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Faster Power Power Computing are to release the fastest Amiga accelerator yet. The Last Patriot Details on the first Amiga NG game. Announcement At the start of October, after our last issue went to press with its speculative OS3.5 article, Amiga Inc. posted details of the new version of Workbench on their website at http: www.Amiga.com. 68000 chips, but the fact of the matter is that while other platforms have moved ahead with the times, the .Amiga is the only one that still works with 10- year-old hardware, and part of the reason why we haven’t got the nifty features that people want in an OS is due to having to support the extreme low7-end. Amiga Inc. have been inundated with questions about the new7 operating system and they’ve asked us to try to explain their point of view7 as best as possible. AmigaOS3.5 will be available in the first half of 1999, but there’s no price set for it yet, although it will probably be similarly priced to 3.1 upgrades. A CD-ROM drive is necessary as OS3.5 has grown to an unmanageable number of disks. Developers have also asked Amiga Inc. to make this item a standard component of the Amiga and this will be done by making OS3.5 CD-only. The main features of the new version are as follows: ¦ RTG (Re targe table graphics) card support ¦ RTA (Retargetable audio) card support ¦ Internet enabled ¦ Enhanced prindng ¦ Enhanced file svstem j ¦ CD file system ¦ Arexx update ¦ New Shell features and extended commands Improved interface ¦ PowerPC co-processor support The bar has been raised for base level machines too, since the minimum requirements for Workbench 3.5 are now a CD-ROM drive, hard drive, 68020 or higher processor, Amiga 3.1 ROMs and 4Mb fast RAM. The Kickstart 3.1 part is very important since there are a lot of A1200 users out there using a mixture of Kickstart 3.0 and Workbench 3.1 at the moment. While this combination does work, it’s not completely safe, especially when it comes to DataTvpes and other less obvious things. Workbench 3.5 will definitely require Kickstart 3.1. The 68020 requirement has also come as a bit of a shock to hundreds of annoyed A500 owners who still plod along with their Amiga OS3.5 is the ideal bridge between the classic Amiga and the next generation machine. As for support of third party products like Zip, Jaz and so on, OS3.5 will be an interim, maintenance release of the operating system, and so Amiga Inc. don’t really see the point in spending huge amounts of time putting new standards in place to support these things, especially since third party7 software allows easy use of such items.

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Document sans nom THE WORLD’S BEST-SELLING AMIGA MAGAZINE WorHbench Bfebd seasonal gift round-up Your Guarantee Of Value MINI OFFICE (DISK) This superb easy to use office suite is great for the home and small business. It includes a Word Processor with a spell checker. Database.
Spreadsheet and more.
Order: MINIOFFICE £17.99 NAPALM: The Crimson Crisis Real-time strategic war-game in the Red Alert Command & Conquer mould. Stunning graphics, and almost real sound effects.
Order: CD627 £29.99 BLITZ BASIC 2.1 (DISK) A next generation BASIC with features borrowed from PASCAL. C and others. Program any type of software with more power than ever before.
Complete with full manual. Fn§ Order: BLITZ £17.99 SIXTH SENSE Investigations Arcade adventure, featuring 32 locations, full character dialog. 3 different worlds, many interactive characters, puzzles and more, aga 4mb recommended. Order: CD430 £19.99 DELUXE PAINT 5 (DISK) Deluxe Paint 5 is without a doubt the fastest paint package available on the Amiga. Deluxe Paint 5 includes the most powerful yet simplest to use animation feature you could imagine.
Includes full manuals. .
Order: DPAINT5 £17.99 EAT THE WHISTLE Arcade and Role playing modes.
Full spoken commentry, 30 pitch conditions. All 32 World Cup team and more. AGA 4mb recommended.
Order: CD679 £14.99 AMI-PC LINKUP (DISK & CABLE) Network your Amiga up to a PC and make use of ALL it’s drives, Including: CD-ROM, Zip, Hard drive High-Density Floppy etc, etc. (Hardware & Software) Order: AMI-PC LINKUP £17.99 The Games Room is an original compilation of Gambling games. It covers everything from Fruit Machines to Card Games, including Klondike, Poker, Solitaire. Rummy, Blackjack, and Roulette, Darts.
Bingo, Pool, Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Dominoes, Various Board Games like Monopoly and Cluedo, Mastermind. Pub Quiz's and a wealth of other Casino related games and far more... Order: CD451 £12.99 BIG RED ADVENTURE After the success of the PC version, The BIG RED ADVENTURE is now available on Amiga CD, featuring great high-res graphics.
Order: CD477 £19.99 VIRTUAL KARTING 2 Virtual Karting2 is the fastest Karting Simulation available.
Suitable for any AGA Amiga an 030 it really moves!!!
Order: CD597 £14.99 SCREEN SAVERS Tons of screen savers - from flying toasters to some rather odd colourful screen effects - Essential for all Workbench users... Order: CD677 £9.99 CONVERTERS SUITE GOLD Includes all you need to convert from files from one format to another. IFF, GIF, TIF, BMP. WAV, SND, MOD. TXT etc etc... Order: CD624 £9.99 SHADOW OF THE 3rd MOON 3D flight-simulator featuring State of the Art graphics, sound and animation.. Highly Rated Worldwide!
Requires 6mb ram and at least 030 processor. Order: CD562 £19.99 ZOMBIE MASSACRE Slight 3D “doom” clone with some seriously “bloody” graphics and gut wrenching sound effects. (18) Recommended: 6mb ram and 030 Order: CD705 £19.99 NEMAC IV The Ultimate 3D “doom” clone featuring stunningly fast 256colour - 3D graphics and awesome sound effects. Rated 90%+ Worldwide.
Order: CD477 £19.99 Part no: Price: jb973 £6.99 jb993 £13.99 jb983 £7.99 jb1123 £13.99 jb1113 £7.99 jb2983 £13.99 jb2893 £7.99 jb3183 £15.99 jb2903 £13.99 jb2973 £7.99 jb3173 £15.99 jb1093 £5.99 jb1103 £8.99 jb963 £3.99ea jb1083 £4.99 BC05 £21.99 BC02 £19.99 SUPER SKIDMARKS + Brand New Release! Features the best Top-Down Racing action ever...Over 40 tracks, 40 Unique vehicles: Ranging from Aircraft to Shopping Trollies. CD493x £12.99 THEME PARK Manage and build your own theme park, take on employees, even sack them, put up new roller coasters and childrens rides, the entertainment never
ends. CD583 £12.99 SIMON THE SORCERER AGA Superb “point & click” adventure The voice of simon is Chris Barrie (Mr Brittas).
Suitable for Amiga CD CD32 Order: CD563 £14.99 S STREET RACER The Amiga Version of the World Famous PlayStation Action game.
Wickedly fast graphics.. CD Version requires 4mb ram Order: CD478 £12.99 PULSATOR AGA Hold on for the ride of your life in this action packed blast'em away.
Unreal AGA graphics and superb sound make this a serious shoot'em up. Order: CD670 £14.99 CIVILIZATION "Build an Empire to Stand the Test of Time". Discover New Technologies - Build Wonders of the World - Determine the Fate of your People. No.2 Best game ever.
Order: CD454 £12.99 BLITZ BASIC 2.1 A next generation BASIC with features borrowed from PASCAL. C and others. Complete with full manual. Contains the complete series of BUMs (Blitz User Manuals).
Order: CD500 £17.99 t .H DELUXE PAINT 5 Deluxe Paint 5 includes the most powerful yet simplest to use animation feature you could imagine.
EXCLUSIVE! Supplied with a free bonus CD containing Colour Fonts.
Clipart, Piccys etc. CD499 Only £17.99 100% COLOUR CLIPS 100% Colour Clips is a brand new original collection of thousands of high quality GIF and IFF clipart images. Includes cats, birds, office equipment, household items, trees and dozens more.
Order: CD621 £9.99 BUY BOTH CLIPART CD’S FOR JUST £15 100% MONO CLIPS 100% Mono Clips is a brand new original collection of over 10,000 high quality GIF and IFF clipart images. Includes Eye-catchers, Animals, Vehicles, Symbols, Xmas, Wedding art and more.
Order: CD622 £9.99 WINBENCH ‘98 The definitive collection of Workbench enhancement tools.
Drivers, Libraries. Patches. HD Installers, Icons. Backdrops, Menu systems, Tools etc. Order: CD680 Introductory Price: £9.99 ARCADE CLASSIX MKII Arcade ClassiX MKII includes over 1,200 variations of all your favourite arcade games, such as Pacman, Invaders, Tron, Galaxians, Frogger, Tempest, C64 conversions, Q-Bert, Trail Blazer, Scramble, Ping-Pong. Pengo.
Missile command, Breakout, Bezerk, Donkey Kong and tons more great games.
All playable direct from CD! Order: CD589 £14.99 AMIGA CLASSIX This original CD contains over 300 games, Many of which are full versions.
Take a look!
Amegas, DNA, Testament,
J. Cool, Full House Poker, PP Hammer, Starblade, TechnoCop, Zero
Gravity, Boondar, Project X, King Pin, Ruffn’Tumble and more.
Also contained on the CD is around 100 all-time classic Mega-
Demo’s. Order: CD526 £14.99 (fuB games are included with the
permission of the authors) REPLACEMENT INKJET CARTRIDGES
Printer: Epson Stylus 4001800 800+ 1000 (Black) Stylus Colour
Pro I Pro xl (Colour) Stylus Colour I Pro Pro xl
(Black).jb983 Stylus Colour II Ms (Colour) Stylus Colour III
Ms Stylus820 (Black) Stylus Colour 400 600 800 1520 (Colour)
Stylus Colour 400 500 600 Photo (Black) Stylus Colour 300
Stylus Colour 200 500 Stylus Colour 800 1520 (Black) Stylus
Photo (colour) Canon BJC4000 (Black) BJC4000 (Colour) BJC600.
(black cl ml y) BJC600e (High Capacity Black) BJ200 Series
Colour BJ200 Series Mono Pleas® call if you are unsure of what
you need. Other Cartridges availabfe.
MATHS ALGEBRA up to16 0n » GEOGRAPHY ages5-12 pQ Xn ESSENTIAL MATHS ages5-12 ESSENTIAL SCIENCE ages5-12 Ch STRUCTURED SPELLING ages3-9 GERMAN ages8-16 a m 3 MATHS GEOMETRY up to16 fifZr MATHS STATISTICS ages6-16 just JUNIOR ESSENTIALS ages5-l1 £20 EARLY ESSENTIALS ages3-7 MATHS NUMBER uptOl6 TABLES all ages WORDS ages5-11
* 11010 SiXfrea a-, tcccy os* ov j-e ca-cjxx man a-, News,
Previews & £2.g9 Reviews!
Subscriptions available!
6 months = £17.70 UK 12 months = £35.40 UK Only £2.99 each Marvins Marvellous Adventure - Guardian John Barnes Football - Last Ninja 3 Total Carnage - Oscar & Diggers International Karate + - Super League Manager Bubble & Squeak - Clockwiser wmwm TURBO PRINT 6.x (DISK) The ingenious printer driver system: TurboPrint prints the full colour spectrum directly from your favourite software package. Print at the very best quality! (Supports all the latest printers) Order: TURBOPRINT: £39.99 j.Q UFO ENCOUNTERS Thousands of documents and images that you should not see.
Covers Rosswell, Abductions, UFO Sightings and much more.
Order: CD179 £14.99 KIDS RULE OK!
Includes three children’s games : Postman Pat, Popeye and Sooty & Sweep.
EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA 1997 The second edition of the Amiga's answer to Encarta.
Order: CD262x £14.99 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA 1996 The first edition of the the Epic Encyclopedia. Okay on almost all Amiga’s.
KIDS RULE OK 2 Includes three more children’s games : Bully's Sporting Darts, Popeye’s Wrestling and Dinosaur Detective Agency. Rated 90% SPECCY CLASSIX ‘98 Play over 3000 Classic Spectrum Games on your Amiga, Includes the latest Spectrum Emulators and thousands of Games.
PLAYDAYS The Official Playdays as seen on BBC is available now and includes 13 different children’s activities. It covers : Numbers, Letters, Colours, Shapes, Sounds and more.
Order: QS15 £9 PLAYDAYS PAINT Create your own Birthday cards, Banners and Calendars, Draw your own pictures and colour them or simply colour in the pictures supplied.
EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PARANORMAL An exciting new multimedia Amiga based CD-ROM featuring high-res AGA graphics throughout. Covering subjects like: UFOs & Aliens, Strangelife (Bigfoot, Lochness monster etc), Mysticism, Mind over matter, Myths and Legends and more, This CD promises to give you an “experience”. Also for the first time on an Amiga multimedia CD, there are true “AVI” files (Au Video). Hundreds of colour images, masses of AVI’s, and animations, hundreds of voice-overs, over 40 minutes of presentations 400 subject synopsis’, and hundreds of 'cross referenced’ articles. A
Order: CD223x £14.99 for‘ust 225 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia is a completely updated product to the extent that it now includes around 20,000 subjectsA. It features a superb new updated multi- media interface with new colour scheme, online help, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. It supports a multitude of new features including: Colour images, Full-screen filmclips in anim and AVI formatsA, National anthems and a unique Inter-ACT™ feature which allows you to interact with certain subjects like: Draughts, etc. A superb
reference and educational title for the whole family.
1996 Edition: CD222 £5.00 1997 Edition: CD262c £14.99 A1998 Edition: CD462 £19.99 1996 Edition - A500+ A600 A1200HD. 2mb+ jjj®* 1997 Edition - AGA Amiga with HD. 4mb+ram ** 1998 Edition - AGA Amiga with HD. 4mb+ram. 030 or better recommended. (CD also includes special 2mb 'NO HardDnve" Version) C64 GAMES ARCHIVE The re-compiled C64 Games CD includes around 15,000 all- time classic Commodore 64 games. It’s very easy to use and the CD has a complete index of every game.
Order: CD182 £29.99 COMPETITION PRO 'Competition Pro. 5000' 'Comp. Pro. 5000 MINI2 'Comp. Pro. Clear 'Comp. Pro. Clear MINI4 Order: COMP1. 2. 3 or 4 MSX Nostagia includes hundreds and hundreds of original MSX games all ready to run through the latest MSX software emulator. Games include originals like Mappy and the classic, Galaga and more.
Order: CD673 £9.99 THOMAS’ COLLECTION Three great little children’s games, each featuring Thomas the Tank Engine. Ages 3+ QUICKJOY FOOT PEDALS A great novelty for any racing game addict. You simply plug the pedals into your joystick port, and plug your joystick into the back of the pedals. Order: PEDALS £9.99 SOOTY’S PAINT BOX Create your own Birthday cards, Banners and Calendars, Draw your own pictures and colour them or simply colour in the pictures supplied.
ANALOGUE JOYSTICK* High quality, silky smooth movement analogue joystick. Suitable for any “analogue” compatible game, like TFX etc. 'Requires Analogue Adaptor @ £10 Order: PCJOY1 £9.99 KEY TO DRIVING THEORY "KTDT" is an interactive test to aid revision of the Highway Code for learner drivers. It consists of all the latest questions. Based on a configurable testing method the user can customise the type and amount of questions asked.
Speech is used throughout on the CD version. As well as offering a test mode, "KTDT" offers an amount of information which is usually asked in the theory test or by a driving instructor.
Available on CD or DISK (HD Req.)
Order: CD672 £14.99 EPIC COLLECTION 3 The Epic Collection Volume3 features well over 600mb of the very latest and only best Amiga games, tools, images and music. It also contains over 80 disks of educational software. J Order: CD405x £14.99 Both for just £20 17BIT LEVEL 6 f The very latest 17BIT disks specially compiled by Quartz.
All the best titles are here.
Through an easy to use inter- l face you have access to around 1000 brand new Amiga disks all categorised into various themes.
3D SOUND BOX Gives your Amiga real 3D stereo sound. Complete with input cables, power-supply and demo disk. Works with any program. Order: Soundbox £19.99 The A-Z of Amiga Games is a comprehensive database of information on over 2,000 Amiga games. Information and details, such as screenshots, reviews, game maps, cheats, box scans, compatability listing are included. This CD is suitable for use on any Windows PC, Mac or Amiga. (8mb ram recommended) Order: CD682 £19.99 THE LEARNING CURVE covers all aspects of education. From simple spelling to maths, algebra to science. Rated over 90% in
Amiga Format. Suitable for ALL ages.
Order: CD427 £19.99 tfiuFREttCD'Sm AMIGA - 1084 MONITOR £12.99 AMIGA - PHILIPS MONITOR £12.99 AMIGA - SCART TV £12.99 Dual Joystick Mouse Extension £3.99 Amiga - Amiga Parnet £14.99 Amiga - Amiga or PC Twin £12.99 Amiga TV RF Cable £2.99 Joystick Splitter lead £3.99 Joystick Extension Cable (2metres) £3.99 Amiga A600 A1200 Joysick Mouse Port £9.99 CD32 Network Cables and Software £34.99 Amiga - PC Linkup (Parallel) £17.99 Amiga 4 Player Adaptor £9.99 Analogue Joystick Adaptor £9.99 PC Keyboard Extendion £3.99 Printer Cable £3.99 Squirrel SCSI Interface £49.99 A600 A1200 to 3.5” Harddrive
£19.99 Mouse IT (Adaptor & Software) £4.99
2. 5” Harddrive cable (5cm) £9.99
3. 5” Hard drive (Standard pc styie)(40pin) £7.99 Female Jack to
2 Phono (Audio Adaptor) £3.99 Stereo Phono Cables £2.99 Amiga
- Amstrad CPC Monitor £9.99 'Spend £25 on Software and choose
one of the following free. Spend £50 and choose any two, etc.
Storage. Extra's.
Locale. Fonts and Install3.0. A bargain at just £9.99 PRIMAX MASTER TRACKBALL Ultimate 3 Button serial trackball for use on Workbench.
Silky smooth operation. Can sit in the palm of your hand.
'Includes MouselT Adaptor * * Order: PRIMAX £39.99 » SOFTWARE EXPLOSION CD 600mb of top quality data, Images, over 300 textures, Objects, Samples, Modules, Games, 600 Letters, Demos plus a great deal more. Order: FCD449 SOFTWARE EXPLOSION 2 CD Brand New release includes tons of Midi Files, Images, Colour Fonts, Tutorials, Virtual Computer Pets, and a whole host of other stuff.
Order: FCD560 AMIGA TOUCH PAD Eliminates the use of a mouse... Simply move your finger over the touch sensitive pad.
Comes supplied with MouselT.
Order: TOUCHPAD £39.99 FlU Cannon Fodder - Movie Maker Adult MENsation (18) - 1000 C64 Gamez CD MOUSE PEN Eliminates the use of a mouse... simply use as if you were drawing with a pen or pencil.
Comes supplied with MouselT.
Order: MOUSEPEN2 £29.99 Other cables and leads available on request.
POSTAGE: UK • £1 per item unless staled. Overseas: £5 for first item and £2 per additional item • Add £1.50 for insured delivery.
AJI items are sold subject to our normal terms and corxfitions and are sutject to availability. ESOE All prices include VAT.
'Free CD's are only offered on Software purchases. All titles have been tested on an A1200, call for compatibility of A500 etc. When ordering please state product code, title and price. KS2 3 = Compatible with A500WA60Q'A1200 etc Please send a SAE for a free up to date catalogue of new and second-hand Amiga titles. Cheques should be made payable to EPIC.
Cheques valued over £30 take around 7 days to dear- add £3 for speedy dearance. Credit card orders are normally dispatched within 48 hours.
Free Game!
Download now from: www.epicmarketing.ltd.net af Open Mon - Sat 9:30am - mar a i Htnvwmuvw« Epic Marketing: BSS House - Area50, Cheney Manor, Swindon. SN2 2PJ, UK Order Free on: 0500 131 486 8Sfl| ~ Fax: +44 0 1793 514187 Enquiries: 0 1793 514188 crcdit card ordcrs uueLCome y If you live in either of these countries call them direct.
Otherwise order direct from the UK.
Prices may vary.
German Office Hirschauer Strasse 9, 72070 Tubingen.
Tel: +49 (0) 7071 400493 Australian Office 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW, 2233.
Tel: +61 (0) 29520 9606 RACING GAMES Super Skidmarks Ultimate Super Skidmarks CD Power Drive Turbo Trax X-Treme Racing AGA Road Rash Street Racer AGA Street Racer CD Microprose Formula One Roadkill AGA Roadkili CD32 Virtual Karting 2 AGA Virtual Karting 2 CD Flyin High CD Flyin High Data Flyin High Data 2 Virtual GP (Alien F1) PUZZLE LOGICAL Marbleous Blockhead Logical Blockhead 2 Minskies Fools Errand Lemmings Worms Directors Cut Troddlers Clockwiser CD32 Last Ninja 3 CD32 Golem CD STRATEGIC MANAGMENT Theme Park Theme Park AGA Ultimate Theme Park CD Cygnus 8 Dune II A-Train Cannon Fodder
(oem) Cannon Fodder CD32 Cannon Fodder 2 SimCity (oem) Gnome Alone Foundation CD Civilization Civilization CD Colonization Fields Of Glory Fields Of Glory CD32 Mobile Warfare Uropa 2 CD Final Odyssey CD Operation Combat 2 Medievil Warriors Railroad Tycoon Silent Service 2 UFO : Enemy Unknown Special Forces Napalm CD Z CD Frontier: Elite II (call for availability) 3D“DOOM”STYLE GAMES Testament AGA Death Mask Gloom Deluxe AGA Ultimate Gloom (Gloom3) CD Quake CD Doom Trilogy (3 cd's) Genetic Species CD Nemac IV CD Zombie Massacre CD Fears AGA Fears CD32 Breathless AGA SPORTS PGA Tour Goif PGA
Tour Golf Plus FIFA Soccer World Golf Battle Of The Ashes Samba World Cup CD Eat The Whistle Eat The Whistle CD Tennis Cup 2 KickOff2 Data Disks (All 4 titles) Speedball Nick Faldo’s Golf Player Manager 2 AGA Sensible Golf SWOS: WorldCup Update SWOS: 97 98 Updater Tracksuit Manager 2 Tracksuit Manager 2 AGA John Barnes Football CD32 International Karate Plus CD32 Football Glory Club Football Super League Manager CD32 Sporting Spectacular (4games) PINBALL SIMULATIONS Pinball Brain Damage AGA Pinball Brain Damage CD Pinball Illusions AGA Pinball Fantasies AGA Pinball Dreams Pinball Obsessions
Slam Tilt AGA Thomas’ Pinball AGA Pinball Mania AGA £8.99 £12.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £8.99 £12.99 £12.99 £9.99 £4.99 £9.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 £7.99 £7.99 £19.99 £4.99 £7.99 £4.99 £7.99 £8.99 £9.99 £8.99 £12.99 £9.99 £2.99 £2.99 £call £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £14.99 £12.99 £9.99 £8.99 £4.99 £8.99 £2.99 £2.99 £27.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £14.99 £27.99 £27.99 £9.99 £9.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £8.99 £29.99 £29.99 £10.00 £14.99 £4.99 £4.99 £12.99 £29.99 £17.99 £27.99 £19.99 £19.99 £4.99 £9.99 £14.99 £8.99 £12.99 £8.99 £9.99 £9.99 • £19.99 £14.99 £14.99 £4.99 £7.99 £4.99 £4.99 Now £9.99
£8.99 £4.99 £4.99 £14.99 £14.99 £2.99 £2.99 £4.99 £4.99 £2.99 £12.99 £14.99 £14.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99 £14.99 £7.99 £7.99 AMIGA (CD - 8mb etc) AGA AMIGA (CD OR DISK) ANY AMIGA - (2mb+ ram) ANY AMIGA DISK OR CD Mega BLAST!
Bomber man done - 2-6 players C3 E - z Zombie Massacre is Alpha Software's nightmare vision of a world populated by flesh-eating zombies and the human race struggling for survival.
Featuring heart stopping 3D zombie action and pumping digital audio by the Award Winning Will Morton.
"It's a brilliant game and I suggest you get it pretty soon. 96%" Neil Bullock (World of Amiga Mag.)
Zombie Massacre features
- Over 40 levels of single and double player mayhem
- 11 new sprites each with 48 frames of animation
- 3 Fantastic CD digital audio tracks including a spoken plotline
¦ Over 100 Meg of full screen FMV with actors
- New enemy intelligence and realistic shadows “Sixth Sense
Investigations” is a new graphics adventure for the Amiga,
based on the classic LucasArts style games. The base storyboard
tells of a crazy guy who has the ability to with the spirit of
a sarcastic man. A friend, who thinks of himself as a detec
tive, profits from the psychic abilities of his friend (the
psychic guy), by using his skills to solve the most bizarre
problems of the rich.
Available on: AGA Amiga CD CD32 and Disk.
Requires 2mb ram, 4mb for speech.
Special Price: £19.99 mmRm@mFwnENT’nTLE8NmmK!
Ma a Free Game!
017QQ 10017C Download now from: 1 SO 0 www.eptcmartc6tingJtd.oet 8f Epic Marketing • BSS House, Area50, Cheney Manor, Swindon, UK. SN2 2PJ Please make cheques postal orders payable to Epic Marketing.
Please add a total of £1 per title for P&P within the UK and £2 per title Overseas.
Trade enquiries welcome. All prices listed indude VAT. E&OE. Call for more information.
All titles are subject to availability. AGA = A1200 A4000 Only - CD32 titles also work on A1200CD-ROM CD Games genjpliy onty work on AGA Amiga's, (oem = unboxed). Send a SAE for a complete games list nun nun mi VISA CREDIT CARD ORDERS UJELCOmE V AMIGA CLASSIX is an original CD featuring over 300 Classic Amiga Games, Many of which are full versions: Amegas, Testament, Better Dead than Alien, Charlie J. Cool, Crash Test Dummies, Cyber Punks, Dark Seed, Full House Poker, DNA, PP Hammer, Lex, Starblade, TechnoCop, Zero Gravity, Boondar, Blaster, Boston Bomb Club, Fruit Salad, Armalyte, Nemeses,
Super Frog, Project Buzbar, Turn IT, Vietnam and more... PLUS! 100 all-time classic Demo’s.
Order: CD526 £14.99 (tun games are included with the permission of the authors) AMIGA ass g t II T 11. VF m. CREDIT CARD ORDERS UJEL H epic Available on CD-ROM Of DISK ' All 32 World Cup Teams. Requires: A1200 of better -
* Controls via Joystick, 2 Button Sticks or Joypads. 01 vrth wth
* Play the World CUP or set up your own custom leagues. * innf.
' 30 different field conditions to be played on uu ‘fames
* Very intuitive control method with acceleration decelaration
* Spoken comment (CD Version only) t _ , ’ Game Tactics and
Tactical editor * Role playing mode ‘ u" Spoken
* Arcade mode similiar to Speedball II (Powerups, bonuses)
Commentary AGA Amiga CD. Game requires 6mb ram. Recommended
10mb ram, 030 or better.
Due to the graphic nature of this game, Viewers discretion is strongly advised.
Order: CD705 RRP: £19.99 Special Price: Just £14.99 with any other game!
EAT THE WHISTLE FLIGHT SIMULATIONS Gunship 2000 £12.99 Airbus A320 II £12.99 Approach Trainer £4.99 B17 Flying Fortress £12.99 Dogfight £12.99 Overlord £12.99 Shadow of the 3rd Moon CD £19.99 F117A Stealth Fighter £8.99 F15 Strike Eagle 2 £12.99 F19 Stealth £12.99 TFX CD £5.99 SHOOT’EM UPS ACTION Xenon 2 £4.99 Firehawk £4.99 XP-8 £4.99 Classic Baby Arcadia £4.99 Pulsator CD £14.99 Gunbee (Manga) £7.99 Banshee AGA £4.99 Bomber Bob £5.00 Ninja Warriors £4.99 Desert Strike £8.99 Base Jumpers £4.99 Arcade Action (5games) £12.99 Mega Blast (Bomberman clone) £7.99 Badlands Pete £4.99 Damage (18)
£9.99 Skeleton Krew AGA £2.99 Total Carnage AGA £2.99 Total Carnage CD32 £2.99 Guardian CD32 £2.99 Thunder Blade £4.99 Rise Of The Robots £4.99 Rise Of The Robots AGA £4.99 Zeewolf £4.99 Star Fighter CD £19.99 Sci-fi Collection (3games) £4.99 PLATFORMERS Ruffian £4.99 Forest Dump Forever £7.99 Marvin’s Marvellous Adventure AGA £2.99 Marvin's Marvellous Adventure CD32 £2.99 Sword £14.99 Impossible Mission AGA £8.99 Captain Dynamo £4.99 Steg The Slug £4.99 OneEscapee CD £27.99 Seymore goes to Hollywood £4.99 CJ in the USA £4.99 Myth £2.99 Suberban Commando £4.99 Rainbow Collection (3games - oem)
£9.99 Gulp!
£4.99 Robocod £4.99 Chuck Rock CD32 £2.99 Putty Squad AGA £14.99 Oscar & Diggers CD32 £2.99 Bubble & Squeek £2.99 Bubble & Squeek CD32 £2.99 Naughty Ones CD32 £9.99 ADVENTURES RPG Simon The Sorcerer £14.99 Simon The Sorcerer AGA £14.99 Simon The Sorcerer CD32 £14.99 Monkey Island 1&2 (compilation) £24.99 Loom (lucas arts) £7.99 Big Red Adventure CD £19.99 Police Quest £9.99 Myst CD £29.99 Heimdall 2 AGA £4.99 Flight Of The Amazon Queen £19.99 Abduction £14.99 Legends £7.99 Lost on Parrot Island £9.99 Sixth Sense Investigations AGA £19.99 Sixth Sense Investigations CD £19.99 Wasted Dreams CD
£27.99 Blade Disk & CD £12.99 Ishar Trilogy £24.99 DIZZY COLLECTION Bubble Dizzy £4.99 Magicland Dizzy £4.99 Fast Food Dizzy £4.99 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy £4.99 Prince Of Yolk Folk £4.99 Fantastic Dizzy £4.99 Treasure Island Dizzy £4.99 Panic Dizzy £4.99 KWIK SNAX £4.99 Spellbound Dizzy £4.99 Fantasy World Dizzy £4.99 ADULT GAMES Strip Pot AGA £4.99 Deluxe Strip Poker £2.99 Centerfold Squares £4.99 Adult Sensation 5 CD (30+ games) £19.99 Lula: The Sexy Empire CD £29.99 GAME COMPILATIONS 50 Games Compilation £6.99 Amiga ClassiX CD £14.99 Arcade ClassiX MKII CD £14.99 Games Room CD £12.99
Manyk:(Roadkill,Legends, Fears)AGA £12.99 Acid Attack:(Gloom,Skidmarks)AGA £12.99 Calssic Card & Board Games £9.99 Assassins Games 3 CD £14.99 Assassins Games 4 CD £14.99 Nothing But Tetris CD £9.99 “THE BEST AMIGA GAME Three Worlds - With 30 huge locations.
Full spoken dialogue on the CD Version.
Superb 256 Colour Cartoon Graphics.
50 frame second animations throughout.
Full animated intro, sequence on CD.
Load and save at any point in the game.
Hundreds of items to pickup and use.
Massively complex enigmas.
Month’s of Gameplay. The biggest Graphics Adventure ever.
Month ?gDs WoQfeOo does a good impression of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future... Christmas is usually the season when we start dreaming about what exciting new stuff is going to be coming up next year, as well as looking back on the exciting things we saw this year. We will, of course, be doing all that in the form of our That Was the Year That Was feature, along with our predictions on what we can expect next year.
We’ll also have a whole mag full of stuff that’s here and now. We’ve finally got a working version of Descent, the much hyped PC game, and we’ve given it a thorough going over.
There’s also an interview with Weird Science and Blittersoft about Cerberus, their new non-Amiga machine which you may have noticed them advertising. We’ll be asking them just what it offers Amiga fans, and why they have decided to sell it. You can read their answers on page 16.
Workbench 3.5 looks like it’s going to be a bit late for Christmas but you can still find out what new features it has and howr you’ll be able to upgrade your machine - see our extensive news coverage.
Something which has arrived in time for Christmas is REBOL, Carl Sassenrath’s excellent-looking new web-aware language.
Available on multiple platforms, and so simple even BASIC programmers will be able to understand it, will it be able to take the world by storm? John Kennedy has some of the answers in a special three page feature.
Of course, you should get this issue in time to do some last minute shopping, or even compile a nice list for Santa, so we’ve included a special present guide to suit every wallet. Ho, ho, ho, everyone. Now please tear out this picture and destroy it... Nick Veitch Editor
I. _ .M Lily I ' ; Werd Scerce ard Bjtersott hai&sMtogstter
tooSet ot ai things, a PC toArrgau»s tafcs to them t find out
From tf» cfert: past ol Janarv to the t* it new a*r ofthe New Vear, ate tire cut with CERBERUS PAGE 16 They've been called all sorts of rude things for advertising the Cerberus. Now we give Weird Science and Blittersoft the opportunity to answer their critics.
THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS... 1998 PAGE 20 While your chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, you might care to take a look back over the events of the last twelve issues.
A ton or less Got a monkey?
XdcnnauE ... yi Less than fifty notes Under ten quid 0*M»J3SZ REBOL PAGE 29 Can Carl Sassenrath really change the way the web works with REBOL?
STOCKING FILLERS PAGE 22 There's something for every sized stocking in our seasonal round-up of the best bargains and the things you really should want for Christmas.
GET CONNECTED PAGE 60 How easy can joining the Internet community be?
AMIGA FORMAT CHRISTMAS 1998 ISSUE 118 CHRISTMAS 1998 EDS SERIOUSLY AMIGA 56 PFS2 Andrew Korn is cruel to hard drives. Will Professional File System 2 change his ways?
EIMSLSIIE The perfect present - AF delivered every month.
56 G0LDED5 Where to go for your seasonal Amiga gifts.
17 = 'Ho, ho, ho, no problem," says John Kennedy.
ErnM Dave Cusick looks at net hoaxes. Or does he?
60 GET C0NNEC1E0 The NetConnect 2 package won an AF Gold, so can Get Connected compete?
Ben Vost goes surfing to find out.
MAILBAG & GALLERY Paint and prose from the Amiga world.
Imlil Jili Hlli 62 ANALOGIC STUFF An external SCSI dual drive bay, as well as an external SCSI hard drive?
Nick Veitch likes SCSI. Mmm... SCSI.
Writing words on the web, with Neil Both wick.
Tony Horgan introduces the art of bouncing tracks.
G FOR YOURSELF Start writing your own game, with John Kennedy.
64 CATAiySER Simon Goodwin explains all about retargeting.
Like an overstuffed Christmas stocking, our CD is bursting with goodies like the latest Wildfire and AmigaWriter.
Two dedicated Amiga companies launching a PC-based machine?
Ben Vost finds out what's going on.
Weird Science and Blittersoft defend the launch of the Cerberus machine in our exclusive interview.
Nick Veitch gets all nostalgic as he takes a look back at what's been an exciting year for Amiga owners.
Get all your finances organised and then get funky with DigiBooster Pro. J Death by shotgun, alien experiment, airstrike, rifle, etc. Mmm. We like it.
It's a revolutionary new computer language, says John Kennedy.
REBOL could change the way the web works..!
Nick Veitch looks at three brand new games you'll be playing next year.
Digital Images' Stuart Walker explains how their new game. Space Station 3000, is developing.
Like a psychopathic dwarf, Nick Veitch sings hi ho, tools up and goes down a mine to kill robots.
Mark Wheatley eagerly unwraps the homemade games you've kindly sent in. Aww.
Ben Vost gets all nostalgic with this traditional platformer. And rather annoyed... Christmas pressies to suit any budget, brought to you by the thrifty Ben Vost.
Mice, hard drives, accelerators, memory and other gubbins... we love Christmas!
Mmm, games. Lovely games. Except that one, don't like it. This one's nice though.
Mmm, games... WHAT’S UP?
Workbench 3.5 news All the official facts about next year's operating system.
Faster Power Power Computing are to release the fastest Amiga accelerator yet.
The Last Patriot Details on the first Amiga NG game.
Announcement At the start of October, after our last issue went to press with its speculative OS3.5 article, Amiga Inc. posted details of the new version of Workbench on their website at http: www.Amiga.com. 68000 chips, but the fact of the matter is that while other platforms have moved ahead with the times, the .Amiga is the only one that still works with 10- year-old hardware, and part of the reason why we haven’t got the nifty features that people want in an OS is due to having to support the extreme low7-end. Amiga Inc. have been inundated with questions about the new7 operating system
and they’ve asked us to try to explain their point of view7 as best as possible.
AmigaOS3.5 will be available in the first half of 1999, but there’s no price set for it yet, although it will probably be similarly priced to 3.1 upgrades. A CD-ROM drive is necessary as OS3.5 has grown to an unmanageable number of disks. Developers have also asked Amiga Inc. to make this item a standard component of the Amiga and this will be done by making OS3.5 CD-only.
The main features of the new version are as follows: ¦ RTG (Re targe table graphics) card support ¦ RTA (Retargetable audio) card support ¦ Internet enabled ¦ Enhanced prindng ¦ Enhanced file svstem j ¦ CD file system ¦ Arexx update ¦ New Shell features and extended commands ¦ Improved interface ¦ PowerPC co-processor support The bar has been raised for base level machines too, since the minimum requirements for Workbench 3.5 are now a CD-ROM drive, hard drive, 68020 or higher processor, Amiga 3.1 ROMs and 4Mb fast RAM.
The Kickstart 3.1 part is very important since there are a lot of A1200 users out there using a mixture of Kickstart 3.0 and Workbench 3.1 at the moment. While this combination does work, it’s not completely safe, especially when it comes to DataTvpes and other less obvious things.
Workbench 3.5 will definitely require Kickstart 3.1. The 68020 requirement has also come as a bit of a shock to hundreds of annoyed A500 owners who still plod along with their Amiga OS3.5 is the ideal bridge between the classic Amiga and the next generation machine.
As for support of third party products like Zip, Jaz and so on, OS3.5 will be an interim, maintenance release of the operating system, and so Amiga Inc. don’t really see the point in spending huge amounts of time putting new standards in place to support these things, especially since third party7 software allows easy use of such items.
Likewise, there will be no multi-user support or industry7 standards like Quicktime, AM, Java or PDF tor the same reasons. Multithreading w7on’t be included because it would almost certainly break existing software and be very difficult to implement in the time allotted for OS3.5. However, there will be an update to Arexx, planned with a commercial developer (but not William Hawes, the original author of Arexx, because he will have nothing to do with Amiga companies after been messed around by Commodore).
The look of Workbench will also be improved thanks to a new icon.library7 (removing the need for Newlcons) and icons created by Matt Chaput, the creator of Glowlcons and a Silicon Graphics employee.
For those of you who are worried that OS3.5 is going to eat into the time being devoted to tv WP1 the new machine, fear R I not - there are two separate teams so there’s no (unnecessary7) cross-over, which means that both projects are being worked on simultaneously.
This release of OS3.5 does not mean that it will be compatible with the new Amiga. However, the new7 Amiga will be able to run any software that runs on OS3.5 thanks to an emulation Dual G3 power to come soon!
AMIGASOC'S SOUL GETS HUNTED Power Computing, with DCE in Germany, are set to release the fastest accelerator the Amiga has ever seen. What’s more, this accelerator board doesn’t have the processor that’s at the heart of every Amiga since 1985 at its core, but is based solely on PowerPC technology instead.
The new board, which has yet to be named, will feature two of the PowerPC 750 processors, otherwise known as G3’s, on-board, and they’ll have DIMM sockets instead of the familiar SIMM sockets in order to provide faster and more memory access for the processors.
This is not an Amiga, it's a Mac G3, but it's the only machine currently using the G3 processor.
Rumour has it that the card will also provide the Level 2 cache necessary for the machine to keep up with the processors in it. This means that not only will the dual G3 card be faster than the 604e’s that are currently the norm, it’ll be orders of magnitude faster.
Those wondering how such a card can exist without the 68K processor that graces the phase 5 cards will understand once they know that the card is to use Haage 8c Partners’ 68K emulation. It is hoped that this will give ’060-level speed in pure emulation through the G3.
The card is due to be unveiled at the Cologne show, still two weeks away at the time of writing, but if you’d like to know more about it, contact Power Computing on 01234 851500.
As part of their commitment to UK Amiga users and user groups, AmigaSoc have announced that their Lost Souls database is now being automatically monitored by the Soul Hunter program.
The idea of the Lost Souls database is simple. Amiga users who don't have a user group in their locality register with AmigaSoc, who then put them in touch with other Amiga users near to them, or inform them of any new user groups that may be of interest.
To counteract fears that names may be entered into the database and then forgotten about, AmigaSoc Lost Souls can rest safe knowing they're being watched by the Soul Hunter. Using a postcode database, the Soul Hunter can pinpoint each user to within 5km and then match them to other Lost Souls in the database, so no Amiga owner needs to be alone. To register in the Lost Souls database, visit the AmigaSoc Website at: http: gkfa migasoc.org And yes, apparently it was inspired by Babylon 5... An-5»Soc UK’s -»*& ia» M«»* you C*n *r 2 su! Fvtr Ttn; *rc arrftaDQ f«r*UK W«V* 9« *=*?» *=««? *ft3
feKLTVI. UK Asq* n«** v« r*i You"3 aJw flrto a ».*** rarsj* or ikvic*j ?-«•» oSef to a* *»?* ©*r*« tocf m our r tc*y ff yc-j'v* gci on rtuate qutsaco or tnst**r* i Kmfcn* arc J
- %Y do ou 0*« to r*to you YOU can J*** s«;tao»f ce»* a* a ?- n «
ocr cr*3 wag, frjy and saa goods usro eu* tatady jo:--ae« «Oa-
arc x*a your r*a«
* ¦05* r«e *c*» tfur»9 £** -.regw* poiKod* :«M taarcn t'.jr.ii
C jn*rCy '¦O K*v» ertfy ‘ ” » Usory up cca» ee as scon as wa
Rava sncjj* 3*a waSft o*£ tor our r ncar...... 3 Mf arc ripar
; r waw*
* **! You cay no! ABo r a*s* n Tul A**i*Soc O.nt* a©** ntn n: a
««o t* To
• uaifajt and 4v?n to a eco tf Mr m tat ,-MlffdMKt Aa aSoc UK
nas C'janrsad or h*«p*d « or aptrtjng. *00 Ut«yoop Wmngi and
rawUtOn to Oovetopor CoeKmcat a* Aa a sNows trtu oil Tw wodd
S oryon* rcra at a-*j*s« I* V* * « r * Ar ga arc ** * doocasto
to oong w M to rc!p * -jccno « any way -* can So W|0y our ri
wvcan ao tor you o» you can do tor wt And Ars«b*r If you don't
know where your nearest user group is, those nice guys at
AmigaSoc have a website to help.
Model similar to the Java Virtual Machine, or the Mac’s Rhapsody.
People who want to know why the new version of the operating system will require a 68020 will be pleased to hear that many of the ROM routines are to be re-compiled in 68020 code to give a significant speed increase. However, there won’t be processor-specific versions of Workbench components since the gain between '020 and '040 is minimal and creates false expectations in users. Those of you wondering why ROM code is going to be recompiled when there are no new ROMs planned should know that it looks like there will be some element of softkicking to a new Kickstart 3.5, using up half a meg of
fast RAM (hence the increased memory requirements), although the system will need RS3.1. It is rumoured that some companies will be licensed to produce EPROM-based Kickstart 3.5 chips.
.Although the new operating system will incorporate many features already While we will be taking a lot of third party functionality, there'll be a lot of new , n s- code in Amiga OS3.5. found on existing Amigas, such as the RTG scheme, it will install intelligently so that existing, working schemes don’t get overwritten. .Amiga Inc. also feel that the incorporation of many existing third party7 patches, hacks and commodities won’t detract from the OS, but will strengthen it instead.
While Amiga Inc. have no intention of reinventing the wheel by duplicating efforts that are already in place, they will add things that really should be part of the OS and not external.
People who have every single patch available still won’t have all that will be incorporated into Workbench 3.5 as it will be more than a simple bundle of existing software.
Continued overleaf What have the Amiga Format staff been doing this month?
Nick Veitch Editor I don't really have any idea what I want for Christmas at all, but I know that next Christmas M I'll want a super, fab, new Amiga to play with. Assuming it's ready by then, of course.
Dep. Editor Deer Santa, I want a noo operatin system, ana decent ceedee writer.
Ide also like a noo hampsder to replace the one that got runned over. Umm, and sweets. Fanks.
W Mark Wheatley Irv Prod. Editor A never-ending supply of cheese would be nice. Mmm, 13 -r cheese. Like cheese. And tuna. Tuna's good too. And Belle & Sebastian to have the Christmas number one, just to irritate Ben.
- s Colin Nightingale j Art E d i tor For Christmas, I think the
greatest gift would be ~ j world peace and J . 'Jm brotherly
Only joking! I want a video, a big telly, a PlayStation and loads of action men, if you're reading, mum.
RC5update The Amiga RC5 effort is still doing extremely well. At the time of writing we are in sixth place overall, and the OS 2 user group in front of us are only 19,000 cracked kkeys a second more per day ahead.
To give yon some perspective, 19kkeys is equivalent to only a few more high- powered Amiga users joining up and adding their efforts to the Amiga team. Another matter of interest is that Distributed.net, the organisers of the competition, can't give stats for the team efforts at the moment due to the fact that their database can’t handle the extremely large numbers it’s trying to manage.
If you click on the link for Overall team stats, this is the message you get right now: “As of 26 Oct 98, the total number of 228 blocks completed by the RC5-64 effort exceeded 231. This was the upper limit for numbers stored within our stats databases. Unfortunately, once we reached this limit, our software could not accurately keep track of the blocks completed by the users involved in the project. Keep in mind that this is only a problem with the statistics server; no work has been lost as the proxy network is functioning flawlessly.” If you haven’t joined up yet, please do. The RC5 client
for the Amiga is now very easy to use and doesn’t slow your machine down at all because it runs at a very low priority. It will also automaticallv receive and send blocks j when you go online so you don’t even need to do any maintenance.
For more details, visit the recently revamped Amiga RC5 page at: http: www.cistron.nl ~ttavolv rc5 First game for the newmachine?
Delsyd Software have been working hard on the fundamentals of the plot and the 3D engine for their first commercial game, indeed the first commercial game announced for the new Amiga, called The Last Patriot.
According to Chris Kelley, head programmer at Delsyd, the game will have: "Some of the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques ever used in a video game. Each enemy will have its own thought processes and will react to their environment in a realistic way.
The Last Patriot is going to be a first-person perspective game like Quake, but it will be more puzzle-oriented. Delsyd expect to have a demo for the new machine available by June of next year, presumably for people with the development systems to play, and they are aiming to have the full game finished by March 2000.
When asked to explain how Delsyd got started, Chris said: "All three of us had fairly boring jobs and we wanted to do something exciting for a change. So we saved up enough money to keep us going for a few months and quit our jobs. This gave us a chance to concentrate on The Last Patriot 100%. So far, we are near the end of our layout stage and we're working towards a rudimentary 3D engine." Delsyd Software can be reached at: http: www.aeocities.com siliconvallev foothills 2705 Delsyd Software vital Horgan !
Safer surfing for students Magic carpets Described as a design classic in the making - with tassles - the MouseRug from Fuseon Graphics looks set to improve your desktop.
Continued overleaf By scanning a real hand-woven rug, digitising the image and recreating it in the Lextra fibre coating process, multi-colour designs that don't use ink can be created. Each of the seven million yarn dyed nylon fibres on the MouseRug is charged with 50,000 volts and ‘shot' into the pattern, giving a unique mousemat surface, with these benefits: ¦ Dissipates static ¦ Keeps the mouse clean (the millions of fine fibres collect debris from the mouse ball, which Fuseon claim will almost eliminate the need for maintenance) ¦ The mouse is grounded as the fibres of the rug have a
conductive finish which draws static electricitv awav J J ¦ It’s never sticky, wet or cold and it is totally washable and very durable.
There are three designs currently available, which should sell for £12.95, although you can create a unique MouseRug with your own pattern or logo.
For more details, see http: www.mouseruq.co.uk. fax 01376 500578 or call 01376 500566.
Frequent flyer warning?
Power Computing have told us that there has been a case of grey importing of their IDE enhancer, the Flyer, into the country by unknown sources. They have a problem with A1200 motherboard revision 2B, a problem which Flyers purchased from Power don't have since the revision of the grey import Flyer is an older one that will have no support in this country.
If you have one of these Flyers, or if you are interested in purchasing a legitimate Flyer, please contact Power Computing on 01234 851500.
Speedier surfing... Access to the Internet at speeds of up to 128K will be possible before Christmas, thanks to a new service from Netcom Internet.
They aim to introduce the 128K ISDN connection in December.
Netcom's Product Manager, Tony Hogarty, said: “ With 128K access, Netcom customers who choose to sign up for BT’s new digital service will be some of the first people to use BTHighway as the real dual carriageway it was intended to be.” For more information on BT’s HomeHighway service, there will be an in-depth guide in next month's Amiga Format.
Netcom s UK We make the Net work for you Isn't it funny how a night out on the beer can lead to some inspiring ideas
- like why don't the local council install those flat escalator
things you get at airports all around town to help you get home
from the pub?
I was struck by another inebriated bolt from the blue recently when I was having trouble following the game on Match of the Day because I couldn't decide which of the 44 players on the pitch were real and which were translucent clones produced by my inability to point both eyes directly at the TV.
From this I somehow deduced that it would be great if the new Amiga could drive two independent video outputs as standard. OK, it's a loose connection, but the game wasn't much good and the mind tends to wander... So how about it? Just think of the fun you could have: two player games in which each player has his own screen - you would only need one computer and one copy of the software. Then there are all kinds of advantages it would give video producers who would be able to edit and control the broadcast output in real-time on one monitor while watching and or transmitting the results on the
other output.
Make the outputs TV compatible and you've got an incredibly versatile system.
There's no reason why you should stop at two. The hardware and operating system could be arranged so that new screens could be opened and directed to additional outputs which could be added onto expansion cards.
To make this thing work even better, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to make use of any onboard RAM for display purposes, or at least have a highly expandable pool of display RAM sectioned off? You could open a new screen with its own resolution, colour depth and scan frequency, then assign it to any of your available outputs.
The OS would automatically allocate an area of RAM from the main bank of SIMMs on the motherboard as display RAM for the new screen. That way the extra video display outputs could be incredibly cheap, consisting of little more than a few connections, instead of having to be full graphics cards complete with their own costly display chips.
