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Sim Disk (By Eelko de Vos - First there was und64 now there is Sim Disk. This little program will be transformed into a library which can be used as a 1541 diskdrive simulator. SYS v1.0 (This program is not an emulator but was written by a former c64 user who wanted a reset for the Amiga). Needed AppleM Emulator - Demo version (This programs emulates an Apple ][+ it supports all of ther display modes of an Apppl )[+ - Primary & Secondary pages of text, Hires, lore, Mixed:Sound.Joystick. language card. LoadRAM (Load Apple2000 programs into AppleM 1541 (is a command line cli-based program which reads a 1541 disk and produces a disk image, a disk image is simply a block- by-block copy of the disk, stored as a file. ARC64 Archhive Processor v1.2 ( Archive to list and extract files from POO, T64, Arkive. D64. Zipcode and Lynx archives. Capable to convert between D64 and Zipcode. D64 (Is a program to convert C64 programs from datasette to Amiga file format for use with the A64Package etc). Frodo v1.S (frodo is a multitasking freeware c64 emulator for the Amiga. OS2.1 and a 68020 (or better) and required, as well as copys of the original c64 rams. UND64 Archive File Processor (This program is designed to extract, list or test files from ,d64 disk images, ,t64 tape images, and .p00 program images from PeeCee C64 emulators. Magic 64 v1.1 (This iam sure you do’nt want to spend thousands on emulating a c64 so this emulator can help shareware with a registation fee of only $ 25 s P000 (Since Magic 64 came along i i to run it. Unfortunately i extracted all my t64 and d64 tiles since Frodo doesnt support them heres a little Arexx script for turning c64 binaries into POO tiles which Magic 64 does understand. Over5 0.711 By Daniel Kahlln (The sucessor to Ove'rFour is an Amiga to from C64 transfer program package.

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Document sans nom CLOANTO £jn njjJ jiiJJ Everyone can be an artist wjNhthfp easy-to-use package worth BIB apowe .C VL'C.V Fruitastic fun with this novel shoot-em-up CRQUIL1CS MARBLELOUS • Tvy out the first Islona game release from Ipc PLUS: Centipede dope Crawlies -M 1 CDSoft - Tel 101702) 300441 - 306050 Fax 300115 Minimun EURO LEAGUE £16.99 MR BLOBBY £1,99 ROADRASH £11.99 DESERT STRIKE £13.99 MINSKIES £16.99 THEME PARK £13.99 SUBBURBAN COMMANDO £7.99 SNAPPERAZZI £4.99 SCI-FI COLLECTION £9.99 BASE JUMPERS £4.99 Only £25.99 160 WattSpeckers 2 WHATSHOT2!
| PGA EUROPEAN GOLF § SPECIAL OFFER JAN 97: O g The top amlga golf § games makes It Into our special offer num- + her 2.
* M**X. U'h'*«0'WW wiwwj CAPITAL PUNISHMENT £24.99 F1178 £9.99
S. SOCCER 96 97 £18.99 SLAM TILT £17.99 CONOLISATION £14.99
£7.99 CASTLES £7.99 BLITZ BASIC 2.1 £27.99 STRIP POT £7.99
£4,99 RICK DANGEROUS 1 or 2 £4.99 BATTLE CHESS £7.99 STRIP
2 £12.99 CORKER COLL.
£4.99 IMPACH £4.99 TURBO TRAX £4.99 RISE.O.T.ROBOTS £7.99
MEMORY (Ring for postage costs) 100MB ZIP
DISKS ......£14.99 100 X BULK DSDD aOPPY DISKS £26.99
AMIGA ACTION PAD EPSON STYLUS BLACK CATRIDGE, EPSON STYLUS COLOUR CATRIDGE...... INKJET REFILL Postage and Packing will be charged at cost, ask when ordering.
TACTICAL MAN AGER £7.99 FOOTBALL GLORY £3.99 POWER DRIVE £3.99 BLASTEROIDS £4.99 POPULAS £12.00 SUPER STREET FIGHERII £7.99 ARCHER’S POOL £11.99 688 ATTACK SUB £11.99 DINOSAURS £12.99 SCIENCE 5-12 £12.99 FRENCH 8-16 £12.99 ENGLISH 6-16 £12.99 MATHS STATS 6-16 £12.99 MATHS GEOME TBY £12.99 MATHS ALGEBRA £12.99 MATHS NUMBERS £12.99 ESSENTIALS MATHS £12.99 JUNIOR ESSENTIALS £12.99 EARLY ESSENTIALS £12.99 SPELL & PUNCTUATION £12.99 INTER WORD Only £ 9.99 inc Is easy to use and Its standardised interface even lets you exchange data can be imported from Interhase, and Interspread, INTER
TALK Only £9.99 inc INTER OFFICE Only £19.99 inc Comes with Inter Word 2.0, Inter Spread 2.0, Interhase 2.0 and Inter talk
2. 0 INTER SPREAD Only£ 9.99 inc Puts you firmly In the driving
seat when It comes to forcastlng budgeting cashflow analysis
and much more. Also comes with an extensive library of maths a
Only £9.99 inc Retains all of the power of Its predecessor,
presented via a greatly Improved user Interface. The programs
workbench 2 3 styling Is a pleasure to use, even on AGA,
A500 600, + older 1.2 1 3 Amlgas.
Top Into the whole new world of this versatile communcatlons programs.
Phone your favourite online services!.
ODYSSEY £8.99 SUPER TENNIS CHAMPS £8.99 AGA, A500 600, AGA, A5D0 60Q, + functions etc, AGA, A5G0 600, + AGA, A500 600, + Writ? Pitvftf ft* i stef fc 1W - fwrnte fiver ’ (Over 18 only- orders via eredi! Cares switch aniy fst o 191 'dl Au'.hc- e-rail !t r@?tarken kin sc] C64 Graphics Format Converter Package v1.2 (converts ppm, fli and koala graphics files from c64 to amiga of amiga to c64. Requires Amos for the Amiga.
Copy 1581F File Reader (By Kerry Gray - This program will read and copy the contents of a disk written with CBM 1581 drive) FS1541 v0.5 (Is a full-blown AmigaDOS file system, which processes the CBM 1541 disk format. The CBM 1541 floppy drive has been the standard disk drive for the C64 computer serie).
UNT64 (By Alan Ingleby - is a very small program that will convert the c64s .t64 tape images into a format that allows them to be used in the A64 package on the Amiga.
Easy 1541 v1.1.1 (Is designed to provide EASY access to the Commodore 1541 drive (and compatibles) to manage old
5. 25" disks formatted using standard CBM DOS 2.6 filesystem.
Sim Disk (By Eelko de Vos - First there was und64 now there is Sim Disk. This little program will be transformed into a library which can be used as a 1541 diskdrive simulator.
SYS v1.0 (This program is not an emulator but was written by a former c64 user who wanted a reset for the Amiga).
Needed AppleM Emulator - Demo version (This programs emulates an Apple ][+ it supports all of ther display modes of an Apppl )[+ - Primary & Secondary pages of text, Hires, lore, Mixed:Sound.Joystick. language card.
LoadRAM (Load Apple2000 programs into AppleM 1541 (is a command line cli-based program which reads a 1541 disk and produces a disk image, a disk image is simply a block- by-block copy of the disk, stored as a file.
ARC64 Archhive Processor v1.2 ( Archive to list and extract files from POO, T64, Arkive. D64. Zipcode and Lynx archives. Capable to convert between D64 and Zipcode.
D64 (Is a program to convert C64 programs from datasette to Amiga file format for use with the A64Package etc).
Frodo v1.S (frodo is a multitasking freeware c64 emulator for the Amiga. OS2.1 and a 68020 (or better) and required, as well as copys of the original c64 rams.
UND64 Archive File Processor (This program is designed to extract, list or test files from ,d64 disk images, ,t64 tape images, and .p00 program images from PeeCee C64 emulators.
Magic 64 v1.1 (This iam sure you do’nt want to spend thousands on emulating a c64 so this emulator can help shareware with a registation fee of only $ 25 s P000 (Since Magic 64 came along i i to run it. Unfortunately i extracted all my t64 and d64 tiles since Frodo doesnt support them heres a little Arexx script for turning c64 binaries into POO tiles which Magic 64 does understand.
Over5 0.711 By Daniel Kahlln (The sucessor to Ove'rFour is an Amiga to from C64 transfer program package. Supports serial transfer at 38400 buad 8n2 using only a RS-232 level converter (Like the Vic- Danish - From Denmark with Love p mums 1 to 101 Only £19.99 each Copyrighted pictures of Danish Girls, Alt High Quality and taken by well known Danish Girl photographers. All pictures are in BMP. GIF, JPEG, and Kodak PCD Formats, i Denmark with Lover Please order by volume rscs 1 to 10.
AmigaAGA-ENV (is an 8 bit refresh code rewritten, Now upto 1.8 times faster then the refresh in ShapeShifter 3.1 (and 25 times faster than 3.0). Ami Mac Tools v2.0b1 (This is an Amiga version of Mac Tools 2.0b1, Only contains the binaries).
APC Names v1.2a (Is a freeware renaming utility which is useful for people who use PC disks to interchange files bewteen Amiga (with CrossDOS) and Macintosh.
CrossMAC Demo v1.0 (This is a demo version and as such it is read only version of CrossMAC).
CyberWB-End (Is an external Video driver for the Macintosh emulator ShapeShifter).
DoubleR (By Marius Groger is a simple mouse-handling enhancement for Shape Shifter).
New Icons for EMPLANT (Replaces the tired icons that come with Emplant).
EMPCD Device v1.3 (By Nicola Salmoria - This device allows the Emplant mac emulation to use a CD-ROM drive not connected to the Emplant SCSi Port).
EMPDIAG v1.0 (Hardware Diagnostics for s = total of The A64 Package v3.1 FULL VERSION (Is a comprehensive emulator utility package to assist Commodore 64 users in upgrading to the Amiga. By Cliff Dugan.
Questonics) The AS4 Package v3.01d DEMO VERSION (Is a comprehensive emulator utility package to assist Commodore 64 users in upgrading to the Amiga. By Cliff Dugan.
Questonics) Run C64 v1.21 Communication program for Amiga & C64. Its not a modem program or anything like that, but a network system which enables you to send C64 file from the Amiga over to the C64 & start them) TransNib v3.11 (By Matt Francis - Amiga front-end S TransNib64 2 (C64 Front-end).
D64 to Zip Code (This utility will convert between D64 ZIPCODE. .D64 etc. AXF 64 (This is an updated C64 emultor which claims to be faster than frodo.
Requires os2 or os3.
- -- Denmark With Love Denmark With Love IB Denmark With Love
1 Denmark With Love Denmark With Love Denmark With Love
- Denmark With Love =-r- Denmark With Love Irrsr Denmark With
Love =“ Denmark With Love With Love AppleJ Apple 2000 v1.3 (By
Kevin Kralian) is the premier Apple ][ Emulator for the Amiga.
At its current level it accuately emulates a 64k Apple ][+ with
sound. Apple ll-Roms are Samples from the Speccy 97 Games
Library Archive sists of two games, one is called the letter
game and the other one is called the word game.
A+ V2003 - REM DATE V2.0 is a calender, reminder and fileofax all in one.
A+ V2019 - TEXT ENGINE v3.0 Allows you to make your every own letters and documents then print or store then oh disc.
Reallv small.
Astro_22 as released is a starter program which accu- | rately calculates the position of the planets, cusps and !
Zodiac positions to within 30 seconds of arc. I intend to I increase the usefulness of the program to eventually j cover all aspects of the subject which will appeai to pro-; fessional as well as novice astrologers not wishing to : pav 200+ for a decent package. Updated version A+ V0489 - AMIBASE PRO II This is the latest database program which is an update V0827 - REPAIR IT V2.01 & GRAPHIC An essential set of tools for recovery. Disk speed ] reports the speed of a selected drive. DiskSalv will try ] to recover as much data as possible from a corrupt disic.
TS3 disk caching and FFS to A+ V1247-TEXTURE MAPS (ABC) A collection of textures for use with the any program that will take high res textures.
AA V1554 - IMAGINE BUDDY (AB) Here's some features of the new interface: Draggable and Sizeable text and index windows • Button Gadgets for the Search and Move functions Improved Searching The text is now positioned at matching hypertext links and all matches arc highlighted for visibility.
A* V1229-MAIN ACTOR V1.53 HDTool will install the OS3 disk caching the hard drive of a lesser operating system.
AA V1661 - NATIONAL LOTTERY This is a national lottery prediction program called Lottery Winner. It consists of a database system which can record the National Lottery results from week to week until it has sufficient data to make certain types of predictions or just a random guess. Good.
A+ V1679 - COP THE LOT Lottery prediction database which can store the previous lottery results and also select random numbers etc. A+ V1771-COURSE FORM Like to put a bit of money on the horses? This utility I allows you to enter the figures for the horses in a partic- | ular race, plus the course details, and then it will try to | predict the winner of the race. Good.
A+ V1778-LOTTERY CHECKER This is an all round animation utility that will create, playback, time and edit animations of any length or format (includine graphics cards). Very good. (AB) A* V1811 - IMAGESTUDI0 V2.0 (AB) is written for the casual graphics user who wishes to convert or manipulate various graphics formats on a modest Amiga system.
A* V1891 - IMAGEDESK V1.6 is a program to catalog picture directories by generating .l! Represe for some notes on this).
V2115 - BOOT UTILITIES | BangerMenu v3.3 - Startmenu activate J3APS Lock, gfxboard-si ! Kicker: rep small representants of the pictures ’•+ V1907 - P0VRAY RAYTRACER is a great tool for checking Iotlery numbers. Good for :e syndicates. Find ‘A’ Date is a database which command. DarkSound v2.5 - office syndicates, stores and matches people up for blind dates. Sneaker is used to view and change binary files, technical users are | always finding these programs useful.
A* V1836 - MRBACKUP V2.1.4 is a hard disk backup program lor the Commodore !
Amiga family of computers. It provides a wide range of j services to support Amiga file management and back-: up restore of files to from hard disk.
Renders in a window on a public screen (cvt ..M HAM8 Workbench) with colour sharing, simple HAN support aulodetects Cvbcrafx Screen and renders in !
Direct Colour (15 16 24Bit) if possible. ¦ V1922 - REAL 3D V2.X OBJECTS Objects arc pretty large in size, espessially the 4 cylin-1 der engine, you might run out of memory pretty fast. !
My Amiga 4000EC30 + FPU is now equipped witl 18 IB RAM, and I can now raytrace all of my objects.
* l.3Mb, so you'll need a healthy chunk of memory. ¦ No Slicing
was used in modelling, to keep things as small as possible. *
Space Doors open using the new j States function. * Marquee of
Space Door lights.
- -CHECKERS TOOLBOX : .Amiga diagnosis program. Runs self test on
j i_i the ports and even tne disk drive! All your j cz is
tested and displayed in graphical informa- i far. Amiga owner
should have a copy! Find out | i -rong with your Amiga before
going to the ; r ~ set it fixed. It may save you a bob or two!
~i - VIRTUAL UTILITIES ¦ 5 utils containing everything needed for any ; ser to make virtual memory from their haru- e Amiga is fooled into thinking it has massive i is of RAM when really it only has a small : -saped to a file on the harddrive.
COMMS a* V1745-TERM V4.2 [030] latest version of this very well known comms terminal ; program. Version 4 has even more features and although it is not for beginners it is probably the best j available.
A+ V0979 - NC0MM V3.0 Is a comms program based on Comm vl.34 with lots of [ very nice enhancements. Has new functions over v2.0 A* V1722 - AMIGA TO PSION S3 A is a implementation of the Psion link protocol which is |
e. g. built into the Psion S3 S3a ROM. It’s main pur-1 pose is to
provide vice versa nfs like file access.
17719 - TELETEXT V2.3 Ito “* ' **»vf f'o Icrx IrilDIK (1C fa “rietext (also know as Teletekst, Videotext, f?
T- ,___. .. a™:™ ti ! fkytext, Supcrtcxt etc.) on your Amiga. It is : ir any PAL Amiga (read fa ' _ . System require- • E- ini systems req } for more info, because it uses : . Port to interface with the hardware. An j ec switch is provided to easily switch between “5aa decoder and a printer.
1-335 - LIBRARIES & DATATYPES EDUCATION A+ V1079 - KEYBOARD TRAINER This program only concentrates on basic keyboard skills, and is in effect, still a Beta Version, I think you will find it a vast improvement on most so called tutors.
A+ V0793 - AMIGA BEGINNER You asked for it! A tutorial for the beginner on using your amiga! Covers the CLI and Workbench, its great for leaniing about the Amiga. Also contains numerous beautiful 16 colour icons for WB v2.04. A+ VI845 - DPAINT 4 BUDDY (AB) Will teach you how to use Dpaint 4. It works bv running along side the well known paint package providing hands on demonstrations of the various features. It: ¦ ¦ ! Balls is yet another lottery predictor program. It is actu- i ally quite good apart from the £5 fee if you want to get!
! The registered version. It can predict random numbers I ! Or numbers from pre-entered numbers of upto 72 weeks I ! Earlier. A well presented lottery predictor, if your into I all the lottery hype get this.
A* V1969 - AQUARIUM SIMULATOR 3d Aquarium Simulator (uses MUI2.0). check it out.
A+ V1982-SCOUT V2.1 is a tool that allows you to monitor your computer sys- ; tern. It displays many different things like tasks, ports, : assigns, expansion Hoards, resident commands, interrupts. Etc. A+ V1983 - D0PUS UTILS 2 This is the second selection of utilities for use with the i most popular Amiga Disk utility Directory Opus.
A+ V1997 - LOTTERY PREDICTOR : Another lottery' prediction system. This latest addition | : has a few addea advantages over the other available. ' [ For a start this one uses intuition fully so it multitasks j ; and it uses only a small window on your workbench.
A+ V1998 - AMIGADOS GUIDE VI.5 A very handy program for those who want to learn i more about Amiga DOS or those who simply want an ' easy reference for commands etc.. The program consists !
Of an easv to use point and click system with a index.
'+ V1999 - COP THE LOT PRO I very good way of learning a program so you want to :JJj learn Dpaint th'en this System is one of the best ways.
'+ V1S81 - AMIGATRAINER i very powerful & flexible program to learn foreign lan- ; gua’ges. You enter the words yourself, so they aren’t ! Related to any special language, school or book, every i word there are 2 additions to enter.
AA V1897 - GEOGRAPHICAL ATLAS | AmiGlobe is a geographical atlas that allows you to | navigate in the world map, zooming everywhere, get [ country' data, etc. Requires 2Mb of RAM. (AB) Profile milt An intuitive & easy-to-use accounts program, special!
A+ V1269 - THE OCTAMED TUTOR Welcome to the Octamed Tutor, a simple guide through !
The basics of this excellent music program.
A+ V1207 - OCTASTUFF Welcome to OctaStuff, a disk based around work with OctaMED 3 and 4.
A+ V1882 - ART OF NOISE TRACKER NEW tracker, NO ProTracker Clone!, 8 channels, fin ; synthesis, dium sequencer, wave table synthesis.
; Yet another lottery program. This one will only gener- ate random numbers, there is no option to actually make ort of calculated prediction.
A+ V2000- BACK DOOR V6.0 This is the latest version of this now quite well known .
Game cheat database. There are cheats and tips for hun- ’ dreds of different games including a lot of recent titles.
'+ V2001 - NATIONAL LOTTERY I This program is more than just a random number gener- ! Ator. It uses uses a special History formula with Chaos | ! Theory to produce a more accurate prediction.
'+ V2004 - LOCKUP V4.0 ! Is the newist version of the old utility Lockup which | | basically allows you to Lockup your hard drive with a ] i password to enter’ and get it going again.
• + V2005 - SHAPE SHIFTER 3.2 s a multitasking shareware
Macintosh-2 emultor for the ! Amiga. It allows you to run mac
software withour addi- I tional hardware. New updated verion. ]
'+ V2014 - MESSY SID 3.0 I this is the latest verion of which
will read and write PC j ! Floppy disks 720k or 1.44 if your
drive can take it.
A+ V2015 - MOVIE MAKER 2.0 (AB) | have : you ever wanted to create your own movie and see I it flourish in the Oscars, then nows your chance.
'+ V2026 - ROUTE PLANNER | Highway trip planner. Requires MU12.2 a* V2072 - VIRUS_CHECKER V8.04 Best virus killer on the Amiga to date. Updated version j ; with bug fixes and updated virus information.
TIPs, CHEATS & RELATED A+ V1416 - EYE OF THE BEHOLDERS i This disk contains a selection of utilities and software for Eye of the Beholder II. Like end of level saved game ; file. Eye of Beholder 2 special quests explanation, j F.OB2 'Character Editor, Eye of the Beholder Solution, | GIF pictures of all 12 levels in Eve of the Beholder.
A+ V1773 - ACTION REPLAY CHEAT This disk has on it a text file which contains loads of codes for those people who have action replay devices.
| There are cheats for hundreds of games. Good.
'+ V1848 - DIY REK0 | This disk has on it an Arexx macro which, when used jn ! Conjunction with ImageFX, will make reko cardsets for ! Klondike AGA almost automatically. Also included is a I detailed Amiga Guide document explaining everything, i A+ V1468 - GAMES HD INSTALL i This disk provides you with the software needed to i install certain games onto your AI200. The games that AMINET 15 AMINET16 17 £12.99 AMINET SET 1 AMINET SET 2 AMINET SET 3 SET 4 £19.99 £19.99 £29.99 £29.99 £17.99 £17.99 £12.99 £29.99 £8.99 £17.99 £17.99 £24.99 £5.99 £14.99 | this disk can install are BodyBlow's, Goal,
Lemmings 2, Superfrog, and Walker. Could be very useful.
A+ V1662 - HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 Contains a variety' of hard disk installer's for a few well known commercial games. These games arc as follows: AlienBreed 2 AGA, Jungle Strike. Assassin (Special Edition), Body Blows, Goal, Ishar 2, Zool 2 AGA. Ruff ; and Tumble,” Body Blows 2 AGA, SlarDust, Super I Frog, Walker, Rise’ of tlie Robots, Bubble and Squeak, ElfMania. Aladdin AGA and Motal Kombat 2. Great.
, '+ V1885-NEW HD INSTALL i Hard Drive Install scripts for 3 games. Beneath a steel I sky Flashback'King's Quest VI. New updated version MAGIC WORKBENCH &W B a* VI043 - SUPER DARK V2.1A A screen blanker with some special features. It is similar to the After Dark screen blanker in the PC and Mac worlds. Features include a lot of different screen effects, a screen locker, and more.2 A+ V1964 - COLOUR WORKBENCH Allows you to basically change your workbench screen to purple or whatever colour you fancy. It also changes the font from the usual workbench one to one that is In the chapters :
explain the workings of WB2,as the manuals : -rith your Amiga.
! - RE 0RG V3.11 ; optimizer that can be used for floppy disks . Disks. Supports new Kickstart 2.04 features e hard and soft links and High Density drives.
- NORTHC V1.3 (AB) tatx -pdatc on the public domain ‘C’
environment te - tiaa that I am aware of.
W523 - DICE C COMPILER (AB) ¦trs Matthew Dillons full featured, powerful C ffifl Bier md environment system. J§ XTT88 - PASCAL I j Bans everything needed to program in Pascal. ||g§§ Be.- A68k 68000 assembler. Blink, Linking sofl- r esc ?CQ, a modest Pascal sub set compiler.a r 341 - DIGITAL BREAD BOARD GUI digital logic circuit simulator. Digital ¦¦ ¦' currently supports 2 and 3 input etc I- 356- DEVELOPER ¦ec? ±e official Commodore developers kits for the e_ ie and Commodore Install utilities, r 260 - CIRCUIT BOARD DESIGN ere Terrific routines for the electronic enthusiast, icte PCBtool, a
circuit board design tool, r 209 - GNU C++ COMPILER (3) [HD] be risks consists of the latest version of the GCC ’ jrenerit, compiler, driver, assembler, linker, header [;-rire code generation of library calls.
T*213 - PROGRAM LANGUAGES 22, is a PD Amiga BASIC compiler which, in a with A68K & Blink produces stand alone 's. Run time shared libraries are required.
1-227-GAD TOOLS V2.2C mcirzri Amiga shared runtime library which makes far cireker easier to build standard requesters into pr-- Designed with CBM’s guidelines in mind.
J- 384 - HOW TO CODE IN C (AB) raging. Intuition and Graphic, Kodbibliotek, :ks, Anropa AsmFranC, Dos Intuition, WB :e, GadToolsBox and Power Source.
- N.D.U.K V37 (ABCD) the Commodore Native Developer Update be
licensed for distribution. Includes the fd startups. C include
files, and tools
- MATHS FORMULA EDIT V2.1 is a formula editor, which is used to
inte- matical formulas into word processors or ;S. It has an
extensive amount of mathe- physical symbols and many control
codes ractions,roots, exponents.
- REQCHANGE V3.6 ition, ASI-, ARP & REQ to use the Req :ers
instead. It also adds a couple of extra The disk also i c also
files in the L and Devs DosDrivers isat can be copied or
N - SUPER KILLERS V10.0 collection of virus killers like AntiCicloVir | ss Checker v6.43, VirusZ II vl.07, and VT } : the use of LHA which is in the c directory.
£9 - HD INSTALLER (AB) A1200 machine and are having trouble with drive why not install it correctly.
IS - DISKSALVE 2 nr :cr hard drive with this, recommended.
1-325 C: COMMANDS & UBS d LIBS disk contains over 100 con C directory'. Over 20 LIBRARY'S are within directory. Use them for your disks. They can srice the disk up in appearance and in usage.
- MESSY SID II will read MS Dos disks, Convert any text; on to an
Amiga dos disk so that they can be s any standard Word
processor. The p convert the text back to your IBM disks r«11 -
SN00PD0S V3.0 _re dos libraiy calls and more when you run a
This is handy"for both the programmer and the Have you ever
installed a program to your : rid then discovered that it will
not run with- library but you don’t know which?
I - VIRUS WORKSHOP V4.8 one and only Virus Workshop by Markus !
Fani' Now in the Version 4.8 . Test it!
. *M24 - ANTIFUCKER ¦Eunice to stop the Flickering when you use the res move.
C K59-TUDEV1.0 I Sb; intensive and easy way of degrading your i ¦Ere fir ali sorts of purposes. It is useful for playing j ¦gpe :-r. A 1200s for example which need kickstart | [Base s a GUI version included as well as a CLL most people will have no trouble using it. A i tool for all Amiga owners. Good.
- REL0KICK VI.41 !) Version of ReloKick. Galahad of Dual SeloKick
1.4, so I decided to improve on that!
R 356-N0ERR0RS V1.3 fnction is to hide physical disk errors from ; and hard disks, so these disks can then be ; DOS showing read write errors.
562 - DC0PY V3.1 carrier on the Amiga. No new Features over 2 j tesi updated with new code information.
4 - (AGA) ASA FIX DISK disk full of utilities for those A1200 and : wskts out there who can not for the life of them e :x there favourite games or demos to work.
- WB2.0 TUTORIAL cally compressed and decompressed whenever you
access them, in a transparent way.
A+ V1932-X-FILES GUIDE The X-Fi!es Guide disk is full of very usefull information if you are interested in the x-files. It contains over 674k worth of text, ranging from episodes l and 2 to the x-filcs transcript. It also has a survey you can fill in and send off to the auther of the disk, A+ V1949 - MORE HD INSTALLERS This disk contains the latest installers for the toi lowing j games: ABASE, Arnie 2. ATR, Bump ‘n’ Burn, ] Naughty-oncs, Rise of the Robots, Sensible World of i Soccer, Shadow Fighters, Lion King, MK1I_PAFIX,1 Parasol Stars, Rock’n’Roli, Skimarks 2, Skeleton Krew, Super
Stardust, SoftB3, Trolls and Uridium 2.
A+ VI963 - VIRUS WORKSHOP V5.1 The Fush ROM [EMUIATOHS] [2C0'S] Only £29.99 Emulators for the PC The PC has the greatest number of emulators. There are emulators for the C64, Spectrum, Videogames and some exotic ! Computers. This cd is really up-to-date.
This version of Virus Workshop is as good as any of the others or even better. You can check every single file : : on there own or all together. If it finds a virus it will ; tell vou what it is and exactly what to do to gat rid of it.
' V1965 - BALLS This package allows you to create virtual partitions pn I your HD. Files stored in such partitions get automati- ] vhe lot more options open to you than just play- i iles Explained & Menus. ' ; covered are right up to date and waiting to ’
o nave installation notes to aid ipli an Assign Wedge, the
possibility to send j PROGRAMMING + TEK . : remands when a
patched requester i to configure how the patches behave.
19 - MOTOROLA CROSS ASSEMBLER'S 2 rs AS0,1,4,5,9,11 ptsf be over 18 and Card orders only. No chq i £ disk packed full of Amiga Workbench 3.0 j cr=. Scd Datatypes, There's 47 Libraries from A to !
Vol.1 £19.99 Vol.2 £19.99 Vol. 3 £19.99 Vol.4 £19.99 Vol.5 £19.99 Vol 6 £19.99 Vol.7 £19.99 Vol.8 £19.99 Vol.9 £19.99 Vol. 10 £19.99 10 disks, Order all 10 disks for only !+ V0817-A500 PLUS EMULATOR Have amiga 500 and want workbench 2.0 then just install this disk onto your floppy 1.3 version of workbench or vour HD for complete WB2 compatibility.
A* V1178 - KICKSTART 3 EMU | Kickstart 1.3 3.0 emulator and decibel patch program will give you the option to have kickstart 1.3 or 3.x(as used'in NEW Amigas) in your Amiga. This is much I enhanced over the version that was given away free.
A+ V1336 - THE BBC EMULATOR I Contains commands to allow existing files to be trans- | ferred from a BBC with DFS by means of a serial cable.
A+ V1659 - MSD0S AMIGAD0S V2.3 j This is a very interesting utility which should be useful I to anyone who uses both Pcs and Amigas. The tool allows you to create a directory' on which you can store MSDO’S commands and then they can be used through the shell as if thev were AmigaDos commands. Great.
AA V1868 - PC TASK V3.1 is the first and only software 80286_emulator for the i -Amiga range of computers. Transfer files between your 1 The first amiga PD Desk Top Publishing program, j Excludes various extra features over the old Word j | processor. Test Editor, Graphics editor and loads more. A+ V1680 - AWARD MAKER 2 !
¦ This is a very good tool for the creation and printing of I Awards and certificates. There are hundreds of types to ! Choose from then you can choose a font a border and I also some of the text etc. Very good results.
’ A+ V1862 - INVOICE DATABASE V2 Intra is a rather simple, but therefore easy to use data-1 base program that was especially designed to deal with I | invoice information. Everybody, as we like it '+ VI995- BEGINNERS TYPING TUTOR j This is by far the best typing tutor for years I have seen ] i the Amiga. It is worth every single penny. It con-' AZSpell, Spell Checker & Dictionary. Bbase, A Database program. DATA EASY, Another database.
BizCalc, Loan calc. LCD, Calc. SPREAD, Spreadsheet. Budget. Personal Finance. UNITS, Various conversions. CLERK. Small business accounts. SUPERDUPER. FLASHERCOPY. Copier's.
TYPIST, Typing Tutor. BOOTX, Virus Killer. SYS- INFO, System analyser. DOSMANAGER, Directory program. FONTLlST. FONT MANAGER, Utilities.
PRINT STUDIO. Printing Tools. (6 disks) A+ V1114- PRINT LABELS UTLS Includes various proerams like DOC DUMP v2.1, ENVELOPE PRINT vl.20. INLAY MAKER vl.4, MC MASTER vl. 1, BANNER vl .0, LABEL PRINT + V1279 - PRINT A CARD The Citizen Print Manager has been designed in con- j I junction with Irseesoft.
A* V1051-EASY CALC PLUS is a spreadsheet designed to be both easy to use and | I fast. If the program looks nice, that wouldn't to be bad either. Unlike other software where the author writes [ the program first, then bolts on a help system, I have designed the help into the program from the beginning. | '+ V0366 - 600 BUSINESS LETTERS : Over 600 Standard business letters on this disk. Can be i used as they are or insert parts into your own letters V0390 - AMIGA FOX DTP i -Amiga range ol computers. I ransrer tiles Detween your i Amiga and MSDOS. Compatible with MS Windows 3+ ‘ AA V1931 - ZXAM
V2.0 The latest Spectrum Emulator available. Basically it 1 | allows you to run Spectrum software on your Amiga, g j Requires the AGA chipset but does require WB3+ and a S i 68020 CPU or better a* V2059 - FRODO V2.0 I is a multitasking freeware C64 emulator for the Amiga. $ ! OS2.1 & a 68020- are required, as. Well as copys of the 1 ent tvpes of data, custom drawers, and ToolManager.
A* V2064 - 100 USELESS PATTERNS 102 background patterns in 2,4, 8 and 16 colors.
AA V2069 - BREATHTAKING PATTERNS MWB ; This package contains 11 photo-realistic backgrounds: ; Beach.png.~BricksGrey.iff, Clouds.png, Confetti.iff, Mountains.png. Pebble.iff. Storm.iif. Stucco.iff, Terrace.pna, Thunder.png, Valiey.png. AA V2070 - MWB ICONS, PATTERNS A collection of really nice MWB compatible stuff.
Was designed to enable computer operators to be able to | I work at their leisure without worrying about forgetting ] | those important meetings.what they nad to do on any I ! Particular day or locating business colleagues tele no's.
A+ VI467 - AWARD CONSTRUCT I A very' handy tool for creating your very' own awards and certificates. There are many styles, fonts and graphics to choose from, could also be used to make small : posters, signs or leaflets. Easy to use and very effective.
VI069 - PRINTER DRIVERS HP A+ V1222 - PANASONIC STUDIO The PanaPlus driver is a software for controlling printers with the Commodore Amiga personal computer.
A+ V1236 - INVOICE PRINTER I invoice printing that we help aid any small business.
A+ V0928 - LITTLE OFFiCE i Its the all rounder do everything, all knowing, all see- ! Ing?? Well lets just say its very good.
V1179 - FILE-O-FAX i Ricoh HP 1200 400dpi. Canon I.BP, Canon BJ300.
I BJ130, BjlOe. Canon_48. Canon PJ 1080a, HP Paintjet.
A+ V1278 - MAIL-0-DEX , An excellent way to keep names, addresses, Phone j numbers, comments etc and then print out labels loads j of them in 1.2.3 and 4 columns.
'+ V1044 - FANCY PRINTING j BANNER vl.4, GRAPH PAPER vl.2, DISK PRINT V1357 - CITIZEN MANAGER '+ V1968- STAR TREK BACKGROUNDS Heres some new backgrounds for workbench all based | around the Star trek T:N:G series.
A* V2062 - ICONOGRAPHIES V3.0 | is a collection of eight colour icons for Workbench 2 | and 3. All standara system icons are included, with ny additional icons (PD Shareware programs, differ- im drawers, and To '+ V0575 - HOME BUSINESS PACK (6) QED, Text editor. Text Plus 2.2F,, Word Processor.
Change the one’s you already use to some they have, i They have also included some’ backdrops for you to use.
Want to print a business card or any other type of card then this is the software for vou.
Deskjet 550 colour driver. Deskjet 500._Deskjct 500c, on .... ~ ~ ! Original C'64 ROMs, which are not included.
There are icons which allow you EMULATORS OFFICE & PRINT applications A+ V2087 - MISC DISK UTILS A selection of disk system utilities to format bad disks, undelete files, create your own disk bootblocks, compare files, show' black usage, split larger files, virtual floopy disk utility, Noise saver for floppies and hard drives and much much more.
A+ V2088 - BACK-IT-UP 5 Contains a selection of Amiga backup software for your hard drive needs. Abackup v5.1I, BackMan vl3.0m, Dbackup V23.4MUI, Fitter, PCRestore and ucdback v9 A* V2089 - AGA EMULATOR V1.0 Emulate AGA-chipset on your Amiga.
A+ V2090-FULL OCTAMED V5 TUTORIAL (A-D) Is the complete OctaMED V5 Companion in Amiga.Guide Format. We have now released it as Freeware, (copyright retained).
A* V2D95 - FANTASTIC WORKBENCH 2.0 (AB) New Magic.WB2.0-stylc collection, high quality, Rl- standard size Icons. Brushs and other MWB-stuff.
AA V2098 - TWISTED MAGIC WORKBENCH Features 27 twisted AGA pictures for use with your workbench as a background. Look at it this way: instead of that boring grey screen you now get a twisted picture with a REAI. FULL AGA copperlist.
A+ V2103 - PRINTER UTILS & DRIVERS New updated printer drivers and utilities. HP CON- g TROL.I.HA (93K) Setup tool for HP-printcr~V1.6S own truck and then buy it. You can add nitros, new | motors or even buy a brand new truck with your win- j nines from your races.
A+ 4467 - J0USTER 3 If you haven't heard of the good old favorite, Joust, I then you're a pretty young or fairly old dude. :)!
Anyway, this game brings Joust to the Amiga and also i has’ improvements such as powerups, etc. You can even i have a ptervdactvl as a steed. For 1 or 2 players.
A+ 4468 - PATCH LEMMINGS 2 RUN FROM HD Patch to allow J.emmings2 to run from hard drive.
A+ 4469 -CRITICALHIT is a highly detailed fantasy combat game, which re-cre- j ates tabletop war gaming on the Amiga (requires 1 MB I RAM). A strategic war game with excellent graphics, 3 j D landscapes and a wide variety of fantasy combat fig-1 ures and scenerv - Campaign and map designer.
A+ 4472 -CULTURETANK A single screen tank combat game with up to 6 tanks, I which may be human or computer controlled. Team or | all-against-all modes. 3 types of weapon including mis- siles and flamethrowers.
4552 - H.E.R.O A+ V1994 - CHEATS COMPILATION This disk is a demo which gives you a taster ol what j you can have if you buy the regestered version.
A+ V2041 - F1GP Ed v3.03 Formula One Grand Prix WC Editor & FIGP-Ed non- j english translation files & Track data for CiPDisplay Ai V2056 - TREK-THE GUIDE V1.6 Trek-The.guide is a complete Star Trek Database. It j contains a~listing of all the Trek series' complete with an episode synopsis, original airdate, Director and Writer Credits ana Guest stars.
A+ V1196-DESKTOP VIDEO Dot Matrix Stroller, Is a video titling program intended I for use in adding scrolling captions to video's. .Flood Effect .loads an IFF picture and displays it with a Oflood | effectO so that it floods the screen.
A* V1156-VIDEO TITLER Generates professional looking TV titles and credits for j your own vidco's.Outstanding abilities are very smooth scrolling, colour slides and usage of colour font’s.
(small bugs fixed from last version).
A+ V1988-DUNGEON MAPPER V0.3 This is the first version of something called Dungeon Mapper. It will work on Workbench 2+. It allows you to design your own maps for games like Dungeons and Dragons which can be very usefull. It also has Tetris on it if you boot it from Workbench.
A big interactive event is going to take place. Wc arc i about to release a game which we had to miss for a long j time now (too long if you ask me!). Coming soon is an I Amiga version of the old Activision game H.E.R.O. And that’s not all. You can be a part of its release.
- TRAIN DRIVER SIM V1.6 shoots you on even faster thev vou are
already going.
'+ 4454 - BATTLE TRUCKS is a one or two player game in which you choose your j Mac ROM Test V1,0 (By Thomas § Kessler is for all users of ShapeShiS . '.vhc want to verify their rom-image a who want to know the exact version and subversion).
Requires the language E. Click & drag to make your applicaf LJ4BOOST121 .LHA (45K) LaserJet4 Printer-Driven " ' RSPOC" ... tracks thev have these squares which if vou drive over it airt ’ chart generated in real time showing next 10 | Fog, in addition to Dry Wet - visibility 100 ’ ire - (An excellent
• nent (Cons for Emulation soft-- IKS AmlMSX • MSX-2 shat
¦6S020-CPU Amiga -MS; GAMES VIDEO BaSa A+ 4434 - BLACKDAWN V2.1
. 3-level Dungeon Master style Alien Breed:- charge | j around
the maze levels, shoot lots of aliens, find the lift !
I & move on. But do it in 1st person perspective view.
| The awesome artillery’ tank game. This one contains ; loads of goodies like 70 weapons and 13 shield types as i well as new goodies.
4451 -LAST LAP is a car game for one or two players. It is excellent in I i two player mode. There are about 10+ different tracks j i for you to race around. Some of them are quite easy at | the start but as you go on they get a lot harder. On the i A+ V2086 - VISUAL E DEVELOPER PROFESSION A visual dcvclop-environment, like Visual Basic.
Ds, very slippery rail - Data updated and more ; added be’tween Crewe and Carlisle - Key!
Top-view adventure hack-and-slash.
NEW DISKS or two players.
AA 4559 - WORMS MAPS These are a buncha maps me and my flatmates made for the amiga version of worms.
4561 - ELDRITCH V1 detection improved - Now creates timings for any custom train : If, on the Startup screen, you type in a different Code from the built-in trains in the Save draw- set all other parameters, and then click OK.
He program will took in. Trains and see if a file exists or that train.
Rcbelstart type strategy game. Requires 2MB. For i
s. Complete with four scenarios.
- IHTMERCS GUI j i-i.v' »,:h -•¦m.piilieasivc Arexx uiterfacc
ar..i locale support. Minor update!.
A+ V2119 - HP DESKJET600 PRINTER DRIVER | HP Deskjet 600 b w 600 dpi printer driver VI.0a bug- | fixed for 60000 support.
"+ V2120-JAPANESE TEXTS EDITOR V3.0 | This is a demo of JIWA, a processor for writing in japanese characters. Include Hiragana Katakana and | Canji mode through romanji input.
- + V2121 - GIVE STARTMENU I A MWB look and style! (V2.2).
Collection of brushes ; I and icons in the MWB svtle for use
with StartMenu i I v2.0. This is version 2.2 and has several
enhancements: i i Installer script. More .bru files. Updated
logo designs. I i New Startbutton image. New StartMenu icons.
A+ V2123 - MAGIC RABBIT’S ICON C0LLECT.17 Style 8 colors MagicWB icons. Also som additional stuff like, IB Navigation buttons and other fun things.
V2124 - RAYLAB RAYTRACER V1.1 With this package you get: Two executables: raylabOOO
- for any 68k Amiga. 'RaylabSS 1 - for Amigas with j 020+FPU or
better. The documentation (both in ascii I and in AMIGAGuide
V2125 - SYSSPEED V1.51 spooler. VI.1 PSUTII.S_V1R16.LHA (183K) AA V2104 - HDCL1CK V3.0 HDClick is a program-selector HD-menu. With HDClick, programs can be started very easily by selecting gadgets with your mouse.
A* V2105-BOOT &C COMMANDS Contains various simple little utilities which can be used within your startup-scquence or from workbench, Blank the’ Border, Gadgets for Workbench, Bootscreens, Kickmapper, workbench sounds, system spped hacks, start a program, softboot, and the best launcher for vour aplications.
A* V2106- WINDOWS 95 TASKBAR Contains various programs to enhance your workbench with windows 95 utilities for the Amiga’ A+ V2109 - MAD HOUSE SCREEN BUNKER V2 '+ V2116-LIBRARY FILES
• tn.'.ids O 7 :w.nN library V 2 7 - }! : l-.xp in-n n I beards
! m:is:i l»l tne v *S 7 - M:i!l:ni:rp »»c .brary. U,l I INI Gi
X DISC- Identify v4 n ¦ Lxpansmr.s. I Hardware. Alerts, r
unctions (V4 •!) I ibCijide
H. gge.J (i ii.-.c . t Amiga shared .ibraries '+ V2117-NEW
DATATYPES |a PNG4 3x. Akl'NG d.:tat pe X I (PNG BmiVAC*.
Bli p moire 1 .’.Jvi-c 40 5 lor - OS 3 0 j
Dcei’:r.ricss.-ir.)1 D.sl.ilyrv lor :n jltilormat coir.-
pressed ti!r Dirdz'.itype'.l.t). Directory data'spc VI 6 .) I
: el I .ll.ic. jidv ol ..jl.ils |vs '+ V2118 - XTRUOER V3.2
FONTS & CLIPART £1.99 EUR0SCENE £1.99 PRO IFF & PCX 2 £4.99
AM0C 2&3 £7.99 HOTTEST 4 £2.99 VARIOUS 1-1500 £2.99 ILLUSIONS
3D £.99 EMERALD MINDS £7.99 ARCADE CLASSICS £8.99 ZOOM 2 £1.99
The Speedtester, this program will run various tests on | vour
amiga computer and give results.
'+ V2126-OFFICIAL STAR PRINTER DRIVERS I The Star driver is a software for controlling a printer with the Commodore-Amiga personal computer with ] the purpose of creating high quality output.
Is a modular screen saver like others. Wc tried to make the main program (the 'server') more configurable and to program nice blankets - here is the result, we hope vou like it! 60+ modules. | V2112 - SOLVES FOR MANY ADVENTURES gfxboard-support. CpuConiroll06 - MMU based soil-1 replaces CPU ¦ | Changes Workbench Sounds each boot.
'+ V2127 - EASY-TO-USE ACCOUNTS V3.1 (AB) jeciall; designed to be suitable for non-computer-users as we.
* Double check prices when ordering as many of the I ! Above are
Special Discounts : •. Marlii. W.i'.tlild Ih.s i :ui sil.er
,-.ir. d.iiil n.on- i I ban 244 I'.lev.rs Ifr.s a scrcvti mode
TITLES |hew Sam mplete zx8 igames.
'dair Ip; id rijtfx £11.
CD234 SYST This is a collection of over 100 solves, walkthrus and j hints for a bunch of old adventure games - text adven- | | tures. Graphic adventures and a few odds and sods.
