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As a result of this co-operation, the BoXeR system will be shipping with a PowerPC expansion slot, on which a PowerPC-based accelerator can be installed. This will be fully software compatible to the PowerUP accelerators from phase 5 Digital Products. “We are pleased that our cooperation will further support the migration of the Amiga towards the Pow erPC and that we can provide a unified interface for software developers and for the users. By use of a compatible API (Application Programmers Interface) it ensures that software developed for PowerUP will work on the PowerPC accelerators for the BoXeR. Making it even more attractive for Amiga software vendors to support this standard. This co-operation helps strengthen an emerging standard which will allow a wide range of breathtaking new products,” says Wolf Dietrich of phase 5. He points out that the PowerUP technolog}’ which will be used in the PowerPC accelerators for the BoXeR is the base for a new generation of high-tech products, such as CPU cards with multiple PowerPC processors and full multiprocessing software support, which should be appearing later in 1998. Additionally, the BoXeR will incorporate a graphics card expansion slot which is compatible with the one that is available on phase 5’s CyberstormPPC and Mk III accelerators. This will allow' the availability of powerful and inexpensive high-resolution 3D graphics cards for the BoXeR. "By jointly choosing a common performance level for the next generation of GFX cards, together wre can set a unified minimum standard which software developers can rely on,” adds Dietrich. "This will quickly increase the number of applications using the highest resolution and the hardware 3D acceleration, Mick Tinker's including quite a number of fascinating new games.” Paul Lesurf of Blittersoft said, “Whilst the BoXeR is very much a product to provide a diverse range of Amiga systems, we feel it is important to maintain compatibility with the leading edge peripherals. “phase 5 products fit into that category', and we hope this cooperation will be the first of many, allowing the Amiga community to receive the BoXeR design with even more confidence.” Mick Tinker of Index commented, “We are very pleased to announce the ongoing work to increase the flexibility of the BoXeR and the work with phase 5 will allow us to deliver a wider BoXeR is to have phase 5 support. Range of performance options to the customer.” Systems will be available with performance starting at the 68040 25MHz, through all the speed options up to the 68060 66MHz and on to single and multiprocessor PowerPC systems with massive performance levels.

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Document sans nom I J !L± 1) LlJb'JlD £5.99 ¦ APRIL 1998 ¦ ISSUE 109 Hfl 28.95 ¦ US $ 15.50 Word JU MmrMS luf ' fdHNV NmiMHMlI h thanks to Hir tools JMOrit 9 771363 0060 uiure Your Guarantee Of Value r f f f , s1 usiness Centre, Humberstone Lane. Leicester. LE4 Fhone0116 246 Fax 0116 246 saies@weirdscience.co.uk www.weirdscience.co.uk X Ema u Li * £9.99 £19.95 b« Office £17.99 £9.99 I- ¦ "-'-M L.numi wmim . • PAMINET Cds AMINET SET 6 AVAILABLE LATE MARCH £29.99 £69.99 £49.99 £19.95 £19.95 £9.99 £12.99 £12.99 £10.99 £34.99 Subscribe to the Aminet Series and receive each CD for just £8.99. Subscription is
FREE and each CD is only charged upon release.
£29.99 £19.95 £22.99 ill
p. nun .i £24.99 £9.99 £39.99 AGA Toolkit £
9. 99 In-To-The-Net CD £
9. 99 The Learning Curve £ 19.95 Miami £ 29.95 Personal Suite
4. 99 Personal Paint 6.4 & Manual £
4. 99 Imagine 3D PD £ 14.99 Fusion (Mac Emulator) £ 49.99 PCX (PC
Emulator) £ 49.99 Speccy ‘97 £ 14.99 Retro Gold £
9. 99 Epic Encyclopedia ‘97 £ 19.95 Amiga Desktop Video 2 £ 14.99
Magic Workbench Enhancer £
9. 99 LSD CD 3 £
9. 99 Epic Collection 3 CD £ 14.99 NFA AGA Experience 2 £
2. 99 NFA AGA Experience 3 £
9. 99 iBrowse (Full Version) £ 24.99 The Hidden Truth £ 19.95
Enc. Of the Paranormal £ 14.99 3D CD 1 Objects £
9. 99 3D CD 2 Images £
9. 99 UPD Gold £ 14.99 £17.99 Deluxe Paint 5 is now available on
CD-ROM or Floppy Disk.
DELUXE PJUNT 5 £17.99 Blitz Basic 2.1 is now available on CD-ROM or Floppy Disk.
BLITZ BASK 2.1 £39.99 Full Version available now inc. Networking & Amiga Emulation.
AMKA FOREVER £29.99 Lightrom 4 £19.95 Lightrom Gold £14.99 Dem Rom £ 9.99 LIGHTROM 5 IHK & KIM B1MTSS (S SB SMT7TWE MAO.
VULCAN. AtBHAll LE5URE. Mi ANKA IftMUSML ¦ Intemo ionoi Distributor: Access alt of the PC Drives.
Read & Write to the PC.
Load files directly from the PC.
Up to 49k sec for Amiga PC.
Up to 29k sec for PC Amiga.
:asy Installation for Amiga & PC.
Equires WB2.04+ & Windows 95 letwork PC includes a 3m Cable, Installation disks for both computers, detailed manual and a companion CD-ROM.
He CD contains utilities for the Amiga & PC and the Amiga Emulator for Windows 95 with games & demo files.
The most eagerly awaited game ever for the Amiga is here. All the features of the PC version are present, including the use of game expansions. Go kick some Hundreds of add-ons for Quake and Doom 2 ready to use from the CD. The contents include Bots, CTF, 100’s of Levels, new weapons and game extras.
IlMOWOnK MUF irippfd 9 ULTIMATE THEME PARK THRDMOON “lAUt mAHmw SKIDMARKS Cl (AKA C ECS) £24.99 £14.99 £19.99 £12.99 £12.99 Nemac 4 CD
19. 99 Street Racer CD £ 12.99 Ulitmate Gloom £12.99 Wendetta CD
£ 16.99 Strangers CD £ 19.99 Big Red Adv. CD £ 19.99
Civilisation CD £ 14.99 Gamers Delight £ 16.99 Games Room
£14.99 Card Games CD £14.99 Assassins 2 CD £9.99 Assassins 3
CD £14.99 Grand Slam Gold £ 8.99 Civilisation Manyk Mayhem
Mega Typhoon Minskies Pinball Fantasies AGA Road Kill Road
Rash Slamtilt AGA Spherical Worlds Super Skidmarks Testament
Theme Park AGA Tile Move Time Keepers Time Keepers Exp. Disk
Tin Toy Adventure AGA Tiny Troops Tommy Gun UFO Valhalla 1
Valhalla 2 Valhalla 3 Virtual Karting AGA Watch Tower XP-8
Zee wo If 2 Amiga 1200 £339.99 Amiga 1300 £349.99 Amiga 1400
£469.99 Amiga 1500 £599.99 Tower Kit £149.99 (Including
Keyboard) Tower Kit £159.99 Zorro 2 £149.99 Zorro 3 £319.99
3. 5” Bay £11.99
5. 25” Bay £29.99 Keyboard Case £39.99 HD Floppy Drive £59.99
PCMCIA Adp. £29.99 Video Slot Int. £39.99 4 Way IDE £34.99
Blizzard 1230 £94.99 or Blizzard 1260 £299.99 50Mhz FPU £39.99
(or £29.99 with Quake or 1230) Cyberstorm PPC 200Mhz & 060
50Mhz £849.00 Cyberstorm Mk III 060 50Mhz £439.00 Oxyron
Patcher for 040 & 060 only £14.99 Blizzard PPC cards expected
Picasso 4 24 Bit GFX Card £249.99 Two Speed CD-ROM & Squirrel Bundle £79.99 Four Speed CD-ROM & Squirrel Bundle £129.99 Six Speed CD-ROM & Squirrel Bundle £149.99 Eight Speed CD-ROM & Squirrel Bundle £159.99 Twelve Speed CD-ROM & Squirrel Bundle £179.99 A1200 4Mb Ram £49.99 Viper Mk 2 030 £79.99 ProMidi Amiga Midi Interface £24.99 Squirrel SCSI £54.99 or Surf Squirrel £89.99 560 dpi 3 Button Amiga Mouse £10.99 2 Button Mouse £8.99 or CD32 Joypad £9.99 Competition Pro Amiga Joypad £16.99 External Amiga Floppy Drive £39.99 UK Postage & Delivery Rates: CD-ROMs, £1.00 for the 1st item and 50p each
extra item.
GAMES. £2.00 for the 1st item and £1.00 each extra item.
HARDWARE. £6.00 up to £150 value and £10.00 above £150.
Overseas rates are double for CD-ROMs and GAMES.
We wi PRICE MATCH or Software M
12. 99 Lemmings £
12. 99 Cannon Fodder 1 or 2 £
19. 99 Dog Fight £
8. 99 Player Manager 2 £
12. 99 Dune II £
4. 99 Railroad Tycoon £
8. 99 Overlord £
18. 99 Enemy £
8. 99 Arcade Action £
8. 99 Acid Attack £
16. 99 Burnout AGA £
12. 99 Bograts £
12. 99 Breathless AGA £
12. 99 Colossus Chess £
4. 99 Desert Strike £
24. 99 Extreme Racing AGA £
16. 99 F15 Strike Eagle II £
19. 99 F19 Stealth Fighter £
12. 99 F17a Nighthawk £
14. 99 Gloom £
14. 99 Microprose Grand Prix £
14. 99 Formula 1 Masters £
8. 99 Hillsea Lido £
12. 99 Hugo £
8. 99 Impossible Mission 2025£
2. 99 Jet Pilot £ Requires Quake £14.99 All You Need For Internet
And Com ms!
High quality modems netconnect v2 Choose from two high-quality branded modems - the top of the range, award winning PACE 56 or the middle of the range Dynalink modem. Both come with a five year warranty. The PACE modem also ships with free lifetime technical support, UK caller ID (only modem available which supports this) and non-technical, easy to read documentation. The PACE is currently the best 56K modem you can buy, is UK produced and is recommended by the Internet press.
• Quality branded PACE 56 voice modem
• 56000 bps DATA FAX VOICE modem - true v34+ Throughput to
115,200 (230,400 for internal) BPS
• Group 3, Class 1 send receive FAX (14.4)
• V.80 (video conferencing) capable
• Call Discrimination
• Fax on demand
• UK Caller ID
• 10 LED's for full status monitoring
• Analogue Simultaneous voice and data (A.S.V.D.)
• Speakerphone for hands-free operation
• Upgradable ROM chip
• On Off switch to rear of unit
• Includes headphones microphones - for voice control
• 5 year warranty
• Serial cable included (with 9 & 25pin connectors) The above
specifications are for the PACE 56K external voice modem.
Dynalink 33.6K and 56K are very similar, except for the UK
Caller ID support.
Dynalink 33.6K External Voice Fax Data Modem Dynalink 56K External Voice Fax Data Modem PACE 56K External Voice Fax Data Modem NetConnect v2 is even easier to connect to the Internet! Launch the new Wizard GUI, choose your modem, enter a few user details and let the Wizard do all the rest for you! Simple! With version 2 you don't even need to worry about the provider - everything is automatic, everything is point and click! Amiga Format concluded about NetConnect v1 (June 97 issue): “Almost the perfect package for the Amiga Internet user”, “If you need to get online, this is the easiest way to
do it” and “It’s good value for money too - especially the bundle including the 33.6K modem.” We have listened to our NetConnect v1 users, noted their comments and added some other new features.
10 Commercial Programs within NetConnect v2!
AMITCP-GENESIS--- ¦ r-VOYAGER-NG Voted the best Amiga web browser by CU Amiga - supports SSL for securing ordering, HTTP 1.1 (for the fastest web access) fastmem AGA support (use fast mem to store images) and very soon JAVA™, Javascript and AGA fastmem support!
AMFTP AmFTP is the ultimate Amiga FTP client.
Download upload programs from any FTP site, also supports ADT to allow you to download the latest files from the Aminet and Archie to search FTP sites for files.
NetConnect v2 users will be the first people to use this new TCP stack! Based on AmiTCP Pro, we have added a number of changes - new Wizard, MUI based dialler, multi-user support, ‘events' control, status window ( time on net, connection speed), new prefs.
MICRODOT-II ¦¦ A superb combined email and newsreader within one GUI! Contains all the major features you would expect - MIME attachments, support for POP3 APOP, search function, multiple signatures, multiple user support, Arexx port etc. £79.95 £99.95 £129.95 AMTELNET- modem pack options Various money saving packs are available. These are all based on either the Dynalink 33.6K or 56K and PACE 56K modem option. Call us for other pack options.
De | HH Pack Contents ¦HESS!
X-ARC AMTERM ¦ AmTerm is a communications package which allows you to connect to a BBS, to another user (direct link), transfer files via a serial connection (AmigaoAmiga, AmigaoPC etc).
X-Arc is the Amiga's answer to WinZIP™ - automatically decode LHA LZX ZIP files, edit the contents of these archives, create your own archives. Full integrates with NetConnect v2!
NetConnect v2 is a state-of-the-art Internet package aimed towards Amiga users wanting to connect for the first time (absolute Internet beginners), those who have been connected a few months (novices) and now, due to the keyfile nature of the software, is suitable for advanced Internet users who want to use the modules contained within NetConnect with their existing TCP stack. NetConnect v2 enhancements include:
• Setup Wizard - makes configuring your ISP a doddle. Choose your
modem, enter some user details and then the rest of the process
is completely automatic!
• MIME Prefs - Central MIME prefs interface means that you only
need to setup file types once with on nice interface! This
saves masses of time and effort (especially for beginners).
• Control Manager - A central control manager that allows you to
store your favourite web and ftp sites, friends, email
addresses, fax numbers and then use them within NetConnect
modules - Voyager etc!
• Multi-User - Use Genesis NetConnect with more than one user (a
family) and log in on startup.
• New programs - AmTalk, Netlnfo and X-Arc (a brand new WinZIP™
style archive management tool.
Downloads lha lzx zip files from Voyager etc, auto-extracts them into X-Arc's GUI, manage the files).
• Programs are now keyfile based (can be used with any TCP stack
- Miami etc)
• Extras pre-configured: MIME types (CD only), datatypes (CD
Only), online help files etc
• Dock bar - allows you to create multiple dock bars with point
and click ease - just drag the icons you have created into the
icon bar! NetConnect v2 is pre-setup with its own icon bar for
ease of use.
• Programs are now keyfile based (can be used with any TCP stack
- Miami etc)
• Printed manual - understand NetConnect and the Internet quickly
and easily (advice from NC users!)
NetConnect v2 CD [contains many extras: datatypes, MIME types (for www browsing) and much more] £52.95 £54.95 PK01 33.6 Modem & STFax £ 89.95 PK02 33.6 Modem & NetConnect £109.95 PK03 33.6 Modem & NetConnect & STFax £119.95 PK04 33.6 Modem & NetConnect & Hypercoml & STFax £149.95 PK05 33.6 Modem & NetConnect & Hypercom3Z & STFax £169.95 ADD £20 for a Dynalink 56K Modem (instead of the Dynalink 33.6K) ADD £50 for a PACE 56K Modem (instead of the Dynalink 33.6K)
• All packs come with one month free connection to a major
Internet Service Provider
• Choose between the CD or Floppy disk version of NetConnect with
your modem pack
• Internal modem available - ISA card suitable for the Boxer.
High speed serial cards £44.95 The Hypercom range of high-speed serial cards offer your Amiga the fastest connection to the Internet, for comms and fax transfers. Available for the Amiga 1200 (these serial cards are placed within the internal clock expansion port - leaving the PCMCIA port and trapdoor free!), A1200 Towers and Zorro-ll lll based machines (Zorro version suitable for A1500 2 3 4000 or a A1200 tower). These cards are currently the fastest, serial cards available for the Amiga (upto, 460,800bps connection). The Hypercom 3 3Z cards also ship with a buffered high speed parallel J|
port which will drastically improve printing speeds on a laser (4x speed). The Hypercom 3 3Z cards contain a 9-pin and standard 25-pin serial ports whereas the Hypercom 1 ships with one 25-pin port. Serial and parallel drivers included. English documention.
NetConnect v2 Floppy Disks only contains the core programs & online help documents] Netconnect v2 Upgrade from v1 [registered Netconnect V1 users only] £call!
Vapor software Machine Hypercoml A1200 1 x 460,800bps highspeed buffered serial port Hypercom3 A1200T 2 x 460,800bps highspeed buffered serial, 1 x 500K bytes sec parallel port Hypercom3Z Zorro-2 3 2 x 460,800bps highspeed buffered serial. 1 x 500K bytes sec parallel port Hypercom4 Zorro-2 3 4 x 460,800bps highspeed buffered serial ports Hypercom3i Zorro-2 3 Expansion module for Hypercom 3Z 4 offering 2 x 460,800bps high speed buffered £44.95 £89.95 £79.95 £99.95 £59.95 If you are not interested in purchasing NetConnect you can also buy Vaporware Products individually either by disk, a keyfile
sent via e-mail (quickest and cheapest method) or on CD-rom (currently only Voyager-NG and Genesis can be purchased on CD-rom) - CD versions have added extras such as pre-setup MIME types (VNG). HTML documentation etc. Genesis - New TCP IP Stack for the Amiga [Available December] Miami - TCP IP Stack for the Amiga Voyager Next Generation Microdot-ll AmlRC AmFTP AmTalk X-Arc AmTelnet + AmTerm Package Deal
• 5% Discount when 2-4 Vapor products are bought. 10% Discount
for 5+ On CD By Disk By Email £28.00 £22.00 £20.00 n a £28.00
£26.00 £28.00 £22.00 £20.00 n a £20.00 £18.00 n a £20.00 £18.00
n a £20.00 £18.00 n a £17.00 £15.00 n a £17.00 £15.00 n a
£20.00 £18.00 serial, 1 x 500K bytes sec buffered parallel
Stfax professional £29.95 STFax Professional is new commercial fax program for the Amiga containing the sort of advanced features you would find within commercial PC fax software. STFax has been in the shareware for the last few months, and the brand new commercial “professional” version offers even more advanced features plus voice control for voice modems - use your Amiga as a digital answer machine, create a fax on demand service (idea! For small businesses. Allows your customers to contact you at any time and use fax on demand to remotely download facsimile information about your
products!) And create advanced voice control scripts.
• Full Fax Features:
- Support for all fax modem classes (1, 2. 2.0)
- Phonebook (store all your favourite fax and telephone numbers)
- Scheduler (store fax messages to be sent at specified times)
- Reports (quickly see when a fax was sent and received)
- Datatypes support for image conversion
- Printer driver to redirect all print-outs to a fax file (print
from Wordworth, Pagestream etc!)
- Viewer for viewing outgoing incoming fax messages
- Fax forward (forward faxes to another machine)
• Advanced Voice Features:
- Use your Amiga as an answer machine (digital messages,
unlimited storage space!)
- Advanced voice scripting - create your own voice network or fax
on demand service
- Use your modem as a telephone (make and receive calls via STFax
Pro and your modem)
- Remote access (listen to your messages from an external source,
ie. From another country!)
- Caller-ID (see exactly who has called and left you a message)
• Your Own Mini-BBS:
- One or more secure ‘doors' (access areas)
- Point and click setup
- Allow users to upload files and send messages
- Custom greetings and menus internet informer Still unsure about
connecting to the Internet? Confused by all the acronyms such
as ‘ISDN’? Confused about the costs? Wondering whether your
Amiga can access the Internet? No need to worry any longer - we
have released issue 2 of our ‘Internet Informer’ for Amiga
users. A leaflet that offers you all the information you
require in order to get your Amiga onto the Internet. Modem
choices, software that is available, service providers for the
Amiga, questions and answers. It also contains information
about NetConnect and what we can do to get you onto the
Internet. For your free copy, call us or write to us.
• •
• •
• • • Oear f -
- - ij ji load I DELIVERY CHARGES S Ware - £1.00 for UK delivery
- £1.50 for EU delivery
- £2.00 World delivery H'Ware - £4 for 2-3 day delivery
- £6 for next day delivery
- £call for Saturday delivery Oval House, 113 Victoria Road,
Darlington, DL1 5JH Tel : 01325 460116 Fax: 01325 460117
E-Mail: sales@active-net.co.uk http: www.active-net.co.uk Make
cheques P.O.'s payable to Active Technologies and send to the
address listed opposite. We can accept credit or debit card
orders. For any additional information call us!
View W@BGgDd thinks you'll care that he hard this issue... For some reason Kmk has been working extra connected to a computer just like yours, so you can be certain to find some useful information there.
We even spent days taking apart that nice Power Tower system we reviewed (AF107) so we could try out all the new add-ons.
And of course we have scoured the earth for all the new products to review, locked our writers in small cubicles until they came up with the best tutorials, left no stone unturned when it came to sourcing material for our disks and CD and even subjected ourselves to a very nice lunch in order to secure a copy of Wordworth 7 to review (and even some to give away on page 27!). After all that, you’ll excuse me if I need to go and lie down for a bit, but don’t you hang about - there are pages and pages of the world’s best Amiga mag to read... £ It hasn’t been easy putting together this month’s
issue of Amiga Format. Basically, we’ve bent over backwards to give you the best of everything. On the CD this month we have the full version of UFO: Enemy Unknown. This required quite a bit of effort because we had to set it up on the CD so you could play it from there or install it. It would be pretty pointless to give you a complete game like this without giving you the manual too. Not ones to shirk away from a little effort, we translated the whole thing, including tutorials, into an AmigaGuide document that you can read at your leisure. What other magazine would do that for you?
Indeed, what other mag would bring you an exhaustive test of all the latest inkjet printers? These printers just keep getting cheaper and better, but getting good results from them on an Amiga can be a bit tricky depending on the software support.
Our guide is obviously based on their performance when Nick Veitch Editor UFO ENEMY UNKNOWN PAGE 28 It's possibly the best turn-based strategy game ever, and it's yours here! Not only that, but all the manuals are on the CD and our quick-start guide is in the mag!
PRINTER ROUNDUP PAGE 16 The salesman in your local PC shop can probably extol their virtues for hours, but how do they look on paper - paper that has been printed on using an Amiga?
Powering up yourn [TFTOr T raranateabolcattrerare* n Of fcweI accessories currency or offer fiom Powei Computing You know that Spmgis mtfieair Wien thews a new version of WoriM'ortti arcurd the comer QteQCSCQ breathes deeplyandgoes'Aasan “ ___
* "N | drive WHAT S HEW TOWER STUFF PAGE 58 There's no point in
having a tower unless you have lots of lovely things to put in
it. There's three pages of superb kit to drool over here.
WORDWORTH PAGE 62 The Amiga's best-known wordprocessor has had a bit of an upgrade, and it's by no means just a case of adding a few bits and upping the number either.
ISSUE 109 APRIL 1998 Not only have we got a review and a demo on our CD of the latest version of this fantastic Amiga word processor, we've also got seven copies to give away!
Turn to page 27 now.
Nuiuu wwiwyivuccwrTr imjinanyrw?"
Rtoldo that Lorenzo took Michelangelo to li 9 10 'another Wordwc BOXER GOES PPC The BoXeR motherboard will now be shipped with a PPC expansion slot as standard.
MACS ON PCS Siamese Systems Ltd. Have announced their Mac emulator for Pcs... provided by the Amiga.
IfclTH-H Mo4»! HI* IM Tt* M IbH 24 EMULATORS
• £• ;*¦: rli rli rXt rXi rli rh eX'. RXi rXi Kxi 17 O' 'O' -O'
O' 'O' 'O' O O' ••£ ¦ O' After over 100 reviews, Simon Goodwin
wraps up his look at different emulators.
TRS-80 Galaxy Invasion, from way back in 1980.
SERIOUSLY AMIGA Faster, cheaper, easier... you know it makes sense.
62 WORDWORTH With version 7 about to hit the streets, Ben Vost sees what improvements have been made to this package.
Wordworth has many DTP capabilities.
82 Dave Cusick looks into privacy on the net.
MAILBAG & GALLERY Topical debate and top pictures from you.
DRAWST0DI0 2 In the final tutorial in this series, Larry Hickmott looks at the rather useful cloning tool.
UNDER THE BONNET A new nine part series designed to get you programming in C, introduced by John Kennedy.
John Kennedy is the man with the answers.
58 TOWER STUFF Nick Veitch looks at all the latest peripherals available for your tower.
Now you've got your great Power Tower, you'll need all the best add-ons too.
68 INTERVIEW Inspector Steve Hopkirk talks about how the Amiga is being used for a major community safety program.
Crime prevention using A1200s.
COVER STORY CD-ROMS AFCD25 Repel the alien threat in the full version of the excellent UFO: Enemy Unknown game, which is now all yours!
In our massive 8 page printer roundup, Larry Hickmott looks at the best Amiga printers available.
Cov MULHCX 2.80 The most compact and powerful Workbench enhancement package for all users of Workbench 2 or 3.
Manic maze mayhem as you try to blow all your friends to smithereens in this superb Bomberman-style game!
SCREENPLAY GAME ON 2 Following on from our mega games feature last month, Ben Vost brings you an interview with the brains behind Vulcan Software.
The whole game just for you and it's on our CD!
We also give you the tips you need to start defending the Earth against the extraterrestrial scum.
T7I They're here, so make sure you're ready and waiting for them with some very big guns Finally! First you get Doom and Myst, now Quake is ready to hit your Amiga, and we've got the first exclusive working preview of it!
Will it be all fun and frolics in the Wiffyland Amusement Park? Well, would you get on a rollercoaster run by Andy Smith?
Don your loincloth and follow your guide, the intrepid Andy Smith, as he takes you safely through the mazes of Final Odyssey.
In the third instalment of this work in progress, James Ceraldi explains some of the things that actually went right with H-Bomb T Stand back in amazement this month as a shocked Andy Smith gets not one but two Tamagotchi clones that work!
World of Amiga Show UK All the details of this great show.
FORMAT BoXeR goes PPC PPC support as standard on new boards.
Emulation news How Amigas are helping Pcs and Macs.
The show must go on!
Amigans longing for a show to go to this spring will be very pleased to hear that the World of Amiga show 1998 is going ahead.
The show will take place in the usual venue in Hammersmith’s Novotel on the 16th and 17th May. If you’re worried about missing the FA Cup Final, never fear, because the organisers have arranged ?-----~ for a large-screen TV V* II U to broadcast die event live in one of the adjoining rooms I free of charge. Now I __ you can truly enjoy |% l I j one of the best y IlI tHLJL' This year's show could be even bigger than WOA 1997!
Football events in the world while vou attend one of the best Amiga ones. The show looks like being a busy one with Amiga Inc. taking a large stand as usual. Other exhibitors worth a mention include Power Computing, Epic Marketing, Active Technologies, Eyetech and the possibility of phase 5, Haage and Partner (sparks should fly), ClickBOOM and plenty' of others.
The international AAV awards will also take place at the show on the Saturday, for the world’s best Aniga products - between 1st March through to 31st March, the public voting for the AAA Awards 1997 will be open! Cast your vote for those you feel have done the most for the Aniga during 1997 at http: www.aaa-awards.org or by telephoning Sweden on 0046 90 710020 Entrance to the show will cost £7.50 for adults and £5.50 for children under the age of fifteen. For tickets to this fine event you should ring the hotline on 01369 708029.
With Amiga Inc. taking a large stand What, there’s more?
WOA98 in London is not the only Aniga show in the world during this time of the year. If you’re a bit of a globetrotter, you may be interested in visiting any of the following: ¦ Saku 98, March 28th, Vantaa, Finland.
¦ AmiTech 98, April 3rd-5th, Stockholm, Sweden, http: www.canit.seZamitfcChZ ¦ MTT 98, April 25th-26th, Trier, Germany.
Details to follow.
H International Aniga 98, May 29th-30th, Toronto, Canada.
Http: www-randomize.com ia98.html ¦ AmiWest, July 1 lth-12th (Developer days 10th-l4th July), Sacramento, CA, LTSA.
Http: www-sacc.org amiwest ¦ BSE 98, August 7th-9th, Diepenbeek, Belgium, http: bse.ba5e.org This will allow the availability of powerful and inexpensive high- resolution 3D graphics cards for the BoxeR.
Earlier this month, Blittersoft announced that their BoXeR motherboard, developed by Index Information, would be the subject of a joint venture with leading German hardware company phase 5.
As a result of this co-operation, the BoXeR system will be shipping with a PowerPC expansion slot, on which a PowerPC-based accelerator can be installed. This will be fully software compatible to the PowerUP accelerators from phase 5 Digital Products.
“We are pleased that our cooperation will further support the migration of the Amiga towards the Pow erPC and that we can provide a unified interface for software developers and for the users. By use of a compatible API (Application Programmers Interface) it ensures that software developed for PowerUP will work on the PowerPC accelerators for the BoXeR. Making it even more attractive for Amiga software vendors to support this standard.
This co-operation helps strengthen an emerging standard which will allow a wide range of breathtaking new products,” says Wolf Dietrich of phase 5.
He points out that the PowerUP technolog}’ which will be used in the PowerPC accelerators for the BoXeR is the base for a new generation of high-tech products, such as CPU cards with multiple PowerPC processors and full multiprocessing software support, which should be appearing later in 1998.
Additionally, the BoXeR will incorporate a graphics card expansion slot which is compatible with the one that is available on phase 5’s CyberstormPPC and Mk III accelerators. This will allow' the availability of powerful and inexpensive high-resolution 3D graphics cards for the BoXeR.
"By jointly choosing a common performance level for the next generation of GFX cards, together wre can set a unified minimum standard which software developers can rely on,” adds Dietrich. "This will quickly increase the number of applications using the highest resolution and the hardware 3D acceleration, Mick Tinker's including quite a number of fascinating new games.” Paul Lesurf of Blittersoft said, “Whilst the BoXeR is very much a product to provide a diverse range of Amiga systems, we feel it is important to maintain compatibility with the leading edge peripherals.
“phase 5 products fit into that category', and we hope this cooperation will be the first of many, allowing the Amiga community to receive the BoXeR design with even more confidence.” Mick Tinker of Index commented, “We are very pleased to announce the ongoing work to increase the flexibility of the BoXeR and the work with phase 5 will allow us to deliver a wider BoXeR is to have phase 5 support.
Range of performance options to the customer.” Systems will be available with performance starting at the 68040 25MHz, through all the speed options up to the 68060 66MHz and on to single and multiprocessor PowerPC systems with massive performance levels.
All this will be available at the time of purchase or as user upgrades.
The modern design of the BoXeR motherboard will allow the full benefit of the PowerPC to be utilised by providing a 64-bit path to onboard memory.” More details can be found at Blittersoft’s website at www.bli11ersof i.com. or by calling them on 01908 261466.
What have the Amiga Format staff been doing this month?
- ------------ Nick'S favourite S| Amiga product of the month is
the Zorro daughterboard % for his A1200
- Power Tower system (and all the other bits).
Favourite film: Titanic, but only for the Lightwave-generated sinking sequnce.
- ---Andy's favourite Omfl game of the month is a w IP reader
submission, jL but he's ' Sl undecided whether it's the Prodigy
Tamagotchi or the Roulette simulation. He's been watching: The
Hustler - Ben's favourite product of the month just has to be
Quake - especially since he's the only one in the
- office with a machine powerful enough for it.
Favourite film would be Grosse Pointe Blank - best film last year at the flicks, best this year on vid.
Colin likes his movies simple.
Boogie Nights Kf is still his favourite. His Bv favourite I I Amiga product was probably UFO since Nick did all the work laying it out. As for music, Motorhead has been on his earphones most of the month.
Mark's favourite f product of the month was the ace UFO and he's spent the rest of the
- time listening to obscure indie bands nobody else has ever
heard of (oh, and some Burt Bacharach) while pretending to do
some work.
I - ~---Mr Kennedy Jpr 4 1 has been far % to° busy mk % _ playing with his telescope Kl to watch any M films or use 1 ¦-*¦ any new Amiga equipment, but he has been listening to Pink Floyd's Astronime Domine quite a bit, if that helps.
(3) Aminet Set 5 3
(5) Amiga Format CD 21 4 (-) Amiga CD 1 98 5
(7) Amiga Forever 6 (D Aminet 21 7
(11) Personal Paint 7.1 8
(9) Cygnus Ed Pro v4 9
(16) Amiga Developer CD 10
(14) pOS Prerelease 11
(12) Textikon 12
(8) Tele-Info Vol. 2 13 (-) Personal Suite 14
(17) Aminet Set 4 15
(6) Aminet 20 16
(13) Aminet Bumper Bundle 17 (-) Amiga Web Offline 1 18
(24) Wordworth 6 19
(18) Aminet Set 3 20
(10) APC&TCP CD 5 Continued overleaf ¦+ Mac on PC Why Amiga
Format is so great thanks to Amiga Transformers! Amigas in
Amiga Format only reviews finished products so you can be sure that the review you read is based exactly on what you'll get when you buy what we recommend.
11 Amiga Format has the most experienced Amiga team working on it of pretty much any magazine in the world, with a combined experience of over 30 years with the Amiga. We always check our facts with leading experts in the area so you can be sure that we're telling you the truth about the products we talk about.
Amiga Format is up-to-date. With thirteen issues a year, Amiga Format brings you the news as quickly as possible, along with the very latest Shareware and utilities on our CD.
Li Our CD is the best on the market. Not only is it user-friendly, with programs written especially for us by the excellent Oliver Roberts, such as AFCDFind and AFCDViewlPrefs, its layout is consistent and yet it is constantly improving.
Our reader interaction is the best in the world. We always have more reader submissions to our Cds, letters and problem pages than any other magazine. We are approachable and easy to contact (we have a reader hotline on a Tuesday for your Amiga problems and email addresses where you can reach us instantly), and we are always ready to listen to your suggestions on how to make the magazine and CD better.
CONTACTS: If you want to contact Amiga Format here are the easiest ways in which you can do it: Telephone (01225) 442244 only on Reader Call day (Tuesdays) Fax (01225) 732341 General email amformat@fu Please put the topic as the subject of your email. Emails with subjects like "Mailbag" or "Workbench" get read.
Emails with subjects like "What I think" get sorted to NIL: Feature ideas or review requests: If you are working with your Amiga professionally and are interested in a feature on what you do, or you've found a product we haven't heard about and want us to review it before you part with your hard-earned cash, then email bvvzWfuhirenatcrjAik or call Amiga Format and ask for Ben Vost.
ANYTHING ELSE RELATED TO THE CD If you have comments about our CD, or you are having problems with it, then you can email byp3t@fufcur8ri€rtco,uk.
If you want to see your work on our CD then read the Submissions Advice html page on the CD. You can find it by double clicking on the Ben_Speaks!
Icon. Make sure that you follow all of the instructions.
AMIGA ANGELS If you wish to be added to the list of volunteers who will help with any Amiga problems, then email bvosu turen tcu.uk with the subject "Amiga Angels". You can also register by snail mail at the following address: Amiga Angels, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street Bath, BA1 2BW.
READER REQUESTS Reader requests should be emailed to bvost®rli u 9fjetcfj,uk with "Reader Request" as the subject or you can send your request to the following address: Reader Requests, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW.
LONG TERM TEST SUBMISSIONS Long term tests should be emailed to bv usf u i: li 3 j'd h cd, u k. or sent to: Long Term Tests, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW.
Iamese Systems Ltd, a new company founded by Steve Jones of HiQ Ltd. Have announced their long awaited Mac emulator for the PC. Why is this interesting to Amiga owners?
Because that Mac emulation is going to be provided by the best Mac emulator in the world - the .Amiga. This will work by bringing together the PC with a Siamese PCI 68040 '060 migration card which will, with suitable Siamese software, run all existing 68K-based Apple Mac software, but as tightly integrated with Windows95 NT as the current PC-Amiga Siamese system is.
This card, designed by Index Information’s Mick Tinker, is essentially a fully-blown .Amiga on a PCI card, and the Mac software is run through emulation, together with the Siamese system. The plan is for the PC Mac owner not to know this at first, since it was felt that this would lower the product’s credibility in the eyes of the PC-owning world.
Steve Jones of Siamese Systems said, “We really wanted to use this like a stealth bomber. We sell it with the aim of getting Mac owners to get Pcs, then later on, voila, we tell them that they’ve also got Amigas. It should really boost the .Amiga market.” The emulation software to be used for the Mac is undecided as yet, but is likely to be either Fusion or Shapeshifter.
Although naysayers will point at the fact that the card will be limited by only being based around the 68040 or '060, the truth of the matter is that a 68K Mac can still hold its own against a large number of existing Mac PowerPC systems and one based around the 68060 will be considerably faster than those built around the first PPC chip, the 601.
The emulation will also benefit from the fast PCI graphics cards, sound cards and other peripherals that the Siamese system can integrate from the PC. It will offer higher resolutions in more colours than an average Mac can currently offer, without forcing the Mac user to go for expensive dedicated solutions that they’ve had to put up with in the past.
If you want to find out the latest information about this system, or other Siamese projects, then surf to http: www.siamese.co.uk. Mad Sciontists required!
ES.® MM*" Vulcan Software’s programming team, responsible for the great-looking real-time strategy game Almagica: Scions of a Forgotten Realm, DSP, are looking for talented Amiga programmers to join their team. Various programming tasks are available that cover: AI sub-system, communication sub-system, GFX subsystem, music sfx sub-system, Main system.
Full details of the requirements are explained in depth on the Vulcan website at http: www.vulcan.co.uk or you can contact one of the following DSP team members.
Bjorn Hagstrom - orgin@ hem2.passagen.se Jimmy Westerlund - mh()213jw@midnet.telia.com Fredrik Svensson -digitall@algonet.se Delivering the best for you and your Amiga - thirteen times a year!
YfoV.'"-1 READER SURVEY do a@e®eaa]G0®oo mfflii (§®ono[ponG8oDgi Power Tower, and the main prizewinner and ten runners-up will win a year’s free subscription to Amiga Format Whatever you thought of Amiga Format, we'd like to hear from you. But please be honest - your answers won't affect your chance of winning.
Many thanks for your time and help.
Best wishes Nick Veitch Editor Dear Reader, Welcome to Amiga Format. It's our aim to provide you with the type of Amiga magazine you really want to read. To help us achieve this we'd like to find out a little bit more about you and your lifestyle, so we've drawn up this questionnaire. We'd be very grateful if you could take the time to read the magazine and then fill it in and return it to us.
As a special bonus, all the questionnaires returned to us by Friday 24th April 1998 will be entered into a prize draw. The first one taken out of the hat will win a ABOUT AMIGA
1. How long have you been reading Amiga Format?
ID 3-4 years 2D 5-6 years 3 ? Over 6 years 4 ?
This is my First issue 2-5 months 6-11 months 1-2 years
2. How did you get this copy of Amiga Format? (Please tick one
box only) Subscription 1 ?
Delivered by newsagent 2 ?
Bought at newsagent on order 3 ?
Bought at newsagent not on order 4 ?
Bought at specialist shop 5 ?
Bought at supermarket 6 _ Passed on to me read a friend's copy 7 ?
Other: (please specify ) .
3. Which copy of Amiga Format did you purchase?
3. 5" Disk 1 ?
CD-ROM 2 ?
4. Which of the items on the cover of this issue of Amiga Format
made you want to read it? (Please write in your answer)
7. Following is a list of all the tutorials contained in this
issue of Amiga Format's 'creative section'. For each one
please indicate whether you liked or disliked the subject
covered AND whether you will or won't try out the tutorial?
DrawStudio C++ Under the Bonnet Have done Liked Disliked Intend to do Won't do ID 4 ?
7 ?
Ion 2D 5 ?
8 ?
11 ?
3D 6 ?
9 ?
12 ?
8. In total, how long have you spent do you intend to spend
reading this issue of Amiga Format?
Under 30 minutes ID 3-5 hours 4 _ 30-60 minutes 2 ? Over 5 hours 5 ?
1-2 hours 3 ?
9. Roughly how many people, including yourself, are likely to
read this issue of Amiga Format?
Just me 1 ? 6-9 4 ?
2-3 - 2D 10 or more 5D 4-5 3D
10. What will you do with this copy of Amiga Format after you
have finished reading it?
Keep it for reference 1 ?
Pass it on to someone else 2 ?
Throw it awav 3 ?
Amiga Format CU Amiga Design Honest reviews News Tutorials Features Writing style Helpful advice Coverdisk content
C. overdisk interface
16. How often do you read the following magazines?
(Please use the key and write in your answer) 1 = 1 subscribe (receive by post) 2 = Every issue (non-subscriber) 3 = Most issues (4-5 out of 6) 4 = Occasionally (2-3 out of 6) 5 = Rarely (1 issue out of 6) 6 =Never Amiga Format ...... CU Amiga ...... PC Format ...... Mac Format ...... Official PlayStation Magazine ...... GamesMaster ...... C&VG N64 YOU AMD YOUR AMIGA J a Format to be a useful source of information?
Yes ID
17. Which version of Workbench do you currently use, Sometimes 2D
and which do you intend to upgrade to during the next
5. Below is a list of all the regular sections contained in No 3D
12 months?
Amiga Format. In general, what do you think of them?
Own upgrade (Please use the key and write in your answer)
12. Do you read the classified section?
Lower than 3.0 1 ? 4D l=Enjoyed a lot Yes ID
3. 0 2D 5 ?
2=Enjoyed No 2D
3. 1 3D 6 ?
3=Did not enjoy
3. 5 7 ?
4=Did not read
13. Have you ever bought anything after seeing it News Previews
...... advertised within Amiga Format?
18. Which processor does your Amiga current have?
Game reviews Serious reviews ...... Yes ID 68000 1 ? 68060 5 ?
Reader Games GameBusters ...... No 2 ?
68020 2 ? PPC 6 ?
PD Select Workbench ...... Don't know 3D 68030 3D Don't know7D Amiga.net Creative ...... 68040 4D Mailbag Gallery ......
14. If you bought something, what was it? (Please tick all that
19. How much fast RAM does your Amiga currently
6. In terms of editorial content, would you like to see CD-ROM
drive 1 ? Modem 7 ?
More, less or about the same of the following in future Extra memory 2 ? Monitor 8 ?
None ID 9-16Mb 4 ?
Issues of Amiga Format? (Please use the key and write Games software 3 ? Printer 9 ?
Less than 4Mb 2 ? More than 16Mb 5 ?
In your answer) Other software 4D Speakers 10 ?
4-8Mb 3D l=More Graphics card 5 ? Zip drive 11 ?
2=The same Hard disk 6D Other magazine 12 ?
20. Do you have a hard drive?
3=Less Other (please specify-): . Yes ID News Previews ...... No 2D Game reviews Serious reviews ......
15. Please rate both Amiga Format and CU Amiga on the Reader
Games GameBusters ...... following attributes? (Use the key
and write in your answer)
21. What speed CD-ROM drive do you own?
PD Select Workbench ...... l=Very good None 1 ? 8x 4 ?
.Amiga.net Creative ...... 2=Good 2x 2 ? More than 8x 5 ?
Mailbag Gallery ...... 3=Neutral 4x 3 ?
Reader offers Competitions ...... 4=Poor Commercial coverdisks.... 5=Very poor Continued overleaf 1 D 8 D 2D 9 D 3D 10 D 4 D 11 D 5 D 12 D 6 O 13 D 7 D 14D ID 2D Unemployed 5 ?
Retired 6 ?
Other 7 ?
32. Which of the following computers or consoles do you own
still use? (Please tick all that apply) Own Use ID 8 D 2D 9 D
3D 10 D 4 D 11D 5 D 12 D 6 D 13 D 7 D 14 D Atari ST PC Apple
Macintosh Sony PlayStation Sega Saturn Nintendo 64 Nintendo
26. Which activities do you (Please tick all that apply)
Educating children 1 ?
Educating yourself 2 ?
Games 3 ?
Internet access 4 ?
Reference multimedia 5 ?
Art design 6 ?
DTP 7 ?
Other (please specify):.. . .
8 ?
9 ?
Ion Accounting Making music Programming Video titling editingll ?
Word processing 12 ?
Spreadsheets 13 ?
Databases 14 ?
27. Roughly how' many hours a week do you spend using your Amiga?
1 hour or less 1-4 hours 5-7 hours 8-14 hours ID 15-20 hours 5D 2D 21-30 hours 6D 3 ? More than 30 hours 7 ?
4 ?
28. If you play games on your Amiga, which of the following
genres do you enjoy playing? (Please tick all that apply)
Arcade adventure Beat-em-up Shoot-em-up Compilations
Driving racing 3D Doom-style games
29. Roughly how much have you spent on Amiga software hardware
over the last next 12 months?
Have spent Intend to spend Software £49 or less ID 16 ?
£50-£99 2D 17 ?
22. Which graphics chipset do you use i most? (Please £100-£299 1
3D 18 D tick one only) £30Q-£499 4 D 19 D ECS 1 ?
Graphics card 3 ?
£500-£999 5 D 20 D AGA 2D Don't know' 4D £l,000-£ 1,999 6 D 21 D £2,000 or more 7 D 22 D
23. Does your Amiga have Zorro slots?
Hardware Yes 1 ?
£49 or less 8 D 23 D No 2D £50-£99 9 D 24 D Don't know' 3 ?
£100-£299 10 D 25 D £300-£499 11 D 26 D
24. Which of the following peripherals do you £500-£999 12 D 27 D
currendy own and which do you intend to buy during £l,000-£
1,999 13 D 28 D the next 12 months?
£2,000-£4,999 14 D 29 D Own Intend to buy £5,000 or more 15 D 30 D 2nd floppy drive ID 21 D Dot matrix printer 2D 22 D
30. Where do you normally buy your Amiga Inkjet printer - black &
white 3D 23 D software hardware from?
Inkjet printer - colour 4D 24 D Software Hardware Laser printer 5 D 25 D Specialist store ID 7 O Modem - 9,600 BPS or under 6 D 26 D High street store 2D 8 D Modem - 14,400 BPS 7 D 27 D Mail order 3D 9 D Modem - 36,600 BPS 8 D 28 D Exhibitions 4 D 10 D Modem - 56,000 BPS 9 D 29 D Via Internet 5 D 11 D CD-ROM drive 10 D 30 O Second hand 6 D 12 D Separate speakers 11 D 31 D Other: (please specify) . Sound sampler 12 D 32 D Zip drive 13 D 33 D Extra RAM 14 D 34 D
31. How influential do you find the following when Hand scanner
15 D 35 D deciding w'hich Amiga products to buy? (Please rate
Flatbed scanner 16 D 36 D the following from 1-10 where 1 is
not at all influentia Genlock 17 D 37 D and 10 is very
influential) Digitiser 18 D 38 D Word of mouth Monitor 19 D
39 D Magazine reviews Hard disk 20 D 40 D Magazine
advertisements Advice from sales assistants
25. Approximately how many items of softwrare do you Demo of
product currently own and how many do you intend to buy
during the next 12 months? (Please write a number in the
spaces provided) Own Intend to buy Serious software
Full price games Budget games
Public Domain Promotions discounts
..... Internet advice ..... ID Simulations 7 D 2D Football
games 8 D YOU AND THE INTERNET 3D Other sports games 9 D 4 O
RPG 10 D
36. Have you ever accessed the Internet?
5 O Strategy wargames 11 D Yes, from my Amiga ID 6 D Platform games 12 D Yes, from another computer 2D No 3D
33. Do you intend to buy any of the following computers or
consoles during the next 12 months?
New' Amiga 1 ? Sega Saturn 5 ?
PC 2D Nintendo 64 6 ?
Apple Macintosh 3 ? Nintendo Gameboy 7 ?
Sony PlayStation 4 ?
34. How long have you owned an Amiga for?
1 year ID 4 years 4 ?
2 years 2D 5 years or more 5 ?
3 years 3 ?
35. Do you use an Amiga for work?
Yes, at my office 1 ?
Yes, I work from home 2 ?
No 3D
37. Do you intend to get access to the Internet in the next 12
Yes, from my Amiga 1 ?
Yes, from another computer 2 ?
No 3D use your Amiga for?
Thank you for your help. If you'd like to enter the prize draw, fill in your name, address and telephone number, cut the survey out or photocopy it and post it to the address at the bottom of this page. The survey must be returned by Friday 24th April 1998 when the draw' will take place.
Name: .. Address: County: Post Code: .. Tel (including STD): . Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive mail from other carefully screened companies. ?
42. If you are currendy in work, w hat is your job? (If you are
retired or unemployed, please give details of your most
recent job) Director 1 ? Manual worker 5 ?
Manager 2 ? Office worker 6 ?
Self-employed 3D Shop w'orker 7D Skilled worker 4 ? Armed forces 8 ?
Other (please specify): .
43. What is your annual household income before tax?
Under £5,000 ID £20,000-£24,999 5D £5,000-£9,999 2 ? £25,000-£29,999 6 ?
£l(),000-£14,999 3D £30,000-£34,999 7 0 £15,000-£ 19,999 4D £35,000 or over 8 0 Please use this box for any additional comments you have about Amiga Format.
38. If you currendy access the Internet from your Amiga or other
computer, how many hours do you spend on it each week?
From Amiga From other computer Less than 1 hour I-3 hours 4-5 hours 6-8 hours 9-10 hours II-15 hours Over 15 hours
41. What do you do?
Full-time work 1 ?
Part-time work 2 ?
Student 3 ?
At school 4 ?
40. What age are you? (Please write in your answer)
39. Are you?
Male Female APRIL. 1998 AMIGA FORMAT Competition Winners!
Those of you who entered any of our amazing Christmas competitions will be wondering by now whether you’ve won anything in one of our many draws.
You’ll find just some of the results here on this page, but some of you'll have to wait until next month to see if you've won some of the competitions because we just don’t have the space here!
Hackers Winners These ten successfully divined that it was the Designers Republic and Psygnosis that designed the graphics for this film: Andrew Jackson, East Huntspill.
S. Costa, Southport.
Dave Jackson, Barnsley.
Anthony page, Yate.
Wendy Augustine, Harrow.
E. A. Dornan, Dunoon.
P. J. Moon, Portland.
Michael Maybury, Bromborough.
Pauline Corns, St. Helens.
F. T. Brumby, Doncaster.
David Bateman, York.
DevKart Winners Three people who worked out that Thomas was disqualified for dangerous driving: Dave Heddley, Manchester.
Alex Cowley, Stalybridge.
Alex Vakkas, Athens, Greece.
Final Odyssey Winners T Burns, Northallerton.
Gregor King, Blackford.
J Gilbert, Stoke On Trent.