"Ha!" You say, "You couldn't do that because of XYZ." Well, go and fix XYZ and then you can do it.
Simple. It's called innovation.
Tony Horgan v ?
- iturenet.com amiganet dassified forurn _fra AF CHAT 11 The
Amiga Format chat forum has been in place for some time now,
but since we don't really publicise it, it's not surprising
that it's only the dedicated Amigans who find it.
Come and have a chat if you're thinking hard enough!
Friday 3Q-Oct-W9812:52 y - Poc-kstsr659Hotnail. Com, 28 Oct 1998 ? - ben vost8futurenet co uk, 28 Oct 1998 boaz8virgn.net, 27 Oct 1998 ¦ avs281e ac.uk, 28 Oct 1998 Kael. Carrillo8ukonline co uk, 27 Oct 1998 ¦ teve028429aol. Com, 27 Oct 1998 Hben vost8futurenet co.uk, 28 Oct 1998
H. m mellorSsms.ed ac uk. 28 Oct ¦::tv-02842?aol com. 2- Oct 19?:
ben vost8futurenet co uk. :0 Oct I ben vostSfuturenet co uk.
27 Oct [_muipvbk H - c x mellor35»5 ed ac u?'.. 28 C;H9 ' -
mv;281e ac uk. 28 Oct 1993 IsixHBJteR I I»aess9« o I Re :
Project X has a name lichard Baguley Ct 1998 14 56 56 GMT in=t
discussion I through the pages of Internet her night in
Tescos, I noticed .chard Baguley and that he Editor.
Check Bus out lor fun. Kids Weil foi more tun check out this Dutch power company Reciv to mi-: Bsc'n. Ipllte. ¦¦g-a-j q’ v'-'-. J to?*® - ; j3 These are the best places to meet like- minded people and chat away to your heart's content.
I - -• ' ¦ Thu Od 29 12-4? 18 EST 1998 ¦ |ThU Oct 29 13:45:37 EST 19381
• jrii • .. Thu Oct £3 14 13 53 EST 133c Thu Oct £9 EST 1S33
_ M'N'eio'seala |PnOd30OS: 4:02EST 1998 ¦ iafl FnOC130 0744
38EST 1998 CLICKBOOM I Rjnks| feuswjLWalc_h| ti;e'y.na.:Ws|
r-¦¦ i l yi-lt.) [ijn-.oised M- •¦.- v| f .* ¦ | pt- j i ' . .
![ •• . ] i _¦ . _][ cfej tAfc.i jt Jofinl Arl p ClickBOOM's
website is always great, but there's little point in me telling
you the exact URL for their forum since they update their site
so often that it'll probably have changed by the time you read
this. The forums on the site are devoted mainly to Napalm and
Quake, but there is a general area too.
MOOBUNNY MooBunny is the chat forum for Squid's Amiga page and is visited by a lot of very bright Amiga people. There isn't much of a welcome for people who don't listen before talking, or for those asking silly questions, so don't expect to get much support from here.
However, if you consider yourself to be an Amiga expert, this chat forum is usually one of the most informative going.
AF18 January 1991 Cover feature: Fly into action. Not really sure how this links into the features inside the mag, other than the fact that there were a couple of flight simulators released this month.
Ton the disks: Two disks this issue (and only for this issue, for a while). One of the disks contained the full version of Interphase from ImageWorks, which AF had previously given 88%.
It was this full game and others that led to ELSPA's ban on full games being covermounted (although that lapsed a couple of years ago). If they'd just made the same statement for serious software, the Amiga market might be in better condition thSn it is... The other disk had demos of Lemmings and Total Recall, amongst other things.
¦ News: More than 2 million Amigas have been sold worldwide, with more than 500,000 A500s in this country alone. The A1500 gets launched at the new Commodore show (which has more than 14,000 visitors) and the A3000 also gets Its first airing at CG90.
We look at what was going on in the Amiga market 100 issues of Afago... Format, but if you were to buy their offering for the A2000 back in issue 18, it would have cost you £1,795 for a 33MHz unit with 4Mb RAM and no coprocessor or SCSI controller.
Games reviewed included: New review scorebox this month and new games included: Powermonger (EA) 94%, Rogue Trooper (Krisalis) 85%, Shockwave (DMS) 87%, Spindizzy Worlds (Activision) 94%, Robocop 2 (Ocean) 80%.
¦ Serious products reviewed: No scores yet but a new verdict box. Reviews included: Real3D, Bars & Pipes, Chameleon, Simpatica, Fujitsu DL1100 printer. Mega Midget Racer, BASEboard.
¦ Notes: This was the biggest issue so far at 300 pages, though a large percentage of those pages were adverts, and there weren't that many more pages of editorial compared to the previous issue. The reason we're smaller these days isn't because we've run out of things to say - not by a long way. If you want AF to get bigger, support our advertisers!
¦ Pages: 300 Bcost: £3.95 ??C Acczlzrci'rvr Blizzard 603« 603a* PPC r A1200 Tovjzr Solutions Power Tower: In-built PC Keyboard Interface, 200W PSU £129.95 Power Tower 2: A1200 M board, Amiga K B, Typhoon 1230 40
2. 1Gb HDD, 32X CD + IDE-Fix £559.95 Power Tower 3: As Power
Tower 2 plus 100Mb Zip, 32Mb RAM, ScanMagic+F Fixer and 15"
SVGA monitor £899.95 Infimtiv Tower: In-built PC Keyboard
Interface, 200W PSU £119.95 T ptojrjn A1200 63030 Two 72-pin
SIMMs, Blizzard PPC graphics card socket for Bvision Upgrade.
603e+ has on-board high speed SCSI-1! Interface.
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Comp. Pro Joypad £16.99 Comp. Pro Joystick £9.99 * Zip Stik Joystick £9.99 When we first saw the ad on the back of the last issue of AF, we were as surprised as many of our readers to see the Cerberus.
Worried about the effect that advertising a PC in our mag would have on Amiga owners, we talked to both Blittersoft and Weird Science about this new machine. This is what they said.
Weird Science and Blittersoft have got together to offer, of all things to Amiga users. ©@oo talks to them to find out why.
Our readers will have been shocked to see an advert seemingly for a PC on our back cover last month and this month. What can you tell them about this machine?
Ave are pleased that people are shocked.
Cerberus is meant to shock and wake .Amiga owners up to the possibilities of DAT) and the future. We also hope it sends a wake up call to .Amiga Inc. that says “Pull your finger out guys, we want these features now.” Cerberus is a highly integrated multimedia home entertainment system. Our motherboard has an Mpact 2 Multimedia Processor directly on board, providing first class 2D graphics, 3D acceleration for games, industry leading hardware DAT) decoding and playback, as well as outstanding sound and wavetable capabilities. The integration of the Mpact 2 processor acts much like the custom
chips of the Amiga and means that Cerberus does not need separate cards for graphics, 3D, DAT) or sound.
Cerberus does, however, come with a full array of standard ISA and PCI slots for users to expand.
The key to Cerberus is DAT). With DAT) it is possible to watch high-quality movies on the monitor or output to TV with fantastic Dolby Digital sound.
) ) The key to Cerberus is DVD.
With DVD it is possible to watch high-quality movies on the monitor or output to TV... C K Cerberus is capable of using the vast wealth of PC software and thanks to a ‘Software .Amiga’ system, it also offers a high degree of backwards compatibility with existing Amiga software.
The contentious (but very good-looking) machine at the heart of this interview.
.AF: Why a PC with a ‘software Amiga’, rather than a Mac or an Amiga with PC and Mac emulators?
Ave looked at the possibilities of providing DAD support for the Classic .Amiga. The prospects didn’t look good from a price or time point of view.
There seems little point in spending a year developing new hardware to be launched at the same time as the new Amiga. The Mpact 2 Multimedia Processor at the core of Cerberus already had all the drivers written for Windows95 and 98 on a PC.
Currendy, there is simply no way to offer usable PC emulation on the .Amiga. Using a Mac as the base platform is also a great deal more expensive and prevents us achieving our other aims within our target price.
DAT) is the aim of Cerberus and DAT) requires hardware acceleration to provide a quality viewing experience. A Pentium II 450MHz providing over 800 Mips of computing power cannot decode .mpg 2 video streams fast enough to make watching films on DVD a reasonable experience, let alone a pleasurable one. Having said all of this, we would not have continued with Cerberus if we could not provide a very good degree of backwards compatibility with existing Amiga software. .After all, _ both Weird Science and Blittersoft are committed .Amiga companies. Avhile there is still an .Amiga user in the
world, , this will not change.
AF What’s so good about DAD that you’ve gone to this step to push it?
Digital A'ideo Disc or Digital Arersatile Disk (DAD) is a standard for storing large amounts of digital data in a high density format physically identical in size to a compact disc. However, while a CD can only hold about 650Mb of data, the larger capacity DADs can hold 17Gb - more than 26 Cds or 9,500 high density .Amiga floppies. Simply put, DAD is an overachieving compact disc.
The DAD viewing experience is comparable to that of laser discs and is nearly three times better than that of AT1S video recorders. What really sets DAD apart from CD-ROM is its video, and .mpg 2 compression is the key to that. DAD will be the replacement to the compact disc for storage of computer data, and due to the support of all the major film companies, it’s also touted as the replacement to the humble video.
AF: What if the user wants to add a bit of hardware they see reviewed in Amiga Format, or a piece of software they get to work under UAE emulation?
Cerberus is not an .Amiga and we’re not trying to say that it is. The hardware is based on industry-standard PC hardware and thus .Amiga-specific hardware add-ons aren’t supported.
However, a quick scan of recent issues of Amiga Format will show that a lot of hardware tested is actually PC hardware in an .Amiga package, like modems, CD writers, tower cases, CD- ROM drives and printers, etc. Truly innovative Amiga hardware, such as the Power Fiver or the Kylwalda, J j 7 while fantastic pieces of .Amiga kit, have no place on Cerberus. Software is a To get your existing software over to Cerberus we provide, as standard, the necessary networking software... tricky issue. We’ve tried to provide as much backwards compatibility as possible. We provide every Workbench and
Kickstart ROM from 1.1 to to 3.0 so even some really old games that stubbornly refuse to work on the .Amiga 1200 will probably work on Cerberus.
The whole point of Cerberus, according to its creators, is that it gives you the ability to do things now that the new Amiga will provide in AF What will users do with their software collections if the PC can’t read Amiga disks?
DL: This is a major limitation and we are working on it. However, in the meantime we have the ADF format. It is possible to create a disk image of floppy disks in the ADF format.
This disk image file is used by the Amiga side of Cerberus like a real floppy disk. It can read, write, format and even boot from these files as if they are real floppy disks. To get your existing software over to Cerberus we provide, as standard, the necessary networking software and cable to link Cerberus to a real Amiga.
With this system you could copy vour entire hard drive over and boot the .Amiga side of Cerberus from that.
AF: How do you see this machine affecting the way the Classic Amiga market is going to go?
Weird Science and Blittersoft are more involved in the Classic Amiga market than most. Blittersoft have invested heavily in the BoXeR board and this is still our single most important project.
Weird Science import more software from around the world than any other Amiga company in the UK and this is our single most important aim.
Cerberus will take advantage of the Inside Out board, a project that is very close to the BoXeR. If anything, Cerberus could actually improve the Classic Amiga’s future because it is yet another system that will be greatly improved by Inside Out.
Users can happily purchase a Cerberus system and gain advantages that the Aniga sadly cannot offer at this time. This system will bring more crosssystem integration than ever before thanks to Fusion PC and Amiga Forever. It will make the Inside Out more sought after and will also allow .Amiga users to take advantage of DAT) now.
One kev factor that Cerberus and J our support of the new DAT) format will offer Aveird Science and Blittersoft is allowing us to continue to wholeheartedly support the Amiga. It helps ensure our continued viability as .Amiga companies and thus we can continue to provide the Classic .Amiga market with the excellence of service they have become accustomed to from Blittersoft and Weird Science.
AF: How7 will having this machine affect Amiga owners’ ability to do the things they take for granted now7, like going online, printing, scanning, making music, etc?
Cerberus ships as standard with the required software and hardware to connect, brow7se and email the Internet.
Printing and scanning will be quicker with Cerberus than an Amiga. Most people will find that their printers or scanners actually came with PC drivers straight out of the box.
.As for music, this is really going to knock people for six. Cerberus ships with AudioStorm 3D positional audio, supporting DirectSound3D and the Mpact Forte advanced wavetable synthesiser. This provides 64 simultaneous hardware accelerated voices, 8Mb 16-bit sample set developed by Synclavier, 324 instruments and 11 drum kits. All of this is General MIDI and Roland GS compatible. Abu can sample sounds directly with Cerberus at greater than CD quality.
Continued overleaf INTERVIEW OPINION We're not sure whether this can be considered a good or a bad thing.
There's always the question of what exactly an Amiga is to bear in mind, and also the fact that since Amiga Forever - the software that provides the Amiga side of Cerberus - only comes with Kickstart 3.0, you won't be able to run OS3.5 on it.
In fact, since Amiga Forever can only emulate an OCS Amiga (with a graphics card, since it's not limited to only 16 colours), it will probably mean that some of your AGA software won't work. Amiga Forever also has difficulty in emulating Paula's relatively complex sound, so while games may If you want DVD for your Amiga right now, this is your only choice.
DL: Inevitably, when you mention the dreaded word “PC’ to Amiga users, some will go into a frenzy, accusing you of heresy and insisting that you are burnt at the stake under a full moon on the third Tuesday in June. However the vast majority of our customers’ comments have been verv AF: What reaction have you had from Amiga users who’ve contacted you about Cerberus?
Having a big, colourful WB like this is more attractive and useful than a standard A1200.
Both Blittersoft and Weird Science are Amiga-oriented companies. We have produced Cerberus for Amiga users to access the features that the new Amira o promises and Cerberus delivers now.
There are plenty of other companies providing these facilities to PC and Macintosh customers. Our customer base and expertise is with the Amiga and we wanted to provide the exciting new features that computing has to offer to our .Amiga customers.
Remember, if we could have done DYT) with the existing Amiga, Cerberus would not exist.
AF: Why have you chosen to advertise this machine in Amiga Format, rather than advertising it in a PC magazine?
Positive. Some have even taken the trouble to thank us for doing something for them and taking the brave step of developing Cerberus. We have already had hundreds of enquiries for our full information pack, which is available to anyone who wants to j learn more about Cerberus.
We haven’t tried to hide what lies underneath, so any suspicion is unwarranted.
Trying to achieve everything that Cerberus offers as neatly as it does (at the price we offer) is simply not possible with standard PC systems.
.Amiga users should rest assured that, for us, Cerberus is a means to offer the new DYT) technology while maintaining a good degree of Amiga compatibility'. In no way does it hinder our plans or change our long term commitment to the Amiga platform, which is, is it alwavs has been, our L J 7 umber one priority'.
Our feeling is that miga users will decide jr themselves Just a very small selection of the DVD titles that are already available.
Work, it isn't guaranteed. The answer is that you won't be playing Titrrican, you'll be playing Unreal on the PC.
Likewise, you won't have to worry if you can't get Lightwave to run on the Cerberus' Amiga emulation because the PC version is far superior anyway.
While this may be true, it comes as cold comfort to someone who has spent lots of money on Amiga software, only to have to ditch it in favour of PC versions.
However, if you would like to have DVD on your Amiga, this is the only way to get it right now, and as an interim machine it may be that Cerberus fulfils your needs.
Amigawriter® £49.95 home highway - ISDN £129.95 program version format available price awards £79.95 £49.95 Dynalink 56K External Voice Fax Data Modem PACE 56K External Voice Fax Data Modem PACE ‘Solo’ 56K External Voice Fax Data Modem £69.95 £119.95 £189.95 program : netconnect version : v2.2 format : cd-rom or floppy disks available : yes price : £49.95 awards amiga format gold, 96%, cu amiga 94% The award-winning NetConnect v2 is the easiest and most comprehensive Internet compilation designed to enable any Amiga user, from novice to expert level, to get onto and use the Internet. By
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• Eleven Commercial Programs - contains the highest quality
Internet software, all commercial versions.
• Truly Integrated - the beauty of NetConnect v2 is the
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Netconnect v2 With the launch of BT’s ‘Home Highway’, ISDN is now affordable for the home user. Our branded Dynalink ‘MagicXpress’ modem (as featured in this issue) enables you to connect to the Internet at blazingly fast speeds (you must also have a high speed serial card to use ISDN). So, what does ISDN offer the average home Internet user:
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downloaded at the fastest possible rate (74 seconds for a 1MB
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• Two lines - use both digital lines for 128K connections, use
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for 56K connectivity. Why not treat yourself to the brand new PACE ‘Solo’? The ‘Solo’ can be used standalone from your Amiga. Want to go on holiday but need to receive fax and voice messages, but don’t want to leave your Amiga running? The ‘Solo’ is the answer.
Code | Pack Contents £ Prices ID01 External ISDN Terminal Adaptor (TA) £129.95 ID02 ISDN TA & NetConnect £159.95 £189.95 ID03 ISDN TA & NetConnect & Hypercom 1 ID04 ISDN TA & NetConnect & lOBlix Serial Card £229.95 high quality modems (Jace External 56K Modem £29.95 X modem pack options stfax professiona £79.95 Various money saving packs are available. These are all based on the Dynalink 56K modem. Packs based on PACE 56K or PACE ‘Solo’ 56K modems available as an additional cost option.
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with your modem pack program version format available price
awards cards ® £39.95 «i The new lOBlix card offers 4 high
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parallel ports to your Zorro based Amiga. The serial ports
provide 64 bytes of FIFO memory, which is also upgradable. The
parallel ports offer both uni and bi-directional modems,
offering compatibility for all printers. The lOBlix also has a
modular interface. Two modules are currently being developed:
an AHI-compatible sound card and a SANA-II compatible ethernet
module. The Hypercom high-speed serial cards are available for
the A1200 (uses internal clock port) and zorro based Amiga's
offering one (two with the Hypercom 3Z) extra serial and
parallel (Hypercom 3Z only) ports.
£29.95 : genesis : v1.0 : floppy disks : yes : £29.95 fTmeOnfcne: 00 00:05 CONNECT 33600 V42bb Netcom iftil note ppp ft nov onSne Fri Aug 21 09: L
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Credit debit card payment accepted. For any additional
information contact us.
The latest issue (issue 3, out Autumn 1998) of our Internet Informer magazine will be available soon.
Wanting to leam more before you connect to the Internet? Still unsure about the costs involved, what hardware you need or what you, as an Amiga user, will obtain from being connected to the Internet?
The Internet Informer gives you this information, extra product specifications and more.
L5_ VISA ¦JH, : stfax professional : v3.5 : floppy disks yes : £29.95 amiga format gold, 95%, cu amiga superstar, 95% amiga magazin (DE) 89%, Amiga Plus (DE) 96% STFax Professional is a commercial fax voice message program which enables you to use your Amiga as a digital answermachine. Ever wondered how companies manage to create their voice based operator system?
You can do this at home or in a small office! Ie. ‘Press one to leave a message for Mike or press two to leave a message for Sue’. Setup a fax on demand service, advanced message box system for family members, log numbers via caller-ID, call screen or blacklist phone numbers, control other programs etc.
• Full fax modem support (class 1, 2, 2.0) - fax from your
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Program version format available price awards Genesis is a new TCP IP stack for the Amiga computer, allowing both dialup Internet access and local area networking, with the advanced facility to run more than one interface at one time (ie. Keep your ethernet network connected, whilst putting your dialup connection on and offline - ideal for Siamese users, LAN’ing one or more Amiga’s or an Amiga to PC Unix etc). Genesis ships with an easy to use Wizard. Simply enter some basic information about your provider and the Wizard goes online and gathers the advanced information. The status window
(shown here) allows you to control the interfaces and shows the connection speed, the time you have been online and which interfaces are connected. Genesis is supplied with an advanced time and cost logger so you can see how much time you have spent on the net and the costs involved.
Oval House, 113 Victoria Road, Darlington, DL1 5JH Tel: 01325 460116 Fax: 01325 460117 E-Mail: sales@active-net.co.uk http: www.active-net.co.uk Delivery Information genesis Various other individual software titles are available. These titles may wanting to purchase NetConnect v2.
Scalos - workbench replacer with advanced features Voyager Next Generation Microdot-ll v1.1 (release) - email and news client AmlRC AmFTP AmTalk X-Arc - system archive management tool (handles lha. Izx and zip archives) Contact Manager - system addressbook. Works with many net comms programs AmTelnet + AmTerm Package Deal
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for 5+ internet informer issue 3 miscellaneous software From
the dark past of January to the bright new dawn of the New
Year, take time out with s has become tradition, in this
• special Christmas issue we’ll be taking a look back at the
For us, it’s a time of reflection on what we’ve achieved, the accomplishments we are proud of and the mistakes we will vow never to make again. However, it is also a time to try to discern what the future holds. Join us then, in looking, er, backwards and forwards.
January : ¦ j 1998 kicked off to ftMIGA an interesting start ’11 announcements from Jeff Schindler about the future of Amiga Inc. and Gateway’s commitment to the platform.
Unfortunately, Mr. Schindler’s budget still hadn't been approved and he felt the need MsfLiUjr to keep quiet until he could say things gp- with any sort of Si p» authority.
It was a Lwr Sl revealed that 'M * -g || Amiga Inc. were L keen to talk to Fd(g potential licencees of the Amiga hardware, and that several companies were likely to take them up on that and produce genuine new machines.
Apparently there was more to the Cologne show than just great Amiga bargains.
More exciting newrs appeared in the form of a statement from ClickBOOM, who had K been hounded by 8k thousands of emails since rumours began circulating that they might do a conversion Qua e- statement revealed that tMjQro they were in discussions , with id Software, although
- nothing was definite.
We also showed A500 W owners how to make a Zorro slot, though I don’t know why because the ingrates still ring us up to say we don’t cover any WB1.3 software (it w7as superseded eight years ago guys, and we can’t review software that doesn’t exist).
PW2&*’ We were still waiting for confirmation on this month, and we "? Were.st* for IfiafiSBfe- eSy .Andy Smith was looking forward to 17 new games which were due, past due or very nearly due, as he tried to get to grips with what would be released this year. We’re still waiting for some of them.
There was plenty of stuff to be getting on with though, including Shadow of the Third Moon. Andy was battling with alien forces in this 3D space-fighter combat game which he reckoned was “one of the most playable and enjoyable games of its type”.
There was even more exciting action in another part of the office as I ably demonstrated that even the clumsiest of people could re-house their .Amiga in the new7 Power Towrer in less than half an hour. Of course, I actually had to do it a
* • number of times for I -M « - RM photography BEST GAME:
F na Odyssey, 88% BEST SERIOUS: Picture Manager Professional,
92% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "These beer halls all sell their wares
in 20c!
Glasses" - Some of Ben's in-depth reporting from Cologne.
We were wowed by the elegance and ease of installation of the Power Tower.
Picture Manager Pro won our, er, picture manager round up.
CHRISTMAS 1998 AMIGA FORMAT purposes, during the course of w hich I managed to lose most of the screws. I hope you’re more careful.
OXYPatcher, Font Machine, the Zip Plus, X-DVE 3 and the Hydra Ethernet card also managed to scoop AF Golds in probably the biggest award-fest we’ve ever seen. I'm not sure why we were in such a generous mood, but I'll make sure it doesn’t happen again.
If you were in the mood to learn something, you might have got to grips with exporting stuff from DrawStudio, custom classes in MUI and how to run a web- Shadow of the Third Moon (above) proved to be popular with Andy Smith.
Drowser under UNIX, once
- you’d worked s out which CD we’d put all the files on.
BEST GAME: Shadow of the Third Moon, 89% BEST SERIOUS: Power Tower, 97% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "You'll ail be thankful when I've saved the world yet again" - Andy Smith gets carried away in SOTTM.
Ben even got in on the act by compiling a huge Games Explosion feature which profiled most of the notable game developers who were then working on Amiga titles It was hard to get anyone to review anything that didn't involve games in some shape or form, but we did manage The major action was on the coverdisc this month as we served up a huge serving of unadulterated DOOM because the Amiga conversions (for they were manifold) had just appeared. We compared the best ports and gave you everything you needed to get going.
It was a huge game-fest inside, too.
To Andy's delight, Myst finally turned up and he actually managed to solve some of the puzzles by himself, without needing the help of his bumper book of popular game cheats.
To squeeze in a modem round up, take a look at the re-released Dpaint and Hisoft's C++ compiler.
Dpaint was re-released on CD, Myst finally appeared and we had Doom on the CD - not a bad month... BEST GAME: Myst, 92% BEST SERIOUS: Active 56K modem, 92% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "It's really existed ever since 3D Monster Maze on the ZX80" - Me, enlightening the world on the dawn of first person perspective gaming.
AMIGA FORMAT CHRISTMAS 1998 V Another games exclusive this month as we gave you the full UFO: Enemy Unknown game, including the manual. I spent hours translating it Theme Park (above) fulfilled the definition of a timeless classic.
All into AmigaGuide format and not one person wrote in to thank me. Still, I've grown to expect that. In fact, some people thought we shouldn't have given it away at all.
The spirit of controversy also persisted inside the mag as we looked at colour printers. Many people later complained that Epson's Stylus Colour 600 shouldn't have got an AF Gold Wordworth 7 g Create and save documents, place jl graphics and text objects, use text r
* effects, create tables.
F mailmerge, layout, design and use your own documents - then a ) print them out with the best B ¦ demo of a wordprocessor M 1 fcnTHTTA Y00 are ever likely to see! I because Epson didn't actively support the Amiga, ly Y iaSil whereas Canon I would supply you I with a free driver . 5I£j.c j. c... Uncontroversially, - --U- TurboPrint, which was also reviewed in the printer round up, managed a huge 95% and a well- deserved AF Gold.
We previewed Quake this issue and tried to break it gently to A500 A600 owners that it didn't look like they'd be able to play it. In fact, you'd need a 50MHz ‘030 at least, and probably a graphics card. We also suggested that a PPC version may emerge soon, but various cracking teams soon put paid to that idea.
Controversy reared it's head again when we tackled the thorny subject of PPC versus WarpUp development. Simon Goodwin reckoned there were merits in both systems and that Haage & Partner and phase 5 should just stop bickering and work together. It took a few more months for them to listen to reason.
Finally, we sent Mark out on his first mission for AF. He didn't pass Go or collect £200, but went straight to Northumbria Police HQ and took a look at their Amiga driven community safety strategy.
Fortunately, they let him go.
Mark avoided being detained by the friendly Northumbria Police, and even managed to write a two page feature about the ordeal.
BEST GAME: Theme Park CD, 90% BEST SERIOUS: Wordworth 7, 92% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "Please now everyone, don't bother sending in any more" - Andy Smith on Tamagotchi clones from readers.
Retro-gaming was big in '97, with classics like Flashback being re-released.
People who rang up asking silly questions because they hadn't read the six pages in the magazine devoted to it.
There was big news on the games front as we revealed that ClickBOOM were working on a new game called Napalm. The pictures we printed got a great response. We’re still waiting for the game, though (it will be out really oon, we promise).
(fz In serious terms, we looked at the X? Amazing Blizzard PPC, the Eyetech _J EZPC tower and I managed to completely destroy the brand new Catweasel II, though thankfully after I had finished reviewing it. Everyone makes mistakes though, and in five years at Amiga Format it is still the only piece of hardware I’ve ever broken through my own negligence.
BEST GAME: Flashback re-release, 89% BEST SERIOUS: Blizzard PPC, 90% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "March is always a busy month for me, as I try to see as many of the Oscar nominees as possible" - Ben Vost takes time off from hobnobbing with Jack Nicholson and Kate Winslet to write his Talking Heads piece.
Bringing you the definitive Ppaint tutorial to back up another amazing coverdisk giveaway - Ppaint 7. We know many thousands of you used this coverdisk quite a bit, if onlv from the number of June It was summef, of sorts, but there was SSMKfc no sign of the traditional lull in activity. Filling most _____ of the iTews pages The greatest graphics package giveaway ever adorned the cover of our May issue.
This month were " Jl,, details of phase 5’s preNbox machine.-which , v s effectively another Amiga clone, but one equipped with multiple PPC processors.
We also had Our work cut out CHRISTMAS 1998 AMIGA FORMAT if. I r1 This was the big AMIGA € -FORMAT Quake X ; one- Our cover was Lllln l »quite categorical H M about it - we had Quake and wejd reviewed it (properly). The cover was so good we even had a very big one made for the upcoming World of Amiga show. News wise, not aTot was happening as: everyone was saving their big announcements for the show.
THE WAS I We did glean .Amiga Inc. which have a major about something.
Although details of who was attending and what would be shown were scanty, we did manage to piece together a show guide, which I hope was useful to you, whether you attended J ’ J it or not. But enough of show-related antics.
What of Quake? It was too good a game to let Andy Smith review on his own so Ben and I joined in with our own comments. The result was that, if you could get it running on your machine, it was great.
There were disappointments elsewhere, though. The long-awaited ImageFX 3 was found to be seriously flawed (though thankfully Nova Design updated it almost as soon as we’d printed the review, and they addressed all the problems we had found.
It was a time for deep controversies which turned neighbour against neighbour, as Amiga Inc. revealed their plans (above) and Andy Smith reviewed Genetic Species (ricy t).
We had a new tutorial starting this month too, all about Icons. It proved to be pretty7 popular.
The show was certainly the most interesting one for some time, and key Gateway figures (no names this time, Steve) were up long into the night discussing the future of the platform.
TfcmhoUMn: Threshold Max: X: Ty*a: Displace Min: We also had a rather nice feature on PIC programming this issue, written by, er, me. In spite of a few people who wrote in saying it was nothing to do with the .Amiga (I don’t know what they thought I was using to write the programs), I’m glad to say a number of people wrote in to say that they had built and used the keyboard adaptor project successfully.
RiinMi |r«*.
It might look boring, but this was state of the art CD mastering.
In other controversy, I mean news, Andy Smith drew the wrath of the gaming public by painting Vulcan’s Genetic Species in a less than favourable light. He did give it 89% though, which seemed fair, but some readers were baying for blood as Andy had failed to mention some of the games most important features.
BEST GAME: Quake, 94% BEST SERIOUS: Olympus Camedia, 91% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "The sooner I can lay this page out, the sooner I can bugger off" - Colin shows his dedication in Talking Heads.
Quake awoke in June, and, in spite of heavy system requirements, proved very popular.
- * “Classic” Amiga and produce a whole new range of hardware,
bypassing the PPC completely. Understandably, many PPC
purchasers and developers were a litde confused, especially as
up until this point Amiga Inc. had been giving verbal support
to phase 5 and others’ efforts. It took many months to explain
to everyone exacdy what was going on.
Malice (above) was the first in a series of Quake conversions to be featured in our games pages.
BEST GAME: Malice, 91% BEST SERIOUS: MasterlSO v2, 96% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "We have a green light from Gateway. The next Amiga will blow your socks off" - Amiga Inc s Jeff Schindler.
August We had to let Simon Goodwin out of the dungeon (he likes it down there, really) long enough to do yet another reprise to his record- breaking (for length) series on emulators. Thir$ me the excuse was new versions of F&sion and ghapeShifter, another variant to the Sfawes Jwie-up and the finished, final release, $ f Cloanto’s Amiga Forever, which becamffTo the best of my knowledge, the first non-Amiga product we have ever reviewed.
Continued overleaf We also took a speculative look at BeOS, which then seemed to be the front-runner in terms of a new OS for the “November” box. We found it wanting in several areas, so it was a bit of a relief that .Amiga Inc. later ruled it out.
Andy Smith was out to make friends again, this time with a review of Foundation. Many people found that comments like “Is Foundation better than The Settlers then?
The Power Flyer (above) was labelled "the most significant hardware release" of the year.
* £ Frankly, no. It’s not even as good as the Settlers” and “hard
to control and understand” were a bit upsetting, as did the
score of 79%.
After a full, in- depth investigation (I played the game myself for hours), I found that he was indeed completely correct, and even thought he might have been a bit generous. Sure enough, it’s a good game (and better now' with the subsequent releases), but at the time it wrasn’t AF Gold material by a long way our much this coincn release of which nov SSL librari As a replacement OS, BeOS (top) wasn't perfect.
Neither was long- awaited The Settlers clone.
On the serious side, we brought you a full and detailed report of the Pow'er Flyer, which one young, handsome person claimed was probably “the mosf significant hardw'are release of the year” for the average A1200 owner. The beauty of it w s that it made the drives you already had go many times faster.
BEST GAME Foundation, 79% BEST SERIOUS: Power Flyer, 98% QUOTE OF THE MONTH "While the other options can't be dismissed out of hand, BeOs seems to offer a way forward. Time will tell if our predictions are accurate" - Dave Taylor getting it wrong in his BeOs article.
The future of the OS still wasn’t clarified and it seemed that nobody at Amiga Inc. wanted to talk. In a special feature this month, we profiled the people at Amiga Inc. so at least even if nobody knew what exacdv they w ere doing, everyone would know who they were. We wrere also able to clarify some of the specifications of the new7 hardware the next generation Amiga w?ould be based on.
.As wrell as reviewing Resurrection, the Quake add-on, w7e also devoted two that there pages of GameBusters to a Gareth Murfin special on how7 to get Quake running at a reasonable speed on your particular set-up.
Judging by our Reader Survey results published this issue, only 28% of you didn’t have the processor pow7er to run the game. The average user had 11Mb of RAM, a figure w7e expect has increased dramaticallv after a year of rock-bottom SIMM prices.
Hmin... I'm sure you can pro better caption to this than I be strapped to flimsy kite: BEST GAME Ultra Violent Worlds, 60% BEST SERIOUS: MakeCD3.2, 94% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "We are all slaves to the clock" - the most unlikely utterance ever to pour forth from Andy "Morning everyone, is it time for lunch yet?" Smith.
BEST GAME: Sixth Sense, 82% BEST SERIOUS: NewsRog, 97% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "On a good day, Kevin and Zoe on Radio 1 wake me up around 7:30,. There's no point in getting up any earlier..." - Dave Cusick adopts a rather roundabout way of reviewing PD software.
Good few hundred words to explain before he could start reviewing it. Still, some things never change...
3. Multiprocessor PPC accelerator cards will appear.
Well, we already know they're in the works, but we reckon they will become fairly commonplace, and that they'll have plenty of software support.
BEST GAME: Abuse, Gunbee, 80% BEST SERIOUS: Kylwalda, Aminet 26, 92% QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "At the risk of having this column killed off. I'd like to have a chat about the iMac" - Tony Horgan treads dangerously in his first column for AF.
Review wise, Ben took a look at the award winning NetConnect2 and claimed “it’s as much use to those . Veterans who had to deal with complicated text configuration files in the bad old days”. We also had a review of the wonderful- looking Elastic Dreams, and some familiar faces at AF Towers found their features rearranged accordingly.
Someone who might have benefited from a face change was Andy Smith, who was forced to apologise profusely to a number of readers who called him “lazy and inept” and “incompetent in the extreme” over the inaccuracies in his ir Genetic Species review.
It was an interesting month with regard to news. We broke the news about BT’s Digital Highway and what it could mean for your Amiga. Several later and we’re still waiting for BT to sort out the line so we can test it.
We also had a few details about Workbench 3.5, what it was likely to contain and who might want to buy it.
In order to keep you more up date with the very latest in news, we launched our Amiga Format Bulletin service. This is an email service which enables us to send you details of what’s in upcoming issues and to keep you abreast of major news developments. If you’d like to join up and get the latest news, you can email af-bulletinrequest9 bulletin” in the body.
We were also rather lucky to have a huge feature on digital convergence, written by a certain Fleecy Moss, which at least cleared up some assumptions about what the term actually covers. If you wanted to digitally “ converge with others The BlizzardPPC, the fastest futurenet.co.uk and put “subscribe af- A1200 expansion.
On the Internet, you might have benefited from a browse through our IRC feature.
The games section had a doubledose of Quake add-ons in the form of After Shock and X-Men, plus the long awaited adventure, Sixth Sense Investigations, which acquitted itself admirably.
On the serious side of things, the previously unheard of NewsRog romped away with an AF Gold for bringing newsreaders up to date. We also took a rather belated look at the CybjerStorm III and discovered that it wasn’t that bad, really.
2. An OS for the new Amiga will be announced.
This is a fairly safe bet- but we'd like to go further out on a limb and suggest that the chosen OS will be rather similar to AmigaDOS in terms of multitasking and efficiency, and one which is not in widespread use at the moment.
1. The November Box will arrive.
This is now officially rescheduled to appear in February. We reckon it will be more like March and it will probably get a reasonable bit of outside press attention.
Last year we managed to achieve a rather tremendous success rate on our predictions, in that we managed to get more than one right. I'm sure we can't manage it two years in a row... Workbench was foremost on our minds. There had been a lot of talk about the interim
3. 5 version of Workbench, which apparendv would be released now.
We thought somebody might be interested in what we, and most
of our readers, thought should be in it.
Ironically, just as we were going to press, details of tl ggafew Workbench were announced by Amiga Inc. I’m not sure if it The Kylwalda wins was good timing or the weirdest- bad timing.
A voice from the past also surfaced this month as Carl Sassenrath released RFBOL simultaneously on a number of platforms. You can read what programming guru John Kennedy thinks of it right after this feature.
We also went a bit show mad. As well as a huge preview of the Cologne show, we also had reports from around the world on other Amiga happenings: Infomedia ’98, Pianeta Amiga and the MidWest Amiga Expo.
Games-wise, Gunbee F-99 and the conversion of Abuse recorded reasonable scores but failed to capture the imagination. A number of more interesting games appeared in Previews, including a Tomb Raider lookalike.
In serious terms, both the CvberVision PPC and the Picasso add-on card, Paloma, sparked some interest, but the most interesting new product was the oddly named Kylwalda. This took Simon Goodwin a EYELINE Bringing you the latest Amiga News from Eyetech |S3 TT-.]
- - - 6= r~
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Ultra DMA hard drive 4.2GB Yes Yes Yes DVD-ROM(inc
20xCDROM) CDROM 32x CDROM n a DYD-ROM CDReWriter(inc 6xCDR0M) &
s w n a Yes Yes 10 x blank CDR’s 650MB n a Yes Yes iOOMhz bus
PC m’board w 64MB Yes Yes Yes High perf high res 3D Gfx card
w MPEG-l Yes Yes Yes TV teletext framegrabber Yes n a n a
Hardware MJPEG Video Editor n a Yes Yes Hardware MPEG-2 Video
decoder n a +£59.95 Yes CD-quality sound card with MIDI Yes Yes
Yes Software controlled Amiga PC audio mixer Yes Yes Yes
Internal 60W PMPO monitor speakers Yes Yes Yes Siamese RTG2.5
software Yes Yes Yes Amiga PCMCIA & PC ethernet cards cabs Yes
Yes Yes 30-bit high res A4 flatbed scanner Yes +£59.95 Yes
Internal 56k data fax voice modem Yes +£99.95 Yes Unlimited
access Internet package Yes inc w above +£49.95 15” SVGA
monitor + £109.95 +£109.95 Yes 17” SVGA monitor + £199.95 +
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3. 1 Kickstart ROMs ?
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Datastore 1.1 ?
Latest News in Brief APOLLO 060 66 51 MIPS Accelerators back in stock We have purchased the remaining stocks of 060 66 Accelerators - the fastest 68xx accelerator available for the A1200. These units have genuine Motorola 60MHZ parts, so are a little more expensive than the over-clocked 50MHZ units previously sold by us and other dealers. Stocks are strictly limited - see page 2 of this advertising feature for details.
New Purpose-built case for EZ-VGA Mk2 & Plus Fllckerfixers Scandoublers All new units are now shipped in these cases. Existing users can purchase the cases (to fit themselves) for just £6.95 plus carriage.
Eyetech ‘Home Highway’ ISDN Packages from £199-95 including ISDN Terminal Adapter, 10 email addresses, 100% local call access.
Also available with 56K modem for existing analogue lines from £129.95. New Apollo 040 40-SE Accelerator - just £169.95 A limited quantity of 040 40-MHZ A1200 accelerators with MMU and FPU are now available for just £169-95. (Note these are 33RC-marked processors tested and guaranteed for 40MHZ operation).
Monitors down In price again Following further falls in the price of monitors due to better exchange rates with the Far East, we have been able to reduce the price of SVGA monitors even further: 14” now £89.95 15” now £119-95 17” now £229-95 In all cases there are special offers on Scandoublers Flickerfixers purchased with monitors, starting at just £45.00. EZWriter A1200 CD Burner comes out top in latest comparative review The concluding remark in the review of a rival CD writing system in the October Edition of CU Amiga is “For my money I would opt for the Eyetech (EZWriter) system ” Need we
say more?
The EZWriter-SE is available complete with software and 100 PSU for £269.95. The rewritable version - the EZReWriter-SE is also available for just £299.95. New Amiga Motherboards now fin stock We have obtained a limited quantity of new Amiga International 1200 motherboards (excluding ROMs), complete with metal shield and 12 month warranty. The boards are priced at just £129-95.
A replacement motherboard is usually the best long term solution if you have a damaged or unreliable A1200.
Elbox IDE Flyer ‘spacers’ available for early A1200’s Some A1200 motherboards were shipped with an ‘over- populated’ clock port connector, requiring the IDE-Flyer to be raised by around 4mm to avoid short circuits. These spacers, if peeded, are available to Eyetech IDE-Flyer customers for £4.50 (normally £8.95). The Elbox IDE Flyer - which improves hard disk transfer rates by up to 600% and gives large (over 4.3GB) hard drive support - is priced at just £59-95 from Eyetech.
Amiga Format rated The Elbox IDE Flyer at 98% in a recent review.
New ProGrab EZGen Bundle A special ‘video’ promotion is available this month for the first 50 purchasers of the ProGrab (parallel port) video digitizer.
Buy a ProGrab and PSU for £119-95 before Christmas and have the option to purchase an EZGen Amiga Genlock for just £50.
Amiga Magic Upgrade Packs available In limited quantities The ideal way to update your Commodore A1200: Photogenics USE Personal Paint 6.4 Organiser 1.1 Pinball Mania & Whizz Games Workbench 3-1 manuals Magic Pack application software manuals..... all for just £49.951!
NEW EZPC A1200 TOWER EXPANSION CONFIGURATIONS 3 new pre-configured systems to suit different applications and pockets Eyetech’s EZPC-Tower integrates a highly specified PC and your A1200 in the same EZ-Tower via the Siamese RTG
2. 5 Ethernet system. It uses the best aspects of PC technology -
low cost, high performance peripherals, retargetable graphics,
number crunching speed and networking capability - to add to
the Amiga's intrinsic strengths - user-friendly, stable
operating system, true multi-tasking, real-time response, low
system overheads and ease of setup - all areas where Pcs
struggle severely (and often fail!).
It’s important to note that the EZPC system works by making the PC motherboard act as a slave processor to your A1200 - looking after the operation of the systems accessories whilst you and your Amiga get on with creative work. (You can of course use the PC as a computer in its own right if you really insist!)
It’s also important to understand that EZPC A1200 expansion system is based on a real Amiga and is not at all com-parable with other PC-only systems running a clever, but slow, Amiga emulator as a PC application.
In fact there are such a range of applications that the EZPC system can open up to an Amiga user that we have introduced three systems pre-configured for different types of use. These are: A1200 EZ-PC TOWER-HSE (Home Studio Edition). £999.95 The most economic way to get serious Amiga power for your graphics, dtp and internet publishing projects. The HSE configuration comes complete with TV tuner with cut-and-paste teletext facilities. 24-bit video frame grabber and video clip capture card, 30 bit colour scanner. 56K modem and unlimited internet access at local call rates - as well as the
standard EZPC system components - see below.
A1200 EZPC TOWER-DVE (Digital Video Edition). £1369.95 An A1200 expansion platform which is purpose made for video and audio editing. It is fitted with a purpose-designed, hardware-based MJPEG non-linear video editing suite for home semi-professional video production. It also comes with built-in CD Writer Re Writer (with drag-and-drop CD writing software) for producing your own audio and video Cds.
A1200 EZPC TOWER-XLS. £1995.95 This must be the ultimate creative multimedia expansion platform for your A1200. It comes equipped with non-linear video editing hardware and software, A4 30-bit flatbed scanner. DVD ROM hardware & MPEG 2 decoder (for DVD video playback), CD Rewritable drive, 15” Colour Monitor, 56k data fax voice modem with voicemail and internet software - and much more.
All these three packs are designed for you to fit your existing A1200 in the EZPC Tower and connect it up. This normally takes around an hour, but if you would prefer to receive your system ready to use, we can arrange to collect your Amiga, do the work for you and ship your new system back all ready to plug-in to mains and phone outlets! Please ring for details.
A1200 EZPC TOWER-3.1+. £395.95 Finally, if your A1200 is feeling a bit tired we can supply your chosen EZPC Tower system with a brand new Kickstart 3.1 A1200.
Complete with Magic Pack software. 24 Speed CDROM, 2.1 GB hard drive, EZCD Mk4 interface and EZIDE software ready installed and connected up. All you need to do is to slot in your existing accelerator, switch on and start using your new A1200 EZPC Tower system.
The hard drive comes with the Siamese 2.5 RTG software. Workbench 3.1, Magic Pack software and utilities pre-installed - but if you have valuable data on your old hard drive we make it easy for you to access that too. When you buy this A1200 upgrade pack we fit a removable hard drive bay (see picture). You just fit your old hard drive in the removable carrier and slot it back in at the front of your EZ-Tower without even opening the EZPC Tower case. Boot up - and Removable HD there are all your old applications ready to bay takes your run on your new A1200!
Existing 2.5" or
3. 5" drive Using your EZPC to render 3D raytraced scenes using
the PC's CPU When you buy an EZPC-Tower we will give you a
special voucher which entitles you to buy the full PC Version
of Cinema 4D v4SE from HiSoft for just £129 - a saving of £400
on its normal price of £529. With this installed you will be
able to: ? Model your 3D objects and scenes on the Amiga in
Imagine. Cinema 4D etc. ? Save the models to the PC drives
directly from your Amiga application ? Import the Amiga file
models into Cinema 4D on the PC side ? Render the files on the
PC side (at anything up to 100 times the speed of the Amiga
side) ? Save the rendered images for viewing on your Amiga.
Eyetech’s unbelievable Amiga Internet packages (ISDN packages are Home Highway ready) The EZPC Tower system showing the A1200 and the PC motherboard in its slide out frame.
EyeNet I package - 64 128K bps ISDN terminal adapter and RS232 cable £199.95 56K bps voice data fax modem and RS232 cable £129.95 EyeNet 2 package - As EyeNet 1 plus Portjnr high speed serial interface + £30.00 EyeNet 3 package - As EyeNet 1 plus Ibrowse 1.22 & Miami 3.0 Web s w + £50.00 EyeNet 4 package - As EyeNet 1 plus Ibrowse Miami PortJnr + £70.00 Award-winning UMAX SCSI Flatbed Scanner 600 x 300dpi optical resolution, single-pass 24-bit A4 flatbed scanner Comes with Photoscope (Amiga) and Mac software. Compatible with all modem SCSI interfaces - including PPC, Blizzard & Classic
Squirrel (but not Surf-Squirrel) PCW 'Best Scanner of 1998' Award - July 1998: PCW 'Best Scanner' September 1998 Highly-acclaimed ArtEffect-SE v1.5 (normally £59.95) free with this bundle whilst stocks last.
Amiga UMAX Scanner & PfiotoScope Bundle now with FREE ArtEffect-SE v1.5 - still just £179.95 New Products & Xmas Prices for this issue DIY EZ-Tower+PC kbd+kbd i f - £99.95; EZCD-SE buffered interface & s w £16.95: 170MB Hard Drive A1200 Magic Pack £226.95; 14” monitor+scandoubler £134.95; EZWriter-SE external CD burner+MakeCD £269.95; 56Kmodem & unlim net access £129.95; I5DN T A & unlim net access £199.95; Scandoubler with full flickerfixer (int or ext) £69.95; CamControl digicam s w £29.95; Elbox IDE-Flyer High-speed 4 dev buffered i f £59.95; Award winning Umax 6C5I scanner with PhotoScope
and FREE ArtEffect-5E v 1.5 £179.95 Eyetech EZTower System - from just £79.95 Join the Digital Imaging RevGhtioB with Eyetech Amiga Digital Imaging Software from Andreas Gunther SeanQufc & PhotoScope Software - just £59.95 24 bit scanning with full range of editing options ‘Scan-to-disk’ option in Jpeg or IFF Stand-alone use or integrates with your Art package (AdPro, ArtEffect, Ppaint, Photogenics, ImageFX, XLPaint, Pagestream 3, Dpaint5) via AREXX SQ4 - for Epson, HP SCSI & Epson parallel scanners, Photoscope for UMAX 610S 1210S CamControl Amiga Digital Camera Software - now rest £29.95
Serial connection versions available for most popular models of Kodak, Minolta, Olympus, Casio & Fuji digital cameras Picture transfer, camera control & sideshow options (camera dependant) Stand-alone use or integrates with your Art package (AdPro, ArtEffect, Ppaint, Photogenics, ImageFX, XL Paint, Pagestream 3, Dpaint 5) via AREXX Selectable serial device for use with high-speed interfaces like the PortJnr ?
TiWiii 6 - The essential partner for your digital imaging work The most comprehensive, fastest replacement printing system for all WB2.X+ Amigas Supports the latest Epson, Canon, HP printers - including the Award-winning Epson Stylus Photo Integrates seamlessly with ScanQuix Photoscope scanning software and CamControl digital camera software Poster printing, image tiling, colour correction, print spooling, photo optimisation etc, all included as standard ? Selectable parallel device for use with high-speed interfaces such as the PortPlus (see below) ?
PortPlus 2 x 460 Kbd serial + 1 x 800 KB s Parallel £79.95 or just £70 if bought with Turboprint 6 PortJnr 1 x 460Kbd serial port (for attachment to the A1200's unused 'dock' port) £39.95 - or just £30 if bought with CamControl software £149.95 £269.95 £199.95 EZKey2 ?
1200 Magic Packs Direct to Eyetech from Amiga International Inc. ? Whisper quiet 24 or 32-speed CDROM mechanism EZCD-Mk4 4-device buffered interface, 3-connector 40-way and 2-connector 44-way cables included CDPIus driver software specially written for Eyetech by the author of IDE-fix Optional Amiga and CDDA audio mixer with Gold phono audio jacks - just £ 19.95 each ? 20-watt CE-approved PSU complete with 13A plug.
? Optional upgrade to MiniTower or Desktop case with 230W PSU (which can also hold extra drives and power your Amiga) just £20 extra!