'+ V2114-EPSON STYLUS COLOR II DRIVER I This driver should enable you to drive both II and Iis I : you i printers upto their full resolution of 720dpi * (see later j j for: A+ Works on all machines A* Req Workbench 2.0 or above AA Req Workbench 3.0 or above (ABC) Product has ABC disk (ie, three) I OF CLIPART (2CD) I SENSATIONS 2 CYCLOPEDIA 97
REFERENCES CD ANTN0L0GY experts. Features include: - Mujtiple
accounts, with ] ¦ :pt:i:r.al ri ir.icii.rn & :iu ,ll,un
limits make checks payable to CDSoft Postage & Packing lease
make ch der over ‘"?a» : ti above (right) ° a cd ...... -¦¦m
5diste£1 -10disks g325 a 5 dlsks £10 - Any Ssa assss Gasteiner
0181 345 6000 Facsimile 0181 345 6868 RAM CARDS WE CARRY RAM
1 2MB £15.99 A500+ 1MB £19.99 AMIGA A600 1MB £19.99 1MB WITH
CLOCK £34.99 AMIGA A1200 ram cards come WITH CLOCK & FPU
SOCKET 0MB £29.99 1MB £39.99 2MB £49.99 4MB £54.99 8MB £79.99
BLIZZARD 1230 IV 0MB £149 4MB £169 8MB £189 16MB £209 32MB
£259 FPU 33MHz picc £10 50MHz pga £50 crystals £5.00 MEMORY
SIMMS 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton,
London N18 2YZ At Gasteiner we have simms & memory for all ram
cards & accelerators made for Amiga computers A500, A600,
A3000,A1500,A2000 A4000 30PIN SIMMS 1MB £10 4MB £25 72PIN
SIMMS 2MB £9 4MB £15 8MB £22 16MB £65 32MB £119 SCANNERS INC
VAT EX VAT GT 5000 EPSON £350.00 £411.25 GT 8500 EPSON GT 9000
EPSON £700.00 £822.50 £600.00 £705.00 ARTEC 600DPI FLATBED
SCANNER with amiga software £269.00 BEST BUY HARD DRIVES ¦ WE
HARD DRIVE TO FIT AMIGA A500, A600, A1500, A2000, A3000 &
SCSI £50.00 £99.00 £58.75 £116.33
1. 2GIG INT SCSI £159.00 £186.83 2GIG INT SCSI £285.00 £334.88
4GIG INT SCSI £600.00 £705.00 730MB EXT SCSI £130.00 £152.75
1. 2MB EXT SCSI £219.00 £257.33 2MB EXT SCSI £300.00 £352.50 4MB
EXT SCSI £650.00 £763.75 8MB EXT SCSI £999.00 £1173.83 IDE
BEST 420MB 3,5“ BUYS £99 850MB £129
1. 3GIG £149
1. 7GIG £169
2. 5GIG £199
3. 2GIG £249 IDE 2.5" SUPER SMALL HARD DRIVES 170MB £69 340MB £89
520MB 540MB £129 810MB £159 1GIG £199
£100.00 £117.50 2 SPEED £79.00 £92.82 8 SPEED £200.00 £235.00
CD WRITERS PINNACLE £549.00 £645.08 RICOH 2 SPEED £329.00
£386.57 YAMAHA 4 SPEED £629.00 £699.00 rmrjTGv.
D L'j.i-'iJ PRINTERS EPSON 200 £119 EPSON 500 £249 EPSON PRO £379 HP640 £249 HP870 £379 MONITORS * INC VAT MICROVITEC 14" (NEW) £250 MICROVITEC 15" £359 MICROVITEC 17" £469 SHOP SOILED PHILIPS 8833 £119 SAMSUNG 15" £259 SAMSUNG 21" (NEW) £1059 SONY 15" £329.00 SONY 17" £586.32 GASTEINER 15" £258.50 GASTEINER 17" £419 BITS & BOBS ZIP DRIVES £149 JAZZ DRIVES £420 SQUIRREL £50 SURF £89 SMD MPEG £199 SCSI OKTAGON £89 MULITIFACE III £74.99 ALFAQUATRO £55 IDE CONTROLLER FOR A500, A1500,A2000,A4000 £79 ©ffif ©f mmm SyQuest ezflyer 230MB £199 INC VAT ZIP, JAZZ & SYQUEST CARTS ZIP CARTS £15 EZ135 CARTS
Month In View Exciting things loom on the horizon, including a rare TV appearance by our very own Nick Veitch... In the meantime, loads of exciting things have been going on. Not one but two nice graphics cards have turned up in the office, and Ben got to give them a good workout (see page 56).
It was interesting this month to be invited on Sky’s “Chips with Everything” show. After all, it isn’t often that the Amiga attracts the attention of “mainstream” computer programs. However, it soon became apparent that the request came about because so many Amiga users had been badgering the producer since the showr started. It all went rather well (at least I thought so), so hopefully I’ll get invited back soon... Well, the deadline for bids has passed, and hopefully by the time you read this, Amiga Format will know who has been successful in purchasing Amiga Technologies. (You can check
daily on the AT web page www.futurenet.co.uk computing amigaformat.html ). Hopefully in the next issue we can bring you a full report of what went on, and what the new owner’s plans are.
Whatever happens it looks like UK Amiga owners are going to have a treat in store in May. Instead of the two proposed shows (see last issue) there will nowr be one big one, with support from developers from all over the world. Check out the news pages... SiiiuVf' Nick Veitch Editor
• % vcu Wl vo vrfwrtyau ftrjfi Hwe*-.
. 1 t n 3m 00 ¦ %r d tau-tvs*. %r.-d w*'!l i pr irtit tc'* t- .'»fc
• fivswufcww* v*5old Ifc* % : -at 1 ;££l it y?U wi4-.
a. .UvHU.
- f, -•« LONG TERM TEST P69 A reader writes, and gets in print -
find out what average users think... MODEMS P64 The effusive
Mr. Irvine gives us the benefit of his online opinions.
MULTIMEDIA TUTORIAL P92 It's the end of the line for Ben and his pictures of cameras.
The multimedia tutorial wraps it all up this month...
h. •*im IT5 FKCX5NI gfc.
CtTTlM: ON YflTKIT... fay wW vJ tJ » K,l * I Mi t rvi(ii«h in lllrji I Ki«VA lkr sorr*UK iwfORi W:
44. +0% «My
* *****
- **!*» U.b MMHIk Ul-Jlr EURO LEAGUE MANAGER P38 It's European
football at its most memorable. It seems like this game
appealed to Andy as much as a home defeat for Rovers, but it
may appeal to some.
GRAPHICS CARD HEAD TO HEAD P56 The graphics battle of the year. Can the old master show it's superiority over the swanky new kid? GFX cards ready... reviewer ready... Pheeeeeeeep!
JSKj - More companies pledge their support for the World of Amiga show.
It's Quake, but, you guessed it, on the Amiga. Find out how it came about on page 12 12 QUAKE ON THE AMIGA Find out how to play Quake on your favourite machine.
Yamaha have produced the fastest CD-ROM writer ever.
Full details page 11 £600 worth of great Sadeness Cds to give away.
W RTG WARS Harwoods CyberVision 64 3D and the PicassolV from Biittersoft slug it out 60 CINEMA4D 3 Ben Vest thinks Cinema4D just gets better and better.
J SECAL V1.0 Paul Overaa;: and a new programming language.
14 ADVANCED AREXX Paul Overaa tackles a search method known as hashing.
88 MUSIC-X Muting, panning, crossfading and filter sweeps It's all covered in this month's Music-X tutorial.
90 REAL 3D 2 Graeme Sandiford discovers the merits of Real 3D 2’s particle system In the final installment, Ben adds b the finishing touches.
64 MODEM PACK Want to get online?
Darren Irvine has the IlmfB economical answer. - 65 SPIDER An extra eight serial ports for your Zorro Amiga Simon Goodwin investigates.
Printing power for your Amiga 69 LONG TERM REVIEW Our first long term reviewer looks at the Apollo 620 accelerator.
194 GNEMA4D 2 Discover how to apply textures to your objects ST-v V r Helicopters or Formula One - there's something here for everyone.
73 WORKBENCH A range of solutions for fitting the awkward Apollo. , .
78 AMIGA.NET Design your own web pages and test them out without going online 70 CD-ROM ROUND-UP l lick Veitch looks at the latest CD-ROMs, including a new .. Z release from Aminet. JflNl I mm APRIL 1997 AMIGA FORMAT 80 SUBSCRIPTIONS Now there really is no excuse not to!
97 MAILBAG Some praise, some whines and some advice on running Dune 2.
Your letters answered TENTS Coverdisks ISSUE 96 APRIL 1997 Ppaint 6.4 Get painting with one of the most advanced graphics programs the Amiga has ever seen.
John Kennedy guides you through our excellent AF giveaway.
Marblelous Face the challenge of this addictive new puzzle game Plus: Ten levels of Centipede style shoot-em-up in Creepy Program Manager £lle Options Window Help P% Crawiies.
File Manager Control Panel Viewer PIF Editor Windows Simon Goodwin reveals how to run PC software on your Amiga - plus reviews of two brand new PC emulators.
S BE Accessories Network 01 Games Startup Applications E3 PLAY A specially extended version of Personal Paint 6.4, plus over 138Mb of reader contributions, loads of programs, games, utilities and demos. Star Wars models. Gallery pics and all the stuff from The Party 96. You really can't afford to miss out!
34 PREVIEWS host of games from new label Islona.
BLOCKHEAD keep you playing well Andy did anyway!
38 EURO LEAGUE MANAGER Andy Smith checks it out.
40 READER GAMES Two games created with the Reality Construction Kit- plus the bizarre Fred the Frog.
44 GAMEBUSTERS The complete solution to Another World plus tips on K240 and your problems solved in Helping Hands.
|Plp A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an accelerator FPU. Unlike other memory ' expansions that conflict with the PCMCIA port, our TOTAL memory expansions include unique software that will enable the maximum amount of memory to be used even with a PCMCIA fitting device.
8MB MEMORY EXPANSION £89.99 |l||gl|jwhen purchased with above Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc. Now includes CD' ROM drivers and instructions. ~ Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward
to use, includes a full 50 page manual.
ORDER NOW BEFORE A VIRUS DESTROYS YOUR SYSTEM III PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET SCSI II controller card t1, ,r converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive. The Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives, Syquest removable drives, tape back up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600. The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily
installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200. Full instructions and software supplied.
Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth MM®) which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities. F £ -1
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression • Fax Class I
and II compatible, Group 3 • Hayes Compatible • Full | .
80 page manual *12 Months guarantee v 4 , 14400 MODEM 33600 MODEM DATAFLYER ONLYi or purchsed with a SCSI cfevle© SQUIRREL ONLY g4%@@1|or when purchsed with a SCSI device SURF SQUIRREL ®r when purchsed with a SCSI device AMIGA POWER SUPPLY 'EB SOFTWARE Highly rated SCSI drive will store lOOmb per car- tridge. Comes Complete with power 1 supply, SCSI cable, instructions and car- ZIP DRIVES £159=99 OR £199.99 with Squirrel JAZ DRIVE £439.99 OR £479.99 with Squirrel APOLLO 1230 lutbo f}*,. LITE £99.99 ifciiA S jg pH "jlMl I High quality low cost 68030 accelerator with MMU and FPU | | all
running at 25mhz. Built in battery backed clock.
- ’ 1 Easy trapdoor fitting. Amazing performance for such a low
price. Will take a 4mb or 8mb SIMM. Not PCMCIA compatible with
8mb fitted.
APOLLO 1230 PRO £149.99 TWIN All the features you asked for at an affordable price! High performance 68030 with FPU -end MMU running at 40mhz. Two 72pin SIMM sockets can take upto 32mb each. Simms can be mixed (i.e. a 4mb and 8mb will give 12mb) and can be single or double sided. Fully PCMCIA compatible regardless of how much memory is fitted. Easy trapdoor fitting with battery backed clock APOLLO 1240 1260 68040 68060 + MMU $ based A1200 accelera- "'0 "H tor. Features battery' J .. ' 01 backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a JT : standard 72 pin SIMM (up to 128mb). Fully featured,
fan cooled trapdoor fittin accelerator.
CD-ROM drive for use with the A1200 jj|j|| or A600, Features jnTiliTmiiF'wF- include superb metal enclosure with in-built 0;'r;S g - ¦ mams power supply.
Includes all software, cables and instructions for immediate use. Full CD32 emulation and Audio ( ware included. No extras needed! Just plug in ar either PCMCIA fitting Squirrel interface or in1 Dataflyer SCSI interface.
TOTAL CD-ROM DRIVES 2 speed £129.99 * 4 speed £159.99 6 speed £209.99 5 speed £249.99 Prices include Squirrel. , Add £30.00 for uataflyer or Surf Squirrel MEDIAVISION RENO CD-ROM + SQUIRREL £114.99 Superb top quality CD ROM DRIVE complete with Squirrel for immediate use on the Amiga A1200 or a600. Includes CD32 emulation, audio CD player etc as well as its own CD power supply, cables etc. Can also be used -v as a personal audio CD player and includes Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) redit card details to SIREN SOFTWARE, 3 BURY NEW R WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45
6QF, stereo head- , ~ phones! A ' RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL £114.99
2. 5” HARD DRIVES Our high speed 2.5’ IDE har A600 computers come
compl titioning software, full instruc All drives supplied by
us are Workbench (WB2 for the A installed for immediate use.
S FREE ‘HOW TO FIT YOUR HARDDRIVE’ |p video and Stakker disk to increase the drive’s capacity with every hard' drive ordered 85mb Hard Drive 540mh 810mb IS s World Two shows beat as one. Gasteiner have announced that their Spotlight Amiga 97 will now not be taking place because Gasteiner are putting their full weight behind the World of Amiga show in May.
This decision can only be good for the strength of the show and already big UK Amiga names like Power Computing, Wizard Developments, Blittersoft and HiSoft are pledging their attendance. Wizard Developments are even importing big names like Kermit Woodall (ImageFX), Greg Perry (Directory Opus) and Florian Zeiler (TurboPrint) so that they can show visitors to the show their particular software and new additions like Nova Design’s Aladdin 4D.
Show perennials ICPUG will be there, running their usual free advice clinic. “We’ll have a number of Amigas on the stand and our team of experts will be ready to help visitors.” said Janet Bickerstaff, familiar to anyone who has ever cruised by the ICPUG stand at shows gone by.
ICPUG, too, have their own special guest - Dave Pocock, ex-technical support manager at Commodore UK.
Epic Multimedia will be showing off their new version of the Epic Multimedia Encyclopedia and their new Interactive Encyclopedia of the Paranormal, while Digita, Guildhall, Golden Image and many others will also be on hand to sell and demonstrate their newest products.
The World of Amiga show takes place at the Hammersmith Novotel on Saturday 17th May (between 10am - 5pm) and Sunday 18th May (between 10am - 4pm). Ticket prices are £8 for adults and £6 for children and you can advance book your tickets on 01869 70776, probably a good idea given the crush for last year’s show.
Isn’t repeated and is favouring those offering cash for the company and assets over other options such as bidders just wanting to buy the inventory or the Amiga name.
As it stands, it looks as if the buyout can realistically be resolved by the middle of March ’97, with due diligence to follow. This again should only take a month at the most, giving us a new owner ready for action by the beginning of May.
We wish Petro and his team all the best, and look forward to giving you the good news in next month’s Amiga Format, on sale 17th April.
Following a telephone conversation with Petro Tyschtschenko today, 27th February 1997, Amiga Format can reveal that the buyout of Amiga Technologies is still going full steam ahead. Both Herr Tyschtschenko and Herr Hembach, the liquidator, have been visiting the various bidders all over the world, and now all that remains is for Herr Hembach to decide which of the bidders is most worthy of Amiga Technologies.
He has been very carefully checking their financial status to ensure that the Viscorp situation IF ANYONE CAN Canon have Jong been known for quality printers at a good price and the BJC-240 is no exception. The price on this new-ish printer has now dropped to just £179 and comes with a £5 cashback voucher redeemable against the Canon Photokit which contains one PhotoRealism ink cartridge, one spare ink cartridge holder and 60 sheets of Canon high resolution A4 paper. The Photokit normally retails for £29.99. For more information on the BJC-240 you can call 0121 680 8062.
Yamaha wheels spin faster Yamaha has just launched the world’s fastest CD-ROM recorder - the CDR400.
The new drive, which is available in both SCSI and ATARI, internal and external, tray and caddy forms, is the world’s first drive to read at 6x speed and write at 4x speed, theoretically giving you a written gold disc in less than 20 minutes. The drive also has a 2Mb buffer to help eliminate buffer under-run problems that plague CD creation and has a Flash ROM to allow for software-based hardware upgrades that you can upload to your drive. The CDR400 supports seven standard formats including CD-ROM, CD-ROMXA, CD-I, CD-DA, CD-Extra and Video CD. The drive will be available by the time you read
this and the internal SCSI and ATARI versions will be priced at just £450 (£528.75 including VAT) and if you want to find out more, you can contact Yamaha on 01908 366700.
The world's first six speed read four speed write CD-ROM writer, and it works on the Amiga!
IffM PhotoRealism printout shows.
Demon pop in MbwUrs * 0 ' S-7----- 1 infs*'! °! V-’Tf O s-ij P ' V: :e-id •. .! If r ¦ . • 0 - -.•¦j v-'iji' ? Coni.non PQP.l Iprjts 0 " J.rpi ‘ O • ¦¦ - -;il1 3 0 0 ie:-cape 3; O .»;•!.( 0 'I'-t 0 Prc
o Jj.'i -ir .• it. R O c.»; :• .O1") j",8rwVrW«h")i : Squid
Hptpg "j; Demon fall in line with most other ISPs the world
over by offering full POP3 service in addition to SMTP mail.
Demon has taken the plunge and officially announced their POP3 mail service. Demon have been running a test service for a while now, but the POP3 service is now officially online.
Demon have pledged to continue to support SMTP and say they have no intention of stopping the service, which most Amiga owners will currently be using. However, Demon is in a minority of ISPs that use SMTP and most email packages for the Amiga tend to focus on POP3, leaving Amiga owners with a less than modern choice of mail packages.
Now that Demon has gone POP3 it means that mail packages like YAM and the new MicroDot II from the author of Voyager and AmFTP can be used.
The POP3 protocol allows you the user to download mail as and when desired, and from any location or machine, simply by supplying the correct password.
Mail read on a machine other than your normal one need not be downloaded to that machine exclusively, so there’s no need to miss out on mail. For more details on a Demon dial up account, call Demon on 0181 371 1234 or email sales@demon.net. SILICA FAILS Silica Shop, part of the SDL group rescued last year by the Anglo Corporation, has again gone out of business.
Unfortunately, the main cause of this seems to be linked with Silica's push into the PC market and their purchase of 19 of the Escom shops left vacant by that company's demise.
Most of Silica's income, historically, came from the Amiga and their support of it at shows and in advertising was well-known.
But with the demise of Commodore they struggled to find other sources of revenue which is what caused their failure the first time round.
It seems that this bankruptcy has again been caused by Silica attempting to take a foothold in the notoriously treacherous PC market.
Dealers interested in getting Amiga 1200 stock should contact Amiga Technologies directly on 0049 6252 709 788.
FAjjmTTWJl has the Amiga Quaking!
TIME GENTLEMEN PLEASE If you are reading our excellent CD-ROM version of AF, you’ll probably have found a demo of Time Warrior in the Screenplay commercial directory.
Thanks to our special offer you can now upgrade this exclusive CD-ROM version of Time Warrior for just £4.99 plus postage & packing.
You will receive an unlocking disk which allows unlimited time and gameplay. As an added bonus you can also order the paperback book written by Time Warrior’s programmer from which the game was born, for an extra £1.00. If you don’t have a CD-ROM drive, the hard drive and floppy drive versions are also available from Fifth Dimension on 01709 888127 or email them at: phil@wareSd.demon.co. uk FRAMED IBROWSE Ibrowse vl.l is now available as a free upgrade from HiSoft.
The new version supports frames and also adds support for things like cookies, meta-refresh tags and internal dithering of decoded GIF and JPG images. The screen refresh problem that plagued earlier versions is also much alleviated.
Drag and drop features in Ibrowse have always been impressive, but now they are even more informative thanks to MUI 3.8. The URL is actually listed and the ability to drag and drop URLs direct from off the page is groovy.
Finally, retrieving pages from the cache, is faster than ever. For more details visit HiSoft’s website at www.hisoft.co.uk or can on 01525 718181.
Ancy a game of Quake on your Amiga? Yes, thought so.
Well, you can, if you like, but you’ll need a real top-of- the-range Amiga to do so. We’ve tried it on our A4000 040 and we get about four frames a second in the smallest screen size, but reports have it that running on a CGFX-supporting RTG graphics card on an ’060-based machine with lots of very fast fast RAM, brings that frame rate up to about 15fps.
But how did this come about? You won’t have seen any ads from iD, the creators of Quake, so what is going on?
Corner Net The answer is the net. There are several stories floating around as to how exactly the Amiga port came about, but essentially they revolve around the fact that, one way or another, iD’s source code for the game was “liberated” from their internal network. You may well remember a similar fiasco, that allowed a pre-release version of Quake for the PC to escape about a month before the game was properly released.
Speaking to a representative for GT - the distributors for the PC version of Quake in the UK - they said, “It’s unlikely that iD will have anything to say on the matter. Of course, the theft of their source code is a serious matter, and if there was an SGI port, then, sure, iD’s lawyers would jump all over them. But an Amiga version is not a big concern.” Unfortunately, Amiga Format was unable to contact the author of the Amiga port for his side of the story - the only method of speaking to him was via IRC.
It'S been another mixed month for the Amiga. To get it over with, first, the badrtews: longtime specialist Amiga distributor SDL have gone into N Administration, While this will not have an Immediate effect on the Amiga itself, when it does eventually re-appear it wil need as many of its old buddies as possible to gather round and help it rejoin the party. Of course, there is as a company tfili be sold new owners may not have the Sadeness Software are well-known f I "yliM in this magazine .3? - 4pJ for their A-- _J generosity, so it Jr B" I should come as no J great surprise to J1 'Jr4b$
find that they are giving away 25 copies of *„ their latest title Women on Jlf|§J the Web to the first readers ff p to send them a postcard with AFWOTW comp and a return address on it.
Sadeness’ address is as follows Sadeness Software 13 Russell Terrace Mundesley i Norfolk NR 11 81J Excuse me miss, I think I dropped my hankie. Get it for me would you?
Fnarrfnarr! l site. Although small at the moment, it contains lots of info for those who believe happiness is a warm soldering iron.
Break out the tool kit and visit: www.nyx.net ~rdavis amigahints.html astl»nk? Vapor j AT | Af.nga We j A ragavor j AT The Latest News Eioquence mtroflucss Za Cormxion comprehensive language course takif communicator with diversions into Jftcj geography, supplemented with a fuil | commonly used words and phrases. 1 Take advantage of our introductory of Make the ?, Subscribe ToJ IT'S BETTER WiaaiMKi, . " ¦ JfoS 3SJ THAN ::: v ¦*?
WORKING Why not get away . 5 from it all for a bit? If ;*£k life is getting you . ,i. ¦ Find Out Why Eioquence is Good for You... The power of the internet makes teaching and learning Products Check out what Eloquence has to down, there are few places to visit that could possibly cheer I lurve zee leettle girlz and all that courtesy of www.elok.com you up more than the ones show, sure A , is I . It has a standard ASA a 64-bit chipset, 3D capabilities, an ’060 processor, hard . The price has yet to Direct Software it will be ‘Weil under £2,000.’ How do they know, you may be wondering. Well,
Amiga. You’ve just got to admire them: they attracted many a puzzled glance when they opened an Amiga- t, appar- Now they’re not only , n un, mc j i’ niiuga owners taken at the show) I®!
I i Bringing such a machine to market is a but I m glimpse of the beast. And to meet up with all our old chums too, of course. See you there.
Huitl'A 'iy'T- '' a ?AU‘A | rfificx K e oi me au-poweriui juxuga vormaz.
Finally, if you want to recommend something for Net comer, mail us at: amformat@futurenet.co.uk. Remember to put Netcorner in the subject line.
BETTER than WORKING I S3, Y0U9.7HX0S.Y IST ST im •«»« m nur p XSXiNS OFF-am I SO 4 cm SwlAfN H why T.i£ Kf-.caws |f; est so b wowst. |j m TOUUt WffiES.
MnE SSKK5T ISN'T tN&OH I K IN T«t DM TO » ISTT m WKDWSN& rnxoixms. M i ill mvs nasi nnt in lIHEW TFNOuatW®) i SO*tT«INlS I ALKEXEPf r v -------',«Noa? J I D *!T ---- HAVE A LOT -Jj.
tlPT86ftWRE.. Set your home page to the Dilbert Zone and start every day with a wry giggle.
"One of the absolute requirements of a good hash function, is that it can handle these collisions in a foolproof way," Paul Overaa is making a complete hash of it I Me make CD too!
Source PatWKaketE: COW Preferences }km
t. I ¦ : mmi sotttsj* u t»*»s jgj FL Hodes; iJb Data Cache; U*
fli Hodes; fjB . Eftr, Cache! 1_J8 Retries; |_f6 Speed index:
fT] Fast Search: _J Birect Read; _J tsw ' f SfeWi til i on...
1 fm¥ mm Tradwwrk rite; KhMfitmlv am 1 ol Esse Path: f Jaoej
Jsej Cancel 1 m [if,;, ,,,, .... , .._4
J*j i!!HU .fgf T---------TTtftf rvrei ci-lately | ante
1iM*e Files ... } Hr it* Tracks ... | Quit metis ( MakeCD
really sets the standards for CD-ROM creation on the Amiga.
MakeCD is a CD-ROM writing tool for CD-R drives which is wowing them in Germany. Version 2 is now available with the following new features: Try before buying! An almost unlimited version is available on our CD.
Supports for lots of different CD-R drives.
Writes data and audio Cds.
Multivolume support.
® Direct CD copier function.
Data Cds can be written “on the fly”.
More Robust meaning less trashed CD-Rs.
Amiga protection bits and file comments on data Cds.
Support for ISO9660, Rock Ridge, CDTV and CD32. « © Relatively low memory requirement.
® Font sensitive, style guide compliant, localised GUI with online help.
S Compatible (tested on a lot of Amigas).
ISO image can be created on block-oriented device (e.g. hard disk).
The authors of MakeCD have incorporated a test mode which allows you to test the performance of your system before writing.
This minimises the probability of damaging a CD-R. There is also a repair mode for Philips and compatible CD writers, and best of all, MakeCD works asynchronously so you can carry on with work while your CD is being written.
MakeCD supports a lot of different CD writers and drivers for other writers are in development. The list of currently supported drives is as follows: Grundig CDR1001PW HP SureStore 4020i Mitsumi CDR 2401 Philips CDD 2000 Philips CDD 2600 (beta) Plextor PX-R24CS(i) Ricoh 1420C Smart Sc Friendly CDR1004 Yamaha CDR 100 Yamaha CDR 102 Besides these, MakeCD supports a lot of further CD writers all of which are compatible to one of the writers mentioned above. If in doubt, try it with the freely distributable version of MakeCD.
MakeCD costs 80DM (roughly £30). The only limitation is that you can’t use your Cds for commercial products. Check out the AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- commercial drawer and find out how to contact the authors.
1. (-) Aminet Set 4
2. (1) Aminet 16
3. (-) Amiga CD 1-2 97
4. (2) Meeting Pearls 4
5. (4) Aminet Set 3
6. (3) Aminet 15
7. (-) Amiga Format CD10
8. (17) Aminet Set 2
9. (13) Aminet Set 1
10. (11) Amiga Developer CD 1.1 low cost delivery Tel: 0113 231
-9444 Late Night Opening Wednesday & Thursday till 7.30pm F
EASY ACCESS FROM M62, Ml and AI computer k kksta, , on S
EebdH WORLD fif'i ___ FARfxHlS
• Next Week Day £5.99 g“"
• Saturday Delivery £15.00 I j Delivery subject to stock
)9i» HI From the Ml follow signs onto M621. Take A643 Elland Rd
turnoff from M621. Follow signs for A58. This merges with the
Armley gyratory.from M62West junction 27, A62 to Armley
gyratory, from the AI take the turnoff for A64.
"his merges with the A58 (by-passing town centre) which meets Armley gyratory. J Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance. Prices are correct at the time of going to press. Please check our latest prices before ordering. All sales are subject to our standard terms &conditions(copyavailableupon request). E&OE.
E-Mail: sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk WEB: www.firstcom.demon.co.uk FAX:0 I I3 231 -9191 BBS:0113 231 -1422 RAM Expansion CD ROM Drives Sauirrel 1 face ] Squirrel scsi-ll lnterface*£45.00
* When bought with any SCSI device, 54.95 if bought separate
Surf Squirrel SCSI-11 Interface
* £79.99
* When bought with any modem or SCSI device £99.95 if bought
separate Octagon GVP SCSI Card £99.99 SCSI-II interface card
for big box Amiga's A4000 2000 etc. c- Amiga A1200 LOWEST
PRICES EVER!!] AI 200 4 MB RAM£75.99 AI200 8MB RAM£94.99 For
68882 33Mhz Co Processor . Add Only £25.00 Amiga A1200 Magic
Pack Inc. 170Mb HD &ScalaMM300 Includes same software pack as I
Magic Pack, But also includes i Scala MM300(Req. 4Mb).
£479.99 Ultra CD ROM Drive New!
MagicPack Includes, Wordworth V4SE, Datastore, Organiser, Turbocalc 3.5, Personal Paint V6.4, Photogenics 1.2SE, Pinball Mania & Whizz.
£19.99 £29.99 £29.99 PRIMA A500 512k RAM no clock PRIMA A500+ I Mb RAM PRIMAA600 I MbRAM no clock Ultra 6 Speed IDE £189.9 Ultra Drive Kit £119.99 MASSIVE REDUCTIONS 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £10.99 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £14.99 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £19.99 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £36.99 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM £84.99 I Mb 30 pin SIMM £10.99 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM £29.99 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs) (each)£4.99 256by4ZIPPS (each)£6.99 Part exchange available on your old memory, Call for pricing.
External SCSI CD ROM Drives
* SCSI Controller required to run CD Drives.* £379.99 Very
limited Stocks Early, Purchase Recommended.
£|;3W9C JmM}M1438S Monitor *£259.99 When bought with a computer Internal SCSI CD ROM drives Sanyo CRD254Vx 4 speed £89.99 Teac CD56Sx6 Speed £121.99 Toshiba 5701 xi2Speed £149.99, Software Specials
• Vista Pro Lite full ver. £9.99
• Wordworth V3 £9.99
• Deluxe Paint IV AG A £9.99
• Blitz Basic 2.1 £29.99
• TechnosoundTurbo II £29.99
• Final Writer 5 £74.95 v y First Starter Pack
• A1200 dust cover
• 10 x DSDD disks + labels All fot*
• Top quality j'oystick only
• Deluxe mouse mat Viper 11-33 £129.99 Blizzard 1230-50 £159.99
Blizzard 1260-50 £479.99 SCSI Enclosures Single Case£69.99 Dual
Case£ 119.99 PRIMA £19.99 3 xAI200 games Monitors Peripherals
Hard Drives Disk Drives
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Mega Mouse+ 400 dpi
( 3 button) £12.99 Mega Mouse 400 dpi (2 button) £ 11.49 Amiga
Mouse 560dpi (3 button) £12.99 Quality Mousemat (4mm) £3.99
Golden Image AM ST Trackball £17.99 ZyFi-2 Speakers (8
watts channel) £26.99 ZyFi Pro Speakers (16 watts channel)
£57.99 Kickstart 2.04 2.05 (for use in A600) £24.99 CIA 8520A
I O controller £18.99 68882 Co Pro 25mhzPLCC £29.99 68882 Co
Pro 33mhzPLCC £34.99 Zipstick Joystick £ I 1.99 Saitek
Megagrip II £12.99 Roboshift Auto Switch (Mouse Joystick Auto
Changer) £9.99 ,
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives IDE SCSI 540Mb..£ 103.99 540Mb £151.99
850Mb..£ 136.99 840Mb £ 199.99
1. 6Gig...£ 173.99 l.08Gig. £249.99
2. 0Gig...£202.99 3.2Gig £309.99 l2.5Gig...£220.994.5Gig £8I7.99J
J onv „ 2? Seagate pujrrsu conmsr 80Mb....£64.99
120Mb....£80.99 l70Mb....£85.99 250Mb..£l 19.99 340Mb..£
129.99 540Mb..£ 139.99
810. ......£149.99 1.0Gig..£219.99 New Amiga Monitors
Multi-Sync Monitors 14" 1438s......£279.99 14" Monitor
Includes Built In Speakers 17" Monitor GPM-1701.....£399.99
• I X 100Mb cartridge £ 139.99
• SCSI I face & adaptor may be req. At an extra cost.
Zip Tools Driver Software Suits Zip & Jazz Drives ....£ 16.99 Build Your Own SCSI Hard Drive
• SCSI case with built in PSU £69.99
• SCSI Hard Drive, Select from above
• SCSI Squirrel Interface£45.00
• 12 Month Warranty.
Amiga External drive£44.99 Amitek 1.76Mb Ext. £69.99 A1200 600 internal drive£39.99 A500 500+lnternaldrive£39.99 _ ____________ J
3. 5" Hard Drive Install Kit £ 19.99 Includes set up software,
cables and full instructions, no Hard Drive.
£34.99 £34.99i [Amiga Modulator (Amiga PSU Delivery £1.50 per title or £3.99 for 4+ Miscellaneous CD ROM Software Software Modems £12.99 £17.99 £10.99 £14.99 £6.99 £17.99 £12.99 £8.99 £12.99 £12.99 £8.99 £12.99 £12.99 £39.99 £12.99 £23.99 £26.99 £12.99 £8.99 £17.99 £16.99 £12.99 £5.99 £12.99 £5.99 £17.99 £12.99 1078 Weird Textures 17Bit & LSD Vol. 1 2 3 17Bit Collection l7Bit Continuation l7Bit Phase 4 l7Bit 5th Dimension 3000 JPEG Textures 3D Images Objects AGA Experience I NFA AGA Experience 2 NFA AGA Toolkit 97 Amiga Desktop Video 2 Amiga Developers CD Amiga Repair Kit AmiNet
12 13 14 15 16 17 AmiNetSet 1 2 AmiNet Set 3 4 Arcade Classics Plus Artworx Assassins CD Vol. 3 C64 Sensations v2 Card Games CD CD-PD 1 2 3 Dem Rom Demo Collection vl Emulators Unlimited Encounters £17.99 £22.99 £8.99 £89.99 £9.99 £22.99 £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 £26.99 £12,99 £17.99 £18,99 £24.99 £17.99 £8.99 £16.99 £17.99 £17.99 £13.99 £16.99 £8.99 £17.99 £20.99 £24.99 £17.99 £18.99 £17.99 £25.99 £12.99 £17.99 £17.99 £28.99 £14.99 £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 £4.99 £17.99 £24.99 £17.99 £17.99 £39.99 £8.99 £8.99 £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 £12.99 £33.99 £17.99 £9.99 Octamed 6 & Sounds Terr.
Octamed Sound Studio Oh Yes More Worms Photogenics 2 Prima Shareware I CD Pov-Roy Retro Gold CD Scene Storm Sci-Fi Sensation 2 Software 2000 2CD Sound FX Sensation Source Code Space & Astronomy Space Shuttle Encyclopedia System Booster The Colour Library The Spectrum CD 96 The Personal Suite Utilities 2 (PDSoft) Utilities Experience Weird Sc. AMOS PD Weird Sc. Clip Art Weird Sc. UPD Gold Workbench Add-Ons World Atlas World Info 95 Zoom 2 Epic Collection 2 Epic Int. Encyclopedia 97 Euro CD v I Geek Gadgets GIF Sensations 2 Giga Graphics 4 Global Amiga Exprnce.
Graphics Sensations I Guinness Disc of Rec. Horror Sensations (18) Hottest 6 Into-the-Net Insight Dinosaurs Learning Curve Light ROM 4 Light ROM Gold LSD Compendiium 3 Magic Publisher Magic WB Enhancer Meeting Pearls v4 Movie Maker Special FX MultimediaToolkit I +2 Multimedia Backdrops Network 2 CD Network 2+ CD32 Cable Nothing but GIFs AGA Nothing but Tetris The Prima V34+ Fax Modem Amazing Price Performance
• 33.6 Baud Rate Class I Fax
• BABT & CE approved.
Only..£99.99 Complete with cables & Amiga N-comm Software Bargains V32Bis 14,400 Fax Modem £49.99 V22Bis 2400 9600 Modem £24.99 Amiga SurfWare Software Pack The complete software suit for all your Modem needs.
• Net Software *Web Browser
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Crammed with features, yet incredibly easy to master - Personal Paint really does hold something for everyone!
PERSONAL PASNT*? FifilAfiylES Without a doubt, Personal Paint is one of the most advanced graphics programs available for the Amiga today. Carrying on the tradition of Deluxe Paint, Personal Paint is designed specifically to take full advantage of all the Amiga’s many graphics modes and animation facilities. It’s a multi-purpose program, aimed at all Amiga users from novice to expert alike.
Artists •will love the easy-to-use drawing and painting tools, graphics fans will spend hours playing with the image processing options, and Amiga nuts will appreciate the powerful screen grabbing and palette management control. Animators can enjoy the advanced story-boarding and smooth playback facilities. Even Internet users are catered for, with support for a wide range of file formats.
FAST AND EFFICIENT Personal Paint uses unique memory management routines to make the most of your Amiga’s hardware. It’s written to be fast and efficient and you will be pushed to find a quicker and more powerful paint program on any platform.
Although crammed with features it’s extremely easy to use. When it first loads, you’ll be see an empty canvas and a Tool Bar down the left hand side of the screen. By holding down the left mouse button, you can scribble on the canvas. Holding down the right mouse button will erase your doodles.
Continued overleaf Some of the special features of Personal Paint 6.4, include: Animation, including storyboarding, improved compression, multiple palettes and frame-by-frame timing.
Support for Anim 5, 7, and 8 formats.
Unique memory management with automatic "virtual memory" to make the most of your Amiga.
M Image processing features.
Create Three-dimensional SIRDS and "Magic Eye" images.
Support for graphics cards such as Picasso, CyberGraphX and so on, including animation.
Fast and accurate conversion of 24- bit images to 256-colours or less.
Support for external plug-in modules to make extensions easy.
Drag and Drop support for automatically loading images from Workbench.
Usinic ppaiiut m PICKING l iQL0UR OFF AlihougUPm%omlPamtmakes uss sf menus iike any Amig$ .©ragram, the 'Tool Bar Sets y©s7tjutefclf and easily select the most important features. It's important to note that there are several ways ©f selecting the tools. The easiest option is to click on It with the left mouse button. Sometimes a small dot will -appear: this means there is a second option if you click- again. Most of the tools have further options which are accessed" foyxficking: with the-right mouse-buttons - '7.
If you quickly need to select a colour already used in an image, click on the central rectangle above the colour palette and then click on the colour onscreen. Select the outer rectangle to pick the background colour from the screen.
Here's a brief 166k at the. Options on the-Toot Bar. Remember that these aren't, the only options there are dozens more availablefromtfoe .puS(-dow| riienfi, ' : • rttrtay- Here you select the brush, which is the I shape you use to draw on the screen I using ail the tools that follow. Click with the left mouse button to select the shape of the brush you want to use. If you click with the right mouse button, you can expand or contract the shape.
Personal Paint also allows you to clip out a brush from the image, or load a brush clip from disk. Personal Paint will store up to nine brushes, and right-clicking on the number will allow you to change between them.
2 Dotted freehand mode is the simplest painting mode. Select it and you can scribble over the image in the currently selected colours. As with all the painting tools, hold down SHIFT to constrain the movement to vertical or horizontal directions.
3 Continuous freehand mode allows you to draw solid lines, rather than dots. There is a hidden option if you dick it again: the tool will allow you to draw an outline which is then filled. Clicking with the right mouse button in the top half opens the line drawing options. Clicking in the bottom half brings up the fill style requestor.
4 The Curve tool lets you easily draw smooth curves and arcs. Click once to start the line. Keep the button held down and point. When you release the mouse, you'll see a straight line appear in red, along with several little "plus" signs. Click and drag the plus signs to alter the curve. Click with the right mouse button when you've finished.
5 For straight lines use this tool. It works using the same cHck-drag-release approach. Using the left mouse button will draw a line, using the right will erase it.
Remember that the SHIFT keys will force a perfectly vertical or horizontal line.
Button and, after a pause, a list of the available fonts on your system will be created.
This lets you pick just the right font and size for your text.
Image Processing allows you to jj ij 11 quickly make changes to your ¦ %w picture by applying special filters When you first select it, you'll need to pick a filter from the list - try Blur High. You can then select an area of the image to apply the filter to.
¦gjP' .: jf Snap to Grid keeps all your lines and 'Tfc- drawings limited to an invisible grid I 1 overlaying the image. It's very useful when you need to align several objects, or want to draw shapes with regular edges.
Click with the right mouse button to alter the size of the grid.
M|| Define brush. Use this tool to copy a section from your image. Click with ¦ mm the left mouse button, drag and let go - instead of a dot or square, you'll now have a brush which looks like the area you just selected. Do the same with the right button, and you'll "cut" the brush from the screen.
Remember, you can have lots of different brushes by right-clicking on the number in the brush tool.
Dfl Use the Magnify tools when you need to zoom in for fine detail. Click ¦ imf. The Magnifying Glass to switch on magnify mode - you'll need to select an area of the screen to zoom in on. You can use the + - button to zoom in or out, using the left and right mouse buttons.
The Trashcan dears the image.
It doesn't ask first but that's OK because if you make a mistake them 6 These four tools make it easy to draw pre-defined shapes, such as Circles, Rectangles, Ellipses or any Polygon (multi-sided shape). As with the Continuous Curve tool, one dick will produce an outline, two will switch to filled shapes.
P* Nobody's perfect. And when you've L %;i made that inevitable mistake all you I Mr. need to do is dick here on the UNDO button and your last action will be undone.
Click it again if you then need to redo what you've just undone.
SEE MORE OF THE SCREEN If the Toolbar or screen title are obscuring your view, press F9 or F10 to toggle them on or off. You can also drag the hidden portions of the screen into view by holding with the ALT key whilst left clicking and moving the mouse, if you have a three-button mouse, use the third button instead.
RTy! The Airbrush tool will "spray" dots onto the image. It's effective for shading or Jr drawing shapes which don't have perfectly straight edges. Click with the right button for options.
8 Fill will flood an area with the current colour. You can flood the entire screen, or draw an outline and fill only that. Click with the right mouse button for more options.
Select the Text Tool by clicking on the letter "a". Position the cursor on screen and start typing. Click the right mouse Click here when you need to sample f% a colour from the image. This lets I lyF you quickly determine which colour is used where in your picture.
Rt 1 Colour palette. The colours you draw with are selected here. All the mm colours which are possible with the graphics mode you are using are displayed here. Click on one with the left mouse button, and any marks you make with the brush will be in this colour. You can also select a background colour using the right mouse button APRIL 1997 AMIGA FORMAT Textured fills & Image Jl AM 1 Processing 'T FIND If the colour you want doesn't occur In the Toolbar, you can select your own from the colour palette. All you have to do is press "p" and you can adjust the Red, Green and Blue components to
make your chosen colour. Remember that any occurrences of the selected colour will also change.
Click here for outline mode here for mode Click filled Watch where you click - it makes a difference to the tool Bjtherina Pattern Many of Personal Paint's painting tools can be used either to create an outline, or to create a solid shape - it’s up to you.
The mode used depends on where, or how many times, you click on the tool.
Ppaint won’t restrict you to fills of a single, solid colour. When you click on the lower half of the tool using the right mouse button, you’ll bring up the “Area Settings” window and from this requestor, you can pick from three different ways of filling a shape: solid (the default), gradient or pattern. Ctick in the cycle gadget at the top of the screen to choose. You can now click on the colour palette in the tool bar using the left and right mouse buttons to select the colours you’ll use.
At the top left, is the range of colours which the gradient fill will use.
Clicking in the gadget beneath this to the left toggles between automatic and Fill Type: & Solid The Area Settings requestor, where you can choose the fill pattern you are using.
Manual smoothing. To the right is the gradient mode: there are five different gradients: two horizontal, two vertical and a shape dependent fill. The two different modes use the size of the shape, and the size of the screen to determine the shading.
The pattern fill can work in two ways: either using a dither you define using the slider bar, or using a pattern from a previously defined brush. Before you use the fill, use the Define Brush to snip a little part of the image: you can then use this pattern to fill a shape. The numbers from 1 to 9 are to select the lurtnbcr of the brush.
One of Ppaint's most powerful features is its range of digital filters.
With a few mouse clicks you can transform an image by applying a special effect such as “Watercolour”, or combining several images together.
Click on the Image Processing tool with the right mouse button to select the processing style. Click the tool with the left button, and the next area you define on the image will be passed through the filter. Most of the filters operate on the main image, however some will either act on the brush or with the alternative image (press “j” to swap between them).
You can edit the existing filters and define your own. Some work best on simple images, others with detailed images like photographs. Just experiment: you can always use the Undo tool to restore your original.
Continued overleaf 4 ¦WJBU From top to bottom: the five gradient fills, two different dithered patterns, and two different brush patterns.
Ipick a screen mode with at least 32 colours. Using the Palette Tool (press "p") create a range of colours from light to dark. To do this, click on the light colour, then the Range tool, then the dark colour. This should create a good set of shades.
2 Now pick a good, bold font in a large size and type your message onto the screen using a dark colour. When you first list your fonts, there may be a long delay as the program searches through your font directories.
3 Copy the text as a brush, this will store it for safe keeping. You can stop it following your cursor by clicking in the brush area of the Toolbar and picking another number. Now apply an image processing filter; Rise High is a good one, as it gives the text a 3D appearance.
Before and after. The image on the right has been processed with a variety of Personal Paints digital filters.
Hr interest to the insides of the letters. For a final touch, take the brush you kept and use Image Processing to blur it (press "A" to process a brush), and paste the new text on top of it for a drop-shadow effect.
Processing pictures NEED MORE SPACE?
If you need to work on two images at once, perhaps to create an element to add to your image, press "j" to flick to a 3D FOR FREE!
Remember last year when everyone was cross-eyed looking at those 3D dot patterns? Personal Paint will help you start the craze all over again, with its easy to use SIRDS option.
Just select a screen mode with several shades of grey. Now draw some shapes in the different colours: the darker the colour, the further into the screen the pattern will appear. It’s best to stick to simple shapes, such as squares or single letters, to start with.
Now flick to the secondary Squint here. No reaMyi there is something here.
Screen (press “j”) and select a Can you see what?
The limited number of colours can be a problem when you load in an image saved with more colours: for example, a JPEG image can have up to 16 million different colours. The good news is that Personal Paint will automatically and intelligently reduce the number of colours of any incoming image, to suit the current screen mode.
CLEVER STUFF Using the “Reduce Colours” option from the “Colours” menu, you can also force Personal Paint to reduce the number of colours in an image. From the “Settings” menujyou can choose No matter which graphics mode you select from the “Image Format” menu option, there will always be a finite number of colours available. If your Amiga has the AGA chipset (like all A1200’s) you’ll be able to open a screen with up to 256-colours.
Each of these colours can be changed - all you need to do is bring up the palette requestor, select your colour and then adjust the Red, Green and Blue components or the Hue, Saturation and Palette and 3D either Qualitative or Quantitative reduction schemes, and switch on several types of dithering. It’s important to pick the most suitable mode for your image, so experiment with these settings.
However, the really clever stuff comes into play when you want to load more than one image, each with their own colour palettes, and display them on the one screen. For example, if you have a picture already loaded, and want to combine it with another image, load it as a brush. You can then use the “Brush” menu option “Colour Remap”, and the second image will be converted to use the same colours as the first image.
