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Although I K Online has been around since 1994, it hasn't been a name well- known in Amiga circles. All lhal is set to change, however, with their announcement that they will support the two major ‘alternative' computing platforms, the Amiga and Acorn ranges of machines. While we at Amiga Format aren't too concerned about the Cambridge- based computer, we're very pleased to hear the level of commitment UK Online are planning for Amiga owners. Thev have already announced that they will be mirroring important Amiga websites including die Amiga Web • Director)’, Vapor and Amiga.org for faster UK access, and they will offer a full Aininet mirror in the very near future. UK Online have also been out and bought Aniigas and are busy training staff to handle tech support queries for Amiga customers. Other ISPs have promised Amiga support, but very few seem to offer this level of service, including longstanding ISP Demon. Major Internet support for the Amiga from UK Online, with websites and dedicated helplines. Iii: Best of all, new customers to UK Online will not be offered a rag tag bundle of Amiga software, or expected to find their own, as they will get a demo of Active Software's X('(Connect. - the Internet software package even an idiot can install and use. UK Online will also olfer a special upgrade deal to the full version of Net ('on ncct for just £39.95 (a discount of nearly 40% on the recommended retail price). UK Online's commitment and full bat king for the Amiga market is further illustrated by their 24 hours a day, seven days a week help-desk staff, who are enabling them to support these platforms around the clock. “Amiga users have been promised Internet support from a number of Internet companies in the past, but UK Online have done more than just promise,” said Chris Wiles, Manager of Active Software. “They have bought Amiga computers, trained their staff to support their Amiga software, bought a server simply to mirror major Amiga web sites and they are working closely with Amiga magazines to make sure ihis message is heard.” Matt Kelland, Business Development Manager of UK Online said: “We recognise that Internet users are not confined to people with Pcs and Windows, and we are keen to demonstrate that we can deliver a high quality and comprehensive Internet service to users who may feel neglected by the mainstream Internet business.

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Document sans nom In itn our sackful of products on Phase 5 Power Up! • Aladdin 4d Newlcons4 Multi-coloured icons galore!
Make your Workbench look more gorgeous than ever!
PacMan Deluxe Sanyo Digicam • Scan Doublpj mj Viper 530 • Eyetech We reveal the Your guarantee of value hottest things heading Phone 0116 246 3600 Fern 0116 246 3601 KkOwt Science MC1U JtnnDECC Q house, troon way business park, Emmbd sales@welrtscleBce.co.uk IVWW NIWKP5 HUMBERSTONE LANE, LEICESTER. LE4 9HA WWW.Weirdsdence.CO.uk NEW AMINET BOX SET PRICES, auttWNt ShtMRKMI SAM1NET Cds Comes complete with p.OS workbench, Powerful p.OS shell, easy to use p.OS filer and p.OS DOS.
P. OS pre-release needs Amiga Kickstart v 2.0 to run Includes
demos such as various WB games, fractal demos and many more.
£19.95 O) o e CM ALL ONLY £10.99 EACH EACH AMINET CO FOR ONLY f 9.88 UPON RELEASE BY JUST REGISTERING FOR A SUBSCRIPTION AS EACH NEW CD IS RELEASED WE WILL CHARGE YOU AND DISPATCH YOUR NEW ANKT CO ON THE DAY Of UN RELEASE GIGA GRAPHICS £9.99 £12.99 £12.99 £10.99 £34.99 With its impressive visual icons this system becomes a PUS PRE-RELEASE joy to use for both the beginner and the more advance Amiga user.
Also upgrade this version to the final release without having to pay more than the price difference.
1,078 Weird Textures 3,000 Jpeg Textures Dem Rom Magic WB Enhancer NFA Utilities Experience NFA AGA Experience 2 Scene Storm Zoom 2 Oh Yes! More Worms Octamed 6 CD Clip Art CD 3DCD-2 Images Retro Gold Personal Suite CD Sounds Terrific 2 Women of the Web Light Rom Gold Card Games CD 17 Bit LSD 3 17 Bit 5th Dimension Amos PD CD UPD Gold Imagine PD CD Multimedia Backdrops Sci Fi Sensations 2 Assassins CD Volume 2 £29.99£22.99 £19.95 £9.99 £11.99 TRADE G RETAIL DBTRIHnORS FOR GTL SCHATZTRUNE. CLOANTO, GRAPHIC DETAIL. HTERACTIVE, EPIC, SADENESS, PD SOFT. IDSOFT, VULCAN, GULDHALL LEISURE AND AMIGA
INTERNATIONAL International Distributor: Contents 1919 Adobe 767 Bitmap 228 Calamus 1105 CG Fonts 244 Coloured 300 Gdos 175 Iff Pics 918 Intellifont 139 Pagestream 173 ProDraw 1658 Ps Fonts 1477 True Type 1562 Type 1 Access all of the PC Drives.
Read & Write to & from the PC.
Load files directly from the PC.
Up to 49k sec for Amiga PC.
Up to 29k sec for PC Amiga.
Easy Installation for Amiga & PC.
Requires WB2.04+ & Windows 95 Network PC includes a 3m Cable, Installation disks for both computers, detailed manual and a companion CD-ROM.
The CD contains utilities for the Amiga & PC and the Amiga Emulator for Windows 95 with games & demo files.
£74.99 WHIPPET £44.95 SIAMESE RTG. £179.99 1,2glg Hard Drive & 10 Speed CD-ROM extra £150.00 INFINITIV TOWER KIT £159.95 Z0RR0II SLOTS £149.95 Z0RR0 III SLOTS £319.95
* ARCADE ACTION £12.99 MINSKIES £8.99 ¦¦¦¦I ACID ATTACK £12.99
£12.99 STRANGERS F17A nighthawk £8.99 valhalla 1 £14.99
MASTERS £19.99 VALHALLA 3 £16.99 ¦nmM HILLSEA LIDO £12.99
HE uEi HD Uek gftMicia NEXT DAY DELIVERY* ON ALL ORDERS. FOR 1 MONTH ONLY O 1230 LITE APOLLO 1230 LITE quality km coet 69030 accelerator with: end FPU all running at 33mhz. J ry backed clock, fitting.
EAlaeeiMeewl J 40 ONLY 1260 50 Fully featured SCSI CDROM drive for use wtth the A1200 or A600 including: Superb metal enclosure with Irvbuill mains power supply All software, cables and Instructions for tmhttSete use Full CD32 emulelion end Easy PCMCIA fitting Squirrel ONLY ONLY APOLLO 1230 PRO AN the features you asked for «t an affordable price!: High performance 68030 with FPU and MMU running at 40mhz.
Two 72pm SIMM sockets car take upto 32mb each. Simms can be mixed ti.e.a 4mb and 8mb will give 12mb) and can be single or double sided, Fully PCMCIA compatible regardless of how much memory is fitted Easy trapdoor fitting with battery backed clock APOLLO 1240 1260 68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accelerator.
Features Include: Battery backed clock.
72 pin socket for a standard 72 pin SIMM (up to 128mb), Jr fan cooled trapdoor fitting 340MB 85MB Our high opMd 2.5' IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete Fitting cable, screws, partitioning full instructions 12 months guarantee All drives supplied by us ere formatted, partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 f v iho A600 and WB3 for the A1200) instated for immediate use.
1000MB Fitting Is Incredibly simple; if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the herd drive Into the herd drive socket.
(for blizzard 1230) WORLD OF A1200 CD and TOP 100 A1200 GAMES
CD£14.0® EACH or both for £19.99. ANTI-VIRUS & X-COPY £19.90
EACH or both for £24.99 Order NOW for immediate d
(credit switch card s For enquiries Tel: 0161 706 6276 Of Fax:
0161 796 3208 Access, Visa, Switch, Delta, Connect etc
accepted Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren
Software) or credit card details to:-SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY
include VAT. Postage and packing will be charged at £3.50 per
order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rest of the world. OPEN:
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal
callers welcome. Please phone first to check availability of
any item. DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards
Bury. We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third
set of lights. The door to our premises is next to Polar,
opposite The Masons Pub.
* Next working day. Orders must be placed before 2p.m. AH orders
will be placed on a 24hour delivery service. Siren Software are
not responsible if deliveries take longer than 24hours. Only
applies to Items in stock. U.K. delivery only.
It's the season for miracles - new Amigas, and the arrival of Power UP! IjBBgDs yMMb even made the tea once... Power Up! Yes, it is true, the long awaited and even longer ago advertised Power Up board is here. You can buy them. Now! In the shops! And we have a full review.
Although the PowerUp! Board has been in development for some time, there isn’t an awful lot of software we could test with it apart from Personal Paint. Hopefully future issues will be full of new software which takes full advantage of this impressive bit of kit.
It probably won’t escape your notice for long that this issue of Amiga Format is full of little crackers, and I don’t mean that figuratively. There are loads of pages with little cracker designs at the bottom of them, each of which contains one of our special Christmas competitions. Some of the competitions are for so many prizes that you are virtually guaranteed to win, simply by sending a postcard to the relevant address. We have over £5000 worth of prizes, and the closing date has been specially set to allow overseas § ,» readers to enter too. So look out for the special crackers, and gel
writing those postcards. There is so much else in this issue that I’m not even going to attempt to cover it all. No, really, I know I usually try to cram it all in here, hut you can find out for yourself this month. I’m quite exhausted after doing all those reviews of scan- doublers, CD-ROM re-writeable drives, joysticks, mice, accelerator cards - not to mention doing a complete review' of the year. I’ve done more than enough. You’ll be expecting me to put on a silly costume I and give you all a present next. C?
St. Nick Veitch Editor POWER UP!
The Cyberstorm PPC accelerator is here at last. But just how quick is it? And what software can you run on it? And is it worth it? And... UROPA2 No. You didn't miss a Uropa 1, but months of development seem to have paid off for this game. Andy Smith gives you all the details inside.
MC«« 1001*1
F. - 4.CJW LS-120 It's no bigger than a floppy and stores 120Mb.
It's a miracle... ALADDIN 4D Extensively previewed, we all
know that Aladdin can deliver when it comes to features, but
can it compete in the ease-of-use stakes?
VIPER 530 A500s are not left out in the cold this Christmas, thanks to this little wonder AMIGA FORMAT CHRISTMAS 1997 ISSUE 105 CHRISTMAS 1997 NEW AMIGAS ARRIVE!
The A5000 and the A6000 from Power Computing and DCE Computer Service GmbH.
VULCAN EXPANDS New software team World Foundry have joined the 13 teams already at Vulcan Software.
UK ONLINE SUPPORT Internet support for the Amiga with new websites and a 24 hour a day helpline.
Crackers? We must be. We've donned our Santa suits and now we're giving away loads of top free gifts. All you have to do is send a postcard to the addresses shown in our cracker pics to stand a chance of winning. Good luck!
SERIOUSLY AMIGA 58 ALADDIN 40 0 SELECT Dave Cusick uncovers the best Shareware around.
All your problems solved for the price of a stamp AMIGA.NET Dave Cusick talks about talking on the net SURSCRIPTIONS Fast and rename. You know it makes sense.
MAILBAG & GALLERY IS120 DRIVE It can read and write up to 120Mb of data and it's very fast, but is it worth having?
Ben Vost has the answer.
It looks just like a slightly snazzier floppy disk, but has a much more impressive performance.
Bring your old Amiga up to speed with these new cards.
ACCELERATORS Ben Vost looks at two cards All your musings and masterpieces.
CREATIVE designed to revolutionise your A500S and A600s.
Mick Veitch gets his hands on the first CD RW drive to appear at a sensible price on the Amiga.
UiiHlfVd IUUIU L Larry Hkkmott and how to use bitmap fills, in the second part of this tutorial.
Master complex programming through MUI with Dr. Karl Bellve.
Re-use Cds with the Noma'i (above) and take photos with the Digicam (left).
Feed photo's directly into your Amiga with the Digicam digital camera.
Chris Livermore's guide to giving your Workbench a facelift.
CYBERVISION The latest scan-doubler. Nick Veitch finds out if it's better than having two monitors.
The Cybervision scan-doubler card - the solution to all your monitor flickers?
A simple introduction to using the Shell, with Robert Polding.
LONG TERM TEST The Microvitec Ml764 Multiscan Monitor gets a thorough examination by Dave Stroud.
Paul Overaa with a beginners special.
CD-ROMS AFC021 Exclusive Vulcan demo of Genetic Species, new reader requests, and much more!
¦“'MMI r,-,’, r." ¦¦•'
- WwiUifutvmfH '
* ¦» m a ¦ v,|f .j1*!
WpuutHunvXL COVERDISKS A top platform puzzler and an arcade classic!
The Phase 5 Cyberstorm PPC in all it's glory. It's incredibly fast, cheap NEWIC0NS4.1 Give your Workbench a brighter look with some new icons this Christmas.
And fully reviewed here by AF experts Nick Veitch and Simon Goodwin. Is the Power Amiga the future?
Relive the good old days down at the arcade with exact copies of classic games, thanks to MAME - the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator.
Be aggressive with Mobile Warfare and Hard Target.
26 HE YEM HUE WML Nick 'Scrooge' Veitch joins the ghosts of Christmas past and future to bring you all the news, reviews and gossip from the last year, with predictions for the coming months.
The fashion police prepare to punish anyone wearing nasty green pantaloons.
Destroy your friends with great balls o' magic. Mr Smith does.
Moon-walking, puzzle-solving, action- packed fighting adventure. In space.
Paul Burkey gives his Amiga artificial intelligence, then challenges it to a battle.
Racing and fighting? That sounds like it'll be right up Andy Smith's street.
Cunning computer tactics as Foundation develops a mind of its own.
Everything you could possibly want Santa to stuff down your socks this Christmas, in our guide to the best Amiga pressies in the whole world!
New Amiga developments TWO major new machines about to launch r r FORMAT New towers from Eyetech A1200 and a PC motherboard in one tower A World Foundry join Vulcan Vulcan Software signs 14m software team A5000 A brand new Amiga at last - the A5000 (right).
Germany, between November 14-16, to be followed by a more powerful system earlv in 1998.
J The A5000 is an Amiga based around a 68030 processor at 50MHz (a full 030 with MMU) on a motherboard which is designed to fit in a standard PC case (ATX) without requiring all the effort that currently goes into tower conversions. The A5000 will have two SIMM sockets allowing for up to 64Mb of fast access memory on the motherboard and a standard A4000- type CPU slot for easy upgrade to a PowerPC" board.
The forthcoming A6000, due on sale in January, will have four SIMM sockets allowing for up to 128Mb RAM and will be equipped with a 68060 at 50MH on the motherboard. Both machines will have a scan-doubler on the motherboard so they can be used with widely available VGA and multiscan monitors, which previously required additional hardware.
Petro Tvschtschenko, president of Amiga International, Inc. said: “.As We’ve told you before about MicroniK’s licence to sell Amiga-based computers by repackaging A1200s, but Power Computing and DCE Computer Service GmbH are the first venture to be able to offer a completely new, officially licenced machine based around the Amiga's core hardware - Kicks tart 3.1, the AG A chipset and the Zorro slot svstcm. The first new model will be premiered at the Cologne show in This new developed board in standard ATX... is another milestone for the future of our Amiga technology.
Promised, we continue an open license policy to broaden our Amiga market.
DCE Computer Service GmbH is well- known in Europe for advanced technology developments. This new- developed board in standard ATX [form] with a modular system... is another milestone for the future of our Amiga technology.” In addition to these two new machines, Mick Tinker’s long-running experiment into replacing the Amiga 4000 is coming to fruition with a computer similar in spec to the DCE machines. Details are vague on the cost of these machines, but all are expected to be less than half of what an A4000 would cost at retail. _ For further details on the Power Computing DCE A5000 and
A6000 call Power on 01234 851500 or visit their website at www.powerc.com. Blittersoft will be handling the new Mick Tinker machines. Call 01908 261466 or visit www.blittersoft.com. NEWS Graeme Sandiford said it couldn't be done, but Eyetech's new tower proves him wrong... gives a full CD - emulation and optimises IDE hard drive performance, eliminating all those horrible MaxTransfer errors. It’s available for £34.95 but buyers of other Eye tech products which might require it are entitled to a discount.
For more details on any of these products contact Eye tech on 01642 713185 or visit www.eyetech.co.uk. Scattered throughout the pages of this month’s festive Amiga Formal we have boxes like the one below. These are our Christmas crackers, our presents to you. Send your postcards to the addresses given, with your name and address on them too. Please state on your postcard if you do not wish to receive details of other special offers from Future Publishing or the companies concerned. Employees of Future Publishing or the companies involved are not eligible to enter.
The closing date for all competitions is February 20, 1998. All winners will be listed in our issue (AFI09) which will be on sale March 19, 1998. No correspondence will be entered into. Best of luck!
“What do you say to a man that can run anything an his computer? (worth £300) " Microcode Solutions have given us the ultimate emulation solution with a copy each of Fusion and Pcx to three lucky winners. If you fancy getting your hands on this easy way to get a PC and Mac on your machine, send a postcard to: AT emulation draw, Blittersoft, 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhtll Industry, Milton Keynes, MK8 OER
I. ast month’s Workbench contained a statement f rom our Graeme
to the effect that you couldn’t put your A1200 in a tower case
and accompany it with a PC motherboard because there was no
room and, besides which, one of the boards would have to float
somewhere in the middle of the case for it to work.
This was certainly the case when Graeme wrote his answer, but those wizards at Eye tech have decided to refute that by doing the seemingly impossible and putting them both into a lower called the EZPC lower (you’ll find it advertised in this issue).
But Eye lech aren’t interested in merely achieving the impossible - they also have other irons in the lire, like E7- VGA. EZ-VGA is an external scan-doubler for any Amiga which plugs into the Amiga’s 23-pin video port and allows vou to use a standard (and j x therefore cheap) SVGA monitor for all Amiga screen modes.
Remember that a scandoublcr isn’t a flicker fixer so you’ll still get interlace flicker, but it will allow you to use these 9 monitors and it only costs £79.95. They also have AUTO-MON (not EZ-MON?) Which is an automatic monitor switch for the CvberVision 64 3D and Siamese for any Amiga. It works by detecting which machine is the active one and jumping between the two automatically.
The last thing they’ve been busy working on, in conjunction with Oliver Kastl, is FZ-IDE. This is the universal solution to attaching new peripherals to your Amiga, whether they be CD-ROM drives, Zips, I.S-120s, IDE or SCSI. It LIKE A POWERPC BOARD?
& P WZR P AMK.A • ClHS MMVCJf J»t * Stefan Ossowski’s Schatztruhe, the creators of the Aminet CD range, are currently running a competition on their website to win a Phase 5 PowerPC board every month. To win, you need to find the letters coloured in orange on the site and fill in a form. Although the Schatztruhe website is in both German and English, you only need to search one to find enough letters. The closing' date for this month’s competition is 30th November and a new one will start the next day. The Schatztruhe site is at www. Schatztruhe. De.
* BE NAME’S BOND.,, MGM have announced that they will be
launching' a whole new set of Bond videos, available in
Widescreen and pan-and-scan formats, together with the original
theatrical trailers, to coincide with the release of the new
Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.
As you may recall, Amigas were used in the production of the last film, Goldeneye, for modelling the MIGs that flew over a satellite installation. Next month we’ll be offering ten copies of the widescreen version for you to win! These versions of the movies are on sale until spring' next year, when MGM plans to delete them.
Following our news last month that new software team World Foundry had been formed and were extremely busy working on two titles set in the same universe - Explorer 2260 and Maim and Mangle - we are happy to say that they have now found a home at Vulcan Software, who are getting to be the world’s largest Amiga games company.
When we asked about the deal, Paul Carrington, MI) of Vulcan said, “The World Foundry is a welcome addition to the ‘Vulcan Army’ which already consists of some 14 development teams and over 100 skilled individuals.” “‘Oh you said ON-lme said the man waving the rollerskates... (worth about £200)11 Gasteiner have a couple of modems for you comms bods out there.
The winner gets a brand new Origo K56 flex modem, the runner- up get gets an almost equally good Origo 33.6k modem. To enter, just send a postcard to the following address: AF Christmas draw, Gasteiner, 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, London N18 2YZ Vulcan World As we said last month, The World Foundry have some cracking ideas for their universe which gives a coherent background to both Explorer 2260, Maim and Mangle and forthcoming WF games.
They are also unique in that they would like to concentrate on PowerPC development for their games, with ports hack to the standard 68k family at some loss of performance.
You can see the Encyclopaedia Galactica website that forms the backbone for the Explorer universe on our CD, and you can visit the World Foundry website at this address: htt p : www. Wor I df o u n d ry. Ho m e. m I. or a Net Corner AMIGA FORMAT Amiga Format's web pages have been in the doldrums for the last few months, but in preparation for the new and revamped pages we have a chat forum and a place where you can buy and sell your Amiga bits and bobs, and even announce your new software or give details of your local user group.
Keep visiting the pages - there may not be much there now but, like a rumbling volcano, DAVE CUSICK'S Amiga Format's website is set to explode HOME PAGE Dave Cusick has been around longer than you might think. Not only is our stylish comms guru INTERNET MOVIE and PD selector one of our favourite freelancers, DATABASE but he has also worked on a variety of mags The Internet Movie Database hasn't got anything before us, including the illustrious but sadly at all to do with the Amiga, but I was surprised departed Amiga Computing. The other day when I found that friends who His incisive and
informative writing is were really into movies and had internet access always a treat to read and his website collects didn't know about it.
Much of it for public view. Not only that, but if The site catalogues over 120,000 movies .Although I K Online has been around since 1994, it hasn't been a name well- known in Amiga circles. All lhal is set to change, however, with their announcement that they will support the two major ‘alternative' computing platforms, the Amiga and Acorn ranges of machines.
While we at Amiga Format aren't too concerned about the Cambridge- based computer, we're very pleased to hear the level of commitment UK Online are planning for Amiga owners.
Thev have already announced that they will be mirroring important Amiga websites including die Amiga Web • Director)’, Vapor and Amiga.org for faster UK access, and they will offer a full Aininet mirror in the very near future. UK Online have also been out and bought Aniigas and are busy training staff to handle tech support queries for Amiga customers. Other ISPs have promised Amiga support, but very few seem to offer this level of service, including longstanding ISP Demon.
Major Internet support for the Amiga from UK Online, with websites and dedicated helplines.
Iii: Best of all, new customers to UK Online will not be offered a rag tag bundle of Amiga software, or expected to find their own, as they will get a demo of Active Software's X('(Connect. - the Internet software package even an idiot can install and use. UK Online will also olfer a special upgrade deal to the full version of Net ('on ncct for just £39.95 (a discount of nearly 40% on the recommended retail price).
UK Online's commitment and full bat king for the Amiga market is further illustrated by their 24 hours a day, seven days a week help-desk staff, who are enabling them to support these platforms around the clock.
“Amiga users have been promised Internet support from a number of Internet companies in the past, but UK Online have done more than just promise,” said Chris Wiles, Manager of Active Software. “They have bought Amiga computers, trained their staff to support their Amiga software, bought a server simply to mirror major Amiga web sites and they are working closely with Amiga magazines to make sure ihis message is heard.” Matt Kelland, Business Development Manager of UK Online said: “We recognise that Internet users are not confined to people with Pcs and Windows, and we are keen to demonstrate
that we can deliver a high quality and comprehensive Internet service to users who may feel neglected by the mainstream Internet business.” If you want to find out more about UK Online you can visit their website at http: www.ukon I i ne.co.uk It's the poodle's parts For Loaded readers everywhere, a new email service has been set up to allow' the redirection of your email to a permanent address on the net. Pay a £20 registration fee per year and you can tell people your email address is blah@clogzbollox.coni. U doesn’t matter if you change ISP, just tell the gin s at Dogzbollox.com and
you’ll still get all your email. As the Dogzbollox bovs say: "Buy a year’s subscription for a unique Dog7.bollox.com email address and stand out from the crowd on the internee.” Yes, presumably you’ll stand out in the same way that someone with “I’m a nutter” tattooed on his forehead will. Anyway, visit www.dogzbollox.com for further details.
AMIGA “What's the easiest way to read a picture? (Worth £300)” 5f- Golden Image, one of Amiga Format's favourite dealers, have given i us ten copies of Migraph OCR so you can use your scanner and convert the resulting image into ASCII text. If you’d like to win one of these then send your postcard to: AF Christmas draw, Gasteiner UK Ltd., Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 OLB Amiga 1200 Magic Packs 68020 I4.3mhz 2m RAM International, Inc. No HD 68030 40mz Ionib RAM 170mb HD Scala MM300 At Last, the Amiga is BACK ON SALE with NEW machines from Amiga
International Inc. 68020 14.3MHZ All machines are full UK Specification and come bundled with WordWorth v4SE (Word 6MB RAJI I Processor), TurboCalc v3.5 (Speadsheet), DataStore v1.1 (Database), PhotoGenics v1.2SE J OftlB HD & Personal Paint v6.4r Organiser v1.1, Pinball Mania, Whizz and now ...- MM9MO Directory Opus 4.12! *CALA mmjVv All Hard Disk models also include the above software & Scala MM300 pre-loaded, the Official Amiga Hard Disk manual & HD Install disk.
68040 2Smhz 18mbRAM L3gb HD Sola MM300 2SOw PSU 68040 40hihz 34m RAM
1. 3gb HD Sou MM300 250w PSU Professional 14" Monitor MultiSync
15 - 31.5Khz| Flicker Free Display Amiga Cable Supplied
Repairs by Aualifmd Technicians ? All Amiga Computers Covered
? Prices from as little as £29.99 ? Many repairs by Wizard
require NO Parts ? Prices include Insured Courier Collection &
Delivery, Labour, Full Diagnostics, Service, Soak Test & VAT.
Hard Disks 3 Complete Expansion fCif Solution -- for fht Amiga A1200 fCC M 412 I Yes, at long last, a professional! FrrWO 3 WAY TO INSTALL A HIGH CAPACITY V mr%£SQ YEAR I HARD DISK WITHOUT REMOVING PARTS FROM YOUR MACHINE OR BENDING YOUR KEYBOARD AROUND the drive. Our packs come with EVERYTHING you NEED TO INSTALL THE DRIVE INTO AN A1 200, CABLES FOR POWER AND DATA, INSTRUCTIONS & 7 DISKS FULL OF HOT SOFTWARE SUCH AS Directory Opus 4.12 (worth £50), MUI 3, MCP, Galaga AGA, Virus Checker, Mods, ReOrg, Abackup and MUCH MORE, All software can be installed with our custom click V go system. All
drives are pre-installed with the system software 6t above DISKS - UNLIKE OTHERS Wc PROVIDE THE Pi lcj VU k A1200 Expansion Cards Spffd Increase op up to 27 times ? 68030 EC, 68040 or 68060 Processor 'OPUS 4.12} RUNNING AT 33, 40 or 50MHz ? MMU IN ALL processors (except 68030EC typf) ,£50 040 pits Stamms© A1200 - no problem & is supplied wtf a Hfatknk & Fan ? Up to 32mb OF RAM CAN BE ADDED ? KiCKSTART ReMAPPHG (EXCEPT 68030EC VERSION) ? OpnONAL SCSI-1!
SCSI-11 Interface for the Magnum 68030 68030EC 68040 & 68060 Cards - Supplied with Software - £ 79.99 Omb 4mb 8mb '030 33 & FPU c89.97 109« c129 m '030 40 (6803QEC Chip) £89*7 cl09.99 (129.99 '030 40 & FPU 09m £ll9.«* c139 t« (68030EC Chip) '030 50 £ll9«9 £139*7 £159m
• 040 25 & FPU £179.99 £199.99 £219.99
• 040 40 & FPU £229*7 c249** 26999 '060 50 & FPU c34999 £369**
All Technicians are Fully Trained & Qualified ? Upgrades bought
at same time fitted FREE!
? 90 days Warranty on all Repairs all for just £ 29« + PARTS PARTS We have a large range of parts for ALL Amiga’s - Drives, Keyboards, Mouse Ports, Chips and more. Please call for PRICING DETAILS.
16MB £159.97 £159*7 £169*7 £189*7 £249.99 £299** £419*7 32mb £209*7 £209** £219*7 £239** £299.99 £349** £469**
1. 3gb
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Want us to fit your Hard Disk for you? CALI FOR MORE DETAILS.
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69„ ¦I ¦ ...... C1HKTW3 i ¦™3.
TimHO i ATQC « w wwwwwwww vv ¦ v (aasaa’S; :rrs r I 1 I I . .
.. weir raster pwmgm clocks... can resultln increase for many operations CHRISTMAS 1997 are confident that the hybrid board will give a significant speed advantage to Amiga owners when software is coded to take advantage of it. And, of course, that eventually the whole Amiga OS could be ported to the PowerPC, speeding up everything dramatically.
For now, at least for those lucky people with machines capable of using it, the Cyberstorm PPC card is here... with their faster processor clocks (up to 200MHz, compared to the ’060s lop speed of 06MHz), again made easier by RISC technology, this can result in a phenomenal performance increase for many operations.
L i lit really deserves a gold award just for working in the first place.
CONSTRUCTION The PowcrUp board is packed with circuitry. You gel three powerful 82 bit processors - the PPC604e, at 150 to 200 Mhz, the supporting 68K processor - either a 50 Mhz. 68060 or a slower 68040 lifted from an old CPU card - and the Ultra SCSI controller, which may only manage a couple of million instructions a second but compensates with individual instructions that move up to sixteen megabytes around memory in a fraction of a second, or perform a complete SCSI arbitration sequence in one step.
The first stage in Phase :Vs plan necessitates the PPC chip being piggybacked on a board which also contains a standard 68k series processor. The simple reason for this is that it is currently impossible for the Amiga’s operating system to run on a Power PC.
This makes things slightly difficult, as you will still need a 68k processor which can handle the normal Amiga system, and pass control to the PPC for code which it can use. In order that it doesn’t prove to be a bottleneck, the 68k processor has to be an ‘040 or an '060. The last limitation is that the PowerPC,' can only be used by software which is programmed to lake advantage of it. If you don’t have anv software z coded to use it, then the PPC chip is just a pretty decoration.
In spite of these problems, Phase 5 One end of the board is dominated by the power supply. Six large electrolytic capacitors tower above a peculiar spiral inductor, like the cooling towers and furnace of a tiny power station. With the regulator chip alongside, they generate the 3.8 volt supply for both Motorola processors and the special 2.5 volt rail which keeps the PPC core from overheating. The These masks of the PowerPC chips show how complex, and yet how simple these devices really are. The data caches stand out easily against a backdrop of pipework.
SCSI connector is at the edge of the board, right next to the controller, a Svmbios clone of the NCR 53C770 Ultra SCSI script processor.
The PPC itself is dwarfed bv the z other parts. It’s a quarter of the size of the 68060, hidden under the cooling fan. Rather than glue the chip inside a ceramic package, like the companion 68060, Motorola have put raw silicon lat e down on a small carrier, saving space and allowing a direct thermal connection to the heatsink.
There are no jumpers to set, and onlv six sockets on the board - four for z SIMM memory modules, from 4 Mb to 64 Mb in size, which must be Fitted in matched pairs, and a 68 hole Ultra SCSI wide’ socket. The sixth is the now- traditional 'add on slot', apparently intended for a CyherVisionPPC video card - although this has yet to be seen, like Prelude and Calweasel Zorro expansions, and the proposed PPC for Picasso IV!
Phase 5's main contribution comprises a row of custom FPGA chips Lucked away under the SIMMs.
Following the example of the Warp Engine, they've put components on the underside of the board as well as the lop, but their SIMM sockets are much belter quality than the fragile plastic oucs on the Warp.
FITTING If you bought your PPC in the PowerUp upgrade programme you must transfer a 25 Mhz or 40 Mhz 68040, or 50 Mhz 68060 from your old board to the Cyberstorm PPC. This takes great care, and preferably a special tool. Take care to insert the chip the right way round.
It should be impossible to lit it the wrong way, but we’re alarmed to find that some people can manage it. A 40 Mhz 68040 needs a second cooling fan, transplanted from your old board, for reliable operation.
Upgraders from a 68030 need the Cyberstorm PPC that includes a 68060.
The) must also adjust two configuration jumpers inside the A4000, or three in an A3000, so that the motherboard derives necessary liming signals from the accelerator.
The accelerator plugs into the 200- pin fast expansion socket in an A3000 or A4000. The hoard is easv to fit z compared with the four-part Cyberstorm Mark 1, or the Mark 2 with Wiof do you give the man zvho has everything... well Lightwave anyway... (worth £300) ” Weird Science have two compos in this review. Here you could win one of ten copies of the brand new LightROM 5 3CD set containing all new models. Just send your postcard to: AF LightROM Draw, Weird Science, Q House, Troon Way Business Park, Humberstone Lane, Leicester, LE4 9HA 1 - Following the trend of the older Cyberstorm, Phase 5
are now using both sides of the board to pack as much circuitry on board as possible.
2 - This shows the connections to the PPC chip itself. From this you can see just how small a piece of silicon this wonder processor is.
3 - The cunning OBM design processor socket - make sure the PPC board fits securely.
4 - The timing crystals drive the '060.
5 - Four SIMM sockets.
Memory must be added in pairs, and all SIMMs must be the same speed.
6 - The 68060 processor provides backwards compatibility and interfaces the PPC to the Amiga.
7 - The expansion slot, for expansions which don't exist yet! A special graphics card is set to be the first device to use this interface.
8 - The Ultra SCSI controller chip.
Unfortunately, Phase 5 ran out of space for active termination on the board.
9 - This is the Ultra SCSI port for attaching SCSI devices - if you've got the right connector.
10 - Power regulator.
It- Under this heat sink sits the PPC 604! Don't remove it though, because the 604 has no ceramic "lid", it attaches to the underside of the heat sink.
V i niV . ¦ iM'iV V-'i i i*n'i SYMBIOS LOGIC ilii'.U V '.N'llNV.'iNhilSivi'i'i'm'iiY.'i iviS its flapping SCSI addendum, but check you have it plugged in all the way, or it will fail to start or, worse, give erratic results. An extra wire must be soldered into desktop A3000s to supply a missing interrupt signal to the SCSI controller.
SOFTWARE The PPG comes with a printed manual - first in German, then in the usual ropy English - and software support on two disks and a half-full CD.
Part-way through the documentation.
Phase 5 explain that software must be installed before you fit the new PPC card, information that should surely appear before the fitting instructions!
System software on the CD is This demo from Haage & Partner's Warp UP really demonstrates the power of the PPC.
On a graphics card, this completely generated landscape flies past at 15 frames a second.
Bugged so you must use the floppy version. The 68060 support code installs normally, but two PPC libraries must be copied manually. A second floppy disk contains SCSI software similar to that for earlier Cvbei storms.
You don't actually need a CD-ROM drive unless you want to access the developer materials and demos on the
CD. Most of the CD is occupied by files for ADE, which is the
so-called Amiga Developer Environment.
This is poorly documented freeware, hastily ported from UNIX. It includes GCC, the only f ree C or C++ compiler yet available to generate PPC code on an .Amiga, a non-standard PPC assembler and various programs from the GNU UNIX done project.
The development software is not Workbench-friendly. Many programs onlv run from the Shell, after you've 7 manually increased the stack size and typed in necessary assigns. Others have Magic Icons but no proper icon image*.
Files are illogically scattered and cryptic error messages abound.
There’s a sad dearth of code that makes good use of the PPC. Most supplied programs run on the 68060, and what PPC code there is typically falls into the category of hacks, rather than real applications. Of 90 megabytes of files in the 'contrib' director)', most Continued overleaf SuperView is another shareware program which will be released in PPC utilising form soon.
are copies of web pages with prerelease information about proposed PPC-compatible products, and much German text and unrelated filler.
You also get 11 megabytes from Phase 5's own web and FTP sites, including upgrade code for OyberGraphX boards and their SCSI interfaces. The onlv substantial * applications on the CD are demos of Ar(Studio and Ppaivt 7.1, which make no mention of the PPG and do not appear to use it at all. There is a plug-in update for Ppaint on Aminet - a blitter library which does use the PPG.
The Wildfire graphics package is not included at the moment - probably as it wasn’t finished at the time of compiling the CD - but you can get it from Aminet if you don't mind a three megabyte download. MUI 3.8 occupies the last 2 megabytes on the CD as it’s needed to read the web files with the cut-down browser supplied.
PPC SPEED There’s no one-dimensional way to compare speeds of PPCs and 68K processors. Raw test results on unreal programs suggest that the PPC’ is twice as fast on memory-intensive programs and nine times faster on floating point. Integer programs deliver in-between results, depending on the exact task and the programming style.
These are generalisations. Hand- optimised code can make a further difference by a factor of two, although the PPG obviously can't help you if your applications are limited by Zorro, interface or drive speeds.
Those ratios assume a 50 Mhz 68060 and 150 Mhz 604e, or a 66 Mhz 68060 and 200 Mhz 604e. Phase 5 have been promising 66 Mhz 68060s for a long time and Motorola now advertise them, but so far only Apollo have come up with the goods.
OPTIMISATION Most early PPC programs are written using the standard compiler recommended by Phase 5, the freeware GNU GCC compiler for C and C++.
This portable compiler is no match for hand-written code, as the more registers the programmer has available, the more GCC’s optimiser falls behind.
Human coders can make better use of spare registers than compilers, so GCC performs relatively well on Intel's sparse X86 range, but begins to look increasingly dim on Motorola 68K and PPC chips, with 16 and 32 general purpose registers respectively.
The rival Storm C from Haage and Partner has the advantage of generating mixed binary files - extensions to the normal Amiga object format which contain both 68Kand Power PC code.
Phase 5 ban this ’alien’ format, and There are few native PPC programs so far and many are compiled into machine code, which an experienced assembler programmer would regard with contempt. In a user-in ter face routine this may not matter much - the code is likely to be relatively large, in memory and on disk, but speed of development may outweigh speed of execution or loading.
However, in an emulator or intensive computation, good manual optimisation could make code five to ten times faster. Wildfire is typical of the sort of graphics manipulation software that thrives on a PowerPC. Manv of its operations are three to ten times faster when recompiled for the 604e.
Although none are completed yet, many companies are working on games which will make use of the PowerPC.
Follow GCC in using separate EI.F files for PPG code, albeit in their own proprietary remix which they sternly warn WILL CHANGE. Most ELF files use absolute addresses and are relocated by Unix memory management. Phase Five have opted for an unique variation, unfortunately 37 7 - Qbs I- “What have you got if you have thousands of fonts on 25 Cds? (worth £250) ” You've got our second excellent prize draw from Weird Science in three pages. We have 25 copies of Weird Science's latest CD Fontamania to give away, and to stand a chance of winning one, all you need to do is send a postcard to the
following address: Afiont draw. Weird Science, Q House, Troon Way Business Park, Humberstone Lane, Leicester, LE4 9HA SCSI PROBLEMS We'd love to have tested the PPC SCSI interface, but could not because it has a connector that won't fit any existing Amiga SCSI drives! Phase 5 could not supply an adaptor and Power Computing could not come up with any suitable drive. Simon bought a SCSI wide drive recently, anticipating Power UP, but this has an 80-pin connector and, again, there's no suitable adaptor.
The moral is simple - do not assume that you will be able to use any existing equipment with the Ultra SCSI, and remember to budget for cables, adaptors and, ideally, new drives if Ultra SCSI is important to you.
Power Computing were unable to supply an Ultra SCSI drive for us to test on the reasonable grounds that they had none in stock, and weren't intending getting some until someone ordered them!
In theory it should be a good interface. It uses an NCR script controller, like the Warp Engine and GVP 4000 060, leaving almost all the CPU power for the main program, although at 40 Mb per second it might leave little RAM access time for the other processors. This 53C770 model is notionally up to four times faster than the 53C710 used on earlier Amiga boards, thanks to the doubled transfer rate of Ultra SCSI and doubled data path of SCSI WIDE.
The Cyberstorm PPC is supplied without any cables and has no termination on board. A special adaptor is needed to convert from 68-pin wide SCSI to standard 50-pin SCSI 2 format. A simple cable will not do because Phase 5 require separate termination for the extra data pins unused by the SCSI 2 interface. They plan to make a combined adaptor for external devices and standard 50-pin ‘narrow1 drives, but cannot provide a prototype for review or say when it will be ready.
It seems that they simply ran out of space on the PPC board. Compare this with PCI SCSI adaptors, which have on-board termination and both 50 and 68-pin connectors, and it's clear that Phase 5 have made some sacrifices in squeezing all that functionality onto a board that will fit even a cramped A3000. If you're already using SCSI 2 they advise you to stick with your old controller for those drives, but that's not possible if it was integrated with the CPU accelerator, as on many systems.
In fact, once the PPC support software has been installed, your old SCSI controller may no longer work if you put it back to transfer data from SCSI to IDE. I found that the Warp Engine reported loads of SCSI errors, and traced the fault to the 'stub' 68040 library installed by Phase
5. Without the proper library, and its MMU setup, the Warp
Engine's DMA controller cannot work properly. To cure this you
must restore the original 68040 library, renamed by Phase 5's
The 68-pin interface demands more expensive drives, cables and terminators. After many unsuccessful calls we were offered an internal cable for up to six drives (wide SCSI supports up to 15) at £69 and a wide active terminator at £35, both plus VAT and carriage.
Phase 5 promise to make these components available at more reasonable prices through dealers, but you'll still be stuck with 68-line cables, rather than the 50-pin standard ones which are used on existing Amiga equipment.
Preventing the loader from spotting missing links.
Even experienced Unix programmers will find GCC and the ADE rather odd, but they’ll have a big advantage over Amiga aficionados, who will be more at home with Storm C and its companion WarpUp, a rival to Phase 5's PowcrUp PPC library.
WarpUp and PowerUp offer similar facilities, managing communication between CISC and RISC processors with functions reminiscent of the Amiga exec.library. Standard functions won't do the job because they don’t take account of jumps from one processor to another, or of the peculiar situations that arise when two modern processors share memory.
COPYBACK For top speed on both processors, Phase 5 have opted to use the Copy back data cache mode on each. This speeds up writing as well as reading by storing temporary values inside the processor, but it also raises some serious compatibility problems.
Since both processors can delay writing values, and communication between Amiga processes takes place through memory, the caches would prevent messages getting through, unless special action was taken.
Bus snooping hardware can get around this, but not if both processors are using copyback to speed up writes to memory. Instead Phase 5 have opted to flush out the processor caches - up to Bkon the 68K, 16Kon the PPC - between transfers of control. These take ages, in micro terms, perhaps 250 microseconds. Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of instructions could be performed in the meantime! Both processors are also held back, hut such is the price of compatibility.
The PPC library also manages memory, allocating chunks of 32 bytes at a time, rather than the Amiga default of eight byte lumps. This is vital because the PPC cache reads and writes 'lines' of 32 bytes. It s not possible to keep RAM and caches in kilter if an allocation straddles a line boundary.
WarpUP is a replacement PPC library, freely available from Haage and Partner, which gives the programmer faster communication between oners have they will be creating PPC enhanced, or even PPC only software.
AMIGA™ GOES POWERPC The Amiga has Powered Up at last - all we need now is some great software.
Processors, closer compatibility with Amiga OS and far more control over memory management. The English documentation is better and so are the demonstrations, but WarpUP is dismissed by Phase 5, who want to move coders away from Amiga conventions to their unfinished, Unix-based A BOX.
We found the Warp ppc.library faster and more reliable.
WarpUP demos are professionally optimised for both processors, giving a fair measure of relative speed. The awesome Commanche-style Voxelspace demo zooms along at a default speed of about 15 frames per second on a 68060, and a smooth 20 to 30 with the 604e 200, driving an Amiga PAL, screen. The difference can be as much as three to one if a fast graphics card is used and MMU hacks are disabled - they are legal under WarpOS, dodgy (though they work) on the 68060, and banned by Phase 5.
CyberPl is a pure number cruncher which generates a long approximation to the value of the constant PI, using Taylor’s approximation for the ArcTangent. It's a fair comparison, though there are faster methods, cranking out 100,000 digits in 50 minutes on an A3000 or half an hour on a 25 Mhz 68040, taking full advantage of the 64 bit DIV instruction lacking on later Motorola chips.
The 68060 does the job in 15 minutes, compared with four and a half minutes on the PowerUp 604e.
Author Sam Jordan timed it at around around 9 minutes on the 150 Mhz prototype PPC603e.
Continued overleaf hardware though, and make some useful comparisons and predictions from those results.
Phase 5 supply a PPCMemTest program to measure the speed of RAM access from each processor. We also used Fusion's memory speed display and Michael Van Elst's BusSpeedTest
0. 19 from Aminet as independent tests, comparing the 68060 with
the PPC performance on the new board, and the original Phase 5
68060 with the latest version.
MEMORY We can't generalise ahout individual applications except to say that pure PPC code will be fast, and it mav take years before we see the full potential. Wc can test the limits of the Phase 5 claim 68060 memory' speed is much improved, giving up to 25 per cent higher performance on LightWave, but this is by comparison with the slowed-down Mark 2 Cyberstorm. The advantage against the Mark 1 is relatively slight.
The tahle show’s the results. The PPC has twice the bandwidth of the 68060, fetching 64 bits rather than 82 at a time. Most transfers use bursts of four words - 16 or 82 bytes - and the tests are optimised for such sequential accesses. Since the processors share the same memory, simultaneous access slows them both.
These figures assume that one processor is busy and the other is idle.
At present this is often the case, but may change as PPC and 68K are better integrated by the system software. The PPCMemTest results 604e 200 68060 50 Copy
16. 5
17. 5 Read
156. 3
64. 9 Write
111. 1
58. 8 RAM speed tested using Busiest READ LONG A3000 Cyber »1
PowerUp Chio RAM *
4. 5
3. 9
3. 9 Motherboard 12.1
9. 4
7. 5 CPU local
12. 1
39. 0 A300G Cyber 1 PowerUp Chip RAM
7. 0 6,9
7. 0 Motherboard 16.1
6. 4
4. 9 CPU local
16. 1
26. 0
31. 0 Alt results in Megabytes per second SCSI controller can
also take control of the memory, leaving less time for the
other chips.
Memory' on the Amiga motherboard must be controlled with 68020-style signals, limiting speed. Chip RAM is slowest of all because the majority of its time is spent servicing custom chips, rather than the main processor(s). The A8000 timings make for interesting comparison. Like most benchmarks, these are 'best case' figures. Random reads - as when following a list or looking up data in a big table - trim away much of the speed advantage of CPU-local RAM.
Material suggest that the PPC is twice as fast on memory intensive programs... Some programs report that the 200 Mhz PPC" is running at 150 Mhz, because they assume the memory bus cycles at 50 Mhz, like the initial 150 Mhz PowerUp boards. The 200 Mhz PPC which we tested used a 66.7 Mhz bus, allowing one free cycle for the PPC" in every four, even when the 68060 wfas running Oat out. This is similar to the Blitter, which leaves some time to the 68000 on an old A500.
The Pow'erUp board accesses Chip RAM at the same speed as the original Cyberstorm, substantially faster than most Zorro 8 accelerators. Writes to CPU local RAM, fitted on the PPC board, are faster than on Cyberstorm 1, but the new unit is quite a lot slower at accessing memory' in the motherboard SIMM sockets. This is w'here you’ll have to put slow (80 nS) or odd SIMMs if you still want to use them. The processors will use fast CPU local RAM in preference, so it’s only there as a last resort. A couple of times the test systems failed to acknowledge that ’slow fast’ RAM at all.
As previously stated, the Power PC is of no use whatsoever without software which has been specifically written for it. At the moment, that software is not particularly widespread, although in the coming twelve months many developers have said that they will be creating PPC enhanced, or even PPC exclusive software.
The software which would benefit most from the PowerPCs particular brand of enhancement would be that which involves a lot of graphics processing. This would not only include games, but image processing and rendering software as well.