2 Free Cds whilst stocks last ?
EZWriter-Bare EZWriter-JNT EZWriter-SE EZWriter-Gdd EZWriter-MT EZReWriter-Bare EZReWriter-INT EZReWriter-SE IDE interfaces ffrequred... £209.95 £249.95 £269.95 £299.95 £299.95 £229.95 £279.95 £299.95 add £20 add £30 add £50 Apollo Accelerator for the A1200 Turbo 1230LC ‘030EC 33MHz (7 MIPS) WTH FPU MQ4MB ONLY £59.95 Options: With mi (non-EC version) +£5.00 With SK© +£7.50 A1240 25 A1240 40SE A1240 40 A1260 50 A1260 68 (19 MP3) £12735 (3DMPS) £167:95 (30 UPS) £187,95 39 UPS) £287.95 (51 WPS) £367:95 ‘040 25 M MU. FPU ‘060 50 MMU FPU ‘040 25 MMU FPU
• 060 50 MMU FPU only £261.95 only £497.95 only £387.95 only
£617.95 M-ftMrt FBI SCS IRMCB ?
? Full UK specification with Kickstart
3. 1 Workbench 3.1 disks and manuals.
UK PSU, mousemat, TV lead and 2mb graphics memory (in addition to any memory expansion included in the packs below).
? Fantastic software bundle including Wordworth 4SE, Turbocalc 3.5, Datastore 1.1 Photogenics 1.2SE, Personal Paint 6.4, Organiser 1.1, Pinball Mania and Whizz.
? Hard drive versions come with Scala MM300 pre-installed.
? Other options available, eg EZ-Tower Magic Pack bundles from £338.95 - ring for details.
? Time-of-purchase upgrade packages available at very special prices - see asterisked* items in the ‘Pack’ boxes below.
Eyetech Starter Pack & Starter Pack-Plus Diskette based system as above Just £184.95 170MB HD-based system as above Just £228.95 Add an ‘030 33EC accelerator with 6MB for just £59.95* Eyetech Productivity Pack 3 170MB HD,030 33MHz MMU FPU 8MB Just £328.95 U g to an ‘040 25MHz MMU FPU w 16MB &100W P5U for just £99.95* &lor upgrade to an EZTower-Plus with EZKey & PC k b for just £110.00* Eyetech MiniTower Pack 3
2. 5GB HD, '040 25MHZ MMU FPU 16MB, 20-speed CDROM, EZ-CD-Mk4
4-device buffered i f & cables, EZIDE s w, MiniTower case with
230W PSU Just £598.95 Upgrade to an ‘040 40MHz MMU FPU with
32MB for just £69.95* Eyetech Professional Pack 3
4. 3GB HD, '040 40-SE MMU FPU 32MB, 24-speed CDROM, EZCD-Mk4
4-device buffered i f & cables, EZIDE s w, EZTower-Plus case
with 250W PSU Just £798.95 U g to a 160MHz PPC &
‘040 25MHz MMU FPU w 64MB for £129.95* . .. & or add a 14"
Monitor & Scandoubler for just £129.95* Thinking of towering
up your A1200? Then you should certainly be considering the
unique Eyetech EZTower System Backplate DfY* Full kit EZTower
EZTower DFO: face plate & ribbon cable Yes Yes Yes Custom
backpanel w SCSI, audio Kos Yes Yes Yes A1200 power & LED
adptrs Yes Yes Yes CE-approved metal PC case n a Yes Yes No of
bays PSU capacity n a I0 250W I0 250W Directly accessible
PCMCIA slot Yes Yes Yes DIY assembly instructions Yes Yes n a
Installation instructions Yes Yes Yes PC board Siamese
compatibility Yes Yes Yes Assembled &AI200-ready No No Yes
Eyetech installation option No No Yes Cost with options as
specified £39.95 £79.95 £99.95 With EZKey2 & PC k b n a £99.95
£l 19.95
* With the DIY EZ-Tower you have and some internal shelving and
to remove the PC tower back plate fix the new backpanel in
place ? Autodetects and remaps Amiga & PC keyboards ? Plugs
directly into the ribbon cable slot on the A1200 AMIGA ?
EZKey2 alone - just £28.95 EZKey2 and Windows keyboard £38.95 EZKey2, A4000 k b & 6-to-5 pin adapter £58.95 EZVGA Scandoublers & Flickerfixers (internal & external) from just £48.95 AMIGA SVGA MONITORS For use with Arraga Zorro & the new PPC Graphics Cards, Scandoublers & the EZPC-Tower system All monitors come with a 3-year warranty and at least I year on-site maintenance - call for details.
? Special pricing on scandoublers flickerfixers bought with monitors from just £45 extra Monitor specifications are quoted as the highest vertical refresh rate at the maximum resolution. Higher refresh rates ( =72Hz) at lower resolutions are available and give a more visually relaxing display.
« Scandoubler flickerfixers have resolutions governed by the Amiga’s AA AGA chipset and are restricted to a maximum vertical refresh of 73Hz and a maximum usable resolution of 724Hx566V. The PPC Bvision supports I600xI280@72Hz.
14" SVGA 0JE8DP, 1024Hx76SV © 60Hz £89.95 15” SVGA (L28DP, 1024HX768V Q 60Hz £119.95 17* SVGA CL280P, 1280Hx1024V G 60Hz £229.95 17” SVGA O SOP, 1600Hx1280V 675Hz £399,95 phases PowertJp PPC + ‘040 060 Accelerators Without SCSI (not upgradable) A1200 160 Mhz 603e PPC A1200 160 Mhz 603e PPC A1200 240 Mhz 603e PPC A1200 240 Mhz 603e PPC if - £61 is or Mai Blizzard Vision Permedia 2 PPC Graphics Card Unbelievable quality and speed - 1600x1260@72HZ!
No Zorro slots neededl 4m b card - £176.95 or just £156.95 with a PPC The Top-Rated Eyetech CD-Plus Range for the A1200 24-speed just £84.95; 32-speed just £94.95!
‘Eyetech have come up with a real winner with this new CDROM drive” - Ben Vost, AF The easiest way to re-house your A1200 by far Expand your system with EZPC or Zorro slots 250 W PSU with PC and Amiga power connectors Available in 4 models to suit different skills and budgets The only tower allowing both PC & A1200 in one case “This is definitely one of the easiest solutions to building your own Tower" - Amiga Format “The Eyetech Tower offers clever solutions with a Velcro easyfit mentality" - CU Amiga Expand your CD32- send for details!
SK32 Mk2 5X32 Pro50 5X32 Pro40EC A1200 EZWriter and EZReWriter CDROM Burners Both are IDE ATAPI reader writer units with MakeCD Amiga writing software EZWriter units cut ‘Gold’ CD blanks at 2x speed & read CDROM's at 8 speed EZReWriter units cut ‘Gold’ CD blanks and CD rewritable disks at 2x speed and read conventional CD’s at 6 speed Gold 650MB CD blanks (for use with either model) are available at ten for £ 10 at time of purchase CD rewritable disks are just £5 each when bought with the EZReWriter EZWrfttr BBeWrtttr Options for A4000 or A1200 Tower (bare drive - no MakeCD) for A4000 or A1200
Tower (with MakeCD) External A1200 unit with separate I Oow PSU External A1200 unit with int 40w PSU, Gold Audio skts Mini-Tower-cased unit with 23Ow PSU which can house an additional LSI20 Zip CDROM & power your A1200 for A4000 or A1200 Tower (bare drive - no MakeCD) for A4000 or A1200 Tower (with MakeCD) External A1200 CD ReWriter with separate I Oow PSU EZCD-SE I F, 44-way & 40-way cables & CDROM s w - EZCD-Mk4 I F, 44 & 40-way cables & EZ-IDE s w - IDE-Flyer or IDE-Express I F, cables & s w -
- 04G25MHz m?umr WMXMMIMU mr
- mmmzvmrmr D60.'50MHzAMJ,TPU* ¦050 66MHz MMU FPir
* To 32MB. Optional 2nd simm socket (tower only) offers 64MB
total 4MB-£12.95 SMB -£19.95 1GMB-£29S5 32MB-£3995 Tip: Buy
your memory with the accelerator to ensure full compatibility
Thinking of buying a BIG drive? Don’t waste yonr money on ANY
DRIVE OVER 4.3GB as the Amiga 0 S doesn’t support m (2 A 32-1
bytes actually).
They appear to work hot overwrite the ROB after 4.3GB into the drive.
A1200 HARD DRIVES - LS120, ZIPs EZCD Buffered Interfaces SE Mk4 Complete A1200 IDE solutions . . Prices down on Interfaces & Software . - 4-Device Buff Interface & CDROM Software £18.95 £28.95 CDROM s w, 3x40 & 2x44-way cables EZ-IDE s w, 3x40 & 2x44-way cables £38.95 £48.95 EZ-IDE Amiga IDE. ATAPI, CDROM & removable media driver s w £34.95 If bought with any EZCD, I F, Zip or LS120 Drive £9.95 Upgrade from Eyetech CDPIus IDE Fix Software £14.95 (trade in & proof of purchase required) ??? This symbol means that prices may be subject to exchange rate variations. Please call for latest
Abridged Guide to Buffered Interfaces Interface Max Xfer Suitability EZCD-SE 2MB s 030 40 Accelerator or slower none EZCD-Mk4 3MB S 030 50,040 xx, 060 xx IDE-Express 5MB S 040 xx, 060 xx, UDMA HD & 24 speed+CDROM IDE-Flyer 8MB S 040 xx, 060 xx, UDMA Elbox IDE Flyer I F& CDROM file system ( 4.3GB HD Support) IDE Express Interface & IDE-fix Express Software Send SAE for IDE Interface Fact Sheet ? All drives come ready to use with WB3.0 pre-installed & WB2.X install script ? All drives over 200 MB come with over 45 top quality utilities (not shovelware) and Mme multimedia authoring s w
pre-installed, configured &ready-to-run TowerDrives (3.5” drives, 25mm high):
1. 7GB-£89.95 2.1GB-£94.95 3.2GB - £109.95 4.3GB - £129.95 LS120
& Zip Drives (ATAPI i f - EZIDE needed): LS120 (HD
Floppy 120MB Cart) - £79.95 3 x 120MB carts - £29.95 Zip Drive
(Mac emul’n compat) - £79.95 3x 100 MB carts -£29.95
2. 5” Instant Drives for the A600 A1200 SX32 20MB An entry-level
drive for the SX32 A600 £29.95 170MB An entry-level drive for
the SX32Pro A1200 £59.95 260MB An entry-level drive for the
SX32Pro A1200 £64.95 720MB A drive for serious A1200 SX32 Pro
users £99.95
1. 4GB A high performance drive for power users £129.95
1. 8GB Top-class drive for the A1200 SX32Pro £149.95 ADPT-EZK2 Mk
2 Am.ga PC k b - A1200 kbd direct connect 28.95 ADPT-EZK2-A4K
A1200 EZKey MK2 6p - 5p adptr A4000 kbd bdle 58.95
ADPT-EZK2-W95 Mk2 Amiga PC k b- A 1200 rib cab+Win95 kbd 38.95
ADPT-HD-2 3 2.5744way- 3.5740w+4w & mtg bracket 11.95
ADPT-HD-3 5 3.5” Zip SyQuest FDD HD brkt pl - 5” bay 5.95
ADPT-KBD-5P6P Amiga PC k b adapter 5p din-F - 6p m d-M 5.95
ADPT-KBD-6P5P Amiga PC kbd adapter 6p mindin-F - 5pd-M 5.95
CAB-KBD-MF 5p DIN M - 5p DIN F k b ex cable 1.2m 7.95
ADPT-DFO-FP Tower faceplate adapter for A1200 int FD 6.95
ADPT-DF0-TWR 34-34 way cable and faceplate for DF0 ' 9.95
Interfaces and Adapters: A1200 Ethernet, SCSI ADPT-ETH-BNCT
BNC T-piece 2xM + IxF 4.95 ADPT-ETH-TERM Ethernet BNC coax
terminator 50R 4.95 ADPT-PCM-ETH-C PCMCIA ethernet card with
Amiga PC drivers 79.95 ADPT-PCM-ETH-H Hydra PCMCIA ethernet
card with Amiga drvrs 129.95 CAB-ETH-60C Ethernet coax BNC-F
60cm for Siamese 9.95 CAB-UPT-X60C Crossed twisted pair RJ45
for Sisys 60cm 6.95 ADPT-SCS-CSQR Classic Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI
i f 50pCM 59.95 l F & Adapters: Flickerflxers, Genlocks, Video
Digitisers VGA Adapters, Monitor Leads ADPT-VGA-BV4M Bvision
4MB gfx card for A1200 (needs PPC) 178.95 ADPT-VGA-BMON Auto
Amiga BVision m sync monitor switch 39.95 ADPT-VGA-M2SD
EZ-VGA-Mk2 external s doubler PLL u gradable 69.95
ADPT-VGA-PLFF EZ-VGA-Plus external flickerfixer 23F-15F PLL
99.95 ADPT-VGA-SDUG SDBL2 to SD-flickerfixer u g 40.00
ADPT-VGA-INSD EZ-VGA internal A1200 s doubler non-upgrad'le
48.95 ADPT-VGA-INFF EZ-VGA- internal A1200 flickerfixer 89.95
ADPT-VGA-SEFF EZ-VGA-SE flickerfixer 23F-15M Xtal 78.95
ADPT-VGA-I5M23M VGA !5pHD-M - 23pD-M Amiga RGB adapter 14.95
ADPT-VGA-15M9F Adapter from 15p HD-M VGA to 9pD-F 9.95
ADPT-VGA-9M15F Monitor adapter 9p D-F to 15p HD-M 9.95
ADPT-VGA-UNBF Amiga 23 pin(f)-l5 pin HD(f) VGA adapter 12.95
ADPT-VGA-BUF Amiga 23pin-F to 15pinHD-F buffered adapter 16.95
ADPT-PGB-24RT ProGrab 24-RT Amiga parallel port video
digitiser 119.95 ADPT-GLK-COMP-SP EZ-Gen Video Genlock
purchased with ProGrab 50.00 ADPT-GLK-COMP EZ-Gen composite
video Geniock for A1200 99.95 ADPT-VGA-AMON Auto Amiga CV643D
m sync monitor switch 39.95 l F & Adapters - IDE ATAPI,
Serial, Parallel & Floppy Drive INT-IDE-FLYR Elbox 4-dev high
performance bufd Al200 IDE i f 59.95 INT-IDE-XPRS IDE-Express
4-dev high performance bufd A1200 i f 59.95 ADPT-FLR-SPC ROM
spacers for Elbox IDE-Flyer 8.95 ADPT-FLR-SPC-SP ROM spacers
for Elbox IDE-Flyer pur with IDE-Fiyer 4.50 INT-12I-EZCD4 Mk4
4-dev buf IDE i f w AIPU w A 1200 CD s w 28.95 INT-12I-EZCD4 C
Mk4 4-dev buf IDE i f w 3x40.2x44 13cm cabs 38.95
INT-12I-EZCD4 CE Mk4 4-dev buf IDE i f w 3x40, 2x44cabs. EZIDE
48.95 INT-12I-EZCDSE Economy 4-dev buf IDE i f w A 1200 CD s w
18.95 INT-12I-EZCDSE C Econ 4-dev buf IDE i f w 3x40.2x44 13cm
cabs 28.95 INT-12I-EZCDSE CE Econ 4-dev buf IDE i f w 3x40,
2x44cabs. EZIDE 38.95 INT-4KI-CD4 4-device EIDE i f for A4000
w CDROM s w 18.95 INT-FDD-DF0 Interface for std Sony FDD for
DF0 880KB 9.95 INT-SER-PTJR Portjunior - 460KB serial i f for
A1200 39.95 Cables & Cable Adapters: Audio & Mains CAB-AUD-CD
CDROM invt'd T audio cab ,6m + 2xRCA pig 9.95 CAB-AUD-MIX
RCA(phono)-M - RCA-M+RCA-F ‘Y’ mixer lead 1.8m 6.95
CAB-AUD-2M2M RCA(phono)-2xM- RCA2xM stereo lead 1,8m 4.95
CAB-AUD-MJ PH 3.5mm st minijack- 2xphono-M plugs 1.2m 5.95
ADPT-AUD-RCA RCA(phono)-M - 2xRCA-F adapter 'Y mixer 2.50
ADPT-AUD-RCA-G RCA(phono)-M - 2xRCA-F gold plated adapt 'Y
mixer 3.50 CAB-IEC-1.5M AC power cable 13A plug - IEC skt
1.5m 2.95 CAB-IEC-4XI3 AC powerstrip IxlEC-M- 4xl3A-F mains
skt 19.95 PLUG-IEC Rewirable IEC monitor pig for PSUs MT DT
4.95 Cables & Cable Adapters: Serial, Modem, SCSI, Printer
CAB-SER-EX2M DB25-M - DB25-F RS232 extn cab 2m 7.95
CAB-SER-EX50C DB25-M - DB25-F RS232 extn cab 0.5m 6.95
CAB-5ER-NUL2M Null modem cable w D9F & D25F at each end 9.95
ADPT-SER-25F9M 25p-F to 9pM serial RS232 adapter 4.95
ADPT-SER-25M9F 25p-M to 9pF serial RS232 adapter 4.95
ADPT-SCS-50C2FIM 50pin Centronics T 2x F to I x M SCSI adapter
14.95 ADPT-SCS-50 50CF Centronics 50p-F to Centronics 50p-F
(for Squirrel) 14.95 CAB-BT-EXI0 10m BT extn cable + 2 way
phone adapter 9.95 CAB-BT-MOD FCC684 6 to BT4 modem phone lead
Im 5.95 CAB-SCS-25D 50C SCSI cable DB25-M- Cent50-M I m 9.95
CAB-SCS-25D 25D SCSI cable DB25M-DB25M mac type 9.95
CAB-SCS-50C 50C SCSI cable Centr50M- Centr50M I m 9.95
CAB-SCS-50H 50C SCSI-2 cable 50h pDM- Centr50M Im for PPC
19.95 CAB-SCS-50H 25D SCSI-2 cable 50h pDM- 25D-M I m for PPC
19.95 CAB-PAR-FULL Bidirectional printer cable all pins
connected 9.95 Cables & Cable Adapters; VGA, Keyboard,
Switchboxes & Cables, Scart Cables ADPT-SW-S K Dual monitor &
k b switchbox 19.95 ADPT-SW-S K M Dual monitor, k b & mouse
switchbox 24.95 CAB-KBD-MM 5p DIN M - 5p DIN M k b cable 1.2m
7.95 CAB-VGA-MF 15p DM-HD - 15p DF-HD VGA ext cable 2m 9.95
CAB-VGA-MM 15p DM-HD - 15p DM-HD VGA cable 2m 9.95
ADPT-SCAR-CMP Amiga comp video (RCA)+2xAudio to SCART 12.95
ADPT-SCAR-RGB Amiga 23p+2xRCA to RGB TV SCART + audio 12.95
Cables: HD, CDROM, Floppy, Clock Port Data & A1200 HD Power
CAB-PD-40F44F 2.5" (44F) to 3.5" (40F) data cab adapt for
A1200 9.95 CAB-PD-2F Power splitter floppy drive to hard drive
+ floppy 9.95 CAB-PD-30C 44- 40way 3.5" HD data & pwr cabs
-A1200 14.95 CAB-HD-KIT A1200 full 3.5" hard drive fining kit
24.95 CAB22-2W-9C 22way-Fx2 A1200 clock port cable 9cm o a
5.00 CAB34-2W-50C 34way-F x2 FDD ribbon cable for tower 9.95
CAB40-2W-20C 40 way IDE cable 2 connector 20cm 5.00
CAB40-3W-IM 40Way IDE HD CD cable 3 connector Im o a len 9.95
CAB40-3W-60C 40w-F x3 HD CD IDE cable 20+40=60cm o a 9.95
CAB40-CUST Custom cable 3x40way IDE up to 1.5m 19.95
CAB44-2W-13C 44way (2.5” HD) cable 2 cntr, 13cm o a 9.95
CAB44-2W-60C 44way (2.5" HD) cable 2cntr, 60cm o a 19.95
CAB44-3W-I2C 44way (2.5” HD) cable 3 cntr, 12cm o a 12.95
CAB44-3W-24C 44way (2.5” HD) 7+17cm.3 cntr.24cm o a 14.95
CAB50-CUST Custom cable 3x50way I DC SCSI + I xCent50-F 60cm
19.95 Cables: HD, CDROM, Floppy Power Splitters - Tower
Systems CABPW-IW-IF Power converter cab HD-M - FD-F 4.95
CABPW-2W-1HIF HD FD pwr splitter HD-M- I xHD-F 1 xFD-F 6.95
CABPW-2W-2F FDD power splitter 4pM- 2xFD-F 6.95 CABPW-2W-2H
HD CD pwr splitter 4p-M - 2x 4p-F Iscm 6.95 CABPW-3W-2HIF
HD FD pwr splitter HD-M- 2xHD-F 1 xFD-F 8.95 CABPW-3W-3H HD
power splitter HD-M - 3xHD-F 8.95 CAB-HD-PWXTN 4p-M - 4p-F
HD CD power cab ext 0.9m 9.95 CAB-HD-FD 4 23p-M-floppy - 4p-F
HD CD pwr 0.9m 9.95 NET-EYE-I 128Kbps iSDN T A + unlimited, no
subs i n access 199.95 NET-EYE-2 128K ISDN T A. U l no subs
i n access. Portjnr i f 229.95 NET-EYE-3 128K ISDN T A .u l no
subs i n acc. Ibrowse. Miami 249.95 NET-EYE-4 128K ISDN
T A.u I no subs i n acc. Ibrs. Miam. Ptjn 269.95 NET-EYE-5
56Kb fax voice modem + unlimited, no subs i n access 129.95
NET-EYE-6 56Kb fax voice modem, u l no subs i n access,
Portjnr i f 149.95 NET-EYE-7 56Kb fax voice mdm .u l no subs
i n acc. Ibrowse. Miami 169.95 NET-EYE-8 56Kb fax voice
mdm.u l no subs i n acc. Ibrs. Miam. Ptjn 189.95 CDROM Systems
including EZ-Tower & MT DT Bundles CD-SE-24X CDPIus-SE system
24 speed with CDROM s w 84.95 CD-SE-32X CDPIus-SE system 32
speed with CDROM s w 94.95 CD-DT MT-24X CDPIus
Desktop Minitower 20 x with CDROM s w 104.95 CD-DT MT-32X
CDPIus Desktop Minitower 20 x with CDROM s w 114.95
ADPT-AUD-CDSE CDPIus-SE A1200 CD audio mixr adapter 19.95
CAB44-CD-13C 44way (2.5" HD) cable purch with CD HD 13cm 6.00
CAB40-DDC A1200 IDE skt adptr 40F-40M with mtgs 15cm 9.95
CDWriter ReWriter Systems inc. EZ-Tower & MT DT Bundles
CDR-IN-2x8 EZWriter 2 8x with MakeCD for A4000.Tower 249.95
CDR-PL-2x8 EZWriter-Gold external 2 8x with MakeCD 299.95
CDR-SE-2x8 EZWriter-SE external 2 8x with MakeCD 269.95
CDR-DT MT-2x8 EZWriter Desktop Minitower 2 8 speed with MakeCD
299.95 CDR-BARE-2X8 EZWriter Mechanism (no MakeCD) 209.95
CDRW-IN-226 EZReWriter 2x2x6 w MakeCD for A4k.Twr 279.95
CDRW-PL-226 EZReWriter-Gold external 2x2x6 w MakeCD 339.95
CDRW-SE-226 EZReWriter-SE external 2x2x6 w MakeCD 299.95
CDRW-BARE-226 EZReWriter Mechanism (no MakeCD) 229.95
CDR-CDSE-UG EZCD-SE+40+44way cabs + CDROMs w w CDR 20.00
CDR-CDM4-UG EZCDMk4+40+44way cabs + EZIDE s w w CDR 30.00
CDR-CDFL-UG IDE-Flyer high-speed IDE i f. S w. Cabs purch
w CDR 50.00 CDR-CDXP-UG IDE-Express high-speed IDE i f. S w,
cabs pur w CDR 50.00 CDR-DSK-10 Recordable CD media (WORM)
650MB x 10 19.95 CDR-DSK-I0-SP Recordable CD media 650MBx 10
pur w EZWriter 10.00 CDRW-DSK Single Cdrewritable disk 650MB
9.95 CDRW-DSK-SP Single Cdrewritable disk 650MB pur
w EZReWriter 5.00 DVR-MCD-TAO-P MakeCD TAO (P) Amiga CD rec
s w w ATAPI 38.95 EZ-Tower Systems, MinfTower Desktop Cases &
Accessories CASE-FT-SLE DIY EZTower. 250W PSU. EZKey. PC kbd
lim. Stock 99.95 CASE-FT-1200 Full A1200 Tower 250WPSU.LED
adpt.FD cab 99.95 CASE-FT-EXKT EZ-Tower conversion kit - No PC
Tower 39.95 CASE-FT-KIT EZ-Tower kit w bkpnl for self
conversion 79.95 CASE-FT-PLUS Full A1200 EZTWR. EZKEY i f. PC
kbd 119.95 CASE-DT Desktop case with 200W+ psu for HD CDROM
29.95 CASE-MT MiniTower case wth 200W+ psu for CD HD 29.95
ADPT-AUD-EZTW EZTwr audio mixer adapter for A1200 CDROM 19.95
ADPT-SCSI-EZTW EZTwr SCSI adpt 30cm 2xCent50F. IxlDC50F 19.95
CAB-SER-SSQ 9pDM- 9pDF SurfSq EZTwr ser extn cab 50cm 9.95
SVGA Monitors - require Scandoubler and or Flickerfix to use
all Amiga modes MON-14-.28 14" dig SVGA 0.28DP 1024x768@60Hz -
3yrO.S. 89.95 MON-15-.28 15" dig SVGA 0.28DP 1024x768@60Hz -
3yrO.S. 119.95 MON-17-.28 17" dig SVGA 0.28DP 1280x 1024@60Hz
- 3yrO.S. 229.95 MON-17-.26 17" mon 135MHz. 0.26DP 1600x
1280@75Hz 399.95 ADPT-MON-SEFF EZVGA-SE ext flickerfixer purch
w monitor 75.00 ADPT-MON-M2SD EZVGA-Mk2 ext s dblr u g'able
purch w monitor 60.00 ADPT-MON-PLFF EZVGA-Plus ext
flickerfixer purch w monitor 90.00 ADPT-MON-INSD EZ-VGA
internal s doubler purch w monitor 45.00 ADPT-MON-INFF EZ-VGA
internal f fixer purch w monitor 85.00 Digital Cameras and
Amiga Digital Camera Software CAM-FUJ-DS7 Fuji DS9 cam, psu.
LCD disp. Mem crd w s w (lim stock) 199.95 DVR-CAM-CAS
CamControl s w for Casio QV101100 300 29.95 DVR-CAM-FUJ
CamControl s w for Fuji DS5 DS7 29.95 DVR-CAM-KOD CamControl
s w for Kodak DC20 DC25 29.95 DVR-CAM-MIN CamControl s w for
Minolta Dimage V 29.95 DVR-CAM-OLY CamControl s w for Olympus
420L 820L 1000L 29.95 INT-I2I-PTJR-SP Portjnr hi-speed ser i f
pur with CamControl s w 30.00 Amiga CDROM, CDWriter,
IDE ATAPI, Printer Software Drivers DVR-EZIDE EIDE ATAPI
HD CDROM ZIP LSI20 SyQst drvr 34.95 DVR-EZIDE-CU P x upgrade
to EZIDE from competitive product 14.95 DVR-EZIDE-SP
EIDE ATAPI enhancer CDROM Software Bundle Price 9.95 DVR-MKCDP
MakeCD(P.TAO) Amiga CD writing software 38.95 DVR-ENPR
EnPrint. Amiga printer driver for pre-03 97 Epson Printers
9.95 DVR-TBPR6 TurboPrint 6.x Amiga printer driver (English)
38.95 Amiga Scanner Software, Scanner Bundles and Adapters
SCN-FBA4-BDL3 UMAX award-winning SCSI A4FB scanner with Pscope
179.95 Free ftrt£ftect-S£ ¥1.5 witfi above whilst stocks last
-------- ADPT-SCS-CSQR-SP Classic Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI i f
50pCM pur w scnr 49.95 ADPT-SCS-50 50CF-SP Centronics 50p-F to
Centronics 50p-F (SQ) pur w scnr 7.50 DVR-SQ4 ScanQuix4 with I
Amiga Driver (Epson or HP SCSI) 59.95 DVR-PHS PhotoScope
UMAX-SCSI Amiga Scanner Driver 59.95 CAB-SCS-25D 50C-S SCSI
cable DB25-M - Cent50-M Im pur w scnr 5.00 CAB-SCS-25D 25D-S
SCSI cable DB25M-DB25M mac type pur w scnr 5.00
CAB-SCS-50C 50C-S SCSI cable Centr50M- Centr50M Im pur w scnr
5.00 CAB-SCS-50H 50C-S SCSI-2 cable 50h pDM- Cent50M Im for
PPC pur w scnr 10.00 CAB-SCS-50H 25D-S SCSI-2 cable
50h pDM- 25D-M I m for PPC pur w scnr 10.00 ADPT-SQ3-PAR SQ3
adapter Epson scanner - parallel port cable 9.95 CAB-PAR-FULL
Bidirectional printer cable all pins connected 9.95 Hard &
Floppy Drive, CDROM, LS120 & Zip Mech. & Cases CD24-BARE Bare
20 speed CDROM mechanism for twr A4k 39.95 CD32-BARE Bare 32
speed ATAPI CDROM mechanism 44.95 FDD-ITL-1200 Replacement
A1200 600 int FDD 880KB 24.95 FDD-ITL-BARE Bare 1.44 880 Sony
FDD for tower (needs i f) 19.95 FDD-iTL-D C l Twr int 880Kb
FDD(Sony EZDF0 cab bundle) 29.95 FDD-ITL-D I Twr inti 880Kb
FDD (Sony EZDFO) No cable 24.95 HD2-2I 21 MB 2.5" hard drive
90 days warranty 29.95 HD2-I70 170MB 2.5" hard drive 59.95
HD2-260 260MB 2.5" hard drive 64.95 HD2-720 720MB 2.5" hard
drive 99.95 HD2-1.4 1,4GB 2.5” hard drive for Amiga 129.95
HD2-1.8 1,8GB 2.5” Hard Drive 149.95 HD3-2.I 2.1 IGB I"x3.5"
non-lnstantDrive for twr 94.95 HD3-3.2 3.2GB I"x3.5“ IDE drive
for tower 109.95 HD3-4.3 4.3GB I "x3.5" IDE drive for tower
129.95 HD3-LSI20 Panasonic LSI20 floppy optical 1.4 120MB
79.95 HD3-LSI20-CTI Single 120 MB cartridge for LSI20 drive
14.95 HD3-LS120-CT3 3-pack of 120MB (nominal) LSI 20 carts
29.95 HD3-ZIP-CTI Single 100MB (nominal) Zip cartridge 14.95
HD3-ZIP-CT3 3-Pack of 100MB (nominal) Zip cartridges 29.95
HD3-ZIP-IDE Bare ATAPI IDE Zip drive internal 79.95
CAB44-CD-13C 44way (2.5" HD) cable sold with CD HD 13cm 6.00
CASE-ZIP Met2l slim case-FDD IDEZip SyQuest LS 120 9.95
CASE-HD-ECON External 3.5" HD case no psu 19.95 CASE-HD-REM
Removable drive case for 3.5” HD (metal) 24.95 FAN-60MM
Cooling fan for A1200 60x60x25mm 5 12v 14.95 KBD-AI000 A1000
keyboard with 6-pin mini-Din cntr* 39.95 KBD-AI200 Replacement
A1200 k b w ribbon cable* 24.95 KBD-A4000 A4000 keyboard with
6-pin mini-DIN plug* 34.95 KBD-WIN95 Windows 95 keyboard with
5-pin AT DIN plug* 19.95 MOU-WHI Amiga mouse - white cream
-with mousemat* 6.95 TKB-AM Amiga trackball 3-button replaces
std mouse* 14.95 PSU-100 I Oow PSU for Amiga (fit your old
lead - inc cntrs) 29.95 PSU-200 200w PSU for Amiga (fit your
old lead - ind cntrs) 39.95 PSU-230 230 250w replacement PSU
for MT DT FT 29.95 PSU-A1200 A1200 23W PSU (original) 90 days
warranty 19.95 SPK-I6W 16W PMPO speakers w PSU 3.5mm jack
10.95 SPK-60W-INT 5.25" Bay Internal mounting 60W PMPO
speakers amp 24.95 (* NB items subject to mechanical wear &
tear are limited to 90 days warranty on those components)
Accelerators: PowerPC with 680x0 Co-processor
ADPT-VGA-BV4M-SPBVision 4MB A1200 gfx card pur w PPC acc
158.95 ADPT-VGA-BMON Auto Amiga BVision m sync monitor switch
39.95 ACC-PPC-16-4025 Bliz'd PPC603 160MHz+040 25 FPU no SCSI
261.95 ACC-PPC-16-6050 Bliz'd PPC603 !60MHz+060 50 FPU no SCSI
497.95 ACC-PPC-24-4025 Bliz'd PPC603 240MHz+040 25 FPU no SCSI
387.95 ACC-PPC-24-6050 Bliz'd PPC603 240MHz+060 50 FPU no SCSI
617.95 ACC-PPC-16S-4025 Bliz'd PPC603 160MHz+040 25 FPU SCSI-2
327.95 ACC-PPC-16S-6050 Bliz'd PPC603 160MHz+060 50 FPU SCSI-2
567.95 ACC-PPC-24S-4025 Bliz'd PPC603 240MHz+040 25 FPU SCSI-2
447.95 ACC-PPC-24S-6050 Bliz'rd
PPC603 240MHz+060 50 FPU SCSI-2 677.95 Accelerators: Apollo
680xx ACC-060-66 Apollo'060 MMU FPU 66MHz A1200 acc (lim
avail) 367.95 ACC-060-50 Apollo '060 MMU FPU 50MHz A1200 acc
(lim avail) 287.95 ACC-040-40 Apollo '040 MMU FPU 40MHz A1200
accel 187.95 ACC-040-40-SE Apollo ‘040 MMU FPU 40MHz A1200
accel (20% o c) 167.95 ACC-040-25 Apollo 040 MMU FPU 25MHz
A1200 accel 127.95 ACC-30EC-33+4F Apollo '030EC 33MHz FPU(no
MMU) +4 MB 54.95 ACC-30EC-33+8 Apollo -030 33MHz FPU(no MMU)
+8 MB 62.45 ACC-30LC-33+4 Apollo -030 33MHz MMU FPU+ 4MB (8 MB
max) 59.95 ACC-30LC-33+8 Apollo '030 33MHz MMU FPU+ 8MB (8 MB
max) 67.45 ACC-4 60-SSKT Apollo 1240 60 2nd simm socket &
fitting 20.00 Memory: Simms, Zip RAM & FPU’s ???
MEM-32MB-72P 72 pin 32 MB 32 bit simm for Amiga 39.95 MEM-16MB-72P 72 pin 16MB 32 bit simm for Amiga 29.95 MEM-4MB-72P 72 pin 4MB 32 bit simm 70 ns 12.95 MEM-8MB-72P 72 pin 8MB 32 bit simm for Amiga 19.95 MEM-ZIP-20P I MB(2chip)60ns Zip RAM HMS514400-6 Pg md 9.95 FPU-PGA-40 MC68882 PGA FPU 40MHz OK for 50MHZ 29.95 WB Disks, Kickstart ROMS, Manuals etc SYS-WB30-DSK Amiga WB3.0 disksx5 + Eyetech HD install 9.95 SYS-WB3I-DSK Amiga Workbench 3.1 disks x6 ( w HD inst) 14.95 SYS-KS31 -ROM A1200 Kickstart 3.1 ROM chips (2 chips) 29.95 SYS-KS31 -SET A1200 K s 3.1 ROMs & WB3.1 dskx6 (no books) 36.95
SYS-KS3 l-MPUG A1200 Mag Pk u g 3.1 ROMs.WB3.l.appln s w. Manuals 49.95 EZPC-Tower & Siamese Systems & Components EZPC-SIA-CF4 EZPC SiSys Enet 3.2 64 32x 32v 56kmod+intnet A4scnr 999.95 EZPC-SIA-CF4-UG EZTower EZKey kbd u g to EZPC-SIA-CF3 879.95 PSW-W95 SS97 Windows 9X & Lotus Smartsuite 9X Bundle 99.95 SCAN-SCEX-6KSP Mustek ScanExpress 6000SP with PC SCSI card 99.95 SYS-SIA-ETH Siamese System2.5 w PC.Amiga ethernet 189.95 SYS-SIA-R25 Siamese System software RTG v2.5 99.95 SYS-SIA-R2I Siamese serial s w RTG v2.1 (ref ble agnst v2.5) 19.95 SYS-TCP-SIA Miami TCP IP stack for Amiga (Siamese
only) 19.95 SYS-TCP-MIA Miami TCP IP stack for Amiga (reg’n fee paid) 24.95 CD32, SX32 & Accessories ADPT-KBD-SX32P SX32 Pro PC k b adapter cable 10cm 9.95 CD32-JOY CD32 SX32 joypad 9.95 CD32-PAL CD32 console with 18Wpsu joypad RF lead 149.95 SX32-MK2 SX32 Mk2 Ram Clock FPU expander for CD32 149.95 SX32-P40EC SX32 Pro 030EC 40MHz Acc Ram Clk FPU to 64MB 199.95 SX32-P50 SX32 Pro 030 50MHz Acc Ram Clk FPU to 64MB 249.95 A1200 Magic Packs, Accessories and Upgrade Bundles AMP-STR-FDD A1200 Starter Magic pack FDD vers w s w 184.95 AMP-STR-HDI A1200 Starter Magic pack w 170 HD & s w 228.95
AMP-MCD-PK3 Amiga M P 20xCD l .7GB '040-25 l6MB MT 598.95 AMP-PDV-PK3 A1200 Mgk pk l70MB '030-33 8MB 328.95 AMP-PDV-EZT A1200 Mgk pk 170MB '030-33 8MB & EZTW+ 448.95 AMP-PRO-PK3 AI2 EZTwr Pro2-040-40 32MB 4.3 PCkb 20xCD 798.95 AMU-MCD-4040 32 040 40 MMU FPU 32MB u g w MCD-PK3 69.95 AMU-PDV-4025 16 040 25 MMU FPU I6MB+I00w ug w PDV-PK3 99.95 AMU-PRO-HAB 64 I60PPC.040 40 MMU FPU 64MB ug w PRO-PK3 129.95 AMU-PRO-MONSD Int Scandoubler + 14" Digital Monitor ug w PRO-PK3 99.95 AMU-PRO-LS120 LS120 120 1.44 0.72MB drive ug w PRO-PK3 74.95 AMU-STR-30 33 8 030 33 FPU 8MB u g w STR-xxx 59.95 Tools, Test
Equipment, Motherboards & Workshop Services ACC-4 60-SSKT Apollo 1240 60 2nd simm socket & fitting 20.00 PT-MBD-I200 Replacement A1200 motherboard (no ROMs) 129.95 PT-EXT-PLCC PLCC extractor tool for 33Mhz FPU 9.95 PT-ATM-9 9-range analogue test meter V, I. R. battery tests 9.95 PT-DTM-I4 14-range digital test meter V, I. R. battery, diode tests 12.95 FIT-EZ-MAIN A1200 to EZ-Tower fitting - A1200 +1 drive 30.00 FIT-EZ-XTRA Fitting per customer-supplied periph into Eztwr 7.50 REP-AM-2B 1D4 A1200 motherboard rev 2B or ID4 fix 30.00 EYETECH GROUP LTD The Old Bank, 12 West Green, Stokesley, North
Yorkshire TS9 5BB, UK Tel: 07000 4 AMIGA 07000 4 26442 +44(0) 1642 713 185 Fax: +44(0)1642 713 634 Net: sales, info @eyetech.co.uk._www.eyetech.co.uk. UK Bank BS Cheques. Visa*, Mastercard’, Switch. Delta. Connect, Solo, Electron.
Postal Money orders accepted. (*A 3% charge applies to all credit card orders). Due to space limitations some of the specs given are indicative only - piease ring write for further details. Please check prices, specification and availability before ordering. If ordering by post, please provide a daytime telephone number. Prices of products marked ? May be subject to exchange rate variations. Goods are not supplied on a trial basis A1200 items are tested with a Rev 1.D.1 motherboard - other boards may need modification.
E. &0.E. All prices include VAT at 17.5%. Non-EC orders are
UK Next Day insured Delivery Charges: Software Cables, EZCO l F = £3.00,2. Drives, Accelerators, Manuals = £7.00,3.5” Drives, FDDs, PSUs, SX32 = £9.00, CDPIus. Minitower, Desktop = £11.00, EZTW & EZPC = £15.00. Worldwide in 2-7 days from receipt ol taxed order & payment details.
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Major Amiga innovators - making your A1200 do more.
EYETECH Mbm KK©ddoqoc£ talks about this revolutionary new language.
AFCD34:-ln_the_Mag- REBOL The name Carl Sassenrath should need no introduction to most dedicated Amiga owners. Carl was a key software engineer in the development of the Amiga’s operating system, and that alone elevates him close to sainthood in the eyes of many.
He was also involved with Viscorp’s failed attempt at bringing the Amiga back as a vacuum cleaner lookalike set top box, where he developed the kind of software needed to make the Amiga talk to the outside world.
Beyond his Amiga links, for the past twenty years Carl has wanted to develop a new programming language. His aim was to create a language quite unlike anything currently available: a language which was much more than simply a different way of writing the same old software.
Drawing up . * the specifications for the language led to several goals: for beginners to learn how to use and difficult for experts to do complicated things. It also makes it hard to maintain larger projects.
COMMUNICATIONS Networking is ital these days. From local networks sharing resources to the global Internet, computers talk to each other. .Any new language must have a way of sharing information as an integral part of the way the program works. The difficulties involved in moving a simple text file from one platform to another are crazy. The new language is designed to make sending messages as easy as possible and you’re going to be surprised when you discover how easy that really is.
INDEPENDENCE Microsoft seem to be anvwhere and J evervwhere at the moment, but not SIMPLICITY Some languages are just too complicated. This makes them difficult evenone wants to be locked into one proprietary system, no matter how' large the company behind it. Breaking free of particular platforms was obviously very important to an ex-Amiga man.
A messaging language designed to: networks and the Intern The new' language had to be readable by humans as well as by computers. To put it in the w'ords of the computing pioneer Alan Kay, “Simple things should be simple, and complicated things should be possible.” Carl Sassenrath: the man behind REBOL and most of the Amiga's power.
HUMANITY It sounds rather grand, but today the Internet links us all together. We live in a world w hich routinely passes information and money across national boundaries. Any language fit for the new millennium must be happy dealing with international standards, currencies and time-zones.
PRODUCTIVE The point of any language is to get something done and a good language will make it easy to get things done quickly. Carl’s new' language is certainly pow'erful. It’s described as a first class, functional, symbolic language with a rich selection of built-in DataTvpes, object support, incremental refinement, integrated networking and automatic storage management.
REBOL WITH A CAUSE .After many years of work, the result of these design parameters is REBOL. The REBOL language was launched into a waiting w'orld in October, ready (and free) to dow'nload and use on a wide range of systems. REBOL stands for Relative Expression-Based Object Language, w'hich is a an acronvmistic w'ay of saying that the language is made Continued overleaf up of groups of words which are evaluated to produce a result.
Like Arexx, REBOL is an interpreted, script-based language. It’s free form, which means you don’t have to worry excessively about punctuation, taking a new line, using line numbers and so on. Words are grouped into segments using the square brackets, and the long list of built-in command and functions have obvious names.
Unlike Arexx, REBOL is completely and utterly network and Internet ready.
REBOL has networking in its blood. In fact, sending an email is a simple one line operation in a REBOL script: could you even imagine how to begin going about this using existing .Amiga programming languages?
Theoretically, using REBOL and a graphical user interface language (something like good old CanDO!), you could create your own email program in an afternoon.
For example, the REBOL code to download and display the contents of a web page can be expressed in one line: read http: www-rebol-com Once it sees the URL, REBOL knows that it needs access to the Internet and so it goes looking for the file. It’s obvious, but impossible in a language like C or Arexx without a lot of behind the scenes messing around. Likewise, sending someone a file as an email is a one-line operation: send person3somewhere.net read Csendfile.r Notice the symbol: although REBOL keeps syntax to a minimum, this symbol is used when you need to tell the system that you’re dealing
with a file. REBOL is a strongly typed GETTING REBOL The REBOL language can be freely downloaded from the Internet.
Language, which helps keep your programs in check. You can define dates, numbers, strings and files.
REBOL comes with a large collection of built-in functions, forming its core. This means you can quickly use it to perform mathematical operations and file manipulation tasks. The integral networking messaging means it’s an ideal language to manage information systems such as web browsers and email applications. .As web pages become The integral networking messaging system means it's an ideal language to manage information systems... more complicated, a lot of work is done in the background, creating pages “on the fly” and processing incoming information.
Again, like .ARexx, REBOL makes a good macro language. It could be used to tie together other applications, adding new features and automating tedious tasks.
REBOL sports a feature called dialects, which makes it easy to customise to suit certain needs. While a beginner might be perfectly happy with the default, out-of-the-box language - and it does make an excellent language to learn with - an expert might create new and powerful functions designed with their own applications in mind.
CRITICAL EVALUATION However, the point has be to made: do we really need another programming language? It’s all too easy to be overwhelmed with the range of One of the many noble aims behind the REBOL project is to make it a language which as many people as possible can use. This not only means it's easy to understand and use, but also that your choice of computer platform shouldn't be an issue.
Of course, we're primarily interested in the Amiga and a version is freely available from the REBOL website at http: wwwjebol.com. It's also worth exploring some of the AmigaIREBOL home pages which have sprung up, including http: www.mindspring.com
- timrue where you'll also find links to the REBOUARexx
interface files.
Languages available at the moment.
While Cand C++ are still the leaders in application development languages, there are many others available.
Java was supposed to completely revolutionise the computing world by making it possible to develop everything from web scripts to complete application packages almost totally independently of the hardware platform. Relying on a “virtual machine”, a Java program could run on anything from an inexpensive terminal to a powerful web server.
However, even with the might of the giant Sun corporation behind it, Java is nowhere near as popular as the hype led us to believe. If Sun can’t make it with Java, how can the relatively unknown REBOL even have a prayer?
Perhaps because REBOL isn’t supposed to be the all-singing, alldancing panacea to programming problems. You're unlikely to attempt to write an application like Corel’s office suite in REBOL. Instead, REBOL is more of a “glue” language, like the scripting tool Perl.
REBOL VS PERL Perl is in use today on practically every' website you visit. Behind the scenes, Perl programs are accessing databases, creating new web pages on the fly and looking after electronic transactions.
It’s this kind of low-level problem solving at which REBOL would be very- good at.
REBOL has the distinct advantage that it looks a lot like English, whereas Perl looks like an accident in a printing factory'. Perl can produce some of the ugliest programs you’ve ever seen, and yet it can also produce some of the most useful. The power of Perl is its use of Regular Expressions. This makes it very' easy to quickly search through text and other files and pluck out the vital information needed.
Regular Expressions is something which REBOL currently lacks, although it does have the ability' to analyse data structures called “series” very easily. Perl is also capable of running in a multithreaded way (performing several tasks at once) and this is very useful in a muldtasking environment like the Internet. Crucially, Perl also has a vast library of proven modules for programmers to rely on. It has also been well integrated into the most popular web server (Apache) in the form of mod peri.
Last but not least, Perl programmers are a dedicated bunch who wouldn’t take kindly to having to rewrite all their scripts in a new language. There could well be the sense that since Perl looks so complicated (even though it’s quite simple) the programmers have made themselves indispensable as no-one could ever reverse engineer their code to maintain or update it.
In other words, REBOL will have an uphill struggle trying to get a foothold in this arena. Perl has been around long enough to evolve into a powerful tool and REBOL will have to prove its worth to gain some serious respect.
The growing library of REBOL functions on the REBOL website is an excellent start, and it’s this kind of sharing, open attitude which will have to be nurtured if REBOL is to become a real success.
Well, put it this way, you've got nothing to lose. The core of the system is free, and likely to remain that way. REBOL is easy to learn and comes with a good dose of documentation in electronic format (HTML). Typing help, followed by a command name, gives a concise description of how it works, which means you're never stuck for information. However, you should be aware that networking and message sharing is REBOL's strong suit. If you don't have an Internet connection, you're missing out on one of the main reasons to use it.
External connection, it crashed out.
Hopefully, tweaking my current set-up, trying a different TCP IP stack or an upgrade will solve this problem.
PROGRAMMING THE REBOL WAY REBOL programs can be executed in two different ways. Firstly, they can be executed from an interactive Shell which opens when you run the REBOL program. Using the familiar Amiga Shell interface in this way is great for learning, trying one-line programs and entering quickie expressions such as calculations.
Secondly, you can create standalone REBOL scripts - that is, plain text files containing .. .it's this kind of sharing, open attitude which will have to be nurtured if REBOL is to become a real success.
CURRENT STATUS At the time of writing, the current release of REBOL stands at 1.0.1 and it’s obviously quite young in the grand scale of things. A message on the website says that version 1.0.2 is “coming soon”, so hopefully that will be the version you’ll be able to download when you read this. As is only to be expected, there are some bugs with the current release, and a fair amount of work needs to be the REBOL words entered in a done to get it into shape. For example, a feature which is currently plaguing Aniga programs is that fact that the support for the Aniga’s pipe device is broken -
the pipe is an excellent way to pass data from one program to another. With REBOL supposedly being a messaging language, this is irritating to say the least. • text editor. The script names can be passed on the command line to the REBOL program in the same way that the RX program will execute .ARexx script. REBOL will execute the code line by line.
This is the more useful wav to J launch scripts, and this is basically how On the other hand, a collection of code has been developed which allows Arexx and REBOL scripts to be linked.
This effectively means that any current .Amiga application with an .ARexx port can talk to REBOL and make use of its advanced features. Ideally, of course, the applications would speak to REBOL themselves, but this is still a crucial step.
The Aniga is actually unique in being able to use REBOL as an interprocess communication language with existing applications right now.
I was disappointed to be unable to make REBOL talk over the (normally quite well behaved) AmiTCP 'TP-based local area network in my office. As soon as REBOL tried to read from an your RllBOL programs will be launched. For example, you might have a script which updates your website by uploading all your HTML pages to a particular FTP server.