G Mann, Bolton.
D Coe, Hadleigh.
Jim Finlayson, Stirling.
Mr Sean Harkin, Limavady, N. Ireland.
Paul D Harding, Southsea.
Jeremy Spring, Huntsbury, New Zealand.
M Orwin, Shaftesbury.
Uropa2 Winners Alan Johnson, Mansfield.
B K Hanson, Derby.
Rumeu Justo Reyes, Tenerife.
Mark Phillips, Melton Mowbray.
Andy Penny, Southampton.
Andrew Hunte, Chorley.
A Rayner, Corfe Mullen.
Wendy Augustine, Harrow.
D Whitehead, Gt Shelford.
S Watson, Co Durham.
Weird Science Light Rom 5 Winners
R. Penel, Bournemouth.
S. Harknett, Hoddesdon.
P. Dalgleish, Edinburgh.
S. Brookes, Bromsgrove.
J. Sorrell, Ashingdon.
A. Wilson, Glasgow.
M. Wightman, Stoke on Trent.
G. Sweeney, Lanarkshire.
T. Green, Rotherham.
P. Armstrong, Manchester.
Fontamania Winners
C. Morris, Cheltenham.
R. Stobbart, Co. Durham.
John Rorland, Sweden.
L. Richards, Isle of Wight.
D. Walshaw, Wakefield.
C. Parkes, Basingstoke.
Rasmus Knudsen, Denmark.
J. Goscomb, Somerset.
M. Steven, Stafford.
N. Currie, Clydebank.
D. Hemmings, Northants.
0. Roberts, Norfolk.
G. Palfrey, Haydock.
T. Davies, Lancs.
R. Jeynes, Birmingham.
G. King, Perthshire.
J. Gillies, Glasgow.
A. Kitching, Scunthorpe.
G. Mann, Bolton.
T. Burns, North Yorks.
J. Gilbert, Stoke on Trent.
K. Taylor, Dorset.
D. Hodgson, Isle of Harris.
D. McGregor, Fife.
V. Faramus, Surrey.
Aminet Subscription Winners
P. Mallard, Northants.
D. Summers, Peterborough.
Epic Competition Winners
A. Smythe, Huddersfield.
L. Maiden, London.
R. Brown, Guildford.
T. Bartlett, Glasgow.
P. Chester, Bristol.
T. King, Lincoln.
S. Baron, Sunderland.
L. Halifax, Surrey.
Coldcut Winners Hassni Malik, Epsom Downs.
Alan Johnson, Mansfield.
D. J. Mahalovich, Kaitaia, New Zealand.
J Goscomb, Chard.
Warren Prince, Midwest City.
SFX Winner
P. K. Mounsey, Essex.
T3 Winners Mark Sudlow, Winsford.
Ash Thomas, Middlesex.
Ben Wyatt, Norwich.
Mill and MWB Winners Dennis Edwards, Kirkstall.
Franck Cassedanne, Peckham.
T. Sipps, Basildon.
Sean Sherry, Lusk, Ireland.
Leonidas Mastellos, Athens, Greece.
Golden Image Winners Nick Karadimas, Athens, Greece.
Gustavo Henrique dos Santos Vierie, Portugal.
Andres P. Christensen, Denmark.
John Bilton, Doncaster.
Gabrial Lopez, Malaga, Spain.
Peter Robinson, Lowestoft.
W01 (RSM), Signal Squadron.
Likoussis Sakis, Greece.
G. J. Bayliss, Douglas, Isle of Man.
Aladdin 4D Winners
S. Richmond, Dorset.
V. Yates, Fife.
Dopus Magellan Winners
P. Mills, Cornwall.
D. Evans, Bristol.
E. Driver, Surrey.
Eyetech 1-slot Zorro adapter £99.95 Eyetech 7-slot Zorro adapter £149.95 1 -slot to 7-slot Zorro upgrade £79.95 CV 64 3D 4MB graphics card £159.95 1 -slot Zorro + CV64 3D bundle £99.95 AUTO-MON video switch £39.95 The MK2 EZ-VGA Auto scan doubler adapter is now available with optional flicker-fixer for rock-steady 'interlaced' PAL NTSC display modes EZ-VGA Mk2 upgradeable scandoubler £79.95 EZ-VGAPIus scandoubler flickerfixer £119.95 Upgrade EZ-VGA Mk2 to EZ-VGAPIus £50.00 Engineering-workstation quality 17" monitor,
0. 26 dot pitch, 1600 x 1280 @75Hz noninterlaced, 1 yr on-site
+ 2yrs RTB warranty £399.95 The Eyetech 1-slot Zorro adapter,
CV64 3D graphics card and the AUTO-MON CV64 3D & Amiga RGB
video switch.
Backplate Kit DIY EZ-Tower Full EZ-Tower EZ-Tower Plus Infinitiv tower ower tower DFO: face plate, cable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Custom backpanel with SCSI audio KO's Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes O A1200 power and LED adapters Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes r ¦ ¦ 1 =5“ O CE-approved metal PC case n a Yes Yes Yes Plastic Metal, not CE No of bays PSU capacity n a 10 250W 10 250W 10 250W 5* 200W 7 200W § 5 Accessible PCMCIA slot Yes Yes Yes Yes +£24.95 +£29.95 a g DIY assembly instructions Yes Yes n a n a Yes n a ¦§ o Installation instructions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 2.
PC board Siamese compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes No No “I Assembled & A1200-ready No No Yes Yes No Yes EZ-Key* adapter & Win95 k b Option Option Option Yes Yes Yes ~3 Eyetech installation option No No Yes Yes n a n a Cost with options as specified £39.95 £79.95 £99.95 £148.95 £214.85* £179.90
* The Eyetech EZ-Key adapter autodetects Amiga & PC keyboards &
has two selectable PC keyboard mappings. Other keyboard
adapters are single function only.
* with additional 5.25" drive bav as recommended eo C o •m +- Q.
o LU £ 0 I- 1 N lu -C o 05 *- 05 LU A fabulous, time-limited
EZ-Tower System offer* from Eyetech!!!
(... but only available whilst stocks last!)
4 Ready built EZ-Tower with 250w PSU V EZ-Key keyboard adapter, Windows95 keyboard.
V Full UK specification A1200, Kickstart
3. 1 Workbench 3.1 disks, manuals, mouse, mousemat and TV lead.
V 880KB floppy drive including faceplate V Fantastic software bundle including Wordworth 4SE, Turbocalc 3.5, Datastore 1.1, Photogenics 1.2SE, Personal Paint 6.4, Organiser 1.1, Pinball Mania and Whizz V All items fully installed, tested and ready- "This definitely one of the easiest solutions to building your own tower." Amiga Format "The Eyetech tower offers clever solutions with a Velcro easy fit mentality" Cu Amiga Complete EZ-Tower floppy system as described left for an unbelievable £349.95 FULLXower with 10 drive bays as standard
(7. 5"w x 16"d x 26"h) Fully accessible usable PCMCIA CDROM &
A1200 mixed audio out sockets adapter* Comes with DF0:
faceplate and cable.
Adapters* for using standard PC floppy drives as DFO: DF1: inc high density PC and Amiga options A1200 main board with 66Mhz 060* & 64MB* External SCSI socket Squirrel internal drive adapter* 250 Watt PSU and A1200 power cables supplied as standard All A1200 rear ports are directly accessible Space for A1200 Zorro slots* or PC motherboard* and cards PortPlus* provides 2 extra Serial & 1 extra Parallel port Fit external floppy drives internally Why not have these upgrades installed at time of purchase only at the following very special prices:
- v 1.2GB TowerDrive and cable for Just £89.95 y Apollo
'030733MHz accelerator with MMU, FPU and 8MB memory for Just
£89.95 The A1200 EZ-Tower tO-go! * Prices in this box are not
valid in conjunction with any other offer from Eyetech The
Blizzard PowerPC boards from phase5 will fit in the trapdoor
space of an EZ-Tower'd A1200, with or without a Zorro expansion
board. However you should bear in mind that the PPC boards will
be limited to providing 'subroutine' support to specially
written 680x0 programs (just like an expensive FPU) for the
forseeable future. If and when a proper native PPC Amiga
operating system is available Eyetech will start stocking and
supporting these boards directly.
What about PowerPC upgrades?
(*optional extras) Now You've Got Tower Power!
The fantastic Siamese RTG2.5 ethernet graphics system for your Amiga ... r- Love your A1200 but need PC compatibility for work or study purposes? Then you need Eyetechs EZPC-Tower system!
Just £999.95 gets you a fully loaded Siamese ethernet system with: v Looking for an all-in-one package?
Why not treat yourself to the Eyetech EZ-Tower Professional Pack 2? *s» Just look what you get for an unbelievable £799.95!
...feature a slide-out mounting frame for fitting either... o The Eyetech Professional pack comes with a full EZ-Tower, new WB3.1 A1200 and... mi A full Amiga EZ-Tower system ready to take your A1200.
X Jumperless 266MHz-capable PC Pentium board with 200Mhzcpu, 32MBof memory, Win95 keyboard & mouse & second fan.
Full-screen full motion full colour video capture card with TV tuner and frame grabber (with video camera input), x High performance, high res graphics card with full screen full frame rate MPEG playback.
X 32-voice high performance sound card with direct-to-disk, CD-quality recording software.
X 2.1GB hard drive, 16-speed CDROM, 2x S, 1xP & USB ports and 1.44MB FDD Full ethernet Siamese 2.5RTG system with Amiga and PC ethernet cards, driver software, cables & terminators and scandoubling system for non-retargetable Amiga screens such as games. (The ethernet Siamese system requires an Amiga TCP IP stack - as used by Internet software - and Windows95 operating system - see below).
EZPC options (at time of ordering only) : CDROM upgrade to CDROM 2xwriter, 6x reader +£249.95 x Windows 95R2 OS & Lotus Smartsuite bundle (WordPro, Lotus 123, Approach database, Organiser, Freelance Graphics etc) +£99.95 Miami Amiga TCP IP stack (fully registered) +£29.95 Ring for hard drive, CDROM, memory & processor upgrade options V EZ-Tower with full UK specification A1200, Kickstart 3.1 Workbench 3.1 disks and manuals, mouse, mousemat, TV lead and 250watt psu.
V EZ-Key keyboard adapter, Windows95 keyboard.
33MHz '040 processor (approx 25 Mips) with MMU & FPU and 16MB of program memory.
2.1GB TowerDrive with Workbench 3.1 and shareware utilities preinstalled 16-speed CDROM including the Eyetech 4- device buffered interface with fully registered EZ-IDE CDROM hard drive IDE Zip drive LS120 driver software (see main ad for EZ-IDE details) 880KB floppy drive including faceplate a Fantastic software bundle including Wordworth 4SE, Turbocalc 3.5, Datastore 1.1, Photogenics
1. 2SE, Personal Paint 6.4, Organiser 1.1, Pinball16x cdrom,
i.igb mm . ..... HD, EZ-IDE s w & Mama and Whizz 4_way EIDE Uf
All items fully installed, tested and ready-to-go!
AND the option to have: V An LS120 720KB 1.44MB 120MB super floppy drive cable installed in your machine for just £64.95 extra (at time of purchase only) ... Just add a PC motherboard and it becomes the perfect partner for your EZ-Tower'd A1200!
Then use PC-side hard & floppy drives, CDROMS, printers and graphics cards as native Amiga peripherals!
The Eyetech Ethernet Siamese pack contains: x A1200 PCMCIA ethernet card and driver software x PC ethernet card and driver s w x Ethernet cable, T pieces and terminators x Full Siamese RTG2.5 software All this for just £199.95!!!
(Amiga TCP IP stack & Win95 O S required) EZ-KEY & Win95 klb, ...a standard PC motherboard and cards, or... HD, CDROM, FDD & optional CDROM Writer upgrade ...a Zorro board and cards (as well as your A1200).
119. 95 CAB-ETH-60C Ethernet coax BNC-F 60cm for Siamese
9. 95
50. 00 CAB-FDD-EX.5M External FDD extn cab 23-M - 23-F 0.5m
12. 95
69. 95 CAB-FDD-EX2M External FDD extn cab 23-M - 23-F 2m
14. 95
39. 95 CAB-HD-FD 4 23p-M-floppy - 4p-F HD CD pwr 0.9m
9. 95
64. 95 CAB-HD-KIT A1200 full 3.5" hard drive fitting kit
24. 95
19. 95 CAB-HD-PWEXP Tower power expdr 4pM- 3x4pM+FDDpwr
11. 95
69. 95 CAB-HD-PWRXT 4p-M - 4p-F HD CD power cab ext 0.9m
9. 95
14. 95 CAB-HD-PWSP HD CD pwr splitter 4p-M - 2x 4p-F 15cm
6. 95
79. 95 CAB-IEC-1.5M AC power cable 13A-M - IEC-F 1.5m
2. 95
39. 95 CAB-IEC-4X13 AC powerstnp exp'der 1xlEC-M - 4x13A-F
19. 95
99. 95 CAB-KBD-MF 5p DIN-M - 5p DIN-F k b ex cable 1.2m
7. 95
149. 95 CAB-KBD-MM 5p DIN-M - 5p DIN-M k b cable 1.2m
7. 95
79. 95 CAB-PD-.3M 44- 40way 3.5" HD data & pwr cabs A1200
14. 95
35. 00 CAB-SCS-25 50 SCSI cable DB25-M - Cent50-M 1m
9. 95
159. 95 CAB-SCS-25M 25M SCSI cable DB25M-DB25M mac type
9. 95
249. 95 CAB-SCS-50M 50M SCSI cable Centr50M- Centr50M 1m
9. 95
19. 95 CAB-SER-EX.5M DB25-M - DB25-F RS232 extn cab 0.5m
6. 95
14. 95 CAB-SER-EX2M DB25-M - DB25-F RS232 extn cab 2m
7. 95
119. 95 CAB-SER-SSQ 9pDM- 9pDF SurtSq EZ-Tower ser extn cab ,5m
9. 95
79. 95 CAB-VGA-MF 15p DM-HD - 15p DF-HD VGA exl cable 2m
9. 95
69. 95 CAB-VGA-MM 15p DM-HD - 15p DM-HD VGA cable 2m
9. 95
89. 95 CAB22-2W-9C 22way-Fx2 A1200 clock port cable 9cm o a
6. 95
59. 95 CAB34-2W-50C 34way-F x 2 FDD ribbon cable for tower 50cm
9. 95
5. 95 CAB40-2W-20C 40w-F x2 IDE HD CD cable 20cm o a len
5. 95
9. 95 CAB40-3W-1M 40w-F x3 IDE HD CD cable 1m o a len
9. 95
6. 95 CAB40-3W-60C 40w-F x3 HD CD IDE cable 20+40cm=60cm o a
ADPT-VGA-SDBL2 EZ-Tower audio mixr adapter for A1200 CDROM
19.95 RCA(phono)-M - 2xRCA-F adapter 2.50 RCA(phono)-M -
2xRCA-F gold plated adapt 3.50 CDPIus external power socket +
HD pwrcab 9.95 Tower faceplate adapter for A1200 int FD 6.95
34-34 way cable and faceplate for DFO 12.95 BNC T-piece 2xM ?
IxF 4.95 Ethernet BNC coax terminator 50R 4.95
2. 5744way - 3.5740w+4w & mtg bracket 11.95
3. 5" Zip SyQuest FDD HD brkt pl - 5* bay 5.95 Amiga PC k b
adapter 5p din-F - 6p m d-M 5.95 Amiga PC kbd adapter 6p
mindin-F - 5pd-M 5.95 Amiga PC k b - A1200 kbd ribbon cable
39.95 Amiga PC k b- Al 200 kbd rib cab+Wm95 k b 49.95 PCMCIA
ethernet card with Amiga’PC drvrs 89.95 Amiga comp video
(RCA)+2xAudio to SCART 12.95 Amiga 23p+2xRCA to RGB TV SCART +
audio 12.95 EZ-Tower SCSI adpt 30cm 2xCent50F+1xlDC50F 19.95
SQ3 adapter Epson scanner - par printer cable 9.95 Dual
monitor & k b switchbox 19.95 Adapter from 9p D-F to 15p HD-M
VGA 9.95 Adapter from 15p HD-M VGA to 9pD-F 9.95 Amiga 23pin-F
to 15pinHD-F VGA adapter 19.95 Amiga 23 pin(f)-15 pin HD(f)
VGA adapter 12.95 Auto Amiga CV643D m sync monitor switch
39.95 Amiga extern scandoubler upgrad'le to FF 79.95
Amiga extern scandoubler flicker fixer Upgrade from
scandoubler to f fixer DiskPlus FDD D H S dens i t
A1200clkport 4-dev but IDE CD i f w active IRQ A1200 DiskPlus
D H S dens Am PC FDD 1200 IDEpt 4-device EIDE interface for
A4000 DiskPlus Fdd D H S dens Am PC A4K IDE pt Interface for
std Sony FDD for DFO 880KB PortPlus 2x 460kb ser + hispeed par
port PortJunior - 460KB serial i f for A1200 A1200 Zll adapter
with 1 Zll slot A1200 Zll adapter w 7xZII + 5xlSA slots A1200
Zll adapter 1- 7 slot upgrade Keyboard interface upgrade for
Z2 adpter Cybervision 64 3D Z2 3 Amiga graphix crd 1 -slot Z2
+ C643D bundle without f fixer NE2000 ISA ethernet card BNC
for GG2-BB Multi-l O ISA card 2xlDE.2xSER.1xP GG2 Zorro2
brigeboard for PC ISA periphs IDEPIus 6xlDE+2xDD HD FD,
IDEFix. Zorro2 PortPlus Zorro 2xS, 1xP. Expansion bus
PortPlus4 - Zorro 4xSerial + expansion bus 2xS +1xP expansion
for INT-Z2-PPL3 4
3. 5mm stereo jack - 2xRCA-M plugs 1.2m CDROM invt'd T audio cab
.6m + 2xRCA pig RCA(phono)-M - RCA-M+RCA-F mix Id 1.8m
CAB40-3W-85C CAB40-CUST CAB40-DDC CAB44-2W-13C CAB44-2W-60C
CAB44-2W-9C CAB44-3W-24C CAB44-3W-12C CD-CP-4X-SP CD-CP-8X-SP
CD-FT-24X CD-MT -4X.(CD-DT-4X) CD-MT-8X.(CD-DT-8X) CD-MT-16X,
85cm o a len 9.95 Custom cable 3x40way IDE up to 1.5m 19.95
IDE IDC40-F - IDC40-M skt with mtgs 0.15m 9.95 44way (2.5"
HD) cable 2 cntr. 13cm o a 9.95 44way (2.5* HD) cable 2 cntr,
60cm o a 19.95 44way (2.5* HD) cable 2 cntr, 9cm o a 8.95
44way (2.5* HD) 3 cntr,7+17cm=24cm Q a 14.95 44way (2.5“ HD)
cable 3 cntr, 12cm o a 12.95 4-speed component CD sys w
PSU.EZCD i f 89.95 8-speed component CD sys w PSU.EZCD i f
99.95 16-speed component CD sys w PSU.EZCD i f 109.95 24-speed
component CD sys w PSU.EZCD i f 119.95 CDPIus Fulltwr 4x
special w PSU.EZCD i f 79.90 CDPIus Fulltwr 8x special
w PSU.EZCD i f 189.90 CDPIus Fulltwr 16x spec'l w PSU.EZCD i f
199.95 CDPIus Fulltwr 24x spec’l w PSU.EZCD i f- 209.95 CDPIus
Minitwr (DT) 4x special w PSU,EZCD i f 109.95 CDPIus Minitwr
(DT) 8x special w PSU.EZCD i f 119.95 CDPIus Minitwr (DT) 16x
spec'l w PSU.EZCD i f 129.95 CDPIus Minitwr (DT) 24x spec'l
w PSU.EZCD i f 139.95 CDROM case (IDE. Audio cnfr. 40Wpsu, CE)
59.95 MiniTower (DT) case 200W+psu w contrs & instr 39.95
Full PC tower. 250W PSU. Modable for A12 59.95 Full A1200
Tower 250WPSU.LED adpt.FD cab 99.95 EZ-Tower backpanel
conversion kit - No PC twr 39.95 EZTower kit w backpanel etc
for self conversion 9.95 Evetech's Spring Sale: Siamese RTG2.5
ethernet packs £199.95; EZ-Towers from £79.95!!!; 4-speed
CDROM system - £89.95!!!; A1200 Magic Packs from £189.95;
EZ-Tower Systems inc A1200 from £349.95; 030 accel's w 4MB
from £79.95, w 8MB from £89.95; 19 Mips '040 25 £128.95; 39
Mips '060 50MHz £268.95; 20% off mem prices bought with
accel.; LS120 Zip £89.95; (Price down, New Product)
Q. What fits in a floppy bay and reads & writes 120 MB PC & Amiga
cartridges AND 720KB & 1.44 MB PC diskettes?
A. The All-New LS120ATAPI drive from Eyetech 120MB backup and
PC 1.44MB diskette compatibility in one unit Bare Drive just
£89.95.120MB cartridges just £14.95 1 or £34.95 3 V EZ-IDE
universal EIDE driver software is required - 50% discount when
ordered with the LS120 or 4-device buffered interface.
Upgrades available from Eyetech-supplied IDE-fix available -
see below right.
Do you belong to an computer club which is self-sufficient in technical help?
Then why not apply for an Eyetech Amiga Club Trade account which entitles you and your club members to the very best levels of discount and exclusive club offers on Eyetech's Amiga products.
(New) HEALTH WARNING "A buffered IDE interface is essential to avoid overloading of the A1200's IDE port when adding extra devices"- John Kennedy - AF - 7197 Don't be tempted to skimp. Beware hastily designed interfaces from companies w ho said buffered interfaces were unnecessary less than 12 months ago!
The Eyetech MK 4 EZ-CD fully buffered 4-device interface with active IRQ pull-down is now shipping.
Preserve your Amigas health with IDE technology from Eyetech - THE IDE sprcialists - for just £39.95. PortPlus - 2x serial & 1 x parallel - £79.95!
PortJnr-1 x 460Kbaud ser £39.95 PortPlus Zorro - See price list Now with 50% discount off EZ-IDE software y|-|0 Too-Rated Ev©t©ch AUI-97% "... It all worked faultlessly..." “ AF - 96% "... An absolutely superb bit of kit.." CDPlUS forth© A1 200 AS -90% "... This is a quality product..." Amiga 1200 Magic Packs
- Direct to Eyetech from Amiga International Inc. Full UK
specification with Kickstart 3.1 Workbench 3.1 disks and
manuals, UK psu, mouse, mousemat and TV lead and 2MB graphics
memory (in addition to any memory expansion included in the
packs below).
Fantastic software bundle including Wordworth 4SE,Turbocalc 3.5, Datastore 1.1, Photogenics 1.2SE. Personal Paint 6.4, Organiser 1.1, Pinball Mania and Whizz Hard drive versions come with Scala MM300 preinstalled Other options available - please ring. EZ-Tower options also available from £349.95 Eyetech Starter Pack Diskette based system as above Add an '030 25 MMU FPU with 8MB for just £79.95 (at time of purchase only) Sale price - £189. 95 Productivity Pack 2 170 MB hard drive system with software preinstalled 030 33 MM U FPU with 8MB Sale price - £329.95 j MiniTower CD Pack
1. 2GB hard drive - 16-speed CDROM
- '040 25 accelerator & 16MB
- 4-device buffered i f - EZ-IDE s w
- MiniTower with 230W psu - cables Sale price - £599.95
Professional Pack 2 Full Eyetech EZ-Tower - EZ-Key i f - Win95
k b -2.1GB HD- 16x CDROM - '040 33 accel & 16MB - 4-device
buffered i f - EZ-IDE s w - cables Sale price - £799.95 j ri rw
tt Ti New! Only available from Eyetech - the Amiga IDE rj f m
t M M ATAPI peripheral specialists. Probably the only hard
drive CDROM LS120 ZIP SyQuests wyouileverneed.
Supports LS120, Zip, Jaz. SyQuest and other IDE ATAPI removable cartridge drives EZ-IDE s w AUTOMATICALLY. Cartridges just appear on the Workbench when inserted and disappear when ejected! Eyetech's IDE ZipPrep Tools are also included.
Optimises IDE hard drive performance automatically. Eliminates 'MaxTransfer' supplied* IDE- Z* nightmares , , , , t With 4-dev i f, CDPlus, IDE Extensive CDROM support including multidisk changers, direct digital audio transfer, ’ CD32 emulation, high performance filesystem support for Amiga, Mac and PC Cds. Zip or LS12U £17.50 Ready-to-use as shipped. No sending away to foriegn parts for registration codes as Competitive ll grade* £19.95 With the 'commercial' versions Of IDE- X97 and Atapi Pn'P. .Trade-in & proof of purchase required - £34.95 Upgrade from Eyetech- £12.50 "... Good point
Andrew. Here they are!
Now there's no excuse not to have a CDROM!"
- Alan Redhouse, Eyetech, March 1998 "... What will persuade the
hold-outs to get a CDROM are.. lower prices."
- Andrew Korn, Cu Amiga, March 1998.
Eyetech CDPlus Specials! - Available only whilst stocks last!
Includes: V CDROM mechanism V Metal CDROM case V 4-device buffered interface V Power supply V 40- & 44-way IDE cables V Free Amiga CD V Full instructions 4-Speed - £89.95 8-Speed - £99.95 16-Speed - £109.95 24-Speed - £119.95 Considering a PowerStation?
The CDPlus is now available with a, 230W, CE-approved, PC MiniTower* or Desktop* case (which can also power your A1200) -for only £20 extra ... Or buy a ready-built EZ-Tower* for just £89.95 when you buy a CDPlus drive (*as an alternative to the regular CDPlus case) 720MB
1. 4GB
1. 8GB
39. 95
24. 95
29. 95
5. 00
39. 95
79. 95
13. 75
24. 95
14. 95
0. 29
6. 95
999. 95
9. 95
9. 95 99 95
10. 00
99. 95 199 95
14. 95
18. 95
19. 95 4995
9. 95
9. 95
149. 95
149. 95
199. 95
269. 95
799. 95
189. 95
349. 95
329. 95
599. 95
30. 00
7. 50 Eyetech Group Ltd The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, N
Yorks, TS9 5BB, UK Tel UK: 07000 4 AMIGA 07000 4 26442 01642
713 185 Tel Int'l: +44(0)1642 713 185 Fax: +44(0)1642 713 634
sales@eyetech.co.uk info@eyetech.co.uk www.eyetech.co.uk Voted
A VI Amiga Company of the Year CASE-HD-ECON External 3.5" HD
case no psu
19. 95 PSU-CD32 CASE-HD-REM Removeable drive case for 3.5" HD
24. 95 SCN-FBA4-BDL1 CASE-ZIP Metal slim case-FDD IDEZip SyQuest
HD CDROM ZIP LS120 SyQst drvr
34. 95 SPK-2W-PSU DVR-EZIDE-CU P x upgrade to EZIDE Irom compet
enhancer CDROM s w bundle pri
17. 50 VID-CAM-COL DVR-EZIDE-UG P x upgrade to EZIDE from Eye-sup
12. 50 VID-CAM-PSU DVR-SQ3 ScanQuix3 w 1 Amiga driver as
59. 95 VID-PRGB-PCM DVR-TBPR5 TurboPrint 5.x Amiga printer driver
36 95 ACC-040-25 DVR-TBPR6 TurboPnnt 6.x Amiga printer driver
Engl 38 95 ACC-040-33 CD4-BARE Bare 4-speed CDROM mechanism
39 95 ACC-040-40 CD8-BARE Bare 8-speed CDROM mechanism 49 95
ACC-060-50 CD16-BARE Bare 12min l6max-speeo CDROM mechanism
58 95 ACC-060-66 CD24-BARE Bare 24 speed ATAPI CDROM
67. 95 ACC-30LC-25 CDR-BARE-2 8 Internal ATAPI CD-R 2xwrite
8xread 299 95 ACC-30LC-25+4 FDD-EXT-880 External slimline FDD
with pass-thru 23p cable
34. 94 ACC-30LC-25+8 FDD-INT-A1200 Replacement A1200 600 int FDD
24. 95 ACC-30LC-33 FDD-INT-BARE Bare 1.44 880 FDD for tower
(needs I f)
24. 95 ACC-30LC-33+4 FDD-INT-D C I Twr ini 880Kb
FDD(Sony EZDF0 cab bundle)
39. 95 ACC-3QLC-33+8 FDD-INT-DRINT Twr inti 880Kb FDD
(Sony EZDFO) No cable
34. 95 ACC-630-33 HD2-21 21 MB 2.5'' hard drive 90 days warranty
34. 94 ACC-630-33+4 HD2-170 170MB 2.5" hard drive
69. 95 ACC-630-33+8 HD2-720 720MB 2.5" hard drive 129 95
FPU-PGA-40 HD2-1.4
1. 4GB 2.5" hard drive for Amiga
169. 95 FPU-PLC-33 HD2-1.8 1 8GB 2.5" Hard Drive
189. 95 FPU-PLC-33X HD3-1.2
1. 2GB 1*x3.5" IDE HD TowerDrive tor Amiga 109 95 FPU-XTL-33
HD3-1.7 1 7GB 1"x3.5‘ IDE HD TowerDrive for Amiga
119. 95 MEM-16MB-72P HD3-2 11 2 1GB 1*x3.5* IDE HD TowerDrive for
Amiga 139 95 MEM-32MB-72P HD3-3.2
3. 2GB 1*x3.5‘ IDE HD TowerDnve for Amiga 164 95 MEM-4MB-72P
4. 3GB 1"x3.5" IDE HD TowerDnve for Amiga 199 95 MEM-8MB-72P
1. 2GB 1" x 3.5" unformatted bare IDE HD
99. 95 MEM-ZIP-20P HD3-1,7-UF
1. 7GB 1" x 3.5“ unformatted bare IDE HD
109. 95 DISK-880 HD3-2.1-UF
2. 1GB 1* x 3.5" unformatted bare IDE HD
124. 95 NET-REF HD3-3.2-UF
3. 2GB 1" x 3.5" unformatted bare IDE HD
149. 95 APC-EZTW-SIA-CF2 HD3-4.3-UF
4. 3GB 1" x 3.5" unformatted bare IDE HD
189. 95 MOU-PC-PS2 HD3-LS120 Panasonic LS120 floppy optical 1
4 120MB 89 95 MOU-PC-SER HD3-LS120-CT1 Single 120 MB
cartridge lor LS120 drive
14. 95 PC-W95 SS97 HD3-LS120-CT3 3-pack of 120MB (nominal) LS120
34. 95 CD-SW-PK1 HD3-ZIP-CT1 Single 100MB (nominal) Zip cartridge
14. 95 SYS-SIA-RTG25 HD3-ZIP-CT3 3-Pack of 100MB (nominal) Zip
34. 95 SYS-SIA-RTD25-ETH HD3-ZIP-IDE Bare ATAPI IDE Zip dnve
89. 95 SYS-WB3-DSK FAN-60MM Cooling fan for A1200 60x60x25mm
5 12v
14. 95 SYS-WB3-SET FAN-FG-60 Finger guard for 60mm cooling fan
4. 99 SYS-WB3.1-DSK FAN-LP Low profile fan 45x45x11mm 12v
w heatink
9. 95 VID-CKT-SP KBD-A1000 A1000 keyboard with 6-pin mini-Din
44. 95 ADPT-KBD-SX32P KBD-A1200 Replacement A1200 k b w ribbon
24. 95 CD32-JOY KBD-A4000 A4000 k d.6-pin mini-DIN, takes A1200
39. 95 CD32-PAL KBD-WIN95 Windows 95 keyboard with 5-pin AT DIN
19. 95 SX32-MK2 MIC-FLEX Multimedia microphone with flex neck
9. 95 SX32-P40EC MOD-EXT-14 Modem AT 14.4da! 14.4 fax+EU psu tel
19. 95 SX32-P50 MON-17-.26 17" SVGA monitor 26DP 1600x1280 @75Hz
399. 95 A12-MGK-PROF2 MOU-BLK Amiga mouse - black - with mousemat
8. 95 A12-MGK-FDD MOU-MAT Mouse mat
1. 99 A12-MGK-FDTWR MOU-WHI Amiga mouse - white cream -with
9. 95 A12-MGK-PRD2 PLUG-IEC Rewirable IEC monitor plug for
4. 95 A12-MGK-MTCD PSU-230 230 250w replacement PSU for MT DT FT
29 95 FIT-EZ-MAIN PSU-A1200 A1200 23W PSU (new & ongl) 90 days
19. 95 FIT-EZ-XTRA MC68882 PGA FPU 40MHz OK for 50MHZ MC68882
33Mhz PLCC FPU no xtal 68882 33Mhz FPU & xtal for accl mem
bds 33MHz crystal oscillator for FPU 72 pin 16MB 32 bit simm
for Amiga 72 pin 32 MB 32 bit simm for Amiga 72 pin 4MB 32
bit simm 70 ns 72 pin 8MB 32 bit simm for Amiga
1MB(2chip)60ns Zip RAM HMS514400-6 Pg md 880KB blank
diskettes duplication qualit Internet reference book EZPC
SiSys Ethernet 2.1 32 16x 32v s w mpeg PC PS 2 type mouse 2
button Serial mouse for PC 2-button Win 95R2 & Lotus
Smansuite97 bundle CD software pack 1 - 5 x Amiga CDROMs
Siamese system software RTG v2.5 Siamese sys 2.5 w PC.Amiga
efhemet Amiga Workbench 3.0 disks x5 Amiga Wb 3.0 disks x 5 +
Worbench manual Amiga Workbench3.1 disks x6 ( w HD inst)
Cocktel Amiga videoconfg s w for ProGrab sp.pr SX32 Pro PC
k b adapter cable 0.1m CD32 SX32 loypad CD32 console with
18Wpsu joypad RF lead SX32 Mk2 Ram Clock FPU expander for CD3
SX32Pro030EC 40Mhz simm to 64MB, FPU sk SX32 Pro 50MHz
030 MMU Simm. FPU Ski A1200 Magic pk '040 16mb 2.1 PCkb 16xCD
A1200 Magic pack FDD vers w s w as adv A1200 magic pack with
EZ-Tower A1200 Magic pack 170MB HDD 030 33-8MB A1200 magic
pack Mtwr. 16xCD, 040 25+16 A1200 to EZ-Tower fitting - A1200
+FDD Fit per cust-supp peripheral into EZ-Tower ''
¦------------I CD32 18W PSU (new & ong) - 90 days warranty
14.95 Mustek SCSI A4 Flbed scnr & SQ3 Mustek s w 199 95
2xamp spkrs 16W PMPO no psu 3.5mm jack 8.95 Mains PSU for
SPKR-2W 4.95
5. 25” int'l mount 60WPMPO speakers amp 29.95 Colour videoconf
camera composite video 159.95 PSU for colour video camera 9.95
Prograb 24 digitser with PCMCIA t f 119.95 Apollo 040 MMU FPU
25MHz A1200 accel 128 95 Apollo ‘040 MMU FPU 33MHz A1200 accel
158.95 Apollo '040 MMU FPU 40MHz A1200 accel 188.95 Apollo 060
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Printer Type Printer Port Print Pitch Print Spec ins Print
analitv Paper Type Paper Fornat P; Pica t cpi Oi t tinea Per
Inch This is where you set the printer to be used with
Workbench printer drivers. The printer drivers given away as
standard with the Amiga operating system are next to useless if
you want quality output L from modem printers. Third party
drivers, from packages like TdrboPrint, Studio II Professional
and various Shareware authors, do a much better job.
Packages. The starting point for connecting a printer to an Amiga is the cable. This is a Centronics W parallel cable, the same as PC owners use to connect their Pcs to printers. Make sure your printer has a cable included when you buy it or you could be left having to search for one after getting it home.
Once your Amiga and printer are joined you'll need a printer driver. This takes the information produced by your Amiga applications (Wordworth, Personal Paint and so on) and converts it into a form the printer will understand. Each printer has different features which the printer driver can turn on and off.
.An example of this can be found in Epson's Stylus Photo. This printer uses five colour inks instead of three. In order for the software on the Amiga to make use of these extra inks, the printer driver has to be aware of them so it can P5S53 ¦» sjJrw ie. -iz.fi osis 5 The best Amiga printers on the market fully tested in definitive roundup.
NciuicnoI ImhnPunl (). Whit h issue. TurboPrint 6 was used because it was the only package at the time with dedicated drivers for all of the printers tested.
Let's start at the beginning and discuss printing from an Amiga so you can understand the significance of printer drivers and print enhancement ; ““ Trr~r~z .. . : o: S' Printers have always been, and probably always will be, the most popular peripheral bought for a computer. However, buying a printer for an Amiga brings with it special problems which are easily avoided as long as you follow the advice in features like this.
In this Amiga Format special printer roundup we've brought together some of the best inkjets money can buy and given them a thorough testing with Amiga applications such as Wordworth 7, DrawStudio 2, PageStream 3 and TurboPrint's Graphics Publisher. To drive all the printers, we've enlisted the HX-M Ivm til HX-M r r HX-M rvT !vm II Sx-8 r T Tm 111 HX-J2 F T lm ill KX-1M r 1 Trrm III 5461800 16 02 98 03 48 In PageStream 3‘s Print Setup requestor you can choose from a number of different types of printers, as well as specific printers within each category. The IFF-ILBM-type is great for saving
pages to disk as 24-bit images and then printing them from another computer or a program like the Graphics Publisher.
Even though PageStream 3 has its own drivers, like this one for the Stylus 600, I still prefer to use a package like TurboPrint 6.
Notice from this grab that the maximum resolution allowable for the Stylus 600 using PageStream’s own driver is 720 by 720 dpi, whereas TurboPrint 6 allows 720 by 1440 dpi.
Graphics Printer Preferences D ither ing Sea Iing Inage Rspect Shade Print|Epson.StytusPhoto CflP it* |1 | Bathod |Color uh.ch »ip»9e msm W?MM _|H w»r* Order Print Blank Pas | Pr int Pictures (Printers' Marks
- 1 _JEnulsion Down | Begat ive J gtdftus,. . J Cance I Thresho(d
Dens itv Bounded Here we see that PageStream 3 has picked up
the driver selected in TurboPrint 6's TurboPrefs. As befitting
a program as powerful as PageStream 3, it has more printer
options than any other application outside of printing
enhancement packages.
The settings for controlling the quality of graphics output from your Amiga from PrinterGFX is nothing short of antiquated compared to the huge number of controls you have with TurboPrint 6 and Studio II Professional.
O I Color Adjustment Window 0 Cfilor P| B H-Grey | LeveI |115 &ush | £op Gamma _! I 0 I 0 _l Load Save J Lise A powerful but also complicated application from Studio II that lets you control the features in a Colour Stylus (Epson) which once used to be controlled by buttons on the printer itself.
LbllLife ml ta Font Cl l*t* CalIbrat ion 0 Align Black Color 1 Align Bi Dinaction Save To Printer terform Printer Action Studio II Professional's preferences application has more dithers than you can poke a stick at. Compare this to those in Workbench's PrinterGFX (Prefs) and you'll see why I so strongly believe that a printing enhancement application really is vital if you own a modern printer and want to get the most from it.
Use them in the same way it uses the other three colour inks. Without a dedicated driver, the extra two inks are useless. Anyone with a Stylus Photo can test this by using a Stylus 500 driver instead of the Photo driver and then looking at the difference. That’s the first part of the printer driver equation.
The second part is about graphics output. The poor old Amiga's printing system (Printer Preferences) has not been updated for a very long time. Not since I bought my very first printer, a DeskJet 500, in fact. So, not only are the Amiga's printer drivers way out of date, but the printer device (in Workbench:Devs) and its associated preferences utilities (in Prefs) through which all output must travel, is also sadly wav bevond its sell-bv date.
Some software like Studio 2 Professional does manage to work successfully with the existing printer device, while other software like TurboPrint 6 patches the printing system so all output goes through its own, more up to date, printer device.
The significance of all this is that you must remember that driving a printer is not just about having a piece of software (printer driver) which can communicate with a printer. It is also very important to have the tools to produce great quality graphics to feed the printer. This is why products like The big failing in Studio II, from my point of view, is the complicated nature of its Colour Balance requestor. It may be more powerful, but I find the one in TurboPrint 6 much easier to use.
Brightness ¦ Contrast _Sel Comp. M EZI - EZI _Invert_I bright* | Bright- | default_I £ariCg 1 I ai2245&2a2£lktigi SetupStylua Vi -00 S»1996 Wolf Faust Courier Prest ige Script Roman T Stylus Color Cancel Pitch Character Set I tatic Italy Italic Spain 1 PC 43?
Advanced Sett ings .. TurboPrint and Studio II Professional are so badly needed on the Amiga.
To sum up printer drivers, rule number one is to make sure a dedicated driver is available for your printer or is going to be available before splashing out on the hardware.
Rule number two is that when choosing that printer driver, make sure it comes as part of a complete print enhancement package such as Studio II Professional or TurboPrint 6.
A driver on its own just will not do.
If you don't believe me then try it for yourself. There are no short-cuts if .
Quality output is your goal.
Continued overleaf ? | TirboSpool ctrl alt ] I Bald Epson_StytusPhoto READY -0 Jofctfs) J A V Job H ? 1 x J - ? 1 1 comfy | Settings | Turtooprefs TurboPrint now comes with a print spooler.
This helps to free up applications, doing the printing faster as files are re-routed to disk and then queued by the spooler which organises the printing of all of the files in the background.
If you have Internet access, take a look at Aminet where you will find drivers for a number of the printers reviewed here, as well as updates for Studio II Professional and Canon Studio.
Bala ? I TurPoFrint QrjphictPUil istwr 6 - ZXJm1c»m Ip 0* & a m r m * c?
_U& °_L To front | To back | | R»'io Rot*l» Ol e I l ft |e 5 | _| C*ot rm Top IB i6 I I C*otr* utnth |3 ae | (Fun VS’W | Full Spuing, I Ol Picture Setting* _iSS.
Uf« IB I Top IB I HlOlh 1966 | Hpighl |1433 | ffl A r BriflMn *, Contrast Colour 8harpn*4 Grwn Blu, Prpulp* RMPt The first test was from TurboPrint 6's Graphics Publisher. A photographic image was used to test each printer's ability to output true photo-realistic images onto special glossy paper. Only the Stylus Photo was able to do this with photos and text. The Photo Kits for the Canon printers did improve their photographic output, but text on pictures suffered.
Onto the printer tests devised to assess each printer's ability to produce sharp text, photographic images and true to life colour. The tests included the photographic test using TurboPrint 6's Graphics Publisher, the desktop publishing test using PageStream 3 and, to finish off the colour tests, DrawStudio 2 was used to print a colour chart. One more test was left and that was the letter-writing task from Wordworth, produced in black and white. During the tests, each printer was timed using the same printer software and the same speed Amiga, which was a 68060 Amiga 1200 with 18Mb of RAM.
Where possible, the media from the manufacturer was used as well as standard plain paper. Many printers will only work on their own media or a media designed for that printer by a third party.
Using the Epson coated paper with the Canon printers, for example, did not produce very good results, whereas on Canon paper the quality was much improved.
Before I finish, a couple of points about the printers we chose to One of the tests which can trip up many printers is a colour chart, complete with solid blocks of colour and gradients. This was output in 24-bit from DrawStudio 2 via TurboPrint 6‘s own printer device. Printers like the Stylus Photo have no trouble with solid colours like green, whereas other printers have to use a dithering technique using only three inks to simulate the colour, with the end result being a very noticeably dithered (dotty) green. The Stylus Photo still dithers to create colours like green, but having two extra
colour inks means that the dithering can be hidden from the naked eye.
Review. As well as the printers you see reviewed here, there were two other DeskJets, a 720C and an 890C. The 720C did not work at all with the Amiga, although I did test it with a PC and the printer was operating fine.
As for the 890C, it had an operating error which could only be diagnosed using PC software which the Amiga obviously does not have. Bear this in mind if you're thinking of buying one of these printers.
¦ Tam-.wiw, Epson Stylus Colour DrawStudio Printer Test When Epson came up with a printer that produces the quality this model is capable of, and then discounted it so much that if you look around you can buy it for under £200, they produced a real stunner. At the time of its introduction, the Stylus Colour 600 stood head and shoulders above the opposition. Today, most manufacturers have worked hard to make up ground and to some extent they have. However, for an Amiga, the Stylus Colour 600 still leads the way.
Overall, this printer surprised me in that I expected it to be better than the Stylus Photo in many areas, but this was not the case. However, with a price around sixty pounds less than the Stylus Photo, you do have to ask if a small difference in quality is worth the extra money.
The answer is open to question, but I would add that if you do a lot of photographic work, especially with people, then the Stylus Photo is the better option. If not, the Stylus Colour 600 is the next best thing to perfection.
When it comes to attaching the Stylus Colour 600 to an Amiga, TurboPrint 6 has a dedicated driver for it and, even without having to make any adjustments, the quality from the word go was superb. Test number one was from the Graphic Publisher and this was accomplished a few seconds quicker than the Stylus Photo. The quality of the printed photo wasn't quite as good as that from the Stvlus Photo as the colours noticeably dithered.
The second test revealed that on plain paper and even on coated media the Stvlus Colour 600 was marginally worse than the Stylus Photo, which, considering the 600's higher resolution, shows that a higher resolution doesn't always equate to better quality’. I should stress that the quality is very good anyway, but the Stylus Photo is still slightly ahead.
J ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦!
HOW DID THEY DO Each printer is judged on speed and quality for all the tests and marks. These are the tests used: Test 1 = A5 Landscape 6x4 PhotoPrint from TurboPrint's Graphics Publisher. The picture was produced in DrawStudio, saved out as a bitmap 1400 pixels wide and then rotated ready to load into the Graphics Publisher.
Test 2 = A4 Calendar from PageStream 3. Here's a project we can all do at some time - produce a calendar for the coming year. With text and pictures, it needs a good printer to do both well.
Test 3 = Letter from Wordworth. One of the most common tasks you will undertake is letter writing.
For this test we take a standard black and white letter in Wordworth and then print it using TurboPrint 6.
Test 4 = Colour chart printed from DrawStudio 2 directly to TurboPrint 6. This shows how well each of the printers outputs the solid colours which many models find difficult, as well as gradients, fine lines and text.
Test 1: Graphics Publisher - Time: 3.05 minutes Quality = 8 Test 2: Desktop Publishing - Time: 22 minutes Quality = 8 Test 3: Letter from Wordworth - Time: 6 minutes Quality = 8 Test 4: DrawStudio 2 - Time: 7.30 minutes Quality = 9 Test three printed in six minutes, the same as the Stylus Photo. At last the Stylus 600 showed that the extra resolution does make a difference, as the greyscale images were slightly better than those from the Stylus Photo in greyscale mode.
The final test is useful because most colour inkjets are incapable of producing a flat colour like a green without having to dither. This produces flat colours that end up looking all "dotty".
The Stylus Colour 600 did reasonably well with this test even though it just failed to match the Stylus Photo, which did a brilliant job as expected.
REVIEW I t 9 9 9 € 7 n • I If it is IS IS IS DrawStudio Printer Test Printer Time To Prins The BJC-4300 is a four-colour printer which enables you to print at a maximum resolution of 720 by 360 dpi and costs around £40 less than something like the Epson Stylus Colour 600. This resolution is supported by TurboPrint 6, which is the driver I used to test the printer with. As a four-colour printer, the BJC-4300 comes with a single black ink tank, along with a three-colour one. The tanks are in the same cradle and Canon tell me that both of them can be replaced without having to buy a new printer
The BJC-4300 shares many of the same features as the BJC-250. Not only is it a small, top-loading printer, the BJC-4300 has a unique power supply.
.Although this is still external, it plugs into the back of the printer without leaving a powder brick to clutter up your desk. Hewlett-Packard really should take note of this.
After all of the tests were completed, my impression of the BJC-4300 was of a printer that has definitely improved with age but which still has some way to go to produce the quality you currently get from the Epson range. If you have a PC, however, remember that you can get a scanner head for the 4300 that costs around £60, making it a lot more than just a printer.
The BJC-4300 only has two buttons, with everything else controlled by software. Not that I needed to do much to get the tests under way. Once a driver had been installed (TurboPrint 6 has a dedicated driver), the first test was soon underway and before long I had my first results.
Although the BJC-4300 promised a lot, with its stated resolution coming close to matching that of die Stylus Photo, the rather coarse dithering evident in die photographic test from the Graphics Publisher left me rather disappointed.
However, there is a photo-realism cartridge available as an optional extra for this printer. The cartridge is four colours instead of the three colour and black of the conventional system. Also supplied was some paper specifically designed for the photorealistic cartridge and the driver in TurboPrint 6 was a dedicated BJC-4300 Photo one.
With all this in place I tried the photographic test again and, although the photo was better, the text on the image was extremely poor. This could be down to the settings in TurboPrint needing to be adjusted. However, having been given only four sheets of paper, I didn't really get the chance to do a lot of adjusting in order to produce the results which I was looking for.
Despite this restriction, I did manage to improve on the initial test. If all you want to print out is a picture then yes, the photo-realistic cartridge will give you better quality results.
The second test from PageStream 3 confirmed that although we're told the maximum resolution is 720 by 360, the picture created on very good quality paper has the look of a printer with a maximum resolution of 360 by 360.
The test from Wordworth in greyscale was much more impressive though. The quality wras better than any of the Stylus printers, which just goes to show that, at least in greyscale, the 4300 can outperform the Epson models.
Unfortunately, the final test from DrawStudio failed badly, particularly with black on yellow bleeding and with the solid colours appearing to be noticeablv dithered.
Test 1: Graphics Publisher - Time: 3.09 minutes Quality = 7 Test 2: Desktop Publishing - Time: 15 minutes Quality = 7 Test 3: Letter from Wordworth - Time: 4.50 minutes Quality = 9 Test 4: DrawStudio 2 - Time: 5 minutes Quality = 6 Continued overleaf REVIEW It didn’t take long for the BJC-250 to make an impression. It was while taking the printer out of its box that I couldn't help but notice its size. The Epson printers are not exactly big but the BJC-250 was noticeably smaller again. This reduction in size is probably helped by the fact that the BJC-250 has a separate, external power
The key point worth making about the Canon BJC-250 is that it's cheap. Very cheap. With a street price of just over a hundred pounds it's almost half the price of many of the top printers in this review.
The reason it’s cheap is that it is a fairly low spec machine. This isn't a criticism, but it’s a point worth noting before we go through the printer tests.