Personal Paint was one of the earliest programs to have PowerPC speed up code added to it, long before the processors were actually available.
Unfortunately, changes in the way in which the actual PPC cards operate means that the original code makes little difference. A new version of this code has since been posted on Aminet.
A rather rapid entrant on the software scene is Wildfire PPC. This graphics convertor, displayer and manipulator has already been coded to make the most of the PPC chip, and it really flies. The full version is due to be ready soon and will be launched at the upcoming Cologne show.
Unfortunately, there has been no sign yet of any rendering software being converted to use PPC code. Obviouslv.
Y ' programs such as Lightwave would have the most to gain from a super fast processor. Typically, nobody at Newtek could give us any comment as to whether the seminal 8D package would be updated at all, never mind have PPC" or Open GL support.
On the games front, things look much more interesting. Although there are no games supporting PPC yet, there are plenty on the way. Household names such as Vulcan and ClickBOOM are already working on PPC games, while the as yet unknown World Foundry will be concentrating all their efforts on developing PPC titles (see News in AF104, and in this issue )before porting them back to 68k code.
Haage 8c. Partner are reputedly developing Art Effect enhancements for the PPC, and of course Storm C (reviewed API04) already incorporates two different ways of developing for this processor, as mentioned earlier.
The PowerPC is fast, and really deserves a gold award just for working in the first place. No doubt glitches and bugs will be found, but all should be easily fixed by updates to the libraries.
The engine is ready and waiting, but it is the standard of the software, and the results which can be achieved with it, that will determine whether the PPC board Ls successful. *2?
DISTRIBUTOR: Power Computing 01234 851500 PRICE: from £489.95. Board tested £879.95 REQUIREMENTS: A3000(T), A4000(T) SPEED: •• ! Simply the fastest Amiga you can get.
MANUAL •••00 Helpful, but not exhaustive.
ACCESSIBILITY: ••••O Fiddly installation, but easy.
FEATURES: ••••0 It gives you PowerPC speed VALUE: ••••0 In a league of its own.
OVERALL VERDICT: Certainly ambitious, we wait to see whether the power-using software appears.
% Disk MAGIC Med mM AG 1C "vsm Maxon.MAGic Your three wishes have just come true!
• Now you can buy these - ] three top Amiga packages * SAVE OVER
£60 ' * ™ unb**bk p™! : Blizzard 123IMV (OMB, 50MHz 68030 &
MMU, 32-bit fast ram expandable up to
128 256MB) £WfJ
• Blizzard 12304V 4MB (as above, 4MB SIMM fitted) £t 19r ¦
Blizzard 1230-IV 8MB (as above, 8MB SIMM fitted) £139’'
* Blizzard 1230-IV I OMB (as above, 16MB SIMM fitted).... £169*
• Blizzard T230-IV 32MB (as above, 32MB SIMM fined) .... £229''’
* 50MHz FPU (when purchased with a 1230-IV) £29*
• ••••••••••it The Blizzard 1230 MkIV is the highest performing
expansion you can buy for your A1200, and we can now offer it
with a range of options to give you maximum choice whichever
way you go, you can be assured of top quality, fully warranted
products with complete after-sales service from HiSOFT.
* Blizzard 1230-IV 8MB (with SOM Hz FPU and fast 60ns 8MB SIMM
fitted, expandable up to 128 256MB) plus a Surf Squirrel
interface .....£229” NET&WEB "A ray tracer that simply
gets better by leaps and bounds. It has already overtaken
1 a it v I Ma. I) -mm Get yourself connected to the information superhighway with one of our easy-to-install-and-use Internet packs!
Net & Web Pack (33.6bps fax-modern, all leads, easy install program, free 30-day trial internet account software includes ftp, email, Usenet and iBrowse web browser) £99"1 NelOiWrtjp tiv P.tt k (everything listed above, plus TermiteTCP for full PPP server support and our award-winning Amiga Surfin' book) £12tf,= NelJtWdjJS Pack (featuring a superfast 56K fax-modern plus all the software extras in the Net&Web and Net&Webp us Packs) £149“' MODEL RAYTRACE ANIMATE UPGRADE FROM CINEMA 4D V2 UPGRADE FROM CINEMA 4D ITS CROSSGRADE TO MAC PC C4D £19995 £69 £29 £299 (Cinema4D V3 floppy disk version
still available @ 1 69') "Ingenious ... cheap ... excellent ...If it hadn't been for the Squirrel, we could never have taken the bold decision to launch the world's first covermounted CD."
Squirrel interfaces are fast, reliable and expandable you can add up to SEVEN SCSI devices. Add to that Surf Squirrel's superfast serial port and you have the perfect peripheral for your PCMCIA slot, CLASSIC SQUIRREL £69.95 SURF SQUIRREL £99.95 CLASSIC TO SURF U G £59.95 CALL FOR THE LATEST PRICES ON OUR TERRIFIC ALL-IN CD-ROM PACKS, STARTING FROM E99'5 The total sampling solution for your Amiga!
The truly amazing Soundprobe sampling software is compatible with many different brands of 8-bit and 16 bit samplers, including Aura-16, Clarity-16, Megalosound, DSSfl t and Te hrtosound Turbo 1 & 2. Soundprobe will output in up to 12-bit resolution through your Amiga, or in up to 16-bit resolution through sampler hardware like Aura-16. Either '.'.ay, you r an alwavs expect high quality' results when recording back to tape. Dozens of processing and professional sound enhancement functions are built in, and more can be added easily as plug-in modules.
Why settle for less, move on up to Soundprobe today!
Whippet 99999999999999999 UP TO 400% FASTER THAN THE STANDARD AMIGA SERIAL PORTl A - L f L- _ op] J The Whippet connects to your PCMCIA port and provides you with an additional, fully-buffered, ultra high speed serial port. Data transfers with The Whippet are guaranteed to be much faster, much safer, and much more reliable than when using the standard Amiga serial port. The Whippet really comes into its own when surfing the Internet. High speed drivers allow the use of web browsers, ftp clients, email clients, Usenet readers and other Internet tools, all at the same time without any loss of
data! The Whippet is guaranteed to be compatible with all Amiga comms, networking and Internet software.
• Zip Drive and one 100MB cart. ItR
• 25-way to 25-way SCSI lead. FVt'** ¦ HiSOFT Zip Tools
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NOW SAMPLES IN TRUE 16-BIT STEREO "Arguably the Connects to your PCMCIA slot. Includes the total best currently sampling solution for your Amiga the powerful, available flexible and easy-to-use sampler." Soundprobe software.
BURN YOUR OWN COMPACT DISCS SquirrelCDR GT [external drive, MnkeCD, two fluid disks) J|| SquimTCDR i (in crnrtl drive, MakeCD, two gufel disks) £379* £339* £449'" £25 BUY-BACK OFFER - WE WILL MY YOU £25 FOR YOUR OLD AURA-8 OR AURA-12 £39.95 wBBRSs i Browse ..£29* Termite TCP ..£29* Aura 8 ... £34* Megalosound ..... £34** Clarity 16 ... £129® ProMlDI
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SYSTEMS The Ut? Sc Jo:* tiee»lfriri Gblhx 1 MM5 fiDE UK tot ¥44 OJ JSKJ Tiawi * A I* v-u 7T37IG ' i .-Vf.i I « AVAV ;.) ) OI7D6I? ONLINE WWW. Hiisott. CO. Ut€ EMULATORS PART 14 checks out Amiga emulators for classic oMIE arcade games AFCD21:-ln_the_Mag- Emulators Mi«»s " Once, great firms like Atari and Nintendo vied to produce new games, supplying arcades, motorway services and (appropriately enough) chip shops, with the EPROM chips and add-on boards to give the basic box the latest personality. Much hardware came from Atari and Amiga visionary Jay Miner, augmented by add-on boards developed
to give individual games the edge - like the vector graphics of Asteroids and Batdezone (see box opposite).
Internal extras included sound boards, co-processors and space for more EPROM memory' chips. The In the days when TV games manipulated monochrome blocks, ‘telly tennis’ style, you had to visit an arcade to see the future of electronic gaming. Massive wooden cabinets housed custom-made hardware, coinoperated and finely tuned to deliver an addictive gaming experience.
There were no instructions beyond a few words on the cabinet. Atari founder Nolan Bushnell stressed the need for games that were instantly playable, attractive and addictive.
Sound and colour were pushed to the limits of available technology, and developed with ever)' new game.
These consoles soon muscled into the areas once dominated by pinball machines and one-armed bandits the world over. With no prizes, there were massive potential profits for site owners.
Hidden controls inside the cabinet let game speed and difficult)' levels be tuned to maximise profit without driving away beginners.
It might seem perverse to run original Pen go or PacMan code on an Amiga. There’s no shortage of rewrites of these games, often noisier and pretuer, and other arcade favourites. But arcade emulators mimic the gameplay, dming and details of the originals exacdy, given enough processor power, and if you’re familiar with the real thing that may be crucial.
Each ghost in PacMan or alien in Defender has unique behaviour which you learn to exploit. Months of playtesting went into the design. Copies rarely catch such nuances.
EMULATION MAME was dreamt up by Nicola Salmoria, who grew sick of writing specific emulators for each classic arcade game. Realising that the underlying hardware was little changed between games, and the original game code was available on the Internet, Nicola devised the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator, or MAME - a collection of software components to simulate classic arcade hardware.
MAME includes processor emulators - the original Space Invaders was content with a 1974-vintage Intel 8080, but later games used Z80s, 6502s, 6809s and even a few 68000 chips - plus graphics and sound emulation. Source code - in portable but inefficient C - was freely available from the start, and MAME has also been ported to Archimedes, Mac, Unix and Windoze, although it needs a fast Amiga to do justice to the unoptimised code.
Arcade emulators mimic the gameplay, timing and details Is ex, of the originals exactly given enough processor power... hardware was steadily upgraded to offer more colours, improved scrolling, more arid bigger sprites, prestaging home computer developments. This was the birth of the third-party games industry-.
Atari could not meet the demand for new games alone. Big hits were provided by Taito with Space Invaders, Williams with Defender, and Nintendo with Donkey Kong.
1 f i 1 (till i r+s € Phoenix (above and left) can still be found in its tabletop form in many of Bath's curry houses.
M scimt 20000 1UP
1. 9-140 fuel 4 I ROUND * 1UP HIGH 8260 40000 21 IP ML * tf '
MAME can struggle with more modern games such as 1942 - you
need an '060 to get anywhere near 100% original speed.
Classic arcade racing action in Rally-X. Collect the flags and avoid your persuers to amass a high score.
IfTz PART 14 EMULATORS HOME PAGES Amiga Emulators: toMttflmppU.c&u rti iKfcmvfaiQg Arcade Game data httD7 valhaUa.oh.tn,tudeifttnl emijl8 malnt bimjAttgm.uorirtfis icaLhisisbis htto: www.xs4all,i) l - del)te a; cade mame.
HimlMAME. Homfc.P39g hupy www.media dsi-.unimiit mameMAM Lamiaa Pqrt httt ; vwvy.flyd.ntnu,n -mattha MAME is complicated because it must emulate manv systems, rather than 7 just one. It has built-in configuration data for each known game. More than 70 programmers have contributed to the MAME project, including Via rat Fayzullin. Development is currently being led by Mirko Buffoni, with Jonathan Belson and Mats Eirik Hansen responsible for AMAMF. And MAME respectively, on the Amiga.
More than 200 games are supported, although not all perfectly.
Sound is a notable weakness of the Amiga versions, although this varies from game to game. Vector graphics may be unbearably slow unless you have a graphics card.
VERSIONS MAME was first compiled on a DOS PC.
But there are two Amiga ports, confusingly known as AM.AME and MAME. Another arcade emulator, ArcEm, recently arrived on Aminei, courtesy of Andrew Bennett. So far ArcEm only runs half a dozen early games, but it’s fast and stable, with a hand-coded 8080 emulator that runs rings around compiled C versions.
ArcEm runs at configurable speed - 20 is just right for the author’s 28 Mhz 68020; I needed to boost this to 60 on a Warp Engine 68040 and 112 on my Cyberstorm 68060. It can simulate gel overlays on the original screen, for authentic colour stripes. ArcEm is elegant and Amiga friendly, with icons for each game it supports, an easily edited configuration file, and a separate directory for the raw data - but it supports far fewer games than the MAME variants.
MAME is versatile but much slower.
It calls AmigaOS to update screens, so patchWPAH (aminet util boot) is strongly recommended for AGA users.
Version 0.20 of A MAME gained a workbench interface, although not all the buttons work vet. The code file is over half a megabyte in size.
Hansen’s MAME is a more up-to- date port, so it supports more games but is even more bloated. I tested the 68040 version 0.28, which occupies 1.5 Megabytes! It has a good front-end, using MCI to assign sound, control and display options. You can use any retargetable screen mode - not just a small workbench window - but AHI sound is not yet supported.
The arcade emulators on our CD do not come with games hut these are on the web and ‘PD’ floppies and Cds, usually as ZIP tiles. They’re quite small, VECTOR GRAPHICS Most computer displays are built up like TV pictures, scanning the entire screen systematically line by line, displaying dots at fixed positions in a rectangular grid or 'raster'. Vector graphics computers control the display beam directly, sending it around the screen in any sequence like a laser beam, drawing continuous outlines rather than discrete dots.
Vectors have many advantages. They need little display or pattern memory, because only co-ordinates need be stored, rather than a complete map with room for details of every possible pixel. Objects can be moved or scaled without the jumps in position and resolution inevitable on pixel-based systems. Rotation, reflection, stretching and squashing are trivial to vector machinery.
There are disadvantages, too. Images fade and there's no automatic redrawing from top left as you'd get with a raster display. The more vectors there are on the screen the longer the system takes to re-paint them all, so screens flicker and dim as images becomes more complicated. Colour requires precise coordination of three beams, and the slightest misalignment leads to confusing displays.
Asteroids was the first mass-market vector graphics arcade game, though similar technology was used in Space War, Bushnell's 1972 debut. The tank simulator Battlezone followed, again in monochrome, with coloured overlays to liven up the display. Vector graphics caught up with colourful bitplanes when Tempest was released, but lost ground as bitmap resolution and sprite handling advanced, eroding the memory and processor- saving advantages of vectors.
You can simulate vector graphics on a high resolution raster display, but the grid intrudes and the results are never quite as smooth or subtle as a real vector scan image.
Vectrex, a home vector graphics system featured a built in mono screen, and its games are now freely available. There's a PD Vectrex emulator, but no one has yet ported it to the Amiga, so for now MAME is as close as you'll get.
Asteroids and Battlezone (left) were the original vesctor games. Later examples featured limited colour as in Tempest (top) and Star Trek (above).
Even uncompressed. In the early days a single EPROM held only 2K of code or data - so they don’t take long to download, and the games are a marvel of compactness by modern standards, packing in attract modes, bonus and high score routines, and hidden configuration and self-test menus alongside the game itself.
The emulators assume certain file names for each ROM image. You must get these right or the game won’t run.
The MAME FAQ and related files can be found on Atmospherical Heights, a web page maintained byjohn den Hartog.
CONTRASTS YIAME and AMAME are worth a look if you’ve got a 68040 or later Amiga and a penchant for arcade classics. If you’re not a power user, ArcEm is better, though even that needs at least a 68020.
The games it supports are authentic but unexciting by modern standards.
Let’s hope ArcEm can be extended to support more games, and a PPC version of the full MAME arrives to bring C versions up to speed. Either way, arcade emulation is feasible now on 32 bit Amigas, and is sure to get even better in the future. *3?
Wm BtW AMIGA™ GOES POWERPC™ POWER UP YOUR AMIGA... A further dimension is being added to Amigas with our new PowerPC based BLIZZARD POWER BOARDS for A1200, At200 based Tower Systems and At500 2000 systems along with the new CYBERSTORM PPC for A3000I4000 systems.
You'll now be able to benefit from performance many times beyond the speed of the fastest 680x0 based boards, as upgrades lor exrttmg system*. Power Boards incorporate mnwaiiue Aid pnxessor techrajogy Mere a last FtwerPC WSC processor . With 3 hlk !_PJ. IJy- amirally ihanm? Memory and system LxiSSf-s.
Mule tne ill.41n.il Atrif OS 3 x continues to ru: or. The &BK CPU, vjppcrting enetipg appicatmm to provide c.s:* .vardirompatih :ty. The PowerPC CP’J r. l»ikedliy compiek'miwt PPC ubnHH* provide tk» fundwniility to PcAtfPC ir.10 an Amga muiiiUsinrvi wv-jnninent.
CHECK OUT.. N NEW LOWER 4 PRICES ACROSS THE RANGE OF BLIZZARD AND CYBER PRODUCTS! , Scdlwaie uppers m r tinvse Ibrir programs, step by step, port-iq stgJe tasks to PwetfC code, wfikh then run In parAI with 661 tasks Leading Amiga software vertdc-ra are pcec&ng ported cr cctimr o versions of thee sohwyre paduges direao? N is concealed that a rge quantity of software products supporting the PowerPC wil be soon.
Paver Beards .ill be 'jtftvrfed with a canereftefisive am? Of utiHses.
Ir ljiir j I'* PPC library,«toot Inf creatne user*. Among tbem
o a Pubic Dcmaf. GNU C compilei lor PowerPC jott-icling
source alel, many demo pofim and uWrtrs with sourcecode. In
axttion to
* *u -v‘jjppon«aj.-- «¦'- vm FTP aw cast but not least, a PowerPC
optsnrsed vencn at CybeiGrachX VI with HSC optimrsed
CyfeerGi 3D pus MPEG functions and Myanes is included
r. 'j wnh .1 speca GGX drr.tr to support 1N AGA -hifisfl' wf f«!
,nd ctimprehemA-e ootiimetlaticri.
Blizzard 603e Blizzard 603e+ Blizzard 2604 Cyberstorm PoiverBoard PowerBwrd PovverBoard PPC PowerPC CPU dock Speed Companion 604e 150-200MHZ 603e T7SMHz 604e 150-200MHZ 603e 20CMHZ (1040 610(0 25-SOMHz 4S0M (8040 MQW 50MHz 25-KWHz U040 U060 25-SOMHz Ett. PPC Performance 3 175MHz 6 200MHz § 200MHz «200MHz MIPS Apprcx. 250’ typrtw. 280* Approx. 350* Approx. 350* SpetfMS ApfHOx. 11 Approx. 3.5 Approx. 7,1 Approx. 7.1 Menwy Option Max (4Mb Mai Mmb Max 12Mb Max 128Mb SMW Socket! 114 4 SCSI On Board fast SCSl-ll Fast SOMI Ultra Wide Ultra Wide Amiga Compatibiiny A12QM A12MW A15W2000 A30007*00ft.n
tst. Availability Summer '97 Summer ‘97 Summer '97 Summer ’97 2040ERC TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD 1240T ERC TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMUffPU I 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Standard, exparvdable to 128Mb 30M.IPS wth 60 Nanosecond StMM fitted Ibfi feifd 20*J£K rs a wpK LUW COST fwfii Much nilm A tWKHJW n nm Ite oopanfHy to upgrade 12(0Tttfl.C8odri keen wSTlietitie.*t*1ii n|0|ffulA400(K)40 power kwcI a Me adxartageuf tfw bud « SCSI-2 needace The’MC* tocenxi uad on the* boards are •ecycad and wjoroush tr*d 68040 Chh operaung a iOMHz vrth lAOfPU • eaeteit gounaed
cx»nptaflw«t pnred aMmative rr*j Blizzard 2040erc Turbo | aCMHz 68040 and MMUAPU, 0AH 32M tM MM op to 1281* £249 « . V A12QDT* TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU for ’TOWER SYSTEMS 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Standard, expandable to 128 2S6Mb R iOMIPS with 60 Nanosecond 5MM fitted t A -hit UJ.V vLST AIJOQ Iat» Azr- aW BfoiTl inrhanfiQar ny 'Tdwtf System AtiOO T.IP airmiiaft iugb po»n* tarujtni'ic*' ir-3 f-mycn kj .
M «l*e rooirtQ Cjp. Ae Wrdm do NOT ivcorm*nC rittng to ttmdartl A! 20(h wHTujS »* cr- r .ae modtuean me) rtwttC' Protean inert on mne pcxmz. Am mood am egaoutft wtmd 68t *G Ckn
• veuengit40MHzwehUMUftnr yenMem tpmmtmtandpraed PfcrwuNe IhiVid
* **** now. Wrti»the 5C9W Kit mn AAM « *Md with ttw Skzzjrd I2»N
m* 1260 Ktvj Bbzzard 1240T FRC Turbo 40MHz€804Q jndMMUfTU
QmblflUfntlMAopi la 12B72S6Mb £199-99 JdlKEXPAMOEO TOAFUU6S060
Blizzard 603e Power Board - A1200(+t) The new Blizzard 603e
Pcnw Baani u snmexpensiwPtwrtJp Arte or Sor A1200 syslem wyneis
'zdvo akeady hw i bostd win a socketed tub SEMh: 68C-;G+MMU
fmxASfir ¦,h'-.- CPUs "wv? A goltJ 4ir,i »o tr e up
i. g 50MHz Bazara t23Mi !l, IV or yrilar reaumnj a 175MHz P wet
PC 603h flfv GPU thy board has e Skf et lev *h? 5HMHz fi&CGO.
E panuor caafciilies of ‘..o to 64V:.- boh speed mensory aivj
built m SCSI-;, untroiiei ¦TSC', imagine the performance from
your A12W with this low cm t board!
CAN 81 EXPAND TO A FULL 68060 Blizzard 603e+ Power Board - A120Q(+t) iASTTWOOOA INSTALLATION... No modification nettisary.
I Reisablelow he*t output.
Lite Btzjjd £03er fyfiv Board is rb? Hghest spec Power LG Accelerator fcr A12CG Spiwu Fentu rg a 20iMtz0 aviPC GJ3e BiSC C - o. th* bo - d »-rs a socket for a companion &04U or 68060 CPJ. F xpas-ait aaatvlit»« up to 64Mb of high vpc-r?. - ;-y anil b-j' - sCSFH eontrolH Tfn board s deafly suited to those owners who ahead* -5 an acceie ato with nther a 68040 or 68060 CPU v* lizzird U4C1SK ;x 3 ;.,yd GrO ov.r-en cr thfm egur aenis) ¦ "TS*If you want the BEST from YOUR Amiga A5200 - this is it?
1260 TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD 2060 TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOARD A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU TPU 50MHz 68060 ¦ 0Mb Standard, expandable to 128Mb 38,71 W 'with 60 7C Nancaecood WM fitted Ohim Amgi AlSOOfZOOO rnr* y ifnr s-n* y*iiks'cr »»«w "emataWf; BtaaM 260 WtSOiWOtXh wi operate ,rt j) to fM UmiS 7h£ SPSS ijt i iur*kd AM00I wot FUU WWTH «u! Ton mrtu*4 tmii n SCSI-2 rtertac** Bflzzairf 2060 Turbo 50MHz 6AS6Q ind Mml MlTJ wn SCSI j. OME 32B4 silt SAM am to 129* £429-® *" Blizzard 2604 Power Board - A1500 2000 II fs i -,V -•*- - A! U.'v cr. A20GOyou ran now U-- sd antajp nt
-'o-a PC tecftnoojy ivlh :h.i 6&4e CPU RISC bas«d bt»id whirft h* a souet ‘cr a companion 63040 ex 68060 CPU, espanam capafcrtues up to 128Mb of fwgh sjeed &*-8d Twrc-y, Luil! .r Utfa-W-*1 SCU tx itrcflerd 3 h-gh perfirm.ant?
Hxpi’-iGr; sbt fry exprtons such as the C rVscn PPC. Tniy board « me fcr ownea ol accetefatoit wtth 68040 a 68C60 peocesson adi as the Blizzard 2040 c Bi'izzard 2C60 cvws fcr U'-f r efciwateusi.
JT'Wy -Vanf the BEST from YOUR Amiga A!500 2000? - Look no further!
12304V TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY BOMD CyberStcrm F*PC n the lAhtatt acceiFatcr Iff Amiga 3000(11,400CfT| and systerifj with compittbte CPU dots, 5 fer bfawwig 6We perlormanc? - ms than la times 'aster lhan any 66». Tased Hcek-ratcr' or, t-e tod ry' Avnrfatefe with dock speeds al 150.180 and 2O0MHr. Die cottipanipn socket for ’.lie E-3k praci-isor .wcepti eirtmj68040 w 6SO60 CPU The toard proodes 64-bt wnfe e-tmmr.y ijit T-etnory exuanuon uwng pan rJ ta' dard SMWi, dyramn jlly sharej by ttie tw'- CPLY Aaditmiu.-'y, Cy'-vrMCim PPC canes vth a DMA 'Itm'ii V. I- L.'iTT-,-- SCSI :ntr cm bo*nj
C' Enng ‘rans'er rate, of up to 40T ! '» i::t even the meet cfemanaing oi C'Cfess fu ippkat«ns A IWBit h speodexpacfiionconriecEoi. «»fi DMA access io Ihe memary, o also prc*. Nr-j h' later up sdeat- Ty.
The 200MHz vwvjo ot tr« CyterStcm PPC pronto prdnrmanre of mom Its*' 3E0 M ;S or apprudmafefy 8.1 and 71 SPCCfpSS* bnaChtakfig Hed that goft Ur beyond that offered by most PC systems b the second had of the year, an advanced wapho board will become m- 1or the LyDeiiorm PPC ap'-son *• 1, prcwdmg a lubset of the rwiiMttve CAJHP3J4HA tusilotn r’ -p fty hwsig a stand elcue pt :h* B18P (Dejtfay Lsr Wise Pwessprf, iNs board wl offer superior display capabilities Ihrougn ivgher VRAF4-iaased reschiums, poet depths and rpgy speeds, as «* as the potential tobegm dewfcptng software W H*pot1*Tg ife
fiSEanrafity of rha forthcoming A1BQX sysjtJh - PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: Options wifi» without 6fifc CPUs alkte users to fit the CPU from their wsimg acceietatar Oawry of Power Boards b sdieduSed for Stfnmer 1997 G-Iw-t lifialmtcn d Ct Ctf now for M details SCSI-2 MOOUIE for 12304V, 1240m: & 1260. & ADOffiONAi 128Mb JfMM SOC*iT T*JVCS»?LMAC.rt!TAr ' f.t - r UJ-wW AM •CdJtotU *Mf | Blizzard SCSI-IV Kit £59* 1230-IV, 1240TERC and 1260 FEATURES tAjy be osattnt wih sanpfe keysitrtf w boot up - r« rj fjmes wmpaWilK tm udfir pmgiamnM|||PnL
• BiiltHy liu lal iHI w- r,,-a? Real Tto Itocl * lto“i nrHiTmrc.-
i-vn.mm wnh M 12B-t MU ]|
• fcby ItipOxf nsldHUDi' - maJlutioiH wjwadf 12401 ‘ft «* bwHj
• 12M-W leases dtawng nposd MWU 6»M2 FHJ BnusiimI1 |»«!»-i w Wlh
*DU‘w Vi i»I am WCOTO hrt W VTI1RN k ihi y bw ntiM taU iMm N.
IkMi yap til ay puaU* » aa. FmHtm ki
• *n wn yar U J VIMti CZS Wf ru k 4ui t*lh yaa »n tti i 0 fj
it or« i .SNHi 1B Si 'kiM *««eta4irtbtellUW»0U!40mM»k*»
3W|n4«MMM i Y, WqulM aai Mahin HVUi.a iJLWT nt aai tt‘ (Ronao
jartm **nrt J jr tewiij»«n h4MlaypBaW|rail6Mi7i«ifa%e Mcti
•(axAHpawtcN _ *X aal inaoMWW i«vnl *trtasn What the Magazines
think... I Wtzzzrd pnxkxTs have lorestcrtly achmii I hr highed
magazine actobdo and Jtmdd Mm* Sbopprr I Mi a W-a UXi to,imt i*
atom* otfKt of *** *A!JOO mm*i- 91% STAR BIT Award Amgti
OmttMlhq- 4f yua m to fu*v 1 miy- » to torfJ. Jpt 4nwd’- 92%
BlLl tTIIP Ralfnil Amiga Format' fob im to JutmAI260 m to »
OTHER £379,95 £329.95 Ftessenoie Mtmary SIMM and FPU pnen may
change without wimtng dut to exchange rata fNjttuauom Pteaw
confhni pnoe pnox to onJenng
(429. 95 £459.95 £614.95 150MHz 200MHz 180MHz THE PtRfiQHMAMCI OF
Processor £479 95 £549.95 f&29.95 with 68040725MHz fitted
£519.95 £57995 £669,95 with 68040740MHz fitted 049.95
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¦ctctoHvn trm M f. rv-sHt .ird A" Ififralt Hi ff? SfcWiikT
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tr •'•! .im Blizzard 603e 603enoaT I 175MH; I 200MHz P with
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;OU” prosenion ill Cird5 Art- ful'y So-:ui ty Cheiked GH 15TH
ANNIVERSARY in,] c o™|Mrt*n ¦ harwood THE YEAR THAT WAS tt was
the best of times, it was the worst of times... lived through
them all.
& The ever-wonderful TurboCalc 4 struck gold in February.
Tommy Gun was dispatched in February, with a score that failed to inspire.
JanAF93 We started off the year with a bang by giving you a full version of the excellent OctaMed 6.
The news was dominated by confusion. There was a spate of resignations at Viscorp, the company which was then bidding for the ownership of the Amiga. Legendary Carl Sassenrath left because he became disillusioned with Viscorp's plans for the Amiga. He was followed by press officer Jason Compton.
Quikpak stepped into the frame as a more likely candidate to clinch the deal.
With enough real money behind them and a sound knowledge of the Amiga market they looked like a good bet On the games front Chaos Engine 2 appeared, but was a bit of a disappointment It failed to win Gold, with a score of just 85%. That might have been good by other standards, but not what we expected from the Bitmap Brothers.
On the serious side there were Gold's galore for CyberSCSl, Wordworth € Office and the excellent Draw Studio, of which Mr Kennedy said, "It's powerful, well supported and an absolute bargain at the asking price (£59.95)" before awarding it 94%.
Chaos Engine 2 failed to Uve up to expectations, but was a lot better than most games In early 97 FebAF94 We wondered what could possibly happen next for the Amiga, beading industry figures gave their opinions on they thought what was likely to come out of the liquidators bidding process, but nobody guessed about Gateway.
The games scene was a bit dire this month. Although Andy Smith conducted an interview Last year had more than a few ups and downs, but it was certainly eventful. Oast your mind back with us, to a time when the PowerUp board was an ambitious pipe-drearm Viscorp were still saying they owned the Amiga and there were no interesting games on the horizon... with Guildhall about all the games they were keen to re-release, only two other games were reviewed. Neither of them scored more than 50%.
Things were looking up on the serious side though, as the SX-32, 'Purbocolc 4 and Gold winning Ppaint 7 were released. Our Blitz tutorial series also ended it’s year long run (and two months later we started getting requests to run a Blitz tutorial!).
This issue we also launched our appeal for you to write long term tests.
Many of you have written in, but keep those reviews coming!
MarAF95 This month we confidently predicted that an end was in sight for the ongoing ownership saga. Quikpak had submitted a final bid and the liquidators deadline was drawing near.
In other news Carl Sassenrath announced that he was to program a new operating system called LAVA (now called REBOL).
Andy Smith got to review what had been billed as the most comprehensive Jet fighter simulation on the Amiga ever. Jet Pilot, but it ejected early with a score of 65%. Tiny Troops fared much better with the best score so far this year, with a score of 88%.
The super hi-tech jet fighters of Jet Pilot were good, but not golden.
Because we gave it away free with this issue! We also started one of the most popular (if you judge by how many letters we received) tutorials - learning how to use Ppaintl Gasteiner and Amiga Technologies announced that they would be joining forces to promote one big show, and the date was set for May 17. Rumours also first appeared that iD were considering a Quake conversion for the Amiga!
Reader Robert Benjamin won £50 for his reader game submission, Fred the Frog. It was the first In a series of games that this, er, modem genius would produce.
Cinema 4D3, TurboPrint and Online Pdfs modem pack all won Golds this issue. Ben reckoned the growingly popular C4D was "a cracking package for beginners and experts alike," On the serious side, Lightwave 5 proved to be a big disappointment, scoring just 58%, Part of the reason for this was the steeply rising price - at £1200, Ben reckoned it just didn’t deliver. Thankfully, the Siamese system fared better, and finally won gold with a score of 98%.
We also gave you the full version of TurboCak 2.1!
April AF96 Personal Paint
6. 4 was the package everyone wanted to get their hands on this
month - THE YEAR THAT WAS ifTz MayAF97 We just had time to
sneak the biggest news story of the ye a r i n to th is i ssu
e - the Amiga had been sold! Most surprisingly, the “winner”
of the liquidation contest was Gateway 2000 - a company nobody
even k n ew was i n te res ted!
The big games news this month came from an interview Andy Smith conducted with Alexander Petrovich from ClickBOOM. In it, Alex stated that ClickBOOM would be producing an Amiga version of the incredibly popular game Myst.
Weighing in with Gold awards this month were Page stream 3.2, Make('J)2.1, RDB-Salv and Directory Opus 5 (which scored a massive 96%).
JuneAF98 We took a big long look at the games scene this month.
Although releases so far during the year had been generally disappointing and in short supply, we discovered there was an awful lot to look forward to. As well as tides like Pinal Odyssey and Cenetic species from Vulcan, we were also looking forward to some games from people we’d never heard of - PURE design, Black Blade and the newly incarnated Islona. The Big Red Adventure became one of the best scoring games of the year when it clocked up a surprising 86% for its publishers, Power Computing.
Power themselves were probably surprised by a quadruplet of Gold awards for their new range of accelerator cards, including the 97% scoring Viper Mark V. ClickBOOM also announced that they would be developing PowerPC compliant versions of their forthcoming games.
Testament broke the drought of Gold awards on the games front when it scored 92%. It was the first game we had known to keep Andy Smith at work once the pubs were open - "Testament is an excellent game. I've found it very difficult to stop playing Continued overleaf 4 There really was plenty to celebrate this month. The Amiga had a new owner, we had reached 100 issues, it looked like England had a chance of winning the ashes... (ahem). As well as all the usual stuff you have come to expect, we had a special, and controversial, feature on the best games, hardware, software and PD available to
In games news, Nemac Vscored a terrific 93% and a well deserved Gold award. Many man-hours were lost in the office because of this one (and before feminists write in to complain, it was only the male members of the team who played it).
On the serious side, Ben gave Surface Effectors and Cinema 4D CD Golds, and I slapped one on the Catweazel before we took to our beds nursing huge hangovers.
THE YEAR THAT WAS SepAFlOl The Hidden Truth was creepy and spooky, something and kooky - and it became the best paranormal CD of the year.
New Ami gas! Well, they were still the same Ami gas, but now available in tower cases from MicroniK. Index International also gained a license from the newly formed Amiga International to produce their own Amigas.
Andy Smith had an early look forward to some games then in development including Shadow of the Third Moon, Genetic Species and Sixth Sense Investigations - shortly before he dished out 35% to Pro Tour '97. Robert Benjamin was back with Hamburger Heaven, but it lacked the sparkle of his earlier efforts.
On the serious side of things, Dave Taylor took a look at what was then the fastest Amiga around, thanks to the Apollo 1266 card which is t e Amiga of the Future? It's one of the used a 66MHz suggestions MicroniK were putting forward '060 processor, hack in September, OctAF1Q2 We invited you to Take Over TV and spotlighted the work of Dale Hemmenway, who produced an Amiga animation for Central TV, recently aired in that region.
Gateway and Righturning fell out over who had the rights to the far East, pro DAD produced the pre-release version of their replacement towers certainly looked impressive, and we got the first one in the More and more great games kept appearing throughout the year. OnEscapee was one to look forward to.
Operating system, p.OS and Sadcness announced that they were the new publishers for the forthcoming games OnEscapee and Foundation (previously known as Scions).
Simon Goodwin took a look at AHI, and also pronounced the Prelude sound card “good" with a 90% Gold award. Elsewhere, Art Fifed 2 missed out on Gold, losing points lor being a tad too buggy’.
We also took a look at the first MicroniK tower to arrive NOV AF103 As the year was drawing to a close, we pulled off the sound scoop of the decade, featuring CD audio tracks from Aphrodite, Coldcut and Allister Brimble, as well as our own John and Darren. The feature itself seemed to go down well with musicians, and even sparked some interest lrorri music mags like Fhe Band.
We also reviewed the excellent Soundprolx: from Hisoft, but Draw Studio 2 was the product of the month, gaining a prestigious A Gold for it’s cunning new features.
This month we also began our exclusive and interesting work in progress feature on Foundation - it’s nearly ready now, we promise.
DecAF104 Amiga Formal, being the great people we are. Created the first software for the Kodak range of digital cameras, just so that you wouldn't be excluded from the latest range of gizmos.
The Kodak DC20 and 1X725 will now work with your Amiga, and many more cameras are now becoming Amiga compatible.
We also featured the C compiler DICE on this month’s CD, and ran a tutorial on getting it started. C programming seemed to be the hot topic of the month, with news of the imminent release ol HisoU’s Maxxon C++ and a review of Storm C in the same issue.
Gameswise, (Agnus S and Master Axe disappointed, but re-released oldies Du nr II and ('.an non Fodder did well.
Epic had no less than live forthcoming titles mentioned in previews.
Our mammoth sof tware review of Fusion also featured in this issue. If you z want more of this type ol feature, then please write in and let us know.
Highest sccfrirtg.
Serious product: • Viper Mk V BestgSme: Qlemac IV Most Gold awards: Power .Computing Pages of Amiga Format this year:.
1508 Most letters about: Upgrading Best-selling issue:* AFIOO
* t 1 TH E VE AR T HAT WAS With all that going on, it’s a wonder
anyone is brave enough to predict anything for the next twelve
months. But we’ll give it a go. And just remember - last year,
every single one of our predictions came true!
Myst will be released on the Amiga. Okay, there isn't much crystal ball- gazing going on here. It will almost certainly appear in the first quarter of the year.
You will see a new version of Octamed. Ray Burt Frost and Teijo Kinnunen have made no secret that they are working on it.
We think they will finish it, and that it will be out before winter.
Quake will appear on the Amiga. That surprised you didn't it? We confidently predict that it will appear, probably in PowerPC and 68k versions, and sooner rather than later.
PowerPC ready Amigas will be produced.
They may not be pretty, but sooner, rather than later, tower Amigas with pre-installed PPC chips will be released.
Oh, hello, it's a big one. Workbench 4, or at least an interim version, will appear in the first half of the year. Also expect to see other operating systems become available, such as
p. OS, REBOL, and perhaps even one from Phase 5.
“Tangs for the memories', said Vlad as he impaled another maiden on his teeth... (worth £90)” If you'd like to win this very limited edition, 40th anniversary of the Hammer House of Horror, 27cm high porcelain Dracula modelled on Christopher Lee, courtesy of the weird guys on Future's SFX magazine, send a postcard to: AF SFX draw, 29 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW The art, design and technology mag Computer Arts is the complete PACKAGE FOR THE COMPUTER-BASED CREATIVE. The MAGAZINE AND ITS DUAL-FORMAT CD INCLUDE TUTORIALS FEATURES, DEMOS AND REVIEWS FOR ILLUSTRATION 3D RENDERING & ANIMATION
- Meet mo' js .
STAR5, Ithoring Amazing Infini-D4 demo & v| Draw the world’s biggest pig in Painter Electric Ij ke 3D Studio Max 2 reviewed f pJn A-8fe6 & Director 6 demo, an™ will be the art department's idea of Yuletide japery then.
Very nice. This is a time for celebration though, because we had several full games to review this month and one of them's really rather excellent. Check it out when you've read through the Previews pages because there are some games there that look like they could be crackers - and I don't mean mad.
It's been a difficult year for Amiga games and though things don't look like they're about to explode, it's worth noting that the number of games being released is on the increase.
One thing we have to do now is ensure the quality of new releases stays high.
This is where you come in.
Vote with your wallets and don't buy rubbish. Merry Christmas and stuff... All the news and all the pictures of the games you' be playing in the New Year.
Nebooe a flu £15 VT * 36 NEMESES A new one or two player magic-collecting, castle-destroying, action game.
UROPA 2 A thinking man's isometric 3D adventure. The second installment of Vulcan's Mega Series.
4Q STREET RACER One of the highest profile Amiga games of late is this conversion of the smash SNES title.
FOUNDATION WORK IN PROGRESS Our second report covers Artificial Intelligence.
60-69% 50-59% 40-49% Under 40% If you thought Capital Punishment was hard Squares. An example of why Reader Games is such a popular part of the magazine. Read and enjoy!
Then we have an Xmas treat for you here!
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Vulcan's answer to Virtua Cop is coming... id
* *¦ - -
• w » . F i . F
* * w Ilf 7~ I 1- , ....ill Platforming puzzle action in
the shape of Desolate. First pictures here.
READER GAMES The place in the mag where we get to show the world what our readers can do as we cast our eyes over their very own creations. Now these pages are serious fun... AMIGAtchi ...Samuel Brookes Now everyone can have a cyberpet. Possibly.
Army Men .....Paul Hopkins Now everyone can play with squaddies!
Squares .Ian Davison Now everyone can connect all the dots!
The latest games, the handiest hints and some clever programming from you!
32 PREVIEWS _i 38 42 A wizard of a game or a bunch of hocus pocus? We know the answer and we blab about it on page 36.
T t _
• 4* pictures of all the big games due for ftrftlifa our man ear
to the ground... Mobile Warfare .. Release Dale ... Epic
Marketing... Fan .... email: .
3T ¦ H! ¦«! I JI fy V ftQOD t The lorces come together (top). If you need some reinforcements and you’ve gof die credits you can buy some.
Lhe the nice tanks on the left here.
Tan j The Blue Army (Blue Army! Blue Army!) Hie up to face the wrath of the Red Army at the start of a Mobile Warfare scenario.
Those that like their games to be a bit of a cerebral challenge will be pleased to learn that there's a new wargame in the pipeline.
It's a mission-based affair with your post commander giving you your objectives and troops at the start, then it's down to you to finish the job. It's also a turn-based sort of game, but only sort of.
Moving troops around the battlefield simply involves clicking on a compass to the side of the screen, and whenever an enemy unit is encountered, the combat begins immediately. This does mean there's a great deal of scope for tactics because you can only move one unit at a time. To co-ordinate your infantry and armour attacks on a single unit therefore takes some extremely careful pre-planning.
Deciding which troops to send where is going to take some thought as well because every unit has an attack strength, defence strength and a set number of movement points. Putting your rifle infantry in front of the enemy's advancing tanks might not be such a good idea... This is going to be a one or two player game, with enhanced computer Al available if you have to play it by yourself. It will give the player some 20 different units to control, depending on the scenario being played at the time.
Extra units can be purchased and can join in the fight simply by clicking on the barracks, but your choice of unit is limited not only by the amount of money you have but by the scenario. With air support to be purchased as well you're going to have to make some informed decisions to survive this war.
Watch out for a full review soon because Epic tell us the game's going to be out around Christmas '97, it will cost £14.99 and comes on floppy disk.
Now then, where's me beret..?
That’s what you’re going to want to see.
Hmm, it seems a bit low on the tactics score though.
L PREVIEWS Kingpin is jusi one of several originally ful-priced games you’ll find on ibis new compilation from Epic Marketing.
Iso from Epic is this rather neat PC Amiga CD featuring some 200-odd Amiga games. There are previous full-price releases such as Kingpin (the Team 17 bowling game) as well as the standard PD Chess, Mah Jong and various assorted board games.
And Soccer Quiz). There's plenty here to keep everyone happy and at only £12.99 you'd have to be pretty stingy not to have it in your collection. C! The Games Boom..... Release Date . Epic Marketing: Fax: . . entail: spike 2 ipihe to fthoatI Everyone likes a nice game of pool and that’s just whai you can play on this compilation.
Now. Two fei off the break... Scrabble. A fine game that’s best played on a computer because al those tiles become a real nightmare when the cat decides to He on the board.
When it comes to card games, wed |usi bow many versions of Klondike would Sir IkaP And Cribbage? Certainty.
Although l don’t understand It myself, some people seem to love playing fruit machine simulators (win all that CyberMoney™). There are loads lo choose from here.
The CD is split into several sections, ranging from pub games (pub darts, dominoes, that kind of thing) to Workbench games (including Battleships and Connect 4) all the way down to Mind Quiz games (where you'll find such delights as Code Finder, Jelly Othelly ilHou many virtual pels (worth about £30) does it take to screiv in a hghtbulb.. ?” You don't know how hard it is to get Tamagotchis for competitions.
We managed to prise three out of Bandai to give to you for Christmas, so if you'd like one send a postcard to: AF Tamagotchi draw. The Wright Partnership, 58a Waldeck Road, London W4 3NP PREVIEWS *•
r. cr.nni’ Uulcan continue apace with their Mega CD range (and
after such games as Uropa 2, we say thank goodness! Rush to
the review once you've finished here...) and so have a couple
of new games to add to it.
The first is this platform game featuring puzzles, shoot-em-up action and a little bit of adventuring too. Just what else is involved is a bit hazy at the moment, but rest assured we'll be doing a full preview just as soon as more information becomes available. Meanwhile, we just had to show you the pics so you could see how well it's all progressing. Oh, and if you're wondering why Quite what’s going on here is beyond us. Fibre us a chance to play the game and everything will be much clearer - mark my words.
Vulcan have produced the game and Weird Science are selling it, then you're going to have to read the Uropa 2 review. So there. *£ One thing’s tor sure though, we haven’t had a platf ormer that looks this good tor a while. Here’s hoping the gameplay lives up to expectations.
I reckon you’d be that bloke In the middle of the screen lust about to shoot that But it’s not all shooting, there are puzzles to be big brown nasty monster-type thing on the right. Makes sense ready. Solved and traps to be avoided. So Vulcan say.
Haril Tnnjci i* • Release 0;iie .... -.....TiLL Weiril Science . . , . Q j J _• j fax .. jy+:J .
Email: ......
- rV L+h Another game that Vulcan are producing is this Virtua
Cop (but on the Amiga) clone.
Again, details are very scant at the moment but as you can see, it certainly looks like a Virtua Cop game. More news on this when we get They may be PoHzei, but if anyone points a gun at me and I’m armed, I’m gonna fire back... it, and that's sure to be followed by the definitive review. One thing we do know is that Vulcan are working on their own lightgun specifically for the game. We'll give you the details as they become available and so again, enjoy... Quick! Shoot the bloke with the circle round him!
Do, the other bloke with the circle round him! Just imagine playing this with a Hgbtgun - cool eh?
Even though this running bloke doesn’t have a circle round blm I’d blast him tor looking at me In a tunny way and running like a girl.
Www.vulcan.co.uk GENcTIC SPECIES ¦- ' A r % f * * +i. V, J WHAT TH€ AMIGA WAS MAD6 FOR WEIRD SCIENCE ORDER HOTLINE 0116 246 3800 S I rulu'ivr Kciji! Ir.uU- Di«inhulw Inr Vulcan Soli wan- I igMnl Vvcird Vicmc. VIUtW W* lluviiirci | iA, tltimhmUHW Lai*. Lrue«irt LL4 VHA Irl |lll|h»N6'XUJ f at (0) K &16 AMH t*uu! Salot' *«nnlv.icncc co uk 7'«v • w»wwfW«lmi-ccijuk Space craft collecting balls of magic energy? IMS? SauO nods sagely and picks up his trusty Speedking... Level one in the Arctic and both spaceships whizz around looking for magic phis.
Level four castles on a volcanic landscape. Sporadic eruptions and enemy acPon are detrimental to the castle’s defences.
