can't use them in file decisions. It’s not like a programming language where you could feed the variable as part of a filename so that results of variables decide on which picture is displayed. This isn’t too important wiien dealing with a small number of possibilities, you can just set up the cases for each alternative - but for more complex situations this
is rather difficult.
Variables are very powerful on the one hand, with multiple input choices - mouse buttons, keys, numbers, etc, which can all be w?orked on with mathematical operators, making the scripting powerful, but they are then emasculated when you can’t feed them to every aspect.
USER INPUT There are plenty7 of other actions and features in the program. You have timers which can delav execution for a period or until the user does something; you can execute external programs, insert animations and speech, create charts - which is quite a novelty in a program like this, although the results aren't quite as configurable as I’d like.
In conclusion then, Media Magic is a mixed bag. The author has obviously seen the likes of Visual Basic on the PC or at least some similar environment.
The visual scripting idea is very easy to get to grips with - if you don’t know7 about it, the manual, despite its flaw7s, explains it adequately. You can get up and running within minutes of finishing reading, howrever, after a wiiile you wish that you could do more direct coding. It is quicker to type in the entire clause than keep finding icons and dropping them on.
There is a player that comes with the package so you can distribute your presentations, but I w7ould have liked a chance to save out executables so that they could stand alone without the need for a player. This is common on other platforms, and has been done on the Amiga with the more basic Nucleus, and makes distribution easier. It’s probably difficult and you would need to keep the file size down by leaving modules and pictures out of it and loaded in separately, like the Cast idea in Director.
However, you can’t deny that the possibilities offered by Media Magic far outstretch the ones offered by previous home multimedia authoring packages.
You can create stunning results, so don’t be put off. This is, after all, only the beginning.
• ••OO Some effect looked a little jerky, even on an '030.
• ••OO Needs to be more in-depth.
• •••0 Very easy to get into as long as you read up first.
• •••0 You can do much more than before.
VALUE: A program we can all afford.
OVERALL VERDICT: If you're into multimedia it's a program well worth checking out.
Distributor: HiSoft 01525 718181 PRICE: £49.95 REQUIREMENTS: WB2, 2Mb RAM.
WB3, 4Mb+, 68030+ recommended.
& vht.ttsTVE AliAlT PLUS DALGLISH VS FERGUSON Britain's heavyweight managerial duo square up for the battle of the decade!
What the Forest striker is doing in a Nottingham condemned cell A familiar name, but the concept seems alien. Ben Vost makes it all clear for everyone.
Essentially, the Siamese System is a way of hooking your Amiga up to your PC.
Did I say hooking up? What I really mean is more kind of melding the two systems together since they are so closely connected. No wonder it’s called the Siamese system! What this means is that you can access devices on the PC through your Amiga - CD-ROM or other drives (like Zips, M-O, SvQuests and so on), network YES, WE'RE TWINS!
In testing the Siamese, I tended to just use the Amiga keyboard but kept both meece handy since using the wrong mouse for the machine you were currently using tended to be a bit jerky. But I was astounded to find that the PC convention of using the CTRL key as the universal keyboard shortcut modifier has been translated to the Right Amiga key meaning that you can cut, copy, paste and print just like you would on an Amiga.
The Siamese is even more impressive in the fact that you can actually paste the Amiga's clipboard into a PC application and vice versa.
What’s the Siamese do again? It’s a PC emulator, right? Nope. Oh, OK, it’s a thing to let you network your Amiga with Pcs, then? Weeell, yes, but it’s more than that. I get into these conversations every day at Format towers with Amiga users wanting to know7 exactly what the Siamese is, and I’m sure HiQdo too.
Like most revolutionary ideas, it takes a while to sink in, even more so for developers shown the system who can’t quite cope with the notion of integrating two disparate systems as closely as the Siamese manages.
Drives, printers and data at the moment, but plans afoot include support for modems and other bits of equipment commonly found on the PC platform. Also very important is the fact that you can share one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse between the two machines, which will certainly save on deskspace and cash.
Setting up the Siamese proved little problem for me, but you will need to know a bit about Pcs and their damnable serial port conflicts if you don’t want to run into problems.
Installation of the software is very simple thanks to the Commodore Installer and setting up the Pcs software is little more difficult.
Fortunately, the Siamese comes with a very explicit manual that, if followed step by step, will ensure trouble-free installation. Probably the biggest bug bear for this will be the problem of Amiga-oriented monitors. If you have an A3000 with or without a graphics card, or a 4000 with an RTG card and a flicker fixer, then you’ve probably already got a pretty good quality monitor - you may even have bought it from a PC dealer. If, however, you have one of the Microvitec low-end models like the 1438 you might have trouble WHAT'S THE SOLUTION?
If you w'ant to share a monitor between your PC and Amiga you are going to have to get one that will sync to the right rates to suit both the PC graphics card and your Amiga. For an AGA machine this means running in DblPAL, DblNTSC, Multiscan or Super72 on the Amiga and pretty much precludes games on your Amiga unless you unhook it from the Siamese and put it back on your old monitor. But then, if all you do with your Amiga is play games, you’re unlikely to either need or w7ant a Siamese.
By default, the Siamese uses your machines’ serial ports to transfer data back and forth and while this is fine for small packets which can be transferred very swiftly via serial, it’s not ideal for large amounts of data like animations or pictures. That’s where SCSI WORKS WITH... Putting two machines together is never easy thanks to the 'standards' we are all subjected to, but here's a list of the items that Siamese likes.
It's not a comprehensive list, just devices that have been proven to work.
Amiga SCSI controllers: ? Oktagon 2008 DKB4091 ? Surf Squirrel A4000T A3000(T) motherboard controller ? DKB Ferret for Magnum accelerator PC SCSI controllers: ? NCR 810 ? Adaptec 1505 Adaptec 1541 ? Adaptec 2940 Other Amiga boards: ? Multiface 3 (But there is no way of updating the screen display GVP I O Extender using these cards) 7TT7FT PRICING SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME The price includes the Siamese Connection Kit worth £149.95 Packs include Windows95 OEM CD-ROM and Microsoft Works v4 All Prices include VAT Intel Pentium Systems - Monitor not included P133 P150 P166 P200 16Mb RAM
£899.95 £939.95 £1,059.95 £1,259.95 32Mb RAM £979.95 £999.95 £1,129.95 £1,329.95 Cirrus 686 Pentium class machines - Monitor not included P120 P150 P166 P200 16Mb RAM £849.95 £879.95 £899.95 £999.95 32Mb RAM £899.95 £949.95 £969.95 £1,099.99 Above systems include the following:- PCI Motherboard 256k cache. Processor, 1.2Gb EIDE drive, floppy drive, 2Mb PCI 3D SVGA graphics card, keyboard, 16-bit sound card, Siamese card. Mini Tower case, Windows95 CD-ROM, Microsoft Works package and 3D games demos.
M----- Siamese Syttetn
• tortup Option* I aerial Prof*
• C Network MountPC About The Server critow* the Amiga and PC
to communicate. And » required ter the ether wtpwwrti to weric
MountPC give* the Amiga attn te aN me PC* drive* vfci a
uaIiiwui mneiflil B * IVIVIIW I HR I NIB rw ujiMWAiiua----
MRIHINFV j pC | | ContrelPC aNewt you to u*e , T * * the
Amiga'* mauie ami keyboard jj&mJli to control the PC.
Pc r-g. | TW* redirect* the AMIGA * prim output ?• th Printer C--*11*1 ¦'.•'¦il attached to your PC.
- Altexx-
- --Amiga**- Altexx provide* an Aftexx Port for AreXX AMIGA
program* ta communicate vdth ?ha Hama lytem.
- Phare CupBoard-,r A Vtfndevmft *fyte itart bar,
- OetTime- PC o Cut md Pe*f text between Hie Amiga and the PC.
Hie time from Hie PC* u*e thi* to update Although the Siamese system is already pretty incredible, HiQ are not slackening the development pace one iota. Already they have a pretty convincing version of RTG for the Amiga which allows you to display your Workbench screens on the PC inside a Windows95 window. You will even be able to drag and drop files between the two different environments.
Other items in development include the Parallel port transfer mode already mentioned and a special API that allows developers to use PC APIs in their Amiga programs. API stands for Application Program Interface and basically means a set of tools to control an aspect of a program (or programs) through another.
In effect an API is somewhat like the Amiga's shared library system, but far more extensive and HiQ's plan is to create a kind of gateway API that will pass data back and forth between the Amiga and PC so that, for instance, Amiga programs could have ActiveX or OpenGL facilities.
Cancel Ok networking comes in. SCSI networking has been around for a long time, but HiQ are the first people to implement a system where both machines get automatically updated once file transfer is complete.
The comprehensive preference options for the Amiga side of Siamese look complex but are ail well-explained.
Paul Nolan's start menu was the first to appear on the Amiga to coincide with the launch of the Siamese last year.
The beauty of the system is that the Siamese intelligendy decides whether it will be more beneficial to transfer data via the serial port or the SCSI network and deals with it accordingly and transparendy. In the near future, HiQ hope to have a parallel transfer mode perfected which will be something like eight times faster than the low-end speed of about 5k a second for serial (you should be able to get about 11kbps depending on your hardware).
LINK TO THE FUTURE All in all, the Siamese system is something so important to the future of the Amiga that it’s hard to really explain just wiiat is so good about it.
DOS PROBLEMS Because Siamese is supposed to work with Windows95, it can mean problems when you need to run something through DOS on your PC - games mainly, but also programs like 5ca a that want to get more access to PC resources than Windows will allow them to. The easy solution to this problem is to use Alt- Tab on the PC keyboard to switch tasks. As long as you are on a Windows screen when you switch to the Amiga you'll have no trouble, but switching from a DOS screen often results in PC screen corruption caused by poor quality VGA drivers which might mean that you have no choice but to
reboot your PC.
Think about your Amiga. Try to imagine telling someone how good your Amiga's Workbench and programs are simply. You’ll get questions like “Does it run Windows?”, “It’s a PC, right?” and others, all fed by the general media’s misunderstanding of the computer market. Now imagine you have an .Amiga and a PC, right now, and they are completely separate from one another.
Now try to imagine that you can use them both almost as one machine and you’ll start to get the idea of howr Hardware by James Campbell AH Rights Reserved Worldwide | 1
• £3 • coo kon Workbench important Siamese is. When you know7
that, should Quikpak's bid for .Amiga Technologies go through
successfully, the Siamese will be incorporated into some new7
Amigas, it really opens your eyes. If you have a PC and an
.Amiga you owe it to yourself to buy a Siamese, that’s all
there is to it. O Distributor: HiQ Ltd. 01525 211327 PRICE:
£149.95 (see boxout) REQUIREMENTS: A PC! SCSI controller for
SCSI networking, free serial port.
SPEED: • • • • O Transparently fast particularly with SCSI.
MANUAL: • • • • • Clear installation instructions.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • 0 The Amiga can be a bit recalcitrant at times.
FEATURES: • • • • • You can't beat it.
VALUE: • • • • O You'd expect to pay far more.
OVERALL VERDICT: The Siamese is definitely the must-have peripheral for Amiga owners with Pcs.
So you want a Siamese System but need a PC?
Buy your Pentium PC from HiQ, the people who understand both the Amiga users needs and the advantages of using both platforms.
System components:- Siamese System Version 1.5 Intel or Cyrix Processors.
Diamond Stealth 3D Graphics Windows 95, Microsoft Works V4.
Ergonomic PC Keyboard.
£899.95 Inc Vat What is the Siamese System?
The Siamese System was designed to enable the computer user to have multiple platforms (Amiga WB3+, Windows 95, MacOS) appear as if they are a single machine, so as to make the user more productive. It does this by taking the two machines and a possible MacOS emulator on the Amiga. Once this is setup you operate one keyboard and mouse on all of your software, look at one suitable monitor that can handle all the screen modes you wish to use and then as far as you are concerned you just run software, you need not worry if that software is Win95, MacOS or Amiga software because it justs runs in
front of you.
Obviously this is backed up by the fact that the Siamese System has all of the drives from the different operating systems mounted within the Amiga Operating System so that you can share files instantly between applications.
With the standard pack, file transfer is via serial, but if you have a suitable SCSI card on the Amiga and PC and a shared SCSI drive for buffering, you can send the files via a very high speed SCSI network developed for and included in the standard Siamese System software. Rates of severa; Mb sec.
Have been recorded with a high speed SCSI network setup between the machines. Please note that if you have the SCSI network installed you still need the Serial connection for the Siamese control software link.
You can cut and paste text between applications and other functions are available to make the system integrated, sharing of printers, programs like Winexe or MCI which allow the Amiga to launch PC applications from the Amiga or control PC MultiMedia devices, even from Dopus. There is also a full Arexx port for calling Siamese functions from other programs.
Another feature to be added in March as a low cost upgrade is RTG which is part of the Version 2 upgrade. This system opens Amiga screens on the PC graphics card enabling from 256 up to 16M colours, higher resolutions and a flicker free display for all Amigas with WB3+. Version 2 is also compatible with Windows NT4.
£149.95 inc Vat Siamese System V1.5 voted Hardware Product of 1996 by Amiga User International For more details please call HiQ or surf the Web.
!!! Video Toaster Owners and US Customers !!!
Please call Anti Gravity about Toaster Support.
The Price includes the Siamese Packs include Windows 95 OEM CDRom All Prices Include Vat Intel Pentium Systems - Monitor not included P133 P150 P166 P200 16mb Ram £899.95 £939.95 £1,059.95 £1,259.95 32mb Ram £979.95 £999.95 £1,129.95 £1,329.95 Cirrus 686 Pentium class machines - Monitor not included P120 P150 P166 P200 16mb Ram £849.95 £879.95 £899.95 £1,029.95 32mb Ram £919.95 £949.95 £969.95 £1,099.95 !! Anyone Can Build A PC, Only HiQ can Integrate It!!
All Siamese PC Systems include Siamese System v1.5, Mouse, Keyboard, 16mb EDO Ram, 1.2gb Hard Drive, Diamond Stealth 3D 2mb PCI Graphics card, 16 bit Sound card, 256k cache, Windows 95, Microsoft Works software.
The Siamese System is developed in the UK by HiQ Limited and Paul Nolan German Distributor Eagle Computers tel +49 7191 300999 fax +49 7191 59057 US Distributors Anti Gravity inc. tel +310 393 6650 fax 001 310 576 6383 New Limited Edition Mk2 PowerStation - Only 75 Available!
SCSI or IDE Options with 8 speed CDRom’s and Fast drives.
Mark 2 PowerStation Case Only Main Features:-
1. 200 Watt power supply for A1200.
2. CE Approved components.
3. High quality construction. (Style may vary)
4. Five drive bays with all cables supplied.
5. Manual included for the PowerStation.
6. Internal SCSI cabling for upto 5 units.
7. IDE cabling for upto 2 units.
8. CD Audio output.
9. Monitor power switch pass thru.
9. Optional 120watt Stereo Speakers Case Only Price £99.95 All
packs plus £12.50 shipping Mark 2 PowerStation Pack Budget
SCSI - Pack Three Limited Edition!!
Powerstation Mark 2 Case, Amiga CD Title, 200watt Amiga pwr supply, CD32 Emulation, Standard Squirrel from Hisoft, Dual Speed SCSI CDRom.
Rtnlw CiQO QC Mark 2 Powerstation Pack Prices Pro SCSI - Pack One Powerstation Mark 2 Case, Amiga CD Title, 200watt Amiga pwr supply, CD32 Emulation, Surf Squirrel from Hisoft, 8 Speed SCSI CDRom.
Only £339.95 Budget IDE - Pack Two Powerstation Mark 2 Case, Amiga CD title, 200watt Amiga pwr supply Samsung 8 Speed IDE CDRom Only £199.95 TheOrigp'nd PowerStcfion just gets better...... So while others copy, we improve aid move on!
!! A1200 3.5” STAR DRIVE BUYS!!
JTS 1gb Only £179.95 ULTRA SLIM JTS 1.6gb Only £199.95 needs 200w pwr supply JTS drives formatted, and Magic Workbench plus PD Software installed. Includes cable pack.
Fits as easy as a 2.5” Drive, call for details.
UK Post & Packing £7 (Citylink) CDRom Drives IDE 8 Speed Samsung £ 99.95 SCSI 8 Speed Panasonic £169.95 SCSI Drive
1. 2gb Quantum SCSI drive £229.95 HiQ Ltd, Gable End, 2 The
Square, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, LU7 9NB Email
Address:-steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk WebSite http:Wwww.hiq.co.uk
All Prices include Vat, Please add 2.5% for Credit cards
unless Connect and Delta versions.
TEL 01525 211327 FAX 01525 211328 TTCT M w ¦v Prima Atom Not enough power? Dave Taylor thinks your problems are definitely over.
Ith the death of the Goliath power supply, the Amiga community had been left wondering exacdy how they’d
- 1 1 be able to upgrade or replace their power brick if they
ever had to.
The problem with the Amiga is that its power supply was reduced at the same time as the A1200 was given enough ports to make an admiral scratch his head. What was the point of all this expandability if you couldn't pursue all the avenues.
Things improved somewhat with newer hard drives. The new 3.5” hard drives have much lower power needs than those of a few years ago. Even so, add a large drive, an extra floppy, an accelerator (especially an 040) and lots of RAM and you might start to get the tell tale under-powered signals - crashes and gurus, read write errors, etc. The new Atom solves this problem. It is simply a PC power supply housed in an external casing with an .Amiga power input cable coming from it. A second power out can be used to power the monitor. Now you can have your complete set-up running from one socket and
turned on and off at the flick of a single switch. If you want to power the monitor from it as well, you do need a cable that takes the power out (it's one of the “kettle” lead variety). When you check out the price of PC PSU, the cost, including housing, makes this a reasonably priced upgrade.
OVERALL VERDICT: Not an earth shattering peripheral, but if you need a new supply, then it's ideal.
Distributor: First Computer Centre 0113 231 9444 PRICE: £69.99 REQUIREMENTS: A1200 O c 0 Indigo Power Adaptor Anyone who owns a modem or a set of external speakers, is possibly slighdy miffed at having to use a separate power supply for them all at 6V. If you have a box .Amiga, like an A4000, then this adaptor, which was designed for the PC, works perfectly well.
Dave Taylor shows you how to save yourself a socket with this simple-to-fit DC adaptor.
It is very simple to fit. Just open the box up, find a spare slot at the back, and a spare power connector.
If a spare connector isn’t available, you can simply detach one. Then just place this power lead as a through connector, as if it were simply an extension cable.
There’s a metal bar that goes into the back slot and the power cable comes out from there. On the backing plate there are three jumpers which can be adjusted to set the voltage to either 3V, 6V or 9V - depending on your needs. The out- lead has a connector which can be reversed to change the polarity (which part of is + and which -).