The maximum resolution of the BJC-250 is 360 by 360 dpi and it is capable of printing in either black and white or in colour by swapping the black cartridge with a three colour one. This is important because printers with only three colours don't tend to produce as good a quality colour as those with a four or more colour printing system.
There is no doubt that a hundred quid buys a lot more of a printer than it did only a few years ago. The BJC-250 is a useful little printer for those who are willing to put up with colour quality that is short of what the Epson Stylus models are capable of, and the BJC-250 does produce good quality black and white output.
The first two tests which involved the use of colour were done using the colour cartridge along with the fourth test from DrawStudio. The quality of the photographic image in test one was surprisingly good from the BJC-250. Although the dithering was noticeably coarser than the results from other printers, as it would be at the lower resolution of the BJC-250, the quality of the colour was very high.
Colours like reds and blues were reproduced as good as they were on any of the other printers, although blacks were understandably a little on the green side as there was no black ink used.
The test from PageStream 3 comprises a lot of black text along with pictures and colour graphics.
At first glance the output looks very good, but look closer and you can see that areas of black still have the composite colour appearance about them.
Again, colour photographs and so on were quite good, if a little coarse in the dithering. Finishing of!
The colour tests was the one from DrawStudio. With colours like green you could see the speckled appearance and, worse still, the black on yellow was quite rough with bleeding between colours evident.
However, the gradients didn't look too bad at all.
DrawStudio Printer Test The final test was the one from Wordworth. This required the colour cartridge being replaced with the black one. There was an immediate improvement, with the quality being very good for a printer in this price range, especially when the output was printed on Canon's own coated paper.
Canon have always supported the Amiga in the past and, although no new drivers were available to drive the BJC-250, I was told by Canon UK that free printer drivers are available that will drive the BJC- 250 from Canon's help desk (who can be contacted by calling 0990 143 723). The driver, however, is listed for the BJC-240, with one for the BJC-250 still under development.
TurboPrint 6, the software used for all the printers here for consistency, does come with a driver for the BJC-250 and has a Photo option, which we didn't have time to test.
Test 1: Graphics Publisher - Time: 2.58 minutes Quality = 5 Test 2: Desktop Publishing - Time: 10 minutes Quality = 5 Test 3: Letter from Wordworth - Time: 3 minutes Quality = 7 Test 4: DrawStudio 2 - Time: 5 minutes Quality = 5
T. EST4 How times change. Many moons ago, I paid more than £400
for a black and white DeskJet 500. Nowadays you can pick up
the four colour (black, cyan, magenta and yellow) DeskJet
670C, a printer which has evolved from the DeskJet 500, for
around £135. If nothing else, at least you seem to be getting
a lot more for your money these days.
Apart from the obvious addition of colour and some slight design changes, the DeskJet has not really been changed a lot over the years. It’s still a front loading printer with a footprint larger than most of its competitors. Hewlett-Packard still use a rather annoying external power brick, which a smart designer would create as a "clip on" for the printer itself.
The ink tanks and printer head are also still part of the one unit, so when you renew the cartridge you get a new print head into the bargain.
The printer now only has two buttons. If you want to do mundane things like clean the print heads, you will need some software (such as TurboPrint 6) that turns this on and off.
The maximum resolution of the 670C is said to be 300 by 300 on normal papers and 600 by 300 on glossy. TurboPrint certainly gives you those options but, judging by the quality, the resolution doesn’t actually appear to have changed, despite the fact that a lot of the tests were performed using Hewlett-Packard's own media.
The first test undertaken with the DeskJet 670C was the photograph from the Graphics Publisher. It’s hardly surprising that the results were not as good as those produced by the Epson Stylus range.
Instead, they were similar to the Canon 4300, which is another four-colour printer.
It's important to put this into perspective because, although the Stylus printers do cost more, I am still fairly certain that the new Stylus 300 would produce better quality- printouts than the 670, and the Stylus 300 printer is in a similar price bracket to the 670.
The PageStream 3 test was printed onto glossy paper using the maximum resolution allowed for colour, which is 600 by 300 dpi. The pictures were again quite coarsely dithered and the text, which was printed out on the best paper that you can use with this printer, was as good as you would expect it to be at this resolution.
I followed this test with the one from Wordworth in greyscale mode at 600 by 600 dpi. At this resolution, the result really should have been comparable to the Stylus printers, but alas they were not. Even on glossy paper, the text was still fairly broken up.
On the final test, using DrawStudio, it performed better than both of the Canon printers, handling the solid colours fairly well. However, there was some banding which no amount of cleaning would remove.
In summary, like the other 500 and 600 series 7 DeskJet printers that preceded it, the technology in the 670C is surely past its sell by date even at these prices. So although it isn't actually a bad printer, it just isn't as good as many you can get.
This is a shame because it would be good for the market if Hewlett-Packard came up with a printer that was on a par with the Epson range. The new 720C comes close but, as it didn't work with the Amiga, that's completely irrelevant.
Test 1: Graphics Publisher - Time: 3.23 minutes Quality = 6 Test 2: Desktop Publishing - Time: 12 minutes Quality = 6 Test 3: Letter from Wordworth - Time: 4.30 minutes Quality = 6 Test 4: DrawStudio 2 - Time: 6 minutes Quality = 7 BfeK* Pur?* fiow HE tents DrawStudio Printer Test Imp fo fteit Pntev ] Continued overleaf ¦¦ fTz Carved in Stone Ltd «r*v iMR * , «*•** «
• jwv «*1 4 le». To*' ar*3 DrawStudio Printer Test D ES One of
the advances that has been made in recent years with inkjet
printers aimed at home users is the ability' to print true
photographic quality images with no sign of dithering. One of
the most popular of these printers is the Epson Stylus Photo,
which costs around sixty' pounds more than the Epson 600, uses
five colour inks instead of three and has a maximum resolution
of 720 by 720 dpi.
.After a few days using the Sty lus Photo, I have to say that this is my favourite printer of all time.
Even more fun that the Stylus Colour 1520 I already own. Not only can I do all the stuff I normally do, such as produce calendars, letters and so on, but I can also produce photographic material as good as you would get from a photo lab.
Very' highly recommended.
Using the Stylus Photo with an Amiga is fine as long as you have version six of TurboPrint or the special Epson version of TurboPrint from Power Computing. Both packages have dedicated drivers for this printer. In the following tests, the driver software was left unchanged from the defaults after installation, except for the dithering which was changed to Super-Diff.
PRINTER PRICE CHART PRINTER PRICE RRP STREET Stylus Colour 600 £260.85 £198.58 Stylus Photo £340.75 £271.43 Canon BJC-4300 £210.33 £151.58 Canon BJC-250 £151.58 £111.63 DeskJet 670C £180.95 £135.13 Please Note: Street prices vary from retailer to retailer.
As expected, the Sty lus Photo performed extremely well in the first test with the Graphics Publisher and a photographic image. The test print was output in a fraction over three minutes and the quality' was indeed photographic. The next test from PageStream 3 comprised of a page of text and photos on Epson's own coated paper.
Text on the page was as sharp as you would want at normal viewing distances and the photos on the page were rendered superbly. Printing on plain paper revealed some feathering of the text but that’s pretty7 normal as it's the paper that causes the feathering and not the printer.
Printing from Wordworth, I selected the Generic driver and let TurboPrint pick up the greyscale output. This was the only time the Stylus Photo fell short of the high standards it has set itself.
The problem with the quality lay in the dithering of the greyscale images. Unlike colour images which are smooth and devoid of dithering thanks to the five inks it can use, greyscale images are no better than those produced by most other inkjets and certainly not as good as those produced by the Stylus Colour 600. Text was fine, by the way.
The final test from DrawStudio again showed the advantages of using the two extra ink colours.
Flat colours like green were reproduced with little visible dithering, something inkjets have always had a problem with. However, the black text on yellow showed some jaggies on the black, although there was no bleeding which can be a real problem with this type of element.
Test 1: Graphics Publisher - Time: 3.10 minutes Quality = 9 Test 2: Desktop Publishing - Time: 18 minutes Quality = 8 Test 3: Letter from Wordworth - Time: 6 minutes Quality = 7 Test 4: DrawStudio 2 - Time: 8 minutes Quality = 9 REVIEW TurboPrint Now you've got your printer you'll need some top class software.
TURBOPRINT EPSON EDITION |HP_D**kJ*l89eC C*non_BJC620 StyluiColor 'tylusCo lor 1320 I ¦ I u»Co io r688 tylv»ColorIIj __ itytusPhoto J*MkJ.t679-67«C J*SliJ»t69®-694C _PtU«t60O 0*f*C,0 t»_p**IU«l89eC HP_UwJ« «_ From long time Amiga suppliers Power Computing comes TurboPrint - Epson Printer Edition. This is a special version of TurboPrint 5 which includes the latest drivers for Epson printers (and only Epson printers) but does not include the Graphics Publisher. What this means to anyone who gets this version is that TurboPrefs is the same as what is included with version 5 of TurboPrint but it
also includes Epson printer drivers that you can only can get with TurboPrint 6, such as those for the Stylus Photo printer.
With no Graphics Publisher you will not be able to print images in 24-bit from normal Amiga applications that do not support 24-bit. The quality will still be better than you've probably ever seen before, but when you print things like gradients you will see that the stepping of shades which you do not get from the Graphics Publisher will be present if you print from something like PageStream 3 (Preferences driver), Wordworth and so on.
One application which avoids this is DrawStudio 2 because it supports the TurboPrint printer device directly and doesn't need the Graphics Publisher like many other applications that have TurboPrint support. This means that you could effectively use DrawStudio as the Graphics Publisher for many tasks where 24-bit support is necessary.
Now for the good news about the Epson edition of TurboPrint At the time of writing. Power Computing tell me it's free with a number of Epson printers. Buy it without a printer and it costs £29.95. Port Ol Turbo-Par I Devic* Imit |v;;..».:-y.v)-y~| [g~| | Print to Fi!• 1 Rwcm* | Canot I From this panel in TurboPrefs you can add as many printer drivers as you like to the list, choose to print to TurboPrint's printer device or to disk as well as test the printer.
A | Turttopnnl601 • trweSon 1397 lo] PnntTl Conflal sfustal Griphlc* 1 Tret 1 Po»t*rl H»rdoopy~lj L»fl [8 | . I C*blr* Horizontally Top [8 1 r _J Inch** 18 Hldth 1283 I H*I 1 |279 | | Int*9*r Scaling only _J I*»r» r BonlH _J Absolut* J Pix*l* _J duUtply Higher H W- PW~1 * Flatter Cancel | _y»* I. J S»a I Like a lot of settings in TurboPrefs there are plenty of functions for you to play with on this requestor. However, in most cases I use the defaults which are already set.
¦H.rr TURBOPREFS This is the application that contains all the funky stuff to control your new printer. It has the printer drivers supporting printers past and present as well as new ones to drive the Sty lus Photo, Sty lus 300, DeskJet 890C and others.
TurboPrefs is, more than just about drivers though. With colour printers being the most popular buy these days, there has to be a way of altering the colour balance of images printed from your Amiga, and with TurboPrefs this task is very simple to take care of. You can also use TurboPrefs to set the preferences for creating posters, printing files to disk, changing the dither used, selecting the type of paper in your printer and a whole lot more.
GRAPHICS PUBLISHER One of the utilities that's worth the price of the program alone for me is the Graphics Publisher. This application lets you print 24-bit pictures in all their glory and has seen many improvements over the years. First Irseesoft added support for multiple pictures and now, in version 6, you can add text to your graphics. Images can also be cropped.
There are a number of other driver packages available which do a similar job to TurboPrint 6. One of these is the longstanding Studio II Professional from HiSoft (0500 223 660).
This is updated from time to time but these changes are quite minor compared to the ones seen in TurboPrint 6. For example, at the time of writing there was no printer driver for the Stylus Photo. Studio II Professional costs £49.95. TURBOSPOOL The third utility’ worth mentioning is TurboSpool. This application is used to intercept your document and, instead of sending it to the printer, TurboSpool sends the files to disk first and then sends them to the printer in the Let’s discuss the different applications you get with TurboPrint 6, the software we used to drive the printers on review.
These applications are TurboPrefs, The Graphics Publisher and TurboSpool.
STUDIO II PROFESSIONAL background. This frees up the application doing the printing more quickly as TurboSpool can send the file to disk faster than the printer can process all the information.
SUMMING UP .After five solid days of testing TurboPrint 6 with seven different printers I have nothing but praise for it. It does everything you would expect of such an application and even more things that I wouldn't expect it to do.
Quite simply, if I was buying a new printer and wanted the best from it, I wouldn't cheapen it by trying to get away with a driver that does less than If you have any queries on this, call Power Computing (01234 851 500). Just remember that this version only supports Epson printers exclusively, and if you want to upgrade to the full of version of TurboPrint 6, you will need to do this through the publishers, Irseesoft in Germany. All of the details, including the documentation, can be found on the TurboPrint driver disk.
SPEED: • • • • O Faster, but that doesn't necessarily mean quicker print times as it has to process more data.
MANUAL: •••00 2 reasonable manuals provided.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • Very easy to use, even when altering colour balances.
FEATURES: • • • • • More features than it needs, really.
VALUE: • • • • O Well priced for what it does.
OVERALL VERDICT: Simply the best print enhancement package there is on the Amiga.
DISTRIBUTOR: Wizard Developments (0181 303 1800) PRICE: £49.95 REQUIREMENTS: WB 2 +. HD, extra memory for Graphics Publisher.
OVERALL VERDICT: TurboPrint free with a printer sounds like a really cracking offer. Call Power Computing today.
TurboPrint 6 can. It's as close to a perfect printing system on the Amiga that we've ever seen and long may it continue.
% (T- PART 18 EMULATORS Sdldcdcd @®®ciMdd brings his series to a close after reviewing over 100 | Amiga-compatible emulators, mohth This article rounds up all of the emulators which have not been mentioned before, and notes the latest advances.
PART 1 -ALSO-RANS CP M Twenty years ago there was a standard' for business computers called CP M, short for Control Program for Microprocessors. It was rudimentary but it guaranteed software support for new models. CP M provided a bridge for 8080 programs to talk to terminals, floppy disks and paper tape punches, albeit for a lowest common denominator. A pervasive semi-standard was then born.
CP M was prototyped on Intel's early 8008 but took off on the 8080, the first general purpose microprocessor, introduced in 1974 and much imitated.
Zilog's Z80 is a souped-up 8080 variant.
Intel fought back with a simpler follow- up, the 8085. All of these, and NEC’s V-series, ran 8080 machine code with incompatible extensions.
SimCP M 1.0 was the first Amiga CP Mulator, a bare-bones 8080 emulation. E CPM 2.01 added just enough Z80 support to run Turbo Pascal. SimCP M 2.3 fought back with full Z80 emulation. Full source is provided, which is just as well as the code expects an original 68000 and needs tweaks for later processors.
CP M is a curio. MSDOS is a close relative, adapted for the later Intel 8088 processor. Addressing limitations of the 8008 and 8080 continue to haunt the Pentium. With SimCP M or ECPM, they can haunt your Amiga too!
ENGINES Several emulators concentrate on processors rather than full systems. Fast- Z80 is a Zilog interpreter derived from Speculator, with full source code. Phil Brown's Freeware Msc project, Z80emulator, includes an integrated assembler and disassembler.
MFA Simulator emulates vintage Intel 8085 processors, still used as an introduction in German electronics courses. You'd have to be pretty’ keen on the 8085 to value this unless you're already on such a course. A8085 is another in the same vein.
6302emu is a bare CPU emulator for SYSTEM EMULATION MAME 30.1 (68060) ECP M ACE (Atari 400 800) MySNES AF 0.6b Fast-Z80 AmiCPC 0.46 PC Task 4.4 demo MFA Simulator AmiSNESE 0.12b PC Task 4.4 update Ninja6502 ANES 0.99b Trash-80 0.9a SimCP M Apple ][ (no ROM) V2600 0.82 beta VGB PPC Z80emulator Bkemul 2.0 beta PROCESSOR EMULATION OTHER SUPPORT CoolNESs 0.59 A8085 PC-Task.guide DarkNESs 0.22 Cross64 XFS 2.11 beta Woitecii Screen; 6 TRASH80 The TRS-80 Model 1 is almost as old as CP M. We have a good emulator for its successor, the TRS-80 Model 3, but the authentic Model 1 emulator missed our Tandy
feature last year. Trash80 runs some software the Model 3 will not, without needing a separate ROM file.
The current version 0.9a has virtual cassette support, Z80 engine fixes and an authentic font. Printer and snapshot routines are promised and CatWeasel and XFS coders are investigating TRSDOS formats.
RELUCTANT TEXAN The only emulator I can't get working is for the Texas TI-99 4A. It requires ROM images in a specific format and has verv little documentation. The original author and the .Amiga converter have vanished.
The TI-99 4A was the first 16-bit home computer, a bestseller in the USA. Its Texas Instruments 9900 processor is a cut-down minicomputer.
TI99 4A graphics hardware appeared later in MSX computers, which have been well emulated bv .Amigas, but this TI graphics emulation is incomplete, showing symbols where coloured blocks should appear in a small Workbench window.
Without ROMs, documentation or even colour graphics, TI99.LHA is not reallv a lot of use.
Some 'emulators' blur the line between appliances and computers. TB303 emulates an analogue synthesiser, although the controls are fiddly and don't all work in real time.
Alcuin mimics the Saturn processor in Hewlett Packard's HP 48 supercalculator, requiring a serial link to the real thing to snaffle its ROM. HP-CALC Dcrobat Rtadtr Tmoorjry File mm ions (FPli) ¦tth 1.2 Browser lustrator 3.2 Profs tustrator 3,2 Set lustrator 6.8 lustrator Parser aotHaker 6.S Load (Wobe Bdobe ftdobe Bdobe Sort | Save | Entry: 1485 Type Total: 1692 Creator Better handling of Mac file types is a Fusion 3 bonus.
File Description [Photoshop Palette file Utetnrcn j i bM- Pwwmna [»| 9w »w j •0 rI InoayaS* | | ianfz [ 3»«*«0aoi 3 Vtu P-fcrlT] OrauaQ icoooj [j isamo || cspocAr | yrKfx OW*l Ztnct coc’o»*ig | « fayetop 6K: ptmw.HM p»0oiq _ _ i__ IQ] IDJ • 3V' T7 I nafeocae-. | CQ.iC«XIOOC|! .ittiOTO|M-! [ ni.|oacoc|iS«|D3agi|7.p:'| nz-ioccica:|3P.|a3iooo|v.! | iQ.jixoaoclPC-l'oocnolc.n Ctoo6wftooaop».} | He q6pc6«t» oweo. Kax f i | l 256 )k) | 256 j »cs.-T«6e«yeneeokwo ! J ne(MQ&oeHQtab«eflO*»a 1 - ~ 4* Russian assembler meets MUI, via Denis Sotchenko's BKEmul.
Processors are only good for misleading benchmarks - emulators are the bridge... MOS Technology enthusiasts who don’t want to worry about the implementation of a specific system.
Ninja6502 is the CPU engine from CoolNES, in remarkably concise 68020 macro assembler. If you want to write 6502 code on your .Amiga then C64Ass and Cross64 fit the bill.
Motorola Freeware assemblers support 6800 and 6809 coders, amongst others, and run well on Amigas.
EMULATORS PART 18 ( OoolNE5s) 1UP * 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 3 0 0 t rfinl TRS ;5I "Mod e FT Emit at or V8,9a 1998 The Red Skull E3 CoolNESs leads the way for slower Amigas.
- E- : : -r- rli rZn rli rli rli rli fZi rli rli rZi ‘¦Xi *¦;¦!
RfS i4i Hpi 'O' ‘-O' 'O' O' •¦0*' O' O' O O’ O' TRS-80 Galaxy Invasion blew Simon away, back in 1980!
Emulates Hewlett Packard's classic HP- 11 desktop programmable, cheating by using IEEE libraries to do its sums.
PART2 - UPDATES NINTENDOS Nintendo emulation is a competitive arena. ANES, CoolNESs and DarkNESs are enormously improved from the versions reviewed in Aflast year. Marat Fayzullin's Unix efforts set high standards for NES emulation.
Amiga coders have been catching up, converting generic C into efficient Assembly language.
ANES ANES is now up to version 0.99b and is the best-presented of the Aniga NES emulators, with a 32K guide and an installer script. It even emulates cartridge memory back-up and Action Replay cheats. It's fast but it writes directly to OCS or AGA displays, stopping the rest of the Amiga while it's running. There's a speed limiter for 68040 and 68060 users with ordinary J human responses!
Registered ANES users are rewarded with CD32 joypad, multi-player and three channel sound support, making games far more fun. The fee is 100 Swedish Crowns or LTS $ 15. Roll on, EMU... GameGenie and NTSC support has been promised.
COOLNESS Swedish rival CoolNESs has reached version 0.59, at last gaining a simple GET. Registration costs £12, delivering sound, recendy improved and removing an annoying ten minute timeout.
CoolNESs supports up to four controllers, including CD32 joypads. The strong point of CoolNESs is its performance on si o wish Ami gas.
Most games run fine on a 25 Mhz 68030, and many are playable on a 14MHz A1200 with fast memory.
DARKNESS Canadian coder Mark Van Hal's DarkNESs was the most compatible emulator in our first NES roundup, but it was also the slowest. Version 0.20 was totally recoded in assembly language, shedding sluggish C from iNES and gaining a GadTools front end. The latest version is 0.22. DarkNESs has lost little in gaining speed and saving space. It still multitasks and supports graphics cards, unlike its rivals, with flicker-free doublebuffering. DarkNESs is Giftware and really deserves recognition. However, the sound emulation is sadly lacking and the graphics speed lags behind the
hardware-bashing emulators.
SUPER CONSOLES There are now two rudimentary Amiga Super Nintendo emulators. Marat has set a challenging pace with fast workstation Unix versions. The custom hardware of the SuperNES is a tough nut to crack. Surprisingly, in view of its 68000-based design, there's still no sign of a Sega Megadrive emulator.
MySNES 0.05b requires AGA and at least 4Mb RAM. It won't multi-task and only supports ROMs of 1Mb or smaller, but it now allows scrolling and large sprites and runs quite a few demos, such as BioWorm, on our CD.
AmiSNESE 0.12e can barely display static screens, but targets graphics cards as well as AGA. Both have verv necessary built-in debuggers. MySNES does more, but AmiSNESE is relatively system- friendly.
GAMEBOYS WzonkaLad is now clearly the leading Amiga GameBoy emulator, though the slow Unix port VGB still has the edge in compatibility' and an early PPG version reached Aminet just in time for our CD.
Since the last reviewed version
(0. 64), WzonkaLad needs slightly more memory but is faster with
improved GET and sound. Like ANES, it transparendv supports
XPK compression.
Version 0.98 comes in three versions, Full, Fast and Warp. Fast has simplified Z80 emulation and Warp skimps on interrupts. Full is the slowest but most compatible. WzonkaLad is retargetable via AHI and CyberGraphX. It can even run on Workbench, a feat previously unique to VGB. Registration costs 70 Finnish Marks or 15 US dollars and is required for sound.
V2600 Version 0.82 of the Atari 2600 emulator has a Workbench icon and GUI, dispensing with the antique command line interface but still carrying baggage like slow and logically redundant chunky to planar conversions. The sound remains incomplete and CPU-intensive.
AMI-JUANS .After a flirtation with AniPC Engine, which never really worked, Juan Antonio Gomez Galvez is concentrating on AmiMasterGear, his Sega emulator, and his first project, AmiMSX2, is somewhat hindered by his new job. AmiMSX2 has reached version 2.5 but lacks documentation for the new features.
AmiMasterGear 0.40 boasts better sprite handling, snapshot support and many fixes, while rival MasterGear has gained a GETI and much-needed speed-up.
CPU COMPILERS The most ambitious project in development is Hans Guijt’s dynamic compiler for fMSX. This will be the first Aniga OS program to dynAMIGAlly translate programs from Z80 machine language into 68000 code as it runs.
The new fMSX builds up a translation which the Amiga can run directly, avoiding the overhead of many 68000 instructions needed to fetch and decode each alien one.
A64 had a static compiler from 6502 to 68000 code, used to transliterate the C64 ROMs, but this was limited, unable to cope with programs that change on the fly. Memory paging and selfmodifying code complicate dynamic compilers but make them potentially much more useful. Dvnamic compilers are the way of the future.
MAME The Arcade machine emulator MAME now supports 68060 systems properly, with improved compatibility and support for more games. ECS and AGA screens work better, and LHA, LZX and ZIP archives and stack space are Continued overleaf ¦+ 'fJl PART 18 EMULATORS Version 2.11 reads Amstrad CP M+, Mac and Minix disks, besides its original Atari ST TT, .Archimedes E format, Qdos, MGT SAM and Spectrum repertoire. Write support for those is promised, but formatting remains quite problematic as XFS uses one icon for every disk type.
UAE Amiga UAE now has a MUI front-end, Amiga Foreuer gains TCP IP networking and Cloanto have got to the bottom of my NexGen 586 problems.
It seems that's a steroidal 386 in a 486 socket, despite the name, lacking essential 486 instructions. .Aid phase 5 is rumoured to have UAE running under PPC Linux... RISC EMULATORS Chris Hames is developing a PPC-PC Task. A version of Fusion for Power PC systems has been demonstrated but not yet released to .Aniga users. Joe Fenton has worked on a PPC port of ACE and A][. Meanwhile the 68K versions appear on this month's AdFCD.
VGB_PPC is the first emulator for .Amiga Power Pcs, faster than the same code on a 68060 but slower than hand- coded 68K GameBoy emulators. It requires at least version 45.5 of phase 5's PPC library and CyberGraphX 3. The authors of AXES promise a PPC version, after they find a suitable assembler... Those curious about PPC programming should check out Aminet's PPCAsmPk, a PowerPC simulator and monitor for 68K systems, but don't expect speed! AmiSPIMdoes a similar job for MIPS R2000 and R3000 code, used on some consoles and old Unix workstations.
PROGNOSIS Emulation is the future of all computers. Without it, the RISC core of a Pentium would not understand X86 machine code. 68K emulation is crucial to Mac OS Power PC compatibility and VAX and MIPS emulation are valued features of DEC .Apha systems.
Without software, new processors are only good for misleading benchmarks - emulators are the bridge that makes new hardware useful.
Mter over 50,000 words and 102 reviews this series is over, but AdFCDs will keep you up to date with developments.
I may return when new emulators merit our attention. Meanwhile the Web pages listed below will report any progress as it happens.
Valuable bug-fixes and extra features.
Mar OS 8.1 now works, and there are extra options for 68060 compatibility.
You can now use multiple video cards and printer 0 • “r 11 _ jiQ 1 l !-H C1 Bj~ "kf[ 1 *1 1 »' 1 l«M 1 3‘ 1 1 t-.l |C* I : ri«i run IwB r* l isxl Wsi |gj gg jg gH jg j j M US BE H S T] ¦HEWLETT PflCKfiROBHHHI BBSS !2 © 33 SS B3BB 9SI3 Why not emulate a 'space age' HP-11 programmable calculator?
Ai aggMasae
- IS.
Ranr 1 Stt «C4 ] it* if «i J8f I »?4 ?« it: ral t mi rer mm 1 *sc es Mi ; e et&tm I IK B Ml .1ST um Wo M Ml ** HIM J6* tJ for R’aM I IS. B Mi tv* MS»3 I «'a !9 ,K tf%.* I 13* «! Ml -«•» IlStTSeii ror ttm | tec es mi tM69s iaw :_ and serial units other than zero. File transfers are much faster, avoiding long delays at the start of emulation, and there's a database of file types so the Mac can recognise files when you move them from .Amiga partitions. CDROM, hard file and SCSI support have also all been improved.
Remaining niggles include instability and inadequate documentation. My first trial ended with an illegal instruction fault and I've seen other peculiar errors since.
You lose all your configuration information when you upgrade, which is a pain because it takes a while to find a stable set of options. The virtual memory option still locks my Cyberstorm Mark 1. Fusion works well once tuned to your system, but that tuning remains a frustrating process.
CROSS EMULATION Recentlv I lamented the lack of a decent Coleco emulator and explored some work-arounds. I now happily run ColecoVision games using Fusion and the Mac Coleco emulator. It's as roundabout as using Mission with fMSX, but is more compatible. I've also had some fun with C64 emulation under Fusion, although Magic64 is generally a bit more useful.
Cross-emulation remains the only way to run Spectrum 128 software on an .Amiga. Speculator runs some 128K snapshots and ZXAM emulates Spectrum 128 sound, but both lack fast, compatible support for memory paging.
This could use MMU hacks, but not everyone has memory' management hardware and the techniques are rather system-hostile. Qdos Spectator and Unix Spectrum 128 emulators are the best bet for fast Amigas.
Access to 128K files is eased now that the Freeware XFS can read C.P M+ disks in the format used bv the Spectrum Plus Three and PCW, though drive compatibility remains an issue.
XFS is now able to write to PC disks in HD or DD format, with Windows 95 long filenames included as well as MSDOS compatibility.
A mm
* !mm tW » ;m a ' « :»m Q! DOC Doe | Flit [ jgg QUICK HP11D0C
FsmnwlUfr j Berlins S ni £ jj I ¦tvsMteexf | 30 i expanded
automatically. The downside is that the latest executable is
two and a quarter megabytes long!
BKEMUL The Russian PDP-11 emulator has gained speed regulation and icon control since its first release. Version 2 Beta has an assembler monitor and loads of bundled games, but you will need the documentation from vl.6 to make sense of it.
AMICPC AmiCPC has reached version 0.46, benefiting from many small fixes, far more English documentation, joystick and XPK support. It comes with French ROMs, expecting an AZERTY key layout, and still lacks printer and disk image output. However, it runs most CPC games very well.
AMIGA QDOS At last, Amiga Qdos 3.24 has drivers for the internal IDE interface of Amigas from the nineties. This allows access to Qdos files on hard disk without the hassle of going via a PC bridge board.
A2000 and A3000 owners need not feel left out, as Buddha controller IDE is also coming, giving access to up to six drives via Zorro 2. However, SCSI drives remain inaccessible until Qdos and .Amiga OS can run simultaneously, except via support disk hacks for NCR SCSI controllers.
PC TASK 4.4 Chris Hames' PCTask has reached version 4.4, boosting compatibility. It now runs Windows 95, given a 68060, many megabytes of RAVI and a following wind. The demo and update are on our CD.
FUSION 3 Fusion 3.0 arrived just before our deadline. It is not as major a revision as the number would suggest, but contains Workbench debuggers are vital for SNES emulators.
00Q05 = EMULATOR WEB PAGES AmiSNESE: http: ramses.ml.ora amisnese MySNES: http: wvwv.dd.chalmers.se ~f94majo mysnes mysnes.htm Amiga Emulators Central: http: www.classicgamina.com aec Emulators for the Amiga: http: www.pncl.co.uk ~martinc emulators Emulators Unlimited: http: www.aic.net.au ~rodnevn G's Amiga emulators: http: www.applausenett.no ~gdwarf emu ? Mm Remember Digger?
Bkemul has a faithful conversion.
Bertobo that Loren® t Band shqftfy Mich Cwhen in 14' marble gr- her knee
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had alre- ft ft Michelai ft* 1 statue 69 Rome ft is however,
another Ststine Chapel Frescoes and had walls decorate Amiga
Format Wordwc That's right. You've read the review, you've
played with the excellent demo and now you could win your very
own copy of Digita International's .
Wordworth 7 i n ou r easy to i E Spacing: | O.OQl Spacing: 0.00 tal Origin: [0.00 Vertical Origin: 0.00 I Snap Tg Grfcl enter competition. Jj Hij All you have to do is name the seven deadly sins. Put your A s seven answers on a postcard, along with JssiMSj* your name and g SSESUBi f * r ttt ----r- ~tt- ------ I an artist from the High Renaissance who was not only a great painter, ulptor and architect and the name Michelangelo springs to mind During a norm for its creative activity and great leaps forward in science and
* ‘g| Font...... I address (you'd be .illwSSS surprised how
many He was bar mayor of tf 'young chib 13 years of with the qi
Underirbs: »j Sb e Position ?] Normd It was an ui a L.J, Text:
?] wight Red share the se ;- elsewhere a Bockyxxqi t one | |
discovered _ ______ No ordinary .. „ Aa orough. To Ksr™® »
taJckbg 1° Pf The start of ( . I RULES As curator e I Apply |
Bertobo whb wSi Hi BRBTfifMiaiTOTrgeia's lOW H wfc « Bertobo
that Loren® took Michelangelo to live with him I. International
Amiga Format Competition 10 Rolle Street Exmouth EX81HE Good
Create and Wocuments, pi graphics an V objects, use i I** effel Rreate tables.
U mailiwge, layout, doj fijSr-Gu use yolr own documl
* 3 ) print them out withfl demo of a wordp BftniPTTA y°u are
1. The closing date for entries to reach Digita by is May 28th
2. No correspondence will be entered into.
3. The winner will be chosen at random from the entries received
by the closing date above.
4. Winners will be notified by post and in Amiga Format
5. No cash alternative is available.
6. No employees of Future Publishing, Digita or their immediate
relatives will be eligible to enter.
7. The judge's decision is final.
AMIGA FORMAT APRIL 1998 AFCD25:-CoverDisk- UFO Weird aliens with big elbows trying to take over the world? Things are getting strange, I'm starting to worry - this could be a case for lUick Veitch.
The aliens have arrived! And rather like a cross between Independence Pay and Starship hoopers, it's up to you and your expert squad of X-Com soldiers to defend the planet f rom their evil plots.
(l ():Enemy L nkrtown is one of Microprose's most acclaimed games | Aliens come in many forms f ” so even if your shot hits, it may not be killed outright g Be very careful. M1 ever, and the full version, with a complete manual in AmigaGuide format, can be found on this month’s CD. There are no catches - it’s yours to keep!
GETTING STARTED There are full instructions for running either the ordinary or AGA versions of this game in the readme file on the CD, but here is a quick guide: ¦ Choose your version. If you have an A4000 or an A1200. You will want to run the AGA version. You can still run the ordinary version if you prefer, but the graphics aren’t quite as nice.
¦ Install or run from CD. Both versions can either be installed to your hard drive or run directly from the CD. If you decide to run from the CD then you will have to make a save disk (format a disk and name it UFOSaves) or assign
I. FOSaves: to a drawer on your hard drive where your games can
be saved. It is important to do this BEFORE you start playing.
¦ If you wish, you can also decompress the original disks
from the CD and play from floppy. We have no idea why you
might want to. But the option is available anyway.
¦ The manuals are stored on the CD as AmigaGuide files, which means you can access them using AmigaGuide or Multiview. The guide files include the complete tutorials from the original manual. It is worth familiarising yourself with at least some of this material before you start playing.
OVERVIEW The overall objective of the game is to defeat the aliens once and for all, but at the start of the game you have little or no information about Pi*as ? Look up me m year Con* Manual, and enter trie Russia 3iD*rio FUNDS* 14 150 000 eighypgit eww iisled of me page E& Paae 13 of £ am Manual Code 3 W4- &6$ Please Enter me code frsn Page i of the game r from a page in ind the iside your CD OUR GIFT TO YOU CASHFLOW One of the most important aspects of the game, as you will soon discover, is effectively controlling your money supply. If you run out, not only will you not be able to afford
any nice new equipment, but you probably won’t be able to keep your units supplied with ammunition and guns or even pay the wanes of your soldiers.
O Your main source of income is from the sponsoring nations. Each country donates a certain amount each month, but the amount varies depending 011 how well you do. If you successfully repel an attack in Moscow, for example, you can expect the Russians to up their contribution. However, if you leave them to die then they probably won't give you any money at all.
It certainly pays to protect the countries which contribute the most - that is what they are paring you for after all.
When cash gets tight, you can have a useful sideline selling alien artifacts.
Even corpses can make a bit of money, but weapons sell for big bucks. When you've discovered alien technologies and can manufacture them for yourself, you can make a reasonable working profit from producing different alien weapons and selling them. This does use up some of your precious resources though, so vou have to be careful.
O’ » On the next few pages we will be showing vou how to get off the ground
o 4 o with this excellent game. Full tutorials have also been
included in the AmigaGuide file on the C.l) as well so. If you
are still feeling confused, give those a go instead. Good luck!
Continued overleaf them or their intentions - this knowledge will come as you examine alien artifacts recovered from your interception missions. You may also discover new technologies which can be used to develop new types of weapons and equipment for your troops.
Initially you will have one base, located wherever you wish. You will also have a small squad of soldiers, a contingent of scientists and engineers, a short-range radar and three different craft - two hi-tech Interceptor aircraft and a Skyranger transport.
While it is very important to intercept UFOs, shoot them down and recover the bodies and artifacts, you will also have to devote some of your time and finances towards research. Without it, you will soon discover that your soldiers are 110 match for the aliens in the field.
Clicking on the Base Information screen will bring up a screen giving you loads of information about the currently selected base. You can find out how well defended it is and how much of the various facilities are being utilised, as well as what is currently in your storeroom.
Return to the Geoscape and click on Research. You can assign your scientists to research a number of things initially. Potentially the most useful at the moment is the motion scanner. Click on it, assign some scientists and let them get on with it. They'll get back to you when they've made any headway.
You can build more facilities in the empty space. A large radar should be the first priority. Click on the Facilities button and choose Large Radar System from the list. A flashing yellow square will appear - move it and click to begin construction. You can build next to any existing structure.
Clicking on the Geoscape's Soldiers button brings up a list of that base's soldiers. Click on the individual names to get more info. The various attributes effect how the soldiers perform in the field. For example. Bravery determines how likely they are to panic. Don't worry, they will improve with practice.
The Costs screen will show how much the upkeep of the base and its personnel is draining off your bank balance. You have to spend wisely - if you run out of money you won't even be able to afford bullets for your guns! If you perform well, the International Community will reward you in cash.
Click on the hour button to make time go faster and then wait. After some time, you will get a message saying you have detected a UFO! Click on the Intercept button, scramble an Interceptor and select the UFO as its target.
Assuming you successfully shot it down, you can then click on the Intercept button again and send off your Skyranger to the crash location. Make sure your equipment is all in order (Equip Craft Weapons) before you set off.
Now you've landed and the tension mounts. Who will be the first sap out of the back of the transport? What evil creatures lie in wait for your brave troops? See the Battlescape guide overleaf for more details... When the Interceptor catches up with the UFO you can choose to attack it, follow it or run away. Click on the UFO button to see what you are following. If you are over water, click in the top-left corner gadget to follow the craft until it is over land.
29 AMIGA FORMAT APRIL 1998 OUR GIFT TO YOU During the course of a typical game you will spend more than half your time in the Battlescape, so it is important to really understand how it works.
Firstly, it operates on a turn basis.
This means that you get a turn to move all your units and perform any actions, then the aliens get a go, and so on until one side wins.
Fe When cash gets tight you can ” ” have a useful sideline selling alien artifacts. Even corpses can make a bit of money... W V There is one notable exception to this which is “opportunity fire” and we’ll be explaining that in a minute.
Gsuaki Shimaoka The Battlescape button bar is explained in detail at the bottom of this page. Apart from those controls, the only other thing you have to worry about is moving your men around.
Touching down on an alien-infested landscape can be worrying. Send someone expendable out first in case the enemy are already waiting.
When you enter the Battlescape you will notice a large flashing 3D box. To select one of your units, simply move this box until it surrounds them, then click with the right mouse button. A yellow arrow will appear above the unit to indicate that it is selected. To move this unit, all you have to do is move the box where you want the unit to move to and it will attempt to get there.
Movement is semi-intelligent. The computer tries to determine a path between the unit’s current position and the selected destination. Sometimes this isn't possible due to the complexity of some of the landscapes, so nothing happens at all. In these cases, try planning the route in smaller steps.
Each soldier has an allotted amount of time units and once these are used up that soldier can’t do anything else during vour turn. Time units are used for everything your soldier does, including getting things out of a backpack, reloading weapons, opening doors and so 011.
It is useful to save some time units for opportunity fire. Basically, if a soldier sees an alien during the alien’s movement turn and that soldier has enough time units left, he will automatically attempt to fire at it.
However, this works both ways so remember to be careful.
Soldier. If you move items around, the soldier will use up time units.
7. This button centres the display around the current soldier.
8. Skip to next soldier - selects the next available soldier.
9. Skip back - skips back to the previous soldier.
10. This button controls the number of layers displayed. If you
display all the layers, some of your soldiers and some of the
aliens may be obscured.
11. This allows you to set the ingame options and also to save
your game at any point.
12. End of turn. Press this when you have finished moving and the
aliens will get their go. Keep watching though, as you may
glimpse them moving about!
13. Dust-off. Pressing this button causes the Skyranger to take
off and head back to base. Once you've killed all the aliens,
the Battlescape sequence will terminate itself, so you only
need to use this if you're running away.
14 This box shows what the current soldier has in their right hand and, if it is a weapon, how much ammo remains.
15. The name and stats of the current soldier. If you click on
the bars you will get the full information page for that
16. The rank icon for the current soldier. Rank has an effect on
the way soldiers perform, particularly on their morale.
17. These buttons are used to reserve time units for opportunity
fire during the aliens' go.
Basically, they just mean that you can't use up the time which would be required for a particular type of shot while moving.
Clockwise from top left they are: None - no units are reserved.
Snapshot - only the time for a snapshot is reserved.
Autoshot - the time for an autoshot is reserved (but remember that some weapons do not have an auto-fire capability).
Aimed shot - the time for a proper, aimed shot is reserved.
30 APRIL 1998 AMIGA FORMAT OUR GIFT TO YOU To fire a weapon during vour own turn, click on the weapon that is displayed in either the left or rivjht boxes of the button bar. A menu will come up with all of the different types of shot which can be fired: ¦ Auto Shot - Automatic weapons can tire a numbei of shots at a time. This is the least accurate, but it does gixe you several chances and it can be extremelx useful at short range.
When ou haxe selected a shot, the cursoi will change to a cross-hair Now move the crosshair to the selected target, click again and the shot will then be made. Aliens come in main forms, so even if your shot hits, it max not be killed outright Be xerx careful. 'Z?
¦ Aimed shot - This requires the most time units but it is the most accurate. I nless your soldier is a crack shot, this is really the only practical wax of tiring at long range.
¦ Snap Shot - A quick, from the hip reaction shot. It is less accurate but it doesn't take as long.
This demonstrates the Veitch-approved method of opening doors. Always use two soldiers, and make sure they have plenty of time... Anatomy of a terror site Beware of the petrol pumps!
No naked flames and no gunplay please, or they will explode.
Many buildings have more than one level. Upper stories are excellent vantage points for snipers on either side.
Defence against alien plasma weapons, which just blast straight through them. Only the wails of UFOs are (almost) impervious to weapon attacks.
You are supposed to be saving these civilians! Unfortunately they are not very bright and wander right into the crossfire ail the time. It is often worth stunning them and taking them back to your Skyranger to prevent them from coming to any harm.
Smoke from HE plosions or smoke, grenades makes ood cover - it is hard to see througrt’ltor foe seen in iSe It, w=*s~ tKaf-unprotefeee*
* soldiej may suffer
• •'fr ri-smqfce " inhalation ff they Sp&ndlong inside it JM™
they may lose consciousness.
I Aliens are often to be found lurking around in dark fc buildings. Usually you won’t even know that they are there until they start shooting at you!
This cunning device is a proximity grenade. Once set, any person or any alien straying too close will get a surprise. Very handy for deploying around doors, etc. Ar; aliens who got or-'fhe wrong end q an HE ?ocket Some ai»en& more susceptible to siiffemrif types of weapons.
Not all aliens are bipeds. These evil monsters are often found at terror sites and can inflict terrible damage if they get close enough. They are also likely to cause novice soldiers to panic and drop their weapons.
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£50.00 50x £14.00 500x £115.00 500 Disk Labels 000 Disk Labels
Much of life is a gamble. We were gambling on being able to
bring you the first full review of ClickBOOM's Quake this
issue, but it is still undergoing final quality checking at id
Software. We also lost out on getting Genetic Species in time
for this issue as well. But you are still the winners really
because we have an update to our Games Explosion feature, a
look at the re-released Theme Park, more details on H- Bomb,
three pages of essential tips and four pages of the great
games you have sent us in the last few weeks. You enjoy this
lot. I'm off to Las Vegas while my lucky streak holds out.
I'll see you next month (except in the unlikely event of me
winning anything!).
There's a great game just around the corner waiting to ambush you... 38 Without a doubt, the best, er, theme park simulator on the Amiga - now re- released on CD.
Steer clear of ices, the real money's in cola... 40 H BOMB W.I.P. 46 This month you'll be surprised to find out that something went right during development!
A tank having a blast, yesterday.
42 _ GAMEBUSTERS ery question that comes from your lips, has the answer with his latest tips.
I l Under 40% FbulObt 80-89% These games are very good, but due to minor flaws are not the finest examples of their genre.
70-79% Hi Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
60-69% I Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this V f category tend to be flawed.
50-59% Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
40-49% Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games. We try to ensure we keep you as up to date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
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Space Monopoly David Vivash It's nothing like monopoly... Roulette '98 .... - Ad de Roo But where's the spinny ball thing?
Crib ... Peter Dower It's quite simply card-tastic mate.
Mayhem .....Vincent Hassay Top Defender clone.
AmiCyberpet ...... Robert Hutchinson Another Tami clone, but at least it works!
PicPuzzle Ermanno Manzoni Turn your favourite pic into a jigsaw.
Workbench Pet ...... James Chapman Simple and pointless, just like me!
Roboquest ....Joona Palaste Program droids to pick things up.
The latest games, the handiest hints and some clever programming from you!
GAMES EXPLOSION UPDATE The latest news from Vulcan on their decision to branch out of the Amiga games market.
Just like last year, there are always computer games store and politely some great games that slip request that they stock the Amiga More news on the games front from Vulcan Ben vost investigates.
Through the net. We get emails games you're interested in.
From irate authors wondering why That way, people outside our they weren't featured in the feature, market will know for a fact that Paul Carrington speaks out against pirates and retail nightmares.
So to speak, and pointers to websites Quake exists on the Amiga, that Myst that we didn't even know existed. Does too and that there are original The biggest news this month is the games that we have on this platform statement by Vulcan Software boss that don't exist on any other.
Paul Carrington that Vulcan are going to have to branch out of Amiga We spoke to Paul Carrington from development and the reasons for it. Vulcan asking him to further clarify his The original statement that Vulcan position. Here is what he had to say: were investigating PC and PlayStation development was greeted with AF: Firstly, you'd better let us disbelief by Amiga loyalists, who know what games you still have bombarded Vulcan Software with planned for 1998, and which ones emails ranging from an understanding have been cancelled, of what was going on to threats of mailbombs for leaving the
machine. VS: Our release schedule for the first As always, things got blown out of half of 1998 on the Amiga is very all proportion and Paul Carrington felt strong. First up is the Genetic Species he needed to explain to everyone CD-ROM (3D Environment Game) what had happened, rather than which is 650Mb of pure talent. This explaining to the author of each should be released early in March, email. Thus he posted a heartfelt Following that we will then statement on the web (which we release Desolate CD-ROM (Platform really don't have space for here). Shooter). This title is a tribute to the
blaming their decision on the size of classic GODS game which was by the the Amiga games market, the Bitmap Brothers, number of copies of each game they were selling and the fact that there wasn't much support from retail outlets around the world. * The fact remains that .
Without retail support the Amiga games market is going to be limited to mail order everyone is comfortable with as it requires a credit card or cheque _ book. If games were in - t A -_ ‘ the shops, people would gjpr 4 see them, they would think more about the Amiga and so on and so forth. As an .
Amiga Format reader, it would almost certainly do the market good if Genetic Species is looking to be one of the best 30 games tor the Amiga
- Quake notwithstanding.
APRIL 1998 AMIGA FORMAT you were to visit your local Electronics Boutique, HMV, GAME or other Next up will be Wasted Dreams CD-ROM (Adventure), the huge 'Alien Mystery' title which has over 400Mb of digital speech throughout and 1,000s of rotascoped actor characters for some ultra-realistic sprite movement.
Hot on its heels will be the Genetic Species World Creator CD- ROM, which will allow anyone to simply and easily create new 3D worlds for the expanding title.
That will soon be followed by Hard Target CD-ROM (Virtua Cop clone), which should prove to be very exciting and furiously extravagant.
Towards the end of 1998 we will be looking forward to Explorer2260 CD-ROM and Maim & Mangle CD- ROM, which are both Amiga PPC specific titles.
Cancellations Breed2000...... CD-ROM CD-ROM CD-ROM CD-ROM Valhalla 4...... HellPigs ... 3D GamesCreator AF: Your reasoning for having to move into other areas of development and cut down on Amiga software is that people just aren't buying enough copies of your games?
VS: This is true. It's because of two things. The first is that the games themselves are harder to buy because you can't just walk into a shop and pick one up, and the second is piracy.
Piracy harms all markets and it's only to be expected, but when the market is as small as ours it's stupidity. Only idiots pirate Amiga software.
AF: Thanks The overall situation with Vulcan is quite positive. By branching out into PC and PSX they will make themselves stronger for the Amiga market and also bring new ideas to it. As you'll see from the release schedule, there are going to be some very strong games coming from Vulcan this year, including titles that will really show the Amiga's strength when coupled with the PowerPC. Qj Come and see the latest developments... the Index Blittersoft BoXeR, the Power DCE A5000, Siamese, PowerUP, Quake, WordWorth 7, Foundation and more.
See the FA Cup live in the FA Cup final suite!
See the latest developments of 0S3.5!
Network gaming, major news, major prizes, show that proves the Boing is back in the UK Tickets £7.50 adults, £5.50 children.
Ticket Hotline (+44) 01369 708029 trade enquiries stand info, email woa@cu-amiga.co.uk mat seems like ages since its first announcement, an version of Quake is finally here for us to test out... go starts gibbering.
The name of the game on everyone's lips this spring has to be Quake. You can just feel how massive it's going to be and anyone with an Internet connection is salivating at the chance to put PC owners in their place.
In case you really don't know what Quake is, I'm sure you can see from the pictures that it's a first person perspective 3D shoot-em-up game, commonly called a "corridor game" by American magazines.
What the pictures on these pages really don't tell you is how the game Quake ...£TBA Release Date: .Imminent company: ...ClfcMfOOM email:____mMcltckbONUui This resolution isn’t playable, even for '060 gfx card owners, but it certainly makes nice pics for the mag.