Users (imaginatively called Red and Blue) battling to destroy each other. There you go, a nice and simple storyline for a change.
It’s a one or two player game in which both players attempt to destroy their opponent’s castle, which are placed on the screen Save up enough magic nils and you can put a shield right around your castle. Unfortunately.
It doesn't last very long.
.. .quite simply, the more balls you collect, the porkier the weapoo you’re goiog to be able to use.
Nothing surprises me when it come to games these days, especially the wacky storylines that the developers come up with.
Here you've got a couple of magic diagonally opposite each other. No surprise there then. The game is played by flying a small space craft around the screen in an attempt to collect little balls o’ magic. When a ball is collected, it disappears and is added to the player’s reservoir which is displayed at the bottom of the screen and is colour coded so each player knows how many balls he has saved up. When enough balls have been collected the player can fire at the enemy’s castle.
But just what sort of weapon do you want to use?
Well, quite simply, the more balls you collect, the porkier the weapon you’re going to be able to use. A modest 10 balls collected allows a cannon to loose off a salvo while a hefty 30 collected before opening fire enables the player to let rip with a rather tasty laser cannon.
Obviously, the more powerful How many years did I get, said the prisoner holding his sub to A minet (worth £120),..” We've got two subscriptions to give away for the Format Gold- winning Aminet Cds, each worth £60. If you fancy getting something shiny in the post every other month, send a card to: AF Aminet Draw, Weird Science, Q House, Troon Way Business Park, Humberstone Lane, Leicester LE 14 9HA Earthquakes occur in the desert that can damage your castle - much like the eruptions that happen on the volcanic levels. The only ‘safe’ landscape is the arctic one.
A level two spaceship collides with a level one spaceship and obliterates it. If both ships were level two craft, they'd merely bounce oft each other.
The weapon, the more damage you're going to inflict on the other player's castle.
Knowing when to open fire and when to continue collecting balls o’ magic is crucial, as is knowing when to switch from the offense to defence. Hit a key during play and instead of your magic filling the attack reservoir, they fill the defence reservoir. Now when you hit the fire button your castle is repaired a little.
Again, if you collect loads of magic before hitting the fire button you can repair your castle a lot more than if you go for it as soon as you can.
And what happens when all the magic balls have been collected? As soon as someone gobbles the last one, the screen is immediately filled up with them again and this just keeps happening until one of the castles is destroyed.
And it takes a while to destroy a castle, especially on a higher level (there are up to five of them) because the higher the level, the more protection - in the form of walls - the castles have and the more damage they can sustain.
Fortunately, as you step up through the levels it becomes much Once you’re beyond level one you'd see specially coloured magic pills.
Go lor these straight away because they're worth five times an ordinary pill. Then go and blast the other guy.
PUBUSflEft Ft Software (Of709 888127} PRICE: £9.99 VERSIONS: A120Q REQUIREMENTS. A1200 RELEASE DATE: Out now graphics mmooo Smooth and fast space craft but rather dull backgrounds and hard to soot magic balls.
SOUND QOOO Load up the ReartMe rile and the music on that's the best you II get nut at mis game.
ADOHmON: a1000 A couple of boms, or maybe Inst me one tournament should be enough to put you oft.
PLAYAEHJTY • 0 O 0 fly atonrnl a hit (with Lao much manta), hit the other cralt and fire the odd shot. Yawn.
OVERALL VERDICT: Utile room lor tactics aim Hie action s very shallow Nothing to get worked up about.
35a o The blue player's in (rouble. Now would be a pood time fo switch from offense to defence and build the castle back up again.
Easier to collect magic because special balls appear that are worth five times as much as ordinary ones. Even in a level five battle the bout can be over in a couple of minutes if you manage to collect enough of these.
Your space craft also come in different varieties. There are only three kinds, but the second and third class of craft have the ability to fire at the other player's collecting craft (you can opt to fire at the other player's craft by saving up loads of magic and waiting for the correct icon to come up before pressing fire).
It's also handy to upgrade your craft because if two craft of the same class collide on screen then they simply bounce off each other. If you've got a higher class craft than your opponent then you can ram into it and destroy it. It is then placed back on the screen at a random place and downgraded, unless it's already down to a class one.
There are two playing modes too: tournament and erm, not tournament. A tournament is a best out of nine fight over randomly picked landscapes whereas, well, a non-tournament starts on level one on some landscape or other and you attempt to work your way up to level five for that landscape (and subsequent ones should you manage to win) by consistently defeating the computer.
There's just the final bit about the landscapes to tell you.
On the desert and volcanic battlegrounds your castle can become all the damage.
And that's about all there is to Nemeses. Not a lot really.
This isn't quality software (which is also being sold by Epic as part of a compilation, although F1 have the exclusive rights to sell the game as a stand-alone product).
Sure it’s a ten-minute giggle with a mate, but there's just so little to the game you’ll find it wears thin very quickly indeed. Don't get me wrong, the programming's fine - everything works as it should and there are no glaring glitches but it's just so shallow. Even for a measly £10.74 (the game's £9.99 + 75p P+P) it’s not worth buying.
I've played some Reader Games that have kept my interest longer than this. Most of them may not look superior but lots of them certainly have better sound effects and music and much better gameplay. Quickly turn the page.
This isn’t quality software... there’s just so little to the game you’ll find it wears thin very quickly indeed.
Damaged by the landscape itself.
In the desert, random earthquakes occur which can knock your castle about a bit if they manage to hit. The same thing happens on volcanic landscapes except this time it's eruptions that do Now then, this was not a room to pick a right with an alien droid in. As soon as the sparks fly those little green things start chucking out bombs. You'll inevitably die.
Uropa2 is the name of a moon so don't go thinking this is a sequel because there never was a Uropa 1. Anyway, this moon has been invaded by a bunch of evil Kapone droids and they're holding the moon's colonists hostage. Your job (and I bet you can't guess this) is to go to the moon and rescue them. Simple.
Uropa 2 is a mission-based action game involving combat and puzzles.
Its 10 missions are split between charging around various bases on the moon and driving a hover vehicle across the surface. For the moment we'll stay indoors because this is the best part of the game.
At the start of each mission you are given a brief rundown on what's expected of you and basically left to get on with it. You control a droid in an isometric 3D world of rooms and corridors. Objects can be found and used and enemy droids fought.
Your instructions are vague so it's down to you to figure out what you're supposed to be doing and although the puzzles are fairly straightforward, you've got to think a little laterally to solve them. For example, on the very first mission you'll find that once you've explored the base you start in and picked up everything that's about (walk up to objects like tables and such like to Kabonm! Scratch one enemy hover vehicle!
...the puzzles may be complex, but never too bizarre or difficult. This makes playing the game tremendous fun.
Getting things done often Involves using the base’s computer network.
The speech is great but you will get bored of hearing 'intercom" all the time though... Your Surface Hovar (hover, surely? Ed) Vehicle in all its shiny glory. Lust where you actually sit is not divulged. And where you put your luggage is anyone’s guess.
I come from the Fooo'tcha!’, said the little green man holding T3 (worth at least £90)... ” You could see into his strange world with one of three subscriptions to Future Publishing's foremost gizmo magazine 73. To win one of these technodweebelicious subs, simply send us a postcard: AF T3 Draw, Amiga Format, 29 Monmouth St., Bath BA1 2BW really well. And the time limits are a lot more subtle and sophisticated than you might expect. For example, on the first mission you'll discover that you can morph into an enemy droid - handy for sneaking around the base without being attacked - but you're
limited to how long you can get away with the disguise, so you've got to finish a couple of crucial tasks before you change back into your original form. You obviously don't want this to be happening when you're in a room full of enemy droids.
Vulcan's first CD game was a bit crap (The Strangers, AF102 55%) but this one's most excellent. The best thing you can do to reward them, and to give yourself a serious slice of fun, is to get hold of it. And if you're wondering why you need to contact Weird Science (if you can't find Uropa2 in your local shop) that's because Vulcan have handed over the selling side of their business to them. Go and get this game now because it's great. C! These chaps are a laugh - they’re all (unguys!
Look, sorry, it’s Monday morning and all... Your droid in mid-teleport. This is how you get to remote pans of the base or out to the surface in your hover vehicle. Maybe he should have taken those pizzas with him.
A very satisfying sight. Another enemy dead.
Search them) you'll get stuck. Your only option is to teleport to another part of the base where the only door out of the room you've arrived in is locked. Smart ones will figure out that if you drop the explosive with a time fuse, which you found earlier, then teleport back to the main base before teleporting back again, the door will be blown open.
Like everything else, it takes a little while to get used to the game environment. Once you have, you realise that the puzzles may be complex but never too bizarre or difficult. This makes playing the game tremendous fun.
The combat is extremely enjoyable too. Weapons are collected during the game that you can use on the enemy droids that will inevitably be encountered on your missions.
Even though the combat isn't exactly action packed - you simply stand in front of enemy droids and shoot away at them until they conk out - it's actually very satisfying.
But it's not a case of just blasting everything you come across.
Knowing when, where and how to attack the enemy is crucial to success.
And so to the surface missions.
When you are 'up top' you control a hover vehicle. Controls are simple enough: forward, back, left, right and fire. Usually you're told to go to some place or other and either find or destroy something. Everything is in solid 3D and it all moves very quickly and smoothly, but it's out on the surface that you'll come across the game's most annoying feature.
After just a couple of minutes of driving around you'll be informed that some enemy craft are in range.
Fine, time for a bit of full-on combat.
And it is full-on and fun, the explosions are great, there's some baiting from the enemy and normally you'd think this was fine.
But then when you've killed off the last of the enemy, there's about a 30 second delay before you're told there are a whole load more of them coming at you. This would be alright if it only happened two or three times but it doesn't. They just keep coming. No matter how many of them you destroy you know there'll be another wave along in a minute.
It's not disastrous but it becomes boring sooner rather than later.
Don't let me put you off though.
Uropa2 has enough going for it that you don't mind the odd niggle. I haven't played a game that's as much fun as this for a long time. The missions are large and though there are only 10 of them you'll find they will take some time to finish. The clever combination of puzzles, tight- ish time limits and combat works Disable an enemy droid, plug into him and download his data and then flog it for some (much needed) credits.
GRAPHICS: • • ? • O Highly detailed underground and fast and sinooid on me surface.
SOUND • • • • Q Excellent speech anil sound effects. Except your droid s basic mm wliicti sounds terrible AODICTKMti • • • • O Having to dunk your wav round problems makes if bard (o know wtien fo stop playing PLAYABILITY •••OO Awkward and contusing ai lir&t bul alter halt an boor you should be up soil running PU0USHE& Weird Science (0116 2463800) PfUCfc £29.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: CO ROM. 2Mb RELEASE DATE: Out now The auto-map Is an essential feature. You’ll find yourself referring to this a lot because the bases are big and complex.
You don’t just meet the enemy in rooms as they’re wandering all over the b8se, so beware of rushing through corridors.
UVERAU VERDICT Varied missions, some manic, some stealthy I game to make us al betieve again. Great.
REVIEW Seventh. Oh well, it is the start of the race and there are many laps to be done yet. At least It’s not eighth place. Foot to the floor fime... A new racing game with a couple of tongue-in-cheek twists has iust been released.: : : just the kind of clown to check it out... Let's deal with the quirky bits of the game first, starting with the soccer mode.
This is just plain bizarre. You play on half a footy pitch (which can be indoor, outdoor or outdoor PuH alongside the chap with the spears and give him a well-aimed smack in the mush.
The very bizarre soccer mode.
Play indoor, outdoor or outdoor on ice. It might look fun. But it’s not.
IWo-player split-screen action. The chap at the bottom has iust invoked a special move, cheeky blighter.
The idea is simple enough - drive around smacking the other players into the walls... r r It’s not hugely entertaining )?)
Blimey. I thought with Andrea gone I wouldn't have to put up with such character assassinations in straplines. Some things never change it seems, especially Amiga racing games.
Covered in ice) and the simple idea is to charge around in your car trying to get possession of the ball from the other drivers (by crashing into them) before racing towards the goal and sticking it in the onion bag. It's bizarre and, frankly, not much fun.
Your car moves as if it's in treacle while everyone else seems to be on greased rails. Still, it's something to play when you've exhausted the even less exciting Rumble Mode.
And it shouldn't take very long to exhaust Rumble Mode, even when there are up to four of you playing (with an adaptor). You drive around a small circular course in which you go faster at the outside edge than you do at the centre. The idea is simple enough - drive around smacking the other players into the walls on the outside of the course. After a couple of hits, the walls disappear.
Should anyone then get smacked into the gaps they've been Rumbled and are out of the game. It's not hugely engaging.
Hitting the other drivers is quite fun though, and is about the only thing that livens up the main part of If you're an Amiga gamer with a console too, why not send us a postcard to win one of three subscriptions to GamesMaster and a bag full of console gaming goodies? Make sure you put what console you have when you send your postcard to: AF GamesMaster Draw, Amiga Format 29 Monmouth Street Bath BAT 2BW REVIEW fT- While driver one is mixing it with the others, the bottom player is about to drive over a turbo arrow.
If they manage to get the first slap in). You've also got a couple of special moves that can be invoked and these range from turning your car into a magic carpet or WW1 tri- plane. Nice, but remember that these effects aren't going to last forever.
Nor does the enjoyment with Street Racer. It's not that it's a complete pig or anything, it's just that it promises so much and manages to deliver so little.
This may have been a top SNES game but It seems like they've sacrificed good tracks for some decent speed. You zip around the place ail right but you just don't really get the chance to drive the courses. A lot, and I mean A LOT, of the time you'll be stuck at the roadside as you lurch from one side of the track to the other trying to get through a tricky set of corners.
Taking your finger off the accelerate button and trying to be sensible about things isn't on because you grind to a halt in under two seconds.
To be fair you do get used to where you should be looking on the road ahead in order to anticipate the turns and after a bit of practice you do get better. But not by a significant amount. You still end up on the roadside too often for the excitement to remain.
It all looks very nice in the screenshots but the animation is on the jerky side in the actual game and it's curious to see your car going sideways round a relatively gentle corner.
The backgrounds are very good though.
Nice lightning effects on the Frankenstein level. They don’t improve the gameplay, however.
Rumble Mode. Drive round and round and deliver the odd smack. Then drive round some more.
No, you haven't exploded, this a special move in full effect.
Choosing your character in four-player mode. And a fine group of individuals they are too. Bagsy being the tally-ho chaps’ bloke in the bottom left.
The game, which involves racing over several courses in three different difficulty modes.
The racing then. At the lights, press accelerate and go for it. Drive around and try to come in the top four to qualify for the next track.
This is Championship mode, by the way. There's also a Head to Head mode in which just you and another driver are racing each other, er, head to head. Whichever you choose, you're going to have to avoid the roadside obstacles (more on them later) and try to collect the power- ups and avoid the powerdowns as you whizz round the tracks.
Power-ups include turbo boosts and power-downs include sticks of dynamite that, if you don't manage to give to another player by crashing into them, explode and send you into a spin.
When you are mixing it up with the other players a small tap on the joystick forces your character to 'have a pop' at the other drivers.
Obviously this does their concentration no good and causes you to go past 'em (or them past you Well done chaps, you've made a crap racing game with some nice backgrounds. Money well spent on the development then. If this is sounding particularly venomous then I do apologise. It's a big game and it could have done a lot to boost people's confidence in the Amiga games scene. I could not recommend anyone shelling out the £15 quid or so they're asking for this.
Did I get to mention the dreadful music and crap sound effects yet? Oh good, that's worked out nicely because they're a fine sour note to end the review on. £ PUBUSFKB: EPIC Marketing (01793 514188) PRICE; £14.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS A1200 or above RELEASE DATE: Out now ORAPtffCS: •••00 lovely backgrounds and at least the ttflemn!
Tracks break up Dm monotony.
SOUND ••000 And Dial’s bemg generous, Tho music is unpleasant and the effects are cringe wormy ADDICTION; •••00 fiet a couple of races under your bail and you It want to finish the Championship mode.
PLAYABILITY •••00 Over to me leu. Ever io the right. Ever to me.
Oh sod il. Fusi go around on the outside OVERALL VERDICT impressive graphics, no gameplay. Its not entertaining, gnu rung or worth (he money.
45% This month I'll take you through some of the methods I've been working on to let the computer players put up a good fight. This is what most people refer to as Artificial Intelligence or Al. The methods I'll use are very simple compared to what is traditionally known as Al, as we just want something that can piay a good strategy game.
When I first started planning out ideas for Foundation I aimed to give the player plenty of control over the flow of the game. The chance to select units and give them commands like torch building, start mining, attack and retreat, and giving full control over the number of workers in each building, the amount of resources to make, and the training Defending your property becomes much harder when your enemy is intelligent.
It sounded like a great way to control the strategy, instead of just creating buildings and attacking enemy buildings.
More details Foundation is due tor release In November of this year. SadBKSS Software are takkig advance orders now so If you're Interested, contact them at 13 RusseB Terrace, Mwutestey.
Norfolk NR118U or eaU 01263 722169. More iirfoimation can also be obtained from the Sadeness web site so pobtt your browser at or emal If there’s onty one of you and three of them, stay as (ar away as possible!
The new hires graphics mean that Foundation will look stunning as well as playing well.
Gorgeous scenery like this can be found between every level of foundation.
Of peasants. It sounded like a great way to control the strategy, instead of just creating buildings and attacking enemy buildings.
Then I realised that the computer Al would have to do all this too! I suddenly saw how much work I had ahead of me. I added some interesting statistic panels that give information about resources, population, buildings and also some interesting charts like the Top 5 causes of death! They provide useful information to the games player but they also allow the computer players to access simple data to enable them to make intelligent decisions.
To make things simple I split the job of playing the game into three areas - offensive, defensive and progressive. The progressive side of the gameplay is quite simple. You just need to know which buildings and resources you need and where you would like them created. You must also keep track of current buildings and adjust the output levels and workers as needed.
The computer is good at this side of the game because it can monitor and adjust the levels very quickly.
The defensive and offensive areas are based on the same information.
This area of game playing needs access to the kind of information that is taken for granted by mere humans. Imagine I’m playing a game and I can see an enemy farmhouse with no real defence. !t looks like an easy target, but I would check for nearby forts or guards. Maybe some defensive buildings such as a gun tower or an archer's fort are surrounding it. This would help me to decide which actions to take, but Move beautiful Foundation scenery.
It's not easily available to the computer players. I can’t let the computer team spend a few seconds thinking over complex situations like this, so a way of simplifying the information is needed.
VH I split the game map into sections, each big enough to fit in four or five buildings. They will be filled with information about who controls that area of land and what type of buildings are there. If a section contains a player's HQ or one of the important defensive buildings then it will be given a rather high control figure for that team. If the section is empty of inhabitants then it will be given a zero control figure.
Each time a building is created the section will have it’s control value updated. Now the computer players can analyse these sections to see which have high protection and which have little or no protection.
If we go back to the farmhouse example and see that it’s control section has little or no defence, and the surrounding areas are also showing little or no protection, then we can be sure the computer player will attack. It's also likely to build some defensive structures nearby to avoid any future retaliation.
Official Government C Educational orders welcome Tel: 01543 250377 or send cheques to: m, istj FIXED PRICE ONLY £38.99 Ind.
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR & VAT
* 90 Day Parts and Labour Warranty
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Near Windsor and Staines Grand Opening Nov 15th Tel: 01784 473444 OVER TO YOU!
Enthusiasm isn't something that can be taught and it's to be applauded every time it shows itself. Amiga Format's readers are especially enthusiastic about games so here's where we give them the opportunity to show everyone what they can do.
Some people are mad for it. Some are double mad for it and some people are iust mad. Hsu M® checks out the mad, double mad and plain mad games created by you, Amiga Format readers. They are, of course, the... The idea is not to ridicule or deride your efforts, though Lord knows, it's impossible not to sometimes, but to offer encouragement and advice so you can produce the best games you can. And what's in it for you, apart from showing the world your programming talents? Well, there's £50 up for grabs for the author of the month's best game. A word of warning though - don't bother sending in
games that have been created using the Reality package as they're far too similar to each other to feature here. We're looking for original and clever ideas- they don't have to be works of art, just good playable games. Keep that enthusiasm pouring through your fingers and keep the games coming.
Sorry we've had too many commercial releases to review this month to warrant the usual four pages of Reader Games, but normal service will hopefully be resumed next month.
Meanwhile, enjoy... Amlgotchi Samuel Brookes Thank goodness someone's finally come up with a Tamagotchi clone! Hurrah for Samuel Brookes everyone! Erf I take that back actually. It's some three hours since I wrote that first sentence and my AMIGAtchi has done absolutely, erm, nothing.
* .
It's just sat in the middle of the screen, looking at me. I've fed it a couple of meals, given it a couple of drinks (all with key presses) and that's it. It hasn't been to the loo so there's nothing to clean up. It hasn't fallen ill so I don't need to give it a jab and there's no facility to either play with him or discipline him. Oh, it's a him because it's called Tandy - ex art girlie Cathy came up with that. And a very curious thing has just happened -1 lifted up the info box normally at the bottom of the screen and put it on top of Tandy - who has now disappeared. After lunch, Tandy is
still absent. He weighs 1, he has had 4 meals, 3 drinks and has been to the toilet 0 times. He's perfectly healthy, which is just as well because he's going to have to cope in the world on his own from now on as I can't be bothered to invest any more time in him.
AMIGAtchi would have been brilliant if it did anything. As it is, Samuel's got a few improvements to add. Like making the thing move occasionally. I could see myself booting this up and spending the whole day playing with it. Hey, it beats working for a living!
C'mon Samuel, let's have version 2 soon because someone else is bound to be working on similar lines.
Well, it’s a Tamagotchi on your Auriga. Except It falls to do anything at an. And as I can’t afford to dedicate my Amiga to K for fltree weeks to see If I’ve missed something, i’ll have to apologise to Samuol now if I have.
Army Men Paul Hopkins Amos Pro around a maze, shooting at the other players type affair. It doesn't look like much but it's got the bare gameplay bones to hang some flesh on. Paul admits that the game's a bit sparse and is waiting for some feedback from me before deciding whether to develop it or not. Go ahead Paul because, although the action is frantic, there's far too little room for any tactics.
Paul is no newcomer to this part of the mag, and his new game continues the feel of his earlier effort, Clunk Click AF98), a decent but dull Destruction Derby (but on the Amiga) clone.
Army Men is a four-player run row on mail la as nna umy Dan H bill -bated bid bn tbt notnnriial to be b fun name, Paul but needs id mriib it on sow There are several levels to run around but they need more action to be fun for longer than a couple of minutes. How about some power-ups? Maybe some vehicles to drive around in? What about hard - but not impossible - to spot booby traps? Things like that should beef up the fun.
A bit more work on the graphics wouldn't go amiss either. The men move very quickly so a few more frames of animation would make them look more convincing, and the explosions could be improved too.
Army Men is OK but it's obviously nowhere near complete. [222 IG1 ¦ it'
- ft Hris has die makings of a fine game but needs lots ol
additions to turn it into one mat wtlf be fun to play.
Another game from a chap who featured in these very pages a couple of months ago (with Gfobs in AF103), Squares is a simple, Connect Four-style puzzle game.
You probably played a simpler version of this when you were a kid and called it 'boxes'.
The screen shows an eight by eight grid of dots. Two players take it in turns to change the dots to their colour, the idea being to make squares by managing to colour all the corners.
The bigger the square you manage to create, the more points you manage to score. Once all the dots are coloured, the winner is whoever has the most points. Nice 'n' easy eh? But there are twists.
Obviously the first thing to bear in mind is that you want to win and you want the other guy to lose. Hence you're also going to be concentrating on blocking his obvious, un- subtle attempts to gain points by grabbing one of the corner dots of the square he's trying to win. The other thing is that multiple squares count. Pick the right dot and you could end up with loads of squares being completed for a whacking great score - especially when you remember that the diamond shaped squares also count.
This is great fun. It's only a shame that (as la Eta ndddte nil on On right Here the Mas ptmsrt imto i Rae more I gsmo dill's wen worth lids month s prtta.
Lan admits himself) there is no decent one- player option. You can hit the Space Bar and force the computer to colour a dot at random and towards the end of the game it will win quite a few squares. This is no substitute for a computer that is more aware of which dots it should colour, and is nowhere near as good as the two player version of the game. © A simple but very playable and (in two player mode anyway) cbattengfng game. It’s not original but It’s fast and at least you don’t Have to work out which squares are completed because me computer does It for you.
Nice 'n’ tidy and deserving of Oils month’s £50 prize.
Antti Siirtola Wreaction Unknown And in keeping with what has turned out to be a theme running through this month's Reader Games is another author who has featured on U»i»Uon vl.i I? Hlli tiirtpli 1M5 (F twurt) set« prettv good scare actuoty Iwoqi ctm lo gal I nil one* m iff lire tiu-oatt mart No-one in the ofllra his minis »o too ns... these pages before. Finnish chap Antti wrote the fine card game Deep Red Hearts (AF102) which only suffered from being a little difficult on the eye.
Wreaction is something completely different. It's terribly simple and merely involves the player looking at four buttons in a row on the screen. The buttons randomly light up, one at a time, and you must click on the lit button to score a point. After a while the game speeds up and you have to dick faster. Get it wrong twice and it's game over. Note your score and try again. It's an interesting little device that will occupy you for ooh, three or four minutes tops (unless you're really, really bored and don't have any patience games tucked away - something like Deep Red Hearts for example).
You can even recreate it with a mate if you don't want to wait for it to load.
Lay out four twopences and get a mate to point at them at random. Simple. © Not much of a game at aS ready. At least It works (when you figure It out which may take you longer than you actually spend playing It).
Vf.t W Mil Siirtula 1995 (fr «nrt) .m ¦; M Sliiviv press ito tattoo ours tatu ta tor Mi to ms cats. Ttasy dni cores When you're sending in your submissions make sure you also give us:
1. An address where you can be contacted
2. Details of the language used to create the game
3. A recent photo of yourself.
R i The address to send your stuff into is: Reader Games • Amiga Format 30 Monmouth St. ¦ Bath • BA1 2BW i j VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE READER GAME Every month we re asking yon lo choose your favourite game, tost have a play on the CO and Own mi out this coupon toctodog the name of the game and the name of the author. After Christmas we'll count all toe votes and announce tba winner!
Choice 1: Choice 2: Choice 3= Name.
Address: Tel Number: READER WARRANT Everything included on the AFCD must have a reader warrant with it. Just cut it out off this page, sign it and send it in to us with your game and a recent photograph of yourself. A last reminder: if you don't include this warrant we simply won't be able to put your game on the CD - and that means you won't be able to have it judged by other readers.
In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format, I hereby warrant that:-
1. The material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
2. The material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
3. That there are no legal claims against the material provided;
4. Ttiat I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
Signature; ¦ ¦ a rttfi ¦ ¦ ¦¦ ¦ ¦¦¦ a r,* So remember, when you hear the beep, think of the fun you could be having with all those hints and cheats! Yes folks, this is the place where games are destroyed, tricked and tipped so you can get more out of ‘em. Sweet.
So you want to finish the game - including the hidden level?
Read on, dear reader, read on... Demona has a hit of a weep after the nasty alien tells her that her puppy has died. Of course. It hasn’t really, it’s just a ruse.
To start with, you'll find playing Capital Punishment much easier if you're using a CD32 joypad or something similar because you can use the whip with a simple button As Wakantanka gets up, whip him. As he attempts to high kick you, whip him. Now step back and whip him... press (the blue one on the CD32).
When using the whip, try to avoid the move that grabs opponents and drags them towards you because this can cause you all sorts of problems.
Just keep that whip going, Demona, but don’t try the move that causes the whip to wrap around your opponent's neck... Next choose Demona as your warrior as she's the easiest person to finish the game with. When the first match starts make sure that you step back to avoid the alien's flying kick and then, before he lands, use your whip on him. This should knock him back into the corner. Now just keep whipping him and if he falls over before running out of energy, step back slightly to avoid getting hit as he gets up. That should get you out of the sewers.
Fred was in danger of losing the bout until he remembered his secret weapon - his new and expensive Timex watch.
Should copy you. Do this as quickly as you can and wait until you are leaving the ground just before him and then flying kick him (this should be two jumps after your feet are Now you're onto Wakantanka - remember to take a few steps back, then whip him as he jumps towards you. Before he gets up, position yourself just out of reach of his fists and whip him as he stands up, then quickly step back again and whip him as he jumps towards you. Now he'll go back to his punch again so simply repeat the process until he dies. Beware though, if you stand too close he may charge at you instead of
punching. If he does, step back and whip him quickly as he will flying kick you straight after.
Working out with an invisible Bullworker. Fred's mate takes the chance to have a post-bout kip.
Now we're onto the Head to Head where you have to be Wakantanka fighting against, wait for it, Wakantanka. As soon as the match starts, jump back and then as long as you are out of reach (but not offscreen) start to jump up and down on the spot while doing flying kicks.
The other Wakantanka What have you got if you’ve got 10 copies oj'Umpa2 and 10 copies of Final Odyssey f worth £600)...” r To win one of ten copies of both these excellent new gaming titles » from those gorgeous Vulcan bods, simply send your postcard to:
• AF Christmas Draw, Vulcan Software, Vulcan House, 72 Queens
Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants. P02 7NA HH H HINTS & TIPS
Before you start the game, go to the options screen and turn
off the traps. You don’t want things like this to be
happening... level if you are jumping as fast as you can). If
you're a reasonable distance apart and time it right you should
hit him every time.
Another method is to stand so both of you are near to the edge of the screen. Keep jumping and kicking as before but leave a very short delay between each jump and he should eventually jump towards you and land a short distance in front of you.
As he lands, flying kick him and he should fall over. If he doesn't, this could be even better as you can keep flying kicking him until he does - if you're fast enough. Once you have managed to get him flattened, back off and start the whole process again.
Now you're back to being Demona and it's onto the Nest and the nastiest of the two aliens. As long as you can use your whip properly and quickly you shouldn't find this chap too much of a problem. At the start of the match use your whip to knock him back towards his side of the screen.
Unconscious so he won't fall over. If he does, take a step or two back so that he can't hit you as he gets up.
Slowly move forward again with your whip cracking all the while. Note: defeating this alien with anyone but Demona is terribly difficult.
Sarmon celebrates. This is not a screen you want to see so follow the tips here and avoid it. Simple.
Now we're facing Wakantanka again. As soon as the match starts, ) [J) Now you have another chance to gain a good warrior, but this one’s not going to be easy. QC away and start jumping and kicking.
With the small delays in between when he jumps towards you, flying kick him. Just keep doing this until you've polished him off.
Now you're going to be facing Corben Wedge, so make sure you're Demona again. As soon as the match starts, flying kick him because As he jumps at you, follow him and position yourself so your head is level with the outer edge of the cave wall in the background and whip the alien quickly. If you have positioned yourself correctly you shouldn't be able to hit him when he's Demona on Demona. Lust why she has to tight in this attire is completely beyond us here at AF step back and get that whip going.
As Wakantanka gets up, whip him. As he attempts to high kick you, whip him. Now step back and whip him while he attempts to flying kick you.
Repeat this process until you've killed him. Be aware that he may occasionally try to sliding kick you, so be ready with the whip. He's also going to try and flying kick you the whole time if you're standing too close, so make sure that you're backed off sufficiently.
Continued overleaf -» Now you have another chance to gain a good warrior, but this one's not going to be easy. At the start of the match, back flip away and press fire and away to slide and kick at him. Slide in again quickly and then back off just over a jump's distance quite often he'll start the bout with a forward roll. Stand about a jump's distance apart and start to jump vertically while kicking as in the last match and just keep doing this until he's dead. If he starts getting too (tear Helping Hands, I think I’ve nearly canmeied level one of faWaiia I but I am hi An need el assistance.
How do l open the first door os the ten which is down the electrified passage? Also, what is the password lor the skull in the room where the Ffre Alter is located?
Steve Bromfield, Evesham.
«¦ close, remember that whip!
Now it’s time to face the Ninja and this is probably the hardest character to beat. Sticking with Demona, back flip at the start of the match and the Ninja will back off too. Now start doing the vertical jump kick business again with a slight delay between each jump.
Eventually the Ninja will jump towards you twice and will land close enough for you to keep flying kicking him until he falls over. When he does fall over, back off and position yourself in line with the pillar by the left edge of the windows and start the kicks as before. When he jumps towards you, flying kick him if he lands too close.
You should be able to get a couple of kicks in before he falls over and when he does return to the pillar and start all over again. It sounds straightforward enough but you've got to be accurate with this one. If you do fail, try using the same method with Sarmon instead.
If you've survived this far it's time to fight the final character in the mist. Be very careful here because this character can morph into all sorts of different creatures. Stay close and leave as little a gap between each move as possible because every gap you leave will be exploited by the other character. Flying kicks, high kicks and constant whipping works best here. Complete this and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.
If you find that was a bit too easy, up the difficulty level by choosing to start with Sarmon. With him you will not only need skill but an element of luck too. To start with you're going to have to back off from the first alien and wait for him to land before flying kicking him into the corner. When you manage this, high kick him instead and repeat the process. The hardest part of this bout is getting the routine started, so don't give up if it's not working at first - it will.
Now it's time to face Demona again, so back off and use the vertical kicks with a slight delay until she jumps towards you. When she does, flying kick her until she falls down. You might find that sliding kicks are useful here.
It is very important that you capture Demona here so you can use her to fight the next alien. It's actually a good idea to carry on fighting with Demona from here on in, but you should remember that the characters will now appear in a different order. O Qwesul’s castle. Here’s where you’re going to be fighting your final baffle. It won’i be easy either.
The ever-popiriar series of games are tricky, but Im! We re here to help folks, so don’f be shy; drop us a line.
Loads of people have been asking for tips on this game, so here's a little cheat to help you all out: Bbmev, you non’! Wwdwwci to von Sim?
Deep bream, here we go omtl the rubber soles diMaa mi (wad down the elecrnhed cormfw When yon roach the end, insert We nice in tie hate to i lie wall to make a lever mi you tow lo pud to open (he door botew, The skull password ft, m takes a Httte longer: Tick up the n candle and return lo We chasm roam hri the IH candle ooaotti mo other caudte and (tie chest opens. Take the rad trywai Wscrtthte m the relevant guardian to m the second art. Cross the cheat Ml don’t forget to pick up the plonk at tested the nan room another chasm opens op hahWd you. Take the second gold syndMri and a gm. Put the
symbol on the aac«d aogramd tear m We room where the tit mm and a doer opens Into a room when? Me hiriiiny Sionc is found, put the Jug al lunjuiy on here and take We Bern ot Mtoiy operate m run* the in me top right naan cantor of the room and tefce the «*•*. To «dtM the skufl mm a*ad ytw for tho password. Tace nun and Wn look at the 6«u e« mwthy. He allows yea to rater a man and, and We rest ts up to vmi When you're in space combat, fire your phasers and torpedoes at the enemy vessel. Then press ‘D’ to get Scotty on the damage control. All the action stops, but your phasers and torpedoes will
still recharge. When the action begins again you will be able to fire at the target straight away. Repeat this process a few times and ZS w ffNNiUERSRRS your enemy will soon be going where loads have gone before them!
Cheers to Ami Cheat's Page for that tipette.
Too late to Mithidr-aM TO EXPLORE STRRNGE NEW WORLDS "...on Eire starboard bow. Starboard bow, starboard bow. Klingans on tbe Starboard bow. Scrape 'em off Am!*' Ob Ihe loy ol novel tv pop songs eh?
“What's gold and round and worth £510?"
Are giving us three gold Cds containing every game they've released so far (including Testament, Kargon, Flying High, Cygnus 8, Gloom 3, World Golf and more), previews of up and coming titles, PLUS copies of Sixth Sense Investigations to give to three lucky winners! Five runners-up will win copies of Sixth Sense Investigations. Just send your postcard to: AF Christmas Draw, Epic Marketing, BSS House, Unit 22, Area 50, Cheney Manor, Swindon, Wilts. SN2 2PJ Remember the Scions Preview 2 demo that we gave away on our CD ages ago? Good, because Craig Thorburn of Georgetown has finished the five
levels we gave away and has kindly sent us the codes: Level 1 No code r_______ .______ Level 2 4252 Level 3 1671 Level 4 6772 Dear M Ranis, can yon imp me wm w*m otease? I'm sad at da dragon.
I don't know Dow id wale Mn and get the money.
Jlft&a«|| i fldfldi • count* of months wo. Mtm LfHrnrd* Is a vrog un, I d go Hinnfh d so mi (tanks to Mil cheat's Go ID IMM opcratftnf lo the dwarf cava fenfe* tnak wkk a rape attached to it kaq}nodit! To the door to the treasm room. Get a. Go la die tom.
Level5 9972 You might also like to know that the Enter key on the | . HE I A1200 keypad zooms the map in and out and the I 8,2,4 and 6 keys on the keypad move the screen upr down, ¦rV r * 1 Ml | ¦ H left and right Don't gel slue* on me demo. Hang in the P * H L respectively. Cheers level codes and see nans ol the game you've WjUI 1 for never seen You want codes to give you access to all weapons? Full health? Full shields and energy for each level? Here they are then: fimtoltftr tsa very radar ¦¦m hart to Helping Hauls. Please atop it. Thanks.
No code World 1-1 World 1-2 World 1-3 World 1-4 World 1-5 181CEICWL13PGOQW 181C8VWGMQ3PGOQV 181 CUB W2NN3PGOQQ 181A59KMOMVPGOQP World 2-1 World 2-2 World 2-3 World 2-4 World 2-5 181A59NMH5RPGOPD 181A59JSIURPGOPG 181A59KCKPNPGOPF 181A59M6TSFPGOPA 181A59M8TSFPGOP9 World 3-1 World 3-2 World 3-3 World 3-4 World 3-5 181A59KMV63PGOPT 181A59KOV63PGOPW 181A59M2W6RPGOPV 181A590WPFBPG0PQ 181A59IW5CBPGOPP Umm Dear Helping Hands, Have you got ami Mitts nr cheats tor the game legends?
Matthew Gabanski, Huddersfield.
World 4-1 World 4-2 World 4-3 World 4-4 World 4-5 181A59I21TDPGOSD 181A59L44U9PG05G 181A59N AF5DPGOSF 181A59NCF5DPGOSA 181A59H6985PGOS9 We can all thank Mike Denman from Poole for that little lot.
Go to whatever world you wort flanks to these level codes. Good old us.
Eefc! Big, scary monster Moke. Shoot film! Run away! Skip to the next level! Do something at least!
How that’s what everyone likes to see, a nice handy medikH Best come back tor it later ; - ' 'i World ol Clipart Plus is 1 BkjSf a double CD-ROM con- ’I taining 40,000 mono
- iand colour clipart ji Jjimages. It includes X JkHgpSover 100
categories I including: animals,
- --- people, vehicles transport, food&drink, zodiac, xmas,
cartoon, music, computers, technology, babies, women, men,
dogs, cats, birds, office equipment, trees and dozens more.
Most clips are IFF.
H VITAL LIGHT 3 200 levels of sheer la unadulterated addictive gameplay. 1 -2 players.
(32-01) 3 LEGENDS I Two alien scientists I have mischievously trav l I elled back in time to ¦tt destroy earth. (32-38} The Latest CD-ROM Titles!
Nov-i C. 19.99 oniosiun* WorkBench Magic WB Order: CD187x UK: £14.99 - AUST: $ 36 The Speccy CD 1997 :.'V. J includes around 3,000 all-time classic original i Spectrum games and vS J emulators to run them l e Am'9a- This l*iTiLnnir '' r:n ,s as'nch t0 use_ faster your Amiga, the better.
Order: CD403 UK:£14.99 - AUST:$ 30 amwajoysi k& tresr jtst £9.99 MOUSEMAT £3.99 in p&p AMIGA XL TSHIRT £10.99 + £tpip new Ami-PC Linkup set is a powerful I new Amiga to PC I Networking package | What allows the Amiga I »B to have access to JbaLL of your PC's dri- v including: ZIP, .3 f Hard disk, Jazz, CD- ROM etc. Win’95 is recommended on your PC, but isn't essential. The package includes everything you need including cables.. This software is supplied tree on an Amiga and PC floppy disks. Call 0 I 793 514188 lor more into.
Order: CD461 UK: £17.99 - AUST: $ 36 SPECIAL!
__. Amiga Desktop Video BlHlI (CD volume 2 contains Bf -JM (hundredsof i W; tJBII , (megabytes of Video 1 (related backdrops, I (fonts, samples, and • _ ___Jclip images. The CD L - also includes a full version of Scala.
Order: CD404x UK:£9.99 ¦ AUST:$ 20 Breakout Defender Asteroids Pacman Galaxians Invaders ARVO • LATE"" Mon - FRI POSTAGE COSTS V! $ 2 per title Australian orders 02 9520 9606 posted orders Epic Marketing 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW.
2233, Australia.
e-mail: epic@swol.de Telephone: +49 0 7071 63525 German office Epic - Paul Lechler Strasse 4, 72076 Tubingen, Germany.
+44 1793 490988 general enquiries 0 1793 514188 fax line 0 1793 514187 email epicmarketing@dialin.net posted orders Epic Marketing Unit 22 - BSS House Area 50, Cheney Manor, Swindon, Wilts, SN2 2PJ, UK £1 per title UK orders 0500 131 486 or 0800 06 888 90 overseas orders JB I 11 ir CDCDIT CARDORDCRI Uj€LCOIT € J An m% WW cui oanrjt '.e?rr s and ccn |WX». Lt.OL A prices Hidude VAT 'SuptWed on 'vppy d sk KSZ3 - Cc-’wlib'e wild A5C':'..At0t,Al?C } use 9:30am ¦ 5:30 Mon - Sat POSTAGE COSTS OPENING HOURS HARD DISK PREP & INSTALLERA - Allows you to partition your hard drive and install
Workbench onto either a 2.5" or 3.5” hard drive. £7 (AHD7-2) for WB3 or (SHS7-2) for WB2 SCANNER DRIVERS* - Supports Epson Gtxxxx, Hewlett Packard, Mirotek, Mustek, Highscreen flatbeds and more. Some drivers require certain spec Amiga's. £5 (SSD5-2) ATAPI IDE SOFTWARE* (ATP3-D Allows you to connect and run any standard PC IDE CD-ROM drive upto your Amiga. £3 ZAPPO I ARCOS CD-ROM DRIVERS* The Latest Version 11.2 of the Zappo Aroos driver software. £7 (AAZ7-2) SOFTMEM SUITE* - Softmem makes your Amiga think it has tons of memory, If increases your memory to the desired amount. £5 (SMS5-1)
AMIGA PRINTER DRIVERS* - Includes around 100 Printer drivers for use with Epson, HP, IBM Star, Canon printers and more. £3 (DRV3-1) |f| III BB Order: CD262x UK: £19.99 ¦ AUST: $ 40 yjOJSUmrS The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia is a completely updated product to the extent that it now includes around 16,000 subjects. This version of the Epic Interactive Encyclopedia is available now, It features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. This version now supports a multitude of new features including: Colour images.
Full-screen filmctips, National anthems and a unique Inter-ACT" feature which allows you to interact with certain subjects like: Draughts, etc. A superb reference and educational title for the whole family.
* 16,000 articles from Aachen to Zurich 'Unique Inter-ACT"
feature ‘Updated interface supporting colour images ‘Hundreds
of film clips small and large ‘Over 4,000 images both b&w and
colour ‘Dozens of new features ‘Music Styles from country music
to rave ‘Updated Explorapedia now eighl sections “Sound clips
animals to famous speeches ‘National Anthems of dozens of
countries ‘EURO-Pedia informalion on Europe ‘Sound montages
styles of music, animals etc ‘Zoom into Animations 4 times as
large and much more.
¦Order: CD76 UK:£14.99 • AUST:$ 30 Arcade Classics Plus includes hundreds of variations of all the classic [arcade games, such as Pacman.
Invaders, Tron, Galaxians , Frogger, Tempest, C64 conversions, Q-Bert, Trail Blazer, Scramble, Ping-Pong, Pengo, Missile command, Breakout, Bezerk, Donkey Kong, Tetris and tons more great games.
The Epic Collection 3 0 ¦ (is a new Amiga CD Z Ik. (containing around 1 L ) COmb of the very 1c best Amiga software, ; m nearly all ol it is to. . Ft usable directly from the CD. No need to decompress it to disk.
Order: CD405x UK:£14.99 ¦ AU$ T:S30 Magic Workbench Ip _ ¦ (Enhancer is a stylish Amiga CD-ROM con- ( taining not only Magic i ( Workbench but also IJP around 10,000 new Workbench Icons, 'tTackdrops and Desktop tools. Enhance Workbench even more with this excellent CD.
Includes: Magic Workbench - 10,000 New Icons - WB Backdrops Desktop tools - WB Sounds WB Games - WB Hacks See our other advert elsewhere in this magazine for more great Amiga games ARCADE CLASSICS Plus AMIGA MOUSE ft MAT £12.95+¦ £1p, &p Amiga Desklop Video 2 KS23 ALSO AVAILABLE.... f - T
02. Babba & Stix lv-
03. Premier
07. Morph OS.Dangerous Streets j*
09. A kira f
14. Guardian mJQmI ,
15. Thomas' Pinball [
19. Chuck Rock i" CteSBteaj
26. Microcosm j u
28. Nick Faldo Goff
30. 5ensibie Soccer 32 Zoo I BtSiS
33. Wfng Commander j
34. 0scar&Diggers |f
35. Fears buhL‘ ’
36. Thomas’ Pinball fct;” :f|
39. RoadKill
40. D-Generation Jj
41. Whizz b Other titles available (Get a Catalogue!)
TOTAL CARNAGE Level alter level ol blasting, explosive fantastic flame throwing funf (32-31) Video Creator AGA Create your own stunning music video fn time to your music Cd 5.
(32-43) MYTH You are taken far back in time to confront the evil God Dameron.
Rated 96% (32-27} GLOBAL EFFECT 32-20) Make the decisions of a world leader, as you control the balance of nature versus civilization.
Now that's what I Call Games!
100 all time classic PD games ready to use on the CD32. (32-29) John Bames Football CD quality oipyi effects, animated crowds, Game runs at arcade speed!!! (32-22) MarWns Marvellous Adventure Ever delivered pizza to the tar side of another dimension? (32-12) Insight Dinosaurs Is an amazing multime dia Dinosaur-pedia, suitable for any Amiga.(32-42) LAST NINJA 3 (32-23) Ninja3 is here and ready to explode onto your screen in this stenking adventure beat'em up.
LIBERATION 32 24) Enter the 29th Century ¦ and enter a dying world, commercially exploited by the corrupt state.
MEAN ARENAS It’s fast, It's furious, It’s slippery, It s Meeeean AreeenastH and H's fun fun. Fun. (32-25) ALFRED CHICKEN This is no yolk. As the worlds only chicken with a bionic beak, you have to save the world.(32-17) CHAOS ENGINE During the last century, an experiment with time and space created a bizarre machine. (32-T 6) STRIP POT (18) Imagine five of Europe’s most beautiful girls at your fingertips... (32-37) From Only £3 Great for xmas!
Adult Monunon LSD Coll Volume 2 UbiKfes Experience LSD Coll.
Volume 1 OVER WRK aa Brain 1 - * Jl Damage is w ? * JUUl pxciting new AGA only 75 v Pinball Simula- ¦g-ffl PJljltion, featuring ¦ !• Super-hires ¦B»®* ‘graphics!, multi lall, muiti flipper and tons of other jatures. Look out for the review!
Trder: CD486 UK:£19.99 - AUST:$ 40 THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE GOODS ARE £ PLUS POSTAGE OF £ SO THE TOTAL OF MY ORDER IS £ MY NAME AND DELIVERY ADDRESS IS... I I the envy the the whole PC , world. It s features and ease lot use are not matched by any other graphics package p either on the Amiga or PC.