Before putting your .Amiga back together or turning it on, you need to make sure that you have the correct voltage and polarity required for the equipment (these should be displayed on the back of the equipment near the ‘power in' socket).
The Indigo is easy to fit and saves on a socket. It also means you don't have to keep finding batteries for those small speakers. My only niggle is that the voltage switches should be on the outside. 0 Distributor: First Computer Centre 0113 231 9444 PRICE: £12.99 OVERALL VERDICT: A neat idea that works as promised but costs a few quid more than it should.
O € Exploring Lightwave 3D Another huge tome dedicated to getting the best from Lightwave. Ben Vost gets out his reading glasses.
He first thing that should be said is that Exploring Lightwave 3D by Todd Payne and Robert Rosenbaum is not 100 per cent up to date. It concentrates mainly on v3.5 of Lightwave and looks at the new features provided by v4.0, although at the time the book was written, 4.0 wasn't yet released.
The book is really a kind of upgraded manual, giving you the basics of the Modeler’s tools and showing you the difference between planar, cylindrical and spherical image mapping
- not exactly ground-breaking stuff.
To be honest, you'd be better off buying a cheaper, more tutorial-oriented Lightwave book like FX Kit for Ligh twave by Alan Chan. The only really good bit in Exploring Lightwave that you won't readily find in the manuals is the colour and lighting theory section. There's also advice on writing your “screenplay” and storyboarding your animation.
Unfortunatelv, this slim section within 7 the rather thick book is not, in my opinion, worth the £64.99 retail price. 0 Distributor: Paragon Publishing 01604 832149 PRICE: £64.99 OVERALL VERDICT: Overpriced and information poor BACK!
Even bigger and better this year So On With The Show ALL the exciting new releases from the leading Amiga developers Save £100’s On Special Offers ICPUG Free Advice Centre Internet Village High End Applications Presentation Theatre ¦id ExhVDittoi) G3T i?3.j rkininrdfzinYih.j 1 ijj Mu] 1 Tin ’J Dum - vpni iinil Sun&d], Mu] ' util 'JI Avoid the queues by booking in advance Credit Card Hotline 01369 707766 Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to The World of Amiga at PO BOX 9, Dunoon, Argyll. PA23 8QQ Admission: Adults £8 Children £6 REVIEWS fT- PD Soft 01702 306060 A CD full of rendered
images? 800 prerendered pictures. Well, there's no doubting that some of them show real talent but with some of them no more than mediocre you can't help but wonder what the point is. If you want some flash artwork, then you might as well check out Aminet. After all, this CD is a joint Amiga PC affair, so you've no way of knowing what was used to create the pictures anyway. There is a JPEG index to the images to help you find suitable ones and there are also a set of 3D related utilities from the Shareware fraternity. But I can't help thinking that as good as the results are, they don't
really offer much for £10. With all the 3D program giveaways recently, you would have thought PD Soft could have negotiated a deal and supplied an upgrade offer - at least then you would be getting some functionality for your cash. As it stands, you get some pictures, which aren't useful as backdrops because they are finished artwork, and a set of utilities that any serious 3D user will have already acquired. © VERDICT 65% £9.99 A complex and simple design shows how 3D pictures can be captivating (above left) but do you want to buy 800 images?
Ft COMPUTER SAFARI - THE COMPLETE COLLECTION MEETING PEARLS IV PaintBrush ©1960 EMC Compuler Safari rrr sdrr * f A preview of one of the many fonts from this comprehensive round-up, but are fonts still a big seller?
PD Soft 01702 306060 A brand new utilities and Shareware CD for less than £10?
The Meeting Pearls team are back again and rightly proud of their achievements. Because they compile the CD without paying themselves and insist on keeping distribution costs down, they can sell the CD cheaply. This does mean that money is only going to be made if people pay the registration fees of programs they like. I know we hammer on about this, but unless people do respect Shareware, then we will lose the remaining authors we have and that would be a disaster.
Ft i_ JBSi Birtetary: Pwr i Short: Snct colonisation vm for I plajor author: Danian laraatoky cW4337«s**oh.nwe«tl Vhraion: 1.3b Status: Comarcial dm Uploadar: Strfan (Mas Haquiros: The CD-ROM has its own excellent interface, which allows you to search for programs and run them directly. Each program has a small description in the interface and it all works beautifully. Additionally, this CD has been created using a new file system that allows it to retain the Amiga's protection bits (you need to run a file system like AmiCDFS to run this CD) so that all the attributes (like script status) are
As to content, this is a diverse collection with everything from games to utilities. This almost looks like a best of Aminet CD.
With the decline of Shareware, it's not surprising that a lot of these programs are a couple of years old but the layout of the CD is faultless and the content is of a really high quality. Ideal if you need a really good general collection. © VERDICT 80% £9.99 E M Computergraphic 01255 431389 This Limited Edition gold disc contains all the Computer Safari fonts gathered together. They come in Bitmap, Compugraphic, Truetype, Type 1 and Workbench scalable formats.
To give you some idea of the work that's gone into this CD, the bitmap fonts are supplied in 23 sizes from 18 to 192 point. Each but I think the market for more font Cds, like art Cds, is either dying or saturated. However, if you need new fonts, you know where to look. The variety of formats make the CD attractive. This is a dual format CD, with the fonts supplied in PC versions too. 0 the Previews directory. The previews show all the characters in an IFF image.
There's plenty to choose from, but some of the fonts are very similar. It is a handy addition to the graphic artist or DTP enthusiast.
VERDICT 85% £39.99 font (and there are over 90) is supplied with a preview in 1997 AMIGA FORMAT *- '¦Y; ¦ y - IN TO THE NET Weird Science 0116 234 0682 fa Back Location: Location: |file: ]ocalhostDutemet:ftUTaS Fa»«I f348int.hto ’age loaded.
M m L StartlWorkbench I Id] Brows AnioaShel11 Other The second. Out of the Net, CD has a set of different sites stored locally and divided into sections. Topics range from art to computers and cars.
The fever surrounding the Internet continues but the Amiga seems to tail behind other platforms. Recent commercial ventures have enhanced the situation, but it can't have escaped anyone's notice that a great deal of the utilities and programs still come from the Shareware community. Weird Science have put their expertise to the test in creating a CD-ROM which makes the process as easy as possible and to their credit, they've succeeded.
File: localhost Internet:HS-Info.htn Start Workbench |[1] Ibrous Otherj | The In to the Net CD includes its own brief HTML interface that is designed for Amiga, PC and Mac users.
Here it uses the default Ibrowse which runs from the CD.
This CD pack has two Cds. The first has a set of programs, including the excellent Miami, which sets up your WWW connection through a simple set of questions and a usable demo of Ibrowse, which runs directly from the CD and is used as the default HTML viewer. There are other viewers and also some other programs.
If you don't have a hard drive, then you'll find that they have also included a set of boot disks to be copied from the CD so that you can run directly from floppy. There's also an AmigaGuide index to the related archives which are devoted to giving you the best Internet utilities. There are guides to HTML 2 and 3 markup, some web creation tools and sample images for you to get started. There's also a great introduction to Web authoring.
The second CD includes some actual WWW sites transformed into local files so you can start browsing without connecting. There's quite a collection and some good sites, but of course it does lack the constant updating that happens with the WWW and cannot attempt to give you a complete overview of the wealth of information out there.
If you are already on the WWW, then this CD has little to offer that you can't already get for yourself. If you aren't already hooked up, but are thinking of getting online in the near future, then this is a great place to start.
VERDICT 90% £19.95 Have a look around before you join an ISP to see if getting online is really what you want.
THE LEARNING CURVE Weird Science 0116 234 0682 The Amiga doesn't have a great deal of quality educational titles. There's been 10 out of 10 software and some Europress stuff, but it's died off recently and the only newish educational product has been the new encyclopedia. This Learning Curve CD attempts to redress the balance. It has over 32,000 files all dedicated to education. Unfortunately far too many of the programs are simple AMOS affairs that are very dated and will not hold any child's attention. The plus side is that there are some good products, although all old Shareware, which back
up the learning theme - like the Scion program for genealogists. Also in its favour is the fact that everything runs directly from the CD.
You'll find quite a few books in AmigaGuide format. You can browse Aesop's Fables or read the King James bible. I suspect though that electronic books aren't enough to encourage people to buy the CD.
There's a good, if amateur, explanation of computers and a repetition of the 1992 Jay Miner interview. If you've never read this interview with the father of the Amiga, then it's very interesting, saddened by the footnote reminding you of his death a few years ago.
Learn about fishing or a variety of other hobbies as well as the serious National Curriculum subjects.
£MJ2@© ©[FgBtgg. [PD.B ti @@0,0, limiiiiiM LOWEST PRICES BEST SERVICE RAPID DELIVERY BEST SERVICE SALES FREE CALL 0500 737 800 OTHER ENQUIRIES 0181 686 9973 0181 "781_ 1551 TDK 3.5" DISKS HARD DRIVES MEMORY SIMMS 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE DISKS + LOCKABLE BOXES DS HD + 10 see through box ...Add £1.00 + 100 cap lockable box......Add £4.00 + 100 cap lockable box......Add £4.00 + 100 cap lockable box......Add £4.00 INTERNAL 2.5" + CABLE + SOFTWARE All our drives are formatted, partitioned and have Workbench, all you need • just plug!
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Call for latest prices, as memory prices can change daily.
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IA1200 ......£19-99 INTERNAL 3.5" + Steel
Fitting Bracket + Cables + Free Opus 4.12 + 7 Disks full of
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• Built in smoothing function giving an effective 720 x 360dpi
mono & 360 x 360dpi colour
• Built in sheet feeder 100 sheets
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Life is full of mysteries and the Amiga is certainly no exception. Graeme Sandiford knows all about the quiet strength and willfulness of his favourite machine. So, send your queries to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
IDE AND PCMCIA I have recently bought a quad speed CD-ROM for my A1200. Can I fit extra IDE hard drives onto my system (using either the CD-ROM IDE adaptor, or the internal IDE), or would I have to go the SCSI route for additional storage space. The adaptor in question is a PCMCLA Tandem adaptor connected to a Matsui CD- ROM. The internal IDE drive is a straightforward 3.5” drive connected with the
2. 5” to 3.5” adaptor.
I recendy converted an old PC to Linux, allowing me to run a TCP IP network, but I would really like to put the Amiga on Ethernet (rather than just using a serial connection). Are there any reasonably priced network cards for the A1200? Has anyone written Amiga software for the multitude of PCMCIA Ethernet adaptors available for PC laptops?
Roland Ward Glasgow Yes, but with reservations. First of all, the CD-ROM drive connected to the PCMCIA slot is using a completely different interface from the hard drives and so will not affect whatever you do with the internal IDE connector. Therefore, as you are using a standard
3. 5 ” IDE device you can fit another 3.5 ” device and set up the
drives with a Master Slave configuration.
However, there are two poten tial problems. Firstly, you might be asking too much from the power supply.
Secondly, the internal IDE connector is un-buffered, and con necting two drives is risky in the extreme. I BIGGER SIMMS I have the following question. Is it possible to put SIMMs bigger than 4Mb into the A4000's expansion slots? I have 16Mb and would like to go higher.
Gary Maddams via email The A4000 was designed for 4Mb SIMMs, although apparently some users have reported success using 8Mb SIMMs instead when all four slots are filled. To be honest, I just don't have that information and for all I know you could damage your A4000 beyond repair.
If you are really serious about expanding your A4000,1 would strongly recommend you get an accelerator card. Even a 68040 based card will not only provide more slots (which will happily accept 8Mb and even larger SIMMs) but remove the memory access bottleneck and double the speed of your Amiga.
Would recommend you contact Eyetech and discuss the special IDE buffer board they sell.
I've been waiting for an A1200 Ethernet interface for years. Yes, it should be a matter of someone writing suitable drivers for a PC compatible PCMCIA Ethernet card. However, this must be trickier than it first appears because no-one seems to have done it yet.
FLICKER BICKER When I checked my screen mode prefs to see what mode I was running Workbench under for your survey (I’m using Hi-Res), I began trying the others.
When I tried Hi-Res laced I was very pleased with the extra space on my screen (it’s always full of icons), but how do I stop the flickering? Someone told me I need a flicker fixer. Is this software or hardware?
Do I need to splash out on an expensive monitor or can I keep my SCART TV?
Can you tell me why some of my icons have gone purple? I use MagicWB and I have just had to install MUI to use my Internet software. Is MUI my problem?
Rich via email If you are running an interlaced screen mode, then you do need a flicker-fixer to stop the flicker. The flicker-fixer works by taking two consecutive video frames, merging them into one and re-displaying them. This stops the flicker totally. The bad news is that it's an item of hardware which requires expansion slots (I don't know ivhich Amiga you have: Continued overleaf 4 but you need, a video slot rather than a Zorro slot).
It also requires a monitor which is capable of displaying a 31kHz signal (TVs ‘even SCARE Tvs’ will only display 15kHz video signals). Unless you have a large budget and an Amiga with expansion slats, forget it. Graphics cards for the Amiga will generate flicker-free displays of 800 by 600 without flicker: again these require expansion slots and a suitable monitor.
If you have an A1200, you have the option of getting a new monitor and run n ing one of the new AGA screen modes such as dblPAL or Multiscan Productivity. These modes will display 512 lines with no flicker. Usually, monitors designed for Pcs won't display these Amiga modes, and you '11 need to get one of the Amiga-specific multiscan units instead.
The cheapest option is to fiddle with the colours and the TV's brightness and contrast controls. If you are lucky you Tl find some settings which cause the flicker to be less noticeable.
MSDOS FILENAMES I’m testing some pages for my Web site. I found it easy to make the local links work, but needed to test it on a PC. Using CrossDOS, I copied the files onto floppies and took them to a friend with a Pentium 100. The Index page loaded but the links didn’t work. CrossDOS had truncated the “.HTML” suffixes to “.HTM”. It’s tedious renaming the files so is there any way to copy files, retaining the four character suffixes?
Steve Ellison via email AMIGA ON THE NET We have just connected our Amiga A1200 030 50MHz 10Mb Workbench 3 & 660HD to the Internet via a US Robotics 28.8 fax modem and have encountered a few problems.
1. What is Netscape 2 and can we run or emulate this on our
2. What is a Shockwave plugin and can we use it? (we found we
needed these two items to use some sites on the Web to their
full extent
e. g. Rolands virtual MC-303 (http: www.rolandcorp.co.uk))
3. If we purchased a Surf Squirrel would we be able to do speeds
up to 115k s or would the phone lines not allow it?
4. When we were on an IRC we were told by an Op to flood someone
off, when we tried by giving them loads of version requests we
were flooded off instead, why did this happen and will the
Surf squirrel help to prevent it?
5. 1 have heard that the new Amiga will be 300MHz - Is this done
using RISC processors?
James & Dan Surrey This isn't a new problem. As you know, MSDOS forces filenames to consist of eight characters, a dot, and three more characters. Even a computer run ning Windows95, which allows long filenames, can still run into problems. Although Windozvs95 can save files to floppy and maintain their long filenames, the names are not legible to standard MSDOS-format programs such as CrossDOS.
Things which are impossible with HTML alone.
Sadly there is no plugin available for the Amiga, so I'm afraid you cannot use the virtual MC-303. Visit a music shop and play with the real thing instead.
3. The Surf Squirrel will improve one bottleneck: the speed at
which the modem and the Amiga share data. It won't speed up
the modem itself- this will still work at 28,800 bps.
4. IRC is a strange place. I'd try to avoid any channel in which
I was told by an Op to try and forcibly remove another user.
The fact that you were kicked off instead has little if
anything to do with a lack of a Surf Squirrel and more to do
with your Internet link to the IRC server. Try a faster and
more local IRC server if you want to play games like this, and
learn to write scripts for the IRC client.
5. Don't believe any rumours about new Amigas you hear over the
Internet. Quoting processor speeds is crazy when there isn't
even an owner.
There are two possible solutions. The first is to stick to naming your files ‘Index. HTM”, ‘Page 1.HTM” and so on. It’s a recognised way to let PC’s handle the HTML extension. The second way is to archive all your files into a Zip file, save them to floppy, and un-archive them, onto the PC. Not only will the Zipping process preserve the long filenames, it will make it quicker copying large numbers of pages.
MEMORY SPEED I have an A1200, 8Mb fast RAM, 2Mb chip RAM and a Blizzard 1230-TV. Is it possible to put a 16Mb PC RAM on my Blizzard? Could it use EDO RAM?
Finally, I’ve tried using my mates Robotics
14. 4 modem with no luck. Do the switches on the back need
Allan via email The Blizzard should be able to support a 16Mb SIMM. There really is no such thing as “PC RAM” - it’s all the same memory. The only Amiga accelerator I've seen which supports EDO RAM properly is the new A 1200x1 (see the review in last month's mag AF93). If the accelerator isn't designed to use EDO RAM, I wouldn't risk it. The price difference is almost negligible anyway.
The US Robotics modem should work perfectly on your Amiga. I’ve been using one with my Amiga for years. You shouldn't have to alter a single switch on the back. Check that you are using a good quality RS232 cable and that your software is set-up properly.
One of the most com mon mistakes to make, is to set the baud rate to something like “14,400”. Set it to 19,200 instead.
PICTURE THIS I’ve seen lots of adverts and reviews of digital cameras. They all come with Mac and PC connection kits, but as they use the serial port I was wondering if there was some way to make them work on the Amgia? It’s a shame if they can't be used, because the .Amiga has some great graphics programs.
Mark Bridges Lines If you're having trouble running Deluxe Paint then try re-formatting your drive.
Yes, it's a shame but none of the cameras I’ve seen include native support for the Amiga. The hardware connection is not the problem (as you say, it's a simple serial link) but the software is a big problem. The cameras use an image compression scheme to store pictures internally, and so not only do you need to unite a program to read the image from the camera but you need to be able to de-compress it too: not easy unless the manufacturer supplies you with the details, and let's face it, that isn't likely.
It's not all bad news though. The Casio camera can generate a composite video signal which can be redigitised using any Amiga video digitiser. I've also used the Kodak DC20 camera with an A4000 very successfully by running the Apple Mac version of the driver software on an Amiga running ShapeShifter.
DRIVE PROBLEMS Ever since I bought my Amiga 1200 second hand, my hard drive has developed some annoying problems. Certain programs refuse to work when copied over to the hard disk. When I try to run Deluxe Paint for example, I get the error message, ‘Unable to open your tool, Dpaint’. If I try' and run it from shell, I get the error message, ‘Bad loadfile hunk’. It only seems to happen with a few programs (Interspread being another example) and once I copy a program onto the hard disk, it ZORR02?
I am writing to enquire as to the possibilities of using a CyberGraphics II card with an A1200 Tower system. As I understand it, the only available ports on A1200 Tower cases are Zorroll type, and the advert under Gordon
- " v“ - -• '-A., '
o -gjjtf
k. V ¦... dH !. - - TFT A &
- 1 .