Feels. As a single player game, Quake is pretty good. Creeping around the corridors in the early stages of the game before you really get armed up is scary in a way that Doom wasn't, mainly because of the fact that things are a lot less "cartoony".
However, as a multiplayer game, Quake really shines. Any computer Al simply faints dead away at the kind of shenanigans a real-life human being can get up to in a multi-player game - hiding in darkened corners, chasing you in a sensible way and being completely unpredictable in a way that no computer can be.
Lute running on your Workbench (or Dopusbench in this case) is a good thing, but don't expect to multitask. Nothing to do with the computer, I just think you won't be able to drag your attention away from the game... If the powers that be are worried that all this computer and net use is causing people to become reclusive misanthropists, then the advent of Quake on the Amiga should turn the tables as gangs of Amigans wander the net, meeting new friends... and blasting them to pieces.
Although Quake on the PC has a long history, it's not half as interesting as that of its Amiga port.
When an ftp server with Unix Quake source code was hacked into and the code stolen about two years ago, it was news on the net. Then came rumours of a shadowy team of Amiga programmers crowing that they had managed to get a working version of the game on the Amiga.
People started trying to find out more, but the team, a real bunch of recluses unwilling to put their heads above the parapet, clammed up even more and disappeared from public view lest id Software wished to have formal words with them.
The uproar about the possibility of an Amiga Quake died right down PREVIEWS Amiga Hate has several facilities to help speed up the frame-rate for those with slower machines.
The most obvious one is the fact that you can reduce the size of the playing area in the game, but when that's not enough you have further options exclusive to the Amiga version.
As you can see from the pictures on the left, Onto supports not only the standard 1x1 pixel mode, but also 1x2 and 2x2 for increasingly blocky images. It also supports their new odd and odd2 modes which remove, respectively, every other vertical line and every other horizontal and vertical line to help speed up the display.
The Amiga version also supports AM which can be reduced in Quality down to a minimum of 4KHz samples to help, or there is a dedicated sound driver custom written to use as little processor time as possible.
In any case, you're always going to be wanting a faster processor and graphics card if possible. Those with a bare bones AGA machine will get the most pleasure from upgrading, while those with fully-kitted out machines will just have to wait for a Not running fast enough in 1x1 mode? Run it in 1x2, odd or even odd2 to speed it up more.
Marginally more important than having a fast processor, so if you already have a 50MHz '030 or an '040 accelerator, it would be more important for you to buy a graphics card than upgrade to an '060.
However, those that have less than this kind of spec will need to spend more money to at least get their processor speed up to scratch.
The fact of the matter is that Quake is the game that's going to get you to upgrade your machine - it's that good. What's more, we'll have the first exclusive review of it anywhere in the world for you as soon as it has been finished... next month we hope! Q?
On this machine isn't fast, and neither's the screenmode.
On my machine at home, an A3000T with '060 at 50MHz, about 100Mb free fast RAM and a PicassolV, I can run in an 800x600 screenmode using about half the screen area at a playable speed, but for really top notch rates I have to use a playing area of about 300x200.
The moral of this story is that the Amiga's planar graphics aren't best suited to games of this type and that having a chunky pixel display device (otherwise known as a graphics card) is what you need if you want to run Quake as fast as possible.
In fact, having a graphics card is Those specs again... slowly " Don't even bother. It would be cheaper for you to buy a second hand A4000 than to attempt to upgrade your machine to the necessary spec. Get a PicassolV card. This will ensure a playable game, but a faster processor would also be beneficial, if not a necessity.
Get a graphics card. You may need to get a Zorro card for your machine if you have an A1200. Zorro I won't be as fast as Zorro III, but Zorro III means that you have to have an A4000-type accelerator instead of an A1200-type one, so it might involve further expense. Look out for second hand big box Amigas instead.
Get a faster processor. We would recommend an '060 or possibly a Blizzard PPC (since it s likely that a PPC version of Quake will also surface sometime this year).
It may be that you need to put your Amiga into a tower Of it's an A1200) to be able to use the Blizzard PPC.
And last summer ClickBOOM, intrigued by the possibility of an Amiga version that they had read about on the net and in magazines like ours, contacted id with a view to licensing. Then, very early this year, after posting strenuous denials for some time, they suddenly announced that they would indeed be releasing an officially licensed version.
At the time of writing we don't have the full game yet - no-one does since it hasn't gone to id for approval. Until that happens any details or screenshots should be taken as temporary. According to ClickBOOM, the approval process at id could take as little time as a week, but perhaps as long as a month.
While you may therefore have the game by the time you read this, it's more likely that you'll be waiting a little longer. The games industry is never as good as the magazine industry for keeping to deadlines, which is very frustrating for us, as I'm sure you can imagine.
The main question for Quake fans has to be whether their machines will be powerful enough to run the game. This isn't an easy question to answer since it'll depend on what size of screen you want, and how fast you'll want it to go. Those looking for a 30 frames per second frame-rate on their A1200s had better think again, but playable speeds are easier to achieve.
To give you some idea, on our bog standard office A4000 with about 10Mb fast RAM free, using the default 320x240 resolution, we can get it to run at an acceptable speed using about half that screensize while showing all pixels. Bear in mind that we're talking about an AGA machine with a 68040 running at 25MHz (about twice as fast as a 50MHz ’030), but that memory access SHADOW OF THE 3rd MOON 3D flight-simulator featuring State of the Art graphics, sound and animation.. Highly Rated Worldwide!
It’s like no other game on the Amiga.
01 .Vital Light
12. Marvins Marvelous Adv.
14. Gaurdian
16. Chaos Engine
17. Alfred Chicken
19. Chuck Rock
22. John Barnes Football
23. Last Ninja 3
27. Myth
29. Now Games!
31 .Total Carnage
34. Oscar & Diggers
35. Fears
37. Strip Pot (18)
39. RoadKill
43. Video Creator
44. International Karate +
50. Super League Manager
51. Bubble & Squeak
53. Naughty Ones DELUXE PAINT 5 Deluxe Paint as a product is the
envy the the whole PC world. It’s features and ease of use
are not matched by any other graphics package either on the
Amiga or PC. Deluxe Paint 5, the latest release, is no
exception. Deluxe Paint 5 is without a doubt the fastest
paint package available on the Amiga, It’s unique palette
feature supports virtually all the Amiga’s graphics modes.
Deluxe Paint 5 includes the most powerful yet simplest to use
animation feature you could imagine. Direct support for all
the Amiga's animation formats are included as well as of
course the industry standard IFF picture format. Includes
full printed manual.
The CD version is supplied with a free bonus CD containing Colour Fonts, Clipart, Images etc. Order: CD499 £19.99 CIVILIZATION "Build an Empire to Stand the Test of Time”. Discover New Technologies - Build Wonders of the World - Determine the Fate of your People.
Rated No.2 best game ever.
Order: CD454x £12.99 SOUND EFFECTS VOL:1 Over 15,000 files. Includes sound effects from all over the place, including Animals, Nature. Horror, House, Crash, Explosions etc, etc. ULTIMATE GLOOM “Gloom 3” The Ultimate version of Gloom, The Amiga's answer to Doom, Brilliantly Fast 3D graphics and BLOOD like you’ve never seen in a game before.
Order: CD472 £14.99 BLITZ BASIC 2.1 A next generation BASIC with features borrowed from PASCAL, C and others. Program any type of software with more power than ever before Complete with full manual.
Also available on floppy disk The Special CD version also contains the complete series of BUMs (Blitz User Manuals) and a free bonus CD containing source-code, graphics, fonts, samples etc. Order: CD500 £19.99 SUPER SKIDMARKS + Brand New Release! Features the best Top-Down Racing action ever...Over 40 tracks, 40 Unique vehicles: Ranging from Aircraft to Shopping Trollies.
Order: CD493 £14.99 Pacman, Invaders, Tron, Galaxians , Frogger, Tempest, C64 conversions, Q-Bert, Trail Blazer, Scramble, Ping-Pong, Pengo, Missile command, Breakout, Bezerk, Donkey Kong, Tetris and tons more great games.
MICK DAVIS’ CARTOON ART Contains 500 high quality professional clipart images, all of which are royalty free. It’s supplied with a 30+ page booklet showing all the images. Every Cartoon image on this CD is 100% original.
Order: CD235x £19.99 THE GAMES ROOM The Games Room is an original compilation of Gambling games. It covers everything from Fruit Machines to Card Games, including Klondike, Poker, Solitaire, Rummy, Blackjack, and Roulette, Darts, Bingo. Pool, Checkers, Chess.
Backgammon, Dominoes. Various Board Games like Monopoly and Cluedo, Mastermind, Pub Quiz's and a wealth of other Casino related games and far more... Order: CD451 £12.99 MIDI GOLD : VOLUME ONE Professionally compiled collection of around 3000 MIDI files.
All tracks are categorised into various directories, like: Film, Composer, Artist, Style, etc. Great with Yamaha MU 10.
3D OBJECTS Thousands of DXF compliant 3D objects suitable for use with either Lightwave or Imagine. All popular catagories included like : Space, Furniture, Buildings, Objects, etc, etc. Order: CD215x £7.99 NOTHING BUT TETRIS Around 100 variations of the all-time classic game “Tetris”.
All the games are runnable from the CD.
Makes a great gift for anyone!
THEME PARK DELUXE Newly released Amiga CD- ROM containing both ECS and AGA Versions of ThemePark.
"One hell of a Great Game!” Rated 90%+ NEMAC IV The Ultimate 3D “doom” clone featuring stunningly fast 256colour - 3D graphics and awsome sound effects.
Rated 90%+ Worldwide.
Order: CD477 £19.99 SIMON THE SORCEROR “Simon the Sorcerer” is one of the Amiga’s most loved graphic adventures.“The animation has to be seen to be believed." CUAmiga The voice of simon is Chris Barrie (Mr Britas).
Suitable for Amiga CD CD32 Order: CD563 £14.99 BIG RED ADVENTURE After the success of the PC version, The BIG RED ADVENTURE is now available on Amiga CD, featuring great high-res graphics.
SIMON THE SORCEROR SixthSense Investigations is an amazing new Amiga arcade adventure, featuring 32 locations, full character dialog. 3 different worlds, many interactive characters, puzzles and more. This game sets new standards for Amiga gaming.
Based on the classic style of LucasArts Graphic Adventures.
FLYIN’ HIGH Forget those boring “flat" 3D- racing games. Flyin’ High allows you to drive over hills, through tunnels, over ski- jumps and a lot more. Up to 4 WORLD OF CLIPART PLUS World of Clipart Plus is a double CD-ROM containing 40,000 mono and colour clipart images. It includes over 100 categories including: animals, people, vehicles transport, food&drink, zodiac, xmas, cartoon, music, computers, technology, babies, women, men, dogs, cats, birds, office equipment, trees and dozens more.
Order: CD77x £14.99 DULT SENSATION VOL: 2 4000 images, 70’s images, a few games, Animations, Adult stories, Adult music and samples and muc more.
Order: CD115x £7.99 ADULT SENSATION VOL: 5 Volume 5 consists of dozens of Adult related games like: Strip Poker, Tetris Sex, Adult Fairy Tales, Friday Night Pool and more Order: CD567 £19.99 PINBALL BRAIN DAMAGE Pinball Brain Damage is an exciting new AGA only Pinball simulation, featuring Super- high-res graphics!, multi ball, multi flipper and tons of other features. Look out for the review!
Order: CD486 £19.99 20,000 WEB GRAPHICS This comprehensive resource has everything you need to help you develop a professional looking web site. Includes over 7,000 animated GIFS, as well as 13,000 fast-loading buttons, flags, banners, dev- iders, symbols, bullets, arrows, alphabets and more, ALL ROYALTY FREE!.
Order: CD584 £9.99 DESKTOP VIDEO CD VOL:2 Amiga Desktop Video CD volume 2 contains hundreds of megabytes of Video related backdrops, fonts, samples, and clip images. The CD also includes a full version of Scala.
Order: CD404x £9.99 10,000 new Workbench Icons, Backdrops and Desktop tools. Enhance Workbench even more.
Order: CD187x ANIME BABES SPECIAL EDITION Thousands of high quality Manga style GIF Images. Contains scenes of nudity and sex.
Order: CD491 £19.99 ANIME BABES VOLUME ONE Thousands of high quality Manga style GIF Images.
Order: CD191x £14.99 MINI OFFICE This superb easy to use office suite is great for the home and small bus ness, It includes a Word Processor with a spell checker, Database, Spreadsheet and more.
Order: MINIOFFICE £19.99 BLITZ BASIC 2.1 A next generation BASIC with features borrowed from PASCAL, C ar others. Program any type of softwar with more power than ever before.
Complete with full manual.
Includes full printed manuals.
Order: BLITZ £19.99 DELUXE PAINT 5 Deluxe Paint 5 is without a doubt th fastest paint package available on the Amiga. Deluxe Paint 5 includes the most powerful yet simplest to us animation feature you could imagine Includes full printed manuals.
Order: DPAINT £19.99 INTER OFFICE Intergrated Office suite containing : InterWord, InterSpread, InterBase and InterTalk. Suitable for any Amic with Workbench2 or 3.
Order: INTEROFFICE £10 INTER SPREAD Interspread supports over TEN MILLION cells at once. Data can be rep resented graphically using pie chart and bar graphs etc. Order: INTERSPREAD £5 AMI-PC LINKUP Network your Amiga upto a PC and make use of ALL it's drives, Including: CD-ROM, Zip, Hard drive High-Density Floppy etc, etc. Order: AMI-PC LINKUP £17.99 MOUSE-IT Allows connection of virtualy any PC mouse, Trackball or pointing device to the Amiga. Plugs into your serial port.
Order: MOUSEIT £7.99 INTER BASE Quick and easy to use, Interbase is the perfect solution when it comes t Amiga databases, easily transfer data from interbase into other supported applications, print lables etc. Order: INTERBASE £5 AVId PROFESSIONAL The fastest and most powerful AVI player for the Amiga. Includes versions for A500+ A600 A1200 A4000 and A5000.
Order: AVID £CALL DIRECTORY OPUS 5.6 Over the past 7 years Directory Opi has become established as the mos popular and most powerful directory file manager on the Amiga Order: DOPUS £49 TURBO PRINT 6.01 The ingenios printer driver system: TurboPrint prints the full colour spec trum directly from your favourite sofl ware package. Print at the very bes' quality, and at the highest speed!
OFFICIAL AMIGA MOUSE High quality 400dpi "official” Amiga mouse with Amiga mouse-mat.
Order: AM01x £9.99 KIDS RULE OK!
Includes three children’s games : Postman Pat, Popeye and Sooty & Sweep.
SPECCY CLASSIX 98 Play over 3000 Classic Spectrum Games on your Amiga, Includes the latest Spectrum Emulators and thousands of Games.
UFO ENCOUNTERS Thousands of documents and images that you should not see. Covers Rosswell, Abductions, UFO Sightings and much more.
KIDS RULE OK 2 Includes three more children's games : Bully’s Sporting Darts, Popeye’s Wrestling and Dinosaur Detective Agency. Rated 90% Order: QS16x £9 Order: CD179 £14.99 PLAYDAYS The Official Playdays as seen on BBC is available now and includes 13 different childrens activities. It covers : Numbers, Letters, Colours, Shapes, Sounds and more. 90% AF Order: QS15 £9 PLAYDAYS PAINT Create your own Birthday cards, Banners and Calendars, Draw your own pictures and colour them or simply colour in the pictures supplied.
EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA 1996 The first edition of the Amiga's answer to Encarta, The 1998 versionis for more advanced, but this version will work on ANY 2mb Amiga.
VGA MONITOR ADAPTOR Plugs into your Monitor port on your Amiga and allows use of any SVGA PC monitor on the Amiga. WB3 recommended.
Order: VGA £9.99 Order: CD222x £5 4 PLAYER ADAPTOR Allows you to use upto 4 joy sticks on your Amiga. Simply plugs into your Parallel port.
Order: 4PLAY £9.99 SPEEDKING JOYSTICK More comfortable handling, shorter, faster and more precise joystick than any other. The SpeedKing is also virtually indestructable with its steel shaft.
Order: SPEEDKING £12.99 Order: AMINET 3 £14.99 4MB A1200 RAM BOARD Durable 4 megabyte ram card for the A1200, gives you a total of 6mb ram.
Order: 4MBEXP £39.99 + £7 P&P AMIGA JOYSTICKS PYTHON 1M £10.99 MEGA GRIP (as shown) APPACHE £9.99 ZIP STICK £14.99 TAC 30 (el’ cheapo) £10.99 £4.99 Order: AMINET 4 £27.99 - CALL Order: TURBO1230LC £79.99 + £7 P&P VARIOUS CABLES A1200 3.5” HD CABLE £20 AMIGA PARNET CABLE £15 AMIGA SERNET TWIN £10 Order: AMINET 5 £27.99 PER4MER STEERING WHEEL ’Arcade style control ’Injection moulded construction
* 50 degree rotation ’Self centering ’Includes Analogue Adaptor
Order: WHEEL £59.99 + £7P&P ANALOGUE JOYSTICK* High quality,
silky smooth movement analogue joystick. Suitable for any
“analogue" compatible game, like TFX etc. ’Requires Analogue
Adaptor Order: PCJOY1 £9.99 MOVIE MAKER : SFX Learn all the
tricks of the film industry, includes in-depth multimedia
details on a number of special effects, like cutting your arm
open, taking out your eye and more. 4mb Order: FCD184 YAMAHA
MU10 SOUND CARD Brings you all the proven benefits of Yamaha XG
performance in one small box that connects directly to your
* Call for more information JL.
Order: MU10 £POA MOUSE PEN Writes just like a pen! Silky smooth operation - simply “draw” stright onto your mouse mat. Great for Drawing & DTP.
’Requires MouselT Adaptor Order: MOUSE PEN £24.99 WORKBENCH 3.1 + ROMS The latest release of Workbench, supplied with 3.1 ROM Chips, Software and full Manuals.
Order the version for your Amiga
* A1200 3000 Version £39.99 17BIT LEVEL 6 The very latest 17BIT
disks specially compiled by Quartz.
All the best titles are here.
Through an easy to use interface you have access to around 600 brand new Amiga disks all categorised into various themes.
SOFTWARE EXPLOSION 600mb of top quality data, Images, over 300 textures, Objects, Samaples, Modules, Games, 600 Letters, Demos plus a great deal more.
J 1 OPERATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE EXPLOSION 2 Brand New release includes tons of Midi Files, Images, Colour Fonts, Tutorials, Virtual Computer Pets, and a whole host of other stuff.
PRIMAX MASTER TACKBALL Ultimate 3 Button serial trackball for use on Workbench.
Silky smooth operation. Can sit in the palm of your hand.
’Includes MouselT Adaptor Order: PRIMAX £39.99 Order: FCD560 PLEASE SEND ME...... AM Order: CDIOOg £29.99 Open Mon - Sat 9:30am - Visitors Welcome Wepic - BSS House, Area50, Cheney Manor Trading Est.
Swindon, Wilts, SN2 2PJ. UK Post +44 0 1793 ¦ epicmarketing@dialin.net JgL www.valivue.demon.co.uk +44 0 1793 Internet Enquiries .3 FREE lone 0500 131 486 or +44 0 1793 490988 Head Office (UK) BSS House - Unit22, Area50, Cheney Manor Trading Est. Swindon.
Tel:+44 (0)1793 514188 Australian Office 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW, 2233 Tel: +61 (0) 29520 9606 German Office Paul Lechler Strasse 4 72076 Tubingen, Germany Tel: +49 (0) 7071 64210 THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE GOODS ARE £_ PLUS POSTAGE OF £ SO THE TOTAL OF MY ORDER IS £ MY NAME AND DELIVERY ADDRESS IS... 514187 -i: Fax 514188 TEL:_ AMIGA MODEL_ I WISH TO PAY BY.... _ _ CHEQUED POSTAL ORDER ? CREDIT CARD ?
CARD NUMBER_EXP_ISS POSTAGE: UK - £1 per title. Overseas. £2 per title - For Prices in Australian SS$ simply double the UK £££ prices.
All items are sold subject to our normal terms and conditions and are subject to availabilty. E&OE All prices include VAT.
"Free CD’sare only offered on Software purchases. All titles are compatible with all Amiga's unless Stated.
KSZ 3 = Compatible with A500+ A600 A1200 etc Please call for a free upto date catalogue of new and second-hand Amiga titles.
Trade Enquiries Welcome : Fax Trade Sales on : 0 1793 484 097 EPIC COLLECTION 3 The Epic Collection Volume3 features well over 600mb of the very latest and only best Amiga games, tools, images and music. It also contains over 80 disks of educational software.
Order: CD405x £14.99 EMULATORS Tons of Emulators covering, C64. Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari ST, BBC, C16 and loads more.
Order: CD117x £14.99 C64 GAMES ARCHIVE The re-compiled C64 Games CD includes around 15,000 all- time classic Commodore 64 games. It’s very easy to use and the CD has a complete index of every game.
Order: CD 182 £29.99 AMINET SET ONE OR TWO Aminet Sets One & Two each include 4 CD’s of tools, demos.
Order: AMINET 1 or 2 £14.99 each EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia is a completely updated product to the extent that it now includes around 16,000 subjects. It features a superb new updated multimedia interface with new colour scheme, online help, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. It supports a multitude of new features including: Colour images, Full-screen filmclips, National anthems and a unique lnter-ACTu feature which allows you to interact with certain subjects like: Draughts, etc. A superb reference and educational title
for the whole family.
1996 Edition: CD222 £5.00 1997 Edition: CD262c £14.99 1998 Edition: Call for Info.
Order: CD462 £19.99 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PARANORMAL An exciting new multimedia Amiga based CD-ROM featuring high-res AGA graphics throughout. Covering subjects like: UFOs & Aliens, Strangelife (Bigfoot, Lochness monster etc), Mysticism, Mind over matter, Myths and Legends and more, this CD promises to give you an “experience". Also for the first time on an Amiga multimedia CD. There are true “AVI” files (Au Video). Hundreds of colour images, masses of AVI’s, and animations, hundreds of voice-overs, over 40 minutes of presentations around 400 subject synopsis’, and hundreds of 'cross
referenced’ articles.
Order: FCD18 (Limited Stock) or FCD78
3. 5” HARD DRIVES ALSO AVAILABLE Call for the latest prices
’Spend £25 and choose one of the following free.
Spend £50 and choose any two, etc. Other people's leisure is MU al's pleasure, lust don't put him In charge of anything important... As you research the rides, more become available. But if you run out of cash you can’t, er, afford ’em.
Running your very own, erm, well, theme park really. Buy the rides, set up the shops, order the stock, buy shares in other theme parks, employ people to tidy the place up and entertain the crowds and generally look after everything and ensure you're making lots of money.
Making money's the hard part though. You've got to get the balance right or things just don't work. You may lose money for a while as things are getting started but it's knowing how to turn things around that's the key to success here.
Controlling the action's been made as simple as possible thanks to a very clever interface (which does have its foibles but is fine once you get used to 'em) and it's amazing how you can get lost in what's essentially little more than a resource management game.
Is it still as good as it was when it first came out? Just about. It's a cracking game all right, but it would have been nice if there were some little extras added that made a difference. And that installing palaver is quite annoying.
If you haven't got it yet, you really should stop being so lazy. This is a cracking game that you're going to enjoy playing, so go get it.
For those who have been on Mars for the last few years, Theme Park is all about setting up and PUBUSHER: Guildhall Leisure (01302 890000) PRICE: £14.99 VERSIONS: A1200 REQUIREMENTS: CO ROM RELEASE DATE: Out now Regularly find out what the punters think of your park and you’ll have a better idea of what you should be giving them.
GRAPHICS: •••OO Very nice though some of the text is a little hard to see. Wacky and cartoony.
SOUND: • • • O O The awful fairground music changes wherever you are in the park. The jingles are not as annoying as you'd imagine.
ADDICTION: • • • • O Hard to do well but once you do youTl find it hard to stop yourself. Marvellous.
PLAYABILITY: • • • O O A little quirky but you'll get the hang of it.
OVERALL VERDICT: It's a simple resource management game that's still great fun to play. Well worth it.
There was a fine docu-drama on the telly a while back about the running of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and I tell you what, it looked almost as much fun as playing Theme Park. At least there's no risk of seriously injuring a person just because you plonked a ride on someone's head (ahem).
Bullfrog's classic is back and this time it's on CD. The disc contains both the AGA enhanced version and the ECS version but you have to install the game to your hard drive anyway or else you won't be able to save your lovingly created places of recreation. And mm when it comes to installing, they could have picked a different font - green on green is difficult to see, chaps.
It s a cracking game all right, but it would have been nice if there were some little extras added that made a difference.
* in c piAYtr
MUTATION. DEMON CO UK We have over 700 titles now in stock,
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the Robots Cdrom £ 8.99 Shadow of Beastl or2 ! Allami £14.99 Strangers Cdrom £18.99 Thunderhawk Allami £14.99 Uropa 2 Cdrom £25.99 Walker Allami £14.99 Wendetta Cdrom £15.99 XP8 A1200 £ 8.99 Sports Brutal Sports Footy Cdrom £ 7.99 Brian Lara 96 A1200 £ 9.99 Championship Man2 A1200 £24.99 FI yin High Cdrom £18.99 On the Ball (league) A1200 £14.99 Pga Euro Tour Cdrom £14.99 Slamtilt A1200 £14.99 Street racer Cdrom £12.99 Shadow o? The 3rd moon Is the new high end 3d shoot'em up 6 different * campaigns 46 missions and fantastic graphics please call for a free catalogue now There's nothing worse
than buying a game and only being able to play or see halt of it because either a) you’re rubbish or b) the game's just too damn hard. Our very own gamesmeister is just the man to turn to in the case of b).
LEVEL ONI Vulcan's excellent isometric puzzle adventure game (AF106 88%) can be fairly tricky in places, but thanks to this comprehensive guide you'll find that getting through it wil be a breeze. Thanks go to Vulcan for providing this solution.
The only way to get the force field gate open is to get the ore, who is in the enclosed room, to step on the pressure-pad... Get the key and you can go back and open the door just out of sight at the bottom left of this shot. Mind the orange blobs as you go around and don’t get impatient.
? Go under the arch and step twice on the pressure pad to close the pit.
Walk right and take the transporter.
Step on the pressure pad and return.
Now you can go down to where the scroll is and take the transporter that is located there. Move up to step on the pressure pad beside the mirrors and return. You can now walk to the far left of the arena. Step on the pressure pad and then walk through the automatic doors.
? Take the transporter at the top left of the arena to collect the money. Go to the next arena by taking the exit at the bottom and press the switch on the right to activate the maze transformation. Now that the wall is gone, go around the bottom and up to the transporter. Hide in the small alcove to avoid the rolling boulder then take the transporter. There are nine transporters so walk carefully between them and take the one in the top right hand corner.
? Walk up through the electric arcs and take the key. Take the transporter at the bottom to return to the place with the boulder. Use the switch just near here. Return as you did before.
T The guard has now moved from the door so you can get to it and open it with the key. There's also an underground bonus room to the right if you can find it. Take the left exit to the next arena.
? There are a number of handprints on the wall. Press the second one from the left and the wall will slide into the ground. Go right and collect the bomb in the chest. Step on the one-way path and collect the key in the middle. Get off the path by heading to the outside and getting off the bottom. Go to the top and destroy the Breather. Go back and take the exit at the top of the arena.
? Walk right and collect the other bomb in the chest. Walk up to step on the pressure pad. There is a different pressure pad near the force field.
Step on it to temporarily disengage the force field so you can pass through t. Go back and take the left path up to the exit.
? Walk to the bottom and destroy the homing domes and the ores.
Remember to pick up any money you find. Go through the automatic doors and slowly move down until you see a boulder come out of the hole at the top. Quickly move back to where you were so the boulder can roll harmlessly past and fall into the hole and fill it so you can walk over it.
T Select the nuke as your current weapon and place one just below the cracked wall. The wall will now be destroyed. Destroy the other cracked wall and take the exit.
? Take the left transporter and collect the plasma rifle. Return and walk to the top right of the arena. There are columns of stone there so push the one on the far right and it'll move. Collect the money and take the exit. Don't hesitate here as you'll automatically get transported to a room with three homing domes firing at you. Immediately go left and drink the invincibility potion. Destroy the domes, collect the food and pick up the three keys that are now there.
? Open the three doors and collect the Fireblade from the chest and get ready to use it. Make your way through the maze destroying all the creatures and take the right exit.
? This arena can get confusing! The room is full of switches and each switch swaps between two different mazes. Your aim is to get to the exit on the right. There are a couple of ways to do this, but here’s the best: ? Press the first switch at the top. Go right and press the switch near the flame torch. Press the switch just below that one. Walk up and press the switch there. Collect the goodies and press the switch again. Go down and press the bottom switch. Walk down and press the next switch down. Go right and press the switch there. You can now go out the exit.
T Go into the centre of the arena and take the transporter. Collect the chain gun and return. You'll need to use it on Kilmando who looks like the other ores but is much stronger and smarter. Destroy all the ores.
? The exit will not open until Kilmando is dead. Fight him among the stone columns and try to get some distance away before letting loose with the chain gun. Once he's been killed, collect the gold at the top and take the right exit.
? There is a series of pressure pads here. Walk down over the two left pressure pads. Once you're on top of the second pressure pad, walk right and step on the pad there. Step on the pressure pad above that and the one on the right.
? Walk down through the passage and all the pits should now be closed.
There's a handprint on the wall but it won't open until you've destroyed the four mirrors. Open the door and destroy the homing domes. Talk to Karlos and then take the right exit.
? Kill all the monsters and talk to Gorland. Don't worry about the combination switches just yet. Take the left transporter and go through the top exit. Use a bomb to destroy the wall on the left. Now that there's a gap in the wall you can push a stone column through it. The only stone column you can move is the one without a shadow. Push it one down, four right, four down and then left to the now open wall. Push the column into the hole in the ground so you can walk across it and take the left exit.
Now then, just what the significance of this eye is will be revealed as you play through the guide.
? There are some more columns in this arena. You need to push one onto the transporter to move it, so push the fifth column two up, three left, one down, three right and then down. Go through the automatic doors and destroy the crumbling wall.
? Walk carefully past the arrows and take the transporter. Push the stone column that should now be there up to the pressure pad to deactivate the force field. Now go through the force field game to the exit at the top.
? This next section is a series of random mazes where you have to find three special keys. The maze will go on forever until the three keys are found and a key can be found on every third maze, so keep walking to the top exit until you get to the third maze where you'll find the first key.
? Repeat this process until you've got all three keys and you'll then be able to move onto the next arena.
T Destroy the two Breathers, get the key and blow up the wall. Push the first stone column you come across onto the transporter at the top. The other columns need to be pushed onto the round buttons on the floor.
? Once all the buttons have been covered you'll be able to open the door. Walk right and push the column that was transported up into the hole. Walk up, open the door and then take the right exit.
? Move through the maze, killing all the monsters. Use the switch to activate the stairs and go underground.
Collect the money, destroy the Breather and return to the surface and take the bottom exit. Go right, destroy the Ores and then go down.
Open the automatic doors and wait there for the rolling boulder to come.
Don't get out of the way until the very last moment to let the boulder through the door. It will then keep rolling until it reaches the pit. The boulder fills the pit so you can walk across it to the bottom exit.
? You're now back to the arena with Gorland the magician in it so take the right exit into the next arena.
Once you're here, go right along the bottom and collect all the pick-ups.
Mat's the room with ail the teleports (top). You want the top right one.
Still hobbling around corridors?
Read the guide and find the way... ? Go back up through the arch and Collect the chain gun and return.
You’ll need to use it on Kilmando who looks like the other ores but is much stronger... collect the bomb on the top left of the arena. The only way to get the force field gate to open is to get the ore, who is in the enclosed room, to step on the pressure pad for you.
? Move up to the hole on the right and the Ore will follow you and step on the pressure pad. Quickly go round and through the now open gate. Open the door with a key and take the exit.
R --- i-m ••• V : ’: Ok v ... .. ¦*¦* c: --- l: I ? Push the first stone column you come across upward. Move the second column down and to the left and push it in the pit. Walk over to the right of the arena and push the top column down and left on to the continued overleaf - HINTS & TIPS ALADDIN Dear All, I have owned Aladdin for the A1200 for ages now and the amount of times I've tried to get out of The Escape is endless.
Have you a level select or similar cheat?
Gareth Faulkner. Ashford.
Sure do Gareth. Pause the game and wait until the music's inaudible and enter the following sequence with the joystick: U,D,L,R,F,D,U,R,L,F,D,R,F,R,D and F. You should hear a Yah! If it's worked and you can now use the following keys during play; F10 Completes the level and goes to the bonus game.
1-9 Skips to that level (no bonus game).
Z Moves Aladdin anywhere using the joystick.
+ Speeds up movement when using Z.
- Slows down movement when using Z. ¦m j i ;• vi
- 4 * '.JgJ m v-;; Cheat your way through Aladdin with these
handy harts and cheats.
T I! A FiSANkT REASURES Dear Amiga Format I have been playmg the old platfmiB game Traps n' Treasures and I am stuck on the second level. Any help, tips or cheats would be extremely helpful.
P. Stanitorth. Barnsley.
Glad to be of help, P. On the first title screen, the one before you are asked to insert disk B, type SCAMA6IC. The screen should flash. During play, press P for an extra life. Or, during play, type PKIABAUTERMANNP. The screen should flash again and you'll also have an extra life, lust keep typkig it when you need another life. You can only have a maximum of nine lives though.
WAR Dear Helping Hands, I am stuck on level 2 of ValhaRa H. I have got two chess pieces but don't know what to do with them. Please help.
M. Nortan. Liverpool.
R Easy M. Go to the chess hoard room near the torture chamber and position your pieces to checkmate the King. The Rook goes on the square by the door, on the same line of tiles as the King, and the Bishop goes on the square near the bottom of your screen, with the King in a diagonal line. Make swe your Bishop's not on a diagonal with any of the other Bishops. When you've done this, the King disappears and you're left with a cigar, another sapphire mid a teleport square.
I Play a good game of chess in ValhaRa 0 and yeu’H get... a pressure pad which will open the force field gate. Push the same column down into the pit in front of the gate and walk up through the gate and destroy the Breather.
? Go down and left to where the two stone columns are together.
Push the left column down one. Go back around and push the same column one left, one up, three left and into the pit. Push the other two columns up into the other pits.
? Go left to the last stone column.
Push it one down, two left, three down, four right, two up, right and then go around and push it into the last pit. Take the exit. Get through the random hedge maze by destroying all the guards and taking the exit. Make your way to the switch and activate it.
T The arena will now turn dark.
Collect all of the money, destroy the ores and then press the switch again.
Take the top left exit and make your way back to the arena where Gorland is located.
T Go to the combination switches and make them as follows: down, up, down, down, up, up. Collect the money. You should now have a full money bag. Give the money to Gorland who will give you an orb in exchange. If there is any money left at the top, return and collect it because your money bag will now be empty again. Take the bottom exit.
? Make your way through the maze destroying the two Breathers. Free the girl by inserting the orb into the hole next to the cage. The girl should now be following you. Take the exit to the right. Take the transporter. There are three switches here.
Press the first two switches and a key appears which you should take.
? Take the transporter back and you'll find that you can now open the door with the key. Find the mirror, break it and then go back and open the wall with the handprint.
Take the transporter to the exit.
? Destroy the Breather, collect all the chest items and make your way to the exit below. This is the arena with a tunnel in it that allows the girl to escape. Take the girl into the tunnel and walk down it until she disappears and an exit will open up at the top left of the arena. You have arrived at the heroes graveyard.
? Collect the money and leave via the left exit. Destroy the homing domes and push the stone column below the flame torch up against the flame torch. You can now move right and there are three columns there.
? There's a switch behind the middle one. Push the columns on either side up so you can push the middle one to the side and reveal a switch. Push the switch.
? Once the maze has transformed, go to the spinning sword. This is the real Sword of Zendren, so collect it.
P I T Press the switch on the left side and then leave by the left exit.
eye is- Destroy all the guards in the random maze and go to the exit. Kill all of the monsters, collect all the money and step on the pressure pad at the bottom and leave via the right exit.
G ? L. , ? This maze has invisible walls. The idea is to get through the maze to the two pressure pads in order to close the pits. Once you've done this, take the right exit. Use the bomb to destroy the damaged wall and destroy the dome with the spinning balls. This should leave a key behind.
? In order to avoid the bouncing balls, leave the arena and then immediately come back and the balls will be gone. Open the door and collect the three bombs there.
Destroy the other walls and leave by the exit at the bottom. Go right and up to the next arena.
? Collect all the money at the top and press the switch to reveal more money. Return to the invisible walls arena and this time take the top exit.
Destroy the Breather and the three damaged walls. Activate the stairs and go underground.
? Talk to Jobe the blacksmith who'll give you a pair of tongs. Return to the surface and take the top exit.
Give Karlos the Sword of Zendren and he'll now be free. Go back to the invisible wall arena and take the left exit. You are now clear to take the top exit in the next arena.
? Collect the key and all the money.
Open the door at the top left and take the transporter to collect the bonus. Return, and leave by the left exit. Destroy the four Breathers and take the left exit. Destroy the next Breather and collect the key after destroying the spinning balls.
? Go back and take the right exit.
You can now open the door with the key to go underground. Destroy the Breather there, go back to the surface and remove the fireball. The field should go down then. You should now have a full money bag so travel back to Gorland and swap the money for the second orb.
? Go to where the second girl is located (one arena left and one arena down), free her and take the right exit. You should then take the girl down the tunnel and return to the arena with the fireball and the field (that are no longer there) and leave via the bottom exit.
? Push the stone column on the far right of the arena down four places, push the column that is now left of The underground bonus room. Finding it should be easy now, but remember that it's still dangerous.
You across left for two places and collect the key that is found there.
? Walk up through the door and then down through the automatic doors. Kill the Keymaster and take the left exit. Kill all of the monsters and then make your way down to the bottom left and walk through the sliding doors.
? Walk back again to re-open the doors to let the rolling boulder through so it can fall into the pit.
Take the exit below. Press the switch on the left side of the tablet and destroy the homing domes. Each will leave behind a key that you should collect. Open all the doors, press the switch and take the right exit.
? Make your way to the bottom of the arena and the level exit should be at the bottom. Now all you have to do is go through it in order to complete level one!
That should keep you busy for a while so we'll be p'inting the rest of the solution to this excellent game in next month's Amiga Format.
Miss it and you'll, er, probably be really stuck on Final Oc yssey!
If you've got some hints, cheats, tips or general good advice on any Amiga games - especially some of the newer ones like Uropa2, Bograts or whatever, then don't keep 'em to yourself - send 'em Hi so we can pass 'em onto other gamers who might be having more problems than yourself.
Also, if you've got a query about a game (and. No, I don't really mind people asking about The Secret of Monkey Island), then drop us a line and we might he able to answer it in Helping Hands.
HELPING HANDS • Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA12BW After all the problems and setbacks, L, jm ... and then get ready to blow your friends up, either over a network or on the same Amiga.
More details... Aurora WORKS Aurora Works inc. are taking pre-orders for H-Bomb at US$ 34 plus shipping, but have no UK distribution date set as yet.
If you want to get in contact with Aurora Works, you can visit their website at: http: www.auroraworks.com or write to them at-.
Aurora Works Inc. 358-114 Queen Mary Road Kingston, Ontario K7M 718 Canada.
As you know from the previous report, we have had our problems! However, we also made some great decisions which I hope many Amiga users will appreciate. We chose RTG with CyberGraphX (and later P96) right from the start, and we were early adopters of AHI. I'm happy with the choices we made and, despite the learning curve involved, I know it was the right way to create new game software.
We added in support for third party software and, in order of personal preference, here are the other features I am proud of: multitasking, system friendly, multi-player, 8-bit to 24-bit graphics, TCPIP, and a decent high-colour, low CPU intensive animation system. Not a bad list for a first release!
So what do these features mean to you? First, if you've invested money into your Amiga and you have a video card, you actually get to use it. No AGA here folks, it's time to upgrade! Same goes for sound cards
- if you've got one, you can use it.
The game was coded for '030 and higher so you'd better have an accelerator and at least 4Mb of fast RAM free. If you have, you'll get 256, 65,000+, or 16 million colours running at 24 frames per second.
If you want to connect over a network or the Internet, you can as long as you have an AmiTCPIP looks at what actually went right.
Compatible stack such as Miami. Of course, you're going to need a very fast connection for it to be playable and, for most people, it's the slowness of their Internet provider's servers and the number of jumps the data takes from your computer to your friends that is the bottleneck.
For the lucky few, Internet play is a reality and with improvements to the net, more people will be able to take advantage of online play.
However, the slowness of the Internet does not stop people connecting directly with a modem to modem call, nor does it stop them from the best method of all, gathering three other friends around the Amiga for a slug fest!
The features mean you get a proven and simple game design for multiple players of all ages that has great gameplay, graphics, sound and music delivered to you, playable directly from CD-ROM. The music is by various talented Amiga musicians ft
• V ft ft » • G yr ft
* •
• am
• 3am u ft m !?
Ft ft
* • ft
• • ft I * *: m ft ft * & £ ¦- *
• » m ft V ft ulU m S ft ¦¦.M' m* A work in progress, showing
some of the graphics and animations to be added.
H-Bomb will have all these features and will come in professional packaging, PlayStation- style, with full-colour jacket manual and inserts. Of course, our price of $ 34 US is a lot cheaper than most PlayStation titles. We are currently setting up distribution for the UK, Germany and the other major Amiga markets. We will also have direct orders available from our website so customers having problems finding our products will have easy access.
So when will H-Bomb be ready?
Well, the coding is done, the sound effects and most of the graphics are done, but we still need to complete the game map graphics. We have the ideas and designs but we need help finishing the background maps. All those great Amiga and Mac graphic artists out there, contact us - we could use your help so we can bring this product to the Amiga world!
It has been my pleasure telling you about Aurora Works and our efforts to support you, the Amiga user. Check out AF's cover Cds in the coming issues where we will be having example test projects from way back in August 1996 to the present so you can see our progress.
Try not to laugh too hard but, as you will see, we have come a very long way! Cheers.
The features mean you get a proven and simple game design for multiple players of all ages... and the artwork is by great Amiga artists including Eric Schwartz. It is important to point out that the game is design to be played against others. You need two or more players to really enjoy H-Bomb, and it is at its best with three or four.
This is one game style that does not get boring quickly. It has replay value that lasts a long time - perhaps even longer than the friendships you have with the other players... H-Bomb promises some great multi-player tank blasting action over some superb backdrops.
Choose your tank.
& For no apparent reason, Amiga Format's an® SMI has got all sentimental and gooey over this part of the magazine.
He keens wandering around clutching disks and singing 'They're coming home, coming home, the games coming home...". He's referring to what are, of course, the... And believe me they are. Your Quakes and Mysts of this world are all well and good when it comes to livening up the Amiga gaming world but here I'm concerned with the grass roots of gaming. To use a football analogy (well, the World Cup's coming up, innit), this is the programming equivalent of kids running around using jumpers for goalposts.
Forget your Liverpools and Arsenals of the Amiga gaming world and think about the back-bedroom coders who've got limited or no resources but want to make games.
That's where this part of the magazine comes in. With Reader Games I'm not concerned with how polished the graphics are. I don't care whether there’s stereo sound. I don't even mind if the game crashes on me.
All I want to see is the kernel of a good gaming idea. Then I can offer my help and advice on areas that could benefit from some improvement.
Think of it as a free consultancy service - you code a game and then get expert advice on how to improve it. Like telling you your control's great but you need to know where the goal is before you start shooting or you're going to keep going wide.
And, just to keep on the footy thing a bit longer, if you're the month's Star Player then we'll even pay you! Oh yes. Amiga Format's generosity stretches to giving one lucky reader a prize of £50 for coding the month's best game. It may not be a fortune, but at least it will go halfway towards a new kit... Gather your thoughts, exercise your fingers and with some luck and a fair wind, the young hopefuls seen here could be turing out for England in a couple of year's time. Erm, if you know what I'm trying to say. Anyway, enough of this. On with this month's premier selection... Despite the
rather misleading name, this game has nothing to do with rolling dice and buying various properties on the moon. It is a money making game, but here you're buying shares in companies that you're then trying to expand quicker than the other players, of which there can be up to seven.
It's terribly simple really. You're presented with a grid and a few randomly placed flashing squares and a couple of circles. Companies are created by clicking on a flashing square that's next to a circle, or by clicking on a square this turn. It will turn into a diamond which then gives you the chance to visit the stock market and buy any shares in existing companies, and then clicking on a flashing square that's previously been turned into a diamond. Look, it sounds more complicated than it is.
Then players simply take it in turns to click on the flashing squares and attempt to expand their companies (share values up) and make more money than everyone else.
You don't need to own a company to buy shares in it, but you do need to keep expanding the various companies you own shares in, so you'll keep making enough money to buy more shares. And so the game continues until there are no more squares left. The person with the most money is the winner.
This is a quality game. It's beautifully simple and easy to play and yet so addictive because it's so competitive.
The only thing this game lacks is a decent one-player mode. If young David could get the computer to play the other players then this would be almost faultless. © [222 ICT: ¦ ¦ A splendidly sample same that's tremendous fun to play. A good one-player mode would have made it even better. Lers hope David s working on that already... GAME: up, but then again why bother doing the whole table and stuff if you're not going to do the spinny ball thing?
I'm not going to be too harsh because this does show potential. The intro logos and things are very nice, but it just seems to be half done.
Proper docs, maybe even a tutorial, would be enormously helpful, as would the inclusion of the spinny ball.
Gambling games are ultimately pointless anyway because you can't actually win or lose any real money, but is there any chance of the finished copy Ad? ® Another win through luck and not Judgement. Still, a win's a win.
It isn't very helpful really. I ended up just sticking down random bets, either on numbers or on just black or red. The sound effects didn't seem to work too well either.
Even if I did understand the rules I would still have felt let down because you don't actually get to see the spinny ball going round that wooden hub-cap thing. Sure, all you need to know is the number that came This has come at just the right time for me as I'm off to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks to gamble my hard-earned dosh away (very self- indulgent to tell you all that, but if you were going then you'd do the same) and I don't have a clue what Roulette's all about.
And I still don't. Roulette '98 doesn't come with too many instructions. There's an annotated diagram with the documents but Looks like it could be good fun (for a computer gambling game) but it's missing the tension-builder in the shape of the spinny ball thing. And it lacks a simple explanation of how you're supposed to play Roulette.
NAME: AUTHOR: EANG I've had to cheat a bit on this one I'm afraid.
I can't play Cribbage so I had to rope Nick in to play the thing for me. Here's what he thinks: "It's very good. It plays a good game and it's well presented as well because the way the pegs are animated is very nice.
"Just about the only thing that could possibly be improved is if the author had got the cards to flash when they're adding up so you know how you've achieved the score you have. But anyway, it's still very good."
So there you go. Apparently it's a very good Cribbage game. ® You can t see It here but the animation on the pegs is rather lovely - it’s only a small detail but 11 adds a lot to this fine Cribbage game.
¥71 r h til h *1 + 1 L i v 1 ?
T * M wk 1 ? J r ? I _I A My Box.
Nick thinks it's very good. I have no opinion apart from agreeing that yes, the moving pegs are very nice indeed.
I'm not too sure about the title music though... MauhemffTnffiTilumcentHassav Amos Pro It's been a long time since we had a Defender clone at Reader Games but the drought is now over. Vincent's written this game for an A1200 (he hasn't tried it on anything else but reckons it should run on others) and reckons it runs pretty smoothly on an '030 accelerated A1200. It may well do, Vincent, but I can assure you it runs far too fast on an '060 accelerated A1200 and it jerks painfully on an unaccelerated A1200.
This isn't the finest Defender clone we've ever seen. It's terribly glitchy and becomes horribly slow on an unaccelerated machine when there are several baddies on screen at once. I've a feeling that in order to create excitement Vincent's gone over the top on the number and variety of aliens. Sure, it's fun to shoot loads of aliens, but this ends up being a case of just moving left and right a tiny bit and blasting away with your gun.
There are so many aliens that you'll end up killing most of 'em whether you're aiming or not. This not only makes the scanner at the top of the screen redundant, it takes away a There's iost too much happening here and the ierky graphics are a let down as well. More work is needed, rm afraid.
Lot of the enjoyment of the game. It's not awful, but if we're talking polish then this game needs an industrial sander on it.
A fine example of why you shouldn't rely on accelerator cards to make a game playable. Don't go giving up though Vincent.
All you need to do is take out your accelerator, rummage through your code and find out how you can get things running a bit smoother and faster. ® Fine on an accelerated machine (though not the most thrilling game in the world) hut pretty awful on an unaccelerated machine where It becomes less mayhem, more maybe.
Ihih’illlAmiCvaerPetfaiJiEiJj Robert HutchinsonitkihimTTj Blitz Basic 2 Ttfc Nrsnsl wiffj Height Statas! 9 U P .nts TioTet: 8 Diiipis) tood Status: Nomal Clean Required fi bit dirty Trained Leiel: Noma I Sim* R**|uir*d Net at alt Play Retired! Ho flpdical Fit: Has Slight headache Kns* sriert lAith if tie foljowing yoj think ytur pet rtqtirss: NmPet Feed Pet | Poop Szoap | Clean Pel | Train Pet 1 Plav Hth Pet fcaptineflet j Hirse Pr. | Twit Limits IFF | Death Gwunds: Kill M | Lead Orreat Pet Saue Or rent Pet Cbcut Quit Robert writes "I know you have a lot of CyberPet programs and you are
probably getting very sick of seeing them, but unlike all the others, this one works". And, by jove, he's right on both counts!
I am indeed sick of CyberPet programs, especially because all the ones I've seen so far have been just awful, and yes, this one does indeed work. Robert's recognised the fact that most Tamagotchi clones are just plain boring so he's included three speeds of growth for your fttKvberfet By Rsfatrt Hufchtrcon 1333 pet, and when you're on 'fast' you'll find that the thing needs constant attention - and I really mean constant.
What Robert hasn't bothered to waste his time on are silly games and things to do with your pet - when you're playing with it a simple message informs you so. Normally this would make the thing terribly dull but, because there's almost always something to be done to your pet, it works just fine.
The screen's been well laid out so that you can access all the menus very easily and there's even a facility to load and save your pets, which is very nice.
But is it much fun?
Weeeellll, no. Not really.