WL t Deluxe Pafnt 5, the latest B i release re no exception.
0 3 Deluxe Paint 5 is without a doubt the fastest paint package available on the Amiga, it's unique palette feature supports virtually all the Amiga s graph ics modes. Deluxe Paint 5 includes Ihe most powerful yet simplest to use an mation feature you couid imagine. Direct support for all the Amiga’s animation formats are included as well as of course the industry standard IFF picture format. AVAILABLE ON DISK AND CD-ROM!
Complete with on-disc manual as well as the never before published full printed manual.
Order. CD499 UK:£19.99 - AUST:$ 40(quiteheavy!)
HI mapped 3D- m racing game L (or the Amiga! I * Forget those boring “flat'' 3D- Ti racing gardes. Fly in’High f * - allows you ftt drive over hills, through tunnels, over ski-jumps and a lot more lip to 4 Playefe can play simultaneous by using a 4playdr Joystick-adaptor.'
A Construction Kit may follow shortly!
5®w*. Ksa" - Cn - ps ij t, 4MB Fastram, iJ-tifurtisk. - Fun starts pfi G8030 running w4Ji 30MHz.
Order: CD440 HEW PRICE! UK:£19.99 - AUST:$ 40 SixthSense mInvestigations jfep lisanamaz- i ling new w I j Amiga arcade ¦Jl adventure, featuring 32 locations, full character dialog, 3 different worlds, many interactive characters, puzzles and more. This game sets new standards for Amiga gaming.
Look for reviews!
Order. CD430 UK:£29.99 ¦ AUST:$ 60 lAGA Experience 3 is the fat- 5 est collection of AGA tools, demos, graphics, games etc This release contains 100% [new material*nd wilt make It! Great addition to any CD- ROM collection UK:039 WsF$ 26 ¦ UFO Encounters contains ¦ thousands of documents and B images that "no-one" wants B you to see. The CD covers I all aspects of Abductions Band UFO Sightings.
B Suitable tor use on any Amiga.
Nathan Ludkin's MIDI GOLD is a professionally compiled 1 collection of around 3000 i I MIDI files. Every MIDI track | is categorised into various
* I directories, like: Film, Composer Artist, Style, etc. Great
with Yamaha XG System S?xthSense Investigations AGA Software
EXPLOSION! Any Amiga UFO Encounters ¦ Contains a wealth of
software, ¦ Including Workbench Games.
Bfonts, textures, Clipart, jX Samples, Multimedia B Backdrops. Mussc modules, |B Business Letters, Tetris BiGames, 3D Objects, Images, 3D Backdrops, Tools and more.
¦f The re-compiled 064 L a Games CD includes M rifvM Wound 15,000 all-time m 'V-.t classic Commodore |* y e 1CPl64 games. It’swry B easy to use and the
• I ___w___JCD has a complete | ¦ --’ Index of every game.
Order: CD182 UK: £29.99 ¦ AUST: $ 60 Kkis Games Suitable for any Amiga* Only 13.75 each (minimum of 2) POSTMAN PAT COUNT 0UCKULA 1 or 2 BULLY'S SPORTING DARTS HUCKLEBERRY HOUND POPEYE 2 POSTMAN PAT 3 THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE THOMAS’ FUN WITH WORDS SOOTY’S FUN WITH NUMBERS other titles available... The Games Room is an original compilation of Gambling games. It covers every thing from Fruit Machines to Card Games, including Klondike, Poker, Solitaire, Blackjack, and Rummy, Roulette, Darts, Bingo, Pool, Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Dgmlnoes, Various Board'Games like Monopoly and Cluedo,
Mastermind, Pud’ Quiz's and a wealth of other Casino related games and far more than we can detail. ¦ The very latest 1 TbiT , disks specially com- I piled by Quartz. All the I best tittes are here.
I Through an easy to 1 use interface you m have access to SFX Sensation Over 15,000 files.
Includes sound effects from aii over the place.
(CD165x) Only £9.99 Emulators Unlimited Dozens ol emulators from BBC, Mac, C64, Spectrum etc, (C0117X) Only £14.99 around 600 brand new Amiga disks ail categonsed into various themes.
C64 GAMES ARCHIVE Order. CD451 t Ki£J2SS AUST-*26 The Games Room Guiness Dlsc-Becords From the tallest man to the fastest car, It’s all here on this great CD.
(CD45x) Only £10 Anime Babes (18) Thousands of high quali ty ‘adult" japanese images.
(CD191x) Only £14.99 3D Objects CD 2 CD’s full of Sci-fi pix, animations, sounds etc Rated over 90% (CD215X) Only £7.99 Ufoer: uwj w : iis.se - auoi : 54c ,B The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia of the Paranormal an exciting new multimedia Amiga based CD-ROM fea- f"i Wk|Blunng high-res AGA graphics throughout. Covering sub- jects like: UFOs & Aliens, Strangelife (Bigfoot, Lochness monster etc), Mysticism, Mind over matter, Myths and Legends and more, this CD promises to give you an “experience". Also lor the first time on an Amiga multimedia CD, there are true “AVI} files (Audio & Video),
Hundreds of colour images, masses of AVI's, and animations, hundreds of voice-overs, over 40 minutes of presentations around 400 subject synopsis’, and hundreds of 'cross- "-1-1' - i| i rr frrmri T lU'Sf|3t|| _ , articles. H JJ LrJL- SOFTWARE EXPLOSION! - New Release- Worth £20 - Place an order now of £25 or more and i receive this CD free! Contains a wealth of software, [Including: Workbench Games, Fonts,Textures, Clipart, L Multimedia Backdrops, Samples, Music modules, I Business Letter!*, Tetris Games, 3D Obfects, 3D I Backdrops, Images, Colour Clipart, Tools and more.
I Spend £50 and well send you another Mystery CD free.
Spend £75 and we'tt send you aiiolher 2 CD’s tree! Etc... Features Include Hundreds of articles - ‘Updated interface - ‘Hundreds of film clips ‘Hundreds of images - ‘Sound clips - ‘True AVI feature ‘Over 400 Synopsis’ - ‘Full Multimedia Presentations Anime Dabes "Special Hedition" is an Adult CD ‘ [containing thousands I of high quality japan- Jbl lese Manga type images. Some people may find this CD offensive. Contains images of sexual acts. (18) Order: CD491 UK:£19.99 - AUST:$ 40 tplc mvMmtdt* AMIGA a ~~ _ International i- ,, ¦MKDETAIL !!!» [U1™?
Guildhall LrfrtUil
W. MfnMt
- Baround 100 w variations of f Mfheatf-time classic game
W M;fB‘‘Tetris’’. All the IC Igames are '* runnable from
Makes a great gift (or anyone!
Order: CD148 UK: £9.99 ¦ AUST: $ 20 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PARANORMAL**®" Consumables Amiga Mick Davis' CARTOONS Anime BABES SE * PLEASE SEND ME.
Oic Encvc Official Arr gfe M Joysticks... 10 capacity dtik 10 Quality Biafli Amiga User Man Amiga to PC Mo Various Cables Qommo: Standar " B ==l 1 Blitz Basic 2.1 B IA next generation BASIC a with features borrowed from PASCAL, C and oth- j Bdj Jors. Program any type of i l. B jsoftware with more power BP Bf than ever before.
C omplete with full manual.
The CD version includes the full Blitz Basic 2.1, the full printed manual as well as on-disc manual. The complete range of BUMS (Blitz User Manuals) - These alone would cost you over £200, source-code and more. Order: (CD500) UK:£19.99 - 41 ST;$ 40 XXCOPY ProA Xcopy Pro is the most advanced Amiga disk copi- I er suite available. It [includes numerous dupli- l cation modes from stan- Idard dos type copy to a ueep nibbte type copy.
Every Amiga owner should have a copy!
UK: £12.99 - AUST: $ 26 Avai&e from me UK Only ipi jx Mini untce oUneA
i. Recently re-released by
* 5=. Guildhall, this superb easy
1. - J to use office suite is great i for the home and small
business. It includes a J Word Processor with a ' spefl
checker. Database.
Spreadsheet and more.
UK:£19.99 - AUST.S40 , A 4 L U set containing some I of the latest fools, images, 1 modules, animations and
* more. Amazing! £15.99 Aminet Set Four i A 4 CD set containing
some [of the latest tools, images, I modules, antmaitons biw'
* more. £27.99 Aminet SeTFive pP atest 4 CD set con- mining the
latest tools, I images, modules, anima-
* tions and more. £27.99 Mouse Master is a stylish Trackball that
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CARD NUMBER EXP Order Adult Sensation One, Two and Three for just £20 or order them singularly for only £7.99 each Support? Floppy VIDEOBASE V2.01 By: . ...Pure Grr.fix ¦ Ware: .... PD Library:.
No of disks: ..One Price: .... ..75p ? 75p p&p Video recorders were a wonderful invention, weren't they? It’s nice to know that, even if we can’t live without a regular dose of certain TV shows, at least we don’t have to be sitting in front of the television at die exact moment at which the all-knowing TV controllers have deemed a show' should be broadcast. We don’t have to miss Match Of The Day if we fancy going out for a few drinks on a Saturday evening; we don’t have to miss (ailumbo if we must go to work on a weekday.
Better still, we can save our favourite moments of televisual magic so that we can enjoy them time and time again. If we fancy a cheap evening’s entertainment we can just pop down to the local video rental shop and find something with which to amuse ourselves.
It matters little that, as a format, VHS itself is horrifically outdated and unimpressive. It is what VHS makes possible that has ensured that such a huge proportion of living rooms all over the UK are now home to a video cassette recorder.
But the problem with video recorders is that they require video tapes, and if you’re as attached to certain movies as I am then you’ll soon find you have a lot of tapes lying around your living room.
I’m only a partial anorak, so labelling even' single one of them and storing them neatly in alphabetical order will suffice for me. If you’re a fully-blown anorak, then you will need the help of Video Base.
This is a database program which can keep track of your entire movie collection. It allows vou to locate your recorded movies quickly and easily bv entering keywords, actors or other details into the search form... once you’ve spent several days setting up the database, that is.
VideoBase is hardly a cutting-edge database package, and its AMOS Interface could do with some VCR-stvle t controls to make sifting through your records a slightly easier process.
That said, it does its job adequately and it will make a smaller dent in your wallet than a blank video cassette.
AMIGA QUAKE Originally by:..... ......ID Software Ware: PD Library: .. ..OnLine PD No of disks: . Price: . ....£16.50 ? 75p p&p Unless you’ve been living under a rock on one of the outermost planets in the solar system for a couple of years, you’ll know that since summer last year Quake has been the game every PC owner has felt obliged to brag about to his Amiga owning mates.
Although in this writer’s opinion Quake is not the be-all and end-all of computer gaming, it’s still a darned fine game, and it’s no wonder that so many Amiga owners have attempted to bring it to their favourite machine.
Firstly, Amiga Quake is not, has never been, and probably never will be officially endorsed by ID Software, the original creators of Quake. On the other hand, as far as l know, it has yet to be of fie i a l ly c o n d e m n ed.
It originally appeared on the Internet as a simple patch for the PC version of Quake, its writers saying ihat since the freely distributable PC demo had not actually been modified as such, Amiga Quake didn’t represent a breach of copyright. Not everyone was so sure - the Amiga Quake page promptly disappeared, and few PD libraries have been keen to distribute the program.
Secondly, if you’ve actually seen Quake in action on a PC you’ll realise it demands some pretty powerful hardware.
Ideally you'll want an ’060, as with any less powerful a processor ' it’s really going to crawl.
You’ll also require around 40Mb of hard drive space just to install the thing.
Thirdly, a confession: I couldn’t get Amiga (Quake Quaking in their running on my system, because one of the disks PD selection of By: .Thomas Landspurg and Olivier Collard Ware :...... Gift PD Library: ....* .OnLme PD No of disks: ......„ Two Price: AmiGlobe is an extremely impressive electronic atlas which runs on any Amiga with 2Mb and a hard drive. Starting from a map of the entire world, you can room in on any area, toggle on and off various graphical details such
as rivers, cities and lakes, and read the economic profiles of various nations.
AmiGlobe makes excellent use of the medium by providing features such as a currency converter, a variety of map views and the option of associating an image with a particular map element. You can locate a country quickly and easily by selecting it from a list or by identifying its flag. You can view a list of currencies and read background information on various world organisations such as the Commonwealth and OPEC and, as you would expect you can choose to output maps and information through a printer.
A superb resource and an engaging and educational program in its own right AmiGlobe is a very accomplished offering. It's not yet entirety bug free (unsurprising, since it's still at release 0.993) but the occasional graphical glitches are bearable. If the authors are rewarded for their efforts by the scores of admirers AmiGlobe is sure to earn them, then this could continue to develop into an indispensable computerised reference work.
Since 1975 the hMth of government of the seven yeetest r veetem evtatrief nattsra meets every year at the VfortfEcononric Suwrtt, vhere Owy dao*B inofcaHMWflons of wtt ecwwmy.
NflHjFrtnel The ein of the WES u mutual ktfbrmetton and djcusdcn about notional position* and their tocrdtaaAon. In recent years the J reiataw of ttre WeM tej lft5B Q5 became more and more__ Hovmany. |p forone... _ r J- ArgentWanPeeoC p'J Befe* Ootor (Brt) _j Auatraian Deiar (A CE A-Franc ;Ct*tg(ASchJ bcriTMda Doiar (BO* teharian Oolar (ftr HgdtrumfNU} Dtiwr (BO) _ ( Man (Ba) TaAa(TV.) Al PtiatP) Ji.
Franc(Bfr) |7| cn»eo«ytt f|
11. 491 Taka(T»;.)« i HguftrutnOAJ) " Next time you get lost in
the wilderness, and you happen to have your Amiga and an
electTicfty supply handy, you'll be sorted with this very
impressive atlas program.
Oi nmiaieba V.eea was fault)... not that it would have actually been remotely playable on my ’030 40. Of course. I have, however, seen Amiga Quake n action on an A4000 40, and while it’s not likely to worry owners of even the lowliest Pentiums, it is perfectly playable if you reduce the screen si e by a considerable amount.
Quite what JD Software must make of the whole Amiga Quake saga is anyone's guess. If it turns out that they really don’t ohjcct to people distributing patches 10 enable the demonstration version of their hlasting masterpiece to function on other platforms (and in theory they might not, because it ought to lead to more sales of the full Quake
CD) , then I’d definitely recommend taking a look at Quake...
assuming your machine is up to it.
LOTTERY PREDICTOR V2.8 By: Steven Goodwin and Philip Hart Ware: Demo PD Library: ......Online PD No of disks: ... One Price: ..75p ? 75p p&p When the National Lottery first came into being a few years ago, I was churning out PD pages such as these for another (now sadlv defunct) Amiga ' ' n in* Lonery rrenlcior tv steuti nooqiun ana rump Mft jg Th? Uttgg todUtur_ Lottery Predictor Hni Ptm P n* !
““ jgrt publication. In the weeks and months following the first draw (which took place on Saturday, November 11, 1994, fact-Ians) I was inundated with programs which claimed to offer assistance in
- MummIdiv •
- Fruit* -
- IkSCtlllMt* Lucky Nunbcrs !»*» AM 1m Lilt Put Am Its !«t imtfc
Matt Ninbtr Ufcitl P*et tom ¦ini-UU Pyramid Vi* Briui Static
jgintar . I LOTTERY PREDICTOR: I predict there'll be a
second-rate celebrity telling me that, once again, I haven't
won a penny. Darn.
Picking wanning sets of numbers. I am, I must point out, actually a hardened lottery-hater - I have never and will never buy a ticket on principle. That said, if I were to abandon my principles completely and decide to have a flutter on Canielot’s long-odds money-spinner, I would definitely want to make use of a predictor program such as this one.
Although the winning numbers which are produced by Arthur and Guinevere every Wednesday and Saturday night are, of course, totally random, the laws of probability dictate that over an infinite length of time every ball ought to come up on an even number of occasions.
Therefore, the simplest method of predicting which numbers will come up in a forthcoming draw is to see which balls have shown up on the fewest previous occasions.
Lottery Predictor 2.8 can do this, but it can also offer a variety of alternative mathematical indicators which you can choose to rely on, and it can even help you generate numbers via a series of bizarre systems - such as by counting the number of letters ijn specified words, producing pyramids based on your birthdatc, and so on.
Continued overleaf Version 2.8 of Lottery Predictor includes details of 121 draw results, running up to March 1997, and you can add more results to keep Lottery Predictor's database up to date.
Oi PUBLIC DOIWIAIM Whether programs like this really do increase your chances of winning is a matter of some uncertainty, but on the off-chance that after using Lottery Predictor your chosen balls do come up, don’t forget who told you about it... THE WORLD OF MAGIC By: ..... Ware: PD Library:.... ...F1 Software No of disks:... Price: ......£4.09 t 75p p&p Grendon is a sixteen year old lad who lives in the mystical world of Kawamoon.
Like most sixteen year old lads, he’s agonised a lot about the important things in life, like how to win the affections of a fair maiden, how to get bis hands on alcohol even though he’s too young, that sort of thing. However, where most of his classmates opt for anguished poetry, loud music and the development of some eyesight- worsening solitary habits, Grendon has decided that the answer to his problems is to learn magic.
Given that in Kawamoon beasties such as ores, goblins, werewolves and gods with ridiculously hard to pronounce names run riot, it’s perhaps not as bizarre a conclusion to reach as might initially be thought.
The World of Magic is the Bosco Brothers’ first release, but on the strength of this graphical adventure I think it’s safe to say we will be seeing much more of them in the future.
Created in GRAO (the Graphic Adventure Creator), this is a polished product with enough depth to keep even the most avid adventurer occupied until the second sun doth set o’er the Easterhold wilderness. Or something like that, anyway.
The mouse-based control system is suitably intuitive. At the bottom of the screen are eight buttons representing actions such as Talk, Look, Open and Operate, and manipulating an object is simply a case of clicking on the button and then right-clicking on the object in question. (It worked well enough for Lucasfilm all those years ago when Monkey Island appeared, so if it ain’t broke, why fix it?)
Some computerised role-playing adventures take themselves rather too seriously to ever appeal to a wide audience, but thankfully this is not a criticism that could reasonably be levelled at The World of Magic. It’s positively brimming over with amusing touches and animations, and it is all hugely enjoyahle.
The Bosco Brothers recommend dial youngsters under the age of twelve don’t play the game, because some of the animations could be a little “disturbing”.
THE DISCWORLD TRIVIA GAME By: .... rim Quigley Ware: ..Free PD Library; .Classic Amiga Software No of disks:, .One Price: ......£1.00 + 75p p&p 1 realise it may sound a little perverse, but I’m always a little disappointed when something that I’ve been trumpeting for ages actually captures the attention of a reallv wide audience, even in situations where 1 could hardly consider myself to have been one of the first to start beating that particular drum. For instance, having babbled to the
world and his wife ahout how promising a certain band from Burn age were for several months, 1 felt almost betrayed when they went on to prove themselves one of the most popular British bands ever... even il their second and third albums proved to be little more than inferior rehashes of their first.
¦ Ift Kill Ut l» I fell similarly betrayed when the great British book-buying public realised something else I'd known for a while.
Tb* trrb 'if TiHaWru*. Alls iO fcr*»fb»*Mifi (nunm
U. *.rrfM . .mt* Vilit (in M.r - i in «vir ilfn.* dncr.*ro In
H22. It -wnin; tV m lor-Ttn.1 TV -,t ry fit fb* M % SB bav
kirq, b'.-iM in it Ibi VtfiM if ... El$ »t i«n mlliltw». Tbs
'NUmfftW qunl f«r hi. Frs'h tty 1 jrtef iri lerii Ci-narvun,
nnfnrswf, rlcb»« rjfnliwllti r*v**lnj, Wc IV ;*¦ if* tV
kfujrfll.vMs -fiv;.rv 1 tr, in tv hotirv nf fr:ba*oi nv 'm fri
jU IV 3ttb•. Si Iiy t IN* tin- nr - dtiv I'Stf'j ari Mir"
nltisn spif PM thfl 1 uiii inn nf 'irnap'Mf; ? UriM %a(fi u h
tin* J t-vnWd lit In* pFuri'iVi n'iif-J3, It irpniln.', ,«
itorv uu*. Partlu tJlj, New. Nth i!fe vip nt t V nji|f pn ih-
nr-fir- TqUnlrlnp--n ntun; i an b' Jnli i- n lb*-’ -Jirr ri
t. i i | itirusry frni* "xsMnhi- ta (fife rniblVliafO L'l the f*
.iml tiiirg . I IV i r.t i’i M'J * Q iM i ¦ • namely that
Terry Prate hett writes some eminently entertaining fantasy
Ah, well. Such is life.
TUTANKHAMUN; Very educational. But don't hold that against it - it's interesting and fun, too.
I l l f lr»: Anyway, lerry’s Discworldseries has proved almost as successful in a literary TUTANKHAMUN An impressive selection of photographs illustrate this program.
Sense as Oasis have proved in a musical sense. Mr Pratt hett dutifully churns out two Discworld novels a year, and the public eagerly propel them into the bestseller list.
There have been spin-off maps, quiz books, computer games, pewter figurines and even Multi-User Dungeons, and now there’s an unofficial Discworld quiz. Game.
While the Discworld Invia Quiz won’t win anv awards for Innovation In The i Field Of Computer Games Design, it’s a decent enough cobbling-together of taxing teasers. It only runs on an AGA machine, but it’s got an interface which is pretty easy to get to grips with and a multiple-choice question format which has already been proved immensely popular in games such as Q-Wiz. I douht very much you’ll still he playing it an hour after you first hoot it up, but it’s capable of putting the most ardent Discworld a(icionado through his paces.
Its disadvantage when compared to the Discworld Quiz Book is, of course, that you can’t very easily take your Amiga to the toilet with vou... TUTANKHAMUN By: .Paul Thompson Ware: ... ..Free PD Library: ...OnLine PD No of disks:...... Price: ... £1.50 + 75p p&p Following the demise of the Central Licenceware Register, Tutankharnun s author Paul Thompson has decided to make his excellent educational title available through On Line PD.
As most people know, Tutankharnun was an Egyptian Pharaoh who died in 1323BC, but beyond that, precious little is known ahout him. His tomb was first discovered in November 1922, by a party ol archaeologists lead hy Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter.
Tutankhamun’s spectacular burial chamber, which was guarded by a message warning that “Death will come to those who disturb the sleep of the Pharaohs”, was finally opened on February 16, 1923.
This two-disk offering prorides a wealth of background material ahout the ruling Egyptian dynasties and the archaeological team who originally PUBLIC DOMAIN unearthed and opened King Tut’s tomb during the 1920s.
There’s also an enthralling secuon detailing the fates that befell Lord Carnarvon and a host of his colleagues, apparently caused by the ancient Curse of Tutankhamun.
Carnarvon himself died from pneumonia within two months of his initial exploration of the burial chamber, and several of his friends and fellow archaeologists died from mysterious fevers or heart failures over the next few months.
The sole survivor of the original expedition, Richard Adamson, tried to explode the “myth” of the curse three dines. The first time, his wife died within 24 hours; on the second occasion, his son broke his back in a plane crash; finally, Adamson’s taxi crashed just after leaving the TV studio where he had given an interview on the subject of Tutankhamun’s tomb and the curse.
Tutankhamun combines a well written narrative with some carefully chosen black and white and colour images. It even offers a quiz which will allow you to test your newly acquired knowledge. This is a superh piece of software, overflowing with fascinating images and information.
HYPER VIPER By: . Ware: ... ...Gift PD Library: .Classic Amiga Software No of disks: ..One ¦ ¦ i mr ¦ ¦ aP ¥ Price: .... Although it’s a totally unoriginal offering, Hyper Viper has been competently programmed and offers enough addictive action to keep arcade HYPER VIPER; Slither round a maze, trying not to eat yourself.
Fangtastic, mate!
LIOES605? 9 P'SCOttefc'OOOOC.OO TlR£:f f f-' ml Sf r JU.
F f f f f * iW* f f r Egfe I t * vl-v EfcH ' ROMK-C: i i • or * rconr ¦ romonoo t * or r *.t
• J |j J V J
* pjUjjiSfd a a a j J j J 0 0 fj A A « J J ¦ •
• §?§ u ajsAijj -i * v
• J } * .. it FI Software • 1 Lower Mill Close •
Goldthorpe • Rotherham Yorks S63 9BY- Tel: 01709 888127 ' J 4|
J A A J .1 J Id 9 J « -i 9 JjiiJJJJ j j j j j* a * h e m « a
y id ui [gg B 0 s
* « • j j ?
HYPER VIPER Not stunning or original, but top addictive fun.
Fans busy for a while. You control a snake trapped in a maze, and you have to work your way around the maze chomping pieces of fruit - something which unfortunately makes your tail grow ever longer. If you crash into your own tail, or into a trap of some description, you’ll lose a life.
The graphics are colourful and well- drawn, the music’s quite funky and all in all Hyper Viper has a very slick feel to it.
The game is giftware, and if you send the author something worthwhile (he suggests 15,000 lire, which AmiGlobe informs me is the equivalent of around £6.60, so it’s hardly going to break the bank) he promises to send you a level designer in return.
ASSIMILATION By:- Ben Campbell Ware: ..Free PD Library: .Classic Amiga Software No of disks: ..One Price: ..£1.00 r 75p p&p It’s possible that, at some distant point in the future, the bad aspects of human behaviour will have been genetically eradicated, and human beings will be able to live together in peace and harmony, caring, sharing and generally being so darned similar to one another that things really mightn’t be much fun.
For the time being though, wc live in a nasty world, fate often dealing us cruel hands. Our everyday lives are riddled with stressful events and confrontations - indeed, stress is now medically recognised as a grave threat to the health of many chaps and chapettes throughout the Western World.
It should be no surprise that violent computer games have proved so popular through the years. Ever since arcade machines such as Galaxiavs brought shoot-em-ups to the masses, stressed-out folks have been able to take out their frustrations on imaginary aliens.
P. ulilicf Domain titles 1 NEMESES 2 REALITY CONVERTER 3 TRAIN
AGA Games which have offered a tough challenge without being
unduly irritating in their own right have become extremely
popular. Back in the late 1980s, the coin-op and subsequent
computer conversion of R-Type earned its manufacturers a small
Assimilation offers honest, straightforward, no-holds-barred blasting action. You take command of a tiny starfighter, alone against an entire alien empire. As wave after wave of nasties stream across the screen, you progress from left to right through scrolling alien landscapes, en route to the hideouts of some particularly beefy end-of-level baddies. The usual power-ups are available as a reward when you destroy an entire squadron of alien craft. There’s even a keyboard control option if you yearn to relive the halcyon days of 8-bit blasting. It’s all immense fun, really.
If you’ve got Internet access, by the way, other freeware games from the same chaps are available at http: www.t- online.de home fullspeed. GET YOUR DISKS FROM: CLASSIC AMIGA SOFTWARE 11 Deansgate Raddiffe Manchester M26 2SH Tel: 0161 723 1638 F1 SOFTWARE 1 Lower Mill Close Goldthorpe Rotherham South Yorkshire S63 9BY Tel: 01709 888127 E-mail: phll@ware5d.demon.co.uk ONLINE PD 1 The Cloisters Halsall Lane Formby Liverpool L37 3PX Tel: 01704 834335 Other good PD libraries World Golf XP-8 is a vertical 0 brain teasinq pH teSSal yB t’AjViVOiV Ki-rs uper SI the me iame ev here s E featurin
.«.is.k!Stec to ALADDIN 4D We've been waiting for this for ages, but now it's turned up is it all that it was cracked up to be? Ben Vost finds out.
- -- r«0»OCC Here's an alternative to buying a high density
drive that also doubles as a much bigger storage device.
A pair of speed-up boards for the unreconstructed among us still with A500s and A600s.
64 NOMAI CD RW The latest thing in CD drives hits the Amiga.
Nick Veitch puts it through its paces.
It's a cool- looking technocyber toy if ever I saw one and no mistake.
STOCKING FILLERS CYBERVISION An updated look at Phase 5's graphics card with Nick Veitch.
Yes, it's that time again.
This year we look at a whole bunch of stuff you can get for less than £30.
Pressies - all for me! Yay!
72 WORKBENCH Better than a game of Trivial Pursuit on Boxing Day, Graeme Sandiford answers all your questions.
76 AMIGA.NET Usenet - all internet life is here, as someone famous once didn't say. It may even have been Dave Cusick.
...is very simple. Amiga Format is staffed by some of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN 90+% The creme de la cmr e. Only n ie very best, most versatile and effective products are awarded an AF Goid - the most highly prized rating there is.
80-89% There products are very' go- id, but there are minor flaws or areas that could be imoroved upon.
70-79% Not a bad product but quite i ossibly one ti at needs a serious update.
60-69% Average products with somewnai hnitea features and appeal. Produce, in thus categ ry tend to 0 flawed.
50-59% Below average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws, Under 40% The absolute pits Ho, ho, ho. Who's idea was it to put me in this get-up? Grin and bear it I suppose.
OK, well do we have a bumper sack of goodies for you this month? Yes, we do, actually. Even though most manufacturers are holding off on their releases because of the upcoming Computer '97 show in Cologne we still have a nice run of reviews here for you in plenty of time for Christmas.
There are some good, some bad and some downright brilliant products here this month, and I can guarantee that we'll have lots of lovely things for next month too.
Now, where's my mince pie?
AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Looks nice , but is it easy to use? Find out inside.
FrbHp: | |M Spaces: | 2 Paths: | 6 Ptygora: | 2323 Speed: ji j 13
- ----- _ _ _ LONG TERM TEST This Microvitec 17-incher has been
popular among better-heeled Amiga users. What does our long
term tester think?
In-depth reviews of hardware and software, that you can trust.
SANYO DIGICAM Another digicam with Amiga drivers surfaces.
Ben Vost takes some pics with it.
70 65 58 Aladdn Vill this eagerly awaited 3D modelling program stand out from the crowd?
' fesGtakesa look.
New 3D programs don’t come along ever)' day and when they do, we in the office are always pleased. Why? It means pretty pictures for the review and fun for either Nick or myself because we can play with the new package and compare it to what has gone before - in Aladdin!v case, this includes Imagine, Lightwave and Cinema 4D, to name the most important ones in order of emergence. Certainly Aladdin beats two out of the three in terms of cost to the punter, but does it fare as well when it comes to features, ease of use and all the other criteria?
Unfortunately, it would appear not.
While Aladdin looks nice on first impressions, first impressions don’t last.
There have been some lovely pictures produced with this program, but it’s obvious that the majority of them have been created by the only people familiar enough with the complexity of it to be able to make them - its creators.
So what's wrong with the package?
Firstly, the manual. For a program this complex, an index is a must but Aladdin doesn’t have one.
Secondly, the manual seems to veer between die most mind-numbingly boring detail on the simplest of things to skimping on the most technical. Not that Imagines docs are any better, but the authors of Aladdin should have seen the route the Imagine authors took and ignored it. To give you an example, at CHANGE THIS!
One of the best things about Aladdin is its flexibility.
Objects, lights, default settings and practically anything you can set can change over time - quite simply for Aladdin. In all the attribute requestors for your objects in Aladdin you can set a start and end point for any of the values and copy from one to the other. Over the course of your animation you can completely change an object's attributes - how shiny it is, what colour it has, etc While these changes are global (you can't control the start stop points), you can fade in one texture over another, allowing for far more complex operations. Aladdin is full of stuff like this that could
make for some quite impressive animations, were it only easier to deal with.
You give it to a novice and will they be able to use your program from reading it? Certainly not in my case nor, I suspect, many others. Next up comes the ‘modernisation’ of Aladdin 41).
“YYUR YYUBICU have three C packages for me (ivorth £330)...” If you fancy doing your own 3D modelling you'll need a development package and HiSoft have kindly given us a copy of HiSoft C++ Professional, and two copies of HiSoft C++ Lite, to give away. Just send your postcard to: AF Christmas Draw, HiSoft Systems Ltd., The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE MORE TOOLS!
Aladdin might not be much fun to model in, but at least you can load (some) Lightwave objects. You can also load in the old ASCII Videoscape files and simple PostScript files (ideal for converting logos to 3D objects). Aladdin also has a plug-in tool interface that allows for new ways of interacting with objects that seems quite extensive, although there doesn't appear to be an SDK or anything similar in the Aladdin directory structure.
Much has been made of the fact that Aladdin is now a thoroughly modern program and has everything a modern user would expect. It includes an Arexx port, it works on graphics cards, it has online help - everything sounds wonderful. But it also fills up your assign list wath four assigns (why it needs more than one is beyond me), and the online help sometimes doesn’t appear or crashes the Amiga.
It does work on my Picasso IV, but then, unless you’ve made your program so that it doesn’t support public screens or only works on a locked private .screenmode, it would. Aladdin doesn’t take advantage of the increased colour depth or speed of graphic operation that a graphics card gives you. Oh yes, and the Arexx port simply isn’t documented at all.
Aladdin's C-Splines are the core of nonlinear action in your scenes and can be as complex or as simple as you like. It's a shame they aren't that easy to work with though.
Everything is overly complex to use.
Take making a cheap plastic football as an example. Once you’ve created your sphere, you need to visit the attributes requestor in order to set the ball’s base colour, hardness and specularity. Then you’ll need to visit the Textures requestor so that you can give the ball one of the 25 algorithmic textures that come with Aladdin (none of which are amazingly useful). Right, so that’s that.
Hit Render and see your ball come up in all its... polygonal beauty. Darn, we forgot to visit the Shading menu item to tell Aladdin that the ball needed to be Phong shaded so that it looks like a smooth sphere. When we hit OK, having set the options we like, Aladdin sits there and works out die polygon dependencies right there and then.
While it certainly saves render times for each f rame, it does slow down your work as you do it, and if you forget you’ll have to go through each object in your scene updating them.
FLEXIBILITY Some of this complexity is down to the fact that Aladdin is extraordinarily flexible and can be set to perforin almost any task you care to think of - as long as you can work out how to implement it! It also has some ‘key’ features, things designed to set it above other 3D packages - lens flares, particle fountains and gaseous effects. The lens flares are bitmaps, the particle fountains also spout forth hitmaps and the gaseous effects are... quite good actually. However, this doesn't alter the fact that Aladdin can't do other things taken for granted by most 3D artists - like true
reflection and refraction.
Aladdin 4D isn’t a ray tracer, only a tenderer. It can’t do those things because they require true ray tracing.
This doesn’t matter most of the time. Like most 3D animators, my primary aim is to get those frames churning out at high speed, so I rarely bother to use lens effects, reflection or refraction because of the huge cost in processor time. Heck, I don’t even use ray-traced shadows, I rely on shadow maps to flesh out scenes where necessary. Even so, when rendering stills these things become more important.
Part of Aladdin ’s main problem is that it’s so darn flexible.
New options have been added to the program, heaped on top of existing features and the whole thing mixed together until it’s practically unusable.
Okay, it might not quite have the learning curve that Imagine had(although I doubt that personally), but it’s still overly complex.
Instead of forcing Aladdin to be up- to-date, perhaps it might have been better if the Nova Design team had started from scratch and designed their own program. This would have been a great idea if they could have incorporated all the nice features in Aladdin without making it so difficult to use - things like the notes you can attach to objects, the spaces concept where you can have several different “stages" which your scenes are based upon, the gaseous effects, etc. Aladdin is an interesting diversion, but the slowness of modelling (due to it’s single view) and complexity of the interface
mean I cannot recommend it as an alternative to other cheap rendering packages like CinemadD.
DISTRIBUTOR: Wizard Developments PRICE: TBC REQUIREMENTS: 6.5Mb hard drive space, FPU SPEED: • •00 Render speed is pretty good, but using the interface isn't.
MANUAL: 0 00 A program this size really should have an index.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • O O O Tough to get to grips with.
FEATURES: •• •0 It undoubtedly has some cracking features - if you can find out where they are.
OVERALL VERDICT: Needs lots of work before anyone chooses it over Cinema or others.
Density floppy, then compared that to a high density floppy in my Amiga, and Anally I tried the LS-120 disk. The results are based on copying a I Mb LHA file and I think they The disk itself looks fairly similar to any old floppy apart from its snazzy shutter and the smoked plastic box... speak for themselves.
While it's great that you can formal high density disks in the I.S drive I don't recommend using it for this. The drive in this mode is much faster than a standard Amiga high density drive, hut r D 7 it onlv allows you to format disks to
1. 44Mb, making them incompatible with standard Amiga high
density lormats of 1.76Mb and double density formats of 880k.
This means that von wouldn't want to replace your internal drive with this gizmo unless you never intended using an Amiga floppy ever again. However, as you can see, performance on the I.S Here's the latest thing for yon.
It's roughly the same size as a floppy drive (it'll lit in any floppy bay), it reads and writes PCI
1. 44MB high density disks (not Amiga high density unfortunately,
but more on that later) and it can read and write 120Mb of
data (that's roughly 25Mb more per disk than a Zip) to its own
disks which cost about the same as Zip disks. It's got an IDE
interface so it's really a case of plug and play and can be
supplied w'ith Oliver Kasll’s IDEFix97 for full-on hardcore
Sounds pretty good doesn't it? In fact it is pretty good, especially as a second drive. PC floppy reads and writes are at full speed and the ES disk is roughIv about O the same speed as the Zip. Fitting it is no trickier than installing a new floppy drive in your machine. You'll need a standard 40-pin IDE cable and one of those small power connectors that are used for floppy drives.
The drive is known as the LS-120 because it uses a Laser Servo (see?) To position the head accurately enough to he able to fit 120Mb onto a disk the same size and shape as a floppy (120Mb.
See?). Other than that, the disk itself looks fairly similar to any old floppy, apart from its snazzy shutter and the smoked plastic box it comes in.
In speed tests, the drive performed well. I first tried it with a standard high
1. 4Mb LHA File HD disk in LS-120 drive: ________
.1:45.90 HD disk in Amiga drive: .
.2:57.37 LS disk in LS-120 drive: ..
.0:22.63 Copied to RAD: ..
.0:09.16 Copied to sys: (same drive): .....
.0:36.98 SPEED TESTS disk was good, healing
copying the file to another place on our internal (and not wry
fast) SCSI hard drive.
One of I lie nice things about the I.S- 120 is that it's represented on your Workbench screen as DF4: whether you have a floppy or an I.S disk in the drive, making it easy to work with, and that the software is totally transparent in use without a DOS Driver to be seen.
Overall then, this is a lovely piece of kit, but I wonder how many removable storage devices we really need. This one’s great for PC owners since it handles 1.44Mb floppy disks in the same drive, hut lor Amiga users, many of whom already have a Zip, it’s just another removable formal to worn about. I would have liked to have seen this drive two years ago - it might have resolved which format of removable media to go lor.
D New! The Eyetech Complete Guide to Towering your A1200 Do-it-yourself EZ-Tower kits; Mk 2 EZ-Tower assembly; Keyboards and keyboard adapters; High density floppies; 100MB+ cartridge drives; Multiple IDE ATAPI devices; Zorro slots; High-res Graphics cards and scan doublers; PC-Pentium slave boards; Amiga-PC Networking & Integration; Port expn.
Do-it-Yourself EZ-Tower If you are confident about undertaking a small amount of metalwork using hand tools then this is "This definitely one of the easiest solutions to building your own tower. ” Amiga Format - July 1997 "The Eyetech tower offers clever solutions with a Velcro easy fit mentality" Cu Amiga - Oct 1997 It Couldn't be Easier!
The All-New Eyetech EZ-TOWER your lowest cost route to a really professional A1200 Tower system - capable of all the other expansion opportunities oulined on this page.
FULL tower with (0 drive bays as stendma
(7. S~WX 1S'dK20"M Enternsl SCSI socket Squirrel internal drive
adapter* 250 Wait PSU and A1200 power cable* Supplied as
standard All A1200 rear pens are directly accessible Space
tor A1200 2oito slots * or PC motherboard" and cards
PortPlus' provides 2 extra Serial & 1 extra Parallel port Fit
external floppy drives internally Remove the case top and
keyboard ribbon cable (No shield removal required).
Slot in the ribbon cable from the optional PC Amiga keyboard interface.
Mount existing and new hard and floppy drives and CDROM units in the bays using the screws provided.
Connect up the drives power and data cables.
Clip the A1200 motherboard base Into the custom backpanel.
Push on the power HD FDD LED adapter and the A1200 power connector.
Put back the outer case. Thats it!... Now You 've Got Tower Power!
Fully accessible usable PCMCIA CDROM & A1200 mixed audio out sockets adapter* Comes with DFQ; faceplate and cable.
Adapters" Tor using standard PC floppy drives as DFO: Dft: Inc high density PC find Amiga options A1200 main board with 66Mhz 060" & 64MB* To build your D- -Y EZ-Tower you will need to: Remove the back panel of the supplied PC tower by drilling out the aluminium pop-rivets Remove a section of internal shelving by making three short hacksaw cuts Trim down a removable plate using metal shears or a hacksaw and deburr any sharp edges with a file Fasten the custom back panel back in place using the screws provided or your own pop rivets.
Clip the A1200 power adapter on to the PSU cables using a pair of pliers and the Scotchlock (squeeze-type) cable joiners provided.
Thais it! You've just saved yourself L20 for around 20 minutes work.
The Eyetech DIY EZ-Tower costs just £99.95
- including all the components supplied with the readv-built Mk2
Zorro 2, Zorro 3 and other expansion options The A1200was originally conceived as a low-cost .entry-level home of performance then our best advice is to either buy an A4000 now, or computer with limited expansion capabilities. Inevitably some com- to bny one of (he new PC-AT sized, third-party Amiga motherboards promises had to be made in its design. Two of these limitations - which will fit into your EZ-Tower directly - when they become should be born in mind w hen planning your A1200 expansion. Available early in 1998.
1. There is rio practical, reliable way to add a video slot (see
below) Apart from graphics cards - sec below - most of the
desired expansion
2. The well-documented problems in the rev9 Buster chip used for
options can be achieved more cheaply and more reliably using
other bus control on the A4000 were carried over into the
A1200 A1200 ports, such as: design. However unlike (he A4000 -
the A1200 chips are IDE port - using the Eyetech 4-device
buffered interface and EZ-IDF.
Soldered directly on to the A1200 main board, making a field- software - for multiple CDROMs, hard drives. Zip drives, LSI20 update to the A12(X)'s equivalent of the rev 11 Buster impossible. Super floppies, CD w riters and tape streamers.
In practice this means that any A1200 Zorro bus conversion is Clock port - using the Eyetech PortPlus (2xser + Ixpar), Portjnr inevitably going to he frought with performance problems at high (lxser). Disk Plus (2xDD HD XHD Amiga PC floppies), EZ-IO* speeds. For this reason extra memory and high-bandsvidthperipher- (2xDD HD X HD Amiga PC floppies + 2xser+ Ixpar) t-jsaii livu ids such as SCSI cards should always be associated with your A1200 Parallel port - for frame grabbers, sound samplers & PC networking accelerator, not with the Zorro expansion board. (Graphics cards are PCMCIA port - for
ethcrnct (Siamese RTG pack), frame grabbers, fine - they actually reduce the bus bandwidth required). This is also sound samplers and SCSI expansion.
The reason why we believe it is not sensible to offer a costly Zorro 3 Alternatively you may wish to consider adding a slave PC motherboard expansion option for the EZ-Tower. If you really need these levels within your EZ-Tower- networked to perform these and other functions.
The DIY EZ-Tower is also available to non- UK customers without the PC tower FOR EXPORT ONLY at £49,95 inc VAT @17.5% Floppy drive and backup options Bear in mind that you should always have a bootable floppy drive connected to ihe internal floppy drive 34-pin header as this may be the only way to boot your computer in an emergency. (Cuiweuscl, Diskplus etc are not bootable) Your DF0: options are: Use your old drive with tile faceplate & extension cable supplied Use Eyeteehs EZ-DF0 adapter - £14.95. or £34.95 complete with new Sony floppy drive mechanism with built-in faceplate.
Backup and high density floppy drive options: Mount our external floppy iri the TX-Towci a. F Fl- (Its lead must be at least 70cm or you'll need a 50cm extension cable - LI2.95) Use a Disk Plus interlace (you can still use 4 drives on the IDE port Cat weasel doesn't allow this) for DD HD XHD Amiga PC disks Use an Eyetech LS120 drive ’ on the IDE port. Reads & writes PC? Format 720KB 1.44MB diskettes & 120MB superdisks (£14.95 1 or £34.95 3) Use an Eyetech IDE Zip drive* for standard data interchange w ith PC's.
Mac's (supported by Shapeshihcr) and other A micas.
" LZ- !l)b tftu rrffr ryqunrfV All EZ~Towers... What about PowerPC upgrades?
The Blizzard PowerPC boards from phasc’5 will fit in the trapdoor space of an EZ-Tower'd A1200, w-ith or without a Zorro expansion board. However you should bear in mind that the PPC boards will be limited to providing 'subroutine' support lo specially written 680x0 programs (just like an expensive FPU) for the forsceable future. If and when a proper native PPC Amiga ojwraiing system is available Eyetech will start stocking and supporting these boards directly.
Graphics cards, scan-doublers and the singleslot Zorro option The hvclcdi sin Ur slot Zorro a.IupVi fils close to the A1200 main board allowing a PC motherboard and selected PC cards to be- fitted simultaneously. It huspnmaniy been designed for use with AniigaGuphicscards uirii as live Cyber •.'.rapines 64Z3D from phase 5 Plea c i i*r (hat as there u no practical, reliable vs as to abstract the v nko signal-, prevent on the A 4000 Zorro vbfeo slot from ,m A1290 (without soldering onto the main board) you cannot successfully use the built-m optiueial scan doublers on the Picasso ]V or
CybervixionM 3D hoards with any add-on A12.90 Zorro adapter. To overcome this limitation Eyetech has produced two plug in adapters which can he used cither individually oi loginlter dependin'.1. mi your existing monitors scanning capabilities The AUTO-MON adapter works in conjunction with the Cybcrsision (»4 3D card to autorn.iiiciifly display the output ol vour current program whether relate cited to the CVM .'DcardordisplayeJ s ia the AGA chipset.
It you have an Amiga-compatible iriufdsyiic monitor the AUTO-SWX is all you need for scentless use of your Amiga.
The EZ-VGA adapter is an external unit that attaches to the 21-pin Mdvu socket of arty Amiga and automat wads sc .m-doubles avis
l. xkh screen modesiLMUiK --oihal th.-y display cmii-ctiy on ,j
nomini PC .SVGA monitor. PC compatible crcen mode signal ,
(DB1.PAI.. Ptoduciis ity. Super72 etc) ate passed llmmgh
AUTO-MON adapter £39.95 EZ-VGA adapter £79.95 Love your A1200 but need PC compatibility for work or study purposes?
Then you need Eyetechs EZPC-Tower system for your A1200.
Just £899.95 gets you a ready-to-run system with: A full Amiga EZ-Tower system ready to take your A1200.
Jumperless 266MHz-capable TX‘ PC Pentium board with 166Mhz cpu, 32MB of memory, Windows 95 keyboard, mouse and Windows 95 operating system.
High performance, high res graphics card with full screen full frame rate MPEG playback (with sound).
32-bit high performance sound card with direct-to-disk, CD-quality recording software.
1. 7GB hard drive, 16-speed CDROM, 2 x serial, 1x parallel ports
and 1.44MB high density floppy drive.
AND either the Eyetech EZ-PC integration pack: The Eyetech EZ-VGA compact, external Amiga scan-doubler to display 15KHz modes - eg games - on a PC SVGA monitor.
PC-Amlga networking software which allows all PC side hard drives, floppy drives, CDROM drives and networked drives to be read from and written to by the Amiga, including cable.