»''' ,F'J& won’t work when copied back to a floppy.
My .Amiga also came with an Archos Overdrive CD drive which also has some annoying problems! When the Amiga is first switched on, the CD drive isn’t recognised. I have to unplug it and then plug it back in, which usually crashes the computer. It then works after resets until I switch the power supply off.
Benj via email It sounds as though the hard drive has developed some flaws and is corrupting data. I'd strongly advise you to back up everything which is currently working and re-format the drive (using the normal Amiga Workbench Format: not any form of Low Level Format). It would be worth getting hold of a hard disk tool suite, such as Quarterback, and letting that have a look at the disk.
As for the CD-ROM drive, you have me stumped.
It could conceivably be a power supply problem (i.e. your PSU isn’t up to the job) especially if the Archos drive doesn't have its own PSU.
SLOW AND STEADY I own an A1200 with ‘040, hard disk and 18Mb of RAM, and yet Sensible World of Soccer runs in slow motion. On my mum’s WB1.3, 1Mb A500, however, it runs fast and fluidly like it’s supposed to.
I have tried disabling caches, fast RAM, hard disk and just about everything, but with the accelerator in place it’s slow motion time. It ran a little faster when I had an ‘030, and according to one of my mates it is perfect on his bare A1200.
Harwoods in your magazine does not specify Zorroll or III.
Fraser Hamilton via email The CyberVision card has been replaced by the CyberVision64, which is both Zorroll and Zorrolll compatible and will work in any A1200 Tower system. It also promises special 3D capabilities, although what software will make use of these is unknown. There are options for an MPEG decoder and FlickerFixer promised.
It would also be worth considering the latest Picasso card as it's Zorroll and Zorrolll compatible. It too has several interesting add-ons promised.
The CyberVision card has been replaced by the CyberVision64.
How come the faster the machine gets, the slower the game runs? Is there anything I can do to make it run at a reasonable speed on my computer?
Sune Johansson Denmark It seems as though the game doesn 't like the '040 processors at all, and something is causing it to go slow. Sensible World of Soccer is a game which is unlikely to benefit much from, a faster processor, so try some of the “Degrader" style utilities which are available to temporarily cripple the '040 as much as possible. Also check to see if your accelerator card allows you to bypass the '040 and boot into 68020 mode using a particular keypress.
GO SLOW I have just bought a modem along with a load of Internet software for my Amiga. The problem is that I don’t think my modem is running at it’s full speed.
.All of the .Amiga magazines including yours, states that a 28,800 modem should be able to transfer a 1Mb file in around four minutes and run at around 3,300cps. My modem however takes around 15 minutes for a 1 Mb file and only runs at an average speed of 300-400cps when I am both on the .Aminet and the WWW.
Dan O’Neill via email If you were to con nect your modem directly to another Amiga using the same modem and then use Zmodem to send a file, you would find that you could send a 1Mb file in about five minutes: less if the 1Mb file was uncompressed text.
The reason why your modem is slower when connected to the Web or performing an FTP session is that you aren't the only person using the Internet.
There is a limit to the bandwidth and you are getting what you can out of it. This bandwidth depends on many things: your Internet Service Provider’s Continued overleaf equipment, how busy they are, how busy is the site you are accessing, how busy is the route your data is taking... % . * * ¦'* *
- V. * - - v * ' •¦*.
* - -
- ft , *** -y
* ** *¦ ,'v ' ' The Vlab digitiser can capture and display
incoming video on the Workbench.
On the plus side, you can perform several downloads simultaneously, and read and reply to your email as well, and your modem will still be able to cope. This way it may even get close to it’s potential capacity.
My friend has a Pentium PC. He thinks it’s great because he can watch TV on a window on his desktop while he is “working”. Is there any way to achieve the same thing on my A1200 Michael Brennan Chorley Well, sort of The reason the PC is able to do that is because the graphics card makes it possible to feed in data from an extern al source: in this case, a TV tu ner card.
There is no real way to do this on an Amiga I'm afraid.
If you have a Big Box Amiga and a large wodge of cash, you could get pretty close by using the Mab video digitiser which can capture and display incoming video on the Workbench. Use a video recorder to provide the TV signal in composite video form, a nd you are away. The ProGrab digitiser is the closest alternative for the A1200: it will decode teletext as well, which might be one up on your friend.
If you don't mind not being able to rescale the video, a genlock will let you run your Desktop over the top of an incoming video signal. Choosing the key colour carefully, you could have a window of live video in the background.
The latest batch of A miga video cards promise all sorts of magical effects, including MPEG decoders, and so it is technically possible to replay video on the Workbench.
I'd rather be playing a game though, than squinting at a two inch square of blocky EastEnders.
RECYCLED PROCESSORS I've seen adverts for cheaper accelerator cards which make use of pre-used processors. Would I be risking my money on buying a card based on one of these “recycled” chips? Don’t processors eventually wear out?
John Hayes Kettering I've seen these “ECR” cards too, and I think it's a great idea. Anything which makes getting faster Amigas for less money has to be worthwhile. Yes, it's true that all processors have a limited lifespan, but as long as they haven ’t been cooked by over- clocking and or inadequate cooling there is no reason why they shouldn't last for years and years.
As long as you get a reasonable guarantee, then I would say you have n othing to lose in upgrading your system using a recycled processor. As well as getting a real kick-ass Amiga system, you 7 be helping the environment too! What more could you want? Dj IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just concentrate on our areas of expertise - we take on all your problems (as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill in, photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can.
Unfortunately we cannot reply personally.
ZIPPY DO DAH My Dad has a PC at work, and an Apple Mac at home. He's thinking of getting a Zip drive for both machines, and I'm tying to encourage him because that means I will be able to use the Zip on my Amiga 1200, won't I? What sort of interface will I need?
It's important for my Dad to be able to read the same disks on the Mac and PC as the cartridges are the same, will this be automatic?
Brian Moffitt Macclesfield First the good news: yes, you will be able to use the Mac Zip drive because it will be SCSI based. You'll need a SCSI interface for your A1200, such as the Squirrel. Now the bad news: your Dad won't be able to take a Zip disk from the Mac and read it in the PC.
Although the disks and drives are the L same, data is stored differently on them.
Mk However, there are various utilities j? Around which will allow them to be m shared, rather in the same way that CrossDos will let you read PC formatted floppy disks.
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YOUR AMIGA ONLINE OFFERING A QUALITY SERVICE fT= Let your friends transfer files to and from your machine or set your Amiga up as a server for the WWW. Darren Irvine shows you exactly how it's done.
Amiga.net takes on a whole new look this month. Gone are the trite comments about how poor someone’s Web page is. Gone are the embittered remarks about people that have annoyed me on Usenet.
Instead, I’m going to tell you how you can set your Amiga up as an (albeit temporary) server on the Internet.
You’re probably familiar enough with the concept of using your Amiga to connect to other computers on the Internet to transfer files (using FTP) and to run remote sessions (using Telnet). You’re also familiar with the idea of using a Web browser to view HTML documents held on other machines on the Net.
The thing is, while you are online (and providing you have an Internet access account that provides you with a permanent IP number), there is no reason that you can’t use I AmiTCP IP napsaterm 3.8 your .Amiga to provide these services for other Internet users. You can set your Amiga up as an FTP server to let your friends transfer files to and from your machine. You can also allow Telnet access (though see the boxout on Security for reasons you might not actuallv want to do this). And you can set your Amiga up as a server for World Wide Web pages - handy if you are in the process of designing
pages to go on a permanent server and want to get someone else’s opinion of them before uploading.
This month I’ll cover setting up your machine for FTP and Telnet access, and cover HTTP: (web) serving next time. The following examples are based on using the AmiTCP TCP IP stack, but there are comparable versions of each server for other systems. All the software required can be obtained from any of the Aminet mirrors.
FTP SERVING On most computer systems, and the Amiga is no exception, there are programs which run in the background. Known as daemons, they are required to offer services across the net. You’ll need one daemon for each service you want to offer, and in general the name of the daemon involv ed is the same as the service name itself plus the letter “d” at the end e.g. “ftpd” for the FTP daemon.
The implementation of ftpd, that is available from Aminet, comes with a half-decent installer but there are still a number of configuration files that need to be looked at (in the amitcp:db drawer).
1. The most important file is “ftpaccess” and this controls which
directories on your machine are available for FTP access and
which are not.
The installer creates a template for this file and you need to put in lines which allow or deny access to given directories. For instance, in mine I have: denydir SYS: denydir WORK: allowdir STUFF: pub cdpath STUFF:pub These respectively deny all access to my SYS: and WORK: partitions, and allow access to the “pub” directory on STUFF: and below.
2. The next file that needs looking at is “ftpdir” in the same
directory. This contains one line: stuff:pub and indicates
that when a user logs onto my machine using FTP they are left
in the STUFF:pub directory.
3. Next, create a file called “ftpusers”. Rather obviously this
file contains a list of users that you want to allow' onto
your machine. For security reasons, it’s probably not a good
idea to allow password-free “anonymous” access to your machine
until you are comfortable with using the ftp daemon. A typical
list might be: root transfer Where “root” is your own access
and “transfer” is the password-protected user that you might
users access to your machine, you should be very aware of
security. Make sure that FTP users are restricted to certain
directories, and that all users on your system are password
Telnet is an even bigger security loophole than FTP, and in actual fact, I must strongly recommend not allowing anyone at all full shell access to your machine via Telnet (a remote user can type "format hdO:" just as easily as you can). If you are setting up Telnet services, make sure that any users logging in are taken straight into an application (BBS, MUD or whatever) and that they have no access to the shell at any time. The documentation that comes with the Telnetd tells how this can easily be done.
As you can see, against my own instructions. I've set up an "anonymous" FTP user for my system, system type is AMIGA" message is something you don't often see on the Net.
2. You need to add a line to “inetd.conf’ in the same way as you
did for FTP: telnet stream tcp nowait root amitcp:serv telnetd
3. You need to set up users that are allowed access via Telnet.
Do this in the normal AmiTCP way, but make sure that you pick
sensible passwords. In fact, once you start allowing Telnet
access to your .Amiga, make sure all your users (especially
“root”) are well password protected.
One thing to be aware of when offering Telnet access to your Amiga, is that Telnet users are capable of issuing commands that cause a window to open on your Workbench (say, trying to access a device that doesn’t exist). Once again, to test your Telnet service properly, you really need to connect to a remote host and Telnet back to your own .Amiga, but you can use
127. 0.0.1 or “localhost" to get an idea of whether it might be
Next month we’ll take a look at setung your Amiga up as a WWW serv er using yet another daemon - hitpd.
Not are currently 0 users In your class laaxiaua your bus reports to larren0plasaa thesap.coa
- PLftSHfihET Experimental FTP Server- MallKlck Started
ftpd!4ba8e8] ftpdI4d6ab81 ftpd(4c8af8] ftpd[4c8af81
ftpd[4c8af8] ftpdt4c8af81 f tpd[4c0af81 ftpd[4c0af81
ftpdI4c8af8] ftpd[4c8af8] ftpd[4c8af8] ftpd[4c8af8] f
tpd[4c0af8] f tpdI4c8af8] ftpd[4c8af81 f tpd t4c5380] FTP
session closed FTP session closed USER plets PflSS password
failed login fro* localhost [], plets QUIT FTP session
closed USER root QUIT FTP session closed USER system PftSS
password failed login from localhost [], system QUIT
FTP session closed FTP session closed te’lnetd: User guest
logged in successfully MaiIKick closing You can easily check up
on FTP and Telnet sessions to your Amiga by taking a look at
the "amitcp.log" file. This lists all the visits you have had.
Want your friends to use to transfer files to and from your machine. Note that you will need to set up this “transfer” user in your “passwd" file in the normal way.
4. If you really do want to allow anonymous ftp access to your
machine, add the following line to your “passwd” file (change
the directory to the one you are using): ftpll
1001100lanonymousFTP!STUFF:publ shell
5. The final file that needs modifying is the overall Internet
Daemon configuration file “Inetd.conf’. You need to add one
line to this file for each new service that you want to offer.
For example, for FTP: ftp stream tcp nowait root amitcprserv ftpd in. Ftp
6. Optionally, you can set up a “welcome.msg” file, which is the
banner displayed to any FTP users logging on to your Amiga.
Once you have these files setup, reboot your Amiga and restart AmiTCP. You can test the FTP server locally (try using any FTP client and connect to which is the local loopback IP number). To be sure, you'll either need to get a friend to try and FTP to your machine, or (if you have a remote account somewhere, say CiX or Delphi) Telnet to another machine and try and FTP back to your own.
TELNET SERVING There are perhaps less reasons to set your machine up for Telnet than FTP, but it can be of interest if you run a BBS and want to allow access to it via the Internet. Alternatively there are a number of online games available for the Amiga which can be set up to run via Telnet, and you might want to experiment with these.
Setting for Telnet access to your machine is done in a very similar way as FTP. The Telnetd archive doesn’t come with an installer however, so you need to do it by hand.
1. Open the archive, and copy the file “telnetd" to your
AmiTCP:serv director)7. Next, copy “fakesr.device” to devs:
(this handles i o between Telnet and programs that normally
expect to deal with the serial port such as a BBS.
Connected to pIasmathegap.com. 220-Caution user at jerry.compulink.co.uk, not welcome to localhost.
220-Local time is Mon Jun 19 06:40:06 1995.
220- 220-There are currently 0 users in your class (maximum is 2).
220- 220-Mail your bug reports to darren@plasma.thegap.com. 220- 220- -PLRSMANET Experimental FTP Server- 220- Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here!
220-Basically, you almost certainly shouldn't be here, 220-so expect us to come around to your house with a 220-big stick if you mess anything up.
220- 220- 220 localhost FTP server (Amiga wu-ftpd 37.21 ready.
Same (plasma.thegap.com:cixip): anonymous 331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.
Password: 230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply, demote system type is AMIGA.
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Nick Veitch MUSIC-X Darren Irvine attempts to disguise the dreadful noises he has created with some digital effects.
REAL 3D 2 It moves! It lives! Graeme Sandiford continues his investigations of Real 3D 2 with a look at animation.
• IFF Electronic Aits Interchange File Format Document (85) ?
OpenFlight ~ Multigen's 3D realtime storage database
• QpenMath Specification (PS) ? OpenInformation standards
collection ADVANCED AREXX Paul Overaa continues his cunning and
time saving tutorial on automatic web-page creation for
Irstly, I would like to apologise to all of you who have had to wait a few issues for our definitive guide to Cinema 4D. Basically, our authors all have a lot of commitments, and rather than just rattle off any old gibberish, we thought it was best to hang on until someone could do the job properly - I hope you find it has been well worth waiting for.
And of course, we still have all your other favourites - Darren Irvine reveals that there really are nice noises to be made with Music-X, Paul Overaa weaves some Web magic with Arexx, and Graeme Sandiford meddles with some more models in Real 3D 2. Not forgetting, of course the smarty arty talk in Jason Jordache's continuing saga.
Stay tuned - and remember, if there's anything you would particularly like to see covered in one of our tutorials. Let us know.
We need your input.
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series? Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine. Here are some things you might like to think about: AREXX Commodore's excellent decision to include Arexx with Workbench was only matched by their stupidity in not documenting it properly. If you are having trouble why not write to us with a description of what you are trying to do?
PAINT PACKAGES Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
CINEMA4D Surely some of you have some questions about our latest 3D giveaway?We're here to help.
Contact us at: AF Creative, 30 Monmouth Street Bath, BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting "Creative" in the subject line.
DRAWING A WAGE More tips from Mr Jordache on how to draw like the professionals. You'll never hold your mouse the same way again.
CINEMA 4D 2 John Kennedy introduces the first installment of a new tutorial devoted to showing you how to get the most from Cinema 4D 2.
[fTz CINEMA 4D 2 CHAPTER ONE ? I Untitled XY Front: +Y XY is the view looking at the front of the object, along the Z axis.
I ? I Untitled |E| a £ j ' T-T “ ‘ r. :
i. i-- ...__ ¦ ? ? t ; 1 ; 1 ...... l*f..... ......4 : -- ¦ 5 T’T
T q| Untitled isiia Side ?
Y [ I ¦ - *¦ ?2 - .....'! • : ...... : ......£*...... ...... : v - r; : i : ; - YZ is the view looking at the side of the object, along the X axis.
CONTENTS Chapter 1: Basic view and object manipulation Chapter 2: Introduction to materials and textures Chapter 3: Advanced object creation Chapter 4: Rendering modes and lighting Chapter 5: Other cool features playback 8c Notator-X Chapter 6: Animation Part 1 Chapter 7: Animation Part 2 Chapter 8: Final hints and tips Not content with reality, John Kennedy creates his own virtual worlds with HiSoft's amazing Cinema 4D 2.
Join him in the first part of a new tutorial.
Given away on the AF cover CD8 (the Christmas special issue, AF92), Cinema 4D is one of the most powerful and yet easy to use image rendering programs ever released on the Amiga. With its obvious user- interface, realistic rendering modes and awesome animation features, Cinema 4D 3D creates a perspective view which is independent of the camera view.
P creates a view of what the camera sees. This is the view which is rendered.
Knowing which way is up and which is down is only a third of it.
? | Untitled lEDlia 3D T£
• ?
Z r :*' • t . .... i SPN I b 1' ?x: 1* s.''
V. - V •: ... ' ; .y • : si**- j U-4-1 -I m,. 4- + '1 rm ~
,* ¦ r r * iT m
- i-tv, .* * X: ; . * •• * I T : : : : XZ is the plan view
looking down at the object, along the Y axis.
4T produces four of the flat views, as well as a single 3D view.
Click here to alter the viewpoint of the entire scene.
Click here to alter the position, size or rotation of an individual object.
Click here to Rotate an object.
You need to select the Axis around which to rotate.
Click here to Scale an object.
The default is to scale in all directions, but it's possible to select axes individually.
Click here to Move an object.
Drag with the left mouse held down for up down, left right.
Drag with the right mouse button held down for in out shake-it-all-about.
Click on these buttons to determine the axis for scaling and rotating.
Click here to cycle between an object's own axis and the main display axis when rotating or moving an object.
Select a front view Select a side view Select a plan view Select a 3D view Select front, side, plan and 3D Select the camera (perspective) view ESSENTIAL INFORMATION CHAPTER ONE CINEMA H m a & a h FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND X Y Z &l Object 1o En™ USED 3 P ?
Familiarise yourself with all the tools.
Is capable of professional results on even relatively unexpanded systems.
Although the basic requirements are 3Mb of RAM and 9Mb of hard disk space, if you have an accelerator board or a graphics card Cinema 4D will take full advantage.