You could initialise this program by typing something like “REBOL updatemysite.r” at the Shell. If you leave out the “.r”, or if the script isn’t in the right path and isn’t found, REBOL will load its Shell system by default.
A1 REBOL scripts should end in .r, at the very least to remind you what they are. Important information, such as your email address, is stored in a file called user.r. This file is consulted by REBOL when it starts up, allowing you to store important or useful functions there for when they’re needed. REBOL scripts must start with a particular header to describe its contents.
If you want to launch a script from within the REBOL Shell, all you have to do is enter: do filename-r The “do” command is immensely powerful as it tries to evaluate everything you give it. In this case we’ve given it a filename (that % again) and so the file is loaded and executed.
REBOL has no graphical user interface at the moment - the most you J can hope to get out of a REBOL script is a new file or some text displayed on the screen. This is likely to change as various extensions are added in the future. In the meantime, of course, existing Amiga GUI tools can be pressed into sendee, although this does start to get a little messy. Don’t think that you’ll be able to write a Quake clone just yet.
According to the website, plans for later versions of the program include multithreading, graphics, sound and multimedia, as well as a GUI. It will be very interesting watching the J O O development of this language, and here’s hoping that the Aniga version is kept as up-to-date as the releases on other platforms. Qj CHRISTMAS IDEAS I [Pkd £29.99 Active 01325 460116 If your Amiga has a fax modem then you should really do yourself a favour and get this software. Not only is it a superlative fax program (as the title hints), but it's also a great voicemail system.
£9.95 Gasteiner 0181345 6000 A three-button mouse is a real boon on the Amiga. You can use the middle mouse button for switching screens, opening Shell windows and loads more.
Inkjet inks from £5.99 EMC 01255 431389 Inkjet refills are always popular, especially when you've used up all your ink on Christmas cards. Although the inks start at £5.99, the most expensive are still only £12.99, so it might be worth stretching that extra few quid.
This year, rather than concentrating on really cheap presents for the Amiga owner in your life, we thought we’d have a mix of budgets, just in case you have the necessary dosh to splash out.
Under ten .quid Epic 0500131486 We gave it 80% in the last issue and it really is great fun, especially if you get it in your Christmas stocking... 01162463800 Since the price drop, Weird Science's TOR CD is even better value than ever.
Tjfinoo® EodfeoooBoog] £9.99 Weird Science Mega Mouse Plus KDD £7.99 131486 If your loved one doesn't have any kind of upgrade to their machine, this will do.
At the very least they'll get some fast RAM and a socket for an FPU. However, you may be better off biting the bullet and buying Power's Typhoon accelerator for twice the money.
IMMb mmm about £40 from everyone RAM prices are falling all the time, so by the time you read this it'll probably be cheaper to buy a 32Mb SIMM than it is to buy AF £25.95 £29.95 Power 01234 851500 Amiga Inc. have stated that you'll need Kickstart 3.1 to be able to upgrade your machine to OS3.5, so now's the time to buy the ROMs you need for your Amiga.
Less than fifty notes
- t?:- m About £99 everyone If you haven't got a CD-ROM drive yet
you really should, especially as the new OS will only be
available on a CD and you're missing out on our excellent
AFCDs. One hundred of your earth pounds will buy you a nice
fast drive these days so you've got no excuse.
Pdfwer £69.95 Power 01234 851500 There's no doubt that the PicassolV is the finest graphics card on the Amiga especially since it now offers TV and 16-bit audio.
The price stated gets you a PicassolV with the Concierto 16-bit sound card and Paloma TV module add-ons, but the Pablo k video encoder
K. will set you f back an % extra £70.
d) £39.99 Compute 0181303 1800 An essential if you really want
good results from your inkjet printer. TurboPrint 6 is easy to
use and covers a wide range of printers.
Compute 01813031800 Workbench 3.5 is some way away yet while Directory Opus upgrades your machine very effectively right now. Magellan II should be out by the time you read this.
It £39.95Eyetech 01642713185 If you've got a modem and you've already got STFax, being able to send data faster is a must and that's what the Port Junior gives you.
We said that it was probably the most important bit of hardware released for the A1200 this year, and sure enough we even gave it a massive 98% in the review. Perhaps you should get one and try it out for yourself?
£49.95 I r- ..... Towering up your A1200 is all the rage these days, and it certainly makes sense from a general clutter point of view.
We think that the Power Tower is the nicest-looking of ail the available tower conversions, but there are others from Eyetech, Blittersoft and White Knight to consider.
What about a present for your eyes? Rather than having to squint at your TV screen to see what's going on in your Amiga, what about getting a decent monitor, as well as a flicker fixer or scandoubler so you'll be able to use it effectively on your Amiga?
W00 DmcmoKkDG3 smd] about £400 everyone £129.95 Power 01234 851500 CHRISTMAS IDEAS £149.95 (20DT ( TD rM¥7 Compute 01813031800 Itoo bits of great software from Nova Design that will really look good on your machine. ImageFX is a stunning image processing package and while Aladdin 4D takes some getting used to, the supplied clipart proves that extremely impressive results can be achieved.
Prices vary, Eyetech Eyetech (and others) do CD-ROM writer bundles at very reasonable prices. Make sure you get a CD-R that's capable of multisession and DAO writes, though.
Q o )ftDGTED prices vary, Blittersoft 01908261466 prices vary White Knight 01920822321 The ultimate in speed and performance has to be this combo from White Knight which gives you a potential 128Mb RAM and an 8Mb, 3D- accelerated graphics card.
Meanwhile, if you have an A1200, the best route is to get MicroniK's Zorro III backplane and then a CyberStorm to drive it (otherwise it'll only be Zll). For the extra bucks you could get the CyberStormPPC instead in 2 new computers!
Blittersoft have very kindly given us five copies each of Pcx and Fusion, the premier PC and Macintosh emulators for the Amiga respectively. To stand a chance of winning one of these five bundles, simply send a postcard to this address: AF Emulation Draw • Amiga Format • 29 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA1 2BW Official Government & Educational orders welcome Tel: 01543 250377 W Amigi or send cheques to: O 95% success rate on all computers O Door to door collection of your computer anywhere in the UK Owl Associates Ltd Dept 638, Owl House, 5 The Brambles, Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE Normal UK
Delivery £2.00, Next Day S7.50 All Prices INCLUDE VAT (@17lA%) E&OE Printer Ribbons Inkjet, Bubblejet Cartridges BLACK 1 off 2± 5± 1Q± Amstrad D.MP2000 3000
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2. 25 Amstrad PCW8256 LQ3500
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2. 70
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2. 30 Citizen 120D LSP10 Swift 24 9
2. 85
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2. 50
2. 30 Epson LQ100
4. 10
3. 95
3. 75
3. 55 Epson FX MX RX80 FX LX800
2. 90
2. 75
2. 55
2. 35 Panasonic KXP1123 1124 1140
3. 46
3. 31
3. 11
2. 91 Panasonic KXP1080 1180 90
2. 89
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2. 34 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180
4. 95
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4. 40 Star LC10 20 100
2. 29
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1. 94
1. 84 Star LC200
3. 00
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2. 31 CQLQVR Citizen 224. 240. Swift 24 9
8. 99
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8. 63 Panasonic KXP2123 2124 2180
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8. 63 Star LC 10 20 100
6. 00
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5. 25 Star LC200
9. 78
9. 63
9. 43
9. 03 Star LC24 - 10 20 200
9. 63
9. 48
9. 28
8. 88 These are just a small selection of our Compatible Ribbons
- Ring for those not listed AMIGA Ring for Toners not listed
Apple Stylewriter _
16. 30 Canon BJ 10. LOex. LOsx. 20 -
16. 30 Canon BJ 30, 70 Blk (Pk 3) BCI-10BK
8. 00
12. 60 Canon BJC 70 Blk (Pk 3) BCI-11BK
7. 00
12. 50 Canon BJC 70 Col (Pk 2) BCI-11C
11. 00
17. 20 Canon BJ 200 10 30 40 Black -
16. 30 Canon BJC 210 40 Colour -
19. 90 Canon BJ 300 30
5. 20
12. 30 Canon BJC 600 10 20 Black
3. 00
9. 00 Canon BJC 600 10 20 Cyn. Mag or Yel
3. 00
7. 50 Canon BJC 4000 100 200 Large Black -
23. 50 Canon BJC 4000 100 200 Hd-Blk*Col -
34. 00 Canon BJC 4000 100 200 Small Black
4. 00
8. 00 Canon BJC 4000 100 200 Small Colour
8. 00
14. 90 Commodore MPS1270 -
10. 80 Commodore IP3300 Blk Head - Refill -
39. 00 Commodore 1P3300 Blk Clip-ln Refill -
15. 00 Commodore IP3300 Colour -
33. 00 Epson Stylus 400. 800. 800*. 1000 Black
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10. 80 Epson Stylus Colour. Pro XL Black
6. 00
11. 90 Epson Stylus Colour. Pro XL Colour
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22. 50 Epson Stylus 820. Colour II IIS Black
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16. 40 Epson Stylus 820. Colour Il IIS Colour
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21. 10 Epson Stylus Colour 200 Black
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22. 50 Epson Stylus Colour 400. 600 Black
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22. 00 Epson Stylus Colour 500 Black
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17. 90 Epson Stylus Colour 500 Colour
10. 00
22. 50 HP Deskjet 400. 500 10 20 40 50 60 Black -
21. 00 HP Deskjet 400. 500 40 50 60 Tri-Colour -
22. 50 HP Deskjet Portable. 310 20 40 (High Cap.)
19. 50 HP Deskjet 600 60 90 93 94 Black -
23. 00 HP Deskjet 600 60 90 93 94 Tri-Colour -
24. 00 HP Deskjet 600 60 90 93 94 Photo Tri-Colour
31. 80 HP Deskjet 820 50 55 70 Black -
24. 00 HP Deskjet 820 50 55 70 Tri Colour -
25. 50 HP Thinkjet Quietjet -
10. 80 We also stock other cartridges & refill kits suitable for
most inkjet bubblejet printers.
Ring for details & prices for those not listed warn SPECIALISTS 144 Tanner Street Tower Bridge, London, SE1 2HG Tel: 0171 252 3553 Ring us and WE WILL BEAT all other Ribbon prices Laser Toners HP Laserjet II III 35.00 each HP Laserjet IIP HIP 40.00 each HP Laserjet 4L. 4LM 50.00 each HP Laserjet 4. 4M 65.00 each Panasonic KXP-4410 4430 20.00 each Panasonic KXP4400 5400 17.00 each High quality re-manufactured toners - originals also available Miscellaneous Items FAULTY TROUBLESOME COMPUTER??
1. 99 Mouse House
2. 99 1000 3 " Disk Labels
8. 99 Glass Screen Filter 17"
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16. 99 3 " Disk Labels
10. 99 Python 5 Joystick
10. 99 3 " Disk Cleaning Kit
2. 99 Warrior 5 Joystick
10. 99 Parallel Printer Cable
3. 99 Super W'arrior Joystick
15. 99 Mouse Mat
2. 99 Skymaster Joystick
1200,1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32 WITH EVERY REPAIRiiPLEASE
SPEC!FY I Dust Covers - Ring for prices Brarided~LT -K Disks
Bulk Inklet Bubblejet Refill Kits
8. 50 for 2 x 20ml Refills
8. 50 for 2 x 20ml Refills
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11. 00 for 2 x 40ml Refills
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8. 50 for 2 x 20ml Refills Branded HD HD
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2. 15 each Disk & CD Boxes" 3*" 100 Capacity Box 5.99 33T10
Capacity Box 1.50 2 Capacity CD Cases 0.75 All "11 1 (VIQ
supplied 2049 50-99 100* Apple Stylewriter Canon Bj'
10 10ex 20 200 230 Epson Stylus 400 800 1000 Epson Stylus
Colour Black Epson Stylus Colour Colour HP Deskjet 500 Series
Black HP Deskjet 500 Series Tri-Col Star SJ48 DD 10 disks S5
25 disks S10 50 disks S16 100 disks S29 MOUSE MAT..MOUSE
All disks Certified 100% ERROR FREE & Include FREE Labels S6
Sll S18 S33 with cases .....BARGAIN HARD DRIVES..... PC PIIf
fwwF*W«* m « ****.« [I Wiftiiwi ¦ Mtsdk-fX G PLAYING 60D!
Knap pm Up* WfcrZOOO !w-« M *1.4 *4 tit* IjMw KX (w hwt Better than Quake 0. Scarier than Mmt the came : Future Publishing, Beauford Court, 30 Monmouth St, Bath Bai 2BW Telephone 01225 442244 Fax 01225 446019 WWW: http: www.futurenet.co.uk NEW GAMES FROM
P. O. Box 134. Hertford. SGI3 FG Tel Fax: 01992 505803.
Www.crvstal-software.com Scheduled for July 1999 Pre orders
taken Now.
¦at £26-9m ¦¦tj iusnRoMiltiiOTlii Schedule!
For Decembc 1998 Pre order It £24-99 i&SubscribelMi Now and receive -Arnica Survi ffi T rystal Software .. Tshirt lb* OHLY At,.
Hedul' January 19 H?re orders taken Now.
|£i £26-91 Although Gilbert Goouinate is scheduled lor release in July 1999. We are taking advanced pre-order-.. As a thankyou for those of you ho place an advanced order, not only will you only pay £26-99 RRP £29-99).
We will ensure you receive the playable demos before they are generally released, plus an exclusive Gilbert Goodinate T Shirt only available to pre orders.
What Gilbert Goodinate has to offer
* Gorgeous animated Cut Scenes.
* High quality, full-screen, high resolution graphics with
millions of colours.
* Over 45 hand drawn locations created by a Disney Artist.
* Over 50 hilarious characters to communicate w ith.
* Scalable character animation on the Main Character.
Studio developed CD-tracks.
* Full character speech throughout the game.
* Well thought through story-line.
Place your order Now at the Cry stal Shop at www.crystal-softwaFe.com. by phone Mondays to Wednesdays, between 5pm & 7pm. Or by post.
Lank Goblins is scheduled lor release in December 1998.
RRP of £27-99. Pre orders can now Iv placed at £24-99.
Those who place an advanced order benefit from receiving the play able demo's before general release. Plus a £5 discount voucher off any other Crystal Softw are game, (does not include pre order prices or AS subscriptions).
Tank Goblins is a 3D engine tongue-in-cheek shoot-em-up.
Its perspective is that of SEGA Rally.
What Tank Goblins has to offer:
• Cut scene animation
• Atmospheric soundtrack w hich changes to the condition of the
players' status in the game.
• Real time rendered updating.
• Realistic A1 for enemies.
• Digital speech.
• Possible Network feature allow in'; death match over the
internet Place your order Now at the Crystal Shop at ww w
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Lhe Dark Millennia is scheduled tor release m January 1999. Pre orders are Now being taken at £26-99. (RRP £29-99). Those who place an advanced order benefit from receiv ing the play able demo's before general release. Plus a £5 discount v oucher off any other Cry stal Software game, (does not include pre order prices or AS subscriptions).
Dark Millennia is a Real-time strategy adventure game based on a story , which takes the game play er through a series of chapters. The players' decisions and choices create the outcome for the next chapter, thus giv ing infinite ways of reaching the final chapter.
What Dark Millennia has to offer:
• AGA 256 Colour l.oRES HiRes screen modes.
• Full AHI Support.
• Digital speech.
• Cut scene animations which explain the story.
Place your order Now at the Crystal Shop at vvwvv.ery stal-softvvare.com. bv phone Mondays to Wednesdays, between 5pm & 7pm. Or by post.
Dedicated games flUE masa ine devoted to * bringing you news.
Previews, reviews and not to mention a fair few exclusives for the Amiga platform. Each monthly issue comes graced with a colour cover and forty plus packed pages for a princely sum of £2.95 an issue.
Commercial. Freew are. Licencevvare & Shareware titles are covered. Each month there are regular articles, such as The Fifth Column.
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Graphics shown and features detailed may change in the final versions.
FORE-MATT Home Computing Dept AF, PO Box 835, Wootton Bassett, Swindon, SN4 8RX Tel: 01793 853802 Pay by credit card and get a free CD ROM (call for details).
State Amiga model when ordering.
A WHOLE WORLD OF AMIGA SOFTWARE CD ROM 3D Images .9.99 3D Objects .9.99 17 Bit 5th Dimension.....14.99 17 Bit Level bJL ..14.99 100% Colour Clips _....9.S CD ROM Guinness Records v2......19.99 Illusions in 3D ..9.99 Insight Dinosaurs..-- ...9.99 r In-To-The-Net ...14.99 mpendium 1, .9:99 DISK AGA A1200 ONLY Acid Attack ?.„.12.99 Bograts 12.99 Breathless ...j_.14.99 Burnout 6.99 Capital Punishment ......14.99 Fears 7.99 Gloom Deluxe.....:..:......-...9.99 Gunbee F-99
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- Time of Reckoning 9.99
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9 Lives .1.99 Air Sea Supremacy ....4.99 Back to the Future 2 .....2.99 Captive 5.99 Days of Thunder 3.99 Deluxe Paint 3 .4.99 Fatman 4.99 Rre and Ice ......4.99 Football Glory 2.99 Goal! I 3.99 Grand Slam Monster .4.99 Gravity J 1.99 Gulp! ...3.99 Head Coach v3 A500™.....4.99 Italia 1990 .2.99 Kick Off 2 ...2.99 K02: Final Whistle .....1.99 K02: Return to Europe.....1.99
Midwinter ..6.99 Multiplayer Soccer Mgr....4.99 Nightbreed A500 .4.99 On The Ball World Cup....9.99 Operation Stealth 3.99 Street Fighter 2 8.99 4 Super St Fighter 2 Turbo..9.99 Kpond 2--439ls‘: I2 Arcade Game .4-99 Teenage Hero Turtles 4.99 Testament ..7.99 TV Sports Football ......4.99 Viz The Game ..7.99 War In Midcfle Earth ..7.99 SECOND HAND£032 (Telephone orders Mly!)
Brutal Football ,'. .4.99 D Generation. ,;. 4.99 FMHC XMAS PACK £5.00 + p&p - 6 Disk PD pack includes Xmastime, Santa & Rudolph (games), LSD Xmas (music), Fun Xmas, Xmas 1 (clipart) and Print A Card.
GRADE 'A' 30p each, EX S W HOUSE 20p each P&P per item: UK =
£1 EU = £2.50 R.O.W. = £5 first then £2 each WORMS BUNDLE
£20.00 + £1 p&p (UK) - Bundle includes Worms The Directors Cut
AGA and Oh Yes... More Worms Save £5 on RRP of £25.
Hints and some clever programming from you!
FcU PREVIEWS Woooo... I am the ghost of Christmas future, wooooagh... cough. Ahem. That's enough of that. But I do bring you news of the future, in the form of some of the games you're likely to be playing.
We finally got a version of Descent that works, and Nick Veitch has been cursing at it for a few weeks now. I'm not sure if that's because he's enjoying it or not, but he'll let you know on page 42.
In some ways I am a ghost though, because by the time you get this I'll be working full time on futuregamer, so I'll not be upsetting any of you here any more.
Sniff. I did really exist though. Honest... Andy Smith Nick Veitch looks at the games you should be saving your Christmas cash for.
Our second look at how Space Station 3000 is developing.
Fighting in space and fighting with robots. We like fighting. Mmm.
Operation: Counterstrike, a new C&C clone (left) and Lambda, a stunning Wing Commander clone (above).
Classic platforming? Ben Vost decides *-* . -- 'WMFrrTT* It could be called Forest Dumb. We're not sure AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY Lwt- 4UIH 1000 Nick Veitch gets down with this conversion Every month we scour the world's software houses for the latest and greatest Amiga games We try to ensure we keep you as up to date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter.
90+% SI The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
- M1EL0; 2Z MtttCV. 100 LGEEP: 1 COHCUS&lOti 2 These games are
very good, but due to minor flaws they're not the finest
examples of their genre.
Doom-like blasting in a mine, in space, in the future on your Amiga.
UJ READER GAMES Mark Wheatley gets to play with a really mixed bag of homemade games this month, from the wonderful to the weird... Good games which are worth buying, especially if you have a special interest in a game type.
Average releases with somewhat limited gameplay and appeal. Games in this category tend to be flawed.
Victor Bell George .. Boulderdash revisited.
Blockout ... Boredom revisited.
Breakout 2000 . . .
Erm, Breakout revisited Donkey Patrol . . .
Weirdness revisited.
Below average games which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet.. Overwhelmingly poor quality games with major flaws and appalling gameplay.
P. Chapman Under 40% The absolute pits.
Tim Sycamore AMIGA FORMAT CHRISTMAS 1998 ???????????????????????????????????????????
Another selection ot the games you to playing in the New Year.
Lambda is a graphically intense Wing Commander clone, and as you can see from the images here, the designers are intending it to be graphically awesome. There are only sketchy details on the structure of the game itself, but lots of info on the graphics engine.
It's 256 colours throughout, includes texture mapped, shaded polygon objects, translucent explosions and projectiles, multiple Lambda ...TBG Release Date ......TO Publisher .....::?*'? Ygt Requires ..130 light sources and loads of real-time audio effects. The developers are even working on an event scripting language and compiler to add to the game's engine.
Considering all this, it's surprising that they expect the game to run on an '030 with FPU and 4Mb The Wing Commander-style cockpit has been adopted to give you a real pilots-eye view.
A1 ?r of RAM, although an '040 is recommended.
According to the developers, it should run comfortably at over 40 frames per second on an '060 machine.
There will be support for graphics cards, of course, but there isn't going to be any card-specific support. They're also not planning on a PPC version, partly because they don't have a PPC card and partly because when the project started there was too much bickering about which PPC kernel was the best.
A playable demo is expected to be ready very soon, and the developers are certain that we'll be able to include it on a forthcoming AF coverdisc.
Darkage Software have apparently been getting a lot of emails about this 3D Mario World clone since a demo of it was released. We can't actually manage to get the demo to work properly, but the still shots of the game certainly look interesting.
The objects used in the game have all been modelled in Lightwave and the extensive texture mapping is thanks to some new software which Darkage developed to help them with the game, and which they'll also be releasing separately as a development tool.
The demo is currently available from the Amiga Flame website, as are links to email the authors, so if you're net-capable I suggest you take a look for yourself: http: www.amigaflame.co.uk Tales of the heaven .m Release Date ......" r Publisher .....Hone yet Requires ..~ llpc ’atM : Counterstrike Blue Black Solution's stand is one which will probably have been worth visiting at the Cologne show because they were planning to have a demo version of Operation: Counterstrike running.
Although it's based around the likes of Dune and Command & Conquer, it seems to be developing quite differently to ClickBOOM's Napalm. Apart from a few screenshots, there isn't an awful lot to show for the work the team has done so far, but apparently the game Counterstrike will feature a variety of terrains to fight your way across.
Is progressing well. We'll keep you up to date on this one, but you might like to check out the developer's website at http: www.thesnakepit.demon.co.uk for more regular updates.
One day soon we might find out what all these units are and what they do.
WORK IN PROGRESS Station 3000 I The first thing we j added was the space j combat. We had j several ideas but the main and final ! One was to give | the player a control panel j which would give them _I full control of the fighter fleet, including the option of what weapons to use, what range to attack at, etc. I personally think the best part is when you board the enemy ships, where you'll be presented with an FMV showing your soldiers going aboard. Instead of having normal soldiers, you're given some big robots, armed to the teeth with any weapons you can afford.
Instead of having normal soldiers, you’re given some big robots, armed to the teeth with any weapons you can afford.
Adding an action part to Space Station 3000 was one of our main aims. We wanted to add some action to make it more interesting than your standard business sim, so we though about this for a while. Lots of ideas were scrapped, simply because they weren't interesting enough.
In the second Instalment of this work In progress, Digital Images’ §Bona?o fflMEmr gets down to details.
You're then given control of your robots and you will fight it out with the other team's robots until one team has been totally annihilated.
We've also included plenty of FMVs to make the game more interesting with space battles, aliens, robots and just about everything else.
Next month should be the final WIP and I'll tell you how the whole game has come The tactical controls - orders can be sent to the fighter from here.
This is a screenshot from the main menu, where you control everything.
A quick screenshot of one of the Staffighter series of starships.
Of Amine Contacts You can look at the Digital Images website at: http: www.diQital-imaaes.demon.co.uk You can also send emails to: Stuart@digital-images.demon.co.uk If you would like to be added to our mailing list, then just send an email with 'SUBSCRIBE' in the subject line.
Weird Science have three exceedingly generous offers for you this Christmas.
You’ll find them scanered all over, but it you want to win one of five copies of Aminet Set 7, you’d better send a postcard to: Mrtf Sctact • MM Im • Q Hwst • Tim Wiy BBAtss Ctatre • laMmtSK Um • Lalctstar • L£4 2SE Forever!
After last issue’s old skool shoot-em- up, she IK gets to look at a traditional platformer.
S. t sj I*** aabp 5THRT About the only nice thing I can say about
Forest Dump is that it has platforms which gradually appear...
you need to collect in one place, and in others you just get
large quantities of monsters - there seems to be no
justification for either. About the only nice thing I can say
about Forest Dump is that it has platforms which gradually
appear and disappear so you can get higher.
However, this really isn't a good enough reason for you to go out and buy this game. *1?
You may be wondering why this game has the strange name it does. It stems from our confusion as to what to actually call it, since on the packaging it is listed as Forest Dump, but the game itself reports it to be Forest Dumb. For the sake of the obvious, I shall refer to this as Forest Dump throughout this review, just to make things simpler.
In case you were under any illusions, Forest Dump is a jump and run game, and like FaYoh2 on our coverdisk, it's deeply inspired by Sonic and Mario's adventures. There are no weapons to be powered up, merely an unfeasibly high jump employed by the eponymous hero to dispatch bad guys. Like Sonic, Forest's run gets faster if it's performed over any great distance and he'll skid to a halt if you reverse his direction.
A glitch or a secret passageP Actually, it seems as though it’s the latter.
However, it's not really a run as you can feel the program behind the action, and he just slides while his animation frames cycle. Jump and you can almost sense the joystick control in the program going, "Ah, he's moved the joystick right now.
Move char=right."
It's hard to describe how this feels in practice, but it isn't right.
There's no more sense of attachment to your character than if it was a piece in chess. Giving you umpteen lives to counteract the poor collision detection is of no benefit either - I'd rather only have a few lives but not be frustrated by the fact that because I was a pixel away this time it's killed me, unlike the last time.
To be brutally honest, you'd have more fun if you bought GunBee, or if you really wanted a platform game, registered the game we have on our coverdisk. FaYoh 2 at least seems to be consistent, while Forest Dump certainly isn't. You get large quantities of bonuses and the coins What you can see in the three screenshots here is essentially the whole game.
If you like this kind ot thing, you’ll be in your element... DEVELOPED BY: APC&TCP SUPPLIED BY: Epic Marketing (0500) 131486 PBICE: £7.99 RELEASE DATE: Out now REQUIRES: AGA Pros and Coiis Nice fading platforms.
Bad collision detection.
Bad controls.
Mediocre graphics.
OVERALL VERDICT: Get a different game.
30% KM MIOd lowers himself to review another PC conversion... Li*ScP. 2 A blue key will open, surprise, a blue door. There are usually three keys to be found on each level.
Most doors open when you fly into them, but the cunning may want to shoot them from a distance in case evil robots lie beyond.
The obligatory invisible enemy is tricky to spot, but not too difficult to kill.
Themselves will also fire streams of unpleasant-looking orange plasma orbs at you, even after they have gone critical.
Once you've located the reactor and given it a taste of your lasers, a countdown will begin. Once the clock starts ticking you've got to head directly for the emergency mine exit Hmm... a red door. I wonder what colour key I need to open thisP You are to rescue any workers and eliminate the threat these metallic monsters pose by blowing up the main reactor... can't handle Quake, it won't be able to handle Descent too well. Although it will theoretically run on an '030, you might as well save yourself the effort.
On an '030 with no graphics card you'll be talking seconds per frame rather than the other way around - you might as well be watching a slideshow. However, we'll come back to speed later... You'll also need the full PC version of Descent 7.7 as, like Doom and Quake, the conversion needs the original game files in order to work.
E've had Doom, we've had Myst, we've had Quake.
We've even had Abuse, so it's hardly surprising that we now have a conversion of that other high-profile PC game, Descent.
A few years ago the PC world went crazy over this game. There were competitions, websites full of home-made levels, it got onto the TV and radio and it was nearly as big as Quake. So how does it translate?
Well, the first thing that really needs to be said is that if your Amiga You might be able to make out some of the mapping errors in both pics above - they're worse in motion.
Down a tunnel The basic plot behind Descent is that you have been contracted by a mining corporation to clear out their mines of robots who have gone wrong. You are to rescue any workers and eliminate the threat these metallic monsters pose by blowing up the main reactor at each mine.You basically fly down tunnels and blow things up.
In this respect it's rather similar to a game like Doom, only in a 3D spatial environment. In the ultra-low gravity of the mines there's effectively no up or down, no floors or ceilings and, consequently, a disorienting sense of now knowing where you are or where you're going.
The enemies you'll encounter vary from small, nippy little spacecraft to huge, slow-moving but devastatingly powerful behemoths. The reactors 4t!U sa**: EttiV v ! w (*yfT t-foov re*?- tme rPsv The Blowing blue ball (above and middle) will replenish your shields.
The AutomaD isn’t a great deal of use. But it is better than nothing.
It's hard enough to find your way around, but a lot of the tunnels are cunningly concealed so you whizz by without noticing them. And, of course, you have to watch out for all the stuff that's concealed in the ceiling and on the floor too.
0. 7 8-18fps ‘020, 8Mb Slow, but it works Adescent
0. 7v 10-25fps As above, plus CV64 3D Pretty fast, even on slow
processors AdescentPPC - 30-42fps PPC, 12Mb Really flies All
versions were tested on 320x240 screens (though the PPC
version's screen is slightly smaller) with a graphics card
(CV64 3D).
In the traditional way of these games, weapons and power ups are left lying around, carelessly distributed through the mines. More powerful lasers, different missiles and shield and energy boosts will be gained by flying over the appropriate objects. There are also, rather predictably, keys to be found in order to open certain doors.
An automapping feature is available, which will open a new screen on the Amiga. You can rotate the view of the map using the flight controls, but given that the mines are normally complex, sprawling structures which have no up or down, it isn't that helpful. They mostly all look like wireframe plans of Embankment tube station without any hidden line removal.
Help! They want to be rescued but they're not critical to the success of your mission.
(which hopefully you made a mental note of when you discovered it earlier in the level) and get out of there before the whole thing blows up.
Versions tested In a tube As usual, a great deal of time has been spent on creating textures and rendering subroutines to make the mines look realistic and atmospheric, as well as to help conceal entrances.
It's just unfortunate that the Amiga versions often have problems with the texture mapping.
The Virge version allows various different routines to be used, but you mostly have a choice of the textures swimming and giving you a headache when you get too close to them, or having varying amounts of corruption.
All versions suffer from the close- up problem to varying degrees, which only makes things even more confusing when you're stuck in a corner with several enemies shooting at you. This isn't to undermine the efforts of the programmers, it's simply, for the most part, a fairly severe hardware limitation.
What is a programming flaw is the PPC version's inability to use third party levels. Like Doom and Quake, a level creation system exists (on the PC) and many people have designed their own devilishly complicated levels, most of which are freely available.
KCVQO D MUWU ESC 70 CANCEL r"r'“ ClStE*ME-5« FtLfEMilg jrS C E iHIMb l.lwH I -Ut 7E r* »E MAPPER «-*i O iU&Pl cL M ppER IftEfi. F-pUl SFULLp|j EL M JpPP*» O Uaptj EL. Pf.nip (SiEti. Rf-tjl OfHcR OPTIONS... Fp» fc.tM»f£B... On the floor The box shows the versions of the Amiga loaders we based this review on. There are some differences between them in terms of options and features. Most unfortunately, the current version of Adescent for PPC won't work with any of the third party levels we tried.
However, these versions are still very much early incarnations. It was several months before the fastest and best Doom ports became available, and the likelihood is that Descent will take just as long to mature. In the beginning, the fact that it works at all is more important than how well it works.
Without a PPC, or at the very least a CyberVision 3D card, I reckon the game is pretty much unplayable, at least in the way it was intended to be played. Even with an ’060 it becomes rather difficult to aim accurately because the frames chug slowly past.
Leaving aside the pros and cons of the various different loaders, how does the game itself measure up?
The confusing 3D environment isn't as much of a new experience as you might think. It's still very much like Doom, but in one more dimension, which I suppose makes it trickier.
In practice it becomes frustrating, and the map is very hard to follow, no matter how long you spend spinning it around. A head to head game might be more interesting, but this is because of the extra competition that's derived from playing another human being, not through any intrinsic merits of the game itself.
Even if you have an extremely fast machine, this is little more than a mixture of Wing Commander and Doom, a mixture which has no great depth of it's own. It might be technically proficient, but it lacks the spark which would make it a really great game.
Uj Y I J 'i fm «=L * t- i -¦ * i . . 'W I • ‘ | Wf * 11 i ksk mmi Enemy ships normally wait in corridors, knowing you'll come around the comer eventually.
Knocked out SUPPLIED BY: Alive Mediasoft (01623) 467579 PRICE. £14.99 RELEASE DATE: Out now REQUIREMENTS: AGA or graphics card, 8Mh memory, '020 or better. 68060 or PPC recommended Pros and Cons Excellent audio through AHI.
Huge number of levels available.
Quirky graphics performance.
Lacks real depth OVERALL VERDICT: A different take on Doom Quake, but it isn't as good as Nemac IV.
80% There are a variety of enemies to fight, but they do get a little tedious after a while.
'fXi Ho, ho ho! In true Christmas spirit, Nick has let me out of the production cellar of Amiga Format, where I'm forced to scour the magazine for rogue apostrophes, and has let me loose on the Reader Games. Fun at last... I get to play the best homemade games the Amiga Behind the last door on IM WmllSJ’s advent calendar are the little crackers known as the... world has to offer and, even better, I can be vindictively sarcastic about the shoddier efforts.
Of course, that's not just because I'm a spiteful and twisted individual, it's meant to spur on the writers of those games into producing something better. A further incentive is offered in the form of a £50 prize for the best game every month.
Have a look at our Christmas shopping guide in this issue, decide what you'd like to spend 50 quid on and get coding... Some of die levels are fairty simple one-screen efforts (above). Collect the jewels and get to tbe teleporter, hist walcb out for tbose boulders... George is incredibly addictive, with puzzles i and arcade action mixed together. It might prove to be a bit short for the experts out there, but it's a fine way to while away a couple of hours and it's a worthy winner of this month's £50 prize.
F ini!
C € 1 rjam 1 I When you're sending in your submissions make sure you also give us:
1. An address where you can be contacted.
2. Details of the language used to create the game.
3. A recent photo of yourself.
The address to send your stuff into is: Reader Games • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA1 2BW Everything included on the AFCD must have a reader warrant with it. Just cut it out off this page, sign it and send it in to us with your game and a recent photograph of yourself. A last reminder: if you don't include this warrant we simply won't be able to put your game on the CD - that means you won't be able to have it judged by other readers.
In respect of all material which forms my reader contribution to Future Publishing's Amiga Format, I hereby warrant that:-
1. The material is original and does not infringe any other
material or rights;
2. The material does not contain any material which is
defamatory, obscene or indecent and is exempt from
classification under the Video Recordings Act 1984;
3. That there are no legal claims against the material provided;
4. That I have full power and authority to provide this material
to Future Publishing.
George is a peculiar little chap with NHS specs and a skinhead, who spends his time running around mazes collecting jewels.
Yes, this is a Boulderdash clone, but it's been done superbly.
Of course, there are the usual obstacles to prevent George from completing his collection of spangly goodies, mainly in the form of large boulders. Carelessly knock the earth away from underneath a rock and you could find yourself trapped or squashed, or find that the exit or certain jewels have been blocked off.
Some jewels are hidden behind locked READER WARRANT doors which are opened by the blue blobs which wander round the levels, always sticking to the left hand side. Put a carefully placed boulder in their path and they should unlock the door for you, although they're deadly to the touch.
George is a very simple game - collect the jewels and head for the exits.
There's no music and the sound effects are sparse, but the graphics are great and the scrolling is silky smooth.
There's even a very handy feature which allows you to stand still while you scroll the screen around larger levels, allowing you to plan ahead. This stops the game from becoming frustrating as any mistakes you make are down to your own poor planning, not because you can't see what's around the corner.
AUTHOR: Victor Boll LANGUAGE: Unknown VERDICT: Looks great and works well, this is top puzzling iun which will keep you enthralled tor a while.
Signature: OVER TO YOU!
This is another game which involves pushing blocks around, but that's where the comparisons to George end. You have to guide your little chap around single-screen maps to collect a number of yellow spots. Once you've got them all, you've got some blocks to push into a big hole. Push a block into a corner where you can't move it and you're stuffed.
Excitement, something to make you want to play it.
The background in Blockout is beige. Beige is the most boring colour on the planet. This isn't quite the most boring game on the planet, but, as it is, it's not good enough to make you want to play it more than once.
And that's it.
Blockout is played against the clock, but it's still painfully dull. Your character strolls about slower than an asthmatic sloth and there's just not enough going on to keep you engaged.
Sure, there's a quite nice animation if you fall down the hole where you're supposed to put the blocks, but killing yourself for a moment of fun shows how drab the rest of the game is.
Basically, there's not enough happening, and what does happen is too slow. Some more things to avoid, say bad guys wandering around, some pits in the floor, anything, would make it a bit better. There's a level editor so you can design your own maps, which you'd be advised to do because the ones provided won't hold your attention for long.
Everything works fine in Blockout and, as such, it's got the potential to be a good game.
At the moment it just needs a bit of AUTHOR: Steve Bailey LANGUAGE: os F VERDICT: che From a game with not enough going on to one which is too frenetic for its own good.
As the title suggests, this is yet another Breakout clone. Mr. Chapman must have read our comments in the last few issues about games which just rehash classics without adding anything extra as there's a mind- boggling array of bonuses in this version of the old 'use your bat to hit the ball to destroy all the blocks on the screen' game.
Some blocks release tokens which may make your bat grow or shrink, turn invisible, get reverse controls, raise it up the screen, turn on an autopilot, give you bonus points, shields or guns, make the ball smash through blocks, give you multiple balls, speed up or slow down the game, and so on. Phew!
Actually, the speed ups may not be triggered by collecting tokens, but it's hard to tell because there's just so much going on. This certainly makes the game interesting, but it also makes it very frustrating. When the balls are flying at full speed it's impossible to tell which power ups do what, and so you might find alf your hard work undone when you collect a token which does something unexpectedly nasty to your bat.
This reduces that essential element of skill and makes Breakout 2000 too much of a game of chance.
A few less bonuses or more clearly marked power ups would help to make this a Jot-more playable.
(Lett) Tne Pacman level on easy - we only managed to get mis far once.
(Above) A bigger bat helps a lot... You can choose a range of difficulty levels, from Easy to Well 'Ard, but we couldn't tell the difference - it's hard and it's irritating but, at the same time, you'll still keep coming back to it and for that it almost won this month's prize.
AUTHOR: P. Chapman LANGUAGE: Biitz Bash 2 VERDICT: Depending on your temperament, you'll either be unable to stop playing Breakout 2000 or you'll smash up your Amiga in frustration.
This is from the author of Lion Attack, a game which featured no lions at all but which impressed Andy Smith way back in AF106 with it's combination of Asteroids and Tempest The sequel is just as weird, seeming to feature a donkey chucking doughnuts around against a psychedelic background.
Your mission is to hop around the AUTHOR: 111 Sycamore LANGUAGE: Bhtz E ar re ooks VERDICT enjoyable plat st it's IGA FORMAT CHRISTMAS 1998 system It's a witty, intelligent multiformat mag for PlayStation, PC.
Nintendo 64, Game Boy and Dreamcast, but one that mixes the games stuff up with bits on films, videos and music too. Why?
Because games don't exist in isolation, and neither should you.
Arcade's the magazine for everyone who's ever played a game and enjoyed it If you're a dedicated fan of PlayStation or N64, pick up Arcade up along with your regular mag - it'll be packed with stuff for your machine, but it'll also let you know how things are going on the other systems. If you're a PC gamer there'll be plenty for you too, and you'll get to keep an eye on those pesky console things. (You'll maybe even consider buying one.) But whoever you are, you’re guaranteed a top read.
FACTFILE Arcade is Future Publishing's biggest new games launch since Official PlayStation Magazine.
Arcade is headed up by Matt Bielby and Neil West, two names you might have heard of. Neil was, until recently, editor of Next Generation magazine in California - it's the US version of Edge, so you know he knows his games. Matt previously launched Amiga Power, Super Play, PC Gamer, .net, SFX and Total Film, so you know the magazine’s going to be great The first issue of Arcade is 180 pages fat, printed on the best quality paper, and will only cost you £1. You've got to give it a try, ~ haven't you?
Uiure Your one stop shop for: Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PC, Game Boy, Dreamcast And not forgetting... loads of great stuff on new films, videos, books, Cds, toys and gadgets In the first issue of Arcade, the new multiformat games magazine for PlayStation PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and Game Boy: Tomb Raider III, Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic Adventure, South Park, Colony Wars: Vengeance, Cool Boarders 3, Dune 2000, Crash Bandicoot 3, Populous: The Beginning, Body Harvest, Abe's Exoddus, Turok 2, TOCA 2, Perfect Dark, F-Zero X, FI '98, lots on Dreamcast and the new Game
Boy Color, and State Of Play: everything you could ever want to know about the world of videogames in 22 pages.
Arcade. 180 pages.
On sale Tuesday 17 November. Just £1.
Oh, go on.
S*BT I 1 REUDS7 JuvmvSSSF ©aw® ©oosBsfc trawls through another PD and Shareware mailbag in search of some more choice catches.
Apex utilities 7 BY: Dave Kirk WARE: Free PD LIBRARY: F1 Software NUMBER OF DISKS: 1 PRICE: 80p plus 75p P&P This disk contains four utilities by the same chap. None of them are particularly new but they’re all quite well put together, making this collection worth at least a brief look.
Stock Controller Pro is designed to help manage invoice creation and orders. It utilises three databases - for customers, suppliers and stock items - and it also incorporates an invoice order editor.
The version supplied on the disk is a demonstration since Stock Controller Pro is actually Shareware. Consequendy, a few features scattered around the program aren’t fully implemented and after five minutes a registration notice appears.
However, the full version only costs a fiver, which makes it a bargain for small businesses wanting a convenient means of organising their invoicing and ordering systems.
Highwayman is designed for people about to take their driving test. It’s essentially a highway code tester, presenting a series of multiple choice questions. To be honest, some of the answers you could choose are totally ridiculous (cue the old “beware of low firing motorcycles” road sign-type jokes), but it certainly couldn’t hurt to Since it's been around in practically unchanged form for more than five years now, it's no surprise that Workbench is starting to look a little bit long in the tooth.
Version 3.5 of Workbench may only be a few months away, but if you're tired of Workbench
3. 0 or 3.1 then there is another alternative to Directory Opus
Scalos is a Workbench replacement which is designed to allow true multi-window Menu Scatos ato l-fcntergnjr Algemeto Befert ausfiibren ... Pattern Bid neu aufbauen Palette a*» aktuafeierefi AwnCOFS Fenster Version, Copyright... TirboPrint Programme vertassen... EDStartUp Heifertein Screenmode Applkationen WB Palette Intemet+OFO mus* Mbc Shorties About Icons Bobs Trtses TextMode Paths Hugln's htscdaneous BY: Alien Design WARE: Share AVAILABLE: www.al or on Aminet in util wb Nevlcons If you can't wait for Workbench 3.5, Scalos 1.1 could be the alternative you're looking for.
Multitasking. It also throws in a whole host of other improvements over the standard Workbench environment.
Under Scalos, windows not only function entirely independently, but they also look a lot nicer than under Workbench. You can use all sorts of different backdrops. Furthermore, Scalos employs an icon DataType system, supporting Newlcons and MagicWB icons as standard (they both look nice together provided you're running in a colourful screenmode). In theory, with the iq correct DataTypes, Mac and PC icons could be supported too.
Scalos also offers things like completely configurable menu bars and configurable pop-up context menus. It'll take a while to get things set up exactly how you want them, but when you have you could have a killer desktop GUI.
The idea is that Scalos is 100% compatible with Workbench so you should be able to run all your usual software.
However, I did experience quite a few problems with my system, so unless I've got a completely freaky set-up, you may need to be prepared to do some serious troubleshooting initially. Still, if you're cautious and careful, you may be able to get a lot out of Scalos.
To begin with, you can only run the program on top of your Workbench. If you like it and decide you want to use it to completely replace the Workbench then you'll need to register. Registration costs 30DM or US$ 20.
Tetris really started something big, didn't it?
Since its Russian creator first unleashed it back in the eighties, we've been treated to a million and one "simple yet addictive" puzzle games. This is a description which applies particularly well to Ballmaster, a clone of an old Kickstart 1.3-only game called Logical.
There are two versions of the game available, one being for ECS machines and the other for those with the AGA chipset. Neither features particularly stunning visuals, and as far as the music is concerned. I'm afraid it's yet another case of having to reach for the volume control. If you're partial to the sound of an innocent audio chip being strangled then you'll doubtless love it, but for the rest of us the title "tune" is nothing short of an aural assault. But then, presentation is really secondary to addictiveness in games like this, and Ballmaster certainly keeps you coming back for more.
The action takes place on a single screen, featuring various wheels connected together by tubes. At the top of the screen there's a tube down which small coloured balls come rolling.
The objective is to fill each of the wheels with four balls of the same colour. You do this by rotating the wheels and clicking on a particular game, if you like it you're obliged to send the ball to send it shooting along a connected tube. Authors £7 to receive a keyfile via email, or £10 When you fill a wheel, all the balls in it will to receive a keyfile in the post. This will also disappear and you'll earn a green light at the buy you an extra ninety levels for you to tear bottom of the screen. To progress to the next your hair out over, level, you must light up a whole of green lights. "
' - To further complicate matters, y ~ k r t * i * H 11 ~ some levels feature special wheels and fj tubes. Some wheels rotate clockwise, 3 some anti-clockwise. There are I autowheels which spin on their own j - ? R'?"( ’ and tubes which will only accept balls of a certain colour or will only transport them in one direction. There 0 are also colour machines which - -- .. i w recolour balls passing through them | and teleporters which transport balls Trf. -T. V -M from one side of a level to the other. ' • Ballmaster is an engaging and i k.- * -A thoroughly absorbing action puzzle ? 1
¦ *' * 71"f~ game which will provide hours of J entertainment for those who like TimeEH3 LeftB Order»»»»» Code Next games which tax their brains rather than their trigger fingers. Since this is Fill up the cogs with the correct balls in a race against the a Shareware demonstration of the full Se gams.
BY: Digital Amiga Dream WARE: Share PD LIBRARY: Classic Amiga Software NO OF DISKS: 2 PRICE: £2 plus 75p P&P try this out if you’ve got your test coming up soon.
Map Editor is a simple program which Mr. Kirk originally wrote for his own use, and so it’s a little rough around the edges. It could be useful for games programmers wanting a convenient means of designing levels for their projects, though. It’s functional, but don’t expect the height of user-friendliness.
Brush up on your highway code with Highwayman (left) and find those lost files in File Stalker Pro (below).
Finally, File Stalker Professional is a little program designed to help you locate lost files on drives. Again, it’s not the height of sophistication, and being written (like all of the programs on the disk) in AMOS, it looks a little clunky.
Still, it works, and if you don't already have a decent file finder then it couldn't hurt to try this.
Apex Utilities 7 is by no I at |ag» ‘ 1 means an essential purchase la - and the four programs it M contains are nowhere near the cutting edge of software MtM design. That said, Stock Controller Pro is reasonably polished and could prove useful to some.
BY: Svend Daugaard Pedersen WARE: Free PD LIBRARY: Classic Amiga Software NUMBER OF DISKS: 1 PRICE: £1 plus 75p P&P Scanners are groovy machines. By enabling you to get drawings and photographs from paper into your Amiga, they open the door for digital image manipulation. When you've scanned a photograph into your machine, and when you’ve got the right photo editing software installed, there's very little you can’t do to it. From simple airbrushing to the wholesale Continued overleaf PUBLIC DOMAIN combining and altering of pictures, almost anything is possible.
The problem with scanners is that in these PC-dominated times, a great deal of them only come with Windows drivers. Most scanners connect to a parallel interface, others through a SCSI interface, neither of which should cause a problem with the Amiga. It’s actually getting your Amiga to communicate successfully with the scanner that’s the difficult part.
There are a handful of scanner drivers available on .Aminet, such as ScanTek and ArtecScan (both reviewed a few issues ago), MUIsnapscan and ScanTrax, but the problem is that different drivers need to be written for different scanners.
BetaScan is actually a general J O scanner program through which you can fiddle with settings and actually obtain scans. However, since only one driver exists for the time being, it’s effectively rather limited in scope.
If you own a Microtek Scanmaker E3 then you’re in luck; otherwise it’s back to the drawing board.
8etaScan is a general scanner program that might solve your compatibility problems.
ONLINE UPDATE The big news online recently has been the release of version 2.1 of Olli Wagner's world- beating AmlRC. In my humble opinion, it's long been the best Internet Relay Chat client available, not just for the Amiga but for any system, and since version 2.0 it's sported a host of new features that raise it even further above the competition.
This latest release adds a single window mode in which you can chat in several IRC channels without needing to have multiple windows open, automatic checking for new releases of the software and a settable scrollback buffer size. The range of available plug-in API calls has also been expanded, which should be good news for plug-in programmers.
As ever, the latest public release of AmlRC is available from the Vapor Web site (bttp: www.vapor.com) and from Aminet. Since it's Shareware, regular users are obliged to register and this now costs £20.
Meanwhile, release 5.0 of Dietmar Eilert's excellent text editor, GoldEd, offers a completely overhauled interface and much more besides.
The program can automatically detect and correct common typing errors, incorporates Roget's Thesaurus and lets you record and export sequences of operations as macros. Targeted primarily at programmers, this is a high-powered piece of software which is at its best on higher spec machines.
Unlike previous versions of the software, GoldEd 5.0 is only available on CD. However, you can download a free copy of version 4.7.3 from the GoldEd website: (http: members.tripod.com aolded Qolded.htm), BetaScan uses a simple and not especially elegant interface, but it’s very easy to get to grips with and it does put all the conu'ols right at your fingertips - there are no menus and all your currently selected opuons are shown on-screen.