The Eyetech EZ-Key PC keyboard adapter for the Amiga A remote desktop switchbox to flip monitor and keyboard between the PC and Amiga sides OR the Eyetech Siamese pack (additional £99.95): The lull Siamese system version 2.5 software including retargetable graphics.
The Eyetech EZ-VGA compact, external Amiga scan-doubler to display 15KHz modes - eg games - on a PC SVGA monitor) The Eyeiech EZ-Key PC keyboard adapter for the Amiga The AUTO-MON automatic monitor switch to display either the PC graphics card output (including retargetted Amiga screens) or the scan-doubled Amiga output for Amiga screens - such as games - which will not retarget onto the PC display Looking for an all-in-one package?
Why not treat yourself to the Eyetech EZ-Tower Professional Pack?
Just look what you get for an unbelievable £799.95!
...feature a slide-out mounting frame for fitting either... ¦ si EZ-Tower with full UK specification A1200, Kickstart 3.1 Workbench 3.1 disks and manuals, mouse, mousemat, TV lead and 250watt psu, EZ-Key keyboard adapter, Windows95 keyboard.
25MHz '040 processor (approx 19 Mips) with MMU & FPU and 16MB of program memory. Ez-key & wi«9sk h,
1. 7GB TowerDrive with Workbench 3.1 and shareware utilities
preinstalled 8-speed CDROM including the Eyetech 4-device
buffered interface with fully registered EZ-IDE CDROM hard
drive IDE Zip drive LS120 driver software (see main ad for
EZ-IDE details) 880KB floppy drive including faceplate
Fantastic software bundle including Wordworth 4SE, Turbocalc
3.5, Datastore 1.1, Photogenics
1. 2SE, Personal Paint 6.4, Organiser 1.1, Pinball *x cdrom. T.?
An , .... . HD, EZ-IDE % w A Mama and Whizz All items fully
installed, tested and ready-to-goi AND the option to have: An
LS120 720KB 1.44MB 120MB super floppy drive cable installed in
your machine for just £99.95 extra (at time of purchase only)
...a standard PC motherboard and cards, or... ,.,a Zorro board
and cards (as well as your A1200).
Code Description Price £ Zorro adapters, graphics cards, LS120& floppy drives AbPT-22-Ai2 T 1-slot Sorro 2 ectapr.er 9,95 KOVT-Z2-kl2n 7-aloe Zorro 2 adapter 179.95 ADPT-ZZ-KBV.T EZ-XEY upfffsdo Cor 7.2 adp 35.00
i. F; -rVS4JD Cyborycaphics 4MB 7.2 card 159.95 0FX-MONSW-AUT Air
10- MON hwi I ch f or CV643D 39,95 ADIT-UFX-S DEL EZ-VGA 2Jp
in-line soartdbi 79,95 4-dwv HUT buff interface 39.95 Univ • X
ITE ATAPI dvr nthan 34-95 EZ-IDE W UJT-121-CU4 LS120 17.50
AT . 1* i '¦ .72 1.44 • 17 0M9 FED 114 33 Description Price £
syslems. Keyboards & accessories E«-Ti?w«r ceee 115.95 EZ
Tower DIY opti an 90.9 EJE-Tnwor 0.1 V -TO PC case 19 9S
K7-TW *¦ AT20O 799.95 ES-Yower w Pent fC syat 0!J9.95
Si*t»ntUfc upgrade tor Abvv 99.95 A40CQ k b inti bp ailnidir;
39.95 6-piri mini to 5 pin odptr fi.45 Wi n9':. KL- j 5p S2KEY
L'tr-i j ' 14. 95 = 7, VEY U.U .Ml. .11,,.. . R ") .
Audio mxrt Ar.-.gaZCtl RCA 19.95 Squirrel int «xt 9CSI «dp 19.45 Floppy oklti cob k tacaplt L2.95 Int floppy drive faevplat H.95 E2-DF0 Sony PC: FDD i f DFO 14.95 Sony FDD w fflCeplnt» KZOPQ 34.95 Pev:i i.jbj t PSU -Pit It plug 4.9 Code EZ-Tower cases.
Worldwide deliveries in 2-7 days from receipt of faxed order and payment details, (eg SX32 next day to NYC £25.30) UK m land next day insured dvt'y cherpes ¦
S. 'w, cubliju, buffered .f £3; 2.5" drives, accefs, mem boards
£6; manuals £7; 3.5" drives, modems, psu's £9.50; Tats. CD+
(2day)£10 Rlng fax email lor other delivery costs UK
bank butiding society cheques, Visa".
Mastercard", Switch, Delta, Connect. Postal' Money orders accepted. " A 3,::i surcharge applicable lo ail credit card orders.
Due to space limitations some ot ths spec* given are mehcitn e only - please nngtwute ter further dela.ua. Please check prices, specs and availability before ordering, if ordering by post please include a contact phone no.
Goods are not supplied on a trial basis. E&OE All prices include VAT at 17.5%. VAT is not applicable to non-EC orders EZ-Tower Club Corner Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, N Yorks, TS9 5BB, UK Tel UK: 07000 4 AMIGA 01642 713 185 Tel Int'l: +44 1642 713 185 Fax: +44 1642 713 634 eyetech ©cix.co.uk www.eyetech.co.uk Voted AUJ Amiga Company of the Year 1996 7 « c (0 l_ 0) 3 o u L_ 3 o .
S .2
* ¦3 a E u © EX TOV T£] ~ Tocfly V e- r •m C w rr la)1 EZ-Tower
anti Lucy by Ailsa, aged 10, from York.
C o E JZ o (0 0) 0) c o w ® S3 ® £ c CL ® 3 U) e © tmm U 0- 0 3 o H SJ a INT-32T-CD4 Dvft-BEIDE DVS-EZ1DB-.9F HD3 -US120 HD3-L3120-CT1 3 x 120 MB super Ileppxe* 34.95 IOT-12C-DSKPL DiskPlus FDD i f OO MO XHD 69.94 LNT-Z2-TDEFL ox IDE (exp- »10i -DB liD XlID FU 79 95 INT-5EH-PPL 2 x 460Kbaud S * «O0KB.'« P 89.94 IjfT-SER-PJR 1 x 460Kbaud highspeed aer 46.95 ADPT-HD*-2 S 2 ,5*HD-»3 S* bey k ceb *dap!2.95 CAB44- 2V. 60C 2,5*HD 60cdi cab 44-44 way 19,95 The A500 - one of the ......a__ ,0.
Up to speed with the new accelerator from Power Computing.
You’ve slill got an AnOO-type Amiga? Does it make your blood boil when people tell you to ditch it and get an A1200? Perhaps a better solution would be to upgrade the 500 - you know, give it up to 128 Mb RAM, an internal SCSI controller, two 11)1?
Controllers and the possibility of adding more chipmem. Not to mention a processor that's up to 16 times las ter than that tired old 68000, an Fpl' to match and the potential to add a local Kicks tart chip. How does that sound?
Well it sounded pretty good to me, so I got our old disk-testing machine out ol the cupboard and opened it up with a view to fitting this monster accelerator.
The first thing to bear in mind is that, unlike the A1200, the A500 doesn't have a processor upgrade slot, so you can't simply bang this board in the underside of your machine. Instead you're going to have to open it up - that's right, don't worn-, it's easy - and plug the board inside your case.
SCREWED UP You may well have a machine that is sealed up with what are called Torx screws. These have star-shaped heads rather ilian the normal cross-headed (or Philips) screws you usually see. Don’t panic, you can usually get Torx screwdrivers from electrical shops, and vou mav even already have some if y ou it t t have a kit ol’screYvdrivers from Halfords The way it works
1. The very necessary SIMM socket - nowt in here, no speed up.
2. 68882 socket for speeding up maths operations.
SCSI port - so you can connect up to seven more devices.
4. This plug goes to Paula.
S. 2.5" IDE port for fitting an internal IDE drive.
6. A much diddier 68000 than the one on the motherboard.
7. Kickstart 2.05 - the minimum for bootable IDE.
Ft. Two IDE ports four up to four devices plugged directly into the board.
Or the like. Once you've ope ned up your machine, you'll need to remove the shinv metallic shielding that covers n the motherboard, but first it would be a good idea to unplug your keyboard.
Keep a note of which way around the plug needs to fit onto the motherboard so that you don't put it back the Yvrong Yvay around.
It performs well speed wise, giving the average A500 owner a sixteen-fold increase in the poke of their machine.
The shielding is also easy enough to remove. You'll need a flat headed screYvdriYer to prise up the litde tabs that fasten the shielding clown - there should be four in all, then a couple of extra Torx screYvs, mainly at the edge of the shield Yvhere the side slot is on the A500. Put all that lot to one side and you'll he staring at your machine's motherboard in all its glory. Noyv you Yvant to locale the 68000 chip. It's a biggun on the lef t-hand side of the machine running from front to back. It should have a Motorola logo and say MC68000P8 on it someYvhere. You’ll need to remove this to
fit the accelerator card. This can be easily done by ever-so-gentlv levering up first one end of the chip, then the other with a flat-bladed screwdriver, keeping your lingers on the top of the chip to keep it level. Once you gel the chip out, put it to one side and grab the accelerator.
First, vou'll need to attach a living ’ si) lead to your Paula chip. This is just to the right of the 68000 socket. It's an easy job - just hook the hook onto the 16th pin (this is on the side of the chip facing the back of the machine, count from the right-hand side). The accelerator has a bunch ol pins coming down from its underside that you can plug into the 68k socket, but be very careful as these pins are quite long and fragile.
CONCLUSION I've gone over the installation of this board so carefully because the documentation that accompanies it isn't very good.
* O HoYvever, the someYvhat precarious pins for the 68k soeket
and poor manual aside, this board is Yen thorough. It y O
performs Yvell speedYvise, giving the average A500 owner a
sixteen-fold increase in the poke of their machine.
But, and it's a big but, you might still be better off buying a secondhand A1200. It's up to you.
DISTRIBUTOR: Power Computing (01234) 851500 PRICE: (with no RAM) £179.95 REQUIREMENTS: A500 (or A500plus) SPEED: • • • • • Fastest A500 on the planet.
MANUAL: •••00 We only got a preliminary one, ACCESSIBILITY: ••••0 Hey, it's not difficult just plug and (carefully) play!
FEATURES: • • • • • Not one but two IDE ports, a SCSI port, room for up to 128Mb RAM, etc., etc. VALUE: • • • • O Just pay for what you need, OVERALL VERDICT: An ideal and inexpensive way to upgrade your A500 to the max. [Bgffi W®gG catches up with the latest accelerator board from Eyetech. Will it send his heart, or his A600, racing?
Should you have a A600, then people will be even more likely to tell you to switch to an At200 than A500 owners. It's a well known fact that accelerators for the A600, no matter how good, all tend to be fixed in place with sticky tape and a prayer. Eyetech reckon they've solved most of the problems with regard to accelerating an A600, mainly by allowing the user to fix the board in place at no fewer than five points in the A600, attached with velcro so you can remove it if you so choose (not recommended, I hasten to add).
Totally, leaving you with the 030 and fpu, but very little acceleration as these processors need direct access to memory to be able to shine at all. The fact that this board comes without memory but with a 33MHz CPU and FPU for less than a hundred pounds should mean that there’s life in the little dog yet and, as Eyetech say, there’s no smaller multimedia machine available on the market.
The A600 may not have the flash of AGA graphics, but with a beefed up processor and heaps of extra memory', your Scala presentations should look a lot better Other problems with A600 installation are incompatibility with the PCMCIA socket (the old 4Mb RAM problem) and having to modify your A600's case or shielding in order to keep your hard drive and accelerator inside the case successfully. The Eyetech 630 33 gets around both these problems by ensuring that all the possible 32Mb of RAM is mapped outside the initial 4Mb area. It is also This board comes without memory but with a 33MHz CPU and
FPU for less than a hundred quid... small enough to allow the hard drive to simply be moved towards the left of the machine without needing to snip into the shielding.
Even so. Fitting this board isn't going to be fun and you really need to get it right first time because of the fragility of the interface between the 68000 chip in your A600 and the accelerator card. Fortunately, there are very detailed instructions with the board and I felt really comfortable with opening up our machine by following the briefing given. The board autosenses what size SIMM you’ve put in and will take one single or doublesided SIMM, up to 32Mb in size.
Eyetech have put a jumper on the board to help if you have slow memory by adding wait states, but since A600 owners don’t tend to have old SIMMs knocking around the place, this is unlikely to get used. The only other jumper on the board disables the RAM SPEED: • • • O It's a pretty fast A600 and no mistake MANUAL: • • • Even for the novice, there are no qualms ACCESSIBILITY: tftOO Plugging in an A600 accelerator is never going to be the easiest of tasks FEATURES: • • • 0 It's fast, it doesn't mess with your case or PCMCIA port. What more d'ya want?
VALUE: » Outstanding!
OVERALL VERDICT: A cracking bit of kit and easy to fit.
Ninja Tune have given us five copies of the latest Coldcut CD "Let Play" (as featured on AFCD19) to give to y'all this Christmas. To win one, just send a postcard to: Coldcut Draw, Amiga Format, 29 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW D rt Nomak A rvi ilHn'-P r i i lit q icq --- your gold Cds? Isn't so sure that he would.
Wouldn't you like to re-use It tends to take a little while to catch up with technology. This is the first review we have done of a CD-RW drive, mainly because this is one of the first that has become available at a sensible price.
Having a CD-RW drive is not the same as basing a normal drive. You cannot, yet, change clata on the CD-RW disc. When it says re-writeable, it means that you can erase sessions and re-use the space. It isn’t like being able to edit or add to documents or files that are stored on the CD.
On to the drive itself, then. The Noma! 680 is actually based on a Ricoh MP6200S. Delivering an approximate six speed read and CDDA features, this drive would sit comfortably as a low-to- midclle-end CD player. As a writer it would probably compare most to the Philips CD2600, having a nominal 2x speed write, although under test it actually managed around 400k s transfer speeds, which is a little bit faster.
The Ricoh engine is supported by both Master!SO and MakeCD. MakeCD allows the deletion (or formatting) of the complete disk only, although it should soon be possible to delete single sessions using MasterlSO.
Writing a CD-RW takes no longer CD-RW may be suitable for some applications, but I can't see it becoming common for home computers... them? Obviously, as a 1 backup device it bears some investigation, but remember that the price of ordinaiy write-once Cds is a small percentage of the price of a single CD-RW disc.
CD-RW may be suitable for some applications, but I can t see it becoming common for home computers, especially with technologies like DVD looming on the horizon. As you can’t read CD-RW discs in very many normal CD drives, it makes them rather redundant for testing purposes.
As it stands, the Nomai performs well, but there is little software support for it on the Amiga. Although MakeCD supports the CD-RW mode, and so will the next version of MasterlSO, die CD- RW formal is not supported by any current backup programs (which is also a problem for normal CD-Rs).
All of this is not a limitation of the drive itself, as it performs admirably.
The only gripes with the mechanism arc with the supplied external version, which has rather primitive DIP switch settings for SCSI ID and termination. It also requires an external transformer which, rather annoyingly, is in the form of one of those huge plugs which take- up far too much room on a power strip.
For some reason, it also uses a 25- pin D-Type SCSI connector, so make sure you have the right cable for it.
The price compares quite favourably with ordinaiy' CD-R drives, at around £100-150 more than the cheapest of similarly specced drives. If you actually need a CD-RW drive, this could well be a contender.
PRICE: £445. CD-R DISCS: £15 each.
REQUIREMENTS: SCSI interface, CD-R software.
SPEED: •• 00 An average CD-R performer.
MANUAL: •••GO Loads of non-Amiga specific documentation.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • O Fairly simple, but fiddly SCSI set-up.
FEATURES: • • • • O Full CD-R capabilities and more.
VALUE: • • • • O And only a tad more expensive than a standard CD-R drive.
OVERALL VERDICT: A reliable performer, with solid CD- RW support should you need it.
SanyQ We cover one, and loads more start creeping out of the woodwork. What's cameras, of course.
He newest addition to the digital camera pack is the Sanyo Digicam (also given the forbidding name VPG-G200E).
As you can see from the photograph, it's a sleek, me tall ic- looking gizmo and thankfully it's a bit weightier than the Kodak models, making it a bit steadier in adult hands.
It's also higher resolution than either of the Kodak models we looked at last month, as it gives a maximum picture size of 640 x 480.
Of course, it’s always possible to run the Digicam in its standard resolution of 320 x 240, and there arc several reasons why you may want to do this.
... the controls on the back of the Digicam... are very nice and intuitive - no need to refer to the manual here!
Encountered in digital cameras before - the ability to take a high speed multiple shot. This gives you nine pictures for the price of one, which you could separate into a little animation.
This camera also features a realtime display on its back in a little 2" LCD screen, but this chews up the batteries like nobody's business.
Fortunately, unlike the Kodak camera, the Digicam takes standard AA batteries just like the ones in your personal stereo, so at least you won't have to worry if you run out in the middle of nowhere - absolutely everyone sells those batteries!.
It's also an improvement over the Kodak DC20 in that you can choose whether you want to use high or low resolution on an image-by-image basis and you can delete individual images too. In fact, the controls on the back of the Digicam, which are controlled by a four way thumb rocker switch, are very nice and intuitive no need to refer to the manual here! Like theDC-25, the Digicam has a flash but seems to have quite a good CCD because it is often not needed, even in our ding)' offices.
To connect the Digicam to your Amiga you attach the now familiar serial cable to the back of your machine and, via a 3.5mm jack, to the camera.
Now you're ready to download the JPEG images the Digicam stores in preparation for conversion to a native Amiga format, or to put them onto your hard drive in JPEG format. Like most digital cameras we at Amiga Formal have seen, the Digicam shares the fault of having too narrow a field of view, resulting in images which seem somewhat distant.
The fact that the camera is not a single lens reflex means that the offset for the view finder can also be quite problematic when you’re taking close up pictures.
The software that comes with the Digicam is not quite finished yet. It was written by a company called TTL Marketing who got into the idea because of their main work, which is setting up video walls and presentations using Scala and the Amiga. TTL chose die Sanyo because they were already dealers for Sanyo's video products and the choice seemed natural.
Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get the Amiga software in time, so we can't tell you how good it is.
We don't know, at this point, whether features such as image rotation, for when you take portrait photographs instead of landscape, and conversion to IFF ILBM instead of forcing the user to have the images stored as JPEGs are included. We ll let you know exactly what we think of it next month. In the meantime, we have been taking images off the camera using the Mac software that comes supplied with the camera and, although it has the problems we have already mentioned, the fact that the images are a quarter larger than the Kodak cameras, and that this model has a built-in flash (unlike the
DC-20), means that the Digicam is already a treasured posession around the office. V~ r Get in the mode
- join KQBgDs WqSGsDq and the scan-doubled set.
The CyberVision scan- doubler is designed lo complement the Cvhei Vision card.
Quite simply, the sean-doubler doubles the scan rate of incoming signals, allowing them 10 be displayed on monitors which don't sync down to speeds low enough to normal h display them.
This is most useful for the Am iga. 1 ts I ow resolu tion 15kHz modes are very handy for video work and TV users, but aren’t compatible with the multitude of cheap “VGA”-stvle monitors, which only svnc down to a 1 31 kHz signal. Even multisync monitors usually have a range which begins far above that required to display low-rcs screens. So the scan-doubler should he an all round good thing then? Well, it should be.
The biggest problem with the scan- doubler is actually installing it. The only physical connection between it and the CyberVision 3D card is a small ribbon cable. The card itself does not sit flush against the graphics hoard, After much trial, the only way to get both cards installed in an A4U0U was to take out the backplane of the CV64 3D, put the scan- doubler in the video slot, place the CV64 3D on top and then, with great workbench was redirected to a CyberGraphX screen mode. When the machine was reset, the display just came up grey - an Amiga-M. Was needed to flip the new Workbench screen
to the front.
The scan-doubler is highlv useful if n you have a CvberVision and a Multiscan or VGA monitor which doesn't svnc t down low enough for low-res screens. At least it would he if the switching part worked. Or the CyberVision was fast enough to display non-interlaced screens of a decent resolution.
In the end, the card is only useful 7 for people who only have a VGA-style monitor. For the extra price of the scan- doubler you could easily pick up a good condition second-hand monitor capable of displaying the lower jj frequency W ™ modes.
* So if you’ve got the space, using two monitors would be a
belter solution than using the scan-doubler.
The scan-doubler looks impressive, but a second monitor would probably be a better solution to display problems.
.. .highly useful if you have a CyberVision and a Multiscan or VGA monitor which doesn't sync down low enough... DISTRIBUTOR: Power Computing (01234)851500 PRICE: £69.95 REQUIREMENTS: Amiga with video slot FLICKER The Scan-Doubler is not a flicker fixer. The scan-doubler merely doubles the scan frequency to a range where VGA- style monitors can display it Flicker is caused by using interfaced screen modes. This means that the image is built up of two fields, where alternate lines of the image are displayed in one pass, and the lines in between on the next.
The result is twice the vertical resolution but as Amiga owners know, at a cost to your eyesight!
Interlaced screens are terribly flickery, especially with general computer Image displays, due to their abundance of horizontal and vertical lines.
Many solutions to reduce or avoid flicker have been tried, from simply adjusting the on-screen colours to reduce the effect through to long persistence display monitors (the A2024). The only way to really eliminate flicker is to use a hardware solution, known as a flicker fixer.
Since the solution involves dose synchronisation with the Amiga, real flicker fixers are generally only to be found as part of graphics cards, such as the Picasso (V.
Difficulty, attach the liny ribbon cable that runs between them.
Because of the tight fit of the cards, it is then impossible to join both die outputs from the cards onto the backplane, unless you want to go to the trouble of completely dismantling the rear of your A4000 - not a task to be taken lightly by any means.
The second problem is which output to connect your monitor to. The scan-doubler is the correct answer. It can display both the CyberVision graphics (as it is connected to the card via the ribbon cable) and normal Amiga graphics. However, occasionally the display does not switch automatically.
For example, on the test system, SPEED: •••00 The speed of the CyberVision is more relevant. The scan-doubler is fine.
MANUAL: •OOOO Fitting ideas would be helpful... ACCESSIBILITY: •••00 Easy to use, but hard to fit, FEATURES: • • • • 0 Switching between Amiga and CGX modes is suspect.
VALUE: ••000 Second hand monitors cost the same OVERALL VERDiCT: It works, but is only worth it if you haven't room for two monitors... % rV" AMIGA ", He.
COMPUTERS & MONITOR WITH EXTENDED ISO DATS WARRANTY III Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drivesj CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades., A500, A500+ & A600 £30.95
- PICKUP & DELIVERY CHARGES £7-05 EACH WAY ? A1500 A2000 A4000
33. 6k ....£79.00 LOLA GENLOCKS L1500 .£169*95
L2000S.....£349*95 APOLLO ACCELERATORS 1230 Lite .£69-95 SCSI
16 MAX ..£79*95 SIMMS 4Mb .... ......£15-00 8Mb.....
.....£29-00 16Mb.... .....£59-00 32Mb... ....£120-00
1230 50..£119.95 1240 25 ..£139.95 1240 40 .£199-95 1260 50
SAME DAY DESPATCH (Subject to availability TRADE IN YOUR
for a reasonable offer for your A12Q01A4000 computer (or just
motherboard) - in any condition 2-5" IDE HARD DRIVES All hard
drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with Workbench loaded
and include cable & software AMIGA COMPUTERS A500 With PSU +
Mouse + Mat £79-95 A500+ With PSU + Mouse + Mat....£89-95
A600 With PSU + Mouse + Mat £99-95 A1200 Magic pack
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810MB Hard Drive ....£379-95 A1200 With 2.1 gig Hard Drive
£469-95 A2000 (Available) ....£Call
A4000 (Available) ....£Call ?
Discounts on memory upgrades and accelerators when bought
with A1200 ? Extended warranty up to 5 years available on all
A1200 computers 540MB £125-00
SIOMB £140-00
14 3ig .£199-00
2. 1 Gig .£250-00 60MB
....£55-00 80MB ..... £65-00
160MB £69-00 260MB
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2. 5" IDE Cable & Software (If bought
separately) ..£9-95 3-S" IDE HARD DRIVES
2. 1 Gig £159-00
4,2Gig ..£24900 Please call
for other capacities CHIPS -S- SPARES ? ACCESSORIES A600 A 1
20 0 KEYBOARD ....£29 SCART
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A520 MODULATOR ..£18 95 95 95 00 00 00 ROM
2-04 ....£18 ROM 2 05
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A500 A600 A1 200 CIA .....£12 00 00 95 95 00
A500 A600 A1 200 POWER
SUPPLY ..£24-95
A1 500 A2000 A3000 A4000 POWER
* All spares are available ex-stock
* Please call for any chip or spare not listed here jMAmnr
Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd ANALOGIC Unit 6, Ashway Centre, Elm
Crescent, 95 5 ANALOGIC Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT9 6HH
"w V ID I aFTIll ? All prices include VAT ? AH prices &
specifications subject to change without notice ? Fixed charge
for repair does not include disk drive keyboard ? We reserve
the right to refuse any repair ? P&P charges £3-50 by Royal
Mail or £7 05 for courier ? Please allow 5 working days for
cheque clearance
* All sales repairs are only as per our terms and conditions,
copy available on request.
M GIFT IDEAS are hunting around for pressies for your one's Amiga, why not try some of these sub-£30 beauties?
Price: £9.95 Contact Golden image 01819009291 There are some people who will never be able to play games without the feel of an ergonomically designed, satisfyingly solid stick in their hand.
Two fire buttons and an autofire option come as standard on this built-for comfort model.
Price: £9.95 Contact Golden image 01819009291 Surely nobody is still using a Commodore mouse? If they are, they need a replacement fast - it'll speed up their work more effectively than any accelerator... Price: £9.99 each Contact Weird Science P116) 246 3800 Just as you should subscribe to Amiga Format - cheaper, _¦ safer and delivered to v your door - you should V also consider an Aminet ¦ subscription. Each disc will * be dispatched to you on release.
* 0 Jt bri V7 Ppaint 6.4 Price: £9.95 Contact Golden image
01819009291 Price: £19.95 Contact: Weird Science (0116) 246
3800 If you fancy running an alternative operating system, why
bother emulating a Mac when you could be running a contender
for the next generation Amiga?
Perfect for the person who has joined the second games revolution. You can't play modern games without one, so some people say.
IfTz GIFT IDEAS A Price: £ 14.95 Contact: Power Computing (01234) 851500 Quite a few games these days offer enhanced performance on a joystick with more than one button, and Power are to the rescue with these increasingly rare official CD” joypads. Snap 'em up while you can - or enter our competition to win one... IEQcDQDS© DQQSte Price: varies Contact: lots of retailers Mouse mats are almost easier to come by than pencils these days, so it's easy to brighten up your work area with a nice colourful one. Future Publishing ones are a little harder to come by, but Amiga ones should be available
from your local dealer.
Price: £34.95 for three Contact: various Amiga dealers Zip drives seem to be the removable media drive of choice these days. Get your Amiga some extra disks from all manner of dealers including HiSoft, Eye tech. Power and more. The price is only a guideline and you can buy the disks singly as well as in packs of three or five.
You know it makes sense. What would you rather do? Trudge around town in the cold trying to find AF (it'll be sold out in a lot of shops), or just jump out of bed and pick it up off the doormat?
Not too difficult a question, I wouldn't have thought, and one you can easily resolve for yourselves.
Have a very merry Christmas!
J There have been some great games for the Amiga and now, thanks to Guildhall Leisure, you can once again buy many of them. There's a wide choice, from the strategy of Dune II and Cannon Fodder to the fun of Skidmarks and more. You should be able to buy these games from Electronics Boutique and Game stores all over the country, and also from those nice people at Epic Marketing.
10 CD32 joypads (worth about £150) go into a pub Joystick wagglers rejoice! We have ten lovely CD12 joypads to give away courtesy of Power Computing. To increase your gaming pleasure and be the envy of all your mates, send your postcard to: AF Christmas draw. Power Computing, Unit 82a, Singer Way, Kempston, MK42 7PU LOIUG TERM REVIEW SftooaJ rewords the old matter.
Screen menu. Alter the display to fill the screen, el voila! Next time you use the same screen mode, the presets are automagically restored. True, it takes a second for the monitor to re-sync and show the new, solid display, but that's not a problem.
This monster eats all the screenmodes you could possibly throw at it. A multiscan that displays the iBrowse and wordworth all benefit immensely from the higher resolutions made possible by the GPM1701 Amiga’s default Low-Res screen mode used to be an exception to the rule, and indeed still is. But the GPM1701 happily puts on its brakes and syncs down to l5KHz should you feel the urge to play games on it.
What’s more, via the on-screen menu, you can control more aspects of the display than you could ever shake the proverbial stick at. It’s all there - multiple geometry controls, user- definable colour temperature, as well as eviewed back in AF87, the .GPM1701, (or "Microviiec Ml764 Multiscan Monitor" if you prefer something with more "M's in it) scored 91 percent.
Whether or not this was due, in part to its size, is debatable. The design is imposing enough to impress those with Itinch TV screens, but not so gigantic that it requires planning permission from your local council should you intend using it indoors.
Ah, but it costs a lot of money doesn't it? Well, again, not that much.
At least, not today. When these beauties first hit the shelves, you'd have been hard-pushed to get one for less than 600 quid. Indeed, when reviewed back in 1996 it was expected to retail for £650-700 - "good value", according to Graeme Sandiford. You can now get hold of one for under £400.
If you still think it's a bit expensive, compare a 640 by 256 PAL High-Res Workbench on a 14 inch monitor with a larger, crisper (0.28mm dot pitch), 676 by 550 on this baby in DblPAL.
You may be thinking, "that's only twice the size!" But it's also displayed on a larger screen, something which isn’t immediately obvious when you’re talking about dimensions purely in pixel terms. You could push this monitor up to even higher resolutions by using a graphics card, and you wouldn't have to resort to strapping one of those magnifying glasses usually reserved for the back window of a bus to your screen.
Flicking between screen modes is made easier with digitally-stored presets. Change to a new screen mode, and touch a button to bring up the on- I use one of these monitors on my A4000 at work. It's OK.
Given the choice however, I would much rather ditch it and go for something truly spectacular, like a 17" Idek or Sony.
The problem is that these monitors would almost certainly not be able to display the Amiga screenmodes we all know.
To get the best from your Amiga monitor combination you really need a PicassoIV (built-in f lickerf ixer you see) and a really good monitor - not this half-hearted effort.
BEN'S VERDICT the standard contrast and brightness - all within easv reach.
There's even a 'manual de-gauss' button next to the on off switch. I'm not e ntirely sure of the technical reason for it, but it makes a nice clunk... ...chik' noise and wobbles the display about whilst it ’de-gausses' the picture.
Worth £400 of anyone's money alone, in my book. Invite your bog-standard- A1200-owning neighbour in for a cup of tea and a game of SWOS. If he dares to threaten your goal (heaven forbid!), swiftly remark about the marginal degeneration in display quality and press that degauss' button.
The display wobbles. He shoots! He skies the ball!
.. .what a shame evi grin ... NO SPEAKERS The only thing you could really fault about this monitor is the lack of built-in speakers. Still, a 20-watt amp, a couple of half-decent speakers from a car hoot sale for one pound sterling and some audio cable, and this is no longer a worry.
The appreciative SWOS crowd sounds so much more satisfying than they would when heard through monitor speakers.
But it all you’re- going to do is just playgames, you're missing out. On my under-developed 6Mb A1200, Workbenc h, Personal Paint, Ibrowse and Wordworth (to name but a few) all benefit immensely from the higher and llicker-free resolutions made possible by the GPM I 701. The refresh-rate may he a lad slow, but that's no fault of the monitor. A PPG 060 card ought to do the trick... OVERALL VERDICT: An imposing monitor, and an excellent buy, especially due to the drop in price. Beware though: some earlier models weren't absolutely perfect in terms of display quality.
DISTRIBUTOR: Gasteiner 0181 345 6000 Price: £399 o % cr* This year, January comes before Christmas!” Hit the January Sale at Golden Image NOW Amiga Mice Replacement Mice £6.-93 £4.95 MegaMousc 400 £12.93 £9.45 McgaMouse Plus (3 Button) ...£14.93£9.95 New Black Mouse £94*3 a.95 Pen Mouse .£12.95 (ideal for CAD) g~~ rTi«r Tnr WlrlrJir2 OJ Poissiin A if'd if] Tu_rjJyj!] russji-ui T jj iJary J 99 Best pricing on CD ROM Drives & Hard Drives.
Wto can supply CD ROM sotutlona for ALL Amiga* from A500 to A400Q. Four top tttiaa free: NkfcFukio's Cfttmpfcxiahlp Gait; Syndicate; Pfnbifl FantaafM A Tha Cftftoe Engliwu All our External IDE CD ROM Drives have built in power supplies (they do not draw power from your Amiga) ... Different options to connect CD ROM drives to A600 or A1200 Ram Boards T RAM CARDS A1200 A1200 with clock and 4Mb mt upgradeable) ...£49 A1200 with clock 33MHz FPU and 4Mb .....£64- £59 A1200 with clock and 8Mb ...£65 A1200 with clock, 33MHz. FPU and 8Mb
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a) Use Internal IDE port with AtfaDuo if you have
2. 5” Hard Drive (wilt be with full JDEFJX software).
B) Use Internal IDE port with Alfa-Qualro interface if you have
3. 5“ Hard Drive (will be with full IDEFIX software).
c) PCMCIA external interface option available.
All CD ROM drives have play CD facility.
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Golden Image (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 0LB = Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: 0181 900 9281 m http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 080 0 600900 Our standard terms and conditions apply available on request. We do not supply on a trial basis.
Bench In true Xmas spirit,g ixicTEtorRi] gives free advice and answers to the poor and needy. Send your problems to his grotto at: Workbench • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath * Somerset BA12BW.
POWER COMPUTING I am a Computer Engineering student and I use my Amiga as a DTP, DTV.
Animation and programming machine. Here is my configuration: Amiga 4000 (desktop version) KickStart version
3. 1 WarpEnginc 4040 (608040 © 40 Mhz) CyberVision64 4 Mb VRAM 64
Mb RAM Emplant Deluxe 9 GB Hard Disk Space (2 x 4 GB SCSI Hds
+ 2 x 524 Mb IDE Hds) External CD-ROM (NEC 3x) Almost every
time I try to use a Demo or SudeShow ot even a music disk I
get trash in mv screen and a lot of noise (and I am sure
that it is not music).
Why is this?
2. 1 want to upgrade my Amiga to a PPC. Do you recommend me to
wait until GW2000 brings up something or to buv the
GvberStorm (or whatever it is z x called) Phasc5 604e
accelerators? What about the A BOX project, or the PIOS?
3. I want to upgrade my video card either to a CyberVision64 31)
or to a PicassoIV. Which one do you recommend for me?
I I want to use other operating systems as an option to AOS. I am considering pOS and I.inux. Could you recommend any others? Where would I 1’md them?
Is there a programming tool like Delphi or Visual Basic for the Amiga?
6. 1 am using the PC- at work, so I installed the very nice UAE.
Could you give me art Internet address where I can find UAE
upgrades, disk-images, etc.?
Tomas Agote Bs. As.
Argeniina It's most likely that the demo programs don't like your 040. I have a WarpLngine, and gave up trying to run demos within a week of getting it. 'trying to get demo programs to run on a graphics card is even more unlikely. Unless the demo programs specifically say that they support graphics cards, don’t expect them to work.
I'd wait until the promised cards appear, hut more importantly, I'd wait until there is software to take adx antage of them. It's all very well having a stupidly fast PowerPC card, hut what are you going to run on it? Let the software support make your decisio n for you. The PIOS has been advertised, hut not. As run ning the A miga operating system.
Currently there is no way to run the Amiga operating system on anything other than 6S0x()processors, so you might as well ask about Pentium systems as well. At least they run UAL.
MORE HARD PROBLEMS hither! Both arc excellent graphics cards, and there isn 7 a great deal lo chose between them. I can 7 help but wonder what kind of performance increase you expect over the Cybemision card you have already.
Specifications and speeds look great on paper, but if you pick one card over the other because of promised add-on modules I would recommend you wait until the modules are actually available.
At the moment pOS is really only a curiosity. It looks nice, and when it's finished I'm sure it will be worth trying. 'The frier will probably he low enough to make it.
Worthwhile. Ai for Linux, well, it's free so you really should try it and., deride for yourself if you like it. Your system will run it very well indeed, and with Xwindows you can have a very attractive front end. There are many graphics programs for X which should keep you happy. Try XelBSD as well, which is very similar No, sadly not. 'Ihe Amiga led the field with visual programming tools with groundbreaking products such as CanDo, I Iyper book and Am iga Vis ion. However, they were newer developed into fully fledged application programming tools with the power of Delphi or Visual Basic -
although CanDo got very close. I he last release of Can I)o supported AC A chipsets and was very impressive. If you can, try it.
Lor more information on the Amiga emulator for the PC, visit: http: , www. Eristwi n d. com. A u homepages ti mgu nr uae pic 96. Ht nl MALCONTENT In die Workbench section of Issue 101 September 97 of Amiga Format, you answered a letter from Mr. Kelly about PC DISK ERROR'. I’m not content with your answer, and the following could Kodak have given us one of their excellent DC20 digital cameras to give you as a luvverly Christmas present. To win it, just send your postcard to: AF Christmas Draw, CompanyCare Communications, Jersey House, 154 Castle Hill, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7RP A graphics
c.ird wilt be a huge help, as it will speed up the rendering of graphics images as you browse the Woi Id Wide Web. As the limiting factor in your browsing will be the modem, I'd hold off on the accelerator and see what support the PowerPC cards are getting.
Also be Hue.
The pain of Yinclows95 is that PC- floppies formatted under Vindows93 could be different to the MS-DOS formal, and so they may be incompatible with MS-DOS or the Amiga's CROSSDOS utility. Disks in that kind of formal are useless for the Amiga.
The solution (and answer to the letter) is therefore, in my humble opinion, that the PC-floppies should be (standard) DOS-formatted. That can be done in the MSDOS prompt of Windows’95 or directly in DOS.
Willem Schaaij Holland I'm sorry you aren't content with the reply.
Howevei; I've been using disks form at ted under Windows95 with my Amiga.4000 under Cross!)()S ever since Windows95 was released. Windows 95 form at ted floppy disks are virtually the same as MS-DOS formatted p,(yppies, unless you. Try to use disk compression for example, and so there shouldn 7 be any compatibility problems. But hey! I'm not infallible (see next letter). If your information helps Mr Kelly, then that is the main tiling.
YEU-OW PERIL 2 Your reply to Keith Wilson (Workbench, Yellow Peril, Issue 101) was a little off the mark. Well OK, a mile away. The yellow screen problem is easily solved.
There is a pack of resistors directly behind the RGB connector, going the length of the connector. Looking from the back, connectors facing you, count along to the 7th resistor behind and closest to the RGB port. This should be the fault) one. (It was when I had the same problem). This needs replacing, with a good connection.
I do not know the resistance of this resistor, but you should be able to find it out. The person who fixed it for me didn’t tell me the resistance. I d recommend getting a qualified electrician to test the resistors and find out the faulty one, as it may not actually be the 7th one.
Darren Smith Potters Bar Well, at least was right when I said it was a hardware problem. Within a kilometre at least. If you hadn 7 been lucky (?) Enough, to have this happen and see it repaired, you 7 newer have known, would you? Hopefully Keith's machine can be fixed in a similar way, and he can find out which resistor is to blame. He won 7 need to know the resistance, as the coloured hands will indicate it.
I have recently seen an Amiga 600 advertised in my local press for around £80 which seems a bargain. However, even though this would be a second computer, 1 was wondering if there is any way to upgrade the A600 to current specs, for example, a tower, AGA chipset No reason at all. If the CD-ROM is SCSI, you should be able to connect it to the same SCSI interface you use for the Toshiba mechanism. Make sure the SCSI ID's are set to different values, and that termination is sorted.
Yes, it should be. The output from the video recorder will be R,G,B and sync operating at 15kHz. The M1438 is a multiscan monitor which should cope with this frequency. Your local PC or video repair shop should be able to make you up a cable.
A4000 GETTING ON I am in a bit of a tiz over what to do for the best. I have an A4000 030, 18Mb of RAM, CD-ROM, GVP SCSI with HD, IDE HD and a multisync monitor.
It was good when I first got it but now it's a bit long in the tooth and AGA just can't hack it, especially on the Internet. I use it for most things and my kids use it for homework, art, games and the Net. The thing is, I need speed and fast colour. Should I wait for the price of PowerPC cards to drop and software to arrive? (I think £500 is just too much for a processor with no software support). Or should I buy an 040 40, as they have dropped in price? Is this going to be too slow in three months time? Or should I wait to see if the A Box ever arrives?
Is the Picasso IV better than the Cyberstorm graphics card and is the flicker fixer needed? Out of my small clan of Amigans I am the only one not to be lured by the dark side (PC) but I am under constant pressure to convert. For the £500 I have to spend they say I could build a P133 with 24-bit graphics, 16-bit sound and cool software and I could, I've priced it up at the local computer fair. I go monthly in the hope of seeing something for the Amiga and watch my mates go from 586 to P75 to P100 to P133 and get extra SIMMs and bigger Hds So could you please help me, my head is spinning !
Mr. J.McKenny via email As with the previous letter, I'd recommend you get a graphics card. This will speed up almost all your serious software applications. As you have a multiscan monitor, you don't really need a flicker fixer so save your pennies. The speed of the PowerPC cards means than money spent on an 040 would be wasted, so hold on and see what happens on that front.
I think you have answered your own questions with regard to the PC. You say your friends upgrade from P75s to P100s to P133s, and buy more memory and hard drives. They have to! That's the cost of PC ownership. Already their systems are obsolete - the slowest Pentium is now a P166MMX. Your friends will have fo junk their existing motherboards and buy new processors.
Pretty soon they'll need to junk their SIMMs and get new memory chips. And then Windows98lNT5 will come along and they'll have to buy yet more hard drive space to store everything. Is this really the kind of computer system you want to buy into? It might cost you £500 now, but you can be sure that you'll be spending the same again... and again... and again to keep it running.
Minus the floppy drive which was donated to an A1200. The A600 is a total dead-end. It cannot he expanded in any meaningful way.
A 'one of the expansions you mention, will work on an A 600. Xo AO A, no Zorro. It’s taken until now for the memory and processor to be upgraded with a new card promised. I'd walk away, unless you have some plan involving using the A 600 in an embedded control application.
HARD DRIVE BOTHER I recently bought a 2.5" 270Mb IBM Continued overleaf 4 % I have some questions regarding PC towers.
Are all towers made to the same standards?
Which size of tower will my A1200 motherboard fit inside without modification (mini, midi or full)?
Could I install a cheaper 3.5“ hard disk into the tower without much cutting away at the metal shield?
Will the A1200 disk drive (including the drive front) fit into the tower?
What do I do about the keyboard?
No. There is no international tower standards committee. Generally, the more you pay the better the case and the higher quality the power supply. A good quality case will have properly finished metal edges so you don't slice your fingers, for example.
Always go for full sized cases. Other sizes might work, but it’s almost impossible to know without trying them first You shouldn't have to cut away anything to fit a 3.5" drive in a tower. The tower includes bays for
3. 5" drives, and you simply slot the drive in and screw it into
place. The required cable connects to the Amiga with no shield
cutting required. Don't even consider a 2.5" drive.
The floppy drive will fit into the tower, as it is a standard size for floppy drives. However, the A1200 doesn't have a front panel for the disk drive - it's moulded into the A1200's casing. You'll have to buy a special Amiga disk drive front panel or use a PC floppy disk and some extra interface electronics. Speak to the nice people at Eyetech.
Good question. You have two choices. First you can chuck it in the bin and use a PC keyboard. You'll need an interface to do this. Secondly you can try and find an external Amiga keyboard, such as the ones which came with the A2000, A4000, A3000 or CDTV. You'll then need to bodge some kind of interface.
There are various hacks on Aminet hard disk second hand. At first it would not work at all, so I tried cutting the first wire on the IDE cable. I was then able to boot from the hard disk if I did a warm reset, but not from cold.
1 then started to install things on it, but some programs would not work.
Alien Breed 3D, Worms, Wing Commander and Wordsworth worked fine, Dpaint IV told me "can’t open your tool Dpaint" as did a number of PD titles, and the Dune II installer program told me it "can't lock HD1".
All of these programs do work on my other A1200 which has an almost identical set-up. I have tried using a different power supply (from an A500) but that made no difference. Please ean you help?
James Rollisan via email This sounds like the old Max Transfer program. Use HD'Toolbox to set a lower speed, (try $ IITT) and that slum Id solve your problem s. HOW DO I?
I have just bought a second hand A600 with a hard drive. I also buy your magazine every month but I don’t know how to install the hard drive games or utilities. Could you please tell me how to do this?
Scott Whyte Alexandria The hard, drive should, appear on your Workbench like any other disk drive, in fact probably (wo disk drives railed Work: and Workbench:. Make a folder in the Work: partition and copy the files from the floppy TOWER POSER disk. Many programs have Installation routines which automatically install programs. When you run the Install routine (usually called "Install") you will he asked where you want to store the fibs. Select your hard drive, and Bob's a clone of your mother’s brother.
CRASH HAPPY I have an A1200 with 6Mb and a 25MH 030 Apollo Lite board and a Quad speed CI) drive connected via the PCMCIA slot i I recently purchased an Enterpi ise modem from Power Computing hut when I use I browse it keeps crashing. I am using the stand a (1 Amiga serial port - is this the problem?
The CD-ROM drive doesn't recognise the CD despite the fact that the Amiga reads the drive itself. The drive is an IDE with an Alfa Data controller.
Steven Stocks asse00288@cableinet .CO. uk
J. Wot necessarily. In fad, the standard Amiga serial port
should, support most modems. Try using I browse to read local
HTML fdes stored on disk. 'This will test whether your
problems have anyIhirig to do with the serial port or modem.
I'd. Guess that it. Will still crash, indicating that it has a
problem, possibly with your acre! Era tor card.
You'll have to be more specific to help tratk down the problem. I kies it crash when loading particular graphics or particular HTML files ? What is the error message?
2. IJ the LD-ROM drive doesn't recognise any Cds then you have
serious problems. The CD drive might be faulty, or might not
be connected properly. Or the CDTS (compact disk f iling
system) might not be installed. If it doesn't recognise only
certain Cds, then the Cds could be to blame, or you might
need, to update your CD-ROM drivers. Some dr v rs have
problems with Cds written in a particular format.
MODEM SPEEDS Having recently signed up to the net, I am interested in knowing exactly how fast my modem is going. Is there any software that you know of that would tell me at what speed my modem connects ? (Miami always says that it connects at the compuier-to-modein speed set in Miami).
As soon as I gel my keytile for Miami (Assuming VaporWare gel their act together), I'll he able to use MiamiSpeedMeter, but that only gives average cps, I believe.
Ian Grant via email As you know, the speed, at which your modem, connects is one thing, and the speed at which data is transferred is another. 77?.A is specially true when you connect to the Internet.
Your modem can be con fleeted, and yet for periods of lime there is absolutely no information coming down. This means that when you are tra nsjerring inform ation over the Internet, you won 'l he testing the speed of yonr modem. You'Ll actually be testing the sfje ed of your connection to ike Internet Sendee Rrovider.
There is a simple way to test the speed of your modern. Find someone else with a modem and call them up directly using a, terminal program, such as Termite or Ncomm. Transfer a I Mb file, and time how long it takes, fry the same thing using FTP while connected to the Inter net, and you.
Should be able to see tiw difference.