Over the next few months we’ll help you learn how to use Cinema 4D to create fantastic images and animations.
Month by month this tutorial will build up into, well, a pile of Amiga Formats on your floor, but you’ll be able to return to them every time you want to use Cinema 4D. To start with, we’ll take a look at the way in which Cinema 4D lets you look into its three dimensional world, and manipulate the objects contained.
Deal with individual objects in the same way. Click on the Edit Object button beneath and on the Move switch and you can drag objects around the screen in any view.
Click on the X, Y or Z buttons and movement is limited in the direction of the objects axis.
Now click on the Rotate button and try clicking and dragging again. This time you can spin the view around to get a better view. You can rotate the view in this way from the 3D views, but only move in the flat views.
When Cinema 4D is first loaded, the editor displays a single window wiiich contains a grid. This grid is invisible in final renders, and is included only to help you remember which way objects are facing. Cast your mind back to school mathematics, and you’ll notice that Cinema 4D makes use of the three X, Y and Z axes to describe the current view. The Y axis is the “up and down” direction, the X is the “left to right” and the Z is the “in and out”. For example, an object which is located at a large distance away on positive Z axis is far away from the screen.
Cinema 4D allows six different ways of displaying the objects on-screen.
Three are “flat” (i.e. two dimensional) views, two 3D views and one is a mixture of both. They are accessed from the group of six buttons at the bottom of the tool bar, and you can click between them at any time. They are there to make it easy to see what your objects are doing, so pick the one which gives the best view. It’s important you remember which is which so you don’t get confused when editing your objects, so here’s a recap: You can rotate an object in the same way, and this time The Scale button works like the Rotate button, in that the X, Y and Z buttons determine around which axis
the exactly what it will do depends on which Axis button is poor object is to be spun. Remember, it's going to spin turned on. You can use it to stretch out the shape in one around the internal axis of the object, unless you click or two directions, or enlarge or shrink the entire object on the cycle gadget and pick “World". In one go.
Understanding how the various viewpoints work is the first step, but you then have to learn how to change the view and then move individual objects.
That’s what the following tutorial will do. At the end of it, you’ll be able to change the view to look in any direction, as well as change primitive shapes. Next month we’ll see how to alter the appearance of objects.
With your new found ability to move and manipulate both the overall view, the camera view (i.e. the view in the P window) and individual objects, you should find it easy to either alter existing example scenes or create your own abstract scenes like this.
There are various other ways in which you can adjust the editing vietos. When you start dealing with complicated models, it's possible to use the "Parameters" window to switch on and off options such as automatic labelling or objects, or to replace all objects with quick-draw bounding boxes.
* * m Cinenfa 4D Offer Got the Coverdisk - get the extensive user
manual plus lots of example objects plus the optimised
68020 FPU version of Cinema 4D plus the complete version of
Magic Link (allowing the import export of many file formats
including Lightwave, Imagine and Real 3D) plus full technical
support from HiSoft, all for only 4k » £79.95. Alternatively
you can upgrade directly from the Coverdisk to the brand new
version 3 of Cinema 4D for just £149.95. Extra new modules for
• Faster render times and improved editing speed making it even
easier to create your 3D masterpiece.
• The addition of Visible Light allows you to create fireballs,
jet engines, real spotlights, floodlights and more.
• The new Lens Flares and Lens Glows are highly customisable
(change their colour, reflectivity, position and radii;
randomise and fade flares) and this lets you build some great
effects such as highlights, glints, lasers and many other
real-life camera lens characteristics.
• Soft light cones.
• Inverse Kinematics now supports joint limitation for the
creation of real-world character animation.
• Enhanced raytrace dialogs with even more options.
To order, call free on 0500 223 660 armed with your credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Connect, American Express) quoting reference AFC431ZA. Or complete the order form and send a cheque or postal order to: HiSoft Systems, The Old School, Greenfield,
• CinemaWorld - allows you to create landscapes, mountains,
oceans, reefs, worlds and sub-worlds, all within Cinema 4D.
£39.95 disk.
• CinemaFont - use Type 1 fonts within your Cinema4D scenes,
either as splines or as objects. Comes with the Bitstream
500-font CD-ROM (contains Type 1 and Truetype fonts) while
stocks last. £39.95 disk.
Bedford MK45 5DE All prices include UK VAT and postage within the UK; add £6 for guaranteed next day delivery. Offers only available to Amiga Format readers and are strictly limited - all offers will close 28 February 1997.
Free gift with all orders: Maxon Magic (worth £29.95) plus entry into a draw to win an SMD-100 VideoCD decoder with CD-ROM drive - perfect for home cinema!
Please send me the following: 68020 FPU version with manual and objects ?
£79.95 Version 3 Cinema 4D ?
£149.95 CinemaWorld module ?
£39.95 CinemaFont module ?
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CHAPTER THREE MUSIC-X Echoes, transposition and tempo change - Darren Irvine looks at some of the effects you can add to your composition using the excellent Music-X.
Last month we saw how easy it was to take a number of recorded play sequences and combine these to form the basis of a song. Now we’ll take a look at some of the ways in which you can make your individual play sequences sound better, and also examine ways to make your finished song sound more professional.
"Experimentation in this area can produce some excellent, if unexpected, results."
ENHANCING YOUR PLAY SEQUENCES - ECHO One of the simplest but most effective techniques you can use to spice up an otherwise drab sequence is an echo effect. Adding MIDI echo to a sequence has a few advantages over using an external effects processor - firstly, you can apply it selectively to individual tracks (something that would only be possible if your sound module had individual outputs for each channel) and secondly, it is trivial to ensure that the echo effect is in time with the tempo of the track itself.
This effect works best on sequences of notes separated by at least a whole note, and improves even the simplest quence immeasurably.
CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introduction and basic sequence recording Chapter 2: Basic sequence editing and creating a song Chapter 3: Effects - cross fading & the swing processor Chapter 4: Advanced song construction techniques Chapter 5: Conclusion - "live" playback & Notator-X You can add life to an other wise drab play sequence by applying a MIDI echo effect.
Start by taking two copies of your original sequence.
Firstly, make two copies of the sequence that you want to echo. Do this by highlighting the desired sequence and selecting Copy from the menu.
Then highlight the track where you w'ant to copy to, and click on “OK”.
Next, edit the first of the two copies. Scale the velocities of all the notes to about 60% of their original values. Use “Grid” to select semiquavers (if you are not familiar with standard musical notation, these are the notes that are marked as being of length 48) and then click on Select, and highlight every note (a quick way to do this is with the Right Amiga-A shortcut).
Use the cursor keys to move all the notes either three or four semiquavers to the right. If any of the notes have crossed the End of Sequence marker (the yellow dotted line), first use “UnMark” and then “Select” these notes and move them back to the very start of the sequence. You should end up with an exact copy of the original but offset by three or four notes respectively. Use “Exit” from the menu and store this sequence. You might like to change its name from say “Sequence” to “Sequence2”.
Now do the same thing to the second copy of your original sequence, but this time scale the velocities to about 30%, and move the notes by six or eight semiquavers. Now, wThen you play these three sequences back together you will have an echo effect that is perfectly in time.
Using offsets of three and six notes adds a “thick” sounding effect. If your original sequence has a lot of notes already separated by three semiquavers, try using offsets of four and eight instead to produce your echo.
Experimentation in this area can produce some excellent, if unexpected, results. When you come to assemble your song, it is sometimes easier to combine the three echo sequences into CHAPTER THREE Tdu MUSIC-X the list of available options with you click on “Add” in the main Edit screen.
The time taken to change to the new tempo is equal to the length of the green Tempo Change marker in your sequence - if you want the change to be instantaneous, add a Tempo Change of as short a length as possible.
If you want the Tempo to increase or decrease slowly, add a Tempo Change marker that is several bars in length. The actual tempo changed to is selected either by dragging the Tempo Change marker up and down, or by using the “TMP” slider.
Using these simple effects will greatly enhance your song construction.
Next month we’ll see how’ some of the more off-the-wall effects found in Music-X can be used to make your sound even more individual. Cj on the sequence concerned and drag the slider marked “key”. This will let you move the entire play sequence up or down by a number of semitones. If the play sequence that you are transposing itself contains a number of play sequences, they will all be affected.
This is a great tool for building up, say, a complex bass sequence comprising a number of synth sounds. The combined sequence can then be inserted in your song and transposed to match the required key changed of your song.
This technique doesn’t sound like much at first, but can be very powerful if performed correctly.
If you are creating a fairly long song with a number of distinct sections, it may benefit from having the various sections play back at different tempos.
You can select “Tempo Change” from Another way of getting more from your song is to add a tempo change somewhere - try dropping the tempo for a moody atmospheric bit and then raising it again for a banging finale.
One, either by creating a play sequence that only contains the three echo sequences or by using the merge function. To do a merge, highlight the first sequence, and select merge from the pull-down menu. You will then be prompted for the sequence to merge with and you should select the second of your echo sequences.
Repeat this exercise with the newly merged sequence, and the third of the original echo sequences. Although using such a merged sequence makes things easier at the time of assembling the finished song, keeping an unechoed version can be useful - you can use both versions in the finished work, as a contrast.
Adding an echo is just one of the techniques that you can use to improve individual play sequences, and we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the others next month.
ENHANCING YOUR SONG CONSTRUCTION Just as you can use certain tricks to make a play sequence sound better on it’s own, so to can you use some of the features within Music-X to make any songs you construct sound better.
You will undoubtedly have noticed that if you have used your keyboard’s mod-wheel or pitch-bend control when recording a play sequence, then these controls appear as a series of diamonds within the Edit screen. In fact, any kind of MIDI control data appears in this way, and the colour of the diamonds represents the MIDI channel affected.
When clicking on the “Add” control in the Edit window to add a Set Repeat marker, you will probably have also noticed that these controls can be added manually. You can use this ability to add pitch bend effects to play sequences that are songs, rather than just to those containing notes. Playing about with this feature can let you pitch bend entire play sequences for dramatic effect.
It is also possible to transpose a play sequence within your song. Simply click CHAPTER EIGHT 1 J REAL 3D 2 Graeme Sandiford explores some of Real 3D's awesome animation tools.
Issue 93 (January) saw us touching on some basic animation methods, used to propel our craft down the track. One of these was the Directed Force Method which moves an object in a certain direction. We’ll be using this method, in conjunction with the program’s collision detection system, to create a classic animation - the bowling simulation. This will consist of a bowling ball rolling along a surface and striking some pins w'hich in turn will be knocked over taking any other pins they collide with along with them.
To produce this animation we’ll be using Real 3Us Methods. These are basicallv levels (some of which may contain objects) that, due to the program’s hierarchical nature, will affect the objects under the same level. We’ll be covering other Methods in the future but don’t let that stop you experimenting - access the on-line help by pressing the Help key.
Now for the bowling ball. We'll use a sphere for this - try not to make it too big, about a 1 5 of the width of the lane should do. Next rename the objects you've created so far and select the Lathe tool.
LIGHT OPTIONS First set up a nice little tri-view environment and draw an oblong with the cube tool in the top view. Switch to the other views and resize it as necessary until it has roughly the same proportions as a bowling lane.
We'll use this tool to draw a bowling pin. First draw a vertical line to define the height of the pin, left-click at several points to define a shape similar to a bowling pin and right-click twice when you've finished.
Try and make the pin approximately twice the height of your ball. Don't forget to rename it and then duplicate it several times using cut and paste. Arrange the duplicates so they're in a triangular formation.
The number of pins you create will depend on how fast your machine is and your patience as the more you have, the longer frames will take to calculate after the first collision. Move them to the other end of the lane.
Next, we need to make sure the lane stays where it is.
In most programs you might have to make it super- dense, but we can make sure nothing affects it by using Protected in the Modify Property Attributes menu.
Make sure you select Protected not Protected2 as this works differently. Now select the ball, go to the menu Modify Property Velocity and draw a line from the ball to a point beyond the end of the bowling lane.
Next select the menu Create Structure Method and, from the scrolling list on the right, Processor. Click on OK and then select the menu Animate Control Play Forward. The ball should move along the lane.
The ball will fly straight through the pins without hitting them. You need to return to the beginning, go to the menu Create Structure Method and select the Int Collision Method to enable collision detection.
There are still a few things "wrong", most notably the ball bounces off unnaturally and the pins float in the air.
Undo the playing of the animation and then select the ball. Go to the menu Modify Properties Physical Attrib.
Turn on the Mass attribute and enter a value of 700 or so, to make the ball seven times heavier. Draw a vertical Axis line and select the menu Animate Forces Directed and select OK. Voila we have gravity.
Define Physical Properties II m L*MCtL UalAJALl ” 2" i Ta, V ... . R.-f - K Collision detection is tricky and things don't work as they should, but there are techniques for improving accuracy. First try selecting a problem object increasing its Coll.Accuracy under Physical attributes.
Another solution is to make sure you have enough animation frames by pressing Right-Amigaxa to open the animation window and changing the resolution - the higher the number of frames, the better the accuracy.
As a last resort you can place a cube under the level of a pin, make the cube invisible by selecting RT-lnvisible in the Attributes requester and then do the same with the pin's components but select CD-Invisible.
CHAPTER FOUR Tn CODING ADVANCED Web Spinning The Arexx Way Part 2 Web sites which are created automatically? Sounds like a dream but, with the theory and conventions now safely out of the way, Paul Overaa shows you exactly how this page creation scheme works... LISTING ONE if Exists(g.titlesdirllpagejtitle) then do call Writech(dest,' h2 ') call lnsertField(dest,g.titlesdirllpage_title) call Writeln(dest,' h2 ') else call Writeln(dest,' h1 ' g.MSGI page name ' h1 ') ¦ This fragment looks for a page header title file and then either inserts it's contents into the page or adds a default
heading to remind you that a title file could not be found!
Last month’s discussions concentrated on three main issues: The use of compound variables for menu description, the high-level loop code used to read such definitions, and the conventions used for web page and support file naming.
With this instalment you get to see a script that uses these ideas to create a set of interlinked web pages and the routine that does most of the hard work, GeneratePage(), actually starts by building a filename for the final HTML page. At the same time it also creates names for the support file holding the page’s tide, and for the file holding any text to be inserted when the page is created. A check is then made to see whether the page has a parent (see the Listing One routine) and where necessary a parent page name is also generated. All this name creation of course is performed by the
MakeNameQ routine discussed in the previous instalment.
Once these preliminary name creation tasks are complete we're in a position to identify the various support files needed and page creation proper can start. Individual tag insertion is actually very easy since using Arexx to write an HTML file is no different from writing any other kind of text file. You open the file using the Open() function and then use one of the file output routines, such as WritelnQ, to place the required characters into the file. To insert the initial html tag for example you’d use a statement like this... call Writeln(dest, , html ) which causes this line to be
created... html Similarly, to insert a page title wrapped between the titie and titie tag pair you’d use this sort of code... call Writeln(dest,, title scmetitle ‘ tkle ’) where sometitie could either be a static piece of text, or a variable holding the title details. Easy! This is exactly the approach adopted in the example.
Tides defined in this way of course URL: I* i i,: lloc«lhost ttorfciHBg_£aftE ,ftEy8ITE_6Pte»rtTdlt ,6e.i5Fit Help for users new to these pages Titl«: Ilgwel H~FS o Hof site uses menn pages to guide you to your dtosea destmaooiL Choose from items at die top of the page and snnplykeep selecting items until yon get to the area of interest!
Use the items at the bottom of the page to eahex retrace your page selection route or go dzrecdy back to the mam memL
• Return to .pagt jr ora ,prev;cus 1eyel Page last uplifted f t
lg: ’loc*Ui©*t Worlc:HIIB_CODE '«F SITE_6ENER«TOR B*t»gr»tgdS4t 'LR3PR1
.ht* KEEP CHECKING What was needed at this point was a way of
checking, as each page was generated, whether a title file was
available. Listing One shows exactly how this was done. We use
Arexx’s Exists () function to check for the presence of a title
(.tie) file and then either insert the contents of that file
into the page we’re creating - or add a dummy reference
instead. Reading information from one file and inserting it
into another file is quite easy and a typical function,
InsertField() is given in Listing Two.
You’ll find this, and another similar routine called InsertFile(), being used in this month’s create.rexx Coverdisk example script. The only significant difference between the two routines, incidentally, is that InsertFileQ writes lines exactly as they are read from the source file. InsertFieldQ on the other will appear in the browser’s title window. For the example site however, I wanted each page to have a more noticeable heading built using a larger font. This involves sandwiching the heading text between hN and hN style header tags and the reason, incidentally, for keeping these
‘real’ page title details in separate files from the associated page text was to gain a little flexibility in the initial stages - I could imagine occasions where one might be in a position to define a heading for a page before creating any text (or vice versa).
User Feedback a or equivalent dummy references... lixa href="L02P08.htm" INSERT LINK TEXT TO PAGE L02P08.htm a depending on whether or not a page title file is found or not.
By enclosing the complete loop that generates these menu items with WritelnQ statements that produce the ul and ul unordered list tag pair we end up with the generated page containing the list of menu items as an unordered list. It’s these arrangements that produce the visible, selectable, menu on the final HTML page!
HOME AND DRY AT LAST... With the above loop out of the way all that's needed is an Exists () based check, similar to that used to insert the page title, to see w'hether a file containing page text is available. If found the file contents get inserted otherwise a dummy reference (telling you that the file is missing) is written to the file instead! All that’s required then are a few more WritelnQ calls to add horizontal rules (using hr tags) and the final body end ( body ) and HTML end ( html ) tags.
And that’s about it as far as this introduction goes. You'll find the code on the Coverdisk and details of how to use the script in the box out.
Remember, all I’ve done is explain the basics and give you a starting point.
Much more can be done and I'm already thinking about some bells Sc whistles enhancements - these however are a storv for another time! USING THE EXAMPLE SCRIPT You'll find a drawer on the Coverdisk called WebSite. In it there's an example script called create.rexx and two sub directories called PageTitles and PageText, which hold the titles and text content for the example pages. In order for the script to run correctly you'll need to open a Shell window, make the WebSite drawer the current directory (using the cd command), and then type... rx create There's also a sub directory called
GeneratedSite which is where the script places the final web pages it creates. There's a ready made set of example site pages already in this drawer which you can view with any browser in local mode (start by viewing page L01P01.htm because this is the highest-level (ie main) menu page.
But don't just look at it - Once you've seen what the original version looks like use Ed, or any other ASCII text editor, to change a few page titles or alter the text contents of some pages in the PageTitle or PageText drawers. Then run the create.rexx script to produce the modified version of the site!
Remember incidentally that although I've just stuck to formatting the actual page text using p and p paragraph tags the page content files can actually contain any valid HTML tags.
And, once you have these relatively easy editing and regenerating operations under your belt, you might like to try altering those menu tree descriptions that we dealt with last month. Once you can do that you'll be able to automatically create a site with a structure of your own choice!