There are other ways to achieve this: see the project on this page.
New screen. The new screen can have it's own resolution and colours, but brushes copied from one screen to the other can be re-mapped if necessary.
AfcUf!A , 'S35?. ¦ similar screen mode. All you have to do now is use the Image Processing option “STRDS” and your SI) image will be created. A similar 3D mode called SIPS is available: this will use the contents of the brush to create the 3D effect, rather than random dots.
1 Create a graphics mode with a large number of colours: H|| 256 if you can. Now toad in a brush, there are several good examples included in the Ppaint distribution. Each picture will have it's own palette, and may contain a different number of colours.
2 Select a second brush, and load in a second image. You can select the brush number using the numeric keypad. Load in a third and fourth image; you may need more than 1Mb RAM free for this. If you displayed all the brushes, they'd look like this.
‘mage: pSSSlf tjEgjM Brushes; F F F T M MM M M 3 From the "Colour" menu, select the "Merge" option You should click on all the brush numbers you wish to use, and select "Current" so that the current screen palette is used.
The Merge could take several minutes.
4 Once the Merge is complete, each brush has been given a new palette, making the most of all the available colours.
Even when used in the one image, as here where they are halved in sized (press "h") and stamped down, they all look perfect.
USIIUCj p pa I hit When you display several images one after the other, you get animation. With Ppaint you can quickly create your own cartoons and animated diagrams with sophisticated colour and timing operations. As Personal Paint’s internal animation system is so advanced, you may find that if you load in an existing animation and re-save it, the new file will be smaller and playback more smoothly than the original. You can even animate SIRDS, to create moving three dimensional images.
Animations can be played back by Ppaint, without loading them first. This makes it possible for HAM and HAM8 animations to be displayed, even though the program does not normally display these modes.
None of the Animation tools are available from the Toolbar - they are all accessed from the pull-down “Animation” menu. From this menu, you can load, save and play anims to and from disk. You can also open the storyboard, which creates a miniature list of all the frames available.
Each frame in Ppaint can have its own colour palette and timing information. This makes it easy to create sequences which fade in or out, or pause momentarily without taking graMxl The storyboard allows quick access to each frame in the animation.
Up huge amounts of memory. The animations you save can be replayed from Ppaint, or other players such as the freely distributable “Viewtek”.
Brushes can also be animated: these are the so-called “AnimBrushes”. An AnimBrush is similar to any other brush in that it can be stamped on the screen, but each brush contains many images.
DIY MOVIES The first step in creating your own animation is to decide how many frames you will be using. You can always change this number later on, but you’ll need to enter something to get started.
You can either enter the number into the Storyboard, or keep pressing “7” to add one frame at a time.
_ .... Frames CHANGING GRAPHICS MO You're not stuck with the grapl which Ppaint opens with. You the screen mode to provide d resolutions, more colours combination. You can also chail modes in the middle of creating Use "Image Format" from the menu to select the graphics PLAYING WITH BRUSHES Once you've clipped a brush from an image, you can manipulate if in many ways. For example, press "Z" to rotate it, or the plus and minus keys to change its shape. The "x" and "y" keys will flip it horizontally or vertically, while "H" and "h" will double and halve it in size.
Start off by drawing a background frame, and all your subsequent images will get it, free of charge.
You can then start drawing. When you want to move to the next frame, press “2” and when you want to move batk a frame, press “1”. Pressing “4” will start the animation. You can build up an entire series of images, which will appear to move when shown in order.
Enter the number of frames into this box.
If you want to create an animation with the same background, draw this before creating any frames. Make sure you select a palette which has enough colours for your background, and any characters which will appear on it. Then increase the number of frames using the storyboard, and all the new frames will have your background included. In fact, when you create any new frame it will be a copy of the frame currently displayed.
When saving your animation, you have a choice: ANIM5 is the most widely supported format, although if you have a 68020 or better, ANIM7 can be faster.
The only problem is that ANIM7 files are usually larger than ANIM5. PPPDU ?????
BUS 1 First create the characters for your animation. OK, so Walt Disney has nothing to fear - but this is for illustration purposes only, all right? Notice how the wheels are separate from the vehicle. (Yes, that's how it is supposed to be.)
2 Move to the alternative screen, and create a background. Here I've used the gradient fill for the sky: it will look smooth if the animation is recorded to video. Open the storyboard and enter the number of frames your production will take.
Now copy the van brush, and paste it over the landscape. After every paste, move to the next frame and then move the van a little to the left.
Do the same with the wheels, but Just before stamping them down, press the "z" key to rotate them.
When the scene has 1 finished, it's time to fade out. Each frame can have a different pallet, so gradually drag the colours down to black. From the storyboard window, you can also enter a time for each frame to appear on screen. 60 will keep the same image steady for a second.
Weird Science Ltd. 1 Rowlandson Close, Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel. +44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 (0)116 235 0045 email, sales@weirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscience.co.uk j'j y nniAi £ju.
YlD'jJ V7 vv 7. TM rdscienc .cai The Amiga System Booster CD enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb j collection of tools to push the I capabilities of the Amiga to the M limits. Nearly all the fantastic || utilities can be started by simply 7 direct from the compact disc. No JpS de-archiving required. The the contents include a vast k % collection of screen blankers, mouse tools & commodities, msgm backup, file management, JBB1I cache programs to optimise system performance, data ImF d recovery, CD-ROM utilities, virus killers and a whole J||| IS host more.
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m. Hardware related, Pictures & Animations, Graphics software,
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software. Communications, Amiga lllS, Development software,
Business software and more. All of the archives are easily
accessible with a simple 'mSm Index menu system with search.
* * fc * 1 ¦¦IT§J h : The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga
Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools
and docs, provided to the official developers. Included are the
complete CD32 developers tools with Build CD and ISO CD, Envoy
2. 0 package, Enforcer.
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Many of these are exclusive to this compact disc. Full commercial versions of Final Writer 4 SE and Wordworth 4 TD are included. Both rated as great word processors on the Amiga. Tools for creating WWW pages along with backgrounds and special dip art for this purpose is also included. A l&B jp@g s The Amiga Repait Kit CD comes complete with the all with all the tools required to backup and rescue your precious data on hard drives.
JdiA Smlly® ¦ 4 will rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks etc. During the process it will attempt to fix all problems caused by software or physical damage.
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Getting an Amiga connected to the Internet is one of the most difficult tasks due to the complex installation routines ofA tiiTCPand the lack of any real guidance.
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It is all included ready to run directly from the compact disc.
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Sienhanced user interface.
• i lHOfARexx commands, with scripts directly accessible from the
toolbar :New''piug-iii''library system..
• Automatically create directory thumbnails.
And much, much more Includes all the packages previously published by Kara Computer Graphics for the Amiga, plus many more, in an exclusive and professional edition reorganised and enhanced by Cloanto. This CD-ROM contains 80 CoiorForth. 5 colour ,palkttesy SiipfteldSy f'laquegrounps, and software far, , -. Special effects in if)icturpy agviatio%s, lilthig and presentations. All items for soldjfj combined Use. TM : Kara Collection also inyiwjeVlwp software packages mSf-Wveldped by Ctpanto to manage bitmijpped fofts: m Colotfype for colour fonts atugjhe Personal Fopts : Maker for black and
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LIGHT-ROM 4 also includes a collection scene files by Alan Chan.
%-• This set contains wholly new material and is an absolutely superb resource for Lightwave.
The award winmfig Multimedia Experience provided for users to create their own stunning multimedia presentations with Ij k it With the new low price all w users can start multimedia.
AFCD12: INTHEMAG Emulators 100 million lemmings can't be wrong!
Simon Goodwin reports on the history of, and the latest advances in, the Amiga's emulation of the PC.
Software for so-called ‘IBM Compatible’ or ‘PC’ computers is everywhere, but Amigas cannot run PC software. For some this is a saving grace, but many consider it a weakness: for all the faults of the PC, both in design and in implementation, there are some really good programs which will only run on the so-called ‘Winter platform.
The ideal solution would be the best of both worlds - a machine that can run both Amiga and PC software. Commodore chased this holy grail for 15 years, trying both hardware and software emulators, but it proved to be a tough nut to crack.
EARLY SOFTWARE EMULATORS The Cross-DOS device, bundled with modern Amigas, is the last relic of Cross-PC, an early Program Manager File Options Window Help software PC emulator. The rival Transformer won Commodore’s endorsement, although it gave the A500 less than a tenth the speed of an original, slow IBM PC.
IbeM is now found on Aminet and runs on more modern Amigas, but it’s still pathetically slow by modern standards. Chris Hames’ original PC-Task begat PC-Task 2, with versions for 68000 and 68010 processors and an optimised version for 32-bit Amigas, at last capable of rivalling ‘real PC’ speeds.
Meanwhile, the PC world moved on. These were emulators for the original PC, with its crude almost-16-bit processor from the 1970s.
PC-Task was the first Amiga emulator to support the programs for later ‘AT’ versions of the PC, but by the time version 3 arrived in 1995 the Intel 286 it emulated was obsolete and the 386 and 486 were scuttling, cockroach like, increasingly quickly after it.
PC Task 3 needs at least a 68020, yet it barely runs Windows 3 and is more compatible with Windows 2, which was designed for a 286.
But Windows 2 doesn’t do much - except make the Atari ST desktop look versatile! PC Task 3 comes in two versions: the ‘Turbo’ one uses four bytes of memory for every one available to the PC and delivers noticeably more speed, but it is still rarely enough.
Speeds achieved by PC Task 3 vary from that of a 12MHz AT to the equivalent of a 25MHz AT on a Cyberstorm 68060 with fast memory. That’s ten years behind the pace, and slower than a real 20MHz 386 which you might find at a boot sale or in a skip. New emulators can go two or three times faster - and emulate modem 486 and Pentium processors too.
This feature discusses PC programs and processors, as well as software and hardware PC emulation. But first we need to know what a PC is, and how it differs from an Amiga.
PCS AND AMIGAS The differences between Amigas and Pcs are fundamental and crucial. To generalise them, Control Panel Settings Help Color Fonts Potts Mouse Desktop Kesfcoard Printers PI F Editor riernational Date Time Drivers Sound Optimizes Windows.
A “Device Cor ion O Always Warn O Never Warn ® Idle (in sec.J BK Cancel a Virtual Memory... Accessories Network “Scheduling Windows in Foreground; Windows in Background; I 1 Exclusive in Foreground Help hop m a 50 Accessories StartUp Applications a Minimum Time slice (in msec): 20 a-3 _t i i 3 ri.
3 4 J. a 3 .1 Avnl A£ O Network Games After a few hours' hard installation, this is the Windows 3 desktop running on an Amiga.
Windows 3.11 has 'preference' tools similar to those found on the Amiga.
Irectory of c: dos t'oltme iahel is Sector' not found reading drive 8 bort, Retry, Fail?a C: WSWJS7x .
Paraneter fornat not correct - x :C: BOS KELP "ad coHHand or file naae PC-Iask 83,88, Copyright 1992-94 Chris Kanes, fill rights reserved.
This is a CGHHercia! Product published k:- Quasar distribution,• P.O. Box 188, Southland, UIC 3192, ¦ Australia.
Tel +61 3 583 8886 Fax +61 3 585 1874 BBS +61 3 584 8598 internet! PctaskPguasar.diaiix,oz.au lo start the House driver press Leftftniga-P (or use PCIH08SE.EXE). Io quit press the-RightAniga-Del.
Uim 3srijslexe 3qrs.com 3bee.com 3rmdelete.exe 3unformalcom 3xcopy.exe ?edUpif E3emm386.exe D games, grp Qhimemsys ifshlp.sys Emakigrp E mouse.ini Qmsdexe Elmsdiri Elrtcdinlo .tri Q network.gip ?prfedtexe [j shares.pwl ?prrrimanexe C]smartdiv.ei« nprogman.exe Q startup.grp El progmanini Q syslemdn Oqbasic.p«f E! Systemini Qramdnvesys Qtaskmanexe Qrjgdat Q vAwsys clg O regedi exe Q wincln El serialno.ini dwin.com dselup.exe El wimi El selup.hip Q rw386.swp OwnHe.exe Cl system n_defaut.pif 0 accessor, grp D applicatgrp BbooUogM ?cSpfcrd.exe I3cSpsrv.exe C!!]cont(ct.exe El control Hp El control
ini QdospimplpK Closets look I; place.
OK This ij a TrueType font This same font will be used on both your printer and you; screen.
Domestic hints and bizarre characters from Microsoft's Write demo text.
Windows 3.11 - the most recent version that runs with PC-Task 4.
Ihe Amiga was designed, whereas Pcs have have merely evolved.
Commodore and Amiga Technologies made Amiga hardware and software iocumentation public and widely available.
Freely distributable commodities, datatypes and handlers mean that every Amiga can be a custom machine.
Packages can be small because there’s no need to provide converters, drivers, memory handlers and other bits and pieces that must appear in every DOS or Windows installation.
This profligacy doesn’t just take up space - it actually promotes incompatibility.
PC BUNDLES PC packages come on wads of disks - sometimes even wads of Cds - bloated with drivers’ for manifold hardware configurations, display adapters, file formats and even printers.
Conflicts are legendary. Even if programs use die new device-independent methods expensively added to Windows, they can still get clobbered if a DOS program grabs the hardware without asking.
PC documentation has to be much bulkier chan that for comparable Amiga packages, recause it must document the whole ‘world’ within the package, not just the new things it ran do. Here the Amiga steers a course retween that of the Mac, with its preset This is how PC-Task announces its arrival to the world.
Interface, and the PC, where anything goes - at least as far as Windows is concerned. The Amiga is not as consistent as the Mac, but is more open and hence more configurable.
When you turn on an Amiga, it’s usable from the start. You can configure hardware with the ‘early startup’ menu, enter commands, swap screens and so forth. The essential system software is in the Kickstart ROM, including enough user interface code to make the machine instantly usable (if not actually at all useful, without any applications running).
Expansions link themselves automatically and are immediately available.
Pcs contain nothing but the ‘BIOS’ - Basic Input Output System - a set of machine code routines that blur the difference between different hardware implementations. There’s no disk operating system, no way to enter commands, and no graphical interface.
All these must be loaded from disk, and preferably hard disk, before the PC is any use.
This is a fundamental difference between the Amiga, which was designed as a system, and the PC which is cobbled together at the whim of each manufacturer.
This makes it hard to be categorical. You can’t say ‘PCs won’t multitask’, because they will, although they generally don’t - and when they do, they’re usually slow and clumsy about it. You can’t say ‘PCs only do one thing at a Processor: 88286 Conventional MeHory: 648K Extended (tenors: 51 Technical: (location 3832EF7C0 allocated 1536K) Drive S is: DF8 Drive B is: Unavailable KardDrive C is: Unavailable HardDrive D is! Unavailable Von should insert a bootabletsystes) 720K (or 1.44H if you have a high density drive) MSDOS disk now. It is not supplied with PC-Task.
If you have an IBM PC you can usually.create such a disk by inserting a 3,5 inch DSDD disk into the real IBM and at a MSDOS proHpt type ¦'fornat a: h f:728' 'for«at a: s n:9' or sinilar coMttand.
* Error Booting A, Press a. key to try again. **¦ Bedrooms are
important focal points. You will find it worth the effort to
keep them neatly arranged.
Font: Font Style:
S. ize: Wmgdingi iRegular j IB S Letter Gothic 24 Pitd* ?
M Letter Gothic 6 Pitch| 28 T Symbol p, 36 T Times New Roman J_ 48 , 72 Cancel Sample- ¦ Write - PRACTICE.WRI This typical MS-DOS dialogue is actually a bit more colourful than the average MS-DOS screen.
Eile Edit Fifld Character Paragraph Document Help 1 Bathrooms that sparkle can be a real plus. You should check and double-check them time’, because it’s possible to add devices and adapters that let the processor get on with other work. You can even format a disk while other programs run - as long as you’re running Linux, rather than a Microsoft operating system. But in practice these are significant differences between Amigas and typical Pcs.
CO-OPERATION The Amiga system is designed as a whole, to do lots of things at once, so the Blitter can update the screen while the Copper moves it, sound plays, data is transferred between drives and the processor gets on with something entirely different. On a typical PC, the processor would be intimately involved in all these activities, often just waiting for them to finish.
Much of the effort in PC design goes into making the main processor as fast as possible.
Even so, the more you do, the slower everything gets, and this is particularly true of the user interface, which requires hardly any processor effort on an Amiga.
Today many hitherto unique Amiga ‘features’ are available on the PC, but at extra cost and rarely all at once. On the PC you can have backward compatibility or multi-tasking, but not both. It has taken years for Amiga programmers to find out how to write cooperative code: but Amiga users have learned something that PC users are just discovering.
MS-DOS AND BEYOND As the PC has no usable built-in software, you need MS-DOS (MicroSoft Disk Operating System) before it can do anything, and you need Microsoft Windows before it can run more demanding programs.
Alternative operating systems include DRDOS, an MS-DOS clone which runs most PC DOS programs. It was written in the UK and is now owned by network specialists Novell.
FreeDOS is another clone - part of the Free Software Foundation’s ‘copyleft’ collection - while OS 2 is IBM’s answer to Windows, better designed and implemented in its later Warp Continued overleaf Old DOS games like Connect 4, here, are the limit for 68000-based Amigas.
WnpwjppMpnBHi ¦ II This coBPttteyepfoFHS. Like a tj |S||n cS Sharp 1 0HHR5IHSIB R:nmxn m'jin:iiiK+nnn ¦ IbeM notches up the 'performance' of a 1MHz PC on an A4000 030!
PC PROCESSORS The original IBM PC used an Intel 8088 processor with 16-bit registers handling 8-bit instructions. Follow-ups used the 8086, with the same instruction set but faster 16-bit memory, and the production-engineered 80186.
The (80)286 was used in old 'AT' Pcs of the mid- 1980s. They were hardly 'Advanced Technology' even then, but the US computer illiterati bought what they were told and Intel and Microsoft profitted accordingly.
Compared with the 68000, with its 24-bit addressing and 32-bit registers, the 8086 is feeble. The '286 catches up on address range, but not registers. Intel's first real 32-bit chip was the '386, introduced in 1985. By this stage, they had an awful lot of backward compatibility to worry about.
The 8088 was derived from Intel's 8-bit 1974-vintage 8080, and has many inhereited flaws, deliberately included so that programs could be automatically translated from 8080 to 8088 machine code. This was good news in the early days, since slow software was better than none at all, but led to restrictions which still dog PC users today.
A total of 1Mb of memory could be accessed. The PC design assumed a maximum of 640K for RAM, leaving 384K to be shared among screens, firmware and hardware. All this memory was divided into 64K chunks or 'segments' to match the addressing limitations of the 8080.
For compatibility reasons, certain parts of any PC system must be in the first 640K, causing bottlenecks. Other parts avoid 32-bit instructions, losing speed and locking the current task. The 64K segment limit means that even multi-megabyte Pcs barf at 64K of code in Microsoft's QuickBASIC; when a 64K table inside Windows is full, the system effectively runs out of memory, no matter how many Mbs might still be spare.
Intel's 286 was faster and had 24-bit addressing for up to 16 Mb of RAM, with simple memory management, but it also retained the restrictions of its predecessors.
A similar 16Mb boundary also limits cheaper Apple Macs and Amigas - witness the fuss about PCMCIA compatibility on the A1200, with its 24-bit addressing, and about the 16Mb Zorroll limit, as well as anguished calls for '32-bit dean' code on the Mac.
The 386 was Intel's breakthrough, introduced as a full 32-bit DX model, followed by SX versions for 16-bit memory. It brought Intel's instruction set close to 68000 standards, with improved memory addressing. All the 8088 instructions and modes were still retained for compatibility.
Speeds doubled with the introduction of the 486, the first Intel processor with an on- chip cache, shared between instructions and data. Motorola chips from the 68030 onwards have twin caches which can be accessed simultaneously, but this faster 'Harvard architecture' did not arrive on Pcs till the current Pentium models. Intel concentrated on boosting the speed of their chips, eventually pushing the 486 to four times its original pace.
486DX versions have a built-in floating point co-processor. A 486SX lacks floating point (like Commodore's 68LC040) while Cyrix's 486SLC is a hybrid, with a 16-bit bus like a 386SX, but with 486 internal operations.
Intel have no monopoly on PC processors, and rival chips soon appeared when US Courts ruled that numbers like '386' could not be trademarked. Now AMD's 586 and the IBM Cyrix 686 claim to deliver Pentium performance at budget prices. Compatibility is not guaranteed.
4m version, but still not ‘the real thing’ for running current PC programs.
The ‘one true’ operating system for Pcs is Linux, the free version of Unix. It’s remarkable because it shows how well Intel hardware can perform when freed from the heritage of Microsoft. Linux runs nicely on anything from a 386SX upwards, and is quite usable on 386 and 486 Bridgeboards (see below). Sadly Linux is user-hostile, hard to configure and does not work with all PC hardware. It hits the metal, so Amiga drives are not accessible when you run Linux on a Golden Gate board, although it can see the keyboard, ISA cards and drives plugged directly into the bridgeboard.
Linux is great on real Pcs, but its software gems also work on NetBSD, the premier Amiga Unix, or the rapidly advancing 68K version of Linux. But if you need a PC emulator you probably want to run Microsoft programs, and that means MS-DOS and Windows.
MS-DOS, now at version 6.2, has changed little since version 3: it’s absorbed lots of addon programs that used to be optional extras.
It’s a command-driven user interface similar to the Seventies CP M or the original Amiga CLI and feeble compared with Unix or Amiga shells. I found the Tandy version of MS-DOS
3. 3 on 720K disks for just 50p each at a Radio Another screen
from Windows 286 running (well, walking) on PC-Task 3.
Rally, and it worked fine on all the emulators, consuming less of the scarce 640K base memory than later versions. Avoid MS-DOS 1, which was awful, and MS-DOS 2, which was not standardised, coming in custom versions for specific computers.
MICROSOFT WINDOWS Seeing the merits of the Mac Finder and Amiga Workbench, Microsoft had three attempts at putting windows onto the PC. The latest version, Windows 95, does not work on PCX or PC-Task because it needs virtual memory support, which is not yet emulated. In any case, Windows 95 is notoriously hungry for memory and Intel CPU power - both scarce in a typical Amiga set-up - so you’re better off with an older version. A few PC programs only work with Windows 95, but they’re invariably the kind of resource-greedy stuff that crawls on anything but the latest PC and has no chance of
running at a useful speed on an Amiga.
Windows 2 is the oldest version you’re likely to come across, dating from the late Eighties. It’s a toy. It runs on PC-Task 3, since it only needs a 286 processor, but it’s not much use for real work.
Microsoft did not come up with a viable Workbench clone till Windows 3, soon followed by version 3.1 with many fixes and a few improvements. Now many Pcs are supplied with Windows 3.11 or Windows for Workgroups, which includes more fixes and network support. This runs on PC-Task - albeit slowly - but PCX needs an earlier version.
Windows 3 is built on the original 16-bit MS-DOS code. Windows 3.11 comes on eight high density (1.44Mb) disks, with another three for MS-DOS 6.2, which must be installed first. Unless you have a high density disk drive, you’ll need help to copy the files onto 720K disks (supported by PC drives but rarely used these days). You might be able to find DOS and Windows on a CD, but you’ll still have to copy them before installation as emulators can’t read the CD till MS-DOS is installed.
The whole lot occupies almost 20Mb of hard disk space once installed, and installation from floppies takes hours, literally, as the files are read from disk one by one, unpacked and configured. You have to hang around to change the disks and answer questions periodically, although you can get on with other work on the Amiga side as the installation chugs away.
PC-Task’s ‘readme’ file includes a tip which can halve the installation time at the expense of an extra 10Mb hard disk space; if you copy the compressed Windows files from floppies to the directory C: WINSETUP there’s no need to feed them one by one to the set-up program and everything goes much faster - even allowing for the time spent copying. But you’ll still have time for a hearty meal while the installer does its stuff, even on a fast Amiga.
BRIDGEBOARDS The first Amiga PC emulator was the Sidecar add-on for the Amiga 1000, produced by Commodore and based on an 8088 processor.
This introduced the concept of ‘bridgeboards’
- plug-in co-processors with shared RAM for communication with
the main Amiga system.
Big-box Ami gas have 16-bit ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) PC sockets alongside their native Zorro expansions. A bridgeboard links the two so Amiga or PC cards can fill the remaining spaces.
Commodore bridgeboards used 8088, 286 and 386SX processors. The ultimate model is the Golden Gate 486, from Vortex in Germany.
Don’t confuse this with the US Golden Gate interface card, supported by PC-Task, which has no processor and simply allows Amiga programs to read and write ISA cards.
The bridgeboard concept allows memory on PC or Amiga to be accessible either way, but in practice it’s quicker to keep the two distinct, except on an old 16-bit Amiga 1500 or 2000.
For speed, put PC memory on the bridgeboard. Golden Gate can use ZorroII RAM, but on most A3000 and A4000 systems this means precious chip RAM. That will be slow by the time it’s dodged AGA graphics, disk and sound data, split, into 16-bit words and been doled out over Zorro 2.
Printer and serial data can be diverted to .Amiga ports or add-on cards. Golden Gate software also supports an ISA serial or parallel port. ISA graphics cards are cheap and powerful. Get one with at least 512K RAM - and custom software drivers to switch the 64K CROSS EMULATION PC emulators for Apple Macs and Unix boxes can run on Amigas extended with Shapeshifter or NetBSD. SoftWindows and SoftPC, from Insignia Solutions, are both leading commercial PC emulators on Macs.
SoffPC will not run on a 68060 but SoftWindows is compatible.
Like PC-Task 3 in Turbo mode, these emulators trade memory for speed.
SoftWindows needs over 34Mb to emulate an 8Mb PC, It's still an interpreter, so it cannot match the speed of PC-Task 4 in dynamic mode, but crucial parts of the Windows user interface are re-coded for the Mac, reducing the amount of clumsy Intel code that must be interpreted.
PC emulators for Unix are outclassed by the new Amiga emulators. Most are better suited to MS-DOS than Windows emulation.
DOSEMU, XDOS and PCEM are among the best for MS-DOS, while BOCHS and WINE are promising Unix Windows emulators.
Segments around - to make reasonable use of a 14 inch multisync monitor.
Bridgeboards are no longer made, but they’re worth looking out for on the secondhand market, expecially if your Amiga does not have a state-of-the art processor to make software PC emulation viable. 8-bit bridgeboards are incompatible with Zorro 3 and pathetically slow, but later 286 ones may still outrun software emulators. These include the AT-Once for Amiga 500, as well as Commodore 286 bridgeboards. Sometimes the CPU chip on a bridgeboard can be swapped or boosted: Aminet has notes for would-be upgraders with nerves of silicon.
COMPATIBILITY Backwards compatibility is generally assumed by PC vendors, but not guaranteed. The general attitude is: “If you find a problem, buy your way out of it,” as my Executive Producer at Central TV used to say long ago. There’s no definitive ‘PC Hardware Reference’. Just because it doesn’t work on your emulator, doesn’t mean it zuill work on your friend’s PC.
Or vice versa. Pcs are called ‘compatible’ to disguise the fact that they’re not.
Pcs can have hundreds of graphics modes.
Like Amiga OCS, ECS and AGA modes, these come in sets with three-letter acronyms, where each new set incorporates all the earlier ones. The most common are grouped by chipset and resolution in this order: CGA (colour, just!) Followed by EGA (sub-ST), VGA (sub-AGA), XGA, SVGA and then off into custom graphics card territory. Each acronym adds more modes, more colours and more resolutions.
The emulators - like most real Pcs - concentrate on commonly used modes, so programs that use odd or customised ones give weird results. Fashion favours 800 by 600 pixels in 256 colours, with 1024 by 768 pixels close behind. These are high resolutions by Amiga or TV standards.
The release PCX 1.1 supports 320 by 200 block graphics in 256 colours, and higher resolution 2, 4 and 16 colour modes, like the Vortex software. These are the most Amiga- like of the scores of PC modes. The low resolution 256 colour mode is fine for Doom but not much else, and it's the only one currently useable with graphics cards!
PCX supports both CGA graphics palettes, while PC-Task only uses black, white, cyan and purple.
PC-Task 4 handles modes flexibly, but needs careful configuration and can be slow.
It lets you assign an Amiga, Picasso96 or CyberGraphx mode, chosen from the familiar screen mode requestor, to each of two dozen PC modes. Each screen can be updated synchronously or periodically, and optionally diverted to the Workbench.
Much of the ‘art’ of the PC is learning cryptic switches, like D:X, without which Windows 3.11 gets stuck on PC-Task (and some real Pcs). There’s no standard installer as there is on the Amiga. ‘AUTOEXEC.BAT’ is the equivalent of the Amiga’s ‘startup-sequence’.
PC file names are up to eleven characters long, (no spaces or small letters) with a compulsory dot before the last three characters. And that’s just the start of the fun... .
Two new software emulators arrived early this year. PCX and and PC-Task 4 both claim to translate, rather than interpret, Intel code as they go along, for unprecedented performance. Both claim compatibility with Microsoft Windows. But is it reasonable to expect a useful PC for £50?
Either way, what do you get?
PCX 1.1 PCX from Microcode Solutions (formerly Utilities Unlimited) requires a 68020 or faster, at least three megabytes each of fast memory and hard disk space, plus Workbench 2.04 or later. To get started you also need a PC operating system - generally this means MS-DOS.
PCX emulates the instruction set of an Intel Pentium processor, with some gaps in memory management. The emulator comes in two versions, with and without support for floating point instructions. You need an Amiga with a co-processor - either a 68881 or 68882 add-on, or a full 68040 or 68060 - to run the floating point version.
PCX comes in a CD case with one floppy disk inside. There’s no printed documentation, apart from the CD inlay which lists requirements and features (some now, some later) and promotes forthcoming emulators.
The features list is misleading, claiming that PCX emulates a Cirrus 5428 graphics chip, capable of ‘VGA SVGA graphics’ with ‘support for all usable graphics boards’. Its only mode that works via a board, as opposed to native Amiga graphics, is PC Mode 13 - fine for low-resolution Doom but not a lot else.
PC-TASK 4 PC-Task 4 also needs a 68020 or better, but can just be squeezed into 2Mb of RAM. It emulates a 486SX processor - very slowly, if you run it from chip RAM, so RAM expansion is highly desirable.
PC-Task 4 also comes on one 880K disk, but this time you get a 50 page A5 printed-manual. There’s much duplication - one cautionary paragr?ph PCX starts on your Workbench, showing available memory space and speed.
Appears seven times - but it’s still a lot better than the sketchy PCX AmigaGuide. A lot of the wording is identical to that for PC-Task 3 - indeed the cover has a small piece of paper saying ‘4.0’ stuck over the heading ‘version 3’ - but the text is accurate apart from one reference to Appendix D which should say Appendix E. Much of the manual discusses accessing PC files from the Amiga.
There’s a brief but useful explanation of MS-DOS commands, a discussion of ‘common problems’ and some very useful extra information in a ‘readme’ file.
PC-Task 4 supports 23 graphics modes, including 16 and 256-colour modes in resolutions of 800 by 600, 1024 by 768 and 1280 by 1024 pixels; you’ll need a graphics card to see those properly. It can also handle 256-colour modes with 640 pixels per line and 400 or 480 lines, which are compatible with AGA. Both emulators are configured from neat GadToob-bzsed windows.
PC DRIVES The emulators support up to two floppy and two hard drives. Floppy emulation is rather slow and it may take a couple of tries before a disk change is recognised. The ‘hard drives’ may be .
Partitions or files on an Amiga drive.
‘Hard files’ can be interchanged between PC-Task and PCX, but not the faster partitions. PCX automatically makes ‘mount files’, allowing the Amiga system full access to the PC files. This is trickier with PC-Task, but it is well documented. Either way, you must avoid reading from one system while writing on the other, or the PC and Amiga may get out of sync, with disastrous consequences.
Both emulators come with rudimentary CD-ROM handlers to access PC Cds in Amiga drives from the emulator. You need Microsoft’s freeware MSCDEX to decode the normal CD file systems. PCX includes an ASPI handler, for the PC equivalent of Amiga SCSI direct, and also features • a text screen accelerator.
PCX claims support for 8-bit digitised sound, emulating a Sound Blaster card. Sound Blaster synthesis is promised but not yet implemented.
PC-Task only emulates the pathetic one- bit IBM beep, but that’s enough to alert you when a disk change is required.
SPEED The difficulty of PC emulation is that each Intel instruction does a very small amount of work. Pcs have high MIPs (Millions of Instructions Per Second, or Meaningless Indicator of Performance) statistics because of their simplistic instructions. A 68000 can do in one step what might take three or more on an Intel processor.
This is little consolation when you must interpret Intel code. The Amiga must execute several Motorola instructions to fetch and decipher each Intel one of even a single byte. It takes a lot of effort to interpret PC code. The answer is to generate Motorola code on the fly (PCXs CPU Transcription; Dynamic Execution in PC-Task - and try to re-use bits of ready made code when the program loops. As yet, this boosts PC-Task much more than it does PCX.
Transcription reduces the overhead of repeatedly fetching and decoding Intel instructions, making the emulator substantially faster. The simpler and more repetitive the original, the greater the benefit, as decoding effort otherwise predominates. The buffer size used for temporarily generated code may make emulation faster or slower, depending on the program and nence the ratio between time spent :»ook-keeping versus running iranscribed code.
Code generation matters litde when die emulated instructions are complicated, like division, floating point or string operations. If programs are self-modifying - often the case for !D games on the PC - code generation may become counterproductive, as it is repeatedly generated and thrown away as the ground shifts under it.
NET CONTACTS PC-Task 4: http: www.ozemail.com.au ~pctask PCX: http: blitersoft.wildnet.co.uk FreeDOS: http: sunsite.unc.edu pub micro pc-stuff freedos freedos.htmi Ami demos: ftp: wuarchive.wustl.edu pub aminet misc emu Mac emus: http: www.insignia.com Unix emus: ftp: tsx-11 mit.edu pub linux Ideally we’d translate programs en masse and so eliminate the redundant steps that are only needed to get around quirks of the Intel architecture.
This would be great, if it could be done, but so far it’s defeated the best efforts of some great programmers.
Such ‘cross-compilers’ exist for RISC workstation and VAX code, but even then they don’t work all the time, requiring manual intervention. Intel code is very tricky to translate; despite rhe enormous commercial potential of an Intel translator, so far we’re stuck rAith interpreters and code transcribers.
PC-Task 4 displays its configuration options on a custom screen.
COMPARISONS You can’t say for certain which is fastest jf PCX and PC-Task - it depends on the pc-Tuzk n -jyy -sr cm-is a j 11 i-1 uii tz j*= =;=fi*vs !j 'Aus- Idij * iia This is version 4.08 Published by Quasar Distribut Serial : 72504 ton Start | fliprar B» HardDr iv© C |win31 Create HardDiskF ile program you try. Carefully chosen benchmarks can ‘prove’ that PC-Task is anything up to five times faster than PCX- and vice versa! Overall, both are slow by PC standards, although usable if you choose your applications with discretion. Modern games are least likely to work. PC-Task has the edge
on integer processing, while PCX gives faster Amiga displays.
In general, PC-Task 4 out-runs PCX in MS-DOS, though by less than crude benchmarks would suggest. If your programs make heavy use of floating point arithmetic, PCX has a big advantage; PC-Task must interpret | Ser i a I j Para I lei
- - j Sound VI Mouse Priority when selected 1 1 t Priority
when not selected J -1 l Conventional Memory J 648 J Extended
Memory 36144 3 Minimum Leave Available 31 28 2d Use Defaults
J Save configuration i Quit j catching up to do in support for
graphics cards.
Both these emulators are grand hacks in the guru tradition, handcrafted in 68020 assembly code. Each crashed or locked up at times, just like real Pcs, but they’re quite usable, in view of their complexity and the moving target.
There is room for improvement.
Both sometimes use instructions which 68060s must emulate, and scramble the Ukkeymap. They’re sure to be updated for processor speed, graphics and compatibility. The authors Jim Drew and Chris Hames are regulars on the Usenet newgroup comp.sys.amiga.emulations and both Wizard and Blittersoft have good reputations for customer service.
Prices are reasonable when you remember that people will almost certainly need some technical support Installation of PC software is a tricky, long-winded process for a beginner, so it helps if you know someone already familiar with PC trivia. Think twice before mailing Chris or Jim, as each message delays the next update... *2?
DISTRIBUTOR: Blittersoft 01908 261466 PRICE: £49.95 REQUIREMENTS: 68020, hard drive, WB2.04+, 3Mb+ RAM, MS-DOS.
• ••00 ops for graphics nd mathematics.
• •000 : ”»e weak point of PCX.
• •••0 olid, apart from issing MMU operations.
• •••0 easonable given ""!€ performance.
Ffef , » . « ; ERALL VERDICT:
- ally excels if you're into floating Dint maths.
Software FP emulation, making it many times slower.
Despite fast processing, PC-Task 4 seems relatively slow and erratic, refreshing the display intermittently and swapping back and forth between processor and screen emulation.
PC-Task has the most modes; PCX has fewer, but better. PCX has less rough edges, like the tendency of PC-Task to misplace the cursor.
CONCLUSIONS PC emulation is an extremely difficult thing to get right, and both PCX and PC-Task 4 have had a good stab at it.
Compared with a PC or a second-hand bridgeboard, the price is reasonable - but you get what you pay for.
You need a fast 68040 and preferably a 68060 to run Windows at a bearable speed. Lesser Amigas can run most MS-DOS programs at a useful if slow pace.
PC-Task makes the best of slow Amigas. PCX excels if you’re into floating point maths, but has some DISTRIBUTOR: Wizard 01322 527800 PRICE: £69.95 REQUIREMENTS: 68020, 2Mb+ RAM, MS-DOS
• • to Great for integers and MANUAL: Printed manual and ___ A
bit shaky on the input side.
VALUE: •••0 0 A bit pricey for a software- only emulator, OVERALL VERDICT: Most suited to slow Amigas but has the edge on integer processing.
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Xk BLOCKHEAD t Pushing and pulling blocks around sure can be fun. As can playing with dynamite... We've got a whole hunch of new previews this month which should help make up for the fact that no- one saw fit to release a cracking game.
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You can have those Reader Games though and all those lovely tips and cheats as well. Talking of which, some of you must have been buying some of this year's good games like Bograts, or Chaos Engine 2 so surely you've got some handy hints? You have? Good. Now let's look what's happening this month... Andy Smith AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games.
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Epic are launching a new games label - Islona, so here's a sneak preview of the first batch of new titles Epic hope to establish the label with. Enjoy.
Sixth Sense Investigations For adventure game fans comes this ‘Day of the 7enfac e-esque' arcade adventure. The player controls two characters in their quest to find the missing cheese (why on earth do these games always have you looking for silly things? Why can't you be looking for something useful? Like the TV remote, or your wallet after a particularly heavy night? But I digress...) « can't really tell you how it's going to play) and CD owners will be pleased to learn that the CD version also has full speech (there are six languages too, so have a giggle trying to follow what's going on in
As mentioned above, we've only seen the screenshots here so have a look and we'll keep you updated as and when we receive any more information. ® The full game's got some 30 locations (we've only seen a disk of screenshots so we Kicking off the budget label, Islona Budget, is this addictive 100 level puzzler. It's an idea that's been done before but this one's full of a whole new set of surprises.
Basically the idea's pretty simple, direct a marble around an arena using a combination of direction arrows, stop signs and a bunch of other instructions at your disposal and complete the level's task - get the marble to pick up a powerball on the other side of the arena and then get it to the exit, for example. You know the kind of thing - the marble just keeps going in the direction it's been pointed until it trundles across another instruction or explodes because it's run into a wall.
This kind of game is so simple yet so addictive.
Once you've completed a level you just can't stop yourself from having a bash at the next.
Keep your eyes out for a full review when we receive the finished game (it's almost there we've Heaven knows what's going on here but I bet it's loads of fun!
Been assured). And if you can't find Amiga Format on the shelves for a couple of month's you'll understand that we have indeed received the finished game... PREVIEWS translated so expect more news when we've got our grubby mitts on the English version.
Meanwhile you'll just have to enjoy all these spooky pics... © Here's a game that we really can't wait to get our hands on. It's an Alien Breed, Gloom, and ultimately Doom clone that puts the player in the middle of a graveyard in the dead of night.
And yes, the dead do have an unnerving habit of getting up and coming after you ('Send more brains...'), so arm yourself as quickly as possible and send 'em all back to Hell.
Although we haven't yet had time to play this exhaustively, we're already impressed with the speed of the game (running on our A1200) and with the fact that it's so damn scarey! And if you think it's all zombies with their arms outstretched then you're in for a nasty surprise.
The version we've played v ith is in German but we're assured the finished version will be Due for release in March (so that should be about now) this adventure puzzle game enables up to four people to compete simultaneously in their quest to discover who's the greatest sorcerer.
It's a kind of Doom Death Match (but on the Amiga) where you spend your time running through labyrinths of corridors and dungeons trying to destroy your opponents and survive any attacks they might launch against you. And it's not just your opponent you have to worry about - the dungeons and catacombs are populated by monsters and as if they weren't trouble enough there are all Kargon manner of traps and pitfalls to test your wits.
Magic walls, teleports and a whole host of cunning tricks and stunts have been thrown in to try your skill, while you're rushing around chucking fireball spells all over the place. This game is going to appeal to people who not only like the thought of combat in dungeons but to gamers who like solving the odd puzzle to boot!
Andy Smith and the word Blockhead together in the same sentence?
Surely some mistake... The beginning instructions introduce new features for the level. Very handy too mate.
We like puzzle games on Amiga Format. They generally give good value for money because you can take ages to finish them and if they're done well you can find yourself thinking of nothing else as you try to work out how to get past the part that's currently got you completely stumped.
Thankfully, Blockhead is a goodie. It's not a greatie, for reasons I'll go into later, but it's a goodie all right. It's about manipulating blocks. Moving them from one place to another in order to open the exit and go to the next level. Ala Sokoban and the rest.
Well paced Applaud have, quite rightly, made much of the fact that the game's got a well-paced difficulty level.
New tricks and treats are introduced gradually and in such a way as to leave you in little doubt what you should be doing with them. Nice one Applaud.
You're this little chap viewed from above (very Valhalla) who trundles around the screen. There are green and red (at least, we haven't got far enough to find anymore though...) blocks which can be either pushed or pulled and there are brown blocks which are immovable. These brown blocks, or some of them at least, can be destroyed on later levels by dropping sticks of dynamite next to them. The idea's to pull the moveable blocks around the immovable ones and drop them into their colour-coded IN holes.
This is never as easy as it may seem because you're limited to how you can push and pull exactly.
You might have two lines of brown blocks with only enough room for one coloured block between.
That's not so bad when you just want to move between 'em but when you want to push at 90 degrees to the immovable blocks you're probably going to find you don't have enough room to manoeuvre. Many's the time you're going to push a block somewhere, leave it and then wander round the maze of immovable blocks until you can come at your coloured block from a different side. And that's part of the fun. Working out where you need to be not only now, but when you've made two or three direction changes. Challenging stuff sometimes.
To really put the screws on Applaud have put you up against a time limit. On the right of the screen a large weight descends over an icon of your character. It only drops slowly but sure enough, when it hits your little chap you've lost a life and have to re-start the level. When you've lost all your lives you're dumped back at the title screen. Fortunately, there's a level code entry system so you don't have to go through the motions of doing the early levels over and over and over again, though the code isn't made as clear as should be because it's the level name that's the code and is easy
to miss.
And so all the other bits: you're not only attempting to solve each level there are bonus points to be pQljegtegl by picking up items around the screen. There are even secret bonus points icons to be uncovered by walking across 'em but at the end of the day it's the solving of the levels that's important.
Here you've got to quickly manipulate red and green blocks before the weight drops... On ice Let’s take a typical level for example. Level 7 sees the introduction of Ice. Now this ice only allows you to travel across it in the direction you first stepped on it. Unless you're wearing the ice skates which have to be collected from behind a wall of destructible brown blocks. And the dynamite to destroy the blocks is in another part of the level where the ice makes it very difficult to get at.
Solving the puzzle involves sticking something in the way on the ice so that when you step onto the ice from another direction, you'll stop when you hit the object. You'll then be able to turn and go and get the dynamite which, in turn, will allow you to get the skates. By this time though, you will have realised that you should have moved another block somewhere else before going to get your skates. It's that kind of game.
Although most of the levels are well thought out and varied you don't get the feeling that something truly special is required to solve it. Some would argue that's good because the game is at least playing fairly.
But with a game like this the odd curve-ball can make all the difference.
Good and solid It doesn't look that great, the sound is so-so and it's hardly got knuckle-whitening, adrenaline- pumping gameplay but it's a jolly good, solid puzzle game. Derivative but well put together and certainly worth a look if your grey matter is in need of a work-out.
PUBLISHER: Applaud Software 01283 217270 PRICE: £14.99 VERSIONS: A500 A1200 REQUIREMENTS: 1.5Mb RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS: •ttOO Not as pretty as Melinda Messenger.
Beck could teach 'em a lot.
ADDICTION: •••00 On the slippery slope towards Class A. PLAYABILITY: •••0 0 Easier than chess, harder than Hack Straws.
OVERALL VERDICT: A solid, if uninspired, puzzle game that will keep you playing. 3ust don't expect too many fireworks.
With a sheepskin jacket, big cigar and bad haircut, Andy Smith wonders why he stands alone at discos... Local matches are always good fun in the Amiga Format office.
They used to be even more fun when Linda Benson still worked with us because both she and Cathy are Bristol City fans (****heads) whereas I follow the true path and support Bristol Rovers (Gashead). But baiting the solitary Cathy is fun enough when there's a footy manny game to review.
This one's supposed to be a European affair and it is, in that you can choose to manage a Spanish or Italian team instead of an English club, but frankly, I don't really see why you'd want to very much. The box blurb reckons you're going to have to adopt different tactics to succeed in each of the different International leagues, but, for reasons I'll go into
i. c ¦r Turn it off!
One of the first things you'll want to do when you boot this up, is go to the options screen and turn off the animations. If you don't then every time a goal is scored, or missed, you're treated to a little TV monitor replay of the goalmouth incident. The animation itself isn't so bad - it's not the best ever seen either - it's just that there can be 20 goalmouth incidents in a half and it gets really tedious, having to watch the same 'clip' over and over and over again. Turn 'em off fast. And while you're here you'll probably want to speed up the gametime because then waiting until the end of
the match is less painful.
All the basic stuff you'd expect to be in a game of this type is here.