Even though you can choose what kind of pet you want (maggot and worm amongst others) it's still only a laugh for a couple of minutes.
I am very grateful to Robert for sending this in though. I knew someone would come up with a Tamagotchi clone that actually worked.
But please now, everyone, don't bother sending in any more, eh? Cheers. ® Hurrah! A Tamagotchi clone that works properly! The novelty's likely to wear off in about half an hour but at least now everyone can have their own little pet. Aaah. And really folks, NO MORI.
Rmanno Manzoni[ in3flmos GAME: AUTHORISE Italian Ermanno is no stranger to Reader Games and seems to specialise in puzzle games. Last month we had a rather good version of the old boardgame Master Mind and now we've got this.
It's a bit like those little squares you get where you have to move one piece at a time to get a picture and it's a bit like a jigsaw. It's like those squares because you get a jumbled picture and by clicking on a pair of squares you get to swap their positions. And it's like a jigsaw because, well, you've got a jumbled up picture and have to sort it out.
Now that all sounds very simple and easy but the clever thing about Ermanno's puzzle is that he's picked pictures that are very difficult to piece together. Even on the easy level, almost every piece can go with almost every other piece.
It's only when you notice a little tiny corner of the picture looking slightly out of place that you realise you've been trying to fit the wrong pieces together.
Stick the game on Very Hard and you're going to be struggling to make the picture up. Even when you cheat and look at the lid, well, press the right mouse button to reveal what the picture should be.
Again, another fine example of how a simple idea can be worked into something that is enjoyable and entertaining (though not strictly a game). This will keep you going for hours and I don't think there's much that Ermanno needs to do to the program to improve it.
You can even import your own pictures if you so desire. This really is fabulous stuff that only just misses out on this month's prize because it's not an original idea like Space Monopoly. © Here’s what a completed picture should look like. If you can do this in the very hard mode then you're more patient than I am.
[222 ICT: 1 A fine jigsaw puzzle game that can be as easy or as hard as you like. Polished and well presented, this should keep you goiig for hours at a time.
RriiuTHn lames Chapman Q Blitz Basic2 ANGUAGE: 33J33 Workbench Aaargh! I told you it was going to happen didn't I? Mention that I'd like to play with a Tamagotchi clone just once and thousands of 'em flood in. Although I've already included one of them in this month's Reader Games, I can't let this one pass by before refusing to cover any more.
This is far and away the most entertaining Tamagotchi clone to have (o *.1 - « m j v~ fe»:t TtUi:3 arrived and for one simple and very silly reason. You can play with your pet (called Miggy) and make it impersonate Keith from the Prodigy. That's the sole reason this is the funniest and most entertaining of all the Tamagotchi clones I've seen.
James has spent a considerable amount of time polishing this. All the usual stuff is there - feed the pet, give it medicine, play with it and so on and so forth - and your pet even gets to evolve k, if you've managed to keep it in £ good physical and mental health.
Nn:B Td a :3 m Cufc CJ: iJ=*h ilBi p+a Playing with the thing is far and away the best fun.
I thought it was a laugh when I got it to Riverdance (although the music didn't seem to be working quite properly) but once he launched into Firestarter, well, that was it - my day was made.
It's simple, it's pointless, it's the last Tamagotchi clone you're going to see in Reader Games and it's great. ® There he goes! Rrestanur things please simple m»d sal this ooc made os boat.
It taut Simply the best example of what is now an extinct genre in Reader Games. Fun only because you can watch your pet FirestartuT. And seriously folks, don't waste your postage sending in any more. They'll only go in the bin.
No, really.
BoboQuesi_loona Palaste_Amos Pro This really is a very bizarre game. I’m not even sure it's actually a game as it's just a programming exercise really. And I don't mean just a simple programming exercise either (unless you're already a programmer).
The, ahem, 'game' bit is where you have to direct four robots around a map, collecting diamonds and carrying them to where they can be deposited safely.
Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Er, except when you expect to be using commands such as DEC variable which erm, 'Decrements the contents of the numeric variable specified by 1. It is impossible to decrement string variables or system variables.'
Precisely. OK, so it's not impossible to deal with but blimey! This is supposed to be a fun game!
Will it help you to learn to program?
Probably not, though it will give you an insight.
And will you have fun while you're tinkering around with it? Again, probably not. Games where you have to issue orders to a robot and then watch it carry out your instructions can be fun if they're limited to 'up, down, left, pick up, right, drop.' But when you're having to issue a complex set of instructions within a pseudo programming tool then it just becomes a little bit too much. Sorry Joona, this is not the best we've seen from you. 'I"Hill III HIHJIHIll IIHHWHi |"II So* iKTTKH W Tet ft*.
M Sian msmmm 1 M«jTr-DjKt * ¦ Rou: 4 Col: „ .. .. .
Btem; »ri wferf yae .
2 ?nt=r tb» tamands fcr ycur I'ohot.
• - 88s ?
4; Lot's !«? «t»at it «3 es cf tiese slull JO?.
M 5 - fc
* * r * » - 1 i . 7 B ?: 1ft % 1; 11: : 12 ¦
* ** 13 : .:
- 141 15 II US id 21 % 22.: If rs 24 • No. Realy. You're supposed
to type m Rnes of code and then run 'em to see what your robot
does. This is harder wort than any maths lesson!
FhiTHl CT: Weil, to describe it as a game is stretching it a bit. This is programming by numbers and as such it's just not much fun i'm afraid. Only for the terminally curious.
BEADEB WARRANT When you're sending in your submissions make sure you also give us:
1. An address where you can be contacted.
2. Details of the language used to create the game.
3. A recent photo of yourself.
The address to send your stuff into is: Reader Games • Amiga Format 30 Monmouth St. • Bath • BA1 2BW Everything included on the AFCD must have a reader warrant with it. Just cut it out off this page, sign it and send it in to us with your game and a recent photograph of yourself. A last reminder: if you don't include this warrant we simply won't be able to put your game on the CD - that means you won't be able to have it judged by other readers.
In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format, I hereby warrant that:-
1. The material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
2. The material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
3. That there are no legal claims against the material provided;
4. That I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
Signature: look at what's hot PD and Shareware.
DRAW SELECTOR V3.5 By: . ....Bernard Cain Ware: ..Public Domain PD Library: ., .. Classic Amiga Software No of disks: .
Price:...... ....£1 + 75p P&P Saturday afternoons are great for football fans like me. Admittedly, they're not as great as they once were now that so many games have been shuffled into midweek slots for the benefit of Sky television, but they're still great. Even if you can't get to a game, you can tune into a live match commentary on the radio as you wash the car, queue in a traffic jam on the way to the local shopping centre or even sit cobbling together another PD column at your computer.
At four-fifty, if you aren’t already listening to Radio 5 you can flick across from the local station to hear James .Alexander Gordon read the classified results in his own inimitable style. Then you’ve got the local football phone-in, followed by Mellor's soapbox slot, 606, to take you up to around 8pm, whereupon you can set the video for Match of the Day and amble down the local public house to consume copious quantities of alcohol.
Not only does Almanac tell you when all your friends' birthdays fall, it gives you their biorhythms, too (right).
Somewhere in between the classifieds and the famous Sports Report theme tune at 5pm, folk up and down the country will either be leaping several feet into the air or cursing Walsall for conceding a last minute match-winner at Peterborough. These folk are Pools players (although some of them might be fans of the Posh).
I don't play the Pools myself, but I know plenty of people who do, and they all spend a lot of time mulling over the relative form and preferred conditions of different teams, just as racing fans do with horses. This requires a great deal of knowledge, and it's probably true to say that there are only a handful of people who really know a great deal about every team in the country, particularly those in the lower reaches of the Nationwide League (and most of the folk who do know such things are probably in football management).
Computerised time management programs have always been popular.
When my family bought our first proper computer in the early eighties, the bundle of software which accompanied it included a program called Desk Diary.
Although it obviously wasn't quite as sophisticated as modern computerised diaries, in terms of basic functions it One of the very useful tools which Almanac offers is this World Time offei ed everything one might expect a Zone map which lets you see what time it is anywhere in the world. Day-to-day events diary7, an address book, So how can you increase your chances of winning the Pools? Bernard Cain thinks it’s worth employing a similar approach to that taken by most Lottery prediction programs. These tend to suggest balls which are due to be selected soon, assuming that over a reasonable
period of time all the balls will come up the same number of times.
DrawSelector suggests the numbers of matches which are likely to be draws, assuming that over a reasonable period of time all the match numbers will be draws on the same amount of occasions.
The author acknowledges that this doesn't seem a particularly scientific system, but he reckons it actually works.
.Although DrawSelectordoesn't exacdy boast the most sophisticated interface and range of features ever seen in a prediction program, it is very easy to use.
The disk also contains a few related utilities which allow you to keep track of your performance, save up to 52 sets of Saturday Pools results, and so on.
If you haven't been faring too well on the Pools of late, it might be a good idea for you to take a look at this.
R&[P£SSE'J PH!11E ALMANAC F3 By: .. Thomas F Powell Ware: Gift PD Library: .. . Classic Amiga Software No of disks: .
Price: ...£1 + 75p P&P PD selection of the month Doom 1.10 By: ..Id games Ware: ....Free PD Library: ....Various On Friday 10th December 1993 you'd have been extremely lucky to log into the University of Wisconsin's FTP server. Every connection to the machine was in use. A chap from id Software had to kick a couple of unfortunate individuals off so that he could actually upload the program all these people had come to the site to obtain. The program was, of course, the first- person 3D blast-fest Doom, and its
release must surely rank as one of the most important events in recent computing history.
Doom was more atmospheric than anything before it and playing it could be a genuinely frightening experience at times.
Doom also had more spectacular graphics than most games before it and the gruesome monsters you faced died in a gory and spectacular fashion.
Doom even had a networking feature so that up to four players could chase each other around its labyrinthine levels, each of them armed to the hilt with a fearsome array of weaponry. Unfortunately, Doom was a PC game.
A Macintosh version subsequently appeared, but id Software had no plans to port Doom (or any of its successors like Doom II, Hexen and Quake) to other platforms, including the Amiga. Although more than four years have now passed since Doom shook the gaming world, its brilliance remains undiminished, and the announcement recently that id Software were to release the source code for the Linux version of Doom 1.10 late last year understandably generated something of a clamour amongst the online Amiga community. With ClickBOOM having acquired a license to produce AmigaQuake, and with their
conversion of Myst already available, it's terrific news that at last some of the most important games of the nineties are appearing on the Amiga.
Already a whole host of Amiga Doom ports have appeared ; and a quick look at the AmjDoom download page at http u.rf.tp a k?oni reveals no fewer than five under development.
Some are better than others, and some are more suited to certain systems than others. In general, you're going to need at least an '030 50 processor, 8Mb RAM and either AGA or a graphics card to even get these ports running.
If your machine's up to it, however, you could be in for a real treat. Even several years after its original release. Doom is a blast-fest par excellence, which seems as fresh and enjoyable today as it was when it first saw the light of day on the PC. Because the various are being updated every week or two, the chances are that by the time you read this the state of play may have changed slightly.
However, the port you go for could well be influenced by your hardware. Adoom seems to be the best with mouse and joystick control options, music and fully functional networking so you can play over the Internet. DoomAttack may be a better bet for '030 50 users as it's the only port which will allow full-screen play on their machines. If you've only got 6Mb then AmiDoom is for you. If you don't have a Net connection, you can get one from Norwich PD.
PSIDoom and Amiga Doom are the other two contenders. Whichever port you opt for, make sure that you get yourself a copy of Doom. It might be one of the most hyped games of all time, but it's still a game that everyone should own.
A calculator and so on. Almanac offers these standard funcdons and a great deal more besides. The main screen offers easy one-click access to the notes you've made for any day within the current quarter, and with a couple more clicks you can take a look at other quarters in the current year. There's an alarm funcuon and you can also quickly take a look at your address book or telephone directory and even check when your friends' and relatives' birthdays fall. A nice touch here is that from the birthday screen you can view biorhythm charts, showing when someone's physical, emodonal and
intellectual capacities are at their peaks.
By hitung F2 you can bring up further useful functions. There's a World Continued overleaf Time Zone screen, with cities around the planet highlighted - click on them and the local time is displayed.
You can toggle the background music on and off, selecting from one of five different tunes. There’s also a unit conversion feature so measurements of length and temperature can be quickly converted. Hitting F3 brings up one last set of functions. Find Easter allows you to key in a year and check when Easter Sunday falls, and also when other important dates in the Christian church calendar fall. Finally, Day Count can tell 7 you how many days there are between two specified dates.
Using this novel feature, I discovered that I've been alive for a paltry 8,000-odd days, and that I wrote my first piece for an Amiga magazine a shocking 2,091 days ago. Almanac may not be the most advanced program of its kind I’ve ever seen, but it certainly offers many more interesting and genuinely useful features than most.
A polished product with an easy-to- use interface, it could help even the most disorganised Amiga user keep track of his or her life.
AMIOFFICE By: . Ware:..... .Free PD Library: .
.. Classic Amiga Software No of disks: Price:...... ....£1 + 75p P&P fihD?l nsr:d J Mil The Day Count feature can tell you how long you've been alive, how long until your next deadline and other interesting stuff.
Interesting stuff here. Daniel Avella's AmigaTEd is a simple but usable ASCII text editor. It could benefit from some slightly clearer function icons, but it's fast and effective and it's perfectly adequate for editing script files and even composing short documents just don't try writing your next novel with it.
McAgenda by Roberto Bizzarri is a straightforward phonebook application.
Again, don't expect any fancy features, but if you're after a small program to perform a basic task then this could be for you. Rafal Kaczmarczyk's Xbase is - you've guessed it - "a quick and easy to use database", but it's my favourite of the five programs on the disk.
It features an uncluttered Intuition interface, it's incredibly pleasant to work with and it has a certain indefinable something about it which lends it the polished feel that both McAgenda and AmigaTEd, for me at least, seem to lack.
Gareth Murfin's SSClock is an interesting novelty. A Sampled Speaking Clock, this is one of those programs w’hich at first seems like such a good idea, although whether you'll still think so having had the time read out by Gareth in his recognisably Geordie accent for a week or so is another matter.
Oh, and watch out for the installer which seemed to like crashing my machine.
The final part of AmiOffice is an absolute office essential if ever I saw' one.
I can’t believe that any business in the world could function without a Star Trek - The Next Generation font. It's easily the most useful inclusion on the disk. By a country mile. Honest.
FAYOH By: .. Ware: PD Library: .. . Classic Amiga Software No of disks: .
One Price: ...£1 + 75p P&P This is a 5-level demo of an absolutely corking platform adventure, which comes complete with its owTn (slightly unpleasant) scene-setting story.
FaYoh casts you as a small green gum, who has fallen in love with a cute female gum, Audrey. The two met when Ed, the young smoothie w'ho purchased and then chewed FaYoh, kissed a girl who was chewing Audrey. .After exchanging bodily fluids with Ed, the girl heartlessly spat Audrey out. Later, spewed, post- chew, from the mouth of Ed, FaYoh decided to hunt for his lost love.
Owing more than a little to Nintendo's stunningly successful Mario series, FaYoh is essentially a left-to-right jumpy-scrolly affair. Our cute green hero must collect cherries and diamonds which are concealed in bricks suspended above his head and are released when he jumps up and headbutts them. FaYoh must also avoid contact with nasty beasties, although if he jumps on their heads he can get rid of them permanently.
With an instinctive control mechanism, some colourful graphics, passable music and a wealth of platformy playability, FaYoh is a definite winner. The only criticism I have is that the action isn't quite as fast as it might be. Still, you can't have everything... The full version of FaYoh includes 28 levels plus a number of hidden levels, more varied background graphics including a snowr world, a temple world and a candy world, and save and load functions so that you w on't have to replay early levels once you've cracked AmiOffice is a rather grand title for this curious assortment of programs
as you’d be hard pushed to run an office with any or all of them. Still, there’s some Him 44Zw folea* pc»r chfc'iod tD P*s¦! At all tiitis.
H * I I K«c«rt! 1 f ¦ * ¦ .¦.. ¦ ‘ A ¦ ...... - ¦¦ ¦ ' ~ A spat-out ball of chewing gum on a mission to find his lover, another bit of gum, via a bit of fruit collecting and cute-mole squashing? Hmmm. Very surreal.
J 1U i them. The authors suggest a donation of between six and ten quid, in exchange for which they'll email the full version out to you with all haste.
J VIRUS CHECKER II V1.0 By:......John Veldthuis Alex van Niel Ware: . PD Library: ... Classic Amiga Software No of disks: .. ...One Price: . ..£1 + 75p P&P :| Vimsjhecker II 1.1 by (Hex van Hie! E3 Qi Shnu Vectors J Mle f ir Hatch | bpt ions tuffol i||| Scan hies |J| (keck Ndu | Unit
o Tirus Checker II Svsten Veriprs lFl?-jl Systcn Vector*
KiikSltfrl ferbim 4t.« Capture Vectors in rtenorf ColdCaptun
Qhay CooKaptur! Mmm Okay UamCaotun mmm Okay KidflenList
(K.cfflenPtr : mmm) m This Part Is Still Ibiar (Mstrvrtiwt Dkav
.A John Veldthuis' Virus Checker 7 has been taken over by Alex
van Niel and it's been updated to cope with the latest .Amiga
iruses, including several strains of BOKOR and ZIB and some
The interface has received something of a facelift, but essentially Virus Checker Iifixes bugs in the earlier versions of the program and further expands its features and functionality, making this latest version of the most famous Amiga anti-virus utility something of an essential purchase.
If you run Virus Checker II from Workbench it creates an Applcon on your screen. You can drop files and folders onto this for automadc virus scanning.
.Although you'll be able to scan disks for viruses quite effectively using just the freelv distributable version of Virus J Checker II, the program is actually Shareware and you really should register your copy with the author if you continue to make use of it.
Registration costs US$ 20 or 40 Dutch Guilders, for which you will receive a keyfile. This gives you access to one of the more powerful features of Virus Checker II, being able to scan LHA and LZX archives for iruses.
The author intends to add features that should make Virus Checker II powerful enough to become a full online BBS virus-checking tool. Again, these features will only be available to registered users. .Amiga viruses aren't as common as they once were but that's no cause for complacency.
With the Internet making it possible to propagate infected files extremely quickly, the threat to individual users is still very much a reality. If you want to be as safe as possible, make sure you get hold of Virus Checker II.
This progran is FREEWARE Keep your Amiga healthy and virus- free with regular check-ups.
PRINT PACK 1.0 By: .. .Various Ware:...... PD Library: .. . Classic Amiga Software No of disks: .
One Price: ...£1 + 75p P&P This disk contains drivers for several Hewlett-Packard colour printers - the Deskjet 670C, 820C, 870C and 890C to be specific. It also includes two programs, Etiketti and ScanTek. It's not a very exciting disk, but it could definitely be useful if you have a printer or scanner sitting idle.
ScanTek is a scanner driving program for a range of Microtek, Highscreen and Mustek black and white and colour machines. Now at version 3.5, it supports a wide selection of scanner models and comes with a collection of .ARexx scripts illustrating how the software can be used.
Etiketti 2.5 is a utility for creating disk labels for 3.5" floppies. It allows you to read a directory listing from a disk, add some of your own comments and then print out the results. It's extremely easy to use and the results are reasonably impressive too.
CLASS HD UTILS 29 By: .. .Various Ware:...... Free PD Library: .. . Classic Amiga Software No of disks: .
One Price: ...£1 + 75p P&P Roll up, ladies and gentlemen, roll up.
For your enjoyment and amusement we present another assortment of utilities of varying quality and degrees of usefulness.
First up. There's MPEGAplayer, which is an MPEG music player for Delitracker.
The MPEG audio format doesn't really seem to have caught on to the extent that many would have liked, but you can still find some pages on the Internet for which the relevant decoder is essential.
Because decoding the format is extremelv CPU-intensive, you'll need at J 7 least an '020 machine to use this.
Similarly noteworthy in broadening the .Amiga user's horizons is Cat Doc, which converts Microsoft Word documents into .ASCII format. Microsoft 6 MORTON STRIKES BACK AGA FI Software, 1 Lower Mill Close, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, S. Yorks, S63 9YB. Tel: 01709 888127. Website: www.ware5d.demon.co.uk 7 AMIPETS 8 FEDERATION 2 9 CRUNCH MANIA 10 BATTLESCAPE are legendary7 for their fiddling with the headers of Word documents, meaning that, for instance, Macintosh versions of Word have difficulty reading PC Word files and vice versa. Created in December 1996, this converter should be able to cope with
files generated by all but the most recent (Office 97) version of Word.
Aside from that, we have a DMS uncompressing utility, aptly named DMS- 2-HIX a hard drive password protection program; Doubler, a disk copying utility; and an '060 speedup patch called SpeedyChip. There are also a couple of WB backdrops, an "Intel Outside" badge and a fairly ordinary manga image.
Little Black Book is yet another simple database for names, addresses and telephone numbers. Then there's WHDLoad, which is designed to help you install programs on your hard drive which ordinarily would only check your floppy drive. There's TalkTime, another speaking clock program which allows you to use samples of your own voice if you're vain enough; there's Screen2IFF, a screen grabber which, unsurprisingly, saves grabs in the standard .Amiga file format; there's RaxChange, a currency conversion program; and the LZX keyfile, which is now freely distributable.
As usual with the disks in this series, there's such a wide variety of stuff on here that most people should be able to find at least the odd program which is of use to them. D?
GET YOUR DISKS FROM: CLASSIC AMIGA SOFTWARE IfllGA ¦ v. j,' .£v T v " ' 11 Deansgate, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 2SH. Tel: 0161 723 1638 NORWICH PD 43 Motum Rd, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 8EH. Tel: 01603 504655 ANY OTHER GOOD PD LIBRARIES SUBSCRIPTIONS T: Gifts subject to availability and only available to readers subscribing to the CD edition of Amiga Format AMINET SET 3 worth £15.99 EPIC 97 ENCYCLOPEDIA worth £19.95 GEEK GADGETS 2 worth £12.99 ERIC SCHWARTZ worth £19.95 NETWORK PC worth £17.99 Disk only POWERDRIVE worth £9.99 Disk only OBSESSION worth £19.99 Disk only fi Ir ...OF A SUBSCRIPTION
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1. 4gb
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50w Stereo Shielded Speakers £24* 160w Stereo Shielded
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RAM8 RAM8 40mh 680ec30 40 PRICES INCLUDE COLLECTION & DELIVERY 68040 25 & FPU 68040 33 & FPU 68040 40 & FPU 68060 50 & FPU 68060 66 & FPU Amiga 1200 Magic Packs MAGNUM ACCELERATORS Provide a Speed Increase of up to 44 times ? 68030 EC, 68040 or 68060 Processor running at up to 66MHz ? MMU in ALL processors (except 68030EC type) ? ‘040 fits Standard A1200 - NO PROBLEM & IS SUPPLIED WITH A HEATSINK & FAN ? UP TO 32MB OF RAM CAN BE ADDED ? Kickstart Remapping (EXCEPT 68030EC version) ? Optional SCSI-II interface ? Can accommodate a 72-pin SIMM ? 68040 60 have built-in FPU ? Battery Backed
Clock Calender ? PCMCIA compatible so that you can still use products such as Squirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
SCSI-II Interface for the Magnum MKII Cards - £79.99 Amiga Operating System Upgrade THE ULTIMATE WORKBENCH REPLACEMENT & FILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Combines the Easy to use Workbench Environment and the POWER of Opus in one ? Replace and Enhance Workbench ? OPUSFTP TO OPEN AN FTP SITE AS A FlLE LlSTER ? INTERNAL Multi-Tasking so you can perform MULTIPLE file operations SIMULTANEOUSLY (Workbench can’t!) ? File-Type Specific Pulldown Menus ? Hotkeys ? Scripting ? Extensive Drag n’ Drop throughout ? Advanced Arexx support ? Picture, Sound & Font Viewer ? MUI & NewIcons Support ? Sort file Lists &
display Versions and FileTypes ? Full CyberGFX Support 68020 14.3mhz 2mb RAM No HD RAM8 Provides a Speed Increase of 2.3 times - 2.88mips ? Available with 0, 4 or 8mb of 32-bit RAM installed ? Uses a Standard 72-pin Simm ? Optional PLCC Type FPU (floating point unit) ? Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Trapdoor Fitting - doesn’t void warranty ? 0-4MB - PCMCIA COMPATIBLE (FOR USE WITH SQUIRREL ETC.) ? ZERO WAITE State Design.
68030 40 hhz I8mb RAM 170mb HD Scala MM300 68020 14.3mhz Iomb RAM 170mb HD Scala MM300 299 68060 66mhz 34m RAM
2. 1GB HD Scala MM300 250w PSU 68040 40mi 34m RAM
1. 4gb HD Scala MM300 250w PSU £579.99 49 Printer Enhancement
Software If you have a printer - you MUST get TurboPrint. It
the Amiga Printer System with the Faster and Visibly Better
TurboPrint System. Options include Poster Printing, Colour
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Much More... Most printers are supported - call to check.
Includes “Graphic Publisher" to load multiple pictures,
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Auto PhotoOptimiser, TurboSpool - Print Jfc Spooler, PowerPC
Enhanced, New drivers for HP, Canon, Epson AU Stylus and
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ORDER HOTLINE ®[ A1200 Disk Drive Pack - NEW Insider Disks 6 Drives, a 90 minute Video, 1 disk & Reference Card £24.95 Hom?
In-depth reviews of hardware and software that you can trust 50 TOWER STUFF Putting your A1200 into a tower is only the first step. Nick Veitch looks at some of the extras you could be fitting.
What, version 7 already? It certainly is and Ben Vost gets the job of looking it over.
I woraworth 7 a 1398 Digito imemtaanqj Id I MichetangetoM |j 0 m I mmm mmmmm * wmmm Km arms From Zips to Zorro, your A1200 could really benefit from some of these extras.
26. M.d» Ihal angt tedake- statue I ,‘ai Esau i-reit* - «i»;n
So much style that Michelangelo would be impressed JB Mith
the advent of ISBS working Zorro H V backplanes available for
the most k popular Amiga on the I planet right now (the I
A1200 as if you ¦ couldn't guess) I can only hope that more F
and more people get graphics cards to really speed up their
While it's true that AGA is a lot better than ECS, you really ain't seen nuthin' if you haven't experienced the joy of running Workbench (or Dopus Magellan) on a 16-bit screen with the ability to view images and animations in windows on that screen, rather than resyncing your monitor to show them in a different screenmode and the like. The Amiga's custom chipset is great for video use, but for real desktop power of the kind that most people seem to want, a graphics card is the best way to go.
Simon Goodwin tries to resolve the differences between the two PowerPC kernels Oh no! Which one should I choose to develop for?
Ben Vost AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY ...is very simple. Amiga Format is staffed by some of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN On a page devoted to black add-ons for your Amiga, Ben Vost looks at these two.
Mark Wheatley goes back north to interview the police instead of the other way around.
The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most versatile and effective products are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
90+% These products are very good, but there are minor flaws or areas that could be improved upon.
Not a bad product but quite possibly one that needs a serious update.
The modem's the one on the left, by the way.
Alio, 'alio, 'alio, what's this button do then?
Average products with somewhat limited features and appeal. Products in this category tend to be flawed.
Beiow average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet Avoid.
Dave Cusick gives you another handy dose of net knowledge.
- :- Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws.
The "King of the Questions", John Kennedy, solves all your problems (apart from the one about that itch). Under 40% The absolute pits.
Privacy becomes even more important when you're all digital.
Powering up your [fflocite WoKfeDo takes a look at the range of tower accessories currently on offer from Power Computing.
The release of the Power Tower and the availability of other tower systems has created a new boom in A1200 upgrades and the availability of various peripherals to improve your system. Over these pages we are looking at the upgrades offered by Power Computing, designed for their Power Tower (reviewed in AF107, 97%).
Of course, many of these devices 1 are suitable for use with other towers, or indeed, big box Amigas.
You can also add standard 3.5" or
5. 25" drives from other companies, assuming you have the right
If you still need convincing about rehousing your Amiga, just take a look at this little lot... 24XIDE How fast do you want to go? It doesn't seem that long ago that a quad speed CD-ROM drive seemed fast, but technology marches ever onwards. This internal IDE drive claims a transfer rate of over 4.5 Mb second. That is faster than most hard drives in use on the Amiga.
It should be pointed out that the top speed you can expect out of an unadulterated .Amiga IDE interface is somewhere between 1.5 and 2Mb per second, which is equivalent to a 12x CD ROM drive. However, the sustained transfer rate is only half the story - at least a 24x drive should have a much better seek lime (the time it takes for the drive to get to the bit of the CD it wants to read) and thus, in real terms, it will be faster than a 12x drive connected to the same machine. However, the 24x rating only applies to data at the outside edge because the CD spins at a constant angular velocity.
The unit itself is rather plain- looking but sports a headphone socket and volume controls. The tray is fairly chunky and reassuringly solid compared to most newer CD drives, Speedier than a very fast thing indeed, maybe even faster than your hard drive!
Which is probably a good thing considering the speed the thing spins at.
When it first starts up it sounds like a mini vacuum-cleaner.
However, when it's going, it is fast.
It's just as though you were accessing a hard drive (in fact, it is probably faster than your hard drive).
Icons appear immediately, files load quickly and animations play smoothly.
The drive also supports direct CDDA, which plays back perfectly.
It is quite noisy when in use, and so it's not recommended for those who often use their machine when hung-over.
However, it isn't terribly loud and the noise certainly wouldn't be too noticeable in a busy office environment.
The drive parks itself after a period of idleness, so it's not as if it’s particularly loud all of the time either, and at a price this low, who reallv cares?
1 The main problem which some people face when presented with the task of rehousing their A1200 is attaching their PCMCIA peripherals. The problem is simply one of space. In many tower cases you will simply not have enough room to extend peripherals laterally from the motherboard.
The PCMCIA interface never really took off as a great place to put things, except in the case of HiSoft's award- winning Squirrel, and the last thing you wrant to do now you’ve got a big owner with plenty of room for internal drives is lose your SCSI interface.
The PCMCIA adaptor is simply a right-angled connector which plugs into the A1200 and allows the Squirrel, etc, to plug in perpendicularly to the main board. One note of caution should be made here though, as the PCMCIA interface on the A1200 is quite fragile.
If you are going to hang things off it at funny angles, you should secure them to the case in some way. If you use some thick tape or glue then you shouldn't have a problem. .Aside from that, this simple bit of hardware works fine. The price does seem to be a bit steep for a few angled connectors, though.
Everyone in the Amiga world must have heard about the Zip drive. Whilst we normally mentally picture them as those stylish blue external SCSI devices, with the chunky power supplies and the big grey button on the front, they do come in other flavours too.
Zippy, although not as fast as the SCSI version. It is internal, though... Iomega are moving into the OEM market, so loads of computers in the Mac and PC world now come with internal Zip drives.
This is something we should be grateful for because it means that Zip drives are now available as internal IDE devices, perfect for adding to your Power Tower.
.Although the drive unit itself is more or less 3.5” sized, the front panel is for a 5.25" bay so it comes in what reallv amounts to a
5. 25” exoskeleton, ready to be fitted into a 5.25” bay.
The front-panel is an off-white sort of colour, which very nearly matches the colour of the tower. Instrumentation on the front panel is minimal, with just a button and a slot for inserting and removing the Zip disks. In fact, it doesn’t look much like the highly ergonomic external Zip at all.
The button is one of those indicator-type buttons which lights up to show you when the drive is in use. This is a reasonable thing to do, but the button is a bit small, presumably because a big button that lit up would be more pricey. The movement isn’t great and it is often difficult to tell whether you have actually pressed the button or not. I spent many minutes during the test waiting in vain for a cartridge to be ejected.
It seemed to run quite happily as either a master or slave when used in conjunction with the other devices I tested it with, including two different models of hard drive and a couple of different CD-ROM drives.
IDE Fix '97 seems to be quite happy to recognise and mount it as a drive if you are using it on a buffered interface.
In use I found the IDE drive to be generallyjust a little slower than the external SCSI Zip I had been using, and for some reason it seemed to have occasional problems reading Mac formatted Zip disks. However, I was unable to narrow down the specific reasons for this. For general use as an .Amiga drive though, it’s pretty much perfect.
The £149.95 price tag also includes the Buffered IDE interface and a Zip Tools cartridge.
Buffered interfa ?
If you want to run more than two IDE devices from your .Amiga then you’ll need a buffered interface splitter. The one offered by Power Computing currently allows you to connect up to four separate dev ices to your .Amiga. In effect it is just a small PCB with a number of IDC connectors on it and a minimum of other components.
The card connects via a small cable to the IDE interface on the A1200 motherboard. A miniature set of pins on the interface allows you to use your existing cable to attach a hard drive (although if it is a short cable for a 2.5” drive, you will have trouble finding somewhere to put it safely and it would be better for you to get a longer cable).
The other two sets of pins are for attaching standard IDC headed internal IDE cables to.
This interface comes with a registered version of IDEFix, which is necessary if you want to use more than two IDE devices (as a master slave pair).
IDEfix, at least in it’s '97 incarnation as ... you can even attach drives which ordinarily don't get on ffe together, like many different makes of hard drive.
Supplied, is a lot better than earlier versions, but you may still have to do a warm reset to recognise all drives that are connected if they’re slow to spin up.
.As vou now have two essentiallv separate IDE interfaces you can even attach drives which ordinarily don’t get on together, like many different makes of hard drive.
Thankfully, HDToolbox and CBM’s aging scsi.device can still recognise them as separate units. This means you can still use HDToolbox to partition new driv es if you wish, although IDEfix also comes with some prep software.
Continued overleaf This is, for some, the most important add-on of all. The ability to drive standard Amiga Zorro cards from your A1200 was simply not possible before the MicroniK Zorro expansion.
Why would you want to? Well, for a start it is the only way you can drive any currendy available graphics card. Add to that the potential to install any of the countless other Zorro expansions available - Ethernet cards, frame grabbers, 16-bit sound cards, SCSI interfaces, multiple IDE controllers, additional I O ports... the list is almost endless.
Installing some Zorro slots could only be a good thing.
.Although Power Computing are intending to produce their own Zorro slot expansion, they are currently supplying the Micronik board which will also fit in the Power Tower.
Connection is fairly straightforward, although if you have already constructed your tower you are going to have to disconnect all your drives and take the side panel off to secure the board in place.
The Zorro daughterboard is about two thirds of the size of the A1200 motherboard, and attaches over it at the top of the tower (or on the right hand side of the A1200 if you are still in the habit of thinking of it as a horizontal system). It connects onto the (former) trapdoor expansion slot.
The card fits onto the trapdoor slot by means of a small adaptor, which has a through port if you wish to connect an accelerator. There is one potential problem and one inconvenience with this. The inconvenience is :hat because of the extra length of the adaptor, your accelerator may now be a very tight fit inside the tower. In fact, in the case of some of the larger boards, you will have to reassemble the side wall and then lever them into position from above.
This is not dangerous but in some cases it can be a little tricky.
The only real potential problem is that this adaptor seems to cause some difficulties with individual accelerator cards. By extending the length of the tracks, some accelerators are no longer able to communicate properly with the motherboard. This doesn't seem to be down to particular makes or models, but rather individual cards. Only a small number seem to be affected, so it is a problem you’re unlikely to come across. Power have said that if you do have a problem then they will happily accept the Zorro board back for a full refund.
Power are also working on their own trapdoor expander adaptor, which will eliminate the first problem and should dramatically reduce the number of cards affected by the second.
Once connected, the Zorro daughterboard is further supported by four metal spacers which screw' into the sidepanel. Because of the positioning of the motherboard, the daughterboard is not supported along one edge, but it is still very firmly attached.
J If you have a clock-port expansion such as the Catweasel 2 then it is probably wiser to connect this first, as getting to the clock-port afterwards can be rather tricky. Thankfully, the underside of the Zorro daughterboard becomes a very convenient place to attach such an item.
The powder cables from the PSU should now be attached to the Zorro daughterboard, via the small adaptor cable supplied. The Amiga motherboard will now receive its power through the expansion port so there is no need for the external pow'er connector any more.
Once installed, you can now make 7 use of your new' slots. Fitting a Zorro card is actually easier than it is in the J average big box .Amiga. You simply have to take off the Tower’s lid, undo a blanking plate, lever the card in, screw' it to the backplane and off you go. The only problems come if you have loads of cables all over the place for your internal drives. If so, do the sensible thing and get longer cables and route them along the bottom of the case and up the side, secured with a bit of tape or something - it will save you a lot of trouble in the end.
We tested a GVP Spectrum graphics card, a V-Lab frame grabber and a multi I O card with this expansion and they all worked fine. Some of the cards can be a rather tight fit if they are full length, but at least when you get them in you know they are going to stay there.
And so it works. In fact, as far as your .Amiga is concerned, it is now a big-box machine. There is no software patching or anything to be done as the hardware takes care of it all. Welcome to the world of Zorro.
There are various other bits and pieces which are currently available for the Power Tower from Power Computing: IDE CABLE (£9.95) A simple, standard 44-way cable with one I DC connector at one end and two at the other for attaching internal IDE devices.
SCSI CABLE (£15.95) A standard 50- way cable with one IDC connector at one end and two at the other for attaching internal SCSI devices.
SCSI I BACKPLANE (£19.95) An internal 50-way SCSI connector, with a 25-way D-plug mounted on a standard backplane (allowing external SCSI devices to be added).
SCSI II BACKPLANE (£25.95) As above, but with a SCSI II, high density, 50- way external connector.
SCSI III BACKPLANE (£29.95) As above, but with a SCSI III ultra-wide internal connector (for use with a PPC SCSI port or similar), and a high density external connector.
AUDIO CONNECTOR (£15.95) A phono backplane complete with leads for attaching to an internal CD-ROM drive, to allow external amplification (for listening to music or for playing games which use CD audio tracks).
includes music and midi packages, accelerator cards, memory, disk tools and utilities, programming languages, printing software, zip drives and an extensive catalogue of cd-rom titles at unbeatable prices.
.....I FREE MaxonMAGIC WORTH £299i
NINETY NINE NINETY FIVE) The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford
MK45 5DE, UK tel +44 (0) 1525 718181 • fax +44 (0) 1525 713716
www.hisoft.co.uk • www.cinema4d.com UPGRADE PRICES _ Wordworth
a You know that Spring is in the air when there's a new version
of Wordworth around the corner ®@op breathes
v. y y deeply and goes "Aaaah..."
AFCD25:-Seriously_Amiga- Commercial Wordworth Bertoldo that
Lertrgo took Michelangelo to In* with him In 1&42, Lorenio
died B»nd shqjtty att f, Mich ? | Picture intonwcBion when in
14' But just what has been added to this latest incarnation of
Wordworth? The most important single addiuon must be the
AutoSpell feature that underlines words as you ty pe if it
can’t find them in its dictionary. Very nice, but make sure
you have a speedy processor otherwise it won't be "spell as
you ty pe", more "ty pe away and then wait for a few minutes
while it goes through the dictionary".
Once vou have underlined words in your text (shame on you for not knowing how to speel!) You can double click the right mouse button on them to pop up a menu of possible spellings, along with a learn item. It's a feature found in word processors on other platforms and it’s one that’s often been requested by Amiga users, so it should come as a welcome addition.
Personally, I find that it interrupts my "visual" flow as the screen updates to Don't forget the special, exclusive demo on our CD this month!
Wordworth'7 Create and save documents, place graphics and text objects, use text t effects, create tables, mailmerge, layout, design and use your own documents - then print them out with the best demo of a wordprocessor you are ever likely to see!
? if *1 & I ? S ® t 3' 1 I • So it might have come as a bit of a surprise to some of you but, yes, there's a new version of Wordworth hitting the streets as you read this. As you might have imagined, it's not Wordworth 6.1 or Wordworth 6.5 but a whole new version - Wordworth 7! The crowd are going wild!
As you can imagine, the changes are huge and manyfold. Well, no they aren’t really, but it's getting harder and harder for Digita to come up with really new ideas that people will use. .After all, by the time Wordworth 4 came out, it could process words, which was quite a good thing, so what else was there to add?
These days, merely processing words isn't enough in a word processor, otherwise Arnor's Protext would still be with us. No, what's really needed in a wrord processor is... graphics! So began the addiuon of drawn elements to Wordworth and other .Amiga word The most important single addition must be the AutoSpel I feature that underlines words as you type them in...
• Better text handling with linkable frames and improved RTF
• Better spelling with AutoSpell and improved Spelling settings.
• Better alignment. There's now a Snap to Grid function and
automatic alignment of objects.
• New Quick Shapes palette for instant drawings.
• New context sensitive menus and "Cool Look” gadgets.
• Better picture import with borders.
• Better undo function with more features.
Processors, until what began as a humble tool for writing letters turned into a mini-DTP program which would suit practically any printing needs. It's no bad thing if you can do everything you want in a single package as it makes you, the user, far more productive.
Show these underlinings and the typing of characters to the screen seems to slow down a bit, but for people who don't have to type every' day, I would say that it's a fine feature. Those of you using Magic Menu may have to disable it to use the double right mouse button click since it interferes with the context- sensitive menus on an intermittent basis.
Of course, AutoSpell isn't the only new feature, otherwise we'd have to really complain about the version jump.
Spelling has had a bit of a complete overhaul. There are now new settings for the spell checker which include ignoring words that have numbers in them or that are completely made up of capitals. There's better RTF handling that now supports style sheets, footnotes and endnotes and header footer text.
You can hav e linked text frames to blur the boundaries between WP and DTP even further and you can use font styles in Text Effects, although only applied to the whole text.
Graphics functions have been further improved too. There's a whole new gizmo called Quick Shapes which gives you a palette of handy (and hard to manually create) shapes which can be quickly and easily inserted into your document, and you can now apply borders to imported pictures. This is very nice, particularly with the "shadow" style of border which just puts a line on the bottom edge and right side of the picture. Making this line grey results in quite a nice drop shadow effect.
Also, you can now align objects very successfully. In keeping with the rest of Wordworth's "non-modal" requestors, you can apply changes to alignment and then keep track of them as they occur are still using standard textfields, of moving between words easily and quickly. There seems to be little control over how much of a page can be taken up with footnotes.
Creating lists, other than tables of contents, still seems to be quite cumbersome. You have to make list entries and insert them, rather than the software dynAMIGAlly altering numbering to accommodate new entries like an outliner would. I would also like to see a screen DPI setting like Final Writers (perhaps in an expert mode, or as tool types in the icon for Wordworth), so users of screens with a higher resolution than default can have 100% page sizes that are more accurate.
Finally, object grouping commands with keyboard shortcuts would be good, preferably with an extra command to ungroup all if there was more than one level of grouping in a group. It's nice that Wordworth supports a variety of picture formats, but I’d like to see the addition of JPEG and PNG to the list, and or datatype support.
Other than that, Wordworth 7 is very good. In the past, I've always relied on programs like Turbotext for my text entry' and, if I needed a decent printout or needed to add things like pictures to my text, I'd fire up PageStream and import the text in there and work on it.
Using Wordworth for this review has shown me that it really has improved in usability’ since the first time I used it. If you got yourself a copy of Wordworth a while ago and either haven’t used it much or just haven’t upgraded, I would urge you to do so now’.
Although I'll probably rely on Turbotext for typing out my reviews for a long time to come, I know’ I won't bother to use PageStream just to write a letter to my grandmother again when Wordworth is so much easier to use. D?
NEW BITS ck Shapes ? A V l Q d PbQd Pbb zlF xi o o O O 0 o
1. Wordworth's new Align Objects feature means that you'll never
have to judge by eye the alignment of elements on the page.
2. These new picture borders should come in handy, especially the
Drop Shadow one.
3. Quick by name and quick by nature, these shapes won't be ideal
for everything, but when you need them they'll come in handy.
4. Context sensitive right mouse button menus make for more
usability, but you may have to disable Magic Menu first.
5. There's no reason why your documents have to be dull,
especially with the new Text Effects styles.
6. This rather forbidding requestor allows you to set up a grid
for all page elements. It would be nice to have a manual
preview though, like Ppaint offers.
Spacing: Vertical Spacing: Horizontal Origin: Vertical Origin: | Snap To Grid Qt | Qancel DISTRIBUTOR: Digita International (01395)270273 PRICE: £39.99 Upgrades £24.99 (+£3 p& p) REQUIREMENTS: HD, 4Mb RAM, fast processor recommended SPEED: • • • • 0 Fast considering how much it does.
MANUAL: •••00 Online docs only.
ACCESSIBILITY: • • • • • It's always been good and this version is even nicer.
FEATURES: • • • • 0 Very few can be considered to be missing now.
VALUE: • • • • • Excellent value for money. Everyone should have this program.
OVERALL VERDICT: As worthy of a Gold award as ever.
Worflwortv 7 € T996 Digita [nWirgnonrt on the page, without even having to leave the requestor.
The last big addition is an improved Undo function which can now’ handle things like text formatting and object movements and sizing, and is much more "intelligent" about w’hat it should be undoing. There's also a new’ "Cool Look" interface for the toolbars, but this just consists of removing the borders from between the icons used in the toolbar to give a much looser look.
Moving on to things which could still be improved, I would like to see much better support for footnotes. At the moment a footnote is created by typing into a textfield. This is fine except that it provides no means of spell checking it, adding styles, or, if you MchetemqetoUt I BIB 1 IFF** * jL-t Gercrwe ! • * * * * • ‘ « ™ I I .SI VI Uui'-J [.I • TL !_• 11*- THINK at act arts! From the frftgh Renaasanct who was not only a great painter, out a xulptar and serhmct and the name Mi-dtdsngefa springs to mind. During a aenod fcnsMR ter its aesfrre acfrnty and great leaps forward In science and
r,;er,y vc! Font...... I Ell© Here wa«»r 1. *--1- m bemg sb wsdd disiu Eypefoce *faerQrmQ~ V'l Plan _| italic | 300 _| under*-* Uhjfcrterig ? 9ngte J J He was bar m»fcr at tfr young chi fet 13 years at wrth the cf R was an «j share se dsewhere * discovered Mo orCinar dnaight to Use start of As cwatar e Btrtsteo Owgue +W Easton: tej Normal | Smell Caps let?: »| Brgfrtf Bed BackgratoJ ?( Worse Aa BbCcD d EeFfG g Semins te| toe ?
Kedh I Cancel ¦ 1T"35» 'whfie w'SVfrg' ijfitftf' Tfcockmg |0 pf Bertstoo that Lorens toe* Mrfxtanqrte to Iwe with him In T942, Lorenzo died RmLdlBKlR Fran top 2S7r
- l&L&i S&KJ L±U Cetumnf Page T dO_ Font handling is good with
Compugraphic support and automatic substitution for PostScript
§0[m]®dd KO ©CiXDdtoQm reports on competing PPC software standards and improved Amiga memory management.
We now have three system 'kernels' for Amiga applications and programmers. There's the original Commodore EXEC kernel, built into every Kickstart ROM, phase 5’s PowerUp and now there’s WarpUp, a surprise new Freeware release from Haage and Partner. PPC users need a new kernel as the original only supports 68K processors, but do we really need two?
WARPUP WarpUp is a spin-off from the friendly, but buggy, Storm C development. It uses standard .Amiga code files rather than phase 5's alien ELF format. Many familiar .Amiga system calls are supported, plus some that should have been added long ago. It gives coders legal ways to get top speed on high- end .Amiga systems, using techniques prohibited or discouraged by Commodore.
Most important is full control over memory management, discussed in the adjoining box.
WarpLTp demos support .Amiga ECS and AGA screens as well as graphics cards through CyberGraphX or Picasso 96 RTG. They allow direct comparisons between the RISC and CISC processors, and some even run on old systems like our A3000 - a good way to see how far the .Amiga has advanced in eight years!
The new boy on the block and It's free, but can Haage and Partner's WarpUp cut it?
The orp° * phase 5 run the risk of fragmenting an already small market if they ring the changes too many times... tangent, basing their code and data on Unix 'standards' with scant explanation for Amiga specialists. This makes sense from their point of view as it seems the A BOX will be a Unix Workstation without support for Amiga operating system features. PowerUp is designed to wean programmers away from the Amiga way of doing things, leaning towards the Unix environment instead.
WarpUp's English documentation is readable and sometimes even witty. It explains new facilities in the context of well-known Amiga routines and file structures, while phase 5 go off on a POWERUP phase 5's PowerUp owes much to the A3000UX, which put an early port of Unix system five release four (SVR4) onto A3000 hardware. Despite this, and interest from Unix workstation giants Sun, Commodore shipped far more A3000s in their .Amiga guise than as Unix boxes. Today you can run two free versions of Unix, NetBSD and Linux, on Amigas with memory management hardware. Amigas can become quite nice Unix
boxes, but even with UAE and the latest processors from DEC or HP, Ltnix boxes remain rather lacklustre Amigas.
Phase 5 demos generally insist on their proprietary CyberGraphX, some needing version 3, W tailored for specific features which are unique to phase 5 hardware.
They will not run unless the phase 5 powerpc.library is present and working, phase 5's documentation for nogrammers is poor and badly lslated. It's derived from the Gnu- based ADE (Amiga Development Environment) and the free GCC compiler, which is a true C++ compiler but creates poor code for 68K processors, especially later models, even lacking support for the 68060.
CONTROL phase 5's strength is that they control the hardware. They can improve the interface between processors, use undocumented short-cuts and generally change the rules to suit themselves and confound rivals. This may seem to be unfair but phase 5 have managed to get a PPC working inside an Amiga, a feat which no others have achieved, so they're entitled to call the shots with regard to hardware.
It's less clear that they will be able to control PPC software. They can certainly PPC THE CACHE CATCH Without caches, a 68060 would run at 20% speed and a PPC would be slower still. But not all programs benefit from caches. Predictably, benchmarks gain most and programs that work on real-world data benefit least. Hand-optimised code, designed for top speed in emulators or rendering, keeps temporary results in registers. This is easy on PPC or 68K and tricky on Intel, and rarely needs to re-read external memory.
Raytracers that scan large areas of memory cannot benefit from faster re-reading from the cache. They might even suffer from assumptions made to speed up ’average' cache performance. Modem processors rely on ’locality of reference', assuming that if a certain location in memory is accessed, nearby locations will soon be called upon so they load 'lines' of four adjacent words every time the cache cannot satisfy an access.