I CD If you want to learn more about HTML then download some of the primer guides and docs from the Web itself
- Yahoo's standard pages are a good place to start!
There's no reason why you couldn't add things like image tags to brighten up the display!
See my home page: (http : ourworld.compuserve.c om homepages paul overaa).
Welcome To Paul Overaa's REXX ARexx Site yjhat's s - spetai aboul tte sta' LISTING THREE LISTING TWO InsertField: Procedure parse arg dest, source name if Open(source,source_name,'r') then do do while -EOF(source) line=Readln(source) Writech(dest, I i ne) end Close(source) end return ¦ This routine uses a do-while loop to read the contents of a source file into the page being created.
Call Writeln(dest,' ul ') target Jevel=level+1; do i=1 to entries target page=page_start+i link_page„name=MakeName(targetJevel,target page,'htm') link page title=MakeName(target level,target page,'tie') call Writech(dest,' lixa href="'lllink_page_namell'" ') if Exists(g.titlesdirlllink_page_title) then do call lnsertField(dest,g.titlesdirlllink_page_title) call Writech(dest a ') end else call Writeln(dest,g.MSG2 link page name' a ') end call Writeln(dest,' ul ') ¦ Here's the loop for an unordered HTML list of menu entries.
Notice how it calculates the page numbers of the link pages, then uses MakeNameQ to generate their HTML anchor refs!
Hand uses Arexx’s Writech() function so that all of the inserted material appears on a single line!
THE MENU ITEM ENTRIES By far the most difficult area of the code, at least from a conceptual viewpoint, is the loop section that creates the menu items. Each time the GeneratePage() routine is called we’ll be creating a particular page at a certain level and all pages connected with the menu items of that page will obviously be at the next lowest level in the menu structure. This, coupled with the fact that we’re tracking the page numbers being generated at each level using the high-level loop code given last month, means that we are therefore able to generate names for the pages and support
files associated with the menu items as well.
Because of this it’s again possible to use Exists() to check whether title (.tie) files exist for those menu items just as we did when inserting the heading for the page being created. The big difference at this point however is that we’re now interested in writing HTML list items containing those menu entries coupled to anchor tags which reference the HTML pages associated with those entries. The code that performs this particular piece of magic, namely... call Writech(dest, ' lixa href="' ||link_page_name||'" ') if Exists(g.titlesdir||link_page _title) then do call InsertField(dest,
g. titlesdir||link_page_title) call Writech(dest,' a ') end else
call Writeln(dest,g.MSG2 link_page_name' a ') produces
references such as... lixa href="L02P08.htm" Site
http: uuu.ncsa.u iuc.edu denoueb htnl-priner.htnI WWW World
wide web Standards
• HTML pnmex ,
• Basic Htl'P m3
• VRML Virtual Hfc ity Markup Language fDocs Specs f
• URL Uniform Resource Locators fPS. Textf Open Systems Interface
• IFF Electronic Arts Inter change File F omtat Documeat (S5)
• OpexiFlight - MsMgea’s 3D realtime storage database
• GpeaMath Specification fPS i
• Qpexi Information standards collection Music file Standards
• CMF File F omtat ? EMD song format fox ABT 16 Title: I Standard
Documents and Links to Standard Documents | URL: If i t e: foc
a t host Hork:INTERNETEBllNFO yahoo_standa7 D32 next month in
image manipulation ? Video editing 3d rendering * graphic
design multimedia web design new technology the internet
magazine We Company,.
The art, design and technology magazine for Mac and PC fastest l 'A r-1L»11 j E~‘ -J * I; O - c- l hO ioi»rg [ifjT 111i:i ii;
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your 14,400bps modem - find out how the latest hardware can
improve your Internet experience Studio (K) ..pad animation
Plus (and it won't cost you a fortune to upgrade)
• Election Fever!
Is soon to grip the nation in its deathly fingers. Discover what role the Internet will play in the 1997 General Election Complete with packed dual-format CD Everything for the computer-based creative - software demos, animation and unique digital images on our Mac and PC compatible CD...
• How to tart up your computer Personalise your PC or Mac with
sound and graphics from the Internet
• Holiday!
Organise the perfect holiday over the Net The best Internet software around Spring Issue on sale Thursday 6 March £3.50 with CD-ROM • £2.50 without http: www.futurenet.co.uk Issue 6 sale now More tips from Jason Jordache on how to succeed in the games industry.
Jason Jordache knows the right handed amateur holds his left hand over the left side of the keyboard while a professional hovers over the right while drawing. If you are bothered to even use the keyboard.
Instead of having each frame from a sprite in a row on your spare screen from which to cut out and place in the main animation, a sprite can be picked up into the handy package called anim-brush.
Say we have our eight framed anim of a mouse. When creating an anim-brush, (left-click anim-brush icon from Brilliance, or Select Pick Up from the Anim Brush sub-menu from the Anim menu in Dpaint) you need to select an area of the screen to effectively copy out into memory which will form the anim-brush. Done by dragging the outline of a box to contain the mouse within it.
The box must be large enough to contain the whole mouse through all the frames. So for instance, if the mouse has stuck his leg out by frame eight, he needs a larger box than you'd realise from just looking at frame one. The box remains the same size and in the same position throughout each frame it passes, and so must prepare for a moving sprite by being large enough back in frame one to still contain all the images through to frame eight.
DOODLES reflection. You may have seen cups drawn from an angle where you see the oval of the rim, yet the picture shows sharp corners instead of smooth, circular strokes. Or has been drawn wrongly as a side view with a funny handle. So draw what you SEE.
Good drawing skills are a solid foundation from where you can form realistic designs of objects and creatures you wouldn't find in nature.
Many fantasy illustrators base their work on natural forms even though you wouldn't recognise this from their finished art. And monsters are fantasy beasts always to be found in games.
Sketch ideas onto paper, fill the sheets, be carefree, you're not drawing masterpieces here just exploring possibilities, letting yourself wander and wonder. Too many are shackled by what they think an object should look like when sketching from life, and end up drawing from a memory which stopped learning to draw as a child - spending too much time engrossed in the drawing without looking at the object. So the rule of thumb is to spend more time looking than drawing. If not, your picture fills with what you think the object looks like and not an accurate Click and hold die left mouse button
to place one corner of the box on frame one. Drag it open to the suitable size before releasing the mouse button. The program then copies the area selected in frame one, moves to frame two and copies the same area of screen, and so on to frame eight. You can also change how many frames it moves through, so you could start on frame three and make it finish by frame six. You’re left with an anim-brush of a sprite which should be saved to disk.
Moving the anim-brush loaded cursor round the screen looks as if you have a standard brush ready to slap down by clicking the left mouse button.
But click and the anim-brush places the image on screen while moving to the image it picked up from frame two, the* next image in the anim-brush. Useful for placing down sprites in an animation. Try holding down the mouse button while moving the cursor over the screen.
The right hand side of the screen which shows the close up when in magnify mode is a function everyone uses, but remember to create your image with attention directed at the normal sized graphic to the left, as this is how7 your pixels really look.
Concentrating solely on bitty pixels in the magnified view leads to a picture taking form as you didn’t intend.
One of the few7 useful inbuilt effects is the Smooth function. Great for blending colours.
Create ranges of a given colour in rows.
This makes it possible to use the squared [ ] brackets effectively in Dpaint when working with each range, but also lets you know7 where everything is as colours easily become muddled. The minimum range for creating light and shadow would be three colours. For example, a light blue, dark blue and a midrange blue forming the main colour for the object.
Come my egg people, it's time to take over the world.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS The following, though there are many more, are some useful shortcuts available in both Brilliance and Deluxe Paint.
[ ]: Move up and down through the palette , : Pick colour .: Change back to inbuilt brush : Careful not to hit this when using keys X Y Z : From a brush you've cut out you can flip it up, down, across and around u:Undo Animations 1, 2 : Move up and down through anim frames 4 : Play animation continuously 5 : Play it once 6 : Play ping-pong. Back and forth through the frames Hit the Help key when all else fails for those moments as a beginner when you can't get the cursor to paint.
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O Course Angler ? Parachute Joust ? Demolition Mission ? Growth O Amos Cricket ? Int Cricket ? All Rounder Cricket ? Trail Blazer O Roulette ? Top of the League ? Mr Men Olympics (2) ? Phantom ? Punter v3-1 3 Worms Ext Levels 3 Alien Fishftnger LEATEST TITLES MONO CLIPART ? Asterix2 3 Wind In the Willows 3 Buildings (5) ? Exercise KLONDIKE CARDS ? Stars 3 Voyager ? Vehicles 3 Pussypack (18+) 3 Babes Galore (18+) 3 Babes 3 (18+) ? Babes 4 (18+) GAMES 3 Ultra Ball 3 AGA Tetris ? Blobble 3 Smart Cardz AGA GLAMOUR PLEASE STATE QV£ft 19 ? Lovely Girls 1 (2) 3 Lovely Girls 2 (2) ? Liz Hurley (2) 3
Starkers 13 (2) 3 Starkers 14 ? Claudia Schiffer 96 (3) 3 Glamourous Women (5) ? Patsy (2) ? Katie (2) ? Jo Guest (2) ? Joanna (2) O Carla (2) O China Syndrome ? Beachball Women ? In Your Dreams (5) ? Busom Buddies (2) O Stocking Tops (5) ? Blondies Friends (2) ? Claudia Scttffer ? Claudia S The Wotfcs (3) 3 Claudia Schtf NFA (3) 3 Fit Chin 3 (2) 3 Erika Eleniak 3 Big Top 3 Crawford Coll. 1 (2) ? Pam Anderson NFA ? Elle MacPherson (3) 3 Nikki Taylor (2) ? Girls Girls Girls 3 Playmates (5) 3 Starkers 1: Anna 3 Starkers 2: Laytoyah 3 Starkers 3: Fam. Babes 1 3 Starkers 4: Fam. Babes 2 3 Starkers
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S. W.O.S. MOON ?
458 GRAND PRIX , ? 1036 NESQUICK ? 1171 ANGLER 2 DISK ?
555 HUGO 5 DISK ?
U. FO ?
024 ELF ?
022 GODS ?
1331 BURGER BAR 1 ? 1191 DR. STRANGE ? 1251 TOUR TENNIS ?
1273 A! 2 TRAIN SIM ¦ ? 547 PANG - UGGO ? 1686 HILL CUMBER ?
044 21 R D HITS J ? 1569 BUG MINE ? 375 SOUTAIRE ?
1031 NEXT-GEN 5 DISK ?
1500 24 R D GAMES 1 ? 1576 DEN MINE ? 1304 CHECKERS ?
716 POP QUIZ ?
1445 10 C. W GAMES 1 ? 1575 UNDERMINE ? 476 CHESS GAMES ?
289 QUING-GO ?
1597 QUIZ 555 ?
1281 A12 FUN HOUSE 1 ? 1580 EXPERT MINE ? 1246 CRIBBAGE ?
916 A12 HOI GAMES | ? 1570 FRUSTY MINE ? 530 OTHELLO ?
931 BACK-DOORS ¦ ? 107 TW1N-TRIS ? 1789 TYPHOON ? 1987 COLOUR-MAN IA ?
1. 000 CHEATS 1 ? 1602 FOUL-EGGS ? 692 INVADERS ?
602 EXIT 13 ?
1713 NOSTROMO 6 DISK . ? 1352 AGE OF ROCK ? 1706 ASTRO-KID ?
1633 WOOGUES ?
1035 ATOMICS ?
1462 SOLUTION VOL2 . ? 1627 PILL-MAN1A ? 031 OBLIVION ?
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1357 SPECY CHEATS 1 ? 459 MEGA-BALL V2 ? 1235 LEDCLONE ?
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Smith (2) ? Christina Applegate (2) ? Bathing Beauties ? Big Baps (18+) ? Black Adder (4) ? Body Beautiful ? Body Perfect ? Braindead ? Cameron Diaz 3 Castles ? Cindy Crawford 3 ? Classic Cars 3 Claudia Schiffer 2 ? Computer ? Eva Herzigova ? Extasy (18+) ? F1 GP ? Flash Gordon ? Harley Davidson 2 ? Helena Christensen (2) ? Horses ? Illustrated Animals (6) ? Magic Roundabout 3 MG Cars O Danni and KySe 3 Nice Bums (18+) 3 Nikki Taylor (2) ? Pin Ups (18+) ? Pretty Babes (18+) ? Pulp Fiction 2 3 Red Dwarf (2) 3 Sharon Stone 3 Spiderman ? Speccy(6) 3 Speccy Covers (4) ? Ten Hatcher 3 Wizard of Oz
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See Cat disk for more info.
AGA GLAMOUR Send your letters to: Letters To The Editor, Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Avon • BA1 2BW.
FOREIGN LESSONS Having an Amiga in Brazil is not very common or very easy. Reading magazines like Amiga Format is the only way to learn about the Amiga market (does it exist now? I hope so!). But these magazines disappeared around March time. Why?
Is the Amiga dead in the UK? Ceased to be? Over? No more?
In January I’ll probably visit the UK, to find some Amiga stores where I can buy a Genlock and an accelerator. Oh, and I’ll have to practice my English too.
Since I don’t read Amiga magazines anymore, it’s become very poor.
Francisco Oliveira de Queiroz Rio de Janeiro • Brazil Squirrel option (which will use standard SCSI CD- ROM drives) or you could use a SCSI interface attached to an accelerator expansion. Or you could use one of the IDE expansion kits, which use buffered drives.
' x , No, we are definitely still here, and we do still get quite a lot of mail from Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, and even, bizairely, occasionally from Cuba, so don *t despair just yet. Sorry if you are having trouble getting a copy of the magazine. Unfortunately, I can't directly control which newsagents and shops in your country the mag is stocked in, as there is a completely separate importer distributor there.
If any of our Brazilian readers do know where you can get copies of the mag, then why not send us their details and we can print them in the mag? In the meantime, I’m afraid all I can suggest is that you subscribe.
I have been following all your articles on CD-ROMS and I've been on the lookout for a bargain. I came across an ad in a magazine that said that if you connect a CD to the IDE interface without a buffer of some sort your Amiga would fall down. Now I am not one to question one of the greatest Amiga authorities in the world, but have you been ignoring the long term effects of adding a CD-ROM.
On hearing this news I have put buying a CD- ROM on hold. I'm now really worried and also a bit peeved because I've got your last two Cds (which were the main reason for getting a CD-ROM in the first place).
I hope you can get back to me and put my mind at ease so I can get my hands on your lovely Cds.
Daniel Bowden I appreciate your concern, but I think you are a little confused.
If you attach an IDE CD-ROM drive directly to the IDE interface used inside the A1200. It is possible that you may damage your machine. This is not the only way to add a CD-ROM drive to the Amiga.
You could go for the more popular HiSoft GONEY?
Please could you tell me why some software is released only for a short period and then is impossible to buy anymore? For instance the LucasArts J package was brought out, but it is not on sale anymore!
. lso I cannot find flight of the Amazon Queen for sale anywhere! I own an .Amiga and an Amiga CD32 and just wonder why whenever I decide to buy a piece of software I find you can’t purchase it anymore.
Chris Spilsby • Lincolnshire PS. Dizzy - The Big Six was a game collection which came out on the CD32. Is it possible to buy it now and if so, where from?
It isn’t just Amiga games you know. The shelf life of a ga me is very short, as most sales are made in the first two months of a release. So, shops tend not to want to stock ga mes after they are a few months old, because they are taking up space which could be used for a better selling prod uct, They will stay on Mail Order lists for longer, but even Continued overleaf CD CONFUSION then, not forever. Try contacting Direct Software on 01604 722499, as they may be able to help... ZORRO FOR A1200?
I own an A1200 and 1m a former Blizzard 1230IV and a future Blizzard 1240TRC owner. How come they have not built, a cheap ZorroII interface for the A1200 yet? I know that there are many of them, but they are expensive and hard to find in Greece. I am talking about one or two ZorroII slots connected to the expansion port or SCSI! Yes SCSI why not? If you can connect the lamp of your desk to a switch and to your Amiga through a MIDI interface, why can’t you have two small ZorroII slots from a SCSI interface? Why do I have to spend a fortune just to connect a Cybervision and a Delfma? Or maybe a
second IDE controller?
Unfortunately, we just can't put your Mods on the AFCDs.
In the Aminet I found a small archive from someone who created a The reason Zorro expansion systems are expensive for the A1200 is because the A1200 wasn ’t designed to have them. The expansion port of the old A500 is more or less a direct Zorro Bus expansion, with a few more lines thrown in. Hence, it is very easy to rewire a con nector to give you a Zorro port.
On the A1200 there is no such extension (although the trapdoor is similar). However, why do you need one? Apart from expensive video equipment, and JlylWSjyjl I graphics cards, you can ES' I connect just about anything you want to the A1200 without resorting to Zorro cards. If you really want a SCSI interface, why not get an accelerator and SCSI expansion for the trapdoor ?
The alternative is an A1200 Tower expansion system.
Second Zorro slot from the expansion slot of an A500, without any electronics (chips and stuff). He just connected the right wires with the right pins. And it worked! An A500 with a 24-bit graphics card! All I want is a cheap Zorro with a smart connection!
Jim Lotsaris Greece MOD MADNESS I have finally received my first CD version of .Amiga Format and was quite suprised at what was on it. At first I wTas a bit wan because I have up to date access to Aminet, but I did find quite a lot of things which I never knew' existed! It just goes to show that one person cannot go through everything and find it all!
The only thing that gets me down, is you not being able to use Mods sent in by the readers. I understand the reason but just cannot believe it!
Aminet is full of Mods! In fact, the major data input in the past year has been Mods. There are no restrictions that I have heard of there. You are not selling the CD as a commercial product
- the CD is just like every other Public Domain CD. You have
survived the boycott (?) On putting commercial programs on your
Coverdisks, why can t you overcome this.-' via email Thanks for
your kind words. I am glad that you are enjoying the CI)
version of the magazine. There is really an awful lot on it, m
uch of which is down to you. It is quite difficult to get a
look at everything on the CD in a month too, so we are shortly
going to be implementing some ideas to make it easier to browse
through the contents.
As to the Mods, I can’t at the moment, see a way around this problem. Our legal THE TRUTH IS IN HERE I think I've seen aliens! It all began a couple of months ago. After watching a footy game I decided to go and play some matches of SI VOS on my A1200 as usual. Two hours later I began to get sleepy and went to bed. Well all this could be perfectly normal but if I recall it really wasn't.
I guess the time was about 2am. I woke up and felt a presence in the room. With haste, I turned the light on and was shocked. There were two aliens in my room, one standing up and the other sitting on the chair at my desk observing my Amiga. I got up from my bed and looked at them. They looked like normal men, except for their heads, which were bigger than ours, and their eyes which were slightly slanted.