REVIEW you refuse an offer on one of my squads and was assured it was because of the machine I was playing the game on. Maybe, maybe not but the game still bombed out every now and again, even after swapping Twice I should have had a car park. Twice they ran off with the dosh. Still no car park machines. I wouldn't trust it myself, especially having experienced the game's other bugs. Foolishly I decided to upgrade my stadium and have a car-park built (for the substantial sum of 10,000). This was going to take me 10 game 'weeks'.
Stupidly, I decided to save the game after a few weeks. When I re-loaded it back in I was surprised to find that Training for a- instance. It says 'siwrn- '£ on the box blurb - "Individual player coaching to =- improve your team. Some players may thrive EBSI on hard training h,JOUf t||$ ’Sfchh but others may IB* not. Finding the j T’yA-i y success." But all I Yes, I know all the names are wrong. It's just a game, OK?
Ever managed to do was pick what the team were doing on a particular day - dribbling on a Wednesday for example. Or should I say Wendnesday, as the game does!
Bristol Rovers had only played 3 games this season and accumulated 26 points. I was really surprised to find the car-park builders had abandoned the project but kept the money. Bastards.
As for the transfer system, well it's beyond me. Sure, you can buy domestic or foreign players but the pricing of players is very odd.
Actually, that's one of the least annoying things about the game. It's riddled with bugs. I talked to Guildhall about the bug that dumps you out to a blue Workbench screen whenever Suppose you want A. Smith from Shrewsbury. He's priced at 4473*He's valued at 5190. Shrewsbury refuse to sell him for anything less than 8765.
Now suppose you want to sell B. Smith to Shrewsbury. He's valued at
7654. The best offer you get from Shrewsbury is 4298. It just
doesn't seem to be a very satisfying part of the game.
Pump Unless your glasses are very rose- tinted you'll have realised that I think this game is pump. Despite the horrendous bugs (our review copy was a full-on, packaged as you'd get it in the shops affair, so there are no cries of "Well, it's a pre-production version, all the bugs will be gone before it hits the streets"), it's just too basic, shallow and unfulfilling to give you any pleasure. There's not even much sense of 'Europe' about the game - unless you're someone who actually gets into European competition. There are many football management games around that are better than this -
check out something like USM, Premier Manager 2 or any other football management game in fact. Don't go for this at all. & The highlights animation screen PUBLISHER: Guildhall Leisure 01302 890000 PRICE: £19.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: 2Mb RELEASE DATE: Out now GRAPHICS: Somewhere at the bottom of the second. , SOUND: Not an away win all season.
ADDICTION: Cries of 'Donkey!' Round the stadium.
PLAYABILITY: Match abandoned.
OVERALL VERDICT: A not very good football manage ment game that doesn't deserve your valuable second looks.
We love the Amiga because it enables us to express our creative talents. Amiga Format is the shop window for that talent. These are, of course, the... Skip this part of the magazine if you're interested in coding, or genlocking, or drawing, or anything serious and highbrow in fact. Here we just look at games and games alone. Games with a difference however, because you can't go out and buy these. Yet.
You'll notice we don't score these games - that would not be fair - we simply offer our thoughts and advice on how the games can be tweaked and improved. And most of the time we manage to refrain from giggling at the really awful ones.
The really good ones are bound to attract attention and Amiga Format has an exclusive arrangement with Epic Marketing whereby once we've looked at 'em we pass them onto Epic who have a closer look at the best ones with a view to publishing them. But whatever happens every game mentioned in this section wins it's author an Epic CD and the month's best game wins an extra £50 worth of Epic Cds and £50 from Amiga Format. Now, surely, that is incentive enough for anyone to get coding.
On with the show... Chris says he is working on another game and we're just hoping he gets it finished quickly. © HIGHER Ulut is. Ihe Rinbw '» LG HER
- Hhat is- the amber- i M LG HER Hhit is- the.amber Pti LflHER
Kbit is the amber- iJH thinking of? 4B86 think in-3 of? 288*
think in-] of? 188* think in-3 of? 95 think in-3 of? 267 think
in-3 of? 167 thinking of? 198 thinking of? 199 thinking of? 228
thinking of? 238 Hh.jt is. The amber- L'lHEfi Hh-it is the
amber- i'n A screenshot.
About as much fun as a pair of damp socks.
It's always a treat when a game like this plops onto the office doormat. Obvious demonstrations of complete lunacy are what keeps Reader Games fresh and exciting. And this is as mad as the legendary text-only version of Elite we had a couple of months back.
It's also exactly the same as a Reader Game we featured Hh-it is the amber- i’11 HIGHER Htut is the amber- i'« HIGHER Hhat is the amber i’« HIGHER Hh-it is the amber i'« CORlErT It IcaR V8ti 11
• joes to '|«ess it: ¦Another Gene back In AF86, called Logic.
Like that, the Idea is to simply guess a number that the
computer has chosen at random from 0-10000. Suppose it's
thinking of 16, you guess 2,500. It says lower.
You say 4. It says higher. This goes on until you get to 16 and do it all over again.
This is even madder than Logic though because it's a text-only jobbie again, there are no pictures of little men asking you what number their thinking of or scrolly text telling you higher or lower. Oh no, it's plain white text on a black background. In fact the only bit of polish is when you guess correctly and get a 'ping' sound effect as a reward.
The game reveals all its depth in less time than it takes to load and even that includes playing with the custom game where you can choose the number parameters the computer has to work with. But just try and stop playing it!
AUTHOR: GEOFF & 3UNS M LANGUAGE: REALITY The first of this month's Reality games is a shoot-em-up. The player controls a small blue helicopter (presumably piloted by Dicky Duck) through four sideways scrolling levels of baddies and bosses.
The graphics are crude but functional and the sound effects are standard. In fact the only thing that makes the game anything other than completely ordinary is the inclusion of a shop.
Each baddie shot drops a musical note which, when collected, becomes a gold coin in your bank. Hit the spacebar anytime during play and you can then spend your gold coins on a variety of power-ups. Nothing new or remarkable there really. But it all works fine.
It's an average shoot-em-up created using the Reality Software Construction Kit and from what we've seen of other Reality games the shoot-em-up bit is the best part. The games are never outstanding or innovative but they're shoot-em-ups like shoot-em-ups should be.
Strengths and weaknesses of the construction kit used to create it. That doesn't mean don't send your Reality games in, just don't expect to see them covered unless they're vastly different from the games we've seen so far. © As with this month's other Reality game, Dicky Duck is merely a demonstration of the VERDICT: ABOUT AS AVERAGE AS AN AVERAGE GAME CREATED USING THE REALITY KIT WOULD BE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THOUGH FOLKS, AND KEEP THOSE REALITY GAMES COMING IN - EXTRAORDINARY ONES WILL STILL BE FEATURED.
From here and depositing them there (usually to help someone out who then gives him something he's going to need somewhere else).
The standard rats and bats are present as are a few novel baddies such as dragons, but they all fly around in their distinctive Reality patterns. In fact that's the whole thing about Legend... it's so obviously Reality created. That in itself isn't a bad thing, it's just that the medium doesn't have too much flexibility and consequently you're left with a game that's exactly like the dozens of other Reality created platform games. Still, the people behind this have worked hard to polish the gameplay. It works as it should and plays as you'd expect - not something that every Reality created
game manages to achieve and the graphics are of a very high quality. All In all, a solid but uninspiring platform game that shows the team behind it have promise - despite the limitations of the kit.
THE LEGEND OF KAURAK KHOLZIL AUTHOR: NIAN DESIGNS LANGUAGE: REALITY This is the second of the games featured this month that have been created using the versatile Reality Software Construction Kit. This one's a platformer in the Charlie Chimp mould - and you wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't a Charlie Chimp game if it were not for the fact that the star of this game's a crocodile (Colin the crocodile, obviously).
It's an OK game as well. Colin trundles around the large game area, collecting objects And ooh look! It's the rats that feature in just about every Reality platform game ever. Ho hum.
Look! It's Colin the Croc. Who could just as easily be Charlie the Chimp in a game like this.
The Reality 'not-really-very-good-picking-things-up' screen. Time to exit and don't drop.
AUTHOR: ROBERT BENJAMIN LANGUAGE: UNKNOWN S * Have a look at the screen shots of Fred the Frog. Less than B impressive aren't they? Hard to B imagine why we've awarded it this month's prize isn't it? And, to be frank, we're not entirely sure either. Fred the Frog has gripped the office with its bizarre concept and gameplay however. Everyone's wanted 'just one more go' and the chuckles the game's given us have brightened the week.
That is reason enough to award it the prize.
It's terribly easy to play too, all you do is move Fred left and right and make him jump to eat butterflies that flap slowly across the screen.
Eat the required number of butterflies and move onto the next screen (where Fred's slightly bigger and can jump slightly higher). Eat the wrong thing and it's 'Boo hoo, Fred's dead' time.
But that's all there is to it. Just keep Fred jumping and avoiding the baddies. But there's something about it that makes you want to play it. It can't be the terribly simple gameplay or the less than impressive graphics - maybe it's just Doesn't look like much does it? Still it not only had us laughing but actually had us playing the game for fun.
Because it's fun. I know, I know, how on Earth can it be fun? Because it hits a raw nerve of addiction. We on Amiga Format have never been blinded by a game's graphic quality - witness last month's review of Vulcan's graphically lovely, but tedious to play, Burnout (AF95 40%) - we're interested in games that have a bottom line that says 'great fun to play'. Fred the Frog won't entertain for long but it's a giggle while it does. © It does mean in awarding Robert this month's prize that he'll have to change it into dollars!
Little Fred at the start of his adventure. That brown thing is what he'd like to eat if he could jump that high Continued overleaf AUTHOR: JIM CLARK LANGUAGE: AMOS And as if to reinforce what was said about the last game, here's a Breakout clone that would normally be passed over for something in a genre that didn't feature so often in Reader Games. Except Jim has, as seems to be the pre-requisite of these authors this month, gone stark raving mad.
What's the one main constant with every Breakout clone? Would you agree that the game NEEDS to display the whole playing area as one screen? You know, bricks at the top and bat at the bottom that you move around shadowing the ball's movements as it bounces round the screen? Yeah, I would too. You've guessed it though, Jim thinks it's perfectly acceptable to have an enormous bat at the bottom of the screen, launch the ball, watch the screen scroll up as the enormous bricks at the top of the screen come into view and then watch the screen scroll down again as the bricks Score; fOO i. ves;
Statas; M or ma LEVEL.: 1 PASSCODE: AAAAAAAAAA And at the bottom of the two screens lives the bat.
Surprisingly, it actually works. And it's fun too.
Disappear and the bat comes into view. To be fair, Jim has included a small arrow icon which appears next to the ball when your bat's out of view indicating where on earth your bat is.
And the surprising thing? It works! The collision detection is a little iffy (both on the bat and the bricks) but it works well enough. Simple twists on established ideas are what innovation is all about. If this held together a little better it would have scooped the Star Prize. Don't stop now Jim, you're just getting started. © The top of the screen where the bricks live. The arrow points to where you've left your bat.
V. 1: 1 up: 000410 HI: 060410 AUTHOR: BARRY 'DINGO' DRIVER
LANGUAGE: SUTZBASIC2 And to contradict everything that was
said about the last game, here's another old fave that has
about as many new twists as a Mills and Boon romantic novel.
But again, this is an excellent game because it does exactly
what it's attempting to do - re-create an arcade original on
the Amiga. And well played to Barry because he's apparently
coded this from his distant memories of the original.
Everything's as I remember it too. Swoopy, divey aliens, murderous changes of course as ¦ Galaxians in-all its early eighties glory. Who could forget how those aliens swoop down, off and back on to the screen? Not us*.. they come after you, more swoopy, divey aliens on the later stages, little flags to show how many 'sheets' you've cleared, the lot.
But one of the main reasons this oldie is included in this month's Reader Games is because it's the best of the bunch when it comes to sound. Not because the quality of the effects is particularly brilliant but because they're used as they should be.
Whoops, whee's and booms all just where they should be and they go a long way to capturing the flavour of the original. Barry's even got the clunky side-ways movement of the aliens just right in combination with their smooth as silk flying down the screen movement.
But as seems to be the theme running through this month's Reader Games, let's not have too many early eighties arcade clones please - unless they're doing something the others aren't. Like paying better than average attention to sound in this case.
Just keep 'em coming folks. We enjoy looking at them as much as the commercial games! © VERDICT: LOOKS AS DATED AS IT SHOULD AND THE OLD SOUND EFFECTS ADD LOTS TO THE EXPERIENCE.
Every game featured in our Reader Games section wins an Epic CD and the winning entry also wins £50 from Amiga Format and another £50 worth of Epic Cds.
Just a note of caution though: don't bother sending in that PD game you coded three years ago, we'SS spot it and chuck it in the bin.
After we've erased the disk for good measure.
APRIL 1997 AMIGA FORMAT And, once the game's been featured here, we'll be passing them all onto Epic Marketing who'll take a look at the good ones with a view to publishing them. There's nothing guaranteed but you never know - you might just get a phone call in a couple of months time. Please remember to make sure you put a contact number or address on any of your submissions and can you also enclose a recent photograph of yourself so that other readers can see who's responsible for the masterpiece that you have created. The address to send your entries to is: Reader Games • Amiga Format 30
Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW POSTAGE & PACKING A, TEL : 01268 571157 jk -free r0 fZCVPlC€ft frt&CJC S*lCL€st fax:01268733731
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Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm. Please note: Some titles may
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despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days. VAT IS
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! I Sensations II Sound I mrary A GFX Lunacy Sound S'.jdo Souno Ter-ifio I Sound I em'io I Sperry 9 . . . . .
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We rd Scerce Fonts World ol C ip art World ct C'ipart Plus V orld of Games World ol Clc World cl PnolO World ol Sr.ma World cl Video Zoom ii WORLD OF SOCCER 4.99----- ----- Worlds at War .... 4.99 ----------- WORMS ...... 9.99--------- WORMS: DIRECTORS CUT 18.99---- Wreckers ..... 3.99 ..... XP 8 ..16.99--------- ZEE WOLF 2 - WILD FIRE..22.99 ----- ----- Zoo! .. 8.99 Zool 2 ... 8.99 ------ 10 10
Dinosaurs .12.99 ..... 10 10 Early Essentials (3-7).12.99 ..... 10 10 English (6-16) ......12.99 ..... 10 10 Essential Maths 5-12..12.99 ..... 10 10 Essential Science 5-1212.99 ....- 10 10 French (6-16) ......12.99 ..... 10 10 German (8-16) .....12.99 ..... 10 10 Junior Essentials 5-1112.99 ..... 10 10 Maths Algebra (6-16) .12.99 ....- 10 10 Maths Geometry 6-16 12.99 ..... 10 10 Maths Numbers 6-16.. 12.99 ..... 1C -0 Mirths Statistics (6 1-3112 93 ..... 1C"0 Spelling Punc.wlic-i 12 99 -
tCv'O Stn.cfiiioc Spo-'ing ‘2 99 ...... Better S:;cli-ig (5-10) 1533 ..... Better Maths : 12-16) f.3 33 .. Cave Maze (8 12: '0 99 ...... ¦ raclio-i Goblins (8-13: to 99 ...... ¦nsxjht D i osaurs 14 99 Kid I* x *0 99 Mage Maths ; t 5: '3 33 ..... Mill Di.-yons 0-18: '0 33 ..... Malhs Mana ;8-12) "t'JJ ’iClum F-,actor s (7-101 0 33 Botin Hood (8- '3 99 ..... VJ rc. In The Wil OWS |6*i '3 99 ... PLAYER MAN 2 EXTRA ....7.99---- Populous & Promised Lands12.99 ..... Populous 2 ..12.99 .....
Power ... 7.99 PowerBase v3.5.(Database)12.99 ..... Powerdrive .. 9.99 9.99 ...... Powergames ...... 12.99 Powermonger& D Disk .12.99---------- Premiere ...... 4.99 ------12.99 Pushover ..... 8.99 Railroad Tycoon .12.99 ..... Reach for the Skies 12.99------ ----- Realms .10.99 ..... Risky Woods ......10.99 ..... Roadkill .
7.99 7.99 Road Rash .. 7.99 ..... Rugby League Coach ...3.99 ..... Seek 'n’ Destroy .12.99------ ------ Sens World of Soccer 96 97 16.99 ..... SWOS 96 97 DATA DISK.... 7.99 -...... Shuttle .12.99...... ...... Silent Service ..... 8.99 ..... SIMON THE SORCEROR 1 12.9912.9912.99 Skeleton Krew .... 7.99 ------ SKIDMARKS ...... 7.99 ...- SLAMTILT ... 19.99 ------ Sleepwalker . 7.99 8.99
------ Soccer Team Manager ..10.99 ..... SPACE HULK ....12.99 - .. SPECIAL FORCES 8.99 ..... Speedball 2 ..12.99 Speris Legacy ..... 19.99 ...... Sporting Spectacular Football Director 2, FI GP Circuits, Rugby Coach, Daily Double Horse Racing, Euro Superleague....14.99 ..... Star Fighter .. 19.99 ...... STARLORD 8.99------- Stellar 7 12.99 ..... Streetfighter 2 .....18.99
.. Strike Fleet ..10.99 Strip Pot 7.99 7.99 Subversion .. 4.99 ..... Super League Manager 7.99 7.99 7.99 Super Skidmarks 7.99 ------ 7.99 Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo.. .....14.99 SUPER TENNIS CHAMP .... 7.99--------- Super Tennis Champ 2 D D. 5.99 ..... Football Director 2 .. 3.
Football Glory FOOTBALL MASTERS 16.
Football Statistician Pro 14 Formula One Grand Prix 12 FORMULA ONE MASTERS 16 Galaxy Force ...... 5.
Gearworks ... 3.
Genesis 3.
GFL Championship Football 3.
Global Effect GLOOM -- GLOOM DELUXE .. 7.
G Gooch- WC Test Match ... 7.
G Gooch-W Class Cricket.... 7.
G Gooch - Battle tor Ashes.. 4.
Guardian ......-- Gun Fury .....14 Hard Nova ... 7.
Heimdali ......4. Heimdall 2 ... Helter Skelter ......13 Hillsea Lido ..12. Hjrnar s 5 Hype-come Irnucssioie Mssc-i 2023 lm~ortal inrji.napols 500 INTER BASE . INTER OFFICE . INTER SPREAD ... INTER TALK ... INTER WORLD .. Internationa Arcade Action In: One C.iv Cr ckel Internationa Sco-ls Chan IntOS AMOS i Boxing ... 9.99 .....
- ftsck Sub ..10.99 ..... : -ccroach
Trainer . 9.99 ..... : imack Compilation - Gloom,
r Skidmarks ......14.99 ------ i Gladiators 9.99 .....
Compilation - World Snooker, ¦ Goes, Multiplayer Soccer
Manager, Dr ; House o! Fiox J-tpa.-. PvsHcman-a 99 8.99 ......
99-------- 99 ..... 99 ...-
99. .... 99 ..... 99 ..... 99 .....
99 ..... ¦ 4.99
- 7.99 7.99 99 ------ ----- 99 ..... 99 ------------ 99
..... 7.99 7.99
99. .... 99 ..... 99 ..... 7.99 9.99
.99------------ .99 ....- ...'.0 95 ... 4
33 99 ..... 8 99 .99 . ,99 ...... 99 ......- 99-----
----- 99----- ----- 99 . 99 ----- ._... JJ 99
..... .99 ..... .99 ...... 99 ,99
... ¦ VferJears Poo' ; Gaines . '0 99 - .. I'J
99 . H i ..... .12 99 ----- .1 on ..... .' 9912
99 . -.0 99 ..... . K 99
.Pete 12 .
T stand .
9. 99 . 0 99 . 12 99 , 1C 99 , 12 99 . 18.99 t: Piey .
I Crypt .
! BASIC 2 1.
- 2 99 3 99 • 9 99 -
22. 99 r Bob Romeo 0;: ta ITHLESS ..... ,~AL FOOT3ALL i n
Stix :& Squeak 8 99 4 99 .'99 7 33 7 33 1C 99 i ti’ Bom
..... 1QQQ ...... : Fodder Zil2.99 ..... i
Squares 3.99 ..... MANAGER
2 ..19.99 .... : Manager 94 D Disk.. 7.99
..... i ENGINE 2 19.9919.99 ----- nship
Challenge World of Snooker, ¦ '.latch Cricket Challenge,
Treble Champs t 1 Day Cricket .14.99 .....
Yiser .. 9.99 9.99 9.99 : "cotball
The Manager.... 7.99 7.99 ------ : i
Country ... 7.99 ..... I
World ... 5.99 .....
lONISATION ..12.99 ....
14. 99 .1 Nick n..« Oesiyne- C in A-i 7.
¦« Je- P M Jc'.sf.ke Jigs,-iv. P.a em .n n 3 Jm.my White's Sncoke- '2.
John Madden Footoal '( .
KGB •?.
Kies Oft 3.
KidPx t0.
Leeds Jntec 3.
Legends Line of Fire .. 4.
Lion King ..... Loopz 17. Lure Of The Temptress .12. Manyk Mayhem Compilation - Fears, Roadkill .. Marvens Marvellous Adv's... MEDIEVAL WARRIORS...... 3.
Midwinter .....10. Minskies the Abduction .14. Morph ... Multi Media Experience .24 Multi Player Soccer Manager 3.
Naughty Ones .... 3.
Nippon Sates ...... 8.
Odyssey ...... 9.
One Day Cricket On The Ball League Edition. Operation Combat 2 ......4 OVER THE NET . 3.
Pegasus ......12 PGA EUROPEAN TOUR.....
• •• 399 JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES 33 - 33 ..... 99
.. 33 • .3 99 ...... 33 -¦ 59 ..... ¦ 8 99 6 99
99 ..... 19.99 ...... .99 ..... .99 .....
¦ Legends, 14.99 ......
4. 99 ...... 99 ------ ----- .99 ..... .99 .....
7. 99 8.99 .99 ..... 99 ------------ 99--------- 99
......12.99 99 ......- 99 ------------ 99 ..... 99
..... 8.99 ------ 99 ..... 99----- -----
.99 ..... 12.99 AAR=ANALOGUE ADAPTER REQUIRED 4 Player
Joystick Adapter ..... 4.99 Analogue Joystick
Adaptor ... 4.99 Automatic Joystick Mouse
Splitter 14.99 Competition Pro Xtra Clear Joystick 10.99 CH
Joystick .. 7.99 GRAVIS
ANALOG JOYSTICK ....(AAR) 19.99 li le'i'al 880K Floppy D've
AottO 47 99 Ir te-tiHl 880K Floppy Or v : A6CC-At200 49 39
JUPITER JOYSTICK ..... 7 99 Mouse 300 cpi 2
Bultah '0 33 Mouse 400 dpi 2 Bettor '4 39 McuSC 400 Cf.i 3
Uut'.o'i '0 93 Moiisem.l 1.33 Joy»t r.k Vovse Lxteris or Carle
6 33 JoySt r.k Y S?l tie- 4 99 I cyic: 3 Della Ray Auto! Re
JYI66 10 93 Legit 3 Alima Ray ¦ Autol re to 'Ti Lcqic 3 Sigma
Ray Auloli-e 12 99 POWER SUPPLY UNIT .... 39
99 Otnr.k|.ry Pedals SVI29 9 99 Screei'bea’ 3 Speakers SS203
17 99 Sc.reenbeat -1 Speaker S6704 11 99 Screei'bea' !,
Sccakcrs BD205 1109 Screenbeat 29 Speakers Sli 27s 21 99
Screei -bea' Pis) SO Speak* « SB?',0 32 90 Gcfeer bea' RCA
Amr.ter Cab e 1 99 Screefibeat Power Supply 7 99 ThruSti"aster
XL JaySI Ck (AARJ27 99 Zipstick Sucef P-r, AutoVc- Jeyst ek 10
99 Supremacy Syndicate les' f .vch C-icset The Gar- eu Theatre
o' Oe.Vi THEME PARK ...... Timekeepe-s ' mekeopois Duly
3.99 4.99 TOTAL FOOTBALL ......12.99------ Touring Car
Challenge ..12.99 ..... Treble Champions
2 ...... 4.99 .....
TRODDLERS .....16.99----- ----- Turbo Pack
3 ...... 3.99 .....
UFO ..12.99-----------
Ultimate Soccer Manager D D ...... 8.99 ------ Valhalla 1 Lord
ot Infinity......14.99 ..... Valhalla 2 Before the War
....14.99 ..... van,alia 3 Fc-tcsi ;;l • ve . 17 'J'J
VIRTUAL KARTING..... Vital Ligm Watch f’jwer VV, muV-y 1 11
3u.ee' Worm;ley Huyby I eaque While D : llh ...... VV
rg Commander W kid VV : Ic-iil:: Wendt* d at) WORLD GOLF......
WORLD OF GOLF..... . To 99 ...... . '2 33 - . 99 . T0 39
...... . 9 33 ¦ , 12 9912.99 , 12 99 . 5 99 ..... . 17.99
..... . 4 99 ...... . " ¦): .. 7 99
• 7 33 . 3 99 .16.99 : Spacehead 3GIRL POKER ifcr AMOS.
! Captain OKET MASTERS sous Streets xe Stnp Poke- nanlao iSlr.ke . ... ac.HT ¦ 1 Of 2 Store i Dog 3MA .3 99 3 39 -
• 7 33 • 7 S3 ..... 8 99 ----- ----- .2 09 . 4 9 &
..... 3 99 ..... . -----19.99 ...... 12 99 ......
• -. 99 9 99 ...... . 3 99 7 99 7 39 ...... ¦ Data D-sk . .. 5
99 .... ne Racing .. 5.99 ------ as
Racing Data Disk... 4.99 GRAND PRIX CIRCUITS 3.99
- .. i STRIKE EAGLE 2 .12.99--------- I STSALTH
FICHT6R,,,.,12.99------- .10.99 .....
U7A ... 8.99 ..... sy
Manager 95 96 8.99 .....
- ---- 7.99 ...... DS OF GLORY ......12.99------ 8.99 FA
Soccer 12.99 ..... r
Harder .... 8-99 ;
Errand 3.99 ..... 4,99 eague
Manager an Champ oils san iiiiatir eaguu.
- •12.99
• 1 99 V S3 ...... 4 99 7 99 7 99
4. 99
• 2 33 ...... '099 4 99 ...... 4 33 1? Gq ----
8. 99 ..... PD & SHAREWARE 99 ----------- .99 .....
.99 ------------ gg .....
12. 9912.99
12. 9912.99
12. 99 ------ .9916.9916.99 PGA Golf PGA
Golf Plus Courses .12 PGA Tour
Golf ....12 Pinball Dreams & Fantasies.12
Pinball Fantasies ...... Pinball
Illusions .. Pinball Mania .
PINBALL PRELUDE .....16 BUSINESS BOC-1 A-Gene fl mog;-
BCC4 Ami Cash B005 A-masf. P-ct B006 6CC- Business I ettnrs
BO I t A Graph B0IS Analytic A! O 1 75 . 1 25 . I 23 . 1 25 .
1 23 . 2 50 BLANK DISKS Amiga CDROM AGA Experience
9. 30am to 8pm Mon-Sat 10am to 5pm Sunday & Bank Holidays 01279
600204 ALFA MEGAMOUSE 400 ... 13.99 400 DPI, 2 MICROSWITCHED
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BOARD FOR A1200 + CLOCK 109.99 4 MB (SIMM
CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 AND SX-1 .17.99 8 MB (SIMM
CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 ..30.99 16 MB
(SIMM CHIP) RAM FOR A4000 ......67.99 SIMM
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K240 We'd forgotten how good this game was until it got pulled out and dusted off one quiet afternoon a couple of weeks back. Although it's not the hardest game in the world there are some tricks and treats that can be employed to get the best from this Andrea, the text has gone funny. I ean't see classic- Give * a whirl Y°urself next what's going on. Is it important? Time it S raining outside... ? To start with, the following procedure should become almost automatic as you start to build up your asteroids: build power supplies first, the 8Mw jobbies. Follow that with deep bore mines and
normal mines. Fill in with a radiation filter, hydroponics, food plants, air supply generators and ore stores. Don't bother with environment controls or power stores just at the moment, but get 'em when you're really sure you can afford the extra expense.
? As soon as you've taken care of the essentials, build a hangar, a weapon's factory and a command centre. These are essential because you're going to want to be building scout and fighting ships. The command centre is also needed because it allows you to build a spacedock and spacedocks enable you to build the bigger ships like transporters and fleet battleships.
? To get going in the game proper though, get acquainted with the Sci- Tek blueprints screen. Set aside 130,000 credits and buy the ordinary mine and deep bore blueprints. This doubles your output from these types of mine and soon pays for itself.
Considering that the enemy is unknown, it makes sense to and find out where he is as soon as possible.
? Build as many scout ships as you can afford. Don't bother going to the trouble and expense of arming the things though - these ships are only going to be used for scouting and scouting alone. The Empire tends to send you fleets of better equipped ships anyway.
? Keep checking on all the mining production and things like that while you're waiting and as soon as you've got a couple of scouts built send 'em off into the furthest reaches to have a look-see. If they come across an asteroid on the way they'll come back and report it, so make a note of whether they reached their destination and if they didn't send them off in the same direction again.
? Once you've discovered several asteroids, survey 'em as soon as you can to see if they're worth exploiting.
L6riGTH= 13 m- ** flRfflOUR 20 20 ) SPEED: 3 fri- BUILD TlfflE - 20 DftVS ORE TI6EDED- SELEriUJffl 2 CRYSTRLITE 2 GOST-I 6000 + C O ) = 6000-i HRR:DP0fr!TS= 1 RESOURCE PROD lb ROE P04IJER 3 0 HIK 3 6 63 SURPLUS SO I uuu 1 000 1000 UJFtTER EOJRITY: ASTEROID SECURE And when you need a quick summary of a colony on an asteroid you'll erm, come here.
This is obviously the place to come when you're ready to build assault fighters.
Don't colonise the first bunch of asteroids you survey though unless they're particularly rich in good ores.
? Colonisation is a costly and time consuming task so sometimes it's best to wait. Asteroids with Traxium and Nexos on them are always worth mining however because of the large sums of cash you can earn through exploiting them. Of course, you need the Seismic Penetrator to mine either of these pricey ores so buy the blueprints from Sci-Tek.
? Renaming asteroids is a lot more important than you'd imagine. As soon as you've colonised more than three or four you're going to forget what mineral or function the asteroid is supposed to be fulfilling. Click on the CPU and you'll see three little icons to the right of the pop up panel and it's here you can name the asteroids with useful names like 'Lots of Traxium', or 'Home base' and things like that. This really is a useful way of keeping track of what you're doing, where.
? It's also very useful to assign them to function keys. This lets you jump to any colonised or uncolonised asteroid in a jiffy.
? You can even think about the function keys when you're renaming the asteroids, for example 'LotTraxF3'. This becomes very handy on the asteroid map screen.
? Follow the above simple guidelines and you should become familiar with the game mechanics and requirements - money saving gizmos such as power amplifiers, repair and construction droids, accurate missile targetting and so on. You'll probably be itching to give the enemy a good hiding so set up a couple of fleets.
T Arm one fleet with chaos bombs, static inducers and heavy shields and assemble the other as an attack fleet for space combat.
This ensures that your bombers should be mostly undisturbed as they reduce the enemy's buildings to piles of rubble.
? As you dispatch your fleets, fire off a whole load of cheap missiles at the target asteroid. This will soften up the target a bit - making the job of destroying it a whole lot easier.
? There you go, now search out that old copy, follow the hints above and give yourself a pleasant afternoon in front of the monitor... Continued overleaf HELPING HANDS RICK DANGEROUS II |gj I love this platform game but (M find it's murderously difficult jf| in places. I keep persisting 'm but get fed up after a while, have you got any tips that can |ft make the task less demanding for me?
Andrew Trollope King's Lynn We have just the thing for you Andrew. On the high-score screen type in either POOKY or HE VEUX VIVRE and you'll find you've got infinite lives! Hurrah!
DUNGEON QUEST Help, help, help. I've been playing this game for years and just can't seem to get anywhere.
Alasdair Nicoll Abernyte To get into the castle collect the rocks from the first screen, after leaving the ferry, by typing 'Search' then 'Get Rocks'. When you get to the castle's moat and see the drawbridge, type 'Chuck Rock' and the dra wbridge will open.
OPERATION STEALTH Please help me. I've been wondering what I'm supposed to do with the CD in this game. Can you tell me?
Dean Wilson Moreton-in-Marsh In the control room, wait for the razor to give the message 'Explode, one, two...' and quickly use the red cigarette on the computer. It will then explode whereupon you should operate Otto. Use the CD on the laser-reader and head for the door to the top left (you've not far to go now Dean...). ARABIAN KNIGHTS I've enjoyed playing this game for donkeys years. I can't complete it but don't want you to give me a complete solution. Have you got some sort of tip that would help me though?
Dave Green London Try using these cheats to get you through: To skip levels, type SIMEON on the title screen and press TAB. Also, try keeping the left AMIGA key pressed for invincibility and P for slow motion.
LEND A HAND If you're having trouble with a particular game or have a solution to a question in the magazine, don't keep it to yourself, write it down or send it in on a disk and we'll do our best to print it.
HELPING HANDS Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA1 2BW So the, er, buses departed. Full of colonists or something. My, don't you own a lot of Cds?
? Knock off the guard and go to the end of the bridge.
? Dump onto the lower ledge on the right, blow a hole in the wall and enter.
? Move right and take the first shaft downwards, then go right again and downwards onto the big rock.
? Leap right then move right and leap over the spikey pit.
? Now go to the following screen and wait a few seconds for the boulder to come crashing to the floor, then move with all haste to the small spike on the floor - taking care to avoid the chap flying through the air.
? Once the two boulders drop together onto the floor, exit quickly.
This rock stuff happens all over again on the next screen. Avoid the tentacles by either shooting them or running past 'em.
? Keep going right and there will be some more tentacles to avoid. There See that bloke at the front? Well It would be easy to say he looked like Andrea's or Cathy's boyfriend, but we're more creative here at AF. He actually looks like a publisher we know... ANOTH ER ORLD If space travel's in your blood you'll be pleased we can help.
Start by going left (taking notice of the dangling vine as you go past) and continue past the water to where the three 'things' are.
Use your kick to defeat 'em and continue right where you'll have to fight some more creatures. Once again, kick 'em to kill 'em and mind out for the ones that fall from above.
? Now head right until you meet the thing that looks like a mutant black panther and run to the left - back to where the vine is hanging - and take a running leap at the vine (without stopping) then leap off the vine to the right - past where you first saw the panther thing. You should now be in a cage with an alien.
? To get the cage to drop, rock it right and left until it does so then grab the gun and head right quickly (ensuring the alien is fine), firing at any guards on the way. While the alien opens the door, you can safeguard him using the shield.
T Follow the alien via the door to the lift and take it to the bottom level.
? Here, walk to the end and take out the little flashing light on the wall.
? Use the lift to go up a level, fire at the door and then run and leap up.
Next, wait until the alien catches up and then open the door and enter.
? In the small tunnels underground, go left, drop, right, drop, right, drop, left, drop, right, drop and exit.
? At this point move left through the door where you charge the gun.
? Now fire through three doors and head right quickly to exit.
Are some traps here that need to be avoided by jumping over them.
? Head right until you come to the end and then fire at the wall.
? Head back to where the falling boulders were and climb up the slope.
? Fire at the flying baddie, move onto the next screen and take note.
? Now make a running leap at the stalactite (remember folks: tights come down and mites go up!) And climb to the top, then leap to the next one. Repeat this until you come to a huge rock.
T Go left, off the rock and turn round and fire at it. Then walk up the rock and head right - leap over three pits in total.
? Now go right and fire at the wall until you release the water.
? Next, turn and exit very smartly (jumping over the pits). Now you can move right, blasting the wall, past the steps and along the now empty waterfall. You should now see the captured alien below.
T T ?
T ?
T ?
T ?
V EDJI HICI FLLD LIBC COAL EDIL FADK KCD ICAH FIEI LALD LFEK T Turn left over the waterfall and enter through the door, go down the steps and right then take out the guard.
? Now go back up the stairs and fire at the chain, thus releasing the alien.
Now move down the steps and go right as much as you can, kicking the guard and sprinting along to take the gun - you should now be able to knock him off to the right quickly and avoid the other guards.
? Hump into the water and swim along to the other side. Take note of your surroundings once you get out.
T Get back in and swim downwards to where the hole in the wall is, then left along the tunnel. Head up for some air when you get to the second shaft and go right to the bottom of here and head right. Get out and take a breather and blast away at the vibrating line.
? Now retrace your swim back to the top of the water. Head left, knock off the guard, then right, up the stairs and knock off another guard to your left, leap across right and fire at the two doors and once the shield vanishes blast at the third one.
? Dump the resulting fireballs and kill the guard.
? Next move right, fire at the door then right again and leap up to charge your gun.
? Head right (note the guard's reflection on the bottom sphere - fire at it once the reflection is right underneath it).
? Go left to the stairs then down the stairs, down and right and you should be at the water.
? Swim across and when you get across the guard will be dead. Now walk right.
V At the opening, leap downwards and walk right. Fire at the door, sprint to the corridor's end, turn around and create a shield.
V Now wait for the alien to give you a hand up. Keep on the left side of the opening until the boulders fall.
FEARS Level codes: T Level 1 6D7FBC0F ? Level 2 6DFBBC0F ? Level 3 6C77BC0F ? Level 4 6CF3BC0F ? Level 5 6F6FBC0F KANG FU Try these when you're asked for a password: ? WALLY T BONGO ? KLAAS T LONDO ? RIKEL T MARVO ? GILKA T GROND T GLIES Now accompany the alien into the tank. To get away, push the top left button (green).
? To get out of the pod, go onto the next screen, dispose of the guards, run right.
? Now all you have to do is sit and leave the machine in drive. Get on your knees and go over to the right to the levers.
? When the guard heads over your way, use the levers to dispose of the laser, now pull the second lever, crawl over to the light circle on the floor and you'll be free.
? There you go folks, that's just about all there is to it but if you don't manage to follow the guide, try these passwords: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Level 12 a* m I Crap kangaroo, crap game. Still, now you can finish it double-quick time!
And then you'd have no reason to play it ever again! Aren't we kind... Look, you tell the art people to find some grabs that will help make the game look more inviting as well as making the pages more interesting to look at and they come up with this!
SMALL APOLOGY As pointed out by Darryll Christian himself, our Valhalla - The Fortress of Eve codes weren't printed correctly in AF94. We meant to say (it was probably changed by one of the art people because they're like that): Level 3-TOHOT INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to access and explore the internet with ease. The double CD set contains usable versions of MIAMI, Voyager, iBrouse, AmiTCP and more. In addition the CD’s contain many utilities for creating your own WEB pages, mail, and much more.
Most items are directly usable from the CD’s fartoon to* Bftl 'Qgg2&- Suitable for any KS2 3 Amiga.
Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
Includes images only suitable for persons over the age of 18.
Mick Davis’s Cartoon Clipart is a new Amiga CD- ROM containing around 500 commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used “royalty- free”. Each image is stored as IFF, and all have been scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed. Supplied with a 30+ page printed index of each image. Every commissioned image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other CD-ROM.
The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons.
4m HHHS I Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes well over 5,000 Magic WB Icons. Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga’s such as the A500+, A600, A1200, and A4000.
Marbleous - £7.99 Addictive 100 level puzzle game!
Kargon - £24.99 4 player dungeon & dragons adventure.
Sixth Senth - £29.99 256 colour AGA Arcade adventure.
Testament - £24.99 3D Zombie Blaster in the Doom mould.
1. 2gig
1. 6gig
2. 0gig
2. 5gig
3. 2gig £129 £159 £199 £239 £259 £289 Each drive is pre-formatted
with WorkBench3, ready to fit into either the A1200 or A4000.
Add £20 for connecting HD leads and software... Fitting service available..... (+P&P of £4) Mr Modem 14,400 Only £69 Inc cables modem!
Islona is an exciting new Amiga games label dedicated to only releasing the very best games.
Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga’s largest selling adult title. It features over 4,000 high quality 256 colour images of the “adult” nature. Image viewers and coverters are included for any Amiga. (OVER 18 .ONLY) (CD01) £19.99 Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour images but also includes tons of adult related samples, adult music modules, tonnes of adult stories, black&white 70’s photos, adult games and more. (OVER 18) Reduced: (CD115x) £7.99 with any other Adult CD.
Sexy sensation, this CD contains around 2,000 specially chosen high quality BMP & GIF Images. Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any of the pictures on any Amiga. (OVER 18) (CD163).£19.99 Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 Dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available now!
(OVER 18) Rated 90% .99 Adult MENsation is a collection of unigue images of the male body. This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfili the hundreds of requests for a CD dedicated to the ladies.
Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga, Si' inn iiir D164)£19" AMIGA 3.5”HARD DRIVES We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the Encyclopedia and changed, modified updated the whole product to the extent that it now includes around 16,000 subjects. The new 1997 version of the Epic Interactive encyclopedia is available now, it features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. The 1997 version now supports a multitude of new features inluding: Colour images, Full-screen filmclips,
National anthems, and a unique lnter-ACTM feature which allows you to interact with certain subjects like: Draughts, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family.
1997 AGA version features include:
* True 256 colour Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on
the Amiga™ ‘Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias
‘Around 16,000 subjects covered from Aalborg to Zygote ‘Hotlist
editor So you can create lists of subjects ‘Hundreds of
samples music tracks Music tracks and and over 200 samples
‘Thousands of pictures Around 4,000 colour mono pictures All
can be “magnified” upto full screen.
‘Hundreds of film-clips animations Over 200 subject related film-clips All can be “magnified” upto 4times in size.
‘View many film-clips “full-screen” New Zoom option ‘Now includes Music tracks National anthems and different music styles ‘Import new subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk ‘Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects ‘Kids Explorapedia 97% of reeii users have theEncycIo 9 10 or “If any product deserves 10 10, this is it..” Andy McMillan The new mam interface Aminet set one reduced! |9.9p Aminet set two reduced! 19.99 Aminet set three 34.99 Aminet 16 12.99 Aminet 17 12.991 Aminet 18 12.99 Amiga Repair Kit CD 49.99 Amiga Developers CD 14.99 Print Studio Pro 39.99
Meeting at Pearls 4 9.99 Mods Anthology (4cd) 29.99 HARD DRIVE SETUP SOFTWAR, SHS7-2 • A600 HIHSetup & Ins IAHD7-2- A1200 HD Setup & Install The Explorapedia menu The subject creator The main menu Eight kid’s interactive ‘Enhanced speech facili Improved speech synt ‘Subject creator Create your own subject data ‘Network compatible Can be run through a CDTV (Parnet) Dlay-about sections y .
* Requires an Amiga 1200 or 4000, a hard drive, a CD-ROM drive
and 4mb+ of ram. (6mb ram recommended) AMIGA BACK FOR THE
FUTURE Personal Paint 7 Octamed Sound Studio CD32 Network set 2
Personal suite Reduced The Learning Curve DEM Rom Light ROM4 Xi
Paint 4.0 1078 Weird Textures AGA Toolkit ‘97 Multimedia
Backdrops Sounds Terrific 2 (2cd) ‘Upgrade your old version to
the 1997 version.
‘Simply return your current CD-ROM version along with a cheque of just £12.99 inc P&P Gfisms Aminet Set 4 (Feb’97) is a 4 CD set of over 4gig of Amiga software. This is the definitive collection of Amiga patches, games, tools etc. Inc Opus5.11 AMINET set4 (£34.99) LIGHT-ROM 4 £29 99 The latest issue contains H thousands and brand new objects for Lightwave"1’ LIGHT-ROM GOLD £19 99 Contains the best Lightwave™ 3D objects from LightROM issues 1, 2 and LightROM 3.
LIGHT-ROM CD-ROMS £54.99 The Kara Collection™ is a professional and unique set of fonts, backdrops and tools for special effects in pictures, animations, titling and presentations. £34.99 KARA FONTS CD We can help you with virtually anything when it comes to the Amiga, from PD software to CD’s, Printer Drivers, Technical queries, transfering files from the Bcfi and much more.
Lease call before you visit.... I NEED SOMETHING? This superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World Atlas features flexible quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general index. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, etc mKLD atmsaga i Aminet 18 contains over 600mb of the very latest Amiga software, including games, demos, animations, music, tools, comms, patches, etc. Available for £12.99. Or just £10.99 through our subscription service.
(CD241) £12.99 Assassins Games Volume 4 contains 500 brand-new games, none have appeared on previous Assassins games CD’s. All the games are ready to run directly from the CD. If you play games then take a look at this... AGA Experience 3 contains 100% original AGA material including pictures, AGA demos, AGA games, and AGA tools. Most information runs direct from the CD.
AGA EXPERIENCE 3 (CD432 £12.99) Available Now!
A s u p e.rbtja p w -VH S; v.i d e o , ! Featuring deffliBySBIMfWB1 CjlMfojVI (CD21UX £9.99) AGA Exp. 2 Still available!
Orders copymow y Just £2.50 inc P&P ASSINS GAMES 3 (CD408) £19.99 f SIm Choose any of the following CD-EOfffs USm fH£f_ with every £25 you spend!
BCI-DTP TOOLKIT Fonts, Clipart and many tools. FCD192 TOOLS CD Hundreds of great utilities, and tools. FCD267a SPECCY CD (VI. 1)
* KvrK*K*J ; Hundreds of classic S p ecai games. FCD119 5000 '¦
5000 GIF PICTURES Off Thousands of colour Images photo's.
FCD429 0** Spend £25 choose one free CD JJJy Spend £50 choose
two free CD's etc. JUNG THE uLTHEWV ... Arcade Classics is an
original col- B lection of ALL your old arcade BtiiHH|
favourites, Including Amiga ver- m sions of PACMAN' SPACE
I 3D Images contains LftY thousands of P| colour rendered B images, covering every subject.... Viewing tools Includes easy to use Amiga Games Menu.
Gif Sensations is a double CD contain- ling around 10,000 I colour photo’s.... | Catagories include: Transport, Contains thousands our most popular software titles on one giant 650mb CD-ROM. Now you
* B can Purchase all the new Epic disks in one go.
Subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D objects for fISlI * B Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap, T • Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, Graphics converters, Music tutorials, Beginners guide,
3. 1 5,3 ¦" *’ 3D stereogram generators, Hundreds of ¦ ouund FX
and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & .
Tools, Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers, Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, and more.
Most titles are either usable from the CD or can be extracted to your HD. |||||BgP are included The World of AMIGA MOUSE White XL T-shirt with Official AMIGA logo..... (TS001) Only £10.99 +£1 rijFf?cmrsvn?y A1200 A4000 World of Clipart is a double CD- containing around 40,000 mono and colour clipart images g contained in over 100 catagories in IFF, GIF, PGX, CDR, EPS, TIF, & BMP. Tools for converting images to another formats are included. Subjects include : ¦ Animals, Anatomy, Babies, Men, Women, Trees, Reptiles, Insects, Xmas, Religious, Planes, Vehicles, Ships, Toys, Zodiac signs, Eye
catchers, Humour, Cats, Dogs, Computers, Technology, Sealife, Space, Symbols, Dinosaurs, Plants, Nature, Ads, Tools, Astrology, Hands, Birds, Business, Office, Workers, Cartoon, Lion King, Education, Food, Gardening, Holidays. Houses & Buildings. Helicopters.