This boosts many programs but can be bad news for ones with a large data set, including mapping demos, rendering packages and real time audiovisual editors - just the sort of things that should fly on modem processors. Worse yet Motorola memory management units only keep tags on a fraction of a megabyte at a time. If programs cyclically access a larger area, they chum data through the address translation caches, resulting in up to eight fetches for each one required by a simpler processor.
If a large buffer like stereo sound or animation is held in the default Copy back memory, which caches writes as well as reads, each word loaded displaces another word from the cache which must be written out to make space. Yet that might be a variable which will be needed later, whereas the buffered data, now riding high in the cache, will never be accessed again.
Three accesses have replaced one and it is the memory access which becomes the bottleneck.
Knowing this. Motorola designed processor options to over-ride the default caching scheme. Address translation registers and the memory management unit can specify non-cacheable space, and memory that could be cached for reads but not writes - 'Write through' pages, an alternative to Copyback. However, there's no legal way to use these on the Amiga operating system.
Performance programs like Fusion and VMM break the rules, programming the MMU directly. Generally they get away with it, but they're making undocumented and potentially fragile assumptions about the system, phase 5 perpetuate this in PowerUp, denying programmers access to memory management. They may use the MMU themselves to speed up message passing or prevent problems in inter-processor communication, but these techniques are denied to outsiders.
OPTIMISE THOSE CACHES This seemed reasonable in the 68030's heyday, but now memories are larger and processors potentially much faster, so cache optimisations can make a big difference. Amiga programmers need to be able to tell the system how they intend to use memory, and hence the best caching scheme. At least until OS 4 arrives, WarpUp is the only way to gain that sort of fine control on an Amiga.
WarpUp allows the cache status of memory to be controlled in 4K sections with the MMU, or larger areas with the BTUs, equivalent to translation registers on modern 68K processors. Memory space can be marked for reading, reading and writing, or neither, depending on the application. Caches can be locked, flushed, disabled or enabled without upsetting other programs.
This complicates programming but can make as big a difference to real programs as the step from CISC to RISC. It enables carefully written programs to make better use of the same RAM - which is ignorant of the RISC versus CISC battle - in a well-defined, system-friendly way. It can also improve co-operation between multiple processors.
We're used to an open architecture, compared to the rigid policing and proprietary 'standards’ of Apple or the anarchy of Pcs. Phase 5 are trading on their advantage as the only suppliers of PPC hardware, but to get the full benefit they need a monopoly of software, too. WarpUp threatens this, which is why they've reacted so aggressively to Haage and Partner.
If other Amiga PPC boards arrive, as seems almost certain unless PowerUp is a flop, then the makers might develop their own PPC library, or use WarpUp code, which is currently freely available.
Phase 5 could find themselves sidelined as they were when the free Picasso96 took over the Application Program Interface (API) of their commercial CyberGraphX.
The latest Picasso96 supports more boards than CyberGraphX 3 and runs almost all the same programs - except for the rare releases which insist on phase 5's hardware.
It's the 'official' PowerPC standard, but is it the best?
WER AMIGA™ COES POWERPC TM create problems for maverick third parties, and can encourage those who toe the line with new features and 'hooks’ that will only work on their latest boards. But if they can add something, or remove it, then rivals can attempt to disassemble their code and adapt to the change, given enough time and inclination.
European law specifically allows such 'reverse engineering' for the purpose of'interoperability'. Even if it did not, it's hard to imagine phase 5 being able to stop it, in practice. All they can do is try to stay one step ahead and borrow good ideas from rivals when they fit phase 5's masterplan.
Meanwhile, users of older phase 5 hardware have a choice of program systems, phase 5 run the risk of fragmenting an already small market if they ring the changes too many times just for the sake of it.
Only they know how future PPC boards will work. It's likely that they will be able to arrange things so that 'alien hacks’, as they describe unapproved code, fall over on new products.
Microsoft have done this for years and made an awful lot of money from doing it. Phase 5 boss Wolf Dietrich is too much of a businessman for this lesson to have escaped him.
The Amiga users' viewpoint differs.
We're used to an open architecture, compared to the rigid policing... of Apple and the anarchy of Pcs.
Power this bargain CD-ROM drive get Bafi afosG in a spin?
The fact that since the CD mechanism was designed for use in a laptop it doesn't fully eject Cds. Instead, you push the eject button, the drawer pops out a short wray and you need to pull on it to fully extract the disc.
On the other hand, these are all fairly trivial shortcomings and if you really can’t afford a more expensive drive then this is the ideal w7ay to bring your machine into the CD age. Very highly recommended. Having said that, all is not perfect in the bargain basement. The casing for the drive offers only one SCSI port so you'll want to put it at the end of your SCSI chain. The SCSI ID and termination settings will have to be done inside the case. However, in its default configuration, without any other SCSI devices, it works fine. Another possible objection that has to be pointed out is he
idea that Amiga users should all have CD-ROM drives the way they have hard drives is one that is still taking a while to get through, and this is understandable considering the cost of these drives. However, Power's new unit should resolve most of the cost problems for budget conscious .Amiga owners since, as an all-in- one solution, it has no peer in cost terms.
For your £89.95, not only do you get a 2x CD-ROM drive, but also the Squirrel SCSI controller you'll need to use it, and that can be used for a wide range of other peripherals from hard drives to scanners. Considering that the Squirrel alone is a purchase worth £50, getting a SCSI CD-ROM drive of any speed for only £40 is a good deal.
RaSa finds a modem that finally rings in some changes.
Another modem. Sigh! The problem with modem reviews is that because a lot of modems are very similar, the score at the end of the review comes down to how nice the modem looks, how sturdy it is and the quality of the add-ons - all points on w hich the Pace scores well enough on.
You see, most modems these days offer similar levels of performance, a similar amount of features and similar pricing, so there's not a lot left to talk about unless you want the review to become a redundant enunciation of the facts - does it have a flashROM? Yes. Is BAJBT approved? Yes. Does it have voice features? Yes, yes, yes.
The Pace modem actually does add to this universal feature list by being the only modem we know7 of that actually supports UK caller ID. .All the others support a general caller ID standard that is used in a great deal of the world including the United States, but not here. So, score one up for Pace for actually bringing a new feature to UK modem purchasers.
The other point on w-hich it scores is the ability to actually use the modem as a speakerphone. Using STFax, you don’t have to sit there with a dodgy headset on to talk to people, you can just chat away over the modem instead. This isn’t really unique, but the speech quality over this A modem is a modem is a modem.
Surprisingly, this is a modem which adds something new.
Modem's speakerphone seems pretty- good. It's hard to tell objectively since you have to rely on someone else's opinion, but reports have been good.
Overall, I can heartily recommend this modem, especially if you are going to be using it with STFax or the like. It is a bit more expensive than the generic brands we covered in Amiga Format last month, but the UK Caller ID function alone makes up for that. *2 DISTRIBUTOR: Active Technologies (01325) 460116 PRICE: £129.95 REQUIREMENTS: An Amiga Tel: 0181345 6000 Gasteiner Computers A1200 £199 with 170mb £259 with 260mb £299 with 340m b £349 with 500mb £399 Monitors MICROVITEC micro 14” £279 micro 17” £399 Accelerators Viper 630 4MB £99 Viper 630 8MB £199 Viper1230 33MHz £78 Viperl23050 Mhz
£139 Blizzard 1230 £89.00 Ram Cards A600 1 mb £19.99 A6001 mb w clock £31.99 A500 1 2mb £14.99 A500+ 1mb £19.99 Mouse 290DPI mouse for all amiga computers only £6.99 ARTEC SCANNER £259 A4 COL. SCANNER Syquest EZ230 EZ230 with one cart free £129 OFFER OF THE MONTH EXTERNAL SCSI ZIP DRIVE for AMIGAS WITH ONE CART £109.99 CASE (PC CASE) Oktagon 4008 scsi controller for A1500 to A4000 £99 ... I... ¦ ...... £59.99 wmm m waBm 8 SPEED ATAPI £39 24 SPEED ATAPI £59 32 SPEED ATAPI £89 GI QUATRO BUFFERED INT.
FOR A1200 WITH IDE FIX98. £39 CATWEASEL FOR A1200 ...£59 A4000 £59 BUDDHA £55 EXTERNAL SCSI CD ROM WITH SQUIRREL 2SPEED £119 4SPEED £139 8SPEED £149 m” mms mm mmm mjl m mwm m mw 60MB 120MB 170MB 260MB 340MB 520MB 800MB 1GIG COMPLETE WITH SOFTWARE CABLES & INSTRUCTIONS 540MB 850MB 1GIG 2GIG 4GIG
6. 4GIG £119 £139 £139 £199 £239 OFFER OF MONTH SHOP SOILED DOT
POA FROM £8.00 MEMORY 30PIN SIMM 72PIN SIMM 1MB £3.00 £8.00
2MB £15 £10.00 4MB £25.00 £15.00 8MB N A £19.99 18MB N A
£39.99 32MB N A £59.99 To fit Ram Cards & Accelerators
- £1299 A60(yi200 INI FLOPPY DRIVE £2590 SURFSOURRH-
- £8999 25’ HDISK CABLE £1090 MODEMfAX_
- £3999 25’TO 35’ HDISK CABLE KIT £1590 CDR MEDIA__
- £500 PARALLEL PRINTFR OABI F £500 R*Pffl(copyprH*.
FRILLS” Ram cards for Amiga A1200 are fully PCMCIA compatible
with clock & FPU socket 4mb £69 8mb £89 4mb + FPU £79 8mb + FPU
£99 FPU FPU increases the performance of ram cards by up to 40%
33Mhz £12 50MHz 420MB 850MB
1. 2GIG
2. 1GIG
3. 2GIG 4GIG
5. 0GIG
6. 4GIG
2. 5" TO 3.5" CABLES FROM £8.00 G A S T E N E R 18 22 STERLING
WWW.GASTEINER.COM tHlarik Mjomfflsg talks to Inspector Steve
Hopkirk, the man behind a major new community safety strategy
using Amiga technology.
As the police force have an IT budget, mainly used for Pcs, running into millions of pounds, it is perhaps surprising that the latest initiative from Northumbria Police is based entirely around the Amiga.
Inspector Steve Hopkirk explains the reasons behind this.
SH: What we are aiming to do is publicise the tremendous success Northumbria Police have had over the last few years. The fear of crime is out of all proportion to the number of crimes actually committed, with the crime rate dropping consistently over the last 5 years. We were concerned that this message wasn't getting through to the public and, as every Amiga owner knows, it's no good having an excellent product if it isn't marketed correctly - just look what happened to Commodore.
After consulting two of the High Street leaders in self promotion, Marks and Spencer and Asda, we decided that the ideal way to do this was through ...we obviously had to go for the most effective, efffcient and economical system available... the Amiga.
The use of television. We obviously couldn 't afford TV adverts, but we have lots of people through our waiting rooms who have nothing to do and who never read the leaflets there. We thought that we could show videos in our waiting rooms and throughout the local area, and decided that animations would be the most effective way of putting our message across.
MW: Why choose the Amiga?
CD-ROM images and expensive Apple Mac machines and Pcs, I was convinced that the Amiga I’ve been using personally for many years now would be more suited to producing what we wanted.
The equipment was to be bought using public money so we obviously had to go for the most effective, efficient and economical package available, and the system that really stood out was the Amiga. Our initial setup cost only £200, but we now have two superb systems based around Amigas which came to a total price of around £2,000.
When it came to buying equipment, I found that the support of the Amiga community was absolutely tremendous. All of the official dealers offered a lot of help and advice and I couldn't imagine the PC market offering such personal help.
MW: What features does the Amiga have which make it so suited to the task?
I actually started this project in May 1997, using a copy of Scala which came free on an Amiga Format coverdisk. I'd never used the program before but found that it had a very short and shallow learning curve. The only difficidt part was planning what to say, so I always produce a storyboard first now. The officers I am training to use the Amiga system are also finding it very easy to pick up too.
Despite having absolutely no artistic talent, 1 found some very good Digita Office clipart ifTz REVIEW AMIGA USERS COMMUNITY SAFETY GROUP Setup: System 1: A1200, Power CD- ROM, Blizzard 1230 mk IV, 26Mb RAM, Prograb RT24 Digitiser, Epson GT5000 flatbed scanner, external Zip drive.
System 2: MicroniK tower A1200, Blizzard 1260, 32Mb RAM, CD-ROM, large hard drive. Zip drive, Epson flatbed scanner, Microvitec monitor, Ppaint 7.1, Kara Font collection, 2 sets of Scala MM400.
Amiga Format subscription.
And produced our first video, which was a five to 10 minute animation, over a weekend.
MW: What was the response?
SH: I showed it to my Chief Inspector and he was amazed and ordered the purchase of an Amiga-based system. As we mainly use Pcs, he couldn 't believe that this was done on an Amiga and, unfortunately, that was a fairly common response.
Everyone was very impressed with the results but assumed I must be using a PC.
There’s a lot of ignorance about the Amiga, even among the local computer retailers, and this is something Amiga Inc. are going to have to overcome if they want to sell the machine in any volume. Many people still think of the Amiga as an A500 and don't realise how much it has developed.
We've also had a lot of positive feedback from members of the public who’ve seen the presentations. One lady who saw it asked us to produce a road safety video for her Brownies group in London. We’ve even had several applications from people who want to join the special constabulary purely as a result of seeing our videos.
Our message across in a very cost effective way. I doubt any other computer could do this type of video production for such a small sum of money, especially as the Amiga systems zvill also be used for making posters, training presentations and officer briefings.
One of the few problems has been that Scala, who started this ! Whole thing, have discontinued development of the Amiga software and are concentrating on the PC version. I only hope they keep an open mind, considering the Amiga’s apparent resurgence, or that they will consider licensing the development. It’s a credit to the software that I’ve been able to produce these videos without a manual - if anyone has one they could lend me, it would be gratefully appreciated!
MW: What would you like to see in the future?
Steve freely admits that his graphic abilities aren't too good and, as this project is conducted in his free time, he would welcome any contributions from the talented artists and animators in the Amiga community.
The idea is to start a group which sends stuff to be collated into themed presentations like road safety or crime prevention. These will then be shown across the Northumberland region, generating publicity for the police, the group and for the Amiga itself.
This would be a completely free service so any art provided would have to be free, to be used for this specific purpose only. There would be no SH: With regard to this project, I would like to expand our setup, add a graphics card and a digitiser and we will obviously have to look at setting up a website. Our setup is already pretty much ideal for producing quality presentations, although the only weak point is our video. All of the Amiga equipment is perfect for what we need, but the video was very cheap and is causing some colour bleeding.
The police force are about to launch the Community Safety Strategy. This is going to become a nationwide project and the people behind it are looking for a way to market this idea and explain its purposes and aims. Following our work here, one of the options being looked at is the use of Amigas. This would be a tremendous boost to the Amiga community and would provide a lot of well needed advertising.
MW: And from the Amiga itself?
SH: Well, it would be nice to see the 2Mb memory restriction disappear, and the ability to have a full 256-colours on screen at once without it slowing down would be nice. Better Internet and networking facilities should also be available as standard. The ability to dump directly onto video should be kept as that is incredibly useful. It's a niche market that the Amiga should comer and it really should be marketed more.
As I have already said, I am not a graphic artist and I’ve been using a lot of material from Amiga Format’s cover Cds, with the authors’ permission of course. I'd like to form a group where anyone with an Amiga could send me their work for use in one of these projects. I could then credit this group at the beginning of each video, providing publicity for the Amiga. If this was successful then I'd look at getting a sponsored Web connection to make it easier for them to send work to us. If this was sponsored by someone like Amiga Inc. then that would automatically give the Amiga a lot of
publicity too.
When I contacted outlets Uke Power, Weird Science, Harwoods, Wizard, Prim a and Eyetech, I was not only impressed by their helpful attitude, but also by their optimism about the fiiture of the Amiga now that it’s in Gateway 's hands, so I think things are really starting to look up for the Amiga. ® formal membership, just a will to help the Amiga and the public, and a desire to get your work seen by a large audience.
If you want to contribute to this group, send your art or animations on a floppy or Zip (returnable via a stamped addressed envelope) to: Steve Hopkirk, Sunderland West Area Command, Primate Road, Sunderland, SR3 1TQ.
For more details, call 0191 4547555 ext 66231 or fax 0191 5636218.
Bench Whether it's monitoring monitors or battling bugs, F's J :.te™xC|ycan solve all your problems. Send your questions to: Workbench • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Somerset BA1 2BW.
I have a very sick A500+, Kickstart v2.4 with 2Mb chip RAM and a now useless GVP A530 Turbo hard drive with 4Mb fast RAM, which broke down with a horrible grinding noise a year ago.
I know I need to upgrade and would like your advice as to which would be the best system to go for.
Before my hard drive broke I was getting very interested in ravtracing and I have Imagine original, 2, 3 and 4, Real 3D, Cinema 4D, Vista and Vista Pro.
I’m also interested in paint programmes like Dpaint 4, so I will need a fast machine with a lot of memory, a hard drive and an accelerator. I make extensive use of Personal Finance Manager Pins, ProCalc and Interspread and would like the new machine to be compatible with these programs as well.
MILLENNIUM BUG CAMPAIGN A large hard drive would be useful, about 2Gb, with a CD-ROM drive, zip drive and a fast CPU. The A Box would seem to be the ideal machine. When is this likely to be on sale?
I am also considering the Eyetech EZ-Tower Professional Pack, perhaps upgraded to an ’040 40MHz or '060 50MHz accelerator and 32Mb RAM, or one of the Infmitiv Amigas.
What additional hardware would these need? Could any of these be upgraded to Power PC later and any new OS and or Workbench?
The drive is second-hand and pin 1 on the cable is cut (by me). It worked fine for over a year before these problems appeared so I don't think it's my IDE interface. I have an A1200, 328Mb HD, Blizzard 1230 IV 50MHz '030, external Zappo floppy. Squirrel SCSI interface and 2x CD-ROM.
Paul Ninnes Weston-Super-Mare If it used to work and now doesn't then there are two possibilities.
1. Something else has changed. Have you connected more
peripherals? It's possible that the Amiga PSU you are using
can't supply enough power. This would be especially true at
startup, when the drive needs extra to spin up to speed. Try
disconnecting items such as your external floppy drive, which
you probably don't need anyway.
2. The hard drive is knackered. Hard drives don't last forever,
especially second hand ones. It could be that its time is up.
Back-up time... Which of these systems would you recommend, or
what other computer do you think I would need?
A. M. King Maldon second-hand A4000 system. There are actually a
few of these about if you keep your eyes open, and if the
A4000 you find doesn 7 already have a 68040 it can soon be
upgraded to this level, or even a 68060.
PowerPC-only ca rds are prom ised for the A4000 and will probably be cheaper than versions for the A1200. A4000s can also use
3. 5" IDE hard drives with no hassle, so 2Gb of drive space is
both affordable and easy.
Eyetech sell an IDE Zip drive, so that's the storage taken care of The A4000 can be upgr aded to the latest version of the operating system available.
BUG 2000 A How will the Amiga be affected by the Millennium Bug? It would be satisfying to sit back and watch Pcs crash as the clock ticks to 1st January 2000 while Amigans continue unaffected.
If we are affected, what are the possible solutions to the problem?
Also, I have treated my Amiga to various upgrades in the four years I've had it, one of which was a SCSI Zip drive. I will soon be It's been well publicised that the PC world may be thrown into chaos by the Millennium Bug, but what will happen to the Amiga?
INTERMITTENT IRRITATION I have an annoying intermittent problem with my IBM 2.5" IDE hard drive on my A1200. Every now and again the hard drive decides to have a fit when I first switch the A1200 on. Instead of spinning up like it should do, it makes a strange noise like it's trying to spin up, then it goes silent before trying to spin up again. This cycle usually continues for around 5-10 seconds.
Sometimes the drive will eventually spin up and I have no further problems from it, no matter how long the A1200 is on for or whatever I'm using with it. I don't think it's a power problem as I've tried an A500 power supply with the same intermittent problem. At other times the drive will make the strange noise a few times and then go silent at which point the HD light comes on and the Kickstart animation appears. Once when this happened, instead of turning the Amiga off and back on as usual, I decided to press and hold down the reset keys and after about 15 seconds the drive span up and I had
no other problems that session.
Obtaining a PC for work-related matters (the Amiga stays, no question about that!) But will the PC be able to read Amiga-formatted Zip disks and vice versa? Is there anything I need to do, such as changing the DOS driver to PC0: to read PC Zips?
Derick Norman Shrewsbury Your Amiga itself shouldn 7 be bothered by the Millennium. Its clock can happily cope with dates for nearly another' century from now.
The only problem will lie with programs that internally store the date in a two-digit field instead of using system routines. Unfortunately, the Shell command ‘list' at first appears to suffer such problems, but although it only shows dates as two digits, it is using the internal four-digit version in Intuition. Check your other software and make sure it uses the proper format by testing it out by advancing your Workbench clock to after the year 2000.
I Will this CD drive work from the Blizzard SCSI kit? Read SCSI and SIMMs to find out.
Continued overleaf I own a four-year-old A1200 and I am considering buying a hard drive. I have seen adverts for IDE, SCSI, 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives, so what is the difference and how would it affect my machine?
Also, would it be worth buying an accelerator board or just buying extra RAM? My finances are shaky but is the cheaper option best? I am considering using programs like OctaMED Soundstudio, Imagine 2.0 and Personal Paint 6.4. Scott Mackenzie IDE and SCSI are two incompatible standards for hard drives and other devices. A drive is either one or the other. The A1200 has a built-in IDE interface. It also has a little cradle to carry a 2.5" drive. The obvious thing to do is buy a 2.5" IDE hard drive and use that. However, 2.5" hard drives tend to be expensive, slightly slower than 3.5" drives and
available in smaller capacities. Many people therefore buy 3.5" IDE drives and, using guile and cunning, squeeze them into the case.
Eyetech are the masters at this, so give them a call.
It's also possible to buy a SCSI interface for the Amiga and then use SCSI hard drives. It's normal to use SCSI hard drives in external cases, which pushes the price up.
An accelerator card is always a better bet and the prices have fallen to the extent that a 68030 card with 4Mb is only £30 more than a 4Mb card alone. Spend the extra £30.
To share Zip disks between the Amiga and PC you'll have to format the Zip disk in MSDOS format using CrossDos. This limits your Amiga to MSDOS format filenames, but it’s still a convenient way of sharing data between the two platforms.
Use an archiving utility common to both platforms to preserve Amiga filenames.
A1200 NEWBIE Like many other longterm Amigans, I’ve just upgraded to a secondhand A1200 with a 170Mb HD and 4Mb. As a novice, I seem to have some problems.
1. I have two partitions in my HD. System 3.0 and Work. Dopus 4
is loaded into Work and has an icon.
When double clicked I get a window but it’s empty, even when using Show All files. How do I use this software?
2. Can I load my A500 disks into my HD just by grabbing them and
dropping them into Work? If not then how can I? If I cannot
put them on the HD will they run from DFO:?
3. The company that developed AB20 vol 2 for the A1200 has gone
out of business. Do you know if anyone has taken over as I
have some questions?
4. SoftWood no longer supplies Final Writer, or so Harwood tell
me. Does anyone else as I need a manual?
5. 1 have loaded TurboCalc from one of your covers but when I
click it, it says "Cannot load your AnigaGuide" or something
similar. Why?
6. 1 save my letters to RAM: and then copy to mydisc in DFO:. Can
I just grab them from the RAM: window and drop them straight
onto mydisc or do I have to open mydisc first?
7. On the sim Flight Path 737 it says to disconnect the extra
drive. Is there any way around this as it’s a real pain?
Maurice P. Morel St. Helier, Jersey
1. Dopus is a directory and file management tool. If you start it
and see nothing, it must be looking to a drive or a device
which doesn't exist, hence no files or directories to display.
There will be a box to enter the drive name - try RAM: or
Work: or System 3.0: to get started. Then refer to the Dopus
documentation. I
2. Yes, there is a special feature of Workbench where if you drag
an entire floppy disk icon and drop it into a directory, then
a new directory is created (named after the floppy) and the
files are copied across. If you don't copy them to the hard
drive, they work from the floppy disk as with the A500 (unless
the programs aren 't compatible with the A1200). Good software
should include an Install routine to properly and
automatically copy files from floppy to your hard drive.
3. I'm afraid I don't even know what an AB20 vol 2 is, so I'm not
much help there.
4. It's a terrible shame Final Writer isn't being distributed
in the UK anymore.
Hopefully a company such as Epic will take it up and distribute it.
3. AmigaGuide is the reader program for the help files. If you
examine the tooltypes of the icon you have clicked then you
should see a reference to it. It's possible that your system
doesn 't have AmigaGuide in the same location as mentioned in
the tooltype, so either cha nge the tooltype or copy the
AmigaGuide program to the right location.
6. It would be more sensible to save them directly to the floppy
disk rather than the RAM disk. In fact, now you have a hard
drive, save the letters there instead. Yes, you can drag the
files and drop them, but why not make use of the file
requestor in your word processor instead ?
7. Sony, but the program m ust be pretty old, if not positively
ancien t, if it is worried about an extra drive. It might also
say that because it was worried about the amount of memory
available. Tty it with the drive attached.
SCSI AND SIMMS I have recently purchased a Blizzard 1260 accelerator with SCSI kit on which is mounted 32Mb of RAM. I have successfullv installed this and it all Feedback Maybe you've had the same problems as some of our other readers, and maybe you've found your own cunning solution. If so, why not write in and tell us what it was? Send your suggestions to: Feedback • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Somerset • BA1 2BW.
I STRIPTEASER l refer to the letter sent in by Peter Robinson (AF107) called The Thick Black Line. Fie should do this: Move DBLPAL, PAL and VGAONLY from System Storage to System Devs Monitors. Fie may have to do a soft reset now, I’m not sure.
Go to System Prefs and double click the Overscan icon. Click on PAL in Monitor Types, then on text edit. Fie should now press in the overscan button on the front of his Commodore 1942 monitor and never touch it again, in other words, leave it in overscan for all screen modes.
Now he should be able to set up a PAL screen by using d combination of the handles displayed on the screen and the monitor controls Once PAL is set he should click OK and proceed to set up DBLPAL. Fie should not have to touch the monitor controls in order to set up DBLPAL if l sset up PAL Using the above method with WB3 left me with a 6mm black strip on the right side of the screen, but with WB3.1 Frank Hodges Bodmin PCMCIA PORT PROBLEM PORKER l too had problems with my PCMCIA port as two of the pins were bent beyond repair. Rather than repairing the pins or replacing the motherboard as you
recently suggested, there is another way.
Buy a replacement socket from RS Components, part number 374-806.
This is under five quid and is exactly the same as the one fitted to the A1200. The hard part is to get an expert circuit board solderer to de-solder the old one and fit the replacement. There are 68 pins so don't try it yourself unless you have the proper equipment and know-how Before testing it check the holes on the card you are plugging into it with a magnifying glass. Some of them may be burred or blocked and this can be fixed by picking at them with a pin.
It is important to sort out the card or you could damage the socket again.
Andy Cunningham Staines 4* works well, but could you answer the following questions?
1. Can I use the SCSI connector in conjunction with the Squirrel
interface which I already have connected or will they clash? I
have my Aiwa ACD-300 CD-ROM drive and a Zip drive on the
Squirrel at present, Ids 3 and 5 respectively. I disconnected
the Squirrel to test the other SCSI connector with a Gasteiner
external hard drive wThich has the ID set at 2. Would the
A1200 work alright and recognise both SCSIs as the Ids do not
I knowr you will ask me why I should need to use both SCSIs when either will support up to seven peripherals and I only have three! It’s just a theoretical question and until I get a new cable to connect the CD-ROM to the new SCSI connector I don't wish to harm my .Amiga. I w ould be interested to know' if both these SCSIs can work in tandem.
2. Prior to buying the Blizzard 1260 my expansion was an old DKB
1202 board with 8Mb of SIMMs on board which, obviously,
occasionally clashed with the memory locations of the PCMCIA
slot as it wasn't compatible.
I have tried putting these same SIMMs onto the Blizzard board as they are single sided and compatible to the best of my knowledge. They are Toshiba 70ns SIMMs. When in use, however, Sysinfo only showed total memory as
35. 5Mb instead of the expected 40Mb.
It showed 32Mb without them, which is correct for the SIMMs mounted on the SCSI kit board, and it showed 8Mb for the previous board which I have used quite happily for the past four years. Can you offer any explanation for this apparent loss of
4. 5Mb of memory?
Frank Coward Burnley
1. Yes, you can use more than one SCSI interface. You can use as
many as you like and the Amiga's advanced device driver system
will work perfectly. Just be careful you don't overload the
power supply by trying to power your SCSI drives from the A
miga PSU.
The modem is obviously essential for getting online - check out our roundup of the best of the bunch in the last issue (AF108).
2. The SIMMs aren 't compatible. Most SIMMs are actually
double-sided and so they are only working to half their
ability. It's probably not a good idea to keep using them in
that manner: WIRED I am looking to get on the web in a month
or so and I am writing to see what hardware and software I
would need in order to get up and running.
]. If I get a modem and a web browser (like VoyagerNG) what else would I need? I would like to browse the web pages and download data, send emails and faxes and go on the IRC.
2. Do you recommend a 56k modem or is there no significant
increase in speed from a 33k modem?
3. How do I go about finding a local ISP, as in local to my area?
4. After connecting with an ISP can you go to any web sites, for
example Aminet and other sites on different ISPs like PIPEX
and CompuServe sites?
5. Can Amigas support and run multisession CD-ROMs and, if so, is
it through software?
6. Can scanners really scan at a resolution of 4800 x 4800 dpi in
7. How fast in PC terms is an A1200 with the PPC 603 cards?
8. -Are the PowerPC boards benchmarked against non-Intel Pcs, so
they’ll appear faster (as suggested by a PC owner) ?
9. Does the .Amiga support every scanner on the market like
Primax and Mustek?
10. With a CD writer, can you make a CD from a tape source
(analogue) so vou have a music CD playable in any CD
James Black Wembley
1. The modem is obviously the key component, but software is
slightly more tricky. You have the Web browsing sussed, but
you then need a client for each of the facilities you want: an
email program, a newsreader, an IRC client and so on. You also
need a u tility to provide support for TCP IP and manage
dialling up your Internet Service Provider - Miami is powerful
and easy to use. Raid your favourite public domain library for
all this software. .45 for faxes, that's nothing to do with
the Internet as you only need a program such as CP Fax from
Wizard Developments.
2. I would settle for a 33.6k modem. 56k modem tech nology is
still sorting itself out and performance depends on factors
such as your local exchange and your choice of ISP.
Of course, the price difference is pretty negligible between 33.6k and 56k modems, and the 56k one will work perfectly well at slower speeds.
3. Depends what you mean by ''local''. Every ISP offers local
call access, so in that respect it doesn 't matter which one
you pick.
However; if you want to support your local economy, have a look through your Yellow Pages. I'd suggest that an ISP which didn't say "Omega what?" When you telephoned them would be a better selection procedure.
4. Once connected to the Internet you can reach any other site
which is on the Internet.
What is the best way to get a large screen smaller icons? Using HiRes with two windows open leaves the screen full. Using HiRes Interlaced is better but flickery. Super HiRes makes the icons text too narrow. Would a multisync monitor cure it or would a VGA adaptor and VGA SVGA monitor be better?
2. I'm considering buying an accelerator board, possibly an '030,
50MHz with 8Mb. Do I buy a Blizzard Apollo Magnum or would a
PowerPC board give the same results ('030 50 wise) but be far
superior when software comes along?
Just how fast is an Amiga compared to a PC? You may as well ask how long a piece of string is... I would appreciate your comments and suggestions, hopefully not including Zorro slots and lots of other exciting but quite expensive addon boards.
P. L. Wilson Liverpool
i. If you can find a compatible SVGA monitor, or preferably a
compatible multisync, you can run your Amiga in a mode such as
Productivity which offers something close to the dimensions of
an Interlaced mode but with practically no flicker.
If I can't answer the question without referring to Zorro slots, them I'm afraid I don't have For example, no matter which ISP you use, you can still visit my homepages on Virgin Net. What you cannot do is access information which is held locally by CompuServe, which has it s own closed conferences that you can only access if you are a member of CompuServe.
5. Yes, Amiga's can cope with multisession CD-ROMs. The ability
to read a multisession disc, which is a disc that has
information recorded on it in several goes, is a combination
of the drive and the driver software. All recent CD-ROM drives
support multisession reading and Amiga driver software can
cope too.
6. No, at least not the scanners priced for home and office use.
What they can do is ''interpolate” the scanned data (usually
scanned at 300 to 600 dots per inch) to try to guess what the
image would look like at that resolution.
1. 1 own an Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard 1220 and an Amiga M1438S
monitor. I would like to buy a CD- ROM drive but I don't know
which one to go for.
Would a 16-speed be too fast when I only have a Blizzard 1220?
2. I have downloaded the startmenu from the Internet but I can't
install it. When I click on the install icon the computer says
"Unable to open tool". What should I do?
3. Does the PowerPC card fit in the Amiga?
4. Is there a good future for the Amiga in 1998?
Lasse anything else to say.
2. Obviously a PowerPC card would be faster. It's many times
faster than a 68060, so it's going to beat a 68030 into the
ground. However, the question is what are you going to run on
it? In an ideal world all your favourite software would be
ported to the PowerPC, with Workbench too.
However, that's not going to happen. If we are lucky, the major software products will come out in PowerPC versions and some of Workbench will be re-written. Also remember that a PowerPC card requires a 68030 present in order to work. At the moment you don't have the choice about whether to buy a PowerPC card anyway.
7. How would you tell? In terms of raw processing power, I'd say
somewhere between a P130 and a P200. I'm sure someone will
write in with a definitive answer, although I'm not convinced
it would mean much until the software appears.
8. I haven't seen any benchmarks and especially none using
comparable software. If the benchmark depends on the processor
then it's not much of a benchmark, is it?
9. The Amiga supports all the scanners which someone has written
a driver for.
Unlike the PC world, there is no universal TWAIN interface support. In other words, find your software first, and then on that basis select a scan ner.
10. Yes, you can. You just need to sample the music, convert it
into a suitable format such as 16-bit, 44.1 Khz stereo, and
then you use the CD-R software to burn the disk in A udio CD
Through your software collection and you are bound to find some program which uses it.
Alternatively, download it from the Internet.
3. Yes, not much point otherwise... The Amiga has new owners,
there are new Amigas in development. New C++ compilers have
appeared, and new hardware is promised. And we're still here!
IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just ammmmmmmmmmm mmm concentrate On Our ¦ , v- ¦¦¦ B MB ¦ & a--*- • | areas of expertise K jjfe-J I “ we take on 3,1 ¦u B your problems (as |long as an Amiga is involved).
Here are a few tips on sending in John Kennedy questions: John Kennedy
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Will it fit In an Amiga? Of course, but this one'll only fit if you've got an A4000. You'll need a Blizzard PPC for your A1200, If that's what you've got.
YOUR AMIGA ONLINE SfflSDGfe investigates a surfer's relationship with his Internet Service Provider.
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, you can contact me at dave@dcus.demon.co.uk. One man who did just that is Stephen Chandler, whose thought-provoking email inspired this article.
Internet software in general is far more user friendly than it was even a couple of years ago. When I first began dabbling with the Internet during early 1995, primitive text-based programs ruled - these were the days of AmigaNOS, Tin and Lynx.
At times there was very little to shield the user from the technical operations the machine was performing. This, coupled with the complexity of actually getting onto the Internet, meant that most users would have had a fairly good idea of the implications of, say, entering a L'RL.
Nowadays, when a user types a URL into Voyager or Ibrowse and hits Enter, considerations of exactly what he is doing probably do not even enter his mind. Using a TraceRoute program, however, it is possible to discover exactly how bits of information are taken from one computer to a remote machine on the other side of the world.
If I enter the URL for Boardwatch.com, a message is sent from my machine down my telephone line to my Internet Service Provider, Demon Internet. There it is shuffled around several different machines before being shot across the Atlantic via Demon's 45Mb s DS3 line to the United States. Then it is bounced around a few more machines until it reaches New York, routed through computers in Cleveland, Chicago and Denver, then sent through four more crvptically-named machines in the Denver area before it finally reaches Boardwatch. In total, my request has passed through 1(5 different machines, all
in a matter of milliseconds.
The complicated journey my request has made arises because of the way in which the Internet was originally designed. The Internet is a network of packet-based networks. Data from my machine, be it a request for a Web page, confirmation of having received something, direct instructions for a remote telnet host or whatever, is broken into packets, each marked with the IP address of their destination.
Routers send that information on are other routers that can do the job.
That's the theory at least. Although once upon a time all packet routers would have known exactly where each address was, nowadays there are so manv individual IP addresses out there that not every machine knows exactly where a packet of data is going. That machine will therefore pass it on to another router which does know exactly where the eventual destination is.
Fortunately, as a dial-up customer you don't have to worry too much about what happens to your data while it's in transit. It isn't going to be examined by anyone, not least because the packets which comprise, for example, an email from you to a friend in Canada may not all be sent to their eventual destination via the same route. Packet-based networking, of course, was developed by the US Advanced Research Projects x Check out our adve Thursday | January 22,1998 AOL NETFIND 0 Find a nearby bank, and galAfigjjgaJaal 0 We've got the best of TV, movies, & music here AOL NETMAIL x Check out our
adve INSTANT MESSENGER Click here to search the Web MY NEWS x Check out our adve jtml SPOrtS Computing Research Lifestyles Health Msa TRY AOL 50 Free Hours Download NOW!
Personal Finance Shaming News toteaate international Local Kids. Only x Check out our edve Net,Help Feedback unk.te.y3 flsput Apkwm There Will Be NO Amiga PGP 5.0!
Why? Consider the following excerpts from the License that comes with PGP 5.0: to use internally and solely for non-commercial purposes (as defined above) a compiled version of the source code, including any Corrections. Enhancements, Ports, or Translations (collectively, "Derivative Works') you create, provided teal you do NOT reproduce, electronically post, transmit, or otherwise distribute to anyone else any such Derivative Works.. However, you may submit to PGP (or its designee) any Derivative Works teal you create, but in doing so. .. PGP will be under no obligation to use, distribute or
otherwise exploit any such Derivative Works For these same reasons, permission to aHow you or others to reproduce and distribute any such Derivative Works or any compiled version Of the SOUP'0 rnrio «r *? !« SmirM Cnria Bartrano ri o ovi-or.1 tV.o iinnndHo'l version of tee Source Code Pacl In summary l am allowed to do n --- - - .-r couid submit it to PGP and ask tt Voyager-NC 2.91 (07.07.87) S 1995-97 Oliver Wagner, AH Rights Reserved folks about my Amiga ports, I ne' fi [tj Voyager • Welcome to Ad.com_ Amiga ("Amiga? Didn't th3t comp 11 n • ' ir ' ' I l l i i r ir ¦ ¦ .-'=~rr suhmil an
Amina.nnrt tn PGP tea I Bv:k HF-r;i j8 I I I I I I II ***** I uatiw [httjfIWw.aol.com7 It might not be much to look at, but if you're worried about the security of your email then you'd do well to take a look at the Amiga PGP page.
closest friends in Cyberspace, your ISP knows exactly r- who you really are. L ) L its way. Whereas in older single-router network systems, if a router went down the whole network would fall over, with the Internet if a single router fails there [http vw »co a -rfcr yf yi_pgp PGP for the Amiga Contents (internal links):
• Never an Amiga PGP S.Q'lil
• Whet is PGP for the Amiga?
• Downloading Amiga PGP
• Adriiior.al General nigrTnation about PGP
• Other PGF' information available America OnLine - it's big,
it's powerful, and it (allegedly) violates your privacy.
YOUR AMIGA ONLINE Standard Services |f Usenet News senet New Usenet Acceptable Use Policy iAUP.i |f Internet Relay Chat (IRC) About internet Relay Chat ;iRC ? The IRC RFC |f Global E-mail to Fax Fax aaae Mm employees who break their company's rules and read customers' email... The Electronic Frontier Foundation, (http: www.eff.orq ) of which Esther Dyson is a key member, plays a vital role in raising many issues surrounding our use of the Internet, including privacy.
The Net AOL investigating Navy discharge By Janet Komblum January 13, 1998,5:30 p.m. PT Amenca.Online (AOL) executives said today they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of a U.S Navy sailor on grounds that he allegedly admitted in his AOL member profile that he is gay.
AOL said in a statement released today, "We are investigating the Navy situation and we feel confident that our privacy policy was followed."
AOL also sent a letter to all its customer representatives "reinforcing the importance of strict adherence to our privacy policy," the company said.
AOL spokeswoman Tricia Primrose declined to comment more specifically about the investigation, but she reiterated AOL’s policy against divulging member information.
“When vnn inin the API team as.a.r.ustnmp.r service- The Net Cc Intranets
• JiUiLLt Business CNET Radio Perspectives Newsmakers Runor Mi
NEWS OPTIONS One Week View Desktop News News Alerts Custom News
Advanced Search Demon Internet, my ISP. Demon's Malcolm Muir
told me: "Confidentiality is never broken without cause."
Agency, whose ARPAnet was the precursor of the Internet.
Now a brief history lesson. Although the term Internet was in use as early as 1983, the Internet as we know it began around 1985, with five US university7 supercomputers linked by a 56kps connection. Within two years. 13 institutions across America were linked via a 1.5Mbps line. By 1989, a 45Mbps T3 backbone supported 16 sites, with around 3,500 networks connected through them. After four or five years, the appearance of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) was to radically alter the Internet.
Because your ISP provides a gateway between your home computer and the Internet, everything you send to and receive from a remote machine passes through your ISP. Theoretically, therefore, your provider could quite easily monitor what you email, find out which Web sites you've been visiting and even identify your IRC haunts.
Y y Such an invasion of privacy might involve a detailed examination of log files and a concerted effort on behalf of the individual employee concerned. As one Usenet post put it, providers "could read [your email], but lacking some important reason, they just don't have time for that," but it is nevertheless theoretically possible.
In practice, of course, the ISPs maintain that no effort is made to monitor the activities of customers.
Voyager-NG 2-31 (07.0737) o 1935-97 diver Wagner, AJ Rights Reserved Now one of the 4 most-linked-to sites on the entire World Wide Web FREE SPEECH ONLINE BLUE RIBBON CAMPAIGN DON'T MAKE Weut - . I C E= V jEf PRIVACY KEYS! 13% The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information online, as well as to promote responsibility in new media I ?!¦¦¦ I naaaia ' ' ,‘fl rmntlir roundHtlBii Please give to the EFF Stock Fund!
Trick or Trust!
Doojacrrt do»* ? About Customer Homepages ? F- ?•¦: Tij;.;r.a-;
* ¦- ::?£:? • : |f File Transfer (FTP) ? About FTP ? J.: .casing
F:;e; ? L’O :&o F A; ? Batch FTP |f Mail Susan Christie, Sales
and Marketing Manager of Zetnet, told me that their technical
department take no notice whatsoever of what their customers
are up to as "they're either too busy on the phone with
customers and their queries or playing with the flight
simulators on their computers."
Indeed, in general I'm sure that technical staff take little interest in what individual users are doing, unless they receive reports that someone is breaking the terms of their service contract, perhaps by spamming people or by posting obscene material in inappropriate places. In these cases, careful monitoring could take place.
That said, as influential Net writer Esther Dyson told me: "There are probably rogue employees who break their company's rules and read customers' email - though they could be fired for doing so." She recommends encrypting your messages if you are genuinely concerned about secrecy.
Being able to read your email isn't the only conceivable invasion of your y y privacy which an unscrupulous ISP could commit. Unlike everyone except your closest friends in Cyberspace, your ISP knows exactly who you really are.
While providers generally protect the identity of their consumers, there are circumstances in which they may be prepared to reveal your details to certain people. This is understandable in certain instances, such as if a court asked for this information in relation to civil or criminal proceedings. In some cases, it seems, an element of compulsion is not necessarily required.
The US Navy suspected sailor Timothy McVeigh had revealed his homosexuality, something the US military forbids, in his America Online profile. A Navy investigator telephoned AOL, who confirmed that the owner of a particular screen name was McVeigh.
American commentators who have read the transcript say that the AOL staff member violated the company's policy not to release customers' personal information unless compelled to do so by a court order or search warrant. The Navy may also have violated the US Electronic Communications Privacy Act.
Esther Dyson points out that AOL does "share" some information about its customers with "carefully selected partners." Fortunately, there are probably no Amiga netizens out there who access the Internet through AOL and besides, under the Data Protection Act of 1984, companies in Britain must obtain the express permission of each customer before passing details on to other companies for use in mailing lists.
Dyson says that: "Individuals' privacy should be respected, but in reality individuals must take measures to protect themselves, in proportion to the importance of their secrets."
If you’re concerned your email is being read, get a piece of software called Pretty Good Privacy and encrypt your messages. You can download it from: http: www.wco.com ~rknop amiga pqp If you think that your surfing habits are being monitored then you should switch service providers.
However, there is currently a lot of paranoia surrounding Net security and, unless they have extremely strong grounds for believing you are abusing your access privileges, most ISPs would never dream of conducting such Orwellian spying exercises.
Want a hard copy? Cbck for a printer-friendly version of this story.
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Kingston-upon-Thamcs,SurreyKT26HH TCIt 1 iOTi Husic-X
Notator-X v hidi 1 The indispensable guide to getting the most
out of your software We left you last month with the final
instalments of a lot of our tutorials.
Never fear though, there are plenty more where that came from. This month sees the beginning of a brand new C programming series.
If you want to program the Amiga, it is certainly worth learning C, and we are going to make it easy for you. There is a C compiler to suit every pocket, including some which are completely freeware, so you have no excuse.
We have another new tutorial this month, in the shape of Simon Goodwin's "Under the Bonnet".
Over the coming months he will be explaining just what is going on inside your Amiga and how to tweak your system to get the most out of it. I hope you agree that these are very exciting looking projects.
Nick Veitch SEND IT IN!
82 UNDER THE BONNET In the first part of this major new series explaining what goes on inside your Amiga, Simon Goodwin starts off with a look at startups.
Changescreen o ClicHToFront 20 CxRltNum O GxKeyclose O cycleToMenu lOO DefTool2
- 105 Directory opus 60 Drag-n-Drop
- 127 oruisizeui.33
- 52 Filesizeui.2
- 42 Fkey 40 Flushcx
- IOC GarshneblanHer O 1 | iconify ?I Lastnlertz i Local
Enforcer Magic Layers magiccolors 125 Internalional(FFS) Start
Cpl: 12 End cpi: rrer “TOUT Change... Ok
T. Li c,i: an j£J Buffers: |4»» j Boot Prioritp: |-128 | - A
startup manager can help you to keep tabs on just what you are
actually running.
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series? Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine.
Here are some things you might like to think about: PROGRAMMING is there a language you can't get to grips with? Or maybe you want to know how to do a specific thing n C or Arexx? You might never find the answer unless you write in and tell us about it!
PAINT PACKAGES Unsure of how to get a particular effect? Do you think there must be an easier way? Our experts could help.
DRAWSTUDIO is there something you desperately want to be able to draw? Drop us a line! Contact us at: AF Creative • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • Somerset BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting "Creative" in the subject line.
Draw In the final instalment of this series, helps you to see double with a guide to using DrawStudio's versatile duplication tool.
Tool, which resides in the Edit menu or which can be accessed using the keyboard short-cut of Right Amiga-D.
Contents If going around in circles is something you enjoy and fading to grey is not just a sign of old age, then in this final instalment of the DrawStudio tutorials we've got a multiple treat for you. Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me clarify- things by telling you about DrawStudio cloning, and this is no yarn about strange sheep either.
L*_! _7H Chapter l. Us|gig text in DrawStudio Chapter 2! Bitmap Fills Chapter 3. Using Compound Objects for Cutouts Chapter 4. WoFKijTgjyvith other'applications A Chapter 5. Transparency and its uses Chapter 6. Duplication made easy making copies is to use the Clone command. Cloning pictures of sheep is optional.
Before you rush for your keyboards, let me point out that before you select the Duplicate command you must have an element selected. If you try- to use Duplicate without clicking on an object first, you'll get a prompt complaining that no object is selected.
Making copies of an object may not sound like a feature that has a lot to offer when it comes to creativity, but duplication in DrawStudio is a cut above the rest while also being fun to use.
Unlike most programs, DrawStudio gives you Uvo bites of the cherry when it comes to creating a copy of an object.
The simplest method of making copies is to use the Clone command.
Cloning pictures of sheep is optional.
The clone tool simply creates an exact copy of the selected object or objects, so what I want to show you is the Duplicate Once you have selected an object, and the duplicate tool will work with any type of object including bitmaps, text and structured elements, then you can perform various operations.
Duplicate lets you make multiple copies, move the duplicates up and down the page, scale objects bigger or
2. With the text selected, choose the Duplicate tool. Take a look
at my settings here and enter them into your own requestor.
Notice that a number of the cycle gadgets are set to "Per
Copy". When finished, click OK.
Smaller and rotate the copies as well as fading both pen and fill colours across all of the copies created.
With so many options at your disposal you can spend hours and hours coming up with different configurations to create new and exciting effects. My only tip here is to use a screen grabber to take a picture of the Duplicate requestor each time you use it to create a picture. Keep the grab along with the picture created so you have a record of which configuration does what.
Just remember that the last group of settings used will be stored during the current session, so if it doesn't work out you can simply select Undo and start again from where you left off.
That just leaves me time to wish you all the best in using this great package.
If you still haven't purchased it, give me a call on 01908 370 230 and we'll have a copy to you in next to no time! Here are some examples of how just by changing one setting on the "About Object" cycle gadget in the same row as the Scale gadgets, you can vary the results. In each case I've changed the final layer to make it stand out from the rest of the duplicates. The differences are subtle so look quite carefully.
CREATING 3D EFFECTS To create text that comes at you like a speeding bullet, look at this example.
The attributes in this Duplicate requestor and this is the result you will get.
QK_ Cancel DrawStudio ©1995-199? Graham Dean, Andy Dean. V2.0.0 (May 9 1997) ? I » Parts [X: 41.029 , y: 53.46 ]_ _ IS dumber of copies |30 Fade pen _| To pjHSPUPMHi jjjUjiiiill Fade fill VJ To |Pure Red Choose... Add objects to the Q| Foreground j The duplicate function can be used for tiling pictures, as we see here. In one action I duplicated the picture vertically, and then in a second task horizontally, to create this tiled image. With a little more imagination, something useful could be created!