I remember hearing some time ago of someone using an SVGA monitor with their Amiga. I have already found a company who will supply a 23-pin (Amiga) to 15-pin (VGA) cable and I ca n easi ly ge t a VC»A mo n i 1or.
I was wondering whether any special drivers would be needed, and once connected, would ii be possible Although all floppy disks look similar, there are several sorts, the most popular being Double Density and High Density. The HD disks have an extra notch in them. They can store about 1.76Mb of data. DD disks store half this.
Before a disk can be used, it needs to be formatted. The formatting organises data on the disk, and each type of computer does it slightly differently. The Amiga can read floppy disks formatted on the Apple Mac, and the PC under MS-DOS (extra software is required).
The A1200 has a DD disk drive as standard, the A4000 (and some A3000s) have a HD drive operating at half speed. All modern Pcs and Macs have HD disk drives, but they will read and write to DD disks. This means that when using the A1200 you must stick to DD disks.
A s i II ALIEN DISK FORMATS PJW The floppy disk is an ideal way to quickly 1 fJ move data between computers. It's cheap, fairly quick and you can rely on the hardware being present in all machines, it's often called "sneakernet".
The Amiga can read PC format disks with CrossDOS, a utility provided with the Workbench. It's actually a new DOS Driver (look in the Storage disk) which creates a new device called PCO: for the Amiga to use.
Reading and writing to Mac format disks is also possible. Mac emulators (such as ShapeShifter) do it automatically, but there are separate utility programs for reading these oddly formatted disks.
Once you get the data onto the disk, you are only half way there. Remember that MS-DOS truncates all filenames to 8.3 (so use Zip to pack them up first). Also remember that you cannot run PC or Mac programs simply by reading the data from the disk - you will need to use an emulator.
IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just ? Concentrate on our areas of expertise
- we take on all your problems as long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in Graeme Saadi ford questions; + Be concise
• Detail the problem as best as you can.
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
» Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Bear these points in mind and fill in, photocopy, or copy the form below as best you can. Unfortunately we cannot reply personally.
Send your letters to Workbench, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bathu Avon BA1 2BW.
Your Amiga for me to be able to display a screen resolution of 640*512 without flicker?
David Hodge via email There are no guarantees that an SVGA monitor will work with¦ an Amiga. You'll need to use a mode such as Multiscan Productivity, and copy the "VGAOnly" file into the monitors drawer. If all else jails, a utility called "MonEd'3 does various mil things to the Amiga's video output and this sometimes helps.
I he bad news is that even after all (his.
BIG MEMORY (he Amiga isn 7 pumping out the exact frequency needed by the monitor. It's close enough for some, not enough for others. You will just have to "try before you buy" or get it in writing that if the monitor does u 7 work, you can have your money bach.
Even if it does work, you will only get close to a 640 by 512 display. The best that I have used is a 640 by 400. There is no flicker, hut a little shimmering. It 's worth trying though.
Remember that not all programs, especially games, support these high sea n n ing rate graph ics modes.
Kickstart version Manufacturer: Extra RAM fitted - type, size, (Mb) and manufacturer: Details of other hardware: YOUR AMIGA ONLINE T- OosBgDs provides an introduction to Usenet and explains how to join in online discussions about everything from computers to cartoons.
Much is made of the fact that there are some extremely shady parts of the online world which are populated by some strange and twisted individuals. One of the areas most frequently mentioned in this respect is Usenet.
Although there is undoubtedly a fair bit of very unpleasant material available through certain Usenet newsgroups, there are also a great deal of helpful or simply entertaining groups where dodgy binaries are frowned upon, and these shouldn’t be ignored if you want to make the most of your Internet connection.
If you’ve got a hardware problem, there are lew better places to find the answer than the techie newsgroups; many a computer problem page writer has found solace in the comp.sys groups. If you’ve got a favourite TV show you would like to discuss with other admirers, then the alt.tv section is for you. Oh, and for the sadder souls out there, you can find thousands of alt.binaries groups, The range of newsgroups available on an uncensored news feed such as that provided by Demon is absolutely phenomenal.
“postings” which are carried around the network like a sort of open-to-ali email message. Usenet can be accessed via the Internet, but it doesn’t owe its existence to the Internet in the same way that, for example, the Web does.
Until a veritable Internet software explosion gripped the Amiga world a couple of years ago, newsreading on must offer particular features in order to cater for your online habits.
HISTORY Usenet was invented by three .American graduate students in 1979, as a UNIX user network. As you’ll no doubt have realised, thanks to the large number of Amiga net programs which are essentially UNIX ports, the early computer networks were UNIX-based.
Structurally, Usenet owes much to the earlier ARPAnet, which was created by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defence. Basically Usenet enables people to share their ideas and opinions with other network users via Newsgroups Auto expire | | after days Ok Cancel - our beloved machine basically boiled down to using one of two programs, Pin and Thor. Tin will be familiar to longterm users oI’ISPs such as Demon. It ollered a good degree of functionality but featured a clunky text-only Microdot has lots of nice features which make it a joy to use, such as the facility
to assign particular signature sets to particular newsgroups.
NEWSREADERS More recently, these two stalwarts have been joined by a handful of .'V UZ-based newcomers. First came Mnrws, which looked lovely but ate memory as if it was a Win95 application. It has since been joined by ITS nos and Microdol, to name but two programs. I personally use Mi nodot - primarily because it doubles as a great email client, but also as it’s got pretty much all of the features you need for day-to-day newsreading.
Avery important point to make here is that the newsreader you opt for must offer particular lea lures in order to cater for your online habits. Unless you happen to be lucky enough to have a permanent Internet connection, you will probably want a package which is able to support off-line, as well as online, newsreading.
An online reader will display a list of headers from which vou choose the articles you wish to download. With an off-line reader you’ll simply download hundreds of articles at the start of your Net session, which you can then read at vour own leisure.
Because both styles of newsreading have advantage's and disadvantages, I find it convenient to be able to switch between the two modes without having to change newsreading software, hence my choice of Microdot as a news client.
Switching is then simply a case of going to the Settings General Settings menu, flicking to the Network page, and clicking the appropriate radio button at the bottom of the window.
Interlace. It’s still used today by some die-hards, but it’s scarcely cutting edge software. Thor, on the other hand, was always ridiculous Iv feature-laden, hut its 7 power came at the expense of the horrifically complicated configuration procedure, which at times made Ami TCP 3 seem straightforward to install. The configuration process has been somewhat simplified now, but it’s still not something that novices will want to attempt.
VOUR AMIGA ONLINE ifTz MIND YOUR MANNERS Had this article been written a couple of years ago, when accessing the Internet on your Amiga was a case of using AmigaNOS or a similarly primitive system and when many of today's big Net players had yet to even think about getting themselves a homepage. I'd have probably included a lengthy section on Netiquette. These days, with the world and his wife seemingly having Net access. Netiquette has been rather brushed aside. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because certain aspects of Netiquette were very elitist, anti-newcomer concepts. That said,
there are some elements of the old code which remain relevant, and many of them are especially relevant for news newbies.
As with IRC, typing in capitals is considered impolite; it's shouting in a virtual sense. "Flaming" (writing insulting messages to others or being unduly harsh or critical of their opinions) is similarly frowned upon and may result in a "Flame War" whereby the users of a newsgroup end up taking sides in an increasingly fierce slanging match.
If you start Flame Wars, you won't earn yourself many friends.
Two more points concern bandwidth use. Firstly, don't add excessively lengthy signatures to your postings, because all the users of a group will see increased downloading times as a consequence; and when replying to an earlier message, try to avoid simply duplicating the entire message before adding your thoughts. Only include a couple of relevant sentences from the original message, because there's nothing more annoying than waiting for loads of huge messages to be downloaded only to find that they're all simply verbatim copies of earlier postings with "I agree" and a colossal signature file
Secondly, don't post the same message to a whole host of newsgroups, especially if they are only vaguely relevant to the topic you're discussing.
Some folks will tell you that it's important to read all of the postings to a newsgroup for up to a fortnight before making a posting of your own. This really isn't necessary, but you certainly ought to check the relevant FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file before posting. This should let you avoid popping a question that group regulars have to answer several times a day. FAQs are often posted periodically to a newsgroup for the benefits of newcomers, and they may also be available via the Web.
NfcroDot-ll Q.193 (16.06.37) ® 1993-97 Oliver Wagner, All Rights Reserved ra; |iIMP l • Group'cocnp sysamiganetvorking' I SlDlprjrZ- Group contents: cornp.sys.amiga networking (Amiga Intemet LAN) Total 294 messages, 0 new, 279 unread_ Jason M Kla Jwk20lrls uuop Rolttn Weeks rolIIntcoyote trv.com Christian Bauemfeind ohrlstofd0t.. Nathan E Black nblack0slu edu fbdrtat C. Scheldt sohmlandtlnfo. .
Mathew M McCullough aw*5606*taeu Karkus Lasers tmlaBidef i x, rz. Tu.
Topsprog aaIg«0thoughteachkne.coa Andreas Kixtch humpty TQMfiTE.TNG.. Yvon Rozlin yrozl ir xs4alt.nt Keith Blafcemore-Mobt* K*lth.Btak .
Ftdaa Szyaczak szyacza9server.uwl .
Dale Currie daleo0zorro.amltrlx.oo Keith Biakeaore-Noble Keith.Blak tadreas Hixloh huapty0TOHflTE TNG.
Dennis Lee Bieber wulfraed8beast .
Casper casper0innooent oon Casper G**perfInnooent coa Col In Grant ogrant voya9*r.oo.n*
- Ftelga UNIX 2. 1 HELP NEEDED! I!
Ra ftmlg* UNIX 2.1 HELP NEEDED*!!
Ra: taiga UNIX 2 1 HELP NEEDED*!!
£S, CGFX3, A HacOS? 6. I Ra SS. CGFX3, A NaoOS? 6.1
• jIBrovsal. Idaao ?
Ra: Ibr&xsal Idaao ?
Taiga Ravartga over Bill Gates Jb taming HI HE-p references standard on ft
- pa: missing HIME-j r* f«rencas standard on J%e: missing MI
ME-preferences standard o ing MINE-preferences standard jte:
missing NINE-preferences standard Ra: atlssing MI
ME-preferences standar ing MI ME-*p references standard o Ra
missing MIME-preferences standard
- ptet Driver On talnel Re Cmet Driver On tat net throws*t.Idaao
1365 2416 1452 186?
2516 787 1266 2126 2525 2444 1126 1318 2124 216?
2753 1851 1699 1884 1151
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86. 05
28. 04 28 04 28 04 Move Deieh If you use Microdot as your e-mail
client then you'll already be familiar with threaded display
systems, which are an absolute essential if you want to
follow lengthy discussions.
McrflOot-ll 0-1 S3(16OS 9?) ¦» 1WQ-S70 w Wagner. Al RightsBewwd r | »| ¦ Size Date 2000 ¦ Sun, 6 Apr 9 839 ¦ Sun, 6 Apr 1 2278 ¦ 06 Apr 97 22 1200 ¦ Sat, 05 Apr 3202 ¦ 06 Apr 97 23 3260 a 06 Apr 97 23 1528 ¦ 7 Apr 1997 0 1509 ¦ Mon, 07 Apr 1618 m 07 Apr 97 09 1007 ¦ 7 Apr 1997 1 971 m Mon, 07 Apr 2575 ¦ Mon, 07 Apr 1691 ¦ 7 Apr 1997 1 3354 ¦ Mon, 07 Apr 1246 m Sun, 06 Apr 830 ¦ 7 Apr 1997 1 2025 m 07 Apr 97 19 1992 • 7 Apr 1997 1 1717 ¦ 06 Apr 97 03 3106 ¦ 06 Apr 97 03 1092 ¦ 8 Apr 1997 0 ni » A** AO ScArJect feilUii-rl- j;t" Yalb- Bsaic ft* Aalti.jp 4 Pro eifcft m Uitjt E-HAIL at _LLL
DECISIONS, DECISIONS Unless you happen to know the name of the newsgroup you want to take a look at, you’ll need to download a list of available groups from your ISP. To do this with Microdot, open the Group Manager window. Savour the speed with which it opens, since it’ll never open as fast again as it did this first time. This is because the list of newsgroups it’ll contain from now on may contain as many as 20,000 different entries, and the downside of using a MUI-based program on all but the most powerful of Amiga systems is that windows containing such massive lists can take an age to
Once you’ve initially downloaded this list (which may take some time!), you can choose the groups to which you Vaporware's Voyager Web browser can also let you dip into newsgroups if you don't want to go to the trouble of obtaining a dedicated news client.
OmiT AK2£ Jlr-'iv* L'ji Fj _ o30QQ_ HthB trgSCias d Ifartted ar Eth-gnur Jlh
P. g Bp Lp I JtiatfiAhtt .taiga te*chit ft:_Sg&tiUL.
Hi ;.C - - j_ T - Sg.mt.in. Vi. LiOti.: Pci i CuSeeMe for
r. ' ?,r ¦:' - ?’[ LiO* bo 9 I aiK3ip-irj n ] Typ* of ccm*ctan
| , | UHTKlb Nrtwrt IU) Cotart Sewkra l-~ 1 Bufton* (T tnmo(
iK*a ESUTPAtrrP) PC** OmI) account |deu§ )*(po .? »wiri
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[f}jve cfcu» tarionx u* CONTACT POINT ro%rnmmntd wnii veon
HHTwq anoH fZ otfygKN atari tM» Mata) _J 9*1 bottil If you
have any questions, comments or suggestions then you can email
me at: ?mon.
Cancel OK H06 It's easy to switch between on-line and off-line newsreading modes whilst Microdot is running.
Will subscribe. If you’re reading your news in online mode, the term subscription doesn’t really mean a great deal, but when you’re in off-line mode, you will automatically download all the messages from your subscribed newsgroups - so make sure you don’t go over the top and subscribe to too many.
There are a whole range of Amiga- related groups, many of which have the prefix comp.sys.amiga (commonly abbreviated c.s.a). For example, you might want to subscribe to comp.sys.amiga.networking and comp.sys.amiga. misc. Writing a posting using Microdol is very much like composing an email.
With any luck, if you check the newsgroup again after a day or two you should find that your questions or comments have been responded to.
Fra »orc8achenax. Demon, co. Ulc (Merc Jh57650nc9.brio.ac.uk (JF. Hov XelL Bothmick neil0virenet.co 'Gabriel S. Hansen” gebriel9h Father Stanley Davia fr9tan90 Father Stanley Davio fr9tan90 "ftchim Sachtler' vaechtle09tu Mark Little markl0dove.net.au Hell Bothvick neil0virenet. Co otauche0uni-p aderbom de (Tauc new909tokea.demon.co.uk (Phili “Michael Schmeing” Michael. Sc 9cxbeb0unxx.ccc.nottingham. ac.
“Michael M. Rye" mrye0topcity eric bielinaki bet(0pacbell,ne anacmar0mail telepac.pt (Carlo tgreavea9enterpri9e.net (Triat " ivic0mailbox. 3vipn jn finny0vport.co mi finny0vport. Co
k. gate ch. Edu (Tpl2
n. .n -i on**... Articles in Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.networking
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Very good performance (2-33 times than the A1200. Tested by Sysihfo V3.22] ¦ MemUnk" software Included, your software .... Hi DRAWSTUDIO Larry Hickmott is your expert guide to creating bitmap images in the second part of our comprehensive guide to Drawstudio.
Create bitmap fills of your own devising using our step-by-step guide.
Dr. Karl Bellve tackles the tricky subject of complex MUI programming in the third part of our tutorial.
‘¦•r'r-r ijfeMUl 'fct.riTsler prourk rf tor you rc* wr.
? Jw twcmi omrtirermti «n *J • «ap Mk Xm' trrnmmtfwmrn ir** ft Mi *oJ p if m ¦» *«¦ » **«?• nru - opt tf ll'tPrNn No» t an. CU PwliM MW *™ * so fW totWrrfffe Hwr, jrw-tari) I -1 h V t*”«r (*•• mr VUA •»* -« M.J ix-rjm m otMi f"»i pa l*w F K M Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean you get out of all your lessons. Pay attention this month and you'll soon be able to create great bitmap fills in Drawstudio, program complex self-notifying interfaces to your MUI programs, take advantage of some of the great features of Net BSD, use the shell quickly and easily, not to mention being able to
write programs in the fastest computer language possible. It's all happening here.
Next year we will be introducing a few more tutorials, so if you have any suggestions for a new series, or just useful one-offs, now is the time to tell us. And remember, you can email us too (see below). Right, now I'm off to show Colin ________ something useful he can do Nick Veitch with his crayons... SEND IT IN!
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series? Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine.
Here are some things you might like to think about: AREXX Commodore's excellent decision to include Arexx with Workbench was only matched by their stupidity in not documenting it properly, if you are having trouble why not write to us with a description of what you are trying to do.
PAINT PACKAGES Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
DRAWSTUDIO Is there something you desperately want to be able to draw? Drop us a line! Contact us at: AF Creative • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • Somerset BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting "Creative" in the subject line.
Complicated programming using the Magic User Interface made easy.
Learn all about groups and notifys.
Nnjuooi'i wit ( Change your working environment with NetBSD. Chris Livermore is the man who reveals all.
Workbench Do you really want to quit workbench?
You could quit workbench, or just give it a complete facelift.
Cancel p | AnwgaShell_
6. Workbench- dir Prefs dir Fonts (dir) Expansion (dir)
Wbstartup (dir) Locale (dir) Classes (dir) Devs (dir) Storage
(dir) C (dir) L (dir) Libs (dir) :xc (dir) _ dir) I Eft (dir)
r=T dir) Ii t ies (dir) ls (dir)_ Robert Polding provides an
introduction to using the shell, for those of you still
confused by commands and directories.
? | AmigaShell
6. Workbench: utilities
6. Workbench- lit 1111 ies oopy olock ? Ram Clock..copied. PtiT
mfo- Pref*. Info System. Info Ut11 i I ie*.info
6. Workbench:Ut i1i1ies Navigate your way through your disks
using shell - it really isn't hard bill ASSEMBLY Paul Overaa
FiMM presents a special pLL beginners guide to programming in
Assembly languages. Labsc*.. EQU 0 EQU 10 XDEF _na in It's
fast and surprisingly easy to program the Amiga in Assembly
CHAPTER TWO ifiTz Draw, Fee I i ng I ost with o I d er gra p h i cs p rogram s? .1: lltv l 1 If. Ji f reckons you need some bitmaps, courtesy of Drawstudio.
Casting my mind back to the bad old days when I first started using another Amiga drawing package called ProDraw, I can remember lamenting the poor use of bitmaps in that program.
It’s all very well being able to create simple structured illustrations using basic fills (as in ProDraw), but if you want to be really creative on the Amiga, then there is only one program to use, and that’s DrawSludio.
With it, you can mix bitmap objects with structured elements, and these images can also be exported for use in any Amiga application that supports IFF-ILBMs.
Over the course of the past twelve months, 1 have been using DraxvStudio quite extensively and I’ve found it to bean extremely impressive and versatile art package.
In this month’s chapter I want to show you how you can use bitmap fills in DmxuStudio 2 and start by explaining a little behind the concepts.
The first point to remember is that any structured object, including text, can be filled with a biunap in two ways.
First, the line weight around objects can have a fill and, on top of that, the fill inside of that line weight can have a different fill. In both cases, these fills can be bitmaps.
Secondly, these bitmap fills can be applied in two further ways. One is to fill the whole of the object with the chosen bitmap or if you prefer, the bitmap can be tiled at a resolution of your own choosing.
That has covered the basics, but there is a lot more to using bitmaps. For example, the bitmap used to fill an object can be one created in DrawSludio or imported from disk. You can also Si 1 An easy effect to achieve in DrawStudio - as we will show you - but difficult to impossible in any other package.
Contents Chapter T. Using text in Drawstudio ‘ * * ii Tt ._*• ™ - -*¦ 1 Chapter 2.
Bitmap Fills | Chapter 3.
Using Compound Objects for Cutouts Chapter 4.
Working with other applications Chapter 5.
Transparency and its uses Chapter 6 Duplication made easy '_J creative on the Amiga, then there is only one program to use and that's Drawstudio paste a bitmap onto your page directly from the clipboard.
As DrnwSt udio s u p po r ts th e placing of many types of bitmap formats (IFF- ILBM, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF. PCX) yon don’t have to worry about having to convert them to an Amiga format first.
There’s more. Bitmaps placed on the page in DrawSludio can be rotated, tiled, grouped and sized, and from that a new' bitmap can be created. Objects filled with bitmaps can themselves be converted to a new bitmap and used again within new objects. Finally, bitmaps can either be placed on the page on their own or used to fill a structured object.
Unlike other programs such as ProDraw and ProVeclor. Which already 7 V cater for simplistic line drawings, there is no barrier in DrawSludio to prevent you from using bitmaps with structured elements. Both can be seamlessly interwoven so that your creativity can be let loose and not stifled bv certain limitations of the application itself.
Take a look at the tutorials on these pages and then give some serious thought on how vou could make more
o use of DrawStudio and bitmaps in your own work. 0 L FILLING A
STRUCTURED OBJECT WITH A BITMAP This is a simple example of the
different ways to fill an object with a bitmap. To start off,
create a simple shape with a thick line weight and then with
the object still selected, choose Object Attributes.
Click on the buttons in each column next to the label, Bitmap.
Under each column is a button called Edit. Click on the one in the "Pen Colour" column and a new list view comes up. This contains what I like to call bitmap "style sheets". It's empty at the moment because we haven't created anything. Click on New and then with the Unnamed style sheet selected, click on Edit. This brings up the "Edit Bitmap Fill" requester.
At the top of the requestor is a text gadget with the text "Unnamed" in it. Change this so your bitmap style sheet has a name like "LineFill". You can have as many bitmap style sheets using the same bitmap as you like. This is useful when you want to make use of the one bitmap but at different resolutions when tiling.
You have now been returned to the Object Attributes requester. Click on the Edit button in the "Fill Colour" column and again, you will see the Bitmap Fill list. Clide on New and Edit and this time give the bitmap style sheet the name ObjectFill. Click on the one bitmap in the list and leave "Object Type" to "Object Fill". Click OK and OK again. To apply this bitmap fill to the object on the page, click OK on the Object Attributes requester.
This is the end result. The one bitmap used in two different ways (fill and tile) and in two places on the same image (line weight and fill). The important point about this tutorial is that you understand that the items in the Bitmap Fill list are bitmap style sheets and can be used with the same bitmap while the same style sheet can be applied to numerous objects.
NOW FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT This is a more complicated tutorial and because of space restrictions, I am going to assume you have some basic knowledge of the program. Make sure you have an image ready with a background that is a true white (255, 255, 255). Now choose View Bitmaps, click on New and choose the image.
Once loaded, click on the Info button and click on the Transparent check box so it's ticked. Click OK.
Now click on the Place button and paste the image onto your page.
Now select the 50 per cent white cover and the image (the clone) underneath it and group (Right Amiga-G) them. Choose Object Convert to Bitmap.
Look at the attributes in the screen grab and set yours accordingly. What you are doing here is taking an external image, mixing it with a DrawStudio object and then creating a new object altogether.
Please note that if the Clone check box is not ticked, DrawStudio will delete the original, leaving only the bitmap being created, on the page.
Take the new bitmap and place it over the top of the original and if you like, repeat step 3 but with a different opacity (such as 75 per cent) for the transparent box. Then group all the bitmaps (let's call this Groupl) and again choose from the Object menu Convert To Bitmap. When the new bitmap is created from Groupl, you can delete it from the page because it's still being held in memory by DrawStudio which is all we need for it to be used as a bitmap fill. Just make sure the bitmap you delete is the bitmap clone of Groupl.
Add some text (even a single letter) to the image and convert that text to a Bezier Curve. Give the text a line weight and a bitmap fill, choosing the bitmap created from Groupl in the latter part of step 4. The text can now be given a shadow or expanded upon. As you can see from the screen grab, you can take a single bitmap and create something very different from it with just a little imagination.
©Da Dsanfl HMJtM © I v guides you through 1 11 v more complicated MUI programming AFCD21:-ln_the_Mag- MUI Last month’s tutorial only scratched the surface of using MUI for programming. One of llie most important features ol‘MUI is its notification class. This allows communication between different objects, independent of any program event loop. For example, you can have a slider object communicate with a gauge object to update its display, or you could have a string object transmit its contents to a text object, as shown in last month’s tutorial (MUI_Examplel).
Chapter i. An introduction to MUI Chapter 2. Simple iviui programming I Chapter 3. Complex MUI programming Chapter 4. MUI and Hooks Chapter 5. Custom Classes Part 1 Chapter 6. Custom Classes Part 2 Each MUI object has a set of attributes and methods. When an attribute is changed, it can notify another MUI object and change its attributes. MUI object attributes can change in two ways. A user can change a gadget, or the programmer can directly change an attribute. This sets a notification process in motion, if a notification has been set up for that attribute. Here is an example of a
M. 4 (tpcfc c«ncM *» ¦» ** *c of i no «crt» i* imo n twry HU
taH| r. I* indlto* }
• Jil. « I u9U,M IKT«*in3ikl M'4i nitr ftt] CJT ¦» to Mkm m«HW»
.ttnevtnwl KHJlBwirma ] Mr TJ» Mti •» ot m Mo prpfrn cwan't:(j
W*’.} Ctief »t 4. Mjt MndmHuw1 «cton Mnc«r vtaGU m vuac*, V*WIH
HfwNU ¦MMH'Mtripnv*" fhnMl Hn tamwygumitoy * * to cm* ftfhcti
i» r.'vfan* vfrHI mt r*r* pwtj ** tn Mji n MM4 on KQKi, Anwji'i
}mc « ct BmcMto prwr*ww g Tor mit wut «rr in*
tn*aoe«**it* l*orfc« to* of ifMtoati Cwy on* *1910 fir » roaty
tottl Now -jtt mi ale* aramd «ral witcti H**4 Ot M yorf
kvifeoar* (TAB, tothrn.
Cir«r-**vi) I you *» tnai miw t*u m-xrd rm h*M ptmtrmm mrm Jnd cufl*c*m Mry pint* (3 fr ,w parvnal !*»** notification as shown in MUT_Examplel: DoMethod(App.string, MUIM_Notify, M UI A_S 1 ri n g_Ac k n o vvl e d ge, M U1 V_E ve ryT i m e, App.label 1,3.MlTM_Set, MUIA_Texi Contents, MU lV_Trigge rValue).
Here is how it breaks down. App.stringl will use the method MulM_Notify to notify App.label 1 that its contents are changed. You might say that App.stringl doesn’t have a method called MUIM_Notify, which is TRUE, but remember, all classes inherit the methods and attributes of their parent classes. MUIM_Notify is a method of the notify class.
MidA_Siring_Acknowledge is an attribute ol the string class. Every time this attribute is changed, a notification will be triggered. The user can change the contents ol the string gadget, App.stringl, and trigger it, or the programmer can change it with a set (App.stringl, MUIA_String_ Contents,“Some String”). Now if a notification is triggered, the object App.labell is the target of the notification. The number ft in the above line defines the number of parameters being passed to the target, App.labell. ML IM_Sct will then set the contents of App.labell with the contents of App.stringl.
MLTVTrigger Value lels the notification class pass the contents of App.stringl to App.labell. Another example of notification in MUI_Examplel was as follows: DoMethod (App.window,MUIM_Notify, M V ’ IA_ V i n dow_Q os eRequest, TRUE,App.app, 2, MUIM_Application_ReturnII), MLTV_AppIication_Return ID_Quit) Every MUI program should have the above notification connected to the main window. The purpose is to quit the program after the user closes the window. When the user hits the close contain any GUI elements but it offers basic attributes and methods to handle integers... window gadget in the
window’s border, the method MUIM_Application_ ReturnII) is initiated. This is a very powerful method, but it can lead to non-object oriented programming as this method passes a value to the program’s event loop. In this case, it passes the value M UI V_Applica iion_Rc t urn I D_Qu i 1, defined as-1 in mui.h. Potentially, any object can be made to send a value (defined by you) to a program’s event loop, where it can be acted upon.
It’s preferable to use direct notifications between objects or to use hooks. I will discuss how to use hooks in the next tutorial. MlJl_Exampleft shows how' you can tie multiple objects together. The program’s event loop has nothing to do with the communication of the objects in its GUI. Study the source, MUI_Examp!eft.c, to see how' the objects communicate.
The program only displays some MUI objects and sets up notification between them. The first notification vou see is to tie the close window gadget to return MUIV Application _ReturnLD_Quit. The second changes the contents of the label object when the user changes the contents of the string object: D M e th od (Ap p. s 1 ri n g 1, M UI M_N o Li fy, MUI A_S t ri 11 g_ At: k 11 o wl e d ge, Ml; I V_E veryTime,App. Label 1 ,ft, M UIM _Se t, MIJI A„Te x t_( lo 11 te 11 ts, M U IV_Tri gge rVa 1tie).
This is the same notification seen in MUI_ExatnpleI, so I’ll just explain M UI A_S tri 11 g_Ac know! Edge. N o rm a 11 y MUI should either be LONG or CCONG. Never use BOOL even when it asks von. Instead store TRUE or FALSE in a LONG variable.
Back to the notification story. The above notification event can also be written as the following: Do Me t h od (App. S I i dc r 1, M UIM _N o t if y, M UI A_ N u i ne ric _V’a I u e, IUTV_EvcryTime, App.siringC 4, ILI M_Se tAsS t r i n g, MllA_String_Gontenis, "The slider says %ld”, MU IV_Trigger‘Value); As you can see, I added text before the trigger value.
M UIVI_SetAsStri ng can lake many parameters. The label object in Mul_Example3 is also the recipient of a notification event which looks very similar to the siring objects.
Groups are very important for MUI, Then- comtanations determine how the GUI wil look. A youp may contain any number of chid objects, which are positioned either horizontal or vertical.
When a group is layouted, the available space is distributed between afl of its chidren, depending on their minimum and maximum dimensions and on their' weight, Of course, the children of a group may be other groups. There are no restrictions.
Rlrrt' lookg Every object can have its own background, if it wants to. MUI offers several standard backgrounds (e.g. one of the Drawlnfo pens or one of the rasters below).
The pret's program allows defining a large number of backgrounds... try it! you'd monitor MUIA_String_Uontenls.
If you did, you’d initiate a notification every time a key was pressed inside the string gadget, and mostly you do not want this. An example is in Am IRC server’s window. When you type into a siring gadget in that program, the server list is immediately updated before the user hits return. However, in most situations, you’d like to wait until the user hits return. Tin- attribute that is changed is VICIA String_Ac'knowledge.
The next notification links the numeric value of a slider to a string gadget. DoMet hod (App.slider I, MUIM_Notify, M11 IA_ N u meric _Va 1 u e, MUIY_F.veryTime, App.stringl, 4, MUIM SetAsSti ing.
MUL _Sn in g_( . ) n te n ts, “ % Id ", MUJTV TriggerValue).
When the slider object changes value, the attribute Ml'IA_Numeric _Vralue is changed. This triggers the notification class to perform the method Ml’IM__SetAsSiiing. This allows formatting of a string. If you’re formatting a number, like the above notification, you need to use %ld and not %d since it is a CONG value and not an int. A side note, all values used in Any background you want. MUI provides these as standard but you can draw your own!
DoMcthod(App.sliderl, MUIM_Xotify, VIU IA_ N11 me i i c_ Vain e, MUT M veryTime, App.lahel I, 4, VIUIM _Se tAsStri n g, MIJI A_Tcx t_U i 11 e n i s, " % Id", M UI V_T rigge rVal 11 c) As you can see, very similar except the attribute MUI A_Text_Gon tents is changed for App.labell, instead of MUIA_String_Contents for a siring object. The other basic notification in MlJl_Example3 connects the slider objects to the gauge object.
DoMcthod(App..slider 1, MUIM_Notify, M UI A_ N u m e r i c_Va 111 e, MurV_Evi*ryTirne, App.gauge 1, 3, V1U1M .Set, MUIA_Numeric_Value, MU IV_Ti iggerValue); This is a basic notification that sets VIUIA_Numeric_Va 1 ue from one object to a second object. Both objects use MulA_Numcr_Value instead of their own unique attribute as it makes more sense to make sliders and gauges a subclass of a numeric class. The numeric class doesn’t contain any GUI elements but it offers basic attributes and methods to handle integers, which is in common between the slider object and Notification is important
for easy use of many types of requestor.
V _ Cycle gadgets, radios buttons and s rpte lists can be used to let the user pick exactly one selection from a list of clxwces. In this example, all three possibilities are shown. Of course they are connected via notification, so every object will immediately be notified and updated when necessary.
O' '-h rj iJjj Priit v.-n f~ l-P DeskJet _J NECP6 ) Okimate 20 f A1081 _J NEC 30 _J A2024 _) Efeo T660i _) Amiga 500 _J Amiga 600 _J Amiga 1000:) _J Amiga 1200 _J Amiga 2000 _J Amiga 3000 _J Amiga 4000 C~ Amiga 4000T _J Atari ST :( | j 1 Amiga 4000T | Computer Erinter Qjsplay a «rroLr**vj frame Several type* Q 8* preference* program ~ Every Mut ofaieel car have are eiUN. 4 Kfcniat* v«l»t HP Deskjet j | A1081 Imeje Button Button I f Amiga 2000 Amiga 3000 Amiga 4000 Amiga 4000T Atari ST:( Stmj Tisrt fVirpi'ladaat Grwjj Borders and frames can also be specified with the MUI prefs program.
The gauge object.
One more notification exists in MUI_ExampIe3. When the button is pressed and released, all the other objects are set back to 0. It’s important to note that you listen to when the attribute MUIA_Pressed is no longer TRUE but FALSE. This is because you only want to initiate notification when the user has released the mouse button over an object and not when the user has pressed the mouse button. The user may move the mouse off the object then release the mouse button in order to cancel the operation.
T he VIUI developer’s archive contains plenty of examples of notification. Look at the source for MUI-Dcmo for extra enlightenment.
The AutodocMUI_Notify.doc contains plenty of useful information. Here are some of the more useful items in it.
MUIA_NoNotify can be used when you do not want to trigger a notification when von change an attribute. In mui.h, O 7 a shortcut is defined for this: define nnset(obj,attr,value) SetAttrs(obj,MUI A_NoNotify,TRUE, attr,value,TAGJDONE). Normally you would do set(obj,attr,value) to set an attribute but this will trigger a notification, or you could do nnset(obj,attr,value). This will not trigger a notification since it uses MulA_NoNotifv, as shown in the define above. MulM_CallHook is a verv useful notification method. You could attach an Amiga callback hook to any MUI object.
MUIMJKil I Notify eliminates a previously set notification on an attribute for an object. Another useful method is MUIM_Multiset. This method enables the setting of multiple objects with the same attribute.
In YIUI_Example3, the following line* replaces 3 lines of code: DoMcthod (App,button 1, MUIM_Notify, MUIA_Prcsscd, FALSE, App.gaugel, 7, MU IM_ MuldSet, MuiA_Numeric_Value, 0, App.slider!, App.slider2, App.gaugel, NULL); With just one button, App. Button I, three objects are set to a new numeric value. You could also pass a MUIVJTriggerValue to them, instead of 0, simplifying your programs code.
There is another value called VILTVJNoiTriggerValue that sets the target object with the opposite value.
TRUE becomes FALSE and FALSE be c o m es TR U E. I s u gges t re ad i n g Mul_ExampJe3, since it’s a simple example of notification. I commented the source code well for this.
You may then tty and read some of the source for the demo programs included in MUI. Read the autodocs thoroughly. I still find plenty of useful methods and attributes hidden in them.
Slav tuned for the next tutorial j when I discuss hooks and their use.
D D TOMmiggg turns his desktop a peach puff colour with the complete UNIX operating system.
Chapter 1.
Through the X Window Chapter 2, 101 Applications | Chapter 3.
A desktop for all seasons | Chapter b. ! Stick to the script Chapter 5.
Serving the Web Chapter 6.
Anyone for Java?
CK Xxkmr - • 1“ ¦ P.-3 in VHV .jjaLBiei 4wr* pi « v Miirftl m m m m m, Iri I * • I I I • • ¦ V « || 1 *4 I » ¦ 4 4 ri - It lit 31 M« rw 0 l la It UM « 4f jr* ij in Looks arc everything. Whoever said beauty was on the inside was lying, at least when it comes to computers. Most good operating systems let their users make cosmetic adjustments, such as changing the background picture. Unix goes one better as it lets you change the entire O Graphical User Interface (GUI) in one go. II you cast your mind back to the first tutorial you will remember that the GUI is provided by an application
known as a Window Manager.
The Window Manager is started by the X server, the piece of software that provides a mechanism for running Graphical Programs. By changing your Window Manager you can change the entire appearance of your machine.
If you don’t use the Windowing environment very often, or arc running low on disk space, then you may not wish to install another Window Manager. If this is the case don’t worry because it is very easy to configure Jvxvw (one of the window managers supplied with the XII distribution) to provide a more pleasant working environment.
The first step involved with the customisation of am of the Window j Managers is to create your own .xinitrc file. Every time you start Xit checks in your home directory for a file called .xinitrc. If this file is present it will use it, otherwise it will read the default file, usr local Xl Irb.l lib Xl l xinit.
On most Unix machines the system administrators wouldn’t let you anywhere near the default file, leaving no option but to create you own. As you are both user and system administrator you can change the default file if you wish. Any changes you do make will affect every user on the system and not just you. It is for this reason that most people prefer to have dicir own personal configuration files in their home directory.
I I -* Nfca urn JUPA VIA
r. aN H HullVHll1'*! F ha i mi rjyivi! P‘.
L»r( s* Om .o i e.* tr c*r N fVxV 109 K ml ¦ir.il t*n... Mr mimvi T* r; 9*1,4 m hf a i ui ¦ v« Urn 2,Ml + m I p*4k1 W 11 il M *• ¦I fHl !!¦¦«!* UU '• Mui I 'fa ft* A plilM 'nlflA.uv* «*i i VhwH It 't- n % I j») i'«wm »i»r» »u» mi tMMmi* u»)
M. I1KM Haul re Mn,'» i
* lw» nwiitaw* ¦'¦
* » US* talf AA- • V|i hp ipi- - ¦ R. **1 Witt AnniaafWo •;
Mhtw&'iiip) kA; i j: W4. Ik £«WJ, j OC. Il » b*lPi fPrral .-1
¦?«!*¦ rmmlm it I Hi U.o-t if tlwrrl Mt* t +* *r llr- T*p|
S. Wvi * ¦«**» •• -* f J 11*4
- a. fetal* lc? 3 i| •** wlafMfi, n ihit, uajvk t+- II 41* "CMi
Km --|T .11 ml tuu Op.. M r*tn ia*.m ¦'*.r«xp ¦ Ae*| .1 »«
V9iJ«r u, gr* I* as * OaAfcl" amiwm gives a Workbench type
It even lets you add your own applications.
Must change it’s configuration file.
As with the xserver initialisation file the window manager will first check in your home directory for a configuration file. If it does not find an appropriate file there it will read the default file.
Even if vou are the onlv user of your J NetBSD installation it is advisable to create a configuration file in your home directory if only for the simple reason that vou will be able to find it easilv should you wish to edit it later.
Jvwm2 expects to find a .fvwm2rc: in your home directory. The simplest way to achieve this is to copy the default configuration file: j?
Tr at i*'.. You can also define multiple screens which slide down over each other just like the real thing.
The .xinitrc file tells the X Server which applications and most importantly which Window Manager you wish to run. A simple .xinitrc file would look something like listing 1.
Manager you can change the entire appearance of your machine My preference is to keep things simple, so my .xinitrc file opens a single xterm window and an xconsole. The size and position of the windows are specified by the -geometry attributes.
The file also contains entries for multiple window managers, (-hanging Window Manager is simply a matter of uncommenting a different line.
The .xinitrc file only controls which applications are started when the X- Server initialises, in order to change the appearance of the window manager you . ’ lilllMi 'SlIllBfrr'* IjMb I- IT'S CHRISTMAS!
y. NX*-* il . • 4 As it is Xmas we've included a festive
application for you. X-Snow is a small hack to make it snow on
your desktop. The snow settles on windows and icons and if
you're lucky Father Christmas can be seen riding his sleigh in
the background.
X. H P-a-ft»«l|i 1 lU* At last we've got rid of that horrible
Do you really want to quit workbench?
No! Don't do it... Running processes Calculator Manual pages Q* Magnifying glass © Oclock Fvwm95 Explorer TkDesk cp usr local XI1R6.1 lib Xll fvwm2rc .fvwm2rc You can then edit this file to suit your personal preferences. The first thing 1 did was to change the tiled fvwm backdrop to a more subtle blue colour.
NetBSD has a long list of colour names stored in the file usr local Xl lR6.1 lib Xll rgb.txt including colours like light sky blue, light salmon and peach puff.
For fvwm a utility such as xsetroot can be used to change the background colour for the default grey.
The second step in configuring the Window Manager to suit your needs is to edit the menu items, fvwm. Has two main menus. A Utilities menu that appears over the desktop and a Window Control menu that allows you to maximise and minimise windows, fvxumallows you to define the contents of both of these menus and even which mouse button you have to press lor them to appear.
I’ve edited the Utilities menu to include some of die applications installed as part of last month’s tutorial.
I've also added the new Window Managers included on this months CD to the restart menu, so you can switch Window Manager at the click of a mouse.
To complete the transformation of our desktop we’U change the appearance of the button bar in the bottom right hand corner. The clock and CPU meter can stay but the mail box flag is redundant on a machine not connected to a network, so we’ll replace this with a button to launch an xterm window.
The icons that fvxvin and all of the Window Managers use can be found in usr local Xl lR6.1 include Xl 1 pix maps. Take care to choose an icon that is the right size and doesn’t contain too many colours for your Window Manager, five also renamed my throe virtual screens to misc, dev and web.
Also included on this month’s (if) are four new Window Managers. They are all pre-compiled and come with installation and de-installation scripts.
Best of all they can co-exist on the same NetBSD installation, although you can only run one at a time.
Olwm is the Openlook Window Manager produced by SUN Microsystems and provided with their “Solaris” Operating System. As Window Managers go it takes a very simple approach. It doesn’t feature start menus or button bars, just a fully configurable menu system. Olvxumis identical except it provides virtual screens and a pager to select them. Olwm. Is the simplest of the Window Managers to configure as listing 2 shows.
Amiwm is the Amiga Window Manager. Not surprisingly it looks very much like an Amiga. It offers more configuration than olwm, multiple screens can be defined which pull down in front of each other just like the Amiga.
Add-on modules allow various keyboard shortcuts to be defined and a background image can be placed on any virtual screen. Amiwm's main disadvantage is that it doesn’t offer any more functionality than a standard Workbench, and unfortunately MUX and Magic Menu aren’t available for NetBSD (yet!).
Am ham uses an application called xload image to set the background image for each screen. The source code for this has been included on this month’s CD so you’ll have to compile it yourself first. Ifvou have never tried this before, don’t worn'.
It’s very simple and will he good practice for the coming tutorials!
For those of you with graphics cards there is AflerStep, a Next-style Window Manager. Aflerstep features user- definable menus and button bars, and an application loader called “Wharf’ with the ability7 to “swallow” running applications. It also allows you to select any of the screen savers as a fully animated background.
Finally we come to Fvxum95, a Windows9 style Window Manager.
I'xrwm.95 has taken the good bits from Windoxos95 (the user interface) and thrown away the bad bits (the rest of the operating system).
It is probably the most configurable Window Manager available, offering a start menu, an applications menu, virtual screens, user definable keyboard shortcuts and two different button bars.
All of this does come at a price - the configuration file is a huge 865 lines long! Fortunately, with only a few changes, the supplied configuration is perfectly useable. NetBSD 1.3 is currently in Beta release and a final version will be released on December 1. As soon as we get our hands on a copy weil tell you what new features and hardware it supports, and how you can upgrade.
RELEASE DATE CHAPTER SEVEN FIRST STEPS IpdlciBmgn and an introduction to Shell.
The Shell is the Amiga equivalent to the DOS system that was used on all PC's before Windows. If you are new to computers, it is a system that allows you to organise your files and programs and run execute them.
The difference between the Shell and Workbench is that rather than using a graphical interface you perform tasks by typing commands. This may seem more complicated but for some things it is far quicker. Firstly, I would recommend you get hold of a package called KingCONby David l.arsson. This will make using the Shell far easier.
You’ll need to load a Shell so go into the System drawer of your Contents , ________ Chapter 1 An iintroduction to Workbench Chapter 2. Sorting out the Workbench Chapter 3. Files and directories Chapter 4 Disks and hard disks Chapter 5. CD-ROMs Chapter 6 Printers I Chapter 7. An introduction to Shell Chapter 8 Expansions particular task in the Shell you can write a script and simply use this every time... BIBIKS AMIGASheH
6. Workbench: assign Volumes: RFCD17 [Mounted!
Ram Disk [Mounted!
Work Cmountedl Workbench [Mounted!
+ + ?
AmigaShell |B|
6. W 6 M orkbench-' ut i I i t ies orkbenckuUtiIities copy
clock ?
Ram: R Clock..copied. Clock.Info..copied.
6. Workbench:Ut Hit ies ?
A v ,__ : V Here you can see wildcards in operation. Using the ? As part of a filename means that several files can be copied with only one instruction.
6. Workbench: If you have KingCON installed, you can get a nice
scrolling list of assigns like this.
Directories: PPRINT MU I MagicWB HELP LOCALE KEYMAPS PRINTERS REXX CLIPS T ENV ENVARC SYS C S LIBS DEVS FONTS L Work:PPaint Work:MUI Wo r kbench: P r e fs Mag i c WB-1mages Workbench:Locale HeIp Work:MUI Docs Wor kbench:LocaIe Work:MUI Locaie Workbench:Deus Keymaps Wo r kbench:Devs P rin t e rs Workbench:S Ram D isk:CIipboards Ram Disk:T Ram Disk:ENV Wo r kbench:P re fs Enu-R rch i ve Workbench*.
Workbench:C Workbench:S Workbench:Libs Workbench:Classes Work:MUI Libs Workbench:Devs Wor kbench:Fon t s Workbench:L Workbench disk and select the ‘Shell’ icon (by double-clicking on it). Now you will have a prompt ready to take commands. One of the easiest uses of the Shell is to copy, rename and delete files. The biggest advantage is that you can perform actions on large selections of files, for example all files ending with a specific indicator (such as .iff and .gif), or even whole directories (if the command is followed by ‘ALL’ then even sub-directories). To copy a file you (not
surprisingly) use the copy command. Let’s try and copy the ‘Clock’ program from the ‘Utilities’ drawer of your Workbench disk. Type: SYS:Utilities [RETURN] This will make that drawer the current director)7 (so you don’t have to type the full path).
SYS: simply refers to the disk that you booted from (hopefully Workbench!) Now type: dir [RETURN] This will produce a list of all the files in the utilities drawer.
In this list should be the Clock program. The .info files are the icons that Workbench uses. Now type: copy Clock RAM: [RETURN] copy Clock.info RAM: [RETURN] This will copy the Clock and its icon to the RAM disk. There is a quicker way to do this, using a short-cut. Open the RAM icon and delete the Clock program then type: copy Clock ? RAM: [RETURN] Now7 both files will be copied in one line. The use of the symbols ( ?) Means the Shell will copy any files beginning with Clock. You could use the same to copy any files with similar names. For example, if you had a directory7 of pictures and you
wanted to copy all the files ending with .iff then you could use the line: copy ?.iff [destination] Don’t try this a.s there are no pictures on the Workhench disk.
Instead, type: [RETURN] This will take you to the Parent Directory7. Now type: dir [RETURN] A different file list will appear, this time of the Root Directory of your CHAPTER SEVEN FIRST STEPS Hlei AmigaShell
7. Ram Disk:
• Ml DIEHga AmigaShell
6. Workbench: directory as LIBS: etc.. It is also possible
through the Shell to format and copy whole disks.