Children, Banners, Medieval, Military. Monsters. Music, Sports. Transport, and more.
Rated 94% WORLD OF CUPART + Emulators Unlimited contains Software emula- BylMl tion tools for the Amiga. Spread over numerous IlNfelpBl platforms are emulators for: Apple, BBC, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC20, Amstrad |||jg||B CPC, Apple Mac, Gameboy, Atari ST, MSX, Apple200, Atari 800, Atari1040ste, Sinclair QL, Unix and more. Also features hundreds of games,tools etc for most of the emulators.
1 The FLASH-ROM is a “companion" Emulators CD that contains many new cartridge based machine emulators like: Kelecovision, Nintendo, Gameboy etc.* Order code: (CD260x) £29.99 m SIXTH SENSE INVESTIGATIONS™ IMSM An amazing new Arcade Adventure sjjjjglt available on disk or Amiga CD-ROM.
Ty5|l Features include: 3 Dimesions, ijipfj 3 Worlds (Normal, Cartoon and Robot), jgllfil 32Locations, 256 colour graphics, 2 Difficulty paths, 8 Languages, Fully spoken dialog and much more.
Floppy Disk: (SSG30-1) £29.99 Visit us at the World of Amiga Show... Call now for a FREE full colour 16 page CD-ROM catalogue!
TjIJsSgTHE LEARNING 9B5j*|iicURVE is a ineweduc- J tional CD- ROM recently rated over 90%. It includes hundreds of megabytes of eductional games and reference material.
Highly recommended for any age group. Music, Maths, Spelling, GCSE, Science, Nature are all included.
Fji 3D Objects contains thousands and thou- l*Sr sands of 3D DXF m » objects, suitable for P-Bu use with Imagine™ or Lightwave™ Great Value CD!!! LHj|g|l §D OBJECTS W 0fficia(C6r»?6re Mouse Mat.
Size: 220mm x 188mm SBM17g)ttJ9jncP& D430 Available for the month of publication only!
Nothing But Gifs AGA LSD collection One pm 600mb cf the very best 600mb of the very jjHg| colour images, great for best tools, graphics : H muitimedia presen- EBS&aSte&aM and music.
Taions. CD197x £5.99 Sggg|iii CD18x £5.00 Bijd 17bit 5th Dimension LSD collection Two 600mb of the very best Another 600mb of Amiga PD software. |BBR|1|1 great Amiga software.
UwiaH Games, Demos, Utils Games. Utils and etc. CD157 £6.99 demos. CD78x £5 B9 Epic Encyclopedia r ~ Sk LSD collection Three The 1996 release. Mk The third in the series fi2| Inc: 4mbAGA and of Amiga PD soft- liijPI 2mbECS versions. HD ware. Rated 90%-ish.
Ktfl required. CD222x £20 I - CD127x £5.00 Ij'l Emulators included for ,4 the Amiga.. Games include Manic Miner, WyHroSfe; 1 Skool daze, Monty mole, S Startrek, Thrust, Jet Set Willy, The B Hobbit, Strip Poker, Danger Mouse, B The Sentinel, Micro Olympics, Under B Wurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac, Barbarian, B Sanxion and thousands of other classic JB spectrum and C64 game files. All games are ready to run direct from CD.
I 3000 Speccy games - 1,300 C64. J§|ll|lij includes mmm m footego, Mevar before seen Features Include:
* 10 Subject catagories.... UFOs, Strange-Life, Unusual-natural-
Phenomena, Ghosts, Paranormal-Persons, Mind-over-Matter, The
Unexplained, Myths-and-Legends, Mysticism and Freaks-of-Nature.
Thousands of pictures... ‘Hundreds of samples Many articles have full spoken dialog.
* Dozens of huge film-clips.... Including AN files (Audio&Visual)
an exciting mew Amiga [ Multimedia titles featuring hun- I
dreds of detailed articles covering I every thing from UFOs to
Sea- H creatures, Spoon-bending, ¦ Ghosts, Aliens and much
B Film-clips, Samples, Animations, Colour mono photo's and more.
Y? Thousands of colour '$ - Hsl TH. • images from g Bstartrek. Babylon5,
- ¦ HBJhTNG, Robocop, Batman, Total Recall, 2001, Aliens __ and
many more... Req: 4mb ram, 2x CD-ROM A1200 4000 Recommended:
6mb ram, 4x CD-ROM , mgm-mqm 030-040-060 processor enhanced
People, Places, Sci-fi Space, and more.
AGA TOOLKIT‘97 New utilities CD featuring 100% l A6A tools, ready to run from CD.
I y CD407 £9.99 WOMEN OF THE WEB (16) Info and AGA images of famous i Holllywood females. 4mb+ ram [ CD402 £19.99 PRINT STUDIO PROFESSIONAL 24bit graphics printing utility, i requires 4mb ram AGA chipset.
CD253 £39.99 KLONDIKE CARD GAMES Over 300 AGA klondike card sets i on one ready to use CD.
J CD231 £14.99 PERSONAL SUITE includes Personal Paint6.4, i Personal Write, Super Base and many more. CD195x £19.99 GEEK GADGETS Sold as “Amiga Developers i Enviroment” it contains hundreds of “essentia!” tools.CD424 £19.99 SYSTEM BOOSTER New utilities CD featuring 100% . Tools, ready to run and archived from CD. CD425 £19.99 PERSONAL PAINT 7 The latest version on this amazing i art graphics package, supplied on mini-disc, CD406 £29.99 AMIGA REPAIR KIT Includes commercial versions of i DiskSalv aswell as many others.
CD250 £49.99 We stock over 100 different Amiga based CD-ROMS, If you can’t see what you want, give us a call..,. Amiga Catalogue Disk Contains information on 6000 Amiga Public-Domain Games.
Demos, and utilities, asw ll &s a full list of over 150 AmiQa CO-ROMS, m SbR AM|NET for £1° " St WHEN YOU JOIN OUR -- SUPER SUBSCRIPTION.
Available now, the standard I A1200™ version of the well ¦ loved Epic Encyclopedia.
This release has a new “one-screen" interface but contains the same amount of articles. Y HD not required. Ip-jWife Around 6,000 all-time classic Commodore , 64 sid (game) music I tracks. 100% just I like the original.
Just (CD223c) £7.99 CALL OUR SPECIAL AMINET SUBSCRIPTION HOTLINE ON 01793 432176 Oh yes! More worms contains hundreds of new levels and data I to enhance Worms™ J even more... AMINET SUBSCRIPTION Just £9.99 (CD201) SBl new multi-media ~ :B html' encyclopedia for any AGA 4mb' Amiga.
* i Includes details on B Time-travei. SCI-FI series, UFO
people, Abductions, The JFK assassination, Voodoo, Crop Circles
and all things Unexplained.
(CD433) £24.99 ffSS mt’piya This CD contains m a mixed bag of information that B NOBODY wants . you to know about, and IBSi ¦' includes tons of megabytes of text documents and photographs relating to UFO sightings, etc. ,rni7Ql INSIGHT DINOSAURS ENCOUNTERS Insight dinosaurs has been produced in association with The Natural History Museum in London. It features hundreds of photo’s, illustra- I tions, video clips, narration I and sound effects.lncludes “ both ECS & AGA versions.
(CD114) £19.99 DeskTop-VIDEO CD 2 (CD404) £14.99 This new CD contains hundreds of new backdrop textures, over 200 full colour antialiased fonts in sizes upto 200pts, Video titling clipart i and loads more Video tools etc. (produced by Almathera) Includes: SCALA Contains over 1000 ri&ijn digital elevation maps for use with
* Lightwave3D, VistaPro, Scenery fO' * Animator bmg., ,
andWorld Ui- “ ' (Construction Kit.
Includes thumbnail renders.
DEM-ROM (CD203) £14.99 FflTjipjEaiiB Movie Maker IjPr Special Effects m . WPf| is a interactive H multimedia Bk indepth guide to film special effects.
Req: AGA Amiga, 4mb ram SFX (CD184x) £19.99 PRIORITY ORDER FORM PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS NAME_ ADDRESS MACHINE _ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTAGE & PACKING AMOUNT ENCLOSED Open Wlonday-Saturday 9:30am - 6:00pm s ? Overseas Orders: +441793 514188 , f you live in Australia or New-Zealand you can purchase any of our CD-ROMs from our Sydr rased office. Send vour orders to: EPIC. 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW. 2233 Dave Cusick sifts through the PD sack once more in search of the best in budget software.
IP* 1 W . SP ”3?
& IP WORLD OF HELICOPTERS By .....Jamie O’Connor Ware ...Shareware PD Library OnLine PD No of disks .....One Price ..75p + 75p P&P The great strength of the Public Domain is its diversity; there is something for everyone out there, no matter how bizarre. If reading about the production history of the Sikorsky 564 Skycrane is your idea of a good time, then your name is probably Jamie O’Connor. If by some strange freak of nature that isn’t your name, you will love this disk.
All the old favourites are there - the B-Vertol Boeing, 234 Chinook, the Hughes YAH 64... - complete with vital statistics, a paragraph or two of text describing their conception, development and service, and a small black and white picture. Actually, they’re not all complete, because World Of Helicopters is Shareware, and to receive a full version of the program you must send the author £3.
However, there are enough complete records here to give you a taste of MAGIC64 V1.5 Sprit* Stttinaa_ vlCtatii SpfitM jZlfertts-Switt (allUtsns I $ f r Itf-BaeStgroufid C» I Usi ms, % S6 « tl 53 « 55 SJ 57 ¦Mil dl -£!.£] jd SprHe Or.
CopyrlBftt j Sm | Graph its Iprttfs j Sound Jaystitki j K«to»N j Floppy [ M4-I »k» 1 TM-T*m j PM-Files ( C84-fU« ( Ursks-tatp [ » ii SZ »3 34 S5 M J7 jd_£] AM j£I jd -id Sprite-SprIt* spfHi-BickaMttiKt HnniFnr Has x f:.s.4 ;; e s-siss. A ¥ e ft. Y a.. s' • •
6. 4-s; SfSfV a STEIf. .':'3©Sit"vBBBTG BYTES f*~e
• nagrcw The only drawback is the necessity for an '020 processor
and 3Mb of memory.
¦Hi MagiC64 offers you plenty of options ranging from joysticks and sound... v By .....Michael Kramer Ware . ... ..Shareware PD Library ......OnLine PD No of disks One Price .75p + 75p P&P Hands up if you remember Commodore.
Yes, although they might now seem like just a distant memory, they were the chaps responsible for buying what would eventually become the Amiga project out from under the noses of Atari way back in the mid 1980s. Commodore never ceased to amaze with what might politely be ...and including things like sprite settings to give you maximum configurability.
Called "interesting" approaches to advertising and research and development, and they later managed to astound everyone still further by getting into serious financial trouble, despite having dominated the home computer market for years with the A500.
Before everything went pear-shaped for Commodore, it was still possible to get your hands on their earlier favourite, the C64. In the heady days of 8-bit computing the C64 was a powerful beast, packing more RAM than its competitors and with impressive graphical and audio capabilities for its time. Many current Amiga owners began their computing careers with a C64.
If you hanker after those halcyon days or simply want to find out what all the fuss was about then MagiC64 is for you.
Capable of loading C64 programs saved in a variety of emulator file formats, and offering more options than your local Ford dealer, this is one of the most comprehensive, compatible and configurable Commodore emulators around. This is reflected in the 30DM registration fee and also in the hardware requirements - MagiC64 needs at least an '020 processor and 3Mb of memory, and for emulation at something approaching full C64 speed a fast '030 is recommended.
PUBLIC DOMAIN what to expect should you feel compelled to register.
I don’t mean to be too scathing - to be fair World Of Helicopters is competently put together. The problem is that it doesn’t offer anything awe-inspiring enough to interest anyone who does not already have a penchant for rotors (or some such sad affliction). It is perfectly reasonable within its rather limited field, but don’t expect too much.
MESSY SID 3 By Patrick Downes Jeff Tallin Ware ...Shareware PD Library .....North Staffs PD No of disks .....One Price ..50p + 75p P&P Messy SID is a useful combination of utilities which may well prove invaluable to owners of Workbench 2 machines. SID itself is a directory utility which has been knocking around the Shareware circuit for some time, and which is included here in its second incarnation. This disk manages to blend the file handling power of SID with Messydos, which allows your Amiga to read and write IBM
format disks.
(Owners of WB3 machines don’t need Messydos because they will already have CrossDos).
Patrick Downes, who developed Jeff Tullin’s original Messy SID disk into this form, says that he has tried to make things easy enough for a near beginner to understand and yet flexible enough for the advanced user. To be honest I doubt that an Amiga novice would really find installation a straightforward process, not least because the documentation supplied on the disk is patchy, fragmented and sometimes confusing.
Nevertheless, with a little bit of fiddling, it should be possible to get Messy SID up and running reasonably swiftly. Once everything is set up, you will be able to read from, and write to, PC disks in either the internal or external floppy drives simply by addressing - them as MSO: or MSI:. You will now have the full power of a decent directory utility on hand to help maximise the potential of your multi-format drive.
SUPER BLGBBLE 2 By ...Vector 7 Software Ware ...Shareware PD Library..Classic Amiga Software No of disks .....One Price £1.00 A few years ago there was a commercial Amiga game by the name of Blob in which the objective was to guide a cute sphere around various floating tile maps, collecting various bits and bobs along the way.
Super Blobble 2 is an unashamed clone, but that is no bad thing.
Our blobular hero has to contend with tiles which disappear when trodden on, one way tiles and numerous other fiendish traps, so a good deal of thinking and planning ahead is necessary if you are to successfully negotiate a level.
Fortunately there is a password system, so that once you have completed a particularly tricky stage you will not have to struggle through it again. There is even a map editor included, so should you manage to complete all the pre-designed levels you can still carry on super hobbling.
With attractive graphics and engaging gameplay, this is an extremely entertaining puzzler. If the dreadful music will have you reaching for the volume control within seconds, it is a small flaw in an otherwise highly enjoyable game.
Besides, the registered version apparently features new music, which gives you an added incentive to cough up the Shareware fee. For your £6 you’ll also be getting 40 levels and 20 bonus levels to test your blobby prowess, and for a game with such longevity that is definitely not bad value.
FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1996 By ......Graham Hague Ware .....Freeware PD Library OnLine PD No of disks .....One Price ..75p + 75p P&P This disk contains a wealth of Formula One statistics, covering all 597 races which have taken place since 1950 and featuring 175 driver records, 101 team records, and details of 60 circuits in 27 different venues worldwide. Unlike the World Of Helicopters disk reviewed above, F1WC96 manages not only to be mind-bogglingly comprehensive, but also lays out
its extraordinarily wide- ranging selection of stats in an extremely clear if not especially spectacular manner.
You can trace the careers of notable Formula One drivers from the legendary and much missed Ayrton Senna to the rather less well known Giancarlo Baghetti, whose only top three finish was at Rheims in France back in 1961 whilst driving for Ferrari. You can examine the splendid record of that super- successful Italian team, which has amassed a stunning 103 wins, 139 seconds and 128 thirds, or you can laugh at the likes of the Bob Estes team, whose greatest achievement was managing a third in May 1956.
A further miscellaneous records section includes other interesting stats; the record for the most successive pole positions (established by Williams from 1992-3, when I was an avid Formula One fan) is 24, the most frequently used circuit in FI history is Monza which has staged 46 Grand Prix races, and so on.
Frighteningly detailed, F1WC96 will obviously hold most appeal for ardent FI statisticians, but it is mysteriously engrossing even for those who wouldn’t normally dream of poring over facts and figures for hours on end.
OUFORM V2 By ...Paul Lathwell Ware ...Shareware PD Library .....North Staffs PD No of disks .....One Price ..50p + 75p P&P Onform: Unfortunately, the colour scheme Continued overleaf can make things a little confusing... Messy SID: A combination of utilities enabling you to deal with PC disks.
A in h « r t 3 e n $ liwtj aistsrv T«m InioirtM ms-tory HwiufwtuiM Di?')!rif-s I'iStSfy H'.n Ust asn ust luB LiSt 1-3-3 list 1-2-3 Ust U--3 List iiias '4bls Hins T.sisl» 8U.S ':h!.e Cbasianris Ust ChM»i«BSbi? List BixaiJBSlu list Chilians. Up ’shU Chwioiuti'!’ TiisU- O'Msnsiren.p TjMs urcaits d vs'sss 8U 1-3 Umilws S H 1-1 F .alsht* Circuit tuiiss s teat S .sas.’s Gargifotisl! I? Sst-jrSs ilistofv Ipec’.sl trw iss Const-set Casur?
Timii -fstc-i
Y. scorii Lie* Seirci: 'h Ji on Sjiu !'s
I. lduririj Sti PalttKr F1WC96: An all-encompassing guide to all
F1WC96: Discover exactly when and things Formula One related.
Where the great Senna was victorious.
...but there are enough features to make Onform genuinely useful for invoking.
Top 10 courtesy of: ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters • Halsall Lane • Formby • Liverpool L37 3PX • 01704 834335 ! " " :; j n PUBLIC I L JM DOMAIN TITLES 1 Microlyte Warrior 2 MU|V3-6 AF93, 3 Vulcan 4 Filequest (AF94) 5 Games Blaster 6 Birthdate History (AF93) 7 8 Virus Mixed Bag ° (AF94) 9 Mine Runner (AF94) 10
Deansgate • Radcliffe Manchester M26 9YJ 0161 723 1638 NORTH
STAFFS PD PO Box 476 Stoke-On-Trent Staffs ST1 2JY 01782
279670 ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane • Formby OnForm
is, according to its author, “the leading invoice order form
printing application on the Amiga”.
This considerably restricted demo version is designed to persuade you to shell out a fiver to register for the full program.
Before you can really use OnForm it is necessary to create three small preference files for the program to use. This is achieved using a special module which is automatically launched the first time the program tries to access one of the files, and which guides you through the process relatively easily.
OnForm is a reasonably accomplished program with sufficient options to make it genuinely useful as an invoice creation tool. However some aspects of the program can occasionally make it seem a trifle unfriendly. The non-standard interface is a little quirky, even allowing for the fact that OnForm was written in Amos, and sometimes data needs to be entered in a very specific manner where a degree of flexibility would have been appreciated. The dreadful colour scheme can also rather confuse things at times.
The main problem with OnForm is that it is not instantly accessible, partly because of the interface and partly because the documentation is rather fragmented. However, anyone running a small business, who has the patience to become familiar with the way things must be done should find that OnForm proves a sound investment.
VIRTUAL MEMORY MANAGER V3.3 By .....Martin Apel Ware ...Shareware PD Library OnLine PD No of disks .....One Price ..75p + 75p P&P Compared with certain other platforms I could mention, the Amiga is an extremely memory- efficient computer. There are not many systems which could handle running a decent GUI, a TCP IP stack, a Web browser and an FTP client simultaneously in less than 6Mb of memory. But the thing about memory is that you can never have too much of it and, despite RAM prices
plummeting, a hefty helping of memory will still make a significant dent in your finances.
An alternative solution to the low-memory blues is to employ Virtual Memory; in other words, to treat part of a large physical memory media (ie. Your hard drive) as if it were ordinary RAM. The Amiga does not support Virtual Memory as standard, but using VMM, Amigas equipped with a Memory Management Unit (MMU) and at least WB 2.1, can now give it a whirl.
It is simple to setting up VMM to treat up to 512Mb of your hard drive as if it were RAM - it swaps out data to a whole partition, a large file or a sort of hybrid pseudo-partition depending on your preferred settings. The only real disadvantage of using Virtual Memory is the slower access speed which this swapping and writing process results in.
Included on the disk are a few small utilities. VMMInformer and VMMStat both display information about the current system settings, whilst Memory Device allows you to use regions of slower 16-bit RAM as swapping out space.
Although VMM is not disabled in any way, since it is Shareware, if you continue to use it you are obliged to send the author 30DM for his efforts.
For such an outstanding program this represents excellent value, and it is certainly a lot cheaper than buying an extra memory board.
HUBBLE PICS: SHOEMAKER LEVY 9 By ....Hubble Space Telescope Team Ware .....Freeware PD Library OnLine PD No of disks .....One Price ..75p + 75p P&P Edwin Hubble was an important American astronomer who lived from 1889 to 1953. He was responsible for discovering the Red Shift in the light from distant stars, which in fact helps form the basis of the Big Bang Theory, and for giving us a constant which enables us to place an approximate age on the universe of between 10 and 20 thousand million years. Although I
didn’t know anything about the bloke before looking him up in the Reader’s Digest Illustrated Dictionary of Essential Knowledge about ten minutes ago, it seems that naming a space telescope after him was the least we could do.
This disk contains a selection of pictures obtained by the Hubble space telescope and Galilleo when it passed close to Jupiter in July 1994, just as the Shoemaker-Levy comet began to break up in its atmosphere.
Some of the 19 Jpeg pictures come with brief text files explaining their significance, which range from colour photos to technical-looking black and white things.
There is no slideshow program included so you will require a decent Jpeg viewer - I’d recommend Fastjpeg. Even from a non-scientific viewpoint these images are rather amazing and well worth a look.
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Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously. ......£299 Wirjuaf as ejoJU Funnus, ja'j'jhj'H |jti £ _r_rJJlj2J rOJuAlli pBbdilDff ' bb~J Best pricing on CD ROM Drives & Hard Drives.
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3. 5" Hard Drive Kit for A600 1200 + Install
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MM WM8 SERIOUSLY AMIGA ( 2a IN-DEPTH REVIEWS OF HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE THAT YOU CAN TRUST RTG WARS 'he long term test idea seems to really be picking up. We've already had in quite a number of texts extolling the virtues of, or decrying the shortcomings of, various bits of hardware, software and peripherals. Do keep writing in and don't worry too much about the length of your piece as long as it is less than 750 words, i This month we have just used one review from Jonathan Duke in St. Albans. But there's one thing you should do that Jonathan didn't: send in a picture of yourself and your bit
of kit, if at all possible. Rather than just sending in the one picture, take a few photos in slightly different poses or from different angles and let our arties sort out what looks best on the page. Nice.
The new generation of graphics cards is here, but what improvements do they offer?
Ben Vost tests the PicassolV and the CV64 3D The new version of Cinema4D is an essential upgrade for 3D graphics artists. Find out why with Ben Vost.
MODEM PACK Two new modems with heaps of new software. Obviously good value, but just what do you get?
SECAL Demon coder Paul Overaa pokes at this new programming language to see if it measures up.
63 SPIDER • Simon Goodwin takes a very close look at this arachnoid add-on.
TURBOPRINT 5 Workbench's printer drivers give murky output on most printers. Dave Tbylor clears things up with TurboPrint.
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY is very simple. Amiga Format is staffed by some of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
- Jonathan Duke-tells us what he thinks of his Apollo A620.
The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most versatile and effective products are awarded an AFGold - the most highly prized rating there is.
90+% 80-89% These products are very good, but there are minor flaws or areas that could be improved upon.
70-79% Good products which may be worth buying, if you have a special interest in that area of computing.
IVIick Veitch trawls through about 3Gb of data to bring you the definitive review of four new Cds.
|f 60-89% Average products with somewhat limited features and appeal. Products in this category tend to be flawed.
WORKBENCH You must be asking yourself if we are really going to use this picture again. The answer is YES!
AMIGA.NET Web weaving with Workbench isn't half as hard with HTTPD on your side.
Darren Irvine shows you how.
50-59% Below average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws.
Less than 40% The absolute pits.
REVIEW Want a graphics card? Ben Vost gives you the lowdown on the current market leaders.
Very rarely do you get the opportunity to try out three graphics cards in one machine.
I have owned a Picasso II for a number of The Cybervision's slimline appearance is down to space requirements for expansion.
Years now, and been very happy with it. But things move on and the desire for a flicker-free 16-bit screen mode at a decent size made me look toward the new cards from Phase5 and Village Tronic.
Ignoring, for the time being, the difference in price between the two cards, let’s have a look at the other disparities. Looking at the two cards, physically the GyberVision64 3D is "The CV64 3D comes without a video pass-through, so you'll need to have two monitors."
You can add "Wm through a x Zorro II card.
This isn’t too much iLn of a problem since both cards require more thai) s the base 68000 that the A1500 2000 is equipped with, and people with the requisite quite a lot smaller than the PicassolV and has the trademark Phase5 neatness about it that the PicassolV doesn’t quite match up to. Both cards are supposed to work in an A2000 and, because of the way Zorro II autoconfig works, both take 4Mb out of the maximum eight SOFTWARE SUPPORT A lot of Amiga owners with graphics cards currently use Cybergraphics (CGX) software to drive their board. Unfortunately, with the team behind CGX stating that
they were unwilling to create a CGX driver for the PicassolV, it meant that the Village Tronic software engineers were forced to come up with the goods themselves.
In fact, they went one better in making Picasso96 (P96) compatible with programs which require CGX to work* making the transition from CGX to P96 more comfortable since no work needs to be done to change file types in Dopus or something of the sort. Village Tronic even provide versions of their software for use on the CV64, although there isn't currently a version for the CyberVision64 3D board.
The CyberVision6473D card comes with the latest revision of CGX and also some rather uninspiring demos of the CyberVision64 3D's 3D acceleration. These demos consist of a black screen with a 3D shape on it - either a ring or a kind of lozenge shape. The only really nifty tool that comes with CyberVision64 3D is the rather groovy little MPEG player called Osiris. It opens a window on your screen with playback controls and is very rapid (at least on my 060 machine).
Since it needs to sit in both a Zorro Ipot and the host Amiga’s video slot at the same time. Not a problem on an A3000 4000, since the Zorro and video slots are in line with each other, but the A2000’s video slot is right over on the right-hand side of the machine, about a foot away from the nearest Zorro II slot.
However, all is not lost. In a move that is both innovative and scary, Village Tronic have given the A2000 owner the opportunity to still use the card if he or she is brave enough to break it.
One thing that both cards have in common is that they only have one monitor port. The more Amiga- literate of you will realise that the reason that Zorro slot - and the software set-up simple. At least, it is on the
- but for reasons already explained, you will need to have two
monitors or nerves of steel to keep switching between the
CV64 3D and your Amiga’s video output while you set up your
screen modes.
CyberVision64 3D ’t have this feature - yet.
Board, as it comes, is without a pass-through of any description, so you’ll either have to have two monitors or be changing the monitor plug on the back of your Amiga every time you want to use an Amiga screen mode. This isn’t at all good for your Amiga’s monitor GETTING ON WITH IT... In use, the PicassolV feels faster than the CyberVision64 3D and seems to outperform it in everyday Intuition operations like moving windows around or opening directories filled with icons, and this difference is made to seem Continued overleaf 4 "You can use the PicassolV in an A2000 if you are brave enough to
snap it in two."
That’s right - you have to physically snap the PicassolV board across a set of perforations that separates the video slot portion of the card from the Zorro portion. You can then plug the video card into the video slot and link it back to the PicassolV using the IDC cables that are provided.
If you’re the kind of person who breaks into a sweat just contemplating this (as I am), I suggest you either save up for a secondhand A3000 or A4000 or get someone with a background in electronics to do it for you.
The PicassolV sits across the Zorro video slots is so that can pass through the Amiga’s video signal (for when you are using Lightwave, Dpaint, or other recalcitrant software that dislikes being promoted).
It actually does this beautifully; better even than the motherboard flickerfixer on my A3000T. Of course, A4000s don’t actually come with a hardware flicker fixer, so the addition of one to the PicassolV comes as an even more welcome surprise. It also means that you can ditch those slow-moving, memory-hogging, processor-chewing, DMA-stopping DblPAL and DblNTSC screen modes and also get a proper monitor (on which you’ll be able to see everything from the latest megademos to games and all your serious work).
A hardware flicker fixer for an A4000 previously cost as much as £400, so already you are saving money - another incentive to get a PicassolV.
Port and probably doesn’t do the CyberVision64 3D any good either. It will also interrupt your work if you have to switch the machine off every time.
Installing either card in your Amiga is pretty simple - just a matter of pushing it firmly into Graphics card comparison ADD-ONS GALORE Both Village Tronic and Phase5 are promising peripherals. Although we have no firm pricing at the moment, here's a list of what should be available soon... PICASSOIV
• MPEG Decoder ~ for MPEG files, Video Cds and CD-I.
• Sound module - 16-bit CD-quality output sampling. 4-channel
audio mixer, FM synthesizer and MIDI wavetable synthesis.
• Video module - Cable-ready three input module which
(presumably) will enable playback of video or TV signals on
screen & decode Teletext.
• Pablo II - Video encoder which will also be able to display to
your VGA monitor thus negating the need for a separate video
resolution monitor.
Further away: MPEG-1 Encoder; 3D Graphics accelerator; PowerPC module; External MIDI module; CYBERVISION64 3D
• Flicker fixer - (vital for the passthrough of normal Amiga
• CyberVision64 3D MPEG Decoder - (as for PicassolV).
? PAUHlgh Re« Laced 4-bit G CVS*lon:800x600 24-bit G Pic(l*80lV:8OOx6O0 24-bit ? Cvi*ion:1O24x760 6-bit M Pita«solN£)024x768 8-bit Though it's maybe a little bit confusing, this graph shows the comparison between standard Amiga graphics, PicassolV and the original Cybervision 64 card. The benchmark tool is on this month's CD in the ln_the_mag GFXCard directory.
4" larger by the poor quality monitor drivers of the CyberVision64 3D.
Where the PicassolV can run an 1152x900 display in 16-bit with no trouble, the same display on the CyberVision64 3D seems to be interlaced and very slow. Both cards « come with drivers for monitors with a horizontal frequency of up to 64kHz, but the CyberVision64 3D comes with an extra driver for 80kHz monitors.
And can only take 2Mb of video RAM, but it’s very stable and has the all- important pass-through. If you’ve had a Retina of any description and you are used to not having a pass-through, then by all means get a CyberVision64 3D.
It’ll be a lot faster than your current card and I’m sure that programmers will soon start to take advantage of its 3D acceleration. But otherwise, once again, I’m afraid I would have to recommend the PicassolV over it.
As for comparing the PicassolV to the older model CyberVision64, it’s a close contest. They are comparably priced and the CyberVision64 offers nearly the same speed as the PicassolV, but it is an older board and requires external pass-through - not so good for those who rely on DblPAL.
"Whether you're buying your first card or upgrading. I'd recommend the Picasso IV."
CYBERVISION64 3D Distributor: Harwoods 01773 836781 PRICE: £219.99 for a 4Mb board REQUIREMENTS: WB3.0, min. 68020, 4Mb RAM, decent monitor PICASSOIV Distributor: Bliftersoft 01908 261466 PRICE: £299.99 for a 4Mb board REQUIREMENTS: WB3.1, min. 68020, 4Mb RAM, decent monitor Neither came with one suitable for my 86kHz monitor (an Idek) so I decided to use both at 64kHz to keep things fair.
I am sure the CyberVision64 3D will eventually live up to the standard set by the PicassolV once the flicker fixer becomes available, but why wait?
The PicassolV is a very nice board in terms of both performance and price.
ONLY ONE CHOICE Whether you’re shopping around to buy your first graphics card or you want to upgrade to a new one, the PicassolV will only cost about £100 more than the CyberVision64 3D, and I would recommend it every time. If you can’t afford it and you still want a graphics card, maybe you would be better off looking at a PicassoII+, which costs the same as the CV64 3D. It’s a lot slower SPEED: • •••0 Fast, but not as fast as the PicassolV.
MANUAL: • • • • 0 Good, clear manual.
ACCESSIBILITY: •••00 Not much fun to configure, unless you have two monitors.
FEATURES: •••00 No pass-through or 3D acceleration.
VALUE: • • • • • Only £20 more than a Picassoll.
OVERALL VERDICT: You might be better off with the CyberVision64.
SPEED: ••••O Silky smooth at all resolutions.
MANUAL: ••OOO Very skimpy in English.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • Plug and play, unless you have an A2000.
FEATURES: • • • • • Flicker fixer, audio pass-through and more to come.
VALUE: • • • • O You get what you pay for.
OVERALL VERDICT: So far, the best graphics card available for the Amiga.
Evetech's Spring Specials: MV 17"Multisync monitor £399.95; Accelerators: '030 25MHz FPU £79.95, 040 33MHz (cool) £239.95; '060 50MHz £439.95; 28.8 Data fax modems £79.95; SX32Pro-50 £349.95; SX32MK2 £189.95; 200W PSU's & leads £59.95; WOMB bootable IDE Zip drives £119.95; Quickcam interface & s w £39.95; 3 months internet + 14.4 modem + s w £79.95; CDPIus system from £139.95 The Top-Rated Eyetech CDPIus for the A1200 2-speed and 8-speed CDROM drives SX32Mk2 & SX32Pro Internal Expansion for the CD32 The SX32 Pro is now shipping!
Make your CD32 into a high powered portable Amiga!
The SX32Pro and SX32Mk2 add... What do the reviewers say ?
Amiga User Int'l “95% - Definitely What do the reviewers say?
Amiga User International - 97% "... It all worked faultlessly ... " Amiga Format - 96% "... An absolutely superb bit of kit.." Amiga Shopper - 90% "... This is a quality product..." Recommended” “90% - A Dream to Use. ” Blue Chip A ward “93% - A Job Well Done” Gold Award Amiga Computing Amiga Format 33 or 50MHz '030 MMU CPU and FPU socket (33Mh7 FPU socket only on the SX32Mk2) Simm socket for up tc 64MB of 32 bit fast (60 70ns) RAM (up to SMB fast (70ns) RAM on the SX32Mk2) Buffered IDE interface for internal 2 5' hard drive and second hard drive, SyQuest. Jaz or even 8 speed CDROM (optional
extra on the SX32 Mk2) Sockets for RGB video (23 pin). VGA video (15 pin), Parallel port (25 pm). Serial port (25 pm). Floppy disk port (23 pin) Jumper-selectable for PC or Amiga keyboard input (external adapter on SX32Mk2) Amazing Value - Prices Down 8-speed - only £189.95 Special Purchase - Limited Availability: Upgradeable 2-speed - just £139.95 2- or 8- speed external CDROM unit in quality C£-approved case with heavy duty PSU Leaves trapdoor free for accelerators memory expansion and the PCMCIA slot free for digitisers,
- odems, samplers etc Option to add additional HD’s, CDRoms, S .
Quests, IDE Zips, Jazs, ATAPI tape streamers etc powered from
the CDPIus unit Comes with special Eyetech '060-compatible Mk2
4-device EIDE buffered interface board - easily ~tted in
minutes with no cutting drilling (Note that IDE CDROMS must
never be directly connected to the A1200 without a buffered
interface) Gold plated audio phono sockets* at rear and ront
panel headphone socket and volume control Complete with
'Click-and-Go' installation software ... to the CD32's existing
mouse, joystick, keyboard, audio, RF, composite video and SVHS
SX32Mk2 - sale price - £ 189.95 The CDPIus is also available as a full kit but without CD mechanism - so you can fit your own - for £119.95 SX32Pro-50 - s ale prl npactkeybo rice - £349.95 Genuine Amiga 89-key compact keyboard £34.95 SX32 floppy, hard drives 20MB-1.1GB, RAM - Please ring Just a few SX32 Combo packs left - SX32 Mk2 or Pro-50, CD32, keyboard, 4MB memory, hard drive and enhanced power supply - at unbeatable prices!
AMIGA HEALTH WARNING If you have recently fitted - or intend to fit - an IDE ATAPI CDROM to your A1200 (other than an Eyetech CDPIus unit) without a buffered interface then your Amiga is in risk of serious damage arising in the future.
The A1200 - unlike A4000's and PC's - has NO internal IDE buffering. On the A1200 the IDE interface connects directly to the A1200 processor chip which itself has insufficient output to drive more than one IDE ATAPI device (and only then on a short data cable) for any sustained time period. To the best of our knowledge the Eyetech CDPIus is the only A1200 ATAPI CDROM supplied with a buffered interface as standard. We are now making this 4-device buffered interface available separately for use with other kits and D-I-Y CDROM installations. At only £39.95 it is a small price to pay to preserve
your Amiga's health.
Mk2 interface now available - Compatible with all popular hard drives and accelerators - including '060 models Considering a PowerStation? The CDPIus is now available with an ilternative, 230W, CE-approved, PC MiniTower or Desktop case which can also power your A1200) - for only £25 extra cNotonDwo ¦ 17"Microvitec Multiscan Monitor 15-64KHz, 50-120Hz All Amiga PC scan modes to 1280x1024, Autoswitching OOK!
The Amazing Iomega IDE Zip Drive Another first from Eyetech Superb Amiga Internet packages from Eyetech he following GetConnected packages are now available from Eyetech: 9 Complete Software AMIGA' BT ISDN LINE NOW ONLY £199!!!
The Eyetech ZorroII ISDN Adapter gives you high speed Web-browsing and video conferencing on your Amiga for only £189.95 Can be used in place of - or as well as*- the internal hard drive Use a different bootable cartridge for each application or family member Ideal for transferring multimedia data between Amigas and or other platforms Fits in any Amiga desktop minitower floppy drive bay or in external case The ideal way to backup your data Expert pack. Three months unlimited Internet, access with 1 MB of your own World Wide Web space, 60-minute continuous-use-restricted Web, FTP, IRC, news and
email software, Internet reference book and 24hr technical support from NETCOM. Designed for existing comms users - Just £39.95 'Click and go' installation All-inclusive ’GetConnected' liardwarc software Internct bundles only from Eyetech Amiga Driver Software for Epson Colour Printers and Scanners EnPrint for the Stylus Colourll lls Pro ProXL 200 500 800 820 1500 V Unbelievable photographic quality output V 'Preferences' & stand-alone printing program The IDE Zip drive fitted in an A1200 Bare IDE Zip drive (inc Eyetech ZipPrep tools) - Just £119.95 A1200 Starter pack. As Expert pack - p us
(14. 4) modem (upgrade to V34(28.8Kbps) fax data modem -
£40.00), all cables, full installation instructions and
software on diskette This package is tailor made A1200 users
who want to get on line at minimal cost - Just £79.95 100MB
Zip cartridges just £14.95 1 or £39.95 3 ScanQuix for all
Epson scanners V 24 bit scanning with full range of editing
options V 'Scan-to-disk' option in Jpeg or IFF formats _ 4
Stand-alone use or integrates with your Art package printed
output V Also available for HP, Mustek and Artec scanners
A1200 InstantDrive Hard Disk Kits High speed pack. As Expert
pack - plusV34 +
(33. 6) fax data modem, all cables and full installation
instructions - Just £119.95 InstantDrives are only available
from Eyetech EnPrint v2.1.3 printer driver - only ScanQuix
v3.0 scanner s w - only £29.95 £79.95 71M and NETCOMPLETE
are trademarks of NETCOM Online Communication Services Inc
F*xec* monthly cl D-I-Y and Bargain Corner Hard-to-find
parts for your Amiga project rd drive cables and cases
r-2.5" 44-way hard drive cables for A600 & A1200 r power &
data cables for A600 & A1200 r full fitting kit for A600 &
A1200 (contains everything) r external hard drive case P
removeable drive deluxe external HD case : 40-way IDE cable
for 3.5" HD CDROM ~85cm 2' 9" Eom 3 x 40 IDE cables to
1.5m 5' (enclose drawing) r hard drive to 5.25" bay mounting
adapters f hard drive to 3.5" bay with 3.5" data power cable
adapters 7 hoppy SyQuest Zip drive to 5.25" bay mounting
adapters p*n m-f detachable data cable forexternal 3.5"
HD GDROM's cane external floppy IDE SyQuest IDE ZIP IDE Jaz
case tROM cables, cases and interfaces i ATAPI CDROM case
with 40w PSU, audio & data connect's £59.95 fevice buffered
EIDE interface for A1200 A600 £39.95 Evice EIDE interface &
cable assembly for A4000 £39.95
- *ay to 44-way + 40-way unbuffered IDE interface adapter £19.95
&o, video, modem and phone cables stereo jack plug to 2 x phono
plugs for CDROM £6.95 standard 4 pin inverted T audio connector
& phono plugs£9.95 plug x 2 to phono plug socket x 2 audio
mixer leads £6.95 ; phono socket to phono plug mixer adapters
(Gold £3.50) £2.50 way F to 25 way M modem cable (1 m) £5.95
r=o 2 x phono plug to 2 x phono plug 1.1 m 4' (4.8m 16‘ £9.95)
£4.95 r30‘ telephone extension cables with 2 way phone adapter
£9.95 wer supplies and PC towers Zdesktops with integral psus d
metal cased PSU for A600 A1200 CD32 CDROM external HD (fit
your old lead - instructions provided) £39.95 Ready-to-Go
A500 600 1200 psu w Amiga, mains cables £59.95 er or desktop
case with 230W+ PSU, CD & HD bays £59.95 M-F extension cable
from PSU to external HD CD 0.9m 3' £9.95 m floppy drive
connector to 4 pin HD CDROM power plug £9.95 internal cooling
fan - dissipate that extra power! £19.95 23-15 pin adapter for
A500 600 1200 (most monitors) £12.95 [ 23-15 pin buffered VGA
adapter (all Amigas monitors) £24.95 Er board - use PC cards in
big-box Amigas £129.95 !jpUp 1 to 2MB Chip RAMupgrade for
A500 A1500 A2000's £99.95 ttCO keyboards (new) for
A2000 3000 4000* ('adapter+£5) £59.95 Wiz capable PGA FPU for
SX32Pro-50 or accelerators £59.95 leomasfer PCMCIA concurrent
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with WB3.0 & user manuals £29.95 Two Major New A1200 Expansion
Products from Eyetech PortPlus - high speed serial and parallel
port expansion ;V 2 x 460Kbaud buffered serial ports with low
CPU overhead V PC & Amiga compatible parallel port transferring
up to 500K bytes sec V Optional high speed PC-Amiga &
Amiga-Amiga networking software Leaves PCMCIA & trapdoor
free; accelerator friendly & very easy to fit PortPlus
introductory price - just £99.951 Quickcam for the Amiga V Use
a low cost PC Quickcam to capture IFF images on your Amiga V
Fully multitasking - including window resizing even whilst
digitising Compatible with all Amigas with standard Amiga
printer port & WB1.3+ Quickcam hardware adapter and software -
only £39.95! I "The fastest drive I have tested on any platform
- David Taylor - Amiga Format February 1997 Important Note! 3.5"
hard drives - even those described as 'Slim'- are usually S
1" 25mm high and will not fit in an A1200 without significant
modifications to I the case and metal shielding - which itself
reduces the value of your computer. All InstantDrives from
Eyetech are less than 20mm high and fit perfectly.
£9.95 £14.95 £24.95 £19.95 £29.95 £9.95 £19.95 £6.95 £12.95 £6.95 £12.95 £12.95 Rated 99% - Aui November 1996, 95% - Amiga Format February J997 No hole drilling, case clipping, or shield removal required All drives are brand new with a 2 year warranty and come Inclusive of full fitting kit and easy-to-foliow pictorial instructions Ready-to-use with WB3.0 and over 45 top quality utilities installed and configured to the Toolsdaemon menu system.
AV drives come with a fully licenced version of Optonica’s Mme multimedia authoring software AND internet access software (shareware) preinstalled ¦ • - ¦ • Apollo Accelerators - Unbeatable pricing Entry level A1200 Accelerators 25MHz '030 with MMU & FPU -A real bargain at £79.95 50MHz Turbo '030 with MMU. FPU option £139.95 '040 '060 A1200 Accelerators (No A1200 tower needed)
2. 1 GB AV £229.95 2.5 GB AV (~3MB s) - £249.95
2. 5" InstantDrives for the A600, A1200, SX32 & SX32 Pro 21MB
Ideal for users of mainly CDROM software on the CDPIus and
SX32 £29.95 344MB A 2.5" drive ideal for the SX32Mk2 and for
the A1200 A600 £129.95 540MB A superb, superslim drive ideal
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1. 08GB This top-of-the-range superslim drive is perfect for the
SX32Pro £229.95 25MHz Turbo '040 with MMU & FPU.
33MHz Turbo '040 with MMU & FPU.
40MHz Turbo '040 with MMU & FPU.
50MHz Turbo ’060 with MMU & FPU.
SCSI interface (for all Turbo's) »Special memory pricing with accelerator purchases« 4MB* - £19.95; 8MB - £34.95; 16MB - £69.95; 32MB - £149.95 Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, N Yorks, TS9 5BB, UK Next Day delivery to EC and USA Canada.
Worldwide deliveries in 2-7 days from receipt of faxed order and payment details, (eg SX32 next day to NYC £25.30) UK m'land 2 next day insured defy charges: S w, cables, buffered i f £2.50 £3; 2.5" drives, accelerators, mem boards £6 £7; 3.5" drives, modems, psu's £S £10; CDPIus £10 812 Ring fax email for other delivery costs (2&c6teC - At Last - Professional Colour and Sound Videoconferencing - for all '030+ Amigas with HD & 6MB v Works with most Amiga sound & video digitisers (ProGrab, Vlab, Technosound etc) Works with 28.8 modems, ISDN etc Simultaneous text, video, audio & file tranfer v
Ring write for further details Full Cocktel software - £99.95 High quality colour conferencing camera - only £159.95 This Months Sale Specials Data fax modems with phone cables, psu
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boards (clock, FPU Skt) £34.95 Tel UK: 07000 4 AMIGA 01642 713
185 Tel Int'l:+44 1642 713 185 Fax: +441642 713 634
eyetech@cix.compulink.co.uk http: www.eyetech.co.uk ~eyetech
UK bank building society cheques, Visa*, Mastercard*, Switch,
Delta, Connect, Postal 1 Money orders accepted. ’ A 3%
surcharge is | applicable to all credit card orders. J Due to
space limitations some of the specs : given are indicitive only
- please ring write fork further details. Please check prices,
specs and availability before ordering. If ordering by post |
please include a contact phone no. Goods are not supplied on a
trial basis. E&OE. | All prices include VAT at 17.5%. VAT is
not applicable to non-EC orders with 4MB RAM with 8MB RAM Slim
external floppy drives Stereo speakers (pair), amp & psu Metal
CDROM case (no psu) Amiga microswitched mouse £54.95 £69.95
£34.95 £14.95 £5.95 £9.95 Voted AUI Amiga Company of the Year
1996 7 Amiga CDROM disks - our sel'n - 4 for£10.00 The full
version of Cinema4D 2 was given away on our Christmas Coverdisk
(AF92) and if you were lucky enough to get a copy, you’ll know
just how good it is.