At first they didn't seem to care about me at all so I just stood there watching them but then, unexpectedly, one of them spoke to the other in perfect English.
Alien 1: "Let's open it."
The other agreed. If I was understanding it right they were about to open my Amiga. I just couldn't allow that so I said; Me: "Hey, you can't do that! That will void my warranty!"
They looked at each other and before I knew it they were pointing a laser gun at me.
Me: "All right, do it. Escom's gone bankrupt. My warranty is void anyway."
And they did it. After examining my Amiga they began talking to each other.
Alien 1: "It seems they are more advanced than we thought."
Alien 2: "It seems so, this computer is absolutely great" and then turning to me, "tell me everything you know about this machine."
And that's what I did. I told the aliens everything there is to know about the Amiga, from its invention to the recent facts about Amiga Technologies and Viscorp.
Alien 1: "So you're saying that this machine has no owners and despite being so great it is not the most popular computer on this insignificant planet."
Me: "Well if this machine had greater processing power and possibly enhanced graphics, it would be better."
Alien 2: "But that could easily be solved."
Suddenly a gizmo the aliens were carrying started ringing and they told me it was time to leave. Their boss was calling from the UFO near my house. Before departing they promised me they would be back and that when they invade earth they will not forget those who own Amigas.
Sadly I can't remember anything more. I hope you can help me because I'm very confused... Ricardo Rocha Portugal We couldn't contact Mully and Sculder, but we'll dispatch agent Andy "Completely Foxed" Smith with his AF flashlight to sort out your alien trouble... department will not allow us to use music files because of copyright reasons. Essen tially this follows on from when one of our sister magazines had to pay out thousands of pounds worth of damages for music copyright infringements. Unfortunately, there is no real way of guaranteeing that all Mods are completely and entirely the
genuine original work of those purporting to be the authors.
If a copyright has been infringed, we, the magazine, will be sued, because we will have published it. And while there is an organisation, the MCPS, whose entire raison d'etre is to seek out and prosecute copyright infringements, I don Y see how we can, for the moment, include them.
SHAREWARE SHOCK Just a short word to say what a good job your magazine is doing to promote the .Amiga. I have had an .Amiga for the past 10 years and I have no plans to give up my computer. I find the Amiga offers me all that I need and I'd be lost without it.
Lately I have been wondering how authors can promote titles and not provide the support they advertise. I recently ordered two titles from a Shareware group's web page. .As expected, I was emailed within a day of placing the order followed immediately by a confirmation of my payment but after three weeks of waiting I had received no reply or software. I emailed the groups problem address on their web page, the next day I got only the config. File through email (I had ordered, and payed for, the full archive on 3.5” disk) the next day a paper envelope came through with the second title but due
to die lack of packing the disk had cracked.
2 But to all you Amiga owners out there planning to get PC's instead: buy the PC if you have to, but don't sell your Miggy. You may never see anything as good.
I have a couple of hundred quid. I'll have Amiga Technologies. I couldn't do much with it, but I'll guarantee you it would be in the hands of someone who cares about it. Anyone wishing to drop me a line, do so.
Paul Vaughan VaughanyP@TheNet.co.uk Much as we appreciate your generosity, and we are sure you would look after the Amiga very well, we are kind of hoping that Quikpak or someone else has a go first... I'm sat right in front of my Amiga writing this. When I'm done.
I'll email it, pick up my mail, surf the net and go to bed.
And during the whole jPP " time. I'll know, more or less, exactly what my Amiga's doing. It's not a thing, it's a being. You know what it's doing, what it's thinking, almost what it's feeling. I do, because I'm the type of person who, faced with the Commodore Installer, dicks on the 'Expert' button.
I consider it a powerful computer. I have spent more money on it than I care to mention, and taken it apart more times than I've had hot dinners. And it's only bought me a few days of misery in its three year life.
Before my A1200,1 had an A600, which was nice enough, but not great. Before that, I had used A500s and A500+S at school, where loads of us sat around for ages playing Lemmings, until we got kicked out. We had a small Amiga community growing back then, which is why it's so sad to see the Amiga in it's present situation.
I would really love to see the Amiga flourish again, but I believe nothing short of RISC technology, the best and most dedicated programmers around, and a swift kick in the butt would do any good.
Letter of the Month FINAL OFFERS?
We .Amiga users are trying to keep our computer alive and we need support from groups who are trying to market their products seriously.
Adrian London The problem with Shareware is that while a lot of authors are very reputable and treat their registered owners in the same way that any company would treat a valued customer, some are not so profession al. In fact, most authors have other jobs or studies to attend to, so while you obviously should have been looked aftei- better, it is sometimes easy to sympathise with the authors.
Of course, they shouldn Y be advertising specific time-related support if they can Y meet that commitment though. 1 hope your problems have been resolved now and that your experiences haven Y put you off s upporting Shareware... MY DREAM AMIGA I have developed a program that enables people to know when they are dreaming and have complete control of their dreams when they’re asleep. It basically lets you do anything in your dreams and will run on any Amiga.
Unfortunately, as I am only 14 years old, I don’t have the money to advertise so could you please print this letter? If you do, I'll send you a free copy. Anyone who would like a copy should send me £3.50 + 50p (p&p) in cash, cheque or postal order, made payable to Anthony Rimentel. Don't forget to include your name and address.
Anthony Rimentel 63 Oak Tree Road • Knophill • Woking • Surrey • GU21 2RW Well, you are either a true gen ius of the modern renaissance, or just completely bonkers. Is this something to do with "pink" noise and lucid dreams by any chance ? Send us a copy of the prog)am anyway... EMAIL Although we are more than happy to accept letters via email, please read the following notes, which will not only help us, but also give your letter a better chance of getting a reply.
Problems with software or buying advice, you should direct your mail to Workbench.
Workbench queries will not be answered in the letters pages, and if you misaddress them in this way, there will be a considerable delay before they get to the right place.
• Do not expect an immediate personal response. Some letters will
get a direct response, but as we get a huge volume of mail, not
everyone will.
• Do not send the same letter twice!!!! You would be surprised by
how many people think they are more likely to get into print if
they send the same letter several times. In fact, the reverse
is the case.
• Please include your name, and let us know if you would like
your email address published.
Address Email letters to: amformat@futurenet.co.uk and put "Mailbag" in the subject line.
There are some really talented Amiga out there! Here are just a few of your artists entries.
Another of Andy Kinsella's images, this time hand-drawn in Photogenics. It really evokes damp Saturday afternoons not catching anything.
Andy Kinsella Lakeside With a new version of Star Wars looming, it's no wonder we're getting pictures like this... Philip Child Tie Fighterl Shiny spheres and a checkered floor? Yes, but Niclas has turned the cliche on its head.
Nidas Gudmundsson Chained bubbles Nice image Richard, but next time give us some idea of how you made it... Richard Williams Pic4 MORE DETAILS?
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Phone or send SAE for our exclusive 36 page PAPER catalogue Contains all the best PD in our extensive collection! Demos, Animations, Slideshows, Clipart, Fonts, Business, Utilities, Games, Assassins games collections, and more!
PllbliC New Owners PD Pack: pr;ce onJy m mmiiw A super intro to PD. Pack includes some of the ‘must have' utilities for the new owner. W rinmoSn D-Copy: copy or lormatdisks. Text Engine: word processor, Database, Virus Killer, a fab IIU Hid I n demo, a selection of games, and our latest catalogue. (Please state Amiga model.) Ow LP IntrnHlintinn childrens Pack: price only iiiiivuHviivii A selection of fun and educational programs for the young (pre-school). w n-.L. Includes: Artistix (excellent painting package), Storyland, Word Factory, Kids Disks _L.
RdCKS 1&2, Children's favourites, and our latest catalogue. (All Amigas min. memory 1Mb.) Ow LP AMIGA FAULTY TROUBLESOME COMPUTER??
* NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE Soft ware Amiga Software 3 .5" disk)
A1200 only A1200 only All Amigas 1Mb min All Amigas 1Mb min Not
A500 All Amigas 1Mb min Not A1200 A1200 only A1200 only 1Mb min
A500+ A600 A1200 only A1200 only A1200 only Football Glory On
the Ball (League edition) Embryo (Futuristic flight sim)
Disposable Hero (SEU) Turbo Trax (Racing) Tactical Manager
Heimdall (Graphic adventure) PGA European Tour Golf Brutal
• Chess (Oxford Softworks)
• Rise of the Robots (Beat Em Up)
• Rise of the Robots
• Speris Legacy (Graphic Adventure)
• Slam Tilt (Pinball) Any 3 titles for £9.99 or any 7 for £19.99
Any 3 Cds for £9.99 or 7 for £19.99 NOTE: Games marked * count
as 2 titles (SEU means Shoot ‘em up) Please add £1 towards
postage. Stocks are limited so please phone to confirm
availability. ORDERING DETAILS: Send your order plus your name,
address, (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE!) And a cheque or PO made out
to NBS.
You may also phone or fax with your Visa MasterCard details.
Amiga CD32 Software Morph Platform game Total Carnage SEU Castles 2 Strategy (No save on CD32) James Pond - Robocod Platform Bump & Burn Cartoony racing game Battle Chess Animated chess game Lost Vikings Platform puzzle Deep Core Platform SEU Global Effect Strategy Universe Adventure CD Exchange (Vol 1) PD Compilation Emerald Mines 100s of Diamond mine levels Wild Cup Soccer Violent soccer game Vital lights Puzzle game WE REPAIR TO COMPONENT LEVEL CLEARANCES A500, A600,1200,1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32 ? FREE GIFT WITH EVERY REPAIR ? I PLEASE SPECIFY BARGAIN HARD DRIVES FITTED 85-500Mb
...Call MOUSE MAT .....?
COMPUTERS on 0171252 3553 or 0171252 3533 TOP QUALITY
PRINTER TECHNOLOGIES 7 Southella Way, Anlaby, Hull HU10 7HB
TEL: 01482 656630 FAX: 01482 656569 CUT COST AND WASTE NOT
QUALITY IJV8AXITI Quality Public Domain - Vest Day Service SAVE
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7. WE STOCK OVER 10,000 DISKS * S0p per disk T0 NO MINIMUM ORDER
Please SAE to: Or Phone 0374 150972 PD POWER (DEPT AF) 15
Blank Disks £15-00 per 50 inc. labels DSHD Disks £12-50 per 50
(Pre-formatted) PD LIBRARY Please send 4 1st (lass stamps for
catalogue Amiga repairs undertaken Many more items stocked.
Please phone or fax for latest prices.
Barry Voce 0115 926 4973 XI Campion Street, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8GR FORE-MATT Home Computing Dept AF, PO Box 835, Wootton Bassett, Wilts SN4 8RX Tel 01793 853802 g) PD • Shareware • CD-ROM (y§p (FREE P&P and FREE updates) PD Shareware from only 45 j) per disk O'tsKS DSDD 30p each Please add Blank DSHD 35p each 50p p&p Capri CD Distribution ALL AVAILABLE TITLES IN STOCK flffCD3 CDTV 225+ CD TITLES 1150+ CD32 TITLES 180+ CDTV TITLES LATEST RELEASES AMINET 15 £14.99 INTO THE NET £19.99 AMINET 16 £14.99 MORE WORMS V0L.1 £14,99 SCI-FI SENSATIONS 2 £19.99 ANIMET 17 £29.99 LEARNING CURVE £19.99
MARLOW, BUCKS SL7 3AA (Visitors Welcome) TEL FAX 01628 891022 m&s i 3ii*£*y»M33 VISA Screenshots of games created with REALITY HOW TO £»sa; wrm yo Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own Public Domain or Commercial software products without having to program?
Well now it is no longer a dream - it’s REALITY!
R-: - z ; "• ' - ¦ REALITY - THE ULTIMATE SOFTWARE CONSTRUCTION KIT is a REVOLUTIONARY new product from B.P.M. Promotions, a company involved in the AMIGA software market for over five years. This product is a BREAKTHROUGH in software design and allows anyone with an AMIGA computer, regardless of their age or intelligence, to create both Public Domain and Commercial software products in virtually no time at all using nothing more than their computer’s mouse! It can be used to create games, demos, educational software etc, much much faster and easier than ever before throughout the history of
computers! REALITY is like nothing you've ever seen before on the AMIGA. Now for the first time you can access the awesome power of your computer with bewildering ease and use it to create TOP CLASS AMIGA software in a few days by doing nothing more than clicking the buttons on your mouse or moving the mouse cursor around the screen! Everything is controlled from user friendly buttons and menus on the screen - that's it! - it's so easy you will not believe it! No programming is required whatsoever!
Here is a small example of what you can achieve in minutes with Reality by using nothing more than your Amiga's mouse:
• Create HUGE fully detailed scenery backgrounds for your games
using the background creation editors!
• Make your games main character shoot all sorts of different
weapons each with different power values!
• Define monster attack patterns and choose from the HUGE amount
of already made variations!
• Create intelligent enemies that home in on your main character!
• Add text messages to the software with hundreds of different
styles of text fonts to choose from!
• Create SUPER intelligent GIANT mid level and end of level
monsters just like the very best commercial games!
• Produce scenery that your main character reacts to: Ladders,
Ropes, Platforms, Traps, Switches etc etc!
• Define complex puzzles to make your games much more
• Make other games characters that your main character can
interact and communicate with!
• Select and define all sorts of weapons, bonuses and objects
that your main character can collect and use!
• Create characters that have to fight each other in a beat ’em’
• Produce ALL sorts of demo effects from groovy text scrollers to
on screen 3D rotation just like the very best PD demos!
• Create Educational software from a simple slideshow to a full
blown disk magazine!
• Add graphics, music and sound effects to your software with
The list is ENORMOUS!!! - Test your software in seconds to see if everything is working the way that YOU want it to! There's no need for any slow compiling or testing like certain other packages!
REALITY can be used to create many types of different software products! It's ideal for TOP notch games! Create HIGH speed shoot 'em ups, Addictive scrolling platform games, Beat 'em ups, Point and Click Graphic Adventures, HUGE Arcade games, Puzzle games, Racing games, Card games and much much more! Even create your own mind-blowing special effects demos or user friendly Educational software! Just look at the screenshots in this advertisement and see just what this system is really capable of!
Over four man years of work has gone into the development of this software! The result is: A STATE OF THE ART SOFTWARE CREATION SYSTEM!
It's versatile - it's easy to use - It's incredibly fast It's the biggest ever breakthrough in Amiga software creation and has already been used to create twenty commercial games and a multitude of PD software!!!
If you can use an AMIGA you can use REALITY! All the hard work has been done for you! With once complicated programming routines reduced to simple mouse actions that anyone can understand! That's the hidden power of REALITY! Absolutely no knowledge of programming is required whatsoever! Reality is unique! It is a completely new way of creating software!
What you get!
The very latest version of the REALITY software construction kit which incorporates a whole batch of useful and essential utilities. These include: an Animation and Sound Studio, a Graphics toolkit, a Background creation system, Picture and Introduction creators, a FULL blown paint package, Text editing and disk utilities plus much much more! You'll also receive a fully detailed user friendly instruction guide and a handy hints and tips guide! Two further guides that will show you how to make two full blown games from scratch! Two full blown commercial games that have been created using
REALITY for you to adapt and learn from! Issue one of the REALITY USER CLUB disk magazine! Two packed disks full of sound effects, music tracks and a MASSIVE amount of graphic images that can be used in your own software! These include characters, enemies, weapons, bonuses, scenery, fonts and MUCH MUCH MORE!! You get everything you need for creating your own full blown top quality software with ease!
You'll also get FREE membership to the Reality User Club!
This will provide you with a phone helpline, a pen-pal list allowing you to contact and work with the already-MASSIVE REALITY userbase from around the globe! You will also have access to a HUGE range of software that has been created using the REALITY system and 1000's of graphic images, sound effects and music tracks which you can use in your own software! We are willing to publish any software that you create using REALITY or if you wish you can have other companies publish your work! The REALITY user club can supply you with ALL the graphics, music, sound effects and ideas that you need to
create superb software with this system. ALL the hard work has been done for you!
So what do you have to pay for this totally amazing system?
Only £29.99! This product is worth many times this price and only due to forecasted large sales, low cost advertising and direct sales to the customer are we able to offer it at this unbeatable price! By creating only one piece of software you should get your money back many many times over! How much software do you wish to create? What more can we say other than you would be absolutely crazy not to take up this very special offer! Creating software is much more interesting than using it, and REALITY is the perfect tool! Please note that the REALITY package is compatible with ALL AMIGA
computers and is hard disk installable!
Please send a cheque, Postal order, International money order to:
PHONE 01232 626694 - PRICE £29.99. UK postage £2, Overseas please add £3.
All payments must be in English Sterling! 24 hour depatch.
EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER - Order NOW and receive a FREE never been released before guide on ’HOW TO DESIGN A WINNING COMPUTER GAME1 written by one of the TOP games designers in the business! Essential reading for any budding games makers!
Welcome to the eleventh Amiga Format CD. This month's disc has more new stuff than you've had hot dinners! Read on... READER STUFF This month's Reader Submission prize for a game goes to David Cruickshank for his superb multiplayer SpeedRacerFX game. It's not graphically stunning but its interface is based on the Star Trek Next Generation computers and the gameplay is just like the speeder bike chase scene in Return of the Jedi.
Other stuff of note on this month's CD includes another huge chunk of data from Sweden's own Femi Hasani who has contributed his first attempts with the version of Cinema 4D we gave away at Christmas as well as an enormous animation which tells the story of a lonely man.
Also here are Gary Henderson's WDTM - an acronym explainer (but you need more acronyms to win the serious prize Gary), Duncan Trillo's Video count in animation, handy for all you budding videographers out there and Jesper Christensen's AMOS-based Easybase Professional, a simple database program.
READER WARRANT In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format I hereby warrant that:-
(1) the material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
(2) the material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
(3) that there are no legal claims against the material provided;
(4) that I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
COVERDISKS AFCD11 :-CoverDisksJAF95a AFCD11 :-CoverDisks- AF95b You needn't worry that you might miss out on the goodies on our floppy version by buying the CD Amiga Format, the contents of both floppies are here in this drawer.
From Breakout games to clocks and compressors, it's all here.
The biggest change this month has to do with your submissions. From this CD onwards, it's not enough for you to send us a nice AF Readme file, you'll also need to send us the Reader Warrant on the CD. It's not much to ask for, it's easy for you to do and it will make sure that your work goes on our next CD.
You should know all about it by now, but you'll find the all-important reader warrant here for your submissions together with advice on sending us your work. You'll also see the now familiar Handy_Tools drawer here which this month has the latest version of MultiCX added to it.