Following are examples of how to format and copy a disk in DEO: (the internal drive): Format DRIVE DFO: NAME Empty [RETURN] Diskcopy FROM DFO: to DFO: (RETURN] ? I AmigaShell ?J Eheb A Shell with KingCON is far easier to use and a lot more flexible.
Workbench disk. All the files ending with ‘(dir)’ are directories, and by lyping their name you can make them the current director)'. There are also directories within directories, called subdirectories, and you can access these in the same wav. II'you wish to get to the Root Directory and the current directors is a sub-directors’, simply type As an example type: prefs env-archive sys [RETURNj dir [RETURN] frisk.info Prefs.info System.info Ut iIi t ies.info Then to return to the Root type: : (RETURN] dir [RETURN] and you will be back in the Root Experimentation is the only way to master the
Shell, so try copying and accessing files (but clou j delete files on your Workbench disk unless you know what you are doing!).
SCRIPTS The Shell also uses scripts, or files containing lists ol commands. As example ol One of these files would be the ‘Startup-Sequente’ file in the ‘S’ directory. This is the file that loads Workbench and sets up your system. To view this, type: more S: StsarLup-Sequence I RETURN] Press the Space Bar to scroll through it. Looks complicated? Don’t worry, as you don’t need to change this until you know what you’re doing. Now we'll write a simple script that copies that ('-lock and its icon to the RAM disk w hile displaying a message. Delete any files you’ve copied to RAM and type: ed
RAM:Sc ri p t [RETURN j The Editor program will now' be launched, enter the following: echo "Copying the Clock program to RAM" [RETURN] copy SYS:Utilities Clock ?
RAM: NIL: IRETURN ] Now press the Escape key followed by ‘X’ and Return (in order to Save the file and quit).
The ‘copy...’ line is followed by
6. Workbench: dir Prefs dtr) Fonts (dir Expansion dir
WBStartup (dir) Locale dir) Classes dir) Decs Cd i r
Storage dir Directories C (dlr L dir L i bs d i r) Rexxc
(. D i r S dir System dir) T dIr) Ut iIi t ies Cd I r
,&3Li r?,_ ¦Tapia.
• s. Inf Devs.tnro Expansion.Info Storage.info Too Is.i n fo
JjlfSL lor kbencn: You can easily tell the difference between
files and directories in the Shell.
‘ N1L:’ so it won’t show any output. Hie ‘echo’ command simply displays text on the screen. Now type: execute RAM:Script [RETURN] If all has gone to plan the Clock will he copied.
You can also rename files through the Shell. As an example, we will rename the script as ‘Clock-copierk This is done by typing: rename RAM:Script RAM:Clock- copier If you wfant to include spaces in file capitals at all, but it does make organisation easier and your directories better... names you must enclose the name and path in quotes. This is not recommended as it means having to do this every time you access the file. As an example type: rename RAM:Clock-copier "RAM:Clock copier" Scripts are important if you need to regularly do a particular task in the Shell. You can w rite a script and
simply use this every time you need to do I he particular task - saving time as well as your fingers.
Many directories can also be accessed by using their assigns. Type ‘assign’ to get a list. As an example, the S directory is assigned as S:, the libs Files Filenames don’t require capitals at all, but it does make organisation easier and your directories better to read.
KINGCON As I previously mentioned, there is a program that makes using the Shell a hrceze. It is called KingCON, and is included every month on the cover CD (or from PD libraries). It adds many functions to the Shell, a particularly useful one being filename completion.
This means you only need to type pari of a filename, then pressing the Tab button will make the computer complete the name - very good when long filenames are used. It also makes the window' like a Workbench one, with a scroll bar allowing you to go back and look at what you’ve typed, as well as a shrink-gadget that makes the shell into an icon that can be re-opened.
We have only really touched the sur face of the Shell in this tutorial, and you now have a very basic knowledge.
The Workbench manual has a list of commands and there are several books available covering the Shell, such as Mastering Amiga Scripts and Total! Amiga - Amiga DOS both published by BSB (available from various companies advertising in AF).
The commands used by the Shell are listed in the C directory of the Workbench disk.
That’s all for this month. Next month (in the final part of the series) we will be looking at Expansions - good luck with your Shells!
USING ASSEMBLER ifTz Coding Unravel the mysterious art of 680x0 igffe assembler beginners special... at would the _LVO nacros use for EQU -552 EQU -414 EQU -68 EQU -48 EQU 8 EQU 10 XDEF _naln 1 test Amiga Format Rules OK!
1 1 1 All assembler programs start life as simple ASCII text files.
Registers for storing information.
Registers are split into two basic groups
- data registers and address registers, with the former being
labelled dO, dl, d2... d7 (or Dl, D2... and so on) and the
latter as aO (or AO) up to a7.
680x0 registers can hold four byte (32-bit) values and the processor is able to move these items between its internal registers, between a register and a memory location (and vice versa), and from one memory location to another.
One of the most distinctive features of the 680x0 series is the flexibility of the Once vtpu're past the beginners stage you'll find that the Amiga's run-time libraries provide a lot of graphics help.
Beq Computers like the Amiga are built around microprocessors.
These microprocessors recognise certain binary numbers as representing instructions for performing various tasks. It is sets of these instructions in memory that constitute a ‘program’ and, given suitable hardware, one way of programming a system in this low-level way is to place appropriate binary numbers directly into memory.
This approach is far from ideal and a better idea is to use statements such as ADD and MOVE to represent the instructions and then automatically translate these statements into their equivalent executable (ie, binary) form.
Utilities which do this are known as assemblers because they assemble (ie, create) the machine-runable program from a list of human-readable instructions. The languages themselves have therefore come to be known as assembly languages and their benefits are simple - because they have a one-to- one correspondence with the operations that the processor itself can perform, they allow programs to achieve maximum speed and efficiency.
The disadvantage with all assembly languages, however, is that they’re harder to learn than languages like Basic. Your Amiga, depending on the type of machine you have, may use any one of a number of processors from the 680x0 family, although luckily all support the same basic types of instructions and have a similar set of .AbsCxecBase .LVOOpenL ibrary _LVOC(oseLIbrary _LV00utput .LVOUrite 4ULL F LINKLIB MACRO registers. Although they can hold 32-bit (long word) values the processor can, for many operations, use the address registers to work with 16-bit values (words) and the data registers
can in fact work with either 32-bit, 16-bit or 8- bit values (conventions for identifying the sizes of values used being based on placing a ‘.b’, ‘.w or M’ after the instruction name).
Another 680x0 register is the status register which is actually divided into two 8- bit areas known as the system and user bytes. The user byte is important because it contains bits whose values are set and cleared according to the results of particular instructions. Five flag bits are available, each of which provide single-bit true false type detection of various processor conditions - the zero (Z) flag, for example, is set high (ie, set to 1) when an operation gives a zero result PROGRAM COUNTER The 680x0 also contains a program counter which is used to determine the address of the next
instruction to be executed. Under normal conditions this register is automatically incremented so instructions held in memory are executed in sequence, ie, one after I Elite prototypes.h.Info Scopt ions Scoptions.info snakefI It snaktfII*.Info sttck_adt.h stack_adt,h.Info »tack_adt.o 486 152 470 1 ,140 830 1 ,330 486 648 15 03 04 03 15 03 15 03 15 03 22 07 15 03 19 03 1 .a Y 9 Drawer | FI Ie | OK | Vo tunes| Parent | Cancel | 1 USING ASSEMBLER ifTz quick’) are, incidentally, also allowed for certain types of data and.... moveq 0, dO for instance provides a very quick way of clearing
(ie, setting to zero) the full 32 bits of register dO!
But assemblers can do far more than just generate the equivalent machine code instructions. A whole range of directives or ‘pseudo-ops’ can be used to define symbols, designate areas of memory for data storage, place CflTfllOGUES ENTRIES EXPORT____ t I e«if Hemai-v Copv Current Catalogue Odd Cxpf at ah I ProScans to Catalogue*. , Hild RLL P i c s fln ina Sound 5 ! O Catalogue
* 5*1 another. But by changing the program counter’s contents
it’s possible to cause the microprocessor to get its next
instruction from anywhere in memory and the fact that these
jumps can be made conditional on the state of various processor
flags means that the processor can make ‘intelligent’ flow
control decisions, based on the data with which it is working.
One such instruction, called beq (Branch on Equal to zero),
signifies that a branch will only be taken fixed values in
memory and so on. The EQU Equate directive is particularly
important since it allows labels to be defined for representing
specific numerical values. For instance the statement... LF EQU
10 allows the programmer to use the term LF to specify a
linefeed character instead of the less intuitive real value
SAFELY STORED There are also a range of useful storage allocation directives. A ds (define storage) directive will for example, when written as ds.l, allocate space for one or more four-byte (long word) values and so to allocate a long word variable called _DOSBase we could use... _JX)SBase ds.l 1 one correspondence... they allow programs... maximum
• o and efficiency.
Spee( if the zero flag is set To use this instruction to conditionally branch to a symbolic address called EXIT we’d write: beq EXIT DUCKING AND DIVING Now for a 680x0 chip to do anything useful it needs to collect data from somewhere, manipulate it and produce results for the outside world. From the processor’s viewpoint, part of this ‘outside world’ are the RAM and ROM memory chips present in your Amiga.
Most processor instructions work on a piece of data (called the operand) and this data not only has to be stored somewhere but the processor needs to know where it is stored and how to access it Many instructions will use some real or implied source address, do something, and then transfer the result to a destination address - the 680x0’s has built in ‘addressing modes’ which enable these source and destination addresses to be specified. For example, the instruction... move.b dl, (aO) will transfer the contents of the lower eight bits of register dl to the memory location whose address is held
in register aO (this is known as ‘indirect addressing’). More efficient move instructions called moveq (‘move Project Search Uindou Program Macros Settings the the 1992 All Rights Reserved for Devpac Amiga Versioi Z the following symbols were changed to avoid clashes with the new include files: Screen- MyScreen, NewScreen- MyNew8sreen M indow- MyM indou, NewM indow- MyHewl4 indow I opt c + , d+ r.
n. -irT-.irrrrrra ssystem _ exec exec I ib. I 0NB0
intuition intuit ion. I intuit i on intuit i on,I i
graphics qraphics.lib.i graphics text.• a" v1 .1 vi .1 31 31
equ equ default error return code EDI I List ZZ| List I First
Macro Expansions Conditionals On(.u Eass Listing Set Set [ Set
Add Add Cancel [ Data can easily be moved to and from such
memory locations and to move the full 32-bit contents of
register dO to the above location we’d write... move.l dO,
_DOSBase A directive, called dc.b (define constant bytes), is
also available and can be used for placing text strings into
memory like this... dos_jiame dc.b 'dos.library',0 The string
‘dos.library’, plus a terminal null (0) character to signify
the end of the string, gets placed into the program and
there’s an lea instruction that can load the start of the
string into an address register using a statement like... 1ea
dos_name,al As far as the 680x0 series are concerned this sort
of stuff is just the start There is a specialised instruction,
movem, which allows the contents of multiple registers to be
moved to (or from) memory using just a single instruction plus
others that allow addition, subtraction, multiplication and
addition and all common logic operations. For example the
statement.. add.1 dO, dl causes the full (32-bit) contents of
data register dO to be added to the contents of register dl.
On top of this the 680x0 can test, set, and clear individual
bits and rotate and shift operands around.
There are address calculation instructions, automated loop ones, and even instructions which allow data areas to be allocated within stack space as subroutine calls are made. That’s all we’ve got time for here. Next month we’ll be create an assembly language program with our Coverdisk code. 5 Ed i t
* ¦ this ' He C i sc Cut CDX[ Copy eoc 1 Paste f3V 1 J Erase 1
Undo Line fDZ Undelete Line Paste File... fid in 68000
Assembler in the Intuition manual No Uarnings Ignore Multiple
Includes Low Memory Assembly List Symbol Table Bl L inkable Ol
None Ol Al 1 Ol Standard I8 Assembler Control RAPHICS_REV D*
Open the intuition library moveq 4t100,d4 JNTUITION_REV r PLAY
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Since purchasing Final Writer Lite in your special offer a while ago, I can only say how happy I am with the product. Not only is it the best program that I have ever used for word processing and DTP work, but its friendly accessibility has made it the most used program on my machine. Now that my A-LeveLs are over I am searching for and considering variousjobs. One area J am keen to get into is the writing of novels, short stories and television film scripts. My problem is that Final Writer Lite docs not support an appropriate script layout option (it seems that these TV producers are very
strict about the presentation of a script).
I have heard of a program called Serif)(ware on the PC through an advertisement in a film magazine, which is apparently a full scripting utility with correct layout and styling, etc. A word processor such as Final Writer Lite will cover all writing needs, including script layouts - just get the format right.
Do you know if this or another similar program is available on the Amiga? At the moment I am improvising you wanted. It 's simply a matter of adhering Lo the conventions on spacing, indents, margins and so on.
If what you are saying is that you don't exactly know what format they would like the.
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MISSING U5ER INTERFACE I noticed in your October issue that in future issues you propose to carry out Magic User Interface tutorials. If any other reader has had experiences like mine, these tutorials will be a waste of time as it has so far proved impossible for me to register for the Shareware.
On August 24, 1997, I sent off the registration form together with a cheque for £15 to Mr P. Jewell of Cardiff. A further reminder was sent in early September and finally I wrote direct lo Stefan Stuntz on September 19. I have had no response and my faith in registering Shareware has virtually Continued overleaf How do you spell CD? AS IM WARE (more than £400-worth of it actually)," Asimware, those CDFS masters, have got a grand prize for a lucky winner: MasterfSOZ, Audio Thunder, AsimCDFS3.9, PhotoCD Manager and their Texture Heaven Double CD set with four copies of AsimCDFS for the
runners-up. To win, send a postcard to: AFAsim Draw, Blittersoft, 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry, Milton Keynes, MK8 OER tn: sides, and not just serious stuff but games as well. Now I can run all this high-spec malarkv and I am more than happy, but I feel compelled (or possessed, depending on your viewpoint) to remind Gateway 2000 not to forget this little machine.
The Amiga is, and always will be here thanks to the A500s and their owners and while I wouldn't expect them to take a backwards leap, they must consider them. By keeping hardware prices down they will enable them to upgrade.
On the subject of upgrading, a plea to those in powder. We don't need a story like the PC with upgrades needed every six months. The Amiga is coming back but if people u y to make us buy hardware just to keep up with the Shareware registration problems shouldn't stop you from programming with the MUI.
4 vanished. Unless there is a substantial improvement in the turn around tor the registration of this Shareware I am afraid they will lose customers.
Mr.J. H. Smith West Yorkshire The MU I p rogra m m i ng in tori a I, which has now startcil, relics on ftrngrammhig ML I, for which you only need the software developers hit, you don't, need to have registered, (although yon should).
I'm sorry that you haven V had a reply from Mr Jewell. I ran tell you that he has moved address. And now resides at 4S Park Avenue, Portheawl, Mid Glam. CP36 3EH.
} understand there was some problem with mail ¦not being forwarded properly, so I suggest you get in touch with him.
Groups are very important for MUI. Ther combinations determne hov the GUI
• «”i took. A group may contain any nunber of chid objects, which
are positioned either horizontal or vertical.
When a group is layouted, the avaiabie space is cfistnbuted between al of its chidren, depenting on ther mnmun and max*num drnensiom and on their weight.
Of course, the chicken of a group may be other groups. There are no restrictions.
BACK FOR THE FUTURE I have been out of the Amiga scene for a few months but now, with the aid of my beloved '030, 10Mb A1200, I am back to sun. The first thing I did was buy a copy of Amiga Format and the second thing I did was jump for joy. I saw software coming at me from all 0 W v You the Amiga 552 ~ T .
- ,vf111S pebM -, m..n, wilh every new
• ssssai- 'w“” -* s““ V** on w youf oov w als0 glvf a bn P yovn
mag-a 'nt ,u a uy hoi idea SVSW r'h t'B if You may tWnk " *«cks
you «a'U « »*«• 10 That s it. n ay, h • ones cn 1 3
v-idost voui u'aD 1. We re an I'kt 11 tiiai boost u you hunk we
Irish a mad a n yM Kenneth Heshp UasiUndersl DublinIreland
• 7 hth the Amiga, as nn snw ”"»* "- -**• huge sum oj n
somethmg uw «« in the future. . . (1wr „n the CD. That roe him
Jones', then the greatest computer of this decade will die a
permanent death.
We are, after all, not stupid - we own an Amiga not a PCI.
VaughanJackson Doncaster It would he ridiculous to go the route of the PC and end up having to junk your hardware every year just to ru n the latest software. But don’t honestly think that is ever going to happen with the Amiga.
Surprisingly, I have usually jound that it is the people who don 7 upgrade their Ami gas, the people with a I Mb A 300 running XVBl.J, who are the ones who suddenly decide there is nothing for them in the Amiga market anymore, and then go and spend £1000 on some PC equipment that will be out of date in a few months.
Its not really a question of forcing people _ VC _ji.
Sabrina Online by f 1997 'A Flurried MUCK1 Chc*+ & r eu IRC cr?
To upgrade, but for example, if you want to play games on your Amiga, you're going to need a CD-ROM drive, because that, 's what more and. More nno games require.
UNFAIR COMPETITION I'm an avid fan of noL only Amigas, hut also Amiga Format. However, I am only 15 and have little money, which means that I find it hard to get what I want for my Amiga (a heavily converted A2000).
I live in New Zealand, the Amiga community's equivalent to Hillbilly country and there are few, if any, Amiga stockists. I have added a CD-ROM drive, a 1.7Gb SCSI hard drive, 8Mb of RAM and installed all of this into a full height lower case. I later found that the keyboard extension cable I made for inside the case.- was not earthed and had damaged the CIAs. 1 bought an A500 t for 50 bucks (aboiu£15) and using a serial network program called SetKeyboard by Patrick Van Beem, I managed to get by.
1 am currently making some good quality objects for Imagine and am try ing my hand at programming (Egads! What is a hash table?).
Finally. 1 have a single niggle wiLb your otherwise excellent magazine. The GOOD SUPPORT I have an accelerated A1200 with 10Mb of RAM, a 240 Mb IDE hard drive and a 2x SCSI CD-ROM mounted onto the PCMCIA via a Squirrel. The printer I bought with the system was a worthy, but now outmoded, Star LC200.
I wanted to upgrade my printer to a colour inkjet but which one? I had no idea and worse, no knowledge other than they are better than dot matrix printers.
My first port of call was Dixons. I didn't take the plunge there and then because I thought a little more research was needed, although the Canon BJC 120 and Lexmark appealed.
My second port of call was the AF office. You advised the Canon BJC 4200 or BJC 240. You also informed me that the Lexmark was, to all intents and purposes, a Hewlett Packard in a new suit.
I knew that a printer needed a driver, so on to the printer manufacturers themselves and here come some useful numbers and titbits of info.
Canon - Technical enquiries: 0990 143723: "Yes, we have two inkjet printers with Amiga drivers - the BJC 240 and BJC 4200." They were also happy to supply the drivers on demand.
Hewlett Packard - Technical enquiries: 0990 474747: “No we don't provide drivers for the Amiga - you will have to contact Amiga.* They gave me a phone number (01525 718181) which turned out to be HiSoft's.
Lexmark - Technical enquiries: 01628 481500: "What? No, we only do drivers for Pcs." I gave them HiSoft's number.
Epson - Technical enquiries: 01442 61144: "No, we only do drivers for Pcs." I offered them my HiSoft number again.
I called HiSoft. They told me they had drivers for all Hewlett Packards, except the 820 series, all Canons, all Lexmarks and all Epsons. 1 asked how much for a driver and learned that it is not as simple as that. HiSoft don't sell individual drivers but they do have a software package called Studio, competitions close about one month before the mag arrives in the shops here (I've also heard that the subscribers' mags arrive late as well). I waited eagerly tor your 100th issue because of the prizes and I was just about to mail my postcards when I read the closing date. You can iniagintvjjiy
horror because this wasn't the first time.
We may only number 100 but iL sure irks us that our favourite magazine iur 100th issue ompetition dates ere too early for ome readers broad - try to win ome great prizes in bis issue instead!
Which tailors the print output of the Amiga to more or less any printer at a cost of £35.
The glimmer of hope is Canon, a company which has had the foresight to talk and deal with HiSoft. Canon's gratis driver is a cut-down version of CanonStudio, which in turn is a Canon-specific version of Studio by HiSoft. Furthermore, CanonStudio is only £20.
My mind was almost made up. Argos had a BJC 4200 for £179 - time to go shopping to try and beat that price. The PC mags with all the adverts are one of the best places to look and mail order is okay, as long as you take the cost of delivery into account. Better still, you could share the cost (ie.
Get a PC owner to order more memory as they always need that).
As far as the Amiga is concerned, apart for Canon, I found the printer manufacturers rather disinterested, a disappointing attitude bearing in mind the thousands of us out there. This did have an influence on my final decision. I settled for a Canon BJC 4200 and ordered it from DABs Direct for £154 plus p8cp (which I did share with a PC owner!). The driver was duly provided by Canon on request and as I'd managed to save a bit on the purchase price of the printer I rounded the package off with a copy of CanonStudio.
Anyway, here endeth the epistle. I hope there are a few gems worth disseminating. My next project purchase will be a scanner. It was a shame you only reviewed the one.
D. G. Sturt Cornwall Well, I'm glad that our advice was useful to
you. As reported in AF, Epson will sbon be providing Amiga
support for all their printers, and hopefully many of their
other products too. As regards the other printer
manufacturers, with the notable exception of Canon, why bother
giving money to companies who don't know or care if your
computer exists?
Denies us the right to enter the competitions.
Otherwise I love your mag and long live the Amiga!
Scott Mohekey Nelson, New Zealand We do take great care to try and allow enough lime for everybody to enter our competitions, Continued overleaf 4 OK, so not ALL Internet chat is like this now iVct1 Oh, wha+ I could do *ho you._ play one very Convincingly.
SftbrlllA Online by r) 199 Look, 'rn nof ere ho Aren't fhere any women get involved with anyone, like me To Talk to on here ljust want fo explore the chaf areas.
You'll love me. I play Q demon rat with +en+acles every where.
__ Co roe with rne, baby !
I'll how yod everything!
John O' Groats on the north coast ol Scotland. The island is only seven miles long and the weather in winter can get pretty bad at times, but the Amiga provides a great source* of entertainment during the long winter nights. My local computer shop (on an island 15 miles away) says there are a fair lew Amiga users in Orkney, although there don't appear to be any user groups. This does show that even in the remote parts of Britain, tin* Amiga is still going strong.
A. Lancaster Orkney I’m tjuite sure that thepeudish perpetrators
of such cheap and u nimaginative “journalism " are hoping to
get a large response of angry letters, fust to assure
themselves that their writing can have some effect, even if it
is a negative one.
I'm pleased that you and your island neighbours still get lots oj pleasure out of the Amiga. 7 he sending you a relief pack with a few AF sweatsh irts to help you through the winter.
O Good T3 - covering the technology of the future, but a little behind the times with news of any new Amigas.
It is by our support and the obvious enjoyment we get from it.
I live on a small island, about 50 miles or so north of & '•*gssss~* - lot (aster, as overseas .
Get the world's bestselling Amiga mag delivered quickly and safely by subscribing.
POW® ' 1"' 11.
1 S? J l 2L-: ’‘lA bExriijHP1 d| _ JuUGan demos L3*j cioen rrumfteViio i ft** rrOVFHl»*c AFCD17 but because the actual distribution is not handled by us in some of the more distan t parts of the globe, it is difficult to determine exactly when issues will be on sale.
I know we also got a number of letters from Australia and the USA along the same lines. 'Hie conf using thing is that we (dso had cards from these countries which arrived well hep re the dosing date, and some of them even won.
We do usually include a few day’s grace for foreign entries, but I think you should check with your supplier. 'I hat issue was on sale during the first week of July in Europe.
ON THE CHIN I'm writing in connection to the letter about Digitizer in AFI03. I agree with the ed's opinion that replying to goads is likely to he* a waste of breath, ink or whatever. They'll do what they want anyway - tougher times merely reveal who your true friends in the* business really are. Let's face it, envy is a terrible thing and anyone who sees fit to try and undermine or ridicule the Amiga must suffer from a had case of insecurity.
Surely, as fellow Amigans, we are all man woman enough to take such petty remarks in our stride. Whv waste time fretting about what other people think Could someone please give a sound ticking off to T3 magazine and tell them that Amigas are for sale again. Their Technofile report on page 9 of November’s issue states that Amigas are no longer produced as home computers.
Nathan Sumner Portsmouth Yesf I did exchange a few words about the story with the editor of T3. Since he used to be the editor of Amiga Format you'd think he'd know better. I'm sure they will be covering new Amigas in a future issue.
With reference to one of your sister magazines, T3 has stated that the Amiga is no longer being made as a home computer. Obviously, if somebody who works for Future Publishing prints that the Amiga is not being made, then people will not know about, or purchase, new Amigas.
I think it would be a good idea to let somebody from T3 do a feature on the new Amiga. All they would have to do would be to leave their cosy little T3 office and come along to your swanky new offices and try one. Hope to see an article on the new Amiga in T3 very soon.
Mr. J. Hayes Liverpool when we have such an exciting future ahead of us? We make the Amiga what IMP ft, What did Magellan say to the 3D artist (worth £430) ?” Wizard Developments, those nice people, have a corker of a prize for you this time. The two winners will each receive a copy of the brand new Aladdin 4D and a copy of Dopus Magellan and a runner up can also have a copy of Dopus Magellan for their trouble. Send a postcard to: AF Christmas draw. Wizard Developments, PO Box 490, Dartford, Kent, DAI 2UH Eyetech's Winter Warmers: A1200 Maaic Packs with £180 worth of vouchers - £249.95; EZ-IDE
s w from £12.50; 030 accel's from £68.95 ; 040 25MHz (19 MIPS) £138.95; 39 Mips '060 50MHz £278.95; A600 33MHz '030 MMU FPU standard simm to 32MB - £99.95; DIY-EZ-Tower from £99.95; 8-speed CDPIus £149.95; 460KBaud PortJnr £46.95; LS120 0.72 1.44 120MB superfloppy £114.95; (Price down, New)
A. The All-New LS120 A TAPI drive from Eyetech
Q. What fits in a floppy bay and reads & writes 120 MB PC & Amiga
cartridges AND 720KB & 1.44 MB PC diskettes?
120MB backup and PC 1.44MB diskette compatibility in one unit Bare Drive just £114.95.120MB cartridges just £14.95 1 or £34.95 3 EZ-IDE universal EIDE driver software is required - 50% discount when ordered with the LS120 or 4-device buffered interface. Upgrades available from Eyetech-suppiied IDE-fix available - see below right The Eyetech Starter Pack Just £249.95 The Eyetech Productivity Pack Just £299.95 The Eyetech EZ-Tower Professional Pack Just £799.95 HEALTH "A buffered IDE interface is essential to avoid overloading of the A 1200's WARNING JDZs port when adding extra devices"- John
Kennedy - AF - July 1997 Don't be tempted to skimp. Fit an Eyetech 4-way IDE ATAPI 3-chip buffered expander to preserve your Amiga's Health. The original and best - Just £39.95. Now with 50% discount off EZ-IDE software The Mk2 EZ-TOWER This definitely one of the easiest solutions to building your own tower." John Kennedy, Amiga Format - July 1997 Mk2 EZ-Tower with PF0: faceplate cable - £119.95 PIX option - ail parta instructions provided - £99.95 Collection, fitting and delivery service-Please ring Amiga 1200 Magic Packs
- Direct to Eyetech from Amiga International Inc. . J Full UK
specification with Kickstarl 3.1 Workbench 3.1 disks and
manuals. UK YW ri psu, mouse, mousemat and TV lead.
R 4' Fantastic software bundle including Wordworth 4SE.Turbocalc 3.5, Datastore 1.1, _ Photogenics 1.2SE. Personal Paint 6.4, Organiser 1.1, Pinball Mania and Whizz fS.'r** Three very special Eyetech bundles designed to meet every need and budget - all with 12 months return-to-base warranty Diskette pack as above with 2MB graphics program memory and built in hard drive interface.
Hard drive and memory expansion recommended for non-games use.
Over £180 worth of discount vouchers for future hard drive, CDROM, accelerator memory and EZ-Tower upgrades from Eyetech As above with 2MB graphics'program memory and 170MB hard drive . Just switch on & use straight from the box!
Scala MM300 preinstalled on the hard disk (needs 4MB memory expansion to run properly) Over £180 worth of discount vouchers for future hard drive, CDROM, accelerator memory and EZ-Tower upgrades from Eyetech
• Full EZ-Tower with EZ-Key keyboard adapter, Windows95 keyboard,
and 250Wpsu, with software and manuals as above and with mouse,
mousemat & TV lead. (No Al 200 k b or psu) 25MHz ‘040 processor
(approx 19 Mips) with MMU & FPU and 16MB of program memory.
1. 7GB TowerDrive with Workbench 3.1 and shareware utilities
preinstalled 8-speed CDROM including the Eyetech 4-device
buffered interface and fully registered CDROM hard drive IDE
Zip drive LS120 driver software preinstaffed 880KB floppy
drive including faceplate Fully installed and tested together
with all relevant cables and manuals AND the option to have
fitted: An LS120 720KB 1 44MB 120MB drive cable for just
£99.95 extra (at time of purchase only) See our full-page
EZ-Tower feature advert elsewhere in this magazine Or buy a
CDPIus unit (below) and get an EZ Tower* for just £99.95
(*it , an alternative to the regular CDPIus case) The Amazing
Iomega IDE Zip Drive The Top-Rated Eyetech CDPIus for the
A1200 Another first from Eyetech It [JIB Can be used in place
of - or as well as'- I the internal hard drive It."
Use a different bootable cartridge for ill each application or family member J | Ideal lor transfernng multimedia data * between Amigas and or other platforms __ Fits in any Amiga desktop minitower floppy drive bay or in external case CARTRIPQE CHANGES - »., iof. .iP drive plied in (hi ,t 1200 AUTOMATICAL!. RECOGNISEP!
Bare IDE Zip drive (inc. Eyetech V2.0 Ziptoois) -Just £119.95 100MB Zip cartridges Just £14.95 1 or £34.95 3 ('Aaoon200 aufl»f*d ituhIk* A1200 InstantDrives & TowerDrives InstantDrives and TowerDrives are only available from Eyetech AFCD21ReaderStuff- -Gallery Nothing festive here, but a great bunch of pictures all the same in our new expanded Gallery!
All done in Lightwave 4 Mbr Acid Raster by Daniel Pimley The result of an experiment, f Acid Raster has come out looking lovely, even if it is a bit out of date now Daniel!
2019 a o neo TOKYO IS ABOUT TO Akira by Daniel Pimley Dan's second in the gallery this month is a nice hand-drawn version of the Akira video cover.
TestCool (top) and Baldie by Jeff Ranasinghe Two more excellent Lightwave renders from Jeff this month. The moodiness of the first is only exceeded by the texture of the second.
PTLFO by Craig Thorburn You can find out what the title means on the CD, but you should have made the ship a bit bigger Craig, I can hardly see it as it is.
Hanging Around by Dimitris Katsafouros Dimitris tells us he did all this in Dpaint. If that's so, then the amount of texture he's managed to get into the image is lovely.
Face (above) and Abstract by Ben Bogart Ben's pictures on the CD all seem to have an abstract feel to them. This pair are a good representation.
“.••and Van Gogh said, uNo thanks. I've got three Art Effects (worth £360) fcere...” Blittersoft have given us three copies of the excellent Art Effect 2 to give away for Christmas. To win one of these artists must- haves, all you need to do is send a postcard to: AF Art Draw, Blittersoft, 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry, Milton Keynes, MK8 OER FREE READER ADS Reader, Haggle and barter for your Christmas arezzies in Amiga Format's bargain oasement of hardware and software!
F4 3 1 T J5 eX)U
• Magnum 33 Mhz accelerator 8mb £80 (new), 14.4k Fax Modem £40
ono + postage. «J. Scott 01900 63568.
• Amiga 1200, 80 meg HD (2.5"), includes manuals, disks, mouse,
leads, power pack and extra games. All in original box. Good
condition £150.
»James on 01582 472947.
• Loads of Amiga and generic hardware for sale including Amiga
external floppy drive, midi interface, sound sampler, power
cables, drive cables, connectors, blanking plates etc. » 0121
770 7676, rdm@amidev.u- net.com for details.
AmiFileSafe, Dpaint, Music-X, AMOS Professional, VistaPro,Maxon Magic and others. » 0121 770 7676. E-mail rdm@amidev.u-net.com for details.
• Panasonic KX-P2135 24-Pin colour dot matrix printer. Boxed with
instructions. Includes colour and black ribbon and printer
lead. £40 o.n.o. Stephen Gill, 3 Raby Road, Redcar, Cleveland,
TS10 2HF. W 01642 481511
• A600 2Mb, mouse, PSU, WB2.04, various software: FI511, FII7A,
Monkey Island 1 2 plus more £100 ono., may swap for SCSI CD-ROM
with interface or modem with leads. » 01992 479641.
• Surf Squirrel: £65, Amitek TV Modulator; £15, A500 Hand
Scanner: £15, Squirrel Classic: £50, Grand Prix: £5, Frontier:
£6, Subwar 2050: £7, Ml Tank Platoon: £5. Call Mike * 01784
• Subwar 2050, Skeleton Krew, Pinball Fantasies, Overlord,
Jurassic Park, Jungle Strike, Lion King, James Pond 2: £7 each
inc. P+P. Amitek Mamba Modulator new boxed: £15.
Call Mike w 01784 885914.
• ABC 24-PIN CITIZEN, 4MB 72 pin SIMM, Ppaint v4, Colour Master,
GFA Basic, Kindwords 2. Spare chips for A500 CDTV, Phase 1 CD,
Phase 2 CD ® Keith on 01322 359720 evenings, Erith.
• Classic Squirrel with Reno 2x speed CD-ROM drive. Comes with
all software and manuals and I'll throw in two Cds!
£60. No offers! «¦ Mick on 01282 694231.
• A1200 with 250Mb hard drive, lots of software, monitor and
Expanded to 4 meg. £130 ono. * Andy Bennett 0181 5037814.
• 1.2GB 2.5" IDE HD with prep software and cable, screws £125
ono, Will partition and format and install Workbench 3.0 3.1 if
required. Lots of Aminet Software included.
David w 01904 624637.
• Amiga 4000 030, 10 Mb RAM, 300Mb HD, FPU, GVP SCSI controller,
lots of software and accessories, 100's of magazines and disks,
all manuals and boxes, no monitor: £500. « Robin 01277 623091.
• 2 MB memory for Oktagon controller. Will swap for the CD
® Mai Harnden 01780 784054.
• 3000+ Spectrum games on CD, with emulators, £10. Send cheque to
Ian Otter, 5 Vaughan Avenue, Grimsby, DN32 8QB.
• Amiga CD32 with SX-I expansion keyboard, external disk drive,
mouse and power supply, joystick. £140, will BUY AND SELL
HARDWARE & SOFTWARE... FOR FREE Use one space for each word.
Only the words in this section will be printed FREE READER ADS
i Tz split. M Bates 0161 406 6907.
• A4000 060 120 Mb IDE. 1Gb SCSI.
Oktagon SCSI card. Quad SCSI CD ROM.
38 Mb RAM. V-Lab, hi-res monitor, loads of software. Complete and powerful graphics station £950 ono. ® Brian 01384 860358.
• A1200, 8 Mb RAM expansion with FPU and clock £470. A1200 PSU:
EIDE CD-ROM case (with PSU): £25.
Supra 500 RX (for A500), 2 MB: £20.
® 0385 990023.
• Hama 292 Genlock, Sima Screen Writer, Sima Pro Edit 3X, Digital
Video Processing Centre, Also Sony S8-V88 Edit Selector. All
manuals + cables.
Power Units for sale. All boxed £180 ono, ® 01543 258079.
• Amiga Format, CU, AUI, Amiga Computing, from Jan 94 - Jan 97
with coverdisks: £80 ono. Buyer must collect or pay postage
(!). Wanted: version of Lightwave, cheap as possible. ® Andy:
01204 659968. Bolton (anytime).
• Blizzard 1220 4 accelerator with 4Mb RAM, 28 Mhz MC68020
Boxed with instructions; £25. 85 Mb
2. 5" HD: £15. ® Alan on Camberiey 01276 600119.
• A1200, 18Mb RAM, 850Mb HD, 4x CD-ROM, second floppy, 14.4k
fax modem, mini tower, 200w power supply. Optical mouse and
over 200 disks; £500 ono. Will consider a swap.
Kevin Pearson, 50 King George Rd, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2PA.
• A1200 with 520Mb hard drive, CD" joypad and software
Contact: T.S. Sinha, 16 Fontmell Road, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18, 8NW,
• Monkey Island 2, Simon The Sorcerer, Wizkid, UFO Enemy Unkown,
Legends: £8 each. Indy Last Crusade, Maniac Mansion, Crystal
Kingdom, Dizzy, Curse of Enchantia, Lemmings, Lotus III: £5
each. ® Alexi 0161 3049471.
• For sale SCSI Controller with HD + 2Mb RAM (30 pin SIMM) for
big box Amiga inch software & manuals (£55).
SUPRA RAM card with 2MB RAM (30 pin SIMMS) for A1500 A2000 incl.
Software & manuals (£35), Contact Paul Brown, 115 Springfield Gardens, Upminster, ESSEX, RM14 3ET. ® Office 0171 940 9421, Fax Office 0171 940 9500, ® Home 01708 22 57 88.
• For sale Squirrel SCSI interface 3 months old £45 Network 2
(Sernet) cable + CD £25 CD32 + 5 games £5 All include P&P ®
(Edinburgh) 0131 666 0014, Mr. R.F. Baird.
• Dungeon Master, Monkey Island, Fate of Atlantis (adventure) and
Dungeon Master +CSB pack (all boxed with manual). Good price
paid. Write to: Franck Grasset, 12 Station Terrace, Caerphilly
CF83 1HD.
• Looking for A1200 games, especially Monkey Island II. ® James
0181 6602311 (after 6pm).
• Pole Position by Ascom for A120Q or other Grand Prix Manager. «
01733 706152.
• Looking for original copies of Dragon's Lair Singe's Castle and
Dragon's Lair Timewarp. Please call Mr Clark on ® 01225 355499.
• Amiga 1200 and 500+ contacts wanted. Contact David Csoma, 90
Holiowfield Coulby, Newham Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS8 ORS,
• I am desperate to find a copy of Akira on disk. Can anyone
help? M. Woolley, 262 Citadel Road, Plymouth, PL1 2PY, « 01752
• Wanted WWF games and WWF wrestling, good mags, music and WCW
Amiga games. Tel. Nick « 01202 304569 and Theme Park for the
A1200 wanted.
Will pay up to £6. WWF Fan.
• A1500 Hardware wanted, keyboard, accelerator, graphics cards,
etc. Will buy or swap for CD3', SX-1, 120Mb HD, 6 meg RAM,
keyboard, disk drive or sell for £200. ® 01364 652250 after
7pm, Kevin.
• Desperate for Amiga Format CD of Cinema 4D. Could only obtain
mag with floppy. Need FPU version with extras. John Hughes ®
01980 863115.
• I am desperate to find a game called Rorke's Drift. Does anyone
know where I can get a copy new, s h or swap.
® 01744 733984 anytime, ask for Les.
• Champions, Death Knights, and Dark Queen of Krynn RPGs by SSL
Times of Lore by Origin. Originals only.
Contact Andy Tang, 155 Packington Square Estate, London, N1 7UB,
• 0171 3540494 (evenings).
• V-Lab Motion card with software.
Cash available within reason. Can arrange collection within the EEC.
® 01202 470615 after 5,30 pm. I also want to find other (non-gaming) Amiga users in Dorset.
• PROTEXT for Amiga. Any version will do but would prefer 6.0 or
6.5. Will even pay for copy. Also, Pirates Gold.
Tt Mike Caufield 01792 894047
• Alien 3, Flight of the Intruder, Heroquest 1 and 2. Must be
Reasonable price paid. Please write to Simon Briggs, 10 Wyndham Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 6DX.
• New TDK 3,5", double density disks.
Anyone know of a shop or supplier who could help? Require around 200.
Rt Richard on 01432 350534.
• Used A1200 or A1200 system wanted in United States. Please call
with system description and asking price. Craig Lambert 47,
Forest Drive, Negaunee, Michigan 49866.
® (906) 475 2843.
• Wanted hard drive, CD Rom drive for Amiga 1200. Reasonable
price from someone in Tayside in Scotland. Contact Richard
Bishop, 7 Union, Terrace, Dundee, DD3 6JO.
• Programmers and musicians wanted to produce new demos, games
and applications. Write to Spencer Jarvis, 44 Brampton Close,
Corringham, Essex, SS1 77NR enclosing examples of your work or
e-mail Spencer@thurrock.maplin.co.uk.
• Turbo Pascal for Amiga 1200.
Recent version preferred but anything considered. Will pay postage. « Rob Williams after Spm on 01568 708477.
• The Secret of Monkey Island 2.
Pay reasonable price. »(Edinburgh) 0131 666 0014, Mr. R.F. Baird.
• Please, please, PLEASE can you print this letter before I go
criminally insane? Is there anybody out there who still has the
idiot's guide to completing Monkey Island (yes, the first one)
which they could send me? If they have the second one they can
send that too, although I haven't started it yet due to not
being able to finish the first.
Carly Tinckier, 46 Jamaica Road, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 1TU.
• Wanted A500 compatible versions of King's Quest 4,5,6. Simon
the Sorceror 2, Colonel's Bequest, Rise of the Dragon, PGA
European Tour and Beneath a Steel Sky. Contact Wayne, 18 Beech
Avenue, East Leaite, Loughborough, Leics, LE12 6NU,
• Amiga Contacts wanted. Who are interested in swapping games,
demos, utilities etc., any age, if you are interested write to
Shane Hassam, 80 Shearsmith House, Cable Street, Stepney,
London E1.
• Anyone with AMOS programming knowledge or help. Also anyone
interested in being Amiga contacts.
Please write to Friends of Amiga, 102a King Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7DD, England.
• Gamers, programmers, artists, and anyone else needed for a new
London user group to swap PD and access each other's skills and
hardware (such as scanners, CD-ROM, etc).
® Dennis 0181 4526802.
UI saw I say, 1 say. How many sets of Brace Smith hooks (worth £180) make three?9' We've got three sets of the following books: Total! Workbench, Total! AmigaDOS and AmigaDOS Reference (all suitable for WB3.x) up for grabs. To win a set, simply send your card to: AF Christmas Draw, Bruce Smith Books, PO Box 382, St. Albans, Herts. AL2 3JD AFCD21 - the beginning of a new era! No :. ;; examines the hype behind Amiga Format's latest CD title.
Do believe the hype! Amiga Format's AFCD21 is probably the best CD ever made for the Amiga platform. Not only is it chock full of excellent utilities, games and reader contributions, it also features some of the best CD navigation tools ever invented. Here’s a short list of just some of the brilliance that makes up our disk this month: AFCD21 :-ScreenM.»y4ComTnefcia! GenGtkSpe i We've got another Vulcan I exclusive this month with an almost final demo of the I forthcoming Genetic Species. This baby looks darn good and it really flies, especially on a graphics card! The range of weapons is the
finest yet for an Amiga first- person perspective shoot-em-up and we're really looking forward to getting a final review copy soon. Stay tuned, you'll hear it here first!
Blade AFCD21:-SereenPlay4Commercial Blade We've also got a cracking demo of Alive Media Soft's first commercial release.
It's a 50 level RPG-type isometric game with loads of features, including different READER REQUESTS You always ask us for stuff for the CD and while we’ve always been happy to comply, usually the things you ask for simply get put in what would be their normal locations on the CD. Well, no more. To highlight those people who ve particularly asked us for something on the CD we now have a brand new drawer in Look Here 1st! Called Reader STOP-PRESS-STQP-PRESS-$ TQP-PRESS-3TQP-PRESS-STQP character types, spells and so on. We haven't seen it ourselves because it only arrived just in time to get on
the CD, so you'll have to find out for yourself just how good it is!
F % f. NEW AFCD SURVEY We’ve had over 4000 replies to our original survey. In response to this, we’ve changed the CD around, we’ve added new features like AICl)Find and AFCDPrrfs and we’ve pul stuff on the disc that you, the punters, have asked for.
About the only tiling we haven't done so far is changed over to Nczo Icons, but since a slender majority still seem to prefer MagicWB icons, or thinks we should concentrate on more serious issues, we probably won’t.
Anyway, some of the questions in the survey were getting a bit tired. Some of you may never have heard our groundbreaking Toulouse footage and yet you were asked to comment on it, so there’s 1 new survev now. It concentrates a bit more on stuff that is unique to our (ID and will be changed more regularly than before. It's now no longer an AmigaGuide document so it should print out nicely or fit into an email easier than before and, as before, we don’t want vour names or other details.
This is not a survey to find out more Requests - if you ask tor a program, that’s where it’ll be! This month, we had two requests from readers: OptyCDPlayer and anything to do with stitching design on the Amiga. OptyFDPIayn was easy pcasy, but obviously finding stitc hing programs took us a little extra time.
There was once a commercial cross stitching program lor the Amiga, but we haven't seen it for a while. Hopefully Stitchny should prove adequate for all vour needs!
At your fingertips As usual, we have all manners of bits and bobs on the CD. Here's a smattering of the really tasty ones!
You'll need to have installed Mi v4 from last month’s CD to be able to use this update since it relies on you already having a full installation of v4.
This version fixes a few bugs that were present in the initial release and changes some of the icons* Otherwise it is completely identical to the previous version.
Do have a clear winner for the best reader contribution this month, which goes to Simon Hitchen for his superb UFO Enemy Unclothed game. This doesn't mean that the rest of the submissions we got were dross - far from it, as we had some of the best work we've ever had. Here's a run-down: If you have a Canon printer and you’ve been using not only the Wolf Faust printer drivers but also the cut-down version of Studio II called CanonStudio, you'll want to upgrade your package using this. If you're intending to buy one of the new Canon printers, such as the new BJC4xxxSeries with their "photo ink"
facilities, then Canon Studio is also Ideal for you.
BenchPress AFCD21 :-ReaderStuff- Gareth Jcnight Gareth's excellent Workbench online help guide is nicely written and acts as a handy reference instead of having to go and find your manuals again. To top it off, it has a great name!
It's not often we actually just put someone's name in this section of the CD pages, but Gaz has earned it this month. Mot only has he sent us a whole bundle of his program (which are all in the ReaderStuff drawer), but he's also sent us his mammoth website where you can see what he looks tike, get more info on his AmlRC scripts and much more. Good on yer Gaz, keep up the good work!
CDPlay AFCD21:-ReaderStuff- Stephen_Haywood Stephen's written himself an audio CD-ROM player for his Amiga and he's keen on sharing it with about your spending patterns or what sort of washing powder you prefer. It’s simply there so we can give you a better service by making our CD better.
PPC SOFTWARE AH1D2 I'Se ri ously_ Amiga- Commercial Wild fire PPC If you’ve already gone and got yourself a Phase 5 PowerPC board (without waiting for our definitive review, you naughty thing!) Then you’ll be hunting around for something you can do with all that massive processing power once you’ve played with the Voxelspace demo and generated Mandelbrot sets until they came out of your ears.
Here’s the first piece of commercial shareware software written especially for the board - Wildfire. We’ve run this program on our disc before. It’s an image processor and ADO generator, but now von should find that instead of having to continually make tea while it n renders its frames, they’ll be done in a jiffy thanks to that tiny chip under the massive heat sink on your card.