The latest version is even better. Not only does it clear up almost all the problems that existed with version 2, it also finds the time to innovate, making simple, tasks that are the subject of FAQs for other 3D packages.
And Ben Vost said "Let there be visible light" and there was, and more. Cinema4D is a 3D package that's really going places.
Cinema4D is so easy to use, even complete novices will be able to set up their first animation within half an hour.
Take visible light for instance. If you want to create a pair of headlights, or a torch beam in Lightwave, you’ll have to make cone-shaped objects with transparency settings, fractal noise FIRST LOOK Cinema4D 3 is the second UK release of a German 3D modelling and animation package. It has a modern- looking interface which conforms to the Amiga Style Guide and is very happy using modern features like
* 060 processors, RTG graphics cards and third party plug-in
Compared to products like Lightwave (reviewed last issue) (£1174) and Imagine ($ 1195), Cinema4D is an inexpensive introduction to 3D computer graphics.
Textures and other such gubbins
- not an easy task as I know from experience. However, in the new
version of Cinema4D, all you need do is click on the “Visible
Light” cycle gadget in the Lights panel and select the type you
want. The program also gives you proper lens effects to rival
Lightwave's. In a panel off the light editing requestor you
will find all the parameters for reflections, flares and glows.
You even get to see them in action before you render your
scene, thanks to the rather splendid preview box.
KEEP ON MOVING One of the things I disliked about the previous version was that there seemed no easy way of moving an object numerically - a problem which I am happy to say has now been overcome by the expedient and consistent method of right mouse clicking on the type of transformation (move, rotate, size) you wish to perform. This brings up a numeric requestor for you to enter details into, but as with all C4D requestors, you need to delete the details that are already in the box before you can add new ones. I’d really like to see a feature introduced in C4D that is very useful in Lightwave-
the ability to type in the space at the start of a text box and have that replace the text that is currently already there. This would speed things up no end.
Rendering is now much faster than it was with version 2 and the new render control panel is very thorough. In addition to the familiar settings for what screen mode you wish to render to, you can now specify a picture command. This enables you to send a picture from Cinema’s render engine directly into a paint package without needing to save it in CAD ¦ first, load up your paint package and then load up the picture again.
You now also have far more control over very technical aspects of 3D rendering, usually skimmed over by other packages.Things like Octree levels and voxel space, you can even specify how anti-aliasing is performed.
Because the renderer is actually a separate program, it runs asynchronously so that you can carry on in the editor while rendering your pictures. Fortunately, you can set the priority of the render PLUG IN AND PLAY Lightwave is not the only Amiga rendering package that has developer documentation for creating plug-in modules to supplement the range of tools available to the user. Cinema4D also has a similar interface which is accessed through the circle of arrows button in the Object toolbar. If you buy Cinema4D 3 Deluxe, you'll get two plug-ins included in the deal. Cinema World is a fractal
landscape generator which can unfortunately only load Vista Pro v1 uncompressed format DEM files which rather limits its usefulness. But it can create its own random landscapes using the time- honoured "think of a number, any number" method.
Rather more impressive is the Cinema Font plug-in. This beauty allows you to type text in a Postscript font into its interface which it will then export to C4D, extruding and bevelling it on the way, if that's what you desire. It comes on two disks because it also has a large selection of fonts to install if you aren't already using postscript fonts elsewhere on your system. It's a little buggy, resizing the window seemed, on occasion, to cause the whole thing to crash, but this doesn't stop it from being invaluable to Cinema owners who've had to put up with Helvetica and Diamond all this
time, just make sure you save at regular intervals.
There are still some bad points about Cinema 4D. The way you map a texture onto a shape is very nice, with a graphical representation of the texture you can manipulate over the surface but textures still only consist of bitmap images and the usual luminosity, reflection, etc. settings. There are no algorithmic textures such as fractal noise, wood or plasma which are so handy in other 3D packages.
There are also no texture swatches to give you an idea of how things will look before you render the scene.
Modelling in Cinema 4D isn’t particularly easy either because of its solid modelling background. This accounts for two things - the lite version of Magic Link, an excellent (and necessary) object converter, and the dearth of Cinema 4D models available on the Internet compared to the thousands of Imagine and Lightwave objects out there.
No display for light falloff or fog When animating an object's size, changes only show up in the animation and not in the editor No angle limitation on Inverse Kinematics objects Excellent rendering speed Standalone raytracer cuts down on memory requirements Plug-in font converter Nice new light effects, like visible and parallel lighting Axis limitation on Inverse Kinematics objects engine so that it doesn’t slow down the editing screen while you work on your scene (although you’ll lose any speed advantage the updated render engine confers). The render engine now offers you accompanying
picture depth and object maps which determine how “deep” inside the picture any particular pixel is and shows the spatial relationships between the objects in the scene respectively. Again, these are functions that only the most hardcore of image processors will understand, but it’s still great that they have been ' implemented.
FASTEN RENDERS Scanline rendering has been improved so that it can now show transparency and refraction where previously you had to use “RayTrace” to see these object attributes. This means faster rendering times and softer shadows all round, hurrah!
If there is a problem when loading the program, error messages are in german Still no algorithmic textures or texture swatches Method of entering numbers into boxes should be revamped a la Lightwave The package’s German origins are also quite often apparent with odd words like Fresnel, Akima and polygon (referring to a spline object) turning up on a regular basis.
But let’s not dwell on these fairly minor problems. C4D is so easy to use, even complete novices will be able to set up their first animation within half an hour. It won’t be pretty, but if you compare that to Imagine, where you’ll probably spend six months just getting your first quickrender, it becomes more impressive.
Cinema4D 3 really is a superb package. It is relatively cheap, very fast at rendering and raytracing and has an expandable interface to allow for the inclusion of third party programs. It may have been a bit overlooked in this country, especially compared to its native Germany, but I’m sure all that is set to change once enough people get the latest version. Best of all, there is substantial ongoing development which means Cinema4D can only get better. *£?
SPEED: • • • • O Rendering very fast but user interface needs work in terms of speed of use.
MANUAL: ••••O Just an addendum but very thorough.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • Always easy to use and v3 doesn't make it any more difficult.
FEATURES: ••••• Visible light alone is worth the price.
VALUE: • •••• Definitely the best value 3D software.
OVERALL VERDICT: A cracking package for beginners and experienced 3D'ers alike.
Distributor: HiSoft Ltd. 01525 718181 PRICE: C4D3 Deluxe CD £199.99, C4D3 Deluxe disk £229.99, C4D3 disk £199.99 REQUIREMENTS: Hard drive O C next moircn in the internet magazine See the all-new Internet Internet II is already under development - find out what It can do and when you'll be able to get your hands on it
• How to tart up your computer Personalise your PC or Mac sound
and graphics from Internet
• Holiday!
Organise the perfect holiday over the Net Will it be Prime Minister Major or Prime Minister Blair? Find out how the Internet will help the nation decide Everything for the computer-based creative: Tutorials, features, news, reviews and digital galleries in every issue. And a CD-full of software demos, plus showreels, animation and unique digital images for Mac and PC users... Spring Issue on sale Thursday 6 March £3.50 with CD-ROM • £2.50 without http: www.futurenet.co.uk Issue 6 sale now Paul Overaa takes a look at this new language and explains what's on offer... ecal, if you’ve not come
across it before, is a compiled programming language designed to provide a middle-of-the-road path. Its syntax arrangements, i.e. the rules that govern how Secal programs should be written, are a bit of a mixed bag "Project Frogran Monitor Skip Next Instruction Trace After Next Instr Bkpt Rfter Next Instr Trace Until Trace Until Return S07C7BC98 Toggle Breakpoint Kill Breakpoints Disable Breakpoints Enable Breakpoints One step The monitor display is the first thing you see when Secal loads.
Including elements of C, Pascal and even 680x0 assembly language. That said, it’s quite easy to learn and aims to give programmers a base set of high- level statements, whilst still providing the flexibility to work at a lower level with maximum speed or efficiency.
The package comes on two disks and includes a 120-page manual. It can be used on any 1 Mb+ Amiga running WB2.04 or greater. Secal has a user- friendly front end, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which provides menu access to the editor, compiler and so on. You can write, edit, compile and debug programs without ever leaving the IDE.
One particularly important inclusion from a practical viewpoint is that Secal versions of the Amiga’s header files have been provided. This gives Secal programmers access to exactly the same sorts of standardised system structure definitions and constants that C and assembler coders get.
Amongst the linker libraries is an extension library which offers some powerful high-level audio and graphic functions.
You also get a number of extra utilities.
That’s the environment but how about the language itself? It’s pretty easy to get started with because the language is small and the rules straightforward. All Secal statements are terminated with semicolons like this... m:=m+n; Two types of comments are available.
Single line comments can be started with the or characters but C style forms like this can also be used... x:=x+l; * an example comment * Secal does of course provide all the usual loop and conditional testing statements. While-do loops for example are written as.. while x y do x:=x+l; used in both high-level Secal instructions and embedded assembler- level code with the 680x0 register set even being usable at high level. This means, for instance that you can write expressions like... move l,y; or even... x: =d2-1 ; and the compiler will remain happy!
The language has come a long way since the initial prototypes and the new IDE front end certainly makes program development and testing easier. There are still a number of non-standard facilities provided but these things are easy to get used to.
There’s no doubt that Secal programs run fast - the simplicity of the language and closeness to the underlying processor sees to that.
But this strong 680x0 connection also has a down side. Despite the fact that you could (in theory) learn to program in Secal without knowing anything about the 680x0, the language is clearly best suited to coders who have experience in assembler coding. .
Familiarity with the Amiga’s O S would of course also be an advantage, both in order to program effectively in Secal and appreciate the environment.
Whether Secal will prove a success or not is hard to tell. However, the price is reasonable, considering the amount of work that has gone into development and it is undoubtedly an interesting, and potentially useful language that has a lot to offer the serious coder. Distributor: OTM Publications & Promotions Ltd 01827 312302 PRICE: £34.95 REQUIREMENTS: WB2.04,1Mb RAM SECAL - WHAT'S IT GOT?
• An editor, debugger, monitor, compiler, an integrated front end
for ease-of-use, full header file support, and plenty of
example programs!
• 120 page manual
• Can be used on any Amiga running WB2.04 or upwards
• Language has an interesting mix of both high-level and
low-level facilities The basic variable types are those
supported by the 680x0 processor. To declare an unsigned long
word variable called result you’d write... var resultrulong;
Secal also allows derived types, including arrays and
structures, to be used and the methods for inclusion of 680x0
assembler instructions are particularly interesting. Variables
can be OVERALL VERDICT: Unlikely to become a main contender but
still an interesting language.
% Darren Irvine looks at a complete solution, designed to get you and your Amiga online The overall incursion of comms technology into “everyday” computing has meant a boom in the number of low-cost, high-speed modems. Sadly, almost all of them are targeted at the PC marketplace.
For a while now, one exception to this insidious trend has been OnLine PD. They’ll supply you with a modem (either the now standard 28K8 flavour, or the slightly spicier 33K6 variety), and the software to get you started - almost every piece of Amiga comms software you could need.
The modems themselves seem robust and reliable in operation but modem technolog)' is pretty mature now so any one you buy will work pretty much as well as any other. What it comes down to now is price, build- quality, and software support.
TRANSFER SPEEDS In my tests, transfer speeds from both BBSs and the Internet were every bit as good as the protocols would suggest, and the modems also correctly identified unusual line-conditions such as engaged tones - something that can be a real pain if your modem doesn’t support it. The modems come with a serial port lead (the standard 25-pin sort, though if you have a Surf Squirrel, they’ll supply you with a 9-pin one at no extra charge). You also get a phone lead splitter, so you can plug your phone and the modem into the same wall socket.
Ill mu Mi W ------ "...exactly what you'll need to make your first steps in the online world."
On the negative side, there’s only one thing worth mentioning. For some reason when people are designing modems, they quite sensibly put a row of LED indicators along the front (or sometimes along the top). Then, quite barkmgly, decide to hide these not particularly strong lights behind a smoked plastic panel. This can mean that unless you’re looking straight at the display, it can be tricky working out which light is actually on.
Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, it’s the supplied software that really makes thi's bundle stand out. As their name suggests, OnLine PD know a thing or two when it comes to Public Domain software, and they’ve gone to town in terms of what they supply. There are 33 disks of software to play with and installing all of this stuff can easily keep you amused for an entire rainy Sunday afternoon.
The choice of software on the disks fairly obviously all pertains to comms in some way or other (except for the inclusion of MUI, the user interface that a number of other programs require). There are systems for connecting to the net such as AmiTCP and Miami. There are Web browsers (AWeb, Ibrowse) and all the usual Internet type stuff, such as mail and news readers, and the excellent IRC client Grapevine. There’s also a bunch of smaller Internet utilities and a range of terminal emulation and BBS style software. Old favourites like Ncomm through to Fidonet software like Trapdoor. Note that if
you already have a modem, this 33 disk pack of goodies is available from OnLine for £22.50, with a 26-disk “Internet” pack for £18.
Additionally, when you buy a modem pack from OnLine, you’ll be entitled to a further 10Mb worth of downloads from their own BBS, so you can get hold of any other software that you might need.
All in all, this is an extremely comprehensive package which, having been tailored specifically for Amiga users, is pretty much exactly what you’ll need to make your first steps in the online world. If I have one gripe, it’s the lack of decent printed documentation. But since OnLine have supplied a number of disk tutorials, this really shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
• 33K6 £169.99 (£129.99 without software)
• 28K8 £139.99 (£99.99 without software)
• 14K4 £119.99 (£79.99 without software) Simon Goodwin tests
Spider - a new interface that allows you to have up to eight
serial ports on your Zorro Amiga.
The new Spider interface provides eight serial ports on a Zorro card with its own processor. It’s ideal for bulletin boards and could also be useful for networks.
Spider is developed by Zeus Electronic Development GmbH and distributed here by Golden Image.
I tested Spider in my Cyberstorm Amiga 4000 060. It suits ZorroII machines too, but throughput suffers because 16-bit Amigas are slow in responding to polled interrupts. The device driver requires Workbench 2.1 or better.
HARDWARE Spider is a half-length card, simple but neat, dominated by eight serial interface chips and the RISC coprocessor which gathers bytes and buffers them between the Amiga and the serial ports. The unidentified processor runs at a leisurely 11.1MHz but the manual states this could be pushed to 14.7MHz to improve throughput when all eight ports are running flat out.
The ports work at standard speeds from 75 to 57600 baud, including the 31250 baud MIDI rate - ideal for anyone itching to program a 128 channel MIDI orchestra - and can be set independently. Each has eight bytes of buffering for status and data in both directions.
A wide ribbon cable with a heavy interference suppressor carries signals to a 62-pin socket on the back panel, via IDC connectors and a small circuit board screwed to the end plate. Spider does not obscure the PC ISA socket alongside the Zorro one, but you’ll struggle to find a PC half-card that fits alongside.
The really spidery bit is outside, in the shape of metre-long cables, joined at one end to a big three-row plug, with _ ! _.1. i ' 1' * 1 n 1 i type plugs flailing at the far end - hence the name. The plugs have long retaining knobs at either side, suitable for screwdriver or finger and thumb tightening. Repairs are tricky as the plugs are moulded and cannot be opened, but similar cables are used on some PC multi-port cards, so replacements are available.
SOFTWARE Spider comes with a disk and a short printed manual. There’s no installer and indeed no icons at all.
Documentation predominates, in ASCII and Postscript format. The 3,500 word English text is clear, with full connection details and a useful glossary.
Installation is simple - just copy the ‘spider.device’ file to DEVS:. There’s no mountlist and the WB 3.1 port handler is not compatible, so you must edit the name ‘spider.device’ and a unit number, 0 to 7, into each program that uses it.
PERFORMANCE The device driver is less than 4K of code, and described as ‘beta software’.
The author Peter Weiss plans support for esoteric serial.device commands, and is chasing a rare problem with bytes getting ‘mangled’ on arrival. He’s also checking out support for multiple Spiders in one Amiga, frankly admitting that this has hardly been tested yet.
Updates will be available from the author’s BBS, which has English menus.
I tested Spider with Term and an Aceex modem. BBS access and Zmodem transfers worked fine at 57,600 baud, but I got more errors when transferring Term (570K.) Over a null modem link from port 0 to port 1. After corrections, the transfer took two minutes: a bit under 5K per second.
COMPARISONS Spider trumps the Multiface and IO T'» .lit spider supports eight ports, and the onboard processor reduces system overheads. The price is comparable to that for four simpler boards, though the ports are less fast, and of course it’s a much neater solution.
In Germany Internet access is punitively expensive, so Bulletin Boards continue to thrive. Spider could also establish a hub linking lots of computers. The top speed is slow by Ethernet standards but fast enough for an audio or 3D rendering farm. That would require special software though, and - as with most new hardware - Spider has enough to get you started, but little more.
There’s a limited market for Spider
- you don’t get much change from £300 - but it does have plenty
of potential and if you do need to connect up to lots of things
at once, then it’s a prime contender. • *2?
Distributor: Golden Image 0181 900 9291 PRICE: £299 REQUIREMENTS: Zorro Amiga SB SYSTEMS NEW LOW PRICES SCSI NEW CL, NEW Is*!
LU NEW WITH LU « ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED [Browse V1.10 (with frame support) £29.95 Net&Web ...£39.95 Net&Web 2 ...£69.95 Termite £39.95 TermiteTCP ..... £39.95 Cinema4D V3 ..£199.95 CinemaWORLD £39.95 CinemaFONT ....£39.95 Studio II Professional ...£49.95 DiskMAGIC 2 ....£39.95 MaxonMAGIC ...£29.95 MediaMAGIC £49.95 HiSoft C++ .....£169.95 HiSoft C+ + Lite £79.95 Devpac 3 £49.95
Highspeed Pascal ...... £79.95 HiSoft BASIC 2 ...... £49.95 Gamesmith ....£79.95 Twist 3 Database ...£99.95 ProFlight Simulator ......£19.95 Aura 8 ..£34.95 Aura 16 £99.95 Clarity 16 ..... £129.95 ProMidi Interface ..£24.95 Megalosound ....£34.95 VideoMaster ......£69.95 VideoMaster RGB £109.95 VideoMaster AGA ..£79.95 VideoMaster AGA RGB ..... £129.95 CoIourMaster ....£69.95 Jaz Drive
(cased) ... £449.00 SMD-100 MPEG decoder .. £199.95 Classic Squirrel .£69.95 Surf Squirrel ......£99.95 2x CD-ROM Drive (cased) £89.95 4x CD-ROM Drive (cased) .... £129.95 12x CD-ROM Drive (cased) .. £229.95 4X CD-ROM Drive Classic Squirrel Three cd-roms T2x CD-ROM Drive Classic Squirrel Three co-roms ¦KKKas- 2* CO-ROM Drive Classic Squirrel Three CD-ROMS • • • • • i| CHOOSE ANY THREE TRW: personal Suite 6.4 Sweet Touch Global Amiga Experience Utilities Experience AGA Experience 2 §P-ROM& POSTAGE £2, COURIER £4 (NEXT DAY £6) (ZIP, JAZ, SMD-100
& CD-ROM DRIVBS BY COURIER ONLY) £17.95 £24.95 £17.95 £24.95 £11.95 £11.95 £11.95 £24.95 .. £9.95 i« .1 !•••••••••• CALL OSOO HiSoft Systems The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE 01525 718181 01525 713716 sales @hisoft. Co. Uk Personal Suite 6.4 Personal Paint 7 ... personal Paint 7 upgrade .. Kara collection . Global Amiga Experience... utilities Experience ...... AGA Experience 2 .. Epic Encylopaedia . Sweet Touch (glamour) ..... 660 David Taylor examines a package that can make the Amiga capable of using almost any
printer on the market.
Improvement in its printing abilities is arguably the most important area for further development of the Amiga. The home printing market has exploded over recent years, but the Amiga has been somewhat left behind.
Printer hardware makers must take the blame for this because few have ever produced printer drivers for the Amiga.
"We tested the program with a couple of printers and the results were stunning, ww The task has been left to third party developers and although it may smart, having to pay up to £50 to be able to use your printer, it’s better than being stuck with an old dot matrix. Thankfully we have two real options with PrintStudio and TurboPrint. Both so popular that many other programs now offer to use their printing abilities.
GRAPHICS PUBLISHER As with the earlier versions of TurboPrint, the package works by installing a set of programs including TurboPrefs and the new Graphics Publisher. When you print out, a program which has installed to your WBStartup drawer enables TurboPrint to intercept the attempt to print through the normal Amiga and re-direct it through TurboPrint. Thus all your printing, which would go through You can launch Graphics Publisher through other programs like Art Effect. This sort of integration is the way forward.
Workbench, will be sent through the enhancement program.
J u The big change in version 5 is the replacement of the Print Manager with the Graphics Publisher. This is a much more powerful interface which allows you an unlimited number of pictures on the page, each with individual brightness and colour settings. You can re-size pictures, preview them and set all the different improvements of colours. You can also choose paper and landscape or portrait positioning.
A built-in virtual memory system copies files to hard disk. This is useful with large pictures or if you have more than one image on the page.
If you are using a third party program that supports TurboPrint, like Art Effect, then the job is made very easy indeed. You can edit your picture as normal and then select TurboPrint. The program will save out the picture in a temporary file and send it to the Graphics Publisher, you can then make any adjustments and then print out. It works remarkably well and means that you can work on any image format, even those not directly supported by the Publisher, and print straight out.
TRUEMATCH The other major enhancement is TrueMatch colour correction. It employs the UCR (Under Cover Removal) system, where black is placed under colours to make them appear more vivid with sharper edges. Version 4 used 100% UCR, which means that mixed colours appear less vivid, but this new version has an automatic function to mix the amount of UCR so that the very best and clearest picture is produced.
If there is to be any criticism levelled at the program, it is minor. The security process looks very non-standard and the Installer crashed when I failed to specify a printer.
We tested the program with a couple of printers, including the very latest Epson Stylus 600, and the results were stunning. An A4 picture came out clear with no banding. The bad news is that it took 45 minutes - the same picture on the PC took just two!
Unfortunately the only way to solve this pfroblem is to buy more RAM and a faster processor.
Si Workbench al TuHniprii iTurboprint TwtoPrintlOtheri The new UCR system ensures correct use of black, giving sharp edges and clear pictures.
Distributor: Wizard Developments 01322 527800 PRICE: £49.99 REQUIREMENTS: WB2+, fast processor and at least 6Mb of RAM recommended SPEED: • • O O O As fast as it can go, it still means huge waiting times.
MANUAL: • • • • • Clear and explains everything.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • O Everything is easy to use and works well with other programs.
FEATURES: • • • • • Just missing a "Full Page" option.
VALUE: • • • • O Well worth it.
OVERALL VERDICT: Helps you get more from any printer - even older monos get better results.
% New for Voyager NG v2.1 Am IRC HTML 3.2 specifications ¦ tables [INDUSTRY STANDARD IRC CLIENT] and full frames (scrolling and iTCa.*.™ floating as shown) now supported a t I i Internal Image Decoder - fast iSSjSllSi ••••AmTelnet NEW internal GIF JPG decoding, GIF „ ~ .....[TELNET CLIENT ¦ AMFTP AUTHOR!] Anims, 24BIT CyberGFX support!
Graphical Printing - print web AmTolk :hew pages as they are shown!
'¦ I [INTERNET CHAT CLIENT] Enhanced Features - POP-UP 1 menus, MIME GUI, extra security, HnpB.... AmFinger Ssi FULL FTP module and much more!
EHEM' " [NEW COMMS BBS CLIENT] PT1 . W J5 & MUI 3.8 (Shareware) I? I . " CONNECT Internet Software I Wanting to get onto the Internet? Already connected, but frustrated with your software? NetConnect is all you need h to get connected to the Internet and contains a suite of seven commercially licensed Internet .applications. You won't find an interface as easy-to-use as NetConnect's! BHBRffiBBBI We have spoken at length to so many of our customers t gHfpfPSHH ¦ about getting onto the Internet - we know exactly what you I L | need and what you want. You want software you can use
- not shareware but commercial software, you want the pr sr- ¦
ITT hassle taken out of the installation and you want a suite
of - ; ; , . j the very best Amiga Internet software. Indeed,
to make NetConnect the very best we organised programmers to
enhance their software - so you get previously non- «-i
released software. NetConnect contains a full TCP client! |
§§l|jj§ §J worth over £35 in itself! You can save masses of
£££’s from buying NetConnect as there is no need to' licence
the I Internet software - full versions all licenced for you!
Remember you are also entitled to minor upgrades fixes as a registered user!!
Buy Your Vaporware Products Direct From Active!
NETCONNECT AND VAPORWARE PRICES NetConnect CD Version or 3.5” Floppy Disks £ 59.95
33. 6 Voice Modem £109.95
33. 6 Non-Voice Modem £ 99.95
33. 6 Voice Modem & NetConnect £139.95 Voyager Next Generation
(v2.10) £ 20.00 Microdot-ll (call for release date and to
confirm price) £ 20.00 AmlRC v1.32 £ 19.00 AmFTP v1.72 £
19.00 AmTalk v1.2 £ 12.00 AmTelnet v1.0 + AmTerm v1.0 £ 18.00
MUI 3.8 (when you buy Vapor products or NetConnect) £ 12.00
- 5% Discount when 2-4 Vapor products are bought, 10% Discount
for 5+ ¦ Note that the Vaporware products are e-mail only but
can be sent on floppy for a surcharge of £2.00 per
product.___________ Quality 33.6 Voice and Non-Voice Data Fax
• 33600 bps DATA FAX modem - true V04. I nrougnpui to no, uu BPS
via V.42 bis data compression
• Group 1, 2 & 3 send receive FAX (14.4)
• Voice CommandsDSVD upgradeable (by software) ‘voice only
• Auto Answer ‘voice only
• Full Duplex Speaker ‘voice only
• Call Discrimination ‘voice only
• Fax on demand ‘voice only
• Simultaneous voice and data (S.V.D.) ‘voice only
• Message playback via sound card speaker or headset 'voice
• Auto mode detection allows modem to connect with a modem that
is configured for differing connection modes
• Extended AT command set
• Upgradable ROM chip (safeguarding against future
• BT and CE Approved
• Amiga 25pin and Surf Squirrel PC 9pin serial cable included
• With Headphones and Microphone 'voice only
• Full “get started” documentation
• 5 year warranty - also undergone rigorous Amiga tests g-ygr
wlfff bsbb-b Buy NetConnect and get FREE connection to
Enterprise (worth £20 ex. VAT or£23 8 ncA )!
Supported by ISP’s Worldwide NetConnect allows you to select your country then select an ISP (easy!) - we have about 160 ISP’s listed from 29 different countries (58 from the UK!). Nearly 100% of the WORLD is covered for any user who wants to connect to the Internet!
Send your order to: Postage and Delivery mSSSfj&lfSm Active Software, PO Box 151, CD's - 50p per CD for UK delivery
- £1 per CD for EU delivery
- £2 per CD World delivery Modem - £3 for 2-3 day delivery
- £4 for next day delivery
- £15 for Saturday delivery Make cheques P.O.’s payable to Active
Software and send to the address listed opposite. We can accept
credit or debit card orders. For any additional information
call us ASAP!
Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
Pj] 01325 352260 active@enterprise.net nm ________
- when tliere were NO HARD DISKS?
- way back when the IBM PC bad not yet been invented ?
That’s when HYDRA SYSTEMS first started manufacturing So when we tell you that our ETHERNET products carry a you can he sure that we’ll he around to keep our promise!
- the only fully integrated Network File Manager for the AMIGA,
with CHAT, MAIL, and a sensational cross-network IMAGE BROWSER
and MEDIA PLAYER, ships FREE with our product as the Net
Environment - as reviewed by AF 10 95 Networking AMIGAs: if it
exists, we manufacture or supply it. One-stop shopping -
Ethernet connexions fo- EVEkY AMIGA model, ALL available
Software, even cables ’n stuff . . .
Get wired real soon - with all the right connections . . . Call or FAX for Oealer Info in your Country - A2 3 4000 ETHERNET BNC: €149 A1200 PCMCIA ETHERNET: £115 TCP ENLAN NOVELL S W: Call and Seriously Serial - VMC's new A2 3 4 ISDN BLASTER Card:£195 A1200 460 Kbit Serial Card: £46 A1200 2 Serial 1 Parallel: £73 IBM PCMCIA E Net for WIN 95: £75 PRICES EXCLUDE VAT - FREE Delivery Red Lane Kenilworth UK CV8 1PB Tel:(+44X0)1203 471111 Fax: 473333 e want to see more reviews written by you. Tell us what you think about Final Writer, Personal Paint, Directory Opus, PageStream, CanDO and Imagine,
and we'll print it for everyone to see.
Remember we would like a photo of yourself to accompany the piece and if you have something you've created with the software, or a photo of your hardware set up, then send that along tool The A600 has been starved of processor power almost since its conception in 1992. For a long time, there was nothing you could do about the measly 7MHz 68000 sitting inside your computer, and the taunts of even those A1200 owners without any sort of acceleration could make you green with envy. Now, however, you can update your computer to 32-bit standard using the recently-developed Apollo A620.
It consists of a 25MHz 68020 and a 25MHz 68882 FPU, which, you would think, would be plenty to quieten those A1200 owners. Fitting is relatively simple although the instructions are not that clear - anyone who can fit a hard drive should not have a problem.
After it was fitted I booted up and took a look around Workbench. Everything was beautifully fast and Syslnfo confirmed that the accelerator was working fine. Then, suddenly, the computer crashed. Nothing unusual, I thought, so I just rebooted and carried on again. But lo and behold, 20 BEN SAYS The Apollo A620 has been discontinued by Power because of the problems users had with fitting it and we can only recommend it to people desperate to accelerate their A600s. A better bet might be to trawl the small ads to try and get a secondhand A1200, it's not just the processor power that is better
in these machines, but you also have the enhanced colour palette and graphics speed of AGA.
Hardware seems to be popular with readers sending in their long term tests. Amiga Format would like to see some reviews of more hardware, particularly items that are currently available like HiSoft's Squirrel and Surf Squirrel SCSI adaptors, brand name modems like the Supra or USR Sportster or printers.
A look at the only way to upgrade your A600's speed.
Minutes later, it crashed again. This pattern continued with the computer crashing every twenty minutes until I just gave up. I tried disconnecting all my peripherals but nothing would stop the crashing. It must, therefore, be my brand spanking new accelerator I thought, but careful inspection revealed nothing.
I was determined to find the fault, and find it I did. After many tests, diagnostic programs and even prodding at the board (probably not a good idea but I was annoyed), I tracked the problem down to the processor overheating. A 68020 overheating? Yes, that’s what I thought. I ended up having to go to Maplins to spend an extra £10 on a PC fan that sits inside the case of my computer and cools the processor while the machine is switched on. It makes a right racket, but it is bearable and you soon get used to it.
Now that I have the accelerator working, it’s fine. It takes standard 72- pin SIMMs and with 4Mb fitted, mine runs like the wind compared to what it was like before. Frontier has a superb frame rate, Real 3D renders are done in no time and Gloom Deluxe, which is, incidentally, one of the best games I have ever played, is suddenly a reality.
Overall though, I cannot possibly recommend this accelerator to anyone but the most determined of A600 owners it is just not worth the hassle.
To Apollo - a slap on the wrist. What is the point of releasing an upgrade that has to be upgraded before it will work?
Tsk, indeed. & Jonathan Duke St. Albans Distributor: Power Computing 01234 273000 PRICE: £119.95 OVERALL VERDICT: Weird Science 0116 234 0682 Anyone who remembers our excellent Vista Pro giveaway, or indeed, has the excellent if complicated World Construction Set, will know what a DEM is. If you don't, the acronym stands for Digital Elevation Map, which actually quite neatly describes what it is. Essentially a DEM is a huge file containing height values of terrain at a specific geographical location.
DEM-ROM Rlaska Index 9 This disk does, as claimed, contain over 1000 OEMs. Which is good.
Unfortunately, that is about it. They are organised alphabetically into drawers, but strangely, these are further divided into east and west drawers, so, for example, Aberdeen exists as Aberdeen.dem in the A East and A West drawers. This seems odd.
There is an index folder containing overhead topographically coloured images of each DEM file, but sadly, no viewing program, or even explanatory text.
All the DEM files seem to have been converted to the Vista format, but since there is no documentation, I can't guarantee this. It would perhaps have been nice to have some sort of interface to guide your way around, or even just a few text documents naming sets of DEMs with The index shown above gives an idea of each DEM files terrain.
Certain geo VERDICT DEMs can be used in a variety of fractal software.
A WCS map render shows off the data nicely.
Weird Science 0116234 0682 There are some things that haven't been adequately explained about this
CD. Firstly, although it is a compilation CD, it never actually
tries to explain what exactly it is a compilation of.
European software I suppose.
One of the things I can tell you about what will not appear on the CD is VERDICT There are quite a few Gerry Anderson inspired pictures too.
Weird Science 0116234 0682 We**» *ts an Aminet CD.
Surely everyone knows aminet iv a B2*0i 3 a 3 *i in*. Nli!SK .j by now that Aminet is Flightcontrol gets a bit intense. Now is that a blip stuff that this , on my radar or just a bit of egg sandwich? Disc, the 17th in the series, iv I is almost full of completely new software, music, pictures etc. In fact there are over 570Mb of archived software here. I've no idea what that decompresses to, because it would take rather a long time, but it would be a lot... Sabrina Online by Merry Christmas Hope you get something that fits this year.
Yf ©I 996 There is an awful lot of artwork on this CD, much of it is superb.
The great majority of the new stuff on here is graphics related. Apart from the excellent new JFIF datatype, there are some really good MPEG files (a viewer is provided), and some ' | excellent animations. There are quite vmotw a few 9ames on Gre to°r including the quite compulsive Flightcontrol, a : sort of Kennedy ATC clone.
J Continuing the trend of .sffim : including full commercial software on the disc, Aminet 17 also comes Jk with a full version of Cloanto's Ia! WML mill ,1 Personal Write, a functional if not K fantastic word processor. This series | itfjHTf vfi is always ' V. always full of the latest shareware andPD. © A new batch of Eric Schwartz images appear on this CD MUI .1IMEDIA Weird Science 0116 234 0682 If you are a video or multimedia professional (or even a keen amateur), one thing you'll know is that you could always do with some more in the way of useful graphics.
This is the very demand which has led to numerous compilations before, and I'm sure this won't be the last one we'll see.
All the images are provided in IFF24, TIFF and Targa formats. I suppose it helps to cater for all tastes, but it does obviously reduce the number of This image would be very useful for Sadly, there wasn't much in the way of information regarding the artists.
Pictures you can fit on a single CD. T; In this case we have just 100. This wouldn't be too bad if J they were all top quality images, but I'm afraid I can't say that is the f case at all. Many are rather ' - blurred, pale (and I realise these are supposed to be backdrops but...) or so simple that it would § jj| take about 30 seconds to construct f; them in ADPro.
Some are fantastic however, but even that is annoying. The legal readme says that not all the images are full PD - if you want to use them commercially, you should contact the authors. Even worse, I couldn't even find any details at all for any of the original artists. So it really is a bit of a non-starter. © Wheras this could also be used as a rendering imagemap.
VERDICT It's good, but on screen looks a little blurred - perhaps in the translation to PAL?
OUT NOW* SYSTEMS tt ipftis mm I Ul u, it 0 m «l Cat O w - manager on z$ --$ TijTii & U UPGRADE FROM V1 £ © £159.00 £449.00 £199.95 .. £69.95 .. £99.95 .. £89.95 £129.95 £229.95 a CM UJ i CO NEW MJW PmOES HEW IbrOWSe V1.1 0 (With frame support) £29.95 Net&Web ...£39.95 Net&Web 2 -9***99**999*999**999*999* mm Termite £39 95 TermiteTCP £39.95 IW5W Web Explosion 2CD £49.95 Studio II Professional £49.95 Cinema4D V3 ..£199.95 NEW CinemaWORLD £39.95 NEW CinemaFONT ....£39.95 Upper Disk Tools ..£14.95 NEW HiSoft
C++ .....£169.95 NEW HiSoft C+ + Lite £79.95 Devpae 3 -***99**999*99 ••*¦9 9 9**9 99*9 99* £49.95 H igh speed Pascal *-999**999**99** £79.95 HiSoft BASIC 2 99999.999.99999.9999.*.** £49.95 Caipesfultb *-9*9*-999**9*****9**9*9**.9 £79.95 NEW Twist 3 Database ...£99.95 ProFlight Simulator ......£19.95 Aura 8 ..£34.95 Aura 16 £99.95 Clarity 16 *99***999*9* 9**99 9*99 9***9 £129.95 ProMidi Interface ..£24.95 Megalosound ....£34.95
VideoMaster ......£69.95 VideoMaster RGB £109.95 VideoMaster AGA ..£79.95 VideoMaster AGA RGB .....£129.95 CoIourMaster ....£69.95 Zip Drive (inc all extras) ..... Jaz Drive (cased) . SMD-100 MPEG decoder.. Classic Squirrel ... Surf Squirrel .... 2x CD-ROM Drive (cased) .
4x CD-ROM Drive (cased) .
12x CD-ROM Drive (cased) tt- j* 1 * i fcr . JH j I i;Tj| fij rall|s ff3 « f 1 wn"’ % 7 | f HiS "SEES Hi | r- .
I f( ;ri: id 5 ® J* : 8F*fl :] Wi m 1 fl if W- ¦ 1 !
! [ ] j fWill 1 IIR®*' mm mmnui mimi NribiiH*+T.i Of IwfsrfyPIiM MdxoniMAldl LI PS§" iW.if [MAGIC ¦ I ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED mas) ootourfw, J»t moil us M
* pfupturn of.
: , ail 8«w POSTAGE £2, COURIER £4 (NEXT DAY £6) (ZIP, JAZ, SMD-100 & CD-ROM DRIVES BY COURIER ONLY) entertain yoi from burrt-rii and samp HiSoft Systems The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE r IM ii t , Phone 01525 718181 Fax 01525 713716 Email sales@hisoft.co.uk MORE DET ULS?
ASK FOR OUR FREE AMIGA CATALOGUE CALL OSOO 223 660 FREE I Printer problems? Finding your drive difficult to deal with? Whatever the sticky situation, Graeme Sandiford is the man with the solution. Just send your queries to: Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
HARD DRIVING My current set-up consists of an A1200, Citizen printer and an HD disk drive:
1. Is it possible to connect a 1.28Gb IDE hard drive with a 10ms
access time to my Amiga IDE interface?
2. Which is best, 10ms or 14ms?
3. What about EIDE, are these drives compatible?
4. What is MODE 4?
5. Should I make sure it is a slim 3.5” drive?
6. If I do decide to buy a hard drive, will this invalidate my
warranty? If so, are there any authorised dealers who could
install it?
W Phillips South Wirral TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE I have an Amiga A1200 and an Amiga CD32.1 also have a connecting cable to combine the two. Please can you tell me what else I need to run the CD32 through my Amiga A1200? Do I need more memory? What size hard drive do I need, if any? How do I install the program from CD to hard drive and delete the same if no longer needed? Do I need an install disk to run together?
Paul Booth Gwent With reference to the letter from Colin Clifford- Smith (AF93) I suffered the same experience. I got the Turbo 1230 LC accelerator board, plugged it in and found that I couldn’t get the cover back on and that a bit of the metal shielding looked dangerously close to the card. I decided to bend this bit of shielding back and cut a bit of the plastic case off. The card now fitted a lot better, but when I turned the computer on
1. Yes.
2. As these are measures of access times, you need the fastest -
which is 10ms.
3. Enhanced IDE is compatible. You probably couldn’t buy a
non-EEDE drive if you tried.
4. A protocol used by IDE disks, to do with speed.
5. Yes if you intend to fit it internally.
6. Buying the drive won’t invalidate the warranty, but opening up
the Amiga and fitting a 3.5” inch drive into an area designed
for a 2.5” drive will. No matter who fits the 3.5” drive, the
warranty will be invalid. That said, it’s obviously better to
let a dealer cock it up, as then you will have some redress.
However, it’s unlikely you’ll end up with anything other than a working A1200 and hard drive.
THE APOLLO PROJECT I am writing in response to Colin Clifford- Smith’s letter (AF93) in which he detailed his problems in fitting an Apollo to his A1200.1 experienced similar problems when trying to fit a 4Mb expansion board to my machine. The trap door would close after a struggle but bulged ominously, and when I booted up there was no sign of fast RAM on the Workbench tide bar and nothing showed in ShowConfig. In desperation I took my machine and board to a friend. He found that the shielding around the slot where the board fitted was too tight. To all intents and purposes the board seemed
to fit snugly, but was not able to connect properly because of the shielding. The solution was to loosen the shielding, fit the board, then re- tighten the shield. Since then I have had no problems.
Dave Burgin Northants You need software, that's all. You don't need more memory, nor do you need a hard drive (although both are nice). You will need the networking software (probably a version of SerNet) on a CD- ROM which the CD32 will boot. When configured properly, this will then let you use the CD-ROM drive from the A1200, as an ordinary AmigaDOS device. Companies such as Sadeness or Epic should be happy to sell you the CD-ROM you need.
Thanks to both of you -1 guess there are variations in the design of the Amiga which means sometimes the metal shielding can foul the card. When fitting any hardware, it’s always a good idea to check that the contacts are clean from dust or fingerprints.
TOWERING INFERNO I have a Tower A1200 with ZorroII III slots, an accelerator with SCSI interface, loads of RAM, a huge IDE hard drive, an 8-speed SCSI CD-ROM drive, an RTG graphics card with a scan doubler for a 17” SVGA monitor and a SyQuest.
1. I’d like a Lexmark jet printer 1020 but I’ve heard that it
won’t work with my Amiga because it uses the Windows printing
Is this true?
Continued overleaf the hard drive loaded for just a few seconds then stopped and I was left with a blank screen.
I took the card out and was faced with a yellow screen. I sent the card back to Power who tested it and said there was nothing wrong.
Their technical support department suggested that I wiped the connectors with some meths or alcohol, which I duly did and now everything works perfectly and at quite a pace as well!
Keith Buddie Linlithgow 2. I’ve noticed some nice colour flatbed scanners for under £200 which fit in a SCSI or a parallel port. Which one is better for the Amiga I plan to buy?
3. The Internet providers in Greece don’t know any other computer
platform apart from Macs and Pcs that can connect with the
Because I’m a newcomer to the Internet, I was wondering if I can use Shapeshifter and Netscape Navigator for Macs with my modem?
4. Which RTG graphics card with optional (or not) scan doubler is
the best?
5. 1 can postpone the purchase of the new Amiga and wait to see
if Phase 5 or Quikpak produce a powerful Amiga computer. Do
you think this is a good idea, or should I buy the Tower A1200
now? When a new model comes out, I could sell the parts that I
can’t use.
Fanis Dokianakis Greece
I. If a printer says it requires Windows, then it does.
Letting the PC do all the work, means some printers WHOOPS, GONE!
I own an Amiga 1500 and was recently attempting to remove a drawer from the hard disk. Unfortunately, I seem to have removed everything including Workbench, Tools and so on. I have been trying to replace them all via a floppy disk, but nothing happens, just a blank screen. Can you advise me what I need to do to get Workbench going again?
L Nelson Oxford Nasty. If your system boots to a totally blank screen, then there is a hardware problem of some kind. If it boots to a Shell window, it's possible you have deleted the startup- sequence, so try entering "LoadWb" and check to see if that makes a difference. The best solution is to boot from your Workbench floppy disks and then copy everything across to the hard drive.
Can do without large memories and custom processors and this means lower prices. Unfortunately, this also means that it cannot be used with the Amiga, the Mac or any other non-Windows platform.
2. 1 don ’t know which Amiga you are going to buy.
If you going to buy one which has a SCSI interface, get the SCSI scanner as it will be a lot faster.
3. Yes you can. You can also use the Amiga - the Internet uses
TCP IP and the Amiga can talk TCP IP. All you’ll need to do is
ask the Internet Providers to supply you with your IP address,
the address of the DNS systems, your mail and news host, Slip
orPPP, your ID and your password.
You should then be able to configure AmiTCP or Miami to work perfectly.
4. We’re waiting to see which of the new graphics cards reaches
the office first. Then we can tell you!
5. If you need the computer now then get it. You could be waiting
for something which might never appear.
POWER PROBLEM My computer system consists of an A1200 with
3. 5” internal 1.28Gb hard drive, 2Mb memory as standard with no
Fast memory, Workbench
3. 0, a Citizen Swift 200C printer, a Microvitec 1438 Multiscan
U124X and a quad speed CD-ROM drive.
I am considering buying a Blizzard 1260 accelerator with as much fast RAM as I can get for under £100. Given my current setup, would my original A1200 power supply be able to cope? The CD-ROM drive, printer and monitor all have external power sources, but the hard drive and Surf Squirrel run off the computer’s own power supply. If I need a new supply where can I get it ?
Donald W Mittican Glasgow In this case you should be OK as the greedy CD-ROM drive has it’s own power supply. I can’t promise though, as the hard drive and a well-stocked ’060 might just be too much. You’ll know because you’ll have weird crashes and the standard PSU might feel extra hot. If you do need more power, Eyetech (01642 713185) sell a beefier power supply unit.
WHAT A CASE I have just been reading with interest your article on the Intrinsic Tower Case in AF94. For almost a year now I have been using a similar set-up on my A1200. It all started when I put a
2. 5” hard drive and a memory expansion into my machine. I
started to smell the power supply overheating. Attached to the
machine was a Squirrel with a CD drive, but if I connected the
four SCSI hard drives, how would I get near the Amiga for
power adaptors?
First I paid £40 for a mini tower, then I opened up the case for my CD drive and put the drive into the tower. Next I took the SCSI connector off the drive casing, opened it up and attached it to a longer SCSI ribbon and screwed the connector to the rear of the tower.
I then took my external floppy out of its case, put it into the tower and screwed the connector to the rear of the tower as well. To connect the floppy to the Amiga you would have to get an extension cable made up.
For the CD audio, I took the sockets off the CD casing and fixed them into the rear of the tower (I had to lengthen the CD audio cable to reach from the drive). Next I took a lead off the 5v power supply and attached it to a connector on the rear to power my speakers. The SCSI hard drives all just plugged into the ribbon cable with power fed into all the drives from the standard PSU connectors. The Amiga audio is fed up to the tower connectors (be sure to mark the connectors IN OUT) and from there to the external speakers.
I then got my local computer shop to attach a lead to the PSU to power my A1200 (you may have to cut the cable off your original supply for this). I also bought an extension SCSI cable to connect my Squirrel to the tower and changed the plug on my TV so it would also fit the tower PSU. Now when I want to use my Amiga it’s just a case of pushing one button and the whole lot fires up. One plug does the lot.
The only problem so far is the number of drives in the tower. When I took out my floppies or Cds they were just a little bit hot, to try and remedy this I removed the PC speaker at the front of the tower, opened up the slots at the The Intrinsic Tower System (AF94) allows for a much tidier set-up.