The AF on .the.web drawer contains the Amiga's three most popular web browsers, all set up for you to access the variety of great websites on our CD. Last but not least for this drawer, you'll have access to our great Coverdisk giveaway - Turbocalc 2.1 and our demo of Tiny Troops, Vulcan's latest.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA GRAPHICS COMMERCIAL li» AFCD1 i:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial DrawStudio ll DrawStudio is an awesome graphics package. If you haven't tried it before, now's your chance. There are versions of the demo for machines equipped with FPUs and those without and a wide collection of textures and images to give you some idea of how much stuff the CD version of the program comes with. If you already own DrawStudio but on y have a slightly older version, you'll find patches to bring you up-to-date in the drawer too.
AFCD11 :-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics 3D DS9 AFCD11:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics 3D STrek Star Trek is as popular as ever with users of 3D packages. This month we have a mammoth model of Deep Space 9 created in Imagine and a rather impressive NCC-1701D, otherwise known as the USS Enterprise, made in Lightwave for you to check out.
EMC Cds AFCD11:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial BGsUnlimited AFCD11 :-Seriously_ Amiga- Commercial Saf ariGold
E. M.Computergraphic's Backgrounds Unlimited and Safari Gold Cds
get reviewed this issue on page 70. These two drawers on the
CD give you some idea of the quality you can expect from the
full Cds and EMC have even given you four
commercially-developed typefaces from Safari Gold absolutely
for free!
AFCD11 -.-Seriously _ Amiga- Commercial Software_patches Lightwave5Patch AFCD11 :-Seriously_ Amiga- Commercial Software_patches LWCyberGFX121 These two patches will ensure that your copy of Ughtwave 5 actually works. The first is a replacement for the LWPanels.p file included with the Newtek distribution CD which will solve the interface problems caused by having the old version. The second item is actually a plug-in in its own right and allows graphics card users who have CyberGFX installed to see the.r renders without having to save to disk first.
SHAREWARE CD-ROM ft AFCD11 :-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware CD- ROM acdplay AFCD11 :-Seriously Amiga- Shareware CD- ROM MUI CDPlayer l AFCD11 :-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware CD- B ROM OptyCDPIayer ft ft We have a choice of CD audio players for you this month. Two of them, OptyCDPlayer and the cunningly-named MUI CD_Player, use MUI for their interface, but ACDPlay is a standard GadTools job. All three of them perform their necessary functions beautifully and OptyCDPlayer even gives you the ability to sample directly from the CD.
Disc COMMS AFCD11:-Seriously Amiga- wKJ Shareware Comms WWW GrabURL I This tool allows you to grab the contents of a website.
F Because it doesn't need to display the files it's a much f faster way of looking through than going online and, best of all, the site is then on your hard drive for extremely fast local access thereafter.
SCREENPLAY Tankkk v8.77 (27.12.1996) Hippopotanus Desi®! Freeware Begin straggle Redefine keys Befault settings Instructions Exit Tank 1..... Tank 2..... Tank 3..... Tank 4...... Battlefield Bullet t e ...1 jfeount of but lets....5 Bullet seeed .15 Bullet delay ..t Turning speed Size .. Sokoban is an age-old game but still extremely addictive.
Relive wet Saturday afternoons spent with your mates playing on your Atari VCS with Tankkk.
Here named Alien Breed 3D II and you may be thinking, "Surely Amiga Format can't have given away the whole game for free on this month's CD?!". Well, you're right and wrong at the same time. We have given away the entire program, but it's all as source code so that you can recompile it specifically for your machine.
You can use the code in any way you want apart from making a new commercial game based around it.
Burnout Demo AFCD11 :-ScreenPlay- Commercial BurnOutDemo Vulcan's second offering this month, exclusive to CD-ROM owners, is a graphical feast. Hi-Res graphics mean that you'll need to have a fair chunk of RAM to be able to try the game out for yourself, but if you've got it, flaunt it with Burnout and compare your thoughts on the game with Andy Smith's review on page 34.
Alien Breed 3D 2 AFCD11 :-ScreenPlay- Commercial AlienBreed3D2 If you've already started exploring the CD before reading this you'll have seen a drawer Asokoban AFCD11 :-ScreenPlay- Shareware ASokoban This mind-bending puzzle game has been around for years and years on Unix machines _ and even played with pebbles H rather than digitally. This version is very complete, comprising 90 levels from the original Unix version.
It has the ability to save your game position, unlimited undos and even a macro language which you can use to repeat moves!
Blockout AFCD11:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Blockout Our third Workbench game comes from Lawrence Owen and is based on a game for the Amstrad CPC written by his friend. It's another simple yet fiendish puzzle game where you have to reach the exit by any means necessary while avoiding mines.
Alien Breed 3D II is a great game but you can make it even better nov you've got your hands on the source code.
Teleports and getting blocked in. It's also very addictive.
Pocket Roulette AFCD11:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Roulette David Jackson's little Roulette simulator is ideal for passing a few risk-free moments while waiting for that render to finish, or while you can't think of anything to write (excuse me. I'll be back in a mo).
Tankkk AFCD11:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Tankkk Remember the Atari VCS? Remember the Combat cartridge? Well, Tankkk (yes it is supposed to be spelled that way!) Is an Amiga version of that old crowd pleaser, but updated to allow for four players at the same time. The graphics are pretty faithful to the original version so don't expect any frills, but with three mates it's a lot of fun.
UTILITIES AFCD11:-ScreenPlay- Utilities HDInstallers AFCD11:-ScreenPlay- Utilities Cheats ffl AFCD11 :-ScreenPlay- Utilities SWOSEd i| j Along with our now familiar range of hard drive installers for a variety of games including Cannon Fodder 2, Body Blows Galactic, Mortal Kombat and more, we also have a comprehensive AmigaGuide file. It's dedicated to showing you how to get through those tricky spots in your favourite games by cheating. There's also a program that will search memory for you to find your game stats like money and lives, etc. and the latest version of SWOSEd.
DISCLAIMER This Amiga Format CD-ROM has been thoroughly scanned and tested at all stages of production. We recommend that you always run a virus checker on ANY software before running it. Future Publishing Limited cannot accept any responsibility for disruption, damage and or loss to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using this disc, the programs or the data on it. Ensure that you have up to date backups of data contained on your hard drives before running any new software. If you do not accept these conditions do not use this disc.
INTHEMAG AFCD11:-ln the Mag- Emulation Frodo AFCD11:-ln_the Mag- Emulation ShapeShifter AFCD11 :-ln the_Mag- Emulation PCx demo AFCD11:-ln the Mag- Emulation PC- Task4_Demo Its a good month for emulation fans this month with new versions of Frodo and Shapeshifter from Christian Bauer and demos of two new commercial PC emulators in the form of PCX and PC Task 4.
We ran PCX last month, but this is a newer version of the demo with the problems with certain floppy drives resolved.
If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem. Please send the CD along with a description of the fault (not forgetting your name and address). A new working version should be returned to you within 28 days. The return address for faulty discs is: PC Wise Ltd, Dowlais Top Business Park, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales C48 2YY.
A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and 5pm on Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341.
Email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk (put "Coverdisk" in the subject line of your message to ensure it is processed swiftly) Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
£139.95 £189.95 68030 25MHZ INCLUDING 25MHZ FPU
... 68030 33MHZ INCLUDING 33MHZ
TO 50MHZ Performance 40 times of a standard A1200. 68060 CPU
with 50MHZ. Up to 32MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating socket for
72-pin SIMM.
CO-PROCESSORS FPU's complete with crystal.
State for Blizzard compatibility 20MHZ FPU PLCC £20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC £39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC £60.95 50MHZ FPU PLCC £79.95 VIPER MKI SCSI-ADAPTOR £79.95 TURBO 1260 50MHZ+8MB£499.95 FALCON BOARDS FALCON 68040RC 25MHZ £279.95 MEMORY SIMMS 4MB SIMM 72-PIN 8MB SIMM 72-PIN 16MB SIMM 72-PIN 32MB SIMM 72-PIN 1 x 8 30-PIN 4x8 30-PIN TURBO BOARDS Performance 3 times of a standard A4000 040. 68040 CPU with 40MHZ. Up to 128MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating, 4 sockets for 72-pin SIMM. Specify desktop or tower version.
Performance 10 times of a standard A600 68020 CPU clocked at 28MHZ, 68882 FPU clocked at 28MHZ, up to 8MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating.
Socket for 72-pin SIMM.
GVP 68060 68040 A 68060 accelerator board for the A2000 4000 running at 50MFIZ and allowing up to 128mb of use installable memory and a SCSI-2 hard disk controller.
TURBO 4040 40MHZ £469.95 TURBO 620 A2000 68040 25MHZ £489.95 A2000 68040 40MHZ A2000 68060 0MB RAM£699.95 A4000 68060 0MB RAM £799.95 4MB GVP RAM ADD Performance 4-5 times of a standard A4000 040, suitable for the A3000 and A4000. 68060 CPU with 50MFIZ, up to 128Mb FastRAM, autoconfigurating, 4 sockets for 72-pin SIMM.
Specify desktop or tower version.
Performance 25 times of a standard A1200. 68040 CPU with 25MHZ. Up to 32MB FastRAM, autoconfigurating socket for 72-pin SIMM.
VIPER BOARDS The Viper 33 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, full Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery backed clock, 68882 co-processor option, instruction and data burst modes.
TURBO 4060 50MHZ £699.95 TURBO 1240 25MHZ+8MB£269.95 A500 68020EC A 68020EC processor accelerator card for the A500 and A500+, with an option to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-processor (PLCC OR PGA). This card can fit up to 4MB FastRAM and is fully auto-config. Not compatible with GVP Flard Drive.
VIPER 33 M K11 BARE VIPER 33 MKII 4MB £159.95 VIPER 33 MKII 8MB £179.95 VIPER 33 MKII 16MB VIPER 33 MKII SCSI ADAP.£69,95 UNIT 82A SINGER WAY 68020EC 0MB RAM 68020EC 4MB RAM BLIZZARD BOARDS WOBURN ROAD IND. ESTATE 68030 50MFIz accelerator board with up to 128MB of RAM installable.
BLIZZARD 50 BARE £159.95 BLIZZARD 50 4MB £189.95 BLIZZARD 50 8MB £209.95 BLIZZARD 50 16MB £239.95 KEMPSTON MK42 7 PU PRICES INC. VAT a n ihimi a n ¦ i mas i a m ii a u II s »« II 1BI a it ii imt llll II II
• in ii ai mi imini mi iinini Bui Mint Date Actios Deposit
Withdrawal Salas ce 17 11 97 Opening Balance 181 in 18 11 97
Gas Bill 51 58 19 11 97 Cheque 128 171 21 11 97 Cash 11 1M
21 11 97 Standing (Her
9. 1
151. 9 22 H 97 Interest 1 85 8
151. 95 23 11 97 On*_____ 12
138. 95 24 11 97 Switch
221. 15 15
123. 95 Mr troops AV-iut n
* 88?- ROOPS DC. AO: 0 TROOPS Atllie: "I iT T-TROOPS Dt AD: 0
STPRT GP.m E . F T F FTCOI It's time to get organised with this
powerful and effective spreadsheet program from Digita.
They're back! Vulcan declare war with their troops of tiny terrors.
Plus two addictive Breakout clones.
Ou might recognise the name of this game because a demo appeared on an Amiga Format Coverdisk over a year ago. But it’s now been been re-written and released under new publishers, Vulcan.
The Tiny Troops are members of tw'o warring factions from a distant galaxy. Their hatred brought their own planet to the edge of destruction but instead of dropping their arms, they choose to carry on fighting somewhere else - Earth. Gripping stuff!
The aliens are a mere hundredth of our size and unbeknownst to us, a tiny war is being waged under our feet.
Your mission is to control one side and wage the mini war over a number of battlefields. You can choose your side and play either the computer or a friend using the mouse or joystick. The game is loaded by booting the games disk.
(For details on loading the other games, read the boxout.)
The control screen allows you to choose how many troops you wrant to use and for some words of advice from your General just click on his icon in the top left of the screen.
When you click on war, you will be teleported to your site. To win the game, you need to destroy the enemy soldiers. Doing this is far from easy. You can choose to control your troops individually, by clicking on each one and giving them separate orders, but this is time consuming and likely to lead only to loss.
To choose a group, you simply click and drag a square over them.
There are different commands available for single units and for groups, but first let’s look at the general commands. The bottom of the screen is divided into four squares. The left one shows a map of the level. Next to it is the general command centre, and along one more are specific commands for a troop or unit.
The right hand square shows the stats for the soldier, with a bar showing his strength - each attack will reduce him by one and he will die when it reaches zero.
This square also gives the choice of formations for units. Here are the commands for the game: COMMANDS CROSSED SWORDS Move the screen to over the current fighting unit DISK Gives you more options, including quitting back to titles SPYGLASS Zoom in and out on map BOOK Show details of the current battle losses HOUSE Run away and return to base CLR Clear the current command SKULL Armageddon! All your troops will mount an all out attack on the enemy base WHAT'S OIU YOUR DISK?
IlHMli Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... You've got your free software and your exciting new game demos.
Now find out how to get the most out of them.
Bootup with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
BREAKOUT OF THIS WOR POING 4 This is a very different game, although based on the same idea. Poing 4 plays horizontally but it's also mouse controlled and again, you have to destroy the bricks to move to the next level. The special power ups are found by hitting bricks and collected by hitting the icon. The very right of the screen also has a power bar which is decreased every time you hit it after destroying the bricks there. If you hit it ten times, the power drain will destroy your bat for two seconds, so you must be careful and accurate to complete levels. There are virtual spectators,
multi-balls, star bonuses and much more besides.
- mwmrnmmm Ml process 4 ¦iskcopy fron dfl: to df8: to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device DFI I to begin copying or CTRL-C to
abort: ling cylinder 79, 8 to go ¦ disk to copy to
(OESTINRTION disk) in device Dft ss RETURN to continue or
CTRL-C to abort: OK, I admit it. I have always had a real
weakness for this type of game. There are two Breakout clones
this month, one a Workbench vertical version called Mini
Arcanoid and the second called Poing 4. In order to make best
use of the available space the games are actually stored on
the serious disk (some utilities for the serious disk are
archived onto this disk).
Just boot the serious disk and either install the games to hard drive or have a floppy disk ready. The games will unpack automatically and they can then be loaded from Workbench.
MINI ARCANOID This is a Workbench game which loads up in a window. It's a vertical Breakout game which requires you to knock a ball against a brick to destroy it. The idea is to keep bouncing the ball against the bricks until they are all gone and you can move onto the next level. The ball is hit by the paddle on the bottom controlled with the mouse. Note that if you move the cursor out of the window it doesn't control Poing 4: Brick-destroying action.
The paddle. The ball can be bounced off the sides and the top of the window, but it mustn't be allowed to drop off the bottom. That will cost you a life.
The best idea is to knock a hole up through the wall and then knock the ball into it so it continues to bounce along destroying it from the other side!
This keeps you safe while a lot of the wall is destroyed. Every so often a brick that is hit will release a special letter. These letters give you different powers: E - Extra ball B - Bonus N - Next Level S - Slow down G - Glue ball to bat when it hits, so you can change its course Hard ball - Will wipe through bricks instead of bouncing ? - Random When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return.
All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in die correct places: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
A I tatg Shell_ Mew Shell process 4 “
4. WB3.8: diskcopy fro* dfB: to df8: [Insert disk to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device DF8 Press 8ETURM to begin copying or
CTRL-C to abort: l TU ¦O&en
* » »« j Shell Foraat RexxHast 4 Uuj FixFont- m i NoFastM* n t
' l i i ?I Workbench lew Shell process 4
4. MB3.8: diskcopy fron df8: to dfB: HI ? I flmga al Workbenct M
If you click on an individual, you will get five options.
Simply move the icon onto the person you want to attack and the cursor will become a fist as well. Click to attack.
ARROW: Move to a new position.
SHIELD: Extend a circle to show the area that this soldier will defend and he will protect it.
SPANNER: If your soldier is getting hammered, order him back using this. He will be sent back to the teleport pad where he will beam off, get patched up and return in a minute.
ROUND UP: It pays to have your friends around you. This will rally your troops around the current soldier.
When you attack using a group you only have the attack and move options but an additional set of options lets you choose your formation.
To scroll around the screen simply move the cursor to the edge, hold the mouse button down and scroll in that direction.
If you have a group selected, you will see the rectangle that denotes them moving with you so you can place it elsewhere - units move and attack in the formation you have selected them. Because of this, you need to have room to put the rectangle down.
There are a couple of other things you should note. After the first level, you may find yourself under at:ack from grenades. The computer will watch what you are doing and attack or defend as suits. You can also lose the level if your teleport pad is destroyed so don’t leave it undefended. To view the damage click on the pad
- its stats are shown in the right hand square. If it’s near
destruction you’ll hear an alarm.
The full version of this game runs on any Amiga with 1 Mb RAM (even A500s, although this demo doesn’t because of the FFS disk) and detects AGA for enhancements.
It costs £17.99 and is available directly from Vulcan on 01705 670269. Cheques should be made payable to Vulcan Software Limited and sent to: Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants, P02 7NA. £ of RnigaShell ‘11 process 4 l: diskcopy fron df8: to df§: Insert disk to copy fron (SOURCE disk) in device DF8 ’ress RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: heading cylinder 79, 8 to go d",ice tn aw ”¦ • ,o ,o On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to dose down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC • TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
David Taylor gets you started with this month's complete commercial package, and details the other utilities included.
[Surplus Calculation iSjNJik ji J. B A Surplus Calculation Tutoria1 Tutoria18.TCP Profit for the year 1994 2 ZE 4 Jan 94 Feb 94 Mar 94 Apr 94 Hay 94 Jun 94 Jul 94 Aug 94 Sep 94 Oct 94 Nov 94 Dec 94 JJL & JJL i£ JJL 17 If you need some more help to get you started with 7urboCalc, there are plenty of example files for you to look at, including a tutorial sheet.
? I Sheet1 JE3IC Icheque JiJ.SJ_MJ.iij MulUUJil MSIkUbl - H B4zl!l_l folnol nj ?
A J B | C | D I E I 1 1 Bank Account 2 Date Action Deposit Withdrawal Balance 3 17 01 97 Open i ng Ba1ance 100 100 4 18 01 97 Gas Bill 50 50 5 19 01 97 Cheque 120 170 6 20 01 97 Cash 10 160 7 21 01 97 Standing Order
9. 1
150. 9 8 J 22 01 97 Interest 0.05 0
150. 95 9 23 01 97 Cheque 12
138. 95 10 24 01 97 Su i tch 15
123. 95 11
220. 05 12 13 14 15 16 17 A 18 V If you enter the formulae and
values as detailed, including all the font adjustments, you
should get a sheet that looks like this.
TurboCalc is one of the Amiga’s most powerful spreadsheet programs. Yet it retains an easy-to-use interface and combines powerful analysis capabilities with graphical representations. TurboCalc is ideal for creating budgets and keeping accounts but it is so configurable that it can be used equally well as a database for storing addresses.