If the author manages to produce some more scanner drivers, BetaScan could appeal to a much wider audience.
As the author points out though, “It seems to be very difficult to get information about scanners,” which is rather a shame.
Urn frgo Nwio ttpi] Sou t ill I H*?
81 lain’ .a*.-- IMP 91 fit Jfwi $ izeitnrtr MW WMMM Lac«J IS dm J Mwrtted SrUHf* When I was a young computer nut in the mid '80s, beavering away on my Acorn Electron producing turgid BASIC games of severely limited appeal, my younger sister was still a wee nipper. She was a My Little Pony fan. As I understood it, in the world of girlie toys you could either be a Pony person or a Care Bear lover, but not both. Liking both would have been like listening to Spandau Ballet when you were really a Duran Duran fan
- it would have been something akin to heresy.
RflRf wans aiMS I think the reason my sister didn't like Care Bears was because, even as a small child, she was aware of the fact that bears tend to be rather less caring towards humans in real life than the makers of this dreadfully twee cartoon series were willing to suggest. Those who come across bears in real life, perhaps while out camping in British Columbia or in an American National Park or somewhere, are lucky if they survive to tell the tale.
Bears can easily rip humans limb from limb. By contrast, there are an awful lot of horse lovers around, people who care for horses and in return earn the love and respect of the animals.
You wouldn't see someone skilfully coaxing a brown bear over a series of hurdles and then lovingly congratulating it for a job well done, and you certainly wouldn't let a bear eat sugar cubes out of your hand.
But there were those willing to accept the inherent lie at the heart of this children's television programme featuring cuddly, colourful bears smiling, laughing and generally piddling about. Care Bear toys sold like hot cakes and there was even a movie (though I'm reliably informed that the My Little Pony film was better!).
All this, of course, was a long time ago.
Now, more than a decade on, it's difficult to imagine that kiddies of today would have even heard of these strange creatures. Still, if they're prepared to accept that a badly animated, bright yellow bear would be interested in freeing a collection of wobbling blobs 1-1 - A i 1213 M5 hT from three garish green cages, they'll probably derive some pleasure from this disk.
Simplistic mathematical questions are the order of the day here, interspersed with lengthy pauses while our yellow bear friend (what was the name of the yellow bear with the sun on his her stomach, anyway?) Thinks about strolling off the screen, presumably to squeeze in a quick fag before the next question is presented.
Thrilling stuff it isn't, and I shouldn't think young minds will have a great deal of patience with it for long, but there we go. Oh, and turn your speakers down before you load it because the music's terrible and seems to loop after about twenty seconds.
The cages are open, the blobs are liberated and everyone will live happily ever after.
BY: Mark Murray WARE: Free PD LIBRARY: Classic Amiga Software NUMBER OF DISKS: 1 PRICE: £1 plus 75p P&P asm This one's been knocking around for a few months now, but it's an entertaining variation on the Armchair Assassin theme so I thought it was worthy of a mention.
Revenge (Armchair Assassin 2) was reviewed in this column a couple of months ago (AF116), and to be honest it's a better game than TeleChubbies, but this is still an entertaining enough little blast-fest.
As the name suggests, TeleChubbies stars brightly coloured alien things which bear more than a passing resemblance to the stars of the BBC's ultra-successful kiddies programme, Teletubbies. Here though, instead of taking a fascinating peek into a weird world of tubbycustard and watching a short live action film twice in quick succession ("Again!
Again!"), your role is much more involved.
You're no longer a rather mystified observer - now you're an assassin.
In TeleChubbies, your sole objective is to annihilate as many fluorescent aliens as you can in as little time as possible. In order to achieve this with the maximum efficiency and ruthlessness, you've got a variety of interesting weaponry at your disposal.
PUBLIC DOMAIN Teletubbieland is actually a farm in deepest Warwickshire, on which four individuals in ten foot high suits run about and act like pre-school aliens. It's a land of high intensity colours, giant bunny rabbits and a quite sinister sun baby. By contrast, the TeleChubbies run around on a deep green lawn which looks far less attractive, but hey, who cares? After all, you're only going to create hundreds of craters in it.
If it's sophisticated gameplay you're after, TeleChubbies is one to avoid. It can also prove rather frustrating at times because the TeleChubbies move quite quickly and it can be really difficult to actually hit them. Still, if you're as crap at the game as I was, you can always adjust their running speed.
At the end of the day, it's very simplistic but it's quite good fun. If you have a soft spot for Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po, you can always imagine that the bright sprites racing around your screen represent Toyah Wilcox sporting various ghastly, early '80s haircuts. The sun is setting in the sky; TeleChubbies - time to die... BY: Gadge Software WARE: Free PD LIBRARY: Classic Amiga Software NUMBER OF DISKS: 1 PRICE: £1.00 + 75p P&P AmiCheck 1.85 BY: Douglas M Dyer WARE: Free PD LIBRARY: Classic Amiga Software NUMBER OF DISKS: 1 PRICE: £1 plus 75p P&P AmiCheck had a familiar feel about
it when I first loaded it up, so much so, in fact, that I spent some time checking through my records to see if I'd already reviewed it in PD Select. I couldn’t find any mention of it, so unless my records are completely screwed up, I think it’s safe to assume it’s never graced these pages before. The program certainly feels like something of an old friend, though.
Apparently, users of other account and chequebook management programs (the Check of die title being the American spelling of Cheque, of course) were consulted during the design of AmiCheck. This would go a long way towards explaining its instantly accessible, strangely recognisable interface.
This latest release of AmiCheck is just a fortnight old at the time of writing, and it’s now a Freeware program (it was formerly a Shareware product).
It’s designed to be easy to use but powerful at the same time, and it’s not short on features either. Filters can be applied to the interface so that you only have to view the entries you want to. You can also sort the entries in numerous different ways.
The program allows you to create templates, which are essentially pre-filled-in transaction entries but without any dates or cheque numbers, so you can quickly enter details of new cheques when required. Templates can even be tied together using scripts. It sounds a little strange, but it’s a very simple system once you get used to it.
AmiCheck greatly simplifies the task of keeping track of your accounts and it’s highly recommended for anyone who could do with a little bit more financial organisation in their lives.
More advanced budgeting and graphing features are promised in the future, and the author also wants to collect Arexx scripts which make use of AmiCheck so they can be bundled with new releases of the software.
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We look at Workbench 3.5 and explain what should and shouldn't be included in the new operating system.
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drivers for HP, Canon, Epson Stylus and Citizen models.
Amiga Format Gold.
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a File Lister ? Internal Multi-Tasking so you can perform MULTIPLE file operations SIMULTANEOUSLY (Workbench can’t!) ? File-Type Specific Pulldown Menus ? Hotkeys ? Scripting ? Extensive Drag V Drop throughout ? Advanced Arexx support ? Picture, Sound & Font Viewer ? MUI & Insider Guide - A1200 £14.95 Insider Guide - A1200 Next Steps £ 14.95 Insider Guide - Assembler £14.95 Insider Guide - Disks & Drives £ 14.95 Total! Amiga - Workbench 3 £19.99 Total! Amiga - AmigaDOS £21.99 Total! Amiga - Arexx £21.99 Total! Amiga - Assembler £24.99 Mastering Amiga Scripts £ 19.95 Mastering Amiga Beginners
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All Hard Disk models also include Scala Multimedia BOO pre-loaded, the Official Amiga Hard Disk manual & HD Install disk.
NewIcons Support ? Sort Listers SrffTTfi & display Versions and FileTypes 68020 14.3mhz 2mb RAM No HD 68060 50mhz 34mb RAM
2. 1gb HD n ' Scala MM300 2S0w PSU 68030 40mhz 18m RAM 170m HD
Scala MM300 A1200 Disk Drive Pack - NEW Insider Disks &
Drp es, a 90 minute Video, 1 disk & Reference Card ? Full
CyberGFX Support Workbench 2+ & Hard Disk Required I L 31 ¦ 1
* I *! Bill'llm 5s of hardware and software that you can trust
In-depth revie Bloomin' Christmas! As a certain Raymond Briggs
character might say. It's all very well, but it usually
means - 0 qf that when we're writing our ¦ Christmas issue, W
k there's actually a dearth of decent products available
because everyone's waiting for a bit nearer the time to
release their new oeuvre.
However, we've got some cracking products for review in this issue, from the somewhat scary PFS2 that Andrew Korn seems to be quite taken with, to GoldEd 5 which I'm less enamoured of.
Along the way we've got everything from hard drives to videos to look at, so I hope you enjoy the lot. Since I'll be at Cologne next month I should come back with some real goodies for the next issue. Ho, ho, bloomin' ho!
Andrew Korn completely replaces FFS, just for you!
Scrctn 1 DISK SETUP " V mm FH+Svst+n - V B«fH**Tvp+ S* t Buffers... ?N Mount B lockS iz* . 312 Bootebte.. Surfaces.. T~‘ BlksPerTrk *7 BootPr *. Ff Reserved 3 Prvfttloc •' DOSInter * How else do you illustrate a file system? RDPrep and a bunch of icons seem to fit the bill.
Ben Vost tries to get to grips with GoldEd, but finds it somewhat alien to use Another way to get on the net.
Ben Vost says, "Can't you lot take a hint?"
No! It's an Amiga product, I promise!
Miami, yesterday.
Nick Veitch looks at a big box and a smaller one Ben Vost AMIGA FORMAT'S REVIEW POLICY It's a hard drive. And another! And a CD-ROM!
... is very simple. Amiga Format is written by nearly all of the most experienced Amiga users in the world and what we say goes. OK?
WHAT OUR REVIEW SCORES MEAN Nick Veitch might spend too much time in front of the box, but k 4this time it's for a good cause.
90+% The creme de la creme. Only the very best, most versatile and effective products are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.
Bohus Blahut gets all didactic on yo' ass.
These products are very good, but there are minor flaws or areas that could be improved upon.
Roft until* Not a bad product but quite possibly one that needs a serious update.
Average products with somewhat limited features and appeal. Products in this category tend to be flawed.
See that?
That's a BoXeR, that is.
John Kennedy explains... Dave Cusick gives you the truth behind this amusing screenshot. Or does he?
Below average products which are unlikely to impress your mates or your wallet. Avoid.
Overwhelmingly poor quality products with major flaws.
Under 40% The absolute pits A BoXeR. With problems AMIGA FORMAT CHRISTMAS 1998 u uifuu monkeys around with his hard drives to find out if PFS2 deserves the hype.
First, I have a confession to make - I’m a serial hard drive abuser. I throw all sorts of rubbish at them, I save multiple files to them simultaneously, I leave them writing logfiles without rest for months on end and I have an impauent tendency to powrer down my computer without bothering about petty details like the drive light flickering away.
What’s more, I get away with it. The reason I can do this without continually losing data and waiting half an hour every time I switch on my computer for the hard drives to revalidate themselves is because my hard drives have been formatted with AmiFileSafe.
It gives your hard drives more capacity and makes them go faster; it makes your Amiga more responsive... AFSwas an alternative to the Commodore FastFileSystem, the standard handler the Amiga uses to organise data on disks. It’s faster, more efficient and cleaner than FFS. It’s also far more efficient in space usage than FFS and it’s virtually impossible to corrupt the directory structure.
Fourth Level developments are no more, but earlier this year the rights reverted to the original author, Michiel Pelt, who has now released an updated version, Professional File System 2, or PFS2.
INSTALLATION Installation of PFS2 is a two-stage operation. The first is as usual, done from a standard installer, but the second is a little more involved.
Although all you basically need to make PTS2work is a single file in your L: drawer, you need to use the installer because as well as copying documentation and a few tools, it serialises the handler for copy protection. Putting PFS2 in your L: directory isn't enough to take advantage of it as your disks have to be formatted specifically to use it. This means backing up all the data from your hard disks and reformatting them, using something like RDPrep or HDToolbox to change the file system parameters.
In complex mode, either of these will allow you to load an alternative file system from a requestor and set an appropriate dostvpe. This can then be written to the RDB (rigid disk block, the header of a hard disk) so the hard disk can then be reformatted and booted in PFS format. This may sound a bit ¦ technical for some, but PFS2 is actually very simple to use.
You probably use several alternative file svstems already. Check your J J J mountfiles in devs:dosdrivers and you’ll see that your CD will use something like AmiCDFS, a file system for CD-ROM data. PCO: uses CrossDosFileSystem, which is able to read disks formatted under the MSDOS disk structure. Once the appropriate PFS2 handler is installed in your L: directory, using it can be as simple as editing a mountfile.
If you use one for Zip disks, all you have to do is load it into a text editor and change the file system entry to read “L:pfs2" instead of “L:FastFileSystem”, and the dostvpe from 0x444f5301 to 0x50465302. Any disk you then format will be in PFS format, so remember to keep your original mountfile to read vour old FFS disks.
21. 5Mb small files copy 1264s 592s 927s Drive Space usage
26. 2Mb
22. 3Mb
22. 5Mb
21. 5Mb small files delete 193s 43s failed
21. 5Mb single file copy 57s 42s 40s Effective drive space usage
22. 5Mb
21. 9Mb
22. 6Mb
21. 5Mb single file delete 14s 1s 1s Large directory listing
11. 35s 1s 1s Diskspeed was also used and reported fairly similar
results, but with a few odd discrepancies. Diskspeed reported
around a 100x dirscan improvement for PFS over FFS and
significant improvements on file create and file open. It
gave FFS a slight edge in deletion and, oddly, a tenfold
advantage in seek rate, something I suspect to be an artefact
of the test program. SFS is John Hendrikx's SmartFileSystem,
a rival to PFS. It's looks promising but it's only in beta
state at the moment and so it's clearly less stable.
RDPrep 3.91: Rigid Disk Block Prep Utility 0 1992 MicroBotics, Inc. Screen 1 DISK SETUP Screen 2 PARTITIONING Screen 3 FILE SYSTEMS M RBPrep Version] Go to Standard Mode] Quit] Help!
Unit 886 - IOMEGA ZIP 188 N*32 Add Part it ion I Del Wit ion I r Nr. Partition 8 zpfs Nane Cyls 2885 Size
95. 79M LoCyl HiCyl 2889 « m FileSysten ±JPFS2 BufMenType ±jflny
Mount..... Yes Bootable.. iJYes m Use Defaults!
- L:pfs2 Buffers... 288 BlockSize. 5TT Surfaces.. BlksPerTrk |TT~
BootPri. Jl MaxTrans |f38568 Reserved |2 Mask.,,, jtxWfffffe
PreAlloc S~ Flags... % DOSInter jB~ Setting up a PFS2 partition
with RDPREP.
Ppof«Mion»t Ft I* Svtten II V1 .1 PeYt The same basic procedure holds for floppy disks, using the floppyPFS2 variant of the driver. Great Effect Developments forgot to supply a pfO: mountfile in the first release of the CD, but that should be corrected by the time you read this.
FloppyPFS2 isn’t as big a step up as PFS2 on hard drives and, frankly, DD floppies just aren’t exciting any more.
Once you have the first PFS partition formatted, the first thing you notice is that your disk appears to have shrunk.
This is because PFS2 needs to steal some space to work its magic. Once you’ve copied your data back, the advantages start to become clearer.
First of all, data copied to a PFS drive takes up less space than the same data on an FFS drive, so although there appears to be less space on the PFS drive, you can actually fit more onto it.
Secondly, PFS drives are faster - in some 7 cases, stunningly so.
SAVING SPACE FFS allocates blocks on the hard drive according to a bitmap per file basis, while PFS keeps a list of block pointers, allowing several over a single block.
This can make a big difference, particularly when you’re dealing with small files. In tests, a 21.5Mb file took up 22,256,640 bytes on an FFS disk and only 21,942,784 bytes on PFS2. A 7 7
21. 5Mb collection of icons (8,000 files) took up 27,460,096
bytes on the FFS drive and 23,347,200 bytes on PFS, a saving
of nearly 4Mb. Impressed yet?
It gets better, because PFS2 is also fast. The 8,000 icons took less than half the time to copy under PFS than FFS] the large single file was 25% faster. The director)’ structure is so much more efficient under PFS that listing a directory can speed up fantastically too.
Opening drawer containing 500 icons was three times faster under PFS than FFS, and if you take the icon drawing out of the equation then the difference is even more pronounced.
On an FFS Zip disk, a directory listing took 11.35 seconds, while under PFS it took less than a second.
SAFETY FIRST So, PFS2 is more efficient and faster.
How? About safer, too? All PFS partitions have a hidden director)7 called .deldir. When you delete a file, a copy of it can be found in this drawer, via the Shell. It isn’t a real copy, just a record of the data on your disk, leaving space available for the file system to write to.
As long as that part of the disk hasn’t yet been written over, you can just copy the file out of the .deldir and it’s back.
Data on a PFS2 disk or partition is also safer from errors. If you’re writing to an FFS disk when your machine crashes or resets, you’ll lose all the data and the next time you reboot you're likely to hear your hard drive thrashing around for ten minutes or so while it validates. Because PFS2 doesn’t commit a change that affects the file structure of your disk until it’s finished, a crash mid-save just doesn’t bother it. In fact, with PFS you can be writing over an old file with a new version while it crashes, and the chances are your old version will still be there when you reboot.
People running a multithreaded desktop, such as Directory Opus, will be even happier as PFS2 works much better than FFS for simultaneous access. Two parallel copies to an FFS partition run at about half speed each, so no time is saved, while on a PFS2 partition two simultaneous copies barely take any longer than one.
THE DOWNSIDE There are other nice features to discuss, like the way the directSCSI version allows you to get around the 4Gb partition limit, but I really ought to mention the downside of PFS2 before I run out of space. It’s totally compatible at a file system level but it organises data on the disk differently, so any software that addresses the hard drive directly won't work, and this includes most disk recov er)7 software. For Registration Press nouse to cont inue OK I written Nlchlel _LSa Professional File Systen II V4.1 Professional Version Copyright 1998 by GREat Effects Deuelopnent
example, Quarterback will happily back up your PFS partitions as it reads the files via the file system, but Quarterback Tools won’t find a valid bitmap and therefore will be unable to fix a damaged disk. In the early days of AmiFileSafe this was a real problem, but later versions have proven very resilient over years of use; I have no problems trusting PFS with my data.
The second downside is that PFS2 only supports a 1024- byte blocksize. This will only affect spooling of large files, such as with direct to disk sampling where much larger blocksizes are often used. PFSZwill actually cope much better than FFS at the same blocksize, but musicians take note.
PFS2 is one of those programs that are hard to really believe in until you’ve tried them, so do vourself a favour and 7 J give it a try. It gives your hard drives more capacity and makes them go faster; it makes your .Amiga more responsive; it totally transforms Zip disks, which just don’t take to FFS too well; it makes your data safer. Farewell FastFileSystem, rest in peace.
Faster drive access.
C3 More efficient use of space.
Makes disk errors very rare... ...but they're harder to fix.
OVERALL VERDICT: A major system upgrade for a very good price.
SUPPLIER: Weird Science, (0116) 246 3800 PRICE: £29.99 REQUIREMENTS: OS2.04 or higher Pros and Cons % GoldEd VERSIONS This review is based on version 5.0.1 of the software. At the time of writing, the current version is 5.0.4, but the copy we received for review couldn't be used with updates so there may be bug fixes that we don't know about.
Here's a new text editor for you to play with. Obooq WtxeO tries his hand.
GoldEd's fine spellchecking system in action.
Notice how a right mouse button click opens up this popup menu.
Case sensitive Only whole words
* Wildcards Pattern jnd com GoldEd's handy find routine (above).
An HTML script with the highlighted areas marking HTML (below).
Its interface is clean and tidy, although it's a bit"Windozy" because you have a new GUI to deal with... GotdED 5 (5.0,1) All Rights Reserved, ©1998 Dietmar Eilert All parts of this software including the accompanying documentation are protected by international copyright laws and may not be reproduced, transmitted, duplicated, distributed or translated in any form, in whole or in part.
WEBWORLO This is the HTML add-on that gives you a wizard to write your own (simple) web pages and also highlights the HTML syntax.
JOYCE Joyce is a spell-as-you-type (if you wish) spellchecker that uses Ispell, a Shareware spellchecker with English and German dictionaries included.
ROGET'S THESAURUS; This is based on the freely available version of Roget's that you can get from Project Gutenberg at http: eff.org. INTEGRATION WiTH SAS C AND STORMG Support for both these C packages means that you may wish to use this editor instead of the ones built into those programming languages.
RCS; GoldEd has full support for revision control, if you already have RCS installed.
SUPPORT FOR STFAX: If you have STFax installed then you can use GoldEd with it to write your faxes.
PCL PRINT UTILITY; GoldEd features a direct print facility for PCL printers, a standard supported by all Hewlett Packard laser printers.
Some of these features were available for the previous version of GoldEd, some are new, but they're ail included.
Previously you had to get these add-ons separately.
Connect with support As you may know, I’ve long been a devotee of Turbotext when it comes to text editing. However, it doesn’t have an undo - a serious omission for us journo types - and it’s not as fast as CED. So, it’s time to look for something new. The question is, does GoldEd 5 have what it takes to replace Turbotext?
It certainly looks the part. Its interface is clean and tidy, although it's a bit “Windozv” because you have a new J J GUI to deal with that uses the pluses and minuses associated with Windows’ listviews. Admittedly, there isn’t a GadTools standard for nested lists, but perhaps using the arrows that MUI uses might have been slightly more Amiga- like. The same goes for the other buttons in the interface.
It seems that Herr Eilert likes Windows95 since he even goes as far as to implement a registry- idea for GoldEd.
It may be a massive and complex does it really need one?
The confusion continues with the configuration programs. In Turbotext, everything was done with text files - menus, keyboard shortcuts and the like.
If you got something wrong, Turbotext would let you know, but you could carry7 on. You could examine the settings file at your leisure and make corrections.
With GoldEd, everything has to be done in binary7 preferences. This is not only slower to do, but it’s also more dangerous when there are problems. To cap it off, the commands that you can use are irrational. Things like SOW for Start Of Word and EOL for End Of Line are fairly common parlance in the text editing world, but GoldEd gives you the command “FIRST” to move the cursor to the first character in the line, but then you have to use “DELETE EOW” to delete to the end of a word. Surely it would be more consistent to force the use of these mnemonics for the start and end of words, lines,
paragraphs, pages and the like in the commands, so you could use something like “MOVE SOL” for moving the cursor to the start of the line, rather than having to remember things like “FIRST”?
I know it’s a new program so I’ll have to get used to the way it does things, and I’m already used to Turbotext's way of doing things, but this just seems illogical.
Another thing that’s illogical is the way the user interface is used. In the configuration program you need to double click on an entry7 to edit it, but then you to c* p 1 It looks nice, but it isn't as user-friendly as you might think.
L .-.itBsgai USE | Save | Cancel | lot of people who won’t want to use GoldEd 5 on that basis alone, which is a great shame since it’s really very good.
So far I’ve really only concentrated on the way GoldEd works as a text editor, but its main use will surely be as a programmer’s editor, and for that it is ideally suited with support for both SdS Cand StormC. I’m no programmer so you won’t get the best of feedback from my review of this package, but I know several people who are and they tell me that it really gives you a good programming environment with its coloured labels and the like.
However, I do write a lot of HTML, one of the other add-ons included for the programmer. GoldEd is a huge help when it comes to These shots show GoldEd's preference settings. You need to remember that A means Alt, not Amiga.
DISTRIBUTION DEALS At the time of writing this review, the author of GoldEd was involved in discussions with GTI, Europe's largest distributor of Amiga Cds. If the negotiations pay off, you should be able to buy GoldEd from Weird Science (0116 246 3800) in the UK, or from any of the dealers who use them as a distributor. The price will be about £35.
Jjp- " | Keyboard | § A DEL
- ¦% A DOWN
- % A UP
- § 0 010 C 022
- % t 024
- % C 025
- % C OR
- % 0 HELP IbllilBBIIIl
* o I OK Cancel | have to “linger-click” to actually edit the
commands. If your item needs more than one command, hitting
“add” puts it at the start of the list of commands, forcing you
to move it to the end. This means you either waste your time at
the mouse, or you have to think backwards.
I know it seems that I have a real downer on what was a Shareware program that has grown and grown to becoming this very professional commercial offering, but look at the version number. This is release five of this package and it still has these quirky features, which seems very strange. It might just be the legacy of earlier, less professional offerings, but why not have aliases for these old Arexx commands j % Keyboard] GoldEd's manual is sparse and doesn't really give you any help.
Preparing HTML pages, from its recordable macros for often-used HTML sequences to its highlighting of HTML code so that it’s easily distinguishable from the actual content of your page. Unfortunately, there’s trouble in paradise even here because the parsers are fixed. You can add or subtract things from them, so a new version of HTML with additional commands, or a new version of StormC with different syntax, will either mean using the source code supplied to augment your parser or waiting for the release of the add-on for GoldEd.
I guess the real deal is that I'll probably earn- on using Turbotext. I don’t make that minny misstakes after all, so I don't have a problem with it not having an undo feature, but that’s because I have the choice.
Cygrius Ed afficionados will probably decide to stick with CED too, once they’ve had a look at GoldEd. However, those without a text editor who need one, and those that don't but are interested, are well advised to get a copy of this and see what they think. It’s not that expensive, after all.
In this reviewer’s opinion, GoldEd is a masterpiece, but a flawed one. I really look forward to version six.
SUPPLIED BY: Dietmar Eilert Di3i7nnr.Efl5rtg?nn5t.rwih-nn;hgn.4la. PRICE: 99.90DM including postage in Europe, but see boxout.
REQUIRES: 68020, 2Mb RAM, 5Mb free HD (25Mb for a full installation), AmigaOS3, CD.
TESTED ON: A4000, '060, 80Mb fast RAM and A3000, '060, 128Mb fast RAM, PicassolV.
A large cup of tea!
Pros and Cons nit's very fast and it's got multiple undos.
N Provides support for lots of add-ons.
N Completely configurable interface (eventually).
? Too much like a Windows product.
OVERALL VERDICT: Very impressive, but still a few glitches here and there, plus a non-standard interface.
Sorry, that should be win one of three Typhoon ‘030 accelerators from Power Computing. They have a 40MHz 68030 and FPU, 8Mb RAM on the board (leaving the SIMM socket open) and built-in SCSI. If you'd like one of these cards, send a postcard to: AF Typhoon Draw • Amiga Format • 29 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA1 2BW Now you have no excuse not to be you why.
Start Wamfiegister Offline - - See? My name is in the registration details. Of course, it would have been cheaper if Get Connected had been available three years ago... x migans than anything else, but NetConnect 2 scores on the fact that it’s _ all integrated for you - once you’ve installed it, Voyager talks to Contact Manager and X-Arc, Microdot talks to Voyager, Contact Manager and X-Arc, and so on. There isn’t that sense of getting a complete package with Get Connected, and it doesn’t have the docs or the icon toolbar that you get from NetConnect.
However, these things aren’t a deterrent. There’s a wide number of people online w7ho don’t have NetConnect 2 and are very7 happy with It consists of a registered version of Miami, a registered version of iBrowse and both the latest and the stable YAM... Get Connected scores with the fact that Miami and iBrowse are the most popular Amiga TCP stacks and web browsers respectively, used by more CD MEANS FIXED IN TIME, NO?
No. Weird Science are able to offer the very latest of versions every time someone orders Get Connected because of the fact that each CD is built for each individual order. Of course, this means that your order is sent on a gold disc, although that isn't quite true since the disc's underside is actually more like a "proper" CD-ROM and is silvery in colour.
The printing on top of the disc also contributes to the impression that you've got a mass duplicated disc since it's richer in colour than most duplicated discs.
A few months ago, NetConnect 2 came out. It’s a fantastic product, but people looked at it and said, “This is too expensive for me. I still have to buy a modem and connect to the Internet. Moan, moan.” For those of you who think that the price you pay for NC2 is too high, there’s now an alternative. Get Connected is Weird Science’s contribution to getting everyone online. It consists of a registered version of Miami, a registered version of iBrowse and both the latest (preview 6) and the stable (version
1. 3.5) YAM (which is Freeware anyway).
Now if you were to ignore both this and NetConriect 2 and just register your copy of Miami, and buy iBrowse separately, you’d be spending nearer sixtyr quid than forty - the same argument applies to NetConnect 2, so both are good value for money.
Their choice of Miami, YAM and iBrowse, even though they don’t talk to one another in quite as cliquey a way as the NetConnect crowd. Individually, these are very good pieces of software, they’ve all won Foimat Gold awards and YAM was awarded the honour of being about the first piece of PD that we’ve ever reviewed as though it was a commercial package - it’s that good.
Installation is a matter of going into the individual drawers on the CD and installing the parts of the disc that you want, or double clicking on the install icon at the root of the CD. This is a wrapper for all the install scripts and it asks you which parts of the CD you want to install.
It then runs the install program for that individual part, which means that if you decide you don’t want to install at a particular time, you need to click abort for every script that you’ve chosen.
Also, unlike NetConnect 2, you’ve only got a partially registered Miami. You still need to go online to get the second key as part of an anti-piracy measure instigated by Miami s author, Holger Kruse. This isn’t a big deal because anyone who registers Miami has to do it and it doesn't take long for the reply to come back, but it isn’t necessarily what you expect to have to do once you’ve forked out your cash for a product.
Overall though, Get Connected is good value for money and it gets you the most popular net software for your Amiga - fully registered, cheaper and more conveniently than if you had to buy them separately.
Pros and Cons n Includes the most popular net software.
H You're guaranteed to get the latest versions.
Dlt's not as integrated as NetConnect 2.
? You still have to register your copy of Miami.
OVERALL VERDICT: It's a good solution for people who want to get online.
SUPPLIER: Weird Science (0116) 246 3800 PRICE: £39.99 REQUIRES: WB3+, hard drive, CD- ROM drive, some fast RAM AMIGA ft.
_1 _1 Li z O ZD o LU i o ZD cel G A1500 A2000 & A4000 Quotation A500, A500+ & A600 A1200 £49.95 SMS Upgrade to 2 Meg £19.95 Pro Grab 24.....£99.95 SCSI CD ROM + 520Mb SCSI HD + SQUIRREL INTERFACE £199.95 Also available with 1 & 4 Gig HD 1230 Lite 1230 40 .
1240 25 .. 1240 40 .
1260 50 .. 1260 66.. ..£68.00 ...£99.95 .£128.00 .£188.00 £268.00 .£309.95 SIMMS 4Mb .....£9.95 8Mb ....£14.95 16Mb ..£24.95 32Mb £39.95 MONITORS 14" DIGITAL SVGA £99.95 15" DIGITAL SVGA .....£129.95 3 YEARS ON SITE WARRANTY SCANDOUBLER FLICKER FIXER Internal ...£54.95 Internal...... ...£99.95 External ...£69.95 External...... ...£99.95 INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES A500 A500+ A600 A1200 ....£24.95 These drives work as High Density in A1200 IDE CD ROM + 4 GIG HD £299*95 Require IDE Fix ????????? ??£29.95 or Power Flyer
???????????£69*95 Ring us for our latest prices on HEAVY DUTY POWER SUPPLY, POWER FLYER, SCANNERS, PRINTERS and other Amiga peripherals not listed here.
IDE FRJC HARD DRIVES SALE INTERFACE & IDE FIX ...£29.95 AMIGA COMPUTERS A500 With PSU + Mouse + Mat .....£79.95 A500+ With PSU + Mouse + Mat ...£89.95 A600 With PSU + Mouse + Mat .....£99.95 A1200 Magic pack ...£199.95 A1200 With 80Mb Hard Drive .....£239.95 A1200 With 340Mb Hard Drive ...£269.95 A1200 With 810Mb Hard Drive ...£349.95 A1200 With 2.1 Gig Hard Drive ...£359.95 A2000 (Available) ...£Call A4000 (Available) ...£Call N YOUR AMIGA FOR A PC WE
BUY DEAD OR ALIVE A1200 AND A4000 Ring us for a reasonable offer for your A12001A4000 computer (or just motherboard) * in any condition
2. 5" IDE HARD DRIVES All hard drives are pre-formatted,
partitioned with Workbench loaded and include cable & software
80Mb £46.95
540Mb .....£79.95
1.80Gig ..£129.95
120Mb .....£49.95
720Mb .....£84.95
2.10Gig ..£149.95
170Mb .....£54.95
810Mb .....£89.95
3.20Gig ..£189.95
340Mb .....£69.95
1.08Gig ....£99.95
2. 5" IDE Cable & Software (if bought
separately) £9.95
2. 1 Gig IDE ....£99.95
1.08Gig SCSI .£99.95
4. 3Gig IDE ..£129.95 2.1Gig
SCSI .£149.95 540Mb
SCSI ..£69.95 4.3Gig
SCSI .£225.00 MODEMS 56-6K
....£14.95 SQUIRREL
SQUIRREL .....£89.00 A520
MODULATOR ..£18.00 ROM 2.04
....£1 8.00 ROM 2.05
....£19.00 A500 A500+
MAT ..£14.95 A5 00 A6 00 A1 2 00
CIA .....£12.00 A500 A600 A1 200 POWER
SUPPLY ..£24.95
A1 500 A2000 A3000 A4000 POWER
* All spares are available ex-stock
* Please call for any chip or spare not listed here analog®
Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd £r.!S"£1 ANALOG C Unit 6, Ashway
Centre, Elm Crescent, | ||«iAog BAA OCTC LOGIC
Kingston-upon-Thames,Surrey KT26HH Idt U1§ i OTO YD D VISA SCSI
devices never go out of fashion, and neither External does
ffiOE We don’t make a habit of reviewing standard external
peripherals like this one, but then it isn’t every day that
Analogic send us something to review.
Besides, sometimes the mechanisms and the boxes that they are installed in can make all the difference.
The precise mechanisms may vary, but the one on review is a Conner CFP4207S. At 4.28Gb, it shouldn't cause any size restriction problems with your machine and it seemed to work fine (as It's a nice box with a big drive inside.
) ( ) There's a minimal power and ' access light on the front and the usual host of SCSI gubbins at the rear... £ K you would expect) with every SCSI interface we tested it with (Oktagon CyberSCSI and CyberPPC).
Unlike the somewhat temperamental IDE “standard”, SCSI mechanisms will usually work on any SCSI bus and with any other SCSI device without any major problems.
Speedwise, we managed to get 4Mb s out of this drive when connected to the PPC SCSI interface - your speed may vary depending on what it’s connected to.
The box is rather nice and a little understated. There’s a minimal power and access light on the front and the usual host of SCSI gubbins at the rear - two Centronics- FF style SCSI one 50-way FF sockets, an ID changer and a mF power switch.
The most surprising thing is the price. Prices on a wide range of standard computer equipment continue to fall as production outstrips demand and manufacturers try to convert inventor)- into cash, so it isn’t really surprising that the prices of SIMMs and drives continue to fall. I remember when a 1Gb drive would have cost you more than £1,000, and it wasn’t too long ago, either.
Haring said that, a 4Gb SCSI drive in a proper external case for under £200 is still a bargain.
SUPPLIER: Analogic (0181) 546 9575 PRICE: £199.95 REQUIREMENTS: SCSI interface Quality box Good value Fast mechanism No drive size problems Active Technologies have given us five copies of their excellent NetConnect 2 to give away this Christmas. To win one of these five Cds, you just need to send a postcard to: AF NC2 Draw • Amiga Format • 29 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA12BW OVERALL VERDICT Great value.
Although somewhat larger than some other dual external cases, to the extent where you might wonder whether you could actually fit three devices inside, it is a lot sturdier. This might not be an issue for you, but it could be important if you’re thinking of putting anything on top of the case or if you intend to travel about with it.
It's also worth thinking about if you have an untowered A1200.
Although adding a SCSI interface is easy enough, adding the actual SCSI drives can be a bit more complicated because they all need a power supply and a case.
This box is the obvious solution to such problems and the power supply included is beef)- enough to power the most coulomb-hungry of devices.
Apart from being large and heavy, the case has pretty much the same features as above. Oddly, there is only one SCSI ID selector on the rear of the case and, even more oddly, in our case it wasn’t connected.
The unit on test included a quad speed IBM CD-drive, which certainly There are some blanking panels on the back of the case should you want to connect some audio outs... For a small extra cost, Analogic will fit a 2Gb or 4Gb mechanism for you, and other CD-ROM drives may be available, so it’s best to give them a call. At a touch under £200 for the unit mentioned here though, this would seem to be another bargain mechanism (an M2694S to be precise) from Fujitsu, and from our experience it’s one of the more reliable mechanisms. Under the right conditions you should be able to achieve similar
transfer rates to the drive mentioned previously.
Lived up to its specs. There are some blanking panels on the back of the case should you want to connect some audio outs from the CD drive.
The hard drive included is a 1Gb SUPPLIER: Analogic (0181) 546 9575 PRICE: £199.95 REQUIREMENTS: SCSI interface Pros and Cons ? Beefy power supply.
? Plenty of room inside.
Very heavy.
¦¦ Only one ID server.
Antes OVERALL VERDICT: More great value.
Alive Mediasoft have been exceedingly generous this year, with a bundle of great games just for you. To win one of five bundles comprising Putty Squad, Abuse and Blade CD, just send a postcard to: AF Games Draw • Amiga Format • 29 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA1 2BW companion disk so don’t worry about having to type loads of stuff in.
The video also shows you how to quickly and easily create your own Arexx macros, which is handy, and it also delves a little bit into how to edit them to make them do exactly what you want, which is better.
If you’ve never actually managed to get the hang of IMP or Autofx, you’ll be pleased to know that the first video includes quite a lot of information about these, and soon you’ll be confidently processing hundreds of images at one sitting.
The second tape deals with compositing and matte effects for video work.
TAPE TWO I suppose that leads very nicely into the second tape, which concentrates more on video-related matters. It also contains an excellent tutorial on compositing and using brushes too, but there is a lot of emphasis on the video side of things too.
While the first tape is equally he opening of the first catalyser video seems to resemble some venerable rice-opera, with the sensei dishing out philosophical maxims the young student must master: “Use this video as your catalyst, and even so J j 7 may you become more creative.” However, we soon get down to some useful on-screen tips.
At this point I should say that the videos we looked at weren’t the final ones - they were simple NTSC to PAL conversions of the ones released in the USA by Legacymaker. Due to the conversion process, the image quality isn’t perfect. It isn't too terrible but sometimes it is difficult to see exactly what's being typed in, so it’s just as well there’s a running commentary on everything. The final release videos will be remastered from the original Betacam tapes so the quality should be vastly superior to the ones we watched.
As tutorial videos go, and I have seen a few in my time, this one is pretty well scripted and the projects they carry out gradually expand to take in a great deal of ImageFXs features. The only real problem is that the delivery is often too quick, so you’ll often find yourself having to pause or rewind the tapes.
The first volume deals mainly with what I’m tempted to call the basics.
They’re basic sort of operations but you can learn an awful lot about the way the software works and how to use it to your advantage. There’s a lot of discussion about text and text effects and a rather comprehensive roundup of the Arexx macro capabilities of ImageFX, which is amply demonstrated using the lightning demonstration macro. All the macros mentioned are included on a .. .you can learn an awful lot about the way the software works and how to use it to your advantage.
Applicable to ImageFX 2.6, there is a lot of stuff about die CineMatte feature of ImageFX
3. x here too.
This is very welcome because the Cinematte, although incredibly powerful, is a little confusing too, with all the various sub- options. As it can also be a bit slow, learning by trial and eiTor is strictly reserved for those with a lot of time on their hands.
Presentation wise, although Bohus Blahut probably knows more about ImageFX than Nova Design, he still delivers it a little too quickly at times.
Having said that, both videos enable you to get to grips with ImageFX much faster than reading the manual or reiving on the online help.
These videos were supplied to us by Media Clips of Denmark, who will be taking care of the conversion. Media Clips will be selling these videos direct, but they’re also looking for distributors throughout Europe. 'Z?
? Real expert guidance.
? Long running-time.
Scripts included on disk.
A bit too fast at times.
OVERALL VERDICT: A great way to get to grips with the ImageFX software.
SUPPLIER: Media Clips +35 394407 (10am-4pm).
DEVELOPER: Legacy Maker Inc. w ww. Xuet.co m ~icomDton PRICE: $ 40 (or equivalent) + VAT.
TESTED WITH: ImageFX 3.2. Pros and Cons % Weird Science Ltd. .
Trl. 0116 246 3800 C uiwui.uieirdstieiitr.to.uh Blittersoft Trl. 01008 261466 www.biittersoft.tom Cerberus. The Three Headed Hound Guarding the Gates of Hades Intel Pentium II 300 Mhz Main CPU Windows 08 & Workbenrh 3 Mpart 2 125 Mhz. Ramdar 230 Mhz 64 Mb System Ram. 8 Mb GFX Ram
4. 3 Gig HD. 2x DUD 20x CD ROM 2D GfX up to 1280 x 1024 24 bit
30 CFX with 500 MfLOP Engine Hardware DUD Uideo Output
Composite & SUHS DUD Uideo Out Dolby Digital (AC-3) Audio for
DUD Mpart Aduantrd Waurtable Synth.
64 Simultaneous Hardware Uoites 8Mb 16 bit General Midi Samples Ultra DMA Bus Matering IDE fast Internal 56k Modem 14" Digital Monitor 0.28 Dot Pitth Software Parkage for PC & Amiga DUD Title from Current Range Welcome to our largest ShopWatch ever, the pages which show you where to buy your Amiga goods and where to go for advice and repairs.
Video Spotronics Ky. ® 09 8735 435.
Offers a repair service.
Of course, we rely on you to provide us with up to date information, so please keep telling us about your local Amiga retailers. As an added incentive, we’ll occasionally pick one of your contributions at random and send you a mixed bag of great Amiga goodies, so keep your entries coming in!
AUSTRALIA +61 Comfix Computer Maintenance, 111 Cambridge Street, West Leederville, WA, 6007.
® 08 9388 1665.
Provides Amiga software and hardware support.
Unitech Electronics, 8b Tummul Place, St. Andrews, Sydney, NSW.
® 02 9820 3555.
All hardware and software and also make own cables. Very professional and helpful.
G. Soft Pty Ltd, Shop 4 2 Anderson Walk, Smithfield, South
Australia, 5114. Also at 33 Adelaide Road, Gawler, South
Australia, 5118.
® 08 8284 1266, email gsoft@cobweb.com.au New and used hardware and software, repairs, tech support and advice.
Family run, helpful, will custom-make tower systems and will give any hardware a custom colour scheme of your choice.
Computer Magic, 44 Pascoe Vale Road, Moonee Ponds, Victoria.
® 03 9326 0133.
Desktop Utilities, Shop 13, Manuka Court, Manuka, Canberra. ACT.
* 02 6239 6658.
MVB Computer Supplies, 506 Dorset Road, Croydon, Victoria.
® 03 9725 6255.
Synapse Computers, 190 Riding Road, Hawthorne, Queensland.
® 07 3899 0980.
M. A.R. EDV Systeme, Karlsplatz 1, A-1010 Wien.
® 1505 7444.
Sells hardware and software and offers an Amiga repair service.
+32 Amiga Service, Rue Du Nord, 93, 6180 Courcelles. ® 71 458244.
PD disks, CD-ROMs, software, hardware and services like scanning, hard drive recover)7 and laser printing.
AFI (Applications & Formations Informatiques), Clos Del 'Me 21, 4431 Loncin (Liege).
® 4239 0093.
Can provide help on most serious subjects.
Stocks the full .Amiga range with a good selection of second-hand hardware. .Aminet Cds are available, as well as the most commonly used Amiga applications.
Click!, Boomsesteen Weg 468, B-2610, Wilrijk.
®3828 1815.
Generation Amiga, Rue de 1’ Eglise 22, 1200 Brussels. ® 2538 9360.
Amiga City, Avenue du Prince, Heritier, 176, 1200 Brussels.
* 2736 6111.
Digital Precision, Chaussee de Jette, 330, 1090 Brussels.
® 2426 0504.
DENMARK +45 Betafon ApS, Gylden Lovesgade 2, 1369 Kobenhan K. ® 3314 1233, email info@betafon.dk or visit http: www.betafon.dk .An Amiga dealer since 1980, sells A1200s, A4000s, PPC cards, RAM, all new software, towers, magazines, etc. Good service with .Amiga- specific salesmen who know Amigas.
Kiwi Multemedia, Lerager 60, 3600 Frederiksund. ® 4738 0639.
Stocks almost all .Amiga products, makes the Millennium .Amiga. !!
LA 1 2 +358 AIC Systems, ® 09 8775 1100, email vmp@dlc.fi Amigator, ® 02 234 5333, email aho@sip.fi Broadline Oy, ® 09 8747 900, email broline@dlc.fi Broadware Oy, ® 09 7001 8580, visit http: iwn.fi broad.html Sells a good range of accelerators and other items of hardware.
Gende Eye Ky, ® 03 363 0048, email qe@vip.fi The staff are very skilled and the shop stocks most new products.
Harcom Oy, ® 09 409 373, visit http: personal-eunet.fi pp har Hat Data Huolto Oy, ® 09 769 314.
Offers a repair service.
Karelia Computer Ky, ® 013 897 088.
Most older hardware and software.
Tsunami Trading, ® 02 438 9870, email tsunami@dlc.fi +33 Software Paradise, Rue de Lamouly 39, 64600 Anglet.
® 5 5957 2088, fax 5 5957 2087, visit http: www.SParadise.com Official MicroniK distributor.
Ateo Concepts, Le Plessis, 44220 Coueron, Nantes.
® 2 4085 3085, fax 2 4038 3321, visit http: www.ateo-concepts.com, email info@ateo-concepts.com Manufacturer and distributor of Ateo products, such as the Pixel64 card.
Pragma Informatique, Route Departementale 523, 38570 Tencin.
® 4 7645 6060, fax 4 7645 6055, visit http: www.pragma-info.com Mygale, Boulevard Raimbaldi 31, 06000, Nice.
® fax 4 9313 0635 APS, Rue Louis Maurel 15, 13006, Marseille.
® 4 910030 44, fax 4 9100 3043, visit http: www.aps.fr aps@aps.fr Only sells quality’ products.
SL Diffusion, Route du General de Gaulle 22, 67300 Schildgheim.
® 3 8862 2094, visit http: 195.132-8.152 sld Very friendly manager.
ADFI Application, Avenue de la Liberation 47, 63000 Clermont, Ferrand.
® 4 7334 3434 Distributor of many titles translated into French and have a special agreement with Haage & Parmer to sell French versions of dieir software.
Phoenix-DP, BP 801, 64008 Pau Cedex.
® fax 5 5982 9500, visit http: www.phoenix-dp.com, email phoenix@club-internet.fr Software and hardware for Amiga, PC and Mac.
+49 ADX Datentechnik, Haldesdorfer Str. 119, 22179 Hamburg. ® 040 642 02656.
Hardware and software reseller.
Softwarevertrieb Kanzmeier, Senator-Balcke-Str.
85, 28279 Bremen. * fex 04 218 31682, email 01461.2277@compuserve.com +98 Ganjineh Afzar Pooya, 30, Alley 4th, Abouzar Str., Seyed-Khandan, 16616 Tehran.
® 021 866755, email Ganjineh@apadana.com Most hardware and software.
AMIGA RETAILERS Jn Amiga Shop 2000, Wallisellenstr.318, CH-8050, Zurich. * 411 3221414.
Hardware, software and skilled staff.
Amigaland, Butzenstr.l, CH-8038, Zurich.
* 411 482 4750, isit http: www.amiaaland.ch Sells a full range
of .Amigas (please note that the shop is closed on Tuesdays).
Computer Cavern (Capri CD Distribution), 9 Dean Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 3AA.
Chips, 8 Watchbell Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight.
* 01983 821983. Lots of classic games and older Amiga hardware.
Electronics Boutique, Gallowtree Gate, Leicester city centre.
Stocks games, although it tends to be a bit slow- on new games.
Vortex Services, 13-15 St. Michael’s Square, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancs, OL6 6LF.
Allsorts, 51 Park Road, Wosbrough Bridge, Barnsley.
* 0589 272940. Games, PD, disk drives, monitors (all used).
Planet Games, 3 Royal Oak Buildings, Waterloo Road, Blackpool. *01253 348738.
Stocks Amiga software.
Game, Sheffield Town Centre.
* 0114 2729300.
Sells various Amiga games and utility disks, and it’s also possible for customers to reserve games.
Swops, Comer of Bold Street, Fleetwood.
* 01253 776977.
Electronics Boutique, 30 The Mall, Golden Square, Warrington, Cheshire.
* 01925 240731. A good selection of Amiga software and
Robymax, Via Varvariana, 14, 00133, Rome, Italy.
® 06 2042 7234, email robvmax@mclink.it CD-ROMs, games and hardware.
Non Solo Soft, Casella Postale 63, 10023, Chieri, Italy. ® Oil 9415237, email solo3@chierinet.it Full range of software and hardware.
+44 +31 Cavendish Computers, 144 Charles Street, Leicester. * 0116 2510066.
Hardware (old), games and uulities.
Classic, 11 Deansgate, Radcliffe, Manchester,
* 0161 7231638.
PD, commercial games, CD32, CD-ROMs, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, A1200s, floppy drives, disks, modems. Free fitting service on hard drives.
Level 7, 113 Victoria Road West, Cleveleys.
* 01253 859004.
Electronics Boutique, Unit 19, St.John’s Centre, Perth, PHI 5UX, Scotland.
* 01738 637807. Software and peripherals and will order any
.Amiga games you require.
Mays, 57 Church Gate, Leicester city centre.
* 0116 2516789. Hardware, games and utilities.
Computer Solutions, Unit 2, Mill Lane Mews, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1HP.
* 01530 412983. New and used software, hardware, stocks full
range. Helpful staff.
Tech-Exchange, 3 Forest Road East, Nottingham, NG1 4HJ.
* 0115 9100077.
.All Amiga products and a helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Barlage-Denhaag. Rabarberstraat 142a, 2563 RP Den Haag, Holland.
® 070 448 0282, email barlage@mailbox.hol.nl Hardware and software supplier.
Computer City, Zebrastraat 7-9, NL 3064 LR, Rotterdam.
® 31 10 4517722, email info@compcitv.nl Sells most Amiga products and helpful staff.
Courbois Software, Fazandaan 61-63, 6641 XW, Beuningen. ® 024 6772546.
All hardware and software, with many secondhand products at very low prices.
Amigis, Spanjaardstraat 53, 4331 Ep, Middelburg.
® 0110 625632, email info@amiain.nl Amiga hardware and software.
Z EA LA 22 +64 Comp Karori, Karori Shopping Mall, Karori, Wellington.