Front for the airflow and installed a cooling fan from an old PC PSU. Since then, no problems!
M Skinner Aberdeen It helps being a DIYfanatic too! Yes, it’s worth noting that when housing two or more drives it’s usually a good idea to ensure there is adequate ventilation. The next stage in the project would be to house the A1200 inside the case too and hopefully we’ll be covering such a project in the not too distant future.
FORMAT FAILURE I have problems when I try to format my 2.5” hard drive. I get an error saying ‘not a valid DOS disk’ and ‘not bit-mapped’ or something like that. Also could you tell me which way the data cable is supposed to go. The red cable facing the back or front of the Amiga?
YOUR PROBLEMS SOLVED Mr PA Appleby Sutton-In-Ashfield Whoops! I hope you haven’t been trying to connect the cable both ways round. As the 2.5” cable carries power as well as data, this can be dangerous. Always connect cables such that the wire with the red stripe is next to any pin marked “1 ”. You ’11 see that there is a white numeral 1 printed on the motherboard, and this is the way you should connect the lead.
Before you can format a hard drive for the first time, you will need to “prep” it and fix the number of partitions. This requires the utility program HDToolBox which is distributed with some Amigas as part of the Workbench set, but it is also available in several compatible guises from Public Domain libraries.
Use this utility to read the necessary geometry information from the drive (heads, cylinders and so on) and then set up a Workbench and a Work partition, and mark the Workbench one as “bootable”.
Do not use any “low level format” options. When you quit HDToolBox (saving the settings) and restart, you should be able to use the ordinary AmigaDOS “format” command on the hard drive. UseFFS and QUICK to speed things up.
I have an A1200. It is impossible to find Amiga related products here in Hong Kong. I am urgently looking for a suitable CD-ROM drive, 8-speed or more, for my CD collection.
1. Is it possible to use a cheap IDE CD-ROM drive from a PC shop
for the A1200? Please can you tell me where I can find all the
hardware HOW FAST?
1. How can I work the menus at the top in 3DCK 1 when the mouse
doesn't respond?
2. My A600 power supply sometimes stops the sound, but when I
jerk it, it works, do you know what is wrong
3. What is the cheapest 40Mb hard drive on the market?
4. What speed (in Mhz) is an un-expanded A1200?
Paul Bowen Birmingham
1. 1 don't know what 3DCK is so I'm afraid I'm not much help.
2. Do you mean the PSU itself makes a sound, or is the sound
coming from the Amiga? If it's the PSU, it could be that it's
about to break.
A healthy PSU should be quiet. If it's the Amiga, it could be a loose lead somewhere.
3. A second hand one. You can't buy drives that small new these
4. The A1200's CPU runs at 14MHz, and the custom chips at 7MHz.
And software without the CD-ROM drive itself, or the DIY kit?
2. 1 am also considering upgrading my A1200 to an ’040 or ’060
with either a Blizzard A1240T ERC or a Blizzard 1260. Can you
recommenckany accelerators? Also, can I use a RAM card, 16Mb
and 32Mb for Pcs, or do I have to order an accelerator with
RAM included?
3. I have been told that ’040 is too hot for the A1200 and must
be on a Tower system. It would be very expensive if I buy
these heavy items by mail order, so would I be able to make
one myself? Could you let me know how and where Continued
overleaf SCATTY SCSI My Amiga system consists of an A1200,
Kickstart 3, 30Mb Zappo Smart Stor (PCMCIA port), 2Mb fast
RAM, DataFlyer SCSI+ interface driving a Compaq 2x speed
CD-ROM drive and a SyQuest EZ135.
1. The whole set-up has worked for over a year until this week.
The SyQuest and CD-ROM didn't show up on my Workbench, but
returned after some 'tinkering'. This happened a few times
until finally they did not return. The Dataflyer driver
command 'DFMOUNT' just doesn't 'see' the SCSI devices (using
ExpEDS.device) as if either they aren't connected, or no
Dataflyer interface is fitted. Do you think the interface is
faulty? I have tried removing each device from the SCSI chain
in turn so neither drive appears to be at fault.
2. If the Dataflyer is the problem, I want to replace it with a
Squirrel, but as I boot from my Smart Stor I must be able to
boot from my SyQuest via the Squirrel - Can you boot from a
Squirrel? (The Dataflyer needed software drivers).
3. 1 have acquired a second hand 2.5" IDE drive which I could fit
internally, making my Smart Stor redundant. It came without
cables from a PC, so I've bought a suitable cable from a PC
shop. When I tried to fit it in, it spun up, but my Amiga
didn't do anything, not even showing 'insert disk'. The
drive's former owner said an Amiga-owning friend had a similar
problem, which they solved by cutting the line to pin 1 on the
cable. Is he right?
Rob Marris Barking
1. I would check the SCSI cabling very carefully, and also the
termination. You have terminated the last item in the SCSI
chain, haven't you? If this makes no difference, it does sound
like a faulty SCSI interface, although it would be worthwhile
testing the cables and peripherals on another machine if that
was possible.
2. You cannot boot from a Squirrel, although I understand you can
boot from a Surf Squirrel. HiSoft (01525 718181) will be able
to advise you.
3. First of all, the hard drive won't appear on the Workbench
until you use the HDToolBox utility to prep and partition it.
Then you can format it from AmigaDOS. Yes, cutting pin 1
sometimes makes a difference, but most notably it lets some
makes of drives (IBM I seem to remember) boot from a cold
start not just a warm start.
4" I could find the essential items? Is a Tower system also a possible solution to supplying sufficient power to an upgraded system?
4. Like many Amiga users I am forced to use a PC at the office. I
am considering buying a Zip drive or an HD drive as a way to
exchange media.
Can I use the Amiga with any other kind of Zip except SCSI? If the SCSI is the only way, which is best out of the HiSoft Squirrel and the SCSI-IV kit?
Are there any places that would sell Zip Tools software separately?
5. Finally, if you know of any ISP support for the Amiga in Hong
Kong, please let me know, I’m not the only one in desperate
need out here!
Henry M K Chung Hong Kong
1. Yes, it’s possible to connect an IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drive to an
Amiga, but you will need special cables and apiece of hardware
to buffer the IDE interface is recommended. Try talking to
EyeTech (or emailing the cheapest way!
Eyetech@cix.compulink.co.uk) as they supply all the parts you will need.
2. Both accelerator cards are excellent, and will make a huge
difference. You should be able to use any 72-pin SIMM which
operates at 60ns.
3. Yes, the ’040 runs hot and you will either need to re-house
the A1200 or provide some ventilation. You could, for example,
prop the A1200 up a few centimetres above the desk and use a
CPU cooler. A1200 Tower Systems are often discussed but rarely
sold. You could make one yourself by buying a large PC case
and mounting all the Amiga’s bits and pieces inside, using a
PC keyboard via an adaptor. The PC PSU can power the Amiga.
4. No, the Amiga will only use the SCSI format Zip drives. This
means you will either need a SCSI interface for the PC, or a
PC parallel port version of the Zip drive for work and a SCSI
version for home. You should then be able to use CrossDOS to
mount a Zip drive formatted for the PC on the Amiga.
5. If you are looking for Internet access, the best place to find
it is (ironically) on the Internet. Find a cybercafe or
university student willing to let you surf and then search for
INTRINSICALLY DUFF ELECTRONICS I bought a used 840 3.5” hard drive (Quantum Trailblazer) for my A1200.
It has Windows installed on it and now I’m having trouble in getting it to work. When I connect the HD to the IDE-connector the computer goes nuts and some green and black lines appear on the screen. I can’t use the system until I disconnect the HD from the IDE-connector (I can still have the power cable connected to the disk drive power connector). I thought that my PSU was too weak, but I can draw power from the disk drive connector to the HD and still use the system.
Send your letters to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.
Could it be that my IDE-connector in the computer is broken? My last HD (a 40Mb 2.5” Seagate) broke. When I boot my machine with my old HD, nothing happens except that my computer makes a tweeting sound and the screen remains blank. How can I use this HD with my computer?
Tommy Ohlson Sweden When you say that your first hard drive is broken, are you sure it’s not the IDE interface t You should check both drives (preferably on a PC). Then make extra sure the IDE cabling is working and connected properly.
If that hasn’t solved your problems, then it very much looks as though your IDE interface is defunct. Sorry. 61?
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Filetype Creator tc CREATE AND TEST Filetypes with ease CALL ABOUT UPGRADES a 68020 PROCESSOR OR BETTER.
.99 Mats CALL ABOUT UPGRADES O DIRECTORY I"™ PUS5 Last month we took a look at how it was possible to offer connection services such as FTP and Telnet from your Amiga. This can be done using additions to your TCP IP stack known as daemons. Just about every kind of sendee available across the Internet operates in this way, including the protocol that offers pages on the World Wide Web, known as HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol.
Darren Irvine shows you how to extend the World Wide Web right into your own Amiga.
The HTTP daemon itself (rather predictably called httpd) has been available for sometime under public license, and so has been ported to just about every available machine, including the Amiga. There are in fact several implementations available for the Amiga, but for this example I’m going to concentrate on the port of the original http daemon, developed by the people who originally came up with Mosaic. This is available from any of the Aminet mirror sites.
You might be wondering what the point in actually setting up your Amiga for WWW page serving is, since a: your machine won’t be on the net permanently (unless you have done a deal with the devil, or worse, BT) and b: your ISP probably offers a certain amount of free webspace anyway.
But setting up your Amiga in this way is an excellent aid to Web page development - although you can load in pages locally, setting up your machine for HTTP serving means you can get a second opinion on your design from remote users, without having to actually upload the pages to your ISP.
INSTALLING THE HTTP DAEMON Although the World Wide Web is what most people think of as actually “being” the Internet, and it’s undoubtedly important, the actual mechanism by which Web pages are served is simple, and this is reflected in the ease of setting up the appropriate daemon. The installation is straightforward, with only two or three steps.
Ionce you have downloaded the archive, create a directory beneath your current Amosaic directory called “HTTPD” and unarchive the file into it. You should also setup a similarly named assignment “HTTP:” to point to this new directory - adding this assignment to your s:user-startup file is probably a good idea (remember to re-boot for this to take effect).
2 You must add a configuration line to the “SERVICES” file which can be found in the directory AMITCP:DB. Add the line at the bottom of this file in the following format: http 80 tcp You may also need to add a line to the file “INETD.CONF” (some implementations of AmiTCP seem to have this pre-installed) in the same directory as follows: http stream tcp nowait root http:httpd After rebooting your machine, your Amiga will now be ready to act as a Web page server when SETTING UP YOUR WEB PAGES This isn't by any means intended to be a comprehensive guide to Web page design, but rather if you are a
complete newcomer to the concept, a few tips to get you started.
HTML documents themselves are plain ASCII text, and so can be created using any text editor. An HTML document contains special HTML formatting codes known as "Tags" which are used by the Web browser viewing the document to format what appears on screen. These tags are used to determine things like what font text should appear in, and for including links to other pages and graphics files.
CREATING A NEW PAGE Using a text editor, create a file in your http:docs directory called TEST.HTML and put the following text into it (note that you must include the angle-brackets around each tag): TEXT STYLES If all the text in your documents looked liked this, things would get boring rather quickly, but thankfully HTML provides lots of scope for changing the way text is displayed. Note that each of the tags has an equivalent preceded by a slash which turns the option off. The styles available are: On Tag Description Off Tag h1 Text Size 1 (very large) h1 h2 Text Size 2 (large) h2
h3 Text Size 3 (medium) h3 are to documents also stored on your own machine. When you are actually connected to the Internet, other users will be able to access your pages by using a URL which is composed from your normal Internet Domain name. For instance, my Domain is plasma.thegap.com and so the URL needed to access my Web pages is http: plasma, thegap.com you go online, and you can of course test this facility offline. First off all you’ll actually need some Web pages to look at - check the boxout if you’re not sure on how to get started with Web page design. Run Amosaic, and open
the following URL http: localhost And you should see a screen similar to the one shown below.
This is the visual equivalent of the HTML source code found in the file INDEX.HTML which is located in the “DOCS” directory below HTTP:. From here you can use the links which Note that unless you explicidy specify a filename as part of this URL, the default file used will be HTTP:DOCS INDEX.HTML. & im-.
Uu (mummSw Test Page for Amiga HTTP This page is bemg sewed by NCSA htfpLGS ported to die Amiga by Graham Walter.
? Firmer Arexx.smpt AMIGANET PLUS: ¦ '• • '.
Of course, the average Amiga word-pro isn't really intended to produce HTML pages.
However, you can always set up macros in an Arexx capable text editor (such as TurboText), or take advantage of some of the web creation utilities other Amiga users have come up with: WEBPLUG http: www.arrakis.es ~axe stv webplug.html A really quite excellent MUI based HTML ' creation program. A host of handy features should speed you to creating great pages.
AWEBEd www.dungeon.com ~musIc awebed.htm As you might expect from the companion to the Aweb browser, this HTML editor does not require MUI, so if you loath MUI, this is probably the software for you.
BUTTON STRIP www.icbl.hw.ac.uk ~cjs cbs index.htmi For those of you with a copy of final writer, this addition will provide an extra set of useful buttons for marking and formatting your text into an HTML readable form.
CRASH COURSE IN HTML www.w3-tech.com crash .
For the absolute beginner, this site is well worth a look. It explains everything from how to set text, colours and backgrounds, right through to using nested frames. It's all explained clearly and with lots of examples.
HTML EXAMPLES www.dcn.davis.ca.ys ~€sandvig ip exampie. htm! This tutorial is rather short and simple, but very easy to read manner. There's a huge example, with source on one side of the document, and the result on the other.
If you can see this page at http: localhost then you've got your Web server up and running h4 Text Size 4 (med-small) h4 h5 Text Size 5 (small) h5 h6 Text Size 6 (very small) h6 b Bold b i Italic i u Underlined u tt Typewriter font tt em Emphasis em strong More Emphasis strong pre Don't Format pre hr Insert Horizontal Line br Line Break P Skip Line Try changing the text in TEST.HTML to: html This is a List test hr List Level 1 uf Si Item 1.1 Si Item 1.2 II Item 1.3 ul html The results look like this (note that nice
little listing bullets have been inserted for you): ifiE Change TEST.HTML to contain the following: html Web Page Test br This is on a new line hr bxh1 This is Big & Bold h1x b hr i This is a bit smaller and in italics i p h6 This is very small text which has b this bit b in bold h6 hr em This is supposed to be emphasised but just looks italic em htm! And the results will look like this - note that certain browsers such as Amosaic don't handle some tags such as em properly.
HTML LISTS Browsing the Web, one of the things that you will notice is that a lot of the information contained on many pages is in the form of lists. As if by conincidence, setting up lists is something that HTML is very handy for, with nice little features such as bulleting and multiply indented lists are handled with ease.
The main list formatting tags are as follows: On Tag Description Off Tag ul Unordered List ul ol Ordered List ol li List Item Lutltni! :
• lillr. ! I :
• Item 1.2 . . • Item 1 ; We haven't even touched on how to add
graphics to your pages, but you should have a few clues as to
how it works. Next month we'll take a look at more advanced
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And be sure to join us at Halloween, when we'll be showing you how to model an Easter egg... Jinally I have the ultimate answer to all those people who claim we never tackle tough things in our tutorials.
If Paul Overaa's latest Arexx tutorial isn't tough enough for you. I'll eat something unpleasant. That is, it isn't tough, hut it does tackle a subject that causes many people bad headaches.
Not like Paul. Who is a nice bloke actually.
The more faint of heart may like to move swiftly on to a rather tuneful offering from the keyboard of our Music-X supremo, or even boggle at the realistic falling snow effect Mr Sandiford has conjured up for us this month.
Oh, and be sure to check out the last in Ben's series of multimedia tutorials. This closing installment deals with some of the finer details you'd be foolish to forget.
We need your input.
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series? Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine. Here are some things you might like to think about: AREXX Commodore's excellent decision to include Arexx with Workbench was only matched by their stupidity in not documenting it properly. If you are having trouble why not write to us with a description of what you are trying to do?
PAINT PACKAGES Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
CSNEMA4D Surely some of you have some questions about our latest 3D giveaway?We're here to help.
Contact us at: AF Creative, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting "Creative" in the subject line.
CINEMA 4D2 IVIr Kennedy is intent on showing you how to get the most out of our excellent Coverdisk giveaway - don't disappoint him now will you.
MUSIC-X Oeeer. Big pictures with lots of numbers and things - but what does it all sound like? Believe it or not, this is Mr Irvine demonstrating interesting fade techniques.
MULTIMEDIA The final chapter in Ben's rather tremendous multimedia tutorial. Find out whodunnit this issue... CHAPTER ONE CODING Making No, this is not about having an off day - it's another tutorial from Paul Overaa and this time he's tackling a subject that's long overdue for some exposure... Let’s face it - computers spend much of their time searching for things. It’s hardly surprising then, that lots of clever methods have been developed which make searching fast and efficient. One technique, known as ‘Hashing’ or ‘Key to address Transformation’, is particularly important because in
suitable cases it becomes possible to achieve retrieval speeds that really are spectacular - and that appear to be almost independent of the size of the file AWKWARD MATHS The only trouble, and the main reason why this technique gets relatively little exposure in most computer mags, is that the theory involves some awkward mathematics. What makes things worse is that, unless these underlying principles are understood, it’s nigh-on impossible to appreciate the purpose of typical example code. The good news at this point is that there is a particular class of hash functions that lend themselves
well to being explained diagrammatically. In fact after a few simple experiments, chances are, you’ll not only know very clearly how the underlying search mechanism works, ED n n ash.rexx naraa:ii help 1 for SET ress return
- --------------------------------------- FindMatches: Procedure
expose PRIME record parse arg n step key do uhile
record.n.nane=key call Disp layRecord(n) n=Cn+step) PRIME end
return snt r FindEnpty: Procedure expose PRIME record, parse
arg n,step do while (record.n.nane='I record.n.nane=1+') say
'searching record slot' n= n+step PRIME end say 'found enpty
slot ext entry no n The underlying hash access approach used in
this month's example script is much the same as that used by
some heavyweight database programs!
"...chances are... you'll have acquired some footholds that may help you understand other related methods."
But you’ll have acquired some footholds that may help you understand other related methods you come across.
The first point to make is that although hashing is used for searching files it’s not the sort of ‘find record N’ type approach that you normally use when looking through a file. Hashing techniques try to calculate the location of a record by using some known characteristic of the data being stored.
The easiest way to explain this is to have a look at an example and consider the general characteristics of converting a key, i.e. a record identifier, into a record number or location: Suppose, for instance, you were writing an ‘address book’ type program and wanted to include the ability to search for a person’s address details by supplying just a surname. If the name ‘Jones’ was entered, the program would respond by supplying a list of details for all the people on file whose surname was Jones. You might, if you were a company, have thousands of names in , this computerised address book and
in such cases an efficient search procedure would be needed users certainly would not want to wait for several minutes whilst the computer CHAPTER ONE "One of the absolute requirements of a good hash function, is that it can handle collisions in a foolproof way.'
1: Rdd a record 2: Renoue a record 3: Find a record 4: List records 5 : Qui t fj 111
* 111111 F1 ?
_ - JONES PAUL JONES PETER 23132121 iiy ¦I t§ sifted through a file picking out the Jones from the Smiths etc. Essentially instantaneous retrieval is needed - no matter how large the file!
Let’s suppose however, that it were possible to find some rule that used the letters present in the surname and converted them into a unique number, which was the location of the record containing the required information.
The existence of this function would mean that we could firstly calculate exactly whereabouts in a data file a given set of details should be stored, and secondly it would mean that this information could be retrieved by computing the record number from the surname provided. In other words it would enable us to access these records without having to do any real searching at all!
OK, it’s pretty obvious that, in general, no such rules exist. But if we relax the condition that the function must produce ‘unique’ numbers, and be content to have a situation where different surnames occasionally produce identical computed record RECORD No.
KEY OTHER FIELDS 0 I 1 1 2 1 (n-1) ¦U H J, .....Im¦ mu.,.¦¦¦ iji ¦ m.liiiii ..iinip¦uiiniiipjinin jijliii'i i i iiiiiiilm n .i.m .u.iiiim. 1: rx nash.rexx 1 : Add a record 2: Renoue a record 3; Find a record 4: List records 5: in i t Se Iec t Opt ion!
HHBSbhSH -I numbers, then we enter the world of Key to Address Transformation or ‘Hashing’. When different search keys produce the same computed record number the possibility arises that the record retrieved will be the wrong one.
These occurrences are termed ‘collisions’ and one of the absolute requirements of a good hash function, is that it can handle these collisions in a foolproof way.
KEEP ON CRASHING If a collision occurs, a second attempt to locate the correct record must be made. If this also results in a collision then further attempts must be made until either the correct record is located
- or until we are completely sure that the record does not exist.
For obvious reasons it is important that, in the worst possible
cases, we are able to examine every record in the file. To add
data to such a file we use the same hash rules s e 1 ec t Opt s
ur n a rue to li o i»e s R ec o pd 6 Su r ii ane : F i r s t
Nane T e ( e ph one R e c o pd 12 S u r n an e: F 1 r s t Nane
T e 1 e ph one that are used to retrieve data, but during data
addition we are searching for empty records rather than
particular key fields. If the record corresponding to the first
calculated record number contains data already, then further
attempts have to be made until an empty record is found.
Right, you’ve had a general outline of the process, now let’s look at the details: To simplify things I’m going to consider only hash functions which operate on files that have pre-defined constant maximum sizes and illustrate the development of one particular class of hash functions using the concept of a ‘circular file’. This involves imagining that a file of ‘n’ records are wrapped around a circle with record numbers ranging from 0 to (n-1) as shown in Figure 1.
So, if we want to create a data-file based on the ‘circular file with fixed step length’ concept, we can now see exactly what we must do to ensure a proper search. Either we make sure that our step length is a prime number, or we make sure that the maximum file size is a prime number. In these cases, because there are no common factors, we know that this will enable us to (in the worst possible case) search the whole of the data-file.
Neat eh! I hope you’ve followed that so far. Next month we’ll be giving you some example script to play around with. See you then.
J* i ,1 , i j To run the example script you'll need to open a Shell window and use the RX command!
If you create a number of different records involving the same surname you'll see that the example script's Find option will be able to locate them all.
Often means more of the same.
: -7 : 7 -; -V77; -'‘vV:' “' : -'• '.• But in this case new means different : 4f ;- ¦7. •: andrated A 1 •»..»,. i i
• *««» J --A Darren Irvine delves even deeper into some of the
obscure but wonderful-sounding things that you can achieve
using Music-X.
CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introduction and basic sequence recording Chapter 2: Basic sequence editing and creating a song Chapter 3: Effects - cross fading & the swing processor MUSIC-X Sequence; big big chords 2 x-fade Chapter 4: Advanced song construction techniques Chapter 5: Conclusion - "live" playback & Notator-X ||| llll -3 illlllli This series so far has shown how easy it is to take a number of recorded play sequences and combine them to form the basis of a song. We’ve also looked at how using simple effects such as echo can greatly enhance the overall sound. This month we’ll take a look at
some more effects that can make your sound individual and exciting.
This is the same sequence, playing a different sound, and this time fades in first, and then back out. The combination of the two effects is what makes it interesting.
M m m HII7 ini? On i!i;i ms 01? 019 021 023 m 021 m u3 MUTING EFFECTS Clever use of MIDI volume information, along with a good dynamic synth patch that changes in timbre over time, can produce brilliant stuttering effects.
The idea here is to record a track of long sustained chords on a given MIDI channel and then to produce a control sequence of MIDI volume commands to play on the same channel. You should probably be able to work out how to record some nice slow chords on your own (and if you can’t, then it’s time to dig out your copy of Amiga Format (AF93) from a few months back), but here’s how to do the rest.
This sequence makes use of controller 10 to fade right out and then back in again. This panning effect can work really well.
Start by EDITing a new play sequence. Move the end of sequence marker over to the right, and click on “Add” from the right of the screen.
Click on “Control Change” and then on “OK”. The top slider of the three at the bottom left will become the parameter for the control change - that’s, the MIDI control change you are adding.
We want controller 7 which is the MIDI channel volume controller, so just drag the slider until it’s at seven, after you add your first control change. Any new changes will automatically be 7s.
Click on the edit window wherever you want a volume change to occur.
The further up the screen, the louder the MIDI channel will play, the further down, the quieter. For example, you might want to put a full volume at the start of every quarter note, and a zero volume control change in between all the full ones. This will produce a stutter effect, much as if you had played a series of semiquavers, but the timbre of the sounds will still change with time - as if you had played normal long chords whilst changing filter effects.
The quick volume changes can completely transform a simple chord sequence like this one.
A bit of tinkering around in this area can produce some really stunning results. An important point to make here is that, as with ordinary notes, control changes often benefit enormously from being quantised.
PANNING If your synth or module supports stereo (and nowadays all of them do), a lot of fun can be had by making use of the MIDI pan controller. You can use these in a similar way to the MIDI volume controller, by adding control changes in the edit window.
This time, use control change number 10 and add the control "A bit of tinkering around in this area can produce some stunning results."
Changes in much the same way as the volume ones. The further up the screen, the more left your patch will be panned, and the further down the screen, the further right in the stereo field your sound will appear. Of course, if you have your sound module output plugged in the wrong way round, this will be back to front. Or is it upside down?
Percussion tracks in particular can greatly benefit from having individual instruments panned differently. For instance, a set of toms sounds more lifelike if panned from left to right instead of all being in the same place in the stereo field.
FILTER SWEEPING AND CROSSFADING EFFECTS There are a number of useful effects that can be achieved by playing the same sequence back on two different MIDI channels (with two correspondingly different sounds) and performing different but related volume control or filter control information on them.
Firstly, record a repeating-type acidy riff or arpeggio on MIDI channel 1.
Probably the best idea here is to record one bar and then repeat it using the edit window. To do this, SELECT all the notes (after quantisation) and COPY them three or even seven times. This means you have a sequence that is four or eight bars long, and repeating the same riff over and over. Use a patch that is harmonically rich, such as a sawtooth or string sound, and make sure all the notes have a good attack with a fairly short duration. Exit, store the sequence and make a copy of it.
Next, edit the copy of your original sequence, and select all the notes (Amiga-A). You may have noticed before a 4x4 box with the numbers 1 to 16 in it. This is the MIDI channel change gadget. Click on the “2” in this box to change all of the notes in this copy sequence to play on channel 2.
Now make all the notes in this sequence slightly shorter than the original. With all the notes selected, hold down the shift key, and press the left cursor key to shorten the notes. You may have to select a shorter minimum note length in the grid requester, to get any effect here, if your notes are already very short.
FADING IN AND OUT Make sure that the patch on MIDI channel 2 is something square-wavish, with a lot less harmonic content than the sound on MIDI channel 1. Now for the cunning part. In the first of the two sequences, click on Mark from the options on the right hand side of the screen. Click at the very start of the sequence and drag the pointer so that exactly half of the notes are marked (shown by a big purple box).
Now select “Scale Velocity” from the modules menu. Click on “Marked events” to only effect the first half of the sequence. Select a starting velocity of 100% and an end velocity of 10% and click on OK. You will see that the volumes ramp down towards the halfway point of the sequence.
Now click on “Unmark” and then mark the second half of the sequence. Again select Scale Velocity, but this time scale it the other way around, from 10% to 100%. Thus the sequence will fade out towards the middle and fade back in at the end.
Now store these changes, and edit the second sequence (the one on the other MIDI channel) Do the same thing as for the first, only ramp the first half up, and the second half down. The sequence will fade in towards the middle and then fade back out again.
It’s when you play back both sequences at the same time that the effect becomes apparent. Depending on your choice of patches on each MIDI channel, and on other less obvious things like the length of the notes and the tempo of the sequence, you will have some combination of a filter sweep type effect, and a sort of morphing between the two patches.
Have fun with this, and you’ll come up with some great effects - you might like to try something really weird like transposing one of the sequences, or combining this effect with MIDI echo or muting. If you have enough free MIDI channels, you might even like to try some sort of variation on this using three or more different sounds.
Most sound sources nowadays also support direct manipulation of their filters, using a specific MIDI controller number. The manual for your module or synth should tell you what this is. You can add these control changes in exactly the same way as for Pan and MIDI volume control information, except for obviously using the appropriate controller number.
Combining these filter changes with volume changes can let you use your module to sound like a much more complicated and expensive piece of kit.
Next month will just about finish things up for Music-X, and we’ll take a look at how to put the finishing touches to your songs. CS Graeme Sandiford discovers how to animate groups of objects in this month's Real 3D 2 tutorial.
This month we are examining the program’s particle system - an important tool for 3D animators. The system allows the easy creation and control of a large number of objects, or particles.
An illustration of particles in the real world could be dust. If you were to wave your hand through some dust particles in a beam of light they would react and change their positions and velocity. This would obviously be a nightmare to animate on an object-by-object basis. A particle system enables you to create as many particles as you want to fill a volume and then make them react to the force you apply.
As any object or group of objects can become a particle you can emulate a variety of real world phenomena. In our two examples we will be using spheres, however you can use any object with whatever properties with an amazing range of effects.
THE PARTICLE SYSTEM Tool¦t lint-Un- Now for the object that will serve as the template for our particles. We'll be using spheres to represent falling snowflakes, so draw a smallish sphere. If you're ambitious you can make a more detailed object.
The simplest way to create a large number of particles is to use the Volume particle creation method. We'll need to make an object to serve as the volume, so create an oblong in the top-view with the Cube tool.
Next select the sphere and then the cube, the order is important, then go to the menu Create Particle Volume, enter 20 in each gadget for the number of particles and a Rand (randomness) value of about 70%.
If you want a denser field of particles, and have the memory, increase the number of particles. To animate our snow we need a force field to make them fall so draw a downward pointing vertical axis.
Delete the cube and original sphere, then reselect the axis and go to the menu Animate Forces Directed, activate the Formula gadget and enter this formula f=10 - make sure constant is selected.
This will give us a constant downward force that affects all objects equally regardless of their position - gravity.
However snow rarely falls straight down so let's add some turbulence. First duplicate our directed force.
Next select the duplicate directed force and edit its formula by selecting the menu Animate Edit. Change the formula f=10 to f=10, fx=sin((y+t)*10), fy=cos((x+t)*10), fz=0. This waves the x and y axis.
Next slap in a Processor to implement the motions (use the menu Create Structure method and processor the list), open the animation window ( right-Amigaxa ), set the res to 100, time to 10 secs and play forwards.
For our second example build the basis of a rocket by using either the Lathe tool or several cylinders and cut- cones under the same level. When you've finished rename the level rocket.
Next we'll create some nozzles for our engine. Simply create a cone with a cylinder underneath and place them under level called nozzle or something similar. However don't duplicate it just yet.
Go to the menu Create Structure Method and choose Creation from the list. This method will create copies of sample objects over time. Enter the Creation Method level and create a sphere or other simple object.
Select the object, go to the menu Modify Properties Velocity and draw a downward vertical line. All of the properties will be inherited so if you were going to render this scene, now would be the time to change its attributes.
With the sphere still selected, select the menu Modify Properties Tags. Add a new tag as follows: SCREI=1. This tells Real 3D to create a copy every frame.
Enter a second tag for deletion: SDEL l=if(t-fx 0.2,1,0). The second tag tells Real 3D to delete copies older than
0. 2 secs. Again with the sphere selected, create a Path method,
choose the same values as in the picture and then draw an
erratic closed curve within the nozzle.
Add a Processor at the top level. Open the anim window, enter a res of 100, 4 seconds and play. Press cright- Amigaxu when it's finished. If you want more particles, try duplicating the sphere and moving the copy.
Undo the animation. Select the Creation and Processor methods and paste them under the Nozzle level. Go back to the root and duplicate the nozzle as many times as you want engines. Place them around the fuselage.
When you animate your rocket and have only used a few particles they may appear obviously identical. To remedy this, simply create more sample particles or move them around randomly and re-animate them.
Unfortunately this is a very complicated area and can't be fully covered in one sitting. If you want to find out more press the Help key and have a look at some of the other forces, methods and their variables.
Ben Vost concludes his seven-part look at multimedia with some advice on adding the finishing touches.
From following the various stages of this tutorial you should at least have an inkling of the amount of work required to put a CD together (or even just a Zip disk). If you haven’t been put off by the cost in time and pounds sterling, then it just remains for me to wish you the best of luck and to give you some final tips.
"...storyboarding how your user will jump from one place in your production to another can be an invaluable aid..." . ...... . . . . . ... IT'S A STEAL!
Out and out copying is obviously a "bad thing"™ but taking inspiration from how other people put their work together is always a good idea. Unless you have had specific training in Human Interface Design, it's always worth having a look at how other people design their user interfaces - you can always improve on what someone else has done. One of the biggest failings with user interfaces on the Amiga is the concentration on using the mouse. While it is .a very useful input device, there is no need to deal with it exclusively. Make sure you add keyboard control to your project and your users
will love you for it.
Firstly, when working on your masterpiece, whether it be about Star Trek, the Second World War or The Prodigy, make sure you have a definite schedule to your work. Storyboarding is often considered to only be of use in making films or TV movies, but storyboarding how your user will jump from one place in your production to another can be an invaluable aid to visualising how the program should work. It will also save a lot of time later since it will stop you from attempting the impossible and only realising it once you have already put 50Mb together, only to have to do it all over again.
Secondly, set a schedule for your work on the project. Be aware that the production could well run into several month’s worth of hard graft and plan HITTING GOLD Making a CD of your production might be the answer if you have a lot of data, but beware - making a CD is a lot more involved than any other method of distribution. For a start you will need to have two 65GMb+ partitions for your data. Why two? Well, you will need to put the ISO image of your CD somewhere. The ISO image is a file of your CD, a bit like a big archive or a file disk if you are familiar with PC or Mac emulators, and it
is your first step towards what the CD manufacturers like SonoPress and Ablex use to make your CD.
The next step is to cut a gold CD.
Make sure you've thoroughly tested your production before you start cutting Cds because they are quite expensive at between £5 and £10 a time, depending on how many you buy in one go. Once you've cut a gold disc, you can then send it to the pressers to make into a full-on proper silvery CD.
Accordingly. Make sure that you contact any copyright holders whose copyright you may be infringing (particularly in the case of the Star Trek and Prodigy examples) before you start work on your production, especially if you intend letting more than your immediate family and friends see your masterpiece.
NO ROOM FOR AIR If you intend making a commercial enterprise out of your multimedia, then you had better be airtight legally. Leave a lot of time for any companies you contact with regard to copyright, to get back to you. In the meantime, arrange your program’s interface, sort out the text you will use, take the photographs and digitise your own sound samples. Even if you are only What if you don't have a CD-ROM burner? Well, you can ask people like Epic or EMC if they would be willing to cut a gold disc for you, but be warned that it is likely to cost nearly as much as buying a CD-ROM writer
for yourself since the company you deal with will need to have your hard drive off you to build their ISO image before they can cut a gold disc. If they don't have an IDE-based Amiga, or you want to supply the data on a Jaz drive or something, you could run into further problems.
Once you have your gold disc, it is a good idea to check it through for any possible errors because this is your last stop before getting a quantity of Cds manufactured, if you are aiming for CD32 compatibility, make sure the disc boots on a CD32 and also try it on a variety of Amigas, all running different CD file systems including Commodore's own, just to make sure.
DISTRIBUTING YOUR MASTERWORK If your production isn't CD-sized, you have several options when it comes to distribution. Probably the easiest way to reach a large number of people would be to give us the project to put on our CD, but you can also give it to PD j libraries. There are already several examples of such i productions in the Public Domain so you can take a look at | them and see where you can improve matters for your I program. If you decide to distribute your project yourself, on a commercial basis, then it is a good idea to send out a press release of your program to all the Amiga
magazines and follow it up with a reviewer's copy which has a contact number that the reviewer can ring if they find any problems.
Making a smallish project, PhotoCD development takes a week, so it might become a very important factor.
If you are going to work as part of a team, communication becomes all important. Designate a team leader who is responsible for coordination between the graphics people, the sound people and the programmers. Even if that means there is only four of you, it is a good idea to have someone who knows what’s going on everywhere in the production team. A spreadsheet program is a handy production tool for creating a progress sheet that lets you know whereabouts you are in your schedule.If you are going to be recording video footage for incorporation in your production, do pay attention to things like
the quality of the light and background noise.
Oversights like that can spoil your shot.
An S-VHS or Hi8 video camera will give you better quality footage for video capture, but lighting and sound quality are more important if your final animation is only going to be about 160x120.
SOUNDS GOOD In my experience it is definitely worthwhile investing some cash in an external microphone for your video camera rather than relying on the one that’s built-in. A good Sony microphone should only cost you about £60 and will be useful in many more situations than just this project. Taking photos is another topic that requires some expertise. The rest of your production might look gorgeous, but if you’ve only taken photos with your mum’s ancient 110 camera, you may well spoil the whole thing for a hap’orth of SLR, to coin a phrase.
Likewise, recording your sound is best done with high quality tape and a decent microphone. Sampling is down to your machine’s power (and playback, that of the target machine), but even low quality samples will be made worse by a crap source. So that’s it. All that remains to be said is that we wish you the best of luck with your new project and we look forward to publishing them on future Amiga Format Cds. C5 JUST ONE LAST THING A topic like this is hard to cover in sufficient depth in just two pages a month.
I am very well aware that this tutorial hasn't gone into great depth explaining how to achieve some of the effects using a particular package for the same | reason. If, of course, there is i sufficient demand from you, loyal reader, for a course explaining how ! Best to use Scaia MM4G0 or | imageVision, then we will certainly consider doing one.
All the same, i hope you have enjoyed our stroll through j Multimedia lane and I hope I ! Haven't put you off with the j thought of all the work you'll need to do. Make sure you send in any of your efforts, we'll be keeping an eye out for them and putting them onto our excellent Amiga Format CD for others to see.
AHJII A Never mind the quality, feel the width of these virtual textures!
John Kennedy continues his look at IkiSoft's awesome Cinema4D 2 and discovers how to create different materials.
CONTENTS Chapter 1: Basic view and object manipulation When you first create an object in Cinema4D, it’s given a bland, white appearance by default. Obviously you will need to alter this finish if you want to make realistic renders, and you can achieve this by creating different “materials”.
This allows you to select which material you wish each particular object to use: when you render in Scanline or Raytrace mode, you’ll see the difference at once.
ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Chapter 2: Introduction to materials and textures Chapter 3: Advanced object creation Chapter 4: Rendering modes and lighting Chapter 5: Other cool features playback & Notator-X Chapter 6: Animation Part 1 Chapter 7: Animation Part 2 Chapter 8: Final hints and tips There are three ways of altering the appearance of an object: Iyou can adjust the object’s physical attributes. These include colour, transparency, reflectivity and luminance. This is how you would make materials used by objects such as a hard, shiny object like a snooker ball, or a clear block of glass like a
PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES Each attribute can be adjusted separately, but it is also possible to apply a texture to an image... m Colour - Adjusts the colour and also the image (if any) which forms the texture which can be wrapped around the fl Transparency - Controls how much light the object will let pass through it. The three colour sliders allow you to define the transparency for each colour. A value of 0% is opaque, 100% fully transparent.
You can also apply a texture, which will act like a colour slide.
H Reflectivity - Determines how much light is reflected, again, in terms of the Red, Green and Blue components. Applying chequered texture map would produce mirrored squares over m Highlight - When an object has a light shone onto it, there will be a "hotspot" of light. This setting lets you select that colour. St's used in conjunction with the percentage setting of "Shine", which controls the size of the hotspot.
Both are essential to making the object look like a particular substance: metal, paper, water and so on.
¦ Luminance - A luminous object will look as though it has no shading on it, and will appear flat. It's useful for creating neon signs, or windows on spaceships.
H Relief - A texture applied under the relief setting will cause the surface to appear raised by an amount depending on the degree of white in the image. This texture is also sometimes called a "bump map" HI Fog - Causes an object to appear "foggy" or semitransparent and gaseous.
¦ Fresnel - Causes viewing angles not to affect the transparency or ref lectivity, required for some materials.
M Refraction - How much light is bent travelling through a transparent material. Air is 1, Water is 1.333 and Glass varies from 1.45 to 1.6. Diamond is
2. 419. H Shadow - This determines if an object can have shadows
cast on it. For example, if you were to create a backdrop from
a plane, you might not want shadows cast on to the image to
spoil the illusion.
2 You can map a texture to the object.
For example, you can create a chequered floor by applying a tiling pattern, or create a picture in a frame by applying a scanned photograph as a texture. These textures are simply ordinary two-dimensional images such as those created by any Amiga art program.
Textures can be applied with each physical attribute: for example, a colour texture is like a decal. A transparency texture like a colour side.
3 You can create a “relief map”.
Again, this is an ordinary “flat” image, but this time the intensity of the image is used to create bumps in the object. This is a great way to add realism: for example, adding craters to a planet, or dimples to an orange.
There are three menu options (which can be found under the Edit menu) which you’ll need to use in order to look after materials. These are: CREATING AND APPLYING TEXTURES C1 Help window MATERIAL SELECTION (SHORTCUT J) 0| UntHted The objaot aoesnl have a materia Create a new material?
I MsBfiaean r- colour :nn«iimiinnir][ f°o*r _ transparency pM5 D| ?
_ Luminance Ttudure Graduation Cl Circle | Show Raliof r~- -' r -i* ..... a I information .yLl Frarnal v?! Shatte- Refraction [ t [ Shine | oC' J Cancel j Sphere Sphere Obieei 120 This brings up a requestor allowing you to choose the material to assign to the current object. When.you first start, there will only be the “Standard material”. When you start to create more, or load them from disk, this is where you can select them.
MATERIAL EDIT (SHORTCUT O) iPoWr. Hie Edge* No Toanguw no Rectangle* No Sufr-OhjecttNo Sequences: No.
Start with a new project and create a sphere object. To begin with, the sphere will be made from the standard material, which is white and featureless. You can check this by pressing F to bring up the Facts requestor.
A I S weet Pa8i - see wowb ram m M esm ra n 2* M tB 95 13-11
* » K 6K95 13: II B 92 M ra n .roe twa sa ram 302 W K » 13: tt ¦
13: tt HflgflS 13 II Now you can create a new material and
apply it to the object. Select "Material Edit", and answer
You'll see the Material window appear, and it will automatically name your material "New".
TfOQ Seti«f3 S»tt»f4 Retl.rs Bet (of* f~ Drawer [Textures UotettesJ Cancel When you select this menu option and the object is still the default, “Standard material” you can either choose to create a new material from scratch, or select one which you want to edit. If the object already has a material assigned, then you’ll be allowed to edit it from this option.
MATERIAL MANAGER (SHORTCUT T) We're going to create a "Mars" material, so select colour and adjust the sliders to make a dull red colour.
Next click on "Relief" and then click on the folder next to the filename area to bring up the file requestor.
Select "Moon".
r. 7 csour [ a a aa i|| iootT
- J pc.ff ¦¦¦¦¦¦ll I lSSSm Texture Graduation &| Circle I Snow
If you now go to the Window Menu, and select "Texture Bar" (or
press Amiga-T) you'll see a new window appear.
The Spherical Wrap icon and the Tile Texture should be selected. We'll now use this to create a chequered floor.
(There are lots orbiting Mars - it's called the Vinyl Belt!)
;o l Hetp wtimcw ml t Fug usCJ Fresnel__shadow ffistawe -Manial Refraction | t | Shine | 30% | ft insert | save fla Jpetete Duplicate Unuseti | This brings up a large requestor from where you can load existing materials from disk, edit them, save them and generally fine tune them. As it incorporates the “Material Edit” window, you can also create new materials here.
You’ll soon build up a library of materials which can be applied to your objects. Remember that Cinema4D came with plenty of pre-defined materials, so use the Material Manager to INSERT them into the list, and then apply them to your objects.
One final point for you to remember: some of the physical attributes (namely transparency and reflectivity) will only appear when the object is rendered using a full Raytrace rather than in Scanline mode. © Now click with the right mouse button on the Tile Texture button in the Texture toolbar. This controls how many times the texture is repeated over the surface of the object. The default is once in both the X and Y directions. Change this to five times.
Create a Plane, and position it away from the Planet slightly. Use Material Manager to load the material (click on Insert) called "Checks". When you close the window, you'll still need to bring up "Material Selection" to assign the material to the floor.
Before the final render, go to the Environment menu Now you can render the scene, preferably in Scanline or item in the Object menu. In the Background Picture area Raytrace mode. It's pretty weird I'm sure you'll agree, click on the folder icon and select "Stars" from the list but if you were to render the same scene without any of files. From the Object Special Object menu select textures you would soon see the improvements.
"Sun" to provide some illumination.
Got the Coverdisk - get the extensive user manual plus lots of m example objects plus the optimised 68020 FPU version of Cinema 4D plus the complete version of Magic Link (allowing the import export of many file formats including Lightwave, Imagine and Real 3D) plus full technical support from HiSoft, all for only £79.95. Alternatively you can upgrade directly from the Coverdisk to the brand new version 3 of Cinema 4D for just £149.95. Extra: new modules oi Cinem 4D Offer Cine
• CinemaWorld - allows you to. Create landscapes, mountains,
oceans, reefs, worlds and sub-worlds, all within Cinema 4D.
£39.95 disk., W J;]: ' ij
• CinemaFont - use Type 1 fonts within your Cinema4D scenes,
either (* Kpjph- '., § as splines or as objects. Comes with
the Bitstream -500-font CD-ROM. -s . "--W? 8M|1 (contains Type
1 and Truetype fonts) while stocks last. £39.95 disk. J§,
VERSION 3 FEATURES: and fade flares) and this lets you build
some great effects such as highlights, glints, lasers and many
other real-life camera lens characteristics.
• Soft light cones.
• Inverse Kinematics now supports joint limitation for the
creation of real-world character animation.
• Enhanced raytrace dialogs with even more options.
• Faster render times and improved editing speed making it even
easier to create your 3D masterpiece.
To order, call free on 0500 223 660 armed with your credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Connect, American Express) quoting reference AFC431ZA. Or complete the order form and send a cheque or postal order to: HiSoft Systems, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE Ail prices include UK VAT and postage within the UK; add £6 for guaranteed next day delivery. Offers only available to Amiga Format readers and are strictly limited - all offers will close 28 February 1997.
Free gift with all orders: Maxon Magic (worth £29.95) plus entry into a draw to win an SMD-100 VideoCD decoder with CD-ROM drive - perfect for home cinema!
• The addition of Visible Light allows you to create fireballs,
jet engines, real spotlights, floodlights and more.
• The new Lens Flares and Lens Glows are highly customisable
(change their colour, reflectivity, position and radii;
randomise Please send me the following: 68020 FPU version with
manual and objects ?
F79.95 Version 3 Cinema 4D ?