In case you were confused by my reference to two different SWOS editors, you'll find the "other" one here. This is the editor that needs MUI, which you can install from our CD if you go into the AFCDUJstiMUUMUl Install drawer.
As Mark Green says, it’s best if you use both of when you want to update your favourite team, so here you go.
1 ? I M.A.M.B. O.H.2 V 1 * * Ji... A A +.
* * 1 i 1 d • . 1 - i r £ 1‘J*’ ¦* 1 Ar. 2*4f T* 1
• ** t ¦¦1 If you fancy turning your hand to HTML but you don't
like the idea of having to remember all those commands, why not
try these two editors? WebDesign is by Larry Continued everyone
else too. This version is quite limited with only a four minute
play time and two interfaces to access ail the commands, but
the registration is cheap and the program looks nice.
SWOSEditor AFCD21 :-ReaderStuff- Markj3reen Mark's gone and made his own SWOS editor. It's not the same as the one we ran on our coverdisk a while back (the one that needed MUI). This one has some features which that didn't, and is also lacking some features of SWOSed. Mark reckons you should use 'em both, which is nice of him.
AnimatED AFCD21_b1:-ReaderStuff- Marco_Vigelius If you used the reader award-winning AnimatED on previous AFCDs, you'll be pleased to know that Marco has done a new version for us (and everyone else!). This version plays HAM animations, fixes a few bugs and should be used by anyone with a bent for cartoon making.
ARCADE GAMES AFC7D21Intiit- 1 ag- Fjiuiiatin11 Area*it* Centipede? Ghosts and Goblins? Bubble Bobble} Aaah! Where are they now? The answer can be on your machine if you run MAME - the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator, originally by that well-known Amiga author Nicola Salmoria (NickPrefs, et al) and currently updated by Mirko Buffoni. You’ll need a speedy- machine to get the best from these ancient games and preferably a graphics card. It is worth it though, especially as you’ll be able to hit '3’ on the keyboard, rather than f umbling around in your pockets for another 10 pence piece down at
the local arcade.
Enjoy some classic retro gaming, thanks to the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator.
Using fixed fonts (not proportional ones) you can achieve the same effect, and even better it, with PowerSnap.
Install it on your machine and choose a keyboard modifier as your Snap key and you'll soon be grabbing filenames, or pulling text from text files so that you can paste it in elsewhere with ease. As I said, it only works on non-proportional fonts - that is to say ones where the width of an 'I' is the same as a 'W', fonts like Topaz and Xen - but even with this limitation I wouldn't be without it.
POWERSNAP There are times when I really wish the Amiga had a GUI a bit more like the Mac's. With the Mac you can usually 'swipe' text on the screen to put it in the copy buffer so you can paste in into your application. However, if you are McGahey and is a tribute to the power of CanDO, while MetalWeb is a WYSfWYGMUl'based editor which is able to support the easy placement of frames and much more.
Xen is a fixed font euery character you type appears directly under previous letters.
FuturaB is a proportional font. Characters have different widths and can’t be snapped with PowerSnap.
Here you can easily see the difference between fixed and proportionally spaced fonts.
- i l" "• .’i j 1 Snap Petit* Quefifien Snap loft Multi Snap
Ithift lait Single Line Ishifflalt Pre- Append control latt
All Fonts nZ I Smart Space I Xerox J Join Line* y ~ 1 Crawling
Antt _1 Default Mode ? I Char Snap Paste Key History Key Color
Pattern Multi Color Multi Pattern History Lines Prepend Append
You can choose which keys start off the PowerSnap process and
it will also allow you to snap some text and then add some more
to it without overwriting your copy buffer.
AFGD21 rSoriouslyAmlga- Commordal EMC_Phas 3 EMComputergraphic, those lovely people who put our CD together every month, have got a special offer for you this Christmas. They've given us all the IFF Christmas clipart from Phase 3 and are offering you the chance to actually get the rest of the clipart, photos and fonts on Phase 3 at a special price for the festive season. Not only that but you can get special pricing on the complete range of EMC Cds by quoting the text you'll find in the EMC_CD.guide file in the drawer.
Every reader submission to the AFCD must have a reader warrant attached to the accompanying AF,Readme file. You can type it in off this page or take it from the various locations it is stored in on the CD (Look here_ 1st!, ReaderStuff etc). A last reminder: this text must be in your AF ReadMe, or your submission won't go on the CD - it's Future policy.
In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format I hereby warrant that:-
(1) the material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
(2) the material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
(3) that there are no legal claims against the material provided;
(4) that I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
If you've a hankering to enter details about your family's history into a database so you can see just how second cousin Myrtle is related to uncle four-times- removed Oswald, then these two programs might be right up your alley, or tree perhaps.
They are both quite old, the companies that made them may no longer exist and they really should be in the Reader Requests drawer since that's why we put them on the CD, but you can at least try them.
GenTree also has the distinction of being another CanDO project, so if you like it you might consider dusting off AFCD2 and getting to grips with CanDO off it.
And no, we don't have back issues that extend that far back.
If you've got a Zip drive at home, as so many Amiga users seem to these days, you may well be interested in this collection of mount lists for your drive that are apparently much truer to the Zip than the ones presented by HiSoft.
We haven't tried them here, so we can't be totally sure, but you could always give them a go.
DISCLAIMER Share wa re M isc Gen Tree
• i AFCD21 b1:-Seriously Amiga- Shareware Misc Origins Demo
AFCD21 b1:-Seriously Amiga This AFCD has been thoroughly
scanned and tested at all stages of production. We recommend
that you always run a virus checker on ANY software before
running it. Future Publishing Limited cannot accept any
responsibility for disruption, damage and or loss to your data
or your computer system which may occur while using this disc,
the programs or the data on it. Ensure that you have up-to-date
backups of data contained on your hard drives before running
any new software. If you do not accept these conditions, do not
use this disc.
If your AFCD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure that you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is no physical problem. Please send us the AFCD along with a description of the fault (not forgetting your name and address). A new working version should be returned to you within 28 days. The return address for faulty discs is: CD Systems * VDC House House Way • Wembley Middlesex • HA9 OEH Your AFCD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead, you are experiencing problems with an individual demo or
application, phone our technical support line. This is open between the hours of 2pm and 5pm every Tuesday, Tel: 01225 442244 Fax: 01225 732341 email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk ("Coverdisc" in the subject line).
Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to the CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
Co.uk FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE Visit us on the Web! - http: www.firstcom.de ?-4 Wee DaySELI V 199 Tel: 0113 231 9444 I
• saturda Deii ry tftw Fax: 0113 231 9191 BBS: 011 3 231 1 422
E-Mail: Sales@firstcom.demon.co.uk Dept. AF, Unit 3, Armley
Park Court Stanningley Road, Leeds. LS12 2AE
- jj, __ l ,ii'( IF ¦ I j L'f • II r~ I.WS3RB- "! ¦uBm I ¦.
*-»R - L Amiga Hardware CD-ROM & I O Monitors Squirrel scsi-ii
Interface *£44.99 "Whon bought with any SCSI device,
f. vt bought separately SLSM SurfSquirrel SCSI-II Interface Amiga
Magic Packs Includes Wordworth V4SE, Datastore, Organiser,
Turbocalc 3.5, Personal Paint V6.4, Photogenix 1.2SE, Pinball
Mania, & Whizz. Now also includes Directory Opus 4.12. A1200
- 2Mb RAM - No HD £249.99 A1200 - 6Mb RAM - 170Mb HD A1200 -
68030EC 40MHZ 10Mb RAM 170Mb HD A1200 - 68040 25MHZ - 18Mb RAM
1.3Gb HD A1200 - 68040 40MHZ - 18Mb RAM 1.3Gb HD Hard drive
equipped versions of the Amiga range come with Scala MM300
preloaded. Amiga 68040 machines include a 250 Watt PSU as
Ultra IDE External CDROM AMIGA 1438s 14" Multisync only £259.99 N&SPROvrrec 1701 17" Multisync only £399.99 £349.99 £419.99 £599.99 £699.99 For A1200 A600. Complete Kit.
Includes PSU, Cables & Software Ultra Drive Kit(NoCDROMi £99.99 Ultra Drive 4x £139.99 Ultra Drive 6x £149.99 Ultra Drivel Ox £159.99 Ultra Drive 16x £169.99 HiSfift Internal SCSI CD-ROM Drives Toshiba 4101 B2x speed £44.99 Panasonic 8x Speed £85.99 Philips 8x speed £89.99 Toshiba 5701 i2x Speed £105.99 Plextor X20 20x Speed £127.99 Hard Drives The Whippet ¦ High Performance PCMCIA Serial Port ¦ Upto230,0C-t ps 400% Faster Than Standard
- Fully Buffered For Safer & Reliable Data Transfer
- New Faster T uchnology 56k Modem Ready'!!
Only £48.99 (E44.H it bought wllh modem) , Aura 8 Bit Sound Sampler £29 Blitz Basic v2.1 E19 Devpac 3 [5Cl Directory Opus 5.6 £45 Disk Expander El 4 Disk MAG 1C £34
G. P.Fax C44 Hi-Soft Basic 2 £58 Hi-Speed Pascal £&4 Hi-Soft
Amiga C++ £149 iBrowse £24 Megaiosound £27 Mini Oflice £29
Money Matters 4 £46 Net & Web (Hi-Soft) £29 Net & Web 2
(Hi-Soft) Net Connect V2 £49 Network PC (Weird Science)
Personal Paint 7.0 CD Version £49 Personal Paint 7 0 3 5
Version E49 Power Scan Epson Flatbed Software £49 Pro Midi
interface £19 Scala MM-400 £149 Studio 2 Pro (Pnnt Enhancing
Software) £49 SurtWare Internet Suite £9 TechnoSound Turbo II
Pro Sampler £29 Termite TCP (Hi-Soft) £44 Termite (Hi-Soft)
£29 TurboCalc 4.0 CD-ROM Version TurboCalc 4.0 3.5" Version
Turbo Print 5 (Print ErYvancirg Software) £49 99 .99 .99 .99
99 99 .991 .99] 99 .99 99 .99 99 .99 .99 99 .991 391 .59 .59
.99 .39 .99 55 .991 .39 .99 .99 .99 .99 ,99 .99 .93 .99 ,od
.99 .99 .99 [ .99
2. 5" IDE Hard Drives 3.5" Bare Hard Drives Includes installation
software, screws, and Instructions. For A600 A1200 machines
85Mb £57.99 810Mb £115.99 120Mb £71.99 1.0Gb £130.99 524Mb
£113.99 2.1Gb £199.99 Build Your Own SCSI Hard Drive!
• SCSI Case with buill in PSU £49.99
• SCSI Hard Drive (Select from right)
• SCSI Squirrel Interface £45.00
• Optional Construction £10.00 Includes all Cables & Software IDE
1. 0Gb £109.99 540Mb £159.99
1. 2Gb £115.99 840Mb £199.99
1. 6Gb £140.99 2.1Gb £229.99
2. 1Gb £152.99 3.2Gb £263.99
3. 5Gb £174.99 4.5Gb £684.99
3. 5" IDE Hard Drive Install Kit" Includes set-up software,
cables and full instructions. See above for Hard Drive prices
_Only £19.99_ R*e SmnmarK vD-RQM jpDr. Mgml irtion you spend
£30* cn CO Oists1 Detivery lull ElJOdflr Mle.
Cr&WHi j.
CD-ROM Software 1078 Weird Textures £12.95 3000 JPEG Textures £12.59 3D Images 30 Objects £8,99 LSD & 17Bif Comp. Vol t £ f 7,99 LSD & 17Bit Comp. Vol 2 El 7.99 LSD & 17Bit Comp. Vol 3 £17.39 17bit 5th Dimension E17 95 I7bit Collection £10.99 AGA Experience 1 NFA £0.69 AGA Experience 2 NFA £8 99 AGA Experience 3 NFA £12.99 AGA Too&lt '97 £8 99 Amiga Desktop Video 2 E12.99 Amiga Developers CD ET2.99 Amiga Repair Kit £39.99 Aminet 13 to 20 (each) £12.99 Aminet Set 1 to 3 (each) £17,99 Aminet Set 4 & 5 (each) £28.99 Arcade Classics Plus £12.99 Artworx £8.99 Assassins 2 £15-39 Assassins 3 E17.99
C64 Sensations Vc!.2 Card Games £12-99 DemRomCD £12.99 Emulators Unlimited £ 17 99 Encounters £12.99 Ency.Oi The Paranormal £17.99 Epic Collection 3 £17.99 Epic Encyclopedia 1997 £25.99 Eric Schwartz Animations £17.99 Euro CD Vol. 1 £12.99 Euro CD Volume 2 £12.99 Euroscenc 2 £5.99 F1 Licsnceware Amiga E26.99 Gamers Deiignt 2 £28.99 Geek Gadgets £17.99 Geek Gadgets 2 El7.99 Graphics Sensations 1 £17.99 Gif Sensation 2CD Set £17 99 Giga Graphics 4CD Set £28.99 Global Amiga Experience E14.99 Golden Demos £14.99 Guinness Disc Of Records El7.59 Horror Sensations 18+ £ 17 99 Hottest 6 £17.99
Illusions In 3D Image PD CD £17.99 Insight Dinosaurs £4,99 Irt-To-The-Net £17.99 Kara Collection £29.99 Learning Curve £17.99 Light ROM 4 £24.99 LigW ROM Geld £17.69 Magic Publisher £39.99 Magic W Bench Enhancer £8.95 Meeting Pearls vol. 3 £8.99 Meeting Pearls 4 £8 99 Miami £27,99 Mods Anthology V1 Movie Maker Special FX 1 £17.99 Multimedia Backdrops £ 14,99 Network 2 CD £12.95 Network 2 + CD32 Cable £33.99 Nothing But Tetris £9.99 Molding But Gifs AGA £17.99 Octamed Sound Studio £19,99 Oh Yes More Worms £8.65 Persona! Suite £17,99 PGX-86PC Emulator £49.96 Retro Gold £17,99 Scene Storm £12.66
Sci-fi Sensation 2 E17,99 Sound Fx Sensation £12.99 Sounds TerulsclOctamed 6 £17,99 Space & Astronomy £16.66 Speceyl997 £16,99 System Booster £17.99 Utilities 2 (PDSolt) £17,99 Uti 'toes Experience £ 13.99 Weird Science AMOSPD 2 £16.99 Weird Science Animation £8.69 Weird Science UPD Gc!d £17 99 Workbench Add-ons £20-99 World Info 95 £17,99 Zoom 2 £10.99 Part Exchange Power Units Money off your new hardware purchases!
Call for pricing now to part exchange your old items, and get real value for your unwanted monitors, printers, memory, computers, etc. Second User Bargains Available Now!
Totally refurbished units, with a three month minimum warranty. Call for current stocks.
Pi'vis.0 'Kile, tii} do rv ( buy *m»m to* ujsi- Q&Ws can oof b« «*xcftviQed -v ¦*! •: morn twporiiiive punihos*.
PRIMA J** ATOM Iheavy Duty PSU High Quality 200 Watt PSU Colour Co-Ordinated Casing 4 Times Standard Power Now Only £59.99 [Standard Amiga PSU £29.99 Twist 2 Relational Database £74 Upper Disk Tools (Hi-Sofl) £10 Vista Pro 3 Lite C4 Voyager V3 £23 Wordworth 6 3 5" Version.
Wordworth 6.0 CD-ROM Version £39 Wordworth 6.0 Office CD-ROM iomega Zip Jazz Tools £16 Memory I Acc.l Storage Graphics Miscellaneous Modems Zydec ZyFi Speakers ZyFl 40 Watt PMPO Mains Powered Only £15.99 Scanners Power Hand Scanner Mono V4. £69.99 2S6 greyscale on AGA Arr»iis. 6 Grayscale ixi others Power Hand Scanner Colour £124,99 I- _,h "1.7 Milton Colour. 24 Bit Scar h- Epson GT5000 Flatbed Scanner £259.99 24C0 DPI C-jti :jt 2-1 Bit Cckxir. Rewire-; Software Be-.w Epson GT8500 Flatbed Scanner £399,99 32CO DPI Oiilpj! 32 81 Cetojr Requires Software Betow Amiga Epson Scanning Pack £49.99
Includes F ifl imjq*- Sci-Yurg Software 4 Required Genlocks Lola L-1000 Gen lock £114.99 Inchxlss Scak HT-loOPressmhoriVr.-ie: Software
• 24 Bit Colour Realtime Digitiser
• Easy Set-Up With Full Software Only £99.99 Pro-Grab PCMCIA
Adapter £39.99 rftrmrn I t l T I ¦ I * • * Prima A1200 4Mb RAM
£59.99 Prima A1200 8Mb RAM £74.99 Includes Boitery Bochnd
Add rZS.QQ Par 33MH Ca-l’ro Iomega Zip Drive Only E134.99
* Includes One 100mb Cartridge
* Fast SCSI Interface Version
* Includes Cable & Amiga Zip Tools Zip Drive 100mb Media (each)
CJ0.99 j Squirrel to Zip Adaoter £17.59 ) A SCSI Inlerfart may
iw 'SQufH M VI *rt« CotT Sm I Sqmriri fr*CHtXT WI paqt. Abovw
hfft-_ |A500 A5GG+ Internal Drive £34.99 A600 A1200 Internal
Dnve £34.99 A4000 Internal Drive £79.99 Golden Image External
Drive £41.99 SupraExpress J SupraExpress 56 Voice
• BABT & CE Approved
• Voice Capabilities
• 56,000 Data
• 14,000 Fax » 5 Year Warranty Oniy £105.99 SupraExpress 36 Voice
• BABT & CE Approved ¦ Voice Capabilities » 36,600 Data |» 14,000
Fax I* 5 Year Warranty Only £69.99 Amiga Surfware Internet Pack
Couute Son wap* Sui*£ Foh All Youp Internet Nee" s Inciuces 30
nwa FREE Internet Access, SougiNB locm yu, chmioes _ I '' ‘
Juit •; !' Wilh any modem ZyFI 2 Pro 120 Watt PMPO Mains
Powered Only £42,99 ZyFi To Amiga Cable Chip Upgrades 68882
Co-Pro 33MHz PLCC £24.99 68882 Co-Pro 50MHz PGA E39-99 Agnus
2Mb 8375-16 (A500+) £27.99 CIA 8520 I O Controller £18.99
Kickstart 2.04 2.05 ROM Chip £24.99 Miscellaneous A520 TV
Modulator £34,99 Amiga Joysticks From... £6,99 Wizard 5bODP!
Mouse £12.99 Quality Mousemat (4mm) £2.49
3. 5' Floppy Drive Head Cleaner £1.99 80 Cap. Banx Lockable Disk
Box £9.99 1Mb 30 Pin (1*9) 70ns SIMM £6.99 4Mb 30 Pin (i *9)
70ns SIMM £20.99 4Mb 72 Pin (1*32) 60ns SIMM £14.99 8Mb 72 Pin
(2*32) 60ns SIMM £24.99 16Mb 72 Pin (4*32) 60ns SIMM £57.99
32Mb 72 Pin (8*32) 60ns SIMM £94,99 256 x 4 DRAM (DIL Type)
(each) £4.99 Prima A500 512k RAM No Clock £16.99 Prima A500+ 1
Mb RAM £24.99 Prima A600 1 Mb RAM No Clock £24.99 Al 200
Accelerator Cards izzard 1230-50 £93.99 lizzard 1260-50
£309.99 Blizzard SCSI Module £69.99 Blizzard 200MHz Upgrade
CCALL Viper IV 42MHz Wilh 4MB £71.99. nrui=i only £39.99 *'Fr"
rir Opus 4,122 F-iW Pr’*wi mpulled where possible n**h prirmnt
Swwpwit*»s»Mjuire*kMiwi«l iOirwmt See *olh*«r* »«1ioe tbove
Psuse cortacl us tor lull ovtalts.
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Separate Cartridge Cokxjr Prtntinj CITIZEN ABC 24 Hin Dot Matrix £109.99 300 DPI 5-0 ASF Butl-ln Opr-m il Tractor Feeu al flR?ii ProJet-IIC £129.99 300 x 303 DPI Colour Inkjet Pmtirq. 70 Sheet ASF Built-In Printiva 600C £291.99 600 DPI Cotojr. 120C- DPI Mmo Advance Mcro 0 Tech EPSON Stylus 400 Colour Inkjet £168.99 720 x 720 DPI ¦ippoi Black. 3ppn Cocnir 100 S -eel ASF Stylus 600 Colour Inkjet £234,99 1440 x 720 OF', bepm BL-tok Jptxtt Colour ICO Snee' ASF Stylus 800 Colour Inkjet £312,99 1440 x 720 Dpi. Tepm Black,, 7ppm. Cotour. TOO Sheet ASF HEWLETT* PACKARD m HP-340C Portable Colour
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11000 Disk Labels “ *''* Amiga X-Cad available FREE from our
Web site! - http: www.firstcom.demon.co.uk Not one but two
games this month, as introduces the best Pacman clone ever in
its entirety as well as a huge demo of a new platform game.
Hl»» ft t.t. • tr» HI An absolute classic. You'll keep playing it until your eyeballs dry out and your hands drop off. Superb.
Deluxe There can’t actually be anyone out there who doesn’t know what Pacman is. It has been loved worldwide tor years and spawned many an (inferior) sequel. This version is the full final release of the Amiga’s finest Pacman clone. In case vou can’t remember the aim (!), all you need to do is guide the yellow hero around each maze. When you steer him one way he will continue moving in that direction until you change it or he hits a wall. The idea is to eat up all the dots on the screen without getting eaten by the ghosts that chase you.
You’re not powerless though, because if you eat one of the special pills which are placed around the maze then you’ll be able to eat the ghosts. This sends them back to the middle where they wait to be re-incarnated before starting to wander around again. Still, at least you get a brief respite. If you manage to eat more than one ghost in a single go with a super pill then your If you are getting trapped by ghosts but cannot get to a pill, you may be able to escape to the other side of the screen by nipping through the gateway on the side of the maze. This brings you out through the opposite
gate. Ghosts cannot follow you along this route.
Along your travels you’ll also see bonuses appear. F.at these if you can, but don’t let them distract vou as vou’II J end up getting caught by the ghosts.
To complete a level, you need to clear the maze by eating all the pills.
You will then go straight onto the next level. Good luck!
[F2j inoj HI [2] [3] [El [HJ [A!
IESC1 Not really Deluxe, more like an exact copy of the original.
Which is more than enough for us here at AF.
[TAB] PACUAkl bonus score will increase accordingly.
= move Pacman up = move Pacman left = move Pacman right = move Pacman down Firebutton to shoot when Pacman has the gun.
KEYBOARD For right-handed people, the following keys can be used Up =| (Keypad) Cursor Up Left s (Keypad) Cursor Left Right =: If (Keypad) Cursor Right Down = i (Keypad) Cursor Down and for left-handed people, the following keys can be used Up = fW] Left = Right = Down s Press to shoot when Pacman has the gun.
OTHER KEYS AND THEIR ACTIONS... Starts one player game. This is the default mode.
Starts two players game.
Pauses the game.
Beginners game mode (really slow!)
Normal game mode.
Expert game mode.
Toggle music and sound effects.
Hall Of Fame.
About the game.
Quit the game.
Starts the game, same as button on joystick.
Toggle between NTSC PAL (50 60Hz) mode. You must have the fat Agnus chip for this to work!
EXTRAS AND GOODIES BACKING UP YOUR COVER DISK Here's a list of the possible extras you can collect in the mazes to help you out.
- Collect all five letters and you will receive an extra life and
move onto the bonus levels.
SPEED UP - Two varieties of speed up are available, normal and hyper. Amazingly they both make you go faster!
- Protects the yellow hero from the ghosts who cannot kill him
when he has it.
- Slows down the ghosts so they can't run as fast.
- Freezes the ghosts and makes them stay still. This is only
temporary, so make a dash for it.
- Makes the ghosts explode and Copying your Coverdisk is really
very simple. Just follow the stages below... Ibootup with your
Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
Fomat R x*M*st In order to successfully navigate a level you’ll need to work out a way ol moving around without having to go over a bomb, so there is an element of puzzle solving. You’ll have to think quickly because you're working against the clock and you’re also likely to get an arrow up the posterior if you stay still for too long. You can walk off the ends of levels and drop down onto the one below with impunity.
Note that some of the tiles you walk on are fragile and get worn away as you cross them. You will need to make sure that they have enough power left in them to support you if you need to keep walking over them. If you destroy a tile and then need to cross it to get back, you’ll be stuck.
When you’ve collected all the bags ol treasure, you’ll see a key appear somewhere on the level. You will need to collect it in order to complete that level and move onto the next one.
More details of this game can be found in the guide on the disk.
2 ...... process 4 l,H83.e: diskcopy fron Insert disk to copy fro.. _____ 'ress RETURN to begin copying leading cylinder 79, B to § Insert c°pM° COESTiI ’ress R Insert disk to copy fron (SOURCE CTURN to begin copying or Under 79, 8 to go _______copy |o (DESTINATION d.„...... Press RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort: ’ress R .....-___ leading cylinder 79, 8 Insert di This month the coverdisks have had to be archived in order to fit all this amazing stuff on. The games disk boots and can unpack the games to either separate floppy disks or to a hard drive (simply choose the game you want and
insert a disk when asked; everything else is done automatically for you). The disks don't have to be formatted, but will be wiped in order to fit the games on, so make sure the spare disks you use don't have anything important on them. When the games have been unpacked onto floppies, you can boot the new floppies to use the games. If you installed to hard drive, you can load the game directly from there. Pacman may need a library installing if you don't already have it, but it is included - see the Pacman guide that accompanies the game for more information.
- Doubles all game points.
- Gives 500 bonus points.
- Gains you an extra life.
freezes enemies for a while.
- Kills and disables enemies.
- Protects the hero from enemies.
- Freezes the hero for a while then gives a shield. You'll have
earned it.
- Teleports hero to somewhere in the level.
- Makes the exit key appear.
- Speed up the game speed.
- Slow down the game speed.
- Stops the timer for a while giving you extra time to complete
the level.
- Resets timer - even more time to finish the level.
- Turn the lights off for a while so you'll be playing blind, but
gives you a shield when the lights turn back on.
Gives you 5000 points for each ghost.
- Multiplies every point you score by two.
- Multiplies every point you score by five.
- Turns all the remaining pills into high scoring diamonds for a
short time.
- Gets you a random high score for each pill.
- Extends the time for each tool that you use.
EXTRA i; - Sends you to an extra level. You cannot lose lives on the extra level, but if you can clear an extra level without being caught, you will get 50000 points.
- Sends you to a random level.
¦i - Gives the yellow man fire power to blow away the ghosts and score a random amount for each ghost he knocks off.
This is a large demo of a new platform game. It requires a joystick and the aim of the game is simple. Collect all the bags of cash from each level, but beware of the bombs on the floor and the weapons that fly across the screen. In order to navigate your way around the levels you need to use the teleporters on each floor.
Walk onto one and then push the joystick up and you will go up a level, push down and you move down one.
Delarith GUIDE TO DELARITH EXTRAS HARD DRIVE USERS 5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks.
Finally, type endcli to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, hut Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send It back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: AmJga Format (insert name of dick) TIB PLC • TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford .BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error then the stamps will be returned with a replacement dhk.
Rmn Kor«suU i„T?rnriit ?j HorkDench a
o RntgaShell MB few Shell process 4
B. WB3.0: diskcopy fron df8: to dfB: 3 When asked for the Source
disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return.
All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk
into memory.
M 4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk.
Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
Type in the following line (with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces in the correct places: lew Shell process 4 diskcopy fron df•: to dff: Insert disk to copy (ran (SOURCE disk) in device DFO ’ress RETURN to begin copying or CtBL-C to abort!
DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: ib i HofKotncn .'NATION disk) in device DFB continue or CTRL-C to abort: Ferifying cylinder 79, 8 to go
l. HB3.B: endcli _evice L-C to abort: disk) in device DFB or
CTRL-C to abort: a HbfKBCRir JE Sh*ll M lew snetl prot .
F. HB3.B: diskcopy fron dfB: to dfB: Insert disk to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device DFB ?eu*hfn' process 4 ~
I. HB3.B: diskcopy fron dfB: to dff: textfile". You just clic k
on OK and the file is opened in the default viewer.
Because of the way Workbench operates, you cannot make it treat files without icons as if they had them, but this patch does the next best thing.
If the next best thing isn’t good enough, there is a utility installed called CreateDefauhlcon. This will be installed to vour Utilities drawer. If vou have a file that doesn’t have an icon, but you want it to have one rather than use the fake icon method employed by Deflcon, use this program.
You should left click on the CreateDefaultlcon program once, then There's no denying that the old Workbench i.s starting to look a little dated, but why would you want to get rid of it when it's so easy to use and yet so powerful? What you need is a way to upgrade the whole look of your system without having to manually re-work even; drawer and without taking up processor power or RAM just for the sake of a bit of colour. You guessed it. What you need is New Icons 4.
This month 1 msftT i, introduces a set of oackages that can give your Workbench a whole new ook. Culminating with New Icons 4, you've no excuse to be left with that boring grey any longer!
New Icons New Icons is more than just a collection of icons, it s a revolution for your Workbench. Normally Workbench can only display 8-colour icons, but New Icons installs a patch that allows for full 256-colour icons. This patch is automatically installed when you install the package, as is a set of utilities and extras for improving Workbench.
One of these extras is the Deflcon patch. This spots files that don't have icons attached and adds a default icon look. For example, if you have an IFF which doesn’t have an icon, it will add a picture icon look under Workbench.
Normally if you double click on a file in Workbench that doesn't have an icon, Workbench simply offers to execute it, which of course it can't if it's a data file. With Deflcon, Workbench opens the data file as a command parameter to whatever you have set as the default tool for that file type in the def icon stored in envarc:.
Basically, this means that when you create an icon for a text file, it is normally set to be associated with multiview. When you double click on a text file that doesn't have an icon in Workbench, the Execute command window will open with "Multiview 44Knock, knock. Who's there? Five copies each of MUI and Magic Workbench (worth £150)., . * If you want to get your grubby little mitts on one of five copies of registered versions of the absolutely essential MUI and gorgeously-drawn Magic Workbench, all you need to do is send us a postcard: AF MUI Draw, Amiga Format, 29 Monmouth St. Bath BA1 2BW
PREFERENCES There are preferences programs for both Class Act and New Icons
4. They can both be found in the Prefs drawer and you can alter
the way certain interfaces look using ClassAct. The New Icons
preferences allows you to change to having transparent
backgrounds and dragging and, as you can see from the pictures
on these pages, Workbench can look like a very different place
when you've finished. The help file for New Icons gives you
more details, but you should just try it all out for yourself.
- Srilg- DepftPmaote 4 RTGito*_| tefer*’ | VQ*« 'jJh «| y«p»r j
y) Pytaow | tiftd r Sw | Uk | Crol | Use the PrtlcretKM to
customise your Amiga's use of New Icons 4 end Class Act to
create e whole new look.
Hold down shift and click on the files you want to make an icon for (you can do multiple files at once), double clicking on the last file. The fake icons will he turned into real icons as per the parameters defined in the default icons for that file type. Now when you double click, the program for that data file will open the file - use Icon In formation menu from Workbench to make any changes to the default tool.
There is also a utility called I’pdatcDrawers that allows you to choose the source icon from the icons you have available and add it to a drawer and all sub-directories so that the drawers have the new icon. This is a good way to quickly update any new disks or floppies that need to have the new look.
Most immediately of course, New The Deflcon patch that comes as part of New Icons 4 allows you to double click on files that don't even have icons - believe it or not, none of these files have icons!
Rggaa ijftaaqriggrrgi Icons 4 makes your sy stem look a whole sight better and it does it with the minimum of fuss or effort on your part.
However, to install it you do need to follow these guidelines in this order. II you don't do this, you will get errors.
1 i The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the latest version ol the Installer ulililv on vour As you can see when you have selected the preferences to your taste, Workbench can look a very different place.
" copy dhl:temp af105_utilities inst aller43__3 installer C: return ".
Now you need to make sure you have (Mass Act 2 installed. If you don’t, the Class Act Demo is included on the disk and you can install the classes, which are what you need, by double clicking on the lnstall_Classes icon. This installs a set of BOOPSI classes, that are the building blocks for several programs, including New Icons 4.
• 1 You can now install the New Icons 4 package. Open the New
Icons drawer and double click on the install icon. The
installer script allows you to choose where you want to install
the utilities as well. Additionally, it can change the icon for
any drives you want, and will also update all drawer icons for
a partition or drive.
When you install the package onto your drive, it scans for any programs that it has icons for and will update them. So all your standard system ones like L'lilities and Preference programs are updated, as are the default icons, which includes the ones which are used by floppy disks.
System as the New Icons setup will make use of it. Open a CLI and type "version installer return ". (IFyou don't have installer in your path, you will need to enter the pathname too, such as ”dh 1 rtools installer".) If the result printed back is lower than 43.3, then you need the new Installer. Don't worry, because it is on this coverdisk.
When you unpacked this disk (incidentally, you will need both the serious and the games disk to unpack this set of utilities this month as the archive spans both disks in order to fit everything on), you will have ended up with one folder called AF1051T Hides.
In here you'll find the Installer43_3 drawer. The easiest way it) copv this is to type into the Cl.I. We'll assume that you installed your coverdisk onto a partition called Work in a drawer called Temp, but change this in your CLI if you unpacked to a different place. Ty pe; system look a whole sigh better and it does it with the minimum of fuss... As well as this new look for Workbench, we've also included a set of new utilities for making up a more modern Workbench.
MAGIC EXCHANGE This new version of Exchange offers greater control over commodities allowing you to open dose them all, disable or kill them and see more information, all through an easy to use interface. The program uses MUI 3 which you must have installed in order to use it.
SERIAL PREFERENCES This is an update to the serial preferences that comes with Workbench. This allows you to configure the use of the serial port far more than the outdated original.
You can even set what serial device the system will use to operate the port.
KpKffefditate JttH XQF F RI5 CTS Jhom
* OiityKrtarfte' JXOH XDF P RTS CIS J toe teaSb J5 Je JB J32
fair F tone Ewn JON Hart FJ: J2 _| Shandnxto f----' u----•« ¦
per* flwtt 37.4 S*d| OAIIM l aaWe 4096 jji Barite 3M00 J3 j*J
Cared | The new serial preferences utility supplied on the disk
is only one of the three great add-ons to Workbench included.
TT MANAGER This Tooliype Manager is not actually for use with New Icons, but if for some reason you don't want New Icons you can use this to make dealing with icon tooltypes easier. It patches itself to the Tools menu in Workbench and you can select an icon and then choose this program and it will give you an easier way to work than the standard Icon Information. You can install this package with New Icons, but it may not work with actual New Icons, although it will work with any other icons you come across.
You can update more than one partition or drive. Simply let it update the first one, and then choose the option to do another drive and update the second.
You now have the fully functioning new look Workbench.
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Please add the Following amount to your order total for postage & packing UK = 75p Euro = £1-00 ROW = £1-50 1 Lower Mill Close, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S63 9BY FREE Credit Cord Order Line 0800 7312984 Website http: www.ware5d.demon.co.uk „ , One Stop Internet Solutions From £139.99 Inc. VAT you get
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(Prepay price) - £10-00 100MB Zip Cartridges (IBM) - £12-75 F1
CD vol one 1 to 100 superb value full titles - £14-99 Edword
Pro v6-0 Best Amiga word processor (KS2+) - £14-99 TrainOrlver
3 Full Version (KS2+) - £14-99 Dark Clladef A600 A1200(Valhalla
Clone - Superb Game)-£6 99 Rotalor Any Amiga (Arcade Puzzle)
Formal G0TM - £4-95 International Golf A600 A1200 (Sports Sim)
- £5-50 GRAC v2-0 A600 A1200 (Create Adventure Games) - £8-99
Introducing WorhBench 2 3 - £6-99 BurlonBird A800 A1200 (Arcade
Puzzle) Format GOTM - £3 95 GRAC v2-0 Tutorial A600 A1200 -
£4-99 The World of Magic A600 A1200 (Graphic Adventure) - £4-99
SlarBoy Any Amiga (Platformer) • £3-99 NEMESES AGA - Exclusive
to F1 Software - £9-99 A superb new strategy shoot'em up. One
or two player, tournament mode, power ups, hard drive
Addictive gameplay.
AM0SPR0 COMPILER £14-99 Supercharge your Amos code and create sland alone Amos programs. Works with all versions ol ‘Amos and Will update AmosPro to v2-0 F1 Software would like to wish all its customers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
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AMIGA FORMAT CHRISTMAS 1997 HI There's no I- - business like I show M.4O business, so A that's where we're off to next month.
And you?
You can come too - we'll be bringing you - all the news, gossip, sights and sounds from the world's biggest Amiga show.
Computer '97 in Cologne.
If you want to find out what the future really holds for the Amiga, you have to be here!
January Issue on sale Monday December 22.
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• 2MB RAM 68020 14.3MHZ
3. 1 OPERATING SYSTEM A500 2000 3.1 CHIPS ONLY £25.95 A1200 4000
3.1 CHIPS ONLY £29.95
CONDITIONS. E & OE MHZ A600 8MB 40MHZ £119.95 6x CD-ROM £269.95
8x CD-ROM £289.95 12x CD-ROM £339.95 6x CD-RDM £249.95 8x
BUNDLE ONLY 8MB £25 16MB £49 32MB £95 FREE BREATHLESS £14.95
£19.95 CD-ROM ONLY n * WM "Mi' MINI-MEGA CHIP 1MB £99,95 Visit
our NEW web site www.powerc.com UNIT 82A SINGER WAY KEMPSTON
• 68000 MATHS CO-PROCESSOR 530 BARE £179.95 530 SMB £199.95 530
16MB £239.95 530 32MB £289.95 N B HEAVY DUTY POWER SUPPLY
RECOMMENDED APOLLO 1240 33MHZ £159.95 APOLLO 1240 25MHZ £139.95
175MHZ PPC MMU FPU £299 PPC 175MHZ INC.68030 5QMHZ £339 PPC 175MHZ INC.SCSI-II, BARE £389 AS ABOVE INC.68040 40MHZ £449 AS ABOVE INC.68060 50MHZ £559 BLIZZARD 1230 MKV TURBO ACCELERATOR 68030 BARE 50MHz £95.95 68030 BARE INC. SCSI INTERFACE £159.95 68030 8MB RAM £125.95 68030 16MB RAM £149.95 68030 32MB RAM £209.95 PICASSO IV GRAPHIC CARD - INC 4MB RAM PICASSO IV INC. 4MB RAM £289.95 CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION BLIZZARD 1260 MKV TURBO ACCELERATOR 68060 BARE 50MHz £319.95 68060 RARE INC. SCSI INTERFACE £384.95 68060 SMB RAM £359.95 68060 16MB RAM £389.95 68060 32MB RAM £459.95 PHASE 5 CYBERSTORM
INCLUDES 4MB OF DISPLAY MEMORY £159.95 SCANDOUBLER CYBERVISION 64-3D FOR FOR THE A4000(T) ONLY £69.95 MPEG MOVIE MODULE £129.95 KIT FOR BLIZZARD 1230 1260 BOARD £65.95 includes an extra simnt socket on-board 4MB 72-PIN SIMM 1 1 SMB 72-PIN SIMM 1 1 16MB 72-PIN SIMM 1 1 32MB 72-PIN SIMM £15.95 | | £29.95 | | £55.95 | | £99.95 MEMORY PRICES FLUCTUATE DAILY - CALL TO CHECK LATEST PRICES 68060 50MHZ £279.95 GVP PRODUCTS GVP 10 EXTENDER £69.95 GVP HC-8 SCSI INTERFACE £99.95 GVP GURU ROM v6 NEW REVISION £49.95 GVP DSS-8 SOUND SAMPLER £59.95 GVP 4MB RAM MODULE £59.95 GVP 16MB RAM MODULE £99.95 GVP
1. 3 GIGABYTE A1200 INT. £129.95 2 GIGABYTE A1200 INT. £159.95
STACK CABLE FOR ABOVE £12.95 68060 66MHZ £319.95 GVP OSS-8
SAMPLER £59.95 00 LU o cc a. APOLLO 1240 25MHZ H APOLLO 1240
33MHZ £139.95l£159.95 A500 2MB RAM CARD £59.95 A500 MEMORY
£65.95 XL 1.76MB INT. DRIVE A4000 £60.95 INC. FLOPPY EXPANDER
PHONE ORDERS We accept most nidjOf credit cards and .ire jppy
to Help you witr. Any queries. CHEQUES POSTAL OROERS Ordering
by chequuPO piiwse make payable to POWER COMPUTING LTO and
which deliver is required. WARRANTY Al; Power products corre
with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified. TECHNICAL
SUPPORT Help is on hand with a full Technical Backuo service
which s provided for Power customers. MAIL ORDER PRICES All
prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to
confirm prices before ordering EPSON GT-5000 £219.95 GT-5000 +
720DPI COLOUR £175.95 STYLUS 600 A4 1440DPI COLOUR £239.95 FOR
SAT £15 ? Subject to product availability NAME .
SIGNATURE EXPORT ORDERS Most iSQfns dre ava.Tabie at fax I roe Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome MAIL ORDER TERMS All prices include VAT. Specifications and prices are suoiect to change without uot*ce. All trademarks arc acknowledged.
All orders in wiling or by telephone mid be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions ot trace, cop.es of which. Are available on request Please ailcw up to 7 days fw cheques to clear heftye despatching of the goods Gasteiner LONDON'S AMIGA SALE Facsimile 0181 345 6868 cb T=E 0181 345 6000 £149.99 £199.99 £299.99 £499.00 £poa £49.99 £39.99 £74.99 £84.99 £72.99 £119.99 £349.99 £20.00 £199.99 C ID) [TV 2X6 4X6 MAKECD MEDIA £300 £450 £39.95 £3.00 MICROVITEC 14’ MICROVITEC 17’ SHOP SOILED PHILIPS 8833 £129.00 £179.00 £219.00 £249.00 natroJA1200 DELIVERY CHARGES NEXT DAY COURIER FROM HUB
We have been selling simms & memory for amiga computers for 10 years, we carry large stocks that fits all makes of ram cards & accelerators.
30pin 1mb £10.00 4mb £25.00 72pin 2mb £5.00 4mb £12.50 8mb £27.99 16mb £59.99 32mb • £89.99 ZIP 100MB CARTS £12.99 JAZZ 1 GIG CARTS £69.99 SQUEST 230MB CARTS £18.99 SQUEST 135MB CARTS £12.99 JAZZ DRIVE £349.00 ZIP DRIVE £119.00 ZIP TOOLS £20.00 » IM) Trapdoor fitting . Clock. FPU socket 0MB £29.00 WITH 4MB £44.99 WITH 8MB £59.99 WITH 4MB & 33Mhz FPU £54.99 WITH 8MB & 33Mhz FPU £69.99 mwj (Mgm imm MOTOROLA 3400 PRO 28.8 DATA FAX MODEM £39
33. 6 DATA FAX MODEM £59
55. 6 DATA FAX MODEM £99 Will fit all makes of RAM-CAHDS &
ACCELERATORS 33MHz 68882 picc £8.99 50MHz 68882 pga £29.99
CANON BJC4200 £199.00 £339.00 £109.00 mm THIS MONTH’S SPECIAL
4. 5 WATT FOR A 5 00+A600 +A1200 £12.99 CHAOS PACK FOUR GAMES £5
£49.99 RITE For all A1200 & A600 AMIGA COMPUTERS
2. 5" IDE Super slim with cables 4 software 170mi £59.99 540mb
£129,99 B10mb £129.99
l. flglg £199,99
2. 5gig £349.99
3. 5" IDE Super slim fast will fit all Amiga a1200 & A4000
computers with cables & software.
420mb £79.99 850mb £89.99
1. 2gig £119.95
1. 7glg £149.99 6glg 9m s £349.99 May need scsi controller work
with A1200 & A600 with squirrel, A2000 to A4000 with Okagon
SCSI CD-ROM fits A600 & A1200 comes with its one power supply
& Squirrel 2 speed 8 speed 8 speed 16 speed IDE CD-ROM Fits
A2000 A4000 & A1200 needs case) 12 speed
1. 2gig ¦Bk.
6. 4glg 8glg External SCSI Case 45Watt PSU Squirrel surf oktagon
4008 mulitiface in zip drive Jazz drive ZIP TOOLS syquest
4. 00 10 0 £14.99 £18.99 £39.99 1 backed up software on it
regularly, the technology will probably be out of date before
the CD wears out.
What vou really need to decide J before vou invest in a drive like this is how many Cds would you be likely to cut? How often would you want to delete 2 have a very basic A1200 with 4Mb RAM and a 170Mb IBM
2. 5" hard disk. When I try to set up the hard disk everything
seems fine until I exit the program and the computer reboots,
then the hard disk disappears again. When I use the HDSetup
program the drive icons come up but after a reboot they
disappear again. When I go to my dealer all they do is give me
a replacement unit. Please help me because I haven't had a
hard disk in my computer for quite a while now and a lot of my
software is useless without it.
Brett Fagan address unknown It sounds as though the brand of 2.5° hard drive is not totally compatible with your Amiga's IDE interface. There are two things to try. The first is to change the MaxTransfer setting in the HDTooIbox utility. The second is more drastic and involves cutting pin one on the ribbon cable to the hard drive, if you still can't get it to work, get your money back and buy a 3.5" drive.
And PowerPC card as I don't really want it to be left as a relic of the past. Will the new Zorro expansion cards for the A1200 such as those from Blittersoft lit onto the A600 s motherboard if it is placed into a tower case? Any advice that you have on the subject would be very gratefully received as I am at a loss as to what to do.
Ben Buckley ma email "Don11 touch it", would he my advice. I too was tempted by a (heap A600 and it now sits under a pile of rubbish in the corner, 3 was reading your feature on "'foke over TV" and I feel like splashing out on a large amount of memory. But I get confused on SIMMs. Can I use a 72-pin 32Mb SIMM? Is this fast enough to play back an animation at 12 frames per second (fps).
I'd like to start programming the Amiga for games. I already know Commodore 6S10 Assembly and Cobol and some BASIC but could you recommend a good start-up language for the Amiga? I'd like to use Assembly but the Amiga is a big computer.
If I buy a sampler, how much can I sample with about 2Mb?
Dean Fennell A b A WOO could b. urtd TV atWre“ unfcnown work but it would b* rjood to expand it.
The size of SIMM you can use depends on where you are going to put it! Some Al200 accelerator cards accept more memory than others, and you will have to check with the manufacturer. The speed of animation playback depends on so many things it's impossible to give a definitive answer. The number of colours, the screen-mode, the processor used and the kind of images to be replayed all play a part. The size of the SIMM is not a true speed factor, although if you have enough memory to store all the images rather than reading them from disk, it will obviously be a Good Thing.
Forget everything you know about COBOL. It's a brain-dead, dead-end language with no advantages in today's world of microprocessors and personal computers. Once you know one form of Assembly, moving to another CPU isn't a big problem. The 680x0 family are a joy to program, with lots of registers, sensible memory addressing and powerful instructions. You' love it. Alternatively, look at C. It's fast compact and can be used for games programming.
As for sampling, it depends. If your sample is a mono, 8bit sample at 8kHz, you can store over four minutes. However, a much clearer, stereo 20kHz signal wilt only let you sample less than one minute.
Swings and roundabouts.
4 Amiga applications for sale, including Photogenics, Adorage-AGA, Imagine 3, Pagestream 2.22, Print Studio 2, Final Writer 4 Turbocalc, 5 I For Sale Wanted Personal User Groups Return to: Reader Ads • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW Unfortunately we cannot guarantee insertion in a particular issue.
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