® 0447 69088, email gchiu@compkarori.nz or visit http7 www.compkarori.co.nz Sells most .Amiga products.
USA TLAS, PO Box 30499, Midland, Texas, 79712.
* 915 563 79712. Games software, some hardware, 100% Amiga. Very
high quality software.
NORWAY +47 Data Kompaniet AS, Teknostallen-Prof, Brochsgt.B, N-7030, Trondheim. ® 7354 0375.
.All new- products, very good support.
To contribute to the AF ShopWatch project, please fill in the details of your local retailer.
+351 PORTUGAL «» r Audiovisual, Rua Maria Matos, 6 - C V Dta, 2675 Ramada, Portugal.
• s* 351 1943264, email info@audiovisual.net Dealer distributor,
promises best prices for hardw-are and software.
Shop Name Manager .. Address... RUSSIAN FED. +7095 AmigaLine, Moscow, Zorge 6.
® 943 3941 or 943 3871, email ambartsumian@alas.apc.ora .An .Amiga-oriented computer shop.
Amiga Service, Office 309, Bumazhnaya Str 3, Sankt-Peterburg, 198020.
® 812 1868842.
A1200 hardware.
Country ... Telephone Number.
Amiga Products ... Other Comments SPAIIU +34 Club Byte, C D. Juan de Mena, 21 bajo Izq, 46008 Valencia.
Your Details Initials..... Surname ... Address____ s fax (96) 3921567.
T S OtrTT=TzTI!!7H1 +41 Applimatic SA, Rte-de-Montreux 49, CH-1618 Chatel-St-Denis, Switzerland.
* 41 21 931431.
Digitronic, Chr Merian - Ring 7, 4153 Reinach.
* 6176565, visit http: www.digitronic.ch Full range of Amigas.
Postcode . Daytime telephone no .... Send entries to: Shopwatch • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Somerset • BA1 2BW.
I I bench "Bah, humbug!" SaysMhm Kmddl)®%, as what he thought was a sack of Xmas cards turns out to be more Amiga problems. Write to: Workbench • Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Somerset • BA12BW.
I WANT TO BREAK FREE Since 1991 I’ve been the proud owner of an A500 (yes, the one that came in the Cartoon Classics pack). It’s still in perfect working order and does everything I could possibly want from a computer - games, animation, word processing - indeed, this very letter was typed on it.
The thing is, technology is moving on and my Amiga isn’t part of it and every month your magazine features new hardware and software that I’d very much like to have. I want to stick with Amiga computers, not only because of their ease of use and flexibility, but because I want to keep hold of the large collection of software I’ve built up over the years and still enjoy using today. My three main queries are these.
Iwhat, in your opinion, is the best way for me to upgrade (and don’t worry, I’m aware an A500 isn’t likely to feature in the equation)?
2 Will I still be able to run my old software on whatever I end up with?
3 How much is all this likely to cost me? I get too much use from my Amiga to want to part with it and I would appreciate any help.
Matthew Smith Somerset t Easy. Lift up your A500, kiss it tenderly and then chuck it out the nearest window. Sadly, its little 7Mb 68000 and standard graphics chipset just isn’t up to today’s software. Then pick up AF or your nearest local paper and scour the For Sales until you see an ad that says, “A 1200 with accelerator and hard drive for sale. ” Check that it works and then buy it.
2 You II be able to run almost all your existing software, but more importantly you’ll be able to run a lot of newer software as well. It ’s possible to “degrade” the A1200 by running special utility software to get almost all stubborn older software to work.
5 It’s a buyer’s market so haggle until you get the system you wa nt for the a mo un t you want to spend.
CUTTING ALBUMS I have an A1200 with Blizzard 1230IV, 16MB fast RAM, Power Tower, 2.1Gb IDE hard drive and 4-way buffered interface, with IDEFix97 (not installed but came with it), Squirrel, 2x CD- ROM and second floppy disk, 1942 multisync, buffered adaptor and X- Link V336 modem. I want to duplicate and create my own Audio Cds of my band and back up all my vital files to CD. I know I need a CD-R (I’m not bothered about CD- RW) , but I am confused about many things, so here come the questions: Imy first query is, quite simply, SCSI or IDE?
2 Which make and model is best for audio compatibility (and which isn’t too expensive)?
3 The big one: which software and how much is it?
4,As I already have a 2x CD-ROM, can I do CD to CD duplication, which would be the main use for my band?
5 Should I buy a cheap CD-R from a PC mail order company and get software separately or spend a bit more and get a hard and software bundle from a lovely .Amiga supplier?
6 Is CD creation duplication difficult and fraught with danger, as many would have me believe? I hope you can help me with this, and you can be sure that you’ll get an exclusive CD track or two, not to mention my website sent to you on CD as soon as I’m up and running. Thanks again for your time.
Jonathan Utteridge via email (And hello from all the other members of the band Charmadon, who can be emailed at Charmadon@juracid.demon.co.uk for more information, a gig guide and demo tapes, sound samples, etc.) f Entirely up to you, and your system. It’s J- more important to check that the drive mechanism does all you want it to do.
2All CD-R and CD-RW machines will produce disks which will play back on standard audio hi-fi CD players. It’s impossible to buy one which won’t, it really is that simple.
3 The choice isn’t staggering, but our editor swears by the MasterlSO software from AsimWare.
Extreme hardware bods Gasteiner have given us a single 32x IDE internal CD-ROM drive and it's up for grabs to those who send a postcard to the following address: AF Gas Draw • Amiga Format • 29 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA1 2BW A Copying from CD to CD is actually a I little more tricky. The best way by far is to arrange the audio tracks on your hard drive and then write them to the CD from there. Copying from a CD to a CD depends on the software you use and the capabilities and interfaces of the drives - basically, it’s not recommended.
I BACK TO BASICS I recently purchased an Amiga 1200 for my daughter to do her homework on, using the keyboard via the printer. We seem to have great problems actually getting to the screen where we can type information to be printed and getting it printed. As you can tell, neither of us are computer buffs.
However, when we now switch on the A1200, all we get is a blank screen with a message at the top left: Amiga Dos, with Amiga ROM operating system and libraries. We can't escape from this screen and if we did, could you explain how we get to the screen that enables her to use the printer via the keyboard? Please could you help us to find the answer to this problem?
Kenneth Bagguley Carnforth Where to start? Perhaps a good place would be the manuals
- 1 hope when you bought the A1200 you bought the instruction
books which came with it because you're going to need them. The
Amiga, like almost every other computer, has no software built
into it which allows you to enter text and send it to the
printer (and that software is called a word processor, by the
You need to load this software into the computer first.
Before you do that, you effectively need to give the Amiga some brains by loading what is called the Amiga Workbench.
This is the software which provides the windows and looks after the mouse. You should find that your Amiga came with a collection of floppy disks: one of these should be labelled Workbench, and after you switch your computer on all you need to do is pop in this into the drive on the right hand side of the machine.
After a few moments you should see something which looks a little more useful: the desktop, ready for you to load software, such as a word processor. If the Amiga came with a printer then there is a good chance the previously owner had a word processor, so look around for the right disk. When you put a disk into the Amiga it will appear on the desktop as an icon: you'll need to use the mouse to click twice on it and "open" the icon to display its contents. At this point you should really be reading the manual.
5If you ’re certain that you can get all you need with the CD-R from the PC supplier (case, cables, PSU) then there’s no harm in it. Check you ’re getting exactly what you need, and remember - don’t expect the PC dealer to be able to give you any support.
S' No, CD creation is pretty easy. On the vJ other hand, duplication is something best left to the professionals with their own specialist kit. If you want to make quite a few, talk to one of the advertisers in the back of Future Music or The Mix magazine.
MEMORY, DRIVES AND PLAYSTATIONS I have an A1200, 68030, 40MHz, 32Mb RAM accelerator, 8x SCSI CD-ROM drive, HP 670C DeskJet printer and Kickstart 3.
Imost of the software I’m buying on CD-ROM fails to work because it wants co zXand can’t find it. Neither can I so I couldn’t install it, even if I had a hard drive.
Could you please tell me how you install it? I know it resides in the C: director)- but I don’t know how you access the C: directory.
2 I’ve installed my HP printer and can’t get it to print in colour. I’ve checked to see if there’s a cartridge in and there is, so could it be that I need TurboPrint 6 installed on a hard drive?
3 Sometimes when I load up Workbench 3.0 an icon appears with “RAM 0” under it, and when I open it, it says “RAM 0 0% full”. What does this mean and wrhat should I do with it?
41 want a hard drive but which is best, SCSI or IDE?
5 I’ve heard that with enough memory (32Mb should be enough) and a CD-ROM drive, you can get a PlayStation emulator and get PlayStation games to work on the Amiga. Is this true, is 32Mb enough and where can I get the emulator from?
6 My accelerator is a Viper 68030 40 Mhz with 32Mb of RAM. Can I add another 32Mb of SIMMs?
7 On AGA Experience 3, when opening the icon, it says, “This icon has no default tool.” Why, and what can I do?
81 can only boot up Cds via CD Boot or from my CD32. Is there any way of getting the Cds running via Workbench
3. 0 disks?
9 My Amiga had to go in for a repair as the internal disk drive had seen its last days. First Computer fitted an internal high density drive, so could this have anything to do with why I keep finding disks which have read write errors on them?
Wis there any way of cancelling the AGA chip? The reason I ask is that I also have an A500 and there are games like Shadow of the Beast 2 that I like to play and can do on the A500 but can’t on my A1200. I want to get rid of the A500 and therefore want old games of that type to work on my A1200.
NNow for a piece of advice. My Amiga was crashing on the odd occasion so I put this down to the accelerator. I bought a fan and had it fitted and now it never crashes.
L. I. Lewis Heywood Accessing the C: directory is easy. For
example, from the Shell you can enter “dir c: ” to list all
the files. From Workbench, just make sure you’ve switched on
the option to view all files (Window Show All Files) and then
open the Workbench disk. You ’11 see a directory called C and
again, open it and you ’11 see all the files. IconX should be
L It’s possible that IconX is missing from your C: directory, but it’s more likely that the CD-ROM software is looking at the wrong C directory. Make sure you click on any icons called “Click me first!” or similar as these will re-assign the paths to make sure the software looks in the light directory.
2How well your printer works depends on the printer driver you have for it. The existing Amiga drivers are out of date and won’t let you make the most of the printer.
TurboPrint will solve this problem as it has many drivers for modem printers.
Re Philip Williams' question regarding IBM hard drives and software failure (August 1998). I've also had these problems since buying my new drive and I've successfully managed to fix the fault. In the response, you recommended setting the Max Transfer settings lower.
However, this didn't solve my problem so I got out my manual to my old, dead 85Mb Seagate drive and Fastprep Expertprep by GVP, where it states: "Mask - the mask value is used with the fast file system. The hexadecimal number entered into this field provides a mask for DMA controllers. It specifies the memory range in which the controller may safely work when transferring data.
"The default value OxFFFFFFFE allows DMA transfers within the extended 16Mb range offered by GVP Series II and G-Force accelerators. If your system cannot perform DMA access to Extended RAM use the value of OxOOFFFFFE instead".
When I checked my DMA Mask setting it was set to default. I tried lowering it to OxOOFFFFFE where I found that it fixed the problems and I've had no trouble with the drive software since. It's possible that Philip has a similar Default setting on his IBM drive and by correcting it to OxOOFFFFFE it might just solve his problems too.
N. P. Rowe Plymouth 3 This is a “recoverable ramdisk ”. If you
look in the Devs Dos Drivers drawer on your Workbench disk,
you ’II see this device. If you don’t want it, drag it to
Storage Dos Drivers instead. The new icon is a neiu disk drive
which stores files in mem ory instead of on a hard or floppy
Unlike the standard RAM disk, it can survive a warm reset. You can use it to store your Workbench disk and speed up booting times slightly. I don’t tend to use it very often.
A The best hard drive is the largest one you f can get, fitted to your Amiga in the simplest way possible. There is little difference, at least from the point of vieiv of most users, between the performance of IDE and SCSI drives. They each have advantages and disadvantages. IDE drivers are cheaper and easy to interface to a stock Amiga as the Amiga already has an IDE interface.
SCSI drives can be handy if you already have a SCSI interface and, as your CD-ROM is SCSI, you certainly do. Shop around and get the best deal: it doesn’t matter which type you get as they ’11 do the same for the Amiga - speed it up and make it more useful.
5I’ve haven ’t tried the PlayStation emulator myself, but I didn’t think it had got much further than being able to display loading screens. No matter: the custom chips in the PlayStation would have to be emulated in Continued overleaf
* ¦ software on the Amiga, and that means only one thing: it
would run so slowly as to be unplayable. That ’s not even
getting into the legally dubious business of getting the
copyrighted PlayStation ROMs.
6That depends on whether you have a n other socket for a SIMM on the accelerator a nd if the card electron ics support it. I’d be interested in what you planned to do with 64Mb on an Amiga - remember, you don’t have to run Windows.
7Which icon ? Click on the Icon and select Information from the Icon men u. Have a look in the Default Tool setting: is there anything there? Is it pointing to a file which the system cannot find? Have you followed all the instructions and made assigns by clicking any programs called “Click here first ” or similar?
Obscure hardware. The Amiga was always designed to be a self-contained system. If you've added a dozen different type of disk drives (CD, removable and so on), a graphics card and a new sound system, you'll have to expect some problems.
If you have a well-expanded system which is misbehaving, remove one component at a time and try different combinations to find the guilty peripheral.
3 Chips get warm when they are used and cool down when switched off. This cycle can cause them to creep out of their sockets.
After grounding yourself to remove traces of static electricity, press down gently but firmly to make sure all chips are seated properly. Modern surface mount chips don't have this problem.
Is the memory fast enough? If you have a super-fast accelerator card, make sure your memory is rated fast enough to work with it. RAM with a rating of 60ns is needed for the fastest accelerators.
Dcheck your hard drive. Crashes while loading or saving could be down to a failing or badly configured hard drive. Check the MaxTransfer settings, perform a diagnostic scan with suitable repair software and then check all of the leads.
SiWot sure what you mean there. When you place a CD-ROM in the drive it should certainly appear on the Workbench as an icon. If not, you haven V got the CD-ROM filing system and CDO: defined properly. Tiy re-installing the CDFS programs on the Amiga Format cover Cds.
(XYes, probably. If your old drive was starting to fail, it ’s possible that its heads were slightly out of alignment. The new drive would look on the disk for the data and fail to find it, resulting in the occasional error.
You can sometimes read the data if you keep retrying, in which case you should re-save it as soon as possible. Alternatively, keep a look out for a second-hand external Amiga disk drive: maybe a different drive would be able to read your old disks.
Y SXYes, there are many programs called Jl 1 ‘Degraders ” which can switch off the AGA chip set. And don’t forget your Amiga has one built in: when you hold down the two mouse buttons on re-boot, select the Display Options button. Click on Original to do away with many AGA features.
F t Ta! A useful tip for Amiga owners JL A. getting too warm.
CANADA CALLING 1 Although the basic Workbench can be greatly enhanced by various PD Shareware add-ons, I Find some of the alternatives, such as Dopus, Scalos and p.OS, interesting and I'm considering exploring the advantages of each of them. Would I be correct in thinking I can simply install each OS to a different partition and simply choose which partition to boot from in the Early Startup screen? If so, do I make only my main Workbench partition bootable under HDTools or must each partition be configured as bootable?
2 The new BoXeR Amiga looks great but my only need for Zorro slots would be for a graphics card, so might I be better off with a towered up A1200 with a Blizzard PPC and the new BlizzardVision graphics card?
3 In your estimation, will the new BlizzardVision graphics card be as good or better than a PicassoIY or CvberGraphX? Will it use the same RTG software?
Is it a hardware or a software problem? Does your Amiga crash if you don't even boot Workbench or just leave it running for a while? If so, that's most likely a hardware problem.
V Do particular programs always crash? For example, a ray-tracing program may be expecting a maths co-processor (FPU), and if your system doesn't have one it will crash.
Likewise, if you try to run a 68020-only program on a 68000 it will fail. That's a software problem.
Keep cool! An Amiga can overheat if stuffed _ J with drives, extra memory and faster processors Make sure it's not in direct sunlight and that air can circulate around it. Being covered in dust and sitting on the carpet doesn't help.
A lack of power is a common Amiga problem. A seriously expanded Amiga can suck more power from a PSU than is recommended. The PSU can run dangerously hot (it will feel very hot to the touch and may smell) and the Amiga will fall over regularly. Buy a beefier PSU as soon as possible.
Sometimes hardware problems are hard to diagnose as a particular chip has become thermally unstable. The best way to check is to take off the lid, run a program and then squirt a jet of aerosol coolant at each chip in turn. If the system crashes you've found your dodgy chip.
Amiga would need to recognise a SparQ. Zip, etc. Can you suggest an alternative to this?
7 Does buying the official version of Quake and Doom for the Amiga give the ability to use Wad files, conversions, add-ons, etc, or do I still need a registered PC version?
8 I'm interested in the manipulation of graphic images. If I get ImageFX, would there be any point in also getting Elastic Dreams or PhotogenicsNG?
9 Do you think we’ll get USB (Universal Serial Bus) support on the Amiga? With the new, successful iMac helping to make it a crossplatform standard, USB peripherals would be great for the Amiga too.
“| . Speaking of the Mac, I’ve X U noticed many commercial and PD products for networking Amigas and Pcs which allow the Amiga to access the PC’s devices. Are there no .Amiga to Mac networking products because of the Amiga’s great Mac emulation or has there simply been no demand? Can you network them?
Rob Daviau Canada removable hard drive trays so I could always keep a cheap, old IDE hard drive in a tray if the worst came to the worst.
Buying the Amiga version of Doom or Quake is all you need to do.
ImageFX and the other packages work in slightly different ways and you’ll often find that a particular task is easier in one program. You can be sure that if you only buy one, it will still be able do all you ’re likely to need.
USB is a wonderful idea as it makes it incredibly easy to add new hardware to a computer. This is IF YOU HAVE A QUERY... At Amiga Format we aim to answer as many questions as possible. Unlike some magazines, we don't just I, - concentrate on our 7: C ' Oi m I areas of expertise I ffl -we take on all | L ' I your problems (as WaW long as an Amiga is involved).
I Here are a few tips l__J on sending in John Kennedy. Questions:
• Be concise.
• Detail the problem as best as you 9
• Describe the events that caused the problem.
• Give full details of your equipment.
• Make sure your question is relevant and wouldn't be more easily
solved by contacting the dealer from whom you bought the goods.
Especially true on the PC running Windows.
I’d like to see it on the Amiga, but the high speed of the USB protocol means that an adaptor for the serial or parallel potis is unlikely - it would have to be part of an accelerator card or attached to the Zotro bus in some way.
It is an excellent idea, but I really don’t think we’ll see it happen until the next generation of Amiga hardware is launched.
Networking is getting easier and easier these days, thanks to Internet protocols such as TCP IP. If the Amiga has an Ethernet port, for example, it will happily communicate with an Apple machine.
It’s the rather more devious networking solutions which won ’t work. For example, Siamese integrates the Amiga and Windows so tightly that it’s unlikely to be of much use to Apple owners. The same goes for the more cheap and cheeiful seiial or parallel port networking solutions.
As a last resort, serial cable and terminal emulation software can always be used to Zmodem files from machine to machine. & "work" or "games" in the partition name - two letters and a number is much better. The time to give the partition such a name is when you format the drive, and then it's customary to call one "Workbench".
However, that isn't really the problem here. It might be a good idea to rename the partitions though, and you don't need to lose any data.
From the HDSetup program you can change the names, save the changes, and nothing will have happened to the data already present. You don't need to re-format the drive.
If you're using software which was originally designed to be used from floppy disk, the software will often reference the same floppy.
For example, if the disk was called "SuperPlop", the game will try to reference the files in the path "SuperPlop:files.doc". Why not dfasdO:? If it used dfO: it couldn't be sure which floppy was in the drive and couldn't prompt you to insert the specific disk.
You therefore need to create an assign to SuperPlop, pointing it at the drawer on your hard drive where you've copied all the files. A line such as "assign SuperPlop: Games:superplop" would work, assuming that you have your second partition called "Games" and it contains a directory called "superplop".
7 As the Amiga can happily boot its operating system from a single floppy, try th is approach before going to the bother of reformatting your hard drive.
I don’t think you need to go to these lengths (DOpus isn V a new OS, by the way), and you should be able to simply install the new files on your existing hard drive partition. It’s only if you’re installing an OS which takes a drastically difference approach to the file system (Linux, for example) that you would definitely need to donate a neiu partition.
2 The BoXeR does little more than “look ” at the moment. Most users will be like yourself and will only need a gmph ics card so there’s little point in building an entirely new computer. There are various A1200-only graphics cards in the works.
3 Sorry, you ’11 have to wait for a full review for that.
Power tell me that yes, you can adjust 8 the power supply with a switch to enable it to zvork on your transatlantic voltages. You might want to confirm that when ordering the tower though.
5There’s no reason why the SparQ couldn’t be used, assuming the right drivers appear for it. Remember that the Jaz 2Gb drive definitely does work, if you happen to have a SCSI interface.
6Short of blowing you r own ROM, there ’s no real alternative as you ’ll always need some way to load the drivers for external hardware, such as CD-ROMs and removable drives, and that means a floppy.
The only other option I can think of is a solid state memory card filled with static RAM for the PCMCIA slot, but I haven’t heard of this being tried. My Amiga uses I have an A1200 with Viper 5 68030 with MMU and FPU with 8Mb RAM, plus an IBM 720Mb hard drive.
When I originally installed the hard drive I prepped and partitioned using HDToolbox, naming the partitions Workbench, IDH1_Work and IDH2_Games. Despite using hard drive installers supplied with original software (copied to floppy first, of course), while games are installed OK they will not play and I'm requested to 'insert disk whatever'. I've tried various Assigns but with no luck, and upon boot-up from cold I'm confronted with "invalid drive name", etc. Games include Banshee, Fields of Glory and B17 Flying Fortress.
Is this a case of game recognition of hard drive being DHO, DH1, etc or HDO, HD1, etc. Please advise what Assign I should add to user-startup to overcome this. Do I have to change the names of my hard drive partitions, in which case do I have to format and reinstall everything from scratch?
How do I adjust the Maximum Transfer Rate on my drive to overcome sound and picture problems on some games? As a near 60-year-old, please help and prevent me from going completely grey.
Barry Hester Minehead The names you gave your hard drive partitions weren't good ones. There's no need to include THE DRIVE WITH NO NAME YOUR AMIGA ONLINE Cynicism is healthy where the Internet is concerned, says CONTACT POINT Checking through my website hit logs, I was quite surprised to find plenty of visitors were in countries as far apart as Qatar, Belize, Iceland and Malaysia. It’s one thing to know that something’s possible; it’s quite another for it to actually happen.
I tell you this to remind you of exactly what it is you are becoming a part of every time you fire up AmiTCP or Miami - it’s something incredible that even quite recendy was the stuff of science fiction novels.
I also tell you this because it’s what I was ruminating upon in an IRC channel when the theme for this month’s column came to me.
You see, at this juncture my out- loud musings were interrupted by a suggestion that I should write a article on accidents which have befallen Amigas. You know the sort - beer is spilt on the keyboard, a spectacular shower of sparks ensues and a dead .Amiga is the result.
I replied that, as a Psion 5 user, I'd read on a Psion website that a fairly common cause of death for Personal Digital Assistants was for them to be We all know that the Internet is global, and that in theory the people visiting our websites, sending us email, or chatting away to us on IRC could be anywhere in the world.
However, it can be very easy to forget when you're sitting there in front of your monitor, collecting information from all sorts of remote sites or exchanging opinions with an IRC friend, that often hundreds or thousands of miles can separate two networked machines in the real world.
Reliable sources from those which are being economical with the truth... dropped into the toilet by businesspeople who had been working while, as it were, dropping their load.
.And this made me think.
The point is that we can all believe what we read or are told on the Internet, but we have no way of knowing whether it’s really the truth. Sometimes we’re naturally sceptical about things we hear, particularly on IRC or in the newsgroups, but equally, sometimes we accept things at face value when we perhaps should not.
The reality is that the Internet is the perfect medium for rumourmongering. Ever since the earliest days of the Internet as we know it (that is, the 1980s, when the American academic institutions were getting online), net folklore has abounded.
There are still places on the Net where you can read the rumours circulated in those days.
For instance, the Wiretap archive contains a selection of computer-related rumours which were doing the rounds between 1986 and 1990. There’s the one about the guy who handled the payroll of a large company and who modified the software so that fractions would alwavs J be rounded down, with the remaining amount being paid into the account of the last name on the list - his name - and in the end he became a millionaire.
There’s the one about the students who devised an efficient alphanumeric office record numbering system, only to realise later that it led to some mailing labels stamped with codes containing rude words - they hadn’t thought to remove the vowels so words wouldn’t accidentally appear within codes.
The best source for more general rumours is the alt.folklore.urban group, which is full of fascinating stuff. In fact, it’s so fascinating that I’m certainly not the first writer to draw attention to it.
In her book “Surfing on the Internet”, American writer J.C. Herz writes about it at some length. Herz presents many examples of the type of Amiga Network News, which essentially collects together rumours from the newsgroups and presents them in an easily digestible manner.
The newsgroups and email are great media for hoaxes. Consider, for instance, the email “viruses”, such as the now legendary Good Times warning.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been forwarded this message over the years. It warns people not to open any email with the subject line “Good Times” because, “It is a virus which will erase your hard drive.” Of course, viruses cannot actually be Perennials your Mining Co. Gurde ro urban legends and folklore David Emery - mtisnfcqends .gukfe@gafwngco .com Attortm* o 9» bogus tier, a cons«af asidaUM. «aj raad-wjarsned vans v! Axoyinoy itrmj yrer cottpwtt' Hevty rvwfei r, itetm jcu, as ose-jwr-old toj hoax 3 son goa* rcooj Step oi IV We boy vha Ve vs- ssvtd by e c)sua Je»r 9at -mu' t
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* TV Case of *e Porrdess Pecaoa" - a cafflcaary Bk Good Times
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present aid futme from the natural ttoiM Quantum phvsmsts have kamr Cat all thing3 m the universe are mterconnecwl. Thus demonstrating the troth behind the stance of Astrology All over tie planet, people read Tth ave the predictions made m their star-slgn, moon-sign and sun-sign horoscopes These accurate charts are ciea»d by the scientific inerpraaton of the relative positions and movement of the vannus Astral bodies vrtan and vithom our Solar Sysaxa. It is Jnsovn that the planets affect the hves of those boro under them, as the puB of gravity affects die veiy molecules in our brains at the
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Tha saence b, hovtver, tonned The sais and planes are ini bodies-balls of rock or fiammg gas, and ncdnng mow Something is missing That something a the We-toroe itself The Ehn Fjal. As it vere. During ha lift-long search for the Troth, Je: Gomel began » formula* the science of Frucanlogy (or Fruit Signs) erd it's related science of Proctidierapy (fruit-based healing), based on the raahsatton that peoples from around the vorid exhibit minor rmditicatiotts o then Astrological personality npes. The one thing m common throughout the vodd, a thing vhdh eiemphfats 8* very essence of life itself, a
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Apples, Bananas and Pomegranaas are 8* fruit of plants - boys aid gtris are the frat of people The connection is bhidingly obvious.
Afar almost tvo decades of itadymg (he modifying effects that froit has on Astrological profiles. Jex Gomez and his earn of deddaad assistants have produce! 8a Froit Signs chan belov Taking icc account the fcngittrie and hunde at vhich 8a vaCous fruits flounsh, 8a urra of year Bat they grov. And 8a ralaad Star, Sun and Moon signs, 81a chart viH prove o be of enormous benefit e those vishirg e enhance their knoviedge of damselve; and 8a tmiveise.
The chain email (top left). The good times virus (above left) is so well known that a spoof version has appeared (above).
Contained within an email, which, after all, is nothing but an ASCII text file. Even if a malicious executable was attached to an email, you’d have to open the executable and run it for it to affect your system; it would be impossible to get a virus simply from reading the accompanying text.
Besides, most malicious executables these days are written for the PC. Email “viruses” are annoying because these files are endlessly forwarded across the Internet by newbies who don’t know any better and they eat bandwidth in the same way as any other junk mail.
The web is equally packed with misleading information and downright rubbish. The surfer has to learn to sift reliable sources from those which are being economical with the truth, pushing propaganda or spreading malicious lies. Who’s to say whether the information presented on a particular site is reliable and unbiased? Nobodv - except you, the visitor.
In a sense, of course, the same thing is true of any information source. But in How unib FroctoJojicxl chan ¦Srcftrv* of:CT3 -S.'tsfry-t. Disney's 'Email Tracking* Giveaway (Tiutrto:Mbrbeb Cocab*, Toai£aa*ri.% ToJiGneo, Jiaayfitll, Kt ryrSsrgniw, UkkttlSyrian, Slvvi MeBoaf, Mnx Ctory* ff. Sriett?, F%»umS* , *ai m*iy otierf} Posted: 08124198 It's back! The myth of "email tracking" has returned, this time ina chain letter purporting to originate from "Walt Disney Jr. & Management at Disney World “ (see ®xj belov).
According to the message, die first 13,000 people to forvard it to everyone they knov vill vin cash prizes or free trips to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Disney management is supposedly extending thi3 beneficence for the purpose of testing a brand-nev piece of software invented by Microsoft Not that I vant to spoil anyone's dreams of riches, but Walt Disney never had a son named Walt.
As a matter of fact, he never had a son. I suppose he might have named one of his daughters after himself, but that seems ... doubtful, not to mention cruel.
Microsoft has not invented an email tracking program, nor, in the real world, would Disney give away millions of dollars © help Bill Gates beta test such a thing.
The text of the message consists of little more than a lazy reworking of the infamous Bill Gates $ 1.000 giveaway chain letter that's been pinging around the Internet since last November.
Need I say it? What you're about to read is a hoax. The Walt Disney Company denies having anything to do with it. Welcome © Fantasy Land... stories you can read in alt.folklore.urban. For instance, there’s the tale about the people who were organising bungee jumps off the twenty- seventh storey of a building. They used ten feet of rope for each storey and deducted a figure for the stretching of the rope. Only when the first bloke jumped did they realise that the building had no thirteenth floor.
This sort of folklore is interesting, often entertaining and ultimately harmless (although not, I suppose, if that last story was true and you were the bungee jumper...). Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said for all of the stories out there on the net. Hoaxes are commonplace in the newsgroups, and they can be hard to spot.
With the Amiga situation being as it is, you will doubtless have discovered various online resources through which you can try to keep on top of developments between issues of Amiga Format hitting the news stands.
One particularly interesting site is Good Times Vires Hoax TV •Coo! Tsafj" «rus v*rac«j sa sbso Tvn B ao vets bySataarar aexsaac* txlsy These TOSSies have beeaescBleEsg 9* laamet for years TV estt coaaKcaiy aaai become tvtq Cat g p mrtiHriy Sat» vires cu V ccannCTd t Umstc naaoi asenbed o (V G«d Tbasj" vara vmBag CIAC toi described S* CooJ Toots Hoax a CiAC MOTH 3 94-fry nleastd pDeceavbex 1994 tad described a MaaCA? [MTBS96-09aA»»fl 1995.
Mob mtonaabca a a V Good Tiroes Fafr (tea Jfinrv-mcb ubIwb edoariofwrm VaDygwibvlja .faxes TV otlcBo! "Good Tsaes* sasMje au vss pos*d sal arcsiaM »N07*ssbeieal Deceabeior I994coasaae-l a* SdlfavBg vtaaa?
Jur* is torn* iagortaat xaroeeatloo Smr o£ a fil. Called 6oodtl»*s.
CbaMbeb ?seryca*. Sod bo carets! Out tbere Tbere Is a txtu* on Imnt* Or-liae being trot by 1-tdaU 11 jov got aigtblag called 'Oood Tlees", Bcl'T read it or doeuload it. It is • rims that nil eras* jots hard dnre Fcrnrd this to all roar irSotds It moj ha Ip than a lot.
Socn tfCx9* release of CIAC MOTHS 04. AxcCe XhxA Trots" message vs arre)5»4 Tha 3 tte same message 9m B bexg cjcuSead dura* tto Beta
• Good Tines' BbML Ttas message ixtaAts a rtecn 9al «e Federal
Comsnauaaov CoosaiSJX3Ji(FCO reused a vaocg abcw 9* da eroi 5r
Good TSMj'vins.VBtVPCCdiJncHtad vfll not ever Bsoe a vaxs
varxoag ItBootCwxabodo so. Sea 9* : upended Good Times' bctx
message: Tha TCC released a earning last Vadaasda j concerning
a natter ol aajor isportsnce to anj ragnlar nsar o 1 tha Intar
hat agpareatly, a are coapnter nrns has hern engineered hy a
osaT oI Smors.cs Online that is aapartlleled In its destrrctire
capability Other, nor* eeli-iaora rinses stch as Stoned, iimll.
Aid t&cVeliagelo psla u coepsnsoa to the prospects si this
acres’, creation »j a earped eeatalltr Ret eakes this nms so
terrifying, said the TCC. Is the fact that no progran needs to
be exchanged for a nee coepster to he infected.
It can ha spread tVongh tha existing e-eall systens of the Internet Once a coepster 1* infected, one of seaeral things can happen If the oca peter contains a hard drlre. That eill nost likely he destroyed If the prolan is last stopped, the coepeter s processor eill he placed m an stVcaeplezitr infinite binary loop
- ehich can rererely danage the processor if left running that
ea, too long Vniortunately. Nost ncelce ccepcter users eill not
realise ebat is happening until it Is isr too lata RELEVANT
URLS 1 yttM.- jlyxt 535s TV fcHcvtas B 9e eb Amiga Network
News: http: www.ann.lu Botspot: http: www.botspot.com hoax
Email hoaxes: http: ciac.llnl.gov ciac CIACHoaxes.html Urban
Legends: http: urbanleaends.mininQco.com Wiretap:
gopher: wiretap.spies.com 11 Librarv Techdoc Lore the real
world, an information source has to build itself a reputation
before people are prepared to trust it. When you first started
buying Amiga Format, you probably purchased several issues
before you started to realise you could trust its reviews,
guides and opinions.
I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE... On the Internet, by contrast, sites spring up overnight and people seem prepared to trust them as if they’d been around for centuries. Several American daily newspapers have carried stories on their websites which they later found to have been totally fabricated, and they’d picked these stories up from other websites. Famously, Bob Hope was wrongly reported online to have passed away and an .American TV company carried the headline on a news bulletin.
I was online when I heard Princess Diana had been involved in the car crash from which she later died. At first I was quite convinced that someone had made it all up. Then, of course, I turned on the television and realised this was not the case at all.
The bottom line is that it’s hard to know what to trust and what not to in the online world. The Internet is a Fructology Fruit Signs and Fructitherapy White Knight | Technology I QuAliTy li ik Jet ReFUIs Tel: 01920
9. 30 - 5.30 Mon - Fri y
P. O. BOX 38, WARE, Np Brilliant Colours, Dense Black, Superb
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Litre £69.99 £1.45 If you have not refilled before, you will require a starter kit.
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GuaranteecJ OuAliTy + SaFety I PhoTo InIcs now in STOck DiRECT From tIie Factory I HP 720 890 iNks now iN st (all the quality of the originals, Epson Printers Stylus Col 2 2s 820 Sty lus Col 500 200 Stylus Col 400 600 Stylus Col 800 850 1520 Stylus Col Pro XL Stylus Photo 700 Ex Stylus Col 300 Stylus Col 440 Stylus Col 640 Stylus Col 740 Canon Printers 4000 series 600 series BJ70 (3s) BJ30 70 (3s) Large A comprehensive written guarantee is available upon application. This covers both the quality and the safety of ALL cartridges.
Compatible Cartridges Starter Kit: £2.50 Blizzard 603e 2 x 72Pin SIMM Slots.
Requires Tower cased Amiga 1200. Socket for Bvision FPC card.
Note: the (503e has no SCSI-2 inteiface and Cannot be upgraded.
Blizzard 603e+ Specifications as 603e.
Also requires Tower cased Amiga 1200.
Onboard high speed DMA SCSI-2 inteiface.
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thought you'd never need to know your hex tables SOUND ADVICE Tony Horgan shows you how to bounce tracks, and we're not talking trains here.
Ho ho ho. Very funny, Colin.
I'm sure the readers aren't taken in by the obvious photomanipulation of my stomach area. £ Anyway, it's Christmas, and at this time of year most of the magazines we produce tell you how to make seasonal things, Bjj like cross- stitched Christmas penguins or Christmas cards made out of PD clipart.
In the spirit of the season, this month we'll be showing you how to make, er, a Christmas website look colourful, how to digitally track-bounce your favourite carols, set up your graphics card for optimum yuletide performance and write a family game where everyone can join in, shooting at each other.
Merry Christmas everyone I'm off to harvest my sprouts. Ho ho hoe.
This is a sound sample.
Probably of Yesterday.
Is there something that you would like to see covered in one of the current tutorial series?
Why not send your suggestion to us at the magazine. Here are some things you might like to think about: PROGRAMMING is there a language you can't get to grips with?
Or maybe you want to know how to do a specific thing in C or Arexx? You might never find the answer unless you write in and tell us about it!
UNDER THE BONNET Unsure of how how your Amiga really works.
Not sure if you are getting the best from your hardware - write to us.
GRAPHICS Is there something you desperately want to be able to draw? Drop us a line! Contact us at: AF Creative • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • Somerset • BA1 2BW Or email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk putting "Creative" in the subject line.
LiU C FOR YOURSELF John Kennedy tries to steer clear of copyright infringement as he shows you how to write a classic.
Relive the days of monochrome vector graphics by creating your own game.
Simon Goodwin enlightens us about getting display devices working properly and efficiently.
Could configuring these cards be more complicated?
AMIGA FORMAT CHRISTMAS 1998 Have a browse through EQ@B0 i sMfiwMx's guide to putting words on the web.
ChapterT: introdjpction Chapter 2: Text styles and fonts Chapter 3: Using images Chapter 5: Tables J Chapter 6: More to come... where “setting” is LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER. Any other tags can appear within the DIV ... DIV container and you can include any other tags within this, even the whole page. The ALIGN attribute also works with the Hn heading tag, so it is really easy to centre headings.
Sometimes you don’t want the browser to reformat the text. You may be importing some text that is already laid out or you might simply want to include a large text file without having to insert all the paragraph breaks throughout. Text between PRE and PRE is displayed without any layout changes and this is extremely useful when you’re including some text from elsewhere that you don’t want or need to reformat.
Standard HTML colour names Colour RGB 00FFFF FFFF00 fuchsia maroon red FFFFFF white text, be careful that you don't overdo things and make the page unreadable... However, there are times when you want to make particular text stand out from the rest, either by physical separation or by altered appearance, and HTML provides a range of ways to alter the text display. These fall into three main categories: formatting tags, style tags and font tags.
TEXT FORMATTING Text is normally left justified. The DIV tag allows you to align text centrally on the page or flush with the right margin, which is more flexible than the non-standard CENTER tag of Netscape. The usage is: DIV ALIGN=setting some text DIV A web browser tl11 display plain text without regard to formatting, and all line breaks, spaces and tabs are rendered as single spaces. It’s up to your HTML to tell the browser about formatting.
Last month we looked at the Hn tag to present text headings in larger or bolder type, and the P and BR tags to break text up into paragraphs.
Name aqua gray navy silver black green olive teal blue lime purple yellow STYLE TAGS There are two types of style tag - logical and physical. Logical tags are the original method, and the most flexible, including tags such as EM (emphasis, usually rendered as italics) and STRONG (strong emphasis, usually shown bold). If you specifically want the text shown as bold or italic, use the B or I tags. In many cases it won’t matter which you use, but make sure you’re consistent or your pages will look strange in some browsers.
There are many other logical style tags which are used to show sample output from a program, commands you should type in or that the text is a quotation. There are others too, although it’s unlikely that many people will use more than two or three, but they all use the same principle that the tag flags the text as a particular type of text, rather than specifying exacdy how it should be displayed. This lets the page author define a block of text as a quotation, for example with the CITE tag, while letting the user set how his browser will show that text.
FONT TAGS To satisfy the demand for more control by the author over how the document is displayed, the FONT tag was introduced. This gives control over size, colour and typeface, although none of the current Amiga browsers support the typeface attribute. Both the size and colour can be specified in two ways.
Look in your browser settings and you’ll see that you can specify seven text font sizes: 1 to 7 in Aweb and Ibrowse, -2 to 4 in Voyager. The normal text size is 3 (0 in Voyager).
If you've missed any tutorials in this series, call our back issue hotline on 01458 271102.
WM ,e LINKING TO OTHER PAGES Just to confuse things, larger numbers mean smaller type in Hn tags but larger type in FONT tags This is H1 This is H2 This is H3 This is H4 This If H5 That* H« ThU b FONT 9ti» 1 ThK PONT iiiid r vn i vice c This is FONT size 3 This is FONT size 4 This is FONT size 5 This is FONT size 6 This is FONT size 7 A typical display of font and header sizes.
A web page on its own is of little use for most purposes. The web is useful because of the way pages, sites and files can all be linked to each other. The tag used to create a link is A , the anchor tag, and it the HREF attribute when linking to another page or file, like this: A HREF="nextpage.html" Next page a A HREF="games index.html" lndex page of games directory a A HREF="http: www.wirenet.co.uk" A separate site a The text between the A and A tags is highlighted in the browser and will jump to the address given in HREF when you click on it. The address used by HREF is
relative to the current page: the first example jumps to a page in the same directory, the second jumps to a page in the games sub directory of the current directory and the third jumps to a completely different site because it contains the full URL.
The SIZE and COLOR attributes can be combined for extra highlighting: This is normal text but FONT SIZE=”+3” COLOR=red you can’t miss me! FONT FONT only affects text up to the closing FONT , so what if you need to change the text of a whole page? To change the text colour, use the TEXT attribute of the BODY tag.
BODY BGCOLOR=black TEXT=white will render the page in reverse, with white text on a black background.
The BASEFONT tag takes the same attributes as FONT but affects Most web servers run on Unix filesystems and there are a couple of differences between Unix and AmigaDOS that you need to be aware of to be sure that your pages will work from the server in the same was as from your hard drive. The first is that Unix is case-sensitive - NextPage.html and nextpage.html are different files in Unix, and this has caught a lot of people out when uploading their pages. The safest approach is to keep everything in lower case.
The second difference is the way of specifying the parent directory. On the page in the second example you may want a link back to the home page. The Amiga way of doing this is index.html, but Unix uses .. to represent the parent, so the correct link is: A HREF=".. index.html Return to Home Page a It's usually a good idea to include such a link in most of your pages because it makes life much easier for people viewing your site.
You use the size attribute to specify the size absolutely with FONT SIZE=”5” or relative to the current size with FONT SIZE=”+2” .
These two will have the same result if you haven’t previously modified the font size, but using the first one a second time will still give size 5 text, whereas two instances of the second will give size 7.
FORMATTING TAGS Paragraph break Line break A block of text for alignment Marks text not to be line wrapped Displays text as given, with no formatting by the browser Uses this font size and colour Specifies font size and colour from here on p BR DIV NOBR PRE FONT BASEFONT The FONT tag is a container so it must have a closing FONT and it only affects the text between the two.
You can also use the BIG and SMALL tags to change the size of the text, but these alter it by a different amount on various browsers so it’s usually safer to use FONT .
LOGICAL TAGS H1...H6 Paragraph headings Emphasis Strong emphasis An email address A quotation BLOCKQUOTE A block of quoted text CODE Program code KBD To be typed at the keyboard SAMP Sample output VAR Variable names XMP Example PHYSICAL TAGS EM STRONG ADDRESS CITE FONT COLOURS As well as changing the size, you can also change the colour of the text with FONT COLOR=” rrggbb” some text FONT , where rrggbb is a hexadecimal colour number. Many people aren’t comfortable working with hexadecimal numbers (does anyone know- the colour value for azure without looking it up?) So
the HTML standard defines 16 standard colour names, listed on the previous page.
Larger font Smaller font Bold type Italics Underlined Strike through Subscript Superscript Shows in a monospaced font BIG SMALL B l U STRIKE SUB SUP TT Most browsers actually recognise a much larger set of colour names, but these 16 are standard. You can also specify shades of grey from grayO (black) to graylOO (white).
All text that follows it. Use this to change the default size for all text.
BODY BGCOLOR=black BASEFONT SIZE=”+1” COLOR=wLite will also render the entire page in reverse, but it also increases the size of the text because white on black is a little harder to read than black on white.
When you’re using coloured text, be careful that you don't overdo things and make the page unreadable. In particular, make sure there is enough contrast between the text and the background. The BODY tag has a BGCOLOR attribute that specifies the background colour, using the same colour numbers and names as FONT .
HTML also allows you to specify an image as a backdrop, but the reader may not have images enabled in his browser so you should still specify- a BGCOLOR wrhen using a background image. We’ll cover this next month, CHANGING LINK STYLES So far wre have only considered altering the sty le of the general text of a page, but it’s also possible to change the appearance of links. Most of the time this isn’t a good thing because people get used to a link appearing in a certain colour and changing this makes it less recognisable as a link. Howrever, if you’re changing the general text colour, you may
need to change the link colours to help them to stand out.
The attributes used are: LINK for unvisited links, VLINK for visited links and ALINK for active links (the colour the link changes to as you click on it).
Most browsers use blue to show links, so if you wrant your page to use blue for the body text you may do something like: BODY BGCOLOR=grav80 TEXT=darkblue LINK=red VLINK=blue Don’t make your link colour the same as the text colour because pages designed like this can be difficult to follow as the links aren’t obvious.
Advice If it's true what rasogjam says, apparently you can have as many sample tracks as you like once you've mastered the art of digital track bouncing.
Let’s be honest for a minute - if you make music with a tracker, you’ve never got enough tracks available, have you? Sure, in theory you can have as many as you like, but that means reducing the sound quality with each additional track. Take it too far and you’ll end up losing your music in a cloud of nasty, grainy background noise. Well don’t give up just yet - the miracle of digital track bouncing is here to save the day.
Contents Chapteri: Hard Disk Recording | Chapter 2: Digital Track Bouncing | Chapter 3: Noise Reduction Techniques Bin Chapter 4: Original Sample Manipulation Chapter 5: Best Value MIDI Equipment Chapter 6: Music Production & Mixdown ; Ml vit ' ’ ’v- ¦ V I
• • i if you've missed any tutorials in this series, call our
back issue hotline on 01458 271102.
Track bouncing is a trick used to record the contents of a number of individual tracks onto a single track or stereo pair, thus freeing up the other tracks for further use. It’s a popular method for cash-strapped musicians who want to put together demos using a four-track cassette recorder.
Now that you've squeezed all those sounds into one sample you're free to use a higher quality real-time output mode.
A typical situation would see the musician record bass guitar on track one, drums on track two and lead guitar on track three. These would then be recorded to the fourth track, leaving the first three to be re-recorded with vocals and any other remaining parts.
Got the idea? The trouble with doing that on a cassette recorder is that you end up with a lot of background noise. Do it digitally and you end up with much cleaner results.
QUICK AND EASY You might be thinking all that sounds like a lot of effort for a couple of extra tracks, and if we were going to record a five minute section of drums and then go back and do the same for each remaining part, you’d be right.
Fortunately, we can take the theory and apply it in a much more dynamic and immediate way, working on small sections at a time to keep the creative process flowing.
The key to it is something we discussed in the previous issue - using your tracker’s ability’ to record parts direct to the hard drive. OctaMED SoundStudio is my chosen tool for the job but it can be done with certain other trackers too. The quickest way to see just how useful track bouncing can be is to put your tracker into its ‘mixing’ mode (as opposed to straight four-channel replay mode), then build up a bar or two of drums using as many tracks as you feel necessary. Once you’ve done that, switch the output to record to disk and hit the play button.
You’ll end up with a sample on your hard drive that can then be reloaded into your tracker and played back on a single track. Bingo: one set of tracks bounced down to a single sample with no loss of sound quality.
Now that you’ve squeezed all those sounds into one sample you’re free to use a higher quality real-time output mode, such as straight four-channel internal 8-bit (which is always cleaner than mixed 14-bit output) or mixed output via a 16-bit sound card. If you’re ultimately going to output in real-time ia a sound card, now you won’t have to use lots of tracks and a low' mixing rate and you might even be able to turn on the ‘smoothing’ option, which is normally too power- hungry to use with more than a few' tracks.
FREQUENCY FACTORS It’s important at the time of recording parts to disk that you bear in mind which real-time output method you’re going to use. If you’re using a sound card, it’s best to mix the tracks to disk at a rate of 44701Hz - your sample will then replay at its original pitch on note F-6. Sound card users can also output stereo samples if required.
If you’re using standard, non-mixed Amiga output you should record to disk in mono at a rate of 27928Hz, which replays on note A-3 in non-mixed mode. Also remember to choose an 8- bit or 16-bit sample format accordingly.
Digital track bouncing is a good idea for lots of reasons: ¦ High quality output with no sound card.
¦ Improved quality output with a sound card.
¦ Use as many tracks as you like.
¦ Even works on the slowest Amigas.
¦ Build up your own library of original sample loops.
¦ Lets you make the most of all your audio software.
If you pick a sample rate that doesn’t correspond to a specific note, you’ll find that the tempo of your module won’t match that of the sample you’ve created.
NOW THE GOOD BIT That’s the hardest part out of the way.
Now you’re free to compile more parts for bouncing or switch your attention to the samples you’ve already created. One of the best things about this whole method of working is that it allows you to process each bounced part with its own individual effects.
For example, you could record all of the percussion except for the bass drum, then load the sample into Sound Probe and give it some extra sheen by adding some reverb and a phaser effect.
Then you can add the bass drum in your tracker on its own track, which would have the advantage of keeping the bass drum punchy and also allow you to drop it in and out of the track wherever you like, independendy of the rest of the percussion.
Weird Science have given us five copies of the hottest strategy game to hit the Amiga yet - Napalm. Best of all, we get to give them to you! If you're interested in winning one, you'd better send a postcard to: Weird Science • Napalm Draw • Q House • Troon Way Business Centre • Humberstone Lane • Leicester • LE42SE The same theory can be applied to all parts of your song. You can bounce your rhythm synth, chords and lead lines down to disk, then give them some delay and reverb or put them through Sound Probes resonant filters before reassembling it all in your tracker.
Even though it sounds like you’ll be doing a lot of chopping and changing between programs, remember to play to your Amiga’s strengths. SoundStudio has an opuon in die Project menu to free up the internal audio channels for use by other software, so using diis you can have bodi SoundStudio and a sample editor running at the same time, and vou can switch 7 between die two by simply flicking screens (using die Amiga-m keyboard shortcut).