£149.95 CinemaWorld module ?
F39.95 CinemaFont module ?
£39.95 Guaranteed next day delivery ?
£6 TOTAL £ ....Postcode . Daytime tel no .. Method of Payment: 1 .? Cheque (payable to HiSoft Systems Sterling cheques on a UK A C Only)
2. Q Postal Order Order Form Personal Details Mr Ms. . . .
Initials ..Surname Address
...... Send your letters to: Letters To The
Editor • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Avon • BA1
2BW or email to: amformat@futurenet.co.uk - putting 'Mailbag'
in the subject line.
I recently bought AF93 and neither of the disks worked on my machine - an A500 with Workbench 1.3. I’m sorry to say that if Amiga Action was still selling I would buy that, as nearly all the Coverdisks worked. I know there is a demand for bigger, better and newer games but most of the people I know are in the same situation as me with an A500 or A600. So please put at least one Coverdisk on that works with older versions of the Amiga.
Daniel Smith Darlington REAL PROBLEM I have been following your tutorials for Real 3D 1.0 and have hit a slight snag.
When I attempt to load rendered images or animations into Dpaint III, Presented with AMIGA I keep getting the message: ‘Sorry HAM files can’t load’. I have experimented with various different screen formats both in the renderer and in Dpaint, but with no success.
Nicholas Williams Newport Well, first, why on earth didn’t you write to Workbench? That’s where technical problems are supposed to go. I never had this problem iSVS iMorktiinch Kiikstarl.
Disfc Shv "Jt-auer t Craw?? ¦ ciipboards Drawer *** Wf iccntfoi.prefs Stmifcbir refs Ssrii1.s ?e?s imcsrsf.s.pref?, “fc-pa : M([iiefvpr*fs . FSfcVSttS.P.-tfs ::isrS5Cfssn.Pfrfs .
ScdSroi.prefs vbfont.prafs screcnfcnt.prefs printer,pr*fs pointer Thbn sysfont. Pr.'f Mlette. Iltn We are of course aware that there are many users out there who have older machines, but the great majority of our readers do have at least WB2.04.1 know not everybody can afford to upgrade, but we do like to encourage it for many reasons - mostly because you will be able to get more out of the magazine and more out of your Coverdisks.
Even the original A500 is not all that hard to upgrade to Workbench 2, and you really ought to do it if you want to get the most out of your machine.
The one thing that people tend to forget is that few people are producing 1.3 compatible software - and we can’t really when I was doing the book for Real 3D, but I suspect it may be something to do with Dpaint. Anyway, if you want to look at your pictures and anims, I would recommend Viewtek. If you get the CD version of the mag, you will find it in the C: directory; or you can get it from any good PD library, or from Aminet.
You can also use Viewtek to save your pictures in another format. Try typing Viewtek ? In a shell window to get the full list Try using Viewtek to display Real 3D anims.
Aggrajgfgs CROSSED LINES Thank you for publishing my letter in AF94. However, I was concerned with the reply: “Since it is a long time since new Amiga owners appeared on the scene in large numbers, we have to try and keep the magazine as relevant as possible to the people who read it. This may result in us assuming a little too much knowledge occasionally.” This statement seems to indicate that all new A1200s sold are assumed to have gone to old Amiga owners. I think that many of them would have gone to new owners who would be looking for advice from the support magazines, as well as the
dealers who are now, sadly, closed. Please do not ignore these people, as such short term vision was last seen in the British motorcycle 4® industry and look what happened to that. I wonder if you could give a thought to issuing historical Coverdisks as a special, or perhaps tutorials?
C R Spanton Hastings No, we don’t assume that all people who buy an A1200 are upgrading from a previous machine. Not at all. But you have to consider how many people are buying A 1200s at the moment - very few, mainly because they are difficult to obtain.
What we do know from our recent survey is that 23 % of people say they sometimes get lost in the technical bits, while only 0.3% say they are baffled by most of the mag. On the other hand, 21.2% reckon that it’s far too simplistic! 50% of our readers think the balance between easy to understand things and deeply techie things is just right.
Obviously we’d love to improve on these figures, but I think that proves that we can’t be going too far wrong.
And, of course, even if you are nexv to the Amiga, you can write in to Workbench and have your questions answered.
I don’t really understand the reference to motorcycles - did Norton assume that all the people who bought A1200s were upgrading from earlier machines ?
THE BUSINESS OF CDS 1 am currently in the process of starting up a business with a friend in the lucrative business of interactive CD-ROMs for business presentations. All sorts of areas are open to us, with full motion video capabilities and advanced graphics and music. All of which is very exciting, I think you’ll agree.
However, all this is at present PC- based work - the program writer uses this format, as do the majority of customers. I am even using the updated Amiga package Caligari (now renamed TrueSpace2) - and very good it is too, on the PC. I do, however, write all my music on my Amiga A1200 with a new CD drive and soon to be purchased 1200x1 accelerator.
What are the capabilities of the Amiga in these areas at present - and in the hazy future, should all go well with Quickpak? I realise that this is quite a question, but being a new user I am very aware of the faster and cheaper (apparently) area of the IBM PC as far as expansion into the professional world of graphics and music is concerned. I currently run a 100MHz 486 machine and would expect to upgrade this soon.
Can you convince me to choose Amigas over Pcs, with the intention of ultimately transferring information over to a PC; or should I ditch the A1200 as far as 16-bit sampling and fast 3D graphics are concerned? I will always use the machine since it already seems like an old friend.
Dan Wright Tunbridge Wells Well, that is really a question that would take several issues of the magazine to answer.
What can the Amiga do ? Certainly there are plenty of good 3D modelling packages available for the Amiga, including the rather excellent Lightwave.
Also, I think you are labouring under the misapprehension that everything is cheaper on the PC. That certainly isn’t the case with software, or with genlocking equipment. Sure, graphics cards do tend to be slightly cheaper on the PC, but not genlocks.
Sadly, on the music front, excellent software such as Music-X and Bars Sc Pipes is no longer in development. This is a great shame, but OctaMED Soundstudio is a good, if slightly more machine-oriented, way of producing music.
PHONE HELP Can someone help me??? I have a GVP PhonePak VFX card for an A2000. This is great, but the problem is the software has become corrupt and I cannot find the original disks. If someone out there has one of these cards could they contact me? The software is exclusive to the card; you cannot use the software on its own. I did try to contact GVP, but I understand that they have gone out of business. What a waste of a good card! Can someone help please!!! Also if anyone out there has a CP290xl0 controller they wish to sell, then I’ll pay tons of money for it.
Clive Castle 32 Perry House Perry Close Rainham Essex RM13 8QT (01708) 550075 I am sure, even though these cards were never officially on sale in the UK, that someone, somezvhere, will be able to help you... ELITISM I have installed Run Bar, an excellent utility from an APCD-ROM, on my Workbench and would like to obtain the registered version. Unfortunately I am not yet the owner of a modem and the author insists the full registered version is only available via email. It seems a great shame that the author may be missing out on registration fees because of his inability to accept that there
are people who aren’t yet online.
Mr D Johnston Blackburn It does seem rather foolish on the author’s part-perhaps it was just a mistake. Or perhaps the postal system in his country is unreliable. Or perhaps he is trying to keep costs down. At the end of the day, it is really his choice. All we can do is try to convince him that he is missing out.
MAKE A BUNDLE After the unpleasantness concerning Viscorp, it’s fair to say the Amiga is in an even bigger pickle. The A1200 isn’t getting any younger and a lot of people are jumping ship to the PC. Now, if a company buys up the Amiga, it will have to do something special to sell Amigas to a sceptical public.
First, something with a little more grunt has to become the base model and some decent software can’t hurt.
Everybody knows the Amiga is the best computer for those with a creative mind and a small budget. So logically Amigas should be packaged with the most popular and user-friendly creative software: Blitz Basic 2.1, Personal Paint, OctaMED and a decent sampler and possibly Lightwave 4. We wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of talent in the Amiga scene, as every Amiga sold would mean a potential Andy Davidson, Eric Schwarz or Richard Joseph.
One other thing: how do you send output to the printer in Blitz Basic?
Paul Leins Australia Obviously bundles are a very important marketing question. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions for software that should be bundled with a new Amiga ?
A QUESTION OF HISTORY I’m currently studying computing for my highers in my 6th year and have to do an investigation. I have chosen to compile a report comparing the Amiga and Apple platforms. My problem is that I have only used the A4000, A2000, A1200 and A500. I’ve never had the chance to take benchmark tests and I have no information on the mother boards; nor do I have a proper history of the machine.
I wondered if you would be kind enough to put this information onto your monthly CD as I’m sure that there are other people who would like to see it. Anything from advice to pictures and info would be appreciated. This is a good chance to promote the Amiga by showing just how well it compares to Apple platforms. I’m the only user in my class - the teacher and pupils think that the Amiga is a joke. I would like to prove them wrong.
The Format Gold rated Dune II (AF68, 91%) was certainly a big seller, so some other people may have this problem. Thanks very much for the tip: you will be receiving a fabulous Amiga Format sweatshirt to show our gratitude. If anyone else has tips that can save other Amiga users a lot of trouble, please write to us.
Roderick Augusto Glasgow Well, you have experienced most of the important Amiga models, there. The things to harp on about really are the fact that Apple have seen jit to copy just about everything ever introduced to Workbench, from Appicons to Arexx. Also, on the Macintosh we use in the office, the. System software takes up slightly over 6Mb of memory - before you have loaded anything!
Not only does that seem, like a waste of space, but all that inefficient code must explain why, even though it has a PowerPC chip in it, it seems to take forever to do anything.
We will be starting a directory of SysSpeed benchmarks on the web site, and probably on the CD too, so look out for that.
As for a historical hardware guide - we may be able to do something about that.
What do other readers think ? It would be very interesting to do a global history, as things tend, to have happened differently in different countries.
SERBIAN PAL Firstly I want to thank you for the best Amiga magazine in the world. These days in Belgrade there are many big computer magazine stores (mostly PC orientated), but only Amiga User arrives regularly each month. In the central store they may have only two or three copies of Amiga Format each month, can you believe it! So if I want a copy I must sign my name and telephone every 20 days, then when Letter of the DUNE TO DEATH Unless my son is the last person ever to get Dune 2, someone out there might be helped by our recent experience. When you first load the game you are offered the
option of creating a Save Game disk or playing the game. Since you cannot play the game without a Save Game disk, you soon find that you don't have a choice. Disk 1 has a formatting sequence within its code, but to proceed it is ESSENTIAL that Disk 1 is not write- protected. This is explained in a ReadMe on Disk 1, but if a new owner is not inclined to open up disks on the Workbench, they will not know. There is no obviously placed notice in the handbook which accompanies the game to alert you to this.
Also should you need Technical Support at Virgin Games, who are extremely helpful, bear in mind that the phone number in the manual is incorrect. It is (0171) 368 2255.
Stephen Chandler Redruth Dune 2 (above and right) l| - the forerunner and ! Inspiration for classics like Command & Conquer Ik and Warcraft et al.
AF arrives I have to travel from my home in Valjevo to Belgrade to pick it up. Could you contact this book shop and make a deal?
I would also like to read about new underground groups and their demos, as some of the stuff they do is absolutely unbelievable. I’m also interested in writing to pen-pals all over the world. I have an A1200 (Blizzard 030 50 and 8Mb Fast) for music and live acting at techno parties across the country.
Nikola Tomic Sindeliceva 11 8 14000 Valjevo SERBIA EMAIL Although we are more than happy to accept letters via email, please read the following notes, which will not only make our lives easier, but also give your letter a better chance of getting a reply.
Problems with software or buying advice, you should direct your mail to Workbench.
Workbench queries will not be answered in the Letters pages, and if you misaddress them in this way, there will be a considerable delay before they get to the right place.
• Do not expect an immediate personal response. Some letters will
get a direct response, but as we get a huge volume of mail, not
everyone will.
• Do not send the same letter twice!!!! You would be surprised by
how many people think they are more likely to get into print if
they send the same letter several times. In fact, the reverse
is the case.
• Please include your name and tell us if you would like your
email address published.
Address Email letters to: amformat@futurenet.co.uk and put "Mailbag" in the subject line.
Well, I can’t imagine why, if so many people out there want to buy the magazine, the shop only stocks a few copies. Unfortunately, distribution of the magazine outside of the UK is largely down to various distribution companies in those countries, and is not directly controlled by us. The way to ensure getting a timely copy of your magazine every month is to subscribe - and it would save you your travelling costs, too!
If you have a CD-ROM drive you can see a load of stuff from The Party 96 on AFCD12, and I’m completely sure that some of our readers who indulge in similar activities will get in touch... YOU'VE BEEN MANGOED We are a team of blokes who are starting to get serious about making games. We have a very decent programmer and a pretty good musician. All we need now is an excellent artist - someone who can use programs like Imagine and Real 3D to do rendered graphics.
If you think you’re good enough, please, PLEASE contact us at: Team1 Mango, 17 Bank Gardens, Ryde, Isle Of Wight P033 2SY, tel 01983 615 514. All letters will be answered. We’re waiting for your reply!
Alvaro Thompson Ryde No, sorry, I don’t think I’m available - so I won’t be in touch. Two other points: first, this looks suspiciously like a free advertisement; and second - “Team Mango”?
HAPPY CUSTOMER Anyone thinking of buying any Amiga kit should check Eyetech out first.
They have been brilliant to me - even though their suppliers let them down, they got my modem and modem cable to me sooner than humanly possible.
Thanks, Eyetech!
Mark Bollons via email Yes, indeed, well done to Eyetech, who we’ve been recieving a lot of praise about. Thanks for letting us know, Mark.
UNHAPPY CUSTOMER I’m sorry this is negative, but I feel it must be said.
® PLEASE! Slap some newicons over those awful MWB monstrosities on you Cds. It wouldn’t take much - there are squillions of the things on Aminet along with the addresses of loads of people who would be more than happy to draw you some.
• Your web site is very depressing. Most of the articles are out
of date (those on Amiga net. Especially). Wasn’t the whole
point of having a web site that it could be updated?
• Lighten up!
• Believe it or not we want to know all about you lot.
Pix vidz samples of you and your office, please.
• Too many of your reviews generalise and don’t really say much
about the products. This is the same with show reports: if you
go to the expense of sending someone to Cologne, get them to
say what was there, not ‘It was great, I enjoyed it’.
Mark Bollons Okay, er, Mark... Oh, hello again. Right, let’s take your gripes one by one.
• You already have the option of running distateful, memory- and
speed-wasting newicons. Why don’t you try running the startup
script on the CD ?
® We are guilty, here, but now we have a direct link between our Amigas and the web server, so you can expect a whole new look and regular updates starting soon.
® Lighten up? I don’t think so. I can hurry up, drink up, shrink up, shrivel up, meet up, heat up, have my feet up, get up, set up, let up -1 can light up too. If you don’t like it, you can go on your uppers. If that’s no good you can go in a huff. If that’s too soon, you can go in a minute and a huff... etc.
• We have had little films of us in the office and so on, but
isn’t it just a xuaste of disk space? If you really want to see
more of me, you can catch me on Sky’s ‘Chips With Everything’
at the end of March.
• Generally, we generalise, do we? Well, why don’t you write a
review, then, and send it in to our long term test so we can
see how it should be done... MOANIE GROANIE It must be great
working for a company like Future Publishing, because when it
becomes hard to write interesting and useful articles you just
fill the pages with adverts for other publications owned by
Future Publishing.
As for the CD’s being like the second coming, as far as I’m concerned it’s been a big flop. The rot started with AFCD1 and has not got any better. I have the Amiga Q drive and all the other Cds I have work fine with the Archos CD32 emulation, so I see no reason to change it so that Amiga Format Cds can work.
As for CanDo, well it will not do. I get a message telling me that I’ve run out of memory: You ran out of memory. Error line first card Error 89 screen open error. Error occurred in the deck named Unnamed deck. At line one in the Perform Script. You either ran out of graphic memory or general memory.
At the moment I have an accelerator card with 4Mb so there should be enough memory. I have now cancelled my order for the CD version of your magazine because of the problems with the Cds. By doing this I can decide what issues have something in them worth reading.
Mr S Lo ngden By Arbroath When you say the Q drive, you mean the one being sold by Silica? We n FUiXw°cRAW WORTH haven’t actually ever had one of these devices to test our CD on, but since the disc is a standard ISO9660 disc, it should run fine on any system. I’m not sure from your letter whether you are saying that you can’t read the disc, or that you can’t get some of the programs to work.
If it is the latter, here are a few suggestions which might help:
• As far as possible, the software is compiled onto the CD in
such a way that it should be possible to run it directly from
the CD.
However, because there are so many different CD file systems, versions of Workbench etc, you will almost always get better results by installing the software on your own hard drive.
• Try reading any documentation which comes with the software. If
it says it needs WB3+, then it probably does...
• Try running a utility such as SnoopDos to find out why an error
is occurring - usually this is to do with out of date libraries
being installed on your Workbench partition.
I would also be interested to hear from anyone else with this particular drive if they are having difficulties.
I am not quite sure what you mean by your opening comment. However, Amiga Format has more pages of editorial (that is, reviews, features, tutorials and so on) than any other Amiga magazine, by a very long way. Adverts for other Future magazines are bought in the same way that all ad space is bought (except they pay slightly less). They are not used to “fill up ” the magazine.
Perhaps, before you start making comments like that in future, you might like to do some research, like coun ting the pages.
Don't forget to give your pictures a meaningful name in your readme!
Terry Pratchett offers a lot of scope for budding artists and Josh Kirby and'-.
Graham Higgins help to fuel ifaLspcti Richard Munn ® Discworld Gorgeous hand-drawn scenes like this are fairly rare on the Amiga, but Don has provided us with quite a few on the CD.
Don Aiken Claines Church Andy's hand-drawn, scanned and retouched image is testament to his artists' skills and the power of the Amiga.
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Python 10.99 Zipstick Super Pro .14.99 Huge! That's the word for our CD this month. I don't mean that it's eight foot square, of course, but that it has an enormous amount of great software on it. Some statistics for you Statto fans: AFCD12 has more than 24,000 files in 3,092 directories and there's more than 617Mb used in total.
Here's the first place you should look on the CD - why else would we give it the name we did?
This is where you'll find the icons you can use to set up the CD and also our two main full software packages - Ppaint and Cinema4D. In the AF_on_the_web drawer you'll find the latest Amiga browsers, including a version of Voyager that supports frames! All the browsers have been set up to read a local file containing the sites we've put on this month's CD.
Also in this drawer you'll find our CD survey that lets us know what you think of the CD so far.
We've already had a lot of replies to this - thank you! - and for those interested, the MWB NI conflict is running hot with about a 60:40 split in favour of MWB. We've also already incorporated some of your suggestions on the CD and we will be adding further ideas supplied by you, our readers, when we can or when it is appropriate.
Two files that everyone who has the CD should look at are the Reader Warrant anid Submission Advice files. If you don't put a copy of the reader warrant in your AF Readme f ile, your work can't go on our CD. It's as simple as that. Make sure you use it: all it needs is a little copying and pasting.
COVERDISKS AFCD12:-CoverDisks- AF96b This drawer contains a DMS file of the second Amiga Format 96 Coverdisk.
Double click the icon to extract it to dfO:.
We couldn't run it directly from the CD because it accesses dfO: and only dfO:.
MUI Changes are developing apace in the MUI camp, so this month's CD actually has the very latest version (MUI 3.7) on it.
If you're still using an earlier version, it may well be worth your while installing the new version from the MUIJnstall drawer in here.
This month, our reader contribution prize goes to Timm Rutland for his lovely AFCD menu system. The only thing I have to know, Timm, is how long it took you? The reason I ask is that our CD is produced on a two and a half to three week schedule with things being added right up to the last minute, so if your front end took more than, say, three hours to knock up, there probably wouldn't be enough time to sort it for each CD.
Nice one, though!
• • . • • Another great month for your contributions, at over
138Mb, but it could have been nearer 200Mb if only some of the
contributions we received contained AF Readme files with the
reader warrant enclosed. All the same, we've got some cracking
new software.
I Cinema4D animations AFCD12:-ReaderStuff- Femi_Hasani Our main long-standing contributor Femi Hasani from Eslov in Sweden has been busy getting to grips with our giveaway of Cinema4D. This drawer contains a selection of the work he has done so far.
Space Farming AFCD12:-ReaderStuff- Knut_0lav_Lite Knut has remade the old classic Oil Imperium into a new Shareware game based on the ! Same principles, but dealing with farming grain in outer space. This is a game that requires three players, all competing for valuable resources. Since Knut put spaces in his file names, the game probably won't work from the CD, but we have included the DMS archives for the original floppies so that you can still enjoy Knut's work.
Thought AFCD12:-ReaderStuff- RichardJVIunn Thought Richard Munn's superb little Thought program takes its cue from all those Random Cookie programs that show you a bad joke or a quote on startup. Thought takes a slightly different approach in that it doesn't use huge text files filled with cookies.
Instead, it algorithmically generates its own sayings. Some are particularly odd, but it makes a nice change from light bulb jokes.
* Icons and info AFCD12:-ReaderStuff- MartynJJampton Martyn,
another regular contributor, has sent us some of his finely
crafted icons based on ! The MWB standard. He also includes the
words to the Worm Song (!?) And his advice on getting a CD-ROM
VwmRnr's uni yuuk uibc. SCREENPLAY Soliton AFCD12:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Soliton Soliton is - yes, you guessed it - another Patience game. However, it is one of the nicest I've seen, suitable for any Amiga owner with enough colours. It uses MUI and there are already some new card sets on Aminet - you'll get them as we do.
Battleships AFCD12:-ScreenPlay- Shareware BattleShips "You sunk my Battleship!" It was a cry that rattled around the Seventies like some weird mating ritual - and now you can relive those wonder years, except that it's livened up with a bit of naval war footage while you're taking your shots. The speeling's a bit off, but the game itself is top-notch.
Frontal Assault AFCD12 :-ScreenPlay- Shareware FrontalAssault One of the earliest games I can remember playing on computer was a game called Ballistix on an Acorn Atom, but even then the idea was old. This game can be played with up to seven players, any of which may be controlled by the computer - and if DISC NOT WORKING?
If the CD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is a physical problem.
Please send the CD along with a description of the fault (not forgetting your name and address). A new working version should be returned to you within 28 days. The return address for faulty discs is: PC Wise Ltd, Dowlais Top Business Park, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales C48 2YY.
A CD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead, you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or application, phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and 5pm every Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244. Fax: 01225 732341.
E-mail: amformat@futurenet.co.uk (put "Coverdisk" in the subject line of your message to ensure it is processed swiftly).
Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to our cover CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
You've played Worms, then you'll know what to do. The special effects are varied and amusing and the game is very solidly constructed. Excellent fun.
Monopoly AFCD12:-ScreenPlay- Shareware Monopoly It's a good job Monopoly is pretty much the same in any language, since this WB version is in German. Still, it doesn't make it much harder to play and it's interesting to see what the properties are named. For instance, the property that's called Mayfair in Britain and Fifth Avenue in the States is called Schloss Allee (Castle Street) in Germany. The game doesn't have any computer opponents, but you can have the computer 'roll' the dice for you and move your piece.
HD Installers AFCD12:-ScreenPlay- Uti I ities S WOSH Dl nstal I AFCD12:-ScreenPlay- Utilities SpyVsSpy HDInstall Just the two hard drive installers for your favourite games this month. The SI I OS installer is designed to work with all versions from 1.0 all the way to 96 97 and the Spy vs. Spy one is designed to allow you to play this hoary old title from Workbench - there's even a quit function added.
READER WARRANT Every reader submission to the AFCD must have a reader warrant attached to the accompanying AF_Readme file. You can type it in off this page or take it from the various locations it is stored in on the CD (Look_here_1st!, ReaderStuff etc). A last reminder: this text must be in your AF_ReadMe, or your submission won't go on the CD - it's Future policy.
In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format I hereby warrant that:-
(1) the material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
(2) the material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
(3) that there are no legal claims against the material provided;
(4) that I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
IN_THE_MAG Jason Jordache pics AFCD12:-ln the_ Mag- Jason Jordache Jason Jordache is an accomplished artist, as his articles in AF and the images here show. Take a look at his work and see what you think.
Graphics card comparison AFCD12:-ln_the Mag- GFX Card In this drawer you'll find a program called IntuiSpeed which checks Intuition-based graphics performance. You can run it on your own machine and then compare your results with those in our review of the CyberVision64 and PicassolV graphics cards.
Emulation AFCD12:-ln_theJVIag- Emulation Owing to a cock-up last month, the Spectrum stuff we promised you in the mag wasn't on the disc. So this month we have a bumper selection that not only includes last month's files, but also this month's PC-related gubbins and all the newest emulators from Aminet.
DISCLAIMER This AF CD-ROM has been thoroughly scanned and tested at all stages of production. We recommend that you always run a virus checker on ANY software before running it Future Publishing Limited cannot accept any responsibility for disruption, damage and or loss to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using this disc, the programs or the data on it. Ensure that you have up to date backups of data contained on your hard drives before running any new software. If you do not accept these conditions do not use this disc. The Party '96 I This drawer contains the
results of days of feverish coding and painting at the Party *96 in Denmark. Over 2500 people showed up to strut their funky stuff and the organisers not only had enough power to supply all those computers, but also had an internet server and display screens in a huge hall which had dormitory rooms and canteens to cater for all the visitors.
The Learning Curve AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial The_Learning_Curve Get a taste for this educational extravaganza with our exclusive demo of Weird Science's The Learning Curve. The demo contains more than 48Mb of sample educational tools, from AmigaGuide documents to full-blown programs on a wide range of topics from computing to mythology.
MakeCD 2.0 AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- COMMERClAL MakeCD_2.0 The latest version of Angela Schmidt's excellent CD-burning software is on this month's CD. Improvements over the old version include:
- far more CD-R drives supported at top speed
- multi-volume CD-Rs (recording can start at any block)
- more flexible user interface, including timing for track
writing etc, There are far more improvements, but it has to be
said - I'm not sure I actually understand them all!
RDB-Salv AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial RDB-Salv This utility saved my life this month. This very text that you are reading, along with the whole Cinema4D directory, copy and pictures, were all on an external drive called Fireball when my machine went down on Saturday. When I got it started again, I was horrified to find that the Rigid Disk Block (RDB) for the Fireball had been trashed. RDB-Salv takes the horror out of the situation by restoring the drive's RDB and partitions, leaving you free to carry on. As you might have guessed, Angela Schmidt, the author of this and MakeCD2.0 is
now, officially, Amiga Formats registered saint. We love her! OK, now you won't be able to do what I did and recover lost hard drives unless you register RDB-Salv with her - but, believe me, it will be worth every single penny for that first time when you lose your hard drive.
Demon Counters AFCDi2:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Comms DemonCounters No, it's not some fiendish adding tool, but a handy guide for Demon account owners who aren't sure what their web counter will look like.
Alex has set up a blank page with a web counter and then run through the different designs, grabbing the screen every time to make a picture showing all the examples. It would be nice if Alex gave more details on how to alter the thickness of the border and so on, but it is still a very handy thing.
AFCD12: Shareware Misc AmigaWorld Monday 24-Feb-1997 13:82 RnigaHorld 5.16 Selected CountriesI 193 1 Afghanistan 2 filDanta 3 Algeria ] Location; Size: _Population: Capital*.
Language: _ Religion: Sear Gross National Product Searcl Menber of: Voyager Next Generation AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware CommsAA-NG- Prelease21 Jr?y' | Frames come Sg|gli@-S * a - .
% TO Amiga : I browsers with j. |l ¦II M this release of -iSSl" I ' Hit ; Voyager. You i .
* * can now access llfjlliii: sites that rely 'ip HHHy on frames
for. J* ‘' their layout but Wftg you won't be able I .. to do
it for long with this release since it is designed to f be
unusable after about a month. We'll keep bringing f you updates
as we get them. By the way, the previous prerelease is also in
the comms drawer in case you can't get prerelease 2 working.
Star Wars models AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics 3D SW-TieBomb AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics 3D SW-XWing2 AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics 3D SW-Tielnt2 AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics 3D SW-YWing2 It is perhaps unsurprising that, given the enormous resurgence in interest in Star Wars, we should now get new models of the ships that helped make the film so famous. These four ships have been modelled to scale for Imagine from plans in The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels by Bill Smith.
BIMT Cartoon Studio AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Graphics CartoonStudio Our Reader Submission winner from AFCD4 is back with a new version of his superb program, this time as shareware. This is really worth a look if you've been dying to add sound to your animations.
WBStartup* AFCD12:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Workbench WBStartup+V2.8 WBStartup+ is a great little program that makes Workbench somewhat easier to control when it comes to loading commodities. As you know, commodities all reside in your WBStartup drawer, but until WBStartup+ came along the only way to disable some or all of them was to remove them from the drawer or rename WBStartup. Now you can specify whether or not they load and in what order, through a handy prefs program, and determine whether or not individual commodities will be loaded at boot time. WBStartup+ also gives you a nice
progress bar indicating how your commodities are loading.
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Discover how to get the most out of our exciting giveaway in our guide to using the excellent Personal Paint 6.4. Guide your marbles to safety in Marblelous and then try shooting the fruit in an addictive Centipede clone.
Marblelous is the first of three new games that Epic Marketing intend to release for the Amiga over the next few months. It’s a fairly challenging puzzle game that will require a great deal of thought to complete.
In order to play this demo, you will need to have a spare floppy disk. Boot the game Coverdisk and when prompted insert your spare disk. The Marblelous demo wall be unpacked onto it and you can then boot the new disk. The game is mouse controlled, so when the title screen appears, press the left button to load the game.
It looks quite straightforward here but just wait for level two!
The game has simple controls. The idea is to guide the rolling ball to the objective. The ball cannot be controlled directly and it will always continue to roll.
What you can do though, is set a control in its path which will affect the direction the ball is rolling in when it passes over it.
If you click in a spot, a “No Entry” sign will be dropped, which pauses the ball’s movements for a few seconds. Be warned though, when the ball starts to roll again it will proceed on its original course and you cannot just put another “No Entry” immediately in front of it because it will have no effect.
On the right of the screen is a red bar which shows how long you have left for pausing the ball. To release the ball, change the “No Entry” into an arrow. You only have a certain amount of time for holding the ball per level.
To change the trajectory of the ball, you can click the left D, D. Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... You've got your free software and your exciting new game demos.
Now find out how to get the most out of them.
O 1 flwtgaShel l flew SheU process 4 v;; 4,WB3,8; diskcopy frtm dfB; to df0l j Type in the following line (with a zero, not fi the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in Destroy the pineapples to get to the next level you can, but note that there is no way you can completely clear the screen, instead concentrate on the baddies. In order to complete a level, you need to clear out the centipede and ail other bugs.
The first type of additional enemy is a general bug, which flies down the screen littering fruit all over. Shoot it as soon as you can. As with all the other baddies, contact with it is deadly.
There is also a wasp, which comes in four colours and hovers around the bottom of the screen.
This wasp will come and go and must be destroyed in order to reach the next level.
Certain levels contain pineapples. These harbour fruit flies that continue to descend, protecting the pineapple. To complete the level the pineapple must be completely destroyed, but be warned that it will re-grow with more fruit flies protecting it if it is not completely removed.
A giant bug, which comes in five colours can shoot at you and the blue one at the top is almost invincible. The other thing to remember Is that they can all fire When I was a nipper, a cross channel ferry introduced me to a weird shoot-em-up called Centipede. All my holiday money had gone before we touched foreign soil, which desperately impressed my parents. Well, they can relax, because now there is a complete relaunch of the game from Shareware programmer Frank Schinlau called Creepy Crawiies. The first ten levels come as a taster and the complete game only costs £5! Brilliant.
The game has apparently taken years to create and as soon as you see it, you'll understand why. The graphics are lush and the gameplay addictive.
For those who don't remember the original, the premise is simple. You play a small space ship on the bottom of the screen that can also move about a third of the way up, as well as left to right. With unlimited ammo, the idea is to destroy all the objects on screen.
As In the original, the game takes place in a garden and the main opponent is a Centipede, made up a several segments.
Should you shoot a middle segment the creature will split in two and both sets continue to work their way down the screen towards you. Any segment shot will change into a mushroom.
The garden is littered with plants, which are harmless to touch, but which stop you from manoeuvring and provide shelter for the baddies. Shoot as many mushrooms and pieces of fruit as mouse button in its path and hold it down, then drag the mouse in the direction you want to send the ball and an arrow will appear.
When the ball hits the arrow, it will turn in that direction.
At the beginning of each level you’re given an objective - something to retrieve before going to the exit. Although this sounds easy, you should note that arrows beneath them. This means you could set up a correct route, which turns out to be useless when an arrow beneath is uncovered - forcing you to rethink very quickly. You have four lives, so if you do get caught out, there’s a chance to succeed next time.
If this all sounds terribly easy, wait until you get onto the second sgj at you and all recover from Bp your hits. A harmless extra is dl the Snail, but you can shoot it anyway.
PH it seems like there are §1 loads of things out there to tfl get you but there are also S some friendly faces to help Jm you out. The flower object IB glows orange and if you can Hj hit it in this time, you will SR get better fire power. There are four intensities - single, double, triple and superior.
If you crash, you will lose any power up. Destroying the vial will get you a speed-up and shooting the present box will release collectable stars. These stars give you a protective shield, with more collected giving you a stronger shield.
Finally, beware of two particularly evil enemies: the ladybug will dive bomb you and is even intelligent enough to try and avoid your fire and the spider lays eggs across the screen. These hatch, bringing a dangerous web with them. Fully grown spiders are hard to kill, but you must destroy all of them, and the web, to proceed.
IVIore details of the game and your enemies can be found in the game's readme. To load it, simply open the Coverdisk up in Workbench and double-click on the icon. The full game can be bought by obtaining a registration code from the author for just £5. Contact: Frank Schinlau Kapuzinerstr. 40 58149 IvlAnster Germany or drhank@uni-muenster.de. the first was just to make sure you understood the controls. You just have to find the sequence in the second level but level three has you working hard. You’d be mistaken for thinking this game won’t have your heart racing - after two minutes of frantic
brain strain, you’ll change your mind.
The full game is available for £7.99 from Epic Marketing on We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC • T!8 House 11 Edward Street Bradford BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
When asked for the Source disk, insert your i r3 J write-protected Coverdisk and press Return.
All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may Ciy ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks. Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
A | Once your Amiga has read the info, it will r ask for the Destination disk. Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Insert disk to copy to (DESTINATION disk) in device Off Press RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort: Herifying cylinder 79, 8 to go l,WB3.0: endcli insert disk to copy fron (SOURCE disk) in device DF8 5ress RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: leading cylinder 79, 0 to DISK NOT WORKING?
Few She 11 procesS||i « diskcopy fron df8; to dff: i’ress RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort: o| flnigaSheU cl RnigaSheti Press RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: leading cylinder 79, 8 to go _ ¦ . , .
Insert disk to copy to (OESTiNflTION disk) in device OF8 Hew Shell process 4: '
4. WB3,8: diskcopy fron df05 to df0; .
Insert disk to copy fron (SOURCE disk) in device DF0 Personal Paint has already been hailed the best paint package available for the Amiga.
But that has not prevented creators Cloanto, from continuing to refine and advance their program. Version 6.4 was the release packaged with the Amiga Magic bundle but this special Coverdisk version only dates back to last September and comes with several advancements - most notably in the anim-brush support.
Our extensive feature which begins on page 19, will lead you through the ins and outs of creating a picture so here we are going to concentrate on getting the program running and familiarising yourself with the interface and menus.
This month, as promised, we bring you the complete commercial release of Personal Paint 6.4. Dave Taylor introduces this exclusive Coverdisk coup.
TOOLBAR CONTROLS When the program loads up you will see the usual toolbar down the left hand side. (For an annotated diagram see page 20.) This contains the main options for freehand painting and editing.
The brushes, which come as circles and squares by default, can be found at the top of the toolbar.
There are several preset sizes for both and these can be chosen by left clicking on them. However, if you want a different sized or shaped brush, you can right click on either sort and then resize the brush on the screen by holding and dragging out the left mouse button. This way you can create ovals and rectangles of any size. This click and hold won’t affect the picture underneath when re-sizing.
Underneath the brushes you will find the different draw types. The obvious single click point can be found on the top left with the line drawing tool on its right. The single line can also make filled in irregular shapes. Click on the icon until it becomes a filled shape. You will now have a single pixel brush which you can draw a continuous line with by clicking and holding the left button. When you release the button the line will be connected up with the start point and the shape will be filled with the brush colour.
THE LINE TOOLS The next line contains the curve and straight line tools. The curve line is more advanced than in other packages and uses the bezier curve type. You simply click, drag out a line and then release. You’ll get a start, end point and curve point and you can grab any of the three points and move them out until you have the curve that you need. Then just click the right mouse button to accept the line.
The next four icons contain the shapes. You can create empty or filled shapes and there are circle, square, oval and irregular shapes to choose COLOUR CORRECTION Cloanto Personal Paint EBB iiOrdiid.gif One of Personal Paint's best features is its ability to deal with colours. But one problem with using the colour fonts generated by the Font Machine program, is the fact that the palettes of the font and picture are unlikely to match. But because we're good like that - here's how to solve the problem. This method will not only work with the colour fonts, but also for merging any two pictures
with different palettes. All in all then it's a very useful trick to know.
Iload up your picture and get the correct number of colours and image size, using the File Image Format menu item. Swap to a second page by using the File Environment menu item. Now load up the font, ensuring you have enough colours for it and that the image format is the same as the original image. Type in the correct text and pick it up as a brush.
2 Swap back to the original image and you will see that you have the same brush - although the colours will be wrong.
Select the Colour Merge menu item and you will get a requestor. You want to select the current image and the brush number one before clicking on OK. The program will now merge the two palettes.
From. The irregular shape is controlled by drawing each line and then clicking where a corner is needed - the next line wall start from the corner and you can end it all by either selecting the tool again or just by clicking back at the start point so that all the lines join up.
The next line contains the airbrush tool which sprays sets of the brush across an area. If you want to change the shape or intensity of the nozzle, just right click on the airbrush tool and select the parameters from the requestor.
The fill tool next to the airbrush also has a set of options accessible with a right click.
Normally, you would simply be able to get a filled solid with a single colour, but using this tool you can create user-defined gradients between the two active colours (those are the different colours available when using the left and right buttons).
The text icon allows you to set text on top of your picture. You can use any of the different fonts that you already have. If you want to use special effect, colour fonts, then this would be a great opportunity to dig out your copy of Font Machine, the program we carried on AF94. This enables you to transform your standard Amiga fonts into exceptional colour fonts with bitmap fills. Should you use the colour fonts, then you may need to import the palette information from the font, by selecting the Palette From Font menu item from the Colour menu.
SPECIAL EFFECTS The next icon looks like a chess board, but contains the most powerful set of tools on the toolbar and the ones that you would not normally see in a paint package. This is the Filter icon. Right click on it and you will get the selection requestor. There are about 50 preset filters including blur, water colour, tint, texture, dither, emboss and you can edit any of these or define new ones of your own. When the filter is selected you can choose the area you want to apply it to by clicking and dragging out a box with the left button. If you click on the icon with the left
button, you can toggle between square and freehand editing for the selection of areas.
CHOOSE HOW YOU EDIT The final six icons enable you to set certain editing choices. The first toggles between a freehand and grid selection. The grid means that you can make sure you are drawing or selecting areas of the same size (as you should expect by now, a right click on the icon allows you to set the grid size). Next to that is the editing tool for picking up part of the picture as a brush.
As with other programs, the background colour is considered transparent when you pick up brushes so you can easily choose which parts will work as masks. The next line has zoom in and out icons for more detailed work. Finally there is the clear button which allows you to SETTING UP PERSONAL PAINT The program can be loaded directly from the Coverdisk. Simply load up Workbench and then open the disk and double-click on the program icon. If you want to install the program onto a hard drive, simply copy the entire disk into a folder by dragging the icon into a drawer on Workbench.
You may want to set up an assign in your user-startup which will help Ppaint find the fonts directory. The program will function without the assign, but creating one stops it from failing to find its default drawers, which would require you to change to them manually. Open up the file s:user-startup and add the line "assign Ppaint: dh1:ppaint" where dh1:ppaint is the destination you copied the program to - it may be work:graphics, etc. The program has been crunched in order to fit it onto a single floppy. This does not affect its functionality, as it is a packed executable, but you may want to
unpack it so it loads slightly faster. To do this, open a CLI and type cd ppaint return , deplode ppaint return .
This version of Ppaint is not restricted to English only. If you are one of our overseas readers, then your native language may be available to you. Simply select it from th*e Settings Language menu item and the menus and requestors will now be displayed in your language.
Ditch the whole picture and the undo button which enables you to move back a step at a time. Unlike other programs, there is a history in the Undo feature so you can move back further than just the last action.
Right at the bottom of the toolbar you’ll find the palette requestor. You can have two active colours selected from here, one using the left button and one in the right - the choices are shown just above the palette.
Don’t forget - if you really enjoy using Personal Paint you can upgrade to the latest version 7.0 at a special price. Just turn to page 112 to find out the details of our exclusive reader offer.
3 You will however find that the outside of the brush is no longer transparent (if you had selected it as such in the first place when you picked up the brush.
4 Swap back to the text screen and paste down the text - you'll see that the font colours now look wrong. Reselect the new background colour for the brush by left clicking in the background colour on the toolbar. Then click on the colour you want to select on the picture and that colour will become the back ground.
5 You can now pick the text back up and swap to the original picture. The brush should now have the correct transparency and you can paste it in.
RboCalc Upgrade to TurboCalc 4 for just £29.99 and save £20!
Look at these great
• Extensive charting options, including 3D and animated charts
which update in real-time.
• Drag and drop editing.
• Multiple undo and redo.
• Extensive arexx and macro support.
• Postscript support.
• Zoom magnification.
• Autofill.
• Context menu (right mouse button).
• Auto Correction.
• Context-sensitive help.
• Labelling of rows and columns.
New features;
• Cell notes.
• Default row height and column width.
• User-definable toolbar.
• Position markers (Ping Pong).
• 60 new functions and 32 new macro commands.
• Calculation revised and optimised (automatic type conversion;
recalculation by row, column or automatic; iterative
• Times greater than 24 hours (input display).
• Bi-lingual paste of functions macros.
• File Information.
• Warn before over-writing files.
• Folder maintenance (multiple sheets can be held in the same
• Share information with other spreadsheets, like ProCalc,
Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1 -2-3, as well as Datastore, Money
Matters, Organiser and Wordworth.
• CD-ROM for floppy disk.
• Requires Workbench 1.3 or above, floppy or hard disk, 1Mb RAM.
• Plus £3 postage and packing. Comprehensive online
documentation is provided, v3.5 printed manuals are available
separately at £5 each.
SALES HOTLINE 01395 270273 Digita International Limited Black Horse House Exmouth ex8 Ijl Telephone 01 395 270 273 Facsimile 01 395 268 893 Email: sales@digita.demon.co.uk A MF.MBRR of thf. Digita group. ©Copyright 1995 Digita International Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this advert can be reproduced or copied in any way whatsoever. Wordworth, Digita and the Digita logo arc registered trademarks. Organiser, Datastore, DigiScnse, Supplements, Diary Themes, EasyStart, Auto Date and Auto Start are trademarks of Digita Holdings Limited. All other trademarks and their owners are
acknowledged. Sold subject to standard conditions of sales, f.&of. Upgrade from your Coverdisk to versio
7. 0 of Personal Paint and take advantage of over 100 new
These include:
• New and improved file formats (PhotoCD, GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc.)
• Professional Internet features including GIF animations and map
• Enhanced user interface
• 180 Arexx commands
• New 'plug-in' library system
• Create directory thumbnails
• Advanced vector text functions Choose either the floppy disk or
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FORMAT APRIL 199 : AF3LL0 LITE A1230 68030 25 VHZ - 25MHZ
BLIZZARD 68030 ACCELERATOR 68030-50 4MB RAM £159.95 68030-50
8MB RAM £179.95 68030-50 16MB RAM £219.95 68030-50 32MB RAM
£299.95 APOLLO A4000 ACCELERATOR 68040 50MHZ 0MB RAM 68060
50MHZ 0MB RAM APOLLO 1240-FOR THE A1200 68040 1240 25MHZ 4MB
£199.95 68040 1240 25MHZ 8MB £209.95 68040 1240 25MHZ 16MB
£239.95 68040 1240 25MHZ 32MB £299.95 APOLLO 1260-FOR THE
A1200 68060 1260 50MHZ 0MB £399.95 APOLLO PRO MKII 68030
50MHZ-50MHZ FPU 4MB £159.95 68030 50MHZ-50MHZ FPU 8MB £169.95
68030 50MHZ-50MHZ FPU 4MB £199.95 68030 50MHZ-50MHZ FPU
4MB.S£259.95 I yj O £329.95 £499.95 SPECIAL 50MHZ FPU WHEN
¦HI 92% CU AMIGA GVP 68060 040 ACCELERATOR CARD A 68060 and
68040 accelerator board for the A200 4000 running at 50MFIZ
and allowing up to 128MB of RAM, also comes with a SCSI-2
hard disk controller.
MEMORY SIMMS - BRANDED 1MB 30-PIN 4MB 30-PIN £15.95 £30.95 £459.95 £549.95 £599.95 GVP A2000 68040 40MHZ GVP A2000 68060 0MB RAM GVP A4000 68060 0MB RAM £19.95 £39.95 £79.95 £159.95 4MB 72-PIN SIMM 8MB 72-PIN SIMM 16MB 72-PIN SIMM 32MB 72-PIN SIMM GVP RAM MODULES GVP 4MB RAM GVP 16MB RAM GVP PRODUCTS GVP IO EXTENDER GVP HC-8 SCSI INTERFACE GVP GURU ROM v6 GVP DSS-8 SOUND SAMPLER £69.95 £99.95 £49.95 £59.95 ‘ £59.95 £99.95 MEMORY PRICES FLUCTUATE DAILY - CALL FOR PRICE HQNE orders We accept most major credit cards and are -appy to help you with any queries. CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS Ordering by
cheque PO please make payable to POWER COMPUTING LTD and specify which delivery is required. WARRANTY All Power products come with a ! 2 month warranty unless otherwise specified. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers. MAIL ORDER PRICES All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.
your Amiga 500 2000 CHIP RAM.
Also includes a Fat Agnus Chip. No soldering is required.
HEAVY DUTY 200 WATT PSU £69.95 A500 A1200 PSU £29.95 VARIOUS
CABLES - PLEASE CALL r VISA 01234 851500 FAX 01234 855400 POWER
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SIGNATURE ____________________________________ 1 Always put the word "Mailbag" or "Letters" in the subject line. If you don't, the letter won't get read - it's as simple as that.
• Make sure your letter really is a letter!!! If you are writing
in with a technical query.

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