To run the program, you need to unpack the disk. This is done automatically for you - just boot the Coverdisk. You can install either to a hard drive or to floppy disks. If you install to floppy disks, you need two - the first will contain the program and the second, the AmigaGuide manual. When the program is unpacking, you will be asked whether you are running Workbench 2.1 or Workbench 3.
IU000 15400 Zb00 .....390 ..... 210 16200 12700 3500 525 2975 15300 13200 2100 315 1785 12300 9300 3000 450 2550 7800 8300
- 500
- 75
- 425 150220 127400 22820 3423 19397 LLL 040 655 502 975 465 700
975 nO|n | ?
lll2 ¦51 1 1 This is so that the correct version of the manual is installed. If you have WB2.0, then you should use the 2.1 version.
It may be that you have the AmigaGuide library and system installed from earlier programs. If you don't then you can use any text viewer to load it in.
It will have codes for the guide on it, but should be usable. You should also note that if you install to floppies, the pictures referenced in the guide will be missing. This is because there isn't room on a single floppy to fit the manual and pictures but they’re not essential to understand the program.
When the program is unpacked, you can load it by double clicking on its icon. The program loads up and shows you the standard cells for the spreadsheet. Cells are the individual boxes of a single row7 by a single column. Each cell can contain either words, numbers or a formula.
Obviously most spreadsheets are a mixture of these three. The idea is to have the data set out in the manner that suits and then the program to do the calculations based on that.
GETTING STARTED Here is a quick guide to completing your first sheet. First of all, you need to title the sheet, so select the cell B02; type in “Bank Account” and press return. You may want to change the font on the title so that it stands out. Select the cell again and click on the font button (the one with the letter "A" which is first in the second block of icons in the toolbar). If you change to a larger font, you may find that the top of the text has gone off the screen. To rectify this, you need to enlarge the size of the row. Move the mouse to the line underneath the number “1” of the
rowr on the left of the window. Click and hold the mouse button on the line and drag it slowly down. The row will be increased in height. Release the button when you have got enough. This same technique can be used to widen columns if they are too thin.
Now you need to set up the titles for the individual columns. Put the cursor in the cell A2 and type “Date”, then in B2 type “Action, in C2 “Deposit”, in D2 “Withdrawal”, in E2 “Balance”.
The quickest way to move along the cells is to use the arrow keys after you’ve typed the name - there's no need to press return after each, the data will be automatically accepted. Of course you can also adjust the fonts here too if you want; you will probably have to adjust the column width for the Withdrawal column. In order to separate the titles from the data, w e want to adjust the cells' borders.
First select the entire row, by either clicking and holding the cell A2 and dragging across to E2 or by clicking on the number “2” on the left of the EXTRA UTILITIES There's much more packed onto this month's Coverdisk too. In order to make the best use of space, some of these utilities are actually archived onto the Games disk and two of the games are stored on this disk. Don't worry, the Coverdisk will ask you when it needs the other disk to unpack it, so simply boot this disk as normal and follow the instructions.
ASSIGNZ* This is one of the most useful utilities the Amiga has seen. It has just been re- released without any cripples, because the authors weren't getting any feedback, so I urge you to drop them a line. The program should be installed to your WBStartup drawer. It then intercepts volume calls and instead of getting the "Please insert volume" system requestor, you get one that allows you to make an assign from the requestor. If you have programs installed to your hard drive, but don't have the assigns made in your user- startup, this program makes it easy to do the assign on the fly,
especially with the "Assign to current directory" option. You can even save any assigns made so they are actioned every time you start up.
DISKSQUEEZE DMS has long been the norm for people trying to archive complete disks. But, although it is fast, it is not very competent at packing. The LZX archiver on the other hand, is very good at packing, but not capable of archiving disk structure. If only there was a solution!
There is with DiskSqueeze. You must have LZX, but now you can use this to archive complete disks. It has remarkably low minimum requirements, but a better system is advised.
NEWMENU* The Workbench menu system is really quite tedious when you get down to it, but it needn't be. This utility adjusts the menu look so that it is much more aesthetic. There are various options and the result is a nice 3D menu system in all your programs, not just Workbench.
TOLLEUHR There are plenty of clocks available for the Amiga, but this is one of the most complete. It is very configurable in terms of its looks and use and has alarm features. To make changes to the look of the dock, simply click once on the clock face and then right click to access the menus. Install the program from the "Bin" drawer into your WBStartup drawer in order to get the clock every time you boot up.
WEBSITE This is the website used in Paul Overaa's Arexx tutorial this month. It is a set of HTML pages, so a viewer, such as the one included on last month's disk, is needed to view it correctly. Read the tutorial on page 92 for more information.
From the “Edit” menu. The formula will be copied down and adjusted automatically.
You can now do whatever you want as you have a working account sheet up and running. If you want to get a total at the bottom of a sheet, to see how much money you’ve paid in for example, you can enter the formula “=SUM(C3:C10)”. The colon dividing the cells shows that it should take every value in that column between rowr 3 and 10; the formula parameter SUM tells it to add those values together. There is a much more comprehensive guide to this type of formula and every other parameter in the online manual. There is also a help file available from the Help menu.
If you want to get a chart of your spreadsheet, you can click on the graph icon towards the right of the toolbar. The charts can be saved out as IFFs and like the sheets themselves can be changed in appearance very easily, with titles added and legends included. The charts have their own menu system, active when the chart is active, which can adjust these.
When you’ve got to grips with this version of TurboCalc, you might like to consider upgrading to the latest version 4, which we reviewed last issue, giving it an Amiga Format Gold (AF94 9 %). For more details see the special offer on page 112.
Window. Now choose “Frame” from the “Format” menu. A requester will appear which has the line options for each side of the cells. Select a thin line on the bottom and OK the action.
SIMPLE FORMULAE As this is a simple spreadsheet, the actions can be entered as text. If you want to create a sheet which uses the dates for calculations, then check the manual for information on date input, but note that the program will automatically accept most date formats (I use dd mm yyyy). In A3 and B3 ty pe a date and action, like “17 1 97” and “Opening Balance”. Then in C3, type “100". Now the first formula you need to enter is a very simple one to mirror the cell C3. In E3 type “=C3”. When you press return, it should show “100”, while the editing line above the toolbar will still show
the formula. Now move to the next row and enter some more figures, like A4:18 1 97; B4:Gas Bill; D4:50.
Then you need to set up the formula in E4: =E3+C4-D4. This takes the balance from the row above, adds any deposit and takes off any withdrawal to create a new balance. You won’t have to redo this formula and edit it for each row. Simply select the cell and choose “Copy” from the “Edit” menu. Now wand in the cells E5-E10 and choose “Paste” TurboCalc V2.0 ©1993-95 by H.Friedrich - AREXX-Port: TCALC 2783872 free ed ha Sheet!
=£9+C10-D10 [E10 (3x8) Ull 1 1 Bl l iSl J1J"d l'Account' n Jj?
1 Balance 100 0 58 178 0 168 1
158. 9 8 158,95 2 138,95 5 Da-te 17 01 97 18 01 97 19 01 97
20 01 97 21 01 97 22 01 97 23 01 97 24 01 97 8 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 A V ±±L£ 17 18 Once you have created a
spreadsheet, you can generate charts from the data.
The appearance of the charts can be adjusted from their own menus.
I l_L LB ? I AnigaSh New ShelTi
b. Workbend Looking for volune: twist | A V Assign ... | Assign
to CD [ Delete Entry | Current Dir |Workbench3.0*. j Mount |
Mount £ron ... | Retry Deny | Cancel | v *£ [Z1 [ZI
Workbene t3,0 Start | Workbench" jAssignZ re AnigaShel1|test
tenp Other
* Items marked are actually stored on AF95b (the games
One of the most useful utilities you'll find for your Amiga. AssignZ makes the use of your hard drive about a 100% easier by dealing with assigns for you.
RiboCalc 4 - Upgrade to TurboCalc 4 for just £29.99 and save £20!
Look at these great
• Extensive charting options, including 3D and animated charts
which update in real-time.
• Drag and drop editing.
• Multiple undo and redo.
• Extensive arexx and macro support.
• Postscript support.
• Zoom magnification.
• Autofill.
• Context menu (right mouse button).
• Auto Correction.
• Context-sensitive help.
• Labelling of rows and columns.
New features:
• Cell notes.
• Default row height and column width.
• User-definable toolbar.
• Position markers (Ping Pong).
• 60 new functions and 32 new macro commands.
• Calculation revised and optimised (automatic type conversion;
recalculation by row, column or automatic; iterative
• Times greater than 24 hours (input display).
• Bi-lingual paste of functions macros.
• File Information.
• Warn before over-writing files.
Folder maintenance (multiple sheets can be held in the same folder).
Share information with other spreadsheets, like ProCalc, Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1 -2-3, as well as Datastore, Money Matters, Organiser and Wordworth.
CD-ROM for floppy disk.
Requires Workbench 1.3 or above, floppy or hard disk, 1 mb ram.
Plus £3 postage and packing. Comprehensive online documentation is provided, v3.5 printed manuals are available separately at £5 each.
SALES HOTLINE 01395 270 273 Digita International Limited Black Horse House Exmouth ex8 Ijl NEW FEATURES Emboss operator Palette optimiser Full Arexx interface Better user interface more suited to interlaced screens Automatic attributes remap on palette changes Random mapping mode Palette customisation; build your own colour spreads Ready-to-use pattern presets Automatic ColorFonts remap ColourFont's palette optimisation Ability to save a subset of the font Close gadgets on font and texture windows Enhancements in the GUI code Automatic font redraw now works with AmigaOS2.xx Speed: font redraw
is about 5 times faster than vl.xx Antialiasing: faster and more accurate Upgrade to the latest version of Font Machine for just £39.99 There is no doubt that Font Machine is a brilliant program.
Dave Taylor Amiga Shopper ORDER HOTLINE 01225 822511 quoting reference number: AMFFM2 MARCH 1997 Editor - Nick Veitch Deputy Editor - Ben Vost Production Editor - Andrea Ball Games Editor - Andy Smith Editorial gopher - Cathy Thomas CD Compiler - EMComputergraphic Acting Art Editor - Ursula Morgan Art Assistant - Cathy McKinnon Contributors John Kennedy, Darren Irvine, Simon Goodwin, Dave Taylor, Dave Cusick, Graeme Sandiford, Julie Stuckes Assistant Publisher - Alison Morton Publishing Director - Jane Ingham Public Relations - Liz Ramsay and Jennifer Press 0171 331 3920 Overseas Licences -
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Bath, Avon BA1 2BW Telephone 01225 442244 Fax 01225 732341 Email : amformat@futurenet.co.uk (INCLUDE DEPARTMENT IN SUBJECT TEXT OR YOUR MAIL WILL NOT BE READ) WWW Site: http: www.futurenet.co.uk computing amigaformat.html Quickcam, SX-32 Pro... for nothing with AF96 ...and we mean it this time.
42,655 January - June 1996 Subscriptions, Back Issues & Mail Order Future Publishing, Somerton, Somerset, FREEPOST, TA11 6BR Telephone 01225 822511, 9am-6pm Facsimile 01225 822510 E-mail: subs@futurenet.co.uk Customer Services Telephone 01225 822510 Ppaint has been called the "new standard in Amiga paint packages" and now it can be yours absolutely free, gratis and head to HEAD SPECIAL- Cybervision643D vs. PicassolV with a VS' PCTask CD Bn»rtin9 bill of o°:=R-?Ms' c'nema 403, YOUR GUARANTEE OF VALUE April Issue This magazine comes from Future Publishing, a company founded just ten years ago
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RESERVE YOUR COPY OF AMIGA mm_ FORMAT You can reserve au issue l Amis';! Formal ai manv newsagents, includiiii itram liesol 11 Smith and Jolni Mr-n ies.
Internet FCI NBS Public Domain Owl Associates PD Soft Power Computing Premier Mail Order Siren Software Software First The World of Amiga Show Underground PD Visage Computers Vulcan Software Weird Science Wisedome Ltd Wizard Developments 1st Computer Centre
15. . .0113 231 9444 Active
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103. ... ..01232 626694 Dart Computer
39. . .0116 247 0059 Epic
Marketing 48, 49 ..01793 490988
59. . ..01642 713185 First Stop
102. ... .0171 252 3533 Freestyle PD
96. . ..01922 710985 Gasteiner
28. . .0181 345 6000 Golden Image
77. . .0181 900 9291 Greytronics
72. . .0181 686 9973 Harwoods
Computers 4, 16 .. ..01773 836781
HiQ Ltd
66. . ..01525 211327 HiSoft
101. ... ..01525 718181 Intermediates
43. . ..01279 600204
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0161 796 5279
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96. 01702 295887
82. ...0115 944 4500 31,
43 ......01705 670269 22,
23 .....0116 234 0682
39. ...0171 702 9823
53. .... 01322 272908 HHEMEHRN AMIGA FORMAT MARCH 1997 Cr
CD a o Oi o'er CQ lu CM Ui ID O X CL "D T3 LJ U O rg o.
Q. Q. -C Q_ LU U l l 1 1 U LU rs U T3 u l l ¦D Q O O i i a LU
cc o l l -O u cc U oc o X IN i i CQ O O u PS PS o o * .
C CL CL O T3 03 M in •a i 3 03 C ~o 03 c x: CC 03 +-* $ LU in D 03 CO z C o PO a. X CO ¦O IU 2 c - L l 03 Q_ T“ a CL O 03 1 03 i_ LL L l TD 03 03 i i i 03 _QJ -Q 03 u Ul Ol I oi -J Ul LU u LU l l LU _J a_ LU o Ul LU M LU p Ul - CC CO LU X o H- o (J5 CC rs o » u_ TJ C 03 1 1 Ol Ol OI VU l l TJ vu qj Q c a cn 03 03 LU CC Q 03 LU . I '¦- 00 T3 g o O 0 LU QC CC ~ * if) s 1 1 3 S
* § a oi T3 QC u 1 1 LU Nl 1 1 5 g i ¦*¦ l l CC ° i u_ CL H o
rn u 12 111 CC S) 2 a _J UJ
a. a: CC LU a Z g x LU - a. Q. O O' LU " t U LU 2 V LO Q CQ u +-
£ »5 t: u 03 CQ c w LU ac D CO £ VO LU CC D CQ 13 N 03 V CQ
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Q. Q. rsl M 03 c o '=3 T3 O’ c Ul 03 CQ LO r- 03 i i 3 _Q O o o
CQ CQ Ul LD Ul L l Ul Ul Ul Ul Ul LO LO Ol Ol Ol oi LU rv LU
Ol Oi Ol oi 01 oi Ol oi Ol oi r- PS LO pp» rs m (N LU LU LU
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Z X X X LU LU L l PS LO £ "fO ai CC l l CO CQ CQ CQ LU 03 x: LU CQ S O o T PS m 03 03 03 eC VO (C LO LO CO CO CO CO CO 00 00 00 00 00 SZ L_ C O L l r - rs- r*«- u u u u u P T3 o a. rri » 1 » 0.
Q. a. 0.
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X3 h- in UJ CC Z i o "f0 C i O u O ru C u. 03 "D 03 i- u LU
o o 03 I i O cu 1 J cn H UJ CC * L l X UJ L l c Q. CD 1 2
CC in ; LU -J Q U P- o 2- UJ 3 3 D a £ X
o 5
- J QC o LL I QJ rvj D
• = 2 .5® 5 a: D 2 £ CD X= 0-
* - CM O QJ
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Oj H TO G .
QJ TO a a i i OJ TJ U1 UJ C X 'C QC LU TO E TO 01 a 0J TO Q 3 cr QC O 1- 1 J X 15 c Q. TO K- z X U' UJ 0 O a. i 5 Q- u!
« 3 z CL 3 0 LU Z3 CT5 QJ •?
O x; O Q. LU u u QJ x: 5 x' cc UJ 0
* -* 01 C L_ 0 a. 0) CL a TJ TO -C L_ O 0 TJ I '3 cr a
rsweasssia MS®*® 22 VI u_ OJ CO l! TJ T C qj QJ 0 O TO » p S “
l" 2 o C C u y x JJ O u- = S X TO 'Z. 3 TJ SiTj-S § 2 E 1
&= w " w "D s d, a; _ Q- 01 u 10 « S1! ! Is -g
o 1,1 .2 a ~ 0) £ _ _
• o t3 TO Z. 0 o
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.2 TO -O -z 3 . -K h 2 -z ” QJ a) 8 1 ’'0 3 = X _ =» TO O’ a .E o ii 2 c o TO O) w c 35 'fc
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Q) o lo LU U 08 Q Z D
o m =J U CQ E LU X CL l j o LOLL LU (J ¦ LO z o CL LU
- C X cc 2 a. X 10 TJ C 10 cc IU Q cc O & o OJ
(1) CL TJ cr O oj , _i cc IU t- cc IU Q cc O cn J UJ LU I LU o
LO LU cc U1 a 0e O lu .x .t; c 15 8 ai o S TO = TO TO U
TO 1 j U C TO « QJ TO !1 M S X3 CO LU X H cc o LL LU -J CQ
5 § O o N o
* W3 a to x X o - cc cc I TJ S X TJ X 3 2
- o a. C .£ ® I .2 QJ °-'E to % s 4? R 5 « 2
* - j: U 3 o TJ 1 1 s 8 0- C 1- 3 ® .
5 c n° s Cl i_ u. = 5 § O X OJ w- TO d T3 O QJ tt o = « L V r l_ iz LO LO 5 u cn *?
Qj &X) a5 E c OJ . E TJ O '5i X £ QJ QJ D *- § X U Z, _ LU £ « c -£
o o?
5 c o o E +-» CL ai u w TO a § LU U JS cn Z Q X o. I io LU LU cc CQ IrUr LU or Q- _5?
1 O ai m e fN o t- t 0 LO Q. O u i~ X OJ LU U. O a. - • O g O : in $ CC T_ LU Ln & 00 Q. z +- ¦ « in m x: fNI rvi r_ 00 0 - _j Z LU ID h- in 1 pj a f a5 ai m L yj k 1 in 01 a5 00 n After the style of Patrice Mille's "Paolo". Our £50 Gallery winner. (See original on page 100.] 1 Netscape 2 is a World Wide Web browser, available for the PC, Apple Mac and a few other platforms (such as Unix). It's used to access and display pages stored in HTML format It supports advanced HTML tags and Java. Later versions include News and Mail reading dt programs. It's not available for the Amiga
£ so you'll have to use Aweb, Ibrowse or the other Amiga specific programs.
2 Always put the word "Mailbag" or "Letters" in the subject line. If you don't, the letter won't get read - it's as simple as that.
• Make sure your letter is really a letter!!! If you are writing
in with a technical query.

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