This makes it very quick and easy to export a sample from one program and load it into the other.
If you’re using a sound card you can do the same by altering the output mode before you switch (or you could have one program set up to output through the internal sound channels and the other to use the sound card).
TAKING IT FURTHER You can go on bouncing tracks indefinitely. .Although a bit of forward planning would be involved, there’s no reason why you couldn’t assemble a section of a song made from bounced samples and then bounce all of those down to a single sample. If you’re going to do this, the main thing to remember is that your first set of bounced tracks should be saved to disk at a sample rate that corresponds to a note frequency in mixing mode, rather than normal mode.
Check your tracker’s documentation for specific frequencies used to replay notes in mixing and normal modes.
Here's a quick way to find the replay frequency of any note in SoundStudio: open the sample editor window, click and hold down the mouse over the button on the right which displays the current playback frequency, then use the keyboard to select a note - its frequency in Hz will appear in the box just below’.
Finally, there’s one other very handy use for this bouncing thing. I bet at one time or another you’ve wanted to incorporate two different songs together, but have never really been able to do it without a great deal of messing about, saving, loading and scribbling down of notes. For example, you might have written a song which had a really funky drum pattern in it, made up of lots of complex and subtle programming.
Transporting that into your latest composition would seem like an impossible task, but in fact all you need to do is bounce it out to disk and load it back into your other song.
Well that’s it from me for this issue, except to let you know that, while we’re on the subject, a mate of mine once tried to break the pogo stick bouncing world record - but had to go in for his tea after 2,387 hops. I think there’s a lesson for us all in there somewhere.
I’ll be back next issue when I’ll be going on about noise reduction. O Tony's Tips ¦ Set the output volume boost to get maximum signal-to-noise ratio without distortion.
¦ Remember that note frequencies differ in mixing and 'normal' mode.
¦ Make progressively 'fuller' versions of each part to allow for easy build-ups and drops within a single sample track.
¦ Transform a 'static' sounding synth riff by processing a number of versions of it with differing resonant filter settings (and some reverb and delay).
¦ Bounce all of those unfinished mini-compositions and drum tracks you've done to disk for later use in bigger projects.
C PROGRAMMING CHAPTER TEN l Jz for Yourself Game on! Use your new-found C programming skills to develop something really useful - some entertainment software. Da&m K®oom( % shows you how. „ Contents Chapter'S.
Chapter 6.
Chapter 7.
Chapter 8.
Chapter 9.
Simple (OS leg?
Mdre graphics graphics First a warning: writing a game is one of the hardest programming projects you can undertake. It requires the ability to access almost every aspect of your computer system’s hardware, as well as a talent for graphic design, sound recording, planning, and, of course, the ability to predict what makes for addictive game play.
Hit, moving it to another (lesser) platform might be easier than you think.
Screen displays. Your Workbench display could be open on one “screen" (complete with window) while a different program, using a totally different screen resolution, is open on another. You can freely swap between screens using the Amiga-M and Amiga- N kevboard combinations.
J The point behind opening your own screen is that you get total control Sadly, I don’t have any of these skills in the degree necessary to avoid having to work for a living, but I can help to provide you with the tools you’ll need to let you discover if you have them for vourself.
J Writing a game program in C is a brilliant way to learn the language and it also gives you some very useful and marketable experience. After all, Cis a very7 portable language and it’s very7 easy to keep all the machine-specific portions virtually hidden away. If your Amiga game is a huge hit, moving it to another (lesser) platform might be easier than you think.
As you might imagine, games programming is an immense discipline in itself. Trying to cram it all into a single tutorial would be asking a little too much. The good news is that Nick has agreed to let this C tutorial run on for a few extra months so we can squeeze a few more bits and pieces in.
We’ll also try to get all the source code onto the coverdisks at some stage, and probably onto the Internet too.
AMIGA SCREENS So far, all our example programs have created a display by opening a window on the desktop. This approach is all very7 well but it doesn’t suit even7 application and it really doesn’t suit games very7 well at all. Thankfully, the Amiga has a very, very (very7!) Flexible approach to graphic displays and, as well as defining windows, it can allow you to define entirely separate new Listing 1 Game Project include ex e c type s.h include iituitiorvSntutioah include intuitiondntuitionbase.h include intuitiorVscreens.h include clib ex ec_protos.h include
clib dos_protos.h include clibfintuition__protos.h struct Library *IntuitionBase; voidmainQ struct Screen *myscreen, How can you say this is a dull picture? It's our custom screen!
IntuitionB ase = Op enLibrary( "intuitionlibrary", 37), if (IntuitionB ase! “NULL) if (NULL!“(myscreen“OpenScreenT ag NULL, SA Wicfch,320, SalHeigit.256, SA_Depth, 2, TAGJDONE))) Delayer); C loseS ere etymyscre er£); } C loseLibr ary(( struct Libr ary riuitionB ase); over the display properties. You get to choose the resolution, the number of colours and any special graphics modes.
You can create dual playfield screens, screens which scroll and screens with thousands of colours. You can double- buffer screens to reduce flicker.
By the way, you can also draw directly to a screen without opening a window first. Alternatively, you can open a window on the screen which has no border and draw to it, as we'll be doing.
The topic of .Amiga screen displays could fill another book as, thanks to the Amiga’s copper (display co-processor) chip, it’s possible to program effects which are totally unexpected.
For our purposes we’ll stick to opening a simple, low-resolution screen and using that to display our graphics.
While a professional game would use the copper to add splitscreen effects, re-defined colours and resolutions, sprite hacks and so on, we’ll leave that for the time being. It’s more important to get a game up and running and then you can return to it to enhance the graphics.
OPEN SESAME Let’s start right away and create a program which opens a new screen. As you should be able to see, the code looks vaguely similar to the code required to open a window. After all, it’s still only data structures and built-in .Amiga operating system functions so we really shouldn't expect much else.
Again, we’ll use tag lists to open the Missed a tutorial in this series? Call our back issue hotline on 01458 271102.
Mm mmm Sii- - Chapter 10. A game! (To be continued...) Simple 3D graphics Menus screen as this greatly simplifies the coding. The great thing about using tags is that the OS will use default values if you don’t specify all the settings yourself. Please consult the Amiga documentation for a list of all the available tags.
The default Window tags will open the window up to its largest possible dimensions on the screen... Listing 1 opens a new screen, 320 pixels wide, 256 lines tall and with two bitplanes (four colours). It then pauses for a second and shuts down. This is a Custom Screen, so called because it's Screen opem try for Window if (NJL±!=(mywirxiow=Operidin WA CustomScreenn myscreeni WA BackdropT TRUEi WA Borderlessn TRLEn TAG DONE))) ¦C Window open!
ShowTitleCmyscreennFALSE)i Delay(SO)=, * CloseWindow(mywindow) Listing 2 voidmanO struct Screen *myscreen, struct Window *mywindow; IntuitionB ase = Operi.ibrar5 l,intuitionlibrary“,37); if (InfcuitionB ase! =N ULL) if (NULL! =(myscr e en=0 perS cr eenT ags(NULL, SA_Width,320, SA_Hei it 256, SAJDepth, 2, TAG_BONE))) Screen open, try for Window if (NULL! =(mywindow=Op enWindowT ags(N ULL, WA CustomS cre en, myscreen, TAG_DONE))) Window open!
Dela C); C IoseWndow(mywindow); CloseScreec(myscreer ; } CloseLibraryXstruct Library *)InbilionB ase); Borders will be a thing of the past, thanks to the Euro. Or is it the WA tag list?
Built to our specifications. We could also have created a Public Screen, which is a screen which other applications could share by using it to open their own windows - obviously a bad idea if we want to write a game.
There are various data structures created when we open the screen and we'll often need to access them when we want to draw anything or access the screen in any way. These structures are: ¦ The ViewPort structure: this is the structure which stores the overall information on the screen.
¦ The Bitmap structure: this keeps track of pointers to the individual bitmaps, which are the memory areas that are storing the graphics.
§ The ColorMap structure: this is where the colour table information is stored - when you use a pen to draw on the screen, the pen looks to the table to see what colour it should use.
E The RastPort structure: we’ll use this structure the most because it contains a handle used by all the Intuition drawing functions, as well as a pointer to the Bitmap structure. 3* Before we get into these drawing functions, let’s re-visit one of our first programs and see how to open a window on this custom screen. Again, we’ll use the tags method and we’re assuming that the same code outside the main() loop is present. The key is to use the WA_CustomScreen tag in combination with the pointer to our new screen. The default Window7 tags will open the window up to its largest possible
dimensions on the screen, ready for drawing on.
For games purposes we don’t usually want the window to have a border. We’ll also want to make the default colours a little more attractive. All these things can easily be changed by altering the tags passed to the Open functions.
Specifically, we’ll want our window to be borderless and also to be classed as a “backdrop" window. This makes it as close to invisible as possible - any drawing we do will be as close as possible to being direcdy on the screen. Here are die revised tags which achieve this: The only snag is that making a window into a backdrop window allows the screen’s own dde bar to appear. We call the ShowTide() function to prevent this, or add an SA_Show?Tide tag to the screen’s tag list.
Now7 that we have a window open on a custom screen, we can return to our 3D drawing routines. You shouldn’t have too much trouble taking the code we developed last month and plonking it right into the listing.
You might also take the time to create something a litde more exciting than a simple cube. Have a look at the screenshot below7 and I think you’ll get the idea of the kind of game we’re working towards... No prizes for guessing what our new game might be about.
MANUALS If you're looking to buy some of the official Amiga manuals, evandel@cix.compulink.co.uk has some spare, so drop him an email if you want to get your hands on these essential works.
Epic Marketing have given us ten CD copies each of Sixth Sense Investigations and Virtual Karting 2, so if you send us a postcard to the address below, your Amiga can finally become the games machine that everyone says it is! Send your postcard to: AF Epic Draw • Amiga Format • 29 Monmouth Street • Bath • BA1 2BW nvestigate this Kart!
CHAPTER TEN USER GUIDE sddldcddq csoXiXimmi] explores n compatible graphics arid sound AFCD34:-ln the Maq- Under the Bonnet Retargeting is the generic term for getting information out of old software and onto new hardware. It’s a challenge that has bedevilled Amigans since the first graphics cards were developed and broke pre-existing software.
Cti a pterl: it all §©inf atoi Chapiter i wiWiory fflappiSg1- wihal W% forifiSyB r am ~j gg iwJp ¦ ’ *||i' *” c’hapter«_ iiWamory jvianagejpjpf - dynamic mappin I Chapter 10. Retargeting - the test of system friendliness I retargetable graphics libraries; implementing a less hardware- x-n specific set of system calls... IK Chapter 11. Redirection - networks and file systems
* s . * jRHr -v „* ‘v :1T Chapter T2. Exceptions - getting
along with Gurus If you've missed any tutorials in iliis
series, call our back issue hotline on 0145S 271102 HARDWARE
COMPATIBILITY The problem is that many programmers write
directly to the Amiga hardware.
This is less common now Amiga configurations vary in power by a factor of 1,500 times from slowest to fastest, but when Amigas were much of a muchness it was easier to get consistent results by hitting the metal - programming hardware directly - than by calling a buggy, incomplete and poorly documented operating system.
The only way to support metal- bashing programs on new systems is to include all the original hardware, implementing extras in a ‘transparent’ way so old programs can safely ignore them. Compared with other manufacturers, Commodore made a good job of this, from the OCS (Original Chip Set) through ECS, with twice the pixels or colours on screen, to AGA, typically offering four times the original Amiga’s performance.
Picasso 2+ is slow but it supports the most RTG schemes.
This was a tall order as 16-bit Amigas support 32 palette registers, each allowing 4096 colours, while AGA permits 16 million colours in 256 registers. The solution splits the AGA palette in sixteen banks, mapped into the old 32-word space. Extra control bits allowed selection of any of eight groups of colours, separated into high AFCD goodies: AHI, BumpPpr, % CyberGraphX (including PPC, AGA plus PicassolV), Degrader, HiGfx, [WB]KillAGA, ModePro, NewWPA8, NoAGA, PatchWPA8, Picasso96 (1.40) and low order groups to double the number of colour bits. This bodge requires AGA programmers to switch
colour sets around on the fly, but it J 7 preserves OCS register compatibility.
Problems might still occur if hardware switches aren't configured for backwards compatibility', so Motorola and Commodore engineers included interlocks. These are controlled from the Early Start Up menu, displayed if you press both mouse buttons while your AGA Amiga resets itself. You can switch them later if necessary.
To run old games like Lotus 2 from floppy on A4000 '060s, disable CPU caches (vital for Elite) and drives other than DF0: from the Boot Options screen. For titles sold in the USA, select NTSC display and Original or Enhanced chipset for pre-AGA releases.
Boot with no startup to avoid the SetPatch data cache and MMU setup.
DEGRADING Aminet has a rich collection of programs to ‘degrade’ AGA systems for backwards compatibility'. These include KillAGA, Degrader and Embedder. KillAGA is the simplest to use. Start programs from the Shell, prefixing the command name with KillAGA to run in ECS mode with processor caches disabled.
Program terminates, your computer regains its full specification.
NoAGA has more options. It can force low resolution sprites, map CPU vectors to address 0 for 68000 (and Alien Breed) compatibility, preserve realtime clock settings and restrain crunching loaders that make dangerous assumptions about memory.
Some games depend on display timings, and glitch or run at the wrong speed on a different TV system. US displays have fewer lines and update 60 rather than 50 times a second. The default can be set by a motherboard jumper or overridden by programs like PALmode, NTSCmode or ModeSzvitch for bigger, faster, smoother-scrolling US shoot-em-ups.
Degrader has options to switch the audio filter, hide memory or drives and force PAL or NTSC screen modes, as well as ECS and cache controls. It can also patch MOW SR instructions which otherwise cause exceptions on processors after the 68010. It takes time- consuming experimentation to make best use of Degrader.
SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY Even system routines like audio.device and graphics.library are closely tied to the .Amiga hardware. Few sound cards WBKillAGA is an icon-friendlv Workbench equivalent. When the Promotor, RTGmaster, SetChipRev, SoundDT and Soupa72.
MonEd lets you roll your own AGA screenmodes.
Advanced s effing* ±i i. Cancel Use miww http: www.lysator.liu.se ~lcs ahi.html http: artas.amiga-software.com http: www.var.com cvberQfx http: Picasso96.home.paaes.de http: aene.wins.uva.nl ~tfaasen dvad roth rtamaster.html ShapeShifter is a natural candidate for Picasso96 retargeting.
Support all the sample rates offered by Paula, let alone channels linked to modulate one another. Graphics cards lack genuine Amiga features like dual playfields (scrolling overlays) and multiple sprites. Ideally, programs would be retargeted by replacing the original graphics.library with a new one, but in practice this cannot work as the hardware’s just too different.
Graphics cards favour chunky pixels
- one or more bytes per displayed dot - while Amigas have
individually scrollable bitplanes. Bvte-per-pixel modes are
standardised, with 256 colours preset from a palette (usually
18 bits rather than 12 for ECS or 24 for AGA), but consistency
goes out of the window for high-colour and true-colour modes
which allocate arbitrary bits for red, green, and blue.
This is complicated by endian conversions, so even cards with the same ex-PC chip might assign bits differently.
PRULOUI Res Pf)L:Loui Res Laced PRUSuper-Hlgfi Res PRL:super-High Res Laced PicassolU:X024X768 Hi color PicassoiU:i024K7B0 Hicolor PicassolU:i024x768 Hicolor PicaSSOlU:1024X768 Hicolor PicassoiU:i024x788 Truecolor PioassolU:ll20X832 Pioassoiu:ii20x832 Hicolor Ploassoiu:ii20x832 Hicolor PioaSSOlU:X120X832 Hicolor PloassofU:XX20x832 Hicolor PiO0SSOlU;XX20X832 Truecolor PloassolU:X600xX200 PicassoiU:X600xx200 Hicolor PioassoiU:X000xX200 Hicolor P!oassofU:X600xx200 Hicolor Picassoiu:XB0exx200 Hicolor PlOaSSO«U:320X240 PioassoiU:320x240 Hicolor Picasso U:320x240 Hicolor PioassoiU:320x240 Hicolor
PioassoiU:320x240 Hicolor Picassoiu:320x240 Truecolor PicassOfU :840X480 PioassoiU:640X480 Hicolor PicassofU:640x480 Hicolor Pioassoiu:e40x480 Hicolor PioasscMU:040x480 Hicolor PioassofU:840x480 Truecolor Picassoiu:800 x 800 PioassolU:800 x 600 Hicolor Pioassoius800 x 600 Hicolor PioassofU;800 x 600 Hicolor P«oassofU:800 x 600 Hicolor PioassoHi;800 x 000 Truecolor FILES AVE: f6 fett stereo**, AfFF FfLESAVEe b« mono, 8SVX PAULA: 14 fed mono PAIR. A. 14 bfi stereo PAULA: t4 Brf Stereo** PAULAS W mm PAULAS t«t stereo PAULAS fed stereo** PAUL A; Fast w feft mono calibrated PAULAFast 14 bit stereo
calibrated PAULA Fast J4 bit stereo** calibrated PAULAFast 8 bit mmo PAULA fast 8 fed stereo PAULA Fast 8 fed stereo** Prelude: ie bit stereo Prelude ie bit stereo rea»me Prelude 16 fed stereo** overscan: gj Extreme size 1 ok I cancel : t6 bit mono STUDIO: 16 bit Stereo STUDIO is brt stereo** STU0*O:2O fed mono STUWO 20 fed stereo STUOfOSO fed stereo** Music urrit Save Mode ID e xi5O0C€WJ04 Recording FuB duplex Au idr Thomas Wenzel CopyrigM © isae act DRIVEr Devs:AHVpremdeaodto Version preiude.audio 2.24 (07.os.97) NEW LOOKS Early cards came with custom code and sank or swam on the strength of
third- party support. Everything had to be written anew for each card: mode editors, screen grabbers, image viewers, animation players - the works.
A few cards acquired comprehensive support, notably VillageTronic’s Picasso 2, but many flopped for want of compatible applications.
Salvation came from retargetable graphics libraries, implementing a less hardware-specific set of system calls, or an .API (Application Programmer Interface) with low-level drivers for each card. The first was EGS, a brave effort but inevitably a hack, built on Workbench 2’s nascent support for RTG, the database initialised from sys:devs monitors.
MONITOR TYPES Monitor icons are readilv extensible to J new modes and display hardware, so well-written tides like Mcind2000, Fusion and FinalWriter offer a list of modes from the monitor database. Soupa72 and HighGfx allow web pages made for 800x600 pixels, or even 1024 x768, to display correctly on AGA, if you don’t mind interlace flicker. Workbench 3 was reworked for AGA, giving Commodore engineers an incentive to make it retargetable, although it wasn’t until version 3.1 for the CD32 that chunky pixels acquired Akiko hardware support. Today’s RTG favourites are CyberGraphX and Picasso96,
both of w'hich share a core API with custom embellishments.
RTG CHOICES Until recentlv, Pkasso96 favoured 7 VillageTronic products and CyberGraphX endorsed phase 5, but now Picasso96 supports 3D CvberVisions and CyberGraphX supports PicassoIV, so comparisons are practical. See AF101 for my tips on running several RTG schemes on one system.
Picasso96 lacks screen dragging but it has the best support for up to 16 colours as it supports planar displays on ex-PC graphics chips. This suits serious applicadons like Samplitude Opus and mono DTP wiiere extra colours just WEB CONTACTS AHI ARTAS CyberGraphX Picasso96 RTGmaster waste bandwidth. CyberGraphX only uses chunky pixels, even for two-colour modes. Uniquely, CyberGraphX also supports retargeting to AGA, although it’s painfully slow7, even on PPCs.
This is ‘currently not technically possible’ for Picasso96, according to author Tobias Abt, and Laszlo Torok’s plan to go ahead and do it anyway has apparently foundered.
RTGMASTER RTGmaster offers a neat approach for new software: an .API that retargets to Picasso96, CyberGraphX, ECS, EGS and AGA. It’s used by Genetic Species, AynigaDoom and Napalm and promises to allow games programmers to write for all .Amiga users, without limiting themselves to the lowest common denominator machines.
AUDIO RETARGETING As with graphics, audio retargeting is tricky because the standard Amiga hardware is verv versatile. It interacts J with the video mode so a multisync Workbench will allow7 sample rates up to 56KHz, but it upsets many programs - if you get choppy or repeated samples, switch to PAL or NTSC first.
The Freeware solution, AHI, w7orks hard to convert sample rates and generate extra channels for audio converters derived from HiFi, Mac and PC systems. Supporters include Genetic Species, Nemac TV, Pcx, ShapeShifter and MPEGa, all of which give it plenty7 of competition for processor pow7er.
AHI needs lots of CPU time and careful setting up for Amiga and Zorro hardware as it’s not automatic. For best results, match the hardware and software sample rates, or use integer ratios, and re-read my feature in AF102.
Aminet ProTracker and Sound DataTypes retarget to AHI. Tocatta emulation is also possible and AHI can generate 14-bit stereo through Paula, but sound retargeting still lags behind RTG. The answrer is ARTAS, a major AHI extension scheduled for Workbench 3.5, w7hich supports streams and filters. I’m vetting the specifications and will wTite more on this as soon as it’s finalised.
NEXT MONTH So much for graphics and sound, but what about other peripherals? Files, printers, controllers and pointing devices all benefit from retargeting, so they’re going to be the focus of Under the Bonnet next month, in the penultimate tutorial in this series. &
• • SHARE YOUR VIEWS Send your letters to: ikd uud© sgHBP
• Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street • Bath • Somerset • BA12BW or
email: amformat@futurenet.co.uk
- putting 'Mailbag' in the subject line.
As we keep stressing, the future of Amiga Format is as secure as that of any other computer magazine around.
PLEAS AND DEMANDS It’s a sad time for Amiga businesses.
The alternative magazine should have dropped disk versions and forced everyone to upgrade to CD. OK, it would have wiped away sales in the short term but we would have found out who the real enthusiasts were, instead of vanilla Amiga gameplayers, who never use their machines constructively, never pay Shareware fees, never buy anything, pirate games and expect everything for nothing.
These people don’t care about what Workbench AmigaDos OS is or what it is capable of, and you know who you are. You’re holding the rest of us back.
Amiga International are bringing new7 machines out in about two years, J ?
Which is great, but they’ve overlooked one serious issue. I hope I’m wrong but the current Amiga market hasn’t got two year’s life left, with magazine closures and the like.
With all the CUAMIGA-onXy readers having no choice but to swell your ranks (don’t judge me, I buy them both every7 month and I’m not taking sides), this should be enough encouragement to your employers that to continue until then is a viable proposition, and I demand as a matter of urgency that you publish a feature outlining the key differences why you will survive the next two years while others haven’t managed to, and what policies your employers operate under.
I really hope w7e make it through, for all the people who don’t wish to see a total market dominant eclipse of Win tel boxes. If you w7ent into a car showroom you’d be disappointed if you could only buy one sort of car, or if you were forced to eat chips every day for the rest of your life. It’s the same for all computer shops that have total ignorance of the existence or importance of any other platform.
I see the current range of Pcs are now 433MHz pushing on 500MHz, but this will not continue. You see, the Intel blockheads are now having to overcome one big barrier - that barrier being the law7 of physics.
You cannot Your ideas for Workbench 3.5 Hate-mail regarding former members of the CU Amiga team Death threats Whinges from sysops Technical questions (which should go to Workbench) Utter drivel infinitely increase speed and packing density that much further now. It generates too much heat and there’s also the question of infinitesimal size.
They are already approaching the end of the road with the Pentium architecture, which leaves A.I. to step in on the wrake of the millennium bug, w7here it is estimated that if people w7ork from now until New7 Year’s Eve 1999, 80% of the machines and equipment around the wrorld will still fail. I hope w7e’re still around to witness it.
Do people change technolog)7 or does technolog)7 change people? In the case of the Amiga I think the latter is the case. We are the people with true creativity, passion and individuality. The PC is just a tool.
No surrender, until the end or otherwise. Fondest regards to everyone with similar thoughts and feelings - you have helped to keep the dream alive.
K. C. Harrison Bridlington Your ideas for Workbench 4.0 •
Constructive criticism about the magazine and its sections.
Nice presents Your BBS contact details • Letters about the Amiga market, the mag or your experiences.
Whatever the opposite of that is ; "eJbT ute wan entry, The Program”!3 Jate the BBC’s Blue P., ¦ P questIon was they were discussing "’hiJe had an A600 runnirf e scnPf they 1 now claim my %£? Desk- beJieve that was the ertjohnston Vla email 2*9 oldAmiga Fonni as Way to you_ lat sweatshirt is on purchase this. Pm asking any readers if they can help out by donating £5 UK or 10 US$ . If you donate, you're entered into a competition to win: PROFESSIONAL FILE SYSTEM 2 (worth £28 UK USS57, with free Kang Fu game).
AGA EXPERIENCE 3 CD (worth £14 UK US$ 32).
TECHNODATABASE98 CD (worth £14 UK USS32) (worth £25 UK US$ 52).
£86 UK US$ 180 (p&p paid by AIO).
If you can donate any money, please make cheques payable to C. Brown and send them to: Chris Seward, 10 Scafell Close, Eastham, Wirral, Merseyside, L62 9EU, England. Kind RegardsiChris Seward, Editor of Amiga Information Online. Email amiqa@thefree.net _ . ¦ r .
Continued overleaf d Well, I remember when Commodore first went bust there was a lot of speculation about whether the market would be able to survive long enough for whoever picked up the pieces to produce a neiu machine. In the event, as you know, a succession of compan ies have picked up the remains from their predecessors, and all have singularly failed to do anything of any significa nce whatsoever - and yet were all still here.
Of co urse th ings are different now, and the market has obviously contracted somewhat, but this market is also particularly resilient and I ca n 7 see why it ca n’t last for another few years, especially if we have in terim developmen ts and releases, like a new version of Workbench for PPC machines.
We went on at great length last issue about why we aren 7 likely to quickly follow CU Amiga into the publishing void of “suspension”, and I trust that many of you will have read and understood what we were hying to say. The future of computing is uncertain, as much for PC users as for anyone else.
ANGEL DELIGHT Just thought I’d send you a quick e-note to inform you how helpful the Amiga community is. I needed Installer v43.3 and had failed to download it from Aminet. I couldn't find it with AmFTP and Voyager downloaded a corrupt file that I couldn't do anything with.
In desperation I emailed four Amiga Angels with a request for assistance, and within 24 hours I'd received 12 emails with a copy of Installer-43_3.1ha bolted to them.
I also received advice on browsers, ISPs and other software. I was surprised with the response I got and it’s speed.
Tony Stanney Pm glad they could help, Tony. The latest version of installer is also on our cover CD, as are many other, newer versions of files.
A WALK IN THE COUNTRY I run a BBS bulletin board system for the Amiga and I'm sick and tired of everything being PC these days. Most computers come with software connecting people to the Internet, but very little is ever mentioned about BBSes.
Compare the Internet to a BBS. The Internet is like a maze of motorways, like getting stuck on the M25. If you don’t know7 where you’re J J looking then it’s easy to get lost. A BBS is like strolling down a country lane.
Most BBSes advertise what they offer and there’s a sysop at the other end if a user gets stuck. They can go into chat mode with the sysop and the sysop can help them find what they want there and then. It’s more of a happy family environment. A BBS may be a long distance call compared to the net, but it could still work out cheaper spending 10 minutes on a long distance call than an hour on a local call trying I have a few words that your readers may be interested to hear. Firstly, I started up an Amiga- only mailing list in September 1998 and it has been a great success. There are currently
145 members on board, with many top names including: Gary Peake of Team Amiga; Tim Corringham of RamJam Consultants; Oliver Kastl of IDEfix fame; Hans Joerg, one of the authors of Adescent, the editor of Amiga Survivor, the editor of Amiga Information Online (me), which the list is in association with; plus many other people who can help or are happy to chat about anything from games, utilities, the Internet and everything on the Amiga. If you want to join, just visit http: www.onelist.com subscribe.cgi just-amiaa and fill in the required details.
The next thing I have to tell your readers is that as I run the AIO magazine. Pm trying to buy a registered web domain for the magazine to improve readership. As it is around £188 to SUPERHIGHWAY to find what you want. Would be possible to do a feature in your magazine on BBSes, especially with Christmas coming up and people getting new7 computers?
The BBS scene is dying and it should be revived, along with FIDONET.
If there’s any chance of a feature with a list of BBSes then can you please enter my details? They are: Bill’s BBS, « 01229 434393 or 0870 7878615, online 24 hours a day.
FIDONET mail network available. Free email to all FIDONET points, monthly prize competition, loads of files and online games for everyone. Validation normally within an hour or two.
Perhaps it would be easier to check out my w7eb page and follow7 the links for the BBS: http: cumbria.cjb.net. I’m trying to keep the BBS scene alive and really could do with your help.
I buy your magazine each month and have done for some time but I never see a mention of BBSes and FIDONET. We really do need to do something to keep the Amiga Scene, BBSes and FIDONET alive. Many many thanks.
Bill Clark Email bill.clark@ukonline.co.uk billsbbs@cornerpub.com or karaoke@bonbon.net "Chat, MAME, life, the universe, and everything" dr Sabrina Online ©1998 For now, I'm gonna watch sompW play emulated Dig Dug Q¥ 5-fra**!
Per 5eCOnd,ar 4 hope nothing .
Else hIts uc jO1 the Fan. V® wen, you could olu oys mate the best of »+, an ol become a three Some onna Uuhoop. I lno«Ve fo live with* thern bo + h .
4" I quite agree that the BBS scene deserves some attention. I’ve written replies to letters like yours several times, asking BBS sysops to send us their details so we can compile a list of BBS sites around the country.
Quite frankly, the response has been underwhelming, so once again I throw it back to sysops everywhere - send us your details and well publish them.
MAKING TRACKS I have an Amiga 500 and I'm making music using the Protracker program. In my Amiga handbook it says that a MIDI interface connection is available which will enable me to connect my synthesiser to the .Amiga through the RS232 port. I'm having trouble finding the cable and wondered if you have one or could advise me where I might be able to get one. Also, is it possible for me to get a copy of the Protracker program in Spanish as I sometimes struggle with the English?
Miguel Hernandez Blackwater You act ually need a MIDI interface, not just a cable, which you can get from HiSoft 0500 223660). You might think about getting some more up to date software too - Protracker is very old and there are many Shareware alternatives.
Can I add a footnote to your review of the CyberStorm MK3 (AF116, November)? Simon Goodwin moans that he doesn't like this newfangled Ultra-SCSI nonsense and is terribly upset that he can't connect his ex-RAID drive to it.
Well, there are little boards that you can plug into SCSI SCA 80-pin drives which give you 68-pin Ultra-SCSI (and SCSI-2 if you prefer), a normal power connector, ID jumpers and even access LED pins. In a desktop 4000 these have the added advantage of moving the hard disk power connection to the left hand side, out of the way of the CD drive.
My local PC dealer sells these boards for 21 quid. You can also get cables and terminators for less than half the 90 quid stated in the review. This can turn out to be a fairly economical way to set up your system, as there are quite a few medium-sized (4Gb and 9Gb) ex-RAID drives around at the moment. I've installed a 4.3Gb Quantum Atlas II for less than 200 quid. RawSpeed says it runs at about 9.2Mb sec (way off the scale) on the same settings as Simon Goodwin used.
Mr. Goodwin also marks the card down for being expensive to add RAM to.
How can this be when until last week (the second week of October) you could buy 32Mb 60ns SIMMs for 25 quid?
I would strongly urge anyone who has any vacant SIMM sockets in their Amiga to fill them up now, as SIMM prices look like they're going to rise rapidly very soon.
Duncan Gibb, Edinburgh Thanks for your comments. The prices given in the review for getting terminators and adaptors were based on our experiences of getting these items from mainstream suppliers. Of course, it is possible to get them cheaper if you shop aroundbut not everybody has the luxury of living in a city with more than one electronics shop.
Thanks for your info about the adaptor boards too. I think the point about the RAM being expensive was that 60ns RAM is generally more expensive than 80ns RAM, but you're right that RAM is pretty cheap at the moment.
THE NEXT BIG THING In the November issue of Amiga Format's MailBag section, you said to send in ideas for Workbench
3. 5. Well, honesdy, it will probably be too late in influence
3. 5 because it is expected out early next year, but maybe the
things I suggest here will influence Workbench 3.6 or 5.0. The
first suggestion I have is about the Amiga icons or .info
First, they should probably be some type of an IFF file with full palletes for every frame they display. The IFF format is technically able to save multiple types of data into one file.
Instead of simply two pictures, there should be several looping animations saved into the file, one for non-selected, one for selected, and one for when it is executed. The selected and executed animations could also include a sound set in a ToolType. I also noticed that many files downloaded from the Aminet include a number of alternative icon sets from the author or a third party. For instance, your Doom game could give a four-colour MWB, a small Neiulcon or a large Nezuicon.
You have to rename the .info file you want to use to appropriate name and then delete or store the others. This could be fixed by making it so the new icon format could hold an unlimited number of icon sets, not just one. Then by reading an environmental variable set in the startup-sequence or a prefs program, the appropriate icon would be chosen for display. That way only one .info file need be included with a program, and depending on how you set up your machine, a different icon could show up on the screen.
Some people might prefer simple, single-frame, low-colour icons, others like mid-sized animation and others like huge multi-coloured, sound-laden eye candy. Of course, a ToolType could be set to override the prefs setting when a user wants to choose a particular icon in a set. This way you could even edit an icon to make personal changes, but the original icon would still be intact.
I realise this method would probably use lots of memory and CPU power, but OS5.0 will probably only run on Amiga’s with gobs of memory and incredible amounts of horsepower compared to today’s standards.
Another suggestion for the new OS would be a standardised method of emulating CPU's. The new Amiga line will obviouslv have 680x0 emulation built into the software and the specs for the mystery chip said it had hardware based on 80x86 emulation.
This got me to thinking that the [emulation market, which is where PPC support seems to be strongest today, will probably also quickly grow on the new Amiga. We therefore need to make the new Amiga OS “emulation friendly”.
Right now, when a person writes or the idea of having h uge, all encompassing icon files, filled with all sorts of different formats (and by the way, micons - moving icons - are quite an old idea) and probably ending up larger than the applications they represent. We may inherit a future of Ghz processors and Teirabyte RAM, but what's the point if all the power is used up deciding which icon to draw? That's exactly where Microsoft have gone wrong.
If they spent a bit of time sorting out their whole OS and optimising it, instead of adding on layer after layer of junk, it might actually work at a reasonable speed.
Your idea about processor emulators being coded as libraries is a veiy good one. In fact, there isn 't any reason why you couldn 7 start now by writing a Z80 library for the 68K. Then when you'd written the 68K library for the “megachip ", you would have Z80 emulation already.
SPEAK UP As a recent convert to the Aniga after four years using the Atari Ste, I’m very keen to make sure in mv own small way J J that this platform doesn’t suffer from the same breath of complacency.
Hope that the Strength to strength.
GERMANY CALLING I recently purchased an Amiga 2000 with various should come with any drive you buy from an Amiga disks. The only problem is that I don't have an dealer, or there are various Shareware programs operations manual and I was wondering if you had around, such as AmiCDFS. Amiga Format isn't any idea where I could purchase one. I'd also like to distributed through newsagents in Germany enquire about the possibility of using my computer because of difficulty with censorship laws in that as a PC and also what I would require so that I could use Cds.
Another question I have is whether it is at all possible to receive your magazine over here in Germany as a civilian? For six years I had an Amiga 500 and was then in the army and could purchase your magazine through the army newsagents.
Since 1994 I have been a civilian working in Germany and I'm not able to enter army camps. My mother sent me your issue for October so I could find a few addresses I could write to and enquire.
Kevin Grove Gelldorf, Germany Your best bet for an A2000 manual is actually Amiga International themselves (0531 31089 0) who are based in Braunschweig. When you say you want to "use it as a PC", do you mean you want to run Windows, etc? In that case you'll need an emulator such as PC Task or Pcx, but you'll also need a much faster processor that the 68000 in the A2000.
To use a CD-ROM, all you need to do is buy a SCSI CD-ROM drive and attach it to your SCSI interface. The software to drive it ports an emulator to the Amiga, they usually end up writing emulation code for the CPU and support chips they need over again. Even' time someone wants Spectrum emulation they write the Z80 emulation over again, duplicating someone else’s efforts from the past.
What if vou wrote some J svstem similar to .librarv files J for the various chips in existence? 80486.library, a
6502. library, a Z80.libran-, Paula.library, etc?
I know there is already j a SID.library for C64 emulators to use so thev J don't have to re-write the sound emulation even- J time a new C64 emulator is made. This would make emulation programs faster to write and the libraries could be highly optimised to the Amiga CPU they were running on (680x0, PPC or MMC, MMC II), instead of the slow, generic, C-coded monsters currently used in MAME, Stella, MESS and other emulators.
It also makes upgrading emulators that have no or little support from the original author possible, because if someone writes a more optimised CPU emulation, all programs using that CPU would benefit.
On a final note, with built in 80x86 emulation in hardware and powerful graphics, the new Amiga would probably be an ideal system for a PC- Task or Pcx-like program to run high speed PC emulation. It would be crazy for Amiga Inc. not to include a simple software-based PC emulator in the OS to run MS-DOS, Windows, BeOS, Linux, etc. in a window on the Workbench. This is especially true considering that many big market PC manufacturers who may want to sell the new Amiga have contracts with Microsoft that say all new computers they sell must include Windows.
Haring a PC emulator with Window's on it w'ould fulfil this contract, and then we could see Amiga clones being sold by Dell, Compaq, etc. This w'ould make the new Amiga more marketable to sheep-like companies and consumers who won’t consider any computer that doesn't run Windows.
Once they have an Amiga in their office we can wean them from their Windows addiction with the Amiga's capabilities.
Mathew R. Ignash Warren Michigan, USA mignash@rust.net http: www.rust.net ~rnignash Thanks for your suggestions. I can assure you that this magazine is read by the key decision makers at Amiga Inc., so I'm suie they are taking note. Personally, I don 7 like On a visit to my local Asda store I noticed the November issue of Afwas on the shelf. I returned the next day to purchase one, only to find that it had been removed from the shelf and wasn’t going back on it. After a heated complaint I was supplied with a copy.
The other copies are now back on the shelf with a promise to look into the matter. I find it quite alarming that this should happen only one week after the folding of CU Amiga.
The shelf space for magazines in this store is quite large, with PC titles and other gaming platforms going well into double figures on display, so please urge your readers to complain if they get similar treatment. We have a voice and need to be heard.
Victor Herriman, Chesterton Well, in view of your sterling service, we'll overlook your shady past. As you probably know, shopkeepers up and down the land don't see AF as the excellent and informative lifeline to the A miga com munity that it has become, but merely as another product, and they treat it as such. If it goes off the shelf and nobody bothers to ask for it, it will stay off and won 7 be re-ordered.
Virtually every fieivsagent can have a copy of AF to sell. If your local newsagent doesn 7 stock it, it's because he doesn 't think he'll be able to sell it, a misapprehension that will persist un less somebody asks for it. If they claim they can 7 get hold of it, give them Future Publishing's phone number (01225 442244) and tell them to ask for the circulation department.
Rotno-oraftood«m lot mfAu. Ant on* 90tit?Mj9ttrtwu9lt*e pm).
® feroUmr 2 tiHor. Feasortab1* pti& FREE READER ADS t»wr printer 'fdworth ' £35 mv nty KMU late r«ns * $ pf f«rr4 wtfh 053.1 R©Mj*ttid ? V-L*b motion vid*o rd aod Toccatto tourvd c* 4 f x A4COO Budd* c*rd fw th« A40OO, Of *fwkr to male* a 52 9Md ID£ CD-P.OM Wfffc M FU*s*f* Pr» wmnd Twiteo WA o*tot 4pQ$ 4v»*ft *U to 4«t the upgrade « &It* fa? *917441 lot v«rythmg C»no
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handaomdy »0»«o* £JW after 730pm wadcdan »«r Buy, sell and
exchange your Amiga hardware and software in the best free ads
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FOR SALE © Theme Park £10, World Class Rugby £2, Soccer Team Manager £2, Nighthawk F-117A Stealth Fighter £5, Pirates! £5, Indiana Jones and the last Crusade £5, Red Heat £2, Football Director 2 £1, WWF Wrestlemania £5.
Plus £1 each for p&p (in UK) .If interested, email Shiels@hotmail.com 0 A4000 '040, 10Mb RAM, 120Mb hard disk, 1942 monitor, keyboard, mouse, various software. Offers.
® Greg 01480 891845.
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® A1200, 10Mb RAM, 68030 40MHZ, 340Mb HD, 4x CD- ROM, 100W powered speakers.
External floppy drive. Loads of software, including Wordworth and Worms DC. Boxed with manuals, £150. « 01738 625022 (Mon-Fri, 4pm- 8pm). Buyer must collect (Perth) or pay p&p.
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• s- 0181 6513662 (Croydon).
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1438S colour monitor, £75. W 01433 621731.
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200W PSU converted PC supply for A500 600 1200 and peripherals (CD HDD etc), £30. CD 2 (base only) spare repairs, £10. Email lrailton@vahoo.com or« 01482 343642 320461 after 6pm.
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* 01502 732248.
The editor reserves the right to refuse or amend ads.
We accept no responsibility for typographical errors or losses arising from the use of this service.
Trade ads, including PD advertising will not be accepted.
Name: ... Address: (Not for publication) .....Postcode. Telephone: ...Date: . Please tick to show required heading Q For Sale Wanted Qj Personal Q User Groups Return to: Reader Ads • Amiga Format • 30 Monmouth Street Bath • BA1 2BW Unfortunately we cannot guarantee insertion in a particular issue.
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Contact Amiga Format and ask for Nick.
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« 01257 234013 (evenings, ask for Mike).
©Wanted urgently: AmiToRTF or similar to transfer docs from Protext to MS Word 6. Will collect if local to Colchester or can pay postage.
« 01206 212864 (ask for Patrick).
© Wizz kid for Amiga 1200, must have the bonus game, Wizzeroids, at the end. ® Mary 0181 2991478.
© Old AF and CU CD-ROMs wanted, pre September '98. Write to me with details. Nik Williams, 85 Croyland Road, Peterborough, England, PE4 6HJ.
© Desperately need Vidi Amiga digitiser. « 0171 6225576.
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© Contacts wanted for swapping games and ideas. Contact Mr. G. Emery, 3 Scott Avenue, St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon, PL5 1HQ. Must be reliable. I own an A1200.
© Amiga services. We offer help, advice and other useful services. For more information, send a SAE to Amiga Services, 6 Station Street, Wakefield, West Yorks, WF1 5AF.
© Desperately seeking 'No Click' CD games to swap, sell or borrow from reliable Amiga fans. No time wasters please. « 0191 5108230 (7pm- midnight).
© Is there a programme or game you need, or need help with? Give me a call and we can help each other. Hoping to hear from you soon. ® 01752 268386 or 0958 910296 (mobile).
© Swap Foundation CD game for similar priced CD game. « 01274 616884 (Bradford, West Yorkshire).
© User group ads will be printed for three issues.
© Medway and Maidstone Amiga Collective. Monthly meeting, monthly news guide, advice at all levels, beginners welcomed. ® David 0961 809466.
• 2? South Wales? Anyone in Llanelli Carmarthen area interested
in an Amiga user group or club, or just a chat and advice? ®
Owen 01269 861438 (Llanelli area).
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1986. Non profit making. Offers: magazine, book, free PD,
digitising, scanning, helplines, technical support for
A500, A500+, A600, A1200. Free membership. *r 01788 817473,
7pm- 9pm, for details.
© Italian Amiga CD-ROM user group.
Write for news: Casella, Postale 7009, 47100, Forli 7, Italia, or email amigacdc@lvcosmail.com. © Norwich Amiga Users Group meets alternate Tuesdays at the Belvedere Community Centre, off Dereham Road, Norwich, at 7pm. All welcome. ® 01604 867663 for details.
© Calling Somerset's Amiga owners!
All the user groups are out of our realm so if you would like to contact other Amiga people around Somerset, ® Leo Hancock 01963 350397.
© Are you interested in helping other Amiga users? Are you stuck on a particular aspect of the Amiga (hardware software)? If so, join the free Amiga helpline. ® Terry 01709 814296.
2? New Northern Dales user group.
Would anyone interested in joining participating in a new group in the Catterick Rickmond area contact Ian Aisbitt. Email iana@zetnet.co.uk or ® 01677 4505646 (between 9-5, Monday to Friday).
© Are there any Amiga users in the east Manchester area - Ashton, Hyde, Stockport - who want to start a user group? Is there anyone out there?
« Paul 0161 3686433.
© New user group starting up for programmers. If you're interested in Basic, Amos, C or Java, ® Ross 01705 645311 (afternoons or evenings).
© Online? Then visit my revamped site at http: www.shepherd.home.ml.org for loads of Amiga news, downloads, charts and Star Trek and football info.
We need your input.
2? Kickstart, Surrey Amiga user group.
Meets last Monday of month in Ottershaw, Surrey. All Amiga users welcome for fun, help and general Amiga usage, tutorials and Amiga surgery. ® Rob Gilbert 01932 562354 or email gilbia@arrakis.u-net.com. ©Anyone interested in opening a club in the Plymouth and Sounding area to swap and chat in, helping each other? ® 01752 268386 or 0958 910296.
© Amiga Design Workshop, UK.
Anyone welcome. Monthly newsletter, run by readers, database, stored lists of animations, art, music, etc, which are sent to software houses websites, competitions, resource panel which offers support and equipment. ® 01892 870483 (outside office hours) or write to: 2 Morden Cottages, Chiddingstone, Causeway, Tonbridge, TN11 8JB.
Sparky, Studio and Torchlit by Victor Bell Amazingly, Victor hasn't had much experience using Imagine. He says that he pretty much gave up on it because the results using Imagine's built-in picture viewer were so poor. However, he then used a different picture viewer which showed him how nice they really were. We hope that the £50 prize can be put to good use in your quest to get an FPU - we recommend the Power Typhoon as it's cheap and fast.
Enemies of the System by Ben Wright This hand-drawn image just exudes menace, in a Valhalla-kind of way. It was drawn in DpaintIV but Ben gives us no other details.
Red Skies by James McEwen James has furnished us with another superb picture, made all the more incredible by his lowly machine. He says that he finds the tools used on other platforms are rather sterile and he looks forward to the time when he can get Photogenics NG.
H£Y JANfT YOU don't think l'v£ COT ON£ £Y£ BICC£K THAN th£ OTHER do you ?
MY COD IT* UK£ LOOKINC AT A P£NNY FAKTHINC Justin and Janet by Guy Rodgers Guy wants to use us to get back at his colleagues, so we had to think about putting this picture in the gallery (and the animation that's on the CD), but in the end we came to the conclusion that at least Guy was an Amiga user, so he deserved all our support... In the End and Butterfly by Scott Brimley Scott has given us several of his atmospheric, monochrome graveyard images that he photographed, developed, scanned and combined (using Photogenics) himself.
However, we decided to only include one in the Gallery section itself - we included his butterfly picture instead of some of the others because it's a bit more cheerful!
Send your Gallery artwork to AFCD Submissions, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2BW, or email them to afcdsubs@futurenet.co.uk. Please don't send any files over 1Mb in size. Also see the submissions advice file on the CD for further options.
KG5 by Les Ottoway SUBMISSIONS This is Les' first entry to the Gallery, and while he deprecates himself by saying that his images aren't good compared with others we receive, we like the detail in this limited- resolution picture.
7meresTV by Panagiotis Zigouris Our Greek readers constantly come up with nice images for the Gallery section - kali mera Panagiotis! This image was produced using Lightwave 4 and retouched with Photogenics. It's nice, but we think it would have been better if it had been dithered when reduced down to 256 colours.
AMIGA mmm?
Balance your accounts and make sweet music with this month's coverdisk. [Mks Tfevfe gets you started with new versions of three popular Amiga packages.
Ultra Accounts TAG, YOU'RE IT!
Now you can dive straight into creating transactions, but to do so would be to miss out on a very useful feature of Ultra Accounts, so it’s worth taking the time to set up a few more personal details. In the Edit section again, click on the Tags 8c Budgets button.
Tags are convenient references you can create for groups of transactions that involve a common theme, like motoring, leisure, etc. By using tags you can not only set up a view of all transactions of one type, you can also define a budget, either globally or defined differendy for each month. Ultra Accounts will warn you when you’re going to exceed it.
Like the Accounts, the requestor allows you to create new tags and none of these are defined by default. When you create one, you give it a name and also a three letter abbreviation that will allow you to recognise it when it’s attached to a transaction.
There’s also a scrolling button labelled “Budget for”. This allows you to define a budget for each month. You can enter a different amount for each month or you can choose All Months to Years ago, when Ultra Accounts first appeared, it had the makings of a fine home accounts package. The authors have worked hard to develop the program into the sophisticated system it is today, but it retains a simplicity of use that should have your finances in order by sundown.
When you’ve installed the package and started it, the first thing you need to do is confirm the date. As a finance package, it needs to ensure that today’s date is set correctly. By default, the program will ask you this every time you start it, but if you have a battery backed clock you can suppress this by changing the icon ToolTypes.
When you get to the main screen you’ll see that there are different sections with different buttons. Before you can go any further you need to set up at least one account as you obviously can’t have any transactions unless you have an account.
In the Edit section, choose Accounts. A new requestor will pop up which has a Create and Exit button on, with no accounts listed. Click on Create and the Account Details requestor pops up. Here you have to define the name of the account - this is the handle that you’ll use to recognise it elsewhere in the program. You can call it what you want - Dave’s Account, Saver Gold Plus, Dimland Bank, whatever.
References you can create for of transactions that a common theme... C K 1 groups involve be negative if you want to allow for overdrafts. When you’ve approved the details, exit the Account requestor.
Your new account’s name should now be displayed.
Make the budget global. The amount you enter is the total amount of transactions for that tag that you’re budgeting for each month, so £200 would be each month, not per year.
There are three more different sections that you can set up. The first is Reminders. These aren’t financial transactions, they’re simply notes that you can set to pop up. You can set a day of the month and define if the reminder is repeated each week or month and if it is shown any days in advance. Use these to remind you of important transactions you might need to make, such as “Rent due today”.
Along these lines, there are two buttons for Common Transactions and Common Transfers. You can use the first to set recurring transactions in or out of your account, such as pay (though there is a special Transaction button for setting up pay slips if you want), standing orders, etc. Common Transfers are for inter-account movement - for example, if you have a set amount going into a savings account each month or a regular payment onto a credit card.