4 Move X Scale X Rotate [o 1 o picas Y Fade pen _| To Fade fill _| To | vj a] Layer 1 Ma| J
3. Click on the top layer of the text and change the fill and pen
colour to get a result like this. As always, experiment and
take your time to get a result of your own making.
Q1 Per copy | Q| Per copy | About object Q| Centre C?1 Per copy | About object [ [ Centre To rramiucen* Red Cnooee-.
To ! Pur®few* Choose.
Add objects to the Q| Foreground fciumber of copies
o picas ¦ w. -m Degrees THE DUPLICATE REQUESTOR . •• There are a
number of actions you can perform using the Duplicate
requestor. These include the following: ? | Duplicate tiumber
of copies 60 Left | Right | Move X Scale X Rotate Ol Per copy |
Q| Per copy | About object Q| Ol Per copy | About object Q|
Fade pen _| To }| ||i| ||j|||||||||f||||||i HHSIHIMillll Fade
fill y ~| To Pure Red Choose... | Add objects to the Q|
Foreground | ; _QK_| Cancel_| COPIES: Enter as many copies as
you like into this text gadget.
MOVE: This lets you move each copy horizontally and vertically, independent of each other. You have the choice of entering a figure for each copy to move or a figure to cover all copies. Let's say you have a box 10mm wide and you want to tile it across the page four times. You could enter either 10mm "per copy" or 40mm "In Total".
SCALE: You have the choice of scaling objects horizontally or vertically, independent of each other. The degree of scale can be Per Copy or a figure to cover all copies (In Total). You also have an About Object menu to select the point around which the scaling is performed.
ROTATE: Like the others, this figure can be applied Per Copy or as a total for all of the copies. The point of rotation can be selected from the About Object menu.
FADE PEN: The check box lets you turn this function on while the Choose button displays a requestor for you to choose the colour you want the pen colour to fade to.
FADE FILL: The check box lets you turn this function on while the Choose button displays a requestor for you to choose the colour you want the fill colour to fade to.
ADD OBJECTS TO THE: Options are Foreground or Background. This is useful because you can work out which is going to look better, the objects being layered on top of the original or behind it, and then choose the appropriate attribute.
C PROGRAMMING CHAPTER ONE for Yourself The first tutorial in this series designed to explain everything about C, presented by 1000m KK®oodo®(% Contents I Chapter 1. How a C compiler works Chapter 2. The anatomy of a C program hapter 3. Structures, pointers and memory Chapter 4. Opening an AmigaDos window Chapter 5. Simple (OS legal) graphics Chapters 6-9. More to come... C isn't particularly hard to use. It has a very small number of instructions (about 30 or so), and once you learn a Text F i©id _El E3lg] Verbrooben von Jens Gelhar am 13 01 92 i no 1 ud© st r©ajB. B ‘i string.h
• * • Oatentyper. » * * About HiSOFT C++ LS.
Sf Eintrag C Eintrag ©next, ©prev; e char name[303; cnar nummer[201; struct List© C Eintrag ©anfang, ©end©; ; A vj !neu) 0; A x. HiSoft's C C++ compiler has an excellent front end with an integral text editor.
Few tricks then it's quite logical and straightforward. It's also possible to create useful programs without knowing everything there is to know7 first - there are always a dozen different ways of doing the same things.
The second stage is to learn how your computer works. The Amiga is a fantastic machine - underneath the calm facade of the Workbench are hundreds of processes, tasks, device drivers and libraries. To make the most If you do intend to get serious about programming the Amiga then start looking for the Rom Kernal Manuals now.
These are the official books containing details on using the Amiga's operating system. Make sure you get the third edition grey ones - if you can only get one, get the Libraries volume. It's published by Addison-Wesiey, ISBN 0- 201-56774-1. Alternatively, get the Official Developer CD-ROM which contains the same information and listings in a format you can use. If you can track down a good reference book on GC++ as well, it will make your life even easier. I recommend anything written by Herbert Schildt. If you're on the net, try looking at http: www.amazon.com. Back in the old days, home
computers came with built-in programming languages, usually BASIC. These days, home computers and "real" computers are now one and the same, and instead of slow, rambling BASIC implementations we now have real development tools. These tools are capable of creating anything, from a game to a state-of-the-art application to an embedded operating system.
Learning C on the Amiga means two different things. First of all, it means learning how to program in C. uo'd flusgabe Coonst Liste &LF Tei©fonbuoh ausgeben (Eintrag *E = L.anfang; E; E = E- next) cout E- name E- nummer ; Eintrag *EinfuegCListe &L, oc*nst char hamet], const char Hummer[] . fugt ©i nsn neuen Eintrag ir. D e Liste ©in neues Element erzeugen: Eintrag ©neu = Eintrag, rl iso f tliev© top -r. I Profess ion a1.
01337, rl * so fi GO I. Ed itor C'ebugg© r and Pro;©ctmanager by Tilo Kuehn C++Ccsap ¦¦ i er by Jens Gelhar AssembIer by Kiaus-Dieter Sommer Version 28 10 97, 19:80 35 * *. » FunI tionen * * * cid Init Liste &L Initlalisier» eine L st©t Pointer auf © se*zt L anfang = 0; Lend© = 0; Hisoft&ev4.1 Pro by Ti lo Kuehr. Q199?
Top Tip neues E i sment in it i a *. Is i eren kein Speioher frei!
Of it, you'll need to know7 how these different elements interact. Again, the good news is that you don't need to know everything in order to get started.
Using the Amiga is made more straightforward because there are special files and libraries available, which mean it's possible to include function calls (say, to open a Window or print text) right in your own code.
HOW A C COMPILER WORKS C is a programming language, designed to be read by humans. For that reason it has English-sounding words rather than lists of hex digits. These words (which are referred to as Source Code) are entered into a plain text file by the programmer and saved to disk, usually with an extension such as ".c", so your program might be called "examplel.c". As you know, computers are pretty stupid and they can't simply look at the C source, decide it is a program and then run it. First the Source Code must be compiled. Unlike Arexx, which is interpreted line by line as the program
is executed, the entire C Source Code must he converted into a more machine readable format before use.
During this process the C Compiler will spot ty ping mistakes and grammatical errors like a missing bracket, or an "else" with no "if', and will stop, providing error messages for the programmer. A lot of time in program development is spent by the programmer waiting for these error messages to appear, editing the Source Code to fix them and then trying again.
Depending on the particular compiler, it may finish with a ready-to- run program, although most of the time it will create an Object file first.
Some C systems, especially the free M C++ To say C++ is based on C is a little unfair. C++ is more of an enhancement, bringing C up to date with the latest in Object Oriented programming concepts. The two languages are still very closely related - for example, a C++ compiler will usually compile C programs without complaint.
Nevertheless, there are several important additions to C++ compared to C. On a trivial note, comments in C++ can follow a single "II" rather than be nested between " *" and "* ", and it's even possible mix them to allow one comment to comment out another, if you see what I mean.
More importantly, C++ adds Classes to C. A Class is similar to a C structure in that it describes a new format for storing data. However, a Class also contains the functions which can act on the data. Unless you say otherwise, nothing else in the program can access the data other than through these functions. This helps to make software more reliable and organised.
C++ also includes features such as Inheritance and Overloading, making it possible to have multiple functions of the same name, with different definitions depending on the type of parameters passed to them. You can also define variables where you need them, not just at the start of a function.
Classes are of particular use when dealing with complicated operating instructions such as the Amiga's. Normally opening a Window requires a lot of structure definitions and function calls. With a pre-defined Window Class, you merely have to define a new variable of type Class_Window and the C++ compiler does the rest.
If you are worried about choosing a C++ over a C compiler to get started then don't be. You can learn C and then quickly migrate to C++. Or even start straight away with C++. In either case, a C++ compiler will serve you well.
As possible to program by providing an editor for entering Source Code... The original heavy- duty' commercial product was Lattice C, which became SAS C.
Sadly, this all but ceased development and is no longer available to buy.
Recently two new systems appeared, StormC and HiSoft C++. StormC is unique in that it also has a plug-in module available to develop it for the PowerPC and even the pOS system.
HiSoft C is also very j capable but it lacks any printed CanceI stdio.h stdltb.h exec types.h Iibrartes dose ¦ key; option; t ion= ; Ctopt ion! = && kev=getchar ; opt ion= toK&key); if option==’) II if option!=0) print ma in ml choice; This is a rare GUI element from SASC, which is mostly used from the Shell.
.After all this, Source Code compiled to Object ('ode linked to Executable, the program is ready to run. Now the programmer finds some more mistakes and has to go back and start again by editing the Source Code.
Yes, it's a tedious business, but the rewards are worth it. C programs are very fast and efficient and a good C compiler can often create code which even a proficient .Assembly language programmer would find hard to beat.
C is also very flexible. Because of the separate stages of linking, it's possible to mix programs written in C with programs written in Assembly language.
You don't need to know all the gory details above to get started, but it helps when things go wrong.
Or low cost ones, actually create an Assembly Language file at this point, an ".asm" file which needs one further step of Assembling.
The Object Code is a kind of half- wav house between the Source Code and the finished program, and there is a final step of Linking to produce the executable. During the Linking process, anv final missing values not stored in the j o Source file are inserted into the code.
This is when any Amiga-specific functions are associated with the various libraries which do all the hard work.
The libraries are blocks of code, stored both in ROM and 011 disk, and these allow you to create Amiga programs which look like Amiga programs, with menus, requestors, icons, windows, etc. MESSAGE OPTIONS.
NoOpt imize i B| NoGenProto | MAP OPTIONS... 1 B| NoVerbose | 1 *i NoMap 1 Ol Vers ion | SPECIAL u uwrnc peek.c prof out read.me Read.Me.6.51.info README.amiga readme.info SCOPTIONS sqama.LHA System.info test.c test.ink test_protos.h t imerZ.c window window.info window.o Save Default documentation, making it hard to recommend for the beginner.
The current batch of C C++ systems all feature an IDE. Or Integrated Development Environment. This tries to make it as easy as possible to program by providing an editor for entering Source Code, as well as all the controls for compiling and sometimes debugging your code. They also help to keep track of all the files generated and provide an effective way of managing your work.
Both StormC and HiSoft C++ have excellent IDEs and are a great way to get started with minimal fuss.
Next month we’ll get coding for real, with a look at using a C Compiler and some simple programs. In the meantime, get yourself organised with a compiler and reference material.
Do print f( prlntfC print fC printfC print f print f Colourful StormC will automatically colour the C source to highlight keywords.
The -Amiga has several good C and C++ development systems available. Dice C is one of the best known and it was recently given away on an Amiga Format cover CD-ROM (AF104).
Fiffio®oD ©cDCDdtoSm begins a new series for advanced Amiga users with a look at startups.
Contents | Chapter 1.
Startups - getting more than one in a box | 'Chapter 2.
Processor Caches - speed and compatibility Chapter 3.
Floating Point - mathematical optimisation Chapter SCSI and IDE - drives and interfaces Chapter 5.
File Systems - disk storage allocation (Chapters 6-11 More to come... Partition Device Name TT5TT0 Internat ional(FFS) Change... End Cvl: PRFTB" Ok HostID: | 7 1 Bootable n ' I Boot Priority: 1 -129 Total Cyl: 1 11445 Buffers: 1488 Add Update... CanceI partitions is worthwhile because it leaves more memory for applications.
Multiple startups is to keep several complete boot partitions on your drives and select the one you want when you J J turn on or reset your machine. The Kickstart 2 Early Startup menu, later enhanced, lists all of the partitions.
EARLY START You call the menu by holding down both mouse buttons as the computer resets. It needs a 15KHz PAL or NTSC ; Example startup-sequence using GetMouselnput V1.3 ; and a local variable - by Tim Jackson, freeware GetMouselnput LOCAL If Smouselnput EQ 1 Execute S:StartupA; Left mouse button pressed Else If Smouselnput EQ 2 Execute S:StartupB ; Right mouse button pressed Else Execute S:NormalStartup-Sequence ; No buttons Endlf Endlf UnSet Mouselnput EndCLI NIL: Welcome to the first part of our new series dedicated to getting you the best from your Amiga. We'll be discussing matters from
SCSI and IDE to file management in our eleven parts (there's only room for six in the chapter listing!) So without further ado, let's begin.
Custom startups let you configure an .Amiga to make the best use of resources that may clash. You might want Picasso96 as your default, system- friendly setup, with a nice 256-colour backdrop and commodities like ChangeScreen to re-target graphics, but most of us have some programs which need AGA and are upset by RTG. Some may require CyberGraphX, EGS or the original Picasso 2 software. With a bit of customisation you can run all of these.
The simplest way to implement Listing 1 display (toggled with the space bar) and it cannot be viewed on VGA monitors without a hardware scandoubler or flicker fixer. The menu lets you disable certain partitions or select a particular one for booting, retaining access to files on all partitions. Sometimes disabling whole partitions is worthwhile because it leaves more memory for applications.
Left to its own devices (sic) the .Amiga determines its boot partition from the boot priority set with HDToolbox. Select Partition Drive then Advanced Options to see the current priority. The floppy drive, DFO: has a priority of 5. Give partitions a lower priority, -128 to 4, so that if the hard drive gets screwed up you can still override it and boot from a floppy. Data partitions are not normally bootable, lacking system directories.
Listing 1 extends the mouse menu selection, using GetMouselnput to pick alternative startup sequences if the left or right button is held down. KeyCheck and WarnlfPressed do similar things for keyboard or joypad control.
Use this script instead of your startup-sequence (renamed default- startup-sequence), to substitute StartupA or StartupB depending on the button pressed. Similar code could select actions like Kickstart remapping, soft-kicking a different version or installing patches under mouse control.
If you add a drive or want to use an alternative boot for several sessions in a row, use HDToolbox to adjust the priorities and change the default. I put one extra low-priority bootable partition on each drive so that if a crash damages the main partition then a minimal system starts, with prominent DiskSalv and backup icons.
FRESHER STARTS Emulator users might value a custom startup that leaves the maximum possible amount of memory in one chunk for greedy Mac or PC emulation.
The same goes for other programs that demand lots of memory. Aminet's StartMem creates a temporary startup sequence that reports the amount of memory in use after each line, which is useful when tuning a startup.
Some applications need lots of chip RAM or object to certain commodities.
You might want to run a CD32 disc, which expects you to boot from the CD.
This is not directly possible on an Amiga computer with Workbench 2 or 3, but you can get the same effect with custom scripting.
Listing 2 does this in five stages. It sets symbolic names for the original and replacement system drive, OLDSYS: and SYS:. The example uses GDO: as the replacement, but it could be a partition or network drive, NET:SYS.
HDToolbox lists partition boot priority as an advanced option.
CHAPTER ONE Listing2 ;Shell Script to (re)boot Amiga from CDO: ;for Amiga Format Under The Bonnet part 1 sys:c assign OLDSYS: SYS: sys:c assign SYS: CDO: failat 21 ; First dear all assignments oldsys:c assign nil: C: oldsys:c assign nil: DEVS: oldsys:c assign nil: FONTS: oldsys:c assign niI: L: oldsys:c assign nil: LIBS: oldsys:c assign nil: S: ; Then assign to CD-ROM oldsys:c assign nil: C: SYS:C oldsys:c assign nil: DEVS: SYS:DEVS oldsys:c assign nil: FONTS: SYS:FONTS oldsys:c assign nil: L: SYS:L oldsys:c assign nil: LIBS: SYS:LIBS oldsys:c assign nil: S: SYS:S ; Re-assign to
hard disk oldsys:c assign nil: C: OLDSYS:C ADD oldsys:c assign nil: DEVS: OLDSYS:DEVS ADD oldsys:c assign nil: FONTS: OLDSYS:FONTS ADD oldsys:c assign nil: L: OLDSYS:L ADD oldsys:c assign nil: LIBS: OLDSYS:LIBS ADD oldsys:c assign nil: S: OLDSYS:S ADD ; Set current directory to root of CD-ROM cd SYS: failat 10 execute s:startup-sequence Now remove the other references to the SYS: drive, set up when the machine starts. These come in two groups.
Assignments inherited from Tripos have single-letter names - C:, the default for commands, S: for scripts, and L: for handlers, which interpret data from devices. The Amiga adds three more - DEVS: for devices, FONTS: and LIBS:, for library code. ASSIGN NIL: for each removes the connection between these names and the original SYS: drive.
Now assign those names to eponymous directories on SYS:, the new system drive. This makes the new drive bootable but it's possible that some of the programs you’re already running will need files from the old one. A group of ASSIGN .. ADD commands tells the system to search OLDSYS: too, if any J * required file isn't found on the new one.
The last few commands prepare to run the new drive's startup sequence.
Listing 3 ; CPU identification for startup screen ; Uses SNG's PEEK_POKE, Aminet misc di ; Insert in startup after EXECUTE T:M peek lib=exec 297 env:CPU if SCPU eq 127 WBStartupPlus lets you select and prioritise startup commodities.
The sub-directories, depending on whether they're selected or not.
CPU SENSING Multiple startups are useful when setting up a boot disk for other people. You might want a different configuration, PicBoot Work:Bootpic 68040_inside DETACH else if SCPU eq 255 PicBoot Work:Bootpic 68060inside DETACH endif endif FAILAT sets the default severity for fatal errors so any command that returns an error code of 10 or more stops the script, and CD SYS: sets the default directory because auto- starting Cds often assume that files are in the root.
Finally the startup-sequence on the new system drive is run.
Subsequent operations work as if you booted directly from the CD.
WBSTARTUP At the end of its startup the Amiga runs the programs in the WBStartup drawer. Like partitions, WBStartup commodity priorities determine the order they're loaded. Some need to be loaded early, like Enforcer. Others like MultiCX are best left till last.
Aminet's WBStartupPlus lets you turn WBStartup items on and off and adjust their priority. It creates 'Enabled' and 'Disabled' directories inside the normal Wbstartup drawer, adding a program which runs the 'Enabled' ones in order and ignores the rest. The Preferences program moves files between uiBStartup-t Prefs m i “ ft: ' _j changescreen
o i hUM ?1 ClicHToFront 20 yTj CXRltNum o ?i cxKeyclose o ?i
cycleToMenu xoo j oef TOOI2
- X05 yj Directoryopus GO J Drag-n-orop
- X2T _j oniJSlzeux.33
- 52 j Filesizeux.2
- 42 yl Fkey 40 yj Flushcx
- XOO i Garshneblankei O iconify _astRlert2 Local Enforcer Magic
Layers magiccolors MagicEVE_39 MagicMenu Menufy MultiCK
NeuiEdit Noisome Picassosuiitch picdrag pouiersnap
potiieriuindouis Prop3D QuicHGrab ReKeytt RenxMast screenTab
shelleench sleeping Pointers speakEasy starClicR styxBlanR
suiazinfo X25
- 125 99 O O
- lO
- 128 O 65 B 0
- TO
- 20 O
- 50 -X o
- X20 O -5 0 O O
- 20 ¦ Cancel saue Control UrtiM ImIccs Sfiect Iwt Dwice Wl CCI
priority 5 SMS trackiisk-1 priority 1 Imi carddisk-l priority 1
SMS scsi-» not bootable SMS scsi-l Envied - DU 8tsall«d - ta,
Enabled - Enabled - »1 | tisable CHJ ladies Cancel Use The
Early Startup menu can select a startup drive or disable a
Depending on the CPU or amount of memory available when the system starts up, and some old programs dislike the latest processors.
My test Amiga may contain either a 68040 or a 68060, so I've modified the startup-sequence to load a different banner depending on the setup.
Listing 3 shows the lines to add immediately after EXECUTE T:M, which loads the monitor drivers. Before that, the required mode may not be available.
If you leave it until user-startup then the banner will disappear almost as soon as it has arrived.
PicBoot loads my banners but any other program could be called. The clever bit is the PEEK LIB=exec 297 ENV:CPLT which creates a variable GPU containing the contents of ATTN_FLAGS, the system variable that indicates the CPU type. It's a mask with more bits set for later CPUs, so in this example 127 is a 68040, 255 is a 68060 and an '030 loads no banner. Later lines test the value of SCPU.
Zero signifies a bare 68000. The first bit means 68010 or better, the next signifies a 68020 or better, so a bare A1200 returns 3. 7 means 68030 or later (say a A4000 030 with no FPU) and 15 means a basic EC or LC 68040 with no FPU. I don't know anyone else who's got an Amiga like that.
Then come two bits for a 68881 or 68882 (or emulation) and one for the 68040 FPU, before the bit Commodore never used, assigned to 68060 systems.
If in doubt, try PEEKs on various systems and note the results, often affected by SetPatch, or read the file include exec execbase.i, supplied with Devpac and system-friendly compilers.
PEEK can read any other system variable, in ROM or RAM, library or device or custom chips. Read the PEEK+POKE documentation for more suggestions. The IsA4000 command detects A4000 hardware, allowing special action in a script.
AMINET RESOURCES util boot getmouseinput.lha util boot startmem.lha util boot WBStartupPlus.lha uti l cl i peek_poke. I ha Kick Veiich Send your letters to: Tf TPDoo H&Kfex?
• Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Somerset BA1 2BW or
email to;amformat@futurenet.co.uk
- putting 'Mailbag' in the subject line.
I recently dug out an old copy of AF from January ’96 (AF80). In the mailbag section I saw a letter encouraging Sensible Software to release a proper team editor for SWOS for player values, abilities, etc. You reply by saying you are attempting to put such an editor on a coverdisk. I would be very grateful if you could give me details on how to obtain this coverdisk. I currently own an A1200 and have the original SWOS plus the 95-96 and 96-97 editions.
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• Your own Amiga adverts Comments about how long it takes •
• A completed subscription form AF to reach Timbuktoo
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Nick Watts Codsall A CD should have no problems playing our
coverdiscs if you have the correct cables. _ I'll fonvard your
request to our Reader Request's department for inclusion on a
future CD. Unfortunately it isn't really possible to put it on
another floppy disk just for you - you should have made sure
you got the appropriate issue in the first place!
Forget your N64s and PlayStations, this is still the best footy game ever - fact!
I recently upgraded my A1200, adding a hard drive and 8Mb of memory and a CD32 player. I realise the CD '2 only plays CD32 games and audio Cds, but I was informed that with the addition of a GDI 4 cable then Amiga CD-ROMS could be played.
This cable is now on order.
I would like to know if this is sufficient to plav CD-ROMs fl&iiHB or will onh certain ones work? .Also, I have just ¦¦ bought tlie hist issue of Your maga ine with the dh v
- ----Could I have bought the CD Any advice and information would
be gratefully accepted as I think it is now about time I
started getting the best out of my Amiga.
Bernard Marr St. Helens I'm not exactly sure which component yon have ordered as you neglected to say who it was from. I assume that it is one of the many serial links available for A miga-CD32 communication. You will certainly be able to transfer stuff from the CD to your A1200 with such a system, but it will be rather slow if you try to run any applications from the
CD. Fortunately, our CD will work on the CD32 as well as a normal
CD-ROM drive, so you shouldn V have too much trouble.
THE GAME REMAINS THE SAME There is a game that I love called Command and Conquer: Red Alert, Counterstrike and Aftermath but it only works on the PC. I have an .Amiga 1200 so do you know if any company plans to make this game for the .Amiga?
I would also like to get an Amiga version of A Bridge Too Fat: Matthew Whitehead Deeside Sabrina Online by ©1997 Ban all Purses average machine has risen from the basic A1200. Now we have tasted blood we want MORE! Many thanks.
Rob via email Although the exact same games are not available on the Amiga, as we have pointed out on several occasions, these games are PC clones of a game which Westwood originally wrote for the Amiga - Dune and Dune II.
I'd recommend getting hold of either of them.
I'm glad you enjoyed your CD (and of course there was more than just Doom on it. I hope you find our Cds useful and packed full of stuff you would never normally come across).
We like to make (hem exciting for all our readers and we certainly don 7 make outrageous claims to include demos of games which simply don 7 exist, then conveniently not mention them at all the next month.
Oyar Dtmm HoJdmTmTB°dy and ph°- tzVou can Print -v anybody e)se would Ijk f X°u want and if ' Karen wi„ get fim chaTe at OH WHAT A CIRCUS... I believe there is going to be a World of Amiga show in England in April or May.
I wonder if you could give us details of the show as soon as possible.
However, because I've never been to England before, it would be cool if you could print a map in your magazine.
This should show the distance and Continued overleaf A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME When I received my subscription copy of AF I could barely believe my eyes - Doom on my Amiga? Is it April 1 st, I thought? No. A big thank you to id who have missed out on the revenue from thousands of software-hungry .Amiga users and who've given us a great start to the year with this source code.
Thanks also to the talented programmers out there for porting it and proving to all that the Amiga can cope with demanding games and to AF for including Doom on the CD.
.Although I am online I didn't realise this was available (the net is a big place) and I may have missed it if it wasn't for your CD.
JAM TOMORROW I hope you're not too fed up with letters of praise and expressions of well-being, but if you are, tough, because here is another one!
Our family has been in possession of Commodore's finest for the best part of ten years now. It all started with a trusty A500 which we sold after several years to upgrade to an A1200, of which we are now on our second and is linked to another A500. My dilemma is, do I recase the A1200 in a tower, like the one from Power which you gave such a good review, or do I wait and purchase one of the new Amigas like the A5000?
From what I can tell so far the A5000 is merely a recased A1200, but I stress that I do not know this for a fact. Are there any more significant features, such as a new chipset, that I have not heard of yet?
I am sure that many potential buyers are in this predicament of not knowing whether to purchase one of the many available new products or to wait to see which ones are going to be here for good.
Anyway, cheers for the fantastic magazine and let's hope that 1998 will truly be "The Year Amigas Once Again Rule The Home Computer Market."
Charles Adler Well, the decision is very much up to you. I have to stress that we have not actually been in possession of an A5000 yet, so commenting on it would be a bit premature. I know other mags have done reviews of things like the AIBox several years in advance of when it will actually be ready, but we prefer to reserve judgement until we can test things out properly.
That said, the A5000 as it stands at present is going to be an A4000 replacement. The actual chipset will not offer any more features than the one found in your A1200, although the processor will be faster and expansion easier. The answer really depends on whether you Sabrina Online by &ucCJ, E1997 "IRC: Take Two" He keeps telling me fhat 1
- fell okrier people too much about myself, I think Thais
5fupid. Whc*f* do you EH nk?
I'm sorry. I've spent all your time talking typing &) IV glcid t"o bcwe founc l ca C loot f-h some ujomen ny_ r i C S Car'I i j m a chinch j II a, ar d iVe been On the rvet* ¦four' years nou (NJo-h CO nftan-h|y -though) J) Tak 2 TakkiKi TaKKY -jAM My boy rie d says I Spend too rr»ucb time on 11 n £ b U~t he's jvst a hie) dumio nocHe.
Hnp.' vAwxcaineVpeopi&'erics'sMhrianv' direction of the show from the nearest appropriate airport.
- Also, with some programs I find that when I click on their
icons I get a Please Insert Program requestor. I then do a Show
All Icons in the window and find there is no EXE file there. If
I’m not mistaken, that’s Ben doing too much beer drinking
(hasn't he recovered from Cologne yet?).
FAST FORWARD I have been an Amiga user since my brother bought a A500 WB1.2 way back in 1987 when the 8- bit format was dying off and the 16-bit computer was just taking off. The Amiga then was brilliant, its graphics and sound stunning for its time.
Now it's 1998 and I own a souped up, accelerated A1200 with a Blizzard 1230 and recently bought a 12x SCSI CD-ROM and a 1.1Gb hard disk.
This is all well and good, but the underlying architecture is still ancient.
The 680x0 series is practically at the end of its life (even though Motorola are producing faster 68060s), AGA is too limited and slow for today's demanding software and the games just aren't as good as they used to be.
The PowerPC is the next logical choice to go for, and better graphics and an 'expandable1 system is the route I want to go down next. The A1200's all-in-one box design is too limiting and Powerllp is OK but restricted by the A1200's design.
A complete replacement is needed but without the hassle of replacing all the peripherals and software by going down the PC or Mac line.
There are some choices here: Tower up the A1200. Nice, but very expensive and limited to slow Zorro II slots being 'hacked1 onto the A1200.
Buy an A4000. Expandable, but still outdated and slow for a standard machine. It's hard to get hold of and tends to be expensive.
DCE or BoXeR. Updated Amigas with brand new motherboards which use newer 680x0 chips, a faster AGA chipset and have Zorro and ISA (PCI would be even better!) Slots.
The BoXer is the ideal choice for me as it has backwards compatibility and the option to upgrade I missed your demo of Genetic Species. Could you include the latest one on a future CD please? Cheers.
AMIGA We'll tell you all there is to know about this Amiga show as soon as we know the details!
Kenneth Heslip Dublin, Ireland Of course we will give you details of any planned show. At the moment it looks very likely that there will he an event, taking place on May 7 6th- 17th. We will hopefully produce a show guide in a f uture issue.
The Amiga is not like the PC and does not only execute fdes which have a .EXE extension. An executable file can have virtually any name. If you want to write in and explain your problem specifically, I 'm sure the Workbench department will be able to help.
Product they thought had died off, never to resurface.
.3. Invite anyone with a pre-A1200 model Amiga to enter the draw by submitting a photograph of their Amiga’s serial number.
4. Publicise in as many Amiga magazines as possible, in the
general press and also on the Web. Needless to say, a TV
advertising campaign urging people to get their old .Amigas
out of their boxes and in front of a camera for the chance of
owning a Workbench 3.1 -Amiga (with PowerPC just around the
corner) would probably go down very well. However, as we all
know, having -Amigas on TV adverts isn’t a very realistic
concept given marketing budgets which don’t reach far enough.
5. Use the logo “Amiga: Back for the Future” if nobody has
copyright to it already, as it is possibly the best phrase
I've heard for ages.
A scheme such as this would provoke just the sort of questions that we Amiga fans are dying to answer: “Why would I want one of these prizes?”, “Isn’t the Amiga old technology?”, “What features does it have which might sway me from buying a PC?”, etc. If accompanied by educational- AMIGA LOTTERY I am writing to share with you an idea I have had to help get the .Amiga's name back into the public's eye. I have written to both Amiga International in Germany and .Amiga Inc. in the USA and hope they will take it up in one form or another.
Here's the outline:
1. Set up a prize draw to take place, say, once a month and run
it for up to a year.
2. The prize would be a high-specification A1200 (towered up, of
course) or perhaps one of the up and coming Black Box systems
from Blittersoft or the Pow er Amiga from DCE Power Computing.
The important factor should be that the prize is seen, from
the public’s point of view; to be an extension of the old (and
forever original!)
To PowerPC via its own PPC mini-upgrade board, and it has very few of the limitations of PowerUp processor sharing.
If the Amiga is to continue then I think several things should happen: Continue providing AmigaOS upgrades with the aim being a PowerPC AmigaOS - this is absolutely essential!
Develop new Amiga machines and incorporate the latest technology whenever possible, again aiming towards PowerPC Amigas.
Anything less than this would be a waste of time as it really wouldn't last for very long. If Amiga Inc. doesn't aim for a 680x0 and chipset replacement then I'm sure that the Amiga will slowly die off and I would end up having to change over to a PC.
I hope that in 1998 Amiga Inc. clarify where the Amiga is really going and announce an unambiguous and clear statement for its future. In the meantime, OS 3.5 is the next thing to get.
Peter Hutchison Halifax In relation to your first point, I feel obliged to say that Zorro-lll cards are possible in an A1200-based tower, providing you get an A4000-style CPU card.
MicroniK have the facility to do this for their tower systems, as will Power soon.
It is unfortunate that, as yet, Amiga Inc. have not made any firm commitment to produce a version of Workbench for an alternative processor.
On the other hand, it is a project which would require a lot of work, and one which would only benefit the manufacturers of PowerPC cards. Can phase 5 and Amiga Inc. not work together on this?
Based advertising campaigns designed to answer this sort of question (not forgetting the literature to accompany entry forms on display in the shops) it could easily make a huge impression and revive public interest in our beloved machines.
I hope the two arms of-Amiga take an interest and go somewhere with this.
Perhaps the idea is flawed somehow, so I would welcome any feedback I may get, but I've been tossing it around for a couple of weeks now and it still sounds viable and, most importantly, it still sounds fresh and exciting.
Many thanks for reading this and for your motivating reply to Christopher Hindley's letter in AE107. Keep up the brilliant work that is Amiga Formal.
Mark Benson Norwich I hope you 11 let us know if you get any feedback from them.
- All Amiga users are feeling the effects of the decline in
available software over the years since the demise of Commodore
and various -Amiga software houses. This therefore leads me to
ask two things... If a software company has ceased to exist,
surely its tides would then be 7 considered Freeware and
their recirculation bv users and inclusion on Dear AF, A couple
of days ago, I was sitting in a chat area, talking away, when a
thought came into my head. I suddenly realised that BT
customers are being deprived of the Internet! Is it right that
we should have to pay by the minute for all our calls? No, it's
not. We should be able to log on and stay on for as long as we
wish. Apparently, Oftel (some government rubbish), do not allow
BT to offer free local calls to their customers. So, if you are
with me on this, get in contact with Oftel and share your views
on the subject. Let them know that the vast majority of the
nation do not want to pay incredibly large phone bills just for
local calls. Demand FREE LOCAL CALLS and DEMAND THEM NOW!
Internet users should have the freedom that they need to
explore the net. This pay by the minute for local calls
business must stop. And it must stop NOW.
Adrian Moorefield via email The reason why BT is not allowed to give users free local calls is that it is regarded as unfair competition. However, there is nothing to stop cable companies providing this service in the areas where they operate.
Sadly, I have noticed that Telewest, a local cable provider in the Westcountry, not only refuse to do this, but they pointedly exclude ISPs from the local numbers which can be dialled at cheaper rates. Now what's the sense in that?
Date ... Signature . Offer ends 30 April 1998. Valid in the UK only.
On sale - now!
The new-look, 156-page issue of T3 RETURN to SENDER ¦don’t respond “ur emaiTl sfolV'T be«“re you . -.ilPKsagems and see that it is a . Tyour mag in the stuff on the cover Cds I ***** !iot Xce money on a '040 25 for „lv Amiga. " bUy excePt' spent all my ‘mail,gets a resfior.setoken we Tf *"* '***"*** Pressed all "of,2 1 il’S lmP° le to ans rZT '’ ** ‘° ** a«°f He mail that weget ls actually reT[ 7 However About 30 % of the mail - „ ’ 0r Ben¦ Msome reason, people still ignoToZZf°‘ &*** because If for example, you are sendhJ °* Messing it r*s 35***** ¦ - ¦*i” * cover disks, etc, could no
longer be considered to be piracy.
2. Each progressive upgrade of the Amiga (WB1.2 to WB1.3; 68000
to 68020 to '030 & '040; A500 to A2000 to A3000, A1200 and
A4000 and the advent of hard drives) have all seen usable
software become dust gatherers because they no longer work on
the newer system or machine as they aren't HD installable or
suffer other problems.
I have an abundance of great titles that are no longer usable because of the various upgrades which I have made over the years.
I would love to be using this Continued overleaf Digital cameras How much money should you spend, what quality can you expect, and why should you buy one in the first place?
Hi-fi supermodels 14 pages packed with some of the most gorgeous audio gear you’ll ever clap eyes on.
Sexy diesel shocker!
Discover the new diesel engines that are smooth, silent and super-quick.
SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER SETI on your PC 3 trial issues for only £4.50
• Save £1.20 an issue on the cover price
• Each issue delivered free to your home Title
(Mr Mrs Miss Ms) ...Initials ..
Surname ....
Address ......
Huw you can search for extra-terrestrial intelligence on your
hnme computer.
DVD: Postcode ... Daytime telephone . I would like to pay by O Cheque (payable to Future Publishing] CU Visa E2 Mastercard Card number . why oh why?
We re still waiting tor DVD to hit the high street.
T3" ‘ ' ‘ the ..Expiry date.
Hell is going on... Return to: T3 Subscriptions, Freepost (BS490O), Somerton, Somerset Tall 6BR ORDER HOTLINE: 01458 271121 Please quote code when telephoning Code: GM498 software as, even today, they are great titles. Amiga emulators have enabled PC owners to enjoy Amiga titles that .Amiga owners can no longer enjoy.
Unfortunately, I don't have the programming skills to be able to create program patches or HD installers. How about those with these skills using them to flood the Amiga scene with a revitalisation of all those great titles that we are unable to use. Sure, new titles are welcome but there's still a lot of life in many of the older ones.
Peter Redstone Australia
- »-»-* Also, what kind ot conns “ ¦* «"* * upgrade „ PowerPC
or is » G»™ e'rtwer b« 11--or, 1 would really Ute ¦ , wul.oru
losing ''Id’o s ROBOTlCS c asss* - ,-6ob-* ' find out what
Arnigal I *»* *£*££££.»» ’*££5. * * • .
Sl~r,“:»,Sed the little * « * "PP“" Can I use it with my Anuga or I d by my proper, Demon?
Vincenzo Morra vmorra@morres.demon.co.uk weeks, then write the whole t,ud, and Cds - Zf uewhen it first appears
* thtnk we sit around do,ng nothin* , couple of A lot of people
* ¦¦ •* r:z", v ¦» S*,««- » .CZ • fCSS p ¦ * esssii «*«**• »
“ «** “ Hrnm. Unfortunately, even if the game is no longer
published or the publisher no longer exists, the copyright to
the work will still rest with someone.
It is still illegal to distribute illegal copies. Elvis has been dead for years, but you can’ just create a new compila tion of h is songs and then start flogging it or giving it away.
As to your second point, that is largely because the people who wrote the games did not stick to the Commodore guidelines. Obviously, they weren t to know that one day everyone would have WB3.1 ROMs and '060s, but that is largely why these old games are incompatible.
There are ways, which we have detailed many times before, of using utilities such as ReloKick to run older games (sometimes turning off CPU caches and choosing Original Chipset from the early bootup menu will do the trick), but for some games a patch is the only solution. Many programmers have helped out with installers and patches - just check out our CD!
SIM LETTER I’d just like to ask if there are any other Sim titles for the Amiga? Sim City 2000 is great, but I haven't seen any other titles anywhere. If there are other Sim titles other than this then I'd be grateful for any information on where I could buy them and how much for.
Mc,i a „ news ls th rough the rest of the mag up to date.
The fastest Amigapossible ,. . Hntch Read the instructions Power first Your Aura snouu, ~ for the PC or a direct pat h. rend them, then we work be written. So it is
Buy the adaptor from pretty much up to date _ be wdl advised to get an Quake is tt Power Tower but you wdl need to Vnu can use re-'1' i- Aura should work fine.
V90 standards you si Better still, a demo on the games coverdisk would help all of us Sim fans decide whether we should buy them or not.
Blaine Pike. 10 Tyne and Wear
Ilmm ot 'If r»; Luck tesvtr tr mnbr jast stap 4ita Tfc Mat s* far..... Hmih uni tk entire enters* is fntes yw'te las' cwat, tm ar» m p-jr ¦ a* hrpwa rv 3 *mll iWirAt fm H. v**'.,. wee frm tie fttitratiM, ht that's at* inHrtitf rijM dm. Cs tW ¦at fate, ktxnr, iw set m?U |. Taiuu m trs'aiireJ totor tia a Iwat sh» casia*. Tins rHalted m tie loss M all yew riewtsias credits, -.ti a Is* resulted i» yts usn.? Acre f«l lk» planned fir tt* jwrev Tits Wd He Bilwteoate elfeil «l causim vsu It ru* oat of tael la»s befor-e vw Jr a jr hnn» Hfter drifties paperless fur setreral ueets, war ship so«elMu
neafes ta liter sect the erdit ef a tetally iKOtsricats plater. A*d crash-1 aids m a ti.w islad it a eassiee wea.
Did His is ritere ue lane i». Lev strip is a cinplete urite iff: the oaly peice »f hardatre tia* m eald ialvase uas 1 p«r*ible traaslitiif deaite ? Ha* rae rprtallp Prsagtste ta a*it tim a«, iarvfugagp aitfcer riurr nr ¦rit’e*. L«*7 ild «m. If prw're really lacit. Toamaht fn sateotie It talk *».
Press » ke» t ctntisae...... Yes indeed, there were a number of different Sim titles which predate Sim City 2000 by quite a bit. The original
• Sim City for one, Sim .Ant and not forgetting Sim Life.
Unfortunately they are all rather old now and I don V hold out m uch hope of you SpaceJest isn't much to look at, but it is an incredibly addictive text- based adventure game.
DO write to us on any topic you like, as long as it has some relevance to the Amiga or Amiga Format.
DO use email if you prefer. The address is amformat@futurenet.co.uk, but be sure to use the subject "Mailbag" or your mail won't be read.
DO try to make sure what you are writing will be of interest to other readers, or that it raises some valid point.
DO make some sort of effort to make your letter legible. If we can't read it, we can't type it in.
DO keep your letter concise and to the point. If it is two pages of A4 then we'll probably get bored and bin it long before we reach the end.
DON'T bother writing to tell us that you agree with being able to buy them from anywhere. Your best bet is to place a wanted ad in the Reader Ads section of Amiga Format.
SUB CULTURE I just received my first subscription copy of Amiga Format. I think you may have seen my name in the new list of subscribers as the very first thing I saw when I opened the packaging was the name of one of my programs, Hal, on the Subscriber’s Superdisk! Not only that, but another of mv programs, SpaceJest, turned up in the PD section - not just reviewed, but made the Selection Of The Month!
I’m glad that someone out there still plays and enjoys text adventures.
.All I can say is that vou ve made me very
* J happy and it's spurred me on to write more.
For what it's worth, I'm bus}- with another adventure game which will be even bigger and better than SpaceJest, and Hal has also been updated since the version on the disk (although the new version is only going to be available from my homepage for the time being).
There’s a few other goodies to download from there as well. If you’re interested, the address is below-.
Once again, thank you very much for making my day!
Simon Champion spudley@mr-potatohead. Com http: village, vossnet. Co. Uk c champion a previous letter if you aren't going to add anything to the debate.
DON'T write including a personal letter disk to someone who appeared in Mailbag two or three months ago - we won't still have their address.
DON'T address technical queries or reader ads to Mailbag - your letter will be put in the wrong pile and then it may never come to the attention of our technical experts.
DON'T include an SAE. We are far too busy to reply personally and you are just needlessly giving money to the Post Office.
DON'T forget that we occasionally award a Star Letter prize, if your letter is funny enough or is jolly helpful.
WRITING TO AMIGA FORMAT DO'S AND DON'TS I assure you our interest in your output was purely based on merit. I hope you will submit any further work you do to our CD Submissions department. Thanks for all your efforts so far.
Official Government & Educational orders welcome Tel: 01543 250377 ...... or send cheques to: Owl Associates Ltd Dept 582, Owl House, 5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE Normal UK Delivery £2.00, Next Day £7.50 All Prices INCLUDE VAT (@17 2%) E & O E Printer Ribbons BLACK 1 off 2± 5± I0± Amstrad DMP2000 3000
2. 80
2. 65
2. 45
2. 25 Amstrad PCW8256 LQ3500
2. 85
2. 70
2. 50
2. 30 Citizen 120D LSP 10 Swift 24 5 ) 2.85
2. 70
2. 50
2. 30 Epson LQ100
4. 10
3. 95
3. 75
3. 55 Epson FX MX RX80 FX LX800 2.90
2. 75
2. 55
2. 35 Panasonic KXP1123 1124 1140 3.46
3. 31
3. 11
2. 91 Panasonic KXP1080 1180 90
2. 89
2. 74
2. 54
2. 34 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 218 0 4.95
4. 80
4. 60
4. 40 Star LC10 20 100
2. 29
2. 14
1. 94
1. 84 Star LC200
3. 00
2. 85
2. 65
2. 45 Star LC24- 10 20 200
2. 86
2. 71
2. 51
2. 31 COLOUR Citizen 224. 240, Swift 24 9
8. 99
8. 84
8. 64
8. 63 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 218 0 8.99
8. 84
8. 64
8. 63 Star LC 10 20 100
6. 00
5. 85
5. 65
5. 25 Star LC200
9. 78
9. 63
9. 43
9. 03 Star LC24 - 10 20 200
9. 63
9. 48
9. 28
8. 88 These are just a small selection of our Compatible Ribbons
- Ring for those not listed Inkjet. Bubblejet Cartridges The
PC and Mac magazine for art, design and technology Apple
16. 30 Canon BJ 10, lOex, lOsx, 20
16. 30 Canon BJ 30. 70 Bik (Pk 3) BC1-10BK
8. 00
12. 60 Canon BJC 70 Blk (Pk 3) BCI-11BK
7. 00
12. 50 Canon BJC 70 Col (Pk 2) BCI-11C
11. 00
17. 20 Canon BJ 200 10 30 40 Black -
16. 30 Canon BJC 210 40 Colour -
19. 90 Canon BJ 300 30
5. 20
12. 30 Canon BJC 600 10 20 Black
3. 00
9. 00 Canon BJC 600 10 20 Cyn. Mag or Yel
3. 00
7. 50 Canon BJC 4000 100 200 Large Black -
23. 50 Canon BJC 4000 100 200 Hd*Blk+Col -
34. 00 Canon BJC 4000 100 200 Small Black
4. 00
8. 00 Canon BJC 4000 100 200 Small Colour
8. 00
14. 90 Commodore MPS1270 -
10. 80 Commodore IP3300 Blk Head + Refill
39. 00 Commodore IP3300 Blk Clip-In Refill -
15. 00 Commodore IP3300 Colour -
33. 00 Epson Stylus 400, 800. 800+, 1000 Black
6. 00
10. 80 Epson Stylus Colour, Pro XL Black
6. 00
11. 90 Epson Stylus Colour. Pro XL Colour
10. 00
22. 50 Epson Stylus 820, Colour II IIS Black
6. 00
16. 40 Epson Stylus 820, Colour II IIS Colour
10. 00
21. 10 Epson Stylus Colour 200 Black
6. 00
16. 40 Epson Stylus Colour 200 Colour
10. 00
22. 50 Epson Stylus Colour 400, 600 Black
6. 00
17. 90 Epson Stylus Colour 400. 600 Colour
10. 00
22. 00 Epson Stylus Colour 500 Black
6. 00
17. 90 Epson Stylus Colour 500 Colour
10. 00
22. 50 HP Deskjet 400. 500 10 20 40 50 60 Black -
21. 00 HP Deskjet 400. 500 40 50 60 Tri-Colour -
22. 50 HP Deskjet Portable, 310 20 40 (High Cap.)
19. 50 HP Deskjet 600 60 90 93 94 Black -
23. 00 HP Deskjet 600 60 90 93 94 Tri-Colour -
24. 00 HP Deskjet 600 60 90 93 94 Photo Tri-Colour -
31. 80 HP Deskjet 820 50 55 70 Black -
24. 00 HP Deskjet 820 50 55 70 Tri Colour -
25. 50 HP Thinkjet Quietjet -
10. 80 We also stock other cartridges & refill kits suitable for
most inkjet bubblejet printers.
Ring for details & prices for those not listed Ring us and WE WILL BEAT all other Ribbon prices Laser Toners HP Laserjet II III 35.00 each HP Laserjet IIP IIIP 40.00 each HP Laserjet 4L, 4LM 50.00 each HP Laserjet 4, 4M 65.00 each Panasonic KXP-4410 4430 20.00 each Panasonic KXP-4400 5400 17.00 each High quality re-manufactured toners - originals also available Miscellaneous Items ut laoreet dotore f Ring for Toners not listed 100 3M" Disk Labels
1. 99 Mouse House
2. 99 1000 3JT Disk Labels
8. 99 Glass Screen Filter 17"
29. 99 1000 White Tractor Feed 14" 15"
16. 99 3X" Disk Labels
10. 99 Pvthon 5 Joystick
10. 99 3X" Disk Cleaning Kit
2. 99 Warrior 5 Joystick
10. 99 Parallel Printer Cable
3. 99 Super Warrior Joystick
15. 99 Mouse Mat
2. 99 Skymaster Joystick
29. 99 Dust Covers - Ring for prices Branded CD-R
2. 70 each
2. 55 each 3'A" Disks Bulk Branded 1-9 . 10-19 supplied 20-49
w,th 50-99 100+ All Apple Stylewriter Canon BJ
10 10ex 20 200 230 Epson Stylus 400 800 1000 Epson Stylus
Colour Black Epson Stylus Colour Colour HP Deskjet 500 Series
Black HP Deskjet 500 Series Tri-Col Star SJ48 HD £8 £24 S46
All disks Certified 100% ERROR FREE & Include FREE Labels DD
£5 £10 £16 £29 HD £6 £11 £18 £33
2. 45 each
2. 30 each
2. 15 each 10 disks 25 disks 50 disks 100 disks cases Disk & CD
Boxes 3JTT00 Capacity Box 5.99 3 " 10 Capacity Box 1.50 2
Capacity CD Cases 0.75 Inkjet Bubble jet Refill Kits
8. 50 for 2 x 20ml Refills
8. 50 for 2 x 20ml Refills
8. 50 for 2 x 20ml Refills
8. 00 for 2x 12ml Refills
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12. 00 for 12ml of each Col
8. 50 for 2 x 20ml Refills lu'j ij 5 liii jjiuj iunul's *wuiiil
Ur uui
- iuular FIXED PRICE ONLY £38.99 Ind.
(A500 +, A600 and CD32 only) Established 16 Years indusive
* Price includes PARTS, LABOUR & VAT
* 90 Day Parts and Labour Warranty
* 24 Hour turn-around on most repairs
* Upgrades fitted free with repair
* If drive keyboard needs replacing add £10.00 (add £6.00 for
return carriage) AMIGA A1200 Repairs only £48.99 Fully ? ? ? ?
? ? Repairs while-you-wait add £10.00 mmmm $ me$ We are the
largest distributor and retailer of Amiga spares in the UK,
with an inventory of some 150,000+ parts. Large quantity
discounts and catalogue available to trade.
Price SPECIAL OFFERS A500 Internal Drive £28.99 A600 1200 Int Drive £28.99 Kickstart 2.05 £19.90 Super-Buster 1C £15.00 A520 Modulator Xchg£18.00 8520 CIA £12.00 A500 600 1200 PSU £25.99 A1200 Keyboard £3440 A600 Keyboard £19.00 A500 M Board v6 £58.00 CD-32 PSU £25.00 CD-32 CDR0M Drive 0540 CHIPS | KEYBOARDS | CASES PSUs AMIGA PC KEYBOARD ADAPTOR (All Amigas) £25.00 PC Keyboard £16.