BALANCING ACT You can now start using your accounts. If you want to use one of your common transactions or transfers, click on the appropriate button in the New Transaction section. The requestor will pop up, showing the action. You can edit these here if that particular transaction sways away from the norm you defined. If you open the requestor and it appears with what look like small empty fields, it’s because the requestor is too small to display the information.
You can use the resize handle at the bottom of the requestor to enlarge it.
Simply enter the transactions as you would expect to, using the buttons.
They’ll all be added and subtracted from the account and should any make the account go over budget or exceed the minimum or maximum amounts defined, a warning will be displayed. If an action corrects this and puts it back into credit, for example, then you’ll also be informed.
You don’t see the accounts from here. To see the account and its transactions, click on the Account button from the Show section and choose which account you want to see.
You can also view the transactions by Tag so you can see all the money spent from all accounts on one area. The Balance button gives you a quick view of the state of all accounts and there are several graphing tools that allow you to see how the money flow is going. Pie Chart is particularly useful for seeing how your money is spent.
This program is Shareware and the author asks for £10 to register it, though reduced registration fees are accepted for certain cases - see the documentation for more details.
Digi Boost Will jSBOjsis trm&m mm* JaOUlUZ* The Sample Editor allows you to load and convert samples and make changes to the instrument.
This music package allows you to edit samples and music modules in one package. When you open the package you’ll see that the top half of the screen contains all the buttons for the different features and the bottom half is the notation area. As with many music packages, the notation is divided into several channels. You can have one instrument playing at once in each channel. To get started, it’s best to load the sample module that comes with the package. Not only can you play the module to get an idea of the power of DigiBooster, it will load in the instruments so you can have a play.
There are two ways to wrrite songs.
The first is to click on the Edit button and then move down the channels inserting the instrument using the keyboard for the notes at the point wrhere you want it.
The second is to click on Record.
This allows you to play out the notes for the channel in real-time. This is a much easier way to make music for the amateur, and if your timing is slightly off you can go back to the track in Edit mode and make adjustments.
In the top half you’ll see a button with an up and down control, labelled Instr.
This shows the Instrument number currently selected. You can scroll through the instruments and press a variety of keys to play different notes with that instrument.
This is a collection of additional Amiga CLI commands that is installed and made available through the normal Shell. Once installed, you can simply use the commands in the same way as the normal ones. There's a full AmigaGuide with descriptions of ail the functions of the new commands, but some of the highlights are: DOSRequest for asking for user input in batch files (scripts), Kassign (an extended assign command), NewDir (an improvement on MakeDir) and Kscrller (for text effects in a CLI).
So is shooting a Ken-type creature in the back any way to spend your time? The answer, when you’ve played Revenge AGA, is quite simply yes.
The game is simple enough. When you start it up there are a few options them a favour and finish them off.
Once you’ve got a taste for the game it’s time to go back to the main menu and play with some of the features which it has to offer.
You can tinker with - use the cursor keys to go up and down and press Enter to choose an option. You need to do this to start playing the game proper as well.
When the game starts, control switches to the mouse. Press the left button and the crate in the middle will start a countdown in a Lemmings-esque pitch. The box explodes and a huge array of miniature victims scatter across the screen. They have only one purpose in their electronic life, and I’m sorry to say it is to get shot by you in one of a variety of amusing ways.
The aim of the game is simple.
Shoot the lot of them. There’s a clock ticking away in the right hand bottom corner and though efficiency is rated, it’s only time that matters.
As you knock off each figure, an X will mark them as dispatched in the score sheet along the bottom. If you hit a figure straight on then you’ll kill them, but if you don’t then you might just wing them. Maimed victims drag their feet as they try to gamely stagger on, so do WEAPONRY You have ten different weapons at your disposal, selected by using the F keys along the top:
- The old favourite.
- A very large machine gun, like a chain gun. Excellent for
packed areas, but it reduces your efficiency as it has a high
fire rate.
- Has a time delay before it hits, but has a blast zone and a
cool sample.
- Quick fire and effective.
- Strap on the goggles and load the rifle. Precision shots for
the armchair assassin.
- A large bomb.
- A cloud gathers and you can lightning strike those who
displease you.
- Now this you have got to try. Zap a victim and transform it. It
will infect anyone it comes into contact with and though
they're immune to other weapons, they will in time infect more
and victims, who will either die or recover. It's good to have
a few walking around infecting others.
- Flame war.
- Saving the best until last... Left click for the start of your
strike and right click for the end position. The air support
team will bomb between the two points. Place them close
together for a concentrated shot or spread them out for more
coverage, but you risk missing any targets who don't stand
around waiting for you to bomb them.
- Quit game (ends the game if you've shot everything and you've
finished playing with their heads).
Maximum Mayhem is the default game and it just involves you shooting everyone indiscriminately.
SHOT TO HELL On the main screen you can change the options by using the cursor keys and Return. The first option is the victim speed, with a range of 1 to 5. This defines how quickly the victims move around the screen.
The next option is Game Mode.
Maximum Mayhem is the default game and it just involves you shooting everyone indiscriminately. Sequential Slaughter requires you to shoot the For that personal touch, you can shoot your victims one by one... blighters in order. The next victim you need to hit will be lit up with a light bulb above their head.
The Chat Time, next down the list, defines the number of seconds that victims will spend chatting to each other when they meet on screen. The result of the meeting will either end in friendship, where the two will go off together for a walk, or hatred when they will storm off in opposite directions.
The extended chat time can help you with weapons that take time to deploy.
The Ground Type simply chooses the backdrop, but the Edit Victims takes you to another screen where you can choose the characters to appear on the screen. By default, there are eight times six victims. You can scroll down the list and add more victims of any type shown, up to a maximum of sixty, but only eight victim types are available in one game.
To add a victim, scroll down to the victim type and then press the right cursor key. If you want to use a different victim from one of the eight types preselected, choose the type you want to swap out and press the Return key.
You’ll swap to the bottom menu where you can choose a new victim type to be substituted for the type that your arrow key had selected. There are several pages of victims and you can move through those using the left and right keys. When you’re done, select Done.
FAYOH 2 DEMO THE GENERATION GAME Included with the game is a default template of victims. This is a standard IFF image file and you can load it into a paint package and create your own victim heads. Note the dimensions. All you need are four direction shots (left, right, above and below).
You can then load the victim generator program, which is also included, and create new victims. This allows you to choose the colour of their clothes and the sound sample to accompany their doom. You can then save them out and add them into a game by using the Edit Victims mode.
As we hope you’ve guessed, the cartoon capers of Revenge are intended to be comic and the game is purely for laughs. There’s no great gameplay, just mayhem, so have fun with it.
BACKING UP YOUR COVERDISK Copying your Coverdisk is really very simple. Just follow the stages below... Iboot up with your Workbench disk and find the Shell icon, in your system drawer.
Double-click on this to go into the Shell.
MM M ixFonts NoFastHen Int7uYf™t ?I Workbench a ? 1 ftngaShell_ lew Shell process 4
4. UB3.e: diskcopy fron df8: to df8: Type in the following line
(with a zero, not the letter 0), taking care to put the spaces
in the correct places: 2 3 When asked for the Source disk,
insert your write-protected Coverdisk and press Return. All of
the info on this disk will then be copied from the disk into
3| Horxoencn disk) in device DF8 CTRL-C to abort: A green blob. Nope, not my cold, but the unlikely hero of this engaging game demo. Grab the joystick and help control the little fellow around one of the confusing worlds that are included. As you'd expect, the directional controls are simple and up makes you jump.
When you start the game you'll be in a hallway with a set of locked doors. There are some without a padlock on them and you can walk to these and pull down to enter that section. When you go through a door you'll be in a new area that needs completing. As you go along you'll come across some bricks above you. You can headbutt these by jumping up and they may reveal some goodies.
There are yellow bricks with smiley faces that conceal collectable items, including the faces that you need to collect. Other bricks may also have things hidden in them. There's only one way to find out. If you've jumped on top of a block, jump up and pull down and FaYoh will stomp on the brick and crack it.
The collectables give you power ups and extra lives and the stars are the keys to the end of a level, so you basically need to find everything in a level and pick it up. Things you might find yourself able to power up to include underwater breathing and a flying suit.
You have no weapons of any kind, so true to platform laws you jump on any enemies' heads to teach them not to mess with you. If you mis-time a jump when aiming to crush a baddie, you'll lose a life and start back at the beginning of the sub-level.
There are more details of the game and its features in the documentation, as well as details on buying the full version.
5 On an unexpanded machine, the Amiga may ask for the source disk again, because it copies in chunks.
Finally, type enddi to close down the Shell.
We take every care to test the Coverdisk software, but Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring during its use. If your disk is faulty, send it back, with 2x26p stamps and an SAE to: Amiga Format (insert name of disk) TIB PLC • TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford *BD4 7BH If there is a manufacturing error then the stamps will be returned with a replacement disk.
:[ AnigaSheil eu Shell process 4 ,RB3.8: diskcopy fron df8: to df8: nsert disk to copy fron (SOURCE ress RETURN to begin copying or eading cylinder 79, 8 to go
• t disk to copy to (DESTINATION disk) in device DF fress RETURN
to continue or CTRL-C to erifying cylinder 79, 8 to go 4 Once
your Amiga has read the info, it will ask for the Destination
Insert it and press Return. All information on this disk will be destroyed.
? I ftnigaSheU _ lev Shell process 4
4. WB3.8: diskcopy fron df8: to df8: Insert disk to copy fron
(SOURCE disk) in device DF8 ’ress RETURN to begin copying or
CTRL-C to abort: Reading cylinder 79, 8 to go Insert disk to
copy to (DESTINATION disk) in device DFO
* ress RETURN to continue or CTRL-C to abort: .UB3.8: endcIi
abort: Hidey ho! Mr. Hanky walks and talks and leads you
through the wonder that is our Christmas edition of the AFCD.
Since this is such a special time and we’re all here, lovin’ and sharin’ and havin’ a fine time... Crrk! Bzzt! Sorry, couldn’t allow him to continue. Ben here again, ready to share with you the details of what’s happening in AFCD34, but not willing to do any of that Christmas-type stuff.
In truth, not much on this CD. However, we're now even harsher with those who supply websites to us and each website will only appear once on our CD - if people want it to appear on consecutive Cds they'll need to send the website again.
This means that the only stuff that gets repeated on our CD from issue to issue is the System drawer, which is less than eight per cent of First up, we’re very happy with the CD now, and it seems you are too, judging by the responses you’ve given to the AFCD_Survey that’s on the disc.
If you haven’t yet sent us one, why not give it a go - you’ll find it in the +System+ Info drawer. Edit it, print it out and send it to us, or send it via email - we’d love to hear from you.
.Although this version seems a little sparse, purchasers of this current version of AmigaWriter will be offered version 2 at little or no cost. This ensures a ready and willing market for what is essentially another word processor in a market that is obviously happy with Wordzuorth and Final Writer.
AmigaWriter isn’t feature- rich right now, but it is easy to use and seems reasonably fast.
It has some lovely touches too, our favourite of which is the tool to enable you to get the right dot pitch setup for your monitor and the screenmode you’re running AmigaWriter in. It simply asks you to size a window to the same shape and size as a normal 3.5” floppy disk.
This is an easily understandable standard that anyone can deal with, rather than having to measure your Secondly, we have no Christmas 7 stuff on our CD so you can be content that we don’t expect you to spread the season’s cheer and goodwill just because you’ve got our CD. What was that? You’re kidding... Okay, it appears that we have a large selection of Christmassy-type fonts from EMComputergraphic on the disc, along with a special offer of some description.
Johnson! I thought I told you that this CD was to be a Christmas-free zone!
Bah, humbug... AMIGAWRITER
- SeriQusly_Amiga- -Camraercial- ftmigaWriter-Demo The first
new' word processing package for the Amiga has finally arrived.
The demo on our CD has to be installed to your hard disk for
you to be able to use it, but since it uses the standard
Installer program, this is easier than Pi.
If you can't see the icon for AFCD34, don't be worried, it's there, probably just down at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Simply clean up your Workbench or turn on the BackDrop function in the Workbench menu to see it.
The CD's contents. Everything else is new stuff.
We've also tried to resolve the problem with the demo browsers giving "Disk is write protected" messages by forcing the caches to RAM: but the best solution will always be to move the browser to your hard disk and make sure that you've set up AFCDPrefs to use that one, rather than the one which is on the CD.
Screen from corner to corner and work out how dense your dot pitch is because you’re running a 1024x768 screenmode, and so on.
If you get an error message while starting it up saying that you need a newer version of Setpatch, you should be able to take the one from the C: drawer of this CD.
- Seriously_Amiga- Comms 0llier YAM2P The latest version of this
superb email program came out just as we were finishing the CD,
but we just had to have it on here for two reasons. One is that
it’s simply a cracking program, the other is that people have
been gagging for a new release since preview 5 came out what
seems like ages ago now (it was the end of July, fact fans).
The new version fully implements YAMs .ARexx port and seems slightly faster in operation - the fact that you no longer need to pre-load all the folders to be able to see how many messages are contained within is a great boon.
However, notwithstanding all the improvements made to it, I have to say that I’ve gone back to preview 5 for one main reason, and that’s because in preview 6 Marcel has taken out all the single-letter shortcuts from the toolbar.
This means that instead of hitting ‘w’ to write a new message, I now have to hit ‘RAmiga-n’ instead. It might not seem like much, but it makes a difference when you have to read and write as many emails as I do in a day.
Still, see what you think. It mav be J that you rarely use the keyboard while controlling YAM, so the lack of toolbar Workbenches. I think that to make it more interesting you'd have to include a text file explaining what commodities and the like you use to get your WB looking like that (including where to get these _____ ......y I'm going to break the rules this time and head straight for the winner of this issue's reader prize. For his great-looking index to issues of Amiga Format, Timm Rutland wins the £50 prize. He's created a CanDO program, which he says is his first, that shows various
issues of AF, with plenty of details about what's in the issue.
He covers issues 68 to 115 (with a few omissions) and it could develop into a very useful resource. As it is, this project has more scope than the ones he sent us a while back which used MME, and Timm plans to keep updating it. Keep up the good work Timm, and I'm sure we'll be having more cover images on the CD before long.
Programs from). §1 February 1395 What do you think? ! '-t r -• am.
Start sending them in to f issue 63 "WB-snapshots" at the I ; ” : '"'X- usual address since they're going to be a bit different from normal CD h [Jj submissions. Online bods can send them the usual way. Matt Briggs has sent fj *--rTrrr p d 7” -7s- ' | AF63 |f
- ' February 1995 4 n ft f 705* rJZ £3 35 g M Orr Sate '?"¦ .5'
I ||
* ' - • »7 r si* Kr- SSSIfcl Our winner for this CD is Timm
Rutland for his CanDO issue browser. If you think it takes a
while to update each issue, you should try writing one... us a
couple of ' f (slightly i | AF68 derivative, to February 1995
SIIII5 be polite) “ Pgcec - 17 ..7 games and a p v. pD £3 S5
text adventure L Or; Sale _er creator, while for those with the
best on the market LfvTJ ' Jfc ' AND its TV Our winner for this
iss tuner-I'm think it takes a whi ||£l|| talking about project
to make an easy-to-use Business Card design package. It's
definitely getting there Bernard, especially with the drawing
tools, but running it on a HighRes screenmode means that lines
look much fatter horizontally than they do vertically. Perhaps
it would be a better idea to put it on a HighRes Laced screen
the PicassolV and the Paloma here - Pete Sullivan has written a new remote control program for it. It looks nice, but let's have one that's Would you be interested in seeing more people's Workbench screens? Read the text and follow the instructions... inch shaped like a real TV remote.
Finally, good old Bernard Cain graces this CD with the latest in his OFF P-I-P Half Screen If you have Paloma TV for PicassolV, this remote control from Pete Sullivan might appeal to you.
Our reader award-winning game from Simon Hitchen seems to have really stirred people's imaginations because young Samuel Brookes is not the first person to send us victims for it, but he's also sent us a couple of games he's written as well. Panagiotis Zigouris has sent us a couple of grabs of his Workbench and some Sensible Soccer icons. I'm wondering if we should have a special drawer in Reader Stuff where we can have grabs of people's ? J PalomaTV Confrol*Copyrighf@1998.Pete Sullivan IrSlUlLUxlA? AUULTUL£lrLlUrL‘ Options!
Channe( 2 3 4 5 Hotel -H DoubleSize MldeScreen | Can | G™birF i vcB ib Renote Edit Ch.
Optontze2 Optontzel shortcuts won’t affect the way in which you work. If that’s the case, YAM preview 6 is a doozy.
- Seriously_flmiga- -Commercial- WF_7- Demo In the early days,
this program had a typically German interface. I don’t mean
that in a nasty way, but all the power was on the surface which
meant that it was very difficult and time-consuming to get to
grips with. WildFire i;7 will be officially released at the
Cologne show, which is still two weeks into the future as I
write this, and it’s guaranteed to be a top seller.
WildFire's new MUI- based interface is much nicer to use than the old-style one from earlier versions.
Yat 'bnm (Mr '*¦ ;“*** ;&i - i-iw*»«*«» iia 1 L-i » «• | IV s Ho 1 Pw 1(6 1 i i | Cma j j i .1 ________ ____ I .1 ix«r f tv -1 I® | a i fm r~ * i LJ
- JO* The interface has been completely redesigned and instead of
the old, complex look, it now has a clean, friendly interface
that is due in part to its use of MUI. It's also less daunting
to use, with clear buttons (and bubble help, should you need
it) and previews of functions to give you some idea of how your
effect is going to turn out. It’s also fully PPC native to
really take advantage of phase 5’s hardware.
In case you’re unaware of what WildFire is for, I can tell you that, like many other PPC programs, it’s a graphics manipulation package designed to give you the kind of animated effects that you see for video manipulation on the telly.
There are other pieces of software that do this kind of thing - ImageFX springs to mind instantly - but they aren't PPC native and while ImageFX can do these things, WildFire is designed solely for this purpose. As a result, it can do them more effectivelv.
- ScreenPlav OtherStulf QuakeStuff I know, I know, a lot of you
are sick of it now, but we’ve added the scripts that you'll
need to run the add-ons.
Just copy over the drawers you want (but make sure you have plenty of room on your hard drive first) and then pull the little Quake guy icon out of the drawer and into your main Quake directory. You should then be able to run these add-ons by simply double clicking on the little Quake guy icon.
- Seriously J*miga- WB flrchEologicons -
Seriously_Amiga- WB Artfiropodicons It’s not often we put stuff
on our CD that’s been lying around the Aminet for a while, but
I saw these icons and just Continued overleaf 4 Savage
Installer can make Installer scripts look nice, but it's still
a beta.
3 too* Hs*.
- Seriously _Amiga' tmulati0fi mflMf The new version of the
Amiga's biggest emulator package is on this issue's CD. With it
you'll be able to have a nostalgic glow as you play all those
games you used to play while you should have been revising for
your O-levels.
Of course, to really get to play all these old arcade games you need to be in the lawless Internet where the copyrighted games are available for download from a variety of sites. Just don't expect them to appear on an Amiga Format CD any time soon... X-ABC FREED j -Seriousfy_Araiga- ilrchivers X-ftrcl2 Previously, if you wanted to use X-Arc, a WinZip-Wke program, you had to get NetConnect2, but now Vaporware have released it as a separate program that you can use on its own. X-Arc deals with most archive formats in a clear and obvious fashion, so dealing with cryptic command line arguments in
order to display the contents of some LhA file or other is now a thing of the past.
had to have them. Although it’s hard to think what use you might put them to, they are some of the nicest hand-drawn Newlcons we’ve ever seen, and if you can use them, I really think you should.
- SerioiiSiv_Amiga- WB Savage!nstaller Commodore’s Installer
program broke a lot of the rules they lay down in their ARCADE
- Seriously_Amiga- Graphics Raystorm RayStorm is one of the
Amiga’s overlooked wonders. It’s a fully functional 3D
modelling and rendering package that has some features that are
superbly advanced, including, in the version we have on the CD
this time, OpenGL support, proper 24-bit support for the
working interface and a full PPC native version. Compare that
to Lightwave, which still hangs on with its shabby AGA
interface that’s looking increasingly old-fashioned.
In addition to this, the authors, Andreas Heumann and Mike Hesser, have managed to get a boost of 10-15% in rendering speed.
The demo version that we have on our CD only has one limitation - you can’t save images.
User Interface Stvle Guide. It wasn’t font-sensitive, it didn’t handle localisation well, and so on. It seems funny that although there have been a lot of MUI replacements for other programs, no-one saw fit to try to replace Installer. Until now that is.
Savage Installer by Jens Troger uses MUI to give you a good-looking interface for what is one of the ugliest programs in Workbench. It’s only an early beta version at the moment though, so be aware that it could have some problems. Having said that, when we put later versions on our CD you can guarantee that Savage Installer will become very popular indeed.
• JMrs.'jytee f msttete* C Prs&ettGKsf* i r Prefer r LcgFte f
ftee ‘Sain (&J$ OJ&A j I I I f71 £ov» tS&ete trm Oraovs PI ][ K
start Stj This AFCD has been thoroughly scanned and tested at
all stages of production. We recommend that you always run a
virus checker on ANY software before running it. Future
Publishing Limited cannot accept any responsibility for
disruption, damage and or loss to your data or your computer
system which may occur while using this disc, the programs or
the data on it. Ensure that you have up-to-date backups of data
contained on your hard drives before running any new software.
If you do not accept these conditions, do not use this disc.
If your AFCD is defective, please return it to the address below. Please make sure that you have followed our installation procedures correctly to ensure that there is no physical problem. Please send us the AFCD along with a description of the fault (not forgetting your name and address). A new working version should be returned to you within 28 days. The return address for faulty discs is: CD Systems • VDC House • House Way
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A1200 A400Q ( - no of disks 3 X-Fighter AGA Street Fighter (3) J Zero Gravity 30 AGA (1) 3 Leading Lap Racing AGA (1) ? Alien Formula 1 Racing AGA (1) ? Deluxe Pacman AGA Full Version!
? Rocketz 2.28 AGA 3 Ampu Worms Clone (2) a Ariel Racers Skidmarks (2) 3 Slipstream 3D Game Demo 3 HD Click 3 a SwazBlanker 2.7 AGA J RD’s Datatypes 3 Iconian 2.98s AGA 90% a Deluxe Galaga AGA - Full version (2) a Diamond Caves Latest (2) 3 Cybertech AGA (2) J Klondike AGA Floppy (3) a Klondike AGA latest (4) (hd) a Samurai Showdown AGA WB2+ UTILS h = no of disks J Diskmaster & Guide 2.2b (1) J IDEFIX 97 latest a Image Studio 12 (2) (hd) 90% a Reorg3.11 & Disksalv 2 a Virus Checker 2 vl.3 or latest ? Filequest Dopus Clone a Powderdate Pro HD doubler a Executive 2.1 (2) (hd) 95% JMCP Latest (2)
93% J Tools daemon 2.1a MLS UtiL5 o - no of disks j Tool Manager 3 Kit (2) J MUI 3.8 and DevKit (2) ? MUI on floppy-hd not reqd (3) a RO Filemanager 1.29 84% j Start Menu 2 a RD's MUI Utils 34 a MUI Video Titler 2.1 a MUI Rexx 3.0A 94% J Fiasco 2.1 Database (2) 95% W52_+GAME5 ( . No of disks a Deluxe Pacman ECS Full Version J Poing v6.02 (1) J MegaTyphoon 91% a Statix 89% a Psyche ua I 98% ? Torque 87% J Deluxe Galaga ECS - Full version!
UTILS ETC - ANY IMRh.no of disks ? TextEngine 5 Word Pro ? Snoopdos 3 ? Wordworth Fonts (5) J Panasonic Print Driver ? Star Printer Drivers ? Pro Printer Drivers ART. MUSIC ANY IM&o.noofdsks J Bars & Pipes Pro(1) ? Junior Picasso ? Disney Colour Clipart (2) a Spectrapaint 3.1 J RD's Sound Samples (3) ? RD's Instruments (2) J Star Trek Rave Demo ? Octamed 5 (WB2+) ? Octamed 5 Tutor (4) GAMES - ANY IMBmsnq of disks a Star Trek 6 Games Pack - £5!
A Lemmings Arcade Game (1) a Sovereign Slots Fruit Machine (1) J Astro Kid ? Super Foul Egg (Puyo) ? M&S Tetris Compilation a Megabail v4 (3) ? M&S Puzzlers Comp J Breed 96 SimCity 1.3 a Real Chinese Majong ? Super Skiddy 3 85% ? Wheel Chair Gladiators ? Wally World (2) ? Coarse Fishing (2) 100% ? Antwars 1.9 ? Cosmic Racer ? Chaneques (2) J M.A.S.H. ? Kung Fu Charlies a Solo Assault EDUCATIONAL - ANY I MS (who of disks a Kids Educational Games Pack - £5 ? Star Trek Guide (WB2+, hard drive) ? Barney Goes Camping (2) a New WB3 Beginner Guide ? Beginners Amigados (WB2+) J Beginners AREXX (WB2+)
ICONS & BACKGROUNDS n = no of obks ? Magic WB 2.1 p (2) (WB2+) ? Magic WB for WB1.3 ? Newicons 4.1 (2) (WB2+) 90% 3 AES & BEBOX Newicons ? Newicons Backdrops ? Magic WB Extras 12 (2) ? Magic WB Backgrounds (2) ? Star Trek Workbench Set - £4!
3 Iconographies v3 (3) ? Iconographies More Icons To advertise call Marie Brewer on 01225 442244 Email: marie.brewer@futurenet.co.uk 100% UK Local Call Coverage Unlimited Full Access, Unlimited E-mail addresses, High Speed Modem Connections 8:1 User Ratio Free 10MB Web Site Web FTP Design & Storage Domain Name Registration Virtual Servers ISDN Leased Lines m Free, easy to install Win 3.1 95 98 (32-bit dialler) NT4, Mac, Linux & Amiga Software Full Internet access from £7.50p.m. Support: Every day 09.00-23.00hrs Email: sales@abel.net.uk Tel: 0131 445 5555 Fax; 0131 447 7131 Web;
• Hard-Drives
• Accelerators
• CD-32
• Floppy Drives
• Trackballs ? 2282 ? 1520 ? 1172 ? 1173 ? 1174 ? 065 ? 243 ?
1658 ? 749 ? 394 ? 1842 ? 100 ? 048 ? 057 AMIGA BUSINESS ? 092
1464 DIARY 2000 ? 2030 H MANAGER 2DSK ? 470 LITTLE OFFICE ?
20SK VIRUS CONTROL ? 2097 VIRUS ZV1.39 ? 506 A1200 VIRUS ? 160
PlANETS 6 DISK ? 2154 WB3 EXPLAINED 01328 862693 HfuFrJl
FC!£4T W Producers of The Final Frontier & Holodeck!
Web: www.infinitefrontiers.mcmail.com email: infinite.frontiers@mcmail.com DISKS COST £1.50 EACH, NO MINIMUM ORDER, ALL VIRUS-FREE AND USER-FRIENDLY. Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to David McKinlay. PICK AN EXTRA DISK FOR FREE WITH EVERY EIGHT DISKS YOU PURCHASE UNDERGROUND PD. 54 CARMANIA CLOSE. SH0EBURYNESS, ESSEX SS3 9YZ. TEL: 01702 295887 Name..... Address.
I J Free design and typesetting service available Postcode . Amiga Model.
Issue 3 of this new fanzine for AMIGA users is out now with another 60 pages of reviews, features, news, interviews (including musician Bjom Lynne), tips, PD coverage, tutorials, a cover disk and more!
All this for only £2.30 inc. P&P (UK BFPO) and £2.50 inc. P&P (rest of world).
Copies of first two issues with cover disks, are still available at the same price.
Issue 4 available during December ‘98 Send cheques POs IMOs made payable to INFINITE FRONTIERS to Infinite Frontiers (Dept. AF).
CD or Floppy.
£4.99 +£1 POSTAGE CLASSIC AMIGA H Deansgate, RADCLIFFE, Manchester Phone for a FREE Catalogue Disk 0161-723-1638
• Full range of PD Games, utils, demos, etc
• CD-Rom Drives
• CD-Roms
• Monitors
• Mice
• Accessories ntemet bel SECOND HAND AMIGA CENTRE TEL: 01983
290003 0410 067 525 A1200's FROM £99.99, MONITORS FROM £89.00
A. I. Brown We handle all FI Software & 5D Licenceware PD
Software from 65” per disk The following CD-ROMS are £4Jt
eacfc INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY A1200 CD-32. .. Brilliant!
GOUKN GAMES A1200 A600 Over 500MB of PD, Shareware Games.
DEMOS AKE FOOTER A1200 A600 Over 500MB of Demos AGA ECS, etc. OC1AMED SOUND STUDIO CD A1200 A600 PINBALL FANTASIES SLEEEPWA1KEI (Double title) A1200 CD-32 The following CD-ROMS are £3J» each SCENE STORM A1200 A600 RREFORCE OmtOM A1200 CD-32 GUARDIAN A1200 CD-32 (CD-32 J0YPAD RECOMMENDED) ALSO AVAILABLE MYST £ZZM RRP £29.99 (8MB Fast Ram & HD Req) UR0M2OZMRRP £29.99 ONESCAPEE £2139 RRP £29.99 FOUNDATION £2199 RRP £29.99 Tel Fax 01709 888127
• Over 150 exclusive titles from £3.99
• 1000's of PD titles in stock from 50p
• Free catalogue disk (Quote AF 14) “ •FlCDVoll
• »- only £9.99 GAMES * UTILITIES • EDUCATION website
http: www.ware5d.demon.co.uk MoiWDOT [p© Dept (AF) 43 Motum
Rd, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 8EH.T«I: 01603 504655 E-Mail
norwichpd@albatross.co.uk 1 Lower Mill Close, Goldthorpe,
Rotherham, S63 9BY Amiga Scart Leads SUITABLE FOR ALL AMIGAS
Ring Now for HUEI PD & CDROM Catalogue.
• 1 or 2 free disks with every ten
• Highest quality DD disks
• Same day service
• 18,000 titles Inc. Aminet
• For branded disks add 7 Op 1-9=50p 10-39=45p 40+=40p 70 FREE
DISKS VOUCHER with 3 disk catalogue (free with any order, or
send 3 x 1st class stamps) 12 Ranworth Road, Bramley, Rotherham
S66 2SN A1200 Systems Power Tower Systems PC Systems Built to
your specification Zip Drives & CD ROMs
3. 5" Hard Drives & Monitors Tower Cases & Printers Website
Design & Hosting Domain Registration & Hosting Bureau & Design
Services File Conversion Build a system ONLINE.....
Analyses Midweek, Weekend or all Lottery Draws. Gives a
variety of info on numbers & combinations.
Price £8.00 incl P&P.
Cheque or PO.
Databases for radio users, plane & train spotters & golf players Send SAE for product info sheet 7The Priory, 137 Priory Road, Hungerford, Berks. RG17 0AP.
Spriory software FUTURE PD 01709 530569 Increase your chances of winning the Lottery... 40p ? I Advertisement Chroma TETRIS - COLUMNS ? 1954 A1200 PLUBZ ? 2000 A12W0RMTRIS ? 293 DR. MARIO COLMS- ? 1627 PILL-MANIA ? 107 TWIN-TRIS TETRIS ? 1602 SUPER FOUL EGG PAC-MAN GAMES ? 1648 A12 BOBS LEMON ? 1138 A12 CYBER MAN ? 1931 A12 PLAY PAC ? 1955 JACK-MAN ? 1096 PUCMAN ? 230 SUPER PAC-MAN BREAK-OUT & PONG ? 2277 A12P0INGV6 ? 2129 A12 PIV P0LATA ? 1704 BORIS BALL ? 2021 BRIK-FIGHTER ? 1459 CYBERSPHERE ? 003 MEGABALL V1 ? 459 MEGABALL V2 ? 559 MEGABALL V3 BOULDERDASH GAMES ? 2257 LADYBIRD MINES ? 2252
716 POP MUSIC QUIZ ? 462 WHEEL OF FORTUNE LOGIC GAMES ? 2266 IMPERIAL MAJ0NG ? 1687 TILE MANIA ? 1037 MARBLES ? 1477 BOMB MANIACS ? 119 DRAGON'S TITLES ? 112 DRAGON'S CAVE ? 1476 MARBEL-L0US computer everY issue w'th dual-format CD-ROM 77v nagazine for computer creativity Britain’s biggest-selling creative magazine ? Mac & PC Everything you need to make this image ••• es & tutorial
- 3D morphing, animation & Website authoring tutorials
SortlrneigelSD 3.3, ustfWbr 3 . . ,L CjZT ¦ " 11
- - power flyer 9 8 % external internal this is probably the
most significant hardware release of the powerflyer iite
PowerFlyer is a 16-bit version of the PowerFlyer and is fully
upgradable to 32-bit_£45.95 32-bit upgrade - (unlike
competitors)_£10 improved IDEfix 97 Pre-registered already
epson products miscellaneous Economy bundle 2* as above plus
Power Port Junior fast serial interface £99.95 scan doubler and
flicker fixer ScanMagic Internal_£49.95 ScanMagic Internal with
Flicker Fixer_£79.95 ScanMagic External_£55.95 ScanMagic
External with Flicker Fixer_£95.95 monitors - with 3yr on-site
warranty 14"SVGA monitor for graphic cards or ScanMagic_£95.95
15"SVGA monitor for graphic cards or ScanMagic_£125.95 17"SVGA
monitor (.26 pitch) for graphic cards or ScanMagic_£245.95
picasso iv Picasso Hi-res graphic card_£249.95 Epson
440_£139.95 Epson 640_£179.95 Epson 740_£239.95 Epson Stylus
Photo 700 _£215.95 TurboPrint LE (if bought with printer)
£19.95 TurboPrint 6_£39.95 flatbed scanners Epson GT5500 SCSI
(requires SCSI interface)_£199.95 Image FX scanner driver
software_£149.95 Mustek Scanner_fPOA a1200 motherboard
improvements PowerFlyer, 4-way enhanced IDE ATAPI controller,
Supports the latest PIO-3 and PIO-4 faster modes, Autoboot from
Zip and LS-120_£55.95 New 4 way buffered interface with IDEfix
97, fully registered software, Supports all IDE and ATAPI
removable devices, Autoboot from Zip and LS-120_£29.95 3-way
IDE cable and 44-pin 10cm cable for above_£9.95 Catweasel Mk2
A4000 A1200 High density floppy drive controller can use most
PC floppy_£49.95 PC high density floppy drives_£20 Buddha Flash
for all Zorro bus Amigas, Zorro IDE controller, up to 4
IDE ATAPI devices, support LS120, Zip and Syquest and any
removable media, includes special version of IDEfix97, A1200
clock port for fast serial port or Catweasel_£49.95 PowerPort
Junior 1 x High speed Serial Internal_£29.95 Fits to internal
clock port of A1200 PHONE ORDERS We accept most major credit
cards and are happy to help you with any queries.
CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS Ordering by cheque PO please make payable
to POWER COMPUTING LTD and specify which delivery is required.
WARRANTY All Power products come with a 12 month warranty
unless otherwise specified. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Help is on hand
with a full Technical Backup service which is provided for
Power customers. MAIL ORDER PRICES All prices listed are for
the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before
ordering. EXPORT ORDERS Most items are available at Tax Free
Prices to non-EC residents. Call to confirm prices. BFPO orders
welcome. MAIL ORDER TERMS All prices include VAT.
Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
All trademarks are acknowledged. All orders in writing or by
telephone will be accepted only subject to our terms and
conditions of trade, copies of which are available on request.
Please allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear before dispatching of the goods.
Non-commercial licence_£34.95 Business licence_£TBA The Golem (game on 2 CD's) _£TBA Power Graphic Tablet_£159.95 Breathless 3D game (new low price)_£9.95 Big Red Adventure CD_£9.95 Official Amiga mouse and mat_£9.95 CD32 Joypad (for any Amiga)_£9.95 gvp products A1200 SCSI Interface suitable for GVP A1230acc._£49.95 HC4008 SCSI controller and RAM expansion (up to 8MB)_£99.95 *AII modems are internet ready and include 30 GURU ROM_£49.95 days FREE subscription with Demon Internet.
Power computing ltd (new) storage freel 0 blank cd's cd-rom drives internal externai cd-recordabie and rewritable 2xW, 8xR Internal ATAPI CD-Recordable (bare unit)_£229.95 2xW, 8xR External ATAPI CD-Recordable _£279.95 2xW, 8xR TwinBox ATAPI CD-Recordable with 2.5GB IDE Hard Drive_£429.95 2xW, 8xR TwinBox ATAPI CD-Recordable with 32 speed ATAPI CD-ROM _£379.95 (All the above external bundles include: case, cables. 4-way IDE interface with IDEfix 97 fully registered, MakeCD and 10 blank recordable Cds) For any external removable device we offer the PowerFlyer instead of the 4-way buffered
interface for £49.95 ATARI cd-rom drives 6x Internal ATAPI CD-ROM (bare unit) £29.95 All external cd-rom drives come with a psu, 3 software titles and cables 6x External ATAPI CD-ROM_£69.95 32x Internal ATAPI CD-ROM (bare unit) £45.95 32x External ATAPI CD-ROM (tray loading) £85.95 36x Internal ATAPI CD-ROM (bare unit) £54.95 36x External ATAPI CD-ROM (tray loading) £94.95 (includes cables, 4-way buffered interface with IDEfix 97 fully registered software and 2 CD titles) SCSI cd-rom drives 2x External SCSI CD-ROM_£75.95 32x Internal SCSI CD-ROM (bare, tray loading)_£89.95 32x External SCSI
CD-ROM (tray loading) £149.95 (includes cables, Squirrel SCSI interface with software and 2 CD titles)
2. 5" 260MB IDE including IDE cable and install disk_£39.95
2. 5" 1.3GB IDE including IDE cable and install disk_£109.95
3. 5" 2.5GB IDE including IDE cable and install disk_£99.95
3. 5" 3.2GB IDE including IDE cable and install disk_£129.95
3. 5" 5.1GB IDE including IDE cable and install disk_£159.95
3. 5" 6.4GB IDE including IDE cable and install disk_£174.95
(5. 1 and 6.4GB HD are supported automatically by the PowerFlyer
or by IDEfix 97 using the patch provided, an updated
FileSystem is available on www.amiga.de) Please note that
cables included with 3.5"HD have standard 40pin headers. If
you need to connect a 3.5" HD directly to the A1200
motherboard, you will need a special "stack" cable 44 high
density (2.5") to 40 standard (3.5") IDE cable_£12.95 LS120
120MB Internal ATAPI (bare unit only)_£69.95 LS120 120MB
External ATAPI including 4 w. buffered i f, Idefix97
software, IDE cable and 1 cartridge_£139.95 LS120
cartridge_£9.95 LS120 120MB Internal ATAPI including 4 w.
buffered i f, Idefix97 software, IDE cable and 1
cartridge_£99.95 LS120 Iomega zip Zip 100MB external SCSI
including Amiga Zip tools, cable and 1 cartridge (requires
Squirrel or any SCSI interface)_£139.95 Zip 100MB internal
ATAPI including 4 w. buffered i f, Idefix97 software, IDE
cable and 1 cartridge_£119.95 Zip 100MB internal ATAPI (bare
unit only)_£75.95 Zip cartridge_£12.95 floppy drives
A500 A600 A1200 Internal Drive_£34.95 A2000 Internal
Drive_£39.95 PC880E External for all Amiga models_£39.95 XL
1.76MB External for all Amiga models_£65.95 XL 1.76MB
Internal for A4000_£60.95 video backup Video backup SCART
backup 520MB on a 4h tape_£20 cable Q power 97% amiga tower
format new ¦g xessones c- c ¦O 3 u c PCMCIA "V" adaptor
External audio port_ .£19.95 .£15.95 o c ROWER TOWER "V"
cable to mix CD audio to the Amiga audio_ rc o X!
.£9.95 TJ C Internal to External SCSI adaptor (Internal 25 pin female connector, Internal 50 pin header External 25 pin male connector)_ y 3 O i u OI a i i a a il v si .£19.95 SCSI II converter from( PPC) 50 pin high density to 25 D male, including extension cable to the Inf Ext SCSI adaptor_£29.95 o E f: i C ______ i L I i Jt 1 1 SCSI converter from 50 pin female Centronic to 50 pin header (for internal connection of SCSI device to squirrel or similar interfaces) £9.95 50 pin male to male Centronic lead £14.95 power tower for a1200 Power Tower 4 Power Tower plus A1200 motherboard,
mouse, Amiga original keyboard, Typhoon 68030 40MHz, 40MHz FPU, 40MB of RAM, 32x IDE CD-ROM drive, Internal IDE Zip drive and 1 cartridge,
2. 1GB Hard Disk, internal Scan Doubler inc. Flicker Fixer, 15"
SVGA monitor, IDE buffered interface inc. IDE Fix 97 and
external audio port with speakers_£999.95 50 pin female to
male Centronic lead_£14.95 25 pin D female to 50 pin male
Centronic lead_£14.95 3 way 50 pin header flat cable
(SCSI)_£9.95 Power Tower Bare .£129.95 Power Tower 1 Power
Tower plus A1200 motherboard, mouse and Amiga original
keyboard_£369.95 5 way 50 pin header flat cable (SCSI) 7 way
50 pin header flat cable (SCSI) .£14.95 £19.95 Ultra WIDE SCSI
cable made on request £POA Standard 3 way IDE cable
(3.5")_£4.95 44 high density IDE cable 5cm _£4.95 Power Tower
2 Power Tower, A1200 motherboard, mouse, keyboard, Typhoon
68030 40MHz, 8MB of RAM,
2. 1GB Hard Disk, IDE buffered interface and IDE Fix 97_£599.95
44 high density IDE cable 10cm 44 high density IDE cable 80cm
44 high density (2.5") to 40 standard (3.5") IDE cable_ .£7.95
.£14.95 New Power Zorro Bus-Board - 5 x Zorro II, 2 x Zorro IV
- suitable for high speed PowerFlyer and graphic cards, 2 x
clock ports suitable for Catweasel and PowerPort Junior,
Optional Zorro III for A4000 accelerator cards £TBA Power
Tower 3 Power Tower, A1200 motherboard, mouse, keyboard,
Typhoon 68030 40MHz, 24MB of RAM, 32x CD-ROM, 2.1GB Hard Disk,
IDE buffered interface and IDE Fix 97_£659.95 .£12.95 Internal
floppy extension cable (34 pins) for Towers_ .£4.95 Parallel
Printer cable Serial Modem cable_ .£12.95 _£9.95 Internal to
External male to female 9 pin D Extension lead for Surf
Squirrel Serial Port or similar products_£4.95
3. 1 operating system ar 200 Watt speakers.
£35.95 Amiga 3.1 OS for A1200 A3000 A4000 including full disk set and manuals_ .£45.95 amiga 1200 magic pad Works with both PC & Amiga Amiga 3.1 OS for A500 A600 A2000 including full disk set and manuals _ .£39.95 .£29.95 .£25.95 A1200 3.1, 2MB 68020, AGA chipset, Wordworth 4.5SE, Turbocalc 3.5, Data store 1.1, Photogenic 1.2SE, Personal Paint 6.4, Organizer 1.1 Pinball Mania and Wizz games_£179.95 board interfaces Amiga 3.1 OS for A1200 A3000 A4000 (chips only)_ A1200 k b interface and A4000 keyboard_£39.95 A1200 PC k b interface and PC keyboard _£29.95 A4000 PC keyboard interface only_£19.95
Amiga 3.1 OS for A500 A600 A2000 (chips only)_ As above with 260MB Hard Drive fitted _f219.95 As above with extra 8MB RAM_£259.95 power computing ltd 3ll prices include V3t e&oe To resolve lock-up during multi-tasking on Amiga revisions 2b & 1d.x fitted with an accelerator board we will modify it for £19.95, or call us to do it yourself for free.
Amiga accelerators cards accelerator boards for a600 Viper 630, full 68030 33MHz with MMU, including FPU, Up to 32MB of Fast RAM, PCMCIA friendly £65.95 All Phase 5 products available on request (allow 28 days for delivery) accelerator boards for a500 Viper 520CD, 68020EC 33MHz, without MMU, optional 33MHZ PGA FPU, space for one 2.5"HD, support for up to four IDE ATAPI devices, 8MB of Fast RAM on board and 3.0 Kickstart Rom including full 3.0 Workbench disk set FAT Agnus slot to fit Mini Mega Chip_£99.95 Mini Mega chip (2MB Agnus chip and 1MB extra Chip RAM)_£79.95 accelerator boards for a2000
Apollo full 68030 25MHz with MMU, including FPU, Up to 64MB of Fast RAM_£129.95 Apollo full 68030 50MHz with MMU, optional 50MHz FPU, Up to 64MB of Fast RAM_£159.95 50MHz FPU for above_£29.95 accelerator boards for A1200 Viper Mk2, 68030 40MHz, (up to 32MB), full MMU, optional FPU (PLCC 40MHz only) £69.95 Viper Mk2, 68030 40MHz, (up to 32MB), full MMU and 33MHz FPU running at 40MHz_£79.95 Apollo with full 68040 25MHz, up to 64MB_£125.95 Apollo with full 68040 40MHz, up to 64MB_£185.95 Apollo with full 68060 50MHz, up to 64MB_£269.95 need more memory?
RAM prices are subject to change memory modules and fpu for accelerator and expansion boards 4MB SIMM_£14.95 8MB SIMM_£19.95 16MB SIMM_£29.95 32MB SIMM_£45.95 32MB SIMM, slim for Blizzard 1260 accelerator boards_£79.95 64MB SIMM_£139.95 1 MB ZIP RAM static column for A3000 _£16.95 GVP custom 4MB RAM module_£49.95 GVP custom 16MB RAM module_£99.95 20MHz PLCC FPU_£10 33MHz PLCC FPU_£15 40MHz PGA FPU_£20 50MHz PGA FPU_£29.95 memory expansion boards A1200 4MB not upgradable, with battery backed-up clock_£39.95 A1200 bare with standard SIMM socket with battery backed-up clock_£39.95 A1200 with
standard 4MB SIMM socket with battery backed-up clock_£45.95 A1200 with standard 8MB SIMM socket with battery backed-up clock_£55.95 PGA 40MHz FPU for all the above cards £15.95 A500 1MB Chip RAM with battery backed-up clock_£19.95 A600 1MB Chip RAM with battery backed-up clock_£24.95 A500 2MB RAM with battery backed-up clock_£49.95 CD TV 2MB RAM_£49.95 typhoon accelerator new new typhoon accelerator board Full 68030 40MHz with MMU, optional 50MHz PGA FPU, optional SCSI adaptor, 8MB of Fast RAM on board, expandable to extra 64MB (total 72MB) using standard SIMM modules, battery backed up
clock, 50 pin SCSI connector on board (suitable for all our Towers)_£89.95 New Typhoon accelerator board as above, but with SCSI enabled_£99.95 SCSI adaptor for Typhoon (Amiga 1200 desktop), including software and manual_£19.95 External SCSI II connector for mounting on standard A1200, including bracket and screw (opening your Amiga is not required)_£19.95 digital cameras VDC-100, 250,000 pixel CCD_£99.95 VDC-200, 470,000 pixel CCD built-in flash, memory slot_£199.95 (both includes batteries and Amiga software) 4MB Flash RAM for VDC-200_£49.95 50 Alkaline batteries_£25.95 who are power?
Like the numerous products appearing on the market, fantastic claims can be made for the businesses behind them. Sadly, the reality often falls short of the promise. This is about a company which is different.
In the 12 years since Power Computing was established, it has forged its way forward with over 100,000 satisfied customers.
Our reputation for introducing high quality, innovative products at competitive prices has created a spring board to trade and export sales. And with a view to a wider, global market, we keep looking for new products that will allow us to become a One Stop Amiga Shop.
The key to success of Power Computing is due in part to our business philosophy. We always listen to our customers and respond quickly to their needs.
SIGNATURE ..EXPIRY ISSUE No ...... DELIVERY (UK Mainland Only) 2-3 DAYS £5.00 n NEXT DAY £8 ? SAT £15 ? Northern Ireland £15 Q Monitor & Tower £8.00 ?
SUBJECT TO PRODUCT AVAILABILTY. DELIVERY TO ALL OTHER COUNTRIES £POA (UK ONLY) 100% Mono Clips is a high quality collection of over 25,000 monochrome (Black & White) images. Each picture is categorised into dozens of sections, all with quick-view thumbnail screens. Categories include: Aircraft - Animals - Art - Babies - Birds - Birthdays - Body Parts - Books - Borders - Breakfasts - Buildings - Business - Cartoon - Cats - Clothes - Computers - Dogs - Easter - Education - Egypt - Eye catchers - Fantasy - Fish - Food and Drink - Fruits - Fun - Garden - Herbs - Holiday - Houses - Humour -
Insects - Kiddy - Kitchen - Meats - Medallions - Medical - Medieval - Military - Mushy - Musical - Myths - Newage - Nursery - Objects - Occasions - Office - Old Fashioned Patriot - Patterns - People - Planes - Plants - Printing - Religion - Royalty - School - Sci-fi - Scrolls - Sea Life - Ships - Signs - Space - Sports - Stories - Symbols - Teddies - Transport - Tools - Veggies - Vehicles - Weapons - Wedding- Xmas - Zodiac - 100% Colour Clips contains a collection of over 15,000 colour images. Each pic- ture is categorised into dozens of x sections, all with quick-view r thumbnail screens.
[j Categories include:
V. Animals - Birds - Birthdays - Borders - Business - Cartoon -
Circus - Clothes - Construction - Dinosaur's - Emergency -
Fish - Flowers - Food - Health - Holidays - Household -
Insects - Kiddy - Lion King - Misc - Nautical - Objects -
Drawings - Easter - Educational - Office - People - Sci-fi -
Sport - Technology - Tools - Toys - Transport - Xmas
- and more.. 1 All prices include VAT ? All prices &
specifications subject to change without notice ? Fixed charge
for repair does not include disk drive keyboard ? We reserve
the right to refuse any repair ? P&P charges £3.50 by Royal
Mail or £7.05 for courier ? Please allow 5 working days for
cheque clearance ppjjf ? All sales repairs are only as per our
terms and conditions, copy available on request. Please ring
for latest prices.
2 can be reached with comments, suggestions and feedback at dave@dcus.demon.co.uk. or via my website at http: www.dcus.demon.co.uk .

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