DART Computer Services SALES Pos,agc s Packing add 105 London Road (0116) 2470059 uat raLmiig auu i__ w The Guild or Computer Services Master Craftsmen FAX (0116)2558643 LEICESTER LE2 OPF leg FREE READER ADS fTi Reader Whether you want to make money make friends or make sure you find that elusive piece of software, this is the place to look.
• Squirrel (new) £30. Cumana external drive £20. Worms, Monkey
Island 2, Syndicate, Wing Commander, Overlord, Colonization,
Settlers, boxed originals, £8 each. Trevor, 41 Britannia Court,
Duke Street, Derby, DE1 3BJ.
• External SCSI, 12x CD-ROM drive with Surf Squirrel, £150.
0114 2495172.
• Lemmings, Crystal Kingdom, Dizzy, Seek and Destroy, Banshee, £5
each. Heimdall 2 CD32, Microcosm CD32, Enchantia, £8 each.
Legends, Dune 2, Police Quest 2, SWOS, Operation Stealth, UFO
Enemy Unknown, £10 each. ® 0161 3049471.
• CD32 as standard, one controller, PSU, all leads and 46 games.
Few games not owned, perfect condition, all for £250. Contact
Mark Griffiths, 87 The Hollands, park Road, Hanworth,
Middlesex, TW13 6PR.
• A3000, 18Mb, 100Mb HD, 1084S monitor. Swap for best A1200
offered or sell. Offers? ® Lee 01253 500447.
• Accelerator board. Magnum '030 40MHz and 16Mb RAM, £100. Power
scanner, b w greyscale, £25. ® 0181 4523389 (evenings).
• Amiga 1200, 10Mb, 80Mb HD,
33. 6K modem, mouse, software, Comms Internet software,
utilities, Citizen 120D+ printer, external drive, £200.
« Dave 01992 414546.
• 4 speed SCSI (external) CD-ROM.
Sensible offers welcomed. ® 0411 352018.
• 1 Power b w hand scanner and software, £40 ono or swap. Also,
Surfer Dacom, fax DATP voice modem,
33. 6Kbs. Plus Netconnect software, £80 ono. Brand new, never
used, still in box Datel Graphic Tablet and software, ideal
for use in Dpaint, Brilliance, etc. £30 ono or swap. ® 01744
• A500(+) PSU £15. A520 modulato, £15. A500(+) keyboard £15.
A500(+) internal drive £15. External floppy disk drive £20. 3
Dave 01386 423265.
• Amiga 1200 Blizzard 50MHz, 4Mb, 200Mb HD, go with 200W
transformer, monitor CD32. 50 boxed games, 5 Cds, external disk
3.5" drive, £375 ono.
® 0118 9833313.
• A500 with Workbench 1.3, 0.5Mb memory upgrade and manuals, £40.
Extra disk drive £15. Various flight sim games £3 each. A1200 games for sale, £5 each. ® 01707 664385.
• A1200, 030, 50MHz and FPU, 8Mb RAM, 850Mb HD, Genlock, ProGrab,
monitor, printer, manuals, loads of software, CD-ROM, extra
disk drive.
Selling under duress for bills. £650 ono.
® Paul 01939 210297 anytime.
• A1200, 2Mb RAM, Workbench, Abe Printer and Philips monitor,
instruction manuals and disk. Also joypad, mouse, printer lead
included, £450. W 01698 821029 after 4.30pm.
• A500+ Cartoon Classics pack, £50.
Games including Humans, Robocod, Chaos Engine, Nick Faldo's Golf, £5-£10 each. Analogue joystick £10. Media Magic, £20. Mouse and mat, £5.
• Simon 01706 845191.
• VIDI 12RT frame capture system, boxed with software manual and
cables, £25. RocTec external floppy drive, suit any Amiga,
boxed as new, £25. ® Brian 01384 860358.
BUY AND SELL HARDWARE & SOFTWARE... FOR FREE The editor reserves the right to refuse or amend ads.
We accept no responsibility for typographical errors or losses arising from the use of this service.
Trade ads, including PD advertising will not be accepted.
Name: .. Address: (Not for publication) .....Postcode . Telephone: ...Date: .. Please tick to show required heading Q For Sale Q Wanted Q Personal (_) User Groups Return to: Reader Ads • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW Unfortunately we cannot guarantee insertion in a particular issue.
I have read and understood the conditions for the inclusion of my ad Signature: .. Use one space for each word. Only the words in this section will be printed FREE READER ADS fT:
• Amiga 1200, 80Mb internal HD, hires stereo colour monitor,
joystick, trackball, some software boxed. PWO, £225 ono. ®
01384 860358.
• A1200 Desktop Dynamite pack with external floppy drive,
Pro-Grab, 24-bit real-time digitiser, all manuals.
270Mb IDE hard drive and a few games.
Daisy Wheel printer. £350 ono. ® 0956 118122.
• Tidbit 60 hard drive, 60Mb, VGC, bargain £20. Ross Whiteford,
Cordon Mains, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, PH2 9LN. ® 01738
• Blizzard 1230 Mk V Turbo accelerator, 8Mb RAM, no longer needed
due to upgrade. Box and manual included, excellent condition,
£120 ono. Includes free Breathless. 0113 2266523 (9am to 3pm
• Graphics and video system.
4000 '030, 16Mb RAM, 250Mb HD, multisync, 24-bit graphics card, Opal Paint, Image FX, Brilliance, Framegrabber, Genlock. £1000. Offers.
Also, printers and flatbed scanner. Any offers? ® Geoff 01638 720048.
• A600 memory expansion, 65Mb HD, sampler, loads of software,
CBM 1084 colour monitor, £40. CD32 plus software, £45. ® 01228 592791.
• A3000 with 6Mb RAM, mouse, keyboard, 540Mb HD, Commodore 1084S
colour monitor, loads of software installed, £375 ono. 8Mb RAM
card for A1500 A3000 A2000, £50 ono. A1500, needs mouseport
repaired, offers. ® Billy 01482 871855.
• A1200, colour monitor, desktop cabinet, fitted with 1.2Gb hard
drive and 8 speed CD drive. Lots of software, mags, Cds, etc.
£300. ® 01522 889620.
• Surf Squirrel £50. 5x Zip carts £40.
SCSI 25 50 changer £5. 25 50 SCSI cable £5. Money Matters v4, AB3D2 £10, £10 each. A1200 keyboard and casing, offers. ® David 01904 624637.
• A500+, leads, power pack, mouse, 100 games, RAM card, joystick,
disk holders, printer. All for £100. ® Dawud 0181 8814086.
• A1200, 270Mb hard drive, 6Mb RAM, monitor, joysticks, WW6
organiser, MM4 Datastore. Lots of other software and games,
£350 ono. ® Chris 01252 522040 (evenings).
• CD32 for sale. Reason for sale is upgrade of A1200 CD drive.
Includes Power Pack, aerial, joypad and games- Microcosm,
Cannon Fodder, Project X,
U. Body Blows, Heimdall 2 and MUPLC.
£180 ono. ® 01667 493385 (after 5pm).
• 60Mb 2.5" HD. Screws, cable, software, instructions,
partitioned and formatted. 2 years old. £15. ® Daniel 0181
5205238 (after 6pm or weekends).
• On the Ball (World Cup Edition), mint condition with manual,
Syndicate (never played) £8. Amiga hyperpad controller, as new, £5. Add 50p p&p for original boxes. ® Nigel 01978 264233 (evenings).
• 3000 spectrum games on CD with emulator program, £10. ® 0411
715548 or write to Ian Otter, 5 Vaughan Avenue, Grimsby, DN32
• A1200 6Mb, 340Mb hard drive, much original software and games,
£300. Also A500 1 Mb, much software and TV adaptor, £100. ®
Chris 01590 673945 (London delivery possible).
• Calling all Amiga enthusiasts wishing to help set up an Amiga
user group in the Basildon Wickford area. ® Mick 01268 761429
(evenings or weekends only).
• The Surrey Amiga group. One of our aims is to help people get
onto the Internet with their Amigas. We are based in Guildford.
Contact our group secretary, Rob Gilbert ® 01932 875336 or
email gilbie@arrakis.u-net.comp or ® Scott Hughes 01483 576840.
• ICPUGSE weekly meetings at Biggin Hill with lectures, clinics,
workshops, help, chat, etc. Get more from your Amiga. Fun and
informative, visitors welcome. For details ® Len Beard 01689
813616, or visit www.icpug.org.uk
• Amiga users in Belgium. There is a new club in Antwerp. Join us
now. ® 03 8291039 after 5pm.
_ ,__ !
• I'm an Amiga user from Russia. If you can help me with software
and hardware of are just interested in contacts, write to
Sergey Ignatiev, Imenevo, Krasnoqrmeisk, Chuvashiya, 429624,
• Amiga 1200 user of only 8 weeks needs all the help and advice
he can get. 59 years of age and pretty thick, but eager to
learn. North Wales area.
® 01244 816055.
• Semi-professional AMOS programmer requires people (age, sex and
creed not important) to do graphics and sound for possibly
commercial game. Contact A Ramsay, 16 Anderson Street,
Inverness, Scotland, IV3 6DF.
• I'm disabled and can't move too much. I have a second hand
A1200 without Workbench 3.0 or 3.1. If you could send a copy
then please help me.
Thank you. G.P. Georges, 43 Marlborough Drive, Walton le Dare, Preston, Lancs, PR5 4QU.
• Amiga related hardware bought for cash, other platforms
Especially after: Multisync monitor and A1200 68040 card. Portsmouth Fareham area. Swaps considered. ® John 01329 664735 (evenings) or email johncdu@hotmail.com
• Scala MM300 or 400. Willing to pay a reasonable price. ® 01232
614086 (ask for Billy).
• Mastering AmigaDos 3 volume 1 (tutorial). Also Hackers
® Steve 01902 419292.
• I'm looking for Bars and Pipes Professional, Indiana Jones: The
Fate of Atlantis and Flight of the Amazon Queen, preferably
boxed. 01244 812514 after 6pm or email chindley@usa.net
• PD contacts wanted for software swapping. Write to Colin
Marshall, 9 Farm Hill Way, Meanwood, Leeds, LS7 2SQ.
• A1200 owner looking for cheap games and software to buy, swap
or borrow. Please send price lists to: Stuart LeGrice, 46
Victor Gardens, Hawkwell, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4DS.
• CyberStorm '060. Must be the Mk II version. I will pay about
£300 for one with no RAM. Contact "SlarTee" on IRC amiga. ®
01603 702644 or email George.Robertson@ukonline.co.uk
• Amiga contacts wanted. Boxed games for swap or sale, ring for
® 01264 394152.
• ProGrab 24RT plus video digitizer for A1200. Will swap for CD32
with 1 controller and 6 games. Will pay postage. ® Craig 01243
• Any rugby computer games for reasonable price. Also, 2.5" or
SCSI hard drive.® Todd 01738 850732.
• Standard A1200 in exchange for A600 with 2Mb of memory, tons of
software and cash. Also, Midi keyboard and interface. ® Ben
01245 350561 any time.
• Cybervision 64 3D with monitor switcher, only 3 months old,
swap for PicassolV. Wanted for Vortex GoldenGate 386 board, CPU
486. Also wanted, manual for the 386 board. ® Warren 01554
• Subscribers CD-ROM containing Wordworth 5, Organiser 2,
Datastore 2, Money Matters 4. ® 01665 513023 (evenings).
• Body Blows disk 2 and Cruise for a Corpse disk B. My original
disks have developed read write errors. Will pay £3 for each
disk. ® 0181 460 1211 (after 5pm).
• Space Crusade, good price paid or swap. Also, has anyone got
the game Space Hulk they want to sell or help me with, because
I have this game and disk 3 is dead. Help! ® 01744 733984.
• Premier Manager 2 and 3 required for Amiga 500+. Must be boxed
originals with protection documentation and manuals. Send
details to Andy, Flat 2, 113 Moseley Street, Birmingham, B12
• Championship Manager 1 wanted for the Amiga 600 or 1200. Does
anyone know where I can get a copy?
® 0181 5678133.
• Amiga 1200 and A500 contacts wanted. Contact Frank Haaland, PO
Box 15, N-5240 Valestrandsfossen, Norway.
• Graphics program. Dogs, by Real Things. ® 0113 2930758.
• Amiga ROM Kernal manuals (v2.04+) wanted. Also Killing Game
Show and Monkey Island 2. Reasonable price paid. ® Dennis 0181
• I'm looking for Superfrog for my A500 or A1200. Anyone got it?
® Carl 01652 628504 (after 4pm). Must be virus free.
• Contacts for swapping software and general chat. Also, you
might be interested in joining an 18s only diskmag. ® 0411
• Amiga contacts in Israel wanted.
Please get in touch as I'm stuck here with my A1200. Fax or ® 9724 9510527.
S plucks out pictures of planes and Pink Floyd for this mon aarachutists, th's Gallery.
Adam Mawson Egypt Adam Mawson Not the Kings wood!
Adam wins this month for this picture which is a great composition.
The render doesn't quite work (perhaps you should turn down the reflectivity of the bumper, Adam), but it's quite deserving of the prize.
Adam Mawson 20th Century Fox A nicely observed homage to one of the world's best- known logos.
Altogether now, hum the tune and imagine the lights moving backwards and forwards.
Nice motion blur really makes this fast-moving picture work. Your entries this month are much nicer than the static images of planes you previously sent us, Adam.
Callum Millican Alienraytracery Dead simple and it's quite obviously an early try with a rendering package. We look forward to seeing more work from you, Callum.
Dario Pane Infinity Dario has used Lightwave 5 for this atmospheric image. The colours are great and the modelling's pretty good too.
James Metiers Chutist James Metiers Implosion James also did the cracking picture on the cover of our CD. It's a shame he didn't see fit to include his address or any contact details with his entries.
Daniel Pimley Attitude Hmm, not sure if we should let this one in since it's a hand- drawn image in charcoal which has then been scanned. Ah well, it's such a nice picture we couldn't let it go by, but let's see some computer-based artwork from you next time.
Paul Walker Division Beil Paul Walker Alley We seem to be attracting Pink Floyd fans right now with Kris Dorn's Animals cover last month and now this hand drawn Division Bell from Paul.
His Alley is nice too and took ages to render!
Welcome to our completely new-look AFCD25 Things have changed quite a bit, so do keep up as GB@oo W®sG introduces just what's gone on.
- ln_+hc-_Mag- 9 Si a Bc-n_3pc-aks!
+3ystc-m+ J I When you're sending in your submissions make sure you give us an address where you can be contacted.
The address to send your stuff to is: CD Submissions • Amiga Format 30 Monmouth St. • Bath • BA1 2BW In our continuing bid to make our CD ever better for you, dear reader, we've decided to follow the army maxim of KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid, and reduce the complexity of our CD for you. Instead of the familiar nine drawers and two files visible at the root of the disc, we've cut that down to just six drawers and one file.
The upshot of this is that the drawers have been shuffled around vet again, but I promise it won't happen again unless really necessary. Anyway, just so you can get to grips with it, this is the way things will work from now on:
• +Look_here_lst!+ is gone. The files and drawers that were in it
READER WARRANT ...¦¦¦¦.¦¦¦¦v.y 1 = The new layout of the
CD takes a bit of explaining, so here's where things are going
to be from now:
1. The Coverdisks drawer is the same as always, only it's now
been moved to the top left. Sorry to all those who could click
on it blindfolded before.
2. The Screenplay drawer is also unchanged. Here you'll find
games-related stuff of all descriptions.
3. The In the Mag drawer is now the hiding place for Reader
Requests which have been moved there from the now defunct Look
Here 1st! Drawer, and demos from the removed PD Select.
4. Ben Speaks has been updated to use HTML, as from last month.
You can also browse the websites on the CD through it.
5. The ReaderStuff drawer contains all it did before, it's just
been moved.
6. Seriously Amiga is the drawer that contains all that's serious
for your Amiga.
It'll also hold the Emulators drawer from next month.
7. This is the only new drawer. It contains lots of the stuff
from the Look here 1st! Drawer. You can also find AFCDFind
here and the Prefs directory and lots of other stuff here,
M7ir.T-.7.rrY.r.T.v.T ..
- Rc-adcr3+.uff- e
- CoYerDisks- £ Everything included on the AFCD must have a
reader warrant with it. Just cut it out off this page, sign it
and send it in to us with your submission. A final reminder: if
you don't include this warrant we simply won't be able to put
your stuff on the CD - and that means you won't be able to have
it used by other readers.
In respect of all material which forms my CD Submission to Future Publishing's Amiga Format, I hereby warrant that:-
1. The material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
2. The material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
3. That there are no legal claims against the material provided;
4. That I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
Signature: (Reader_RequesLs, AF_on_the_Web, Handy_Tools, AFCDFind and its indices and the text files) can all be found elsewhere on the CD now:
• Reader_Requests can now be found in
- In_the_Mag-
• AF_on_the_Web can now be found through the Ben_Speaks! Icon at
the root. To browse through the website files, go through the
new websites directory at the root of the disc.

• Handy_Tools is now in the new drawer called +System+
• AFCDFind and its indices are all in +System+ too
• The text files are in a drawer called "Info" in +System+ The
-PD_Select- drawer has also gone from the root. There was never
that much in it really, so it seemed to be a bit of a waste of
space in the root. If we have megademos on the CD now, they'll
be in a drawer called Demos (and we have this month!).
The MUI and Prefs drawers have both been moved to +System+. If you want to install MUI, you can do it from the CD -just use the installer in the MUI_Install drawer therein.
The +AFCD_Setup+ icon has also been moved to the new +System+ drawer. You can still run it, but try the CD without it and you'll probably find that you have no problems If you're looking for the web browsers or any of the other viewers we use on the CD, you'll now find them in the Viewers directory found within the +System+ drawer.
Because Simon Goodwin's Emulation series comes to a close this month, from next month the rarely used Program_Patches drawer in AFCD25:- Seriously_Amiga- Shareware will be replaced next month with Emulators.
I know that this all seems quite complex, but we've worked on it for ages to make sure that it's easier than ever, and started introducing the changes last month with the new style Ben_Speaks!
Bit of a mixed bag this month, without the dear cut winner of last month to make things easy for me. There's also not quite so much here to enthrall you, compared to the huge amount we got from you last month. However, the reader prize for £50 has to go to just one person: AFCD25:-READERSTUFF- SOREN_FORSBERG Arexx scripts are something we could do more with as Reader submissions. They really demonstrate one huge advantage Amiga owners have over PC people - that of interoperability between applications. Here you'll find a bunch of scripts by Soren that will add to the power of Ibrowse, YAM and
Ppaint amongst others.
AFCD25:-READERSTUFF- BERNARD_CAIN Bernard was a close runner-up for the prize this month with his simple DTP tool to create business cards. It's an AmosPro program that allows you to enter text into a template which will be printed eight-up on an A4 sheet. My only criticisms of it are that it doesn't allow for any fonts except Topaz and that it's not very tidy. I'll hope to see an updated version soon, Bernard... AFCD25:-READERSTUFF- IAN_FIELD Ian s Comics database should prove handy for those fanboys of you out there. For a start you've got a nice list of Ian's X-Men and Hulk issues!
Hotkey = aU fldress: |file locaihost RRM;T newaU Mm 1 flminet 1 flaigalnfol HebChat | flUaVl» a| __YahooJ_J gporjj .jjggsjdaj fldress If i te: locath «t R :T rWWmaa 1 M»t ' f* La99 _tUl| ~flminet 1 flaigalnfol MebChat 1 fiUaVistal Yahoo! ] .Support 1 _Hen.sidaJ Subject: problemlosning hej soren jag forstir inte riktigt hur jag hirddisken har du nigot bra forslag.
Arexx scripts aren’t often stimulating, so here's Soren’s "reading mail with iBrowse" script in action on his machine.
More importantly, however, you can put in important details like crossovers, first appearances and origin stories for each issue without the main interface getting clogged up with detail. It's almost a shame that Ian chose to create this in Amos, linked as it is to low resolution screens and non-standard requestors, since this is one project that could really do with more screen real estate.
Wordworth 7 in this issue on page 62, we've got a great demo of it for the
CD. It's completely usable
- the only things that are missing are the spell checker, and it
puts a header and footer on every page that can't be removed,
so you can really try it out to see what you think. Don't
forget to enter our competition to win your very own copy of it
on page 27.
I’m not sure if there's anything we can do to further improve the layout of the CD, but if you have any suggestions then you can always mail them to me at: afcdsurvey@futurenet.co.uk, or fill in the slightly updated AFCDSurvey which you will now find in...? Yes, you got it, this month you’ll find it in AF CD 25:+Sys te m+ 1 n fo AF CD_su rvey.
Onto the content of this month's CD then. You'll no doubt have noticed the fact that this month's CD contains a full version of UFO: Enemy Unknown for both AGA and ECS machines. The AGA version differs slightly from the ECS one in two respects.
Firstly, the AGA version uses a password scheme to get into the game.
You can find all the passwords you need on the inside of the front cover of the
CD. Secondly, die AGA version has a proper Installer script,
whereas the ECS version has a hardcoded installer - you'll
need to know where you want to put the game with this one.
As a special bonus, you'll also find a special offer for two related Cds on the inside front cover of the CD too.
Unfortunately, owing to license restrictions, if you're an American, Canadian, Japanese or South African Amiga Format reader then you don't get UFO at all - sorry!
READER REQUESTS Remember, these can now be found in the -In_the_Mag- drawer and there are quite a lot of them this month. We've got hard disk tools, Biorhythm analysers and lots more in there for you. Along with the usual Aminet index for you to look through and make further choices of what vou'd like to see on our CD.
AF CD 25:-Seriously„Amiga- SharewareAVorkbench -DataTypes- We've got loads of new dataty pes, or at least new versions of datatypes, on die CD for vou this month. Not onlv are diere a * bunch from Andreas Kleinert, but there's even a PhotoCD tool here for you.
DOOM PORTS AFCD25 :-ScreenPlay- Shareware AmiDoomO.Tc AFCD25:-ScreenPlay- Shareware amigacloom-1.10 We have two new versions of Doom on the CD here for you to try out.
AmigaDoom is the one that needs the most ancillary files, including AHI and ixemul.library, so you might want to try out AmiDoom first.
Continued supposed to. Its most useful function is to close down things that have crashed.
You can use ARTM to close the crashed program's windows, task, close any devices it has locked and so on.
Anything that'll put off a full-on crash is good in my book, and if you can make things tidier by closing down windows that don't work any more, then so much the better.
Address Nane 0762aa58 075fc9b8 0713aee8 0724e688 072f3988 071e91d0 07095858 070bdf80 0 3998 0 31 98 0 81 90 0 6142 0 4094 0 8190 0 998 0 4094 00000020 00000100 husks C 0001000 5f804000 40000800 8000f000 80800800 00001000 0000f000 C 0001 000 Siiiifii C0001000 f0005001 80001000 80000000 run ready ready ready ready ready wa it wa it wa it wa i t wa i t wa it wa i t wa i t wa it wa it wa i t wa it proc proc proc proc proc rroc ask proc pro c proc proc proc proc proc proc proc proc proc I ess ess ess 070c 6bd0 0 2998 070c 7878 0 4094 I70c7 0?0b1318 0 729e208 t'iUllll 072f0b30 872524 d8 072?e600
07261318 094 I %l%% 21 21 0 4094 0 4094 0 4094 5 3998 KingC Resources | Tasks I Windows I L ibrar ies I Dev ices Mount Bssign Fonts Henorv Locks drew a winding track on a page and you all tried to flick your pens around it in the fastest possible time. This simulates that heady experience using a joystick instead of a pen and it doesn't leave any unsightly ink blotches down the front of your school uniform.
Tv.256 CloudsBi .256 Clouds02.256 Clouds03.256 Ctouds04.256 Ciouds*5.256 Clouds86.256 Clouds87.256 Clouds88.256 Ctouds09.256 AFCD25:-Seriously Amiga- Commercial PicManager Picture Manager Professional, to give it its full title, is an image cataloguing program that comes from Blittersoft. This new demo has loads of additional features including support for new graphics formats including FAXX and IFF-DR2D and PowerPC support. It should run fine from the CD, but make sure you run the assigns script first.
AFCD25:-Ser!ously_Amiga- Shareware Misc Typeface You won't have call for a bitmap editor that much these days, but this one is great! We've used it several times now to update the FuturaB.font to give it characters it was missing before like the vertical bar (I). It's good-looking, easy to use and has plenty of features to keep you happy.
:D25:-Seriously, Amiga- Shareware Graphics -3D_0bjects- We've got some great 3D objects on the CD for you this month, particularly for lovers of SF shows on TV. If you would like to see what the Dave Charnow ones look like without having to load them up, his website's on the CD too.
.... AFCD25:-Seriousfy_Amiga- Share1ware Comms Other Am! HC_2 0 AmlRC is the world's best loved IRC client, and not just for the Amiga. This long-awaited version 2 has many improvements over the original version, including new "tray" windows, lag meters and much more.
AFCD25:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Hardware 4IDE If you're competent with a soldering iron and you feel restricted by the usual 2 IDE device limit why not make your own by following the instructions presented here? Obviously, you do so at your own risk.
4-WAY IDE INTERFACE BITMAP FONT EDITOR ARTM ARTM is one of those tools that you find out about by accident, usually while looking for a CPU monitor. It's not the only one around - you could use SIP by Andreas Kleinert, but it's what I would call "comfortable". It does what it needs to and it does it well. As for what it does, well it allows you to fiddle around with things you're not FLICK THAT PEN!
AF CD 25 :-ScreenPlay- Shareware Classic_Racer And here's another you might remember from your schooldays. It was a boring afternoon in a free period, or your teacher was away for a bit, so one of the gang got out his exercise book, PHASE 4 EMC were very pleased with the response they got from the clipart we ran at Christmas time from Phase 3, so they decided it would be good to offer Amiga Format readers a special price on Phase 4 too. To help you make your SPOTLIGHT ON A HANDY TOOL!
BackGround.Process CLI 8 :Di,DD i clio) :do_lruncher dopus_clock TBCIock dopus nfn.device read Sound.. Object Hand ler « ConClip » CLIC2):cmagicfranes « Iprefs » Hrq CTH nenu render CTM nsg eater CycleToHenu Swazlnfo QUICKGRRB gCON ? I AMIGA NqHime Monitor VL*be92 OS Ql by F.J. Mertetw A Pietmgr Jotwen ARTM is jolly handy but fiddle with it at your own risk.
Pri Stack Signals State Code Type DOS process Y Ports I Residents Interrupts! Vectors ET J. AFCD25:-Seriously_Amiga- Shareware Programming Other Python1.4 If you fancy yourself as a bit of a programmer and you like the sound of an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, extendible programming language which provides an extraordinary combination of clarity and versatility, is free, and runs on Unix, PC Macintosh, and many other systems along with the Amiga, then you should have a look at Python. 'Nuff said I think.
Decision on it, look in the EMC_Phase4 directory in the -Seriously_Amiga- Commercial drawer and Marb I e1 1 . 256 flater ia!1 .256 Mat er i 3 I 2 . 256 Mat er i a I 3 . 256 Patternl 256 you'll see samples of backgrounds, buttons, fonts and more.
AFCD25:-ScreenPlay- Shareware who ol Here's a fun little game. Sure, it's not on the same level as Doom. But it's fun nonetheless. Shoot the Whools in a 3D monster maze and that's basically it.
Indexes and examples of just some of the stuff you can get on Phase 4.
DISCLAIMER This AFCD has been thoroughly scanned and tested at all stages of production. We recommend that you always run a virus checker on ANY software before running it. Future Publishing Limited cannot accept any responsibility for disruption, damage and or loss to your data or your computer system which may occur while using this disc the programs or the data on it. Ensure that you have up-to-date backups of data contained on your hard drives before running any new software. If you do not accept these conditions, do not use this disc.
If your AFCD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure that you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is no physical problem. Please send us the AFCD along with a description of the fault (not forgetting your name and address). A new working version should be returned to you within 28 days. The return address for faulty discs is: CD Systems • VDC House House Way • Wembley Middlesex • HA9 OEH Your AFCD should only need replacing if the CD itself cannot be read. If, instead, you are experiencing problems with an individual
application, phone our technical support line.
This is open between the hours of 2pm and 5pm every Tuesday.
Tel: 01225 442244 Fax: 01225 732341 email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk ("Coverdisc" in the subject line).
Please note that the helpline staff provide assistance with technical problems directly related to the CD and cannot provide training on the software or hardware in general.
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Program and it will allow you to change all the features we are going to describe by using a nice friendly GLT.
To change the preferences manually, go to the drawer where you have installed MultiCX (WBStartup by default) and click on the program icon. Then select Icon Information menu from the Workbench menus.
You will now see that there are a set of Tooltypes for the program. Click on the one you want to change and add in the parameters as detailed below.
When you change a preference Preferences program,., to change alt the features using a nice friendly GUI.
You need to press return to ensure the change is registered and then save the changes by clicking on the Save button.
Any changes you make to the Tooltypes will be recognised by the program when you save the changes, and will be available immediately with no need to restart the commodity or re-boot.
The MUI Preferences program for MultiCX allows you to set up a screen blanker with all the parameters that are available in the Tooltypes.
_ _ Blanker | Hindou House Bisk | Opaque Cli Screen Patch | Hisc Hisc 8ceeleration| ThreshatdlJj Hol«[ HolCf KtvJ House J HouseShift B (...) BttjEopUpJ TiaeJ Lef t yflouse _ Jave_ JiiL The mouse enhancements are also easily accessible using the preferences package.
The tooltypes can be adjusted by using the tick boxes.
Blanker | Window i Screen Blanker Disk Ho ire CU Patch ) Hisc CyberGraphX , - Prioritvl -1281 T i&e [_JJ Task HfltKey| Streen| ij:_ j... i Ho blank_j Unblank_j Hinflow | Hodfi[ 2£| Iflnore Key_| Ignore House_ Ignone Disk_| ttode-IO | v| Like Hfi_| Save Hu it - JULIES This month we've included the latest version of the most compact and powerful Workbench enhancement package.
The program itself will run on either Workbench 2 or 3 machines (there are different versions for both and both are included). There is also a preferences program that is a separate entity and this is included, but requires MUI. If you aren't running MUI or are running from floppy, then you can edit the preferences manually in the program’s tooltypes.
The program comes with its own installer, but if vou want to install the 7 program manually, or you don't have Installer, all you need to do is copy the MultiCX program and icon from the drawer into your WBStartup drawer.
This ensures that the utility starts up ever r time you start your Amiga.
There is also a CLI command called HandleCX that you can copy to your C: director}’. This is a CLI command for controlling commodities (a CLI replacement for Exchange really). To change the Preferences for MultiCX you can use the Preferences FUNCTIONS Here is a list of MultiCX features, although more are ayailable - see the docs for more details. In the features "n" refers to a number appropriate to the feature (seconds, amounts, etc).
SCREEN BLANKER There are two types of screen blanker which are built into MultiCX. The first is a fairly simple one and is invoked by using the tooltypes:
• SCRBLANK=n (n is the number of seconds of inactivity before the
screen should blank. 300 is a good average)
• HOTBI ANK= Qualifier&Key (a control key like "Ctrl" and a
keyboard key like "b" to allow you to blank the J J screen
immediately). There is also a Moire blanker that will draw
lines across the screen and animate them
• MOIRE LINES=n (number of lines) MOUSE ENHANCEMENTS MultiCX
offers a variety of ways in which J J the mouse handling can be
improved, including using a three button mouse:
• ACCELERATION=n (sets the factor to accelerate mouse movement
• THRESHOLD=n (to ensure you can do intricate work without the
pointer zooming off, you can set the threshold of minimum
pixels movement required before acceleration starts) The
programs on this disk can be installed to floppy disk or
directly to hard drive. This can be done by booting this disk
(you must boot this disk to install the games disk too, as
several files had to be shared across the Coverdisks for
reasons of space). If you want to install to a hard drive, you
can also install everything by simply booting your hard drive
and inserting this Coverdisk and opening it, then double click
on the Unpack icon. Note that the MultiCX Preferences program
and the DirectoryOpus icons will only be unpacked if you unpack
to a hard disk because they need one to run.
INSTALLATION Workbench Screen o. Blanker j Window Systen New 12 HedgeJ Butoflount| Old-Tool NeuTooL IS Events Tiling »' Freeze fraae Soirdsaple I Sotndsaiple II Trackeno&te Hed»odule Channel Hsk Load script f Fade Save quit IS! || This screen gives you all the interesting and useful Workbench operating adjustments for better titlebars and menus.
Titlebar into a new enhanced version.
From left to right it will now list: OS version, chipset, free chip RAM, free fast RAM, number of tasks opened, the number of libraries opened and number of screens open)
• WBABOUT (enhances the About information supplied by the
Workbench About menu item. It now shows the Operating System,
CPU FPU, cache status, memory status. It also has new buttons
for Flushing RAM or Rebooting)
• CLOCK (a digital clock is added onto the titlebar)
• DATE (adds date to titlebar)
• COMPACT (compacts information in the titlebar for those who
only have low res Workbenches)
• SCREENMENU (a new menu is activated when right clicking on the
swap screen gadget at the top right of screen.
You can choose a screen to activate from the menu).
MultiCX is Shareware and has additional features for registered users. If you use it often you should register. Send ETS $ 20 plus a $ 5 cov er charge if you send a Eurocheque to: Martin Berndt, Fr- Alfred-Str. 115, 47226 Duisburg, Germany. He can be e-mailed at m be i n cl t@ wande rer. Gi i n. de. CD
W. Freeze fraie Tiling &xnd£a«ple Trackenoduie Hediodule Channel
flask Load Script Fade ¦ OogTal aiple- loaded successfully
Patch | Hisc 1 Hisc Blanker | Window Systen Enter BSC 11 Hap
Unlauts_J Caps Shift_| HapCapsLock | EditHook_| Hn CapsLock |
Ho ESC Key_| No CMC Key_ Cue Unit| 8 I Sucu 548 fllert 1888
quit DIRECTORY OPUS 5 NEWICONS This is simply a complete set
of new small icons for use within DirectoryOpus 5.
You can use these new-look icons to replace the ones used by the program. All the icons are stored within a single drawer and you can access them from there.
The Newkons supplied for Directory Opus 5 by this collection offer an entire set of replacements for the originals.
Change the advanced features of Workbench with MultiCX. Make sure you read the documents thoroughly before enabling some options.
• KEYBLANK (sets the mouse pointer to be blanked when you start
• LEFTYMOUSE (switches the mouse buttons over)
• SCRCYCLE=MMB BMB (If you have a middle mouse button you can set
it to cycle through the available screens by using the MMB
If you don't have a three button mouse, you can set the option to be activated when both of the mouse buttons are pressed instead by using the BMB parameter)
• MOUSESHI FT=R B MMB (allows you to select multiple icons
easily using either the right or mid-mouse button.
When set, click on the first icon you want to select and then hold the mouse button down. Click and hold the qualifier button (right or middle) and then let go of the left button and click on the other icons. Finally, release the qualifier button)
• SUNMOUSE (activate the window when the pointer moves over it)
This is the latest version of the program that allows you to
take an existing animation created in an animation package and
add events and sounds. The interface is easy to use - simply
select a frame and choose an action. This new version has
various fixes and new features as well as a slightly redefined
interface. Included in the package is a playback utility so
that you can play back your movies without having to have the
AnimatED program loaded.
ANIMATED 1.5 AniiatED vl.58, 81997-98 bv Nrto VigeUus o| Project: PogTatk.flED_ HotFlushI IBIS Save The Shareware movie maker has a slightly enhanced face as well as new features and bug fixes. Read the docs for full details and more information.
BlackBorder ( |(...)| HudStar Q|(...)| Sound£iIter (?;(...) | fiauge Qi No Gauge Saw Script I Plaufoii I Show Fra g I About... I fart toil I Prefs I Screen j Disk j 1 ShapeSh ifter Workbench Screen o j 1 J Uelcoae to flniiatED!
Successfully Cli WINDOWS ENHANCEMENTS The MultiCX program can adjust the way the handling of individual windows works:
• WINCI.OSE= Qualifier&Key (lets you use the keyboard to close
the active window)
• WINZOOM= Qualifier&Key (keyboard can minimise or expand
windows, like clicking on the Zoom gadget at the top right of
• INREMEMBER (remembers the last window active on a screen and
reactivates it when switching back to a screen)
• WINCENTER= Qualifier&Key (keyboard can centre the active window
in the middle of the screen) OS ENHANCEMENTS You can also
adjust some of the underlying features of the Amiga.
• HOTFLUSH=Qualifier&Key (keyboard can flush unnecessary data
from RAM)
• NOCLICK=l (sets the floppy drives to not click)
• WILDSTAR=1 (changes the wildcard setting so that * works in
place of ?)
• RESETHANDLER (this ensures that nothing survives a reset -
CTRL, 1WMIGA. RAMIGA. This is useful for virus protection and
kills any RAD disks you have created, which is great if you
only want RAD disks for de-crunching)
• ASSIGNWEDGE (when a volume that isn't mounted is requested a
directory requester will open. This will let you choose one to
assign a volume to, rather than the "Please insert volume x in
any drive" requestor.)
• NEWLOOKMENUS (changes menus on public screens to New Look
• WBTITLE (changes the Workbench AMIGA mmmr This month there's a
full game for floppy users too.
Introduces the bombing mayhem that will have you and your friends in a frenzy.
This game has been waiting for release for over a year now and the creators have decided that the best way to do it is to supply it as is to the Amiga community.
It’s an amazing game that can be played by one to four players, with or without the computer making up the numbers. As you'd expect from a polished game, there are different game ty pes and plenty of options for each to make sure it has the long term appeal needed to be labelled a veritable classic.
Are the last person standing, To do this you need to blow up your opponents.
GETTING STARTED Once you have the game installed, simply load it by double clicking on the Game icon. When it has loaded you can choose menu items using the joystick. If you want to start playing straight away then just click on the One Player game and you're ready to begin.
In this mode you have to win your J way through the levels, with each level appearing as part of a larger map or scenario. To complete a level you have to accomplish a particular mission, which can be anything from reaching the exit to finding some items.
In all versions of the game the controls are the same. Move your player around the screen with your controller (the joystick by default). Many of the avenues will be blocked and you’ll have to clear the way by dropping bombs. To drop a bomb, go to the square next to the obstacle and press the fire button.
These bombs can kill you too, so run away to a safe distance. When they explode, they will destroy any disposable object next to them in any direction. If there isn’t an object in the way then a flame will explode outwards.
The number of squares over which a bomb is effective depends on the firepower you have, and this can be altered as a game option or by picking up power-ups.
In a single player game this doesn't matter too much, but when you start playing against opponents then the further you can blast, the better your chances of catching them out. The bombs only explode in straight lines horizontally and vertically and don't go round corners, so the best method is to drop a bomb and hide round a corner while it explodes.
The levels consist of more than simple corridors blocked with destructible objects though. As you play you will find tunnels you can go through and teleports you can use. As you complete each level you’ll get a symbol password to allow you to get straight back to that level. By default not all the scenarios are enabled, but you can change that easily enough.
MULTI-PLAYER On the main screen you don’t have to play a single player game. You can choose from a Battle Game, Grudge Match or even to play against another player on a separate Amiga using a serial link. If you choose to play one of these multi-player games then you can either play against friends (you'll need extra joysticks and a convertor to get four people playing simultaneously) or you can make the Amiga plav.
If you want the .Amiga to play then choose the game ty pe, press fire to choose your player and then press the number on the keyboard that corresponds with the player number you want the computer to play (1-4).
The Amiga can play all three other players if you want - just press all three numbers. If you want the computer or friends to join in, you have to press the buttons within ten seconds, after which the players that have joined will start the game. If only one player has signed up then the screen will default back to the main screen.
If you click on Configuration you can change the game options: Power Ups - choose which power ups you want to allow in the game. You can remove the ones that you think make the game too easy or too difficult.
?I Workbench Map Config - Choose which scenarios and maps are used in the game. Each scenario refers to a type of map (Arctic, Egyptian, etc) and you can cycle through these by selecting the button and flicking left and right on the joystick. The maps are the individual levels that are available in that scenario.
To enable or disable a scenario or a map. Just press fire when it is shown in the preview window. Any ones that are not used will have the word "Disabled" across the picture.
Player Config - There are four players with different colours. Each player can be set for a different level of aptitude so that their bombs are better or worse. You can set one of the defaults from Awful through to Pro or adjust each feature individually for better bombs, shields, etc. Global Config - .Alter the general features of the game like Computer players, Dud bombs, etc. Snbgame - Decide which of the four available sub-games should be allowed.
Load Save Config - When you change any of the features, you can save the config to enable you to have different configurations for different people.
When you are playing with multiple players your aim is to The game requires a minimum of an A1200 with a hard drive. To install it you will need both Coverdisks. You can either boot the Serious Coverdisk and follow the instructions there or you can boot from your hard drive then open the Serious disk and double click on the Unpack icon to unpack the programs from both disks onto your drive.
INSTALLATION make sure you are the last person standing. To do this you need to blow up your opponents. As it's impossible to walk through bombs, the best bet is to trap them, then box them in with a bomb and run off.
It is when playing against opponents that the length of firepower of a bomb becomes important. You may also be able to catch people before they can get out of range. One thing to watch out for is other players picking up power-ups as some of them make all bombs on the screen explode immediately, so you may find yourself blown up when laying a bomb.
The power of your bombs and various other features are shown in your stats at the top of the game screen, so always keep an eye on these. They will improve when you get ¦= appropriate power-ups.
Bombs away!
Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... Iboot up with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
3 When asked for the Source disk, insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into memory.
; Workbench - m ? | RnigaSheU_ .
Hew Shell process 4
4. HB3.8: diskcopy fron df8: to df8: Insert disk to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device DFB ’ress RETURN to begin copying or
CTRL-C to abort: leading cylinder 79, § to go Insert disk to
copy to (DESTINATION disk) in device DFB 5ress RETURN to
continue or CTRL-C to abort: 2 Type in the following line
(with a zero, not the letter O), taking care to put the spaces
in the correct places: BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK ? J
flnigaShell_ Hew Shell process 4
4. HB3.0: diskcopy fron df0 : to dfe: The following descriptions
run through the power ups left to right, taking the rows top
to bottom.
1) Extends flame length of bombs 2) Boosts bomb's flame length to
maximum (8) 3) Extra bomb to drop 4} Boosts bombs available to
maximum (8) 5) Freezes all bombs on screen except yours 6)
Creates random destructible block on map 7) Forces all players
to drop a bomb 8) Makes all bombs explode except yours 9}
Random power up 10) Causes other players to stop where they
are and read a newspaper for a few seconds! 11) Dims screen
12) Brightens screen 13) Increases your speed for 10 seconds
14) Slows other players down for 10 seconds 15) Makes you
invisible for 10 seconds 16) Teleport 17) Increases shield
power 18) Reduces other players' shields by a factor of one
19) Full shield power 20) Go to bonus game at end of level 21)
Gives ability to throw bombs 22) Turns bombs into destructible
blocks Fouerup Confiauratmn *
* f- m m St % & V t m r ( r r $ jr * ? H & .
R r ¦&.
0 4 ?-
* * *-*
* 3tm
23) Changes other players to a random colour to confuse them
24) Reduces other players' bomb fuses 25) Increases other
players' bomb fuses 26) Swaps two players around (random) 27)
Makes other players drop bombs automatically whenever they
28) Stops other players from dropping bombs 29) Shortens other
players' flame length 30) Laser bomber suit for hefty
firepower 31) Gives you a gunsight for assassinating other
players 32) Reverses joystick controls for other players.
4 Once your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination disk.
Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
M ~ : I RnigaSheU _ eu She 11 process 4 .WB3.8: diskcopy fron df8: to df8: nsert disk to copy fron (SOURCE disk) in device DFB 'ress RETURN to begin copying or CTRL-C to abort: eading cylinder 79, B to go nsert disk to copy to (DESTINATION disk) in device DF ress RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort: erifying cylinder 79, 8 to go .UB3.0: endcIi 5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks.
Finally, type enddi to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC • TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford *BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error then the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
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Quake, Genetic Species and the Catweasel mark 11 YOUR COPY OF AMIGA imscwc FORljmAT The contents of future issues may be subject to change - no guarantee is implied or intended, But hey, at least we don't promise you things we have no intention of delivering... AMIGA FORMAT APRIL 1998 Storage Devices Special Offer All prices include VAT
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68030 16MB RAM .
68030 32MB RAM .
• 603e PowerPC with 68K CPU
• No SCSI, cannot be upgraded
• Up to 128MB of RAM can be installed 160MHZ PPC
68040-25MHZ.....£239.95 160MHZ PPC 68040-25MHZ FPU .£259.95
160MHZ PPC 68060-50MHZ.....£499.95 200MHZ 603e
POWERPC ..£CALl A600 Accelerator Card BLIZZARD 603e PPC
• High quality memory SIMMS 4MB 72-PIN SIMM ......£9.95
8MB 72-PIN SIMM ......£19.95 16MB 72-PIN
SIMM .....£39.95 32MB 72-PIN SIMM .....£74.95
• 4 Way IDE Buffered Interface
• IDEFix '97 Software (Full Registered) IDE CABLES £9.95
• Complete with 2.5” IDE Cable
• Install Software
• Partitioned and Formatted with Workbench 3.0
• 4 x fitting screws
• For the A1200 computer
1. 3GB Hard Drive ......£129.95
1. 6GB Hard Drive ......£169.95
2. 1GB Hard Drive ......£189.95 POWER DIGITAL CAMERA
• Power Camera and Amiga Driver POWER DIGITAL CAMERA.....
Drives Special Offer NEW IDE CD-ROM 2x Speed CD-ROM SLIMLINE
DRIVE £79.95 Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI Interface External Power
Supply Unit Chaos Engine CD-ROM Oscar Diggers CD-ROM Amiga
• External CD-ROM Drive
• Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI Interface
• Oscars and Diggers CD-ROM
• Chaos Engine CD-ROM 4x External CD-ROM .. .£119.95 8x
External CD-ROM .. .£149.95 12x External CD-ROM .
.£169.95 24x External CD-ROM . .£199.95 32x External
CD-ROM . £229.95 INTERNAL SCSI CD-ROM 4x Internal CD-ROM
(SCSI) .... . £54.95 8x Internal CD-ROM (SCSI) .... . .£84.95
12x Internal CD-ROM (SCSI) . . .
.£104.95 24x Internal CD-ROM (SCSI) . . .
.£134.95 32x Internal CD-ROM (SCSI) £164.95 CD-ROM Drive comes with a 3-Way SCSI cable
• Compatible with A1200 600, A500 call.
• 4Way Buffered Interface + IDEFix ’97’
• Oscars and Diggers CD-ROM*
• Chaos Engine CD-ROM*
• Power Supply Unit* 16x External IDE CD-ROM £119.95 24x
External IDE CD-ROM £129.95 16x Internal IDE CD-ROM
A4000(T) .£59.95 24x Internal IDE CD-ROM A4000(T) .£69.95
* Only comes with External CD-ROM drives.
Internal drive is also suitable for the Power Tower system - requires IDE interface & IDEFix '97.
• Inc. 1MByte Chip RAM
• Auto-Recharge Battery Real-time clock
• Fits into the trapdoor on your Amiga 600
• Fully auto-configuring Chip-RAM
• Works with all A600 and A600HD 1MB CHIP
RAM .£24.95
• Inc. 2MB Zero Wait State Fast-RAM
• Auto-Recharge Battery Real-time clock
• Fits easily into the CPU 68000 socket
• Fully auto-configuring Fast-RAM
• Increases the speed of your Amiga CDTV CDTV 2MB
RAM .£49.95 A1200 0 - 8MB RAM A500 2MB RAM CARD
• Mbyte 32-bit Zero Wait State Fast-RAM
• Auto-Recharge Battery Real-time clock
• Socket for PGA FPU 68882 up to 50Mhz
• Fully auto-configuring Fast-RAM
• Fits easily into the A1200 trapdoor
• 4MB PCMCIA compatible only (Not 8MB) 4MB
RAM .£45.95 8MB RAM .£55.95
• Factory installed 2MByte RAM
• Auto-Recharge Battery Real-time clock
• Fully auto-configuring RAM
• Works with all A500’s WB1.3 and above A500 2MB
RAM .£49.95 A500+ 1 MB CHIP RAM
• Inc. 1MByte Chip RAM
• F ts into the trapdoor on your Amiga 500+
• Fully auto-configuring Chip-RAM
• Works with all A500+ computers 1MB CHIP
RAM .£19.95 A! 200 4MB RAM CARD
• 4MB Only, not upgradable 4MB RAM .£39.95 ADD
£99.95 01234 851500 ScanDoubJer UNIT 82A SINGER WAY KEMPSTON MK42 7PU Original A4000 VGA Adaptor SCANDOUBLER COMPUTING LT 2-3 DAYS £5.00 ? NEXT DAY £8 ? SAT £15 ? Subject to product availability PHONE ORDERS We accept most major credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS Ordering by cheque PO please make payable to POWER COMPUTING LTD and specify which delivery is required. WARRANTY All Power products come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified TECHNICAL SUPPORT Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for Power customers. MAIL ORDER PRICES All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering. EXPORT ORDERS Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders welcome. MAIL ORDER TERMS All prices include
VAT. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are acknowledged. All orders ir writing or by telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of traae. Copies of which are available on request. Please allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear before despatching of the goods.
• Scandoubler, external for all Amigas
• AGA Mode full 16-million colours
• Scandoubler mode 15MHZ 16-bit 64K col.
Supports interlace and non-interlace
• Works on any VGA monitor SCANDOUBLER .£79.95 VGA
EXPIRY ISSUE NO. _ SIGNATURE _ ° Warelai MIG BLADE »r, ana tney nave i
* * ' 'nball Fantasies CIVILIZATI DWER DRIVE |e
Jumpers optn SIMON THE SORCERER Mill heat or match Keep the ki
hamburger stalls, but THEM HAPI could well m MEGA BLAST 1
All prices include VAT ? All prices & specifications subject to
change without notice ? Fixed charge for repair does not
include disk drive keyboard ? We reserve the right to refuse
any repair ? P&P charges £3.50 by Royal Mail or £7.05 for
courier ? Please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance ?
All sales repairs are only as per our terms and conditions,
copy available on request.
2 looked up Bonoe roed ced sifes On the Web, 3 Siamese system (video switcher) unused, £80. 14000 bps fax modem, £30 ono. ® 01900 63568.
4 2MB RAM 68020 14.3MHZ

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